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THE FGRESTER 1939 ,f Copyright 1939 BILLY MURK FANNHE ROSENBLOOM Co-Editors MIKE MONTGOMERY Business Manager JOE GQLMAN Advertising Manager U65 ofzaifafz 19 3 9 THE SENIOR CLASSES ofL FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS A PgF DEDICI-XTION MISS LOUISE WILCOX DEDICATION Because she personiiies in her own sell, and so helgos us to maintain, the very ideals oi our school- an enthu- siastic love ot truth and beauty, a staunch stand tor honor in all thinas, and a loriaht iervor lor lite itseli- We dedicate THE FORESTER to MISS LOUISE WILCOX FCREWORD It is our hope thot this month-by-rnonth crccount of the story of Forest Ave- nue High School ohlrino 1938-1939 will prove cur- rent throuoh the yecrrs. ORDER OF BOOKS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES MILITARY ATHLETICS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS JQDWNETVQATNCDN -. 2 1 n.. , KP Page Ten WYLIE A. PARKER OUR PRINCIPHL Mr. Parker's ardent love tor the students ot Forest Avenue High School has made for him an eternal spot in the hearts of every Forester. I-lis patient, enduring lcindliness, his ambitious spirit, and his humorous outlook on lite have encouraged and inspired those who have had the privilege of knowing him. Mr. Parker's uplifting faith is an inspiration to youth who aspire to the higher things of lite. DOING, DHRING, SHHRING I should like to be personal with you, and as direct as if we were engaging in conversation with each other. Look at those three words again, for there is much power in the life that dares, does, and shares. Such a life is one of adven- ture, and there are tremendous hidden possibilities and responsibilities in it. If you will make this secret power your very own, you can never be the same person again. lt will extend your horizon, broaden your outlook, and discover in you new capacities for living and growing. lt will produce such a light in you that others will search you out to receive light and warmth. I would have you remember always that you have only one life to live, and what are you going to do with this life? I hope you Will resolve every day to live as if this were your last day on earth, that you will dare to be your best and do your best, that you will give a portion of yourself away as you remember that you get to give. I want you to desire those things that are of permanent value, and to develop and use your talents for the glory of I-lim who gave them to you. William H. Danforth says in his little book "I DARE YoU," "Our least valuable possessions are those which, when divided, are diminished, while our most valuable possessions are those which, when shared, multiply, those which are actually increased by sharing." As you read this little message, I want you to keep in mind that your life is four-sided, and that you have not one but four lives to live. You have a body, a brain, a heart, and a soul to develop, which is to say you have a tour-fold opportunity to grow. What a golden opportunity to use these wonderful gifts you have as you launch out on another lap of the way. You are to enjoy physi- cal adventures, mental adventures, social adventures, and spiritual adventures, all at once. The more you pour out of your life, the more you have to release, the more you share with others, the more you have for yourself, and the more you give, the more you get. You agree with me that health is essential to individual success. Health is the foundation of a nation's progress. A hollow chest and a pair of droop- ing shoulders will never get you to the top of the ladder of achievement. "About face! Muscles strong! Chest up! Head erect!" I do not know any secret to health except just plain common sense. I challenge you to exercise every' day, and to attack this problem of health in the right attitude. Walk a mile a day, drink eight glasses of water every day, and get eight hours of regular sleep every twenty-four hours. You will succeed or fail individually in your quest fort physi- cal fitness. Nobody else can do this for you. I leave this thought with you: "Physical strength is the backbone of success and happiness in every walk of life. Get health and keep it." I remind you that your brain is one of your big assets. I beg you to set your mind free for big things in life, and to use it for all ther power it can. give you. Think, think, think! The big prizes are for the people who think, for the people who dare to think hard, to think often and intelligently, and. tot think creatively. I have never seen a time when there has been such, ag demand for ideas. The Edisons and the Marconis were the long-range thinkers of yesterday, but where 5 Page Eleven Page Twelve DHRING, DOING. SHHRIN G a hundred inventions were made in their day, there will be a thousand new ones tomorrow. You can be one of those long-range thinkers, and I dare you not to give up until you shall have produced at least one creative idea, until you shall have given the world your masterpiece in creative thinking. I-Iow important is your personality! I dare you to develop a personality that will be magnetic. I challenge you to make your personality attract other people. I know that personality is more or less intangible, but I also know that it is real and a tremendous force in one's life. I realize that personality is more or less illusive in its nature, but you can develop it so as to become magnetic and inspiring. What are some of the characteristics of the great personalities you have known? For one thing, the people who haven magnetic personalities are sympathetic. They can put themselves in your shoes. They understand you in your ambitions to get ahead in life. Those who inspires others are also thought- ful. They never forget their fellow Crusaders at their elbows. Thoughtful persons give themselves away, and their valuable possessions multiply when they II.. are shared. 'A p it But my friend, hidden down in every human, being is some of the Divine. To say it as another has said, there is a little bit of God in every human being. By nature man has the capacity for spiritual life, and unless it is developed the body, mind, and personality cannot function at their best. One must be born again, born from above. Old things must be left out of our lives, and all things must become new. This new creature in Christ decides for right when he is confronted by temptation. He is at all times fair, honest, just, and trustworthy, because he has the Spirit of Christ in, him. As long as you are true to your trust from above and faithful to your fellow men, that long will you love your home, your school, your church, your city, your state, and your nation and be loyal to the government. With your life thus positionized it becomes richer, fuller, larger, and better as you shape each experience into a new and finer experience. F or you now, I trust, the completion of one good deed will be only the beginning of another worthy undertaking. I hope you will do one good deed after another and say nothing about it to anyone. That is the kind of daring, doing, sharing life that I am challenging you to live. I want to close this little message to you with a quotation from Dr. Fosdick in "The Meaning of Service." "The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea are made of the same water. It flows down, clear and cool, from I-Ierman and the roots of the Cedars of Lebanon. The Sea of Galilee makes beauty of it, for the Sea of Galilee has an outlet. IT GETS TO GIVE. It gathers in its riches that it may pour them out again to fertilize the lordan plain. But the Dead Sea, with the same water, makes horror of it, for the Dead Sea has no outlet. IT GETS TO KEEP, and that is the difference between the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. That is likewise the radical dif- ference between a selfish and an unselfish man-the former gets to keep, while the latter gets to give. We all do want life's enriching blessings, we ought to want them, they are divine benedictions. But some men get to give, and they are like Galilee, while some men get to keep, and they are the brackish water that covers Sodom and Gomorrah." --WYLIE A. PARKER. BOHRD OF EDUCHTION DAVID W. CARTER, IR., M.D. ...... President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALDT . . . . VicePresident C O M M I T T E E S Finance Buildings and Sites Gabe P. Allen L. O. Donald L. O. Donald Gabe P. Allen Dan D. Rogers Supply Mrs. W. P. Zurnwalt L. O. Donald Fred D. Danford Rules Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper N. R. CROZIER L. V. STOCKARD Superintendent Assistant Superintend oi Schools oi Schools Fred D. Danford Lunch Rooms Mrs. W. A. Leeper Dan D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Welfare Fred D. Danford Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe P. Allen IULIUS DORSEY ent District Superintendent of High Schools l A l Page Thirteen Fon rieen Miss RACHEL FooTE OUR DEHN Miss Foote, our dean, is one of the outstanding personalities of Forest. Miss Foote isan example oi what We all Wish to obtain: fairness, education, culture. She sets the standard for the students of Forest to follow, and her standard is a worthy citadel toward which to Work. Miss EDNA Bows 1 MRS. EMMA H. BROWN Assistant Senior Counsellor g7ZvvuA!!V- Afrpgywx SENIOR CCUNSELLORS A Senior Counsellor Miss Rowe is one of the persons that we could not get along without. She has shown us the right way and let us decide tor our- selves it we wish to follow. Miss Bowe has fondly been called "the guiding light" ot the Seniors. Mrs. Brown, through. her sweet disposition and high ideals, has engraved her name on the hearts of all the Seniors. Mrs. Brown will always be remembered and loved by every member ot the lune Class of '35-3. OFFICE HSSISTHNTS Mrs. Field has established a place in the hearts of all students of Forest because ot her sweet nature, her capability, and her willingness to help us. Because ot these en- dearing traits, Mrs. Field is a "favorite" ot Forest. MRS FRANCES FIELD Secretary Though she is always busy, she is busy doing things tor others and always finds time to smile at us. Miss Overbeck will al- ways be remembered with a great deal ot pleasure. Miss FRANCES OVERBECK Attendance Clerk OUR FHCULTY RICHARD ALLISON, History NANNIE D. ANDREWS, Matheniaiics ELIZABETH BAGLEY, English RUTH BARHAM, English, Spanish FRANCES BEILI-IARZ, Home Economics WILLIE MAE BERRY, Home Economics HELEN FERN BLACK, Public Speaking IENNIE WOLFE BLUMENTHAL, Study Hall I. ALAN BOULTON, Science EMMA H. BROWN, Mathernaiics MINNIE BROWN, History ANNA Ci BRYAN, English W, H. BUTLER, Social Science RUTH CHRISTOPHER, Social Science MARY SMITH CLARK, English Q BURNETT OX, History SARA DAVIDSON, Spanish TURA DIAL, English EMMALINE DONOHUE, Library MARY DRAKE, Hisiory Page Sixieen lm ll! '-M35 OUR FHCULTY OCTAVIA EDWARDS, French LOULA ELDER, Mathematics ANNIE' GEM FELDER, Enqlish FRANCES FIELD, Secretary RACHEL FOOTE, Dean C. L. FORD, Mathematics DOROTHY GERLACH, History C. V. GOODMAN, History D. T. GRIFFITH, Mechanical Drawing SEARCY I-I. HARDY, Study Hall ALICE HARRINGTON, Home Economics KATE HASSELL, Mathematics WILLIAM M. HERZOG, Band ELIZABETH HUGHES, English VIRGINIA HURST, Commercial S. S. HUTCHINSON, Physical Education SARAH HYMAN, Study Hall BERTHA IACKSON, English W, H. KEELING, Mathematics PAUL LA BORNE, English Page Serenlerzz OUR FHCULTY IUNIA MCALISTER, Science C. T. MCCORMICK, Accounting PEARLE MATTHEWS, Home Economics ADDIE MELSON, English HARRY MENEZES, Military LOURANIA MILLER, Latin MEL MITCHELL, Art GR MOORE, Science FRANCES OVERBECK, Attendance Clerk ELIZABETH PARKER, English IULIA PRITCHETT, Typing LAVINIA RAWLINS, Latin, Algebra L. E. ROSSER, Mathematics EDNA ROWE, English LOCILLE' SEGRIST, Physical Education MABEL SHAW, Physical Education ALVA SHEPARD, Mathematics BESS THATCHER, History Page Eighteen I. T. USRY, History I. B. WHITE, Biology -J ,sI1.A MABEL WHITTINGTON, Home ECOUOIHICS LOUISE WILCOX, Music ANGIE WYNN, Spanish H. B. YATES, History TEACHERS NOT IN PICTURES: S. N. BAKER, Shorthand PERCIE HOLDEN, Pianist MARGARET BREWER, Mathematics F. E. LYONS, Mathematics ELOISE DURHAM, Iournalism TALLULAH PINCKARD, Study Hall Q Welcome to Forest Forest is indeed fortunate in having many Valuable recent additions to its already capable faculty . . . Among these is Mr. Richard Allison, who holds a B.Ed. degree from Texas Christian University. He' formerly taught at Iowa Park High School. A graduate of Forest himself, Mr. Allison now coaches in- stead of starring on the Lions' athletic teams . . . Mrs. Frances Beilharz, a graduate of Texas State College for Women, is welcomed back to Forest, where she was a former member of the faculty . . . Graduates of Asher Silber- stein were especially glad, to greet Mrs. Anna C. Bryan, who had taught them English. She received her M.A. degree from Southern Methodist University . . . From Vernon High School comes Mr. Burnett Cox, a graduate of Austin College. Mr. Cox is another product of the Dallas Schools, having finished at North Dallas . . . Miss Mary Drake, who formerly taught at l. L. Dong Iunior High School, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska . . . With an M.A. degree from the University of Texas, comes Miss Octavia Edwards, who formerly taught in Stephen I. Hay Elementary School and the University of Texas Summer School. Miss Edwards spent a year at the Sorbonne in France . . . From Texas University, too, comes Mr. C. L. Ford, a former teacher at North Dallas, which yields this capable instructor to Forest . . . Another recruit from the Dallas Schools is Mr. F. E. Lyons from Sunset. Mr. Lyons received his B.S. degree from the University of Beaumont . . . Miss Lavinia Rawlins, who holds an M.A. from Columbia University, comes to us from Wbbdrow Wilson . . . From Mount Auburn comes Miss Mabel Whittington, a graduate of North Texas Teachers College . . . Cumberland Elementary School's loss of Miss Angie Wynn is our gain. Miss Wynn has an M.A. degree from the University of New Mexico . . . Forest welcomes these new members, who have 'already demonstrated their ability. Y A 5 , A,-A mA, A - OUR FHCULTY Page Nineteen Page Twenty First Row: Left to Right: Mrs. E. T. Crosson, Mrs. W. A. Landry, Mrs. Thomas S. Carter, Mrs. W. Fred Wald stein, Mrs. Ben Biatt. Second Row: Mrs. I. C. Hausrnan, Mrs. I. I. Shor, Mrs. Morris Wienkrantz, Mrs. I. Cohn, Mrs. W. I. Stone Mrs. H. Lou Mirsky Third Row: Mrs. Sam T. Kaufman, Mrs. Gary Burton, Mrs. H. F. Liliebridqe, Mrs. Fred E. Newman, Mrs A Razovsky. PHRENT-TEHCHER HSSOCIHTION President ..... First Vice-President . Second Vice-President Third VicePreSident . Fourth Vice-President . Fifth Vice-President . Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-President Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer ..... Historian ..... Parlianientarian . Auditors . . OFFICERS Delegate to Council MRS. W. F. BOGIE . MRS. THOMAS S. CARTER . MRS. W. A. LANDRY . MRS. BEN BLATT . MRS. Lou MIRSKY . . MRS. IACK RUSHING . MRS. FRED E. NEWMAN . . MRS. I. C. HAUSMAN . . . . MRS. I. I. SHOR MRS. W. FRED WALDSTEIN . . . MRS. A. RAZOVSKY . MRS. E. T. CRossoN . . MRS. R. I. WILLIAMS . MRS. H. F. LILLEBRIDGE MRS. IACK RUPARD MRS. MoRR1S WEINKRANTZ MRS. SAM T. KAUFMAN, Alternate Delegate to High School Section O MRS. I. COHN MRS. GARY BURTON, Alternate DHDS CLUB OFFICERS President ..... ........ . . L. L. HIEGEL First VicePresident . . HARRY STONE Second Vice-President . . . HENRY ELY Secretary ..... . MACK SCHELL Treasurer. . . ROBERT STERN EXECUTIVE BOARD L. L. HIEGEL HARRY STONE HENRY ELY MACK SCHELL DAVE WEBBER ROBERT STERN ISADORE COHN REVEREND DANIEL SAKELLARIOU PROGRAM COMMITTEE Athletic . ............. . ROBERT STERN Finance ..... ....... l sADoRE COHN Welfare-Educational . . . REVEREND DANIEL SAKELLARIOU Improvement-Goodwill . ....... DAVE WEBBER Membership .... . HENRY ELY This being the first year that the physical education grounds have been used, the Principal, Faculty, and Student Body of Forest Avenue High Wish to express their gratitude to the Dads Club for securing this long-felt need. The school is also indebted to the Dads Club for the complete lighting of the build- ing. The new auditorium, curtains are also due to the efforts of members of the club. This strong club has strengthened the general morale of the entire school. One of the largest, most successful football banquets was held in the Forest cafeteria at the close of the current season. The club also plans to take part in the Forest Fun Frolic of l9'39 and to take some steps toward providing bicycle racks for the school. Two members of the Forest Dads Club were recently elected to the City Council. Page Twenty-ons CLASSQS i VW Y W-V W Y,.Y,v-,,.1.?T Y VY Y V Y Q 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 9 N 1 1 l 4 w 1 w 4 1 1 N 1 3 J I I Page Twenty-four f V . I , W ,I 1 I 'LJWJ K , A ' 41141 O F F I C E R S OF THE IUNE, '39 CLASS MRS. EMMA H. BROWN Sponsor FALL OFFICERS President ........ CORBIE TRUMAN Vice-President . . . NORMAN PRIBBLE Secretary . . . MAVIS MIZE SPRING OFFICERS President . . . . . CORBIE TRUMAN Vice-President . . . NORMAN PRIBBLE Secretary . . . . LOUISE HIEGEL TRUMAN PRIBBLE HIEGEL BROWN SENIOR COMMITTEES SOCIAL COMMITTEE MIKE MONTGOMERY MAVIS MIZE IACK PHILLIPS MARIORIE FREELAND BILLIE SMITH SENIOR DAY COMMITTEE LOUIS BENNO CARLTON SHARPE SAM DAUGHERTY FRANCINE ELLIS NORMAN PRIBBLE SENIOR PLAY COMMITTEE RAMONA BRITTON SARAH TANKUS ROSE MARCUS KNOX ROBBINS ' ROSE KAUFMAN OFFICERS OF THE IHNUI-IRY. '40 CLHSS MISS LOULA ELDER Sponsor FALL OFFICERS President ....... GORDON FLETCHER Vice-President . . . . BILLY MCMANEMIN Secretory . . . . MARY NELL STEVENSON SPRING OFFICERS President . . . . . BILLY MCMANEMIN Vice-President . . . ERNEST KOSAN Secretory . . . . . MARGARET HARLAN MCMANEMIN KOSAN HARLAN ELDER SENIOR COMMITTEES I OE GOLMAN SOCIAL COMMITTEE HYMIE BORONSTEIN FRANCES SHACKELF ORD MARGARET HARLAN PROGRAM COMMITTEE ERNEST KOSAN THOMAS HANSEN K. W. ALLEN BILLY MCMANEMIN DECORATION COMMITTEE MARY JANE WRIGHT MARY LOUISE THURMAN FRANCES KOVNAT Page Twenty-fx I-1 e 5 t RUTH ABRAMSON , High Scholarship Club, junior Red Cross Ambition, Secretary, Favorite Subject, English. LUCILLE ALLEN i Pep Squad, '37, Ambition, journalist ' Hobby, Reading, Favorite Subject, 5 I journalism. t g. E 5 3, E CHARLES BAILEY Student Council, '38, Favorite Subject, Biol- i ogy, Hobby, Hunting, Ambition, Doctor. t . 1 5 I K. HELEN BANE Chorus, '35, Favorite Subject, Typing: Hobby, Sports, Ambition, Secretary. K I , . U l t 9 l Louls BENNO IV-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Hobby, Camping, Ambition, Aeronautical Engineer, Favorite Subject, Economics. SHIE Y ASSER .,. , obby, D ' g, F rite Subject, English, Fav 'e Sport, ball, Ambition, Q . ff Reporter. tag , 2 Page Twenly-six r . f M ETTY AKARD Library Assistant, '37, '38, Texas History Club, Pan American Student Forum, Chorus, Pep Squad, '38. fw WM IRVIN ASCHNER Aelta Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms, '37, Ill-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, R. O. T. C., Captain, Camp Dallas, '35, '36, '37, '33, Rifle Team, '36, '37, '38, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38, Pan American Student Forum, FORESTER, '38, '39, Corporal's. Efficiency, R. O. T. C., '36, Band, '35. EUGENIA BAISE Girl Reserves, Secretary, '39, Student Coun- cil, '38, '39, High Scholarship Club, FOR- ESTER, '39, Ill-A Class Secretary, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38, Office Assistant, '37, Auditores Caesaris. - ug. IRVINE BECKER Senior Hi-Y, '38, '39, Hobby, Stafnp Collect- ing, Favorite Subject, Accounting, Ambi- tion, Banker. MURLINE BETHEL Favorite Sport, Baseball, Favorite Subject, English, Ambition, Beautician, Hobby, Bicycling. ,f' ES BOWLAND e Sport, Football, Ambition, Reporter. X V F Agni' , obby, Re ing, Favorite Subject, English, X ff MARY HELEN BRIGGS Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Ambi- tion, Beautician, FORESTER, '39. RAMONA BRITTON Auditores Caesaris, President, '38, Treas- urer, '37, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, '38, Aelta Historical Society, National Honor Society, Office Assistant, '35, '36, FoREsTER, '38, '39, I-A Class, President, '36, Latin Tournament, '35, '36, Student Council, '38, '39, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38. MELLONEE BROWN Hobby, Collecting Colored Pictures, Favor- ite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Ambition, Dietician. PAUL CANANT Ft. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, ECHO, Assistant, Editor, '39, Crack Company, '37, '38, Ambition, Photographer, Favorite Sub- ject, English. ALMA CARTER Hobby, Collecting What-Nots, Ambition, Stenographer, Favorite Subject, Typing, Favorite Sport, Skating. al 0 , IOSEPHINE CLEs1 High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '37, Hobby, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. CLHSS OF TUNE, '39 ,f' DORIS BRITT Hobby, Reading, Favorite Subject, Account- ing, Ambition, Secretary, Favorite Sport, Swimming. KATHERINE BRODNAX Orchestra, '35, '36, '37, '38, Favorite Sub- ject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Music. HERSCHEL BURNS ' if junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Football, '37,-"Sa Baseball, '38, Glee Club. ' I 7 Fff? ELOISE CANNON Hobby, Writing Stories, Ambition, Writer, Favorite Subject, journalism, Favorite Sport, Tennis. 50mm THOMAS CARTER R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dal- las, '37, '38, Orchestra, '36, '37, '38, Band, '36, '37, '38, '39, Texas History Club, Forest Forum, Senior Hi-Y. MARJORIE COLE Texas History Club, Iunior Red Cross, Vice- President, '37, '38, All-City Red Cross, Sec- retary-Treasurer, '38, '39, Auditores Caesaris. Page Twrnly-seven IOE COLLETTE Hobby, Raising Pigeons, Favorite Subject, History, Ambition, Accounting, Favorite Sport, Baseball. SELMA CORCHINE Girls Public Speaking Club, Sergeant-at Arms, '39, Le Cercle Francais, Secretary, '38, President, '39, High Scholarship Club. IESSIE COX ECHO, '38, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Stenographer, Favorite Sport, Baseball. SAM E. DAUGHERTY Cheer Leader, '39, R. O. T. C., First Ser- geant, ECHO, Publiity Manager, '39, FOR- ESTER Favorite, '39, Boys Chorus, '36, '37, Crack Company, '36, '37. ANNE DEGELIA Aelta Historical Society, FORESTER, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Private Secretary, GWENDOLYN EDWARDS All City Chorus, '35, Favorite Subject, Eng- lish, Ambition, Dress Designer, Favorite Sport, Baseball. Page Twenty-eight CLHSS OF IUNE. '39 it RIORIE COPLEN Texas History Club, ECHO, Reporter, '38, Forest Forum, Iunior Red Cross. I CQUELINE COWAND Pep Squad, '36, '37, Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Ambition, Teacher, Favorite Sport, Baseball. LOUISE DAFPT Favorite Subject, Shorthand, Hobby, Mak- ing Scrapbooks, Ambition, Stenographer, Favorite Sport, Baseball MARGARET DAUGHERTY t Latin Tournament, '38, Auditores Caesaris, Banking Assistant, '38, Linz Award, '37, '38, Office Assistant, '38. HAROLD DONOSKY ECHO, Assistant Editor, 139, Hobby, Tennis, Ambition, R io An uncer, Favorite Sub- ject, ory. FRANCINE ELLIS Ill-A Class, Vice-President, '38, Aelta His- torical Society, Parliamentarian, '38, Secre- tary, '39, Auditores Caesaris, Student Coun- cil, National Honor Society, High Scholar- K ship Club, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38, , 5' ai SOLON ELLIS I-A Class, Vice-President, '36, R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, '38, Crack Company, '37, '38, '39, Camp Dallas, '36, '38, 25-50 Club. MARGARET EPSTEIN Le Cercle Francais, Allied Arts Club, Parliamentarian, '38, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Subject, Biology. PEARL FOGEL Iunior Red Cross, Hobby, Dancing, Favor- ite Subject, Public Speaking, Ambition, Actress. BEATRICE Fox I-B Class, President, '36, Le Cercle Fran- cais, Parliamentarian, '38, '39, Girls Public Speaking Club, Parliarnentarian, '38, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. KATHERINE GACHES Hobby, Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sub- ject, Accounting, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Ambition, Secretary. MURVEL GLASS ' Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Hobby, Mfechanics, Favorite Sport, Boxing, Ambition, Engineer. i!d"'6l. A ,t X RUTH ENGELBERG ECHO, Associate Editor, '39, Banking, '38, Linz Award, '38, Favorite Subject, journalism. Interscholastic League, Spelling, '37, lV-B Class, Treasurer, '38, Allied Arts Club, President, '38, High Scholarship Club, Par- liamentarian, '33, Forest Forum, Parliamen- tarian, '39, Aelta Historical Society, Vice- Presiclent, '39, Student Council, Vice-Presi- dent, '39, National Honor Society, '38, '39. MARY EVELYN FOSTER Student Council, '38, '39, 25-50 Club, FORESTER Favorite, '39, Hobby, Dancing. MARIORIE FREELAND Il-B Class, President, '37, Girl Reserves, Secretary, '38, President, '38, National Honor Society, Secretary, '38, High Scholar- ship, Vice-President, '39, Cheerleader, '38, Office Assistant, '37, '38, FORESTER, '39, Linz Awards, '36, '38, Orchestra, '38, FORESTER Favorite, '39. fbi TOM GILLES IE Aelta Historical Society, National Honor Society, '38, '39, Linz Award, '36, Football, '35, '36, '37, '38, Baseball, '36, '37, '38, '39, Basketball, '36, '37, '38, '39, Captain, '38, '39, All-City, '38, '39, All-Star Team, '38, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39. RTA GORP Hobby, Dramatics, Favorite Subject, Eng- lish, Favorite Sport, Horseback Riding, Ambition, Singer. Page Twbnty-nine r -J I BERNIOE HAMMOND Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Writing Poems, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Ambition, Reporter. Lois HAWKINS Girl Reserves, FORESTER, Student Council, '38, Hobby, Making Scrapbooks, Ambition, Interior Decorator VIVIAN HENDERSON Girl Reserves, .Aelta Historical Society, Favorite Subject, Accounting, Hobby, Col- lecting Stamps, Favorite Sport, Football WILLIAM HOLCOMEE Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, Civics, Hobby, Farming, Ambition, Aviator. MILDRED HUNTER Student Council, Linz Award, '37, Ambition, Nurse, Hobby, Dancing., , I' . . ' . t ,l " J l its it EARLINE IENKINS Hobby, Embroidering, Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Ambition, Office Work, Favor- ite Sport, Swimming. Page Thirty crass or 1UNE.'as t s time MARTHA HARRISON Texas History Club, Vice-President, '37, Secretary, '38, President, '39, Pan American Student Forum, National Honor Society, '38, '39, Linz Awards, '36, '37. LEON HAYNES ECHO, Business Manager, '39, Boys Glee Club, Favorite Subject, Architectural Draw- ing, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Ambition, Druggist LOUISE HIEGEL Girl Reserves, ILA Class, Reporter, Office Assistant, '37, '38, IV-A Class Secretary, FORESTER, '38, '39, FORESTER Favorite, '39, wo, f FRANCES ANGELINE HUNTER Pan American Student Forum, Pep Squad, Linz Award, '37, Favorite Subject, Chemis- try, Ambition, Nurse, Hobby, Dancing. AGNES MERLE IEFFERS Girl Reserves, Program Chairman, '36, President, '37, Program Chairman, '38, Texas History Club, Treasurer, '36, National Honor Society, '38, '39. ALFRED IONES Pan American Student Forum, Allied Arts Club, Track, '37, Hobby, Dancing. MARGARET KARLEN ECHO, Editor, '39, High Scholarship Club, Library Assistant, '37, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38. ONEAL KEETON Student Council, '38, R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, All City Band, '37, '38, '39, Crack Company Band, '38, '39, Band Contest, '38. I. C. KELLUM Cheerleader, '38, R. O. T. C., Sergeant, Football, '36, '37, Senior Hi-Y, Secretary, '38, Vice-President, '39, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38, Rifle Team, '38, IV-A, Sergeant- at-Arms, ECHO, '39, Private's Efficiency Award, '36, Sergeant Efficiency Award, '37. KING R. O. . e geant, rack mpany, '36, EC o E '37, ' , ifle a , ' r Ck, '37, '38, 39, C ICIGHC Award, '37, Privat E i enc Ward, '36. Lf - o I ,j. 1 WILLIAM LEE ' ' 4 Senior Hi-Y, '39, Camp Dallas, '38, Crack Company, '37, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Student Council, '39 Sergeant Efficiency Award, '37, '38, ECHO, '38, '39. Soi. LEVIN Standard Debating Society, Vice-President, '39, R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Camp Dallas, '38, Band Contest, '38, All City Band, '37, '38, Crack Company Band, '38, '39, fee! ' J! ROSE KAUFMAN National Honor Society, '38, '39, Texas His- tory Club, President, '38, Vice-President, '37, Parliamentarian, '39, Student Council, '39, Forest Forum, Treasurer, '39, Linz Awards, '36, '37, Office Assistant, '38, '39, Safety Contest, '38 ,Inter-Scholastic League, Extern- poraneous Speaking, '38. NAOMI KELLNER lunior Red Cross, High Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, '37, '38, Favorite Subject, Shorthand. Lois MARGARET KENT A ECHO, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Ambitiiin, Ste. nographer, Favorite Subject, Typing. NORMAN LAVINE Student Council, '39, R. O. T. C., Captain, FORESTER, '38, '39, Camp Dallas, '36, '37, '38, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38. BILLY LEGGETT Senior Hi-Y Club, Secretary-Treasurer, '39, ECHO, Favorite Subject, Science, Favorite Sport, Baseball. LESTER LEVY Camp Dallas, '36, '37, '38, R. O. T. C., Captain, Crack Company, '36, '37, Stand- ard Debating Society, President, '38, Vice- President, '38, Secretary, '37, Parliamen- tarian, '38, Student Council, '38, FORESTER, '38, '39, Marksman Medal, '38, FORESTER Favorite, Interscholastic League, Extempo- raneous Speaking. Page Thirty-one Q J f 3 8 SAMUEL LEVY '37, Linz '39, ECHO, junior 'Red Cross, President, Awards, '36, '37, Tennis Team, Sports Editor, '39. SIDNEY LIGHT' All City Band, '37, '39, Crack Company Dallas, '36, '37, '38. R. O. T. C., Captain, '38, '39, Band Contest, Band, 38, '39, Camp CLHSS OF IUNE, '39 "W, Qffmwwf' j VU-Ms? MARGARET , LIVELY ' . Ambition, Designer, Favorite Subject, Latinft' Favorite Sport, Skating, Hobby, Reading. 1507 ROBERT LOMAS ' Linz Awards, '37, '38, Radio Club, Vice' President, '38, High Scholarship Club, Presi- dent, '38, ll-A Class, President, Crack Com- pany, '37, '38, '39, National Honor Society, '38, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Staff Sergeant, Auditores Caesaris, '37, '38, '39, CLIFFORD LYLES Track, '38, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team, '37, R. O. T. C., Major, Basketball, '37, Sergeants Efficiency, '36, Corporals Efficiency, '36. vwefwgtiglwt' Hobby, Skating, Favorite Subject, Account- ing, Ambition, Aviator, Favorite Sport, ' Football. Page Thirty-Iwo I ff 94,9 1 7 5 UTH LICHENSTEIN i Girls"'Pu lic Speaking Club, Favorite Sub- ject, Chemistry, Hobby, Collecting Poems, Ambition, Attend S. M. U. HERBERT LILLEBRIDGE Football, '35, '36, Basketball, '35, '36, '37, 38, '39, Track, '36, '37, '38, FORESTER, '39. ADELE LLOYD Forest Forum, Sergeant-at-Arms, '39, Texas History Club, Hobbies, Dancing and Swim- ming, Ambition, Private Secretary. BERNICE LOPER Girl Reserves, ECHO, Associate Editor, '39, Special Writer, '39, Hobby, Writing. GENE MOCULLOUGH Hobby, Skating, Favorite Subject, Econom- ics, Favorite Sport, Bicycle Riding, Ambi- tion, Work in a Post Office. LILLIAN MCFARLAND Hobby, Playing Tennis, Favorite Subject, Physics, Ambition, To be a Nurse, Favorite Sport, Baseball. FAYRENE MCPHAIL High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '38, Hobby, Collecting Pictures, Favorite Sub- ject, Home Economics. KATHERINE MCQUEEN Forest Forum, Favorite Subject, Physics, Hobby, Movies, l I J, pw ion! ISADORE MANKOVSKY Pan American Student Forum, Football, '37, Hobby, Baseball, Favorite Subject, Home Economics. ROBERT MINCHEW Aelta Historical Society, Parlaimentarian, '39, Allied Arts Club, Secretary, '38, Iunior Red Cross, President, '39, Sergeant-at-Arms, '38, Pan American Student Forum, FORESTER, '39. MIKE MONTGOMERY Texas History Club, National Honor Soci- ety, '38, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39, junior Red Cross, R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, lll-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, lnterscholastic League, '39, High Scholarship Club, Crack Company, '38, '39. MARY MOSELEY Pan American Student Forum, High Schol- arship Club, Secretary, '38, Texas History Club, Girls Public Speaking Club, National Honor Society, '38, '39, Linz Award, '37, '38, Interscholastic League, Spelling, '39. HUBERT MCQUEEN Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Crack Company, '39, Hobby, Shows, Favor- ite Sport, Football. HOBERTA MALONE Texas History Club, Treasurer, '35, Presi- dent, '37, Secretary, '39, Aelta Historical Society, Treasurer, '38, Hobby, Collecting What-nots, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking. RosE MARCUS Texas History Club, President, '38, Treas- urer, '38, Aelta Historical Society, Treas- urer, '39, junior Red Cross, Secretary, '39, Student Council, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38, National Honor Society, '38, '39. MAVHS MIZE Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, '38, Aelta Historical Society, High Scholarship Club, President, '39, Student Council, Treasurer, '33, '39, ll-A Class, Secretary, IV-B Class, Secretary, Office Assistant, '36, '37, '39, FORESTER, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Na- tional Honor Society, '38, '39, lll-B Class, President, FORESTER Favorite, '39. 457 7032 ANITA MOORE High Scholarship Club, '36, '37, Aelta His- torical Society, Linz Award, '36, '37, Favcr- ite Subject, Typing. ALBERT MUELLER, IR. Forest Forum, President, '39, Student Coun- cil, '39, Crack Company, 37, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Sergeant, '39, Radio Club, President, '38 Page Thirty-lla ree Ice sident 38 39 Aelta Historical Socre ' Sergeant-at-Arms 38- Texas His- tory Club, Crack Company, '36, '37, Na- tional Honor Soci ty, '38, '39, Student Coun- cil, Sergeant-a Arms, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39, All City ed Cross, President, '37, '38, Civic Federa on, Representative, '38, '39, 25-50 Club. x Y MURK ' ' r ed Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms, '37, v' -9- , ' , ' , W. 1, tx' N" I . I-I f BILLEY FRI-:D NEWMAN L Vi ational Honor Society, '38, '39, High Schol- 0' L arship Club, Treasurer, '37, Auditores Cae- saris, Secretary, '38, Vice-President, '39, Office Assistant, '37, '38, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Forest Forum. IUANITA NIELSEN Forest Forum, ECHO, '39, Hobby, Skating, Favorite Subject, journalism. INA PATTERSON Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Sewing. QNX' TACK PHILLIPS Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms, '39, Senior Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, '38, Nation- al Honor Society, '38, '39, IV-A Class, Treas- urer, '39, Linz Award, '37, R. O. T. C., Mas- ter Sergeant, Camp Dallas, '36, Crack Company, '36, '37, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39, Radio Club. ALTON RALSTON R. O. T. C., Lieutenant Colonel, Crack Com- pany, '36, '37, '38, '39, Camp Dallas, '37, '38, National Honor Society, Vice-President, '38, FORESTER, '39, Rifle Team, '37, '38, '39, FORESTER Favorite, '39. Page Thirty-four IEssE MURPHY Auditores Caesaris, President, '39, Student Council, Standard Debating Society, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Latin Tournament, '36, '37, '38, R. O. T. C., Corporal, Civic Federa- tion, Representative, '38, '39. DOROTHY NICODEMUS High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '37, '38, Office Assistant, '39, Favorite Subject, Home Economics. LELIA PATRICK Texas History Club, Linz Award, '37, Stu- dent Council, '39, Office Assistant, '37, 1, IMOGENE PAYNE Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, '39, lnterscholastic League, Spelling, '39, Favorite Subject, Chemistry. I NORMAN PRIBBLE F tball, '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball, '35, , '37, Track, '37, '38, Rifle Team, '36, '37, '38, 8th Corps Area Match, Winner, '38, City Rifle Match, Winner, '39, Camp Dallas, '35, '38, R. O. T. C., Captain, '38, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38, '39, Ill-A Class, President, '38, IV-B Class, Vice- President, '38, lV-A Class Vice-President, '39, W'ozencraft Drill, '38, '39, Fomasrsn Favorite, '39. t MARCIA RAY ECI-IO, Associate Editor, '39, Iunior Red Cross, Pep Squad, '37, '38, Favorite Subject, Ioumalism. I " it OLA RAY Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, High Scholarship Club, Parliamentarian, '39, Iunior Red Cross, Sergeant-at-Arms, '39, Foassrt-:R, '39. SELMA REISBERG l-B Class, Vice-President, lll-B Class, Vice- President, Ill-A Class, Treasurer, IV-A Class, Parliamentarian, Girls Public Speak- ing Club, Vice-President, '36, Parliamenta- rian, '36, President, '39, Junior Red Cross, Parliamentarian, '38, '39, Aelta Historical Society, Secretary, '38, High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '37, '38, Student Council, '38, '39, Office Assistant, '38, lnterscholas- tic League, Debating, '36, Externporaneous Speaking, '39. IAM RQSERTS Aelta Historic serially, Baseball, '38, '39, Footb ' , 'v O. T. C., Sergeant. st' FANNIE ROSENBLOOM Pep Squad, '35, All City Chorus, '35, Girls Public Speaking Club, Secretary, '36, '37, '38, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, Vice-President, '38, High Scholarship Club, Le Cercle Fran- cais, Student Council, '38, Tennis Team, '37, '38, '39, FORESTER, Associate Editor, '38, Ftonnsrart Favorite, '39, Linz Award, '36, '37, National Honor Society, '39, ll-B Class, Secretary, Banking Assistant, '35. NORMA Ross Forest ECHO, Editor, '39, Texas History Club, Treasurer, '39, High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '37, '38. IAKE RUTTENBERG Iunior Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, Secretary- Treasurer, '37, Standard Debating Society, Hobby, Sports, Ambition Graduate of College. X Q4 ' .4-V' 5 Y 1 Jw 77 Q' K ORLENE RAY Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, '39, Iunior Red Cross, Fonrzsrsrt, '39. N IN I Crack ompan , '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Adju- tant, '38, Senior Hi-Y, Most Efficient Private, '36, Chorus, '37, '38, '39. ISABELL ROGERS Girl Reserves, Aelta Historical Society, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Physics, 25-50 Club. . 4 90.27 HN ROSENGARTEN Texg' istoriwtib, 'Vice-President, '38, Aelta Historical,,Saciety, Iunior Red Cross, Treasurer, ' yecretary, '37, President, '38, Treasgg 39, Library Assistant, '35, '36, '37, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Student Council, '37, FORESTER, '38, '39, High Schol- arship Club, Girls Public Speakinq Club. FLo MARIE RUPARD Favorite Sport, Horse-back Riding, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Subject, Salesmanship, Ambition, Secretary. GLORIA SAFFIR Texas History Club, Parliarnentarian, '38, Student Council, '38, Girls Public Speaking Club, Parliamentarian, '38, Hobby, Swimming. Page Thirty-five Mlfldbleoa -JCU ANDREW SAKELLARIOU R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Crack Com- pany, '37, '38, '39, Ambition, Geologist, Rifle Team, '37, '38, '39, Safety Contest, '38, 25-50 Club. RAYMOND SCOTT Hobby, Coin Collecting, Favorite Sport, Football, Forest ECHO, '38, '39, Favorite Subject, Mathematics. ALMA SEVIER Hobby, Writing, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Ambition, Private Secretary: Favorite Sport, Tennis. CARLTON SHARPE Cheer Leader, '38, Hobby, Taxidermy, Favorite Subject, Science, Favorite Sport Tennis, R. O. T. C. LAWRENCE SIMON Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms, '38, Treasurer, '39, Crack Company, '37, 38, '39, R. OL T. C., Sergeant, Ambition, Doctor. CHARLES SMITH Crack Company, '37, '38, '39, R. O. T. C. Captain, Camp Dallas, '36, Baseball, '38 '39, Rifle Team, '38, Page Thirty-six 1 E BOB SCOTT Senior Hi-Y, Rifle Team, '38, '39, Basket- ball, '38, '39, Track, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Color Sergeant, Crack Company, '37, '38, '39. MAEEL SEGELL Aelta Historical Society, FORESTER, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Interior Decorator. I Y SHALETTE I-A Class, Secretary, Student Council, '39, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Favorite Subject, English. CHARLES SHERMAN Hobby, Reading, R. O. T. C., Corporal, Z5- 5O Club, Favorite Subject, Mathematics. jmj,d'ff'i FRANK SLOVAK junior Red Cross, Track, Manager, '38, '39, Hobby, Track, Ambition, Architect. CHARMAYNE SMITH , junior Red Cross, President, '36, I-B Class, Secretary, lll-B Class, Secretary, Forest Football Queen, '36, National Honor Soci-' ety, Cheer Leader, '37, '38, All-City Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, '38, Sweetheart of Forest, '38, Office Assistant, Forest Favorite, '39. GRETTLE SNEED Student Council, '39, l-lobby, Scrapbook, Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, Spanis EILEEN STOVER Iunior Red Cross, Girls Pep Squad, '36, Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Dietician. RUTH STUTTS Allied Arts Club, Vice-President, '38, Hobby, Sketching, Favorite Subject, Biol- OCJYJ Ambition, Artist. DOROTHY TAYLOR ECHO, Assistant Editor, Hobby, Art, Sport, Horseback Riding, Ambition, Artist. MINNIE LU THORN Aelta Historical Society, Vice-President, '38, President, '39, High Scholarship Club, Li- brary Assistant, '37, ECHO, Club Editor, '39, Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38, Student Council, '38, '39, National Honor Society, '38, '39, FORESTER, '39. CORBIE R. TRUMAN Standing Debating Society, Sergeant-at- Arms, '37, Vice-President, '38, Parliamen- tarian, '38, '39, High Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, '38, '39, Student Council, President, '38, '39, IV-Bt Class, President, IV-A Class, President, Linz Awards, '37, '38, interscholastic League De- bate, '38, FORESTER, '39. 7 -------H - - Y A --- .-.., I , cr , A577 L42 ,gl fmt' JIMMY STONE National Honor ..Society, '38, '39, Linz Award, '36, '37, '38, Football, '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball, '35, '36, '37, '38, Track, ' '36, '37. Aff? ELSIE STREICHER Texas History Club, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, Hobby, Skating, Ambition, Graduate from College. - ARAH TANKUS Linz Awards, '36, '37, '38, National Honor Society, '38, '39, FORESTER, '37, '38, '39, Student Council, Parliamentarian, '39, ll-B Class, Vice-President, Auditores Caesaris, Girls Public Speaking Club, Secretary, '37, '39, President, '38, Parliamentarian, '38, Latin Tournament, '38, Library Assistant, '36, '37, '38, '39, Civic Federation, Representative, 39. ORVILLE TAYLOR Basketball, '35, '36, Football, '36, '37, Track, Football. ww '37, '38, Hobby, Drawing, IUNE TINER Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, '36, Office As- sistant, '36, '39, H-B Class, Vice-President, Allied Arts Club, President, '39. OLGA VALCIK Texas History Club, Aelta Historical So- ciety, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Sub- ject, Public Speaking. Page Thirty -seven IULIUS VITA Allied Arts Club, Track, '37, '38, '39, Hobby, Wood-Carving, Ambition, Salesman, Favor- ite Sport, Football. BERNICE WALTEES Orchestra, '36, '37, '38, '39, Hobby, T9I'1HiSi Favorite Subject, Accounting, Pep V Squad, '35, VIVIAN WEST Forest Forum, Texas History Club, Hobby, Collecting Phonograph Records, Ambition, Secretary. MARY LEE WHITE Hobby, Horseback Riding, Favorite Subject, Clothing, Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Sport, Swimming. ELIZABETH WISDOM Aelta Historical Society, FORESTER, '39, Hobby, Dancing, Favorite Subject, Typing, Ambition, Stenographer. Mortnrs- WYLIE Favorite Subject, English, Hobby, Poetry Reading, Ambition, Electrical Engineer, Favorite Sport, Football. Uttfffmt ff cgi Page Thirty-eight CLHSS OF IUNE. '39 KIMBERLIEN WAGGONER FOREST Ecrro, Features, Favorite Subject, Ioumalism, Ambition, Make Friends, I Hobby, Writing Letters. ANNE WEINSTEIN Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, '36, Vice-President, '37, Secretary, '38, President, '38, Parliamen- tarian, '39, Le Cercle Francais, All City Chorus, '36, Student Council, '38, FIORESTER, '39, Pep Squad, '35, Linz Award, '37, '38, Tennis, '38. W rw W. T. WHITAKER Hobby, Sports, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Ambition, Aviator, Favorite Subject, Accounting. EARL WILLIAMS Track, '39, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Fav- orite Subject, Physics, Hobby, Collecting Pictures. IRA WRIGHT Favorite Subject, Algebra, Favorite Sport, Football, Hobby, Bee Hives, Ambition, Elec- trical Engineer. I. B. YOUNG Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Playing Guitar, Ambition, Band Leader, Favorite Subject, Physics. CLHSS OF IUNE.'39 MILTON ZIMMERMAN 'YYQQZD-J Hobby, Sports, Ambition, Mechanical Engi- neer, Favorite Subject, Algebra, Favorite Sport, Baseball. OTHER SENIORS NOT Bill Bogie Maurine Busby' Tommy Clark Durwood Combs Norman DeLauqhter Ruth Dunbar Georqe Dunbar Ben Ford Iohn Gallaqer IN PICTURES Pete Lazaros Elizabeth Lee Alton Melton William Mercer Iosephine Messina Kathryn lo Mims Louise Oliphant Estelle Rankin Hazel Beckley Fred Hallackl-4Jj!A"L44A Trevor Rees-Iones Eloise Hernandez Edgar Heitt Dorothy Hight Edith House Earl Huddleston I. B. Robins A Ruth Walker Robert Williams Connette Willis Ted Wright v Page Tbiriy-nin CLR K. W. ALLEN Linz Awards, '37, '38, '39, National Honor Society, '38, '39, junior Hi-Y, President, '37, Secretary, '36, Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President, '38, President, '39, Forest Forum, Vice-Presi- dent, '38, Banking, President, '38, '39, Track, Student Council, '38, '39. CRAWFORD BALLARD HI-B Class, President, '38, Allied Arts Club, Vice-President, '39, Forest Forum, '38, '39, ff MARY TOM BENSON Favorite Subject, Science, Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Photography. HYMIE BORONSTEIN junior Hi-Y, Sergeant-at'Arms, '37, Treas- urer, '36, President, '37, Vice-President, '36, Student Council, '38, Basketball, '37, '38, '39, Baseball, '37, Il-A Class, Sergeant-at- Arms, HI-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, IV-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Linz Award, History Club, Forest Forum, Office J' ' 1 . ff h' FRANCES BURTON National Honor Society, '38, '39, High Schol- arship Club, Pep Squad, Girl Reserves, Linz Award, '37, '38, '39, Le Cercle- Francais, Treasurer, '38, Secretary, '39. MARY CASSATA junior Red Cross, High Scholarship Club, Allied Arts Club, Treasurer, '39, Linz Award, '7, '38, Hobby, Drawing. Page Forty '40 ALFRED ARRANT Band, Corporal, '36, '37, '38, '39, Senior Hi-Y, Favorite Sport, Football, Favorite Subject, History. CAROYN BECKNELL Hobby, Athletics, Favorite Subject, journal- ism, Ambition, Dancer, Favorite Sport, Swimming. MARGARET BLAIR Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Airline Hostess, Hobby, Dancing. BILLIE LOUISE BRAMLETT Hobby, Sewing, Favorite Sport, Baseball, Ambition, Private Secretary, Favorite Sub- ject, Typing. MARGARETTE CARSON Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, High Schol- arship Club, 25-50 Club, Linz Awards, '37, '38, '39, Favorite Subject, Mathematics, Fa- vorite Sport, Tennis, Banking Assistant, '38, '39. WAYNE CHRISTIAN Favorite Sport, Baseball, Hobby, Athletics, Favorite Subject, Home Economics, Ambi- tion, Circulation Manager. CLHSS OF IHNUHRY, '40 BARBARA CLARK Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, '39, Texas History Club, Forest Forum, Office Assistant. RUTH COKER Linz Awards, '37, '38, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Hobby, Bicycling, Favorite Sport, Football. ONITA EVANS Pan American Student Forum, Favorite Sub- ject, Art, Favorite Sport, Swimming, Hobby, Collecting Autographs. IOE HERMAN GOLMAN Standard Debating Society, Secretary, '38, Treasurer, '38, Sergeant-at-Arms, 39, l-A Class, Secretary, Golf Team, '39, Debate Team, '39, Pan-American Student Forum, Crack Company, '38, Banking, FORESTER, '39, Student Council, '39. THOMAS HANSEN Hobby, Drawing, Favorite Subject, Art, Am- bition, Cartoonist, FORESTER, '39, IAMES HAYTH Hobby, Dancing, Ambition, Lawyer, Favor- ite Subject, English, Favorite Sport, Football. MADELINE CLEVINGER Girl Reserves, junior Red Cross, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Accounting, Ambition, Accountant. MAZELLE COX Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Secre- tary, Hobby, Skating, Favorite Subject, Typing. DOROTHY EVERETT junior Red Cross, Girl Reserves, Hobby, Swimming, Favorite Subject, Typing. HARRY GRABSTALD High Scholarship Club, Standard Debating Society, Basketball, '38, '37, '38, '39, Foot- ball, '36, '37, Linz Awards, '37, '38, 39. MARGARET ELAINE HARLAN I-A Class, President, ll-A Class, President, IV-B Class, Secretary, Auclitores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms, '38, Treasurer, '38, High Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, 37, '38, '39, Tennis Team, '36, '37, '38, City Tennis Champion, '38, District Tennis Champion, '38, Latin Tournament, '36, National Honor Society, '38, '39, Student Council, '39, W. A. HENDRIX Favorite Pastime, Movies, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport. Baseball: R. OL T. C., Sergeant. Page Forty-one CLHSS OF IHNUHRY. '40 IACK HILLEY R. O. T. C., Privates Efficiency, '37, Hobby, Radio, Ambition, Radio Announcer, Favor- ite Sport, Football. DOROTHY IOHNSON Le Cercle Francais, Vice-President, '38, Sec- retary, '37, Girl Reserves, Student Council, '39, High Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, '37, Band Sweetheart, '38, National Honor Soci- ety, '38, '39, 25-5U Club, Vice-President, '39, Linz Awards, '37, '38, '39. BETTY KING Ambition, Private Secretary, Favorite Sport, Football, Hobby, Tennis, Favorite Subject Typing. ERNEST KOSAN Student Council, '38, Orchestra, '36, Boys Chorus, '38, IV-B,Class, Vice-President. yt. rt . ,J ,V '19 FRANCES KOVNAT Girl Reserves, Parliamentarian, '39, II-B Class, President, '37, ll-A Class, Parliamen- tarian, '37, Student Council, High Scholar- ship Club, Le Cercle Francais, Linz Award, '37, '38, '39, Office Assistant, '37, '38, FORESTER, '39, Banking Assistant, '37. HELEN LE BLANC junior Red Cross, Girl Reserves, Favorite Subject, Accounting, Favorite Sport, Swim- ming, Hobby, Baseball. Page Fo riy-two AUGUST HoWE Football, '36, '37, '38, Baseball, '38, '39, Favorite Subject, Mechanical Drawing, Favorite Sport, Football. BEVERLY KARCHMER National Honor Society, '38, '39, High Schol- arship Club, Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer, '37, Vice-President, '38, '39, Linz Award, '37, '38, '39, Student Council, 25-50 Club. KATHERINE KINGSLEY Hobby, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Physics, Ambition, Nurse, Favorite Sport, Football. ERNEIVE KoUsAL Allied Arts Club, Secretary, '39, Hobby, Singing, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Art. IMAGENE KYNARD Girl Reserves, Vice-President, '38, High Scholarship Club, Banking Assistant, '38, '39, Student Council, '37, '38, '39, Eci-ro, '39, Pep Squad, '38, Linz Award, '37, '38, HELEN LLOYD Hobby, Drawing, Favorite Subject, Foods, Ambition, Commercial Artist, Favorite Sport, Tennis. .-'W CLHSS OF IHNUHRY, '40 ' KID MOCOY Football, '38, '39, R. O. T. C., Sergeant, Camp Dallas, '38, Favorite Subject, History, Ambition, Architect. PEYTONA MC'MEANS II-A Class, Secretary, Linz Award, '37, High Scholarship Club, Student Council, '38. GLENDELL MAHAFFEY Hobby, Skating, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Fa- vorite Subject, English, Ambition, Nurse. BENNIE MILTNER Track, '38, '39, Hobby, Fishing, Favorite Subject, Public Speaking, Favorite Sport, Running. MARY RUTH NELSON Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Stenog- rapher, Office Assistant, Favorite Subject, Typing, Hobby, Sports. GEORGIA OWENS Favorite Subject, Clothing, Ambition, Sing- er, Hobby, Shows, Favorite Sport, Baseball. BILLY MCMANEMIN High Scholarship Club, '37, Linz Award, '36, Camp' Dallas, '38, '39, Rifle Team, '38, '39, Band, Second Lieutenant, Crack Com- pany, Band Contest, '38, III-A Class, Vice- President, IV-B Class, President, Orchestra, '36, '37, '38, Boys Chorus, '36, Student Coun- cil, Sergeant-at-Arms, '39. ALLEN MCNEAL Senior Hi-Y, '39, R. O. T. C., Second Lieu- tenant, Camp Dallas, '37, Crack Company, '36, '37, '38, '39, Rifle Team, '37, '38, Ser- geants Efficiency Award, '37, Track, '38, '39, Football, 38. t EMANUEL MELAUN Ill-B Class, Vice-President, Crack Company, , '37, '38, R. O. T. C., Sergeant. l t - t I RUSSELL MORRIS Radio Club, Hobby,'Raising Pigeons, Favor- ite Subject, History, Favorite Sport, Tennis, t l t SIMON OKON Football, '35, Baseball, '36, Basketball, '35, '35, '37, '38, Track, '38, '39. KATHRYN RANSOM Allied Arts Club, Linz Award, '37, Hobby, Drawing, Office Assistant, '36, '37, '38, '39, Ambition, Commercial Artist, I-B Class, Secretary. Page Forty-three 4 CLHSS OF IHNUHRY. '40 VERNA SASSE Hobby, Tennis, Favorite Subject, English, Ambition, Secretary, Favorite Sport, Horse- back Riding. MARCUS SELTZER Hobby, Stamp Collecting, Ambition, Engi- neer, Favorite Subject, English, Favorite Sport, Tennis, MARILYN SIEGEL Girls Public S eakin Club, Vice-President P Q ' '38, Sergeanteat-Arms, '38, High Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, '37, Linz Award, '37, '38. AARON SPELLING lunior Red Cross, Hobby, Writing Poetry, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Dancer. MARY LOUISE THURMAN Girl Reserves, Allied Art Club, Girls Public Speaking Club, Office Assistant, 37, '38, '39, BERT!-IA TRAMMELL Forest Forum, Favorite Sport, Football, Am- bition, Secretary, Favorite Subject, English. Page Forty four RUTH SCOTT lunior Red Cross, Hobby, Reading, Favorite Sport, Tennis, Favorite Subject, Typing. FRANCES SHACKELFORD Linz Awarcl, '37, '38, '39, Girl Reserves, Parliamentarian, '37, '38, High Scholarship Club, Le Cercle Francais, Treasurer, '38, Student Council, '38, Ill-A Class, Treasurer, Banking, Vice-President, '39, Office Assistant, '38, '39. EDWARD SLACKNEY Bands, '36, '37, '38, '39, Stamp, Club, Foot- ball, '37, '38, Orchestra, '36, '39, FORESTER, '38, '39. hdfi We WJ' mac, MARY NELL STEVENSON II-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, III-B Class, Sec- retary, '37, Ill-A Class, Secretary, Pan Amer- ican Student Forum, Banking Assistant Cashier, '38, '39, Teller, '37, '38, '39, Linz Award, '37, Student Council, '38, Office Assistant, '37, '38, Aelta Historical Society. LEOLA TIBBITTS Forest Forum, Pep Squad, '35, Hobby, Col- lecting Snapshots, Favorite Sport, Hiking. SIMPSON WATTS Favorite Subject, Algebra, Favorite Sport, Football, Ambition, Accountant, Hobby, Athletics. ALVIN WITHROW Football, '36, '37, '38, '39, Baseball, '38, '39, Favorite Sport, Football, Hobby, Music, Glee Club, '36, '38, '39, Favorite Subject, History. J2Jfgf,,.t aj? CLHSS OF IHNUHRY.'40 MARY IANE WRIGHT Girls Public Speaking Club, '38, '38, Girl Reserves, '38, '39, IV-B Class, Treasurer, Office Assistant, '36, '37, '38, High Scholar- ship Club, '36, '37, Linz Award, '36. OTHER SENIORS NOT IN PICTURES Leon Ashner Wyiona Fran-ce Walter Bell Katherine Hobbs Paul Henry Benat Rosalee Hodde O. C. Beville lames Hranicky Marie Bramlett Butord lngram Shirley Brown Amy Lee Nutt Alma Broyles Margie Pickett Velma Broyles Kathryn Ransom Milton Braun Mabel Shelton Herbert Briggs lack Smith Thelma Cantrell L. E. Smith Kathleen Dagnal Eugene Spangler ' Marion Denny Tyra Thornell Margaret Dickhout lack Tobolowsky Walter Davis Charles West ff-"'E Harold Feder Roy Wharton Owens Ferguson Carol Williams Gordon Fletcher Opal Willeford Henry Fischl l. T. Wilson Ioe Freeman this t HELEN CooK WRIGHT Pan American Student Forum, Banking Assistant, '36, '37, '38, '39, Office Assistant, '36, '37, Hobby, Swimming. Page Fofiy-five f W J - hx QJWJ ' fx T t N 'Sh Z .EL , 1 f xl, W -V x if Page Forty Six .f' A .v Af IP 1 IUNEH39 CLHSS Invitation Committee Membership Committee LESTER LEVY ROBERT LOMAS BETTY ERWIN MINNIE LU THORN EUGENIA BAISE TOSEPHINE CLESI CHARLES SMITH Moms WYLIB FANNIE RosENBLooM Announcement Committee Baccalaureate Committee ROBERT MINCHEW MINNIE LU THORN BILLY MURK CLIFFORD' LYLEIS SELMA REISBERG THOMAS CARTER ROSE MARCUS SAMUEL LEVY IHNUHRY, Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear Of the IV-B class since its freshman year. 'Twas in 1936 on a February day We entered Forest with a loud "hooray". For our first president in the high school whirl 'We elected Bea Fox, a most capable girl. Our l.A president was of a well-known clan Of course, you know it was Margaret Harlan. The ll-B president who went to bat VV'as yours truly, Frances Kovnat. Cur ll-A president was Margaret Harlan, Who again accepted the call to command. Crawford Ballard led us through, our Ill-B year, And our memories of that term are very dear. Gordon Fletcher as Ill-A president was a whizg In fact about the best there is. f , s y INHI' 10 CLHSS We gave a sport dance that made news with A dance that meant for us plenty of cash. Our Iunior Prom was quite a success, Although I wasn't there, I must confess. And now we have chosen Billy McManemin Fray tell me how we can but succeed. A word for Miss Elder, our sponsor and friend, Who has always had a helping hand to lend. And now for our counsellor, Mis Edna Rowe, 'Who has chosen the path upon which We go. The events of next term are unknown as yet, But they'll be great, l'm willing to bet. ,- 1 fwfe, .1 .,,, sw-2, wld-sf . Q flash, lead. And then we shall look forward to our "Commencement Day" When we each shall go our separate way. 4FRANCES KOVNAT. Page Forty-seven , 4 ,,,.,v., -v-- -q, ' I 3 III-H CLHSS Mlss SARAH DAVIDSON Sponsor A I O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ....... LOUISE HEMPHILL President ........ IOSEPH FUNK Vice-President . . . ADLENE NATHANSON Vice-President . . . . . Lois BURKLEY Secretary ....... Lors BURKLEY Secretary ..... MARILINE LANDSBERG We became Ill-As With high hopes to make it the best year so far of our high school life. We planned many activities to make money in order to give our lunior Prom, and everyone was able to take part in all the preparations. All through this, our sponsor, Miss Davidson, faithfully advised us and Worked with us. With all this cooperation We feel that this year has been most successful. Page Forty-eight Adams, L. G. Arrant, Alfred Balthrop, Ralph Barham, Richard Beets, Paul Biggs, Richard Blaha, Charles Blatt, I. D. Bledsoe, Elvis Brand, Ioe Herschel Bronaugh, lack Brown, Conrad Brown, Floyd Burkley, Lloyd Burns, Gilbert Bush, Robert Bryan, Earl Caddell, Clyde Caronna, Anthony Ackerman, Rosa Lee Adams, Edith Addington, Margie Apoy, Maxine Apple, Viola Anderson, Doris Mae Armstrong, Saralie Ausborne, Volita Balmas, Inez Barrow, Vida Mae Beasley, Katheryn Bodach, Dorothy Brian, Kathleen Brown, Helen Ruth Brown, Nina Lee Bruton, Billie Bryson, Norma Bunting, Betty Lou Burkley, Lois Canada, Leta Rae Carson, Pauline Coffman, Dorothy Lea Cole, Margaret Cook, Mae Frances Cunningham, Lucille Curtis, Daphne Danielson, Alberta Danner, Helen A Davis, Lorene Davis, Shirley DeLee, Gladys Dobbs, Marie Therrel, Dorothy III-H Cawthon, lames Cherry, Allen Ray Chisolm, Herbert Cline, Raymond Colletti, Angelo Conway, George Cooper, Leroy Cooper, Marion Craig, Franklin Day, Robert Davis, William Degen, Harold Drennan, T. I. Ely, Lewis Erickson, Roger Fleming, Holland Fleming, Hollis Fletcher, Donald Frank, Iames III-H Ely, Florence Ely, Freta Emerson, Elizabeth Engleberg, Goldie English, Virginia Fallin, Bertie lean Fisher, Gloria Pitts, Dorothy Floyd, Naomi Gaddis, Elizabeth Garonzik, Bettie Garson, Marilynn Glanton,Bernice Goldstrich, Norma Goodman, Sylvia Graham, Ianice Grandee, Margaret Graul, Mary Catherine Gray, Florence Green, Betty Grigg, Billie Wanda Grissaifi, Catherine Hammond, Glenzelle Hamusek Ellie Harmon, DeLeon Harrott, Frances Hausman, Margaret Hawkins, Evelyn Hawthorne, Nancy Hedgpeth, Katherine Hemphill, Louise Hendrix, Martha Hiegel, Evelyn CLHSS Funk, Ioseph Gilliam, Royal Glanville, Paul Goldberg, Iulian Goodman, Mervin Graham, Audie H. Haley, George Harris, I. B. Hendricks, Thomas Hook, Oscar lohnson, Raymond Johnston, U. V. lanes, Price Klar, Herman Kress, Marvin Kriss, Eddie Lambert, Herbert Lebowitz, Sidney Leveen, lay BOYS Levy, loe Smith, Mashie Lewis, Frank Stanberry, Volney Lipton, lerry K s Ste hens, R. L. May, Robert Miller, Edward Sutton, Tom Nicholas, Mart Tullis, Roy Nicodemus, Kenneth Norris, lack Pate, Roy Phelps, Bill Pirtle, I. B. Primrose, Arthur Ramsey, Iesse Raskin, Herman Reddell, Roy Earl Scott, Robert Seay, Hugh Smith, lack CLHSS GIRLS Houck, Betty lane Houseman, Sherman Howie, Margaret Huie, Mary Hymes, Henrietta Isaac, Marie lanner, lla Lee lanner, Iva Marie lohnson, lune Iohnson, Ruth Iones, Robbie Louise Kaufman, Ianice , Kelly, Etha Kinamon, Mary Evelyn Landsberg, Mariline LaRue, Virginia Leocadi, Sara Marie Lester, Doris Lillebridge, Helen LoCaste, loy Macalus, losie Mark, Dorothy Martin, lulia Faye Masterson, Betty Louise Milford, Mona Lee Miller, luanita Miller, Iune Moore, Gwendolyn Morris, Elaine Mlozingo, Elizabeth McMeans, Velina Nathanson, Adlene Newton, Nadine Nobles, Alice Mae Osborne, Billie Owens, Georgia Patrick, lna lean Perew, Thelma Podhrasky, Frances Polakoif, Ieanne Potts, Ioyce Price, Catherine Priest, lane Rann, Mary Frances Reed, Vondell Rener, Bessie Rephan, Mildred Romotsky, Esther Lee Sanford, Dorothy Sasse, Verna Satterwhite, Flora Mae Sevier, Geraldine Shook, Charlotte Shor, Emy Lou Shurley, Faye Anna Simmons, Eloise Slackney, losephine Slavens, Helen Sloan, Viola Slocum, Iewel Smith, Marjorie Sparks, Barbara Squires, Iune Stevenson, Katheryn Tucker, M. P. Tuttle, Lloyd Vann, Dewey Vann, Lloyd Walls, Iohn D. Wheeler, Delbert Wilson, D. I. Williford, Waymond Withrow, Alvin Woodruff, G. C. Zabbia, Ioe Zimmerman, Abe Stinson, Areta Stricklin, Irene Strong, Frances Sutton, Naomi Sylvester, Viola Terry, Evelyn Thompson, Doris Thompson, Virginia Tibbitts, Roberta Tolley, Dorothy Trammell, Dannie Trattner, Elaine Tresp, Virginia Turneabe, Annie Tydeman, Ruth Ussery, luanita Vance, Maurine Vanlandingham, Dorothy Voight, Evelyn Vorin, Gwyndolen Watts, Annie Waldon Whitaker, Dorothy Fae White, luanita Williams, Billie loyce Wingo, Geraldine Witt, Polly Wood, loy Wood, Kathryn Workman, Iennie Worth, Wanda Fae Wright, Helen Yonack, Bertha Page Forty-nine' Pnge Fifty MISS LAVINIA RAWLINS Sponsor III-B CLHSS NME 'U O F F I C E R S FALL ' SPRING President ..... SELMA MICHAELSON President ....... CONRAD DEAN Vice-President . . . . . EARLINE KITTS Vice-President ..... ADELAIDE COHN Secretary ....... EVELYN KYNARD Secretory ..... MARILYN FREELAND With the did ot our new president, Conrgd Deon, otnd our cotpgbie new sponsor, Miss Rctwiins, the Hi-B Ciotss hos been shining this post yeor. We have been giving interesting progrotms gnd hotving CI good gttend- gnce dt our meetings. , One oi the rngin events during the spring term hors been the sport dgnce given by our ciotss. Ailshie, Cecil Allen, Charles Alonzo, loe Anderson, Charles Arnold, Grady Ashner, Fred Bell, Monroe Bolton, Bill Bourquin, C. L. Box, lack Brandt, Edwin Brown, Robert Campbell, A. D. Clanton, Avone Clark, Emery Conner, R. I. Davis, Lawrence Davis, Samuel Deal, Harry Dean, Conrad Emerson, Clyde Abrams, Eleanor Alger, Betty lean Aiken, Verdi Lee Allen, La Verne Andrews, Mary Io Babb, Bernice Bice, Miriam Blalack, Evelyn Blend, leanette Boronstein, Henrietta Bramlett, Maxine Brock, Wanda Brooks, Isabelle Carroll, Marjorie Cassata, Lena Cobbel, lennie Cohn, Adelaide Cooper, Marcia Crowson, Verna Dake, Yetta Mae David, Betty lane Dean, Matzelle Deskin, Dorothy Donosky, Marcia LUG' III-B CLHSS Faircloth, Eston Fields, Charles Gaylor, Harry Gentry, Paul Gillespie, Bill Goss, Robert Green, Daniel Grier, Kenneth Harmer, Fred Harrington, Carter Harrison, lack Hearn, George Hollon, E. R. Hranicky, Iohn D. Huddleston, Leroy Ingram, loe Keeton, Eugene Krusz, Walter Lamb, Avon Landry, Wilson Lenhart, William Levine, Samuel Levy, Bernard Ludwick, Iimmie McCoy, I. H. McNQ11y,. Bill McNorton, R. B. McQueen, Fred Madans, Morton Malone, William Mason, Durward Miller, Andrew Moore, lack Moore, Thcmas Moores, Iesse Mosesman, Marvin Murray, I. E. Nicholson, lack Nix, Iack Patrick, Bob Pendleton, Lynn an!! BOYS Pennington, Dearyl Petty, Paul Phelps, Milton Phillips, Vernon Putnam, Paul Raskin, Stanley Rimmer, Millard Rogan, Leonard Rubinett, Norman Rubinstein, Harold Samford, Ioe Bob Satterwhite, Carl Scott, Floyd Seely, Henry Selzer, Simon Shelton, Andrew Shields, Doyle Simon, Robert Singletary, W. G. Smith, Myron III-B CLI-ISS GIRLS Dorough, Dorothy Driggers, Lois Duca, Marie Duke, Laura Sue Dunn, Esther Embry, Margaret Engelberg, Eva Evans, Helen Fink, Betty Ford, lda Belle Freeland, Marilyn Fisher, Helen LaVerne Gattuso, Nonette Gentle, Bennie Ruth Goodman, Allene Goodman, Florence Goodman, Frances Grantham, Maribeth Gray, Lydean Green, Theresa Harkins, Edna Harris, Clara Bell Harwell, Betty Harwell, Mary Hawkins, Frances Heflin, Vivian Hemdon, Lilyan Hickman, Elizabeth Hildeman, Theresa Holtmann, Gretchen Horton, Clara Belle Howe, Esther Ruth Huckabee, Ivy lo Huffstetler, Colleen laco, Mary Iames, Doris Mae lohnson, Cytelle Iones, Fern Kelley, Ethel Kent, Merle Kitts, Earline Klein, Frances Kynard, Evelyn Lemaster, Margaret Lichenstein, Maurine Line, Lela Mae Little, Freida Love, Theda Madge Lucky, Katherine Martin, Helen McDowell, Dorothy McGowan, Ruth McKnight, Margaret McWilliams, Maxine Michaelson, Selma Minx, Alberta Rose Moon, Wanda Nichols, Billie Ruth Gwen, Aliene Parker, Maude Pendleton, Vivian Petty, Gloria Pilgram, Neta Fae Potter, Virginia Frasiika, Mildred Ray, Marian Reeder, Betty Mae Rephan, Ruth Roberts, Dorothy Rupe, Annie Soltes, Elton Stepter, Dean Strickland, Frank Stringiellow, A. B, Studdard, Barney Thornton, Leroy Tomlin, Billy Vadicka, Stanley Voight, Leroy Utay, Marvin Utter, Robert Weinkrantz, Philip Wiman, Leo R. Womack, Ray Woods, Leon Woodside, Bobby Yates, Charles Zelazny, Henry Zesmer, David Zimmerman, Abraham Rust, Margaret Schwartz, Lucy Silberman, Muriel Smith, Doris lean Smith, Marylynne Stewart, Virginia Stillman, Clara Stovall, ludith Stowe, Ina Mae Tobolowsky, Miriam Vita, Edith Wadsworth, Rosalie Wallace, Betty lo Walker, Frances Walls, Ellan Webb, Gertrude Whaley, Virginia White, Beulah Lee Whittington, Mildred Williams, Dorothy Wingate, leral Dene Woody, Margaret Wright, Elsie Maye Page Fifty-one , fri.- 7 , 19" Nc,-f"' II-H CLHSS MISS MARY DRAKE Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ........ MARIE LOMAS President .... HELEN LOUISE CHASTAIN Vice-President . . KATHERINE RAFTOPOULOS Vice-President . . ANNA GENE YUNGFLEISCH Secretary . . . ANNA GENE YUNGFLEISCH Secretary .... KATHERINE RAEToPoULos This year We of the ll-A Class feel that under the guidance of Miss Drake We have made a great deal of progress. The programs have been very interesting, some of them consisting of songs, dances, piano solos and other musical numbers. Our chief aim has been to have more ll-A's at our class meetings. We hope to lay a good foundation for our two years as upper classmen. Page Fifty-Iwo Allen, Thomas Archer, Bobby Argovitz, lack Ashworth, Calvin Atwood, Iohn Baker, Tolly Baker, Orman Warker Melvin Barker, Bakula, Barbee, Iess Bames, Alvin Barshop, Fred Bates, Billy Bob Blalack, Levelyn Bowden, V. B. Breeding, Marvin Brigham, N. W. Bronaugh, Billy Bob Brooks, Eugene Brooks, Edward Browning, Wallace Bryant, Ross Burns, Kenneth Byers, Leon Cannaday, Wendell Carey, Karl Carter, Clifford Clark, Billy Clesi, Vick Ackerman, Gertrude Alexander, Lucille Aronoif, Shirley Arrant, Fae Bailey, Gloria Bailey, Vernell Bain, Dorothy Marie Ball, Nellie Ballard, Margaret Balser, Iudith Barge, Ieanne Barshop, Margueritte Baskett, Edna Mae Bassett, Mary Sue Bates, Edrea Baxter, Faye Beasley, Iris Belt, Georgia Bethel, Betty Blanchard, Betty Bock, Ethel Bolin, Florence Bradford, Florene Bragg, Ioyce Brooks, Geneva Brown, Annie Laurie Bromm, Ellen Broyles, Helen Burden, Doris Burleson, Dorothy Carbone, Serafina Cash, Ruth Casper, Lois Charba, Evelyn Chastain, Helen Louise Chatten, Lillian Cherry, Clara Belle II-H CLHSS Coleman, Iulius Collette, T. I. Corbet, P. H. Cox, Iohnnie Francis Cox, Iohnny Richard Crouch, Bob Crosson, Robert Culibrk, Trifko Davis, Charles Denison, Grover Dees, Charles Dial, Billy Dossett, Edwin Drake, Hayden Dorman, Charles Ehrenberger, Frank Elam, Cecil Ely, Ierome Emerson, Alex English, Iimmie Fisher, Durwood Flood, lack Ford, Charles Frauman, Israel Grasham, Bill Gray, Logan Gilkerson, George Gilmore, Lloyd Goston, Rudolph Gottlieb, Richard Hale, Eugene Halin, Iames Hamilton, Robert Harris, M. G. Hardy, Hamilton Harman, Howard l-Ielvey, Tilson Henderson, E. K. Hermanson, Iack Hildebrand, Byron Hodkinson, Iohn Holland, Clinton Hollywood, Ralph Horton, Bernard House, Iames Huber, George Hunter, Warren Ingle, Lester Iarvis, Vandon Iohnson, Douglas Iones, Edward Iones, Raymond Kasten, Wilbur Kelley, Paul Kieke, Erwin King, Kenneth Krecek, Lloyd Kuykendall, Kenneth BOYS Levy, Milton Lovelace, Dalton Lynch, Carvis Masbit, Henry Mercer, Charles lvlerendino, I. B. McCarley, Robert McCallum, Bill McQuagge, Maurice Miller, Carol Moody, Ioe Moore, Iames Moore, Thomas Morris, Leslie Mozingo, Charles Nance, Iames Nielsen, Everett Nurre, Ted Ornish, Edwin Parks, Alfred Parnell, Olen Paschall, Wylie Paxton, lack Pinson, Max Pope, Grady Priolo, Leo Ricker, Carl Roberts, Walter Rogers, Ioe II-H CLHSS GIRLS Day, Ioy Dickhout, Doris Mae Dougherty, Eva Drake, Billie Frances Duncan, Ruth Eastham, Mary Emery, Dorothy Ewalt, Pauline Fain, Elaine Farrington, Margaret Fortner, Margaret France, Voleta Freed, Pearl Gary, Betty Lou Giggleman, Dorothy Goodman, Mary Goodwin, Iuanita Goolsby, Ella Fay Grant, Helen Grant, Ruth Grantland, Irene Gross, Katie Pearl Gruner, Mary Iane Guckenheimer, Miriam Guthery, Nadine Hale, Imogene Haley, Eugenia Hall, Irene Hamblen, Verene Hambrick, Alice Hancock, Dorothy Hancock, Elaine Hancock, Maribelle Harbison, Hazel Hardin, Iune Harman, Shirley Harter, Katherine Clark, Doris Lou Hatter, Betty Claunch, Ioyce Hatton, Marguerette Crim, Lucille Henry, Edwettia Cumming, Shirley Henry, Thelma Davis, Betty Henry, Willie Pearl Herring, LaVerne Heyman, Eva Hicks, Dorothy Hiett, Katie Mae Hight, Margarett Hillis, Ida Pearl Horton, Edithe Hranicky, Geneva Huifines, Anita Humphreys, Faye lacks, Dorothy Lee Jenkins, Dorothy Iohnson, Margarete Iohnson, Nona Faye Iones, Wilma Kaplan, Sylvia Keller, Catherine Kieke, Annie Killingsworth, Lillian King, Gertrude Kinnard, Doris Kizer, Emily Knight, Maxine Kolenovsky, Margaret Lambert, Loyce Langston, Ava Lawson, Emma Mae Lay, Maxine Leach, Hannah Leath, Helen Lenhart, Wanda Lomas, Marie Margro, Blanche Maris, Prebble Martens, Betty Io Martin, Doris Ann Mauldin, Mary Frances Mauldin, Ruby Nell Maxwell, Elizabeth Meeks, Rachael Melton, Vonda Merk, Agnes Merritt, Billie Miller, Lucille Miller, Mary Louise Montague, Doris Morris, Beverly Mullings, Maxine Mumpower, Mary Murchison, Margaret Murphy, Alveta Murphy, Peggy McCarter, Fannie McCullough, Doris McLean, Dorothy Neuman, Grace Newell, Vivian Nichols, Dorothy Nunn, Ida Marie O'Shea, Kathleen Palmer, Marjorie Payne, Frances Ieane Payne, Nancy Payne, Wynez Paynter, Iuanita Pendleton, Mozelle Perry, Dorothy Pine, La Verne Portman, Edith Price, Betty Raftopoulos, Katherine Raiden, Bettye Rambo, Carleta Ray, Louise Rector, Pauline Redman, Norma lean Redus, Hazel Richardson, Louise Robinson, Maebeth Rodgers, Lorene Rogers, Billie Rose Roper, Ioyce Ann Rogers, Willard Rosenberg, Ray Rudd, Iames Ritter, Iames Russell, Troy L. Shessel, Herbert Small, Harry Smith, Teddy Stoller, lack Sultis, Pete Taylor, Arlie Thorn, Billy Vandagriff, Ray Vtfaggoner, Rhodney Walker, Dale Walthall, Iames Watkins, Lonnie Wasserman, Irving Webberman, Ben Weil, Cecil Whitlow, Claude Wilensky, Leon Wilonsky, Sol Wilson, lack Wisdom, Irvin Withrow, Leslie Woods, Martin Woody, Clinton Yarbrough, Iames Rosenbaum, Nellie Rosenstock,,Toba Lena Ruskin, Sophie Russell, Doris Rutherford, Helen Sakellariou, Faye Sample, Iuanita Schultz, Mavis Seguin, Frances Silvergold, Frances Slaughter, Gertrude Smith, Betty Lynne Sparks, Patricia Spreen, Amelia Stark, Elsie May Stevens, Margaret Stewart, Ruth Stone, Mary Frances Stovall, Vivian Sweeney, Naomi Tarno, Verna Tennant, Olga Terry, Billie Torian, Louise Turk, Pauline Turner, N ovella Verla, Rose Vieregge, Frances Welch, Louise Westmoreland, Violet Whitcomb, Ianet White, Kathryn White, Marjorie Whitmore, Bessie Wilhelm, Eva Mae Williams, Betty Williams, Iewelle Ruth W'ood, Ermal Mae VV'ood, Pauline Wright, Helen Yungfleisch, Anna Gene Page Fifty three 72" "' II-B CLHSS C. L. Foam Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ...... IARRELL RUBINETT President ..... CLAIRE RABINOWITZ Vice-President . . IOSEPHINE ISRAEL Vice-President . . . . . IoYcE SUWAL Secretary ....... PAY STRIBLING Secretary ....... EVA PERLSTEIN The Sophomore meetings are exceptionally interesting with the help oi the Vice-President, who is the program chairman. Our programs consist oi dances, vocal solos and piano solos. fThe order of business is carried on according to parliamentary law. Our spring entertainment will be a skating party held at the Fair Park Roller Derby. Page Fifty-four Alamo, lames Astrahan, Morton Autry, Arthur Baleja, Leonard Balthrop, Kenneth Braun, Phil Brice, Ray Britton, lohn Broyles, Billy Cline, Danny Cobb, Daniel Cohen, Leon Conner, Donald Cook, W. I. Cox, Anson Cox, Willie Cunningham, Fred L. Curry, Roy Darby, Eldren Davis, Robert Edwards, Galen Faircloth, Audrain Firor, George Ackerman, leanette Allman, Pauline Angrist, Gloria Arthur, Edith Barham, Elaine Barnett, Fern Barrow, Marguerite Barrow, Rusel Bateman, Connie Bennett, Mary Anne Berry, Betty lane Bickerstaff, Lillian Boland, Louise Bourquin, Lois Brown, Lillie Mae Browne, Thelma Burge, Catherine Campbell, Wynona Carr, Mary Alice Carter, leannie Carter, Martha Chaffin, Ina Lee Chastant, Patricia Cherry, luanita Clark, Pearl Classe, losephine Combs, Allie lean ILB CLHSS BOYS Freeman, lack Genthner, Ernest Gill, Elmer Goldgar, Wilfred Goodstein, Harry Goss, Leslie Hall, I. W. Q Hallmark, Levon Halper, Stanley Hardy, Emmett Harris, Clay Hart, lessie Hart, loe Harvey, Marvin Havins, Felton Henderson, Hugh Henry, A. C. Henry, Leonard Hodges, Charles Hoffman, Harry Hoffman, lerry Hulme, Kenneth lames, Bob lohnson, Melvin Kelley, lack Kidweed, Cecil Kovsky, Hyman Landsberg, lsadore Lee, Edward Lewis, Richard Levin, Norman Looney, Charles Lucky, Harwell Maddox, George Marco, Gus Massey, William McCary, Elmo McCoy, Earl McFarland, Robert Milwee, Robert Montgomery, Charles Murrey, Harold Murrey, Loyd Norris, Roy Oakley, Glenn Palmer, lame-s Paroski, Tom Peacock, William Phillips, Walter Pine, lames Poole, Ben Potts, l. H. Razovsky, lack Reed, Odie Rener, Bonnie Riley, Sherman Robert, Lloyd Robison, Iohnny Roper, Randolph Ross, William Rosenzweig, David Rubenstein, Marvin Rubinett, Iarrell Samford, Randolph Sanders, Earl Saunders, Lloyd Shub, lack Shuptrine, Iimmie ILB CLHSS GIRLS Cook, Emily Cook, luanita Cox, Dorothy Crane, Iuanita Crow, Dorotha Crowson, Bobbie Rae d'Ablemont, Ernestine Dake, Iorene Day, Ruby Fay Dodson, Anita Douglass, Evelyn Drake, Ida Mae Eaves, Katheryn Farley, Dorothy Lee Fisher, Velita Mae Fleming, Hazel Foster, Viola Elizabeth Freeman, Helen Ruth Geeo, Ruby Gentsch, Sue Gerloff, Mary Frances Gilford, Evelyn Goldin, Marcia Gracy, Dorothy Graham, Iettie Lee Green, Florine Grisom, Lois Griffin, Wanda Mae Gutman, Miriam Hale, Victoria Harrott, Edith Harshaw, Doris Hembree, Theda Hernandez, Mary Hendrix, Mary Frances Hobbs, Imogene Holifield, Virginia Hunter, Cora Lee Hunter, Katherine lngle, loy Fay Inman, Mildred Israel, losephine lackson, Martha lohnson, Marvin Marie lones, Charlyne lordan, Constance Keneagh, Dolores King, Ethel Mae King, Marjorie Kovnat, Dolores Lovell, Ruth Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Lewis, Opal Loos, Dorothy Lowe, Alberta Macalus, Virginia Maraskie, losephine May, Mary Frances Merideth, Dorothy Miller, Iuanita Miller, Olga Gene Mirsky, Gene McClaren, Dale McCoy, luanita McGeef, Doris McGregor, Doris McKnight, Melba McRae, Trellis lo McWilliams, loyce Stampes, Bennett Stallcup, Bob Stratton, Gerald Stutts, lames Tillery, Eric Tiner, Bill Townsen, lack Tucker, Walton Tullos, Howard Tullos, Wilburn Tuttle, Alex Van Huss, Robert Veal, Billy Walker, Harold Weber, Charles W'ilson, Raymond Winters, D. Andrew W'oods, Ray Worley, Willard 'vVright, Orville Yandell, Raymond Zatlo, Alex Richmond, Oleta Roberts, Mildred Rogers, Elouise Sawyer, Elizabeth Suwal, Ioyce Sheppard, Dorothy Shields, Maxine loyce Simmons, Mark Lafay Slay, Marjorie Smith, lona Sordelet, Dortha Stampes, Ella Stem, LaVerne Napper, Geneva Louise Stinson, Esther Nelson, Ruby Faye Newman, Ava Lee Ogletree, Iudy Ann Olsowski, Carlyn Pace, Maggie Lee Perkins, Margie Perlstein, Eva Poole, Phyllis Pritchett, Avanell Rabinowitz, Claire Randles, lo l Raskin, Rosa Lee ' Reeves, Doris , Richmond, Nellie Stovall, Wanda Strrbling, Faye Thompson, Nelva lean Turk, Marian Ueckert, Dolores Walker, Imogene Warner, Therle West, Letha Mae Withrow, Orlean Woods, Virginia Wolven, Vertie Elizabeth Workman, Emelie Zanella, Hazel lean Page Fifty-five I-ra CLHSS 'x Miss RUTH CHRISTOPHER Sponsor Miss MARGARET BREWER Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President . . . . . . IACK HARWOOD President ....... HAZEL BAYNES Vice-President . . . CORNELIA HAMBRIC Vice-President . . . ELLEN RUTH GENTRY Secretary ....... LORENE FISHER Secretary . . . . DOROTHY SEILHEIMER The l-A Class meets every Other Wednesday. l-A and l-B officers preside at alternate meetings. ' We have had a Meet Forest Program, Texas Wefek Program, and a Traffic School. Some of our guest speakers have been Mrs. Carter, president of the P. T. A., Mr. Calligan, a member of the police department, and Mr. Parker. Members of the Chorus have helped us with our singing. Page Fifty-six Alexander, Frank Allison, Hollis Altenau, George Anderson, Iohn Andrews, Martin Aronoff, Melvin Anstell, Billy Arrington, Bruce Arrington, Curtis Arthur, Harold Beach, Raymond Beck, Charles Blummer, Raymond Borofsky, Harold Broodo, Archie Brooks, George Brown, Alfred Burton, Gary Caddel, Harold Cantrell, Dillard Cantrell, Loyd Clark, Ollie Collett, Garland Conner, Oscar Cortimilia, Donald Cox, Elmer Crow, Iames Dane, Kenneth Dane, Philip Abramson, Zelma Alexander, Maxine Allmon, Ernestine Angrist, Shirley Arrington, Magdalene Barnes, Lorene Barnes, Minnie Basinger, Willette Baynes, Hazel Bennett, Maxine Blakeway, Lolita Blanton, Amy Pearl Bolin, Imelda Bowers, Robbie Branch, Mary Helen Brecheen, Virginia Brewer, Fem Brewer, Virginia Lea Brown, Benita Buchanon, Florene Buford, Betty lean Burke, Elizabeth Burkhead, Vera Burn, Marcelle Butler, Margie Cantrell, Betty Carson, Betty Carter, Beatrice Carter, Eva Ruth Childress, Betty Clinkscales, Elaine Cochran, Maxie Cole, Pauline Coleman, Grace Collins, Geraldine Cosby, Betty Io Dagnal, Norma Daily, Edwina Dawson, Marie Dean, Melba Io Dees, lane Degen, Claire L,,. LH CLHSS BOYS Davis, Wood DeLee, Billy Donaberger, Frank Doniger, Irving Dowd, Barney Leo Dunn, Leon Eades, Terry Earl, L. O. Edwards, Iimmie Ellis, Curtis Embry, William Feldman, Samuel Ferguson, George Wesley Fitch, Wallace France, Iames Frazier, Holly Gene Gallop, Billie George, Glenn Glanville, Richard Glasser, Sidney Gonzales, Thomas Goodman, Bennett Gragsone, A. I. Green, Melvin Griffin, Ted Griffith, Benford Grizzle, Norman Grizzle, Oscar 1-H CL Di Maio, Marjorie Doty, Mildred Douthit, Anna lo Draughon, Bertha Dupree, Gloria Eaton, Edith Ehrhardt, Iolene Elam, Ina Faye Elam, Ioveda F aircloth, Ruth Fallin, Frankie Fisher, Leona Fisher, Lorene Flatt, Ima lean Floyd, LaVerne Gaskin, Dorothy Gentry, Ellen Ruth George, Helen Gillett, Frances Gilliam, Virginia Ginn, Doris Goin, Margaret Golden, Elsie Goodman, Peggy Gouger, Dora Gourley, Erma Grace, Doris Gray, Virginia Griden, Marjorie Griffith, Nellie Grigg, Dorothy Griner, Frances Harper, Aggie Lee Hale, Augusta Haley, Sara Hambric, Cornelia Haralson, Cora Lee Haynes, Anna Mary Hayth, Virginia Hedgpeth, Tommie Ruth Henry, Frances Holder, Clydene Guthrie, Ioe Guthrie, Robert Harris, Iohn Harris, Thomas Hartson, Lonnie Harwood, lack Henenberg, Sam Holcombe, Henry Holder, Clarence Hollaway, Willie Hollus, Iohn Holt, Walter l-lubig, Iohnny Hubert Huffman, Luther Iohnson, lulius Iohnson, Willie Karr, Walter Kelly, Billy Kincaid, lack King, Bobby King, Robert Knight, Gregory Krusz, William Lacy, Bill Lee, lack Lemaster, Clinton Littlepage, George Lfollar, H. D. Lucky, G. C. Mannering, Charles Edward Marshall, Iames McAnally, Charlie McComas, Robert McDaniel, Alvin Lee McFadin, Ralph McKinney, Ioe Mims, Ben Moore, Forrest Moore, Roger Moore, Roland Murphy, lim Bob Murray, Robert Orman, Paul Parker, Wylie Parsons, Rupert Partin, Groover Perry, Aubrey Phillips, G. L. Proctor, Elwood Ransom, Ierald Reckley, Calvin Reed, Porter Richardson, Claude Rosenfeld, Marshall Rosin, Richard Schreiber, Charles Schumann, Alvin HSS GIRLS Horn, Katherene Houck, Shirley Houston, Dorotha Houston, Opal Lee Hubig, Otillia Huffman, Lois Hunter, Georgia Mae Hurst, Nellia Marie Ingram, Betty Ruth lvers, Virginia lvie, Lillie Mae laco, Correne Iames, Doris lessie, Fern Iones, Mollie Eva lanes, Elva Iohnson, Moya Kahn, Ray Bell Kebrle, Frances Keen, Dorothy Dell Kelley, Michie Kennington, Almeta King, Elizabeth Kimbrell, Iacqueline Lamb, Naoma Langston, Billie lean Larr, Virginia Ledford, Marjorie Levin, Adrienne Lewis, Betty Lou Ligon, Gladys Lutz, Doris Macaluso, Beatrice Madans, Eleanor Malloy, Kathleen Mahaney, Margaret Manning, Mary Melton, Marie Miskell, Imogene Mitchell, Billie Moore, Billie Moseley, Clara Belle Morris, Doris Iune Morrison, Thelma Mullins, Bonnie Murray, Margaret McAlister, Dolores McFarland, Lucille McGaughey, Doris Nichols, Verna Niss, Estelle Norvelle, Doris Okon, Ruth Parrish, Emma Page, Velma Mae Price, Helen Phipps, Helen Reynolds, Nelda Ray, Margie Ratclipp, Nona Rallo, Imogene Richardson, Doris Roark, Carlyne Robbins, Doris lean Roberts, Chlotinle Rudnitsky, Bluma Russak, Carolyn . Saltzman, Esther Scoggins, Mary Helen Seilheimer, Dorothy Sellers, Ruth Sharber, Dorothy Sides, Wanda Skelton, Frances Smith, Charlene Smith, Eunita Smith, Frances Spicer, Martha lean Stepter, Mildred Stevenson, Florence Stevenson, Henryette Stockard, Betty Ioyce Sheaner, Herbert Shindoll, Walter Shuptrine, Iames Siegel, Ioe Simon, Harold F. Smith, Lowell Sorensen, Walter Stanfield, Russell Stanisct, Angelo Starkey, Ezell Stinson, Oscar Stout, Thomas Swindoll, Alvin Tuttle, Iames Thomas, Tom Thrasher, Henry Van, Robert Walker, Earl Wall, Mitchell Welling, Roy Whitaker, Hardin White, Charlie Paul Whitfield, Ioe Wilensky, Ramon Williams, B. E. Williford, Melvin Willis, Iohn Wilson, lack Wittkower, Iames Stokes, Betty Stribling, Iva Mae Taylor, Kathleen Thomas, Bertha Fay Thomason, Sarah Threadgill, Ola Mae Toney, Amy Gene Trammell, Amy Lee Tucker, Mary Elizabeth Turner, Betty Turner, Bobbie Ruth Turner, Dorothy Utay, Louise Vencill, Evelyn Vestal, Mildred Vines, Betty Lou Waddell, Wanda Lee Walls, Elaine Walker, Dolly Walker, Earline Walker, Ruth Walters, Irene Ward, Ada Washburn, Helen Westbrook, Molly Whitaker, Charlene Whitcomb, Clare White, Wanda Whitehead, LaVerne Whitson, Melba Wilhelm, Ima Ie-an Wilhite, N ovia Lee Wilson, Rhoberta Williams, Bette Williams, Edith Williams, Retha Mae Wiseman, Marianne Wood, Dorothy Wooglul, Dorothy Yonack, Sylvia Zimmerman, Annie Page Fifty-:even I- B C L H S S MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER Sponsor Mrss MARGARET BREWER Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S SPRING President . . . .... . . LAWRENCE HOOVER Vice-President . . . IEANETTE BARTos Secretary ......................... ALVIN HAMUSEK The l-B and l-A officers preside at alternating meetings. Various organizations such as Chorus, R.O.T.C., the Standard Debating Society, and Girls Public Speaking Club have instructed students about their , purpose and have asked many ot the freshmen to join their organizations. Thus it is through class meetings that freshmen are introduced to the many activities at Forest, and are aided considerably in making a selection ot the activities each student Wishes to take part in. Pugv Fifiy-eiglvl Annis, Martin Baumgartner, Edward Bayans, Billy Ioe Belt, Byron Benat, Robert Nolan Bond, Iohn Bourquin, Frank Bradley, lames Brooks, Cecil Buford, Albert Burns, Russell Bynum, Bob Caldwell, Billy Camacho, Gabriel Canaday, Charles Chisolrn, Robert Clark, Tommy Clayton, Donald Coppedge, Marvin Cornell, Wilburn Cox, Bob Cozby, Bill Crockett, David Cunningham, Harvey Dansby, Kenneth Davis, Leslie Davis, M. G, Davies, Tommy Denny, Iack Douglas, Albert Drake, Iesse Duckworth, Robert Duckworth, R. L. Allen, Alonzolee Bacon, Ernestine Ball, Loneita Barbee, Edith Bartos, Ieanette Bodine, Marjorie Eloise Bradley, Imogene Bristow, Alma Bryant, Stella Fay Calvert, Mary Elizabeth Cardella, Lena Cashion, Virginia Chastain, Irene Christensen, Evelyn Condray, Clara Cleghorn, Lena Campagna, Frances Crabtree, Mildred Cranford, Iessie Lee Crowder, Ina Ve Davis, Emmalee DeBorde, Gladys DeLaughter, Velaska Mae Dempsey, Elnora Dillard, Opal Dulworth, Dimple Estes, Katheryn Eubanks, Mereda Eubcmks, Willeta Evans, Iuanita Fiqanbaum, Irma Fisher, Lila Fletcher, Mary Ruth Franklin, Rose Mary Freedman, Sally Gentle, Bobby Iean LB CLHSS Duncan, Iimmie Fain, Burt Ferguson, I. T. Fleming, George Fleming, Lamar Fleming, William Fletcher, William Forston, Iames Franklin, Iack Fryar, Iimmie Galaske, Thomas Giller, David Glanton, Iames Goff, Paul Grandee, Iohn Green, Iack Griffin, Gene Guthrie, Robert Hall, Oliver Hamusek, Alvin Hansen, Kenneth Hart, Billy Ioe Hendrick, Homer Henson, Billy Hiett, Henry Hirsch, Lawrence Hollon, Hubbard Holt, William Hoover, Lawrence Iackson, Billy Iacob, Coy Wayne Ieffers, Radford Ienkins, Buford Iohnson, Elmer BOYS Iones, Leroy Iones, Eugene Kelton, Don Kile, Emmit Lewallen, Amos Lindsey, Burl Lyon, C. W. Mackey, I. C. Maslow, Bernard McCoy, Earl McCoy, George McClure, lack McCracken, R. L. McGriff, Charles McNally, Bobby Miller, Arthur Miller, Billy Moore, Bobby Moore, Charles Moore, George Morgan, Howard Munden, Charles Murray, Earl Mussler, Allan Newell, Troas Oden, Winford Palmer, Floyd Parrett, Ernest Pate, Dawson Patton, Herman Peacockf Stanley Plotkin, David Prather, G. W. Price, Robert LB CLHSS GIRLS Gilbreath, Bernice Gilbreath, Virginia Goffman, Dorothy Gonzales, Lillie Grant, Frances Gray, Audrey Graves, Doris Grubbs, Betty Iean Hamilton, Margie Hedgpeth, Dorothy Hellums, .Aloah Lee Hillman, Alta Mae Hodges, Montie Iean Holman, Dorothy Hoskins, Anna Beth House, Mary Howard, Lena Mae Hughes, Ieraldine Ingram, Edna Mae Iohnson, Frankie Iohnson, Mary Ann Iones, Helen Kellum, Bonnie Faye Kellum, Virginia Kellum, Wilma Kleinrnan, Theresa Knight, Elsie Knight, Wanda Koller, Marie Lawrence, Dorothy Lee Leeds, Helen Lees, Maudie Ruth Levy, Ruth Lievsay, Lola Lowry, Elaine Lovell, Sammie E Lyles, Annette Lynch, Martha Machac, Adell Mancil, Iuanita Manley, Dorothy Masterson, Catherine McAleer, Doris McCallum, Bettye Iane McCreary, Margaret Louise McKinney, Betty Iane McWilliams, Geraldine Menasco, Florence Omega Miller, Ieanette Miller, Maurine Miller, Peggy Millwee, Hazel Ruth Millwee, Mina Lee Mitchell, Betty Mitchell, Doris Moore, Gerry Moore, Mary Dell Moraskie, Clara Morris, Virginia Moulton, Lavoyce Norris, Dorothy Iean Owens, Billie Parks, Kathryn Parsons, Ruby Mae Partain, Iuanita Pate, Evelyn Pirozzo, Elizabeth Poole, Shirley Porter, Patricia Purkey, Loraine Reaves, Frances Riley, Olive Puckett, Derwin Puckett, Hilton Pyron, Paul Riesman, Harry Rubenstein, Leon Schaerdel, Iohn Henry Schlinger, Fred Seely, C, B. Sill, George Stiff, Ralph Smegner, A. I. Smith, Clarence Smith, Iimmie Smith, Richard Stathakos, Alexandra Stephenson, Doyle Stewart, Robert Stinson, Oscar Summerfield, Hayden Sumner, Ben M. Sulton, Duane Surber, Iohn Theisen, Richard Therrel, Warren Tinker, George Tolerton, Leon Turk, Reavis Tunnell, Floice Waller, Ioseph Warlick, Leon Williams, lack Wyche, Hubert Voight, Herbert Rose, Lorene Rose, Louise Sakis, Vera Sanders, Lois Satterwhite, Yvita Scoma, Beatrice Scrivner, Lorain Shalette, Evelyn Shuptrine, Lucille Smith, Dorothy Lee Spillrnan, Ieanette Stanberry, Louise Stevenson, Dorothy Stewart, Cora Lee Stringer, Doris Sullins, Mareta Thompson, Helen Thompson, Lydia Thompson, Viva Tiner, Kathleen Torres, Florence Tucker, Christine Turner, Mary Vogel, Berrna Dean Walden, Edna Mae Walling, Florence Weatherly, Rena Welsh, Louise Weltman, Harriet Westbrook, Frankie Wilbom, Billie Williamson, Fannie Williams, Ioy Lee Wingert, Oleta Wright, Alice Wyatt, Dorothy Mae Page Fiflg -nine ACTYW I HSS 4 h.. 1 National Honor MEMBERS K W. Allen Society Miss RACHEL Foors Sponsor OFFICERS President . . . ........ . EDWARD SUMMERFIELD Vice-President . . . . . ALToN RALSTON Secretary-Treasurer . . . MARJORIE FREELAND No honor conferred by the school excels that conferred by the National Honor Society. The faculty honors students for the attainments they have made during their high school career by electing them into this society. Election into this society gives recognition to those who have attained high honors in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Only stu- dents who rank in the upper fourth of their class in scholarship are eligible to be considered as candidates. An assembly is held each term initiating the candidates. The emblem of the society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone sym- bolizes the high ideals of the society, while the flaming torch is the emblem of purpose. The members of the National Honor Society endeavor to lead so that others may follow in the light, and to keep burning in Forest Avenue High School a high ambition for the enduring Values of life. ' William Beville Celia Ann Brilling Ramona Britton Frances Burton Bernice Cohn Billy Counts Bertha Duckworth Francine Ellis Page Sixiy-i100 Betty Erwin Marjorie Freeland Tom Gillespie Margaret Harlan Martha Harrison Sara lim I-lilley Agnes Merle leifers Dorothy Iohnson Bose Kaufman Beverly Karchmer Louis Leon Robert Lomas Bose Marcus Mavis Mize Mike Montgomery Mary Moseley Billy Murk Billey Fred Newma H lack Phillips Alton Ralston Fannie Bosenbloom Charmayne Smith Iimmy Stone Edward Summerfield Sarah Tankus Minnie Lu Thorn Corbie Truman Helta Historical Society MISS MINNIE BROWN Sponsor OFFICERS FALL President .... EDWARD SUMMERFIELD Vice-President .... MINNIE LU THORN Second Vice-President ....... MARGIE MCWILLIAMS Secretary . . . . . SELMA REISBRRG Treasurer .... . ROBERTA MALONE Sergeant-at-Arms .... , BILLY MURK Parliamentarian ..... FRANCINE ELLIS Student Council Representative . MAVIS MIZE SPRING President ...... MINNIE LU THORN Vice-President ....., BETTY ERWIN Second Vice-President .... MAVIS MIZE Secretary ....... FRANCINE ELLIS Treasurer ..... . . RosR MARCUS Sergeant-at-Arms .... WILLIAM DAVIS Parliarnentarian .... ROBERT MINCHEW Student Council Representative . MAVIS MIZE The Aelta Historical Society was founded in l93l by a group of students interested in history, with Miss Minnie Brown as sponsor. The aims of the club are the promotion of the study of history, and the advancement of the ideals of citizenship. ln the early fall a study of national affairs was made. ln our annual Armistice assembly Dr. lohn Owen Beaty, professor of English at Southern Methodist University, gave an address on "Ways of Peace." On November 12, the club celebrated its seventh birthday. Betty Erwin gave an original poem in commemoration. Edward Summerfield was voted the most efficient member for the fall term and was presented with a loving cup. Our assembly of the spring term was in commemoration of the one hundred and fifti- eth anniversary of the inauguration of Washi1'1QTO1'1GS President. , Mary Io Andrews lrvin Aschner Charles Blaha Kathleen Brian lack Bronough Ramona Britton William Davis Ann DeGelia Marie Dobbs Francine Ellis Betty Erwin Tom Gillespie Paul Glanville MEMBERS George Haley Evelyn Hawkins Ellie Hamusck Thomas Hendrix Evelyn Hiegel Vivian Henderson Elizabeth Lee Roberta Malone Rose Marcus Fred McQueen losephine Messina Robert Minchew Mavis Mize Anita Moore Billy Murk Nadine Newton Selma Reisberg Inez Rosengarten luanita Roberts lames Roberts lsabelle Rogers Esther Romotsky Mabel Segell Viola Sloan Doyle Shields lack Smith Areta Stinson Mary Nell Stevenson Katheryn Stevenson Edward Summerfield Minnie Lu Thorn Dorothy Therrell Olga Valcik Evelyn Voight Geraldine Wingo ' Iennie Workman Billie Ioyce Williams Charles Yates Page Sixty-three I t I I I I I I l 1 has so much knowledge of the French people's ideas and customs. Le Cercle Frcxnccus M1Ss OCTAVIA EDWARDS Sponsor OFFICERS FALL SPRING President . . . . IVIOLLIE GRACE HEINE President ....... SELMA CORCHINE ViCe'PreSldem - ' ' DOROTHY IOHNSON Vice-President . . BEVERLY KARCHMER Secretary . . . . SELMA CoRcH1NE Secretary . . . . . FRANCES BURTON Treasurer .... . . FRANCES BURTON Sergeant-at-Arms. ' ' ' RUTH ARONSON Treasurer .... FRANCES SHACKELFORD Parliamentarian ..... BEATRICE Fox S9fq9Unl'CIl'-Arms ----- BETTY GREEN Council Representative . BEVERLY KARCHMER Parliamentarian ..... BEATRICE Fox The purpose ot Le Cercle Francais is to make the members better acquainted with the lives and customs of the French people. Its aim is to make French more interesting to the students belonging to the club. Each year, at Christmas time, We have our annual "Noel Party." At this party We discuss the typical French Christmas. Miss Edwards, who is our sponsor this year, has been very interesting because she Zelma Abramson Shirley Angrist Ethel Bock Helen Buth Brown Betty Lou Bunting Frances Burton Adelaide Cohn Marcia Cooper Selma Corchine Page Szxfy-four MEMBERS Beatrice Fox Betty Green Fred Hallack Dorothy lohnson Margarite lohnson Beverly Karchmer Frances Kovnat losephine Israel Mary Manning Eleanor Madans Selma Michaelson Estelle Niss Grace Neuman lean Polakoff Sophie Buskin Frances Shackelford Anne Weinstein Every year at the Christmas season it is the custom of the club to join with the Music Hlliecl Hrts Club Mrss MEL MITCHELL Sponsor OFFICERS SPRING FALL President ........ BETTY ERWIN President ......... IUNE TINER Vice-President . . . RUTH STUTTS Vice-President .... CRAWFORD BALLARD Secretary . . . . ROBERT MINCHEW Secretary . . . . . ERNIEVE KoUsAL Treasurer .... . . SoPHIE RUSKIN Treasurer .... . MARY C'AssATA Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . CARL RICKER Sergeant-at-Arms ..... IAMES STUTTS Parliamentarian . . . MARGARET EPSTEIN Parliamentarian . . . MARGARET EPSTEIN Council Representative . . GEORGIA BELT Council Representative . . GEORGIA BELT The new Allied Arts Club was organized under Miss Mel Mitchell's sponsorship in the early fall of l938. Formed to promote an interest in fine arts, the club has brought notable speakers to impress upon the members the fact that art today remains vitally alive. Regular excursions are made to the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts to view the many fine paintings displayed there at intervals. Department to present the Christmas assembly. While the study of the club is directed primarily to work ot the modern painters, we study the old masters to enable us to judge more accurately the output of the contem- poraries. The club's membership is not limited to students of art, but to all who are interested in furthering art appreciation. Members are encouraged to practice artistic self-expression in order to develop their individualities. Stella Fae Arrant Crawford Ballard Georgia Belt Mary Cassata Edwina Dailey Betty Erwin Margaret Epstein Voleta France MEMBERS Norma Goldstrich Ernieve Kousal Robert Minchew Kathryn Ransom Carl Ricker Sophie' Ruskin Dorothy Seilheimer Vivian Stovall Tames Stutts Ruth Stutts lune Tiner lulius Vita larnes Walthall Charles Weber Geraldine WinQO Page Sixty fi e Huditores Caesaris Miss LOURANIA MILLER Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES MISS LAVINIA RAWLINS CaSponsors W45jJZQmf OFFICERS FALL SPRING President . . . . RAMONA BRITTON President ........ JESSE MURPHY Vice-President . . . HERMAN KLAR Vice-President . . . BILLEY FRED NEWMAN Secretary . . . . MAVIS MIZE Secretary . . . . BARBARA CLARK Treasurer . . . MARGARET HARLAN Treasurer ...... LAWRENCE SIMON Sergeant-at-Arms .... LAWRENCE SIMON Sergeant-at-Arms ..... IACK PHILLIPS Student Council Representative . . . Student Council Representative . . . IESSE MURPHY IESSE MURPHY The purpose of the Auditores Caesaris Club is to help the students taking Latin to under- stand more about this language. We gain more knowledge of the Roman plays, art, religion, and games. lt gives us a broader idea of the value of Latin. The weekly programs consist of different plays and talks on phases of Roman life. Games are played, and sometimes we have a guest speaker. MEMBERS Mary Io Andrews lune Hardin Shirley Aronoff Florence Bolin Ramona Britton Geneva Brooks Margie Butler Clara Condray Barbara Clark Margaret Harlan Marguerite Hatton Margaret Howie Loyce Lambert Margaret Lively Marie Lomas Theresa Kleinman Alberta Danielsen Dorothy McLean Marie Dobbs Blanche Margro Margaret Dougherty Mavis Mize Francine Ellis Clara Belle Moseley Frankie F allin Alveta Murphy Mary Frances Gerloff Billey Fred Newman Maribeth Grantham Velma Mae Page Catherine Grisatfi Maudie Parker Nadine Guthery lean Polakoff Page Sixly-six Edith Portman loyce Potts Hazel Redus Mildred Roberts Muriel Silberman Iona Smith Patricia Sparks Viola Sylvester Sarah Tankus Kathleen Tiner Dorothy Tolley Marion Turk Clare Whitcomb lanet Whitcomb Anna Gene Yungfleisch Bobby Archer Phil Braun Robert K. Davis Ioseph Funk Sidney Glasser Stanley Halper Herman Klar Robert Lomas Iesse Murphy Edwin Ornish lack Paxton lack Phillips Fred Schlinger Harold Simon Lawrence Simon Robert Simon A. B. Stringfellow Hayden Summerfield lames Whitkower High Scholarship Club Mrss RACHEL FOOTE Sponsor OFFICERS FALL SPRING President. . . .... ROBERT LOMAS President ........ MAv1s MIZE Vice-President . . . EVELYN HIEGEL Vice-President .... MARIORIE FREELAND Secretary . . . . MARY MOSELEY Secretary . . . . . . GRLEEN RAY Treasurer .... . . IosEPH FUNK Treasurer ...... TREVOR REBS-IONES Parliamentarian ...... BETTY ERw1N Parliamentarian ....... OLA RAY Sergeant-at-Arms .... BERNARD FLANZ Sergeant-at-Arms ...... ROY PATE Student Council Representative . . . Student Council Representative . . . CAORBIE TRUMAN CCRBIE TRUMAN All members ot the High Scholarship Club must have had an average of ninety and no grade lower than eighty for the entire preceeding nine months. The aim of the High Scholarship Club is not only to stress scholarship, but also to emphasize the importance ot good citizenship. When there is need of service to the school, the members are always glad to offer their services as individuals or as a club. MEMBERS Ruth Abramson Gertrude Ackerman Margie Addington Lucille Alexander Mary lo Andrews Maxine Apoy Eugenia Baise Florence Bolin Ramona Britton Lois Burkley Frances Burton Maurine Busby Margaret Carson Pauline Carson Lena Cassata Mary Cassata lulius Coleman Alberta Danielsen Francine Ellis Florence Ely Goldie Engelberg Betty Erwin Bernard Flanz Ioseph Funk Marilyn Freeland Marjorie Freeland Betty Garonzik Betty Green Catherine Grissatti lune Hardin Margaret Harlan Louise Hemphill Evelyn l-liegel Henrietta Hymes Dorothy lohnson U. V. lohnston Sylvia Kaplan Beverly Karchmer Margaret Karlen lariice Kaufman Rose Kaufman Naomi Kellner Frances Kovnat Evelyn Kynard Robert Lomas Fayrene McPhail Rose Marcus Dorothy Mark William Mercer Selma Michaelson Mavis Mize Gwendolyn Moore Mary Moseley Adlene Nathanson Billey Fred Newma Dorothy Nicodemus Edwin Ornish Roy Pate Dorothy Perry Ola Ray A Crlene Ray T1 Selma Reisberg Trevor Rees-lones Norma Ross Frances Shackeltord Emmy Lou Shor Marilyn Seigel Muriel Silberman Mary Lynne Smith lack Stoller Vivian Stovall Viola Sylvester Sarah Tankus Minnie Lu Thorn Dorothy Tolley Elaine Trattner Corbie Truman luanita Ussery Ruth Walker Ann Weinstein Bertha Yonack Page Sixty-sewn 6 1 1 l L T HI-Y Clubs T W. H. BUTLER Sponsor T l Senior Hi-Y E' OFFICERS FALL SPRING President ...... DALLAS PATRICK President ........ K. W. ALLEN Vice-President ..... I . , K. W. ALLEN Vice-President ....... I. C. KELLUM Secretary-Treasurer . . . . I. C. KELLUM Secretary-Treasurer .... BILLY LEGGETT Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . TACK PHILLIPS Sergeant-at-Arms . . . . KNOX ROBBINS Parliamentarian . . . BILLY COUNTS Parliamentarian . . RICHARD BARHAM M E M B E R S Alfred Arrant Herschel Burns William Lee Knox Robbins K. W. Allen Thomas Carter Billy Leggett Bob Scott Richard Barshop Fred Cunningham Allen McNeal Barney Lee Studdard Irvine Becker Henry Fischl Hubert McQueen Delbert Wheeler lack Box Daniel Green Bennie Miltner Connette Willis Lloyd Burkley Kenneth Grier Dearyl Pennington lrvin Wisdom Earl Burns I. C. Kellum A lack Phillips Page Sixty The Hi-Y Clubs are sponsored by the Young Men's Christian Association and affiliated with the state and national Hi-Y Clubs. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high ideals of Christian character. Clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship is the club's slogan. ln the past year the Hi-Y Club of Forest Was Well represented in the preparation of Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets, the donation of old clothes to the News Boys Club, and in attendance at the Older Boys Conference. Iunior I-li-Y , O F F l C E R S FALL SPRING President ...... BOBBIE WOODSIDE President ...... CHARLES WEBER VicePresident . . THOMAS GONZOLES Vice-President . . . IAMEs STUTTS Secretary . . . . IIMMIE THURMAN Secretary . . . . DANIEL COBB MEMBERS - Billy Bob Bates Hayden Drake Thomas Harris George Maddox Iames Stutts Charles Weber Raymond Beach R. L. Duckworth Marvin Harvey lames Marshall limmie Thurman lack Wilson Daniel Cobb Thomas Gonzales Bobby King Randolph Roper Alex Tuttle Raymond Wilson -eight Girl Reserves Mrss BERTHA IACKSON t Sponsor O F F I C E R S gb FALL SPRING President ...... MARJORIE FREELAND President ...... LOUISE HEMPH1 L ill Vice-President . . . . TMOGENE KYNARD Vice-President ..,. GWENDOLYN MOORE Secretary . . . . IANICE KAUFMAN Secretary . . . . . EUGENIA BAISE Treasurer . . . . GWENDOLYN MOORE Treasurer . . .- . . SARALIE ARMSTRONG Parliamentarian . . FRANCES SHAOKLEEORD Parliamentarian .... FRANCES KOVNAT Student Council Representative .... Student Council Representative .... lMOGENE KYNARD lMoGENE KYNARD Inter-Club Council Representatives . . . lnter-Club Council Representatives . . . LOUISE HEMPHILL DOROTHY MARK EUGENIA BArsE DOROTHY IOHNSON The Girl Reserves, junior members of the Young Women's Christian Association, are recognized by the blue triangle which symbolizes Health, Knowledge, and Spirit. The club strives toward physical fitness, gracious living, and moral and mental soundness. The girls have as usual served as guards in the girls restroom and given Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. Among their socials are the two Freshmen parties and the tall picnic. They have participated in the monthly inter-city' Girl Reserve luncheons at the Y. W. C. A. They have also assisted in giving three backward dances at the Y. W. C. A. The Girl Reserves contributed the book "SURE ENOUGH. How COMET' to the Texas Me- morial Library. M L M E M B E R S Saralie Armstrong Daphne Curtis Dorothy Iohnson Nadine Newton Eugenia Baise Helen Danner lanice Kaufman X lsabelle Rogers Elaine Barham Dorothy Everett lanette King Esther Romotsky Fern Barnett Marilyn Freeland Frances Kovnat Frances Shackletord 'Wanda Brock Marjorie Freeland Evelyn Kynard Iune Tiner Nina Lee Brown Florence Goodman Imogene Kynard Mary Louise Thurman Louise Hemphill Helen LeBlanc Ruth Tydeman Frances Burton Leia Rae Canada Margaret Carson lxfladeline Clevenger Lois Hawkins Vivian Henderson Gretchen Holtman Agnes Merle letters Bernice Loper Dorothy Mark Kathryn Io Mims Gwyndolen Moore Mary lane Wright Gwendolyn Voirin Bertha Yonack ' Page Sixty-nine 4 Girls Public Speaking Club MRS. TURA W. DIAL Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President .....-. ANNE WEINSTEIN President ....... SELMA REISBERG Vice-President ..... MARILYN SIEGEL Vice-President . . . FLORENCE ELY Secretary . . . . FANNIE ROSENBLOOM SGCTSKITY - - - - ' LANICE KAUFMAN Treasurer ..... MARILINE LANDSBERG Treasurer """ HENRIETTA HYMES Sergeant-qt-Arms . . 1 ' LOUISE HEMPHILL Sergeant-at-Arms . . . SELMA CoRcH1NE Parliamentarian .... ANNE WEINSTEIN Parliamentarian ..... BEATRICE Fox Reporter ..,.." MARILYN SIEGEL Student Council Representative .... Student Council Representative . . . FLORENCE ELY FLORENCE ELY Page Seven The Girls Public Speaking Club, the purpose of which is to help its members to be better speakers and to know parliamentary practice, meets every Wednesday in Room lOl at 3 20 The program includes many phases of public speaking, including debating and extemporane- ous speaking. Each semester the club holds a joint meeting with the Standard Debating Society. The club has two assemblies, a speaker in the fall, and a play in the spring. Dur ing the Easter holidays an annual banquet is given. M E M B E R S Gertrude Ackerman Beatrice Fox Dorothy Mark Rosa Lee Ackerman Pearl Freed Selma Michaelson Maxine Apoy Marcia Golden Doris Montague Viola Apple Frances Goodman Billy Moore Dorothy Bain Hazel Baines lmelda Brolin Virginia Brecheen Lois Burkley Selma Corchine Daphne Curtis Betty Rose Davis Esther Dunn Florence Ely Freta Ely Goldie Engelberg fy Sylvia Goodman Clara Belle Moseley Miriam Guckenheimer Mary Moseley Margaret Hausman Henrietta I-lymes Clytell lohnson Sylvia Kaplan Ianice Kaufman Catherine Keller Emily Kizer Marilene Landsberg Maureen Lichenstein Ruth Lichenstein Eleanor Madans Maxine Mullins Adlene Nathanson leanne Polokoff Betty May Reider Selma Reisberg Bluma Rudnitzky Nelda Reynolds Ester Lee Romatsky Nellie Rosenbaum Fannie Rosenbloom Toba Lena Rosenstock Doris Russell Gloria Saitir Emmy Lou Shor Marilyn Siegel Frances Silvergold Clara Belle Stillman Sarah Tankus Mary Louise Thurman Sarah Thomason Elaine Trattner Louise Utay Gwyndolen Voirin Anne Weinstein Mary lane Wright Bertha Yonack Anna Gene Yungtleisch Standard Debating 1 Society Miss EDNA ROWE Sponsor C. V. GOODMAN Co-Sponsor O F F I C E R S FALL SPRING President ........ LESTER LEVY President' ....... BERNARD FLANZ Vice-President . . BERNARD FLANZ V1C9'P fesldem - - - - SOL LEVINE Secretary . ' . 1 IDE GOLMAN Secretary . . . . . MILTON LEVY T ROGER ERICKSON reasurer . . . . EDWIN ORNISH reasurer "" ' ' Sergeant-at-Arms . . . IOE GOLMAN SGTQGGHT-CIT--A-TH1S .----- lOE BRAND Assistant Secretary . . . WESLEY PHILLIPS Parliamentariom .... IACK MICHAELSON Parliamentorian ...... LESTER LEVY The Standard Debating Society is the oldest high school club in the city. The purpose oi the Standard is to teach its members all forms of public speaking and debate. This year we celebrated our twenty-third annual banquet, at which Rabbi David Lefkowitz, Ir. Was the master of ceremonies. Mr. Stanley Foran was the main speaker. The Standard gives a play each year in the auditorium and furnishes boys for the follow- ing contests: the State Debate, the State Play, Declamation, and Extemporaneous Speaking. George Alterman Bob Archer Melvin Aronoti Morton Astraham I. D. Blatt loe Brand Archie Broodo Iulius Coleman Robert Crosson Phillip Dare lerome Ely Roger Erickson Wallis Fitch Bernard Flanz lsarel Frauman loseph Punk MEMBERS Sidney Glasser loe Golman Mervin Goodman Richard Gottlieb Stanley Halper Harry Hoffman lerry Hoffman Herman Klar Samuel Levine Sol Levine Bernard Levy Lester Levy Milton Levy Iesse Murphy Edwin Ornish Wesley Phillips Stanley Raskin Richard Rosin Marvin Rubensteen larrell Rubinett Randolph Samford loe Siegel Iack Smith Elton Soltes Bob Stallcup Corbie R. Truman Marvin Utay Irvin Wasserman Ben Webberman Philip Weinkrantz Page Seventy-om' Boys Glee Club Miss LOUISE WILCOX Director LUCY SCHWARTZ Accompanist The Boys Glee Club, an active group at Forest, has sung throughout the year on many occasions. On Armistice Day, they presented a Cantata, "Land of Hope and Glory", in an assembly. During the week preceding the Christmas holidays, the boys in conjunction with the Art Classes, presented several beautiful Christmas songs, and on Friday, December 23, they marched through the halls singing Christmas carols. February 9, the Boys Glee Club sang a group ot three songs at a regular meeting of the Forest P. T. A. Later in the spring the chorus classes presented the operetta "Hollywood Extra" by Charles Wakefield Cadman. ,QM I A M E M B 13 R s Harry Abramson Oliver Hall Paul Petty Kenneth Balthrop Howard Harman Grady Pope Herschel Burns Charles Canaday Angelo Colletti Leroy Cooper Marvin Coppedge Charles Dorman R. L. Duckworth lames Duncan Holland Fleming Hollis Fleming William Fletcher 1 age Seventy-two Billy Henson Edgar Hiett E. R. Hollon Radford Ieffers Eddie Kriss Walter Krusz Andrew Miller Herman Mitchell Marvin Monday Bobby Moore Thomas Moore lack Paxton Leo Robbins Leonard Rogan Eugene Spangler Pete Sultis Robert Utter Billy Veal Charles Weber Robert Williams I. T. Wilson Alvin Withrow Hubert Wyche Orchestra Mrss Louisa WrLcox Sponsor The school orchestra, under the direction of Miss Louise Wilcox, gladly takes part in all school activities, such as assemblies and other special programs. The events to which the orchestra looks forward to each year are Commencement and the Senior Play. The orchestra consists of string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, all of which constitute an organization of twenty-five members. VIOLINS CLARINETS TROMBONE Ralph Balthrop Robert Van Huss Hayden Drake Philip Weinkrantz Charles Yates Bernice Walters lack Harrison Conrad Dean Melvin Bakula Lloyd Gilmore Katherine Broadnax Porter Reed Donald Cartimi Hubbard Holland Edward Lee Evelyn Christence Robert Crossan Helen Ruth Brown lrving Daniger Edward Slackney TRUMPETS Billy McManemin lack Flood Kenneth Balthrop Lawrence Hoover FRENCH HORN Robert Millwee PERCUSSION William Davis PIANO - Lucille Cunningham SUBSTITUTES Kathleen Tiner Claire Candray Page Sewnly -ibfer Forest Forum Miss DOROTHY GERLACH Sponsor OFFICERS FAT-L SPRING President ...... WILLIAM BEVILLE President ...... ALBERT MUELLER Vice-President ...... K. W. ALLEN Vice-President ..... THOMAS CARTER Secretary . . . MATTIE L. MUELLER Secretary . . . . EMMY LOU SHOE Treasurer . . . . . SARA IIM HILLEY Treasurer . . . . . ROSE KAUPMAN Sergeant-at-Arms . . . MADELINE BURNETT Sergeant-at-Arms . . . ADELE LLOYD Parliamentarian ..... BILLY COUNTS Parliamentarian . . . . BETTY ERWIN Student Council Representative . ............... ALBERT MUELLER The Forest Forum was organized in March, l933, by nine charter members, whose pur- pose Was to promote discussions of events of interest in present day government and economics. The club has made donations annually to the Texas Memorial Library. On March 2, l939, it sponsored a program during Texas Week. The organizations social events consist ofa Christmas party, spring banquet, and spring picnic. H An efficiency award is given each term to the most deserving IV-A senior. M E M B E R S Rosa Lee Ackerman Bernard Flanz Billey Fred Newman K. W. Allen Katherine Grisaffi Amy Lee Nutt Doris Anderson Inez Balmas Walter Bell Thelma Cantrell Margaret Carson Pauline Carson Thomas Carter Barbara Clark Marjorie Coplen Daphne Curtis Betty Erwin Page Sewnty-four Evelyn Hawkins Edgar l-liett Henrietta l-lymes lanice Kaufman Bose Kaufman Adele Lloyd Velina McMeans Katherine McQueen William .Mercer Albert Mueller Acllene Nathanson Katherine Price Mary Frances Bann Carleton Sharpe Emmy Lou Shor lune Squires Leola Tibbits Leroy Thornton Bertha Tramwell Ruth Tydmon Vivian West Texas History Club MISS BESS THATCHER Sponsor OFFICERS FALL SPRING president ,'.,... ROSE MARCUS President ...... MARTHA HARRISON Vice-President . . INEZ ROSENGARTEN Vice-President . . . LUCY SCHWARTZ Secretary . . . . MARTHA HARRISON Secretary . . . . ROBERTA MALONE Treasurer ...... MURIEL SILBERMAN Treasurer . . . . . NORMA Ross Sergeant-at-Arms . . . IRVING WASSERMAN Sergeant-at-Arms . . THOMAS CARTER Parltamentarian . . . MARGIE MOWILLIAMS Parliamentarian .,... ROSE KAU1-'MAN Student Council Representative . . . Student Council Representative . . . ROSE KAUFMAN ROSE KAUPMAN The Texas History Club of Forest Avenue High School is composed of students inter- ested in the history and the future development of Texas. Our organization is one of the most active in the school. The Club participates in the Texas Week programs, during which books are presented to the Texas Memorial Library of Forest Avenue High School. Ethel Bock Thomas Carter Barbara Clark Iulius Coleman Adelaide Cohn Marcia Cooper Marjorie Coplen Marcia Donosky Agnes Merle letters MEMBERS Bernice Hammond Martha Harrison Margaret Hausman Rose Kaufman Roberta Malone Rose Marcus Mary Moseley Louise Oliphant Lelia Patrick Inez Rosengarten Norma Ross Gloria Saffir Lucy Schwartz Muriel Silberman Elsie Streicher Olga Valcik Bernita Walters Page Sl Ven ty-five Iunior Red Cross Miss IUNIA MCALISTER Sponsor President . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian . 1 o F FIC E R s M FALL SPRlNG . . TNEZ ROSENGARTEN . . . . . BILLY MURK MIRIAM GUCK1-:NHEIMER . MIRIAM GUCKENHEIMER . . .ROBERT MINCHEW . . SELMA RE1sBERG President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian . ROBERT MINCHEW . . BILLY MURK . . Ross MARCUS TNEZ ROSENGARTEN . .... OLA RAY . SELMA REISBERG The Iunior Red Cross Was organized three years ago for the purpose of rendering needed services to the school, city, community and state, Since that time the club has headed all school activities for helping needy families during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter seasons. We have delivered baskets of groceries, have given parties for orphan homes, and We have conducted a survey in "Little Mexico." At present the club members are be- ing offered life-saving lessons, and our next ambition is to establish a class in first aid at Forest. Ruth Abramson Margie Addington Elaine Barham Fern Barnett Hazel Baynes Ross Bryant Mary Cassata Adelaide Cohn Marcia Cooper Marjorie Cole Marjorie Coplen Madeline Clevinger Page S 1 'nty-six MEMBERS' Ruby Lee Clopp Marcia Donosky Dorothy Everett LaVerne Fisher Pearl Fogel Miriam Guckenheimer Ellie Hamusek Mary Huie Naomi Kellner Helen LaBlanc Rose Marcus Dorothy McDowell Doris Montague Mike Montgomery Billie Moore Billy Murk Grace Neuman Louise Olipant Frances Podrasky Ina lean Patrick Virginia Roberts Ola Ray Orlene Ray Selma Reisberg Nelda Reynolds lnez Rosengarten luanita Roberts Sophie Ruskin Ruth Scott Frank Slovak Billie Smith lack Smith Aaron Spelling Eileen Stover Sarah Thompson Dorothy Tolley Dallas Historians Miss MINNIE BROWN Sponsor , OFFICERS President . . . .......... . .DOROTHY'DELL KEEN Vice-President . ........ . . . BARNEY DOWD Secretary . . . .... HAZEL BAYNES Treasurer .... . .BETTY IOYCE STOCK!-XRD Sergeant-at-Arms . . ..... PAUL KELLY Parliamentarian ....................... WYLIE PARKER The Dallas Historians, an organization ot Freshmen, has become interested in the his- tory and achievements of Dallas as a result of the entertaining and instructive programs given at the Hall oi State by the Dallas Historical Society. Under the direction of Mr. Herbert Gambrell and Mr. lulius Dorsey, this Society has pre- sented a series of programs on life in Dallas during the past century. At the February meeting, Mr. G. B. Dealey, president oi the Society, gave a very enter- taining talk on his recollections of Dallas in the late l800's. The recollections were car- tooned by Mr. Knott. Mr. E. D. Walker led in singing a group of Texas songs. A speech about "Dallas in the Days of lndians and of Iohn Neely Bryan, and the Coming of the Railroads" was given by Dr. Iustin F. Kimball at the March meeting. Dr. Kimball gave credit to the courageous and active citizens for the growth of our city. Melvin Aronoti Curtis Arrington lmeda Baker Hazel Baynes Virgina Brecheen Virginia Lee Brewer George Brooks Vera Burkhead Marcelle Burns Betty Bob Bynum Doris Grace Aggie Lee Harper Plans are being made ior similar programs for next year. Further study of our heritage from Dallas pioneers are made in our meetings at school. MEMBERS lack Harwood Tommie Ruth l-ledgpeth Katherine Horn Shirley Houck Correne Iaco Ray Belle Kahn Dorothy Dell Keen Paul Kelly Robert King Wanda Knight Betty Lou Lewis Beatrice Macaluso Edith Mays Clara Belle Moseley Alveta Murphy Velma Mae Page Wylie Parker G. L. Phillips Eunita Smith Frances Smith Richard Smith Mildred Stepter Henryette Stevenson Betty loyce Stockard Thomas Thomas Helen Thomas lack Townson Bobbie Turner Robert Utter Evelyn Vencil Louise Welsh Wanda White Ramon Wilensky Page Seventy :wen Student Council SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Sponsor X OFFICERS XXX FALL SPRING President . . . . . CORBIE TRUMAN President ....... CORBIE TRUMAN Vice-President . . . EDWARD SUMMERFIELD Vice-President ...... BETTY ERWIN Secretary. . . . . LOUISE HEMPHILL Secretary . . . . . LoUIsE HEMPHILL Treasurer ........ MAvIs MIZE Treasurer . . . . . . MAVIS MIZE Sergeant-at-Arms . BILLY MCMANEMIN Sergeant at Arms . . . . BILLY MURK Pariamentarian . .... BERNICE CWOHN Parliamentarian ..... SARAH TANKUS The Student Council of Forest Avenue High School was organized in l9I38 to help the students with student government. The purpose of this club is to promote, with the approval of the faculty, more interest and better activities in Forest Avenue High School. The qualifications for membership are as follows: All students in the council must be passing in four solid subjects: elective officers should hold no other offices. This year the Council has been making plans for uniforms for the band. The cheer leaders were selected with the help of the Student Council. The "Lost and Found" has also been taken over by the Council. Margie Addington K. W. Allen Ernestine Allman Pauline Allman Mary Io Andrews Volita Ausborne Eugenia Blaise Georgia Belt Betty Blanchard Wanda Brock Ramona Britton Margie Butler Thomas Carter George' Claunch I Allie' lean Combs Anita Dodson Barney Leo Dowd Francine Ellis Page Sevenly-eight MEMBERS Florence Ely Ierome Ely Betty Erwin lohn Gallagher Evelyn Gilford Sidney Glasser Kenneth Grier Margaret Harlan Louise Hemphill Luther Huffman Sylvia Kaplan Beverly Karchmer Bose Kaufman Erwin Kieke Ernest Kosan Frances Kovnat Imogene Kynard Norman Levine Billy Lacy Lester Levy Dorothy Loos Bose Marcus Mavis Mize Gwendolyn Moore Albert Mueller Billy Murk lesse Murphy Billy M'cManemin Bill McNally Fannie McCfarter Adlene Nathanson Lelia Patrick David Plotkin lean Polakoff Trevor Bees-Iones Fannie Bosenbloom Frances Shackelford Muriel Silberman Marylyne Smith Grettle Sneed Betty Ioyce Stockard Pete Sultis Sarah Tankus Minnie Lu Thorn Kathleen Tiner Billy Tomlin Corbie Truman Novella Turner Charles Weber Melba Whitson Bay Womack G. C. Woodruff Martin Woods Pan Hmericcm Forum Miss ANGIE WYNN Sponsor Miss RUTH BARHAM Co-Sponsor OFFICERS FALL SPRING President ...... . . Soi. WALD President ........ TERRY L1P'roN Vice-President 1 ' 1 . JERRY UPTON Vice-President ..... PAUL GLANVILLE Secretary ....... lMoGENE PAYNE SQCNHGTY' ' ' ' BERNTCE STEVENSON Treasurer .... BAARY NELL STEVENSON Treasurer .... . .PAUL GLANVILLE Sergeant-at-Arms . . . WALTER STRUCELY Sergeant-at-Arms ..... I. B. ROBBINS Parliamentarian . . MIRIAM GUCKENHEIMER Parliamentarian ...... Ross BRYAN Council Representative . . . l.B.ROBBINS Representatives to Advisory Council Council Representative . . BERNICE CXOHN EVA PERLSTEIN, ELSIE STREICHER The Pan American Student Forum was organized twelve years ago by Miss Fletcher Ryan Wickham at Forest Avenue High School. The purpose of the Forum is to establish good will between the United States and all Latin American countries. The Forest Avenue chapter ot the Pan American ranks among the highest in Work and in attendance at all city meetings. Margie Addington Betty Akard Lois Burkley Ross Bryan Roger Erickson Miriam Guckenheimer Paul Glanville Ioe Golman Martha Harrison Margaret Housman MEMBERS Frances Hunter Catherine Keller Emily Kizer Ierry Lipton Dorothy Loos lsadore Mankovsky Robert Minchew Doris Montague lmogene Payne Eva Perlstein Herman Raskin I. B. Robbins Norman Rubinett Iarrel Rubinette Charmayne Smith Mary Nell Stevenson Elsie Streicher Walter Strucely Leon Wilensky Helen Wright Page Seventy nme Banking C. L. FORD Director OFFICERS FALL President . . ..... K. W. ALLEN Vice-President . . . FRANCES SHACKELOFRD Cashier ........ STEVE CULIBRK Assistant Cashier . MARY NELL STEVENSON SPRING President ........ K. W. ALLEN Vice-President . . . FRANCES SHACKELFORD Cashier ..... HELEN WRIGHT COOK Assistant Cashier . MARY NELL STEVENSON Forest is entering its fourth successful year with its present banking system. Many prom- inent people have visited the bank and have commented on the efficiency of this system. The total amount of deposit on. February 9, 1939, was S322.57. TELLERS Mary Nell Stevenson COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE Frances Shackelford Thomas Carter K. W. Allen K. W. Allen Margarette Carson BOOKKEEPERS lO9 GOlfflC11'1 ROY Pate SLIP DISTRIBUTORS Imogene Kynard Selma Corchine Helen Cook Wright Page Eighty O. C. Beville L l' G Margarette Carson esle OSS Letha Mae West Evelyn Kynard Forest Echo Miss ELOISE DURHAM Adviser EDITORIAL STAFF Editors . . . .... Iohn Gallagher, Margaret Karlen, Norma Ross Associate Editors . . . Ruth Engelberg, Bernice Loper, Marcia Ray, Assistant Editors . . .... Paul Canant, Harold Donosky, Dorothy Taylor News .... . . Betty Akard, Billy Leggett, luanita Nielsen, Iune Tiner Lucille Allen, Carolyn Becknell, Eloise Cannon, Features . . . ' Margaret Lois Kent, Kimberlien Waggoner Sports . ......... Samuel Levy, Bill Bogie Clubs . . . . . Minnie Lu Thorn Military . ..... William Lee Freshman . . . Sam King, I. C. Kellum BUSINESS STAFF - Managers . . Leon Haynes, Albert Mueller, Raymond Scott Publicity . . ........... Sam Daugherty The Forest ECHO is a newspaper of school activities published bi-weekly during the school year by the journalism students of Forest High, and sponsored by Miss Eloise Durham, teacher of journalism. The purpose of the ECHO is to serve Forest in a constructive Way by entertain- ing and informing the students. Last September a new staff took charge of the ECHO for the fall semester. ln Ianuary the staff published an eight-page senior edition. In February a new staff took over the responsibility of editing the ECHO and published the first edition of the new term on the fifteenth of that month. Page Eighty-one MEMBERS 25-50 Club C. L. FORD Sponsor OFFICERS President ..,. ....... . . TUDITH STOVALL Vice-President , . . DOROTHY IOHNSON Secretary .... . . . .... . . DOROTHY ROBERTS The 25-50 Club is a group ot Forest Avenue High School boys and girls organized for the single purpose oi reducing traitic accidents and traffic deaths in the cities and on the high WCIYS. Most traffic fatalities are due to fast or careless driving, or both. The aim ot the organ ization is to control speed by keeping constantly before the driver the insignia ot the 25 50 Club. This insignia is a barbed club with the numbers 25-50 made Over it. The club represents the number ot people injured by motor vehicles in the city ot Dallas during the preceding year, each barb represents one oi the twenty-six deaths during the fiscal year oi 1937-38 We hope to reduce the number of barbs on the next ye-ar's club by putting one of our stickers on the lower left-hand corner ot the windshield ot our cars, which is a constant reminder not to go over 25 m.p.h. in the city or over 50 m.p.h. on the highways. Alonzolee Allen Betty Blanchard Hymie Boronstein Elizabeth Burke Gilbert Burns Thomas Carter Ruth Cash Marcia Goldin Lillie Gonzales Audrey Gray lames l-lranicky Howard Harmon Leon Haynes Page Eighty-twa Dorothy lohnson Fern lones Rose Kaufman Bonnie Faye Kellum Gertrude King Marie Lomas Dale McClaren Geraldine McWilliams William Mercer Wanda Moon Billy Murk Phillis Poole Leo Priolo Nelda Reynolds Dorothy Roberts Charles Schrieber Ruth Scott Charles Sherman Iudith Stovall lune Squires Delbert Wheeler Charlene Vifhitaker Wanda White Andrew Winters Leon Woods Interscholastic League Representatives Froni Row: Left to right-Selma Reisberg, Marcia Ray, Florence Ely, Mary Moseley, Imogene Payne. Back Bow: Left to right4SOl Levine, Mike Montgomery, Ioe Golman, David Zesmer. SELMA REISBERG MARCIA RAY . FLORENCE ELY . MARY MOSELEY IMOGENE PAYNE SOL LEVINE . Girls Extemporaneous Speaking . Essay Contest Girls Declarnation Spelling Team Spelling Team . . . Boys Declamation MIKE MONTGOMERY . . Boys Extemporaneous Speaking IOE GOLMAN . .... . . Debate Team DAVID ZESMER . . Debate Team Page Eighty-fbree t 5 w w t t Murlc Rosenbloom Montgomery Golman Truman W Hansen Hieqel Tankus Aschner Baise 1 Gillespie Lillebridqe Phillips Minchew Lomas Q Mitchell Yates Clark Britton Kovnat L Q FORESTER STHFF t Co-Editors Billy Murk Fannie Rosenbloom Assistant Editors t Corbie Truman Louise Hieqel Associate Editors Eugenia Baise Tom Gillespie Robert Lomas Herbert Lillebridqe Frances Kovnat lack Phillips Robert Minchew V4 Business Manager Advertising Manager ' Mike Montgomery loe Golman Assistant Business Manager Literary Editor Sarah Tankus Ramona Britton Snapshots Editor Thomas Hansen Irvin Aschner Art Editor Editorial Adviser Business Adviser Art Adviser Mary Smith Clark H. B. Yates Mel Mitchell Pugr- Highly-four FORESTER STHFF ASSISTHNTS Literary Art Minnie Lu Thorn Anne Weinstein Betty Erwin Ruth Stutts Bertha Mae Duckworth Mavis Mize Georgia Belt Andrew Miller Inez Bosengarten Marjorie Freeland Erneive Kousal Vivian Stovall Mabel Segell -I-Ypists Iunior Staff lmagene Kynard Anne De Gelia Bm MCNGHY Ruth Walker Ruth Abramson Louise Hemphill Mary l-lelen Briggs U' V' Johnston Military Sophomore: Staff Alton Ralston Florence Bolin Anna Gene Youngtleisch Novella Turner Frances Silvergold AdVe1'iiSi1'l9' Margueritte Barshop Florence Ely Bernard Flanz Business Edward Slackney Lester Levy Lois Hawkins Norman Lavine Margaret Dougherty Postgraduate Ola Bay Ann Harris Edward Summerfield Orlene Bay Elizabeth Wisdom Page Eighiy-fi1f WLITAVQY .19 - MAIOR HARRY E. MENEZES The Corps of Forest Avenue High School is very fortunate in having Major Harry E. Menezes as its Com- mandant. He is a great asset to our Corps and school in that he is a very patient and instructive person. The suc- cess of the Corps has been largely due to-his undivided attention. Page Eighty-eight R. O. T. C. Staff ALTGN RALSTON, Lieutenant Colonel Regimental Commander CLIFFORD LYLES, Major Regimental Executive Officer NORMAN LAVINE, Captain Intelligence Officer KNOX ROBBINS, First Lieutenant Adjutant ONEAL KEETON, Second Lieutenant Ordinance Officer HUBERT MCQUEEN, Second Lieutenant Supply Officer IACK PHILLIPS Master Sergeant ROBERT LoMAs Staff Sergeant BILLY BRONOUGH Supply Sergeant R. O. T. C. Under the capable leadership of the Commandant, Lieutenomt-Colonel Ral- ston and Major Lyles, the cadet corps of Forest Avenue I-Iiqh School has in- creased its strength and efficiency to standards hiqh above former years. The corps did the best that has ever been done on the Federal inspection held by Colonel Keys from Fort Sam Houston. This proves what a cadet-con- trolled corps can accomplish under the leadership of its own cadet officers. The corps had one of the best rifle teams that Forest Avenue High has ever had. lt competed in the All-City matches and brought the individual scoring honors to the school. Major CLIFFORD LYLES Lieutenant Colonel ALToN LsToN ' A Page Eighty-nim' ALTON RALSTON CLIFFORD LYLES SIDNEY LIGHT . NORMAN PRIBBLE CHARLES SMITH RICHARD BARI-IAM SOLON ELLIS . KNOX ROBBINS . Cfficers HARRY E. MENEZES Lieutenant Colonel . Major . Captain . Captain . . . Captain . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant XEHAREES QZALD . Second Lieutenant ROBERT BUSH .... Second Lieutenant THOMAS CARTER . . Second Lieutenant Page N znely . . Cornrnandant PAUL CANANT . ROGER ERICKSON . ONEAL KEETON . HERMAN KLAR . WILLIAM LEE . SOL LEVIN . . . BILLY MCMANEMIN ALLEN MCNEAL . HUBERT MOQUEEN MIKE MONTGOMERY ANDREW SAKELLARIOU . Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Knox Robbins Bob Scott lack Rifle Team Captain NORMAN PRIBBLE Box Kenneth Grier Billy MCManemin I. B. Robbins Allen McNeal Herman Klar Iarnes Frank Vernon Phillips Alton Ralston Andrew Sakellariou Daniel Green F'-f-J Puge Ninely-one Company First Lieutenant Richard Barham Second Lieutenants Charles Blaha Herman Klar Sergeants Richard Biggs Gordon Fletcher lames Frank Kid McCoy Roy Pate Page Ninety-two RICHARD BARHAM First Lieutenant loe Bob Samtord Lawrence Simon lack Harrison Karl Carey Corporals Ralph Balthrop lack Bronough Paul Glanville Elvin Ralston Andrew Shelton Bobby Woodside Privates Grady Arnold Frank Alexander Melvin Aronotf Crawford Ballard Billy Bob Bates Raymond Beach Paul Beets Marvin Breeding Conrad Brown Floyd Brown Lloyd Burkley V. B, Bowden Clyde Caddell Clifford Carter Emery Clark Vick Clesi Raymond Cline Fred Cunningham Kenneth Dane Phillip Dane Harry Deal Charles Dees Harold Degan Frank Donaberger Charles Dorman Lewis Ely George Firor lames Forston Alvin Hamusek M. G. Harris Fred Harrner Billy Henson Henry Holcombe lohn Hollers lack Hilly lames House Coy Iacob lulius lohnson Eugene lones Raymond lones Dan Kelton Robert King Avon Lamb G. C. Lucky George McCoy Carol Miller Bobby Moore Roger Moore Thomas Moore Charles Mozingo lack Nicholson lack Norris Glen Oakley Paul Orman Max Pinson Porter Reed Al David Rosenweig Norman Rubinett Leon Rubenstein lames Rudd Randolph Samford Earl Sanders George Sill Bennett Stamps Russel Stanfield R. L. Stephens limmy Thurmond Floire Tunnell Iarnes Whitkower Ben Webberman Hubert Wyche Alex Zalto Henry Zelazny ATTACHED Lieutenant Colonel Alton Ralston Major Clifford Lyles Master Sergeant lack Phillips Staff Sergeant Robert Lomas Company First Lieutenant Solon Ellis Second Lieutencmts Robert Bush Paul Canant Mike Montgomery Sergeants Daniel Green W. A. Hendrix Albert Mueller William Phelps I. B. Robins L. E. Smith Marvin Utay Corporals Cecil Ailshie lack Box lesse Murphy Irvin Wisdom Leon Woods Dewey Vann Privates Martin Andrews Frank Bourguir Wallace Browning Kenneth Burns Billy Caldwell Iohnny Cox David Crockett Wood Davis Billy Dowd Eston Faircloth Ben Ford lack Freeman Royal Gillian Richard Gottlieb A. I. Gragsone Melvin Green Benford Griffith Robert Guthrie Clay Harris lames Hayth E. K. Henderson Sam Henenburg lohn Hodkinson Clinton Holland Leroy Huddleston Raymond lohnson Vandon larvis Carvis Lynch Bill McCallaum lack Moore Robert McCarley William Massey Marvin Mosesman Edgar Morris I. E. Murray Bernard Nurre Wylie Parker Groove Partin Vernon Phillips R. C. Porte-rfield lesse Ramsey Millard Rimmer lames Rodden Ray Rosenburg Walter Roberts Harold Rubinstein Charles Schrieber Carlton Sharpe Herbert Sheaner Britton Shufford Leroy Thornton Walton Tucker Lloyd Tuttle Robert Utter Harold Walker Doyle Wheeler Orville Wright Andrew Winters Abe Zimmerman Ira Wright PAUL CANANT Second Lieutenant Page Nifzely-ilJr1'e Company Captain Second Lieutenants Sergeants Norman Pribble Roger Erickson I William Lee Kenneth Grier First Lieutenant 1:-ks, Sergeum Sam King Knox Robbins Sam Daugherty William Lenhart Page Ninety-four NORMAN PRIBBLE Captain Arthur Primrose lames Roberts Walter Strucely Corporals Walter Bell Howard Harmon Simon Seltzer Robert Simon Privates Bruce Arrington lack Argovitz lohn Bond Elvis Bledsoe Leonard Baleja C. L. Bourquin Raymond Blumrner Gary Burtan Harold Brcfsky Clifford Carter Charles Canaday Dillard Cantrell Leon Cohen Tommy Clark Anson Cox Charley Cox Elmer Cox George Dunbar Samuel Feldman Donald Fletcher George Gilkerson lack Harwood Bernard Horton Felton Havens Price lones Billy Kelly lack Lee Clarence Lambert William Malone Robert May Robert McFarland Howard Morgan Billy Murk Earl Murray ' Iames Palmer Alfred Parks William Peacock Daryl Pennington Leroy Rephan Richard Rosin Lloyd Saunders lohn Henry Schaerdel Doyle Shields Frank Slovak C. W. Smith Harold Simon ' Billy Thorn lames Tuttle Phillip Weinkrantz Alvin Withrow Delbert Wheeler lohn D. Walls Ramon Wilonsky ATTACHED Captain Norman Lavine Second Lieutenants Thomas Carter Oneal Keeton Corporal Billy Bronouqh Company Captain Charles Smith Second Lieutenants Allen McNeal Hubert McQueen Andrew Sakellariou Sergeants L. G. Adams A. D. Campbell lerry Lipton Emanuel Malaun Corporals Milton Levy Irving Wasserman Privates George Altenau Phil Braun Ray Brice Eugene Brooks Edward Brumgartner Wayne Christian Danney Cline lulius Coleman Wilbur Cornwell Ray Curry Charles Davis Robert Davis Pete DeVoe Billy Dial Charles Fields Charles Ford Holly Frazier Jimmie Fryar Billy Gallop Richard Glanville Wilmer Gill Wilford Golgar lack Green Iames Hahn Stanley Halper I. B. Harris lessie Hart Emmett Hardy Leonard Henry Charles Hodges Lawrence Hoover Douglas lohnson Elmer lohnson Edward lones Walter Karr Richard Louis Harwell Lucky lesse Mackey lack McClure Ben Mimms Iesse Moore Thomas Moore lack Nix Dawson Pate lerald Ramson Sherman Riley Lloyd Roberts Walter Sarenson lack Shub limmie Shuptrine Frank Strickland Barney Studdard Hayden Summerfield Orville Taylor Billy Tiner lack Townsen Henry Thrasher Warren Therel Leon Tolerton Ray Vandergriff Billy Veal Sol Wilonsky ATTACHED Clinton Woody Color Sergeant lames Yarbrough Bob Scott CHARLES SMITH Captain Page Ninety-lite Captain Second Lieutenants Sidney Light Thomas Carter Page Nimfiy-xi.v SIDNEY LIGHT Captain Band Oneal Keeton Sol Levin Billy McManemin First Seargecxnt Connette Willis Sergeants William Davis Wilson Landry Edward- Miller Edward Slackney Corporals Alfred Arrant lack Flood Wilbur Kaston Marvin Kress Elton Soltes Privates Bobby Archer Fred Barshop Robert Brovxm Durwood Combs Billy DeLee Hayden Drake Galen Edwards Ierome Ely Irving Glazer Billy Ioe Hart ii, 5 A Homer Hendrick Bill Cozby Henry Fischl Lawrence Hirsch Harry Hoffman Ierry Hoffman Leroy Iones l Eugene Keeton Marvin Levin Bernard Levy Martin Maddens George Maddox Leonard McDaniel Lenard Maledja lfrecl McQueen Robert Millwee George Moore Edwin Ornish Wylie Paschell lack Rosovsky Norman Rubinett Doyle Stevenson Robert Van Huss G. C. Woodruff Charles Wilson Charles Yates Captain Alton Ralston First Lieutenant Norman Pribble Second Lieutenants Clifford Lyles Charles Smith First Sergeant Hubert McQueen Guidon Carrier lack Bronough Sergeants Arthur Primrose Mike Montgomery Knox Robbins Allen McNeal Corporals Solon Ellis Charles Blaha Robert Bush Herman Klar Crack Company Privates Dewey Vann Wayne Christian L. G. Adams lack Townsend Harold Degen Bob Scott Andrew Shelton Frank Strickland Charles Fields W. A. Hendrix Milton Levy Robert McFarland lack Harrison Douglas Iohnson Bobby Woodside M. P. Tucker Thomas Moore Kid McCoy L. E'. Smith Richard Biggs Fred Cunningham George Gilkerson Charles Dees Albert Mueller lames House Charles Dorman Price lanes Charles Hodges Roy Pate Irvin Wisdom I. B. Harris lerry Lipton Lawrence Simon Doyle Shields Daryl Pennington Phil Braun Harwell Luckey lack Harwood Eugene Brooks lack Phillips Robert Lomas Elvin Ralston Kenneth Grier Daniel Green William Lee William Lenhart Sol Wilonsky Leroy Thornton Roy Curry Howard Harmon A. DL Campbell Andrew Sakellariou ROQer Erickson Glen Oakley Orville Wright The Crack Company drill to be held May l2 culminates this year's work of the Third Regiment, and it is probably the most important and most discussed event on the military training schedule.. Forest companies have always ranked high in spirit and drill. We won third place last year. This company has within its ranks officers, non-commissioned officers, and a few of the outstanding privatesg it is truly the "cream of the crop." Drills are held for one hour every morning before school, and everything is forgotten in the serious task of developing a flawless company. The officers of the Crack Company have high hopes thad our company will win first place this year. The spirit and willingness of every man to put his best into the task is evident, and Forest is proud of its Crack Company'- Page N ineiy-seven QTM LE 1 KS wx, 2 l Athletic Coaches ALVA SHEPARD Football, l-leaol Coach Baseball, Head Coach Bicnptian ALLISON Basketball, l-lead Coach Track, Assistant Coach SELDON S. HUTCHINSON Fo ball, Assistant Coach , ,f" ,4QQv1Q'-fi . W. H. KEELING BURNET Cox Track, Head Coach Baseball, Assistant Coach Football, Assistant Coach Football, Assistant Coach Page One Hum1'rca' A First Football Team First Row Left to riqht-Clyde Emerson, Kenneth Kuykendall, Fred Cunningham, Billy Tomlin, G. C. Woodrutt, Alvin Withrow, Lloyd Vann, limrny Stone, Durwood Combs, Eugene Cade. Second Row: Left to riqhtfOscar Hook, Tom Gillespie, Herbert Chisolm, David Weber, William Phelps, Willard Worley, Troy Russell, Norman Pribble, Ray Womack. Thlrd Row: Left to riqht4Coach Alva Shepard, Pete Sultis, lames Roberts, Leroy Voiqht, lack Tobolowsky, Tommy , Clark Kid McCoy, Eddie Kriss, August Howe, Edwin Dossett, Assistant Coach W'. H. Keelinq. September l6 September 23 October 7 October l5 October Zl October 28 November 5 November l2 November l9 FOOTBHLL SCHEDULE . Forest, . Forest . Forest . Forest . Forest, . Forest . Forest . Forest . Forest 1 6 6 O 0 6 6 7 l9 12 Conroe, . Hillsboro, Woodrow, . Austin . Sunset North Dallas . Bonham, Technical Adamson 1 l2 7 l2 38 26 24 6 24 6 Page One Hum1rf'dOr1f' . K? .4 Il' 5, L I rf 1 an .Aa . A K an Second Football Team First Row: Left to right-Iohnny Robison, lesse Barbee, Lester Engle, George Gilkerson, Warren Hunter, Fred Barshop, Kenneth Burns, Kenneth King, Robert Murray, Bill Boulton. Second Row: Left to right-Paul Petty, Glen Oakley, Russell Burns, Willard Rodgers, Iames Rushing, Bill Grasham, Trifko Culibrk, Irvin Wisdom, Andrew Winters, Kenneth Thomas, Leslie Withrow. Third Row: Left to right-Bill Etnbry, lames Moore, L. E. Smith, lame-s Nance, Gilbert Burns, Arthur Primrose, Ernest Genthner, Dewey Vann, Robert Bush, Ralph Hollywood, Eddie Silverman, I. B. Pirtle. FOREST, 6-CONROE, 12 Forest, although beaten in the first five minutes of the game, played good ball. Waldie, for Conroe, slipped through the Lions for two touchdowns in the first quarter, pass from Pribble to Stone clicked, and two plays later Pribble carried the ball over his left tackle for "pay dirt." The Lions played most of the period in Conroe territory, but lacked that extra punch. Outstanding for Forest were the co-captains, Norman Pribble and Buddy Weber. Page Om H1l1lll'T6'l1 Two FOREST,-..6-HILLSBOROQ 7 Although defeated by one point, the Lions thoroughly outplayed the Hillsboro eleven, as can be seen from the Lions' 241 yards running against l-lillsboro's 85. l-lillsboro's only attack was their fine pass- ing offense and defense. Pribble and Clark continually pounded the left side of the For- est line for long yardage each time. Forest's lone marker Was scored by Tommy Clark on a plunge through left tackle. FOREST, 0-WOODROW WILSON, 12 Woodrow defeated an over-confident For- est eleven to the tune of 12 to U in the first Forest City Series game at the Cotton Bowl. In the first half the two teams played a toss-up, but in the early moments of the last half, Woodrow struck "pay dirt" on a lateral play. Then in the last quarter, the Wildcats again scored. The Forest Team made several attempts to score, but each time failed. FOREST, 0-AUSTIN, 38 Austin, which outweighed Forest ten pounds per man, walloped the Lions to the tune of 38 to O. Forest made most of the yardage by long passes to Womack and Gillespie. In this game Pribble truly proved himself to be an all-city quarterback. On the defense for Forest, Sultis, Weber and Gilles- pie were outstanding. FOREST, 6-SUNSET, 26 Sunset's fighting Bisons proved too much for the less experienced Lions in the Lions' second City Series defeat. Unable to do much on running plays, Pribble took to the air and threw a pass for the lone touchdown, which was to Womack, sophomore right-end for Forest. Pribble was the outstanding per- former for Forest. FOREST, 6-NORTH DALLAS, 24 In this game the Lions were completely upset by the cellar-bound Bull-Dogs. F'orest's lone score came in the latter part of the third period when Pribble galloped around his own right end for forty yards and a touchdown. The Lions threatened the North Dallas goal line four times, but failed to have the good help of Lady Luck. North Dallas' scores were long passes flung by the arm of Earl Austin. FOREST, 7-BONHAM, 6 On a sloppy, muddy gridiron the Forest eleven defeated the Bonham Warriors 7 to 6. The touchdown was a pass play, Pribble to Gillespie, good for fifteen yards and a touchdown. The game was won by the per- fect conversion of "Little Lloyd Vann" after the touchdown and his excellent "booting" on punt plays to keep the Warriors deep on their own goal line. FOREST, 19-TECH, 24 The Lions started off with a flash by scor- ing in the first few minutes of play. After carrying the ball to the opponents' forty-yard line, Pribble stepped back and threw a short pass to Womack, who, behind beautiful blocking, raced over the goal-line. Tech then retaliated and scored twice in the second quarter to end the half, 12-7. Tech was the first to score after the inter- mission, but Forest, fighting harder than ever, scored two touchdowns in fourteen minutes to take the lead. ln the last three minutes of play, however, Tech again crossed the white stripe to end the game' 24 to l9. FOREST, 12-ADAMSON, B On November l9 the Forest Lions "opened up full blast" and defeated the Adamson Leopards in their last game of 1938. ln the first half the Lions advanced the ball down to their opponents' twenty-yard line with Pribble, Clark, and Stone carrying the ball. Pribble, who played his outstanding game of the season, then completed a pass to Gil- lespie, putting the Lions six points in the lead. In the second half the Lions came back even stronger and soon crossed the white stripe again. This time Clark was the scorer. The Leopards then scored on a short pass, but failed to go any farther than one tally. Pagc' One Hun I drcd Tlarrc YEA GREEN AND WHITE Yeo Green! Yeo White! Yeo Forest! Fight! Fioht! Fiqh!! LQCGMOTIVE YELL Roh! Roh! Roh! F. A. I-l. S. Roth! Roh! Roh! F. A. H. S. Roth! Roh! Roth! Roh! F. A. H. S. Ssssssssssss Boom! Forest! Cheer Leaders hormcxyne Smith, Madeleine Burnett, Marjorie Freelori czrlton Sharpe, Som Dougherty, Earl Burns, I. C. Kellum cl. First Bow: Left to Bight- DAPHNE CURTIS .... Second Bow: Left to Bight Alberta Lowe Buthy Bephan Iuanita Crane Margaret Iohnson Frances Silvergold Iettie Lee Graham Marcia Bay Edith Portman Patricia Sparks Dorothy Lee lacks Evelyn Kynard Margaret F ortner Ieanne Barge Third Bow: Left to Bight-- Iudy Anne Cgletree Nora Mae Cox Hannah Leach Pearl Freed Katherine Lucky Serafina Carbone Margaret Lemaster Gertrude King Naomi Sutton Marjorie Carroll Pep Squad x DOROTHY IOHNSON . . . Co-Captain DOROTHY DEsKrN . . . Co-Captain Captain MARGARET HAUSMAN . Co-ed-Captain Fourth Bow: Left to Bight-- Maxine Hilley Gwendolyn Voirin Theda Love Virginia Owen Aliene Owen Esther Dunn Imogene Kynard Martha Carter Katherine Eaves Frances Burton Helen Evans Doris Mae Iames Doris Kinnard Dorothy Sanford Fifth Bow: Left to Bight- Elizabeth Hickman Frances Hawkins Maxine McWilliams Mildred Bephan Buth Duncan Iona Meth Irrnal Wood Wilma lanes Betty La Bue Virginia Stewart Norma lean Parker Morine Shields Bennie Buth Gentle Sixth Bow: Left to Bight Bose Piccola Margaret Meyers Betty Mae Reeder Maria Duca Dorothy Giggleman Esther Ruth Howe leanette Blend Maggie Lee Pace Betty lean Alger Seventh Bow: Left to Bight Betty Akard Iune Iohnson Gloria Petty Imogene Balls Wanda Ruff Frances Hunter lra Mae Stowe lsabelle Brooks Florene Bradford Dorotha Sordalet Faye Stribling lttzge O1 Hun! e1'F BHSKETBHLL FIRST TEHM Front Row: Left to riqhtvCoach Richard Allison, limmy Stone, Captain Toni Gillespie, Herman Mitchell, Manager Elton Schackman. Second Rovv: Left to right--Herbert Lillebridqe, Dewey Vann, lack Smith, Ray Womack, Bob Scott, W. G. Sinqletary. S C H E D U I. E FIRST HHLF SECOND HHLF lanuary 5 . ..... Tech lanuary 26 . . ..... Tech Ianuary lU . . Woodrow Wilson lanuary 31 . . . . Wodrow Wilson lanuary l3 . . . . Adamson February 3 . . . . Adamson Ianuary 17 . . . . Sunset February 7 . . . . Sunset lanuary 20 . . . North Dallas February 10 . . North Dallas FOREST, 22-TECH, 26 The Forest Lions lost their first city series game to the Wolves. The Quintet came to life in the last quarter, but it was too late to gain a lead. Weber and Gillespie tied for scoring honors with five points each. Page One Hundred Six FOREST CUBS, 15-TECH, 13 The Cubs gave a much better account of themselves by elcinq out a victory over the Technical second tearn. Hearne and Schrei- ber starred for the Lions. is FOREST, 15-WOODROW WILSON, 48 The defending State Champions from Woodrow had little trouble defeating the Forest Lions in the Lions' gym. Simpson of Woodrow grabbed scoring honors with 15 points. Singletary and Weber starred for the Lions, with four points each. FOREST CUBS, 14-WOODROW WILSON, 12 The Cubs came through with their second win. Charles Schreiber starred by scoring the two points that won the game. FOREST, 22-ADAMSON, 21 The Lions won their first city series game at the expense of the Adamson Leopards. The Leopards were leading 21 to 19 with ten seconds to play when Stone made the last two points. The Leopards tried desperately to regain the lead, but the gun put a stop to their chances. Stone led the scoring for the Lions with 11 points. FOREST CUBS, 26-ADAMSON CUBS, I7 The Cubs won their third straight game. The Forest boys outplayed the Adamson team from the first few minutes until the end of the game. Hearne led the scoring with eight points. FOREST, 20-SUNSET, 24 The Lions met with their third defeat of the first half of the city series race. The Sunset Bisons won the game by only four points. Scott led the scoring for the Lions with eight points, and Lloyd of Sunset also scored eight points. Weber played an outstanding defen- sive game for Forest. FOREST CUBS, 18-SUNSET, 16 The Forest Clubs won their fourth straight victory of the season. They had a great deal of trouble defeating the Sunset team. Hearne was high scorer with five points. FOREST, 23-NORTH DALLAS, 16 Forest won the second game in the first half of the city series race. lt was a very close game from the first minute to the last. Scott led the scoring with ll points, and Gillespie starred on defense for Forest. FOREST CUBS, 17-NORTH DALLAS, 16 The Forest second team went through the first half without a defeat. Hearne was the leading scorer with six points. FOREST, 20-TECHNICAL, Z9 The Forest team was defeated in its first game of the second half of the city series race by the Tech Wolves. The Forest team was greatly helped by the splendid defen- sive and offensive Work of Tom Gillespie. Iimmy Stone was the leading scorer with nine points. FOREST CUBS, 15-TECHNICAL, 33 The,Forest Cubs did not fare so well as they did the first half. The Cubs were led by Hearne and Schreiber, with six points each. FOREST, 24-WOODROW WILSON, 29 The Forest team gave the State Champs the scare of their season. The score at the half was tied at 13 all, but Woodrow got several breaks that they took advantage of. This was one of the best games of the sea- son. The Lions were led by Scott, high-point man, with ll points. Stone, Lillebridge and Scott played a good defensive game. FOREST CUBS, 5--WOODROW, 16 The Cubs displayed a great deal of spirit, although they did lose. Schreiber and Boron- stein led the Lions, whi1e'Saba of Woodrow took scoring honors with six points. FOREST, 24-ADAMSON, 29 The Forest Lions were not able to repeat the victory over the Adamson Leopards. The quintet tried desperately to overtake the Leopards, but the time was limited. Lille- bridge was outstanding on the defense, and Mitchell led the scoring for Forest with 11 points. This was said to be the most exciting game of the season. FOREST CUBS, 17-ADAMSON, 18 The Forest Cubs couldn't seem to get into the swing of old times. The Cubs cou1dn't overtake the Adamson team because of the big lead Adamson had at the end of the third period. Schreiber starred for the Lions with six points. Q Page One H1111-:fred sewn N . r I 1 1' 'I f Q ' . :-,A f' HR 1. 1 . , f , , ,Ju BHSKETBHLL SECONDTEHM First Row: Left to right--Hymie Boronstein, lack Flood, Hayden Drake, Simon Okon, George Gilkerson, Warren Hunter. Second Row: Lett to right-lsadore Landsberg, George Hearne, Ralph Hollywood, Arthur Primrose, Charles Weber, lames Moore, Donald Fletcher. FOREST, 18-SUNSET, 26 Forest was not able to hit its stride against Sunset. The baskets seemed to have lids on them for the Forest boys. Lloyd of Sunset took scoring honors With l4 points and Scott of Forest was second with seven. The game was one of the roughest Forest played. Lillebridge and Stone of Forest fouled out, and McCain and Boyd of Sunset fouled out. FOREST CUBS. 24-SUNSET, 20 The Forest Cubs came to life during the Sunset game, and hit the basket from all angles. Weber, l-learne and Schreiber starred for Forest. Schreiber scored seven points. Pug Om lIu11a'1'f'ri Eiglvl F OBEST, 20-NORTH DALLAS, 25 The North Dallas Bulldogs lost four men at mid-term, but seemed to have a better team the second half than they had the first half. The Forest team was not able to repeat the victory that it scored the first half. The Forest defense started clicking during the last quarter, but Bussel Bennet seemed never to miss the hoop for North Dallas. Mitchell and Scott led the scoring for Forest. F OREST, 17-NORTH DALLAS, 13 The Forest Cubs were able to win the last game of the season. The game was too close for anyone to be comfortable. The score was tied up until the last minute. Weber played the best game for the Forest quintet. ep 2 'H . K 1 -'Skirt an x- MXN Q-'mxmi S YJ - ' X 5 -x 'Q . . . - , f - TRHCK J ' Front Row: Lett to right-Coach Keeling, loe Bob Sanford, Fred Cunningham, Earl Williams, Oscar Hook, Ray Womack, Charles Weber, Earl Burns, Dewey Vann, Bob Scott, George Hearne, Kenneth Kuykendall, Glen Oakley, K. W. Allen. Second Row: Lett to right-lsadore Landsberg, Bernard Horton, Herbert Lillebridge, Iohnny Redd, lulius Vita, Hayden Drake, William Phelps, Arthur Primrose, Lloyd Burkley, Donald Fletcher, Eldon Darby, Bill Boulton, Lloyd Vann. Third Row: Lett to right-Robert Millwee, lsadore Raskin, L. E. Smith, William Davis, Herman Raskin, R. C. Roper, Andrew Winters, George Haley, Garland Collett, Russell Burns, George Gilkerson, Paul Petty, Arthur Autry. Fourth Row: Left to right-Floyce Tunnel, Emrnitt Kile, Kenneth Davis, lack McClure, Frank Lewis, Howard Harmon, Burt Fain, lohn Sheredell, Glen George, lack Hermanson, Edgar Stenson, Bobby King, lames Alamo, lack Nix, Mark Nicholas, Frank Slovak. The Forest track team ot '39 has not one letterman back from last year. Forest had one ot the most efficient teams in the city last year, but will start from scratch this year. Coach W. H. Keeling will probably surprise everyone by turning out a much better team than expected. The Forest relay team of '33 set a record with the time ot 3 minutes, 32.6 seconds at the regional meet. The Forest team was very much weakened by the loss oi Earl Burns, the outstanding dash man and captain. He had an appendicitis operation. Probably the most outstanding boy on the team is Ray Womack. He has run the high and low hurdles in good time, and Mr. Keeling expects Womack to win these events in the city meet to be held April 6 and 7. The dash men are Earl Williams and lesse Barbee in lOO yard dash, Landsberg, Barbee and I. Redd in the 220 yard dash, Weber and Kuyken- dall in the 440 yard dash. Russell and Silverman will throw the discus. Lille- bridge, Pribble and Primrose will throw the javelin. Lillebridge, Hooks and Phelps will throw the shot put. Phelps will also high jump. Williams is ex- pected to win the broad jump. Smith, Dale, Cunningham and Lillebridge will enter the pole vaulting. Williams, Weber, Womack and Kuykendall will compose the mile relay team. Vita will represent Forest in the 880 yard run. Scott and Womack will run the high and low hurdles. Hearne and Miltner will run the mile. Pago Om' I1ufz11cdN1m BHSEBHLL First Row: Left to right+Bill Embry, Triflco Culibrk, Warren Hunter, Leroy Cooper, Leslie Withrow, Leroy Voight. Second Row: Left to right-O. C. Bevel, Pete Sultis, Andrew Miller, W. G. Singletary, August Howe, Alvin Withrow, T. . Colletti. 1 Third Row: Left to right-Coach Burnett Cox, Charles Smith, Ed Dossett, Willard Worley, Ernest Genthener, lames Rolo- erts, Herbert Chisolm, Volney Stanberry, Tom Gillespie, Coach Alva Shepard. The Lion batsmen show real prospects for a good season this spring. With tour lettermen, Sultis, Stanberry, Taylor and Gi11espie, returning, Coach Alva Shepard is putting out a winning team. Forest turned in several decisive wins in pre-season practice games, and the team found good hitters in several men. The starting 1ine-up is as fo11oWs: lames Roberts . Trifko Culibrk . Charles Smith . Pete S'u1tis . . Tom Gillespie . ..........Shortstop . . Right Fie1d . Center Field . . . Left Field . . . First Base . . Third Base . . Second Base . . . Catcher . . . . . . . Pitcher Ernest Genthener . August Howe . . Alvin Withrow . Volney Stanberry S C H E D U L E First Half March 20 . . . Forest 1 . . Woodrow, 10 March 23 . . Forest, 7 . . . Sunset, 6 March 27 . . Forest 0 . . Adamson, 1 March 30 . . Forest 3 . North Dallas, 5 April 3 . . . Forest,9 . . Technical, 2 April 11 . . . Forest,9 . . . Sunset 3 April 14 . . , Forest 1 . . Adamson, 4 Page One Humlrcd Ten f . GIRLS TENNIS The Girls Tenhsislefam started off this year with only one player from last year. Fannie Rosenbloom played singles, and Adelene Nathanson and Evelyn Douglas played doubles. ln the first match, which was with Sunset, Forest lost the singles match 4-6, 2-6 and the doubles lost 3-6, l-6. Our second match was with Adamson. The singles team was defeated 3-6, 3-6, the doubles were also defeated 3-6, l-6. The third match was with North Dallas. Both teams were Victorious. The singles team Won 6-l, 3-6, the doubles Won 6-2, 6-3. The next match was with Technical. The doubles won 6-4, 6-2. The singles lost 6-2, 6-2. The last match will be with Woodrow Wilson. B O Y S T E N N I S Lloyd Tuttle, singles, and loseph Funk and Herbert Lambert, doubles, make up the Boys Tennis Team. All of these boys will be back next season. Funk and Lambert defeated Sunset 6-3 and 7-5 in the first match of the season. Tuttle lost his match against Sunset 3-6, 7-5, and 6-2. Tuttle won his second match against Adamson 6-l and 6-4. Lambert and Funk lost 6-l, 3-6 and 6-2. ln the game with Technical, Tuttle was defeated 6-l, 4-6 and 6-l. Funk and Lambert lost 6-4 and 7-5. Tuttle trimmed North Dallas 6-l, 6-U. Funk and Lambert Were set back G O L F T E A M This year the Forest Golf Team has gone far under the able leader- ship of Mr. C. L. Ford. At present We are third in the city line-up. This is a very good start for Forest, as We had only one remaining letterman from last year, Earl l-luddleston, captain of this year's team. Out of the few matches We have had this year, We have beaten North Dallas and Adam- son. We lost to Sunset, last year's district champion, and Tech, runner-up last year. The boys on the golf team are Orville Taylor, Dean Stepter, Lloyd Vann, Earl Huddleston and Bill Embry. loe Golman is business manager. 6-4, 5-7 and ll-9. Page One Hum! IE WL FEATU N25 wswwfwn . r M X E 1 X, Ff f gif f 5 fb Q 4 ff , , 9 f 56 W' ,M 6 KV I f: -Q: WJ X if ' if KJ 4 J f XJ as ,. .F v X- L A, Forest Favorites f7Wavi5 glflize cfgouise gUegel gannie Qosenbloofn MTF' .fester .fefuy Qlurwooa' Combs Gorbie cfffruman Wi fl ggl Q i FOREST FHVORITES CHARMAYNE SMITH Charmayne tBilliel Smith has been known for her beauty, personality, and accomplishments since her freshman year. Her laughing eyes and friendly manner made her everyone's friend and the most popular girl in school. She is an active member of several organiza- tions and has been yell-leader for two years. Billie, Forest wishes you the best. MARIORIE FREELAND Marjorie Freeland is just "sweet little Marjorie" to everyone. Her sparkling, unaffected manner is her main asset. She is always ready to help in any way she can. She is an accomplished pianist and accordionist, as well as one of our very active cheer-leaders. These traits and many others make her one of Forest's favorites. MARY EVELYN FOSTER Mary Evelyn Foster, our perfect blongde, is a favorite with all, Her humor and wit make her a very pleasant person to know. In her sophomore year, Mary Evelyn won the title of "friendliest girl," and represented the class in the Basketball Queen Contest. Her memory will be a pleasant one at Forest. We shall always remember her as that "adorable blonde." MAVIS MIZE "Five feet two, eyes of blue"-that description be- longs to Mavis Mize, that vivacious little Forester. She is everlastingly full of pep and deserves the title "the life of the party." It is interesting to note, however, that Mavis ranks well in her classes. She makes the honor roll, is a member of the National Honor Society, and serves very capably as treasurer of the Student Council. LOUISE HIEGEL Louise Hiegel, one of the most likeable girls in school, has been popular with her classmates since her fresh- man year. Her sweet disposition and neat little way has made her one of our favorites. She is easily recognized by her beautiful eyes and individual smile. For her co- operative and tactful ability she was made a leader in our class as a sophomore and was elected secretary of our senior class. We wish you much success in the future, Louise. FANNIE ROSENBLOOM Fannie is the popular but smart beauty who had popu- larity left over from her junior year. Last year Fannie was runnerup for "Forest Sweetheart." An honor stu- dent, a class leader, associate editor of last year's For- ester, and an all around "swell" girl, Fannie is well liked by all for her friendly and agreeable manner, her charming smile, and her beauty. 1 2 Q NORMAN PRIBBLE Norman Pribble with his dashing personality and clever humor has been the most popular boy in his class since he was a freshman. He was president of the III-A Class, vice-president of the IV-B and IV-A Classes. In addition to promoting the class social activities, Norman lettered in football two years and was co-captain in his senior year. In the R. O. T. C. he has won many medals for his excellent marksmanship. SAM DAUGHERTY Sam Daugherty is a perfect example of "personality plus." Although Sam was out of school for a year, his popularity was not lessened, and when he came back, he was elected cheer leader by a storm of votes. Sam, who speaks with a decided lazy, Southern drawl, did much to cheer up loyal Foresters during football season. Sam has a burning ambition to be a great politician, so We all wish success in a big bag for another potential president. ALTON RALSTON Alton Ralston, better known as Lieutenant Colonel Ralston, is a young man possessing all the traits of a "perfect gentleman." His quiet, unaffected dignity merits the respect of his teachers and associates. Alton is at the head of the military corps and is president of the National Honor Society. With all his admirable qual- ities as an aid, we know that Alton will make for himself a worthwhile place in the world. LESTER LEVY Lester Levy has been a leader of the class for four years. He has a sense of fairness and a will to work. He has always been friendly to everyone and has aided in various undertakings both cheerfully and competently. His ability to speak is a great asset. Especially shall we remember his splendid work in the Standard Debating Society, both as a member and as an officer. Forest loses Lester reluctantly. DURWOOD COMES , "Half-pint" is well liked by both boys and girls, espe- cially the latter. Durwood makes up for his lack of size by his dynamic nature. Although he weighs only one hundred and thirty-eight pounds, he lettered in football last year. He is cheerful, friendly, likable, and an ex' ceptionally good sport, CORBIE TRUMAN Corbie is the popular president of both the IV-A Class and the Student Council. His scholastic abilities and poise are envied by his classmates and well liked by his teachers, though his friends like him for his modest manner, geniality, good judgment, and love of fun. Corbie is planning to go to the armyg but wherever it may be, we know he will be successful. The faculty and student body will long remember the tall, dignified, scholastic-looking, fun-loving Corbie. Page Owe Hundred Seventeen in the fall. programs. BERTHA MAE DUCKWORTH Bertha Mae Duckworth, a lanuary, '39 graduate, is taking a postgraduate course which consists of English 4 and Physics 2 for review' and Accounting l for the first time. Bertha Mae plans to enter the University of Texas in the fall. During her four years in Forest High, Bertha Mae belonged to the High Scholarship Club, won three Linz pens, an Everts award, and was elected into the National Honor Society. This sixteen-year-old, whose favorite sports and entertainments are football, basketball, parties and picnics, also spends a good part of her time reading. EDWARD SUMMERFIELD Edward Summerfield, a Ianuary, '39 graduate, is taking Public Speak- ing l, Algebra 4, Commercial Law, and Chemistry l. Edward is noted for his scholastic attainments. He was graduated as the highest ranking boy in his class and won the Silberstein Scholarship. He plans to enter Southern Methodist University in the fall. His work in the R. O. T. C., in the play "China Boy" and in the various clubs has proved his ability. POSTGRHDUATES LOUISE ALEXANDER Louise Alexander, a lanuary '39 graduate, is taking extra subjects this half year in preparation for entering Southern Methodist University She is taking Physics 2, Iournalism 2, and Public Speaking l. During her senior year she served as secretary of the Forest Forum. A talented pianist, she has entertained us many times on assembly STEVE CULIBRK One of our most active students while an undergraduate, Steve returned in lanuary for his second postgraduate course. "I just hate to leave Forest High," was his answer when asked why he came back, Steve, who gratduated in lune, l938, is an all-round boy. He was first president of the Student Council, lettered in basketball and track, and was a member of the National Honor Society. He was a member of six clubs and an officer in all of them. Steve's many friends will miss him when he leaves Forest. .vv ,..,..-,,.,,,,,,,,,.e.-e-V,.,...-,,, ,.,.. W, N 4 w X NORTH TEXHS LHTIN TOURNHMENT First Yecn' Iune Hardin Sidney Glasser Third Term Dale McClaren Maribeth Grantham Essays Mary Io Andrews loy Day . . . Iesse Murphy . Individual Honors FOREST AVENUE CONTESTANTS Ianucxry Beginners Mary Frances Gerlott Emmett Hardy Second Yecxr loy Day Muriel Silberman Third Year Louise Hemphill Viola Sylvester HONORS First Year-Sidney Glasser . Second Year-loy Day . . . Fourth Year-lesse Murphy . . Second YearaMuriel Silberman . Team Winners First Year-Sidney Glasser, lune Hardin - - - Fourth Year-lesse Murphy, Lawrence Simon - - Second Yeareloy Day, Muriel Silberman - - Fourth Year lesse Murphy Lawrence Simon Essay Contestants Mary lo Andrews loy Day lesse Murphy Second Second . Third . First . First . First . Third . Third Third . First Place Place Place Place Place Place Place Place Place 'Place Page One H1l71IfYCfINiI7FlF?11 TEXHS WEEK Texas Week at Forest Avenue High School proved to be as eventful this year as it has any other year since it was originated in 1931. Qur prin- cipal, Wylie A. Parker, is the originator of Texas Week. This year Mr. Parker was honored by the Speech Arts Department in an assembly Thursday, March 21, 1939. Dr. I. F. Kimball and Dr. David Lefkowitz spoke on "Builders," Many prominent personages were present at this program to pay their respects to Mr. Parker. Dr. Herbert P. Gambrell, professor of History at S. M. U. and director of the museum at the Hall of State, Was guest speaker at the official open- ing of Texas Week in Forest on Monday, February 27, 1939. Dr. Garnbrell spoke on "Better Understanding of State Traditions." On Thursday night of Texas Week, the Texas History Class and the Forest Forum combined to present a play, "Westward People," by lohn Wil- liarn Rogers. The P.-T.A., on Friday of Texas Week, dedicated a sixteen-foot pecan tree to Stephen F. Austin, "the Father of Texas." Members of the Texas His- tory Club acted as pages at this ceremony. And so another Texas Week came to a dramatic and colorful close. "Texas-One and lndivisible1" One Humlred Twenty HNOTHER YEHR HT FOREST SEPTEMBER l4-School days! School days! Good old golden rule days! Well, here we are for another nine months. SEPTEMBER 20iEVeryone seems to find it hard to settle down after the long summer vacation of doing nothing! SEPTEMBER 28-A special assembly today. A British government representative spoke to us on World Peace. OCTOBER 5-At last We're under way! There are 389 Freshmen this year. In all there are 2,0l4 enrolled. OCTOBER 6-Today there was a special as- sembly for the purpose of telling the re- ports of the good work our B. O. T. C. boys did at Camp Dallas. They Won a gold loving cup for our school. OCTOBER 74Billie Smith and Earl Burns made some kind of record with their 1,000 Cplusi votes each! Woodrow beats Forest 12-0! OCTOBER l0--We now have chairs in the lunch room. Also a sound-proof ceiling. OCTOBER 14,-The first fire drill proved suc- cessful-despite the large enrollment. Twenty-five Foresters attended Student Government Convention at North Dallas High School. OCTOBER l7-Billie Smith crowned Golden Iubilee Oueen at the Fair Grounds. OCTOBER 21-Hurray! A holiday! It's High School Day at the Fair. Boy! Did We have fun! OCTOBER 27-For the first gym dance of the season, l00 loyal Foresters turned out. OCTOBER 29-Marjorie Freeland and Billie Smith were girl representatives from For- est at Sanger's High School Day. They assisted in managing the store on this occasion. OCTOBER 31-The P.-T.A. gave one of their annual pay assemblies. Everyone was thoroughly entertained. NOVEMBER 2+Such smart people as we have! 300 made the Honor Roll for the first six weeks. NOVEMBER 3--Student Council gets down to work. They'Ve some big problems on docket. T NOVEMBER l0-Mr. L. V. Stockard, the new assistant superintendent of schools, looked us over today. He seemed well pleased. NOVEMBER l0-Another of those gym dances. We're certainly improving On the "Big Apple," etc. NOVEMBER l4mThe lunior Bed Cross gave what everyone says was the best assem- bly so far this year. lt was a radio pro- gram. NOVEMBER 15-Twenty-six Forest cadets re ceived promotions. NOVEMBER 16-Foresters gave 5400.55 to the Community Chest. That's the real spirit! NOVEMBER 17-The Student Council received three more officers-all on the advisory board. NOVEMBER 18-There was a pep rally in the auditorium for the approaching game. Ev- eryone present surely had healthy lungs. NOVEMBER 19-Big parade downtown today. Started at the triple underpass. Forest was well represented. The day came to a happy conclusion when the Forest eleven de- feated Adamson l2-7. NOVEMBER 21-Pupils loyally responded to the Iunior Bed Cross' appeal for Thanks- giving baskets. NOVEMBER 23WThe Public Speaking Deport- ment gave a splendid assembly to start us off on the Thanksgiving Holidays. All this day was devoted to delivery of Thanksgiving baskets by Iunior Bed Cross members. NOVEMBER 28-Back to school again! Holi- days come so few and far between-don't you think? NOVEMBER 30-The IV-B's are making big plans for their least year in F. A. H. S. NOVEMBER 30-The Fall inspection of the B. O. T. C. corps was held today. The visit- ing army officers seemed well pleased. DECEMBER l-The faculty defeated the stu- dents for the fourth consecutive year in basketball, 32-22. DECEMBER 2--W'.P.A.'s concert orchestra sur- prised all when classical music gave way to swing. DECEMBER 8-Approximately 275 futu-re freshmen visited Forest today. Goodness! They get smaller and smaller every year. Page One H umlrcfl Twenty one HNOTHER YEHR HT FOREST DECEMBER 9-The lunior Red Cross spon- sored a skating party at Fair Park. Forest was well represented. DECEMBER 12--Two Chinese delegates spoke in assembly today. They urged banning of Iapanese products. DECEMBER l5--Another tire drill. There ought to be no reason for any fatalities in case of a real fire, for We're getting good train- ing in these mock escapes from fire. DECEMBER 21-The Constitution Test was taken by 387 pupils. DECEMBER 2l-22-Fifty baskets were filled for needy families with contributions from the student body. Congratulations on your gen- erosity. DEcEMBER'22-Fifty pupils sang Christmas carols through the halls on this, our last school day before the Christmas holidays. lane Russell and David Weber were crowned as most popular girl and boy at the Christmas dance. IANUARY 2-Back again from the holidays- the last we'll have till mid-term: now the PORESTER staff really gets under way. IANUARY 3-At last we find out the meaning of all these 25-50 signs. lt has to do with accident preventions. IANUARY 5-The student council discusses handbooks and uniforms-both seem es- sential. lANUARY 9--Senior Dayicute sketch about try-outs for Senior Day-lots of talent. IANUARY 13-Oh, me! Senior play, "China Boy"-the best and cutest in years. IANUARY 23-25-Final Examseneed l say more? The groans weren't very pretty music. IANUARY 26-The great day arrives-Grad uation IANUARY "Come on, Gate, Let's Graduate." 3l-Enrollment. The Freshmen en- roll better than Seniors do. FEBRUARY 6-Visited by Misses Marta and Maria Christina Dittel and Mr. Walter Dit- tel, who spoke in assembly about Costa Rica. Were our faces red when we found we didnft know where Costa Rica was! FEBRUARY l3e-Mr. Fred H. Cathey of the lunior Chamber of Commerce spoke on "Americanism" in assembly. FEBRUARY l6--First Gym Dance of the spring term sponsored by lV-A's. FEBRUARY l7-A member of the University of Texas Speech Department spoke in the assembly presented by the Standard De- bating Society. Page Owe Hunclred Twenty-lwo FEBRUARY l8-First Talent Bowlwa huge suc- cess. lris Cooper, a singer of Martha Haye's style, won first prize. FEBRUARY 20-Aelta Historical Society pre- sented Major Hay L. Schuyler, who .spoke on "National Defense." He wore the new army uniform. FEBRUARY 24elV-A Sport Dance. FEBRUARY 27-Beginning of Texas Week- opened with Dr. Herbert F. Gambrell speak- ing in assembly. FEBRUARY 28-Green and White football game. Money needed to pay for our wash- ing machine. MARCH 2-Speech Arts Department pre- sented the assembly program in honor of Mr. Parker. He was surprised and touched. Dr. Kimball and Dr. Lefkowitz, two of our favorites, spoke. MARCH 2, EvENrNc-The Texas History class and Forest Forum presented "Westward People." lt was a good program. MARCPI 3-There was a dedication of tree and grounds with a parade and all the trimming. MARCH 4-Second Talent Bowlflittle Ken- neth Willis was M. C. MARCH 6-13-Study of traffic-Maybe we can walk across the street without being kilt. MARCH l7-St. PatriCk's Dayewearing of the green. MARCH 20-Linz awards were given out. Had a musical program. that everyone enjoyed. lX4ARCH 22---Had a marvelous fire-drill. Even had a picture in the paper. lVlARCH 27-Captain Ft. Hoy Simmons of the fire department complimented us on our fire drill. MARCH 27-29-Try-outs for the Senior Play, "Going on Seventeen." APRIL lklV-A Sunrise Breakfast, which is no joke. APRIL 5wSchool's out! Goodbye, Forest, till the llth! APRIL 2l-lV-A Formal Dance. APRIL 28-"Forest Famous Fun Frolic." MAY 5-lV-B Formal Dance. MAY 15-Senior Day. MAY l9-Senior Flay, "Going on Seven- teen." MAY 28-Baccalaureate Services at First Baptist Church. TUNE l--Graduation--"Parting is such a sweet sorrow." Iune, '39 Class History ln the fall of '35 three hundred aspirants for diplomas four years hence walked into the yawning mouth of higher education. As Freshmen, we mem- bers of the Spring '39 class spent our time being impressed by the more dig- nified Seniors, Whom we hoped to emulate. With encour- agement supplied by Misses Ruth Christopher and Mar- garet Brewer, and Mrs. Tallulah Pinckard, we elected R X I-larry Bond, president, Selma Beisberg, vice-president, GM 1 and Billie Smith, secretary. KK "ln the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love," but the l-A class, now less self-conscious, elected Ramona Britton, president, Solon Ellis, vice-presidentg and Ierry Shal- lette, secretary. Having at long last been elevated to sophisticated Sophomores, we were Walking on air. However, with unbelievable skill we set to work and elected Marjorie Freeland, president, Iune Tiner, vice-president, . and Fannie Bosenbloom, secretary. Our fall sponsor was 7 Mr. Ioe Wiley. With our Easter bonnets in mind and spring in our hearts we elected Bobert Lomas, president, Sarah Tankus, vice-president, and Mavis Mize, secretary. Serving in 1 N capacity of sponsor was Miss Iunia McAlister. ' Ah! But woe betide. With that exalted position of lll-B's bestowed upon us, we felt that our worries were over. Alack and alas, we fell from our high horse 1 and settled down to elect Mavis Mize, presidentg Selma Beisberg, vice-president: and Billie Smith, secretary. M, 'ix A-,.-ye "When it's spring time in the Rockies," it is getting ffl -4 ptr F hot in Texas and especially at Forest, where the energetic f Ill-A's were laying plans for a gigantic Iunior Prom. Offi- ' lim cers who rode herd over the range were Norman,Pribble, ' president, Francine Ellis, vice-president: and Eugenia Baise, secretary. Our new and greatly esteemed sponsor was Mrs. Emma Brown. Looking down that last long stretch, we lV-B's, who knew the going would be rough, elected Corbie Truman, president: Norman Pribble, vice-presidentg and Mavis Mize, secretary. Chief social events were the sunrise breakfast held at Flag Pole Hill, and a formal dance held in a beautifully decorated gym. With only one change, that of electing Louise Hiegel secretary, the officers of the IV-A class remained the same. Our spring term was interspersed with many social events, among which were another sunrise breakfast at Flag Pole l-lill and a formal dance. Senior Day came May l5 and Senior play on May l9. NN Q , 7 . obtain noteworthy grades, the Spring '39 class will re- ceive their diplomas on Thursday, Iune l, l939, in the x amphitheater on the Fair Grounds. Thus "finis" is written to another four-year story. As must all good seniors who study their lessons and 4 5 IIN -,..-...p..., L -ROBERT MINCHEW. Page Om' Humlred Twenln tlowr P First Row: Left tO right-Black, Murk, Freeland, Pribble, Smith. Second Row: Lett to riqhtfltflarcus, Phillips, Minchew, Rosenbloom, Aschner. Third Row: Left to right-Rosenqarten, Carter, Foqel, Benno, Britton. Fourth Row: Left to right-Thorn, Erwin, Beisberq, Levy, Saffir, Mize. GOING ON SEVENTEEN Iune, '39 Class Play Elsa, maid at the Carl'1art'S . ROSE MARCUS Buddy Carhart . Mrs. Kate Carhart Florence Carhart . Craig Vincent . Tom Williams . . Paul .... Shrimpie . . Ioan Vincent . Page Om- H und' red Twenty- four , .BILLY MURK . GLORIA SAFFIR . CHARMAYNE SMITH . NORMAN PRIBBLE . ROBERT MINCHEW . . IACK PHILLIPS . . THOMAS CARTER . FANNIE ROSENBLOOM Lillums . . . . MARJORIE FREELAND Frank Carhart . . . . LOUIS BENNO Helen . . . . RAMONA BRITTON Doris . . . . . PEARL FOGEL Agnes ....... lNEz ROSENGARTEN Party Guests-MINNIE LU THORN, BETTY ER- VJIN, SAMUEL LEVY, SELMA REISBERG, IRVING ASCHNER, MAVIS MIZE Coach . . . . MISS HELEN FERN BLACK GOODBYE. DEAR FOREST HIGH m fTune: "Goodnight Little Girl of My Drea We're all so blue, Because we're leaving you, Goodbye to dear Forest High School. When we're away, We'll be sorry each day, For we'll miss our friends still in school We know that we'll be thinking of you, Thinking of all the things we used to do. We'll part and then, We will return again To visit dear Forest High School. -SELMA CoRcH1NE WE'RE NOT FORGETTING SO SOON CTune: "Have You Forgotten So Soon?"l We're not forgetting so soon That first enrollment day- The seniors' joking calls And how we always lost our way ln Forest's crowded halls. We were so young and silly, As helpless as can be- We're not forgetting so soon. We're not forgetting so soon, How much we didn't know, Our feelings so forlorn And how we scanned the ECHO For our names on Wednesday morn. We had a lot of trouble, But joys were more than double! We're not forgetting so soon. We're not forgetting so soon Our picnics in the spring, Our parties in the fall And how we always crammed For subjects in the study hall. We feel as you have guessed- That those days were the best- W'e'll not forget them so soon. -Ross MARCUS. WE'RE LEAVING FOREST HI CTune: "Funny Old Hills"D We're leaving this dear school of Forest Hi, Were saying good-by, saying good-by And our dear old school sings back today, "Better come back, come back, come back, Don't stay away." Gonna leave our friends, Gonna leave our books that kept us company- We'll never forget this senior day And the things that used to be. But we'll forget those cards And all our failing grades. We're saying good-by, saying good-by, We hate to leave this school we love. We're leaving this school. Good-by, good-by To Forest Hi. -MARY HELEN BRIGGS. CLASSMATES. STAND TOGETHER tTune: "Don't Give Up the Ship"l Classmates stand together To bid a fond farewell To their Alma Mater, The School for which their hearts will always swell. Four long years together At dear old Forest High, They've cheered the team And studied lessons, Danced and sung at social sessions, At dear old Forest High. Seniors stand together To say their last good-bye, To the School they cherish, The memories of which will never die. lts faculty and students With friendly smiles so true: lts rooms, its halls, and its gym balls, Their hearts have gladdened and leaving has saddened Dear old Forest High. -NOHMA Ross. Page Om' Hundrz'd Twenty- ffm' , , W , ... 4 E 5 51 3 1 E E ai F3 5 u 3 ff x, a 52 gy e Zi fy is f . 5 wig V if Q ,,". 7 1 I qm.. ,,,h-N f Q - ,Qf ff? . ...,., gag? nr -ie ffm 1 U 1 A ivy an N , il' 'A TW! K 4, V 1 ' gas lv ? . .f I V 'ifvsg 1w, W X L.,,f A -P '34 Q V?'f5m5' 5313? - -ai W gf? S A- - 'V' is , fm' A . wav V in fi ---.,.... K, U if Q 5? -1 'Q 5 SE Z? 55 is MAY I Hx-me voura AUTQGRAPH, PLEASE mifwl r L! L 5, 141,111 ,K , fr' 'f A Z I 9 My ,mf M' xp-SS Wm M22 r' ,if ,Q ,F r o i7.W+A4-1 M .:,.Y,... . 'R' CWM' V4r!fUeriz'5ers The publication of the Nineteen Thirty-Nine Forester has been madexpossible through the cooperation of the following merchants and friends. Let us'sho'w our appreciation. Armstrong Packing Company A. 85 T. Food Stores Beck's Chicken Garden Bell Tailoring Company Ben Morris Jewelry Co. Brilling, Insurance Boedeker Ice Cream Brownies Shoe Shop American Beauty Cover Company American Beauty and Barber Shop Buster Brown Shoe Store Carroll's Military Store Caudle Engraving Company Colonial Hill Service Station Colonial Radio Shop Dance 85 Son, Grocery Darver's Denison's Studios Dixie Motor Coach Corp. Draughon's Business College Dunton's Cafeteria Equitable Life Insurance Company Fairway Golf Course Fendley, Sid, Barber S Fleischmann,s Yeast Forest Avenue Pharmacy Franklinis Friedman,s Pharmacy G. 86 G. Florists Golman Baking Co. Gulf Station I-Ieigert's Flowers I-Iiegel, J. L. I-Ienry,s Juvenile Shoes John Hancock Life Insurance Kahn,s, E. M. Klar and Winterman Kraft Cheese Laura's Beauty Shop Leachman,s Laundry Lewis Grocery Lynn's Clothiers Metropolitan Business College Mintz Variety Store Morris Men's Wear Morris Sales Company Morten Milling Company Myrtle Street Drug Store Myrtle Street Barber Shop National Jobbing company i New York Bakery Nob Walter Garage f Orien Levy F Parker, Earl R. Phillips Grocery Primrose Petroleum Company Prinz Rubber Company Ring SC Brewer Sammy,s Shuttles Brothers Southwestern Engraving Company Stampes 86 Son, Grocery Stern, Robert, Insurance Sunshine Grocery Skinnie ind Jimmie Whittle Music Store White, Forest, and Dal-Sec Theaters Wilkinson Printing Company Wood Service Station Page One Hun fired Thirty-on The Equitable Lilie Assurance Society OF THE UNITED STATES LLOYD W. KLINGMAN, Agency Manager QIO Tower Petroleum Building Telephone 7-91-L68 CWI! farms of .fzfie gnsurance Service: glflortgage gledempt ly fgncome ation of Children Old cgge gncome R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS Riding 3 Outdoor Equipment S Clothing Dallas' Only Military Store . 1603 ELM GLUTHES 0F STYLE AND QUALITY FOR MEN'Y0llNG MEN'AND WUMEN Z. M. Kahn 8' ea. MAIN AND ELM AT ,LAMAR 0 DALLAS Compliments 0f az Wemz' ,Y.i .Y Q, HdlTly 1 Complimemiv of DAVE SUPPERSTEIN The K fd f I Cheese Diyfribufor "Ask for Kraft Cheese af Your G1'0eer's" G Uomflfimanfi of .cgwgufffsi gawsfsm 49 Complimefzziv of E Morten Mz'!!z'ng Ce. -Q? " w LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF Bos'roN, MASSACHUSETTS li' f' I I -f 1- , f , , -f f e -we , I D0 YU' I WANT T0 r 9 LUUK YU' I Il BEST' i You can only look your best when your skin is clear and healthy and free from blemishes. Two reasons blemishes afllict young people are X Q - - . . . Flin 0 The skin is likely to be oversensltlve between the st'.... ages of 13 and 25. Then sluggish intestinal action may , bring on these eruptions. In Seeond.. 0 You nlay require extra Vitaniin A, a yitamin .im- I portant in heIp111g to keep the skin attractive looking. I FLEISCHMANIVS HIGH VITAMIN YEAST offers aid for both these troubles. This fresh yeast can help quicken sluggish y e intestinal action! And two cakes give you over 6,000 units of I , FlEISCHM NN'S Vltamm. A1 , , , t Many girls and boys with skin blemishes report wonderful r 5mQ'Qf35E5Q:QQftQQ5: results in under 30 days. Eat two cakes every day, one-half rf tl "" hour before breakfast or lunch, another one-half hour before It 'X Ial raz u ly iemlire 1 Supper. .y I Q , e W lte- a sec Th h ' D l l l r Extend to the Graduating Classes of June, 1939 and January, 1940 their congratulations and best Wishes in starting out on life's highway. I These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and Women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and ' are conducted in your interest with cleanhand Wneieeerne entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. Page One H1l11dTfd Thirty-four E A 1 C0mplir11ze1z!s of fIQANliLlN'S 1610 Elm Street Phone 7- 5 378 Complete Wardrobe for Teen Age, Misses, Women, Children, and Infants Teen Age, Misses, Women, Children and Infants Infants sizes: 0 to 9 months Misses' sizes: 10 to 20 I Childrens' sizes: 1 to 14 Women's sizes: 18M toS2Z e C077ZPli17Z811fS 0 f RI G AND BREWER ' fllililary and Sporty Wear 1803 Elm Street 0 Sammyis ' We Cater to High School and College Trade CURB SERVICE-WE NEVER CLOSE 1516 Greenville Avenue Highland Park Shopping Village Telephone 3-4242 Telephone S -2 5 1 5 O Complimemfs of az F riemz' Page One H umlved Thirty-fi ' r," ' no ' ' ssh' ' " ' f' ' ASK YOUR Compliments of GRQCER l FOR B dgkgr Uueona'i1z'onally I C Guaranteea' 66 'l?NS7lON03 4 rg Budbrand orfenmcg r E Compliments of 5!Vl5f7fOflOX2fal2 BUSINESS COLLEGE 1. It ,if2fEZfEfbSIff1'1C'2'Z5EST,?e, ma. ! 2. tgrlzilsslseggrllglrgzlcexrthe personal man- PETRULEUM CU- 3. lfgifiiiiilg1Egf,1rQIiQeQQinffQ1frQ s school of character, standing and in- W 4. qrelelrifploys teachers of experience l ff U 5 Ttldhzlsllggen notabl successful 'n l USE Best I placing its graduate! in good posi- I w I . . Phone 4-003.4 Call Os for Tlre S time r F. A S I Colomal H111 SCIVICC lrestone uto upp y - and Service Store Station High Pressure Wasbivzg and Greasing Ross and Harwood p f Phone 7,3177 Vacuum Cleanzng H f H S Texaco Proaluczfs Omgocixwteoiipggwlippyl Harwood at Forest Dallas, Texas p .. ,. ll Compliments of 1 r Qolman Wi11ian1 C. Hiegert Florist H Flowers for All Occasions 0 . 2718 Forest Avenue Phone 4-7133 Page One Hun rlvwl Thirty-six MYRTLE STREET DRUG STORE 4704 Myrtle Phone 4-043 2 DALLAS, TEXAS E. Y. DANCE 86 SON 1 Grocery and Market 4709 Myrtle Street Telephone 4-0125 PHILLIPS GROCERY 81 MARKET 4723 Oakland 4- 0174 Compliments of AFriend GULF SERVICE STATION MYRTLE STREET BARBER SHOP EARL WRIGHT, Proprietor 4705 Myrtle Street l Fried Chicken l BECK'S DINING HALL 3010 Oakland at Forest Phone 4-2936 BROWNIHS SHOE SHOP HENRYS QSIQEILE SHOE Hmm, of Better Shoe Repairing 1711-A Elm Street Dallas, Texas Free Call For and Delivery HENRY BURSTEIN N , . Phone 2-461 8 J 016 Colonial Phone 4-5572 Red Goose Shoes Are Half the Fun of Having Feet Compliments of LYNN CLOTHIERS "Styled in Hollywood" We Have Suits, Slacks, and Suit Slacks 1514 MAIN SAM LYNN, Manager Compliments of MORRIS MEN'S WEAR 1604 Main Street 1 "Where Young Men Like to Trade" Compliments of ED WOOD GULF STATION Harwood at Corinth "Come to see a former Forester" Compliments of NOB WALTER y BAKER HOTEL STORAGE 1410 Jackson Street Dallas, Texas Phone 2-7708 BUSTER BROWN JUVENILE SHOE STORE Perfect Fit by X-Ray LEXVIS GROCERY SC MARKET 1 Groceries, Meats, and School Supplies 1709-A Elm Street Phone 7-6065 DALLAS, TEXAS PHIL BACHRACK 3103 Forest Avenue Phone 4-0173 55 Men's Fine Shoes 55 . Such Nllllles as C0"'pI'mwts of T0 Nettleton-lg-lesilixlllggllgiiner-Ill-ner T0 nox 57 Many 0lher Standard Dlakes H H , , A Former Forester Natlonal Jobblng Co. 1415 Commerce St. Next to Magnolia Bldg. Page Om' Hundred Thirty al-E ihr' i Walid' 7 if" "" " ' ' ' ' 'Mid' NEW YQRK BAKERY AND FOREST AVENUE PHARMACY ' E 4 1' Your Nei'hh rhoozl Dru. ist DELICAP1 ESSEN 2734 FOREST at OAKLAXTNID W F0-if Soynelfbing New and Dijeyent Prompt, Eficient, and Courteous Service Registererl Pharmueixi an Duty 2732 Forest Avenue Phone 43815 NATHAN ROBINSON, Prop-rieto-r PHONE 4-5171 Compliments of I 5 E I l EVERYTHING MUSICAL 1213 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS SUITS . . PANTS . . OVERCOATIS . Reailymwrie--Tailormade Compliments of BELL TAILORING COMPANY J- L- HIEGEL I "The Young Menis Store of Dullusi' SUPERINTENDENT HUDSON C. LOCKETT and CASEY JONES . . . 1611 Main Street Phone 2-0995 Twnlty Cotton Oil Cowzpany I p W M AXEY'S SUNSHINE Your Family Druggist p I W GROCERY and MARKET I Hardware - School Supplies FRIEDMAN'S REGISTERED DRUGGISTS "Where South Dallas Tradesv 1800 Second Avenue 1920 Grand Avenue Phone 4-7118 N - I . ' I STAMPES 86 SONS Don t Cuss . . Call Us. ' ' ANY MAKE OF RADIO REPAIRED Groceries and Sgyfying Dallas 1901 Second Avenue Phone 4-1665 COLONIAL 4-0208 1714 Forest Compliments of AMERICAN ROBERT STERN BEAUTY AND BARBER sHoP Inmmm, Agency SID FENDLEY, Proprietor 401 Andrews Building-2-5504 Residence 1904 Pennsylvania N 1913 Second Avenue Phone 4-0167 4-5673 I e STELLA GLOVER, Prop. PHO-NE 4-1747 Compliments of A. 59? T Food Stores G. 81 G. FLORISTS FLOWERS OF DISTINCTION 3 9 01 Colonial t Travel By Bus-Go Trailways Pffffm Dixie 6? Sunshine 4 OW T railways 1, I Advertisers 4 I Phone 7-8 877 I J: K f f Y - T - K f Y i , Q, , Page One Hundred Thirty eight D A R V E R' S Babyland 8: junior Shop Cbildrerfs Apparel from Cradle to College COMPLETELY AIR coND1T1oN12D 208-10 North St. Paul Street Opposite Dallas Athletic Club Phone 7-1941 601 POSITIONS High school seniors who are lookir ward to employment and opportunity ' as possible after Commencement will L .1- terested to know that during 193.8 our Em- ployment Department placed 397 young people-most of them 1937 and 1938 High School graduates-in good starting positions with Dallas business firmsg and had 204 calls that we were unable to fill. A complete record of these calls and place- ments is on file at the College oiiice-the broadest assurance of the opportunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you for similar opportunities within a few months. call or phone 7-3133 for complete information. Largest in Dallas-in enrollment and place- ments. Draughon's College Commerce and Harwood Compliments of BEN U TAY First Captain Forest Avenue High Football Team, 1917 Ben Morris Jewelry Co. 1924-A Elm Street 1 Phone 2-4902 .lust Remember When You Dine "Good Food Is Good Health" DEMAND IT Danfoafs Cafeteria 1609 Elm 1620 Pacific Klar 84 Wintetman "Dallas' Largest Jewelers and Brokers" Over a Quarter Century 2310 Elm Street Phone 7-5409 L - L - L eaelzmaa 's LAUNDRY LEADS For Over 51 Years 4-21 61 EASY PAYMENTS ON STAR TIRES N0 CARRYING CHARGES Prinz Rubber Co. 4Formerly Dayton Prinz Rubber Companyj 1808 Young St. Phone 2-5256 Page One H mzdred Thzrty mm' gwanufacturers of Sfdgb .Quality ClQ,7eda'ing and Commencement gnvitations A CAUDLE ENGIQAVIN STEEL DIE and COPPER PLATE ENGRAVERS CD. Phone 7-0019 411 North Ervay St. DALLAS, TEXAS The Telephone Z-4766 A Y ABE I. BRILLING , Inmmnce JY 90? Gourse Qedicated to Spro- jefsional and Jqmateur gown OF EVERY DESCRIP-NGN for a 'gene' game of 905 "Absolutely Personal Service" t 1402 Republic Bank Building DALLAS .feocated at the Front Entrance 1 of the STATE FAIR OF TEXAS GROUNDS Earl R. Parker "C9ne of the 6001 Spots in Qballax AAU-Oyney at Law open awry QW pam Hall of Records Building 5:00 a. m. to 2:00 a. m. phone 6,6615 ' Phone 3-0060 One H und red Forty DENISON on your PHOTOGRAPH is the same as STERLING on SILVER ,W . ... .,A.A A'4'f-f1 I ' n w -..l, 2'1-2:1 ,.1. , " A -' 4'f1Li ,' ,A.-A Zfi: ??e2if222 fzli 11f1- 31 ,-'1 e 21': ai -,-'A1'1. A Non-Stop , I For Better Flight to . . EJZLQOIZ 5 Photographs Tlze photographs in the Fomrfer were made by WP STUDIOS 11022 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS Wilkinson PRINTING COMPANY 1717 Wood Street . . DALLAS, TEXAS APPRECIATE THE FIN E CO-OPERATION GIVEN US IN THE PRODUCTION OF THESE HIGH SCHOOL cf4nmm!5 Y",, 'f yi , 9, ,xt Compliments of Compliments of V X, L3.l1t'a7S Beauty Mintz Variety 86 Hardware Store 1310 C0l011ial Avenue Gam-Dlete .fine of :School Supplies ' Telephone 4-0028 Phone 4-0088 2802 Forest Avenue , Q2 A l lx In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past 15 years. l American Beaut Cover Co. 2002-8 Field Street The Cover on Tlois Book Was Produced in This Plant 0 l Complzmemfs of zz F mem! S. T. lil - - 49. - , TO TI-IE TEACHERS They mode us study long ond hgrdg We leave them here gs we go ony This porting now Will grieve us- But egch one left his rrigrk on us, And that will never lecrve us. -MARCIA RAY. How could we now iorget it? But they taught us to study right, And We will not regret it. . The FORESTER Stott wishes to thcmk the LADIES HOME IOURNAL tor permis- sion to reproduce their Mczrch, l939, cover, which is on page ll3. i J Page Om' H 1ma'n'd F arty-tbrcc 1 l 1 i E 4 E . E X H E 5 1 4 -I 53 Q X , . um 4..,. Mm. ,mm .W ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,, , . .A , A,, v

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