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1937 FORESTER Q, k i fn Copyriqht 1937 FRANK SINGER STANLEY KAUPMAN CQ-Ediiors PAUL LACY Business Manager 27261937 FORESTER PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL SQl1!f11l HMI: DALLAS, TEXAS O P DEDICATION .7-1. Miss SARA DAVIDSON DEDICATIGN Because durina the years in which she sponsored cur class, We tcund in her these auatities ct person and mind tc be treasured in a rare iriend--aentleness at manner, sincerity at speech, keen- ness ct intellect, an understand- ina heart Q- we dedicate this twenty-first volume at the FCDRESTER to MISS SARA DAVIDSCDN ,YV 4 fffkg S- mtg, aff X' 4 'Ji S37 ' ,V " t 'jf' 051' 'S M V FOREWORD There is perhaps no greater lure in the world than that of the sea. Ever old, yet ever new, she has captured and held fast the imagi- nation of man-from the ancient dragon-prowed ship to the modern ocean liner. We have chosen the Romance of the Sea as our theme for two reasons: First, because we believe in the magic of romance, and as long as there is a sea and a ship to sail on it, we shall do so. Second, because we hope that, in the years to come, just as the pic- ture of a ship recalls the flying spray to the old sailor, so will a glance through these pages recall our years at Forest-where we worked together, played together, laughed together, cried together in the magic of our High School Days. Now with sails high flung, we launch our ships on the seven seas for distant ports. Bon Voyage! ff-:J .A 4-x, , R, s, s- '- ' '3 1 '- T , - l1 , TWxx. wwe- ,ix tg ,M i SN . fy' gh tltql 'I f u Af, J: W , ,,,,,Kf"f-f .,, B 0 O K S l. Administration ll. Classes lil. Military lV. Athletics V. Qraanizatiens Vl. Features Vll. Advertisements ' , ffl A ,-7' ilxr X 'Ea-V. 714. A 1' tag , J-, W1 'N f , t , 5 jf 132 4' l'- i-. if I , 55- UYMPI 3,5 ""' VQVV ' I n , J? I S ,, M .. fm. . AA .I , ", V 1" 5 yi 'jdll -qpu IL. as . if ' I f123QEAi5gQf:m I , 1 Singer Cohn Shepherd Pricg Lacy Canada Carp Coleman Friedman Clark Yales lVlIlcl'Iell FORESTER STHFF FRAITJIQ SIIIOER STANLEY KAUFMAN ASSOCIATE EDITORS SIBYL MEAZELI, ROSALEE COHN LITERARY EDITORS MARIAN SHEPHERD BESSIE COLEMAN RUTH FRIEDMAN ADELINE PRICE ATHLETIC EDITOR 'VVILSON CANADA BUSINESS MANAGER PAUL LACY ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER DAVID ARONOFSKY ADVERTISING MANAGER A 1 RIOFERT CARR ASSISTANT ADVERTISING MANAGER Q11 ,X BESSIE CARDELLA Dm If ADVISERS MARY SMITH CLARK H. B. YATES lVlEL MITCHELL Editorial BII:1inOf:5 Art Q1 . . -Nye .1 .vw N fx. W , ww S.. af-wwf., ARA h Kaufman Cardella Aronofsl-cy Meazell ADMINISTIQATIQN TO FGREST Proud in miahty strenqth you stand, A magnificent symbol ot beauty, A masterpiece ot heart and hand, And twenty-one years of duty. Thouqh your proud, majestic Walls Should turn to mold and dust, Your memory iorever to us recalls Our love, honor, and trust. W-VIRGINIA IACKSON. Page T Pagf' Flmwz f f - 1 i N. R- CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD S p ' I I I of S fo I l Al f 9 fv'rir1h'ml1'r1l of Srfmuli Dixlrivt SlllH'l'i!lfl'7HIl'IIf of . ll l'l'IIl I'lIt1'll . KJ 0 .Y 1 NIJ dll .II 1 High Srlmoli BOHRD OF EDUCHTION DAVID W. CARTER, IR., M.D. . . President MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT . . . Vice-President ,Qll COMMITTEES Finance Supply GABE P. ALLEN, Chairman L. O. DONALD D. D. ROGERS Rules D. D. ROGERS, Chairman MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MRS. W. A. LEEPER Lunchrooms MRS. W. A. LEEPER, Chairman D. D. ROGERS MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Chairman FRED D. DANFORD L. O. DONALD Building and Sites L. O. DONALD, Chairman GABE P. ALLEN PRED D. DANFORD Welfare PRED D. DANEORD, Chairman MRS. W. A. LEEPER GABE P. ALLEN 1 PVVYLIE A. PARKER Principal A triencl to every stuolent, trorn freshman to senior, is our ahle principal, Vtfylie A. Parker. l-le oloes not contine his interests to Forest Avenue l-liah School, tor he is known throughout Texas as an authority on thinas concerning this state. Mr. Parker -- principal, Texas lztanaer, author, teacher, anol trienae-We are tortunate in havina him at the head of our school. Page Thirteen TRUE VHLUES OF LIFE The values of life that are priceless are also eternal and brighten with use, for man, the masterpiece of creation, is made in the image and likeness of his Creator. Man has the freedom of Choice, though, in the emphasis he places on these values. lf he chooses to develop only his qualities of physique, he may become a savage. lf he develops only his mental nature, he may become a nervous tyrant. lf he develops only his spiritual talents, he may become a detestable fanatic. On the other hand, if man chooses to align himself with his Maker by a personal experi- ence of grace in his heart and walks daily in His way, he can glorify his existence by the unfolding of his mind, the strengthening of his body, the enrichment of his ideals, and the ennoblement of his soul. May your development be symmetrical, my young friends. The test of a man is pain, just as the test of gold is fire, and he is constantly questioned and challenged about the worth of his achievements. The seed he sows must be tested to prove its power of germination: the food he eats must be inspected to assure its purityg every chemical process he uses must be analyzed to justify its excellenceg every piece of engineering he con- structs must be tried to prove its safety, and his own ability must be put to the test to justify his existence in whatever station in life he finds himself. May your achievements meet the tests of life, my dear friends. We frequently hear people discuss the worth of a certain man in the community. Some judge his Worth by the size of his bank accountg some by the clothes he wearsg others by the house in which he livesp and still others by the family to which he belongs. People who think straight, however, judge a man's worth by the eternal values of his life: by the fortitude and courage with which he faces life, by the love he shows for his fellow men, by his behavior in the face of the knocks of this world, and by the unsullied victory of his soul as he overcomes temptation. A build- ing may be ever so beautiful, but its value is not in its beauty. lt is valued by the solidify of its foundation, by the permanence of its materials, and by the strength of its joints. A man may develop a powerful body as the temple of his ideals, but the true test of his worth lies in the honorable life he lives and in the nobility of his character. What, may l ask, are you worth, my young friends? Y Much in this life which seems valuable is but an empty bubble, and much that is counted worthless by man proves to be a blessing to him who sees with an understanding heart. He who understands accepts the thorns with the roses, and adjusts himself readily to the disappoint- ments of life. The man who understands appreciates the simple pleasures of this world and enjoys with grateful acknowledgment the countless blessings to which mankind is heir---the flowers which bud and blossom, the leaves which fade from one lovely color to another, the gentle breezes which fan us in the springtime, the pure white snow which gladdens our hearts in wintertime, the gorgeous landscapes which nature so generously bestows, and the countless other gifts which heaven drops at our door. May you have the understanding eye and the grateful heart. May you accept only true values in life. May your life be free from all deceit and dishonesty. The respect of loved ones, the friendship of friends of God, the companionship of children, the peace of a life Well lived, and the goal of accomplishment honestly won4these are true values, and he who fills his life with these priceless values is of sterling worth, though he may live with the simple and toil with the humble. Make your word as good as your bond, disdain any act which might stain your honor, scorn a lie, and never covet the property of another. Hold sacred the confidence reposed in you, betray neither friend nor foe, live up to the terms of every agree- ment, and consider that bargain unfair by which one person takes advantage of another. May your faith in God be deep, yet simple and childlike. May you ever have a profound love for the members of your family and a desire to provide for them every moment of your life. May you always be willing to help the needy, give a word of comfort to the lonely, recognize and assist the wayward, forget the failings of your associates and commend them for their good points, be strong in the hour of affliction, smile when your heart is bursting with sorrow, forgive when you are injured, and look up when things go wrong. May you be the kind of worker who chisels a stone from the quarry, fashions it, finishes it, sets it in the wall, and feels that he is now a part of the building in which that stone is embedded. May your sense of humor teach you to rejoice, and your strength of character forbid you to mourn unduly. ln the face of trouble may you smile, in the face of failure may you work, and in the face of discouragement may you persevere. These are true values of life. -WYLIE A. PARKER. iw- Miss RACHEL FooTE Deon "One ship soils ecisi And another soils west, 'Wiih the self-some winds thot hiow. 'Tis ihe sei of the soil And not the qoie Which te-Us ihe way to go." Miss Foote hols been most foiihful in "setting ou! soils," ond we ore qrotefui to her for ii. f- ' "Wh XiX.X'i-V' " Page fozninm Pzzgc' Fiftewz I . . First Row, left to right: Berry, Overloeck, Harlan, Hassell, Elder, Hyman, Hughes, E, Brown, Segrist, Shaw, McCormack. Second Row, left to right: Clark, Dial, Rowe, Wilcox, Melson, M. Brown, Mitchell, Parker, Barham, Blumenthal. Third Row, left to right: Yates, Pritchett, Usry, Harrington, Donohue, Andrews, Masters, McAlister, Davidson, Wickham, Matthews, Bagley, Ardrey, Fourth Row, left to right: LaBorne, Wiley, Keeling, Butler, Moore, Goodman, Hutchinson, Griffith, Menezes, Ftosser, Boulton, Kerinington. Tf. nie-L - 1 A QW ANDREWS, NANNIE D. ARDREY, MINNIE P. . BAGLEY, ELIZABETH W, . BAKER, S. N. . . . BARHAM, RUTI-I E. . BERRY, WILLIE MAE . BLACK, HELEN FERN . BLUMENTHAL, IENNIE W BOULTON, I. ALAN . BREWER, MARGARET BROWN, EMMA H. BROWN, MINNIE . . Mathematics . . French . English . Shorthand . , English . Household Arts . Public Speaking . Study Hall . Science . . Mathematics History, Mathematics . . Social Studies BUTLER, W. H. CIIRISTOPIIER, RUTH CLARK, MARY SMITH DAVIDSON, SARA . DIAL, TURA W. . . DONOHUE, EMMALINE . Social Studies . Social Studies . . . . English Spanish, English English D. . . . Library DURHAM, ELoIsE . . 4534140 ELDER, LOUL . FELDER, ANNIE GEM FOOTE, RACHEL M. GERLACI-I, DOROTHY GOODMAN, C. V. . . , . lournalism I. Mathematics . . . . . English . , Dean . Social Studies . Social Studies GRIFEITII, D, T. . HARDY, SEARCY H. HARLAN, LETA MAI: HARRINGTON, ALICE HASSELL, KATE . HERZOG, W. M. . HOLDEN, PERCIE . HUGHES, ELIZABETH HURST, VIRGINIA . Mechanical Drawing . . Study Hall . . Secretary . Household Arts . Mathematics . . Band . Pianist . . . English Shorthand, Typing HUTCHINSON, SELDON S. . Science, Physical Education HYMAN, SARA . . . . TACKSON, BERTHA . KEEIING, VV. H. . KENNINGTON, I. T. . LA BORNE, PAUL CHARLES . MCALISTER, TUNIA E. . McCoRMAcIc, C. T . MANGUNI, W. A. . MASTERS, ETHEL MATTHEWS, PEARLE MELSON, ADDIE . . . Study Hall . English Mathematics . Social Studies . . English , Science . Accounting . Mathematics Latin, Mathematics . Household Arts . . English MENEZES, HARRY E. . MILLER, LOURANIA . ltllITC!-TELL, MEL MooRE, GRAY . . . OVERBECK, MARY FRANCES PARKER, ELIZABETH . . PARKER, WYLIE A. . PINCKARD, TALLULAI-I . PRITCI-IETT, TULIA . ROSSER, L. E. . ROWE, EDNA . SEGRIST, LOCILLE . SHAW, lVlABEL . Military Training . . . Latin . Art . . . Science Attendance Clerk . Household Arts . . Principal . Study Hall . Typing . Mathematics . . . English Physical Education Physical Education SHEPARD, ALVA . . . . . Mathematics THATCHER, BESS .7-3 Social Studies USRY, I. T. . I , . ,. Social Studies WHITE, l. B. K' . . . . . Science WICKI-IAM, FLETCHER RYAN . Spanish WILCOX, LOUISE . WILEY, TOE L. . YATES, H. B. . "f" my 'K . . . Music . Social Studies Social Studies Puge Six lem Page Seventeen OUR FHCULTY The principal, Mr. Parker, is firstg For knowledge of Texas he does thirst. Miss Foote, our dean, is next in line, And her ruling is true and fine. Our senior counselor, dear Miss Rowe, The seeds of good English she does sow. The rest of the teachers we class highly-- Among these a new one, Mr. Wiley. ln lOl is Mrs, Hardy, Who doesn't like it if you're tardy. Miss Hyman and Mrs, Blumenthal Keep order in study hall. In colors our teachers go to town- Miss Black, Mr. White, and Mrs. Brown. Our librarian, Miss Donohue, On books can be outdone by few. We all know our own Miss Andrews: The hardest math problems she pursues. Major Menezes, our head in military, Makes a man of every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Both Miss Harlan and Miss Overbeck In the office check and double-check. Misses Clark, Hughes, and Me-lson teach The very best forms in English speech. A typing and shorthand teacher, Mrs. Hurst, At 7:45 at school is one of the first. Miss Shaw and Miss Segrist are The best in gymnastics near and far. Mr. Boulton, Miss IVlcAlister, and Mr, Moore, The realm of science do explore. Mrs. Ardrey, Misses Masters and Miller Foreign languages to teach prefer. Misses Vllickham and Davidson ln teaching Spanish find much fun. Miss Mitchell and Mr. Griffith, teachers of art, Their great talents to the pupils impart. In mathematics is Miss Elder: lust as good in English is Miss Felder. Our senior sponsor, Mr. LaBorne, With his large senior class will rarely be iorlarn. Bagley, Barham, Iackson, and Dial-- Teaching English to them is no trial. Brewer, Hassell, Mangum, and Rosser teach in mathematics, Put x-y-z in our heads, though our heads be like bricks. Herzog, band: Wilcox, orchestra, and Holden, pianist, Do their part in our school to assist. Baker and Pritchett in commercial teach, For good stenographers we give credit to each. Miss Elizabeth Parker of Household Arts Teaches the girls ways to win men's hearts. Mr. Yates and Miss Durham in the FORESTER and ECHO, The ways to be a good journalist do show. A sweet, new teacher is Mrs. Pinckard, For everyone she has a kind word. Alas, dear readers, bear with me. For on my head grey hairs you see, It your favorite's name is not here, offended do not be For rhymes do not grow on any ol' tree. --RUTH Ricr-:MAN DHDS CLUB OFFICERS ROBERT STERN ....... President L. L. HEIGEL . . First ViceePresident S. I. RAINEY . . . Second Vice-President P. L. LACY ....... Secretary EXECUTIVE BOARD I. L. RICKER C. H. COFFMAN GEORGE HARWOOD C. C. MIZE M. I. RANSOM W. B. STALLCUP IACK RUSHING A. I. THROWER COMMITTEES C. H. COFPMAN ...... Athletics W. B. STALLCUP . . . Finance P. L. LACY . . . . . R. O. T. C. E T. CROSSON . . . . Education L. L. HEIGEL . . . . . lrnprovement A. I. THROWER . . .... Welfare C. T. KURLAN . . . Entertainment BERT COOK ........ Goodwill DELEGATES TO CENTRAL DADS CLUB WYLIE A. PARKER H. B. YATES C. H. COFFMAN A. I. THROWER GLENN ROGERS During the school year Ot 1936-37, the Dads Club has waged an agqressive carn- paiqn to secure playground space tor the school. As a result ot this activity, the Board ot Education has promised to secure tor Forest an athletic field with the April Bond lssue. Page Eighiecn Page Ninn! MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS MRS. First ROW: Aronotsky, Morris, Schockmon, Liliiebridqe, Shor, Temple. Second Row: Kduimcrn, Rupdrd, Herzstein, Moore, Braun. Third Row: Hcrrldn, Michdeison, Burton, Thrower, Briiiinq, Icrcobs. PHRENT-TEHCI-IER HSSOCIHTION MAURICE SCHACKMAN ABE I. BRILLING . PHIL MICHAELSON . A. H. IACOBS . ESIR ARONOFSKY . W. E. HARLAN . IACK PIUPARD . MILTON HERZSTEIN . E. H. MORRIS . . MILTON F. BRAUN . OFFICERS . President . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Third Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President . Fifth Vice-President Sixth Vice-President Seventh Vice-President . Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary A. I. THROWER . . . .... TIGCISUIGT HERBERT F. LILLIEBRIDGE . - - -A-11diTOf GRAY L. BURTON . - - AUCUIOY GRANVILLE MQQRE , . PCITiiG1'1'19I'1iCIIiCII1 SAM T. KAUFMAN ......... Historian DELEGATES TO DALLAS COUNCIL I. I. SIIOR MRS. E. C. TEMPEL ALTERNATES W. F, BOGIE MRS. I. A. WOODALL Sunrise l saw the eastern horizon Turn gold in the morning light, lt waked again, to greet the day- Tired ot the long, dark night. The golden light on the pale-blue sky Denotes a clear, bright day, The sun comes from his hiding place And drives all shadows away. The world awakes when the sun comes up The sky takes a brighter hue, The mist tloats upward trom the hills And lite begins anew. --sFLoRA PURSER Sunset Red, gold, and green the sky From the sunset's mellow glow, lt sheds its sott and radiant gleam Cn objects here below. l can't express in simple words How the picture looks to rne, lt needs an artist, skilled by time, To paint its novelty. But never a common artist Could paint a scene like this, None but the one great Artist- God, in His holy bliss. ---FLORA PURsER. Wi-f il- -: -1,5254 'f-gi 5q,1ug3lgc4y.w CLASSES -.,+.iJ Clouds The clouols overhead go floating by ln stately forms across the sky. They seem to he like ships to me, And sail upon an endless sea. They float clown low or stay up high, And all about they fill the sky. They look like clown from small lambs' backs And Where they go they leave no tracks. They sometimes are like castles high That lift their towers toward the sky, Where gallant knights no longer fight-4 There are no wrongs for them to right. -D. A. HURST. t fi:S!,f f 15 A A XG fl r'f'7' "I must forth cfqcrin tomorrow! With the sunset I must be Hull down on the trail of rapture In the wonder of the sea." -RICHARD HOVEY. SENIDIQ CLASSfS -,-,1u fd Q. PAUL LA BCENE Iune, '37 Closs Sponsor MISS ELIZABETH PARKER Ionuory, '38 Clctss Sponsor MISS EDNA RCWE Senior Counsellor f l Senior Day Program Wayne Woodruff Iessie Matthews Frances Whitaker Mffff Jr--L, W NELL FERGUSON PAUL LACY WILSON CANADA President Vice-President lUNE, '37 CLHSS COMMITTEES Secretary Senior Dance Senior Play Frank Singer lames Sultis David Aronofsky Edwin Tobolowsky Stanley Kaufman Pauline Kina IHNUARY, '38 CLI-ISS Social Committee Donald Finkelstein Curtis Bailey Sam Stranqi ANNETTE WHITE President l Q, I' t,n.e qv, X gi,l X 'N it ' N0 12, ff 1 QI Pugt' T11 'rally-fl1'f' CLASS COMMITTEES Membership Committee Coy Strickland lessie McMeans Annette White CURTIS BAILEY Vice-President Program Committee Maurine Goodman Rosalee Cohn Dorothy Looney ARLENE ABLES Secretary te - M-.aww WWW? f .. A, f A. 1' CHESTER ACHILLES Basketball, '37, Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, '37, Aelta Historical Society, Sergeant - at- Arms, Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President, Pres- ident, FORESTER, '37, R. O. T. C., Sergeant. WILLIE RAE ANDERSON Girls Public Speaking Club. DAVID ARONOFSKY lll'B Class, Vice-President, High Scholarship Club, Vice-President, Standard Debating Society, Secre- tary, Le Cercle Francais, B. O. T. C., Captain, All-City Band, '34, '35, '36, '37, interscholastic De- bate Team, '35, '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, FORESTER, '37, '34, '35, FORESTER, '37, Class Orator, '37. MILDRED ASHLEY Forest Forum, Girls Pep Squad, Auditores Caesaris. DOROTHY BALL Auditores Caesaris, President '37, Secretary '36, Siqniferi, Aelta Historical Society, -Forest Safety Council, All-City Chorus '34, '35, '36, Pep Squad, '34, Operetta, '34, '35, '36, Office Assistant, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37, IUNE, '37, CLASS ,liz iff' ., ,J AGNES BALLARD Forest Safety Council, Girl Re- serves, Treasurer, ECHO Staff, '37, SALLY BEBEE ECHO Staff, '37. BETTY JEAN BEHRENS Radio Club, Vice-President, '35, Science Club, Latin Essay Con- test, '37, Library Assistant, '37. ESTELLE BENNETT Girls Pep Squad, '35, 36, Little Theater, '34, ECHO Staff, '37, MAGDALENE BICKERSTAFE ECHO Staff, '37, Los Espanoles loviales, Safety Council, Girls Pep Squad. Pugr 'l'll't'IlfYY-SAX DOROTHY BLACK Girl Reserves, '37, Linz Award, '36, High Scholarship Club, '37, All-City Chorus, '34. DOROTHY BOEDEKER Girls Letter Club: Girls Pell Squad, '35, Los Espanoles Ioviales. ERA GRACE BOND Forest Safety Council, Girl Re- serves, ECHO Staff, '37, DOROTHY LYLE BROWN All-City Chorus, '36, Girl Be- serves, Girls Pep Squad, '34, '35. WILSON CANADA Iunior Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer, '35, Senior Hi-Y, Aelta Historical Society, President, '36, IV-A Class Vice-President, '37, Crack Corn' pany, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, Football, '35, '36, Track, '35, Tennis, '37, Reynolds-Penland Award, '36, FORESTER, '37, Page Twenty-sf'r'e1x IULIE ANN CANNON High Scholarship Club, Girl Bee serves, I-A Class Secretary, '34, Safety Council, President, Parlia- rnentarian. NOAH A. CARSON, IR. lunior Hi-Y, Glee Club, '33, '34, '35, '36, All-City Glee Club, '34 '35: Operetta, '33, '34, '35. SAM CLASBEY ECHO Staff, Editor, '37, DERWOOD COCKRELL Auditores Caesaris, '32, '33. Brsssrr: COLEMAN Le Cercle Francais, Vice-Presi dent, '36, High Scholarship Club, Treasurer, '367, National Honor Society, FORI-:s'rER, '37, Office Assistant, '35, Linz Awards, '35, '36, '37, Banking, President, '36, '37, Teller, '36, '37, ill-B Class Secretary, '36, Texas History Club, Vice-President, '35, '36. ZELDA COLEMAN Texas History Club, Secretary '37, Sergeant- at- Arms '36, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historif cal Society. ROBERT CONNER Football, '33, '34, '35, '36, Basket- ball, '34, '35, '36, '37, Track, '34, '35, '36, 37, Baseball, '34, '35, '36, '37. BERT Cook National Honor Society, President, '37, R. O, T. C., Major, Crack Company, '34, 35, '36, Crack Plo- toon, '35, '36, Rifle Team, '35, '36, '37, Rifle Team, Captain, '37, Hi-Y Club, lll-B Class, Parliamen- tarian, '35, Los Espanoles lo- viales, Linz Award, '36. I. I. CRIM Track, '37, LORAINE DAONAL Texas History Club, President, '36, Vice-President, '35, Pan American Student Forum, Vice-President, '36, ll-A Class, Vice-President, '35, Las Dos Americas, Parliaf mentarian, '37, High Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, Library Assistant, '36, im. ' if 7 2 " ' ii .,,' ' ' -, it ig, t , . WM K ,, Te R N42 T- J, i,"" , ir. s it 4 riff it QQ' "M ' E ' 3 O it .,.r. is ,, i MARGARET DECKER SCOTT DE LEE Standard Debating Society, Aelta Historical Society, Senior Hi-Y, lunior Hi-Y, Secretary-Treasurer, '34, Football, '34, '35, R, O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Track, '37. ERNESTINE DUBLIN Basketball Queen, Art Club, Pres- ident, '36. IUANITA DUNN Girls Public Speaking Club. NELL FERGUSON High Scholarship Club, Secretary, '36, TV-A Class, Secretary, '37, Library Assistant, Pep Squad, '35, Linz Awards, '35, '36, Linz Bible Award, '35, Banking, '36, '37, FORESTER, '37. Ihzggt' T l1't'11ly-rigfll MARTHA FEHRELL Girls Public Speaking Club, Of- fice Assistant. T7 ' ROBERT FIRNBERG R. O. T. C., First Sergeant, Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37. EVELYN FLEMING ll-A Class, President, Texas His- tory Club, President, '36, Parlia- rnentarian, '36, Las Dos Amer- icas, Vice-President, '37, High Scholarship Club, Pan American Student Forum, National Honor Society, Pep Squad, '34, All-City Chorus, '34, Library Assisant, '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37, MILDRLD FOSTER Cheer Leader, '36, Forest Favorite, '37, fre ADELE FRIEDLANDER Aelta Historical Society, Parlia- mentarian, '36, Treasurer, '37, Texas History Club, Secretary, '35, Treasurer, '36, Parliamen- tarian, '36, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, '35, National Honor Society, Las Dos Arner- icas, Los Espanoles loviales, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37. Pagm' Twrvlly-:Jim 'JQW RUTH MIRIAM FRIEDMAN High Scholarship Club, Signiferi, Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, '36, Latin Tournament, '34, '35, '36, '37, lnterscholastic Spelling Contest, '36, Library Assistant, '36, '37, IV-A Class Treasurer, '37, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37, CECIL RAY FULLEN Las Dos Americas, Treasurer, '36, President, '37, ETHEL LEE GADDIS SAMUEL. QiILBIQR'l' SAMMY GILFORD High Scholarship Club, Los Espa- noles loviales, Vice-President, '34, HUBERT GILLESPIE National Honor Society, Las Dos Americas, '37, Football, '36, Track, '35, '36, '37, Basketball, '35, Aelta Historical Society, President, '37, FORESTER, '37. ETHEL GOLMAN Texas History Club, President, '37, Girls Public Speaking Club, Parliarnentarian, '37, Pep Squad, '34, FORESTER, '37. KATHRYN GOODMAN THELMA GRANT ECHO Staff, '37. ERVIN GREEN I-B Class, President, '33, High Scholarship Club, '34, Band, '34, '35, Orchestra, '33, '34, All-City Orchestra, '34. .,, wwe A 9" t,-.K , 2: -, fi' ,wi .ei NATHAN GRUBER Linz Award, '34. BESSIE Io HAND Girls Reserves, Girls Letter Club, ECHO Staff, '37. HELEN HANSEN Girls Letter Club. IOHNNY H1cKs Crack Company, '36, MARTHA HIGH Texas History Club, Secretary, '36, Vice-President, '37, Las Dos Americas, President, '37, High Scholarship Club, Pep Squad, '35, Office Assistant, '36, '37, Linz Award, '34, Spanish Essay Contest, '37, Banking, 37, FOR- ESTER, '37. Pugt' Tfrirlj DAN'L HOLLON Auditores Caesaris, Aelta Hise torical Society, Secretary, '36, Girl Reserves, All-City Chorus, 33, 34, 35. LUCILLE HOPPER ECHO Staff, '37, Aelta Historical Society, Girl Reserves, Los Espa- noles loviales, Treasurer. ,- ,f-Is' Q, ' .' " ' X . LEOLA MAE HoUoK Girl Reserves, Allied Arts Club, VIRGINIA IACKSON Girls Public Speaking Club. DAVID KAPLAN Ill-A Class, President, '36, High Scholarship Club, President, '37, Standard Debating Society, Secre- tary, '37, High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, Safety Council, Sergeanbat-Arms, '34, lnterscholastic League, '37, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, FORESTER, '37 Page Tlwirtyorzv rsfi E M. ,E STANLEY KAUFMAN National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, President, '36, Pan American Student Forum, Par- liarnentarian, '36, Standard De- bating Society, Ill-B Class, Presi- dent, R. O. T. C., Captain, '37, Crack Company, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, R. O. T. C. Staff Efficiency Medal, '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, Forest Safety Council, President, '34, FORESTER, '36, '37, WILLIAM KAY Football, '33, '34, '35, Boys Glee Club, '35, '36. Doms KELLEY Girl Reserves. lNflARY KENNEDY Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, High Scholarship Club, Texas His- tory Club, ECHO Staff, Editor, Latin Tournament, '35, '36, '37, EDITH KEYS Texas History Club, High Scholar- ship Club, Linz Award, '36. IACK KINCANNON National Honor Society, lV-B Class, Treasurer, '37, Crack Com- pany, '34, '35, '36, '37, Rifle Team, '34, '35, '36, '37, Private's Effi- ciency Medal, Serqeant's Effi- ciency Medal, Captain's Efficiency Medal, Ft. O. T, C., Lieutenant- Colonel. PAULINE KING Ill-A Class, Vice President, IV-B Class, Secretary, Girl Preserves, Secretary, '37, Office Assistant, '35, '36, All-City Orchestra, 35, Aelta Historical Society, Forest Favorite. PAUL LACY Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, '37, IV-A Class, President, ll-B Class, Vice-President, I-A Class, Vice- President, National Honor Society, Standard Debating Society, Presi- dent, '36, Vice-President, '36, Par- liarnentarian, '37, Secretary, '36, Treasurer, '35, Senior Hi-Y, Texas History Club, President, '34, Aelta Historical Society, FORESTER, '37, Ft. O. T. C., Captain, lnternational Gold Civitan Award, '36, Wozeri- craft Drill, '36, Crack Company, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '36, lifle Team, '35, '36, '37. Louise LANGLEY Las Dos Americas, ECHO Staff, '37, Los Espanoles loviales, Girl Re- serves, Treasurer, '37. BILLY LATIMER Senior Hi-Y, Band, Sergeant, Science Club, Auditores Caesar- is, lunior Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms. 'ar"5'55 Z- ini? it A, :A E, , H , y y y ' ZEH ..-, T . ,...,. ' . -, t, is . iii,,-- - . -. ' ,,,i' B I DoRrs LINN Auditores Caesaris, Pep Squad '35, '36, ECHO Staff, '37. EVELYN MCCALLUM ECHO Staff, '37, Girl Reserves, Los Espanoles loviales. IEAN MCKINNEY HI-A Class, Secretary, '36, Pan American Student Forum, Re- porter, '36, ECHO Staff, '37, Bank- ing, '36, '37. lOtlN MCKINNLY R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Crack Company, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, Rifle Team, '35, Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President, '36, lunior Hi-Y, Science Club. X Fx- 1 . 1 gl dl ' STANLEY MALow1Tz Los Espanoles loviales, President, '34, Pan American Student Forum, President, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, High Scholarship Club, Texas History Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, Linz Awards, '34, '35, R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Crack Com- pany, '35, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, Marlcsman Medal, FORESTER, '37. Pagt' 'l'fzirfy-lun f MARIE MANKOVSKY S. G. MARGRO, lV-B lr. Hi-Y Club, Vice-President and Secretary, All-City lr. Hi-Y, Presi- derit, '35, Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., All-City Senior l-li-Y, Secretary, Treasurer. ADALIE MARGULES French Club, Parliarrierttariari, '34, Vice-President, '35, Treasurer, '36, High Scholarship Club, Allied Arts Club, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, Banking, '36, '37. IoIIN PAUL MASSENGILL Allied Arts Club reasurer, '36, Football, '33, ' , ' , '36, Teririis, '35, '36, ' Iior l-livY, ECHO , . sff. . J, SIBYL MEAZFLL Girls Public Speaking Club, FORESTER, '37, Purge' Tbirl,y-lblw 'WWW' If Iv. LVV, -f ww.. K I . -az. K, Im ,M . new f.'v swf , mx. 'Sr' 1 "hw-an 'Sf -:qt :I IAMES MEDFORD Aelta Historical Society, R. O. T. C. VICTOR MESSINA Football, '35, '36, Basketball, '35 '36, Co-Captain of All-Star Team '36. KATHERINE MILLICAN Girl Reserves. ESTHER MUIR High Scholarship Club, Girl Re serves, Secretary, '36, Orchestra Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, Bank ing, '37, Foszsrzs, '37. EUGENE MULLENIX Orchestra, '34, '35. 1 '36, Office Assistant, '35, '36, LAWRENCE MURDOCH Senior Hi-Y. ROBERT MURDOCK A - Mc 5 ,ffffwfi W ifi--fa.,-4:22 . -j3",Ygic.1,.xf f!'1La,fe3iarc,o, LLOYD NAPIER ll-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, lll- A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, lV-B Class, Vice-President, Senior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Sergeant, Crack Com- pany, '35, '36, '37. FRANCES NovrN National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Secretary, Aelta Historical Society, Secretary, Pan American Student Forum, Secre- tary, Texas History Club, Secre- tary, Los Espanoles loviales, Sec- retary, Banking, '36, '37, FOR- ESTER, '37, Linz Awards, '35, 36, '37. ARCHIE PENNINGTON Crack Company, '36, I-me MUN a t IQW if CELIA PICKCPE Aelta Historical Society, Linz Award, '34. LAURENCE PILKINTON MARY POLSON Auditores Caesaris, F-ORESTER, '37, Latin Essay Contest, '37. J: ' , 4 Q ,"' , X I GEORGE ADELINE PRICE High Scholarship Club, Parlia- rnentarian, National Honor So- ciety, Pan American Student Forum, Vice-President, '36, Parlia- mentarian, '35, Advisory Council, President, '37, Los Espanoles loviales, Parliarnentarian, '34, Secretary, '35, lunior Safety Coun- cil, Parliamentarian, '34, Secre- tary, '35, Library Assistant, '34, '35, '36, Office Assistant, '35, FOR- ESTER, '37, Linz Awards, '34, '35, . i '36. A 'i LoU1sE Purrs V Forest Forum, ECHO Staff, '37. ' Girls Pep squad. .. ,,,, , 'T' Page Thirty-fan 1' LESLIE PUTMAN R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Rifle Team, '36, '37, Crack Company, '35, '36, PRESTON RAY Hiqh Scholarship Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Office Assistant, '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36. NANCY RENER CECILE REPLIN French Club, VicefPresident, High Scholarship Club. LUCILLE RICHARDSON Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36. Page Thirty-five I .Q ri 9 A .W . , 'E f - S - 1 ,Ia A mam A ,. .. , V,w,,5E,L ,Z ..k. M, f2i 1 mis' ' -, ,pew fm ,,4Mf,t.mA A I Q . W,..., I ,gg t, l S RUTH RICHMAN National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, Second Vice-President, Girl Reserves, Office Assistant, '36, '37, FORESTER, '37. SARAH RUDNICK Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, '35, Secretary, '36, President, '37, Girls Public Speak- ing Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, For- est Coin Club, Parliamentarian, Tennis Team, '36, '37, Girls Pep Squad, '35, '36, Los Espanoles loviales, Treasurer, ECHO Staff, ffv-v Of. IVAN SADDLER Senior Hi-Y, secretary, '37, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '36, Pan American Student Forum, Reporter, Library Stott, '34, Crack Company, '36, FORESTER, '37, Science Club, Pres- ident, '35, Sergeant-at-Arms, '36, Radio Club, Vice-President. If jd 1162- uf 4. iv. HENRY SCHLINGER Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Standard De- batinq Society, Forest Forum, R. O. T. C., Captain, Crack Com- pany, '34, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, '35, '36. SYLVIA SCHNEIDER Allied Arts Club, Girls Public Speaking Club, Treasurer, Pep Squad. . 'l JJ ASWHUR SEARCY 'W tfffbck cOmpuny,3flzfQ.' H JJ fl my lt X , t P3 X , 33 MARGARET SRVTRR Bluebonnet Club, President, '35, Pep Squad, '34. hw SYLVIA SHALETTE is ESM Aelta Historical Society. 'ip H A ' r,LL:. -. . SYLVIA SILBERMAN , A . Texas History Club, Vice-Presi- G25 HCV" dent, '36, Parliamentarian, '34, ff l Aelta Historical Society, Parlia- , , mentarian, '37, High Scholarship 1 H M Club, Linz Awards, '35, '36, Q FRANK SINGER Standard Debating Society, Treas- urer, '37, Secretary, '37, IV-A Class, Sergeant-atAArms, Tennis Team, '37, FORESTER, '37. .Wt 1 . f,- . Wm ,ffm 'TH-9. 1'9- 5' 't ' 1 U? ,J Mf -7... EMANUEL SMITH Basketball, '34, '35, '36, I-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, '34. NORMAN SOMMERVILLE R. O. T. C. Sergeant, High Scholarship Club. P RAYMOND SPROSS Crack Company, '36, '37, R, O. T. C., Serqeant, Rifle Team, '35. " ...M M' ARTHUR STERN R. O. T. C., First Lieutenant, Sen- ior Hi-Y, Crack Company, '36, '37. FRIEDA STREICHER Pan American Student Forum, Girls Public Speaking Club, Las Dos Americas. Pagr' Thirty-six DORIS STRICKLAND Le Cercle Francais, Girls Pep Squad, '36. CAROLYN STROHEKER National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, Treasurer, '36, Girls Pub- lic Speaking Club, Parliamen- tarian, '34, Las Dos Americas, President, '36, l-A Class, Presi- dent, '33, Il-B Class, Secretary, '34, Boys Glee Club Accompanist, '33, '34, '35, All-City Chorus, '34, '35, Operetta, '35, '36, Linz Award, '34, Office Assistant, '33, '34, Banking, '36, '37. IAMES SULTIS Football, '34, '35, '36, AllfStar Football Team, '36, Baseball, '35, -1 ,Q .W '39,-Q P .4 ails 513 W '36, '37. , I ,, ' ' ' , . 154117. ff ,I .!!1,f ' 1 , MARTHA GRACE SUMMER ' f g Aelta Historical Society, All City 'K Chorus, '34, '35, '36, Operetta, '36. ' ,ww VALLORA TEMPEL Texas History Club, President, '36 Parliamentarian, '37, High Schol arship Club, Las Dos Americas, Parliamentarian, '37, Pan Amerif can Student Forum, Treasurer, '37, National Honor Society, Of- fice Assistant, '36, '37. Page Thirly-seven by ,, :I ""' 4 xglv K 'I 1' I Uvyf, ,f VX fwt M, EDWIN TOBOLOWSKY National Honor Society, Vice- President, '36, P. O. T. C., Cap- tain, Standard Debating Society, President, '36, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, President, '35, Crack Company, '35, '36, '37, FORESTER Staff, '37, Texas History Club, Parliamentarian, '36, Senior Hi-Y, Aelta Historical Society, Vice- President, '37, Linz Award, '36, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, Extern- poraneous Speaking, '36, '37, ll- B Class, President, ll-A Class, Parliarnentarian, IV-B Class, Par- liamentarian. MARGIE TYDEMAN Pan American Student Forum. GERTRUDE UTAY Le Cercle Francais, President, '37, Girls Public Speaking Club, Treas- urer, '36, High Scholarship Club, Linz Awards, '36, '37. CHRISTINE WALTERS High Scholarship Club, Aelta His' torical Society, FORESTER, '37, Girls Pep Squad, '34, '35, Sketch Club, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36. Texas History Club, Treasurer, '35. RHELDA WALTERS Las Dos Americas, All-City Chorus EVELYN WASSERMAN Texas History Club, Treasurer, 35, STACY WATELSIQI Coin Club, Pan American Student Forum, Standard Debating So- ciety. ELLIS WATKINS Football, '36, Basketball, '36, '37, Track, '35, '36, '37, ECHO, Sports Editor, '37, Jf' ' 03- Q55 ' ,f XJ xi ETTA MAE WEATHERLY Forest Forum, Girls Pep Squad, Leader, '36, ECHO Staff. DOROTHY WEINKRANTZ Texas History Club, FoREsrER, '37, , rm, ,.. -- 5 f , ik , M- ' .45 Q., ,-: i ,I ' -1- i J: E ' ' I - NS 'K' ' 4 e Jr. ww-4, ir S, i f E5 IMAGENE WHEELER FRANCES WHITAKER Latin Tournament, '34, '35, '36, '37, High Scholarship Club, Sig- niteri, Girl Reserves, Treasurer, '36, Library Assistant, '36, '37, Office Assistant, '37. HELEN WHITFIELD Girl Reserves. lOE WILLsoN PORESTER, '37, fb ' ' If 1, . . 1 fJ,,ff4fg K1-ITHRYN WILSON Girls Public Speaking Club, Girl Reserves, Aelta Historical Society. Pugv TfJir'ly-vigil! Iune, '37 Class BIRDIE WOLGANG Allied Arts Club, President, '36, lunior Red Cross, Salesrnanship Club. I ,, 1 nl f J ' AYNE WOODRUFF J' National Honor Society, lunior Hi-Y, President, '34, lunior Hi-Y Council, '34, IV-E Class, Presi- dent, City-Wide Hi-Y Clubs, Presi- dent, '36, '37, Senior Hi-Y, Parlia- rnentarian, '36, Standard Debat- ing Society, Treasurer, '36, Presi- dent, '37, Linz Award, '36, Bas- ketball, '35, Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, '37, Rifle Team, '35, '36, '37, Crack Platoon, '35, '36, R. O. T. C., Captain. IosEPHrNE WOODSIDE Girls Pep Squad, '35, '36. N ATHYN WYLL -'Qi AF my ., .n no - ,L are Le Cercle Francais, President, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, '37, High Scholarship Club, Library Assist- ant, '34, '35. EDWARD CARTER lll-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, '36, Hi Y, ECHO Staff. Page Tbirly-nine ., ,S no 1 fl--.., pw 'saws -'il 4.43325 . W , ,, A ,, My fi .11 ww Ianucxry, '38 Class PENN RosE WALLACE QQ L In 32013 Li 951, 'ML 1475 ' ANNETTE WHITE Girl Reserves, Council Represen tative, HI-A Class, President, '36 IV-B Class, President, '37, DORIS WHITSON Safety Council, Forest Forum, Girl Reserves. ROBERT WYLY Crack Company, '36, '37, R. O T. C., Corporal. EARL GANUS Senior Hi-Y, Football, '35. GRACIE ALLEN Girls Pep Squad, '35, '36. CURTIS BAILEY Latin Tournament '34, Linz Award, '34, '35, '36, Signiieri, Auditores Caesaris, Senior Hi-Y, Sergeant- at-Arms, '37, High Scholarship Club, Aelta Historical Society, lV-B Class, Vice-President, '37. BILLIE FRANK BANNON Girls Puhlic Speaking Club, All- it Chorus '34 '35- Centennial C' Y . , . Chorus, ECHO Staff, Las Dos Americas. ROSA LEE BARNETT RUTH BEACH Forest Forum, Girls Flag Drill 36. IANUARY, '38, CLASS N6 ' - if 'ALAN' -mfs-11+ - LOUISE BRAGG NANCY IANE BROWN Safety Council. GLENELLE BURRAS Allied Arts Club, Pan American Student Forum, Pep Squad, '35. IOLA CALHOUN Forest Forum, Girl Reserves, High Scholarship Club, Linz Award, '35, '36, Forest Forum, Treasurer, '37, H-B Class, Vice-President '35, I-A Class, Secretary, '34. IESSE CALHOUN Page Fortg BESSIE CARDELLA Girls Pep Squad, '35, '36, Forest Safety Council. Lois CHERRY J-aif WQJLW ,AJC ROSALEE COHN I-A Class, Vice-President, ll-A Class, President, Ill-B Class, Sec- retary, IV-B Class, Parliamen- tarian, Girls Public Speaking Club, Vice-President, '36, Secre- tary, '37, Forest Forum, Auditores Caesaris, Forest Safety Council, FoREsTER, '37, Iunior Red Cross, Vice-President. KENNETH COLEMAN Forest Forum, Aelta Historical Society. IESSE DENNEY Football, '35, '36, All-Star Foot- ball Team, '36, Baseball, '35, '36, '37, FoREsTER, '37. Page Forty-one WL 1 - ,wc 2 M4 if gba W 2-was clip A i l I MARY LOUISE DEWALD II-A Class, Vice-President, IV-B Class, Secretary, National Honor Society, Forest Forum, Los Es- panoles loviales, Secretary, '34, Los Dos Americas, Fan American Student Forum, Treasurer, '36, Pep Squad, '34, '35, Linz Award, l-Cty Chorus. E 5' 'l ' Y EEN DEWITT V, Girl ep Squad '35, ff' V! f V 1, 3568 ,,, il! A . 6" ALENE DUCKWORTH Girl Reserves, DoRo'rHY LEE DURHAM LORRAIN EAvEs Girls Public Speaking Club, Texas History Club, Girls Pep Squad, '35. ' x Lili DONALD PINKELSTEIN Linz Award, '35, '36, '37, Stand- ard Debating Society, Treasurer, '36, Vice-President, '36, Stamp Club, Vice-President, '34, High Scholarship Club, Forest Forum, President, '37. MAURREN GOODMAN Girl Reserves, Girls Flag Drill. ,V . HENRY GRIFFIS Auditores Caesaris, R. O. T. C., Corporal, lunior l-li-Y, Vice-Presi- dent, '35. . ff ,JM MARGIE HUCAKBEE Allied Arts Club, Girl Reserves, Treasurer, '36, ECHO Staff. FRANK HORTON Football, '34, '35, '36, '37, Basket- ball, '35, '36, '37, Baseball, '37, IRB Class, President, '34, lll-A Class, President, '36. BILLY lONES Allied Arts Club. MARY KENEAGH Safety Council Club, All City Chorus, Girls Pep Squad. YVVAYNE KERLEY Track Team, '36, R. O. T. C., Corporal. WK, DANNA KLECK Ecr-ro Staff. EMILIE KORPIANOCK Le Cercle Francais, Girls Public Speaking Club, Secretary, '36, President, '37, lll-B Class, Treas- urer, '36. I'i1gi'l50rIy-1110 DOROTHY LOONEY Ill-A Class, Secretaryffreasurerg Girl Reserves, Forest Forum, Latin Tournament, '35. IESSIE MCMEANS Girls Letter Club, Girls Pep Squad, '35, H-B Class, Secretary. DOROTHY MEHLMAN Girls Public Speaking Club, For- est Forum, French Club, Pep Squad, '35. ERVIN MICHAELSON Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, '37, All-City Glee Club, '36, Standard Debating Society, Crack Platoon, '36 MARIE MONTAGUE Auditores Caesaris. Page Forty-ihree 4.. , W, Q lg, eg ,.,- . , Y- W WAYNE MORRIS Los Espanoles loviales, President, Pan American Student Forum, Treasurer, Iunior Hi-Y, Forest Forum, Vice-President, Senior Hi-Y. GLADYS NORFOLK F. L. PARKS Band, '34, '35, '36, '37. GEORGE POTTS Ft, O. T. C., Corporal, Allied Arts Club. IOANNA PUCKETT Los loviales Espanolesg Las Dos Americas, Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, '37, AllfCity Chorus, Linz Award, '34, .. ., z,fCf43 'X I 1 "H Qi 5 . .I I Yup, gffni 5 7,151 ff' A ,rf iff. if ,c.. 5- IUANITA PULLEN Girls Pep Squad. LOUISE ROBBINS Forest Forum: Girls Flag Drill. MILTON RUBIN Standard Debating Society, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '37, High Scholar- ship Clubg Linz Award, '36, ln- terscholastic Leaque, '37, Latin Essayjontest, '36, I MARIAN SHEPHERD Girls Pep Squad, '35, FORESTER, '37 IRENE SIBERT Girl Reservesy Girls Pep Squad, '35, Girls Leiter Club. J f ' 1 1 7,j!r"", U. Ifji -CQ WW ll A Q 2,1 ...M : We - I H- A35 af S 'I -lf PATSY SMITH Girls Pep Squad, '35, '36. ERLEEN SOOTEE COY STRICKLAND Iunior Hi-Y, Parliamentarian City-Wide lunior Hi-Y, Vice-Presi' dent, Senior Hi-Y, Cheer Leader '36, Standard Debating iet . M4-f9?3 LONNIE STRINGFELLOW Siqniferig Safety Council, President. ROBERT THURMOND lunior Hi-Y, R. O. T. C., Band. -4.-Jr V-uhww Q Ava RECEIVED TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY MAYER GOREN, IV-A Orchestra, '34, '35, '36, '37, All-City Orches- tra, '34, '35, '36, Debating Team, '37, Na- tional Senior Violin Contest, Third Place, 36, '37, Representative for Forest in State Federation of Music Clubs, '36, '37, State Violin Contest, '37, First Place. RUTH ANN HUNTER, IV-A Las Dos Americas, Safety Council. HENRY Lr-zisowrrz, IV-B Coin Club, President, ECHO Staff, Business Manager, '37, R. O, T. C., Sergeant, Crack Company, '35, '36, Science Club. LORRAINE PITTMAN, IV-A Auditores Caesaris, Girls Pep Squad, '35, IRVING GOLDGAR, IV-B Allied Arts Club, Science Club. Page Foriy-jim' ln. THOSE NOT HAVING PICTURES sa, 'ZS' ...YWIV Iune, '37 Class Eiesel, lulia Brooks, Ruth Brown, luanita Cherry, Lois Clarke, Dorothy Driscoll, lane Falcetti, Olga Fischl, Helen Gates, Evelyn Gibson, Bessie Lee Hurst, Ruby lames, Tommie D. Ligon, Violet Moncriei, Bernice Poston, Cora Poston, Nora Richardson, Lucille Ruttenberg, Ruth Scripture, Mildred Small, Frances Ianucxry. Adair, lames Arnold, Eugene Bernstein, David Bone, Fred Brown, Billy Bryan, Ted Campbell, Roy Conway, Iohn Dossett, Donald Floyd, Ellsiord Floyd, W. S. Foster, Dean Freeman, Loy lennings, Hendrick lohnson, Clarence lohnson, Karry K. lones, George Lacher, Simon Lackey, Odell LeFlore, Gilbert Mitchell, lack Moore, l. D. Nelson, Clayton Nolden, Truman Oppenheimer, Henry Peterman, lack Phillips, Durwood Shaw, Clifford Sides, William Spicer, Doris Stevens, Lillian Wilson, Donna Belle Barnett, Sam Biesel, Eugene Brodnax, Harry Carp, Robert Caruth, lack Danner, Sam Hancock, Richard Lawrence, Ioe McCormack, Roy Matthews, lesse Mims, Clarence Morris, Edwin Peters, lohri Reckley, Walter Stutts, Arthur Wilensky, Billy '38 Class Strangi, Sam Thomas, Fred Watkins, William Woodside, L. N. Abbott, Dorothy Blevins, Marguerite Bourguin, Lois Carroll, Florene Cash, lean Chaitin, Aldra Lois Collins, Alice Fulgham, Gladys Furlow, Lucille Gray, Mary Elizabeth Grubbs, Iuanita Hay, Lennie Hoskins, La Verne Howell, Mariorie lohnson, Anna Belle King, Carole Montague, Marie Price, lune Reeder, Lois Simon, Dorothy Stevenson, Rosalie Spicer, Virginia Ueckert, Elaine Weaver, Pauline Williamson, Thelma k Q . X J xx 3 L2 SS LH IV-H C - n A Qi X s 5 Q L Q, x ,xl Q PgF H I'0I'!3 -ffl PII IUNE, '37-CLHSS HISTORY D151 111113 :111-fi I :Iii Iizf 11' Q my I fI1f-'111'f ,I 'vf 1116-mctzifls MI 111 f9Q11I1si1 amy. I ci1wer1111GfI I was 511611 111 Q53 E:11e:1r1:q I7'.1est GS fl 111t.L IE. INf1- wf1IIw'I 'IOVJTI IIICT I1c1IIs with 11111 I1Hc,11,Is 11111111 IIIQII, L1'1o1c111q fox C111 :1,c111s, wI111:I. X-.- J 1 1211551 fi 11Q111 Ivy. .Fir SI"1ZIi"IS 1301 EICI1 ly 1.15111 :fx :IQUQIE1 For e'IevC11c,1 111'krg1s find 5111511 IITIIIQS, yum ILIICYW. A1191 KI Wuvex OI 11115 1I1sf I'1esI11111fr1 VJi,:Iki', sr-wen 'IL o1q11111Z12 1:1e111saI '..f Q-sg '1 deer! ll 1':1"-5111411 -EIYVIN GFIFEIS. VVP eIfnC1f'-QI 113 :f3p:'115f,11S NIIFSES CHRISTOPHER and BRIIVVIIR, And now 111,11 ITIQSIIIIIIFII 1111s1c,1IcvS qrew IlJWf?I. VVIIEEII wr- C111111- 0111 01 QXII FISSIIIIIIIII 110311, Vie fIe1'1f3cI CAPCLVN STIQQFIIQICER 1,11fsI1I1 111 'JI IIQ1- IlX's. VVV' I-111131 our s111111sr,urs, 11:-s Hwy 1111:vo1I CIIIIIS' IIII9 I1. I11i-Ipiuq IIS 1,IICfI1Q 111111 1111III11Q 11S 11'1111u1,1I1, I1i '34 1rn:111e, 4,1111 S.111Ig'1111111e' ye-111, We I19c:r1111c1 s11pI11s11c"G111d, 1014151111111 OIII' IIYCII. F01 5311251116111 EDWIN fC'5I53OI.QI1I1'SI'iY wws QI Surf 15514 H14 sffrvfld LIS S: II, s?1f'1II I1?'1'f1I I1,frQf1. IVIISS HARRINC'I'UN I1fc'c111'111 0111 511011501 1I1f111y SI1-Q 1lIK,VGlI 11, 1,1 0111 V1?1y 211-'51 Iric'11cI, AS II-A 11531211 111 III.f'.I.'1'N I"I.I'fE'fING 5I1:,WfcI SQIII So 1I1is affine we' IQ1 IN21 IIII. .AIICI 1111 our spcmsor, IXIISS IIAVIDSCXJIXI, we 1iI11as6'p S215 was Q1 g1"111:n s1'1c,1:5i1, every 5111? I111:1':fs. W11 1I1rew 11111 11111 chwsts, I1111CI 0111 IIVCICIS III 11111 1111 INh1:11 We 11e1'r1'1z111 5111111115 . . we 111115 I7I'f711.,I to LC 1I1f1zf5. STRNIJPY Kf3.I,IFI.I!31N sf "'f f11f'fI 11: plerxsey S11 we f'IC'f"IE'CI I11111 p1F1S1CIf1111 OI IIIFY III I7 ze. For SIJOIISOI, W1, CI1os1z MISS DAVIIYSON 1z1'1111i YIIOIL, I'1:1 we QII Iihwi 2191 Sf, Rv' II LQIIWQ. F125 III A 1: wr: 1'I11zs:ff 11111 I7I'F"SIfI' 111 I1f1'11 CIVIC' who would 19111 011111 11111 IIIIIICI Iiwrng S11 W1 PII 6:11111 IIC 1fI11'1 IIIGI1 'I'I1C1 '111 f1i, III'1S1111:',1:s I,Uf1I1.IIQf II191I'If1N, I-Xlld 111 116 11111 c,11q1111y 111c,:sf2 ISS? IV I+ 1,n11fs1vIQi1i V15 i'I1csf VVAYNE WQOI3RI,IPI', 1I1C11 YDCWIUIIIFIII 19911101 quy Who 111c1d11 111111115 II1111111' as 1111 1111551161 ny. F111 SFCIFIGIY, f5111f111 T111-,I 1:5-'11, INf' Moss NRS. KINCS I111If QIIII, IIAIILINE. WC I11oI4f1cI 101 CI spr111s111' r1r1cI C11uI11 111111 1111 I1G11111, 'IIIICIII 11111 13w11 MISS IIAYIIDSON . . 1-.'f1ff qlfxfx If. 4:11 IIG1 IFIII'II1fj :I19 121:11 1:11 f1',111" 1.1511 - VV12 PIII OVQI 1w11 CIIIIICVS 111111 111112113 Ic1ss OI c'11:sI1. ,711 Inst, 11 WGS Iwf1eI T110 dcxy uf 11,I 111:55 ING 'J'J"'I'6 1TIL:IH1fI'?LI 12 tif cjwzi IV FIS: VVG pu! O11 Gifs mf sff1:I'11S111gf111111': A1141 wolkcsd 5111111111 III IIIQI1 e'11u1111r1. For 1,1revs1G1v111 V119 zweiif'-1l :111 f'1II 111511111 IV-R, ?131I,IL LACY 121:-ve-II 1.1 Ir- O. K. INLSON CXXNIXDIX 111111 1111-12-111951119-'111 I:e1':11111f', And FIUIH I"RIIIDI1f1l,IN fzfzzxsuifz' we 1I1c,11qI11 1.-Jff'1I 111111111 The Affine swf 5'3C'IfiIflI'f 'MQ IQ1 NQIJL ITEPIGIISON 11f'I1'::. For Sp1'zr1s:fv1 wp- chosel IVIII. IA ISOIQNII. Now wo Iook Iorwmd 10 131211161 Day, Am: 111511 11, CAI ment 13111 Play. 'f'I1Q11 C11 Inns IIIIICI 1-:e'II IfI'ICI11fZff' AIIII Ifrtvfi IUOG1' 0111 I"0r1H::1 1I1f Ivwsl sc'I111oI III 1I'1f s11'111. - DAVID LOUIS KAPLAN 7. QF., ' 'sg x gl V S in .. . W 5 ff ' N' fl xifiil ,av SS LH BC IV 'Ti X. on 'Ti Q NL 9 W 9-3 . 5 N . Qwfw may F CLHSS HISTORY - IV-B Well, here We are full-grown, sophisticated, dignified seniors, after three and a half long years of intolerable, enjoyable suf- fering. "The first year's the hardest." We were led by such able- bodied students as E RANK HORTON and EREDNA CLACK, ROY CAMPBELL and lOLA CALHOUN, along with the understanding guidance of MlSS RUTH CHRISTOPHER. As sophomores, the world was our own. We kept ROY CAMPBELL and lOLA CALHOUN as officers, and later elected ROSALEE COHN and MARY PEARLE BOWLAND, who served as efficient officers, along with a little counseling from MR. LA BORN E. With the careful work of officers LLOYD KELLUM and ROSA- LEE COHN, the first part of our junior year was good, but the second part was a WOW! Along with the other juniors and the help of ANNETTE WHlTE and DOROTHY LOONEY, We gave a successful junior Prom, still upholding the old tradition. The sponsor for that year was friendly MR. LA BORNE. And now! SENIORS, and the World is our own. With ANNETTE WHlTE and ARLlNE ABLES, and the amiable MISS PARKER for a sponsor, we've plenty of events in store for us. -EMILIE KoRP1ANocK. Forreste Seniores There is in schole with us al the Weez A group, I trow, that thinketh in a deez. They goon non for to stude hir bookes, But for to show us al hir good lookes, Ful swich greet nois they ever maketh herd, And techers they do think are eek absurd Whan that they say with smyle and greetest poise The emptye berel maketh most of noise. Ful many yeeres they do have to spende, Betor to graduation they wende, But stil the hawles hir memry will holde, Whan that they leeter do becometh olde. -M1LToN RUBIN. I'd Like to Be cr Senior I'd like to be a SENIOR and stand With a pen behind my ear and a notebook in my hand. I wouldn't be an emperor for all that Wealth could bring I Wouldn't be a president, I Wouldn't be a king, I Wouldn't be an angel, for angels have to sing, but I'd like to be a SENIOR and never do a thing. -BETTY IEAN BEHRENS. "Theres a schooner in the effing, With her tapsails shot with fire, Ana my heart has aane aboard her For the Islands of Desire." f-RICHARD HOVEY. UNDEIQCLASSES i K , .9 K MSM H CLQS III- f Abrahamson, lane Allison, Wilma Barron, Peggy Lou Bassett, Dorothy Bateman, Violet Baumgartner, Elizabeth Beauchamp, Blanche Belker, Vera Bell, Madelyn Berman, Helen Blasser, Marjorie Bledsoe, Frances Boshart, Pauline Briggs, Ruby Brock, Georgia Burley, Alice Carothers, Lurlynne Catlett, Mcrudine Catlett, Vaudine Cherry, Margaret Clearman, Bobbie Cleveland, Eunice Coghill, Kathryn Cooper, Geneva Coward, Geraldine Cox, Ruth Crook, Blanche Crow, Lorraine Curtis, Margaret Ann Davis, Frances avis, Leia Faye Di Maio, Doris Duck, Marguerite Dunbar, Ruth Elam Evelyn 1, I 'Was ein na u X t ' , Ed R th 42' 7 J Blanclif r ,4 Ables, Wi lis " ' nderson, Eugene r oisky, Iuliusf ,, .. Barr, Bop A char . Borrett, Billy ' ef Boyd, H. A. Butler, Harold CamenteF1 and Carr, Ioe Clark, H. . Clasbey, Martin C'obbel, Harry Cook, Iohn Crowder, Iohn Culibrk, Steve Daugherty, Sam Davis, W. D. Denton, Randall Dickerson, Marrion Eaton, Clarence Ely, Bernard Evans, Fred Fair, Charles Fallin, W. C. Page Fifty-three X Q III-H CLHSS Erickson, Louise Fain, Salba Ferguson, Fay Fischl, Rosalee Fletcher, Dhal Fonberg, Angeline Fowler, Audrey Frances, Evelyn Frauman, Thelma Fulgham, Edith Fullington, Dorothy Genthner, Nellie Ruth Glenn, Thelma Golden, Margaret Goodman, ldelle Green, Celia Griffin, Wanda HdLEHmlMaeE Hamlin, Bobbie Fern Harmon, Greta Pearl Harris, Juanita Harris, Sarah Haynes, Patsy Hemphill, Elizabeth Hendricks, Otha Mae Hennemuth, Marieanne Herzstein, Ruth Hicks, Margaret Holtman, Dixie Horton, Odelle Hozle, Bernice Husbands, Myrtle Israel, Elsie Rose lefferies, Mary Louise lenkins, loy Iones, Iosephine Farrar, Boyce Fisher, Dewey Foster, Davis Frank, Herbert Freedman, Harold Giglernan, L. A. Gott, Iames Goidl, lrving Goodstein, Barnett Goss, Roland Hall, Henry Clay Haney, I. L. Haney, Robert Hardwick, Walter Hickman, Robert Hoffman, Mervin Holland, Bill lnnerhofeer, Eugene lacobs, Edwin larvis, Lazell lez, Adolph lonhson, Harry Tones, Charles Kahn, Leon Keyser, Bud Killy, Bennie GIRLS Karchmer, loyc Kellner, Celia Kizer, lane f Lasseter, Earli Leaming, Ieann Lehwald, Helen Levine, Frances Levy, Helen McCabe, Ioe Nell McKinney, Mildred McLauson, Doris Manion, Susie Marcelle, Edith Meador, Eula Mae Mercer, Verdanell Miller, Barbara Moody, Marie Moore, Gene Moore, Lois Nusbaum, Ethel Odle, Annie Lou Oliver, luanita Osborne, Ioyce Owens, Mildred Paroski, Martha Pasche, Margaret Passons, Brownie Paulson, Wava Phillips, Opal Phillips, 'Rachial Poirier, Dorothy Primrose, Alice Read, Margie Reeves, Lenora Reynolds, Iva lean BOYS Lee, Bertrand Levin, Eugene Lewellen, I. T. Long, lack Lynn, Albert McAdams, Henry McClaren, William McCoy, L. C. McCullough, William McKnight, Harris McMeans, lack McSpadden, Warren Marshall, Clifford Milton, Alton Moseley, Walter Nichols, limmie Paternostro, Emanuel Patton, Peter Perlstein, Hillel Pierce, Charles Redd, Cecil Redlinger, Rudolph Renz, Stagg Rieter, Stanley Rogers, Thomas Runnels, Elbert Robertson, Marguerite Rogers, Billie Louise Rogers, Freda Rolnick, Kathryn fx Rope, Earline Q , , Rubin, Bernice Rude, Selma Runnels, Dorothy Sallee, Florence Sandford, Margaret Sears, lnez Sorenson, Hattie Stateler, Ruth Stein, Esther Stovall, Alyeen Swain, Marjorie Taylor, Etheleen Thorn, Elsie Mae Toberny, Marie Tobias, Marion Tobolowsky, Harriet Tyree, Iuanita Waller, Evalyn Watelsky, Elaine Weaver, Daisy Welch, Edith Whitson, Doris Wild, Pauline Williams, Exa Willis, Leora Wilson, Eldorado Wittkower, Iune Wolfe, Betty Wright, Theresa Zimmerman, Frances Sanders, Weldon Schreiber, Phillip Sears, Warren Shannon, lames Simmon, Horace Slocum, Curtis Southern, Harry Spradlin, Bob Stampley, Henry Steer, Buford Stochard, Thomas Strange, lack Taylor, Bennie Taylor, Richard Thomas, Harvey Thomas, I. D. Thrower, Wallace Utay, Arnold Vann, Harold Wadsworth, Howard Walters, Harold Walters, Howard Weathersby, Cleaburn Wigbels, Lawrence Woelfley, Karl Wrights, Ted WWW LJ. V17 ugh s 4 I L I v-'ffm ul ,....., SS LH BC III- X YZG -V ' . 1,1 fffvff, .1 Page Fifty-four Aitken, Gloria Alexander, Louise Alexander, Thelma Ballard, Ruth Barron, Betty Io Barrow, Opal Becker, Mildred Bigham, Olene Bock, Elizabeth Bradbury, Georgia Maye Bramlett, Marie Brilling, Celia Ann Brown, Roberta Buckley, Edna Burditt, Clarisa Burnett, Madeline Canaday, Mary Virginia Clark, Ruth Coffman, Stella Cohn, Bernice Coleman, Doris Conway, Frances Cope, Lois Corbett, Lois Culpepper, Virginia Currie, lcla Mae Abbott, Curtis Aschner, Irvin Aucoin, Iames Balthrop, H. C. Beville, William Bryant, C. L. Burns, Herschel Butcher, Dave Cade, Eugene Cawthorn, Ishmael Cohen, lay Coleman, Charles Compton, Irwin Counts, Billy Daughtery, Ernest Davis, Thomas De Laughter, Norman Dickerson, I. W. Drewman, T. I. Page Fifty-five III-B CLHSS GIRLS Dees, lrene Denney, Marion Duckworth, Bertha Mae Emerson, Betty Evans, Iuanita Fain, Beverly Io Fledman, Rose Ferguson, Casie Fisher, Retha Gaches, Katherine Grisom, Irene Guynes, Norma Gene Haralson, Dorothy Havins, Loraine Hawkins, Fannie Heine, Mollie Grace Henry, Virginia Hernandez, Eloisa Hight, Dorothy Hilley, Sara lim Hoot, Iohnnie Fay Houchins, Agnes Howard, Billie Ioy Howard, Billy Kathryn Iordan, Mary Katherine Deca, Lewis Duckworth, Ernest Embry, lack Emerson, Kenneth England, Conley Faircloth, Laveenon Fleming, Holland Fleming, Hollis Goodman, David I-largraves, Horace Harkness, Vernon Iackson, Ralph Iordan, Douglas Keeton, O'Neal Kellum, Lloyd Knight, Marvin Krakoif, Ierry Lazaros, Pete Leon, Louis Kellum, Aline King, Ieanette Kissinger, Mary Ruth Lamb, Blanche Edna Lester, Florence Ligenberg, Sarah Light, Margery McClendon, Norma McDonald, Mary Frances McFadden, Iuanita McFarland, Lillian McKinney, Virginia McSpadden, Charlotte McWilliams, Margie Mann, Merle Margules, Betty Ruth Maxwell, Lillian Mitchell, Mary Alice Mueller, Mattie Lee Newman, Lorraine O'Donnell, Dorothy Perew, Maple Perkins, Irene Phelps, Rosemary Pokladnik, Mary BOYS Love, Bertrand Loyd, Eugene McKenzie, Barnie McQueen, Hubert McWilliams, Robert Mason, Claiborne Michaelson, lack Moore, W. A. Patrick, Dallas Pokladnik, Emil Reif, Henry Robertson, Everett Earl Robins, I. B. Romas, Victor Schackman, Elton Scott, O. I.. Shaw, Albert Sims, Ira Smith, Leslie Polakoit, Maxine Potts, Hildegarde Purser, Flora Richardson, Theda Mae Riddle, Chloe Dell Romas, Georgia Rupard, Flo Marie Russell, lane Sanders, Cora Saunders, Mildred Sheppard, Norma Smith, La Nora Solano, Myrtle Belle Stephenson, Delma Stevenson, Bernice Stowe, Mary Lou Stutts, Ruth Von Hoien, Iuanita Wade, Rachel Walling, Mary Elizabeth Walling, Dolores Walthers, Retha Wertz, Loraine Wetherell, Anita Worthan, Ioy Spangler, Eugene Spelling, Daniel Stafford, Billy Stokes, Iohn Summerfield, Edward Sumner, Iohn Taylor, W. S. Tillery, Arthur Tucker, Ward Wade, Horace Wald, Sol Weatherman, Gordon Weber, David Weil, Carl Williams, Granville Wilson, Claude Wood, Billy Wright, William 5 fwzw, diff ff? ff- , , X 6 Abraham, Frieda Abrahamson, Ruth Achilles, Kathleen Akard, Betty Allen, Alice Louise Allen, Lucille Bailey, Dorothy Baise, Eugenia Bane, Helen Becknell, Carolyn Belt, Ernestine Bethel, Murline Blankenship, Estelle Blasser, Shirley Bowland, Frances Boyd, Mary Nell Brey, Esther Briggs, Mary Helen Brin, Iacqueline Britt, Doris Britton, Ramona Brodnax, Katherine Brown, Mellonee Broyles, Alma Busby, Maurine Cannon, Eloise Carpenter, Kathleen Carter, Alma Casey, Mildred Clesi, Iosephine Cole, Marjorie Coplen, Marjorie Corchine, Selma Coward, lacqueline Cox, Iessie Dafft, Louise Daniels, Earlene Deason, Mural De Gelia, Anne Anderson, Charles Bailey, Charles Bayans, Ray Benat, Paul Henry Benno, Louis Biggerstaff, Billy Ioe Blalock, Roscoe Bryer, Harry Burns, Earl Cecil, O. B. Clark, Tommy Combs, Durword Curry, Odell Dean, Verne Dempsey, Thomas Donosky, Harold Dunn, George Durham, Marvin Ehney, Taylor Ellis, Solon Ferguson, Owens Ford, Ben Gallagher, Iohn Garrison, Pat Gillespie, Tom Glass, Murvel Gunn, Leon Hague, George Hallack, Fred Page Fzfly-seven II-H CLHSS Daughtery, Margaret Edwards, Gwendolyn Ellis, Francine Engleberg, Ruth Epstein, Margaret Erwin, Betty Everett, Phoebe Falcetti, Sylvia Fogel, Pearl Foster, Mary Evelyn Fox, Beatrice Freeland, Marjorie Glanton, Bernice Goff, Roberta Hammond, Bernice Hanks, Margaret Harris, Bernice Harrison, Martha Hawkins, Lois Hay, Mickey Helvey, Iuanita Henderson, Vivian Hiegel, Louise Hilt, Nancy Hodde, Rosa Lee Hoskins, Iohnnie Iewell House, Edith Hunter, Francis Hunter, Mildred lanner, lla Lee Ieffers, Agnes Merle Ienkins, Earline Iohnson, Billie Karlen, Margaret Kaufman, Rose Kellner, Naomi Kent, Lois Margaret Lee, Elizabeth Lewallen, Corinne Hanson, Charles Harris, Olin Haynes, Leon Hayth, Iames Hendrix, W. A. Hendrix, Wesley Hiett, Edgar Huddleston, Earl Humphrey, Barney Ingram, Buford lim, Tony Iohnson, Robert lones, Alfred lanes, Harold Iordon, Cecil Kellum, I. C. King, Samuel Levine, Norman Lee, William Leggett, Billy Levine, Sol Levy, Lester Levy, Samuel Light, Sidney Lillebridge, Herbert Lind, O. Chester Lomas, Robert Lyles, Clifford McCutcheon, Robert GIRLS Lichenstein, Marion Lichenstein, Ruth Lively, Margaret Loper, Bernice Loyd, Adele Loyd, Helen McCullogh, Gene McPhail, Fayrene McQueen, Katherine Mahoney, lean Malone, Roberta Marcus, Rose Mayes, Margarita Milford, Monna Lee Mims, Kathryn Io Mize, Mavis Moore, Anita Moseley, Mary Muehlenweg, Clara Mae Newell, Hulene Newman, Billy Fred Nielson, luanita Padgett, Francine Partain, Alacia Patrick, Lelia Patterson, Iva Pierce, Dorothy Potts, Ioyce Ragsdale, Ursuline Ray, Marcia Ray, Ola Ray, Orlene Reckley, Hazel Reckley, Helen Reisberg, Selma Rener, Bessie Rips, Mary Ann Robertson, Anne Kathryn Rogers, lsobell BOYS Mankovsky, lsadore Mead, Allen Mercer, William Miller, W. I. Miltner, Bennie Minchew, Robert Montgomery, Mike Moxley, Robert Mueller, Albert Murk, William Murphy, lesse Nicholson, lack O'Shea, David Packwood, Clare Parrish, Ben Perlstein, Leonard Phillips, lack Pribble, Norman Ralston, Alton Ray, Lee Reaves, Vernon Rees-Iones, Trevor Ricker, Iohn Robbins, Knox Roberts, Iames Ruttenberg, lake Sanford, Douglas Satterwhite, Carl Saunders, Harold Rosenbloom, Fannie Rosengarten, Inez Ross, Norma Saffir, Gloria Satterwhite, Flora Mae Segell, Mable Sevier, Alma Sharber, Ioy Shaw, Mildred Sloan, Nell Smith, Billie Smith, Lillian Sneed, Grettle Spangler, Marjorie Stover, Eileen Streicher, Elsie Tankus, Sarah Taylor, Dorothy Tell, Ione Thorn, Millie Lee Tiner, Iune Tolerton, Sara Trammell, Ieanne Traylor, Myrtle Valcik, Olga Waggoner, Kimberlen Waggoner, Mattie Walker, De Lois Walker, Ruth Walters, Bernice Walters, Bernita Weinstein, Anne West, Vivian White, Mary Lee Wiley, Eloise Willeford, Opal Wilson, Vivian Yates, Dorothy Scott, Bob Scott, Raymond Seay, Hugh Shalette, Ierry Sherman, Charles Sides, Harold Silverman, Herbert Simon, Lawrence Slovak, Frank Smith, Charles Smith, Edgar Spreng, Ted Stewart, Walter Stone, Jimmie Taylor, Orville Tullis, Roy Vandiver, Paul Vita, Iulius Whitaker, W. T. Williams, Billy Williams, Robert Willis, Connette Wilson, William Wright, Ira Wylie, Morris Young, Haskell Young, I. B. Zimmerman, Milton , 1 .f' 1 + i av CLHSS B II- F GE 'vi 'NL N '-1 A 9-E . U -. Adams, Edith Blair, Margaret Bean, Dorothy M Bowers, Emil II-B CLHSS Farmer, Iune atheree, Billie lane Fineglass, Anne Frances, Elizabeth a Bramlett, Billie Lou rances, WYiona ENBroom, Minnie Lee Burton, Frances Carver, Dorothy Cassata, Mary Clark, Barbara Clevinger, Madeline Coker, Ruth Coleman, Wilma Cooper, Margaret Cox, Mozelle Dagnal, Kathleen Davidson, Erdine Dickhout, Margaret Douglas, Mildred Emmett, Madlynne Adams, Bill Allen, Charles Allen, K. W. Arnold, Grady Arrant, Alfred Ballard, Crawford Becker, Irvine Bell, Walter Bogie, Billy Bond, Harry Boronstein, Hymie Braun, Milton Briggs, Herbert Brown, Floyd Brown, Harry Ben Buchanan, Richard Burnside, Robert Carter, Thomas Christian, Wayne Clanton, Avon Colletti, Angelo Collette, Ioe Colletti, Ioe Colletti, Sam Page Fifty-nine Gentry, Willie Mae Gilbert, Mary Elizabeth Hages, Vivian Hale, Iuanita Hancock, Mary Harlan, Margaret Hensley, Lydie Fay Houck, Betty lane Ivy, lla Iacobi, Bernice Iohnson, Dorothy Karchmer, Beverly Kingsley, Catherine Kousal, Erneive Kovnat, Frances Creech, Iames Cross, R. T. Curry, Norman Davis, Walter Day, Billy Dorman, I. T. Dunbar, George Ellington, Eyler Fischl, Henry Fleming, Ioe Fletcher, Gordon Freeman, Ioe Golman, Ioe Grabstald, Harry Hanson, Thomas Hernandez, Allen Howe, August Hranicky, Iames Hurst, D. A. Kosan, Ernest Kricek, Harold Line, George McCoy, Kid GIRLS Kynard, Imogene Le Blanc, Helen McCanlers, Eupha McCoy, Georgia McCray, Grace McDonald, Mary Frances McMeans, Peytonia Mahaffey, Glendell Massey, Fannie Rae Nelson, Iuanita Nelson, Mary Ruth Nicodemus, Dorothy Nutt, Amy Lee Pamphlin, Catherine Picketts, Margie Shackleford, Frances Shook, Roberta Siegel, Marilyn My Sh.t0,.,MQb.t A Simon, Virginia Smith, Ieanette, Smith, Marjori Stevenson, Mary Nell Taylor, Sarah Thurman, Mary Louise Tibbitts, Leola Trammell, Bertha Watts, Annie Waldon Wilson, Margaret Winterman, Leah Owens, Georgia N Prewitt, Veda Mae Ransom, Kathryn Ross, Elizabeth Scott, Ruth BOYS McDonald, Robert McManenin, Billy McNeal, Allen Morris, Edgar Martin, Bert Melaun, Emmanuel Mitchell, Herman Morris, Edgar Morris, Russell Muirhead, Charles Nalls, Louis Nelson, Paul Okon, Simon Pasque, Tony Pennington, Otha Lee. Fhelps, William Ragsdale, Eugene Richard, Louis Robbins, Leo Robertson, Abner Rogan, Leonard Sokellanion, Andrew Sakes, Andrew Seltzer, Marcus Woelfley, Katherine Wright, Helen Marie Wright, lane Siegel, Marvin Silverman, Edwin Singer, Milton Slackney, Edward Smith, lack Smith, L. E. Sour, Hal Spelling, Aaron Stallones, R. L. Thompson, George Thornell, Tyra Tiffin, Iimmie Tobolowsky, Iack Truman, Corbie Turk, Howard Watts, Simpson Weatherly, Otie Lee West, Charles Williams, Carroll Williams, Ivy Wilson, Woodrow Withrow, Alvin Zabbia, Ioe harton, Wilma WM N133 .axis wgpw -- sw 11 was X Nu.. I-H CLASS Page Sixty Ackerman, Rosa Lee Addington, Margie Anderson, Doris Mae Apoy, Maxine Armstrong, Saralie Aronson, Ruth Ausborne, Volita Balmas, Inez Baltz, Dorothy Mae Barrow, Vida Mae Beneiield, Erma Bennett, Maxine Blalock, Alma Bodack, Dorothy Bolin, Alta Mae Brewster, Myrtle Brian, Kathleen Brown, Helen Ruth Brown, Mary Elizabeth Brown, Nina Lee Buckley, Rose Mary Bunting, Betty Lou Burkley, Lois Canada, Leta Rae Cordella, Anna Cordella, Iosie Carson, Pauline Casey, Beatrice Cgvender, Martha Cecil, Bernice Jvgiopp, Ruby Lee Coffman, Dorothy Lea Cole, Margaret Cook, Mae Frances Crippens, Dorothy Cunningham, Lucille Curtis, Daphne Danielson, Alberta Adams, L. G. Alfano, Ioseph Anderson, Charles Anstett, Billy Apple, Tom Balthrop, Ralph Beets, Paul Biggs, Richard Black, Earl Blaha, Charles Blatt, I. D. Bledsoe, Elvis Block, Richard Bond, Hezzie Bowden, V. B. Boyett, George Brand, loe Brandt, Edwin Bronough, lack Brothers, Ralph Burkley, Lloyd Bush, Robert Caddell, Clyde Calhoun, Philo Carona, Anthony Cawthorn, Iames Cherry, Allen Chisholm, Lenwood Cline, Raymond Collins, Fred Conway, George Cooper, Marion I-H CLASS Danner, Helen Dean, Marzelle De Lee, Gladys De Witt, Evelyn Dobbs, Marie Els, Doris Ely, Florence Ely, Freta Emerson, Elizabeth Engleberg, Goldie England, Phyllis English, Virginia Estrada, Geraldine Fallin, Bertie lean Fisher, Gloria Fisher, LaVerne Floyd, Naomi Fox, Pollyanna Fulgham, Alfawn Gaddis, Elizabeth Garonzik, Bettie lean Garson, Marylin Gerdes, Iosephine Goff, Doris Goodman, Allene Goodman, Sylvia Graham, Ianice Grandee, Margaret Grantland, Iva Lee Graul, Mary Catherine Gray, Florence Green, Betty Grigg, Billie Wanda Grissaffi, Catherine Hammond, Glenzelle I-Iamusek, Ellie Harris, Ann Harrott, Frances Cox, Bob Cox, lack Culibrk, Milan Davis, Homer Davis, William Day, Robert Dickson, Iohn Mack Elam, Cecil Ely, Lewis Erickson, Roger Evans, E. W. Everett, Ben Flanz, Bernard Ford, Edwin Frank, Iames Funk, Ioseph Gaston, Rudolph Gillespie, Bill Gilliam, Royal Glanville, Paul Glazer, Irving Goldberg, Iulian Goodman, Mervin Grafton, William Graham, Andie Graves, Cecil Green, Daniel Green, Eudell Haley, George Hallmark, Levon Harris, I. B. Havins, Felton GIRLS Hausman, Margaret Hawthorne, Nancy Hedgpeth, Katherine Hemphill, Louise Hendricks, Martha Anne Hiegal, Evelyn Hilley, Maxine Hitchcock, Lorene Houseman, Sherman Hubig, Bessie Huttstetler, Colleen Huie, Mary Hurst, Ruby Hymes, Henrietta Iacobs, Bernadine Ianner, Iva Iohnson, Iune Iohnson, Ruth Jones, Robbie Louise Iordan, Evelyn Kaufman, Ianice Kelley, Etha Killingsworth, Katherine Kingston, Omie Landsberg, Maryline La Rue, Virginia Lester, Doris Lewis, Doris Mae Lillebridge, Helen Line, Lela Mae Logan, Billie McCoy, Bettie McCullough, Doris McMeans, Velina Macalus, Iosie Marinick, Norma Mark, Dorothy Marsh, Frances BCYS Hay, Ed Helvey, Wilber Hendrix, Thomas Hilley, lack Hook, Oscar Interrante, Ross Isbell, Claude Iohnson, Raymond lohnston, U. V. Iones, George Thomas Iones, Price Keeton, Eugene Klar, Herman Kress, Marvin Kress, Eddie Krusz, Walter Lamb, Avon Lambert, Herbert Latimer, Iohn Lawton, Marlin Lebowitz, Sidney Lenhart, William Leveen, lay Levine, S. H. Levy, Ioe Lewis, Frank Lipton, lerry Looney, Iohn McCarley, Robert McComas, Rex McDonald, Edward McPhail, Fred Mankofi, Ierry Martin, Iulia Mayer, Lorema Miller, luanita Miller, Iune Moore, Gwendolyn Morris, Elaine Murry, Maynie Belle Nathanson, Adlene Newton, Nadine Nobles, Alice Mae Orman, Jimmie Patrick, Ina lean Peal, Lois Marie Perew, Thelma Piccolcr, Rosa Podhrasky, Frances Price, Catherine Priest, Iane Pyron, Inez Rann, Mary Frances Rephan, Ruth Rice, Bonnie Lee Roberts, Iuanita Romotsky, Esther Lee Rust, Margaret Sanford, Dorothy Sasse, Verna Scarlotta, Doris Schreiner, Helen Sevier, Geraldine Shook, Charlotte Shor, Emmy Lou Simmons, Eloise Slackney, Iosephine Sloan, Viola Slocum, Iewel Smith, Patricia Sparks, Barbara Mason, Durword Miller, Edward Mills, Quincy Moore, Thomas Mosher, Iohn Muehlenweg, Charles Murdoch, David Murry, Philip Nelms, Arnold Nicodemus, Kenneth Nix, lack Overturi, Iohnnie Pate, Roy Payne, Iames Peacock, Robert Pendleton, Lynn Phillips, Wesley Pirtle, I. B. Pramer, David Primrose, Arthur Pullen, Arthur Putman, Paul Raley, Edward Ramsey, less Redd, Iohnny Riddell, Roy Earl Rener, Ross Rimmer, Millard Rebbius, Harold Roberson, Theo Rude, Samuel Rushing, Cecil Rushing, Iames Spurlock, Lurline Squires, Iune Stevenson, Kathryn Stinson, lean Strain, Dorothy Strickland, Irene Sutton, Naomi Sylvester, Viola Taylor, Grace Terry, Evelyn Thernell, Dorothy Thiell, Bobbie Thompson, Doris Thompson, Virginia Thrasher, Virginia Thurman, Mary Frances Tibbitts, Roberta Tolley, Dorothy Trammell, Donnie Trattner, Elaine Tresp, Virginia Turneabe, Annie Tydeman, Ruth Ussery, Iuanita Voight, Evelyn Webster, Edna Whitaker, Dorothy White, luanita Williams, Billie Ioyce Wingo, Geraldine Witt, Polly Wood, Ieanna Wood, Kathryn Wood, Margaret Workman, Iennie Worth, Wanda Fae Wright, Helen Yonack, Bertha Scott, Robert Seely, Henry Sellers, Edwin Sherrell, Dalton Smith, Edwin Smith, Iack Smith, Mashie Stanberry, Volney Stepter, Dean Stringtellow, A, B. Strucely, Walter Studdard, Barney Sasson, Tom Thomas, Dan Thomas, Eugene Tiffin, Edwin Tucker, M. P. Tuttle, Loyd Vann, Dewey Vann, Lloyd Walls, Iohn Walthers, Bruce Welch, Lloyd Wheeler, Delbert Williams, Ierry Williford, Raymond Wilson, D. I. Wolfe, Morris VVoodard,Alvin Woodruff, G. C. Woods, Leon Zimmerman, Abe CLHSS I-B N 51,1 s 3 K? 3 PgSfl Abrams, Eleanor Aiken, Verdi Lee Alger, Betty lean Andrews, Mary Io Anstett, Doris Ashner, losephine Babb, Bernice Baird, Aileen Baker, Lillian Ballas, Fannie Bare, luanita Baskett, Marie Beatty, Ilsa Lee Bice, Miriam Blaylock, Evelyn Blaydes, Margaret Blend, Ieannette Boronstein, Henrietta Bramlett, Maxine Brisendine, Dorothy Brock, Wanda Brooks, Isabelle Bruton, Billie Carroll, Marjorie Cassata, Lena Chambers, Ochenee Cobbel, Iennie Cohn, Adelaide Combs, Laurene Conner, Elizabeth Cooper, Marcia Crim, Lucille Crawson, Verna David, Betty lane Dearer, Mildred Deskin, Dorothy Donosky, Marcia Dorough, Dorothy Driggers, Lois Duca, Marie Ailshie, Cecil Alberts, Melvin Allen, Charles Allen, Robert Allison, Hollis Alonzo, loe Autry, Drew Barker, 'Wayne Barnes, Alvin Bell, Monroe Bourguin, C. L. Box, lack Breelit, Louie Brown, Robert Campbell, A. D. Campbell, Odis Carter, Leon Alvin Clark, Emery Conner, R. I. Cook, W. I. Corum, Leo Cox, Willie Davis, Samuel Dean, Conrad Dubose, Wade Emerson, Clyde Fain, Warren Faircloth, Eston Fields, Charles Fleming, Iohnnie Fleming, William Fletcher, Donald I-B CLHSS Dunn, Esther Eckelburger, Charlotte Embry, Margaret Evans, Helen Evans, Onita Fain, Elaine Ferguson, Imogene Fink, Betty Ford, Inez Freeland, Marilynn Gattuso, Nonette Gentle, Bennie Ruth Goodman, Florence Goodman, Frances Grantham, Mary Elizabeth Gray, Lydean Green, Theresa Hadaway, Pauline Harkins, Edna Harris, Clara Belle Hawkins, Frances Heflin, Vivian Hewett, Mary Ruth Hickman, Elizabeth Hiett, Katie Mae Hilderman, Theresa I-Ioltman, Gretchen Honeycutt, Edith Horton, Clara Belle Howe, Esther Ruth Huckabee, Ivy loe Humphrey, Willa Hunsucker, Anita laco, Mary lames, Doris Iohnson, Clytelle Iones, Fern Iones, Georgia Killey, Muriel Kitts, Earline France, Alva Fulgham, Bill Geeo, Roy Gentry, Paul Golman, George Gooclstein, Harry Goss, Robert Lee Grady, Melvin Grier, Kenneth Grubbs, Paul Hardwick, Iames Hardy, Hamilton Harmer, Fred Harrison, lack Head, Ralph Hearne, George Hester, Bobby Ioe Hollon, E. R. Hranicky, lohn Huddleston, Leroy Humphus, Martin Hutson, Cecil lenkins, lack lohnson, Fred Kellum, Edwin Kidwell, C. B. Kieke, Erwin Kuykendall, Kenneth Landry, Wilson Levy, Bernard Littleton, Bill GIRLS Klein, Frances Kynard, Evelyn Leeds, Sarah Lemaster, Margaret Lewis, Irene Lichenstein, Maurine Little, Freida Love, Theda Lucky, Katherine McCray, Ora Bess McDowell, Dorothy McGowan, Ruth McKnight, Margaret McWilliams, Maxine Markham, Lucille Martir, Helen Mays, Edith Mays, Emaline Michaelson, Selma Miller, Dorothy Miller, Lucille Minx, Alberta Moon, Wanda Musso, Nora Newell, Thelma Nichols, Martha Nicodemus, Romah Nusbaum, Sara Owen, Arlene Parker, Norma lean Patterson, Lois Petty, Gloria Phelps, Madeline Pierce, Dorothy Lee Pilgrims, Neta Fae Pleasant, Aubrey Polk, Dorothy Potter, Virginia May Prasifka, Mildred Ray, Dorothy BOYS Lopez, Sam Ludwick, limrnie McCoy, I. H. McGill, Forest McNally, Billy Ioe McNorton, R. B. McOwen, Fred Madous, Morton Malone, William Masters, Henry Miller, Anderw Moore, lack Moore, Iames Moore, Oland Morgan, Raymond Mosesman, Marvin Nance, Bill Oliphant, Billy Palmer, Hulett Pannell, Eugene Parrish, Loyd Pennington, Dearyl Permenter, C. L. Petty, Paul Phelps, Milton Porterfield, R. C. Raskin, Stanley Robertson, Lucius Robinson, Bobby Rodden, lames Rogers, Ioe Ray, Marian Reeder, Betty Mae Roberts, Dorothy Roberts, Lillie Mae Rogers, Billie Rose Rupe, Annie Sanders, Imogene Schwartz, Lucy Shaw, Dorothy Shearin, Sarah lane Silberman, Muriel Sizemore, Dorothy Skinner, Lucille Smith, Doris lean Stewart, Virgina Stellman, Clara Bell Stovall, Iudith Stowe, Ina Mae Taylor, Dorothy Thomas, Eunice Tobolowsky, Marian Traphagan, Ola Mae Van Sickle, Bobbie Ventura, Ianette Voirin, Gwyndolen Wadsworth, Rosalie Wallace, Betty Ioe Walling, Edith Walls, Ellon Webb, Gertrude Westmoreland, lane INhite, Beulah Whitmore, Bessie Whittington, Mildred Williams, Dorothy Williams, Martha Williams, Ninnie Mae Wright, Elsie Mae Wynne, Frances Rubenstein, Harold Rubinette, Norman Scott, Floyd Selzer, Simon Shelton, Andrew Shields, Doyle Simon, Robert Singletary, W. G. Smegner, Glenn Smith, Myron Soltes, Elton St. Clair, Raymond Strickland, Frank Tomlin, Billy lim Tucker, Walton Tullos, Wilburn Turner, David Utay, Marvin Utter, Bobby Vodicka, Stanley Voight, Leroy Weinkrantz, Philip Weitzman, Seymour Wheeler, Doyle Wilson, lack Womack, Roy ' Woodside, Bobbie Wright, lames Yarbrough, Dewey Zelazny, Henry W Zesmer, David ' UNDERCLHSSES Fall ANNETTE WHITE . FRANK HORTON . DOROTHY LOONEY . . MISS ELIZABETH PARKER VIRGINIA HENRY . ROLAND Goss . . . ROSEMARY SULLIVAN . JOE WILEY .... MERLE MANN . . . MARGIE MCWILLIAMS . BERNICE COHN . . . IOE WILEY . . MARJORIE FREELAND . IUNE TINER .... FANNIE ROSENBLOOM . IOE WILEY .... MARGARET HARLAN . . PAUL NELSON . . . IOE GCLMAN . . MISS MARGARET EWER HERMAN KLAR . RICHARD BLOCK . . . LOUISE HEMPHILL . . . MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER OFFICERS III-A CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor III-B CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor II-A CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor II-B CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor I- CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor I-B CLASS President Vice-President Secretory Sponsor Spring . . GENE MOORE . IIMMIE NICHOLS . . JUNE XNITTKOWER . MISS RUTH BARHAM . . WILLIAM BEVILLE . . ELTON SHACKMAN . MATTIE LEE MUELLER . . . . JOE WILEY . ROBERT LOMUS . SARAH TANKUS . . . . MAVIS MIZE MISS IUNIA MCALISTER . . FRANCES KOVNAT . . . IANE WRIGHT . . KATHRYN RANSOM Mrss IUNIA MCALISTER . . . . ROY PATE . . LETA RAE CANADA . . . . LOIS BERKLEY Mrss ANNIE GEM FELDER . . TACK WILSON . . . . . DOT POLK , . MARILYN FREELAND MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER Pug: Sixty-fou r W fl' ff - v W? My MV riffff f WWF if 'QQ M 12,1 W . S in Memoriam O, for the touch of a vanished hand, And the sound of a voice Thai is stilll' DALTON FREEMAN Barn October 3, 1923 D ed February 15 1937 Jfi Battles l.ife's pathways are rouah and narrow, There's a thorn with every rose. There's some sadness with all our tornorrows, And there are trials where our wandering footsteps ao There are battles to be touaht and won Anol not with countries or rnen, But with our own revoltina, restless souls- Battles, areater than those written upon the scrolls. Battles, that also cause sorrow and tears, That cause to weaken under their cares, Lasting perhaps throughout the years, To challenge him who heeols and dares. -VIRGINIA IACKSON. Lf' ! fan! I Z: X I LITAD Bob and Matty tiqhtinq it out. . . A few ot the Mad House Boys. . , Our Lieutenant- Cotanei. . . The fluters in a jam session, in parade formation, and sorta peppinq things Squeeze the triqqer, ready, aim, tire. . . "C" Company Street Before. . . Shoot- ing bulls on the range, . . Piqhtinq again. . . Our armory, . . Steady, Sam, steady Tau Q Fail in, . . All ears. . . The bands biq shots prepare for inspec- tion. , . A Forester Cutie joy riding. Camp Dallas again. . . Now, boys. , . Miss Mitche1l's military escorts. . . One, two, three, tour. . . "C" Company Street After. . . "He-re's the proposition," Those Windjam- mers aqain. ,X E it :Q -1. f W , 't.-, ,. , Q tif' 5 ' k '.j',f: f ?:.'s-f-.g,'N, , N-,QQ :jj ' 2 .... . :L Six I-y-uint' M!NEXTS Commandant olonel cj M .1 QW ,Mu Q R. o. T. c. The Forest Avenue High School Unit of the Reserve Officers Training Corps has accomplished a great deal during the l936-37 term on account of the guidance and untiring efforts of our cornmandant, Major Harry E. Menezes, and the leadership and faithful service of our regimental commanders, Cadet Lieutenant-Colonel William Stallcup the first semester, and Cadet Lieutenant- Colonel lack Kincannon the second semester. The Fl. C. T. C. Department has increased steadily in strength until nearly half of the boys of Forest Avenue High School are enrolled in this organ- ization. ln the city-Wide competition between the military units of each Dallas high school, the Forest Unit shared in the honors. The officers ranked second in the Officers' Test. Desiring to share the burden of securing proper recog- nition for our corps, the rifle team Won the All-City Championship Rifle Match and placed high in others. The Corps also made a very creditable showing in the Fall and Spring lnspections. The Crack Company Drill in May brought to a close another year of competition, in which our cadets were in there doing their best. Forest Cadets, we salute you! r 1 T , ' Aff f rx . " IX QAJT- N Left to riqht: Lacy, Cook, Kincannon, Tobolowsky, Malowitz, Stern. STHFF Lieutenant-Colonel . IACK KINCANNON, Regimental Commander Major .......... BERT COOK, Executive Officer Captain . ....... PAUL LACY, Adjutant Captain . . . . EDWIN ToBoLoWsKY,fnte11iqence Officer First Lieutenant . . STANLEY MALOWITZ, Training Officer First Lieutenant . . ARTHUR STERN, Supply Officer gPS N QZM , ,li W .X a Pugr' Sz' 1 'r'nl31-mu' First Row, left to right: Holland, Hoffman, Kincannon, Menezes, CO 'FStern, Scnlinqer. Second Row, left to right: Aronofsky, Patton, Fisher, Tobolowslcy, M' inney, Putman. Third Row, left to right: Campbell, Lacy, Malowitz, Morris, Ka man, Renz, Fourth Row, left to riqlitz Woodruff, Barnett, DeL MENEzEs, HARRY E. KINCANNON, IACK . COOK, BERT . . ARONOFSKY, DAVID KAUFMAN, STANLEY LACY, PAUL . SCHLINCER, HENRY TOBOLOWSKY, EDWIN WOODRUFF, WAYNE BARNETT, SAM . DELEE, SCOTT . HOLLAND, BILL . MALOWITZ, STANLEY MCKINNEY, IOHN , MIMs, CLARENCE . MORRIS, EDWIN PUTMAN, LESLIE RENZ, STAC-G . STERN, ARTHUR CAMPBELL, ROY FISHER, DEWEY . HOFFMAN, MERWIN PATTON, PETER THROWER, WALLACE OFFICERS . . . . . . . Comrnandant . Lieutenant-Colonel . . . Major Captain Captain Captain Captain Captain . . Captain First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant l X. JM! Emerson, Kenneth J ,fa if CA TAIN CoRPoRALs I' ' aufman, Stanley Compton, lrwin SERGEANTS Jrliellum, Lloyd lPrib e, Norman IP' erville, Norman ,J -J iff ff' Kerley, Wayne Lavine, Norman Lebowitz, Henry Potts, George VVyly, Robert Co. 2 Y? PRivATEs Ailshie, Cecil Arnold, Eugene Anderson, Eugene Bonnet, Billy Bry er, Harry Burnside, Robert Bowden, V. B. Bond, Harry Barnard, Paul Burkely, Lloyd Blaha, Charles Carp, Robert Combs, Durwood Curry, Odell Colletti, Sain Daughtery, Sam Dempsey, Thomas Dorman, I. T. Davis, William Murphyjesse Erickson, Roger Faircloth, Eston Fields, Charles Friedman, Harold Grady, Melvin Gruber, Nathan Goff, lames Goss, Robert Lee Halleck, Fred Helvey, Wilbur Humphrey, Barney Harris, I. B. lohnson, Roymand Krakoit, Ierry Leon, Louis Lewellen, I. T. Lind, Robert McCoy, I. H. Moxley, Robert Nelrns, Arnold Nalls, Louis Poole, George Porterfield, R. C. Phelps, William Pullen, Arthur Peacock, Robert Rogers, Thomas Robbins, l. B, Reaves, Vernon Raley, Edward Shaw, Albert Stallones, R. L. Scott, Raymond Taylor, Bennie Wald, Sol Wheeler, Doyle Wheeler, Delbert Woods, Leon CC 77 Co. CAPTAIN FIRST Sr-:RGEANT COHPORALS Woodruff, Wayne Barr, Alex Bond, Hezzie BoYd, H. A. Firisr Lrr-:UTENANTS SERGEANTS Crowder, Iohn Holland, Bill Ables, Willis Margro, S. G. McKinney, lohn Aschner, Irwin Saunders, Harold Mims, Clarence Smith, Charles Searcy, Arthur fm 4 r ,., . Q Z 'iff 'WH .. 'J M .1 Q, 5 E K f i . 2 -"- T . .5 ' 4' ,gt A ' 4, 1 3' if '- 2 0 , 1, -my .tg , AX. V 5, ',,' MK K K! E A 3 jf k ii 2 -'W ' 5 v 5 ' 1 ' 52 - 1 A ' ,it ' 2 ? 'gf if ' ' ff- Pi g is A A 1 A .1 t WH . . PRIVATES Arnold, Grady Auction, james Ballad, Crawford Bell, Walter ' Beets, Paul Biggs, Richard Biggerstaff, Billy Ioe Black, Earl Bledsoe, Elvis Bourguin, C. L. Brechi, Lowie Bryan, Ted Butcher, Dave Clark, Tommie Christian, Wayne Colletti, Angelo Dunn, George Dunbar, George Drennan, I. D. Farrar, Boyce Ford, Ben Goldman, George Harrison, lack Harmer, Fred Hendrick, W. A. Hiett, Edgar Hranicky, lohn Huddleston, Le Roy Ingram, Buford lones, Harold Iordon, Cecil Kellum, T. C. Lambert, Herbert Martin, Bert McCoy, Kid McCoy, L. C. McQueen, Herbert Melton, Alton Melaun, Emanuel Mueller, Albert Murk, Billy Murry, Phillip Pate, Roy Ramsey, lesse Roberts, Iames Robbins, Leo Robinson, Bobbie Robinson, Theo Ricker, lohn Satterwhite, Carl Sakellariou, Andrew Selzer, Simon Smith, Leslie Stafford, Billy Stewart, Walter' Strickland, Coy Summerfield, Edward Thomas, Dan Thomas, Harvey Tucker, lvl. B. Turner, David Wade, Horace Walls, lohri D. 'tNalters, Bruce Wilson, Bill Williams, Carroll Woodside, Bobbie Young, l. B. Zelazny, Henry Zimmerman, Abe K ' if I :ref .M nu CAPTAIN SI+:RGEANTs Schlinger, Henry Bone, Fred FIRST LIEUTENANTS Wigbels, Lawrence DeLee, Scott CORPORALS Putman, Leslie Butler, Harold FIRST SERGEANT Ellis, Solon Campbell, Roy Y Levy, Lester Michaelson, Erwin Lyles, Clifford Pennington, Archie Thurmond, Robert Weher, David CC 77 PRIVATES Ballas, lack Beville, William Box, lack Brown, Floyd Bronough, lack Burns, Herschel Cline, Raymond Davis, W. D. Daughtery, Ernest Dean, Conrad Fleming, Holland Fleming, Hollis Fletcher, Gordon Ford, Edwin Gilliam, Royal Golman, loe Hardwick, laines Hardwick, Walter Havins, Felton Harris, Olin Hanson, Charles Hernandez, Allen Hilley, lack Huddleston, Earl Humphries, Martin lsbell, Claude lanes, Price Killey, Bennie King, Samuel Klar, Herman Lamb, Avon Latimer, lohn Lipton, lerry Lopez, Sam Lynn, Albert Mead, Allen Mills, Quincy Mclinight, Harris Michaelson, lack Moore, Oland Moore, Thomas Mosher, lohn Montgomery, Mike Palmer, l-lulet Patrick, Dallas Perlstein, Leonard Rubinett, Norrnany Rushing, Cecil Bushing, lames Scott, O. Q. Sears, Warren Sims, Ira Strange, lack Smith, L. W. Strickland, Frank Spangler, Eugene Strucely, Walter Taylor, Orville Tobolowsky, lack Tucker, Ward Tucker, Walton Utter, Robert Vann, Dewey Weitzman, Seymond Williams, Billy Williams, lvy P , I Y r f I: 'fi ' , - 5,33 Q5 gf. I R In re. fy ,g,g,r te 'III W ll f A .. ' 1 I t i I- I 4- vu, it E " 2 A, Tj "4 i Ni" ' Z f v . MI, -- ' 9 ,X . e- rg 'f, , 1 .5 ' 'tr ff 1 T A I 5+ 5 F , ' l , f 1 ,,, 4 ,I vi ltzimoa Cook, Bert Fritsr LIEUTENANTS Morris, Edwin Re-nz, Staaq C u f, SECOND LrEUrENANTs Hoffman, Merwin Patton, Peter Fmsr SEHGEANT Firnlierq, Robert G its-f'2, x xvukl, CY? if b sf ,I Mgkiigfx fi r Q- - 'Z 1 r f? zg f 1 1 ii! ,g if 55 I 1 '1 me l ,xg , Q vu mv"-2 f , 1 A I g 1 SEHGEANTS Achilles, Chester Danner, Sam Floyd, Elsford Napier, Lloyd Phillips, lack Ralston Alton Spross, Raymond Coaponrus Fair, Charles Grittis, Henry Lomas, Robert Robbins, Knox Shannon, lames Walters, Harold Walters, Howard PRIVATES Adams, L. G, f6l'a,f.y4o'1,tf garham, Richard Bell, Monroe Campbell, Allen Clasby, Martin Ehney, Taylor Ely, Lewis Frank, lames Grier, Kenneth Cvlanville, Paul Hurnphns, Martin lohnson, Robert Krecelc, Harold Lazaros, Pete Lamb, Avon Lee, Bertranfi Lee, 'William Lind, Chester Looney, lohn A fl""'-Jedi? My or 22. sf McNally, Bill McNeal, Allen McSpadclen, Warrerr Mosesman, lohn Malone, William Nicholson, lack Phillips, Wesley Rubenstein, Harold Ruttenberq, lake Saddler, lvan Scott, Robert Shelton Andrew Simon, Lawrence Simon, Robert Sour, Hal Stockard, Thomas Tiffen, Iimmy Utay, Marvin Withrow, Alvin CAPTAIN Aronofslcy, David FIRST LIEUTENANT Barnett, Sam SECOND LIEUTENANT Thrower, Wallace FIRST SERGEANT Parks, F. L. SERCEANTSX 5 Aronofsky, lulius Moore, l. D. Lattirner, Billy CoRPoRALs Ely, Bernard Fallin, W. C. BHND Giqqleman, L. A. Light, Sidney Pokladnik, Emil Schackman, Elton Willis, Connette PRIVATES Arrant, Alford Bayans, Bay Buchanan, Bichard Brown, Bobert Calhoun, Philo Carter, Thomas Cox, Bob Cox, lack England, Conley Fischl, Henry Glazer, lrvina l-layth, lames Keeton, Oneal Kress, Marvin Levine, Sol Landry, William Mercer, William Muirhead, Charles McManemin, Billie McQueen, Fred Miller, Edward Nichols, limmie Nix, lack Silverman, Herbert Slacliney, Edward Smith, Mashie Watts, Simpson Williford, Waymond Woodruff, G, C. RWM Sm VI Front Row: Cook. Second Row: Compton, Robins, Pribble, Lacy. Third Row: Holland, Putman, McKinney, Barnett, Woodruff, Renz, Morris RIFLE TERM Lieutenant-Colonel . . Major . . . . Captain . Captain . . First Lieutenant First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant . Sergeant . . Corporal . Private . 113 Yl"l4'fI IACK KINCANNON BERT Coorc, Coach . . PAUL LACY WAYNE WOODRUFF . SAM BARNRTT . EDWIN MORRIS . LESLIE PUTMAN . STAGG RENZ . BILL HOLLAND NORMAN PRIBBLE IRWIN COMPTON . l. B. ROBINS CRHCK COMPHNY COMPANY COMMANDER Kincannon, lack PLATOON LEADER Schlinqer, Henry QERGEANTS Kaufman, Stanley CfLJ'4n'Y'M'Q""Q-Qu Achilles, Chester CORPORALS Campbell, Roy Fisher, Dewey McKinney, lohn Putman, Leslie Renz, Staqq PRIVATES Ables, Willis Boyd, H. A. Beville, William Bone, Fred Carp, Robert Clark, H. G. Danner, Sam Fair, Charles Griffis, Henry Hoffman, Merwin Holland, Bill Killy, Bennie Lebowitz, Henry Levine, Norman Levy, Lester Lomas, Robert Lyles, Clifford Marqro, S. Cf. Michaelson, lrvin Mueller, Albert Mead, Allen McCoy, L. C. Morris, Edwin Mims, Clarence Nichols, limmie Patton, Peter Phillips, lack Potts, George Pribble, Norman Riclcer, lohn Ralston, Alton Robins, l. B. Robbins, Knox Saddler, lvan Shannon, lames Saunders, Harold Sommerville, Norman Sims, lra Spross, Raymond Strange, lack Stafford, Billy Wald, Sol Wiqbels, Lawrence Wyly, Robert W' v-111-rv-'vw-rf1 H11-1-r:'f11 pfwwfftwwvrr nvv-rv'1'f'w 1 1 , fig ' I 11 X1U1N1.,.x.1k111. 1111X..1N1A vlxwlvm. 1 . 11,1 1'kxx'x111k11Ui'X'Uu1lxx'l'x'w11l1'x,x'1,111 wp 11114 Y"' 1 1 f1,111w3.1,H '.111g11X11 ty-,11 11 1,f11,1,1,111 '- V111-H 61111-1x'1X 19031 'V 111' 11111 1N1W'Wx1111W"1x 1 X - ' 1"1 ' X101 x-111.-.X1xk1kX1y1x,1,,Q,111. I 1111" 1,11 111x111N1,'A,1,1,1.11x1x1 .NW 1, 111 1, 111111, --111 11,,1x11 11 1 ',,f111 1111191111111 'wk -1 11"x'UN1' 11 . 111 , 11,1 LMH4xxv. xl .H111t1.. .11x1N1. 1 --. .. . 1 111 M1,1911 1 '1 11x11vlX-111x'-',111-1-V111 ' '111'1'1" ,1MK1x1411:x1.l11IM1.xc A1,,xXxx'41 1111111 I "f1HI1 K W x 1 1X1 11X X4 X ' 1 1QU'l11x, 11,2 Q 11' .l1111.111X', 1-A ' f"111 1 'XH.x.1,xX1'1N1--Nx.,u,.1111x,,11V1 11 ' 111'!11 11:x1.1..-xxxf1,11Q.1',1y-l.H'x1111f4g"xQ11 V 11' 11,1 X, N: 1,1 'X 1.k,,1.,XA1,,.z!,1,1.!,,lf111!.t 1, V: 1 MV' 111, ,R X 1111,'1,11., '11i,,1111v, .1 ,111 .1,11.N.,. V I V ,.-I 1. UC-"1'1.111-1-1,11I"11111 ' 111111111 - ', L' "111 10 1113 1Xx1111",1' -.11,'1,1 11 1 11 1ff,1 ' .,,x'x1x11k,1x'111x.,1:11-I '1,L1:1.y, .11QA1-,1'1'A'N11 '1 11 ,, 1, -'11 1x1X,1k..x-X,1vX1:5',h1.:11l11.,KM1xm,l,11W1H1,1 1. , 1,,,,! 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V10 f ff 1 1 1,1 ' 1 ,ff fff 11, 1 , 1 11,1 11 11, 1 l1'l ,VY 1 1 K X x 1X1 UI 10 f .11 'U fyfi 71211 1 9 ff ' 1 1 1 1. 1 .11 X ,. X x X K --Z :-- 11" xiii , f4 f, 1 ' f 1 f .1 WW 1 X f 11 ff' If 4 ff f 7' , Z 11 , , 1 1 L I , i 27'f7f-i1??TS:'U'13,-? " f Y ' ' fQ jf, 7 V, , 7 1 , 1 1 ,, pq, l'f"7i4-5 jifqgggfgsz -- X 1 ffz ff 6f2fyf f , . LETICS C O H C H E S ALVA SHEPABD Football, Heaol Coach Baseball, l-lead Coach W. H. KEELING Basketball, l-lead Coach Track, l-lead Coach Football, Assistant Coach ffEQNif6?5t1?tsfDW1t Football, Assistant Coach Basketball, Assistant Coach Pg Iglly TQ-'Sk . .-. Y.fV A xxx First Raw, left to right: Billie Smith, Mildred Scripture, Maria Cicero, Doris Linn, Daphne Curtis, Sy Schneider, Merle Mann, Gloria Aitkin, Eloise Wiley, Iuanita Evans, Virginia Henry. Second Row, left to rght: Verna Sasse, Ruby Briggs, Patsy Smith, Otho Mae Hendericks, Kathryn lo Mi Mildred Ashley, lacqueline Coward, Una Margaret Callahan. Third Row, left to right: Bernice Loper, Mary Katherine lordon, Lois Corbett, Wilma Vlfharton, Pauline Bosh t Evelyn Waller, Sarah Rudnick, Willie Mae Gentry, luanita Oliver. Fourth Row: Miss Mabel Shaw and Miss Locille Segrist, Sponsors. Page Eiglzlyeoxz GIRLS PEP SQUHD The Forest l-ligh Pep Squad of '36, led by Etta Mae Weath- erly, had forty-nine members, who did their utmost to add to the glory of their school by drilling at the games and by par- ticipating in other activities. The girls performed between the halves at the Woodrow, North Dallas, and Adamson games. At the Mississippi Club Ball, they drilled with all other high schools. Cn Thanksgiving Day, thxe Forest Squad, drilling with the other city squads, formed the letter "F" for Forest, and the letter "A" of the word TEXAS. At the All-Star game, played December l9, the girls again made the Forest letter and formed the "A" in the word DALLAS. The girls also marched in the Armistice Day Parade. Kathryn Price acted as associate leader at this event. All the girls did their part to make the Pep Squad of '36 a good one, and we are looking forward to a bigger and better one for '37. The opportunity for girls to show their loyalty and appreciation to the team lies in membership in the Pep Squad. fi! - . Aff" A ,- FIRST TEAM-4First Row, lett to right: DeLaughter, Horton, Massengill, Stampley, Denny, Phillips. Second Flow: Goss, Weber, Dossett, Lawrence, Lewellyn, Sears, Watkins and Row: Keeling, Canada, Mitchell, Gillespie, Conner, Sultis, Frauman, Miller, Floyd and FOOTBHLL At the opening ot the l936 iootball season, six letternien and a group ot small, rather inexperienced men reported to the told tor practice. Under the guid- ance ot Coaches Shepard and Keeling, our boys started with plenty ot pep and spirit. After two weeks' training they were awaiting their iirst clicking together and encounter. During the whole season, de- spite lack ot weight, our team showed plenty ot iight and pep. FGREST, l9'eGLADEWATER, l3 ln the opening game, the Green and and White boys traveled to Gladewater to battle the strong Gladewater Bears. Our boys got oit to a good start, holding the upper hand in the tirst quarter. ln the second quarter our boys made the tirst tally ot the game with a pass trom Denny to Messina. Conway carried Denny's pass over in the thirdp and Messina repeated after taking Denny's pass and lugging the old ball twenty-tive yards, making the the score l9 to 7. Gladewater rallied in tourthy but after the gun sounded, the old melee turned out to be a victory tor Forest. SECOND TEAM-First Row, lett to right: Taylor, Kellum, Vvfheeler, Mankovsky, Howe, Slocum, Bush, lngra , Duckworth, Smith and Green. Second Row: Woodruff, Pribble, Stone, Long, I-lranicky, lanes, Sim , Delsaughter, Carpenter, Barr, Lazoros and Sanders. Third Row: Hutchinson, Vann, H tness, Ba h Gillespie, I-look, Tellis, Miltner, Withrow, Clark, Kress, Thomas and Mitchell. of, N1 t cw., V10 Pngtl g It FOOTBHLL FOREST, 7-MCKINNEY, O Despite constant downpours during the day and a continual drizzle the night of the game, our boys went on the field with determination to bring home another new ball that night. Our Forest Crew be- gan with a bang and kept firing away the whole game. The mettle shown by the Forest team proved too much for the heavier, more experienced warriors. The Green and White lads piled up eleven first downs to the Red and Black invaders' one. The lone count was made when Denny passed into the receptive hands of Messina, who raced to pay-dirt for the score. All in all, much credit is due the team for the fighting spirit and determ- ination shown in this game. FOREST, 7--GAINESVILLE, 19 This non-conference game, played at Gainesville, was the first set-back of the season for the Forest Lions. The prettily clad boys of Gainesville had an advan- tage of weight over the Foresters, which was one big handicap to our advance- ment. The Leopards made their first marker in the beginning of the second period with a pass to I. D. Mitchell. Then, in the third period Mitchell chalked up two more scores for the Leopards: however only one extra point was netted by the Leop- ards. Our score was made in the third quarter after a terrific drive, led by Sultis and Denny, which ended in a touchdown. FOREST, 6-TECH, 59 In the first district game of the season the Green and White Forest Eleven re- ceived a drubbing at the hands of a heavier, more seasoned Tech team. The Forest team fought to the bitter end, but Tech's reserve strength and power told the story. Conway's fine line play, coupled with Floyd's line ramming and Canada's brigliant blocking, featured the Forest at- tac . FOREST, OWASUNSET, 13 Before a crowd of 6,500 people, the hard-fighting Lions turned on the heat and played an inspired brand of football to hold the highly touted Sunset eleven to a 13-O victory. The breaks decided the game, which was plenty close. Pag E ghly three FOREST, l3wLONGV1EW, 34 This was our last non-conference, out- of-town game of the season. Our boys played a team that boasted a perfect record of victories, also a team that had not been scored on during the whole sea- son. Although our players did not produce a victory from the game, they started it off by scoring two touchdowns making the score 13-7 for the first half, and, by doing this, they were the first to score on the Loboes. But playing a stronger and heavier team, our boys soon weakened, and twenty-seven more points were made by the Longview Loboes. The score at the end of the game was Forest 13, Longview 34. FOREST, 7-WOODROW WILSON, 19 Fighting hard to stave off a third city series defeat, Forest's green clad warriors bowed to the triple boys, l9-7. Both Forest and Woodrow played a fine aerial attack. Standouts for Forest were Conway, Lawrence and Gillespie. Lonnie Hill, ace Woodrow wingman, was the star for the Wildcats, scoring two of their three touch- downs. FOREST, 7-NORTH DALLAS, 6 The Forest Lions raged out of jungle town Friday night, and swamped the crack North Dallas Bulldogs. Although they were the underdogs, the Lions out- played the North Side eleven throughout the game. The light forward wall literally swept the Orange line off its feet. Law- rence, Goss, Canada and Denny stood out for the Lions. Lewellyn, with his broken hand in a cast, turned in a sterling per- formance at the guard position. Dallas was singing the praises of this scrappy little team, which had trounced the city champs. FOREST, U-ADAMSON, 6 ln its annual grudge battle with Adam- son, the Forest Lions fought a losing bat- tlep and when the final gun sounded, the scoreboard read Adamson, 6-Forest, U. The game was marred by frequent fum- bles on both sides. The Leopard score came late in the second quarter with Willis going over for the score. The Lions tried in vain to overcome the Cliffites' lead during the second half. Canada, Law- rence, Conway, Messina, Sultis, Watkins, Connor, Rudnick, Phillips, Denny, Massen- gill and Gillespie played their final game for the Green and White. THE TERM Ioe could be depended upon to fill capably any position on the line he was called upon to fill. He made the AllMCity and All-Star Team. Three-year letter-man. IOI-IN CONWAY, END All-Star as well as our own left-end. Played brilliant offensive as well as de- fensive ball. Two-year letter-man. lohn could not have played a better defensive game than he did at his end. 1 Mfg IOE LAWRENCE, TACKLE ft' VICTQRTMESSINA, END I '!One 'the co-captains of the Green and V'W'hite warriors. A wonderful pass "sn'cftcher" as well as a deadly tackler. Played left-end, and was a two-year letter- man. ALBERT RUDNICK, TACKLE Two-year letter-man. Pills a big man's shoes at right tackle. He sat lightly on the bench, ready to go into the game at any minute. ROBERT CONNER, GUARD' Two-year letter-man. He was a hard- charging guard and an excellent defen- sive player. He could always be de- pended upon to do his part, and he surely dealt some misery to his opponents. DURWOOD PHILLIPS, GUARD Two-year letter-man. He filled a scrappy, aggressive position: and, although not a regular, he showed plenty of mettle each time he was called upon to perform. JESSE DENNY, OUARTERBACK Denny made his first appearance on the Forest team this year and certainly proved a valuable man. He was ct brainy field general, and was rated by the local sports writers as an excellent passer. WILSON CANADA, HALFBACK He was a good plunger and a constant ground gainer. He was fast to make his own hole in the line. When Wilson got the ball under his arm, you could always count on him for a good gain. IAMES SULTIS, HALFBACK At the beginning of the season lames filled the fullback position, but after a few games he was changed to a blocking back, and showed up well in his new berth. He was consistent in his tackling, and did most of the kicking for extra points. IACK MITCHELL, QUARTERBACIC One-year letter-man. lack, who was an understudy to Jessie Denny, was a brainy and exceedingly elusive quarterback. He was an excellent passer and punter, and will be missed next year. IOHN PAUL MASSINGILL, HALPRACK One-year letter-man. Although he played little, he was a fine ball carrier and noted for his ability to pick holes in the opponents' line. WILLIE MILLER, GUARD A one-year letter-man. This was VVillie's second year on the first squad. Although not a regular, he held down his position as a veteran would. HUBERT GILLESPIE, CENTER One-year letter-man. Hubert more than once showed his ability as a heady, ag- gressive pivot-man. He was the fi htin spirit of the team, and will eave b' gap in next year s lin BUFORD STEER BACK Buford is a promising triplegthreater, and great things are expected fpom him next year. With a little more expefience, he will be a heady and dependable signal caller. NORMAN DELAUGHTER, FULLBACK One-year letter-man. Norman is another cub who has materialized into first string material. He is a good plunger, hard to stop, and a dangerous threat to the op- ponents' goal line. EUGENE CADE, FULLBACK "Katy" is returning to the folds of "Dear ol' Forest High," and will carry the burden for the coming season. He is the side- stepping type of backfield man. Page E glaty fo: THE TEHM ELLSFORD FLOYD, FULLBACK One-year letter-man. A hard charging fullback, who is Forest's bid for the All- City next year. His line-ramming was a great aid to the Foresters in every game. Floyd will add considerable power to the Green Wave. FRANK HORTON, F ULLBACK "Toughy" is a promising backfield man for next year. He Works hard as anyone on the team, and can really carry out his assignments. DONALD DOSSETT, TACKLE Donald will be back next year to uphold the honor of that brilliant line. His weight and power were a great help to the team this year, and will be needed for next year. One-year letter-man. I. T. LEWELLAN, GUARD I. T. is remembered by every opponent as that fellow who blocked their charge. He is as tough as they make them and will be fighting next year. One-year letter- man. HENRY STAMPLEY, GUARD He was a valuable asset to the team, and we expect to see him "hold that line." He will be back next year as the co-captain of the mighty Green and White eleven. BUDDY WEBER, CENTER Buddy was always ready to jump into the middle of the battle. He is a promising snapper-back who will be on hand to get through the interference and get his man. PHILIP SCHREIBER, FULLBACK Philip played left half, and was as good a tackler as there was on the team. He was a hard player, and he has another year to show his stuff. Pug? E gbly five RCLAND GOSS, END This youth surprised all the critics by his dazzling performances on the field. No school will forget the name of Roland Goss because of his playing in the North Dallas game. He will be back next year to secure his second letter. ELLIS WATKINS, END ,MMM A light-weight who always could be depended upon to play more than his share of the game. WARREN SEARS, END Although he did not play much this year, he will be in there blocking and tackling to the best of his ability next year. MEYER FRAUMAN, CENTER One-year letter-man. Meyer was a dili- gent trainer and always appeared on time for practice. He was a capable center and proved worthy of his position as line backer on the defense. EMANUEL PATERNOSTRO, LEFT END "Pat" proved to be an able end any- time he went into a game, but because of an extra supply of larger, more ex- perienced wingmen, he didn't participate a great deal. STANLEY REITER, GUARD Stanley Reiter, a hefty linesman, showed up nicely at both tackle and guard. He will be back next year. CECIL REDD, MANAGER Cecil, as manager of the team, proved to be efficient in the caring of bruises, blisters, lime burns, and such. We expect him back next year as one of the team, instead of manager. Mf X XL ,, ay? ff xp W fl, fi ,fxlfw My WJ,V xg. . f X I J xr tx, , . First Row: Horton, Schreiber, Goss, Watkins, Sears, Haney. Second Row: Culibrk, Achilles, Conner, Weber, McKnight, Mitchell, Flay. Third Row: Hutchinson, Keeling. BHSKETBHLL FIRST HALF After Winning nearly all of their pree season games, the Forest Lions opened the l937 basketball season. Three letter- men, Phillip Shreiber, Robert Conner and Captain Ellis Watkins, and many other promising Keeling proteges answered the call to arms. FOREST, 23--ADAMSON, 25 The Forest Lions lost their first game ot the l937 city series to the Leopards from Adamson High School. lt was a nip-and- tuck battle from the beginning to the end, and an overtime period was required to decide the victor. lack Mitchell was high- point man for Forest, making eight points. The Forest Second Team lost to the Adamson Cubs, 23 to l7. FOREST, l9eSUNSET, 18 The "Green and White" came through with their first victory out of two starts in a thrilling game with the Sunset Bisons, The Forest club showed its superiority throughout the first half, but the Bisons came from oehind in the third period to furnish the winners stiff opposition. Broyles was high-point man for Forest with eleven points. The Forest Cubs defeated the Sunset Second Team by the score of 2l to l9. FOREST, l.OwTECl-INICAL, 32 The highly favored Technical High School Wolves found it harder than they expected to beat the fighting Lions. After a fairly even first half, the Wolves hit the basket repeatedly to cop the victory. Out- Pay L gl ly Page Eighty- standing play and high-point honors for the Forest quint went to Captain Ellis Watkins. Sauaring matters up for the day, the Forest Cubs defeated the Technical Sec- ond Team, l9 to lU. FOREST, 18-WOODROW WILSON, 45 The Lions suffered their third defeat of the season in the hands of the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats. The triple club led in scoring throughout the game, but found it hard going during the first two periods. For the home club, Watkins led the scorers, earning nine points. The Forest Cubs eked out a victory over the Kittens, 20 to l9. FOREST, l3-NORTH DALLAS, 28 The Forest "Greenies" held the North Dallas Bulldogs to a two point lead, as the half ended 8 to 6. ln the closing periods, Wilbur Keith, star forward of the Bulldogs, hit the basket repeatedly, win- ning for his team the victory. Schreiber on the defense and Watkins on the offense played brilliantly for Forest. By beating the Puppies, 12 to lO, the Forest Second Team tied with Woodrow Wilson for the first half championship. SECOND HALF PoREsT, 9fADAMSON, 25 The Forest Lions opened the second half with the Adamson Leopards. These bitter rivals fought hard for four quarters, but when the final whistle was blown the score favored the Leopards. The Adamson Kittens defeated the Cubs, 17 to 3l. SVVE11 FOREST, 24-WOODROW WILSON, 35 The Forest club invaded the Woodrow Wilson gymnasium eager for a Victory, but were disappointed. Watkins and Goss, with six points each, were the Lions' high- point men. The Woodrow Seconds defeated our Seconds by a score of 25 to 9. FOREST, 25-NORTH DALLAS, l9 Playing the Bulldogs on the Forest court, the Lion auint turned aside their losing streak. At the end of the first half, North Dallas had made only three points against the fourteen for our team. Schreiber loomed as the best scorer of the day with eleven points to his credit. The Forest Cubs turned back the "Hot- dogs," 22 to 18. FOREST, 27-SUNSET, 14 For the second time in the season, Forest defeated the Sunset Bisons. The team- work of the Lions and the goal shooting of Sears and Goss stood out as highlights. The Forest Cubs nosed out the Sunset Seconds, l5 to l4. FOREST, 26-TECHNICAL, 31 The Tech Wolf pack encountered a team ---Forest Lions by name-that was cle- termined and eager for a victory. The tussle ended in favor of Technical, and was packed full of thrills and spills. Goss and Schreiber led the Lions with ten and eight points respectively. Ending the l937 series in the right way, the Forest Second Team defeated the Technical Whelps, 15 to l0. First Bow, left to right: Gillespie, Reed, Goss, Crim, Watkins, Sears, Duckworth, Mitchell. Second Bow, left to right: lones, Culibrk, Slocum, Carpenter, Sinirnons, Melton, Pribble, Thomas. Third Row, left to right: Stone, Blank, Napier, Brown, Vita, Lilliebridge, Burns, Fourth Bow, left to right: King, Keeling, Schreiber, TRHCK This year Coaches Seldon Hutchinson and W. H. Keeling, with no lettermen, have a track team composed of six veterans and over twenty aspirants, consisting of Earl Burns, Glen Car- penter, l. l. Crimm, Steve Culibrk, Earnest Duckworth, Ben Ford, Hubert Gillespie, Boland Goss, Alton Milton, Herman Mitchell, Lloyd Napier, Norman Pribble, Cecil Bedd, Philip Schreiber, Warren Sears, Horace Simmons, Curtis Slocum, Harvey Thomas, lulius Viti, Ellis Watkins, Sam King, and Alfred lones. ln the early meets Goss has proved to be a promising jumper. The relay team, composed of Redd, Schreiber, Watkins, and Goss, are showing great speed on the cinder paths. The entire team is giving all it has in order to win the events in which it is entered. Eigfllyevigbf First Row, left to right: Frank Singer, lohn Paul Massengill, Eugene Levin, I. A. Boulton fcoachl. Second Row, left to right: Fannie Rosenbloorn, Sarah Rudnick, Lucille Segrist Ccoachl, Margaret Harlan. Third Row, left to right: George lones, I. D. Moore, lohnie Overturf, Dean Steptei, Roger Erickson, loe Wiley fcoachl. Wilson Canada, doubles player, isn't in the picture. Page Eigbiy-nine TENNIS Handicapped by lack of letter-men, the Forest Tennis Team has fared well so far. The Forest team beat Sunset 3-l. Massingill and Canada defeated the Sunset doubles 6-2, 6-3. Eugene Levin, Forest, lost 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. Both girls' teams won. Forest kept up the winning streak by defeating Adam- son 3-l. Frank Singer won the singles 6-2, 6-2, Massingill and Canada won 6-O, 6-l. Margaret Harlan, giris' singles, easily won 6-O, 6-O. The girls' doubles lost 4-6, 7-5, 8-6, Forest suffered its first defeat at the hands of North Dallas 4-U. Singer lost 6-4, 3-6, 8-6, The doubles team lost 6-2, 7-5. The girls' doubles was also defeated. Margaret Harlan lost to the North Dallas girls' singles player. Forest started its winning again by defeating Tech 3-l. Singer lost 6-4, 7-5. Massengill and Canada won 7-5, 6-l. Both girls' teams won. The last match of the year, with Vtfoodrow Wilson, ended in a tie, 2-2. This gave Forest third place in the city. The team consists of Frank Singer, boys' singles, Wilson Canada and lohn Paul Massengill, captain and letter-rnan, boys' doubles, Margaret Harlan, girls' singles, and Fannie Rosenbloorn and Sarah Rudnick, girls' doubles. GOLF Candidates for the Forest Avenue High School golf team are the following men: George Tones, l. D. Moore, Donald Finkelstein, lohn Mosher, and Roger Erickson. Although none of the candidates are letter-men, I. D. Moore and George Iones are veterans of last year's team. The coach of the team is Ioe Wiley. Our team has shown up well, so far, in their matches. Their first match, which was with Adam- son, resulted in a victory for them, the score being Forest 5lfQ, Adamson 296. ln their match with North Dallas, the score was Forest 5542, North Dallas 2112. The winning of this match placed Forest in second place with Woodrow Wilson. First Row, left to right: Charles Tones, Tommy Davis, l. T. Lewellan, Herbert Frank, Henry Stampley, Weldon Saunders. Second Row, left to right: Frank Horton, Iesse Denny, I. L. Haney, lames Adair, Robert Hickman, Buford Steer. Third Row, left to right: Harry Cobbel, Sam Colletti, Edward Carter, Leonard Perlstein, Coach Shepard. BHSEBHLL The Baseball Squad for l937 began the season with five letter-men and a group of interested and willing aspirants who showed plenty of eagerness to get into some tough competition. FOREST, 5fNORTH DALLAS, 2 Behind the steady pitching of Adair, the Forest Lions successfully opened their l937 baseball season with a 5 to 2 victory over the North Dallas Bulldogs. The Forest tearn as a whole played a jam-up defensive and offensive game. FOREST, 8-ADAMSON, 9 The encounter with Adamson proved that the Foresters could hold their own with the best, even if the game didn't prove to be a win. The game was very erratic, a toss-up all the way through. lt was evenly matched, but the Leopards finally downed the Lions 9 to 8. FOREST, 4-WOODROW WILSON, 5 The fighting Lions gave the highly-touted Woodrow Wilson Wildcats a stiff fight. Sohle, Woodrow Wilson ace pitcher, allowed the Lions only four hits, but the Lions made all of the hits count. The Lions' attack was led by the stickwork of DeLaughter. The score was Forest 4, Woodrow Wilson 5. FOREST, CSWTECHNICAL, 6 Both the Lions and the Wolves played a bang up game. Keele and William- son, the Tech pitchers, baffled the Lions with their speedballs, but the Lions made 3 runs. The Lion attack was led by the batting of Haney and McLaren. 231 . ,,, :r J 4 J il f if Q ' K 5 Eli! 51? Am. ff Q iii, f ' ! x ? ' Q ,fe 'f ii fffi -5 f 2 I X E l "ff ,f21325 ' V,.f f 1 AA'fv Qc' if V YL X Y A I, ,, If ,Lg , :J f -fif' lea. SW 1 X ff ww if A wr g f www Ma , 7 2 :Q?'f ,fi mea p-gram yy 2 i2 -1 H , 'vw-Jw ,. , , ' lim fh' ' ' ' gf" ' M fiffmd WB M M "" I w -Q x XX XM! , V, 5 f XXXKWX , g f VVI, 5 X ,Wxmxymdl Rf 3, ,M ' N . 'L ,f ,,-. 5 :f ,:p ,f f, ar" iv-Em' , ,jgizii 45 MM is ka 'a W W i 92- WY. iw hw , n.,, :ff 3 V ll ,- W " ' . N - w m'1,f A,- K ., gy 'H ' 'Wi ,mf14nf f,q5Q91f'Hf4?9ZP 'f"' 'H 'll f '1- W ,.,,. ..,. . '-f- - , -3 X 'iil B' Wm' 'W f LWK H ix , ? l B. ' 'A"' ' """'A I "'1"" ii ?'w., ,, ' ? f X' ' ' 2 ff, Nl Q R , , I ' fi!!-1 T 423 x ff X izx ,. - p , 'i f'2 ff' x!Qi'1' - . , f '1 1- 1 ie -, . -:ff 'L fE: :::...i Ma j J X X I I1 vi Yiii i- -K-A :Sly E -fin i, AY VW :""'?mT'f'fl , " gif eq, f Nb 1 A N , -1 W5 ' ,., 153.-g fK1 A g7 -X i ?Tf " 1 - Pflfffxi jg-hm i- 2537 jg 14 R' -. , 5 ig 33 x, - .f Y ir J Ei , Wigi 1 xx HDN5 N ZAT DHEA FORESTER Frank Sinqer Stanley Kaufman Sibyl Meazell Rosalee Cohn Marian Shepherd Ruth Friedman Adeline Price Bessie Coleman Wilson Canada Adele Friedlander Chester Achilles Hubert Gillespie Ruth Richman Dorothy Ball Bernice Rubin Fannie Rosenbloom STHFF fl ' I 'Muni' ...a AU.,.,.., 2- EDITORIAL BUSINESS Dorothy Weinkraritz Stanley Malowitz lack McMeans Charles Fair Clarence Eaton Roy McCormack loe Willson Myrtle Belle Solano Frances Whitaker Esther Muir Sylvia Silberman lack Kincannon Vallora Tempel Mary Folson Martha High lvan Sadler Miss Mary Smith Clark, Adviser Paul Lacy Robert Carp Bessie Cardella Ethel Golrnan Bessie Golman Robert Firnberq H. B. lo Nell McCabe Lorraine Crow Mary Elizabeth Gray Mildred Wiqbels Miss Me Edwin Tobolowsky Henry Lebowitz Steve Culibrk David Aronotsky David Kaplan Yates, Adviser ART W. A. Moore Carl Weil Roscoe Blaylock lesse Matthews l Mitchell, Adviser Pilgt' Nineiy-i un FOREST ECHO -Y .,-- -v. -- -Y--- 1, v - - -7- V v-----7 , ttf Wa ,s The Forest ECHO is published every two weeks to inform the students and teachers of events happening at the school, and to furnish wholesome amusement for the student body. During the past year the Forest ECHO sponsored two popularity contests-Football Queen and Basketball Queen. Editors . . . Associate Editors Assistant Editors Sports Editors . Feature Editors News Editors . Exchange Editors EDITORIAL . . Sam Clasbey, Mary Kennedy, Olga Palcetti Bernice Moncrief, lean McKinney, Etta Mae Weatherly Magdalene Bickerstaff, Estelle Bennett, Tommie lames . . Ellis Watkins, Sarah Rudnick, Billy Wilensky . Lucille Hopper, Evelyn McCallum, Louise Pulis . Agnes Ballard, Era Grace Bond, Louise Langley . Margie Huckabee, Doris Linn, Bessie Lee Gibson Reporters: Sally Bebee, Edward Carter, lessse Denny, Thelma Grant, Bessie Io Hand, Leola Mae Houck, Danna Kleck, Iohn Massengill, Raymond Spross. Business and Publicity . .... Robert Carp, Robert Murdock, Sam Barnett, Henry Lebowitz Page Ninety-three Miss Eloise Durham, Adviser . Y , ,,,,, , , GIRLS PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB Mas. TURA W. DIAL Sponsor OFFICERS FALL LENA LANDSBERG President ROSALEE CoHN Vice-President MARCILLE MULLINGS Secretary MARGARET HILLEY Treasurer FANNIE ROSENBLOOM Sergeant-at-Arms DOROTHY Mi-:HLMAN Parliamentarian SPRING EMILIE KORPIANOCK President SELMA REISBEHG Vice-President ROSALEE COHN Secretary SYLVIA SCHNEIDER Treasurer LOUISE HEMPHILL Sergeant-at-Arms ETHEL GOLMAN Parliamentarian The purpose ot the Girls Public Speaking Club is to give to the members a good knowledge of parliamentary law, to help them acquire the art of speech by using good diction, to bring together the girls of the school by pre- senting them with an opportunity to form friendships, and to value the iriendship of others. Bernice Cohn and Mildred Shaw are on the debating team this year, while other members are entering the declamation contest. Even though there has been no outstanding achievement, the individual members have been benefited by observ- ing parliamentary law and various activities in public speaking. In an assembly program the club presented Miss Pauline Wright, director of the Teen Age Theater, in review of the play "Pride and Prejudice." Abraham, Frieda Achilles, Kathleen Ackerman, Rosalee Anderson, Willie Rae Apoy, Maxine Bannon, Billie Frank Barron, Peggy Lou Barrow, Opal Bock, Elizabeth Brilling, Celia Ann Canada, Leta Rae Carpenter, Kathleen Cohn, Bernice Cohn, Rosalee MEM Corchine, Selma Daniels, Earline Dunn, Iuanita Fraunian, Thelma Goodman, Idelle Goodman, Sylvia Golden, Margaret Helen Golrnan, Ethel Garonzik, Betty Grantland, Ira Lee Heine, Mollie Grace Hemphill, Louise Hymes, Hennrietta lackson, Virginia BERS lacobs, Bernadine Kaufman, Janice Korpianock, Emilie Landsberg, Marylyn Lively, Margaret Mark, Dorothy Mayer, Lorenia Meazell, Sibyl Meador, Eula Mae Mehlman, Dorothy Moore, Gwendolyn Muller, Mattie Lee Primrose, Alice Reed, Margie Reisberg, Selrna Rosenloloorn, Fannie Rosengarten, Inez Rudnick, Sarah Schneider, Sylvia Shaw. Mildred Siegel, Marilyn Shor, Emmy Lou Swain, Marjorie Tctnkus, Sarah Utay, Gertrude Weinstein, Anne Wittkower, Iune Wood, Joy Page Ninety-fovzr STHDDHRD DEIBHTIIIQ SOCIETY Miss EDNA Rows -is Q, c. v. GOODMAN ' Sponsors 'A-5 ,ff ,' I ,f V 5 , j . X , qi, Y, 1 K t,A...!f -,ff ' " I' 1 J , ,f 3 . OFFICERS F A L L . 532 PAUL LA CY President DONALD PINKELSTEIN Vice-President DAVID KAPLAN Secretary DAVID ARoNoFsIcY Treasurer L. D. ALLEN Sergeant-at-Arms , A xrg,"4s?.,d S-+.--4.,3,.,.f if I 1LQf,2,iu EDWIN ToBoLowsIcY Parliamentarian SPRING WAYNE WOODRUPF President BARNDTT GOODSTEIN Vice-President MERWIN HOFFMAN Secretary FRANK SINGER Treasurer ARNOLD UTAY Sergeant-at-Arms PAUL LACY Parliamentarian . The Standard Debating Society is one of the pioneer nizations o est Avenue High School. lt has always been a leader among the other organizations in this school. l s as its aims better public speaking in all forms and genuine school spirit in everything it undertakes. The Standard is composed wholly of boys and is conducted u rliamentary law. lt is always guided in the right direction by our able and worthy sponsor, Miss Edna Rowe, ass sled ln r. Goodman. lt is the custom of the Society to have each year a banguet, at which ar gathered Inost of the alumni of the Standard. At the present the Standard is trying out for certain contests in speaking in a state-wide contest, MEMBERS Aroriotsky, David Aronofsky, lulius Ballas, lack Benno, Louis Blaha, Charles Blatt, l. D. Block, Richard Butler, Harold De Lee, Scott Erickson, Roger Finkelstein, Donald Elanz, Bernard Page Nirrvly-jim' Goidl, lrving Golman, loe Goodstein, Barnett Goren, Mayer Hoffman, Merwin Iacobs, Edwin Kaplan, David Kaufman, Stanley Klar, Herman Kress, Marvin Lacy, Paul Lambert, Herbert Loveen, lay Levin, Eugene Levy, Lester Michaelson, Ervin Michaelson, lack Patton, Peter Phillips, Wesley Rubinett, Norman Rubin, Milton Schlinger, Henry Silverman, Herbert Singer, Frank Soltis, Elton Sour, Hal Strange, lack Tobolowsky, Edwin Truman, Corbie Utay, Arnold Utay, Marvin Vann, Harold Watelski, Stacy Wigbels, Lawrence Woodruff, Wayne Zesmer, David LE CERCLE FRHNCHIS MRS. MINNIE P. ARDREY Sponsor OFFICERS FALL NATHAN WYLL President BESSIE COLEMAN Vice-President IANE DRISCOLL Secretary ADALIE MARGULES Treasurer IANET SWAIN Sergeant-at-Arms ELSIE ROSE ISRAEL Parliamentarian SPRING GERTRUDE UTAY President CECILE REPLIN Vice-President IACQUELINE BHIN Secretary FRANCES BURTON Treasurer ELSIE ROSE ISRAEL Sergeant-at-Arms MOLLIE GRACE I-IEINE Parliamentarian The aims of Le Cercle Francias are practice and improvement in speaking the French language, more comprehensive knowledge of France and the French, and happy association with fellow students. "Entin, on pourrait dire surtout le cliarme de l'amitie' des camaradesf' Aronofsky, David Aronson, Ruth Brin, Iacqueline Burton, Frances Coleman, Bessie , cle la camaraderie, doit se iaire sentir au sein du Cercle-- Au Cercle, il ne doit y avoir que Driscoll, lane Fox, Beatrice Garonzik, Bettie Hall, Ethel Mae Heine, Mollie Grace Israel, Elsie Rose MEMBERS lacobi, Bernice leffries, Mary Louise Iohnson, Dorothy Karchrner, Beverly Leaminq, lean Marqules, Adalie Replin, Cecile Rosenbloom, Fannie Utay, Gertrude Weinstein, Anne Wyll, Nathan Pago lvmetx sm TEXHS HISTORY CLUB MISS BESS THATCHER Sponsor OFFICERS F A 1. L VALLORA TEMPEL President SYLVIA SILBERMAN Vice-President MAxiNr: PINK Secretary EVELYN FLEMING Treasurer ZELDA COLEMAN Sergeant-at-Arms HILLEL PERLSTEIN Parliamentarian SPRING Erin-:L GOLMAN President MARTHA HIGH Vice-President ZELDA COLEMAN Secretary ROBERTA MALONE Treasurer THOMAS CARTER Sergeant-at-Arms VALLORA TEMPEL Parliamentarian Purpose: To teach the past and future history of Texas. The achievements of the club are many. lt is one of the leading clubs in celebrating Texas Week. Each year since its existence, it has given a program during this week. On these occasions that club has presented to the school such gifts as books, trees, and a picture of Stephen F. Austin to stimulate interest in things Texan Akard, Betty Bailey, Dorothy Campbell, Roy Carp, Robert Carter, Thomas Coghill, Katherine Coleman, Bessie Daqnal, Loraine Page Nim'ly-:rum Everett, Phoebe Fleming, Evelyn Friedlander, Adele Harrison, Martha lacobi, Bernice leiters, Agnes Merle Kaufman, Rose MEM BERS Kennedy, Mary Keys, Edith Lacy, Paul Malowitz, Stanley Massey, Fannie Rae Novin, Frances Owens, Mildred Perlstein, Hillel Shaw, Mildred Silberman, Sylvia Teinpel, Vallora Tobolowsky, Edwin Wasserman, Evelyn Weinkrantz, Dorothy FOREST FORUM MISS DOROTHY GERLACI-I Sponsor ilffwm -1 If-1 .Q tv. 4' OFFICERS F A L I. CARL ZABBIA President SUZANNE STEELE Vice-President MARGARET KNOTTS Secretary LOUISE FRANKFURT Treasurer SALVADOR DUCA Parliarnentarian TOEL DENISON Sergeant-at'Arms SPRING DONALD FINKELSTEIN President WAYNE MORRIS Vice-President MARY LOUISE DEWALD Secretary IOLA CALHOUN Treasurer DOROTHY IVIEHLMAN Parliamentarian KENNETH COLEMAN Sergeant-at-Arms The Forest Forum was organized in March, l933, by nine chaitor metnbers. The purpose of the organization is to promote discussions of questions of public intorost in government and economics, Members are given topics to report on, those reports are followed by roundetable discussions. The club has been active in school affairs. lt has rnacle numerous donations of books, maps, and pictures to the school. ln March, 1936, the club sponsored three night Open Forums on timely Texas topics. The members do not neglect the social side of their club. Annual social events are the Christmas party, the spring banquet, and the spring picnic. Ashley, Mildred Beach, Ruth Beville, William Brown, Iuanita Calhoun, lola Callahan, Una Margaret Cohn, Bernice Cohn, Rosalee Counts, Billy Dewald, Mary Louise Duca, Salvador Yinkelstein, Donald MEM BERS Frankfurt, Louise Knotts, Margaret Looney, Dorothy Mehlman, Dorothy Morris, Wayne Pasche, Margaret Pulis, Louise Robbins, Louise Robbins, Verna Runnels, Dorothy Weatherly, Etta Mae Whitson, Doris Page Ninety-cigbl l HELTH HISTORICAL SOCIETY .fl MISS MINNIE BROWN Sponsor K i 1 OFFICERS F A L L W Q.. www Mm-mu-aspen. , wwnwwwmunvmmmnmmppgw A mfrsyhwwwqsuv-nniimwuua .ww M W M-4-"xi-av'i-,f'5.-su., "wwf ,W 35 at 99 WrLsoN CANADA President VVELDON COMBS Vice-President ELIZABETH BRAUN Second Vice-President DANVL HOLLON Secretary CAROLYN STROHEKER Treasurer Q Q CHESTER ACHILLES Sergeant-at-Arms ADELE PRIEDLANDER Parliamentarian SPRING HUBERT GILLESPIE President EDVVIN TOBOLOWSKY Vice-President RUTH RICHMAN Second Vice-President FRANcEs Novm Secretary ADELE FRIEDLANDER Treasurer SCOTT DE LEE Sergeant-at-Arms SYLVIA SILBERMAN Parliamentarian Still striving for the definite aims to promote the study Of history and to raiso the standards of citizenship in our school, the Aelta Historical Society carries on. Starting the year Off, we sponsored an assembly in commemoration of Armistice Day with Major foe M. Hill. During November we also celebrated our fifth birthday with a birthday cake with all the trimmings. An Original poem which recounted the activities of the club was dedicated to the club by Celia Pickoff. The " 'Ole Xmas" spirit was kept by presenting to the club a historical play called "Town Hall." The leading roles were played by Weldon Combs, Eleanore Spangler, Dorothy Ball, Chester Achilles, and Wilson Canada. As the old year rang in the new, we lost many outstanding members by graduation. Elizabeth Braun was given the honor of being the most efficient member who was graduating. An assembly was sponsored by the club in the celebration of George WashingtOn's birthday. We had as speakers Mr. D. A. Frank and Mr. Austin Vv'eir, noted lawyers of Dallas. Abrahanison, lane Achilles, Chester Bailey, Curtis Ball, Dorothy Bopp, Richard Canada, Wilson Coleman, Kenneth Coleman, Zelda Culibrk, Steve Daugherty, Sam De Lee, Scott Palcetti, Olga Fallin, VV. C, Farrar, Boyce Priedlander, Adele Gillespie, Hubert Gruber, Nathan Hall, Henry Henry, Virginia Hollon, Dan'l MEM BERS Hopper, Lucille Kina, Pauline Lacy, Paul McQueen, Hubert Medford, lames Novin, Frances Pickoff, Celia Primrose, Alice Richman, Ruth Shalette, Sylvia Silberman, Sylvia Simmons, Horace Small, Frances Stroheker, Carolyn Summer, Grace Tobolowsky, Edwin Tobolowsky, Harriet Walters, Christine Wilson, Kathryn Wittkower, lune quest AjQ,,,1. A 0-'X lvfx. K-'K r Pugf' Niwly-lzilze MEMBERS HIGH SCHOLHRSHIP CLUB MISS RACHEL FOOTE Sponsor OFFICERS r A L I. STANLEY KAUEMAN President PRESTON RAY Vice-President NELL FERGUSON Secretary ALBERT STI-:INDAM Treasurer STEVE CULIBRK Sergeant-at-Arms MERWIN HOFFMAN Parliamentarian SPRING DAVID KAPLAN President DAVID ARoNorsIcY Vice-President ELAINE WITELSKY Secretary BESSIE COLEMAN Treasurer CLARENCE EATON Sergeant-at-Arms I ADELINE PRICE I Parliamentarian The High Scholarship Club is an organization for the students of the school who have fulfilled the qualifica- tions for a Linz Award. interesting programs and enjoyable entertainment are presented every second and fourth Thursday of each Inonth during a school term, as has been the custom since the club was established in l92l. The aim of the High Scholarship Club is to make students realize the advantages they can derive from striving for the honors of high scholarship and proper spirit in their school, Under the lealership of Miss Foote, our sponsor, we hope to continue in the future as we have in the past. Abrahanison, lane Abramson, Ruth Aronofsky, David Bailey, Curtis Baise, Eugenia Bell, Madeline Berman, Helen Black, Dorothy Brin, lacqueline Britton, Ramona Brock, Georgia Calhoun, Iola Cannon, lulie Ann Cohn, Bernice Coleman, Bessie Coleman, Zelda Corchine, Selma Culibrk, Steve Dagnal, Loraine Daniels, Earlene Driscoll, lane Duckworth, Bertha Eaton, Clarence Ferguson, Fay Ferguson, Nell Finkelstein, Donald Fischl, Rosalie Fleming, Evelyn Freeland, Marjorie Friedman, Ruth Friedlander, Adele Gilford, Samuel Goodman, ldelle Q Griffin, Wanda Hall, Ethyl Maya' Herzstein, Ruth High, Martha Hoffman, Merwin Kaplan, David Karchmer, Ioyce Kaufman, Bose Kaufman, Stanley Kennedy, Mary Keys, Edith Keyser, Bud Lehwald, Helen Leon, Louis Levy, Helen Levy, Samuel Mahoney, lean Mize, Mavis Marqules, Adalie Markus, Ruth Marshall, Clifford Montgomery, Mike Moore, Anita Muir, Esther Newman, Billie Fred Novin, Frances Phillips, Opal Price, Adeline Ray, Ola Bay, Orlene Ray, Preston Read, Marjorie Beisburg, Selma Beplin, Cecile Richman, Ruth Rolnick, Kathryn Resenbloom, Fannie Besengarten, Inez Rubin, Bernice Rude, Selma Shannon, Iames Silberman, Sylvia Smith, Billie Stroheker, Carolyn Tankus, Sarah Tempel, Vallora Utay, Arnold Utay, Gertrude Walters, Christine Watelsky, Elaine Weil, Carl Weinstein, Anne Whitaker, Frances Wigbels, Lawrence Wadsworth, Howard Wyll, Nathan Page Om' Hrmdred HUDITORES CHESARIS Miss LOURANIA MILLER Sponsor Mrss ETHEL MAs'rEns Co-Sponsor Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES Co-Sponsor OFFICERS r A 1. L BILLY STALLCUP President SAMUEL KOHEN Vice-President RUTH FRIEDMAN Secretary IRVING GLAssER Treasurer HENRY SCHLINGER Sergeant-at-Arms SPRING DOROTHY BALL President IANE ABRAI-iAMsoN Vice-President MARY KENNEDY Secretary HENRY SCHLINGER Treasurer LAWRENCE WIGBELS Sergeant-at-Arms l The Latin students ot Forest organized the Auditores Caesaris in l92O for the purpose of studying Roman plays, Roman religion, Latin games, and other subjects that give broader ideas of Roman people and their value to the world. Among the activities of the Auditores Caesaris was a program given in the auditorium, consisting of a Roman Circus in which a boat race, archery contest, toot race, and boxing match were featured. The club had its banquet at the Y.W'.C.A., the last Week of April. MEMBERS Abrahrlmson, lfme Frrllin, Bertie lean Meador, Euln Mae Shannon, Janis-5 Achilles, Kathleen Apple, Tom Bailey, Curtis Baise, Eugenia Ball, Dorothy Blatt, I, D. Blevins, Margaret Britton, Ramona Brooks, Isabelle Cecil, Bernice Clark, Barbara Ellis, Francine Everett, Phoebe Pagf' Om' II11 71117911 One Friedman, Ruth Funk, Ioseph Goodman, ldelle Griftis, Henry Harlan, Margaret Hoffman, Merwin Kennedy, Mary Klar, Herman Lively, Margaret Lomas, Robert Mahoney, lean Mankotf, lerry Massey, Fannie Rae Mize, Mavis Murk, Billy Murphy, lesse Moore, Gene Newman, Billy Fred Patrick, Lelia Phillips, lack Phillips, Opal Polson, Mary Primrose, Alice Reesnlones, Trevor Schlinger, Henry Silverman, Herbert Simon, Lawrence Sour, Hal Stovall, ludith Stranae, lack Sylvester, Viola Tankus, Sarah Uiay, Arnold Whitaker, Frances V-fiabels, Lawrence Wilson, Dona Belle Winterman, Leah annual PHN HMERICHN STUDENT FORUM-FOREST UNIT Miss FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM Sponsor OFFICERS F A L L STANLEY MALOWITZ President LORAINE DAGNAL Vice-President SARAH RUDNICK Secretary 'WAYNE MORRIS Treasurer HAROLD SCHACKMAN Sergeantfat-Arms STEVE CULIBRK Parliarnentarian SPRING SARAH RUDNICK President BERNICE COHN Vice-President TOANNA PUCKETT Secretary VALLORA TEMPEL Treasurer HILLEL PERLSTEIN Sergeant-at-Arms WALTER NIOSELEY Parliamentarian The Pan American Student Forum meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month. The Forest group carries out the object of the Forum, which stresses the solidarity of the Americas, by presenting at least once a month a study program on the different countries of the Americas. The Forest Unit attends the all-city meetings of the Chapter almost one hundred per cent and has won three cups for the best attendance during ten years. lt is leading again this year. The outstanding achievement ot the Dallas Chapter this year was the dramatization of the Peace Conference held in Buenos Aires in December, l936. The Forest Unit presented the scene with Secretary Hull about the neutrality pact, the most outstanding single project of the conference. The big event of the year will be the Third National Convention to be held in the Forest Avenue High School Auditorium, lune lZ to l5, l937. Secretary Hull and Dr. L. L. Rowe of the Pan American Union are expected to be speakers. More than seven hundred delegates are expected to attend from the forty-one chapters of the Forum. Addington, Margie Blasser, Shirley Bopp, Richard Boyd, Mary Nell Burkley, Lois Burras, Glenelle Cfarnpbell, Roy Colin, Bernice Culibrk, Steve Dagnal, Loraine DeLee, Gladys Dewald, Mary Loui Eaton, Clarence Evans, Iuariita Fleming, Evelyn Glanville, Paul Goss, Roland SG MEM BERS Housnian, Margaret LeFlore, Gilbert Lipton, Ierry McKinney, lean Moseley, Mary Moseley, Walter Perlstein, Hillel Price, Adeline Puckett, Ioanna Rogers, Billie Louise Rudnick, Sarah Sadler, Ivan Sallee, Florence Stevenson, Bernice Stone, Jimmie Tenipel, Valloia Vfald, Sol Pilgt' Om' Hlmtlntf Two LHS DOS HMERICHS MISS SARA DAVIDSON Sponsor OFFICERS r A I. L MARTHA HIGH President HELEN SOBEL Vice-President JOANNA PUCKETT Secretary CECIL RAY FULLEN Treasurer F RED Bom: Sergeant-at-Arms LORAINE DAGNAL Parliamentarian SPRING CECIL RAY FULLEN President EVI-:LYN FLEMING Vice-President GILBERT LEFLORE Secretary CAROLE KING Treasurer BILLY COUNTS Sergeant-atfArms GLORIA AITKIN Parliarnentarian The Club Los Dos Americas was organized to aid in the leaming of the Spanish language, to promote a better understanding and knowledge of the aforesaid language and peoples, and to foster a better school spirit. lt has accomplished these aims by discussing topics dealing with Spanish-speaking countries and presenting people who speak the language. M E M B E R S Aitkin, Gloria Fullen, Cecil Ray King, Carole Smith, La Nora Counts, Billy Gillespie, Hubert LeFlore, Gilbert Stroheker, Carolyn Daqnal, Loraine High, Martha Puckett, Ioanna Ternpel, Vallora Fleming, Evelyn Page' Om' H1mr1're'41 Tlwrw MEMBERS E5 GIRL RESERVES J. MISS BERTHA JACKSON Q: Sponsor sf 'Q OFFICERS FALL ' FRANCES LANICFORD President ELIZABETH HEMPHILL Vice-President ESTHER MUIR Secretary FRAMES WHITAKER Treasurer HELEN LEI-IWALD Council Representative GENE MOORE Council Representative MARIAN GERSMAN l' irliamentarian SPRING ELIZABETH HEMPHILL President GENE MOORE Vice-President PAULINE KING Secretary LOUISE LANGLEY Treasurer ,ATNNETTE WHITE Council Representative KATHRYN ROLNICK Council Representative HELEN LEHYNALD . Parliamentarian s. ' 1 x.,,.'sa, :SQ Girl Reserves are junior members oi the Young Womens Christian Association, and the object of the Girl Reserves Movement is in direct accordance with the purpose Oi this association. lt endeavors to give girls, through normal, natural activities, the habits, knowledge, and the ideals which will make them capable and responsible women. The program is three-fold, as represented by the blue and white triangle, the symbol Ot the Y.W.C.A. The base oi the triangle is spirit, its two sides are knowledge and health. The activities of the organization are designed to make the girls physically fit, and mentally and morally sound. The Girl Reserves have performed their usual services this year, serving as guards in the girls' restroom, and giving Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the needy of Dallas. Parties welcoming the freshmen girls to the school were given by the Girl Reserves, and a party for new pupils in the school was given by the Girl Reserves and the Hi-Y boys of Forest. In addition, the Girl Reserves have had part in the monthly inter-City Girl Reserves' luncheons sponsored by the Y.W.C.A., at one of which, the October meeting, the Forest girls served as hostesses. Ballard, Agnes Ballard, Ruth Black, Dorothy Bond, Era Grace Brock, Georgia Brown, Dorothy Calhoun, lola Conner, Elizabeth Crow, Lorraine Curtis, Margaret Ann Dublin, Ernestine Duckworth, Aline Duckworth, Bertha Dunn, luanita Erickson, Louise Fischl, Rosalie Fonberg, Angeine Fowler, Audrey Freeland, Margorie Grissoiti, Catherine Hall, Ethel Lee Hand, Bessie lo Hemphill, Elizabeth Hemphill, Louise Herzstein, Ruth Hiegel, Louise Hopper, Lucille Houck, Leola Mae Huckabee, Margie letters, Agnes Merle Kaufman, Ianice Kelly, Doris King, Pauline Kynard, Imogene Langley, Louise Lehwald, Helen Looney, Dorothy McCallum, Evelyn Mark, Dorothy Moore, Gene Moore, Gwendolyn Muir, Esther Nathanson, Adelene Nelson, Mary Ruth Richman, Ruth Rolnick, Katherine Romotsky, Esther Rude, Selma Runnels, Dorothy Sibert, Irene Tobolowsky, Harriet Walters, Bernita Whitaker, Frances Whitfield, Helen Whitson, Doris Wilson, Kathryn Yonack, Bertha Pago Om' Illnlflwrf Four HI-Y CLUBS W. H. BUTLER Sponsor OFFICERS I E555 ' l F A L L E-"5:?:5i , , , E1f3fi3g!31jfL11NGSLY ?.e-izeeka-sexe-:f:f2::'?-Ezaaffvzizesfxeeewa-ez-W-Mex:HERB-E CHESTER ACHILLES Vice-President CHARLES HUMPHFUS SecI'eta1'y-Treasurer IIMMIE HARPER Sergeant-at-A rms WAYNE WOODRUEE Parliaznentarian SPRING '. r- 'I CHESTER ACHILLES I 1 ,I ' A President IOHN MCKINNEY Vice-President IVAN SADDLER Secretary-Treasurer CURTIS BAILEY Sergeant-atfArrnS BILLY LATIMER Pailiarnentaiian The Hi-Y Clubs are promoted by the Young Men's Christian Association and are affiliated with the State and National Hi-Y Movement. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. The Ineinbership in the club, because of its high ideals, is limited and selective. lt is not the purpose just to have a large membership, the quality of its membership is the important thing. The slogan is Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Athletics, and Clean Scholarship. SENIOR HI- Y MEMBERS Achilles, Chester Bailey, Curtis Barnett, Sam Billingsly, Eugene Broyles, Eugene Campbell, Roy Canada, Wilson Carter, Edward Chastant, Claude Combs, Weldon Cook, Bert Barham, Richard Boronstein, Hymie Boyett, George Brothers, Ralph Bryer, Harry Cadell, Clyde FALL TERM Herbert Lambert Lloyd Tuttle - George Boyett - Iames Rushing Harry Bryer R Pilgt' Om' IIIHIIIITAI I"i1't' CI-Iin, I. I. DeLee, Scott Pallin, W. C, Fisher, Dewey Frank, Herbert Freeland, Harry Giggleman, L. A. Harper, limmie Humphius, Charles lanes, George Kerley, Wayne IUNIOR HI Campbell, A. D. Cecil, O. B. Collins, Fred Glazer, lrvina Hardy, Hamilton Head, Ralph Lacy, Paul Latimer, Billy Luttrell, Buford McKinney, Iohn Margro, S. G. Morris, Wayne Murrah, Cornelius Napier, Lloyd Nichols, limmie Parks, E. L. Patrick, Dallas -Y MEMBERS lnnerhoter, Eugene Klar, Herman, Ir. Kellum, Edwin Lambert, Herbert Levy, Ioe McNally, Bill IUNIOR HI-Y OFFICERS Redd, Cecil Saddler, Ivan Shannon, Tanies Stallcup, Billy Strange, lack Stern, Arthur Strickland, Coy Taylor, Richard Tobolowsky, Edwin Vann, Harold Woodruff, 'Wayne Nance, Bill Primrose, Arthur Rimmer, Millard Rushing, Iarnes Ruttenburg, lake Tuttle, Lloyd SPRING TERM President - - - - - Harry Bryer Vice-President - Herman Klar, Ir. - Secretary - lake Ruttenberg 'Treasurer - - George Boyett Sergeant-At-Arms - O. B. Cecil ORCHESTRH MISS LOUISE WILCOX Director First Violin Mayer B. Goren, Concert Master Mary Lou Stowe Assistant Concert Master Patsy Haynes Katherine Brodnax Bernice Walters Paul Bernard Ralph Balthrop Vtlalter Strucely Eugene Broyles Second Violin Ioseph Funk Annie Lurneabe lack Harrison Herbert Lambert Third Violin Phillip Weinkrantz Conrad Dean Stanley Vodieka Cello lames Rushing Boss Violin Dorothy Ball Saxophone Mollie Grace Heine Dorothy Runnels Clarinet David Aronotsky Sam Barnett Ervin Green Marvin Kress Bernard Levy Cornets Billy McManemin Connette Willis Dorothy Strain W. C. Fallin L. A. Giggleman Trevor Rees-Iones Baritone Bob Cox tl '1 :B .. , ---- ' 't " Trombone Thomas Carter Myrtle Husbands Iulius Aronofsky Bass Horn Dick Buchannon Accordion Marjorie Freeland Piano Lucille Cuuningham Pauline King ldelle Goodman Drums lack Nix Bernard Ely Tympani Herbert Silverman Philo Calhoun The orchestra of Forest Avenue High School has grown much since the last year, as many freshmen have entered. The grammar schools are now sending well prepared people to take part in our musical activities. Miss Louise Wilcox, our most able director, has taught us much about the fundamentals and the playing of music. She has encouraged us and has urged us on when We have become discouraged with out music. She has made us enjoy and appreciate good music more and more. The orchestra has Worked hard and accomplished much. We have played for the following things: The Daughters of the Republic Conference. The Christmas Cantata and Program. The lanuary and the lune Senior Plays. The Ianuary and the Tune Commencements. The Washington's Birthday Assembly, sponsored by the Aelta Historical Society. The Texas Week Assemblies. The North Texas State Teachers' Association. The Teacher's Retirement Act Community Meeting. The Open Forum. , An Assembly in October. The Reception honoring Mr. Parker. Pugf' Om' Hll711ffPl1 Six BOYS HOME ECONOMICS CLHSS MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY Sponsor ye N lr . t 'TX . 'if HX 'I-XX N. .N . X ' 'fix j- V. ,--1, to 'ft 1 , s .eiffcf ,..r "' This class was first organized in 1934. The founders were Pink Murphy and Howard Baldwin. The class was started at the suggestion of the boys of Forest. One hundred boys were signers of the petiriong but since only thirty boys were allowed to enroll, the class was opened to senior boys only. The present class is the largest ever enrolled and the only one of its kind in the city. These boys have enrolled in this class in all seriousness, and a wholesomo spirit of purpose is noticeable. Contrary to the general belief that the boys are in the class merely for a good time, these boys study many phases of home-making other than making candy and pies, The first six weeks of this course is the study of etiquette. Everything is studied in home economics from table etiquette to correct dancing posture. The second six weeks of this course is devoted to cooking. During this period of time, thc boys study the hunian body and its need of proper nutrition. The third six weeks of this class is devoted to the selection of clothes, family relationships, and the care and arrangement of furniture. Miss Willie Mae Berry is the capable instructor of this boys class. By her tireless efforts and her keen interest in the class she has Won for herself the admiration of the boys. It is the opinion of every boy who has studied Home Economics that it should be compulsory in tho Dallas High Schools. This would be a step toward creating better boy students and finer homes for the future. THOSE IN PICTURE Adair, lames Barnett, Sam Bernstein, David Brown, Billy Broadnax, Harry Carp, Robert fjrxrsor1,N.A. Voterrirrri, Kenneth Pugrffirzrr IlIHIt1l'i'tfS4'It'Vl Conner, Bobcrt Cook, Bert Danner, Sam Dossett, Donald Evans, Fred Pirnberg, Robert Freeman, Loy Hicks, lolinny lanes, Get irq-H Kincannon, lack Lacher, Simon Mitchell, lack Morris, Wayne Murdock, Lawrence Napier, Lloyd Peterrnan, lack Sultis, Iarnes Tolvolowsky, Edwin Watkins, Ellis Wyly, Robert THOSE NOT IN PICTURE Dv Lee, Scott lohnson, Cilmence Miss Willie Mire Berry, Sponsor LIBRHRY HSSISTHNTS MISS EMMALIN E DONAHUE Librarian First Bow left to right: lna Patterson, Margaret Karlan, Minnie Lee Thorn, Opal Phillips, lnez Rosen- garten Nellie B. Genther, Mauoline Catlett, Fay Ferguson. fa """ Second Bow left to right: Tommie Iames, Hubert Gillespie, Erline Lassiter, Frances Hunter, Sarah Tankus Kathleen Achilles, Cathleen Carpenter. Third Bow left to right: Georgia Brock, Nora Poston, Betty lean Behrens, Nell Ferguson. Achilles, Kathleen Behrens, Betty Brock, Georgia Carpenter, Cathleen Catlett, Maucline Ferguson, Nell Ferguson, Fay STHFF Genther, Nellie Buth Gillespie, Hubert Hedgepeth, Katherine Hunter, Frances Iames, Tommie Karlen, Margaret Lassiter, Earline Patterson, lna Phillips, Opal Poston, Nora Rosengarten, Inez Tankus, Sarah Thorn, Minnie Lu Pugr Our Ilumlml Eight BOYS GLEE CLUB MISS LOUISE WILCOX Director X xl! A - l xs- 'xs ' ' Viv :.,.Q4i' ' . mi" -' f ul ' ihltytmlph lx' ' .-JA. , ijiqe, ,xyff L. G. Adams H. C. Balthrop Harry Bond Hezzie Bond Noah A. Carson Fred Collins Tommie Davis W. S. Floyd Iames Gott Daniel Green George Haley Page' Om' I-I11na'ri'd Nine' Lazell larvis Charles Iones Harold Iones Walter Krusz Bertrand Lee Herman Mitchell Robert Moxley Stanley Baskin Thomas Rogers Victor Romas Curtis Slocum Glenn Smegner Bob Spradlin Eugene Spangler Harold Vann Ted W' rights David Turner ldelle Goodman, Lucy Schwartz, Accompanists NHTIONHL HONOR SOCIETY MISS RACHEL FOOTE Sponsor OFFICERS BILLIE STALLCUP President EDWIN ToBoLowsKY Vice-President MARION PIPE Secretary-Treasurer No honor conferred by the school excels that represented by the National Honor Society. Election into this society gives recognition to those who have attained high honors in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Only students who rank in the upper fourth of their class in scholarship are eligible to be considered as candidates. Five per cent of the students in the lll-A class, ten per cent of the IV-B class, and fifteen per cent of the lV-A class are taken into the National Honor Society. An assembly is held each term initiating the candidates. The emblem of the society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone symbolizes the high ideals of the society, while the flaming torch is the emblem of purpose. The members of the National Honor Society endeavor to lead so that others may follow in the light, and to keep burning in Forest Avenue High School a high ambition for the enduring values of life. The faculty honors students for the attainrnents they have made during their high school career by electing them into this society. Coleman, Bessie Cook, Bert Dagnal, Loraine Dewald, Mary Louise Fife, Marion Fleming, Evelyn Priedlander, Adele Gillespie, Hubert Kaufman, Stanley Kincannon, lack MEM BERS Lacy, Paul Novin, Frances Price, Adeline Richman, Ruth Stallcup, Billy Stroheker, Carolyn Tempel, Vallora Tobolowslcy, Edwin 'Woodruff ,Wayne Pagf' One Hll1II1l'?l1 TNI , gy t I ,... M x A' ,, 2+-- gg, 'I rv ' finger. .. A THRIFT CLUB MR. I. T. KENNINGTON. Sponsor Foresters are proud of their present banking systern, which ranks high among the Dallas high schools. This system, which is similar to that of a real bank, was introduced into Forest Avenue High a year ago by Mr. Wylie A. Parker, On September 22, 1936, there were only three hundred and eighty-eight depositors, but on March 29, l937, the number had increased to eight hundred and forty-twofa gain of tour hundred and forty-five ledger cards, which is due to this practical method ot banking. The number ot bank depositors on a single day has increased from one hundred and eighteen to four hundred and forty-five. In Ianuary of l936, before our present system was instituted, we had an average of ninety-two depositors on each Tuesday, but now we have an average of tour hundred. OFFICERS President ,,,,, Bessie Coleman Vice-President and Cashier . . Clarence Eaton New Accounts . . Dflvid O'Sh9G Tellers Adalie Margules Selma Rude Bessie Coleman Frances Novin Assistants Clarence Eaton Kathryn Rolnick Bernice Rubin Helen M. Wright Bookkeepers . Nell Ferguson, Esther Muir, Martha High, lola Calhoun A :am , I L, kg, 6. fur N ,sill X ,' X. , i.'x, "ff5y -..ML YY Page One Hundred Eleven . , 4 . I 5 I . f 'Rv FOREST HLLIED HRTS CLUB MISS MEL MITCHELL, Sponsor The purpose ot the Forest Allied Arts Club is to make art more real to its members. Membership is open not only to students enrolled in the Art Department, but also to any Forest High student who is keenly interested in art. Frequent visits to art galleries holding current exhibitions and to the Dallas Museum of Pine Arts have been made so that cn appreciation ot qood painting may be developed. President . . . DAVID PRAMER Vice-President . . CHRISTINE WALTERS Secretary . . BARBARA MILLER Treasurer . . EDNA RUTH EPSTEIN x I 'E , if J- QTAAA 5.0, I ll If f 1 Page' Our' fflllltlffll 71lUI'1l't f 'W M! gi FEAT DES Texas State Bird You see him on the pole-tops, A high and mighty king, A clever looking fellow Who always likes to sing. l-le can tweet like a sparrow, l-le can scolcl like a jay, l-le can imitate a carclinal, And he oloes it every olay. Once when l was hiking Along a country lane, l thought l heard a robin, But it was only he who sang. A very lovely song-birol, Singing songs so sweet, While perching on a fence post, Looking very neat. He sings a song each morning, A Whistle it might be, But whatever tune he carries, lt's beautiful to me. At night and in the morning His sweet voice is heard, He is the bird of Texas- Yes, a lovely MOCKING-BIRD -I-I. G. CARPENTER. t of - the 3 JT Y 1 1 e ef ft s t - ' 'Li'-Y?'ilT'? Q s K: e 'ASQ f , ffj, ,f ' ? s t 1 ' 4,1 am, WZ t t Q W A f I ' gifs-:,..,ar,,1B1,. A tw 'Xe X f N YQ. ft +L' W.. 5 7, ,1 2 194 '?j"gAg I 'i O' 'QE ARR - xww X H-C I' 'V X I f K --Y T47 s f Y YT! F , 1 . Jw,,v-3'WB' ' .'..k .x ' fflfl p i t y! ' IMQK fl I " - T -"M TA, Uff f :Ll ,Y-fl A - ' V 'ji f NX f,15Lff,Z7f' fi 'J 'L ' -'fe ' 1 1 - , qaqf 'fri' 4 t f' t e ik s L- " t wks t fp 1 QM: 'f f,M' t -f 'alriw- 'A t t -i , wt ill! ' " Qi ' ' G' ,Ev-XFRQL .JV , t 'iq ' Q54 1-,LJ f'fvf.ft,fi ' l e- H h e ' f X' , .T e -?'i', e e-1 ' ff-1f's s iLf 1i'f s ?5TiEL3f5 if ' A ' W Y ?'FsiE'i51 2 71- V' f, Y 7 Y f- ,fi 5 ' . -3- .? 1-vlixij' ,5 A -x : 'fl' ,LL W' 5 V. , ' -L Y I x-, , 4 vga .-i ,. -'vQz.,t'ff,z12i-s 1 5 refs rss ' s 1 ' 0 Q s 'W xg, 2: -5,li e -3"-A s '- ifffft ' I 1 5222i-its 5 43 Afffrd-figgi Q, p, ' sie :tl ll There is ct memory stctys upon old ships, A weightless cctrqo in the musty hold- Qf bright lczqoens cmd prow-caressing lips, Of stormy midniqhts-cmd ct tale untoldf -DAVID MORTON. PAULINE KING Ccrbovel ERNESTINE DUBLIN Cupper right? MILDRED POSTER Gower right? Mnuw.-J' WW Ski P11313OllL'I1IllZlIl'Ct1 Sixteen ' k fm Q. mln! Lf' Page Ona lfIHI1ll'l'Al Sl'l'1'IIfA'l'lI SCOTT DE LEE Kc1bove7 WAYNE WQQDRUEP Kupper left? HUBERT GILLESPIE flower left? I I .lL INTERSCHOLHSTIC LEHGUE CONTESTHNTS First row: DAVID KAPLAN . BETTY ERWIN . MARIORIE SWAIN . RosE KAUPMAN . MILDRED SHAW . BERNICE COHN . Second row: EDWIN ToBoLoWsKY BARNETT GOODSTEIN IACK McMEANs . Third row NATHAN WYLL . DAVID ARONOPSKY . Boys Debating Team . Spelling Contest . . . . Girl Deolaimer . Girl Extemporaneous Speaker . . Girls Debating Team . Girls Debating Team . Boys Extemporaneous Speaker . . . . Spelling Contest . Boys Extemporaneous Speaker . . . . lfssay Contest Alternate tor Boys Debating Team -sf "A life on the ocean wave, A home on the rolling deep, Where the scattered Waters relve, And the Winds their revels keep! " -EPES SARGENT. I'lIl3'Sl.0 I3 Seth. . Gm? it 5 ffm ke fa ,ings , An informal picture ot Mr Parker, our favorite principal. "Steady now, steady," Mr. Butler K Leaving school after a long day of work. t Mfr, fy -1-ff . fsmtz--f, ,V or :.. . ...H 2,:F::.:fa. :',w5,2':-' 1 -' mitted in thy name? i H Oh Solicll how many crimes are com- Billy Smith, all decked out in her uni- form, sas, Y , , 4 in A , X , f I fx, , 5,1 3 ,J N55 ic gm f , 5 it ,W C 'Q . V "3" Happy-qo-lucky Evelyn McCallum. One oi Forests personalities, The friendly smile of chemistry protes- sor Gray Moore. The busiest girls in the school, Misses Overbeck and Harlan. "Quiet, girls!" . . Our beloved matron took time off to pose for us. The victorious faculty basketball team, Won't some one donate a little some- thing so that they can get together on the same type oi uniform? Mr. Parker and Commander Mackey Lewis of the United States Navy. A closeup of Billy Smith, our Football Queen. Two of our qals, Bernice Moncrief and Pauline Weaver. Iohnnie Fay Hoot, minus the inevitable ribbons. Careful, lack Curry and Frank Horton -You may fall in. Look out, Bobby Firnberq. Virginia Henry and Mildred Poster, two of our lovely yell-leaders. Two of our favorite ECHOES. The little girl with the sunny smile is luanita Dunn. "Gidclap, Napoleon," says Fannie Rosen- bloom, "lt's the cowboy in me." Portrait of a happy qirl, Carole King. .. nl W-J 'bm it - affix' ff' , V, " 51:35, ' IQ , 705' an ',,- . .,,-1--,uf V 7 if ,fr -v 5 " .1 K e Y , . 1 w f t 1-i yur H was 9 ., I ,gg 5-ee may V- if in iv- .: in 5 . F 3 M. 2: Y' A 1 X J Q i ww 1 H ik "'?uQ- 6- f W H ni it 23- hella: 5 as fa - ,- t X. ff mv ' Y 1 S ,sw , L, iert . Y, - 1 Y-'iw ' 43. f -wg ,Refi x .Qi .f . P' . J v' .Q-"-J.: . I 1 ' ix' 5 3- - ' af. ,, 1" Q1 ,, :,..,, ,.Q,,,f, H- -f' , ,wt 1 N It -ju YP- Q. Exif ,kg , , MESQM ' b E I 1 5 " .A,V ""'--..,As-NN TEXHS WEEK Monday Texas Week, Which was originated by our principal, Mr. Parker, in 1931, was opened in our school Monday by the Texas History Club. Ethel Golman, president, was in charge of the program. After the salutes to the flags were given, the president gave a speech on the purposes and achievements of the club. The orchestra, under the direction of Miss Wilcox, played a medley of southern songs. Evelyn Wasserman introduced the main speaker, Mayor George Sergeant, who gave an interesting and educational talk on "The His- tory of Texas." After Mayor Sergeant's speech, the audience sang "The Eyes of Texas" and "Texas, Our Texas." The presentation of books to the Texas Memorial Library followed and the initial program for Texas Week of 1937 was brought to a close. Wednesday The second program of Texas Week was sponsored by The Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Mrs. Fred Schenkenberg took charge and introduced the other guests who were seated on the platform. She then presented seven- teen volumes on THE LIBRARY OF SOUTHERN LITERATURE to the Texas Memorial Library. Thursday The third program of Texas Week was sponsored by the Forest unit of The Pan Americccn Student Forum. Sarah Rudnick, president, was in charge. An explanation of the Pan American Student Forum was given by Walter Moseley. The program consisted of a skit, "My America," Written and directed by Herbert Lambertg a Spanish dance by Margaret Housmang and a song in Spanish by Iohn Cook, accompanied by Mary Ruth Kissinger. The first part of the program was closed with the members of the Unit singing "Oh Noble Pan America," accompanied by the orchestra and Lois Burkeley. The second part of the program was closed by a speech, "What is Texas?" by Mr. D. A. Frank, a prominent attorney of Dallas. Thursday Evening The Forest P. T. A. entertained guests with a program and reception at the school, honoring our principal, Mr. Wylie A. Parker. Governor Allred, who was unable to attend, sent a telegram to Mrs. Schackman commending Mr. Parker on his splendid work on Texas Week. Mrs. Maurice Schachman, president of the P. T. A., presented Mr. Parker with a desk set. Miss Louise Wilcox then directed the school orchestra, the Glee Club, Marjorie Freeland, and Phillip Weinkrantz in a program. The principal speaker, Dr. David Lefkowitz, Was introduced by Mrs. A. H. Iacobs. -SYLVIA SILBRRMAN. Pxgf' Om Ilun lrrl Tufw1!y-ibrve H Ship I love to see cr ship go soiling Across the clegr blue seorg Tho' I know it's bound tor ports gigr, It will come bock to me. I love to see its grgceiul form Go gliding over the deep, To see it rock gently over the wcrves While I my vigil keep. I think my lite is like o ship Which goes out on cr streotm, Over the Wcrves gnd tumult Ot this lite's egrthly drectm. -WILMA WHARTON. My Ship I love to go sctiling Sctiling on the seot, In cr becrutiful ship A ship so goy gnd free. For out dt seo the ship will be With our tlotgs wgving high y I love to see ct ship With our ilctgs in the sky. I love to see ct ship Rocking on the seg, It orlwgys seems to cctll, "Come cmd soil with me!" -HELEN M. WRIGHT. Om' Hnmfrml TIL'FlIfAj in ' Our Adverfzlfers The publication of this volume of the F0rc'stc'r was made possible through the co-operation of the following merchants. THANK THESE FOREST FRIENDS BY PATRONIZING THEM. All American Bus Lines American Beauty Cover Co. Bell Tailoring Co. Bennett Photographers Brilling Insurance Co. Carroll,s Military Store Chocolate Shop Bakery Coleman Brothers Transfer Colonial Radio Shop Cardella Lumber Co. Crabb's Service Station Draughon,s Business College Earl R. Parker Edgewood Drug Co. E. M. Kahn's S. L. Ewing Typewriters , Forest Beauty Shop Gas and Heating Specialty Co. Golman Bakery Hall Gentry Studio Hiegert's Floral Shop Home Furniture Co. James K. Wilson Interstate Circuit, Inc. Kelly,s Roller Rink Klar and Winterman Leachman's Laundry Lewis Grocery and Market Linz Brothers Magnolia Fur Co. McNeese Shoe Shop Metropolitan Business College Model Tailors Morris Men,s Wear National Jobbing Co. New York Bakery Nitsche Florist Shop Nob Walter Phillip Taylor, Inc. Republic National Bank Sammy's Selig Co. Slay, Insurance Southwest Radio Supply Co. Southwest Tablet Mf'g Co. Southwestern Engraving Co. Sunshine Grocery Store Van Winkle's Victory Wilson Wee Saint Andrews Golf Course Willard Hat Co. Whittle Music Co. Wilkinson Printing Co. Zoenell Beauty Shop One Hu ml ml Twenly-ji re THE COMPHSS SEPTEMBER l5-Enrollment. "Class closed!" "Get Physical Education changed!" SEPTEMBER l7eRegular classes begin. All doubts removed. SEPTEMBER 28-Judge Dick Dixon speaks in assembly on "Our Responsibility to Our Government." OCTOBER 5fDr. Lefkowitz speaks on Sam Houston, and Colonel Lake speaks on trees. OCTOBER 9-Pep Bally for Tech Game. Board of Education worried about school roof. OCTOBER 10-Forest-Tech football game. Brawn against brain Cbrawn winsl. OCTOBER 12-Miss Rachel Foote, in Hindu costume, speaks on her trip around the world and illustrates her talk with slides. OCTOBER 16-Mr. Parker speaks in assembly on conduct at football games. ln the afternoon we meet in front of General Motors Building at Centennial and march to the stadium. Forest-Sunset game. fSchool spirit stronger than ever.l NOVEMBER 2-Commander Mackey Lewis, U. S. Navy, speaks on his experi- ences in China. NOVEMBER 6-Mr. Wall shows movie of Chevrolet Motors at 3:15 in auditorium. NOVEMBER 9-Assembly given by Aelta Historical Society. NOVEMBER 12-Frank CBring 'Em Back Alivel Buck in assembly. No one was put in a cage! NOVEMBER 16-Dr. Roy E. Burkhart, of the Chicago Preaching Mission, speaks in assembly. Provides main topic of discussion over the lunch tables. NOVEMBER 23wThanksgiving assembly given by Public Speaking Department, sponsored by Miss Black. Turkey steals the show. NOVEMBER 30-Thanksgiving Holidays begin. Now we can sleep at home instead of in study hall. DECEMBER 4-Student-Faculty Basketball Game. Faculty whips students to the tune of 24f22. This is getting to be a habit. DECEMBER 7-Assembly given by Girls Public Speaking Club. Miss Pauline Wright reviews "Pride and Prejudice." DECEMBER 8eBeport Cards! All Spanish Program given in auditorium. DECEMBER 9-Federal Inspection for Military Department. Boys wash behind their ears. Mothers overjoyed. DECEMBER l4-Assembly given by National Honor Society. History repeats itself. DECEMBER l5-Latin Department presents a Latin Circus in auditorium. Hairy legs protruding from togas provide humorous spectacle. DECEMBER l8-IV-A Dance. Good ol' days. DECEMBER 21-Christmas Assembly given by Public Speaking Department. Santa Claus is coming to town. DECEMBER 22-IV-B Dance. Musical Assembly. DECEMBER 23-IANUARY 4-Christmas Holidays. "See you next year!" IANUARY 4-Back to school for regular classes. Students in a daze. IANUARY 8-Sunset-Forest basketball game at Forest. IANUARY 9-lunior Prom. First success or first flop. IANUARY ll-Senior Day Assembly. Students learn how to cure "S.E." IANUARY l2-Forest-Woodrow basketball game. IANUARY l3e-lce, sleet, and snow. Students turn Eskimo. Page Om' Hun lr lTzwn1y 1937 Compliments of SUNSHINE GRQCERY pmol MARKET O Second mm' BfW72Z7Zgl76Z772 "We Cami Help lt, Because We Sell S0 Cheap" O 4-171 8 5 IANUARY l4ffMr. Cauthorn, the first principal at Forest, speaks to the P. T. A. IANUARY l5-Senior Play at night. Basketball game with Tech. IANUARY 22eSenior Dance. IANUARY 25-Final Exams begin. "Woe is me!" IANUARY 28-Commencement. End of those l'1CIDPY high school days. !ANUARY 29-IV-B's give Farewell Dance to lV-A's. Bye-Bye. FEBRUARY 2fEnrollment for Spring. "Class closed." "Change Physical Ed!" FEBRUARY 8fAssembly. Major Cbrainy canine! presents tricks. Presentation of Rifle Cup. FEBRUARY Q-Forest-North Dallas basketball game. FEBRUARY lleDad's Club gives banquet for the football squad. Three cheers for Dads! FEBRUARY l2-MForest-Tech basketball game. FEBRUARY l5-Paid Assembly presented by Sacher pupils. FEBRUARY 22-E. D. Walker, principal of lames Bowie school, speaks in Assembly on Iunior Bed Cross. FEBRUARY 23-D. A. Frank and S. Austin speak on George Washington. FEBRUARY 28-Leonard Miall of Cambridge, England, speaks on "World Peace." No peace in feminine hearts. FEBRUARY 26eForest wins 38 to 20 over Azaces. Hurrah! MARCH l-Texas History Club presents Mayor George Sergeant, who relates a few facts about Texas History. Also on the program is Grandfather Lake. We play tennis at Sunset. MARCH 3-Program by Daughters of Bepublic of Texas. Mrs. Schenkenberg speaks and introduces other members of the Daughters of Bepublic of Texas. Many books are presented to the school's Texas Memorial Library. MARCH 4-Assembly by Pan American Student Forum. Grandfather Lake and Mr. Frank are the speakers. Mr. Frank speaks on "What is Texas?" MARCH 5--fSchool is dismissed at l:45 for the students to attend a flag presenta- tion at the Centennial Grounds. The military department parades and Consul Dominguez of Mexico speaks. MARCH 8-High Scholarship Club has charge of the assembly. MARCH l5fForest netters defeated by North Dallas. MARCH l8+Burglars again. Lions successfully open baseball season with a 5 to 2 win over North Dallas Bulldogs. MARCH l9fForest donates Sl5O for the stricken area at New London. MARCH 24-Easter Holidays begin at three o'clock. Forest High musical depart- ment presents a spring concert in the evening. MARCH 30-All hands on deck again. APRIL l -APRIL FOOL. APRIL 5-Pan American Student Forum presents Spanish program in paid assembly. APRIL 7--Memorial service for New London School victims. APRIL l6elll-A Iunior Prom with Gus Heilig at the helm. MAY l7-SENTOE DAY. All aboard, senior sailors! MAY 2lfSenior Playf"One Mad Night." MAY 3lvExams again. "Woe is me!" again. IUNE 3-Commencement exercises. IUNE 4-Finis for l936-37. Page One Humlrvd T'uze11l3n-right ,...,......f,. H - t ------ A Good Bank for Your Savings We pay 12 Per Cent on Savings Accounts REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY NEW YORK BAKERY AND DELICATESSEN 2732 Forest Ave. Phone 4-3815 For Something New and Dijfereui METROPOLITAN nusnuzss common Foremosf in Dallas Since 1887 NOW is the time to prepare for a good position. METROPOLITAN training insures success. Write, call, or phone 7-8514 for information. William C. Hiegert Florist Flowers for All Occasions 2718 Forest Ave. PHONE 4-7133 Willard Hat Co. 710-14 Commerce St. The Originator of the Buckskin Hat R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING a OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT H rf' O!! ,Y CLOTHING DALLAS' ONLY MILITARY sToRE 1603 ELM 5 a EVERYTHING MUSICAL E 1213 ELM STREET DALLAS, TEXAS KELLEY'S ROLLER RINK 1218 South Ervay 2-0083 Compliments of Crablfs Texaco Service Station Forest and Holmes Hzifirfwd Twenlfy-ni Paul Lacy, Our persident of fame, Wills Clarence Eaton His very good name. Rhelda Walters, Who is quite a "honey," Wills "Pennies from Heaven" To those who save money. Preston Ray, With all those high grades, Bequeaths his intellect To Horace Hargraves. The girl with self-reliance ls Ruth Friedman, Who leaves knowledge of science To Marilynn Freeman. Sylvia Silberman, Sweet as she is tall, Begueaths her sweet attitude To Helen Lehwald. Pauline King, A beauty of the class, Leaves to Billie Smith Her looking glass. Chester Achilles, Of mythic fame, Leaves Boy Campbell His honored name. Nora and Cora tYou can't tell they're twinsl Leave their sweet dispositions To Louise Robbins. Nathan Gruber, Vtfith his bashful looks, Leaves to Eugene Levin His high school books. Ernanual Smith, With manner so breezy, Leaves to Bud Keyser "How to Take Life Easy." Dagnal and Fleming, With voices so tine, Will Gene Moore "Love and a Dime." Carolyn Stroheker, A pianist indeed, Wills Adelene Nathanson Her ability to lead. lohn Paul Massengill, A tennis champ, Leaves to the bashful His ability to "vamp." IV-H CLHSS WILL Vallora Tempel Who is the tops, Leaves to the teachers For-get-me-nots. Nathan Wyll, A boy so alert, Leaves to David O'Shea His red plaid shirt. lane Driscoll, A girl of joy, Bequeaths Margaret Harlan Her cute "Oh Boy." Katherine Goodman, Easy on the eyes, Bequeaths Frances Burton Her ways with the guys. Billy Latimer, With his musical lore, Leaves his instruments To I. D. Moore. Ernestine Dublin, Our Basket-ball queen, Leaves her feminine charm To lessie McMeans. Hubert Gillespie That handsome "Sheik" Leaves to Roland Goss His ability to be neat. Adalie Margules, Who dresses so smart, Wills Marjorie Swain Her talents for art. David Aronofsky, A second Berlin, Leaves his piano To lacgueline Brin. Esther Muir, With hair so red, Leaves her friendliness To some co-ed. Mayer Goren, Our Rubinoff, Wills his violin To Ierry Krackoff. Our best friend ls Adeline Price. She leaves to the fish Her good advice. Bert Cook, One of the finest boys, Bequeaths to the other fellows All of his poise. Helen Fischl, The girl of baby talk, Leaves her A, B, C's To the seniors who balk. Robert Carp, Quite a business man, Leaves some of his height To Leon Kahn. Louise Langley, So dainty and petite, Leaves to Shirley Blasser Her ability to be sweet. Edwin Tobolowsky, Orator so good, Wills his "How to Talk" To others who wish they could lean McKinney, Who has a darling smile, Bequeaths to others Who would like it for a while. Edward Carter, With kindness so strong, Wills his keenness To Milton Braun. So sweet and polite ls Mary Kennedy, Who leaves her wisdom To the whole vicinity. Ellis Watkins, A sportsmanfuand how," Wills his player's ability To those needing it now. Sarah Rudnick, Best sport of the place, Bequeaths her humor To those in need. Adele Friedlander, So sweet and small, Leaves to Henrietta Hymes Her ability to grow tall. The well known chatter-box Is David Kaplan, Who Wills his "How to Talk Fast" To Elton Schackman. Frances Novin, One of the finest girls, Wills to Elaine Watelsky Her pretty curls. Pagc One Hundred Tlurfy THIS SPACE L L L DFVOTFD TO OUR FRIENDS THE FIRM OF 6616 797776177 if LINZ BRos LAUNDRY LEADS For Over 50 Years 4-2161 A' The White-Dalsee and Forest Theatres Extend to the Graduating Classes of June, 1957, and january, 1938, their congratulations and best Wishes in starting out on life,s highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. COUIf7liNI4'llf.l of "Tommy', 4X Dallas City Public School Writing Tablets 0 F urmture "Tommy" Loose Leaf Fillers Stationery -- Tickets -- Coupons SEE SOUTHWEST TABLET . MANUFACTURING co. Home Furmture C0 Dallas ELM AT PRESTON Om' Hmzzlrrrl Tbirly-om' Ervin Green, William Kay, Scott De Lee, Who dances so divine, Leaves his shoes To Donald Finkelstein. Evelyn Wasserman, Who surely can get you told, Leaves to Gladys De Lee Her ability to be bold. A diligent manager ls Frank Singer, Who leaves his talent To those that linger. Olga Falcetti, Who is so bright, Leaves her smartness To Margery Light. Robert Firnberg, A mathematic "Quark," Leaves to troubled "keeds" His good algebra mark. Cecile Replin, With curly locks, Leaves her giggles To Beatrice Fox. The girl with long eyelashes ls Zelda Coleman, Who leaves her dimples To Thelma Frauman. ivan Saddler, Whose photography is so fine, Leaves his pictures To George Line. Ruth Richman, With complexion so fair, Leaves lanice Kaufman Her caution and care. Wilson Canada, The well known gentleman, Begueaths his manners To L. A. Gigleman. Henry Schlinger iWe all call him "Bubba"l Leaves his cross guns, To the girl who can rhumba. Dan 'L Hollon, Girl of recitation, Bequeaths to Bernice Rubin Her sophistication. lack Kincannon, The military man, Leaves David Bernstein His book "How to Command.' Celia Pickoff, An actress so swell, Leaves her talents To Madeline Bell. With curly hair, Bequeaths his waves To "Chocky" Fair. Ruth Ann Hunter and Mildred Foster With their numerous dates, Leave their cute lil' ways To Arlene Ables, who also rates. Victor Messina, A handsome athlete, Leaves to Iohn Cook His great big feet. Etta Mae Weatherly, Our pep squad leader, Leaves her strut To Lois Reeder. Wayne Woodruff, The boy with blue eyes, Wills his handsome features To all other guys. Freda Striecher, So very nice and neat, Gives to Betty Green, Personality that can't be beat. Katherine Wilson, A girl of charming looks, Bequeaths her blond hair To one of the Cooks. Arthur Stern Leaves to Iimmie Oakes His good sense of humor And pointless jokes. Ethel Golman, With sophisticated manners, Leaves 4A dignity To one of the Danners. Tall and blond ls I. I. Crim, Who leaves to George Golman His well known grin. Betty lean Behrens, With words so rare, Wills her dictionary To James Adair. Stanley Kaufman, With roadster so fine, Leaves "Micky" Rubin His clever line. Virgina lackson, Who is so very pert, Leaves to Marjorie Blasser Her ability to flirt. Sam Danner, With a sigh, Wills Buford Steer "l'm Riding High." Dorothy Weinkrantz, Who is so sweet, Leaves Bernice Cohn Typing that can't be beat. A right cute guy, Leaves to F. A. H. S. A final good-by. Birdie Wolgang, Who "sho can truck," Wishes those who worry The best of luck. , Stanley Malowitz, Who's always right t?l, Leaves his counsel To Annette White. Sibyl Meazell, As sweet as can be, Bequeaths her pleasantness To Virginia Henry. That cute "blondie" ls Estelle Bennett, Who leaves her advice To the U. S. Senate. Thelma Grant tHave you heard her giggle?J Leaves her dazzling ways To Louise Heigel. Iarnes Medford- Not bad, "eh keedu- Leaves his looks To those in need. Dorothy Ball, Another Tschaikowsky, Leaves her music To lulius Aronofsky. N. A. Carson, Who likes to dance, Wills his steps, To those in a trance. A pal to all ls Bessie Io Hand, Who begueaths her rhythm To the Forest Hi Band. Eugene Mullenix, Who is quite nifty, Advises the fish To be always thrifty, Lucille Hopper, Who is so gay, Leaves some of her pep To lames Ray. Sammy Gilford, A boy of determin Leaves to loe Golman, His cooperation. As to the next writers, Who would like to save time, l leave them my hours spent ln making this will rhyme. --BESSIE COLEMAN. Page One Hundred Tfoiriy-two 1 .,- ,, ' 1 MAGNOLIA FUR COMPANY 406 Wilson Bldg. Furrier 2-8843 Tailor C S. L. EWING COMPANY "ln Dallas Sinn' 1902" T'j'f7t'lL'1'ifUl'S-Al1'I1lI11g MdfZ7I71CS-SIIPPIIFS 1606 Commerce St., Dallas Phone 2-3026 "WN have if-fun get if-or if isn'I nzarle" THE SELIG CO. OF TEXAS 2207 Commerce St. Choice Flowers for all Occasions Nitsche Flower Store MEMBER F. T. D. Telephone 4-2662 2727 Grand Avenue Disinfeefanis and Sanitary Prozlneis FND W- DEWMD DALLAS' TEXAS SUITS -- PANTS - OVERCOATIS READY NIADE TAILOR MADE BELL TAILORING COMPANY "The Young Men'x Sion' of Dallas" Phone 2-0995 HUDSON C. LOCKETT 1611 Mdirl Sl- CASEY JONES Dallas, Texas Your Family Druggist E R I E D M A N , S REGISTERED DRUGGISTS "Wbx'r'1' Soufh 1JulIn.v Trader" Klar 84 Winterman "Dallas' Largest ewelerf and Brokers" Over a Quarter Century 2310 Elm St. 7-5409 1920 Grand Ave. 4-7113 COMPLIMENTS' of Morris Mens Wear 1604 Main "Where Young Men Like fo Tr:za'e', Model Tailors Suits Made to Order 2308 Elm Street PIPE and ARONOFSKY, Proprietors HARRY BENNETT Conzmereial Pbofograpber A COMPLETE COMMERCIAL SERVICE We Photograph Anything . . Anytime 2108 McKinney 74906 653 P0 ITIGINS High school seniors who are looking forward to em- ployment and opportunity as early as possible after Commencement, will be interested to know that during 1936 our Employment Department placed 455 young people-most of them 1935 and 1936 High School graduates-in good starting positions with Dallas busi- ness firmsg and had 198 calls that We were unable to Hll. A complete record of these calls and placements are on file at the College oilice-the broadest assur- ance of the opportunities that await your graduation here that it is possible to conceive. Intensive Courses to prepare you for similar op- portunities Within a few months. Call, or phone 7-3153 for complete information. Largest in Dallas- in enrollment and placements. Draughon's College Commerce 85 Harwood Page Om' HnnrlreJ Thirty-llrree Donald Finkelstein, 'Nho stands out among the throng, Says if all the boys take after him He's sure they can't go wrong. Dorothy Simon, A girl so very sweet, Leaves to ldelle Goodman A disposition that cant't be beat. Roy Campbell, A dancer so fine, Wills to Eugene Levin His art of "trucking down the line." Iessie McMeans, With complexion so rare, Leaves it to all the girls. tShe just wants to be Iair.l Gilbert La Flore, That scholar so bright, Bequeaths his brilliancy To Theresa Wright. Rosa Lee Barnett's Gorgeous tan, Is hereby willed to Merle Mann. Fred Evans, That wise-cracking boY, Leaves his cute remarks To Kid McCoy. Emilie Korpianock, That brunette cutie, Leaves to Louise Hemphill Her ability to be a school beauty. Milton Rubin, Who has eyelashes so long. Leaves them to the pretty girls As a remembrance when he's gone. lola Calhoun, Leaves those pretty eyes so blue. To Inez Rose-ngarten. l'd take them it I were you. Fred Bones, A gentleman so gallant, Wills to lerry Shalette His mannerly talents. IV-B CLHSS WILL Ruth Beach, That shorthand shark, Leaves her good grades To Ruth Clark. Henry Oppenheimer. That red-headed fellow, Wills the Public Speaking Department His voice, rich and mellow. Mary Louise DeWald, And her blond tresses, Leaves to Edna Webster Her unique hairdresses. Curtis Bailey, The boy with a frown, Leaves some of his "ego" To Harry Brown. La Verne Hoskins', Pretty shaped lips, Are left to a lucky girl, Miss Opal Phillips. Wayne Morris, With his car so slick, Leaves his skill in driving to Barnett Goodsteing He has no kick. Dorothy Looney, So sweet and so coy, Wills her pretty smile To those who scatter joy. Lonnie Stringiellow, With eyes so big and brown, Leaves his "sprucy lil' hat" To those who gcrd about town. Arlene Ables, So very cute indeed, Leaves her charm To any girl in need. Robert Thurmond, A boy "kinda" cute, Leaves his good looks To Iohnnie Fay Hoot. Maurine Goodman, Who at every call Shows her smile of friendliness, Leaves it to all. Billy Tones, With smile so friendly, Leaves his snappy line To Benny Killey. Florene Carroll, Who never makes any noise, Leaves to under classmen Some of her poise. Eugene Arnold, In English so smart, Leaves his notes on Chaucer To Pauline Boshart. Dorothy Mehlman, Who wants to be a star, Leaves some of her talent To loe Carr. Frank Horton, Our strong athlete, Leaves to Bernard Flanz His big feet. Dorothy Lee Durham, So small and petite, Leaves to the boys Her little feet. Irene Sibert, The girl from Minnesota, Wills her unusual art of blushing To Mrs. Srnith's girl, Lenora. Susie Manion, Our "tomboy" so gay, Leaves her dimples to Bernice Cohn Who'll take them any day. Danna Kleck, And her betwitching eyes, Leaves them to the girl Who wants to catch the guys. A favorite of the class, Annette White, Leaves her popularity To Dorothy Hight. The hours that I have spent Taxing this brain of mine, l"ll scatter to the West Winds And to the March of Time. -ROSALEE COHN. Page One Hundred Thirty-four P ZOENELL BEAUTY SHOP 2806 Forest Ave. Phone 4-0489 ZOLA RANDOLPH, Graduate Operator '73 to Forest ,I-laws" SOUTHWEST RADIO SUPPLY S. A. GREEVER WHOLESALE RADIO APPARATUS For the Amateur aaa' Professional 107 So. St. Paul St. 2-S525 X K' I ' 7 ' COMPLIMENTS . 1 Vzetory Hf zlyon GF FENIMIOCORRORCLLDTHES A FRIEND Main and Akard l Compliments . Comphments f O of fag Gglm 72 A FRIEND p COMPLIMENTS Q F Compliments OF A of - Jas. K. W 1lson Nab Wdlfgy MainarField Hart Sehajffrzer E5 Marx Clothes Telephone 2-4766 Chocolate Shop Bakery l Manufacturers of I Home Leaeler Bread I URANCE NS Rye, French, and Restaurant OF EVERY DESCRIPTION ' , U P1135 - CAKES - PASTRY I "Absolutely Personal Serwee 2 Republic Bank Bldg. DALLAS Birtlulay and Pastry Cakes a Specialty 2109 S. Ervay 4-7148 Page One Humlrea' Thirty-jlve I UNE, '37 PROPHECY tThe Broadcast of the Tenth Anniversary of the lune, '37, Senior Class of Forest Avenue High School? Good morning, everyone! Your station is BLAH. May we remind you. that in order to make the day brighter, try Putnam's "Feel Like a Million" Pills. Dr. Leslie Putnam and his assistant. Sam Danner, after a few years of experimentation, have the best pills on the market for that "worn out feeling." Emanuel Smith's Superb Soups now bring you odds and ends from Noah A. Carson's Column of Sports. News comes to us from England that for the tenth successive time Helen Hansen has beaten all opponents in swimming across the English Channel. Robert Carp, her manager, announces that her next feat is to swim the Panama Canal. Edwin Tobolowsky claims that his horse "Slocum" will win the Kentucky Derby, but Stanley Malowitz says his entry "Pocum" won't give the others a chance. Confidentially, we understand that Ervin Green, Tobolowsky's jockey, and Malowitz's jockey, David Kaplan, have a little private war all their own. So the race should prove to be exciting. Word has been received from California that lohn Hicks and Hubert Gillespie have been appointed coaches of the American Olympic Track Team. ln the Tennis World Betty lean Behrens and Lucille Hopper defeated their opponents for the Women's Doubles Championship. lohn Paul Massengill, former Tennis Champion, has now turned pro. As possible Apple Bowl opponents this fall, lack Mitchell's team at Purcell and Victor Messina's at Ramsey should be given special attention. Eugene Mullenix and lames Sultis have just renewed their contracts with the New York Yankees. Chester Achilles' Arcade of Athletes is sponsoring an lce Skating Contest. Among the contestants are Ruth Richman, lane Driscoll, I. I. Crimm, and Ellis Watkins. This concludes our sports broadcast for today. You sport fans may gain vim, vigor, and vitality by eating Smith's Superb Soups. Now friends, l have here a resume of today's programs. Dorothy Ball, better known to her fans as "The Sing Lady" will be heard at the usual hour with Frances Small at the organ. Her guest today is that famous and well-known star of the stage, Dan'L Hollon. lncidently, Miss Hollon is now appearing in Sam Clasbey's latest play, "North Meets South." At ll:30 Sammy Gilford, professor of English, will be heard. The professor has just invented a new figure of speech which he calls the Gilforrny. On BrodnaX's CHarryl Baking Powder Program, Edith Keys will give her delicious recipe for Apple Pie. The Dramatic hour will originate at 4:00 P. M. with Dorothy Wein- krantz as the new director. Bill Latimer and Ethel Golman have the leading roles. At 7:00 Preston Ray's Rhymetic Ramblers will be heard with Esther Muir, that well-known songstress, vocalizing. The comedy team of Wyll tNathanl and Watelski tStacyl will be heard on their first program under their new sponsor, Gibson's Gelatin, Miss Bessie Lee Gibson will be on hand to welcome the two comedians. Attention Ladies! l 1 1 Renee's Beauty Shoppe has reopened under new management. Dorothy Boedecker, the new proprietor, and Kathryn Millican, manager, want the public to know that Mlle. Sibyl Meazell has just returned from Paris, where she attended a hairdressers' convention, and will be at Renee's for one week beginning tomorrow. New Flashes from here, there, and everywhere with late news, exclusive news, and odd news! The dance team of Franco and LaPaul, better known to their friends as Frances Novin and Paul Lacy are now being featured at Edward Carter's Club '37, Dr. David Aronofsky's Dallas Phil- harmonic Symphony Orchestra with Mayer Goren as concert master are bandstorming throughout these United States. ln two more weeks lean McKinney, singer on Henry Schlinger's Wholesale Grocery Hour, will board a train for Hollywood. Dorothy Clarke will step into lean's place. Bert Cook, movie scout, says Mildred Foster also has great possibilities for becoming a star. He should Page Om' Hmm' rm' Tbiriy-.tix SEE US BEFORE YOU BUILD Let Us Build You a Home O11 a Small Monthly Pa31111e11t J. S. Cardella Lumber CO. 4-6189 4908 Spring Ave. Earl R. Parker Attorney at Law Hall of Records Bldg. 6-6615 PHILLIP TAYLOR, Inc. Sc -10C - 51.00 Store 1905 Second Ave. Insure with Slay Comjnlimcnts of FOREST AVENUE BEAUTY MCNEESE CLEANING 85 PRESSING Shoe Rebuilding 2722 Forest Phone 4-0356 and Next to Wllite Theatre 2530 Forest 4-0179 FREE DELIVERY W. A, CATLETT Office Phone 2-2650 S4 DIBIIQS Fille Sll00S S4 Res. Phone 4-6429 such Avunum As GAS 8 HEATING SPECIALTY CO. 1-0 Nettleton-French-Shriner-Urner T0 Manufacturers Agents S Nulzgiush 2nd Unit Santa Fc Building DALLAS, TEXAS U 't Hot Air Furnaces n1 Heaters Automatic Controls Gas Burners Plibrico jointless Firebrickz Oil Burners 7 Jlany 0th1'r Standard Flakes 7 Q Q National Jobhlng Co. 1413 Commerce Street Next to Magnolia Bldg. LEWIS GROCERY Sc MARKET Groceries, Meats, anil Sz'lJ0ol Supplies 3105 Forest Avenue 4-0173 C011zpli1nents of COLEMAN BROTHERS TRANSFER HOWEVER many years later you may again read this acl1fc'1ftise111c'11t of KHZ7l7,S, such is tloe frielzclliness, fair-clealing and aggressifvwfcfss of tlois store, it will still be Dallas, oldest, newcfst store E- M- C0- H 1 wl7b1rly-. know, for he discovered Wayne Woodruff, who is one of the most popular men in America today, and whose picture' may be found in any well known magazine. Another of his discoveries is that popular young star, Sylvia Silberrnan. Wilson Canada's latest Tarzan picture has just been released, and his leading lady is none other than Pauline King. By the way, Robert Conner and Sam Barnett are the highest paid stunt pilots in movieland today. After the show, though your finances may be low, eat at Margaret Decker's Grill where you get the best food for your dough. All Margaret's pastries and breads come from Dorothy Black's Bakery. loe Willson and Rhelda Walters are trapeze artists in the lames Medford-Raymond Spross Circus, which is touring Europe this year. Arthur Stutts, one of the best known lion tamers in the United States, and Dorothy Lyle Brown, the snake charmer, are also with this inimitable circus. Derwood Cockrell and Edwin Morris are barkers for Evelyn McCallum's Midgets. lohn McKinney".: Magic Show is coming to town! His able assistant is Margaret Sevier. Robert Firnberg and the Mrs. tBessie Colemanl are regular visitors at the popular night spots, showing their friends how to shuffle off the newest dance steps. lack Caruth, manager of the Palace, announces that Celia Pickoff and her violin will be featured this week. The Dixie Trio, otherwise known as Helen Whitfield, Doris Kelly, and Lucille Richardson, are enjoying great success over the ether waves. If you like to dance, but are unable to, go to the Birdie Wolgang Dance Studio. She is ably assisted by Helen Fischl. Loraine Dagnal and Evelyn Fleming sailed yesterday for the Spanish Peace Conference in Panama. They recently collaborated on a book titled Quien Sabe?, published by Iesse Matthews Publishing Company. Olga Falcetti, a Dallas artist, illustrated this famous book. Archie Pennington, chairman of the Nation Peace Committee, has awarded Peace Prizes to Kathryn Wilson and Carolyn Stroheker and also to Agnes Ballard and Era Grace Bond for their eternal friendship throughout the years. Sallie Bebee's Book Shop advertises that lulia Biesel's book "Accounting in Ten Lessons" is now on the market. Ruby Hurst and losephine Woodside have joined the ranks. They're among the best known G-Women in the United States. Sarah Rudnick was recently appointed as Chief of the G-Women. Arthur Stern has received an appointment as Ambassador of Goodwill at Large. To those interested, Scott De Lee's streamlined, turret-topped, combination dictionary and encyclopedia will be on the market soon. lulie Ann Cannon, the first woman justice, has appointed Lillian Stevens court reporter. Aclalie Margules is retiring as a professional artist to become the Ambassador to France. Lorraine Pittman's Puppets gave a command performance for the King of Borshok. The King's "yes" man is Arthur Searcy. Say it with posies. Get your flowers at Doris Spicer's Flower Mart. Life's just a bowl of cherries for William Kay. He was the holder of the winning ticket of the Irish Sweep Stakes. He has engaged Lloyd Napier for his new body guard and Evelyn Wasserman for his secretary. Roy McCormack, a typist great, has added Grace Summer, Evelyn Gates, and Mildred Ashley to the faculty of McCormack's Business College. Tommie D. lames and Leola Mae Houck are fighting it out for the Women's Golf Championship of Texas. Richard Hancock, the weatherrnan, predicted snow today. Although it is sunny and very pleasant, we must remember that we all make mistakes. Page Om' Hundred Thu ly eight Q 1 ammy S We Cater to High School and College Trade Curb Service We Never Close 1516 Greenville Ave. Tel. 3-4242 1 Ax- Va n Wi n lc l e ' S CONGRATULATES YOU GRADUATES May every milestone on lifes highway be just a stepping stone to greater and more Worth while success than you have ever known. We appreciate your patronage in the past and hope to merit and receive it in the future for anything in our line of service. VAN WINKLIEPS 1515 Elm Street l' In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past fourteen years American Beauty Cover Co 2000-08 Orange Street THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT Om, Humlred Thirty-ni w Our old school pal, lack Kincannon of U. S, A., is still that way about a certain person. lack must be waiting for another Leap Year. The Poston sisters, Cora and Nora, have rnet twin boys and are happily married. Magdalene Bickerstaff and Margie Tydeman say professionl careers for women are all right, but they prefer their role of housewives. Mary Kennedy and Mary Polson have a new scientific discovery. They are now able to explain the baffling mystery as to where flies go in December. Martha High and her exploration party have left on another expedition to Guatamala. Two famous explorers, Ruth Brooks and Willie Rae Anderson, are among the members of this party. Ivan Saddler, Martha's ace cameraman, took along his new picture taking contraption which takes and develops pictures at the push of a button, Lawrence Pilkington is a second Burbank, he has taken the straw out of the strawberry. Lois Cherry has a very rare job, that of a coffee taster. Doris Linn and Ruth Ruttenburg, well-known architects of this city, have been contracted to make plans for the new Forest Avenue Athletic Field. It seems that the dream boat of our dear old Alma Mater has come in. luanita Brown and Thelma Grant's new fashion magazine "Dress Designs" is enjoying great popularity. Adele Friedlander is Fashion Editor, Bessie Io Hand and Estelle Bennett are two of the leading designers for the magazine. Kathryn Goodman and Freida Streicher recently celebrated their fifth anniversary on the opening of their Hat Shoppe. Virginia lackson and Ruth Ann Hunter are two of their ablest saleswomen. A certain Russian countess, the former Marie Mankovsky, is having the interior decorating of her mansion done by Louise Langley. The world's champion typist is Nathan Gruber. Frank Singer's Advertising Corporation expects to enlarge its offices soon, because business is so good. "lt Pays to Advertise," so say Frank and Clarence Mims, the vice-president of the firm. Nell Ferguson holds the position of Frank's secretary. The all-girl law firm Shalette fSylvial, Coleman CZeldaJ, and Schneider fSylvial are quite successful in that field. Cecil Ray Fullen has just bought a half interest in the Fuller Brush Company. Cecil's main ambition now is to take the "r" out of Fuller and substitute an "n." Here's a daisy to Norman Sommerville, for he has just been appointed advisory aide to the President. Billy Wilensky and Robert Murdoch are owners of a large newspaper syndicate, and have the contract of that ace reporter, Adeline Price. The Pay Quick insurance Company has awarded Lawrence Murdoch a trophy for his incomparable service. Louise Pulis is the dean of Etta Mae Weatherly's School for Girls, The professor of biology at this select Girls' School is none other than Frances Whitaker. After completing a tour of the United States lecturing on the "Habits of the Butterfly," Ruth Friedman will sail for England. She will be accompanied by another noted authority on butterflies, Gertrude Utay. Dr. Samuel Gilbert is the head doctor out at Riverside Hospital, where Martha Ferrell and Violet Ligon are nurses. Dr. Christine Walters will not be able to preside at the American Asso- ciation of Dentist Convention. She has asked Dr. Ethel Lee Gaddis, to take her place. Dr. Gaddis is the well-known painless tooth-extractor. Mildred Scripture's Soap Factory is doing a rushing business. It seems that Mayor Dona Belle Wilson hase effected a new clean-up campaign. Our two senators in Congress are none other than Doris Strickland and Bernice Moncrief. Nancy Rener's Riding Academy caters only to the best people, Imogene Wheeler is the demure little riding instructor. Eugene Biesel has held the honored position of town crier of Mesquite for four years now. This is Station BLAH signing off, to the lune, '37, Class we wish you luck and lots of it. Your announcers have been Stanley Kaufman and Vallora Tempel. Page Om' H1l71IfYF!1 Forty , Cozlzplimelzfary fo Forest High Don t CUSS ' Call Us THIS IS A COURTESY PASS You are Our Wf'lL'0lf1t, Guest il COlOnl31 Wee SaintAndrews Golf Radio Shep Com-Se 1500 North Beckley Phone 6-6690 i Pl'lOI1C 4-0208 1714 Forest Ave. "A Nice Plan' for Nice Pulpit", One-Half Mile of Lighted Fairwaysg The South's Free Inspection if Brought to Our Shop l i W- C- NICCLURE, P1'oj1r'i1'fr11' Largest and Finest Miniature Golf Course, Situated ANY MAKE OF RADIO REPAIRFD in the coolest and most beautiful spot in Dallas. -X' B o o H o o ! Boo-hoo, i We hate to leave this school, But now our time has come, and we must say adieu to you. Boo-hoo, We liked our'tour years with you, , And We shall always hold dear i This school, which always brought good cheer. i i N You gave us an education, T You helped us choose a vocation, Boo-hoo, 'l'hat's Why we hate to leave you, Sorne day you'll feel like we do And you'll regret leaving it, too. ADELE FRIEDLANDER, FRANCES NOVIN. v l "Failed in Latin, ilunked in French!" T T l heard him fiercely hiss. l'd like to see the guy who said That ignorance is bliss. -BETTY IEAN BEHRENS. i V , , Life is real, lite is earnest, Let us strive to do our best, And departing leave behind us Notebooks that will help the rest. --BETTY IEAN BEHRENS. l , v Little rows ot zeros, Not so very quaint, Make your graduation Look as though it ain't. --BETTY IEAN BEHREN.s 7 l illlr -- i Y Page Om' Hundred Forty-one WHO'S WHO MISS RACHEL FOOTE was a delegate to the International Federation of Uni- versity Women's Conferences, which was held in Krakow, Poland. ESTHER MUIR won first place in a Radio Review Contest, and now has her own spot on the air. HELEN LEHWALD, ETHEL GOLMAN, ELIZABETH HEMPHILL, KITTY ROLY- NICK, MARGARET GOLDEN, DOROTHY BALL, ROSALEE COHN, DOROTHY MEHLMAN, SYLVIA SILBERMAN, and MARIORIE SWAIN are members of Sanger's Teen-age Theatre. ETTA MAE WEATHERLY was elected leader of the Pep Squad. HENRY OPPENHEIMER, who came from Germany, entered Forest in the fall. BILLIE SMITH, a sophomore, was elected Football Oueen. IACK KINCANNON was appointed Lieutenant-Colonel. PAUL LACY was elected IV-A Class President. MR. PARKER was made a Texas Ranger during a fall assembly. ERNESTINE DUBLIN was elected Basketball Queen. PAULINE KING and SCOTT DE LEE were elected most popular girl and boy. ERNESTINE DUBLIN and WAYNE WOODRUFF were second, and MILDRED FOSTER and HUBERT GILLESPIE third. BETTY ERWIN and BARNETT GOODSTEIN, Interscholastic League Spelling contestants, tied with Tech High for first place. MARIORIE SWAIN, a junior, won first place in the city Interscholastic Declamation Contest. ELIZABETH BRAUN and CLAUDE CHASTANT were voted most efficient Ianuary seniors. IOE LAWRENCE made the All-City Football Team. CAPTAIN SAM DANSBY was awarded the Cullum and Boren gold medal for the highest score of the All-City rifle team match. IANET SWAIN and EUGENE BROYLES, Ianuary graduates, were neither absent nor tardy throughout their high school years. ROLAND GOSS and HENRY STAMPLEY were elected Co-Captains for the l937 Football Team. ELIZABETH COLE and BILLY STALLCUP played the leads in the Ianuary Senior Play, "Speeding Along." MISS ELIZABETH HUGHES won first place in the ECHO Popularity contestg W. H. KEELING won second place. Page One Hmzd dFo ly I 0 Au. AMERESQHSTBUS LINES SLEEPER COACH SERVICE-DAY COACH SERVICE New YORK-CHICAGO-ST. LOUIS-OKLA. CITY -DALLAS--PHOENIX-Los ANGELES-SAN FRANCISCO Free Meals-F ree Pillows-F ree Showers DALLAS - UNION BUS DEPOT-INTERURBAN BUILDING - 1500 JACKSON ST. DAVE WOLZINGER, General Manager Western Division - PHONE 2-7775 - -.. Q, Y- Y, C -A HALL-GE TRY Ojfioia! Photographers for Classes of Jane, 1937 and January 1938 ,YY ,,,A- , - vY D - --Y Q .w-.-v-V- - ...-, - - - O , - -,7 Y, Y ,- M, THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Wilkinson I7I7 ClQ7ood Street, Qallas, cgexas Om' Hzzfzrlrmf l"r11'l5'-iblu' 2323 'zaoingi fiv Awoufgwsafezn 5129 70,0029 670. Daffai f J . K if .- . , f -N If ,.,-' 1 Q-'.,,' 5' if lg! ,N 'i I xf

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