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l ' W ZZ X -Nx,,, X 5. "-X Q l ..x, N- ,'-X" . .E gg I, qifgzf '-- ' f Xxx M X w . N W X N W X 1 f y A N N5 'H A N X N FX M X ' X x X ffff W f f X K, ff, f I. A , ,, 1 If Q. V. V -. 7,44 , , , , , , K , . , 1 4 M X f A , f ' ,f i'f"4f WW yc X HT ' XWWWY M ' N N ff y ' f W f f1fQ 1 f I ,y , ,y ff ' J' 7 if ff f J f lffAK f' X iQf!fM ' ' i ,f A ' Nf ,f I W l 1j X ff , f f ,f jffgff I. , if f ' if f 'ff 'V N S N S N S S N N 5 E N N N S E Q N H Q s s s N Q H H E H Q N Q s E N s E E s s E N s s s s N s N X xx X Y SX S X W f f ff! ' A THE FUIQEITEIQ 1936 CDDYIQIIEHT 1936 MARY FRANCES KEMMERLE Editor ELIZABETH BRAUN PAULINE WILENSKY Associate Editors RUTH GRUBER Art Editor ABE BULLMAN ROBERT CARP Adbwtixing Mamzgcrs .ff' JQ'Qr Q xdzix 5 fr IN Nh it 5? f X 1 'x E 'IX " X' - :. ,J 5 ' E " L E DALLAS SW? THE IQESTEIQ I l f . XX S Nx 0 ix If W me-wh Xl' 'mai J A . X5 l f' 5 5 N , f Af . 1 'I 1- Pi-wzfi , -' "" 1' f " 'YEL 5 .ff if Vw, 2 " 1 :etc-1'-is I" ' cl! W' ." xy .-f. :-f'!'3T'5"""7f', ,,M' 'WJf1' 'ui ,YYMZI J QNLW Eigqfilv .4 My ,i,1,sif7 ,ynlflyf : . , 4 5'-W ""f9'1fW. 5:3 WMP' THE AMEDICAN INDIAN DUBLIII-1ED EY THE SENIDIQ CLASSES SESS A0 f A AAAA EUDEIT AVENUE I-IIGI-I SCHUUI. DEDICATIDN MRS. EMMA HII,T BROWN DEIDICATIDN Throzfcghoat oar hzgh .rehool yearo there haf heere one al- wayo interested he af as a class and ao Zmiioteiaalf. Daring the Zaft three years the hay heerr oar Jpomor. Beeaaoe of her frierrelbf soare- Jelinrg and her cgraeioameoy as oar leader, we have come to aehreere and Zooe her. It io, therefore, with high eoteem and Jtreeere ajfeotrore that we eleelteate thtf oolame of the FORESTER Mry. Emma I-Ielt Brown IQEWUIQD THE IEATILE Of SAN JACINTC The Texas Centennial Exposition commemo- rates a glorious past, accents a brilliant present, and points toward a great future. Through this edition of the Forvsfvr, we have endeavored to carry out the theme of the great Centennial Celebration: r'Tl'.X'H.Y-OIII' and Il1u'ivixil7lf'.,' SZ i,,i, E4E ,L CCNTENTI TH E I C H 0 C L THE CLASSES DEDAIQTMENTI CIQCANIZATICNI AT H L E T I C I THE CENTENNIAL S Ci1?,+ii t THE WOODS Some days I steal away to the woods When my heart is not in its playful moods. I sit in the shade of the tall oak trees And listen to the hum of the birds and bees. I watch the squirrels as they play around And the birds as they hop along the ground. I watch the bugs crawling over the logs And listen to the yelping of the far-off dogs. I listen to the mocker serenade me From his lofty perch in a tall elm tree. K I watch the thrush as she hops through the trees Mending her nest with fallen leaves. I go to the river so still and green Where nature at her best is seen. I watch the turtles that line the bank Sunning in the mud so hot and dank. And when my day in the woods is through I leave for home with my heart anew. I set myself at a lively pace And down the paths with my dog I race. I race through the green, green fields of clover Race to my gate and then vault over. I come to a halt at the door of my house And then creep in as still as a mouse. And when my mother asks where Vve been I say, "I've been in the woods again." -Paul H urbler CHANGED BY THE WIND The hill across the lake is gray and darkg Then suddenly-magic like-it is all light. The waving grass has joined the playful wind, And chased the shadow clouds away. The Old Maid twirls her golden trimmed red headg The Bachelor flower, dear me, is old and sad. Then suddenly+by prank of wind-he's gay: The Old Maid turned and kissed the Bachelor flower! -Eibcl Pickeft 'A' 'A' i' 'A' .at is 'f 'f 'f " mind iv STEPS Many feet have trod this way, To gain a bit of KnoWledge's store. But Father Time has had his sayg This path these feet will tread no more. Each step they took was one more mark Toward everything worthwhile in life, Forever climbing up the track, To overcome this worldly strife. So on and on they've come and gone, Their footsteps all resounding stillg Their Eldorado reached alone, Their high ambitions they have filled. -Elirzalzdb BYIIIIII -A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 1' if 'A' 'A' 1' . P' Y 4 if if af + f -A' -A- if f , 11' ' QU N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCRARD SIll7I'I'illfl'lllll'flf of Srlmnlx Axrislnnf Sllpl'VillfA"7Hl!'Ilf Dixlrirl Sll!ll'Yil1fl'l1lli'llf of Srlmnlx of High Srbool. Board of Educanon DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M.D., Pravidrfnf MRS. W. P. ZUMWALT, Vive-Prc'sia'r'r11' COMMITTEES Finance Gabe P. Allen, Cloairman L. O. Donald D. D. Rogers Supplivs Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Clmirnmn L. O. Donald Fred D. Danford Rules D. D. Rogers, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Mrs. W. A. Leeper Builrfingx and Sifvs L. O. Donald, Chairman Gabe P. Allen Fred D. Danford Lllllfb ' Mrs. W. A. Leepcr, Chairman D. D. Rogers Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Wfvlfarv Fred D. Danford, Clmirnmn Mrs. W. A. Leeper Gabe P. Allen i' 'A' 'A' i 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' -A' J ff-JJ' Y' "1 if if if if ,ZA if af if if ,QP WL W Y LII? A. PARKER I'1'im'ijmf Mr. Parker, our able leader, has been an inspire ation to us tlirougliout our high school careers. His admirable character and simplicity in man- ner have endeared him to tlie liearts of tlie stu- dent body. W'e are proud to be able to call him our friend as well as our principal. ir t 'Ir 'k 'k 'A' gh -' if if if if sr if if A' ,+.1: if gy 'Q anti The Centennial Challenges You Less than our best in this good year, 1936, will not suffice, and this applies to every :member of our large school family of 1,950 boys and girls who have enrolled in Forest Avenue High School this school year. We owe our best to our school, our homes, and ourselves, of course, but we owe the best we have to the memory of the men and women who won our freedom one hundred years ago. A century ago, today, Colonel James W. Fannin and his 385 men, approximately, gave their lives for our freedom, and a monu- ment costing Sl00,000.00 plus is being erected in their memory at Goliad. Word was flashed over an NBC radio hookup today also, announcing that a S1,000,000.00 shaft is going up on the San Jacinto Battle Field to carry our minds back to April 21, 1836, when those gallant young Hghters led by General Sam Houston and shouting the immortal battle cry "Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!" won our independence from the mother country. These are just two of the mighty achievements of our founders-we wish space per- mitted us to name scores of other similar accomplishments of the long, long ago--but the reader will recall the other glamorous chapters of Texas history. What challenges these mighty dramas offer our boys and girls! Think of their sacrifices. They were courageous to confront the enemies from within and without. Wild animals were peril- ous, many of the Indians were treacherous and vicious, and the mother country was loath to submit to the demands of the early settlers in Texasg but our founders were strong- armed, clear-headed, and brave-hearted and they were here to till the soil, build homes, found churches, establish schools, develop the resources, and give to the United States the Lone Star State of Texas and much additional territory so much needed here in the Southwest to round out our Nation. Here are numerous challenges for us: the aim in life to develop the resources of Texas, the definite purpose to achieve the best, the neighborly and friendly spirit of our State Motto, Friendship, the vision of larger undertakings in the future, the proper appreciation of our glorious heritage, the preservation of all that is so worthwhile of our wonderful history, an appreciation and a proper evaluation of the services of our founders, the build- ing of more comfortable and happier homes, the proper emphasis on religion, an enlarged and greatly improved system of education in Texas to meet the needs of every boy and girl, better health conditions, recreational facilities to meet the needs of every citizen, social efficiency and social security for all, economic security for all citizens, security against crime and the protection of government to which every citizen is entitled, the assurance that there will be no more World wars to blast the lives and hopes of young people, a chance to grow up normally as boys and girls, an opportunity to create and produce in the productive period of life, and an environment in which people can live happily and peacefully in the evening of life. I challenge you and I charge you, my young friends, whom I love tenderly and de- votedly, to outline a big program for your lives. I charge you to undertake great things for Texas, and then you may expect great things from our State. Give the best that is in you, and the best will come back to you. The Centennial is challenging us to be big men and big women. Nothing but your best is big enough for Texas. March 27, 1936. WYLIE A. PAXKER, Principal. 'A' if t ir 'A' 'Ir ir 'A' 'A' 'A' L, ," X.,-, 'H' Wi u ii if if if + ,, T ir f if ir -11 g 7 1 Miss RACHEL FOOTE Dean Because she has striven earnestly to direct our steps along the path of higher ideals, we deeply respect and sincerely admire Miss Rachel Foote, our dean. As the years go by, we shall always be conscious of her influence, ever leading us into the finer and more worthwhile things of life. 'A' ir 'Ir ak 'A' 'A' i' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' . Iigf i' i' 'A' 'A' Wi? EE E13 EQ EEE EES M2 WH wi? The Faculty ANDREWS. NANNIIZ D. . Mafhviizalics ARDRIQY, MINNIE P. . . From-h BAGLEY, ELIZABETH W. . English BAKER, S. N ......... . Shorfhand BARHAM, RUTH E ........ . . English BERRY, WILLIE MAE 276 . . Household Arts BLACK, HELEN FERN ........ Public Speaking BLUMENTI-IAL, JENNIE W. . . . Sindy Hall and Typing OULTON, J. ALAN . SICiC'l1l'l' BREWER, MARGARET . Mafhemalics BROWN, EMMA H. . Malhmizafics BROWN, NIINNIE . UTLER, W. H. . CHRISTOPHER, RUTH Social Sfualies Social Studios Sovial Sfudics CLARK, MARY SMITH . . . . English DAVIDSON, SARA . . . : . . Spanish and English DIAL, TURA W. 5'5A'YTU'.flNIT3.f"9Xf '. . . . English DONOHUE, EMMALINE ..... . Library DURHAM, ELOISE . . journalism ELDER, LOULA . . Mathematics 'k 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' if i' 'A' qi 1 0: Z ,i " I I i' 'A' ir 'k Q D1 i' 'k 'k i' 'lil lf' 'V ENSOR, RETTIE K. . FELDER, ANNIE GEM . FOOTE, RACHEL M. . GERLACH, DOROTHY . GOODMAN, C. V. . GRIFFITH, D. T. . HARDY, SEARCY H. . HARLAN, LETA MAE HARRINGTON, ALICE . HASSELL, KATE HERZOG, W. M. . . . HOLDEN, PERCIE . . HUGHES, ELIZABETH . HUTCHINSQN, SELDON S. HYMAN, SARA . . JACKSON, BERTHA . KEELING, W. H. . KENNINGTON, J. T. . . LA BORNE, PAUL CHARLES Loos, ALFRED . . . MARRIOT, R. E. . MASTERS, ETHEL . MATTHEWS, PEARLE . MCALISTER, JUNIA E. MCCORMACK, C. T. MELSON, ADDIE . MENEZES, HARRY E. . MILLER, LOURANIA MOORE, GRAY . GVERBECR, MARY F. PARKER, ELIZABETH . PARKER, WYLIE A. . PINCKARD, TALLULAH . PRITCHETT, JULIA . ROSSER, L. E. . . ROWE, EDNA . SEGRIST, LOCILLE . SHAW, MABEL . SHEPARD, ALVA . THATCHER, BESS . USRY, J. T .... WHITE, J. B .... WICRI-IAM, FLETCHER R. WILCOX, LOUISE . . YATES, H. B. . Scie . Art . English . . Dean . Social Studies . . Social Studies Mechanical Drawing . . . Study Hall . . Secretary . Household Arts . Mathematics . . Band . . . Pianist . . . English nce, Physical Ed ucatiou . . Study Hall . . English . Mathematics . Social Studies . . English . . Mathematics . . . . Typing Mathematics and Latin . Household Arts . . Science . Accounting . . English . Military Training . . . Latin . . Science Attendance Clerk . Household Arts . . Principal . Social Studies . . Typing . Mathematics . . . English . Physical Education Physical Education . . Mathematics . Social Studies . Social Studies . . Science . Spanish . . Music . Social Studies 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 1' 'A' 'A' i' ir '04, A I' S . r"F1',' fp 1 if + A' if f A 1 MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS BERT Coon . ROBERT STERN . C. H. COFFMAN . P. H. LACY . . 'k t . M. E. ROMINE . . PHIL MICHAELSON . . S. FIRNBERG . . E. H. MORRIS . . J. H. MARGUI.ES . A. J. THROWER Parent Teachers Association OFFICERS ABE C. BULLMAN CHAS. SAFFIR . M. F. BRAUN . . . . . . . . President . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Tbird Vice-President E. ARONOFSRY . . Fourth Vice-President . Fiftla Vice-President W. E. HARLAN . . Sixth Vice-P'residenl . Seventla Vice-President . Recording Secretary . . Corresponding Secretary . . . . . Treasurer E. T. CROSSON . . . . Auditor . REUBEN TOBOLOWSKY . . . Auditor . J. W. REAMES . . Parliumentarian R. E. THORN .......... Historian DELECATES T0 DALLAS COUNCIL MRS. PAUL LACY MRS. E. C. TEMPEL ALTERNATES MRS. W. B. STALLCUP MRS. SAM KAUFMAN Dads' Club . . - . President . First Vice-President . Second Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer THE EXPRESS Roaring, sooty, scowling devil, With your one eye glaring evil, Screaming vengeance to the sky- To the mountains goes your cryg Finally muffled by the depths Of deep and gloomy mountain clefts, Until the far-off bend you round, Your rumbling thunder shakes the ground. O'rIS SMITH. 'k i' i' 'A' 'A' 'k 'k 'k DAY I like to sit in the shadows, And watch night turn to morn. I like the sunset, But most of all, the dawn. I follow the moon from the East, And watch it fade away. I like the night, But most of all, the day. Rippling moonlight is beautiful, And shadowing trees in magic spun, And the golden moon--- But do they surpass the sun? When lights fade, colors fade, And faded things are thrown away. I like the night, But most of all, the day. -JOHN CANADA THE NIGHT BIRD Red is the rose that blooms in the spring, Gold is the song the blue birds sing, Dark is the lane when the shadow falls, Dead is the night when the night bird calls Yellow is che sun as it rises on high, Silver is the moon as it leaves the sky, The night is purple over the hill, But the night bird keeps a calling still. -JOHN CANADA 1 af ir A . ir A f +1 SENIOR SPONSORS Mus. EMMA H. BROWN Miss ELIZABETH PARKER June, '36 Class January, '37 Class SENIOR COUNSELOR Miss EDNA Rown 'lr 'k 'lr ' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 1' 'X W' fs IX 53 .f if w if af ar If 'bi if 1 if if ,I 4557! HOW'ARD HIEGEL TALMADGE LOYD Prmiffcvll Vic'v-Prvsirlwzt Senior Day GEORGE CASSELL LOIS PRITGHETT MARGAIKET WARNICK Program MARGARET' HILLEH' MARGARET CASSATA MARIAN FIFE BILLY STALLG UT' Prr'xidz'ul June, '36 Class COMMITTEES Svnior Dunn' CHARLES CROSSON CORBETT LEGG CHARLES ROMINIZ 3 J anuary, 3 7 Class COMMITTEES IVIz'n1l7I'rxfJij1 IRVING GLASSIZR SAMUEL KOHIZN ELIZABETH BRAUN SALVADOR DUGA Vin'-Pr'r'si1lr'I1! CAROLINE GILLHAM Srfcrvfary B'1l'Cd1!l1lTl'tlf!' CHARLES ROMINE FRANCIS KEMMERLE HARIJN' COLE Sofia! CLAUDE CHASTANT NEII, SIMS SALVADOR DUCA MARGARET KN OTTS St'l'l't'fLlI'-Y X 'mx 'k 'A' if 'A' i' 'k 'A' Ik al' 'A' j ff AJM ly ,,, 'A' 'A' A' 'A .g3jl, .!i1g tu A A 'A' i Til- 'Q June, '36 Class History One of the greatest dramas of Forest Avenue High School was enacted by members of the june, 1936 Class. The cast consists of a great number of actors, and we consider it one of the greatest plays of its kind ever produced. Here is a brief resume of the performance: ACT I SCENE 1 Setting: Forest Avenue High School. September, 1932 About two hundred bewildered freshmen stampeded to the doors of the high school, bound on a prolonged adventure in high spirits. They began their fascinating struggle of hunting the hidden class rooms. The outcries of "Fish, I smell fish!" were heard from the: dignified upper classmen, and their ad- ventures were then lowered from a state of dignity and exaltation to one of humility. With the famous Jack Curry taking the leading role of president, the class began the first year of adventure with a bang. SCENE 2 The last half of the first year proved to be a transitional period with another well- known actor, George Thrower, taking the leading role as president of the class. By this time their humility had worn off to a certain extent. They were no longer fish. That is to say, they were not fresh, but stale. During the first year of the exciting adventure which meant strenuous study for all freshmen, Miss Christopher and Miss Brewer were able chaperons. ACT II SCENE 1-fAfter a three months' vacationj After taking a deep breath, our travelers were ready to settle down to work. By this time they had completed one-fourth of the journey. The leading lady, Gertrude Cogdell, assumed her duties as the leader of this great company of vagabonds. The outstanding event of this scene was the Christmas play, with many of the talented adventurers taking part. Mrs. Emma Brown became our chaperon and proved to be our beloved sponsor for three continuous years of hard work. SCENE 2 Margaret Warnick, the leading lady, took the role of president. This scene finishes one-half the travel. By decision of this adventure-hunting group it was suggested that there be competi- tion with the company coming behind. As winners of the feat, this party of vagabonds was honored with a picnic. This was the first social event since the beginning of our thrilling adventure. ACT HI SCENE l With our well loved Mrs. Brown as chaperon and jewel Demere as the leading lady, the third year began. SCENE 2 In the last half of the third year, the leading role of president was taken by the famous Howard Hiegel, who later becomes the Lieutenant-Colonel Hiegel in the last scene. 'k if 'lr 'k 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 5 IC Ei -,' if if if if "ay , if + -nf if W! ' ,f Under the leadership of this president, the vagabonds put the Junior Prom before the school. Was it a success? It was a grand success! That closes the third year of Wandering. ACT IV SCENE 1 As webegan the last year of excitements and thrills, the role of president was taken by Hardy Cole. Dances seemed to be the thing, and the class sponsored their share. It was in this scene that the Forest Fun Frolic was at its height. From these vagabonds, Frances Kemmerle was selected as one of the contestants for the Fun Frolic-Queen. She gave the others a great deal of competition and came out in second place. SCENE 2 The last lap of the journey was begun with much dignity and sophistication on the part of these adventurers. The leading role was played by Lieutenant-Colonel Hiegel. With his leadership and the hard work of Mrs. Brown, the Senior Day, Senior Play, and other activities were successful. There were several vagabonds in this group that were very popular. Lucile Nichols, the most popular girl, Mary Frances Kemmerle, and Wilson Boedeker were among that group. Oh! Yes! Lieutenant-Colonel Hiegel has to be listed here as the most popular boy. Anything else? It was also from this company that the president of the Centennial Club, Wilson Goss, and the secretary, Louise Boles, were chosen. Louise was the representative from Forest in competing for the trip to Washington. These adventurers have been wandering and struggling for four long years. Where has it got them? Why, they have reached a goal-graduation. KATHERINE SY. January, '37 Class History Freshmen. Well, well, well! So this is high school. We spent all our lunch money on elevator tickets, but for the life of us, we could not find the elevators. As for coming to class meeting at 7:45, we never got up so early in all our lives. Claude Chastant and Billy Stallcup were elected as our freshman presidents. Miss Ruth Christopher and Miss Margaret Brewer, as sponsors, smoothed out the rough spots and made that "terrible" freshman year a little easier to bear. Sopbomores. At last our freshman year had passed, and we were soon preparing to knock at the door of the "Dignified Juniors." Since the song "Sophisticated Lady" was very popular, we choose as our sophomore presidents two of the fairer sex, Neil Sims and Elizabeth Braun. Iuniors. Ah! Getting somewhere in the world, and life is more pleasant. Digniied, yet serious, we chose Claude fGablej Chastant as president for both semesters of our junior year. As a truly fitting climax to our three years of high school life, the Junior Prom was given by our class, and was unanimously declared the best Prom at dear old Forest in many a season. Our lovable and capable leader was Miss Mary Smith Clark. Seniors! ! The cream of the crop! Now we breathe a sigh of relief since a senior can no longer speak condescendingly to us. Masters of the school, we have chosen Billy Stallcup as president, and we fully intend to let everyone know that we are seniors now! fTake a bow, IV B'sj. Miss Elizabeth Parker is our leader, and we know that as long as she is at the helm, we cannot fail. So here is to the graduating class of January, 1937- success and happiness! BILLY STALLCUP. 'k 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k -if ff if : li, if V ,Ai if if , fi f l' ' I m --'- --4 - 'i i Lillie Klgievalt Alfred ji linston listlier lirown D. Russell Annu Caroline Ciilllixim l.l1 Lua KLACZAK l.in7 Awirtls. '34, WS. Alifuiin kIoHNs'l'oN Crack Compmiy, '54, HS, Hi, R.O.l,C.., Ser- gmnl. llsriiizk BROWN Forest llorum. QI. D. RUSSELL Crack Coiiipnny, 'lug R. O. T. C., C' ANNA ClAROl.lNI-. CEILLHAM Auditores Cnesnrisg Acltii Historical Society, Viee-President, '36, IV-A Class, Secretary, '16, Signiferig Orlice Assistant, 'Mg l"ni'ril4'i', 'Wig 4 Year Latin Award. Dudley Glass Mary Frances Kemmcrle Harry Kap DUDLPLY GLAss National Honor Society, Higli Scliolnrsliip Clubg Standard Debating Society, Secretary, 'Hug State Debate, '35, '36, Boys' Glue Club, All City Chorus. MARY FuANcii2s KIZMMIERIAE N.lIl4iI1.ll Honor Society: High Scliolarsliip Club, IV-IS Class, Secretary, Girls' Public Speaking Club, President, 'Fig P.lrli.imen- t.irinn, '36g Sergeant-pit-Arms, '32, l"u1'i'xfi'i', '36: Fun Frolic Contest, '35g Linz Aw.irtlx, '32, '56 l"0r'i'xli'l' Popularity Contest, 'HL HARRY KAPLAN Linz Awards, '33, '34, '35, Tennis Teiini, '55, 'l6. NlARGARli'I' ANN MQGLASSON PAH American Student Forum: l,os lfspmnules .Ioviiilcsg Las Dos Amerielsg ll-A Class, Secre- tary, 54. MQNTIE Br-LLLE CQRFGORY iirl Rtstr es J Science Club, Girls' Public Club gpyj n 5 M.iN iai1 MLGl.lSSl3l i' 'A' 'A' i' 'k 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' E. 5' Ill 1 If as 1 3 ff f if af Coleman Rogers Elizabeth Pitts liugene Patterson Sophie Novit Lorene Nelson COLEMAN Rooms ERNIQST I-IANEY Band, Sergeant: Drum Major, '34, 'H-1 llonor Aulm H'3'U"C1'l snugly' liamlg Track, '36. ,lVlARY VIRGINIA NANCIS ELIZABETH PITTS High Scholarship Club, Girls' Public Speak- U H ing Club: Le Cercle Francais: Lim Awards, Curl Reserves, loresr Forum. 'H' 34' -35: Library Assistant' -H' 134. EUGENE PATTERSON FLOYD HENDERSON Aelra Historical Society, Baseball, '34, '35, R-O-T'C'v 2nd Ll'fUfe'W'W5 Crack CUWTPWY- -365 Izmskmbnll' 'I4' 'MA '34, '35, '36, I-li Class, Sergeant-at-Arms. Sgpy-up NOVIT KATHRYN REAMES Aelta Historical Society, Autlitores Cnesarisg Aella Hlsmrlcal Sllclstyl Los. E5Pa"F'leS . . . . Iovmlesg Las Dos Americas, Parliamentarlan, S 1' g T-.1 H. Cl l. ', . . lgmcrl all ilmry ul 35, Secretary, '36g Library Council: All- Cily Chorus. LORHNIRL Nl41l.SON Girl Reserves. Nl'UMAN LICGGIZTT Ernest Haney Mary Virginia Nance Floyd Henderson Kathryn Reames Neuman Leggett 'A' if i' if i' Ik 'k Ik ir 'A' ""'j'T I t ii ,il al ii 5 'i Teddy Kaplan Verna Lee Savage Tiaom' KAPLAN Los Ifspanoles -Ioviales, Vice-President, '33, Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '36, Tennis, '33, '34, '35, '36, ViakN A Liiti SAVAGI-1 NOIKMAN HAIKRIS Stamp Club, President, '3S. MARGUERlTIi Oooivi Girls' Public Speaking Club, Library Council. HAROLD UTAY Pan American Student Forum, Sergeant-ab Arms, '33, Las Dos Americas, Vice-President, '33, Los lispanoles iloviales, Banking, '34, '35, '36. KA'rHicR1Niz SY Library Council, Secretary, '33, High Scholarship Club, Forest Allied Arts Club, Aelta Historical Society, Secretary, '35, Treasurer, '36, IV-B Class, Treasurer, '35, National Honor Society, Office Assistant, '35, Norman Harri s Marguerite Odom Harold Utay Lisriilt Blu'i"i' Louisia Bouas MA Los Fspanoles iloviales, Treasurer, '3S, Pan American Student Forum, Library Council, Secretary, '33, Aelta Historical Society, Secre- tary, '36,, National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, IV-A Class, Treasurer. '36, Oliice Assistant, '35, '36, Linz Awards, '33, '34, '35, Library Assistant, '33, '34, l"ori'xli'r, '36, RGARET ANN THURMON Auditores Caesaris, High Scholarship Club, Ill-B Class, Secretary, '34, Linz Awards, '33, '34, Latin Tournament, '33, Library Assist- ant, '33, '34, '36, Girls' Letter Club, l"0rr'xli'r, '36, Linz NOVA ELLENE SANDERS Awards, '33, '34, '33, Library Assistant. Auditores Caesaries, Pep Squad: Forest '33, '34- Forum, Girls' Public Speaking Club. 136'-1.. . ' i TLV- 3 - L, Katherine Sy Lester Britt Louise Boles Margaret Ann Thurmon Nova lfllene Sandtrs 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'A' ir -A' i' ak I li f af is is if "?f"'f3z if if af if llGl'l",X J Doris Nance Mary Virginia Lloyd Charles Rominc Lois Lawrence Frances Bledsoe Doius NANLE TAI,IvIAIIc:Ia Lovu Pan American Student Forum: L.Is. Dm IV,A Class' Vice-president: Bascbnll' 135 Americnsg Srsience Club: Linv Awards, 'Bi '36g Spelling Cmitest, 'Hn Mmm' VIRGINIA LI.m'n his Ifnpanules blovigles, Secretary, '33, CHAIu.Iis IKOMINII Gulf, 'Hg Baiebu t'.Kl'l'l', '36, IV-li CLIN, Sergeniit-nt-Arinw. LUIS LAWRI1 N cis Las Dm Americas. Treasurer, '3S. FRA N c:I-is BI.I2II5oIi - I7rIr4'.i'II'I', '56, Texan Centennial Club, Fira! Vice-Presidem, '36. KIWIIILYN LANL Ciirl Reserves, Trensurnr, '5S. Mmuii l'llil?l"lNG'I'0N l, '3Sg Senior Hi-Y, lim'- I inz Award, 'B-4. Iivriivr HE ,LIf3Y Science lub: Forest Radio Club, Secretary Tren ur' '35, '36, CIYNTIYII oNIas Aelta Historical Society, Pep Squ.ul,g Girls' Letter Clubg Frlrw.-lvr, '36, fx! Ciirlw' P lie Speaking Club. f I' ff'f9f""J14f"'! Talniadge Loyd I Kathryn Laine Marie Heffingtim avert Hensley Cynthia Jones i f if if if '7l'l M44 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' ff + f f l f, f .f + 1 'i j lil 'Q' M 5 lftliel Rudnitzky Annette Cnclcrr Harry Summer Addie Munroe M 1rll1.1 Murphy E'rH1a1. RuoN1'I'zKY Pan American Student Forum, Secretary, '36g Girls' Public Speaking Club, Sergennbut- Arms, 'Big l,os lispginoles -Iovinlesg library Assixlnm, 'IL AN NETTIT CAT1.1zT'r Girl Reserves, Council Representative, Cav luw Club. HARRY SUMMER Basketball, '34, '35, Football, '34, '33, Base- lull, '34, '37, ll-A Clams, Pnrlinmentarizln. Alllllli MUNRO1- MARTHA MURPHY Los lispnnoles .lovigxlesg Forest Forum: Science Club: l"ui'rvli'1', 'Mig Library Assistant, '13, 'l4. 1 W. A. RUNNIQIS MAXINl'l BRUTON High Scholarship Clubg Texas History C lub Iiinl Awards, '34, '39, '36, Office Assmrint GENEVIEVl'1CHENAUL'F Pep Sq uadg Girls' XVlI.lfRliD LOONEY Baseball, '35, '36 MA1u1.vNN KENT Letter Club Track, '34. W . A. Runnels Maxine Bruton Genevieve Cbenault Wilfred Looney Marxlynn Kent ir ir 'lr i' i' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' t '-A' 'txt 'A' Tillie Harris William Mosher Esther Schwartz Matt Cogburn Mary Frances Tiller TILLIE HARRIS MAUKICE RUBIN Le Cercle Francais: Little Tl1eater,President, Pan American Student Forum, All City '35, Vice-President. '34, Secretary, '33, Girls' Treasurer, '34, Las Dos Americas. Letter Cluhg Orlicc Assistant, '34, '35, '36. OMALQENL Lewis Wll.l,lAM lVlOSHl'.R Aclta Historical Society, Vice-Iresidcnt, '36: Senior Hi-Y: Signifcrig Baseball. '35, 1 JACK CURRY Las Dos Americas, Sergeant-at-Arms, '33: I-B Class, President: Basketball, '32, '36: Tennis, ESTHER SCHWARTZ '36g Pan American Student Forumg Los Auditores Cacsarisg Girls' Public Speaking lQgmm,lC5 -lovialcsg Aluniur FIi..Y. Club, Treasurer, '35, Secretary, '36: Vice- Presidcnt, '3S. VIVIAN TURNLR h IS Ul'lL3 Ulllty UYLS IC r 5 N X-lt1H'.r '-lS"' QF -'t Alld At Junior Hi-Yg Senicr Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, '33, R.O.T.C. Louis SON NIZNTIIEIL MARX' l'RANClzS TILLLR Standard Debating Society, Secretary, '3S. Maurice Rubin CUHIQISCHC Lewis jack Curry Vivian Turner Louise Sonnentllcil i' ir t i' 'A' 'k 'A' i' i' i' 'A' i' 'A' f 3 'D X ,a-5.3-. .Ii Dorothy Kirschner Paul Huebler Pauline Wilensky George Louis Cassell Ida Mae Bamnan DOROTHY KIRSCHNEII SOL BARZUNE National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Forest Forum, President, '36, Girls' Public Speaking Club, Ill-A Class, Secretary, Oflice Assistant, '33, '34, '35, Le Cerele Francais, Parliamentarian, '35, Vice-President, '35, 1'Ul'l'Xfl'l', '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, PAUI, HUEBLliR Senior Hi-Y, Orchestra, Baseball, '35, '36, PAULINE XVILENSIQY High Scholarship Club, Le Cercle Francais, President, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, Library Council, Los Espanoles jovialcs, Library Ax- sistant, '33, '34, Linz Awards, '34, '35, '36, I"or1'.vl1'r, '36. Guoucn Louis CASSELL IDA r Track, '36, Science Club, President, '36, Vice-President, '35, Le Cercle Francais, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '35, Secretary, '36, Senior Hi- 5 Y, Vice-1 resident, '36, Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, Linz Awards, '34, '35, Library Council, MAE BAzM A N Las Dos Americas, Secretary, '35, Pan Ameri- can Student Forum, Aelta Historical Society, Los lispanoles joviales. Standard Debating Sociely, SCI'gCLll1l-.ll-AFIIIS, '35, Pan American Student Forum, Crack Company, '33, '34, '35, '36, R.O.'I'.CI., Znd Lieutenant. HELEN VIRGINIA FILILN Isl-.Ito Le Cerelc Francais, Linz Award, '31, lirfm Staff, Co-Editor, '36. BI1N O'KON Pan American Student Forum, Las Dos Americas, ll-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms. ESTHER BARZU N E Girls' Public Speaking Club, President, '36, Las Dos Americas, President, '35, Coin Club, Secretary, Treasurer, '35, Pan American Stu- dent Forum, Los lispanoles lloviales, Library Assistant, '34. GEORGE TI-IROWER Auditorcs Caesaris, Signiferi, I-A Class. Pres- ident, Standard Debating Society, Sergeant- at-Arins, '34, junior Hi-Y, Secretary, Treas- urer, '35, Senior Hi-Y, Secretary, Treasurer, '36, Aelra Historical Society, Treasurer, '35, Orchestra, '33, '34, Band, '35, '36, 1"rm'xlrr, '36. l Sol l3.irzune llelen Virginia Feenberg Ben Okon listher Iiarzune George 'flirower 'k i' 'k 'A' i' i' 'A' 'k 'A' i' 41 ' if My if 5 ' - Q 31 -if if af if K LJ ef. R 0 'i an Vai' Lola Frances Horton P. O. Smith Clarice Flanagan Robert Drake LOLA FRANCES HIDIKTON Girls' Public Speaking Club, Secretary, Texas History Clnbg l.ibr.iry Council. P. O. SMITH lizmd: Orcliesxrn. C1.Aiuc1a FLANAGAN 55, Forest Forumg Girls' Public Speaking Clubg Auditores Cfiesriri Roisuirr DRAM, Science Club, Pai-I tlANl'QMlLHAl1l.SO1N Forest Forum: L Council. M Library Council. iumenlarian, '36. Clercle l:l'.lIlCJlNQ l.ibr.irv Jane Michaelson DRLAINE BRIQE Radio Clubg Science Club. AN NAl.lIiSla SPRIZHN Forest Allied Arts Club, Secretary, '56g Fw'i'.vfi'1', '36. President, '5 S: AIOHN C.ANAlJA Senior Hi-Y. Hlil.lf1N Fox Little Theater, Secretary, 'SSL For-can lforunig Signiferig Le Ccrcle Francais. Rolsiairr READ De Laine Brice Annnliese Spreen -Iolin Can.ul.1 Helen liox Robert Read ie if ir is if is -if ii- if -A' 'lr i' Chester Ray Castles Wayne B. Knipe Dorothy Bauer Henry Atherton Helen Huoren CHhs'ruR RAY CASTLILS HENRY ABRAM5 Girls' Letter Clubg Pep Squad. E1,sA SORl:NSIjN High Sclmlarship Cluhg Girls' Letter Club: XWAYNF B KNIPIJ Linz Awards, '33, 'J4. Texas History Club. Bnuczis HUN'l'k1li Baseball, '3Sg Football. '54g llaslactball. '53, '34, '55, l,OkOTHY BAUER Los lispanolcs jovinlcs, President, '3Zg Girls' Umf Club- Blfpssnf Dum, EPSTEIN Forest Allied Arts Club, Vice-Prcsidcnl, '3S. HLNRY Arm.RroN IRVIN JAHJE Standard Debating Society, President, 'Hg Extemporaneous ,,Speaking, '3Sg Auditores Caesaris, President, '36g office Assistant, 'Hg Hl11.liN H0O'I'l1N Library Council, : y Abrams lilsa Sorensen Bruce Hunter Bessie Dell Epstein Irvin -Iaflc if 'A' 'k 'A' 'k i 'k i' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir -i .rr 1 fl li. 15 , K ,I 1' i- i f is if if if , Q? if is is if . " I 3 ffi f ' f ' 4 -' ff ix A e A e Y Mary -larie lfnix Otis Smith lfvelyn MARY jAN11 ENIX II-Ii CI.iss, SCYEQCLIIII-.ll-AFIIISQ Girls' Public Speaking Club: Texas Hivrory Club, Scr- geaimt-git-Arins. 'Fig l,e Cercle lfrqincuiwg l,i- I-r.n'y Council, '3 ' Uris SMITH Senior Hi-Y: Las Club. llvi-11,x'N Rl'I"I'l4.R Girls' Letter Club EUGFNE Mooki-. Baseball, '3 Y. Louisi STARR Girl Reserves. Din Amerieisg Science Pep Squad. Ritter Eugene Moore Louise Stark I-Iowixixu DENNEY IsflSCbLlll, '35, '36. NINA N1cLQAisi Audilurew Caes.ii'is. l, KING KA i'HuYN14. HUN'i'11ic Auditores Caesarisg High Suliulnrsliip Kllubg Library Council, '55, '56. Ci-mixriis SN YDIER Senior Hi-Y, President, '3V, '36: Parlia- nic-nLari.m, 'Hg -Iuninr Hi-Y, Vice-President, W4: Sergeant-at-Arms, ,331 Library Cnun- cil, 'JL Huwarcl llcnncy Ninn McCabe louis King Katliryn Hunter Cflinrles Syntlei' 'A' t 'lr 'A' i i' i' 'A' t t Q '-I 'A' 'k 'A' .1-If -A' 'A' ik i' II Liivi' Q Dorothy Lambert Frederick Clark Lena Sansone Wilsmiii Boedeker Ruby W'atson DOROTHY LAMBERT Le Cercle Francais, High Scholarship Club, All4City Chorus, '32, '33, '34, '35, Science Club, Library Council, '34. l:RIiDliRlCK CLARK Science Club, Forest Allied Arts Club, Crack Company, '35, '36, R.O.T.C., Scr- geant. LIINA SANsONIf Girl Reserves, Pep Squad. Wll.SON BOEIJEKIER Crack Company, '35, '36, R.O.'I'.C., Captain, l,as Dos Americas, Pan American Student Forum, Football. Manager, '35, Basketball, Manager, '36, Baseball, '35, '36, Texas His- tory Club, l-B Class, President, junior Hi-Y. BY WATSON PAUL FINKELSTEIN Standard Debating Society, President, '36, Vice-President, '35, Secretary, '35, Iiorewt Forum, High Scholarship Club, National Honor Society, R.O.'l'.C., Maior, Crack Company, '33, '34, '35, '36, Ill-A Class, Vice-President, Crack Platoon Drill, '35, '36, IV-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Linz Awards, v - 1 33, 34, 35. HIQIIQN Luivsfxv Office Assistant, '33, '34. NCJRMAN HARRIS Stamp Club, President, '35, lfcfm Staff, Circu- lation Manager, '35. LUCILE NICHOLS I-A Class, Secretary, Allied Arts Club, Girl Reserves, Cheer Leader, '35, Texas History Club, Girls' Letter Club, l"m'I'xli'I', '36. MAXINE LENSKI-l Girls' Public Speakinig Club, Aelta Histori- cal Society. y 1 I ' ,Paul Finkelstein Helen Lievsay Norman Harris Lucilc Nichols Maxine lienslxe t it t 'A' 'A' t t it 'A' 'R t 'A' 'A' ir 'Ur ,,. 1 1 3 1 74,0 '- Qi. jf , I V I ,- iruber lien Gruber lizirline Slielum Louis Wittkower Leona Geeteli 5 I 1-" pf fb!-4,125-4-v RUTH GRUBER Louls 510151, Aelta Historical Society, l7Hl'll?lI1'ICI1li1l'i.lf1, '35, High Sclmlzirsliiiw Club, Vice-ljrewidenr, '36: Girls' l,etler Club: Allied Arts Clubg Lilurary Axsixtant, 'Sig Otliec Assisiani, '36. MARY l,oL11s1-, C,iIllLLlMB B1',NGkU1s1-.11 Aelta HiSt111'ie.1l Sueiely, Sc1'ge.111t-.ll-A1'111s, '36, Track Tezun, '34, '35, '56, w!Il,l.lS Mc.QU1L15N EA111.1N11 SHLLTON Girl Reserves: Forex Allied Artx Club, Girls' Letter Club. jos111w11N11 ZusM1111 LOUIS XVITVI-KOWLR l.c Cerelc Francais: Auditores Caes.11'iQg Girls' Fures! Forum, Serge.111t-.11-Arms, '56, Senior "Utter Club' Hi-Y: Coin Clulm, President, '33:Crz1cl1 Cum- pany, '34, '35, '36: Standard Debating So- eietyg R,O,T.C., Lieutenant, Rifle Team, '34, '71Y, F Hmmm' QIOLI: K Q , IV-B Claws, l'l'CSldCl1lQ Science Clulw, Vice- LFONA CII'-l1'lil1H 2 l'1'csidcnt. '36: Aclra Histm'ic.1l Society. I Louiw Sigel yrln i Giduumlv Willix McQueen ilusepliine Zmme H.1rdyC11lc 'Ir i' if 'A' ir i' 'A' 'A' t 'k i' if ir 11 fgj gy. , , X f , r I l Q, + i f fr fl if ir if if if if is A 9 1' 9 'X i I if ' , xx! Pl1en.i Louise Newman Corbett Legg Phoebe McCutclieon .lack Miller Unrnthy Mae Lions PHLNA LOUISI: NEWMAN Girls' Public Speaking Club: lforest Forumg Cnrlw Letter Club: lzrfrn btxifl, 56. QlORlilf'lnl4 I.,l',Gf1 Auditores Caexaris: Aelu Historical Society: Crack Company, '34, '35, 'Mig Ill-A Class, IV-li Clam, Viee-l'rcvi- dent: R.O.T.C., First Sergeant. Piioivisil. Mc:CU'l'c,m-,oN lligli Scliularsliip Clubg Auclitures fi1lC3QIl'iN. NIALK Mll,l,l-ia Coin Clubg R.O.'l'.C.. C.ipt.iing Smndiird lie- bgiring Society, Treasurer, '3S. WIl,SON Goss National Honor Society, Presideni, 'ing Pin Ameriean Student lfnruni. President. ' Senior Ili-Y, PI'CHiclcnl, 'Sig Aelhl llislnruil Sncieiy, PQII'll.ll1lClll.'ll'l.ll1. '91 l'nollw.ill, il 'Sig l5.w:b.1ll, Wi. QIOHNNII- TU'I"l'1.l. FRANK S1Nc,i-.ix Klnin Cflub, Viee-President, 'H-. Ul,14.Nl- W'A'I"I 5 Pep Squad. FRANK ANDRRSON I-B Class, Sergeant Crack C1 llonoini' MAL LYONS V gf-hy, ws, 'sm R.O.T.c1., Sergeant. V ' A U .f V. X ' x Wilson Goss -Iolinnie Tuttle xlirank Singer Olene Wrltis lfrnnk Andei mn 1 if f if if is me if if 1 all ' J L- + 41 ir if ik , 1 Q 15 ar +1 1 icy, - le ,X ff ' 2 ii I J ' 5 4 . I ' I SUI ' ieilberg Ilerlie Lee lludil 2 jhsuni Yinfixck Katliryn Waiidry v 01. FR11111151-.iuz Lis Dus Americalst Glue Club, '55, 'S-l. 151 14111 L1L1LDou11 lfurcst lfurum, Sec 'er.1ry, '56, Acltn Historical Society, Girls' Pu l.ctler Club. blie Speaking Club, Girls' IQSLPH YONACK Sialndard Debating Suciety, Crack Company, H, K1x'1'111u'N W1xN111ar1' ILAN DAUG1-11e1xTY ' Trark, '35, Craeli Ciinnpaiiy, '33, '34, '3Y, 'H-1 R.0.T.Ci., Sergeant. ,-- ff-.1 .lean Daugherty Hl-,l.l-lN Lou Lviuis Forest Forum: Texas Theater Club. Hiswry Club, Lirrlu Soi. SCHNEIDER Pan American Student Forum. ANNh ROSENBERG Girls' Public Speaking Club. Vice-President, 'l5. 'l'1auxf1AN BERRY Baskerball, '34, '35, '36, Baseball, '35, Foot- ball, '3S. I lll.lJA jo PAXTON llelen Lou Lykes Sul Schneider Anne Rosenberg Truman Berry Hilda jo Paxton i' 'A' ir -A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'k i' ' l u i U i if af is if ' lif ill im 3 3, ir ff if if ,inn W I-H 07 Zu M NJ? lrttl Allen Flizalmetla I,evy Maynard Kicker Mattie Ruth Rambo lrviin tromt Kaim D A1 LLAQN qlunior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Secretary-Treav urer, '34, Los lispanoles -lovialesg Ijflm Staff, Assistant Fclitor, '36, l"01'i'xl1'r, '36. zAn1aT1-I LEVY l,os Fxpanoles xloviales, l-A Class, Treasurer, Science Club, Aelta Historical Societyg las llos Americas, Iirfw Staff, Associate litlitor. YNA1111 Rlciuin Football, '34, '35, junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y: Track, '3hg Baseball, '36. MATTIL R U TH RA M iso Pan American Student Forunig Los lispanoles qlovialesg l,as Dos Americas, Science Club: Library Council, lfrfm Staff, Associate Fditor. lnw'1N JEROME KAIM Standard Debating Society, President, '36: Le Cercle Francais, Forest Forum, Secretary, '35, Linz Awards, '33, '35, '36g Tennis, '35, 'Mig l"un'.ili'r', '36, Declamation, '36, ETIH-ii. l,lliKli'l"l' CHA1u.1as CROSSON IV-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms IV li Class Sergeant-at-Arms, l"un'xl1'i Circulation and Publicity Lois MAXI1-uf. P1t1Tt+1u'1'T Girls' Letter Clulwg All C Roisi-:RT THORN All City Orchestra. FRA Ncics SHAR P1-. Girl Reserves. l tliel Pickett Charles Crosson Lois Maxine Pritcliett Robert Thorn if if is +'f+f if Q 4 f, N 'l I 77 P ,l . if if if if g l i? .I , if if 3 A' gf' + ' 7,"I , 3' fd rgfl YQ 5' JT Q X I ilk!! iff' Howard Heigel ,lewell Demerc Howard I.uml Virginia Leeper Dave Reaney Howmu: HII-.011 National Honor Society, III-A Class, Presi- dent, II-B Class, Vice-President, IV-A Class, President, Crack Company, '34, '35, '36, Baseball, '35, '30, liootball, '35, Efficiency Medal, '33, '34, Camp Dallas, '33, '34, '35, All City Orchestra, l"on'xf1'1', '36, R.O.'l'.C., Lieutenant-Colonel. jtzwut IJLNIEIKE Aelta Historical Society, High Scholarship lflub, Ill-P: Class, President. HOWARD LUND Track, '35, Tennis, '36. VIRGINIA LEEPILR All City Chorus. DAVIL RIQANIQY .lunior Hi-Y, President, '34, Aelta Historical Society, Vice-President, '35, II-A Class, Par- liamentarian, Ill-B Class, Parliamentarian, Ill-A Class, Parliamentarian, All City Or- chestra, Honor Bind, Standard Debating So- ciety, Football, '33, '34, '35, Basketball, '34 '35, '36, Baseball, '35, '36. 5 RICHARD WOR'l'rllNG'l'ON Baseball, '36, KIAMI-ps PAUL Mooiua Las Dos Americas, Los lfspanoles Joviales, Track, '35, '36, ABL BULLMAN Forest Forum, Forvxlvr, '36, R.O.'I'.C., Ser- geant, Auditores Caesaris. ALBERT PASCHE Science Club, Erfm Staff, Business Manager. MAIKCQARET WARNICK High Scholarship Club, II-A Class, President, Girls' Public Speaking Club, Forvsfrr, '36, Pan American Student Forum, Secretary- Treasurer, '34, '35, Las Dos Americas, Los lispanoles joviales, Secretary, '33, Girls' Let- ter Club, Linz Awards. '33, '34, '35, Forest Thrift Club, Bookkeeper. Richard W'OI'll1ll1glOl1 james Paul Moore Abe Bullman Albert Pasche Margaret WarI1itk i' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir i' i' i' it xl' lllivabeth Braun Billy Stallcup Mareille Mullings L. C. Redus Leone Block lil IZA151-.TH BRAUN L1ioN1-1 BLOCK National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Auditores Caesaris, Secretary, '35, Sergeant-at-Arms, '36, Signiferi, Aelta His- torical Society: ll-A Class, President, Ill-li Class, Vice-President, Library Council, Library Assistant, '35, '34, '55, '36, Ofliee Assistant, '36, l"o1'1'il1'r, '56, Girls' Letter Club, Linz Awards, '33, '34, 55, Latin Tournament, '33, '34, Latin lissay Contest. Y STA1.1,c:oP National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer, '35, Standard Debating Society, Treasurer, '35, Sergeant-at-Arms. '34, R.O,T.C., Lieutenant, IV-B Class, President, Crack Company, '35. l3ll.l I-A Class, President, Rifle Team, '35, '36, Nl.x1tti11.1,1. MU1,1.1NGs lll-I3 Class, Secretary, lforum, Girls' Public President, '35, Treasurer, '36, Girls' Letter Club. L. C. Ruous R. O. T. C. Band, Second Lieutenant, Honor Band, All-City Orchestra, '35, ll-Pi Class, '35, Pep Squad, Forest Speaking Club, Vice- Sergeant-at-Arms. National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, President, '56, Ofliee Assistant, '34, '35, '36, Le Cerele Francais, President, '35, Linv Awards, '33, '34, '35. HA1t1ti'F1t1z1a1,11N1i N1i11. SIMS National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, Parliamentarian, '36, ll-B Class, Pres- ident, Forest Forum, Le Cerele Francais, Cheer Leader, '35, Linz Awards, '53, '34, '35, Fun Frolic Queen, '55, Otliee Assistant, Library Council. KIOL1. IDI-.NISON lio1'1'H CoB151i1. ll-B Class, Secretary, '34, Pep Squad, lforesi Forum, Tennis Team, '35. CARLTON KNOTT Library Assistant, '33, '34, Harry Freeland Neil Sims ,Ioel Denison Edith Cobbel Carlton Knott -A' it 'It 'A' 'A' it it it 'A' i' f I if 1 at if 33313424 if if if ff 'Os-4 ,. M CC7.',,Vt-Id WJ Tempe Coffman S. A. Price Frances Lanltford Harold Seliackman Helen Fnosliet Ti-LMPL C01-'IfMA1s Forest Allied Arts Club, President, '36, Little Theater, Vice-President, '35, Girl Reserves. S. A. l'RlCIz liorest Forum, liorest Hi-Y, Football, '33, '34, Basketball, '33, '35, Track, '35, Golf, '3 5, '36. FitANc:12s LANKI-'ORD High Scholarship Club, INB Class, Secretary, '33, Little Theater, Secretary, '34, '35, Girl Reserves, President, '36, Vice-President, '35, Linz Awards, '33, '34, '35. HAROLD SCHACKMAN Standard Debating Society, Pan American Student Forum. Vice-President, '36, Crack Company, '35, '36, Coin Club, Sergeant-an Arms, '33, Treasurer, '34, Vice-President, '35, President, '35, R. O. T. C., Corporal. l'll-lI.liN Foosmih III-A Class, Secretary, Las Dos Americas, Library Council, All-City Chorus. Tim TULLY Baseball, '35, '3o. MARGARl2'F HILLEY Forest Forum, Parliamentarian, '36, Auditores Caesaris, Girls' Public Speaking Club, View:- President, '36, Texas History Club, I-A Class, Vice-President, Library Assistant, '33, '55, Xia. EUc1i4.NI1 Bitovuas Orchestra. '33, '34, '35, '36, All-City Orches- '34, '35, '36, Basket- ball, '33, '34, '35, '36, IIAA Class, Sergeant- at-Arms, Senior Hi-Y. tra, '35, '36, Baseball, MARIAN GILRSMAN Aelta Historical Society, tle Theater, l'ori'xlt'r, '33, '34. Girl Reserves, Lit- '36, Orlice Assistant, XVi1,Miiit MCCALl.UN1 Linz Award, '35. Ted Tully Margart Hilley Eugene Broyles Marian Gersman Wilmer McCallum 'A' ir 'k ir 'ir 1' i' it 'A' .1 :Ili T 1 5 T1 f ir f i' ,Elly I!! t ak if f' f f Margaret Knotts Kathryn Osborne Samuel Kolien Verna Robbins Irving Glasser MAiu:A1tiaT KNo'rTs Library Council, Pep Squad, Forest Forum, IV-B Class, Secretary, Student Government Representative, '36, KATHIQYN Osisoiwia ll-B Class, Vice-President, Girl Reserves, Parliaxnentarian, '36, Library Council, All- City Chorus, Pep Squad. SAMULI. KOHEN Standard Debating Society, Auditores Cae- saris, High Scholarship Club, Treasurer, '36, Science Club, Linz Awards, '35, '36, l-H Class, Sergeant-at-Arms. VISIKNA ROBBINS Forest Forum, Coin Club. IRVING GLASSEIR Auditores Caesaris, Vice-President, '36, Sci- ence Club, High Scholarship Club, SIIlI1Lllll'Ll Debating Society, Lin! Awards, '35, '36, l-li Class. Sergeant-at-Arms. MA RGUIQRITE CASSATA Girls' Public Speaking Club: Forest Forum, Library Council. Alaseua' STISINDAM R. O. T. C., Second Lieutenant, Crack Coni- panies, '34, '3S. MARY JANE UBERMAN MA Emi Girl Reserves, Pep Squad, Tennis Team, Girl's Letter Club, Library Assistant, '33, '34, Fnrtxifer, '36. xmie FINK High Scholarship Club, Little Theater, Ser- geant-at-Arms, '35, Office Assistant, '34, Texas History Club, Linz Award, '35, '36, ANOR SPANGLR11 Aelta Historical Society, Girls' Letter Club, Pep Squad. Marguerite Cassata Albert Steindam Mary jane Ubcrman Maxine Fink Eleanor Spangltr ,Q if if if +'+ f at 1 if l -if ff it if E if ir it if . if - X? -Iii " Marian Fife .lack Goodman june Pederson Salvador Duca Pauline lloyd MARIAN Fnfn Rui H CULLUM Los Espanoles joviales, Las Dos Americas, Girl Reserves, Aelta Historical Society, Pan American Student Forum, High Scholar- Library Council, Linv Awards, '34, '35, ship Club, Secretary, '35, Aelta Historical Society, Library Council, Oflace Assistant, H, M. l'lIal.r.N bOBl:l, Coin Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, 'Big Treasurer, '36, Las Dos Americas, High Scholarship , Club, Lim' Awards, '34, "sS. JACK CxO0DN1AN Pan American Student Forum, Coin Club, ,lANia'I' SWAIN Sergeant-at-Arms, '35, President, '36, Crack v - W-B Class, Treasurer, Lc Ccrcle Francais, Company, '34, '17, Standard Debating So- I A I p r 4 dun.. Library Council, Little Fltcater, l reasurer, I '3 9. tluwia PEDERSON Li-:NA LANDSBIZRG Library Council. High Scholarship Club, Girls' Public Speaking Club, Coin Club, Secretary, '33, Treasurer, '35, Library Council, l"rm'.iIi'1', '36, Linz SALVADOR DUCA Award, '54. Los lfspanoles ,lovialesg IVQB Class, Vice-Prev Hlcnf- Louisr, FuANK1fuR'1' High Scholarship Club, Forest Forum, Girls' Letter Club, I3ru'e.tIi'i', '36, Little Theater PAUUNI1 Bow Club: Linz Awards, '53, '54, '3S. Ruth Cullum Helen Sobel janet Swain Lena Landsbcrg Louise Frankfurt 'A' ir 'k ir 'A' 'k 'lr ir 'A' 'A' -A l I , I ,ty 'A' 'A' "' W A N W SW 191 l f, 'A' 'A' 'A' A ' 'L tl' til' Audrey Meljregor Claude Chnstnnt Charlene Deal Cxrl Zabbia Elizabeth Siinon AUDRl:Y Mc:Giu'uou .Ii-.ssii MA'rTH1iWs Girl Reserves. Forest Allied Arts Club, Vice-President, '35, '36, Boys' Glee Club. CLAUDI-1 CHAs'rANT Aeltn Historical Society, Standard Debating NIHDRIQDSc.Rlp.l.URl4, Society, Junior Hi-Y, President, '34, Senior Forest Allied Arts Club' HiAY, Secretary, '36, Cheer Leader, '36, Linz Awards, '34, '35, Auditores Caesaris, Vice- President, '35, Basketball, '33, '34, '35, '36, Baseball, '34, 36: LB Class, President, lll-li , Cfl.1ss, President, lll-A Class, President. L' D' A""L'i' junior Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms, '34, Senior Hi-Y, Pnrliamentarian, '36, Auditores Caes- .irisg Standard Debating Society, Crack Com- CHARLISNIZ Diem. puny, ws, '56, R.O.T.C., Corporal. CARL ZABBIA MARY ALTA CASEY Standard Debating Society, Forest Forum, Gifl Reserves. Treasurer, '36, Latin Tournziment, '34, '36. 1 CHARLIQS MCKINNIiY I'.l.lZAlSIfTH SIMQN Basketball, '35, '36. jesse Matthews Mildred Scripture L. D. Allen Mary Alta Casey Charles McKinney 'k it it i' ir ir ir 'A' 'A' i 3 Us .AQ , if 4 if ff is if V' if ff ff if Mabel glean Maddox lfugene Billingsly lfnmgene Cuffman Xveldon Combs lflilalaetli Cole MABH. JEAN Mmmiiox Pep Squad. Euui-Nr l5ll,I.lNSl.Y Track, '36. EMAm1N1i COHMAN High Sclmlnrsliip Clubg Ifurcit Allied Arts Clulng Linz Award, 'Hg Ofliee Asaiatunt, '34. Wlil,llON Comms Aelm Historical Sreiely: Senior Ili-YQ Smml- nrd Debating Soeicty. E1,izAlsi1TH Coma Girl Reserves: All City Clmrugq Linz Award. '35, jimmy Harper Una Margaret C.ill.1l1.m Adelaide Ran AIIM MY HARPER Senior Hi-Y, Treasurer, '36g Aella 'Historical Society: TI'.ICli, ,531 lfffm Staff, Co-l'l4lilUl', 511. UNA N1ARGAR1iT ClALLAHAN l,c Cerele Francais, Secretary, lforum. Jxlll4l,AIlJlx RAND Al,Iil'.R'l'liUllNll1K I-imrbnll, '33, '34 Bawclmll, '53. , 'Hg Bqiskeilm Mlakm Clcllalco Pep Squvly Girls' Letter Club. 'Hug Forest ll 'is 'af- .v-VH Ll AI Crt Ruclnieli Marin Cicero XJ 'k i' t i uk 'k i' if ir ir J ,JZ , XK1.. ir ir i i' i' i 'A' i' 'lr Q Q9 4 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ I 4 I ,F C 1 -Af if ff 1+ 1 '--.l . 5 I fl QL! KI A Q37 lass BC V 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ 1+ "' I if is if is 'f' ' '11 A' if is af JUNE 'se CLASS Seniors Not Having Pictures Avnet, Leon Boyd, Donald Calhoun, Clem Candiotta, Theodore Cohen, Abe Goldsobel, Isadore Grisaffi, Bill Boyd, Elise Butner, Virginia Coleman, Juana Crim, Gladys Boys Harper, Charles Henry, Gene Jackson, Guy Jones, Paul Kincaid, James Levy, Reuben Miller, Henry Girls James, Blanche oegl, Lillie Ani ' 'i Wing, Lois MH McNair, Lurline Dorman, Frances Hampton, Jeanette Barnet, Sam Biesel, Eugene Carter, Edward Caruth, Jack Chatten, Tommie Cosby, Earl Dansby, Sam Davis, Woodrow Foster, Dean Frauman, Myer Bledsoe, Amelia Brooks, Lilly Bryan, Ruth Bryant, Florine Clarke, Dorothy Cook, Bertha Cornett, Jean Mitchell, Wendell Jean Peeler, Mildred JANUARY '37 CLASS Boys Gandy, Monty Gross, Ben Hafter, Joe Hancock, Richard Huddleston, James Humphfus, Charles Little, Hubert Luttrell, Buford McKinney, Melvin Girls Haisfield, Dorothy Hart, Leona Krausnick, Thelma Lewis, Marie Rambo, Kathleen Shipley, May Pearl Steel, Suzanne Mosesman, Alex Prevratil, Ben Sanford, Robert Scoggins, Norris Smith, Harold Thurmond, Robert amer, Elsie Saunders, Evelyn Sealey, Faye Thompson, Mary E Willson, Lillian Maer, Jack Maslow, Nathan Messina, Victor Reckley, Walter Sessel, Ralph Wall, Jake Williamson, W. F. Wright, W. T. Yarbro, Robert Waggoner, May lleii Whitney, Elizabeth Wigbel, Mildred Williams, Doris Ray Williams, Dorothy Wilson, Dona Bell Fay 'A' 'A' 'k 'k i' i i' i' i' i wg-4 QP' , ff i' 'A' 'A' Sk Fall CLAUDE CHASTANT . JAMES HUDDLESTON . HELEN FOOSHEE . MISS MARY S. CLARK . Fall STANLEY KAUIFMAN . DAVID ARONOESRY . BESSIE COLEMAN . MISS SARA DAVIDSON . Fall ROSALEE COHEN . . MARY LOUISE DEV6'ALD . MARY PEARL BOWLAND . MISS ELIZABETH PARKER . Fall JEAN MOORE ..... STELLA MAE COFFMAN . JUNE WITTKOWER . . . MISS ELIZABETH PARKER Fall LEON LEWIS .... MATTIE LEE MUELLER . JACK MIGHAELSON . . . MISS MARGARET BREWER . MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER MRS. TALLULAH PINCKARD Fall HARRY BOND . SELMA REISBERG . BILLIE SMITH .... MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER . MISS MARGARET BREWER . . MRS. TALLULAH PINKARD QQ .I E Undcrclasses OFFICERS III-A CLASS . Prc'sia'c'nt . . Vice-Presideni . . Secretory . . . Sponsor . III-B CLASS . President . . Vice-Presideni . . Secretary . . . Sponsor . II-A CLASS . Prcsident . . Vice-Presidenf . . Secretary . . . Sponsor . II-B CLASS . President . . Vice-Presidcfnf . . Sfcrvtury . . . Sponsor . I-A CLASS . Prrsidenf . . Vice-Presiclcnf . Secretary . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . . Sponsor . I-B CLASS . . President . . . Vic'e-President . Secretary . . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . . . Sponsor . 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir Spring . DAVID KAPLAN . . PAULINE KING . JEAN MCKINNEY . MISS SARA DAVIDSON Spring . . LLOYD KELLUM . . ROY CAMPBELL . ROSALEE COHEN . PAUL LA BORNE Spring . . . CECIL REED . . HENRY STAMPLEY . . . .GEORGIA BROCK MISS ELIZABETH PARKER -Ji Spring . . C. L. BRYANT . . . . LEWIS DUCA . MAXINE POLAKOFF MISS ELIZABETH PARKER Spring . ROMONA BRITON . . . . SOLON ELLIS . . . JERRY SHALETTE MISS MARGARET BREWER MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER MRS. TALLULAH PINCKARD Spring . . BEATRIGE Fox . DOROTHY RECKLEY . . KATHRYN RANSOM MISS RUTH CHRISTOPHER MISS MARGARET BREWER MRS. TALLULAH PINCKARD if as if -rf if ff A 1 A if 3 X x X i . W fiffwm u M f 1 iv gif qi igihm , 4 1- f f f M5 D if 1 jiig, C' 57 lass CI III-fX ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' If ll' R gigala' if sk if at 54: g f' Ables, Robert Achilles, Chester Adair, James Arndt, John Arnoldt, Herman Aronofsky, David Barrett, Ned Bassinger, Paul Bechtold, Walter Bird, Harold Bernstein, David Brodnax, Harry Buckmeyer, Robert Cade, Oscar Canada, Wilson Carp, Robert Carson, N. A. Clasby, Sam Coe, Harold Conner, Robert Conway, John Cook, Bert Ables, Arlene Anderson, Wlllee Rec Ashley, Mildred Ball, Dorothy Ballard, Agnes Barrett, Eloise Behrens, Betty Jean Bennett, Estell -Jfllgt III-A Class B 0 Y s V Crim, J. J. Danner, Sam De Lee, Scott Denney, Jesse Firnberg, Robert Fullen, Cecil Ray Ganus, Earl Gilbert, Samuel Gilford, Sammy Gillespie, Hubert Goldstien, Mitchell Goodman, Dewitt Goren, Mayer Green, Ervin Gruber, Nathan Hicks, Johnnie Johnson, Clarence Jones, George Kaplan, David Kaufman, Stanley Kay, William Kerley, Wayne Kincannon, Jack Lacy, Paul Lattimer, Billy Lawrence, Joe Lebowitz, Henry McKinney, John Malowitz, Stanley Margro, S. G. Medford, James Mims, Clarence Mitchell, Jack Moore, D. Morris, Edwin Mullenix, Eugene Murdock, Robert Napier, Loyd Oliver, Hugh Pennington, Archie Phillips, Durwood Pilkinton, Lawrence Putman, Leslie Ray, Preston GIRLS Fleming, Evelyn Ford, Margaret Frledlander, Adele Friedman, Ruth Gaddis, Ethel Lee Gibson, Bessie Lee Golden, Ethel Goodman, Kathryn Bickerstaff, MagdaleneGouger, Kathryn Biesel, Julian Black, Dorothy Boedecker, Dorothy Bond, Era Grace Brooks, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Lyle Brown, Juanita Campbell, Christine Cannon, Julie Ann Cordella, Bessie Coghill, Kathryn Coleman, Bessie Coleman, Zelda Collins, Alice Dagnal, Lorraine Driscoll, Jane Dublin, Earnestinc Falcetti, Olga Ferguson, Nell Ferrell, Martha Fischl, Helen Goza, Genece Gracy, Mildred Grant, Thelma Grossman, Sylvia Hand, Bessie Jo Hansen, Helen Hass, Marguerite High, Martha Hollon, Dan'L Hopper, Lucille Hauck, Leola Mae Huckabee, Margie Hughes, Lillie Hunter, Doris Hunter, Ruth Ann Hurst, Ruby Jackson, Virginia James, Tommie D. Kelly, Doris Kenedy, Mary Keys, Edith King, Carole King, Pauline Langley, Louise Langley, Mary Jane Ligon, Violet Linn, Doris Lynch, Margaret McCallum, Evelyn McKinney, Jean Maddox, Mabel Jean Margulis, Adalie Meagell, Sibyl Millican, Katherine Mitchell, Marion Muir, Esther Nielsen, Corrine Novin, Frances Osborne, Lucille Patton, Eleise Paynter, Virginia Pickhoff, Celia Pittman, Lorraine Poston, Cora Poston, Nora Price, Adelle Pulis, Louise Renew, Nancy Richardson, Lucille Richman, Ruth Rudnick, Sarah 'k 'A' 'A' ir Saddler, Ivan Schlinger, Henry Sharpe, Carlton Sides, William Summerville, Norman Spross, Raymond Stern, Arthur Stringfellow, Lonnie Stutts, Arthur Sultis, James Tobolowsky, Edwin Watelski, Stacy Watkins, Ellis Watts, Curtis Webb, Woodrow Wilensky, Billy Williams, Clarence Wilson, Joe Woodruff, Wayne Woodside, L. N. Wyll, Nathan Ruttenberg, Ruth Ruttenberg, Sara Schneider, Sylvia Schultz, lla Phay Shalette, Sylvia Silberman, Sylvia Small, Frances Spicer, Doris Stevens, Lillian Streicher, Frieda Strickland, Doris Stroheker, Carolyn Temple, Vallora Toland, Elizabeth Tyderman, Margie Ueckert, Elaine Walden, Theodis Walters, Christine Walters, Rhelda Wasserman, Evelyn Waetherly, Etta Mae Weinkrantz, Dorothy Wheeler, Imagene Whitaker, Frances Whitfield, Helen Wilson, Katheryn Wolfe, Betty Wolgang, Birdie Wood, June Woodside, Josephine 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k ' l.- -. I ' ' ' ' -k 'A' 'k 'A' if i' .A i' 'lr i' 'A' Cilass III-I3 11' ll' 11' i pax, 21' x 63" .. ,Z if if if if f 'W-1 Of 0' Arnold, Eugene Berry, Sherley Blanden, Taylor Bone, Fred Brown, Billy a oun, Jessi K a Coleman, enneth Cravens, Hewlett Dickerson, J. W. Dickerson, Marriot: Dossett, Donald Emmett, William England, Conley Evans, Fred Abbott, Dorothy Adams, Nelva Allen, Gracie Autry, Thelma Bannon, Billie Frank Barnett, Rosa Lee Barron, Betty Joe Bassett, Winifred Beach, Ruth Beeler, Bonnie Mae Bell, Mildred Blevins, Margarete Bourquin, Lois Bowland, Mary Pearl Bragg, Louise Bragg, Ruba Brown, Nancy Jane Burras, Glenelle Calhoun, lola 15 W Ill-B Class B o Y s Finkelstein, Donald Flanagan, James Floyd, Ellsford Floyd, W. S. Freeman, Loy Goff, James Goldgar, Irving Haney, Robert Haney, V. Robert Horton, Frank Hughes, Larry Hurley, Pershing Jennings, Hendrick Johnson, Harry Johnson, Harry K. G arrol , orence Covender, Georgia Chaffin, Aldra Lois Clack, Fredna Clem, Olive Coker, Ruby Dewald, Mary Louise De Witt, Mary Ellen Duckworth, Alene Durham, Ethel Lee Eaves, Lorraine Foster, Julia Furlow, Lucille Goodman, Maurine Krusz, Val Lackey, Adelle Le Flore, Gilbert 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' Peterman, Jack Potts, George Redlinger, Rudolph Mrisaengill, John Paul Reed, C. McCormick, Roy McMath, J. B. McQueen, Hubert Meredith, Clyde Miller, Clifford Miller, Willie Morgan, Waymond Morris, Wayne Nelson, Clayton Parks, F. L. Perlstein, Hillel LS Haskins, La Verne House, Hazel Howell, Marjorie Johnson, Anna Bell Keneagh, Mary Korpianock, Emilie Rubin, Milton Sachs, Jack Scheffer,'Herman Searcy, Arthur Smith, Emanuel Starling, Walter Stiles, Sanford Strangi, Sam Thurmond, Robert Watkins, William Wyly, Robert Ray, Dorsey Reeder, Lois Robbins, Louise Shepherd, Marian Shipley, Dorothy Sibert, Irene Leibundgut, Gertrude Simon, Dorothy J. Looney, Dorothy Luna, Nellie McNeans, Jessie Mamon, Susie Meahlmafi, Dorothy Mocre, Pauline Norfolk, Gladys Gray, Mary Elizabeth Perryman, Gertie Grubbs, Juanita Harrison, Helen Henderson, Berniece Price, June Puckett, Joanna Pullen, Juanita Smith, Patsy Sooter, Erleen Spicer, Virginia Stein, Esther Stevenson, Rosalie Summer, Martha Grace Utay, Gertrude Wallace, Penn Rose Weaver, Pauline White, Annette Whitson, Doris is -if ff if if is if is if A' l f f f f xnm HK- V f ' ' ' lass CI II-fX W ll' 1? li' ll' 11' li- if ll' If ,ui if at -A' ak at W "Q, Ables, Willis Anderson, Eugene Aronofsky, Julius Barr, Alex Bonnet, Billy Bopp, Richard Bordelon, Jack Bourland, Jack Boyd, H. A. Butler, Harold Campbell, W. Carpenter, Glenn Carr, Joe Clark, H. G. Clasby, Martin Cobbell, Harry Cook, John Culbrik, Steve Daugherty, Ernest Daugherty, Sam Denton, Randall Eaton, Clarence Ely, Bernard Embry, Jack Emerson, Kenneth Abee, Mary Iidythe Abrahamson, James Allen, Evelyn Allison, Wilma Bassett, Dorothy Bateman, Violet Baumgardner, Elizabeth Bell, Georgia Lee Bell, Jimmie Bell, Madelyn Bennett, Lena Bierner, Sally Blasser, Marjorie Bledsoe, Frances Bolin, Virginia Boshart. Pauline Briggs, Ruby Brock, Georgia Brooks, Pauline Camp, Lota Mae Carothers, Lurlynne Carter, Louise Catlett, Maudine Catlett, Vaudine Cherry, Margaret Clark, Carieta Clearman, Bobbie Cleveland, Eunice Coffman, Stella Mae Cooper, Geneva Coward, Geraldine Cox, Nova Mae Cox, Ruby Lee Cox, Ruth Crook, Blanche Engleman, Max Fair, Charles Fallin, W. C. Farrar, Boyce Fisher, Dewey Frank, Herbert Freedman, Harold Gigleman, L. A. Godfrey, Harlen Goidl, Irving Gooch, Golay Goodstein, Barnett Goss, Roland Graham, Jack Griifis, Henry Hall, Henry Hancock, John Haney, J. L. Hardwick, Walter Hargrave, Horace Harrison, Harvey Hoffman, Mervin Holland, Bill Innerhofer, Eugene Crow, Lorraine Daniel, Jeannette Davis, Frances Davis, Leeta Fae De Wees, Helen De Maio, Doris Duck, Marguerite Dunbar, Ruth Dunn, Juanita Eckeberger, Ethel Elam, Evelyn Epstein, Edna Ruth Ericson, Louise Fain, Selba Ferguson, Fay Fischl, Rosalec Fletcher, Dhal Blake Fonberg, Angeline Fowler, Audrey France, Evelyn Framaun, Helen Fullinger, Dorothy Gaches, Kathryn Genthner, Nellie Ruth Glenn, Thelma Golden, Margaret 'S uw ii "iq , 'A if 537' II-A Class BOYS Jacobs, Edwin Jarvis, Lazell Jez, Adolph Jones, Charles Jordan, Douglas Kahn, Leon Kellum, Lloyd Keyser, Bud Killey, Berry Lee, Bertrand Levin, Eugene Levit, Fred Lewellen, J. T. Loyd, Eugene Lynn, Albert McAdams, Henry McBride, Harvey McClaren, William McCoy, L. C. McCullough, William McKnight, Harris McMeans, Jack McSpadden, Warren Marshall, Clifford GIRLS Harris, Juanita Haynes, Patsy Hemphill, Elizabeth Hendricks, Otha Mae Hemneumuth, Mariean Henry, Virginia Herzstein, Ruth Hill, Emma Louise Holtman, Dixie Horton, Odelle Hoyle, Bernice Husband, Myrtle Israel, Elsie Rose James, Kathryn Jefferies, Mary Louise Jenkins, Jay Jones, Clarice Jones, Josephine Karchmer, Joyce Karr, Mary Kirkland, Mattie Rose Lamb, Blanche Edna La Quey, Winona Lasseter, Earline Leaming, Jean Lehwald, Helen Levine, Frances Goodman,Idelle Mildred Levy, Helen Gregiory, Lillian Grennan, Celia Griffin, Wanda Hacker, Betty Hahn, Norma Hall. Ethel Mae Hamlin, Bobbie Fern Lewis, Edith McCabe, Jo Nell McClendon, Norma McDonald, Frances McIntyre, Janice McKinney, Mildred McLausson, Doris DE 'A' 'lr 'k 'A' Melton, Alton Miller, Lon L. Moseley, Walter Murrah, Cornelius Nichols, Jimmie Paternostro, Emanuel Patton, Peter Pease, William Pierce, Charles Poole, Frank Rabinowitz, Henry Redd, Cecil Renz, H. Stagg Rieter, Stanley Robertson, Everett Runnels, Elbert Sanders, Weldon Schreiber, Philip Schwartz, Martin Sears, Warren Shannon, James Shaw, Albert Simmons, Horace Slaughter, Billy Mabray, Mary Louise Marcell, Edith Marker, Frances Mayes, Margarite Meador, Eula Mae Miller, Barbara Miller, La Vone Moody, Marie Moore, Gene Moore, Lois Oliver, Juanita Osborne, Joyce Owens, Mildred Paroski, Martha Pasche, Margaret Paulson, Wava Phillips, Opal Phillips, Racheal Pierce, Hazel Poirier, Dorothy Poole, Mae Dawn Primrose, Alice Pruitt, Helen Read, Margie Reeves, Lenora Replin, Cecile Rice, Erma Southern, Harry Stampley, Henry Steer, Buford Stockard, Thomas Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Summerfield, Edward Taylor, Bennie Thomas, Harvey Thomas, J. D. Thrower, Wallace Travis, Thomas Tribble, Dale Utay, Arnold Vann, Harold Wadsworth, Howard Walters, Harold Walters, Howard Weathersby, Cleaburn Wigbels, Lawrence Wilson, William Woelfley, Karl Woodall, James Young, William Salee, Florence ' Sandford, Margaret Ann Scogin, Ethelyn Sears, Inez Sorenson, Hattie Stanglin, Mary Stateler, Ruth Stephens, Florriei 'Lee Stovall, Alyeen Sullivan, Rosemary Swain, Marjorie Taylor, Etheleen Thorn, Elsie Mae Toberny, Marie Tobolowsky, Harriet Tiyree, Juanita Van Huss, Margaret Varner, June Waller, Evalyn Watelsky, Elaine Weaver, Daisy Welch, Edith Whaley, Vera White, Anita Wild, Pauline Willis, Leora Wilson, Vivian Richardson, Mary Alice Winn, Dorothy Roberson, Marguerite Rogers, Freda Rolnick, Kathryn Rope, Earline Rubin, Betty Rose Rude, Selma Runnels, Dorothy Wittkower, June Woodford, June Worthham, Joy Wright, Theresa Young, Virginia Zimmerman., Frances 'A' i' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' fo '1,,LfT l Class II-B ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' ll' 11' 1411 ' nw!! if Vi if if is a- i' 'A' 'A' i iii Abbott, Curtis Aschner, Irvin Aucoin, James Batthrop, H. C. Bennett, Bernard Benningfield, Bod Beville, William Brice, O. E. Bond, Clarence Brian, David Bryant, C. L. Burns, Herschel Butcher, Dave Cade, Eugene Calhoun, Bob Cawthorn, Ishmael Chapman, Everett Coleman, Charles Compton, Irwin Dansby, Donald Drennan, T. J. Duckworth, Ernest Aitken, Gloria Alexander, Louise Alexander, Thelma Allison, Peggy Ballard, Ruth Barrow, Opal Becker, Mildred Biggerstaff, Helen Bigham, Alene Bopp, Elizabeth Bradley, Dorothy Bramlett, Marie Brilling, Celia Ann Brown, Roberta Buckley, Edna Bunievatz, Helen Burnett, Annie Bell Burnett, Madeline Canday, Mary Virginia Clark, Ruth Cohn, Bernice Conner, Elizabeth Conway, Frances Cope, Lois Corbett, Lois Currie, Ida Mae Curtis, Margaret Ann Dees, Irene Dent, Marian Duckworth, Bertha II-B Class BOYS Faircloth, Laveenan Ferguson, Owens Flanagan, J. D. Fleming, Holland Fleming, Hollis Gappleburg, Gus Garrison, Pat Gillian, Cullen Goodman, David Green, Edward Harkness, Vernon Harmon, Harold Harris, Brice Hickman, Robert Hiett, Edgar Hitchcock, Warner Hurt, O. B. Jackson, Ralph Johnson, Johnnie Keller, Blanton Kleine, Bernard Knight, Marvin Krakoff, Jerome Leon, Louis Love, Bertrand McKenzie, Barnie McWilliams, Robert Michaelson, Erwin Michaelson, Jack Moore, Gray Moore, W. A. Moxeley, Robert Nelson, Floyd Parrish, Ben Patrick, Dallas Perkins, Morgan Perlstein, Leonard Phillips, Jimmie Pokladnik, Emil Poole, George Reif, Henry Robins, J. B. Rogers, Thomas Scott, O. Q. GIRLS Duke, Dorothy Duncan, Minnie Mae Emerson, Bettie Evans, Juanita Evans, Mary Evelyn Fain, Beverly Feldman, Rose Ferguson, Casie Fisher, Retha Virginia Gee, Katherine Grisson, Irene Guynes, Norma Gene Hages, Vivian Hagewood, Mary Louise Harakon, Dorothy Harbold, Lillian C. Harris, Bernice Harris, Sarah Hass, Vera Hovins, Loraine Hawkins, Fannie Hernandel, Eloisa Hight, Dorothy Houckins, Agnes Howard, Billie Jo Howard, Kathryn Jordon, Mary K. Kellum, Adelina King, Jeanette Kissinger, Mary Ruth Lawton, Francis Lester, Florence Ligenberg, Sarah Logon, Velma McFadden, Juanita McKennedy, Virginia McSpadden, Charlotte McWilliams, Margie Mankins, Ruth Mann, Merle Maxwell, Lillian Mitchell, Mary Alice Moore, Fay Mueller, Mattie Lee Newell, Hulene Newman, Lorraine O'Donnell, Dorothy Pannell, Verda Lee Passons, Brownie Peirce, Mary Virginia Peren, Maple Perkins, Irene Phelps, Rose Mary Pokladnick, Mary Polakoff, Maxine Potts, Hildagarde Reed, Vera Lois Richardson, Theda Ma C Sims, Ira Slocum, Curtis Smith, Leslie Spangler, Eugene Stafford, Billie Stuart, Walter Stokes, John Summers, John Taylor, W. S. Tillery, Arthur Tucker, Ward Wade, Horace Wald, Sol Weatherman, Gordon Weber, David Weil, Carl Williams, Granwell Willman, John Wilson, Claude Wright, William Wrights, Ted Riddle, Chloe Dell Ripple, Mable Ruth Rogers, Billie Louise Ross, Genevieve Rubin, Bernice Rupard, Flo Marie Russell, Jane Sanders, Cora Saunders, Mildred Sheppard, Norma Smith, La Nora May Stephenson, Delma Stevenson, Bernice Stowe, Mary Lou Stroud, Hattie Mae Stutts, Ruth Tinker, Mary Evelyn Traylor, Myrtle Vestal, Mary Lou Wade, Rachel Walling, Dolores Walling, Mary Elizabeth Walters, Retha Wells, Nancy Wertz, Loraine Weatherell, Anita White, Mary Lee Witt, Virginia Nell Yates, May Dell 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' I1 I M t ir ir wk if ifi IPD W V t 'A' 'A' i' R 3 U QF P11 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'lr i' be-A ft. ni is is if if -nr if is if 'MIKE Alberts, Billy Anderson, Charles Bailey, Charles Bayans, Roy Becker, Irvin Benat, Paul Henry Benno, Louis Biggerstalf, Billy Joe Blalock, Roscoe Bogie, Billy Bond, Harry Borah, Kenneth Briggs, Herbert Brown, Harry Broyles, Cecil Burnett, Lloyd Burns, Earl Burnside, Robert Calcagno, Brazil Cecil, O. B. Clark, Tom Colletti, Joe Colletti, Sam Combs, Durwood Cordey, Eugene Cross, R. G. Currie, Norman Curry, Odell Day, Billie Dempsey, Thomas Abraham, Frieda Abramson, Ruth Achilles, Kathleen Ahlfinger, Irene Akard, Betty Alexander, Pauline Alford, Mary Jo Allen, Alice Bailey, Dorothy Baise, Eugenia Bane, Helen Beckham, Shirley Becknell, Caroline Bethel, Murlene Birkett, Aurora Blackenship, Estell Blasser, Shirley Boldt, Melba Borah, Ruby Bowland, Frances Boyd, Mary Nell Briggs, Mary Helen Brin, Jacqueline Britt, Doris Britton, Ramona Brodnax, Katherine Brown, Mellonee Brown, Naomi Broyles, Alna Buckner, Lillian Busby, Virginia Carpenter, Kathleen Donosky, Harold Duca, Lewis Dunbar, George Dunn, George Ehney, Taylor Ellis, Solon Faircloth, Ronnie Ford, Ben Gallagher, John George, R. C. Gillespie, Tom Glass, Murvel Grafton, William Hague, George Hallack, Fred Hanson, Charles Harman, Travis Harris, Olin Hatchl, Marcus Haynes, Leon Hayth, James Hendrix, Wesley Herndon, Charles Howe, August Huddleston, Earl Humphrey, Barney lngran, Buford Jim, Tony Johnson, Robert Jones, Alfred Cavender, Martha Clesi, Josephine Coe, Rosalie Cole, Marjorie Cooper, Margaret Corchine, Selma Dafft, Louisel Daniel, Kathryn Daniels, Earline Davis, Anita De Gelia, Anna Edwards, Gwendolyn Ennis, Francine Emmett, Madelyn Engelberg, Ruth Epstein, Margaret Evert, Phoebe Falcetti, Sylvia Farrar, Mary Foster, Mary Evelyn Freeland, Marjorie Gibbs, Josephine Gilbert, Mary Elizabeth Glanton, Bernice Goff, Roberta Grahm, Doris Gray, Achsah Hages, Vivian Hammond, Bernice Hancock, Juanita Hanks, Margaret Harris, Peggy I-A Class B o Y s Jones, Harold Jordon, Cecil Kellum, J. C. Kresek, Harold Lavine, Norman Lazarus, Pete Lee, William Leggett, Billy Levin, Sol Levy, Lester Levy, Samuel Lewallen, Jack Light, Sidney Lillebridge, Herbert Lind, Chester Line, George Lomas, Robert Lyles, Clifford McCuthcheon, Robert McKenzie, Sidney Maxwell, Jott Mead, Allen Miller, W. J. Miltner, Bennie Mitchell, Robert Montgomery, Mike Morris, Edgar Mueller, Albert Murk, William GIRLS Heine, Mollie Grace Helvey, Juanita Henderson, Vivian Henenberg, Rosalie Herndon, Margaret Hiegel, Louise Hodde, Rosalee Hoskins, Johnnie J. House, Edith Hull, Lettie Ree Hunter, Francis Hunter, Mildred Hanner, Ida Lee Jefferies, Agnes Jenkins, Earline Johnson, Billy Karlan, Margaret Kaufman, Rose Lee, Mary Elizabeth Lewallen, Nick Corinne Lichtenstein, Marian Lichenstein, Ruth Lively, Margaret Loper, Bernice Lovelady, Audrey McClain, Eloverne McCullough, Gene McFarland, Lillian McQueen, Kathryn Mahoney, Jean Malone, Roberta Marcus, Rose Murphy, Jesse Murray, J. E. Michaelson, Jack Okon, Simon Orr, Ray O'Shea, David Packwood, Claire Pennington, Otha Lee Phillips, Jack Podhrasky, Julius Pribble, Norman Ralston, Alton Raskin, Herman Ray, Lee Reaves, Vernon Richard, Louis Ricker, John Robbins, Knox Roberts, James Rogan, Leonard Ruttenberg, Jake Salmon, Quinton Satterwhite, Carl Saunders, Harold Schackman, Elton Schellenberg, Albert Scott, Bob Scott, Raymond Seay, Hugh Mims, Kathryn Jo Mize, Mavis Moore, Anita Moore, Hilda Moseley, Mary Murray, Ray Myre, Evelyn Newman, Billie Fred Nicodemus, Dorothy Mielsen, Juanita Padgett, Francine Parks, Eva Patrick, Lelia Patterson, Ina Pierce, Bessie Pierce, Dorothy Potts, Joyce Marie Ragsdale, Ursuline Ray, Marcia Ray, Ola Ray, Orlene Reckley, Hazel Reckley, Helen Reisberg, Silvia Rener, Bessie Richardson, Norma Robbins, Lola Robertson, . Anne Kathryne Rogers, Isabell Rogers, Naomi Rosenbloom, Fannie Shalette, Jerry Sherman, Charles Sherman, Thomas Sides, Harold Simon, Lawrence Smith, Charles Smith, Donald Smith, Edgar Stone, Jimmy Taylor, Orville Tiffen, Jimmie Tucker, Albert Tullis, Ray Tunnell, Merlin Turk, Howard Vardaman, Calvin Vance, Wesley Wall, Morris Watts, Louis Weatherly, O. L. Whittaker, W. T. Williams, Carol Williams, Robert Willis, Connette Wright, Ira Wylie, Morris Young, Haskell Young, J. B. Zimmerman, Milton Rosa, Norma Saffir, Gloria Satterwhite, Flora Scarlotta, Doris Mae Segell, Mabel Sharber, Joy Marie Shook, Roberta Sisk, Evelyn Smith, Billie Snodgrass, Mary Starling, Dorothy Stover, Eileen Streicher, Elsie Taukus, Sarah Taylor, Dorothy Teel,Ione Thorn, Minnie Lu Tibbetts, Leola Tiner, June Tolerton, Sara Turk, Melva Valcik, Olga Waggoner, Kimberlien Waggoner, Mattie Walker, De Lois Wallace, Gladys Walters, Bernice Walters, Bcrnita Watts, Annie Waldon Webb, Lilyan Weinstein, Anne White, Wilma Carter, Alma Harnison, Martha Margules, Betty Ruth Ross, Elilabefh Wdlleford, Opal Casey, Mildred Hawkins, Lois Messina, Josephine ROS2l1g3l'!El', Inez Woelfley, Katherine Cassata, Mary Hay, Mickey Milford, Mona Lee 'A' i' 'I' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k Y 'I' 'I' 4 'rf M I 'M 1 if if as 'L l,4 1, if ff if if CID CD ii' U C9 P-4 t i' 'Ir 'A' i' 'A' ir 'A' if 'A' W5 f 9 uw, iiri " 4 if if if if egg! if ir ff ir Alexander, Hamilton Allen, K. W. Arnold, Grady Arrant, Alfred Ballard, Crawford Barker, Wayne Bell, Walter Boland, Clarence Boroustein, Hymie Braun, Milton Brown, Floyd Buchanon, Dick Burks, Guy Carter, Thomas Chinnis, Gerald Christian, Wayne Clanton, Arone Cockrell, Derwood Colletti, Angelo Creech, James Davis, Homer Daves, Walter DeLaughter, Armond Dorman, J. T. Adams, Edith Barnes, Marjorie Barrow, Veda Mae Berenan, Helen Beverley, Elizabeth Blair, Margaret Boatman, Verbena Bohn, Alta Mae Bowers, Emil Bramlett, Billie Louise Broom, Minnie Lee Brown, Lillie Mae Burton, Frances Cordella, Anna Cordella, Josie Carver, Dorothy Clark, Barbara Clark, Lorene Clevinger, Madeline Clopp, Ruby Lee Cohen, Rosalie Coker, Ruth Crane, Dora Frances Cunningham, Ophelia Dagnal, Kathleen Dickhout, Margaret I-B Class B o Y s Drown, Paul Ekberg, Ted Emerson, Charles Fischl, Henry Freeman, Joe Fuston, J. W. Gentsch, James Golman, Joe Grabstald, Harry Grant, James Hansen, Thomas Helvey, Wilbur Henry, Owen Hernandez, Allen Harrington, Eugene Harr, Owen Hranicky, James Hurst, D. A. Johnson, Earl Jones, Billy Jones, Robert Kahler, J. D. Kerbow, Earl Kosan, Ernest McCoy, Kid McDonald, Edward McManemin, Billy McNeal, Allen Madison, J. W. Martin, Bert Melaun, Emanuel Melton, Philip Miller, Frank Mitchell, Herman Morris, Russell Nalls, Louis Nelson, Paul Nesom, Charles Nordhans, D. Pasqua, Tony Patrick, Bobbie Phelps, William Ragsdale, Eugene Richmond, Bennie Robbins, Leo Sakellarion, Andrew GIRLS Daugherty, Margaret Farmer, June Fatheree, Billy Jane Fineglass, Annie Fox, Beatrice France, Wyona Grandee, Margaret Hale, Juanita Hancock, Mary Harlan, Margaret Hensley, Lydie Fay Hiers, Warrena Houck, Betty Jane Hubig, Bessie Hudson, Dorothy Hudson, Helen Huffstutter, Louise Hunter, Ruth Jacobi, Bernice Johnson, Dorothy Johnson, Marcelle Jones, Joyce Kahler, Ophelia Karchmer, Beverly Kelley, Etha Kingston, Omic Kousal, Erneive Kovnat, Frances Kynard, Imagene Le Blanc, Helen Lockhart, Bammah Maffett, Hilda Mahaffey, Glendell Massey, Fannie Rae McCray, Grace McDonald, Mary Frances Means, Peytona Nelson, Juanita Nutt, Amy Lee Owens, Georgia Pamplin, Catherine Passons, Christine Payne, Marie Perkins, Martha Prewitt, Velda Mae Price, Kathryn Ransom, Kathryn Reckley, Dorothy Russell, Mildred Sasse, Verna Sakis, Andrew Seltzer, Marcus Sigel, Marvin Singer, Milton Slackney, Edward Smith, Jack Smith, L. E. Spelling, Aaron Spelling, Daniel Thomas, Eugene Thornell, Tyra Tobolowsky, Jack Truman, Corbie Watts, Simpson West, Charles Williams, Edward Wilson, Robert Wilson, Woodrow Withrow, Alvin Woody, James Worley, Ben Yarbrough, Billie Zabbia, Joe Scott, Ruth Schackelford, Frances Shelton, Mabel Shotwell, Mildred Simon, Virginia Skotak, Bessie Smith, Jeanette Smith, Marjorie Smith, Patricia Soloiva, Myrtle Bell Stevenson, May Nell Sullenger, Hattie Nell Taylor, Sarah Thurman, Mary Louise Tiner, Agnes Trammel, Bertha Wells, Allena Wharton, Wilma Widemon, Elizabeth Wintixrman, Leah Wood, Kathryn Worsham, Pearl Wright, Helen Wright, Mary Jane Yarberry, Itonia 'A' ir 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' I i' 'k 'k 'k -If if f if I I ,Q ll' if +I af af in 15,1 Jn ,iVI9mnnrmm O or the touch 0 a Iamsbed band And the sound o a Lowe that IS stzll' THOMAS SCOLLARD III Born uly 5 1919 Dled March 7 1936 JACK GRAHAM Born january 14 1920 Dxed March 11 1936 VIRGINIA ADAMS Born September 18 1919 D1ed March 14 1936 KATHRYN JAMES Born January 8, 1921 Died March 29, 1936 Ti I . nf fy" 'I 'J , 'A' 'lr 'lr i' 'A' 'A' 9 iz i' 'Ir 'A' ' ' Qixl '31 f W -ill' g- A " HARRY E. MENEZES HOWARD HIEGEL Commamlanf Lieutenarzt-Colonel R. O. T. C. The 1935-36 term has been one of great activity for the Forest Avenue High School Military Department. The military department has put out teams in various compe- titions. The rifle teams took part in the two All City Shoulder-to-Shoulder Rifle Matches, and although our team did not win, they made a good showing for themselves, the corps, and the school. A crack platoon was sent to the Fort Worth Competitive Drill, and a company of picked cadets took part in the Crack Company Drill under the command of Colonel Hiegel, and under the guidance of the comman- dant, Major Harry E. Menezes. Eight oflicers will graduate in June. If they are replaced by men just as efficient as they are, the corps will be even more successful next year. i' lr 'lr i' 'A' 'lr i' 'A' 'A' 'A' ' Ia ir if + if Q af af if if is if is , 44: -4" ' w Staff Roster Lieutenant-Colonel Howard Hiegel RC'Xtll'lL'llfd! C0ll717ZdlIdC'l' Major Paul Finkelstein ---- - Executive Ojfcm' First Lieutenant Stanley Kaufman - - - - Adjutant Second Lieutenant Edwin Tobolowsky - Ilztelligence Officer Second Lieutenant Stanley Malowitz - - supply Ojficer First Lieutenant Woodrow Tsukahara ----- - - - - - - - - - AssistantComma11da11t First Lieutenant Albert Weinberg - Assistant Commandant First Lieutenant Arthur Harris - - Assistant Commandant i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' i 'A' Ser aunts J, at ak if if ,Q I' Ii, I ' L, , 5 my ,If af -nf f 1 Captain: Boedeker, Wilson Second Lieutenant: Lacy, Paul First Sergmnts: Canada, Wilson Legg, Corbett g : Kellum, Loyd Luttrell, Buford Corporals: Allen, L. D. Barr, Alex Chatten, Tommie Napier, Lloyd Renz, Stagg Schackman, Harold Thurmond, Robert Wigbels, Lawrence Company A Roster Privates: Anderson, Eugene Aschner, Irvin Boyd, H. A. Ballard, Crawford Bice, O. E. Bird, Harold Butcher, Dave Bogie, Billy Calhoun, Jesse Calhoun, Bob Candiotta, Theodore Clark, Tommy Colletti, Joe Combs, Weldon Davis, Walter Drennan, T. J. Emerson, Kenneth Gilliam, Cullen Gross, Ben Green, Edward Goren, Mayer Goff, James Hiett, Edgar Johnson, Clarence Jones, Harold Kellum, J. C. Kelly, Bennie Kreck, Harold McCutcheon, Robert McKnight, Harris Sims, Ira Sommerville, Norman Stafford, Billy Taylor, Bennie Vance, Wesley Walters, Harold Walters, Howard Wrights, Ted McSpadden, Warren Attached: Michaelson, Erwin Murphy, Jesse Patrick, Dallas Pohdrasky, Julius Pribble, Norman Robbins, B. Roberts, James Rogers, Thomas Saddler, Ivan Scheifer, Herman Shaw, Albert Sherman, Thomas Hiegel, Howard Lt. Colonel Finkelstein, Paul Major Kaufman, Stanley lst Lieutenant Tsukahara, Woodrow 2nd Lieutenant Harris, Arthur 2nd Lieutenant Achilles, Chester Sergeant sk f + if if if if f if 1: . , ,Vi . if if if if Q , I if if if sr A Q7 . I 4' All qi Company B Roster Captain: P!'il'clff'S1 Miller, Jack lfirxf Lifllfflldllfl Kincannon, Jack Second Liezzlenanfxz Thurmond, Robert Woodruff, Scott Sergraufs: Bullman, Abe Campbell, Roy DeLee, Scott Stern, Arthur Corjmralx: Aronofsky, Julius Danner, Sam Dickerson, Marrion Fisher, Dewey Mims, Clarence Morris, Edwin Bell, Walter Beville, William Borah, Kenneth Carter, Thomas Chapman, Everett Christian, Wayne Colletti, Angelo Cozby, Earl Dansby, Donald Daugherty, Sam Dickerson, J. W. Ellsford, Lloyd Fair, Charles Godfrey, Harlen Goodman, Jack Graham, Jack Hancock, John Hardwick, Walter Hoffman, Merwin Ingram, James Kerbow, Earl Kerley, Wayne King, Louis Krakoif, Jerry Lebowitz, Henry Loyd, Eugene Margro, S. G. McNeal, Allen Mead, Allen Melaun, Emanuel Michaelson, Jack Murray, J. E. Nelson, Bevly Nesom, Charles Sakerllario, Andrew Saunders, John Sears, Warren Smith, Charles Spangler, Eugene Summerfield, Edward Wald, Sol Watts, Curtis Watts, Lewis Weber, David Wilson, Bill Woodall, James Worley, Ben Wright, William Wyly, Robert Nichols, Jimmie Aflarbed: Nicholson, Jack Pennington, Archie Potts, George Ray, Preston Malowitz, Stanley 2nd Lieutenant Tobolowsky, Edwin 2nd Lieutenant 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr i' 'k 'A' 'A' I l ' I lu fi H ' Ca pfain: Barzune, Sol lfirxf Li1'111'r'r1auI: Wittkower, Louis Second Livufw1anfs: Cook, Bert Schlinger, Henry Sergeanls: Daugherty, Jean Hughes, Larry Corporalsz Ables, Willis Berry, Sherley Firnberg, Robert McKinney, John Patton, Peter Russell, J. D. Privates: Bayans, Ray Bond, Clarence Bond, Harry Bonnet, Billy Burnside, Robert Company C Roster Campbell, W. Carson, N. A. Chastant, Claude Clark, Frederick Clasby, Martin Curry, Odell Ferguson, Owen Fleming, Wesley Freedman, Harold Gooch, Golay Gouldman, Joe H. Grifhs, Henry Halleck, Fred Hernandez, Allen Hicks, John Humphrey, Barney Ingram, Buford Jones, George Lazaros, Pete Levy, Lester Lynn, Albert Mueller, Albert Nalls, Louis Oliver, Hugh Perlstein, Leonard Redlinger, Rudolph Schreiber, Philip Scott, O. Q. Searcy, Arthur Shannon, James Sharp, Carlton Sherman, Charles Smith, L. C. Smith, Leslie Steward, Walter Stockard, Thomas Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Wall, Jake Wall, Morris Williams, William Yonack, Joseph MCCQY, AffdClJFd! McCoy, L. C. Montgomery, Mike Weinberg, Albert 2nd Lieutenant ,, ,t .i. if if if -nf if is 1 f 1 ".x 1 l' as if is at X if if if if 11 Q, Captain: Stallcup, Billy First Lieufemmf: Dansby, Sam Second Licutvnants: Henderson, Floyd Steindam, Albert Scrgeunts: Anderson, Frank Johnston, Alfred Corporals: Arndt, John Bone, Fred Boyd, Donald Holland, Bill Putman, Leslie Privules: Bond, Hezzie Burns, Earl Burns, Herschel Butler, Harold Carp, Robert Colletti, Sam Compton, lrwin Company D Roster Crowder, John Day, Bill Drowns, Paul Ellis, Solon Farrar, Boyce Fleming, Hollis Ford, Ben Foster, Dean Fuston, W. Hanson, Charles Harrison, Harvey Herndon, Charles Huddleston, James Johnson, Robert Keller, Blanton Kruzs, Val Lavine, Norman Lee, Bertrand Lee, William Levit, Fred Lewellen, J. T. Lind, Chester Little, Hubert Littlebridge, Herbert Lomas, Robert Lyles, Clifford Maxwell, Jott McBride, Harvey McKinney, Melvin Medford, James Melton, Alton Murk, Billy Patrick, Bobbie Phelps, William Phillips, Jack Poole, George Ralston, Alton Reaves, Vernon Ricker, John Rieter, Stanley Robbins, Knox Robins, Leo Ruttenberg, Jake Sides, Harold Simon, Lawrence Smith, Donald Spross, Raymond Stiles, Sanford Thomas, Harvey Tobolowsky, Jack Tucker, Ward Vardaman, Calvin -if + ff + ff + ff if sr -if if + if + " l , l i i H ll ,k ,A, i w ill W1 Q, 'f -.1 .V ,mx my Band Roster Firsf Lieufwzazzzivz Reaney, Dave Redus, L. C. Second Lieutenants: Aronofsky, David Barnett, Sam Louis Sc'rgz'un1fs: Arnoldt, Herman Gordon Rogers, Coleman Corjzorals: Gigglemun, L. A. Hafter, Joe Smith, P. O. Pritfafesz Arrant, Alfred Buchanan, David Ely, Bernard Fnllin, W. C. Fischl, Henry Gandy, Monty Goldstein, Mitchell Green, Erwin Haytzh, James Latimer, Billy Levin, Sol Light, Sidney Mc.Manemin, Billy Moore, J. D. Parks, F. L. Poklanik, Emil Poole, Frank Schackman, Elton Slackney, Edward Thrower, George Thrower. Wallace Wade, Horace Willis, Connette -k 'lr i ir 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'k 'k 1 JSE ' f ,,. If Y ' if if if af f if if 1 ' mi Rifle Team F1RsT LIEUTENANT JACK KINCANNON, Instructor Captain Billy Stallcup First Lieutenant Louis Wittkower First Lieutenant Sam Dansby Second Lieutenant T. Wayrie Wfoodruff Second Lieutenant Sam Barnett Corporal Stagg Renz Corporal John McKinney Corporal Leslie Putman Corporal Edwin Morris Private Clarence Bond 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' .'T l iii W ll, af af as if ll Allen, K. W. Bolthrop, H. C. Boland, Clarence Bond, Hezzie Boroustein, Hymie Burnett, Lloyd Carson, N. A. Daugherty, Sam Dorman, J. T. Dunn, George Ehney, Taylor Gappelberg, Gus Gentsch, Jimmie Goodman, Idelle Hargrave, Horace Haynes, Leon Hendrix, Wesley i' 'A' ir 'Ir Boys Glee Club Mlss LOUISE W1Lco'x, Direrfor MEMBERS Huddleston, Earl Huddleston, James Jones, Alfred Jones, Harold Kellum, Lloyd Koson, Ernst Maxwell, Jott McBride, Harvey McKenzie, Sidney McManemin, Billy Michaelson, Ervin Mitchell, Herman Mitchell, Jack Morris, Russell Mortin, Bert Mosely, Walter Murdock, Robert Nalls, Louis Perkins, Morgan Raskin, Herman Rogers, Thomas Sakis, Andrew Seltzer, Marcus Smith, Donald Turk, Howard Vann, Harold West, Charles Williams, Robert Withrow, Alvin Woodtlll, James Jr Woodrow, Wilson Wfright, W. T. Wrights, Ted Young, Haskell 'A' 'A' fi 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'I' 'I' i' R E-si 44 ii 1 J' iff , we af if if I Ill! Orchestra Miss LOUISE WILCOX, Direcfor Arnoldt, G. H. Brodnax, Katherine Broyles, Eugene Ely, Bernard Frank, Hubert Goren, Mayer Haynes, Patsy Huebler, Paul Kosan, Ernest McMnnemin, Billy Moxley, Robert Muir, Esther Pickett, Ethel Podhrasky, Julius Pool, Frank Shepherd, Norma Stowe, Mary Lou Thorne, Robert Whittus, Bernice Willis, Connette ir ir 'lr 'L' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' tr i m in it at ak ir -A' ,gy ,gi lla, 'A' ir t -A' jing- '-' Forest Echo EDITORIAL STAFF Miss ELoisE DURHAM, Sponxor Ezlifnrx, Jimmy Harper, Helen Feenberg, Mattie Ruth Rambo Axxoriaff' Editors, Elizabeth Levy, Wendell Jean Mitchell, Ann Rosenberg Axsistmzf Edifoirx, Fred Allen, Addie Monroe, Ben Okon Sllorfs Ezliforx, Jack Curry, Maynard Ricker Exvbarzgr' Erfifcars, Esther Brown, Howard Denny Fvafzrrr' Ezfifors, Mildred Peeler, Gene Henry, Guy Jackson, Margaret Ann McGlasson, Charles Snyder Freslanzrm Editor, Mary Louise Gidcumb News Eififorx, Frederick Clark, Jean Daugherty, Frank Singer Reporfcfrx, Montie Belle Gregory, Reuben Levy, Wilfred Looney, Alex Mosesman, Phena Louise Newman Scruplmok, Helen Hootcn Orgrmizalions, Journalism 1 BUSINESS STAFF BIIISIIIIFXS Managers, Corbett Legg, Albert Pasche Axxixfanl Bnxilzvss Mafzagerx, Sol Barzune, Robert Drake, Maurice Rubin Cirvzzlalivlz and P1zblic'ily, Charles Crosson, Paul Ieluebler, Norman Harris ul' 'A' il' 'Ir 'k 'k i' i' 'A' 1' G. i ' if if 1 is 'Z' ft- 'Qui if 'A' 'A' ik i' Forest Thrift Cluh Wvui-1 A. Paiuuia ..... SIJUIISUVX ....... J. T. KENNINGTON DIR1iKlTORS IV-A Class . . . Irvin Jaffe IV-B Class . Helen Sobel III-A Class David Kaplan HI-B Class . . Patsy Smith H-A Class Clifford Marshall II-B Class . Lillian Maxwell I-A Class Josephine Clesi I-B Class . Presidezlf .... Vice-Prvsizfcnf and Cclxfaivr First Axxisfunf Caxfaivr Sr'c'ond Asxixfanf C,a111wf Third Arsisfulzl Cashier Fourfb Assixfaui Cashier . N ew A111111 nfs . . Bnokkwvjwrx . . Olfificzrzus Patsy Smith, Margaret Wglriiic . David O,Shca . Bessie Coleman Clarence Eaton Jean McKinney Adalie Margules Frances Novin Kathryn Rolnick Richard Bopp k, Mary Kennedy, Dorothy I-Iaisfield, Blanche james if if -nf -if if se if -nf f -A' I i I, .i I f 1 U 1 Bennett, Estelle Bledsoe, Frances Boedeker, Dorothy Brooks, Lilly Brown, Dorothy Castles, Chester Ray Chenault, Genevieve Cicero, Meria Cobbel, Edith Allen, Evelyn Allen, Gracie Allison, Wilma Boyd, Mary Nell Bradley, Dorothy Briggs, Ruby Burras, Glennell Catlett, Maudine Catlett, Vaudine Carothers, Lurline Carpenter, Kathleen Clearman, Bobbie Clem, Olive Conner, Elizabeth Crow, Loraine Davis, Anita Girls Pep Squad DRILL TEAM MARY UBERMAN, Leader Coghill, Katherine Collins, Alice Cook, Bertha Cordelia, Bessie Ferguson, Nell Foster, julia Hayes, Earline High, Martha Hughes, Lillie Knotts, Margaret Krausnick, Thelma Liebundgut, Gertrude Linn, Doris Maddox, Mabel Jean McBride, Dorothy McKenzie, Helen McMeans, Jessie Mullings, Marcille LETTER TEAM Nielson, Corrine Osborne, Lucille Osborne, Katherine Perryman, Gertie Pittman, Lorraine Pulis, Louise Ritter, Evelyn Rudnick, Sarah Sanders, Nova Ellene MARY UBERMAN, Leader Di Maio, Doris Eaves, Lorraine Erickson, Louise Fain, Beverley Ferguson, Faye Hemphill, Elizabeth Henenberg, Rosalie Howell, Marjorie Jenkins, Joy Keneagh, Mary Fletcher, Dahl Blake La Foy, Marjorie Fowler, Audrey Lester, Florence Fullington, Dorothy Mabry, Mary Louise Gee, Katherine Glenn, Thelma Goff, Roberta Graham, Doris Mann, Merle Marcell, Edith Mason, Katherine McClendon, Norma Gray, Mary Elizabeth McKinney, Mildred Gregory, Lillian Hacker, Betty Hagewood, Mary De Wald, Mary Louise Louise Dewitt, Mary Ellen Hancock, ,Iuanita McWilliams, Marjorie Mehlman, Dorothy Mims, Kathryn Moody, Marie Murray, Ray Owens, Mildred Paroski, Martha Phelps, Rosemary Phillips, Opal Phillips, Rachel Poirier, Dorothy Pullen, Juanita Putman, Evelyn Reeder, Lois Rener, Bessie Ripple, Mabel Ruth Rogers, Billie Louise Rogers, Freda Rosenbloom, Fannie Ross, Genevieve Scarlotta, Doris Sansone, Lena Schneider, Sylvia Spangler, Eleanor Strickland, Doris Walters, Christine Watts, Olene Weatherly, Etta Mae Wheeler, Imogene Woodside, Josephine Sebert, Irene Shepherd, Marion Smith, Ona Mae Smith, Patsy Starling, Dorothy Stover, Eileen Stroud, Hattie Mae Sullivan, Rosemary Tibbets, Leola Tiner, june Van Huss, Margaret Walters, Bernice Weinstein, Anne White, Wilma Williford, Opal Wordwai'd, june Zimmerman, Frances 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir i' I 9 ,L . -f'- V7- f - if A A if Q, A A if if W "L QQ! Yalus Braun Kcmmcrlc W'ilcnsky Clark XV.1rnick Bulcs liullmgm Sy Kirsclmux Gvrwnmn Carp Gruber Ruminc Nichols Forester Staff MARX' IJKANCI-LS KRMMHRIA1-,, lifliior-ir:-Clzirf l,AUl.IN1iWl1.ENSKY .... A.vxm'iair' Ediforx ..... Iil.lZA1s15TH BRAU N DOROTHY KIRSCHNIQR . . I lit E H K Q1 . MARGARET WARNIQLR Lucplu-3 NICHOLS . . 8 4' Ham H UH I . MARIAN GERSMAN RUTH GRUBER, Ari Editor CFIAIll,ES ROMINI-1, fD1'glllIf'Lllfi0l1X Edifar LOUISE BO1.12s . .... cpjfiif-ff Mauagvrs . . . . KATHERINIA. SY A1315 BULLMAN . . . Atll'l'l'fi.YiIltQ Munagrrx . . ROBERT CARI' MARX' SMITH CLARK . . . Azlrisrrs . . . H. B. YAT1as i' 'lr 'k 'A' 'A' 1' 'A' i' 'k ir 4. In . l lg 253' ',, ' . if ff +1 ak if if if if if fl' , I Forester Staff EDITORIAL Martha Murphy Mary Uberman Louise Frankfurt Lena Landsberg Caroline Gillham Anneliese Spreen Charles Crosson Howard I-Iiegel Talmadge Loyd Ben Olson Frances Bledsoe BUSINESS AND ADVERTISING Albert Pasche Montie Belle Gregory Maynard Ricker Edwin Tobolowsky Fred Allen Joseph Yonack Tillie Harris Irwin Kaim George Thrower 'A' ir 'A' 'k 'A' uk i' 'k 'A' 'A' Eff, I A A if 1 "ll 'lla if -nf if if MISS liclll WILSON Goss . PAUL COOPER . DOROTHY NOVICH Block, Leone Boles, Louise Braun, Elizabeth Bryant, Marguerite Carter, Jack Cheney, Mary Alice Cooper, Paul Finkelstein, Paul National Honor Society RACHEL FooTE .... OFFICERS . .Prr'siz1'z'nf. . . Vin'-Prc'xidc'11f . S!'L'VC'I'l1fy-Tl't'dS1H't'l' MEMBERSHIP Glass, Dudley Goss, Wilson Harlan, Billy Hiegel, Howard Kaplan, Sol Kemmerle, Frances Kirschner, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Abe Mundell, Margaret . . . SIJUHXUI' Spring . KATHEIKINE SY . LOUISE BOLES ELIZABETH BRAUN Novich, Dorothy Schlinger, Regina Sims, Neil Stallcup, Billy Sy, Kathrine Tresp, Juanita Weathers, Fred Winsor, James 'A' if 'Ir 'k ir 'lr 'A' It 'A' 'A' ak is is if W Q' +1 is if f .,, ,r" 1 if . ha' I ' i Y--U 3552. Miss B Fall PAUL LACY . . . LORAINE DAGNAL . MARTHA HIGH . . EVELYN NVASSERMAN STANLEY MALOWITZ CHARLES HUMPH1-US Bernstein, David Campbell, Roy Carp, Robert Humplufus, Charles Knipe, Wayne Lacy, Paul Malowitz, Stanley Perlstein, Hillel Tobolowsky, Edwin Watelsky, Stacy Barrett, Eloise Texas History Club Lss THATCHER . . . OFFICERS Officers . . Prmidclzf . . . Vice-Presidmf . . S6'CVt"ftl1'.Y . . T1fea.vurer . SC'l'gUtlI1f-df-AVIIIS Pd1'lillllIf'I1f!IYid1I MEMBERSHIP Bierner, Sally Bruton, Maxine Coleman, Bessie Coleman, Zelda Dagnal, Loraine Enix, Mary Jane Fink, Maxine Fleming, Evelyn Friedlander, Adele Golman, Ethel Horton, Lola 'K' 'k i' 'A' i' i' 'A' S fm I1 .vo r S priu Q L . LORAINIZ DAGNAL . Bessie COLEMAN . . .ELOISE BARRETT Ann LE FRIEDLA NDER CHARLES HUM PHFUS . . . EVIZLYNFLEMING High, Martha Kennedy, Mary Mankins, Ruth Novin, Frances Novit, Sophie Owens, Mildred Pickett, Ethel Silberman, Sylvia Temple, Vallora Wassermiln, Evelyn 'A' 'A' 'A' ,Ze If I if if qi, if if if I I ' 31, , TLT?" Standard Debating Society MISS EDNA Rowe ....... Sjvonxm' C. V. GOODNIAN ..... . Co-Sjmlzmr OFFICERS Fall LOUIS TOIIIAN . PA UI, IfINKnI.sTI2IN LOUIS SONNENTI IILII. WAYNE WOODRUFII SOI. BARZUNE . IRVIN JAFIFE . . Allen, I.. D. Aronofsky, David Aronofsky, Julius Avnet, Leon Barzune, Sol Benns, Louis Bernstein, David Byrd, Harold Carp, Robert Chastant, Claude Combs, Weldon De Lee, Scott Finkelstein, Donald Finkelstein, Paul Prvsirlmt . . . . Vir'f'-Przaiffwll . . . Sl'l'Tf'fIH'y . . TI'ms11rer . . . Sl'l'g!'dllf-:lf-AYIIIS . . . Ptll'IillI7Il'l1ft1VidlI . . MEMBERSHIP Glass, Lee Dudley Glasser, Irving Goodman, Jack Goodstein, Barnett Jaffe, Irvin Kaplan, David Kaim, Irwin Kellum, J. C. Kerley, Wayne Koben, Samuel Lacy, Paul Leon, Louis Levy, Lester Light, Sidney i' i' Ik 'A' i' Luttrell, Buford Maxwell, Jott Mead, Allen Miehaelson, Jack Miller, Jack Moxley, Robert Patton, Peter Pribble, Norman Rubin, Milton Ruttenberg, Jake Sacks, Jack Sebackman, I-Iarold Schlinger, Henry Sessel, Ralph Sprilig . PfxUI.FINKIaI.s'ruIN EDWIN ToIIoI,owsIcv . LEE DUDI,I5Y GI.Ass . . . PAUI. LACY . . JACK MII,LIiR . . IRVIN JAI-'FIQ Shannon, James Sherman, Cbarles Sides, Harold Sonnentbeil, Louis Stallcup, Billy Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Tobolowsky, Edwin Turk, Harold Utay, Arnold Wigbels, Lawrence Woodrud, Wayne Zabbia, Carl -k i' 'A' if i' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' r Sai Ik Ik 'A' Il' if if Girls Public Speaking Club MRS. TURA W. DIAL .... . Sjnmxm' OFFICERS Full Trrnz IJRANLLS KI-MMERIJ. liS1'lII R SLllW'AR'l'Z lVlARGARl,'l HILLI' . blARGUl:RITIl BRYANI' ANN ROSLNBLRG . CAROLYN STROIILKLR MRs. T. W. DIAL . ESTIII-R BARZUNL lllARGARI-T l'lILLY ESTHISR SLHWARTZ MARcILI,I- MULLINQS SARAH RUDNICK . FRANLQES KEMIAERLL MRS. T. W. DIAL . Achilles, Kathleen Barzune, Esther Berman, Helen Carpenter, Catherine Cassata, Margaret Bernice Rosalec Cohn, Cohn, Dunn, -luanita Eaves, Lorraine Enix, Mary jane lflannigan, Clarice Golden, Margaret Goudman,ldelle Harbuld, Catherine Heine, Molly Grace Hilly, Margaret Horton, Lola Israel, Elsie Rose Kemmerle, Mary Frances . . Prr'Iir1mf . . . Vim'-Pl'z'xiIfz'l1l . . Sz'cri'fary . . Trraxzlrrr' . Sr'rgz'aul-al-Al'l1ls Parlirlrmwluriurz . . Cfiliz' . . Spring Term . l'rz'xirfI'ui . Vim'-Pr'r'.viIlf-fit . Sefrrflury . . 7'l'l'!lXIH'!'l' . Si'rgI'ar1l-ul-flruzi Purliazm'nlarinu . . Criliz' . . MIQMBIQRSH Il' Korpiaimck, limilie Landwberg, Lena Levine, Frances Lively, Margaret McNair, Lurline Mehlman, Dorothy Mullins, Dorutlly Newman, Phena Louise Osborne, .Inyce Pasclie, Margaret Rosenberg, Ann Rosenbloom, Fannie Rubin, Betty Rose Rudnitzky, Ethel Rudnick, Sarali Reisberg, Selma Ruttenberg, Sarah MARr,uLRIlI1I5In'AN'l lVlARl1ll,l.lilVlUI,l.lNf.S . . l,oLA I-loR'I'oN lisrulck Sr,HxvAR'rz E'IHIiL RUDNITZSRI' .PHLNA LOUISL NILWMAN . MRS. T. W. DIAI, If9THIiR ScHwARTz MARcII.I,I. lVlUI.LlNGS IiMII.IL KQIIIIIANOCR MARGARET HILLEN' . BLRNICLL COHN LFNA LANDSBERG . MRS. T. W. DIAL Segell, Mabel Smitli, Billie Schwartz, listher Swain, Marinrie Tankus, Sarah Utay, Gertrude Warniek, Margaret Wilson, Kathryn Zimmerman, Frances ir f f if if if is 1- -I, J, at . 4 4-W I af if if if Egg sf ff if af if I 4 iilw I Forest Forum Miss DoRoTHY GERLAEII . . . Fall DOROTHY NOVICH . ABE BULLMAN . IRWIN J.KAiM . . HELEN MCKENZIE . PAUL FINKELSTEIN . . LOREDA DUNI"IIiLD . . Miss DOROTHY GERLACH Brown, Esther Brown, Juanita Bryant, Marguerite Bullman, Abe Callahan, Una Margaret Carp, Frances Cassata, Margaret Cobbel, Edith Dodd, Bertie Lee Dunfield, Loreda Finkelstein, Paul OFFICERS . . President . . . Vim'-Prr?sid4'11f . . . Secretary . . Treuszmrr . . Sergeant-uf-Aruzx . Purliauzenfariaiz . . . Cfific' . . MEMBERSH IP Flanagan, Clarice Fox, Helen Frankfurt, Louise Hilly, Margaret Kaim, Irwin Jerome Kirschner, Dorothy joy Knotts, Margaret McBride, Dorothy McKenzie, Helen Mullings, Marcille Newman, Phena Louise . SIIOIIXOI' Spring . DoRoTHY KIRSCHNER . JUANITA BROWN . BERTIE LEE Doon . . . CARL ZABBIA . . . ABE BULLMAN . . MARGARET HILLY Miss DOROTHY GERLACH Novieh, Dorothy Robbins, Verna Pitts, Elizabeth Pullis, Louise Sanders, Nova Ellene Schlinger, Henry Sehlinger, Regina Sims, Neil Weatherly, Etta Mae Wfittkower, Louis Zabbia, Carl 'A' 'k i' 'A' 'lr 'A' i' if 1' 'k 'A' ir J Af 'Q'-4 az H A if ak if ir if ' ell' ' SILT 'A' 'lr 'A' MIss Fall JACK CARTER . DAVE REANEY . LOUISE BOLES . KATHERINE SY . GEORGE THROWER GLENN GROSS . RUTH GRUBER . Achilles, Chester Arnoldt, Herman Ball, Dorothy Bazman, Ida Mae Bledsoe, Frances Boles, Louise Braun, Elizabeth Canada, Wilson Carter, jack Chastant, Claude Cole, Hardy Combs, Weldon Cullum, Ruth Demerc, Jewell Aelta Historical Society MINNIE BROWN .... OFFICERS . .Prexidcnh . . . Firxf Vice-President . Second Vice-Prrsidenf . Secretary . . Treaszz rar . Sergeant-af-Arms Pa rl iam emfa riuu MEMBERSHIP Dodd, Bertie Lee Fife, Marian Freidlander, Adele Gersman, Marian Gillham, Caroline Goss, Wilson Gross, Glenn Gruber, Ben Gruber, Ruth Haney, Ernest Harper, Jimmie Hollon, Dan'l Legg, Corbett Levy, Elizabeth . . . S ponsor Spring . . . . DAVEREANEY . . CAROLINE GILLHAM WILLIAM MOSHER . LOUISE BOLES . KATHERINE SY . . BEN GRUBER . WILSON Goss Mosher, William Novin, Frances Novit,Sophie Patterson, Eugene Reames, Kathryn Reaney, Dave Spangler, Eleanor Stroheker, Carolyn Sy, Katherine Thrower, George Turner, Vivian Walters, Christine Weathers, Fred Wilson, Katherine if 1 f + if 41 + Q, . uni ' L,l , I N fr -k 1: if .gy .31 J V. if A A A ii wa if wi, Las Dos Americas Miss FLETCHER RYAN WICKPIAM . Fall ESTHER BARZUNE . ELIZABETH LEVY . IDA MAE BAZMAN . Lois LAWRENCE . . WAYNE MORRIS . . KATHRYN REAMES . MATTIE RUTH RAMBO Barzune, Esther Bazman, Ida Mae Boles, Louise Bone, Fred Dagnal, Loraine Dewald, Mary Fleming, Evelyn Fife, Marian Ford, Margaret Fullen, Cecil Ray OFFICERS . .Prr'siclfuf. . . . . . Vic'r'-President . . Secretary . Trffasmer . . Sergeant-af-Arnzs Ijarlizmzrntariall . . Rc'p0rtr'r. . MEMBERSHIP Gillespie, Hubert Goza, Genice Gray, Jay Olin Heflington, Robert High, Martha King, Carole Lawrence, Lois Levy, Elizabeth Lewis, Omagene S,b0nx0r Spring CAROLYN STROHEKER . EVELYN FLEMING , KATHRYN REAMES . ELIZABETH LEVY . . . SAM STRANGI . . LOUISE Bouas . IDA MAIZ BAZMAN Morris, Wayne Nance, Doris Puckett, Joanna Rambo, Mattie Ruth Reames, Kathryn Smith, Otis Sobel, Helen Strangi, Sam Stroheker, Carolyn 'A' ir 'A' -k 'A' 'A' 'A' i' ir 'k iz . l I 'ii if f' if + at if , at 1 , -nf ff if A .fl e 1' 4 ii" QV' My Pan American Student Forum Miss FLETCHER RYAN WICKHAM . Fall EDWIN PFOBOLOXVSKY ADELINIZ PRICQIZ . . FRANCES NOVIN . . SARAH RUDNICK . . JACK GooDMAN . . HAROLD SCHACKMAN Miss WICKPIAM . . Barzune, Esther Bazman, Ida Mae Campbell, Roy Carter, Jack Colin, Bernice Culibrk, Steve Dagnal, Loraine Dewzlltl, Mary Fife, Marian Fleming, Evelyn Fletcher, Dalil Ford, Margaret Goodman, Jack OFFICERS . . Pn'sicl1'r1f . . . V ice-Pr'l'.vizf1'11l . . Sl'f'l'FILLll'Jf . Trmxzrwfi' . Sl'l'KQL'llIlf'df-flVIIIS PtIl'lil1NIf'llfIll'itllI . . Crific . . MEMBERSHIP Goss, Roland Goss, Wilstbni Kaufman, Stanley Malowitz, Stanley Morris, Wayiie Nail, Jack Nance, Doris Novin, Frances Perlstein, Hillel Prevratil, Ben Price, Adeline Rambo, Mattie Rutli . . . Sjlonmr Spring . . . MARIAN FIFE HAROI.D SCHACKMAN . ETHEL RUDNITZKY . . MARX'DEWAI,D S'rAN1.1zY MAI.OWITZ STANLEY KAUFMAN . . Miss VVICKHAM Rogers, Billie Louise Rubin, Maurice Rudnick, Sarah Rudnitsky, Ethel Sacldler, Ivan Scliackman, Harold Schneider, Sol Spicer, Doris Tobolowsky, Edwin Tydeman, Margie Watelsky, Stacy Woodford, June if ar 1 af if if if if f 4, 'f"C'ln'i I Q, t i t t W Q l sl t t t i l Auditores Caesaris Miss LOURANIA MILLER . Miss ETHEL MASTERS Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES . . Full ARTHUR HARRIS CLA Uma CHAS1'A NT EI.IZABli'l'H BRAUN BILLY STALLCUP DOROTHY NOVICTII Abrahamson, Jane Achilles, Kathleen Ashley, Mildred Baise, Eugenia Ball, Dorothy Bell, Madelyn Blevins, Margaret Braun, Elizabeth Britton, Romona Butler, Harold Burner, Virginia Chastant, Claude Clark, Barbara Cohn, Rosalee Cole, Marjorie Coward, Geraldine Cox, Ruth Curtis, Margaret Ann Dickerson, Marion Fverctte, Phoebe Friedman, Ruth Gillham, Anna Caroline Glasser, Irving Goidl, Irving Golden, Margaret Goodman, Idelle Grilfis, Henry I'-Iaisfield, Dorothy Harbold, Catherine Harlan, Margaret Harris, Arthur Hilley, Margaret Iloffman, Mervin OFFICERS . Prrxitlwll . . Vice-Prrsiflrrrl . . Swrvfary . . Trrasurvr . Si'rg1'au1-af-Arnzs Hollon, Dan'L jacobs, Edwin Jaffe, Irvin jenkins, -Ioy Kennedy, Mary Kohen, Samuel Legg, Corbett Lively, Margaret Looney, Dorothy McCabe, Nina Mahoney, jean Marks, Jeanne Massey, Fannie Rae Meador, Eula Mae Miller, Doris Mi7e, Mavis . Slbonsm' . C0-Sponsor . C0-Sfmllxor Moore, Gene Spring . IRVIN QIAI I-ll . IRVING GLASSER . DOROTHY BALL HENRY SCHLINGLER ELIZABETH BRAUN Sessel, Ralph Morris, Mary MargaretShannon- .Iames Murke, Billy Newman, Billy Fred Novich, Dorothy Novit, Sophie O'Shea, David Patrick, Lelia Patton, Peter Phillips, Opal Pittman, Lorraine Primrose, Alice Read, Margie Rubin, Betty Rose Stallcup, Billy Stern, Arthur Strange, Jack Tankus, Sarah Thrower, Wallace Thurmon, Margaret Toberny, Marie Uray, Arnold Wigbels, Lawrence Wilson, Dona Belle Winternian, Leah Wittkciwer, june Saunders, Nova ElleneW1Jod, june Schlinger, Henry Wright, Theresa ir 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i' 'A' ir M' u 54 ""'-Iv lllk sf- ' lg if if if ir eqffag ir if if A' was f 'gf YFSN I MI Fall SOL KAPLAN . . REGINA SCHLINGI-.R MARIAN FIFE . . ABE LICHTENSTEIN DAVID KAPI.AN . JUANITA TRESP . .0 .A - ,,,,,,. , i a rw. High Scholarship Club ss RACHEL FooTE . . . MARY AI.lCE CHENEY . Abrahamson, Jane Aronofsky, David Block, Leone Boles, Louise Braun, Elizabeth Cannon, Julia Ann Chastant, Claude Coffman, Emagene Coleman, Bessie Coleman. Zelda Cooper, Paul Culbrik, Steve Dagnal, Lorraine Demere, Jewell Driscoll, Jane Ferguson, Nell Fife, Marian Fink, Maxine Finkelstein, Donald Finkelstein, Paul Fleming, Evelyn Ford, Margaret Frankfurt, Louise Friedman, Ruth Friedlander, Adele Glass, Dudley Glasser, Irving Griffin, Wanda Gross, Glenn Gruber. Ruth OFFICERS . Prexirlwii . . . Vin'-PI'exlilz'll1 . . Secretary . . TYFHKIIYUV Szfrgmznf-al-Arms . Purliam eh lu rian . Rrfmrtri' . MEMBFQRSHIP Haisfield, Dorothy High, Martha Hoffman, Mervin Kaplan, David Karchmer, Joyce Kaufman, Stanley Kennedy, Mary Keyser, Bud Kirschner, Dorothy Kohen, Samuel Lambert, Dorothy Landsberg, Lena Lankford, Frances Lasseter, Erline Lehwald, Helen . . S ponsor Levy. Helen McCutcheon, Phoebe Malowitz, Staney Margules, Adalie Marshall, Clifford Muir, Esther Nance, Mary Virginia Novin, Frances Phillips, Opal Price, Adeline Ray, Preston Read. Marjorie Richman, Ruth Silberman, Sylvia Sims, Neil Spring . LEONE BLOCK . RUTH GRUBER . FRANCES NovIN SAMUEL Koi-:EN CLIFFORD MARSHALL . NEIL SIMS . . MAXINE FINK Sobel, Helen Stallcup, Billie Stroheker, Carolyn Sy, Katherine Temple, Vallora Thrower, Wallace Thurmond, Margaret Ann Tresp, Juanita Townsend, Thelma Utay, Arnold Warnick, Margaret Watelsky, Elaine Wigbels, Lawrence Wilensky, Pauline Wyll, Nathan 4- + af + + ir it -is ir -ir Girl Reserves Mlss BERTHA JACKSON . . . Adiiisrr Fall lJoiio'rHY Wiaei-.lx . FRANCES LANKI orm lNrlII.DliliD Blxovuas . , . . . L0 NORMA GIENI-. CJUYNI-S I LoUIsE KNIGHT . AGNES BAi.l.Mum . linANcl1s CZARI' . Ballard, Agnes Bond, Era Grace Brock, Georgia Broyles, Mildred cl1lI'lJ,l:I'llI1CCS Critlerr, Annem- Cnffman, Stella Mae Collinnn, Tempe flUlCI1l2ll1,-ll,lL'lI'lL1 Cullum, Ruth Daugherty, Margaret Davis, Leeta Fae Dunlield, Loreda lfmcrson, Betty I OFFICERS . Prr'iiili'nl . Vin'-l'l'4'.lii1r'lli . mril Rl'lPl'l'Xl'llftlHl'l . Sc'1'ri'lr1l'Ay . 71l'l'LlXIIl'l'l' . Pur'lii1lm'11lr1riun MEMBLZRSHIP Spring FRANCES LANKFORD . l..UCII.l2 N1cHo1.s ANNETTE CATL1a'1"r . HELEN LEWALD , . GENE Moonxe MARGIE l'lUCKAIiIEIi KATHRYN LUSBORNE Fugate, Cuptoln Gersman, lvlarian Gregory, Lillian Guynes, Norma Gen Hall, lfthel Mae Hand, Bessie joe Hiegel, Louise Hopper, Lucille Hemphill, Elizabeth Henry, Virginia Herlstein, Ruth Huekabee, Margie jePfers, Agnes Merle 8 King, Pauline Knight, Louise Langley, Louise Lankforcl, Frances Lasseter, liarlinc Lcwald, Helen McKenzie. Helen McCullum, Evelyn Moore, Gene Mueller, Mattie Lee Muir, Esther Nichols, Lucile Osborne, Kathryn Pirrs, Elizabeth Rolnick, Kirry Rude, Selma Runnels, Dorothy Saunders, Evelyn Sharpe, Frances Shelton, Earline Sibert, Irene Stark, Louise Uberman, Mary Weber, Dorothy Whitaker, Frances Wrights, Pauline ir 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'lr i' 'A' 'A' i' ai' i' i' i' fr jk J "Ewa i n 'A' i' ir 'A' GR Fall GEORGE CASSELL JAMES WINSOR . PAUL COOPER . IVAN SADDLER . Aslaner, Irving Berens, Betty Jane Cassell, George Cole, Hardy Cooper, Paul Culbrik, Steve Drake, Robert Science Club AY MOORE . . . OFFICERS . . . Prc'xin'c'11f . . . . Vit?-Pffiitlfllf . . . Sl'CI't'f!1ll'j! . . Sc'1'gm11f-af-Ar1ns MEMBERSHIP Drown, Paul Fallin, W. C. Gigleman, L. A. Glasser, Irving Harris, Peggy Hoffman, Mervin Keyser, Bud S ponsor Spring . IVAN SADDLER . . HARDY COLE . . STEVE CULBRIK . MERVIN HOFFMAN Marshall, Clifford Maxwell, Jott Rambo, Mattie Ruth Saddler, Ivan Stafford, Billie Watelsky, Stacy Winsor, James t 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' i' MEMBERSHIP if + 1 1 , ,, if is + if lis g il f,f. y Mus. M. P. Aiumiav Fall Ll-ZONE BLOCK . . DOROTHY KIRSCHNER MARGUEIKITE CORBETT SYLVIA BALSER . . PAULINE WILENSKY AuA1.uiMARcUl,ias . Mus. Aiuml-LY' . . Aronofsky, David Balser, Sylvia Block, Leone Brin, jaequeline Callalman, Una Margaret Cassel, George Coleman, Bessie Corbett, Marguerite Driscoll, .lane lfnix, Mary jane liox, lfvelyn Fox, l lclrn Le Cercle Francais OFFICERS . Pl'!'XiIll'l1f . . Vit?-PfFSif1f'IIf. . . . Secretary . Trz'as'1m'r . Sf'rgf'anf-af-Arms Pdflidlllflifllfillll . Critic . Hall, Ethel Mac Heine, Mollie Grace james, Blanche jeffries, Mary Louise Kaim, Irwin Karchmer, .Ioyce Kirsclaner, Dorothy Korpianock, Emilie Lambert, Dorulliy McNair, Lurline Margules, Anlalie Melulman, llnrullly . Sjmllmr Spring . PAULINE WILIZNSKI' . ADALIE MARGULIES . UNA MARGARET CALLAHAN . . . ELAINE WATELSKN' . NATHAN XVYLI. SALLY BI1eRNiek . MRS. ARURTQY Mundell, Margaret Schlinger, Regina Sliumate, Doris Sims, Neil Swain, janet Utay, Gertrude Watelsky, Elaine W'ild, Pauline Wileiisky, Pauline Wfyll, Nallllilll Yesiner, bluseplxiliu 'k 'k 'k i' ir 'k 'A' i i' 'A' in 're K-Q ff 1 af if tai - , if if if if 1 5, Q4 ni Forest Allied Arts Club Miss RETT115 KELLY ENSOR . ART I Presidmzf .... Catherine Ransom Vice-Presidmf . . . Georgia McCoy Secretary . . . Nick Connie Lewallen Treasurer ..... Erneive Kousal . . . Sponsor ART III Prc'sic1c'nt .... Emagene Coffman Vice-Prcsicleuf . . . Emil Pokladnik Secretary . . . . Edgar Smith Treasurer . . . . . Ruth Stutts Parliamenfarian . William Watkins Scwgearzf-al-Arms . . Clayton Nelson ART IV PVf'.YidCI'If . . . . Tempe Coffman Vice-Prcsidwlf . . . Dixie Holtman Secretary . . . Elizabeth Hemphill Treasurer ..... Lorraine Crow Parliarnenfarian . . . Blanche Crook Sergeant-at-Arms . . . FredLevit ART VI AND VIII Parliairzerzlarian . . . Thomas Honor Sergeanf-af-Arnzs .... Oscar Cade ART II President . . . Mildred Foster Vice-Prcxiafmf . . . Arlene Ables Secretary ..... Weldon Sanders Treasurer . . . . Mary Nell Boyd Parliairnvnfarimz . . . Karl Woelf Sergeanf-at-Arms . . Wesley Hendrix President . . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . . Parliameutarian . Sergeant-at-Arms i' i' 'k i' . Lucile Nichols . Jessie Matthews . Annaliese Spreen . John Paul Massingill . Theodore Candiotta . Buford Luttrell 'A' 'A' 'Ir i' 'A' 'A' f " l' 'A -A' -A' A A if A A A ' W eil, A L1 mx 'A' ' , , Senior Hi-Y W. H. BUTLER . . . . . SIIOIISOI' F1111 CHARLES SN YDER PAUL COOPER . GEORGE THROWER FRED XVEATHERS . JAMES WINSOR . GEORGE CASSELL Ables, il. D. Allen, Fred Allen, L. U. Achilles, Chester Boatman. jesse Broyles. Eugene Cassell, George Chastant, Claude Combs, Weldorx Cooper, Paul OFFICERS . Pl'l'Xit!C'lIIf . . Vice'-Pifcxiflfflllf . 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Murrah, Corneilus Shannon, James Stamply, Henry . JAMES SHANNON . . L. C. MCCoY CORNEILUS MURRAH . . HAROLD VANN . JACK STRANGE . . ALBERT LYNN . . CHARLES SNYDER Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Thrower, Wallace Vann, Harold Woodall, James A A 4 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' i' , " A: " ' ' " f " ' ' " ,W X H WY -WN XV. H. BUTLER Fall HAROLD SCHACKMAN QIUNEWITTKOWER . . . ELTON SCHACKMAN . LENA LANDSBERG . JACK GOODMAN . Barzune, Esther Goodman, jack Landsberg, Lena Miller, Henry Mosesman, Alex Coin Club . Sponsor Spring . . President . . . JACK GOODMAN . Vice'-Prvxiderft . . . . FRANK SINGER . . Secretary . . . . JUNE VVITTKOWER . Treasurer . .. . HELEN SOBEL Sergeant-at-Arzns . . ALEX M,OSESMAN MEMBERSHIP Moxley, Robert Scbackman, Harold Perlstein, Hillel Singer, Frank Rabinowitz, Henry Sobel, Helen Rudnick, Sarah Wittkower, June Schackman, Elton Yonack, joseph 4 e-Wm-A 'lr 1' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' u i' 'I' 'A' 'A' rm lily, H51 QM- i' 'A' i' 'k 'N siUl'E' if MR. ALFRED J. Loos An Appreciation To Mr. Alfred Loos, for fifteen years our head coach, we wish to express our sincere gratitude for his outstanding service to Forest Avenue High School. Not only for his many championship teams, but for his high ideals and scholarship, all of South Dallas is indebted to him. Long may he remain with us as an instructor. i' 'A' 'k if 'A' 'A' M rf : ', I if 1 Q ur if if if 1' 'W TA ' -+7 4 ALv A SHEPARD W- H- KEEUNG Cmnf, of FWHM!! and Blmbull Coafll of Buxlzdlmlf 411111 Axxixhzuf Couflz of Foollmll K SELDON S. I-IUTCHINSON Crmfb of Trurk uml Axsisfuni Coucfi of Football, Buxkcilmll, and Basvbull -A' 'A' 'A' t i' 'A' 'A' ir 'k 'A' if f is if H H, ,,, ll! af if if af . I - ':llf'- " Football Due to the retirement of Alfred Loos, the reins of leadership were taken up by Coaches Alva Shepard, Seldon Hutchinson, and W. H. Keeling. They were confronted with the problem of molding a team from a group of small, inexperienced men. They exhausted every effort to shape the small aggregation into a perfect-functioning machine. Al- though the Lions were not victorious, they were not surpassed in their fighting spirit. FOREST, 6-BRACKENRIDGE, 7 After two weeks of strenuous training the Forest Avenue Lions barged into action against the Brackenridge Eagles of San Antonio. The game was hard-fought throughout, with every man showing fight and determination. Even though Forest lost the game 7 to 6, they had no regrets, for the game was well played. FOREST, 0-SHERMAN, 24 In the opening of the game Forest faced perplexing strong winds which proved to be a fatal disadvantage. However, after the Bearcats rallied two counters, the Lions settled down and played well, until the fourth period when the Bearcats' running attack proved to be superior. FOREST, 0-MCKINNEY, 12 The Forest-McKinney joust was a very close game. This game pre- sented the Green Wavels running attack against the Red and Blue's aerial attack. The honors went to McKinney, but the Lions' running attack proved to be outstanding, the Lions making more Hrst downs. FOREST, 0-ADAMSON, 20 The Lions lost a hard-fought game to their old-time rivals, Adamson COak Cliff to youj by a score of 20 to 0. The Lions were a little out- classed, but they stuck together and at times looked as if they were a better team. FOREST, 0-WOODROW WILSON, 39 The Greenies had a hard day. They played good, consistent football the first half, giving the Wildcats one touchdown. In the duration of the game the Lions threatened to score twice. After failing both times, they seemed to let down, and consequently the Wildcats ran up the score. FOREST, 12-SUNSET, 14 Determined not to be kept down the little Lions blasted into the larger Sunset team with all the vim and vigor they possessed. This was the best played and most interesting game that Forest engaged in during this season. Every man on the team deserved praise, for each Played an excellent part and carried out his assignment exceptionally well. The Bisons received their greatest scare, and the Lions got their greatest thrill. 'A' 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'k i i' 'k 'A' Xkll .al H7 al.4..v.4l z, A i,f' K, 1' ,Lrg I, l5'RS'l4 l"OO'll3Al.I, 'IIQPTM ' -7 lwym I4-:f-. Dlvmx bx.4v11plfw. I Il, M:wXl,ulh, M.nnzm1 Rixkfl, j-:hu l':mI klnxixxgill, Ruin-lr Mwlw, Ill Kluxm--, Qlulz, fi-rv Ilvmx, llavu Ywfvw I f'Vnll1Vx, l'1,mL NIMH. NIU-r..I Rm l:um.m lif-mx llmwpv- Mm--Q, Ilunnld l,n-ax, Huh l',uH1-mix, Yium Iwlrffllm, jack Nlirchell, x1IlvIVlf.4Ik1411.l,'a Numa, 1 X, XXw1.ix1L1f, lvhvmll jwxlmfmw. 'l'lm.! Km Xlm Sh--gnml, kwuh, Ulla-rn lim-.1o.kf1, limlmw Nlznrzlgn-in N:n1num1 lNIm'g:nn, Paul ,lm1f's, AIM--I1 Iilnlzuluk, Inu- Ixmm-x, llnuwd Ilngd, KX1I1i,nm Ku, Ilwlwml fi-rw, Kuhn-xl L-mlmr, Sflnl-mn 5. iluuhllwun, .-hai-lznnl L'u:nul1. fwfvrff Hn. lmmld Ibn-vu, YIwlz11L'sw1xl.ux, lm-, NI-x--I lfwzuumzux, Xhmdmu llpwis, P:-wining Hull'-x, Xmlwn rmv, Nuxnlmrx, P.mI l1.4N-ing:-', Kvuil I4-mid, j 'I. Inufllmx. ff W... ..,..,m ....7.,-.....m.,,..... Q ' ' - Y . 'H "Q "wk"-1 , "J Wf SIQC ONIJ I-OO'l BALI, 'IALAM I-'11 1 Ihr. . jr J ff Im: Xlniwn !,l1mm1m.m, 'Immun' br-mr, Ing'-nv kmlf., khnzlv- jun---, Imxu- Ri1h.n-4-, Kluxlxy H,mM1, R. x. my-, j. K' Kellum, Rm 'Iulhx hymn ilulku.-N, ,Y'.Hf,.! R 7' Fwd l.fx1r, ll, K, Hznlllnlulr,'ln1lxHl1lwgvlr, jun hlnxwll, H1-rn Lllllwnr, llmvrx Ikldirlflf-, 111111.11113 Luz, Hulu-ll fill- ll pin, liutuui blur. 'l'l1ml Rv' Fl.-uk llumm, lllxv'-:wi Flmxl, til--vu Cznnlwlm-I, 'lwm fhgurrlx, x'I,n1-vm Nvlswn, Alf-r Hpm, Smnlfvx Rl.-lm, Plnlip Sfllrilwu, lr xv Ilvlxm-x. Ifffzwslz R-wg XX H Kflli ' . . ' Hg, kmnhg 'Nnllnzm Prllmhlr, lfmxmn-I Parr-xlw-lm, Vllir Ulnlkim, William blxir-, Hulk liwlul, Hrmv Imlm 1, llzwnl U-rm, nun IL- Lu, hmm Vlglmlx, ' Th ll if if ff if -I if af ir ff I 'fini' Rini-, iff! in 1-fi-ht: lfrnlik Hnriun, jark Nlilthi-ll, .-Xllwull linlliitk, lliuru Hilnrt-1, Kim jvcksnn, Ugimiuznl Murpini, jairk k lflx IH !1LlxlLhiiI I IJ RLQIIJ lll jhN'gllf'gN V11 1- 'nu-, , an ww 5 'Juv ' as :ui , ' :ummm Swim, :wr .n"lm, mimi anis, ii n iiix s, .1--ui w- rim-r, twin-n .vximn l 1 XX. ll. kfrllnu K-mth, Svliluvi A. llnhhlnsnn, -Xssisizmt kimrhg Nils-an Hur-ilei'kri', I im-ss lxlmiagf-1. The Basketball Season Forest started the basketball season with only three veterans from last seasonls hne team, and Coach Keeling had a difficult time finding suitable replacements for the many Vacancies. Although the Lions lost most of their games, a fighting spirit enabled them to show up well. FOREST, 19-ADAMsoN, 26 The Lions opened the city series by dropping a hard fought game to the Adamson Leopards, 26 to 19. Ravkind and Berry were outstanding for the Lions. The Forest seconds defeated the Adamson seconds, 19 to 16. The entire team performed in a creditable manner. FoREsT, 1 1-SUNSET, 20 The Forest quint dropped the second game of the season to the Sunset Bisons, 20 to 11. Forest played a very close game in the first half, but the Bisons pulled away in the second half. Ravkind led the Forest scorers with six points. The Lion seconds continued on their Winning ways by drub- bing the Bison seconds 18 to 10. Huddleston, Summer, Levine, and Hunter stood out for the Forest seconds. 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i' 'A' 'k i' i' 10 I f + if -k if if 1- -Af Of- ,., FOREST, 17-NORTH DALLAS, 27 The Forest basketeers were defeated by the North Dallas Bulldogs, 27 to 17. The game was close throughout. Ravkind and Berry were the high point men for the Lions. The young Lions were defeated in the last minute of play by the Bulldog seconds, 22 to 21. This marked the first defeat of the season for the Forest seconds. FOREST, 3 8-WOODROW WILSON, 29 The Forest quint defeated the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats 38 to 29. This marked the initial win of the season for the Lions. Ravkind and Berry led the Lion scorers with ten points each. The Lion seconds were nosed out by the Wildcat seconds 12 to 11. Jackson led the Lion scorers with five points. FOREST, 2 5 -TECHNICAL, 42 The Forest quint dropped the final game of the first half to the Technical Wolves, 42 to 25. Berry and Ravkind led the Forest scorers with 11 and 8 points respectively. The Lion seconds dropped another close game 13 to 12. Hunter and Watkins were standouts for the Lions. FOREST, 26-TECHNICAL, 48 Forest opened the second half by bowing to the Wolves, 48 to 26. Levy led the Lion scorers with 13 points. The Forest seconds bowed to the Tech seconds 19 to 16 in a close game. Broyles led the Lions in scoring five points. FOREST, 19-NORTH DALLAS, 25 The Lion quint dropped a close game to the North Dallas Bulldogs, 25 to 19. Forest led most of the game, but in the closing minutes North Dallas pulled away. Levy and Curry were the standouts for the Lions. The Forest seconds were defeated by the young Canines, 14 to 12. Mitchell was high scorer for the Lions with seven points. FOREST, l8-WOODROW WILSON, 28 The Lion quint bowed to the Woodrow Wilson quint, 28 to 18. Levy led the Lions in scoring with thirteen points. The Forest seconds bowed to the Wildcat seconds, 26 to 19. Broyles led the Lion seconds in scoring with five points. FOREST, 15--SUNSET, 32 The Forest quint was defeated by the Sunset quint, 32 to 15. Levy led the Lion scorers with seven points. The Forest seconds dropped a close game to the Bison seconds, 11 to 10. Broyles was outstanding for the Lions. FOREST, 14-ADAMSON, 22 Forest closed the final half of the city Series race by bowing to the Adamson quint, 22 to 14. Watkins was the leading Forest scorer. The Lion seconds bowed to the Leopard seconds, 27 to 5. 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'k 'A' Track, Golf, and Tennis lfnl- Philip Mhurxhvl, Llmil Ruld, HIL-nn k':u'pcnlw1, W. 'l'. Wxighl, Bw: Gruber, S. S. llulchin-mx, llxnvxxmwl kmnlux, fu 4 mf Ixlhnp ix, Hall:-1 Huh!-alll. HHbL'l'l Cilllvapiv, I-fllls Mulkins, fir-mugs fan-rll, Rn-uhrn Lf-vx, Paul Nlnmr. A fir Kim jzukwlx, lixll H-flluuul, Nmnlmvs Davis, A. j. lamb. 'HH' HUM -'U-'H U4'UU"l', l'iU1df1'f I-WWII, HHIVV KHPIZHI. 'IYUIIN Kaplan. lluln Kuhn, Inhn Paul Ixlawllullli, liuxymt l.uwl. Xlv 'Hirl 'XIIH Ullzlllllll 'NH lluill 'K 'I Nl lr! Hulm txrlw Minh tw , ,, ' L,1v .'e-.rg11s,.:ug14 IL, Baseball My Raw, lfrl IH ffyhl. Rlchami Xhmlxixuglnlu, 'l'rd 'l'ullx, Paul juan-S, Paul Hu:-hlrx, Vkilwn Hun, Vsllfxrxl Iamnm, N 'ml Rfxzf' Iam--N Mlnll, Rulumf Huff, Hill Mvtlurn, Uznluumi Nlurgzm, Hulwll I-'r:mkw, Hnlv klalhmllx, jmmx NNN-, I'-N1 Drum ll1xx1 I llvmvx , 'lr ir 'k 'k i' 'A' ,M 05,5 ,gl ,. 'A' 'A' i i' - I 1 I ig: 'fd , . 5912? lf? A V L ,tw , ff - il W . ' jf ' .- 5 -,V sf 5 V ei 4 ' 4 . at : -AL- -Q , P -1 ,Iwi ' ' M b -. ,...,-f- W Q y ,V ' ., . ,, ..... .,,, , , , ' ""' ' ' '-" g f,,at1r3j,5gf,,,,,,,,,,,f V M .ik 1 ., 1.52-ww i f s Y ff New M- ' a f W , , ta H An Empire on Parade Out of the heart of history, marching up through the corridors of time, has come the story of Texas. Discovered in 1519 by de Pineda, Texas has known the flags of France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States. Each nation to rule over this far-flung empire of the Southwest has written brilliant chapters in the book of progress. A century ago the Republic of Texas was born. Out of the welter of war and revolution the people of the Lone Star State achieved independence from Mexico. From that time Texas has forged ahead. Through the years of the Republic, in those stirring days of early statehood, beginning in 1845, in times of war and peace, Texas has marched on. Today, a hundred years after the birth of the nation that was to become the twenty- ninth state of the Union, Texas through the medium of the great worldls fair, the Texas Centennial, celebrating the passage of those thrilling years, traces the course of her epic history, reveals the richness of her resources, the development of her social structure, and gives a glimpse of the bright promise of the future. The Texas Centennial is a tribute to the past, an exposition of the present, and a herald of the future. 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'k 'A' 'k Inf, 1 if -A- ff lr 152' if -A' f 1 'vs-4 fl " la, 4: JMWE.: A Living and Lasting Memorial WYLIE A. PARKER The fifty-eight men, who proclaimed Texas free and independent of Mexico and affixed their names to the Declaration of Independence on the Second Day of March, A. D. 1836, were as noble a band of patriots and statesmen as ever assembled in the interest of any cause. The careers of many of them have never been surpassed in tragic and romantic consequences in any period of the history of mankind. Their achievements are marvelous and glorious, and should be so regarded by every red-blooded Texan so long as this State remains the Lone Star State of Texas. Many of these men distinguished themselves as leaders in the war for Texas Inde- pendence. Many of them rendered eminent service as oflicials in the Republic of Texas and later in this State. Twenty-six of them are thought well enough of to have counties in Texas named for them. Many of them held public office in other states, and assisted in writing constitutions there. A number of them served as senators and representatives in the Congress of the United States. All of them made many a sacrifice for the good of the people, past, present, and future. They came to Texas to till the soil, establish homes, found churches, build schools, and develop the resources of this commonwealth. These men furnished the faith, the hope, the brawn, and the brain needed to solve the problems which civilization has been confronted with throughout this century. The memory of these noble patriots should be preserved with pride. Their names should be as carefully guarded as the letters of the alphabet. Forest Avenue High School cherishes the services of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and believes their names ought to be carved in stone which will be here when the people of Texas observe the second Centennial in 2036. To this end fifty-eight trees in the Central Exposition Grounds are marked and dedicated to these patriots. A marker bearing the name of an individual is placed at each of the fifty-eight trees, and a large marker is placed near the center of the grove which bears the following inscrip- tion: THESE MARKED TREES ARE DEDICATED TO THE FIFTY-EIGHT SIGNERS OF THEJTEXAS DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE BY FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL, 1936. The stone used is red granite from Marble Falls, Texas, the same kind of material used in the construction of the State Capitol and the Galveston Sea-Wall. The names affixed to the copy of the Texas Declaration of Inde- pendence which hangs in the State Capitol at Austin are as follows: Jesse B. Badgett G. W. Barnett Thomas Barnett Stephen W. Blount John W. Bower Andrew Briscoe J. W. Bunton John S. D. Byrom Mathew Caldwell Sam P. Carson Geo. C. Childress William Clark, Jr. R. M. Coleman Jas. Collingsworth Edwin Conrad Wm. Carrol Crawford Richard Ellis Stephen H. Everett John Fisher S. Rhoads Fisher 'A' 'k James Gaines Thos. Gazley Benj. B. Goodrich Jesse Grimes Robert Hamilton Bailey Hardeman A. B. Hardin Sam Houston Wm. D. Lacy Albert H. Latimer Edwin O. LeGrand Samuel A. Maverick Collin McKinney William Menefee M. B. Menard John W. Moore William Mottley J. Antonio Navarro Martin Parmer i' 'A' Sydney O. Pennington James Power Robert Potter John S. Roberts Sterling C. Robertson Francisco Ruiz Thomas Rusk Wm. B. Scates Geo. W. Smyth Chas. B. Stewart Elijah Stapp James G. Swisher Chas. S. Taylor David Thomas John Turner Edwin Waller Claiborne West J. B. Woods Lorenzo de Zavala 'A' i' 'k JT . 1 f if if if j 3555 5: ,Q a af if af af fi gm -' 1' Texas Missions The San Jose de Aguayo was f . K fx Tag founded in 1720 by Father Mar- ff? gpg' on lil? 2 gil, who died before the comple- -gc ' 13791 1, tion of the building. Considered . , , I ' 5 A filly' 'F ' ,ii Agia? lil' Vik ,X lf-A the most beautiful of all missions, JS- iti l I ' ixlli Y the San Jose Mission is about four "W" Q3 7 1 'E in 1 . . N Q l n 4 Q ,I miles below San Antonio on the noble f a ..r. 1 1- . 'i . right bank of the San Antonio River. Huicar, a Spanish artist SANML1720 who devoted many years of his life to this work, made the carvings and statuary which ornament the front of the mission. The south window is considered "the finest gem of architectural ornamentation existing in America todayf, Founded in 1731, the Mission Concepcion is considered to be the best preserved of all the missions in Texas. It is found two miles below San Antonio. The mission is of special interest because of its twin towers, its beautiful dome, its gateway so beautifully ornamented, and its odd legends. The building had formerly been painted in red and blue designs, but time and sight-seers have left few of the decorations. In the heart of San Antonio rises the Alamo, a name conse- F crated by its baptism of blood. N This mission under the name of ' i I ' --A R1 . San Francisco Solano was origi- if f foil? WM! 5 wa 1 K - . we X- 1 e nally founded on the Rio Grande Qltxl Hi'-n I i . . ' - y fl T ,,5?ff if ,"f' -. in 1700. In 1718 it was moved to 1 1 f San Antonio. The present Alamo :Ze l f" . .. , un gfx is said to have been built in 1744. COME ON DE ACUNA, ,731 if if if af af if 'Ir if if Q is 1' iff! + f af if + af if af I Z 6 X ' p J F663 fc fYf'i71?fm 6:5 Wi L t" 3rH v,.a,77' 'm Q 7 1 M is all fFf',,'iu.r1aL w' 'r al f ,f l le it ill upt W iw Q W il ' lllgiil l l i l ll ii 4 E M, iwgfs ix I H ,lp H V l il lllllf ALAMo, 1744 Named for Saint Francis and from the sword shape of its chapel tower, the Mission San Francisco de la Escapada is nine miles from San Antonio on the west bank of the San Antonio River. This mission, known to be the oldest in Texas, was started as San Francisco de los Texas in 1690. Abandoned in 1693, it was not revived cill 1716 under the name of San Francisco de los Neches. Its present location and its present name were not established until 1731. , The Mission of San Juan Capistrano is six miles from San Antonio. It is one of the East Texas missions removed. In the ruins of the mission, the outline of the original plan, which was followed in the building of the missions, can be seen. Fvflkxtyipfxw fjfx-NXT-Tab 1 -' ui -L ' -7 V 'FTSE ,fig li A -.ll f Wi? at u -+ fixwgr mlm! FF 'K X il it 'Y-i ff ' if ' lf XS 1,--if all L if ,fig 1 1 gg, d ia' 1 ' will if .fi f lv 1 "T f -greg Ai,.' 1' 1 -V , ' ' W ' .N p , If 'lllll l aa , at a L J l l- SAN jumw ma CAPISTRAN SAN Fmxwcisc E LA Esmrm, 1731 i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k i' 'A' 'A' 1' 'A' 1 if if if ' ma 'lr 1 if if L, I 5 '. 'il f' 2 if x" ' f 'Ei li ' Q J U 'l Y Texas Week The Texas History Club sponsored the assembly Monday, March 2 which opened a Texas Week long to be remembered at Forest Avenue High School. Assistant Attorney- General Merton Harris, gave a very interesting speech on "The Meaning of Texas Independence." The Music Department sponsored the assembly Tuesday, March 3. The orchestra played several numbers. The chorus sang songs representing the people who made Texas. The Boys' Glee Club sang "Songs of a Cowboy", and the Girls' Chorus sang "Hills of Home." The Forest Forum sponsored the evening meeting. Dr. K. Kimball spoke on "Our Texas Heritage." The Texas History Club sponsored the assembly Wednesday, March 4. Mr. Frank Watson of the Promotion Department of the Texas 'Centennial gave an enlightening and descriptive talk on what will actually be at the Centennial. The Forest Forum sponsored the evening meeting. Mr. Peter Molyneaux conducted a Texas Question Box on many questions pertaining to Texas history. The Speech Arts Department sponsored the morning assembly Thursday, March S. Ten students of the Public Speaking Classes gave short biographies of the ten Texans selected for the Texas Hall of Fame. The Forest Forum sponsored the evening meeting. Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt gave an inspiring talk on "The Romance of Texas History." An exciting week was brought to a thrilling climax which was presented Friday, March 6, the date of the "Fall of the Alamo" in 1836, one hundred years ago. The Aelta Historical Society sponsored the assembly. Dave Reaney, president of the club, presented Governor James V. Allred, our beloved "Centennial Governor," who gave a stirring speech on "Texas-Yesterday, Todav, and Tomorrow." This assembly brought an end to a series of five insipiring celebrations of Texas Week since its establishment in 1931. Do - U - No That a jack rabbit is not an animal in Ector County, where jack rabbits are classified as rodents? That the biggest fish in the Rio Grande are caught by using laundry soap for bait? That Auto and Carr are two villages near Big Spring? That a train ran on hardwood rails from Rusk to Jacksonville in 1870? That the famed carved rose window of San Jose Mission, San Antonio, was removed and exhibited at the World's Fair, St. Louis, in 1904? That the ears of Philip Nolan, American trader, were presented to the Spanish governor of Texas after Nolan was killed in a tight with Spanish soldiers in 1801? That only two of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence were native Texans? These were Jose Antonio Navarro and Francisco Ruiz, both born in San Antonio. Of the fifty-six of those who were not Texas-born, four were immigrants from other countries. Lorenzo de Zavalo was from Spain, Charles S. Taylor, England, Michael B. Menard, Canada, and Robert Hamilton, Scotland. That Sam Houston, that immortal hero of San Jacinto, once lived with the Cherokee Indians and was their much-loved chief for many moons? That one of James Bowie's favorite acts of daring was to ride the fierce alligators in a certain river in Louisiana? That David Crockett turned hermit for a while, because his promised bride married another man two days before her scheduled wedding with Crockett? That Ben Milam often said that he had been in every prison from the Rio Grande to Mexico City, because he always fought on the losing side in a Mexican revolution? That Sam Houston, first governor of Texas, was governor of Tennessee at one time? 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'k 'A' i' F 4 W I 213, if is is is is if af if V ..Y' 'Q J: 5 ,f One of the bi reasons for the Forestefs success. . A bi treat for these two irls. 3 S S . . . Of course you have recognized the governor by now .... A new addition to the facult this ear .... Oh me, see those al ebra books? . . . No, there's nobod in trouble, Y Y 8 Y just the governor's police escorts .... Globe trotter in summer and dean in Winter. . . Here she is, our own dear IV-A sponsor. ir 'k ir i' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'k WG. Forex! A52 Fd1J01f'ff6.f c7Wary grafzccs ljfbnznzcrlc futile Swcfvols Jvcif Sims S Q E v i 5 5 S 3 3 Q k ,LVV , 5, 5 ,W X1 .L,, 5 ,125 K 1 1 if af af I f ff 'A' ak if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i 'A' 'A' 'A' t -A' view, If 1- if is ff if if if if -14 IWW When Seniors Were Young Tsk, tsk, Mary Louise Gidcomb is such a shy little thing .... Well, folks, shake hands with Miss Elizabeth Braun .... Frances Kemmerle's bow is a knock out, don't you think so? . . . jumpers are fun, so Phena Louise Newman says .... We bet this was taken on a Saturday night, wasn't it, Frances Bledsoe? . . . George Thrower took time out to pose for the birdie .... Well, well, here's little How- ard Lund in his new Ford V-8 .... Wouldn't Talmadge Loyd look cute in black stockings and knee pants now? . . . Mrs. Allen's little boy, Fred, is going places on that tricycle .... Look, here's Latest Addition to Bugology-A subject which enables one to Cut-up frogs and handle those slick and slimy worms. Grafter-Synonymous with elevator ticket sellers. Cellopbam'-An absolute necessity. Used as bow ties, hair ribbons, and espe- cially useful to dim lights at dances unless removed by sponsors. Dance'-Something to look forward to and dream about in classes. Canlpus-Strz1.t-Well known dance step done in the absence of "Hutch" 21 Diary of a High SEPTEMBER 16- Back to school. Ho, hum! Tried to get my program card made out but didn't succeed. Have to go back tomorrow. SEPTEMBER 17- After standing in line for an hour and a half, I finally got my program straight- ened. I'm so tired I'm about to drop. Going to bed early. SEPTEMBER 26- I dropped one subject and am trying to take another. Miss Rowe told me to make up my mind. SEPTEMBER 30- Had an assembly today. Captain B. B. Smith and Mr. C. G. Bechenbach, Traflic Engineer, were the speakers. They spoke to us on "Traffic Safetyf' 'A' 'A' i 'k our dignified Lucile Nichols wearing the most adorable rompers .... Margaret Ann McGlasson is holding the doll, in case you didn't recognize her .... Floyd Hender- son says these kiddie cars take you there and get you back. We wonder if he's right .... Otis Smith is out for no good with that gun .... You guessed it, that's Eleanor Spangler with the dreamy eyes. . . . From the looks of this, Caroline Gill- ham has always been adorable, even as a wee tot .... Howard Hiegel must have been up to some mischief. See that wicked look in his eyes? Senior's Dictionary Deffn-fionology-A popular course taught in room 102 at the seventh period. A few "A" pupils in this particular class are Robert Ables, Hubert Little, James Woodall, and William Kay. Water Fountains-A place for meeting the heart-throb between classes. Love-A disease which affects most in- mates in this institution. Books-An article containing printed pages never perused by pupils. School Senior OCTOBER 7- Corbett Legg seems to be meeting Neil Sims pretty often. Had another assembly on Fire Prevention with a talk by Mr. Frank Hedgepath. Our new yell leaders are Dorothy Weber, Lucile Nichols, Billy Harlan, Claude Chastant, Neil Sims, B. F. Brown and Leon Levine. OCTOBER 8- Saw Kathryn Douthit, ex-student, and Charles Romine at the football game cheering for our side. OCTOBER 10- Late for school. Got stuck three periods. Failed on English test and didn't have my math prepared. Must have been an off day. ir ir 11' 'A' 'A' 'A' fr 'Ir at -A' Q -A' -A' uk 1 ii 1, 'il OCTOBER 11- Got stuck four more periods for cut- ting detention hall. That makes seven in all. OCTOBER 14- Leslie Floyd Qremember Bubba?J , has a chance to make a trip to Japan as a mem- ber of an All-American baseball team. Surely hope he gets to go. At an assembly Mr. S. D. Flanz spoke on "The Flag and the Constitution." OCTOBER 18- Joe Lawrence, whose nose was broken in a football game, is O. K. now. OCTOBER 22- The Forest Echo came out today. I see all the news and everybody's business. OCTOBER 30- Received report cards today. Just got through by the skin of my teeth. Donit know yet what Dad's going to say about them. OCTOBER 3 1- Just had a lecture from Dad.-! ! ! And on Hallowe'en too. NOVEMBER 1- Dr. Richard Burton spoke on "Mid- summer Night's Dream." The picture sounds better than I thought it would be. I think I'll see it. NOVEMBER 4- Had an assembly at school. It was for "Father of Texas Day.', NOVEMBER 11- Armistice Day! Didn't have to go to school. It surely feels good to sleep late. Think I'll celebrate tonight. NOVEMBER 12- Bent a fender on the family's new car. Hayen't seen Dad yet. QI don't think he knows who did it.J NOVEMBER 13- Dad knows all. Ouch!! Crime does not pay! NOVEMBER 28- I'Ve eaten turkey until I'm blue in the face. It surely was delicious. Going to a party tonight. NOVEMBER 29- More Holiday. Got to sleep late again. Had turkey left from yesterday. NOVEMBER 30- Turlzey baslo. Ugh! DECEMBER 1- Haa' turkey soup! Answered one out of three questions asked me in class today. DECEMBER 2- A paid assembly for the sound equip- ment was given. The Bel Canto Quartet sang. DECEMBER 3- Receiyed report cards from school. Did somewhat better than last time. DECEMBER 13- Went to the first dance of the year at school. Given in honor of the football players. Surely had a nice time. DECEMBER 14- Went to the annual Forest Fun Frolic. I am now flat broke. DECEMBER 17- The girl friend wants to go to the show, and I'm still broke. DECEMBER 18- Hocked my watch at the pawn brokers. We went to the show. It's the boy that pays. DECEMBER 20- The IV-A's were honored with a dance bv the IV-B's. Carl Allen and his or- chestra played, and were we pleased with his music! DECEMBER 21- Out for the 'Christmas holidays. Try- ing to be a good boy so Santa will come to see me. DECEMBER 25- Merry Christmas, Everybody! JANUARY 1- The last of the holidays! Another year, another chance. Went to see Blackstone, the Magician. JANUARY 2- Back to school again. Got stuck three periods the first day. JANUARY 3- Hardy Cole boasts that he can sing as well as anyone in the Bel Canto Quar- tet. It seems that Hardy sings bass in the "School Bus Quartet? JANUARY 6- The National Honor Society had charge of the assembly today. It seems that Billy fThe Greatj Harlan and Jean McKinney have discovered each other. JANUARY 7- Isadore Goldsoble says he made the best muffins in the Home Economics class today. Guy Jackson claims to be the only one whose spinach wasn't gritty. Grr- 'A' i' 'I' i' 'k 'k 'I' i' if Q it 4 if 1 1 -A' 'a lygf if -A f -A JANUARY 11- Went to the P. T .A. dance honoring the seniors. Albert Rudnick was "truck- in' " with Doris Scarlotta. JANUARY 13- Today was the big day for seniors fSenior Dayj . They surely "strutted their stuff." Jack Carter taught Miss Black's public speaking class. JANUARY 16- Just came home from seeing the Senior Play, "Girl Shy." It was surely a knock- out. Bill Jett was a scream. JANUARY 18- Coldest night in years. Real snow and everything. Just the right setting for a grand Junior Prom. Gus Heilig's or- chestra played and everybody had loads of fun. JANUARY 24- The seniors pulled off their annual shin- dig. "Sap" Price and Kathryn Wandry were surely stepping on "St. Louis Blues." JANUARY 25- Served my last period. Received report cards. I am now a IV-A. Do I feel differ- ent? Slightly superior, I'd say. JANUARY 29- Late to school on account of the car. It wouldn't start. FEBRUARY 3- I am now looked on with dignity. Wish I could be a senior always. FEBRUARY 15- The school wallflowers got a break today at the Pep Squad Backward Dance. For once the girls had to pay and pay! FEBRUARY 20- More periods. Will I never finish serv- ing them? FEBRUARY..27- Everyone enjoyed the Puppet Show tonight. How many marked the likeness between the puppets and a date they've had-We wonder. , FEBRUARY 28- 8:00 P. M.-Everyone at the IV-A dance and full of pep. 11:30 P. M.-Pep gone-money gone -and time for me to go home. FEBRUARY 29- I'm still going round and round after the dance last night. I think all seniors who give such nice dances should grad- uate with honor. ily MARCH 2- Texas Week is here again and it's go- ing to be a big event for us all. Assistant Attorney-General Merton Harris spoke to us on "The Meaning of Texas Independ- ence." MARCH 3- The music department gave an in- teresting assembly this morning and Dr. J. F. Kimball spoke at the school this evening. MARCH 4- Frank Watson's speech this morning successfully aroused new interest in the Centennial. MARCH 5- The ten Texas heroes elected by the student body to the "Texas Hall of Fame" were realistically portrayed by the Public Speaking Department in assembly this morning. MARCH 6- A great week was brought to a bril- liant climax by Governor James V. All- red who spoke to us this morning. Among other prominent visitors were members of the board of education. MARCH 7- After the dance given by the Texas History Club last night, I think we all need a ICSE. Those who didn't come really missed a good time. MARCH 13- Another grand dance was given to- night by the IV-B class. Gus Heilig and his orchestra furnished the music and President Billy Stallcup was there seeing that everybody had a swell time. MARCH 19- I wonder who the good-looking boy is that Annaliese Spreen was talking to bv the statues this morning. Oh, what tales that Wallace fDiscusJ Thrower could tell! MARCH 23- Do we rate? The City Wide Declama- tion Contest was held in our own audi- torium. Irwin Kaim represented Forest in a creditable manner. MARCH Z6- Another crowd turned out at the gym dance this afternoon. We had new records and everything. 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' I'- r -A' -k is S, llll -Ar -Af if 1 MARCH 30- The incoming freshmen are just be- ginning to realize that life does not begin at 8:40, but at 8:20, and after 8:30, they're sunk. APRIL 2- Gee!! This spring weather really gets me. I went to sleep in my English class today. APRIL 6- The Parent Teachers Association gave us one of the best paid assemblies weive had in years. Our mothers really deserve lots of credit for giving us such nice entertainment. Thanks a million! APRIL 8- Some Prom, l'll say. Paul Finkelstein was seen dancing with a certain senior girl who seemed to be enjoying it. APRIL 18- The Centennial Circus, which was held this evening, was a grand success. Take it from us. As this annual goes to press, all seniors are anxiously awaiting the following Senior Red Letter Days: P. T. A. Dance . . May 15 Senior Day .... May 18 IV-A Senior Dance . May 29 Baccalaureate . . . May 31 Graduation .... june 4 Me, too! Talmadge Loyd. IV-A Class Will Maxine Bruton, So sweet and polite, Leaves her solemn expression To Annette White. Charles Romine, With his winning way, Wills his big thick shoes To Tony Pasqua. Clarice Flanagan, With pretty red hair, Leaves her biology notes To all in despair. Corbett Legg, Who knows Latin fables, Wills his ability to rate To Robert Ables. Caroline Gillham and Frances Kemmerle, For their sweetness and beauty a pair, Leave to June Wittkower and Virginia Henry Their charms so rare. Richard Worthington, Who gets periods in masses, Leaves to Avan Clanton His seventh period classes. Dorothy Kirschner, So very sweet and kind, Bequeaths to Mary Uberman A friendliness that's hard to find. Wilfred Looney, Who seldom says a word, Wills to Elton Shackman His Model "T" Ford. Annette Catlett and Genevieve Chenault Leave their different styles of hair dress To Mary Louise Dewald, Though reluctantly, I confess. Dorothy Bauer and Virginia Leeper, Those inseparable pals, Leave all their laughter To Marjorie Howells. Harold Smith, That cute little boy, Wills his dignity To Kid McCoy. Juana Coleman, Who is never loud, Leaves her innocent look To Hattie Mae Stroud. Albert Pasche, So very sedate, Leaves to john Conway His new book called "How to Be Great." The sweet disposition Belonging to Kathryn Lane Is hereby bequeathed To Mrs. Wright's little Jane. Helen Feenberg and Leona Hart, Two studious Coeds, Leave their long hours of study To the few seniors who use their heads. Eugene and Paul, The two Moores, Leave Wallace Thrower Their daily chores. Blanche James and Helen Lievsay, Lovers of sports, we are told, Leave to Neil Sims Their actions so bold. Louis Wittkower and Jack Miller, Lovers of military, I wager, Will to Billy Stallcup Their desire to be major. Louis King and James Kincaid, Who are classified as blond, Leave their shyness To Hezzie Bond. Lois Lawerence, As sweet as she is tall, Wills her long dark curls To Dorothy Ball. Ben Okon, That baseball fan, Leaves his annual jobs To Jack Goodman. Jewell Demere and Mary jane Enix, Who love to act dumb, Bequeath to Charlene Deal Their ability to chew gum. Talmadge Loyd, With his wit so rare, Wills his dancing ability To Charles Fair. 'k 'A' 'A' ir ir i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' t 'A' 1 'k Robert Thurmond, With a great deal of poise, Wills this characteristic To freshman boys. Willis McQueen, The guy with the blond head, Leaves his paper route To Jack Redd. Teddy Kaplan, That boy with the smile, Leaves to Sidney Light His boisterous style. That friendly chap, George Thrower, Bequeaths to Jack Nicholson His name of "theater-goer," Elizabeth Levy and Maxine Lenske, Those girls so happy and gay, Bequeath their ability to talk fast To Elizabeth Braun and Helen Fooshee. Harry Summer, Who abides by every rule, Leaves to Frank Horton His job after school. Bessie Epstein and Leona Geeteh, Two "birds of fine feathers," Will to Marian Gersman Their brilliant colored sweaters. Charles Snyder, Who can be precise, Bequeaths to Olin Harris His fear of white mice. Lillie Klaczak, The beauty cf beauties, Leaves to Jane Russell All her senior duties. Otis Smith, A boy with self-reliance, Wills Ivan Saddier His knowledge of science. Bertie Lee Dodd, So quiet and nice, Leaves her high grades To Adeline Price. P. O. Smith, A boy of the finest kind, Wills to Dave Weber His very brilliant mind. Howard Lund, With red curly hair, Leaves his love for tennis To jack Maer. Esther Barzune, Great lover of Spanish conventions, Leaves to Bernice Cohn Her hope never to serve in detention. Dave Reaney, Sportsman so fine, Leaves to Wilson Canada His place on the line. Chester Ray Castles, With eyes so brown, Bequeaths to all unpopular girls A smile instead of a frown. Maynard Ricker, just a bit of a crooner, Leaves to Sidney McKenzie His desire to own a schooner. Ruth Gruber and Omogene Lewis, Wlho are so distant, i' 'A' 'A' f"w'l lvl. jf" -A 8 ' fl H I I '- +A- fi. 6 i' sis If F M' 'A' Leave their efiiciency To an oiice assistant. Eugene Patterson, Whose smile is never cool, Leaves his boots To Frank Poole. Esther Brown and Marlynn Kent, With a dignified air, Bequeath to Betty Barron Their bright blond hair. Coleman Rogers, That handsome man, Leaves to Herman Arnoldt His ability to lead the band. Frances Bledsoe, So very neat, Leaves Jessie McMeans Her charm that can't be beat. Ben Prevratil, So small in size, Leaves his appeal to women To all you guys. Elsie Pramer, That brunette from New York, Wills her Northern accent To Ruth Clark. Wayne Knipe, Who is tall and thin, Bequeats his blond curly hair To Albert Lynn. Mary Louise Gidcumb and Helen Hoo Little but not too loud, Will their modesty To all who are proud. William Mosher, So quiet and shy, Leaves to Richard Bopp All his timidity. Ida Mae Bazman, With graceful hands, Leaves her cute expression To be added to Adelaide Rand's. Frank Singer, A boy who is witty and wise, Wills to Claude Chastant His Eddie Cantor eyes. Dorothy Lambert, Who sings like a lark, Bequeaths her beautiful voice To Dorothy Clarke. Henry Miller, With hair like satin, Wills Robert Carp His love for Latin. Louis Sonnentheil and Maurice Rubin, Lovers of good advice, Now give their friendly gestures To S. A. Price. Tillie Harris and Helen Fox, So very sweet and coy, Leave their laughter To those who scatter joy. Two star tennis players, joseph Yonack and Newman Leggett, Bequeath to Donald Finkelstein Their ability with the racket. And I, Louise Boles, Leave my worn-out eraser and stubby To the next unfortunate one Wlio is chosen to write a class will. 'A' i 'A' 'I' tell pencil i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' L- . I y fiwi' U' siicsiii '11 'A' ir ir 'A' i' 'A' i' 1936 Compliments of SUNSHINE GROCERY amd MARKET O Second and Birmingham " We Can't Help It, Because We Sell So Cheap" O 4-171 S rj..-xii -- YY 'Y'W inn ,Y Y it . The Souflfs Best Book sm Colonial Pharmacy V6 n n S Three Expert Pharnzaeisfs FAST EFFICIENT DELIVERY 1515 Elm Corner Forest and Colonial - Phone 4-5141 4 I , muglzorz 's S. L. EWING COMPANY IN DALLAS SINCE 1902 Business College Typgwyjfgm I LARGEST IN DALLAS ALL MAKES 7-6374 2006 Commerce Telephone 2-3026 L - L - L eaelzmem 's LAUNDRY LEADS For Over S0 Years Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Office NKLER KCILDH 1 Owned and Operated by Dallas People ICE DALLAS ICE DELIVERY co. 4-2161 8-4191 1110 Hal1St. l Cormpli rrrlffr ls of Dempsey 84 Parker Q'Tommy" 4X Dallas City Public School Writing Tablets Afforneys af Law and l . I "Tommy" Loose Leaf Fillers Fidelity Unlon Bulldln Stationery - Tickets - Coupons EARL R. PARKER FRANK L. DEMPSEY Phone 2-1683 SOUTHWEST TABLET MANUFACTURING CO. Dallas ' lull!!- l606 Commerce Street 1 Complinwrztx of J. E. BOYD BARBER SHOP 3617 Parry Ave. Phone 3-0105 NEW YORK BAKERY and DELICATESSEN 2732 Form Ave. PHONE 4-Isis FOR SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT MULLER DYE WORKS Clemzing - Pl'l'SSil7g -- Dyeing METROPOLITAN nusn-usss common Oldest in Dallas Established 1897 Fffffmosf in Dallas Sinfe 1887. , Pr, R bl NOW is the time to prepare for I1 good position. 'Les easona 6 METROPOLITAN training insures success. 3405 Grand Ave. 4-2121 Write, call, or phone 2-3534 for information. LEWIS GROCERY 85 MARKET Groferifx, Meals, amz' School Szzpjulivs 3103 Forest Avenue 4-0173 ZQHITTLE , EVERYTHING MUSICAL 1215 ELM ST Q DALLAS. TCXY Open All Night MEXICO CITY CAFE In Our New Location - 1711 Live Oak St. Will Rodriquez, Mgr. Phone 2-0619 Complimenfs of Mr. and Mrs. Rob't. J. O. Sy Makers of sY's PIES William C. Hiegert O F lonst Flozuerx for All Ovcasiofzs 2718 Forest Ave. PHONE 4-7133 ULLY'S ' JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING OPTICAL SERVICE KELLEY'S ROLLER RINK 1218 South Ervay 2-0083 73 to Forest Hams SOUTHWEST RADIO SUPPLY S. A. GREEVER WHOLESALE RADIO APPARATUS For the Amafeur and Professional 107 So. Sr. Paul Sr. 2-5525 CARROLL,S TRIPLE X STAND "Across from School" HARRY BENNETT Commercial Pboiograplaer A COMPLETE COMMERCIAL SERVICE We Photograph Anything . . Anytime 2108 McKinney 7-4906 I ,T v Y 1, :lun--L, The White-Dalsec and Forest Theatres Extend to the Graduating Classes of June, 1936, and january, 1937, their congratulations and best wishes in starting out on lifeis highway. These neighborhood theatres are sure that these young men and women are well equipped to take their places in the future life of our splendid city. Always remember that these theatres are a part of your neighborhood and are conducted in your interest with clean and wholesome entertainment. Interstate Circuit, Inc. fx- of Willard Hat Co. 9 Crabb S Texaco 710-14 Commerce St. Servlce Statlon The Originator of fhe Official Forest and Holmes Texas Centennial Hat AMMY' We Cater to High School and College Trade CURB SERVICE WE NEVER CLOSE 1516 Greenville Ave. Tel. 3 -4242 l,. t R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS im? 9 -OUT-DO-CK EQUIPMENT J 0 5 CLOTHING DALLAS' ONLY MILITARY STORE 1603 Elm Street One of America's really great stores fofmenandbow- E. M. IKEAHN CO.. ' ' ' Since 1872 Main and Elm at Lamar . . . THIS SPACE DEVOTED' TO OUR FRIENDS THE FIRM OF LINZ BROS. Jewelers COMPLIMENTS Of Klar 86 Winterman Dallas' Largest Brokers Over a Quarter Century 2310 Elm Street 7-5409 Your F anzil y Druggist F R I E D M A N ' S REGISTERED DRUGGISTS "Where South Dallas Trades" SPREEN'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 3907 Oakland Ave. 1920 Grand Ave. 4-7118 4-0466 X. l W. A. CATLETT Ofgce ghone 2-3280 es one - 29 C O M P L I M E N T GAS 86 HEATING SPECIALTY CO. S Manufacturers Agents of 2nd Unit Santa Fc Building I A DALLAS, TEXAS A C ' F U ' H 1:3:.m:.1i.i3s:52.. 5555535252 ' - BULLMAN Plibrico Jointless Firebrick Oil Burners Donif C1155 - Call Us COLONIAL RADIO SHOP Free Inspection if Brought to Our Shop 5 Phone 4-0208 1714 Forest Ave. 'I' SUITS - PANTS - OVISRCOATS READY MADE TAILOR MADE BELL TAILORING COMPANY "The Young Mvn'.v Slow of Dallas" Phone 2-0995 HUDSON C. LOCKETT 1611 Main St. Dallas, Texas il' Crolman Style Twist SLICED BREAD Af YOUR GROCER Model Tailors Suits Made to Order 2308 Elm Street FIFE and ARONOFSKY, Proprietors Greetings from Commissioner District No. 3 ED. VAN DERVORT T lmnk Yon... SENIOR for the privilege of manufacturing gores? cgvenue Commencement gnvitations STAR ENGRAVING COMPANY 1 4 is the leading designer and manufacturer of distinctive Class Rings and Commencement Invitations. ' D asv incloati 1 . uilncil I Representative In sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entir student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past thirteen years American Beauty Cover Co. 1900-8 Orange Street THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS' PLANT -1- HALL-GENTRY 0j??'6z'a! Phoiogmplzery for Clfzfyes Qf Jima, 1936 am! Jamzary,' 1937 -I' THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY 1715716171 we PRINTING COMPANY 1717 Wood Street, Dallas, Texas f' , C39 fcamngz 55 :go uffgwaafafzn Dbaffm E129 'zacfing UO. I' I' fIl I- : 45-I f A I-: A I , W Q-KE' F I.?,. M,I -Ii I ' . H ifv., - . JL, I I' , , ""-I 'If Y 'I,I" -gI's.,. I lI'Z,.. I ,QI I aux. - -I QQ3 ' J ' 115-. E. I' II". . 'I ,I I 'A 7 I .' ,'I' ,AJ-, .VV l 4. -' - .3 ,T,I L1 I - - jen .r I .I' Ia .. "--I a IW ' 'Xf I II I Mi 'I l,, I I I, V. FI - If ' -" ..I ,S I ". rl. b 1 If I- if--I d", If I S, I, I+ SI ', - " XX . -'af'-. n,fI,rXfa-g 5, . . ,A ,b-K. t I :,I Q. . . I HF . I, H QIIIIIF .I:-In .qu -X . W . I.'I " ,I 'I ,J-IH? ,J I I , ' I, f ,II .,-II'-II: I lM9,J, If J. I Il:F"".'1P ,Ig 1 I-1,1 . MIX-af' I I I -,JI'flI" ,IL ,. 'psf' I ALI- 5,51 1' I 1. -. ' "Ig ILL' '-, . I AIX A -KI "' l :ff 1 -II I . lg 4' II- JI . I. 1' . ' " II W I 2I'H. - I N . 4. II .I. , EX' '? .5 II 'I ffnf,IL HI. WX NAI I ' , ,I,IIfJizJ1II I W ' 'If I :H If -I 1 I I' w?IN,5 . I . .M ' le I' I I I 2 ITQWLI I Iv ,Ip I PIA?-II V E :'RI'I' ' I . . .. I I - 'I mI'A,I I-I X 'A im.. I ' ' 'It' I I f f II?-I XX V I f:,f!j I .dp , 'w .. I , 'IIHJI :N I -P. I , I: P- II, V - -N ' QI U 5 XI' "Ji . :",.,-I 'IIF -uf I' I , 541 I' Il If ,, "'.rI'I , ' 'v.I' "I5"FI"'m Ur, 'X ' I .II . ,, I LIT- I5I,-Q11 J J I I ,' 1 I ,- .,I fiffl I , ' 4 :IAF 9 la ,VIII ' 7,3-5: 'Lal' Q 2.'- i, Pg.IM s,fQA 'H'?i'v If ,ef XI: I I 3. 2 Ir,-I -F4 'gill I l'.1'.I ..:. 1. '- ' .'Irfr' , .Tn WI ,ififz XE "IQ-,-. . if L! II. ,' ff"-' ILI.I"iiI Iialiwsi 225'-X V 'WI i .II II. '13 -E .'.I--'X: L, ' Iv 'HI M XI I ,L1I,.: XII .I .. I ' 1 I 9 . iii' 'lx' I I- I. ,h ' I I I X X 'I I I X I - I I - I ,. I 'r' I- I I I , I I' I I I I I I X, I , X If ' V Ifip J' " T ' 'I I - 1 I .I -I .:., .J X X I I . 4. , II .I - H I I X ,I ' I ,-I -II- - fQ4'II9'II.,- X 'I-I I I 1' 'II .wx .W Ig.. I I J I 4 ,I FI ni I "If" il, II I ,bv A , Mffvl.- '-H n I , aw I m W I I' 'I I ' in I' 'I :Q , I III ,V W eX, .,, I I I.I 'X .,I, I-. X Lal: LI I , . ,II "H-44,2 'I II .rX: .if Il. .I, , - cm - I,.. IJ 4,. ., IIA, .II 535 I. ? wkki' . I X.-In " , I 'NVE ,- V L-II' I IF' 'I I". I I III ,I 'ENG fy .".5"gIIX' "' I. , -I, in --N55 I I4 I I I L Q I I I I J IL II . .n In-,IX ,IA', I I wg ,XL5?I 'v 'l I I 9 .I I -.'. Q-- , L ,yA I-E I Q5 II WHL- A.If' ' ' I H3 L-ILL! ,. I me E I, .V I,,,,PH,, X X ' R " Z X ' XXX NWN Q Q W wx w 7 XX X Q ff W I, ? f ' f W X , W f nm , vnu " 5 fi ,f ,, f f ,f X 1

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Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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