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ll? ,, ' 4, , 1 -sw - pk. ww E 7 " " ilk' if ga, ge 4, S , e.. HL-'K Q, it Wrk irm :Inf R , ' Lf - 5 3 lit' . LC I V 7 2 I 1 lr t .'5"," .5 1. ,ii 5 , ui ig, ,fn V. ,f 3 L J J 5 l ! s 5 i 4 I I E E : : s E 1 : s E E : I 1 I l 5 5 1 5 1 5 J I 1 f f 5 5 1 I 1 5 5 1 I E E I 5 5 5 5 1 1 5 3 5 1 1 5 1 1 5 5 E 5 1 5 f I f' E., ,' lf. - 5 '7 J. V . I V , fu AA' ' ' Ll ' wg: fp?-' dir V Bu v 'f L 1 V .. 41 'nl , . 4 - I ,. HJ, U n 1 l.. , r . U x. up fur ' ' 'was 4 1 V ' gf-xv". I ' 1 . K 5 ',j'..x , X Emi .I Na x n tx .bf - ' :J v H. ,- -1. , . . ,MM f xr. ' Q I A "','.l- ': '- -- N. A i v .4 , , ,,.,g,,,,,'! u ' ' 5 ,vh- V K 4 . J, A. 1 1 . , .. f QQ: in ' x Y . l -V, in ., 51 - . A' ' F a A .1- 1' M gi, ni' I t kzjlf. J Ii ,FJ ffgglff 'H 5 . xl x. , ug. . ,. , ' lx 5 . I. ' x P' . 4 . I A' JV 'I 'L' ' '1"Q', ' 2.37 xc I ,m - .1--. . v C. . 'S Zi, W . , v. . .4 1 ent ,.',,.f-,1'n .ly .m. 671112 J Wester I 935 El Srl x YW k -LH - I a .fl Tx i , 17- A -.I 14 'Y' "fl CK 423 . Hb' Yu-:id f 'I A. ' 5513 A' 'fi A V - 193 r'1i f I Bn1"rm Lna Jo:-ms Editor , ' Donorny Voss ' 'Buxfr'Asc:Hi-file . Associate Editors q 2 .E Roman Vbnr Tlinssn Business Manager . P 3 .ll li I-1 ": 3' QTXWIS Q' P E Q -5 , X ' gi-4-" "' J :E mi Q M , S f 2 f 1 ff in ' W A Q, K . 'Wi 3 Y-N ff Adm, X xg 5 f Z-5-..-,.-"1'- If If f f' " Z X e,,f'ff- i f f,kn,f , L il? - ,um-I f I A !,,-- - MM, , ' .1 I ' ff fi' -X lafl . I A - .. 5 1 f 1 X , A ff ff f p' x V If Z x 1 XX TWQ If -2 ff A , ' x f ' " A J -V ff I A + Q A ,- Z if 4M?Wf A 2 7 Z uw f XA f . . A M Al' fi -ix X1 "RTN MAR? X 'KW' "'N:"?'3 " X X 4 f - f f -LY' gm V Q A X f 'XX -2 111 My 1 m xakuwtg lf Xwxi, fl f A mu' lmliun mix r'l1rixlr'm'J ul Sun Fvlilu' and 1uum'fJs'1l CQ xx ,- , X I f l M , ilx l'1lVl'!'I' of imlwjrr'rnlz'r1m' ul Suu Iurirllo. A urn' slar umm' MTX Q? ' N ' ' in Hn' -Hl'rrm:m'ul nf rmfinux un-I flown ilu' rrnrizlors of F.. O' Him' Il'l'Nf flu' ringing 1'fn1ll4'11,q1' of u frm' mul unfram- I rurlwl jnmjlfr, HIKQUI to zmrk uni ffm ffmlinivs of u lux! rg". I. Vlllfiifl' :lf'!'0V'tlfIlX lo flwir UN!!! 1liz'lf1lz's. 57126 Wore fer 1935 Qubfisffea' by Ike r5872Z.07' Qfass of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL DALLAS, TEXAS f ' !- N l "I-- i':'2 5' I" 'A x I-I1 -'M 4' ' U T ll , '.. .'fi-gfgyg! I X, I N , mp yI'I,'5:jiE:gi A - , I .- X X . - ' if z'12g.1-sf1ffiiLezz:-- Yr 1' 1 ,hy - u I, x .K .. ,, , HX X X- .. ,, , , ,, Xi W . 'W X-diffs X 4' S XXXX. I , 5 . ,A J ., X QR ,X Xa I I i If , V' I Zvi.. It ,XX ly -Q x 'Zn' N lf X11 f4-,A, .ijt Nj ,L - Xu x -"v rl' I :hu I x lx ' ' ' 'I 'N , ff"5':l' i 1 'A' L- 'iffl' - X A , ., -X gJaf,f,,y , X N r ' ' 2 ,WL . S fl, ff , ' 'H E Ou Marr!! 2, l836, xl Di'rluruIim1 uf lmlijnfmlwln' uax unani- muuxly uffoplml unil .lf-Xfllfil ul WfuxllingInu-011-Iln"Br'a:ru. Tln' Dl'l'ldTdfillll uux pnifmml by u t'0HIllIilfl'l' rmufmxml of Gvnrgc C. Clulflrvii, Collin MrKinmjy, lfAlll'lIl'll Cfuumil, lumm liuimu, uml Hailey Iidl'1,t'llIlllI. FOREWORD To the North, South, East, and West, Texas will open her gates and Welcome the world. Dallas is proud to be the center of this celebration of Texas' Birthday. The theme of the Foresfcw is "Looking Forward to the Texas Centennialf, Sam Houxtou wax inurzgnrulml Prvsirlvrzl of ilu' Rvpublir of Tvxux on Orlobvr 22, 1856. Ax u xymbol of uxxnnxpfion of Civil ojim, lu' prv.u'r1fuJ bis .vwrml lo ilu' Sfu'akz'r of flu' Housf, xaying: "I burr' worn if with xmm' lmnlblr t17'C'fl'l1Xi0I1X in zlvfrnsv of 'my l'0IIllfl'y and xfwuulal Ibm' Jungrr of my IYIIIIIIVVY again vulf for my n'rz'if'z', I r,x'flr'c'f fo VVKIIIIH' if." ORDER OF BOOKS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS AND MILITARY I FEATURES Mlss MARY SMITH CLARK DEDICATION In sincere appreciation for her Work as sponsor of the yearbook, we dedicate this nineteenth volume f the Forester to Miss Mary Smith Clark. 0971 71,77 --1+-aku . S. . 4 44 . W'fnfl Xlrllu .Kumi 11.1-. mrfvfllrml mmf l7I'lllltQlHA ffrfrnlw' Ch'rlrr'.:l Snllll unxlull, .Hwil 22, IHH-. lfu' 'lfxilrlx krlru' ffm! lfn' IfA'fIlVX nu ilu' fflllflllv .fm HM' lurlflr nf Suu frlflllfflf um Jwrnizr. 'Hu' .lrnrrilzlq ix from .A fhllllfillg 1"x' XV. ll, lllnfflff' in lfn'Cuj1ilul nl JIIXHII. I TRATIO1 4 t 'A' ir 4? W Q 4, I 'Hg fi ll . l ' L , iii liif iiii im ff f if "f Y 'till-' 'fi 'iv " " 'k" .- .M....,,,-Q, ,W-. .51 N, The Way Up As we climb each step, We have within us A will, A will To get to the top. A will To climb every step In life, Transcend the steep ones, And climb, Climb! Dorofliby N oz'iz'lJ 'A' i' 'A' -A' 'Ir ir i' 'A' ir ir '05-4 ,p lffvalgfl Page N in gr' lf 5 Aff' H1 af f if ir 'rd , V Qem 'N l N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD Sll,ll'l'iPlft'lltll'llf of 54110011 Assixhuzl S1ljn'ri11lvrm'r'nl Dixlrivt S1lpc'ri1lfr'm1z'nl of Sfbools of High Srlmoolr Board of Education DAVID W. CARTER, JR., M. D., President COMMITTEES Finance Gabe P. Allen, Chairman L. O. Donald Mrs. W. A. Leeper S11 pplivx Ralf' Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Chairman L. O. Donald Fred D. Danford S Z. S. Armstrong, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Gabe Allen Buildings and Silas L. O. Donald, Chairman Gabe Allen Fred D. Danford Lunch Rooms Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Cbairman Z. S. Armstrong Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Welfare Fred D. Danford, Chairman Mrs. W. A. Leeper Z. S. Armstrong 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 bf i' 'k i' ir 4 4 lgl rj if 1 if is 1 ..i f if if if Q XWYLIE A. PARKER If PI'flIt'iINI1 To Mr. Parker we give special honor. He has served his school and state faithfully, and he has presented to the state a tribute long needed to Com- memorate its brilliant past by originating "Texas XVcek," now a state-wide movement. 'lr 'A' A' if ak 'A' al' i' 'A' 'lr -nf if + if f if ff 1' .16 Nl TO MR. PARKER It was winter, and a cold Wind blew about a boy who was marching miles to his school. Every morn- ing-freezing or blazing, whatever this Texas weather may have been-he walked his long, long miles. What was in the mind and heart of this youth as he trudged along we do not know. But we can be sure it was no ordinary inspiration that held him to the path. No ordinary inspiration, I said, because he Went with an eagerness that is seldom seen on roads leading to school. But what are inspirations? It is the story of a fallen cherry tree that inspires a man to throw back his shoulders and tell the truth! It is the "Spirit of '76" that calls forth noble sacrifice to uphold the cause of Justice. And I like to think it was the story of the pioneers of Texas-the story of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston and William Travis and the rest-a story of Perseverance and of Courage that glorified the long walk to school. I know that all these heroes walked that road with the boy who marched so bravely. And now that the boy is a man and has found a place where he may render unselfish services to his fellows, now that he has made his mark, he gives his inspirations to us. Mr. Parker, if Sam Houston urged you to be a pioneer, if Stephen F. Austin gave you the incentive to work for order and peace, if Mirabeau Lamar turned your abilities to the field of education, you in turn, are arousing us, your students, to be trail- blazers of character in this new life. You are inspir- ing us in a way that could be achieved only by a True Texas Hero. Thank you, Mr. Parker, for "Texas Week." Doroiby N 0 Lficb. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l'ugI'Tu'I'l14' F4-rj ' V I V Il. Ing- -l .fx -gilm A ' A af 1 if A d i ,Z I+, ' af ir A ff 'llld A , I . ' U LAW WH if ll ll ll FACUf?'jf ANnR1aws. NANNII-I D ......... Mafbvmafirs ARIJRI5Y, MINNlli P. BAIIIIQY, EI.IzAIsI2TH BARIiR, S. N. . . BARIIAM, RUTH E.. BI-'II,IIARz, FRANCIS W. . Bl1RRY,WIl.l.ll-IMAX' BI,Ac1R, HI41l.l-.N FIiRN Fl'l'lll'b Ii II g l is lm . . . . Slmrllaa ml Sjmnis lm . Englixll aml Holm' Emnmnivs Hmm' Er'01mmi4's . . . . Pulrliz' Spvalzilllq BLUMENTHAL, JIQNNIIQ W. . . Sfml-y Hall and Typing BoUI.'I'oN, -I. ALAN. BRI-1w1iR. MARKQARET BROWN, EMMA H. BROWN, MINNIIA. . BU'I'l.IiR, W. I-I. . . CIIRIsToPIIIiR, RUTH Cl.AliR, MARY SMITH DAVIDSON, SARA . DIAL, TURA W. . Sl'll'Ill'l' Mallwzfzalivs Hisfory anal MdflJl'll1dfltxS . Sovial H ixforiy Sz'it'm'c' ,Hixlor-y English S fmrzisb Englixb i' i' 'A' i' 'k 'A' ir i' 'A' i' ' 'k 'A' 'lr 'lr Q . .lxxzftlv DONOHUE, EMMALINI? DURHAM, ELOISE . ELDER, LOULA . . ENSOR, RETTIE K. . FELDER, ANNIE GEM FOOTE, RACHEL M. . GERLACI-I, DOROTHY GOODMAN, C. V. . GRIFFITH, C. T. . HARDY, SEARCY H. HARLAN, LETA MAE . HARRINGTON, ALICE . HASSELL, KATE . LDEN, PERCIE . HUGHES, ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON, SELDON HYMAN, SARA . . JACKSON, BERTHA KENNINGTON, J. T. Loos, ALFRED J. . MASTERS, ETHEL . MATTHEWS, PEARLE MCCORMACK, C. T. MELsoN, ADDIE . MENEZES, HARRY E. MILLER, LOURANIA . MooRE, GRAY . . OVERBECK, MARY F. . PINCKARD, TALLULAH PRITCHETT, JULIA . ROSSER, L. E. . . ROWE, EDNA . SEGRIST, LOCILLE . HALL 4444! SHAW, MABEI.. . SHEPARD, ALVA . THATCHER, BESS . USRY, J. T. . . WHITE, J. B. . . WICKHAM, FLETCHER R. . WILCOX, LOUISE . YATES, H. B. . gm, gi Page Thirteen 'cfg' lf, if 'tr if if fulfil' . Library . Journalism . Mathematics . . Art . English . Dean . History . . . History Mec Janical Drawing . Study Hall . . . . 92 . Secretary S.. . Home Economics . . Mathematics . Pianist . English . . Science . Study Hall . English . History . . Mathematics Latin and Mathematics Home Economics . Accounting . English . Military . Latin . . . Science . Attendance Clerk . . Study ,Hall . Typing . Mathematics . . . English Physical Education Physical Erlucation . Mathematics . . History . Social Science . . Science . Spanish . Music . History 'lr 'A' 'A' 'lr i' 'A' 'A' 'A' N 'k um Pugr lfon rl rm ll . f sr if 4 'J if 1' if if niffiiii Q1 -1. - MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS. P. T. A. Officers C. J. WHEELER . . . . President M. SCHACRMAN . . First Vice-President ABE BULLMAN . . Second Vice-President J. C. MCCLURE . . Third Vive-President R. TOBOLOWSKY . . Fourib Vice-Prexizlenl A. J. THROWER . . Fiffb Vice-President W. E. HARLAN . Sixth Vice-Prrsiderzt S. H. FIRNBERG . . Seventh Vive-President W. R. LLOYD . . . . Recording Sevrc'tary . H. MARGULES . . Corrvs ondin I Secretary S . G. W. SWARTHOUT . . . . Treasurer CECIL BLOCK . . . . Auditor PAUL LACY . . . . Audilor R. I-I. BRIN . . Parliamwzlariarz R. E. THORN .......... . . ,Historian DELEGATES TO DALLAS COUNCIL A1515 BULLMAN MRS. R. E. THORN ALTERNATES J. M. ALLEN MRS. PAUL LACY MY TEACHER Shc is the one who is kind to me, With a kindness that is all that kindness could beg When I come to 21 hill that is too steep and high, She gives me her hand and helps me get by. Some think that a teacher is just made to fuss When queer spells of badness come over us, But put yourself in your dear teacher's place, And what would you do if you had ber case? -Elizabelb Braun. i' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' i' l 1 1 , , gr YV -1 F -41-Q -i 7 -L "Hx Lllllfflflllll frm fuwl In ,xllrfrml H1 r'4'.fn'rrliI1g 'l'f'x.1w fron: llw 11114111 1111 fwlwlfuflnfl, 4llfrVjv1lu', will irlfrl1ig1'rlm',"4QLauer frnm Stephen Xuxlm uv XXnll1.1m ll, NX lmrmn, Apr1l2-5, lX29,y flux xlulr fm rrlmm of lfn jllrm LIIIIVIV, in wjrVm14fi1l.q our il Nurlfl Aim: Ill, i n if is is as 53 3515 mi L af ff if H 'ti li ' 'F' -'fi Miss RACll1IiL Foo'1'ii Dran Miss Foote, our dean, al- ways has endeavored to make us more gentlemanly and more womanly. There is no one in the school who has a more genuine interest in the student body, and we feel that our lives have been en- riched by having known her. IN APPRECIATION Because of her guidance, and because of her sympa- thetic understanding of youth, Miss Edna Rowe, Sen- ior Counselor, holds a high place in our esteem. Miss EUNA Row' li Swim' CIIllll5t'l 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' uk 'A' 'k i' L.. x X . If I ,X N. N 491 1 X N x X M UU . 7: 1 . I' - . - , u ' ff . , x ,- R V f - If -" X , 1 1 - gfb x N5 X 3-5 1':Zgi':'f'f 4: 1 X, , f 'if ' -- ,fa .453 - . l M111 , -'G , ' ff- , ,ff Q' ' ,gi-5' ' 2 f 2 if g. AX -4,11 Q: ya. 4 1- --g,, u--4Z,,- in ff , 11 111. -C X 1" 'px 7 j,,aff?qf ,W X f bizw -' 14,-fl A A P lr! A- l 3 ff - - X " " f , 9 1 f., ' -:ff i ,ff 'f R- As- N ' 1 E Q 4,1 Ugfzgf 1-fu Wifi: 'im J' -- ,f f "f5 ,ffl L" " . fnllif. "' ,K N ,L 'Rafi-fg1.ff 523113253 HWS - ?i X-Q5f -N LAK xxx- ,' 'E QQ QR' X ff N f swam- V' f' .1 Q lf I' , ff ' vf., ,ff ' r f' f X . 1' Q , lf" 4 ,, I If V, , x 5:7 ' I 23535,- -g :-l f X X 5 V :' ff' I :,, , Lf' I pl A Xu! xx x f 2-by ga U K X . ' N x Wivkxx fl 'x 7 ' N xx fW Jw N f ,fa X if f 41. 'K ff Q ,,, . llmnfiiifu VZ, ,! A Q Q X A , E ixnxnulynlgwmmg ' A - ' ' , N W -- -1-1. ve... -Hr... 6f1AzM,.m,,f,,W WU' ,M .AY ll' x Ou Ffflfllzlfy IX, 1685, Kobvrl Cawlirr Sivur :lv La Sallr, ullvlnfzling ia rmlixcowr tbr mouth of the Mixsi ' mppi Riwr, Iundrd urridcnlully in Texas at Maiagorrla Bay Hr fo d d . un 1' Far! St. Louis near lbrrr. If uyux al lim For! that Ibn ji .I la ' ' ' ' rv C YISIIIHI nmrrlagv H1 Tmas look jzlufv. ICR Pagv liigblm' 1 1 HJ! N , i l I L if if ff if L, I .1 f if if if 1+ Y .Ei 'I' '5- Miss MIN Nlli BROWN IV-A SIIOIISU7' One person the seniors could not get along Without is Miss Minnie Brown. She took the reins when we were IV-Bs and guided us through to our greatest ambition- graduation. SENIOR SPONSORS Because of her readiness to give cheerfully her service to our class, we, the january '36 seniors, feel fortunate in having as our sponsor Miss Alice Harrington. Miss ALICE HARRINGTON IV-B Sponsor 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' i 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' - -43:--A - -A 4 4 4 I'II"I' Nmw! W .N A If X X Q f if +1 if if OTTO LIGHT DOROTHY WEISIZIK QJTTO LIIII IT Pl'l'Nil,f'lIf Swlior Du-Y CliCIiLlA Jn N12 NIETZGILR BIQTTIIA1 LEI41 -JON ES LORENIQ FISHER ROBERT VON TR1iSS C. J. WHEELER DOROTH Y NVERI-ZR I'rI'siflI'11f Sofia! LOUIS ,TOBIAN ROBERT GARSON STANLEY DAVIIJ JACK COOPER LOUIS TOBIAN JUNE '35 CLASS JAQIQ COOPER Jfiff'-Pl't'Si!lt'lIf COMMITTEES Senior Play BECCA CILE ROSENIIERG DARWYN RAIIINOWITZ JANUARY ,36 CLASS LOUIS TOBIAN Vin'-PI'l'siJc'lIf COMMITTEES MI'n1Iu'rsbij2 FRED WEATHERS DOROTHY FURLOW SOL KAPLAN FRANCES HIEGILL JEXVELL HARDWICR FRANCES HIIiGliI. SI'c'1'1'fary Svnior Dann' OSCAR HALLPQR DOROTHY Voss JUANITA WOOlJALl. SCHUYLER HOOKIAQR JEWELL HARIJWICR SI'l'Y1'flIl'.J' Prog ra 111 VIRGINIA CLIQUE DAVIS DYER PAUL COOPER 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 -1 lflf X A X X Q l ll jf 1 ,v 1 ,M tl '.J Page Tu ruli' IJ! I l ll i 4 if is if .HQ-3, if if + + lL S Y 1 1 4 4 4 4 4 .' " .. tr' MAliGAllLi'I' joilNsoN Girls' Public Speaking Club. Dolus SCIIUMATIL Las Dos Americas: Le Cerele Ifriuieais: Girls Publie Speaking Club: Library Council. Gimimlvi Gltulsiss Baseball, '33, '34, '5S. I E O1.Llli V. 1-Iolfl-'Lit R1aelNA SClll.lNblzR l.e Cerele l:!'.lIlCAiY, Viee-Presitlent, Seeretnry, Sergeant-at-Arms, Pzirliamentnrinn, Represent- ative to All-City Freneli Alliance: lligli Seliolarsliip Club: Forest Forum, Secretary: Little Theatre. STA NLEY DAVID I 5 Class, President: Stnndurtl Debating So- ciety: l.os Iispanoles -lovigiles, Vice-President: 1 Las Dos Americas: Pan-Ameriemi Student Forum. lANli Misizclilt ass, President: Il-15 Class, Viee-Presi- Auditores Cnesmris, President, Treasurer, t-at-arms: National Honor Society: Hlgli Seliolarsllip Club: Girls' Letter Club: Seienee Club, Seerelnry-'I're,1surer Parliamen- tarian. B1.ANcHu MQCUTCHEON Girls' Public Speaking Club: Blue llonnet Club, Pnrlinmenturian: Iirlm Staff: Little The- .ltreg Girl Scouts, Secretary. Vlol.1a'r WL1'l'ZMAN Iirlm SMH: Le Cerele limneiiis, Secretary: Girl Reserves, JACK COOPlili National Honor Soeiety: Football, '33, '54, 'isg Baseball, '35, '34, 'asg Basketball, '52, '35, '34, '3S: Forest Forum: Aclta Historical Society: Los lispnnoles joviales: Las Dos Americas: Forrxlvr, '35: IV-A Class, Viee- President. 4 4 4 4 4 Pu qc Tu rufi Our ily? in , ' A ra!! af if A I J fi? TQMMIE Lou BLACKSTONE ' Cactus Club: Girls' Letter Club. MARY VIRGINIA BRUTON Girls' Public Speaking Club, Texas History Club. W. C. BABI3 R. O. T. C., Second Licutenmtg Crack Com- DQIIIY. -34. W Cp EVA LEE VANN Los Iispanoles Joviales, Secretary, Parliamen- tnrinng Las Dos Americas, Treasurer, Reporter, Library Council, Secretary, High Scholarsliip Club, National Honor Societyg Pan-American Student Forum. I,A VONNIQ BUc1RAI,F.W Girl Reservuw. Q10 WAl,TEll BROWN Basketball, '33, '34, Football, '33, Student Football Manager, '34, R. O. T. C., Bandg All-City Honor lhiul. KATIIQ MIZE C.IcII.Is Club, lfrlm Siaff. Dfw!! SYLVIA BALSER Auditorcs Cnesurisg Little Theatre, Le Ccrclc Francais. ESTIIER COBLIQR I Los lispanoles ,Iovialcsg Las Dos Americas, Pan- MII.TON BOPP American Student Forumg Forest Forum, Ser- lL1L'.ll1l-.ll-AFIIISQ Iirlro Stuff. L 'A' ir ir 'A' Q 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 7 if ELDA SQH U LTZ Los Espanoles joviales, Secretary: Las Dos Americas, Parliamentarian. WII.MA RI2IzvIis Girls' Public Speaking Club, Iirlio Staff. HAROLD KAUI-'MAN C rack 'Zum ROBINSON Los Iispnnoles hloviales, Treasurer: Law Dos Americas: Cactus Club. GI ADYS EVELYN SAFIPIR Girls' Public Speaking Club, Little Tlieatreg Signiferig Auditores Caesaris. EDDIE HENRY R.O.T.C. Band, All-City Honor Band: Rifle Team, '34, BUR VALENTINIQ Asc:HNIaIt l Class, Vice-President, lll-li Class, Presi- den lV-A Class, Treasurer, Little 'l'l1C3lII'C, Auditores Caesarisg High Scliolarsbip Club, President. Vice-Presidentg Girls' Letter Club: National Honor Society, Latin lfssay Contest '34, F1m'xfI'V, '35. I Nomvm SMII.IaY Los lispanoles jovialew, Secretaryg Lax Dow Americas, Pan-American Student Forum, Girls' Public Speaking Club: Aelta Historical Society, Girls' Letter Club. Rosa AUCOIN High Seholarsliip Club, Girls' Public Speaking Club, Vice-President, Secretary, Cactus Clubg Library Council. ' Giiouoic LIVINGS National Honor Society: Higli Sclmolarsliip Club, Treasurerg Pan-American Student Forum: Latin 'TUlll"IlLllI1t'llI, '32, 'Fig Track, '34, '3 Y. 4 4 4 4 4 wily' I Page Tii'i'11ty-Thr" li if if if f' 1' I LoR1iNE FISHER Science Club: Girl Reserves: liw'i'.vlvr, 'Big lfrfm Stull: Iirfm Popularity Contest, '33: Yell l.e.iilei'. Luisia FIQRRIQLL Girls' Public Speaking Club, Treasurer: Girls' Lerrer Club. WIl.l,IAM S'i'RiNG1f12L1.oW ll-B Class, President: Auditureiy Cgiesnrii niferi: Iivfm Staff. JMR MAUliIClli PETTY HliI.1iN Fiiiviac U Girls' Public Speaking Club. DAN'ID NATHANSON Library Council, Pgirliamentarian: Aelta His- wrieal Society. Treasurer: lll-B Class, Ser School Banker: Standard De baring Society: IVAA Class, Sergeant-at Arms: R.O.T,C. SYLVIA GORDON 3 Qi' -H3 Girls' Public Speaking Club, Treasurer: Aeltn Historical Society: Little Theater: High Scholarship Club: Library Council. Imax RoisiaRsoN Le Cui-cle Francais: lligh Scholarship Club: Girl Reserves. MARY Lllil.IiN Honcris Euan-Ni-1 E. lNlO0Rl if ir ir 'Ir 'Ir ir ik 'k 'lr 'A' 'A' E C 1 Q Q 1l,Ql"llIfl'llfY-III KC, 1 l , 'k if is if if if if if ll "'L Mlffir x. i' 'A' i' i' f MAliCjARI2'r MUNlDliI,l. l-A Class, Secretary, lie Cercle lfrincgiis, Vice- Presidenr, P.1rliamentgiri.1n, High Selmlmraliip Club, Reporter, Girls' letter Club, llnnnr Such.-ty, DOROTHY MCIBRIDl'l R. BooN1s fl lfo st Cfain Club, Prexialenl. oius STREHORN Girl Reserves, Treaxmurer, Council Reprexen' mtive, lll-A Class, Viee'l'resident, lV-ll Clam, Secretary, Science Club, Sergemnt-an Arms, Secretary-Tre,xwurer, lfrfm Staff. FRANLLIQS CARP Girls' Letter Club, Girl Reserves, liurest Forum, Auditores Cnesnris, Signiferi, l:uri'.xla'r '3i. Sl'.I.lJliN BRIN R.O.'l'.C., Second Lieutenant, l,.ll1'Al11CFiC.ll1 Student Forum, Science Club, S1.1ml.ird De- lmting Sueiely, President. l.liNA COLEMAN N l.irrle Theatre, lfrlw Stall, lfnresl lfurum. Lois Jon IDASCII lfrfm Staff. xxlARY CSRACIZ lDUNN Auditures Caexnrix, Treauurer, Signiferi, Girls' Public Speaking Club, President, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Girls' Letter Club, Aelt.i lflismricul Society, Seienee Club. ,l.YDli APPLE Higli Selmlarhliip Club, Vice-Presielent, l.i- brnry Council, Vice-President, Aunlimres Cnemris, Aelt.1 llixlnriml Sneielyg lnlllll 'l'uurnLum'lil, liffm Stall., llllwimwx b'l.lI1,lj.QL'I'. 'A' 'k 'Ir 'A' 'll ,N . 3 Puge Tiwrily-Ifizi + 1 if , jf sr ir if + " ' LYQTJ, CJ mi ,7 Hl41l.l3N MCKENZIE Forest Forum, Pnrliamenturimng Girls'Cl1orus. iv-L' . ..,,- ' IDA Lui MAYES Fiuan WEATPIERS , jovinlcs, Tremsurerg Ill-li Class, Presidentg Senior Hi-Y. Stqndartl Debating Societyg Los lispmnoles l MAIKJORIE NEWTON Blue Bonnet Club, Secretnryq Girls' Letter C.ubg Ifrlm Staff. KA'iintYN NFLSLJN Girl Reservesg Girls' Letter Clubg lfrlm Stall: All-City Chorus. l:liL'l'ON WATSON Science Clulmg Fomvlrr, '3i. 2 Y ls C I Vioi.A Piuauss i v tlirls' Pulilie Speiltiiig Club. ' ,, , Q ' r 1 l. HARIKIET ORNISH X Los lfspanoles jovinlv, Seeremryg I-B Class, Sccretaryg Cactus Clubg High Scliolarsliip Clubg Wiiiner of City Typing Contest, '34g l"uri'.iIi'r, '35, MAitv1aL1a1-:N Pmtalts Cirls' Public Speaking Clubg tlitores Cgesqris. I-Imtoum TOPLETZ R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant: Crack Com- piny, '13, 'B-lg Killa: Train, 'BY 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l'a,q1' 7' ,Bw ll1il"1 ", if f f af 'U l . L I 'A' i' iq? 'E N 9' Q ll ii- I - 1 ,Q 1 ff 40.4 LAIR Reservesg Allied Arts Club. ANNA PEARL LAWRENCE Los lispanolcs jovialesg Las Dos Americas Pan-American Student Forum: Girl Reserves Erlzo Staff. EUGIZNIA ELMORE PAUL APPLE Auditores Cacsaris. IVA MAE JONES High Scholarship Clubg Library Council. ' EEA ICE M1NsRY 1 es Jovialesg Erha Staffg Forvxivr, '3S. Lo RENE FERRELL Interscholastic League Spelling Contest, '32g Girls' Public Speaking Club, Secretary, Vice- Presidcnrg Girls' Letter Club. ,IUANITA JOHNSON Allied Arts Club, Treasurer. MARY SUE JOHNSON High Scholarship Clubg Girls' Public Speaking Club: Girls' Letter Club: Erlwo Staff, Editor. JUANITA MRNNING ' Girls' Public Speaking Club. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ,lfj irl Reservesg Girls' Letter Clubg Los Espan- ir ak 'lr uk GILRALDINE GIVENS Girls' Public Speaking Club, Science Club, Girls' Letter Club. GliIiAI,DINE WEBB E050 Staff, Girl Reserves, Girls' Public ing Club, Girls' Letter Club. IOHN FINUCANE Le Cercle Francais, Library Council, Presi- dent, Forest Forum, President, Vice-President, Little Theatre, Treasurer, President, High Scholarship Club, Erlro Staff, Business Man- ager, 'or Hi- h IRIAM URNER Girls' Public Speaking Club, Le Cercle Fran cais, Sergeant-at-Arms, Parliamcntarian, Treas urer, Girls' Letter Club, All-City Orchestr DOROTHY DAGNAL DONALD ERIcKsON Auditores Caesaris, Stamp Club. DOROTHY NOVICH Forest Forum, Auditorcs Caesaris, Se retary, Vice-President, High Scholarship Cl II-B Class, President, III-B Cla Sec I-B Class, Secretar , Forrxlz' , ' , Aet- tcr Club. .IUANITA W ODALL Girl Reserves, Allied Arts Club, Vic dent, Forester, '35, Echo Staff. VIOLET LEE BRYANT Girl Reserves, Girls' Letter Club, Erfw Statf, Auditures Caesaris, Forest Forum, Forl'xh'r 'JL F. B. SWIFT Football, '32, '33, '34, Track, All-City B991 ball Team, '34, All-City Chorus. 1 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 'WM l'iA,ei' 'I'l!'l'llfY'lff,QlIf rj ' . 'T lil M lr' I X I if if ir ir my .i Q, M if -if A' BEQCA CILE ROSENBLQRG ' National Honor Society, Littlc Theatre. Secre- tary, Signiferi, Girls' Public Speaking Club: , llI-B Class, Vice-President, l.e Cercle Fran- cais, President, High Scholarship Club, l.i- brary Council, Girls' l.etter Club. ALETHEA KIMBELL Treasurer, Girls' Letter Club, Erlm Staff, All-City Orchestra, Cactus Club. DONALD Loos liootball, '32, '33, '34, llasltetball. '33, '34, Track, '34. Muxmm NATHANSON ' Cerclcf Franc s, ir ' ic Spca 'ng , ' , .ass, 'nec- Pr sitlent, Forvxlvr, 'J DOROTHY WIiBIER IV-B Class, President, lll-B Class, Vice-Presi- dent, Girl Reserves, President, Vice-President, Little Theatre, Sergeant-at-Arms, All-City Girl Reserve Camp Representative. GLENN GliN'l'HNliR Football, '33, '34, Track, '34, '35, Crack Company, '34, li.O.T.C., First Sergeant. MARY Rosle Wl2AVliR Forest lforum, Treasurer. JUANITA KIMBROUGH Girls' Public Speaking Club, President, Ser- ' geant-at-Arms, Parliamentarian, High Schol- X arship Club, Girls' Letter Club, Girls Debat- ing Team, Helm Staff, 1 LOREDA DUNI"IELD Forest Forum, Parliamentarian, Girl Reserves, Girls' Letter Club. Al.1sIsRT XVEINBEIKG Crack Company, Boxing Team, ll-I3 Class, .il , Sergeant-at-Arms, Il-A Class, SUY'gClll1l-Lll- i Arms, R.O.T.C., Second Lieutenant. 4 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' ir T Y .. "' High Scholarship Club, Le Cercle Francais, i' ',,J ll' If if if J f if +f . il EMMA Louisa HANIJ f' Lux lispanolcs juviales, Secretary, Pan-AnIcr- iran Student Forum, Las Dos Americas, lirbv Stall. " If HELEN Lou Lyluis Texas History Club, Prcsidcntg Forest Furumg Little Thearrcg Girls' Letter Club. VIRGINIA CI.IeQuIa - Girls' Letter Club.Aj. ' - VIRGINIA BONNET Los Espanoles -Ioviales, Vice-Presidentg Girl Reserves, Secretary, Science Club, Erbo Stall. CAl"I'OLA lJUGA'l'Ii Allied Arts Clubg Girl Reserves N N AIJILEE MILLS Allied Arts Club, Science Club. g . ' N BLQTTIE LEE JONES I-B Class, President, Ill-A Class, Seeretaryg Girls' Public Speaking Club, President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliame tarian, Sergeant-at-Armsg High Schola Club, Reporterg National Hongr' 'ictylfxjfdj Iiorvsfvr, '3S. ,ff -- V JOYCE CROUCH Girl Reserves, President, Pan-American Stu- dent Forum, Las Dos Americas. FRANCES HIEGEL Queen of Fun Frolicg Cactus Club, Secretary- Treasurerg Allied Arts Clubg Girl Rcscrvesg Le Ccrele Francaisg ll-A Class, Secretaryg lirfw Staff, IV-A Class, Secretary. LIEFI-' WERNSING MOORE Cactus Clubg Sergeant-at-Arms, Glee Club. 1 P I l'I1,qI'TILNIIYI'-Nirli' KJV! 5 fair 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 J Tbirly 1,1 IA H W f W W . mmuimlf f t t t ' 'Eilf '- 'J- il ,iv , wg, if N f ull N 1 I l X i l s N s sf ,...L.. Blili'l'llA KUflNliLL Le Ccrele Francais, Vice-President, President, National Honor Society, Girls' Letter Club, l"1u'r'Al'r'l', '35, Ifrlw Staff. DARW5'N RABINOWITZ I-A Class, Vice-President, Standard Debating Society, Las Dos Americas, Football, 'J-4. RUTH PORTMAN Le Cercle Francais. Lois CHANEY Girl Reserves, Los lispnnoles Joviales, Las Dos N' Americas, Pail-American Student Forum, Of- ficial Delegate for Convention, Advisory Council, Secretary, All-City Orchestra. Rouuiu' VoN 'I'kl',SS Aelta liistszrienl Society, Forest Forum, Foot- ball, '33, '34, Basketball, '34, '35, Baseball, '34, '35, Track, '35, I:0V1'.Yfl'l', '35, ELIZABETH FREY ,Los Iispnnoles jovinlcs, President. Euwmxu Moiuus R.O.T.C. Band, Honor Band. VIOLET ROBERTS Girls' Public Speaking Club, Science Club. RUDOLPH WEINBERG Stump Club, Vice-President, Allied Arts Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Coin Club, Lu Ccrclc Fran- cais, Parliziinentnrian. . OSEPHINLQ BEVACQUA Pan-American Student Forum, Las Dos Amer- , icas. 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir i' i' 'A' ir ir ir if 91 I 532 1351 -I . 7 fi JQ- li' it! 'A' wifes , fr.-.. S2 I' W " 3 .fum EVELYN Fox , Le Cercle Francaisg Allied Arts Clubg High Scholarship Club. JACK CARTER Pan-American Student Forum, Aelta Histori- cal Society, All-City Orchestra, High Scholarship Club. X'- MILIJRED VIRGINIA BROYLES Little Theatre, Girl Reserves, Vice-President, Girls' Letter Club. JUANITA TRESP High Scholarship Clubg Latin Tournament, Spring '32, '53. FRED PRICE Crack Company, '54. MARGUERITE CORBETT High Scholarship Clubg Le Cercle Francais, Allied Arts Clubg Girls' Letter Club. LOUISE KNIGHT Allied Arts Club, Presidentg Cactus Clubg Girl Reserves. ROBERT GARSON Library Council, Auditorcs Caesarisg III-A Class, Sergeant-at-Armsg Football, '33, '34. M DORIS MARIE YOCKSTICK Allied Arts Club, Library Councilg Girls' Let- ter Club. MAXINE BARROW ,994 Girls' Public Speaking Clubg Science Clu I r Pugi' Tf1irly-Om if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'Ir Il' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 9 1 Sl 1 nl1"l'uu 'F-if TX.,-I l , I l f f f f ff f FRANCES SORENSILN High Scholarship Club: ll-li Class, Secretary: I-A Class, Parlianwntarian: l-ll Class, Ser- geant-al-Armsg ':Ul't'Jfl'l', '3S. NATlriAN LEVENE Standard Debating Society. Wiuui rrs FLORENCE ABRAMSON High Scholarship Club: Las Dos Americasg Pan-American Student Forum, .IUSLPH Bukoowifk Standard Dcbatin ' Society Vice-l'i'esident, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Armsq l.ibr.nry Couneil, Presidcntg Little Thcarreg Aeltn Histnrieal So- eictyg Signifcrig High Seholarship Club: Stamp Club, Secretary. MlNNlli CHRISTILNSEN Howmw BALDWIN Los Espanolcs lloviales, Prcsidcntg Las Dos Americas, Prcsidcntg R.O.T.C., Lieutenantg Crack Companies, '33, '34, 'Hg Forest Forumg Pan-American Student Forum. I xVILMERTPi GADDIS fill High Scholarship Club. A Aw M si V5 all W. F. PEARSON XJUANITA GACHILS xl Girls' Public Speaking Clubg lntcrseholastie E 1 League Spelling Contcstg Las Dos Amerieax. KR 4 4 4 4 4 l4l"-N4 4 4 4- X, X .N , 'k i' i' 'A' Page Tbirly-Three f. ff' if 1 M .f U A sf ' Mbwfif f ff RUTH ENGEL Girl Reserves: Stamp Club. PINKY MURPHEY Los Iispanoles Jovinles, President: High Scholarship Club, President: Las Dos Amer- icas: Pan-American Student Forum: Crack Company, '33, '34, 'Hg Rifle Team, '35, '34, '3S: R.O.T.C., Captain. PAULINE WYLY National Honor Society: High Scliolarsliip Club: Girls' Public Speaking Club, President. Treasurer, Vice-President, Secretary, Sergenn , at-Arms: Erlm Staff, Editor: l7m'i'xfc'r, '55, DOROTHY Voss Girl Reserves, Parliamefitarian: IV-B Class, Vicerllresident: Le Cercie Francais, Sergeant- at-Arms: lirlm Staff: Furi'x.'vi'. '3S. DOROTPIY GOODMAN Girls' Public Speaking Club, Vice-President: Girls' Letter Club: Erlm Staff. f ROWLAND ADAMS A H R.O.T.C., First LlCUllCI'l1ll1ll Drum Major: Crack Company, '33: All-City Band, '53, '34, '5S: .Iunior Hi-Y: Orchestra: All-City Or- chestra. 1 FRANCES Bun: 2 Los lispanoles joviales: High Scholarship Club: Pan-American Student Forum: Library Council: Las Dos Americas, President. JEAN SHANKS Allied Arts Club, Secretary: Girl Reserves: Science Club: Echo Staff. MYRA ABRAMS Le Cercle Francais: Little Theatre: Cactus Club. MARY ALICE CHENEY High Scholarship Club: I-B Class, Sergeant- at'Arms: Forrxtur, '35, Le Cercle Francais. 4 4 4 4 4 'k 4 li' f i l U if 'k 4 f ff ff H 1 1 .SI All f if + ff ' GLADYS MICI-IAEI.soN Forest Forum, President, Il-B Class, Secre- tary, Le Ccrcle Francais, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, Library Council, Treas- urer, Echo Staff. OTTO LIGHT IV-A Class, President, llI-A Class, President, II-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms, Erbu Staff, Football, '34, '35, Basketball, '34, '35, Honor Band, '31, Band, Lieutenant. GERALDINE WATKINS National Honor Society, High Scholarship Club, President, Secretary, Echo Staif, Editor, Little Theatre, Forvxlw, '35, III-B Treasurer, IV-A Parliamentarian. WILLIAM Gnoss Band, Orchestra, Aclra Historical Society, Parliamentarian, High Scholarship Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Football, '34. 4 Rum JANE ABBOTT Allied Arts Club, Vice-President, Library Council, Evbo Staff. LOIS HUMPHREYS High Scholarship Club, Le Cercle Francais, Ill-A Class, Secretary, Il-B Class, Vice-Presb dent. josEPH NANCE Aelta Historical Society, President, Senior- -j gior Hi-Y, President, Vice-President, Na- onal Honor Society, All-City Orchestra. JEWELL HARDWICK Girl Reserves, Allied Arts Club, III-A Class, Vice-President, IV-B Class, Secretary. HARRY LEGGETT Crack Company, '34. MAE MARNE LEVINE Aelta Historical Society, Parliamentarian, Secretary, Girls' Public Speaking Club, Vice- ! President, Girls' Chorus, Echo Staff. +I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 gf V ,- pf ' Q Pirgr Tbirly-Fin' . a '-is ' ii -Af if if if ff 1 41 .N MARY BARNES Las Dos Americasg Los Iispanoles jovialcs. ERWIN WALDMAN Standard Debating Society, Prcsid nt ce- Prcsident, Secretary, Treasurer Ser ant-at- Armsg Baseball, Auditorcs sg Council. MARTHA PLUMLEE Girl Reserves. OSCAR HALLER IV-B Class, Presidentg Football, Captain, All- Cityg Track, ,34, Lieutenant. '3 ig R.O.T.C., Second S 0 ESTHLR I-IECHTMAN Auditores Caesarisg Girls' Public Speaking Club, Erbu Staff. SIDNEY D. FREID 1 Signiferig National Honor Societ 3 High Scholarship Club, Standard Debating Society, 1 Stamp Club, Vice-President, Tennis Team, '34, 335. ROSLYN WASSERMAN Le Cercle Francaisg E000 Staff. XM -'a P 5 fffw KENNETH K. KNOTT KATHERINE JOHNSON Allied Arts Club. SAM COOPER H Pan-American Student Forumg Las Dos Amer- icas. 4 4 4 4 at i' 4 ll' 'A' . M' 4 ,N Pugi' 'l'lJin'y-Sli 'ir' i it 4 if , is .,, is is -Af ak QQ-A lFRANCl:S CUMMING Las Dos Americas, Los Iispanulcs joviales. ifjffi ABE LIQHTENSTEIN Standard Debating Society, High Scholarship Club, Student Banker, Stamp Club: Fm'i'xfvr, S LA NIZLLE BECK Girl Reserves, Girls' Public Speaking Clubg Sig- niferig All-City Chorus, Girls' Letter Club. EARL KELLY Baud. Doito'rHY NEL Wnitu National Honor Society, High Sclaolarsltip Club, Secretary, Girls' Public Speaking Club. President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-an Arms, Auditores Caesarisg Signiferig Girls' Letter Club, Texas History Club, Secretary, lnterscholastic Spelling Contest, U43 lll-B Class, Secretary. RAYMOND KPNDALL 5J'Y1"'s'X9'Lf5'6L. ggfvkg I ' ' S MIRIAM KESSLER Le Cercle Francais, Sergeant-at-Arms, Aclta Historical Society, Forest Forum: Girls' Pub- lic Speaking Club. JAMES WINSOR Standard Debating Society, Treasurer, Senior Hi-Yg Science Club, Sergeant-at-Arms: Latin Tournament, '34. EDYTHE RUSKIN livlw Staff. ANDREW SWARTHOUT National Honor Society, High Sclmlarsliip Club, Treasurer, Standard Debating Society. Treasurer, Hi-Y Club, Secretary, Auditores Caesaris, Sergeant-at-Arms: Orchestra, Latin Tournament, 'Hg Signiferig Forrslrr, '3S. i' 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 iff' 1 1 A-r ---f H -r - f f 4 4 4 4 4 4 2, q N tfE":"i x,?g N Page Tlviriy-SM l'II if f +1 af 67' S is if if 1+ A il' Q7 MARY LEE Coon Forest Forum, Girl Reserves, Girls, Public Speaking Club. ' SoL KAPLAN 'CO Ill-A Class, President, High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Armsg Standard Debating Societyg Science Club. SARAH WYLL My Erlw Staff. iv l' . I lv' K F if Louis CHANEY Senior Hi-Yg Allied Arts Clubg Glee Club, All-City Chorus: Little Theatre. JUANITA BOYD Girl Reserves, Signiferig Girls' Letter Club: High Scholarship Club, Vice-Presidentg Essay Contest Winner. I ARTHUR BATES rn Golf, '34, Rifle Tulm, '3 . ,"33, '34, R.O.T.C., Majonblxl, BILUE Box'1.Es 3 Echo Staff, Girl Reservesg Science Club, Cactus Club, Girls' Letter Club. JOE MANION R.O.T.C., Major, III-A Class, Parliamentar- iang Riflle Team Instructor, Aelta Historical Society, Standard Debating Society: Science Clubg Erbo Staff, Most Etlieient Private, 323 High Pcint Man, Rifle Team, '54, Marksman Medal, R.O.T.C., Sharpshooter Medalg R.O. T.C., Expert Medal, R.O.T'.C., Efhciency dal. R . fqq- PAULINE MOSESNIAN ' Le Cercle Franeaisg Aelta Historical Society. CHARLES H. CONNALLY National Honor Society, Aelta Historical So- ciety, President, Vice-President: Senior Hi-Yg Science Club: Caesar Award Winner 4 4 4 4 'A' l l Pngt' 7'f1irly-Iiimqlvl if if if if fT ' L- ' ' 1- if if if nil 3 lil ,,' :Z ' "l ii W "1 M' N rf' HELEN KIRSCHNER Aelta Historical Society, Girls' Public Speak- il "Club, ll.L ILARLAN I-A Class, President, II-A Class, President, National Honor Society, II-B Class, Vice- President, High Scholarship Club, Sergeant- at-Arms, junior Hi-Y, Secretary, Treasurer, Student Banker, Latin Tournament, '32, Iforvxlrr, '3 S. PAUL P. COOPER High Scholarship Club, Hi-Y Club, Science Club, President, Latin Tournament, '34, Library Council, II-A Class, Vice-President, Auditores Caesaris, S Louis TOBIAN First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C., Rifle Team, '34, '35, Crack Company, '34, '35, IV-B Class, Vice-President, Standard Debating Society Vice-President, High Scholarship Club, Latin Tournament, '34, '3Y, Fnrrxfrr, '3S. LILLIAN FARNswon'rH Girls' Letter Club, Allied Arts Club, Treas- urer, Helm Staff. GEORGE NEMEC R.O.T.C., Captain, All-City Band, '31, 32, '33, '34, Football, Basketball, Orchestra. SCHUYLER J. HOOKER Science Club, junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Eclm Stuff, IV-B Class, Parliamentarian, II-A Class, Vice-President, II-B Class, Sergeant-av ARTHU WRIGHT junior Hi-Y, President, Vice-President, Ser- geant-at-Arms, Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President, Student Banker. Arms. EVELYN WITEBSKY CLEM CALHOUN v Football, '33, '54, Track, '35, 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 s 4 My 3 -I I5 W4 1-.4 '94 A' E Page Thirl y4N ine JAY OIJN GRAY Track, '33, '34, '35, Los Espanoles Joviales Las Dos Americas, Texas History Club, Vice President, I-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arn 'axffuj ERVIN DONSKY , A Basketball, '33, '34, '35. WANDA NEIL CATES Girls' Letter Club, Girl Reserves, Girls' Pub- , lic Speaking Club, Little Theatre, Pan-Amer- ican Student Forum, II-A Class, Secretary All-City Honor Chorus. MILTON STOVER Crack Company, '33, '34, '35, Cactus Club. A , 'Na ELIZABETH MARSHALL CLARENCE J. WHE LER National Honor ciety, President, Stand d Debating Society, President, High Scholarship Club, Auditores Caesaris, Signiferi, Secretary, Aelta Historical Society, Hi-Y, Secretary, Latin Tournament, '34, State Debate, '35, L1,JgZ" ROBERT THOMASOJ JACK MCCLURE R.O.T.C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Hi-Y, Presi- dent, Crack Company, '33, '34, '35, Rifle Team, '32, '33, '34, '35, Wtmzencraft Drill Team, '34, Capital Drill Team, '54, URBAN HAMILTON Track, '34, '35, Forest Forum, Treasurer, Forvsivr, '35, . X 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' vi Jl lqlly , I af as af at 4 .7 1- H M if ir ir as in V' '41 1' "1 .1-11 iii u .W X 'J -+4 cn ill U N 4 4 4 4 4 4 - 4 4 4 NIA lx E :Ju I'-Ul'l,Y-cl!! wi C17 IIB 4 -J U CQ P 1 5 YL, ET ii aims, ' s if 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Jr Pagr Forty-Two ' I I 'k 'I' i' 'A' ,ia ,gj 'k 'k i' 'k , ui M THOSE NOT HAVING PICTURES: Abrams, J. D. Adams, Raymond Arons, Wallace Atchley, Ernest Aymond, Eddie Barnes, Lewis Barrett, Sidney Boatman, Jesse Brown, B. F. Clarke, Jesse Dinova, Sam Duckworth, Leonard Duke, Jack Allen, Jean Anderson, Dorothy Anton, Mary Baumgartner, Pearl Burnside, Roberta Cole, Ruth Crow, Velma ryant' Marguerite Calley, Mildred Dance, Margaret Danis, Geraldine Dyer, Doris Emmett, Doris Boys Eatmon, William Ford, James Golman, Philip Harris, Arthur Hicks, John Jackson, Bil Jen, Billyxtglaf ' Keller, Joseph Levine, Leon McLeod, Douglas McQueen, Willis Mabry, George Nail, John Girls Epperson, Noyes Furlow, Dorothy Hodde, Irene Hoenig, Frances Hooks, Frances Hubig, Maryfl lx' Huddleston, Fay James, Zelta Jarvis, Ruby McDonald, Donnie May Parker, Anita Paraski, Mary Pierce, Ruth QMIAGJ-em ,guna Ravkind, David Redd, Jac.k Robinson, Tom Robison, Johnny Schellenberg, Andrew Scoggins, Norris Tiner, Milton Townsen, Monty Vann, George Wise, Herbert Woolf, Martin H Wrights, John Robinson, Louise Smith, Clara Sreenan, Sara Stone, Dorothy Thompson, Mary Belle ownsend, Helma Waggoner, Sylvia Watkins, Beulah Wilson, Ruby Louise Wolgang, Grace Wright, Doris , Zumwalt, Daevi 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'k 'k 'lr 'k 'A' mg! I l se 1 +1 -nf R. if ir if if 9 ""-fa at ai X44 uw! IV-A Class History "Grandmother, tell us a story." "All right, my children. How would you like to hear about my class in high school?" - "Oh, yes, Grandmother!" "Well, it was way back on a hot September day that we walked up the steps of Forest Avenue High School. It was near the end of the Hoover Administration. ,The whole land was plunged into a depression, but we went on as if nothing had happened. Even before anyone realized it, we became a "full-fledged" organization with Bettie Lee Jones and Cecelia Jane Metzger as our leaders. Our faculty adviser was Miss Ruth Christo- pher. Texas Week was begun during our Freshman year, and we were proud to be able to help to initiate this memorable week. The next fall Mary Bailey was our president. Because we thought we were growing up Qwe were Sophomores, you knowy, we sponsored an Armistice Dance. It was a grand success. I think that success gave us courage to advance. During this year Miss Fletcher R. Wickham was our leader. In 1933 everything started afresh. Franklin D. Roosevelt became presi- dent of the United States and started the New Deal program. Miss Loula Elder and Mr. Gray Moore helped us organize our "New Deal." Burt Aschner and Otto Light were our presidents. We were now Juniors, so, of course, we sponsored the traditional Junior Prom. This dance was a huge success! With 1934 came prosperity, and we became the Senior Class of the great Forest Avenue High School. We could look down on the Freshmen and be glad that we were no longer that small. Oscar Haller and Otto Light were our presidents. That year Senior Day, the Senior Play, and the Senior Dance were the last steps to the one great thing-Commencement! We had traveled a long way up the stairs, sometimes crooked, to gradua- tion since that September day in l931." Cecelia june Mcfzgvr. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Page Forty Three Forly Four V,-rj if if if if ' IV-B Class History FRESHMEN. Tiny, timid, terrified. Oh, me. We looked with awe upon our great school and wondered at the nerve of some people. We chose Stanley David and Billy Harlan as our first presidents, under the motherly guidance of Miss Ruth- Christopher. SOPHOMORES. Bigger, better, brighter. Having succeeded in passing one milestone, in our travels we elected Dorothy Novich and Billy Harlan our class presidents under the able leadership of Miss F. R. Wickham. We celebrated with our great Sophomore Ball. JUNIORS. Tactful, toughened, tight. Ah. Getting up in the World. Then, the Abc Lincoln of our class, Fred Weathers, long and lanky Freddie, was elected III-B president and led our class through a successful first half of its Junior year. My, what jolly juniors. Sol Kaplan, president of the III-A Class, helped to make our Junior year very successful when the best Junior Prom of many seasons was held in the school gym. SENIORS. Fresh, famous, fashionable. You said it. Masters of the school, we elected Dorothy Weber our IV-B president with Miss Alice Harrington as our sponsor. With confidence we are looking forward to a stupendous class of January '36. Sol Kaplan. 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' :IL .- -A' ir t ir i Qlxdg . A Page Forty Fue e ,ax . if A' A' if Q f if as if 1 S 1 .cm Ill Senior Plays JANUARY i35 CLASS PLAY "I'll Leave It to You," by Noel Coward, was presented by the january '35 class on january 11, 193 5, in the school auditorium, under the direction of Miss Helen Fern Black, teacher of public speaking. The Cast follows: Sylvia Dermott . . Kathryn Douthit - Daniel Davis . . . Royal Brin Mrs. Dermott . . . Mildred Hamilton Oliver Dermott . . . Milton Baron Evangeline Dermott . . Nancy Kincaid Bobby Dermott . . . Thomas Crosson Ioyce Dermott . . . Caryl Kahn Mrs. Crornbir' . . Ora Mae Putnam Faitb Crombie ........ Angeline Lankford Tbe Butler ......... Philip Scoggins The Dermotts, living in England, are a family of brilliant, quarrelsome boys and girls, who End out they are ruined financially. Their rich Uncle Daniel arrives from South America and tells this family that he will leave his fortune to the one who succeeds. The children work hard and succeed. Sylvia Dermott becomes a movie star, Oliver Dermott, an inventofrg Evangeline Dermott, a novelistg Bobby Dermott, a musician. Joyce Dermott wins all prizes in school. Uncle Daniel comes back again after eighteen mo-nths and tells the children that he does not have any money. He tells them they have something more than a fortune, their accomplishments. All the children become angry, except Sylvia, who knew about him from the first. But she makes them all realize how foolish they have been, and all ends well when Uncle Daniel tells them he really has a fortune. JUNE ,35 CLASS PLAY "It Pays to Advertise" was presented by the June '35 class on May 3, 1935, in the auditorium, under the direction of Miss Helen Fern Black. The cast follows: Mary Grayson ......... Norma Smiley Countess de Beaurien . . Becca Cile Rosenberg Rodney Martin . . . joseph Nance Ambrose Pealc . . Charles Connolly Cyrus Martin . . . Jesse Clark Marie . . . . Bettie Lee Jones William Smitb . . . jack Cooper Donald McCbesney . . . . F. B. Swift Miss Burke . . . Cecelia Jane Metzger Ellery Clark . . . . Clyde Apple George Bronson ...,.... David Nathanson Iobnson ........... Selden Brin Cyrus Martin has worked out a scheme with his secretary, Mary Grayson, with whom Rodney Martin is in love. Rod asks Mary to marry himg but when Mr. Martin finds this out, he tells Rod that he will be disinherited if he marries her. Rod decides to make some money so he will be able to support Mary. Rod borrows some money and starts a soap business in competition with his father. Ambrose Peale, one of his college friends, is his advertising manager. A woman appears who introduces herself as the wealthy Countess de Beaurien, and says she wants to buy the French agency for the 13 Soap, Rodney's Company. Peale, however, finds out that she is a fake and is trying to swindle them. After many trials and hardships Rod and Ambrose are successful, and they go in business with Mr. Martin, Sr. Mary and Rod live happily ever after. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 W ju 5Vlsmo'zicun cqzfgwz 514612455 O for the touch of a vanished hand, And the sound of a voice that is still! 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' ir 'A' if if f if if 353 55 S, 'HU af if 1' 4 o zilvr' 'fo 'X Q 15 Wy? W X Q 'GR SX M , 96 ' ssl X X XX V LW my X Tx X fi fx ix QC ' , 1. NXXK . k N j,WW?2' fq .nu I 2 N vii '?- -'i '1:,-,Vik - :ls Y-,I -J., , ,. fig . ff-3f3f-waz ' 7, . , xxxX Y' I L J - SfI'I7f7l'lI F. IKIHHII lrfl N1'u'Orlmnx in NI2l'l'IllII4'l', 1821, will: lnix firsl rolouisfx, amz' mulflixlml Mu' jim' ,wfflwzzcritx an flu' Bruzox in Dnwzzlwz' wbilr' ollzrrs pr'om'mlml on I0 flu' Cofaruzlo. Tlmx brgun A114210-AIlIl'l'ft'd7I l'fl'iIfZtIfiUH in Trwax, umf in spill' of fmnlxbilvs :tml jlriruliofzx laid Ibn' ' fonmluliuux of u ww Empiru. JU IORS SOPHOMORE FRE HME XV 'ruff Vffigfvl N . VW . a -Hg'a!n!n Q -- ru .v-r Q-I U' K. P'4' up K - rn I, R.: I I . v 'X -ug I-Iglll ' u I I IKM' If I I7l I I l'l'I ., gl, . ' V nl K-. I gg' 4 I-is if ff + U ,,- IJ' Ying I Q sm- mn 'FPQPQHYZI ' 1' mimi i' 'A' 'lr i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' ik ir ik ir 1 I I f Buys Ables, Robert Abrams, Henry Anderson, Frank Atherton, Henry Avnet, Leon Barnett, Sam Barzune, Sol Berry, Truman Boedeker, Wilson Boyd, Donald Britt, Lester Bullman, Abe Canada, John Candiotta, Theodore Casey, Robert Louis Cassell, George Clark, Frederick Cogburn, L. M., Jr. Cohen, Abe Cole, Hardie Crosson, Charles Curry, Jack Daugherty, Jean Dawson, Sidney, Jr. Denney, Howard Drape, Howard Finkelstein, Paul Friedberg, Sol Glass, Dudley Goldsobel, Isadore Goss, Wilson Grisaili, Bill Gross, Glenn Gruber, Ben Gwynes, Ed Haney, Ernest Harper, Charles Harris, Norman Henderson, Floyd Henry, Gene Hiegel, Howard Huebler, Paul Humphfus, Charles Jackson, Guy Hunter, Bruce Jaffe, Irwin Johnson, Clarence Johnston, Alfred Jones, Paul Kaim, Irwin Kaplan, Harry Kaplan, Ted Kincaid, James King, Louis Legg, Corbett Leggett, Neuman Levy, Reuben Looney, Wilfred Loyd, Talmadgc Lund, Howard Martin, C. L. Miller, Henry Moore, Eugene Moore, Paul Mosesman, Alex Mosher, William Okon, Ben Pasche, Albert Patterson, Eugene Pirozzo, Nicky Prevratil, Ben Priest, Jack Read, Robert Reaney, Dave Replin, Morris Rogers, Coleman Romine, Charles Rubin, Maurice Runnels, W. A. Rusing, Louis Russell, J. D. Sandford, Robert Schneider, Sol Schwartz, Arthur Sigel, Louis Singer, Frank Smith, Harold Smith, Otis Smith, P. O. Snyder, Charles Sonnenthiel, Louis Summer, Harry Thorn, Robert Thrower, George Thurmond, Robert Utay, Harold Wall, Jake Wittkower, Louis Yarber, Robert Yonack, Joseph Girls Alger, Doris Barge, Berneice Barzune, Esther Bauer, Dorothy Bazman, Ida Mae '39 wiv: ,. .. III-A Class Bledsoe, Amelia Bledsoe, Frances Boles, L Boyd, E Brown, Bruton, ouise . isaegf bu had' Esther Maxine Butner, Virginia Castles, Chester Ray Catlert, Annette Chenau lt, Genevieve Cogdell, Gertrude Coleman, Juana Coley, Dorothy Crane, Winona Crim, Gladys Demere , Jewell Dodd, Bertie Lee Eckelbe rger, Geneva Enex, Mary Jane Epstein, Bessie Dell Feenber Flanaga g, Helen n, Clarice Fletcher, Erin Foote, Dorothy Fox, Helen Geeteh, Leona Gidcumb, Mary Louise Gillham, Caroline Gregory, Montie Bell Gruber, Ruth Harris, Jessie Nell Harris, Tillie Hart, Leona Heffington, Marie Hooten, Helen Horton, Lola Hunt, Louis! Hunter, Kathryne James, Blanche Jones, Cynthia Jones, Mary Jewell Kemmerle, Frances Kent, Marilynn King, L Kirklan Kirschn ois d, Violet er, Dorothy Klaczak, Lillie Koegl, Lillie Ann Lamber t, Dorothy Lawrence, Lois Leeper, Lenske, Virginia Maxine Levy, Elizabeth Page Forty-Niue i' i' 'A' i' T'Zt.L-, e- g, yt, , f' f Levy, Ruthe Lewis, Omagene Lievsy, Helen Lloyd, Mary Virginia Lyons, Dorothy Mae McCutcheon, Phoebe McGlasson, Margaret Ann McNair, Lurline Michaelson, Jane Murphy, Martha Munroe, Addie Nance, Mary Virginia Nance, Wcnona Nelson. Lorene Newman, Lucile Newman, Phena Louise Nichols, Lucile Novit, Sophie Peeler, Mildred Pickett, Ethel Pritchett, Lois Maxine Rambo, Kathleen Reames, Kathryn 3' Redlinger, Mary Ola Ritter, Evelyn Rosenberg, Ann Russell, Jackie Sanders, Nova Ellene Sansone, Lena Savage, Verna Lee Schwartz, Esther Sealey, Faye Sharpe, Frances Shelton, Earline Sorensen, Elsa Spreen, Annaliese Stark, Louise Stone, Gladys Sy, Katherine Thompson, Mary Ellen Thurman, Margaret Ann Tiller, Frances Turner, Vivian Tuttle, Johnnie Warnick, Margaret Watson, Ruby Watts, Hazel Wilensky, Pauline Willson, Lillian Zesmer, Josephine ,dia 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 K 1 1' 'N E as M 'A' 'A' if t 'A' uk 'A' 'A' ir 'k JK 1. ,, .fl 4 gil Page T1 lj Om' -A, 4, -A, ia 'w J' i' t ir at Boys Allen, L. D. Arndt, John Arnoldt, G. H. Basinger, Paul Biesel, Eugene Billingsly, Eugene Brice, De Laine Broyles, Eugene Buckmeyer, Robert Cade, Oscar Carter, Edward Caruth, Jack Chandler, Lewis Chastant, Claude Cockrcll. Derwood Combs, Weldon Cnzby, Earl Davis, Woodrow Dennison, Joel Foster, Dean Frauman, Myer Freeland, Harry Gilbert, Samuel Glasser, Irving Goodman, jack Gross, Ben Hafter, joe Hancock, Richard Harper, Jimmy Huddleston, James Knott, Carlton Kohen, Samuel Krueger, Jesse Little, Hubert Luttrell, Buford McCallum, Wilmer McKinney, Charles McKinney, Melvin Maer, jack Maslow, Nathan Matthews, Jesse Messina, Victor Miller, Jack Moore, Billy Price, S. A. Reckley, Walter 'Q' my III-B Class Redus, L. C. Ricker, Maynard Rudnick, Albert Schackman, Harold Sessel, Ralph Stallcup, Billie Steindam, Albert Tully, Ted Williamson, W. F. Wright, W. T. Zabbia, Carl Girls Block, Leone Boyd, Pauline Braun, Elizabeth Brooks, Lilly Brown, Juanita Brown, Mary Louise Bryan, Ruth Bryant, Florine Burns, Ethelene Burris, Loyd Marie Callahan, Una Margaret Casey, Mary Alta Cassata, Margaret Chapman, Oleta Cherry, Lois Cicera, Meria Clarke, Dorothy Cobbel, Edith Coffman, Emagene Coffman, Tempe Cole, Elizabeth Collins, Geraldine Cook, Bertha Cornett, Gene Cullum, Ruth Davis, Katherine Deal, Charlene Fife, Marian Fink, Maxine Floyd, Loyce Fooshee, Helen Formby, Turie Bell Gersman, Marian Gouger, Catherine Gracy, Mildred Haisneld, Dorothy Hilly, Margaret Hughes, Lillie Mac Kelley, Kathryn Knotts, Margaret Krausnick, Thelma Landsberg, Lena Lane, Kathryn Lankford, Frances Lynch, Margaret McGregory, Audrey McKinney, Wilma Marie Maddox, Mabel jean Mullins, Marcille Nall, Alice Nielson, Corinne Odam, Marguerite Osborne, Kathryn Pederson, June Pierce, Stella Potter, Mildred Rambo, Mattie Ruth Rand, Adelaide Robbins, Verna Rudnitzsky, Ethel Ruttenberg, Sarah Scripture, Mildred Sims, Neil Simon, Elizabeth Sobel, Helen Spangler, Eleanor Stegall, Ada Muriel Steel, Suzanne Sultis, Mary Swain, Janet Tilley, Marie Uberman, Mary Waggener, May Watts, Olene Whitney, Elizabeth Wigbels, Mildred Williams, Dorothy Fay Williams, Doris Ray 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I lilx I JL' ... if ff -x if I , H f + if 1+ 'lr 'lr i' ir i' ir 'A' 'lr 'A' ir Kittle, Ruth Boys Ablon, Arnold Achilles, Chester Adair, james Aronotsky, David Barrett, Ned Bates, jimmie Bernstein, David Brodnax, Harry Canada, Wilson Cannon, Richard Carp, Robert Carson, N. A., jr. Chatten, Tommie Clasbey, Sam Coe, Harold Collins, john Conner, Robert Conway, john Cook, Bert Covington, Wallace Crim, john jefferson, jr. Danner, Sam Dawson, Townes De Lee, Scott Denney, jesse Dickerson, Marrisn Ekberg, Bruce Farmer, joe Edward Firnberg, Robert Fullen, Cecil Ray Ganus, Earl Gilford, Sammy Gillespie, Hubert Goldstein, Mitchell Goodfriend, Sammic Goodman, Bernard Goodman, Dewitt Goren, Mayer Green, Erwin Gruber, Nathan Heard, Richard Helfington, Robert Holt, john Fox . johnson, Clarence jones, George Kaplan, David Kaufman, Stanley Kay, William Kincannon, jack King, johnnie Lacy, Paul Latimer, Billy Lawrence. joe Lebowitz, Henry McCormick, Williabm McHorse, R. E. McKinney, john McMath, j. B. Malowitz, Stanley Margro, S. G. Massengill, john Paul ella 4 ll Page Fifly Thru' A if if if 1 T- il ir it it ir l i . II-A Class Black, Dorothy Medford, james Mims, Clarence Mitchell, jack Moore, j. D. Morris, Edwin Mullenix, Eugen: Murdock, Robert Napier, Lloyd Oliver, Hugh Pennington, Archie Phillips, Durward Pilkington, Lawrence Putman, Leslie Ray, Preston Saddler, Ivan Schlinger, Henry Searcy, Arthur Sharpe, Carlton Sides, William Smith, Emanuel Sommerville, Norman Spross, Raymond Stanglin, Charlie Stern, Arthur Sanford, Stiles Stringfellow, Lonnie Stutts, Arthur Sultis, james Talley, Charlie Tobolowsky, Edwin Travis, Thomas Watelski, Stacy Watkins, Ellis Watts, Curtis Wilensky, Billy Williams, Clarence Willson, joe Woodruff, Wayne Woodside, L. N. Wylie, Vance Wyll, Nathan Girls Abbis, Arlene Adams, Nelva Alverson, Molly Anderson, Lorine Anderson, Willie Ree Anthony, Peggy Ashley, Mildred Ball, Dorothy Ballard, Agnes Barrett, Eloise Barron, Peggy Lou Barrow, Elrieta Beck, Marie Behrens, Betty jean Bennett, Estelle Bickerstaif, Magdalene Biesel, julia 'A' 'A' i' ir 'A' Boedecker, Dorothy Bond, Era Grace iiourquin, Lois Brooks, Ruth Brown, Dorothy Lyle Campbell, Christine Cannon, julie Ann Chaihn, Aldra Lois Coghill, Kathryn Coleman, Bessie Coleman, Zelda Cooper, Lucille Cooper, Margaret Cordelia, Bessie Dagnal, Loraine Driscall, jane Dublin, Ernestine Dunn, juanita Faleetti, Olga Ferguson, Nell Ferrell, Martha Fischl, Helen Fleming, Evelyn Ford, Margaret Foster, Mildred Friedlander, Adele Friedman, Ruth Gaddis, Ethel Gibson, Bessie Lee Ginsberg, Marjorie Golman, Ethel Goodman, Kathryn Goolsby, Opal Gough, Marian Goza, Genece Grant, Thelma Hamilton, Geraldine Hand, joe Bessie Hansen, Helen Louise Harbuck, Eloise Hart, Pauline High, Martha Hollon, Dan'L Hopper, Lucille Horton, Virginia Houck, Leola Mae Huckabee, Margie Hunter, Doris Hunter, Ruth Ann Hurst, Edith Hurst, Ruby jackson, Virginia james, Tommie D. Keith, Marzelle Marie Kelley, Doris Kennedy, Mary King, Carole Lee King, Eva May King, Nina Faye King, Pauline Kleiman, Roselyn Langley, Louise Lanham, Louise I-3f18lCYi Mary Tom Ligon, Violet Linn, Doris McCullum, Evelyn Margules, Adelaide Moore, Elizabeth Muir, Esther Novin, Frances Oliphant, Dorothy Osborne, Lucile Paynter, Virginia P'3"l'Yman, Gertie Picltoff, Celia Piffman, Lorraine Poirier, Mareelene Poston, Cora Poston, Nora Price, Adeline Pulis, Louise Randles, Muriel Richardson, Lucille Richman, Ruth RLIdl1iClt, Sarah Russey, Doi-ig Ruttenberg, Ruth Schneider,,Sylvi1 Schultz, lla Phay Sessums, Marie Sevier, Margaret Silberman, Sylvia Small, Frances Spicer, Doris Stampes, Ila Ree Stevens, Lillian Streieher, Frieda Stroheker, Carolyn Tempel, Vallora Toland, Elizabeth Tylceman, Margie Ueckert, Elaine Walden, Theadis Walters, Christine Walters, Rhelda Wasserman, Evelyn Weatherly, Etta Mae Weaver, Pauline Weinkrantz, Dorothy Welch, Marion Wheeler, Imagene Whitaker, Frances Whitfield, Helen Williamson, Jewell Wilson, Dona Belle Wilson, Kathryn Wolfe, Betty Wolgang, Birdie NVoodside, josephine is +'+ ie if I g ljlxl F! M N 4 if + ak '1 ll N if ff we if 4 4 4 4 4 4 i' 'lr it ak Boys Adams, Jimmie Adarns, Ray Arnold, Eugene Barrett, Guy Davis Baird, Charles Berry, Sherley Blalock, Irwin Bone, Fred Brown, Billy Burgess, Clyde Calhoun, Jesse Campbell, Roy Carpenter, Glenn Coleman, Kenneth Cravens, Hewlett Dickerson, J. W. Dossett, Donald Emerson, Kenneth Emmett, William England, Conley Evans, Fred Finkelstein, Donald Flanagan, James Floyd, Ellsford Floyd, W. S. Freeman, Lay Goldgar, Irving Haney, J. L. Hatchel, Emmett Hodges, Roland Harton, Frank Hurley, Pershing Jennings, Hendrick Johnson, Harry Johnson, Harry K. Jones, Billy Krusz, Val Laeher, Simon Lackey, Odell LeFlore, Gilbert Merideth, Clyde Miller, Clifford Miller, Willie Morgan, Waymond Morris, Wayne Nelson, Clayton Oakes, James O'Conner, Thomas Parks, F. L. Pease, Willian1 Qilvtvi g'ui's 5' II-I3 Cllass Perlstein, Hillel Peterman, Jack Petrey, Eldridge Potts, George Ray, James Redlinger, Rudolph Rigdon, Clayton Sachs, Jack Sanders, Weldon Scheffer, Herman Spradlin, Bob Stout, Dale Strange, Sam Thurmond, Robert Vann, Edward Watkins, William Wells, Warren Wheeler, Bobby Leigh Wood, James Wyly, Robert Girls Abbott, Dorcthy Autry, Thelma Bannon, Billie Frank Barnett, Rosa Lee Barron, Ruth Patricia Beach, Ruth Beeler, Bonnie Mac Bell, Mildred Blevens, Margarete Bowland, Marian Bowland, Mary Pearle Bragg, Louise Bragg, Ruba Brown, Nancy Jane Burns, Glenna Mae Burras, Glenelle Calhoun, Iola Carroll, Florene Clack, Fredna Clayton, Hazel Clem, Olive Cohn, Rosalce Coker, Ruby Collins, Alice Mable Dewald, Mary Louise DeWitt, Mary Ellen Dodson, Pansy Duckworth, Alene Durham, Dorothy Lee Eaves, Lorrain Page Fifly-Fire 'A' 'k 'k i' Foster, Julia Furlow, Lucille Goodman, Maurine Gray, Mary Elizabeth Gregory, Lillian Grubbs, Juanita Harrison, Helen Henderson, Berniece Hoskins, La Verne House, Hazel Howell, Marjorie Huddleston, Beulah Johnson, Anna Belle Keneagh, Mary Korpianock, Emile Faye Leibundgut, Gertrude Looney, Dorothy McMeans, Jessie Manion, Susie Mansfield, Maxine Marcell, Edith Mehlman, Dorothy Moore, Pauline Norfolk, Gladys Powell, Ruby Price, June Puckett, Joanna Pullen, Juanita Putman, Evelyn Ray, Dorsey , Reeder, Lois Robbins, Louise Robertson, Pearl Lee Sharpe, Francois Shepherd, Marian Shipley, Dorothy Simon, Dorothy Smith, Patsy Spicer, Virginia Stevenson, Rosalie Summers, Martha . Grace Tucker, Helen Utay, Gertrude Wallace, Penn Rose Walling, Mary Elizabeth Whiles, Marie White, Annette Whitson, Doris Wilson, Marie af A' is if if -nf af ir A' ,uf H 4 4 4 4 4 Waiv- 4 'I' 'A' 'k , IIJ W 'A' i' 4 4 4 4 4 Page Fifty-Sc-ren f is af sr fefggl se at -A' af Boys Abbott, Curtis Ables, Willis ' Anderson, Elmer Anderson, Eugene Aronofsky, Julius Aueoin, James Balthrop, H. C., Jr. Barr, Alex Baumgardner, P. W. Bond, Clarence Bopp, Richard Bordolon, Jack Bourland, Jack Boyd, H. A. Bradley, Billie Britton, Francis Burns, Shannon Butler, Harold Campbell, J. W. Carr, Joe Carter, Joe Chapman, Everett Clark, H. G.,Jr. Clasbey, Martin Cobbel, Harry Coleman, Charles Compton, Irwin Cook, John Crowder, John Culibrk, Steve Dansby, Donald Daugherty, Sam Dawson, John L. De Laughter, Norman Eaton, Clarence, Jr. Ely, Bernard Embry, Jack Fair, Charles Fallin, W. C. Farrar, Boyce Ferguson, Owens Fisher, Dewey Fleming, Holland Fleming, Hollis Fortner, James Frank, Herbert Freedom, Harold Gigleman, L. A. Godfrey, Halen Goidl, Irving Gooch, Golay Goodstein, Barnett Goss, Rowland Gowler, James Green, Edward Griffis, Henry Hall, Henry Hancock, John Haney, Robert Hardwick, Walter Hargrave, Horace Hitchcock, Warner Hoffman, Merwin Holland, Bill Hurst, Charles Jacobs, Edwin Jarvis, Lazell Jez, Adolph Jones, Charles Jordon, Douglas Kahn, Leon Kellum, Floyd Kemper, Kenneth Keyser, Bud Killy, Bennie Klein, Bernard Lee, Bertrand Leubner, Henry Levit, Fred Lewellen, J. F., Jack Loyd, Eugene Lynn, Albert McAdams, Henry McAnally, James McBride, Harvey McClaren, William McClure, Cecil McCoy, L. C. McKnight, Harris McMeans, Jack McNatt, Lester McQueen, Hubert McSpadden, Warren McWilliams, Robert Mahagey, Wilba Marshall, Clifford Melton, Alton Michaelson, Ervin Miller, Leon Moseley, Walter Murrah, Corneleuis Nichols, Jimmie Paternostro, Emanuel Patton, Peter Perlstein, Leonard Peters, Harry Pierce, Charles Poole, Frank Prevratil, George Rabinowitz, Henry Redd, Cecil Reif, Henry Renno, Joseph Renz, Stag Rider, Paul Rieter, Stanley Roberston, Everett Runnels, Elbert Rushing, Ralph Schreiber, Phillip Schwartz, Martin Scoggins, Raymond I-A Class Sears, Warren Shannon, James Shaw, Albert Simmons, Horace Sims, Ira Slocum, Curtis Stampley, Henry Steer, Buford Steward, Jimmie Stockard, Thomas Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Summerfield, Edward Taylor, Bennie Thomas, Harvey Thomas, D. Thrower, W'allace Tobian, Milton Tucker, Raymond Utey, Arnold Vann, Harold Wadsworth, Howard Walters, Harold Walters, Howard Weathersby, Cleaburn Wigbels, Lawrence Willman, John Rufus Wilson, William Woelfley, Karl Woodall, James Wrenn, Clay Wrights, Ted Young, William Girls Abee, Mary Edith Abrahamson, Jane Allen, Gracie Allison, Wilma Barron, Betty Jon Bassett, Dorothy Bateman, Violet Baugh, Onetta Baumgartner, Elizabeth Becker, Mildred Bell, Georgia Lee' Bell, Jimmie Bell, Madelyn Bennett, Carrie Lena Bierner, Sally Blasser, Maiorie Bledsoe, Frances Bolin, Mary Virginia Boshart, Pauline Briggs, Rule-y Brgck, Georgia Caruthers, Lurlynne Carter, Louise Catlett, Maudine Catlett, Vaudine Cherry, Margaret Cole-y, Helen Cooper, Gineva Copenhover, Libby Coward, Geraldine Faye Cox, Ruth Crook, Blanche Crow, Lorraine Currie, Ida Mae Davis, Luta Fae De Wees, Helen De Maer, Doris Duck, Marguerite Duffey, Clistie Dutton, Mary E. Eckelberger, Ethel Epstein, Edna Ruth Erickson, Louise Ferguson, Fay Fischl, Rosalie Fletcher, Blake Fonberg, Angeline Ford, Lola Fowler, Audrey France, Evelyn Frauman, Thelma Fullington, Dorothy Gaches, Katherine Garrison, Rosa Mae Genthner, Nellie Ruth Glenn, Thelma Golden, Margaret Helen Goodman, Idelle Mildred Gremm, Celia Gritiin, Wanda Grissaffi, Mary Guynes, Norma Jean Hackc-r, Betty Hahn, Norma Haley, Dorothy Hall, Ethel Mae Hamlin, Bobbie Fern Haynes, Patsy Helms, Zelda La Rue Hemphill, Elizabeth Hendrick, Otha Mae Hennemuth, Marie' Anne Henry, Virginia Herzstein, Ruth Hicks, Margaret Holder, Velma Holtman, Dixie Horton, Odellc Hoyle, Bernice Husbands, Myrtle Israll, Elsie Rose Jaffe-, Louise James, Katherine Jenkins, Joy H?fFi5i Eli Scollard, Thomas Clearman, Bobbie Jafferies, Mary Louise Hickman, Robert Scott, O. Q. Cleveland, Eunice Jett, Imogene HISCY, Olin Sealey, Lester Coffman, Stella Mae Jones, Clarice Continued on Page 60 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Jones, Josephine Jones, Mary Joe Karchmer, Joyce- Karr, Mary Kessi, Margaret King, Helen Louise Kirk, Mabel Kissinger, Mary Ruth Kleinman, Miriam Kline, Mary Lamb, Blanche Edna La Tuey, Winona Lasseter, Earline Leaming, Jean Lehwald, Helen Leigh, Vernell Letster, Florence Levine, Frances Levy, Helen Lewis, Edith Lewis, Helen Long, Margie McCabe, Jo Nell McClc-ndon, Norma McKinney, Mildred MeLawson, Doris McLeod, Bernice Mabray, Mary Louise Manning, Robbie Marker, Frances Marks, Jeannie Martin, Evelyn Mason, Katherine Meador, Eula Mae Miller, La Vone Moody, Marie- Moore, Gene E. Moore, Lois Neel, Helen Neely, Lorine Northcutt, Betheleen Northcutt, Luetra Oliver, Juanita Osborne, Joyce Owins, Mildred Pait, Rose Mary Palmer, Lucille Palmer, Nelwyn Paroski, Martha Pasche, Margaret Passons, Brownie Pavlson, Wava Payne, Pauline Phillips, Opal Phillips, Rachel Alice Pierce, Hazel Pirazzo, Louise Poirier, Dorothy Primrose, Alice Pruitt, Helen Read, Margie Reed, Vera Lois Reeves, Lenora Replin, Cecil Richmond, Molena 4 4 4 lmlqf I-'1fryVli14ql,1 r,,5f A 'I Ir lu + if if + , if af + if "ZH I an a-l1x'fis.m 4 4 4 4 4 I. K x + 4 4 4 4 4 Boys Alberts, Billie Anton, John Aschner, Irvin Babb, Harold Bennett, Bernard Benningfield, Bob Beville, William Bice, O. E., Jr. Broyles, Cecil Bryant, C. L. Burden, Earl Burns, Herschel Butcher, Dave Cade, Eugene Calcagno, Brazil Calhoun, Bob Cashion, L. E. Colletti, Joe Courtwright, Jack Craine, Marcus Denton, Randall Dreman, T. Duca, Lewis Duckworth, Ernest Dyer, J. L. Emmons, James Henry Faircloth, Laveenon Frankel, Leon Franks, Jimmie Gappleberg, Gus Garrison, Pat Gentry, Allen Goodman, David Guerrero, John Harkness, Vernon Harmon, Harold Harris, Brice Hiett, Edgar Howard, David Jackson, Ralph Jim, Tony Johnson, John Keller, Blanton King, Frank Knight, Marvin Klepak, Sidney Leon, Louis Line, George Love, Bertrand Lowry, Clifton McKenzie, Barnie McMillon, Lowell Manning, Clint Michaelson, Jack Moore, W. A. Moxley, Robert Nabors, J.C. Norris, Alfred R ik eliqsl Page F i f ly-N im' vert, 'Qu if if if if 1 if ir 1 +1 f' g' I-B Parrish, Ben Patrick, Dallas Pokladnik, Emil Poole, George Robins, J. B. Rogers, Thomas Salmon, Quentin Saunders, Harold Shackman, Elton Sherman, Thomas Smith, Edgar Smith, La Dell Smith, Leslie Spangler, Eugene Spelling, David Stafford, Bill Stephenson, Leo Stewart, Walter Summers, John Taylor, W. S. Tucker, Albert Lee Tunnell, Merlon Vance, Wesley Wade, Horace Wald, Solly Watts, Lewis Weatherman, Gordon Weber, David Weil, Carl Whatley, L. Z. Williams, Granvell Wilson, Claud Worley, James Wright, William Girls Adams, Virginia Aitken, Gloria Alexander, Louise Alexander, Thelma Allison, Peggy Ballard, Mary Ruth Barrenger, Juanita Barrow, Opal Biggerstaff, Helen Bigham, Olene Blanton, Blanche Mock, Elizabeth Bradley, Dorothy Bramlc-tt, Marie Brilling, Celia, Ann Brown, Roberta Buckley, Edna Bunievat, Helen Burditt, Clarisa Nez Burnett, Annie Bell Burnett, Madeline Canaday, Mary Virginia Clark, Ruth Class Clayton, Wynnelle Cohn, Bernice Collins, Aline Conner, Elizabeth Conway, Frances Cope, Lois Corbett, Lois Curtis, Margaret Ann Davidson, Ulda Davis, Pauline Dees, Irene Denncy, Marian Duckworth, Bertha Mae Duke, Dorothy Duncan, Minnie Mae Emerson, Betty Evans, Juanita Evans, Mary Evelyn Fain, Beverly Ferguson, Casie Feldman, Rose Fisher, Retlia Virginia Fanville, Avis Adelle France, Elizabeth Gee, Katherine' Gibbs, Josephine Gribble, Alice Maurine Grison, Irene Hages, Vivian Haralson, Dorothy Harbold, Lillian Catherine Harris, Berniece Havins, Loxaine Hawkins, Fannie Hazlewood, Eveylena Hernandez, Eloisa Hight, Dorothy Hilley, Sara Jim Hogg, Jimmie Horton, Earline Houchins, Agnes Housley, Lucille Howard, Kathrync Howard, Billie Joy Howard, Ruth Jordon, Mary Katherine Kaplan, Mary Kellum, Alinc Kennedy, Emma King, Jeanette Klepak, Sylvia Lawton, Frances Ligenberg, Sarah Light, Margery Logan, Velma Lovelady, Lanell Lunday, Audie Mai McFadden, Juanita McCanless, McKinney, McMasters, McSpadden McWilliam Magee, Mae Lupha Virginia Anna Bellc , Charlotte 5, Margie Ruth Mankins, Ruth Mann, Merle Margules, Betty Ruth Massey, Edwina Maxwell, Lillian Miller, Doris La Verne Mirsky, Bertha Mitchell, Mary Alice Moore, Faye Mueller, Mattie Lee Nail, Mo Dean Newman, Lorraine O'Donnell, Dorothy Pannell, Vc-rda Lee Peirce, Mary Virginia Perew, Maple Perkins, Irene Phelps, Rosemary Pokladnik, Mary Potts, Hildagarde Redd, Goldie Mae Richardson, Theda Mae Riddle, Chloe Dell Ripple, Mabel Ruth Rogers, Naomi Rouse, Dixie Lee Rupard, Flo Marie Russell, Jane Salyer, Daphc-ne Sanders, Cora Saunders, Mildred Sheppard, Norma Sisk, Evelyn Smith Ona Mae Smith, La Nora Standefer, Audentha Stowe, Mary Lou Stroud, Hattie Mac Stutts, Ruth Sullenger, Almeda Swain, Marjorie Tinker, Mary Evelyn Traylor, Myrtle Mae Vestal, Mary Lou Wade, Rachel Wallace, Rebecca Walters, Retha Mae Wertz, Loraine Wetherell, Anita Will, Juanita Wolfe, Willie Marie Wortham, Joy 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 F1111 Spring Page Sixty I if If if if , me an ai A if A af -If Fl 'lil Class Oflicers III-A CLASS Secretary . . . . . .MAUDINE CATLETT Robertson, Marguerite Ann Stovall, Alyeen Waller, Evalyn Wiley, Eloise SOLKAPLAN. . . JEWEL HARDWICR . . President Vice-President LoIs HUMPHREYS . . Secretary Spnnxor: MRS. EMMA BROWN III-B CLASS Fail JEWEL DEMERE . Presidenf DOROTI-iY FOOTE .... Vice-President MARGARETANNTHURMAN. . . Secretary Sponsor: MISS WILLIE MAE BERRY Fall ELIZABETH BRAUN . BILLY STALLCUP . . EDITH COBBEL . . . . II-A CLASS President Vive-Presidenl Secretary Sponsor: Miss SARA DAVIDSON Fall EDWIN TOEOLOWSKY . PAUL LACY . . . . CARALYN STROHEKER . . . . II-B CLASS President Vice-President Serreiary Sponsor: MISS SARA DAVIDSON ROY CAMPBELL . ROSALEE COHN . IOLACALHOUN . . . . . . . . HOWARD HIEGEI. . PAUL FINKLESTEIN DOROTHY KIRSCHNER Spring . CLAUD CHASTANT . ELIZABETH BRAUN MARCILLE MULLENS Spring . EVELYN FLEMING . LORAINE DAGNAL MARGARET FORD Spring . ROY CAMPBELL . IOLA CALHOUN . JESSIE CATLETT I-A CLASS President BARNETT GOODSTEIN . Vice-President . STELLA MAE COFFMAN Sponsorx: MISSES RUTH CHRISTOPHER AND MARGARET BREWIiR I-A Class, Rogers, Billie Louise Rogers, Freda Rolnick. Kathryn Rope, Earline Ross, Genevieve Rubin, Betty Rose Rude, Selma Runnels, Dorothy Sandford, Margaret Scoggin, Fthelyn Sears, Enez Sierad, Theresa Sorensen, Hattie Stampes, O'Neida Stanglin, Mary Stateler, Ruth Annette Stephenson, Delma Continued From Page 57 Sullivan, Rosemary Taylor, Ethelcen Taylor. Freda Thorn, Elsie Mae Toberny, Marie Tobolowsky, Harriett Van Huss, Margaret Varner, june Wacher, Selma Watelsky, Elaine Watson, Faye Weaver, Daisy Welch, Edith We-lls, Nancy Whaley, Vera White, Anita White, Mary Lce Wild, Pauline Willis, Leora Wilson, Vivian Winn, Dorothy Wittkower, june Woodford, june Wright, Theresa Yates, Mae Dell Young, Virginia Zimmerm an, Frances 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 li L" -1 - l in H -n 1 1 ax 1-A Lan L- i 1 on ' .r ff : i -- --':'1 Y i - QB. ,UPL-'Ls' is 1- :X l - 51-A 5: 13- bf ' : l'-" Y 2.4 ,AT If '3 JT 'ws .. x 7 "Q -:-ll. ...nllli s " X ' ' .5 . Y - V -rvzq - qf , '94 --. ' ' ' A f R ' ' '.:" f. SR ' ' X , . W- ' o X f . P- 0 2 1-' , . - " ' v' f 1 T ' ' K1 1 E, J -1 5 Q - f- Q 7 I I VV Q Q f 1.1 . 2111? 1 . L. . - l ' , . 1" X' ' 'iflfif ' -5 - : Q'-I A vw . U, 5 f 2, ,f - -N . , ',, - Xe F11 -' ,- . I O11 M1111 f1 0. 1850, 11! 3:00 ,L M., 81111111 Allllxl ullff 4,000 M1'x111111 rrg- 11l111w x!u1'1111'1f ffm' lxlxllllll. Tfuj u1'1'1'l14i1'1' 1'1'11l1l.w1'1f uilfr f11'111'1' frmw, of X50 M1'xi1'1111x, Illllj' I30 1'1'11111i111'1l. Tflrj' jimllly ,x1'11l1'J ffm' nulfx, 11111l lfu' !H'I'IlI1k lm! .1l11111l 14f1i1'f1 flu- 1l1'j1'111l1'1'.x INAIAIK' ix 11'1'H AVIIIIVII In t'll'l'H T1'x1111. CTIVITIE J l'1f,f S1111-'l'un mf! .'l fl H M ff if if if Q1-1 1-1 if if af f w 'HL figijflff ll. H. Y.1lcs -lack Cuupcr l7r.1l1cus S111'u11su11 Mary ll 1 1 HL'lliL' lu' .Imws Rsrlwrt V011 'l41'css l"cl1u11 XV.11w11 VIHIIYKLN C 1rp U11-11vl"isl1u1' Alu: l.iCl1lCl'lNlL'iIl llurmlmy Voss H1111 Asghmr SfJUllN0l'.Y Il. IS. Y,x'1'1s llmwlllx' Voss l.muN1 l'ISlIl.R BII.Yilll'.XA NHIIIKIAQVI' Rum 111' VON T111-55 A1ll'1'l'fi.1il1g Mzllldgm' If1mNc11zs CARP i' 'A' 'A' Mmm' Smrrll CLARK lfflifm' Bl l'I'll. 1,1111 KIQNI5 A.sxru'ial1' lfflilorx limu' A5c.1lN1 R 1,ffI'I'mII',j' Ifrfifurx lfmNa,1,s SUIKI-.Nbl'.N fUf1fr'fil' lfclilrn' .IACK clO0I'l1li Assixlalll HII.Yillt'XX Alzllltlgfl' F1a1.ToN W11'1'soN 1' 1xSSi.Nf1llIf fhl1'l'I'fiXilI.Q Nlllllllgl A1112 LIClI'l'liNS'l'lilN i' 'A' 'k 'A' 'I 'Ir 'A' ir ir I 1 ll iaggvqgi e lx 6,1 . . I 7 i' M Forester Staff Assistants EDITORIAL Mary Alice Clieney Harriet Ornisli Juanita Johnson Juanita W'oodall Dorothy Novieli Sol Kaplan Bertha Kulinell Sidney Freid Louis Tobian Urban Hamilton Becca Cilc Rosenberg Pauline Wyly Clnricc Minsky Geraldine Wzltkiiis Miriam Nathanson ADVERTISING Andrew Swartliout Jack McClure Billy Harlan Abe Bullman Harold Sliackman 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 f i' 'A' 'A' uk I S lil U,-V! 'I Wi ll I ii, if if ir f af af if if mQ1a Banking Banking was started in Forest Avenue High School ten years ago and today the total accounts of pupils in the school is sl0,8Z1.97. The largest individual account is 5340. Anyone may open an account by depositing as much as fifty cents. The banking staff of Forest Avenue High School for the fall term, 1934-35, included Abe Lichtenstein, Harold Utay, Maurice Petty, and Goldie Frank. The staff of the spring term, 1934-35, was composed of Abe Lichtenstein, Billy Harlan, and Paul Cooper. Mr. Wylie A. Parker, Mr. H. B. Yates, and Miss Leta Mae Har- lan are faculty sponsors. it 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' if 'A' i' 'A' j ' lit bug :FQ 'gi i' 'A' 'A' i' ,f lf 'k ir if -K f liz' Boys' Glee Club Miss LOUISE WILCOX, Dirvclor Ables, Robert Carson, N. A. Chaney, Louis lfricdberg, Sol Lawrence, Joe Mitchell, jack Moore, Jeff Ricker, Maynard Rigdon, Clayton CAROLYN Sraonunuuk, Rogers, Thomas Rudnick, Albert Slocum, Curtis Smith, Edgar Tiner, Milton Vann, Harold Woodal, James Wright, W. T. flCC'0Il1lN1l1iSf 4 4 4 4 4 'lr ir 4 ll' i' I llg Sul1Nlx Y! 'KL' I ' l ral ll I if ir if if ,.A if if if if nu? ' 7, National Honor Society X fr f,lARlNll Xlvllllllli . Cjlvolugm Sll NMI u ANCl1IlUl',llLllAl Connally, clll.ll'lC5 Cooper, .lack lloullmit, Katlmryn lfrienl. Sidney Gross, XVilliam llarlan, Billy Miss R.u'1u4.l lIOO'l'l',SlP1ll1MH' . PI'l'Xjlll'l1f . SVI'I'l'ftlI',Y-'IvI't'4l.Vlll'l'l' M li M B li R S -jones, Bettie l,ee Kulmell, Bertha laivings, George Metzger, Cecelia jane Mundell, Margaret Nance, joseph Rosenberg, Becca Cile Cl Alu-N11 Wm l'l 1 R BIPRTIIA KUHNI-.1 1 Slenger, Georgia Swan-rlmour, Andrew Vann. liva Lee Wfatliins, Geraldine W.1l'Ll, Dorothy Nsl w,l1CClCI', Clarence W'yly, Pauline t 'A' 'A' 'k ir 'k 'A' ir i' 'K ,T I'if,qi' Sixli X IFI fe - Y vf f ff ir ir X 1 if if if --ff? ' -'f l'IIiNRY l5uluu.1iY IDENMAN WlNso1t C1ic15l.lA JANE Mlgizohlt . Louis BARNES . Allen, L. D. Brin, Selden Connally, Charles Cassell, George Cooper, Paul Culibrk, Steve Glasser, Irving Kaplan, Sol Kohen, Samuel Marshall, Clifford Science Club GRA Y MOURE, SPUIISUI' OFFICERS . P resid wif . . Viva'-I'ra'siilw1f . S4'4'l'1'lur'y-T1'r'ax1n'z'r Sc'rgi'al1f-al'-A rms MEMBERS Manion, joe Priest, Jack Saddler, Ivan Watson, Felton Wfinsor, James Barrow, Maxine Bonnet, Virginia Fisher, Lorene Hennemuth, Marieane . PAUl.Cool'14.R . GIi0IiGIi CAS5EI.I, . Domus STRLHORN . . JAMES WINSOIK Gregory, Montic Belle Givens, Geraldine Levy, Elizabeth Metzger, Cecelia jane Lambert, Dorothy Hously, Lucille Roberts, Violet Strehorn, Doris Waggoner, Sylvia 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 g Sl I lglvl 4 i' 'k i' it Ji, J s it, Had 'Y l I I xl y ii f ll 192 i f 'A' 'A' 'A' i' Q iinu W Las Dos Americas Mlss lf.l.1J1'c111i1x RYAN W1cki1AM, Sjmnxor I"xANc1ss Buns . . ANNIQ M0I.lJ14' . CAIKRII-. ZABBIA JOHN Mll.'l'Nl4lli . Li-1s1,uz PIQACOCK . Abramson, Florence Boles, Louise Buie, Frances Bevacqun, Josephine Bazman, Ida Mae Barzune, Esther Clem, Olive Crouch, Joyce Dunn, Juanita Emmett, Doris Fricdlander, Adele Furlow, Dorothy Hand, Emma Louise Kirkland, Violet OFFICERS . Pft'Sitll'lIf . . Te- rrxit ru . V1 I' I I . Sc'1'rz'larj' . . Trr'a.v11rvr . Sf'l'.Ql'dllf-llf-A l'lllX MEMBERS Langley, Louise Lawrence, Anna Pearl Lawrence, Lois Levy, Elizabeth McGlasson, Margaret Ann Rambo, Mattie Ruth Robinson, Sylvia Ruttenberg, Ruth Shultz, Eldn Sobel, Helen Thompson, Mary Bell Vann, Eva Lee Warnick, Margaret HowARo BALDWIN . . MILTON Bom' EMMA Louise HAND . . LOUISE Bows llUBER'I'GIl.l.liSl'll1 4 Wilsoli, Louise Wright, Doris Baldwin, Howard Cooper, Sam Bopp, Milton Gillespie, Hubert Heard, Richard Lacy, Paul Murphey, Pink Krueger, Jesse Heffington, Robert Lachey, Simon Wilensky, Billy 41 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Pau Sn x N114 X ff if if f gi if af ' , , M J yl ." X' Pan-American Student Forum--Forest Unit Miss FLETCHER RYAN WICKI'YAN1, Sponsor WILSON Goss . MARGARET VVARNICK Barzune, Esther Bazman, Ida Mae Bevacqua, Josephine Buie, Frances Chaney, Lois Crouch, Joyce Dewald, Mary Fife, Marian Fletcher, Dhal Frauman, Thelma Grant, Thelma ' Horton, Virginia Kirkland, Violet Lawrence, Anna Pearl OFFICERS MEMBERS McGlasson, Margaret Ann Novin, Frances Puckett, Joan Price, Adeline Rambo, Mattie Ruth Rudnick, Sarah Rudnitsky, Ethel Spicer, Doris Streicker, Freida Vann, Eva Lee Wfarnick, Margaret Baldwin, Howard Bopp, Milton Prr'xizlr'11I SUI'l'l'fllI'j'-TYf'tlX1H'l'l' Brin, Selden Carter, Jack Cooper, Sam Curry, Jack Goodman, jack Goss, Wilson Goss, Roland Livings, George Murphy, Pink Perlstein, Hillel Rubin, Maurice Schackman, Harold Tobolowsky, Edwin XVatelski, Stacy 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' ll li V,-rf- ,. -Ar if -lr ii nuegi mi if, i' if 'lr i' , I 1 Q i' 1- 1:5 -'ii E 'Q , E, E-A ,I-. : -. ,qi . w,,...,w. e....,, Fall Term Roclak Mooiui . .IOSL-QPH NANCI4, . G1-.URQLQTHRQWI-LR ANDREW' SwAu'rHou'r CllARl.l-S SNYU1-,R . Allen, Fred lloatman, jesse Canada, -Iohn Cassell, George Connolly, Charles Coghurn, I.. M. Cooper, Paul lfisher, Neal lfinueaue, john Senior Hi-Y W. H. Buruin, Sfmnxor OFFICERS . Presirlerlf . . . Vi!'l'-l,fl'Kftll'l1f . . Sw'rr'fary-Trmxzzrw' . I'arliu1m'r1farim1 . Sergealzf-af-A rms MEMBERS Gieseekc, Fred Kinnnrd, Harvey Kinknid, James McClure, jack Mosher, XVilliam Nance, Joseph Prevratil, Ben Redd, -lack Spring Term . JACK MCCLUIUQ . CHAlu.1as SN Ymzk ANDREW SWARTHOUT . . JOHN CANAUA . Gizoiusr: CASSlil.l, Romine, Charles Smith, Otis Snyder, Charles Swarthout, Andrew Tiner, Milton Thrower, George W'eathers, Fred XY'insor, james 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 0 Q 1 P113 S11 af if vw if 4 4 as if ff af . w me 3 4 x ' K , Fall Trrnz WA 1' N 1-, WOOIJII U FII Cl.AUllli CIIASTANI Sc1oTT IJELI-lla . . . . I.. D.A1.m-LN . IVAN SAm,l1R . Aeliilles, Cliester Allen, QI. D. Allen, I... D. Burns, Hersliel Canalcla, Wilsoli Cfliastant, Claude Junior Hi-Y XV. H. BUT11 rx, Sjwzmu OFFICERS . . . Prexidmf . . . .Vive-l'r1'xizlr'llf. Sr'z'rr'I'411'-3' . Svrgvarlf-nf-1'I rm x . PIIl'1flIlIlt'Ilfl1l'ftlll MEMBERS, Scott Griilis, Henry Holr, John Margo, S. G. McKinney, -Iolin Prevatil, George Spring Term CILAUDI4 CHAS'I'ANT . . JOHN Q.I-Ioiil . Wi1.soN CANAIJIX . . I,. D. Al,l.1aN WAN'NI2 Wcmcmlxkuiiil- Saddler, Ivan Strange, Jack Strickland, Coy Stuart, Jimmie Vann, Harold Wmmcvcl1'L1fI, XVayne 'A' ir 'A' i' i' 'k 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' ill'1l 'A' i' 'A' 'A' fifgli I i 'A' 'A' 'k 1k Little Theatre Miss H1 ll N FIZRN Bl.Ac'K, Sjmnmr lic!!! 'l'4'r1l1 Ili-.imiiiw Wlsi. . . TIl,l.Il-, I-lfuuus . . . Blzczcnfx Cl 1.141 ROS!-,N ui-Ju: 'TIILODORI' CANl7lC7'l"l'A IJOROTIIY Wiaisiiiz . . -'UIIN lflNuc'ixNl- . Abrams, Myra Aseliner, Burt Bruyles, Miltlretl Coleman, Lena lfink, Maxine lfux, Helen Ciersmnn, Marian OFFICERS . l'n'siJr'ul . . . Vif't'-Prz'xiJ1'l1f . . . S1'l'r'c'fur,y . . . Trmx ll rr' r' . Svrgr'a11f-af-fl rms Parlia Illl'lIftIT'ftlll MEMBERS Gordon, Sylvia Harris, Tillie Lykes, Helen Lou Rosenberg, Becca Ci Sqlflir, Gladys Selilinger, Regina Swain, Janet I Spring Term . KIQHN FINUCANIE . . Gmnvs SAI-'I-'lu . . Tll.l.ll'I Hmuus . . MYRA AiskA1x1s . . -IANIQT SWAIN -Iosiami liuluzowiak Wgltkiiis, Geraldine Webe1', Dorothy Zesmer, Josephine Burgower, Joseph Candiottn, Theodore Finucnne, -Iolm XVise, Herbert 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4,95 Pagr Sazanly Thr 1 if if + if -nf f if if fill Arnold, G. T. Barnett, Sam Broadnax, Harry Broyles, Eugene Carter, Jack England, Conley Frank, Herbert Freeman, Loy Goodfriend, Sam Goren, Mayer Green, Irwin Gross, Glenn Gross, William Adams, Roland Orchestra Miss LOUISF Wlrcox, Dircfrfor MEMBERS Moxley, Robert Wade, Horace Hafter, Joe Wise, Herbert Hiegel, Howard Huebler, Paul Mullinex, Eugene Nance, Joseph Pool, Frank Priest, Jack Reaney, Dave Rushing, Louis Schachleford, Elton Swarthout, Andrew Thorne, Robert Bazeman, Ida Mae Chaney, Lois Haynes, Patsy Howard, Katherine Kessi, Margaret King, Pauline Moody, Marie Phillips, Rachael Price, june Stowe, Mary Lou Stenger, Georgia 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 i'Si'ii'uly-l"r1l1r 'Tri' I i I ll! if if ff if we - i- 17, 1 if 1 if i M, , i liilfl 'l'i'rm High Scholarship Club Mi-.x Rai IIII lfoirii-,, Sjmumr OIWILJIFRS Bun 1' Asc HM it . . l'ri'xiili-ul i1i.i'in Al'l'Il . , . Vin'-l'ri'siili'nl Gi KALIDINI' VVNI Kms . . Si'i'i'i'fi1r'y Gionni l,lVINhS . . . 'I'r'i'ui11ri'r llil i ii llixiu 'iN . , Si'r'gi'ur1l-ul-Armx Ti n IINRRIS . , . Purliumrururiim Mixoaki i' MuNni i i. . Rrfwrivr MEMBERS Abramson. Florence Allen, ,lean Asehner, Burt Aueoin, Row Block, Leone lloles, Louise Bowie. lfraneew Braun, lililabetli lloyd, .Iuanita Bruton, Maxine l'.illioun, lnla ci.lllll0!1.,lllllL' Ann Cheney, Mary Alice Ciogliill, Gertrude Coker. Ruby Coleingin, Ilexxie Clnrbett, Margueritie Dagnal, l.oraini Dash, lam loe Demere, jewel liille. Marion Fink, Maxine Ford, Margaret lfox, lfvelyn l5len1ing,l'ivelyn lierguxon, Nell liriednian, Ruth lfriedlander, Adele Gaddix, W'iln1ertli Gordon, Sylvia Gruber, Ruth ilnlinson, Mary Sue blones. Betty hlones, lvn Mile Kinibell, Aletliea Kimbrough, -lLl.ll1ll.l Kennedy, Mary Kirxeliner, Dorothy Lambert, Durniliy Lankfurd, Frances laindsberg, Lena Margulis. Adalie Tempel, Vallora Thurman, Margaret McCutcheon, Phoebe Ann Metzger, Cecelia jane Townsend, Helnia Muir, Esther Mundell, Margaret Tresp, Nluanita Vann, Eva Lee Nance, Mary Virginia Wnggcmiaer, May Novicli, Dorothy Novin, Frances Ornish, Harriet Osborn, Ruth Price. Adeline Ro-enberg, Becca Cil Selilinger, Regina Simms, Neil Sll!'Cl1XCI1,lilWLl Sorensen, liraneex Steele, Siwanna Stroheker, Carolyn Sy, Katherine Ward. Dorothy Nel Warwick, Margaret Watkiias. Geraldine Wyly, Pauline Wliitixker, Frances e Wileiisky, Pauline Wfilson, Ruby Louise W'riglit, Doris Ablon, Arnold Apple, Clyde Aronofsky, David Cooper, Paul Finkleste-in, Donald Slrriug Term Gi KAl,DlNl-. WA'i'K1Ns , -IUANITA Bovn Alll'I.lQ Fiuiiin ANmu-,W Swfuuaioui . . Soi K.-XPIAN . . Cixin- Ai-vii Brriii l.i'i Alomis Finklestein, Paul Finueane, john Fried, Sidney Gross, Glenn Gross, Williaxmi Glasser, Irving Harlan, Billy Kaplan, David Kaplan. Sul Kaufman, Stanley Kohen, Samuel, Alie Livings, George Malowitz, Stanley Murphy, Pink Stallcup, Billie Swartliout, Andrew Tobian, Lewis Wheeler, Clarence NY'yll, Nathan 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 I lfifrgf i' 'A' at 'Ir Yh A I X in 'iii xv.: Lf--7 .992 V tgjyff, .I Ji, ,. ,V I 'Wifi an of Pugi'Sr'1'i'r1l3'-1114 as if 1 al Auclitores Cziesaris Miss IATUIKIXNIN Mn I 1 it Mlss I'i'lIIII NI.-XSIIRS Miss I'1 IlXIil'IIl HL lull lA'I'llI Gornn Iflmxu Smxi Y Ifiu in . Douoiin' Noviul Mmm' Gum: DUNN HIHIS Ciitiiln AIANI NIIVIYLIR . Abramson, .lane Ashley, Mildred Ii.ill, Dorothy Bassett, Dorothy Iiell, Mndelyn, M act y Beck, In Nelle Blevins, Margaret lloyd, -lunnitn BYRILIII, Iflilaheth Iiutner, Virginhx Cuilhoun, Iol.x Clawgird, Geraldine Cohn, Romlee Cox, Ruth Curtis, Margaret Ann Dunn, Mary Grace Illznmgnn, Clarice Friedman, Ruth Gilhnm, Anna Caroline Golden, Margaret Cioodnizin, Idelle Ilaislys, Dorothy Harlmld, Catherine Ililley, Sara ,lim Hilly, Margaret lI.llILII1,IJ.'lI1I,. llousley, I.ueille Ilurst, Ruby Jenkins, joy Kennedy, Mary OFFICERS I'r'e.viiler1l . . Vim'--Pl'i'xi11I'l1l . Sl'4'fl'1dV,Y . . Treuxlzrrr . Sergeurll-ill-A rmx MEMBERS I.L'lI'll1Jl11, I,ouise Lenming, jean McCabe, Ninn McCuteheon. Phoebe Metzger, CLCUli1l-ILIIIC Novit, Sophie Novieh, Dorothy Primrose, Alice Ruhin, Betty Ro'-e Saunders, Nov.1 Iflline ilfiherny, Marie 'IIllLll'l!l.'ll1, RILlI'j.L.ll'k'l Whule. Rieliel XYlI'Igilf,iIqlIL'l'CH,1 Ablm, Arnold Anderson, Iflmer Bcrill, W'illiiun Iirin, Royal Butler, Harold Carp, Robert Cflmvtant, Clatide I"'reid, Sidney Glusaer, Irving Goidle, Irving Cioodfriend, Samuel Ciril'I'is, Henry Harris, Arthur I Iolt, -lohn Fox ,l.1eohs, Ifdwin jute, Irwin . Sjmrzun' , C11-Sprnlmr . Cn-Sjmnxm' Sliring Term . . Silmifx' I:RIlh Dokorui' Novirix Cl,AlU-NL!-. WHLI-1.1-it C.lfI,IA ,IANE lVlI"I'lC-I'R ANDRLW Swiuiinoui Legg, Corbett I,ouis, I,eon Moore, ,lean If. Pntmn, Peter Sehlingcr, Henry Sessel, Ralph Shannon, james Stalleup, Billie Stern, Arthur Strange, ,lack Swnrthout, Andrew Thrower, Whxllpice Utny, Arnold Wheeler, C'flgirem'e, I Ir. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Siwwilj'-Six if A f A " .. llw if if if if rj l U I Aelta Historical Society Miss MINNII1 BROWN, SIFUHSUV Full Trrnz CHAKLliS CONNALLX' LLsLIIi FLOYD . . Doim EINIIOIIN . C1.ARl:NCIi WIILLLISII Sun L.liVlN12 . . . Moiuus S'l'IiINBI1RG Apple, Clyde Avnet, Leon Burgower, joseph Carter, -lack Clhastant, Clautle Connally, Charles Goss, Wilson Gross, Glenn Gross, William Gruber, lien Haney, Ernest Jaffe, lrvin Manion, joe OFFICILRS . Pfl'Xill'l'l1f . . . Vita'-Prvxidwzf . . . Setvvlary . . . Treaxizrvr . . Parl ia mania riun Sergeanl-al-Arms MEMBERS Nance, Joseph Nathanson, David Reaney, Dave Thrower, George Von Tress, Robert Alger, Doris Bazman, Ida May Bledsoe, Frances Boles, Louise Braun, Elizabeth Demere, Jewel Gillham, Caroline Gordon, Sylvia Spring Term . Josuvn NANQIQ . CHARLES CONNALLI' . . . SUE LEVINE DAVID NATHANsoN . WILLIAM GROSS . . WILSON Goss Gruber, Ruth Kessler, Miriam Kirkland, Violet Kirschner, Helen Lenske, Maxine Levine, Mae Marne Levy, Elizabeth Mosesman, Pauline Novit, Sophie Reames, Kathryn Smiley, Norma Sy, Katherine Turner, Vivian uk 'Ir 'A' i' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' if 'A' 0 I I'i1,qcSzI H15 S L ll 7 ir 'A' 'A' ir , All 'A' ir 'A' 'A' Full Term PEARL ISRAEL . . JOHN FINUCANE . REGINA SCHLINGER PERCITA SADDLER . HERBERT Wise . . HELEN MCKENZIE Ackerman, Mae Brown, Juanita Carp, Frances Coleman, Lena Cook, Mary Lee Dent, Margaret Douthit, Kathryn Dunfield, Loreda Israel, Pearl Kessler, Miriam Kirschner, Dorothy Forest Forum Miss DOROTHY GERLACH, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . . Vive-President . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms . Parliamentarian . MEMBERS Lykes, Helen Lou McKenzie, Helen Michaelson, Gladys Michaelson, Jane Novich, Dorothy Robinson, Louise Saddler, Percita Schlinger, Regina Weaver, Mary Rose Baldwin, Howard Ballard, Earl Spring Term GLADYS MICHAELSON . . HERBERT WISE . . PINK MURPHY MARY RosE WEAVER . . MILTON Bom! LOREDA DUNFIELD Bopp, Milton Bullman, Abe Cooper, Jack Finkelstein, Paul Finucane, John Kaim, Irwin Moore, Roger Murphy, Pink Scoggins, Norris Von Tress, Robert Wise, Herbert 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 gi i 'Wifi . J X,,,,,,, l ll Sllllfl I1 fl I X + is if is mmf, i. vi if if if Forest Allied Arts Club Miss Rifi"i'ii- Ki rm' lirvsoit, Sjmizxor UFIIICERS Fall iIlt'l'NI Sjiring illvrm MoNi'i- Bi-iii, Ciufooiu' . Pwxidviil . . Louisif Kisiioiii lVlARCiARIi'I' lWIl.l,KiAN . . . Vin'-Prvxiilvizl . . . NIUANITA NWooim1.i l.ii i IAN IIARNSXVORTII Sifrnmz' Vin'-l'i'i'xiJi'11l . -'ANI-. Aisiiori' QIIAQAN SHANKS ..... Svrrvlary . . . Mixkoaiu-1'r Mii.i.ieAN .IUANITA .IoiiNsoN . . . Trc'ax11r4'r . . Lll.1.lAN FARNSXVORTH Rum' Wi INISI-lit, . . . Svrgvafzf-al-flrnzx . . . Ruiiv WIiINlSl'.RCi Ri-iim BIANL Aisisorr . . Parlifmzwzfariazz MLlN'I'I'1 Biiiiii Giuaooiu' MEMBERS Clark, Frederick Cioltlgar, Irving Haller, Oscar llumplifus, Charles jones, Billy Matthews, jesse Michaelson, Erwin Moseley, Willter Potts, George Waltlerm, Theotlis VVeinbei', li utly Abbott, Reba jane Allen, jean llurras, Glenelle CoH'man, Tempe Coley, Helen Corbett, Marguerite Crook, Blanche Crow, Lorraine Douthit, Katherine Dutton, Mary Farnsworth, Lillian Gray, Mary Gouger, Catherine Gregory, Monte Belle Gruber, Ruth Hemphill, Elizabeth Hendricks, Otha Mae Hiegel, Frances Hattman, Dixie Hardwick, Jewel Huckabee, Margie Johnson, Juanita Johnson, Catherine Klienman, Roselyn Knight, Louise Lehwald, Helen Leinbungut, Gertrude Margulas, Adalie Millican, Marguerite Mills, Adalec Nichols, Lucille Osborne, Joyce Scripture, Mildred Shanks, jean Spreen, Annaliese Sy, Katherine Toland, Elizabeth Wiilters, Christine Xllfatson, Faye Weitznian, Violet Wigbells, Mildred Wii1n, Dorothy Wfoodall, Juanita Yockstick, Doris 4 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' if ll' ,N 1 in Ilagr' S 1 in All F Er 'Y-fi ff if if A ff R lf Q all if if ff f 'K' '-5' i.:.,f Le Circle Francais Fall Tvrm CARYL KAHN . . MARGARET MUNIJEl.L GLADYS MICHAELSON MIRIAM TURNER . REGINA SCHLINGER DOROTHY KIRSHNER Abrams, Myra Block, Leone Balser, Sylvia Bierner, Sally Callahan, Margaret Coleman, Bessie Corbett, Marguerite Fox, Evelyn Gasch, Galay Jaffe, Louise Karchner, Joyce Kimbell, Aletha MRS. MINNIE ARDREY, Sponmr OFFICERS Spring Term . Presirlmf . . BEGGA CILE ROSENBERC . Vir'r'-Prexiclcvll . . . Serrcfary . . . Treasurer . Sc'rgem1f-af-Arnzs . Parliamr'nfaria11 . MEMBERS Kirshner, Dorothy Karpionock, Emile Kuhnell, Bertha Lambert, Dorothy Margules, Adalie Marshall, Elizabeth Michaelson, Gladys Michaelson, Jane Mundell, Margaret Rosenberg, Becca Cile Schlinger, Regina Shumate, Doris REGINA SCHLINGER VIOLET WEITZMAN . ALETHA KIMBELI. . GEORGE CASSELL . MIRIAM TURNER Sims, Neil Swain, Janet Turner, Miriam Utay, Gertrude Watelsky, Elaine Weitzman, Violet Zesmer, Josephine Aronofsky, David Cassell, George Kaim, Irwin Weinberg, Rudy 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 l'u,Qi' Eiglrly ,fr H ff if if f U, .., sv if if + 4 Forest Echo Miss Eroisu Duiumm, Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF The Editorial Staff is seated on the front 1'ow. lfalilorx ......... Mary Sue johnson, Geraldine Watkiiis, Pauline Wyly flxmriulr' lfzfiluri ...... Lois joe Daseh, Fay Hucldleston, Juanita Kimbrough, Bertha Kuhnell, Blanche MeCutehe0n, Eva Lee Vann. Axxixlunl lidilurx ....... Myra Abrams, Lena Coleman, Iva Mae Jones, Katie Mile, Roslyn XVasserman, Christine Webb. rV4'1L'.r ...... Lorene Ferrell, Lorene Fisher, Clarice Minsky, Kathryn Nelson, Marjorie Newton, Wil111.i Reeves, Dorothy Voss, Violet Vifeitzman. llU'lItllIlQ1'X .... ........ L illian liarnsworth, Louise Robinson Mililurby . . ................. Joe Manion l:!'tIfIIVl'.Y ........... Billy Boyles, Emma Louise Hand, Mary Hubig, Mae Marne Levine, Edythe Ruskin, jean Shanks, ,Iuanita Wootlall. Cnlumnisfx .......... Virginia Bonnet, Louise Ferrell, Frances Hiegel Anna Pearl Lawrence, Gladys Michaelson, Doris Strehorn, Geraldine Webb. Ar! ............... Reba Jane Abbott, Margaret Millican FVL'SIIlIldllEl1if0l' . . . .......... Eugenia Elmore Sjmrfx .... . ........ Esther Hcchtman, Sarah Wyll Rvjmrlcrx ......... Dorothy Dagnal, Geraldine Davis, Helen Filipec, Dorothy Goodman, Margaret johnson, Clara Smith, Milton Stover, Robert Thomason. Srrapbook ............... Violet Bryant, Alethea Kimbell Organizations . ............ Journalism I Class BUSINESS STAFF Buxinfxs Mauagerx . . .... Clyde Apple, Milton Bopp, John Finucane Axxixfanfs ..... . . . Otto Light, Willitiin Stringfellow Pulzlifily um! Cirmlaliofz ........ Schuyler Hooker 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' i' 'I gr Liglflj' Un I 'i 5 l I 1' i 'tg l ., A if if if if A if +1 in LI I Girl Reserves MIss BI41R'I'HA JACKSON, Sprnzwr Mlss ANNI15 CiIiM FI5LoI1R, Cu-Spuumr 151111 '1'I'I"u1 Gl4,k!liCQIA S'I'IiNc.I4.R . DoRo1'Hx' WliI3l'lli . KATHRYN LDOUTHIT IDORIS STRI-QIIQRN ANQI-.I.INI-1 LANRI-'oRIJ lJoRIs S'I'RIaIIoRN . VIRGINIA BoNNIa'I' . Evi2I,YN ANDREWS . FRANCES CARP . FRANCES HIEGIAII. ESTELLE CARSON . OFFICERS . 1,V'l'Xill!'llf . . Vin'-PrI'xirfI'l1l . . C011 neil Ra'11I'c'xc'1IfaliI 'I'.I' . . Sr'r'I'r'laI',y . . . 'I'I'c'ax11I'1'r' . Prog nam Chairman . Social ClJdifIlIdlI . Sc'rr'ia'r' Cbuirnmu . Ring Chairman . PdI'1idIl1l'llft1VidI1 . MEMBERS Andrews, Evelyn Ballard, Agnes Beck, La Nelle Bonnet, Virginia Boyd, Juanita Broyles, Mildred Carp, Frances Carson, Estelle Cates, Wanda Neil Chaney, Lois Cobbel, Hilda 4 4 Cook, Mary Lee Cole, Elizabeth Crouch, Joyce Dougherty, Mary Douthit, Kathryn Dunfield, Loreda Fisher, Lorene Gregory, Montie Bell Guynes, Norma Jean Hemphill, Elizabeth 4 4 Henri, Virginia Hiegel, Frances Huckabee, Margie Hirchstein, Ruth Knight, Louise Lane, Katherine Lankford, Angeline Lankford, Frances Leewald, Helen Minsky, Clarice 'A' 'A' Spring Tfrln . Jovcla CRouc,II MILIJREIJ BROYLIQS LJORIS STRIQHORN FRANC1-.S Hlliiilil. VIRGINIA BONNI-VI' . KATIIRYN LANI1 . -JUANITA BoYIi Cl,ARICIi MINSKX' FRANCES LANRFORD GERALIJINE WEBB . DOROTHY Voss Osborne, Katheryn Rude, Selma Stenger, Georgia Strehorn, Doris Uberman, Mary Voss, Dorothy Webb, Geraldine Weber, Dorothy Weitzman, Violet Woodall, Juanita 4 ll' II un 4 i' ak 'k ji . 'qi Tlx-L., U ja ir if if if W: Texas History Club lfafl iI'I'I'II1 llI I I N lot' I,YIxI s lxl.'XRl,Alil I lllllilb . lloIto'I'IIv NI I, WAIIII Rm C,MII'III ll . . Maur AIANI liNIx . l'llbXX'lN ToIsoI oxvsm' Alger. lloris Bruton, Mary Bruton, Maxine Carp, liohert Coghill, Katherine Coleman, Bessie Coleman, Zelda Clamphell, Roy Dagnall, Loraine lfavex, l.0I'l'1lll1C ss lil ss 'l'I IA'I'C.l II.It, Sflflllxlil' Ul"lilClfliS . . . l'I'4'.xIrfl'lll . . . Vim'-l,l'1'.siIf1'llf . . . S4't'l'I'fd!'.Y . . . .'I'I'vI1.I1II'I'I'. . . St'l'KQt'tHlf'zIf-llVHIA . P6lV'liIlNIt'l1fdfillll MIQMBIQRS lfnix, Mary tlanc lfortl, Margaret lfleming, Evelyn liriecllantler, Adele Gregory, l,illian Golrnan, Ethel Horton, Lola H umphfus, Charles Lacy, Paul l,yltes, Helen Lou Sffriniq 'I'I'I'I11 LIIARI I S I ltIaII'IIIfLIs . l5IissI1f clUl.lVMAN . l:llANl1lAS NovIN . Rox' CLAMPISI-1,l. . . RoIsI,It'I' CARI' l'lDXYlN ToIsoI,oxx'sIn' Nichols. Lucille Noyit. Sophie Novin, lirances Temple, Vallora Tobolowslxy, Edwin Wgird, Dorothy Ncl XVasserman, Evelyn Schultz, lla Phay Silberman, Sylvia 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'Nw Pugz' Ijigfllj'-Tlmlf "XK 'l , -nf af if if Y Af' A af ir if Fall Tw' 111 KA'I'H1aR1N1a DOU'l'HI'I' IDOROTHY N1iI,WAlllJ LoRlaNia FLRRELL Rosie AUQOIN B1e'1"r1ii Lua JONES PAui,iN1-1 WYLY LOUISE FERRELL BIQTTIE Lui joN1as MARY GRACE DUNN -IUANITA KIMBROUGH DORA EINHORN HAZEI. BERRY Aucoin, Rose Barzune, Esther Barrow, Maxine Cassata, Margaret Cohn, Rosalee Davis, Geraldine Dunn, Juanita Dunn, Mary Grace Ferrell, Louise Ferrell, LoRene Ferrell, Martha Girls' Public Speaking Club MIKS. TUIKA W. DIAL, Sjmnsur OFFICERS Sjrring Term . . Pl'!'Nilll'llf . Vin'-Pl'r'Si1fc'1ll . .luAN1'rA Kimisiaouuii LDOROTHY Nui. WARD . MAIQ MAIKNF l.I1VlNli NCJRMA SMILEY I S,,f.,,l,m,,-Y Q I . DOROTHY Niai, WARD PAULINE WYLY i I f1fH,aMm,,, ' . . DYLVIA GORDON DORIS WRIGHT . MARX' GRACL1 DUNN . . Svrgnzlll-111-Arms X KIUANITA GACHES . Parliafzzvulurian . ' ' ' DORIS WIRIGHT MAli MARNE LEVINF MEMBERS Foote, Dorothy Furlow, Dorothy Furlow, Lucille Gaehes, Juanita Givens, Geraldine Gordon, Sylvia I-lilly, Margaret Jones, Bettie Lee Kimbrough, Juanita Korpianock, Emily Kirschner, Helen Kemmerle, Frances Lensky, Maxine Levine, Mae Marne Marshall, Elizabeth Mullins, Marcille Pruess, Viola Peters, Marvalecn Roberts, Violet Rosenberg, Ann Rudniztsky. Ethel Reeves, Wilma Ruttenberg, Sarah Safiir, Gladys Sierad, Teresa Smiley, Norma Thompson, Mary Belle Waggener, Sylvia Ward, Dorothy Nel Wright, Doris Wyly, Pauline 'A' 'A' ir 'A' 'A' 'A' ik 'A' 'A' 'A' Ia rllgfly lun: J ,fa km' i 4 ff f if ,If ll ,. a 4: f if if Standard Debating Society Full Term C. J. Wiiiilzuik . Louis TOBIAN . Josiiml Iiuiusowi-,lt IRWIN JAI"I1Iz . Nian. IIISIIIQIK . . Ablon, Arnold Allen, L. D. Aronofsky, David Aronofsky, Julius Barzune, Sol Bernstein, David Brin, Selden Brin, Royal Burgower, Joseph Carp, Robert Chastant, Claude DeGee, Scott Freid, Sidney Finkelstein, Donald Finkelstein, Paul Glass, Dudley Miss EDNA Row!-1, Sjmnxor C. V. CSOOIJMAN, Co-Spnlzxm' OFFICERS . .Prc'sidr'f1f. . Vive-Prc'xiz1'z'z1f . . . .Sl'l'Y!'fdV-T. . . . . 71Yf'dSIH'l'I' . Si'i'gr'al1f-al-flrnix MEMBERS Glasser, Irving Goodstein, Barnett Goodman, Jack Harris, Arthur Holt, John Fox Hurst, Charles Jaffe, Irwin Kaim, Irwin Kaplan, David Kaplan, Sol Kohen, Samuel Lacy, Paul Levy, Frank Miller, Jack Manion, Joe Spring Term . ERWIN WALDMAN Josliru Buixoowiea . . IRWIN JA:-'i-'1-3 . . Jmviizs Wnsisoix . Bi1.i.YS'i'Al.1.cUP Moses, Bernard Sachs, Jack Sesscl, Ralph Sonnentheil, Louis Swarthout, Andrew Stallcup, Billy Schackman, Harold Tobian, Louis Tobian, Milton Tobolowsky, Edwin Waldman, Erwin Wheeler, Clarence Winsor, James Woodruff, Wayne Zabbia, Carl 41 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' ir ir ir MQ 4 M627 S . Fixer Forest Avenue Coin Fall Term JOHN ROBISON . JACK GOODMAN . Esrmzu BARZUNIQ . HELEN SOBEL . . HAROLD SCHACKMAN Barzune, Esther Boone, R. E. Goodman, Jack Heard, Richard Landsberg, Lena W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor OFFICERS . . President . . . . Virr'-Prcxidzwf . . . . .Svcrefary . . . Sergeant-uf-Arnzs . . . Tl't'dS1H'!'V . MEMBERS Robison, John Rudnick, Sarah Moxley, Robert Parker, Carlton Sehackman, Elton Page Eighly-Fire Y i' ir N' Club Spring Tvrm . .R. E. BooNE . JUNE WITTKOWER . . LENA LANDSBERG . ELTON SCHACKMAN . RICHARD HEARD Schackman, Harold Sobel, Helen Weinberg, Rudie Wittkower, June Wittkower, Louis 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' Puge Eigbly-Six ik -A- if -1 ' ' ' 'F R' IU 1 'l -' 1 , '-.ii 'iv LOS Espanoles J Oviales Miss SARAH DAVIDSON, Sponsor Fall Term- WAYNE MORRIS . . MARY LOUISE DEWALD BARN1i'l"r GOODSTIEIN . . Luc:u.LE FURLOW . SALVADOR DUCA . Aitken, Gloria Blasser, Marjorie Clem, Olive Cohn, Bernice Davis, Leta Fay Dewald, Mary Louise DeWees, Helen Dutton, Mary Fletcher, Dahl OFFICERS . .Prr'sider1f. . . . .Sc'rrcfary. . . Vive-Presidr'r1i . . Treasurer . Sergeanf-af-Ar-ms MEMBERS Frauman, Thelma Furlow, Lucille Baumgartner, Elizabeth johnson, Anna Bell Ligenberg, Sarah Price, Adeline Puckett, Joanna Rezek, Patricia Rogers, Billie Louise '. ,. a -A' af if Sr Spring Term . . BILLIE LOUISE ROGERS HELEN DEWEES . SAM GILFORD CHARLES PiERcE Cul-'TON LOWRY Rogers, Freda Burns, Shannon Duca, Salvador Gilford, Sam Goodstein, Barnett Pierce, Charles Morris, Wayne Saunders, Harold Wald, Sol 'k 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 'Ir 'A' 'K 'l'fmw' IPIIIIAIIAWI 'l'rmm, luzllliulq ilyxlfllkf ff lfrrmmml AfL'Xl1'JlI rugul.zrs, fgfu' fffrlr' nm, imfr fly illffl, for fnnr .lun lllw. S lu IFN. 9, ISHN, info S-HI .'Xufuum. 'l'fu' lqnffurll Hull Milam nm Lzffmf, flu! lfu' zz lun nm mznlvlwfr. THLETICS AND ILITARY Pugz' liigbly-Iiiglll if if f + - - M if -Af if if LE IC N , ALl"RIiD J. Loos Ilmnl Crmrln-Al7rmIlm1l aml Ihlxfevilnlll Sl4,l.noN S. HUTLZHINSUN i I f:LVf5"E'ZA':D, I Truvle. mul f'hXiXI'nIllf fTIhl1'!l nf I-'ugflmll IMF," 'ml I MNH", Cm" J uml limlwllulfl ' u 41 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 EQ Page Eigbly-Nim' '11 if 1 if if if if if -if J ng! Imfl I0 Riglll: First Row: Rnvkind, Genthner. Cooper, Christensen, Floyd, T. Steinberg, Rabinowitl, Guynes, M. Steinberg, Light. Second Row: lliegel, Ahlcs, Ncmec, Tliompson, Von Trcss, McCracken, Goss, Summers, C. Calhoun, R eancy, Phillips. . Third Row: R. Calhoun, Chandler, Swift, Loos, Ilallcr, Green, Gross, lawrence, Coach Luos and Coaclt Slit-p.n-tl. Football At the opening of the 1935 season, Coaches Loos and Shepard were fortunate in having fine material from which to pick their team. With nine lettcrmen on hand they made an excellent show- ing in the city race by placing second in it. FoREsT, 19-BRECKENRIDGE, 0 The Forest Avenue Green Wave opened its schedule by playing Breckenridge of San An- tonio at San Antonio. The Lions displayed a fine brand of football to defeat the home team, 19 to 0. l:0RliST, 34-kIoiIN REAGAN, 0 Iiorest opened their home campaign with a 34 to 0 victory over the John Reagan Bulldogs of Houston at Fair Park. Three ofuthe five touch- downs came as the result of blocked kicks. The entire team played a jam-,up game. Foimsr, 20-OAK CLIFF, 0 For the second consecutive year the Forset Avenue Lions defeated the Oak Cliff Leopards. It was the second time in a row that the Leopards failed to score on the Lions. Although the Lions didn,t look so well in this game as in the pre- ceding oncs, they played a good game. Iioiuisr, 9-Giuz1aNvII.i,1s, 28 Greenville High Lions handed the Forest High Lions their first defeat of the season. The first of the game looked as though breaks would mean the victory, but starting with the second quarter the outsiders went wild and couldn't be stopped. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Page Niue! y . In I , av if if it .1 W ifi .ii l a if if if if ,jg MFE. ...N---af'--' 1 rc. i i l LXN iii gfr' 1 Imfl la Rigfrf: First Row: llenry, Calhoun, Steer. Horton, Levine. Cook, Cude, McMaxh, Massingall, Spradlin, llnlland. Second Row: Morgan, Staniply, Messina, liinlaw, jackson, Barr, Canada, Goldstein, lloedeeker, Third Row: Huline, Rudnick, Yarborough, llenry, Conway, Conner, Farmer, jones, Miller, Lund, Cinsx, I:I'.lllI!1LlI1, wl.llklIlS, Sides, Kay, lluddleston, llunter. Football Foul-1s'1', 71SUNSET, 20 Sunset displayed a fine aerial attack to defeat Forest 20 to 7. The game was tied 7 to 7 until the last few minutes of play when Sunset scored two touch-downs to put the game on "ice," It was with regret that Forest later was forfeited this game as a result of Sunset's playing an in- eligible man. Foiuasr, 27-ST. NIOSIQPH, 14 Although the Lions were down-hearted over the loss of the Sunset game, they came back and handed the St. ,Ioseph's Gridders a 27 to 14 set-back. The Forest substitutes saw considerable service and thus gained much experience. Foluasr, 20--Noivru Da1,l,As, 6 Forest trampled the North Dallas Bulldogs in their last night game of the season, 20 to 6. The Lions completely outplayed the Bulldogs to win their third District 8 conflict. Foiuzsr, 23-Wooimktmw WII,SON, 13 After trailing the Wild Cats in the first half, 7 to 6, the Forest Green Wave started in earnest in the third period to pile up a score, This vic- tory placed the Lions in a tic with Dallas Tech for the District 8 lead. l':0RI-ZST, 0-TECH, 7 On Thanksgiving afternoon Dallas Tech de- feated the Forest Lions, 7 to 0, in the mud. This game gave the Tech Wolves the District 8 cham- pionship for the second consecutive time. Ex- cept for the one drive in the second period, which gave the Wolves their touchdown, the game was played on even terms. 4 'k 'A' 'A' ir 'k i' 'A' 'A' ll' " S4 Page N inely-One A t i t t gil: H H i t t S3 The Team THE NINE RETURNING LETTER MEN Oscar Haller: At the beginning of the season Oscar was chosen captain by his teammates, and there were no regrets about this choice. He's a big man and fills a man's shoes at right tackle. Richie Calhoun: Richie was a little man in size, but what he lacked in that respect was more than made up for by his iight. He played guard, and when he hit them, they went down. Roberf Von Tress: As one paper expressed it, he was "pass catcher extraordinary," and this was the truth. He held down the left end position for plenty of credit to himself. Eldon McCracken: Played the other end. Was one of the best defensive men in the city. All- city. lark Cooper: Good man to have around. Played the blocking back position. Excelled in place- kicking and blocking. All-c.ity. LexlieFloyd: A fast little quarter-back. Could punt 'em with the best in the city, run with the best, and pass with the best with no discredit to himself. Teddy Steinberg: The real half-pint of the team, but try to hold him when he was running with the ball. Played left-half and was as good a tackler as was on the team. Martin Christensen: A hard plunging full-back, As hard a worker as you'll find on any team, he deserves a lot of credit. F. B. Swift: One of the big men of the team. He held down the hard position of left tackle. His specialty was taking out the other team's interference. All-city. OTHER MEMBERS OF THE TEAM Lewis Chandler: After an absence of a year from school he came back to take up where he left off in football and made the team. Was so good at his position at guard that he was selected on the All-city. I Donald Loos: A big boy, and he filled up a big hole at center. Was his first year on the "var- sity," and he performed like a veteran, and great things are expected of him next year. Frank Green: Played center when Donald wasn't in there, and his height on defense made pass- ing by the other team just like handing the ball to Forest. Ioe Lawrence: Although only a sophomore, Joe was one of the best tackles in the city. In the next two years much will be heard about this young man. Morris Steinberg: "Little Brother" had his day the last game of the season. A nice little fight- ing quarter-back. The Tech game was his last battle for his alma mater. William Crenshaw: A fighting guard. Playing for the last time for Forest. Dealt much misery to those playing against him. Can take it and dish it out. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Pugf' Nimfly-Two J-, ,K ' u -if ak -k av 1, 1' I ... .1 is -nf -if -if lui -4 i h . ......-.., H MT- Glen Grnlhnrr: Another one of the big men of the team. He really filled the full-back posi- tion. Was as hard to stop as any man in the city. Finishes this year. Clem Calhoun: Probably as good a man as was on the squad. Always gave a good account of himself whenever he had a chance. Played guard, and Hnishes this year. Olfo Light: A light weight who could always be depended on. Could take off like a flash and really catch passes. Dave Ravkiml: Dave gets in shape for basket- ball by playing football. Has another year to go and will be heard from some day. William Gross: "Monk" was just about as tough as they make 'em and he could "take it." Played a tackle, and he could fill the position. Wilson Goss: Gave plenty of trouble to the two returning lettermen ends to hold their posi- tions. Always played hard and was a good man to have on the team. Ed Guynes: Played quarter-back and could do anything a triple-threater can do. Will be back next year and much is expected of him. George Nr'mr'r: One of the youngsters of the team. Has another year and will be one of the mainstays of the team next year. Is a backfield man. Darwin Rabiuowifz: A well stacked up fellow who made a fine half-back. Was his last chance to play for old Forest High. Was a "south paw." Bergin Thomson: A backfield man who played some good football for Forest. He will not return next year and will be missed by the team. Durwood Phillips: A tough little fellow who will be heard from next year. Is as fighting a guard as will be found and does not know what it is to quit. Daz'1'Rvaf1v-y: Played center and will be a hard man to get through next year. Has a lot to learn but will be a valuable man to the team next season. Harry Sumnwrs: If persistence means anything, he will be a star next year. Has been a hard worker for three years and next year will get his reward. Bob Garson: As a result of injuries, Bob was not able to put all into the game that he would have liked to. Next year plenty will be heard from this young man. Howard Hicgel: Another man who will be heard from next year. Is a back-field man, and can carry out his assignments. Rohr'rIAl1lz's: Has another year to show his stuff. He is a back-field man. 'A' 'lr i' 'k 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 'k 'A' . lag: Nirlrly-Tlzm' ' -1 J l f ' N ' if if if if if if f if 'WW W l.rfl In Rigbf: First Row: Neniee. Mitchell. lierry. Ravkind, Light, Levine. Second Row: Summers, llnnler, Cooper, Duckworth, Von Tress, Loos and Cnnners. Basketball The Forest Lions opened the 1935 basketball season by playing only a few pre-season games. Three letter-men answered the call for cagers. They were Eldon McCracken, Dave Ravkind, and Alack Cooper. Other promising candidates who showed up were Robert Von Tress, Leonard Duck- worth, and john Wfrights. Foiuasr, 251WOl3lJli0XY' Wn.soN, 13 The Forest Lions started the 1935 city series off in the right way by defeating the W0Od1'OW Wilson Wlildcats, 25 to 13. For three quarters it was anybody's game and then the Lions got loose. Ravkind and McCracken were high-point men for Forest with 7 points each. The Forest Cubs dominated the Wildczlt second team to win, 16 to 10. Folu-.s'i', 281NOliT'll DALLAS, 18 Forest defeated the North Dallas quint 28 to IS in the second game of the city series. The Lions led all the way, but a better brand of ball was exhibited in the second half than in the first. McCracken was high-point man with 9 points. The Forest Cubs defeated the Bulldogs second team 28 to 13 to make a clean sweep for the Lions. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Page Ninely-Four .' I f a i' 'A' i' 'A' 6,10 191 'f 'A' i' 'A' 'A' Basketball FOREST, 261OAK CLI:-'11, 14 Forest won their third straight victory in the city series by defeating the Leopards, 26 to 14. Ravkind was high-point man with 11 points. After a hard battle the Cubs eked out a vic- tory over the Oak Cliff second team, 11 to 10. FOREST, 12-TECH, VT In the Tech gym the Lions suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of the Tech Wolves, 19 to 12. The first half ended in a 7 to 7 deadloc.k. The Wolves came back to outscore the Lions in the second half and to win the game. McCracken was high-point man for Forest with 5 rallies. The defensive work of Cooper stood out. The Forest Cubs defeated the Tech Whelps, 28 to 22. FOREST, 18-SUNSET, 13 The Forest Lions led the Sunset Bisons for three quarters before the Bisons broke loose to take the lead and hold it. Ravkind was high- point man with 7 tallies. The Forest Cubs won the first half second team championship. The playing of Light stood out. . FOREST, 23-NORTH DALLAS, 27 The Forest High "Green Wave," weakened from the loss of McCracken, was defeated in the first game of the second half by North Dallas by a score of 27 to 23. Duckworth and Ravkind led the Lions with 8 points each. Preceding the first team game, the Forest Cubs were nosed out by the North Dallas Year- lings, 21 to 20. FOREST, 13'-OAK CLIFF, 12 The fighting Lions barely, edged out a win from the Oak Cliff Leopards by the score of 13 to 12. Although being the slowest game of the year, much color was shown. Duckworth led the Lions with 7 points. FOREST, 20-SUNSET, 19 In a hard fought game the Lions nosed out the Bisons with a one point lead. Von Tress hit the basket with a long shot to provide for the winning margin. Ravkind was high-point man with 9 points. The Forest Cubs turned back the Sunset Hamburgers, 16 to 13, in the curtain raiser. FOREST, 13-TECH, 28 After an evenly fought first half, the Tech Wolves hit the basket enough to win by a safe margin, 28 to 13. Ravkind and Duckworth led the Lions with 5 points each. The guarding of Cooper stood out. The Tech Whelps picked up a 10 point lead in the first half which the Forest Cubs failed by 3 points to overcome. FOREST, 25-WOODROW WILSON, 26 The last game of the season might be remem- bered as the best game of the year. Although the Lions were defeated in the extra period by the close score of 25 to 26, the Lions gave every- thing they had. Von Tress was high-point man with 13 points. The Forest Cubs defeated the Woodrow second team by the score of 22 to 19. The play- ing of Levy stood out. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 if if ir if ,Jl if if if if ' ', ' 4 Pugr Nillffj'-l'i1'F l .4 31 " f il' Left ta Right: . First Row: Ray, Denny, Berry, Grubbs, Ravkind, Davis, Cooper, Goss, jones, Moore, Summers, Levine Second Row: Coach Shepard, Denny, Reaney, Waldnialm, Mabry, l-luebler, Adair, Duckworth, Hunter Patterson, Loyd and Boedcker. Baseball , The success of the Forest Baseball Team lies on the shoulders of the prospective pitchers. With four letter-men and several others who saw serv- ice last year, a Well balanced team is available. But Without a single pitcher returning, Coach Alva Shepard has a job on his hands to develop a winning pitcher. The letter-men returning are Graham Grubbs, Leon Levine, Ed Guynes, and Jack Cooper. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 , I t u N -nf if if + ,ggffgii .Qi f if 1- 4 K fi' - in I'u,qa' Nillrly-Six l Lrft lo Right: Front Row: Scssul, lJQlllglllCl'y, Putnam, Moore, Slaniplcy, Wells, Mitchel, Livings, jackson, Gray. Second Row: Price, Coach llulchimon, Redd, Long, Gillespie, Gcnthncr, Connors, Ilallcr, Walkiiis Barr, Gruber, Wright, Hamilton, Loos, Wood. Track Forest's track team consists of the following men: Jay Olin Gray, Glen Genthner, Urban Hamilton, George Livings, Donald Loos, Paul Moore, Warren Wells, and Ben Gruber. Though none of them are letter-men, all are Veterans and what they do will decide the fate of Forest for a Winning track team for the 1935 season. 'A' ir 'A' 'A' i' 'lr 1? if 'A' 'A' M Illlgl' NilI4'l,j' f + is is ' Q as if af 4: .5 X U 3, . Q A Q' 1- .p ' "I " , i, E, Tennis and Golf COACHES Miss RAQHEL Fooiu ..... Miss Locn.L1a SEGRIST . J. Al.AN BOULTON . TENNIS Jeanne Marks Edith Cobbcl Mary Anton Darwin Rabinowitz Joseph Burgower Sidney Fried Teddy Kaplan Abe Cohn TENNIS . . Gulf . Twznis . . Tt'l1lIfS GOLF J. D. Moore Donald Finkelstein L. N. Woodside James Flanagan Hubert Little The boys' tennis team was made up of Darwin Rabinowitz, Joseph Burgower Sidney Fried, Teddy Kaplan, and Abe Cohn. The girls' tennis team consisted of Jeanne Marks and Edith Cobbel playing doubles and Mary Anton playing singles. GOLF F0rest's golf team was made up of the following: J. D. Moore, Donald Finkelstein l.. N. Wooclsicle, James Flanagan, and Hubert Little. 4 4 4 4 4 'A' 'A' 4 11' 'A' Page Nillrly-lfiglrl J! N li 1. W 4 1 if if M111 gill-f, af is if af HARRY E. MIZNIEZLS JACK MCCLURI2 Commumfant Liz'11fz'm1uf-Colonel R. O. T. C. The R. O. T. C. is an integral part of liorest Avenue High School. Nearly one-half of the boys in liorest are taking military training. They are attracted to this course because of the many benefits they derive from it. The R. O. T. C. teaches boys to be good citizens and develops their alertness and physical strength. Each year the military department puts out teams to enter in city-wide competitions. Our boys are always there in every crack company drill and rifle team match, and they have come out very well in the past few years. We are indebted to those responsible for these victories. It has been said that an organization is no better than its officers. If this is true, the Forest Corps has the possibility of unlimited development before them. Captain Harry E. Menezes, our commandant, and jack McClure, our lieutenant-colonel for the past year, have led the corps through a very successful session, and we congratulate the military department, wishing them still greater achievements in the future. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 ,,,,, c as-:1 . ,T rf-x x bl Pngc Niuvly-Nin al' ir 'A' ak Staff Roster I,lllU'I'liNAN'I' CQLQJNLL KIAQR C. ML,CLUliL ...... Rugimwzlul Cmzzmamlvr MAJQR jon MANILJN . . . . E,Xl'l'Ilfil'l' Ojfirvr CAPTAIN PINR MURI'kIX' . . . . Afljnianf CAPTAIN HAliOl.l7 KAUFMAN . . . Sllfllllj' O'0'il'L'V FIRST LIEUTENANT SELDEN BRIN . . Ildelligefzre Ojffircr SERGEANT ALBERT WEINBERG . . Rcgimcwhzl Svrgvufil-Major SERGEANT JOSEPH BURGOWER . . Sfaj Scrgcanf uk i' 'A' i' xi' al' 'A' 'k 'A' 'A' ,l l'il,rr'Um'llumlrrif IJ! km,- lli ll I Q 4 ' " 'l3l f' ' " " 'TL R- Chuddf-A.. Capluiu: Hiegel, Howard lfirxf I.ic'11lc'uanl: Babb, W. C. Ifirxl Sl'l'1Ql'lllIfI Sehcllenberg, Andrew Sr'rgc'a11ls: Boedecker, Wilson Cook, Bert Duke, Jack Schlingcr, Henry Stallcup, Billy Corporalx: Anderson, Frank Arndt, John Legg, Corbett Sessel, Ralph Com pany NA" Roster Pr iruivx: Allen, L. D. Berry, Sherley Burgess, Clyde Butler, Harold Calhoun, Bob Cannon, Richard Clark, H. G. Collins, John Drennan, T. J. Floyd, Ellsford Freedman, Harold Garson, Robert Hardwick, Walter Heard, Richard Hiser, Clin Huddleston, James Jones, George Kaplan, Sol McKenzie, Billy Miehaelson, Irwin Napier, Lloyd Oliver, Hugh Putman, Leslie Sims, Ira Stanglin, Charles Stanford, Billy Stiles, Sanford Walters, Harold Walters, Howard Watts, Curtis Wells, Warren Wigbells, Lawrence Wright, W. T. Afft1l'l7t'llI Weinberg, Albert Master Sergeant -il 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' ak ir i' SQ, D Page Om Hun ll I Ou lg Ay if if af 1+ V, .C mg, Major: Manion, Joe Srrmnl Lif'1Ltr'11a11fx: Baldwin, Howard Miller, Jack Firxf Sergrarzf: Thurmond, Robert Svrgrarlfs: Kincannon, Jack Tobolowsky, Edwin Woodruff, Wayne Canada, Wilson Corjzoralx: Harris, Arthur Achilles, Chester Donsky, Ervin Prirufrs: Ables, Willis Avnet, Leon Boyd, A. Company "B" Roster Carter, Jack Carson, N. A. Chatten, Tommie Dansby, Donald Daugherty, Sam DeLee, Scott Dickerson, J. W. Fair, Charles Farmer, J. E. Fisher, Dewey Foster, Dean Fortner, james Goodfriend, Sam Goodman, Jack Green, Edward Goren, Mayer Hitchcock, Warner Holland, Bill Keller, Blanton King, Louis Lebowitz, Henry Leubner, Henry Loyd, Eugene Cozby, Earl Luttrell, Buford Candiotta, Theodore Margro, Sam 4 4 4 4 4 4 McMillcr, Lowell McSpadden, Warren Morris, Edward Pennington, Archie Perlstein, Leonard Ray, Preston Rieter, Stanley Russell, J. D. Saunders, Harold Schackman. Herold Schreiber, Philip Searcy, Arthur Sherman, Thomas Sommerville, Norman Spross, Raymond Vance, Wesley Wald, Sol Woodall, James Woodside, L. M. Wyly, Robert Aflarbefl: Murphy, Pinky Captain 4 4 4 'k Page Om' llumlml Tim 'A' 'A' ' ' is ,, IR Cajaluin: Kaufman, Harold liirsl l.jl'Ilfl'lllllIlI Topletz, Harold Svtwlil l,il'Ilft'IltHlfI Barlune, Sol Sl'l'.Q!'lIllfXI Kaufman, Stanley Nail, John Stover, Milton Wfittkower, Louis Cm'pon1lx: Campbell, Roy Johnston, Alfred Kellum, Lloyd Lacy, Paul Malowitz, Stanley l'riz'ulr'x: Anderson, Eugene fffgtli u i if if '. ' . ,,, ll, if is if -if ,MW ,, i , ' 'Z T'- XSE ll Company "C" Roster Babb, Harold Barr, Alex Baumgardner, P. NV. Beville, Willialmi Bone, Fred Compton, Erwin Crowder, john Danner, Sam Ely, Bernard Emerson, Kenneth Gappleberg, Gus Gilbert, Samuel Godfrey, Harlan Goss, Roland Hargrave, Horace Hicks, john Hoffman, Merwin -Iaekson, Bill Kelly, Bennie Lee, Bertrand Lewellen, KI. T. McKinney, John Miehaclson, jack O'Connor, Thomas Patton, Peter Perlstein, Hillel Peters, Harry Potts, George Redlinger, Rudolph Renz, Stagg Rogers, Thomas Salmon, Quentin Shaw, Albert Sharpe, Carlton Summerfield, Edward Tobian, Milton Wilsoia, Bill Wrights, Ted A ffarlml: Atchley, Ernest Second Lieutenant Haller, Oscar Sergeant if 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k 'A' 1 54 HQ? 1'i'FQf'gj Page Om' H11 ml red Three' JE L51 f 5, is if if 1 if f se ff X J, ".g..-. l Company "DH Roster Capfain: Finkelstein, Paul Firxf Liezzfenazzt: Tobian, Louis Svmmf Livllfwlarzl: McLeod, Douglas First Svrgcwfzfr Genthner, Glenn Sr'rgz'um'x: Brown, Walter Henderson, Floyd Leggett, Harry Corpnralxr Daugherty, Jean Dickerson, Marion Clarke, Jesse Firnberg, Robert Price, Fred Steindam, Albert Priifairx: Ables, D. Barrett, Guy Boyd, Donald Buckmeyer, Emil Bullman, Abe Butcher, Dave Calhoun, Joe Carr, Joe Carter, Joe Clarke, Frederick Cogburn, L. M. Combs, Weldon Courtwright, Jack Friedberg, Sol Golman, Philip Griffith, Henry Gross, Ben Harris, Brice Hurst, Charles Johnson, Clarence Keller, Joseph Little, Hubert McHorse, R. E. McKinney, Melvin Medford, James Mims, Clarence Nathanson, David Patrick, Dallas Rabinowitz, Darwyn Robertson, Everett Robins, B. Scheffer, Herman Sears, Warren Sigel, Louis Spangler, Eugene Stewart, Jimmie Stewart, Walter Sultis, James Weber, David Wood, James Yonack, Joseph A ffacbed: Brin, Selden Second Lieutenant Burgower, Joseph Staff ' Jm,Bi114"""c9 E Warrant Cfficer McClure, Jack Lieutenant Colonel Robinson, John Captain +I 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1 lllfmfmllwln' 'A' -A' -A' 'A' ll ' 'V ir 'k 'A' 'A' C fuphzin: Nemee,'George lifrxl l.if'1rlwm11l: Adams, Roland Swmllfl'llfl'lltlIIlXI Light, Otto Xvoolfe, Martin Iiiri! St'l"Ql'tlIlfI Wise, lilerhert Sl'I'4Lfl'tllIfXf Aronofsky, David Redux, l,. CI. Band Roster XYVII LIAM Hlflilocz, Dirz'1'inr Corfmralx: Pr Rogers, Coleman, Morris, Edward Arnoldt, Herman Henry, Eddie England, Conley iullrs: Abrams, Henry Aronofsky, Julius Asehner, Irving, Barnett, Sam liallin, W. C. Gigleman, L. A. Goldstein, Mitchell Gowler, James Green, Ervin Gross, Glenn Gross, Willigiiii Haf ter, joe Kelly, Earl Kohen, Samuel l.atimcr, Billy Moore, -I. D. Moxley, Robert Parks, F. L. Pokladnik, Emil Poole, Iirank Reaney, Dave Rushing, Lovis Schaekman, Elton Smith, P. O. Thrower, George Thurmond, Robert Wgicle, Horace JK 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 PgO II 111' if 1 'k 'A' i' 'lr 4 5 'A' 'A' 'I' 'l' W-i?4 mi V ugf' ln' Rifle Team This year, as usual, Forest put out a rifle team. Although they were not very successful, the members of the team did their utmost and they deserve credit for their efforts. The members of the first team, reading from left to right on the Hrst row, are Sergeant Jack Kincannon, Lieutenant Louis Tobian, Major Joe Manion, Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Mc- Clure, Captain Pink Murphy, Sergeant Andrew Shellenberg. The members of the second team are Sergeant Henry Schlinger, Corporal Paul Lacy, Lieutenant Douglas McLeod, Lieutenant Harold Topletz. Captain John Robison is the coach of the team. Captain Robison made the highest score in this school for the fall match. Sergeant Kincannon made the highest score in the spring shoulder-to-shoulder match. 4 4'4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Pqf Ju 1' llumlrm F-If 1 I I I I if 4' -nf if ,igf agig Q1 lj 1' if af if F in -i, Our Loyalty Song We're loyal to you, Forest High, The Green and the White, Forest High, We'll back you to stand 'gainst the best in For we know you have sand, Forest High, Rah! Rah! Go after that ball, Forest High, We're backing you all, Forest High, Our team is our famed protector, On boys! For we expect a Victory from you, Forest High. the land 4 'A' i' 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 1' AH'Hlx'4l 1111.1 fwljvlmw, WU 'l'rx.1f1v, jwimrlwr nf nur, lwrr wfmt 1111! HI 11:11 l'lfmJ, m.1mnr'w.l, .fl C.nfA1J, Muwfv 21, HGH., 'l'fn'y .fnnf fill I x fx uv fllIlX m if lfuw fnnf fnhf xlllllll Nun' film ml ffm' fmllllrffmlf EAT RE Dfw LHQ JW' V jwEMM?Wj 67.545041 Quiz.. QMJZLI F A V 0 R I T E S iyzuuzasa F A V O R I T E S Umm dvfuffin Bo fcofgbzf rwigtfl gang Uooflfsfz lute Our llumlrml Tru ff' - ,' f I' ll' Il I if A' if if gay - is if we A' W-A .,. Q- ,,.. .L Forest Family Fun Frolic Aimms, RowLANIm HULBLMQ, PAUL AuNoLIm, l'll',RMAN KING, PAULINL BLIfvINs, MARCiAR1i'l' NANCII, josiivri CHANLY, Lois REANLY, IJAVE GllAllAM,BR.NlJI1,N SwAIt'I'IIou'I', Ammuaw Gauss, GLI-.NN THORNE, Rouiarvr Gxoss, WILLIAM WISE, HIsIu.uaa'I' HILGLL, Howmw At last Saturday, December 8, 1934, came, and with it, the Forest Fun Frolic, the second one for the school and the first in twelve years. The halls were filled with the noises of joy and fcstivity which showed that everyone was having a "swell time." The first feature of the night was a show in the auditorium presented by the music department and the gymnasium classes. After the show, the various clubs and classes opened their booths, and from 8:15 to 9:00 all kinds of entertainments were offered. The Parent-Teachers' Association sold cold drinks, candy, and hot dogs in the halls. The contest to choose the Queen of the Fun Frolic was also sponsored by the P. T. A. At 9:00 o'clock the main event of the evening, the coronation of the queen, was held in the gym. Her attendants, Neil Sims, Arlene Ables, Annette White, and Rosemary Sullivan, were introduced separately and walked the entire length of the gym to their places by the throne. Oscar Haller, president of the 4-B Class, which sponsored the dance, crowned Frances Hiegel queen of the Forest Fun Frolic of 1934. The queen and her attendants were dressed in white. After the coronation the dance began, with music furnished by Les Winters' Orchestra. With the close of the Famous Forest Family Fun Frolic, another social success was recorded in the history of our school. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 -A' 'Ir ir 'A' 415 kent Texas Week "The Eyes of Texas" are upon Forest High during the week of March 2, every year, for that is the time set aside by the Legislature to be celebrated as "Texas Week." This idea of setting aside one week to celebrate the founders of our state was originated by our own principal, Mr. Wylie A. Parker in 1931. Since that time, celebrations have been held by patriotic organizations and schools throughout the state. Texas Week commemorates the illustrious history of Texas. Patriotic assemblies are held, trees are planted, books of Texas authors are read, and Lone Star Flags are unfurled over all the schools. The fourth celebration of Texas Week was begun in Forest Avenue High School on Monday, February 25, with an assembly under the auspices of the Texas History Club. The Honorable Clarence F. Wharton, prominent lawyer and historian, reviewed the memorable forty days from the signing of the Declaration of Independence on March 2, the fall of the Alamo, March 6, down to the glorious Battle of San Jacinto, April 21. Charles Humphfus, president of the Texas History Club, acted as master of cere- monies, and Evelyn Wasserman introduced the speaker. Joseph Nance read the Governor's Proclamation of Texas Week. The music department presented W. J. Marsh, composer of "Texas, Our Texas," in the second assembly of Texas Week, Tuesday, February 26. Mr. Marsh entertained us with several of his own compositions. Mrs. Maria Pallaria, sister of Harold Hart Todd, Texas composer, sang, and the orchestra played a medley of Texas songs. Miss Margaret Mundell acted as mistress of ceremonies. The Forest Forum sponsored the assembly Wednesday, February 27. Miss Gladys Michaelson, president of the Forum, introduced the speaker, Mr. Lowry Martin, of Corsicana. Mr. Martin, who is chairman of the Centennial Commission, spoke on the "Value of the Texas Centennial." Miss Dorothy Novich gave a tribute to Mr. Parker. Mrs. W. B. Carroll, president of the Marianne Scruggs Garden Club of the Dallas Woman's Club, gave a lecture on "Yard and Park Beautification," illustrating with slides, in the assembly Thursday, February 28. This program was presented by the Aelta Historical Society, with Joseph Nance as master of ceremonies. The Texas Week assemblies were brought to a close Friday, March 1, with the Public Speaking Department presenting Mrs. Norman R. Crozier, wife of the superintendent of che Dallas Public Schools, reading some poems and telling of incidents in her life. After Mrs. Crozier's talk, the public speaking department presented a Showboat pageant in the form of an amateur program. "Texas Under Six Flagsv was given on the showboat, and Joseph Nance was showboat captain. Little members of the Perry School of Dancing gave several numbers. At this assembly books were presented by various clubs and classes of the school for the Texas Memorial Library. On Wednesday, February 27, the P. T. A. honored Principal Wylie A. Parker with a Texas Week tea in the library. Mr. Parker and Mrs. C. J. Wheeler, president of the P. T. A., were in the receiving line, and among the guests were members of the faculty, parents, members of the Board of Education, and the artists whose pictures were exhibited in the library during Texas week. Miss Rachel Foote and Miss Edna Rowe, assisted by members of the National Honor Society, served. Another glorious Texas Week was brought to a close with an Open House program Saturday night, March 2. The Friday assembly program was repeated, a dance was held in the gym, and refreshments were served in the library. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 x .V Page Om' Hundred Elm en er V. I! " V 4, -.T i i' i' i' llflxl' Um' lllnnlml Turliz' ,Wf51Q'uq l -lil 'V' 'iii Forest Review SEPTEMBER Si'11lc'n1IJc'r I7- The old grind began And as usual All cinch teachers' Classes were full. Sl'lPfl'HI17t'f 22- We played Breckenridge. Strong was our wall. Hurrah, we won! Thanks to our heroes tall. September 25- A fire drill we had. Say, where's the door? Engines, fire, and smoke Come visit us no more! OCTOBER Ovloflvr 9- They came from over the cliff To give us a ride, It turned out to be Their own suicide. Oc'I0br'r I9- Ouch! we played Greenville. We had a great strife Those pathfinders found paths- Oh, well, such is life! Orlolver 27- Although we had spirit In a gallant way, We lost to Sunset On this day. NOVEMBER N0z'i'mIn'r 5- A great assembly, A big display. Gracious ladies Our team portray! N 0 Lfvnzbvr 24- A day off for tribute To the teams' worthy souls, Who fought Woodrow Wilson And went through their holes. November 30- The Thanksgiving dance Was a huge success. Soft lights and soft music And dances of finesse. DECEMBER Dcccnzber 8- A circusl a sideshowl Such laughter and fun! Games anddancing And food by the ton. December I8- Today Captain Haller Gained ten pounds. Eat all you want- For you, there are no bounds. Dr'cc'1nbc'r 2 5- Santa Claus came With his presents galore And filled our stockings- You bet, we weren't sore! JANUARY Ianuary 7- Lots of pretty dresses- This is Senior Day, The Seniors teach, Act smart, and play. january II- "I'll Leave It To You" Was the Senior class play. Great actors and stars They produced, I say! 'A' 'A' 'A' 'lr 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' 'A' , , f A 0 Page One Hundred Tbirlccn A 4 1 if ak -nf 'O' x rf, I .pt C if if if if ak gr-f If 1 3 january 24- March 12- Across the stage The Seniors went, Received diplomas for Four years well spent. FEBRUARY February 6- Honor to our football boys Who gave us all they had. Surprises never cease 101 does not exist, But they fooled us! In 102 we must subsist. Marrb 14- At the High Scholarshi Skated one and all, And enjoyed it Until-that fall! P Parry Received their sweaters and footballs- Goodness, were they glad! Fc'b1'zmry 14- As sure as the West Wind Blows from the West, You are the one That my heart loves best. February 8- Basketball's a swell sport: Today we beat Oak Cliff. Ravkind played his best For us, in this tiff. February 2 5- A Texas Flag over every school, A celebration great, Commemorate our glorious past And inspires us to participate. February 27- Honoring Mr. Parker, A beautiful tea. People from everywhere Crowding the library, we see. MARCH Marcb 2- Texas Independence Was declared on this day. To our noble heroes Tribute we did pay. APRIL April 1- April Fools' Day! Gobs of fun. Don't trust your be Careful, son. st friend- April 12- A great affair, A dance divine, A lot of girls With comrades fine! MAY May 3- Come one, come all To the Senior Class Play! Such acting we havcn't Seen in many a day. May 13- Senior Day! What fun! Rewarded for four Years' work well done. May 30- At Graduation, We say adieu To many friends And students true. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' 1...-Q.. Pagc Om' Hnndrezl Fourleen I ' I lla 'k 'A' 'A' 'A' ,gy if 'A' 'A' i' 'k ' ii" ii- Our handsome President, Otto Light, Bequeaths popularity to John Wright. Frances Hiegel, Our Fun Frolic Queen, Wills grace, charm, and beauty For the Junior "si-reen." Jack Cooper, Sportsman so fine, Bequeaths to Donald Loos His place on the line. Burt Aschner, Friend to all, Wills to Dorothy Weber Her Southern drawl. Football Captain, Oscar Haller, To Edward Guynes Brawn and valor. Dorothy Goodman, So very sweet, To Jean Moore a disposition That can't be beat. Jack McClure, The military man, Leaves all his genius To Edward Vann. Lorene Fisher Who is so pert Leaves to Jewel Hardwick Her ability to flirt. C. J. Wheeler, In his roadster so Hne, Leaves Paul Cooper His clever line. Bettie Lee Jones, So sweet and polite, Leaves her wisdom To Annette White. Schuyler Hooker- Big surprise- Leaves his shiekin' To all "youse guys." IV-A Class Will l.iT There are many Seniors And they are making their wills, Even as you and I, Bequeufhing treasures Tha! they possess To their classmates of old Forest High: . - Alethea Kimball, With her pretty tresses, Leaves Martha Plumlee Her "chic" dresses. Robert Von Tress, With flattery so nice, Bequeaths his "come hither look To S. A. Price. Juanita Woodall, With Titian hair, The art of making friends To Dorothy Lair. F. B. Swift, With girl friend so glamorous, Leaves to Clem Calhoun "How to Be Amorousf, Juanita Johnson, Beauty of our class, Leaves Inspiration To the entire mass. Urban Hamilton, One of our finest boys, Bequeaths to Jay Olin Gr All of his poise. Dorothy Voss, The good natured gal, Leaves all the fems "How to Be a Pal." Our good friend, Thomas Jones, To Bruce Hunter How to roll "dem bones. 3 n Tommie Lou Blackstone Leaves to Dorothy Looney Her favorite song, "Annie Rooney." Clyde Apple, Right cute guy, Leaves all the girls A sad bye, bye. Clarice Minsky, Adorable little lass, Leaves her charming personality To the Junior class. Donald "Lief" Erickson, Of historic fame, Leaves Fred Price His honored name. Dixie Rea, Southern lady, Bequeaths Edna Smith A veranda shady. Martin Woolfe, The sly old fox, Leaves James Woodall His best silk sox. Lois Chaney, Who is very keen, Leaves her beautiful eyes To Anneleise Spreen. Joseph Burgower, Who "sho" does rate, Wills Joe E. Farmer His favorite date. Joe Manion, In military leathers, Bequeaths his saber To Fred Weathers. Rose Aucoin, Sweet as her name, Leaves to June Wittkower Beauty and fame. i. -k -k -A' 'k 'A' i' i' Mn- 1. . 'A' 'A' if + if if X 7,4 Milton Stover, Who sings like "Bing,,' Bequeaths to james Huddleston His gold class ring. Velma Crow, Gay as a lark, Wills to Lillian Crane Her good chemistry mark. Tom Robinson, Who is so gallant, Endows to Corbett Legg All of his talent. Dorothy Anderson, So very sedate, Leaves Jane Michaelson Her ability to rate. Leonard Duckworth, Tall and blond, Leaves basketball playin' To Minnie Bond. Andrew Swarthout, So very precise, Wills to C. Nabors Lots of advice. Viola Preuss, With heart true as steel, Leaves her dazzling ways To Helen Neel. W. M. Stringfellow, Who loves to chew gum, Wills to Bill Jett His ability to act dumb. Jack Duke, With heart of gold, Advises Eugene Spangler Never to be bold. Josephine Bevacqua, With beauty to burn, Wills Blanche Lamb Her ability to learn. Baseball player Graham Grubbs Leaves his position To the sc.rubbs. is X Vic. X SSS: J' 5 T I , l , V N ,f 1 . 5 , , A lil :if IV-A Class Will Jean Shanks, Who is quite a cutie, Leaves Frances Lawton All of her beauty. Geraldine Watkins, With her charming face, Wills Ruth Mankins All of her grace. Pauline Wyly, Who never has fear, Endows to Helen Biggerstaff All of her cheer. Erwin Waldman, Orator so bold, Leaves Jack Kincannon How to get someone "told," Ernest Atchley, Our little shiek, Leaves Tony Jim "How to Act Meek." Oran Bain and Herbert Wise, Who are friends to many, Leave their "little white lies" To Howard Denney. Sydney Barrett, Our "Dapper Dan," Leaves a plaid tie To Roscoe Rann. Sam Cooper, Who does no harm, Bequeaths to Louis Tobian All of his charm. Virginia Bonnet, Who is quite a honey, To Monte Bell Gregory Her ability to spend money. Sam Dinova, No troubles to bare, Leaves good will To Jack Maer. David Nathanson, Who has many dates, Leaves his cute lil' Ways To Jimmy Bates. Page One Hfmrlred Fiffven 11' 'A' 'A' 'A' Geraldine Webb, So pert and gay, Leaves to Doris Shumate Her happy uhey! hey!" Paul Apple, Who is very elite, Leaves to Charles Pierce His dancing feet. Rowland Adams, Our strutting drum major, Wills to C. L. Martin His baton-I'll wager. Violet Wietzman, With sophisticated air, Leaves her typing budgets To any despairing pair. Bertha Kuhnell, With her pretty hair, Leaves to all the girls Her bashful air. Charles Connally, Who is very nifty, Leaves to Lewis Chandler His ability to be thrifty. Reba Jane Abbott, Sweet as she is tall, Leaves her loving ways To little Marjorie Hall. Louis Chaney, Who is so "smart," Bequeaths to Joe Lawrence His talent in art. John Finucane, With vocabulary rare, Leaves a list of big words To Irene Bare. And as for me, I do hereby Bequeath my lil' brown skirt To the girls of Forest High. -Domus STREHORN. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 'A' Page Om' Hu mired Sixteen ,, . , - ill + + is 1 ,311.15 Q1 ly sr A' sf -nf I 'xii . - I Class Prophecy As I sit before the Ere alone with my dreams, The strange affairs of Life pass before me, it seems. Suddenly the scene becomes a Street of Life, I find: And queer and fanciful pictures come to my mind. Could it be, I ask myself, at this late hour That I am gifted with a divinatory power? For the persons on this Street of Tomorrow that I see Are persons who went to school with you and me. First I see Arthur Bates, the man about town, And a close running second is Walter Brown. By a most queer chance these two happen to meet And decide to see the Follies, with light dancing feet. Reba Jane Abbott and Lillian Farnsworth come stepping out, With Doris Emmett and Burt Aschner pirouetting about. In the pit we find Rowland Adams and his bandg It is said there is none better in the land. Two men with violins come out to play and dance: They are none other than Andrew Swarthout and Joseph Nance. Then comes The Pair of Apples, Clyde and Paul, Who tell jokes and stories that are enjoyed by all. And they say when they come out to take a second bow That John Finucane writes their jokes and stories UUW. I glance at my program and read "DE BOWERY GOILS" Have proved to be gay Frances Buie and happy Billie Boyles. Next on the program is the Chaney and Chaney team: In the dance world they are said to be the "cream." Last they present a comedienna, the best one alive, She is our own Clarice Minsky, graduated with us in '35, I glance at my program, and goodness knows, I find it is edited by Myra Abrams and Mrs. Aucoin's little Rose. Here comes a person wearing the latest fashion I adoreg Glancing more closely, I see it is Eugenia Elmore. And walking with her, dressed for the last of her many dates, Is the smartly-gowned Wanda Neil Cates. They are bound for the Club for knowledge and fun, To hear addresses by Gladys Saffir and Mary Grace Dunn. There's a poet present whom we called Virginia Bonnet, And news comes to me that she has written a new sonnet. Here is a dress shop that is really swell, It is owned and operated by Bertha Kuhnell. Ah, there are two models, swanky and smartg Norma Smiley and Inez Roberson take that part. 'A' 'A' 'A' 'k From a billboard across the street I read That the world's champion tennis player is Sid- ney Freid. Another world's champion is now in towng It's Oscar I-Ialler, who holds the boxing crown. A little way down the street is an Italian Cafeg Josephine Bevacqua is the proprietor, they say. And the charming cashier whom you pay as you go Is the Joyce Crouch, who always pleased us so. A flea circus is in town for the night. The owner, we End, is Arthur Wright. Traveling with this circus is a bathing beauty revue, Otto Light is the manager, well known to all of you. Some of the beauties in this marvelous show Are Frances Hiegel, Lorene Fisher and Juanita Kimbrough. The carnival man is F. B. Swiftg On the ferris-wheel he gives all the kids a lift. Here is a beauty salon that comes first in the ranks. It is owned by Juanita Woodall and Jean Shanks. Leonard Duckworth has turned architect, I see, For that's the name on the cornerstone of the Library. The librarian, who is so neat and polite, Is our own beloved Doris Wright. She tells me Cecelia Jane Metzger is a writer now, Her latest book is Tlu' Care' am! Fcwlirlg of a Contenled Cow. Here's another book of fluent style, The Art of Wit, written by Sarah Wyll. And here's news about a sports editor who tops them all. You remember Jack Cooper-the star of basket ball? And here's more news about a boy who reached the topg Managing a real estate business is Milton Bopp. And there I see Lieutenant Jack McClure and his companion, Who is none other than another Lieutenant, Joe Manion. A most capable traffic officer John Robison is now. No queer tricks on his beat does he allow. I follow the crowd to the pie-eating contest, Where Doris Strehorn reigns as the best. A passing sedan denoting wealth, luxury and ease, And in it is Violet Weitzman, if you please. I-Iere's a business dealing in mortgages and loans: The owner is none other than Bettie Lee Jones. The refrigeration industry, than which there is none finer, Is represented by Schuyler Hooker and Milton Tiner. And as an ice man who is Johnny-on-the-spot, These two tell me you can't beat Kenneth Knott. 'A' 'A' i' 'A' 4 4 4 4 f"i"f , Page One Hundred Sewntrrn FQ? 711 2 Y 'A' Y 'A' i' f f 'A' ' .f 1 gs, 1 f Y.. Erwin Waldman, whose orations are delivered most fluently, Now presides as Speaker of the House in Wash- ington, D. C. C. J. Wheeler and Charles Connally are battling, we see, At the Democratic Convention over the question of the Presidency. Here's a card reading "Insurance in Times of Dis- tressf' And the salesman's name is Robert Von Tress. David Nathanson is the president of the company, we findg But whispers say George Livings is the master- mind. There stands jesse Clark consulting his watch for the hour As he waits on the corner for joseph Burgower. They are two business men as busy as bees And use the noon hour for relaxation and ease. They say that Juanita Boyd teaches school in a distant town, And Ruth Engel is an H. E. teacher of great renown. There is Elda Schultz, whom you recall as being quiet as a mouse. She is now importantly known as "Decorator of the House." We hear that Selden Brin has developed his sleight-of-hand Until he is called the best in the land. Pauline Wyly and Geraldine Watkins write with ease Feature stories for almost any magazine they please. Luise and Lo Rene Ferrell are famous singers of blues And only appear in the better places when they choose. W'hile Maxine Barrow, though it is not generally known, Has become a housewife and has a sweet little home. And if you have a question that is legal and hard, Take it to Lawyer Dorothy Nel Ward. You remember Roslyn Wasserman, black-headed and gay? ' She still possesses her own vivacious charming way. I see Mae Marne Levine, whom we called Sue, You know she chewed gum and told funny stories, too? She is a consultant now, and she laughed with glee, As she told me how from fat I could keep free. Here comes Tommie Lou Blackstone, with pretty blond hair. They say she's a popular singer over the air. Why there's a painting by Doris Marie Yock- stick! I recall her as being the cutest little trick. Here's a note about Margaret johnson and Alethea Kimbell, The attractive young ladies with fingers so nimble. The piano and violin they respectively play, And there's a bright future for them, the critics say. The name of Johnson brings to my mind Mai, Sue, Who is now Lawyer johnson to me and to you. I hear Harriet Ornish, who writes on the type- writer so fast, Has thrice achieved National Speed Honors ln years gone past. And Gladys Michaelson, who was always so full of life, Is now a loving and devoted wife. There is Helen Kirschner, she with the lovely red hair. She is a consultant now on hair and skin care. And Dorothy Dagnal is her busy partner I see. QI contemplate the wonders they might accom- plish on me.J I see Pinky Murphy as an attorney has made a hitg He always was full of knowledge and ready wiv. "Erwin Donsky and jack Redd" I read on the glass. QThose two were in our nineteen thirty-five class.J I read on the window pane, as I draw slowly near, That they sell trinkets, toys, and jokes that bring you cheer. In the Helds of sports I see classmates galore. In baseball, Graham Grubbs just brought in a score. While Urban Hamilton, who used to pound the Forest track, ls now bringing Olympic trophies back. And Geraldine Webb, who was athletically in- clined, Is now queen of the tennis court we find. Around the turf comes a horse just a-running. The jockey-William Stringfellow--is most stun- ing. In swimming, Beulah Watkins makes the water splash As she leads all contestants in the forty-yard dash. When it comes to golf, Harold Topletz is up on top. He seems to be going strong and is hard to stop. The sports and the trees and the bright sunlight Remind me of a song bird I heard one night. Her voice is clear, bell-like, and in range quite , high, La Nelle Beck, whom the critics laud to the sky. Dorothy Stone is a designer of women's clothes, I read: And to her designs the well-dressed women pay close heed. There is an importer of articles from Old Mexico, And the old, queer trinkets we all love so. Eva Lee Vann is the wise buyer, I see, For the Howard Baldwin Company. As a maker of delicious jellies that go on our table, Adilee Mills is declared the most able. As managers of various hotels in a national chain, We read these three names again and again. Harry Leggett and Edward Morris are the names we see, , And Tom Robinson is the President-to-be. 4 4 4 4 4 4 Page One Hundred Eighteen sf if af 1 I 'gi if sf ir if .i,p ,!31g 131 t' ll Eddie Henry is a prosperous valley farmer now, And for delicious garden products he should take a bow. Geraldine Givens is a nurse now, I am told, Giving care cheerfully to the young and old. Dorothy Goodman with her disposition so sweet Is keeper of the Book Shop down the street. Over there is a young lady who commands our respect. She has a beauty salon and is Helen Filipec. William Gross refuses to make life full of cares, As on his piccolo he still plays popular airs. A figure of grace on a horse as through traffc she dodges I know no other than Mary Helen Hodges. "Darwin Rabinowitz," I read on the door, Is the owner of a first-class grocery store. Sarah Sreeman is an accountant of losses and gains, As with columns of figures she takes the greatest pains. As a reporter, Clara Smith seems blithe and free, Bur she gets her story, the editor tells me. Mary Rose Weaver is a teacher in a primary school, And the kiddies love to study under her rule. Across the way Edythe Ruskin has a music studio all her own. That she is successful, by her many pupils is shown. Anna Pearl Lawrence has a studio, too, Where she teaches dances and steps of rhythm new. And Wilma Reeves has a flower shop demanding her care, For she sells blossoms both common and exotically rare. Herbert Wise, who used to drum with the very best, Is taking his troupe of actors on a tour of the west. ' Felton Watson, in the wholesale grocery line, Sells much of the food upon which we dine. Sidney Barrett, with hard labor and Lady Luck, Sends to market loads of hay and also some truck. As a salesman, R. E. Boone is certainly not green, For he won the prize for selling the most oil and gasoline. The chief topic of conversation around the card table is indeed About Sylvia Robinson who, in bridge, knows just the card to lead. There is a prominent doctor with a long waiting ' list, None other than Violet Roberts, the Chiropodist. Her pleasant assistant is Miss Wilson, given name, Ruby Louise, Vl'ho knows how to put the patients at ease. Ernest Atchley, with his military air, Is now a Federal officer with loads of care. Lois Joe Dasch recounts in poetry and prose The stories she gathers as around the world she goes. If you want a house with gadgets and appoint- ments so new, Donald Erickson, Architect, will design it for you. 4 4 4 4 7 - Wil Mary Virginia Bruton, she with the sweet brown eyes, In Cooking School portrays how your left-overs you may disguise. Lena Coleman is her assistant so able, As she gives pointers about setting the table. Violet Lee Bryant, whom we recall as blonde and serene, Now edits The Woman's Page of a popular maga- zine. As a super-saleslady with a well-defined "line," Wilmerth Gaddis does all the others outshine. A prosperous business woman with charms you can't resist, We have in Iva Mae jones, who heads the list. In an Insurance Office we see La Vonne Buckalew As she consults with clients their policies to renew. Over the counter behind imported perfumes and creams, W'e see pretty Juanita Johnson all smiles and beams. On the corner we see Earl Kelly so straight and tallg His chief says he is the best policeman of them all. Velma Crow, with her ability to please, Gives information to tired shoppers with the greatest of ease. For she works in a department store of great size, Which, Dame Rumor states, is owned by brilliant Katie Mize. Douglas McLeod is taking pictures that are in great demand, Of animals and people from every foreign land. Becca Cile Rosenberg, according to popular belief, Is the best Social Service worker in Community Relief. Martin Woolf, a surgical doctor of local promi- nence, Is also accorded fame by the Germans and the French. In radio Helen Lou Lykes, with voice so rare, Is called the "Redheaded Singer of the Air." Donnie Mae McDonald, vivacious and gay, Sings o'er the air operas-ballads-and songs of the day. Rudy Weinberg, with his knowledge of jewels and clothes Now has a shop where a man with worldly goods and no money goes. joseph Keller, with executive and musical inclina- tion, Directs successful pageants with great exhilaration. The Street fades away and the people disappear: I awaken with a start and ind no one near. Fate has played me a queer trick, it seems, For here in writing are all my dreams. I read them over one by one To see what mischief my pen has done. As I read, I note something queer: My own name is not listed here. Perhaps the Weaver of Fates and Schemes Destined me to be a dreamer of dreams. just why and what for, I am at a loss- Perhaps he means me to be just Dorothy Voss. 4 4 4 4 uf r- at - ' sm... .. ,. t-ee'..:.?rf"afsi.... A - ,. .. ... The publication of the Nineteen Thirty-Five Foresfrr has been made possible through the cooperation of the following merchants and friends. Let us show our appreciation. American Beauty Cover Co. Balfour Jewelry Co., L. G. Bell Tailoring Co. Bennett, Harry, Commercial Photographer Borden's Milk Boyd, J. E., Barber Brown Cracker 85 Candy Co. Bullman, Abe C. Carroll's Military Equipment Caudle Engraving Co. Colonial Pharmacy Consolidated Candy Co. Dad's Cookie Co. Dal-Sec Beauty Shoppe Draughon's Business College Dempsey 81 Parker, Lawyers Dixie Motor Coach Corporation Ewing Company, S. L. Fair Theater Forest Avenue Beauty and Barber Friedman's Edgewood Pharmacy General Produce Co. Golman's Bread I-Ill-Gentry Studio Hiegert, William C. Home Furniture Co. Shop Jaffee, Mrs. M. Kahn Sl Co., E. M. Leachman's Laundry Lewis Grocery Linz Bros. London Woolen Mills McClure, J. C. McKamy-Campbell, Undertakers Metropolitan Business College Nash Clothing Co. Nehi Bottling Co. Oak Cliff-Dallas Potato Chip Co. Renee's Studio Republic National Bank Reynolds-Penland Co. Sam Dysterbach Co. ' Southwest Tablet Manufacturing Southwestern Engraving Co. Sunshine Bus Lines, Inc. Sunshine Grocery and Market Tennessee Dairies Tully's, Jewelry Van Winkle's Book Store Voss, H. C. Co. White, Dal-Sec and Forest Theaters Wilkinson Printing Co. I 93 5 Compliments of SUNSHINE GROCERY and MARKET V Second and Forex! A1fenue.s' "Saturday Specials Our Specialty" V 4-171 8 WE CQNGRATULATE YOU SENICRS As You Plan Your Trip to Travel through This Life - DON'T FORGET - Dixie Motor Coach Corp. Sunshine Bus Lines, Inc. General Offices, Dallas, Texas 11- R. O, T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING , OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT Q 0 S CLOTHING DALLAS' ONLY MILITARY STORE 208 North Akard Street 'I' Compliments of We Invite You to Visit the H, C, V035 HQME FURNITURE CQ. Compliments of Elm at Preston Street Mrs. Jaffe Dallas, Store ---- or young men oCharter House Clothes . . oFashion Park Clothes . VJWDJXQ. Q Dobbs Fine Hats . . . o Manhattan Shirts . . . DALLAS OWN 0BOSl0Ili3ll SIIOCS . . . cto-rains stone A Good Bank for Your Savings We pay 2 Per Cent on Savings Accounts REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Compliments of Colonial Pharmacy Three Expcri Plaarnznvixfx FAST, EFFICIENT DELIVERY C01'HCf Fo rest am! Colonial - Phone 4-5141 S. L. EWING COMPANY IN DALLAS SINCE 1902 1606 Commerce Street L. M. H2lYner Ty ewntwff Nnyla Clothing Campnnlf ' P BUY - SELL - RENT - REPAIR 1518 Allen Building ALL MAKES Telephone 2-3026 --For Distinctive Gilts --For Sclfiool Iroplwies --For preciousfaems LINZ BROS. "Sin1'f' 1877-The So1rfb's Grvalesf Il'1Ul'li'l'X" The Souiffs B051 Book Slow' Van Winkleis 1515 Elm ' rnnglyon 'J Business College LARGEST IN DALLAS POSITIONS SISCUR If IJ 7-6374 2006 Commerce LEADER FOR OVER 50 YEARS EXCELLENT LAUNDRY SERVICE SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE DYEING 4-2161 Lenclanznnir Laundry Clollzoy for Young Mou expressly fashioned by the Southwest's Leading Stylists to please the particular . . . E. M. KAHN az co. ' 9 Brown 5 Products SALTINE FLAKES "Tho Perfvrt Smla Cruokorv BROWN'S FINE CANDIES BROWN CRACKER Sc CANDY CO. A TUXIIS Il1SI'ifllfi0lI ULLY'S ' 1627 ELM JEWELRY WATCH REPAIRING OPTICAL SERVICE WILLIAM C. HIEGERT 5 Pfam Borden s Mllk Butter if 1811 Leonard Street Flowers for All Orrasiorzx 2718 Forest Ave. PHONI' 4 7I,. Complimoulx of G-eueuu! Produce Co. 2028 Cadiz Street 7-1179 Dempsey 8: Parker Allorney: al Law Fidelity Union Building EARL R. PARKER FRANK L. DFMPSEX Phone 2-1683 FRIEDMAN'S EDGEWOOD PHARMACY South Harwood at Grand Iiorvsl High Smla Ileuflqzmrfers PiioNia 4-7118 HARRY BENNETT C0l1Il7lt'7'C'll1l Pbofograplaer A COMPLETE COMMERCIAL SERVICE We Pliotograpli Anything . . Anytime 2108 McKinney 7-4906 MCKAMY-CAMPBELL AIIIlIlIldIIl't' Servirv 4-2453 1921 Forest Ave. Comjwlimwzfs of FOREST AVENUE BEAUTY and BARBER SHOP 2530 Forest 4-0179 3 Golman Gooo PLACES TW 1 S t TO GO S 1 White Theatre e 2720 Forest Ave. SLICED D l-S- . Th i900tT:ECnlltl Aciilfrc At Forest Theatre YOUR l702 Forest Ave. LEWIS GROCERY Gr0cf'ries, Meals, arm' Sf-bool Supplies 3103 Forest Avenue 4-0173 RCI1CC,S Studio Classes in Creative Designing-Pattern Drafting Imlivitlunl Designing-Dresses-Millinery 914 N. Peak St. Phone 3-S949 METROPOLITAN nusmnss common liorvmosl in Dallas Sinn' 1887 NOW' is the time to prepare for :t good positiox Mli'l'ROPOl.lTAN training insures success. Write, enll, or phone 2-3514 for inforinatit OAK CLIFF-DALLAS POTATO CHIP COMPANY Crisjivflrs mul Korn Krispivs Our S1u'rialfit's 411 Beckley St. Phone 9-8233 LONDON WOOLEN MILLS GUARANTIQICD CLOTHES "Tlml liils Your lJlll'.Nl' null l'el'sfHli1lifAv" . . , . 1519 Main St. Next Door to Woolwortlis BELL TAILORING CO. "The Young Malls Slort"' 1611 Main Street SUITS-PANTS-O'COATS Ready Made - Tailor Made SAM DYSTERBACH COMPANY Regulation Gym Suits for Girls Boys R. O. T. C. Regulation Outfits Ilependiihle Merclmntlise Prices Right FAIR THEATER . . . , . y Opposite Main lzntrmnee Fair lark 'Flu' Besf in Talking Pic't11ra's Always a Good Show Compliments of J. C. M C CL U R E 1-' 6-ooia RN DAD S COOKIE 1418 N Beckley iii ' Co. Dallas, Texas L. G. Balfour Jewelry Company 206 N. St. Paul A Complete Jeweffqy Service Specializing in Class Pins, Rings and Club jewelry JOHNNY CLINGINGSMITH, Manager DR. L. P. KLENSER Optonzefriszf Wafc'b, Ic'zc'c'1ry Repairing 7-1996 GOLD SEAL Dallas, Fines! Pasfwzrizvfl MILK TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. Phone 7-6526 COMPLIMENTS vi "TOMMY" 4X Dallas City Public School Writing Tablets um! I "TOMMY" Loose Leaf Fillers SOUTHWEST TABLET MANUFACTURING CO. DALLAS Pai ronizc Ou r AdL'c'riisc'rx Phone 4-0345 1900 Second Ave DAL-SEC BEAUTY SI-IOPPE Special Pcrmanents 51.95 Up PEARL GARRETT, Prop. DALLAS, TEXA Compliments of CONSOLIDATED CANDY COMPANY 8 3 0 Exposition Compliments of NEHI BOTTLING CO. 816 Exposition Ave. Compliments of ABE C. BULLMAN Compliments of J. E. BOYD, BARBER 3617 Parry Ave. HALL-GENTRY Ojjlicml Photographers for Clmref of June '35 and January '36 4, IN sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire student body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past twelve years American Beauty Cover Co. 1900-8 ORANGE STREET THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT rmafi QMMMW PRINTED BY lflflllzinson gbtinfing do. , +5 ff 5" , ' ' 1 ,L 4' ' ' - ,Q ' u W I fn, I . ' V 1 , 1 kv gli: v " 73 , " 1 iw., W,-.' , :- Q 1 'v K, ,..,4. fnawww ouiflwsifafzn 'zcuf', ,A ofw af P , ,L . l "4 355 ,.l - ,:., fg- '-1 . lx is .- . rv u x Sv w , r . LL' . uf'-V "fs - 4. - .u,. ,N-g ' , 4 .4. . ' y 1 11-Is. 4 - Ui . ' , , ' l " JI- f ,R ., ' .UL ' ' . ' 'n - K.. P' ,LJ , :L ,Fw .C , -' - V- Us if--,Q .1 -1 , ,.u 1, " 1 HQ. v , ... 1' .mr-. V. '..-.rm,a.x. , -. 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