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V. p- .- ,.,,f,,g,4.f ,W K 4 f 'f,f:mff:",f1w ' ', -'tfaqijwfy-:ff '2'Qf5w fc ., ,.,,.,, 7713 ,jp ff 3 5 fff, 0 ff ,13ffyg11g,25? 2fQ:.v 1 gf gf? f 325, 'Qffem ,gf f zf ,4,,, fi I f 'V f ,. ' ' 4 , f ff .9 v ' I L Mklfifc qv Q cgggff ,Q l'16fffL'a mi it K . rf J W, yo , 'af Xt? I if 75 W J21 4 KX Wf' .f F I da., . 55 vwwg W 1 Q f i W W X D3 xxx ' , fn gf! ' ik QC Q x W 6 Q ZQXQKE Ms f, x - D f gy ' A ' X "gui 1292,-,IMWQGJ J 'K 1 3 WJ! N 1 A ,7 f V ff 11 X X Mfg , 9, ff l ,wff f - ffl' K - , Zflv ,f KY X A f .- ': x f ,X f N N X 1. . .f ' N 1 L K 1 -' " "' w - ' ,. -. 1 5 X 5-5' , , X I .K ,. .fx . U V I xx 1 I V. , .: 1 3. 1 ' ' ' 1 Y M Y , , . ' . 1 . "' - fi. ' .X M . . 7 A . ppqb, gf . x XR VD X . ,A Wk 0 0 Nl 1 my if nk, ff .6 gb , ,ci 07196 goresier 1934 COPY RIGHT JOSEPITIINEHLMIVlIl1.I. lfzfifm' HELEN 'I-'INIS MARGARET KLEIN Ijlvrary Eflilorx Lois DAVIS Bzlxirzvsx Managvr REBA GILBERT DOROTHY Gooo Aclzferlising Mmmgvrs V V W W W V H! if gf? V V V V' V V W V V N F! fl!" If WZ ? if QW. i Xjsi e It r W X Q QQ it K ,-, X fail N f vi ' H , 1 was i' i fu? i l il 1' 'ww'--f A 4 ?'5fil'iH. i' W if f- il 1 NN it Nik N lm 1 fllj gl a I V V,'- gk f'- WY X K r-wiv. Jlllxl rh ! l',Z'v'i Vi: YV: XX -V Rf: li 'T -ifi5Jl"vllk 'M lil! fri, il I ll H' - X fwllll ,, 12, 2' li , ' . A sf x A Nix. M l alll! If ' lwwi Lili f '-px A ,V 4 lx 1 l'g5f tu , S fffyf i fi ' ifffw iii 1 ff! H il i Ks f yi ll Q i.'9f?X "He ate and drank the precious Words, His spirit grew robustg He knew no more that he was poor, Nor that his frame Was dust. He danced along the dingy days, And this bequest of Wings Was but a book. What liberty A loosened spirit brings!" -EMILY DICKINSON 5 7 iz 6 0 re trier PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS vi Of Forest Avenue High School QQ? W FCDREWCDRD Here is a record of our school activi- ties for 1933-34. Uur purpose has been to present this record in a permanent form that you will treasure through- out the years to come. jllilhxeh get 3 :mis Uh, We-w a,f-o-wfvvpq g CQNTENTS W QA dministration W Q1 V fffeatures Qflctivities V Qfumor-2 116. 'R 00 ADM SS DN MATINEE PROGRAM I Under the iuspices of GIRL RESERVES 141311 ' ' . ai 3:15 P. M. . unnnlilonn unnnuuuuuuuuunuuununluuunuuulunnnununuuu COMPLIMENTS OF SAM DYSTERBACH CO. , , , ,.f DEDICATICDIXI In the hope that their ambitions for us may be realized and that they may live to reap the fullest measure of joy and pride from us, we dedicate our yearbook to those who have made our four years at Forest a delightful reality . . , our Mothers and Fathers. 36- -A L, .. K f f' WQff3wf ,If ' I l lfl l 14 1412 gfil fl!!! M. EY-V A V V77 I J ' lf' wff I K l 1 ll fl, J M X LS lf, !ig?iFif?EF?i2SZ?fZ7qmA1fd .W 5VT1Sp'll 'l ife X ' W . ' lx iififelfg-' l W e ye! y -x W ill if , fl ee' who He ll 'o sl Q f iigil N2Q5gfTk,y g w9k,o Qfiff! ,F5.e?:1e:X. ei hkusl Xl X fJf'of f L NY ,ff,fJ1-f l Q I f ll m lrl1al ff! we e 'V gf if' 'l ga fl X ,ysl of ' X -f R, .s ' 2 1 Hlirwkx uw ffm' frm' f4'1rfvr.v. Tlwy gin' in all 11110 fuilfwfnlly Im' Ibm: flu' xmirty, ilu' sjvirilmll f7V'1'Xt'71l'l', of flu' lmvi, 11111 gz'm1lr'51 of our 7'KI1'A'.H 'WH E. CHANNNG. KA FAHEWELL SONG We shall be blue when we whisper to you, ' nGoodhyo to you Old Forest Highin you, you know St High! Stim the future Ano teachers too, who have done their part a Wherever we go, we will love Goodbye to you Old Fore Those Pinging bells we'l1 mis We promise be you to be Foresters true Goodbye to you Old Forest High! V A. ADMINISTRATIQN K hd more I 2 f ' l iw Qi 545444 QQQQQQQQQQQ 44 ' 4 GUI? STEPS Countless numbers these inspiring steps Have led to that great hall, Up and down, day after day. Their magnificence Will not easily be forgotten By those ascending greater steps In Lifeis pathway. -HE RBER T FRIEDMAN J Y. R35 as . N. R. CllLJZIlili E. B. CAUTIIORN L. V. S'1'oc:KARo SIl!Il'l'ilIIf'lIll!'llf of Srfmofx Axxisfanf SIl17l'l'iI7lll'l7lll'l7f Dixfrirf Sl1fJl'Ffl7fl'l7lll'Ilf of Schools of Iligb Svlwofs Board ol Education DR. DAVID W. CARTER, Prr.vifl1'nf V' COMMITTEES F inancc' L. O. Donald, Chairman W. J. Powell Mrs. W. A. Lecpcr Supplies Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt, Cbairman W. Powell L. O. Donald Rules Z. S. Armstrong, Chairman Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt Gabe Allen BuiIa'i11g.t and Sites W. Powell, Cbairman L. O. Donald Gabe Allen Lzmfb Rooms Mrs. Z. S Mrs W. A. Lcepcr, Chairman . Armstrong . W. P. Zumwalt W1'1fz1r'z' Mrs. W. A. Lcepcr Z. S. Armstrong V Q QQ Q Q ii Q Q if V W Qiii 44-'C K lxlx ,Aff VVYLIIAQ A. Pmuiiiii I'rim'ifml His door is always open to us. His heart is always open to us. Open-minded on all questions, Mr. Parker is an inspiration to youth, and it is our pleasure to publish his message to the students. NOTHING BUT YQUR BEST Am I stretching my imagination when I tell you boys and girls of Forest Avenue High School that the United States is now at the very threshold of a great renaissance? This nation is old enough for such a revival of learning. We have the background and foundation out of which to develop a real revival of culture. We have time for such a revival of spiritual things. God knows that we need a revival, and you are the ones to start it. To this end, then, I charge you to use your best intelligence in school. Approach your studies with all the intelligence you have at your com- mand. Our school program calls for the best you can give and, as Honorable Marion S. Church recently told us in assembly, we are chal- lenged to do championship work in all our undertakings. I would have you get all the worth-while information you can secure while you are in school. Take advantage of the great supplies of know- ledge your teachers have in store for you. Every book in our school library is for your perusal, and the same is true of the public libraries in this city. Read good books. . I would likewise have you use your imagination so that you, too, will be able to lan for the future. You should outline for ourselves reat P Y S and worthy programs, as the architect makes his plans for the construc- tion of a reat buildin . This renaissance will be a creative a e. We are g S g going to be called upon to create positions where there are no positions. Train your imagination. I would have you develop your power of initiative, too, so that you will be able to do all that is demanded of you in this great revival, Witli intelligence, information, imagination, and initiative, you will be able to live at your best and render the best possible service to your fellowmen. WYLIE A. PARKER, FAC U LT V AN APPRECIATION To our Wise and understanding teachers We wish to express our appreciation for the counsel and instruction they have given us, for their tolerant attitude of forbearance when We were at fault, and for the inspiration their association has been in developing character and citizenship. ANIDIKEWS, NANNIE D. AIKDREY, MINNIE P. AliClHIBALIJ, MARY . BAGLEY, ELIZABETH BAKIaR, S. N. . . BARIIAM, RUTH E. . BIQRRY, WIl,I.IIi MAY BI.Ac1K, H1iI.EN FERN BLU M ENTI-I AI., JENNIIL BOULTON, AI. ALAN . BRIZXVER, MARGARET BROWN, EMMA H. . The Faculty . Mzzfhemalifs . Frvnch . Spanish . English Shorihaml . . . SI7tllIi5b . H omzf Economizfs . . Public' Spnzkiizg W. . . S!'L'1'Ffd1'j', and Typing . . . Sfivzzu' . . Malhc'muli4's . . Hisfory ami Mzllhcwzufics BRONVN, MINNIE . . , . . . Hisfory BUTLER, W. H. . SOCilllSL'il'l1L'C CHRISTOPHIZR, RUTH .... . Hislory CLARK, MARY SMITH . . Englixh COLI5, EDITII MOORI1 . Study Hull COI.IiMAN, RICHARD L. . Milifary IJAVIIJSON, SARA . . . Sjmnish IJIAI., TUIKA W. . . . . . Englixh DURI-IAM, EI.OIsE . Q . . Iournulixuz ELDILR, LOUI.A . . . . . Mu1'hcmufI'is ENSOR, RE'l"l'Il'. K. . . . Art Flillllili, ANNIE GEM . English FOOTE, RACHEL M. . . Dean GI-LRLACH, DOROTHY . . History GOLJIJMAN, C. V. . Glill4'l1'l'TH, D. T. . HAIKIJY, SEARCY H. . HiXliI.IXN, LIJIA MAL HAIKIKINGTON, ALICIQ HASsIiLL, KATI3 . H0l.DIiN, PIZRCIE . HUCiHIiS, ELIZABETH HUTHINSON, SELDON S. . JACKSON, BIZRTHA . LOOS, ALFRl'1DJ. MAs'l'I1Rs,E'1'IIIiI. . MAT'I'IIEW'S, PEARLE . . . H isiory Mvchalziral Drawing . . Study Hall . Affcmlunve Clcfric . H 07715 Econovilics . Mulhrmuiirs . Pianist . English . Science . English . . Mufhcwzalirs Lalin and Mafhcmaiics . H owe Economics MCCOIKMACK, C. T. . MELSON, ADDIE . MILLEIK, LOURANIA . MOOIKE, GRAY . . PRITCHETT, JULIA . ROBERTSON, W. PEGRAM ROSSER, L. E. . . . ROWE, EDNA . SEGRIST, LOCILLE SHAW, MABEI. . SI-IEDARD, ALVA . . Accounting . English . Latin . Science . .... Typing History ana' Study Hall . . Mathematics . . . English . Physical Education . Physical Education . . Mathematics THATCHER, BESS . . . History USRY, J. T. . . Social Science WHITE, J. B. . . . Science WICKHAM, FLETCHER R. . . Spanish WILCOX, LOUISE . . . Music YATES, H. B. . . History YOUNG, HELEN F. . . Library parent-Teachers Association President . . . .... MRS. G. W. SWARTHOUT First Vice-Presirlent . Seconil Vice-Prcsiilent Thirzl Vice-President . Fourth Vice-President Fifth Vice-Presiztcizt Sixth Vice-President . Seventh Vice-Presiilent Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Treasurer . . Historian . . Publicity Chairman . Parliarnentarian . Auditor . . . Telephone Chairman . Council Delegate . . MRS. F. M. GOOD . . MRS. J. W. REAMES MRS. C. J. WHEELER MRS. PHILIP LIPSITZ MRS. E. H. ASHNliR . MISS MABEL SHAW . MRS. J. C. REANEY . MRS. W. R. LLOYD . MRS. W. A. CASE . MRS. A. L. BRIN . MRS. E. LEVY MRS. A. J. THROWER . MRS. ROYAL BRIN MRS. M. SCHACKMAN MRS. A. C. BULLMAN . MRS. J. E. LUSK f f. 4 sl I ', I , I , ' f J if H --h M ' X Y, 3 f 5' 1 1 - L" g L' if. 1 f H? T--"""N X .f if 'Y N N 'W 1, A , " X ffl V 'X f 52 J f- f ' ,7 :I ,ff -' , - .' ' ' 6 f' ,Z 'YTPNNRX -'x '31 .ig V 1 1 if-, 4 ', , ?F,xM'9'f 2312, 'Qi 1 i V , if "Sv, 2 l J !,W!???'3'i?ii?E?5Z5sgfsewv ' K X Sl ' AW F!! Ei i 3?ii1 .E ,- , . X J, F X E' QW - Q lilf , f -' 'K Wig? IJ + J , " f N ?7f: i -vm in::5i:E.:f?:g:2?fS535555-, ' ff K' f '5 ' K ' 'l ff ' ff 5 , '- Q 74 n 7 L V 1 : L ,:?' Y xxx-f -7:1 X, -F ' , .lc ff-5:2355 f g 'ff ' f f s I lg "f f2:f3"5'? iIif---- ' V 7' g - fi f f ff- f 7, N.-if 1 f- " fi? K Ari , n ,,,.,.-..... ,1 X 7 f ,-,:f,-l, 5 I- 5225 55555 T V ,YW i , - h-1 fig" i W, ., : + g 5:3 - my . 4' - , ' 5 riff' 5 ' E-' f '- ' f A iv ,pf Y,ii:Mi'11'31 N' iff? ' ,ii W f 1 Z.. f , XM V57 TQ: F ima fl- 'JQ Y , f 1 afiliiilfff ii Q' Y Y A Y 3 - V Yjwi ,k 'gr 27792 iTY?Qi,, 'V f 5 Ji 'L if --5- ,T A M 'LT i j fa gif, f fl Qi? if in 'QW' if 1 Q4 ' ' - ,,.. '-'-- -2 W 1 1' ' - 9 7 ,ff . 11 "W"-Y " 4-ff?-wi! f- ii ei -, 1 - - -'--Y r-- ' "God ln' thanked for bookx. Tbry an' lbv l'0iCl'X of fbi' disfant and the rlvad, and make us T brim nf lbr xpfrilual lifr of flu' past ages." N -W.E.CHANN1NG. X Q Jw X f , dn? 4 J H . ' 1 ff ! g V ' fd V .44 if , ' 'JJ 'I' 'J f f f 0 V S Jfffvyafufb. , f NTJ f ' ' - W1 "f fb, , A, f 1'-'fu s-1 9 J f rzfvzirf fri M711 ' " 4f"" , 7 . 5 4. 1" , f' , A -r ,' N 1 f J J,f,3Q44f , ,M W, A Vlrvui ff. Ww+ 1 W, ' .f4J,L.,,t1 Lfbz.-.J J I ' i ' f X - if r ,", - Lfvg . , , I 1 L, ,V L ,If 4.7 , ' ' . Y Q.. .Z 1 ifga ,, L , .W wwf, 1 M 1 V L I 4 .., Rf "V I , 1 ' ,f ., af' :pau ,V L". J. J.. wwf" ff v V1 ' 2-f 1 J H I if-Z" ' J A, P ' ..4 u , 1. . nl- ' I 4 J F ' Q, ,l f - . V W "' ' ' K -.- A Q , lj, L V V I 5 -4 , f ' , 1 .. 1. . 5' x wx ' l I f 1 , v.. J I KJ? K N K F Q, I X 1 I 4- I ' ' f Xx- , Q1 J Y 7 A .f I ' . tr t Lf f , , W A r' A ' 1 - - I .. if 4 ' k I J 5 J 'fr' ' J f ,. 3 WW ,V A f . ., N x V' f A" 9,-f-Lzf, J A 4 r ' fi V K J s n I W1,42!f ,. 2 J f fl IL ., Qr- ' K' 1 Ida -w---1 .1Jf1NC1,4 Q1-fl..-CV! f fp f 1!,,,,, ., , ,f . f f ,V . f S - g A Xb F "" Hulk? K' L? - 'V ' IK-4 K 'Z-x, 1 L. 1 1. -Q' '-.. 2 -.,,v.,1 ' xy- avi, N ,NL 'J vw- .V A.. m X . .J , v , . .x - - L -. -V 1 m. - 1, g 41 n. 1 ,, -1 J 'Q g -M . 9 W W V V V V W 'V Qiii QQ Q Qiiiiiii Fetters Qt That chord must go with thisf' The music teacher said. They found that it Was best, Those musicians Who are deadf' If Q! The classics used hexameterf' The poetry teacher said. You must comply with all the rules In order to be read." K! ll Your colors must be complementsf This was the artist's song. If you merely learn the rules You never will be Wrongf, Cl Qt You haven't any rules," God said to the breeze, And yet from earth arose The symphony of trees. Whatever rules may burden you, My rule C grasp it in Wholej- Claim what God has given you: The freedom of your soul. -DOROTHY NOVICH ENTRA me E rig gg Er" llllluluIllnlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllnlllllllllllllll 'Commencement Exercises FOREST AVENUE HIGH scHooL AUDITORIUM Thursday, May 31, 1934, 8:15io'c1ock p. rn. I D I . .Xp J' ' "W XXX "Vim 'W K Nxmx xxx P xx Qu... v' 1' -We lhl'-WW 's X ' 19" a"' A-:mx FfI'fll'l lvl alla- ' I n v M, wbmflll v 'M X ill x lg. N Q f ' i limi in 'Mi l NNN 'M 'U . !fi,L,'.l 'W' WQQ if ff l 1 Q x ull" ,ul ,l" Wilill iQi.l?'W l wl lf f J"-1 gil' gl' lilfYLiiliiTlQWli 1 " 1 W' ln 'u, i f ' wrqsl. n l Q S x l' ll . .W 10,511 xml it-in fftw 1 l',- ,mf lf fifmful fri f-f11 1, M Il.'!JUlt'5UH1 ,WWII if lvrvrfzzl runljnuzlon, or an vffwlzlul r'uwfur'1i'r'," ' -l, f I! SENIOR LOYALTY SONG There's something about your spirit, Something about your spirit, Something about your spirit that is Fine! Fine! Fine! There's something about this building, Nothing at all forbidding, Everyone seems so willing here to help. There's something grand and royal, Something true and loyal, Something warm and friendly in your halls. And wherever we may go, You'll always be with us we know. Thereas something about our Forest that is Fine! Fine! Fine! -Lols DAVIS. SENIQRS l N! N! Ri E! K! si if si iiiifiii iisisisi Ki si si Ri Nl si V W V V V V QQ 64 QCQQQQQQ 444 l 1 l.. Mlss lNlINNlE BROWN Miss LOULA ELDER SENIOR SPOINISGRS Glad of an opportunity to give honor Where it is due, we set aside this page for our senior faculty advisors: Miss Minnie Brown, sponsor of the june, '34 class, and Miss Loula Elder, sponsor of the January, ,35 class, both of Whom have given freely of their time and talents to make our senior year "something to remember." R' JOE PIRANIO Prr'sia'r'llf Senior Day IJ 1. Donald Case J. T. Worley Gusta Snyder Robert Cannon Ada Katherine Baechtel ogra-nz Evelyn Monford Georgia Stenger Frances Moxley HENRY BURRLEY Prfxsidcvzf LEROY ALEXANDER PIERCE NAIRN Vin'-Presidwzl Secretary Ju ne 3 -4 Class COMMITTEES Senior Dance Senior Play Vincent Cirone Elliott Phares Jack Tobolowsky Frederick Kahn Alwilder Anderson Margaret Klein Josephine Hemphill January 35 Class COMMITTEES Social Mr'ml1f'r'sfaip Mae Ackerman Harry Cohn Morris Steinberg Denman Winsor Roger Moore Caryl Kahn ROGER MOORE GEORGIA STENGER Virc'-Presidenf Secrafary J ,I-fx! M f I r f -1 f. .ri Miss EDNA Rowe Senior Counselor No caption is really needed for this page. No senior is unfamiliar with this face. There is no one who, at the sight of it, does not at once think of fairness, fineness, untiring service, and unswerving loyalty. i 4 f 5. fa, tx I W x Vx RUTH CONNER National Honor Society High Scholarship Club Associate Editor of Eflm ADA KATHRYN BAECHTEL 4-B Class, Secretary National Honor Society Aelta Historical Society Auditores Cncsaris High Scholarship Club RUTH HENDFRSCDN Girl Reserves FRANCES DAVIS PJl1fAmCflCJll Student Forum 1.115 Dos Americas Girl Reserves Erlm Staff Es'I'I Ink Rosn ANGRIST Girls' Public Speaking Club Forest Forum, Secretary 1 1 SAIZA1-I SIEGIQL High Scholarship Club Aelta Historical Society, VIRGINIA BOND High Scholarship Club Girls' Letter Club LUcII,E BERNBAUM Forest Forum Wll.I.IAM CROOK Track Team, '33, '54 4-B Class, President PII-QRCE NAIRN Treasurer Crack Company, '51, '32, '33, ,34 Captain, R. O. T. C. 4-A Class, Secretary Commander of Crack Squad 52,4 L 1 'E all 5, F X I ,I , A 1 1 v I vw ,X 's X X If ix A I LA f' , ,V Q f ycflj Lui JULIAN MEYER Standard Debating Society Aulta Historical Society Staff Sergeant, R. O. T. C. HOYT GENTRY Forest Forum Pan-American Student Forum AN NA XIIVIAN DOCKERX' Dr.1n1zxtic Club Art Club Glee Club HOPE STATHAKOS Iirfw Staff FRED KALLUS lirlw Staff Crack Company, '55 f Omg" LEROY ALEXANDER First Lieutenant, R. O. T, C. 4-A Class, Vice-President Efba Staff ELo1sE OYBRIEN Echo Staff Salesmnnsliip Club HELEN BROCKER Aelta Historical Society LA Class, Sergeant-at-Arms VINCENT C. CIRONE MA Football, ,53 Crack Company, '32, '33 First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. 4-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms junior Hi-Y, Secretary RY ONA HICKS Girl Rcscrvcz N - A Y' v' v' 1 .1 Af, , ,f f ' 'J-if A-at L ELDON MCBRAYER 3-A Class, President Cheer Leader Captain, R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, '32, '33, '54 Crack Company, '32, '33, '34 Echo Staff Little Theater ROSALIE GREEN Aelta Historical Society High Scholarship Club JOYCE EVALYN KABCINELL Little Theater Club Aelta Historical Society EMORY HEFFINGTON CLARA JEAN GRIFFIS Girls' Public Speaking Club 5 ,I A. J. E.'GoocH X MILDRED CRUSE Auditores Caesaris LEONARD JOHNSON HARRY LYNN ESTHER HAMBRIGHT Girl Reserves Orchestra 'K X 1 x bij fxf' A n Louis Nlcnots First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. , - . Crack Company, 32, 33, 34 Glee Club Assistant lfditor and Publicity I5orr',ili'r', 1934 LDONALD CASE Captain, R. O. T. C. Crack Company, '32, '53, '34 All-City Orchestra 3-A Class, Vice-President Aelta Historical Socicty Rifle Tcnni ftirrilrz, 1934 Siimm' SORlslNSON NORMA RAY Little Theater, President MARGARET SURTMERS , Manager, Echo 4..- LIZAH NLJVIN Girls' Public Speaking Club Lt' Ccrclc Francais Little 'lilicatcr Ecfm Staff PAULINE ROSIFN Girls' Public Speaking Club Forest linrum Le Ccrclc Francais, Vice-President, Treasurer FREDERICK KAHN First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Standard Debating Socirty National Honor Society High Scliolarsliip Club, Treasurer Pan-Amcrican Student lforum Crack Coinpnny, '32 Library Council MARY PIUBBARD Assistant Iiditor, Iivlm FRANc12s MA1.L1soN Girls' Public Speaking Club, President Aelta Historical Socicty, Secretary Pan-Aniurican Student Forum, Secrctary 31 l .3 3 ff ,jr " VT' , f . T 9 ,HMI fx l. ' fl lx, K , f'l x ,.-Aff' ' -LL.-ff' GWYNNL CURT1? , Popularity Contest, '34 Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Auditores Caesaris Junior, Senior Hi-Y Crack Company, '33 4-B Class, Vice-President Cheer Leader, '33, '34 Orchestra, '32, '33, '34 All-City Orchestra Drum Major of Band Rifle Team, '33 Forfxlrr, 1934 BETTY LATIMER Stamp Club JACK PHIPPS ROSA CASSATA High Scholarship Club Aelta Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms lim NAR FLANDERS Auditores Caesaris, Treasurer High Scholarship Club Latin Tournament Girls' Letter Club Signiferi LIQON MALQOMLSIUS AUSTIN HOLLYW'OOD Football, '33, '34 Track Orchestra Business Manager, Ilvlw MIN NIE BLOOM Aclta Historical Society High Scholarship Club Las Dos Americas, Secretary Pan-American Student Forum Omsua HISER First Sergeant, R. O. T. C. LLOYD GEORGE Sports liditor, Iirbo, '33 Associate Editor, Evlw, '34 , f' if junior Hi-Y,Parliamentarian Secretary Ireas j T. WORLEY WALTER BENNETT Captain, R. O. T. C. Crack Company Band, '32, '53 urer, Sergeant-at-Arms R. O. T. C. Honor Band Rifle Team I"m't'slel', 193-4 H1170 Staff Standard Debating Steiety Signiferi Senior Orchestra ABE WYLL Football, '33 Basketball, '55, '34 National Honor Society 4-A Class, Sergeant-at-Arms Erlvo Business Manager Oman PACE Las Dos Americas HARMON JACOBS Glee Club Echo Club XVII.LIAM SEH N1-QRT Forest Hi-Y, President, '34 4-B Class, Parliamcntarian, '33 Aelta Historical Society Major, R. O. T, C. Rifle Team Crack Company, '32, '33, '34 High Scholarship Club International Civitan Medal, '32 Senior Hi-Y, Parliamentarian Secretary Treas urer, Sergeant-at-Arms Forest Forum, Viee-President Treasurtr Little Theater, Secretary, Sergeant at Arms ROBERT COSNAHAN Auditores Caesaris Senior Hi-Y, President City-W'ide Hi-Y, President High Scholarship Club THEODORE TAYLOR Sergeant, R. O. T. C. Rifle Team Crack Company HERscHEL L. FUTCH 4-B Class, Treasurer Track, '33, '34 Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Stamp Club, President Forester, 1934 All-City Honor Band JOE KING ,wskv ,, , A X ,J Ha f rl " ,y I 1 fy-1 J .-' I 1 Ln GUSTA SNYDER Auditores Caesaris Aelta Historical Society 2-B Class, President Fo1'c'.iIi'r, 1934 MILDRED Lewis Girl Reserves Echo Staff IDOROTHY GOOD National Honor Society High Scholarship Club Aelta Historical Society, Parliamentarian 3-B, 4-A Class, Treasurer 3-A Class, Secretary I"ori'x1f'r, 1934 ELSIE LORENZ Girl Reserves Echo Staff Salesmanship Club ALWILDER ANDERSON Aelta Historical Society Girl Reserves Echo Popularity Contest, '32, ,53 I-'ormlrr Popularity Contest, '54 FANNIE CERPER Las Dos Americas, Secretary High Scholarship Club Little Theater, Treasurer, Vice-President Pan-American Student Forum Fowslzfr, 1934 REBA GILBERT MA National Honor Society High Scholarship Club Aelta Historical Society, Library Council Las Dos Americas Foresler, 1934 R115 Bouis Aelta Historical Society High Scholarship Club Girl Reserves, Sec rctary, tive Treasurer Council Representa CLARICE GERSMAN Aelta Historical Society, President, Treasurer Little Theater, Sergeant-at-Arms High Scholarship Club IMOGENE SHERIMAN Las Dos Americas, President, Treasurer Pan-American Student Forum, Secretary f f f A f .4 1 A fs V' L' ' 'U n., .-.- , FOREST HARALSON JOE PIRANIO Buys' Glee Club lfrfm Staff junior Hi-Y, President, V 4-A Class, President Athletic Officer, R. O. T. Crack Company, '32, '33 Rifle Team, '32, '33 Football, '53 F0r'i'slt'r, 1934 Popularity Contest, '54 AI. FERRELL HIERBERT FRIEUMAN Crack Compgln y Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Iirfm Staff Aclra Historical Society, Sergeant-at-Arms Little Theater, Treasurer High Scholarship Club I C. MiTcHEi.L AIULES FINE Orchestra Auditores Caesaris Signiferi 2-B Class, Vice-President Stan.lard Debating Society ice-President C. Wii.i IITLM STRT-1icHER AIUHN KENNEDY Crack Company, '51, '32, '33, '34 Business Manager, Erlw First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Pan-American Student Forum Las Dos Americas LAWRENCE DTTHAY Captain, R. 0. T. C. Rifle Team Crack Company, '52, '33 Member Capitol Squad FRANCES WARD Las Dos Americas Echo Staff S J P , F .1 J , Y-I ,, J! 1 t 1 ,J f",,fN 'Ji q VJ f I Lois IJAVIS ' Girls' Letter Club, President Auditores ci.lCS.lI'i5, Secretary Signiferi High Scliolnrsliip Club, Reporter National Hon: r Society Girls' Public Speaking Club lnterscliolnstie Essay Contest Latin Tournament, '32, ,54 Business Manager I5vm'xlrr, 1934 Popularity Contest, ,54 Bon JACKSON Football All-City Chorus, '32 AMI GOLD National Ilonor Society lligll Scliolgxrslmip Club Le Ccrcle lfrnneais, Presiilent Latin Tournaunent, lfssny Contest, '31 BERNICIL Ros1aN1f1E1,n Auditorex Caesaris Le Cercle Francais, President, Secretary lforcst Forum, President, Vice-President Library Council NA'l'liAN GOIDL Coin Club MARGA1ui'1' I.AW1u-.NQQE HAZLL COGISUIKN Autlitores Caesnris Aeltn Historical Society. Eebo Stull VVILLIAM EYs'1'111a Aeltn Historiml Society Senior Hi-Y PAULINIQ NEI7l'i Girl Reserves Poetry Society FRANK HlzNZL.N Second Lieutenant, R. O. All-City Honor Band Reporter T. C. Band ' 1 ' .J J x J" E C T 4 JACK TOBOI.Ow'sItY Lieutenzmt-Colonel, R. O. T. C. National Honor Society, Vice-President Standard Debating Society, President Aelta Historical Society, Vice-President Harvard Award, '33 Rifle Team, '3l. '32, '33, '34 Iforuxlvr, I934 Popularity Contest, '34 High Scholarship Club JAMES A. JOHNSON Sergeant, R. O. T. C. EVA PHILLIPS Tennis Team, '33, '34 Auclitores Caesaris ELLIOTT PHARES Football, '34 Basketball, '33, '34 Baseball, '34 junior, Senior Hi-Y F01'e.vfI'r, I934 Glee Club All-City Cborus Es'I'HER HAMBRIGHT Girl Reserves Orchestra WOOD ARTHUR ROARK Tennis Team, '33, '34 All-City Chorus Glee Club Salesmanship Club, President CHARLIE NENIEC Band First Lieutenant, R. O, T. C. PHILIP BURGOVUER Standard Debating Society, Treasurer Forest Forum, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-av Arms Auditores Caesaris Football Library Council DORIS WOOD IRENE ANDERSON Girl Reserves P , k uf 1 Ji -.V-TL A J K I ff' xii it wif if I i P, HELEN TIMS CLIFFORD KLINDWORTI-I Auditores Caesaris 7 High Scholarship Club, President, Yice-Presi- dent Aelta Historical Society, Parliamentarian 4-A Class, Historian Forvslcr, 1954 Girls' Letter Club National Honor Society MARGARET KLEIN Aelta Historical Society, Preside dent National Honor Society High Scholarship Club Auditcres Caesaris Intermural Tennis Tournament Formfrr, 1934 FANNIE MEYER National Honor Society High Scholarship Club Girls' Public Speaking Club Co-Editor, Evlvo Forrxirr, 1954 JOHN FERGUSON WARD EHNEY nt, VicefPresi- Football, '33, '34 Basketball, '52, '33, '54 All-City Football Team All-City Basketball Team Glee Club Las Dos Americas Popularity Contest All-City Chorus AARON GORDON Coin Club, President Glee Club Tennis Team Frirrxirr, 1934 KATHERINE LEE MABEL HARRIS High Scholarship Club Aelta Historical Society Erbo Staff Forrslvr, 1954 FANNIE FAY FISHER Las Dos Americas Little Theater f Y 34 1 if ..-i 7271" V I 3 K, , f 'f J X7lCTOk BALLAS RALPH YONALK l,.1w Doi Atnerictu, Sergeant-tit-'Xi'iiix. Vice- President, Co-litlitor, Ifrfm Pan-Aineriegin Student l'oi'uin, President Hmtoio STI31,zit KIOSLPJIINE I'l1iMPHILL Girls' Public Speaking Club, President tary, Trenmurer, Pt1rli.nnent.u'ian Autlitores Cnemris, Vice-President Signiferi Higll Sclloltirsliip Club National Honor Society Poetry Society, President Girls' Letter Club Seliool Debating Team, '33 latin Tournament, '53 Tennis Tournament, ,32, '33 IAA, 2-B Class, President liditor 150r'i'xft'r, 1934 Cheer Lender, ,55 Popularity Contest, '54 HARVLQY KlNN1XlilJ Crack Company Second Lieutenant, R. O. 1, C.. Ro1s1iit'1'CANNoN Coin Club, Secretary, Publicity Agent Senior Hi-Y, Secretary Seere- St.uitl.ird Debnting Society. Secretary Coin Club lfrfm Staff Crack Cornpnny, '54 SAM PIROZZO ljllllllhlll, '30, '3 l. 'F' l5.isltetb.ill. '33 lhselxlll, '33 Golf S.ilt'sm.lnSl1ip Club Vioi it P,t'1'rE1tsoN Hium Consul. Girl Reserves, Secretary ib1ARGARIiT DLNT Las Dos Americas Girl Reserves Forest Forum r v - Arnix MORIKIS STEINBI-lRG 151170 Staff First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Baseball, '34 Senior Hi-Y Basketball, '33, '34 Football, '33 Track, '32 Aelta Historical Society Crack Company, '32, '33, '34 Orchestra TEDDY STEINBICRG Football, '33 Baseball, '34 Track, '33 First Lieutenant, R. O. T. Ci. 4-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms Aelta Historical Society Evl41LYN Girl Reserves Girls' Public Speaking Club ALVIN GOODSTLIN Standard Debating Society, President, Vice- President, Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arnis, Parliamentarian 3-B Class, Sergeant-at-Arms Los Espanoles kloviales, Treasurer Stamp Club Pan-American league CARYL KAHN Z-A Class, President Auditores Caesaris, Secretary Le Cerele Franeais, Vice-Presiden High Scholarship Club National Honor Society Little Theater Library Council I LESLIE FLOYD Football, '33 Baseball, '33, '34 Track, '33 Basketball, '33, '34 Aelta Historical Society lirlw Staff Senior Hi-Y Crack Company, '33 DQ7RO'FIlY Sassuivis All-City Orchestra Little Theater Forest Forum Girl Reserves MAR'fIN CHRIS'l'lfNSl'.N Football, '33 MII.TON BARON Standard Debating Society, Treasurer, Secre tary, Vice-President, President High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Arms Pan-American Student Forum Debating Team, '34 National Honor Society EARL BALLARD Forest Forum Crack Company, '33, '34 Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. ESTELLL CARSON Girl Reserves PAULINI: CIlUMLEY ljAPIlliNli SH11l,'I'ON Girl Reserves CARRIE ZABBIA Las Dos Americas Pan-American Forum THEDA CARROLL Girl Reserves RIQHIL CALHOUN lkwtball, ,53, '34 MAIKY BARBARIA Girl Reserves Little Theater Forest Forum, Secretary 3-B Class, Secretary 2-A Class, Vice-President ROYAL BRIN High Scholarship Club Boys' Debating Team, ,54 TED HARRIS Standard Debating Society, Secretary, Vice President High Scholarship Club, Sergeant-at-Arms National Honor Society Latin Tournament HARRY COHN Baseball Basketball Y 'I 'fr I IJ-' L 'J Ill U V LOUISE ROBINSON Las Dos Americas Forest Forum MARSHALL PHILLIPS IRENE STOCKBRIDGE Girls' Letter Club JOHN MILTNER Pan-American Studen Las Dos Americas ANNE MOLOF Las Dos Americas Pan-American League Lkittle Theater t Forum JU MILDREIJ HAMIL'I'ON HAROLD LANE LOUANNA AILSHIE Girl Reserves Erlw Staff DOROTHY HARIJIN Girl Reserves Girls' Public Speaking Club EVELYN ANDREWS 2-B Class, Vice-President Girl Reserves Q11-4 fi 1 .N --Q55-1. . . 'GB KQV' K H W A f'i fLE15-liigfwg .:1.f.- - Q L gf 41' f JH ,, rv es. . rss ,Li ,ef is Kgs? ,YK DORA EINHORN High Seliularship Club Aelta Historical S: eiety l.Os Espannles Jnvinles Pan-Ameriexn Student Forum Girls' Public Speaking Club, Presitlem. Yieef Presielem, Secretary, Sergeant-pu -Arms l'lliNRY BURR LEY KIOIQ Little 'l'l1e.1ter 4-B Class, Presiilent Las DOS Americas .lunior Ili-Y. Vice-l'liesitlent Senior Ili-Y, Vice-President Forest Forum SW'EIi'l'ON Library Council Orellestra lVlIl.l7RED COX Girl Reserves KIO1-11, GLASS lfrfm Stall' 'x NIARGARET VVINBORN Auditores Caesglris Girl Reserves Orelieszrn 145 Class, SCCl'Cl.ll'j' 3-A Class, Secretary l'R.XNC,2l-,S iXlOXLl-.Y Higli Selinlglrsliip Club Girl Reserves Eefm Surf KATIIRYN IDOUTHIT Girl Reserves, President, Viet-V Forest Forum, 'freasurei' Girls' Public Speaking Club All-City Cllorus GEORGIA S'1'1aNG1eR l7r1l'wli'J', 1934 2-B, 4-B Class, Secretary 2-A Class, President Girl Reserves, Viee-President Orchestra Library Council Little Theater Tennis Team BIRQVERLY lVlORGAN Girl Reserves Little Theater Y l'resitleni F g, .4 rf yt ,XV , X X M.x1.Zlr1c5L11R X, A Lili-ls' Public Spcnking Club 7 l.c Cerclc l'iI'.lHC.llS l nm NK Liam' lfllmxvnxim BROM lalflm Standard Dululing Snqiciy C1o1,mr5 FRAN ix Auclitorcs fl.IL'X.ll'lS, Yiuufllix-xiilcxil, Scrgcgml- atAArmw lligll SCl1ul.u'xl1ip Cilub, 'l'1'i'.1xlll'u1' 2-,X Class, Scu'cl.1ry All-RI-.IJ CAI l.AllAN liorcst Forum lfx flu Stall' DONNHQ MAY lVlCl,ONALl'J Girls' Public Spanking Club 2 S , x Louis CHANEY Ciluc Club Lirrlu Tllcntcr ORA MA11 PU'rNM1 Girls' Public Speaking Club Girl Rcscrvcv Room: Moom-. 2f1X, 5-B Class, SUl'gC.lI1lnll Arms YA Class, President 4-li Clim, Vice-l'ruiilcm Scnim' Hi-Y, Vicc-Prcxiilum liuruwt Forum, l'rcxiilcm l,ibr.1l'y Council Alltllllll'CS Caf:snl'is Pif.1zc,i'l',x SADDUQR ff, I X A x la! Y. X X j K .1 'WV Wx RUBY LYLIQS Girl Reserves IXNGELINIZ LANKFORIJ MAE ACKERMAN Auditores Caesaris Girl Reserves Library Council 5-A Class, Vice-President DENMAN WINSOR Library Council Forest Forum Forrsfefr, 1954 ARTHUR MINSKY Baseball, '31, '32, '33 Basketball, ,31 Track, ,51 W'ater Boy All-City Business Manager Aelta Historical Society Coin Club Efbo Staff F0r'rxlr'r', 1934 Senior Hi-Y, Vice-President EVIQLYN NELSON MARY DAUGHERTY' Girl Reserves NEIEI. FISHER Crack Company Standard Debating Society Ifvlw Staff HAZEL JEAN BERRY Girls' Public Speaking Club EVELYN MONFOIXD 1-B Class, President 2-B Class, President High Scholarship Club, Secretary Auditores Caesaris Glee Club, Accompanist Girls, Chorus, Accompanist Class Historian XJ 6 , ,df L7 Ck wr., ,V -.-,V V, ,A ,, . ,- LTJQW ,34 Class THOSE NOT HAV NG IE' f X-,ffl if K Benat, Ctto P Berg, George 'RQ X A Cohen, Charley Cortez, Raymond gtk, X Elmore, Dudley W gl ' Evans, Harold Fausett, Bill X Harkness, Travis Levit, Sidney McCutchen, Shelton McDowell, A. Perry, Leon Portman, Arnold Potter, Miller Pruitt, Albert Ray, Mozelle Replin, Henry Schepps, Hyman Sallee, Carroll Shramek, Frank Smith, Leon Smith, Philip Spiritas, Joe PICTURES Steer, Richard Tsukahara, Woodrow Tullis, Philip Tiner, Milton Walters, J. B. Baird, Lorene Burton, Mary Chapman, Olleen Flagg, Nora Belle Golden, Margaret f Holland, Frances X Harkey, juanitaz Lievsay, Zelda Redd, Lillie Replin, Freida Replin, Annie Simmons, Mary Ellen Smith, Marion Thomas, Eugenia Thompson, Eloise Trammell, Evelyn 1' Womack, Ruth H A I f 'Q 1 A1 . -PIL, pw-f' ' i Va' .lfkf 4, Bates, Arthur Boone, R. Bray, Joseph Broolxs, llohn E. Bishop, -lack Bush, Herschel Calhoun, Curtis Canada, Clifton Carter, Giles Coffman, Morgan Cole, Monroe Crenshaw, W'illiam Crosson, Thomas Darwin, Glen Daniel, Everett Davis, Hilton Fisher, joe Fortune, joseph Green, Prank Glaze, Leon vu- --.W-v .f J ta J. January ,35 Class THOSE NOT HAVING PICTURES Kendall, Raymond Klaczak, Frank Lambert, Seymour Lillard, Oliver Logan, Ralph McCracken, Eldon Moncricf, joe Mountz, Harry Munzesheimer Law Peacock, Leslie Richards, Everett Robison, John Scoggin, Phillip Terranella, Philip Tully, Tom Welch, Frank White, Henry Wolford, Melvin Bronstein, Natalie Bryant, Dorothy FLD L Freiley, Geneva Golden, Inez Hatter, Lorene Hubbard, Roxie Harris, Lena Israel, Pearl Knight, Ozelle Lee, Janie Peeler, Virginia Rolnick, Sylvia Saxton, Mildred Strange, Ruth Thornell, Naomi Tolley, Juanita Varner, Ellen Wilson, Edith Wilson, Kathryn Wilson, Lenora Zileh, Betty , ,go ., - K- X -Z f.:g.r:?wNwL b So This ls High School! So this is high school! We are an extremely wise and worldly group of Freshmen. We are not so gullible as to buy elevator tickets and lunch permits-but, oh, the tremors at receiving a slip from the oflice and the sprinting for fear of being tardy to class. We attend class meetings religiously with Frances Wright and Josephine Hemphill presiding, with the aid of Miss Ruth Christopher and Mr. C. V. Goodman, who seem to have a solution for all our problems. After a more or less breathless year, we feel that we have earned the right to settle down a bit and to be called Sophomores, sophisticated or otherwise. Proud! I should say! We even look down on the Seniors. And Gusta Snyder and Josephine Hemphill are the proudest of us all, for they are chosen to be presidents of this promising class, sponsored by the very capable Miss Fletcher Ryan Wickham. In our Junior year fwhich follows as a matter of coursej we take on a more amiable air toward the under classmen, for we suddenly become fully aware of the presence of that envied group known as the Senior Class. Nancy Kincaid and Eldon McBrayer serve as presidents, with Miss Annie Gem Felder and Miss Margaret Brewer as sponsors. And Glory Be!--a Junior Prom, the first dance given by our class. Best of all-it was a "colossal', success! At last, we come into our own-we are the Senior Class. With practically no assist- ance whatsoever from the faculty, we take over the management of the entire school and everything pertaining to it. William Crook and Joe Piranio as presidents lend dignity. Miss Minnie Brown as faculty advisor does her part and more. The crowning events of this all-glorious year are Senior Day, the Senior Play, and the Senior Dance. Oh, yes-and Commencement! Above all things, commencement! With its speakers, caps and gowns, and Cif we're luckyj diplomas! How time flies! It seems only yesterday that--"So this is high school!" January Class History "I can't find my lockerf' "Where is the lunch room?" 'II bought an elevator tickct, but I can't find the elevator." These are a few of the many remarks made by the incoming freshmen in January, 1931. What young, innocent creatures we were. We really took our class meetings seriously. Evelyn Monford was elected president, and Miss Ruth Christopher, sponsor for our 1B term. So that we might become better acquainted with each other, we had a theater party at the Majestic. When we were 1A,s, Irene Stockbridge was elected as our president, and Miss Christopher again acted as sponsor. By the time we became Sophomores, our attendance at class meetings began to decrease. During our 2B term we formed the Congress of Forest under the direction of Miss Fletcher Ryan Wickham. Our presiding oiiicers for this term were Evelyn Monford and Lester Savage. We decided that the United States Senators and Representatives could run the country without our help, so we had regular class meeting again in our 2A term. Caryl Kahn was elected president and Miss Phonsie Cambell, sponsor. When we became Juniors, Georgia Stenger was elected president, and Mrs. Tura W. Dial and Miss Willie May Berry, sponsors. One morning we got up bright and early and went on a sunrise breakfast. Roger Moore was elected president of our 3A class, with Miss Alice Harrington, sponsor. December 9, 1933, we gave a Junior Prom. Don Lester's orchestra furnished the music. We are now 4B Seniors, with Henry Burkley as president and Miss Loula Elder as sponsor. We are progressing through our last year in school with many plans for the future. EVELYN MONFORD. FRN fxi lxj 3 N X X f ,N -T X 1 :,, IZ l W 1 g firm 11 .Kuhn , if J 'fu f V i -N lil? 1 Q 7 f' , -:IH fn I X "' .11 52 Q' " i , f 5 qu NN , -1.3 4 HZ Q 'Nj 'tag 4 L' fnuwli 1 nm -f 'lj ' JSI ?S '--,2Hw!i!f"'? I ,,'FS . -1 1 .1 .4 nv' xx? V5 1: 4 go -Qi we n n .4 f - A fs .4 . ILM F :Hry- , - s -f, .- v M fl. ,wi 6532. ' +-in 7 W H I3 y'u'f: "'- 6 q Ld T ,Lf v,,m,,4-m,xxm-w hvfpfm - - - ALMA MATER Forest High! Forest High! We honor you. Fling it high! Fling it high! Your banner true. Clean and White! Clean and white! We'll keep it, too. Green and white! Green and white! Wehonoryou. J U N I Q I2 S SGP!-IOMCDRES PRES!-IMEIXI OTTO LIGHT 6111, Pl'6'SftI'l'lIf K Prr'sia'c'nf 0 'uh June '35 Class' COMMITTEES Program Sofia! Frances Hiegel Gladys Michnelson Oscar Huller Schuyler Hooker Burt Aslmer Mary Grace Dunn Erwin Wnldinan 3, January ,36 Class ,K CoMA111"iEEs Program A vial f Sol Kaplan Doyethy Wfeber David Israel Dorothy Novich Lois Hui reys N Lonis ian LN , I I lfiuau Wl41A'fHEQRS XD ROTHY WEBER Prasidwzf W in'-Prvxiifrzzf BIITTIE LEE JONES Si'4'rc'far'y M 1' 111 bl' rxbijz Clarice Minsky Geraldine XVatkins NV. M. Stringfellow All'IlIl7f.'l'SbiII Billy Harlan Frances Carp Paul Cooper DOROTHY Noviciu Svrrvfury sqm-1 i ' Bum Adams, Rowland Apple, Clyde Apple, Paul Atchley, Earnest Bain, Orrin Baldwin, Howard Barrett, Sydney Bopp, Milton Brin, Seldon Brooks, Lawrence Burgower, joseph Burnett, Arnold Berryman, Leon Campbell, Leon Connally, Charles Cooper, jack Cooper, Sam Crane, G. H. Dinovo, Sam Duckworth, Leonard Duke, jack Erickson, Donald Finueane, john Floyd, Whilter Geeteh, Samuel Gross, V'illiam Grubbs, Graham Graham, Braden Haller, Oscar Henry, Eddie Hofus, Frank Hooker, Schuyler jackson, Bill johnson, Clarence jones, Thomas Keller, joseph Kelly, Earl Knott, Kenneth ' shy ' ' A 7 ' W-' 1 f 5 vuv. , - X M X f ' ' WA CLASS ew, Lee. Frank Levenc, Nathan Light, Otto Livings, George McClure, jack McLeod, Douglas McM.isters, Paul Mani-mn, joe Marshal, Paul Moore, jeff Morris, Edward Murphy, Pink Nance, joseph Nathanson, David Parma. Miroslav Pearson, William Peterman, George Rabinowitz, Darwyn Redd, ,lack Reid, Robert Replin. Morris Robinson, Tom Schellenberg, And rew Schepps, .lulius Schlosberg, Myron Schubert, Herbert Stephenson, Thomas Stover, Milton Stringfellow, W. M. Swarthout, Andrew Swift, F. B. Thomason, Robert Topletz, Harold Utay, Harold Vann, George E. Vasek, George Von Tress, Robert Waldman, Erwin W'attson, Felton W'einberg, Rudy W'heeler, Clarence W'hitfield, Emry Wise, Herbert Woolf, Martin Wright, Arthur Girls Abbott, Reba jane Abrams, Myra Anderson, Dorothy Ashner, Burt Aucoin, Rose Barrow, Maxine Baumgardner, Pearl Beck, Frances Bevacqua, josephine Blackstone, Tommy Lou Bonnet, Virginia Boyd, juanita Boyles, Billie Frances Brunson, Mary Bruton, Mary Virginia Buckalew, La Vonne Buie, Frances Chaney, Lois Crouch, joyce Crow, Velma Coleman, Lena Dagnal, Dorothy Dasch, Lois joe Davis, Geraldine Dease, Monte De Bardeleben, Ella Lee Dunn, Mary Grace Elam, Iithia Elmore, Eugenia Emmett, Doris Enix, Zula Farnsworth, Lillian Faulhaber, Elsie Fehmel, Christine Ferrel, Lorene Ferrel, Louise Filipec, Helen Fisher, Lorene . Gaches, juanita Gaddis, Wilmerth ' Gilmore, Mildred Givens, Geraldine Goodman, Dorothy Gordon, Sylvia Hand, Emma Louise Harris, Gwendolyn Hechtman, Esther Hiegal, Frances Minsky, Clarice Moler, Ella Dee Morgan, Ruby Mize, Katie Nelson, Kathryn Newton, Marjorie Ornish, Harriet Paroski, Mary Preuss, Viola Pulis, Marie Reef, Grace Reeves, W'ilma Reynolds, W'innie Roberson, Inez Rosenberg, Becca Ruskin, Edythe Rea, Dixie Hodde, Frances 1 , Safflr, Gladys Hodges- MUY Saunders, Evelyn Hoenig, Frances SC ulgz, Elda Hubig, MUD' nks, jean Huddleston, Fayf' johnson, juanita johnson, Margaret jones, Bettie Lee johnson, Mary Sue jones, Iva Mae Kimbell, Alethea Kimbrough, juanita Kirschner, Helen Kuhnell, Bertha Lawrence, Anna Levine, Mae Lykes, Helen Lou McCutcheon, Blanche McDonald, Donnie Manning, juanita Metzger, Cecelia Michaelson, Gladys Millican, Margaret 4 'l Smiley, Norma Smith, Clara Stone, Dorothy Strehorn, Doris Vann, Eva Lee Voss, Dorothy Ward, Dorothy Nel Webb, Geraldine Vfasserman, Roslyn XV.ukins, Geraldine W'eitzman, Violet Wilson, Ruby Wolgang, Grave Wfoodall, juanita W'right, Clarice Wyll, Sarah Wyly, Pauline Yockstick, Doris Boyi Ables, D, Adams, Raymond Arons, Wallace Ayniond, Eddie Babb, VV. C. Barnes, Lewis Boatman, Jesse Brice, DeLaine Brick, Donald Brown, Basil Bell, Trigg Blumenthal, Edwin Calhoun, Clem Clarke, Jesse Cooper, Paul Crouch, John David, Stanley Estes, Randolf Freid, Sydney Fuller, J. W. Garson, Robert Genthner, Glenn Golman, Philip Gray, Jay Olin Harlan, Billy Harris, Arthur Hayes, Durwood Hamilton, Urban 111-B CLASS Israel, David Julian, Tom Kaplan, Sol Kaufman, Harold Lasater, Allan Leggett, Harry Levine, Leon Lichtenstein, Abe Loos, Donald McCarty, Morris McQueen, Willis Mabry, George Ma11cf,R.iv1. N' Moore, Eugene Neniec, George Price, Fred Pappas, Joseph Ravkind, Dave Redlinger, Clifton Scoggin, Morris Scoggin, Norris Tobian, Louis Townsen, Monty Wattner, Woodrow XVeathers, Fred NX'einberg, Albert Whitley, Robert Wfinsor, James W'right,John -B non, Kathryy Girls Abramson, Florence Allen, Jean Anton, Mary Balser, Sylvia Barnes, Mary Boyd, Elice Broyles, Mildred Bryant, Marguerite Bryant, Violet arp, rances BA! Cates, Wanda Cheney, Mary Alice Christensen, Minnie Clique, Virginia Cobler, Ester Cole, Ruth Coleman, Juana Cook, Mary Lee Colley, Mildred Corbett, Marguerite Cummings, Frances Collins, Geraldine Dance, Margaret Dempsey, Joyce Dunfield, Loreda Dyer, Doris Engel, Ruth Finneburgh, Goldie Fox, Evelyn Frey, Elizabeth Furlow, Dorothy Fugate, Captola Gilliland, Nannie Lee Hardwick, Jewell Harris, Jessie Hiett, Ruby Hooks, Frances u hreys, Lois Io nson, Katherine Jones, Mary Kessler, Miriam Knight, Louise Kehely, Sammie Knight, Joyce Lair, Dorothy Loftis, Claudia McCowell, Fay McKenzie, Helen McMullen, Vera Marshall, Elizabeth Massengill, Margaret Mayes, Ida Mosesman, Pauline Mundell, Margaret Munroe, Addie Murral, Catherine Novich, Dorothy Peters, Marvalene Petty, Maurice , Plumlee, Martha Portman, Ruth Pritchett, Letcher Pierce, Ruth Pulliam, Thelma Roberts, Violet Savage, Verna Sawyer, Sarah Schlinger, Regina Shumate, Doris Smith, Edna Sorenson, Frances Spitler, Margaret Thompson, Mary Belle Townsend, Helms Tresp, Juanita Turner, Miriam Wfaggoner, Sylvia XVeaver, Mary Rose Weber, Dorothy Williams, Marion Wfitebsky, Evelyn Wfright, Pauline Watts, Hazel Wfhitby, Ruby Zumwalt, Maevi l Boy: Ables, Robert Abrams, Henry Allen, Fred Anderson, Foy Atherton, Henry Avnet, Leon Barshop, Milton Billingsly, Eugene Boedeker, Wilsoii Boyd, Donald Brannon, Ben Browning, Robert Bullman, Abe Bush, Harry Bryant, Winston Britt, Clarence Canada, John Candiotta, Theodore Casey, Robert Cassell, George Clark, Frederick Cogburn, L. M. Cohen, Abe Cole, Hardie Collins, Charles Crosson, Charles Curry, Jack Darwin, Parker Dansby, Sam Daugherty, jean Davis, Woodrow Dawson, Sidney Denney, Howard Drake, Robert Durham, Morgan Eatmon, William 11-A CLASS Fenerbacher, G. A. Finkelstein, Paul Foster, Dean Friedberg, Sol Garten, Fred Gieseke, Fred Glass, Lee Dudley Goldsobel, Isadore Goss, Wilson Grissafli, William Gross, Ben Hamilton, jack Haney, Ernest Harper, Charles Harris, Norman Hart, Rowe Henderson, Floyd Henry, Gene Hensley, Evert Hiegel, Howard Huebler, Paul Hunter, Bruce Hatter, Leon Jackson, Guy Jaffe, Irwin jones, Paul Johnston, Alfred Kaim, Irwin Kaplan, Ted King, Louis Knight, Disler Low, Arthur Lee, Curtis Legg, Corbett Levit, Marvin Levy, Reuben Lievsay, Marvin Looney, W'ilfrcd Loyd, Talrnadge Lund, Howard Martin, C. L. Matthews, jesse Miller, Henry Miller, Jack Moore, Paul Morgan, Coleman Mosher, William Nail, John Okon, Ben Overton, Page Pasche, Albert Patterson, Eugene Pirozzo, Nicky Prevratil, Ben Read, Robert Reaney, Dave Rieker, Maynard Rogers, Coleman Romine, Charles Rubin, Maurice Russell, J. D. 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Rudnick, Albert Schackman, Harold Sessel, Ralph Steindon, Albert Stephenson, ,lames Teat, gl. VV. Tully, Ted W'illiams, Roscoe Yates, Eugene Zabbia, Carl Girls Amos, Ruth Ashworth, Beatrice Biesel, julia Black, Mary Block, Leone Boyd, Pauline Brooks, Lilly Braun, Elizabeth Brown, kluanita Brown, Mary Bryan, Ruth Bryant, Florine Bryant, Mary Ellen Burns, Ethelene Brenner, Vivian Callahan, Una Margaret Casey, Mary Cassata, Margaret Cherry, Lois Cicero, Meria Clarke, Dorothy Cobbel, Edith Coffman, Emagene Coffman, Tempe Cole, Elizabeth Cook, Bertha Cornett, Gene Cullum, Ruth Deal, Charlene Fife, Mariam Fletcher, Erin Fooshee, Helen Gersman, Marian Goodfriend, ,leanette Gouger, Catherine Gracy, Mildred Graham, Cleo Hagewood, Mary Hamilton, Anna Hart, Leona Hilley, Margaret Hinekley, Virginia Hope, Yetta Mae jones, Mary King, Lois Knotts, Margaret Kurlan, Edith Lake, Evangeline Landsberg, Lena Lane, Kathryn Lankford, Frances Lindsey, Mina Lovelady, Carrie Lynch, Margaret McGregor, Audrey Maddux, Mabel Mansfield, Maxine Marshall, janell Michaelson, jane Mullings, Mareille Malone. lfvellene Nall, Alice Nielson, Corinne Nudleinan, Edith Odom. Marguerite Pederson, jane Pierce, Stella Potter, Mildred Rambo, Mattie Ruth Rand, Adelaide Reeves, Katherine Robbins, Verna Rudnitzky, Ethel Sanders. Merle Scripture, Mildred Sims, Neil Steele, Sulanna Sultis, Mary Swain, Janet Sobel, Helen Shipley, Mae Pearl Tilley, Marie Uberman, Mary Nvaggoner, May W'atson, Ruby Weinberg, Goldine Welsh, Lillian Whitney, Elizabeth W'igbels. Mildred W'illianis, Doris W'illiams, Dorothy Woodside, -losephine Boys Ablon, Arnold Achilles, Chester Aronofsky, David Adams, Jimmy Ballas, Jack Barrett, Ned Bates, Jimmy Bernstein, David Berry, Sherley Broadnax, Harry Buachanan, Wayne Burgess, Clyde Berguson, Sidney Burns, Floyd Canada, Wilson Cart, Robert Cates, Joe Chamblee, James Chatten, Tommie Connor, Robert Conway, John Cook, Bert Crim, J. J. Collins, Vernon Clasbey, Sam Calhoun, Jesse Darwin, Chester Danner, Sam Dawson, Fawnes DeLee, Scott England, Conley Farmer, Joe E. Fergusson, Charles Finley, W. L. 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Swaying or crashing in the deepening gloom, Tangled in the mass of a tree, Its voice was the voice of doom, The wind was its destiny. So Fate prompts the plan of life, Swinging or lulling in easy sway, Reverberant in each indrawn breath, Courageously struggling in eternal strife, Life journeys its mystic way, Resting only at the blast of Death. J UANITA Taesr. Stone, Gladys Terry, Lorene Thompson, Mary Thurman, Margaret Tiller, Frances Turner, Vivian Tuttle, Johnnie Utay, Celia Warnick, Margaret Wasserman, Evelyn Watts, Olene Wilensky, Pauline Willson, Mary Zesmer, Josephine Stevens, Lillian Streicher, Freida Strickland, Doris Stroheker, Carolyn Tempel, Vallora Timberlake, Louise Totten, Dorothy Tiydeman, Margie Ueckert, Elaine Walden, Pauline Walters, Christine Walters, Rhelda Weaver, Willie W'einkrantz, Dorothy W'heeler, Imogene Whitaker, Frances Whitfield, Helen Williamson, Jewel Wilson, Donabelle Wilson, Kathryn Wolfe, Betty Wolgang, Birdie SONNET Sometimes in spring I love to feel the breeze Blow in my face and ruffle up my hairg I love the scent of freedom in the airg I feel the outward push of growing leaves, That sprout beneath Heavenis gray and golden sieve All living things receive the call to dare, To grow, to live, to throw aside all care. In spring with joyous heart my dreams I weave. In spring the call to happiness is heard With every note sung by the mocking bird. Adventure dazzles the close student's eyesg I reach for it and in my grasp it diesg For freedom's song lasts but a little while: Eternal joy is found in Duty's smile. Do1toTHY Novicn. MUSEUM I stood before Indian aft Laid nicely in a case, The arrowheads were placed apart, And there were stones for grinding maize The squaws of long ago did that, So we who asked the guide were told. They ground the corn and sat and sat, And talked and ground till they were old Years after they are gone and dead I stand before their bones. "Poor thingsf' I say and shake my head, "They had to grind all day with stones.' Perhaps a woman like myself fYears after my last step is madej Will stand before a cottoned shelf Wliereon a deck of cards is laid. "It was the woman's jobf' they'll say. "Bridge they called the game, They sat and played it all the day, And talked and played till old age came. Pity will come to the woman's eye. Yet she too will have her woes. "Poor things," she'll say and safely sigh, 'lThey had to play all day with those." DOROTHY NovIcH. 9 v J0'1I!lWWWU " munmz ?JfWHf , ' f ' IL -mb PW ,L J l l v w mriggg-2. mln: ' " w R 'XC--udfsx 1 X j,r may 1? 4- -4' bY !lfhk 15 i ,. '1" 'al LK , j, N, 1H , Af -3 I ' 'f ,. gf.: M wN i 'l' '1" - f l li.'VI1f 'iifq ""mf.i'Lf'Mr' 5. m y , W ffwf MT Man ' J M W 4 ' fwnflff-H N NN 4' 1fJf E E'-.. X M ' ' , 'g,W f V J , J ' l 1ek1MN'T W1l,1nl M N!! N l' Nnrwfiwn Ulf' IH" Y 'L-.i,Q'L lf,'Wf 'V ' 150 HF Ib ' l f ' fi ' N245 rg ,Lg M ' u x V XX I 1 limf g g f I f V x 1 1 ll 1 fl 1111 153 f I g ll ll f Ei XX I ly I f I lf! ' If flfflyfflffff W :ff fff wg lr ff v af W I I IS W V VFEA if sly llllgflffgf I. TUIQES Q 1 I Elf V Af' AI xy V V 9 M W 1 V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V I JOE PIRANIO Most Popular Boy Y, ., W l M if JOSEPHINE HEMPHILL Most Popular Girl If uf JV' ' FAVCDIQITES CQYXYNNI CL!ll'l'lS Al XVII nm ANIH-.RSON luis IJAVIS -IALK Tonol.oWsm CilNlORll KIINUWQRIH Lulu NI Bmkn National Honor Society MISS RAlilll'l. M. Fooili, SflUl1X0l' OFFICERS Pwsiilrzzz' , . . ......... En Gifxsi Vin'-l'i'r'.vif1'e11l . . Jack T'0BOl,OXX'5KX Sn'rvlriijy-Ti'm1x11141 ..... HANNAII Sciiwma F7 MEMBERS Baechtel, Ada Kathryn Baron, Milton Brin, Harrise Brin, Royal Bock, Ida Conner, Ruth Craver, Sadie B. Davis, Lois Frank, Hubert Gilbert, Reba Glass, Ed Gold, Ami Good, Dorothy Harris, Ted Hemphill, Josephine Kahn, Caryl Kahn, Frederick Klein, Margaret Lacy, W. Maples, Marion Meyer, Fannie O'l5laherty, Mary Margaret Ploeger, Lucille Schwartz, Hannah Tims, Helen Tobolowsky, Jack Wfyll, Abe -l-ZXGS Week On Nevember 1, 1931, Wylie A. Parker, our own principal, drew up a resolution to the effect that a week be set aside in which we might give due recognition to the glorious history of our state. This immediately niet with the approval of the State Teachers' Convention and soon after- wards was officially adopted by the State Legislature. Forest Avenue High School has been the center of this new move- ment. The Texas Library, which was begun, now has more than 500 volumes. In commemoration of Texas heroes, trees have been planted on the campus. During this week noted Texans have addressed the Forest student body and have impressed more strongly upon us the greatness of our state. Paintings of Texas heroes and battlefields, and murals repre- senting the development of the cotton industry and of the oil industry, have been placed upon the walls of the school. The latter are the work of Otis Dozier, a recognized Dallas artist and a former student of Forest. Thus, we find the name of Forest Avenue High School closely inter- woven with the history of "Texas Weekf, With Mr. Parker to show us the way, the students and faculty of Forest are ardent supporters of "Texas Week." During the third observance of Texas Week in our school, the follow- ing programs were given in the assemblies from February 26 through March 2: Texas Week was appropriately begun Monday, February 26, with the address of Dr. Justin Kimball, Vice-President of Baylor University, on "The Life of Sam Houston." He told of those incidents of this Texas herols life which established him in Texas history and Texas hearts. The orchestra, directed by Miss Louise Wilcox, played a "Medley of Southern Airs." Lois Davis, in behalf of H. B. Yates' history classes, presented a facsimile of the bill authorizing Texas week. Gusta Snyder presented "The Raven" by Marquis, in behalf of the Aelta Historical Society. Mrs. Gahagan, of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, presented the authentic map of Texas, and also introduced C. D. Pruitt, originator of the map, and C. M. Burnett, distributor of the map. The Aelta Historical Society was in charge of the program, with Margaret Klein, the president, giving the introductory speech, and William Sehnert acting as master of ceremonies. The second assembly was sponsored by the Forest Forum, with Roger Moore, the president, as master of ceremonies. The speaker for the day, the Honorable Marion S. Church, reviewed the spirit of Texas: "Victory or Death!" Dorothy Good presented two books, "Texas,' and "The Lone Star State," on behalf of Mr. Parker, to the Texas library. Kathryn Douthit, a member of the club, gave Governor Neff's oration on "Friendship," The program was concluded after the students sang "Texas, Our Texas." The program for February 28 was under the auspices of the Library Council, John Finucane acting as master of ceremonies. Mrs. Mamie Wynne Cox, former president of the Texas Woman's Press Association, gave an illustrated lecture on the "Romance of the Texas Flags." Paul Cooper read the presentation of books that have been made to the Texas Library. Bob jackson, accompanied by Carolyn Stroheker, sang "Rounded Up in Gloryf' Kathryn Douthit presented a book, and Billy Sehnert presented two loving cups won by the Senior Hi-Y. The music department and physical education classes were in charge of the program on Thursday, March 1. The first number consisted of a Waltz Tap to the tune of "Home on the Range" and a Soft Shoe Tap to the tune of "The Eyes of Texasn given by the girls of the gymnasium classes. The school then sang the "Last Round-Up" and "Cowboy's Stampede Song." Lois Pritchett, accompanied by Carolyn Stroheker, sang "Have You Even Been to Texas in the Spring?', Hazel and L. C. Redus played "Kolowah March" and "Beautiful Girl" on the banjo and the steel guitar. The Girls' Chorus, directed by Miss Wilcox, sang "Texas, Pride of the South." The student-body then sang "Joe the Wrangler," "I'm Coming Back To You, My Texas,', "The Eyes of Texas," and "Texas, Our Texasf, which concluded the program. The public speaking department, under the direction of Miss Helen Fern Black, presented a tableau "Texas Heroes," which concluded the Texas Week assemblies. Texas heroes represented were "To the Death," William Sehnertg "Washington-Brazos," julian Meyer, and "George Childressf, Roger Moore. Georgia Stenger read Travis, letter from the Alamo to the Texans and Americans, and Frances Mallison read the Texas Declaration of Independence, which was signed while Henry Burkley, A. McDowell, Melvin Wolford, and Jesse Matthews played "The Eyes of Texas" on the harmonica and the guitar. Thus ended the third celebration of Texas Week in Forest Avenue High School. We are glad that our principal and our teachers are inter- ested in Texas Week, and we shall look forward to the celebration of Texas Week next year and to the centennial year of 193 6. Although Texas Week has ended, we shall still think of the beauty and grandeur of our stare, the "Land where bluebonnets brave a Texas spring, And dogwood, White and fragrant, has its wayf, HERE AND THERE 1771 X 1 f 'i Qi'- ,Q 'H' ' A A X .S , xi: Qgxixxxxmxxl 1 "U,fW9g.! X Q Y g4'Q JAwl y 1 I 16,21 In I -1 xv iw W V f f 5 If jp, X T W A - gh 4 J' A " ff V" UI fv uw' 'figil ' ,f , 0 X I fl jg ' Q15 ig, ly I ff Z 5, is-xg -. ,U , 2 I fig '. '4xr Z4 I X Rf? w.,f7iAX XXXNMIQ I -A f7 4 ny f 3'S+ 5E21:Lg.:1f Q 4 ' fM'3 'f:xfiXA'f 3 j 3, NVE ,? 4,.f ' H ' i i W NWQER g ,fp yr! J 9 72 S X '1 V5 A fini'--'Ei , wh HI ri " l , 'Il' gy ,if I 'I "" li- fl - B k. " lf' ' "-f ' 4 tg f I V' lfyl ll'jMlO7lI.H -G. xv c V V V W B. I. ff A TIN! E V V W V V V V V V V X V V V VAC :Tu sk, W V V' V A X lil-IMPHILL DAvIs C V J I T R G IMS l.l',lN Forester Steiff Sponsors H. B. YATES MARY SMITH CLARK Editor JOSEPHINE HEMPHILL Lilerary Edifors HELEN TIMS MARGARET KLEIN BIlSi1IC'SS Manager LOIS DAVIS Aclwrfising Managers REBA GILBERT DOROTHY GOOD 5 YY ,Q ff wt LIN I I Forester Staff STAFF ASSISTANTS Humor DENMAN WINSOIK Calrfmfar GUSTA SNYDER LOUIS NIcHOI.s Afblcfics ELLIOTT PHARES IJONALD CASLQ Ojffrc' GEORGIA STE NOIQR Snap Slwfs GWYNNE CURTIS Orgu11izafi011s FA N Nlli CERP1-LR FANNIE MEYER SI'Ilf0l' S1'l'fi0lZ JUL PIRANIO HI-.NRY BURKLEY lllllilll' Er1'ifo1' IJORUTH Y NOVICH BUSINESS ASSISTANTS HF1RSCHlil. FUTQH SIDNEY LEVIT SARAH SIEGEL EVALYN KABCIN1iI.I. MABIZI. HARRIS JACK TOBOLOWSKY AAIRON GORDON AIKTH UR MINSKH' Q L T! litfiforx . . . . Axsfwiufi' Ifffiforx flxxisfaul Iizfilorx Ni' ll 'x . . . l"1'a'sf2111f111 llt'fi1iffl'.S' . Isifzrarvy . . . . E Yt'Z7lII1gl'N . Milifzll'-3' . . l'.l'tIlLIIl'l'X . CTUIIIIIIIITXAN . . Sjwrlx . . Iic'jmrfi'1'x Svnzjn Book . T-yjnisl . . fj!'tQt!lliLLlfi0l1.K' . B1lXilll'XX Nlullaiqerx . flXXfXftllIf NTllIltlgl'l'X . Cirmllaliozz NILllllltQl'l' . Ji' Forest Echo Miss Eroisi, DURHAM, Sllmmnr EDITORIAL STAFF lfrfiforial Shzff ix s1'aff'tl U11 flu' fron! mu' Victor Ballas, Fannie Meyer, Annie Replin . . . Ruth Conner, Lloyd George, Mabel Harris . . Bill Fausett, Mary Hubbard, Eugenia Thomas . Olleen Chapman, Frances Davis, Frank Shramek Gusta Snyder, Richard Steer, Frances Wnird . Neal Ferrell, Eloise O'Brien . . . . . . . Pierce Nairn Eldon McBrayer, Ruth Wtvmack Leroy Alexander, T. Wcirley' T . Havel Lee Cogburn, Mildred Lewis, Elsie Lorenz, Leah S. Novin . . Fannie Fay Fisher, julian Meyer, Leon Perry, Margaret Summers, Ralph Yonack . . . George Berg, Tom Tully . joseph Bray, Harold Evans, Neil Fisher, Forest Haralson, Harmon Jacobs, Lawrence Munzesheinier, Hope Starhakos . . . . . . . . Eloise Thompson, Evelyn Trammel BUSINESS STAFF . . . . . . Marion Smith . Journalism 1 Students . . John Kennedy, Abe Wyll . Austin Hollywood, Fred Kallus . . . . . Arthur Minsky WJ ljf ,J ' l I I 1 J B 5 . Xl JXZSYSIZQ Salesmanship Club f W. H. Bun.:-.1i, SPUIISOI' Prvxiff4'11f . . Vive-Pz'vsidz'111' SL'f'1'I'ft11'J' . Alexander, Leroy Berg, George Bray, Joseph Brocker, Helen Calhoun, Curtis Cerper, Fannie Cruse, Mildred Doekery, Anna Vivian Ehney, Ward Elmore, Eugenia Fausett, Bill Green, Rosalie Gooch, E. Gordon, Aaron Hiser, Orbie Holland, Frances Kallus, Fred Latimer, Betty Lewis, Mildred A . Lievsay, Zelda of McDowell, J. A. 'F Wool: ARTHUR ROARK . . GRBIE HISER Meyers, Julian Minsky, Arthur Mitchell, C. Moncrief, Joe Nemec, Charlie O'Brien, Eloise Peeler, Virginia Pirozzo, Sam Ray, Mozelle ,f ' Replin, Frieda X , x ,,', 1 I . f A 'Qfiy ' yf"2Zfr,g,K.7 ' ,,,1 gl," x.i,.,, Home STATHAKOS X' fix V Sfgl U' pywy rv Roark, Wood Arthur Savage, Lester Shramek, Frank Siegel, Sarah Stathakos, Hope Steer, Richard Toholowsky, Jack Tsukahara, Woodrow Yonack, Ralph Womack, Ruth Fall Term BERNIQE RLHSI-INl4'lI'Ql.D WfXI,TER BIQNNI-frT . lVlARY BARBARIA . . KATHRYN DOU'I'llI'f PHILIP BURGowI1R . ESTH1-IR ROSE ANGRIST Angrist Esther Rose Ballard, Earl Bennett, Walter Bernbaum, Lueilc Burgower, Philip Burkley, Henry Callahan, Alfred Cooper, Jack Dent, Margaret Douhit, Kathryn Dunneld, Loreda Forest Forum Miss IJOROTI-IY GERI.At:II, Sponsor OFFICERS . Pl't'SilIl'I1f . . Virc'-Presiifnvll . . Szwrvhzry . . . Treasurer . . Sz'I'gvtmt-af-Arnzx l'arliamf'n1'ariar1 MEMBERS lfinucane, John Gentry, Hoyt Gillilancl,Nz1nnie Lee Hamilton, Urban Israel, Pearl Kessler, Miriam McKenzie, Helen Michealson, Gladys Miller, R. M. Moore, Roger Novich, Dorothy Spring Term . . ROGER MOL7Rlz BIIRNIQE ROSENEIEIII Es'I'IIIiR RosE .ANGRIST . WALTER BENNETT . . EARL BALLARII . PHILIP BURcowIaR Robinson, Louise Rosenfieltl, Bernice Rosien, Pauline Snddlcr, Percita Sehlinger, Regina Scoggins, Morris Vasek, George Von Tress, Robert Weaver, Mary Rose Winsor, Denman Wise, Herbert Grehestra Miss I.ou1s13 WII.COX, Direcfor Adams, Roland Aymond, Eddie Bazman, Ida Mae Blevins, Margaret Brodnax, Harry Broyles, Eugene Carter, Jack Case, Donald Chaney, Lois Curtis, Gwynne Goodfriend, Sam Goren, Mayer Graham, Braden Green, Erwin Gross, Glenn Gross, Williani Hiegel, Howard Huebler, Paul Kimball, Alethea King, Pauline McCaulley, Dorothy Nance, Joseph Pickett, Ethel Replin, Henry Stenger, Georgia Swarthout, Andrew Thorne, Robert Thrower, George I .. . 3.-1. . . , A -,gf ' , Strandarcl Debating Society Miss EDNA ROWE, Sjioumr C. V. GOODMAN, Co-Sponsor OFFICERS Fall Term MILTON BARON FREDERICK KAHN Prvxiflwzl . ALVIN GOCJDSTEIN JACK ToBoLovc'sKY . . . Vice-I'rvsidenf . SELDIN BRIN ERWIN WALIDBIAN . . . Serrcrlary . CLARENCE WHEELER JR. ANDREWSWARTHOUT . . Treasurer . FRED GIESECIKP1 IRVIN JAEEE ....... Sffrgmnf-af-Arms . Aronofsky, David Ablon, Arnold Ballas, Jack Baron, Milton Bernstein, David Brin, Royal Brin, Harris Brin, Selden Bromberg, Edward Chastant, Caude Cook, Bert Carp, Robert DeLee, Scott Freid, Sidney Finkelstein, Donald Finklelstein, Paul Glass, Martin Glasser, Irving Giesecke, Fred Goodman, Jack Goodfriend, Sam Goodstein, Alvin Goren, Mayer Golman, Philip Gordon, Aaron Harris, Arthur Harris, Ted I-Iolt, John Fox Jaffe, Irwin Jacobs, Leslie Kahn, Frederick MEMBERS Kaim, Irvin Kaplan, David Kohen, Samuel Kovsky, Louis Lacy, Paul Levy, Frank Manion, Joe Moses, Bernhard Miller, Jack Minsky, Arthur Nathanson, David Replin, Morris Reid, Robert Reaney, Dave Schackman, Harold I ,. .' W., , M Spring Term TED HARRIS . ALVIN GOODSTEIN RALPH YONACK . . . TED HARRIS ERWIN WALDMAN . . RALPH YONACK IRWIN JAFI-'E . . . . LEoN SMITH CLARENCE WHEELER, JR. .. . GEORGE THROWER Sacks, Jack Sessel, Ralph Sonnentheil, Louis Swarthout, Andrew Smith, Leon Stallcup, Billy Tobian, Louis Thrower, George Tobolowsky, Edwin Tobolowsky, Jack Waldman, Erwin Wheeler, Clarence, Jr. Woodruf, Wayne Yonack, Joseph Yonack, Ralph Fall Term HANNAH SCHWARTZ HELEN TIMs . . . EVELYN MONFORD . GOLDIE FRANK . . TED HARRIS . . HUBERT FRANK . Abramson, Florence Ashner, Burt Baechtel, Ada Kathryn Bloom, Minnie Boles, Louise Buie, Frances Boyd, Juanita Brin, Harrise Cerper, Fannie Cheney, Mary Alice Christie, Vivian Corbett, Marguerite Conner, Ruth Craver, Sadie B. Cassata, Rosa Davis, Lois Flanders, Ida Nar Frank, Goldie Gilbert, Reba Gold, Ami Good, Dorothy High Scholarship Club Miss RACHEL FOOTE, Sponsor OFFICERS . President . . Vice-Prcfsident . . Stfvwtury . . . Treasurer . Sergeavd-at-Arms Parliamenfuriun MEMBERS S firing Term . . HELEN TIMS . . BURT ASHNER DOROTHY NEL WARD . FREDERICK KAHN . . CLYDE APPLE ANDREW SWARTHOUT Gordon, Sylvia Green, Rosalie Harris, Mabel Harris, Gwendolyn Hemphill, Josephine Humphreys, Lois Hunter, Kathryn Israel, Pearl Johnson, Mary Sue Jones, Betty Lee Kahn, Caryl Kimbell, Alethea Kimbrough, Juanita Klar, Lois Klaczak, Lillie Lambert, Dorothy Maples, Marion Metzger, Cecelia Jane Monford, Evelyn Mundell, Margaret Myers, Fannie Nance, Mary Virginia Novich, Dorothy O,Flaherty, Mary Margaret Ploeger, Lucille Roberson, Inez Rolnick, Sylvia Rosenfield, Bernice Schlinger, Regina Schwartz, Hannah Siegel, Sarah Sims, Neil Sorenson, Elsa Sorenson, Frances Spradlin, Vivian Sy, Katherine Thurman, Margaret Ann Tims, Helen Vann, Eva Len Ward, Dorothy Nel Warnick, Margaret Watkins, Geraldine Wyly, Pauline Zileh, Betty Apple, Clyde Baron, Milton Brin, Royal Cooper, Paul Cosnahan, Robert Frank, Hubert Friedman, Herbert Fried, Sidney Gross, Glenn Gross, William Harlan, Billy Harris, Ted Israel, David Kahn, Frederick Kaplan, Sol Livings, George Moore, Roger Schlosberg, Myron Swarthout, Andrew Tobian, Louis Wheeler, Clarence Fall Term C. A. WRIGHT . HUBERT FRANK . WALTER BENNETT WALTER BENNETT Senior Hi Y W. H. BUTLER, Sponsor Prcsirlwzf . . . Vice-Presirlwzf . . Secreiary . Treasurer . MEMBERS 'N S Dx OFFICERS ur . Sjlrizzg Term WILLIAM SEHNERT ARTHUR MINSKY ROBERT CANNON . JACK MCCLURE Bennett, Walter Burkley, Henry Cannon, Robert Cosnahan, Robert Conally, Charles Eyster, William Floyd, Leslie Frank, Hubert Haynes, Edwin Guynes, Ed Martin, C. L. McClure, Jack Minsky, Arthur Mitchell, Robert Moore, Roger Nance, Joseph Sehnert, Billy Swarthout, Andrew Steinberg, Morris Wright, Arthur Wriglit, C. A. Fall Term DAVE REANHY . WILSON Goss . . C. J. WHEELER . . CPIARLES SNYDIZR JOSEPH NANCIIY . Allen, Fred Burnstein, David Boedeeker, Wilson Canada, John Cogburn, L. M. Conally, Charles Curry, Jack DeLee, Scott Gnnus, Earl Goss, Wilsrmxm Junior Hi Y W. H. BUTLER, Sjwnxor OFFICERS . President . . . Vive- Presirlellf . . Sevrefary-Trf'axz1rz'r . Sr'rgc'anf-zz!-Arnzx . Parliamenfarialz MEMBERS Henry, Gene Horton, Frank Jackson, Guy Kastrup, Arnold Nance, Joseph Philips, Durwood Prevrcitil, Ben Reaney, Dave Ricker, Maynard Saddler, Ivan Sharpe, Carlton we . X fm, N , . Y ,- Q . Spring Term . . WILSON Goss . CHARLES SNYDER . . FRED ALLEN . L. M. COGBURN . Dlxvii REANEY Snyder, Charles Stallcup, Billy Swarthout, Andrew Thrower, George Thurmond, Robert Thurmond, Robert Hyle Wheeler, C. J. Wittkower, Louis Wood, James Woodruff, Wayne Fall Term AMI GOLD .... BERTHA KUHNELI. . BERNICE ROSENI-'Kuo PAULINE ROSIEN . DOROTHY Voss . RUDY WEINBERG , Abrams, Myra Balser, Sylvia Block, Leone Cheney, Mary Alice Corbett, Marguerite Douthit, Kathryn Feenberg, Helen Finucane, John Fox, Evelyn Gold, Ami Goren, Mayer Harris, Tillie Le Cercle Francais MRS. MINNIE P. ARDREY', Sponsor OFFICERS . . Prvsia'w1f . . . . Vice-Presidwzl . . . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Sergeant-zz!-Arms . . Parliammfariarz MEMBERS Humphreys, Lois Kahn, Caryl Kessler, Miriam Kimball, Alethea Kirschner, Dorothy Kuhnell, Bertha Lambert, Dorothy Levy, Ruth Marshall, Elizabeth Michaelson, Gladys Michaelson, Jane Mundell, Margaret Nathanson, Miriam Sflriug Term . Biiiwlla KUPINEI.l. . . . CARYL KAHN . REGINA SCHLINGER GLADYS MICHAELSON . . MIRIAM TURNER MARcsARF'r MUNDEI.l, Rosenberg, Becca Cile Rosenlieltl, Bernice Rosien, Pauline Schlinger, Regina Shumate, Doris Sims, Neil Swain, Janet Turner, Miriam Voss, Dorothy Weitzman, Violet Weinberg, Rudy Ziegler, Mae Prc'sidc'nl . Viet'-Pr1'sidc'nf Secrefary . Treasizrrr . Sergtfanf-at-Arnzx Adell, Helen Allen, L. D. Ashner, Burt Bailey, Curtis Ball, Dorothy Boyd, Juanita Braun, Elizabeth Brin, Harris Brin, Harrise Bruestein, Louise Bryant, Violet Burgower, Philip Calhoun, Iola Carp, Robert Chastant, Claude Auditores Caesaris Miss ELIZABETH MILLER, Sjmzzmr Miss ETHEL MAs'rI2Rs, Co-Sjmnsor Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES, Cf!-SIIfllIXOf Cohn, Rosalie Compton, Irwin Cosnahan, Robert Davis, Lois Doyle, Elliott Dunn, Kathryn Dunn, Mary Grace Flanagan, Clarice Flanders, Ida Nar Frank, Goldie Fried, Sidney Friedman, Ruth Gillham, Anna Caroline Glass, Ed Glass, Martin OFFICERS MEMBERS Glasser, Irving CECE LIA JANE METZGER Goodfriend, Samuel Graham, Cleo Hemphill, Josephine Hilley, Margaret Holt, John Fox Hunter, Kathryn Jaffe, Irwin Kabcinell, Evalyn Kahn, Caryl Kohen, Samuel Linn, Doris Looney, Dorothy Metzger, Cecelia J Mosher, William 3116 . GOLIJIE FRANK . . Lois DAVIS IIIA NAR FLANDI-QRS . C. J. WllIiELER Novieh, Dorothy Osborn, Ruth Thrower, George Saunders, Nova Ellene Schlinger, Henry Schwartz, Esther Schwartz, Hannah Sessel, Ralph Shanks, Mary Lee Smith, Patsy Stalleup, Billie Stern, Arthur Ward, Dorothy Nel Wheeler, Clarence Full Term CILARICIZCSIQRSMAN . lVlARGARli'l' KLEIN . LUCILLE P1,O1ic11iR . REBA GILB1iR'1' . ROSA CASSA1'A . DOROTHY GOOD . Anderson, Alwilder Baechtel, Adu Kathryn Bennett, Walter Bloom, Minnie Boles, Marie Brocker, Helen Case, Donald C:1ssatu,Rosn Cogburn, Hazel Lee Eatmon, XVilliam Einhorn, Dorn Erickson, Price K. Aelta Historical Society Miss MINNIE BROXVN, Sponsor OFFICERS . Prvsidenl . . X7il't'-PI'l'Xit!t'!1f . . . Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-af-Arrr1.i . Parliamenfurian . MEMBERS Eyster, William Ferrell, Neal Floyd, Leslie Gersman, Clariee Gilbert, Reba Green, Rosalie Good, Dorothy Harris, Mabel Kabeinell, Evnlyn Klein, Margaret Levin, Sue Mnllison, Frances Spring Term MARGARET KLEIN JACK TOBOLOWSKY FRANCES MALLxsON . . SARAH SIEGEL . . NEAL FERRELL . HELEN TIMS Meyer, Julian Minsky, Arthur Mitchell, Robert Ploeger, Lucille Schnert, Billy Siegel, Sarah Snyder, Gusta Tobolowsky, Jack Tims, Helen Wilson, Bennie Wheeler, C. J. Wright, C. A. pen American Student Forum Miss SARA DAx'ins0N, Sjmusm' OFFICERS Fall 7lt'7'll1 WIl,SON Goss . . . . I'r'r'xiJw1i . FRANCES MALLIsoN . ..... St'!'l'l'ft1VvY . HANNAI'I SXVARTZ I Hmivtwv MAIKY MAIKGARET O,FLAHERTY l ' i 'L ' l?HlI'lP Blflmowbzk . . 'Fl'dIlXfJ0l'Ildfi0I1 FANNIE CIiRv12R . .J MEMBERS Abramson, Florence Ballas, Victor Barzune, Esther Barzune, Sol Bazman, Ida Mae Berg, George Bevacqua, Josephine Bloom, Minnie Blumenthal, Edwin Boedecker, Wilsoii Euoles, Louise Brin, Selden Buie, Frances Cerper, Fannie Chaney, l,ois Cooper, Sam Crouch, Joyce Curry, Jack Daniel, Everett Davis, Frances Einhorn, Dora Fife, Miriam Geeteh, Samuel Gentry, Hoyt Goss, Wilsoii Hand, Emma Louise Kahn, Frederick Kennedy, John Kirkland, Violet Lykes, Helen Mallison, Frances McCaulley, Dorothy McGlasson, Margaret Miltner, John l Spring 1lt'l'l1I . . VYICTOR BAii1.As IMOGENE SHERMAN J FANNIIQ CSERPIQR ' I JACK CJURRY W11,sc1N Goss L FRANc:1ss MAi,1.1soN Molof, Anne Novin, Frances Pace, Obed Rambo, Mattie Ruth Rubin, Maurice Rudnick. Sarah Rudnitsky, Ethel Saunders, Evelyn Sherman, Imogent Spicer, Doris Tobolowsky, Edwin Utziy, Harold Warniclt, Margaret Wzitelslci, Stacy Wfilensky, Pauline Zabhia, Carrie Journalism l Class Miss ELOISE DURHAM, Teafber Ackerman, Mac Ailshie, Louanna Berry, Hazel Bronstein, Natalie Carson, Estelle Dent, Margaret Freiley, Geneva Golden, Inez Hamilton, Mildred Hardin, Dorothy Hubbard, Roxie Lee, Janie McDonald, Donnie M Monford, Evelyn Morgan, Beverly Moxley, Frances Putnam, Ora Mae Robinson, Louise Smith, Clara Stenger, Georgia Mae Thornell, Naomi Tolley, Juanita Wilson, Edith Wilson, Katherine Zabbia, Carrie Zilch, Betty RY Ballard, Earl Burkley, Henry Bush, Herschel Calhoun, Curtis Callahan, Alfred Christensen, Martin Coffman, Morgan Cohn, Harry Crosson, Thomas Floyd, Leslie Green, Frank Kendall, Raymond Klaczak, Frank Lambert, Seymour Lane, Harold McCracken, Eldon Miltner, John Mountz, Harry Peacock, Leslie Phillips, Marshall Spiritas, Joe Steinberg, Morris Sweeton, Joe Terranella, Philip Tsukahara, Theodore Tully, Tom Y K Fall Term LOUIS WITTROWER . HAROLD SCHACKMAN ROBERT CANNON . ESTHER BARZUNE . JACK GOODMAN . Asworth, Beatrice Amos, Ruth Barzune, Esther Boone, R. E. Cannon, Robert Eyster, William Goidl, Nathan Goodman, Jack Gordon, Aaron Herd, Richard Landsberg, Lena Replin, Morris Coin Club W. H. BUTLER, SIIUIISUI' OFFICERS . Prexidenf . . . Vice-Preside111f . . . Sefrrcfary . . . . Treasurer . . SC1'gf?L1'l7f-tlll-A7'11'IS MEMBERS Spring TC'7'll'l . . AARON GORDON HAROLD SCHACKMAN . LENA LANDSBERG . ESTHER BARZUNE . .JACK GOODMAN fff?i1'?f M' Robinson, john Rudnick, Sarah Schackman, Harold Sobel, Helen Tobolowsky, Jack Wittkower, Louis Watelski, Stacy Yonack, Joseph Yonack, Ralph Lambert, Seymour Miller, Jack Raskin, Nathan sg . K i . , , f ,J ,si tx F l lffill 'IVVIAIII VIVIAN CllllIS'I'lli . . KA'1'HRx'N lJOU'l'lII'l' GEORGIA MM. S'r1.NoER AIARIIT 1501.125 , . . NAl7BIITllCJliNliL.I. . AL1c12 K1.lN1t P XZIYIAN SPRAIJLIN l Anderson, Dorothy Andrews, Evelyn Ballard, Agnes Ballard, Mittie Beck, L11Nelle Boles, Marie Boyd, Juanita Broyles, Mildred Carson, Estelle Cobbel, Hilda Cole, Elizabeth Cox, Mildred Christie, Viviun Crouch, Joyce Girl Reserves Miss NJXNNIII D. ANDREXVS, Sjzuuxm Miss BIiR'I'HA JACKSON, Sponsor OFFICERS . . l'rvxiJw1f . . . . Vim'-P1'1'xi:1v11f . . . . . Svrr'r'lar'y . . CflllllfjlRf'f7l'l'SPlIftlfil'C . . . Trmszrrvr . . Ri'jmrtc'rs . MEMBERS Daugherty, Mary Douthit, Kathryn Hambright, Esther Hardin, Dorothy Henderson, Ruth Hicks, Mary Ona Hicgel, Frances Huekabee, Geraldine Kline, Alice Knight, Ozelle Lankford, Angeline Lnnkford, Frances Lee, Eleanor Minsky, Clarice 'if' R tvs", Y -by Q A' if Spring Term ISATIIRYN Douri ni' GIQCHIRGIA MAE S'I'liNGliR . . . MARIE Bones . . . HILDA COBRIEL . NAOLII THoRNi-11.1. IiRANcEs LANR14oRn ' AQ ANGELINE LAN K1-'ORD Nelson, Kathryn Ploeger, Lucille Ragsdnle, Evelyn Roberson, Inez Saunders, Evelyn Sessums, Dorothy Sessums, Marie Shelton, Daphene Spradlin, Vivian Stenger, Georgia Mae Strehorn, Doris Thornell, Naomi Weber, Dorothy Webb, Geraldine Zilch, Betty Las Dos Americas Miss FLETCHER RYAN WIcRiiAM, Sponsor OFFICERS Full Tern: Sjrring Tern! CLARA WEIL ...... . Prvxizfmif . . . CREED PAc:1-. VIC'I'CJll BALLAS ..... MAIKX' MARGAliIi'I' O'FLAHERTY IMOGENE SHERMAN . , . OBED PACE ...... Abramson, Florence Ballas, Victor Barnes, Mary Barzune, Esther Bloom, Minnie Boles, Louise Brown, B. F. Buie, Frances Cerper, Fannie Cummings, Frances Davis, Frances Furlow, Dorothy Gray, Clin Hand, Emma Louise Kirkland, Violet Lawrence, Lois Levit, Marvin McCaulley, Dorothy McGlasson, Margaret . Vin'-P1'r'sidc'l1f . . .Sr'vr'r'far3'. . . Twaszzrcr . Sr'rgr'a11f-at-A rms MEMBERS . EMMA L. HANIJ . MINNIE Broom . ANNE Motor . JOHN M1LTNIili Miltner, John Molof, Anne Moore, Paul Pace, Obed Peacock, Leslie Robinson, Sylvia Schultz, Elda Sherman, Imogene Smiley, Norma Smith, Harold Stevenson, Tom Thompson, Mary Belle Utay, Harold Vann, Eva Lee Ward, Frances Warniek, Margaret Wilson, Ruby Louise Zabbia, Carrie Girls, public: Spealcing Club Full Term FRANCES MALI.ISON . BETTIE LEE JoNEs . DOROTHY NEI. WARD . FANNIE MEYER . . PAULINE WYLY . . . MARY VIRGINIA NIANCE Ables, Arline Aucoin, Rose Berry, Hazel Brunsen, Mary Brooks, Lily Douthit, Kathryn Driscoll, Jane Dunn, Mary Grace Einhorn, Dora Ferrell, Lorene Ferrell, Louise Foster, Mildred Gaches, Juanita Givens, Geraldine Goodman, Dorothy Gordon, Sylvia Griffis, Clara Jean Harris, Gwendolyn Hall, Margie MIRS. TURA W. IJIAI., Sjmfzsur OFFICERS . Presizfwzl . . . Vive-Prc'xirlr'11f . . . . Srwrefary . . . . Treasurer . Sergermf-af-A rms . P!l1'lfL1l7II'lIft1I'il17I MEMBERS Spring Term MARY GRACE DUNN . DoRA EINHORN LORENIQ FERRELL . PAULINE WYLY FRANCES MALLISON . FANNIE MEYER Hardin, Dorothy Hemphill, Josephine Hilley, Margaret Jones, Bettie Lee Kimbrough, Juanita Levin, Mae Marne McDonald, Donnie Mae Mallison, Frances Meyer, Fannie Mullings, Marcille Nance, Mary Virginia Putnam, Ura Mae Replin, Freida Rosenberg, Ann Schultz, Ila Phay Streicher, Freda Ward, Dorothy Nel Wylyr, Pauline Zeigler, Mae Y gj Boys' Home Economics Class 2 Miss Wl1.Ll1Q MA15 BLKRY, Teacher '- Bennett, Wglltcr Burkley, Henry Cohn, Harry Cosnahan, Robert Elmore, Dudley Eyster, William Fisher, Joe Garison, H. R. Hiser, Orbie Kennedy, John Lane, Harold Lillard, Oliver McBrnycr, Eldon McDowell, j. A. Minsky, Arthur Nairn, Pierce Phares, Elliott Pruitt, Albert Replin, Henry Robinson, John Spiritas, Joe Steinberg, Morris Taylor, Theodore Terranella, Philip Tobolowsky, Jack Little Theatre Miss lrIliLIiN FIQIKN BLACK, Slmuxur Fall Tvrnz HAIKIKISE BRIN . Lois KIJAR . . NORMA RAY . . FANNIE CI4lil'l'.li . Abrams, Myra Bennett, Estelle Bennett, Walter Broyles, Mildred Cnndiotta, Theodore Cerper, Fannie Cogburn, Hazel Lee Finucane, John Fox, Helen Friedman, Herbert Gersman, Clarice OFFICERS . P1'z'.vi11z'11l . . Vim'-P1'z'xizl1'11l . . . Svcrrfary . . . Trr'ax11rc'r . MEMBERS Spring Tvrnz , . NQRMA Rn . . FANNHQ CERPIIK . WAL1'IiR BENNETT . . JOHN FINUcA1Nr Harris, Tillie Knbcinell, Evalyn Levi, Helene Molof, Anne Morgan, Beverly McBrayer, Eldon MeCutcheon, Blanche Ray, Norma Rosenberg, Becca Cele Weber, Dorothy Wise, Herbert 'wjv Y l i 1' sy 'J ,A Boys, Glee Miss Loulsli WILCOX, Direfior Bailey, Curtis Bain, Oran Bishop, Jack Boatman, Jesse Bray, Joseph Carson, N. A. Chaney, Louis Fausett, Bill Freeland, Harry Friedberg, Sol Gordon, Aaron Jackson, Bob Jennings, Hendrick Kastrup, Harold McNally, James Mitchell, Jack Moore, Jeff Mountz, Harry Lawrence, Joe Plumlee, Virgil Prince, J. T. Rann, Roscoe Roark, Wood Arthur Savage, Lester Tiner, Milton Yates, Eugene Leaves from the Diary ol a Sell-Made Senior SEPTEMBER Septmber I8-My sunburn is still peeling, but it's back to the grind, sunburn or no sunburn. Nice feeling, being a Senior after all these years. September 22-Rubbed Corsicana in the mud to the tune of 13-7, first game of the season. Yea team! OCTOBER October 10--Dallas Day at the Fair, and did we tie Oak Cliff in knots? Twenty-six for us and a goose egg for them. October 17-Heaven deliver me from the sad fate of a fireman. Even the first fire drill of the season doesn't give me palpitations. October 20-Athens, do you remember that 7-0 score? Well, the mothers of the Freshmen probably remember the P. T. A. Tea-although with a kindlier feeling, we hope. October 27-"Got done wrong" by Tech, but it was a noble effort anyway. October 31-Such excitement! R. O. T. C. semi-annual inspection. Girl Reserve picnic and Senior election of officers. Enough to make even a sedate Senior a shade unesedate. NOVEMBER November 3-And now itls the dream of all the Freshmen girls to be another Noel Francis fand after today we know of at least one Senior who feels the same wayj. We're proud of our home-town girls who make good. November 10-Armistice Dance and, take our word for it, there's many a Junior who swings a wicked ankle. November Il-A parade to celebrate peace-and then we tore North Dallas lamb from chop, 18-6. "White man, there is eternal war!" November 24-Woodrow Wilson exhibited their tail-twisting ability this afternoon at our expense. This was the last game of the season. November 29-Wore my feet clear down to my ankles at the Echo Thanksgiving Dance. Might as well mention the holidays. Good "ole" turkey hash! DECEMBER December 9-We suggest making 4-B's out of all the 3-A's responsible for the Junior Prom. Was that a prom! December 11-Studying hard for four years for five?j does have its compensations. Senior Day today and a theater party for those "rising-and-shining" Seniors of ours. December 15-"Here Comes Patriciav brings down the house. Ploeger and Glass beat Garbo and Gable all to pieces. Decezrzlncr 22-Blushing brawn recognized! Twenty-one sweaters to twenty-one men who did right by Alma Mater. JANUARY january 8--Well, well, after combing confetti out of our hair for eight days and using the better part of two weeks getting that "Christmas look" off our complexion, it's time to be serious a while. Quite a thrill today learning that Forest has been selected as the first Texas school to have mural paintings. Arc we proud? january I2-Well, Mrs. Ploeger's little girl, Lucille, and Mr. Lacy's little boy, W., are bursting buttons off their vests, and who wouldnit? The best all-round girl and boy in the whole school, and we heartily agree. january 12-We went "high-brow" tonight and saw and heard "Tbe Lucky jade," an operetta, presented by the music department in the school auditorium-the music department "than which there is no whicherf, january 12-Texas history skit at the Texas Theater tonight. A well-planned act, but we can't win first place every time. january 18-If we had never been absent nor tardy, the school would probably have fallen in, but they gave these six prompt students a meal. But from what we hear it was "what-a-mealf' january 19-M-m-m-mh! soft lights and sweet music. Senior Dance in the gym-m-mh! january 21-First Methodist Church Baccalaureate Services for the january Seniors. A beautiful sermon, with all the Seniors in a suitably dignified mood. january 22-Finals this week-and there's many a white-faced Freshman, not to men- tion the Sophomores and juniors. We 4-Bis can stand the strain because it's the last time we'll suffer this agony, "we hope." january 24-Clinking sabers, gleaming boots, and fluffy ruifles. All-City Officers, Dance at North Dallas High. Ian11ary25-Many a shaking knee in a well-creased trouser leg, many a palpitating heart under silks and satins-Commencement in the auditorium, and that's the end of that. january 27-We hear that the boys had a noisy good time at the Standard Debating Society Banquet, according to Roberts' Rules of Order. fa11uary29-It's goal to go now. Just one more term. Hold your breath, Seniors, and don't rock the boat. FEBRUARY February 26-Whew! a February wherein one has gone and is going places. Texas Week starts today-a week of assemblies, with interesting programs. One thanks his lucky star for having been born in such a grand old state. MARCH Marrb 1-P.-T. A. Tea for Freshman mothers. This is about the only thing we dignified Seniors don't rate. Oh, well, another twenty years may fix that. Marfb I6-There were quite a few dignified Seniors all a-dither over the Junior Prom- and for good reason. It was a dance with a capital D! March 23-All-City Girl Reserves' Dance at the NY." Magnificent! Gigantic! Stupen- dous! Colossal! Marvb 24-That well-known Forest spirit, "You can't be beat if you won't be beat," certainly held true today, for three Forest students Won Hrst place in the Inter- scholastic League Contest: Lois Davis in essay writing, Harriet Ornish in typing, and Arthur Harris in spelling. Let,s give them a big hand. Marrb Z8-Aelta Historical Society lives up to its name by making history. Banquet at the Jefferson, with all the trimmings. APRIL April 3-just back from the Easter holidays. Now we're on the last lap. We Seniors have some "swellegant" affairs to look forward to: May 11-Senior Dance. May 14-Senior Day. May 18-Senior Play. May 28-Baccalaureate Services. June 1-Commencement Exercises. It looks as though even "Self-made" Seniors graduate eventually. ALFRED J. 'Loos Hmrl Coach-Foofllall and Bczskei Ball SELDON S. HUTCHINSON T1'tlCk. anal Assisfnml Couch of Fooflmll mul Basket Ballg Business Mmmger. ALVA SHEPARD Coarb of Baseball aml Assisfanzf Couch of Football. 10 ILHIC l I 1 I R Inixi Ruiz: Mcllmcken, H.xller, Klintlwortb, liricksolt, l'l1.1res, Ifuller. Pirnnio, Von Treas, Harms IIIIIA, Iirur: Slmepard, iiuynes, Steinberg, Nlel7owell, Clristensen, Floyd. Vfyll, Cooper, R. Lil oun Clremluw. Ifrlrtl Kuff: Loos, llugower, Gentlmer, Hollywood, Dolmll l.oos, Cnxllxoun, Light, Cirone. Swift, l1C son Football Sclwcclule September 22-Forest, 13 . September 29-Forest, 6 . October 10- October 20- Oetober 27- November 11 November 17 November 24 Forest, 26 Forest, 7 . Forest, 18 . --Forest, 18 . -lforest, 6 . -Forest, 0 . . Corsicann, 0 . Gainesville, 0 . Cali Cliff, 0 . . . Athens, 0 Dallas Technical, 6 . North Dallas, 6 . . . . Sunset, 6 Woodrow Wilson, 10 FOOTBALL At the opening of the 1933 football season, Coaches Loos and Shepard were con- fronted with the task of building a football team from two lettermen and a host of newcomers. Despite the obstacles, a fighting and capable team was turned out. FOREST, 13-CORSICANA, O In the initial game the experts got their first shock of the season, as the Lions trampled the State Champion Tigers from Corsicana. McCracken recovered two blocked kicks for Forest's touchdowns, and Cooper made a kick from placement for the extra point. FOREST, 6-GAINESVILLE, 0 Forest refuted rumors that their win over Corsicana Was luck by a 6-0 victory at Gainesville against the strong Leopard team. After muffing several opportunities to score, the Lions carried the ball from Gainesville's 44-yard line over the goal. Floyd scored the touchdown but missed the try for the extra point. FOREST, 26-OAK CLIFF, 0 For the first time since 1930, the Forest High Lions defeated their traditional rivals, Oak Cliff. Only once before has such a large score been made in the annual grudge battle as the Lions piled up in this game. The game appeared to be another closely- fought battle until the second quarter, when Phares intercepted a pass on Oak Cliff's 25-yard line and carried it over for a touchdown. The real turning point in the game came when Klindworth intercepted a pass and raced ninety yards for a touchdown. After this the Leopards lost their fight, and Forest easily pushed over two more touch- downs. Wyll made one after Cooper had carried the ball to the one-yard line. A for- ward pass, Steinberg to Klindworth, netted the other. FOREST, 7-ATHENS, 0 In a non-conference game the Lions met and defeated the Athens Hornets at the Fair Park Stadium. Due to the hot weather the game was slow, and neither team played its best brand of ball. The lone counter was on a fumble recovered behind the goal by Phares. Cooper booted the kick for the extra point. FOREST, 0-DALLAS TECH, 6 The Tech Wolves handed the Lions their first defeat of the season. Forest roundly outplayed their opponents, scoring eleven first downs to Tech's eight. But they still don't pay off on first downs. The Wolves scored from the two-yard line where the ball was put by two penalties against Forest. Tech's offense was stopped cold in the second half, while the Lions continually threatened the Wolves' goal. The entire Forest team played a jam-up game, and none have reasons for regret. FOREST, 18-NORTH DALLAS, 6 Forest trampled the North Dallas Bulldogs in an Armistice Day battle by the score of 18 to 6. A pass, Floyd to Ray, was good for a touchdown in the first quarter. Floyd circled end and Genthner crashed over center for tallies in the third quarter. The Bulldogs' score was the result of a blocked kick in the final quarter of the game. FOREST, 6-SUNSET, 6 In playing a tie game at Fair Park, the Lions and Bisons exhibited a very erratic brand of football. Sunset scored on a blocked punt early in the first period. Floyd smashed through the center for a score in the same quarter. From then on the teams played, alternately, very good and very bad football. FOREST, 0-WOODROW WILSON, 10 The Wildcats played their best game of the season to defeat Forest in the final battle. The off-tackle smashes of O'Brien and Slider were too much for the discouraged Lions. A field goal in the opening minutes of the game and a touchdown in the final period accounted for the Wilson points. However, as many of the Foresters were playing in their last high school game, everyone played his heart out, and it was a good game from start to Hnish. Ili I io liimlig my if fl il s , get R ,.,,,.,..---v' lux! lillllf Floyd, Light, Brown, M. Steinberg, Levy, Levine, Crenshaw, Smith, Donsky, R. Calhoun S fllllll Keir: McCracken, Wrrights, Cohn, Phares, Klintlwortli, l,oos, Cooper, Ravkintl, Wyll, Von Ir s llunaltl laws. Basketball Schedule Uecember 23-Forest, 27 . 23 . January 15-Forest 23 january 17-Forest 21 january 19--Forest, 32 january 24--Forest,34 january 26-Forest 43 February 2-Forest, 23 February 5-Forest, 26 February 7-Forest, 38 February 9-Forest, 22 February 10-Forest, February 12-Forest, 47 February 14-Forest, 47 February 16-Forest, 19 . Corsicana, 14 . Oak Cliif, 7 . Technical, 12 . Woodrow, 18 North Dallas, 16 . . Sunset, 18 . Oak Cliff, 17 . Technical, 28 . Wfoodrow, 23 . Athens, 38 . . Athens,27 North Dallas, 31 . . Sunset, 13 . Technical, 24 The Forest Lions again proved to be a puzzle to the local sports prophets Rittd second best in the city race, they came through the Hrst half Without a defeat Then with everything in their favor, they let the second half and the championship slip from their grasp. FOREST, 27-CORSICANA, 14 Forest opened the season at Corsicana by defeating the Tigers with a fast-passing game. FOREST, 23-OAK CLIFF, 7 Led by Captain Klindworrh, the Forest Cagers defeated the Leopards in the Oak Cliff gym. Wyll exhibited a good floor game. FOREST, 21-DALLAS TECH, 12 The champion Wolves tasted defeat at the hands of the Lions after leading most of the game. Ravkind, whose shots had been rolling out of the basket for three quarters, cut loose with six baskets from the field in the last quarter to lead the scorers. FOREST, 32-WOODROW WILSON, 18 Playing raggedly, the Lions were lucky to come out on top in their clash with the Wildcats. Woodrow Wilson had trouble making their crib shots, but sounded a warning to the other teams. FOREST, 34--NORTH DALLAS, 16 Forest downed the North Dallas Ldqpers in a fast game that was featured by the guarding of McCracken. Klindworth added 112 points to his total. FOREST, 23--SUNSET, 18 Klindworth and Wyll led the Lions, to a victory over the Bisons, scoring 19 and 15 points, respectively. Forest also exhfflited a good defense. FOREST, LQQOAK CLIFF, 17 The Lions inaugurated night basket ball and the second half by eking out a victory over the lowly Leopards. The Greens played very poorly, while Oak Cliff played an inspired game. FOREST, 26-DALLAS TECH, 28 The Lions failed to click against Tech, losing in the last minutes of play by a two- point margin. The lead See-sawed for the first three quarters, but in the iinal period the Wolves pulled away and were not to be caught. FOREST, 38-WOODROW WILSON, 23 The Wildcats were taken for a cleaning in the home gym. Cooper played a jam-up game on defense and Wyll scored 13 points to lead in that field. FOREST, 22-ATHENS, 38 Led by the left-handed Cobb, the Athens Hornets downed the Lions in the first of a two-game series. Klindworth stood out for Forest. FOREST, 23-ATHENS, 27 The State Champion Hornets got the scare of the season in the second game of the series. Klindworth was easily the outstanding man on the floor. Scoring 12 points and playing a wonderful floor game, he won the respect of his opponents and the Athens spectators. FOREST, 47-NORTH DALLAS, 31 In spite of the large score, the North Dallas game was a ragged and uninteresting affair. Klindworth amassed a total of twenty points. FOREST, 47-SUNSET, 13 The Lions were heated up for the Sunset game and ran wild. Klindworth ran his total points to 112, setting a new high for the series race. Wyll finished second in the scoring. FOREST, 19-TECH, 24 The Lions, championship hopes were shattered when the Wolves outhustled them at the S. M. U. pavillion. The whole team appeared slow on the large floor. Klindworth was held scoreless for the first time and Ravkind went out on fouls in the first half. The Wolves presented a hustling, determined team. or Lielfr TO RHQHT: Ifirxl Row: Frank W'eseh, Leslie ,lack Cooper, . Qpyges, Graham Grubbs, Moxelle Lillard, Oran Bai Srcoml Row: Shepard, Tom Clifford Klindworth, Qflliioft Phares, Eldon McCracken Cohn, Chastont, Broylesf url Jones, Patterson, Burgess T TlJirr1Rou': Cates, Redd, Denny, Prince X ,A Baseball This year Forest has one of the best baseball teams that she has had in years. She lost some of her last year's team, but the vacancies are filled up by efhcient men. The team is a well-organized and well-drilled machine. This year the sports writers predict that Forest will be at the top of the ladder at the close of the season. They have well-founded reasons for these predictions. S, x Y ,- Track Tennis Golf COACHES J. ALAN Bouixiox Miss LOCILLE Si1t.riis'i' Miss RM HILL M. FOOTE Boys' Terimi Girls' Tennis Golf TRACK TIZNNIS GOLF Donald Loos George Livings Urban Hamilton George Berg Warren Wells F. B. Swift Ben Gruber William Crenshaw Louis Barnes Oscar Haller Glenn Genthner Melvin Wolford William Crook lWilford Looney Jack Bishop Richard Steer Mary Anton Fva Phillips Georgia Stenger Aaron Gordon jules Fine Page Overton Wood Arthur Roark Myron Schlosberg Rowe Hurt Raymond Kendall Alfred Hulme john Miltner Ray Perry Arthur Bates TRACK Buddy Barnes was elected captain of rhe Track Team by his teammates. Those on the team quslifying for the City Meet were Captain Barnes, Crook, Wolford, Livings, Berg and Gray. The relay race was run for Forest by Looney, Steer, Berg and Crook. TENNIS Captain Aaron Gordon and jules Fine made up the team for Forest this year. Gordon also played singles. Georgia Stenger and Eva Phillips made up the girls' doubles team and Mary Anton the singles. GOLF The Forest Golf Team was led by Captain Rowe Hart. 'la QXNWWY J " M Y' QN X? Q 7 fy ff ff? iQ W7M fwfrwWrwmwf1Si ,f-X I ff' ffffff' f na. - i f ff Wx Q751' WM . 'Ziff x X N xx if h , 1 2 M , ,f W ' 1 1w :lvw1+f"W rf M 1 ,N 4' uum4.1 - f M ! T f X ' N V T f X X + W w w w , f' l fl lun! A . 2210. I4 'Ali' l'11g.ic1'f'Liy 'rar riff A lly.-TIN urufl y r' f lmnc' ll, flu' wi: !'.. ..... W V W V W W W 1 J f I' - , . . 'K' ' 1 ' 1 I, W N XM M X f ' AIIIIIPIL' Q 1N. V V V V V V V V V x x if E V I-ILJMCDI2 W V W W W V V V IV- A CLASS WILL We, the graduating class of June, 1934, being, or at least we think we are, fairly sound of mind, do bequeath our most beloved possessions to the following underclassmen, and may they be as richly rewarded with these gifts as we have been. Ami Gold wills her last name to Donald Brick, so he can be a "Gold-Brick." Frank Henzen and Jack Tobolowsky leave their girlish figures to Norma Smiley and Roxie Hubbard. Ada Kathryn Baechtel bequeaths her dancing ability to Mary Virginia Bruton and her good grades to Lois Jo Dasch. Joe Manion and Arthur Wright are to receive Joe Piraniois and Gwynne Curtis' popularity with the girls. Sarah Seigel wills Mr. Baker her ability to talk slowly, to be used on transcrip- tion days. Arlie Davis leaves his ability to take care of the slide machine to anybody who thinks he can put at least one slide in right during the term. Edith Wilson receives Hazel Lee Cogburn's prissy walk. flt takes practice, Edithj. Ramon Cortez, Lloyd George, Joe King, Hyman Schepps and Obed Pace will their ability to stand on a washboard and put waves in their hair to Abe Litchenstein, Sol Kaplan, Pershing Hurley, John Robinson and Chaim Richman. Robert Cosnahan, Margaret Klein, Bernice Rosenfield, and Helen Tims will their ability to be presidents of outstanding clubs to Milton Baron, Evelyn Monford, Royal Brin and Caryl Kahn. Lois Davis wills her knowledge to Elizabeth Braun, so she can make an average of one hundred instead of ninety-nine and a half. Donald Case and Mabel Harris give their dimples to Ben Brannon and Tillie Harris. Rosa Cassata leaves her gym shoes, although a litle worse for the wear, to her sister, Margaret. Ruth Conner and Ida Nar Flanders bequeath their place as Miss Harlan's right hand men to Dorothy Kirschner and Opal Goolsby. Pierce Nairn and Philip Burgower leave their ability to grow mustaches to Alfred Callahan and L. P. Johnson. fHere's wishing you better luck.j Mary Hubbard, Esther Hambright, Virginia Bond, and Betty Latimer leave their quietness to Francis Carp, Lorena Austin, Mary Lee Cooper, and Burt Ashner. The Replin family QHenry, Frieda, and Anniej and Minnie Bloom will their long eye lashes to Elsa Sorensen, Cecelia Jane Metzger, Penn Rose Wallce, and Jack Cooper. Ralph Yonack bequeaths his ability to talk fast to Gracie Allen, Cnot the radio star, but our freshmanj. George Berg leaves his first name to Floyd Burns, so we can have a George Burns and Gracie Allen. Wilhelm Streicher, Neal Ferrell, and J. T. Worley leave their boots and buttons to any boy who wants to capture a girl's heart. Lucile Bernbaum, Clara Gene Griffis, and Mae Ziegler will their ability to ask use- less questions to Louise Brustein, Mary Elizabeth Walding and Rosa Lee Cohen. J. Af McDowell, Austin Hollywood and Abe Wyll will their football shoes to the boys who can take their places on the team. Frances Davis. Frances Ward. and Ruth Womack will their blond beauty to Pauline King, Kathryn Wilson, and Dorothy Richards. Herbert Friedman wills his ability to play the violin to Joseph Nance. Frederick Kahn, Eldon McBrayer and William Sehnert bequeath their ability to look nice in a uniform to Arthur Law, Arthur Searcy, and Sanford Stiles. Leon Perry, Giles Carter, and Jack Phipps leave their height to Clifford Klindworth, Roger Moore, and Oscar Haller. Richard Steer leaves his ability to get the wrong assignment to Billy Stallcup. Robert Cannon and Dudley Elmore bequeath their raven locks to Regina Schlinger and Anna Pearl Lawrence. Evelyn Nelson, Travis Harkness, and Lillie Redd will their smiles to Mary and Zula Enix. Clifton Canada, Bill Fausett, Albert Pruitt and Philip Smith leave their conceit to Jewel Hardwick, Estelle Carson, Mildred Cox, and Carrie Zabbia. Hoyt Gentry leaves his collection of detention cards from mechanical drawing to any teacher who happens to be out of them. John Ferguson and John Kennedy leave their ability to speak in public to anyone who is more frightened than they are. Mildred Lewis and Elsie Lorenz will their ability to ask speakers their names to Hazel Berry and Donna Mae McDonnell. Mary Ellen Simmons and Nora Bell Flagg are willing to divide their names among the students who want them, and Forest Haralson bequeaths his first name to the school. Qlleen Chapman, Mildred Cruse, and E. Gooch will their diaries to the Texas Library. CThey should be goodj. Harold Evans, Harry Lynn, Marion Smith and Philip Tullis leave their advice on all matters pertaining to the school. Alwilder Anderson and Gusta Snyder leave all the boys who will be broken hearted at their going to Kathleen Rambo and Loyce Burris. Leroy Alexander and Elliot Phares will their flaming locks to Teddy and Morris Steinberg. QThey think red hair would improve your looks.j Imogene Sherman, Margaret Golden, and Katherine Lee will their freckles to any- one who can put them to good use. Fred Kallus, Leon Malcomesius, Julian Meyers, and Samuel Pirozzo leave their ability to make wise cracks to Paul Apple, Pinky Murphy, Clyde Apple, and Theodore Taylor. Herschel Futch and Charlie Nemec will their places in the band to Otto Light and Rowland Adams. . Victor Ballas, Fannie Cerper, and Frances Mallison will leave their knowledge of Spanish to any struggling Freshmen who desire it. Eugenia Thomas leaves her ability to draw to Mae Ackerman. Helen Broeker, Eva Phillips, and Zelda Lievsay leave their love for dancing to XVilliam Eatmon, Eva Ricker, and Dorothy Ball. Pauline Rosein, Frances Holland, and Evelyn Trammell bequeath their ability to do and say cute things to Loraine Hatter, Susie Marion, and Susanna Steel. James Johnson, Leonard Johnson and Sidney Levit will their ability to look dumb to Philip Scoggins, Melvin Wolford, and Lois King. Harmon Jacobs bequeaths his blue shirt to the school as a keep-sake. Josephine Hemphill and Margaret Summers leave their ability to get a date for all the dances to Mary Rollins and Kathryn Douthit. Woodrow Tsukahara leaves his willingness to let the other fellow do the work to Arthur Minsky. Vincent Cirone leaves his ability to be an astrologist to the class prophets who are to come. l 'ii Ruth Henderson and Mary Ona Hicks leave their book Sr'r'reis, which contains the latest scandals, to Lorene Fisher and Lorene Baird. Esther Rose Angrist and Marie Boles bequeath their ability to give service with a smile to Frances Novin and Billie Frances Boles. Otto Benat, Orbie Hiser, Shelton McCutchen, and QI. C. Mitchell will their ability to talk in study hall without getting caught to anyone who is always getting "stuCk." Harold Steer, Nathan Goidl, and Charley Cohen leave their ability to let the other fellow foot the bills to Margaret Winborn, Ketherine Reams and Jodie Burgower. Frank Shramek and Sidney Sorensen leave their address books to anyone who is looking for a complete list of addresses. , Norma Ray and Fannie Meyers bequeath their knowledge Of parliamentary law to the school clubs. fThis should improve the meetingsj And I, I will my ability to talk constantly to G. H. Crane. CAsk your brother, he should know.j DOROTHY GOOD. Everystudent MESSENGER I praye you, all gyve youre most heede To this treatyse how Teecher sendeth Examinacione, The foule dragon, to block the pathe to Graduacione And how Everystudent doth escape indede. TEACHER SPEKETH I perceyve now Everystudent here Disregardeth my warningg suche I feere. He studyeth not but wasteth his tyme. His thoghtes are lowe and never sublyme. Still he wisheth to reeche Graduacioneg But I shall barre his path by harde Examinaeione. Yf that he passeth on this very daye, Thenne ope to him will be the waye. EXtlNli71t1Ci071I'J Forthe go I to do thy wyll, Your commaundement shal I fulfyll. EVERYSTUDENT ENTERS EL"E'1'JfSf1ldCl1fI Oh, I am aferde of thee! Drede thyng, what mite thou be? Plese let me pass, for I be on the waye To the Mounte that hyght is Gracluacione. Oh, allywe me to proccde, I praye. Examimlcione: Naye, I am the dragone Examinacione. You wyll not go fereg I shal destrye the, Unles you gyve to me the beste thynge you have. Nowe, by my herte, do not trye to fle. I am sente by Teecher to whom I am the slave. El'f'1'j'5fIlt1UlIfI Of my mony I wyll gyve you all. Examinar'io11f: Naye, 'twould only spede your fall. Needes, I repeat, of alle you have, gyve me the beste Only thus can you passe this grete teste. EL'l'1'J'Sf1lIIf'llfI Surely mony is the bestc I owne, Beter thaune mony, I have nowne. I dispare, for I know not what to gyve. ENTER TYME AND STUDYE Tymc and Slmfyc: Hath you dismembercd we? O Student, are we not thy moste precyous thynge? Mayhap you fro worrie we could fre. Ez'erysf1rz1'v11f: You are the laste hope to wich I clynge 0 Examinacione, maye I passe yf I gyve mytvme? EXdll1il1tlC'i0l1l'! Ye, verily, gyve tyme in thoght And stuclyeg then the teste wyll be as nought. FINIS Thus endeth this morall playe of Everystudent. ROYAL BRIN. a IV B CLASS WILL We, the IV-B Class of Forest Avenue High School, upon special request and with permission from the copyright owners, do bequeath those worldly goods which we feel able to do without. In other words: Roger Moore leaves his very best "linen to Clarence Wheeler, as Roger feels that he can part with that much and still get all the girls. Georgia Stenger, after deep thought, decides to pass her popularity on to Geraldine Watkins. Ritchie Calhoun leaves some of his quiet manners to Irwin Waldman, with the hope that they will do some good. Mae Ackerman, by special request, is leaving her tennis ability to Burt Ashner. Ted Harris bequeaths his place as the school musical prodigy to Joseph Nance. We hope that Esther Cobler will realize the sacrifice Ora Mae Putnam is making when she wills her those blond tresses. Tommy Crosson leaves his "swell,' disposition and nice manners to Billy Harlan. Lorene Hatter wills her quiet charm to Doris Shumate, for just a little toning down process, we guess. Alvin Goodstein is holding all his marvelous ofhces in the Standard for the future use of his brother Barnett, who'll be here in September. Evelyn Monford has so much sweetness and charm that she can well afford to leave a little of it for Eliot Doyle. Henry Burkley is leaving his gift of gab to Albert Weinberg. We wonder if Albert knows what he's getting? Margaret Dent wills her popularity at school dances to Becca Cile Rosenberg, who, after all doesn't need it. Marshall Phillips will give that well-known smile to Paul Lacy. Louanna Ailshie, willing to do her part as usual, leaves her vivacious manner to Virginia Bonnet. Milton Baron just insists on leaving his deck of marked cards to Wallace Arons. What we want to know is-why doesn't he leave his oratorical ability to some deserving person? Dorothy Sessums says that if anyone is to have her smiling eyes and the cute winks that go with them, Kathryn Lane must be that person. Leslie Floyd, suddenly turned benefactor, will leave his way with the girls to Joseph Burgower. Oh! Roxie Hubbard leaves her smallness and sweetness to Regina Schlinger. Royal Brin wills his "prestidigitation" to Mr. Boulton. Kathryn Douthit bequeaths her acting ability to Marjorie Johnsen. Harry Cohen leaves a little of his height to Irvin Jaffe. Goldie Frank wants to leave all her funniest remarks and most of her giggles to Rosalee Cohen. Harold Lane is passing "that certain somep'n" on to Leslie Jacobs. Dorothy Hardin wills her sweet disposition to Neil Sims. Martin Christensen bequeaths his blond good looks to anybody who is badly in need of such an asset. Betty Zilch gives her cleverness to Margaret Mundell for just as good use. Arthur Minsky leaves his absent mind to Donald Loos with the fond hope that he will be as careful of it in the future as Arthur has been in the past. Margaret Winborn wills her famous football sweater to Anna Caroline Gillham. Denman Winsor bequeaths his intellectual standing to Billie Stallcup. Mary Barbaria contributes her lovely complexion to Lois Humphreys. Ed Bromberg wills his little green hat to Abe Bullman because of the excellent color scheme. Don't think the rest of the class is stingyg that isn't true-they're just good providers obeying the first law of nature fself-prcscrvationj. CARYL KAHN. Bo ERVILLE UGLE VOL. P SUPER-ADVANCED IssUE May 30, 1934 BRILLIANT HISTORIANS FOUND AT FOREST At Forest there is much hidden talent. Many of the brilliant students are planning to make i a new and original text book on Texas history. They have collected much astounding material that never has or never will appear in any other book on this subject. They found that Texas won her independence at the "Battle of Goliadf' that the lily is the Texas flower and the oak is the Texas tree, that "Be Prepared" is the motto, that Kit Carson and Daniel Boone were two heroes who died at the Alamo, and that Harvey Bailey was an early governor of Texas. These are only a few of the amazing facts that V are to be put in the book. In a recent test given the City Hall employees, it was found that the Armadilla is a shrub and that horses give ivory. It is our opinion that the students of Forest should cooperate with the City employees and publish a complete encyclopedia on Texas. NENV DICTIONARY TO BE ISSUED The students at Forest recently decided that the regular dictionary is too confusing. So they have appointed a committee to put out a new one which will be used in the Dallas schools in place of the old one. The committee has been working hard and has decided on the meanings of several words. Here are a few of the hardest ones: pbouefic-a crazy person. jeojmrdy-a disease like that man had in "The Vision of Sir Launfalf, jeoparzfize-wlien a sheriff makes a man deputy. Imfolic-rusty. 11riivzzlzzfc'--estimate. fmicfa-a German during the World Wgir. l,Xl117lJdg1lS-21 great Greek dramatist. ilIt'7'fil1---gOlI'1g after you stop and stopping after you start. pwfagogzze-a place where the old Hebrews went to worship. nzillc'11i1111'1f-something like a centipede, only it has more legs. vczzfczmriulz-a captain in the Roman army. The committee believes that When this new dictionary comes out the school will adopt it without delay. BRIGHT SAYINGS OF FOREST HIGH STUDENTS The Boneville Bugle pays 5.003 M for every bright saying published in this columng so enjoy them at our expense while you may. Poe wrote about horrible things and beautiful women. Ann Harding called herself the Teuffa Muse. Poe was the first great American. Poe wrote Dr. Ieltyl and Mr. Hyde. After Poe was turned out into the world, he began drinking and writing, Bryant wrote "glumly,' things sometimes, such as Tfnzmzfopxis. Poe lost his first job because of drink. Then he started working for a newspaper and stayed with it for over fifty years. QEditor's note-he died at 44.J Bryant had good jobs. He helped people and never gambled or spent his money for drink. Tithonus was granted eternal death. Squatland Yard is famous for its detectives. 5? 71' 3' W. C. Fields was connected with the laying of the Atlantic Cable. fCyrus W. Field,j Lindbergh invented the airplane. POETS HOLD CONVENTION A convention of all the poets of the county was recently held at the home of Mr. Arthur Minsky, a leading poet of this town. The dif- ferent poets decided on what kind of poetry they would write this season. CNOTICE! There is an open season for poets beginning today. A bounty of 5.042 is offered by Mayor Yates of this metropolis., Several poems were submitted. We are pub- lishing a few for your benefit: Here lies With his M BONERVILLE BUGLE VERDANCY PERSONIFIED I went up on a mountain, I looked down on a plain, I saw a lot of colored stuff Green like grass on graing I looked a little harder, I was sure that it was grassg But to my utter horror, It was the Freshman Class. -Andi DEATH NOTICES jack Tobolowsky, commanding voice so sharp. Once he led an army, But now he strums a harp. Here lies Helen Tims, Her Her thread cut short by the fates disposition won for her A pass through the pearly gates. 31' 71' F9 Bob Jackson lies in sweet repose. Where he learned to sing nobody knows But he'll entertain us nevermore, For he's on Jordan's farthest shore. OUR WEATHER FORECAST The rain makes rivers in the streetg The mud then sticks to brother's feet. The sun comes out and dries the mud, And then the farmin' ain't so good. But This let it rain or let it shineg Texas climate sure is fine. HAUNTING THE HALLS We saw- Torium. Jack Bishop wearing brilliant colored cello- phane bow ties. Walter Bennett stopping to talk to that certain brunette every day just after lunch period 4a. Henry White spending most of his time in 101, as usual. Irwin Waldman looking extremely important at the Junior Prom. ujodiel' Burgower walking out of the 3a class meeting because he was denied the freedom of speech. Certain boys casting longing glances at Jo Hemphill. What is this strange power she has over the Senior boys? Roger Moore telling everyone about his date? with a Highland Park girl. Mr. Moore becoming "regusted', with his Chemistry 2 classes. WHIRLIGIG Around and around I go. I am laughed over. Boys talk to thrill the girls while I am whirling. Teachers make them sit down and leave me be. I thrive on wood and lead. I am the pencil sharpener. A MORAL Julian Meyer from now on will mind his teacher. Miss Durham told him always to keep his chair legs on the floor. He was always leaning back, but he did this once too often. One day a loud crash was heard in the back of the room. Now Julian always sits up straight and nurses fond memories of a bump on his head. SEEN AT THE IDHOTOGRAPI-IER'S STUDIO Walter Bennett vainly trying to place a wave in his hair. Pete Cosnahan grinning at the birdie. Fannie Fae Fisher trying to wipe the grease off her face. Obed Pace telling everyone that he had broken the camera. No doubt he did. Leah Novin and Evalyn Kabcinell refusing to take their proofs because they didnlt do them justice, and the photographer saying, "What you need is mercy, not justice." Louanna Ailshie searching high and low for Dorothy Hardin. A pretty girl fussing because the proofs showed that she had her neck twisted around several times and the wrinkles were terrible. But thanks to modern miracles, the wrinkles were ironed out. WANNA BUY A DUCK? It happened during the Little Theater tryouts for the play to be given in assembly. Beverly Morgan was reading the woman's part, and she asked the big, strong, silent man of the woods, Herbert Freidman, about shooting deer. He told her that he had shot a buck. She made a slip of the tongue and said, "You shot a duck?"- Shades of Joe Penner. THE ESSAY CORNER FORGOTTEN I am the forgotten man. I stand out in the cold all winter long. I am shoved about the Held. Girls sit on me and smear me with lip-stick. Boys cut their initials on me. I am alone. With- out me the football boys would never be able to enter the games. I am the foot-ball sled. CCMPLIMENTS R,Q,T,C. of HEADQUARTERS UTOMMYI' 4X Dallas City Public School Writing Tablets RIDING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CLOTHING and "TOMMY,' Loose Leaf Fillers SOUTHWEST TABLET MANUFACTURING CO. DALLAS JVVOZZJJ MILITARY EQUIPMENT 208 NORTH AKARD STREET FY0 -sniff-M wffkfooe ns24 - '16 K MAIN 51. fm DALLAS' OWN CLOTHING STORE f- C7116 Qfome of qashiorz fgzzrk Qlollzex -' Mzzrzlzatian Slzirty . . . W- -A- . . . Dolzbf Hats s C07lIl7IiIl1t'l1fS of The Willard Hat Company Mmfa-fwa of aclaflem Welt I an What Dallas Makes, Makes Dallas What Texas Makes, Makes Texas A Good Bank for Your Savings We Pay Zh Per Cent on Savings Accounts REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY - Colonial Pharmacy Tb 1-ffff Ea-pe,-f lllwnmmfs FAST, EFFICIENT DELIVERY C orner Fo rest and Colonial - Phone 4-S141 AMERICAN AUTO PARTS We Buy Olzl Cars and Pay in Cash We Srl! fbc Paris for Loss AUTO GLASS INSTALLED VVHILIQ You WAIT 2903 Elm SI. 2-0720 FRIEDMAN'S EDGEWOOD PHARMACY Forest High Soda HI'tlf!LIZldT'ft'1'S PHONE 4-7118 South Harwood at Grand COMPLIMENTS Of TI-IE DARLING DRESS CO. Mafzmof mflmcg Girl Work Profiler Styled to Suit Your Individuality The Favorite of the Nation-Sold by All Better Stores Com fwlirlzfrzfs of Sammy's Place WE NEVER CLOSE 5 -4 141 1 S 16 Greenville Avenue MALTED MILK BREAD "Good fo fbv las! crumb" Chocolate Shop Bakery Pies, Cakes, Bread and Pastry CALL EOR IT AT YOUR GROCERY Conzplimvnls of Dallas Fruit Vegetable Co. 2013 Cadiz 2-2283 C O M P L I M E N T S of KLAR 85 WINTERMAN Dullax' Largest Brokrrx Ol'l'f a Quarter Cl'IlfIll'j' 2310 Elm Street 7 5409 Afler Tbifly-six Years, Still Dallas' Leading CLEANER AND DYER The Soufh's Best Book Store Phone M 6 7' Phone 4 - 7000 4 - 7000 DW WM' Van Winkleis 3405 Grand Avenue THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED - , - .' . CUSTOMERS 1609 11 Elm 1620 22 Paclfc BEN E. KEITH COMPANY Presb Fruity and Vegetables from the land of everywhere LEWIS GROCERY NEW YORK BAKERY Groceries, Meats, and School Supplies and DELICATESSEN 2732 Forest Ave. PHONE 4-3815 3103 Forest Avenue 4-0173 FOR SOMETHING NIZW AND DIFFERENT 1- S. L. EWING COMPANY IN DALLAS SME 1902 M ETROPOLITAN fix 1606 Commerce Street Foremost zn Dallas Sznre 1887. " NOW is the time to prepare for a good position BUY '-' SELL 1 RENT 1 REPAIR METROPOLITAN training insures succ ALL MAKES Write, call or phone 2-3534 for informat Telephone 2-3026 TOBIAN THEATRE GARAGE AUTO PARKING Complimenis of JULIUS GOLMAN JACK WERTHEIMER, omni smug 4' MCKAMYLAMPBELL KING STUDIOS, INC- ! Co1npleleStagz' Equipment - Draperies - Decorutio Amblllaflff' Sfrvirf AcoUsT'IcAL CORRECTION 4 2433 1921 Forest A OHit:e Display Room, 309 S. Harwood Studio and Facto y 2545 Elm Street Browne and Browne Officio! Photographers for Classes of fzme '34 mcwifonzmry 'gf 1312K Elm Street 7-1009 J wwghvfr J Cf,,,,1,,f,,,f,,,S of zrsiness alle e QB G 3 Genera! Produce Co. LARGEST IN DALLAS 2028 Cadiz Street . . Positions Securcd . . 7-1 179 7-2640 2006 DQ Commerce QI' Model Tallofs WILLIAM C. HIEGERT Suits Made to Order Florist 2308 Elm Street Flowers for All Occasions and Pl'0p7'if'f0l'S 2718 Forest Ave, PHONE 4-7133 Commercial Photographer of A COMPLETE COMMERCIAL SERVICI F. Photograph Anything . . Anytime 2108 McKmney 7-4906 Compliments of FOREST AVENUE BEAUTY and BARBER SHOP 2530 Forest 4-0179 CARP AUTO PARTS Why Put New Parts in Old Cars? We Buy Old Cars and Sell the Parts Glass Installed While You Wait 2607 Elm Street 7-2351 JAKEIS AUTO PARTS j. RASKIN, Proprietor Parts for All Makes of IIIIIUIIIOIFIIFS af L0llT'Xf P XVI: PAY CASH FOR USED CARS ALSO OLD CARS TO WRECK 29-7 Elm Street DALLAS, TEXAS Phone 2 0861 '1- GOMPLIMENTS of B. B. HEMPHILL COMPLIMENTS 3 vi GOOD PLACES T R I P L E TO GQ White Theatre 2720 Forest Ave. RGOT BEER Dal-Sec. Theatre v 1900 Second Ave. Forest Theatre A' BRIN 1702 Forest Ave. -For Distinctive Gifts -For School Trophies -For Precious Gems LINZ BROS. "Since 1877-the Soutlfs Greatest Jewelers" DEMPSEY 81 PARKER Aflornrys at Law FIIIELITY UNION BUILDING EARL R. PARKER FRANK L. DEMPSEY Phone 2-1683 LEADER FOR 50 YEARS EXCELLENT LAUNDRY SERVICE SUPERIOR DRY CLEANING FUR STORAGE DYEING Ezfcrylbing Wa.vlJc'I! Wiffy I very Soap ExcIuxit'c'ly 4-2161 .Lezzclommzlr LHZHZCZIIQ' IN sincere appreciation of the patronage and friendship of the entire stud- ent body and faculty of the Dallas High Schools for the past eleven years American Beauty Cover Co. 1900-8 ORANGE STREET THE COVER ON THIS BOOK WAS PRODUCED IN THIS PLANT . si THIS ANNUAL PRINTED BY Tlfilhnson PRINTING CQMPANY I :fl Metz gers Milk NEWZJ the qZL6JZf01f the bert" NIETZGER DAIRIES Phone 4.-7.1 1 1 Holmes Street Road The Smarter! Spam' T0CgJ 6Z1"6'0Zf... , . . i502 ELM ED ' mcov-P0"'AT v .f The publication of the 1934 FOR!-LSTER has been made possible through the eo-operation of our advertisers. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible. The 7 1 es! Book Store H111 inkle's 1609-11 Elm 1620-22 Pacific 2 -f ufogmplzs , M, AL ' Q 2274,-17 ,-will ' Q X K 1 TY f.'w.,v,Q'fJ" M 'X Q f ,,.+3-fvi 15v5v'f ' 7WWMU,i0J,,L ,ffgf : 'Q ,fn L' . 49' ' - .T KKK , , 1 X, I 1 if 4 y xw,"-- fqffig 1111 Q5 Qg '1 K ' J X H I 7 A f' fl'-f ,L,,,,P,,,,,,f.L-1f xgfk.. fffyvvj ,I ?9' ,4'AvN,', N MQMQ - 1 in Q X, E V, XA M 742 W7 !cQV44,, f' ' 4f07'4!' ' J - , ffV3ff1f1 -V fff'3q' fff' A"1fx 'fix 7,44 -2 .--f 4-4-ff 'Z Nlkyr X ' 5,1 1, M. , 9 ' ' " .Q w N I x ff5"fJ 5 ff, f K 2---1 , f fi? X jj J K 1 i 1 .iw 3 A. fm 1 .XX I X 1 M X L! N! . T W

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