Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX)

 - Class of 1931

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Forest Avenue High School - Forester Yearbook (Dallas, TX) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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EX LIIBIQII X "Av I .III I gg,-, 4 f' -' I If ff 'fviiw Tie:-TITS-I3I'5-I . 4 W KW I' W iVQlf:'mfT SQA X1 . I, . W" Mgr! ,gh , 'QE WM .H 9 EEE Hcj 0 ,.C:.-.2-if-"" ' ,, f- CB' A ' -fi.. C DYIQIG GLADYS MUSACI-IE L'i1'z'1'uI'j' ipfliflll' DOROTHY SAMUEIS CI,AlRl41 MQCOY wlsxorialr' Cfliforx JAKE LICHTENSTEIN 'BIl.YiIIt'.YS -qllIlZl1gCl' ARTHUR BERXVALD .p1XX0lxil1ft'7 'BIISflIl'S.S wrgI61IItlKQl'l' CHRISTEI,I,E BROCK DIV! dllifm' GEORGE HARWOOIJ I-flsrorizlla' .-XIV! Frfifor HAI1.-GI-.NTRY STUDIOS ..... Pbofografnby SOUT1-IxvEsTII,RN ENGRAVING COMPANY EIIgl'l11'i1Ig XVILKINSON PRINTING COMPANY . . . Printing AMERICAN BIQAUTY CIOVILR CZOTWPANY . . 'Bimling J' , 4" Vgilrl ,, i, .1 V Elf Mu! V, I ,jf L1-4. v wi , , zf"'f1.f 0 I 5' ,J L ff, I r, 5 Q if I 5 I A 5 1.1 I ' l 'rffj LQLAJ MIKJAH Mn gill, L kin 3.59,-. ..,. 5 . 5 lg Q J s-FvJ j 0 if A LJL4- Q 5 .P w'.1,,,u,,l...L-51,141 .,,.L.j- Ax 1 ,A .1 V3 W! H f f f u f . X H Lp 1A,A . ,E if 'iw W Maisy ! ,lirfy ini, - H Ah .,,,, V .V X E 1-rf'W,riQ-.,-f??'f,'!, ' 1'-'ff N X4 H W' 'I 1 L 'MW K - X 1 'Z' nut' 1 1 Q5 A Y ,A 1 . if .-:-,,lw'n- , w f - H f 1 . f " fx, Ldv., Q wi- .f CTE , ,, , L, 9.1: ,rl-1 W Y ,L 'C' F X I, g K4 ,, UM!! ,' Y I ,-1' f - I H .gp '1 f f' 1-,f f.,p.,IL5v K .xx MJ . I lx,mgM.1,4 , f My www I va, W f Q Vx ,u,'4',mn- ,f f . b, ., ,,, pci., f r Y L ,,3Lf,..nN J "Wff?l'f'l'f.'""'-" "Z , W' NX 'T ' ,,,'1'!ffm!f f V ' , ' A 2 fa LA H !"'l"W'l?f. , f , X , .- - -A N -W , , -' -fiiffi. X n1g,ggsg"E '. , ' f fm xgf. ,fij E X YI -4 Q ..,-'M- s . 11-u, 11-ff V figs 1 ,,yg, j fi ' f IW. ' 'Q ,p' f, pw Eff XX yr A, , yrf4"PW pf 71.9- lwv- Fwx: - M1--H. V M HIIWW A , -Qzfz , H fzf ,, xx r HH Q-1 Q 1pY5?!i1i5f53?iZ r f? Sava., w , '-wsf,w1f2ae1 ' f f X 'mf '1'7ff.1i"5- gf- ' X' f. ' nl M ww f 'ix ' f . ...Q Q, .B I , Using? fwi 5 195.531 Q 5 15, H , , X 1 Vik Asif. 5- K .izfpi ' A HJ QW ' XE -.- 'H ul V!lS4lf9k! 4e:L . A . .- ch '- ' xx -A f ,. - . 1, Aulli, --.glx 1 ,W Lf , ,,, -4 f ,K 1 3, , h , ,I A 3 Tm , UN -Lgilp U' f -DHI I I 2. SY. 'lf Z rr .pf 1 E - 1 MI, 'wg 'i xw M.. Ly f X in In ww. A' I, W x -4 , ,..jkgA .,. , I K, V 3,7 X H ll. Lf: "':""s3' ' ,, -- 'YM .' WW", '.-Wd-ffG'E':4' ' 44231 ' ' .. - fs' lj? ww, 1 .A ,..-, V 1-. my ,, g.wg,1, r.,.,, Aa , V, E., -f V 4.,,,,, lm! I :T ' , 3 - 2 : H -S ,Qu A ,, .gli fgf'MM'.qAQ,:W E W Zf1:,efw1,N - 5252 K wg.. W L , H E71 , lx Y 2 X - Lili ' N PV X-3951-N 1 L wg, bc d lf k- ' . , - , if ,. ,Kem 'aw ,, ww: 4 ', ',:Q!g,Qi'5 ,gy - md"-ii' ,, ,gy ,Q V, 1 ve. E H X.-A: 31,504 51E Q: " Wil ,QESER X Q QS? 'K Qgiie l ffl I Jrlifif - -- -v??f',Y 13A qg'Y:i2fY, Jf 1' fi - 111, "f: mga wh-1 Q xl L , , , , --5 ,ff5,, 2.1 " 'ffvff' 'Q ' 'sg -x W, E '1 f' af?--.-' 1 Y, Y ,lr iifmi tb ? f . f KV- r M 1 i E ..,?kK-. , EZ, ,JH ., .' 5,155 ' V' L' H 1 li--W 'ft ygg ' ' E Q- x -. 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X. . 5555" t WWW ff' 'I' X 'E 'ff t ' sv ' xt W 5'f "'R'!,'j'Qig! U 4- A j, 3l, .1 A'.3i ,f 1' if-' ' 'gh k'E5J'.'51xRQ--fee UP Xt- Fil- I' X. gi f :a1,ifm WF IW 21: W" M,-""-Ni" its 5:5351 f"'?ff 1- IN FPR' NIWX 25? 'MJ W ' P 'U sy,-ff -.v. ' "LJ . 1. Y , "' ,"-v , v " 1 --'I L'kM'ghM,g1 1 I- aH4'ig X ',,. is '61 1 5 . , ,, yu 1' 3. L ' sf M557 ' 15 f f 'W 'V' If L-,f VV-f "" -t F' if . fifigfgfl . swf' "QQ?kf!!'fl'ffL'!e ty .1----1 AMX jf SX , iffyMi,-'f"'S'.:zf '-15' A' f t 1- xv t s ys., ,zsfpw , 'i ,af 1 P larsl , 5 N , ' m f, f A 4 Q-j1",Q'?Qf. ' t, , ' ' v-WN-'4'.-' ' N-Qisxuf pl at ,H JM," - Y ,fl f 12 ..-f-iv-rw Wyyvwgg' -MX 'ff' 'WI ,. 1, :ff15QQf 4Z1v'Mf M Wx 4apw" 1i 5V, 514 ag J, fu f lg f ,V yt, ,x 5jx4WMt 3,n33y,5,,,,,, 1u "'l L t 'W 'hwftfivf - w 1"ff L f ,tf wtsii-1' he ' N EM I 'ig X 1 ,J ,A-f M -:WI " ' gff L 'gl . X M,Z'.,i ijffiiwi 'Jah I P, ffl' .'Q,QJ1i"" ' 45, , T2'1f-If -31155215-T 'iiq A L25 as - , - 1 f2,..fSE'? ' m' 4 .tffaefftt - 'Q Eg Q 31 XA ,, 1 -: Etmv Z: Atl Ni 5, 41, f. .vin 4 :Egg i i iii? L 1' lx .A fiix 1 l Q I x V , 7, if? . -Ig:-'SQDVWQLNM L 'Zh .1 , Q7 --43.5 -- Y 4 - ,,, 5325 5 f ,drrgsnrimg V 5 5 J N ig,j:"'1fi fx trgwr A T g fj- '-4i5'?iff " .zgs 1. 3.1: ' . 'I ' Rx "Mft lfixgiw, X "bw xii. WL: ' iffff t 'QBW ISB tt tt t s :tt " .A 11' M ,-'-.,:,. " ' -if Q ,,,,f T157 A ' , js MY, 'ff' vfggflfv T, ,gg A fflsyyiw V ,, mls V:T'x:f,:1jjL1X34,7l1gfs -2' Q "5 5mx,fTfSl, ,T 'KW ' 'EQ " .A J xi' A ET- ff9fEQ?5'5'f'M?S DEDICATIUN "Then welcome each rebuff, Turn earth's smoothness rough, Each sting that bids, nor sit nor Stand but goln - BROXVNING. :I 5 ,I if Q .V .V 1 is A 1533 1 ' A 7A.' --" I ,'frI:Z': ff gr. Z w x. 4? DEDICATED TO III EDNA D0 IN SINCEREST APPRECIATION FOR HER UNFAILING INTEREST AS SENIOR COUNSELOR. J X352 ,V ' E i'l'f3"'f'.L!fX,A X ' e -xo V ,Y,: Y .ewgwi Q.. wx K ' -or xx o .X- x. e igq,g,Jul- 'Br IQEWUIQD Age to age, mile to mile, Man improves his transport style: Shoe and saddle, cart and carriage, Sled and paddle-land and mirage: 'Cye1e, auto, zep, and train, Rocketship, and aeroplane-. And though time pass and man does yet Contrive L1 ship, some day, to set An interplnnitary pace, We've used your time to fill our space. ,,-, Af X fy ,f - f H iff f 1: ff f f N: X ,Nr f , X-LQ? f V A V ,H Sf V K fi Z fx K K rg X Y lf! 4 ""'f X .X if J iii 5 'fm f f S ,ik W i X W J f -AE ' f ,, x Q Z X, ,f X -f .cya - if-2 J X ',V'iff9ffg7g:,f5rfQ g UIQDEIQ DF BUCK! QAflminisirf1fio1z Classes 7Dl'i7!ll"fIlZ6lIfS QACfi z'ifizfs dllvlfffics 51-Il'IllISlJ0I'f C ri 4' Af f vm? V mpw A 1 Mm:- gi -IL as Esiyvs ,X X X we 5 , Qifxkfff :Wu ,vs ww A :.' 'R-Gif f fb W Q , H- 2:gf.i - , -1 '- f' fy w 1's:s-F511 1 K J gm: Q P'-' Q45 'fi 3 3 ws-iff - b if Q, " 7 xl: J s v Ni' s r . 2+ T , FT 3. . F L ii 5 5 a if 1 5 5, E. E. , , I I E , S y E 5 s E r l X i 'k , I F L.. ' 'L F 4 H '51 5 Zveffwfe Jhe .lg-i-Qhl-.x...... 911: G L oreskr T Q , rf 5 6 Q C T T T E Q K I N. R. CROZIER E. B. CAUTHORN L. V. STOCKARD S1lIJt'l'i71fl'IIl1l'IIf Assisfuuf S1lpCI'fl1fl'l1df'l1l 1jiSlll'll'f Sz1j1e1'i11fc11r1r'11f of Schools of Schools of High Srbools BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. BOUDE STOREY ------ - Prexiflenf COMMITTEES Fflillllfff New Builclifzgs: Mr. L. O. Donald, Cbuirllzufl Mr. E. N. Noyres, Clbairrnmn Mr. E. N. Noyes MR. L. O. DONALD Mrs. W. A. Lecper Mr. Alex XV. Spence Szzjrpliex: Lunch Rooms: Mrs. W. P. Zumwnlt, Cfjdffllldll Mrs. W. A. Leeper, Clmirfnzau Mr. L. O. Donald Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Dr. David W. Carter, Jr. Mrs. W. P. Zumwalt R ulvs: W'elfnr6: 4 Mr. Alex W. Spence, Cfmirnzan Dr. David W. Carter, Jr., Clllliflllllll l Mrs. W. P. Zumwnlt Mrs. W. A. Leeper T Dr. David XV. Carter, Jr. Mrs. XV. P. Zumwalt Q i . l T Sjzvrizll: f Mr. Alex W. Spence, Cfanirnmzz l ' l Mr. L. O. Donald qi Mr. E. N. Noyes jx V lf' 3 9 9 Qs Q, iicqxrgmmexo - .,x!QyafWc5ff: l 1 eforeshzr ii O:ll.Qf9ffOf9 --V Tlfi jh A f7A5DxGDxQ W W in Fl 1- . i 1 l li l NJ lil Mm 4 L ,i 1, l l 2 1 i l l l l 3 l l if i ll ri i g Q 5 Lajalzy Sang E We're loyal to you Forest High, l The Green and the White, Forest High, Il We'll back you to stand 'gainst the i l best in the land, For we know you have sand, Forest High, i Rah! Rah! ' Go after that ball, Forest High, We,re backing you all, Forest High: Our team is our famed protector, On, boys! For we expect a , Q I Victory from you, Forest High. I 1 Gai L- 4 ,S Q' ll il , ,,.,,,, ,-,,4,H.,.H,HI S FF 'F W FHM' 'um FW' ' W F f HH - '1--1--iSf!-Tl-l l75' a , llfl P . I zuefemm I jf, Y? mqxmep GQ e ores1br I 6 I , I I I I I 1 I I I vVYLELA.PARKER Pifizezcipczl B4any'and,varkxIareIHsin- terests, but they culminate in the services that I1c has ren- l I dered oursehooL I III I I I I, I I X gg .W If fi I7 5 ---' "'i""" .xfafqufofel E131 in oresiizr :U GAUJGFA3 Y e " -- CXQXGXQ BERTHA JACKSON W. H. BUTLER ,,,,,,, RUTH BARHAM ,, I1ELEN FERN BLACK, ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,E11gIixb ,,,,,Sm'iul Sz'iv1I10c ,,,,,,,,Sjm11isb Public Sj7f'aki11g Q - Qufbfayfofiz' I I I I I I I I I I I 'II ' I I I I I r SARAH DAVIDSON ,,,, , ,,,, , ,, Sjmnixln SELDON S. HUTCZHINSCJN ,,,,Sriwnrv E- J' JI iI I I I MINNIE BROWN ,,,, ,, Hixiory RETTIE KELLY ENSOR . Ari LOUISE XVILCOX ,, Mzzxir I I I' I I I1 II 1 ,I I It II MI . I I II If I I II S. N. BAKER , ,,,, ,,,,,,,, C 017ZlllL'1'CiclI ROBERTA WYNN, ,,,,,, ,,,,, , , ,English if C. V. GOODMAN ,,,,,, , , Hixfory ' I I I I I, I ELIZEBATH BAGLEY ,,,,,, English JI! H. B. YATES ,, History It RUTH ST. JOHN ,,,,, ,,,,,, E ngiisb I I I I J. ALAN BOULTON ,, ,, , . SCjClIl'C' J' I MARY S. CLARK, ,,,,,, ,,,E11gIixfJ J GRAY MOORE ,,,,, Sviwzce 'RAF' :I EMNIA H. BROWN Maflymzmficv -L, 1? J, T, USRY ,,,,,,,,,, ,, Sorial Sc'ir'm'rf IBOROTHY GEIKIUACH ,,,, ,,,,,,, H ixfory II? icwwww A E141 I , I Egcvfejemb jhe A. J. LOOS , NfllfbL'IlI6!fiL'X MIXISPQI, A. SHAW' CLAUDE D. POE Loc:II.I.E SEGRIST D. T. GRIIw'FITII ,,,PfJyximl Ealzzmfion ,, ...... Pbyxinz! Ellllfllffflll Pbysiral Eclzzrzzfioaz M Uflm11imzl Drawing WILLIE MAE BERRY , Home Evo110miIrs LOURANIA MILLER. ..... ,, ,,,,,,, Latin NANNIE D. ANDREWS ..... Matbczzmfics RUTH MORRISW... .. ..-..Scicncc I Q R Q, zicwwxeu foreskr , 'B I RUTH CZIIRISTOPHER ,,,,,. . ..,. History J. B. WHITE ,,,,,,.,, ,,,, Science -JULIA PRITCHETT, ,,,..,, ,.., , .,.Com'u1e1'ciaI ADDIE MELSON,. ........ Englisfo -T.y!ICCQxI1MACR L .,., C077'l77lCVL'iHl 'Il-fI'Gl'CHER. .... .... , ..... H ixfory . fl , fl'-I J' 45 L, E, ROSSER ,,,,.,,,,,..,, , Mdf17Ull1dfiL'S ALICE HAIKRINGTON ,,,,,,,,, H ome Economics MRS. LORENE E. JACKSON ............ S6'C1'6'flll'jf GEO, C, RORII-3 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , MaffJc11zaiics J. T. KENNINGTON ., ........... ..lVIa1'bf111afic'S FLETCHER RYAN XVICRHAM ,,,,,,Spa11isb 9 9 .xfebfelfclfaf : U53 EUMAW l yhe oresiizr fm W 2 1 B RACHEL M. FOOTE Z w EDNA ROWE i DCW1 ,English l . . T FQCZLZZW Not H6lUZ71Cg Pz0m1'e.r l, ELOISE DUIKHAM E E I0lll'lIIlIiS'll'l ETHEL MASTERS ,,,,,7,7 , H Lgiiu ELIZABETH HUCQHES, Y,,, , ,,,,, ,Lafifz ELMA THQRNELL 7 ,E ,,,,,,,, OffiL'c l Mus. MINNIl'l ARDREY ,7, ,,, . . Franck TURA W. DTM, 7 , ,, 7h, E., fggliyb 1 MRS. SEARCY HARDY 7,, , Sindy Hall KATE HTXSSELL ,,,, ,,, ,,.lVl1fZT577afids l PHONSII3 CAMPBELL . .... ...Hisiory LT. Con.. R. L. COLEMAN ivfilfmry ElX4MALlNIi DONOHUE , W.. Lib1'all'iu11 MRS, PIQRCIH PI01,DEN,,,,, ,,,,Y,,,,,, W Pianisl' 1. Z! MRS. JANE W. 'CHAMBERLAIN E,,,,Office PEARLE MATTHEW'S ,Home Economics MRS. JENNIE Woufr BLUMENTIIAL. ..... . MARGARET BREWER Mathematics f A ,, Y , ,, ,,,,, Study Hall 1 A Fable for Tmclaem Compiled in the Way l of JAMES RUSSEL LOXVELL l fW'f10xm' fmrrlalz wr jmzyj 1 . ll The ideals J. Russells: the rhyme would be claimed by very few poets who ever ll Q . SJ . V be met just the same. l I won fameg and if respect be due to the aged and lame, our meter's respectful, be it ever CD O FY sa 3 9 5 5 Q- F? 5' O C UQ D' F7 'J' ns If Q- rn sm v-s P-s ru an Q- rn fs fn 5. O Cf P-s O 5 ,- X4 Q if. 2 ru 5' O 'U fu 'X4 O C'- 71 an 'U 'U f-1 O 4 'ii- 5. :TTQQ ff XQXQQ Af. .-ef Qyfafofolla xg l16Ql V 6 zgcbjofofto jhe ssxowmogz Q oresiizr . O One word to the teachers who are listed below-welve tried to be truthfully un- biased, although the truth may be painful to serious Ones, while instructive to others who can sec the fun. And to you, unincluded, be ye thankful or sad, take us not seriously nor judg too bad, for the joy of your acquaintance we may never have had. O, judge not too harshly, and be entertained, and accept this with humor thought "entertwined." Miss ELIZABETH HUGHES, English In 108 we've Elizabeth Hughes, Who between English and Latin this fall had to choose. Her size, her figure, her grades are petite, Sometimes she smiles, and she's certainly sweet. Her greatest fault fwe're sure she can't know itj Is she's delightfully young and afraid she will show it. Oh, Betty, if you to the "kids" would be dearer, Be a little more natural, a little bit nearer! Miss DOROTHY GERLACH, Hixfory We like you keen, sarcastic, quick. Our only criticism's, Except when we're the butt, We enjoy your witticisms. MR. H. B. YATES, History Then there's Mr. Yates, with a smile or a grudge, 8fl0's pure history, 2f10,s pure fudge. At business managing he's such a peach, We wonder how he ever began to teach. Miss MARY SMITH CLARK, English Small, blonde, romantic. She Is juxl the type to like poetree. COLONEL RICHARD COLEMAN, R. O. T. C. Qwbat is bis lille?j There's our Colonel, gruffly grinning, Flirting with a smile that's winning. I Polished leather, shiny brass, Militant above the mass. nl A commanding, Curt, and bold man Q Is our military Coleman. e us and Q O ZHOXLQXCQ-Xfsx.a .Cf QVQVQVO ff: E17 B 1 2 L L F E E L , , ' X, ,., .77-, --+V -S, XGEQRGE Hmwoon ., I, X,- E mil SENIUIQS N T T T O1"eS el' T T IV A'S RUTH HUNTER A T ERNEST BLACK RUTH SIMS T AGIB TREMRLY MARGARE'f CONNOR X T T T T T GEORGE HARWOOD T TT T TTT T T' T T TTT JAKE LICHTENSTEIN A T ROSE SPIRITAS T T TT T ARTHUR BERNVALD f ' T T T T TT T T T . 1 T T ! T T LUCILLIZ CLAYTON NATHAN LEON HEILEN CTLAKELER T T T T HARRY SHAPIRO ' T IQATHLIZEN PRICE T , T JACK GILLTNGHAM T T I-11-.Ll-LN HOLLANID 1' CONSTANGE MOSES T JUANITA GOVER T HATTIE KTRSGHNER GEORGE SORENSON T. ' T REBECCA EINHORN '? 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TRANCLS ABRAHAM ,4 Q I , 1 If 3 I 'WW M'-'W 'Amy' W, ,lm YW ,flfifglilf 4 ' LMI gQvQAw0 Jhe ljtzzsiawaII:::::::2:::2::::YNfxOggQQ CLLIAQTA RlCIil'.IR NI'l'l"l'Ili LEE PERL5TEIN MARIIORIIQ ROBINSON BILRTKON HOIIOI-.5 GEORGE GORDON E I ANNA MARILQ vON PEIN I EARL SUMMI-QRS l AILEEN SMITH I 1 LORENA RUNNELS 1 5 WI BIaI"I'Y BAILEY EUOLNIIL ARONS JUANITA WAl.Kl'.Ii MA'F'l'IE BELLE ELLINGTON WA1.Al'1ili FANNIN JUANIIA ODOM I MAIlA1.INE CHRISIII5 HEl.IiN HA1"TER CONRAD DUWIQ I MARVIN CLARK ELIZABIJIH HOLT BESSIE GORIJON U 7 5 5 ' O 'I 2 0 :IiONf9NOXOxJ A-i 1-.fefeffafmz i241 S i, :ganna ,J I Q 0re81ar :I N QMQXGNGJQZ ,X ,, 6 X L Loulsle MANDEL BILLII41 ARONOII' ELRANOR Rosh IJISCI IL SAM KIMMELL MARY ELIZABIQTH HAIx1IIRlc3H'r BERNIQR AISTROP HIcRsn1HIaI, KARIQI IMI-,R LU FAN PATRICK KATIE GOQIIMAN J , l N MAIQAIOIRIIZ LICI-ITENSTIAQIN CHARLIiS ,LEVI Rosfx COHIALN XVALTIIR STONE LIIZON ITU N R MINNIIA. KI-.TTLE I H.n'nIaN HILBURN I I I. 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WILNA FRENCH ' I H I E E L 1 'V 5 ALICE MAliIli JONES 3 if' in iff' I-1 I I ' in " -' - A RUBY MIl,LER QIVAJ zglg h GILBERT FLEISCHER QIVAJ I , I iff . f Y I-an I 'Vs f' M 'W EVELYN SLATIQR QIVAJ , f Azzf' A l , h ' L" 3, I JK A ISADORIQ PORTNOY QIVAJ H5 ,Is 3 Q! J.C.BAIN QIVAJ ci Fr ELT: 'E' 3 .xfefafcfo E313 Egcafmema flhe f J GKGDXGAQUS A oresiizr 6 IV Alf Noi Hmfznfg Pzctmfef ARMBRUSTER, WALTER NICHOLS, J. C. BAILEY, THOMAS puns, CARL DAROSS, VIRGINIA REDD, BASS FARRAR, NANNIE RUTH , FARQUHAR, BILLIE RIGDON, FRANCES GOLDSTEIN, HILDA RENFROP WILLIAM GROSS, I'IYIwIAN SEHNERT, LOUIS GUTHRIE STEPHEN SIWITHS MAURICE HARMAN, JOHNIE STAGNER, FRANK HORTON, KENNETH STEER, ,AVENT K'NGf DORIS SWIFT, LUTHER I KLACZAR, ANTONIA Q LIGENBERG, ZELDA VENERP RAE MCCI.ENDON, ERA WLLLIAMSp ROY 3 MILLER, LEON WOMACK, FRANCES , . . IV B I Noi Hmyzntg Pzcfmfef AILSHIE, NTILDRED JOHNSON, CHARLES BERNSTEIN, BILLIE JOULE, ERNEST BRANDON, CARMON KLINDWORTH, MAR,IORIE BRONSTEIN, MARY KOEGAL, BERTHA MARIE - J BURDEN, EDMUND KOSAIKPHY, MOL1,IE V J CARP, EDWIN LAEEOON, BONNIE CHANEY, EDMUND LEE, MARI1i COMES, VELMA LEIE, FRED COSNAHAN, H. M. LEWIS, -WILBUR CURTIS, BILLIE MARSPI.'XLL, MAIRION DAVIS, J. W. MA1i1'1N, GLADYS DONOSKY, SAMUEL MCCLAIN, FREDERICRA DUWE, CONRAD MCNEESEV, EVERETT ENGLE, MAX MELTON, WOODROW FELTON, HELEN MITTENTHAL, BERNICE FELTON, GLENN MUNOZ, HAROLD FITZGERALD, JIM ORR, GEORGE FITQGERALD, JUNE LEE SINGLETON, GRACE FRAUMAN, CHARLES SCHEPPS, ELI FREID, ISADORE ' SHARP, LIELEN FRENCH, CLAUDE SHINDER, WILLIE FREY, LAWRENCE SLOAN, WILLIE VERA ' GARISON, ARLIE SMITH, SOL STEELE, VESTA LEE G1L1.1NGHAM ACK , J STOWE, JESSE TERRANELLA, TONY TURK, FRANKIE GRIPEITH, ANNIE HABERMAN, SOL J HALL, BLANCHE WYALKFR, PAULINE ,V HALL, TOMMIE XVIEST, RICHARD HILTERRRAND, ROBI-LRT WIIITDY, THOMAS Q JACKSON, HESTER MVHITIY, CLIIfFORD A W - S 'TICNQQQSXLQXJ .-Cfqyevofar' U21 .K. 1x1 1 JUNIUIQI 'k if awe ee- fheaforesm 1 5 as - 5 l 1 l , l i l 'l l l i I l I l l Ill A JUNIOR GIRLS Adams, Beulah Combs, Velma Hood, Nell McLendon, Lela Fae Addington, Vera Collins, Nellie Hooke. Ifrances Manion, Julia Ballas, Helen Conner, Frances Hoskins, Louise Margules, Sylvia Barnett, Juanita Davidson, Nedra Howell, Daisy Marshall, Marjorie Barrett, Frances Davis, Janie Lou Jacobs, Evelyn Martin, Mary Beiber, Helen De Bardeleben, Mary Jackal, Annaliese Miller, Lillie Blakeney, Lucy Denieux, Muriel Johnson, Lucilc Mozelcy, Mary Block, Leora Dickson, Mary Louise Johnson, Susan Nance, Martha Bloom, Mollie Echols, Evelyn Jones, Dorothy Nelson, Pauline 5 Bolton, Dovie Enkowirz, Lena Kay, Mable Newton, Elsie l Brochiero, Blanche Early, Ella May Klindworth, Marjorie Nichols, Dorothea Brock, Christelle Gallagher, Frances Kuhnell, Elizabeth Novich, Felice Bruton, La Ruth Gilbert, Sallie Lacy, Juanita Pereifull, Bessie Bryon, Clara Goodman, Elvira Laney, Ruth Poirier, Josephine Bryan, Louise Gray, Nellie Layton, Jimmie Lee Ponder, Edith Buckalen, Katherine Green, Faye Lebowitz, Thelma Ponder, Maudie Burham, Lucille Haller, Alberta Levi, Marie Pravorne, Annabel Cade, Gdell Hansen, Margaret Levin, Frances Purse, Eleanor l I Campanella, Lena Harlan, Leta Mae Locke, Iirances Ramsey, Wfillie Campbell, Ethel Herron, Ellan McCallum, Ruby Baskin, Eva Carson, Anna May Hollingsworth, McClain, Ifredericka Ratner, Birdie Cates, Evelyn Georgia McKay, Nano Belle Reames, Mary Frances Colley, Era 5 O 7 W YYYY D-vi-W-Y s ic WIQXQKSXQX, ii as G J l34l elmfm Jheforeskr S QU: Q Adams, XVoodrow Anderson, C. I. Barbario, Sam Barshop, Simon Beddoe, Frank Bentley, E. Biggs, George Billion, Marvin Blair, George Bolyn, J. B. Bradbury, Bob Bragg, Weltoli Bray, Carl lll A JUNIOR BOYS Curry, Ralph Curtis, Corneil Dorsa, Je1'ome Embry, Leroy Engle, Max Fee, Francis Felton, Glenn Fenley, Albert Fryar, Wilsori Gross, Charles Haberman. Sol Haralson, Luther Harrott, Ted Buekmeyer, Xlifoodrow Henderson, Bennie Butler, Arnold Calvit, Wfilliam Casten, James Catlin, Sharman Clem, Stanford Conner, Wfilliam Coonrod, Wfillard Crane, A. B. Hendrix, Merril Henry, W. Hicks, Edward Hilterbrand, Robert Hodges, Robert Hoyt, Andrew Hurst, Edgar lngraham, Lawrence Kaplan, Leonard King, Frank Kleiman, Leon Lambert, William LeAming, Charles Levy, Meyer Lyles, John McCallum, Carl Maples, Brownie Marshal, Charles Martwieh, Carl Melton, Jesse Mileham, Ernest Murphy, Hardy Murphy, Luther Neislar, Preston Newman, Pat Newman, Ralph O,Brien, Raymond Orr, George Pavelka, Anton Rachoff, Leonard Rice, Glen Riffe, Hackler Robinson, Winstoia Roush, Carl Rowland, Matt Schreiber, Hernar Schwartz, Arthur Schwartz, Louis Segal, Joe Sierrad, Ben Semkins, Edward Smith, George Steinley, Arthur Stowe, Jesse Thomas, Hubert Tulley, Steve Valeik, John XVeavers, Edgar Wliite, Clifford Wiiibtirn, Wfalter Wfisdom, Lee Wfithers, John Carsson, T. 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Athos, Sam Averre, Rutherford Beach, Linwood Bloom, Samuel Bramlert, Syll Breeding, Archie Bryant, Joseph Canada, Llerman Caro, Meredith Coleman, H. A. Currie, John Ely, Morris Fox, Ben Good, Floyd III B JUNIOR BOYS Gordon, Ellis Goss, D. Grya, Enmend Harrell, Raymond Harris, Frank Harris, James Harrison, Ralph Hechtman, George Herrington, C. Hodges, Roy lngle, E. W. Jacobs, Joe Johnson, Glenn Johnson, James Jones, L. Jordan, Bernard Kendall, Roy Kollhoff, Albert McClary, Caesar McKinney, Aubrey McNease, Wfillie Manion, Thomas Matthew, Charles Mattox, Norman Mayerhoff, Emil Mayhew, Herman Melton, James Mitchell, Bob Mittenthal, Lewis Prewitt, Crawford Price, Jack Reeves, Clyde Shelton, Harris Sinclair, Lois Skatak, Otto Stamps, Vernon Steen, Frank Stockbridge, Claude Summers, W. E. Thompson, Harry Vance, Clyde Wfelbourne, Eugene Wilson, Paul Q Z :HQ,x9x6xf9X-, - C K -- , -AJQMVOXQE: f37fl oresiier If Roddy, Viola Rodgers, Edna Rosenbaum, Dorothy Mae Rubin, Ethel Lee Sanders, Gladys Sanford, Elgean Scuclder, Thelma Schnert, Sara Sharp, Helen 6::ljC5!GDf9fi9 ! 'ii' CXQXQQL 6 III A JUNIOR GIRI,S-Cl2IIfiI1Zlf'L! Small, Alice Whittington, Emma Windsor, Louise Wyll, Dorothy Smith, Dorothy Smith, Esther Smith, Irene Snow, Edith Sorenson, Margaret Sparks, Helen Steer, Mary Elizabeth Stenger, Laurella Storrs, Newell Swanson, Virginia Williams, Mary Worley, Pauline Tabor, Helen Thomas, Vera Trudgeon, Kathlyn Tucker, Audrey Vogel, Clara Walker, Aletha Watson, Christine Webb, Blanche Webb, Billie West, Willie Mae Wilson, Betty Jane Wright, Helen Adventure I am a ship: new scenes, new lands, strange faces Lure me on to places, Undiscovered. Would that I could go where fancy takes me to- Uncharted seas, fading into infinity Sing and beckon unto me. To sail away on an ocean blue- Adventures of youth to find. To live and love my whole life through, And never the cost to mind. Then weary at my journey,s end For a calm and silent port, I'd anchor at each, and on I,d wend, For I am the questioning sort. -LUCY BLAKENEY. Q 9 3 'Z zflcfwoxcoxrsxa -- .x.Je1!eVtVeJlI: Us I SUDHDMDIQES il'E91.'Qfl Qlfaffafj i Jhej : H+T asm NCQ: -f fa Abel, Frances Alberts, Jewel Aronson, Mildred Bailey, Martha Baldwin, Doris Bales, Christine Beeman, Ruth Bigbie, Maurine Bond, Edith Bonnet, Katherine Bowers, Mildred Boyd, Dorothy Buekspan, Harriett H A SOPHOMURE GIRLS Cohen, Sary Coleman, Opal Coleman, Oppie Conner, Dorothy Cooke, Alois Rae Crocker, Maude Cruse, Mildred Crutchfield, Nelda Dahmer, Doris Dasch, Helen Davis, Alberta Davis, Mary Ruby Dennis, Verna Dean Burgower, Tressa RoseDougherty, Dorothy Cabeen, Katherine Caldwell, Margaret Cannon, Arlene Caplan, Yetta Caroway, Alliene Carter, Helen Cartwright, Thelris Clique, Mildred Dunn, Elizabeth Eelqenfels, Annie Evans, Martha Evans, Mary Frances Feuerbacker, Nellie Fleming, Inez Floyd, Evelyn Fooshee, Frances Eritts, Mynette Garten, Martha Giuffre, Catherine Glalieler, Dorothy Gordon, Helen Gurgiolo, Rosalie Hafter, Esther Hall, Pauline Hardin, Bethie Lee Harkey, Juanita Harris, Madge Hedge, Grace Hefner, Louise Hemphill, Evelyn Henderson, Lillian Hester, Dorothy Huber, Dorothy Huddleston, Virginia Hudgens, Alma Humphrey, Dorothy Johns, Etha Johnson, Janice Johnson, Mildred Jones, Johnny Jones, Mae Marie Jordon, Tommie Kahn, Renta Kiclierillo, Josephine King, Jewell Mae King, Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Eunice Lee, Violet Lendermon, Clella Levine, Goldie Levy, Orion Luke, Katherine McMasters, Dorothy Mangrum, Juanita Mann, Cecile Mason, ljuana Mason, Ruth Maxwell, Dorothy Meredith, Thelma Lee Michaelson, Zelda Miller, Vivian Mitchell, Ida Mae Cohen, Mary Q it if Q A 9 S s 1 l :UCQNCQYGNCSRJ Cfqgfcafqifqy. l40l Ce . .J , :U fQfQfQ J Jhejorester y cxoxexogz Abramson, Bennie Adler, Lee Agress, Alfred Angrist, Bernard Argovitz, Harry Austin, Eugene Ball, Foster Barnes, Robert Barr, Francis Bassett, Alton Bean, Durward Beck, Herman Biehl, Jack Backstone, Hugo Bock. Toe Bond, Charles Boyd, Harry Brown, Veryl Buchanan, Bob Buchanan, Robert Campaneloa, Veto Caro, William II A SOPHOMORE BCYS Cobbel, Hyman Cox, John Crandall, Dale Crowder, Homer Dobbs, James Douglas, Ralph Eaves, Joe Echols, Wayne Enkowitz, Joe Evans, Chilton Fallin, Madison Farrow, Leon Faulkner. Robert Gordon, Harry Graham, Fowler Grant, Vernon Greenberg, Samuel Gregory, Joe Gruber, Isadore Hall, Jack Haller, Howard Hansen, Joe Harris, Alvis Hart, Arthur Hart, Harold Hatch, Harry Faulhaber, William Heflin, Durward Felton, Jack Henke, Werner Finneburgh. Edward Hexamer, Charles Flanders. Walmslev Hiesiger, Mayer Freeland, Newton Hightower, D. J. Gaines, Robert Holland, J. T. Gann, Freeman Hollingshead, Grady Garison, Bill Gilmore, Buster Howell, Cleo Jelton, George Jones, Maloy Jones, Roland Kemmerle, Richard Klar, Leo Kleinman, Walter Kooken, Leo La Barba, Carl Lane, Paul Lawson, Glenn Leverett, John Light, Beryl Light, Marion Lipsitz, Daniel McCutchcon, Shelton McKenzie, J. W. McMullin, Leroy McMurray, Edgar Maher, Rowland Mays, Clarence Messina, Joe Miller, Riley Morris, Hal Cheney, Thomas Goodman, Harold Johnson, Harold Neal, Leroy R 7 J' 9 zhoxpmswcxj a- .cf QJXEYQVQJ F E41 gGAlRUG tjhegf 5 wax oresibr I Albright, Dorothy Atwood, Dorothy Ballard, Mittie Beam, Lois Bedell, Rebecca Bock, Ida Bim, Harrise Burns, Lois Burton, Mary Katherine Camper, Faye Christie, Vivian Cima, Frances Clarke, Frances Cook, Martha Coonrod, Wfilma Craver, Sadie B. Cullum. Anna Bell Daily, Beatrice Dinova, Rosa Furlow. Ada Mae Gage, Daisy II B SOPHOMORE GIRLS Golden, Margaret Goodman, Doris Gremm, Jenny Hanchett, Mary Elizabeth Harris, Joy Harris, Mary Harrison, Mayme Hart, Bertha Halter, Bernice Heflin, Nellie Hilburn, Corinne Hussey, Ruth Hutson, Hazel Irby, Evelyn Jaffe, Ida Joffrion, Joy Johnson, Elsie Mae Johnson, Marguerite Johnson, Maxine Jones, Lillian Jones, Lilles Mae Kelly, Lorene Kirby, Lora Klar, Lois Kline, Alice Land, Daisy Laufer, Rosa Lee Lawrence, Isabel Lebcowitz, Rose Lee, Kathryne Levine, Frances McVey, Virginia Maples, Marion O'Flaherty, Mary Margare Parrish, Fay Parsons, Lucille Phillip, Birdie Phippis, Loyce Pierce, Irene Ploeger, Lucille t Raley, Edna Reed, Evelyn Rezek, Georgia Rizzotto, Gladys Ruttenberg, Rose Schwartz, Hannah Schlinger, Pauline Sims, Dorothy Smith, Beth Smith, Lauretta Smith, Nova Spradlin, Vivian Tyler, Mildred Uberman, Anna Walters, Imogene Watkins, Marion Weil, Clara Wfilson, Ruth Wood, Bertha Wood, Doris Yarber, Dorothy E 4 LJ 719 agifiwmo I .cf Qifofofcfl t42l Ca i 1 'J 1 J el MN L Jheforeskr L mxmle Baumgarten, Fred Bishop, Jack Bowers, Everett Brandon, Durward Burns, Harmon Bush, Herschel Callahan, Pat Chandler, Lewis Cohen, Charley Cole, Murray Corden, Walter Davis, Arlie Edelman, Leo Ehney, Ward Embry, Kenneth Erickson, Price Ferguson, John Frank, Hubert Godwin, Garman II B SOPHOMORE BOYS Gray, Lee Hahn, Henry Harrell, Henry Harris, Joe Haynes, Edwin Henzen, Frank Hiser, Qrbie Howell, Fred Huber, Jack Hyden, Clyde Jacobs, Curtis Jacobs, Harmon Johnson, James Katz, Abraham Kimmell, Leon King, Ralph Kollhoff, Charles Lacy, J. W. Lee, Fred Lentz, Ward Leubner, Markus Logan, Emmett Logan, Oscar Logan, Ralph Lund, Martin Lunsford, Vaden McCutcheon, Walter McKee, Troy McKim, James Marshall, Paul Meyer, Julian Mitchell, Robert Mitchell, Robert Morgan, jack Oliver, Claude Packwood, Emmett Perry, Arthur Pike, Jack Pirozzo, Samuel Portman, Arnold Ramsly, James Ratner, Joe Rubin, Edwin Runner, Dan Scoggin, Jesse Lee Seaton, L. E. Shramals, Frank Timpa, Leon Tsukahara, Theodore White, Henry Wilson, Fred Wright, c. A. Zelazny, Hyman Zelazny, Morris 'nc9XQxQ,Ygx,f if 'FAM .Cf Qgfafoif l 4 3 il l I 1 l l 1 o ores12er EUCSXCDJGVCS T a ? 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Payne, Nila Mae Sigel, Doris Wallace, Rosamond Pease, Velma Smith, Elizabeth Webb, Aletha Penney, Odessa Smith, Elma Webb, Christine Potter, Lois Spurney, Frances Weed, Mary Oliver Price, Helen Steele, Evelyn Wertz, Virginia Redd, Thelma Stephens, Nettie Wilkerson, Helen Redding, Mary Jane Stern, Helen Ruth Wilonsky, Ida Reed, Pauline Stevens, Ruth Witebsky, Ruth Reeves, Louise Stone, Maggie Wittkower, Helen Rosenfield, Emily Stover, Isabel Wolfe, Evelyn l Russell, Jessie Swartz, Pauline Woody, Ruth Saunders, Nan Rena Swarthout, George M. Yonack, Rhea II A SOPHOMORE BOYS-Coniinucd Newton, Charlie Rowland, J. W. Stewart, Thurbert Nicholas, J. W. Sanford, Jack Stolburn, Hyman Owens, Calvin Schell, Mike Stricklin, R. B. Parsons, Bob Schnieder, Norbert Taylor, J. R. Perryman, James Shay, Sol Thomas, Leroy Pomerantz, William Shultz, Elston Traylor, Eugene Portman, Robert Sides, Robert Tsukahara, Woodrow Pruitt, Albert Singer, Jerome Tucker, Robert Ray, Roy Sims, Jack Utz, David Reaves, George Skinner, W. B. Wacker, E. J. Render, Louis Slogle, Ralph Wade, Houston Reynolds, G. W. Smith, Richard Waldrop, Ray Richards, Everett Snoger, Preston Weaver, Mabry Riddell, George Spencer, Charles Whitney, C. M. Roork, Wood Arthur Steele, Robert Williaford, Lloyd Roberts, Bennie Steele, Tollie Wilson, Fred Robinson, Raymond Steen, Charles Wright, Neal " Roesch, Jimmie Steer, Richard Yates, Joe 5 Z - Q fafelfafenfofff l44l FIQESHMEN .og .1 :UGJGJGUG , F TTT t , ., 9, Q Ahet?ores1Zer,- 'W QUE -1.1 S l 6 l H Q ffl l , T ll., l ll tl ir ,l li ll lil lull ill li l"l lQ . lf, 1 l',i ll l ,I l l l l lil Vp , ll ,W l 'til ' ,,,,, , Y , l'. , tml l Hill l li l l' . , , l , 1 A FRLSHMAN GIRLS g l , 1 X 3 Akins, Katherine Crane, Verna Hooper, Artie Nelson, Lena Maud Siegel, Sarah N J l Allen, Leota Darnahy, Mildred Horton, lldna Newman, Kathryn Singletarry, Ruth I 1 l 1 Anderson, Alwilder Davis, liula Lee Hoskins, Lois Newton, Cora Smith, Clara ' l Angrist, Fsther Davis, Lois I lubbard, Mary Novin, Leah Smith, Edna Farle 9 Baechtel, Ada Kathryn Diggs, Bertie I lnbig, Mary O'Brien, Iiloise Smith, Marion ' A li Baird, Lorene Donnahoe, Loreta lngle, Vfandella O'Brien, Mary Ellen Snyder, Gusta l l Barker, Helen Drewry, Lyelyn lshell, Geneva Parrish, Fay Stathakos, Hope I , Q, l Barth, Marjorie Filipee, Helen jackson, MaryvGeorge Patlierson, Viola Stevens. Virginia , l Bennett, Hazel Fisher, Fannie Fae klaeobs, Mary lzlilalzeth Patterson, Lucile Sullevan, Frankye l Bentley, Wiiiifretl Flagg, Nora Bell -lennings, Mary Pcaton, Gertrude Summers, Margaret l , Bernbaum, Lucile Flanders, Ida Nar Kalucinell,1fvelyn Peeler, Virginia Seango, Marjorie 5 l I Black, Irene Fleischer, Sylvia Kelly, Beutel Perry, Fay Tabor, Sophie 5 Bloom, Minnie Fowler, Irene Kincaid, Nancy Phillips, lfva Taylor, Gladys . l Boles, Marie Frauman, Celia Klein, Margaret Pirowo, Margaret Taylor, Marie l Bolin, Shirley Gage, Marie Knight, Ozelle Pitehford, Linnis Thomas, Eugenia Bond, Virginia Galloway, Doris Lambert, Helen Geneva Powell, Grace Thompson, Eloise Broadnax, Bessie Gersmar, Clarice Latimer, Betty Prather, Margaret Tims, Helen , 4 Brocker, Helen Gillaert, Reba Lewis, Mildred Putman, Ora Mae Ventura, Yolanda ' l Brown, Aremia Mae Gold, Ami Lorenz, Iilsie Ray, Norma XVard, Frances , Z Brown, Dorothy .lean Good, Dorothy McKay, Madeline Redd, Dorothy Wltrdlow, Ruth l Byers, Billie Gordon, Hattie Madsen, Elsie Redd, Lillie W.itsiJn, Mary Campanella, Rosie Green, Nellie Malliaon, Frances Ricker,1fva Wliitby, Ruby l Canada, Clara Green, Rose Lee Mapes, Ida Lee Robinson, Opal Wliitby, Ruth y Cassata, Rosa Groseelose, Lorraine M assengale, Margie Rosenfield, Bernice Wfilliamson, Havel , 2 kg Cato, Faye Hamhright, Lsther May, Alma Rosien, Pauline XY'itherspoon, Nell y l Cerper, Fannie Hamlin, Louise Meyer, Fannie Sanders, lfva Lee Nvonaaclt, Ruth l l ' l Chapman, Oleen Harris, Mabel Miller, Freda Mae Saxton, Mildred W'ood, Dorothy i V l Chatham, Kathryn Hemphill, josephine Moody, Frances Schreiner, Johanna NX'ood, Ruth 1 Clayton, Margaret Henderson, Ruth Moore, Virginia Schuert, Billy Vfoodson, Aleene I--l Cogburn, Hazel Herrington, Mildred Morrison, Martha Scudder, Mildred W'oolbright, lidith li Conner, Ruth Hicks, Mary Ona Neff, Pauline Shanks, MaryLee W'riglit, Clariee ll O Cox, Helen Holland, Frances Nehring, Luella Sherman, Imogene XVright, Frances X k 19 g Q - Wa 2 7 Tv WW - -'vw - Y e,,, ,W T-1-QM. ,WHL ,, , ,MH W , T W it ' '11 - - H 'F 144, f41ifzywtrijr': i461 zgofofcvrfv , Jhe S Q61 GNDI1: oresiizr G i Q 6 A B 5 B 6 1 CCLRC Q l l l i l 4 4 IA FRESHMAN BOYS Alexander, Leroy DeHay, Lawrence johnson, james Mountz, Harry Sloan, Archie Ballas, Victor Dowdy, lirnest jones, Perry Nairn, Pierce Smith, Leon Bates, Arthur Fausett, Bill Kali n, lirederick Neff, Raymond Smith, Philip , Benat, Otto Fehmel, Bill Kallus, Fred Nemec, Charlie Sorenson, Sidney lim I Bennett, NValter Bergoon, Robert Berry, Leonard Blachley, Melvin Borden, john Boyd, james Bray, joseph Brite, XVillie Rex Burgower, Philip Cannon, Robert Canrley, M. D. Carter, Giles Case, Donald Cassell, liugene Chaney, Louis Cirone, Vincent Cole, Monroe Coleman, Gene l ewis Cooper, jimmie Corder, jack lierrcll, Neal Fine, jules Fisher, Neel Fitch, Bill French, Guy Friedman, Herbert liutch, Herschel Gentry, Hoyt Goidl, Nathan Gooch, lf. Gordon, Aaron Haralson, lforest Hardwick, Clinton Hawkins. Charlie Hetlington, limory Hester, Marcus Holder, Rohert Hollywood, Austin Horton, G. C. lluckaboy, I lerman Katv, Harry Kennedy, john Kile, Darrell King, joe Kinnard, Harvey Klindworth, Clifford Latimer, john Lawrence, Louis Ledbetter, M. T. Levit, Sidney NlcBrayer, Eldon McDonald, Chester McDowell, j. A. Malcoinesius, Leon Malik, Frank Marten, David Mayhew, Charles Nliller, Harry Millican, Leroy Minsky, Arthur Nichols, Louis Pace, Obed Payne, Richard Peacock, Leslie Pemberton, Edward Perry, Leon Peterman, George Phares, lflliott Phipps, jack Piranio, joe Potter, Milles Purvin, Robert Ray, lkflllltlllt Rise, j. D, Richman, Irving Ruttenberg, joe Sanders, lidwin Sehepps, julius Scherr, joseph Seoggins, Lawrence Spencer, Ted Stapleton, Ullis Stateler, C. L. Steer, Harold Stephenson, Tom Storrs, M. C. Streicher, W'ilhelm Summers, Claude Sweatt, Allan Terry, Raymizn ,l Tiner, Milton Tobolowsky. jack Tullis, Philip Tulley, Tom XVardlaw, Richard W'eseh, Frank W'illiams, Henry Wlise. Herbert W'orley, james Wtillsclileger, Sam l Crook, XVilliain Huery, A. O. Mitchell. j. C. Sehnert, Billy XVyll, Abe li Crutchfield, Corry Hussey, Charles Nloncricf, joe Sliotwell, 'lihomas Yonack, Ralph A Curtis, Gwynne jackson, Bob Qi 9 Q l Y u --he-ee H for .AJJWQQHQ IQTXLDXO QZXJ l l47l ofefcafrfv T 'lihf'-il 8 among: Q me 3 4 1 ores1br li' HR--! fa , aaaaaa , lqugu I ill I B I Y 1 4 i F l l l I i Z E , i l 1 is l . l l 1 ,, L i i ., l I , l 1 B FRESHMAN GIRLS l Ackerman, Mae Eaves, Lillian Lee, Frances Robinson, Louise l Ailshie, Louanna Einhorm, Dora Lee, Janie Rolnick, Sylvia l Anderson, Dorothy Enix, Zula Levine, Jennie Sanders, Helen l , Andrews, Evelyn Evans, Althea Lyles, Ruby Scholchaur, Emma l Austin, Mary K. Evans, Maurine McCarley, Arline Sessums, Dorothy Bowland, Virginia Farnsworth, Pauline McCarter, Lucille Shelton, Daphine Bronstein, Natalie Ferguson, Dorothy McComas, Thelma Skomk, Helen Bryant, Dorothy lfloyd, Frances McDonald, Donnie M Slocum, Perla L. Buckalew, La Vonne Frank, Goldie Martin, Nelwyn Srengef, Georgia Bunievaty, Ella Iireiley, Genevia Mason, Delorice Stewart, Ma,-ie Carson, Estelle Golden, Inez Melton, Lorene Stockbridge, Irene X Chumley, Pauline Hamilton, Mildred Miller, Gravlyn Stone, Virginia l Cobbel. Hilda Hardin, Dorothy Miller, Hortense Strange Ruth Cox, Mildred Harvey, S. D. Monford, Evelyn Talley iivclyn Cromwell, Christie Hatter, Lorene Moore, Ernestine i . I I , . Thornell, Naomi 1 Dance, Margaret Harwaid, Bei tha Moore, Geraldine Toll I Daniel, Inell Jackson, Selah Morgan, Gladys Crum' rem Daughtery, Mary jim, Annie M. Moxley, Frances Toney' -lulmm Dent, Margaret Kahler, Maurine Perry, Elizabeth W?ld111S' Beulah Dillon, Katherine Kahn, Caryl Peterman, Dorothy Wllsonf Edith i I Douhit, Katherine Kirkpatrick, Dorothy Quinette, Louise WilS0H, Kllfllefim Duke, Nadine Langford, Angeline Ragsdale, Evelyn WiHb0fl1, Milfgilwt Duean, Octavia Lawson, Helen Richards, Bonnie M. 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Paschall, Charles Phillips, Marshall Rigdon, Clayton Robinson, John Savage, Lester Schepps, Hyman Seoggins, Phillip Spiritas, joe Steinberg, Morris Steinberg, Teddy Sweeton, Joe Terranella, Phillip Ussery, Raymond NXfilkaford, R. D. Wfilliams, Vance - an :CJ mfEfCJfQl A ng, 7l 2 4 1 MILITAIQY Egofofffvfra i hen? f- -eN- axowxo i'xfz95l'91,1i ' 915- K A 'gif le 3 5 l i I l , ll - i, Bam! Rower 3 ,J C11 jnfailz B Aronoff, Billie Sevozzrl I,il'1lIiC'IIlllI1LS Anderson, C. I. Maples, Brownie - Sl'I'gt'tllIfS Steen, Frank Hicks, Edward Faulhaber, William , Corprmzls Light, Marion Mayhew, Herman Skinner, Barton P ri wifes , Dorsa, Jerome Kemmerle, Richard Nemic, Charles ' Embry, Kenneth Lyles, John Perryman, James ,, Futche, Herschel Mayhew, Charles Stenberg, Arthur 1' E Henzen, Frank Morris, Hal Steinberg, Theodore 5 Q ia? 5 S ii! :BCDXCDXCQXCSXJ 'B H41 Prirafrs gonna f7he Orestelf - 1-1'XGkG?x6kQu: 6 i Ctlllfdill Bcrwald, Arthur Firsf LiC'1tfCl1!l71f Posten, George SCCOIIII Lir'11fr11af1fs Clayton, James Cosnham, H. M. Webster, Fred Braveman, Morris Fernly, Albert Boyd, Harry Kookcn, Leo Bates, Arthur Baumgarten, Fred Biggs, George Bradbury, Bob Case, Donald Flanders, WJllT1SlCy' Good, Floyd Melton, Jessie Neislar, Preston ifhney, Vfard Howell, Cleo 4lL'lClCSUl1, Bob Katz, Abrhnm Kinngird, Harvex First Sergcanzf Emerson, Ben SUl'gC'dl1fS Gruber, Isadore Haberman, Sol Corporals Riddell, George Stockbridge, Claude Levcrett, john Roy McKee, Leroy MeBrayor, Eldon Miller, Riley Nlinsky, Arthur "A" Company Rover Affacfoecl First LiC'1lfCIICl11tS Berger, George Black, Ernest Kaplan, Leonard Mittenthal, Louis Rousch, Carl Thom ason, Leroy Sfaff Sergcanfs Martwick, Carl Newman, Pat Renfro, Willianl Withers, John T. Spears, Thomas XVhitney, C. M. Nairn, Pierce Neal, Fisher Owens, Calvin Faeliwood, Enamett Sanders, Edwin Sl1l'L1lUClC,I:I'.ll1k Timpa, Leon Traylor, Tfugene Tsukahara, Theodore Tsukahara, V'oodrow Davis, Arlie Lacy, AI. NV. Murphy, Luther Sides, Robert XVacker, If. AI, RCCl'1lifS Black, XV. A. Floyd, Lesely Goldstein, Arthur Klaczak, Frank Robinson, john Book, Samuel Gl:1ss,joel Grissafy, Vfilliam Melton, Williani Ussery, Raymond Christenson, Morton Q! 9 ziltzmoxtoxoxa -kfvf-W0f'9": Iss Sc'rgrfa11 fs WW lffw ores122r lL1+W Q f-XG l 1 I'-13 Wx i i l l HB" Company Rower Cafzfaiu Sm,-111111 Lif'llfL'lIllIIfX Armbruster, Walter Unvis, W- Ifirxl Lfl'1lff'IlfllIf Fitzgerald, June LCC Franz, A. Lewis, Robert Firsf SI'1'gL'fll1f MeK inney, Aubrey Ilrynr, Vl'ilson llurst, lllelvin Cnmpanello, Veto Cox, John Barnes, Lewis Bassett, Alton Bennt, Otto llaller, Howard jordan, George Gaines. Robert Gilmore, Buster Ferguson, john lline, xlules Friedman, Herbert Klar, l,eo Mnnion, Thomas Corjrorals l.1lXV4.OI1, Glen Mnttox, Norman Pl'i'lf'6lfC'S Kallus, Fred Kimmell, Leon King, Ralph Messina, joseph Mcffutehcon, Shelton Xlcliinvie, VV. Perry, leon Pike, -lack Piranio, -lou Taylor, xl. R. XY'e.1ver, Xlnlbry Snowden, lid Stapelton, Ullis Streicher, XVilhelm llurgower, Philip lliesiger, Mayer Lipsitl, Daniel Pruitt, Crawford Tl1ompson,ll:1rry l Cole, Murray llollingshend, Grady Maher. Roland Purvin, Robert Tobolowsky, Jack Conner, XVilliam Huher, Jack MeCutcheon, Walter Runner, Dan Tully, Tom l Curtis, Gwynne hlneohs, Curtis McNenSe, XY'illie Sehnert, Billy YY'orley, T. i lily, Morris hlones, Al. L. Morgan, .luck Snorga, Preston Nwullselileger, Sum X lfnrrell. Neal Kahn, Frederick Pace, Oben 1 R L'L'l'1fLillS l311llg1rd,l'furl Cortez, Raymond johnson, Clarence Kaufman, Morgan Pasclizil, Charles Cnllioun, Richard Daviel, Hilton 1 r l Q l Qs il Qs WQNQXEYSXJ We , rr s ,J U61 1 ,. V EWMW l Jhe oresfer i NAME? Buckmire, Wood Athos, Sam Carson, Riehard Bond, Charles iiradhury, Lawrence Bragg, W'ilton Blackstone, Hugo liordon, -lohn Canada, Herman Cannon, Robert Faulkner, Robert Coleman, H. A. Crunshaw, William HC" Company Romer Affacbcvl Llllllffllllllf Colonel Cllllfflfll Callahan, Jesse Firsf Lft'Ilff'lIl1lIfS Swayzc, Fred Curry, Ralph French, Claude IOW Harwood, George Sergvurzfs Good, lfloyd Jacobs, joseph Corjiorals Sccoml Lkuteuazzf Lief, Fred Firsf Sl'l'gUlllIlf Wisdoin, Lee Mirehell, Robert Roush, lfugene Marshall, Charles Sierad, Ben Freeland, Newton Greer, Thomas H:1tynes,lfdwin Herrington, Rl. C. Hightower, xl. D. Hiser, Orbie I-lowell, Cleo Goodstin, Albin Levy, Frank 1'riuafcs Johnson, Harold johnson, james Latimer, -lohn Logan, limmit Xlayerhofl, lfmile Mays, Clarence MeCuteheon, NValter RL'l'l'1l'ifS Lockhart, Walter Parson, Bob Pomerantz, William Pruitt, Crawford Ray, Roy Reynolds, George Richards, Iivertt Robinson, Raymond McNallcy, Ollie Schepps, lili Sherman, Cattlin Roeseh, Jimmie Shelton, Harris Schepps, 'Iulius Steele, Robert Steele, Tollic Steer, Richard Tiller, Milton Sehepps, Hyman zncgxgxiimkde 7 'W K .-.fofofofof I 57 ZUMMB VEC-foresibr W-S-'H Seamus "D" Company Raster First Lieulerzant Garison, Arlie Smith, George Rice, Glenn Hurst, Edgar Ball, Foster Alexander, Leroy Buchanan, Bob Burgoon, Robert Casten, James Cirone, Vincent Crook, William Garison, Bill Schreiber, Herman Singer, Jerome Nicholas, xl. W. DeHay, Lawrence Haralson, Forrest I-lardwieh, Clinton Harris, James Hawkins, Charles Heflin, Duward Cajzfairz Trembly, Agib Sevoznl LiL'1llLt'lIlll1fS Benham, Newton McShan, Jack Jurek, William Firxf SL'l'gC'HlIf Grant, Vernon Sergezmis johnson, james Thompson, Rike CUl'!I0l'lllX Henke, W'erner Barr, Francis Priwzfes johnson, James Katz, Harry Kleindworth, Clifford Levit, Sidney Maleomesius, Leon Callahan, Pat Barshop, Simon Beddoe, Ifrilnk Neff, Raymond Nicholas, Louis Rubin, Edwin Runner, Dan Rowland, Matt Sfuff Semin! Lf4'IlfCI1llllf Butler, Arnold lileinman, XYf7LllLC1' Gordon, lfllis c.iOUdll'l.1ll,lI2l1'Old Sehultv, lilston Sorensen, Sidney Sloane, Archie Stevenson, Thomas Yonack, Ralph 5 3 N 1 l l i l'! will l Il lil li l l l, M1 M, Tim Hail lli ! l l i i l 1 . lr l 1 l l l 1 J- Rccmizfs Campbell, Leon Cortez, Raymond Davis, Hilton Hamilton, Urban 9, Q Z Q1 A - 6 use! Qifofofo HL U81 GENERAL AIQTS :gonna Jhe 'W' 'QQN' ' GYNG2 G -- - .M I H Voreskr l i l l I l l l l ' l l l i 'l 4 .i , 1 l V ollgf Baz!! amz! Bmebazll ly l ll l The girls of the HA Class at the second period were both volley ball 1 s l W and baseball champions this vear. Under the direction of Miss Shaw and a 4 ' i il Miss Segrist, the class defeated the G. A. A.. with a victory of 25-18 in li baseball. After winning this championship, the girls were determined to Ig make another vietorv for themselves and their gvmnasium class. BV N . . . . 'I l working hard, they were victors over the G. A. A., winning two out of ' three games with fifteen points each. It is no wonder, then, that we saw so many broad smiles around the school. Two such victories are enough ll to make anyone smile. il i4 l lNlliNll3lfRS 1 Bowlflias, MIl,lJIil'1lJ, Cllflfllill Ros11N1s11ltc4, lfX'l.l.YN PlliNlPllIl.l., EV1-QLYN l IDASCII, H1i1,1iN Smrrll, llmrm R1512o,PrxULINr. l FLOYD, EVIAQLYN Wliisn, Ci IKISTINIQ l1i41UXX'1iIl,Ul.X'S H1iN1JliRsoN, I,II.l.lAN Provo, IQVIJLYN, Cjtlflftlill SMITH, ELMA L- Riino, THELMA Bowrns, MILIJIKED WI1BB, CHRISTINE Q REED, PAULINE fl, N fi 3 7' Q -.-- e W-- A 1A c T ..... bt---A-gf-to 9 Y, !t,!Q1fQlfQfQJ. N01 zgofofofra g yhejoresier WMM Raskin, Eva Clayton, Lucille jackson, Stella Stover, Isabel Mitchell, Mary Bolton, Donie Dean Cima, Frances Harris, Joy Kraft, Marie Spurney, Frances Rezek, Georgia Byers, Billie Baird, Lorene Carr, Mildred Samuels, Dorothy Strange, Mary E. Petty, Edith Daseh, Dorothy Home Economics Department MEMBERS Perlstein, Nettie Lee Tribble, Josephine Rhea, Dorothy Beach, Mabel Nehring, Luella Laufer, Rose Lee Kahn, Reata Shelby, Helen Toomey, Argentina Zabbia, Maggie Lenderman, Clella Echols, Evelyn Von Tress, Mary E. Garten, Martha Mitchell, Ida Mae McCallum, Ruby Brown, Dorothy Jean Russell, Jessie Phillips, Birdie Goodman, Doris Cary, Lora Gannon, Arline Huselton, Louvee Worley, Dorothy Enlow, Dorothy Morgan, Mozelle Cobbler, Helen Jackson, Louise Broadnax, Bessie Woolbright, Edith Gage, Marie Newton, Cora Knight, Ozelle Woodson, Aliene Slater, Evelyn McDonald, Ruth Smith, Rae Meyers, Fannie Darnaby, Mildred Woodside, Hilda Womack, Ruth Mae Evans, Martha Saunders, Nan Rena Summers, Margaret Eilipec, Helen Wright, Clarice Hook, Frances Hale, Billie Kettle, Minnie Von Pein, Anna Marie Runnels, Lorena Mandel, Louise Bryan, Louise Herrington, Mildred lofi: Nfelfx Herron, Beatrice Walters, Imogene Pravorne, Annabelle Orr, Myra -HCSXQXCDXGXJ W . .Lf Qfeyeyoffz i611 I l i A i l 4001010 Jhej i ammo ores12zr i PE 5 l l l ll li El 1, e l l L ll it 1 i l l l X X 1 , w f 1 l C7rcbeJfma 3 l l Violins Viola 13. Flaf SIIXUIILOIIF Clyde Vance Lnurella Stenger Mozelln Wriglit l - Norma Goldsobel l Jack Klrsclmer Cello Bassoon 1 George Reuves U D . John Vnlcik Marie Kraft Madison Fallin John Lyles Charles Spencer Bass 711'1l1l1lIl'I'X 1 Lerolf Millgiclm Cecil Mae Jones William Faulhaber Morris Steinburg Edward Hicks 3 Arthur Hart l , 1 f A cl H t , , Vance Willinins 101118 Rosenberg l X Dorothy Bryant , I Esther Hnmbright OIIOI' Tmmliom V 1 Wnndellll Inglc Juanita Barnett Marlon Light V Katherine Lee l Iaciflotllcyligiitims Cldriuds Tynzprzlzi I Leonard Rachog Charles Gross Lucille Burn mm Leroy Embry JCC SWCQWH P. I 0 f Mary Louise Dickson C. Mitcliell ml W Clarence Fltrich Louvce Huselton Anna Mae Finley 1 , , , Wiiiiitrs in the Interscholustic State Meet at Denton. ND Dirme1'm': Miss Loulsis XVILCOX I I 67 Z :Tig xgxgxgxvi Qdfofcb I: E621 ofefeffs eg f5XQxGRQu: G Jh"i ores12zr i ' 'xl i l l l W wm- l l Glee Club MEMBERS Agnew, KI. P. Holland, AI. T. Pulis, Carl Bentley, KI. If. Hart, I larold Schell, Mike Biehl, Jack Jacobs, Harmon Simlains, Edward liillian, Marion Kendall, Roy Sliotals, Otto Bloom, Samuel Katz, Sol Steen, Charles Beach, Linwood Kennedy, John Stewart, Thurbert 1 Breeding, Archie Wliite, Clifford The m1114 1 s, Myrkel A Bronstein, Charles Joule, lirnest Seoggins, Jesse Lee Bryant, Joseph Lentl, NVard Strange, Vernon Crowder, Homer McMullen, Leroy Schwartz, Louis I Douglas, Ralph Mathews, Charles Shinder, Wfillie Devoe, Brew5ter Neislar, Preston Zelazney, Hy iiii 1 n , Emerson, Ben Newton, Charley Zelalney, Morris G uthrie, Steve Price, slack Wliirbyf, Thomas I larris, Iiranlx Pharts, lilliott Hambright, Mary lf., Piauix! Newitt, Nelson ij , - L n ljggi QHJQVQQQQQ, 631 fm 1 1 1 1 1 I iQQQO !?qZbnmq?r1 1 muon? 6 0 A C Famous, Utorlous, an ' F 1 1 Just Plan n I5 1 sq Q WA 1 1 'ii 11 1. Q-f '?" 11 T ,, 1,j11 1 ,,f1 j 1 1? rf 'ey fi 'ff' ' XFX if 'ff ' V! B' 9 ' lyi' f Jn 1 X ' K ff 11 1 M 1 1 " f 11 X X wZfmZLTN'L",'jj -i sif1 if f1y ,,,ff1H,,jff2Q Y W 1 K 5 11111. 111 111 1 1 1111111 1 W1 1 5 1 1 11 X11 111, 1 11111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111 11 111 1 1 1 lx! 1 1 . 'I,V V H111 7 YY 11111 .Y 1 111 4 1 1, 1 Q if 11 MeY11n1Le,efR1111- NO 1, mm 3 -rilcfgh, f 1 1 2 wmfgrowoxwxt FX Yiwu 0 emu! Q TA:::::3:1H f U11 1 1 11 1 1 fa f ww 1 1 iii: 'Y" fffkffqf-f- -4Fi?? It D N 11 - X 1 if 1 1 .-LW-' 7 -11 1 ' 7' 1 151 1 1 I bw! Z4!AgggQf Niiiiii wE ,xx lg? 1 1 1 '1 f!Zkp ixxg ligzndilfe X xxxxx qs-ii75Z ff 1 if if W Q 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 '+'fiQff'1Q 2 G x W2 f 3 1 W' ' 1 . E ZF ' 1 ' 111 11 f ff 1 ,111 fl Ly ? Q9 252:56 Z 1111111 1 1 QW1 14QZgNl ZZ Cry 15 EQf2ijyfSS A ff 6 ' ' X! 1: U I ff? , ,Q Qlfflf Y' VN, fZ'X!Q-X, FLT' P 5450.11 QTQQYQXQX, -1- li"flf.T11' i11 111 Ml E641 rf DEDAIQTMENTAL CLUB! ,.,7 Cefeffvro M f++L- "n'i1i57he 1 l gl E mmfw Fall Se111v.siw" MARY E. HAMBRIGHT LOLA GARCIA . . HENRIETTA MALOW'ITZ NETTIE LEE PERLSTEIN CONSTANCE Mosns . DAVID BEREN . . DOROTHY XWARNICK Miss FLETCHER, R. XV Beiber, Helen Beren, David Connor, lda Belle Echols, Evelyn Pallas, Stella Fritts, Mynette Garcia, Lola Goodman, Katie Hambright, Mary E. ores12zr T Law D05 flmefficfzf OFFICERS . Pl't'SfLlC'IIf . l'iu'-P1'1'xi1f1f11f Sl'l'l'l'ftl1',j' . Trv1zx11rm' . Pa rlia 111 e111f111'ia II SL'l'gC6l11 IL-dll-fll"1lIS . . . RC'j7f21'ff?I' ICKHANI . . Crifir . MEMBERS Hansen, Margaret Jackson, Nadine Kettle, Marcella Lebowitz, Thelma Leon, Nathan Malowitz, Henriette Moses, Constance Ncislar, Preston Pape, Helen Spring SC'l7lUSff'l' CONSTANCE MosEs . . lXlliTT1l-L LEE PERLSTEIN . ORA MAE VANN . LYDIA VASEK HELEN BEIBER . . ROY RAY . . . MARCELLA KETTLE . Miss FLETCHER, R. XVICRHAM Pcrlstein, Nettie Lee Perry, Margaret Ray, Roy Stevens, Ruth Vann, Ura Mae Vance, Clyde Vasek, Lydia Warrmick, Dorothy Zabbia, Maggie Xgxglfqgg, ' '7'Y' V- 'Y - "ll,,,A,J.75Q752cf U61 F- cafeffoffofngj-'-h, i E W -Q-nn! Jhe so i foreshzr ' 'X "'l'D Auafiforex Cazemzfif -Sicgnzfrw Agress, Alfred Bailey, Dorothy Bailey, Martha Barbaria, Sam Beddoe, Frank Benham, Newton Berwald, Arthur Block, Leora Bock, Fannie Brin, Harrise Burgower, Tressa Rose Carp, Elizabeth Cogburn, Hazel Lee Crocker, Maude Cruse, Mildred Curtis, Corneil Curtis, Gwynne Davis, Lois Fallin, Madison Ferrell, Neal Filipec, Marie Fine, Jules Flanders, lda Nell Funk, Leon Gaines, Bob Co-SAl1011xorx: MEMBERS Gover, Juanita Greenburg, Samuel Gruneau, Vivian Hafter, Esther Harlan, Leta Mae Hefner, Louise Hemphill, Josephine Jaffe, Ida Jequers, Isabel Jennings, Mary Jofifrain, Joy Kabcinell, Evelyn Kahn, Frederick Kaplan, Leonard Kirkpatrick, Eunice Klar, Lois Leaming, Charles Lekein, Margaret Levi, Marie Levin, Frances Lewis, Wilbtir Lichtenstein, Marjorie Mann, Cecile Novieh, Felice O'Brien, Mary Ellen SfJUllXUl'Z Mixx I,.0Ill'LllIill Millr Pandres, Dorothy L. Patrick, Lu Fan Phillips, Eva Purvin, Robert Richman, Irving Rosenbaum, Dorothy Rosenberg, Evelyn Rosenfield, Bernice Saxton, Mildred Schwartz, Hannah Sessel, Elizabeth Shanks, Mary Lee Skinner, W. B. Smith, Beth Snyder, Gusta Sullivan, Frankie Swarthout, George Taylor, Oda Tims, Helen West, Willie Mae Wootl, Bertha Wootl, Ruth Xllforley, T. Zesmer, Miriam ,V Misses Elizabeth Hughes and Ethel Masters C SGLXJ- -N -- ,, -- !-- -Qizifiri M170 :gGfCfOffDf i Jhe fe- wo ' Q i ores12zr Q Full SL'Ull'.Yfl'l' Mixkcus XX. MQCUY NIARJORII' RoislNsoN F1mNc:ias Locziu-, . Do1xo'1'iii-.A BURNI-.Y F12RNl1a Mc:I.1-Lmolua ELIZABI-Q'I'lI Hoikr Jul-xNi'1ux Umm . J. A. Bou1'1oN . Black, Earnest Bradbury, Lawrence Burney, Dorothea D0utl1it,Rufa Harrington, Victoria Holt, Elizabeth HZ-Clnew-PIU' UIflflCliRS . I'ri's1ff1'11f . l'i1'l'-l'1'a'xi1fi'l1l Sr'rrr'lary . 'Tl'L'JIXI1l'i'1' . Se1'gm1111'-ul-flrnlx P111'li411114'11!r11'ii111 Rt'fJUI'f4'l' . Sjmrzxor MEMBER S Herron, Beatriee Leadbetter, M. T. Locke, Frances Mason, Ruth Melemore, Fernie MCCOY. Marcus Spring Svzzzrsfw' . Eixi1Ni4.s'i' Brixczix . Evk11.x'N RosiQN1si4,iug . D0Ro'1'H1aA BURNIQY . MARJOIU13 ROBINSON . LAXVRI-.Ntllz Blmixlsuiw . Rui-'A DoU'riii'r FR,-xNc:i S 1.oc.ix1-L . GRAY lx1OORl- Uclom, Juanita Robinson, Marjorie Rosenberg, Evelyn Runnels, Lorena Small, Alice Smith, Rae ' as il -f , ,,, ,,-N! Lfiif :gonna al ,7he GNQxfkQl1: Viyoresiizr .Yenmf Dmmmtic Depmffmm! HONOR BRIGHT The Senior Class of January, 1931, presented the play Honor Brigbf by Meredith 86 Kenyon Nicholson. The cast included: Mrs. Lucy Barrington . . . . SYIIIL YONACK Richard Barrington, her son . . . BLRNARIJ HIIMPHILL The Rt. Reverend Williani Carton . . IJAVID BIf1R1aN Peggy Carton, his wife' ..... HI2NRIIaT'rA MA1.QJWl'IiZ FRANCES RLIQDINC Honor Bright, a book agent . . . Rev. James Sehooley, of North Platte, Neb. . Bill Drum, press agent with the "Snap It Upn Company . MASClIANlJI,Iill I'lI.NRY LA NIJSBIQRC Tot Marvel, a chorus girl with "Snap It Up' Watts, the butler Annie, the maid Maggie, the cook Foster, the gardener . Simpson, deputy sheriff Jones, deputy sheriff . . l.,IiAH BRANNING . FRANK COIIEN . EVIQLYN BRAMLISTT . . EVIZLYN COMBS . ARTHUR MOSICOWITZ . . C:HARI.liS DIEPONIA . -IACOII MIE'I'ZCjIill SEVENTEEN Seva11fec'11 was the play presented by the Senior Class of june, 1931. The east Included: Mrs. Baxter . Mr. Baxter . William Sylvanus Johnnie Watson Jane Baxter . May Parcher Lola Pratt . Geneses . Joe Bullitt Mr. Parcher . George Crooper Ethel Boke . Wallie Banks Baxter . . . . . JUANITA GOVISR TOM SORRIQLS OR MITCHELL STONE BILLY HEMPl'll1.L WAI.T'1ili STONE AIJIaI.INI3 G1il'1'l'I'1H . LU FAN PATRICK . LEAN RAIJIILR . MILLVIN HURST . JXGIB 'TRIZMISLY CARROLL PIIIIZR . IXRTIIUR BIQRWALD . ELIZABIZTH DYIER BILLY ARONOIIT' Mary Brooks GIJXIJYS MUSACll1i Willie Baxter, who is seventeen and considers himself entirely grown-up, falls in lov with Lola Pratt, the Baby-Talk Lady, who is visiting May Pareher. Complications arise when Willie steals his father's evening clothes in order to make a suitable impression l Lola, however, shows no preference among all of the boys at her farewell party, as Willie l' thinks that she should, so he decides that he will go to college, after all, instead of mar rying Miss Pratt. E 5 zncgxlgxbxb ' 'Mx QJVVQVQJF 69 5 , E L. J. 7,, ,W N M ll f xx, ' MW ' Xx ? .. in-2',ff"95 - , W' f kx 4 1 .Wx A X X K , N Q ,ni lx Mn mi X I.. F mf, xg ua .. 'un "Hr .:lC,, Hn"- W x V w' X x x J, 'lb Mui-:Q x"3'if-- ' ,. 77,7 Y -J-'l rigY Xu rl! -YY Ri x - X!- ,..- '1+ bij' ,. ' 2 - 47 Yff ffQ ,X fi! -5?1 X Q, g , ' 7 lih Sc-6,17 X 'Q ' fflif ff-fffk .i,T3 W ! sexes Hmwoon 'N 77?D Z ifoff xg fx S , f X-J., V -f'-'-N f 5 1 'Q x af ' ls Qgiff 1 ' f 1 f L 4 .Q-,. 1 IBELLES AND IEEAUX KATHLEEN PRICE GIZORGIZ PXARXVOOD LU FAN PATRICK x Zgcafrbfe-me jhej CXQXGNJL G A oresiizr T f? A , Social Events HIGH SCHOLARSHIP CLUB TEA DANSANT The High Scholarship Club gave a Tea Dansant for the members of the January graduating class who belonged to the club. It was quite a usocialu. Refreshments of hot chocolate and cakes were served, and a "good time was had by all", for every member was interested and will- ing to work to make the party a success. LEADERS' DANCE 1 The Forest High Leaders' Club gave a party dance Friday night, April 3. This was the biggest and best dance of the year Qso the Lead- ers tell usj. Only the members were allowed and among those pres- ent were Arthur Berwald, Carmen Brandon, Thomas Bailey, Nelson Hewitt, Charles Levi, Billy Hemphill, and many others, too prominent to be mentioned. The dance was well and happily sponsored by Mr. Poe, Mr. Hutchinson, Qthe great big beautiful coachj and the mothers of three members of che club. The refreshments were provided for by Carmen Brandon, chairman of the committee, and the music by Friend Albert Cahn and his orchestra. SENIOR DANCE The January Senior Class turned to thoughts of social activities in January and announced to thc school that they were giving a dance. Everyone was invited, provided he paid before entering. With such sponsors as Messrs. Hutchinson and Boulton, why shouldn,t it have been a success, both socially and financially? jUNETEEN'S DANCE The climax of the social season in Forest was the dance given by the june Class. The music, the weather, the moon, and everyone and every- thing co-operated to make it the best entertainment ever held in For- est. It will be a dance not soon forgotten by all who attended, in fact, the seniors believe that it won,t be forgotten by anyone very soon. POPULARITY CONTEST ' Kathleen Price and Walter Stone were the winners in the annual popu- larity contest sponsored by the Forester Annual. These two were voted by the student body of Forest to be the most popular among the seniors. Lu Fan Patrick and George Harwood led them a very close race, only to receive second place. Q-1 5 A F O, 9 .x.!c,fcVofQ:wI" J Us FEATUIQEI Q., Y, ,I 'I I b JGALEDG L ,I yhefA I:::::::lZfA-' CNQ6kQ C3 -- W oresibr If W I Q I R I W QI , I I 1: I x 1 I ,I x,L1It'IlffI1C' Day? II 5 I , I Wr'11, lm, buf- -nfl I ,I I M My bm! xzzlzjvrf? I I Fooflmll. I' II ' 1 I I I I I ,:.,.,, EF' I I A I I I I: 1 . I - , , A 3 , . , II M V, f A 13011 I fm' 11' Imp! I I Ii , 1"rn'4's2' IVIIIHIIIHIK' If II I I I II I I I1 I I C9l't'gtQ'X Dvxrijzfv. II II g IpI I II I Ig' Ig I I I IN Cm-u:y.' You lL'0Illt!.' I I ,IN Ag W'l101L'.' Wlml ll 11141111 X I I III I , I I II : I I I I I- I , ' You cfwff :mmf IlIlI'l't1 ' A glusxrs in xm' zvfnlfx I I I I going 011 fu'rz',' I' . I4 I'I1111gry? I I Qi Mwf ilu' funk. ' II M VI fu I I5 VII I3 I Q Hb Qs , Of W gg A- ,fir ,I M , 1 9 Li - , 1 .-,fyiiiyvfi ISOI Lf,,,, . zgfofsuevfv Jhe F-' fsxcwso cg ores1br -A UE 'N 27 W C ' Q ' oN"',Jf - .X l TbC'j',Y6' always frying 33 ' u I0 prow SOIl1l'fl7fl1tQ k 1 M E ix . Wffwvnf diff all fbuf X: W. bvigbf vomr' f!'0llI? V V I . ' i : 1 4 Y 111 flu' gooooff old 511111IIIFITI'-H111llIllI!'.' HHS go! zz Inari on HIS sbozzlzlvrs. Y 1 4: I '1 ' Low mc' or Iran' mr I She mrrics 1w'igb1f N arozzmz' fbis sfbool! , 5 :::., 5 1 -. r - J If yoffrff a follozuw' of flu? :" 1 Er! f' 1 "Ten o'c10wQ S1'l10Im"', A '7'L'L 1 ' i': . 1 J i 4 3 xfay azwzy from lufr. 4 ' UI f in.. , M fx Q 'L' X A K 133 3 """-, ' " ' ' .gf ? G YA 'iri mi-L " ' , f,fQ1fQ1fqafw P811 A 1 i EUM'w'Q 5' "'i7'ores12er NAMES 5 Tinzype Dykes May we inquire-why? what?-and bow? What sees she in i l the distance that re- , quires the big smile? Yes, mafam! I ff z F l 1 Belles of 1890 l 5 Mc'--You. Pfissy! Oh, clear me! Pleasant clreams of- someone. l Too much ST. ELMO! 1 'l e Q as s' 7 Q 9 E :HQXQWJXQQ :sf Qgfafofo I 82 J UIQGANIZATIDNI zipfefofa yhe Z, Nvwie foreskzr W Girly' Public 5wZ76'6lkZ7rZCg Fall Swzzvxiw' OFFICERS MARGARIL1' IJUNIEVITZ . . P1'vxide11i . REBELLQA E1Ni1oRN -IUANITA Govi ia . Rosh SPm1'1'As . NELL1-1 Bixiasiiov HELEN HAI-"I'l41li HARRHZTT GAIKONZIK MRS. TURA IJIAL Angrist, Esther Rose Barshop, Nelle Barshop, Sara Lee Beiber, Helen Cohen, Mary Cohen, Sary Dunievitz, Margaret Einhorn, Rebecca Einhorn, Dora Euhanks, Marie Vim'-Pl'4'5izfc'I1f . . Sl'l'l'I'fl17'.j' . . . 7ll'l'LISIlI't'l' . Sergerzuf-at-Arnzx l'41i'1ir1111z'11f4zric111 . . lQt"!701'fUT' . . Sjmnxor . MEMBERS Garonzik, Harriett Gover, Juanita Hafter, Helen Hemphill, Josephine Holland, Helen Jaffe, lda Kaplan, Rowena Kirsehner, Hattie Meyers, Bessie Meyers, Fannie Sjnriug Selzzvsfw' SARA LEE BAiasiiov . JUANITA Gow-it HELEN lElAI-'l'l,R NEL1.l-. Bmxsiioe . ROSE Si-iiu'i'As 'in DRPD RUnN1'i'7kY . X , . . . REBECCA EINHQRN MRS. TUIRA IDIAI, Miller, Grovelyn Novin, Leah Ornish, Jeanette Pape, Helen Rudnitzky, Mildred Sirns,Virginia Spiritas, Rose Wfilonsky, Lillie Yonack, Rhea -TC XL 'W ' ' Yziilllgfff Y j7Z,f1f 51iQQi?, W 'W QL Sjzrizlg St'Illt'SfUl' . LEON FUNK Eumwi: ARONS SAMuiz1, DONOSKX' . DAVID KAIM N1aw'roN BENHAM Miss EDNA ROW'E Green, Frank Habermnn, Sol Harris, Ted ores12zr V ? 5 il i Smfzflam' Debfztmcg Saciegf OFFICERS 154111 Sz'1110sfz'1' N Hiiuscgiinl, Kfxkciimiik . . Pl'C'SjtIl'llf . l I,iaoN,xRn KAPLAN . . lfift'-Pl'l'Xitl4'Il14 lMlAYliR Hnisicizia . . SUl'I'l'f6lI'ji' . QI. W. LACY . . . Tl't'tl5IlV'!'l' . , .lou Bocii . . . Sl'l'gl'tlllf-Ill-flVIIIX . . N X Miss EDNA Rowii . . Crifia' . MEMBERS I Aronoff, Billie Burgower, Philip , Agress, Alfred Carrey, Raymond l Arons, Eugene Cosnahan, Robert Berwuld, Arthur Burbnria, Sam Baron, Milton Benliam, Newton 'l Bock, Joe I l Brin, Royal ll' Q Q Qi Curtis, Gwynne Donosky, Samuel Fine, Jules Funk, Leon Goodstcin, Alvin Gross, Hyman Heisiger, Mayer Hurst, Melvin Hurst, Edgar Karclinier, Herschel Kaplan, Leonard Kilim, David Q, ,Tim V,,i Y ,,- Zffeffgimexu V Wee roi gf fwfffd I I i zgcafeffvfrb Jhej In--AH exfwwag: Q , gg ores12zr I I S 5 , l. ' l l l I v I l l ll I! 1 H I I N l I lg l l l lt Il l l 1 I l T ,J i . . 5 I' I I H z gb Scbolmffbzp I ll I 5 ls- ' OFFICERS f I .Ft1llSC'l7If'SlLt'l' Spring Scvzzvxfei' l EVELYN COMES . . . Prvsidrnf . BILLY HEMPHILI, ETHEL GRAHAM . . Vir'c'-Pwsirlezzl GISADYS MUSACHE ANNA POMARANTz . . Svcrrfmy . . IDOROTHY ROSENBAUM l MAR,IORIE ROBINSON . . Treasurer . . CLAIRE MOCOY N HELEN SHAMAN . . Swgzfuzzi-af-Arms ETHEL GRAHAM FELICE NOVIQH . . . Ih1rIiu111w1lari4z11 . HEIKSCHEL KARCHMER I MARY ALICE PORTER . . Rfl701'fU1' . HELEN SHAMAN Q MISS RACPIEL M. FOOTE . . Sjionsor . . MISS RACHEL M. FOOTE I MEMBERS Aronoff, Billie Hambright, Mary E. Mann, Cecile I Bailey, Dorothy Harlan, Leta Mae Novich, Felice ' Block, Leora Hemphill, Billy Patrick, Lu Fan I Beiber, Helen Henke, Werner Porter, Mary Alice , Bock, Fannie Jenkins, Anna Lee Robinson, Marjorie Burgower, Tressa Rose Kaplan, Leonard Rosenberg, Evelyn Carp, Elizabeth Levin, Frances Rosenbaum, Dorothy ' Curchak, Loretta Levi, Marie Rudnitzky, Mildred Crocker, Maude Lindley, Elizabeth Seaman, Helen l Einhorn, Rebecca Masinter, Minnie Sessel, Elizabeth ' Faison, Eunice McCoy, Claire Swarthout, Georgia Gaines, Bob Moses, Constance Witebsky, Ruth 1 ' Graham, Ethel Muir, Helen Zabbia, Maggie l lg Greenberg, Samuel Musache, Gladys Zesmer, Miriam l Q li Q I7 Q .II Q! Y 1 F I zllqgxqgwpxggxuf M ,IQ I ,, fefelfafeafolfz l S6 l , u QXGKQHZ gonacvo Jkegf , 'X Q p oreslbr A1 ,4 Lmdefar' Club 21 - A Q 5 1 OFFICERS Full Scnzcsfcr Sjlring SL'lllL'SfC'V ARTHUR BERWALD . President . . ARTHUR BERWALD WALTER WINBORN . Vive-President . . WALTER WINBORN BILLIE ARONOF1-' . Svcrcfury . BILLIE ARONOFF ALBERT PRUITT . . . Trcaszmfr . . ALBERT PRUITT CARMEN BRANDON . Swgcanf-af-Ar'11zs . . -CARMEN BRANDON CLAUDE D. POE . . Sjwusor . . CLAUDE D. POE 5 MEMBERS I X Aronoff, Billie Guthrie, Steve Pruitt, Albert Bailey, Thomas Hemphill, Billy Stagner, Frank Bale, Melbert Hewitt, Nelson Stone, Mitchell Berwald, Arthur ones, Stanle f A l Brandon, Carmen iiendall, Roy? Stone, Walter X N Brandon, Durward Leon, Nathan Trimbly, Agib X l Duwe, Conrad Maples, Brownie Winborn' Wnlteli l 1 'I Funk, Leon Piper, Carrol Wisdom, Lee lg E if 3 M EEEE Z znowxowxu fV7PVCfQ'F f37l JN. 5-Neem i ijhe.?ores12rl l"2qmmR MARY HELEN Succs HELEN FELTON . LOUISE MANUEL . Miss Locgltuz SIIGRIST Anton, Sally Barbtel, Ada Catherine Boatman, P. Hanclion Cobbler, Helen Cohen, Mary Cohen, Sary Caldwell, Margaret Conner, Virginia Darnaby, Mildred Doutluit, Rufa Felton, Helen Gordon, Helen Temzif Club 1 OFFICERS MEMBERS Harris, Mary Haucliett, Mary Hill, Martha jackson, Hester Jackson, Louise Jones, Lillian Mandel, Louise McKay, Nano Belle McLay, Mildred Moore, Virginia Putnam, Ora Mae . . P rvxizf U nf . Vin'-l'l'r'sizlw1l' . SK'l'l'L'If!1l'j' . Sjlollxm' Rosenberg, Evelyn Robinson, Opal Smith, Laurctta Smith, Claire Suggs, Mary Helen Summers, Margaret Tyler, Mildred Wallace, Rosemond Witherspooii, Nall 'XVitebsliy, Ruth Worleyf, Paulinfi :TEQQXLQXQDXQXJ ' ,V 14. L C -JQVQVX-V ICDJGJQKD -WE' e , L 4 fxfxfx Q Wi Jh oresiier i wax Gizfix' Athletic' A.r.mcmiZ0fz 151111 St'IlII'Sft'l' Ruin DOUTHIT . RUTH BIZITMAN . . Urvs RIZXVIZR livi-31.x'N ITIOYIJ . C1Ql.l.fX Bimviexmx Miss l, SI-:cg Bravemnn, Celia Carp, Elizabeth Doutl1it,Rufa Filipee, Marie Hemphill, Evelyn Holt, Elizabeth OFFICE RS . P1'e5i4fa'f1f l'Ifl'C-P!'l'XilIt'llf . . Sl'l'I'l'fLll'AY . 'Il'l'tIXIll'L'!' . RL'lIIlI'ft'I' msn' . . SPOIISUI' MEMBERS Hudleston, Virg jackson, Louise Kay, Mable Kay, Juanita Mandel, Louise Moore, Virginia Sflfillg S1'1f14's1'1'r' Ruiqx IJOUTHIT . RU'l'lIBl1li1WAN . Mmmc IIILIPIEC l71mNc11,s XVliIGI1'F VIRGINIA Moonn Miss NlAISl-.l. SHAW' Muir, Helen Rower, Ulys Thomas, Artimisa Welwb, Christine XVebb, Blanche Wfright, Frances Q 3x5i'Qfg,fYgj.. ' Zi- A 'liffL ,XQMVW :1,1GfQffOffa Q7i0reS1pIl3""l+' .cxQ.oS,o11f5 Gv7x63xQxGJ 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 1 1. 511 .1 1:1 1 115 11 111 1. 1 1 1. 1 1 11 . . 1 5 N Parent- Teacher 14J,f0CZ6llLZ071 1 1 1 1 111 . 1 MRS. P. LIPSITZ . Prvsidwzf 1 N 11 1 1 MRS. A. W. BALI-. . . Will?-Pl'l'XIlIl'IIl4 11 11 1 V t ' 1 1 MISS. MINNIIAL TIMS . . Semin! Vlfl'-lJVl'SltIf'IIf I 11 MRSS. CECIL B1.oc:R . . Tfwirff ViC'l7-lJl'l'Xit!l'I1f 11 1 1 1 1 1 1111 MIKS. E. T. CRLJSSON1 . . Iit't'UVlIilIg Svw'vfur'j' 11 1 E1 1 , , . '1 MRs. CHARLES GROSS . . C0l'l'4'Sf70l7lill'Ig bz'z'1'r'fu1'y 1 1 1 ' MRS. ALBERT BRIN . . . . FI'l'llXIH'L'V X: 1 1 MRS. R1-LP l:liN1.liY . . PllflftlUIl'lIftIl'flll1 1 11 , 1 MRS. W. A. THoR1PsoN . . . Amlifor . MRS. W. MAYHIQW . . . . Hisforimz 1 1 MIKS. QI. L. PURVIN . , l'11l11ivi!3' Clnzirnzazz 1 1 , 1 1 This year, as in other years, the Parent Teacher Association of Forest has shown 1 1 the advanta Ye of co-o eration b fivin Y aid to the students. Added to its useful Work 3 s P Y S 2, 1 i in the ast, the club has or nnized n second-hand book store in the school for the ur- 1 11 1 I P g P . 1, 1 ' pose of dxsposing of books not needed by some Students and wanted by others, at the 1 1 1 . . . . 1 le-west osslble r1ce. Valuable assnstnnce has also been extended those unable to ac uxrc P fl . 1 . . . . 1 1 for themselves certmn elothmg, books, and other school necessltlcs. ,1 ' - A h1 1,0 0 1 F 19 Q' W, -P -fffL -- W ZHGQXQ-ex, Y A ' MS' J- 1901 f Full SL'77ZC'SfL'1' GRACE CLAUNCH . JOYCE DAILEY . MARY E. STRANGE . HELEN NIUIR . HELEN CTLAKELER . MILDRED DIXON . MARGARET FREELAND MARY MANION . . ELIZABETH KUHNELL JEWELL BROWN . . Girl Refezwei' OFFICERS . Pwsiclevzt . . Vice-Presiu'w1i . Sc'c1'e1fary . . Treuszzwr . . . RC!JO1'fC'1' . . Council' Rep. . Progrrznz Cl7di1'llZfll1 . . Social Cbairnzan . Ring Clmirmafz . . Crifiz' . MISS BERTHA JACKSON . . Sponsor . Brown, Jewell Bruton, La Ruth Christie, Madaline Dailey, Joyce Douthit, Rufa Dougherty, Dorothy Dyer, Elizabeth Finley, Annie Mae Freeland, Margaret Glakeler, Dorothy MEMBERS Glakeler, Helen Hale, Billie Herron, Beatrice Hilley, Vollie Jenkins, Anna Lee Kuhnell, Elizabeth Lorenz, Lillian Manion, Julia Manion, Marv Muir, Helen Spring Selzwsier . MARY E. STRANGE . HELEN GLAKELER MARGARET FREELAND . . HELEN MUIR . BEATRICE I-IERRON . . JOYCE DAILEY . . MARY MANION . MOzELLA WRIGHT ELIZABETH KUHNELL . JEWELL BROWN Miss BERTHA JACKSON Mitchell, Ida Mae Nelson, Odessa Newman, Mary Lois Ramsey, Willie Ricker, Cleta Savonne, Camille Smith, Aileen Stenger, Laurella Strange, Mary E. Wright, Mozella Q4 Q! -ai CML H- O X-,q3xvgj YYVV YSEQY ,J Qrfelf'?TfQJ cfff in f i .111 f i ,V , e Ore r , ?Af' Y-f1i7Li5i?' lklfl Sr'l11r'.x!1'r Hmm:-N l'lII,l3UliN lfiu-in Sxxnwni-. . Cnxlu, Pulls . . Wixl.'1'1,1: IJANNIN L1-LONAIUJ Tl1.1.I-.RY XV. H. Bu'r1.i.R . Berger, George Catlin, Slmrmun C3OSl11ll1Lll1., H. M, lielton, Glenn Fitzgerald, .lim Green, Clmrles Senior H Z- Y OITVICIQRS . Pri'xiif4'f1! . Vin'-l'1'4'xirf4'11f . 5t'f'l'l'ftll',1' . . 'IlI't'Ll.N1ll't'l' . St'l'KQl'tlI1f-tif-llVIIIS . Sjmumr' MEMBERS Henipliill, Billy johnson, Clmrles Lewis, Willuilr Maples, Brownie Melton, Wooclrow' Mitchell, Bob Spring Svnzexfvi' HAYDIZN HlI.lSUliN Lonnlli Hol,o'1'11i . FRLIJ SWAYZIQ XVALTER FANNIN NliXX"TON Br.NH,xM . XV. H. Burufu Neislar, Preston Pulis, Carl Steen, Frank Summers, Earl Tillery, Leonard fig- W. AQ - Q,Jf i::,1f-Lwfy Q-'H ,,...., 1 cafofevfv i Jhe iif""11-"il?n mm Q9 T " -Y 'T'TT.4f "' ' ' .:....1.:gi -M A-----PM K 4 1 i . J H H la V H .1 , W F!! J nl J ll - I , I 1 W 3 J N . J U J jmziwf HZ-Y J ' J ozflflcglilas F Ifuff S1'1m'xf4':' 1 J Tl IOM AS M1XN!L7N . . 1'r4'xiJ:'l11' . 1 Cnxumz S'1'oc:K1s1uou1-1 . Vin'-1'1'z'xi4fr'11I . J Joi-L S. l1ANSl'.N . . . Sn'1'vfa1'y-Trms. 7 Y J X ,J Luo KooKliN . . SUVAQt'lllIf-tlf-XXVIIIX , J! ' W. H. BU'I'l,l'R . . Sjwzzsor . E! 151 MEMBERS I' Jw w , , I H 1 Bennett, Walter Hcnkc, XVcrner 1 J . 3 I BLICl1L1FlLIl1,BOb Jacobs, Curtns 1. 'S Bucluannn, Robert Kookcn, Leo . 13 f 1 I'clton, Jack NILUIIOH, Thomas 5 Hansen, Joe Moncrief, Joe N . . , ? Harms, James PTCWIII, J. C. 1 N 1211 xg EGU Q Sflffllg Sf'llIl'SIlf'l' . J. R. TAYI.ou . C. A. WR IGIII . Luo Koomi N . JAMES Hmuus . W. H. BU'rl.121a Shinder,W'illie Sorenson, Sidney Stockbridge, Cla Taylor. J. R. XVithers, John T W'right, C. A. u du ?""'f+ owl' 'Tl' :"fQ QT? gm' l"Y Tf2Qiff.ffffigQ. NIJ' Q, Jofojofo , jhe cxfxexogz The Norionol Honor Sociezy sz If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too. If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds worth of distance rung Yours is the earth and everything thatis in it, s And-which is more-you'll be a man, my s0n.' -KIPLING. The Forest Avenue High School Chapter of the National Honor Society was in- augurated in May, 1930. The purpose of the organization is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage development of character in the pupils. The membership is based on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Only those who stand in the first third of their respective classes in scholarship and who have spent at least a year in Forest are eligible. The membership comprises fifteen per cent of the IVA Class, ten ptr cent of the IVB Class, and five per cent of the IIIA Class. Those who are eligible for member- ship may be proposed by any member of the faculty for consideration by the council, which consists of the principal and at least four other teachers selected by him. The emblem of the society is the keystone and flaming torch. Membership in the National Honor Society is decidedly the highest honor conferred by the school on its students. The aims of the organization represent the highest ideals of manhood and womanhood. Each one who is elected to the Society is proud to be a member and anxious to uphold its ideals. The members of the National Honor Society, past and present Anson Van Slyke Joshua Kahn Henry Miller Jane Morris Evelyn Wortsman Helen Star Leanore Purvin Helen Zubatsky Mary Jane Snydtr Mary Ross Coble Lois Allen Mary jane Joffrion Marjorie Novich Frances Redding Evelyn Combs Grace Claunch Henry Landsberg Mildred Dixon David Beren Arthur Berwald Jake Lichtenstein Billy Hemphill Lu Fan Patrick Leah Branning are as follows: Gladys Musache Billy Aronoff Mary Alice Porte Helen Muir Eunice Faison Helen Seaman Elizabeth Lindley :icwwwxa - -sf Q-fafff X941 DUIELICATICNS :uC0!C0fGJAD 1 jhe' E CNQXGXQHZ G I oreslbr I 3 5 I 5 P I 1 L - I , Ii IH V 'X - I I N GLAIJYS MUSACHE CLAIRIQ MLZCOY ARTIIUR BIRWALD DOROTHY SAMUIQLS -IARE I.ICll'I'l-.NS'l'III1N GILOROI HAliW'OOD I Q The Forester I EDITORIAL STAFF GLADYS MUSACHE I Literary Editor DOROTHY SAIWUELS CLAIRE MCCOY Associate Editors JAKE LICHTENSTEIN ARTHUR BERWALD Business Manager Associate Business Manager Art Editors Sports Editor . GEORGE HARWOOD ROBERT WOOD CHRISTELLE BROCK I LEON KLHNMAN Q , I Feature Writers I DOROTHY ROSENBAUM FRANCES LEVIN i I LUCY BLAKENEY Snapshots Typists Humor HELEN PAPE DOROTHY PANDRES VIRGINIA SIMS KATIE GOODMAN MINNIE MASINTER MARY LOUISE DICKSON 5? PJ I R ' 9 Q - CD ,.,E,,, -A77 !.jQQfQ1fG1fQU'f- U61 afff-S . -firjhe Oreskr W -GNQXGILQQE Q N ' , C Q! 3 5 i. l N l l s l l T 1 H. B. Yivrlfs RUTII ST. ,IOHN ELIZABIHH CARP CHKIs'ri1.I.i Bnocx Dokorfii' RUSl'.NBAUM BILLY HliMI'HlLL 3 Annual SMH l ADVERTISING STAFF A Ci3ciLE NIANN HARI1iE'f'f BUCKSPAN MIIRIAM ZESMER MILDRED A11oNsoN SIDNEY Sicizt GEORGE HARWOOD BILLY HEMPHILL KA1'I'II.I'I1iN Pluck FELICE NOVICH Louis ROSIQNBERG Gizoiiorz SORENSEN f RUTH ST. JOHN H. B. YAT11s I Liferary Sjwlzxm' Business Sponsor . i ll I . Of the three publications in Forest the Fm'z'xf1'1' is the only yearbook. It is a com- l ll plete record of the classes, clubs, and activities of the student body for the year preced- i ing its publication. The editing is supported by the Senior Class with representatives from other classes and with the aid of faculty sponsors. l The Forexf Evlao, until this year a monthly publication, gives a bi-weekly account of activities in the school. The publication of this newspaper is sponsored. by the jour- nalism classes under the direction of Miss Eloise Burham. ' ,fl , The third Forest publication is the Swlim' lJ1l!7lifYlfi0lI-3 biannual record of senior l Q activity. Published by an all-senior staff under the director of the class sponsor, the 3 ' publication is an index of senior activity. The two publications of 1931 have been the ' lull Broadcaster and Senior Searchlight, published respectively by the January and June lf classes under their respective sponsors, Mr. Seldon Hutchinson and Miss Minnie Brown. l 3 if G T vi TiTTT' - --1 -' " ' T971 :goftvnffv y Jhe exoxexo . oresier i le 5 ll ' 5 l l l l l w il l l l ll l ll l l l z LEFT T0 RIGHT 55 Pirx! Knut l Mildred Aronzon, Cecile Mann, Dorothy Samuels, Gladys Musache, Claire McCoy, Mary Alice Porter, Elizabeth Carp, Helen Seaman, Eunice Faison, Hariett Buckspan. ll SUFUIIZI Row: li-illy Hemphill, Louis Rosenberg, Arthur Berwnlcl, Felice Novieh, Mary Louise Dickson, Virginia Sims, Cliristellu Brock. Tbirlf Row: 1 l George Harwood, Edward Finncburgh, Miriam Zesmer, Jake Lichtenstein, Sidney Sigel, Albert Cahn, Leon Kleinman. m L, Ami the Deffzmztzon Endeth our Chronicles. But, like all good fairy tales, much remains to be created by man's geniusg for it is through the facilities of his intellect that we have, today, the Q devices that are practically a necessity in our lives. In compiling this book, we have followed as closely as space has allowed the progress of transportation through the ages, N allying it with our own progress as we roll along with the wheels of life. We have not, ' however, reached our destination, nor has transportation reached its ultimate end. With this fact in mind, we have attempted to show stages of transportation before the age of mechanisms, followed by the various forms of mechanical transportation. We have followed the forms of transportation generally through all their phases. 1 From man as carrier of his own burdens to thc backs of lower beasts, from the beast of I burden to the wheeled vehicle we have traced, and gradually we have shown the arrival of the mechanical millennium, the train and automobile. Every phase of transportation 2 of land and water has bent itself to man's will, but even greater progress has been made V in the conquest of the air-the airplane, in its various forms, and the dirigible. After this age-who knows! 5 gA"'MT'YQj75foZ'lg l9Sl L-77,7 ,f . :11QfQJGffD 1 jhel? 1. 1-Tklii--Ti qXcy,c5.,c311: G 1 A 01" QS QI' A A ,A 1 1 Q, . 1 31. g.. -,.,W,,,M-F,... ..1 ' C , 1 Q1 lx 1-up 1 1 gk ' '---- -'-1 ' 1 Q 1 1 I 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 1 1 11 11, 1 1 11 1 11 11 11 1 .1 , 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 11 13 I 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , I1 .Of-A 11 11 1 1 1 1 11111 1 119 F ' E 'L 1 1 1 e amz' I 0 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 11 1 EDITORIAL STAFF V BIIIY FARQUHAR , . . , ..... . liffilm'-211-Cbivf 111 TJORIS KING, CELAIRL MCCOY . 11.1.1111-IIIII' Iiditors 1 11 Miss lfI.o1Sl1 DURHAM . . I'1tll'lllf-11 f'lIlz'i.Irr 1 MITc:III-1.1. STONI2 , Slwrh Iiflilor RUIVA IDOUTHIT . . . . , Girlx' Alblrlirx Bl'.'I"I'Y ISAILILY, VIRGINIA DAROss . . . Pvrxomzlx 1 ANNA MARII5 VON PliIN, AILI213N SMITH . 1iw'lm11g1'.I FRANOILS VVULIACK . . .... Ijlmzry I BI-.RNARII CAMPIzIiI.I., CONRAD DUWIS .... . . Iokrx 11 NIARY MANION, KATHLEEN PR1cI-1, CI.l1TA RIQRIR . c30lIlHI1Ii.Yf.Y FKID SWAYZIL, GI-.ORGIQ JORDAN ....... . . Nlilihzry 1 IivII.x'N SI.AT11R, IZUNICR FAISON, l2I,IzAmTII I.INnI.IiY . . A.1.v1'rf1Ivli1xx ROSA Com N, DIXIIT NELL SHI-I.1.l Y, JUANITA OIIOM ..,...... Sl11'ri1:l l'1wf1m'x Iilsslr. GORIION, ARI,IL GARISON, BI ATRIQI3 HIIKIKCYN, LORI NA RUNNITLS, NITTII LI I, PIRI- 1 1 1 1 STIIN, FRANCIS ABRAHAM, BIRNIQ1, AISTRO1' ..... .,.... I '1wl11r'1'x 1 1 , IJOROTHY SAMUIQLS, MARY BRONSTLIN, SAI.I.x' ANYON, XVIRGIL AUSTIN, ALBLRT CAIIN, INTARIKY 111 1 N1II.l.l,R, NIARY LOTS Nl1XW'B1AN . ..... . . . , . S1m'i11l A.1Ii1q111:11'ul.1 1 ,1 , 1 1 I51'I'I'x' HL3USINiAN, FAY LFNA SAQIIS, NTARY Hl,l.1N Suous, ELLANOR PURSI, BONNI1 LAI- '11 IZUON, SYLVIA GRLh4LI, FRILIIIA HuI1sI.I R, GI,Am's MARTIN, XVILBUR L1,xx'Is, IXBNALU 11 l7uI111I Y, LAXVRENCL FRIAY, SOI. KATZ, GIORGI-. ISI RGIIR . . ..... Or,q1n1i:I1lim1x 111 RUTH BRUTON, MARTHA HILI., AI.IcIi MARIR -IONLS, xl. W. IJAVIS, JESSE S'l'OWl', QjUII!A MOR- 1 RIS, WII.I,II23 VLRA SLOAN, jLANNIu1'TIa I5l'.RKiJWI'l'Z, SIOMUNII KLLINANN, GI-.ORuI. PONION, 1 1 1, v v 1 1 , 1 IIIOMAS NVHITBY, MAT'I'IIa BI1.I.I,Ia l',l.l,lNG'I'ON, I'ANNII. MAIQ KIORIRILIA, AIAMI s C,I,Ax"I'ON, 1 1 1 .IACK GOLIISOBIEI., FRIQD W'l.BS'l'IflK ..... . ........ Rl'IlIH'1Ai'V'X 1 11 BUSINESS STAFF 11 11 , . 1 M 1 LIONARIJ l'II.1.IRx' .... . . . . Bll.1llIL'.Y,N 1W1111I1gm' 115 V N . . 1 1 K -IAIR QJILLINGHAM . .AA.1l.1f1lIIf I311,1111I'.I.1 1'1fIum1g1'r 1 1 A A X 1 1 C J 1 ,1 5 111v , 1 1, Q, Q H11 111, TQFQKOK, ' ,O ffgQ", T' 'ITT' 1 1 1 519 1 . i v I Q ' zgccvtvjevev mmm- Jhe emcwxogz lfforeshezg ALFRED J. Loos SELDON S. HUTCHINSON GEORGE RORIE CLAUDE D. POE Athletic Diffecfom' Alfred J. Loos, head coach of the major athletics at Forest Avenue High School, is working for his eleventh year at Forest and recently annexed another championship in the 1931 city basketball cup. Mr. Loos has attained a success and prominence in high school sporting circles which leaves nothing to be desired. The value of his work to the high school boys of South Dallas can never be estimated. The student body of Forest appreciate Mr. Loos as a coach and as an educator. Seldon S. Hutchinson, head coach of track and assistant coach of football and basketball, has begun his second year at Forest as teacher and coach. Mr. Hutchinson is a hard worker and believes in sending his athletic teams on the field in the pink of con- dition in order that they may be able to put forth the maximum amount of effort for victories. He is interested in the activities of the school and popular with the student body. May we say at this time that Forest is happy to have such an industrious, hard working individual on its coaching and teaching staffs. Claude D. Poe, who has come to us from Austin College, became a Forester last September when he took up his duties as dirctor of Physical Education, head coach of baseball and line coach of football. Mr. Poe immediately demonstrated his ability as a football coach when he turned out the most formidable line in the local football series last fall. No team which opposed the Lions went to a victory through the Green for- zhcsxcgxrgxrgkd - ,J QZVWQU: IQ103J .iievfefeffv 1 Jhe ilggiw MQW G ores1br . ward wall-each had to turn to the air to accomplish the trick. Mr. Poe has yet to prove his prowess as a baseball coach, but here's luck and more of it to you, Mr. Poe. J. A. Boulton, head coach of tennis, is also a new comer to Forest High. Mr. Boulton is at present moulding his first tennis team to play under the Green and White. Although new to Forestis student body, Mr. Boulton is well liked because of his genial and radiating personality. Miss Rachel M. Foote is coach of golf. Miss Foote occupies a place in the warmest corner of the Forest heart. One would have to search far and wide to find a person as equally efficient as Miss Foote. Supporting the Big Green athletic teams is our genial business manager of athletics, George C. Rorie. Mr. Rorie has proved himself to be a great asset to Forest's athletic department. He is willing at all times to do anything in his power to aid in the progress of the school. FOREST HAS NO PLACE TO PLAY Since the insertion of physical education into the curriculum of high school study by the state legislature, Forest has labored under the tremendous drawback of inadequate play grounds. Realizing the existing need, with his customary foresight, Mr. Parker immediately began a stringent campaign for the long needed grounds. Students, parents, and faculty alike were interested by Mr. Parker's stirring appeal, and South Dallas be- came suddenly "play ground' conscious. The aid of the physical education and military departments was enlisted, and junior and senior clubs were formed, all with the single idea of securing an adequate playing field for Forest. Mr. Parker, with the combined forces of physical education and military departments at his back, secured the signatures of 10,000 interested South Dallas people, all of whom signified their willingness to supply whole-hearted co-operation to the worthy cause. The widespread interest of South Dallas citizens in the playing field for Forest formulated the idea of securing a park for all South Dallas. Popular interest im- mediately increased, and the ultimate success of Mr. Parker's project seemed a certainty. Petitions outlining the needs of South Dallas for a recreational center were pre- sented by members of the Junior and Senior Recreational Societies to the city commis- sion and met favorable comment from the commissioners and the park board. The Board of Education was interested in the pressing need of Forest and South Dallas, and the prospect for the park brightened. With the advent of the new form of city government, the playing field seems almost a certainty. GJ l l 911: to l at Q 2 i i l l l i. li '1 I 1. il l .1, l l 4 l i if - D 1 f YYYY -LI Qlf4Qf-.Elf 11041 GJ, zgcafoftfvfe 5 jhej 3 QQXGAQH: oresiiar Athletics Athletics- What rhymes with the word? Nothing- Or does it? I defy Mr. Webster to place a word below it, Two lines down That will lend itself Prettily, With a jingling sound. It can't be done, For athletics stand alone. So no longer will I try to invoke the muse Who flies from me With words in poetry And looks back mockingly Around the corner Of my thoughts. Athletics- Now there is a word to conjure with- It's the corner stone on which our school is built, It's the sugar-coating on the pill of But oh! so beneficial. Our football boys are as young knights Upon the field of battle, Fighting for our school And, mayhaps, Some, flapper's favor. Our baseball boys are lesser Stars perhaps, But who can tell, might be Bambinos in the making. And what lrlnzksfzll of basketball boys Wfe have. Now they are good. Then the gym girls- They are gem girls, Goddesses in bloomers. And minor sports, tennis, and track which take poetry to describe- The poetry of motion, And I can't go into that. Of all this we boast And more- There's Mr. Loos, beloved coach, education: The patron saint of The pill that's sometimes hard to Athlctlcs' swallow, -LUCY BLAKENEY. zfiqgxrgigxggxn .aqxfeifofoflz Liosj Egcevcajcoffa 0re81br I mcwwpgi :UQ ffafcvfef-' 'XM Q 2 QE i 2 n Tcfvxwxcgvoxlx - - Autocgmphf of Arbleief M061 roorlmll :HGUQJQIQ me ores12zr QF- NWQL f-' ,, 1 September 21 . September 25 . October 6 . October 15 . October 25 . November 1 . . November 8 November 22 MELBERT BALE Rigbf Gmini LEFT TO RIGHT CAll City MMU Fin, Row: Britain, Landsburg, Capt., Bale, Hilburn, Svmmf Row: Clem, Maples, Holotik, Munoz, Langley, Hewett, Duwe, Steen. Third Razr: Line Conch Poe, Assistant Coach Hutchinson, Head Hendrix, Cahn, Fitzgerald, Schwartz, Lane, Robinson, November 15 . . Football Schedule . Forest 12 Palestine 8 . Forest 44 Rockwall 6 . Forest 62 Malakoff 0 . Forest 0, Oak cliff 25 . . Forest 6 Athens 13 Forest 14, North Dallas 0 . Forest 7 Sunset 14 . Forest 0, Technical 13 . Forest 7, Woodrow Wilson 0 Horton, Steer, C. Brandon W Stone XVindb0rn, Wood, Tcrrantlla Daross, Price, Guthrie M Stone ordan Coach Loos, D. Brandon In le Swift Shelton, Erichson. I l f 3 :irc XQXQNAJ 'maj EUMMW 1 'Me oresibr ' Tamb 5 1 FOREST 12-PALESTINE s - , Displaying unexpected power and drive in their initial grid tilt of the 1930 campaign, the Forest Lions over- powered the Palestine Wildcats, 12-8, at the North Dallas Field. The line play of the Southsiders showed a powerful wall, which smashed the visitor's line. FOREST 44-ROCKXVALL 6 The Lions showed good form in swamping a fighting little Rockwall eleven, which had the week before held Sunset to a 13-point win. The Foresters chalked up 44 points to 6 for the visitors. WA LTTR STONI-. Lefl Gmml qAll City Nlanj l I FOREST 62-MALAKOFF 0 Forest's second and third teams ran over Malakoff High, burying them under a 62-0 score. The players displayed a powerful defense all through the game, which forced Malakoff to kick in every series of downs, making it possible for the visitors to make a single first down. l AVLNT STI lin CARMIIN BRANDON VVALTLR WINBORN JAMES Dfmoss Huffbufk Pllflbllfk Quarlerback Left Tackle fi Q Lficwbiifexu -'-7QffQVQ1f0lT: f 109 J 5 ziiofojofro C Jhe I-W exevtfmog: Q A oresiier S 6 T I L C I 15 I II, I 11 I III I1 II I Ili I I ' 1 I Rontkr XVoo1m NILRRILL Mvxoz NELSON HI wi 'rr Haym N IIILBURN I Hulflluek Lrfl Gmrril Rigbf limi QIlrll'fl'J'l7i1L'k I I I 1 FOREST 0-OAK CLIFF 25 I . , . . . . 1 I Oak Cliff s Blue Leopards sprouted wings at Fair Park Stadium to hand the laorest I I i Lions a decisive 25-0 trouncing. The contest, which was played at night, was witnessed I ' 1 II by 20,000 fans. 1 I ' 1 Cliff's overwhelming margin of victory was surprising to almost everyone present. It was a bitterly contested affair, but the Lions received a stiff drubbing, despite their I game stand. N ' 1 All the Cliff touchdowns were directly or indirectly the results of passes. The 1 cause of the Green defeat may be summed up very easily: lack of a capable pass de- I fense. The two lines played a magnificent game, there was little to choose between 1 them, but it was a different story in the air. Oak Cliff, sorry to say, made the Lion secondary look very poor with a long range barrage of leather-throwing, which resulted in three touchdowns. I 1 The complete story of the game, told in a nutshell, was Cliff's supremacy in the I 1 1 1 1 1 K air. So far as the rival line play was concerned, the teams might have1been battling yet, I for there was little advantage on eitherlside. Cliffls forwards kept the Lions' backs I pretty well in cheek, and a stubborn Green line held Cliff's scrimmage to a compara- tively small total. Q 9 5 Q - Q, ,i,4,wi,A,,,, ,W,,,,,, ,M -7 rgzxilkfqgftafenferfz I 1101 C elfywn .---- T7 yheforeskr i- amig- 6 y i . r i M' i I i I i l l l . i iv l ll 'lie ,. l ,il l i I l l i 4 . 'i 1 A - 11 I . i I 1 I 4 l , i l l il l B1 Rx xnxx jolm.-xx CIi.XRl.l s l.,xxoLrx' BROXVNII M.-x 111.5 XlI'I'CIll I,l. S'1'oN1 l l Cvfllffl' Lvff Yhvklif I'-llllllclfk Iffl Gmzril l i l Forest had its heroes even in defeat. They included Duwe, who handled his tackle , l position extremely well, Bale at guard, and Brandon at full. l ' l FOREST 6-ATHENS 13 W I 5 l I Jimmie Kitt's red-jerseyed Athens' Hornets and the Forest Lions put on a ding . don sera at Fair Park Stadium. The two teams battled on almost even terms throu h l 8 P 8 l the first three quarters, until the invading East Texans turned to the air in the final l session, to punch over a touchdown which gave them a 13-6 victory. , l Neither team seriously threatened in the opening periods, but as the session ended, l I Forest had driven to the Hornets twent -one ard line, from where the Foresters scored 1 Y Y W i their only touchdown. It happened as the second quarter started. Stone slashed our , i l l right tackle, reversed his field, and swept to the left on a beautiful twenty-yard punt Q throu li the Hornet secondaries, which ended with the white i skin restin in touch- S P 8 8 down territory. A pass for the extra point was incomplete. E Despite a quantity of loose football, including many fumbles and some very sour , 'i l ll 1 i X tackling, the contest was a thriller. It was nip and tuck most of the way, with neither team holding much of an edge. The Lions, battling to the last ditch, were i . ' . . . . . . . . , , l' right Within striking distance and threatening with an aerial bombardment of their own i,l QQ 1 when the final gun sounded. l i Dil' ll J r ti K f AM 1 - ff. af, --f--, - ' l --fa ' "JV3WV0l Liuj ,.--- ilafmxb -- ' - Kheforeskr l A Nwmle 4 i . I g 6 l lg I l l M ill W W Fl 1 lh M1 l W l i L. 1 3 l CHARLLS TERRANiiLI.,x LODDIL Horoiix LUTHVR SXVII-'T STLPH1 N GUTHIQRIL Q. l l Q11a1'ft'1'l1m'11 Rigbl limi' Lrfl Ifml Right Ifml I i , ' l l l 9 . W . FOREST 14--NCRTH DALLAS O 1 I v l Two marches down the field netted the scrapping Lions a 14-0 win over the North ll l i I Dallas Bulldogs in a night game, which was played at the Fair Park Bowl. Only a hand- l , l ll l ful of fans braved the damp, cold air to witness a slow, drawn-out contest. Outside of l ll il I these two drives, the teams battled fairly evenly between the two forty-yard lines. l Soon after the initial kick-off, Forest began a steady march down the field for the first score of the game, Steer playing an important part in the ball transportation. Stone plunged the ball across from the five-yard line. The extra point was bucked across by 1 l Steer. l Nothing exciting happened in the second period, but in the third the Foresters regis- y l tered again on a second march straight down the field. Stone, Terranella, and Steer lll l lugged the ball off the guards and tackles time after time. Steer finally took the ball across on a short buck. The extra pdint was added by a short heave, Terranella to l Brandon. l I ' FOREST 7-SUNSET 14 i l i 1 l Curly Woodward's flying heels, a spirited fourth quarter comeback, and a bad play l 1 l called by the Green quarterback gave the Sunset Bisons a 14-7 victory over the Big i Green Wave. l lil lr. . . . . . .. . I All of the drama and punch of this exciting battle was packed into the final Xl H l I ,5 ye Q mp, Q ll! is - lla Tllef QQSQQ A YZ' 55533 wil: Liizj ggoftvofo i Jhe emoeezxogg 1 up S yforesiier Ji V Bass RIIDD FRANK Sri 1 N CONRAD Duwr Haiuiis Siu i:roN Flulffmvk Imff Ifml Rigbl Tackle Imff GlltIl'AI period when Bill Bushman's scrapping youngsters came from behind a seven point lead to grab the tussle. Forest's lone score came in the second period. Swift interrupted a Bison pass on his own forty-two yard marker to start the drive. With Stone doing most of the lugging, the Southsiders swept to the Bison thirty-six yard marker. On fourth down Stone tucked in a pass and was finally knocked off his feet on Sunset,s thirteen yard line. Steer and Stone pounded the line three consecutive times before Stone finally, on fourth down, fought his way off a Bison tackle for the tally. Steer bucked over for the extra point. Although in defeat, probably the outstanding star for Forest was Waulter Stone, whose uncanny ability to find holes in a seemingly compact line resulted in Forest's only score. FOREST 0-DALLAS TECH 15 For the first time in ten years the maroon clad wolves of Technical High scored on the Foresters when they defeated the Lions 13-0 at Fair Park Stadium. Forest started two drives in the second quarter, but the first failed when the Green backs were stopped on the Tech twenty-five yard line. Near the end of the period three first-downs in quick succession placed the ball on Tech's sixteen-yard line. Another first down gave Forest the ball on Tech's four-yard line, When two plays failed to gain, znbxxgxgxbkj Y .yfelfdfelfei Liisj D 5 3 IT: ores1br :UQ-jgjfafgal jhe ,ww QGXGAQHE G l A 2 5 1 l 1 l 5 I 1 l l i l l i i l l il i l If Y, 4 HENRY LANDSBERG CHARLES LANGLKY JACK PRICIT KFNNLTH HORTON Fullback Lvff Tack Ir' CM: fr' 1' Ilulflulck Windborn, Lion quarter, tried a running slice at the center of the line and was getting along famously when he fumbled the ball and Rice, lanky Tech center, recovered on the one-foot line. l As the last quarter opened, the Lions seemed to realize their position and started a passing attack, which netted them no material gains. The game ended with oval in mid- field. N i l FOREST 7-WOODROW WILSON 0 1 The current city series football race came to a close as the Forest Lions upset the l supposedly much stronger Wildcat eleven to the tune of 7-0. I Scoring in the latter part of the first period, the Foresters had everything their l own Way from then on. Because of a rather unsuccessful season, the Lions went out , with blood in their eyes to atone for their poor showings. As a result, the Wildcats never penetrated the Green fifteen-yard line. Steer scored the touchdown on a buck from the one-yard line. Winborn added the extra point by a beautiful kick from place- I'1'16I1t. It would be a difficult task to name the stars of the contest, because all the Y. Foresters were in there battling their hearts out to win a game which meant a great 1 Qi deal to their beloved coach, Mr. Alfred Loos. 53 3 f Q t9 Q --- . 5 TT: QNQNOYSXJ 'kj Qfelxofd M141 BASKETBALL Q h fmG3x6AGDQ: an-JMS J eforesher 1 S 6 . O X ln. 1 u I 1 I 1 v 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 LEFT TO RIGHT 1 lower Row: I Horton, forwardg Maples, guardg Hewett, guardg M. Stone, guard: Sierad, forwardg W. Stone, uardg Winborn, forward. Upjui' Row: ' Pearlstein, forward, Burden, c terg Hendrix, centcrg Steen, centerg Bale, captain and guardg Holotik, guardg Hilburn, forwardg Licf, guard. Basketball SCHEDULE V First H alf January 11-Forest . . . 25 Woodrow Wilson 15 January 14-Forest . 13 Sunset .... 11 January 17-Forest . 19 Technical . . . 15 y January 20-Forest . 27 North Dallas . 19 I January 24-Forest . 19 Oak Cliff . . . 22 January 28-Forest . . . 17 Oak Cliff . . . 11 Second H czlf February S-Forest . . . 17 North Dallas . 22 February 7-Forest . 25 Woodrow Wilson 12 February 9-Forest . 27 Sunset .... 19 V February 11-Forest . 25 Technical . . 17 Q February 14-Forest . 25 Oak Cliff . . , 12 P Q February 18--Forest . 21 North Dallas . 17 9 Q 7 -A f'JQVWfVQ9lfQ fuel 2 X :UQJGJGADX y Jhe Gmwwu.: oreshzr K 5 The Basketball Semen Forest started the basketball season with a series of three games at El Paso with Austin High of that city. The Lions took the opener by the close score of 28-26. However, Forest lost the second andi third games by scores of 26-22 and 37-25. The Lions concluded their pre-season games by defeating the Forney team, 23-20. The Green quint started off the city series by drubbing the Woodrow Wilson Wildcats, 25-15. Steen of,Forest and Bert of Wfoodrow led the scorers, each having made 9 points. The Forest seconds made it a perfect day by defeating the Wildkittens, 19-15. Winborn featured for the Lion Cubs with 9 points. Forest basketeers defeated the Sunset Bisons in the second go of the series. Holotikls field goal, which was made only a few seconds before the final gun was sounded, gave the Lions a 13-11 victory. Holotik was high point man for the afternoon. The young Lions did not fare so well, being defeated by the Sunset seconds, 20-7. The Forest quint upset the fast traveling Wolves of Dallas Tech, 19-15. Forest's attack was led by Holotik and Hilburn, each scoring 7 points. The young Lions con- tinued on their way to the first half championship by defeating the Tech seconds, 22-12. The Foresters won their fourth straight victory from North Dallas, 27-19. Holo- tik was high point man of the game with 11 points. The Lion seconds followed in the footsteps of their big brothers by defeating the North Dallas Pups, 38-6. Horton was high point man with 16 points to his credit. Forest suffered its first defeat at the hands of Oak Cliff. The score was 22-19. Because of their defeat, the Lions ended the first half of the series deadlocked, with the Cliffers in first place. The Green seconds took the second team game from the little Leopards, 27-18. They also ended the first half of the race in a tie with the Woodrow kittens for first place honors. In the play-off between the Southsiders and the Cliffers for the first half title the Lions neatly outscored their rivals, 17-11. Red Bale, who was playing his last game under Forest's colors, played one of the sweetest games at guard ever seen on a Dallas Court in a high school game. Steen was high point man of the game with 8 points. Not to be outdone, the Green cubs also became first half champions of their division by tripping the Woodrow seconds, 23-21. Sierad and Windborn led the Lion offense with 6 points each. Gs Z zncgxigxwxgx-I, A Nfenfeafofo FF' l 1171 elmfw '7"e.?ores12zr mmm Basketball - Cofzrmued In the opening game of the second half of the city basketball series, our Forest quint was thrown for a loss by the North Dallas Bulldogs, 22-17. The play of Holo- tik and Hilburn featured for the Lions. In the second team game the young Lions regained the yardage lost by the first team, defeating the pups, 19-18. The Foresters swept over the W'oodrow quint, 25-12, to coast into second place in the percentage column. Horton, with 8 points, was high point man. The seconds con- tinued their undefeated march toward the second half championship by drubbing the young Wilsonites, 17-10. Windborn was high point man for the Lions. The Green basketeers won a fast one from the Bisons, 27-19. The Lions flashed a great offense to turn the trick. Holotik and Hilburn stood out for tho Lions. The cubs again showed their winning ways by taking the little Buffaloes into camp, 31-17. Wintiborn, Lion forward, was high point man with 13 points. The Forester loopers completed the second half of the series in second place, having lost one game to North Dallas. They won undisputed right to second place by defeat- ing Oak Cliff by the convincing score of 25-12. Hilburn was the outstanding player of the game, with 10 points to his credit. By defeating the Oak Cliff's second team, the Lion cubs won the second half championship and also the city series championship. They defeated the Cliffer seconds, 13-6. Forest and North Dallas met to battle for the series championship. When the final whistle was blown, the Lions! were on the long end of a 21-17 count. By defeating North Dallas, the Lions gained the right to enter the district basket- ball tournament, which was held at Denton. In their first game the Green loopers were defeated by North Side, Ft. Worth, 28-11. The Cowtown boys held an advantage in height that was too great a handicap for the diminutive Forest team to overcome. However, they deserve great praise for the fight shown, in spite of the odds against them. QR: Qlfofelf , xc! l 1.1 5 Q ' 7 Q f :HCDXQXEJXQXJ - - A 1.fe1fQ!c1feJ 1181 UTIXIEIQ SIDDIQTS EUCVMAE s C H- 7"e.7'ores12er Nwwla ,YFA 5 if lr I l l I LEFT TO RIGHT , Silfing: Slaglc, Stone, Fee, Henderson, Webster, Biggs, Hemphill and Zelazny. Sfzlllrliffg: Coach Hutchinson, Harwood, Wfisdom, Lewis, Price, Fitzgerald, jurek, Hurst, Windborii, Captain Guthcrie, and Wliite. Tracie Candidates for the ,31 track team received uniforms March 1, and began to put themselves into proper condition under the able supervision of Coach Hutchinson. In addition to Gutherie, there were such stars as Stone, quarter mile, Redd and Harwood, polevaulters, Wisdom, quarter miler, Holotik, high jumper, and Slagle and Fitzgerald, distance runners. In their only triangular meet of the season which was not rained out, the Lion tracksters took second place against Oak Cliff and Sunset. Windborn, green hurdler, showed up extremely well, running the 220-yard low hurdles in 27 seconds flat-the first flight he had ever run. The Annual City Track Meet was held in Ownby Stadium at Southern Methodist University, April 10 and 11. The trials in the 150-yard high hurdles, 100-yard dash, 220-yard low hurdles, 440-yard dash, shot put, javelin and discus throws were held on the tenth, Gutherie qualified for the finals in the 100-yard dash and the javelin and discus throws, Price qualified in the discus and javelin throws, Windborn qualified in the 220-yard low hurdles, and Lewis qualified for the finals in the discus throw. All finals were run off on April 11, when Forest placed sixth in the meet. Gutherie won third place in the discus throw, Price won second place in the javelin throw, Stagle won fourth in the mile run, and won fourth place in the 880-yard run. Forest's -f , total number of points amounted to seven, Windborn, diminutive Lion hurdler, hung his 2 trailing foot on a hurdler and hit the cinders when he was leading the field to the tape. y Q 9 Q 1 I Ga C 1 :HQXLQNQ-Nt9x.a CW .cfafafenfoiiz L 1201 5 6 Joresher GQQGJQAE Jhe GRQXGAQHPYS 6 6 LEFT TO RIGHT Lower Row: Anton, Burris, Leon, Summers, Pruitt, Thompson, Kendall. Ujwjwl' Row: Perry, Miltner, Wliite, Stagner, Lichtenstein, Coach Boulton. Temaif mm' Gag TENNIS SCHEDULE Boyis Singles Girls' Singles Forest-Sunset ..., 6-45 2-65 2-6 Forest-Sunset .... 3-65 4-6 Forest-Wilson . . 6-O5 5-75 7-5 Forest-Wilson . . 6-15 7-5 Forest-N. Dallas . . . 3-65 2-6 Forest-N. Dallas . . 1-65 1-6 Forest-Oak Cliff ..... 4-65 3-6 Forest-Oak Cliff . . , 5 4-65 2-6 Forest-Tech. .... 4-65 6-25 4-6 Forest-Tech ...., 5 8-65 4-6 Boys' Doubles Girls' Doubles Forest-Sunset ...... 2-65 2-6 Forest-Sunset .... 5 4-65 6-4 Forest-Wilson . . . . . 6-35 6-2 Forest-Wilson . . . 5 3-65 6-3 Forest-N. Dallas . . 4-65 7-55 6-2 Forest-N. Dallas . . 6-35 6-4 Forest-Oak Cliff . . . 2-65 1-6 Forest-Oak Cliff . . 54-65 6-3 Forest-Tech. . . 6-35 6-0 Forest-Tech . . . 5 4-65 6-1 GOLF SCHEDULE February 21 . . . . Forest and Oak Cliff . . . March 28 l February 28 . . Forest and Woodroxv Wilson . April 4 ' March 7 . . . Forest and North Dallas . . April 11 1, I March 14 . . . Forest and Technical High . . April 18 Q March 21 . . . Forest and Sunset . April 25 Y 3 ZUCQXIQYQXLSX,-,I .CJ QEJEXOYQ fl: f121:I .2-UMJM i ff-foresiiet 'W .Samui f"X6k63x Tennis and Gay - Continued The present golf team, under the direction of Miss Foote, is composed of four boys: Frank Stagner, captain, Henry White, Ab. Pruitt, and Arthur Perry. Frank is one of the best high-school golfers in the city. The first match of the current season was played at Stevens Park with Oak Cliff. Ill-fortune seemed to follow this game, for Forest was defeated, 4-2. The second match was likewise unfortunate. Forest lost six points to Woodrow Wilson. In the third 5 , l match, however, the team revealed its real power by winning 6-0 from North Dallas. In the latest match Forest was victorious over Technical High, winning 5-1. At the present writing, the team has won thirteen points and lost eleven, but they are working hard and hope for good results in the remaining matches. With the exception of Frank, the other boys are inexperienced, so next year's team should be much better. Since there is another series of matches to be played, the championship ll will not be determined until these are played. ' i The importance of tennis in Forest as a sport is developing more and more. The I coach hopes to promote a greater liking for this splendid game, which will carry over X into the lives of the students in after-school life. l Our teams this year have had quite encouraging success. They were able to de- i feat Woodrow Wilson in every match and to break even with North Dallas and Technical High Schools. The girls' doubles teams, consisting of Clover Burris and Sally Anton, went through the season without a defeat. This strong service of Sally, coupled with the splendidly consistent playing of Clover, proved too much for all opposing offerings. p The boys' doubles won three of their five matches. This team, composed of Nathan Leon and Jake Lichtenstein, was respected by all opponents as worthy of their best efforts. Leon plays a hardy, driving game and has a fine, accurate service, which, when working correctly, is baffling to any opponent. Jake is a fine, consistent player and an excellent partner for Nathan. 1 Our really outstanding players were Nathan Leon, who is playing his last year at Forest, and Clover Burris, whose consistent playing has been responsible for the win- ning of girls' doubles championship. - , i g Q Z Q 6 QHGYQXGXGXJ .cfeifofofoiz H1223 :JJGJQAOAD Jhe T j--'i GMDXGNDHZ 2 i , ores er i 6 yi ,f l F I gig i"" V 1 LEFT TO RIGHT I,U1l'l'l' Row: Coach Poe, Clark, Cfalvii, Hcwett, llilburn and Brandon. Ulllvrl' Raza: Marshall, Vrates, Cfox, Litf, james, Steen, liurdcn. Hendrix, and Bailey. Baseball Team Candidates for the '31 baseball team reported for practice March 20. Coach Poe immediately began the process of moulding a team which would give the other Dallas High School teams a scrap for the series cup: Burden as catcher, Bailey as pitcher, James at first base, Cox at second base, Brandon at third base, Rowland at short stop, Hilbtirn in left field, Calvit in center field, and Hewett in right field seem to have had the ed fe on the other lads and were, therefore, icked on the re ular startin nine. 5 P g S Mr. Poe sent his charges into their first series-go against the North Dallas Bull- dogs. The Lions entered the contest as underdogs, but when the regulation time of seven innings was up, the Lions were on the long end of a 10-4 count. In their second game of the local series the Lions defeated the XVoodrow Wilson Wildcilts, 4-0. The liorester's had the game from start to finish, although they tallied only four times. The Foresters ran into a bit of hard luck when they dropped a game to the Leopards, 4-3. The Lions ourhustled and outplayed the Spotted Kitties in every de- partment of the game. ln five innings Hendrix, Green pitcher, held the Cliffers to two hits, but in the first of the sixth he loosened, and the Leopards made use of his let-down by smacking out four runs. James, Lion first sacker, scored two of the three runs, and each time he was knocked in by the terrific swatting of Hewett, left- ., handed fielder. Hilburn of the Foresters tried to knock the fence down, but his best ' effort only busted a hole in it, which netted him a home run. Q' - M":i""' ZITQNQXQNEMJ 'bf ' Lizsj r 1 f i 2 -. , 5' El E til 1 ll ll U Ill nl! ll Il tl OUR ADVERTISERS The publication of the Nineteen-Thirty-One Forester has been made pos- sible through the co-operation of the following mrchants. Let us show our appreciation by patronizing them whenever possible. Adams, Judge Grover American Barber and Beauty Shop Armbruster, Joe Balfour Jewelry Company Bennett, Harry Buckspan Fur Co. Carmichael, J. 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Margaret Mullins- Whispers must compose her diets She's so very, very quiet. josepbine Nelson- Blondy-oh so very fairg joyous with nary a care. Sfrlla Fallas- Pretty, cute, Sweet to boot. Fay Lena Saclas- Complete- Ly sweet. Harrie!! Garonzik- Her brown eyes so round and soul- ful- Always joyful, never doleful. C0llIlIllll1L'IIfX of SCHEPPS BROTHERS ' V . ' ' 9 , . ' ' , Q -'lulb E1.Ni9r9 41" Smart Apparel for Women Style and Quality! Lower Priced! Comjrlinzwzfx of ORTEN LEVY H. C. VOSS Ice and Fuel Phone 4-1107 2428 Harrison Gwefizzgs F1'011z Buclespanif EXCLUSIVE FURRIERS FUR REMODELING REPAIRING AND STORAGE 1803 Elm Street, Next to Athletic Club Smart Alec' Qgetting on bush: "Hello, Noah, is your old ark full?,' Dl'ILll'l'2 "Nope. Only one mule so far. Come on inf, 111111302 "And how old are you madam?', IVILLHCSSZ "Pm around thirty." fudge: "So I perceive. Now how many years is it since you got around it?', Kathleen Price: "Oh, officer, there's a man following me and I think he's drunk." Officer fgiving her the once-overj : "Yes, he must be.', Mr. 1lIllliL'l9il'1S071Z 'tName a star with a tailf' Dorothy Rosenbazmz: "Rin-Tin-Tinf, S. L. EWING COMPANY IN DALLAS SINCE 1902 1606 Commerce St. N V We I - ' ypezwzfm BUY--SELL-RENT--REPAIR ALL MAKES Telephone 2-3 02 6 DEMPSEY 86 PARKER Afiorneys Af Law FIDELITY UNION BUILDING EARL R. PARKER FRANK L. DEMPSEY Phone 2-1683 "Now,', she asked, "is there any man in the audience who would let his wife be slandered and say nothing? If so, stand up?" A meek little man rose to his feet. The lecturer glared at him. "Do you mean to say you would let your wife he slandered and say nothing she cried. "Oh, I'm sorry," he apologized. "I thought you said slaughtered." "Will you marry me?" said Lewis. 'QI don't knowf' replied Dorothy, "I've al- ways said the man I married must be both brave and intelligent." "Well, didn't I save you from drowning?" said he. "Yes," agreed she, "I admit that was brave, but it didn't prove you to be intel- ligentf, "Oh, but it did," said Lewis, "I upset the boat on purposef' S Standard Make Shoes S FLORSHEIM-NUNN BUSH AND ALL OTHER STANDARD MAKES Sport Shoes in all Styles NATIONAL JOBBING CO. 1413 Commerce 1707 Elm Military Boots at Popular Prices C. R. TUCKER A. I. BRILLING J. S. LANDILR A. 85 C0- Exclusivfe Agcnis For I. REINHARDT 86 SONS 1514541 Q N General I11xura11ce Agenfs gf' Xxxx ,' ' 5 ,. zzeegz qi Second Floor, First National Bank Building ig Xxx .... if Phone 2-1291 'wages-..-.. ., ,u ' This Office Has Been in Continuous and Successful Operation For Forty Years to .ie Armm Marie: "Aren't you ever afraid of losing control of your car?,' Tommy B.: "Constantly, I'm two installments behind alreadyf' ' Consiublez "Fishing is not allowed here: five dollars finef' Angler: 'Tm not fishing. I'm teaching my worms to swim." C071Sl6lblL'! "May I see your worms?" Angler: "Certainly," fWorms come up on end of line.j Cousfablez "But you must pay the fine. Your worms have no bathing suits and bathing without a suit is not allowed heref, Barber: "Getting pretty thin on top, sir. Ever use our Miracle Hairgrowine?', The chair: "Oh, no! It wasn't that that did it." Elderly woman to drugstore clerk: "Have you anything for gray hair?', Clerk: "Only the greatest respect, madamf' "She has a most magnetic personality." "Yes, even her clothes are chargedf! Syrnjmtbezfie Old Lady fto trampj: "Ah, my poor fellow, life is full of trials." Tramp: "It is, ma'am. What were you tried for?,' "There,s a salesman waiting outside, sir-man with a mustachef, "Tell him I've got a mustache." v 7' C0I7'l1lIll7flUlIfS of AUTO SUPPLY CC. J. WITDOLESALE AND RETAHII Tires, Tu es and Accessories or A Cars Di-WL7'iC'f CZUVIQ 1955 Commerce Street 7-4424 'P Compliments of JUDGE GROVER ADAMS Criminal District Court C0'H1fIli7Tl6'71fS of CAPLAN Leaeter for 4 7 Years Excellent Laundry Service Superior Dry Cleaning Fur Storage Dyeing Efverytairig Washed with Ivory Soap Exelasifvety 4-2161 eaeliman 'J aamtry AMERICAN BARBER 81 BEAUTY SHOP All Kinds of Barber and Beauty Work 1821 Second Avenue SID FENDLEY, Prop. "Aren't the stars numerous tonight?,' "Yes, and ainit they lots of 'em?" Compliments of HAL HOOD Sheriff, Dallas County Carol: "Kathleen, do you believe in dis- armament? Kathleen: "Not unless I hear someone comingf' Preacher: "Son, can you show me the Way to the post office?" Little Boy: "Yes, sirg at the next corner turn to the left and walk two blocks down." P1'eaebe1': "Thanks very much. Now, you come to church Sunday, and 1,11 show you the way to Heaven." Little Boy: "Aw, quit your kidding. You don't even know the way to the post officef' Mr. Usry: Q'I'll have to give you a zero this semester, Charles." Charles L.: Q'Well, that means nothing in my young lifef, C0111 plimelzts of WILLIAM MCCRAW District Attorney Ea mode A. SMITH Melfs FZll'lZiShiIIgS 102 South Jefferson C0lIIl7IjIlIt'lIfS of JUDGE NQLAN G. WILLIAMS Cl1lllIJIj'lIZC77fS of GRADY I-IIGI-IT Chief Dejmfy, Tax C01fc'c'f0r's Offivr' HIGH GRADE CANDIES For Sale Everywhere In Dallas Look for ibm' Triangle CONSOLIDATED CANDY CQ. DALLAS :z :: ATLANTA Sara Hari: "I heard there was a fire at the Deaf and Dumb School. Anyone hurt?" Lu Fan Pafrifk: "Yes, one fellow broke two fingers and a thumb yelling fire." Sunday School Teavbvr: "Eunice, what is your favorite hymn?', Euniee Faison Qblushingj: "Agib.', Albert Cahn thinks that when a butterfly becomes a hot mamma she is iirefly. Elizabelb B.: "XVhat,s the score?', Marjorie I-: 'lNothing and nothing." Elizabefb B.: "Thank goodness I didn't miss anything." For Proud Daffalies: "If baby laughs when you wag your head, you may be sure it would be even better pleased with a rattle all its own. "Poor Lola! She got cruelly deceived when she married old Goldroxf' "XVhy, didn't he have any money?" 1'Oh, yes plenty of money, but she found that he is ten years younger than she thought he wasf' CU'I1ZLfJIi71lU1IfS of ED COBB Tax Assessor, Dallas Cozmfy L. WAGNER GROCERY ESTABLISHED IN 1873 G1'ove1'iex amz' Cozzniry POIllfl'j' 110 South jefferson 600 Main Strtet Sf. George Hole! and Annex CHARLEs Houses, Propricior European Plan Dallas, Texas STANDARD SHOW CASE WORKS Manufacturers Designers THE IXRNIBRUSTERS fo Let all of us Work to secure a substantial C0l7ZjIll111Lilf5 0 park and athletic field for Forest High. GEORGE W HARWOOD MARTIN WEISS. fury Paymaster ODE TO A BAD COLD Thoughts adancing, queer and fanciful Strange ones, Weird ones, it is true. Nothing lovely or poetical- Black ones, tired ones, lined with blue. Ears are humming, heart a-drumming, Nose a-leaking, plenty too, Bones just aching, quinine taking, Almost think I've got-kerchoo! For pure misery, desolation- Blues, and Wishing you were deadg I can surely recommend you To a bad cold in the head. --LUCY BLAKENLY COMPLIMENTS QF Still Another Year -J D'-5,1 Ba fgeqrfbdi 1524-46 AflAlN,END OF STONE Hall-Gentry Studios 161992 Elm Strut xr,f5gQ..t DALLAS' OWN CLOTHING STORE lt has been a pleasure t aku all the pl otographs appearing in this issue of the lor ster Our assoc tion with the facult stu t and Ftre t 1' ta has been most pleasant METROPULITAN The name that stands for excellence and leader- ship in the Business College field. The superior merits of the METROPOLITAN are fully attested by its seasoned record of 44 YEARS in training young men and women for business success. Under the constant personal management of A. Ragland since 1899. A member of the National Association of Accredited Commercial Schools, Able faculty: standard coursesg sound business methods: strong financial backingg thousands of successful graduatesg good reputation among business men, who call on us almost daily for bookkeepers and stenographers. It always pays to attend an established, reliable, progressive, influential school. For full information, write. call or phone 2-3534. Metropolitan Business College DALLAS, TEXAS This Annual is Covered and Bound by THE AMERICAN BEAUTY COVER COMPANY 1900-8 Orange St. Dallas, Texas Specalists in Book Covers and Binding of all Kinds GLAD TO HELP YOU SOME MORE OF WHAT WE THINK- Ailewz Smiib- Her face is an island fair Encompassed by billows of wavy brown hair. Mildwcl' Rzfzffzitzky- A Just a word for her to say And boy does that piano play? Maurimf lambs- Near five and a half feet tall is she And every inch mentality. hmnim Odomn- Oh! with that wavy brown hair She drives all males to despair. .Elizabeth Holt-- Elizabeth is so shy and quiet, And yet shels always friendly at sight. Virginia Sims- Poet, composer, Gloom disposer. Mary Elizabefb Sf1'tZI1gC- XVe hope to never see A sweeter girl than she. Louis R0sc11bc'1'g- A student of Mozart and Mendelssohn And perfect little gentleman. Bc1'MiL'c't' Aisfrojv- She's a dark little girl-five feet, two, And loves to talk to great and few. Charlotte Drmosky- Short, chubby, studious, gay, And always has something to say. NC'ffi6, IJCC' PUlll'lSfL'i7Zi Iigbpgfa Ei71b0y71-. Quiet, tall, a different style, Always greets you with a smile. So agreeable and full of fun, As a dancer-she's a sweet one. We Furnish the Dallas Public Schools Qualify-Sm'z'ir'c-Price Ben l'l. Rosenthal WHOLESALE MEATS 86 PROVISIONS 1917 N. Houston St. - 2-77713 or 2-7772 R. O. T. C. HEADQUARTERS RIDING OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT CLOTHING P I , O C MILITARY EQUIPMENT . 208 N. AKARD STREET S the years go by, this annual will bring I back memories of these happy school days. Wfe are glad to contribute this small space to help you in publishing it. 1616-18 ELM STREET W, A, GREEN CO o Divorce judge: "Well, what's the bone of contention in your family?,' Hzzsbazfdz Njawbone, your honor, jawbonef' "The officer swears that you were going fifty miles an hourf' the judge said. "Have you any excuse for making such speed?" 'QYes, your honorf' the prisoner replied. "I'm a bootlegger and your wife tele- phoned that she had to have a case of Scotch right away because company had dropped in unexpectedly." Miss Sf. 101111: 'QPaul, can you tell me what .1 hypocrite is?,' Paul: "Yes, Ma'am. Itls a boy that comes to school with a smile on his facef, Miss Clark: "Wl1g1t is excelsior?,' Frank B.: "Long sawdust." "Darling, I love you.', "Good gracious. Wfhy, we've only become acquainted." "Yes, I knowg but I,m only here this week-endf, A lady motorist was driving along a country road when she spied a couple of re air men climbin 1 tele hone oles. P is P P "Fools," she exclaimed to her companion, "they must think I never drove a car before." Q In sincere appreciation of your patronage and your friendship. Dallas Railway 84 Terminal Company l'arf11crs in flu' Grou'fl1 of Dallas 'S Quality Candies and Cookies -furnish the proper vitamins and energy for strength and healthg and SCHOOL DAYS will be happier and healthier if you give them our Candies with their lunch. Brown Cracker 85 Candy Company Dallas' Largest IIICIILSIWQ' M SMS BN DoN N ELL'S Book Sforc DQLMXQ D ICE CIQEAM Va n Winkle s of 1609-11 Elm 162022 Pacifc 727 Wm 6,8197 Ps, Sfrzzllgvra "Do you know where the Reverend Mr. XVimbledon lives Sam: "Yassah, Ah knows that man right well, sinh." Sfraugvr: "What sort of a man is he, Sam?" Sam: "Wl1at yo, mean by dat queschum, snh?', Sff'lllIgL'l'Z "Why, what is the caliber of the man? Sam: 'tOh, yas sah. As knows what you mean well, sah, his idees am about folty-foah, but his brain am ll twenty-two." , now, snh, de Caliber of himg Swmfor Bamm: "Wl1i1t did the drought do to your district?" Swlzzfoi' Blab: "Dried uw several cheeks l was oinv to vet av ro riations to S as rw lp P dredge? 'lin Bulletin illHnrning p mia Uhr Hallam fdnnrnal Products of Texas' oldest business institution founded in 1842-in the days of the Repub ic. ea ers 1 p l L d 'n all rogressive matters and untiring champions of right thinking and fair play. G O L D S E A L CQMPLIMENTS OF Dallas' Finest Pasteurized HOOVER-LEHMAN M I LK Main at Field TENNESSEE DAIRIES, INC. PHONE 7-6526 Hart Schaffner 86 Marx Clothes The farmer was showing his visitor from the city over the farm. "How many sheep do you think are in that flock?,' he asked. After some hesitation, the visitor replied, "Oh, about five hundredf, The farmer was astonished. "Absolutely correct. How did you do it?', "Well,', the city chap explained, "I just counted the legs and divided my fourf, Cmfmcn B.: "At the dance the other night my suspenders broke right in the middle of the floor? Milcfwd S.: "And weren't you embarrassed nearly to death?" Cclr11zc'11: "Well, not very. My brother had them on.', First Fa1'mr'1': "I've got a freak on my farmf, SFL'0l7l1l Fa1'111z'r: "I know. He came over to call on my daughter last night." Q.: S J O 2 fi 0 . 2 5 3- : 2 3 2 3 ff' - ' o I2-' TS ILK SO Phone 7-1622 wwe 1717 Wood sf. QZZEQ se rm E Db on in rm fb Z U E FE Z U Db eo an rm To a young man ' THE importance of "how you dress" increases when you leave -I - high school. To make the most of this factor choose as your guide the clothes of a maker such as Society Brand-smart enough, though not I tr to o v t' e-b t 1 S-.gaeillggrdna izgrriige nor o c nser a iv u E. M. KAHNII if? CO. Main an . E 111 at Lamar "IT STAYS FRESH LONGER"- The faint scarlet, suffusing and receding, crawled up around his ears and faint puffs of smoke blew heavenward from his Murad. Yes, he was embarrassed. He and his fiancee had insisted upon taking Jim for a ride over the great Ameri- can desert in the hope of curing him of his athletels foot fthough his only walk was from his door to his carj. As they sped along, Jim comfortably established in the rumble seat Qask the man who owns onej, Frank took a glance at her lovely schoolgirl complexion. "Ah," he thought, "the skin you love to touch!" ' "My," thought Jim, "such popularity must be deserved!" Frank let the car guide itself. QFree wheeling.j Jim leaned over. "Frank,', he said, reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet," And he tossed him a pack. i The girl gave him a withering glance. "Ninety-nine and forty-four per cent pure!" she said frigidly. Just then Jim saw the icy waters of a mirage directly in the path of the speeding car. He wished to warn Frank, but the words stuck in his throat, and there was not a cough in a car load. The car plunged in. "It floats!" yelled Jim thankfully. But he spoke too soon. Frank was thrown into the shark-infested Waters. Just as he sank for the last time, he looked at Jim reproachfully. "My best friend," he cried, umy best friend! Why didn't you tell me?" "It serves you right, you old Meanie! You laughed when I sat down in this rumble seat-imagine your astonishment nowli' ' The water was fast flooding the radiator. "Good to the last drop," quoth Jim, pouring the .rest of the mirage in the radiator and driving off, "Sleep like a baby, Frank!" So Frank, slightly embarrassed, lit a Murad and walked a mile for a camel.

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