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.N XXX 17 Isf'f,,-4.7, A A1 X73 A if w "'f X5 , ft , vii xxx, , X F5 3 .X N x 5. -1 L v V59 I I 1 Y J ' E X f Y XX VXA F' .uf I . k f Q L BDI S I-iff, X, ,.V,V,, 1 fjffxjf, ,J t I ' Q! K I' U7 7 f' 4 f 6 AQWJVVQ fl fx X ' f f f' ! aj , I x x f 1 " ' l L r.,!j, lx " xx 1 ,XQ4 xx . X -1, xx lxixxrhg Q9 jx' -xg? X R, J mv A If V, k -4 " 'ALTQJ , - 1-V xi Vx, 5. LJ JF J 5 1 in Y I' 1 A , I K A f ' 'yfvf '9'!7f ,U Kwwfxn-'fx Riff 'L' V Copyrighted by WILLARD BARR Editor-in-Chief EDWIN ERNEST Business Manager 023 me QORESTER Published by THE SENIQR CLASS of FOREST AVENUE HIGH SC H O O L DALLAS, TEXAS I VOLUME VIII Miss J. H,xRmE'1"1' NICCLELLAY AN 7 J? X W lei i N NN fl 'X , px tl, W'-X X .fl fif f A f' iff? I M f -4' ,I . , N ,,l',ly Kf f llilll f N 1' .l',, Al' . inns 1 , T lil ! 5 . Xin' i- , fl , im d li at 1 if ll X D d lo e ic ation 'J Miss J. Harriett . '7 -C 'OJ f' McClellan Instructor in English and a graduate 1555 LEX of the Indiana State Uni gig! versity our teacher 'id visor friend who by her sincere and constant interest in the school and her earnest labor for the benefit of the students and the school both in her own department and outside has won the genuine esteem and friendship ofthe entire student body we The Class of 1924 deem it an honor to dedicate this the eighth volume of the Forester 'J . b .y FOREWORD "ill 1110 tc'0rld's Il stage, ".-Ind all the men and wovnmz merrily plr1yz'rs.', li have considered this year as one act of the enormous play of Life, with For- est particularly centered as the stage, and the sc-hool membership the numerous eliaracters. XVe have attempted to make the play as in- teresting as possihleg and. as the curtain draws to :i close over this your of school life, we, the Staff, submit this Forester A1'll1llHl of 192-ll to the student hotly as the result of our host efforts to present the history of the school year in the most attractive form. If it tells the whole story of the yezirys ac'- tivities and fxttninments and in the future serves to recall pleasant memories, we shall feel that wo have sueoeeclvcl, :incl have rem-hed the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the yr-ar. THE STAFF' .G ,V X'-N K 2 ' '- WQ v Z gf-i l ln f 3 ff 2 G95 ,K X ,,,. , 9 ffruhl I , lrll v iii i ORDER 011500115 S chool Classes flthleucs Departments The Jungle flctiuities - mQmOFlGm S NIIILIIIII IJURUI IIN Swv O I cu. l'zl'Gl'IXl'1 l3,xc:1.1cY Una. .L G. . , W1 11 Q 1 XTIUWWVWIWXWWYWTKQ g11w17f111 Al f W I 1111111 1 1 If ff N wsZN1 YQ111111N XXWffA Ufx M f X X Il MW1WmW111W1l1N X j X 1 X 9111111111 1 W, I X 1wMW1fr111111 1 A f A NL A X 111111111 i N W X 2 w P' X X X I X" Q5 X X 2111601 1 1 X X fl WMM ,f 1 11 U ' fvmffff 11111 W wx f KKZWN W V XX A Wifi ! gig M---f f4ff,l11v11 WX fiix X N X6-0-ff f-SQ xA 11 il ...-2 .if - Q 77 me -..... f 1 X 'fgf M HX 'fail-:wg wfjm f k X U I4 1 X XEQTNN WVR 1 w Zhi i X Z SCHOOL X X MX-1, ,lf ,W , 1' 1 WW fi' 'Q 1' 1 '1 W 7 l5"1Yf A11 1 137 mf 1 f 51 Q 01 1 f ,911 W ,113f3W'W " m f A . 11 f, Y ff i X 1111 X XC of H U AQWUHH YN ,f'i,rfM X, ' WM X I ry 1 T M ' Y V K , 1 I 4 ' X' if E fl gi QXl1"iL' 'L mm 1111163 , Lf AFEQ1 E, 1 "1 A f f N X ,'-N w1.,1f W 434111 WX' 341 L1 M111 1 15 . H 117111151 111115 1 - 'df 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1. ,fxi 1 111111: . 1 1 ., 111111 U 1 111 ff 1, 1 1 1, a .3 -14,1111 -1 f 1 1 11, F1Q,','N 11 1 WW 1 11 ' wh , 1 W1 2 '13, 11 111-1 I 1 1 X-"7' rv ' 'FN J ' W ,xgNw1!1M!1m1'l-V J,N.- xfm f'f' If My Anlltlxb 'XX 1 , 11111111 1111141 if 111 f6M1l"ml11111 1 M11 gf 111' X 116111201711 1, nfl 1 1 f 1 1 'KN ,X Y 1' 'l1Y',!, 'Q 1 11 ,AWN X 1 91,311 XJ' 1" 1 ffi, . 21 X . " - sf . 1' .J f"1"- W. ffm W KN 145 1 11 f if if f f'f'!'1-,wx 1 Ai if A ff! M - 1, f 1 1 1 ,sj"" 135, ' Xfjy 0.sDoz1: s V-, 1 g X wA!N,1f1! x,-I uw!! .I XX Q1 11 N . :L 11 1 - Q - M E1 - . ' 1 I EL '15 T11 1 1 g, 3? Q A f V, Y ff f 1 1 X' if v f , 1' A 1 ? f ,f 1, '1f"iX .1 . 1 f 1 - 'QL A 1- ' N f Eff H 41:4-L E1 1x M i,.Q:7 177 'Alb ' N Q rv,,:v1siLFff115i' Q1 5, 1 kg 41 TF 3112213 ' QYSWYQ gf 31,171 V 5'-ff77MQ+' i?l ?f?3 'f'1ffx9 ff, X , X' ,av Qfwf f fifxf 1' yiLQ"Y k'1 , 1 I 'V ,lrl f 'ff' X x J 1' fr ' . nm .v ' ' I i i XXQX x Hffirlfi--X 'A QQ' ! 11 1 X X i X JANXXX x 'lmnwfyw N' f ff N 7 l x 1 S THE SCHOOL UM THE A UDITORT gvszmaezeuszzslu-saw rem- '-u-ass:-va-a s-is-2:'.1r.-za 1:-as-4-u+.+-1 I EWII ZSII' - w-azsefussselng we H S S S -s E to ,vi W - 53 T 513 '1T 1 i 'F E E 'lf' fl' 'TP W Lg 52 'V' 'lt 52 W 11' ' vu WF Q 5? 'V' i 'F 1 '71 W 77 'E' , F54 -5 4 rs S-- . r lg: A THE OFFICE , W te: we 3091 History of Forest Avenue I-hgh School L TE Forest Avenue High School was founded in 1915. It is a E , beautiful school with large classrooms, wide corridors, a large Bla E- auditorium, and modern equipment in the laboratories, business J rooms, and gymnasium. W fi The school was first established and organized in September, 7 M ' - - - ' '- l d' l' lthirteen Nlr F B 1 1916, with an rniollment of sew en iun rec ant . 1 . 1. . N ui -'ii Cawthorn was appointed as the first principal. The teachers and ' W pupils worked very hard, and the first year was very successful. Ulu ,il During 1916-17, the Hamilton Literary Society, The Senate Lit- fi' gf erary Society, La Tetulia, The Crestha Club, The Shakespearean .ij Club, and The Girls' Glee Club were organized. The monthly W magazine, "The F'0rester,l' was first published in May 1917. X lg, :E In September 1917, Forest had an enrollment Of seven hund- E lt red and forty-nine pupils, a slight increase over the first year. 'TE Rapid progress was made in athletics during this term. The suc- :E cess of the football and basketball teams was splendid. despite the I! f-6 fact that this was the Hrst year that the green and white had been M M . . - - QQ. represented. Two new societies, The horest Avenue High School E Literary Society. and El Circulo Espanol, were organized. in sl' Q JL E1-:figures we-feefn-esaiszsefnssxllfe e i 1924 n5 :G'Ir's?. ' 222'I4-4221I".i-.'?r'fflI'.i-'lleilii-2-S'sil3'i ' V K Q' M V V Page Eleven' ll5?g8'l'5E'2'elllv"4?l"E','I'EEP20EE7-'4'l"? ' 'llgsg'l'?"4gglllg2g'll'f-fgglll527"s4'l's5:gg'llg'3:',-i'll?ggll' 3:-,"I1.-v,i',1llS-'.?"'lI"" we me l Q v 2 v Q 352 5 if W 'JL' fi- 'ff 'Sl '1Hl' bl COND PI OUR CORRIDOR Durm th1s vear the Great VVorld War was bemg fought and we cannot formet the wonderful spirit the Forest students man1 fested ln doin tllelr blt 'lhe tlnrd year at Forest was stlll more successful The year began Wltll an enrollment of nme hundred and seventy one stu dents The school was closed awhlle durmg the fall of 1918 on account of an epldemxc of lnfluenza The Standard Debatmg Socletv was orgamzed Januarx 1 1919 Th1s club IS a splendld organlzatlon and has contlnued to galn untll now It IS the leadlng hterarx soclety of the Dallas Hlgh Schools Great lmprove ment was shown 1n athletlcs over that of precedlng vears Earle Wllson and Adolph Harder took thexr nlche ln the athletlc hall of fame The vear of 1919 20 was a most successful one State champ lonshlps were won ln basket ball and track thus makmg Forest well known throughout the State Cltv honors were won ln decla matlon and debatlng and ln the C1tV lnterscholastlc tennls tourna ment In the fifth vear there was an enrollment of fifteen hundred and elbhtv five students a marked lncrease over the first year Mr E B Cawthorn our beloved and faithful prlnclpal accepted a posltlon ln a large busmess firm and was succeeded bv Mr Wylle A Parker formerlv principal of Colon1al H111 School and also P57 -li' 'R '02 iw , 'E 'll' xl! D6 ,. W 1 gn o .I K l l w , ' V . , . El- L . M L . , My , ' . . . fn . . . - . . . . 'ff 'l . . ' . qu . N? . . . , 1 'F' f -1 r ' W , Q . :Li , , ::l-e-'2amas:eu-Q-feels-sfazsmt-:ee-af95:-xlxeeul 1924 als:-:Q-e-games 111:-zz-alflsa-.Ire-'ewaz-.-nz: Page Twelve gl-2--ze s wulazee-a-as-we l -,z ' -was maze S.: all -raazzel ssalug 'ir ' 1? VU W 53 9 1 fi N1 , JL Sf fv' fi Si' M + L! wr - W fv Ju 'BE tr lHF I IBRARY 1 forme1 teacher of hoth Bu an qtreet Hlgh School llld loreet 'uenue Hlgll School The te mchere und puplls were sorrv to lose Nlr Cawthorn but thex cordmlly welcomed Ur Parker as prln c1p'1l The haecball teflm prowed ltself worthv of commend1t1on md the track team won mam honors ln both cltx and dlstrlct meets F trle XXIli0I1 was our star for thls wear Our debatlng team composed of W entvsorth Plerte and Dlck Ruseell won both cltv md dlStl'1Ct ClllII1p10IlSl11p and the urls tennw team com posed of Tolzf flhlpmm 'md Themes-1 Klelnmxn non the cltw champlonqhlp Ijllfllfl thc term of 1991 U there we re mfmv lmportant ex ents hall team dld Qome llfllll mt plat ln under the lenderslllp of thelr captam T B hlann The relax team of 1999 won the State ewent ln the state meet at AllSt1I1 In the fall of 1921 a verv succesful carnlvftl was held the I'1rst Forest Fun Frohc The funds obtfuned from the frohc wele used to buv manw heautlful plctulee XVh10l1 now adorn the ww alls IH the corrldors Athl6tl0Q and Scholarslup won mam wlctorles dllI'1Hg the term of 1999 29 Clean Qportsmanshlp was mamfested IH all the ath letlc contests The track baelxet ball and baseball teams all had hx hly successful seasons E W 11' 5 wi QP if 'ff . 5 at .5 ' 1 'lf M N1 i' 1 1 1 . , Y . . X v l, E lg! . 1 . , 1 - 1 t C , ' , .V . l: D , M . lf, , 'Y' , 1 t , f ' . If , . t -' 5 E .' I g' . S., " U. V, 'I , n Ii, 'VW ' " . . N' T , . . yr glg ' Q - . L -LL ' L ' ' . . lug E Tn footballlthe "Forest hllcvenl' onlY two The basket- IE Q A fl ' - ' f' 1 ,,. ' 1 5 it Y ', . . . . , f , .fc A . V . yy V. . U . I fi, - Q , . 1 '. N ' , C f V W 1? W I2l'z'1'K::',lllSS:1l,?Zgglllg,2,:',IlIz"4g3'l'522-."l""iEll E I'51"-2's'll'.-'1gB!l'525'-R"l"a-'Kill'E5g1l'5-'fgglli523'-alll: Page Thzrteen . l ir.a:.Qn1x+siles-asf.-5-2. mfg ' " ' . .3?e3'l1 5H!lt'fr'F55'l1 Il?-?s3'I'EE4Alw'fLiQIl1S'i-sgllffi it 4 'lf l 'il' 'lf' 57' Nl r 'E 395 Ft Ja . 4 li. Q 5 it W '17 5' vw UI' dh N9 5 ll. rig -2 rm . if if A fi. W 'll' 'li' Nl in gg -5 - 7 7 - N1 as -E- . l v Fil if 11, W 43' TI-Ili GYMNASIUM . 'ff . ?1 One notable feature of this year deserves special attention. .if Hr. Parker started a new plan to encourage scholarship and raise Q, R the standard of intelligence of the school. The pupils were urged gil lb , to compete against their own records, that is, to raise their own If " grades on each six weeks, report. .Pupils who raised their grade 5- M 3 from report to report became members of the Principalis General Q,- - Staff. :- my The Arthur A. Everts' Company presented beautiful gold has 4 pins to every student who obtained membership in the Princi- 'R pal's General Staff for'four divisions and also to those who were if W on thc official roster. W 'il Xatnrally the year 1923-Zak has been the most successful in Q41 it the history of Forest High. The football season was the most ,E successful in the history of the school, and each member of the w squad gave his all. w 6 Two scholarships given by the Reuben Davies Club were won fi if by Goldina McFarland in expression. and Mamie Grace Fenley 'E in piano. Mamie Grace Fenley also won a business scholarship of- ' fered by the Y. VV. C. A. W ' - ' Q 'V' at 53? W ll' fi' UP l b 'li' sawszefresxenu- Q-iss-are s-sr.-legen 1924 -use-sethan-lass:-1+-.zzeliazse-iw.: eflszweux: Page II01l7'fCt'Il ' .:l-szeivsaxfuixz-slniaaw :Q-ui.--1 -n- Q-:mxeemas ii a wa s-slulszmwaezzs u-se if is J. F. ICIBIBALL N. R. CROZIER IS. C.uv'ruoux Superintendent .' Superizztrfndent llixtrict Superintendent Administration J. F. ICIMBALL ...... Suparintenclent N. R. Cnoznzu .... ,-Vlgyigfanf Superintendent BOARD CLINTON P. Iil'SSELL, President VV. C. I.1c1uMoN, Vice President DExNvI'1"l' BICNIVRRAY Boone S'ronnY Auzx VV. SPENU-: Mus. KIRK HALL Mus. H. I,. Pnoimrs H. B. C.xw'ruonx Supervisor of High School 111-Vf1"Ilf'ti0'lL DUCATION has made great progress in Dallas this year. The students of Forest Avenue High School are benefited by the splendid sources of knowledgeg they are aided by the use of free text booksg they are aided by the splendid faculty which is always seeking to lead us in the paths of learningq and they are fortunate in having a most capable and progressive principal. The administration, by the faithful discharge of duties, has procured for us these many advantages. They are at the helm of the ship, Education, which is sailing through the turbulent sea of Ignorance, to the beacon light beyond, which we are pleased to call Enlighten- ment. To the administration we wish to pay our grateful tribute of appreciation for their faithful, efficient work, and we assure them that we will earnestly endeavor to show our' appreciation by more zealous efforts to put to the best possibile use these many ad- vantages. IIS fi 3 fi 'YE Q' fi M 'L fi Z w E 5 if W ni 517 r . fl' y Y r YU 'F' db at 5 31' E A 'V il' A .... A a W ---ai r ....r-::za-rss::u-gee-1-esavnszes-atsexism-gel: 1924 1-ar-re-1-sszefv 5:s-rm:ze':' :4-w.:-zs.'- 1 l x r I Z 1 l 1 1 i i i w N w r i 1 . 1 glekaeivsaxmxzs-l's-sw 2'-il'-as W P S .-'1g 'l1 I f5" l" " l . al l' ' il M li N H, if N Q 1 W x l 55 qn -2 or 5 W' 'll -,T . J 4 i i 5 r l a E I F i il Mn. XVYLIE A. Pnzicxlzia Principal HH SENIORS were exceedingly fortunate in having 3 man enter Forest with them who is distinctly a For- esterg a man in whom are Combined the qualities of vapable, efficient Serviee and ready. cheerful helpfulnessg a man who is firm and fair in his deeisiong a man who sees the broader scope of life, yet does not ignore the highest standards of life. and who has won the sincere admiration and regard of the student body. To such a man. Mr. XYylie A. Parker, the Class of 192k wish to express their appreci- TF W 52 .AL t 'PP St 35 fm .4 71' skill N x , l il l Q, 4 l i E 3. l l . I W H LW l l if 1 ation of his kindly interest and his helpfulness in the past 5. t l? four years. ' 1 1 L 1 1 E. i A W bi ll .j " fl ' 44 1 1 QE ' , lag ., Eg i, 53 - .ig l 1 l w w pi l, q w. . . . ., - .t e , ....... . 1, .. f e l e -I-ffwese i 19245 ' f-a-f-- s 'I -he -we r P age Sixteen 3-"'l'?'-3'3'l'52i'l"f1CE:' I5-S:1'E'2 'I' 4-324 :"?Sfs"l'.-E?-'II52i+l'kZ8'l1SZ-r-1'I"'.-13i'I'5'i'2'.'l'."1"-1?.'IISY-:'.'I'.':s3-3-InS-sn-'ul"' SEX .2738 H8-5'-4 kiilfif. RSS SEI'-.fl .513-E' EE?-'I WING Nhss 'Vhw Vhes IVIN 'Vhsc 'VI1sS 'NI1 s Nllss 'Vllss Nl1sS 'Vhss 85'-14 tfgi 52'-1 I'-'El' " ld: 'Vhss 'VI1ss MISS WINS MISS WINS Mrs Vhss Mlqs IVINS MISQ 'Vlms MIS? In 4552! ki'-P31 53:2 'iii-B 'Vllss Nlmnme D Xndruxs .llllfllbl Ruth B Lrh un Imogene Bonrd Ilomme It Bosd VI5 1 1 Broun lmnn Hllt Brown Sara David on brace Denm r'1 VI D I' mm Lllne Donohone Lllen Douxrlw I oul 1 Fldel Cxn Ina Flfllll Faculty Spec-zal Class Span wh Englwh Engle-1h Englzs-h History npanwh Biology Enghsh I lbrawau Hwtory lla fhematzes Englzvh IVIIIIIIIC Gdle Domesfu Samme Dorothx Gel leach Hzetoz y Vlaly Gllson Spams-h Iosephme Gleflson Illafhenlatlce Wesmc G1 IIIILII Art Ahee Harrington Dommtu Science and Home FF07l0mlfS Percv Holden Bertha Idekson I Halrlett IVIcClell.1n Fthel Mastem Pearle IVIdttll6WS Dmnasfu Iouranla IVl1lle1 Margaret S Mo ln Pumlst English Fnqlwll Latin Srzenf P Lafm llwtory Ylxss VIISS Vhss Vllss Ivllqb 'Vllss Wllss Nlms 'WISE llla I IVIIIIPIIW Xlmm Pdtuck 1' lorenee Fdna Rows l Ruth St John Mabel Shaw Vldthllde Stelzel BEQSIC Fhztcher Ioulse Wilcox Iennu Ro e Wolff 1-:pal 'II1SsI'lIIl1 X Roberts P1111 1 I Enqlzvh SPKUIISII Fnglnh Spamsh laam ng Fa ench Hwtory Ilum mr to Frm 1111 flzemufu s 'N I L Barr tt Ilmlmn rl! Draw ng 'VIr VI H Butler Comm will lroyraphy 'VI'110r R I Coleman Illlzfmy .lmmmq I' I' I' 1 I' I' K 'S I' D -Icllll' Alfred I I JI Grav Wloore X Nlnr I Vlcl orm nc D es yr Publzr' Speakmq F F Norton I+ :rl R Pfxrker Cneor re C Home T Rob Pl L srs Q01 u mnfml Lara H B Yates ia 'Q rho' gm-, W? S S1101 fhaml Ilrlfhemalzee I hemwiry Ifllfllfifllllflfk Arrounfmrj ,cl :Img and H15 tory Chemwtry Ilathematzcs' Ilathematu-s' e and Com Hwtory :DIES SSR' 213 SEA" If-'B NI JL '32 'SSill'ei'iQ'l- 2-'-ffl".-'1 "SS-Y'-'I'!-1581! I'.'1?IfA"llf"rZ3'l'552'-."l".-'13B'l'Sir-."'l".-'I'33'l1EEF-'-.Iliff . . ' . . ' ll .Gr , ' . Lv I . I . . , . J .4 , , -i A :'- . .I ..... . ...... I A '. 1 'A A A ' . -------m I :QU rv. ' X' l f . A 1 I I ' ' """""""" D ' - I ' J . .5 I " Sf"'1'f4,' 'Il , V f " - A l 'l'u . '. fad , ....... ., ...... , - ' I 2 ' K -..--.-. 1' l .' '.',' .rl z 1 . ' ,' ,,,,,,v, A , ,':,' I . '. I K 1 ........ ....... ' . I .Ir. .. e -,,, , fr ' 5 I - Miss ltuachael'M. Foote .......... Registrar Nlri 0. I., Killian ---,-,---,-, in-1Jh,y,qiQS I ' . ' ' ' ........ .' "7 r M , 5, , ",- ----------F ww-- -, 1 A ' . f ' ' f ------ V ------- 'Q 'Q II . . . .1 ya --,, ,, ,,-,-, , , , 1 A - I. l . - A. -----u---------- u NIL t A, ------A-mn------ V .. I L 411- - ' f 15 ------ A ' 1 NI . C. J . .' ray .......,,,.. , ' .- W - ' H" " ------------------ Mr. F. f'. . -' 'z-k ........ - 4 '. 'f ' .I 'f M '. S. . Myr Q, 1Il', 71 fx 4' ' l ' I I . . W ................ ' M . I A. A' -l -----------,--- - '. - I i ' 1 ' ' -------------- '- Mr ls . 1 ............, , '. , D Q - 1- ' - ' ' A ' -------- 1 . Mr. ' lg, . ' ........ . , ' . A '- J '- --------- ---- ---- ' M r. I.. L. ' .......,.... .' , a ' . . " ---- ff NI . .I. T. 7: .'. I 'S I f'r-Fur" , - ' , I S. I -4 l' .-.,...... 'L Mr. . . ' ' ......,.,...,... -- '. K I Q s 9 4 I s I -B' - li' W I -M- E S- ,-l.. gh . It 5 ., ' .. .. ., .. ' Page Seventeen 4 ZBll5'22's!II EEf-ill j j rj as-na-2--e- -nsa u s f n , .ff E fe H B f B -11 . mga A X. 3' 3, 2 1-T li l 'W' Miss BIARGARI-I'l' S. MOSBY W N B. S. and JI. A. Peabody College J .u 1 + .1 A li. I.. COLICMAX W I National Guard 11 li 5?- N1 15 .Q Lf! 5- W l lfe - VV. H. BUTLER H1 B. A. anzl JI. A.U'niversity of Teva 3,5 JA. 4, 5 Miss J. HARIlIIi'l"f NICCLHLLAN M 'E B. Aflmliana State llvziversizfy 'Q' 'IT N1 M- f W 'JT if M an L'- ' 'lf Q Miss IBIUGEXE Bcunn W i B. A. Baylor University M ' ' it N 1 l QSEORGE C. Rokm H A . . .1 H B. A. Unwermty of Arkansab . V l , Q JL a! lv ,G B . 'W ' W W gi I.. C. BARRETT 'E . B. S. Valparaiso University -7 mr X X MISS CYNTHIA FRANK IZ, 6 I B. L. Wasl1buVrn College Q . l A V' E 5 T? 1 l 4 s l E 1 . i xl MISS IQOIVUHIE R. BOYD T E' B. A. Iloward Payne 15 . vw 53 21. 1 J. T. Usln' V-, B. A. Peabody College 2 . B' fwfwva-S K -'f Hf:2 ' 2H'1M Q 1924 4 " " ' Page Eighteen I- ws u ' -if fl :fi A f-aw e: Hl azialuaszavxze-niszfw Qsfnxze-u.-sz-34-sax-i.':-:e'u522.4 I A --Y- - - -- Y ------f W .:'1' nf . V. Y W 17. ,.. 45: . . - . W .i 3 3' N I Q E: E 5 Y W i M Miss SARA DAVIDSON X 1' s TE' B. A. University of Texas r w M l ! ii GRAY Moorm 5' 13. A. Southwestern University gg ' 'JC y X , . Q , mr .. . , o 4411288 ' i " 1 1 1 , IXLFRED J. 1.005 My l B. A. Grinnell College 14' -UQ i W a ' ' ' , ' 1 'Z yi: Miss JENNIE Rosle: XXTOLFIC , is 1 5 1 Dletropolitan Business College J1- if-BB M M 'g' 9 w 5 'I ' 7 M gg . 1 LL M MISS NIYRA BROWN ' ,LL Plz.. B. University of Chicago, M. A. i W M Columbia' University , I 9 l I i V X, O. I., IQILLIAN' J. B -em 1 I , 1 B. A. University of Texas Y l I iii . . l W i r H4 M uv W Q E. D. IQIZER X lg i l 7'e1u'her's Diploma from Greyg School ' f-Ll M LE 4, ' Z 1 vufi M rss IVIA'I'lIILDE S'1'ELZl'Ill my W Vniverslfy of Geneva, Switzerlanzl : M i We H U l Q. 'W' M M A 73 . W WU Mlss I.ou1sE VV1Lcox 5 M 3 1 1 .B ,gs , Missouri State Teachers! College 3 4 -r Y - , ff w Tr Tl - 1: 5 it C. A. BIURRAY X l M l JL B. A. University of Texas , E l . . . Ti ' E T wi , QE ,... -- .. U o . . - .. il l ::1- ze-nss:su- I - :ale-fee-nfs :-uv::ge1n 1924 n'sf:.fu1.':.'+:e.-ns:-4.1 ae-:las-..w.:a+31:'s:-:sux Page Nineteen m T' ii 'mei :N "" i e T31 'iii fir wil 'ilzg .Eg I 1 i .5 if 7 5.14 25 M" 'w E Miss E'1'IIEI. M,xs'runs A B. A. University of Terms 1 1 iw F ' 1, , 'ill , 3 Kimi Mxss FLORENCE Enya Rowr: W 'f H. gl. and JI. A. University of Teams 1 f G., 1 5 111 . ia if . ' il r U ,. 1 W l ' U I w l l l - H. B. YAT1-is a w. r i . w mr ar B. A. l'ni-versity of Tennessee C. T. BICCOIKBIACK Drazlglmis Practical Business College C0'lH'l710'If Svhool of Penmrmslzip T . .a a I l M i i . 4 . I y r , 1 1 z 'z 1.1, 5' -3 1 A J. ' -E' T ! , . l r . i Wi l! Mlss GRACE IDEXXY Q ll Fi B. A. University of 15 5 li X Mlss P1':,xm.r: NIA'l"l'TYEXVS P Q ll. S. College of lnrlfuxtrinl .Iris 1. ' 1 ,W-. ,, - 'Nu . g. . Q V ii 9 ' .N il - ' fl . WM , ', MISS IJOROTIIY Gl'IRI.AC1i ,Q 1 I l , B. A. IJ11.iversify of Texas H1 ii' lr l ' rs F. li. Nolrrox Q B. A. U'llflZ'37'8lt.U of fl'e4vnx V Q lr Hgfifr Q' sl Q YN M ix Q3 rr l l M . ii ' 'A X Yf ll ' 'V 1 il 11 V FW I.. E. 1iOSSER ig 1' B. A. Baylor University NI NI G .'1ss . INNIE ALE xml! 1 ii B. S. Lincoln College of James Milliken rl University H 5. . E2 3-jg Hu M 4 22 rw? li ' iiiif. liifkrl . . , I g i l! H .,,. e. .. H.- .. :Swag gg 5. " i i i - L.--" " W-'Z---f- -f-' --- W H Q . 1"+""r""d 'M"" "" f " "" "' eureszfzvn-asv-1wx42e.'1-'a :as1 P'ffii'-H 1924? f r -,., ,'.' . .34- g..,1 i, 1..iJ if'7"?'m"ff""f" W Y - fvvnvvrtm-7 M-my V - f ' Y Page Twenty ' " " 'A 1, 1 11 1 11 5 1 1 22111 93111 'fg f fk if -1-sw - 1 g1w 1 - -1- 1 1 ff- 1- -..- A- -f 11 - -1 1 1-- -.f, W HW. . . 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F 5 U e l 5 1 lk 'lf ij l .,..,, . 4 E l ll A r l l L L Tr 'QB E ax. wr E fl' 'E 36 l lg i I . K : ,. ' 1' . l L 3 . L W l Mlss NANNIE D. ANDREVVS ' ' 1' B. A. University of Texas . M l I V, gp lg , Mlss ELLEN DOUGIJAS Y Q1 1 B. A. Southern lllethoclist Universily 1 rg l B. L. Icicle Key . ' ' 13 ll Si ll s. . I ,S ,' V il 77 , My E id jr tw L ga ls ' Miss VVESSIE G1lIl'FITII li. S. University of Tulsa. Graduate in I lg Fine and Applied Art l? l i Lg Ef V f i! yi W 1 Miss LXLDIA PATRICK y M B. A. Southwestern University W, f v - le . -rch 2 ' v 1 .a 1 A me 35 ' ff mn wsefmssqw:-we sane:-2-as L 192 new x . ' u 9 .-ff'-wi.-:seize -iz:-s im. 5 E . - A AAA- Q t .ii1g. :i i' i: , . , , ' :ig , . lQ,,':?g...lLi...g.. , la3 lia1fE1i1'5i5" ' ,l1'?l,Q -'-i-- g,51-- LQ. , rr- ':2'i'Qfsr'-1'-"fur-1f1"ff"i"s"""""""'f- ,MYWW'?vWJ.l- W. . """""'i'W"'d"s"""T'lY"7"'7'T""""m7" Page Twenty-two X klmliv vh ' :z a-vsaxsus ff-sell' an-sawn'-sz has g mas:'.1n-xz-s'u1s2f:efnf.f- - - w as -fm -'.:+3'us - Faculty Snap Shots 1 W 1 4 2-aww II 2-ans? gems-Q lv can 1924 121 n--ze.v5.- 11'-.eva n -'ewes-. '55 Tr 1 Iv' 5? ' E Si TF V3 E QE Fa if ll!! 35 fi' 'V' W W 'T' ' N' ii if l v w? l-fr 9 -W Q H R WY Y V W Y Y Y 'AM 4 V Y MMAY HW YY WWW 4 Page Twenty-thre Z G 'r Il 5 1 The Message of Condolencef Sent to Mrs. Wfooclrow Wilson, by Mr. Wylie A. Parker on behalf of the faculty and student body of Forest Avenue High School, February 5, 1924: In the passing of Woodrow Wilson from the walks of men goes the outstanding figure of his day, a scholarly statesman with a prophetic vision, a friend of humanity the World over, and a President whose administration is unexcelled in the number of splendid and worthwhile achievements. The members of For- est Avenue High School mourn over the loss of their former Chief Executive, and send sympathy and condolence to Mrs. Wilson and other grief-stricken loved ones' in this sad' hour of bereavement. No man ever possessed loftier ideals, a wider, vision, a sincerer devotion to the people, or a sterner adherence to truth. In sympathy and sorrow We grieve over the loss of this forward-looking world citizen who gave his all to make the world safe for democracy. Hpmzlzzrizm 0 V1 oorlzf 1 1 1 We manfww WMM JAM ea bfeyfwa J mwfwuiy Wag e from I I 1 l 1 Q l ri . l 1 V 1 Q yi Q ll r 2 W W E' fi nv W 9 I . F JI ' f"' 'r f , 's. IV 'rw lfV'l.wn's re! lj. :'M'r'fI'01l .llrrwlz Ill, 1024. i s f 1 - el : li l r l li ' I A! 3 'if , U ' , g IZ Q' ll . ' 79? ll g y , gl if i l 1 .t E, l g' l ui' . gp : 1 . r Y WY' Y ,fl"'ffQ fgrgr A qv A 1 8 WWW ' Y ,nf , ""s""" iff" lrfw " ,.l-sz-a-nasal:- gel a hezemtasrswxgevl' Q9244 lla:-4-nrzelrasfau get-azaemae-ze-urs:-fel!! - -- - - - - -- t MY f .. Q m-Y.fSii. Y.'. -f., - '.1'1i",'TTi1""1T'.. 11117 lumix four WQWQ ,Sf 4 'H WW Wl I hw 4 WW X u IGM, L NN QXN S Q 34 S 'QSHWX wHM!4?WWMX S Q,5 xu1'2Q2!m1fffMNXWMS Q Mu X 9 y 2JQNWaonnnxwNWXXW ffg x ffQmmMWIMv M IWW mg X Q UH S XX1 KXXWIW X M ww I f f X I QQWW WWW MN K WW MW ' f ll X f N X fl W! y x K an 2 ll ,MHS ml M My . '-'g .,-K ff!! QL ffffwfflw 4 !f !! 1Y!t fam f V '31 -mul X Q QQ Wy! 34-,M q sgmxx XM 5 xx N,x M CLASSES W !'!"'if? II - LX KW 'Il 1 N 1 g F9 If , V I , 'K T X. f QY ,X1f.5K.Si, Cixi X A H HH, -s A W - w, ,f Q S U .HX .K , ff J NS. A 51 . . . WW ,S y S7 ' ,W L ,ff S N O WHT ! X X EQ 0 , X N "N N XX A! fx!! , X' L, INN 4 X 'ngikjx w 'ilu fp ' f W E S l X fffl N 2.4 3 I p. 4" V S Q X' , 'f. ' Q?g-iw Sf 7M 5 MW33'S SWHE A ' p f. is 5 N . f X 5 f Walk ,. SY J P . 'j A f f fff1'f' QW-fw H4lf ff fWS TWV 1 'Y I IN IL A gg M m 'w lf 'W 7 X i, , I ,ff ' 1' N L ' wx, yAc'u'YN A, 1 , N ,Sf S A A NWX IN 'kiw i N 'M il bf K X In q..,. W L ff .X S U, XJ W" "A fn 1 Sf ,Sf A -S L Q X f K ,, ,W WL L X655 DUZIER ' ,IA K Q, - Qi fm 1 Q 4? V W ,O , f J-ef' M, - 'LJ W " , N S2 -S SS S +1 ij fi , 1 L 5 W fWwgj Si ETS .f 'TQ - V C ,LW X Q ,L Q f 'X f S ' N 322, 1 Q EF X!" - f MU -tax ,. 'ix xft 3 'fx 'fi' 4514 fi , +2325 .. ' L ax mf Q2 7571 '7l'f-f7 f f' A ', S " - 1 W fi' p ' Q . Wi ' if f 5, J . p f- Wwafffi:wW,gfw4QSSgi5wi KQQ WWW X VX X L49 K Nw i'n"1UlIkXVfW nw hm ' f x HX 'fig S l'?3BIl15E2'elllv"4Z 'l'E I I 11- -11 2:-111:-4 152:41-:-:ze111 af--:Inf-fzs Tf " ' "W" ' I ' 1 IN 'E Tl' A Q3 ll it JUNE '21 SENIORS 1 J I 'IT l Tr vw W W E 4 52 FS W 'V' 1 3,5 gf. .2 P8 ll. 'tl M 'ir Fnxxcns BIAIR lmrx lsrrs l uxrsr Pnxcu Secietrcry I reszdcnt I :re 11e.szcIent I-Izstofry 0 une 24 Class Dem F1 zenfls Ihls fall mornln of 1901- as I Oale out of mx Pullman wmdow upon the snow cos ered Rockles 1ac1n bv me tl1e four wears we spent ln lllhll school come blck to me one hx one m mmute detall I eel lustlx proud of that Iuue 91- el ISS as vse were ex er lox al to our school VY e supported athletlts and 0tllC'1 llIldC1t3k1ll.,S Wlfll 1 7e'1l 'md we held to ln h st'1nd'1rds of SCIIOIAFQIHP VVe were there four l1undred and fiftw stron 111 our I reshman Sedr wlth our lllll 1'lbb011q tl1ree qu 1rter hose and knee hreeehes and we were no doubt as ,reen 1s tl1e reenest of prexlous ,EISII We xerw soon elected the followlng, offlcers for tl1e first term Edward Burle son, presldent Iohn Estes SlCCPI'6S1dLI1t Charlotte NI1cl1-1elson sec retarv and f'ather1ne Hlll tleasurer and for the second term John secretarv treasurer We were staunch supporters of the Fo1ester 'md XIIHLVII campalons For the second Wear the offlcers elected were lhmces Clurk prcsldent .I E Whtchell nee presldent 'Nlae Queen Crowe secretqrx Nlerrlll Brown treasurer and N-1tl1'1n 'NI1ttenthal Q rgeant at arms Chorlotte NIICIVICISOII was class Il1btOI'l8Il and John Fstes prophet A Freshmen and as qophomoles we were vsell repreeented IH the Student Councll Vllse I'oolsP Indeed' JI. 71' ' W l WP rf " -5 1 W' 1 1 A W I 1X'1S . I- -1 'l"'1.: C 1 N gl 2 , 7'1 J. ,' M 1 -5 93 - fr ' fi f 111 if -2 in . . , : , , , . . cr . -'J . 6 VA y 1 . lv 5 1 C . . 1 I . . 1 W L 11 K, 11 N I l Y. ,l My as l fy v v M ,ii , 1 , 0' i if., ' f 1 t . If is , , , . ,, - , , A , , ,. , . - wJ E , I J l I 1 I 3 L 9 :Q :Q Estes, presidentg Margaret Cameron, vice-presidentg and Joseph Rosein, E A L, t - I l I 3 .4 ,l K, . Vs ' is A- 1 nf - , ff H . . ' 1 , , Y, ,: ' 'a. . 1 . . W l l 5. .g'. ," -"' :.- d . Vg L32 'E' - L - . , f . 1 ' 7' X . I H Vs I 1 I 19 . s so sssv W Ti:l"F-'in' 'l'S52'sll'25-'ig'l'E'?2."ll1?'4 34' SF's'l' l l ??-T'-e' l g 'l'g'2'P 'll".-1 'FEET-5IIv'Ef'Z'f1'IllS2i"illx'f ' Page Twenty-five wr if-e r fl z-s fn'a-1-anis.: -r.-:-ze..1.sss'a: .TUNE ,Qi SPONSOR S Y 1 v.. Miss l,0l'l.x l'll.lDI'2R M155 lun-l Roll" J History of june 24 Class-Continued As Juniors, we reached our zenith in conceit, and felt enormously important-more like Seniors. The officers for that year were: John Estes, presidentg Lillian Collins, vice-presidentg Elizabeth Rinehart, secretary, J. E. Mitchell, treasurer, Miss Edith Moore, sponsor. VVe made our first attempt that year at social activities in the form of a Junior Prom. It was a wonderful success financially and socially. An' then-? WVhy, we were Seniors! At last! Those had been long years of strenuous, arduous work. VVith what end in mind? To be Seniors! To graduate--with the rest of the class! The officers of that last year were: John Estes, president, Allen Peoples, vice-presi- dentg and Ray Tosch, secretary-treasurer. VVillard Barr was elected editor-in-chief, and Edwin Ernest, business manager of the Annual, Katherine Taylor, class historian, and Elizabeth Jones, prophet. You see, dear friends, I just graduated from Forest last June, and it would seem that I can write of nothing but those days I so sorely miss. However, I promise you a long "newsy" letter at the next stop- ping place. It is very difficult to write on a train that continually goes bumpcty-bump-bump. Sincerely, KATHERINE C. TAYLOR ,L - --- , Mg., Y YM! l..Q...L-,,..+.,..,-j.....s- av'-is : ae 319 24 j we r:-+2-24- 'ff-is-1-rfz-41:2 age Twenty Mx .I UNE '24 1 Al.1.14.x lJl',0l'l.ln5 lfrn-wlmtan Vlubg l,l'1llCllHll'S Kiln. Staff: Sclmlarsllip Assemlulyg Fra lc llI!l111lIlIlj'Q Minstrel '2l. '2.5. I C.x'rH1cR1x14: HILL fresllta flulr '22, '23g Symmpxmftrnt Club: Prineipal's Gem-ral Stat! 3 Senior Play. l'2RANLfliS Bl. tn: Fonts' l'rn'nL'1' '21 1 .Xuditufrs Vin-- sarisg Girls' Pulwllr Spealnng Cfnlw: Girl Rzss-rvcsg Principal's G1'm'.aI Stall: l'll-SiIllUlIl!'!4llll7 Flulxg .X f'ln"stmas l'a:'nl": lrouestet' S.aI'I' 2.13 l'.d,tur-ln-fl11cf l'u:'t's,e1' 24. Brix N115 GRIFFIN Cravk limnpany '23g zXss't Business Manager. lforesterg Radio Clulwg Prin ipalk Gennual Stat! 2 y..t ea. N.x'r1mN lXlI'l"1'liN'l'llAI. Standard llelmating' Societyg Round 'litlalug l"m'ester Staff 'ZOQ Principal's General Staff. K,x'1'1l1Ql:1N1c TAYLOIQ Girl Rescrvesg El Virculn lispanuh Girls' Public Sn:-aking Vlnlvg lli- Sclmlarship Clulug "A Clwistznfls l7:n'0l"g Annual Staff '23, '2l. li.X'l'llLliliN FRAZIIQR Anditures facsaris: Hi-Scltolarslxiu flulpg Annual Staff 'ZSQ Ass't Ed- itor Annual '2-lg Principal's General Staffg "Py1'an1us et 'l'hxshe"g "Gold- en Silence" '2Zg "A ftl1l'lStl1lZlS Car- ol" '25g "Roman Sulloolng l.iter:n'y llflllhilllll Clulm. ,l. XY. 'l'L'1:x1-:R l'rincipal's General Stall. EDWIN ERNEST Hi-Y Club, President '2-45 Standard Debating Society, President '23, Secretary '23, Vice-Pres. '24g Hi- SlIll0l?L1'Sl1l17 Club, President '23, Parliamentarian '2-15 Business Manv ager, Annual 'Z45 Crack Company, '223 Principal's General Staffg "A Clnistxnas f'arol": "Ron1an-An1ori- can XYcdding" '2.l: "Roman Svllrmlu 'llg Delmnting' 'l'e1tn1 '243 Sillllll' l'ln5. RACHEL BALL Aurlitores Cacsaris, Vice-Pres. l24g Hi-SFl1olarsl1iu Cluhg Annual Staff '24g Principal's General Staffg "Gold- en Silenf'e"g "Roman SCl1ool": Ixomedy Koncert '23g Gym DClll.Q Oreltestra. Page Tzvenly-sever: i . ,. ,I R . 2 E E i I I I l i xi. 'r 1 I , f i ,.-.....,.,.2 Y-V-W -M Y-Y -4- - . .Y . . . Y . . .Y ...W ----U -..Q 4,37 if 7, " "",' . "' . , V ,, . . , . " A ' ' V ' ' ' ' 7 " i ',j'f:l:w' X-4 23-"ll'iK'5B ' if-Wil' l' 74131-"4 I -ni" 'I' 2291+ ' 'l'S'!g'll?Z'31l'53-'4'l'a'2'-i43'll5525ll,E,5f 5, 'TAK W, . . .Yi Y H'--M' 2.513777 7--' 7 7' 77 777 7 77 77777 7 7777777 7 7 , , Zig i ii ,I F il - 13 ' . 34' li Q ' '-, TUNE ,QA f fl . ' r 1 ' " vi E , ,fi 5 4' :i ii, 4 li n ,, V TWARY OWlN 'I b 1 lil Circulo Espanol 5 For-lii Art Su- ' I X ' ' ciety Q Pep Squad , Hi-Scliolarsliip .. ' 3 Q i Club, Prim-ipal's Gen. Staff s :I i I ii I 7 . I 1, I I I I i NVILLARI1 BMXRR 1 1 liclitnr of Forester Annual '24, De- il I l mostlienes Debating Society, Presi- 1 ' I dent '21, '22, Standard Debating ' " i I Society, Vice-Pres. '23, Secretary '22. RPA i " President '23, Treasurer '23, Audi- Q 7 tores Caesaris. President '24, Sec- I j retary '22, Hi-Scholarship Club. 1 ' fra 1 Vice-Pres. '22, President '23, Hi-Y 7 . JL '22 3 All Scliolarsliip Assemblies , tw ' l Forester Staff '23, Debating Teams 3, 11 '23, '24, llriigfiipalk Gegeral Staff fm ' li l L3 '24 ' "I ,lristmas arol" '2'i. . . I , . M I ll . l i , JL ' V 5' l ' FII FYGIF W ' ' ' 'A ' ' :N l ' Sergeant, R. O. T. C., Crack Com- la: i 3 pany '20: Prineipal's General Staff E " I . I N1 . 5 ' Ji. i , HAZI'ZI. RUTH CLARK ' l i Q Gym Dem '21. '22, Forest Literary l llrainativrg l'rincipal's General Staff. I 5 ' - I ' I . ii l . . I1 .l ' ii 3 , RozIcI.I.Iz.BIsH0P El j ' lr. Symposium Club '22. '23, '24. il'l'C1lS. ii , gf .l' '23, Principal's General Staff. i - ii . I I A . il , l I4 , I 1 l MII.TON SIMON i ' StZHlll2ll'f'l. Debating Sricietyg Annual fi i ll Stal? '24, Principal's General Staff. ' if i W I Z I ' ii GILIIER NEAX'ES m C0llllHCl'Ci2ll Club, Crack Company ,V Ei ii '22, Pep Squad , Principal's Gen- ii gl E Q eral Staff. K I .Q i 'if I 1 II W I I 1 93 RUTH READ 'gf N l - 2. Crestlia Club, President, Symposium I 3 V ' Club, Sophomore Class, President i l i! '22, Princinal's General Staff. i i , I I? AEI , Q, MAGGIE B. GIBSON I ,, l lil Circulo Espanol , Principal's ll i M yi General Stafif. ij 'I 5 - ,lf lg 2 ip il li' - li - , AI.m:RT BROWN 71 7,1 I Aumlitores Caesarisg Princina1's Gen- lg - li n lg ' eral Staffg Sergeant, R. O. T. C. 3 lil ' lg l Giee Club. if ig ' ii ' ' 'Q . si ' li I I A r. , I il? I l 1 5 I I If I ia -1 . A , I 7 1. 7 gi ii ili ii -f . -,4 . H I :A KC H ' T3 ' ' ' ' ' T . 'J ig 1" : .fx - . -- : ' 7.. I , -L . ir Li . Q. new mss:.'+:+.':sea I 14224, is iiizz-, liar-4- er-ze-ia:-:'.u:f 1, "1-"'-T-"-if-"'T'r'f?"','A""'C':' ' . . ,, - Q AM-fa . . . , . ,.. WW. . . .2 . . .,..., .2 . C P age Twenty-eight 3 I -- . if V 7 ,, , Y 2 3gll?f35'F5E'-Rflllf?-'-CE','l'5'S:i'E2T4'l"'r'4 +554'l'a'lgB'lI4'?2'-'44J'k?S'l'5f!'?-1'lF"r'2 IHESZSIIISFESII' ..2"-s'l'?4iG'lIS-S'-:EIIXE I e R I 'f E I ,T W W 5 E ye l JUNE '24 22 :F -5- lw FV' F5 ,L CLIFFORD PERKINS M :ie Principal's General Stall. E W I 'V' J! , 5? M IZVERETTE KING -5 N1 Girl Reserves '20, '22g Hi Pepper -if ' Clubg Principal's General Stall. in 'l' s- W M 3 VIRGINIA DUGEY i Le Cercle Chantecler, Secretary 5 Symposium Club. eg 7 Q E U ' 7 GDEN POLK I 1 -' Principal s General Staffg Radio 5 m Clubg Forester Staff '21 g Crack ,ye Company '21, '22g Hi Pepper Clubg 3 Rifle Team '22, '23. W 1 fi 4 W I ' JOHN BEARD 3 I'. O. 'l'. G9 St. dal D lr.t' S- it fifty 1 El Circulg qlfspafoilqg mgragjk R -'25 Company '21 g Scholarship Assema n lilies: Principal's General Staff. ' K W M '- -E1 ,L EVELYN THOMPSON -3- f'Ol'll1'l1EI'ClZll Clubg PrincipaI's Gen- W PE eral Stall. E 'V' du 1 I' ELIZABETH JONES J Girl Reserves 5 Scholarship Assem- W 5 blyg gooterg Cluhg Crestha Clulig lil 'il lass rop let, ,Tune '24, ag Fw , LEON AI.EXANDER W Principal's General Staifg Crack W ri, Company '21, '22g Hi-Y Club, E rw 1 M JL JL 'F TAYLOR BOYD ' W Camp Dallas '22s 12rincipal's General W' - , ta . .- 3 ' E 1 'T M wi Jl- -B- E' MAIQGARET CLAYPOOI. lt Girl Reserves 3 Literary Dramatic 5 W W Principal's General Staff, W E 'E- Nl A ll- JL JS 52 wi 1 2 1 2 2 --he I 2 so 2 I so 1 :amz fafissarfi-xl:-af:-E-saefniieig-2Insfsxfulxeell IQQ4 is-:Q-1i::ze1ifss:eik+:-ali zen.:-zeliwszzaii ' Page Twenty-ning .,, .. R V H l l 33?-'WSE'-'Clll'AiSl52'1iP4'-iifsflhig 'PES 'l'lK?s3lllS2i1l 336W 2--5 r-S5'll52'P-1'll"f-"?.S'l'5-'.?X'l'a':i's?.:ln5225053 l T -- -W - -- - If ' ' il ' , ' ll ' W lr e ' 'Li - 'll Q l 1 T . ' 1 , a .a JL NE 24 i a 'lf A' 31 . -5- '-5 I IMOGENE Honors I l Girl Reserves 3 Helen Keller Club 3 AL. Pep Squad. ' 'if' IU' W ' ri JU at 5 W'1LL1AM RICHARDSON N1 Scholarship Assembly g Prineipal's A JL General Stafjfg Annual Staff 24. W W M if M. J. MITTENTHAL an Standard Debating Societyg Round N? 'rableg Hi-Scholarship Clubg Dehat- W JL ing Team 'ZZQ Forester ' Stall' '123 1 du '? Annual Staff 'Z4g Prmcipal's hen- .5 38 eral Staflf. rm M lb as. ffl MAE CHRISTU-1 Nl G' l R , Secretary 'Z4g Prin- 05 il: eigafs eiileiylceial Staffg Scholarship is T Assemblies g El Circulo Espanol Q 2 7 Annual Staff '24. M P JL 9 E it MARGARET STEXVART X 5 Auditnres Caesaris. Treasurer, Re- lm ' porterg Girl Reserves. M li' B '-F my JACK HIXSON 3,5 of Lieutenant. R. 0. T. C.: Business W 7 Manager, Forester 'Z-lg Camp Dal- E Pg lasg Crack Company. M We JL MILLARD HEATH J H'.Y '22 ' Ch "t ' C' rnivalg Crack W Ccirnpany g Pri:i':Ji1ii:il'sd General Staff QQ 1' CEvert's Award 'Zffl Q Declaniation ' LW Award ,23 3 El Circulo Espaupl 3 V1 Blilitary Baud 3 Military Vaucleville Mo Show. W e N vu Lf., if EVA ARONSON 5 Literary Dramatic Clubg El Circulo X fm Espanol. JL A 5' Til' 'N' W EDNA COHEN E 1 Auditores Caesarisg Literary' Uraf ' - fm l matic Club, President 'Z4g Girl Re- 1 N1 , servesg Assistant Librarian "ZR 3 W JL i Rooters' Clubg Counselor, Pr1ncipal's als, ,:. General Staff, ? -f 'ff gf, W N 3' CARL MARDER .1 M Basketball '24, ll I ? 5 l W ' I l l ': ' .1 1 I A A f W .5 r - - T' - if W - 'W Y' W ""' M531 , s lj 1 " ' "1" :a i 1 'xc -asain:-as-1-sszliezgelu 19 24'ze'l-a.f:'.'i'f.:+..a'a-agzslfrz e- as- 5 Paae Thirty gafizais mfnz-all-5 7 ,g,:.i..-ag,-,.ig :',.u- -':e'r. :5 A R R i 1 f E 'JT 51' -5 il 'Q 07 313 y if as Q .L 3? L' 15' En 1 ii JUNE '24 FRANK JORDAN Scholarship Assemblyg Principals General Stall? ANOELINE JONES Auditores Caesarisg Scholarship As- sembliesg Tau Delta Epsilon, Treas- urerg Principal's General Staffg For- ester StaE '24g Annual Staff '24. F REDA WILLIS Tau Delta Epsilong Girl Reserves. RAY VV. Tosca All City Football '21, '22, 'ZSQ Scholarship Assemblies '21, '22 '233 President, Revolver Club '2lg Lions' Cluh '21-'24g Glee Club '22, '24g Principal's General Staff '22, '23g Fun Frolic '21, 'ZZQ Military Vaude- ville '23gKOmedy Koncert '23. JOHN HOUSE i- 23 ' Camp Dallas 21. ZZ ... ' lst Lieutenant R. O. T. CJ Senior Pay. FRANCES WOOD Hi Pepper Club' Girls Public Speal'- ing Club' Principal s General Stalin Pep Squad' Tennis Team' Rooters Club' Scholarship Assembly' Tor- ester Stall FREDDIE WTAE LEWIS firl Reserves' Principals General Staff. ,ARGIIN BROWN . O. '. .' Radio Club. ARTHUR MASSIER Znd Lieutenant R. O. T. C.' C" " Company 20 ..1. BEATRICE NOIRNIA SACHS Hi-Scholarship Club' Vice-President French Club' Literary Dramatic Club Secretary' Principals General Staff' French Play 23' A Christ- mas Carol ' Annual Staff 24' Essay Contest 24. 5 i l . ' l 1 r y r 1 1 ' Q if , l il E 1 I ' 35 i 6 -id . -1.4 lip' Page Thzrtv Une - HY', .E ,lr y Y 1 ' L J l l i l Y l W Y , Y ' 1 ry l l E Y r ' y . ' x y J - 1 W' . Q. , A v W' ll , ,R , 1 . EE l R ,I C ' n l Q 1 , y V, , mule 'K 4.2 ' i s . l l Q4 l 1 ' ' N , , ' , f ' ' l - . A . 'if .I . El Tr ' l T 1 , l 'll : T ppp pp- .J p in K ,... --, .-L.. - -, W W p s.':'E:?. S-aassemxeefnssxmesearne in 1 I 19 5:-saxlwga asamwe-n w:-was 155 ?'l 1 i l 1 17. is X u 1. 3: 4. -i 4 .1 fa N3 E H i ld l 1 e i E l P i F I E E 5 .. 's I 1 F 'Q as rfr,.aM'rW.,. ze. . . ,, ' :.- if ' ' 'U' "T ' ' 'f K 'L-"""r' F' T152 f"iK11i"4:..iL1ez:' Wing ' , .Zilf X N45 fe 3 3' 'Il'- I . :ge JUNE '24 ni", , s Q-Mg., T l ,gig MAY QUEEN CROVVI-I l Syinposiuin Clubg El Circulo Espan- jgfwi' nlg Freshman Class, Secretary '21, ei . wi .,'lfV' jonx EsTEs 'LI Freshman Class, President '21g Class 54" K' Prophet '21, '22, '23g Demosthenes , ' Debating Societyg All Scholarship l, , gi Assembliesg Hi-Selmlarship Clubg L Auclitores Caesarisg Hi-Y Cluhg Glee , i' Clulmg Lions' Club, President '23g .li Major, R. O. T. C., Junior Class, lj President '23, june '24 Senior Class ggi K ii' President, Football '22, '23, All City ll Eli Half '23g Basketball '23, '24, Track " 3' '23, '24g Rifle Team '23, '24, For- :"' ester Staff '23, '24, Annual Staff, ' 2' '23, '24, Principal's General Staifg il , Camp Dallas '22g Crack Companyg gl Standard Dehating Society: Most 1' Popular Boyg Basketball. All City. gs .HE ii' BENNIE ESTEP l 'jg' Lions' Clnhg Principal's General lm ' Q. Staff, Tennis Teamg Senior Play. akin , .wig 5 i' AGNES DANIEL Girl Reserves. v g E E li RUBY Guoss Commercial Clubg Girl Reserves, j 's l'rineipal's General Staff, Routers' I Q , Clnbg Pep Squad. Bri s 1 Q34 f RUSSELL VITTRUP lang' Drum and Bugle Corps '20, '21, ' Rifle Team '22g Camp Dallas Band '23, '24g Orchestra '23, '24g 2nd E: 'E Lieutenant, R. 0. T. C. E- 5 . ,- ' :i X HARRY KARLAND fail Crack Company '21, '22g Principals Eat: General Staff, Charity Carnivalg Fun fafgfl Frolic '23g Class Basketball '23. lien 3' l 4-ii lg Z 4LUCILLE LEATHERWOOD "W El Circulo Espanolg Girl Reservesg 1, in . . l PI'111C1PRl'S General Staff. Q Elle H' 1 51:5 l l we I DORIS COHEN i1fa'g'g Girls' Pubic Speaking Clulv '23, if- Councilor, IH-B Class '233 Princi- , 1. 5 H' '15 pal's General Staff '23, '24. A a,: L l 2 ef-'il IRWIN RICHRNRDSON Znil Lieutenant, R. O, T. V., lil Circnlo Espanolg Crack Company '22g 1'rineipal's General Staff '233 ' ggi Annual Stal? '24. usa mail QW! 1 1 1 r I K Ki l ' . Q Q 5 1 , fm.-s..t.,-..,fW-,..,,..s. l 3. 2iiQ"-ri"'-jr'-"-:- ---- -'--H ff-f---W.--.-.W..,...........-..,....-....,,....,.,,..,,...,.,.,,j' W NQll"iff:jig-r2Qgrg':5ffj,me-jeu?-gviirmyajsgiarqn-aimffg-if-.ggyswvsQ ' 1? E515 r EY! were . ' Mlm Page Thirty-two I ra ' ' "riff ' ' 'fe-1uf"i" " fMliHm'H'i" f. vz' ,H f- - --W - v 4- 1 - M I W -. -E ' H- -- - Il t-f'f'f"..,r.' 1 'I"f.f." ' f- "1h 5"r'.I5 "-:Isl ,gi 3fs . f'. .fQ :f2a .' I I I 1-f 1 :f,f e':wlsw .'4'--VIT1.-,, 1'-fflilif, ' ' I QLT 1"'ij1'?1fi ' 'jf r ' "rf" A 'fwfr' -"-' ' """ T"gj1""" Tj" r' ""' jr-""'r"""j1' ','lV""ffI...,gll-16161 " 'I . u f . llgifgl' fifiswl Wil li QT. E il? I. .Eff Q 1 7 . ,. 1 lsfil it I l l ,-Y f 1 ' 3 J . ,N ,I , Q ix l RALPH NICCAFFERTY l Standard Debating Society '21 5 Stu- l Q13 2 T., .Q s dents' Council '21 3 Scholarship As' N yi, fx semblies '20, '21 g Principal's Gen- I' if f eral Staff ,235 Hi Pepper Club v'Z2g 3 ,lf Q, el Q Sergeant-at-Arms, Freshman Class 5 ua l '20 i l, 5 pw: s - , we ii wil E 1 eg-f 3 5--fl. ' '41 'gg-ef. - ',s"h ' ANNA LOUISE EWELI. gi I ,, I -1 .I1 Q Girl Reserves. sligjli? A iflgli ' , Q' 5 5,54 H : li E' 'lg fl ORLENA KIIEJXGEII Qgfja il li:-'Isl' A zii. :N E if-315 Girl Reserves. in lfii! Ally, i.f'!,!lfii W All ll l Fw' fl l- l BIRMA Coixrs Napili ilfimapais czenerai smrfg Girl Re- Th we ,I I I 15, serves. l Q 1. 1' Y l 1 iggfei UH s ,Q :I I Y l . l,5.Q NIARY BAKER LEVM f IQ . . , . jg' Pr1nc1pal's General Staflfg Girl Re- i -4- E serves. I W it in 5 f V li f 4 LQ ii lf 152' lilsav lifffil DAN HANcocK ll?-iii Demostlienes Debating Society, Vice- yxxalqll :E."',gy President '22, Sergeant-at-Arms 'Z2g ' 25351, Auditores Caesaris 22, '23g Standard i 1 fl Debating Society '23, 'Z4g Orchestra ig fl -X Egg.. '22, '24g Yell Leader fzzyzs. 'S R5 All 21.753 I ' i. lilac: ,i 1 il iff Fr , Till 5-Qlsjg EDITH BAUM I, l' 'firfffi Principal's General Staffg Scholarship Ilffflg- Assemblyg Literary Dramatic Clubg Eyifjil Le Cercle Chanteclerg Declaimer '2l. I '45-If-'J LE ifflfii 1 1 grill i w 'i ' 1 :Va I E 3: '- 5 55,5 fi 1 l GRACE HEIl.IG 5 Girl Reservesg Principal's General 3 5 Staff. 5 f"'lII a ,W :yy gfvfgfi 'lsr ll OPAL DEASON lqigfli Principals General Stal? '24, 'sq l 25,23 -3 MQ il Jil 3 5 ' 535' QQEQE IVIARIE BISHOP wifi!! Girl Reserves 5 Auditores Caesarisg jlfgligfg gs' 155 1 Comercial Cluhg Principal's General will Ting J Statifg Girls' Public Speaking Club, Wgfkg lflll , iii: I W Fill l V 1 I : lima E' lg i I lf 'fill ' I ' Wi l I r,li , . fr------U rQP--E I We I I , .,.. .,,. ,.,..lIMm f.F,i2'ffEI'::S"E,g4f-'-filipf 'LS L--r """ 'A'4:" "H 5 Z il '41 "ZH " li-"Tig 'Q 5 .I 55,-Y-11'i'S'lll -G .M.,"--'Ywf -P r- , f--'-' - ., -r it e 4 V ' w Y :, .f. I -' ,f . , ,, . If-,',,'-'EF Et, ' -. , .714 I , ' . ' l 2 2 -. :f.uns.A.wmMLLsm,nn.f.n:.eCimm, A -eb: abil. j 3 ,,,9gg1,gkgggQ,1g,ggggg,:,-4,,ggg4,g,,,,,,,g,., - 'N' ""' 'WWI' r""""""""' LX I: -'wiflilllff -1' if 1 ' 1-ff-1 L L'2gL:f'11'2L. : f11'f5:,::!:Z' - -M--,MMWMJ Page Thirty-three , u 1 V 1 Q r iii lit? 1 if 'ff 1? V1 3 iff 1 '- li 1 ' 1' 4 1 , 1 Y W 1 Q 11 l JUNE '24s is A ' 11 ,il l ix f -1 lx, T .- 51 u 1 Us .1' GOI.llINlX LOUISE XTCFARLAXD 'li , 1 1 . 1 1 l Girl Reserves, President '23, '24, il l 1 ' i Girls' Public Speaking Club, Presi- N ' l Q ig ' dent '24, Treasurer '23, El Circulu 1 11 15 ' Espanol, Secretary '23, '24, Princi- 1, 13 i' pal's General Stal? '23, '24, Scholar- ' 3 l 51 ,liip Assemblies '22 '23 '2-l. : 1 1 11 Q ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 x Ji. 1 i INEZ TAYLOR 1 i Girl Reserves , Pep Squad , Girls' l l Public Speaking Club , PflllCl1Jlll'S fan l General Staff. 1 1 m 7' DESIXIA ALLEN YE 'N' Principal's General Stalk Scholar- 'ia vu ship Assembly. I 181 .11. 9 .1 'mn FRANK REELE 'N' JL Scholarship Assembly, Sergeant, R. W "F 0. T. C., Track. h 5. 1 l MARIE STAPLES 1 , Principal's General Staff , Scholar- ship Assembly, Girl Reserves, Tau , U Delta Epsilon. M, Q i li l 1 M , ' VTXNETTA JORDAN ,i Tennis Team, Volleyball Team , ' 1' Tau Delta Epsilon, Vice,Pres., lil I 1 : 2, Circulo Espanol, Pep Squad, Prin- 1 5, 1 cipal's General Staff. 11 3 1 l " " l , ': . 1 , V V 4lXlyARGARET VVARFORD is l k Principal s lfieuial Staff, Scholar- ' 1 5 sup . ssem wy. a 1 . , 1- 1 , l ' GRACE BROXVN M Girl Reserves, President '22, '2Q. il JL Parliamentarian '24, Girls' Public li - , I Speaking Club, Vice-Pres. '22, Ser- 1f .W 1 geant-at-Arms '22, Secretary and 34 , " Treasurer '22, Secretary- '23, '24, ,E I W 1 Parliamentarian '23, PrincuJal's.Gen- 2 I eral Staff '22, '23, '24, El Circulo 1,-2-1 4 ,E Espanol '23, '24, Annual Staff '24, 1218 11 ll A V flntersclmlastic League Debate '24. J 1 k 11 , 1 P 3 'Q ll l 1 ,1 NINA BETH STOVER 5 4 'f lg Hi-Scholarship Club, Girl Reserves, ,' Q 2 N l Commercial Club , Rooeers' I CILEH, ff lf ' 41 Hi Pepper Club, El ircuo s- QQ 3 5 li .J il panel, "Golden Silence" '22, "A , Christmas Carol" '23, Pi-incipal's A ' 1 V t' General Staff, 1 1' 1 11 ll." ' -Ti' iii" V Hg: RUTH JANNASCH 'Qi'1 Q, " Prineipal's General Staff, Girl Re- E1 .il 'g I serves. ill, 1 , 'A v , , 5' l Y li 5 1 gl 1. . 1 . ' fi EM1 21? li fr ll U 11 ,l 1, , ,A ll Q1 1 ,fl2'l,, 11 T 124 ' ,,.,, lg L as 11' 1 ' QF'-"iff " - "' 1 244 Lg1fL-.L..1..g.2L:,?,:Q11Lg, gi ,1gl,.1i.,:4 - S rfzif-"'ii:..:1 :g::i,,"""".' Egeggaiilv' ' . .W-J . ' 11 ,,,., , A f .Se we 1 Page Tlzirty-four K .,-,.,, ...... , .,,,,,.,J i ev, ,az 1 L Q 1 4 1 -1 1 l l il 5 ,l 5 E -1 Q A UKWY fl LAL? "" 'f is 5?-M eir A' ef 'Q . Q ' ' O O' Q g'fiqfLg.,4i-TLLT.iif.i .F , L ., 'B ' , i 'i v 7 LSA., . '1 522 M: l 4,39 qw A fx, -Q A 'tgp , I H f JUNE 24 'li T. 'Q g A 1 f ml z, ,ggi Lois SANSOM Wil A Girl Reserves '20g Girls' Public ll 2, lrqlweli Speaking Club '22, '23g Priueipal's f Engl- General Staff. if , Fl 5, m ig' 2 me gif-'f il GEORGE BOOK :il 5.522 2 Domostlicncs Debating Society g , i I l Staiirlzml Debating Society, Trezis. 3 Sjpqill Crack Company 5 Hi Pepper Club I 'll Q Prineipal's General Staff '23. .gf 1 ,, , i N, . 'f..,- , l, lVlARGUERITl-I LAXVRENCE lllmlgly ml-hi Arr society. ,Mfg ls FERNE W1r.sON 7 will Literary Dramatic Clulig Commercial Club, l'riiicipal's General Staffg fl Girl Reserves, Hi Pepper Club 121. V l- Ei - 5' E :A fl! '21 i , f i , , , l- lg la 531 Wigs 'lt f- gg" li HAZICI, ROBINSON va 1,l'lI'lCi1J1ll,S General Staffg Forester Staff '22, 'ZSQ Girls' Public Speak- 4 1 Q f ing Flulmg Girl Reservesg El Circulo lisprmol. Q ll: wgl 1' 1 r ,, - i N :E fl 2.55 S3 .2 GI.ADYS RICE 2,5 ,g BV Girl Reserves. fl 4 U V -l ' ' gg .. 1 ll 1 4 li if. ll - 'L 1 Q, ji VERA ARINIOR if l ' . l Lil, cm-1 ima-vi-5, Gil-is Public speak. 5 , 23 ing Club. E v 5' gli! 52 EW fill 'l ', . A :z galil Lois TABOR Ei? ,lf Petit Paris, Le Cercle Ghanteclerg Girl Reserves, Principals General if 'l Staffg Girl Scouts. ggi'-rilfq 'W 'f'. ri 5 f , E351 ISADORE SURAVITZ Crack Coniiiany '20, '21 3 Radio ,l 3,3512 Club, Pri1ieipal's General Staffg fill Commercial Club. 1 'f ll filly gif, H U i l W ll.. li l ei 1 l ' e iifjff l' laws ll l HAROLD FARRISH Q' Minstrel ,215 R. O. T. C. '20, '21g Wi. Cadet Corps '19, Fun Frolic '22g lia.l7'lll Aurlitores Caesaris 'Z0g Principal's limlll General Staff '23, 'Z4g "SON Scholar- UMEFQ, al - - , H, , ship List 23. , i ,, it ll ' Quill 3 -xi . Erie O . L ,fa il ,f""X""""' f"7'r'1f, f - VV-Y W V - - - -- --:Jf e'f:sr'f+1fe1 1f f 4A -- -e --4 - -MM'res" -- " - s"f""'M'r"""" " H l A 'R ME 'fi-2's4IlfQfE4vEEX+l'i1l l 1159,-4 - A 5 35535 ,gA1,,,4g,g,:g:-gjrilgrijj.1f"gggg2.:T: ""' ' S'iTj'l'ifTT iTj2'T""1""'M"I-'7"" ,W M AN-.NA N N AJ, W ' 'ff' V - Y ---v- w""" --- --ff"-A Page Thirty-fifve .1 Se '1 Y 1 13,-.HQ-. - 1. . -1 f 1 ' ,... ,,, Y x'x ' " T' 'U'A'Auf"''T""'5""'2"""T"""4""""A'-""'T"'-'--'-------1-------A---A------.......-..1... ti, , 1 i,,g'Q 1324, 7 .5-we-,. PM 3,-..f...r, .i.4..,,V..--.Jmbr Hag T.:m7,,gj,rLyWV.., ,,,,K+xT: t:r:A:g:M5wfnN.,,fMY- Www lam :4'r1 Q.l:..i. 1 1,1fg.iffWfjljfgjgjlfjjlefixifixfiffjt 1--L'5LAmf.1: 111,112.11 gfx,a1f1:L..f,-'1f4:e.w.f.,111m-x,.1Ef.:1..kgwZ2iJmf1.rihlgi:Ligiekfwifmfggitf if 1 33 ' " " ""Js"""""T"s"A'Tm'--'-1--m-W-f-A--n--w-s--f---A------------.MM--...1......,........' " " ".1:,..L.H....,..,,,..,4,,3,,,,,m,, Mi -1,4 1 'l ffjif 4: 1 vi ag, ff" 1 ' ' l 1 '1 1 15.31 JULL 241 1 f1"" 1 191 1 -1 5 ff"-I? 111:-1:1 1517211 1 r- mi- iw ' 54151 11 11 1 DIARY B-111TA1N iff l'1'i11cip:1l's General Stuilfg Le Cerele 1 ' Clmntecler. 1 ' 5 '3 1 "af i V15 1 lf , QQ-42 1 DAVE VVOLF il . ,, , 3 A ff: lg-3 111 lwxotbzxll leznn 22, 2.15 VV1nner Or- Q15 1 5- gi zitory V Contest '22 g Runner-up Dec- I bv- 1' lZ1.1l1Zlt1011 Contest '22 3 Lions' Clubg If I' un Frolie '22, '23 5 Komedy Kon' Mil' l TQ: cert '25, Standard Debating Society, M, ' 2, .Revolver Club '21 3 Forester Staf? glul 5 mm 23, '24, 1'l'l1lC11JZ1l'S General Staffg I H' I Minstrel '21. 1 56151 111 'srfff Q DAVID DYE ,gf Limxs' Club '23, '24g Pri11cipa1's Gen- 1231 ' eral Staff '23 5 Minstrel '22 9 Glee 11 , Llubk '23, '24, Tennis '23, '24, Fun ,, 1 32,513 l:'1'Ol1C '23 9 Military Yaudevillc E3 5 Show '24, Basket llall Teznn '2-1. ' 8:5121 L' V 1 1--12, 11 J 113231, CHARLOTTE B. NIICHAELSON 11,411 Class Vice-Pres. '23, Class Secretary S5411 '20, Class Historian '21 g Annual 13? 1' Stuff '24g Forester Staff '20 '21 '22 "F 1 1 ,. , . , , , 11-51 Q 23 3 E1 C1rculo 112517111101 3 Literary j, 1' -3 l21'111lilZlt1C Club, Girl Reservesg Girls' 1 Public Speaking Club, P1'i11cipal's Y ig, I General Staff. '-inf 4 J A 1 11 1 'Vi' syflu Q 3 1 .TZ 1 ALBERTA GILBERT , 1 1' L' 1, , , l f 5 Cf1'CS1llE1 Club '2-13 5y1np0s1u1n Club. 1 5-ff 1 1 gk ,' Q gf 19:1 31 ERNEST PEACH 535 llvsfg Scllolnrsliip Assc1nblyg Camp Dallas 1 19' -1 '21, 123, Lions' Club '23, '24g Foot- gg ball Team '24g Major, R. O, T. C., ,ig 1 1 Ride Club '22 3 Rifle Team '23 5 5 Q Mzxrksman and Efficiency Medals, Ks? Vice-President .Tune '24 Class. 11 1 131 5 ED SEELY g,,.'. Glee Club '22. IEEE? l-:Q 5 DOUGLAS CASEY 5 S11111da1'rl Debating Soeietv' Rinc "PS Team' '24. ' iii? RUTH RHE1NI.1NNDER is 1 D11 Re Mi'sg Glee Clubg Principal's Sf' . , . - 5 lliffgfi' 1.1-11e1'z1l Staffg Tennis '21, '22, '23, 1 311411 '2f1g Crestha Club, Secretary '23, gmt Y T133 l,1tQrz11'y Drainatic Club g Annual y., 1 Q 1 3 Smit '24, Syxnposiuxn Club, Vice- 11 2 Prcsirlt-11t '24, 1 1,315 5 J 5 1321 E 1 55:53, LLOYD DAVIS Crziek Con1pa,ny '20, '21, '23g Com- 'fa' merciznl Club '23, Egg ay 1 1 M' . 1111-11111 1 1- V 11 181 g 545 1 X231 1,1 1 ' E - , , Q, , , :V ini l fj""""-'-'--------1, is -..LN N..,,,,.-. - , , , - 5 :sw me 21 f '-fir--WW-fff1f1'ff" 1 . 11 1. 1 .- "" """""""""""""""" " 'H"1zxl4nkeLlF-gpww WuW,-If-''-'-U-'ff--10'--V-V--A--2-----V--B-M:-W-1 --.. ...., N . ,...,.. .,,.. .L ,.,., ,g',,,:,' gg, Q... Pugrr JUNE '24 BERNICI: Tnonlxsox Tau Delta Epsilon. JIM VIQATIS 2nd Lieutenant. Finance CjlFlC6l". li. O. T. C.g 1'rincipal's General Staffg Cl7ll1l1lCTCl8l Clulvg Camp Dalias Club: Camp llallas '22. '23, Rm' BATES Camp Dallas '21. '22, '233 if M. 'I', C. '23g Crack Company '2lg Racliu Clubg Captain. R, O. T. C, Fav IQVELYN VVITT Formst Literary l2l'ZllllfltlC1 Helen Keller Club: Hi Pepper Clubg lil Circulo Espanol 3 Girl Reserves 3 Princinal's General Staff. ELIZABETH RINEIIART Crestha '20, '21, '22, '23, '2-45 Sym- posIum Club '23, '24g Hi-Scholarsliip Club '21, '22g Girls' Club '2l1 Crestlma Capers '22. '23g Symposium Musical Revue 'Zig Annual Stall '23g Secretary Junior Class '22, '23g Vice-President Sophomore Class '22g Principal's General Staffg Gym Dem '22g SNVlI1ll1Tlllg Club '20, '21, D. C. PowI2I.L, JR. Hi-Y Club: Crack Cflllllllllly '2l. '22g Marksman, Cannm Dallas. '22 '23, ARNOLD HARRIS "Silence is golden," IEARI. STIQRLING Hi-Y Club, Secretary '24: Pl'lllCl1lIll'5 General Staff. M .INTIIIS BENTON Girl Reserves. VVALTIER ALLISON' El Cireulo l'Isp:uIul '23: l'I'lllflllIll'S General Staffg lizislcellmall 'll-am '24. Page Thirty-seven 'I-ez-missens e: -I-asa -:ai-kaeinia ssu-:see-ui :swag-s1n1s 've.:s 1- 5 T "' 'W' ' ' " "" ' ' v- 77 7777 Y 7 7 7 - .-.-7.,Lf777777777 77.7 . M7 7 Y: lx l is 'Si' Prophecy of June ,24 Class Sept. 15, 19715. MRS. RUTH READ AMOS, ' 13641 59th St., New York City. Dear Ruth: Here I am at home after my long trip this summer. Since I had an opportunity of hearing of so many of our old Forest High class- mates of ,243 and since I know that you will be interested, I hasten to bring you up to date. W'hen we were only a few hours out from the harbor, the captain of our vessel came around to inquire about the comfort of the passen- gers, and much to my amazement, I soon discovered him to be our old friend, Allen Peoples. VVe naturally found much to talk about con-V cerning our classmates, and he told me that in his crew were several of the boys, namely, Ed Seely, Earl Sterling, J. WV. Turner and Clarence Schumate. But this was by no means the most interesting experience on board the ship. VVhat do you think? VVe soon discovered among the passengers Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mann, on their honeymoon. Mrs. Mann was no other than Alberta Gilbert. And this was J. B.'s second honey- moon. f At the captain's dinner, I was delighted to meet Beatrice Sachs and Edith Baum, who were on a visit to Europe with a party of tourists. And guess wl1o else were at the dinner: Edwin Ernest and Henry Laib. Edwin was writing a play. He believes that he can surpass Shakes- peare, so ,he spends every moment writing. Henry says he has fallen in love and is really thinking about getting married. As we had much leisure time on board the ship, we discussed the class of '24, and I learned many interesting things about many of our classmates. Russell Vittrup has founded a church according to his own- ideas and has gone into the ministry. Edna Cohen has opened a curio shop in Montreal. Vanetta Jordan is a school teacher, Kathleen Frazier has really grown so heavy that all she will eat is anti-fat. Imogene Hodges' is now Mrs. Ernest Peach. She and Ernest live in Seattle. Frances VVood is a street car conductor. She is very stout, and fully able to assist the passengers to step in or out. She is an ardent be- liever in YVomen's Rights. After failing as Rudolph's successor, Dave VVolfe has again assumed his old title, "Ask Me!" by wl1icl1 we knew Buddah. Glenn Polk is a cowboy in VVest Texas. Mae Queen Crowe was disappointed in love, so she has gone into seclusion and spends her time in study and prayer. Dan Hancock frequcnts the street cor- ners of Fort VVorth, selling balloons from his soapbox. VVillard Barr has bought out the Loudermilk establishment, and he sells underground novelties. IVilliam Richardson is a great orator. Angeline Jones and Margaret Stewart are happily married. Harry Brown and Frank Reele are popular dancing teachers. Grace Brown and Mae Christie are fortune tellers and travel with a show. Gladys Rice and Mary Owin are Y, W. C. A. secretaries. No doubt you have read of Frank H ill r Ir St if w in St if W at JL fr 53 I .lt 'fit it 'nr W 5 it 5 its ,.l'szen-as:.'1u-geewas-an-eeeafs-as-neazevn 1924 als:-:'.'1::-'ze-uszfsaule maze:-are-1-ze-vez.:-.a'i Page Thrifty eight l i 2:I'?1?v3'lI9EY-ill' 'Z-E,"l'ES'21'E'2 'l"'F353'IvES?-i'I' Y 'II52r-"e!l'kZ6'l'S3'?4'Il ZBIIPS-EQIEII -?.SlI'Ef!:'s'l'a-':f'S?.'lIS-S2-.4411 'ff it C iii 'IT W 33 'I' - VII 'll' , 'll' -5 Dowd the world famous prize fighter and Gilmer Neaves, who is now E. winning the pennants for the Chicago VVhit.e Sox Ferne VVilson and Inez Taylor are happllv marrled and lne 1n California Desma Allen and Rachel Ball are in Hollywood maklng good IH the mov1es In Iondon, I vsas attracted bv the sound of fx newspaper man cry ing Fvtral Extra' All about the blg battle' American forces led to vlctory by gallant soldler and hero of the hour General McCal'ferty And the nevs spaper man was our old frlend J F Mitchell I bought a paper and glancing ox er It I read IU glarlng head lines, Sensational Flying Done By Ben Gufhn I also read where Chfford Perklns was placed at the head of the U S aeroplane mail servlce Another head l1ne of lnterest ln the paper was 'Ihe greatest opera singer of the day a second Galll Curcl Frances Blair At the British Museum I met the wonderful violinist, Rozelle Bishop and Charlotte NIICIIHCISOII, who IS a phvslclan at the head Of a hospital in Chicago From these I learned that M J and Nathan lVI1ttenthal are Nobel professors in Harvard Lnnerslty Agnes Daniels, Nina Beth Stover, Ewerette Klng, Margaret Clay pool, Freddle Mae I CWIS and Evelyn Thompson are run mg a bachelor girls apartment 1n Canada Carl Marder 1s the world s greatest scientist Ro7elle and Charlotte told me of the studlo of expres slon and music conducted bv Edith Sebastlan and Katherine Taylor D C Powell and Isadore Surat 1tZ are darlng explorers in the Arctic re gions George Bock and Henry I ewln have recently put up the sign of the Three Balls From London I went to Parls One day as I was walking along the streets I saw a woman who seemed to be 1n great grlef When I went up to her I recognized Mrs Bennie Fstep, who was weeplng over the loss of her pet poodle I immediately offered my condolence to Cath erlne She told me that David Dye IS a Salt atlon Armv offlcer and that d1 nits pouring forth words of 1nsp1rat1onP Margaret Lawrence and Hazel Ruth Clark are traveling saleswomen for the Silk Proof Hosiery Company Albert Brown IS a composer of popular mus1c ITIS latest plece is I Low ed Her, but She Mowed Away Jim Vratls IS direct 1n the Chlcago Womans Choral Club Goldina MCI arland IS a mem ber of the club Ruth Rheinlander IS touring the Unlted States and lec turing Nluch to my surprise Catherlne also informed me that John Estes 19 practicing, law 1n Chicago My trip has been a verv happy and eventful one and certalnly It has been a pleasure to meet so many of our class of 24 and to hear so much news of the others I thank you agaln for all vour kindness to me durmof my stay 111 New York It was such a pleasure to find you so happily situated and to know of your wonderful success as a husband manafrer Sincerely yours, ELIZABF TH JONES 'sf' 1 , J . . 1 ' nn W Lg , J I , V . 1 5:2 np ' , 'f L . is . ' . , ' , 7 N1 . . - ' H W . . Y . . L -. ,. . pw 'AT - - ' . ' 1 lil W ' ' , I 1 WI I . . , i A - - -TI- V. V 7 . A 4 . , - E m . . N . 1 . . I 'if K . Q - 4 - . j J gf n ' Nl F 1 Jack Hixson is a minister. Can't you just picture Jack in his robes of ,ln . . . M Q Sf p . g - . ' . j gg W Zvi W h . :M QQ 'i 'i Luigi if - gf-:mas 1l.f,fqg.1.g.f,f,.,.?-age-1.asain-:cell 1924 I-arfzevr..-ga la :-.H u fufaara-w.:-ze'-lisa-sui A I Page Thirty-nine A, 1 , Qzfgl?-3'3ll'5'i:R'll'v'1'sZ8'l'E-323' It? I 'lk . .MHZ 'l"f?.??'3+!1iHlt".?:'1"S?'.""!l'i"2-E4vi'Z2f"FF'1 1 -- - -- - -ff - f 'gk' 'YWWAY -T'- , A-"' " - F--V ---, - ..f- - ff... - ' f f. N .-,, :n , 1 . 2 1 jg . .LL 'fr "-fi Bl Q, s 'ff . it Ji it i 'r if 'Y' if 'F W J . fn at 'IT 58 'Y' ti it W 'xi 33 'fc 53' W' w rt' Q i JANUARY '25 SENIORS Melville Brown Ray Tosch lflinogene Frey Vice-Prosirimzt Prexiffmzt Se1'refar.y History of January '2 5 Class In January 1921, four hundred and twenty wide eyed curious chil- dren wended their way to Forest Avenue Higli School, This group was the freshman class of January '21, After a few weeks of wandering around they settled down and organized the Freshman Class. At the first meeting held in February 1921, John Estes, IA, was elected presi- dent, Margaret Cameron, IB, vice-president, and Joseph Rosein, IB secretary and treasurer. This class selected as their sponsor Miss Eugenia Terry, history teacher of Forest Avenue High School. The following term the freshmen became IA,s and they appreciated their new importance. At the first meeting of this class, in the fall of 1921, Frank Estes was elected president, Henry Adams, vice-president, Clara Goldberg, secretary and treasurer, and Dorothy VVinfrey, Evelyn Op- penheimer and Emogene Frey, reporters, Miss Virginia Lee Swindells, history teacher, sponsor. For the first term in the Sophomore year lVilliam Pierce was elected president, Adeline Rowe, vice-president, Virginia Ruble, sec- retary and treasurer, Henry Adams, sergeant-at-arms, Dorothy VVin- frey, reporter, Miss Denny and Mr. Butler, sponsors. 'mx ,y. 6 if ,r,, iw ii 11? i I 1 1 i. Wi ll' 1 if . if W' 53 i W' if R 1 . ' W viii 1 5 1 ti 'fi 1 1 i it iT! i ii , 1 ' 1 W. 3 'I 4 E iw 1 -. 2 I Sf 'A J . ...... 2 - -an---U 1 . , I I I- fares in-f-feel:-asaiiazesufesxflvaagagir 19241 ..g.,:',.i,-.agg.,. g.?,ew .,. g,i,,,.3f,-.,,5. 5 Page Forty 11 T 1 v ,,. 1 .1 'ks 3 ni L5 ri ix if v. H. 2 .fr lf. w-. Q. ,s Lfil Fi 1 g, fl v V I i . .. A , - l 'W' :""" " "'3 i Y ll 55.1 , E- 4 JANUARY 320 SPONSORS A lg gill Qi. ' fl ' 'N ..,, T l 2. y y- l P' q i . bil l e 3' W if if f .1 y I2 FFT! il 3 N1 il 5 tiiil A l Q19 it tain , i f g .6 -r . 'lf T if gwl 1 6- sail at l A , il l l Miss GRACE DENXY Miss Ruru Sr. Jolly p l iw :Q it 5 , , Histor o cmuar 2 Class-Continued 2 a ., E ff 7? ll It is interesting to note the ditierence i11 thc behavior of fresh- .wi , , . ' men and upper-classmen. lVhen the freshmen have developed into Jun- 1' iors you may see them gracefully strolling down the corridors. They ilglv are now voun' men nnd women, storin their minds with the thin s fl ' 3 .AV V Q if-2 S 5 W gif? which really cou11t. Tl1c class of January '25 had done a great deal to il X ,N mromotc school smorts. It had su 1 morted all the frames and the For- lil l l l 1 T9 1. . ,E ester and Annual. The class was closely united. Many interesting l Q programs were given to entertain the school and establish a closer 'll friendship among the juniors and seniors. if The officers for the junior year were: Ruth lvalkcr, president QE! John Singleton, vice-presidentg Harry Phillips, secretaryg Elsie Pat M73 terson, treasurerg and Mr. Myres, sponsor. if-xi r jx- The Janpni-y '25 students have completed half of their senior year ,. 1, ,.. .Tl 'l '-rye few L4-K4 v we PLE' vs y..,,-5, ,X a, YH! N -xi . if-6 5' ev,-'v' .tm They have their senior rings and pins. They take an active part in in their high school life evcn more pleasant than the one which they I U have just completed. ' 'wcmmei 'ff'T""""tf"T"f""""'tt'?'e''?-'e'-1fi?,'E:':--f::'-,:':':tt?7:'e'-:'ig:' 'fini Yi- Wglafaf ---- --f--A -fkvv 4- -f-- ----Y., ,, . ,, W, , Ml, T A 2 T I "',""Ay'fE ' My' new ' M -A . -M- 1 ' i . li? 4 U - r-iafggirr aft : -ne:','se.'1ns :wif E "' ' ' JST?-' ""'Tf"' W ' ' 15" H V ITTYYKY N Wxwrg Y - 'Tig f:r-'-v-ff------- V ' V W E, if! 35 I3 i 9 ll o 31 -r - li y . . ia all senior activities. lVe sincerely hope that they will find the last term 132 1 it 1 fl V i ll il l li l! Page Forty-one E 1 ' lr l 3 l l 532 W fi 'Lf 'R' fi: 'Tv Sf 'il' YB fi 'QE 'll' A E fl 'ft E QW. 'ii 'W' Wu 'E' .LL if A src l i W lb X l mi 2 1 2 :-W ' a f Imzafavsaxfuezzs-u-sz-:sw-.'-:r..emss JANUARY '25 l HELEN LYNCH Crcstha Club, Treasurerg Sympnsiuin Clulu, Vice-Presirlentg linmedy Kun' ucrt '23 5 Crestlla Capersg Symnosiuni Revueg Principal's General Staff. JOSEPH Ros1EN Standard Debating Societyg Secre- tary, Freshman Class '2l. EXVING CAPERS Hi-Y Clubg Principal's General Staiffg lst Lieutunant, R. O. 'l'. C.g Camp Dallas '2lg Band Major. RUTH WALKER Orchestrag President, III-A Class '25g Principal's General Staflfg Hi Pepper Club '2lq Commercial Club y2.iQ Girls' Public Speaking Club. KATHERINE BUTLER Literary Dranmtic Club. MAX VVYLL Color Guard, R. 0. T. C.g Princi- p:1l's General Stall: Handy Orches- trag Hi Pepper Club. NlELVILLE BROWN lfmnlrall Team Clfaptain-elect '24lg Trnckg Lions' Clulig Glee Clubg Principal's General Staff. ADELYNE ROWE Crustlla Clulig Symposium Clulig Crestlla Capersg Symposium Musical Revueg Pep Squzulg Komerly Kun- certg Fun lfrnlift. EMOGENE FRI-LY Forester Staff '21, 'ZZQ Forest Liter- ary Dramatic, Vice-Presidentg Prin- cipal's General Staffg Girl Reservesg Reporter, Junior Class. BEN VVARUER liancl g Auclitores Caesarisg Demos- tllenes Debating Society g Hi-Y Club g Orcliestrag Crack Company 3 Drum and Bugle Corps. far W il e s:-c a n- n 51924 uf :- nf:--as-I at-:'.w1x-ze-1-2-2-ae:ess,'n'z-2,-aaa.. Z??E.'Ii 2'a'uw'-:-i'8-I-E-Sw vl'- v ' xi- eemaszzii zzeisa-4-vxesmsazluler +311-si-:.'....-:-143-iss-.slug l l A A A in A 1? i f il , 1 , 1 M , , JANUARY 25 T i' l 5 ' :-. l l RUTH HANCOCK W' lf ll Girls' Public Speaking Fluhg 'liuu T 38 lx Delta Epsilon. Secretary: Seliolnr- , l il al ship Assemblies '21, '22, '23. l' ll A si RA l . l k' AIKTHUIQ FORESTER ya' l Auclitores Caesaris' Hi-Scholarslii J ml ' l . , 1 I lil Clubg Principul's General Stall. 5 ll 1 l ll Nl ll T' 'll' V f FRANCES Llzwls Q X1 Prineipnl's General Staffg Gym Dum W ll e will M Ji. M l DOROTHY MAE HART 'll' Girl Reservesg Girls' Public Speak- W :ff j ing Fluhg Forest Literary lJl'ill'lllll'lC -3 " Clnlvg Hooters' Clulig Pep Squad. ful ,T A A N1 - T .LL . l ? . 'lf 1 1 CLYDE ANDREWS W 1' ' R. U. T. C.g Principz1l's General Q., X M Staff. if ll 31- ' A , ll '59 5 FAY'E TliMPl.l'1 ' ill ,, l Principal's General 'Staflg Girl Re- , -A l il serves. ' l il 'M ii ,ig ' 'ff' 56 45' ION1-3 WESTI-:R 1 l Hi Pepper Club '2lg Gym Dem '2l. l l' '22g Prineipal's General Stuff '23. T M A l - .ll , Q3 QHARLIE BLAKE ' I, Principul's General Staff. W 5'6- , li R EIJNA ADAMS l l' Hi Pepper Club '2lg Girl Reserves, 'Lv ' l Trezxsurer H233 SCllOl3l'Slllp Assem- is lilyg P1'i1111i11z1l's General Stziffg Com- 5. ll merciul Club 'ZSQ Spanish Club '21, X QP s A jf ' A ii L Y , lv i ll RUTH IZER W ,Q ' 1 Le Cercle Cliaiiteelerg Priu:ipz1l's ' 5, 1 General Staff, ' al li ' Q 5' ll K l -E' l lg T il I!-' 'Q ' ,ll 'S ll ' V , Y A-' 1- l in T ' -1" p, V 1,1 T Y " g ' ' "1 , ' U ,,,, QQ W, -7 W e 3 - Q '- AL 'iillkiiifllSSXIIIT-KQEIII-E-2-'-fill".-KQSIII9E2's'I"" il A 2 f-:fuse-:Wasilla-241rfairisz-:'.ma:-3e.'ui 2:41155 ll, ge GGG A 1 ee A - f sees A me .U ,,.f ,R e.,.- Page Forty-three few , W ,,,, MY., Y .,,.....r... .Mg Q , ,A - W- - . ,, 0- N.. V - , J ., ., - , - -V - Eg g'-:MAN ' 'jf " ' E1i 'S .. ' ' li ' E' 1 ' Y , 'Ye ' c3l'11 " ' M ' fi , Q 1 ""' """"""'iT" ""' ' "1'T"""" ' Ti" WT? Wf' ' -'A' , , " ,i7ii,, 'QT' V ""7'f5'T ia .. E Q A' ' l r, lt 2 -, li , 11 5.1 5 ' I !'i1'i"i? in JANUARY '25 ,U lg l 1. V ' ' l' E Q 2 A V 11 :Qs f wr ii , . if ls li ll , Fa sill? I3 ,Fi if r Q E5 ' ' pi - is ill: 5" f f h,LIZAlil'QTH FORI3 My 'g lr . lr I' 1' i X il Aumlimres Caesarisg Girl Reservr's: ij Office Assistant: Librzlry Assistant. ff rr F 5 gl W3 RUBY LAGUW if it 5 ' Q' Girl R:-servesg SCl'lOl1l!'SllllY Assem- l ,T l V! ,l Q 5 ' l 3 Tl' l 1-A is 1 , lil if 4 ' yf ml l R An ,iw ,l 1 11-Y V7 ll blyg Principz1l's General Stillf, - 1 l Glcoum: SIEBENHAUSEN I l'rincipaf's General Stull. 9 S r r le, 1: i f rw M l E 3 ELMA LARSUN LQ Prillcipalls General Staff. fl nr 5 li i : V . ai -' l 1 liLSA LIPSITZ gl 5 lfrrslmizm Representative. S1lllll'lllSl Q ': R, COLlllL'llQ Girls' Public Speaking -.lf ll' Flulmg l7l'lllCl1Jill.S General Stzlffg Le 5 I El' Ferclc flllZlllU3ClEl'. w,g,i,Q ' l ' 'I ll L' l fd I f, Ali 1 Louis CRABB F ll l'rincipznl's General Stnlifg l'x.l-'lc 1 . l'umpzmy4 i s Wills r Elf , iii 5 il HERMAN HUMPHREYS f 41 is tl lJriucipal's General Staff. l Z2 f all 'l ii - W ' il MAIQJORIE 1400140 lg 39 f Girl Reserves 3 Tau Delta Epsilon 3 'i li Scllolursllip Assembliesg Principals ll i 'fl 2 l ll General Staflfg Hi Pepper Clubg Gym ft ll llemg Kumedy Koncert. lg ll-51 lin' ll U I ll 7 rv Q 17 If 'E , ai 1 . . . ia 5.41: g i fi QLLO NILGAUGHY 55 ,ig ' v Girl Reservesg Gym Dem. 'I W ll ' lf L P 13 gr i it 14 fi gqf li V55 l' il 5. "U : U5 NIARY STARK 3,4 'Q Girls' Public Speaking Clubg Gym ' ll Demg Principal's General Staff, fill W ski? li illfll , M HQ " " lil ' MPI '1 ,Q , , W ii L . -: K 3 ri . l lf li gi l ilu sr ,Q li L55 ' 391 ,is L ' W N wggmgi-4Q,,,f..:11,.,,. 1if,ffT .,,g,-,i1Zig:glL5,1 . , V EV E 1 i I l73 --554---g,FLiV 57 f' -f-f---A-rf:-33? ,Tl f X "W " "'7"' """""" Kim? 25" 7 'ri XM ,,, ., ,. JJ 'V Y Y Y Y V Page Forty-four 1 'M QIPXZQPSEQIIIKZ-Bfl'E-5v4v4'?ET-4111-.2 ' Sr-slvezesul smell".-:ae1-ssxfvvxeslnvssxlulrzs-als:-an-az-:e.msas W IIIS all-.Cai-:.21'f.f2e W 'E m .1 3 ? Z is JANUARY'M ALEX FISCHBACK Pri11cip:1l's General Statfg Debating Clubg R. O. T. C. ROBERT W1aBsT1z11 Sergeant R. O, T. C.' Crack Com- pany' Principals flCl'lEl"l1 bmff. Vuzcm IA RUBII Crestlm Club bymposxum Club Tau Delta Lpexlon Fym Dem Komedy Ixoneert Se retary bophomore Clxss Presxdente Club SLllOl'l'lSl1l1J ASSS1I1DllE'i PAULMNL MLMMS 1.111 Delt-L Epsxlon Reporter P1111 upals Generxl Qtxff Lnmu Buxum. l1tf1 ny Dramatic Club xL1dltO1ES 1691115 Tau Delt1 psllon Scholarshxp Club ADA Dfxbumu I lltl ny Dra111'1Uc. C,lub C ym Dem I u Delta EpS1lOll Volleybill le.4m Counselor II A C' P1111 enpals Gener'1l Staff THLLMA ILNIGLAND C vln Dem 22 Art Club P1111e1p xl S Cenex nl Qtaff C lrls Publle qpL llxlng Club Tre.1su1 L1 RUTH HIGHSNIIFH lxterary Dl1H12lt1C Club l'1u Delt1 hlJSIlO11 X113 President gCl10l'1l'Slll1J ASSSIIIDIIES Audxtoles C'1es1r1s CORINN1-. MAYO Spunsh Club Gy1n Dem Xolley b'1Il 'leam Pr1nc1pal s Gener'1l Staff Scholarshxp Assemblxes EvELYN GOEBEL I llllklflill s Ceneral gtaif Sc.l1ol'u slup Assembhes Glrls Pubhe Speik mg, C lub C nl Reserves C'ym Dem W4 W E' 'Y' W YL' vw E6 fv W W 5553555433 rdwgiik !W4HE?M4BE5W? 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' 'i llilljzil ll ' i g . 2: l , A , l fl fl ll - ii SALLTE CARTER ily TV J I Girl Reserves. 5 3 A li gi lg ,il :w p l in ill : I lit lf M lf ge RUTH HUDSIJETH ill 11 l l'i'incip:1l's General Stziffg Forlii Art Q- T Sucietyg Gym Demg Hi Pepper Club. gl fl ls QI ii fig ' ln-ig il gil llii ll T Louisic ANDRIQWS T, i 3 Girl Rcscrvesg Commercial Clubg .5 ' ' 1 Pe S 2 l. ' ' X! V Lp quit S, 4 ' V 1 rl 1 li V 1 ll I fl ' l L. B. VVEAVER lil 4 Ifriucipzxl's General Staffg Crack l u ll li ,-, f Cmnpzniy 3 Glec Cluhg Swimming li' gm 3 . 1 Clulig Pep Squmlg Hi Pepper Club. "5 Vidd gi ii - N il '71 5 'fl ii ' KATHl41lilNli Owisxs gl ?fl g g, ,fs Hi.sum1m-slap Club '22, '23, '24g fill ll ' Spelling.: Contest '22, '23. gl 4: il '- fi it 1. fl Fi E? il li V l ll 7 lv Q li il lil ILLSA STAR if Bi 1 1 . 5 i v. jig Pl'lllCllJEll,S General btaffg Le Cerele 5 it iii Clizmteelerg Literziry Drzmiatic Club, ny fl - il- f':!' 1 :SN 1 - 1 illlill QW? Q V ,K ,, . gl gg HARRY PHILLIPS :QQ lg if A Principals General Staffg Lions' il fi Eff: Club: Secretary - 'I'rezisurer, Junior in fil' 1'7 A Clziss 'Z3g Football Team '23. li'-. 4 35155 l 2' 5:1 i1 in Vgfik ANNA HARDING ,ff Principal's General Staff. Y NE 2 NVE-'xi l 1 lull 5 frjlz, 1 -T lg ' MINNIE KOLBER , 1 3 Girls' Public Speaking Clulug Prin- fig-4551 cipal's General Staff. 5 fl ififffll 1,1 i ,- f-mf, 1 25-iflllg, E Fil 3 5 . iii? iii' I 1 l l -W - - l iivuii .wil Sari? l5Vl"ia mg -tgsljfj .QM . 1-' ' "" L efgiguui' -re-MA -1' "-1:1-M 43.3.13 -77 77777777 'N - - ' - - - . ,, 1 557533-'f'5'3iT1 f -. T . 6 1 TM?i'fM.i'i"WTTTTieefwgerfT"i41"T'fv, 1 ,... LL3. 1 Page Forty-sewn 9'iiliivrf'e'i'5:QvE'j.':-iEp:v':i:s'Eiv3:?Q--'lie'mi: E-L-rx zffisf. -F Q-55--If ,,S.b1',i-jfa,,J4f1.fg-f WEQK wsurfi 74? "5 --l-Q ' 55 we-W-1 ev- i- Page 11-1 i,l'g'-,gil J'..L " ', -4 ffl ie. .gy 'LA ,A -. 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N ELLYE GREEN Crestha Clubg Symposium Clubg Crestha Capersg Komedy Koncertg Gym Demg Symposium Revueg Girl Reservesg Scholarship Assembliesg Principa1's General Static. RAE C HOTNISKY Orchestrag Principal's General Statlg Scholarship Assembliesg Girl Re- scrvesg Girls' Public Speaking Clulm. RONALD ROORBACK Hi-Y Clubg Band. MABEL GARCIA Prineipal's General Staffg Girls' Pulm- lic Speaking Clubg Commercial Clubg Hi Pepper Cluhg Gym Demg El Circulo Espanol. SYLVIA WYLL Girls' Public Speaking Clubg Girl Reservesg Commercial Club '23g Hi Pepper Club ,Z1g Principal's Gen- eral Staff 'ZJQ Gym Dem '22. ESTELLE ToBoLowsKY Forest Literary Dramatic Clubg Art Clubg Principal's General Staff. ANSON KINSER 1'rincipal's General Stall. IRENE LINDSAY Aurlitores Caesarisg Principal's Gen- eral Staffg Scholarship Assembly. iw: . TTI" i 4' Hsfg L f'f Sir l SJ-IE' . VJ? ii 5 t 5' , ' W ' 'N .,.... s.,.,7,..,sW..,..s, .,,..,. -,- ..., ,...i M-N.-iw..,,.,,.,,.., WE. ,,., I N My It , .,,f W s,,. . 5 "Y" "af-QW ,-ef':""r' f:-fa , . wr-fe-Ef:"r'fq'rwr'"rw :' g.-:wr-' waz'-x"f:J 32 Eg ig S. gf '35 ' g'e'Wf"'1."'z'vi:."f'1:,:'-fs 1--fm-w.-ef-s'w'f'nv'-we--. .es 'va'- grgi 1: -. :if ' elf- fi Q wi- 5, 'i f r'2s"-if-ff' .graft ,-j Ms- , .man .z..a::::.s..1e1., .:.,,,.f,,jLi5:' ,eg ,. ,. J.. X. sr,z.:ji+.'.--.-11,2 5.43 V M I- V ffssfi'mr-siua.i.5'Lz:3ET 3541 as nw,y'v , can .- ,YL .77 I ........ -..,..,.-..fW1.,.,,-.........., E..,,a.,.n.m.,.a-......................,., -..A ...ME i Page Forty-eight H,gEss,,.... A .2 hz .iz ll ll: l ,1 Qi r 1 A .1 may Elfl. S. iv ll 2 f l i. l I E 5 1 i il " 2 fi'ilf?' ,, j.L-.fQf gf' Y . A We-A ,--'- A W Awe- VY , . , 4,, W ,. , , .,..-----T? Q .V , .. . ti Tal l A , T , A i -A22 5? . JAR UARY 25 E ll pi . l 5 . f. ' ia I . l 7 Jill M ' l , 2.5 EF., 5 , ME,-,J Q, ,, 5' I l R31 12 R2 157: if-s' A GUSSIE HERIQLING " fkgxl Girl Reservesg Principal'5 General is , E Stas. Z2 gg . ,isis Q germ :Lai 2 g Emi! ii ig: if 1 iigrf' Q , ERNEST WILKES ,mggpl ?',-fig Rzulio Club '22g Crack Company '21, 5 l2.Z: La Tertulia, Vice-President '23g ly UQ Qiiil RiHe Club '22 5 Camp 111.1185 '23, Pi i11cipal's General Staff '22, ,233 ji, 1 'gl Colm' Sergeant, R. O. T. C.g Hi ij 1 Pepper Cluh '21, l , il , ,eg . xi mill' l. ii- r. igiffii Ellfiili ssfiw l 5355! 1. A :sig 1 i 51.5 11-if 'Ffh , . - ii .941 51152, SARAH ABRAMOWITZ 1 2135353 Hibsr-lmlnrslnp Clubg ui,-ls' Public Q Speaking Ululi, Secretary 5 Literary ggi? Dramatic Clulig Commercial Club, 5,-'ff 1 P' ,W , ,. fell, , lil Sidi' '15 i jg. li 1,51 if ' ' li iii Y. ,J " f 'J i. ll if isgyg , i In 5 .. fsil-iigl SAM Rm, 'f Lions' Club '22, '23, '24g Baseball E Tfrun '22, '23, '243 Principal's Gen- if'-fi-A Egfiik eral Staff ,225 Football Team '23. f 5,55 li -i 5 Q 5 2 1 . is l ET? i "':. ! KATHERINE ELOISE BARR .igigii Born March 12, 19243 Honorary l 'lily 22,3 S Member of the June ,24 Classy 3 N5 5 K' Youngest member of the Annual 4'.fl.g 3 Staffg Assistant-incidentally a SIS- 'glligli ?f'4j5 ter-tn the Editor-in-Chiefg member- 3 l elect June 1942 Class. Z Ef'ii'w A N-Q . 5,5 5 95? 5 if ii' 2 14.42, z 'iff 2 ? ffl Y we l , 5 l S525 2 rx 2 Q 5 l 5515 Hill i f-34 l 5 Rei g 2, . . . 2 . -2 ,f-me-M '-Al in . . . ..... - . Af - A - A f. eA'A e-'- S l f-""ii"i'fTifTj"n.TT""M'f"iirf zz ,132 3 ! g i R D A Page Forty-nine 5f2 1'i'sf1'E"f ' if f fff f fQQf f Q ,i i 7 iiI 1 li- 1 1 , f , Prophecy of January 25 Class 1 'lf' . ' , fin June 1, 1935. 1' i i The fast plane was steadily advancing toward home-America- Q New York! As we neared our destination, after three year's study in 3 , Russia, we were absorbed in thoughts of the past: our travels, our -fi Studiesg F01-est Avenue High School, and all our old classmates there. E at V "Yes, I wonder what has become of them all,l' mused Helen, as she M -5 examined her famous portrait. That very work had- placed Helen Wg I ' Lynch in the ranks of the celebrated portrait painters of the age. "I all 4 was-" 5 If ff - H ' ' 1 U1' h' - 'Th 'I' all Speaking of Forest, interrupted E sa, lsten to t IS. e .rm e- first performance of the anoyrnous drama, "HATE," was heralded as a JL great success-Leita Markham, the ingenue-in the soul-rendering third W If scene, Miss Nellye Green and Ewing Capers were at their best-Louis fi . Crabb's portrayal of the blind soap bubbler was well done--' " E "I never thought that so many of the students of our class would JL accomplish so much," remarked Katherine Owens. "Just think! Sarah E 7: Abramowitz has had a great musical career, Clyde Andrews, George ' aj X Seibenhausen, and Alex Fischback were really responsible for the con- 5 1 W1 ' struction of that enormous underground tunnel from New York City to E l .lk Dallas. Think of the scientific research done by Minnie Kobler and W i Ruth Walker!" 'E vu , Hi 'Q "Pray, do not forget yourself, Professor Owensf, For Katherine I il Owens held the Harvard professorship of language and literature. "Oh, I'm bored to death,', wailed Irene. "I've been reading about Q in myself in "VVHO,S VVHO IN AMERICAF They think I'm a great ffgvii lawver Do you?" A -ri- '? ' i i 'fi' Q15 "No, I don't. And if you're bored, Lawyer Lindsay, amuse your- ml 5 self with Joseph Roseinfs latest sensational novel." 5 . v N M "W'e're ten minutes from New York! JL JI- 1 i 'F As we were descending from the air station, we noticed a great E 1 commotion below. It had been discovered that Elsa Lipsitz was the au- 1 Q I thor of that tremendous drama, "HATE,'y and imincdiately a throng of 1 photographers and reporters had gathered. Among the crowd we saw Anna Harding, Anson Kinser, Sylvia VVyll, and Edna Adams. YVe ac- costed them and eagerly inquired all the news. Ruby Lagow, we learned, fl i ' is governor of Texas, VVilliam Schaerdel is a famous veterinarian, Ma- .Q I bel Garcia is United States ambassador to Spain. Virginia Ruble and 1 H ! L I p rp e e H W , gp We so sl, so c E1-azefrasawsaze-1-aaawa -issraza-:sn 19 iss -r.: -n a mes Page Fifty "l"3E'aS!l'S:5P'-.e - ' Y l i E w er - "'5 '!l"r-1 Il1S2'r.,-Mgr'-,.-:g.3,I,g,q,,,,,l ,.,', I l as --- '1-:Si-S zivz:-.+?.mss,,4,,. l V l 1 Ruth Hudspeth are ' h 5 5 n In C fifge Of advertising for a t . . I cem, James Kelmed i f .l pa ent medicine con- 1 is a i A Y S 3 31110115 criminal lawyer R th H. , i n ardent feminist, and Arthur F'0st ' i u lghsmlth i AS we proceed d t tl 1 er ls a Popular lyceum lecturer. . C 0 t l . Q' Illuminated WlllCl1 ,aff :wifi Wi Yee fuddenly by M- OUNG MEN S HABE M ISSCS Ruby Bowman and lone lVet A . RDASHERYX' Q went in and after Surprised greetin ss er, Proprietors. Of Course, We i to an artists, recital. Since a nurfberwifwere mvlted to 80 With them i perform, We gladly agreed. our Old C121SSmates were to i A 1 ' A' N1 S glanced about tle d - . N of a familiar face. It waS1EE1QlwPZie.x1d1tor1um, my eye caught sight 1 to learn that She was no I i on. 'I was not at all surprised W and w married to the important M R , a popular hostess in New York Society. r. ay Tosch, HBy the wav H - ' .4 . J. v bald Rub , d d - 'P can Snatch time from her Preysideritigiou know tllat hlsa Star, when she ton society, and that Elma Largo ,campalgnmil-', Shines in VVashing. N n is btate?" is Secretary t0 the Secretary of Q Web'll - 2 if had been Zileniuijgldtimwifgoezeigmrcss our surprise, for the first numbi: . , ' 1' 0' ' lil V1011I1 solo was Superb nd y ecoomzed Sarah Abfamowitz. Her ,, , , a .no less superb was Adel. R , M ing. After a short time th ID . ine owe s danc- ,L Among them We re . , e em-Shawn dancers were announced 5- cognized the graceful fi ures 0 N . ' jf beth Potts, and Pauline Mimms VV1 g f Ada Dashner, Lhza- ig lend Wai? the author of the Playlet tonbn We learned that Thelma Eng' toe, We were told that Thelma En llefrescnted, we stayed for that., J scenarios for the HAROLD SI AUGEI'ixIi3Rf1frn1shed practically all the fi and that among the Pl-Hvers of this com - AOUIS FAIR Productions? rn Chotnisky, Reuben Frie pany were Frances Berger, Rae dma 1 I and the Comediennes Em n, tie famous tragediennfi, Evelyn Goebel I ' q dd 1 , Ogene Prey and Pauline G1-Cen. , du , ru en y lone exclaimed "VV ll 1 . . , F? about the football stars of Gill' Clgsgpnfel Q tlus IS indeed strange! Vvhat 1 I told her that Bud B i 1 , h . 5 a few Years 330, had turnleidwifntw 0 had been fi 110t0r1ous bandit until 1 0 a devout ascetic. N - W Pl'-ayer and th - . ow en a ed 1 6 . ought, he lives all alone in 1 g S n 'V' hps is a confirmed b h 1 3 Sec uded hut- Harrv Phil- i . , ac e or. He, too, has renounced tl i 'Ll' spends his Uma fishing in the Trinitv River lu le World, and 'RS H ' ' 1 l OW we had enjoved hea i f 1 . g X day ended, with our tliouglltsrljidohjaiteuf dear friends! And so our days spent at Forest Hiffli qch 1 S urned in retrospect of the Y I ri r 00. LIBBYE BRAUDE i t i f in if .il so S-il!"5Z3'l' I I K .'g g l 9q q.. If Y P A ' f Y--W , ,V ,W Te, s-'ull-ggi' lic'-gi.,-4,l,::gg,I,g,v-,,,'IlL,,a P Q. . Y if IIIQ3,-.,alu,.Pg.l4'ri2,-gun P1193 Fifty one if3l'r"4?s8!l'52i1Il?iZB'l'5'.i T-'4'l"'r"-g5Q':' ES4'l'a': III V 2-'1l'??-'?a!l''Q-534'lf"r133'l'5f?Pn"'ll?iS"l' ".!:"-s'l'3:1'.'i 'l'5SF-fllg W 53. 5 a- M Q2 a r T T 5 - fi M , fumor Class 33 lf . . . . 'F tag VVhen the Junior Class entered Forest Avenue High School, it was 5 an active group, the best of the 1921 grammar school graduates. The 32 first officers elected were: Frank Estes, president, Henry Adams, vice- -5- president, Clara Goldberg, secretary-treasurer, Miss Swindells, spon- .5 ml' sor. Later, Frank Estes was succeeded as president byllrene Lewis. F1 E In the firstvterm of the sophomore year the officers were: William Pierce, president, Adeline Rowe, Vice-president, Virginia Ruble, sec- X E, E retary, Laun Reis, treasurer, Henry Adams, sergeant-at-arms, Dorothy 5. Ka: C, Winfrey, reporter, Miss Denny, Mr. Butler, sponsors. These were sue- FQ 5 ceeded in the second term of the sophomore year by the following: 'R Frank Estes, president, Bernice McCarty, vice-president, Clara Gold- E Q berg, secretary, Bertle Skaggs, treasurer, Laun Reis, sergeant-at-arms, E W Evelyn B. Oppenheimer, John Strange, Katherine Chandler, reporters, me E Mr. L. E. Rosser, Miss J, Harriett McClellan, sponsors. W-3 Q A stronger feeling of class spirit and school loyalty was shown in w 3? the third year. The class met immediately after school opened and 31, iii elected the following officers: Frank Estes, president, Clarence Hunt, JL ml vice-president, Charles VValdman, treasurer, Frank Autry, sergeant-at- QQ arms, Miss McClellan, sponsor. The Juniors devoted themselves more W ag to the support of general school activities than class meetings. They fi Q haunted the sidelines of the Forest gridiron and cage and fought right Q along with the me11. At the expiration of the fall term, the juniors J elected the following officers: Frank Estes, president, Charles Vilaldman, 36 i' vice-president, VVillie Mabel Taylor, secretary, Gilbert Carter, treas- E, all urer, James McGrath, sergeant-at-arms, Evelyn B. Oppenheimer, his- 5. torian, Leda VVhite, prophet, Miss R. M. Foote, sponsor. Many of the H gg members of the class are high scholarship pupils, many give promise of if 5, the best athletic material Forest has ever had, many are good debaters, fi, M declaimers, and public speakers, and all of them are fine, loyal, faithful lx 3 pupils, Is it any wonder that we feel proud of our group and are fully Q A confident that the record for the senior year will far surpass that of the W -3' past in effort and achievement? VVith comparatively few changes, the E M class has remained solid and intact, and we hope that the name of 503 ,E every junior may appear on the list of graduates for June, 1925. l L W -it li! '71 'W M M A 2' 'H' 'ff W W mtv i ll' 'll' W 3il"AZ3'l'85f4lI'?-'C-8'IE-Ere'-.'IlIw'1ZS'lfS-EYs'l'?-Kill 1924 :-sfxlnia-zefuiasaiufssze-:lease-va:-:slutsean: Page Fifty-two JUNIOR CLASS Page Fifty-three' rrveseveaewresell-ewea-s if ress-refer-5 Sophomore Class President . . . . .... Annie Bradshaw Vice-President . ..... . . . Linda King Secretary . . . . - . . . Vaughnetta Stapelton Treasurer . ........ Claire Baum Sergeant-at-Arms ...... Mortimer Goldstein Reporter . ......... . Mary Perkins Historian .......... Linda'King Sponsor ...... , . . . Miss Louise Wilcox On September 15, 1922, we, the present sophomore class, enrolled 'as freshmen in Forest Avenue High School. Although we were fright- ened by the upper classmen at first, we soon learned that they were real- ly our friends, for some of them helped us to organize under the name of the "Freshman Clubf' Our officers were as follows: President . ......... Dorothy Kelly Vice-President . ........ . Mary Perkins Secretary . ' ......... Jenny Bock Treasurer ....... . . L. E. Ingle Sergeant-at-Arms ......... Byron Sachs Reporter ........ Gladys Mary Robertson Sponsor ......... Mrs. Tura W. Dial In our second year at Forest Avenue High School we have accom- plished much. VVe selected two girls and two boys for the "Pep Squad." VVe decided to study the short story, and to make our meetings largely social affairs. At the beginning of the fall term, 1923, we organized with the following officers: President . ...... . . . Melva McCaleb Vice-President ......... Linda King Secretary . ' ....... Vaughnetta Stapleton Sergeant-at-Arms ..... - . . . Clifford Ballard Reporter . ......... Dorothy Kelly Sponsor .,....... Mr. C. T. McCormack VVe are a strong group and are expecting great things for our class, both while we are in school and after we graduate, for we have many capable and talented members, ,...lvzzzen-afs:.'u-S.:+:+z'.-n-'.s2f.'-x14:es.'-l-asxnnvsqaeur 1924 'u .-z-se a m -ns:-:axa Page Ifrftg four SOPHOMORE CLASS Page Fifty-ff I-B FRESHMAN CLA SS Page Fifty-six Freshman Class History At thc first meeting, September 27, 19253, the l"'reshmen laid the foundation for their future success. The zittendzxnee Continued to in- crease :it later meetings. At the second meeting the following officers were elected for the term: Fred Poston, presidentg Catherine lletz- ger, vice-presidentg .lack Scott, Secretary-trcnsurcr5 Frank 3ICCU.H1IH0ll, class historiang :ind Kathleen Carter :ind Velma Alderman, class-proplv cts. The president proved himself capable as :in executive by the :id- mirahlc way in which he presided. The Freshmen had the usual difficulties in finding their class rooms, in mounting the correct side of the stairs, and in making their way about the entire building. The girls were somewhat dismayed at the limited amount of time Miss Shaw, the physical training director, gave them to change their clothing for class work. Some excitement and con- I-A FRE SHMAN CLASS fusion was caused i11 the dressing room for some days. Naturally, the brightest male stars did not shine in military achievements owing to the restrictions made as to age. Members of this class have taken an active part in the Public Speak- ing activities of the school. Several students are members of the Stan- dard Debating Society and the Girls' Public Speaking Club. They have taken part in programs in assemblies, and have shown up well in school contests. VVith speakers like Abe Goldstein, Zelma Brounoff. and Seymour Margules, the class is sure to make a creditable showing in public speaking in the future. The Freshmen enthusiastically supported all athletic activities of the school, as shown by their good representation at all of the gamesg and they contributed their share of subscriptions. They are working in- dustriously with the hope and expectation of making a graduating class which will be remembered by the faculty, and which will have a record worthy to be emulated. Page Fifty .seven F, . 1 4 M. we If f Q , s - -sg Q .1 4 my .A , 5, ,3 hi Vi 1.3: . pri E r 53. xc. Y , T1 , 's I it R 4 1 ! l 's li 1 E l ..4, sw H ' ac wa x gp 'Gap CTI 'YYX J Page Fifty-ez'gI1t W9 5 , 3,4 X 'fa-s 222' II 'Lf-f va v N15 NWN X ff W w WM QWAU IQ AW fgwfyw if 1 U f XX f XX X ' X lj mxig11wgXmv1wf,'1fA Xx NM M! N by WI? QW" fi 1 WN X J N! UW!! I N V N X 4 ,1QmW,uMXNXXW1fAf f M N ' KIWQQWMWW L W Q Wu X X X WMYW NW f 52 W T 6 N ffVf' Www Mi 1 7 'xlgyfifm V 5 X WTIIIMNI ff iqwf W K W! K X fx XXXWNW! x vw mf mx lwflfml qv ma, 1 -JV wi 1 II' fymllvxs N 2 A 2 Q NL N-X XX I 1 1 6,?fZ,.f Ol NS If if Q93 1 Am X 'il 1, KS!! 1 i 5f ff L w A W. K N f xii? N X I X W' x lf AV! X W W ICTIVITIESI 5 r Ks. fw 2 Xwwumxww wma ' f k N YS W' ' X 1 f A Www W , K WYKX1 -ydr ,, '1 f HW VI New QSC' c5c,6v.: 57 , Hx 1 i W iz f S , Q X Mm, f vw Y ' f ga , A Q W m ' Nix xi, j ,gg A xxx NJ 1 f We A xl X ' fl I X Q X WAV- 9,'n I f , x fs - , , ,f g f H' Mfg MX ff' QL! UQQ.3 " 3 , J fm wi . W "3 fi ., f , , Q W Urfwi i x W M 5, Q Q5 4 X ' if K?7.x.xN,,X!Q n X X lllvl ,.7,3 . A hu ff 3: M fi t Lid ' , p y ,S nzui i - 1 ,M y XX, . 0 A V ' L' 'Q' H - X E E S ? g S ff X A A , A if if N ,, ?'?9r-- ' ff N , wiif 3fxJf+'- 3' I1 'nf ifJ,l.4,Vl 1 JK 1 wqzvji J 'A ' ' 'I ' X 552. f Q ' f A' qi. ' A U' f-.1 f , ,ff fwgiw N,u.,, f-f f , 1 Z! "ll ' ' .' .r A .n 'V 1' v V: Y ,' ,N X,'.QXs4sLgi N X NZ fm ! u Ni ii Ii .jf- vu gf X" r 1,' fi J f ligauiy 35 ge ff if Ji I i 5 I I - X.. G STG N 5 wi Scouts THEIR XVORKS, YVAYS, AND PLAYS The Girl Scouts, a national organization, is open to any girl who expresses a dc- sire to join and voluntarily accepts the l,l'UllllSC and the Laws. The object of the Girl Scouts is to bring to all girls the opportunity for group experience, outdoor life, and to teach them through work and play, to serve their community. Girl Scout achievements range from learning how to bathe the baby, to helping' the district nurseg from hanging: a shelf in the kitchen to darning stockings, from plan- ning a meal to planning a party, from knowing the responsibilities of citizenship or baking and cooking over a camp fire, to knowing how to swim. Scouting aims to inculcate ideals of service in the minds and hearts of our American girls, and to teach them to look out as well as up. Scouting is sane, healthy, and normal. It teaches honesty, purity, vigor, and love of country. The girls of today are the citizen-mothers of tomorrow. A girl is a. better wife and mother because she has been a scout. The purposes of the Girl Scouts are set forth in thcir Motto and Slogan, and their Promise and Laws: III. A Girl Scout's duty is to be useful and PROMISE . to help others. on my h0n'?1's I W'ut1'Y: IV. A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a To do my duty to God and my country: sister to every other Girl Scout. Y. A Girl Scout is courteous' VI. A Girl Scout is a friend to animals. VII. A Girl Scout obeys orders. To help other people at all times, To obey the Scout IUXXVS VIII. A Girl Scout is cheerful. N, . , IX. A Girl Scout is thrifty. I. A Girl Scouts Honor is to be trusted. X. A Girl Scout is Clean in thought, work- II. A Girl Scout is loyal. and deed. ' GIRI. SCOUT PATROLS PATROL I. - MEMBERS Name-HSilver Foxf' u Slogan-"Suit the Action to the lVords.'l Catherme Metzger Bessie Nathan M0tt0--HEve,. fairy Flossie Mae Day Helen Nathan C0101-ggilver. Mary Gaines Mildred Metzger Patrol Leader-I.averne King Ruth Hearon Alice MHBTICW Page'Fifty-nine Name I lons S -if 'Ji t YE ft- 'si I STC 'E' TF . '45 ill' 5 ZEEXII EB? Z S- 5 zrl Scouts Contmued PNTROI II Wnne 'lhe Cubs Slogan Say it with floweis Motto Be a 100 per cent girl Color Cream Patrol I eader Ruth Iannasch Helen Clifford Alva Mae Fielder Katherine Taylor Marjorie Foord P YI ROI IN Name Red Fox Slogan Ilrst in tiuth tilst m couxtesx first in loyaltv Motto Be an all iound girl Color Red Patrol Leader 'Vlalgaret btewut Ml 'NIBERS Viva Belle Guthi ie Adelaide Highes Oguerita Sumners Rowen 1 l v ms I'I'CdCll6 Mae I ewis Ruth Reynolds PA'I ROI Y Faye Temple Bernice Thomason Fatherlne I IW els Vida Heath IOIS Tabor Freda vlllllb Slogan 'Do something worthy Motto- Quahty not quantity Color Green P N IROI Ill Name VK 1ld Cats Slogan Never put od until to lll0l row vshat you can do to dw Motto Fur st gold C 0101 Blue Patrol Ieadei Thelma Iackson 'NIEWIBERS level Xllen Bessie Wlae Woolbrxght Iewel Hill I ena Moody llllldled Kirbv Fav Martin 'Nlary Allen I ena Johnson Patrol Leader Roselvn Goldsmith VIEMBFR9 Sylvia Shay Ieannette IXlIIllll6ll Sara BTOHStClH Fannie Sussman PAIROI VI N ame Beavers Qlogan Be loyal Motto learn to take the burden of re sponslbxhtw C0101 s Gold Patrol leader Flolse Ntwxell WIFVIBTRS Sue Dans Cussie Champion Nllldred Cross For l-ll Art Society - First Term Officers John Malone Gladys Harris ' Thetis I emmon .... Mary Owin I Otis Dorier Xdl Blown Frances Motley FIOV Anderson . Presidenl V ice-Pres ident . Secretary ' 1 reasurer .. '. '. Sergeant-at-4rms ' Second Perm Oflicers I Mary Owin Kathleen Freeland . . . ' Estelle Tobolowsky , . . - Otis Dozier ..... Joseph Malone , , 4 . . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-A rms The Forll-Ii Art Society was organized in the fall term of 1923-24 with fifteen members. The object of the Society is to cultivate an interest in art among the students. During the year, 1923-241, interesting programs were given and a bazaar was held in the art room, at which time the drawings and :works of the art students were exhibited: A study of the lives andftechnique of the Texas artists was made so that the students might have 'a better knowledge of our arists. F' 3 2! F428 S EB Iles- 'I XE-E If-38 552' 31523 S521 53:-3' X38 22-'C l'52f4II+2'1?G'IlS22.'l ?'-Z-B ZG'l'i4'I"f! n 7-f'l'?": F-'e'Il'a'Z4?Jl'52 SS :ll 'HIE 'Biff Ill -Q asa .-:sen '- asset a-se1ss-amaze' r 'amazesIn-assi:-:sell-sareesws:11nfsee'ag?QnF22EE'gI w . Ish' ' .'Ll:L Q 3 - t 1 ' ' 'I ft' I If A 1 A N FII , w :I 7 'A ., . '-3 A . 5 . A.: I I . . . I UD 'E' . Q ' eg 5 - ,Qs ' . M ' ' ' d A y if 1 M ' ' Z , 1' 3 A E Q l IMI I- I - I IQ n I l, I l, -2 - ' ' -' 2 ' I ' wi s ' ' SQ ' u . ' 1 ' I T r- N - ,SL 'A' -. 5 In ,c - ' -. I gn P , , K. - crq A ' U' ,j .1 'T .P N - X' grxu gr... N 1 . E 3 ' " -- . ' 4A il' ' E' . u-. " E . 4 . UL l . ow! il ' E F' y , T T"i'1fI"..i -Illvvv vlllv Ill 'Ill' III -III' ll! . I. ' I 'Il im, I g iir zefl aszew ein-asa:-sealss-srawaeell 1924 isre1it-:eamass.:-azeelnaaa-af-'ellas -rf? M ' - nn- f -f---V --'V - - V 1- 1 7 ,,:'i'r"" ,, ,, PageSi52'iy ill f f- ' :M NHZfIg5lii2fif'- .. , , .. ,Q , Y A.-. , r . ....,. WA.. ,- v ,v , iw il tj p g - eu' - 11- ewiss-4-nwfsslivaifxlllafasfufsaga-sz-:emsssenzx . .iq 'H' ""'tf"" V 1-1-W' 'ff 5 - if ' ' ." M i it is G. fr . il El 1 55 ill il ' ,L N J xii -i .. 'Q ' if ' li li 4 il 5 ll' . U L s . U s T , 1 5- , i. 3 . il .E . m l' 11 ' ii s ar W f l l lm 'i ii l ir if 1' i ii N5 12 F' T , ,E ll il Xa, W ii - i 2 l -ll- :1 I Y. l '- Mrs. Albert lung Mrs. Rowe Mrs. 131Sll0IJ Mrs. lsracl Mrs. Hixson. Q l' Mrs, Harris Mrs. Pollard Mrs. Carter Mrs. lleoplcs Mr. lVylie .X. Parker Mrs. liheinlander Miss McClellan I' 'i it lf v ' K lift . ii is . Ei - . - ' T 'l ei Forest High Parent-Teachers Association . g ' It ' ' i The purpose of this organization is to study, promote, and improve conditions N M by concerted effort, to create and foster a better understanding between parents JL 3 I and teachers, and to further their cooperation in all child welfare work. It is ' 1 i afflllated with The Dallas Council of Mothers and the State and National Con- W al fi gress of Mothers. W i- E5 . . . . " ll lil The Ill6llll7Cl'Sll1p of this year is one hundred and twenty-five. Two of the 'it . li members, Mrs. C. C. Pollard and Mrs. llheinlander. were delcfates to the Dal- fm A , . 5- 1. f las Council of Mothers. gin The activities for 1923-2+ were as follows: gf? Open house for Patrons and Facultyg book case presented to school librarvg i W lg' donations to State lindowiuent Fundg hostess at State Fair at Council of ' E ,lg Mothers' Boothg furnished emergency medicine chest for schoolg assisted as ' I' gl -' lg hostesses at Dallas Art Exhibit at Halaby .X rt Gallery, November 2-1-g purchased towels for teachers' rest roonxg entertained for new nlenibers, December 114 Ji ll ii 1 Sponsored three school lnatinees at Melba Theatreg two rununage sales for 1 33526 welfare' work 3. floral offering fior Mrs. lin gene Bagley. past presi- LM dent of C'0lll'1K'1l of Mothersg donation to Council of Mothers for memorial if to Mrs. Eugene Bagleyg sponsored booth at R- U. 'l'. C, Carnivalg banquet -' for. mid-ternti graduate-sg lunches provided for deserving studentsg petitioned Street Qi ' ll W ITHJIWZIY Company to operate through cars morning and afternoon for studcntsg r ' adopted an eleven year old boy from State Orphanageg George VVashington ,I 5? party for facultyg theatre party and spread for football and basketball boys, S March lg donation to Council of Mothers for life niembership for Mrs, Kirk 1 Hall in National Congress of ,Mothersg picture show, uliupert of Hentzau" ,l to finance R. O. T. C. scholarship and assist the Girls' Tennis Clubg assisted ' 5 with the luncheon and entertainment for the I.atin,I.eague Tournamentg six special EQ meetings in the homes for the benefit of the general P. T. A. fundsg letters of 'i SQL:-,gg sympathyg book shower to librarys entertainment of June '24 graduates. x l' 1 1'-.L ' Q l s? ar ggi., . .--MM ,,,,,. , A Y, 5 We , , A ,,,,, ,,,,, f-1+-A MW' Y H V V H ,mn R 'f4 esA fi .,.x' ii ' 192 T to - - - - S i ffj ll ggxigggi nge i v, - K WH M C wp it 1 l'Sf14vil 5a2ifIvk '1' fm-'ZEMIEE-fall.. C ifr, xg.Wunr,,4 ---- V - V - - - - - Y-Y Y.-MC..- . iitiggggsgzzgsl ' ' ' f ' Page .S'i.z'ty-one' Y 11- L..Y-..-......,.- ,f..,... 'Q rf , Q11 .Q I'-" ' " - '-" ' ' 'f f--AA.. .A -- . . I , V-16 ,,- V . -f - ' -J, ""'H"r:1 '---' V33 -- - H- 'fl f-- -fv-Y - 'i liT1"'T?Z1L?'1""""""Tf""""""""""""A"""3"M::5T'g"::""'-fgrfi f f ' L IPC? ?1' "si H3 1 "7 ""'-'Hg-,NF1'2'fvi77y,1'4'9!,r KL-Pjfil -P-!'F'7'jPf'f 7fT1Q'Ci'5'fvx,af5-imfefsfrifeq s i i , iffi W my " K' ' rE.2i'if"T':'f"""'-?"A"'A' Y - A--W V -s Af---My it-21.2 il 'Iris' il f 52 P fr I N V ' D, li fl M le ? 21? f, r l 'l The Girls' Public Speaking Club OFFICERS First Term Third Term President . . Adeline Goldstein President . . Inez Taylor Vice-President Evelyn Oppenheimer Vice-President Annie Bradshaw Secretary . . . Verna Massey Secretary . . Sarah Abramowitz Treasurer . . , Vennie Tait Treasurer . . Leland Hafter Second Term Fourth Term 4' President . Goldina McFarland President . . Annie Bradshaw. Vice-President . Inez Taylor Vice-President Sarah Abramowitz Secretary . Grace Brown Secretary , - Lillian Green Treasurer . Thelma England Treasurer . . Grace Brown Sponsor . . . . . Mrs. Tura W. Dial MEMBERS i r- 7 l l l in , yi ,A r I M r f ,gy l 1 xi ii li rr W lg l i i li I l. M i l: J i s :g s i ll A ll 1, 5, N ii li I r U 5 l A ll rr lk is ll V l r l' 3 il if la E' lm tl el Grace Brown. Lois Sansom Evelyn Oppenheimer Hazel Robinson Jessie Bock, Clarie Baker Vennie Tait Felice Wolfe Verna Massey Clara Flood Fannie Geudel Sue Davis Clara Goldberg Thelma England Mary Katherine Heimple Mamie Grace Fenley Sarah Ann Oppenheim Evelyn Goebel Mable Garcia Sarah Abramowitz Lois Cameron Winnie Kay Victoria Cartaya Selma Goldsmith Elizabeth Blakemore Goldina McFarland Sarah Goldberg Leland Hafter Marie Bishop Sylvia VVyll Felice Yonack Minnie Kolbei Lillian Green Florence Ryan Beatrice Myers Inez Taylor Virginia W'yatt Adeline Goldstein Viola Hickey' Annie Bradshaw Alice Steinburg Ruth Hearon Elizabeth Edwards if 'fm fd'y",V?'V P i . i Y. il.'i'3:Wli. , ' ' Ew'E'Jl5?fe9fjrf'ereb::1q'y9r:4fr:e1"x'w:':af'7:.':'eEfg-f'::f:-5-fa-PQ?T,-in A I , 2.231-anQ.aaf.fziAeafmfaall,mgfgsssf3,.rsf--1, 1, f -v .H ,f ff-f,e:,, , , -iff-fgawfa, f ,- if--A' fir-V f---- - ' , -' -"""ZlT'TII.'ii1' , .14 , 'R , . -: ur,,:4:1,1gYl1L:.,....p.4p .,.,g, . ' ' F 4,1 wi fl, Page S1.1'i3'-fwo 4 ., 2 QQ i il.. 5 fx 1 x I 1' Via? 'fin I 5, r 1 i if lil 5: il. hp a i l 1 QM 'rm' A I, L reg-V B .vs 31 L. ibgqi fn, ii". Aire? if iii- 1-M' f, is ii is: Q 3 -r. Q . x K. 1:-' ii? 2 ,f QL: V' .f. ig., pg ,1 ,., ilk Qs. ilk' il. ia .i 1 H4 life ,Jon 4,-.I .X S ii., ur. -1 as iii., bi? 5.. 'x Q Y' sr" l I 5 5 1 i 5 viii -X, E7 .G 5' L Nair 151 ,E-Q55 . l 1 :re-gm "Mid iifrifi it , ,E W fi E 5 w 3315 i milf if iflfiif , 1 L 4 l i. In ,-V, 'r 5. fl Hi F 2 a . i ir iz ii E U I i V l il i ' r ii iw is 3 , 1 :im I l is i E I - 1 .sis ,F WM, t.V, m,,.Z,J,mw,,:,1w , M: K ?3M.T,j..Yw .,A.,,. Tix, ,YVV T!:l.,.,-.: ,,.., LSL, wx 5 g? : : g iL:,i,Lg:fg:e4f:,g,L.,3 W' fix N' 5 T x 'l .F Q silky ? sr I L 2 I wifi! 4, g Q f , 4.3 il sig , ' Wrai- Cjrrl Reserves 5:53, ggi i M "To further the cause of Christ in every day living," has been the purpose 'ii' of the Girl Reserves for the year of 1923-244. This club was formerly called ' the Girl's Club and it is one of the oldest clubs in the school. Q, Cabinet oflicers for the past year were: Goldina McFarland, president, , Aga' Alzrene Bale, Vice-President, Mae Christie secretary, Imogene Hodges, treasurer, fi 5' and Hazel Robinson, reporter. Chairmen of standing committees were: Leda White, prog1'am,Algene Bale, membership, Marie Bishop, social, and Lois il '-if Tabor, service. Special committees: Grace Brown, advertising, Charlotte ' V, Michaelson, music, and Ruth Steere, ring, Virginia Saucier, alumni sponsor, T, assistant to the social committee. Mrs. A. L, Reynolds, assistant and mother 3, advisor appointed by the Parent-Teacher Association, Miss JA Harriett McClellan, -1 facility advisor, Mrs. Virginia Harder, Girl Reserves secretary, and Mrs. ifggl lohn M. Hanna, general secretary. flies? Frances Ackley Viva Bell Guthrie Ann Peoples Floy Anderson Leona Harmon Mackie Perkins rggzfyli Nina Gayle Anderson Bernice Harris Mary Perkins iilji, Vera Armour Jimmie Grace Harris Genevieve Pitchford iijgff 's Mary Baker Marguerite Harrison Anita Rea Eloise Atwell Mary K. Heimplc Lucille Reid Edna Bilger Dorothy Hensley Janet Reynolds if 1 Qi Phalba Birdwell Nellie Hicks Amelia Rosenblatt el," ri Dorothy Brown D Jewel Hill Florence Ryan ij Inez Brown Cordelia Hillcy Iva Sands will-,iii Ina Mae Burnette Alice Hipskind Carlisle Sheppard Kathleen Carter Vera Isbell Ethel Shinder Dorothy Clouse Thelma Jackson Minnie Shtofman Ruth Combs Ruth Jannasch Claudia Sierad Edith Corder Lena Johnson Frances Smith Dorothy Dale Dorothy Kelly Mamie Smith fiiif gil Agnes Daniels Orlena K1-eager Pearl Smith jifgili Marcel Daniels Ruby Lagow flguerita Summers. as .ll Lenna Davis Mildred Lewin Katherine Taylor Rogelyn Davis May Martin Inez Taylor Sue Davis Freddie Mae Lewis Oneeda Thompson ,ititeiir Jessie Lee Denney Mary Lipscomb Lucille Tucker ifgiiif Elibabeth Edwards Marguerite McNulty Gladys Wall Rowena Evans Lois Jean Medley Dorothy VVebster Anna Louise Ewell Dorothy Metzler Florence Whorton Mamie Grace Fenley Frances Motley Grace Williams Edith Goad Dorothy Michaelson I uey Withrow Evelyn Goad Mae Meme Nellie wyu ffiiiiigi Evelyn Goebel Inez Murdock Sylvia Wyll Ruby Gross Nora Nave Bonnie Mae Zumwalt ,E ,W Melba Palmer ll , Y Y, ,cf M. 1. efaMaawea?.Q? . e eaaa eas K , .,., ,,.,. " ' ' ' A""""' Y ,W-as-,v.e.1...,...v,,..-zw. Page Sixty-tlrree , 1 i I 1 l i I a l In 1 li i ti sf, .., ,-, 'X , w W., .. ..e R' . . . . . . --V . - - f -' W W' -'A' "" 'S -' e"'f"'N'H'M"WM-'f-, Q ll-A ffl iff' 1.4. lliifi 1 gi l ' il ' 5352-4 X. Lf, w qf g y lgigi l d we I ij 1 it if '1 l ll. l ' in wr , 1 1 Q 5 Fl u -E' 35 Us JL ' 'lr ll . . I l I - r 1. l J Q5 i l UQ ' ' 7 M 1 f l Lion 5 Club if 1 i . 1 1 .1 54 x OFFICERS lil 4? W Fall Term, mr li J. B, 1131111 , . . . . lJl'USifl0Hf , 2 1 1 I ,. ,, , I i l u Ray Tosch . l ff'0-1,10fff 0115 13 1 -H Erwin Javkson . - V- S00 .v-1WS- ff ', Nodine Swift . . . hergffrnit-at-11rms H Q i ,. 1 Q- MEMBERS . li qi i x Ya I J, B, Mann J. C. Barnett Maurice VVilliznns li ,E 5 Ray Tosch Dave VVolfe Bennie Estep 1 WT Nodine Swift David Dye Erwin Jackson HT, il Harry Phillips Carl Mardel' Jim Seely ENT' I: John Estes Leon Alexander Henry Puckett gnu . 1 I,. B. Lagow Vvilltffl' Allison Melville Brown EW. 1 Edward Burke Oliver Brevht lirnest Peach Kita 1 4 Sain Reed il H .. ig i, sPoNsoRs M l ll 1 J . 1 '. .. 1 -54 lv A. J. I.oos hurl larker ll. ln. Hates MP1 5 ix- wp is V l 'Working with the eo-operation that becomes second nature to TE i an athlete, and with "Fellowship and Clean Athletic-sw aS its 111050, H16 in it 'E l,ion's Club has enjoyed a very successful year. Q ' On January 19, the annual dance of the club was given in the For- est High gymnasium, lt proved to be a success in every sense of the .i g word. The annual "Stag Banqueti' was held March 2-'l-, at the Oriental T- Hotel, and equally enjoyed by the mernlwrs. It is l10Ped that year by year, the club will continue its good work. : J ii . ..-. Y .1 W.. .. WW -M fr'------PM ' fi-?g?1'1---::3.5:f:Tg::' .ff1'i.f.1:::::j. f 1-azarssgsw wssrslafxge-1 5 15124 4-,,1:fn'-7-"'1.-"ifT?"-"Mita"'T?'i"T"""""7"" - lfy ,mv Vvrrd fl 57l f""' " ""'af+'i"":'r"f""W "1'e""'m"':""""""' Page Sixty-four l x I ? 1 i 1 ,K sr L z L 1 2 fi ws i L i 1 1 A I l 1 1 Q 5 'ls il l 4 , .K Tr l 1 , S 5' in-i 1 ' fifi9??e'1?gf3?5f?:rf2 T AQ-I E-A- yt-, ,,L ,Y,,., ,L iff, "ji: i,a1g:?1eZ.a-3.Cg.14:L:lS a3:4f,Q.z4gfflig.:g:: -1.41, ff , f e - -HWY , f, r " I W' ' "" 'T'i,i' Yt:,.4,W,Lv7!CTg5 1 it iii? 5 5,4 I fig! l Q Q E s lm! Q FI l :iii xml ' -E , fg a 3 521613 HSL? l W' Symposium Club 5 fi Hg j OLFFICHRS l Fall Term Prfmifleni . . . Margaret Hunt l"ic'e-P1'0.wiflmzt . Helen Lynch iiifl Serretary Lillian Collins Treasurer . . llozelle Bishop Spfmsor . . . Miss Ruth St. John f 'A' 5 Spring Term hd 1'r1f.wiz7envt . . . . Helen Lynch Vive-P1'e.viflm1f . . . Ruth Rheinluncler Sz2r'rntcn'y . . Nellye Green 7ll'6Il.N"l.H'0l' . Maxine llluxey Y Spmmor - Miss Ruth St. John MEBIBICRS 419. l Thelnui Bailey Xvllklllltil, Johnson Louise VVilliznnson Clara Mae Pollard Nlizzihcth Rinvlulrt Margaret Hunt liozellc- Bishop May Queen Crowe XYl1'fJ,'ll1lEL Lee Dugey Josephine Read Ruth liheinlancler Lucille Kelly 'A l,0ig Ciiiiiei-on Alberta Gilbert ' Kathleen Carter lileanor Devine Virginia Ruble Marie Kynerd fl ,Xdgiyn Rowe Nellye Green Helen Lynch +" , Katherine Bryurly Katherine Sloan Maxine Maxcy ' llulgli Rgiifl lvlill'g'ZlI'l'lI Mann Dorothy Parks Lillian Collins Ruth Ferguson Gladys 'Mayfield 157 5 lilizabeth .Tones C2ltl1C'l'lI1C Hill Ann Peoples iffy Dorgthy Rinehglrt DOI'0llly ll'lCFzLl'l21I1tl E if ,-,g,gw 'L 1 'J W mmhtggm-' ' W i' '-"v:'f41:.'2f1 2.1 ' ll "i""'4x6 'N' fs? ' TwiQlWg,.i 'L Q i 'L W-14-1+-X--fi L ii5aQQSf,Qfy.fQU Z ., ., -,,. V rf-.,.:. ,M .,A, M, FTW ,U he U It Q Ag It X M 'R Eli 'W yi: , gl N 1x ni, 11- ' 4 1 .A -f-' ..,.... 1. "ii iii S! ,l i ! it 52 J L xg, ix : V 6 at i t w t im' lik!! li if v i n ti Hx Q '-Q i hail ta ii- it 5 it i i , kno r. 31 wa wil ref :S f i QE? b ,454 ie, 1 f.,L: . Fel i. 4 Q R gy ,, fa i f Q It as Ur' W in ,HEL Q .i 1 l L V .15 X, .Li Standard Debating Society . OFFICERS First Term P rex ide nt . Vino-I're.vifIe11l S ez' re f a ry . 7'rPf1.w ll rv r . Sl'fll'flPflllf-df", I rms Uri! if' . . fS'w'oml President . Vice-Pres-ident Secretary . 1'7'6flX'LlT01' . Serge111zt-at-Arms Frifiz- . . Robert Andrcss VVillard Barr George Bock Julian Burgower Herbert Berkman Zelman Bronnoff Gilbert Carter Harold Dean . Willard Barr M. J. Mittenthal . Edwin Ernest . George Bock Orlando Murphy Miss Myra Brown Term Edwin Ernest VVillard Barr Harold Slaughter VVillium Pierce Max Rudberg Miss Myra Brown President . Vice-P1-esidenf Secretary . Trermurer . Sergeant-at-.-1 rms Critic . . 1"o'urlh Presidenvt . Vice-President Secretary . Treas'urer . Sergeant-at-A rms Cri! ic . . M. J. Mittenthal Edwin Ernest XVilliam Pierce Daniel Rosenbaum Julian Burgower Miss Myra Brown Term . George Bock Charles XValdman , Gilbert Carter Neel Warfield Gerald McNabb Miss Myra Brown MEMBERS Edwin Ernest Abe Goldstein Dan Hancock Edgar Keaton James Lee Joe Lerer Gerald McNabb Edward Marcus M. J, Mittenthal Frank M CCHIHIHOII Seymour Margules Orlando Murphy Allen Rosenthal Joseph Rosien Daniel Rosenbaum Max Rudberg Byron Sachs Milton Simon Harold Slaughter Charles VValdman Oliver Wilson Neel Viiarfield The Standard Debating Society, under the motto of "He who mer-- its bears the prizef' was organized January 1, 1919, with twenty-five charter members, and the following officers: President, Scott Hardy: vice-president, YVentworth Pier:-eg secretary, H. I.. Peoplesg treasurer, f.-..,,,.......- X , , V V . 3 . . ,f M1 VY-.-1,--fer. Meme- f wq --f..-if'-Av -1- ' N K v ,YW -fe ' V' gt' 1. 6 ' e if-,i f-: Umor . .,s. A ..,. 3-f 1 E i Page Sixty-six M., .--,.,,n....,..,t,.., ,,..,,,- 5 'K.,-.', E I 5 i i A 4 I 5 1 i 1 Z 3 2 i 3 1 l ll X I 1 W .V -fr R wx Sf W Ei' xf '75 if 5 in :T yt J LN V'-e 5, ,JE i l P E 1 ,Ln i 5 3 3 l i E i 1 x i e 1 i 2 4 E i 3 i 1 i ng., V, sa sr ra? S 5 ...J 'tv 1' if-I 5:2 E, N -1 ,vb 5 E- k- Fc f 3 H 'ini ,en E ff J 22 il? ttf? 3, 5 'ai LQ -git 1 ff Wi ,rm 1 pta i ,if .kd f it x 211 we 1... ily, 1 ZL J we if 51.1 'Bi 1 I ."lt?'- l'S-EFSIII?-'K-Z3l5'ivf4'EE-slll,-?S'l'55il'F 'll52g'il"'rfgg'l'52g'Ps:gg'l'55-'g'llgP'g'l'59?-p"'l'e':Sg'l'S' 2-fl" Richard Llebman sergetnt at arms, Stanley Marcus lhe purpose ol the organivation was to give practice 111 composition dcbatc, dcclama tion eiltcmpoie speaking md pirhamentiry practice During the Christmas holidays 1970 thc first Stindud banqncl was held with more thin fifty members and Duc sts prcsc nt Ihr, ban quet lb Olsen annuilly during or immediately picccding thc Lhrlstmas holidays for the l1ono1 :rw graduate and ic tive membels of thc So eiety On the es enin of December 21 1993 thc fifth annual banquet was held ,: - - ' -A fuk V 1 ' ,. 4 A. E W :N 'ir l .J . .Y l l . . A. . j X C X H A bfi ' , ':. ' 3 f 'U,: 2 ' z f N1 1 . ' VJ, - .f , T U : : ' 5, M W -,U L ' Qfi HG Q . . ' .1 -Y l I oi 1 Y 1 ' 1 'C f X f '- ' ew 1 "' 1 , 1 '?' Q ,, , y ir 5 In the first year of its organization, the Standard members en- I 1 5- W tered no public contests, but centered all their efforts on the study ol' I -3 the different types of speaking. In the second year, 1920, however, P2 Wentworth Pierce and Thomas Holloway won first place in the city I if -gg debate and second place in the district. Dobson Liggett won, in the W same year, first place in the city declamation contest and second place fi 'lg in the district. In 1921, YVentworth Pierce and Dick Russell won first M 'Z' place in both city and district debate. In the same year, Sam Yvaldman 3 J won the school oratorical contest. In 1922, Dave VVolf won the , X 4 A school oratorical contest, and YVarren Collins won second place in the 1 'I .' - , Lf, " . , . . . r' i . .. E - . ' ' . ' N1 -5- . . ' I . ' ' K ,A 4 . , I . W , 1 . - i - 1 . I H , I ' N fl I X N1 . . 7 ' 'l ' A 1 . . if L 1 A . A 1 . .L W ' 1 , . . . . . j 5 Q- ' ' XL r 1 ' 5 NI I I 1 . . - Iv' rn , I , r I . M -5- : it . " " , , ' yr 1 I . . in 7 W 'W' . ' If - I : ' M 1 . . I Y L N 4 v. . . gi V 'E l f , . 1 V L.. H ' . - I ' - ' , f 1 'ir I N . . 1 1- Y - X -l H w , , . 1 , ' . . . . . UU I ' . g ' , j 1 N. , , I ' ' 1 . ' M , , , . . A . X C . ' - '- ' .' . 'If league.-an-e lse-is-ears 1.-ee 1 24 as-f 1- a re as-Q if- es a- 'E city declamatlon In 1973 Willard Bari and George Boel cntelccl the 1I'1tC1SC'l10l3.StlC debate and Charles W aldman represented the school 1n the citv declamation contest In 19211, Edwin lrrnest and Willard Barr participated in the 1I'lt61'SCllOldStlC deb ite Charles W aldman and others represented the school in dcclamation and oratorical contests The annual banquet December, 1923 at the Ieffcrson Hotel was undoubtedly a great success NI1 Scott Hardy, honorary president of the Society, was toastmaster Nlr Nl .I NIlttCI1tll3l, chairman of the banquet committee, was 111 charge of the plans In addition to the twenty seven actlve members present, thcie were the following gradu ate members Tom Kleinman, Leland Bohannon, Sam farranella, Ray mond Tarranella vV6I1tW01tl1 Pierce, 1V1ll1am Southerland Stanley IVIarcus, William McCord Scott Hardy Phomas Hollowav, North Big bee, Sam VI aldman, Morris XI -ildman Douglas Nettleton Llifton Black man, lvalter Holbrook Isadore Koppel Smith Ilndsay, Herbert Gar onzik and Bernard Beinbaum The following honorary members were present Hr led Meyers, Miss Lugenia lerrv, Miss Edna Rowe, and Miss Myra Brown the critic of the society The meetings tlns Vear have been very en-yoyable A great many speeches hare been gn en many of, wlnch were extempore, and one of wlnch gave every member a chance to laugh Tlns particular speech was about human nature If you want to laugh ask any mem ber of the Standard about it Another meeting featured 'x mock trial in which Orlando Murphy w-is charged with kidnapin a five year old chlld Dan Hancock Orlando Nlurphy was found guilty and sentenced to gne a declamation X debate was given Resolved Phat the Philippine Islands Should Be Cnen their Immediate Independence VVe are sure that if this debate had been gn en in Congress the Philippine Islands would now be eniyoving a republican form of government Many other interesting programs were given mcluding dccl-mmatlons and ora Q tions by members of the society tw wr E M . ,lt . "1 ll?"" :V 1. -'nb ua Eva I'-' ll 9 ln '-'aln'- all "-'silk' ip "-'ip'-aj lp 24' . Page .S'1.1.ty-seifen i.f.,"iw'1?5l77I"'A ,' .77 'mf -4 'yfiffm ,l"""T'l?""i.5"i". " Q' 'Q "W fi '1' - 1 -Aw ff ' v, ' if., :N 71 vs Hrf':'!"W'1'-yT41-s'z'f:f:vjj:-:'g1r-1mg':'r',i'y'1':ffax.-va 4 ., , , ,,, ,, MN , , , ,, . H, - , V .e igjia. M1 n,:i.5:.15.3.5l3gg.5T.J-L:-L,,r I..n.fa..L.z.,w:zuL-,zi..E'sm:g.f'i,1Jr..g a.g.rn.mI.a::fl,k., .a:,1Le2f.,.::-,.-of WUT - -1 Wf,1f.,,, - I -V,f-- , ,..,fT,,, ,,?,, ,Vw , V V . Qin i Q15 ol. ltr-11 ir., A IH ., ,ii . 'xr' 5-eu' v H :H 2 J iii-:viii A ei. '35 iii? Fifi: -V lik' N H I :gi gil Q! g',T1,'3 lx gl lg ig?-, M ' if ' L -1 ii ,sf- o 1 ,, , , 1 i El Cerculo Espanol E The Spanish Club was organized at the lltggllllllllig of the Year 192l'. , . L . 1 for the purpose of giving its members opportunities to practice con- i . 1 v V N 1 1 versatlonal Spanish, and to learn the manners and customs of Spanish- Yan etta Jordan Sylvia YVyll speaking peoples. Under the guidance of the Sponsor, Miss Alina Patrick. thc elub has done very L'l:fiCiCllif work. i W OIVIVICERS Xvllllillll Richardson . . . President 1 Frank Autry . Vir'e-Presiflent r i Goldina McFarland Secretary Bessie Goebel Treasurer 'S' Q John Beard . . Reporter 5 MEMBERS ' VValter Allison NVilliaun Richardson 1 J. E. Mitchell lrwin Richardson George Bork Millard Heath ' ,lCrnest VVilkes lteubeu Friedman Le Roy Riddell Mae Christie May Queen Crowe Mabel Garcia Grace lirown Charlotte Miehaelson i 'F i J y 5 1 E b ri g y g 5 W E Wai l g M M Wi ,nf i F i Mary Owen Fay VVitt Frank Autry llazel liobinson lflvelyn Goebel Julian Burgower Lucille Leatherwood Mapggie B. Gibson Goldina McFarland Nina Beth Stover Dorothy Knight Max Rudberg Lula King Hussey Vida Rhodes 1:1 ll Longworth Lundell James Mc-Grath ltiehard Dathe Roy Sachs Q, Arthur Sullivan Charles VValdlnan Gerald McNabb VVillie Youngblood QUE: Wuanita Johnson Bessie Goebel Leah Donosky Ed Seely -will Morton Rubin Jacqueline Jones Alma Lee llause Pauline Green ',i,j'i Clairene Rogers lilizabeth Monerief Alaeia Mann Katherine Taylor ii' l Eva Aronson VVillie Mabel Taylor Ruth Reynolds Harold Dean Il I Henry VVren ltosalie Agress Ruth Tinsley Harry Brown , Dimple Goodman Max VVyll Ben Barzune Louise McAdoo 1 I i Fannie Gendel Elaine Mitchell Sylvia Borkon Dorothy McFarland ,WL John Beard Naomi Luck Lucille Tucker Flossie Diehm I aj ei Al,Q.i'.Q,i.4l19u3',-a fn1v"af,2i"a R 2ei1iig"::MCLi:'ri:g 'W "" 'Mf,'T112f'If.7,'Ll1'ff.' it as he S We as ,J Page Sixty-eight W . -lwmqm,-anQm.uK,.:,.. V, J r-'vwq ll W. lg 142: il this lx J fi 1 :gi ,V7 is 5. nl lgi Ev , gy! 454 Il i 1, il li 1 -, -l fl , 7- is 3 wa lei! 'lf l 5 il it A E' ii " ll f ll xwtilf liszi 1 5 ii ' is . 1 li l W e MEI li ll L' N ling! w ' fl W f l l l li li l ll gl l gl W I! l l l i ll fi a t ig ,Q 1 i lg-,7'3j?fi'7'f 1 ' gif, 7331: r 7 "" +1"'5Sl5E'P'4'f""4ii"'5 - -'hi ' ' 7 77 7 7 7 7. . 77 7 77 7 7 .7 77 .' l in Crestha Club ' x l l i 1 l i i 5 -.Li fi 'tl M 'll ll if 5' if if ill ir il! QR? if I J-, il ' OFFICE RS E- , First Term ,Spring Term 7 , I President . . . Ruth Read Presiclenl 7 . Ruth Read H Vice-President . Marie Kynerd Vice-Presirlent . Adelyn Rowe 'V ,f Secretrwy . . Ruth Rheinlander Secretary . . Alberta Gilbert fy ll - Treasurer . . . Helen Lynch Tweasuq-nr . . Helen Lynch Q if if . gi Sp0'I1SOI' . Miss Sara Davidson Sponsor Miss Sara Davidson 1 Q 5 f l' , 1 N l ' ' lNIEhlBltRS '- s 1 -7 ill' Il l Marie Kynerd Catherine Hill Elizabeth Rinehart 5, r lg Margaret Hunt Katherine Bryarly Dorothy Parks ll 4' 'Q Ruth Rheinlander Eleanor Devine Dorothy McFarland il 1 X 5 Ruth Read Lois Cameron Alberta Gilbert ' 212 Helen Lynch Lucille Kelly Thelma Bailey i Sl ,l Adelyn Rowe Elizabeth Jones Nellye Green 1 W Lillian Collins Dorothy Rinehart Wuanita Johnson li U' 35 Josephine Read Irene Burton Virginia Young 2. pa, ll Dorothy Scott Leda VVhite Virfriiiia Dulfey 5 Rozelle Bishop Getln-el Brown Ann, Peoples? L 'gyixall Ruth Ferguson 7 y' iiaffggiii lt .. W 'V 7 Yiisiax 1 1 ,Ir L::f-:TT 4:L77:'nr"T , V " " 77' ' Q nw-'ww X W W Vw ' -7 - - " - 7 ' " .E- a l ew egeiv 19 Zi 'er-a v ff-22121 22 Page Sixty-:zine l i r 1 l I 'R i iljorestgl-ly-Y Club "'l'u crcatv. ni:1intnin, :incl extend tlll'1I'i1gl1Ollt tht- ccnnuninity :mud st-liuol 11 higlivi' stziuclnrd of i'ln'isti:1n i'lli1l'2lf'tCl',H is thc :iiin :incl pur- posi- of the Hi-Y Vluh. 'llhv Biblv is the main study of this 01'gf11llZ?lllUll. und it is the fllllllililllgll upon which thc- Hi-Y liuscs its :1c'tivitivs. cllijilll :null up- right s.pu1'tw1nai1sliip is lmcliccl hy 1002? hy our inciulrvrw. Ol"l+'lC'ERS lidwin l'll'Ilt'2l .I ohn listvg . 'rzfxizlmif I 1 ww-l'1'1f.vifle11t liurl Sh-Fling . . Sl'f'l'4'fIll'-If Ralph Nl, Daruull . Reporter liulwrt Brown Frank liste-s . 7'r01murer . . . . Pnrliunmnlariun, .S'lm11svn'.w . . Mr. ll. ll. Yates and Mr. YV. ll. llutlel' I'1nr:m'ary .llmnlufr , l . Priiu-ipul YV. X. l'au'ker Nll4lXlBl9lliS .luhn Housv .XI'llllIl' Sullivan liclwin Buttcirs litlgui' Huclcuhy llic-llzirrl Vfilkins liwing' Campers Paul Jeffers Frank XVilliznns Gillwrt f'2ll't6l' IA-slie Jones William Susan C'l1:1rl0s Cave Ciuruld IN'Im-Nuhh l'lm-vc Wyly Ralph lluruall Clay Malin Ill-ury Adler llurolml Donn L'l:irf-uce Payni- liinggviw .Xlexaunln-r l'ldwiu Ernest D. C. Powell liuhurn Burke 1?l'ilIlli Estes Willienn Sinuuous Rnlwrt Burns Paul llslrris Walter Smith L'l:il'011ce Burrouglis 1"l'ml01'im-k Haas liurl Sterling .nu 1 I l ,K-,Q Fein L , , 1 1 l F i ll l s l E E ll E s l r Q i 1 1 . ff ,g 3?i l fQ e '-'ii'-re-"ll 'I'Si'e'+"'v':'If"-"'S'i':-"I , ,,,A , , A,AA t ,,,,,, t V ,,A,N , Wm W H, dw NA, MMM hrivw fMYf Y , If ltifi"l all -1 5 0-Ep, 1 ,l get at get gg l el 1: all if 55 fi lem : w 1: 1' l I 1' -'xl Q E E 'fr l it W ,l v ll' lu ra if E al: -5 " wr 2 ' ' gf R45 at 4 wil A 2 '12 Tau Delta Epsilon if A H5555 . 1 7? lg The pnrpose ot the Tau Delta ltpsilon is to arouse and main- tain the interest of girls in practical health subjects, to develop a fine ll Q.. spirit of sportsmanship, and to inspire a high standard of conduct and scholarship. It is the aim of each member of the club to stand for l ii cleanliness in speech, sports, and personal habits, to show good breed- E ing in social intercourse, and to do efficient Work. 1 Vg sl -V Q 5 ' 9' l 7 Nw ri O1"l"lCERS ' ' Il , Virginia Ruble . . President Eff Ruth Hi hsmith V-ice-President tl f 3' . 1 gzslfiii Alacia Mann . . Secretary Ek' 5 Angeline Jones Treasurer ' Miss Mabel Shaw . . Slonsor ,lx U' 5 l I ' 14555 NIFNIBER HEI? i U S l lflyggl Elizabeth Potts Bernice Parker Frances Berger - Pauline Mimms Ruth Hancock Mary Perkins l Pauline Green Freda Vllillis Dorothy Kelly lfliit Marjorie Foorcl Virginia Ruble Algene Bale t ,L Elise Patterson Ada Dashner Bernice Thomason I Ruth High-hsmith Mattie Reid Bernice McCarthy Q grill Dorothy Knight Angeline Jones Marie Staples l Katherine BIlIlllllS Vanetta Jordan Katie Pearl Perkins, :ggi Irene Cossman Honorary Member V lgisl l Fifi 4 'Q W 1 is , 1529? 'E' ,e.t...+., i l Lif e-V: 'Lii.ii.f.', ', :'1,: -:-: - -1 :- f if llqr V-V 'VM f n ,lilo .4 ..Y...cz1 1T..:.:'' "" l M llf 119 245 f re:-arezeff-team: M t,W,mrm,c,n,,f , 'f ' - ' Le " " Page Seventy-one X J I ,Vtwgxi il-F-Q 1 X .. M ll i P . f Auditores Caesaris The Latin students of Forest Avenue High School in the year 1919, appreciating the value of Roman civilization to the world, or- ganized themselves into a latin Club, for the purpose of studying Ro- man plays. Roman religion, and othcr subjects which would give them a broader knowledge of Roman customs- lt has been customary for the club to give some form of entertain- ment each year. The biggest undertaking of the organization in the term of 19214-214. was the presentation of "The Roman Schoolng this performance and "The Fates Decree' were given for the benefit of the Latin League Tournament. "The Roman Schooll' was a play of olden times, when Friday afternoon speeches were customary. The school was presided over by the JlIt1giSff'I', Rachel Ball, who severely punished Catiline, Dan Hancock, for being tardy, much to the am- usement of the audience. Marcus Tullius Cicero, lVillard Barr, and Julius Caesar, Edwin Ernest, were debatersg and the judges, Archias and Publius Crassus, Kathleen Frazier and Helen Beeman, with the aid of the gods awarded the prizes. The "Pome of a Possumf, by Claire Flood. was especially enjoyed, The rest of the diseipuli took part in speeches and games. The entertainment was a great success. The present prospects of the Latin Club indicate a very bright future for the Club. OFFICERS VVillard Barr . . . President Rachel Ball . Vice-President Kathleen Frazier . . . Secretary Claire Flood . . . T'reasuvrer Mary Frances Bohannon . Reporter Nliss L. Miller . . Leader 71511 --,' 2:5 PV... 5.25319 Z , , f ... ,r,. .. 1 ,.- ...- . , .....,w . awed, K, Y 4.1, ff ' ' ' ij P Q! 92 f 52 li jxqli lf' l J-' ,, vi l. 'fl ,l ' F: T li W, , E1 1 rr is iii yg E? 1, 'T 2' .I lvgfi QQ? tliiif YU 'll -51325 2225? !F1:'21i 55211 15115 , .gn '5 Fa if 4 ' ' will ll 3521 lvffij. ' laws? fl 1 Q tc 3. 5'fAsl'ig fr L FFL!! 'T 5372? 'fi-EW iggw P ag: V Yew, , LM-.. rv Seventy-iwa R' ""' "M 5, wi :Ei 3 l fx., MQ :gig llffp., 2?-P itil? 1 el 3' g QQ ...L . ff- :'Z,f...QJ...:,:,L....a,L4-gQ52.g,s Ln . High Scholarship Club OFFICERS l"r1!l Term Spriny Term President . . Vice-Prosirlcnl . . Secretary . . 1v'l'6I1S'l,H'6l' . Parliamefztnriun . Reporter . . Sponsor Jewel Allen Beatrice Sachs Jennie Bock Mary Owin Libbye Brandi: John Estes Edwin Ernest Edith Lipman Katherine Owens Joseph Malone Vllillard Barr Katherine Lively Annie Bradshaw Frances Blair Sarah Ahramowitz Frank Autry Fannie Gendel Leda VVl1ite Allen Rosenthal Bessie Goebel Edwin Ernest Prmiflffzil . John Malone Vir'ePr1rsifle1zf Edith Lipman Sl4l'7'0ILIlI'.Ij . Orlando Murphy 7'l'0llS'll1'0I' . VVillard Barr pllflfll7'IilHlf!M'fflTl' Lilrlvye Brando Reporter . Miss lt. M. Foote Sponsor MEMBERS Frances Jones llcnry Laih Grace Burroughs Byron Sachs Frank Estes Rae Braudc Lncile Braly Leonard Lipman Inez Case Pauline Goldhanm Thetis Lemmon Evelyn Oppenheimer Frank Stamper Kathleen Frazier Buth Hoffheimer Ralph Darnall llelen Dent Inez Kretz Bonita Sandlin Norma Harris John Malone . Frank Estes Frances Blair Evelyn Oppenheimer Frank Autry Libbye Brande Beatrice Sachs Miss R. M. Foote Willie Mabel Taylor Cathleen Bartley Levy NVakelield Nina Beth Stover Denie XVt'lllStOlll Vclva lVIitf'hcll Melba Mcllalcb Gladys Mary Robertson Felice lVolfc Leona Fechner Liblmye Minzcr Lillian Ravkind lda Bock Hallie Randall Elmer lVagner M. J. Mittcnthal Katherine Taylor James Kennedy Orlando Murphy Mildred Cross ip, ily A:'f 1 , 1 Pc 's, ,,, I 5 '? A 1, at rev if 4 an :if ,L ill, ii 'i i, J ' li yi 1 , ,142--'f ,fe 1 1-ce ,mix dl ,.,- , ,N 4 1, .1 wr W., 4 f 1 . ,i i , Page Seventy-three in my if new I 9 f 3:12 sr,- zi'-r f ,N . yiofi wi" , V. en- . ., 591' Q., . - V . if 4 . , wfga. Le Cercle Chcmtecler l,e Vercle C'l1antcc-ler has as its motto 'iToujours plus liautfl The purpose of tlle f'lulw is to study tlio lives of great 1'll'CllC'lll11t51l. and to give a liroadvr knowledge of lireneli language and lfrenell customs. l'1'rf.virlfA11f . I 'iff'-l'rexi1l1f11 I iqI'!','lf'7lI'l'll.V, i51'l'IIlI'!l7lf-lil'-.1 rm.: l,l'l'Slfl6Ilf . Vive-P1'0.s-frlmll .S'rfr"y-Treus. 5'1fl'1rfPn11f-ttf-, I Vmx v t l l M ,N Page Seventy-fam' Dorothy Ili-rr Helen Vl'isrlom Evelyn Uppenln-imei Leda XYl1ite Virginia Im- Dugey Virginia Young Sylvia Kllflllllilll Edith Baum Margaret Sullivan Beatrice Harris Vida 1.1-c Gowau U FFICE RS I"1rll Term Spring Trfrm MEMBERS ltutli lzer Nlattiv VVeaver Anna Goldstein lilizalietli Potts Frances Mac XV atkins Katherine Stephenson Sadis Carlson lilizalmcth Elliott Lois Tabor Rose Kleinnran livelyn Oppenheimer Leda. Xvllltl' Virginia I,ee Dugey Virginia Young livelyn Oppenheimer Leda. VVliitc . Ruth Izer Virginia Young Bessie Starnes May lloffman lida Rowntlial Mary Britain Helen Nathan Gertrude Harris Dorine Tlxomason Nellie Mao Baker Dorothy Morris Clariec Parker Sylvia Borkon ' "e - - - ..: 21.1 eggw 4- :J . X, zywif., f fs ,, .. .eL..a,, f igfycj Hzgy-1 ,rgf-.:, x Forest Literary Dramatic Club Prrasident , Vice-Presidenl Secretary . f , 1 reasurer Reporter Sponsors I'resiclent . Vice-President S'ec1'etary . Treasurer Reporter Sponsors Beatrice Sachs Dorothy Hart Leda XVhite Gladys Harris Leita Markham Felice Yonak Ruby Gross Anna Goldstein Eda Rosenthal Evelyn Gaines Kathleen Frazier OFFICERS .Fa ll Te rm . Misses Mary Sprin-g Term Misses MEMBERS Lois Cameron Pauline G0ldlJillllll Norma Harris Madge W'0lsey Beatrice Finneburgh Edna Cohen Ruth Walker Adeline Goldstein Lulu King Hussey Estelle Tobolowsky Lucille Markham 'w Ma X1 Lois Cameron Rosalie Agress . Beatrice Sachs . 'Eniogene Frey Marguerite Rosenberg Gilson and Loula Elder Edna Cohen Emogene Frey Beatrice Sachs Kathleen Freeland . Lcita Markham A E l I l 5 1 i 1 5 i , Y 1 l 4 l l l l l 1 l 4 w 1 ll if try Gilson and Loula Elder Rosalie Agrcss lilniogrcne Frey Kathleen Freeland Marguerite Rosenberg Ruhy VVaro Pearl Solomon l'lva Aronson Flossie Mae Day Sarah Abramowitz Margaret Moore Charlotte Michaelson Page Seventy-fi-we i i i I i z E Q 1 s E 1 1 , l E iw.. 72? r.,f,..r-in 1 .4 T A ,v - W if-rd Y' ww , , wrt,-' mf , 'fiyev' "mf-fr' r:m1',i w'Y:'r'.I-1T'1'z MN J fm., ,,.g:,.i,5.1'.f.,f.eQ,-ii, 14 f. E li L, w 5 E X I i l Leon Alexander Edward Burke I 9 ii 1 1 Leon A lexander Edna Adams Robert Brown Edward Burke Mary Britain Salesmcmship Club O If' l" I C F, R S MEMBERS Gerald Milton l.ois Sansom Evelyn Tlioiiipson Henry Stover Freda YVillis E Roy Eahart Elmo Burton Q Harold Farrish John Binford Edward Hicks Manthis Benton 5 Bessie Goebel John Cooper l Truett Jones ' David Dye li Marguerite Lawrence Bennie Estep Morris Lewin ':"M:',:"'Sf1wx:.'i -'r "-- , I s - L., -f" Zim -'-, it 4711-,,. L 2- 11' f u W, Aj, J' .1 Page Seventygsix- Q ,.,.r - I'r1:xirl1' nf 1Ser"-rf-7':'1f:1x. Louis Fair John House Gurwsie Herrling Henry l.ewin Ruth .lanlifiseli J. B. Mann .Xlleu Peoples lilsie Steginan Henry Peters NVilson Strieklin .lim Yratis Dave VVolfe 1 1 5s1tsm1l- 3 1 5 111-sz M we-11 is-11 5-'.111'.-131222:-11.'-:sa111sf.-:.f111,'-:-?.-1- i -e-1-f.:-ze-11 -e z 1 t ' 5 1, fp 1: ' ' 7 Ni lg The Principal 5 General Stay? a . . . . l' 1 The Pr1nc1pal's General Stall, organized IH November, 1923, has become a permanent institution of Forest Avenue High School. Al- 5- Q though it is still in its infancy, it has proved to be an effective means l of stimulating interest in higher scholarship. QL If Through the generosity of Mr. Arthur A. Everts, beautifully de- ,jp i signed pins are given at the end of each school year to those who have ' ,raised their general averages four successive times, and to those who p -5 1 1 at any one re ort make a thirt ercent increase or more. A ro riate lr Q. . D P I Y P PP P W SF awards will also be given this year to those students whose names have IQ1 L appeared on the staif list ten times. ' g The members of the student body are indeed proud that they have M 1 - b . . . . E. ' N een instrumental in trying out and fostering a plan that has created r X - national interest, a plan which we hope will help thousands of other s , i. boys and girls. VVe owe much to the painstaking efforts and enthu- f l ' siastic guidance of our commandant, Principal Wylie A. Parker, not fill , only for the conception of such an organization, but also for its splen- ' ' did success. :li The staff now boasts a membership of over one thousand students, W 'f which we believe to be the largest of any single organization of its 1 kind in America ' M - Bliriam Margules holds the distinctive honor of being the only stu- Q dent now in school whose name has appeared on the staff eight suc- 'iv i cessive times. Orlando Murphy, valedictorian of the January 1924 W N class. was the first to attain this number. 1 y y Those whose names have appeared on the staff seven times are: Robert M 1' 1 Brown, Sam Dialessi, Robert Burns, Joseph Malone, Velma Austin, Marie Bish- 1. op, Lena Blount. Cecvl Charninsky. Thelma Cates, Louise Carter, Ada Brown, z Rae Braude, Vida Heath, Lela Heslip, Minnie Kolber, Elsa Lipsitz, Mar- 5' ,querite Lawrence. Evelvn Oppenheimer, Souhia Rvan, Hallie Smith, Leda 1 mr 1 - , White. Felice Wolfe, and Sylvia VVyll. l 'l The following have been on the staff six times: Sidnev Abramson, Frank N1 I Estes. John Estes, lssie Frauman, Henrv Lewin. leon McFarland. Robert i McGradv, Marcus Mel ean. M. J. Mittenthal, Flovd Richburg, Allen Rosen- k i thal. Elmer VVasrner, Max VVvll, Sarah Abrarnowitf, Claire Baum. Phalba Bird- 1 5 ab X well- Elivabeth Blakemore. T-ihbve Braude. Dorothv Clark, Woodie Tee Fisher, ! Iii Evelyn Goebel, Sarah Goldberg, Lillian Green. Jacouelvn Jones, Tbetis Lem- ' 'E I mon, Mildred lrewin, Frances Lewis, Catherine Lively. Goldina McFarland, i 2, Nell McNabb, Corinne Mavs, Myrtle Melstrom. Charlotte Michaelson, Gladvs I 1 1 Marv Robinson. Beatrice Sachs. Elsa. Star. Nina Beth Stover. Frances Mae 5 1 'U VVatkins, Louise Wesch, Melba Whidden. and Mildred Michaelson. 1 I ' , Those who have raised their general averaxre five times are: Walter Al- lm l - ,lison, Charles Beach. Manuel Bloom. G. W. Caudell. Otis Dozier. J. W. Graul, Y 5 W Millard Heath, Leslie H. James. Emil Kilgus, L. B. Lagow, Longworth Lun- i I li dell, George Lyles, Frances Peeler. VViliam Schaerdal, Sylvan Stone. John li. , l1 . i n Warner. C. L. Webb, Kathleen Akers, Annie Bradshaw. Margaret Britain, : ig Helen Clifford, Faye Duke, Sarah Engle. Kathleen Frazier. Mabel Garcia, Clara ' I i g! Goldberg, Dimple Goodman. Thelma Harris, Imogene Hodges, May Hoffman, W A -1 f - 1 1 1 Angeline Jones, Ruby Kearley, Freddie Mae Lewis, Irene Lohr, Dorothy Mor- Q l ris, Marian Murdock, Beatrice Mvers, Alma Parsons, Clara Mae Pollard, Lil- 1 Q ! lian Ravkind, Ruth Read. Elna Riddell, Florence Ryan, Jeanette S encer, Mil- -ll. 11 1 , , A V' . , : ll dred Stroheker Bernice Thomason and Fvelwn Thompson P i i will Those pupils who have made ,a fort percent increase or more in eneral 'lr 1 Y 2 , ,Q 1 avera e for the report ending March 7, are: Thelma Jackson, Claudia Sierad, i du N , g .. g y Dorine Thomason, Emil Pilkington, Fannie Gray, Burnis Larson, Nannie 'i' Jo Taylor, Mabel Knight, :Anne Peoples, Velma Dodd, Hubert Swift, Loretta 11 .11 Reynolds, Doris Boyer, Silvy Oppenheimer, Edward Burke, Henry Peters, , , I . Minnie Shtofman, and Margaret Warford. il y A ll ' F l 3 h Q .5 1 iiii O - . . t it - 1 N ZB II' fl-S-2224114-sQ3'l15Er21l1 iEIl ng-1-:.-',1hs, 5 -.e,1.,s:gg.g. g.gJ45 iff- 547 'Ai Page Seixefdgl-iviftiezz - EltIitlN In Forest Avenue High School, we recognize the fact that the best of us never perfect the art of oral expression. lVe believe that the ability to express our ideas clearly and concisely is cs- sential to success in any line of endeavor. and wc recognize the fact that improvement in this art is a slow process. lVe know, however. that the power of verbal expression is ours as long as wc liveg that the power to give effective oral expres- sion to our thoughts is of great value. and that this power increases hy practice and becomes fuller. richer: and more dis- criminating with the years. lvc are conscious. however. that this power is developed slowly and that it requires a lifetime of effort. The art of public speaking requires much experience. hard study. and practice on the part of the speaker. lle must learn to discriminate and evaluate, to adapt means to ends. and to exercise clear-headed forc- sight. He must possess confidence and poise. and the courage to ex- press his convictions. Every high school pupil should lear11: first, to prepare a spccch worth delivering when the occasion ariscsg second. to deliver speeches before audiences forcefully cnought to get the message over: third. to think on his feet and speak extemporaneously: fourth. to become Dro- licient in parliamentary practice to the end that he can preside with dignity before an audience. Forest is endeavoring to accomplish all this through the Standard Debating Society. tl1e Girls' Public Speak- ing Club, the course in public speaking, and the regular work of the classroom. Through the public speaking activities of Forest. leaders are called out and trained. 'l'he public does not maintain the same attitude toward these leaders as it docs toward leaders in athlctics: the press does not write them up so elaborately: but leaders in the art of public speaking endure. They guide the works of towns and citiesg they oc- cupy judicial positions of honor and trust: they lead in the political arena as great statesmen: they urge reforms in state lcgislaturesg they lift up their voices in the halls of Congress: and as governors of states. they guide thc destinics of millions of people. The record of l"orcst in debating. declamatiou. and extempo- raneous speaking has ever been satisfactory. The progress this year is gratifying. XVYl.lli A. PARKER. Principal Page Se 'mix ciglzt x i 'l' P E'-'Q Ldv ? 'l'z-"13ie3fI1SSf-'enl' ?S'lf 2-'-1' 'lv f'4'lIi-f-Bibi' o fee:-:elli s l il 'i i q! 'Jr' nn I ,S 4-g' 33'f W V , r 1 ld, - .,., -, Y . Y, , Y.-,,,,,,,,.., W, f an 4 W 511' 5 it ft St 'IT 32 GOLDIYA MCFARLAND EVFLYN OPI-EA TIFIDIIIR Sophie Newcomb Debate fl1lS year at the S0plllC Newcomb College, ln New Orleans there was held a tournament ln debatlng, participated ln by the girls of sm hlgh schools from various states of the Union Those representatlves from the states east of the MISSISSIIJPI took one s1de of the question, Wll11C those from the western s1de took the other Two prehminaries were held, one for the Eastern states to decide who sl1ould iepresent them ln tl1e final debate, and one for the VVestern states These pre l1m1nar1es were not real debates, but only contests 1n wh1cl1 each team presented 1fS main speeches wlth the purpose of displaying the real qualities of the speeches and the speakers In the final contest the de hate was held between the wlnners of the Western prehminarles and those of the Eastern prellmmarles The question for debate was R solved that the Sterling Power B111 should be enacted 1nto law The Eastern states took the atflrmatlve side of the ql1CStl01l, while the Xl est ern states took the negative side Forest Avenue Hlgh School and Beaumont High bchool were chos en to represent Texas in the debate Students at lorcst immediately set about to prepare for the contest In the school debate Nliss Gold 1na Mel arland and AIISS Evelyn Oppenheimer won the honor of repre sentmb the school For two months they worked dlhgently with the ald of Mrs Tura W Dlal and Mr S D 'Nlyres 'Ihen the glrls were rewarded, for they were able, by tl1e1r superlor knowledge of the questlon, to win the prelimlnarles and entei the finals In the finals To Forest this IS the greatest honor that has ex er come to her lt IS 1 natlonal l1onor and It was a great dav for lorest when those two voung ladles returned to her with the cup whlch sigmhes not only great honor, but also a reat deal of hard work lt was not an easy Job to Do to '1 stlange city among strange people to speak on a subuject of such magnitude To lorest to Dallas, to Texas, lt IS o11e of tl1e greatest scholastlc honors that has come our wax hh: 36 M E I l y i i 9 K - A . . . . . . 1 y , , 1 i '. 'W' J ' 1 ' ' . ' Z H e- W A . , . . ' if . W 1, . ' . A - Q1 Q ! . U I .. y . . l ' they met the team from Memphis, Tennessee, and won! 'gi . 3 . "' , ' ' ' ' ' X V' 1 ' ' , 4 i i Y ,gl A .. -2 'f ig ' A . ' p f , T . ' aaa saaaa do a s ::lrs:za-ras:'4:n'f-fee'.-x- all-a s-aiaaxinlaeell 1924 I-sr-:av.:zew 'ragga-:Isa-te.:-3-a-llzfz-.-2-rx: Page Seventy-mne , . .E ii 1 v '1 li .M fi Q: El 1 1 1 z :.-.-.fl- 4 ,. A, Q - A -A-1 . gg ff-? m:.g ', ' g:3f,g -,-t I up VVfi'gfif'-"'i.iT,1fi'i"fi""pW '-'f ----fi P ' --V --'- - --MW----We --'- -I - Y- --W -V --W ---- -V. Y W- Y,-- v- Y-me-me :ji"'3,g4 . 1 ff , 223 .1 - ,. HH U ry, 5 J A H . Lx lg lf ' 5 f i s 1 1 v i 1 ff , 'E I Nl 4 it it 'SA -2- JS- M GRACE Buowx C1,,m,x Goumnnc JL ' W 6 db 1 5 -5 'll' A - J M E Girls Debate 1 .I I Since the introduction of women into the field of business and N X politics, they have come to realize that they must cultivate the art of public speaking, in order that they may be ready on all occasions to N E V face any situation that arises, and to persuade people to accept their poi11t of view by the use of clear, concise, and convincing argument. 4 i p In September, 1923, Mr. S. D. Myres, Jr. came to Forest Avenue g li High School as teacher of public speaking and typewriting. He had I? J ,1 formerly trained several winning teams in debate, and his interest and Q Q assistance have contributed materially to the success of our teams. - I In the tryouts for the Forest debating team, Grace Brown and it Clara Goldberg, both members of the Girls, Public Speaking Club 1 . Tf were chosen to represent the school. In the preliminaries, held April I t 1, they defeated Oak Cliff High School, debating the negative side ,A I N of the question, "Resolved: That the United States should enter the 1 li League of Nationsf' In the Hnal debate, held April 2, they defeated North Dallas High School, upholding the affirmative side of the ques- 'i , tion. In winning the city debate, tl1ey won the right to represent Dal- 1 , ti f las in the district meet, held at Denton, April 17. They worked hard 'If 1 ' and ut up a good ar ument at Denton, and we are ver roud of them, I P g. Y P 1 ', although they did not -get to go on to Austin to represent us in the State contest. It A X11 si ts 124, t w il SJ! X g fri pw E ,BAY le if .3 :B lj A , . .. .... ,,.,-,..,. Ill! L .... ,QA T.T.:.?.l iQQ "'J'h"" S ' . "'7'. "....A' I-IIMGD-I-TAX, : xiii '13, -1::.i'iT1'.f::. "f-' ar ia '- e " es-2'--I 1924i ' - - - V V V Xvrvnvvvv Firth JA . ' Y '.". -i .Y... ---a . . .- Y : 2 '...' gl: fJ-.::.l-..f..2w- Page Eighty I , P... ,,., f- we-Y-f---4--3 --f ---A -A-fn f-f-----f f - K WA- at-.-.--J-V V- w-.,..Y, , - , Y a, X T S ij ? y f fi' vi m vi d V tw li ft e al l li r fl ', m 'J H 93 gi l i 1 i 1g .1 ll L Q l l g d b f' , i t i 1 ' .4 it 2 ii n 2 ' Q N l l l N gm , si T E 1 EDWIN ERNEST VVILLARD BARR p l at gg ? 5 5' l ii i , T Boys' Debate i M 36 l The boys of Forest Avenue High School have always real- I ir , I 5 ized the value of public speaking and have always entered the de- 1 T 1 , bates with great enthusiasm. This year Edwin Ernest and Wil- X 35,- 1 lard Barr, both members of the Standard Debating Society, to I l xi i which their success is largely due, won the right to represent the 3' ' school, In the city debates, they defeated Oak Cliff High School M l" . V . . , U . , ix K in the preliminary contest, held April 1, and won from Bryan 1 ,l pf Street High School in the final contest, held April 2. In the con- 1 W 5 -2 test with Oak Cliff our team upheld the negative side, and in the 3 li, Y ,: contest with Bryan, the affirmative side of the question, "Re- , , solved: That the United States should enter the League of Na- E ' I y . tl ' jx tionsf, By virtue of their victory in the city debate they repre- i " l, g! sented Dallas at the district meet held at Denton. They won out a t in the preliminaries and in the finals matched their skill in ar- li l' it il gument with the team from the Masonic Home, Fort VVorth. The il 1 TE 5 :I in , 5,2 , 1 A, ' I debate was an interesting and exciting oneg the judges were in 1 il ls doubt as to the winners, but after much deliberation the decision sl E was given to the Masonic team. However, the Forest boys pre- sented a strong argument, and the faculty and student body are very proud of them. Qg ll il l 13,5135 li ti, V 1 I 3 llr lt I 12 12 f As i f' 7:7 ' 'mllfgf 'LIT f' Miniwfwl Tln, W 7:77 Tiff - -MEET ' ""' 'T' YYYYY W "Y AUM nf Y 'Y' 'QQ Y TTTWMTH , ,tg e avsseu w Q 192411 5- m - n ew-aa A-' see-1-'sean ' ' Page Eighty-one if T T c eQ i .i -u g liaii- M - 1.9 :Smead -1-es se x ., Q Q lv as-3-u -names-v sf zmz-.e'uss:.'u.: Q i l 5' H f ' i 'IT 1 'lf' 33 'W' Q . F5 -2- 'ff W ' . V9 E MARY GENE OWEN ERWIN JACKSON '23 17 . ' Declamatzon Contest E' , Q There seems to be more interest manifested in declamation 'LE than in any other phase of public speaking, and a great number lg of students entered the declamation contest. The contestants ff, H must select their declamation from speeches of prominent men on 'il general subjects of "Americanism." The contest is conducted by -is the Interscholastic League of the University of Texas. In the K preliminary contest Misses Florence Ryan, Edith Baum, Annie dy Bradshaw, and Mary Gene Owen, and Messrs. Charles XVald- T man, Harrv Philli s, Abe Goldsteinf and Erwin Jackson were . P J the contestants. Before an assembly of the student body these in pupils gave their declamations, and Miss Mary Gene Owen and 'ffl Mr. Erwin Jackson were selected by the faculty judges to repre- ji sent Forest in the City contest. In the City contest each high ,i school is represented by one boy and one girl. Mr. VVill C, Grant of W Oak Cliff High School defeated Mr. Jackson, but Miss Owen was ig the winner among the girls. She went to Denton to participate in 'W the district contest April 14+ and she was again victorious. But R the honors that she has brought to Forest did not end there, VVith ,f that same determination to do her best which had been seen in Q each of her victories, she went to the state contest and won there. 5 Miss Owen had won honors in dcclamation before she entered we Forest Avenue High School and she received fl hearty welcome -5- when she came to Forest. 'if ml It is our hope that next year she will again bring great -if honors to Forest. iii i T W lil I-ss?.a1nass.Q:u'e-'ee-I-fea r.: -1-ass:-nasal: I 1924 ifar-re1sf:--ae.'v'.5+:':.2w'as.'121naz:.'1u--.:-ze-ns:-qu.. Page Eightyetwo rr N is 'NWT Ts um W f . i N 4- Q Q i 3 -Ti l "PHP CHARM SCHOOI S 'v il c .aw , -.V --I -.X X .J,,..vv-. F lhc Lhnm Hthool, the pliy presented hy the lanuaiy Zi Class, is a story of a strict girls' boarding school. Austin Bcvans, a handsome and ad- ventnresome young automobile salesman scarcely out of his 'teens, inherits this school from a maiden aunt. He insists upon running the school himself, accord- ing to his own ideas, and he immediately changes the educational plan insti- tuted by Miss Hays, to the eharm theory. According to the charm theory, the dominant feature in the education of the young American girl of today should he charm. YVillis Champion took thc part of Mr. lievansg Iiois Cameron took the part of Elsie Benidotti, president of thc senior class, and sweetheart to Mr. Be- vansg Margaret Hunt took the part of the dignified Miss Ilays, former prin- cipal of the sehoolg and Staunton Swift played the part of Homer Johns, a stern attorney. Other members of the cast were: Miss Curtis... .. . .. . ,....., . . .. . . ,Ruth Dean Sault li05'd ,,,,, . .Irene Burton All-1f16'll ,,,,A,,.,, .,.,.,.,., . .Lillian Collins Efllsl ,-..-.-.,f , .........,,,. Rosalee Agress I-llllilll .... .. ,......,,,,,, Mildred McCoy AUX ............ Marguerite Rosenberg Mflfllli' f----,----- - ,.,.,....., ..Yerna Massey Charlotte ....,........ H , ..,,,, Beatrice Finnehurg Celia ...,.............,,..,.. ................. XVinnie Kay David AiCK1liglll,, ...., ,..... O rlando Nlurphy George lloyd ....Y.,., .....,.. H arry Philips Jim Simpkins ..,,,,, ,..,,.. N Villiam Barron Tim Simpkins .,..... .... . . . John Malone 'KA CHRISTMAS CAROLN The High Scholarship Club presented "A Christmas Carol," by Dickens, at the Christmas Assembly in the school auditorium Friday morning, Decem- ber 21, 1923. The time of the play is Christmas eve and Christmas morning in 1840, and the place, London, England. The cast of characters: Ebenezer Serooge..,....... ,.. . Two Gentlemen ..........,,.., .,..,,, . ...lfdwin Spirit of Christmas Past.. . .. , Fred Scrooge .....,., ,....... . . Marley's Ghost ........ Bob Crutchit ..,..... Ulis Cratchit ......... Peter Cratchit ............. Belinda Cratchit ..... Martha Cratehit... Tiny Tim Cratehit ........ Scrooge, the Boy. .......... .. Girl. sister to Scrooge ...... Dick ..........................i.,....,....,.. Ebenezer ...,..,,.,., .. ..,.. .. Old Fezziwig ........ Ernest 1 ...Gladys .....Jol1n Malone ind Xllillard liarr Allen Rosenberg . .... Frank listes Frank Stznnper .. Frank Autrey .. Frances Blair Orlando Murphy 'I'hetis Lemmon . .Edith Lipman 'l'ed-'ly l.ipman .Leonard Lipman Annie Bradshaw Mary Robertson .Jlelba Mefaleh .. Frank Stamper Page Eighty-tlzree 1 l gl aze s: -n- -su -u-as -vs: e asel-sea ms:-nzzs a fa u s f l 1 W- f- V - - - V - , T, , , W, em. ,, , . W, -ww , W nw, T Q 1 qi 4 E 1 le 'mr T E' 1 1 M 1 Q 'fr 1 w 1 Ju I Q y F 'll' 5' W an 5 Gif .1 'IHE THIRTFFNIFH CHAIR A CHRISTMAS CAROL Cwztzmzed Splrlt of Cl1r1stn1'1s Ixathleeu Fmzxex Old Joe Lharwoman Mrs Dllbe Topper Guest Mrs Fred Scrooge Mrs Freds S1ste1 Undertaker C'1ro1ers Allen Rosenthal Kathume laylox Fmnne C endel Edvnn Ernest Xml Beth Stoxex Present T1 ml Smmper Beatxlee Qachs NK 11111 d Barr john Nan Slyke Clyde Norman and Louis Clanberg F1dd1e1 911 111 'X111 llll0VVltZ Drnncers Fehce VX olfe Jewell Allen Tenn e Bock Bessxe K oeble 1-1 mens Jones Rae Braude Norma Harris Leda VX lute Pauline Q 0 db xum K mthemme Owens THB THIRTEENLH LHAIR 'lhe play The Thxrteenth Chan' Lrlven by the June M semor class on the nlght of XPFI1 06 rs an absolbrng d1 'una of the plesent gCllBl8,tl0H At a sp1r1tual1st1c sesnce, leally held to find out who k111ed a C61t'IlI1 man, the IH slstant seeker fO1 the tluth 1S 1llIYlS61f murde ed 1n the same way as was the one 1n questlon VVho drd lt? And who lndeed, for the flngel of suspxclon polnts first thls may and then that, untll e dont lnow WhC'l6 e ale The leadmg femlnlne role 19 an aged Iush mednun, whose Y1V1d 6l1'l0ll10H and humolous explesslons mile the plu one of 1 SHPCIIOI lmd The play, wlnch sms 001411641 lux Nlxs Han Ross Coble, was plodured u 1th Z' thls cast Helen O Ne1ll Mrs Crosby Roscoe Crosby Edward Wales Mary Eastwood Helen Trent Grace Standish Ph1l1p Mason Ehzabeth Erskine Pollock Rosalre La Grfmge Tnn Donohue Sergeant Dunn Doolan C21t1lLll1lC H111 Ruth Read llelx Hlxson NI 1 Mlttenthal Cha lotte Mrelnelson Kathleen 1'raz1er Kathexme Taylor John House Rozelle Bxshop 'Xatllm Mrttenthal Frances XX ood Fdwm hrnest Beume Estep Lloyd Davls 'V' rn ur 3 55 W no ur r at e Q 'll' W Ad v lik v V H' - V it LC Y Y V, 77 K 1 r ' J 1 an 3 1 """ 11131 ,.'. 11111113111331Q1313Q13111131i1111111111i11Q113:i1111ii:111ig:iit:Q1111iiii1:13g1iQiQg1f ,. , Q if 1 ,.,.,. 5111111Iff11111111111111ffllfffffff11fffffffffffff11fffffffff1ffffffmfEf11111ff1111f1111ff1'. 41 I' 1- v A 2,5 ' I """" "" 5 14 'AA" -Ab'A'- -'-A, 'V'VAV'v Y,V, 5 Y,Y,.r..-, -,--,- .,krb..,V' 1 1 -1 Q A n 3 , ', ' - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.r..,.,........,,,,,,,,,.,,..,.....,....,,..,,,,, ,,,, .... , .........,,, A ' r . 1 Q- A 1 ""'-'A""""""'A""""""""'-"' g """"""""""' gr: "'""""""""""""""""' 1 1 ' 1 ' -,Q111111111111111111.1111111111111 Y,,.,,...,..........,.,,,,,,,, 1 ,,,,. 1 .........,.,,,,,,,, 1 ,.,, ,,,. . - . 1 1 -11 1 ' 'fi' J . .... ' 3 , A ,. Y. Fr V 3 w E IC I YW 'Y 77 ' E 1 , cr ' 1 X " E951 - , Sf A ' , 7 . 'I . H , . A ' . icy, ' ' . . . if 0? I. ..' ,D M 4 M E 1 Wm, Cmby'g:fffffffffffffffffffffFffff1YffffffffffFfffffffffffffPffffffffffff.1f,1f,1ffffffffffffQ1ffffft1fff .r,ef 1 '.',' : 1313" 1? ' 11Q1fffff1111111111ffffffffffffffffffffff111111ff,fffffffffff1f11ff1fffff1f1ffffff1fff1fL111f111'.1 1 1 f ..,.. jjjji1133335jjjjqjjjijjjjjjjjjQjjjiijgiigiiifiQjggjgggij'jjQjl11Q1iiigggjgjggggf ,... ' 1 1 1 ...giii1111111111iQ11111Q111111i1Q2111iQ3i1111iiiiLiiiipiiiii1Lili111111ii1g111Q1111Q11g1 ,,,,,,,,,, ' j ' QQ 1 ' .....l......,...,., fffff1ff11ffff1fff1fffffff1fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff1ffffffQ1l 1111 1 'Q Y 11 1 'F' Q' .f ...,,,, fffffffffffffffflfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff11111ffff11111ffffffffffffffffffffffffa .1 " ll ...,.,......... 1111111111111111111113g11311:11111111:1111111111113111111.QQ1'.111i1111i113Q111111i3Qiiiiiiiiiiipi. ' 1 aa 1 :al-are resellas-ef:-e:f:'.w+.:eel1ss:-legen! 1924 I-92:-w'.-selves lla:- -alas-ffl -zellafz Page Eighty-four , l . 1., W. A . . , , i l l ,i 1 l L lf! A T i mi 4. J Qi T""" W . J -l-. - . . Y..-few ' . N. v , "" j1fi""' 'W"-' ' jf "gf"Tffj"' ' '1"'j "" i z 1... 'lik ' 1-f ygqfzqr ' ,E H ' - - . ii i 3543225 15 .ijt 33532 li . g Hi 5, li JEL il l iff, , il ' sl QW Q ll 1 fi I 1. , 11, .2353 si il 15112 ' il ,ip ff 3 . , iw. if f f Q :il l ii ll, Ei: i , fl' .1 i . A gi A E I N lg 'ii i- f H' . 1 , 13, ii '- H i I' 1. i l i 1' 'T fi: " x ii. i l M if .1 1 1 l li i . gl 1 M l .A l li T i ofa . , , ,, i it :l i . li i il A 1 ' ' Ii li El i il li . .- . . if 5 li K 'E 'LVN HEX THE FA I lub DECREE x iw , ' I ' rl .. 51. u, i 1: A gl U i , 1 , . . . 'Q - Z i l?..'f 'WVHEN THE FA'1'l+lS DECREEM ii i HKU lg ly! il f ! W fl 3 Ei "VVhen the Fates Dec'1'ee" is a play about the trial of Aeneas before Pluto L3 fi- ly and Hecate in the underworld. Dido, Queen of Carthage, and Aeneas, a Tro- llkigf ii ' jan hero, were lovers. They were married while Aeneas was in Carthage. li lg 3 ,i The gods sent a messenger to Aeneas to tell him to carry out the decree of the 5 li R lj Fates that he should found Rome. Believing that duty was greater thanlove, N gi 'Q ll Aeneas left Carthage. Dido killed herself soon after Aeneas left, because of lg-p fl her great love for him. Many years later they met in the underworld before V. 5 ,7 lr Pluto and Proserpina, or Hecate. Dido told her story and Aeneas told his. Mig After the trial was over, Aeneas was cleared, and Dido realized that she had ' judged Aeneas unjustly. EJ QI 1 s- ' 1 ' : -ws. il'ZYr ' gif The east of characters: . sein 1 f'5zi,'lgN Aeneas, Trojan leader ..... . . ., .. ..,.. ..Robert Burns HHH Hfrflil: lllioneus, his friend .....,.. ....... 1 lobert McGrady l Qgiilr Anchises, his father .......... ...... ....,.,........... J 0 e Lerer 55 A LZPQE? Achates, his companion .... ............... ,,,,....,, J n mes Roots 5 .fill Pluto, king of the underworld ....,... ........ X Villiam Pierce ill jglgi Rhadamanthus, judge... .. ..,..., ,,.,,.,,,, I Ierhert Corwin JL il Minos, judge ,.,..,..,,,.....,........ ...,.. .,......,...,,..,. E l mer XVagner il i ll litem? Aeacus, judge ........................... .....,..,.., Z ,......... X 'ale Griffis Ei Q fl Rido, Quelen 0f.fiZll'll'l1lQ'C ..... ......, li..aE11za?etl1 llgalgengore I 5 mia, 1 0 s sis er ................, . I a ys i ary 0 er son , " Q i Barca, Dido's nurse .,,,.................. ................. it Iiriam Marqules Elf viii iff? groserpina, Queen of Hades .,.... ................. i .Norma DHa1iris 2.52 loto, Fate ...,..............,..,..,..,,..,... .......,. X irginia un Jar i 'Wig S Lachesis, Fate ,....,,..,.,.,,..,....... ......... l ,ucille Braley l Atropos, Fate ......,..,,.................,.................... .. ....................... ......,.. ........ A l oha Rainey lqi ffl N' :l C1JI'z'l771!lfif'S contimmfl to page 1540 35224. Ig i 1 iii il li Tm wjflzl' lik 'I 5-rm. Q. 1 ' Mig! 3'E.5AffAl - W 1 in , l'fE53iil..,a...-a...:..x A.. .A --VV 'vie -f-- --.1 L,Lg,g,,45 lffwwvfi W ' ' Tig ,1:::i::3:3,1e?i1:::1::f.1.gaagli iii eelaflaffeifffsfsfeiffifeifaeaef. J... ,-..3i'1.-....i. . - -- C! L N52-iifiitf. f' -7""?"""iQ - , -ffr i si ifl Page Elghty-fiz 16 ttf? I ...E K i QL' :Er i. .,l r Ml if ll .43 Q. ,rm is ruff, "Eu age Ein' he ., as ll tag vi! ,yi fl li W lf 4 il tr '21 'e ,i . 5 1 this 9 .gal ,,. Al 5 v 2,4 Stl, is 1. .vi 'r iii .lg 32.555 Egg- Mil ivy it .e i Q., st we tit .. ww A -5 .aa sl Y r ffl' iifal 52213-2 Wai if A. , .iw :J ml! slr -au 1 wt 5 r E e 3: IE .4 r eil wi r' t l ll lr, :AME A Hi all ,gli if VW 'sl milf 'fl va ill 'kraf Q Q R I X: iz, Forest Avenue High School News As a substitute for the one page of Forest News published in the High School Yveekly, which was discontinued this year. the Journalism classes have furnished the material for the school news published in the Friday edition of the Dallas Journal and in the Sunday edition of the Dallas Times Herald. The school wishes to express its grateful appreciation to the officials of these papers who were so generous in granting us so much valuable space, and to those students who successfully represented us in the field of journalism. The Forester The editors of our school magazine set themselves a real task when they announced. "WTC propose to establish the Klloresteri as the cri- terion of Dallas High School publications." That they accomplished this task there is no doubt: the standards they set could well be adopted by the editors of other school magazines without fear of lowering the quality of their publications, Criticism of their magazine has been most favor- ableg and the decisive proof of its success has been the whole-hearted support given it by the students of Forest High. The success which the magazine attained was due. not only to the high standards set by the editors. but also to the splendid cooperation given by the staff. Page Eighty-six i i t l so ' 1 .i .ie . . w gg . - f.- gg-. . R4 . Q: e gg rg. l - is , Qi r Qi il i I , flj J if , if , l i -6 J G - x w Miss l'Im.,x J. MITRP1-LY , Faculty Sponsor il li Frances Blair . - '- i Evelyn Oppenheimer 1 A Ernest Peach . at V 4 'L Ruth Read ,1 John Estes . .ll . Frank Estes . Angeline Jones . Charlotte Michaelson ,,: Ruby 'Gross . . gi . Nina, Beth Stover . . Dave W'0lfe . Henry Laih . . lg ' 5 Freddie Mae Lewis H . 3 Libbye Braude . N ' it Clarence Hunt . its Fi 'I 2 i k , l l 'T F3 il ar E Q V I 7 I N i i l 2 i, yi, ii? i s .5 i v Fimxcflcs ISLAIR JACK Hlxox Editor-in-Chief B'Il.ViIIC4.Y.S' Manager Facfnlty Sponsor The Staff r Ifrlitor-in-chief rlssistant Editor Business Editor Associate Editors . Literary Athletics Military . G'y'mna.i-iwm Organization . Activities Personals Humor' Exchange Claus .Xssocisltcs . June '24 . January 525 . . Junior MR. GEORGE C. Bonne , 'IT E IF' 'll' nn JC W in TI' iii 'lil fi' ii fi if -W 58 an 35 35 L31 35 au 13' F- 1 vii it 1 '- Annie Bradshaw ..,.. . Sophomore '9- i Jarrell Garonzik ...... Freshman QS i '-I il .xur DEP,-Xli'l'Ml'lN'I' Q Q 1 H Joseph Malone 'V' l5l,'5lNlflSS DEPARTBIENT -Liv 1 T ' Jack Hixson . ........ Business Jfanazer 'ff J W N Ben Griffin .... . . . ,-lssisfulzt liuxiizess Zllyr. w JL ,'l5N', Seymour Margules Assistant Business Mgr. 5 'R 1' Sam Seher . . . . flrhcertising Illgr. , Q Nathan Mittenthal . . Assistant zlflzertising Dlgr. M i Frank Fink , .- . . . Assistant .lflvertisirzg Blgr. i-, i t ig J. FI. Mitchell . . I . . A-1ssi.wtmzI Arlvertising Dlgr. 'ff , gil Faculty Advisors W l m Miss Ella J. Murphy . . . . . Literary -2 h 11 Mr. George C. Rorie . . Q Q. V . . I . Financial Q I f gi a zg ,i..:f -..:, :. . f' 1 ::1 gli. rf f - Hf ":g ,g3 753. g i f .W 4 M 1 ww jo "'5P'f '-'4 5'5"'l ll I t " -1"" e " " " "'sf:?5"'f"?5'F'f"f1 ,M V V' Page rf 11 4 4 7 4 , Q W I , , Y . i I S2 1' lilrffyx i T' wfwi E :Q M 1 Q, It W. V ! i is in The Forester Staff My in fl - Hi Q E A 3 f 1 it ' We i t ' i V i I Tri: as ,iw " Us iv-if M a : H 1 L- i ,L 1. 1 ' X ra ' 4 i PLS du fi N! JL 'E T A i I L of it T? 1 We 1 ll X i ii ll! 1 M i i J: 'P no rr 5 M s E G -Wi 1 Ei ii: 'F fi if :fm F ax U i W 511 F 't .V il' F ' , M pg M to it 7' R A " 'l g Ei iii ii 9. ' ni -2' W 11 hit Q 45 , :fi ' 5' Evelvn O Jenheimer Ernest Peach Ruth Read John Estes I M Ji , PI , i , Frank Estes Angeline: Jones Ruby Gross Ninn Beth Stover lil Dave Wolfe Charlotte Michaelson Freddie Mac Lewis Annie Bradshaw 't ial Josenh Malone Bennie Griffin Sum Scher Nathan Mittenthal R 1 ix " ' . H V ini 'E I Wi! Q W Wi! 'i ii V-'E S fi i t fl A i w ,Agni ,1 Je 4+ r he ,ix-ff I -- ?22:i?12-+.i"- -4'--fifff ---f fe--,5f'Z?i'-Mf if . X N X feigpjlfi-iflfpmfl QQEQQQQJFQ j?i?5ifgi22-37251 353 1 Page Eighty-eight ut Lasgr, :fa :ss ' 5 -VQ w iffffef' .5i2...1if:f' 5 if 1f+f,1f4,fi1:r Q, ,A E dia .4 ,V"'94f"KQ!?','hJ',:'?.:f, .1 5.1 Agw-If-E if Wm"WH"-"'f"2'P'Mff J-1-w'f'-I-1-1:Qi-4f:L4:eY-21-H421"-QQ-saewf--1a..aasa51--gui'f"as 1255299-T ,.,a,gm151e,Q:+xa1s-.-,--fMrf'T-.-, ""' 1 "" 'i7"zggz::iffEi3 1553 ua . if 1 1 -W 1 'W' 1 sig 555 1 ,S if? 111111 'ii D772 1 5 ig! 3 gay 3- T4 1. ii Wg? !!"' 1 11 11543 ' w 11121 113 1553 1215 L ,. , 1111 ffm 121 Lg 11153211 1511111 71515 155 Jil! f""gf 2 1' if 11213 1j1i jf E: 3,5 5 1115? 111113 xr -4 ..1 1 .af 4 111, ef? Urea 1 W7 Jldvzsor - ' " Mi 1 ll?-lm? 1 ' 'f-2 61 ,f 1 1 12,1 1 S 2 5:5 1 1 15,6 1' fa s 1 ,mm.1..,.,m,m,, 1 , .17 ,----- W- -f uf., ' -gt'f'1'g':t2m"3u""'?f"f'i::l'T:'l1'L:3 1' T .1-Ev fm '11 ' fiiN.q 'LN' ' "" tif' Tir: 11:'g-:?'ffff'f'fh-M'-'-N-f-15:13--A-, QQQS 1 3'3'7wi'3'1u'T?"72i'1V1 '1 51' 5 I' P 1 'f3"'W'1"C'1'f'1""Tt , .vm 4 ,, 1, QJiQ,wf,1fg5,i 1 Aw 'gf' 1 f.?f4g1:mT,g,'Q-AAL -1 ,mi a ., .,.,,-L.,..,- W.. .. .' ..,,,Lf2:'. 1 ...,--.-..-.-....-.,..., . 1' 1 gggfiiqzq-4,Q4. 1 1 Y V YYY V, .. ,. 1:13. .,,.,,vh,,,gg Ag, M A V A: Y M f 1 1 X Page Eighty-nine B-9 t 1 3 E fn:-zgf, , We Y "'1lI'eTff" i ' Z., - t ff if- ' -ff-,a - 'i . " " - I " , D a -Y yi "" ' l" 5 Wimw H , ,m,,, ,, F. ., ,,.A ,,r-,,,,,,,, -,,.l,-.,l ,,,, F, ., , W 4 A ,, . ,, ,,,.,y W., , ,, ., ,. ,eT,,,,ei M : Eliiiizw 'Q i i t ii gt . ,, ,, ,,.. .. . if ,,-, M M lf 3' ' ' s fi li il li ii A 1 ul ,. it i. e i ii 5. i 1 M , v JL! j ' i 4 as i 249 Q i at i JL ,?. 'I X .li W w ' ,. ii , ' iii li l . H E i 1 L V L W i! 1 i i ' ii Yi ii i 5? it ' ' ii :E ' 'Q Otis Dozier Kathleen Frazier Frank Autry Thetis Lemmon lg jf M. J. Mittenthal Angeline Jones Milton Simon Grace Brown 1 -V iii John Estes Neel 'Warfield Frances Wood Russell 'Vittrup Q 5 l JL i - ai The Forester Staff li Y l dy 3 Editorial 1 -K 3 ". ii NVillard Barr . . . . Editor-in chief 'f E V li Kathleen Frazier .... Assistant Editor V ix if Frank Autry . . . .... Assistant Editor ii i Associate Editors M 3 ' U ' il ! Literary Class Associate Gym H ll lg Angeline Jones Ray Tosch Alyne Porter -3' ii Milton Simon ii I 1 . , ,. Faculty ii - is M. J. Mit th-1 Swfefflfzl . - il I en d Katherine Taylor Grace Brown it Ahl t' ii i Goilcsams "W" JIiizaiZ1CyHixson Gi F Ruth Rheinlander Igfancff X256 Pfam? fifii 15 Neel Warfield usse I mp Irwin Richardson K Special Departments Social Organizations ' Q Ex iii Rachel Ball Frank Estes Beatrice Sachs if N li' .lf 535.132 fi ll U1 i is h Wi! ,I M Y W . I f F 1 V3 is ,i ii1:,...c...L,g f, .3,,g e5...e-...:f:.: .t,,,g.T. f??..1 fi? QNX in ..f' 4-1- 315 5 4 M -New - l- l ipii 1 -:Til WY, V 't Y W ji F Tug. 5' "W"-fl xxx In Tv- J i f ' 77 - - ' , f 'Wm- Page Ninety .'ll'2S3Q'l'522-'Ulu-s l5'S'21'EE--.'l'r- 'l'5S2l1l"'.23BIlIS2'-'2-Il1f"4E3'I'S2'-w'P.-'2 ll 2'.'lI2-H' SKI --ull.-1s4:'.'IIS-S2-.'al"' Beatr Lf' Sachs Wlllmrn Rlchaldson George Bocx lrum Rlchardson Katherine law lor Helen L5 nch Charlotte MlCllH6l90H Mae Chrlstl Jack IYIXQOII Rachel Fall Alyne Porlel Frank Estes Otis DOZICI Fdwm Ernest Whlllam RlChaTdSOH Ceorge Bock Mae Chrxstle Charlotte M1Qlla6lSOH Helen Lynch Nhss J Harrlett 'VIcClella.n Mr F E Norton 'T Russel s:eflfe-ffzall-524111223541sg:-if-Q 1' acultv A clvlsors ci Art Department Thetls I elnmon Bnqmegg NT m lb6U'lCHt he 4 Busme.s.s Illanager Asszstcmt Busznebs Mgr Advertising llanagei 1s.sL.str1nt Advertzemg Dlqr 1xsz,stant Adzeitmng Ugr I-mstant Adzerturmg lllgz Lzterary Fmanczal ' ' ' ' 7 ' il, ll. u 1 :ana-ze-va2::ma:ae11' ew.:-3 - s u : 4Pag'e1NineQt5-on? NEEL xA7ARFIEI.D ANNUAL ESSAY CONTEST The 1924 Annual staff wished to add a new feature to this ye:u"s annualg so they decided to encourage scholarship and literary ability by an essay contest. The contestants were allowed to choose any subject relating to Forest Avenue High School. A prize of five dollars was offered. and the picture of the winner and his essay were to be placed in the Annual. The judges for the contest were Misses Edna Rowe and Myra Brown of the English department and Mr. VV. H. Butler of the counnercial department. Neel XVarfield, of the June '25 class won the prize with his essay "The Advantages of a Library," based upon the splendid results of the book-week campaign. THE COLONIAL DAME ESSAY CONTEST One of the most important patriotic socities in this country is that of the Col- onianl Dames, the members of which are descendants of men who moulded Amer- ica in Colonial days. These women are particularly interested in perpetuating the memory of our colonial forefathers, and in preserving the records of our early history. In order to stimulate an interest in the study of this important and fas- cinating period of our history, the Colonial Uames offer in ten Texas cities an annual prize for the best theme on a topic dealing with the early history of America. The papers must be in by April 15, so that the winner may be an-- nounced by April 19, the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. The prize. 5310.00 in gold. was awarded this vear to Doris Cohen, .Tune '2-L, Forest Avenue High School. her subiect being "The Origin and Growth of the Constitution." ln 1923. W'illiam Andress won the prize, and in 1921, Goldie Forman of this school was winner of the prize, Much credit is due Miss Margaret Mosby, who is the sponsor of the contest in Forest Avenue High School. INTERSCHOLASTIC ESSAY CONTEST In the interscholastic essay contest. Beatrice Sachs, June ,QL won the district contest. The school trv-outs were held in the separate high schools, and the winner from each school inet at North Dallas High School the following morning to determine the winner of the city essay contest. Here the contestants were given five subjects to choose from and two hours in which to prepare their essays. Of the four essays submitted, that written bv Beatrice Sachs, on "The Causes of the Revolutionary AVar,', was judged to be the best. It WELS then entered in the district meet an Denton, where it was awarded first place. Page Nmety two digg' " gIes?8Il'522's1Il1'-sigfli-Ev:-118-ET-'ill'-bs -lv 2:4.l.,-gggilf,-gg,-v,,,g.,.ae,g-314.53:41:19-,zggmg3g,.1.g:gg4.5-gain.,-:,gg.g.5.523435 gg, if si sf The Advantages of a Library W 911 When the National Education VVeek was proclaimed, Forest, with her usual fin spirit of cooperation and her hearty endorsement of all good and progressive W things, set aside a week to stress good reading. Addresses were made to the is S. student body on the value of good reading with the result that intense enthusi- 1 asm was aroused. A splendid plan was conceived by the English department to 5. W close book week with voluntary contributions of volumes to the school library. Q9 J-.9 At the close of the week, I visited the library and was surprised to find the gil entire aspect of the place changed. VVhere there had been rows of empty .5 N' shelves, there were crowded cabinets of books. The constant demand for books 'II' 'fig could now be supplied. At no cost to the school, the library had been en- tw 'ff' riched by more than seven hundred volumes. 5. hw, As I stood rejoicing at the new acquisition to our library, I realized what good 3,0 S books mean to us. They are our friends,,those who stay with us through what- If ever crises we may pass. VVhen we see books through the right perspective we 5 Nl shall welcome them as our friends and benefactors. 'jf 'L A library throws open the portals to the realms of art. In it are found the w F lives of great composers, their joys and sorrows, their pleasures and hardships. 5 W In their immortal masterpieces we have the protrayal of their own pathos and UP lg tragedy. Great music is the music of the soul and is produced by an over- QQ ' ' whelming desire on the part of the composers to express their sorilpws, their joys, 1 their hopes and ambitions. In a library are found the lives an works of the E ' ' immortal painters. VVe may pass a scene by without manifesting interest, but W 'f when we see it reproduced on the canvas of the artist we are delighted, and our 5 . . souls are stirred. Is there anything more beautiful than the priceless originals M -3. of the masters? Man will cross the heaving billows of the sea to gaze upon them J-L M in rapt admiration. -3 ,L In a library are found the lives and works of the literary artists of all ages. R aj. We are transported to far of lands by the magic of their pens. We are enter- 35 tained by each in turn, and from each one we receive something good and beauti- lb ful. In one quite nook we find the poets of all ages. Here are found the M - beautiful thoughts of those whom the poetic muse has inspired. VVe are trans- li. fm formed by the purity of conception, by the beauty of thought, and by the ten- SEE In derness of treatment. VVe read the tragic romance of Evangeline and Gabriel, W i orlthe weird story of the Raven, and we delve with delight into the great Homeric , Q1 epics. T w V In another section we find manv volumes of biography. Here we must pause M :" and ponder over the pleasures and hardships. the joys and sorrows, of Socrates, J of Caesar, of Napoleon,' of Washington, of Lincoln and many others. History IS but the record of lives of such men, and we will do well to read these E 6- records to receive an inspiration from them. , lil In our wanderings we pause before an imposing array of books. YVe turn if 'W their pages and are brought face to face with the beauty and mystery of N' -i Egypt, the golden days of Greece, and the pomp and splendor of Rome.- VVe N, marvel at the wonderful success of Caesar, his great victories and triumphant 2 'Q marches. VVe shudder at the cruelty and baseness of Sulla. under whose reign W , all Home bled. VVe are thrilled by Cicero's 'denunciation of Catijine. We are an 671 grieved over the untimely death of Caesar through the duplicity of Brutus, his fig M trusted friend. Then we read of the French Revolution- and are sickened M if by the wanton slaughter of innocent people. We are dismaved by the corruption .LL i- of the government and courts. Here is a picture of a fair land reddened with W blood and rent asunder by corruption. Then over to England we go, and we W I-gf visualize the sweep and power of her commerce. the vastness of her dominion, ll! rm and the density of her population. Then back to the great land of liberty, we :va M turn. America! What emotions that word arouses in our breasts! It is the M -gf Mecca to which the whole world is looking. In America is centered the hope T and future of thousands. We read of her great industries, her vast commerce Ii and manufacturing, her great and populous cities- This is our heritage from W N history. -,gl ix There is a societv to which neither wealth, power, nor influence can admit us. Q SL I It is open only to those who by their own labor and merit can make themselves ' worthy of membership. Books alone can elevate us to it. The refined and as educated person is the one who is always reading something worth while. He 'R' Q I ' KC'ontinued to page 1551 1 W W' I 'Tn :al-z-zalraszanff-fee1u-aa-sfn1a:ee-1-e-asf.-v.-:een 1924 :-se-:'.-i.':zefva:':'.-ur.-.-:e.'f:faz-:ata-zfa?-if.-sz-aux: ' ' ' ' Page Ninety-three 1 P 3 4 9 X , kt.. s L 1 .lv K V .PEM - -lefff-2552 1,, 4 5 ,-N :f- L' 1 HQ? -A""M ""- J ' V Y V J. f--- f:iT'w?:fJV ,Tl Z - . i'e gi, i S? ,. - qff' 3, 21, me -j m y N- 1: 11, Q 5 y W W . il . is il Z i! H V-H Wi 1' X Q if 1 s" Q, ,V N 13 nf , in m e 71 s a is 'F l ' ii fi 1 H w s if a w gi r f ll Ji' 2 + L P Ev f f i t -? 3 1? w ,' li if El MSE! i ii ff ' 5 Q! gh -A Q i ll: WN 3 i 315' 1 E Qi fl' E- A ll EQ? K ef 5 45 TE ! W Q V ii - ' is + 3 . H U fn Z M' 5? " 3 i Af 1 .ww 3' gm A IQ 7' K E 1 Q l ii ' li i 5 5: gi V, 1. W 5? 1 ' il 5 fs 521 Y E EN? I E E? i iz3 ? ' U , ' WW! 5. . Hg f 3 A A Q .... A 2? W -'f'1"-"m", H-fff",:,WNi:fffif ' , s . W 2 if F , 3 Y Q 3 . W Page Nmew-WV ,f-' wgsvwmgg X wx f MW 7 ww gmwm K X 1 j 41 'Ba I S f u W 4. f f g b fff , if WH5ZM33TLMLww:Xm X WM 1 f Y X WW X mwrnuuww 'W 44 M 9 f XXX x v U- ' X MIWIXXIINXXN my W A KW lANQQixiw W S X ON X Q Q N if 1 Q Wm vW7Wmf' L N 4 X ww X 3 QQZW x W lm! ki Q A V' nf WIN f 'il W f Q 7952 1 X? E, gs, A I ffwwgfflfgw jzgffif gi Am X1 fffgf l f m. fx! K I X H N Q ,f W - "'1Q 1 '4' X O " X , ' Q ll 1 5,15 'm jf kxk W fxzjg :J'W1.HXw " X ' A ,- My X 7 X Wm " e V F , W wiww "atb-feng X A f L W Fwy . f S ,ff QW 'Lg xx 'W X 7 7 f My Hy: ' VU WW , L y 'Rf Xf 'W'5' 5:-'ffwll im- ,f"' I 'f "' 7 , V ls' W X if X gg 1 K Q 'L F xv - Y 5 V' fm ' x X " 1 N KW' 'v . L g , - - f IH 3, x MV Q M - , M11 x 8 ,V if XXJKH ff' 1 J f x, ,L ' M f F , 5 W' W' W iw NWN LL N D I fan g Wi WNW4 W EN M W Wfw 7 NM WfffrWQl'fl!f '1 3 . gy , f ' f U X AN X R X J ,IW gif Z W- ,fr X, ' 1, J J ' I MJ fi W f C- 5-. f f-Mm 'Ks Tf ! mb 2 5 0gg,jigg T' QQ + Adsffxx F ., R Q ffi' lx 'S ,V f .W Q! Q W3 A - ff "' ! 14 ,,. Q I f J Zi a? ff R f f V5 1 Fi , , A ' -, . fn K, fx, Ju ., 1, , qi S if 1 4! Az f4 '2 f R f ' 1 '79 ff?f f gif " " A f "' ' '-- X Q X' I I , '22, I V ,S ll l r xmsaxem e -aswe f41n-.':3e ssQ-v::e l1a e. - -ne w :+ I 55:21-re-:ef s n" 1 ,N , ,, ,,, , iv---i,,Y, Y Y, fr ff-f - --- - - f - V Q 35 1 i I nl' Si' l 'lf YE 'll' 53 ' .il Li'-9 49 S22-.' pn., -J 3 S?-'II'-' 'QS 'J-is "rift 45 is-'B I. C' ll ll I oi Coaches JXLFRED J Ioos Hrcnon B HATES Cmnr: N Mennsx RACIIPL M FOOTE MISS R XLHII NI FOOFI Tenms MISS Foote 1n tenms, IS the s11ent power beh1nd the throne The tenn1s teams, under her capable QUPCIVISIOH have made Forest H1 feared and spected by all opponents 'Vlanv cups have been bl ought to our school ln token of vlctory on the courts The past of the tennls team IS a glorlous one the future IS a verv promlsmg one 'WR AI FRI D J I OOS loofball Basltlflntcll unflBas1'br1ll Mr I oos became coach 'tt Forest when athletlcs were at the1r lowest stage Forest was really conslderecl only a btlll' workout for the opposltlon Now For est IS known and respected all over the state ClI3.II1P10USl'1lpS haxe been won 1n many fields The green team m am branch of athlet1cs 19 xlways reck oned as a fornudable contender 'Vlr I oos, llke all good coaches, has a system and thls ss stem IS non showmg ltS eitect, and puttmg athletlcs on the h1ghest plane Forest IS expectmg. mam champxonshxps next year Nllx lllC'l0lt B XAFFS Tmrk Forest IS perhaps the most ICIIOIKIILCI school m the state for her gleat and A galaxy of stars unequalled 1n the state, has been produced at thls school Hr Yates has put track 1n the llmellght at Forest and has won the love and re spect of the student both NIR If Xltl PARKER Football and Baseball M1 Parkel, asslst mt to 'NI1 I oos m both footb 111 md baseball, had charge of the cubs, the flghtmg tearmg am xteurs tmmmg hard to quallfy for the regular team These players hase rust ended '1 most successful season, and 'B T l Y 1 1 Y 'I 'I .f . ' 'I A A l 1. 1 ' U ft , ay - , , l 1 . - , -K Z - 1 - , ' '. 1 . . ' ' , f W - l 1 l consistent track teams. Numerous championships have been won in all meets. 'M' 5 ' ' . . . ' i ' 1 ' l if ' I , . A , - ! 1 . I . W -5- .1 . ,ll , f ' . I ll ' , , , JL' ' '. - z 1 - , A ' r 2 ii' sc L rv ' ,., ' 2 1 .K ' ' V C I ' , l I wg 4.35:-,.l.f,fg.g.,.'g,g.:,e.1.,-.1 ellleaxfnfggelr 1924 nfs-:aura-rzelulssalnaz alf 2-5-la:-:e l fem.. Page N mety-five 3 !3l'?Z5'iS'2-'ill'k'i8'l'E5i-2l'EET4'l"PK T 'UESWPF HI .5 P25841S2-T-'G'HzS'3'l'51'?-"'lIF?.1?a'l'5f!F-"'l'.-'1iG'lISS'-'-E I" if fr 52 5 513 W 'JH 'HQ Q .1 -:' 1' many stars will show up next year. They have had a real share in the develop- ment of the "Lions'l of '23, the greatest football team in the history of Forest Avenue High School. MR. CLYDE A. MURRAY Termis Mr. Murray took charge of the boys' tennis team this year. He is a quiet, unassuming man with a wide and varied knowledge of the game. He is a careful student of the game and is a most versatile athlete himself. His quiet demeanor has won him the respect and admiration of the team and the student body as a whole. VVe were expecting great things of him and he has justified our faith in his ability. VVith him coaching the boys' tennis team and with Miss Foote coaching the girls team the future of tennis is assured. Captains ED MOSHER Football This year lad donned the green and white for the third and last time At a meeting of the letter men he was elected captain 1n token of their esteem He IS a young giant and plaved a stellar game at tackle this year As a re ward for his fine plavmg he was selected for the all city eleven Hls nerve and cool leadership were an inspiration to the team We keenly feel our loss, but we are all behind him in his pursult of further laurels at A SL M College N ODINE SWIFT Basketball Nodine played his econd scar on the team as captain His popularity was evinced by his unanimous election to that position Nodine 19 one of the greatest guards 1n high school circles His selection as all state guard for two years proves this H15 defenslve work won him the praise of all who saw him play He is the bulwark of our basketball hopes for next year Besides lead mg h1s team, he was a xerw clever point scoler Nodlne is also a football and track man J B MANN Track J B Mann is the ideal type of athlete, always training and giving his all for the success of the team and the name of the school This IS his third year and he is the inspiration as well as the leader of the team He has been a member of the historic track teams of Forest H1 for four years He runs the hurdles and the dashes, and performs the broad Jump, the hop step, and high Jump He IS the outstanding tracl man 1n the city today and has a br1l llant future ahead of him He is ilso a star football man and the greatest SAM REP D Baseball Sammv is the cool headed veteran who so skillfully manages young pitch ers He has twice been selected as all cltv catcher and IS again the outstand ing man in this position He 15 the other half of the immortal Brecht Reed bat teiy that brought so much fame to old Forest He IS a crafty, aggressive player and IS the nemesis of all pitchers who face him He was unanimously elected captain by the team and has won the admlratlon of all who see him in action He IS a wersatlle athlete with a rosy future 94 'N' GP E v if ' il E S i . 'U - . . . . ' l 38 X , fr t -,. 5 ' 1'r ' . , . 1 1 - .A ' . . A l t Q . E . '21 scholastic forward that ever graced the painted floor. DQS . 1 Ulf . , M . 'ff , r ' ' - . k'. ' rw I Y H I 1 ', ' . . 'W' W Q 5l'5fZf3'l'S5-fill't-fi1?.'l-E'f?:5IIlw'135'llSE?-ill".-'iiill ll3?-24'lla-LIKE'l'55:'s'I".-1-'+I3'l'E?-11"l".-1!l'42a"l'EEF'-:ilu Page N mgty-mx 55' if ati S r 1 w 1 .A ffgff fn p 1 5 75 5 , 1 3 J ' 5 3 'hp i t 5 ,fl x ' , ,- V 1 A i 3' AL . f - is ll 'll ' l 1 ' it 7 fi - i 'KQZ' W 1 f if 5 1, , ., g r L ,L .A -41 My OTIS DOZVETP ., ix N4 xx 1 I 'I 'l--. .u f ' ' Z,, xy 21 I 1 up , R ' ' ' A i ,Za 1 2 ,X Hu -B 5 i Er 5 ,iv S vu I ' 4 -f i WW iii ' 1 i li 2 g F E E '5' I' . if 4 l 'i 1 is M V. 5 i 1 li S R ' it T y . 805071 C4Jl6'lfU T is 19.2.2 9 I ll Football opened with a rush at Forest this year. .Ten letter men from the 3 N 1922 squad had reported and were in harness. Many of these veterans were 1 , playing their third or fourth year for old Forestg Brown at tackle, S. Swift at L M center and Toseh at guard had all received positions on the mythical all-city if ' A eleven of 1922. The following veterans were also back to make football his- if ' 1 tory at Forest: N. Swift, a great end, Mosher, a giant tackle, VVolfe, a fine . center, Brecht, the sensational young quarter-back of l922g Utay, a sterling , fullback, Mann, a clever halfbackg and listes, a ripping, slashing, halfbaek who .4 TT was to.bear the brunt of the l.ionq attack. . Qf the men from. last yearls squad . P f who failed to make the coveted "D ', we relyoiced to see back in harness the fol- ' ' h lowing: Bernhard, Peach, and Phillips, flashy ends, and Dye, a eapable field H f general' Returning as experienced play ers there were Messina, Burke, Lagow, ,ggi Y. Phillips, H. Phillips, Collins, and Morrison, the eager recruits from the 1922 'gl 'fcubn squad. E ' T Cn1.15s'1'E i i " Celeste came highly tauted, it went back completely routed. This game l P fl' had been postponed, and the Lions were on a rampage. Celeste could do noth- Q' ' Q ing with that "stone wall" line. Albert Brecht had a great deal to do with the i W, 32-0 shut out. l 'rE1:u15l.1. Qilisly 'iz ' . 1 iii Terrell fought gamely, but the Lions would not be denied, The line was gi i ll ff? absolutely impregnable to the thrust of the Terrell back field. Touch downs W, 'fi came in rapid succession as a result of the driving power of the I.ion baekfield. Ml ,f Terrell clawed the I.ion with a field goal, neatly executed by their diminutive if Y 2 quarterback. The final score was 39-3. 1 . - I it fi E, - by McKINNl41Y i ,e 'ii i , McKinney came to Dallas with a highly vaunted squad. They fought the il 1 i Lions to a standstill at the first of the game. Then Brecht resorted to his gi ' ig deadly passing game with marked success. Straight down the field Forest El f ll E passed for a touchdown. From then on they were never stopped. Morrison, l a recruit, by his stellar work in this game, marked himself as a finished and will 3 E dan erous halfback. ' il J f I s fl ,gy M 5 l fl, . ii l V iii 1 3, A n i " lg . , I ll -' 5 Q"f.le.' Q - : W if i FF - ....f 'i 'J 532 'W gif f t e f'f ' , ul??'E.'3!l' S-alll?-'QG'!'? n4lle-f-?5llI5qfs1l!' Ei i LCV , , ' , lllir-s'l!i+!I'5I! Eeslln i ,VW , ,,,,,,,, VW, 1 ,W ,, ,,,, , WT fffvl ,.,, W ,, Wg, ,e,,f,ff1A, NL---wb-nw F-Nm! .::'f"1' . . - - 5' ' 'nf' '12f""""'T"7f'T""ff?"', , .J f ' - PageNinety-seven L V .. wr "gf, Y di 4 Qwg?QW:1 QL xiii? , ' 'Q H 'K 1 2 J' V nw 'J Q. 359' 'Wa 'fwwq - W3 ' . Q- 1 A - N. fi 2 . W L wi W LL:L,,. I M ' M' wr' 4 ,, Y, FOOTBALL TEA M 1923 E- 5 15:3 5-a:.'mwes4'aew -111'- ' wa r-slvazss-nassi-F.-feeIns:-ainxiilllaaxulf.-aslu- 1- ws:-tems:-:4n.'g bil do I Q 1' rw if M- J1- ia? F lil FORNFY W PP ' The squad made its first road trip to Forney, and was welcomed royally gli Q? in one of the hardest games of the season. Throughout the game there was a ,F splendid punting duel between the respective field generals. Time and again 5-. the owerful unts of Brecht sent the ball hurtlin far into enem territor . 'lf' W P P E Y Y lfg V Estes ripped and tore through the formidable black and gold line, but Forney E could do nothing to the big green line. Fate favored Forest with a well earned .5 N1 19-0 victory. . 'lf JL s W it SHERMAN Vg The second road game was played at Sherman in a sea of mud. Broken W fm 5 field running was practically impossible and both teams went after the lines 'sn hammer and tongs. But again our great line held, and paved the way for the JC 13-0 victory. Estes was again the star, tearing off two brilliant 35 yard runs W 3 that netted points. Brown, the giant tackle, was everywhere breaking up enemy -E, 'lf plays and tackling fiercely. After this game the Lions returned home to rest Km lm up and prepare for the fast approaching city series. 3?- NORTH DALLAS J is In this game, Coach Loos started his second string men, and they made a . lg X 'I creditable showing. The Bulldogs scored first on some well executed cross 1 ffl bucks. Then the regulars began to come in and the game took on a new aspect. M E- The regulars repeatedly marched down ,the field for touchdowns. Late in the Q game the Bulldogs pulled a beautiful hidden ball play and made their second 'ff JL touchdown. The final outcome of this hard fought game was never in doubt. W -33 The Lions won by the score of 32-12. gba - OAK CLIFF ,Ty The game to which the school and the city as a Whole had been looking lg forward had arrived. Before a crowd of 12000 people the Lions went down to 5' a bitter 21-13 defeat. Forest forged ahead in the first quarter by repeated line ,- QL bucks and some powerful tackle around plays. They fought up and down the W' W field until by some cleverly executed passes Oak Cliff managed to even score. - gf -'L In the second half they both capoe back undaunted and determined to win. g Brecht, the sensational quarterback, was playing with, his side in a cast. Thus Tf' 4 was lost one of the most powerful men in the Lion offense. Still he insisted W , on carrying the ball, and made some wonderful gains. Oak Cliff's deadly pass- 5 If ing attack finally decided the game. Although reputed to have a great line, Nl 'W the Oak Cliff eleven met their match when they tried to make holes in the gf gi fighting line of the Lions, which was freely acknowledged to be the best schol- 1 M astic line in the state. It could have held its own with almost any college line. 11' 1 ' Within inches of the goal and with four downs to make it in, the Leopards w if were certain of another touch down, but they reckoned without their host. Their .5 F31 backs repeatedly bounced off and the ball was given to Forest. King, the op- Nl Nl posing quarterback, won the game by a splendid run, in which fate favored lx il: Rim. Estgs garned the place which he received on the all-city eleven. All were W eroes an s ars. ' W W dv BRYAN '3' -5 :' fm For the third time in succession Forest met and skunked her old rival, tg A Bryan. Estes, Brecht, Brown, and N. ,Swift were the stars of the 33-O vic- F' tory. In this game Forest flashed her real form. It was a most auspicious end 'IT as to a most successful season. W lily 'Ll '2 Q 4 X If -B -5 ? Tr 'N' , . W E J . fa rw A g M Sins- m sxllff-ff,:ef1-a ux: -11952.-1f.':e:-all 1924 is-4-s-:ge - 5 H.-- -zfrla gfnle:-selnfszaulxz ' Page N inety-nine 1: "-'-e'f-- - -7- -- " -a s-A .. gp 1... if-al'-:-:aan-asalua rw y,1s-z' ue-es-vs+:f -n1ae-s'.lu- H s:-,ems fnzg 2nl'4-'fggl a-ull' 'gg l 55 L 2-lu'1'Z"?.'I'S.'5XIl'?4Z.43 I 3 2-u Page One Hzmdrefi ' . , ..:,,g,g,, ,, , LD NlObHER flackle Thxrd Year Captaxn int IG one of the best tackles 1n the seholastle cueles of today He IS bulky but fast a clever dlngnostlclan and one of the best sports 1n the game He plays a hard conslstent game Forest wlll m1ss lnm next year BEIX MESSINA Guard Fust Year lflrpo IS one of the best guards of the uty Llthough only a rookxe He has gleat natural quallficatmns and W1ll make a great power 1n Forests llne next yea1 He played h1s best game agamst Oak Chff 'md by h1s stellar woll ln this game stamped hnnself as a formldable contender for all state guard RAY TOSCH, Guanl Thlrd Year Ray has been all cltw guald for three vears '1h1s testlfies to h1s sterlmg quah ticatlons as a l1ne man He plays a hard eonslstent game whlch leaves l1ttle to be desued He 19 a veteran of three cam palgns 'md wlll don the l1Hlf0Pm when the call comes next wear Ill ,QQIIQS-Qxlllgggll 1 1423!slug-zgggrllg-3:1nllgggnlnagz.,-'qpkggnll52,-,lln GIF 2 Z8 E S 3 ,QPSK 'S fillw-Lf 'IE-22115 :Q-lik ' -1-5 221-:ze -nas:'.1is-:ze-1152-4115.1 smear:-I f.:ze.'11'sa::'1-P.:-zems:-24112: 1: G ,V ' V Y , Q 5 E 91? rp Q 'W' if in 2 MERl'lDI'l'lI ATXVl'lI,l,, Guard First Year "Fat" played his first and last year as a regular, and l1e played it Clean. His work at guard was a revelation. He was powerful, alert, 'md -1 good mixer. 'lhere XVCIE' few gd ns made OXCI hh guald He 11 IS one ot that stone wall hne Forest def-plv 1eg,1et9 loslng this Shong ,und 1 D BURKL .lackle Fxrht Year l511ie 1 anothel ool IC who l1 is provul hw mettle H1 played tulle 1n 1 hlghly P1615 111g 111anne1 and was 1111 mosahle on the defeus 11e BV hm lldld C0l'1S1b tent plavmg Burke hae won the lespert and ad m11 1t10r1 ot the fans He w he 1111QQed v e 1 X much WIFI N Il I I BKOVS N, lucltle Bud IS .1 rc lt seholastle tackle H s I 5,5 powerful tawt, a clever d1a,f3H0Stl Cldll md 1 sple11d1d glound ,,a,1ner when l1e CHTYICS tl1e hall Bud alwass plaxs a hard, rush1ng gaiue at tackle and strlkee te1ro1 to tl1e he 1rts of hm opponente H has tWlCC been lll'1dl'llIIl0lI9lS named all cltv tackle He will be it the held ot the tC'll1l next Veal 1? Q3 'W Si' 'if E 5 G13 11 M .LC W - mr m ' V W 'V' f 1 fy fi W I it -5111- S .' v xv 5 Q l.K X l tri I Y . .V Y-e ' W if 1 r . 1. W 1 .. 'U' ' 1 1 E :lil I ' ' i ' g 'Q -- 1 E 1 , 34: '53 1 Q i- sr pw N ,I In ' TlIl1'd.TCkl1' Il I I X ffm l ' 311, K' aft' -i ' l ' ' 5 'il .I , i ' I . ' 56 l V7 'tr Y W' Z-is E S - Q k i' ' ' , ' ,. E lvl - ' z . '. .. ' e 'lf' LA . , . A , . . , M 'gf A' ,. V ' ' z l z ' . 1 t 'V' W i Q 'F 1? W 2:I-s-z+2111.'ss:ffz'f.:e'.e1u-fs-:.' 1 esms-5:-.Iv e l - 1924 1gfzf:-,111.':ee':1s+s::-w.:-:elifazzm:-relniazfifnxs Page One Hundred One 1 4 I Y 77 " ' -.,,.g.f V- 'Q' 7' M' V ' 7 " r ' ' W' ' -,--9Lf.Q,-,4--A-,- ,f,'-l?i-F38liS2'-40i1v"iCi,"I'552l'?iTf'n-4Ib?l 4' Q 244+ v- S224-1l"iSZ'?a'I'S?H4' 3'l'53A"ll4":5'Sli'53:-."l"F'-RG'IlSS" "' l l f 5 Y iii in s ' l M ERNEST PEACH, Tackle g First Year Tr Peach is a husky, who fights hard and I plays clean. He is a fine defensive end -a- and a splendid tackler. He is one of the 'M best all-round players on the squad, play- JL ing tackle, guard, and end with equal QE strength. Peach is another senior who will 'ii' not answer the roll call next fall when the W men fall in line. ,E ., Ni .311 'll' W dp s ffl J. C. BARNE'r'r M JL End . '?' First Year 7- Old "Abe" himself, Barnett .has won the 5 plaudits of everyone 'by N' his miraculous receiving L- of passes. He is only a K. rookie, but he bore the brunt of the passing 'lil , game, kicked off, kicked lvl goal, and performed nu- SW I merous other duties ,Q this year. He is a most 'ff versatile player and is w ' generally regarded as A ' the best prospect at end that Forest has had for 3 many years. W E Wi JL 'F , VU du :Ty L. B. LAGOW, Tackle ix First Year -2- L, B. was one of the freshman "finds" M of the past season. By his clean sports- W manship, earnest playing, and splendid -5- work on the line, he endeared himself to M the student body. I.. B. will be back next JL year to form one of the units of that fa- il mous 'tstone wall" line by which Forest 'LS has become known all over the state. , fm -5 i if 'l 5i ' 17' 'ff . w '33 l 1 i '51 F 32.1 3 --3 --,--- e- f--- 5 W f--V ----- -W K ,f iw "M' ' 'Mm' 1 ff ,A ,,.'.4-, ,-""' ' Lg- ,wil y e si " '1 s M+2"f1924 '-if-M " "'e'1 + ii Page One Hundred Two 1:-111 . I S"g?-f2""5'2"""1"4t3"'E'2'11 ? '-44'-'-'I ' "'-?S2'1'1':i -I1as-allege'nfss-4-n.-gsslnlasgflnlz-1 sfufse:.'-I-azaemsszefuz' Wt' ' H H 4 5 r 'Q' nn l - ' Jr e if 7 , ,, 4 ,kA. . 5 -.4 A T nhl Ri 5 -K HARRY PHILLIPS, End M -iw H l U I First Year A ll! ml Shelk IS a fierce tackle, and one of the 'Y' -E most polished ends in the state. He was my handicapped by injuries, and got a late .5 546 start, but when he was once started, he 'il' Q struck fear into the hearts of all his op- W 'ff ponents. He is a hard consistent player, .5 W always in training, and always striving to Pip g give his best. He will don the Lion uni- M fm form next vear. 'll- ' I vu 5? ' I v du 'lf 5 W RP uk: nn 9 JL RG -3 'ff J. B. MANN I :f I Halfback xg A Second Year ffl 5. "Jabe" was one of the Sf 3 most feared halfbacks in he cit . He was a if E - y- W ,Q lulck thinker, a clean 38 - sportsman, and a real qu tri le threat man who ii: P 'V' ... always needed watching. JL 'W' He bore the brunt of the passing game and Q aid splendid work in ml 'lf this department and oth- 2 liz ers. "Jabe" is an all- ,lg :. ' round athlete, who will JL be greatly missed next 5 M year. 'gl' i, W 'I' fi' rw M Q s 'r l ' ri ' a- DICK BERNHARD, End 5. px? First Year 'M Ja Although handicapped by his size, Dick ,LL ?' played a hard consistent game, and won ? gg the respect of his opponents. He was par- gg tg ticularly quick at receiving passes, and W fm was largely responsible for the success of 'E M the Lion's aerial game. Dick, being a 3 senior, will not wear a Forest uniform 11, SS. next year. W du 5, J!- W D I W w li' lm rg fl- Rihk hSS:'fII' C8fl'E-2:2 i.'43H S.'ir4'l' sE1l 1.55,-411w,:gg1pg5:g.g .p 3s,mg-:-3.g.1ig5:',1l',E2 Page One Hundred Three Tl! Sefvs aflla-ezeu aafvllr-.': -taiwan' . us 211 2611152 -nr-15-sms:-x-slr.: sn-sa:e-v- -: mss:eu:g: i - ' 'H ' -W - f f - - - nf - f ff f .- an Q H 'tri 5 'ff A 1' JOHN ESTES, Halfbaclc Second Year "Johnny" is one of the great players of tl1e city. He is one of the best defensive halfbacks ever developed, and is a terrific plunger and a clever broken field runner. He played a stellar game all season and easily classed the field. He is one of the most popular athletes in the school, and made the all-city team unanimously, Johnny carved his name deeply into the hall of Fame during the Oak Clif game. SIMON UFAY Fullback Second Year Chink was kept out of the elty series by sickness He IS a hard consistent player, ways a threat on the held, and a clean sports mln Simons cleverlv executed field running and hard plunging helped to brlng his name t the front He 1S one of that stone wall line Forest deeply regrets loslng thls strong guard NODINI' SWIFI' Iullback Thlld Yeai 1111 Il is a teirible plungel, a cool min undei fue, and 1 great defensise full had He pltyed tlnough the entire sex ing, SWVltLllCd from end to fullback How even hc SlllI7!'lSCd everyone who did not know his fiphting qu xhtxes by out playing 1 f llhul in me ur H I9 a con st mt thlett and will be hack to help mike footbzll lustorv next Vear 4 hi: fw '35 1. if fi M fi 5-2 TI' St Ti 1.1. 'V' gf E as if V. V .5 ,p,, , ' Ii N , J ww ' Q at V 'Y J ' fi -, sc - sr. v . p E if ' - al- 38 J , - , M ' fr i - SC ' 15 ' E vu s r , . - 'V' fi ff: W GS vig , ,. A ,, 1, A Q W son. He was at first handicapped by bc- QB JL .,,, H - . .-. -2 :E 25 u xl e . i gg a ' I . V ' . Q 03' J Q2 W BS 'ian-sizes-as:e1lf e 'n 2 1 n1 1: -lfzfgeul IfS?2'all'.-:ZB'I".-i1'51'-."I'?-1'+3 IIIE-22'1II".-SIZGIIIS-2:'sIl -1 -1 43 Q ':llggf'a"l5Egll'1-"4i'l'g'EF:l7 T-f4'l"'f-'4 'l'E?S2IIIa-"1?.-BIII52?-'dlwiig'l'S3'-4'FZ'-"-Zi415321IIz':?S'I'5-'.?:-"-s'l'a':Q8'lIS52-."ll,E DAVL VVOI FE Center Second Yeal Buddha IS one of the best scholastlc centers ln the state Hls defensive and lus p'1ss1ng deserve hlgh cornmendatlon W'olfe IS a player who trams hard and glves h1s all when he plays He IS one of the best plvot men Forest has ever had H1s absence from the 1924 squad w1ll be deeply felt SAM REED Quan tel Flrst Year glmnne IS a very mpfuble llttle field gen eral 'md one of the most popular boys the squad Hls pow nful alm telror of all tea els o the dla mond can hull the plg' skm w1th amavmg ac unacy He IS a splen shlfty field runner good passer and powerful punter Sam has proved hls Inettle He w1ll wear the green 'md whlte next year SlAUN'lON SWIFI, Center l'h1rd Year Pu11y wus one of the most CO1'1SL1CI1tI ous and capable players on the squad X stone wall on the defense, a good man to sense an enemy and a player possessed of a fightmg sp1r1t Staunton was respected and fealed by Ins opponents He wxll be mlssed next year I+ isles:-ulxgell 1924 nfs:-:Il-.2-:eefulasxlsl.-:+,e'f'a.f::m::Pe1usms.. 'ff 'lf Q EJ 'll' ' riz wr -5- W A . 141 W gg sa sa- D -- I? 17' , . ? if a E at 'F fi W 1' gf TU ' '- 5 A -- - w " rs 'lx n "- 35 . - -. ' M W l 1 ., , . A 3 5 Q i. d ' diagnostician, 3 11' , a t E vu V- . l fv' 1 . I s r n ww- lil- , 'V' ? Tl' ti w 5 ,. . u ,. . fs riff as as l l l ' ' E 'f Y ' 'ff Q1 A - src Page One Hundred Fwf ?i,4If?1?-8'II522'ellv?-sig'I'E'5:I1EEf-ill!-'F-E',4.p,'-gggqvgggl rgwggq-55,,lg it ' 'T' r 5 nn r 'V' 23' , ii ,fu Q r s . m e r r W LAI. M , . , ' f 1? N1 . - . f - 'H' 4 - dl H w rm - ALBERT BRECHT Uuarterback All S A , ' ' ' JL - Second Year 5. P5 - "Hook" has played quarterback like a W JL g H professional. He is a clever field general, YB a cool passer, a powerful punter, and a 5- 3: constant threat to the enemy goal' line. He E E, is one of the most feared backs in the state JL Im and has Won the student body one and all, -3 fsle by his clean sportsmanlike playing. Al- 'lf .g bert 'will don the pig 'skin regalia next W 'f I year. '5' - w M if E- li- W ? 3- fr mf M - r , JL UP 2- Nl ll' JL vq -if ' dj If a- W - 'NP db M I- M.- 1? W 32 The Second Team fm M is To the second team and to all of those who go out for foot- 'ff ball, but who do not win honors, Forest should give her highest E 'ff w praise. It is not easy to o out ever afternoon after school mere- W du s y fi, ly to form a line for the regulars to batter into submission, The 5? M second team boys do it, and they do it for the love of the game M Q and for the honor of Forest. The unselfish service rendered the .school by these boys should Win for them the admiration and lg-1 ' praise of the whole student body. It is earnestly hoped that gb ri every member may win an even greater reward next year-a place :fn Qi on Forest's Hrst team. 'Y 'W '34 'ii W' i' vu , e ug Q 3' M , M H H fm .zhfffzeu-5522111freer:-assi:-ees-lies:-11:-sell i 1924 use-n ze-lre rsrufaexafrfssze -:answers Page One Hundred Six X x A Ai aj ?' SKETBDLL E bill season cunt ill suit plcised with the prospects lorestcrs could well be srtished for Nfmn lstes, 'md Swift members of the eucllcnt team of the preceding yerr hid returned and Allison Dye, Alrxxnder, Mar der, and Vlolfe welt cxputc d to show iexl class because of tlleir previous experience. As the gymnasium had a limited capa- city, Coach Loos allowed about twenty players to practice in the after- noon and the rest to work at night. Barnett, Reed, and Milton pushed rapidly to the front as the best of the new material. Shortly after the beginning of the season, the Lions began playing practice games with various independent teams, and they won these games with comparative ease. The regular season started with Forrcston as the Hrst Opponent. and 1 Q, I 4'-X 2 E79 I ?: gl T115 25 Levwmhn S: 1Vhen the football season was over and the basket- " r C th: 1: , if . f c ', r ts .-zz 1- Y yu: , : 2 . A , LY 1 fi: , ' C - 4 Y ' x runs xl' at 1 V G : 5 .1'v I I , 1 in rapid succession Fox-rcstoil, Forney. Alumni, Athens, Oak Cliff, North Dallas, and Bryan were defeated. In all eleven games were played. Forest won nine of thc eleven games played. Then, through trick of fate, the "wonder teamfl as it was called, met defeat. The team met a slump, and before it recovered, the Leopards of Oak Cliff won two games and the City Championship. In spite of this defeat, the l2,L basketball season was the most successful season Forest has ever had. The Lions lost only two games out of fourteen. and they won the State A. A. U. championship. The team deserves thc highest praise. Mann, Dye, Allison, Estes. and Captain Swift gave their best to the school, and made an excellent showing. The A. Ai. U. Tournament For the second timc in consecutive years, Forest won the A. A. U. State High School Championship by defeating Central High of Fort lVorth in the final encounter. Forest. was scheduled to play Archer City in the opening round, but won by a forfeit 2f0. The sec- ond game was won 17-11 only after a hard fight with the district cham- pions, Jones High School of Grand Saline. In tl1e semi-finals, the Lions met a group of terrific players in the Canton quintet. They barely nosed out this bunch of scrappers 11--13. However, in the fi- Pr1gi?One H11rm'rtzlSe rn M Ll . TIC A A BASKETB 1924. .1Ql'??s3'l5'E':s"l'kg5'l'55:i'e?45.'-4'l"f-1 C 'l'555-2'I'v"4?S'lI522-'ell'5-'1Z'B'II.'5-3'-'illti-'45i'lI35.?2."lla"-f'Z4?.lI'5?:'-.'l'f"1s4?.'lIS-SR'lI"' 39 Q 4 'lf l 'll' ' if 1 l 3 S nals, Forest basketball could not be excelled. They were supreme in this game and it is doubtful if any team in the state could have de- feated them. FOREST 17--GRAND SALINE 11 This game was exceptionally hard fought in the first half, Jones High leading 7-61 Four men of the opposing team were over six feet in height, but they moved slowly and showed lack of teamwork. In the second half Forest came back strong and by a lightning passing system scored enough points to cinch the game. As usual, J. B. Mann was high point man and the star performer of the game. BORFST 144 CANTON 12 In a frame which ktpt the spectators on the edge of their seats, the Lions defeated the strong Canton team 111 13 Coach Ioos started his second string offense and this team ltd 10 5 at the end of the first half Larly in the second period, the Canton I oopers ran the score to a one point le ad, and then the regulars were rushed 1n Thev started cold and it was some time before they became vsaimed up, but they won the frame I'OREbT 33 Ch N I'RAL ll Playing practically inwincible basketball, and flglltlflg with ter rific force, the Forest fixe swept through the lort VVorth quintet, and won their second consecutive A A U championship Ied by the ac curate basket tossing of Dave Dye who came into lns own ln his last game of high school basketball, the IIOHS ow erwhelmed Centr'1l with an avalanche of basket goals Dve mxde ll points Allison 10, and Mann 8 Lstes and bwift contributed 9 points each, and played 'mn excellent guarding game The Lions wele play ing their last game in l11gh school competition Ihev wanted to show I'o1est the real Splrlt and ability of the team 'Ihey plaved the11 best game, a most spectacular game, as the fin ish of a most glorious season The Team NODIINE SWIFT Quaid Qcaptainj Second S631 laizfxn xx ms again placed on the ill city quintet He is a unit of the greatest team which lfoiest lx enue High bchool has evei had His was the task ot piotectinx, the Lions goal Because of lns sterhng qu l11tl6S he was elected captain ot the team lfoiest acknowledges hei debt to Tarzan J B 'VIXWN loncazd Fourth 'ieai June 21 marks the passing of the greatest scholastic playei who CVCI giaced the p unted court Our own beloved Jahe he has been the bulwark of the team for foui yeais and an inspiration to all who have played with him He is the ideal basketball plavei lex el headed cool and brilliant in his dazzling flooi xsoik md goal shooting He has twice been elected captain ltoiest will nexer forget him noi fail to pi use lnm D XX ID DEL I mzeald First Yefu David sms the fonwaid who pllycd opposite Mann He was handn xppcd by his size and got oft to a lite stait but at the end of the season lic was simply incomparable His amazing agility and smooth floor work fl: J! . ' ' - . , - e . W ' a I ' ' A S ' . I ' D . J. ' 4 I M uv ' , . . 1 7 . I C, ni 4 it r I I ' V A J. Y C . -' . fn s in wx .,, 59 ., I. ,nw It - - l - 0 ' M will probably don the green trunks next season. '-if . . 1 it I , 77. 1 ' ' V W at nina , ' . ,.. . A ' . . . E l i. V , cc K ,va .i' ' - . , . , . ' g .- - I I s . ,- , ., -. . ,- ,,- - D 'V' I - , ' I M 4 Q ' :Li ' Q. ' ' ' 2 .' I ' . ' 'Hz W , , ' . I A, r . . Y , i-EM Ml I :ral-:fee-reszsuff.-was-esrsfaeeelafes:-nee-all 1924 we-2:fniS.:zefn'a:-:alfa-1a'e-nsz-.l.-:Pe-u-sean.. Page Ont Hundred Nme n-,. gg,y , , . MZ' l?"d"T' .., A W- ,. ,,,.,.-.s,r , ,, is EE i r i , 1 . 7 , ,WWW 2""'l' 'l' S l'?' 'l' --"IW-"453!l'S 'll'.-4 Ill :-,41l1 g4I m q,g, y5 lil li , Q combined with his deadl basket work d h' - 'l it , . Y 1 - . , ma e 1m one of the most feared lor' ' H ? ggfgsegpytlggltstate. Little David will not be back next year, and his loss will p WALTER ALLI-SON, Umm e T T-A-' y 'Fr E S First Year l M I " parlay" got off to an eary start and bla d h' th h -- ' ,E tilon. lie was 'a good floorman, a splendid jdSf1pertsall7dyw'asrod1dge oallltsgpsddt 'M 1' S Ots In the clty- Walter Was alwa s a marlced man bu ' ' 'jf Y t despite this he V made a wonderzul record for himself - W , . . He will not be back next ear and 'LJ' Forest will miss this big center very much. y , all pf, JOHN ESTES, Guam Ji. Second Xear M 7' "J'ohnn " was the th ' ' " . C F y 0 er unit of that unt d f , H my Q blfsrhin -every game and was selected as one ldlngthe etisfldsenlost lyasltlllid 11:23 ri -3 :i..Bi.Mw34- He ir Placed on at Q u- ' ISS 1S smi in d - , alll Place wlll indeed be ditficult to lill. g young guar next year, and his i. CARL MARDER, Forward HH W First Rear E W "Cotton" was one of the best forward ' ' rm ,, ' 1 th t . W'th h' ' '- M 'fm 3:15-liiiv2::nda:dyear'sigrgxgth llle shag-and bes anstai? :deft seagon.t Tldreir iagptdz- Ji- , a sp en 1 s oc. k - - ' T' basketball squad. He will be bacl? nlgiit eieazlx very Valuable addition to any Ei Q LEON ALEXANDER, Gua-rd - H 11 First Year E . al the nflyiflg Hymphll' Leon was so graceful that h ' th d ' :Z JL tionliot the ladies. in addition to his grace and speed tleieilleollvas ethib Illugjld ? f0I1b1St611t.playu1g which stamped him as a dangerous and finished guard. W he aifovgasfaggzigsjd on l1l1CtdC1tEi1'1SC gud fiept his man totally eclipsed. He was rm accura e. t. W- - it of his Sunny disposition b 0 is oss will be felt the more keenly because N1 SAM REED -5,- 2 S First Hear Tl' H HIHH1iC', iS H, very popular and jovial athlete He is s ll d ' . - - 1 tl .: lk blgilt, and IS a most dangerous and aggressive Plabrerl Hrgllwazna icggggfeni min E, 565112 .Karger for the Lions this year and we expect much of him in next it J. A W' W vu 1- W ,R Second Team Basketball 5 JL , if th t 3116 Strong Seconds tfffrrll Was, the stone upon which was whetted W f a hamous gem, the 1924 Lions. The seco-nd team came out every day, 35 5 fone t hard:-'We1'C cuffed and buffeted around, and returned the next day lf!! M dor more. lhe-first team was inexorable, and sadly did the Second team gig' A iscover thelr nnpregnable defense and tireless offense. These men fx 'yi' were the Ones who Put the P011Sh on the first team. Behind the achieve- 5' SJ, mengs of the first. team, there are the men who trained as hard as the gg fi-.1 lgigu arp fought with fury in scrimmage only to be repulsed, and denied 'll' M emse ves pleasure and luxury only to be and do something for the T gg- School' Many Of them had no chance to make the team, and realized this ILE, fact, but they came out because they thought it their duty to do so. fi' - 1. 1 W W O1'YThei3 following composed the ncubs' roster: Charles Waldman, lf!! M ner rec t, Melville Brown, Willard Morrison Jack Duckwor h J R0u1s'1'-w1 s- ' t' ug J k .1mp:1n?I a ter cmlth, A. M. Sanders, Eugene Baker, Erwin JL! M ag sopi guild arrly Ph1l1lps.H These men are stars in their own right lm an wi ou ess e on tie rst team next vear, N1 -ez- M , "P Q--4.21 . -n. .. ' .- ' 'H , --W '- nlur-355-'.4ll..5-.llrr-i'?.1I 'Si'-.lI1'.-1?, lIS - uqugz,-gi',1lV ,l.gJ.,ge,l,i,w.:3g,l, ,,hig,hE3:,sm,gggQia,a3f,,4'ig: Page One Hmzdred Ten 4192 liftsi x L M K U ill X X SEBIA LL Rx X XXX XX Y X tr Y 4 s f PIEXYN I5 5 KMA YQN li ' fl f .-7-Eg. . Q i i 4 Baseball season opened at Forest this year with as gloomy prospects as ever faced a coach. Mr. Loos, hurt deeply by the unexpected with- drawal from school of Kramer, classy hot corner man, and Brecht, his wizard south paw, faced the herculean task of rebuilding the powerful scoring machine of former years. The students were skeptical of the possibility of filling the yawning gap left in the wound when Albert Brecht quit school, but our coach, fresh from two inexplainable reverses, refused to give up. Four letter men, Oliver Brceht, out-fielder, Maur- ice lVilliams, out-fielder, J, C, Barnett, first-base, and Sam Reed, catcher, were back to form a nucleus of a real nine. Fate, in the form of in- clement weather, kept the men inside until the end 01' March Still our coach was determined. Then old Jupiter Pluvius retired and the team was able to go out and practice. After the team had been working for about two weeks, the writer journeyed out to tl1e grounds to see what he and all the school expected to be a ULion slaughter at the hands of one of the greatest amateur teams in the State." Conceded to have a great battery and a good in-fielder and to be one of the hardest hitting clubs in the city, the lilks were sure of victory. An unassuming youngster, Herman Ferguson, trotted out to the mound to match his arm and wits against one of the eraftiest pitchers that ever donned the "unie.', Before long the crowd realized that it was no slaughter, but a ball game that they were witnessing. To make a long story short, Coach Loos, hopefuls annexed nine hits to- their opponents two, and Ferguson kept these scattered. Forest shut them out, 3-0. Mr. Loos and his boys were rewarded, Although F o r es t failed to win in the city contests, she made a creditable showing, and, but for the lack of experienced men, would probably have made the final outcome very dilferent. Next year, her chances will be much better than this. -'----A------,s-- -1 N Page One Hundred Eleven 19:2-14 BASI'1I3AI,L TEA M .gal-ezefus amszs-misss 2:4111-s ' is-asa-uaisemss l as-'asa-rs-as-nassaui.-:-ze-I-sea-time-It an: if as as as are we E eeee e A I VY! My N 2 I cl' 'cl l B la ll gig n wi ua ase UL 4 N it rg SAM REED, captain I Q l This is Sammyis third year and he has had a great baseball sea- fi' l son. He handled Ferguson's slants in an uncanny manner and is away ,IE -,T out in front in the class for city swat honors. He will be back next at W year. . as -a- HE-RMAN FERGUSON M Upon "Ferg,s,' trusty right arm rests Forest's baseball hopes. He Q is a submarine pitcher with wonderful control and an unlimited assort- tgp 35 nrent of stuff. This young player is the sensation of the city. This was gig A his second year, and he will be back next year. '-5 A Inf, J. C. BARNETT , -gl 'iAbe" is an elongated first sacker who stands above all scholastic 313' competition, and who has a major league future. He handles seem- , W ingly impossible chances with ease, and is a terrific hitter. This is M 5' his second year, and he will be back next. E CLIEIIORD PERKINS K 'f' "Perk', is a hustling young player who holds down the keystone E sack with ease. He.uses his head, has a nice arm, lots of pep, and N1 'B is a timely hitter in the pinches. He has developed wonderfully this Q year. This is his Hrst year. He may not be back next year. 35 i ALBERT BROWN 1 I as "Alb0" made the team on his first year out, which speaks well E . for his ability. He plugged the gap at short, and made many a timely 'il hit when hits were needed. Hc is a polished infielder and should make -5 a fine college plaver. He will probably not be back next year. Lt! 1 V ' 5 Q OLIVER BRECHT Hi :' "0llie,' was a veteran of last years' machine and was converted J ' from a good outfielder into a splendid third baseman. His work at yi i the hot corner has been very good. He is a cool heady fielder has a U11 fi good arm, and is a teriffic hitter despite his size. EA 'W .tt S. T. JONES -B i' Jones warmed the bench last year because of his lack in the punch W necessary for an out fielder. This year he is hitting artistically, 131 ff' and has improved his already spectacular fielding. He has a wonder- 5 M ful arm and an uncanny judgment of Hy balls, and he is the best out- X 'fi fielder in Scholastic circles today. Hc will be back next year. :sg MAURICE WILLIAMS 3 5 "Sleepy", is roaming over the center garden in his old form again. E E He is a beautiful and polished hitter, has a formidable arm, and is M -LE one of the hardest hitting scholastic stars in the city. He is a long distance hitter and is hard to pitch to. This is his second year, and 3,5 lm he will probably be back next year. ' 321, CARL MARDER RQ gig "Cotton," the final link in the great out field, is a terrific hitter A and a clever base runner. He has a good arm, and is a converted in- pi I lm fielder. In all probability he will not be back next year. I i 1' F Q if A A, AAAA Ae it ' -A A I l'f'-Qgg'hSSgll'5rfg 'l' gllliggglligsg ell. fll5:'E'Ef1illz'?E'l'5'54'li 224l'E2:4IlI?-f'343'IIl'E'2!fi'ill: Page One Hundred Thzrteen Q7 s 1. 11 ? ,-4, if - c - . - , Ii Z :fi E ?'.?f1i f ,TE -gl Af, ,L-,ws 55215 511255 Pf'r ' Q" 'sl , -X 5554 W 5, fs- 5 ?T f im iffii, ,exif i kg 141 gigs F- 1 f Q , ,g li E 1-4 Q T: H B gjs i M E 51,1 1 QQ-fe? 5:5 E 'F D' iii! ggi , fg gif? :vp U ggi? 3525- 2 gfifif f f-il 5 . - 'I Siffli Q fr fifiig xanax 1 3 .EQ ig' Aji , in 11-P Q l 4 , fi IACK Ioicst l1 IS ilu nys hid 111 excellent hath M4111 the fnst rnut of tht lcxis ti uk sc ison held at the Fat oct Slow 111 1o1t lloith loiest did little but 1e1 athletes had practn-cd little. 51X nien were back from the l:1st yearls squad. They were Seely, Estes, Jackson, :ind Puckett in the 1'Cl2J.yQ Mann ill the hnrdlesg and Browii i11 the weights. '1lllCSl' athletes f0l'I1lftd the nucleus of this if 1 'Ikclu Lf--:sun V V fl ' ff I, f' 1 'P .lf I I M' ' ' Z' T' . Ill St -1' Q , Y ' s . ' . y .1 . - - , 1 . ye:1r's team. ln the school 1111-et the Vl'tf'l'?1llS placed easily ill their respective c'ycnts while scyerfil 1ll'YYC'UI1lQ1'S loomed np :1s Villllillbltf men. 'l,'l1ey were Smith, Sullivan, Scgall, VVhite, Sc-l1:1erdel, Simpkins, Falling, Sterling, Peach, and Moore. The first two places ill each event were won hy the following: Mile rnn. S1-gall :ind Sterlingg S80 y:1rd run. Estes and Sterlingg H40 yard dash. Scely, Brown. and Jacksong 220 yard dash, lvllitfi and Seelyg 100 filfd dash, Seely :ind Vlvhiteg broad jump, llann and Snllivung high llillp, Siinpkins, Moore, and Dnrnellg W pole vault, Sullivan :ind .lzicksoiig shot put. B1-own :1nd Flstesg javelin. Estes and lVl1iteg discus. llrown and Falling. The first four contest- ants in ent-l1 event C1lft'l'Cll the city me-et. The fact that tha- te:1111 did 11ot win first plziee in the City is no disvredit to tllCll1. No CXplElI1iltl0ll is to lx- given of their failure in the city meet. As the coach says, HTl1ey simply did not winfl Page One Hundred Fifteen 2:af-sais-sa-.iixze-niasaaaw ifasaa ssisa aa:-asses as :-:'.-ii.-:S-ei ssa,.g i ' ' 1' , T" . TLTECTTTT1 .- "ji It W Individual Track J. B. MANN I Captain At a meeting of the lettermen, J. B. Mann was elected captain of the 1924 track team. Six veterans were back, forming a strong nu- cleus to build around, and an unprecedented interest was taken in track. "Jabe" was our star hurdler, jumper, and dash man. He is a hard trainer, a widely known track star, and an inspiration to the team. Our coach is unstinted in his praise of "Jabe." He is the last mem- ber of the big four, Vinson, VVebb, Michaelson, and Mann, who brought so much glory to old Forest. He will not be back next year. JOHN ESTES John is one of the most versatile athletes that Forest has ever pro- duced. He does practically everything and does it well. His track work was the sensation of last year's championship team. He is a let- ter-man from last year, He will not be back next year, but Forest will long remember the work of this athlete. JIM SEELY Jim is one of the mainstays of the team. He runs the fMiO yard dash, the 220 yard dash, the 100 yard dash, and the relay. He also participates in the jump, and is one of the most consistent point win- ners on the squad. His sensational work last year probably saved us the title, which seemed in doubt until he put Forest ahead when he led the final bunch in the relay. HENRY PUCKETT Puckett was the sensation of Forest's track team last season, but during the summer he developed a case of typhoid which handicapped him severely. He is gradually gaining his old form and should soon develop into an excellent point winner. His specialty is the AMO yard dash, altogether he is a capable performer in the hurdle, the 100 yard dash, ,and the broad jump. He will be back next year. ERVVIN JACKSON V "Little Jack" was a member of the state championship relay team of several years ago. His main event is the relay, but he can also broad jump and run the 880 yard dash. This will probably be his last year for Forest. MELVILLE BROVVN "Bud,, is one of the best weight men ever produced at Forest. There are few meets in which he does not win the shot, and his discus records are above the average. Considering his weight he is remarks ably fast. He runs the 'MO yard dash in excellent time. "Bud,' is coming back next year. ,.n-.-zefiasxin':sein-524111 es-1-sea l s -n 1924 iazlze as l i -: ' i.a:'zeiss.. Page One Hundred Sixtceirz ' A g'F52R!ll'?"'-Cgg'l'E'3'Tff'gEf-4'l"?K 'i'5574'l'iK , lil521"-e!l'?gG'l'S1"-4'ltZ'-"- 'l'5'iF5'l"'r:E5'll'SFQF-,"'l'a'iii?.'IIS-Skill: .gs 1 ruin' 'Neff H , , f v 1 u Q 1 W e lm , at 5 CITY MEET, APRIL 12 ,FQ 7 . . . . . . JL l ' 3 I'orest W011 tlurd place In the City track and held meet held at Lake 5- E X Cliff between the track teams of the four high schools of Dallas. Bryan is -5- 1 won first place with a total of 72 5X6 points, Oak Cliff won second .LC W1 place with 46 1f6g Forest won third place with 36, and North Dallas 'jr 'fi' X won fourth place with 8, The Forest team, weakened by the loss of W 'il' ,such graduate stars as Vinson, lVebb, and Michaelson, was not able .i to win better than third. This was the first time that a Forest team ti had won lower than second place in the city meet. It was a record breaking meet. In the 100 and 220 yard -dashes Q iw both the records were lowered by the Bryan speed demon, Aaron 5 W Y Teague, who made the 100 yard dash in 10 seconds flat and the 220 yard m Q dash in 22 2f5 seconds, he also won the 4440 yard dash. McLean, a Ji, newcomer from Oak Cliff, broke the record in the half-mile with the N time 2 minutes 8 1,f5 seconds. The mile relay was lowered by Oak W 'f' l Cliff in 3 minutes and 415 seconds. Mann of Forest won the 220 low :- K hurdles in the time of 26 2f5 seconds, a new record. All three of the M I - weight records were broken, two by Bryan men and one by Oak Cliff. M Colt of Bryan won the javelin throw with 158 ft. 11 in., and Baldoek, 'ff Q of the -same School, hurdled the discus 110 ft. 10 in. Balcon of Oak W I Cliff set a new record in the shot with a heave of 42 ft. 5 in. ,vw W f It is interesting to note that every man who placed in the finals broke '32 If tl1e old record. Mann with 10 points, Estes with 6, Seely with 6, and .3 I X Wfhite with 5, were the leading point scorers for Forest. :KS Tl' - W X DISTRICT MEET, APRIL 19 X i At the district meet in Denton, F'orest won fourth place in the if track meet with 1111 points. Ruth Rheinlander had no trouble in win- 'M ning the girls' singles, and she took every match with comparative ease. QU ,. The doublesvteam, composed of Vanetta Jordan and Frances Woiod, gi QQ duplicated this feat and won the doubles as easily as Ruth had the gf b singles. These players were the class of the meet. The track team 5 jg were not so luckyg they made only 1-11 points. Manu of Forest, won ,VS lie the high' hurdles, and was on the way to a record in the 220 low hur- I-all! lt K V dles when he fell, and so came in fourth. He was high scorer for For- is ' est, with 6 points. Estes won third in both the shot and half mile, JL 'E' 1 and was a member of the relay team which won third place. He scored l 1 4115 points for Forest. VVhite won third in the 120 high hurdles and W .5 scored 2 points. The Forest relay team won third place. making a if M total of 14+ points for Forest. This was quite a different record from Pm last year's meet when Forest was an easy winner. j x ,Q 'TT al ll 2 Q 555 Et U 4 'W l T :i ll ig' lb gg .," 'A,.g1ii,,,,,, "1 "" 'if ' 5 1 V I ' ' F ' "W" """' " , .1 iazamssra aelnfsssm eemss -1 -f ew y 1924 l ame- :swazz -1fsz:'.ne.:s.'e1:1'sz-:axe Page One H nndred Seventeen 2 iq .iw ' ,Wg 1 5? r . W? SX QL TENNIS TEAM 19 n' Q . Y K x N ,i .... L.-,.. r Ahout forty boys came out for tennis this year. the , largest number we have ever had. Of this number, the , survivors of the fifth round were Bennie ltstep, Howard G Fink. David Dye and James Roots. Bennie defeated x Q Howard 6-1 and David defeated James G-2. ln the fi- nals Bennie won after a hard match 6-fig 8-105 G-74. Thus, Bennie and David represented Forest in the city tournament held at the City Park April 11 and 12. - Only three girls entered. lfranccs Wlood. Ruth Rhcinlander, and Vauetta Jordan. These three of course represented Forest in the girls, division of the city tournament. Ruth in the singles and Frances and Vanetta in the doubles. This year. for the fist time. girls taking gym were given credit for tennis, which they took once or twice a week. As a consequence of this, 4 about seventy-five girls signed up for tennis. This will give Forest plenty of material for next year. A11 the boys and girls who represented Forest this year graduate. lt seems likely that Harold Dean and James Roots will he the maint stays of ncxt ycarls team. WVhat. girls will represent us is still a ques- tion. At Austin last year Frances and Vauetta played in the semifinals, losing to lVichita Falls only after a stiff contest. Upon their return. they won the "News-.lournaln doubles cup in thc city tournament and Ruth won the Cullum N Borcu Singles Trophy. This year. the girls won the city contests, although the boys failed. and they went to Denton on l+'vbruary 19. for the district meet. There, after some strong competition. they came out victorious. It has been a fine season for those representing liorest. for it is their last Year. Page Ona Hundred Nineteen e li I .loux lf,S'l'l'IS llmuu' l'uu.i.u's llll'lI.YlLI.I'I lhiowx .l. B. MANN llwlvi Vt'o1,1-'lc Allflity Stars of 1923324 Four luen from thc Forest eleven gained that supreme ambition of all football players, a place on the mythical all-city team. For their sterling work during thc city series. llud Brown, .lohn l'lstes. llarry Phillips. and Dave XVolfe were picked by the coaches and sport-writers of the city as the best representatives for their respective positions in the city. 'l'hc Forest cage stars, J. li. Mann and .lolm listes, rated as two of the three outstanding stars ot' thc l92-t- basketball season, were unanimously selected for places on the all-city basketball team. 1lHI.VlLLl'l BHOXYN For two years an all-city tackle. of all-star caliber, Bud has made the coaches and sport-writers of the state take notice, VVeighing nearly two lumdred pounds, six feet tall and a mountain of fighting strength. this Forest veteran has proved the bulwark of the lforest linc for the past three years. llis of- fensive work would be an assct to any team. for his tackle around gains are large and consistent. Bud, a great football player. and a great favorite among players, was elected captain of the 1924- l.ious. JOHN ESTHS Johnny had the distinction of being elected all-city in two major sports, football and basketball, llc was unanimously cho,-,cn all-city half-back and all-city basketball guard by the coaches and sport-writers of the city. His plunging ability, coupled with speed and strategy made him one of the most feared half-backs in the city. As guard in basketball, he had thc speed to cover an immense amount of ground, and hc was an accurate passer and a threat at the basket. This is his last year. and Forest will miss him very much. Page Om' Himdred Twenty zelsszerrsarsnras:-srl-Sszvazf-4-lr-.': rr-5224-vssisrrssxrrraze rr 2'-1r+.'a rr .grrr::i'.e.rr- J-err:-ze-:rss-.4 Y tb' rr- 53 Er? 5 .3 ':P 2' 3. C HARRY PHILLIPS Sherk proved hrs class rn the Oak Llrff game Nlfrny trmes the rnter ference had hrm down but he would struggle to hrs feet and nrake the tackle The whole student body admrres and honors Harry and rs eager for hrm to return next season DAVE. W OI FE Buddha shrnes rn two departments, oratorv and football He rs a cen ter de luxe combrnrng all the quahtres necessarv for thrs posrtron He rs an accurate passer, a fine hrrc man, and above all, a fighter Hrs worl all the season was splendrd and hrs selectron as all crtv center drd not come as a sur prrse 'lhe school wrshes that Dave could return next year .I B MANN Iabe rr rs the outstandmg play er m the basketball crtv serres of 1924- Wrth a total of 69 pornts he lcd hrs nearest competrtor by erght field goals for hrgh pomt man of the season Thrs makes the fourth year that he has been selected as an 'rll crty nran, and last year he was cho en all A A U center He rs sard to be one of the best basketball play ers ever turned out by Forest Forest hates to lose hrm, as he has been the marnstay of the team Hrs place wrll be extremelv drfrcult to fill A Word from the Coach llre chrei' obrect of a hrgh school rs to make better crtrlens out ot the more or less rrw materral tlrrt comes to rt Toward the attarrrment of tlrrs obyect rthletrcs can and docs plry an rmportant part X short trme ago school otlrcrals corrsrclered athletrcs a necessary evrl 1 dry we ue more optrmrstrc, md we know thrt wrth proper encouragement and super vrsron thev can be so controlled as to he a decrded ard rn educatrorral work Competrtrwe sports have three frrnctrons rn hrgh school The first rs to fur nrsh strcnuorrs exc-ercrse for those whose physrcal, mental, and moral welfare m hrs cl rrly habrts walkmg to and from school and so forth Boys wrth lreavrer muscles need consrcler rbly more exercrse Manual labor, or anv muscular ex ertron urll do rll that 1S necessrry but rthlctrcs rs the easrest form rn whrch to ugne the neeclecl medrclne llre other tuo turrctrons ot athletrcs ue to des elop sportsrnrnshrp and to crerte school sprrrt The value of sportsmanshrp and the sprrrt of farr play can hrrclly Le over estrmatecl X large share of our trouble rs caused by some one r father, mother, husband urfe or trrend who knows too lrttle about real sportsmanshrp and has too lrttle 'rbrlrty to grwe and trle School Sprrrt rs r much rbused term No one who has rt wrll delrberatelv mar hrs school brrrld mg or ful to support, at least rn spurt, all the school rc tnrt es XI FRI4 D I I O05 Cna Il! r ll .li -E .o cf u qvm- -'r'-' ll "-'slr'-f" :lr -'rr'-P rr 2"'ll '4' A rw W Y 4 ' A Y, I I 1 i ss ss - - . . - , - lg W J . 1 I- l . . A U . nf.. l 1 . Q 'if , . .ZA K. A , M.. fx Q A v I y n ' ' my I I i uv ' ' ' 'K' ' - ' , '- . - I 'F' ll M ,L I lr r .V Zvi- .i K. 'I : E :4 I V: .LN I ' X . .74 . . . Ji- 1' ' 1 ' .' c , ' 2' I z ' ' . . ig Q Z 1' si Q' ' is 1 .Z -' : Q l - " . o- J aye recruidres' -it.v -c-ertaln type of boy and girl. get allthe excercise- necessary Q E c I' i' " . rs 'v . '. z,i.'c I . 2. E Ti' ' 7 ' I r , L r. . c' f' eh. 'E 'ig "if Tr Er . lf 5 'E' rc 'W' 'tl' W a ar .ar-sf 'rss-,rrbeen-sszsrrrr-szerrrsa.,rr-gen 1924 rr.-ff:-..rr..-ears?-5 r-aa as-ar-.ers -f :ze Page One Hrmdr ed 7 rueuty-one Page One Hundred Twenty-two wmgtvs N SQ' X . m f A www f, ff' 'M xQf?Q,95wM.!HmWmw fm ry X 9-'flex I Q H qqmmymwi J i t Q A 5 'WS Nwlraaxmxnw ' i Ag A A I W x wurf fl M ? KW XXWWM X W mx NN I I W f f I 2 W1 QW w MV X W E WWW QM wwf WNV 6 I K f X ,Q X n fa f x I Q frf Q ' Q f m al" f gf we 'Z SE Qffm may Ag ggi? if fwfg 'f NSI ff f f iff-rm 1 VXT YH W 'N 3W'f1'? V X ,XVMMNX vvx 1 Y I V ,Q us e V , 6 f JW ',-1 v 7,g,, X, Q , Q . XS w as if lj" wk ' ,ix 9 AQ! Rx N wwe N 1 X 4 :N ,-" ' - 'QQ -f.3,'.,u'Ki1 N 7 X N' N N 7 . 5 X 4 SXXXNWIQ 3 u i Y ' U" H Y ' ' 'F-. if X 2 44 lk , f H Kiln A Us X I ., LA Q . x " N f Arg. 1 ,l"T,fu3.-,jg Q 3 H X ,,, d M" . X Q gf ' f ' Jw wk 1, mf gf l 1 mg-,M X 2 5 ' H fwH f' ffQM,. i 3 n l Q f 1 10 R W W ,' R I N Y ,mx jmwllwffwlf mlm Vi lil Auf F4 . W V ffb ' ' Y ,2JfJ fggN Wk, Q 1 f ' Q 5 , In ,q 'im ' M i l1CW" "iT4 2a 3, 6'Hf ,4 WI N f S I V!! ,2 vfkix . :Eu at Q, N I ,Y vw, A H Q I V x Wywngfww .f W ' FT Wi, ,Z 1 X ff 2 Q Q x wwf Q 47 '. a 4,. fI15T,1,4, R ' la lx Mlllwqw n yf, , . 3 , I HA i 3 If 2' "I ' ' - -, ff f X " I QS sg , ff-ff ' - f f C7 X vww X , Xlls' ' N, f , ii . ' E 2.1 V -K 41" vb X ' wr ,iJ7,L:U.il1 : if ,W i 'iff' , 5:1 , 112, ' f ,- fx ' 1 E5-N : . 5 Y X Q, ., M -- fa ' 4. -N iw f 5 Q 'H'-,M D , j"- , ,A f xg' 2f ,-3' ls: 3 f?i -i.1, Tf I 1 Eff . " '- J ' U 7 'E' I' Y" l 4 4 -T412 ..l-li? - 15, M -Ewx 3 W' - ,X A ' ' A , fi., , 2 ' A X 5 Y x lf X Z QA! W7 sa. was llqhcqef 4.4422 ax?h.EkQ ff? ' W "tiff . af-ff:-.s :K ,Af five! , P , -34,3-sq Z nf' , az-Axes - z. i. - - , . 4 ff ,., ,N-,Q V tg K wb. I , ,, ,, if . s sq 1 .X X . 'X V I X3 The Forest R. O, T. C. boys are eager to take up next yea1"s mili- tary work, and think that with some additional training at Camp Dal- las this summer they can make Forest have the best, or one of the best, military corps in the United States. Major Coleman is planning with Major ll'l1iting for advanced training to be taken up by Camp Dallas and by Forest next year. The advanced training will be made possible by making a requisition to the llvar Department for equipment and every implement of war that can possibly be used either at Camp Dallas or at the school next year. This equipment includes new clothing. rifles, bayonets, shelter tents, trench tools, automatic rifles, machine guns, trench niortars, grenades, tracer bullets, eompasses, and study material, and any other army goods that will help to train recruits into first class soldiers, The R. 0. T. C. has had one of its most successful years, and the graduating class of Forest expects the other members of the Corps to place Forest as high as possible in military records next year. The Forest Batallion of the Dallas R. O. T. C. was highly praised for its efficiency during the recent Sth Corps Area inspection. Colonel Mayo, the commander of the Sth Corps Area United States R, O. T, C., was so enthusiastic over the work accomplished by the Dallas unit and especially by Forest that he awarded Dallas the Honor Star. The Hon- or Star is given to H. 0, T. C. schools which make the best military re- cords every year There are only ten or twelve cities in the United States that a1'e able to win this great honor. The schools that are able to win this honor are justly proud of their corps. lluch credit for the efficiency of the Forest Avenue Corps is due to the diligent and conscientious work of Major liichard Tn Coleman and the cooperation and hearty support of our Principal. ll'ylic A. Parker. rf"1TT'f"'T"':'f"'n'k, ,,. M w Ffh, ft . . Y . W. 0, ,. ., q A I, . 9 -,...1.,:,?. - .,,N,,,,,, .,, 4 'i I f 'ffl' 'A f'- ff" sy, 1:41 J. . tftfxv' sf: 3'- L f , .J ,, ...MH " " 'M' " 5" "i"' ,,,,, ,..,, s itil' i"" Page One Hundred Vuentv three ...K l ' I 1 yy . r, .e l. ii i , 1 a f lf ii 1 Y sf H f' il I ' il . gg 5 1 1 M I 1.1. W W e- mi 'lf' Q Sf Q 32 1 W 'ii :Tw W M X81 JL 'Y E E if Tl' LL W Y lv M his Jt 7? LT. ar oi , 3 V T' W M l 'DT W W ii 'lf' L -is - . I . Vg MAJOR R. L. COI.luMAN du 3 'Ti Major R. L. Coleman has won a host of friends during the Sf two years he has been connnandant at Forest Hi. He is a mill- JL .Q tary officer of long standing, having begun his career as a soldier Q 'ff in the Texas National Guard in 1902. He is the oldest command- 1 we W ant in service in the city and through his years of past training is 1 W -5- particularly fitted for the post he occupies. He knows how to han- N , tm dle men and boysg he will not tolerate inefficiencyg and he always ' exacts from each cadet his very best partg yet he is so uniformly Ju i- fair, that he has won the love and respect of each Forest Hi cadet. it 1,5 He is a true soldier, willing and ready to make any sacrifice if rl .4 duty demands it. It is for this reason that he has been able to - -W achieve such wonderful results with the Forest Hi cadets. They W4 1 have unbounded confidence in him and are eager to do their best ' Y k ' 'd t l l t ' l h t . 2 ,L :li vor inloi er o reaci wia eser goa e se s 5 I i , 1 ,, , ------ V-7777 ,A 'Y Y WHHFEFFZTY N ,YM VVYVV ' ' 'gg 'ji Lu.- f f 'l f 'sage-nasal:- as-l eafl e t-:gels 19243 ie:-zzlixaaf afala .-.efcfsaairz Page One Hundred Twenty-four N E 'z A :F ,J ffl! ma i f-L N. 'if'22'i?iW'TMNT I- , a a-e.4- 7 ? ? - t 'ff 1- -- N T"???' i '.'-' "W i' M'M 'M -fi. :i'Ti:, ,. , . . , , ' W f kj si f, 1 1552313 my Iiiffig ip gkggn . 1 1 ' I 1 'QA egr , 1 15 , 1255? U 1 MQW' , WJ Z , H - 5553 Us P i 55.56 gf i ii-452 55. 55.3 Q, . 3: A if 1 Qlfallgfr is V. 3 EGQYEQE ag ighiifi . 4 n M l. H A E .xi 1? lfgxgfl SV 3 ,3 U 4 'I V3 3 h V' h H A' w f M N Q r - 1 I , w - i -3 rs 9, V ,y X QL 5 I w i , . 1 + 1 1 .i f i f f ? f i Ip : f 5 5 15 5' 3 V 'VP 1 5 1 .5 -V Nl I QW xl ai 1? H 3 f 1 1 v V N 4 1 . 5 1 A 1 I P+ nn , 5 wh h -h - grfw im fi aw i f , , 1 Y 3 wlw 1 . Ii M 1 , J Q v Staff V 1 h I MAJ. R. IQ. COLICIVIANJ Comvncmdrmt , 1, 1 ff J- li f'i - Maj. Ernest Peach, Bn. ffonzmrzndwr Maj. John Estes, E:1'0r'11tiz'e Oyfirm' MU? Captain D. C. POSVELL, Provost Oficer 54951: 'r A Ls?-fig' aww FIRST LIEUTENANTS: SECOND LIEl'TEN,XNTS: gig: x, "" ni' . ,. . Vg' Ned YVolins, Plans and Training Of- Bf'm'1'0ft Blggi 7'lIlllTlf0 Offfw' fi!,m.m13N' 3 Leslie Jones, Per'.vo11nel 0fiCl'l' pkg, Frank Daudelin, Arljuta11fMBn. I SERGEANTS: JM-k Hixon, jnfeyjfggnw 0Z7'5,.e,.- Chad Stark, Senior Color Seryt. 1 Bn. 2 Rohert VVehster, Junior Color Sergt. ff l fl f 5 . . ,, , . jw ' ' Arthur Massier, Supply Ofirer- 1101115 F3113 '597'99fmt'Nf'.l0"' Bn. .4 James McGrath, Orllifmnre Sergt. 3 if 2? 432 agfggg gift fwafii it ! ll 24573, Q iii? 3? iw i 'iggvsi . . .fm Q55 5252-vi? M 14 - 1 -' ' -- " ' "gf 'Y '-'-' - "1 'ff 'fi ' ,M ' 'MQWME 'V K . ' ' ' ',1:.g 1 ,, H1924 flew H Q -M -A' i Page One I-Izmdred Twenty-five iill '-41t fl" l1- vj 'IIP1 se -a zz:-v1- sera -:4 ii l e uis iv-::-,efuss-an.: K' 1 W r l i' l i 1 1 'lf , i t Q i ' , f . Reserve Officers Tmmmg Corps al t September, 1923, marked the beginning of the fourth successful 5' year of R. O. T. C. at Forest Hi, and the most successful year of all. il Under the supervision of Colonel Knabenshue, Captain Fitzpatrick 31 and their assistants, the Dallas R. O. T. C. haS become 0116 of the bCSt 1 military organizations in the State. This is demonstrated by the fact 1 that the Dallas R. O. T, C, was named the honor school for the coming if year and the Sth Corps Area won in the iI1SPCCti0I1- Under M-2j01' R. L. Coleman the Forest Battalion has attained a high. state of cifi- 4 ciency. Y 'll' . . W In Major Coleman we have a man who has Won the admiration of gs the facultv,anrl,stude.nt laqdxrhxr his nnurtern1g,anrl,n-entlemnnlv msmnpr. M K . 4 Sl Q Erratum: Page 126 should have been signed JIM VR KTIS 110 K Muon R, I.. COLEMAN. Dil W ' 'W 34. I i l lg. man of deterfhination and ability has already been proved by the suc- cess of the Hrst R. O. T. C. banquet held at the Jefferson Hotel, and 3 his work at Camp Dallas, 1922 and 1923. 51. It was Major Coleman who conceived the idea of a military band X jf and it was through his efforts that there was established the Forest 2- military band, which is considered one of the best in thc city. The i t band has added much to the work of the corps and has helped greatly X L in the Batallion parades. The American Legion Efficiency Cup, which was offered by the 1 Dallas American Legion for the most efficient battalion in the city, 1' was won by the Forest Unit in 1923. T W gl The VVozencraft prize, a handsome 33100 watch offered by Ex- ll mayor Frank VV. WVoZencraft, for the best individual drilled cadet A in the city of Dallas, was won last year by a. Forest student, Arthur ' Froelich, January, '2-L. MAJOR R. L, COLEMAN L , 1 du l -2- ii M U ii ' W it 11 l is ..,., , , as i Ji' fffi WWW -V ming, f if ffirffw M Y .N V' ' W' , AY Y , , E W f: f vi- F 1-:assures-wee 1n.a-safiifge -its-sr.-rx-all 1924 is:-aa' -za-n z- r esize Page Qne Hundred Twenty-six A ' A :LEl'?'-Z5'l'52illl29455'l'5'iW-1'ci'Ef-'4'l"r"4'g5:"l'4'-?5F'-5'P gillllliir-'-'tl"F-'g'3'l'52"-4'Ili-'2g'B'lP55!i'Il?-1'?.i5"'l'5?F-"s'l'a':1'.IS'll'q55"-15II,'iE -C N , ,, , -1 ,. , , 1. T s li W, -2 ' , Camp Dallas . I . Camp Dallas IS probably the most efficient camp of its kind in 'ff the United States. This is a broad statement, but we believe it. The FF E camp for the Dallas R. O. T. C. units has as fine a camp site, as ef- Q ficient instruction, and as good recreation and discipline as any of Q the government camps, 1 all as Many students attend Camp Dallas annually by the authority and 5 Qi patronage of the VVar Department. The expenses are borne partly M by the cadets themselves, and partly by the school board and by en- -5 thusiastic friends of the R. O. T. C. A This camp was established in E' K 1921 by Colonel Frederick G. Knabenshue, U. S, A. Two companies pix Q of the 9th U. S. Infantry, a machine gun and signal detachment, and my officer and non-commissioned officer instructor personnel, were detailed fi to the camp, and tentage and equipment were furnished by the Eighth tif T Corps Area. The entire military staff of the Dallas High Schools was E 4 used at the camp. The citizens of Lampasas took great interest in the W camp and generously contributed money and ground. The camp is Lf. located in a beautiful grove of trees, with a stream on three sides, 53 1: and a swimming pool within half a mile. The routine was arranged 3 If-J to give some instruction, good games, plenty to eat and sufficient sleep. jj, 5,45 It was a big success. gg Each year Since then has been a greater success and the 1923 E Bt camp was the best, because more recreation had been afforded. The E if greatest, biggest, and most efficient camp is promised for 19244. Al- . J ready the price has 'been cut from 3441.28 to S328 for one month, and that includes everything except the uniform and the incidental ex- rg gg: penses. Meals will be better, always an item of interest. The lower- WA LL ing of the price is largely due to the camp's participation in the Com- 1 ig munity Chest. Q The instruction and practice for several hours daily, with the con- Q 5.06 stant environment of military discipline, equals at least a half-year's if E, course at the high school. X 5 gi: Camp Dallas is attended yearly by many Fbrest students, who 1 5 derive great benefit from the camp training. At the camp the boy has 5 Sf. a wonderful chance to build himself up mentally, physically, and mor- i, ally, and he is better prepared for future work. Last year thirty For- 5111 est students attended the summer camp, and this year a greater num- iw 1-5 ber are expected to attend. MAJOR R. L. COLEMAN ' 36 .BS I 3 lt' ll. e .. :IL 'i:1-::z+2fnas:.f1n-ace.:-asafxiaeaiuis-.22-.m::een 1924 uia2:'.-ni1.:ee.':-a2::-u'1.:+:af:-32:4-IIa:-ze-nissan? Page One Hundred Twenty-seven COMPANY A a I Q 1 4 N 15-.-w i - - . 811- 1-r.gg111 T 113+-' fA--- V- -- --- ---f-f - --- 2 H- - -- E -V V Y- , , ,W ,W , .,,, W ,, I Y, , W ,v ,, , , , ,,,1-,,-,,,, in ,ni ,W ,H ,, ,W ,WW ,Y Y, ir I 1 ,,,- 3 1 W1 :my A 1 1 fr no 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 E Q 1 W M YF' .xc 1 A2 1! ' in W - Ii 44 , rw , g. 1 nn 1 'lf .L 1 W 1 1 t1 W 1 1 3 fri 1 N? 'if uv 1 'V' is I W1 1 'lr 5' . 28 E- H I 1 ' ' ' M RoY BATES lnwix RICII.XRDSON LL ' GILBERT CARTER PNRANK ESTES W QQ 'F' ' fm W an L1 Company A .2 mb 1 Captain Prizzates - fi ,V . , . 1 A Roy Bates - IyC1'IIi1lt knight a First Lieutenant -7- GTQ111 51. J Irwin Richardson fgrcme afmldel' ' Second Lieutenants fames . Gary Q Gilbert Carter glex Smgleton 'Wg Frank Estes aoul- Rosenthal 'qs 1 , Marvin Ford 1 , JL Fwst Sergeant Bvron Sachq 11, VVilla1-fi Morrison Mvru-ion W,a'rle W1 SW-Wants' Henry' Von? liin ' W, Manuel Bloom Robeit Kin T 1 A William 'Ward H , I ,I fo 1 Ethelbert Smith emy "5 E 1: L, Henry Vvren George Lyle ij? Ben Barzune Leon DOZIQI' '1 Joseph Taylor heonard Llplhflll W 1 x Hem-y Ilaib bol B41l'lZ6l' 11 ' Ooggogafqm 582522 ffililfly 33 , a 1 1 e Q 1 L ' 5, Yancy Lindsey Dlalffsl W 1 , Roy Sachs Vlllllam b1IYlIll0llQ 'If ' , Raburn Burke AHCI1 Black 1 1, Paul Harris J-ohn King 5 11 Byron Black Miner Gladden ,Q W , w 1 W 1 i +2- l i 1 'V' .... , , M 1 1 +z1 :.f111 ce'.11-5- :a111S.: -119 :-:111::s-311 159 24 I- 'ff :'f111i':-:ts-11'azs's11:: Page One Hundred Twenty-nine COM PANY B E 1 ' Ss r i I J :al V,T,,.,i5 ig 7 ' ii 'ii' in i 1 A ' 'ir W' 4 i . A . , .V Q " , g e aisazw k I -.'-'-5- Sze:-Gf exzema A-re: asxwaewszxfrr-is-nssxfne-as11-sez:-I-sz-ze...ssveng ' l """" " " ' i' " W T i ml r 5 r 14 'lf U"l 1 l 5 4: il l ja v 1' M M Q li l i t 4 l I! l if l W l 2 al 5 i 'i' 1 7f 1 V5 1 tl l l 5 l 'JT ' M 1 ...el ,.,,,,. , , - - . 'gf . TK' Q PIICIIARD WILKINS Plmalus FOUNTAINE ERNEST NVILKES Gizolcclz Bock V' 1 ' u R 4 hi . l ll , I Company B E Captain l'riz'ates ' l 3. Richard VVilkins Henry Adlel- I Fifrii Li61Lt0'llCL'lL.lf Timothy Akers . , , ,. J S 116111161 rogltcunlk J. R. Benton ' W .lg ecrmc neu enom s ' m Ernest Vvilkes Awhe Bergei SVC George Bock Carl Bennett ! Firxt Sergeant Carrol Barnes BT Cecil Daniels Mack Brown if N , W Sergecmtx Kerlin Bragdon l Q 3 . gedriclcivliore paul Bolyn ' rwin . ac son Q. , Richard Schwartz Monls Cllertkov 2 ,LL l Charles Stampley Fred Coums gf ! ' Orian Thurman George Cromer ll W X2 gr-:guard AfirCl1C Elmer Davis 1 1 6 i ney ramson ' Q1 George Curtis Jean Day l f N ' . Lawrence Fleming l l Uorporals 1' 1 Mori-on Rubin John Faucett , E X L W'ilson Stricklin Tru Fooshee jl E11 Engle . George Fenley " - i - ' ' 4 r' re arner - I ffffiilf Srllfift' F d G 1 VJ Ben Wathen Elmer Heck 3 A fl Q Nathan Harris Eugene Hamiter l 7 I l l al ll fl l is X ,E . il will' . f . ll l 1 zzlfsz - sszsu-agen-I-ssfnueeemsarah- 11 1924 are-e-1+ -za-naar-w.:1-:Quests LJ Page One I-Iundred Thirty-one ll Q 'I an 'I 1 ll ,, w 1 i, ,, Ji ifaia-:lisa-alll'-45:-s 1' :f -passe'resell'asain-zzzelufsz--efnl-zealulsaa-11.2 slr-saw-xaefulssafu M' ' f' J' , ' ' f - -r iii F gg i 2-2' i QQ 3 g ii it l - lla E 'ii' i l 2 A. j ? a t 35 .5 'lf iii Li. ly ? 43 if if if-3' 7 F 9,2 FS Q 'if J iii i 5- 3 RQ : - .LL is Joux SINGIAETON Ju: XYRATIS XVn.I.Lu1 SIXGLETOX I F M , Com an D A , I 11 y 5? Captain Firift Sergeant- I Corpuralx I L. B. Lagow blenn 1lCulllllllIlS Jimmy Collins fi, i First Lieutanants Sergeunls Jack Duckworth in - i 'hm Vfatls Edwin Butters Ravmond Blair ? , Ned Wolins Jack Fair Brfndon H I l 'lf X J Second Lieutemmts Milton Kinne Heihert w John Singleton J. P. Kirkpatrick 1 5 X 5 Bancroft Biggs John lVarner M William Singleton Clay Malin M' ' Douglas Casey ' S3111 Segall 5- .' Llovd Davis Sigmund Segall 'lr il ' V W in il Q 5 1 . Y' Privates ii. ll - Raleigh B1'00kS 'William McDaniel l.ilXVl'CIli'C Cook li. , 1 Jesse Bodifvrd Lewis Forman Fred Harrison il ffl PI'iCC MCCHNY Bob Harper Viillie Ivy W , Ti R0b6l'f V2iS9k ldell Tennison Jarrell Garonzik Qi M " Jack Scott V A Horace Hill Nathan Forman 6 W Q Jack Saunders Marshall Lagow lVilliam Tllomas Q ' L3Hkf01'd Shah' Fred Bethurnm Joseph Horton ' i Ge01'ge WVHSSCH Harvey Hart Robert Bruton .fr , LI Millard MCAl1iStCI' Frank Russell Cecil Floyd , il 1" Fred Poston Harry Shay Teddy Lipman , Q E Alfred Isaacs Leonard Jarrett John Smith '-" ,i'fQ,5f' George Buckmeyer Frank Levine Howard Jones 1 E Harold Foster Harvey Jones Seymour Margules ll- Ii Neil McGowan Jack Morris Robert Ragsdale Wi P i Howard Fink Lonnie Parks Richard 'Watts vig H e if f K ' Ai ' , , , H. . . -- fm " . V - -M at e l f'- H veif'-'e s ' 1924 Zll rfff l a - fv'e2-:i ff-1 Sa'-are-112221121 Page One Hundred Thufty-three COMPANY E .,,. ,..,,,.,, . . .......-.,,b 4 .galwkzefrssrenezae-l's-was 'IIB -1,52221ve:ea-na-:-:'.1l-'.-:s-a-u-s::.4-sr::ss-h.'5:-:'u1.-:Ps1n- .,m,.,,e,-I.g5..,.,v- K 'ar i I 57 , J 1 'ff 1 PB -4- Dil iff 38 Q J. '? 'J Q OLIVER RAIXOR SABIUEL L. Semin Cmnrixci I-lnvi 5 I . Detailed with Co C 2,5 M li! QE Company E TC Captain Privates lm Edward Hicks John Bates :' First Lieutenant William Bmokins Sam Sahel- Charles Barshop J Y , Leon Cohen A becond Lieutenant paul Dillon E Oliver Raino-r Roy Dean 1-,A First Se, eant Max Enkovitch JL ' I1 h C? M J Oliver Fudge . u . oore, r. ,E V g Maurice Rosenfield vu ' be"Qea'nt'9 , Walton Rhodes du W- Ai-IB1gg5 ' Harold Reynolds 'E' 1 J' D' examel VVilliam Scott M Marcus McLean Toe Tmwanella JL , . Oliver Holt bl Sh. I Edgar Huckaby fm fpp .sr ?lZlI1'3Eh'ICI'IjaIlCll3, 3.1 Morris Lewin ' oe I 053195011 5, Carlo Messina edman 'zgflgefd C . . 6111011 IS al' H 1 tigJ:37?I-irnel. I-loivard -Watson 3 Allen Eakins 2331? lzallfallgs J hn Hog J win rig if J ge C01-marlilan rflvinston Wilson .:- James Shepard 'OID Wood 1 Edward Marcus Israel Zietman JL -5 'ff' W r 'F' :ans efnasfffnef-zeIn-S-sznezze-usez:-waged 1924 :large-n-fgzefula-24111.'-waives:-I-:ze-11sms.. ' 'A ' Page One Hnnd1 ed Thirty five 547 'I , 0 IS Dozsq mf fJ + ,F fp if li jQf 7l, lff,f7" J The Music Department of Forest Avenue 'il High School has made more progress this 1? A year than in any year since the school began. lg 1 5 'f "-2771! f There are over three hundred enrolled in the regular classes. Although the enrollment this year is not as large as that of last year, ther classes do better work, because the pupils do not alternate as was the former custom. Th orchestra is one of the best in the eity and the glee club, although it is yet a young organization, has done very good work. The niusie department has assisted in several programs this year. They gave the following p1'ogrznn. l"ehruary PL. in honor of the patrons of the school. Fdlilw K exxxg ff W6 ,I 'I' I I VjI'I'1It'.YfI'!l Haj Grand March-Aida----. --- - UQ Sleigh Ride ..r,....,. -...-- If llIlOl'IlS Greeting to Spring ,.....,,...Y..f.. III lll'l'07lIIIfHIf' Solo My lleart at Thy Sweet Voice ,...... Cab Chl Cal Chl Ador Cal Cbl il 'llrnett .Tones IV Boyx' Ulm' Fluff Far Away in the South. That Old Gang of Mine, V 0 11-11 esfrn - -- - - ---Verdi - - -De Rubertis - - -Strauss -Saint Saens Toreador Songeeecarmen ----.-------------- Bizet Cossaek Revels4Dance Grotesque- - - VI Violin Solo Sarah Abrarnowitz VII Chorus hon -- ----------- .-..-. ---- ----- Tsehaikowsky Botowski VVith Horse and Hound ----- --------- C aldicott Anvil Chorus-Il Trovatore--- Page One Hundred Thirty-six ---Verdi , ......,,..,....-uma., The Qlee Club The Boys, Glee Club eitected a preliminarv organization last vear, hut it was not strong' enough to do efficient Work. The club was re- organized in tl1e fall term of 19253, with ll membership of thirtv-seven. Although it is only a young organization, it is a very' promising one, and it is steadily improving under the direction of Bliss Louise lVilc-ox. The club has done effective work in arousing a real interest in music among boys, who formerly had little interest in the subject. Many boys did not realize that they could sing until they joined the eluh, They like the work and feel that they are well paid for the time spent in practice. Not only do they receive credit for the work. hut they find it is a splendid recreation. The boys have appeared in several programs in assemblies and they assisted in the program at the military vaudeville, A quartet composed of Zedric Moore, .lack Duckworth, Erwin Jackson, and Henry lVren sang at the mid-term commencement exercises at Cedar Lawn School, Zedric Moore appeared as soloist on one program at the Open Forum. The members are: First Tenor Second Tenor l"ir.vl Bass Second Bum Alvin Birdwell Henry Wren Clyde Norman Erwin Jackson Louis Glauberg Edward Mareu Bob Reed Zedrie Moore Henry Adams YVillard Morrison Melville Brown Carlos Kruegel Jack Sanders 5 C. L. Webb John Crist Ray Tosch I.. B. VVeaver W'illiam Barron George Haas Fred Haas James Lee Marion WVagley David Dye Jack Duckworth W'illium Richardson John Cooper Oliver Holt Page Om' Ilzanzflrcd Tl1irty-.veverg ORCHESTRA .fgIl'?1Z8lll52-'fell'?4'ZlE,'1l'e'?5'21'E'iF4'l".-L4 'l'ESH'l'a"43-BIIIE '-12-tlu-"4Zi'.'I'25-Er'-1'lla":3B'llS'E?2's'llkiill' ..:'-."'lf-'s'?.'IlE- 2-fl" 'if T T 1' fi- St if -2. The Orchestra l'he orchestra of Iforest Avenue Hlgh School was organlzed in 1920 Wltll ten members, under the dlrectlon of LKIISS LOUISE W1lCOX Its mem berslup has lncreased year by vear untll there are now forty members Ihe organlzatlon has become one of the most promlnent and attrac tlVC features of the school llfe both to tl1e members who profit by the dally rehear als and to the entlre school, as the orchestra frequently plays for assembhes and for other programs of the school They have recelved the fasorable commendatxon of all vho have heard them play this vear They have asslsted ln entertalnments at the Clty Hall the Bamboo Garden lll the Adolphus Hotel the I agow School, and the Melba fheatre Thev hfue lurnlshed muslc for the Ifrtln Play the Senlor Plavs, the two Senlor Commencement EXCTCISSS, the Fun Frohc, the Communltv Cbnstmas Tree seweral assembhes and manv other enter talnments The money made bv the orchestra -mt entertalnments IS used to buv new musxc and instruments Sex eral new lnstruments have been lJOLlg'l1t th1S vefu and loaned to pupuls 'Ihe orchestra has glven several soclal aflalrs, and has attended the concerts f the Dallas Qvmphony Orchestra and the Kansas C1tV T lttle qvmphonv Orchestra Phe members of thc orchestrl are L1 Qt Vzolms Q nah Abramowltl Irwin Bel en helm L Goldsmith llllldll Cleen lelmfm Brounofl' D m H mcocl l ull lung Hus ey F r mk lllC'Cd.IIllIl0l'l Qlxfford Ohlson Bc lfllfe Pearl er ltuth Vt alker 51 1 ond T zolms I Lullne Xgnew li me L lxotnlskw lcssxe Lwmg Ir IS Fmc Roslyn Croldsmlth M Lrshall Lagow 'VI Irv Perkins l ll Sh m nro I nnest Nlxlle C orvwts Frank CIOW Frances Fuqua Bob H1 per Robert Vlullen l ldon blucl elforo. Fla l hllllldllli A H0 l 'ur u-nc e lglll roughs Yr zfzplmnr s I IH lence Cool 'VI xx Vt X ll Ron xld 1i001lJaC k C ella I ful lohnson 1 rombones Flxuett lones hllllllll Sulln an s T101 L Hemy 'ldlel 1 nba W llter Lwell lhums flmmets I los d Case H 1 el QJIOHICI I uno Ruby Boxxlrmn Imdfm lung' 9 f'-I U '-1 9'-'ll'-' 4 'Jill' rl -'ull'-' in nn'-fi' nl 2v"ll Page One Hmzdz ed Thwty nzne 'fr - - , tfllblwgfi LCOZICW 7 .lolm ltugsell vnu-up wr 'EI-2-2-'sflfse-fum-ceflsfzfzzu ee-lla,-in-sell 1924 na:-as 1.-genes-6 k-2 ras-.n...f1.wa -. .. The gymnasium department is in splendid condition, and is increas- ing steadily in daily enrollment and efficiency. The activities are many and varied. Athletic tournaments in volley ball, baseball, and tennis have discovered some fine players. Stunt squads under elected captains have tested their strength and ability on the mats, ropes, stall bars, parallel bars. and other apparatus. Gymnastic exercises for posture, development, correction and coordination have been given their share of attention+posture being observed in all activities. Folk, character, and national dances have been enjoyed by the girls, This year a point system has been worked out, giving the girls points for excellence in different forms of gymnasium work, the girl getting the most points being awarded a small loving cup in recognition of her effort and attainment. Points are awarded on the following: health and attendance, posture, Qfij hygiene, neatness, C5.j athletics fvolley ball, baseball or tennisj, gymnastics Cexercises, stunt, and dancingj. Points may bc forfeited at any time for failing to be in gymnasium in class, ignoring school and department regula- tions conccrning lockers, locker rooms, corridors, and signals, Nothing helps more than physical education, in its various forms, to develop the valuable qualities of team work, fair play, generosity, courage, initiative, and judgment. The g'i1'1S tllernselves organize and manage their teams and squads. The demonstration this year linked together all gymnasium activities under the title, "The Signs of the Timesf, It presented the American girl of the long past in her limited opportunities for development and wholesome amusement in the out-of-doors, the girl of today in her hap- py, active, healthful occupations, and foretold the universality of the gymnasium girl of the future with her health, beauty, womanliness, and efficiency. Page One Hundred Forty XOI,l.l'ZY BALI. TR. BASEBAI ,L TE A M Page One Hundred Forty-one Page Om' Hundred Forty-two "GYM DEMQ' 1923 i N N V v ... -EQ 1 F 1 E W w 'I x W: 3 1 1 M , I ' II 3 1 1 1 1 M ,, 1, i ! , 1 , , , 4 M 7 1 Y- f, YA- - V .Y W V W .. , Y-1, .A,,, M 'Y .V Y..., ,. , .. ., , V A.. ,Y Y. .l i if N M f l + 15 m y il lf '- gp' Q!! . s w ji Nw! -1 N , f W S J 5 5 51 15 f T ar i f ' i ! fi x x ' N i s ,I I 1 4 M gg , I g ? ' N .. ll 2 W J ' N, I 3 . 1 1 4 'fi 1 ! l 35 1+ f 1' " 'f X ' 5 f m a VS ., Us E H ' m f? W gg if f ,K ii w i xx! ,- ' -'5 ! ". N i ' 3 gh Q! la E1 n h? , , gi U 5 Tc uf , ? W W 5 l if I N , , - EM M ' . ,, , N m., 5 l l' V .T ?i:"k'i' , ! A' ' f W""'f' W "'T1"' fWwv'Q MRT 'y i- , g ai?4a?, ?1i :" ' " '3"' gE"" "" ' A 19 4 , - ' K- M k h Page One Hzmrlred Forty-thf'0v ' p s 5 . ' A PE- i s-+1 7 5 ' . as a-as F li 1 .ij it HQ D P' M 5? ym Cm , ay II, 1923 W , Part I, 5 i i Ml1SiC --------- -. -------- -- ------------- High School Orchestra N 1. lvand Drill 3. Reed and VVand Drill 5. Dumb-bell Drill .X A 2. Tennis Drill A. Free Hand Drill 6. Marching Drill Q 'ff 1 STUNTS N A 1 'U' E' DF111CC--- ---- -----N------.---.-.... -. .... Phyllis Borkon Q High School Urchestra ' , JL , . Part II. E Dance Presentation of Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tale S12 -'THE GARDEN OF PARADISE' Q2 '5 I Act I--The "Fun Frolicn .5 pil 4. Nymphs 6. Bears ' 2. .Elves 'Q' 5. VVitches 1. Shadows 3. Brownies tg: as Act If--The Cave of the Winds A lg 1. North VYind 2. lVest VVind 3. South Wind 4. East Wind Ji. Q .fm III-The Fairy Garden 'F 53. 1. Dawn 8. Rainbow 14. Violets W 35 2. Birds Awake 9. Breezes 15. Roses 5 Q 3. Shepherd's Pipe 10. Heralds 16. Nymph and Bleeding Sta fix 4. Daisy Chains 11. Dance of Heart -3 N 5. Song of the Robin the Maidens 17. A Rose Among Thorns ag fi- 6. Dew Fairy 12. Cupid 18. Butterflies K, 7. Sunbeams 13. Poppies 19. Prince and Princess ' ,lil 20. Imp 4'-TI IV--The Awakening 1 gg Scene: Forest of Act I. mi 'ff tr W W' du 1 HG an 'W f- ym Dem , May 2, 1924 1 V 5 "SIGNS OF THE TIMESH tw f Act I-America 5 - nc e eve s ua ri e i 'if Scene II: From Man Lands W vu . Y . . gig 1. Scotland 5. Spain 9. Russia lf-U ig 2. Sweden 6. China 10. Czecho-Slovakia 5 51" 3. Denmark Y 7. Ireland 11. Gypsies ig- 4. Poland 8. Norway 12. Japan as Act II-The American Girl 1 i- Scene I: Days of Long Ago N M "Gossip" , Scene Il: 'APep,' li? 1. Tactics 4. Field and Track 7. Stunts ig 2. Corrective Exercise 5. Baseball 8. Dancing . . il 3. Swimming 6. Tennis Clj Farmerettes V Q25 Debutantes it . W ' i A s - i YY .-, lf. ... .,,. ,.aQffi ., T ffm' Diff' . 'W V -1 Y F 7 V ' Wi 'YYS fr 'WW :flag s - s f ssi iafflefgsii Q9 241 ierfs'v-e v'-if i l lf r-ff" Page One Hundred F arty-four EE HOME Domestic Science The main purpose of the course in domestic seicnce is to inspire the girls with a love for the cooking of food, the correct nourishment of the body, and to teach them to regard cooking as an art as well as a science. The work is made as practical as possible, and it includes the preparation of dishes that are used in every-day life. Although great stress is put upon the practical, it does not mean that emphasis is not put upon the daintiness and attractiveness that may be developed in the practical every-day work of the kitchen. The cost and food values of the various foods are compared and discussed. Every lesson is a careful demonstration of "what to do, how to do it. and why it is donef' Owen Meredith has written: "O hour of all hours, the most blessid upon earth, Blessed hour of our dinners I" 'We may live without music, poetry, and art, XVe may live without conscience, and live without heartg lVe may live without friends, we may live without books, But civilized men cannot live without cooks. Domestic Arc The most important functions of the home economics courses are to give to the high schools a proper understanding of economic and artistic standards, to develop judgment, and to further the careful and wise expenditures of the money for which they are responsible, Through a knowledge of textiles and an appreciation of :1 correct ap- portionment of her clothing allowance, the domestic art girl learns to became a wise spender. The skill she has acquired in sewing gives her an Opportunity to express her individuality, In her efforts to apply art principles to dress she finds that the study of the relation to line and form, color and composition in dress, opens to the student delightful pos- sibilities of enjoyable achievements which are far superior to the un- reasoning imitation of prevailing fashions. After having learned to value that which is true and beautiful, she can, as the poet so well expressed it, dress to make herself attractive without making puffs and curls her chief deligglit. Page One Himdied forty jioe Home Economics FIIHSHMAN CLASS Page One Hzmdred Forty-si.1' SOPHOMORE CLASS Home Economics J UXIOR, CLASS f SENIOR CLASS Page One Hznzdrcd Forty-sever: Rx my 1 Nwxlwi N km - f 7- lnmmuls Z 'gd 4 'Q' QU f 1 ff! Z , Iii. X A F- 'X - ' . Q l Jia- Q " 1 'ext 'vylf W ' X t! 5-'-':1f'x3vx ff Q 11,7 Qi "f",,f , f' TY , ,' A 2 V .' 5 'Z . f W W 'S UMM 'Qrllllllx N . XX J X j f fi tl t The Art Department of Forest Avenue High School has a, two-fold purpose: to foster in all students of the department a greater apprecia- tion of real art, and to develop as much as possible those students who have artistic ability. The course of study for this year has been very interesting and varied, including house planning, interior decorating, designing, pen and ink work, sketching from life, painting and craft work. In addition to this, the department has been studying the history of modern art, so that the Students may better appreciate its true value. The Art Department has done Valuable work for the school activi- ties by designing posters for :'Book VVeek,U the Latin play, and thc Senior Play. At Christmas time the department had a bazaar for the sale of Christmas gifts, which was Very successful. All of the articles exhibited for sale were made by the students. The art work in the Forester and the Annual is Worthy of high com- mendation. The Forester covers have been highly praised by engravers and printers, and the work in the Annual is of a high standard and compares most favorably with that in any other high school annual. The art editors were Otis Dozier and Thetis Lemmon. Otis Dozier designed the cover, and Thetis Lemmon did much of the pen and ink work. The editors were ably assisted by Joseph Malone and Gladys Harris. The Annual Staff and the art editors wish to acknowledge the courte- sy of the Dalhi Annual Staff in granting them the use of their border cut, The border was designed by J. O. Mahoney. Page One Hundred Forty-eight N w vw W X J X ffff?'T"'7TWMGW'gW ywwmmw, Q f Q f Qf,,fiiiww'1fW Www XXX 5 XX X 7 WK ffffaunmsmwff ff fm f A My IHWWMXWMW WMM W 3 fx an X A I U N Mfmfnw mi Mm 7 Wf 123 1 X f Nm ffslxllvwjlg jk Hui X S, nwhlm gm QQIKWKXNXXXW NVQ! X K MIN ' , ! mMMi Q aWffWWW QZEWZZEK X NX f f W' 17 ? Qfffymmw 15,4 3 W X X if M X X f X ff! x 1 ff V 1 H ml iff! C9 .J ..--.5 xg may 5 wwf 1:- ! +?gQ1'gflf!g ff? V! L M inf ffflffif f M ft f ff 'N sw W 1 N , JUNGLE v 5 0 XQ WIUIIRXWZW B!'V4K5IIA 'ff m X Sw wg ,RX ,H s N xxx! 1gXmu1r,., M . U 1,51-QW wi Ipiwfmx XM vXX,. XX jg ' ,X-u X :N X I ,ic , ?Xf,x X X 1 ff N NWI yu.: if A A X l, M I 'V ' WU 5 ff fs! X if" if xi gumli ,fjf ' ff ,ff ' af f, .1 QW X Qui ,E--Q-ff' ---- f if ,N 'f f - mf ln L X0 ' . X ' H 'AN MU-W X f ,, , I Aww V ' 1, X f 1 W' i I ' N: f' X f If ,Nur I X g I f?Qlj'.J,' vgfgf, ' X X X R V I! , ,X fx 17,1-'EU 4145 A - 1" A N ff ' W mf e 2 yXX!l7!f X,jf XQVXL XXXX X -.i w MWdf!:',..f..,nnnjnX.u.i'- ,XXX XfX X X X lxyh f X X w :f XfX X XX,,, IW 1 X1q.X X X Q 1 f ' 6 I ' wmv .JJ M., ' ff ff 1 1 ' A 3 X X ,yy XX X A !1,u LR WQXJXNX 1X,X X 'XXVW' 5. XX XXIX HUX 6 ' ' X fnw"lN W W 7 "".'Wf , Q , fly W N ,Aw w 0 - 1 W, A' J , N f X NX X " ' fvrwokx S-4 fl ' r. 'I "X, K ' ' ' - ' xv ff" 'Y Ny , .' J, E N X X L x ii --T: F 'I X jf X X,X Q JI ' X l ffl X fifif xx x x'f-'fi ' if ff' iff ,Q , 4 V' f lf , V X 5 VX 1 ' In W' i 4 N X X X XXL, 5 K 5 W Q YV ' 4 1 A V: 9-' 1 ng .1 1 Q X-A V, ,, Q 1- 1 ,X XXJ. 5 f X T -5 '- 'I N 6 412' 7" S ' , X 35 Q XXX TX 1 - Q. - XX K iq , 1, , A , N '," , ,nhgm yew -. " 1 , N 4534.-if, , f" , 255 Vflls- , . ,f'2 i1 -3 . gl.: Qu,-: Si? ui, ,, fix, 4 ' I ,!?gX"'f "aff ,f ,fi ' 7ii, 1 Qi ,f' ,i5LiF..f . , , , " Y , :fi X? ,I ffl , , ffgg XX 5 :X A g f ' ' 'TL 'X' N xi ,,f -- ,, f . V ,- ,, A ,, ,g,,, , , ,f .Lx-VM X, X Mn.. .-.M Xl, f Vf M m N wfxf?fx, W e . X iff - f, lf' If f . ' X ' X Xi if X. e X wx ff' 'V x 1 I K h I "C - V V- . ' .. 5-TLJFKKQUSEQUIRQG-llE3w E?-74rIn-2-1 ipggagrp'-,gg-3q,gg,v,.g.,f:gg.p -41.P: flvS5.'FE'I'z"F?S'l'53-':'a'vv':1'5?,fln5-52541: r ' S , f me ' 1 'F' E Q gg, School Year f gig September 17-School opened 1923 '5 September 21-Opening assembly. Judge Wallace spoke on "The Constitution ag of the United States." 5 is September 26-Align assembly-Speaker, Mr. Allen of the law firm of Allen and Nl W October 2-Pep assgmbly. lg fm October 5-Forest-Celeste football game. is ri October 10-"Forester', assembly. ,QL M October 12-Forest-Terrell football game. ' I Ji, October 17'-Lion's Club assembly. A 5? October 19-Holiday. Children's day at the State Fair. W October I9-Forest-McKinney football game. 3' -h Octvber' 2.4-"Forester'i assembly. gg 5 October 26-Forest-Forney football game. ll, qu November I-Assemblv. Dr. Kimball s oke on "The Most ' W F' N! . P Foolish of All J, Things." ag ,F November 2-Forest-Sherman football game. nh 3,1 November 8-lgooli week assembly. Rabbi Lefkowitz spoke on "The Value of fi oo sf' M ' fi Nobember 9-Forest-North Dallas football game. U Ne November 12-Beginning of "Book VVeekf' :li November 15-Assembly. Bishop Freeman of Washington, D. C., speaker. W .ir November 20---Assimbly. Dr. G. VV. Truett, pastor of First Baptist Church, Q spea er. ' November 23-Pep assembly. rm E' November 24..Forest-Oak Cliff football game. November 28-School classes turned out for Thanksgiving holidays. f L. November 29--Holiday. A f November 30-Holiday. 1 - 35 December 1-Forest-Bryan football game. 1 Q-1 December 3-Hi-Scholarship assembly in which Mr. R. C. Foreman, head of 'I n M the Public Speaking Department of T. W. C., spoke on "The ,L-, ,L D b lifvelopment of the Short Story." l l E, ecem er ,ZI- usic assembly. W 1f December 17'-Assemblv for the Fun Frolic. 1 w , December 20-Forest Fun Frolic. lvl 3 5 December 21-Christmas assembly. "A Christmans Carol," by Charles Dick- E ens, presented by the members of the Hi-Scholarship Club. 3 ,y 'N' l 1924- W N s- W M .Tan-uary 2-Christmas holidays close. a 'W January 4-Senior assembly. , -gf January 4-Assembly. Mr, J. H. McGinnis, Professor of English at S. M. U. 1 , 1 PT J 0 Zpoke on "What Are the Arts, and VVhat Are They Good For?" I ! N anuary 1 -" o to College" assemblv. ' it January 11-"Chimmie's," or Mr. McFadden's, assembly. l ' January 11-Presentation of "The Charm School," by January graduating class. ! .Ianuary 24-lgorest-Bryan basket ball game. 'N .I ' .anuary 29. orest-Oak Cliff basket ball game. JL l 17. January 30-Forest-North Dallas basket ball game. W February 5--"Annual" assembly--basket ball: Forest vs. North Dallas. A 5 February 12'-Journalism assembly-basket ball: Forest vs. Oak Cliff. I M February 13--Basket ball: Forest vs. Oak Cliff. yl l February 21-Salesmanship assembly. ' E is February 22-E. T, banquet, Jefferson Hotel 11, T , as et ba 1: Forest vs. Jones High. 5 B5 February 23--Basket ball: Forest vs. Central High. i f Q Forest vs. Canton High. " f on February 27'-Grand Opera assembly. v i M March 4-Senior Party at White Rock. . iii? ygarcg ig-Slexholariliip fassegibly. . l 'y arc -- ssem y or ir s. 1 W March 14-Public Speaking assembly l I Q l 1.3 J .O . li " El :ar rasallrxserl-aaa:-asses :ful-:serv 1924 I.,-iq.,-..t-,,g.:,,::,-5-.,.gg...s,s,g-.3 524,33 Page One Hundred Forty-rmze rar rvsvmxsvaxsrnnsgu-- - i ss. , s ..s ... . . . . ii I-A e as M A +A or 7 no A Q ll' 2i ll ' 'N l 4 5 .g..1 ii 1 l 1 'i ll ' ii March 20--Trade assembly, and presentation of Red Cross Certificates. l l, March 28-City Declamation Contestg Senior Party. V AV I ll March 2.9-Senior Skating Party. , April 1...School Tennis Tournament VVeek. V X W 1 April 2-Forest girls and boys win City Finals in Debating. ly f l April 3-Band assembly. a M V up V , ' i f A ril 4-First Latin League Tournament of Texas held in Forest 'Avenue Highj M W , P , .5 . School. Basket ball: Forest vs. Waxahachie. 1 Y ' ' m April 11-Basket ball: Forest vs. Rockwall. I V 'lf' -fl: April 14-"Victory" assembly, Victory of Girls debating at New Orleans. tw 'ff' April 15-Basket ball: Forest vs.'North Dallas. . 9 X W April 18-Crack Companies of Dallas High Schools compete for honors. M . District Debate. M1 April 19-+Distrct Declamation and Girls' Tennis Tournament. Forest won in if Jig both. I A ml .E April Z2f7Baseball: Forest vs. Oak Cliff. :- W April"25-Senior assemb1y,'Senior Day. m Q April 26'-Senior Play. ,Qi April 29-Bssebsu: Forest vs. North Dallas. Q -W- 5 X Moy 6fBaseba1l: Forest vs. Oak Cliff. h Q p V .- K'-,id -f May '9HBasebal.l: Forest vs. Bryan. - - ' V Q ' E X . May 25-Senior Baccalaureate exercises at First Baptist Church. M E May 28-Senior Graduation. v ' V ' V ' May 30-Schorol.Closed. ' .. . . Q' Tr . Ji- W W 3, --A s iw , . Ni ' Q Roy Bates-Did-you hear about the circus being unable to give a performance? - , A Vera Armor-No, why? 4 JL R. B.-The cook left the coffee outside and the elephant swallowed the grounds., l . , v ix I 1 Babe Ruth was a hack driver before henbecame a ball player. That's where hee W 1 l xii got -his experience making long drives. Q - M ' - 'V W W Yates Phillips-My girl is very musicallg she has a sharp tongue, flat nose, and 4 Ig J- natural voice. - 7 ' ' " . " . . . ' Q - W' ig Henry Peters-Why is a proud girl like a music box? 'sf E' Taylor Bo cl-Because she is full' of airsl ' L 5. - 9. . . , , Tr 'il' c ' ' v . E IQ John Binforcl-Do you know why your head isn't red? ai George Bock-No.. . . . - V . 6 J. B.-Because ivory won't rust. . M l 1 v , X 1 'E David Due-What side of the cow do you sit on to milk? ', r . , 'if i s Dom Hcmooclo-I don't know- - 1 El D. D.-The outside of course. ' - - .- 1 3 3 i wi vi . V - . . at e, Isaclore Sura'vitz..Father has a medal for running, a cup for swimming, a ll ul gold watch for rowing and a diamond for boxing. ' M y Albert Brown-VVhere did he get it all? 1' gi l -all I. S.-He runs a hock shop. ' ' 1 ' 5? If 'if ll ll " . li il lx! LeRoy Riddell-When you went to schoolQ did you take algebra?A K I ' J. W. Turner-I was exposed to it, but I never took it. , , lli gi wi ll . . . . si ll . ,. A it is ii ' Fl f ' ' '- - ' 'l i s 1 Q A i n K, ' B. Il -. ' ii i: Qi -gli ii i gig 'fl sm i lls lw tl Mn., - 5 ' lv 'Ji ' 2 ---W- -W A-W -ff- - W- ---- f - V j ' ' " "'o""" "r" WM U"-"r" 5' i i l f '-'s i 519244 li fi f e-Isfleeaf r Pag 6 One Hundred Fifty " ' ' ' ' ll . ,,,l ligaaiarsaaiiseen-as S-af-:in-:z if A -ness.-'ii 'I at 1 53411 a iu-5-s is:-.eras--:a" i ts ' H - l l anuar '2 Kid Part li i The, January ,241 Graduating Class was entertained with 3 "Kid Party at the home of Doris Cameron, a member of the class. The i refreshments and program were very appropriate. i'All day suckers," 1 1' punch, and animal cakes were served, and the Seniors played "Droll, l i" the Handkerchieff' "Clap in, Clap out," and "Spin the Platef' I li The guests were asked to guess how many beans there were in a large i bowl filled with beans. The guesses were amusing indeed. Miss Lillie M Simmons won first prize, and Miss Rowe recieved the "booby'y prize. Ji. I The girls' favors were cards with young ladies painted on them, and the if boys' favors were cards with young gentlemen on them, R h The dlgggiilfied seniors thoroughly enjoyed t.heir return to the joys of , Q appy ci ood. l JUNE :ai ACTIVITIES , 3. The June '2-1 Graduating Class of Forest Avenue Hi h School If has given a series of enjoyable and appropriate entertainment? through- out the school year. In December, 1923, the IV-B Senior Class gave l x!! the annual Senior Dance. Due to poor advertisement, the dance was ,5 55 not a pronounced success. The wiener roast held March 4, at White I Rock, produced more favorable results. A fair representation of the 1 l class spent a pleasant Saturday evening enjoying the breezes of White -A Rock, made more delightful by the inviting odor of the roasting wieners. as The number of boys was relatively small compared to that of the girls, JL' but the lack of numbers was entirely compensated by the quality of those Q present, the girls serving as excellent substitutes for those absent. Fri- 'J day night March 241, the program committee entertained the class with a ,N masquerade party held at the home of Marguerite Lawrence, a member Il i 5 of the senior class. Many types of costumes were in evidence among the throng, but the Spanish greatly predominated. Leon Alexander 11' in the costume of a Spanish "sheik,,' won first prize for the boys, and like Hazel Ruth Clark, a former student of Forest High, had the distinc- -f- tion of being the best costumed girl present. ParkOn the following morning, there was a skating party at Gardner P IOnTilElaster Sunday, an Easter-egg hunt was given at Tenisonis ,1 ar i. e seniors for the afternoon for ot their di nit in the rush for the eggs. Monday, April 21, there werg two very injdfyable parties of M the senior class. In the morning there was a sunrise picnic, which had a larger attendance than any other social event. In the evening the , seniors had a moonlight picnic at Bachman's Dam. ' l i f POPULARITY CONTEST The Annual Popularity Contest of 192-lf, sponsored by the Annual l f Staff, began February 19, and closed February 29. The contest. was a fi great success, and far surpassed the hopes of the staff, John Estes, who has a spendid record in athletics and scholarship, ,xl received the majority of the votes for the most popular boy, he hav- ing received more votes than those of all the other contestants com- in bined. J. B. Mann took second place. The girls' contest was much closer. Frances Blair, editor-in-chief al of the "Forester,,' secretary of the Senior Class, and vice-president of 1? 5 the High Scholarship Club, was voted the most popular girl. The near- f' est competitor was Helen Lynch. if ignwwrwn Vyyknlrr Y ,,,,,, WWW Y VYYMA 'WWA Vygu WV AYA, K W ' . - -2- " ff' 'H '-- ""e' -Z---- - - --- ---- --'- f-'-- -f - 'i.iLT,..,........' "' "'.l.gL..?.1.?:.i1:1T"1,u,,4L' 1' 11 i ffsfi i i 51924 1 'i fiesa-ifaz iieg agiss ' ' ' Page One Hzmdz ed Izfty one P '2.'4f'r:'2w f f '-54. 4 0212 -rl 'I - 0 11 6 3 -'A' 1- ' ' --N' 'f' --tf -, f'f"-L- f,.Yx if.-Aw. .,.AY ,, . .4,,,,, : ,,,Y Y,,',-,-,,,.,,,,7.-A:-Y,-,-, ,,,,,,,,L'L,.,,-A,k,,Y -g , vk'h" f V E f ,El Most Popular Boy i f mi 4:1 I W T F- -Q 1 Q ff if L Qc 'JT E .N W' T 5 fx' - 'E K , J v 51 , f 35 1 LE zx li J 5 M W '53 x ,i T? i 03' r i1 K ' Es '5 3, JOHN CLAUDE ESTES ' W W ' E V M i k 19 Page One Hundred Fzfty-two A -ll- c I rw "8 I I I - 'i"fl' -- - 1 Y f V f-4 7 - -T H- f- J- 7 ' f--- - - -7 V 'V ' 7' """""""i' " '7"'f'IfT1IZ+" """"""'?' I . vtfvff' iq? A " 1 I 'III II IIA? II II Most Popular Girl II I I II II III II I I I I I I I I ,I II I Il III II 'I II MARY FRANCES BLAIR ' I I I I I III I I I . I I I I I I QII -I I I I I I 'I I ' I I II I I !! I II I EI .I I, IYLI gi f IE 1 If I I II I I II I 'I I III, ,I I I , I I ' I I 'V I f f II ? II I I II IIEQII 51.63. I III L in Ig? I III Ii 'I II IM,I II I I I I I I I I I I I , , V V W Iw i ' 44549, ' J, gf- "- " W.- , -'awp-A-M V x ' . rig.. W J , ' " "" IIES SS II'-QI' 1924 'I'-I-frf I'f fIIIf'2f-'IES - - A Q Page One Hundred Fifty-three g seirs nf-z ea ax fu -ta fu- is- -i ts- :sw-az i s n l 'I i f i ll in All l ll Dramatics l l W it I f007lLi'll'll0Cl from page 85j , l -'TP p ' ml Q rt -fri-ia ROMAN SCHOOL' 3 l M' "The Roman School" is a play of the olden times, when the Board of Edu- i l l cation met every Friday afternoon at the school house, and the children had - l s ellinvf matches, held debates, and sang son The teachers were very strict, tw W P e Z , M Ju and es Jeciall hard on the mupils who were tard to school. Poor little Dan ' A l Y l Y l lf, fig Hancock received a terrible chastisement from his dear teacher for being tardy. -5- N1 Willard Barr and Edwin Ernest debated, and the judges awarded the prize to ' Willard , Barr. km -fr The cast of characters: 5- lm Magister ........,.........,.....,.,..........,.,...........................,..................,.,......,................ Rachel Ball M - Servi ......,......,.. Maurice Rosenfield, Robert Vasek, Frank Levine, James Massey, IT, p Cecile Floyd, and Marguerite Bartlett N1 Pedagogi ................ L. C. Webb, Erna Lorenz, Charlotte Halotik, and Louis Lazarus JL Aulus Licinius Archias ....... ,..... ,.................. ..,....,..............,..........,........i. K a t hleen Frazier W - ilu ? Gaius Licinius Crassus. ......... .. ........,...............,......,.......,...........,,..............,.... Claire Flood 5 .IAS Publius Licinius Crassusn ,,.... .......,.,...............,............,.,............,.,..........i. H elen Beeman HP in Dicipuli ........ Willard Barr, Sam Thompson, Dan Hancock, Byron Sachs, Edwin 'Q -5- Ernest, Donald Phares, Henriette Fechenbach, Virginia Wyatt, Flossie in Mae Day, Dorothy Metzler, Mamie Grace Fenley, Minnie Shtofman, N1 Beatrice Sachs, Clara Mae Pollard and Mildred Lewin In fi Cantores.a..iSilyy gplivenheimer, Marie Louise Stubbs, Mary Gaines, Ruth Hearon, im V' an ouise is ey -5 E Prgcul ,,,,,4,,,.,, ,,,,,r, Rqlibevi-xt Iieiirtkjlesi, Salman Bmunotf, Godcheaux Levi, Seymour Q ' Margu es, an . . c ei . JL 9.1 4 gf "THE CRESTHA CAPERS OF '23" xl E " ' - ha Ca Jers of '23" consisted of a play "An Egyptian R0lH3l1CC,', W Q. I 'lhe Crest 1 . . I , my with song and dance SPCClaltlCS interspersed. M 'Q ' The play is a story of a discontented Egyptian princess five thousand years CTI ago. There was nothing that pleased her nor anything that satisfied her many 11' wants. One day a prophetess came to her, and asked her what she wished. as ? The princess told her that she wanted to be satisfied, and would do anything .E Eg to accomplish her wish. The prophetess gave her a vial containing a power- M do 1 ful drug. After drinking the potion the princess fell asleep. Thinking that JL 'L she was dead the ieo le re ared her bodv for burial, and laced it in a -is , I P P P . P . museum in Cairo. In 1922, a young American going through the museum w J' decided to bu the mumm' of this beautiful E tian Jrincess. He took it , Y Y SYP I l I s, to his home in New York. The mummy had been in his home tor some time, 5 gl when one night she began to speak, and asked where she was and why she was ji there. She told the young man that she had taken a drug, which had not 5 killed her but had made her slee these many vears. The rincess and the '? v P s v P 'lf young American fell in love, and as all. such love stories end, they were mar- FUJ ried, and lived happily ever after. Q W I-51 The cast of characters: 53,1 gn Princess Berseh-Beni-Hassen .......................,...............,..,...,..,..,....... Marie Kynerd ,Elf Dancing Girls ,..........,....,.. Adelyne Rowe, Dorothy Rinehart, and Helen Lynch 'W Poet of "The Bedouin Song" ............,..... ....................,........................ D orotliy Scott , QS W Jewel Bearer ..,....,..,,........,.,.........,.,......,,... ...............,................,.......,...... N ellye Green W ,E ' Singer '4Kashrniri Songu .......,,......,..................................,.,....................... Rutll Read , ' l, Instructor in University of Cairo .,....,,..,................................. Dorothy McFarland . nn University Students ............ Margaret Hunt, Lillian Collins, Catherine Hill. 5 . .rt Nellye Green, Katherine Bryarly g EF Richard Carson, wealthy American 'Connoisseur ,.,............ ............. . .Allen Peoples 205 Guide ..,.,.,,,,.,.,,,,.,,,..,,....,,,...,,,,,..,..,,,.,....,.,,..,.,.........,,,...,,.........,,,................ Helen Lynch W ,Q ivene Carson, Dick's sister ...,........................,..... ................................. R utl'l Read .5 W f-it Guests ...,..,,.... Mrs. W. L. Cox, Jr., Helen Lynch, Nellye Green,Adelyne Rowe, , 541 Maigaret Hunt, Lillian Collins, Dorothy Scott, Josephine Read, and L Cat erine Hill A W , w at SLP W1 l L9 --- e 'i ii ,,.. .. .. l 5:I-szsmaszsw::eefn-se::1r1t2es1a-esxfllxeeil i 1 , alll,-gall ant.-. ia-.-I-if-:ei-as-fl1,. Page One Hundred Fifty-four ii fi m Ji 'fr E '61 " I Advantages of a Lzbrary Continued fiom page 93 15 mtelhgent enough to know h1S own ignorance I'here IS no short and rosy ta1n 'VIan shall l10t live by bread alone That one sentence IS v1brant w1th xneamng Let us 1eal11e the vast p0SSlbl1t16S 1n books Let us accept them as our friends One parting thought I wi h to leave These are books of the hour and books for all tlmes Our mtellectual capaclty IS l1m1ted If we crowd our minds Wlth the hght and frlvolous trflsh the1e Wlll be no room for the good and the beautiful but 1f We assoc1ate ourselves w1th good llterature of d1ii'erent ages and different people o11r mmds Wlll become iilled with these great and beaut1ful thoughts and as our mlnds develop and become filled with these thoughts, and are purified so w1ll our llV6S become broader nobler and more beautiful INEEI WARFIELD Ruth Rhemlander thinks that a catalytlc agent IS a man that sells sewlng machmes Wlllard Barr told me that slmultaneous quadrat1cs were four footed an1 mals found ln the Sahara Desert Helen L Can a man love two women at the same t1me'J I. B. M.-Not if they find it out. Miss Rowe-What is the diference between a vision and a sight?, Tohn E.--Call a woman a vision and you Hatter her but be sure and never call her a sight. A Gym. Teacher-fto girlsj I ots of girls use dumb-bells to get color in their cheeks. Bright One--Yes and lots of girls use color on their cheeks to get dumb- bells. I Some people think a fire escape is found in a chimney. Mr. Moore-Cexpelling moisture in test tube by heating with gas ilamej Another way to expel the moisture would be to pass hot air through it. Absent Minded Student-Let Dave Wolfe talk to it. V . Ruth Rheinlander-fat football gamej Why do they cheer when a fellow gets hurt? Bright 0-ne-So the ladies will not hear what he says. 3 415-S:,'lI,-':4f,?,l 3-,unix 1495?-'.I'.': ll Il 4-fill? 'I'SeR"I'.-'1'-1.?.'l'If-ul".-'r'343'I'?Z'2's4ln El- ice.: -1- iz.-1.5 M esa... -1- as 1924 Ef -- ea ' 2 vs sgf i z l -as- 2:-ellie.: fu- -eiezesiis xinlfsze nlssar-ul.-:galil sfxz l -:ein- 5:11-'.:-se-:Iss-xii" lil 5 , , I , ,, D .. . .. . Sqft path tok knowledge. It is a thorny path upwthe side'of a great and rocky moun- 6 I I . l l , , 'A I A . . - .A ' I A -F . " , - ' . . ' . f . ii ' Y 'ii' ' , 11' W . , J A V Q , V E 6 V '58 Page One Hundi ed Fzfty Jive 2- -5 -.AR .2- ful if Bl ELI 'I' 53 r if l 'Zi l 'r 5 l azar s ema a- -1-as:-usage.: 1924 FZ-'4'h'.-f?.B' 2.911 -L'2'l'?5 I'a-Z8'lIS2-sllaij Latm League Tournament The Latin teachers and pupils of Texas have at last decided to prove that Latm IS not a dead language, but a very live one On Aprll 4-, 1924-, the first Latin League Tournament of Texas was held ln Dallas Th1s tournament did more for Latln nl our state than one can easily lmagine The idea of the Fexas Tournament was orlgmated bv Mlss Louranla Mlller, one of the Latxn teachers of Forest Avenue High School The greater part of the tournament was carrled on in our school under the d1rect1on and supervxsxon of Dallas Latm teachers and the supervlsor of Dallas Hrgh Schools, Mr Cauthorn There were one hundred and elghty entrants 1n the contest coming from all parts of the state The contestants began to reglster at Forest Avenue High School about mne oclock Frlday mornmg After the registration the vlsxtors were shovsn through the building by Latin pup1ls and R O T C Cadets of our school Lunch was served m the lunch room at twelve o clock to about two hundred people by girls of the Latin department The food was furnlshed by the Latln department, the Parent 'leachers Assoclatlon, and the lunch room The con test was held from one to four oclock in the study halls The tests consisted of t1mel1m1ted vocabulary test syntax questions prose composltlon, and trans 1at1ons from Cesar Clcero, and Vlfgll At four oclock a representative of the Dallas Vlornmg News took a plcture of the contestants After th1S, the pup1ls were taken on a sight seelng tour The automobiles were furnlshed by the Parent Teachers Assoclatlon About three hundred Latin pupils teachers and contestants assembled 1n the North Dallas High School lunch room for d1nne1 at sxx thirty oclock The following program was given . Te Cano Patria CAmericaJ ...................... Audience . Salvete, O Amici fWelcome, O Friendsj ........ Hugh Lee . Gladiatorum Dlunus CGladiatorial Combatj .............. Buck Hood, Alfred Holiday, C. Il. VVebb, Harold Slaughter. . Em Mostellaria fF1'om The Little Ghosty a. Prolougus fProloguej ................ Elizabeth Loesewitz b, Tranio .................................. Edward Smiley. c. Theropides ................................ Deyerle Neff V. Saltat-io Selene CG1-eek Dancej, ,,,,,,,,,,, --Doris Dillard A HVI. Omtio QSpeechQ ................... ,. .... Mr. Wylie Parker VII. Praemia QAwardsj .................... Mr. E. B. Cauthorn VIII. Musica ...................... North Dallas High Orchestra After an enjoyable dinner some of the contestants returned home, but about eighty pupils stayed in Dallas for the night. We wish the Latin department success, and hope to see the Latin League Tournament spread throughout the United States in the near future. M, ,,,,,,,,,, """"""'-"'X ,V Y --Q--if f-V -- - :za-: fr a- -4. 1 i g A :refill s-saza.-1-ze as--'nf' H 5 9 1 'J l Q ' 4 l x 5 I . V . : . v '10 . - ' - if I . . . . 37 'Q -4 - . , ' ' 0 , y .1 . - Q y . . : W' Si' 1 , if II Wi W 111 J IV P age One Hmfired Fifty-slat A , . J I 'suis-:Kar zai- G e r i 24 :- -n s n ze us u m a il e r.:-ze use-sux: Can You lmagme? VValter Allison shooting marbles. Frances Craig without curly hair. Willard Barr not able to make a speech. .Agnes Daniels running for Governor. John Binford not writing on a type- Virginia Lee Dugey without Edward writer, Burke. George Bock not trying to tell Miss Kathleen Frazier as a yell leader, Elder now to work Hsoiid-H Alberta Gilbert delivering an oration. Argin Brown with his collar turned Catherine 1-H11 alone. down' Imo ene Hodges ettin reall an r . D , , , k, 8 as E E Y 8' Y avid Dye with fair' S in' i Angeline Jones not taking Gym. Dan Hancock hunting elephants 111 Elizabeth Jones knowing what her les- Africa, son is. Ray Eahart graduating' Vanetta Jordan not a good sport. Edwin Ernest failing- Freddie Mae Lewis not boy crazy. John Estes as a sheep herder. Goldina McFarland not declaiming. Jack Hixson working on 3 farm. Ruth Read without her sweet dispo- John House not driving a Ford. sition. Frank Jordan without his pipe. Ruth Rheinlander passing in chemistry. J. B. Mann not making the basketball Mary Britain making a speech. team. Elizabeth Rinehart not in 101. Carl Marflel' Witlwut slick hair. Lois Sansom being absent from school. J- E- Mitchell running 100 yards in Nina Beth Stover without her arm 10 SCC0I1dS flat- around someone. Nathan Mittenthal playing football. lklargaret Stewart playing golf, Ernest Peach leader of a Jazz Orches- Lois Tabgr not in the French Club, tra' - Katherine Taylor never looking at the Allen Peoples without a big sack. boys- . Clifford Perkins as a poet. lnez Taylor with blue eyes. Yates Phiiiips as 3 Poio Vaiiiter- Freda VVillis without "Johnnie Dear." William Richardson as an opera Singer- Ferne VVilson getting to school on time. Ed Sooiy teaching School- Leon Alexander graduating. Jones Stadden as a modern novelist. Roy Bates leading a rebellion in the Russell Vittrup wearing short trousers. Fiji lslaiidsi Raonei Ball Without hor trig iosson- John Beard cultivating a mustache. Vera Armor not taking Spanish- Taylor Boyd a minister of the gospel. Edith Banrn not taining- Albert Brown a chemistry shark. Rozelle Bishop standing up straight. Robert Brown Worrying. Frances Blair not working on the "For- Lloyd David not taking military. ester-U Eli Engle eating six bowls oi' chili, Mary Baker with long hair, Bennie Estep without Catherine. Margaret Claypool fifty years from Harold Fnrrisn passing in trig- ngw, Ben Griffin all mussed up. Edna Cohen not in the Literary Dra' Dan Hancock 3 lady? mon- matic. CP. S. Dan's acquisition of long ...1-:seem zsfllafe-all-'aaalileze se:-ni eeil C ICJQ4 :lamin a r -2 111222.11-a:-zelulsa-.ln.. Yi Y HWY Y V f - . Y iv Paint' 0112 Hund1'ed Fifty seven -...-.g.a . .. g a . . ..a.-ag. Can You Imagine ?-Continued breeches added great dignity to the Senior ClasS.j Millard Heath without some one of the girls saying, "Oh, doesn't he have beautiful hairiv Arnold Harris convincing Mr. Moore that he knows chemistry. Harry Karlen Wearing short pants. Henry Laib a jelly bean. D, J. Kreager with his Spanish lesson. Eva Aronson elected to Congress. Marie Bishop not talking to D. C. Grace Brown not typewriting. Mac Christie adecided blonde. Mae Queen Crowe without those win- ning ways. A , Anna Louise Ewell boy crazy. Maggie B. Gibson a school teacher. Ruby Gross without. a smile. Grace Heilig without Abe Barnett. Ruth Jannasch worried. Everette King a chemistry shark. Orlena Kreager not worried about her English. Charlotte Michaelson grouchy. Marguerite Lawrence a. Spanish dan- cer. Lucille Leatherwood a stunt aviator. Mary Owin dissatisied. Gladys Rice Without Mary Owin. I Begrice Sachs flunking. Edith Sebastian with black hair. Katherine Taylor busy. A i Arthur Massier the modern Sherlock- Holmes. V Gerald Milton. not interested in athlet- ics. Gilmer Neaves, Supreme Justice of the United States, 1946. , Henry Peters a great writer, Glenn Polk hauling gravel. D. C, Powell the late Rudolph Valen- tinois C only rival. Frank Reele playing with paper dolls. Irwin Richardson ambassador to China.. Leroy Riddell champion broncho rider of the world. Clarence Schumate' cheer-leader. . lsadore Suravitz recently elected ruler 'of the Irish Free State. J. VV. Turner in overalls. Bernice Thomason playing football. Frances VVood unknown. ,.v-xzef asa: -sa rees .1-2-2:1-nie-eeal 1924 I-9:-:s n zefuf z-:ar-e fxf -ar ia-z-:'.n..i Page One Hundred Fifty-eight rgl niksfa-saw -4-If- -'Gia-rs: msignagelusazefrxselheazaufwasin-5-af.-ui.-:cell-s 5 A Closing Word Sf Q . VVhat shall I say as the session of 1923-2+ comes to a close. So many and TC ly so worthy have been the achievements of Forest Avenue High School this year W that I scarcely know what to include in this short message. -3 pon The increasing interest in athletics and the brilliant success of our teams W' jf has been a source of much joy. The school issued uniforms to about seventy SE gi, men during the football season. So emcient was the work of coaches and teams 5, W that the school lost only one football game. About ten thousand people wit- fy' Ju nessed the famous Oak Clitl'-Forest game, which is believed to be a record at- M 5 tendance for high school football in the Southwest. It is a distinct compliment W to two high schools to he able to attract such crowds to their games. There has 'JT J-L 1 been a decided increase in interest in all forms of athletic sports. Our girls W won the city and district tennis championships in both singles and doubles. lg ' Forest leads in creating and maintaining the proper spirit of sportsman- 3,0 s ship at home and abroad. A better spirit of loyalty has been built up in our in own school family. Vile are coming to realize more and more that our first Nj duty is to our school. We are learning the very important lesson that if we W .Q would save our life as a school we must give our lives away in service to others. W 6? Our school has done more this year than ever before to build up a good spirit e W among the high schools of Dallas. Dil U! One of the outstanding achievements of the year was the placing of some Ska ' seven hundred volumes in our school library during "book week" last fall. This 5 J was done without cost to the school. Pupils, teachers, and friends donated M. .5 books to the school. This piece of constructive work has had a very salutary gif 1 effect upon the entire school. '5' 4 New and wholesome contacts have been established with the best business xl - and professionalpeople of Dallas. Many of the leading citizens of our city M have visited the school and addressed the pupils on vital topics concerning vo- 'ff ,L cational activities. Members of the Salesmanship Club are lecturing once a W Q week to our class in marketing. Valuable contacts are being established by W 35 this type of co-operation. W It is impossible to over-estimate the value of the journalistic work done ge qi by Forest students. At the beginning of the present school year the managing Nl editor of the "Dallas Journal" very generously consented to publish a minimum lf is of 8000 words every Friday, the copy to be furnished by the pupils in journal- at -if ism. Every school activity has received its share of publicity in the reportorial -2- Lg work done by our pupils. In addition to this splendid publicity work, school M IQ reporters have carried many sport stories every week in all the Dallas dailies. JL Our readers must not forget that our school magazine, the "Forester," and our year-book, the "Annual," have been cared for in a large way this year. The W magazine has enjoyed a very successful year. Every issue has been good, and lg! 5 the last number is a record breaker. The 'tAnnual" is the best book the school T fi hasteyerthpulbllihed. fT31e sclgool has given the year-book the most liberal sup- . por in e is ory o e sc oo. L ' In public speaking activities, Forest has every reason to be proud of her , my record. In the Inter-State, Debating Tournament sponsored by the H. Sophie Q Newcomb Memorial College of New Orleans, the representatives of our school Q1 won first place, and Forest won the State championship in declamation for girls. 5 at Forest also won the city championships in debating in both girls' and boys' con- M N tests. Our representatives have won great victories in other speaking contests .W which are fully written up in this book. We can boast of our record of vic- 'if W tories in this line for the year 1923-24. W It is impossible for me to mention all the strong points in our year's work. lg'- M However, I can not close this article without making reference to our school QQ JL 1 spirit and general morale. Our school is more like a large family now than JL 55, ever before. The spirit of co-operation among teachers, pupils, and parents was -3 'ff never better. All seem to be happy. The school is getting on higher ground 'if 53 all the while. This wholesome school spirit is being radiated in every direction ' Q. as the school touches the life of other high schools. Forest leads in fostering E ' sportsmanship among high schools of this State. g JL All together, "rah, rah, rahg rah, rah, rahg rah, rah, rahg Forestf' This is 'ig V the best high school in the land. Let us hapg together and pull together to W make our school bigger and better. Vi YLIE A. PARKER, Principal, X 34, -5 , e 1 N S L 1924. :fares-ur.: efvasrz-ufaaeiufazzae:-ze-ifswan: Page One Hundred Fifty-nine ' IXWJIXQQLWJLU-ILUJ V ' V - 4 ' lW kw ' 'u. ..1,. ,..,. ,.,..I, .I, .,. .1 ' ' LUJLUJLXQLILVMVJ 'I OUR CCMMUNITY STURES When Ofiiziizf flour Bread S CORDER'S PLACE "Ye HAMBURGER KING" BREAD ggiiolggfih E21dD1Sic,pciIclI3:ri In ,,,, , ,,,, - ,, , , ,,,, - ,,,, , ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,:,, - K,,, - ,,,K - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,K,, - ,,,, - Parkway Dyeing Wm. C. Hiegert . I SL Cleamng CO. FL GRI S T TW our One'DaY Service FLOWERS for all OCCASIONS All Work Guaranteed I 2712-24 Forest Av . Phone E-2541 -ww-,,,,,,,-,,,- ,,,, - ,,,. - ,,,, - ,,,, - ,,,, ,.,,,- ,,,, - ,,,, -..M ,,,, -,,T,,- ..., - .,,. .. - .... - .... ...,h- .,,. - ,.., - ,... - .:,. -.........-,.,.- -,...- SIGNAL! BAXTER 1 - 2 - 3 I Shift Lumber Company Over to 2 Everything for the Builder Von Tress Cafe 1 I I I 833 EXDOSIUOI1 Avenue Corner of Second and Grand H-1542 At Entrance of Fair Park A Phone E-4915 -:Isuzuninun-I-':1nI:'..nn1nu1uu1um..nn...nn1nuu1.,,,1n.....lu1u E -It's in Dallas I If H. BRUWER Qualify and sofofoo . . . , . 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Phone Y-2468 E 1"""n""'i'"'t"":""K''N'"'""'X'""""""'X""""'""'"""'""'"Wi""""""""-M'"''""'u't"i""""'"""""""""""""""' j CHAS. oTT Drink 5 GUNS WARD'S xl Q Safe Expert 2 4 and E li Locksmith ,Eg 2 Ii 1007 Elm St. Phone X-6079 ' E i Also E """""""'-"""W""""""""""""""""-'H'-""""'-"'-I"-M'-"'i' LEMON CRUSH 2 E-2052 REPAIRING E-3079 and E L E ?, Saucier Electric Co. LIME CRUSH We repair, reiinish and make C2 E Q Electric Fixtures E Bottled by E 3627 Holmes Street Orange Crush Bottling Co. lg A! Dallas 700 S. Ervay St. Phone Y-6888 g Q I - 4 4 A- -I 5 E 5 E ' E e - E 5 LC, GO IBBALI-IGUR CGD Q Jlffarzzgfafturizzg fewelerf and Sfatiwxerf 2 5 E ? l Official Jewelers to all classes of IQ23 and 1924. S E 17 ' NORTH DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL E 0 OAK CLIFF HIGH SCHOOL fl FOREST AVENUE HIGH SCHOOL E BRYAN HIGH SCHOOL E , HIGHLAND PARK HIGH SCHOOL I SOUTHERN METHODIST UNIVERSITY Q 11 l if II I 5 :I L. M. CLINE, Dixtricl Manager Phones X 5390 H 6822 Local Brunch 401 Deere Building Dallas, Texas 11 5 Q Q I 5 Q :I :I 4. I I uflfo zlzfzllzgfaffurerf Q' OFFICIAL DE MOLAY JEWELRY 'H 41 4 5 Q 9, v A A A Z' A MMMWVMMYIVNYNVMVNMVVNMVMVVNMN1 A A A MVMVMWWNWWPMVVNVNWNMVMM . PKYIPKYIKYN1 D'N1PfB1I'm1 A 'I A Pm1l7iflf01b6N1Pfh1 T" Pm1VA1P6'dPfA1 h6X1VA1Pm1h6X1h6N1P6'dD6X1VB1VM1P0'lVM1VAN1P6'd A P01 Linked Together in Service Clhe purpose of education is ser- vice-and We acquire an education in order to he able to render high- er service. The great educational factors are: The Church - Through its ministers The School - Through its teachers The Newspaper - Through its editors These are not all the educational mediums, hut they are the most unselfish, for the men and women engaged in these pursuits get their greatest reward through service ln a more modest way the tele phone 1S an educational factor, and it is our greatest pleasure to serve adequatelyl' SOUTH WESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY HE change of the name of Lawrence Art Studro to Lawrence Art Gallerles We have chscontrnued makrng photographs and are devotrng our entlre tune and space to framed prctures, sheet prctures, studres rnrrrors, tapestrres, O11 pa1nt1ngs, prcture and mrrror cords, and everythmg rn art. We thank our past patrons and will look toward the future for further patronage. Come in and see us in our new home. Ebfamrente ,Ati Galleries 'KI-Iome of Refinement" PHoNE Y. 1713 1904 ELM sr. A 'AA ,Aki I AA I 'AA AA ' AA,AA.,.AAA AA -- n lnstitutionfO founded on principle, integrity of purposeg built for the service it may render To Promote true appreciation of better printing, ruling and binding Was Created with the entrance of THE SOUTHWEST PRINTING Co. HARRY L, CURTHS into the Graphic Industrf ROY W. COWAN J. fP. VAN HUSS - .. .... - ... -....-....-....-...... -....-N..-....-.........p...-..........-....-...... .. - - ... - -- - - ... - cJVlelba Clheatre Where Everybody Goes CP. G. CAMERON, Managing Director Endorsed by: The Council of Mothers and Parent-Teachers Association The Shrine of Motion Pictures and Their Allied Arts QJVIELBA Melba QIVIELBA GRAND ORCHESTRA , - NOVELTY FEATURES Paul Harris, Conducting T116 SOLLIII S Fmest Tl'l6CLl'fC Always Something New -.....-....-..,...i-..,..-.....-...........- - -..,H......,..-W.-...,-....g.-....-H..-M.-....-....-. .....-.,..-...y-....-....-.....-....-....-. -4:35 -1-1'12ff.u2-1:I5:2-I43Gus:-1dia-:f.fq1a22-.5-34555:12:-1-:-9151:ffri-:isis-11,11:':1f1-:-E1Y:-.- ff-2:-:f-,Ei .11:-.V ,Q---ii:-112-5 jgff . . .. . ., .. ,.,. , . . . ,, . ,. ,.,,,,l,:,:: ' ' 1'-'magic 35? ' .9252 -1't "'i' , wef- NN5 'r-17 Legmig 'fa' ' .. 21'.f:'1i'ffi "5 2535. 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LUJ ' ' LWALU-I 5 E When ffye Szfzver 0 67Z!SZ2ZJ6 Jlffewofyf C P 5 shall have touched your school days with the glory of time past, etching the romance and the glad- ness of I924. against the years Tow Sfore 1 would he reflected in the headlights of your most joyous associations. Then would We fflive happily ever afterw-serene in the accomplishment of our purpose-- that of sharing Happiness with you, Boys am! Qirls WF Fares! Hgh 'llTCHE - GOETTINGER Co. She Shopping Cfanlerkcfpallas E E E 5 i g y E E E E E E E E E T5 "' "' A D01 " 0 VA1 0 " A A MVMVVMMVDZMVM A A A IYA1 A " A P6X1VA'1P6N1W51f6N1'o LWJLXUJ V LXZCILUJIXU-ILUJLKQULWJLWAILUJDUJ ' Lk!!! V LKVJLXVJDUJLWALKVJLXVJLUJDUJLUJLKVJLXZQDUJLWA ' V ESM R OOTERY IO4 NEPVAY ISOBELM l4l2 ELM Three Convenient Stores BUSINESS CGLLEGE DALLAS, TEXAS "The School with a Reputation" The Metropolitan has lllilllkl good for Thirty- Six Years. Its coinniodious buildings and excel- lent equipment, its ablc faculty. its standard courses of study, its strong Iinancial hacking. its long carccr of useful service, its high standing in business circles. its wide reputzitioii and in- fluence. its DIISHH-?SSllk0 uirulaigement. and its location in Dallas, the grcat C0l1llllt'l'f'lill center f th Southwest. 'ill Cflllllllllt' t give the ful cs, Arthur Mimms R. A. fsmoot Schmid PIERCE ARROW B-IEC-Y-C-L-E.-S BEST REPAIRING 22 Y ears of Knowing How AAAQI HN 1 99 cc as 0 sty e over ten Prices live to ten - - - - - ---- --nn--n-in-mi-in-o ng..--in un -,I --I ...I mi Im nn nn nn nn mi Im I 5 I I I I I I I I 0 I t I I 0 c . . , ussuranice of satisfnctioii and smrfzc-ss, Call, write or phone for full information. X-4569 .-m1:minuw-nn1un-1nn1n:v1nu1nIu1nn1nu1nn1 -. -,. GUARANTY CYCLE CO. 315 N. Akard X 3502 ..1m.i.,..m.-.,,4.-un-. -. 1 1 -. 1 .... .- 1un1uu-.nn The Store of REAL V LUE We take your old furniture as part payment on new ........ defgonllumitu ll nLMaIOLlvn will The largest display room in Dallas devoted. to Display of Kitchen Furniture ........ 1 o . mmm " E" . " ' . . ' ' f i" " 'e" " "" . " " m m m mmm . QI r QT Maw M- Muanu. . ' M 5 l-M, M, MMA LQ 1 E l The Home of Gcacl Hardware Q . H U E Y sl P H I L P 2 Q E 5 ELBI ANID GRIFFIN E el -+M--Q- H e - - - - F k B. Dunlap, President John B. Dunlap, Secretary Geo. P D lap E It Dunlap Abstract Company 2 LAND TITLE SPECIALISTS 3 Complete, Accurate and Dependable Abstracts to All Land in E it Dallas County E X Murphy-Bolanz Building Dal'las,Texas E -,.-..-.l-lll-..-l-l- -.n-l-..,..l ...... .,- .......... l-l.-..-l.-..-..-.,-l 3 l 5 is - E s 5 E : E 5 E - E Q E ? 'E , E E Qi Q " " c Y c ' D " " Fff1Pf'?1biN1hT'd MN1MN15'f1W'N1T1T1Pi'X1i1T1I7NMY l ix Q X X X X X X A X X X X Q QQ X ks N Y Q NXY . N ' X Q' Q X xxx-NXXX v X NW N N n n P 5 Ceiwmyfw LSD 7 Ap 7 zawefzzer emwzzee W Jizgnfeme CMZJZEZW faye conveyed by the snnple ieqend N w W W W W ' W 63'ZQl'dVllZQJ' QXZQQSQ I ' I "N""'.vs.4-, I h, tvml pau uou 'co fave gow? next annual bear I ' ' L... the ZQQSQI 1mpr1n , eefe 76071720 of JZ ' PREMIER confer ANNUAL ENQRAVERS 1 THEM' CEEQQ' ' XJ Q KZXDQ av ,W I I I In :xi-f, yx- N .fff 'xx X XNW " N ,. 7 I N Z, w MX gk fx 7 1Q2QQSf1Q'.M' l f U' gg Nw l -Q N 4 vii 1 5 X- 1 ,iw X j A. mfr Lf xxx '- 1 nfl A L-V4 1 T I-IE END o'ps1:ozn1-:rg 5 5.1 F-4 5 -4.1 T4 ..- A 1- ,H .-. .4 ,-4 r , Q GJ T, TZ Q.: F-4 u 175 LC :il ri 4.1 51 F-1 F-4 p-I-4 HL TC. pictu Club r' ,- .. : I Q 'I' ,- P. VL Cl A S-1 :L :il

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