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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1955 volume:

e Sisi B WfiK O- LT N ' J- yj u x J .. jA 2 , SWk 4-e y - ' ' ' ' ' • - e ' 1 9 FOREMANUAL iKefiecti lonS FOREMAN HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO • ILLINOIS •.rW.r..«- ■JBM.tJB— ifcJM MKMJHi . i Isf ' i.tSW 1 - " V. r efiecti lond Reflections are thoughts. Tlioughts of the past ear make us realize how ({uickl} it has gone. Tense, once endless, mo- ments ha e passed witli the happ ones that we treasuri ' and save. Reflections are looking hack. Certain da s are important. The senior looks to the day when he was first recognized as a leader of the school; the junior to tlie da when he could proudly say, " I ' m an upperclassman. " ; the st)phomore to the da when he left the ranks of the lo l freshman; and the freshman to the first da in high school, when everything seemed so big and bewildering, and all of his friends seemed to have deserted him. Reflections are contemplation. Considering w hat we have achieved in the past alwa s makes us regret the time we ha e wasted. The heav load of classwork is lifted now ; for some it is the beginning of a new and difterent phase of life. School life seems sheltered and simple, decisions minor, antl tlioughts shal- low compared with those of the graduating seniors. Reflections cast back. ' e reflect ever thing we ha c ever l)een a part of. We reflect the people wc lia e known, our close friends, and our school. In a real sense what we have become depends upon how hard we ha e stri en, for Foreman has afforded us countless opportunities to better ourseKes. Reflections are never-ending. The ar( tinged with the nostalgia of esterda , the necessit - of toda . and the hnpr of tomorrow. And ma our reflections of the future be lialf as beautiful as those of the past. , ,m mm0tmammni K» Cjeorae UU, ( onnell , ■ rind jai A Salute to Our Graduates: Every year at this time we look back over the recent past and engage in a little stock-taking. We tend to ask ourselves these questions: " ' Have you, our graduates, made the most of the educational experiences a •ailable to you? Are you read - for the next and biggest step of all? " We have but to re iew the names of our graduates to receive our assurance: As a class you ha e worked hard; you are eager to prove that you are ready. You lea e with our every good wish that you reap life ' s awards in good measure. Remember us as you build the future for which we have striven to prepare you. Godspeed! Ver ' truh ' ours, George W. Connelly Principal Page 6 f A . J arFU . f nC J ale, -Assist ant f rindjjat Mr. McHales friendl)- smile rcOects liis uood spirit and ticnial personality. He is a friend to all the students and e en thouti;h he has nian ' duties he always has time to lend an ear to students " ]iiiihlenis. lie inspires the students " eonfidence because he is always sympathetic antl helpful. On his shoulders falls the responsibility of arranging the programs of the teachers and students, which is a mammoth task. He also plans the Acti it ' Calendar, dates tor parties, assemblies, arul piograms. He is in charge of the annual Alumni l eunion. which brings all former Foremanites together each .spring. The Social Center has become increasingly successful through the con- stant efforts ot !r. McHale. . ■ " f GEORGIA ADAMSON Spanish AGNES ANDERSON Geography MADELINE BERNERO Nhitron MARY BRYSKIER Art SGT. GEORGE BAXTER R.O.T.C. ABEL CANTU Spanish HAROLD CERYANEC Industrial Arts DOROTHY CLAAS Physical EducatioQ MARY CONLEY English BLANCHE COONEY Commercial LOUISE COORLAS Phxsical Education CECELIA COSTELLO Commercial LUCY DANIELS So cial Science ESTHER DOBRATH Science LILLIAN FAGAN Commercial PAULINE FOX Commercial MARCELLA FRIEDMAN Science ROBERT GRUBBE Instrumental Music WALTER GUSE Science MAURICE GUYSENIR Social Science Page 8 cicultu FLORENCE HARTE Englisli GERALD HASTEROK Print Shop EVA HOGLE Latin ROBERT ITNVRE Attt-ncLinic Counsellor MAE JEROME Scic ' ni.t HENRY KEATIXt Science MARGARET KENNEDY Mathematics LAURA KIXDERMAN Mathematics LORETTA KUKLLX Science FRANCIS LANE Commercial CLARA LAW IN German JAMES LINDEN Social Science L. T. LUCAS Chemistrv Ml iUEL MacKAY English JOHN MALO Physical Education JACK MALOFF Ph sical Education DOROTHY McTlGUE Mathematics MAKJOlUt; MOORE English n I lAM MOSEID Ileal Music MAHY MOSTYN Social Science FRANCES MURPHY Office Secretar ' Page 9 ucultu ELIZABETH O ' HEARN Mathematics STANLEY PAWLICKI Physics LOIS REISA Coiiiniercial LUCILLE SIPCHEN Home Economics GERTRUDE SMITH Placement Counsellor LEONARD SOLLO Mechanical Drawing VEDA STERN English MARY STEWART English ANN SYPIEN ome Economics IRENE TIMKO citiai- Science UNETVERBILLION English LUELLA VOELZ Science L uuUjLc Ui ■ SOT. EDWARD WALSH R.O.T.C. E ' ELYN WANDELT Physical Education SOPHIE WOLAN Librarian EDWARD ZAHORIK Physical Education Page 10 pnj.-ji Vitjp..i 0(3, oremcin The Foreman P.T.A. has been ac- ti ' e since 1929 and has a present niembersliip of about fix e hundred with an a erage attendance of about forty. Foreman ' s P.T.A. holds mem- bership in the National and State Organizations and brings to Fore- man the current ideas on education. The main goal of the P.T.. . is to achieve a better understanding be- tween the liome. school and com- munity. The meetings, which are of interest and alue to all, co er the arious opportunities and organiza- r( tions of the school. The P.T.A. also sponsors many acti ities such as the Christmas Sale, Sweetest Day Sale and Bake Sale to help purchase needed equipment for the school. Their much appreciated gift last year was the amplifier for the Public Address system. Through the years the P.T.A. has grown and developed and is now a ital part of our school program. Ron One— Mrs. Jack Pledger, president; Mrs. G. F. Glave, second vice president. Rnit ' Two— Mrs. A. W. Atteber -, auditor; Mrs. A. O. Reinke, recording seeretarj ; Mrs. P. Johnson, first vice president; Mrs. H. P. Oiscn. treasurer; Mrs. E. C. Boortz, corresponding secretar ' . Mrs. L. F. Cler, Mrs. F. Pisano. Mrs. R. Wodek. Mrs. G. Vallic, Mrs. A. Gustat- son, Mrs. E. Krass. Mrs, Dcscourouez, Mrs. Bour, Mrs. Heini- berger, Mrs. Buclian, and Mrs. Russel. Mrs. Jack Pledger, Dr. George Connelly, .Miss ' irginia Cavoit. Mr. Robert Itnyre, Mrs. 11. Dubberkc. .Mrs. E. GiHord, Mrs. E. Hermann, liostos- ,ses; Mrs, 11. l)ul)l)erke, Mrs. G. N ' aro«ski. Page 1 1 GRADUATES [■ Iccuant rcf lections of four i eard well Sfjent, enable the graduate to face the future with courage, ambition and faith. Page 12 Class Day Committee Seated-Elame Trcka, Jean Cbristinan. Richarii Jaliii;,, Bernice Andersen. Sf(7i!rf( ig— Anton Petran, Roger Sigsworth. Graduation Committee Seafcrf-Antoinette Capasso, Carol Bouchard, Tom Leltakes. Sfaiif iijg-EKvood Erickson, Donakl Ba etta, Joan Schuster. Finance Committee Seated-]ohn Peshke, Eleanor Haacker, Pat Bnuidage. Sfanrfiiig-Jaines Wedhoff. Elizabeth Glaubke, Gary Nielsen. JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS OF 1955 Seated— Joann Avena, Secretary Joan Schuster, Vice-President Christian Thudiuni, President Standing- Susan Tavlor, Treasurer ear a ClSS Page 14 BERNICE ANDERSEN . . . Soplioniore, Junior, Senior Honor Clubs; Senior Prom Representathe; Class Day Representative; Student Council Representative; Citizenship Awards; Perfect Attendance Award; Service Letter and Chevrons; Music Letter; Grad- uation Usherette; Division Secretary; Social Committee; Psychology Club; V ' ice-Presi- dent. Checker Club; Glee Club; Assistant, Attendance Office; Faculty Aid; Hallguard; Simplicity Fashion Show; Intramural VoUeybaU; Pitman Steno Award; Spring, and May Festivals; G.A.A.; Division Attendance Secretary; Personnel Office. LAURETTE ANDERSON . . . Bowling Team; luuior Choir; Booster Chib; PsvcIk ogy Club; Checker Chib; Young Politicos; Latin Club; Bio-Fax Club; G.A.A. PAULINE APPLER . . . Freshman and Sophomore Honor Clubs; Secretary, Typing Queens; Student Coimcil Representative; Bowling Team; Service Letter and Chevron; Hall Guartl; Glee Club; Intramural X ' oUevball; Future Teachers ot America; Attend- ance . ' ward; Citizenship Award; G.A.A. JO.-XNN A ' EN.A . . . 4.- Class Secrct;irv ; " ice President. National Honor Socictv ; lA Honor Club; ' ice President, 2B Honor Club; President, 2A Honor Club; .3B Honor Club; ' ice President, Future Teachers ot America; Associate Editor, FOREM.A.NUAL; Service Letter and Chevrons; Citizenship Awards; G.A.A. Letter; G.A.A. Board ot Control; G.A.A. Representative; Bowling Team; Intramural ' olleyball; Gym Office Aid; Division Secretan.-; Hall Guard; Office Aid; Faculty Aid; Pitman . ward; Psy- chologv- Club; Treasurer, Checker Cub; Careers Club; Ceramics Club; Social Center Entertainment. DONALD BAVETTA . . . President. Checker Club; First Aid Club; Social Com- mittee; Social Center Entertainment; Printsliop Foreman; Cheer Leader; President. Stamp Collectors. RICHARD BECK . . . President, ' ice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Division; President, Psycholog - Club; Treasurer, Electronic Club; Treasurer, Projectors; Social Chairman, Projectors Club; Junior Prom Planning Committee; Social Center Planning Committee; Student Advisory Committee; Camera Club; Junior Honor Club; Student Council; Service Letter. J0.4NNE BETLEY ' . . . Secretary, National Honor Society; Co-Chairman, Social Center Connnittee; Student . ' d isory Committee; Associate Editor, FOREMANUAL; Service Letter and Chevrons; Choir Letter; G.A.A. Bar Pin; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; President, Sophomore Honor Club; President, Future Teachers ot America; Entertainment Chairman, Social Center Committee; FOREMANUAL Representative; Accompanist, Choir, Glee Club, Jr. Choir; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Talent Club; G.A.A. Bowling League; Citizenship Awards; Judge, Senior Class Elections; Pitman .Awards; President, Secretary, Division; Psy- chology Club; Facultv Aid; Public . ppearances; Locker Guard; Gniihuition Usher- ette; School .Accompanist.. THOMAS BIALCZAK . . . R.O.T.C. Ushgr Club; Scabbard and Blade; R.O.T.C. Statt; Supply Sergeant, R.O.T.C; Ritle Team; Psychology Club; Bookrooni Assistant; Facultv .Aid. C.4ROL BOUCH.ARI) . . . Prom Committee; Ciraduation Committee; Secretary, Young Politicos; Faculty Assistant; Glee Club; President, Dog Fanciers Club; Swin ' i- ming Instructor; Captain. X ' ollevball Team; Captain Soccer Team; P.T..A. Server; Freshman Server; Intrauiur;d ' olleyball: C;ipt;un. Locker Guards; Hall Guard; Secre- tarv ' . Checker Club. I ' .AT BRUND. GE . . . 4A Finance Committee; Associate Editor. FOREMAN NEWS; Manager. FOREMAN NEWS; Business Manager, FOREMAN NEWS; Ring Connnittee; Prelegal Club; Typing Queens; Knitting Club; Youn-. ' Politicos Club; G., .. . Representative; Treasurer. English Class; Cashier. Social Center; Fashion Show; Office . ssist;mt; Girls ' Glee Club; Service Letter; Swimming Instructor. RALPH CAI.ISIRO . . . ice President, Division; President, .Advanced B;nKl; Nice President, Advanced Band; Band Letter; Orchestra; Dance Band; Public .Appearances; President, Instnmientalist Club; Vice-President, Instrumentalist Club; President, English Class. ANTOINETTE CAPASSO . . . Secretary. Division; Senior Ring Committee; Gradua- tion Committee; G..A..A. Representative; Student Council Representative; Secretar)-, First Aid Club; Hallguard; G.A.A.; Faculty Aid; Glee Club; Booster Club; Young I ' oliticos Club; G..A..A. Modeling Show; Clicking Keys; Senior Night Committee. Page 1.5 JEAN CHRISTMAN . . . National Honor Society; Service Letter; Class Day Com- niittee- G A A Representative; Model, Fashion Show; Citizenship Awards; Perfect attendance Awards; Intramural Volleyball; Glee Club; President, Psychology Club; President, Ceramics Club; Checker Club; Knitting Club; Office Assistant; Faculty Aid; Pitman Award. DONALD COZZOLA . . . Football Team; Hall Guard; Division Vice-President; Checker Club; Laboratory Assistant. SUE DANNO . . . Music Letter; Glee Club; Spring Concert; City Music Competi- tion- Public Performance; Intramural Volleyball; Psychology Club; Spanish Club; Checker Club; G.A.A.; Locker Guard; Pitman Award; Fancy Work Club; Future Teachers of America. .4NNA MAY DeVITA . . . Senior Honor Club; Associate Editor, FOREMANUAL; FOREMANUAL Representative; Glee Club Letter; Service Letter; Citizenship Awards- Perfect Attendance Awards; Pitman Award; Secretary, English Class; Secre- tary, vice President. Checker Club; FOREMANUAL Staff; G.A.A. Representative; Psychologv ' Club; Spauisli Club; Typing Queens; Spring Concert; Hostess; Intramural ' (ille bair; Social Center Entertainment; Faculty Aid. JOHN EDICK . . . Baseball Clul); Scabbard and Blade Club; Rifle Team; Captain, R.O.T.C; Competiti -e Platoon. ELWOOD ERICKSON . . . Vice President and Social Chairman, Projector Club; Ser ice Letter; Projector Letter; Intramural Basketball; Electronics Club; Psychology Club; Graduation Committee. LOIS EUCHLER . . . President, Badminton Club; G.A.A.; Checker Club; Glee Club; Music Letter; Intramural Volleyball; Bowling Team; Student Leader; F;iculty Aid; Lunch Room Aid; Hall Guard; Locker Guard. BERNADINE GAJDA . . . Division President; G.A.A.; Checker Club; Faculty Aid; Young Politicos Club; Hall Guard; Dog Fanciers Club; Personality Plus Club. ELIZABETH GLAUBKE . . . Senior Finance Committee; G.A.A. ; Typing Queens Club; Personality Plus Club; Psychology Club. RUTH GROSS . . . FOREMAN NEWS Staff; Sophomore and Senior Honor Clubs; Service Letter and Chevrons; Music Letter; Glee Club; Public Appearances; Student Council Representative; President, Biology Club; Checker Club; Music Appreciation Club; Psychology Club; G.A.A.; Locker Guard; Bowling Team; Intramural Volleyball; Faculty Aid; Attendance Assistant; Citizenship Awards. MARLENE GROSS! . . . Psychology Club; Reading Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; G.A.A.; Intramural Volleyball; Messenger; Faculty Aid; Public Appearance; G.A.A. Representative. ELEANOR H. ACKER . . . Social Chairman, National Honor Society; Secretary, Sophomore Honor Club; Freshman and Junior Honor Clubs; Secretary, Future Teach- ers of America; Secretary, Latin Club; Division President and Vice-President; Biology Club; Checkers Club; Psychology Club; Service Letter and Chevron; Faculty Aid; G.A.A. Representative; Bowhng Team; Intramural Volleyball; Social Center Enter- tainment; Messenger; Hall Guard; Pitman Shorthand Award; Citizenship Awards; Finance Committee. Page 16 ROGER HARTNETT . . . Attendance Office Assistant; Faculty Assistant; Intramuial Basketball; Stage Hand; Public Address Club and Operator; Hall Guard; Basketball Club; Baseball Club; Checker Club. JAMES HEDMAN . . . FOREMAN NEWS Stall; German Club. ELLEN HERMES . . . President. Secretary Division; Choir Letters; President, Bio- Fax Club; Chei.ker Club; Badminton Club; G.A.A. Representative; Intramural Volley- ball; Bowling Team; Faculty Aid. R. LPH HOLIK . . . German Club; Intrarjiural Basketball; Student Council Repre- sentative: Hall Guard. RICHARD JAHNS . . . President, Sophomore and Junior Honor Clubs; Band Letter; President, Instnunentalists Club; Class Day Committee; Stmlent Council Represent;i- tive; Concert Band and Orchestra; Pubhc Band Contests, DARL ' ' NNE JONES . . . FOREMAXUAL Representati c; G.A.. . Representative; G.A.A. ; Librarian; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard: Public .Appearance; Glee Club; Spanish Club; Psycholog} ' Club. ALBERT JORDAN Vice-President, First U Club: President, Ch( Ihdiguard: Public .■ ddrcss Club: W ' ood-Sliop Foreman; Club. SHARLENE JUCKA . . . G.A.A. Representative; G.A.. . Bowling Team; Intramural ()llc b;dl; G.-A.-A. t ' cstival; Glee Club Letter; Spring Concert; Graduiition Usherette; Perfect Attendance . vard; Hall Guard; . ' ssi,stant. .Adjustment Office: President, Knit- ting Club; Checker Club: Polish Club; Treasurer, Psycliology Club: Geography Club; Person;dit " Plus Cluli; .Assistant, Foods Room: Messenger: Facult ' -Aid: Ma Festival. JLTNE KAC:ZMAREK . . . Co-Editor, FOREMAXUAL; Division Secretary; G.A.A. FOREMAXUAL Representative; President, Glee Club; Treasurer, Polish Club; FORE- M.A.XU.AL Stall; P ' acnlty .Aid; Public .Appearance; Treasurer, Junior Honor Club; Secretary. Psycholog Chd); Service Letter ;md Chevrons; Citizensliip .Awards; Intra- mural X ' olleyball; Hall Guard; Music Letter; ' ice- President, Checker Club; President, knitting Chd:); G,.A..A. Bowling; Graduation Usherette; Social Center Entertainment. PATIENCE KATER . . . Co-Captain. Cheerleaders; Associate Editor. FORENLAX XFWS; Campus Leader; G.A.A.; G.A.A. Letter and Chevron; Water Ballet: Water B.iilet C!ie Ton and Wa c; Intramural ' olleyball; Division Trciisurer; Gym Office Service; President IB Checker Club; Booster ' s Club; l.A Checker Club; Clieerleader Club; Pitman .Awards. JF.AN KERt HO . . . Checker Club: Knitting Club: Tvping Queens: Tviiing Tyros; Citizenship .Award; Perfect .Attendance .Award, Hall Guard; G..A..A ; Pitman Short- hand .Award. . L R(i. Ki;i KLIT ' SIEEN . . . President. Secretan. . X ' ice-Prisident, Treasurer, Division: )B Honor Glidi; Stiuleiit Comicil: Service Letter and Chevrons; Jiniior Prom Representative; President, Psycholog Club; Secretary, Tre;isurer, Checker Chil); Faculty ' Aid; Secret;m-, Chemistrv ' Class; X ' ice-Prcsidcnt, Young Travelers; Public .Appearance; Future Teachers of .America; Intramural Volleylmll; Glee Clidi; G,.A.A.; Library CAuh; Hall Guard; Mav- Festival; Citizenship Awards; Perfect Attendance; Secretary, English Class. Page n JUANITA KNOPPEL . . . 4B Secretary; Social Chairman, National Honor Society; Featnre Editor, FOREMAN NEWS; Secretary, Social Center Committee; Social Cludrman. Future Teachers of America; Student Council Representative; Division Secretary; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; Intramural Volleyball; G.A.A.; Service Letter and Che Tons: Treasurer, Young Travelers Club; Hall Guard; Secre- tary, Checker Club. ANGELINE KORBILAS . . . Attendance Secretary, Di ision; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; G.A.A.; Dog Fanciers Club; Young Politicos Club; Glee Club. THOMAS LEFTAKES . . . President, Choir; V.A. Club; Social Center Committee; Graduation Committee; Harmony Club; Barbershop Quartet; Talent Club; Golf Club; Competition Platoon; Social Center Entertainment; R.O.T.C. 1st Sergeant. ROBERT LINN . . . Checker Club; Harmonica Club. DOLORES M.4NGLO . . . Libr;iry Assistant; Hallguard; G.A.A.; Fancy Work Club; Psycholog) ' Club; T ping Queens; Checker Club; Glee Club; Intramural Volleyball; Ceramics Club; Citizenship Awards; Faculty . id; Attendance Awards. J.4NET MARKLEY . . . Scholastic Art Award; Display, Art Show; Hallgiuird; Locker Gvuird; PsNchoIogy Club; Fancy Work Club; Checker Club; Reiiding Club; Art Club; Intr;uuurai ' olle b;ill; G.A.A.; Senior Xiglit Committee. ELLEN MEDE . . . Student Council Representative; FOREMANUAL Representative; Reading Chib; Fancy Work Club; Psycliology Club; Choir Letter; Glee Club; G.A.A.; Service Letter; Memorial Day Assembly. RICHARD MEISTER . . . Public Address Club; Social Center; Hallguard; Intra- mural Basketball; Intramural ' olleyball. RITA MIKOS . . . National Honor Society; Freshman, Sophomore, hmior Honor Clubs; Citizenship Awards; Division Social Chairman; President, Typing Queens; Intramural Volleyball; Hall Guard; Service Letter and Chevrons; Senior Class Elec- tion; Attendance Awards; Facidty Aid; G.A.A. JOAN MUELLER . . . Hallguard; Checker Club; Ceramics Club; Fancy Work Club; Typing Tyros; Typing Queens; G.A.A.; Psychology Club; Intramural Volleyball; Faculty Aid. LILLIAN MUELLER . . . Faculty Aid; Hallguard; G.A.A.; Talent Club; Knitting Club; Psychology Club; Choir; Glee Cl ub; Public Appearance. GARY NIELSEN . . . Commanding Officer, R.O.T.C; Finance Committee; Rifle Team; Camera Club; President, Scabbard and Blade Club; Projector Club; Checker Club; Competitive Platoon; Rifle Team Letter; Marksmanship Medal; Officer Effi- ciency Medal; American Legion Medal; V.F.W. Medal; Citizenship Awards. Page 18 LOIS O ' NEAL . . . Sophomore. Junior, and Senior Honor Cluljs; Newspaper Staff; Presitlent, ' iee-President and Seeretar ' , Di ision; Hall Guard; President, Youuji Travelers Club; Faeulty Aid; Messenger; Office Helper; Secretary, Checker Club; Geography Club; Social Center Entertainment; Psychology Club; Choir; Public- .Ap- pearance; Cheuiistr ' Lab Assistant; Service Letter and C ' lic rims; PituKin Steiio Award; Citizenship .Awards; C. .. .; lutraniural N ' ollcyball. SONIA PAVLIK . . . Citizenship . wards; Student Covuicil Reprcsentati e; Intra- mural N ' olleyball; Hall Guard; Secretary, Spanish Class; .Attendance .Awards; Faculty .Aid; Badmiutou Club; T piug Tyros; Secretar ' , Biology Club; Typing Queens. JOHN PESCHKE . . . Baseball Team; Manager, Ba sketball Team; Lettcrman ' s Club; Swimming Team; Public Address Club; Intramural Baseball; Finance Coumiittec; FOREMAN NEWS. ANTON PETRAN , . . Honor Society; Wirsity Basketball Team; Frosh- Soph Basketball Team; Baseball TcaTu; Football Team; Vice President, Letteruian ' s Club; Associate Editor, FOREMANUAL Statt; Past President, Di ision; Past ' ice- President, Dixision; Junior Honor Club; Service Letter and Chevron; Latin Tourna- ment; Mathematics Tournament; Baseball Club; ' ice-Presidcnt, Basketball Club; Citizenship .Awards; Choir; Class D,i Committee; Public .Appearances; City Baseball Champions. ' 53. SHIRLEY PREBE . . . G.A.A. Representative; Intraumral nllcvl.all; Checker Club Social Center Committee; Psychology Club; Glee Club; Secret.irv, Division; Ihij Guard; Treasurer, Division. JAMES SAUER . . . Ollicer, R.O.T.C; Senior Election Competitive Platoon; Treasurer, Ushers Club: Scabbard Legion Medal; Unitetl Spanish ' ar Yeterans Medal. Connnittee; D.A.R. Med.d; auti Blade Cluli; .Americ.iu CAROL SCHAACK . . . Xation.d Honor Society; Co-Editor. FOHEMAX NEWS; Service Letter and Chevrons; Student Council Representative; Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; Citizenship .Awards; Glee Chib; ' icc ' -President. Typing Ouc-ens; Future Teachers ot .America; Placement Office; -Attendance Office; Hall C .uard; G..A..A.; Psychology Club; Library Club; Young Travelers Club; Typing Tyros. CAROLE SCHEAFER . . . Honor Society; 4B icc-Presidcut; G.A.A. Board ot Control; Social Center C ounuittee; Senior From Committee; Social Center Entertainment; Social Chairman. Sophomore and Junior Honor Club; Glee Club Lette r; FOREMAXU.AL Representative; Student Council Represent;iti c ' ; Prc-sident. Division; Service Letter and Chevrons; Citizenship .Awards; Intramural N ' olleyball; Faculty .Aid; Social Chairnum, Psychology Club; Treasurer. Future- Teachers ol .America; Public .Appearance; G..A.A. Reiiresentative. CATHERINE SCHENDL . . t;iry. Division; C;.A..A.; Checki t " ;ipt;un. Intramural Volleyball. President, Division; ' ice f liib; Psycbolot;) Club; President. Division; Seere- Choir Letter; Glee Club; JO.A.N S(:HI;ST1-;R . . . ' iee-Presidcnt. -4A Glass; Treasurer, N;ition;il Honor Society; Treasurer, 4B Glass; Graduation Committee; .Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; .Social Center Planning Committee; Student Coimcil Representative; G..A..A. Board ot Con- trol; G..A..A. Letter; Service Letter; Glee Club; President. Secretary, Division; Treas- urer, German Club; Hall Guard; Future Teachers ot America. ANGFI.O SCT.MO . . . W oodshop Foreman; Nice President, Chib; Hallfiuard; F;iculty Aid; First Aid Chdj; P.A. Club. lO ' lCE SEYERUS . . . Future Teiichers of .America; Service Letter and ChevTOn: lA Honor Club; G.A.A.; Glee Club; Faculty Aid; Psv cholog - Club; Checker Club; Gcrm;in Club; Hall Guard; Adjustment Aid. Page 19 ROGER SIGSWORTH . . . Class Da - Committee; Baseball Team; Division Basket- iid Volleyball Teams; Swimming Team; Citizenship Awards; Public Address ball --., Assistant; Dolphin Club; Hall Guard Assistant. Checker Club; First Aid Club; Laboratory EDWARD SKOWRON . . . President, Lettermen ' s Club; Baseball Team; Basketball Team; Checker Club; Puzzle Club. CONNIE SQUEO . . . Locker Guard; Vice-President, Division; G.A.A.; Reading Club; Typing Tyros; Typing Queens; Public Appearances; Citizenship Awards; Spring Concert. SUSAN TAYLOR . . . 4A Class Treasurer; 4B-4A Honor Clubs; Co-Editor FORE- MANUAL; Service Letter; Citizenship Awards; Pitman Awards; G.A.A.; Intramural Volleyball; ' G.A.A. BowHng Team; 4B Finance Committee; Secretary, Psychology Club- Faculty Aid; Secretary, Vice- President, Division; Treasurer, Vice-President, Checker Clubs; Fashion Show; Glee Club; Typing Queens; Spanish Club; Usherette; Hostess; Social Center Entertainment; Spring Concert; Locker Guard. NANCY TOMPSON . . . Sophomore, Junior, Senior Honor Clubs; Future Teachers of America; Stutlent Council Representative; Division Secretary; Glee Club; Public Appearance; Facultv Aid; G.A.A. ; Messenger; Service Letter and Chevrons; German Club; Checker Club; Hall Guard; Citizenship Awards; Intramural Volleyball. CHRISTIAN THUDIUM . . . President, 4B and 4A Class; President, National Honor Society; Basketball Team; Secretary, Letterman ' s Club; Frosh-Soph Basketball Team; Sophomore and junior Honor Clubs; President, Checker Club; President, Junior Honor Club; Vice-President, Geography Club; Math Re ' iew Club; Social Center Entertain- ment- Choir; Past President, Di ision; Student Council Representative; SUident Ad- visory Committee; Service Letter; Public Appearance; Citizenship Awards; Associate Editor, FOREMANUAL. RICHARD TIMM . . . Basketball Club; P.A. Club; Chess Club; Checker Club; Hall Guard; Intramural Basketball. ELAINE TRCKA . . . Class Day Committee; Co-Editor, FOREMAN NEWS; Student Council Representative; Freedom Fovmdation Award; Vice-President, Psychology Club; Junior Honor Club; Service Letter; FOREMAN NEWS, Feature Editor; Senior Honor Club; Messenger; Faculty Aid; Glee Club; Checker Club; Citizenship Awards. GEORGE WALSH . . . President, Senior Honor Club; President, Vice-President, Sec- retary, Division; Sophomore and Junior Honor Clubs; FOREMANUAL Stati; Student Council Representative; Student Council Secretary; Co-Chairman, Social Center Plan- ning Committee; Chairman Social Center Entertainment Committee; Captain Adju- tant, R.O.T.C; American Legion Award; Daughters of the American Revolution Award; Veterans of Foreign Wars Award; Service Letter and Chevrons; Library Club; Psychology Club; Young Politicos Club; Geographer ' s Club; Young Traveler ' s Club; Checker Club; Citizenship Awards; Personal Appearance; Future Teachers of America; Faculty Aid; Pitman Shorthand Award; Perfect Attendance Awards. JAMES WEDHOFF . . . President, Instrumentalists Club; Band Letter; Finance Committee; Vice-President, Stamp Club. WESLEY WEIS . . . Managing Editor, FOREMANUAL; President, FOREMAN- UAL Chib; FOREMANUAL Representative; Drum and Bugle Corps; Choir; Orches- tra; Public Appearance; Senior Election Committee; Hall Guard; Projector Club; Past Treasurer, Division; Bookroom Assistant; Checker Club; Latin Club; Citizenship Awards; Service Letter; Music Letter; Lab Assistant. RUSSELL ZAPPIA . . . Vice-President, Biology Club; Y ' oung Politicos Club; Checker Club; Book Review Club; Social Center Entertainment; Future Teachers of America Club; Geography Club. Page 20 S enior 1 licili t ' r The two social highlights of the ear for graduating seniors are the prom and senior night. Throughout the year, the burden of classwork, and homework seems lighter because these special events are looming ahead. The members of the graduating class nia - take part in the production, either in the capacity of actors, or behind the scenes. The unde eloped and unnoticed talent in the class comes to light. Some of the people who were merely casual acquaintances become close friends in tlie process of ]ierfecting a production that all may enjo and be proud of. Page 21 CLASS OFFICERS Lorna Crawford, ' ice-President; Dr. George V. Connelly; Erwin Hoeft, President; Katliy Nystroni, Secretary; Sandra Peterson, Treasurer. Prom Committee Seatcd-Lornd Crawford, Mr. Leonard Sollo, Janice Weiscnborn, Judy Pilarski. Sf(iiif i)ig— Varley Erickson, Gordon Krautsack, Reading— Ar ene Zderski. Class Day Committee S( ' (;f ' ( -Sandra Peterson, Arlene Sidor, Diane Sidley. Standing-Lois Wediu, Richard Johnson, Carol E ; ns Finance Committee Scrtfc( -Barliara Kalvig, Gerry Kostulski, Mary Ann Manage, Ralph Nelson. SfHiirfuig— James Fanizza, Joan Zurich. Graduation Committee Scflf« -Dorothy Szated, Dean Hallcrud, Jane Descourouez, Sharon Hilstroni. Stauding-hi ' uv Jinigthon. Charlene Klengel. CHARLES ALLKN . . . Secretary, Division; Hall Guard; Checker Club; Usher Club; Scabliard and Bhide (]lul). JUDITH ANDERSON . . . Student Council Representative; Secretary, English; Sec- ret;u ' . Biology; Faculty Aid; G.A.A.; Scholarship He iew Club; Chess Club; Spanish CInb. LOREN AVENSON . . . ' I ' eruiis Team; Wrestling Team; Swinuning Team; Tuinliling Team; Track Team; Hille Team; Ollicer, R.O.T.C; Chess Club. JEAN BALLAN . . . Treasurer, English; Bowling Te;m Checker Club; Hostess Club; G.A.A. IMiing yueens Club: JOYCE BARTH . . . Hall Guard; Locker C;uard; Secretar -, Division; Secretary, Latin Club; Psychology Club; Captain, Intramural X ' olleyball; Latin Club; Faculty Aid; G.A.A. Representative; FOREMANUAL Representative; Citizenship Awards; Attendance Office Assistant; G.. .A.; Vice-President, Division; Service Letter; Geogra- phy Club; Senior Election Official. DON BAUM . . . Frosh-Soph Ikisketball Team; Baseball ream; First Aid Club; Basketball Club; Intramural Basketball; Electronics Club; Perfect Attendance Award; Hall Guard; Dog Fanciers Club; Citizenship Award. OTTO BERGER . . . Social Center Planning Connnittee; Outside Messenger. Basket- ball Club; P.A. Club; Hall Guard; Tennis Team; Golf Club; Checker Club. LOUIS BERTONE . . . Vice President, Magazine Exch.uige Club. BEVERL ' ' BISHOP . . . Psychology Club; Past Division President; Clerk, Senior Elections; Young . ' Artists Club; Reading Club; Teacher ' s . " Vid; Junior Choir; Pviblic . ppearanee; C. .A.; Hall Guard; Locker Guiird; Geography Club; Citizenship . vvards; G .. .. . Representative. EL.-XINE BJORGO . . . Checker Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Hall Guard; Faculty . id; Tvping Queens; President, History Class; G.- .- .; Citizenship Award. J.4NE BLOUGH . . . Intramural Volleyball; Typing Queens; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Youns; . rtists Club; Typing Tyros; Sketch Club. W .M; BOI . . . Ben Franklin Club; Basketball Club; Checker Club. Page 23 YVONNE BORSKI . . . Honor Society; Social Center Committee; Choir; Public Appearance; Junior Prom Committee; Division President; Clerk, Senior Elections; FacultN ' Aid; Bowling Team; G.A.A. Representative; Student Council Representative; FOREMANUAL Representative; Assistant, Attendance Office; Citizenship Awards; Knitting Club; Scholarship Review Chilj; Disc Jockey Club. CAROLYN BUCHAN . . . National Honor Society; Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; Water Ballet; G.A.A.; Student Leader; Band; Band Letter; Service Letter; President, Instrumentalists Club. CLARICE BUCHAN . . . Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior Honor Clubs; Treasurer, Sophomore Honor Club; Secretary, English Class; Band; Orchestra; Swim- ming Meet; Water BaUet; G.A.x . Representative; Student Council Representative; Service Letter; Band Letter; Counselors in Training; Projector Club; Instnunentalists Chib; Secretary, Instmmcntahsts Club; Girl Campers; Captain, Intramural ' olleyball; Volle ball Team; National Honor Society. JOHN BURTOSKY . . . Hall Guard. DOROTHY CAMASTA . . . Glee Club; Tsping Queens; G.A.A. ; Hall Guard; Latin Club; Faculty Aid; Knitting Club; Gerni;m Club; Bowling Team. LORETTA CHYLA . . . Hall Guard; Typing T ros; Checker Club; G.A.A.; Disc Jockey Club; Reading Club. ARLEEN CHYLEWSKI . . . National Honor Society; Freshman. Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; News Editor. FOREMAN NEWS; Service Letter; G.A.A.; Locker Guard; Secretary, Division; Hall Guard: FOREMANUAL Representative; Secretary, Honor Club; Future Teachers of America; Faculty Aid; Latin Tournament; Scholarship Review Club; Typing Queens; Reading Club; Co-Editor, FOREMAN NEWS; Perfect Attendance Awards. NANCY CIS INSKI . . . Secretary, Di ision; Booster Club; Attendance Office Assistant; G.A.A.; Secretary, Checkers Club; Talent Club; Intramural Volleyball; Captain, Volleyball Team; Hall Guard; Captain, Softball Team. ELAINE CLAUSEN . . . Choir Letter; Service Letter; Faculty Aid; Typing Queens; Vice President, German Club; Hall Guard; G.A.A. Representative; G.A.A. ROBERT COOK . . . Young PoBticos; Hall Guard; Math Review Club; Camera Club. MARILYN CORLETT . . . President, Division; G.A.A.; Bowling Team; Young Artists; Hall Guard; Locker Guard; First Aid Club; Crossword Puzzles; Sketch Club; Personality Plus. JOHN CORTESE . . . First Aid Chib; Basketball Club; Intramural Basketball; Magazine Club; Frosh-Soph Basketball Team. Page 24 ■■■■I LORNA CRAWFORD . . . Public Appearance; StiKlcnt Coum il Representative; Assistant, Attendance Office; Faculty Assistant; G.A.A.; Citizenship Awards; President, History Class; 4B Pin and Rins Committee; Secret;u -, Enylisli Class; Intramin;il Volleyball Team; Campaign Manager, 4B Election; Hall Gviard; Latin Club; Magazine Club; Typing Tyros; ' ice-Presideiit, 4A Class; Vice-President, Pssciiology Club. P. TR1C1A CROWLEY Crossword Club. . Latin Club; Reading Club; Ibill Guard; Kjuultv Aid; DIANE CUTRONA . . . Clcr Club: L;itiu Club; Student Leader; FOREMANUAL Representati e; Facult - Aiil; .Service Letter; G.A,. . Letter; German Club; Junior Achievement Club; Hall C.u;irtl; T piug Queens; Bowling Team; Biofax Club; G.A.. . MARILYN CZACH . . . Crossword Puzzle Club; T ping Queens Club; G.A.A. Rep- resentative; A.ssistant Chairman, Hostess Chib; C... ..A.; Bowling Team; Intramural ' ollevball Team. PATRICIA CZOP . . . Treasurer, Reading Club; Hall Guard; G.A.A.; ' ice President, f ' Checker Club; Typing Queens Club; Volleyball Team. Vp GERALD D.4HL . . . German Club: Ihill tlu.uxl: Iutr:iuuu-al Sports; Physics Assistant. VERONICA DALLMEIER . . . Junior Houor Club: Sophomore lliiiior Club: Service Letter and Chevron; Student Council Representati e; Division Attendance Secretary; Social Chairman, Scholarsliip Review; G.A..A. Bowling League; Intramural N ' olleyhall; Faculty Aid; Typing Queens; Scholarship Review: Hiotax Club; Fancywork Club; G.A.A. ; National Honor Societv; Badminton Club. MARIE DEAN . . . Student Council Reiiresent:itive; Service Letter; Glee Club; ing Queens Club; G.. .A.: Iiitr;uiHir:Ll c)ll( b:ill Team; Hall Guard. T p- .lAMES DESCOUROUEZ . . . Vice-President. 1A-2B Honor Club; Projector Club; Projector Letter; Service Letter and Chevrons; .Advanced Band; Orchestra; Band Letter; ' ice-President, Scholarship Review Club; Footb.dl Team: R.O.T.C. and Concert Band; Public .Appearance. .L- NE DESCOUROUEZ . . . Secretary, National Honor Society; Junior. Sophomore, and Freshman Honor Clubs; Student Council Representative; Secretary. G.A.A. Board of Control; G.A.A. Letter, Bar Pin and Chevron; Bowling Team Captain; Intramural ' olle ball Team; Student Leader; Soccer Team Captain; FOREMAN ' UAL Staff; Library Assistant; Office .Assistant; .attendance Office . ssistant; Seeretar -, Library Club; Service Letter and Chevrons; Perfect Attendance; Citizenship Awards; Attend- ance Slip Collector; Facultx- .-Assistant; Advanced B;nid; P.T..A. Fashion Show; Orches- tra; Projector Club Secretary; Glee Club; Grand and Ihirlem Mardi Gras Committee; Spring Festivals; Knitting Club; Latin Chib; Northw ' st Latin Tournament; 8. Tours, Usher; Band Competition; English Class, President; Placement Office; Physics Com- mittee; Social Center Planning Committee; Graduation Committee; Campaign Mana- ger, 4A Election; Editor, FOREMANUAL. JOSEPHINE DI LIBERTO . . . President, Mce-President. Division; Latin Club; Commercial Geographv Club; Typing Queens; Facultv .Aid; Personal Ai)i)carance; Glee Club Letter; G.A.A.; FOREMAN ' NEWS Staff: Hall Guard. RAYMOND DITTMAN Messenger Bo -; Public Address Club; Checker Club. Page 25 ROBERT DIXON Vice-President, Di ision; Tennis Team; F " irst Aid Club. WANDA DRONSKI . . . Junior Honor Club; Latin Club; Knitting Club; Psychology Club; G.A.A.: Latin Club, Secretary; English Class, Secretary; Locker Guard; Perfect Attendance Awards; Citizenship Awards; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard. GERALDINE DUBBERKE . . . Orchestra; G.A.A.; German Club; Txpins; Queens Club; Typing T ros; Instrumentalist Club; Hall Guard; FOREMAN NEWS Staff; Knitting Club; Intramural Volleyball Team; Orchestra Letter; Pulilic Appearance; Pertect Attendance Awards. KAV DUFFY . . . Vice-President, Secretary, Division; G.A.A. Representative; Vice- President, Careers Club; Vice-President, Secretary, Typing Tyros Club; Booster Club; Perfect Attendance Awards; Citizenship . wards; G.. .A. Bowling League; Intramural Vollevball; Hall Guard. CAROL DURBIN . . . G.A.. ' .; Public Appearances; Psychology Club; Checker Club; Spring Festival; Choir; Librarian. ARLENE DZIJA . . . G.A.A. Bowhng Team; Faculty Aid; Intramural Volleyball; G.A.A.; Personality Plus Club; Chess Club; Associate Editor, FOREMANUAL Staff ' ; Checker Club. CAROL ECK . . . Service Letter and Chevron; Choir, Vice-President; G.A.A. Repre- sentative; Sophomore Honor Club; F.T.A., Treasurer; Faculty Aid; Attendance Office; Office Helper; German Club; Checker Club; Music Appreciation; Typing Queens. MILDRED ERICSON . . . National Honor Society; Freshman. Sophomore, and Junior Honor Club; Advanced Band; Orchestra; F.T.A.; G.A.A.; Band Letter and Chevron; Service Letter and Chevrons; Secretary, Band; Secretary, Division; Student Council Representative; G.A.A.; Representative; Secretary, German Chib; Secretary, Instnunentalist Club; Vice President, Typing Queens Club; Secretary, History Class; Faculty Aid; Public Appearance; Treasurer, National Honor Society; Feature Editor, FOREMAN NEWS; Vice-President, Public Speaking Class; Psychology Club; Treas- urer, National Honor Societv. VARLEY LEE ERICKSON . . . Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Honor Society; Secretary, Division; Advanced Band; Public Appearance; Spring Concert; Latin Club; Psychology Club; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Faculty Aid; Bowling Team. ALAN EVANS Projector Club; Chess Club; Hall Guard. CAROL EVANS . . . Service Letter; Choir Letter; Sophomore Honor Club; Future Teachers of America; G.A.A. Representative; Faculty Aid; Student Council Represen- tative; Library Assistant; Division Secretary; German Club; Checker Club; Typing Queens; Class Day Committee; National Honor Society. SUE EVERS . . . Hall Guard; G.A.A.; President, English Class; Latin Club; Person- ality Plus Club; Young Travelers Club; First Aid Club; Crossword Puzzle Club. Page 26 JAMES FANIZZA . . . Hall Giuud; Finance Committee. CHARLES FERRARO . . . Captain. Football Team; Baseball Team; Lettermen ' s Clnb; Hall Guard. WARREN FISCHER . . . FOREM.W NEWS Staft ' ; Junior Honor Club; Junior, Senior Checker Chilis; Hall Guard; Citizenship Awards; Young Politicos Club; Senior Night Committee; Sport ' s Editor, FOREMAN NEWS St;ift. HAROLD FORNOFF Geography Club. Cliess Club; Secretary, Business Men ' s Club; H;dl Guard; ROBERT FRANCISCO . . . H.O.T.C. B.ittalion Commander; Ser ice Letter; Band Letter and Numerals; FOBE- L- N ' U.- L Representati e; President. Concert Band; . Veterans of Foreign Wars Medal; . meriean Legion Medal; Seabbard and Blade Club; ' " ?}- ' Scholarship Re ie v Chib; Instnunentalist Club; Treasurer. Division; Picked Platoon; Citizenship . vards; Chess Club. EL.AINE G. BRIEL . . . Junior and Senior Honor Club; Glee Club; G.A.A.; Latin Club; First Aid Club; Sketel ' i Club; Psyeholog - Club; Faculty Aid; Citizenship Awards; Perfect .Attendance . wards; Public . ppearanees; Ser ice Letter; Glee Club Letter. JO.AN G. GLI. NO . . . Chess Club; Checker Club; Student Council Representative; G.. .. .; Intramural ' olleyball. PATRICIA GOLDKANTS . . . G.A.A.; Teacher ' s Aid; Hall Guard. .lAMES (iARBE . . . Pulilic Address Club; .Social Center Committee; H.O.T.C. Staff. RICHARD GARNETT . . . Nice President. Basketball Clnb; Latin Club; Golf Club; Inslrumenlalists Club; Band; F;ieult . id; Ihill GiKird. JEANNINE CAST . . . Junior Honor Clnb; Choir; FOREMANUAL Staff; Student Leader; Hall Guard; G.A.A.; G.A.. . Bowling Team; Public . ppearances; Secretar ' , Square Dance Club; Service Letter and Chevron: Citizenship Awards; Teacher ' s Aid; . ssistant, Placement Counselor; Class Hostess; Library Club; Library .Assistant; Psy- ehologv- Club; Gcmian Club; Personality Plus Chib; G.. .. . Board of Controls; Locker Guard; Intranniral olleyball; Spring Concert; Choir Letter; Christmas Assembly; Choir Competition. MARY LOU GEFFE . . . G.A.A.; Bowling Team; Crossword Puzzle Club: Hall Guard; Reading Club; Txping Queens Club; Intramural N ' oUevball Team. Page 27 LORETTA GERHARDT . . . G.A.A.; Psychology Club; Checker Club; Sketch Club; Faculty Aid; Scholastic Art Award; Citizenship Awards; Young Artist Club; Perfect Attendance Award; Reading Club. RICHARD GERTZ . . . FOREMANUAL Staff; FOREMANUAL Representative: Student Council Representative; President, Division: President, Latin Club; Vice- President, Checker Club; Hall Guard: Square Dance Club, Vice-President; Citizenship Awards; Perfect Attendance Award; Faculty Aid; First Aid Club; Young Politicos; Service Letter and Chevrons; Editor, FOREMANUAL. JACK GILLIS . . . Football Team; Ben Frankhn Clul . K.A.REN GLANCY . . . Hall Guard; Locker Guard; Intramural Volleyball; G.A.A.; Young Travelers Club; Checker Club; Knitting Club. MILDRED GLOSS . . . Service Letter; President, Library Club; President, 3A Honor Club; Sophomore and Junior Honor Clubs; German Club; Bit and Bridle Club; Library Assistant; Modern Priscillas. PATRICIA GRIFFITH . . . G.A.A.; Bowling Team; Treasurer, Photography Club; Cliecker Club; Chess Club; Student Council Representative; Faculty Aid; Intramural Vollevball. HARRY GUSTAFSON . . . Choir; Choir Letter; President, Boys Glee; Officer, R.O.T.C; Fancy Drill Team; Color Guard; Scabbard and Blade; Vice-President, Ushers Club; Tribune Gold Medal; Band Recruiting Medal; Fire Cliief; Fire Marshal; Office Aid; Bookroom Aid. VALERIE GUTOWSKI . . . Service Letter; G.A.A. Bar Pin; G.A.A.: Secretary, Typing Queens; Knitting Club; Careers Club; Checker Club; Badminton Club; Service Letter and Chevron; Campaign Manager for 4B and 4A Election; PubUc Appearance; Faculty Aid; Glee Club Letter; Locker Guard; Intramural Volleyball Team; Hall Guard; Secretary, EngHsh. DEAN HALLERUD . . . President, Di ision; Vice President, Division; Madi Review Club; President, Checker Club; President, Electronics Club; Hall Guard; German Club; Intramural Basketball; Science Fair Participant; Graduation Committee; FORE- MANUAL Staff; Teacher ' s Aid; Science Inc. Club, Secretarv; Associate Editor, FORE- MANUAL Staff. MARILYNN HEIDENBLUTH . . . 3B-3A Honor Club; G.A.A. Bowling Team: German Club; Sketch Club; Typing Queens; Fancy Work Club; G.A.A.; Hall Guard. GERALD HEMPEL . . . Frosh-Soph Basketball Team; Baseball Team; Intramural Basketball; First Aid Club; Basketball Club; Electronics Club; Vice-President, Dog Fanciers Club; Hall Guard; Perfect Attendance Award. JOHN HENDERSON . . . Hznoi Club; Concert Band; InstmmentaUst Club; Chess Club; Orchestra; Math Review Club. Page 28 SHARON HILLSTROM . . . Fivshman. SopliDinor,-, Junior Honor Clulis; Naliiiual Honor Socit-ty; ' ice President, G.A.A.; ' ice President, Concert Band; G.A.A. Letter; Student Couneil Representative; Latin Tournament; President, English Class; Service Letter and Chevrons; Band Letter; Band; Orchestra; Projector Club; Graduation Com- mittee; Business Manager, FORENL N NEWS. ERWIN HOEFT . . . N:itional Honor Society; President, Junior Honor Club; Presi- dent, 4B Class; Basketball Chib; President, German Club; Lettcrmen ' s Club; Presi- dent, Vice-President, Division; Basketball Team; Baseball Team; Intramural Basket- ball; Baseball Letters; Manager, Basketball Team; Service Letter; Social Center Plan- ning Committee; Hall Guard; Perfect Attendance Awards; Citizenship Awards; Faculty Aid; Social Center Entertainment; President, National Honor Society; Presi- dent. 4- Class; Scliolastic Rexiew Club: Senior Guide; ' iee-Presidcnt, English Class. GERALDINE HOFFMAN . . . Choir Letter: G.A.A. : Knitting Club: Typing Queens; Bowling; Locker Guard; Spanish Club. CARL HOFMANN President, Checker Club; Basketball DOROTH " ' HOLM . . . Nation. d Honor Society: Sophomore ;ind Junior Honor J. Clubs; Glee Club; Di ision Secretin) ; Ser ice Letter; Library Assistant; President, _ Library Club; Square Dancing Club; Checker Club; Knitting Club; G.A.A. Represen- V-, tative; Office Assistant; Scholarship Review; Locker Guard. " . RONALD HORRER Football Teain: First Aid Club. .lOHN HO " iEM . . . Basketball Team; Letterman ' s Club; Sports Editor, FORE. L N NEWS; President, Public Speaking Class; ' ice President, Di ision; Basketball Letter; iJjall Guard: Intramural Basketball; Choir. OBERT HUIZINGA . . . President. Choir: Barliershop llarmonv Club; Hall Guard; If Club: Bovs ' Glee Club. KENNETH ISAKSON . . . Basketball Team; Laborator Assistant; Book Room As- sistant; Cliess Club; Intraiiiuriil B.isketh.dl: Cu-nnan Club: Electronics Club: Hall Guard. RDNALD .lACOBEK . . . Science Fair ParticipanI; President, Checker Club; ice President. Chess Club. r, £j,J J ' i. (in. BERT JASKE Nice President. Checker Club; Hall Guard; Spanish Club. H KP. R kAL I(} . . . Treasurer, 4B Class; Fire Marshal; Vice-President, Per- son;ility Plus Club; Secretary, 3A Honor Club; National Honor Society; Freshman, Sophomore, Jimior Honor Club; C. .A. Representative; Perfect Attendance Awards; Spanish Club; Knitting Club; Service Letter and Chevrons; Office Helper; Book Room Assistant; Typing Queens; G.A.A. Bar Pin; Bowling Team; Fancy Work Club; Intra- mural Volleyball; Citizenship Awards; Public .Appearance; Finance Committee. F.T.. . Page 29 RICHARD JOHNSON . . . Division President; Division Vice President; Perfect Attendance Award; Public Appearance; Teacher ' s Assistant; Chairman, English Class; President, Checker Club; President, Chess Club; Vice President, Electronics Club; Dog Fanciers Club; Basketball Club; Hall Guard; Intramural Basketball and Volley- ball; Class Day Committee. PENNY JONES . . . Freshman, Senior Honor Clubs; Treasurer, Junior Honor Club Vice-President, Glee Club; Public Appearance; Psychology Club; 2B Checker Club G.A.A.; Service Letter and Chevrons; G.A.A. Bar Pin; Perfect Attendance Awards Citizenship Awards; Chairman, 4-B Ring and Pin Committee; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; Book Room Assistant; Vice President, Psychology Club; Bio-Fax Club; Glee Chih Letter; Scholarship Review Club; National Honor Society. IRENE JUNGTHON . . . National Honor Society; lA, 2B. 2A, SB Honor Clubs G.A.A. Board of Control; German Club; Talent Club; Student Leader; Glee Club Public Appearances; Spring Concert; Secretary, Division; G.A.A. Representative .■ djustment Office; Faculty Aid; Student Council; Graduation Committee; Service Letter and Chevrons; Citizenship Awards; G.A.A.; G.A.A. Letter and Chevrons; Locker Guard; Intramural Vollevball; Christmas Assembly; German Dance Group; F.T.A. Club. MATT KASSNEL . . . Social Center Committee; President, Treasurer. Public Address Club; Lalioratory Assistant; Basketlxdl Club; Tennis Team; FOREMAN NEWS; Photo.grapher; Treasurer, Di ision; PX)REMANUAL Representative; Golf Club. CHARLENE KLENGEL . . . Division Vice-President; President, Typing Tyros; G.A.A. Representati e; Associate Editor, FOREMAN NEWS; German Club; Hall Guard; Graduation Committee. CHARLES KLIMA . . . First Lieutenant, Foreman R.O.T.C; Checker Club; Com- mander, R.O.T.C. Color Guard; Scabbard and Blade Club; Usher Club; Concert Band; R.O.T.C. Stalf; Platoon Competition. SHARON KOLDER Faculty Aid; Choir; Secretary, Young Artists Club; Psychology Club; Award; Interior Decorators Cluli; feet Attendance Awards. G.A.A.; President, Checker Club; Scholastic Art Award; Citizenship Secretary, Sketcli Club; Public Appearance; Per- LONGENE KOLODZIEJ . . . Liljrary Assistant; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; Polish Club; Checker Club; Bar Pin Club; Reading Club; G.A.A. Board of Control; G.A.A. Letter and Bar Pin; Student Leader; Bowling League; Personality Plus Club; Locker Guard; Citizenship Award; Perfect Attendance Award. ANTOINETTE KRASS . . . Sophomore, Junior, Senior flonor Clubs; Treasurer, Junior Achievement Club; Faculty Aid; Library Assistant; Library Club; Public Appearances; Knitting Club; Typing Queens; Square Dancing Club; Service Letter and Chevrons; Decorator Club; G.A.A. Bar Pin; G.A.A. Bowling League; Perfect Attendance Awards; Citizenship Awards; Hall Guard; Choir; National Honor Society. GERALDINE KOSTULSKI . . . Division Vice President; Teacher ' s Aid; Advanced Band; Public Appearance; Spring Concert; Latin Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Student Leader; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; First Aid Club; Finance Committee; Spring Fashion Show. GORDON KRAUTSACK . . . Letterman Club; Chess Club; Choir; Football Team; Football Letter; FOREMAN NEWS Staff; Social Center Planning Committee; Basket- ball Club; Booster Club; Faculty Aid; Intramural Basketball; Associate Editor; FORE- MANUAL Staff; Senior Prom Committee. JERRY LAUREI-ZANO . Queens; Typing T ' - s; Chec mural Volleyball. . G.A.A. Representative; Social Chairman Typing Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Hostess Club; Intra- Page 30 BETTY LEARNED . . . Treasurer, Division; Social Center Representati e; Checker Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Dog Fanciers Club; G.A.A.; Txping Queens. NANCY LE BOEUF . . . F.T.A. Club; C.A.A.; Captain, c lU b.ill Tcani; Co- Capt;iin, Intramural ' olleyl)all Team; Captain, Baseball Team; Checker Clul ; Sketch Club; Yovmg Artists Club; Psychology Club; Writing lor Pleasure Club; Contest Club; Ihill Guard; Facult . id; Student Leader; Citizensliip Awards. SALLY LIPINSKI . . . N;ition,d Honor Society; Sophomore Honor Club; Vice-Presi- dent, Junior Honor Club; ice-President, Future Teachers of . ' Vmerica; Accompanist, Glee Club and Choir; ' ice-President, Choir; President, Division; Spring Concerts; Facnltv Aid; Service Letter; G.A.A. Che ron; Glee Club Award; Music Appreciation Ckib; Hide A Hobby Club; Bi()log - Club; Psychology Club; Scholarship Review CAnb: Senior Night Committee; Choir Letters; ' ice President, F.T.A. ; Madrigal Singers; Accompanist, Band Competition. HELEN LUSZO VLA.K . . . G.A.A.; FORENLW ' UAL Representative; Art Club; Polish Club; Checker Clul); T ping Queens; T ping T ros; Secretar). Reading Club; F;icultv Aid. D.ANIEL MAERKER . . . Hall Gu;ird; Intramural Te;nn. P. TRK:1. M.- LL0R " ' . . . President, ice-President. Secretary, Di ision; Junior Honor Cluli; Hall Guard: Checker Chib; Careers Club; Cheerleader Club; Cht leader; Library Assistant; Faculty . id; G.. .A. Bowling; G.A.A.; Service Letter and Chevrons; G.A.A. Bar Pin. KL ' TH M. NDH,E . . . G.A.A.; Typing Queens; Crossword Puzzle Club; Typing r ros; Hostess Club; Student Leader; Intramural N ' olleyball. M.ARIL ' ' N MANGINI . . . Glee Club; President. Square Dancing Chib; Treasurer, Checker Club; Library Assistant; Faculty Aid; G.. .A.; G.. .A. Bowling; Locker Guard; Librars Chili; Checker Club; Square Dancing Club; Jimior . chie cment Club. 1 R ' ANN M. N. GO . . . National Honor Society; Freshman. Sophomore, Junior Honor Club; President, Glee Club; President. F.T.. .; President. Secretary. Di ision; Service Letter and Chevrons; G.A.A.; Treasurer, Latin Club; Checker Club; Psy- cholog - Chdi; Faculty .•Md; Finance Connnittee; Glee Club Letter; Public . ppearancc; Hall Guard; Citizcnshiii .Awards. PAIKICLV . l. rK. S . . . IB ice President; President . Division; Nice President, Division; Chess Club; Tvping Queens; F;iculty . id; Library .Assistant; Public . p- Iiearance; Junior, Sophomore. Senior Honor Club; Service Letter; Citizenship Awards; Hall fuuird; G.A.A.; Locker Cuuird; N;itioual Honor Society. ROBERT McMAHON . . . Intramural Biisketball; President. First Aid Club; Booster Club; Mag;izine Exchange Club; Frosh-Soph Basketball Team. AK1.1M-, MEIER . . . Glee Clul); Checker Chib; Typing Queens; G.A.A.; English Class Secretary. Page 31 DIANE MIHALIK . . . Talent Club; Choir; Personality Club; Typing Queens; G.A.A. Bowling; Choir Letter; Locker Guard; G.A.A.; Faculty Aid. MADELINE MILES . . . G.A.A.; Library Assistant; Library Club; Chess Club; FOREMANUAL Staff; Reading Club; Typing Queens. RUTH MILLER . . . Junior, Senior Honor Club; Hall Guard; Division Treasurer; German Club; Art Club; College Club; Typing Queens; Library Assistant; Glee Club; G.A.A. ; Service Letter; Faculty Aid; Junior Honor Club; Citizenship Awards; Intra- mural Volleyball; Public Appearance; German Dance Group; National Honor Society. JAMES MOLNAR . . . Checker Cluli; Hall Guard; Band; Stargazers; Instrumental- ists; Public Appearance; Projector Club; Intramural ' olle ball; FORENLWUAL Rep- resentative; Scholarship Club. CAROLE MORGAN . . . G.A.A. Bowling Team; Vice-President, Division; G.A.A.; Typing Tyros; Booster Club; President, Typing Queens; Intramural Volleyball. CLARENCE NELSON . . . Social Center Planning Committee; Public . ddress System; Lunch Room Assistant: Intramural Basketliall; Faculty . id; Freshman, Sopho- more Checker Clubs; President, ' ice-President, Division; Disc Jockey Club; Public , dchess Club; Assistant Foreman, Print Sliop. RALPH NELSON . . . First Lieutenant, R.O.T.C; Usher Club; Chess Club; Vice- President, Scabbard and Blade; Fancy Drill Team; Platoon Competition; Platoon Finance Committee. BEVERLY NEUTZ Psycholog - Club; G.. .. . Bowling Te JANET NIOTIS . . . Student Council Representative; FOREMANUAL Representa- tive; Careers Club; Reading Club; Chess Club; Talent Club; Hall Guard; G.A.A.; Division Volleyball Team. CAROL NONEMAN GERALD NOVAK . . Council Representative. G.A.A.; Psychology Club; Faculty Aid. Hall Guard; Pubhc Address Club; Chess Club; Student KATHRYN NYSTROM . . . 4B Secretary; Sophomore May Queen; G.A.A.; G.A.A. Board of Control; G.A.A. Division Representative; Television Acting Club; Bio-Fa. Club; Badminton; Choir; Choir Letter; G.A.A. Letter; Service Letter; Intramural Volleyball; Student Leader; Pubhc Speaking Class; Secretary, History Class; Junior Honor Club; Senior Honor Club; Secretary, Division; Secretary, 4-A Class; G.A.A. Chevron; Citizenship Awards; Personality Plus Club; Fancy Work Club; PubUc Ap- pearances; Spring May Festival; Hall Guard; Locker Guard; Armistice Day Assembly; Perfect Attendance Awards; Teacher ' s Aid; Fashion Show Model; Senior Nite Costume Committee; National Honor Society. Page 32 ROGER OLDFIELD . . . Band: Hall tiuaiil; Intiaiiiiiial Team. GUNTIS OZOLINS . . . Hall CJuanl, lutraumial Train. JEANNE P.4DGITT . . . P.Ts.inality Plus Club; G.A.A.; G.A.A. Bow lint;; Hal Guard; Crossword Puzzle Club. ROBERT PALMER . . . First Aid Club; Hall Guard. MARIE PERCE . . . G.A.A. , S.iplioniore Clircker Club; Hall Guard; Di isiou olleyball Team; Spanisli Club. !. --JB Typing yuiriis; EILEEN PETERS . . . Secretar ' , Sophomore Honor Club; Junior and Senior Honor Club; Seeretary, Treasurer, Instnmientalist Club; Vice-President, Party Chairman, .Math Review Club; G.. .. . Bar Pin; Bowling Te;ini; Concert Band and R.O.T.c! Band; Fire Marshal; Student Leader; Student Council Represcnt;lti e; ' ice-President, English Class; National Honor Society. SANDRA PETERSON . . . National Honor Society; Freshiu;m. Sophomore, Junior Honor Societies; President. Treasurer, Di ' ision; Glee Chib Letter; Service Letter, G.A.A.; President. Scholarship Review; Bowling; Library Club: Secretary, Treasurer, Knitting Club; FOREMAi U.AL Representative; Class Day Committee; ' ice President, N.itional Honor Society; Treasurer, 4-A Class; Secretary, Math He iew Cl ib. PATRICIA PATT. .. G.A.A.; .Secretary. Cro.s.sword Club; Polish Club: Ivipng Tyres; Hall Gmird; T ping ( )ueens; President, Reiuling Club: Ring Represenlati c: Glee Club; Division " ollc hall Team; Spring Festival; Glee Club Competition. .ILID ' ' PILARSKI . . . Junior. Senior Honor Clubs; Prisidint, Secretary, Dixisam; Student Council Representative: President. Crossword Puzzle Club; Secretary, Typing ( )ueens; Hall Guard; Spanish Club; Typing Tyros; G.- .. .; Intramural X ' olleybali: F.T.. .; D.A.R. Award; Social Center Committee: Senior Prom Committee; Enameling Club; Citizenship .■ wards; Service Letter; Public .Appearance; Senior Nitc Costume Committee: Simplieit - Fasliion Show Model: National Honor Society. .lOSKPIHNE PIOWARCZ K . . . G.A.A.; Polish Club: Checker Club: Typing Ouceiis: Persou.dit) Plus Club; Hall Guard; Faculty Service; Library .Assistant: Cit:- zenshi| . ward. SALI. ' POPARAI) . . . G.A.A.: Student Council; Social Center Committee: Co- Chiiirman. , d ertising Committee; Secretary. Magazine Exchange Club; Hall Guard; Locker Guard; Sketch CInb: Careers Club: First Aid Club; Crossword Puzzle Cl ' .ib: G.. .. . Bowling ream: Intramunil X ' ollev b;ill. ROSE NL- RV POREDA . . . Choir: .Secretary; G.A.A.; Bit and Bridle Chib: Square l);uicing Club; Modem PrisciUas; Art Workshop Club. Page l- ' i JOAN POZNECKI . . . G.A.A.; Typing Queens; Booster Club; Hall Guard; Faculty- Aid. DONNA PURVES . . . G.A.A.: Reading Club; Chess Club; Crossword Puzzle Club Assistant; Hall Guard. SHIRLEY RAPEY . . . G.A.A.; Checker Club, Secretary; Service Letter, Chevrons; Choir, Secretary, Treasurer; Choir Letter; Social Center Planning Committee; Cheer- leader Letter; Cheerleading Club; Division Volleyball Team; Senior Ring Committee; Personal Appearances; Faculty Aid; All Chicago High School Choir; Social Center Entertainment Committee, Chairman; FOREMANUAL Stall; Chairman, Fashion Show; Glee Club; Spring Festi al; Citizenship Awards; Library Assistant; Perfect Attendance Awards. FRANCINE RESZUTKO . . . Junior Honor Club; FOREMAN NEWS, Editor and Associate Editor; Social Center Committee. Hostess; FOREMANUAL Statt; Division, Secretary; Service Letter and Chevrons; Citizenship Awards; Campus Leader; Intra- mural Volleyball; Bowling Team; Future Teachers of America; FOREMANUAL Representative; Library Assistant; G.A.A.; FOREMANUAL Club. Treasurer; Hall Guard; Typing Queens; Careers Club; Campaign Manager; Graduation Usherette; Counselors in Training; Reception Committee, Chairman; Associate Editor FORE- MANUAL Staff; Favors Committee. JAMES RIEDL . . . Chess Club; Slide Rule Club; President, Division; Scabbard and Blade Club; Captain, R.O.T.C; Leader, Fancy Drill Team; Platoon Competition; Usher ' s Club. JUD ' ' ROBINSON . . . President. Junior Choir; Junior and Senior Honor Club; Glee Club; Sewing Club; .attendance Office; Faculty . ' Mil; Public Appearance; Spring Concert; Social Center Committee; Counselors in Training. Vice-President; Hostess for Teacher ' s Meetings. ANNETTE ROSPENDA . . . 4B Checker Club; Cat Club. ROBERT ROSS . . . Basketball Team; Baseball Team; Letterman Club; Golf Club; Hall Guard. JAMES RUMBAUGH . . . Concert Band; Instrumentalist Club; German Club; Math Review Club; Chess Club; Band Letter; Orchestra. GAYTON SCHERO . . . Student Council Representative. JOAN SCHRADER . . . Library Assistant; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; G.A.A.; Fancv ■Work Club; Volleyball Team; First Aid Club. DONNA SCHROEDER . . . Student Coimcil Representative; G.A.A. Representative; Public Appearances; Band; Hall Guard; Locke: Guard; Christmas Tree Committee; G.A.A.; Faculty Aid; Typing Queens; Citizenship Awards; Instrumentalist Club; Ceramics Club; Perfect Attendance Award; Cat Ciub; Geography Club; Usherette for Graduation; Treasurer, Typing Queens. Page 34 LILLIAN SCHULTZ . . . Secre(ar ' . Ci)niniercial Ccograpln Cluli; Stiulcnt Council Representative; Faculty Aid; Intramural ' olleyhall; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Magazine Club; Cat Club; Careers Club; Chess Club; Young Artists Club; Library Assistant; FORENLW NEWS Stall. BARBEL SCHWARTZ G.A.A.; German Cluh. ROBERT SERWINSKI . . . Concert Band; R.O.T.C. Band; Hall (;u;u(l; L;il oratory Assistant; Polish Club; Dolphin Club; Tele ision Club; Woodbutcher Club; Barber Shop Harmony Club. NORMA SHVHR . . . Student Council Representative; FOREMAXUAL Representa ti e; Social Center Planning Connnittee; Orchestra; Spanish Secretary; Division Secre tary; English Class Secretar ; Faculty Aid; G.A.A.; Music Appreciation Club; Bio, Fax Club; Writing tor Pleasure Chib; Checker Club; Jewelry Club; Service Letter and Chesrons; Perfect Attendance Awards; G.A.A. Bowling Team. ARLENE SIDOR . . . Junior Honor Club; Glee Club; Faculty; Aid; G.A.A. ; Ser ' ice Letter; Latin Club; First Aid Club; Sketch Club; Psychology Club; Citizenship Award; Perfect .attendance . w,ird; Public . ppearances; Glee Club Letter; Class Day Committee; Senior Honor Clul . DIANE SIDLEY . . . Secretar , ' ice President, Division; Faculty Aid; Secretarv, Glee Club; Glee Club; Glee Club Letter; Checker Club; Young Travelers Club; Psy- chologN- Club; Scholarship Review Club; Freshman, Sophomore. Junior Honor Club; National Honor Societv ' ; Intramural N ' ollevball; Citizenship Awards; Service Letter and Chevrons; Spring Festival; Public . ppearance; F ' ashion Show; G.A.A.; Class Day Committee; Senior Xight Connnittee; Madrigal Singers. HELEN SIERZEGA . . . G.A.A.; Crossword Puzzle Club; Re;i(ling Club; Faculty . ifl; Chess Club; Knitting Club; National Honor Societv-. ROBERT SINGER . . . Checker Club; Chess Club; Usher Club; Treasurer Business- num s Club. JOYCE SMANDRA . . . Senior Honor Club; G.A.A.; Citizenship Award; Book Club; Tvping Queens, B.- RBARA SOliOLLSkl . . . Checker Club; G.A.A.; Tvping Tyros; Treasurer. Divi- sion; Facullv . id; Booster Club; Locker Guard. GERALDINE SODEN . . . Typing Queens Club; G.A.A.; Intramural Xolleybal); Checker Club; ' ice President. Division. H I ()M) SOKOL . . , Hall Giuird; Intr;m)ur;i! Team, Page 3.5 JUDY SPANOLA . . . FOREMAN NEWS Staff; FOREMANUAL Representative; Di ision President; Division Treasurer; Service Letter; Treasurer, Sophomore Checker Cluh: President, Typing Tyros; Office Assistant; Bowlins League; G.A.A.; Captain, Girls ' Soitball: Booster Club; Treasurer, Personality Plus; President, Careers Club; Hall Guard; Chairman. Home Management; Committee Chairman. ANGELEEN SPEDALE . . . G.A.A.; Junior Honor Club; TV Acting Club; Cross- word Puzzle Club; Typing Queens; Hall Guard; Student Council; Division President; Secretary. Health Class; Young Artists Club; Secretary, Typing Queens Club; Usher- ette, Senior Night. PAULINE SPICCI . . . FOREMANUAL Rcprcsentati c; G.A.A. Representative; Psychology Club; Locker Guard; Latin Club; Glee Club; Intramural ' olleyball; Future Teachers ot America; Geography Club. UNA STACHURSKI . . . Hall Guard; Faculty Aid; G.A.A. NANCY STERNBERG . . . Niitional Honor Society; Sophomore and Junior Honor Clubs; Secretary, Division; Glee Club; Secretary, Scholarship Club; Faculty Aid; Crossword Puzzle Club; Biology Club ; Latin Club; Ps chology Club; Scholarship Review Club; Service Letter; G.A..A. JULIANN STREDER . . . Junior and Senior Honor Clubs; Adxanced Band; Or- chestra; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Typing Queens Club; Instrumqntalist Club; German Club; Personality Plus Club; Public Appearance; Faculty Aid; FOREMAN Staff; F " uturc Teachers of .America; National Honor Society. CARYL STUMPP . . . Choir; Choir Soloist; Social Entertainer; All City Choir; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Careers Club; Talent Club; Checker Club; Typing Queens; Faculty Aii.1; Public Appearances. RAYMOND SVOBODA . . . Hall Guard; Wood Butcher Club. JOHN SWATEK . . . Concert Band; Senior Honor Club; German Club; Chess Club; Scholarship Club; Division President; Math Review Club; National Honor Society. PATRICIA SWEENEY . . . Typing Queens; Reading Club; Checker Club; Hall Guard; Teacher ' s Aid; G.A.A. Bowling Team; G.A.A.; Intramural Volleyball Team. DOROTHY SZATEK . . . G.A.A.; Secretary, Checker Club; Recreational Club; President, 3A English Class; Hall Guard; Young Artists Club; Graduation Officer; Usherette tor Graduation; Psychology Club. ARNITA TEUBER . . . FOREMANUAL Representative; Senior Ring Representa- tive; Young Travelers Club, Secretary; Intramural Volleyball; G.A.A. Bowling Team; Treasurer, 2B English Class; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; Secretary, Division; Attendance Office; Citizenship Awards; Typing Queens; Booster Club; Perfect Attendance Awards; Treasurer, Division; G.A.A. Page 36 CAROL THOMAS . . . Student Couiuil Kepresfntati e; AcKanet-d Orchestra; Faculty Aid; Hostess Club; Knitting Club; Hall Guard; GA.A.; G.A.A. Bowling League; Service Letter; Reading Club; Siiuare Dancing Club; Spring Concert; Social Room Assistant; T " ping )ueens; Pul)lic Appearance. KENNETH TIMM . . . RiHe Team; R.O.T.C. Officer; Scabbard and Blade Club; Projector Club; Drill Team; X.L.D. Efficiency Medal PATRICIA ' AN RECK . . . T ping Queens, Treasurer; Checker Club; Knitting Club; Reading Clul); Hall Guartl; G.A.A. ; Intramural ' olle ball; Teacher ' s Aid. R.4LPH UNRATH . . . Foreman, W ' oodshop; Procjctinn Club; Intramural Basket- ball; Stage Hand; Electronics Chib. VALDA % ' EITM.4NIS . . . Perfect .Attendance .A. vard; Citizenship Award; Treasurer, English Class; G,.- .. .: Placement Office; Latin Club; German Club; Typing Queens; FORE-MAXUAL Statt. RICHARD TTULLO . . . Dixision President; Intramural B;isketl);ill; Basketball Club; Magazine Exchange Club, President; First . id Club. LOIS W.ARD . . . Xatiouiil Honor Socict ; Social Chairman, Jniiior Honor Club; President. Sophomore Honor Club; Freshm:in Honor Chib; G.. .. . Hcprcscntati e; Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Projector Club; Hall Gimrd; .Adxanccd Band; G.A..A.; Public .Appearances; Faculty Aid; Serxice Letter and Che rons; Projector Letter and Chexrons. LOIS W ' EDIG . . . X; Honor Societs ; Freshman. Sophomore, Junior Honor Clubs; Treasurer, Sophomore Honor Club; G.. ..- . Board of Control; G..- ..- . Rcprc- sentatixe; Chairin;m. Boxxling League; ' ice-President, Dixision; Reading Club; Ger- man Club; Recreational Games Chib; Band; Student Leader; C;.. .A. Letter and Chexrons; Service Letter and Chexrons; Facultx ' .Aid; Spring Concert: Class Dax Com- mittee; Secretary, English Class. .IO. N VHHNL N . . . Student Council IScpresentative; Bowling Team; G.. .A.; Iiitr;uuural oilex f)all Team; Checker Club; Tx ping Queens Club. JANICE WEISENBORN . . . Service Letter and Chevrons; G.A.A. Board of Con- trol; G.. ..A. Representatixe; Water Ballet; Choir Letter; G..A.. . Letter and Chevrons; Personal Appearance; FOREMAX XEWS St;itt; Dixision. Sceretarx ; Talent Club; Genn;m Club; Booster Club; Student Council; Hall Guard; Intramural Nolleyball; Boxvling Team; Senior Xight. Director; Senior Prom Committee; Xcxxs Editor. FORE- MAX XEWS. DOKDlin W ll.kS . . . Student Council Representatixe; G.A.. . Representative: Choir; Gkc Ckib; Captain, Majorettes: Graduation Ring Conmiittee: Trciisurer, Divi- sion; German Club, 1 R .lANF WISOWATY . . . Checker Club; Typing Tyros; G.A.A.; Pre.sident, Division; President, R Mding Club; Facultx .Aid; Booster Club. Page 37 ELIZABETH WOERNER . . . G.A.A.; Spring Festival; Choral Competition; Public Appearance; Prcsitlent, Glee Club; Social Center Committee; Talent Club; Scholar- ship Re icw; Latin Club; Typing Queens; Secretary, 2A Health Class; T.V. Acting Club; Glee Club Letter; Hall Guard; Talent Show; Psychology Club; Senior Night Committee; 4A Election Campaign Manager. JOSEPH WOLFSMITH . . . Band; Barber Shop Harmony; Secretary. Division; Instrumentalist Club; Hall Guard. LAURA LEE WOODS . . . G.A.A. Representative; Treasurer, Typing Queens; Typ- ing Tyros; Crossword Puzzle Club; Hostess Club; G.A.A. Bowling Team; G.A.A. ; Intramiual Volleyball. GERALDINE WRONA . . . G.A.A.; G.A.A. Representative; G.A.A. Board of Con- trol; G.A.A. Bowling Team; G.A.A. Letter and Chevron; Locker Guard; Captain, Intramural Volleyball Team; Hall Guard; Library Assistant; Citizenship Award; IB and 2B Checker Club; Polish Club; Personality Plus Club; Recreational Games; Teacher ' s Aid; " Turnabout " Dance Committee; Splash Party Committee. RICHARD WYATT . . . Vice President, Dixision; Young Travelers Club; Scabbard and Blade; R.O.T.C. Officer; RiHe Team; Drill Team; Hall Guard; Competitive Pla- toon; R.O.T.C. Staff; Secretary, English Class. JOHN Wi ' DRA . . . President, Vice-President, Di ision; Student Council Representa- ti e; 1st Lieutenant R.O.T.C; Public Address Club; Ushers Club; Scabbard and Blade Club; President, Ushers Club; L;xtin Club. STANLE-i ' WYKOWSKI . . . Hall Guard; Checker Club; Chess Club. CAROL ZDERSKI . . . Division President; Division Secretary; Latin Club; Typing Queens; Commercial Geography Club; Vice President, Latin Club; Vice President, Typing Queens; G.A.A.; Glee Club; Glee Club Letter; FOREMAN NEWS; Faculty Aid; Hall Guard; Officer, Commercial Geography Club. JOSEPH ZIAJ Chess Club; Checker Club; Hall Guard. MELVIN ZERWAS . . . R.O.T.C. Officer; Vice-President, Secretary, Scabbard and Blade Club; Student Council Representative; FOREMANUAL Representative; Public Address Club; Service Letter; RiHe Team Letter. GEORGIA ZIEGLER . . . Student Council; Service Letter; Intramural Volleyball; Faculty Assistant; Hall Guard; German Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Checker Club; Locker Guard. ARTHUR JECZALA . . . Hall Guard; Intramural Team; Student Council. Page 38 JOAN ZMICH . . . Assistant, AttciKlaiicc Office; Glee Club; Faciilt - Aid; Sliulent Council Representati e; Public Appearance; President, Cat Club; Magazine Club; Crossword Puzzle Club; Treasurer, Geography Club; G.A.A.; Hall Guard; Citizen- ship Awards; Service Letter; Polish Club; FOBEM. U. L Hepresentatixe; Finance Committee. TERRY LYNCH Football Team: Lettennen; Chess Club. RICHARD WOLANLN . . . Hall Guard; Izaak ' alton; FORExMANUAL Staff; Stamp Club; Faculty Aid; Prom Committee; Photography Editor, FOREMANUAL Staff; Intramural Basketball; Intranuiral ' olleyball. NOT PICTURED GERALDINE BARBOUR EUGENE CIURUS k. Page 39 RIGHT CIVICS . . . A knowledge of our go eninient en- ables the students to beeome intellitient voters. PUBLIC SPEAKING . . . Public Speaking aids the students to participate efficiently in community and political affairs of tlie future. OPPOSITE PAGE SOLID GEOMETRY . . . These students are studying models of a plane being passed through a solid. PRINT SHOP . . . The modern etjuipment in Foreman ' s print shop gi es the students under- standing of the many operations that go into the printing industr ' . COLLEGE ALGEBRA . . . Working with small equations creates big headaches for college algebra students. CLERICAL PRACTICE . . . Clerical Practice gi es girls a knowl- edge of the man ' machines that are used in offices; the mimeograph and dicta- phone are examples. C ack pltere kJI cJLearnlnaj _Af i id o K areer V V linded S e enLor6 Page 41 CLASSES ZJne uarietu of claiSeS off-erd each. a cnance to find nimdelf ana see tear plan ana picture of the future. Page 42 OPPOSITE PAC;E TYPING . . . TIh ' ' use acciiracx, then spct-d to ob- tain their soal. PHYSICS . . . Students " project arouses interest. ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING . . . All thiiiiis hec;in on tlie draft Iward. GEOGRAPHY . . . Knowledsie makes the world our home. TYPING . . . Typists are stri ing for perfection. ndudtnouS juniors Art l Uorh PHYSICS . . . Tht ' oscilloscoiie is as difRcult to study as to pronounce. I ' aKc -45 3 ' umord MRS. FOX— 201 Fourth Ktm-Wa ne Pokorny. Larr ' Pfcitter, William Knudsen, Lanny Pteifer, Bruce Melberg. Kenneth ' intczak, Carl Sambo, John Parenti, Lewis Sandro. Third Rou ' — Karen Hinderlind, Judy Kater, Marion Dettmer, Jud - Heft, Tom Cierniak, Karen Heger, Patricia Chrusniak, Y onne Du Plain, Nancy Sandberg. Second fiou ' — Roger Albrect, Rose- mary Spitale, Donna De Smet, Vir- ginia Zornow, ' irginia Enniark, Helen De Kiel, Lois Kendron, Kay Ellerman. Seated-Beverly Cler, Carol Strieker, Sheila Brundage, Rita Mandile. Ramona Canlas, Jud Martin, Sharon Eggers, Pat Klonder. V " ■m MR. GUYSENIR— 316 Fourfli Roit-Ronaki Black, Jack De ' ine, Robert Buritz, Roy Annes- ser, Harry Boness. Donald Boeing, George Baumbick, Robert Galas, Gene Di Gianni. Third Roir— Carol Becker, Anita Kistner, Fred Belcastro, John Atte- bery, Erwin Kienile, Dennis Schar- low, Patricia Behrns, Lois Dalpke. Second Roit ' — Susan Blough, Berna- dette Bonder, Mary Ann Alwin, udith Barcal, Marie Biancalana, Mar ' Lou Blanford, Carol Brom, Arlene Buyer. Seaffrf— Carmella Greco, Lorraine Mascari, Donna Antas, Carole Bern- hardt, Dolores Bragagnolo, Olym- pia Roppo, Diane Bartels, Jennie Belmonte. i ■ -- I ' m. .-4 . MISS FELSHER— 305 Fourth Roit— Daniel Russo, James Rieck, Xorman Pur es, Kent Ring, Ra - Rudy, Roger Hardt, William Peterson, Ed Skupniewicz. Third Roit— Lynn Russ, John Bern- hardt, Sarah Dumez, Camille Rad- zicki, Norbert Przybyla, Gerald Rieger, Sharon Rieeker, Mary Hirsch, Diane Read. Second fioif— Carol Oddo, Diane Bulinaki, Richara RegiHo, Janice Chrabas, Leona Polena, Denice Poore, Mike Mourello. Seated— Rose Ricchio, Joe Rossone. Janet Ryerson, Carol Ruzek, Doro- th - Ptak. Frank Reichenback, Mar- garet Trjbus, Carmilla Rosanova. Page 46 3 ' uniopd •♦ " x. ! " .? ..••rJtfe 7? ' .-,ni ' ■ MRS. IIARTE— 214 FiHirtli iiJif— Allen Grccnstein, Kniiicth (jUndcTson, John Cum- iiiinus, kCinii ' tli Ilorve, George tJorney, Thonias Cowling, Irvin Tolz, George Harding, Artluir Oz- lowski, Keinietli Grieseh. Tliiril Hou JaiTies Gardner, Alice Grnber, lU)liert llalhrendt, Thomas Gillespie, Ualph Swendsen, Cosmo Garofalo, Alan Dinienn, Patricia illnian, ' iola Foss. Secoticl {on- -John Ilayhnrn, Mill cent Fergns, Joseph Knrzeja, Grayce Dwyer, Diana Gnnville, Kathleen Backns, Mary Griffin, Darlene Oattalo, ' ihna Oster- gaard. .S( ' (i(( ' ( — Irene Garcia, Barbara Ettlescn, Mary Rita Ifkovits, Sandra Worley. Lucy V ' itale, Annette Gag- liano, Christine Poreda, Carol E cnsen. MISS MOSTYN— ,M5 Fourth Roit-Robert p ' kle, Richar.l Krantsack, James Jacobek, a m Kraiss, Norman Jaqtoyen, Roger Jossi, Kenneth Kemper. Third fioii— John Straqarich. Denise Doyle, James Kaczynski. Eleano r Jessen, Jeannette Beck. Kenneth Kozak, Lee Didier. Second Rou;— Patricia Holzkamp, Charles Johnson, Phyllis Ptiska, Janice Reckers, Donna Depke, Dale Frash, Delores Kandler. Seaferf— Lorraine Jensen, Sylvia Davis, Barbara Holt, Marcia Ihric Natalie Kastner, Margo Denton Theresa Konicczny, Jeannette Hauser. MRS. JEROME— .121 Fourth fiou— W a 1 1 e r Marion, Robert Larson. Earl Cummings. Franklin Lang, Robert Martin, Le- roy Landaner. William Knta. Third fiou— Vincent Lombardo, Patricia Chiesl, Richard Brown, Albert Lanz. Robert Long. Elaine Kropp, Ruth Lockner. Second Rou— Daniel Donovan. Robert Dunn. Floyd Kopis. Roland Malz, Ronald Lo kvist. John Pocha- wicz, Tom Malakeski. SVnfef — Delores LaGrippe. Bonnie Da is. Annette Lewandowski, Ar- laine La Rochellc, Beverly Conia Ruth Clipper, Sylvia Kuznia, Elea nor. Linn. 3 Page 47 3 umorS MRS. OCONNOR— 225 Fourth fioir-Fred Schocnteld, William Fanslow. Robert Steven- son, Brnce Ellis, Roliert Seluiltz, Robert Metzgar, RonakI Sielxild, Robert Schuster, Lloyd Taylor. Third Riur— Larry Garnet, Carol Stanislawski, Gloria Seliank, Frank Gattuso, Ken Sprengel, Bill Dend- ler, Thomas Radzieki, .Albert Spitz. Orvy Surz. Second Roir— Marne LaBell, Jeanne Stanits, .Adele Russell, Virginia Schrims, Betty Slierrier, Margaret Feely. Rnth Schvvingbeck, Lynn Sieverson, Mary Konopha. Seaferf— Demetria Maniatis, Jo De Salvo, Shirley Kitzinger, Nina Shis- off, Nancy Schoenborn, Barbara Stanula, Alice Kmiecik, Verona Smith. ■:mBf :s: ? f-jp cvu MR. PAWLICKI— 318 Fourth fioit— Tom Peteck, Ronald Tannhanser, Louis Passerelli, Charks Todd, Carter Foss, Leon- ard Oakland, Robert Narowski, Frank Bnezynski, Wayne Paulsen, Harold Nichols. Third Rolf— James Nelsen, Phillip Ringelstein, Henry KuHk, Tom Cahill, Daniel Orseno, Richard Mellema, George Parker, Edward Imm, Robert Olson. Second floic— Kathleen Johnson, Nanc N ' orsworthy, Delores Pietz, Roger O ' Connor, Charles Menz, Diana Peterson, LilK ' Shuman, Bar- bara Scliultz, Patricia Miller. Sf(;fc( — Lee Nelli, Imelda Bednar- ski, Delores Ta ener, Eleanor Mc- Nichols, .Arlene Di ' incenzo, Leona Milewski, Ella Mav Gates, Mary Miller. MISS VERBILLION— 216 Fourtli Roit ' — Robe rt Morgan, Thomas ' ogt. Dale Wendler, John Woltersheim, Raymond Krosnieki, Donald Trcmper, Richard Tressler, Fred Wittc, Charles Wiggins. Tliird fioic-William Liddell, Nancy Theilmann, Walter West- phal, Richard Tracz, Marilynn Trandcl, Carol Workmann, Kath- leen Blake, Roger Reichl, Donald N ' euuner, Elsa Nchls. Second Rim— Carol Trunk, Myrna Kreinitz, Vcrna Nichols, Jeanne Milito, Alice Sutter, Faith Roeder, Nancy Ziegler, Josephine Lesaltato, Ruth Konopka. S(Y;fC( — Corrine McNeil, Norma Polterman, Nancy Zito, Marilyn Wardzala, Judith VanEmelen, Ger- aldine Thomas, Nancy Szalagyi, Geraldint ' Wasilewicz. Page 48 J . uniord 155 ' ■»: ' ?:• MR. LANIi— 215 luiiiitli ioif— Ricliarcl Bullcr, Bruce Barclax , Briuc Iliihcr, RicliartI Mc- Cartln, Krniii ' tl] Dalhkc. I iniglas llaiRock, Joliii Nash, Kurt Mcistcr, I ' raiik Roi-miscli, Ricliarcl Blum, Waller Sliaw. Tliiid {(ii( -M a u r c (■ u Miller, Mariim Hcink ' , |ae |uclim ' Sand- liiry. ()li c ' ' accaro, Richard Ziaja, Kdu.u ' d Scariniliold, Patricia Bing- aiiiiu, Hiiscuiary Nastali, Joan Sudllack. Jcau Lticarz. Siiiiiul {(lit — Ouauc W ' crschkul, l a Hii)iiil Scliuiuachcr. laidwig DiK hicriuaun, Gerald Miller, Mar- vin Fcil, Mar in Bi- cr. Ausus Bite, Donald Dohljclstcin ' . .Mlau William- son, rhilip DcuHua. Janet Kestler. .S ' iY ?r( — Jcancttc Sanfilippo, Joaiine Kurfirst. .Xorjiia Jean ' asln(i, Joan Wiiodhouse. Caniille ' rurkiewiez, Carol Schnltz, Aina Osis, Dolores Marclietti, Carmelina Toso. .MISS WANDELT— 303 Fourth fioa— Dennis Long, Charles .Alkire, Roger Eberwein. Dennis Quam, Charles Perce, Adolph Poc- zatek, Chester Norris, Weston Rowan. Third Riiir— Helen Jacobs, Ann Gotto, - anc Hengels, Dianne Ziessow, Ethel Hofteins, Mary Louise Hupac, Diane Jacohson, Justine .Appier. Second Koit— Stephanie Imbros, William Moeller, ' alter Feber, Ronakl Timm, Henry Sarnecki, Xorman Schnltz, Conrad Schuh, Patricia Boortz. Sc«;tY — Pat Gerbasi, Marianne Pel- letticre. . lar De Stefauo, Dolores Ceenther, Roselle Scrota, Millicent Gallo, Charlene Abbott, Claudette Lahr. ' »- y --v JUNIORS AT LAST . . . Upper cla.ssnK ' n at! Xo more hciim tlu ' uinlcriloo; for tlit ' in. .Xloiig witli thi.s tlu c naiiied a now pre.stitje and cnjoNcd the many tliint .s that went aloni with beinji junior.s. The girl.s were writing those odd .signs that were really shortliand. but looked like something from outer space. When the boys played their first arsit - game e eryone realized how much more fnn gamers could be wlicn tlicir own classmates were the stars. -•Vs the year progressed their ideas became decidedly clearer on the things the - planned to d o wlien the final da - at Foreman had passed. NIan - who at- tended College Night were relieved to finally know about all the re juirements and adxantagcs the - were going to ha e at tlie college of their choice. The juniors are more adtdt now and they realize the resjionsibilities that will be handed down to them. Page 49 FOODS . . . It ' s sad that all students can ' t sanijile the delicious jelly made in tile Foods Laboratory. opn lomoreS — L ntkusiastic Jjn C uevu C ndi ecivop OPPOSITE PAGE GEOMETRY . . . Triangles, scjuares. circles, and trapezoids are part of the geometry vocabulary. BIOLOGY . . . The Biology students study about the laziest member of the reptile family. ENGLISH . . . Learning to use the Librar) is halt the Sophomore ' s battle. PRINTING . . . The printing presses at Foreman are ke]it bus ' dailv. MISS COSTELLO— 115 Fourth Roll— Edward Stcnncr, Giis Lores, Richard Two, Donald Mac Kenzif, Bill H an, Bruce X ' iernow, Dennis Peterson, Karl Knbon, Ber- nard Mol, Gary Steinbeck. ThinI (ut ' — Lorraine Hohensee, Micliael Pisano, . llen Meuret. Ed- ward Kins, Dortln Peterson, Jean Horton, Robert Poreniba, ' arreii Franczyk, Dominic Tiberio. SecomI Ron— Margaret Misuida. Nancy Wilber, Betty Showalter, Joyce . danis, Barbara Cliristiansen. Eileen Hudson, Carol Rushton. Jo Anne Ceragiol, Monica Siewcrt. Seated- li Ty Craigo, Carol Bin heinier, Jo.- nne ' itt. Etlicl Pearcr Loretta Frey, Sylvia Tyler. Mar jorie Rogers, Antoinette Rcnkosii wicz. fi : ' M Page .51 J opn r omored t. - - « - — ' -- MRS. WOELFFER— 218 Fourth Joa ' -Kennetli Pietranek, William Pecelunas, Gary Hein, Richard Kvans, Stanley Aili, Allen Wliitc. Robert Evans, Kenneth Kohojeski, Robert Weil. Third Roiy— Donald Dalcerro, Marcia Tonode, Linda Boden, Joscpli Lignori. Robert Berge, Ron- ald Tintori, John Graziadei, John Jeater, Kathleen Stedman. Jack Stepbanovvisz. Second Roit;— Alice Knczaj, Theresa Fiorentino, Susan Gerger, Jeanne Ulleng, Susan Warne, Judy Hut- son, Marian Walton, Claudia Gil- ford, Pat Dwire, Carol Cavanough. Seoicrf-Gail Golchert, Carol O ' Brien, Clara Kogut, Joyce Fedro, Lee Gaimari, Helen Esposito, Carol Wanders, Rutli Gering. iw?yiA . tl M ' B ' . k B ' SFS " kiJ ' iit li -iii ■ i. ■•. ' . t ■s ' li [trff ti V-- iJSl fjl ' i MRS. HOGLE— 326 Foiirtli fiou— Tony lovinelli, James Hurto. Richard Dalcerro, Robert KIcinteldcr, Robert Cooper, Ralph riinm, Kenneth Pietz, Richard Prusinski. Third RoRi-Gordon Gluff, Linda Johnson. Barbara Pishuni, Alfred Bruni. Elaine Ronizo, Marie Jean Pankonin. Gwen Schaeffer, William Crosswhite, Joyce Pinard. Second fioir— Edward Kawalkie- wicz, Cynthia Huffman, Carol Kroll, Donna Powell, Carol Kruse, Linda Paul, Robert Lippert, Carol Canisius. Scafpf — Olga Balos, Paul Doss, Gerald Hynes, Mignon Ward, Peggy Scbroeder, Barbara Szaltis, Joyce Stein, Nancy Tiberi. MISS LAWIN— 307 Fourth Roir-Ralph Ingro, Jack Dnerdoth, John Cecala, Robert Gustafson, Richard Parker, Melvin Straulin, Richard ' ehrs, Kenneth Finlc . Tliird RoiD— Marlene Mysliwiec, Laurie Bender, Joyce Gallery, Otto Lvictii, Robert Ryan, Peter Cala- brcsc, Raymond Ness, Delores Cast, Eileen Moeller, Rondi Crawford. Second Roio— Myrle, Elwell, Ger- ald Liikowski, Dennis Barry, Bev- erh- Rentrow, Jo ce Schmitt, Carol Boeck, Judith Peters, . rleen Braun, Frances Nelson, Thomas Maniatis. Sr«fc( — Nancy Peterson, Nancy Mriiwiec. Lorene Helm, Barbara Liickard, Bette Busch, Barbara Morgan, . gnes Fricano. Jacquelyn Aiunent, Page 52 ofjh r omoreS MISS McTIGUE— 224 Fourth Row— Kenneth Morris, Alan Campbell, Martin Kanzer, Gerald Trendel, James OUiges. Warren Sc ' hnhrke, Arthur Carlson, Daniel Carr, Thomas Bruggemeier, Robert Schatirath. Third Roit-Patrick Bonecke. Don- ald Cooper, Carole Christians. Donald Thompson, Beverly Dan- kowski, Diane Sternard, Arlene Kirk, William Luga, Herbert Russel, Ronald Ziemba. Second Ron;— Carol Glen, Sharon Lewis, Joan Klaproth, Wayne Kalis. Antoinette Gritlin, Geraldine Kurt- zer, Nancy Johnson, Rosalie Sutton, Celeste Wisniewski, Diane Lucas. Sea erf— Sharon McNeil, Barbar.i Kronvold, Patricia Weber, Gail Thill. Georgia Mendonides, Caro- line Mascia, Joan Stefanowicz, Maiy Lou Menz. MISS MOORE— 325 Fourth Roic— Richard Barsanti, Ro- land Bartoli. James Russell. Ed- ward Gricbc, James Holmes. Harold Nicholson, Gary Hall. Ken- neth Snyder, Kenneth Netzel. Third Rou;— Nancy Kropp, Kath- leen Bell, Rub - L cci, Ra Tnond Nieolay. Ra -niond Brandholt, John Erickson, Denise Olson, Carol Gus- tafson, Gar ' Worcester. Second Roa— Carol Dube, Da id Ruxton, Salh- Paryse, Arlene KuU- ing, Elsie Klein, Arlene Hahn, Joan Pearson, Frances Seordato, Mildred Hawkins. Sea erf— Patricia Schellcnberger, Judy Ge.shkc, Diana Ziegler, Margo Locwe, Dorothy Lipinski, Y onne Nedin, Paula Ranicri, . ancy Hell- strom. ' « ' MR. LINDEN— 207 Fourth Row— Oris Valenza, Ronald Siddons, Kenneth Zeigcr, Donald Sarneekc, Peter Schwartz, James Prlersou. Donald Sparacina, Rich- aid Zc. ' igci-, Third Roit— Dennis Robinson, Joan Long, Leslie Rcid, Ronald Basi, John Zappia, Larry Marlcski, An- thony Benante, Adeline Ozag. Second Roic— Carol Wilgren, Sandra Buillchcii, Carl Ann Man- tyla, Barbara Wenshutonis, Alice llalwax. Carol Ogorek, Audrey L a inbat, Barbara Youngs. .Sc((f ' ( — Daniel Scimo, Josephine Stcsst, Gloria Senko, Geraldine NLiUory, Josephine V ' alcnza, Jean Twohcy. Trau dcl Scharpf, Robert W att. ' ■ ]Vf- - V ♦ -. -•5-- Page 53 S opli lomored MRS. REISA— 117 Fourt ' i Rdii-Robert CougiU Charles KraeiiiL-r, ' ic Franz, Eugene Bour, Bernard Bosch, Richard Schrems, Wayne Johnson, Don Olson. Third fioic— LaVerne Dombek, Nancy Chiesl, Mary Lou Sedlack, Jean Loris, Lucy Capasso, lola Wiegelt, Lou Ann Epstein, Evelyne Beutovv. Second Row— Nancy Plambeck, Dora Eberheart, Joanne Haley, Barbara Denecke, Charlotte Broug- ham, Dale Evans, Jo Roniazko. Seaierf— LaVerne Citrara, Richard Cielak, Darlene Cozzi, Janice Wie- bort, Rio Dileonardo, Gloria Gio- vanozzi, Carol Enich. ' ■■% ,jp[ ' ' j MISS SILVERMAN— 203 Fourth Roit)— Joseph Tinoley, Susan Sirousa, Philip Piszek, Richard Luzietti, Edward Kranz, Elwood Miller, Dale Rogers, Karl Franz, Cynthia Kroll, Tlurd Rim— Arthur Meinzer, Bar- bara Hclgesen, Roberta Grek, Ben Ignorante, Janice Pace, Marlene Hagen, Robert Franzen, Barbara Lepke, Sandra Swinbanks. Second Rok;— Charmaine Hermann, Arlette Wodek. Margaret Reiter, Nancy Koecher, Darlene Hahn, Nancy Sallemi, Margaret Mayer. Scafcrf— Alice Schiffman, Gail Egan, Carole Knorps, Ann Ranieri, Diane Garnett, Joyce Hohiies, Frances Macchione, Marcia Mel- cherr. MRS. SVPIEN— 217 Fouiili Ron— Joseph lacovelli, George Schweizer, Rudolph Krueger, Donald Pope, Robert To- masik, Robert Hardy, Chuck Lan- sing, Gilbert Cieslewicz. Third Roir— Judith Kaliszewski, Marlene Haugland, Diane Unrath, Jolui Hoilman, Dennis Belwish, Francis Chmelar, Robert Barksdale, Marilyn Jahnke, Sandra Gemignani. Second Roiu— Sarah Duignan, Cyn- tliia Fiduccia, Darlene Perberg, Linda Heniian, Geraldine Burtosky, Kay Greske, Lola Belle Wieberg. Seated— Angeln DeStefano, Berna- dette Krzyminski, Charlotte Glau- bitz, Be erly Jensen. Rita Cum- niings, Cynthia Kolany, Marilyn Haubl, Joanne Kedrok, Page 54 opnomoreS MISS CLAAS— 324 Fiiiiiih fjmc— H 1) c r t K a s p c r, Hicli.iid Junk, CIcraUl Kalkcntlial. William llaasc, Karl Mcsi ' tli, Con- rad l[illcsli -iin, SaK.itore IgnoHo. Thiril finu -Klaiiii- Kahryxki, Viola EriciiiL ' Son, Hoiialcl Junytlion, Hiclianl Cull. William knchar, joe Lrto. Cathirinc l irt. Second fioa — Elsif Briu ' iiimor, Mario Guagliardo, I.aun ' l Carlson, Carol Gaca, Hcnac Cicslcr, EiKvarcl Meyers. .S(Y (( — Roberta Kimball, Cordcle Dalilnrcn, Nancy Underwood, Sharon Anderson, Celestia Cnpal Daletliia Brown, Donna Aniore. MRS, DOBRATH— 317 Fouiih K(ii(— Arthur Fuith, Xiclio- las Binaria, Miehael Curto, Joseph Tann ■, Ceorjje Coogan, Kush BIaz, Ronald Wright. Panl Scialabba, Third Roit-Gail Ulrieh, John Gesh- kewieli. Jack Clinton, George . ' Vnehanipangh, Theodore Ganearz, Wa ne F hret. Frank Alterio, Al- treda Marshall. Second Ron ' — Gloria Pape, Jae(iue- lyn Werdell, Diane Strntz, Joan Wardzala, aney Bogaeki, Ada I ' awh . Georgia ' illiauis. Martha Seortino. St ' o t ' rf— Lorraine Kukla. Mar Ru- l)ino, Barbara Stromberg, Dolores Normann, Barbara Sehaeht, Bcr- niee Herbert, Mnrial Thonisen. MRS. FAGAN— 222 Fourth iRou— Kenneth Sehaden. Robert Wirkns, Leon Zafler, Don- ald Moschell, Frank Sehendl, Cliarles Friedrieh. Third fioit— Edward Flathau, Jerr ' Falkowski. John Poster, Walker Reaeh. Xormin Wojczynski, Alan Petersen. Second R(nc— ,nuy Nielsen, Ann Harrer, E elyn NJarkert, Ph His Johnston. Loretta Kranz. Joan La- Vassenr, Suzanne Ileldt. Janet Ferracane. Scnfcf — Shirlev Olsen, Marilvn Woltt, Joyce Moreth Carolyn Mark- full. Janice Nowak. Barbara Kranz, Jiid - Freislinger. ' A , J,| p, K V ' . M- ifLj -H. ! CJ ' »••■ " ■ ' ' ■ k -j Page 55 ENGLISH . . . l-ieadiiiti iiom ' Is w itli settings from all |)aits of the world. reSnmen Ind 11 lew fields yf cJ c ecirnina OPPOSITE PAGE GERMAN . . . Studying German customs proves to be as interesting as learn- ing the language. GENERAL SGIENGE . . . General Science prox ides the basic knowledge of various scien- tific fields. LATIN . . . O-jr present da culture has its roots in ancient Roman society. Our icience, go ernment, and laws, stem from the ancient Iloma: is. PRINT SHOP . . . Type setting is the chief project of Freshmen printers. MEGHANTGAL DR.WVLNG Mechanical scale drawing. Mechanical Drawing begins with learning the elements of Page 57 Credit men MISS DUNN— 312 Fourth fiiiio— Diane Biilow, Josepli Cicero, Kenneth Kozy, Eleanor Betge. Nick Calistro, Joe Cawella, Douglas Camhaesy, Elaine Bren- necke, Carol Benson, Lyn Carlson, Carol Brougham. Third fioif— Eleanor Brandenburg, Barbara Christensen, Charles Kess- ler, Diane Bandlow, MiMi Albcrti, Corene DeBonis, Robert Allen, Gary Burke. Kathleen Bock, Ed- ward Skorezewski. Second fioit ' — Arlene Baehta, Har- riet BuUer, Valira Cangialosi, John Bitakis, Paid Bruggemeier, David Brown, Mary DeMarco, Judy Aee- renza, Diane Anasenes. Sfofcrf-Judy Bell, Juanita Chan- dler, Leilani Worsoe, Lucy Cusack, Loretta Underwood. Judy Bejnio- wicz, Sally Bertira, Jo Avena, Con- nie Demetrv. f% L. • •• ii w ICij ' f—,. V " --S ' £ MR. KEATING— 228 Fourth Roir— Wayne Hinderland, Raymond Domanico, Kenneth hvanicki. Robert O ' Brien, William Downie, William Fashing, Joseph Kolik, Philip Farina, Donakl Es- bjornson, Alan Dochterman, Will- iam Gibson, Third fiou -William Glave, Erling Hansen, James Griffin, Gait Hof- feins, Shirley Haase, Michalene Gersch, Barbara Heatseh, Frances Gawlik, Louis GcnnarcUi, Stanley Zderski. Second fioii—Patrieia Grube, Bon- nie Doss, Eileen DeMiekels, Judith Hoy, Jaeciueline Wisuer, Arlene F " reese, Geraldine Burke, Norene DcBonis, Rosemarie Avena, Helen Ernst. Scnff ' f — Anne Evangehsta, Rose- mary DeStefano, Diana Gallo, Jo- anne Hudson, Barbara Guniowski, ( ' anil Ifirt, Peg,g - Herman, Judith Ifeide, Lillian Russo. MRS. KUKLIN— 212 Fourth Ron— John Majewski, Kath- leen Kolar, Leanna Berg, Clayton Kumpu, Charles Lorenz, Charles Headborn, Daniel McAvoy, Robert Olsen, Frances Mason, Linda Jab- lonowski, Cathy Olson. Third Row— James Klus, Ernest Nortger, Jerome Kingsley, Robert Fritz, John Jensen, Eileen Eggers, Karen Atzel, Joyce Herodes, Robert Page, Ray Manyik. Second Roit, ' — Casmeir Kurek, Carol Marin, Marlene LaVand, Sandra Kahn, Darlene Manthie, Charles Mistrctta, Kenneth Nelson, Judy Jemison, Arlene Luraslewski, Lynn . Iahlke, Richard Lundstroni. Scrtfty — Roberta Carpinelli. Sharon Kranz. Maryann Avena, Dolares Mark, Nancy Jacknian, Patricia Malattesta, Sharon Leonardy, Gloria Mazza, Joane Trader. Page 58 3.eA men MR. LUCAS— 223 Fourth {oU ' -Mary Ann Vcntri-sco, Jack Williams, Cliancilcr Young, Handall Stephenson. David Steven- son, William Spanola, Michael I ' cilcN, Carol Strong, Linda Zim- merman. I ' hinI {on- Sharon W ' alsli, Carol Selmeph, CMcnn Zerwa.s. Diane Socki, Karen Swiatek. N ' orene Idmiwon. Penny W ' lu-don, Thomas Ward, James Krni)a. Norma Solti.s. Second fiou— Barbara ' e erk,i, |( Ann Zehell, Marie Romano. Bar- li.ira Ojirodny, Ccrald Seratinoucz, Manreen Tyrrell, Jndith Heichel, Ilka Tack. Sne Sntherland. Se(;?c — M iehelaelina W ' inkovvski, Carol , ' nn Sessa, Ldward W ' alend- nk, Linda .Mae Thndinm, Carol l.on Storz, Carolyn Stye cn, Joan W ' archalowski, Leon Sterner, Rence Shiiniaker. MR. RUBENSTEIN— 313 Fourth fioic— Charles Lorenz, James Do le, Thomas Rentenaner. Virginia Roosevelt. Kenneth Riedel. Jerr ' Renallo, Ronald Page, Don- ald Chrzan, Ralph yuaekenbnsh. Marge Mellet, Linda Graham, Lino Sbragia. Third Ron;— Frances Padulo, Patri- cia McConib, Jo. ' nne Lawson, Karen Popek, Jndith Mroz, Edward Schrader, Carol Schlichting, Bar- bara Pontanini. Barbara Rozkuszke, Mar - Ann Olewsack. Second Roif— Diane Schwarznian, James Parks. ' ito Pontrelli, Bar- bara Sntherland, Ann Nanna, Pat Koziol, Bonnie Xockels, Robert Rasniussen, Gerald McAvoy, Pat Pasternak, Jo .Anne Mize. Sea « — Bonnie Mnrphy, .Ar id Petersen, Geraldine Mikul, Jud Midale, Sharon Quinn, C ' orinni ' Pieroni, Clotildc Rnggiero, Richard Phillips, Marihn Schroeder. .MISS . U. . 1S(). — 125 Fourth Koii— Doiuia Hntson. June Indnrante. Robert Papen. Dennis Manfroni. Gn - Klepstein. John Iss- leb, William Gloss, [olm Knutson, Pat Pabst. Third ijoit— Barbara Lena, . rlene Klindera. Barbara Molnar. Both Kiefer. Petronella Ilolda, L nn Rehoerger. L nne Sye, Carol Kle- nienz, Marilyn Juron. Second Rou— John Gallo. Marshall Miller. Robert Neighbors, Charles Mazyraek, Da id MeCnIla, Earle xMeyer, .Martin McLanizlilin, Dennis Olsen. Scafcf — Rosemary Lichter, Can I James. Terese Miner ini. Catlierin. Ignoffo, Rita Pellcttiere, Sharon Pheifler, Lois Morgan, Annctl. Ohlson. ' f -M . fTj ' --t ' ' --- ' - u - l c_ Page 59 reskmen MR. CANTU— 123 Fourth Roii-Diiane Gibson, John Ehlers, Sani Anzelmo, Leroy Bach, Edward Bue, Ken Brendecke, Richard Bachar, James Coulson. Third Rou)— Marilyn Brinkman, Ruth Hansen, Lois Coombs, Charles Brecn, Bruce Becker, Diane Dahl, Betty Beck, Carole Hintz. Second Roit-Nancy Antonelli. Margaret Friese, Viven Christen- sen, Karen Dickow, Margaret Tracy, Be erly Christensen, Her- bert Adams. Srafrrf— Bernard Barr, Gloria Fab- bri, Burnic Cole, Bob Allen. Joyce Biirkhardt, Priscilla Gum, Joan Farina, Kathleen Glancey. MR. GRUBBE— 323 Third fioa— Edward Scheuner, Bob Kozel, Edward Schader, Gordon Williamson, John Seidl, Ronald Sarnecke, Richard Rosenmayer, Robert W ' itte. Second Roit ' — Jane Wilson, Jean Rush, Anna Sotos, Marie Schuster, Gayle Sieck, Laurel Wedow, Vi- vien Thomas, Marilyn Wachowski, I ' izabeth Zimmanck. Scaft ' d— Nancy Swirles, Doris Sunde, Diane Rehm, Lois Ross- hacher, Claudia Umlauf, Sandra Longo, Linda Freundel. FRESHMEN . . . The first year is over! It seems almost impossible that they ' re sophomores now. The year has gone by so quickly. The boys have begun to become well- known for their prowess and skill in sports, and the girls are frantically recording points hoping to receive their bar pins. All of them are chanting verbs during theii- lunch hour studying for e.xams in foreign languages. Everything is so new and different! The school seems so much larger, the seniors so much taller, and all of it is new and bewildering. Page 60 heu eep r V laclilneS J i J ?p ummin f Maintenance of tlie Foreman Hi ili Scliool linildint; is a pliase ot seliool hnsi- ness that is taken tor tiranted. Little thoniiht is e er gixen to tlie people v!io work long honrs to keep om ' scliool warm and comfortable. Foreman has a clean hnild- ing and a neat campus which is partly due to the help of the student body, bnt the greater part of the job is done by the capable engineering staff mider the snperxi- sion of Mr. Wallace Fee and his able assistant Mr. Da id Weiberg. Throngh their continnons efforts onr school has become the pride of the northwest commnnity. Page 61 =ACTIVITIES niilinn faces reflect the cictiviticS 60 miiclt a part of eueru stitaent J tife. Page 62 r ' m- i i _m i V ; iii.ijUJJ n -A National Honor Society January Class 1955 Seated— Carole Scheafer, Rita Mikos, An- ton Petran, Carol Schaaek. Standing— Eleanor Haacker, Jean Christman. cU eaderd cJLeaue helv r v [arh THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . The National Honor Society, a national group composed of a small percent- age of students from high schools all over the country, is the most important organization at Foreman. From the freshman year the students have striven for membership. Students are selected for this organization on the basis of high scholarship and citizenship. During the ye ar, National Honor Society members helped with the various activities at Foreman, and were always found participat- ing in many extracurricular acti ities. Miss Costello sponsors and supervises the group, and plans with the officers the arious activities of the society. National Honor Society January Class 1955 — Officers Joann Betley, Secretary Juanita Knoppel, Social Chainnan Joan Schuster, Treasurer Joann Avena, Vice-President Christian Thudium, President Page 64 access National Honor Society Officers Sr fY - S.nuii.i rcu-isnii. Dr. (.( ' oit c W . ( lui- liclK. Mildred EricMin. ()li r Vat-caro, Erwin llnc ' n. S(( »( iiK— Jane Dcscoiiroiicz. National Honor SocIet 4B-3A ' s Seated— Yiudnt- ' W ' urschkul, Cainilli Tiirkicwicz, Carol Stritkei- anc Heiifjcls. Be erly Clfi . XancN Thic ' Iniann, Marion Dett- incr. ' illiani Knudsen. Standing— V. vm Russ, Kenneth Ko zak. Helen Jacohs. Carl Saniho. LniKvig Doehterniann, a ne Kraiss, Wayne Pokorny, Marie Bianealana, Carol Becker. National Honor Sociel 4A ' s S«if« — N ' ancy Sternberg. Irene Jnnsrtlion. Eileen Peters. Sally Lipinski, " eroniea Dallnieier. Rnth Miller. Jtdiann Streder. Diane Sidle . Lois WVdig. Sf« i( i(if, ' — Dorothv Holm, Mar . nn Manauo, Clarice Bnelian. Barbara Kahiu. . rlene Clnleu- ski, Eois Ward. Pat Matras. ' jtid Pilarski. .Antoinette Krass. Sharon Hillstroni. CaroKii Buehan. NATIONWL HONOR SOCIHT ' . . . Some ot the nu ' inhfrs of the Natioiuil Honor Societ} ' .iratluatiil in I ' Cliruary. and under the sponsorsliip of Mi.s,s Ceciha Costello. the Foreman Cliaptcr in- ducted a percentage ot the 3A. 4B. and 4. classes. The high Uglits of tlie semester were: tlie Induction of the new members, the Parents Tea. and the participation in the National Ihinor Societ - Scholarsliip contests. The peak was reached at the .Vward . ssembly when the outstanding students were honored and rewarded for their high scholarship. Page 65 Uke you Jf . cni leuemen t Senior Honor Club Roic One— Judy Pilarski, Ruth Miller, Helen Sier- zega, Judy Robinson. ' Row Two— Patricia Matras, Eileen Peters, Penny Jones. Row Three— Clarice Buchan, Antoinette Krass. Row Four— Katliie Nvstrom. THE SENIOR HONOR CLUB . . . The Senior Honor Chib is composed of students whose averages fell just short of the requirements for the National Honor Society. They are still working toward that goal. Their meeting pro ides a setting for group discussions of common problems of scholarship affecting the group. The members have the satisfaction of achieving something highly desirable. They ' ve realized their ambitions in school to do their best. Senior Honor Club Row One — Bernice Andersen, Joyce Se erns. Rolf Two— Nancv Thomson, Susan Taylor, Elaine Trcka. Rinc Three— Lois O ' Neal, Richard Tinini, George Walsh. Page 66 ne nCoaci o i access THE JUNIOR HONOR CLUB ... The Junior Honor Club, sponsored by Nbs. Harte, is a sjroup which is dedicated to working toward greater acliie einents. The meetings are well tliought ont and a great deal of planning goes into their preparation. The members discuss t pes of jobs, college require- ments, and the benefits of high scholarship. All the members are striving to keep their grades high in order to reach their ultimate goal, the National Honor Society. Junior Honor Club Oflieers Seated— C-X[ Sambo, Secretary; Wa ne Kraiss, Treasurer; Standing— Kenneih Kozak, Vice-President. Dcloies Kandler, President. Junior Honor Club Seaferf— Iniclda Bednarski, Marie Biancalana. Marcia Ihrig, Lois Dalbke, Denise Doyle, Ludwig Dochterniann, Nancy Tliielniann, Beverly Cler. Standing— Karen Hegner, Katlileen Blake, Raymond Scliumaclier, Ross Driidler, Donald Tremper, William Kniidsen, Ruth Clipper, Shirley Hansen. Junior Honor Club Seaft ' t — Carol Exenscn, Carol Strieker, Dcnicc Poore, Carol Becker, Rosclic Scrota, Vir- ginia Zornow, Geraldine W ' asilewicz, Carmelina Toso, Jeannette Hauser. Standing— . m- Osis, Lois Kcndron, Karen Hinderland, Wayne Pokorny, Roy Annesser, Norman Pur es, Elaine Kropp, Bonnie Lester, Marion Dettmer, Lynn Russ, Sylvia Davis, Myrna Kreinitz, Demetria Maniates. Page 67 Sl nuin 9 Jo ( llmb J iaker 9 Sophomore Honor Club Officers Row One-Nancy Wilbur, President; Dorothy Lipinski, X ' ice President. Row Two-Kay Greske, Secretary; Bill Ryan. Treasurer. Sca « -Phyllis Johnston, Barbara Stromberg, Evelyn Markent, Xancv Neilsen, Joyce Moreth. SfaJic ing-Georgia Williams, Catherine Dort, Jaequelyn Werdell. Seafcrf-Clara Kogut, Marcia Melchert, Sharon Lewis, Agnes Fricano, Mary Craigo, Roberta Grek, Marion Walton, Elaine Romzo. Stoiiding-JoAnne Kedrok, Marilyn Haubl, Diana Lucus, Darlene Perberg, Nancy Koecher, Robert Franzen, Sandra Swinbanks, Joyce Holmes, Dominic Tiberio, Be erly ' Jensen. Absent— RiclvArd Barsanti. SOPHOMORE HONOR CLUB . . . Although they ' ' e only been at Foreman for one and a half years, they ha e aheady attained a proper hold upon the goal for which they are striving. Mem- bership in this club is never taken for granted. They ha e worked well and they know now that their efforts are being rewarded. The well planned meetings con- sist of a mixture of fun, entertainment and discussion. Foreman is proud of their worthwhile achievements and knows their efforts will be acknowledged in forthcoming years. Page 68 Cc ompetition WitL OkeEed CHECKER CLUBS ... Mciiihfis ol the C. ' lu ' cktT C:lul)s v o the excitement ol competition umoii ' j; friends. The game calls tor good thinking and planning of the next " move " ' in order to defeat some of the skilled players at Foreman. These clubs are popnlar among the students for the friendly atmospln-re that is ever present ilnring those pleasant club periods. It seems that the game is most exciting wlien the pt ' riod ends, so everyone leax ' es with a firm resolution to win next time. Freshmen Checker Club Roir One — Burnett Colo, Annette Ohlson, John Gallo. Bernard Barr, Riisemary Liehter. Kow Two— Terese Miner ini, Sliarmi Pteitier, Catherine Innotio. Barbara Molnar, Sue Snthcrhind. Rciu- Three— ChriicUa Unilauf, Carol James, Barbara Leva, Rita Pellettiere, Petie Holcla. Row Four— Maureen Txrrell. Robert W ' itte, Robert Neighbors, JucU Hciehel, Barbara Ognodn ' . Row Fife— Bruce Becker, Ronald Sarnccke, Glenn Zerwas, Norma Solti.s, Share n Walsh. Row Six Norine Thomp.son, Myrna Styles, Anna Sotos, June Indurante, Elizalieth Zim- manck. Roiv Seren— Robert Papen, John Seidl. Barbara ' e erka, Pat Pabst. Lint ia Zininierinan. lA Honor Club Row One- Betty Beck, John Kn itson. Row Two— Lois Rossbacker, Robert W ' itte. Joyce Burkhardt, Gloria I ' abbri. Roic Three— LeRoy Bacli, " i ian Tlionias. Karen Dickow, Carol Klemcn . Kdw.ird Schenner. Row Four— Ruth Hansen, Marie Schuster, Carole Hint . Page 69 PL cinnin f Ixat S trate n Sophomore Checkers St ' a?(Y -Barl ara Kranz, Luc - Capasso. Loretta Kranz. Gloria Giovanazzi, Charles Kraemer. SfHiu i ig-JoAnne Witt, Richard Jurek, Dorotliy Peterson, Barbara Lepke, Barbara Adams. Sophomore Checkers Sra ed-Gail Egan. Suzanne Heldt, Joan La Vassenr, Gerald Falkenthal, Joseph Leto, LaVerne Donibeck. Sf ; u iiig-Xancy Bogacki, Janice Wiebort, Frank Schendl, Alice Schiffmann, Carol Enich. Sophomore Checkers Sf«fr( -Josephine Stessel. Eileen Moeller, Arlene Brann, Ahce Halwax, Arlene Kirk, Barbara AVinchetones. Sf(ni( (ng-Josephine ' alenza. Geraldine Malloiy, Ann Raneri. Sophomore Checker Club SeafPf — Rosalie Sutton, Frank Van Reck, Barbara Pishum, Carol Ogorek, Diane Stemard, Gail Thiel. Staiirfing— Alice Kuczaj, Marie Jean Pankonin, Lee Gamari. enSe illHoments vJf t ournamen I PL Junior-Senior Checkers P ai cre— Annette RosiX ' nda, J.itU U( ino. Rou) One— Shirley Kitzinger, NOrina Sinc-r. I an Magel. Dan Donoxan. Carl Ilufniann, ' iri;inia Schrems, James Heclman, Geralcline ' asilc icz. Row Ta ' O— Mary Jane " iso vat -, Theresa Knoiec ny, l ichard Kegilio, Loretta Chyla, Donna Depke, Lucy V ' itale, Millieent Fergus, Carol Eck. Junior-Senior Checkers P aycri— Carol E ans, Ron Black, Dale Frasch. Roxo One— Carol Durbin, Sandra Worley, Mar Konopka. Hohcrt Buritz, Dan Orsend. Arthur Jeczala, Tom Cahill, Arthur Linn. Row rtto— Dennis Scharlow, Gerald Rieger, John Pocliowicz. Warren Fischer, Kathleen Backus, Edward Innn, Harry Boness. Richard Tinnn, Roger Hartnett. Page 71 A lyyiina op hat y Freshman Checkers — Officers Amelia, Alberti, Arlcne Lul asze vski, Vito Pontilli, Joe Canella, Freshman Checkers Tab c One, Scated-foMm Trader, Barbara Sutlierland, John Hedborn, Corinn ' e Pironi, Harriet Buller, Judy Bell. Sffliirf iig— Sharon Kranz. Table Two. S«rf{ ' ( -Clotilde Ruggiero, Shirley Haase, Margie Mellett, Eleanor Betge, James Klus, Arlene Bachita. Sfuiif aig— Robert Page, Cathy Olsen, Robert Fritz. Freshman Checkers Seated -Giuy Burke, Riehard Phillip.s, Philip Farina. Rosemarie A ena, Norene DeBonis, Karen .-Ktzel, Bonnie ockles, James Griffin, Jud - .-Veerenza, Helen Ernst. Alan Docterman. Standing— Nick Calistro, Line Sbragia, Paclulo, Robert Olsen, Bill Fashing. McA i) J , 4 Off- ti i Page 72 Student t ' ouncll Row One-Iiidy Bareal. Gloria Schank, Martin McLauglilin. Nancy Plambeck, Gail Gok-hert, Veryl Joli ' nson, Fran Macchione, John Bitakis. Jane Descourouez, Gloria Maz .a. Roic Two-W ' iiyne Pokorn -, Nanc ' W ' ilber, Margo Loevve, Joyce Moreth. Carol Lou Storz, Sharon Anderson, Bonnie Doss, Dominic Tiberio, Jack Hottnian, Joan Wardzala. Row Tlnee-hynn Rnss, Marie Biancalana, Joan Gagliano, SyK-ia Davis, Pauline Appier, Sharon Hillstrom, Kathleen Backus, Laurel Wedow. Row FoHr-Richard Beck, Danny Robinson, Ralph Quackenbush, Barl)ara Scludtz. Joyce Gallery, Diane Stemard, Gerald Novak, Eileen Peters, Pat Boortz. Ron- Fitf-Bonnie Lister, Diane Dahl, Richard Gertz. Dale Wendler, Carl Sambo. Ralph llolik. Bob Metzgar, Douglas Hancock. 2). emocrciCL •i Jli WoJ. The Student Clouiieil is an oriiani ation eoniposcd ol reiirescntatix e.s Iroiii eacli diMsion. Thi.s .stiulent 1uk1 ' takes an aetixe interest in sueli eliarities as the Nhueh of Dimes and the l ed Cross. It also sponsors l)akinii contests in which the entries are ii en to the N ' eterans " Hospitals. Tlie nione that is eollected from tlie pnreliasi of acti it - passes is used tor arious eliarities. the sponsorshiji ol stniient aeti ities. anti the support oi the Foreman News. The Student Council also otters arious awards for ser ice. scholarsliip and perfect attendance which e ery student has the opportunit ' to obtain. Page 73 Concert Band Row 0(K--Bob Lippert, Roger Old- field, Juliann Streder, Barbara Chris- tiansen, Naney Kropp, Terese Min- errini, Clarice Bnclian, Len Oak- land, John Swatek, Sharon Hill- stroni, Carolyn Bnchan. Row riuo-Richard Garnett, James Molnar, Lois Wedig, Mildred Eric- son, Pavd Doss, Carol Schtdtz, Kalph Cali.stro, John Ewert, Richard Jahns, James Wedhott ' , Donald Tremper, Leo Landauer, Bob Larson, Dale Rogers, George Coogan. Row Three— John Poster, George Au- cliampaugh, Beverly Renfrow, Mar- cia Ihrig, Jane Descouroucz, John Henderson, Lois Ward, Leon Zaef- fer, Cliarles Breen, Jack Clinton, Eileen Peters, William Knudsen, Robert Francisco, George Schueizer, James Kaczynski, Bruce Ellis, Robert Senvvinski, Don Moschell. Row Four— Ludwig Doehtermann, James Descoiirouez, James Rum- bangh, Allen Green.stein, Ken Gun- dersen, Fred Belcastro, Mr. Grubbe. ( onceri ( cinci f erfc ormd Orchestra String Section Row One— Jeanne Ulteng, LnAnn Epstein, Traudel Scharpf, James Nelsen, Fred Schoenfeld. Row Titio— Geraldine Dubberke, Elaine Kropp, Josephine Stessl, Kurt Meister. ORCHESTRA . . . The orchestra, directed b Mr. liobert Griibbe, is a group composed of some of Foreman ' s most talented students. Through the efforts of all its members, the orchestra has continued to improve during the past year. The orchestra renders great service to the school by participating in special assemblies and graduations. Many of the members of the orchestra also belong to the band. They devote their time and talent to both groups in order to give more en- joyable music to Foremanites and their guests. Orchestra Woodwind Section Roto One-Robert Lippert, John Poster, Juliann Streder Barbara Christiansen, Clarice Buchan. Roiv Ttuo-Robert Wirkus, Ralph Calistro, Mildred Eric- son. Page 74 Uanetu roin no pin o (j epiln mi CONCERT BAND . . . Throughout tht- past year many high points ha e been found on the band ' s calendar. During the city-wide competition Foreman received a rating of Superior for their able performance. Tlie band has been making a tour of neighljoring grammar schools to demonstrate to the students the fine cjuality a band can achie ' e, and to pro- mote interest among future Foremanites in band meml)ership. Orchestra Brass Section Ron- ( iic— Janifs Kacz nski, Sharon Hillstroin, Caroly Bticlian. Rotv TiLi)— kU,ivd Jalins. Lcc Landaiier, John Hendcrsor .- bscn — Robert Francisco. Orchestra Percussion Section Ltidwig Dochtermann. Janus Descouroiicz, James Rmnhaiigh, Page 75 il [amna keir l olceS J ecipcl ■6 ( Ti C Girls ' Glee Club Row Out ' — Gloria Mazza, Linda Freundel, Lorraine Kiikla, Diana Gallo. Antoinette Renkosie- wicz, Fran Macehione, Doris Sunde, Clara Kogut, Carol Evensen, Janet H erson, Lorraine Mascari, Norma Polterniann, Sandra Peterson, Dorothy Holm, Linda Thiidimn. Row Tit- ' O— Barbara Molnar, Marilyn Jnron, Sylvia Tyler, Frances Nelson, Evelyne Buetow, Lynn Carlsen, Judy Robinson, Gail Hotteins, Carol Klemenz, Bette Busch. Barbara Helqesen, Paula Ranieri, Bexerly Jensen, Barbara Sebaeht, Leona Milewski. Row Three— Maiie Dean, Margaret Mayer, Natalie Kastner, Carol James, Margo Loevve, Susan Gerger, Gerry Huizinga, Nancy Sternberg, Wilma Ostergaard, Mary Ann Manago, Diane Sidley, Sally Ann Lipinski, Renae Giesler, Margi Tracey, Nancy Ziegler. Ruiv Four— Marian Wahon, Kay Greske, .Martha Scortino, Lynn Russ, Diana Lucas, Kathleen Backus, Valerie Gutowski, Laverne Dombek, Joyce Schmitt, Penn ' Jones, Elaine Gabriel, Arlene Sidor, Laurel Carlson, Linda Herman, Ehzaljeth Woerner, Kathleen Blake, Carol Wilgren. Row F;i ' ( ' — Carol Zderski, Sharon Reiker, Jo DiUberto, Barbara Holt, Ruth Lockner, Evelyn Markert, Barbara Heatsch, Elaine Romzo, Carol Stamislawski, Marion Dettmer, Lorraine Hohensee, Loretta Kranz. CHOIR AND GLEE CLUB . . . The Choir and Glee Club, directed by Mr. Moseid, provide a musical back- ground for many assemblies and programs. They work hard during the year to train their voices in order to make the Spring Concert, which is held in June, one of the top events of the spring season. The Glee Club and Choir participated in the All School Competition, and received a rating of Excellent. The Glee Club is composed entirely of girls ' voices while the choir is a mixed group. They also participate in the graduation cere- mony, and the Christmas programs. Page 76 UUitk il lusic ZJ Pom UheU J4eavh Choir Rent; Oiic-Carinclina Toso. Mary Rul.ino, Beverly Cler, Carol Wanders, Jean- nette Haiiser, Alice Kmieeik, Bob lliiizinga, Vincent Lomliardo, Wayne Pokorny, Dennis Olsen, Arlotte Wodek, Dorothy Lipinski. Hose Mary Poreda, Jo Anne ' itt, Bnth Gering, Jcanctte Sanfilippo, Bosemarie De Stetano. fioic 7 ' u ' ()- ' cr 1 loluison. Barbara Loekard, Dolores Norniann. Arlene y m- cenzo. Geraldine lloHnian, Eleanor McNichols, Elsie Brneninier, Cordon Williamson, Bobert Halbrendt, Frank Gattuso, Danny Bobinson, Edward Kranz, Charlotte Brougham, Sharon Anderson, Crlestia Ciipal, Bonnie Davis, Margaret Trybns, Yvonne Nedin. Kow Three-]o vv Adams, Dale Evans, Darlene Perberg, Boselle Scrota, Karen Hinderland, Donna Depke. Nancy Koccher, Thomas Leftakes, William B an, Denis Long, Ronald Jmigthon, Carl Sambo, Karen Hegner, Bnth Scliuingbeck, Deniee Poorc, ' Virginia Zornow, Frances Seodato, Sandra Swinbanks, Carol E ans, Nancy Nielsen. Row Fiii r-Arlecn Brann. Sue Warne, Mildred Hawkins, Carol Durbin, Jeanne Cast, Camille Badzicki, 01i e N ' accaro, Di-nise Olson, Barbara Pishnm. John ' Cimimings, Bonald Siebold, Karl Kiibon, Earl Meseth, Cliris Brand- liolt, Car ' l Stiinipp. |ovce C;aller ' , Catherine Dort, Marlene Hagan, Joyce Holmes, jean Rush, Lillian Mueller, Carol Benson, Cynthia Fiduceia. Director— lr. Moseid. Accuinpanist-SaWy . nn Lipinski, rs a »-»■,» ,, Page 7 ' J aue ea With i h. Row One— Geraldine Laurenzano, Laura Lee Woods, Carol Sissa, Carol Oddo, Judy Barcal, Donna Amore. Maonica Siewart. Roic Tuo— Judith Peters, Margo Loewe, Delores Cast, Jean Ballan, Joanne Mize, Barbara Kronwold, Rutli Mandile, Marilyn Czach, Carol Thomas, Josephine Roniozko, Joyce Stein, Joyce Adams. Hostess Club Officers Marilyn Czach, Vice President; Judy Barcal, Secretary; Mrs. Sypien, Club Sponsor; Carol Oddo, President; Ann Gotto, Treasurer HOSTESS CLUB . . . We would like to introduce to you a new service club at Foreman. It i,s held under the direction of the Home Economics teacher Mrs. Sypien. Under proper guidance, the girls learn to become good hostesses. Entertain- ment ranks high on the list along with menu planning and mo ies instructional. Planning menus for informal and formal parties is an important project for the club, as they serve at games, school meetings, and special e ents. The girls at Foreman ha e a wonderful opportunity to learn more about Home Nhinagement and to become better hostesses through experience derived from this club. The club is open to all girls at Foreman who ha e pre iously had Home Economics. Page 78 MJlLui JC euS Y- TYPING QUEENS ... ,„,,,, The Typing Queens is a group of girls interested in the impro enient ot typing skill. Undi-r the direction of Miss Blanche Cooney they are constantly striving to improve. The main goals are speed and accinac -. Through this cinh fhe ' hojie to becom ' more iiroficient and to obtain the rewarding white collar jobs of tomorrow. Typinii Oi ' sc " - Seated— Judy Pilarsky, Secretary. Standina— Pat Van Reek. Treasurer; .Mililrcd Eriekson, Vice President; Carole .Mor- gan, President. Typinji Queens Row One— Marie Dean. Dorotln Cainasta. Roic Two— Joan Pozneeki. Pat Sweeney. Standing— Elaine Clausen. Carol Zderski, Jo Dili- berto. Gerry Barbour, Fa e Ness, Diane Ciitrona, Joyce Smandra. T pini Queens How Onr- Ruth Miller. . n,geleon Spedale Row Two— Donna Sehroeder, W ' .uula Droiiski. Standinfi— Pat Czop. Ger;ildine IlofiiiKUi. Di;ui( Milialik, Marilyn Heidenbluth. Juliann Streder, . rlene Meier. Jane Blough. Page - ' . J oaanS n ne V lHamn ' 9 9 Golf Cluh Seated— Richard Bacharr. Matthew Kassnel, Kenneth Gunderson. Ron Lo kist. Stiinding.— •A Robert Halbrent. Chris Brandholt, Rav rr; Brandholdt. Colt Club Seuted- Bill Ryan, Otto Berger, Fred Belcastro, ken Horve. Standinn— Gene Civms, Richard Garnett, Chester orvs. GOLF CLUB . . . The Golf Club has been organized with two objecti%es in mind. The first is to provide an opportunity for those who already play, to practice their game and receive help in both the game and its rules. The other is to form a golf team from the members of the club, to represent Foreman in the golf competition that occurs each Spring between the high schools of the city. Last year was our first year in this competition and while we did not win our section title, we did ery well, winning two matches and losing two. Most of last year ' s team has graduated, but with good players coming up, we hope to stay in competition. Page 80 Lettermen ' s Club Edward Skowroii, John Hoyeni, John Peschke, Christian Thudium, Anton Petran. Lettermen ' s Club Officers Edward Skowron, Christian Thudium, Anton Petran. Lettermen ' s Club Row One— George Parker. Charles . lkirc. Charles Ferraro. Row Two— Lewis Sandro, Robert Ross, Edward Skowron. Roic Three- Frank Richenbach, Erwin Hoeft, Chris- tian Thudiinii. . nton Petran. Row Four— John llo em. John Peschke. r f u I I t m ■ " l V. y J lie S umboi L y cJ eciderSn r Foiciiiaii is eiy proud of the Ixttenm ' ii. Tliis cltih of students who are outstanding in sports. From the da ' man ' a freshman enters the school, it is one ot Ins fondest dreams to someday wear the golden " V on a Fori ' man sweater. Earning letters require good performance in academic suhjects as well as in athletics. . letter is not ac(iuired easily, but onl In continuous endeavor. Letters can be earned b - playing on the baseball, basketball, or football teams. Page 81 U Lt fled - - n Uke ZJ leld vJj C lectponlcS C Electronics Club Sff iu iiig— Rdiiald Wright, Richard Beck, Bob Martin, Randolph Sterghu- son. Ken Issachson, Dean Hal- k-rnd, Don Dobblestein, Jacl Williams, Elwood Erickson. Klectronics Club Roic One— Earl Cummings, Charles Menz, Richard Johnson. Roif TiL-o— Ralph Unrath, Donald Banni, Gerald Ilemple, M ' ilnia Oster- gard. Electronics Club Kneeling— Bill Crosswhite, Earl Messeth. Seiited— Tom Cierniak. Standing— Donald ' eninier, Lndwig Doch- termann, Rnsh Bcaz, Roy Annes- ser, Wayne Panlson, Norman Jagtoyen, Floyd Kopis, Jack Attebery. ELECTRONICS CLUB . . . The members of the Electronics Chib are given an opportunity to tr their hands at working out scientific problems and developing their own original projects. These projects are worked out and per- fected to the best of their abilities and entered in the Science Fair. This Science Fair is a gathering of the work of Chicago science students. The entries are judged and prizes are offered for the most original and best de eloped projects. It is indeed an honor for the participants and the school to receive one of the prizes awarded. Page 82 ' I oiin)! Travelers Right (at map)— Janice Nowak. Rdw One— Ol-.i Halos, Micluilene Gersth, Angela DeStefano. lioir Tuo— Jfaii Twolicy, Hoscniaric DcStetano, I ' rcd W ' itlf, I ' rank Gattusii. Una Tliice- Jacquclyii Wcrdcll, l " ' rank Longc, Charles Wiggins. lidiL- hour— Xaiity Sallcnii, lames Hieck. Htiu Five. Standing- Carol Caea, Diane .Slriilz. Sandra Swinhanks, Elaine l- ' ahrycki, Carole Clirisfians Joan Long. ' oun)i Travelers Oflicers Harbara Seliaeht, Oiane Bnelau, Naney Kropp, Sharon Anderson. Dan;; Travelers Sliiiidinn with Hook— C arol Hrongham. lion: One— Joan Warehalowski, ' i ian ( liristensen. liow Two - Barbara Christensen, Heliai Esposito, Kathleen Kolar. C arolyn O ' Brien. Row Three— Jane Wilson. Carol .Strong, ( " arol Kroll. ( arol W ' anders, Snsan Sironsa. Ron: Four— Carinella Hosanova, laril n Steinke, Sandra Longo, Jean Bnsh, C irole Hintz. Sttindinu in rear: Charlotte Brongliam. J ere nd liere YOUNG TRAVELERS . . . Tlicy luue nt ' MT hvvu to tlic ruins of Homt ' . X w P raiiii(ls of Egypt, or the Al[).s of SwitzcilaiKl, liiit the yoiiim tra ( ' lcrs have seen thciii tliroimh their many iniat;inar trips ia fihn. TlicNvc learned of the enstonis and habits of ilillerent countries, and lia e I)eeonie aequainted with tlie people. ' I ' raxelini; is e peiisi e. l)ut arnnhair tra el- in i [)ro ides a stiinnl.ttinu substitute. Page 8-3 Scholarship Review Rvw Out ' — Miss Harkins, James Descourez, John Swatek. Row Two—Sally Ann Lipinski, Sandra Peterson, Veronica DaUmier, Mar ' Ann Manage, Nancy Sternberg. Rolf T iree— James Molnar, Dorothy Hohn, Yvonne Borski, Diane Sidley, Carolyn Buchan. Row Foi»— Arlene Chylewski, Ehzabeth Woerner, Judith Anderson, Robert Francisco. Magazine Exchange Club Row One-— Ada Pawlv, Cynthia Kolanv, John Erickson, Muriel Thomsen, Carol Binheimer, Caro- lyn Marktull. Row Tu ' o— Dennis Mantroni, Michael Pisano, Gary Steinback, Joe Tinoley. Stoiirfi ig— Judith Kaliszewski, Denise Olson, Marilyn Johnke, Elsie Klein, Francis Chmelos, Robert Poremba, Margaret Misiuda, Joanne Ceragioli, Loretta Frey, Joan Pearson. le. euiewd JindP. peviewS SCHOLARSHIP REVIEW CLUB . . . The Scholarship Review Club, under the leadership of Miss Harkius, was organized in order to allow the graduating senior to equip himself with some knowledge of e.xaminations before taking an actual scholarship examination. Many students have failed these tests because they become ner ous at the sight of the test and were not capable of working well. During the club meeting, they look over old copies of similar tests which were being given by the schools and actually take a few timed written examinations in order to become accustomed to working under the pressure of a time limit. They feel the need of such examinations and the need to refresh memories on the material they have learned during high school. MAGAZINE EXCHANGE CLUB ... The Magazine Exchange Club is supervised by Miss Kuklin for the complete enjoyment of its members. Since a comparatively small number of people can afford several monthly subscriptions, th-s club offers the opportunitv to ' exchange various types of magazines with others which hold an interest for the individual. Page 84 Clients i lnlimued CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUB . . . This club uikIci- tlie supt ' r isioii oF Mr. Lane, otters its nicmlK ' rs the (ipportunity of increasing and enriching their ocahularies and thinking abihty. Although this club is educational it is also entertaining in that the members participate in crossword tour- naments which are open to all who like this exciting hobby. Crossword Puzzle Seated ( ' e tj-Mary Rubins, Pat Bingaman, Georgia Ziegler, Marian Dettnier, Evelyn Market, Jackie Wizney. Seated ( " n ' g if)— Lorraine Kukla, Marion Reinke, Annette Gagliano. Sfnnrfing— Sylvia Davis, Myrna Kreinitz. Sylvia Kuzma, Susan Blough, Corrine McNeil. Crossword Puzzle Seated— Maria Biancalana, Joan Zmich. Karen Clancy, Sue Evers. Sally Popovad. Claudette Lahr, Geri Kostulski, Aina Osis, Viola Erickson. Standing— Marie Guagliardo, Gloria Pape, Martha Scortino. Donna Purves, Maureen Miller, Arlette Wodak. WOOD BUTCHERS . . . The club consists of boys who are in woodshop classes. Membership is limited to fifteen boys. The V ' ood-Butchers ' activity consists ol making to s, games, and other small worth- while proj(X ' ts for orphanages and v terans hospitals. Wood Butchers Bernard Bosch, Richard Brown, Robert Steven- son, Charles Friedrlch, Ronald Bosi, Kennetli Finley. Wood Butchers Arthur Fuith, Richard Reichl, James OUiges, Robert E ans. Robert Tomasik. JRaymond Svo- lioda, Kenneth Pietranek. Page 8.5 he Jynslde toPi ¥ Biology Club Seated, Row One- Robert Wyatt, Linda Herman, Nancy Willier, Al Steinke. Seated. Row Two— Man- Craigo, Mildred Hawkins, Lorraine Hohensee, Gene Di Gianni. Standing- Yvonne Nedin, MariKn Haubl, Michael Gnrto, Jim Prasky, Roger O ' Conner, Garol Gonesius, Rita Cimimings. Biology Club Row One— jack Clinton, George Anchanipaugh, Dot Lipinski. Ron- Two— Eileen Undson, Marvin Fell, Joyce Selimitt. Rf !(: Three— Darlene Gozzi, Bob Hardy, Tom Vogt, Pete Calabrese, Norm Piirves. Biology Club Officers Seated— Darlene Gozzi, Treasnrer; Yvonne Nedin, President; Joyce Selimitt, Secretary. Standinfi— Dorothy Lipinski, ' ice-President. THE BIOLOGY CLUB ... The biologists of Foreman are sponsored by Mrs. Dobrath. In this club the members satisfy, in a small way, their natural desire to understand and interpret some of the phenomena of the living world. The activities of the club are fonned for both the beginner and the more advanced students. Some learn to use the microscope, while others study living materials or dissection. All simple blood techniques are studied and discussed, such as hemoglobin testing and the making of blood slides. These experiences contribute to life enrichment. Page 86 WLi Js P, erSonu litu . . PSYCHOLOGY CLUB . . . Lift- is confusint; ami coniplfx i ' l ' tl " ' ' li i i " U ;i knowledge of psycholosiN Inn e an oppoitunit to learn more about lite and to better understand it. There are many jMoblenis and (piestions which seem unanswerable that ari ' maile clearer In an inider- standini; of psyeholosiy. Miss Moore has accepted ih- task of !li in ' 4 the members of her club a preliminar - stud - of the subject. She U-ctures and leads discussions which are interesting and informatixe. The members are able to ask cjuestions and discuss the meamngs of problems or situations they ha e encountered. In this way they are able to re iew man - different cases and situations and the scope of their psychological knowledge is widened. Psychology Cluh Officers Scatcd-Svc Taylor, Miss Moore. Elaine Trcka Sfonrfiiig-Sue Danno, Douglas Hancock. Psycholoe Club Seated— Carmelina Toso, Shareon Lee Kol- der, Nancy Jean LeBoeuf, Jeanne Cast. Lois ' O ' Xeal, Arlaine LaRo- clielle. Lillian Mueller, Sharlenc Jucha. Jean Cliristman, Arlene Sidor, Bernice Andersen, Denice Poore, Dolores Geenther. Standing— Joanne Betley, Carol Schultz. Ann De ' ita. Justine . ppler. Elaini- Gabriel, Beyerly Bishop. Olympia Roppo, ' arley Lee Erickson, Elea- nor Ilaacker, Juanita Knoppel. Psycholosiy Club Seated— Penny Jones, Joan Mueller. Nancy Thomsen, Loretta Gerhardt, June Kaczniarck, Ruth Gross, Carol Schaack, Elizabeth Glaubke, Dolores Manglo. Standing— Ellen Mede, Janet Markley, Mar- lene Grossi, Darlynne Jones, Joyce Sevems, Carol Noneman. Page 87 cXa f oda Oj nCola cJLa Uioieta zul Spanish Club Standing— Joyce Holmes, Janice Reckers, Don Cooper, Bemadette Krzyminski. Seated— Mr. Cantu, Mary DeMarco, Renee Schumaker, Lois Rossbacher. SPANISH CLUB . . . Students interested in the Span- ish language are given the oppor- tunity to learn the music, customs, and way of life of their friends south of the border and in far away Spain. Poetry Club Seated— Agnes Fricano, Mrs. O ' Connor, Joyce Gallery, Dennis Quam, Nancy Schoen- born, Ralph Swensen, Barbara Stanula, Barbara Helgesen, Donna Mae Mc- Kenzie. Standing— Lou Arm Leonardo. Epstein, Rosemarie Di- POETRY CLUB . . . Our small group spends its club time not only writing poetry, but reading the works of niany famous poets. Doing these things helps us to understand the different types of poetr ' . With the help of our program committee uader the direction of our sponsor, Mrs. O ' Connor, and with the co-operation of the group, we have gained a better knowledge and appreciation of poetry. Page ! Unready f hedieSy nd f- inS Modern Priscillas Rinc One— Hiith Kicfer, Delorcs Bragagnolo. Carinclla Greco, Penny Whedon, Priscilla Gum, Donna Powell. Roil Two— Marion Walton, Donna Jean Hor- ton. .Judy Klemenz. Modern Priscillas Row One— Clara Kogut, Barbara Kalvig, Mil- dred Gloss. Row Two— Carol Dubeb, Rose Mar ' Poreda, Jeannette Beck, Peggy Schroeder, Caroline Mascia. MOUEKN PRISCJLI.AS . . . Some time in a teen-age girl ' s lite she feels like doing some sort of handicraft. Some girls crochet, while others patiently knit; purl one, drop two. A few girls tried tatting which is rather hard. Throiidi Miss Timko ' s help, many girls have learned to do things which the - thought they could never do. After a club meet- ing the members go around feeling very well indeed, for they are carrying on a great .American tradition, that ot handiwork. Page 89 rd.ets cJ eam Jke rutk Young Politicos Seated— Carol Bouchard, Mr. Linden, Richard Gertz, Patricia Brundage. Standing- George Walsh, Robert Cook, Charles Allen. Young Politicos Standing— Loretta Hoover. Seated— Antoinette Capasso, Angcline Kor- bilas, Stephanie Imbros, Russell Zappia, Bernadine Gajda, Roger Eberwein. YOUNG POLITICOS . . . The Young Politicos Club under the leadership of Wv. James D. Linden took steps forward in de eloping better citizens of tomorrow. Through many discussions on different topics of the day, they have learned to sift the truth from propaganda. Many of the club members during the Thanksgi ing acation went to Springfield and New Salem, Illinois, to see our state capital, and interesting land marks of Lincoln. They all enjoyed going through Lincoln ' s tomb, Lincoln ' s home and visiting New Salem Village. Page 90 r eeis Lyf ly-un J nd nowieci( e Projector ( ' luh Rdif Oiif— Ar id Petersen, Eclw ii-I SkorezewsKi. Row Tivo— Kenneth Gricsch, Erling Ihinsen, a ne Johnson. Row Three- , „. , , Jerry Kingsley, Robert Kozel, Riehard Rosennia er. Projector Club Seated— Edward Griebe. Standing— Dennis Barrj-, ' ivian Thomas. Lois W ' arrl, Edward Seheuner. Projector ( lub Seated— Kenneth Nelson. Standing— James Coiilson, John Jeater. Louis Gen- narelli, Jolm Hottman. Rou Three— Meivin Straulin, Richard Lundstrom, Robert Weil. PROJECTOR CI. IB . . . Students who heloiiti to the I ' ro- jector CHiih li e a serxict ' to tlit ' ir school a.s well as ae([iiire .some knowl- edge for tlieniseKcs concerning the use and care of projectors and films. They also lia e the duties of opcMating projectors, shdes and filmstrips. also setting up screens and the splicing of films that belong in the permanent film library. Tlu-re i.s usuall) ' time tor social gathennu.s u the s a oi our . n twM p.ulies a year. After se eral hours of ser ice, whicli usuall - takes two years or more, they are presented with a Projector foreman letter. The meml ership is limited to students who can maintain a " C ' axerage. The Projector (]lub is under the capable direction of tlieir sponsor Miss fcrome. Page 91 l Uormna toward l 9 access JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT ... Junior Achie ' ement plays an important role in the lives of all the teenagers that belong to it. J. A. began in 1919 in the dawn of the " Roaring ' 20 " s " . A man conceived this idea, which has grown to encompass the United States. His name was Horace Moses of Massachusetts. He felt the need for an activity giving to youth the basis upon which Americans thrive — Free Enterprise — the American Way. Junior Achievement Club Scafprf— Nancy Hengels, ' ' alter Mariaw, Al Lanz, Conrad Schuh, Margaret Tr bus, Patti Miller, Marilyn Mangini. Sfanrfmg— Bill Moeller, Antoinette Krass, Bill Kohncke. Math Review Club Sfaiidf ' ng— Bruce EUis. Row One— Norman Scluiltz, Ross Dendler. Row Two— Kenneth Kozak, Lee Landauer, Eileen Peters. Row Three— Fred Schoenteld, Miss Kinderman, Wayne Kraiss. MATH REVIEW . . . One of the main purposes of the math review club is to familiarize the mem- bers of the club with college entrance examinations. In order to do this, the club tries to solve problems that have been used in entrance examinations at various colleges. Any problem in math that may be bothering a member of the club, is taken up in the club meeting and discussed by the entire club. The club deals mainly with phases of Algebra, that may be rather obscure in the minds of its member. Page 92 £igLti WorM Wlnute! Typing Stars Row One— Jennie Behnonte, Sara Du Mez, Pat Klonder. Row Two— Imelda Bednarski, Roseniar Spitale. Row Three— Dorotliy Ptak. Carol Trunk, Dolores Pietz, Diane Peterson, Nancy Sand- berg, Grayce Dwyer. Typing Stars Officers Seated— Adele Russell, President; Phyllis Pluska, Treasurer. Standing— Rose Riccliio. iee President; Mrs. P. Fox, Sponsor; Ella Dates, Sec- retary. Typing Stars Seated— Nancy Zito. Helen De Kiel, .Iud ' an Emclen. Jeanne Stanits, . lice Sutter. Margo Denton. Standing— Bernadette Bonder. .Mary Lou Blan- tord. ' irginia Engmark. Mary . nii ,M vin, Barbara Hustel, Diane Bar- tels, Jo De Salvo. TYPING STARS . . . The aml)itious of tlif junior lia c fonncd a txpinii chili uiKh-r tlic direction of Mrs. Fax. Their goal is to increase typing s])eed wliile decreasing errors. Tlie time is dexoted to speed drills and the diagnosis of errors so that each one ma - learn about her indi idual problems, and can de {)te some time to practice remedial drills in order to o ercome them. A chart indicates the ntmiber of words per minute that each member is able to type without error, and her individual progress. The members learn the operation and maintenance of the various typewriters that are demonstrated Ijy their instructor. Page 9.3 ccent KJn C xppeSSion Instrumentalists Roic ()?ic-John Poster, Bob Lippert, Roger Oklfield, Jean Ulfeng. Rou: Tu.()— J iimes Kaczynski, Ralph Calistro, Paul Doss, Robert Wirkus. Kow r irce— Bob Larson, Leonard Oakland, Don Moschell, Bill Knndsen. Rou- F()( ;— James Rnmbangh, John Henderson, Leon Zatter, Charles Breen. Writings For I ' leasure Sfan( i;ig— Gail Golehert. Row One— Mareia Melehert, Eleanor MeXichols, Eleanor Brandenbnrg, Maryann Avena, Beverly Jensen, LaVerne Cntrara, Antoinette Renkosiewiez, Marjorie Rogers. Row Tito— Lynn Mahlke, Diane Bulinski, Panla Ranieri, Claudia Giftord, Ilka Tack, Arlene Buyer. Row T irec— Mignon ' ard, Arlene Kulling, Carol Benson, Carol Klemenz. INSTRUMENTALISTS CLUB . . . In case they are wondering, the Hlting melodies they have heard during ckib periods were produced by members of the Instrumentalists Club. The club con- sists of most capable musicians and is directed b Mr. Robert Grubbe. The club ' s object is to gi e its members an opportunity to perfect skill by playing arious types of music. WRITING FOR PLEASURE . . . The Writing for Pleasure club aims at the full realization of its title; it hopes to aid its members to find genuine pleasure in writing. Whether through the in ' ention of plot endings for stock formulas given at meetings or through indi- idual attempts at articles and stories, the goal is the same — enjoyment and fun via creative acti ity. Page 94 Zrirst . Atid Ipst First Aid Cluh Seated— Dr. Gusc, Tom Mattioli, Boli Nk-Mahon SaKatore Ignollo, Jolin Cortesc, M kv Maurello. Staniliiifi— Jim Jacdhrk, Riiiiard itiillo. FIRST AID CLUB . . . The object of the First k Chih is to laiiiiliarize its inemliers witli tlie funda- mentals of first aid. Fihiis are shown to ilhistrate examples ot liow first aid is administered and then the students practice these techni iues on one another. This i;i ( ' S them an opportunity to practice in order to de eloii the skill necessary lor adim ' nistermti first aid properly. In this way, they are w ell-e(|nipped to meet emergencies that nia ' occur in the liome. First , id (;iub Sliiiidin ' ri — Uol) l ' " -l(lf. Koss Stcliliin.s, Ken- lutli Sprcnjjil. Uohcrt Paliiicr, Hoijcr Jdssi. Sriitril- HoflcT SiKswortli, Manic La lUlIc, Lee l)i Dicr. Hank Kulik. kcniutli ' inlc ak. Hoi) Scluistcr. itk Boyaris, Ted Camarz. Dr. Cnsc. First .Vld (Huh Staudiiitl- l)r. C.iisi-. Bill Kiita. I ' hillip Rin- Kolslciii. Honakl Oadario. Jcrr ' Falkowski, Ken Kcnipcr. .S ' ((;((( — Boh Di on. Hav Biulv. Stanley .Miy. Bob Birm " . Gary Hall. Cosmo Carofalo. Page 95 d keu l Voph I Iciu . nd peak Business Men ' s Club Standing— Donald Olson, Robert Singer, Ernest Nottger. Seated— Kenneth Kozy, Charles Johnson, John Cecala, Robert Franzen, Walter Fieber. Harmonica Club Row One— John Bernhardt, Sandra Kahn, Marshall Miller. Rote Tivo- Thomas Peteck, Robert Narow- ski, Harold Nichols, James Nelson. Public .4ddress Row One— Ray Dittmann, Kurt Meister, James Garbe, Earle Meyer, Ger- ald McAvoy. Roic Two— Angelo Scimo, Richard Meister, Al Jordan, Ray Schumacher, Tom Reutenauer. BUSINESS MEN ' S CLUB . . . The Business Mens Club was organized two years ago under the leader- ship of Mrs. Fagan. The club is composed of young men with high ambitions who expect to be the success- ful business men of tomorrow. Through membership in this club they are striving to attain knowledge to enable them to fulfill their goals, e.xpert training in business procedures, executi e abilities and high stand- ards of integrity. HARMONICA CLUB . . . Th " Harmonica Club was formed by six boys and one girl with a mutual interest in this musical instrument. With the help and guidance of Miss Adamson, the club has been a big success. PUBLIC ADDRESS CLUB ... The members of the Public Address Club, under the able direction of Mr. Itnyre, learn the proper methods of operating the equipment in sound and light projection. Page 96 eep he i ampfireS urmn 9 (.-uunseltjrs in Trainini Fourth RoK-Carol Gk ' ii, Xaric lolinsoii. I ' at lirhnis, Catlirriiu- Doit. Barbara Scliliit . Katli- let-n Blake, Mary Margaret Fcclc . C:aniille Rad icki. I ' Inllis Joliiison, lioiinic Lester. Marlene Hauglaricl, Ruth Hansen. .Marie .Seliuster. Carol Workman. Diane l alil. Rc erli- bankowski, Laurel W ' edow, Anita Kistner, Hutli Loekner, Mar - Seillaek. Third fioit-Carol Bernhart. L nne Sic c-rson. Bette Buseli. Faith Boeder, lola W ' ecieit. Karen Dickouo. Kay Greske. Barlxira Christiansen. L nn Buss. Georgia Williams. Barha-a Denecke, Bondi Crawford. Jeraldine Gurtzer. Dale Evens, Naney Koeehet. Barbara Holt. Diane Read. Second Roir-Georgia illiams. .M.irilyn WoW. Bonnie Da is. Carol Evensen. Dolores Nor- mann, Elsie Bruemmer, Sandra Bnbbleben, Cynthia Eidueeia. .-Vrleen Braun, Barbara Youngs, Dolores Tavenne. Beverley Benbrow, Carol Strieker. Doris Sunde. Naney Ziegler. First R( it-Demetria Maniatis, Carol Buzek, aney Plambeek. Nancy Antonelli, Clarice Buclian. Joyce Moreth. Susan Gerger. Jnd Robinson, X ' irginia Zornow, Janet Byerson. Joan Farina. Fran Macchione. Gloria Fabbri. C. I. T. CLIB (Counselors in Training) The C.I.T. Clul). lonncMly known as tlic C, v Campers Clnh, wa.s oriianizcd in Septeml-ier. 195o at Foreman in order to introduee campin i atti ities to interested girls and to aid girls in the aecpiisition o) knowledge and in the development of those skills which will he helpful to them when applying for eonnselinu positions. The CM. r. Club members inehide girls from all fonr classes; however. onl girls in the mn and Senior classes are invited to join the after scliool C.M.T. group wliich is gixcn detailed instruction regardin-: camp coimseling. Many Foreman C.I.T. girls may well he camp coim.selors ot the fntme. I ' age 97 Chess Club Seaferf— Arlene Dzija, James Gardner, Gunris Ozolins, Join Gagliano, Helen Sierzego. Stanrfaig— Raymond Manyik, George Albrecht. Charles Lorenz, Roger Albrecht, Tom Cowling, Warren Schuhrke, Hurbert Adams. Chess Club StaiK i;ig— Richard Tressler, Joseph Ziaj, Pat Griffith, Ber.iard Miotek, Harold Sokol, Lil Schufz. Seated— l n Niotis, Madeleine, Miles, Alan Evans, Pat M tras, Jim Holmes. CHESS CLUB . . . Club day is eagerly anticipated by members of the Chess Club. Although it is a time during the school day when there is a break in our academic studies, still the mem- bers have an opportunity to apolv their intellige ice and knowledge o er a chessboard filled with chessmen trying to " checkmate " their opponents. The aims of the Chess Club are to further i iterest in the game of chess and to provide its members with recreation. The only requirement; are an interest and a willingness to play the game. Anyone who enjoys chess or anyone wishing to learn the game is always welcome. Page 98 rJLend nem y n C ar Barber Shop Harmon (Jluh Robert Huizinga, Was lu- Piik(irii . Dale Erclnianii, Jolui Cunimint; ' . Ron Siel)i lil. Cn Sainho. John Ewcrt, Joe Rosone, Dcnni; Olsen, Ricluinl Jalins. Rithard McCarthy, Secretar - Thomas Lettakcs, Vice-Presidt-nt Robert Serwinski, Treasurer John Nasli, President f fi V m BARBER SHOP HARMON ' ' . . . During cliil) [K ' nods harmonic soinicls luuc bi ' on liearci ciiiinatinu from Room 326 under tlu- leadership of Mr. William Moseid. It was tin- Barber Shop Harmony CInh in action. This cliih, consistinsj entirely of bo s. was orgamzed with two motives in mind, first to prov ide a liarrel of fun and second to t;i e these golden-throated oiing men a chance to entertain at various school functions. From the sounds which ha e been heard, it is a certaint that the club " s motives have been accomplished. Paee 9 ) o C cich J h wn J obb THE TALL STORY CLUB . . . The objecti% ' e of the Tall Story Club is to enable each member to tell a big " whopper. " A tea inch perch can be stretched into a ten pound wall-eyed pike. The members tell stories and make them as tall as possible. For example. " I was raising popcorn one year and it got so hot the corn popped. The crows thought it was snow and froze to death. " The purpose of the club is to provide its members with a greater appreciation for real humor and to help them obtain more pleasure out of life by developing a keen sense for this humor. Tall Story Club Standing— Celestia Cupal. Rotti One— Nancy Tiberi, Diana Ziegler, Julie Bejmowicz, Loretta Underwood. Roiv Two- Ed Flathaw, Betty Sherrier, Lola Belle Wiberg, Sarah Duignan, Rub ' Ucci, Herbert Rnssel, Tom McKillip, Sharon Quinn. Row Three- Nancy Underwood, Sylvia Tyler, Jerry Burke, Tom AVard, Bonnie Doss, Ken Schaden, Mar ann Galvin, Linda Paul. Stamp Club StoM( ing— William Glave, Joseph Cicero, David Ruxton, Lero - Bach, Rolicrt Kleinfelder, Karl Schuster, Edward Schrader, Gordon Gluff. Seated— Ed Skupniewilz, Lynn Rehberger, Mr. Keating, Donald Ba etta, Jim Wedhotf, Douglas Cambensy, Lois Coombs, Marlene La Vand, Mar - Olenhack. STAMP CLLJB . . . Stamp collecting is one of the oldest hobbies on record. Foremanites have formed a Stamp Club with three ideas in mind. The first is to create an interest in the origin of stamps. The second is to further the knowledge of stamps, and the third, ways in which one may obtain these arious stamps. The members increase their collections by trading with one another. Incidental benefits of this club are an increased knowledge of the world ' s history and geogr.iphy. Page 100 C xcee dlnaiu y i ccuvciie L Typing Tyros Sf«fc -First Kiiu : Cliarlcuc kU-n 4. ' l. .|u(l Spanola. .Srcoiul H(iu : ka l)u[i . N ' .ilalir kastiu-r. Staiuliiifi-MTS. Rcisa, Hita Ifko its, Elaine Biorsin. Mar Iltipac. liiitii Knnopka. Typing Tyros Row One— Jean Kercho, Sheila Briindage, Rita Maiulik-. Row Tii- ' r)— Helen Liiszowiak. Leona Polena, Diana r.un ille, Nina Sliisolf. Row Tltrcc ' -Connie Sqiieo. Hosenian Xastali, Jean W ' aslieci. Diane Ziessow, Xaney Xorswortliy. Dolores LaGrippc. Hou Foiir-Roselle Serota, Joanne KnrKrst, Dnane er-.eliknl. Ceraldim- Dniilieike. kalli Johnson, Carol Stanislawski. Ron Fiue— Diane Jacobsen, Marianne Pellettiere, Lorn.i Crautord. T PING TYROS . . . Tspiiig Tvros is compostHl ot rncinlxTs wlio lui ( ' li.ul one or more courses in T piim. Thev ha i ' some skill, hut want to iuiproM- their techni(iues. Eaeh uieuiher hriiius soiuethiutj slie would like to type. It uiay he a paper tor another a letter to a friend, or a joh application. None of tlie projects are just for Each item typed is used in school or at home. This gives the girls practice the opportunity to tvpe an entirely diHereut type of material than that done in regular T ping classes. The sponsor is there to help any memher arrange her udi idual problem in the best typewritten form. Page 101 nowieciae ywt Ireir Inaerti 9 aerup: Library Assistants Row One— Karen Swiatek, Gloria Fabbri, Dale Evans, Carolyn Styczen, Anne Evangelista. Roil- Tito— Darlene Manthei. Shirley Haase, Arlene Kindera, Darlene Perberg, Susan Gerger, Mar ' Hirsch, Paula Ranieri. Library Assistants Row Odt ' -Annette Ohlson. Clotilde Ruggiero, Josephine Romazko, Helen Jacobs, Corene De Bonis. Patricia McCouib, Limp Roppo. Row ruo— Carol Brougham, Donna Jean Horton, Marilyn Mangini, Sandra Peterson, Dorothy Holm, Geraldine Thomas, Barbara Rozkuszka, Xorene DeBonis, Lynn Mahlke. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS . . . Working in a libiar - is a pleasant experience for anyone and natnrally the snrronnding makes the student inqiiisitixe. The hbrary assistants, directed by Miss Wolan, is an organization for girls wishing to increase their knowledge of the library while they perform an able ser ice for the school. Being an assistant enables the girl not only to work among all of the books, but also to learn more about them. Each assistant has ample time to browse through the entire Foreman library and certainly enjoys doing so. Page 102 .y mo . TmciS mat Latin Club Seated— Sandra Geinignani. Row Oiic— Jiulic Geschkr, Hdlicita C rck, Dar- lene Perbere, Linila Tlimlnnu, Mrs. IIi)i;lc. Roiu Two— Carolyn St czrii. Latin Club Row 0 if-(seated) Lois Morgan, Pegg ' Her- man, Geraldine Mikul. Anne Evangclista, Diane Bandlovv, Ann Kita Nanna. Row TttJO— Diana Anasenes, Barbara Ri)zkuszka, Diane Socki, Corcne DeBonis, diaries Mis- tretta, Dominiek Tiberio, Carol Lou Storz, Beverly Christensen. Row T irce— Barbara Heatsch. Elaine Bren- necke, Mar ' Ann ' entreseo. Kathleen Sted- man, X ' irginia Roose ' elt. )RA U5A 1 ' 1 -. f % SOCIETAS LATINA . . . Tlie Socictas Latiiia rfcei pcl its name in a constitution drawn up twenty years ago hv a conimittic of its inrmhors. It lias been (ollowini; that constitution all these years. Anyone who is .stncKintl Latin or who has studied it is eiigihie and welcome to membership. Each member takes his turn ser ing on a committee to plan the acti ities for meetings. It ' s an op- portunity to show leadership, originalitv. and aliijitx to work witli a group and at the .same time have fun witli Latin. Following the offices held In the ancient Romans in their republic form of govcniment the club is ruled bv two consuls instead of a president and a ice-|)resident. a scribe instead of a sec- retar -. a (juaestor instead of a treasurer, and two lictors instead of sergeant-at-arms. The motto of the club, also set up b - tlie founders, is " Operae Pretium Sit. " meaning " Ntay the work be worth the cost. " Page 103 future eciclierd r mencci The FTA pro ided excellent information a held on October sixteenth, included initiation of t an alumnus of Foreman, presented an illustrated College. Other monthly meetings included an in Teachers College, an inspirational address by M man, and a farewell party to honor the graduat most loyal supporter. Dr. George W. Connelly, a Veda Stern, the club sponsor. nd pleasure for the members. The first meeting, wehe new members after which Diane Schaedel, talk concerning Northern Illinois State Teachers formatixe talk by Dr. Jerome Sachs of Chicago iss Marjorie Moore, an English teacher of Forc- ing members. All meetings were attended bv our nd were planned by the club officers, and Miss FTA Officers Seated— Dr . Connelh ' . Standing— CainiWe Turl ie vicz, Carol Eck, Sally Ann Lipinski, Mary Ann Manage. Freshman and Sophomore Group FT.4 Members Row One— Joyce Moretli, Joan W ' archalowski. Marie Schuster. Diane Socki. Roic rit ' o— Agnes Fricano, Xancy W ' ilber, Gayle Siec-k, Diane Rehm, Laurel W ' eclow, Nancy Nielsen, Rondi Crawtord. FTA Junior and Senior Charter Members Row Oiif— Joann Avena, Joyce Se ' erus, Arlene Chylewski. Carole Schaeter, Be erly Cler, Carol Evensen, Lois Kendron. Row Tao— Lynn Russ, Diane Read, Irene Jungthon, Patricia Behrns, Russcl Zappia, Carol Schaack, Juanita Knoppe, Row Three— AWen Williamson, Francine Rezutko. Nancy Thoni- sen, Pauhne Appier, Nancy LeBoeut, Patricia Gcrbasi Pauline Spicci, Eleanor Haacker, Joanne Betle -, Caro! Evans. New Junior and Senior FTA Members Row 0;ic— Antoinette Krass, Carol Strieker. Row Tito-Juliann Streder, Sue Danno, Jeanne Stanits, Geraldine Thomas. Row r iree-Sally Ann Lipinski, Wanda Dronski, Mildred Erick- son, Camille Radzicki, Denise Doyle. Page 104 i ltarter f resented o i oreman Future Teachers of America — Freshman and Sophi)more Group Row Three-Gayle Sieck, Pat Conradi, Carol Hintz, Pat Behrns. Rotv Ttto— Janet Ryerson, Loes Kenilron. Diane Read, L nn Russ. Rntc One— Dr. ConnclK ' . Mr. Raonl Haas, Diane Rehni, Carol Evcn.scn, BcncrK Clcr. Future Teachers of .America Left to rifiht ]oiunu- Bctley, Joann Avena, Dr. George Connelly, Joan .Schuster. Dr. Connelly pre sents Joanne Betle ' with lier FT. certificate. Future Teachers of America — Signing of the Charter Left to ri i?— Carol Evensen, Joanne Bctley, L nn Russ, Beverly Clcr, Diane Rehin, Joan A ena. future Teacliers of . merlca .lunior and Senior ( irnup aak. . nn Row Flic— Peggy Klepsteen, Carol W.ird. Carol S Soniniers, Charles .Salerno. Row Four— Elaine Block. Arlene Cliylewski, Sandra iernow. Joan Schuster, Nancy Thonipsen. Row ' Virec— Jac(iueline Pledger. Bette Olson. Ilelin Jacolis, Irene Jungthon, Pauline Appier, Carol Eck. Row 7it( — Ru.ssel Zappia. Jnanita Knoppel, Jean Lockliart, Mar ' m Manago, Nancy Lehoeuf, Carol Evans. Row One— WV-n Williamson, Pauline Spicci, I ' rancine Resziitko. Cainille Turkiewic . Pat Clerhasi. Joann . -ena. Carole Schaefcr, Mr. Haoul Haas. Dr. George Connelly, Joanne Betley. FTA . . . The first formal iiuliittion of the nu ' iiilxMS of tlif Future Teachers of America wa.s held on June 3. The i ucst .speaker for the occasion was Mr. Haoul Ilaa.s. Director of the N ' orth Side Brand) of Chicaiio Teacliers Colleije, who presented tlic ihartcr to tlie uroup. Dr. Connelly presented the memliers with their jiins and FT. certificates. The club officers were Joanne Bctle -, president; Joan . ena, ice president; t;arole Schaffer. treasurer; Eleanor Haacker, secretary; Juanita Knoppel, social secretary; and Helen Jacobs, librarian. The organization of the FT. was the result of much hard work on the part of Miss eda Stern, the sponsor, and the members. Page 105 traditions i- reSeruecl Foremanuai Staff Scr fcf — June Kaczniarek, Co-Editor; Georgt- Walsh, Associate Editor. Sto !f ; ig— Susan Taylor, Co-Editor. Foremanual Staff — .Associate Editors Seated— ]oM n(; Betle ' , Cliris Thudium, Wesley Weis, Joann Avena. S ' f«ii( i!g— Anton Petran. Foremanual Staff Seated— Jaequehn Wendell, Diane Read, Bill Ryan, Ann Gotto, Nancy Tliielmann, Dick Gertz, Jeanette Santilippo, Jane Descaurouez. Sfoiif Hig— Leona Milewski, Denise Doyle, Jeanne Gast, Francine Reszutko. FOREMANUAL STAFF . . . At the end of each school year, .shouts of glee are heard throughout the halls of Foreman. The students have just received their FOREMANUALS and as they turn each page, they know that these memories will always be preserved in their libraries. Days, months, yes perhaps even years later, they will indulge in day dreams and once again reflect upon their happy days at Foreman. Page 106 cfDeutcneS orzeilc un. wie 1 f — jcncin: (icrm;in C ' lub {oil ' One— liiith Goring, Diana Gallo, N ' alcia Veitmanis, Mary Lou Miiiz, Traudel Scliarpf. {(lit TiLII — Margaret Mayer, Eileen De- Michaels, JoAnn Zebell, Bar- bara Morgan, Diane H ' lini. lioiv Tlinc- Cliarniain Ilerniann, Carol Sehnepf, Sliaron Lewis, Cliar- lotte Glaiiliit ,, James Parks, I.aiirie Bender. {nil l- ' oiir— Barbel Sehwart , Gail llof- feins, Gayle Sieek, Elaine Honizo. IhiiL Five— Eugene Bour, Chamllcr Young. Kichard Gull, Ralph llolik. GERMAN CLL B Allhoutih the C ■ t ' linaii C:liil) is iutcrcstintl and entcrlainiiisi lor (Icmiaii stu- dent.s. it holds an attraction for an pupil who enjoys a j;ood time. During tin- reuuiar dull periods, tlie meml)crs pla - arious games sueli as (iciinan Bingo; they sing both German popular and folk tunes and the - discuss plans lor .ictivities that ar ' Ik ' UI outside of school. The German Club annually holds an outing during the spring or fall, which includes tlie roasting of marshmallows and wieners, sports and other games. A good time is had 1) all. Another big event is the club ' s project of the annual Mother ' s tea. which is usualK held during the Christmas .sea.son. Besides a fine program, the club provides a Santa CHans for the Nounger memixTS of the famih ' . These are a few reasons win- the German Club is cr popular with the students at Foreman. The FOREMAUNAL staff wishes to express its deepest appreciation to Mr. Roy a Solem and Mr. Peter Galang of Marshall Photograi hers. Incor- porated, and Mr. Leander W. Hagerty of Leander Publishing Conipanv lor their great efforts in the preparation of the 1955 FOI EM.WUAL. Foremanual Co-Editors Richard Gertz, Jane Descourouez Foremanual Staff Scafed-Shirley Rapey. Richard Wolanin, Beverly Cler. Barbara Baverka. . rlcnc Luka- zevvski. Dean Hallerud. Robert MeMahon, Maureen Tyre " Sffliidi ' ng— Gordon Krautsack, Eleanor Betge, N ' alda ' eitinanis. Page 107 Wcitcvtlna heir Lo f r Foreman News Staff LiicKvig Dochterniann, Juanita Knoppel, Cliarlene Klengel, John Hoyeni, Francine Res- zutko. Arlene Chylevvski, Carol Schaack, Ekiine Trcka. Foreman News Staff Row One— Carol Zderski, Phyllis Johnston, Ruth Gross. Row Tifo— Patricia Gerbasi, Josephine Dilberto, John Peschke, Warren Fischer. Row T iree— Patricia Brundage, Mar ' DeSteiano, Lois O ' Neall, Janice Weisenborn, Stephanie Inibros, Eleanor McNichols. FOREMAN NEWS STAFF . . . The FOREMAN NEWS is a very important part of Foreman ' s e.xtra-cur- ricular activity. All the students an.xiously look forward to the appearance of the paper, bi-monthly. The talented news staff works very hard to publish a newspaper that will be of interest to everyone. The staff encourages everyone to contribute to the newspaper so that it will appeal to all. The newspaper includes sports, special events, views of campus leaders, and the gossip column. The staff is headed by Miss Cavoit, who does a very efficient job in di recting the young journalists. Page 108 " DLu WLt Jfl JieJUt! yy SOCIAL CENTER . Tho Foreman Social Cfiitor is lint two fais old. It lias shown much i)rogicss under the direction of Mr. II. P. .McIIale. The entertainment committee has arransicd many rollicking shows which liave been enjoved by all. The " Roaring 2() " s " skit brought back joyful memories to the adults pr ' Sent and jiroved entertaining for the .students. Tiie Halloween entertainment Inought chills and .scares to all and the .salnte to Broadwav pnt a song in e ervone ' s heart. The .seniors took special iiride in entc-r- taining at the dance in their honor. The faculty has also aided b adding their talents on special occasions such as the Faculty Foolery. Page 109 ATHLETICS ' ' oreman an -Artnletic events at o rejriect the eaaer entniisiaSni a fine Sckooi spirit of tne student ooau. Page 110 Iiiothnll ieani Raw One— I. Stranaiicl), K. Gull, G. Parker, S. Ignoilu, E. Steriner, C. Breeu, N. Buvaris, J. DiMaria. Rnw rici)-H. Kulik, R. Krautsack, J. Surz, R. Mellema, B. Fekle, B. Mol, J. Descourouez, W. Rowan, A. Putersfii. Row Three— E. Skupneiwicz, J. Petersen, B. Larson, G. Krautsack, P. Ringelstein, C. Alkire, J. Gillis, T. Mattoli, Coach Malott. Row Four-C. Ferraro, C. Todd, D. Hancock, T. L ncli, R. Ilorrer, F. Buczynski, B. Metzgar, W. Fanslow. sror i oremcin In the past season the footliall squad did not pile up terrific scores against all of its opponents. Ho ve er, the team spirit, together with fortitude and continual fight has pro ed their ahilit ' on the playing field. Row One—]. Descourouez, T. Lynch, G. Krautsack. Row Two-C. Ferraro, R. Horrer, F. Gillis, Coach Malotf LVn lie L ridi iron Page 112 J opnets Jj n . y ct ion Football is part ot tlu- American way of lilt ' . It provides excitement and thrills galore to tlie spectator. To the player, it pro ides rugged competition and a a of working toijetlier as a team. School spirit is part of football. Millions of people attend college and high school games each season, just to cheer their teams on. Fans who go to games onl during winninu seasons are not loyal rooters. Teams must be sujiported during both winning and losing seasons. SL tu ooun J lan f - ' 9 BASKETBALL . . . Basketball has always been a favorite sport at Foreman. The stu- dents have loyally supported the team. Though small in size but big in spirit, the Foreman cagers were always in there fighting for the West section crown. This years varsity didn ' t take the championship but they gave their opponents a lot of trouble. The team was hurt by the mid-season graduation of Anton Pctran and Chris Thu- dium and lack of height. Boys like Bob Boss, Bon Black, Carl Hoffman and Earl Cum- mings put up a good showing in each game. Although many boys are grad- uating, replacements from the frosh-soph team along with the return of this year ' s varsity should prove to be a team hard to beat. Basketball Team Roic One- Coach Malo. Row Two— Ed Skupniewicz, Manager, Ronald Black, Anton Petran, Richard Tress- Icr, Carl Hoffmann, Bob Ross. Row Three— Ra ' Rudy, Chris Thudium, Earl Cummings, Ronald Siebold, John Peschke, Manager, Bob Huizinga, Manager. Bob Ross. Chris Tluulium. Anton Petran. Carl Hoffman. Frosh-Soph Basketball Team Coach Malo. Seated— Danny Robinson. John Ehlers, LeRoy Bach, Dennis Peterson, Jack Majewski. Standing— Ed Stermer, Ken Konajeski, AI White, Brnce Viernow, Page 114 f- oundina lie OSoards Foreman 60 Foreman 46 Foreman 39 Foreman 41 Foreman 57 Foreman. 49 Foreman 46 Foreman 32 Foreman 32 Foreman 54 Foreman 72 Foreman 56 Foreman 57 Foreman 69 Foreman 46 Foreman 65 Foreman 51 Foreman 56 Sulli an 106 Lakexiew 44 ' on Steuben 77 Kelly 64 Senii 71 Roosevelt 62 Austin 73 Crane 106 Wells 88 W ' ashburne 69 Waller 62 Taft 79 Lane 61 Steinmetz 64 Marshall 72 Manley 69 Kelvyn Park 67 Tulev 47 Coach John Malo spent a ear stucKinu under a Ford Foundation Fellow- ship. He returned to Foreman in September to find a basketball team crippled In the tjraduation of the entire team. He worked lonsi hours to develop the usual Foreman cagers and expects to be in the pla -ofls asiain in " 56. Page 113 vVar c Diamond J ope of 53 Baseball Team Coach— John Malo. Third film— Bob Huizinga, Arthur Meinzer, Ken Konajeski, Thomas V ' ogt, Robert Narowski, Martin Kanzer, Ray Brandholt, Jack Majewski. Rmc Two— Lewis Sandro, Ed Stermer, Ray Krosnicki, Ir Folz, Ronald Siebold, George Gorney. Gary Steinback, Al Bruni, Vito Prontelli. Row One— Leroy Bach, John Pockewicz, Charles Ferraro, Bob Ross, Thomas Radzicki, Erwin Hoeft, Joseph Kurzeja. Bob Ross, John Pochowicz. Charles Ferraro, Al Bruni. Mr. Malo, George Gorney, Leroy Bach, Joseph Kurzeja, Lewis Sandro, Erwin Hoeft. Page 116 cJLettep KJIP16 cJLecici G.A.A. Letter CJirls JiiiK- DcscouroMc ., Pat Gcrbasi, Sliaron Hillstrom, Marcia Ilirig. . ' ■lit One— Dilorcs Marcliiiti, Lois WcdiK, Lois Dalhkc. Uliil llollciiis, Irene Jiing- lliorii, Juan Stliiistcr. ioit Two— LoiiKcne Kolodzicj, Carole Selieafer, Joanii Avciia, Katliy Nystrom, aney TliielinaMii, Dcnisr iioylc. lion Three— Ccri Wrona, N ' aiicy S ilagyi, Ca- Hiillc Tiirkewicz, Gerry Tlioiriiis, III leii Jaeolis. Jaiiiee Weisenborii. G.A.A. Hoard iif ( " i)ntrol I III- III Nancy S ila ;yi. Carole Scliealer, CkTi Wrona, Longene Kolod iet, Delore.s Ntarchetd, Joann A ena, Caniille Tiirkewiez, Marcia Ilirig, Gerry Tlioma.s, Lois Wedig, Lois Dalbke, Helen Jacobs, Irene Jnng- Ilion, Katliv , vslroMi. How One— Sharon Hillstrom, rouez, Pat Gerbasi. Jane Descou- {( !( ' Two— Ethel llolleins. anc ' Tliielniann, Denise Doyle, Joan .Schuster, Janice Weisenborn, Mrs. Coorla.s. G..- .. , Hoard of ( " ontrol Officers Left to riglit- Sliaron Ilillslrorn M.irti.i Ilifii;. [.irji Pat Clerb.isi, DescoM rouez. P.iire 117 U ' lfdt ..AridefS, C ._Xr._ . I ' epA, timber topple f A w First Aid First Rou— Carol ' orkman. Marian Reinke. Second Roir-Ruth Lockner. Lynn Sieverson, Barbara Holt, Janice Beckers, Joan SwoUack, Pat Golkants. Third fioii-Connie Squeo, Beverly Corda, Judy Barcal, Katli- leen Blake, Irene Garcia. G.A.A. Representatives Row Oiu ' -Judy Bell, Geri Wrona, Carol Binheimer, Olga Balos, Joan Stefanowitz. Row Two-Camle Scheater, Bernice Herbert, Judie Geshke, Sharlene Jiicka, Eleanor Linn, Leona Milewski, Mar ' DeStetano. Row Three— Jean Washco, Alice Kmieczik, Ann Ranieri, Gerry Huizinga, Dorothy Holm. Susan Blough, Myrna Kreinitz, Lois Wedig, Y onne Borski, LaVerne Dombek. Row Fni r-Rondi Crawford, Marion Walton, Kathie Nystrom, Darlene Perberg, Viola Foss, Joan Schuster, Marie Schuster, Janice Weisenborn, Loretta Kranz. G.A.A. Thursday Bowlers Row Oiic— Carol Binheimer. Row Tito— Clara Kogut, Frances Mashioney. Row T irce— Veryl Johnson, Lorraine Mascari, Gail Golchert. Row FoKr— Joann Kedrok, Imelda Bedna ski, Nancy Schoenborn, Susan Gerger. Roiv Fiue— Paula Ranieri, Betty Bush, Dora Eberhart, Gerry Huizinga, Beverly Jensen. Row Si.v— Dale Evans, Marcia Ilirig, Lois Dalbke, Claudia Gittord, Natalie Kastner, Janice Chrabis, Milhe Fergus. Row Seven— Kay Greske, Judy Spanola, Kathleen Duiiy, Rondi Crawford, Karen Dickow, Joan Swollack, Lorna Crawford, Kathy Backus. Row Eight—Susan W ' aren, Phyllis Pluska, Dolores Pietz. Dorothy Peter- son, Carol Glenn, Marge Misiuda, Joanne Ceragioli. G..4.A. Wednesday Bowlers Row One— Irene Garcia. Row Tito— Carmelina Toso, Veronica Dallmeir. Row T iree— Jeanette Sanfihppo, Dolores Marchetti, Patricia Gerbasi. Row Four — Beverly Renirow, Lee Gaimari, Jo ' ce Fedro, Barbara Morgan. Row F ue— Eleanor Linn. Carol Schulze, Joan Woodhouse, Diane Milalik, Roselle Serota, Ann Raineri. Row Si.v— Sandy Buffleben, Lois Wedig, Rutli Schwingbeck, Karen Hin- derland, Yvonne Borski, Beverly Nevtz, Carol Becker, ' erona Smitli. Row Serc i— Yvonne Du Plain, Gail Ulrich, Marianne Reinke, Virginia Engmark. Beverly Cardo, Arlaine LaRocheLle, Lois Euchler, Alice Grober, Viola Foss. Row Eig if- Marilyn Corlett, Pat Bingamin. OHve Vaccarro, Camille Rad- zicki, Carol Kropp, Denise Doyle, Pat Boortz, Marilyn Heidenbluth, Gloria Schank. Page 118 inuMcai i 1 lermciids Water Ballet Row Oiif— Barbara Lnck.inl, er I Jolmsoii, Faliciicc kalir. Row Tu ' o— Ruth Hanst ' ii, Diaiio Read, (icraldinr Thdmas, Kathleen Bell. Roii; r irec— LaX ' ernc Dombeck, Helen Jaeohs, Marie Sehuster, Rondi Cravvtord, Ethel Holteins. Row Four— Roberta Kimball, Viola Foss, Linda Graham, Naney Plam- beek, Duane Wersehkul, Faye, Janice Weisenborn, Carol Oddo. Water Ballet hiJUT Circ-Zt ' -Janiee Weisenborn, Very! Johnson, lithel lloHeins, Naney IMambeek, Viola Foss, C;eraldine Thomas, LaVerne Dombeek. Outer Cirrft ' -Carol Oddo, I ' atienee Katcr, Hondi Crawlord, Ruth Hansen, Barbara Loekard, Roberta Kiniball, Faye Ness, Beverly Dankowski, Dnane Wersehkul, Katlileen Bell, ' Linda CJraham, Diane Read, Carol Bernhardt, Marie .Sihuster, Helen Jacobs. WATER BALLET . . . le Water Ballet, iiiidcr (lie tlMccti();i ol Claas, has presented an annual show lor the [last three years. AlonK with rhytlini and ,o;raee Foreman ' s Mnsical .Mermaids are an added Uraeuon to Foreman. f i - ) ! h ' l I il k A ' Wjler Ballet Rutc One— Janice W eisenborn. Row TiLO-Roberta Kimball. Carol Oddo. Row r irec— Barbara Loekard, " eryl Johnsim, Patience Kater. Row Four— Ruth Hansen. Diane Read, Gerry Thomas, Kathleen Bell. Row Fit e-Carol Bemhartlt, LaX ' erne Dombeck, Marie Schuster, Ethel Holteins. Linda Graham. Row Si.v-Helen Jacobs, BeverK Dankowski, Nancy Plambcck, Rondi Crawford. Row .Sc ' i;eii— Viola, Dwane Wersehkul, Faye Ness. Page 119 Mi-rni.ii.l Row One— er l Julm.son. Jo.miii Kedrok, Hoberl.i Kimli.ill, li.irbara Loekard, Joyce Burkhardt, Celeste Wisniewski. Jovee I ' in.ird, Karen Hindcrlantl. Row rito-Evelyn Ja ne Buctow. Dora Eberheart, Susan .irne, Dian.i Lucas, MarRaret Friese. Row r irec-Elcanor Linn. Katlileen Bell. Elaine Kroi ' P. S ' ' " ) A " " Bulera, Lvnn Carlsen, Marlene .Mysluiric. j i m Oman J WoJd First Aid Row One— Karen Hinclerland, Olive Vaccaro. Row Two— Mary Feeley, Joan Woodhouse, Carol Evensen, Rosemary Nastali, Alice Sutter, Camille Turkievvicz. Row r irt ' f-Eleanor McNichols. Myrna Kreinitz, Diane Jacohson. Roselle Serota. Judy Martin, Nancy Norsworthy, Eleanor Jessen, Arlcne Divincenzo, Lois Kendron, Nancy Sclioenborn, Inielda Bed narsl i. Activity — Ping Pong Fflciiig— Lois Kendron, Joan Woodhouse. Row One— Irene Garcia, Carol Workman. Badminton Club Katlileen Bock, Cordeli Dahlgren, Mary DeStetano, Arlene Divincenzo, Lois Euchler, Viola Foss, Millicent Gallo, Renae Giesler, Alice Gruber, Valerie Gutowski, Bernice Herbert, Ellen Hermes, Carol Kruse, Rita Mikos, Judy Mroz, Frances Nelson, Sonia Pavlik, Jeanette Santelippo, Gloria Schank, Ruth Schwingbeck, Betty Shovvather, Verona Smith, Barbara Stroniberg, 01i e ' accaro. Cheerleaders Knee uig— Dolores Marchetti, Patience Kater. Sfflii( u!g— Carol Becker, Janice Chrabas, Alice Kmiecek, Irene Garcia, Gloria Senko, Patricia Mallory, Yvonne Du Plain. Uarietu v y ctluitieS SAFETY HlJLEs - ' ■ i l WilinAi) UNTIL ummy .BOLT Ul [)m UNLESS Freshmen fioif Oiit ' -Barr, Pliillips, Knick, Bitakis, Glavo, Parks. Roa- Tiio-Eduards, Zcrwas. Ward, Olson, lU ' iitcnaucr. Kozel. Rotf JVictf— Cioslicwicz, Schadfr, CamlKiisy, Erdinann, Erickson, Folik. Row foi r-Stevenson, Holmes, Schwartz, Stoplionson, Ilcd- borii, Issleb. Freshmen Ron (JiR-Colc, McLaughlin, Brown, Kosslor. Row V ' lio-Millcr, Allen. Meyer, Mazyrack. Row r ircc-Schenner. Worcester. Schuster, Anzelnio. Row Fi ' iir— Brendecke, il. Williamson. Seidl. Majorettes Lc ' (« ( ' r- Dorothy Wilks. Row One-Nancy Chcisl. Joan Stclanowicz. Kliprotli. Rote ruo-Pat Zillniann. Carol W il«rcn. Marihn Brinkman. Bett Beck. Rifle Team {( !( ())i(-J. Biedl. C. Nielsen. K. Grieseh. Row Two-]. Bnsscll. T. Bialc ak. Row r irct-B. D ii(ller. A. Meiirel. S.I ' .C. t;.ori;e H. Baxter. L. . venson. J. Dnerdoth. Page 121 heu en e vUitn " nde " Command Conference " S.F.C. George R. Baxter. M Sgt. Edward G. Walsh, Dr. George W. Connelly, Cdt. Lt. Col. Gary Nielsen, Cdt. Major Robert Francisco. Cadet Officers Facing Group-M Sgt Edward G. Walsh, Lt. Col. Gary Nielsen, S.F.C. George R. Baxter. Row Onc-Cpt. G. Walsh, 1st Lt. J. Wydra, 1st Lt. C. Klima, 2nd Lt. K. Timm, 1st Lt. J. Riedl. Row Two-Cpt. R. Wyatt, 2nd Lt. L. Avenson, Cpt. M. Zerwas, 1st Lt. A. Williamson. Row Three— Cpt. R. Francisco, Cpt. J. Sauer, 2nd Lt. R. Nelson, Cpt. J. Edick. Row Four-lst Lt. T. Bialczak, 2nd Lt. H. Gustaison. Scabbard and Blade Club Standing-S.F.C. George R. Baxter and M Sgt. Edward G. Walsh. Back Row-M. Zerwas, C. Klima, J. Sauer, J. Riedl, R. Wyatt, T. Bialczak, A. Williamson, B. Francisco. Front Row—G. Nielson, J. Edick, L. Avenson, K. Timm, J. Wydra, H. Gustatson, R. Nelson. Fancy Drill Team 2nd Lt. Gustatson, Cdt. Wollersheim, 1st Lt. Wvatt, M Sgt. Greisch, 2nd Lt. Nelson. Sgt. Russell, S.F.C. Fell, M Sgt. Schu- macher, 1st Lt. Timm, M Sgt. Moeller, S.F.C. Menz. Lcader-lst Lt. Riedl. Seniors Row One— Walsh, Nielsen, Wydra, Khma, Timm, Riedl. Row Two— Gaibe, Allen, Singer, Jaske, Fornott, Wilhamson. Row Tliree—Weis, Wyatt, Zerwas, Lettakes, Long, Avenson. Row Four— Bialczak, Francisco, Edick, Gustatson, Nelson, Sauer. Color Guard Sgt. Nichols, M Sgt. Skupniewicz, S.F.C. Wendler, Sgt. Kozak. % % WSr% . %V . oreman 6 3 oremost Usher Club Stunding— Brown, Kessler, Allen, Dal Cerro, Barksdale, Williamson, Brendcke, Kreuger. Top Row— Tracz, Netzel, Russell, Miller. Row Two— Campbell, Issleb, Stevenson, Meuret. Bottom Row- Worcester, Mazyrack, Belwish, Prosser. Faciiifi Group— Pleitter. Juniors Row One— Lombardo, Menz, Moeller, Olson, Tracz, Kozak. Hoio Two— Schuc, Schimiacher, Morris, Lang, Wiggins, Kohncke. linn Three— Skupniewiez, Feil, Peteck, Nichols, W ' cndler, Kopis. Row Four— Pteittcr, Witte, Marion, Griesch, Lange. Sophomores Row One— Stetanowicz, Wyatt, Dal Cerro, Barksdale, Jeater, Prosser. Row Two— Ness. Belwish, Netzel, Kreuger, Campbell, Tintori. Row Three- Franzen, Duerdoth, Meuret, Gard- ner, Russell. Row Four— Miller, Lanz, Dendler, Cecala, Straulin. Picked Platoon Row One- Francisco, Lombardo, Wyatt, Moel- ler, Belwish, Avenson, Brendecke, Riedl, Singer, Witte, Lange, Edick, Zerwas. Row Two— Stetanewicz, Allen, Tintori, Garbe, Williamson, Williamson, Russel, WoUersheim, Nelson, Bialczak. Row; Three- Timm, Menz, Alzelmo, Schum- macher, Wiggens, Allen Feil, Wydra, Dendler, Gustafson, Wyatt. Page 124 z- ' ' , AUTOGRAPHS . - A yrr- ' c ft t ' M.. ■ ■ ' I I ' u , ' V ' 1 AUTOGRAPHS . ■ifiA -tJ Ay -yiCcvx ' Z ' ; % 1 A t ' ' I , i M S5 f? _ f ' ) i ' • ' . j y r y . (, T " ' ,r 0 V ' AUTOGRAPHS " ■■4 . ' AUTOGRAPHS wmm ' JM .iii[JiiSS rTir ' TT ' vT fflR, ' _lj ' _j2iii V I ' i ' O • a, ' .A ' i ' JiV flj ■l ' ' %l »», 7 3= . ' V . t At MmiijOMiimiiism i

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