Foreman High School - Foremanual Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1954

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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1954 volume:

if 6-giijv ,W-l'i: N 4T::f cf gVikf':.-:EM-ggi "" " ' - 5:L'-- :- - 'A,' 7 ' 1' -i Y - - ' ' ,' J' 'U 1 E. U lu V 3. 'WI 5, v! x w n I. I . ,1 F A I U 5 4 V 'r 1 , fm , i. , ,. I' 'v V- -, ,qw v ,tf ,A . L.. u K. 4 3+ YY- -: X342-: L : - : '-, ,, ,: ,L4 gi- , ,W .AA ,44A...1? kg ,:....:.....Y.,2..-L...g.SiJniaik.5n..: ,, . 'NK K 5, ' 4' , av we Wg kiwi, 'Qs :ge . , - .1 :'i'i"5L'5v-.."EEf7T7 R+ 1.-LF'-icuii-.-.Tr-.R-:-.-.Q .igg-,migg-ifqintgiir.-4-i.2n.i,4.-fa EFF' ' W .. .W ,, gwwx ., ms, 3 A b wfixsaimg X xi 4 ' xkm A. .. ... Ca ir w1'3s95'W Wfffv M W MMf-wil? 77, W X my . AMW KH Nj Q6 W Q Gxwbiyowl 1 Me ff?" iknigw W S My wg W5 WMQNMM 2 ZQVTMQQ MMWMN 3 fy f ,WD W WK ENN bjjfgfgiw, C V T' gijwvg Q Q73 MWW www 5 2 'Y xv 75 : 77f,1M Y CC U , Nikikgx ?fOCi'Lw0j2NQy 29 Om 153 3 if if 5 Rf? 3 iivziq' igzg 5 Es Qi K 2 if Q 3 N ' - Kb? iiffigkf 3 . wp ff E exif-Qr' EQ? Q5 gi i 'wzfw fwv "wwf 'Wg ,jZi,i,, M54 in fL,9.sfC,j0f0QM2j'D?Z.bY0Pifj GM M AMW gifs lfjffwfjqpz W Lv M E ff? MW? E GN M W ,gm an J vbawfywl YY 5 M Q' fwQ W WW E13 R22 4 gf X VN2 ,VW ,114 CS T rj ok 0 WW !! A. Q df ,ffJx"'f" A? WJ WU, ,KW Q W NW M WCW Wg? W 4 W OU fb M WWW "' Wff74'K3 ' L ' 'A: I?" I ,FIV J K f I i WY- E It 1 . I jx I Ly If lv' Q Y ,- ,1- .IN J .1 1 JW! f ' If gy N5.,v9d J Q95 ,,,'.g.-X15-i,..3! - . , , ,W I I '43,-.,.. . 1..k.,!,, ,M ,ww 1954 OREMANUAL FOREMAN HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO - ILLINOIS ,,,,.. , . V. I , t N K V 544. E2 I ga ,nf I 'WS ' Q 1-ev ,. - Q ,-w. - x 'U 'VKX 129 's K' fm : . QR . - .5 Q -"'f'3f-wig , gy ' x , rj . 5 A 'f K I . u 5 .Q ,ff 1 , 5 3' , '- ' 3 5 . gb 'F ,P ',',.l.A . ' .w , V 1 3 K ,, A ll .. 'S'.. 'fT?,f's'T1g1 1 1' Q. , .5 J 1 A 22 li 'f x 'xi-,ire ns.. ,3?.,xF.'guyX. .nk . , Vw ' . V V N f ' ,Aw isfffff , Qf . . 3' 1. , 2' ?:9"5ff fs- .Q ff " 14 2 3 .. . ' V' ' 'f -5 "' ,.o W 1 ff W . c in "'a 3. 3' 1 - JS ftq . W - Q I A v ,f 3, gal. r .eb VA K A F . F su i E ' 1 r ,A . . A '- , ' NX' 5 A- ' fi! W xx s x , 1,4 . sg amps is Q - Q A ' - N X f , . r 1 M t . 'V' 5 L , z as-3 -A f . 'Y N A 5' . H' .... Q, Q .- i gif g::Q Ig' X. 5 X , m A f f if .' 'l I ! 'N lk I rf f nf! 3' 'S 3 , . , .2 'gg , 2' Gm' v .xv is .ann- .lvws ,Q-Q 1' -..- -., K. ' ,- wk . f? . rv , xp ' -.Q , . x 5, A 5 X- ... .. w . . Q, f' " '3 ' . . - .,. K, ,- ' mv- M" , --.Q X ' rv- : xv . "E 1 . , X Q . ,a x A J , . if sf., - ,- - Qf: j-:Q I "7-'lfw : -.,...... ' .2 - .,, L. , , -- - , 'Ng -115 S Q. --as-Jw ,.. ' ' ? vu., tm x-un um,-f fa liwvqgw . , , -,...,..,.:U 4 as 9 ... ., , I ,, f , -e - "za: . :ze - Q . " -.::....' 3 Il ' Q. nr, .. -, Z - ,, i gq " ".'S.I1".':'--- .E . W m- f R3 x .Q xx E A -w gg 'Wa 4- 1. fi. f g ,xi ., .J ff an-.' nun- -3' 2 s .I 2. , -an 9 1 - s fi if Q52 L' u I I ,. 1 I E i A. O . tl? -1' w L W, -v' Q W uf, ww M51 fv was Lv nfBNf1,J9W Q I bf M mgdwfjfgwwf my a Q3ffW 5 W5 Q ii SSQSSSEESE U. wx Q55 Q is jk XJQQK6 j0lf'QWL6LlfL lt is said that the teen-age years are the happiest and most carefree of all. During these years our lives center aronnd our sehool and the friends we meet there. As we grow older we hreak away from the sc-hool's influence. hut its guidance in our relationships with others remains with us. Our high school shows ns, through the competition we find in it, that we must think for ourselves, and eontrihute something constructive it we wish to make our mark in the world. lt gives us the most important part of our education at the most impressionahle period ol' our lives. llere our characters are molded, and we are set on the road to heing good eitizens. NVe are confident that making its students good citizens is the main ohjeetive ot Foremanis positive guidance. During our career at Foreman we have walked through its halls innnmerahle times. They have led us to our class rooms. in which our thirst lor knowledge has lmeen not quenched, hut stimulated. ln them we have made lriendships which will last through our entire lives. YVhen we first entered the school the halls seemed strange to ns, hut as our familiarity with what we found in and ahout them increased, we developed a deep sense ol pride and alleetion towards lforeman. NVQ' can now look hack upon countless hours of fun as well as learning. pride as well as disappointmeiit, with a feeling ol regret that they must come to an end. lt is a sad day in our lives when we realize that it is time to say farewell to the llalls of lforeinan, hut this sadness is tempered hv eager willingness to live the adventurous days that lie ahead. Mer i --1 Dvur Forciuuuitcs: Though it has lu-cu my priyilvgc to hc with you for hut 21 short timv. I assuri- you that c-yvry hour has ln-vu il joy mul un inspiration. Siucv my first clay at Fora-mam I lmye lic-ou imprcssocl hy tho 1-xcvllcut spirit which prvvalils iu tht- school. Tlivre- is 21 fi'ic-uclliuc'ss hetwvvu tt-uclivrs mul stuclcuts which hc-spvuks 11 wholesome- vchlcatiouul rvlutiousliip-11 rvlatiouship symbolic of the fact that though lc-uruiug iuyolyvs harrl work zuicl vllort, it can ho vujoyahlc' if pcoplv of goocl will url' working at it togcthcr. It is my foucl hopv that cuch time' you look through this hook it will scryc hoth to luring hack plvzlsuut memories. zuul to giyc you vucourzigemvut to fun-L' the futurc' sccurv iu the kuowlvclgv that your cliligcucv ut l:0l'CIIl2lII has pi'cp111'c'1l you wvll. Siucvrvly. Jflllfgl? . f0nl'Ll7 f If 7 W C2 f Principal Page 6 lf'. A814 f6LCA' Forcinan has risvn to a position of lcadcrship among tho Chicago high schools. lt has not rcachccl its prvscnt position by cliancc. however. On thc contrary, a grcat clcal of cllort has lx-cu cxpcnrlccl in thc task of placing Forclnan, small as it is. on an cqual hasis with thc largcst schools in tht- city. Thcrc is no clouht that our forincr principal, Dr. Eilccn C. Stack. has hm-cn rcspon- sililc for tht- succcss of Forcinau. Cc-asclcss priclc in hcr school and tht- aliility to unclcrstancl thi- incliyiclual prohlclns of all Forclnauitcs hayc inaclc Dr. Stack a clistinguishccl lcaclcr in thc Chicago high schools. Au cxccllcut illustration of licr school spirit is the fact that thc prcscncc of Dr. Stack was tainiliar at cycry Forcinan sporting cycnt. Ilcr inspiration ancl cncouragcinciit hclpccl our 1953 basclmall tcain luring to Forcinan the Chicago City Iligli School Basclnall fllI2llI117i0llSlliP. Tlu- social ccntcr was anothcr product of Dr. Staclfs liarcl work anal pcrsistcncc. lt was shc who conyincccl thc connnunity that Forcinan could support a social ccntcr. Forcinauitcs haw- proycn tlicinsclycs worthy of hcr conficlcncc hy attcncling the ccntcr in largc ninnhcrs. XVc all wish Dr. Stack the hcst of luck XVhCl't'Vt'l' slic may go, hut it will hc a long tiinc licforc hcr nicinory faclcs from thc Halls of Forcman. Page' T awry WCJQQL, Jaazatanf fQ1znCz,mf Page 8 Mr. Harry P. McHale, our co-opera- tive assistant principal, is a familiar sight in the Halls of Foreman. Though his duties are numerous and his time is limited, he has always done his utmost to advise and help the students of our school. In addition, many school activi- ties receive his constant attention. Our Social Center is the product of many talents, in which the diligent leadership of Mr. McHale has been indispensable. Because of his capability, Mr. McHale is both a valuable and respected mem- ber of the Foreman faculty. Nh- 6LClfLgy Iinu' Um'- Cvorgizi ACIQIIIISUII Spanish AQIICS Alxclvrsmn K :l'1ljll'ilDllj' Run' Trur- Huth Blllll' I,llllL'lIl'0Ulll xlillliljltxl' Xlzlclvlim' l31'l'lwl'0 NIQIITOII Bvtty Blix Ilqfllillll Olfivvr Run' TIITUIU- Nlury Bryskivr Art Aluvl Cuntn Spanish Virginian Cklvoit lfnglish Iinu' Ffmr- llurold Cc-x'y111wc Industrial Arts Dorothy Claus Cirls' l'lxysiL-all l':Cllll'1ltiUll xiillllil' Clifl'0rcl NlillIll'llIiltii'S Hou' Ifirvg Nlary Conlvy lfnglisln Blalnchc- Cnmwy Cmnnuuwrciaul lxmisa- Courlus K-urls l'lny'sn-all l'.d1u-ax Run' Six- Cm-cvliu Clostm-Ilo fT0llIIlIl'l'l'iill Lucy llaunivls Social SK'il'IlL'4' lfstlwr llnlmltll Sc'i1'm'4' Palglv 9 OZCIXLA7 lion' Um' - l,iHi1m Fugaul c:lllIllll1'l'Ciill Bvtty Fauwlli Yum-all Music Hou' 'l'u'n'- XVz1llau'c' Fm' lCn5.!im'c-r Conn-x'ic'x'v Flullorty Sm-izll SL'i1'llCk' Nliclmvl Fr0d01'ick Boys' Pllj'SiL'lll l':illlL'1ltiUll Hou' TlIl'1'l'- Nlurcvllal l"ric-clmun Sc'il'1lL'4' liolwrt Crublw lllStl'llllll'Ilt2lI xIllSiL' xVillti'l' Cusc Scivxluc' limi' Fuur - NI11lll'iCl' Cuysvnir Sm-iall SL'i1'm-1' Xluric llurkins txllillStlIH'llt Cmmsvllm' Flora-ucv Ilzlrtc l':l1,LIliSh Hmm' lfirw - Cc-mlcl llalstvmk Print Shop Eva Iloglv Latin Ruth Hoppv cTUlIllIIl'IAi'i1ll Hun' Six-f llolwrt ltnyrc .'xul'IlllilllK'l' Crmnsm-llm' Mau' mlcromc Scivllcc' llvnry Kvuting Sa-is-m-v Pngv I0 acwdg Hun' Unz- xI2ll'Q2ll'l't Kt'IlIl0ily xI2lflN'lllilfii'S I .aura 1 Kimlvrmun xIllthl'lIliltiCS Hou' Trun- Lorctta Kuklin Sc-ivlu-L' Xv0l'0lliC1l l,a1f.5orio ' ' -A l':lllll'1lli0ll Lnls Plmx su ll Fl'LlllCiS Llllll' CiTlllllll'l't'iill Rau' Tlzrvv- Clam I41lNVill CLOTIIILIII Nluricl Nina-Kay l':lljlliSll Hou' Ifuur - john Halo .Ioycv Nlzulclcn llmm-lmlcl Arts Boys' Pllj'Sil'lll liclmuliml -I ack Xlzllullh Boys' l'l1ysiu:lI liclllczltiml Cordon XIill'kNV1ll't Ari 1 lx in k XX Hou I'1l 1- Dorothy Nlcffigm- 'K' x1iltl1i'lll1ltiL'S 5' TXIill'j0l'il' Nloorv ' l':lljlIiSll XVilliz1m Nlosf-id K Youll Xlllsiv Rout Six- Nlury Mostyn Social SL'i4'm-1' Fruncvs Murphy Ufliw' S1'L'r4'talry' gm-ll Oclyl O'Cl0nnm' lillglisln owngfy Hou' Um'- Elizulu-tl1 O'lIm-urn N'llHll'lIliltiL'S Stamlvy Puwlicki l'l nysics lima' 'l'u'n- Nlilclrccl Pcgcl Ufficl' Si't'I'l't2ll'V Glory N2lL'iC Ilmm- licolmxulivs lluvv Hulwustvin f:OllllIIl'l'Cilll lima' Tl1rr'z'- Alict- Svx'm'1'tsc-11 Olfiu' Sm'1'c'lnry Inlcilv Sipchcn Hmm- EL'0ll0ll1iL'S Cvrtrudc Smith l'lz1cvl11011t Counsvllor limi' Ifnur - Lvmlurd Sullo Nfl'L'll1lIliL'ill llralwing XYCKIQI Stvrn Iinglisln Nlury Stewart Ifmllish limi' l"in'-- Irvin' Tilllko Sm-iall St'il'IlL'1' -Illllt' Yvrbillion l':lljlliSll l,uclla1 Voclz SL'ic'11c'1' lima' Six - Eve-Iyll xvillllllqf Girls' Pllysivzll l':llllL'ilti0Il Sopllim-NVolu11 l,ilu'zn'iau1 lidwunl Zuhorik Boys' l'l1ysicall ICLIXICRIHUII Pug:-12 8 . My ZWAQV slllllllillg- Xliss Y. Cuvoit, Xlrs. li. IC. II1-imhvrgvr, Mrs. C Xalrowslxi, Mrs. lt. ii. Alorriaui, Nlrs. J. Cliliorml Mrs. A. U. R1-iiiiw. Nlrs. I". U. Oltost-u. lion' Tu'o4 Nlrs. KI. .'xiiJl't'L'ili. Nils. I". 171-st-oiii'oiu'x. Mrs 1 ll. l,0lst-ii. Hou' Um'- Nlrs. lu C.. Xlc-ing. Nlrs. .-X. C.. XX isvhmzuui, Mrs C. it f:iilYt', Mrs, ll. i,h'iig4'r. Ur. lf. Cf. Stzlrix HFS. li. U. Dlliiii1'i'iu'. bm.. V ' sl?-v PRUGRESS 'l'llR0l'Gll EDl'C.-XTIUN . . . Thai l'10l'l'llIilll l,2ll't'lIt-ri4t'klCilt'l' .Nssociaitiou cvh-hi'zit- cd its Qnth .-Xiiiiixc'i'sm'x' ui l'c-in'ii11rV. 'Ihc ohlvcts of this oi Qlllllhllitlll am- to promotc- tht- XVt'iiiLll'l' oi' youth iu tht- homm-. school. :uid commui iitv. NYith this aim in mimi. ll progmiu with its thrmc "Uppoi'tuuitic-s for TtJllIlJI'l'tJXX'.S l.m-zuhws" wus phuuuici auici pi'c'sc'iitc'Li to thc' paiwiits. iiiiormiug thvm ol' tht- opportuuitivs for youth through hooks, spiritual giiithiiicv. aut. social alctivitics. uuti hcglith cciiicutioii. Spot-ini au-tivitivs im-iiuicci il Christmas hmchcou for tht- lun-iiity. at Clhristmats Suit: :Xiiiumi Swt-vt lytly. ai hiut-ht-ou at thc' Kuugshohu. and ll sqiiqlix- chlucc fc-z1tui'iug il hox hmch. Thu oiiiu-rs wmv: Pwsith-iit. Xirs. ii. C. Diihbzwkvg First xiiK'l'-i,l't'SiliCllf. Nlrs. jack Pic-cigLc'i'g Svc- ouci Yin'-l'i'0sici0iit. Nlrs. lf. C. Boortxg Third YiCC-l'l'vsith'iit. Ur. l'fih't'u C. Stuck: lh'coi'ciiug Sc'ci'0ta1i'y, Xirs. A. Cl. XViSCilII1llIlIl1 Coin-spoiicliiig Scci'ctz1i'y, Hrs. Frvci C. Nlvuigg 'l'i'c'z1si1i'vi', Mrs. C. I". Clava-g .Xiulitoix Nirs. F. 0. Ottosvu. Page 13 inwfw BIC I ,K INV TYPING . . . lfona-entration is the theme as fingers fly ova-r the keys. XVhile these girls type their alaily lesson, a-yes are hypnotizeal anal fingers ara- aa-tive. Hera- stnala-nts learn the rnalinients of a'orra-et typing as they enjoy a-onstant praa'tia'a'. a is, RIC! l'I' HONIE lNIANAGENIENT . . . livery- one is aware of homes which sea-in to run like a-loela-worla. The house is always tialy. anal meals are on time, hut yet the house- wife neva-r sea-ins to he ova-rworkeal anal has ample time for ontsiale aa'tivitia's. Iler sea-ret is gooal home management. Our girls strive to attain this goal hy aliligent stnaly of money inaiiagement, home hy- giene. personality growth anal family ra:- lationships, for they feel the lmsiness of the home is tha- greatest hnsina-ss in the worlal. Page l-1 Ol'l'OSl'I'lC IFMZIC LIBRARY . . . Ilera' stnalents assenihla' to ha-nefit hy tha- ra'l'a-ra-na'e hooks ol' one of tha hest eapiippeal lihraries in Chieagois sa-hools. Xlany wortlnvhila- hours spa-nt in the Fora-nian lilmrary have prox'iala'al a solial lionnalation for ll thorough a'alna'ation. CHEMISTRY . . . Chelnistry is essential for stnala-nts planning a a-ara-er in engina-a-ring. niealia-ine. or nursing. The a-onrse ina-lnales lec- tnra- perioals anal tiina- spent in the lah gaining praa-tia-al a-xperiena-an The stnala-nts learn the properties ol' alilla-rent L'lll'llllL'1llS anal what reactions they shonlal look for when various elements are a-oinhineal. Cha-inistry stnalents shown generating oxygen are .Inlianne Strealer, llalph Cnnaler- son. anal Nlilalra-al lirielason. BIOLOGY . . . lla'a'ansa' lviology is an elec- tive. each stnala-nt in this class is vitally inter- esteal in life anal its processes. lla-re. Ilenrv Knlik anal Diana- llartels are a-oniparing lrnit alissections. INDYSTRIAI. ARTS . . . The fact that safety is prealoininant among the rnla's of inan- nal training is sa-en in praa-tice ha-ra-. 'l'hrongh this hoy's personal vigilanea' anal the inaehin- I a-ry a-apiippeal with protea-tive alevia-es in our lforeinan shops, gooal sala-ty proa-a-alnra-s are attaineal. 1 'Q 9 3 .D X5"" it ,I f U -tm ix , ww! 1 " N u. , 1.-A , iw NQYIZ l . 'ICI ' UO .lilif DOOOOOMG --"" 0 an ' 1 Ang. l og 0 N iv in on u la I this flilll olhtn OOO! VCU!! lil! OClOCbw fn nan nu . fan .Q Agotqqoov 'ICQ lilnols illslttx " "ilO I .l MQ Iifi: Ii Q ,X fun' .'m -i,l. will X awww is ' 3 " ' .x N - Msg L we F4 'RQM ,..f'WS5 , 2 -:E A-3 GlRl,'S GYNI . . . Skill in sports is only a portion of tht- girls' physical ctlucation clc- partmcnt's program. Impor- tant in lam-r lift- is tht- goocl sportsmanship anal scnsc of fair play gainccl through par- ticipating in gamcs cluring gym. Ol' cqual importancc is tht- ltnowlcclgc of mcntal anal physical hygicnc acquirccl in thc lu-alth classcs. GIVIGS . . . Courtcsy on thc roacl. hy hoth clriycr and pc- clcstrian. is tho suhicct of this ciyics class. Emily Zographos, llucly llochtcrrnalm. Carolyn Coopcr, Marilyn Pctcrscn, llonalcl Puchi. anal Tccl Fur- nctt arc stuclying tlw funda- mcntals ol' salcty anal lcarning ncw and oltl ways to curh thi- mounting numhcr ofacciclcuts on our strccts anal highways. QW lnff Wgmmf. .. Ol'l'OSl'I'E 1',xt:lc GERh1AN . . . Lcroy Lanclaucr, Delorcs Kancllcr, 'Icannc Stanits antl lticharcl Krautsaclt fincl it intcr- csting to gain ltnowlcclgc ot Gcrmany anal its languagc, hccausc this information allorcls a goocl untlcrstancling ot a country which has contrihutccl so much to Amcricals population anal many ol its customs. BAND . . . Low. full mcloclious toncs fill thc room as a tlrum roll accompanics antl lcncls its hcat. .lamcs llcscouroucz. Bill Nlartino ancl .Iohn llcnclcrscn rcllcct thc musical mood that constant practisc ancl incliyiclual pcrscycrancc attain. ENGLISH 7 GLASS . . . The English T classt-s maltc a gcncral surycy of English litcraturc with tht- cmphasis on poctry anal moclcrn noycls. Thc stuclcnts also cnjoy writing scycral thcmcs ancl cssays. Alanct Spriggs. 'Icanncttc Ottoscn and llicharcl Spcnccr know that good English usagc hclps to lay a firm lounclation for the futurc. For this rcason wc scc thcm cliligcntly stutlying grammar. GEOGRAPHY . . . llcrc wc scc four gcography stuclcnts: Christian Thuclium. -lunc Kacxmarclt, john lfitluccia. anal Lcc Yan Dcr Hulst who hayc just louncl Alaska tluring a lcsson in locating tht- lar- llun f iosscssions ot tht- Unitccl Statcs. Tho ra it attcntion maicl bv thc frou 5 cmhoclics thv 'rcat in- 3 l . M N . . Q . tcrcst which thc mcmhcrs hayc m thc study of Tcrra l'u'ma. Unclcr thc cxpcrt tutclagc of Nlrs. Agncs Anclcrson. stuclcuts gain a wcalth of gcographic knowlcclgc conccrning thc physical and cconomic lcaturcs ol our ncighhoring countrics and thosv across thc occans. Pagc IT -1.1-qu f Ll WI, z dim 1 I Q x 3 4 5? W. . ,pid - + vi" if' .,,., I. 'ifiif an ' 'I M34 Jar JM ...B W.. Ol'l'OSl'l'lC P.-XCIC NIECHANICAL DR.-XVVING . . . Niech- anical Drawing is one of the most intriguing subjects oliered at Foreman. A very useful course. it teaches the boys how to draw and print, not only in accurate detail. but neatly. Boys who plan to study engineering Hnd it an excellent foundation for this profession. and its dealings with everyday tools and familiar objects make it profitable to all. ART . . . The art department develops the talents of artistically inclined students. These abilities are developed by teaching them the proper use of color and eye-appealing designs. The art department. however. is no longer just concerned with drawing but has also taken up ceramics and jewelry making. Shown sketching model Sharon Kolder are Geraldine Iluizinga. Gloria Sprarzo. Lud- wig Dochtermanu. Diane jaeobsen and Niar- gie Clausen. NIATHENIATICS . . . YVith the ever grow- ing three-diinel:sional world about us. the solid geometry models and mathematical in- struments prove to be an aid to Richard Beck, .Ioyce Niehrtens, Elaine Block, Richard Dend- ler. and all other math students, The trigo- nometry charts. slide rule. and astronomy charts provide for a complete education in this ingenious science. SPANISH . . . Study of a foreign language is essential for an extensive education and for entrance to most colleges. A popular choice of language at Foreman is Spanish. The course is not confined to translating and vocabulary study alone, but the student also gets a picture of the life and customs of Spain and Mexico. FOODS CLASSES . . . In the food and nu- trition classes. the artistic preparation of food is one of the many objectives. Creat care is taken to cook the food properly and present it with attractiveness and eye appeal. To do this more capably. each girl is equipped with the basic nutritional linowledge. under the direc- tion of Nirs. liaeie and Nlrs. Sipchen. Here, Imelda Bednarski and Margo Loewe are viewing the results of their study and practice. Page 19 BICLUNY CAREERS . . . YVith an eye to the future. every teenager is interested in his vocation. The course in Careers and Self-Ap- praisal is designed to help a student find a vocation which suits his personal abilities. A series of guidance tests are given and when the semester comes to an end, one sees his goal more clearly. CLERICAI ,.... f Xided by the finest of oliice machines and clerical "know-how." the high standards of the business world are being met by these junior executives of lforenian lligh School. Diligent practice is giving them the needed confidence and abil- ity for their future careers. A MA Me Qwlwfw, puma Once Wore, ffm lla!! Rfb flw ggfaciolfznnew of CEZSQW5 Soenf. Page 20 X X X X X w . ng' .Q as .1.m"iN5?E9XW ' MH , W. Q-N x' , ' A-W ww, X fb 4 my K wi-sf!" ffwf -b , " 'T BWV is M., . 2 Mak! ' Www Mya Q ,mu 1, jim January 79 4 January Ollicers Sl'!lfl'l, A Xlalry' Kolwr. l3al1'lml'Q1 l.t-slit-. Slrnulingf- Bill Xml Page 22 1-rson, llutly lJlK'lltt'l'lIl1llIIl. Graduation Committee Sr'uI1'rl-- B2ll'lD2ll'1l XVyl4owsl4i. Huy FZlll'il'lltlI11l. liluinv Nltlllf. Sfllilllfllflf Bruno liIC'l'lIlO. Class Day Committee S1'f1t1'1l-- llncly lloclitc-rnizxnn. Normal Sclmlitll. Huy CILICCRIIHU. lionulcl Lux in. sfflllflfllg '- Tl-cl l"m'm'tt. Financial Committee livillizlclvttal Clolto. Finily ZOgl'lll3ll0S. Senior Night Committee SVIIIVIIA xl111'fl2ll'l'f Nh-nig. liucly iJOClltt'l'Ill1lllll. Xlary Spicci. Slrlrlflirlg lionulcl lit-lkt-. WILLIAM ANDERSEN . . . National llonor Socivty: Prvsidvnt, -113 and 4A Class:-sg l Division Rooin l'rc'sidm-nt: Frm-slnnan Advisor: Co-Sports Editor. FORICMAN NICNYS: Managvr, Baskvtball 'l'c:un: Mauagvr, Baseball Twain: Basvball Lf-ttvr: Intramural Baslwtball Chainpions: Cainpaign Managvr: Advancvd Band: llall Cnard: Tn-asurc-r. Crossword Punlv Club: Coll:-go Club: Clivclwi' Club: Stargan-rs' Club: Vice- Prvsi- dont. Sm'crc-tary. English Classvs: Citixvnship Awards: Pvrfvct Attviiclaiiicn- Awards. RONALD BELKE . . . Past Division Sc-on-tary: Senior Night Coininittvv: Major, Conunanding Olliu'r. R.O.'l',C.: Y.l".XY. Nh-dal: Nvatnvss Modal: Alncrican Lvgiou Modal: Coinpvtitivm- Platoon: l,l't'SlllCIll. Scabbard and Bladv: Football 'l'vzun: intra- inural Baslwtball: llaslwtball Club: l'rc'sidvnt, Clu'ckc'i' Club. LILLIAN RENGSTON . . . 'lil't'ilSllI'l'I', National llonor Sovivty: Prvsidcnt. Sopho- inorv llonor Club: junior llonor So:-in-tv: Scrviu' L4-ttvr and Chcvrons: P11-siclc-iit, lCnglish Class: Intrannural Yollvyball: Ollicc- Assistant: Assistant. Atta-ndancv Olliuv: First' Aid Club: cilll'4'liL'I' Club: Collvgv Club, Sc'crL-tary: Psyvhology Club: Spanish Club: Crossword Puffin' Club: Kl1'ssviigvr: llall Cuard: Library Assistant. JOAN RERC .... ' Xssistant. Attvndancv Olliw: Library Assistant: C.A.A.: 'Tl'1lL'llt'I'.S Aid: Svcrvtary, Chvinistrv Class: Knitting Club: Clu-vlwr Club: Spanish Club: Bio Fax Club: Collr-gc Club. LEO BILI ,... Past Division l'rc'sid1-ut: Intramural Baskvtball: Basketball Club: lfirst Aid Club: Caine-ra Club: Crossword Puzzh: Club, BARBARA BURCHARDT . , . Choir: Cirl's Cla-v Club: Spring Concvrt: Public Ap- poaram'v: llall Cuard: Yin--Prvsidcnt, Collcgr- Club: C.A.A.: Bowling Tm-aiu: Bud- lniuton Club: May lfvstival: Clivckvi' Club: Typing Our-c-ns: First Aid Club: Tvam-lu-r's Aid: Citilvnship Award. RAYMOND CACCAMO , . . Past Division l'rn-sidm-nt, Ailfi'-l,I'l'Sltll'lllL Class Day Coininittvcz Studuut Advisor Connnittvv: M.C,: Social Cm-nts-rs: Choir: Public Appvar- ann-0: Prvsidcnt. lA'tll'l'llN'lliS Club: Bascball 'll-aiu: Baskm-tball 'Il-ann: lntrainural Baskvtball: Basvball Club: Baskvtball Club: Ilall Cuard. CAROLYN COOPER . . . Studvnt Counvil R4-pri-scntative-: Assistant, l'lau-im'iit Ollicv: Assistant. .-Xttviiclaiiicv Otiicv: Cs-rinan Club: R1-ading Club: Clu-flu-r Club: Collvgx' Club. ROBERT COSIMINI . . . :'Znd Livutvnant, R.O.'I'.C.: lfancy Drill 'Il-ani: l"aiu'y Drill 'l'L'aun Lvttvrs: Coinpctitivv Platoon: Past Prvsidm-nt. Bon lfraulxlin Club: S4-abbard and Bladc Club: Usbvris Club: Crossword Pulzlc' Club: l,fUll'i'lOl' Club. MILDRED DEMANN . . . VORHIXIAN NICNVS Stall: May 1-,lll'l'Il Court: lntrainnral Vollc-yball: Bowling 'I'c'zun: Choir: Swiin Mvvt: Craduation Uslu-rr-ltr-: Laboratory Assistant: Sccrvtary ol' English Class: C.A.A. Rvprvsvntativa-: C.A.A. LL-ttcrgirl: Psy- chology Club: Collvgv Club: Typing Quia-ns: Clu'r'lu'r Club: lfirst Aid Club: Citivvn- ship Award. RUDOLPH DOCHTERMANN . . . National llonor Soi-it-tv: Yl4'l'-l,l'l'SlKll'Ill, fill and 4A Classvs: Past Vicc-Prvsiclviit: -1B and -lA llonor Club: Past Division Prvsida-nt: Prvsidcnt. Collvgc Club: Past l'rusid1'nt. English Class: ll.O,'l',C. Ollie-cr: l"r1-slnnvn Advisor: FOREXIAN NICNYS Photographvr and Cartoonist: Svnior Night Planning Conunittvvz Druin Major. Druin and Bugle' Corps: Projvm-tor Club: Canwra Club: Young Artist Club: Star Cam-rs Club. DONALD EKMAN . . . Vice--Prcsidc-nt, English Class: Pr:-sidm-nt, Cain:-ra Club: Svuior Night: Hall Cuard: Disn'-jockc-y Club: Collt-gc Club. Page 23 THEODORE ERICKSUN . . . junior llouor Club: lfrcslunan Advisor: junior llctl Cross 131-lt-gatc: llall Cuarcl: 'l'caclu'r's Aicl: Exccutivc Club l.unchcon: Nlcsscngcrg R.O.'l'.C.: Slictch Club: Collcgc Club: Disc--Ioclicy Club: lntcrior Dccorators Club. RALPH FALKENTHAL . . . Cracluatiou Couuuittcc: Stuclcnt Council ltcprcscnta- tivcg Bookrooin Attcntlant: llall Cuarclg Caincra Club: Crosswortl Puzflc Club: Col- lcgc Club: Chcckcr Club. TED FURNETT . . . Busincss Nlanagcr. l"0RliXlAXUAl. Stall: Prcsiclcnt. Chciuistry Class: Prcsiclcnt, Young Artists Club: llall Cuartl: Social Ccntcr Connuittcc: 'l'alcnt Scout Coininittcc: Associatc liclitor, l"OlllCNlAX NEXYS: Citizcnship Axvarcls: Psy- chology Club: Skctch Club: Intcrior Dccorators Club: Polish Club: R.U.'l'.C. Ollicc: Class Day Couunittcc: lfcaturc XVritcr, IVURENIAN NENVS: Yicc Prcsiclcnt, lCnglish Class: Vicc Prcsiclcnt, Music Connnittcc. SANDRA CAERTNER . . , Chairman, Class Day Couuuittcc: lling Conunittcc: Social Ccntcr Planning Connuittcc: Yicc Prcsiclcnt, Public Spcakiug Club: Sccrctary, English Class: Arinisticc Day ASSl'llll7lj'L C.A.A. Rcprcscntativc: Ushcrcttc. Craclua- tion: Ushcrcttc, May lfcstival: Fashion Show: Prcsitlcnt, Crossword Puzzlc Club: Sccrctarv, Baclniinton Club: Clicking Kcvs Club: Collcgc Club: lntraiuural Yollcyball. HELEN GEHRMAN . . . Shorthand Axvarcl: Pcrlcct Attcuclaucc Awartl: Citizcnship Awards: 'l'cachcr's Aicl: C.A.A.: llall Cuarcl: Nlcsscngcr: Knitting Club: Psychology Club: Chcclicr Club: Ccrnian Club: Slsctch Club: Library Club. UAH. GHIONZOLI , , . Vicc Prcsitlcut. Scnior llouor Club: junior anal Scnior llouor Clubs: Past Division Prcsiclcnt: llall Cuarclg 'Pcachcr Assistant: Stunlcut Council Rcp- rcscntativc: C.A.A. Board of Control: Past C.A.A. Rcprcscntativc: Lcttcrgirl: Scrvico Lcttcr: Library Assistant: Bowling 'I'cauu: Stuclcnt Lcaclcr: lntraiuural Yollcvball: Chcckcr Club: Stargazcrs Club: lfashion Drawing Club: Choir. LURETTA CLASER . . . Vlll't'1lSllTl'l', English Class: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Citizcnship Awarcl: Pcrlcct' Attcnclaucc Awartl: llall Cuarcl: T4-achcr's Aicl: NVatcr Built-t: C.A.A.: lntraunu'al Vollcvball: Psychology Club: Ccriuan Club: Chcclicr Club: Knitting Club: Messenger. liENADE'l"l'A GU'l"l'0 . . . National llouor Socicty: l"rcslnuan, Sophoniorc, junior, Scnior llouor Socicty: Sccrctary, llonor Club: Scnior lfinancc Counnittcc: Toy Day Connuittcc: Co-lhlitor, l"OREXlANUAL Stall: FOREBIANUAL Rcprcscntativc: l'rcsiclcnt. l"Ulll'iNlANUAl, Club: Sccrctarv, flixflllllll Club: l"irst Aitl Club: Scrvicc l,cttcr antl Chcvrons: C.A.A.: lntraniural Vollcvball: Mcsscngcr: Tcachcr's Aicl: llSlll'l'vHl': Choir: Music lfcstival: May lfcstival: Swim Mcct lluclgc: Citilcnship Award: Pcrfcct Attcntlancc Awarml: Sccrctarv, English Class: Sccrctary, Scicncc Class: .'AI'llllSllK't' Day Asscniblv. JACK HARTEI .... Stuclcnt Council Rcprcscntativcg lforcinan Social Entcrtaincr: Managcr, Bascball 'l'caiu: lntraiuural Baslictball: Yicc Prcsiclcnt, Projcctor Club: Choir: Scrgcant at Arnis of Division: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Pcrsonal Appcarancc: Chcinistry Lab. Assistant: Proicctor Club lrcttcr: All City Choir: Mcsscugcr: Boys' Clcc Club: llaskctball Club: 'l'alcnt Club: Sccrctarv, Projcctor Club. ROBERT HAUCK . . , Sccrctary, Division Room: Nlath llcvicw Club: Baskctball lcain: lntranlural Baslxctball: Chcclicr Club: Chcss Club: Baslictball Club. WILLIAM .IACOISSEN . . . Ulliccr, ll.U.'I'.C. Stall: Vctcrans ol' Forcign XVar Nlcclal: Coiupctitivc Platoon: Fancy Drill 'l'ca1u: Scabbarcl and Blaclc Club Trcasurcr: llall Cuarcl: Ushcrs Club Prcsiclcnt: Projcctor Club: Latin Club, LORRAINE KERCHU . . . National llouor Socictv, Sophoinorc, junior, and Scnior llouor Clubs: C.A.A.: lfrcslnnan Aclvisor: 'l'cachcrs' Assistant: Attcnclancc Ollicc: Past Division Prcsiclcnt: Chcclicr Club: Knitting Club: Crossworcl Pnzzlc Club: Psychology Club: Collcgc Club: lntralnural Yollcyball: Collcgc Club Trcasurcr: Citizcnship Awartls: Scrvicc l,cltcr anal Chcvrons. Page 24 MARY KOBER . . . National IIOIIOI' Socicty: Frcshman, Sophomorc llonor Club: Prcsidcnt of junior Ilonor Club: Frcshman Advisor: 4B and 4A Class Trcasurcr: Prcsidcnt of English Class: C.A.A. Lcttcr: C.A.A. Board of Control: Scrvicc Lcttcr: FOREMANUAL licprcscntativc: Studcnt Lcadcr: Lockcr Guard: Citixcnship Awards: Trcasurcr of Knitting Club: Fashion Drawing Club: 313 Chcckcr Club: Music Apprc- ciation Club: Intramural Vollcyball: Bowling 'l'cam: Ushcrcttc: Tcachcris Aid Library Assistant: Public Appcarancc. RALPH KRUEGER . . . Studcnt Council Itcprcscntativc: Intramural Baslictball' Bascball Club: Baskctball Club. a THOMAS KUCLER , . . Ncws Editor. Nc-ws XVritcr, FOREMAN NEXVS Staff: Cadct Ofiiccr: Ushcr Club: Scabbard and Bladc Club: Color Cuard: AIIIQTICRIII Lcgion, Scnior Award: Spanish Club: Bcn Franklin Club: Lunchroom Guard: B.O.'l'.C. Drum and Buglc Corps. RONALD LAVIN . . . Prcsidcnt, Vicc-Prcsidcnt, Sccrctary of Division: Prcsidcnt, English Class: Intramural 1952, Baskctball Champs: Vicc-Prcsidcnt, Collcgc Club: Class Day Committcc: Trcasurcr, Star Cazcrs Club: Frcshman Advisor: Baskctball Tcam: Campaign Nlanagcr: Crossword Puzzlc Club: Chcckcr Club: Citizcnship Awards. LORRAINE LEJA...4B-AIA llonor Socicty: FOBEMAN NEXVS Staff: Studcnt Council Scrviccmcn's Book Committcc: Studcnt Council l'Icprcscntativc: FOHE- MANUAL Itcprcscntativc: Sgt. at Arms: Crossword Puzzlc Club: Iicading Club: First Aid Club: Chcckcr Club: Riding Club: Bowling Club: Librarian's Assistant: Attcnd- ancc Olficc: 'l'cachcr's Aid: G.A.A.: Armisticc Asscnibly Connnittcc. HENRY LEPPIN . . . junior and Scnior llonor Socictics: junior Rcd Cross Dclcgatc: lt.O.T.C.: FOBENIANUAL Staff: Collcgc Club: Disc jockcy Club: Ilall Cnard: Mcsscngcr: Tcachcr's Aid: Skctch Club: Intcrior Dccorators Club, BARBARA LESLIE . . . National llonor Socicty: Frcshman, Sophomorc, junior Honor Socictics: Social Chairman, National Honor Socicty: 4A Sccrctary: Social Center Sccrctary: FOBEMANUAL Bcprcscntativc: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Frcshman Sponsor: C.A.A. Board of Control: C.A.A. Lcttcr: Bowling Tcam: Sccrctary, Clicclicr Club: Sccrctary, English Class: Intramural Vollcyball: Prcsidcnt, Typing Quccns: Public Appcaranccs: Citizcnship Award: Mcsscngcr: Assistant, Pcrsonncl Oliiccg Sccrctary, Division: Swimming Mcct. CHRISTINE MALEK . . . Prcsidcnt of National llonor Socicty: Sophomorc and Junior Ilonor Clubs: Vicc-Prcsidcnt of C.A.A. Board of Control: Studcnt Lcadcr: First place Bowling Trophy: C.A.A. Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcv- rons: Intramural Vollcyball: Studcnt Council: C,A.A. ltcprcscntativc: First Aid Club: Polish Club: C.A.A. Fcstival: Ushcrcttc: Public Appr-arancc, MARGARET MENIG . . . Sccrctary, Division: Assistant, Attcndancc Olticc: Scnior Night Committcc: Social Ccntcr Committcc: Scrvicc Lcttcr: C,A.A. Bar Pin and Lcttcr: C.A.A. Fashion Show: Bowling Tcam: Lockcr Guard: Intramural Vollcyball: llallguardg P.T.A. Fashion Show: Prcsidcnt, English Class: Trcasurcr, Collcgc Club: Trcasurcr, Badminton Club: Sccrctary, Polish Club: Typing Quccns: Spanish Club: Chcckcr Club: Tc-achcr's Aid: Citizcnship Award: Ushcrcttc: Public Appcarancc. BARBARA MEUSCHEL . . . junior and Scnior Honor Clubs: -4A Division lioom Prcsidcnt: Studcnt Council Rcprcscntativc: Library Assistant: Scrvicc Lcttcr: C.A.A.: Intranmral Vollcyball: Tcachcr's Aid: Librarian: Collcgc Club: licading Club: Chcclc- cr Club: First Aid Club: Library Club: Attcndancc Club. ELAINE MOHR . . . National llonor Society: Frcsbman. Sophomorc. junior, Scnior Honor Clubs: Vicc-Prcsidcnt. llonor Club: Graduation Day Connnittcc: Toy Day Committcc: Co-Editor, FOREMANUAL Staff: Trcasurcr. FORENIANUAL Club: Vicc-Prcsidcnt, Ccrman Club: First Aid Club: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvronsg C.A.A.: Mcsscngcr: Tcachcr's Aid: Ushcrcttc: Choir: Girls Clcc: Music Fcstivalg Citizcnship Award: Pcrfcct Attcndancc Award: Trcasurcr, Vicc-Prcsidcnt: English Class: Armis- 'ticc Day Asscmbly: Attcndancc Ollicc Assistant, PATRICIA NAUBERT . . . C.A.A.: 'Fl'l'2lSllX'l'l', Crossword Pulzlc Club: Scnior Chcckcr Club. Page 25 CHARLES NELSON . , . Frcslnnan Sponsor: Lcttcrinan in Tcunis: Sccrctary, Lct- tcrincns Club: Prcsidcnt, Baskctball Club: Baskctball: Division Baskctball. MARSHALL OGNE . . . Rcprcscntativc, Studcnt Council: Trcasurcr, Division: President, English Class: Vice Prcsidcnt, Public Spcaking Class: Division Baskctball Tcains: Advanccd Band: Slidc llulc Club: Sccrctary. First Aid Club: Chcckcr Club: Math Rcvicw Club: Basketball Club. GEORGE OLSEN . . . Frcslunan Advisor: Past Division Prcsidcnt: Disc .Iockcy Club: Math Rcvicw Club. MARGARET PEDERSEN . . . C..-XA.: FORENIANUAL ll1'Df1'Sl'lliilIIYl'1 Stlltlcllt Council Rcprcscntativc: Scnior Prom Connnittcc: Choir: Tcachcrls Assistant: Attcucl- ancc Oi'IiCc: Intramural Vollcyball: Ilallguarcl: Collcgc Club: Badminton Club: Cross- word Puzzlo Club: Checkers Club. MARILYN PETERSEN . . . Sccrr-tary, Division Room: C.A.A.. Bar Pin and Lcttcr: C.A.A. Bowling Tcaing FORICMANUAL Stall: FOREMAN NEXVS Stall: Assist- ant, Attcndancc Oiiiccg Assistant, Adjustnicnt Olticc: Citizcuship Award: Entcrtain- incnt Connnittcc, Class Day: Co-VVritcr, Class Prophccyg Intramural Vollcyballg FOREMANUAL Club: Tcachcris Aid: Studcnt Lcadcr: Ushcrcttc: Public Appcaraucc: Lockcr Guard: First Aid Club: Frcslnnan, Sophoniorc Chcckcr Clubs: Typing Quccns: Spanish Club: Intcrior Dccorating Club: Prcsitlcut, Collcgc Club: Quill and Scroll Awards. JOYCE POKORN . . . National Honor Socicty: Trcasurcr, Scnior llouor Club: Scc- rctary, Sophomore Honor Club: junior Honor Club: C.A.A. Rcprcscntativc: C.A.A. Bar Pin: Bowling Tcaing Sccrctary, English Class: OfIicc Assistant: Library Assistant: Ilall Cuarcl: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvron: May Quccn's Court: Intramural Vollcyball: First Aid Club: Chcckcr Club: Typing Quccns: Psychology Club: Spanish Club: Crossword Puzzlc Club. RONALD PUCHI . . . Advauccd Band: Intramural Baskctball Championship: Public Appcarancc: Attcnclancc Award: Citizcnship Award: Chcss Club: Chcckcr Club: Math Rcvicw Club. BARBARA RICHARDSON , . . Scnior Ilonor Club: Chairman, City Social Ccutcrs: Co-Cliairnlan, City Social Ccntcrs: FURICNIAN SOCIAL CENTER COMMl'l"l'EE: Connnunity Fund .Iuuior Spcalicrs Burcau: junior Rod Cross Dclcgatc: Frcslnncn Advisor: Stuclcut Council Rcprcscntativc: Division Sccrctary: FOREMAN NEXVS Staff: Yicc-Prcsirlcnt, English Class: Choir: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Bowling Tcam: Spcalicr, Alumni Night: Girls Clcc Club: Sccrctary, Trcasurcr, Intcrior Dccorating Club: Col- lcgc Club: Psychology Club: First Aid Club: 22B-2A Chcckcrs Club: Intramural Vollcyball: May Fcstival: Public Appcaraucc: Pcrsonncl Assistant: Citizcnship Awards: Spring Conccrt. ISRUNO RICCHIO . . . Olliccr, R.O.'I'.C.: Scabbarcl and liladc Club: Fancy Drill Tcani: Coiupctitivc Platoon: Tribunc Mcrlal: Prcsidcnt: Ushcrs Club: Vicc Prcsidcnt, English Class: Bass-ball Club: Iiasltctball Club: Advance-d Hand. WILLIAM ROSENYOLIJ , . . llall Cuard: Intramural Sportsg Chcckcr Club: Public Aclclrcss Club: Collcgc Club. THOMAS ROSPONIJ . . . Bascball Tcaun: Intramural Baskctball: Trcasurcr, Lcttcr- rncn's Club: Chcclicr Club: Chcss Club. HELEN SAYAS . . . C.A.A.: Past Division Sccrctary: Citizcuship Award: Psychology Club: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Mcsscngcr. Page 26 DICK SCAGLIONE . . . Intramural Basketball: Intramural Volleyball: Vice-Presi- dent, Disc jockey Club: President, Disc jockey Club: Frosh-Soph Basketball: Vice- President, Basketball Club: College Club. NORMA SCHMID . . . National Honor Society: President, Senior Honor Club: Junior Ilonor Club: Class Day Committee: Service Letter: G.A.A. Letter-Chevron: G.A.A. Representative: Secretary, English Class: Treasurer, Psychology Club: Intra- nmral Volleyball: Library Assistant: Bowling Team: Locker Guard: Hall Guard: IVater Ballet: Riding Club: Recreational Games Club: German Club: Crossword Puzzle Club: Checkers Club: Choir. YVONNE SCHWARZ . . . Vice President of National Honor Society: G.A.A. Board of Control: G.A.A. Letter Girl and Chevrons: School Service Letter and Chevrons: G.A.A. Bowling Team: Freshman Advisor: Secretary of Division: President of English Class: Secretary of English Class: Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Honor Clubs: Intraumral Volleyball: G.A.A. Representative: Assistant in Main Oilice: Choir: Checker Club: Knitting Club: Citizenship Awards: Student Leader: Library Assistant: Public Appearance: Perfect Attendance Awards. THOMAS SHALLCROSS . . . Checker Club: Chess Club: German Club: Advanced Band: Disc jockey Club: Intramural Basketball: Basketball Club. NORBERT SKORA . . . Color Guard Letter: Usheris Club: Checker Club: Football Team. JAMES SMITH . . . Intramural Basketball: Intramural Baseball: Intramural Volley- ball: Secretary, English Class: Treasurer, Biology Class: Baseball Club: Checker Club: Basketball Club: llallguard. JOAN SMAGACH . . . Secretary, Senior Honor Society: jumor Prom Committee: President, Secretary, Division: G.A.A.: Treasurer, English Class: Service Letter: Citi- zenship Awards: Intramural Volleyball: Public Appearance: Simplicity Fashion Show: Teaeheris Aid: Swim Meet judge: Bowling Team: Usherette, Music Festival: Captain, Soccer Team: President, Knitting Club: Treasurer, Typing Queens Club: Treasurer, Clicking Keys Club: Sketch Club: Fashion Drawing Club: College Club: Psychology Club: Crossword Puzzle Club. MARY SPICCI . . . Treasurer, Senior Honor Club: Vice-President, junior Honor Club: G.A.A.: Senior Night Committee: Division Secretary: Intraumral Volleyball: Service Letter and Chevron: Vice President, Crossword Puzzle Club: Knitting Club: Fashion Drawing Club: Checkers Club: Girlis Recreational Club: Psychology Club: Typing Queens: Choir: Spring Concert: Office Assistant: 'I'eacher's Aid. EUGENE SZCZECH . . . Choir: Vice President. Crossword Puzzle Club: School Messenger: Projector Club. RICHARD WAGNER . . . Intramural Basketball: College Club: Disc-Jockey Club: Basketball Club. BETTY WEDIG . . . Freshman, Sophomore, and junior Honor Clubs: National Honor Society: First Aid Club: Psychology Club: Messenger: German Club: Service Letter and Chevrons: G.A.A. Letter and Chevron: Secretary, Science and Geometry Classes: Intramural Volleyball: Locker Guard: Student Leader: German Scholarship Contest: G.A.A. Representative: Checker Club: College Club: Hall Guard: G.A.A. Bowling Team: Girl's Recreational Games Club: Past Division Room Secretary: Assist- ant Attendance Offiec and Adjustment Oftice: Crossword Puzzle Club. ALFRED WEISSENSTEIN . . . Baseball Team: Intramural Basketball: Intramural Volleyball: Secretary, Gennan Club: Vice President, English Class: Advanced Band: Checker Club: College Club. Page 27 SALLY WILSON . . . Social Ccntcr Committccg C.A.A. Rcprcscntativeg Bowling Team, P.T.A. Fashion Show, Disc Jockey Clubg Geographers Cluhg Badminton Clubg Hallguard. BARBARA WYKOWSKI . . . National Honor Socictyg junior, Sophomore Honor Clubsg Service Lcttcr and Chcvronsg Graduation Committee, Division Room Secre- tary, English Class, Secretary, Vice-President, Treasurer, Assistant Librarian, Bowling Team, Water Ballet, Intramural Volleyball, College Cluhg Crossword Puzzle Clubg Spanish Cluhg Polish Cluhg Fashion Drawing Club. EMILY ZOGRAPHOS . . . Finance Committee, Secretary, National Honor Societyg C.A.A. Board of Control, Freshman Advisorg Student Council Representative, Bowl- ing Teamg Secretary, 4-B Class, F reshman, Sophomore, junior Honor Clubs, Letter- girlg Secretary, Library Club, Choir, Intramural Volleyball, Vice-President, German Club, President, Division Room. 5 M puff As years go by, Weill always think of that day, When, with diploma in hand We bade our friends farewell. Tho' time shall pass, No other years will hold such lasting memories. As we leave these Halls of Foreman, Fame and Fortune may come our way, But those days, hours, and minutes Shall never he forgotten. We have a place in FOI'6l'l'13l1,S heart, As Foreman has a place in ours. Page 28 . Q I r 3 Aff,-if ' L 3 I X f rwelfzfcafiolfz Qffmred Xlomluy. April 19. was onc of tlu- niost cvcnthil cluys in thi- history ol' Forc- lllllll High School. On this clay Mrs. Lcigh Block prcscntccl Forcniun lligh with clcvcn frumccl rcprocluctions of fanions paintings. This gcncrons gift was lorniully alcccptccl in behalf of thc school hy Dclorcs Kuncllcr. Thcsc colorful paintings will zulcl chccr and hrightncss to thc- Cl1lSSl'0UIl1S and corriclors of onr school. Forcmuii was also honorccl hy tlu- prcscncc of snch clistingnishccl gncsts us Mrs. Edwin C. FOIPIIHIII. Sr.: Nlrs. Solomon B. Smith. Prcsiclcnt of thc fllllC1lQ..f0 Pnhlic School Art Socictyg Dr. Bcnjuniin C. YVillisg Ccncrul Snpcrintcnllcnt of Schoolsg Mr. Ilurolcl Forcniun. 1115 Nlr. and Nlrs. Iiclwin C. l"orc-rnzul, 11:1 Hr. llurolrl Forcniung Dr. Tlizulclcus VI. l.lllJl'l'1l. Assistant Snpcrintcnclcnt of Schools in clmrgc of Scconclary lCllllC1ltl0ll1 :incl Nh: Xluttlicw lfitzgm-1'z1lcl, District Sll1N'l'llltt'llllCllt. Aftcr the usscnihly lJl'0gI'lIIl1 was ovcr, thc spcciul gncsts wcrc invitccl to ll lnnchcon in thc faculty dining rooni. This conclnclccl thc cla1y's uctivitics, ol' which we in the llulls of FOITIIMIII arc cxtrcmcly proncl. Page 29 Jul, JIU- 4,51 AQ e. ...rf is .. , e 'xx me Cfcm ofynne 79 4 ,.,-.-- -Q., June Officers lfrvcl lllliovits. 1,I'lVS'lfIl'llf llonulcl llznm-llwrg. TI'l'tl1S'IlI'l'l' Bette' Olsen. St'l'l'l'f!ll'!l Victor lma- l'ir'c'-l'1'1'xi4l1'r1l Finance Committee xllll'gill'l't llvoring. -loycc' lnclovimi. l,u1'i'y ll2lll1'Il, Namcy Opal. Graduation Committee Nlatlt-liiw IR-st-like-. hlamicc- Pncllvli. linrlmrzl jolinston, NVillium Xlurtino. Senior Night Committee l'a1ti'it-in Oclclo. Alon blolnison, Carol XVzn'cl, jenn l,oclu1rcl. Senior Ring Committee HB5 Sillingf Carol Bonn-lmrcl, lliclmrcl Kozlowski, llvriiicc' .-Xiicli-l'svii. it Senior Class Day Committee Lvl! fo Rigllzl- Betty Yates. Victor lmv, Nancy Pvtrilx, Carol Fox. .loss-pli Dc-Cm-orgv. Prom Committee Xlaiiylyii l.i1timc'r. 1 .loycv Xlltlll'll'llS. ,V Dorotliy Syslo, - txlllll' S0lllIlll'l'. lliunv llvlionis. l':lg:c- 30 P t Q. , 1 , X Q 1 ' X " f l h . . I fy L Q ""i. A fi.. ,.A.+.- i i h ess" Q Qi X .Si ' r -. MARLENE ABSHER . . . Service Letter and Chcvrons: Citizenship Award: G.A.A. Representative: Messenger: Division Secretary: Division Attendance Secretary: Teach- er's Aid: Secretary: English Class: Attendance Secretary, English Class: Assistant, Chemistry Laboratory: Assistant, Science Laboratory: junior Prom Committee: Cer- man Christmas Tea Committee: Spanish Club: Cerman Club: Psychology Club: Booster Club: College Club: Magazine Exchange Club. MARGARET ACCETTURO . . . lfreshman Ilonor Club: Vice-President, Division: Secretary, Clothing Class: President, Talent Club: Vice-president, English Class: Secretary, Biology Class: C.A.A. Board of Control: C.A.A. Representative: Captain of Cheerleaders: Cheerleader Letter and Pin: Student Leader: Bowling Team: Intra- mural Volleyball: Talent Club: May Festival: Choir: Public Appearance: Horseback ltidiug Club: Lettergirl. SHARLENE ALBRECHT . . . Sophomore llonor Club: Division Secretary: English Class Vice-President: Division Attendance Secretary: Biology Class Secretary: FORE- MANUAL Representative: FORENIANUAL Statli: FOREMANUAL Club: Checker Club: Booster Club: Typing Queens: Library Club: Library Assistant: Teacher's Aid: C.A.A. Intranmral Yollcy Ball: Bowling Team: May Festival: Service Letter and Chcvrons: Citizenship Awards. ANGELINE ALEX.-XCOS . . . C.A.A.l Clicking Keys Club: Fil'St Aid Club: Knitting Club: Polish Club: Stargalers Clllll: Checker Club: Laboratory Assistant, Teaeherls Aid: Careers Day Aid. RICHARD OMUNDSEN . . . President Reading Club: Past Division President: Past President Checker Club: Math Review Club: Ushers Club: FOREMANUAL Rep- reseutative, BRIAN ANDERSON . . . President, Instrumentalist's Club: Treasurer, Public Speak- ing Class: Alumni Night Entertainment: Social Center Entertainment: Student Council Representative: Past Division Secretary: Projector Club: Clean-Up Committee Chairman. JAMES ANDERSON . . . Treasurer, Division: Secretary, Ben lfranltlin Club: llall- guard: Photography Club: Geography Club: Checker Club: Intramural Basketball. SHIRLEY ARGUS . . . Typing Queens Club, Psychology Club: C.A.A. Ilonor Club. MARLENE BECKER . . . National llonor Society: l'lf0Sll, Sophomore and junior Honor Clubs: Service Letter and Chevrons: G.A.A. Chevron: Band Secretary: Band Letter: Orchestra: Dance Band: Attendance Secretary of Division: Spring Festival: Otliee Assistant: Teacher,s Aid: Personal Appearances: Latin Club: Vice-President Faney XVork Club: Secretary, Treasurer, Knitting Club: Treasurer, Talent Club: Secretary, Algebra Class. CAROLJEAN BENSON . . . National llonor Society: lfrosh, Sophomore and junior Honor Societies: Service Letter and Chevrons: Band: Band Letter: Dance Band: Orchestra: C.A.A. Chevron: Student Advisory Committee: Social Center Committee: Co-Editor FOREMANUAL: Freshman Senior Sponsor: Secretary FOREMANUAL CLUB: Band Secretary: President, Knitting Club: Secretary, Talent Club: Vice- President, English Class: Display Cabinet Committee: Latin Club: Social Chairman Knitting Club: Personal Appearances: Spring Festival: Instrumentalists: Citizenship Awards: Student Leader: Teaeher's Aid. MARY BERGSLAND . . . Bowling Team: C.A.A.: Intranmral Volleyball: Messenger: IIall Guard: Clicking Keys: Checkers: Polish Club: Tcachcr's Aid. ELAINE BLOCK . . . National Ilonor Society, Secretary: Freshman, Sophomore, junior Honor Clubs: Division Secretary: Fancy XVork Club Secretary: Advanced Band Letter: Dance Band: C.A.A.: Bowling Team: Intramural Volleyball: Ollice Assistant: Teacher's Aid: Clerlc, Senior Elections: Secretary: junior Achievement Club. Page 31 VITO COLFLLA unior Ilonor Club Prc side nt Iublic Speaking Class: Presi- dent English Cl iss Pre sidcnt Biology Cl iss Il'CSlClC nt Division: Freshman Advisor: Student T1 ielur Youth VVuk Woodshop lorunin Prt sldent, Checker Club: Presi- dent BlSlxCtl3Ill Club Biskttblll 'him lootbill lc un Intramural Basketball and CAROL LOTTELFFR lsrtshm in Sophomorm junior and Senior Honor Clubs: Secrctlry junior Honor Socuty CAA Boxrd of Control, G.A.A. Representative: Intrunurll Volltybill Bowling It nn Student Lcxdtr Locker Guard: Lcttcrgirl: Pirc Mlrsliil Service Letter Scerctlry Division Choir Checker Club: Booster Club: CIIUZCIISIIID Awlrds Spinish Club Hill Cu ird Libriry Assistant: Fashion Show: RITA CSOI KON ITS Chcekn r Club lmrson lhty 1 lus Club: G.A.A,: Clicking Keys. ROSALYN DAMORI' C AA Clicking lxtys lvpmg Queens: Teacher's Aid: Office Clerk Bowling 'lt un Iublic Apps irinu Stlrgiztrs Club: May Festival. DIANI' Di BONIS lrom Conmnttu 'NI ltltillll Honor Society: junior and Fresh- mln Honor Sour tus lu sldc nt Sophomore Ilonor Society Past Division President, Xiu Prtsidtnt lrt lSllI'Cl' md Soull Churmln CAA Board of Control: G.A.A. Lcttcrgirl md Churons C AA Bowling lm un CAA Historian and Photographer: lm Chief Churmui lm Prtuntion Assembly Ira sbmin and Sophomore Checker Clubs T1 luision Acting Club Rt cn ltlonll C unts Club Service Letter and Chev- rons CITCCTS Diy Hosta ss President lrt slim in Advisorv Committee: Student Advis- ory Conumttu CltllCIISlll11 Awlrds lubhc Appr lrlnu Intramural Volley Ball. IOAN DF CHPRRII4 Loektr Cu 1rd C AA Rt lding Club: Stargazers Club: Typing Quuns Bit Ind Bridlt Club Tc uber s Aid Intr imural Volleyball: Chemistry W ANN BORK . . . G.A.A.: Polish Club: Crossword Puzzles Club: Spanish Club: Teaeher's Aid. WARREN CARLING . . . Treasurer, Public Address System Club: Checkers Club: Intramural Basketball: Intramural Volleyball: 'l'eaeher's Aid: Public Address Operator for Social Center: Public Address Operator for Division in Auditorium: Stage Hand. GENEVIEVE CARLSON . . . National Ilonor Society: Freshman, Sophomore and junior Ilonor Clubs: President, junior Ilonor Club: President and Secretary, Division: President, English Class: Freshman Advisor: Choir: Hallguard: Assistant, Adjustment Office: Assistant, Placement Oflice: Service Letter and Cheyrons: Citizenship Awards: Hostess: Checker Club: Booster Club: Clicking Keys: Spanish Club: G.A.A.: May Festival: Intramural Volleyball: Personal Appearance. FRANK CHISON . . . English Class President: Basketball Club: Baseball Club: Projector Club: Booster Club: Intramural Basketball: Intramural Volley Ball: School Messenger: Printshop Foreman: Swimming Team: Ilall Guard: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant: Service Letter. MARY LOU CLARK . . . FOBEMANUAL Staff: FOBEMAN NEYVS Staff: Presi- dent, FOBEMANUAL Club: Math Review Club: College Club: Teacher's Aid: G.A.A.: Ilall Guard: Perfect Attendance and Citizenship Awards: Hostess: Public Appearance. MARGARET CLASEN . . . Secretary, History Class: Messenger: Teacher's Aid: Reading Club: Disc jockey Club: Polish Club: Typing Queens: Clicking Keys: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Bowling Team. Page 32 MARGARET DEERING . . . lfinancc Connnittcc: Prcsidcnt, Sccrctary, Division: Prcsidcnt, Spanish Club: Polish Club: Typing Quccns: G.A.A.g C.A.A. Lcttcr Girl: lloard ot' Control: 'l'alcnt Club: Bowling l,ca5.!uc: 'l'cachcr's Aid: May lfcstival: Spring Conccrtg Choir: Pnhlit- Appcaranccs: Intraniural Vollcyball: Lockcr Guard: Mcs- scngcr: I"rcshinan Party Connnittcc. JOSEPH DE GEORGE . . . Class Day Connnittcc: Intramural Baskctballg Intramural Vollcy Ball: Disc .locltcy Club: licn lfranltlin Club: Print Shop: CIIPIIIISUY Laboratory Assistant: Nlcsscngcr: llallguarrl: Stamp Collcctors Club. DIANE DEPKE . . . Division Attcndancc Sccrctary: Gcrnian Club: Crossword Puzzle Club: 'l'cachcr's Aid: llall Cnard: Nlcsscngcr: G,A.A. GORDON DIIIISERN . . . Division Vicc-Prcsidcnt: Sccrctary and Vicc-Prcsidcnt, Public Addrcss Club: Public Addrcss Club: Chcckcr Club: Chcinistry Laboratory Assistant: Intramural Yollcy Ball: Intrauiural Basltctball. EDWARD DICK . , . Division Yicc Prcsidcnt: Division Prcsidcnt: IVOREMAN NICXYS Stall.: Social Ccntcr Entcrtaincr: Pcrtcct Attcndancc Awards: Public Appcarancc: Choir: Yicc-Prcsidcnl English Class: liaskctball Tcauig Bascball 'I'caung Ll'It0fllll'll'S Club: 'llalcnt Club: Ilall Guard. SHARON IJITTMANN . . . Sccrctary, Trcasurcr, Division: Sccrctary, English Class: Chccrlcadcr: Lcttcr and Pin: C.A.A.g Bowling Tczun: Loclccr Guard: Chccrlcadcr Club: Boostcr Club: Knitting Club: Sltctch Club: Latin Club: Stuclcnt Lcaclcr: Intra- niural Yollcyball: Orclu-strap Chcniistry Laboratory Assistant: Public Appcaranccs, JEROME DORE . , . National Honor Socictyg Sophoinorc and junior IIonor Clubs: Sccrctary, Division: Prcsiclcnt, Chcckcr Club: 'I'rcasnrcr, Chcss Club: lfrcshinan Ad- visor: Math Tournalncnt: Math Club: Intramural Basltctball and Yollcyball: Yicc- Prcsidcnt, National Honor Socicty. LOUISE DUPLAIN . . . Sccrctary, Division: Vicc-Prcsidcnt. English Class: Prcsi- clcnt, Knitting Club: Frcslnnan Advisor: C.A.A.: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Intramural Vollcy- ball: Typing Quccns: Studcnt Ia-adcr: Studcnt Council Rcprcsciitativc: Ilallguard: Lockcr Guard: Spanish Club: Cllcckcrs Club: Chcinistry l,aboratory' Assistant: Band: First Aid Club. HAROLD EADS . . . Pre-sitlcnl, Division: Intraulural Sports: llasltclliall Club: Chccltcr Club. NANCY ERHARDT . . . National Ilonor Socicty: Sophmnorc and junior IIOIIOI' Clubs: Prcsidcnt, Studcnt Council: Sccrctary, Division: Vicc-Prcsidcnt, Dccorator's Club: FOREMANUAL Staff: G.A.A. Board of Control: G.A.A. Rcprcscntativc: G.A.A. Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Studcnt Council Rcprcscntativc: Scrvicc IA-ttcr and Chcvrons: Citizcnship Awards: Fashion Drawing Club: Young Artists Club: Ccrinan Club: Intramural Vollcyball: NVatcr Ilallct: Public Appcarancc: Ccncral Social Ccntcr Conunittcc. JOYCE ERIKSEN , . . National lIonoi' Socicty: I"rc-slnnan, Sophoinorc and junior Ilonor Clubs: Trcasurcr, Division: Social Chairman, Young Artists Club: Slu-ich Clubl Ccrainic Club: Library Club: Collcgc Club: Scrvicc Lt-ttcr and Chcvron: Library Assistant: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Assistant. Pcrsonncl and Placcnicnt Olliccsg G.A.A.: Intra- mural Vollcyball: Badminton Club: lfnturc 'I'cachcr's Club: Scholastic Art Award. LEE EUCHLER . . . Chcss Club: Latin Club: Chcckcr Club: l"irsl Aitl Club: llall Cuarcl: 'I't-achcrls Aid: Library Assistant. Page 33 IEUUIENH GARNCARZ PHYLLIS GII.I.ESI'lE . Library Assistant: ltr-gistra GIERALDINE fl0l,ElVlU . . . llallguard: Polish Club: Clic-clcvr Club. Sophoniorv llonor Club: Library Club: Typing Quvcns rs Assistant: 'l'm-at-lu-r's Sc-Notary, Division: Sm-crm-tary, Biology Class: Pri-sidm-nt. JOHN EWERT . . . Band: Instrmnvntalist Club: R.O.T.C.: ltiflt- Tc-nun: Color Cuard: llall Guard: Crossword Puzzlu Club: Band Li-ttvrinan. JOHN FIDUCCIA . . . Prvsiclciit, Division: Student Count-il llc'prc-sc-iitativv: Forvman Nc-ws: Football 'll-ann: lfootball Le-ttvr: lntrainural Sports: Cha-ss Club: Baslu-thall Club: Clwclwr Club. DELORES FINK . . . C.A.A. R0prcsvntativc': C.A.A. Lvttvr: Lockvr Cuard: Studvnt Lvadur: Badminton Club: Knitting Club: Bowling rllt'tllIl1 Riding Club: lntranuiral Vollcyball: Ring Connnittcc: Matron's Aid: ltccrcational Cannes. YVONNE FISH . . . Sc-crm-tary, Biology Class: Assistant, Ollicv: Assistant, Attvndanu- Office: Assistant: Clvrical Practice-: C.A.A.: Pm-rsonality Plus Club: Fam-y NVork Club: Polish Club. CAROL FOX . . . Class Day Coinmittvc: National Ilonor Sm-is-ty: Frm-slnnan, Sopho- IHUN., Junior llonor Clubs: Pre-sidc-nt, 'l'rvasurvr, Knitting Club: Svrvitw' Lvttm-r and Chuvrons: C.A.A. Lvttcr and Clu-vrons: C.A.A. Board of Control: lfrvslmian Advisor: Studvnt Lvadvr: Latin Club: Typing Qucvns Club: 'l'al0nt Club: Choir: Bowling 'l't-am: Spring Conct-rt: 'l'vat-lu-r's Aid: lntrainural Yollvy Ball. GLORIA GALASSI . . . Sophomorv, Junior, and Sm-nior Ilonor Clubs: Trcasurm-r. Studvnt Council: Chairman, Social Cvntvr Coininittvv: Vll'l'-l,Tl'Sllll'lll, Intt-rior Dvco- rators Club: Vicv-Presidvnt, Typing Quvvns: Sccrvtary, Psychology Club: Svcrt-tary, Clicclccr Club: Trvasurcr, Young Artists Club: Treasurer, Slwtcli Club: Trvasurcr, Public Speaking Class: Sccrc-tary, Division: Frm-slunan Advisor: St'rvic'0 Lvttvr: Citizvn- ship Awards: Display Cabinet Cominittu-: C.A.A.: C.A.A. Bowling Lt-agiu-: Intramural Vollvylmll 'ff-um: Public Appvarancv: Knitting Club: Co-Editor in Chivt- of FORE- MAN NEXVS: Chairman, Fashion Show: Pri-sidvnt, English Class, Spanish Club: B1-ading Club: Clit-king Kvys: Cha-ss Club: llall Cuard: 'l'1-at-In-i"s Aid: Clothing Class Assistant: C.A.A.: Captain, Intramural Vollcyball 'I'vam: Stnclvnt Lvadvr. AUDRBY UOULAS . . . Ollie-4' Assistant: 'l'c-aclu-i"s Aid: Clivt-lu-r Club: Chvss Club: Clicking Kcvs: C.A.A.: Nlay F4-stival. CAROL CRAMZA . . . Sophomorc, junior, Scnior llonor Clubs: Trvasurvr, llonor Club: Pr1'sidx'nt, Division: Spanish Club: Typing Quvvns Club: Clivclce-r Club: Clit-lcv ing Ki-ys Club: C.A.A. Bm-pros:-iitativcg 'l'vat-lu-r's Aid: Intramural Vollvy Ball. SAM GUACLIARDO . . . Vit-Q--l'r1-siclviit of Division: Trvasurvr of English Class: Public Addrt-ss: Baslu-tball 'IR-am: Li-ttt-rinan's Club: Baslu-tball Club: Intramural Baslivtball: Baslwiball Lvttvr: l"0Bl'lMAN NEYVS liEl'0li'l'EB, Svrviu' Lvttvr: llall Guard. Page' 34 VIRGINIA CULLIKSEN . . . Presiclent. Magazine Exchange Club: Secretary, Young Travelers Club: 'l'reasin'er, Latin Club: C.A.A.: Messenger. RALPH GUNDIQRSON . . . Past Vice President, Division: Vice President, Clieeker Club: Football Letter: Basketball Club: I"ootball 'I'eain: Intrainural Sports. IIARULD HAAS , . . Vice President, Division: Vice President, Clieeker Club: Viee President, Nlagaxine Club: Secretary, Cliess Club: Ilall Cuard: Scientific Research Assistant. DARLIENE HACKARD . . . Bowling Team: Intramural Vollcy Ball: C.A.A. Repre- sentative: C.A.A. Letter: Service Letter and Clievrons: Division Secretary: Typing Queens Club: Library Club: College Club: Cerainie Club: Messenger: rlll'RlL'lIl'l"S Aid: llall Cuard. DULURIES IIAKES. . . President, Stargazers Club: Social Planning Committee: Clicking Keys: Reading Club: Booster Club: Clicking Keys Club: Bowling League: C.A.A.: Clieniistry Laboratory Assistant: Intramural Volleyball: Student Council Representative: Horseback Riding Club: 'l'eaelier's Aid. ELLEN HALLQUIST . , . Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Division: Student Advisory Connnittee: Stargazers Club: Horseback Riding Club: President, Treasurer, C.A.A.: Clieerleader Letter and Pin: C.A.A. Letter and Cbevrons: C.A.A. Representative: C.A.A. Bowling League: Student Leader: 1953 Queens Court: 1953 Swinuning Meet: XVatcr Ballet: Captain, Intrainural Volleyball 'l'eain: Pllljlig Ap- pearance. RONALD HAMELBERG . . . National llonor Society: Soplioinore and junior llonor Clubs: Treasurer, 4B and 4A Class: Manager, Basketball and Football Teains: Service Letter and Cbevrons: Freslnnan Advisor: Matli Review Club: Letterinan's Club: Clieclcer Club: Chess Club: Crossword Puzzle Club: Math Tournainentg Vocational Conference Representative: Choir: FORICNIANUAL Staillz Boolarooni Assistant: Citi- BARBARA HENGELS . Latin Club: Knitting Club: ball: Attendance Oftice. lensliip Awards: Public Appearances. .IAN HANSEN . . . Division Secretary: Englisli Class 'l'reasurer: Ceriuan Club: Checker Club: Citizenship Awards: Ilall Cuard: 'l'eaelier's Aid: Intramural Basket- ball: Intrainural Volley Ball. VVater Ballet, l"OllEMANUAl, Stall: lforeinan News Stall: C.A.A. Bar l'in: Messenger: Square Dancing Club: Past llresitlent, Travel Club: Soplioniore and junior llonor Clubs: Intrainural Volley- EDWARD HINTZKE . . . National llonor Society: Soplioinore, junior and Senior Honor Clubs: Service Letter and Clicvrons: Letterinenls Club: l"OIil'lNIANUAl. Stall: Freslnnan Advisor: Latin Tournament: Cliess Club: Manager, Baseball, Basketball and Football Teams: Crossword Puzzle Club: Clleeker Club: Past Treasurer, Division: Past Vice-President, Division: Baseball, Basketball and Football Letters: Citizenship Awards: llearst llistory Contest: Bookrooin Assistant: Public Appearances. HARRIFT HOLMBERC . . . 'l'alent Club: llorsebaek llidiiu.: Club: Clicking Keys Club: Clleeker Club: Modeling Club: Captain: Volleyball Teain: Synchronized Swinnning: Student Council Representative: C.A.A. Representative: Bowling 'l'eain: Locker Cuard: llall Cuard: lNIc-ssenger. GERALDINE IANNELLI . . . Englisli Class l'resident: Badniinton Club: Typing Queens Club: Talent Club: First Aid Club: Clee Club: Personal Appearance: Mes- senger: llall Cuard: 'l'eaclier's Aid: Service Letter: Locker Cuard: C.A.A.: C.A.A. Bowling Teani: Intrainural Volley Ball: C.A.A. Representative: C.A.A. Bar Pin and Letter: May Festival. Page 35 Representative. Intramural Basketball Team JON JOHNSON . . . Senior Night Committeeg Basketball Teamg Division Basketball Teamg Basketball Clubg Division Volleyball Teamg Viee President of Slide Rule Clubg Treasurer of Math Review Clubg Treasurer of Divisiong Teacher's Aidg Vice President of Division: Checker Clubg Service Letterg First Aid Clubg Chemistry Lab. Assistant. PAUL JOHNSON . . . Student Council Representativeg President and Treasurer of Divisiong Division Basketball Teamg Secretary of English Classg Division Volleyball Tcamg President of Star Cazers Clnbg Treasurer of Boys' Clee Clubg Slide Rule Club Presidentg Junior Red Cross Delegateg Citizenship Awardsg Sketch Clubg Member of "American Iligh School juryng President, Choirg Choir Letterg Perfect Attendance Awards. SUE JOHNSON . . . Ilall Cuardg Chess Clubg C.A.A.g Division Secrctaryg Bowling Teamg 'l'eaeher's Aidg Girls, Chorus: Choir: C.A.A. ltepresentativeg Student Couneilg Intramural Vollcyballg Locker Guard. BARBARA JOHNSTON . . . Graduation Committecg C.A.A.g Bowling Teamg May Festival: Service Letter and Chevron: XVatcr Ballet: Messengerg Captain, Division Volleyball Teamg Checker Clnbg Typing Queensg Reading Clubg Clicking Keysg Ceramics: Attendance Olliceg Teacher's Aidg Intramural Vollcyballg Chemistry Lab. Assistant: Citizenship Awards. ELSIE JONES . . . lfreshman, Sophomore, Junior Ilonor Clubsg National Ilonor Societyg Freshman Advisorg Service Letterg C.A.A.g German Clubg Typing Queens Clubg Secretary, Math Review Clubg Social Center Committee, LAVONNE KEEFER . . . Sophomore and Junior Ilonor Clubsg Checker Club Vice- Presidentg First-Aid Club Trcasnrerg Typing Queens Seeretaryg Psychology Clubg Service Letter and Chevrong Clothing Lab. Asst.g Teacher's Aidg G.A.A.g C.A.A. Representativcg C.A.A. Bowling League: C.A.A, Intranmral Volley Ballg C.A.A. May Ifestivalg Locker Guard. Page 36 FREDERICK IFKOVITS . IN ltion ll Honor Soul tx Prc sidcnt Stmor Honor Club President, 4B and 4A Class Prt sidcnt IJIXISIOII Scent lrv Nl ith lhvlcw Club Student Advisory Committee Ira slnn in Adxisor l notb ill Lcttm r Intl unui il Bislset ballg Intramural Volleyball lubhe Appr ir mu B isla tb ill Club Choir Service Letterg Stargazers Clubg Citiltnslnp ind Pcilut Atta nd mu Au n ds Studmnt Counul JOYCE INDOVINA . . . Fmlnu Committu C A A Chctlur Club Rc iding Club Service Letter and Chevron Bowling It nn lxping ns C lub Xin lcstn il Messengerg Clicking Keys Club If ichcrs Aid lntrunuril Xollu Bill Assist mt Attendance Oflieeg Assistant Cha mistry I ibor ltorv JOSEPH JANETTE . . . B islu tbill Fc un Ira shin in Sophomort Tumor Ilonor Clubsg National llonor Socn tv Student Connul IItDI'lS1l1tlIlXl lirtslnnm Adusor Vice President Chess Clnbg NI ith Buuw Club Bisltitblll Club Division President Intramural Basketballg SCTVILL Lcttnr Choir Commissioner of Scnior Clxss Elections RONALD JEPSEN . . . Surctiry of Dnision Dnision Trc isurtr Chukcr Club Treasurerg Press Foreman Print Shop Division Nhsscngcr Liborltory Assistant Ben. Franklin Clubg Intramuril Vollu Bill IX im Sub Division Volliv Blll Tc lm CERI JESSKI . . . Secretary Dnision C AA Bowling lt nn Ciptun Volleyball Teamg Clicking Keys Club Ciossword lunlc Club llill C nird Chulur Club 'l'eacher's Aidg Planning Committu Clnlslllg Ixus Club ARTHUR JOHNSON . . Cflllllltlflll Committu Vim Prrsldint IJIXISIOH Intrl mural Baskctballg Spanish Club Ride 1 Hobby Club N1 ith Buuw Club WALTER KENAR . , . Football Team: Co-Captain. Football Team: Lettermen's Club: Young Travelers Club. MARILYN KENNEDY . . . Student Council Representative: May Festival: Spring Concert: Choir: C.A.A.: Stargafers Club: German Club: First Aid Club: Reading Club: Messenger: Teacheris Aid: Public Appearance: Citizenship Award. BARBARA KINSKI . . . Yice President: 4B Class: C.A.A.: President, Reading Club: Chess Club: llall Guard: Intramural Volley Ball: Student Leader: Biology Secretary: Vice President of Division: Choir: Citizenship Awards: Junior Honor Club: Girl's Rec- reational Club: G.A.A. Representative: Vice President, Spanish Club: Secretary, English Class: Clicking Keys Club. PAT KIRSCH . . . Stargazcrs' Club: Typing Queens: Checker Club: Clicking Keys: Locker Guard: l"URENlANUAl. Representative: C.A.A.: Intramural Volleyball: ,lt0ilt'Ill'l"S Aid: llall Cuard: Magazine Exchange Club. KENNETH KLOSS . . . Scholastic Art Award: Veterans of Spanish XVars Medal: Department of the Army, Efficiency Medal: Color Guard Officer: Color Guard Letter: R.0.T.C. Ollicer: Competitive Platoon: Geography Club: Reading Club: Ushcrs Club: Scabbard and Blade Club: Poll-XVatchcr, Senior Elections. LARRY KOCHAN . . . Treasurer, Division: Treasurer, Chess Club: Hall Guard: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant: Checker Club: Swimming Team. I i CHARLENE KOLBE . . . G.A.A,: Service Letter: Typing Queens: Treasurer, Checker Club: Secretary of English Class: First Aid Club: May Festival: Bowling Team: Psychology Club. BARBARA KONUPKA . . . Bowling lIit'illll1 C.A.A.: Stargazers Club: Polish Club: First-Aid Club: Psychology Club. BETTYMARIE KORZENIEWSKI . . . Checker Club: Knitting Club: lnstrumentalist Club: Personality Plus Club: G.A.A.: Band. JEANETTE KROI .... Teacber's Aid: C.A.A.: Star Cazers Club: Clicking Keys Club: Typing Queens Club: Laboratory Assistant. Clothing. .IOANNE KROLI ,... National Honor Society: l"l'0Sll. Sophomore, junior and Senior Honor Clubs: Division Treasurer: Checker Club: Typing Queens: Polish Club: Vice-President, First Aid Club: Service Letter and Chevrons: Choir: Public Appear- ances: Hall Guard: C.A.A. Letter and Chevrons: C.A.A. Board of Control: Student Leader: Locker Cuard: Intramural Volleyball: Bowling Teani: C.A.A. Representative: Secretary of English Class: May Festival. ALLEN KUCZER . . . President, Disc jockey Club: lntranuiral Basketball: School Pressman: Checker Club: Camera Club. Page 37 WIC TOR I I I It I lu licsldt nt CI iss Dix Conunittvv: Prvsidvnt, National nor Smu tx slnn in Sophoniorc ind Iunior Clubs Division Prvsiclvnt: Student C iuncil In sidt ut Studs nt C ounul Rcprisr nt lIlXt Chess Club Trcasurcr: Freshman Adxisoi Stunt Ictt 1 XI ith Iiuicw Club B nsluth ill Ntanagcr: Baslcvtball Club: II AN I OC ICARD Sinioi Night Ctlllllllllllt Stnior Awards Night Connnittcc: I OIII XIAXU XI Still I UBI NIAINUAI Club Senior Ilonor Society: junior Honor S tutx Soplioinoit Ilonoi Sotn tx Sanur I utter uid Cluxrons: Latin Club: Library um Iiolutol Clum Bio I ix Club INDIIII, Uuuns Colligo Club: Clit-lnistry Lab- or itoix Xssistuit Ulla: Assistint Llbi ni Assistuit Booltrooni Assistant: TC'tlCllC'I',S WII M K I OI WI S urtux IJIXISICIII C CIIIIIII Club: Clicking Kvys: C.A.A.: A A Ittpnstntitiu C X X An ll'ClS Assunblx LIIDTIIW Assistant: Tl'2lC'IIl'l',S Aid: CAROI IUC AS Sophoinou Ilouoi Club union Honor Club: Senior Honor in Sun ux Sophoinou Ilonoi Club Iusidcnt Dnlsion: Sf-crm-tary, Division: Irtsulmnt I nglish Cliss Stunt Icttci Boostcr Club C A.A. Lotta-rgirl: Majorvttv: A X Boullng It un Bond ol Control Swnn Nlut lntrunural Vollcy Ball: Major- 4 I 1 Mirshil Illll Cuird: Loclccr Cuard: Public App: u inu C lntlai Club IXIIIIIIIIQ' Club Crossword Pulllc Club: Latin Club. BARBARA MAI ICOWSRI C hon C lu Club Iolisli Club Clivclivr Club: Svcrctary: RICHARD MANX Ilx lrcsidint of IDIXISIOII rlClSlll't'l' of Division: FORE- NIAN UAI B1 pusm nt itnt lion ttoi Club B isabill Club Nlatli Bevicw Club: Choir: BARBARA ICUFBLDT . . . llall Cluard: Clit-ss Club: Knitting Club: Cl.A.A.: CI.A.A. Bowling Lcaguc. .IOAN KULIK . . . Frcslnnan, Soplioniorv: junior, and Senior Clubs: Vict--Prcsiclviit and Secretary of Division: Clivclivr Club Prvsidcnt: Typing Qin-1-us Svcrctary: Ifirst Aid Club Svcrvtary: Polish Club: C.A.A. Board ol' Control: CI.A.A. It:-pn-st-iitzitivv: CI.A.A. Bowling Tvani: Intramural Vollcy Ball: May I"t-stival: CI.A.A. Lvttt-r: St-rvict' Lvttcr and Chevron: Locker Cluard: Tc-aclicr's Aid. PATRICIA KULICK . . . Svnior Night Coininittm-v: I'rt-sidvnt, Cllivclwi' Club: FCIIIIC- MANUAL Ri-prose-ntativc: C.A.A.: Bowling 'IR-ann: Intramural Vollt-ylmall: Clicking Kc-ys Club: Crossword Puzzlc Club: Stargalvrs Club: Polish Club: Choir: May Fvstival: Spring Concert. RONALD LANG . . .Clivss Club: Public Addrt-ss Club: l'i'oim-t-toi's Club: Captain ol' II.0.'l'.C.: Coinpctitivc Platoon: Druni and Buglt' Corps: Advancvd Band: Svabbard and Bladc Club: Crvnadicrs: Alumni Night liiitcrtaiiicr. SHIRLEY LARSBN . . . Frcslnnan, Soplioinorv, junior and St-uior Ilonor Clubs: FCIBEMANUAL Staff: Service Lvttvr: Spanish Club: Knitting Club: Ilvading Club: l"irst-Aid Club: I'rf'sidGnt, Typing Quccns Club: Psychology Club: Division 'I'ri'.is- urvr: Secretary, English Class: Adjustnwnt Oltiu' Assistant: Bowling 'IR-ann: Ilall Guard: G.A.A. Citizvnsliip Awards. IVIARYLYN LATIMER . . . Prom Cominittt-v: Svvrvtary, Division: St'L'rt-tary. ling- Iish Class: FCIIIEMANUAL Rcprvsontativv: CIIIIL1' Assistant: 'I't'aclim"s Aid: Ilorsv- bacli Riding Club: Clicking Kvys: llvading Club: 'I'alt-nt Club: Boostvr Club: 'I'rt-asur- cr, Music Apprvciation Club: Choir: Spring Conct-rt: Social Cvntvr Planning Coni- lnittcv: Svrvicv Lvttvr and Clivvron: C.A.A. Lvttt-r: Studvnt Lvadm-r: CI.A.A. Bowling Lvaguc: May Fvstival: Intramural Vollcyball. Page 38 ROSALIE MARIANI . . . Freshman Advisor, G.A.A., Lab Assistant, Ilall Cuard, Clicking Keys, Teacher's Aid. SHARON MARSHALL . . . National, junior, Sophomore, Freshman Honor Society, Vice-President, Division, G.A.A. Representative, Sketch Club, Fashion Drawing Club, Ceramics Club, College Club, Synchronized Swimming Team, Teaeher's Aid, Office Assistant, Bookroom Assistant, Freshman Advisor, Service Letter and Chevron, G.A.A. Bar Pin, Intramural Volleyball, Secretary, English Class, Scholastic Art Award, Badminton Club. WILLIAM MARTINO . . . President, 4B Checker Club, President, 4A Chess Club, Basketball Club, Freslnnan Basketball Team, Intramural Basketball, Advanced Band. MARGARET MASCO . . . Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, Division, Checker Club, Disc Jockey Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A. Representative, Intramural Volleyball. ERIC MASSEY . . . FOIIEIVIANUAL Staff, FOREMANUAL Representative, Treas- urer, FOREMANUAL Club, Assistant, Placement Counselloris Office, Past Division, Secretary, Past-President, Latin Club, Service Letter and Chevron, Citizenship Awards, Perfect Attendance Awards, Assistant Fire Marshal, Chess Club, Drama Club, Ushers Club, Library Assistant, Hall Guard, Beginners Band, Public Appearance. MARGARET McGILL . . . Treasurer, Music Class, Typing Queens, Horseback Riding Club, Knitting Club, Checker Club, Teacher's Aid, Hall Guard, Messenger, G.A.A., Intranmral Volleyball. JOYCE MEHRTENS . . . Senior Prom Committee, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Honor Clubs, Secretary, Honor Club, President, Division, Treasurer, Math Review Club, Vice-President, Honor Club, Bowling Team, G.A.A. Representa- tive, Student Leader, Board of Control, Freslnnan Advisor, Letter Girl, May Festival, Jewelry Committee, Checker Club, Typing Queens Club, Spanish Club, Intramural Volleyball, Teaeher's Aid, Hostess for Fire Prevention, Vice-President, English Class. CHARLES MERCURIO . . . Hall Guard, Division Room Chairman, Lunch Room Assistant, Chess Club. KATHLEEN MEYER.. . G.A.A., Checker Club, Polish Club, Typing Queens, Hall Guard, Messenger, Division Secretary, Tcaeher's Aid, Crossword Puzzle, Perfect Attendance. ' EDWARDINE MICHON . . . Secretary, Polish Club, Assistant, Attendance Oiliee, Teacher's Aid, Library Assistant, German Club, G.A.A., G.A.A. Bowling League, G.A.A. Representative, Intramural Volleyball. IRENE MILEWSKI . . . Secretary, Division, President, First Aid Club, Polish Club, Reading Club, Typing Queens, Psychology Club, Tcacher's Aid, llall Guard, Mes- senger, Service Letter, G.A.A., May Festival, Public Appearance. ROY MILLER . . . Intramural Basketball, Basketball Club, Baseball Club, First Aid Club. Page 39 VIOLET MOROZ . . . Prcsidcnt, Clicking Kcys Club: Assistant, Placcmcnt Olliccg Knitting Club: Chcckcrs Club: Polish Club: May Fcstival: Division Vollcyball: Cf.A.A.: Watcr Ballot. JACK MOSKALA . . . Division Vicc-Prcsidcntz Division Trcasurcr: lntranmral Baskctball: Swinnning 'l'cam: Chcss Club Trcasurcr: Baskctball Club: Chcckcr Club: Ilall Guard. RICHARD MUNDA . . . Football 'IR-ani: Football Lcttcr: Lcttcrmcn's Club. PATRICIA MURPHY . . . Sophomore Honor Club: Majorcttc: Studcnt Council Representative: Intramural Volleyball: Prcsidcnt, Division: Trcasnrcr, Division: Lockcr Guard: Chcclccr Club: Typing Quccns: Skctch Club: Prcsidcnt, Skctch Club: Boostcr Club: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvron: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Bowling Lcaguc: Public Appcar- ancc: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant: Majorcttc Lcttcr and Pin: C.A.A. FAYE NESS , . . 'l'cachcr's Aid: Mcsscngcr: Scrvicc Lcttcrs: NYatcr llallctg Intramural Volleyball: Knitting Club: Hall Guard: Lockcr Guard: Studcnt Lcadcr: Sccrctary: Medical Care and First Aid Club: Choir Lcttcrs. MARILYN NICOLAY . . . Social Chairman, Clicking Kcys: Assistant. Clothing Class: Talcnt Club: Rcading Club: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Choir: llall Guard: C.A.A.: C.A.A. Bowling Lcaguc: Captain, Vollcyball Tcani: Slay Fcstival: Public Appcaraucc. PATRICIA UDDO . . . Scnior Night Committcc: Trcasurcr and Social Chairman, Clicking Kcys: Assistant, Clothing Class: Rcading Club: Chcclccr Club: Talent Club: Clicking Kcys: Choir: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Hall Cuard: C.A.A.: Swimming Meet: May l'cstival: Captain. Vollcvball and Socccr Tcalns. l!li'l"l'E ULSEN . . . National llonor Socicty: 4A and 4B Class Sccrctaryg Frcslnnan, Sophomorc, junior and Scnior llonor Socictics: C.A.A.: G.A.A. Board of Control: 'I'rcasurcr: C.A.A.: Lcttcrgirl. FOREMANUAL Stall: C.A.A. Bowling Tcaln: Watcr Rallct: Choir: Pcrsonal Appl-arancc: May Fcstival: Citizcnship: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Sccrctary, Vicc Prcsidcnt. Division: Swim Mcct: Intramural Volleyball: Mcsscngcr: llall Cuard: Firc Marshal: Talcnt Club: Chcclccr Club: Library Assistant: Spring Conccrt. NANCY OPAI ,... lfinancc Committcc: Prcsidcnt, Frcslnnan Ilonor Club: Sopho- morc, Alunior llonor Clubs: I'ast Prcsidcnt, Sccrctary, Division: Prcsidcnt, Fancy XVork Club: l'rcsidcnt, ltcading Club: Sccrctary, English Class: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Cilizcnship Award: Ollicc Assistant: Frcslnnan Advisor: Mcsscngcr: C.A.A.: Latin Tournanicntg Band: Knitting Club: Projcctor Club: Clicking Keys Club. .lEANNE'l"l'E OTTOSEN . . . junior and Scnior Honor Clubs: Associatc Editor, l"UREXlANUAl.: Frcslunan Advisor: Ncws XVritcr, FOIIEMAN NEVVS: Social Ccn- tcr Planning Connnittccg Frcslunan Pancl: Collcgc Night Connnittcc: Rcccption Chairman, Social Ccntcr: Physics Connnittcc: C.A.A. Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Scrvicc Lcttcr and Chcvrons: Choir Lcttcr: Prcsidcnt, English Class: Past Division Sccrctary: FORENIANUAL CLUB: Simplicity Fashion Show: 1'.T.A. Fashion Show: Class llostcss: Citixcnship and Pcrfcct Attcndancc Awards: Captain Bowling Tcam: Intra- nmral Yollcyball: Spring and May Fcstival: Studcnt Council ltcprcsentativc: Swim- ming Mcct: Pcp Asscmblics: Tclcvision Acting Club: Library Club: Gcrman Club: Boostcr Club. JUAN PAKULA , . . Sccrctary. Division: Prcsidcnt, Clicking Kcys: Sccrctary, Chcclc- cr Club: Spanish Club: 'l'cachcr's Aid: Hall Cuard: C.A.A.: G.A.A. Hcprcscntativc: C.A.A. Bowling 'l'cam: Captain. Vollcyball and Baskctball Tcams. EDWARD PANSCHAR . . . Iunior Honor Club: Ring Connnittcc: Frcslnncn Ad- visor: Studcnt Council llcprcscntativc: Jr. Rod Cross Rcprcscntativc: Hcrald Aincrican II.S. Jury: Scrvicc Lcttcr: Citizcnship Awards: Intramural Baskctball and Volleyball: Chcckcr Club: Ccrman Club: Math llcvicw Club: Golf Club. Page 40 CHARI FS SAI PRNO Co Ch urm IU Souil Plmmng Committeeg President, Clrurs Class Clllkfl Club Booster Club Studcnt Advisorg Student Teaeherg I'l'lSl1llIlll Adusor School Cllllifl NI UI Soull Ctllllllllftlkg Fire Marshalg Teacher's LORRAINF SAI FTNIK Tc uhcrs Aid Illll Ctllfill Clicking Kcysg C.A.A.g WALTFR SCHAPDFI Prcsidm nt Biology Cl iss Atttndancc Secretary, Divisiong Proytctor Club Ushtr Club NI 1th Club Vlu Prtsidcnt Usher Clubg Intramural BARBARA SCHRFIBFR Chulur Club 'lm uhtr s Aldg C.A.A.g Bowling Tcamg FLAINE SCHWFBKE Sophomoim SCIIIOI' Ilonor Clubsg C.A.A.g Lettergirlg Service Lettcr Churons I'I'6Sl1llllfl Adsisor Studnnt L1 lderg Public Appearanccsg Bowling Tc un Mtssengcrs Surctiry Ptrsonntl Ofliu Cerman Clubg Talent Club: Run ltlonll Club Psychology Club Chulsmrs Club Clrl Campers Clubg Teacher's LARRY REDCLIFFE . . . Math Review Clubg IIall Cuardg Intramural Basketball. LARRY RAUEN . . . Finance Committeeg Student Teacher, Youth Wcekg Baseball Teamg Baseball Clubg Basketball Clubg First Aid Clubg Intramural Basketball and Volleyball. AUDREY REED . . . Past President and Vice President, Divisiong Vice President, Checker Clnbg Vice President, Stargazers Clubg Vice President and Treasurer, Clicking Keys Clubg Crossword Puzzle Clubg Talent Clubg C.A.A.g May Festivalg 'I'cacher's Aidg Hall Guardg Swimming Meet. DONNA REUTENAUER . . . President, Biology Classg Secretary, Checker Clubg Clicking Keys Clubg Stargazers Cluhg Volleyball Teamg C.A.A.g 4B Voting Ollicialg Captain, Soccer Teamg Social Committeeg Clicking Keysg May lfestivalg Swimming Nleetg Assistant, Clothing Classg Talent Clubg 'I'cacher's Aidg llall Guard, DONALD RISSLING . . . President, Divisiong Vice-President, Chess Clubg Checkers Clubg Crossword Puzzle Clubg Photography Clubg llall Cuardg Intramural Basketball. GEORGE SADILEK . . . Ilall Cuardg Checker Clubg Chess Clubg llost Bookkeeping Classg Secretary, English Classg Intraumral Basketball. Page 41 MARK 1 'A v'---1---H - '---f I ANI . . . litsidtnt, lu lltsldtut, Dnision, Vlu, Iresident, Math Review Club: Basketball Club: Projector Club: Booster Club: Intramural Basketball: Inter- inediate Band. MADELINH PESCHKE . . . Graduation Conunittee: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior llonor Society: Attendance Ollice Assistant: llall Guard: Locker Guard: G.A.A.: Booster Club: Checker Club: Latin Club: Sketch Club: Typing Queens: Messenger: Service Letter: Bowling Team. NANCY l'I'E'I'RIK . . . Class Day Conunittee: Freslmian, Sophomore, Junior, and National llonor Society: Vice-l'resident, SB Ilonor Society: President, 3A Honor Society: 'l'reasurer, Division: G.A.A. Bowling Team: Intramural Volleyball Team: G.A.A. Board oi' Control: Secretary, Board of Control: Spanish Club: Checker Club: Booster Club: Service Letter and Chevrons: G.A.A. Letter and Chevrons: Vice- l'resiclent, Biology: G.A.A. Representative: Choir: May Festival: Teacher's Aid: Assistant, Adjustment OlIiee: Hall Guard: Locker Guard. LAWRENCE PLATT . . . Finance Committee: President and Vice-President. Division: l'resident', Ushers Club: President, Crossword Puzzle Club: Vice-President, Seabbard and Blade Club: Clitst-iw Club: Fire Marshal: Choir: Bille VIICQIIIIQ B.O.T.C. Itecruiting Medal: Captain, lI.O.'l'.C.: Coinpetitiye Platoon: Varsity Pigskin Club: Intranmral Basketball: Citizenship Award. .IACQUELYN PLEDGER . . . Sophomore, Junior and Senior llonor Clubs: Presi- dent, English Class: Secretary, Biology Class: President, Bio-Fax Club: Latin Club: Careers Club: Knitting Club: Service Letter and Cheyrons: Teacheris Aid: Office Assistant: llall Guard: Assistant, Attendance Oltice: Student Council: Feature Editor, FOIIISNIAN NHXVS: Freslnnan Advisory Couunittee: Student Ilostess: l'.'l'.A.: G.A.A. Letter: Student Leader: Locker Guard. GLADYS POWFLI .... Latin Club: Travelers Club: Reading Club: Magazine Club: C,A.A.: l'oll-XVateher, Senior Elections. BARBARA PRANICA . . . I,IilL'l'Illl'lIt Counsellor's Assistant: G.A.A.: Locker Guard: Beading Club: Fancy VVork Club: Stargazers Club: Bit and Bridle Club: Sophomore Volleyball Tournaments. SANDRA PRISTASH . . . Vice President, Beginning Knitting Club: Art Ilonorsg Ilall Guard: Advanced Knitting Club: Fancy XN'ork Club: G.A.A. JOHN PTASINSKI . . . Secretary, 'I'reasurer, Chess Club: President, Vice-President, Checker Club: Intranmral Basketball: Intramural Volleyball. JANICE PUDLEK . . . Graduation Committee: Secretary, English Class: Assistant, Attendance Office: Assistant, Personnel Ofliee: Laboratory Assistant, Chemistry Class: 'l'eacher's Aid: Spanish Club: Knitting Club: Typing Queens: Clicking Keys: Young Artists Club: llall Guard: G.A.A.: G.A.A. Bepresentative. LUIS PYTLEWICZ . . . liresluuan Advisor: 'I'eaeher's Aid: Polish Club: Heading Club: Checker Club: First Aid Club: Girl Campers Club: Psychology Club: G.A.A. Letter and Chevrons: Locker Guard: G.A.A. Bowling League: Intramural Volleyball. ROBERT RAY , . . junior Achievement Club: Instrumentalists Club: Orchestra: Publie Appearances. Page 42 LAWRICNCIC SICRZICN . . . IVDIIICMAN NICYYS Stall: Spanisli Club: Intramural Sports: Art Club: Ifirst Aitl Club: Football lXIauag0r: FORICNIAN NEWS Cartoonist. BARBARA SHAW . , . I'rt-sitlvut. Skt-ttkh Club: St-crvtary. Iinglisli Class: Cliairuian, Ilistory Class: Cllvvltt-i' Club: Song and Sounvt Club: 'I'.Y. Acting Club: Boostvr Club: Typing Quint-iis Club: Stutlt-nt Council lIt'pi'c-sv1itatix'c-: C.A.A.: Citizvnsllip Awards: Stutlvnt Council I.s'ttm'r: St-rx iw- I,t'ttt'r: Clivvrons: Public ADDl'tlI'tlllCK'SQ Clioir: Bowling 'l't'ani: 'IR-at-lu'i's Aitl: Intrauiural Yollcyball. KATHIERINIC SKIRHA , . . National Honor Sot-icty: Junior ancl Soplioiuort' llonor Souit-tivs: Assoviatt- Iiclitor: FDRICNIAN NICNYSL Assistant. Attm'ntlant-t- 0lIit'c': St't'n'- tary, Division: Assistant. I,ibrar5': Clioir Lvttc-r: Citizenship Awarcls: Ili'I'Iil'l'I Attvncl- ant-m': Svrxit-1' Ia-ttvi' antl Clu'x'rons: IIall Cuarcl: Slwtcli Club: Ccrinan Club: C.A.A. Ri:pn-st-iit:itix't': C,A.A. Rowling 'IR-am: Intrauiural Vollvyball, ADRIIINNIE SMITH . . . I"rn-slunan, Soplioinort-, Iunior: and National Honor Clubs: St-t'i'vtai'y: Yin-1'-l'i'vsitlviit. Honor Club: Prvsiclvnt, Sm-rn-tary: Division: St-crm-tary. C.A.A. Bowling Imzigiit-g lfrvslunan Aclvisorg C.A.A. Board of Control: C.A.A. Itvprv- SPIIISIIIYUZ Xlay l"t-stival: Intrauiural Yollvyball: Stutlvnt I,t'aclvr: Driun Nlaiorvttv: C.A.A. I,m'tls'r anal Clivxronsg St'I'i'it't' I,t'tt0r antl Clit-vrous: Attt'iitlant'c Ullivvz Ilvr- sonnvl Ollit-I-: Skt-tvli Club: Cvrnian Club: Knitting Club: lloostvr Club: I'syt-lioloy.5y Club: Rt-acling Club: l't'1'l't't't Attm'iitlant'c-1 Publit' Appvaraiit-t': Citizcnsliip Awartls: Bowling 'Il-aiu. ANNIE SDNINIICR . , . National Honor Son-ivtyg Soplioinorv, Junior ancl Svnior Honor Clubs: Svuior l'roiu Coniuiittcv: l'rt-sitlvnt ancl AIIL1'-I,I'l'SIKIl'Ill, Iiuglisli Class: Treas- urvr, Biology Class: Co-I'ltlitor: IVUIIENIAN NICYYS: l"ORI'lXIANUAL Stall: Co- Captain: Nlaiorcttvs: Xlajort-ttv I,t-ttvr: R.D,'I'.C. Yontli Conn-ution: Sclwict' Lvttvr aucl Clit-xroiis: Clioir I,t-ttvr: Assistant, I'crsonnol Oflicv: Ilall Cuartl: Mvsst'ii5:c-r: Skt-tt-li Club: Cvrinan Club: lloostvr Club: Clivclivr Club: Knitting Club: Salivty fIUIllil'l't'llt'l' ltr-pil-sviitzitivv: Alvwt-li'y Connnittt'1': C.A.A. IIt'prt'st-iitaitivvz C.A.A. Rowl- ing I,i'agum': C.A.A. Ilan' llin: Intraniural Yollvyball: Public Appvai'am't': Ifasliion Sbow: Citizvnsliip Awartls. RICHARD SPIQNCIZR , . . 'l'i'vasiii't-i', National Honor Sot-ivty: Co-Ifclitor, FOIIIC- MANUAL Stall: IVORICNIAN NICNVS Stall: Stuclt-nt Aclvisory Coniniittvv: Basvball 'I't'ani1 Vast l'n'simlt'iit autl Yit't--l'rt'sitIt:nt ol' Division Rooni: I'rt'sitlvnt. Ifnglisli Class: Xli'i't'liaut Xlariuv Iissay Contvst XYinna-rg Clioir: IN'i'l't-ct Attm-ntlanc't': Citizvnsbip Awartls: St-nioi' Cuitlv: Iutrauniral Baskt-tball and Yollvyball: Clwinistry Laboratory Assistant: Cvograpliy Club: I.t'IIt'l'llIt'llIS Club. JANET SPRICCS . . . National Ilonor Socivty: Soplioinorc, junior, Svuior Honor Clubs: Past Tr:-asurt-r. Division: I'rc'sicIt'iit. R4-ailing Club: Yiu- l'i'4-sitlviit, Ifancy XVoi'k Club: FURENIANUAI, Club: Knitting Club: I"UlII'iNIANl'AI, Stall: Si-rvit-1' I,a'tt1'r anal Cbvvrons: Citizvnsliip Awartls: I,l'I'lil'k'I Attc'ntlant't' Awarcl: 'I't-at'lu'r's Aitl: C.A.A. MARY STANLEY . . . Cracluation Counuittvv: 'I't'at-lu-r's Aicl: Clioir: Ilostvss, Ifootls Class: Ifancy XYork Club: Knitting Club: C.A.A.: C.A,A. llowliug I,i'agu4-: Ilarliniuton Club: FURICBIAN NICXYS Stallig l'rm'siclc-nt, Public Spvalting Class: Citim-nsliip Awarcl. DOROTHY SYSLD . , . Svnior I'roni Counnittt-i': Division St-t-iw-t:ii'y: llolisll Club l'rt-siclviit: Ht-altli Class I'n'siclm'iit: 'I'c-acli4'i"s Aicl: C.A.A.: Bowling 'I'4'ain: Intramural Yollvyball: Bar I'iu: I,c'tt4'i'51irl: Iioartl ol' Control: Stuclvnt I,l'1ltIt'I'L Cirls' lI4't'i't'ational Club: Nlay Festival: Svnior Prom Connnitt1't': D.A.II. Awarcl. ANNA TOI' . . . Sopliouiorv. junior. Svnior Ilonor Clubs: l'.1st Yiw'-lll'l'Si1l1'lll. Division: Svc-n'tai'y'. Knitting Club: 'I'rt'asiii't'i', Typing Qui-4-ns: S4-rxit-1' Imttvi' antl Clit-vronsz Citizvnsliip Awartls: Otliu- Assistant: 'I'4'1ll'Ill'I'.S Aitlz Assistant: i'AIIt'IltI1lIlt'i' Dllit-cg Nic-ssviigw: Clit'clu'r Club: Cvrinan Club: I'sy't'liolog1y Club: Clivlxiiig K1'yH9 C.A.A.: C.A.A. Bowling IA'illlIIl'Q Intraniural Vollm-yball. LEE YAN DER HULST . . . St-nior Honor Club: Cliairinan. Division D4-t-oraling Couuuittvv: Svcrvtary. Iinglisli Class: Consul. Latin Club: 'I'r1-asurn-r. Itvatling Club: Ccograpliy Club: Prvsiclciit, Stamp Club: Assistant Ilusinm-ss Nlanagvr, IVOIIICMAN NICXYS: liusinvss Xlanagt-r, FUIIICNIAN NICYYS: Atlw-rtising Nlanauli-r, IVDIIICMAN NICYYS Businvss Nlaiiagcr, I"ORICNIANUAl,: 'IR-:it-lwi"s Aitl: Ilall Cuaril: Sc-i'x'iw I.cttoi', 2 stars: Host, Awarcls Niglit: St-nior Cuitlv: Coinuiissiona-r ot' St-nior Class Iilvt-tions. TOM YASELOPULOS . . . Cuograpliy Club: I,atin Club: c,lK'IIl'3Il'ill Ifirt' Nlarslial. l Page 453 4 MARILYN WFY Atttndtnu Stuttirj Division Assistant, Attendance Olficeg Tx ping nuns Sltttch Club Chtclttrs Club Tr tchcrs Aid, Majorette Letter, G.A.A. Representative Bowling Te im Locker Gu 1rd Student Leader, May Festival, Intra- JAMILS WIFBORT Porun in NVood Shop Cliccktr Club, Crossword Puzzle Club. ARTHUR WII DF unior IIonor Club Presidcnt Vice-President, Division, President Mlth Ruuw Club Sttrttirw Chus Club Basketball Team, Baseball Team Baseball Club Basketb ill Club Student Council Representative, Intramural ROMA WII I IAMS C A A Sp uush Club Clicking Keys Club, Reading Club, MARIAN WITTI' Stcretuy lrt isnutr I isluon Drawing Club, Treasurer, Clicking lxtys Clte Club lt uhtrs Aid Counstllors Assistant, Assistant, Adjust- mtnt Otlice Assistint Ptrsonml Oflict Dttoritors Club German Club, Disc jockey Club GAA CAA Represcntltnt C AA Bowling Lcigueg WVater Ballet, Intra- PLFANOR WURSTER junior Honor Club Struct Letter, Sketch Club, Young ' Artists Club Designers Club SLLICIITY CCTIIDILS Club College Club, Assistant, Attcndlnce Club Assisttnt Bookioom Hill Gulrd Tticher's Aid, G.A.A., Bad- GERALDINE VIANI . . . Choir, Music Festival, IIall Guard, Typing Queens, Teaeheris Aid, Crossword Club, Reading Club, Booster Club, G.A.A., Intramural V ollcyball, Public Appearance. SANDRA VIERNOW . . . Sophomore and Senior IIonor Clubs, Treasurer, Division, Freshman Advisor, Co-Editor, FOREMAN NEXVS, FOREMANUAL Representative, FOREMANUAL Staff, Choir, Service Letter and Chevrons: Citizenship Awards, Senior Advisory Committee: Psychology Club, Booster Club, Knitting Club, German Club, Sketch Club, Vice President, FOREMANUAL Club, Assistant, Attendance Office, Messenger, G.A.A. Letter and Chevrons, G.A.A. Bowling League, Student Leader, Intramural Volleyball, IIall Guard, Public Appearance, G.A.A. Representative. NANCY WALTER . . . Assistant, Attendance 0fIice, Service Letter and Chevrons, Perfect Attendance, Citizenship Awards, V ice-President, Polish Club, Secretary, Freslunan Checker Club, Booster Club, Psychology Club, College Club, Messenger, Teacher's Aid, Student Council Representative, G.A.A. Representative, G.A.A. Bowl- ing Team, G.A.A. Bar Pin, Intramural Volleyball, Magazine Exchange Club. CAROL WARD . . . Senior Night Committee, National Honor Society, Freshman, Sophomore, junior and Senior Honor Clubs, Secretary, Division, President and Sec- retary, Projector Club, Projector Letter and Chevrons, Service Letter and Chcvrons, Citizenship Awards, Assistant, Placement Office, Latin Contest, G.A.A., Intramural Volleyball, Future Teachers' Club. DAN WATERS . . . President, English Class, Vice-President, Chess Club, Treasurer, Disc jockey Club, Social Center Planning Committee, Booster Club, Baseball Team, Football Team, Intramural Basketball, Captain, Intramural Volleyball Team. DAVID WENNERBERG . . . Treasurer, English Class, President, Geography Club, FOREMAN NEWS Staff, Baseball Club, Basketball Club, Intramural Basketball. Page 44 STICYH WYUA . . . S4'L'l'k'lilI'f'. liuglisln Cluss: l,I'4'SlKl1'lll, Clu-ss Club: xllt'4'-'Pl'K'SlKli'lll. Usluws Club: Vim'-l'l'm-sialvxll. cllll'l'liL'l'S Clubg 'lvl'1ll'lll'I'.S ,Nimlg ll.U.'l'.C.: lflllllllllll 'l'm'auu1 lIlll'ilIlIllI'ill ll1l5lx4'll52lll allul Yullvylmalll. Bli'l"l'Y JEAN Y.-X'l'lfS , . . Clalw Huy tllHllllllllt'4'1 Sm-iul Cllalulllalll X.Il.S.: Nklllillllll lluuor Sm-in-ly: Yiu- l'l'e-xiclvxxt, 'l'rm-:mm-r, Soplmumrv lluum' Clubg l'll'1'Slllll1lIl. Aluuiur llcmm' Club: l'alst ljI'1'Nllll'lIl. Yin' lll'K'Slil1'lll, 'lll'l'llSlll'l'l'. Divisimmg lll't'SlKll'I1f. l,:lliu Club: S1'l4YlV4' l,m'lim'r llllll Clu-xrmls: Cl..-KA. S1'l'X'i1'c' l,m'lh'r llllil clllt'Yl'Ull5Z SK'L'I'1'lllI'f'. CAJX. liuwliug l,c':lQlu'1 l'lI'l'5lllIl1lIl ,'xllXlSUI'1 Sluclm-ul l,4'al1l1'1'1 tllllll'IlSllllT .'xXYlll'll9L C,A.A. llmml ill- Cuulrulq lfirsl l'lzu'c' lluwliug rlllillll lliu: Nl1lll1lgK'l', C..'X,A. .-Xwurfls .'Xss1'1r1lmly: llvauliug Club: Kuilliug Club: Olliu' Aicl. ARLIENIZ ZIELFNT . . , l'1'm'si4l4'lli. lfugliwll Clzlssg C..'X.:K.: SI't'I't'lllI'X. Uivisimn: llalll Clllll'llQ clll4'K'l'll'llill'I'2 film-rlvaull-ns Club: Clwm-lwx' Club: 5l.1rQufm'l's Club: B04lSll'l' Club: Slllll1'Ill l,K'll1l1'l'L C,:X..'X. lll'ITl'k'5i'Ill1lllX1'I XYall4'r llalllvl. NUT l'lC'l'URlilJ GREGORY CARLSON JOHN NIUTIS HENRY GRIZIENIIOIT W0 ML if?-x wi? w X043 Q, Q? U C ' f 1 ! 1 Mow CAJLMLL5 .fd may Garde jAIf'0lfL?A fA8 of j0If'8 fibrawing mower fo Me Ugfimafe Wolff of .SZ ' f S 9 xxgxell' AXQNQA N , . f r X Q 5. ' 1-jfg+x.2f..g5,,-' Q .X A qi Sig xxx -1 'qu ww- , . . ' ki V5 4 -swfgx , X f X Six ,, L,9lm+L2,o 4 lim aw .. .ax X ,- fw- YQ 5 ,my Q ' 4, ,I N" . ,M in -gf ww 'f X 430 gf fw,f,,, V 5 W , W , ,J . N NP' ix t ,mf sn 1 .AMY ' 3 n ,hw .X wmv jre5Amen . . . jiwwiiofcf Q oremcm Z C2 ln the course of a normal school day, there arise certain prohlems ol which the students must he informed. Also, it is essential that the students hear the hulletin, which hriefs them on educational, athletic, and social activities at Foreman. For these reasons, a special period has heen set aside to transact the husiness of school life. This division period, as it is called, performs another important duty. It helps the students to hetter lcnow and appreciate one another, which often leads to the formation of lite-long friendships. The division period is well calculated to aid the students in the sometimes difficult joh of growing up. fr TP Miss Costello IIS Sitting-Nlary Craigo, llohert Por- enilia, Sylvia Tyler, .Ioanne XVitt, Carol liinhcinier, Nlariorie Rogers, Antoinette llenkosiewicf, Dominic 'I'iherio llouf Tivo --Monica Siewert, Loretta Frey, tins l,ores, Bernard Mol, Xlichacl Pisano, Carol llushton, Nancy NYilher, XYarren lfranezyli Hou' 'l'1m'e--l'iileeii lludson, liar- hara llondela, ,loanne Ct-ragoli, Margaret Nlisinda, lliehard Two, Anna Ozag, liarlmara Christiansen, Joyce Adams, lithel l'eai'ce Hou: 1"oul'-lidward lxlus, lidward Sternier, Don Nlaclienzie, XVilliani llyan, Dennis Peterson, Brnee l'eterson, Donna -lean Ilorton Nlrs. Reisa ll?-l Il Darlene Cozzi, Nancy Plainhccli. Gloria Cliovanazzi, I"rank Del- Nlcdico, llichard Ciclalx, Iiohcrt Congill, Laverne Cutrara Ron' Turn Dora liherheart. Nancy Chiesl, l,on Ann Epstein, ,Iosephine lloniallxo. Victor lfranf. Donald Olson, XVayne johnson lion' 'l'lirer' Dale livans, Lucy Ca- passo, Laverne Donihek, lola NVei- f X ge-lt, Charles Kraeiner. llarhara X Deneclie, Carolyn Olson llou' Four---Ioaii l.oi'is, joseph Di- Nlaria, llonald Bore. llichard Schrenis, llernard Bosch, Kiln An- thonsen, llichard Knhliiiss, Nlary Sedlaclx l'zli.!e 48 Yiernow, Karl Kuhon, Dorothy Sitting lloseniaric Dil,t-onardo, MISS I..-XUURIO-203 Silfirig 'Caiml Kiimip. Arli-mi NYU- ilvk, Szimlrii Siu-iiliaiiiks. l3zii'inii'ai lIi'lg.5i'si'ii. XAIIIUY Salllviiii, Uqlrlviii' llailiii, Min- Si-liiiiiiiiiiiii. Xlairi-in Mi-lvlii-' . limi' " ' -- wrlgi Cr ' '. ,lAlI'- iiialiiii' lli'ri1i:liiii, Dali- Rngvrs, liolmi-rt l"i'aii1li'ii, NI4ii'g:m'l Nlaiyi-r. BllI'llill'1l lmplw, liiiln'i'i Xli-yvr. Iiii-Iiairil lmzivlli. l'i:ii'Imaii'4i Ailiiiiis. limi' 'lvlIl'l't".'xllIl iiaiiiii-ri. Karl lfraiiiz. Siisaui Siriiiisai. -Iiiiiis l'1ii-ix l'flii'uuil Nlilli-r, Slauilvy l'i'1y'liylai, Nlzirloiii' llalgi-ii, livtly Siiiimi, ljillllt' Cl:li'iii'ii, Alliftl' lliiliiii-5, MR. NllNlCKl'fRf2l2 Silling livin-i't NYy:ill, Carol Ogiiiwk, ,Ivziii 'l'wuki'y. -Iiiily Stru- In-I. Angie' Sairln. Cllnriai Sviikn, -lusi-pliiiii' Slvsxl, Alxiiiim Bl'l'l'y, Rim' 'l'u'iv--Iziiiii-s Iii-iily, Huilillcl llusi, Ailvliiiv Omg. .livin lmiig. Yirgiiiizi Spi-rliii, Czirui Xlaliitllzi, Sllllilfil liiiflqvllivii, fxllllliilly llvliallv. limi' vlvlIl't't"'jl7lill laippiii. I.airi'y Niairli-ski, Uris Valli-imi, lJmii1lilS:ii'- iici-ki-, Kviiiivtli Zi-igvr. Uviiiiis llulmiiisuii. l"i'aiiiL Stviaiiii. Diiiiiiiiic Spziixisviiio, I,i-slim' llviii, MRS. R,-XCIC-217 Silliiig l"i'a1iii'is Cliviiilair. -lim-pli lain-mvlli, Iiwliii llulliiialii. liiwiizi- clvltv, RTX!-Illilliki, lliiilim- NYi-rki-l, liiclilli lliuiiiliilaiii, llimiiiii- K1'lll4l3k, i'Xii51i'lai lJi'Sli'lziiin. limi' 'lvll'lP--I,t'llIliS l'wlxx'iali. Cixi- lliiai Kulmiy, Nliirilyii llxliilml, Clil- iwrt Cii'sili'xxii-1. liailpli Ilvliii. Iusvpli l.illlm'iii'lii. liiwlaiil l5aii'ksil1ii1'. limi' 'l'lm'i' -Cliqiiiiullv illiiiiluitf. filxflllllilll' l5i1l'lmlQ'. Sxiraili Unig- iiaiii. fjjllllliil l'1iillll'l'i1l. Ili-i-i-ily -Iviisvii, Lulu Iii-Ilv XYilwi'Q. Kali 1.11-ski-, llllflvlll' l'i'1'lu'i'g. limi' lfuiir Diaiiiiii- Uiirailli. Xian'- lviiii llilllgiilllkl. Sklllklfll Clviiiigimiii. lliniailil l'imiw, liulwrl 'l'miiai1ik. liulwii Il.irily. -Iiiililli lxaiiivi-xxski, I Niairilyii -Iailiiiki: l,iiiilai IIi'i'iiiiu. j lf'QZ5Alf1fL8lfL Nz' ru! ... Page 49 Wi hula -If? V 4 ljl"8:5Al4fL8lfL MISS MADDEN-307 Sillingglirmalcl Dalccrro, jack Sl1'DllQlIlKlXYlK'Z. Snsan Gvrgvr, Carol XYamlm'i's, -Ioycc Fc-clrn, Lvl' Cai- inari, Gail Culclivrt. lintli Cvrilig. Rau' 'l'l4'n--llvlcii Esposito, Carol Cax'anani.!li, -lncly Vanclui' llc-yclin, Sandra Spm-incur. ,loan Craziaclvi, Kvniivtli l'i1'tram'k, l'ati'iL'ia Dm'Virc, Claudia Klillornl, Tlivrc-sa Finrvii- lino. limi' 'l'l1r1'1'-qllinly lluclson. Ks-nnvtli Kmiaim-ski. Slanlvy Olly, liicliarcl l'lx'ans, llnln-rt Evans. Allvn XVliit0, Lary llvin, lioln-rt l3ci'gc', Linda Boil: MISS Mc'l'lGUlE-224 SilIin,q-Patrick llmiackv, Carolina- Masvia. llarlmara Kmiivolcl, Mary- lilll Nlvnl. juan Sl1'laiimx'iL-1. Cail ,. . . , . . llnll, limi- Nlarii- l,atcn'rv, latricia NYL'l7l'I'. Iluu' 'lan NYilliain Lnga, Donalul Crmpvr, NYayiiv Kalis, Sliarun lmwis. llunalcl Zim-inlma, fll'Ul'j.'flll xl1'INll7llllll'S, Sliamn Xln'N1'il. limi' 'l'lirr'1' Dunalml 'l'liuinpsun, Ck-li-stv NYisl1ivxx'wki. .'xlllUlll1'llK' llrillvn. Iliann- Slvrnarcl, lliuinas lll'll!jll'Illl'l1'l'. -loan Klapmtli, Clvr- .lltlillv lXlll'llI'l', Diana' l,ln'ziQ, llvr- lwrl liussvl. limi' 1'vl?lll' IM-xi-ily lJJIllUXX'Slxl, Nancy -Inlniwii, liuln-rl SL-liallralli, linlu-rl Olliilvx, XYai'rcii Sk'lllllxl'lx4'. ilvralml 'l'n-nm-I, .Xrllilir Kfarlsmi, 'Krlvin' liirlx, Carol Cllvn. MISS IFRIIZIJMAN-317 Sillingg la-ralml l.lllxUXYSlxl. liarliara l,UL'liJll'il, llugvi' Dixon, lA?l'l'lll' llvlin. l'lai'lwai'a Nlllfylilll. .Xgiim-S l"i'i- l'illlU. .IllL'4llI4'lj'll .'xllIlli'lll. Uvnnis llarry. limi' 'l'u'u fI's'ls'r Calalm-w, lialpli lngm, XYayin' l,liUSSl'l', lQt'Illli'lll lfiiilvy, llli'lIEll'll Yi-lirs, lfram-vs X1-lsun. OHM lan-Ill. l'c'l1'r Xlillw. llrur 'l'lll'f'l' -Illclilli l'4'h'rs, liosaliv Cnxlv. Xlarli-in' Xlj'Slll'l'l'4'L'. llonqli Ci'axx'lm'cl. .Niilm-vii llrmxwi. llmvrly lls'illi'uxx', llarlmara lllilm-llillv. llvllv liiisvli. livin' l"niii"l7i'lui'vs Cust. -lack l,lll'I'l'll7lll. -luyrv Uall1'i'y', Nlvlvin Slfilllllll, llivliarcl l'arl41'l', llUlll'l'l Cluslalwn. .lwlni Cm-ala, Virginia l"ru1i'm-1. l,ani'ic' llvmlvr. S --4--4 fn. '51 Page 51 J ,tink 'I' lf'8f5Alf1fL8lfZ, MISS MOORE-325 SiIIiu,f.g-l'a1triciu Sclucllviilmvrgc-r, Dorothy Lipinski, Sully Pzlrysv, Cary NK'orcvsim-r, Halyluoucl Nivoluy, Rzlymoncl Brzuiclholt, Nuucy llcll- slroul, YYUIIIIC' Nvcliu. How 1vll'II-ATll'lltF Kulliug, Margo Locwv, Nancy Kropp, -Iouu Puzlr- son, lilisc- Kliuv, Cynthia llllllllllilll, Carol Duhc, Carol Cuslnlsou, How Tlirm'-Kzilllli-4-11 livll, Diuuc Zia-glvr, Arlmu- Iluhu, Hia-hurcl Bair- sunti, lloss Stvhhius, Kc-iwtli Nvtzcl, john Eric-ksou, Nlilclrvcl lluwkius, Puulu llzuiivri. Row Four-liuhy Ucci, Dr-uisc Ol- son, Margin' Suhsou, jauuvs llusscl, Ilurolcl Nicholson, Eclwurcl Crichc, Clary llalll, K4-uuc-th Suyclm-r, Russcl Quick. M RS. HOGLIE-326 Si1Ii11gaGvrnlcl llyuvs, Olga Bulos, Burlmm Smltis, Vi-ryl johnson, -loyu' Stviu, Nuucy 'l'ilm1'ri, llohcrt Lippvrl, llillll Doss. Hou' Tu'ofAll'l'vcl Bruui, Curol Krusv, Douuu Powvll, ll2lTlNll'll Omg. clllZll'lK'llK' liosiuk, Mignon Xvilfll, l.iuclzl Pauil, VVilliauu Cross- wliitc, Hour Tlll'l'l'AlllL'll2lTKl Prusiuski, lhlilfll' -lc-:ui Pzuikouiu, Liurlu John- sou. lflzum' lioruzo, -Ioycv Piuurd, Uwvu Si-luu'li'r, Clorclou Clull, lill- wurcl Kalwulkia-win-1. Rau' lfour-Alaum-s llurlo, llivlnml Dall Cvrro, Stalulvy Slllllllllfil, llallph 'I'iuuu, Tluoiuals lh-hhock, llohcrt l'ili'iul'1'lrlr'r. Sauulru 'l'i'cllt1'luui', Bur- halru Pishuru. Kr-iuwili Pivlz. NIR. 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LANE-215 Sfffillgl-Clll'Illi'llIlil, 'I'oso, Dolorvs Main-livtti, -Il'lllllll' Paclgitt, Aina Osis. .lanvt K1-stlc-r. Aloanni' Knrlirst, Elsii- Ryan. -ll'lllli'llK' Sanlilippo. Hou' Two-Marilyii liolmlmins. -In-an Lncarz, Nlaim-4-n Xlillc-r, Marian Hl'llllKl', lios4'iiiai'y Nastali, clkllllllllf 'l'ui'ki1'witz, ,Ioan XYoocllionsv, Norma -In-an xv1lSllL'0, Dnanv vVi'I'SL'lllilll. Hou' 'I'l1l'z'1'-Vliilip l,4'lllIll1l. Nlarvin Fi-il, Rayinoncl llagvn, Allcn XVlllllllllS0ll, liayinonml Sc-lnnnaclwr, Olin- Xvill'i'ilI'0, Iac-qnilinr' Santi- lmvrg. Patric-ia Bingainan, Joann Swollack, Rivluarcl Ziaia. Hou' Four-llonalcl llolilwlsli-iii, Ric-liarcl Blum, Knrl Nlvistvr, Hoy l,orc'nm', Kc-nm'tli Dallnlw. Rivliarcl M1-Cartliy, Douglas Ilancock. Linl- wig lJOL'llli'l'lllilIllI, Bl'lll'l' llIlll1'I'. liolwrt Bnsli. MISS WANDHIII'-312 Silting-Cvri Salvtnick, Cliarlm-nc Almlmott, Patricia C4-rlmasi, Mary Ann La Bruno, Mary Dm- Stvfano, Claiiclvth- Lalir, Sonja Cliristianson, Mariainic' l'c-llc-ltivru. Hou: Tiun-Norman St'lIllllZ, Milli- on-nt Gallo, Dianc jar-olvsi-ii, Ra- mona KllL'll'li, XVvston Rowan, Xvllllillll Mollar. jnstinc Applvr, Hom-llv Sc-rota, Di-lorvs Cm-iitlivr. Ron- TIIITI'-Allll Cloiio, Conrail Sn-linli, Ronald Tinnn, jainvs Ta- toolvs, Hclvn -Iacolxs, Nancy llvn- gvls, Henry Sariivckv, XValtvr Fiv- lwr, Iitlu-I Holla-ins, Nlarilynn Lang. Hou' I"Ulll"-lJl'IllllS Long, Clivstc-r Norys, Cllllfl1'S l'x'rcc', Dvnnis Kar- lwowski. Ronalcl Szyinkowiak, jainvs Cvrtz, Cliarlvs Alkirv, Dvlorvs La- Monica, Patriria Boortz, Stvplianic Iinlmros. MISS COONEY-121 Sllflllgl-x'l'l'UlliL'1l Dallmvir, Ruth Xlillvr. lfram-inv livszutkn, Sandra l'm'ti'rsun, Clcralciim' lloilman, Pa- trivia SNY4'l'Il1'f'. jam-t Xiolis. 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Tlu- ustriiigs" vclio tlivir ilillllltillg im-lociivs tllllillgfilllllf tht st-Imol. lc-mling pomp uncl dignity to giucliizitioii amd otln-r ut-caisioiis. l'i0l't'llllIl lIif'i1 5011001 his just l'L'L'l'IltiY XVit!N'SSl'tl tliv cloimt ui its 011-li4'Sti'11 umlvr NI: , . 4. . ., . . lhwlwrt Cli'ulilmc's vxpvrt tliwc-tiuii. Imlivicliullly and as il group tliv im-inlwrs in strixiii: for syliiphmiic 1N'l'iil'l'ti0Il. 2K'lll'l'lli iiuisicul lll'tllli.y living tllttil' yzlrcls NU- sulutm' with prick' thc- l'vUl'K'lIltUl High Sc-11001 oi'cl1c'st1'a1. 'W' onrneiy jnfo Orchestra 1"il'.sI lion'--Izuncs Nclscu. ,lK'llll Vlfcng, 'IQIIUIIHIN Yamiu pulos, Alauucs liiccil, -Iuliaum Strcclcr, Nlauh-nc Iicclul lilauuc Kropps, Carol Thonms. Cvnthiax lIuHm.1n. Sluuon llittmaum. Sl'f'U7llI Run'-I.u Ann lfpslcin. 'l'rzuuh'l sL'ililI'l3ii. Xiich nl Sichcrf. Nancy Xorswort ly. liolu-rt Han, Chuicc llucimn Nlihlrccl liricson, Iiulph Czllistro, Sharon Illllstrunu C,an'olyn Buchan, Nancy llclulcls. f,alrohcun Iicnsou, Tllflili Ron'-lfrccl Schocniivhl, ,launcs Iiluulnough. AI.unas Dcscollroucl. Kurt Nlcislcr. .Iohn Hl'llii4'l'NHIl. Nililillii johns, liohcrt lfrum-isco, Hrucc Iillis, BAND DEP.-XRTNIENT . . . Nach mcmhcr of thc haiucl mnnifcsts his loxc of music and zlpprccialtion of lll'2llltiflil ilill'llIOIly and tonc quuhtics hy working cliligcntly to attain rich- , Q . . ucss and cxprcssion in cinch composition uncicr Xlr. Rohcrt C-ruhhcs artistic lhlfllll. XIV. Cruhhc has hccn thc clircctor and Illl1illSt1ly of thc hzuicl. cuch imiivichiail clruwiug upon him iilll'UIICOIll'11jI,i'lIll'llt, prziisc, and const1'uctix'c criticism to spur him on to grcutcr he-ights. Each musician has stuciicd cnrncstly und pmcticccl constantly to pcrform in such outstand- ing cxhihitious as thc Spring Couccrt. thc city wiclc compctitixc contcst. and mimcrous othcr school functions. . If 5 6 f Band lfilisf RUII'-ciillilliitilll licnson, Curl hYiDlH'l'lIlllll, Xxnux llcugcls, Nlanrlcnc licchcr. -Iuhaum Slrcmicr. fflurui Buchan, liohcrt Scrwiuski, Bruce' Iflhs. slauncs iXill'!XllShI liohcri I"1'a1ncisco. Sccmul Hou' - liohcrt Lippvrl. liogcr Uhlhchl. Alzuuns xlllillilf, Ahhcml lfricson, Carol Schullz, Hzllph Cfallisilo ,lohn liwcrt. john Swallck. Shauwvn Ilillstrom. Canrolxu Buchan. l'iih's'n I,1'il'l'S, Cc-orgc Sm-lixx'4'if4'i', lion Nloschcll, YVilliaun Kinulsvn, 'l'l1irrl RUIL' -- Ccrnhlinc Kosiuiski. ,Ianni-s Rlllllillill h jzlulcs Dcscouroucx, XYilli:uu Nlzlrlino, john Ill-nch-rs Ucorgc H1u'mhu51. Hohcrl I.:n'son. Donuhl VIVIPIIIINI nlk'ilill'ii SRIIIIIU. l'1n1m'fi.'S CCOWLIOKJ menf Zum SZJL5 acfiolfz, National llonor Society Bark How! l3urlman'n lmslic, lixnily Zogrnplios Frmal Hour! Yvonnc S4-liwurtz, l,illizln llcinlslmi National Honor Society Silling, lima Ont'- lilninc Nlllllf, Ike-nault-itat Gollo. lincly lloclilcrnnnni. Sillingg, Hou' Two-- l3zli'lmnrzl XYylQowslqi, l,0l'I'2lllll' Kcrclio, Nlll'lllil Sclnnic Slllllflillpf 7 Nlztry Kolicr. Xylllllllll .-Xlltlm'l'sc'il. ,Ioycc l'olxoi'n. llclly' YW-clig. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY . . . The National Honor Socicty is thc fnlfillnicnt of at drcann for many Forctnan nppcr clussmcn. A high scholustic rccorcl, scrvicc to thc school, u school lcttcr, goocl chzwuctcr, and ut lczlst tln-cc clcctivc olhccs arc i'cqnii'Cm0nts to hc-long to this highly cstccinecl clnlm. Thc scmi-znnniul awards asscmhly, prcsentcd hy thc National Ilonoi' Socicty, givcs lnrthcr rc-cognition to thosc stuclcnts who havc shown outstanding nchicyc- mont in hoth scholarship and 0Xtl'il-Clll'l'lClllLII' activitics. Sponsorccl hy Miss Ccciliu Costcllo, thc National Ilonor Socicty inspircs stnclvnts to gain initiutivc :incl to work towurcl sncccss. Bccunsc ol' illncss, Christinc Malik, l'1'csiclc-nt of thc National Ilonor Socicty is not pictnrccl, Pago 66 xjaezfr mr 52301442 -ill National llonor Society Standing, Ivft to right-- Curolv St'l1:uu'l4, Anton l'vtr:ni, vlttllllllt' Aw-nal, Chris rllllllilllllll. Smtvri- lilvannm' llalalulwr, Aloannn' llc-tlt-y, -loan Sl'llllSlt'l', llital Nlikos, ,lllilllllil Knoppvl. Standing, lvft to right- jann-. lJt'St'Olll'Olll'l. Lois XYt'tli3.E. lirxx' llot-lt, Mary Ann Nlanungo, Dianne Sitllvj. Sitting, lvft to right- Sznnlru Pvtvrson. Carolyn lint-lnin, Arla-vn Cliylvwslxi, Sharon llillstrom, lrvni' -lung- thon. Nliltlrm-tl lffrit-son. Nutionul llonor Society Stmnling. Ivft to right- l"rvtl lllaovits. -lltilll Kroll. lin-lnn'tl Spon- cvr, vloyu- l'irit'l4st-n. Alt-ronn' Dorf, Carol NV:n'tl, tlosvpln .Ianwtti-. livttx' ,ll'llll Ylllt'S. l'itlxx':lrtl llintllw, Killllt'l'lllt' Skin-lm. Victor l.m', lfllsit- -Ionvs, Carol .lt'llll llvnson. Sitting. lvft to right- Slnlron Man-slmll, Anno Soxnnwr, Diann- Dc lionis. Carol lfox, lictts- Olsvn. Atlrivnm' Smith, lcllllllt' Block, Nlairlm-in Bm-lu-l', Nann-x' IN-trilc. 'lilIll'l Spriggs. livin-x'ix'v Carlson, Ninn-x' Opal, Nanny l'll'llilI'Cll. s I t 5- ,W uf' ff- .' - . ng . ' . x xx' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY, SPRING SEMESTIER . . . Tha- National llonor Sm-it-ty. ns its ll'lllll' lllillL"lll'9 is -1 lritiolrillx' r- 1 niyvtl or .1ni7.1tion Loinpost-cl ol' l'1h school stnclonts ho l'.,. 5 possvss tht- m'cc'sszn'x' qualifications in SCllOlill'Slllp. citizcnship. It-tnlcrslmip. nncl scrx'icc'. ln tht- 'ilmsmlcc ol' Nliss Ct-cilin Costt-llo, tht- lforcinun clmptcr ol- tht- National llonor Soc-it-tx' . - . v. U. lll2llllfLlllll'll its l'l'jlllllll' progruln tlnring tht- spring svnn-stcr nnclcr tht- sponsorslnp ot Nllss X ll':,llllAl ' lnl l mu' 1 Cnvoit. Mvvtings, which xvvrc' czlwflllly plannccl lux' tht- noxvlx' 4-lt-att-cl OlllC0l'S. xxx-rc' 't 1 - 1 V .... tm xul hx 1 souil 7tl'lOll clnrnng xvlnch on month. Thv nsuul lJllSllll'SS port of 1-och mvcting wus lollox " I' 1 .' 'a 1 i A tninnwnt :intl discussions xvorc prcscntt-cl. The nctixitios ol tho st-ilwstvi' xvvrc- cont-lnclc-cl wit intlnction ot jll'llLlllilllllj.f nwlnlwrs into thc National llonor Socivtx' at tht- Sc-nior .'Xxvan'cl Asst-in v Pago 67 h tln- l lx G Q. .Wy 4 w MWA W ibL:5fLlfLCllL0lfL Thr- 413 antl 4A llonor Cluh consists of stuclcnts who ara' outstancling in scholarship, citizvn- ship, sc-rx'iu- and charactt-r. Nliss Nlacliay, tht- clulfs sponsor. has clvvota-cl inuch tinu' to inspiring tht-so young pm-oplv to attain high scholarship, survicm-, anal inte-rest in activities at Foroinan. Tinw ancl 4-llort wi-rc 'iw-n to thv no 'ross of this frou 3 ot voun f wo mln: all ol whoin haw- such high h . , 1 u . is 1 . U U . hopes for succvss aftcr graduation. Social and rvgular nu-etings arm- he-lcl which prose-nt an op- portunity to thi- stuch-nts to cliscuss the-ir intcrvsts anal anihitions rvgartling thuir future' vcluca- tional CR1l'l'l'l'S. -IH-4A Honor Club - Officers lmft lo Right- l'r4-cl lllmxiitf, Mary Spit-vi. Cail Chionzoli, Nliss Xlau'Ka1y, Annan 'liop 48 Honor Club Stzlrzclirzg-,Ioyc'v N11-ln't1'ns sl'1lll'fl---l2lll4'l Spriggs, Carol Cottc-lm-r, Carol Cranwa 4B--IA Honor Club L-4A'Sl lmft lo Riglil-Cail Chionvoli. liarhara Klum-st-In-I. llarhara Ilia-lu-rson. Lorrainm- l,z-ja, Ili-nry la-ppin. Nlary Spit-vi -Hi-4A Honor Club C-llfsj glllllllillg, lmft Io High! -Anna Top, ,lam-qui-lim' Pls-tlgvr, Shirlc-y Larson. ,loan Kroll, ' wrint' Sltirha, Silllilfil Yin'rnow, Anno SUIIIIIHT, lfclwalrml llinlllw, Lu' Yun clvr llulst. l"r4'cl llliovitl S!'llf4'lI, Lvft lo lligghl--Ioan Kulilt Cloria Culnssi. lilllllll' Sc'lm'4-lmlu-, Carol XYarqI, 4 in l otlt ntl lhttc Olse 1 u .ua-as Page GS j!Leir Qafjn 1 .ill-3.-X Honor Club Swrllwrl Nlalrixinn Nlauiango, lirwin llovlt. Sanulru I'i-lvrson, .Xrli-nv Clnylvxs slxi .ill-SA llonor Club Slumling -Carolyn Bin-liaiin llon' cllll'-xv1'l'UlllL'1l l7aillnic'ir. llnlli Nlillvr, Iain' lJ1'5k'Ulll'UIIt'l, Carrol Sll1l4'll1'l'. Lois U'Xi'il. Clairiiw' lllll'lI1lll lion' Tu'o-Nlilmlrvil Clow. llzirlmanu Kallxig. Nlililra-il liria-son. Carol Sn-lumix. -lllllll S1'llllNll'l. Marilyn llviclvillmliitli. ,lllllllllil Knoppi-l Sli-.TA Honor Club Silling l.ois XYan'rl, In-nv lnnigllion, Sllilfllll llillslroin, Sully Lipinslxi, lnliainn Sll'1'1l1'l'. ll1'l'llil't' Amlvrson, lilaiim' 'l'n-lui, Num-y Stornlwrg Slumling -Cx-orgv NVailsli, l"i'aim'iiu- llcliilno, Dorotliy llolni, Antiom-Uv Krauss. Lois NH-iliu. Diainv Simllvv THE SB-Si-X HONOR Cl,l'l5, sponsorvcl by Nlrs. Clory llzlcic. is coni- posccl ol' Rl group of scrions aincl lmrcl working StlIlll'lllS. who uri' outstumling in sc-liolmsliip. sviwicv. lm-Lula-i'sl1ip. and clmmeti-r traits. Klmnlwrs must lmvv tlu' following qualifications: an SC'll0l2ll'SlllP 2lYl'l'klQ'0 of 3.l. un QIVCIXIQLK' of 1.5 in citizvn- sllip. :incl tvn sclwiu' points. A rcgnlau' lllllllllllj' lI1l'l'llIlll is livltl to zliscnss lmusinvss and social nmttvrs. 'l'l1v clnlfs main social vvviit wus an Cliristmus party cam-fiilly plunnvcl and vnioyccl by ull. l'.ig4'li5l QCOVLO! 1f0lfL8 0lfU6LIf' 5266855 The-sc studcnts havc had thu good hcalth and good fortune to hc ahlc to maintain high scholastic standards at lforcinan. lt isn't thc casicst task in thc world to do cvcry assignment wcll so that at thc cud of thc scnicstcr thc reward will hc an invitation to lwcomc a nncmlwr ol' an organization whosc purposc is school work first. ,lu addition to high gradcs tho honor studcnts of thc school arc askcd to givc gcnuinc scrvicc in somc type of school activity which iutcrcsts thc studcnts. This rcquircmcnt aims to make- honor studcnts wcll rounded tccn-agcrs. 2B llonor Club Sl'Illl'll, lwfl lo figllf - Nancy Culin, Marcia Ihrig, Diann- lit-cd SfllllfIiIl,Q'xlillj'!lt' Krauss ,M , Zli llnnor Club SllllIllill,Lf'- Kcnncth kozali, llclorcs K1lllllll'I', Lois Dallmlcc, VVillizun Knudscn, Lcona Xlilcwslxi, Dcnicc Poorc. Patricia Con- 1 l'lllli Silfing- Clcraldinc xY1lSlll'XVll'f. Ly un lluss, Carol Striclwr. ,ll'lllN'lU' llllllS4'I'. Carol liwclicly AIIIIUHK' fiilfliilllil. lint-Ida l'wdu:n'sl4i E ZI5 Honor Cluh A Miss llacic Slrlnrling- l,ois Kcndrou, lla-nica' Doylc, xvilylll' Pokorny, Karcn Ilindcrlaud, Virginia Zoruow, llcx'cl'lx' Clcr Silting- Carol l'Ix'c-nscn, Kallhlccn Blalw. lion- nic l,cstcr, N1lIlK'j' 'I.llll'llllklllll, Donald lion-ing. liluinc Kropp, tlcralmlinc 'llll0IllilS Page 70 x7Al"0lfL9A X748 .AZJK6 lgOI"8lf1fL6LlfL FOREMANUAI. Stuff Sealerl fell lo riglil- Nlzlrilyn Petersen N Smmling Iefl to ripzlilf DVI FUREMANUAI. Stuff mn' , Serltefl left to riglzlu Buck lime- lfurnett, BK'lllldl'tt1l Cotto. FORENIANUAL STAFF The F0l'CIll'1llllll his nlwivs l . . . . 1 if z 1 3 meen an outstanding ve'u' hook, 'ind this yen' undu thc sm l 1 . . . I 1 , - ' ' S1 onsors up ot Mrs. Gertrude Sinitli, the stall has worked hurd to retain this reputation. The cooperation of all ineinlmers was of great value in producing our hook. Amid the pictures. write-ups, identifications. and hustle for deadline dates was the fun and enjoyment of seeing the work accomplished. Early in the semester, the show case. shown in these pictures, displayed our F0l'ClTl1llllI1IlS from the first edition to the present one. The '54 Foremzuninl is presented with pride and will he added to this collection. School life in the Halls of Foreman has been pictured in true perspective. As you look through your hook, the stall sincerely hopes you will enjoy remembering this past year. Page 71 , lllll i I I 1 Edward llintzke, Belle Olsen Erie Massey, llicliurcl Spenui Shirley Larsen, -lzinet Sprigp,s Jeanette Ottosen, lilllllll' Mohr lcd ,uv ti lfl DRICNI.-XNl 1,-Xl. Representatives lifvu' Um' lflniuv .XIIIIHVIQ Vinh lfww. Ilulilll Ixzllivvxxwki, H4-xx-l'lx ftll'I, lx.xll1lm'r1 llllluy llllll' KLIVI' num-L. ltikllllll' IM-II4-x. lilililli' liinrgn lim: Tuff Clmmulmlim' Illlifimlal. I.l'UIl.l Xlilvxxxlxi. HUNl'Ill.ll'il' Ui- l,m-muzmlu. I'.lll'im-i.l Kflnin-xl, SIIAIVUII XIIQIITNUII. Xliw- Ixmim-rik, Sillllllll XXIKTIIUXX. l,illl'i4'i1l liirw-11 Hun' VIVIIIAT, IDI: lim: lfriv Klaus xvy. lxm'11m'll1 SVIVLIKIVII, Xyilliillll Hymn Slmnling SlI.IIll'IIK' Xllm-K Ill ling:-All 1 - 'ills ' .i vwilfawj On jfae ,fdgen ca ,I Pa ,qc Clicking Keys . . . Mrs. lfugun Scaled - Anclrcy Conlus. Angclinc Korlxilais Donna RK'lltl'l1illl1'l' Standing-l,ormim- Sale-tnik, Patricia: Umlmlo. U1-ri -lcsslci, Anclrcy llcccl. Antoinclts- Cnpasso. Muri- lyn Nicolay CLICKING KEYS . . . llnncls arc kcpt busy between the calculators, electric machines, typcwritcrs, clictzxplloncs, and lnimcogruplls in the clcricul practice room. The constant clattcr of tlu- click- ing keys clcmonstrntcs tlic ctlicicncy witll which tllc mclnlicrs "go at itf' nnclcr tllc cxpvricncccl lmncls of Mrs. Fagan. We sulntc tlic sccrctarics. colnptoinctcr op- crutors. uncl stcnogrupllcrs of tomorrow. Clicking Keys Sitting - joycc lncloyinzl, Balrlmural -'0llllSl0Il, Violvt Nloroz, Nlnrgurct Cl1lSl'll Standing - Nancy Opal, Ann Top, Patricia Knliclc, Carol Clralnlzai, Ccncvicyc Carlson Clicking Keys Smnding - liosulic Nluriuni. Anglinc Ala-xcos, Ga-ri Colm-uno. Burlmrzl Kinslci SHfilI,Lf'lJUl0l'l'5 llukcs. llznrrict llolmlwrg. Maury llcrgslzlncl, -loam Palknlzl, Marilyn l,lllllIl1'f Hluniliug l,1llil'lll'1' Kall1'l', lhlclx' I7on-iiliwiiixliill. lfiaiiiu' il-l'k'ix1l. SVIIIVII Xlxlriixn l'i-lvx's4'l1. Hill .-Xluim'rss'ii. Carol Sl'illl1ll'lx. IIIIIX Spamolai, I,ori'1lim' lmial. l.Imi'lvm' lxlvnuvl. l"l'llllk'ill1' livvnllxo. lion' Um' 'll-rl l"m'm'll. Izlcixil' l'l1'KlQt'l'. lXllllIl'I'ill1' Skirllal, lion' 'l'u'o K-lHl'lil Lallzlssi. l'.ll Bl'llIlli1l3l1'. .XllIl1'S0llIIlH'l'. Sklllllliil Vim-rnoxx. Tom Kuglvr. xA142oLo!Z1fLe5, y-draw mac! fE86L0!dlfLQ5 Tl Ili FORICNIAN NIQVVS . . . Thi- l"orc-mzm NL-ws is ll lui-we-vkly pulmlicution ol' tha' III!-ill-filth mimitm- 4-vvnts oi' our school. It im-hiclc-s sports, social life, :uid tin- iuclivicliuil stuck-nt nm! facility uc-tivitic-s. Tha- papa-r is puhlishccl by ti group of Silllll'lItS who limi' stuciivcl -IOIIYIHIHSIH for om' sr-1m'st0i'. Thvil' ilvws room in 123 is un vxcitiug plain-v, for it is the scvm' oi' continuous activity. .'Xlmox'm'. wc sm' thc' CIo-liclitors-In-Chic-f Sumlru Yic-rnow and .-Xinw Sommci' with oth:-r stall- lIll'Il1lN'l'S elim-kiiig tlu- copy that will form tlic' iwxt issue of tlu- in-wspupvr. Page 74 1080450 iueme olfzgnea Spanish Club Sealed- Patricia Divire, Beverly Icnsen. Francis Scardata, Stmuling- Clara Ingles, Nancy Sallemi, Ioyce Gallery, Donna Powell, Dennis Rohinson, Miss Adamson, Ralph VVischmann. Barbara llelegeseon. Latin Club Sealed- Aina Osis, Peggy Schroeder, Geraldine Thomas, Leona Milcwski, Kay Ellerman, Barhara Loclcard. Staruling- Diane llead, Diana Lucas, Elaine Kropp, Pat Steinlce. Lee Euchler, William Knudsen, Kathleen Blake, Geraldine Kurtzer, Caroline Mascia. ,-4 sf X SPANISH CLUB . . . The Spanish Cluh consists of students especially inter- ested in the various aspects of Spanish culture. The primary purpose ol' the cluh is to acquaint students with a hetter understanding of Spanish speaking peoples. their dress, and customs. The sponsor, Nliss Georgia Adamson. and clnh memhcrs enjoy playing games and singing songs at their meetings. LATIN CLUB . . . The Latin Cluh, or Societas Latina. was christened nineteen years ago. The cluh features games. contests. songs. and plays. winch are enloyt tl hy all members. The activities are planned hy student committees. Being on the entertainment committee at least once every semester gives each clnh memher a chance to show his ingenuity and originality. Even those who have a talent for ' " ' ' ' " ' 'l ' l ' t' 'forcluh Jarties preparing and serving food may show than dlllllty xx nn t n una 1 arrives. lt is then that the clnh memhers enjoy a variety ol food inuch like that which tempted the palates of the ancient Romans. Page T5 9 L43 qzfwafiolfw MATH REVIEW CLU more rvceutly organized clubs at Form-man thc Math Rcvicw Clulm, scrvcs a clual B . . . Om' of tlli pose. It is a rcfroslwr coursv for soma' stu clcuts and a gvuvral survey of liiglwr matlw- matics for 0tlll'l' stuclvuts not activvly vu- gagvcl in matll coursvs at thc' prcsvut timc. Tlx- clulfs sponsor, Miss Laura Kiuclvr- mau, administers various typos of collvgi- entrance and scllolarsllip examinations to clvtvrmiuc thc' stuclcuts, Weak and strong points iu matlu-matics. and also to prvparv thc-m for the actual 1-xamiuatious tlu-y will soon takc for their pc-rsonal collvgc- plans. pur- Math Review Officers Sflllllli1l,LI- .Ion uloliuson, Mark l'ax'ia. Smltvrl- Artliur XVilclm', lflsiv Iouvs Math Review Club Smlvrl- JOIIII Niotis. Ilonalcl llaum-lln-rg, ,Iosvpli lauu'Hc' Christian llilllltlllllll, liilwarcl l'ai1suln'l'. lliulnarc Manyik. Stanfling- Ricllzlrcl lJl'llClll'l'. hlvroim' Dori.. Math Review Club Left Io right Artliur ulolmsou, Victor Lu-I XYilli4'l' St-Inu-ill-l. Nliss Kinds-rman, Larrv Rvclclill Ci-orgv Ulsvn If ul , . , . . 1' - Ifkovits. U RTS FIND Fl CIHPCRHFT NHT URE LUR RRFT5 :FWF 1139155 INDIHN LDRE CUUNSELDR THEIR' Cqnp Squs s E Yxxf ,f Wi ,!4'fl.l!I? unc! W 05551112 lfL!'UylfIfLIflfLZ 1 1 A-1 ' I A 1: . ,1 1. 1 . 1 4-1 1 rw -1 ., v A4 1., 1 1 . , , . .1 , . .2 ' 1.-A-. 1 1- 1 -. - . 1 1 1 1 1 - N . -l -. -11. . . 1, . . ,. 1 1 Silling Xn'51ini.1Klnllil1s1- , Girl Cannpers Illnh Hun' Um' X.ln1-x lllY4'l'I, l'IAllll4'l'H Nlzlw-lui unc-, l1llI1'l llvm-rsu Smllhl. I llnn' 'l'l1'n l,ynn llnxs, l.n1s l' n. llznlnnnz ytl1'xxi1'l, ll:-r nanlvllm' lluluclvl' l,t'lUl'1'Nlll'lX4'll ln'r. ll4'x'1'l'ly H1-nlrnw, l'IlNi1 lllIIl'IlIIIIl'l', NJIlI1'N' Km-1'ln'r llnu' 'l'ln'w' :Kllv1'x1 lllllllll, llnnmli ffralwl1n'4l llntlu l,1v1'l1ln'r, Carol Alul1Xl'ul'l1 Illilll, l'.lilllll' Hg'llXV1'lllq- H'll'lyH'1 llnlt 1 . Clan' rlz- Xlurggln, Sflllllllllgl in l"rnnI Xl.n'x' :Xnn Alxxin. Nlzulalzinc I'lYCll1IIljflf Slunzlingj lllllll ll1'iIl'S4llI, tllqulw l'nw4'll, ltlwn' lxlvill. l.tniN l"l1'1' Snsnn SIIUIINJ. Iinlu-nt l.ipp1'rl. l,l'lllN1' Null. l'lllllp l'i3i4-lg n llannlml llams, N. 1.1-l.ll1l llun-x l Hillll. llll' l7Ill'l3USl' nl . .. ,,. 1 . 1 ., .., . , 1 1 . .-. - ,'.. 1 1 1 ll hllil I XXII l R51 l l lf lln C nli nnpnls K lnlm IN anuxly mg.nnmzl g xxlliull is lu l3l'K'M'lll Ulll5Ul'lllllllll'S lm- girls lu lllL'I'4'.lSt' tllvn' cnnlpinq l11mwl1'1lQ1-. llms lu I usa 1 lm nl .nnl 1-wok l41ntz1ll71n1' loml Ill tln- opmn ln nm lmnt 1 l1 xx l1nmx lnm ncls Ulu n In tlu 4 nnpm IS Nl nn nl tlu Hnls nc INPIIIIIU' to ln L nnp umnnsclms lllil nu lu 1x11II1nt Qllllllllkl Ill ah ll nl lnnn tln n nl l mlnutmn Xllss lllillllllll Xl,-X 1 . UA-XflNlC Cl,l'l3 . . , Stnmlm-nts wlmliln-tnr1u11l lll1lWl1l7llll'S final gnnplm- uppmlnnity In mln so in lln- Xlngzuiln' lfxclnnugm- Cflnlm, 'l'ln'y' luring: tln-il' own lnzlgzlxiln-s on 1-lnlm alms nlh-n trailing lln-ln with ntln-r1-lnlm Illl'llllJl'l'S. Nlalny ul tln lm-n1lwrstul11' priclm- in lmringing 1llnQ.1fln1s nl' lnnlsnnl ilnh-ws! un lrnln lorcign L'0Illlll'lt'S. llnnlm' tln' wpvrxisiml ul Nlrs. I.. Knl1lin. lllNl'll5SlUlIN nl lln' llll'l'3ll'f' walm- ul' nanny 1-nrrvnt, lllll'l'l'SllIlQ p1'rimlic"1lS am- ln-lcl, lim lnlnn- lln oncenflfafion an Cgemfoefifion K Checker Cluh Stunding- Q john Poster, Phvllis Ma l't . . 'gn raw, Leon Zaffer, ltobert Jensen. Bernice Herbert. Seated- Barbara Sehaeht, Muriel Thomsenuster, Gloria Pope. IA Checkers Staruling- Thomas Collins, Marilyn Steinke, Frank Sehendl, Suzanne lleldt, joan Lavassuer, Charles lfriedriek. Seated- Dalethia Brown, Edward Meyers. Michael Curto, john ltichardi, Laurel Carlson, Dolores Normann, VVayne Ehret. IA Checker Cluh Left Table- joseph IA-to, VVilliam Kuehar, Renae Ciesler, Barbara Stromberg. High! Table- Maria Cuagliardo, Gerald Trendel, Kenneth Shaden. IA CHECKFR CI UB , . , J . . . The 1A Checker Club, under the sponsorship of Xliss Nlc'l'igue, brings relaxation and enjoyment into the lives of its members. .-Xt each club meeting, there are checker tournaments, and at the end of the club activities the last contest of the semester is held. Two of the best players compete for the honors of top player in the club. These contests add to the interest of the group and also give the members a goal for which to strive, Page 78 Q W Q en ezuom JA ecor 5 Disc Jockey Silling fm fiUlH'! Nlalrgv Nlalsg-0, lfralm-vs Nvlson, Linda HUTIIIZIII, xlilfiiyll Robbins Sillingf rm, I'll!lil'.S'- Nlilfiilll NYitt1'. Mrs, llvisal. Ronin XYH- Iiums, I,m'c-lin Cliylal, lllll'illil Bm-climrski. Xiurilynn llaluiml SfancIing-- xIill'it'lli' Nlysiiwivv, ,loan Swazlvc, Pliyliss PIIISIQRI. xxviiiilllll Klllil, Yxmnu' Pmrski Disc Jockey Club Un Iflnnrf Arln'm- l'ul1-nal, fllurial Cil!X'1lll1l7li, Imm- fiililllilfi, Nlllllj' liugalcki, Aluycc l"m'ciro r Smltvrf- ,Indy Yam l':llN'i1'Il. Rnsaliim- Cnslv. .'Kii'l'4'1i11 i xllll'SiIllli, Gail Ulril-ll. .Ivan l.m-uw llnzmm' Kvciruk Stflrlrlirzg - ,Iamvt Kvsllvr, .loam Xxvllfllliliil DISC JOCKEY CLUB . . . "Plz1ttc'r c:llilttUl'v is tha- i.1lVOI'itl' pnstimm' ol' thc- Disc jockvy Club, umlvr thc' sponsorship of Mrs. Lois livisn. Nil'l1'liM'l'S luring Hu- lam-st Nswcct and solid" 1'c'lvusvs to club and discuss thc' ncwvst in stylvs and rhythms. AIIIUIIQ thc lmllucls mul jazz. lmlsic-all l'Ilj0ylNl'IIf is allways 1'va1t111'c'cl :ls tlu' main flu-mv. Page 79 J- Hhs.. 1"'k UAQ jAI"0lfLg E045 Clf'0:5C0l08:5 w 'I' 1 fi Reading Clnh Huck Row-Nancy Schocnlxorn, Olga Balos, Arthur Nlcinzcr, Kathlccn Backus, ltnlmcrt Klcinfcldcr, ltichard fllllllIlllSl'll, Mrs. Offonnor Front Huw-Barbara littlcson, Christinc Porcda, Mona Canlas, liilccn Mocllcr, Milliccnt lfcrgus. Sylvia Tylcr, Lcc Van Dc-r llnlst READING CLUB . . . Thc young me-mhcrs of this cluh havc cliscoveu-cl thc limitlcss wcalth of plcasurc that can hc dcrivcd from a good hook. Thcy know that joy and ad- vcnturc mcrcly await thc opcning of a cover or the turning of a pagc. ln addition, the-sc studcnts arc learning how to rcccivc the maximum amou t tk X 1 Q' - n o nowlcdgc hom any mat- tcr thcy choosc to rcad. N Biology Club Sflllllllllg-Alllilj' Barcal. Alohn ,lc-ctcr. ltolmcrt llardv lima Two-" " -A ' ' ' ' i loin Llc inialt, Nllllll' Gallo, Cannillc ltaldzicki, Ralph I lcnrikson Hou' Um'-Donna Antas, ltohcrt Olson, Nlargc 'Vryhus BIOLOGY CLUB . . . Thc Young Biologists havc vcrx important nhl-ctix' Tl - ' ' ' V 1 as it tlnu most nnpoitant ot thvsc aims arc thc hroadcning of thcir cultural hackground, tht- rccognition and undcrstanding of the functions of living matter, and assisting thcmsclvcs in choosing a futurc voca- tion -the physicists, scicntists. and doctors of tomorrow. Blood tcsts and disscctions of animals havc playcd thcir part in attaining this knowlcdgc and havc givcn thcsc young mcn and womcn an insight into litc itsclf. Page 80 re airing jar me jyvzfzfzre COLLEGE Cl.l'li . . . Nluny F0l'0ll11lIl stnclonts planning il collcgv cclncution cn- ioy tllc lu-nvlits ollbvwcl by tlu- College- Clnlm. Xlrs. l,lll'll1l Yovlz connsvls tllv clnlm nwln- lwrs, 0ll.l'l'lllQ tlu-ln l'CL'l'lIt information on tnition, cntrznlu- rcql1irclm'11ts, and coursvs ollk-11-cl. Sannplv 1-ntrullcv tvsts :Incl scholar- sllip vxzllllillutiolls givcn by Nlrs. Vovlz gim- tlu- stnmlvnts aulclitionnl insight into what to vxpvct in collvgv. College Club Ullicers Sflllllllllg Xlrs. XlUl'll. NYilliann .-Xmlvrson S!'flf4'lI, Bark Hon' -- llnrlmrn Nlm-nsclwl. llnmlolpln lloulllvrlnnlnl, llonnlml l.nxin. l,orrnin1' Kon-lmo St'1Ifl'fI. l'lUl'l',L1l4UlllllI l,illi:ln llcngtson College Club Sllllllllllgf - ,lonn llc-rg, llvnry Ln-ppin, Donnlml l'lvlunnn Sl'llfl'Il, liafk lion' l3an'lm:n'n XYykowsl4i, Carolyn Coopvr, Slnaron Xlznxlmll. ,loyw liriclxsvxx Srnlwrl, l"or'4'::r'nu1nf 'l'lwomlor4- l'fri1-lxson, llvltx' XXX-llig College Club Sfllllllfllpf'-lJll'li Sunglioni. llzzlplu Fnllwnllml St'llf4'lI, Bllfk Hou' - Xaunw' XY1lll1'l', Rlllll Nlilll- xl1ll'lt'lll'.'xl1Slll'l'.lJlll'll'Ill'll1lt'lQSll'll.l'lll'lllIUf xYlIl'Nl1l Swrllvrl. l"orc'groun1l ,lm-nn l,o1-lunnl l xxx gdwgid 600545 Jewelry Club Slllllcfirlgb Nlilfgillivl llogvrs, l'vlc-r cllllllI'ilSi', Mr. Nlnrlxwzxrt, Carol llusvlx. Ann llK'lTl'l', .lilllL'l I"c'rriL-aim-, Canrul liuslnlon, ll0SK'llllll'll' l.c'nzu'cln Sf'llfl'llf'lliiflllllil lmplw, Lorrnim- KllK'lilll, Pliyllis Cnlmlmwcuu-. Sluuwmn Amli-rson, Mary llulminu, C1-lcstiu Cupxll, ljllllll' Strutz, lNlill'Q'lil M1-lclicrt, Nlilflllll Sunrtinn, Nurnm Slxyvip Virginian Hug- inalrk, Nlig.fnun NVzu'cl, Sllllllfkl C1-niignauui JEVVELRY CLUB . . . Sonic of thc jc-wvlry you saw in tha- sliuwc-also tliis your was tlu' product of tlic- jc-xvclry Club. Tliv club was initiated in S1-ptvliilwr by Xlr. Gnrclun Xlzn'kWzu't, who spends inncli of his own spare tinu' nmking jvwclry. Students nizulv earrings, rings, anal cuff links out of sterling silwr, 4-nziiiic-l, :incl L-opp:-r. Nlucli of tlic- Work of tlu- club incnilwrs was solcl at tliv Cliristinus sale- in llccvinlwi' :incl lnzule' Wvlc-mnv lfliristmus gifts for some lucky pvnplv. Hold Team Ilzxrolcl llalus, cllll'SlL'l' Norys, Crm-g cl2lI'lS1'Il, Brian Anclvrsun Gulf Club 1'l1ll'iII,Lf Illr' Clwllll-XVa1ltc'r llcucli. linlwrl Ross lfilivf llnlz'-l5l'ia111 Alllll'liSl7ll, 'l'llUlIl1lS l.c'lilz1lu's, l'lI'1lllli lluclyiislii, 'Vlimnus Collins, cll'I'j.fUl4X Czulsun. llnln-rt lluizingn Svrnml Hou'-Pluillip llingvlstvin, Donnlml Musk-Iwll. llumlnl Ilaxais 'l'l1ir1l Run' llnmllql Sic-lvnlcl, llic-lmrcl llluiu, llruu- B2ll'L'l1lj'.l'lKlXY1ll'Cl l'znm-lieu: Ilzlynnuncl Nil-nlzny blllllffll 1lUll"'fKl'llll1'lll Sk'llllCll'Il, 'llllUIllllS lXlllil, lrwin lfolz. Clin-sim' Xnrys V N--f Y f ,7!Le flfllg Gncenlfmfion CRUSSWORD PUZZLE CLUB . . . The Crossword Puzzle Club, sponsorvcl by Nlr. Francis B l,a1nv, is one of thc innny vcliiczitioiiul clubs at Foreman. Its nicinlwrs arc ulmlv to incrcasc tlivii'voca1lm nl-irivs 'incl 'it tlu- snnu' tiinv i'ccm'ix'v thi- lwnvfits of ll strcnuous mcntal workout. ln oclclition. tlic nivnilwi's ol' thi- cluli si-cni to vnjoy tliviiisclvcs imiuvnsc-ly during their informal lui-wvc-kly ini-4-tings CHECKER CLITB .... -Ks pi'vocQi1piCd fziccs study tlic clu-clam-i' lioarcl intcnscly, "it's your inoxo' vc-liovs tlirougli the room. Unclcr thi- sponsorship of Mr. Kvuting, congvninlity luis lmcvn flu' in- ' clirvct olmj1'ctiv0. ' ZH Checker Club , Burk lioiz'-lriicy Yilnlv, llizuu' Bnrlvls. Nlnric l3i'niic11lniin, Marilyn XYalralfnln, SIISZIII Blougllr' clilfllllxllil llosxliioxn, Yvoniu' Du l'lnin , Sf'llfl'll, Imft lo Iiiglll Aliui- liiiiiwilx. Anus-llv f:1ljIll2llll'. lioilvi' Ilznxll. llonnii' llxivis, llvlc-n Dv Kim-l ZH Checkers Sf11Illlill,HYl,2ll Kloiulrig ,lt'lllllll'lll' llanisvr, sllilfilll llraiyc-1', 1,1-litin Kiism-xrski. Virginia SL-lm-ins, Kill'l'll llvgliivr, Lois lu-iulron, lint Svviiclsvii, Marry l,ou Nvlson Silling, lirlvk lion' NUFIIIRI l'olli'rinnnn. Sylvia Davis Silfirig'-Maiiy' Xlillvr, Iliann- l'i'lvi'soii. ixflllllll' l.:1 llocliollv, Dolorcs l'ivlf. .Xliw Snlivr. Imi- Ni-lli Crossword Puzzles SfIlHllill,Lfi.IllilY l'ilzu'slxi lpn-siilviill. l,orrniiu' Imin lsgl. :it nrinsl Sifling-l'zitrivi:1 Putt Qsi-1-i'vtaii'yJ. liiigviu- SZl'lS'l'll lviw' pwsiili-iill, l':lt Nll!llN'l'l Qlrvns- urvr C Crossword Puzzle SfllllflillgfclK'l'illilllll'xY2lSlll'XYll'7.lJllilIl1'xvK'l'Si'll-I W kno' ll0Sl'lll1ll'y' Nnstalli. Bully' l,L'1lI'llt'il, -Ioauiiu' Kurlirsi. l7illl'll'l1l Crowln'y, Nlnrgnrvt Droiicli, 'f llonnlil Olson IQ. '75 vv 1 1- 1 ' 'n' Silllng ---' llvlvn Sin-iw-ggi, Alczin Xluslivo, Rolwrt 'Tj l"rziiim'n. lClnim- Hiorgo, Yairlvy liric-lisoii, flt'l'llllllllK' lxostnlslsi, llulli Clippi-r, Ai1gvli'1'il Spi'i'1l:xli'. 'ffl 43' ,A Page 83 XQULAQJ M0 er PICRSK 3N.AXl,l'l'Y l'l,l 'S . . . Sincc- tlu- aim of cvcry girl at Forvinan is to lm at ' ' ip only natural that tlic Pcwsonal- lu-1' Nl'li-Cllllililllllt 'incl pniwcl lx-wt 'lt 'ill tnnc s it s ilx' Plus Clnlm xi is iiltlmlllutl list SOI7tt'INlX'l'. Unclvr tlic sponsorsllip of Xlrs. Xlary' llryskic' lllgI1l4'AlSillQIN'l'S0llLllitit'S. Ill . .,, O . . .'OviW -. f' if ' 'o lnnlnus cl 1, tlic glllS nxQli.1n,c tips n z ating, ctiqiu-ttv. anal clmvlop- Personality Plus Club Sfililflillg' Dianv ,Iaoulvsn'n, I,mn1g4-in' lxolmlixim-i, Clvri NYruna SHIIHI - Ann Colin, Nalaln' Ixaslnvr, l',lL'2llll7l'N1l'Nli'llUlS,.ll'llIlllK'cl1lSl, Gloria SQ'll1lllli, Dianv Nlilialili. llvnism' Duyli- Personality Plus Imfl In lliglzl Ioym-4' Piiiarml. liilc-vn l'1'l4-rs tlll2lI'l1'lll'Kll'll1ll'l. Kzulliryn XX9ll'UIll Personality Plus Sfllllllilljl .Ii-anim' llllllgiii, Yvmniin' I"iSll Silling f Hm'vc'l'lv Clvr, Nanvy Uulin, Han llill'1l Kalxig, ,Mlm-114' llyiia Personality Plus Slllllllillpfv Nlarilvn I Il'llll'Illllllill, 'lUS1'l7lllIH l,lXYUlY1lI'L'Zf'li, l,ilil'lL'iil Bing Illllll, slllIl'I1'lll' Alllblill Silling Diana- ilarnvtl, lilifxilwlli Cllanlmlu: Sm' lixw-rw. Patrim ll ll1'ninlzlg1'. Nlarilyn Cnrli-tt Imlitll Spanula PJIQQ' Hi CZLQCLW jnfrigmcf .l unior-Senior Checker Club Sflllllllllfl lfllvil lll'l'llll'N. l,0is l'llll'llll'li. cl.ll'Ul l,lll'lllll, llugvr l'llN'l'XXl'lll. llulmvrl SlllQt'I', Clixirlms lXlllll1l. liii-lim-ml C4-ill. Cvrry Smli-ii hiflrrig--C.4ii'ul lzc-lx, in-urgiqi Livgilvr. Iimmlfl l.u-mln-lx. Xzilvrlal Liituxxslxi. Slmimi l'xl1ltll'l'. .Kilim Nlvyvr. ,l2llIH'S Xlulxizuy XlV.ll'l'l'Il lfisvlivr ZA Checker Cluh Sflllltllllg, 1.1'fl tn Riglllf xl.ll'lUll llviiilsv, Xxlllllvl' l"im'liL'l', llgliiivl IJINUIIU Sfflffll, lmfl In High! Clmiilli- 'lllll'lsl4'XXlK'f. llmiimial lXllk'll'lx, .limii XX'imilIm1N', Xlilliauu llxam. Nlalry :Xnii l.1l llruiiu, -lnuim-ltv Sllllllllppll, lustim- .-Xppli-11 Oliu- xv.ll'R'ill'lL xlilllllllll Simi:-ss. Cm-im-linu 'lliso JUNIOR AND SENIOR Clllflllilfll CLUB . . . 'l'lim' jiiiiim'-Smiioi' Kiln-clwr iilulm ulli-rs lun incl L1 clmliu' to pz1l'ticip11tv in Ll Qllllli' to all SlllLll'lllS who urn' llI1'llllN'l'S. 'l'l1is chili gin-s 4-vvlx om' gui opportunity to tm-st his skill guicl lxiiowlcclgc ol' thc' lillSK'llliltlllll guim- ol 1-lu-4-lwrs, This popular orgaiiiizzitioii is sponsorcnl lay' Xliss llzmivls. ZA Clllflflslfli Cl,l'B . . . Tlu- lIlllllllTl'l'S of thi' 2.-X clll0L'lx1'l' fllllll Sllill'lN'lI tlwir wits Quill lu comin- skillm-cl at playing Qui intl-lligvnt glillllt' of clwclwrs. It tailws plviity ol 4-oiicc'iili'gilioii Ll llllllllllllg to In-nt swim' of our slullvcl plalyvrs. l.lIlil1'l' tliv spmlsmslllp ol Xlr. XlIlIlL'lxl'I'. ilu- :am prow' to lu- lll0l'UllQllly vnjoyulvlv. l'.1gv 85 lxNl allm ol I I ll excl llll ations ul Oll mat It lx ful' mlm tlmm- hunt ilu lll'Lfllllll , ' lll'lL'llf " if " ' In-r paltivlucvanlucl lll 1 IHA.. lllll'lL'Lllll l71llll'l'IlS amcl tlu- l!lllQllklQl' ul' lmiliing wvrm' lllalstwvcl. This 6 6 W Ulf 6LIf'lfL:5 :fer me Q5 TTING Cl,l ll! . . . 'lllll' nm'- 'S arc' lmsily vlivlxing :ls wllispvrs "' lo msl l mlm v wal il slitclll il ' ' ' lllti aro- 's Ji' ' 'za lll'0ll, Knittimi Club Xl1ll'll'lll' llw- . ' 1 'A ' ,' . ,. li'-lll Ilvnsmm, l'll-lllll' lllmlx SVIIIVII un flumg lrjl In 11,1111 ' ' Illlilx fi Slllllllfllg xlllll' Suluurmw. Cglml ll'llUIIlllN, YlIAQlIllQl furumx. xl-ll'X Sluul:-yy Alllllf' Ilnlmimml Silling Salmlral l'l'isl:rxl1. Nliws 'l'imlm. Sillltlfll Yivr rlnxx. l,hill'l72ll'il Xlarllxuxxxlxi, X'll'QlIIl.l 7 I lf, ll1'isll'l1lvau'll. Iuxu- BML. In lim Illllfx Knitting Club Slumliug l.1vl.1 lil-llvWiln-ng,.I1m11 klupmtlu. Nh-X4-il S1'rlIr'rl-- tll'UI'LflilXlI'IlilUIllll1'9. ltlllll lmrix, l.zlu'l'n4' lJUlllll1'lLfll'l'1Ilflllll' lllIl'lUYlxj.S1ll'1llI lluignxm. l.i11zl.1 Iulmwn, ,l.miu- Xlivlmrt Svnlml nu llnnr liurhum Kronuuld. liilcen Sclumn, llcrnu- dctte Krzyminski. .lnycc Stein Pago 86 1nstr11ment1111sts Sfflllllfllg 1,11ll1 Doss, 1111111-11 N1'i1'1111s. 13111111111 1X1l1Sl'1l1'11, 11411111 1'111'111'1, AI111111's C111'111', 111111111 c11111S1I'l1, Mr. Q-l'll1111l'. 1111'11111'11 ,11l11llS. 111111111 1'1l'llllL'1Sl'll S1'1lI1'1l 111111-k,Qr1111111l1 C'1'11'i1'1' 11llL'1l'lll C'1'1"11111111' 171111- 1 1 1N'I'1il'. 11112111 A1l111'l'Sl1ll. 41l1111l'S NV1111111111' S1'11l1'1f fl"111'1',u1'1111111l1- C111'111y11 11111'111111. 111111111111'f1'i1's1111 Al Pirlrm 11111 51 11111'1111'111 . 77 VL ii jd! .fd Olflflflflflg 1NS'l'RlUNIENTALISTS . . . T111' 1IlS1l4llIlN'll1'il11S1S 111'1' 21 group 01 st11111'11ts 1'11111'11t1'11 111 t1111 t111'1111111111' 111' s1'1f-1'xp1'1'ss11111 t111'1111g11 t111- 1111111111 111' f111ts 111111 s11111'ps. U11111'1' N112 C1l'll1313L"S g11i1111111-1' 111111 1-xpvrt 11111-1't11111. t1111 1111'11111111's 1111111 11 j11111 s1'ss11111 111' Rl 1111111 sort 1-1'1'1'y two w1'1'11s. T111-y 111'm1111st1'11t1' t111'11' t1'1'1111111111's 1111 t111- "1111111's, 1i1-111'i1'1- sticks, 111111 110l'l1S.N 111111 1'x1'111111g1' 111f111'11111ti1111 1111 t111- 111t1'st 111'1'1'111111111'11ts 111 t111' music w111'111. 'l'A1,1iNT CLUB . . . '1'111s g1'1111p 111 t1111'11t1-11 1111-11s 1111'1'ts with Miss F11111'111 1-111'11 1111111 1111111111 to 1.lll't111'1' 11111'11111p 1ll'11S1'l'1l'S 111111 111s1-111'1'1' 111-w 1111111t11's 111111 s11i11s. NV111111 g11111i11g "s1111w 1311511108511 11xp1-r111111'1' 111111 p11111s111'11s of l'Il11'l't1l1ll1NQ. t111'y 111'g11111x1' 111111 p1'1111111'11 1'111'11't1' s1111ws 1111' t1111 s1'1111111's 1111j11y1111'11t. 1.11 1511111 ST Talent CI1111 f7lI l"l1111r .I11s1-1111 1111s11111-, 11111'11111'11 Oz 1N1ill'111l' .11'1111i11gs 11-11sl111111 Q 111111111 51111111111 C1'11sl111111-1 111111' 01111- 1111111's 111-11111111111 N1Ill1'y' 1115111 ski. A1'11'1'11 C11y11'ws11i, 1'111Z1l1l111l V111-1'111'1'. 131111111111 11111111s X1lIlL'y K1111111 111111' T1l,'U---- , . . , . 1111111111 x1lll'111'lA, ,1ZllIll'l' W1-1s1 ll 1111r11, C111'1'1 S1lI!lll3l7, M1-11111 S11'11111i11, Y1111'1I1ll'l1 Kozlows 131111 1111141111 xgizfftfe an QIWUZCQ The Stuclent Council, uncler the clirection of Nliss Clara l,awin, is an enterprising group ol' stuclents, cleeply concernecl with important school prohlems antl activities. The memhers ol- the Council, cluring the past year. kept husy with management anal sales of thc Activity Pass, which entitlecl each stuclent to two activities each semester. The past year the Fifth Army liantl, a lec- ture ancl movie hy Nl. ul. Alhrecht, and a concert pianist, Fretlerick Sjohairn. were presentetl. The proinoting ol- charity collections. the filling of llctl Cross hoxes, ancl the sentling ol' pocket hooks to our service men are also important uuclertakings of the Student Council. Student Council Ufliccrs Sflllltlfllg, le!! lu rigjlil lxaren llintlerlanul t'lll'l'llStlI'l'I'l, Nancy I llIt'llllilIlll tl tee-l'res1tlentl Seulcrl, lcfl In riglil Lois Iialhlve tSet-relarvl. Delores lvantller ' ltltnll 4 I res' Stutlei it Council Slunrling Clara Ingles, liiehartl lleelv billing l,orr:une l,e1a, Miss liaxvin, lrene llungthon, Xlallver lleaeh. Sanclra cllalllgllillll Student Council l,1l.vl linux l'aul Iolunson. ,loan Schuster lion' Six Annette tlagliano, l,ou Ann lfpstein. Carol XYorlvnian. Clara Ingles. Lorraine l.ela, Lynn Russ ltuu' lfitz' Nancy NYalters, Donna Sclnioecler, Clariee Buchan, Carole Knorps, Angeleen Spetlale, ,Ianel Niolis, litlxvarcl l'ansehai' lion' lfuur .lutlv llareal. Santlra tleniitinan, lilaine Kropp, Karen Iltntlerlantl, Xlnllver licaeh ,lillllt'S lleillv. llerhert Russell. llieharcl lleels lion' 'l'lu1'f' Nant-v 'l'hiehnann, Nancy lirliartll. Nancy Ilellstroln. l,t't'cl2llIIl1lI'l. llaxitl lluxton Nanev XYilher Xluriel 'llll0IllSt'll'llSll'l' .nm lin haul ,Init lv. ltitlmntl ll. ltuu' 'lun l,llll'lt'l2I lioortf, Xlarian lteinlae, liinilv Zogropl-mos. I u inn lx n l'lt mlm I loin XY: Inn in XY tx nt l'olvoiux l'u l 'th t ltl ' " ' " ' "'CS'lDl'Ill ltnu' Una' Xanev llioinsen, Deniee Doyle. l,ois Dalhlce, lrene Iunfgll In Fr: ion, lantla l'aul ful Delores Kant llcr l'ag.5u 88 Woonfinfw Wfafrifion S FURIQNI,-XN'S l,l'NCllRUUNl . , . IN-rlmps Illv lmmt Iikul nmliml ui tlu mln is ilu lm .-' 4. . A ,I ,. 2 . ' y. if .six 1 ull pumml I lkll snlmol all clmmg ilu httln 'lllil wxmltll pvriomls I on III un s IIIIIILIX in I lItS illxuclc tlu' lunclmrm " '- 4 'js nu' Umlvr thc' supm'rx'isirm of Hrs. lilltll Balm Zlllil lu-r stall. our lum-lmmmn uflr-rs wlmlvsmm fm ltlll0SlJllK'l'i'. Ml. 2ltfl'2lL'tiYl' pricvs. :mtl am llm'ql111lm'cl lmppx I WHL l'zu.u- SU jf 3 jun - in lf' O-fhde I O O Q ' -i ,f7"'-PQ .594 Su . Ill Checker Club Slunrling f--Iosephine Valenza, -lack Duerclotli. SiHin,ueMarlene Hagen. Nancy Cliiesl. ll! Checker Club SfIlHl1flI,LI-cll'0l'j.l'l' Schweizer, Dale Rogers, Barbara Denccke, Elwood Miller, Gilbert Cieslewiex, Ray Nieolay, Pat llonet-lies. S1'llfl'llAAl'll'tll' XVaccleli, liolrert Gustafson, Lucy Capasso, Peter Mills, Darlt-en Coxzi. ll! Checker Club SIuuzliug-Virginia Sperlin, liicharcl liarsant, liclwarcl Kranz, Angela Sarlo, joan Long, joyee Aclanus. Yietor lfranz. l,1'fI 'lllIlIlf'Al"l'llllli Delnneclieo, Ronald Siclclons, Richard Evans, llolxerta Crek, Dominic 'l'ilwerio. High! Talnle-Arlene llzlliu, Margie Sehoon, Cary Steinlvack, Thomas Bruggeineier, Antoinette llenkosiewiex. IB CHECKER CLUB . . . Unclei' the sponsorship of Nlrs. Clillortl, the IB CheckerClul1 oliers to all of its memhers the enjoyment of a sport with plenty of competition. Some of the players are quite professional, and it is fun to watch them as they keep an eye on every play. This club not only provides enjoyment and relaxation, hut it also teaches the players that it is not whether you win or lose, but how you played the game that counts. Some friendly com- petition withont hard feelings makes this game much like the game of life, for we must he ahle to accept the defeats as well as the victories. Page 90 Qfowjlfriaufa doa ac 85 i lln- llll'Illl7l'I'S oi tins club lookvd iorxx'an'd to ULICII nuwtnig to lc'zu'n mon lun-ts about thc nrt of liorsvbuck riding. .Mnong thc infornizition that wus guiiwcl lay tin-sc future- 1-qua-strinns was lioxx to inount, disinouut. tht- corrcct posturv for riding. and what to do xvlwii tin llorsv imlks or roars. llwy lvurncd tin' dliivrvnt typos and ln'1-1-ds of liorsc-s. Xliss Xlnddvn. tin sponsor of thu group. inudc tlu' club vcry intm-rusting. in tin' liopv that ns ai rm-s tlu- nn-inlwrs would bvcoinc poi-ft-Q-tt-tl and we-Il-ini'oi'im-d ridt-rs. Hit and Iiridlc Slumlingg - Miidrvd Gloss, Silllilfll 'l'l'4'iit4'lu4ll'. Sillldfil Sin-iiu'i'. Susan xv2ll'lll', Carol lim-kc-l', Clalil llolclwst. Nliss NIZIKIKIVIL 'l'm-au-ln'r, Kun .'xlltIl1H1S4'll. Silling Imfl to Ri,qlit-- Nlonivn Sim'w1'i't. liosv Nlzlry' Porvdal. Ilclvu lfsposilo, Susan C4'iu11'i', Bill'- lmrzl xYi'llNllllfUlliS. Clauidiai Clifford. Gnwnldiin' Illlilillgll. liit und Bridle: Front lion'-f Plllllil HilIlll'l'1'. llvlvn -Inn-olms, Lon Ann lipstviii. Bi-rnzird Bosn-li. Bonniv 1,4-stu-r. lfflrk Roll' - lionzdd Siggvimlii, Pntrit-in Conrudi, Pail lloorly. Hill'IJ1ll'1l IlI'ilHiL'Ll, Dviorvs l,1l llrippv, Iililll Dm' Clu'rrim'. 5 Q-ff . ,igsiwf if Pam- HI 06948 Omg fydme. Projector Club 1 'gill KSlr111fli11,uJ 'l'11p rou',l1'fI If ll Carol XYa11'nl. lilwootl l'i1'ic-ltsoii, ltin'l1a1l'cl llvcls. l,ois NYu1'cl. Xillltf' filo Silling li111 l7t'Sl'0lll'Ulli'l. -ltlllt' llvsroii- I'1lllt'7, liosm' llln'c'l11o Projector Club Slrnirling XVL'slt-3' Nlbis. 'l'llUlll1lN , lltlllilltl 'li2lllllll1lll5l'l' l,L'l4't'lQ limi' 'l'Il'4v Kl'llllt'llI 'l'i111111, M111 i 1 l',x'a111s. . , . I l',lll'l c1lllllIlIlllL,5 Hou' Um' I xllllllillll li0lllll'lxl'. lloiiailcl l vm- lllt'l', lit'lllll'lll l"i11l1'y', l,t'lllIl5 llllfff' Projector Club Sflllllllilg l,t'IllllS Sl'll1ll'lUXY, Cl1a11'l4-s Nlvnf. llicliairal 'l'wo llou' 'l'u'o' lfloxml lxopis. ltolwrt Nziroxislti llol1c-rt l12ll'S0ll lion' Um' l,lll't'll1l l'lI'l'y. b lialrtlo, Coriiiiu' llollsvu -U l'1'o1r'r'lm' Xyvslvy Xyvis Vim-viii l,om 1'1'c'stml iii ll'Lll'lllllQ liow to l'RU.llfC'l'0R CLUB . . . Tlu- l,I'0lt'ClUl' Llulm mcmlmc . 1 i ' '-- " ' " ff mox'ic-s, sliclc-s,1111rl lilmstrips is port ot' tlu-ir job. opv1'a1t0z1ll typos 111111 lll1llit'S ol piolc ctois. SllUNNllli., o tllu L uc ol' 1ll ltllllI7Illt'llt iiiclucliiig its ll'llllSp0l'l2lllUIl tlftllllltl tl1c' lmuilcliilg. minor 1cl smllci Q ol lun 'l'l1c'v als 1 " -a " Q 1 ' mal most lllll70l'l'llll tlic- l't'l321ll' All Q1 '-'11x i bro '- rvpuirs uiucl 1't'pl11cm'111v11ts, film llillltllll g. 1 . . . ' l sviwicc- 1oi11ts 'irc' Qix'c11, wl1icl1 i11 time will It-ml to Ll scliool lc-ttcr lilm. For tliosm- clutivs sclioo . 1 Llic It iomc is tlic L 111 llwlc' sponsor ol tl11s club. amcl possibly 21 ' 'Yl'0ll Xlrs.. " 1 J 41' rv. "TIL '7 . N jffdlfin -- Vw - wo - N ZAIWI1 Pl'l3l,lC .-XDDRIQSS CLI li . . . Buys ulhu slml Ill 4'l1'c'tl'rulims llllfl plvulx' ul opportunity tu lc-'ulu umrv 'xlmut tlux lu-lcl uul xxlulm clmug mn, sz lu tln u 1 4 . sm-lumul llmlvrtlw-11114-dmm-tmu ol XII' lloln-rt ltuvrc- our pulmlic aulmlrm-ss c-lulr is illXX'1lXS - ' soc-mls. '1x'1il'1lvlc- il' xwvmlvml XYl1mu'u'1' ll uulw is lulmstccl lm 1 1 4 utlu-r sc-lnuol 'lL'lIXllll'N tllv llll'lI1lH'I'S ol tln- Pulmln- ,Xnlclu 55 Llulm 4 . . . :msc-lullmlivx. auul go to wr mrlx. lil-siclvs prmimliug lI1UllllN'l'S willl sc-l'x'icv points towunls ll sc-llool lc'tlc'r, llu Cllll1LIlXi'Sllll'lll lllN'Lllll1llJll' c'xp4'ria'uc'1' wluc-ll lllkly. smuuc'1laly'. l1l'UXt'l0lH'1llI :msd wlwu K'llll0SllIQ1l lille- time- prnll-ssiuu. Public .-Xddress Slllllllillpf XX4ll'l'4'11 l.3lTllllEl. ilnrmlvlu l7llll1l'l'lI, -lauuws llm' l'l'1llIlx .'xlll'l'lH. Km'rliu,u lxzlx. Xlalll lx.lssus'l, lin-Imul Xlll'Nll'l', llIL'll1ll4ll luuul. hm llzl NHXXIP. Public Address llurk mu' lluuuux Hllllllblxl. lxurl Xl1'lNlt'l. llllfllllllltl Nluuuanll- ur. liugl-r I I:u'lu4'll, lfmlll run' Ilvurx lxulilx, 'l.llllIIIIlN Klillvwpiw, Dnuulml llulmlwlxlvllu, Public Address ,' Yl',Lfl lcjllf I ll liurl Xl1'S1'lll, liuxln Hwy Sll-lmlviux. lluuqrlcl Iuuullnm. .-Xl.u1 l'm'l1'lw11, llwlwll c.1lllLIlll, Sfllllllllly .xl'llIIH' lfuitln, .vi-"3 ..k x. was lfirsl .VX Slrnnlinl liolwrl Nlt-Xlnlum, Itit-luml Sto- smlt, l'll.llIlx Sll'l1lIillll1', xllLlll'Xll Xlorrvlo Killing Ur, Lust-, ,Xllwrl Iorzlvn lfirsl Aid flluh Slnniling llllllillll llol'r4'l', llonztl Blllllll, llo'fvr lossi. l'1tlwan'tl lxalxvzlllxiv- we fibocfor IWZUQ5 . . . id Club xxivf. Ili K IINQ Silling I1-rrx 5lll'!. Slarnlvx ,-Xlvv. lllL'll' ml lXl'.llllN1lt'lx.NllllllllllSi'lllllllK'. 11 fk- , W ro-' 1 lillRS'l' AID Cl,l'H .... 'Xs wi' ull know. tln- aliility to apply first :lid propc lln' 4-lnlm. llis nwnlicnl lmc-lxgronml lms provvn imulilulmlv in tc-uc-lling tlio 0 liis sc-ivm-v is un instructor who tliorouglmly liinclwstuiltls tliis lic-lcl. Fort-:mln stu- mlvnls rm- lortulultm' in llllYllllL tht- sc-lwicvs ol' Dr. XVultt'r Cusv, tllv sponsor of irlv urn ln' c'xti't'im'lx' Yl1lll1ll!lC. .X n'c--rm uisitv lol' Uuillillff ll Com ulvtt- lxnowlvclqv ol' , I 45 T 1 lulm nut-inlzt-rs tlu- L-oi'i'vc-t lll0llIOil ol' lmmlzlging cuts ancl ztlnusions, stopping vxcvssive lull-1-cling. and nclininistvring first uicl to pativnts otlicrwisc- ulllictc-cl. Nluny me ln-rs ol' tllis clnlm lntvc' continuvcl lllllll' first uicl training by taking lic-tl Cr coursvs to l'lIl'llli'l' tht-ir lmowlvclgc. 'l'ln'y rt-alizt' tlmt tliis is ll sliill to ln- win ln-ra-ml lllftlllllll lilo nncl ont- wllic-li will ln- oxtwillc-ly list-ful to ull. Page 94 C111- f ir P50414 en Germain Club Smnzliug-Vlilaiiuv lluumi. lluu' Um' Nlurim' Ivzm llillllxlilllll. Xuruiaui l'i1i'u's. Yallmlu Ya-iliuzuiis. -ll'2lllIlI' Sl1lllllS. lluu' 'l'li'n Num-y NYillw1'. Xlyruu Krvinilx. Nlurc-in llirig. limi' 'l'l11'i'1' lrvin lfivlx. liallpli llulilx. lialllili-vii blivluismi. Hou' Fuiu' Xluriuu Iii-tluu-11 Yun-3' X1u'sw1n'll1y, Germun Club Slrllirlingg ll2ll'l'j' Sllglllilllilll. ifiuualml Sl'lIIlll. l'all1'ic-iii llH'lll'llS, XYiliu:i lAN'Wl', l'lilW1ll'llllll' Nlll'llUll. liulli Us-ring. liullwriuv Skirlm. :Xgiws lfri- vuuo, Caiml livalils. Sluuwm lmxxis. l"rm'ml Iwi-lil, llulli sl'lIXYlll2lH'l'li. Xlauus- l,oi-wr, Blllillkllll Youngs. .-ll Pirlriu Di-lmw-s li.uull4-i', Xlurilyu lQviiiu'mly. Nlalry Inu Xlm-ul. GERNIAN Cl,l'l3 . . . 'l'lu- Ci-riiizni Clulm, om- ol' tlu' olclm-st :it l"m'vi1u1u, is lui'gvly ll social clulm. lu tllc' lirst svim-stvi' tlu' uliivll activity is tlw tflu-istmus tcm lm' mutlu-rs ol' all stuclvuts Ul'clCl'lll1lll. lu tlu- sm-oml si-im-sh-r picnics gm- popular. .-Xt tliis tiiuv tliv mviulwrs also pluu l'XL'lll'SlUIlS to x'z1l'imuis plain-vs wlim-rc some- plmsc- ul' Cla-riuuu c-ulturc' is uxuilailmlv. At flu' ra-gulur vlulm svssious, ultm-r lmusiiwss lll1ltl0I'S am- tukcu cam- ol. C14-riuuu gziuu-s am- pluyvcl aural C11-riuuu songs RIN' Sllllg. Q-wsu German Cluh Ullicers lmfl IU fig!!! ll'1'Ill' Alllllllllltlll. l'i'4-sirlvlulg Yzuivy 'I'luim'lm1u1u Xu-mi-pi'i's1mli'ill: Xllss liaiwliiq Xllllff Sfllzluy. 5i'c'l'1'lLllyL ltrm lliwrm-i', ll-l'1'2lSlIl'l'f, lhugv 93 i l 1 MOMMM fgfiga Q LIBRARY Cl,l'l5 . . . Om- ol' thc- sc-i'x'icc cluhs ol' l"orvmun is tht- l,llJl'Lll'y Chili. 'l'l10 ilwinlwr- ship iii this chili is limitvcl to lilirury zlssistzuits. Nliss Sophiv xvtllilll, tht' sponsor. talclxlvs il mwx projc-ct l'1ll'll sl-iiicstc-i'. Lust your tht- 4-luh compilvcl il hook c-ntitlml l'lIll'0l'if1' Iif'r'ip1's of flu . t .-t . f-V 1. .- -4.4 vt s-s 4 . . , . l'llll'Illl!j. At thc' t-ml ol' thc- sc-im-stvi' it wus clish'ilmutccl to thc' instructors. so that :ill might :it- lmmpl the Klillitltlll CllllllllX tttlmiqms mltsuilm cl llltltill LIBRARY ASSISTQXNTS . . . Tlu- lihrury zxssistauits :irc ol' grvut xullic' to Form-maui lliqh School, Tin-y kwp tht- lilmu-y Ill'kll Quill orclvrly llllll tallu' curl' ol hooks. lilzlgalxiiws. illlll tlu- vuln- loging ol' curcls. Tlim-y am' also wspoiisilmlc for tha- stamping :mal L-lim-king ol' lmoolxs which the sluclvnts may tallw out :tml l't'tlll'Il l'kll'll pvriocl llllflllll tha- school clay. Library Club .lroiuul lin' lulnlt' 'l'r:u1nls'l Svlnalrpli. Cyntliiqi l'litlllL'L'l1l. YlI'Qllllll l'ltllll't'X, lm-qiivliiim' .xllllIl'!ll. Nlairilyii xlllllifllll. Slumlingg lil-Inn-s Ualsl, Dorothy llolm, Stllllllill l'l'lL'I'SUll, Silling ul :link Xliss NYolnn. Nlrs. Ilzirris. Student Library Assistants lion' Omg swzllrrl- Bill Ci'osswliil1-. Dunno l'owm'll, l'n11'lmr4l Slzlmilai, Balrlmrxl Clnrisliauisvii, liurlmm XYm'iislmlonis Hou' 'l'u'o, .S'l'lll!'t1' .lost-pliiiiv l'lXXtlXX1ll'l'lflx, flfllllllll Kolzmy. lluth Niillvr, Ntlflllll SL-limitl. .-Xrlaiim- l,illlllL'lIt'lll' xlilflhll Ilaiuhl. Hou' llzrwg -Nl'll't'tl"ffiIl'Hl 5ll'lt'lxt'l', lltu-lm:-41 Xll-iisulicl, Nlillia-wil l'L'i'3.fl1s. Ciliaxrlvm- llosigllx. Xl.ull-lim Xiilt-Q, l5alrlmr.i XYx'lQowslxi, Phyllis -Iolmslon. Sfllllllillgf Aloim livrg. Kzlllilw-in Bait-luis, llalrlvm' l'l-rlwrg. Salmlrai SIJt'llCl'l'. lm' I'iIlL'lllt'l', Kay lin-slw, liill llyaui Lum Czipaisso, Szuuiru llvti-rson, Nlllfllyll Nlzmgiiii, lim-otliv Holm, lkigt- Q6 jim? owe Hi e ,ff Cut Club Slunding-joauuie YVitt, janet Niotis, Ruby Ueei SiIlin.g-Diana Ziegler. Linda Bodeu, Arlene Kirk, Lillian Schulz, Annette ll0Sl7llNlil Cut Club Standing-Carol Ugorek, Donna Schroeder, Audrey Lazinbat, Dolores Geenther Sifling-Myrna Jaleobitz, Maureen Doyle, Carol Schultz, Sandra Buflleben, Anna Ozog Officers Strnuling-Celeste XVisniewski Sellfcll-Aliee llalwnx, Adeline Ozog, joan Zmieh CAT CLUB . . . A newly organized group this year was the Cat Club sponsored by Miss Vera Stern. Members devoted their time to exchanging stories and inter- esting personal experiences about their past and present pets. Magazine articles pertaining to the care and feeding of their furry friends were often read and discussed by the enthusiastic cat lovers. Another feature of this club was having the members take photographs of their various pets. Some of the girls had taken moving pictures which they brought to club meetings for the other members to enjoy. These movies proved to be very humorous and helpful. As a result of this club many of the girls have learned to take better eare of their pets and are now nble to enjoy them fully. Page 97 CAT CLU HW Cai ' CWM y CAQQJQ, fydcwe. lfHO'liOGRAPHY CLUB . . . This vc-ii Photograpliy Club Standing, Ivft to right G4-orgv llzlrcli f, Balrlnnlr Sitting, lvft to right- mm-rtillligi-s,l'ftli1-I Pimr 1 ny., C11 llilllll Nlzlrlcm' llauiglauul. Carol lllllllt nn vr. Pall xv1'lN'l' l'lmtogruplier's Cluh lurk Sl:-plminmficl, lla ' l'liutop.2rupl1er's Club I,1'ft tn Highl- ,lllL'li Atl4'ln'rry, l'r4'sicl1'nl llill Crillitli, 'lvl'L'1lSlll'i'l' :W , ulnlral C lnis wison, lXlill'1.lllN't Nlissnnt, llu ni llallllvrauiclt. Kntlili-vii llorl, XX 1 s -1 cli. Cnrul llulw, K4-mn-llll 0 lXllllll'I'llllf Slvclinaui, Yin' l'r1-sim I lclx llullnl in Suu I ui 1 11 as 21 new fvutiirv, tllll Pliotogrupliy Clulv c um n 0 locus. Xvltll tllc lnilp and uclvicv of Nliss Virginia Cuvoit, thc-sc aspiring sln1ttvrlnlg.,s stun lu pic-tlircs taikvn by profcssioiuils. us Wvll us tlloso prmliicecl lay tlwir own cflorts. The sc were juclgvcl lay sm-li ci'itc'i'i:1 us focus, composition, and contrast. Tliv kiiowlvclgv guiiwfl will lulp tha sc photo fans to pri-sm-i'w llllllly pre-sions inc-morivs on film. ljugle' 98 Z8 Qlfefdd H 77 l.ettermen's Club-Ollicers Seated, Row Onc- liaymond Caccarno, President Tll0lllllS Rospond, 'Treasurer Seated, Row Two- Charles Nelson, Secretary Standing- Coaeh Mike Frederick l.ettermen's Club-Members ol our 1953 City Championship Baseball Team Standing- Edward Skowron, Raymond Caccamo, Thomas Rospond, Edward llintzke, Anton Petran. Edward Dick, Richard Spencer, Charles Fcrraro, Erwin Iloeft ' l.ettermen's Club Seated, first row, left to right- Edward Skowron, Raymond Caeeanio, Edward llintzke, Thomas Rospond, Richard Spencer Standing- Coach Michael Fredrick Seated, second row, left to right Donald Lehica, Edward Dick. Charles Nelson, Anton Petran Standing-Frank lleichenhack Seated, third row, left to right- Charles Ferraro, Erwin lloeft THE LETTERMENS CLUB . . . The Lettermenis Clulm is, perhaps, the most exclusive organization at Foreman High School. From the day many a freshman enters the school it is one of his fondest dreams to someday wear the coveted golden "FD on a Foreman sweater. For many this honor must always remain a dream, but for a select few it becomes a reality. In return for the honor of wearing an the boys on the athletic teams continually strive to luring victory home to Foreman. If defeat comes instead, a victory emerges in the form of superior sportsmanship. Page 99 gferg .,fgZZ6!l.,f6ZbZl9l 6? ggzg. YOUNG TRAVELERS CLUB . . . Xleinlmers of the Young Travelers Cluh, uncler the sponsorship of Nliss lXlargaret Kennecly. take advantage of their excel- lent opportunity to see anal learn about people of other lands. Numerous movies, a variety of magazines. and frequent cliseussions are the sources of knowledge which elulm nieinhers soon acquire. The Young Travelers Cluli not only is informa- tive and brings much pleasure to its niemhers. hut its teaching may soineclay he of great value to certain meinhers who have the good fortune to travel aliroacl. Young! Travelers Club Officers Slznulinge PLACES' Allrecl Steinlie tSgt. at arnisl. Serllerl, lefl lo riglil, uronnrl mille- Leroy l,anclauer CViee Presiclentl, Kenneth Dallxke tTreasurerl, llohert Schultz tl'resitlentl, llolxert Seliuster t Seeretaryl, '1 Young Travelers Buck lion'- Carolyn Olson, Phillip Dennirl ll l ., o iert Nlartin. liohert Nletzgon, Aaron Uni- lauf. Mary llirseli. Frrml Row- , ,luclitli Kaliszewslxi, livelyn Anrlerson, Ceorgia XYilliznns, Carolyn Xlarlillull, Nanev Nielsen, Davicl lluxlon, Alaek Clinton. YOUNG Travel Club Sitting- Aluclitli Kalisxewslti, livelvn Anclerson, Ceorgia NVilliains, Carolyn Marlcfall, Nancy Nielsen, David ltuxton, jaek Clinton. Slflllllllllil- Carolvn Olson l'llil Dei . . , nina, llolm Martin, liolm Metzgan, Aaron Uuilauli, Mary llirseli. QNX ,... sf' ..,.,. . 1 . , .. A ,Q . ' , 8 -s. Page 100 oremalfh 365149 ingem J? TYPING QVEIENS . . . Thc souncl ol' clicking kcys hcurcl in thc llulls of l'10I'l'll111ll on cluh clay can hc trucccl to Nliss Cooncy's typing room. This cluh, which is olliciully cullccl thc Typing Quccns, coinhincs fun and lcurn- ing, making it ycry alppculing to any girl typing stuclcnt. Tho nicmhcrs incrcnsc thcir knowlcclgc of thc typcwritcr and its uscs nncl lcurn new mcthocls anal stylcs of writing lcttcrs. Aftcr tho instruction thcrc is always tiinc for ll gaunc. A fayoritc with thc cluh is clruwing picturcs with the typc- writcr. Bcsiclcs pcrfccting in1lix'icluz1l typing knowlcclgc nncl promoting ll fccling of licllowship zunong thc girls, thc mcinhcrs fccl thc inost important liunction ol' thi- cluh is giving catch girl nccclccl skill. which will lutcr hclp hcr find pl'0lltillJll' and intcrcsting cinployincnt. Page lOl Typing Queens sfflllllfllgv Connic Squco. Maury l,ou C4-llc, Burlmrzl Shaw, -lK'illl Kcrcho, Sonia lhnvlik, lfruncinc lic-szutlio. lluth Munclilc, C24-rnlclinc Vizlni. Sculrrl lcfl Io right- l'un"1 Icc Yvoocls Carol Sclluzlclf, llilzl Nlikos, Puulinc Applcr. -Icrry l,2llll'l'lll2lIl0. .4 1 4 4, Typing Queens Burk Hurt- Nlaulclinc l,l'SL'lllil', Nlurilyn XVcy, Antoincttc Krauss. loam Mucllcr, Marilyn Czuch. lfronl Row- Annu May Dc Vita, Susan 'l':1ylor, Diznic Cutronal. xll'I'U!1lC2l lJ2lllllll'lK'I', .Ioycc Pokorn Maury Spicci. x Typing Queens Buck Hou'- Ccrulclinc llollnnln, Al2lIllL'1' l,Il!llK'li, -Il'ilIH'lU! Krol, Alcan Bullzln, Nancy 'l'honiscn, Dolorcs Nlunglo. ll0Sillyll Dznnorc. Front Hou'- Dorothy Cunulstu. Shznrlcnu Alhrccht, Louisa ljllpllllll. lilillllll ClllllSl'H. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB . . . Solving tlu' pmlmla-ms tlxut 1-utc-r tln- cvcxyc lin-s of fl'i'Il2lQt'l'S is tha- olmjvct of tllv Psyclmlogy Clulm. Nliss Nloon- is tllc' 21 sulmjvcts sun-ll us iul'vrim'ity cmnplvxc-s :mal otllcr vmutimml prulmlc-ms which nm-nmlu-rs would likf- to llIlll0l'St2lllQl lI10l'l' fully. l,SyCllIll0j1y Club Huy .vlrlurling -llvrulml 4ll'llllll'lx Sllllllllllgj - alum-t Nlau'l4lm-y, Xlluuln Drunslai, klllilllllil kmwppm-I, Sully Ann Lipinski, l'm1l1yj0m's Siliing, Hun' Turn f Cla-umm' NYallsl1, livvvrly llislmp, SlllI'll'Y Prvlw Silling, Hou' Um' -llc-lm-u Suvals, Num-3' Slvru- lwrg, llllllliilfll Ilia-lwrsml, B1'l'llli'l' Amll-mm, l'm'ggy klf-psu-in. Lllilllli' 'l'rc-lm, Carol SL'll2ll'll.l'l' A l'sycllology Club W Silling llutln Cross. alum- lQili'ZllI1lI'l'li, -ll'illl lllIl'lSllll1lll Y Slumlingl fllllflll flallalssi, xlll'lll1l Svluuifli Ikyvsllologiy Club llrlrk llnu' ll44'll4' Nlilvwslxi, l'lll'2llllDI' ll2lilCli1'l lozuul JXYUIIAI. llvlvu C14-lurulzm. l,m'4-tial cll2lSl'I. Imun Smugau-ll, l3au'ly'uu Imws, Slnirlvy AYQIIS Hffll' 'l'll'U f .-Xl'lc'm' Siclur. lfllvu Xlvllv. Luis O Nl'1ll. lliauu' Sicllvy. xlillj :Xun Nlaulugu lluu' Um' Nlilmlrvxl llvmaum, Iuyu' Sl'Xl'l'l'5. Sum' Dauum, Cutluim' Sl-In-null, Lllilllll' Clnluriol. Murlm-m' llrnssi Slmlvul flllkillpf In ,Lffllllll llvraxlcl Alvlmwk lllljlli 102 lmlc clirvctm' ul' this lmppy group. Activa- discussions tukc plum' ut mu-l1 uwctiug un tlu if mn .Awe QM! Elf Wof in C48 Chess Club , . . Puwlicki Sfllllfllllfl Daunivl xv1lll'l'S. Clmrlm-s 'I'mhl, llmmallml ssliug, Philip llingm-lslvin Srrllwl -- lulm Us-slnlu-wig-ll, ll2lll'll'l1l Mulrals. l,1-mmrrl Unlglauul. 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Scwvlunl of tln' Scniors slloulrl lu' vita-cl for OlllStl1llllllIQ lc'1uln'1'sl1ip on thc- lic-lcl. JXIHUIIQ ilu-sv slmulml ln- lllC'llIQlt'Kl xVlllti'l' Kmmr. -lolm Ficluu-c-ial, Vic Ima: llzmlx cli'I'l'Illl0lClt. lion lin-llw. Huy cl1lC'l'Lllll0. Dick Xlllllllil. Vito Culvlln. llllll l"rc'cl ll'km'itS. who gnu' llwir all to lllillxl' l'x0l'K'lIlLllllS ll'2llIl Slll'i'l'SSl'lll, l'alQA' lllfi G' 'sw SX -Q-u .Q- 5. Q. R jgiafing or joremoanj ame Varsity llnskethull Slumlin,qf-Don lmlmit-al, Anlnn Pvlraln, Cluris 'l'lnnlinnn. linlm llnss, Ilivli knflivwxlti, kvn lxaltwn. Ilnlin lll1lSlllSlil, -Inlin llnyc-ni, Ari XYilml1-, C21-nrgv tinrm x lin-I1 fl'll'l In l'rnnl lzml llllllllit' Cnalc-li ulmuvsi. Ilnnalcl llalnn-llwru. ll,'XSlil5'l'l3.AXl,l, . . . ln spitv nl' tlw lac-t that l"m'vman's 1953-54 lmaskc-tliall tm-ani mlnl not win ll vllainpinnslnp, it gan- ll grvat dm-al ot trnnlmlc to tlw lt-aah-rs in tht Nlbsl Sm-diana ravv. llli- llnrnc-ts lou glit valiantly all svasmi against sonic ol' Cliicagols linvst lvanis. Smnnv UlllSlklllilllIi" Q'1nn-Q www tliv on .H cs against linwvn. a Sontli Svc-tion l:mx'm-rlimisa-3 l,alw X ww, wliicli lost tn Du Sable' for tlic City Clliainpionslnpg anal lliosc' witli NIL-Kinlvy' ancl Xlarsliall, wlio fonglit it ont for tllc' svction crown. lznxx lt-tl tln-sv last two lor wnn' tnnc lic-low linallx living on-nwvlu-Inu-ml. Uni' Xlany ol' tln' lm-aclvrs nl' tht- varsity tvani will no i lm wltli ns wlu-n nvxt wason rolls aronncl so l0llLft" T' 4 lmnys who will lln- llnrm-ts will clvlimlcl on 9t'YCl'1l nima' up lirmnn tlw l'll'USll-Stlllll ll'tllIl. Nlany ol' tlnsi ynnngc-r lmnys liaw lic-1-n playing togvtlivr for sun ll xvars, so I"m'm-:nuns lumps-s in lmaskm-tlmull for 1951-55 x-1-. will rm-sl on a lirin. 4-xpt-rnnutl lonnclation. lfrnsll-Snpli liflrlf lluu' lXllliY1'l1l. XY lirwil llnu' llntlx, Halls' ln l'lI'1lHl K llnlfling lin lluskethall mlm. Allan NYl1ils'. llmnmlcl Sit-In 'lll4'li XM-wtplial. la-was San mlfl, lm l'i'anlx llllil n lu. llnn lllalvlx. l'.1llAl f.lllllIlIlllQN. llay X' .y s l' mst-li, ,itlln-rt lm lll4'lll v1'Ill""l' l7'll4lxI'l'. .-Q ' ll Lnqivll I,.nix Ii inwi. Paggv HIS G Q 3 A 8 A-1 vwagfg, Moi Qvwufzfify lSASKl5'I'B.-Xl,l, . . . This year Forvlnain lmcl Cliicugcfs most llIlill'l'lll21IlIlCll tc-ann. lmnt tht- olml aiclalgm-"Qin1lity.notQna1ntity',proyvcltrue. NVitl1 only ninc lllillllly playa-rs nt tht- start ol- tha- scuson, tht- llorncts snilvtl along slnootlily until tht- Illinois Tm-li Tourney, lwnting l,an1'. NVm-lu-r. lloly Trinity. Scnn. klllll Taft. :Incl losing a thrilling, lizn'cl-fonglit gznnc at ltoosvyt-lt. 38-37. ln l.I.'l'. llolicluy Play we easily In-ut tXIHlllIClS1'll in our first ganna' lint lost ll close- clot-ision to llinilmr in our st-conml. 'Inst lwforc- league play lwgun. tha- llornm-ts spurkplng, Ecl Dick. was lost to tlic tm-ann for tlit- rt-nmimlt-r ol' tlu' svuson tlirongli injnrivs. l"orvinun's first lvnglin' ganiiv. in wliicll Tllll'y' was rontvcl lmy il 30 point nizirgin. gain- liopm- lor at clminpionsliip sm-usong lint tlu' tvann. llll'OllQlI lmaul lm-ults. lmcl its ups uncl clowns for tht- rm-st ol' thi- st-In-tlulv. lligliliglits of tllv season inclntlccl tht- alt-ft-at of xVZlSlll3lll'lll' and Kvlyyn l'1n'l4 lmy xvitlv inurgins. Basketball Scores - -v Season 1953-4 Practice Games P-L y 7 M l'iUl'l'lllllIl Hi - Lukt- View 60 l"Ul'l'IIl'lll 37 Svnn -16 lfort lll HS lloxvmi T0 l"on'in'ln Til - 'llllt .J-I I"orm in lil xx'l'lN'l' '19 lform in 537 lloosvxvll 538 l'lUI'l lll Tl lloly 'l'i'inily fill l"orm in 6-l Lani' 'llwlx fill lfori ln 'I-l Xi0llSl1'lll3l'll 62 lion in Srl .-Xlliiimlsvii F31 lfort in flfi llnnlman' -193 l'1Ul'k'IlliIlI 51 SL'llllI'! J2 l,cug.Ene IIAIIIICS l"or4 lll T53 f lnlvx' -lf lfori lll -'ll Crum' ll l'lUl't'Ill.lIl 52 XXX-lls fill l"1n'1'in'ni 36 -- In-lx yn llllflt -li l"oi'm'in:ln S35 .-Xnstin .32 l"oi'vln'1n IT Stviiiiiivly. 59 Forvinaln 56 Nh-Kinll-y 6:1 l'lUl'l'lll'lll 65 xv1lKlllNll'Ilt -lr! lform ln H51 - Nlnnlt-y S5 l'l!l't'IlIilll lil xlilI'Sllllll fill , "I I 3 1 WT: n4u. L i sf' -,a Q , 3 ,Y .' is V ,Mt B. ,ww X W X 5335- !f"'2,., ,utligf 1 ' ' ,' W " 'mix J" A- ' 'wg' , wr www .3 ff' K wk x,-Jia. V. nag -...,,,,,1 'V KE f441sX5-NF fs- Mm Q .Q M M,-:,f X Gnjereffa Gfy Cfmmn li,-XSlfli,AXl,l, 1953 . . . l'l0l'l'lIltllllS grvnt 1953 tlimlt-rt-Ilii tvzmi t-rowiwtl lmtli tlit-mst-In-s iuitl tlu ii st-liool witli glory lw lmriiigiiigg liomt- tlic City Clmiiipioiisliip. llziviiig iimclt' ll t-It-un swt-vp ol tlit'ii'pl'z1ctict- gliiivs, tlit' lvcws mmm-tl into tlivir lt'1lQlll' SL'lli'tllllt' aiiicl. alta-r at li1ii'cl-imiglit svusmi. alt-tk-att-cl XVt'lls lligli School iii tlit- liiiul gunna- tor tlu- NV-st St-t-tion lfliziiiipioiisliip. ln tlit- first two play-ull. Lgturivs, tlit' llorm-ts t-41i'x't-tl llurrismi iiiicl l,iiitllJloiii. 'l'lu'ii. iii 102-tlt-grt-tr limit. tlitw' sviit Xltlftltltllltll clown to Clt'l:l'1lt. Clllllllfllltl l'1UI't'tllttlI.S first City' flll1lllllllOltSlllIH. .Xltliuligli iimiiy oi' tllt' ttuuirs stairs gl'a1tl11attt'tl at tlit' clost' ut tlit' stuisoii. st'x't'i'11l ul' tllt' lirst-stri vrs will ln- lmc-lt lor tliis ywirs caniipziigii. 'I livstx along witli tlit- nt-w tzllt-iit Ctlllllllg, out lor tlit- tvnnii. gin' tlit' ll0rm'ts grvut lmpv to ivpttztt :ls City Cliziiiipioiis iii 1954. l'.iQi' llti xkflftfjfdlflfg 0lf'lfL8i5 528 Ucfory VL 'cg SR ig 5 554 lirsl H1111'-Diulx SD1'llL'l'lA. Alllllll l,l'll'1lll. Art XYil1l1'. licl Dick, ljflll LL'l5iL'il. 41111111 RU11'--lm' K111'l1'j11. Cliuuli l'll'l'I'2ll'U. lC1'x1'i11 llm-ft. c:t'0l'jll' cl0l'Ili'f'. Bulm llwss. lhirfl lluu' Vlllllll llaulziclxy. llllll Sxy111k1m'i11k, Bill Nlz11'ii1141, lyllll NY2lll'l's, Ilogm-1' Sigswurtln. Sfllllllilllgf l"1'a111lx livin-lim-11l1111-lx, Illflllj' l31'111111t1'. :Xl llflllll. DYIIL1' fxlvllu-rg, licl Slmwroii. ,lf1l111 I lvn' llmxicz, C1111 Sll'lIll31lt'lX. l'l1l Iliiilzlw, 1,011 S:1111l1'11, Cl7ill'll l,2lI'l'j' blmivsi. '11xr'I. lrfl In l'l,LIllf-cl01li'll -Iu11c'si, Ixlllllll lll'lI'2lll, Dick SIll'IlCl'I', licl Dick, ljilll XY:1l1'1's, ml SlxllXYl'1lll. 'l'l11- lmys 1111 l'1Ul'l'lllillliS 1954 lmsc-lnnll ll'lllll l111x'c lllllL'l'ltl'Cl tlic city Cllilllll7l0ll- sliip, but only tllc most spiritccl play will allow tlicm to ka-cp tlicir titlv. Tlu' t1'11111 will miss lllillly of lust yn-111"s o11tst1111cli11g playa-rs wlio gl'llllll2ltl'il i11 -llllli' and .Ulllill'f'. D11 tlu- otlwr l11111ml, tlic t1-11111 lius 11111i11ta1i111-cl lNllCll of its f0l'll1l'l' strviigtli lay tliv ilililltlllll of Illlllly prmiiisiiig ncw l3l1lyl'l'S. Tlic lmll players tlivliiselvvs fvvl tllllf wl1a1tvx'c1' was lost i11 power L-1111 lic 111z1cl0 1111 i11 llllStll'. 'I'l11-sv lioys will 111'x'1'1' 11-l1'11t until l'lOl'l'lI1ilIl is tlw clmmp llgillll i11 '54, Pngv l I l X .a-1. il" ff? ,xg +35 35 ,. fl V h .M 6 M 'xv A . 155' 'F 2 m .. My 3. is w , , Q W , 'T'-va. -' "7 -' - X .. X Q A x X iyigh V .5 4 .. 4 A wa 'ii .'A 'w I 1 W qi dbx- . KRW. -, - in fy TQ ,M .A g X A Y1., ' '55 'U K A L Y . ., , gp . 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