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 - Class of 1950

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T' N! oF The NBLEQT G3n.L3 1'-Know u avg . - Au. Myi- ck Anal. gli Tohcw NikLo.s1 Bud . jj QM ' :QM Q fd, MM AM 45 ff ,PKK MW fwf ,W Xfiiff Wjryv 9, Uwwwr s 3 Www My Qffffygyw QNXM ,K ,334 f J fjfwf QMMQW 1' J ,A .1 1 ut ff. - 1 . I QP JY fy- K . I X f W K if X-lf, ' fi If 1 DNA! I ' N :JJ 'V A 1 TNVYV I fi Je " . n r 0? , 12,11 , !b'f 4.9 1 Qb 7 ' , f' 'Ei V fy AD ' Y YV ',.b"h T ', 5 -Q 0 " f ig ,,-J' E ,5 I I . ,s',-.Q-, V. fi! if V-1 'F' . E aiu 4 -xx!! ' fr V E xx L j Q. 1 jf' 3 .jf j . ' " K 9 . 1' .f ' ' 1 3 'X . 3 , V' by K V fo' ay X . H l ffvrxf Q ,5 pff 5 X N L - ' .I s 1 A X M . 'iff Q' , j , v-J W ig SFX- 5 'J "L .f" in 1 Wx .I '.l . ji JY' TXQ11 W2 f I-ft . " this ew 'if i ., VA 'gy l if a 1 if NM 1 t ' ' if ' if , . R. L b ,S N, 1 jg E K 3 ,L r rw , 1 fs . . ' ' ,Ji - 'S '55 ' 4 + , x ,N 1x1 . -f R21 gi '1 sv , '. gh ' K' Q' ' ' , ' I if ,M C . w ,ff ' I fm 'W , 1 M , M I 1 Q 'Q if ff S 1 ,i2, A , 1 s I ' 1 S' -QI " E Y. 1 2 5'-3 QS, a-,ff 2 l lv XM Fi ng 4 If , 'Q Z 3 Q 1 1 if fr- Ll I Sk Y xfs ffv, .an .45-"' ,M ,.f' x ,,,,u5.:.-vw, fag is Q ! S 5 O- f X 5 45 i 0I"8lflfl6LIfllfL6L! 1 , fx 529+ N 4 ,, :,,:. ,.L.,. , - L.,. ,.:.,: .,.,., . ,Q M qvl., ,I ..,.. ., . w ,.,... W-:Ks-Q--4 , 5K1 S- , 'iw -3143 4-1 RQ NSR V5 F9-B, 1-IQ ' ,nn ix' KJ jf Ak If lxs HA ,K R ' vm ? .Y Z g W x 4. s 1' in 1 'I , f f, f77.f ', ff? l 'N .1 fl pw CL f ':ffYv Q f :gr ' I T :ff ' .77 nav-w""' 1 .W f sf-XM f fir 4 -1-K lg, f , 'V an ' E' X 'sf 'iff t 5 "A 35? T' 6 MF gif? i X g 5? ' X5 ,Gini A fs E1 - v ff 'U ' J V V ' A wh . 'R 'Q X 1 -ww S :sf Xi! V ww f ,gf i - sgwfxigiilf Q Jima 4 i, lk Hx' ,mf ff fig X vga 3? my , Q5 E A W , ww 'E W W Z Qi if W Xi 3:5 is W SSQEQQQ K ,, A Says? YQ 55 -V ,,jg'.'s5:j532.:e5: ml, 5. -:ggi - X, 2 W Ivy Q! M , a yawn, ' "NM -Mi, QCLPC Qlnd 0 fAQ PICTURED ABOVE Famous American political leaders are shown in this exhibit of picture and print which these social science students are discussing. U. S. history and civics classes are concerned with many vital problems ot the past and present which must be understood in order to develop a better understanding of the peoples and events throughout the world. PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE How could we get along without the print shop which provides the school with attractive calendars, programs, invitations, bids and many other school needs? Using the cutting machine is the beginning ot many jobs which are compleied by our carefully instructed young printers. Interested English students meet at the magazine rack which provides a variety ot periodicals for classroom use as well as tor leisure time reading. Whether the selection is Holiday, Theatre Arts or Consumers Magazine the students become acquainted with a wealth ot rich reading material. The habits ot the turtle make an interesting study in the biology laboratory where students learn many facts concerning the lite his'ories ot animals. Caring for the classroom pets is an enviable job given only to carefully selected students. Many interesting projects are carriecl on by our enthusiastic language students. Here we see some oi the well-constructed articles that are representative of ancient Greek and Roman life. They have become a part of the permanent language exhibit. 7 sf V' fl gf ,wiv fl Wx ff.. A 'Q-rv I 'QA lu, B' 1' gyms! 'N-s 'T' t GUI pefkfnl PICTURED ON OPPOSITE PAGE These advanced stenography students show how conhnued practrce adds speed and accuracy to therr shorthand typewrrtmg and transcrrptron skrlls The tuture ot the busmess world looks brrght for them as they learn to reach the1r goals We focus our attentxon on Chrcago as the center of lndustry rn the great Mld West Commercral geography grves students the opportunlty to travel and see the world through prrnt prcture and rnterestrng story The modern busrness oihce demands much sklll ln the use ot flgures In order to multrplyrng and drvrdmg These grrls show how they are preparrng to become more etfrclent workers when they graduate We ixnd our two young chemlsts deep 1n concentratron as they record thelr observatrons and results oi the expertment they have just per formed The laboratory always pre sents a prcture of actrve s udents who are learning about the elemen s and thelr use rn the modern world of today meet this need the calculating machine has become the instrument ot adding, subtracting. . S . Talented students of the advanced art class are at work using one ol their own members as a model in portrait painting. Many of these young artists were awarded prizes for their artistic expressions. Creafiue xioredfiion .glwouglz jim .fgrfd One of the highlights of the semester's work for Latin students is Latin Week when an exhibit of posters takes place. Here we find our students studying the Latin words that describe the skeletal parts ol a human being. Milady loves to look fashionable at all times. When she learns to make her own clothes in the sewing class at little cost she is indeed happy. The smiles on the faces ot these girls show their pleasure in anticipation of how well they will look in the dresses ot their own creation. To produce useful objects that one can be proud to own is the aim of many boys. The lathe is one of the machines which the boys operate while becoming skilled workers in the workshop. 10 4' IJ ". ahve sw vim fx LATIN UFEN5 AN . A ' gCLfAQl"ll'LQ 24 UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF OUR PRINCIPAL FOREMAN STUDENTS WI- ILE ACTIVITIES THEY HAVE WORKED HEARTILY TO PROMOTE SCCIAL UNDERSTANDING HIGH SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT AND CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY OUR STUDENTS ARE SINCERELY GRATEFUL TO MISS RYAN FOR THESE EDUCATIONAL OPPORTU NITIES IN A RICH AND COLORFUL SCHOOL LIFE 12 I I O HAVE ENTHUSIASTICALLY P A R T I C I P AT E D IN MANY WORTH- W, xv W JM FOREMAN S ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL IS ACTIVELY INTERESTED IN SPIRIT HAVE BEEN OF INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE TO BOTH TEACHERS AND STUDENTS OUR MEMORIES WILL ALWAYS IN CLUDE THE UNDERSTANDING AND FRIENDLINESS OF MR MCHALE 13 . C ALL STUDENT AFFAIRS. HIS HELPFUL ADVICE AND COOPERATIVE 'T acuhg AGNES ANDERSON Commercial Geography IESSIE ANDERSON Girls' Physical Education RUTH ANDERSON Household Arts MADELIN E BERNERO Matron MARGARET BINYON Girls' Physical Education BETTY BLIX Truant Officer IESSIE BRAMKAMP French ANNA BROWN Household Arts IEAN BRYSON M athematxcs SADIE CAMPBELL Office Secretary ABEL CANTU Spanish MAYNARD CASTER R O T C VIRGINIA CAVOIT English BLANCHE COONEY Commercial BLANCHE CONNER English CECILIA COSTELLO Commercial LUCY DANIELS Social Science VERONICA DOYLE Social Science ClClfl, Vx ff Attendance Couns o WALTER GUSE Scxence HELEN HANLEY Ofhce Secretory MARIE HARKINS Adjustment Counselor FLORENCE HARTE Enghsh IRENE HIRONS Mathematzcs EVA HOGLE Latm MARION HOMER t RUTH HOPPE Placement Counselor ROBERT ITNYRE Techn1co'I MAE I EROME Sczence HENRY KEATING Chem1stIy CECELIA KELLY Scxence SYLVIA KOPLIN Oflzce S ecretary IOHN KOSTER Sczence MARY KURLANDSKY Art VERONICA LAGORIO Gxrls' Physxcal Educatxon FRANCIS LANE Commerczal 15 fl I K , ' .. blq f GENEVIEVE FLAHERTY 5 ' J At WWI ClClflAy CLARA LAWIN German MURIEL MACKAY English IOHN MALO Boys Physical Education IACK MALOFF Boys Physical Education MARY MCMANUS Librarian MARIAN MEYERS Commercial MARY MOSTYN Social Science GERRIT MOUW Chemistry LAURA MUSSEHL C ommercral MARGARET O N EILL M athematrcs STANLEY PAWLICKI Physics GUY REID M usic Lunchroom Manager HYMEN SILVERMAN M athematlcs GERTRUDE SMITH Social Science THOMAS SMITH R O T C IAMES SNODGRASS Social Science LEONARD SOLLO Technical HEDWIG SCHEUTZNER r I l 16 g6lClfl,Ey ANNE STAFFORD Asslstant Lzbrcman VEDA STERN Enghsh MARY STEWART Enghsh VICTORIA SZUBCZYN SKI Po11sh LUELLA VOELZ Sczence WILLIAM WALLACE Techmcczl ROSE WEISS Enghsh EDWARD ZAHORIK Boys Phys1cc11 Educcxtzon mmorzam THE FOREMAN FACULTY AND STU DENTS HONOR THE MEMORY OF RUTH S CLEVELAND HER S RVICE AND DEVOTION TO OUR COUNTRY AND SCHOOL WILL LONG BE REMEM- BERED BY HER MANY FRIENDS. 'fs 5 wh - , gQQ:WQ,::E "fini-1 - ..p,gg:1 ,, V? ,.. ' .wQM,W,a2.f V 1255 ff A 5053 N 'F I if ' . I tix 1 w w X v Di' 'g 411:15 . V in ' ' X , Kina. ' vaidk x q, tv .QQ :... 1 f N' A , 'B Mwiasil -2.5435 f b 1 , , S-Q fs1,.Q,g,p . a .amid Q , 92: 4 .... H !.......-.- A 4 4 on Irw- i if ,, ' S lm' 0 1 'avi ,gi ir' QR Q 4" V' vo ii, wrist Q. x A 3 I .. , Q ul an J . 'T' ' u sr . X Q ,Q gvf We X' .Aan ' i". Aww' L 'wtygl . f vs' I"5'f'?'k Q ,Q mi-pf-Mm: M 15 " fn K.. in ., YV 41 K l ., . eff .,-M mf, .,-pr' I r- 2. x .N e 3 my 43536 Q ,SQ -'a I Q '81,.?L.,:X ,xr aafz'-gp -X. --rg I 5 ! X , 1 v ! x A . f 0 Sriue, 0 SQL, jo gina! Top Row Eugema Kolarz Bonme Allds Dorothy Bloomqurst Phyllxs Haacl-:er Cosette Hahn Nancy Sprlggs Ioan Larson Helen Kubay Iacquelme Stoeke Carole Weber How 2 Frxtz Schwebke Robert Postma Donald Ernst Norton Gum Lucllle Kraft Greta Dahlberg Vera Salme Glorra Plummer Maryone Crawford Row 1 Iuamta Auge Elame Zukowsl-rx Elvrra Marcmkowskx Colleen Lyckholm Anna Ernst Lucrlle Tuchowskr Top Row Esther Burkhardt Ioan Glaubke Ianet Opal Marlene Lreske Ann Schott Ioyce Malone Glorxa Zeman Beverly Paul lean Gxbons Maureen Wrlhams Rosemary Drehobl Row 2 lames Matson lack Walker Bons Teron Iudy Thrane Darlene Wachholz Patrxcra Gans Lucxlle Pzotrowskl Frank Mrkos Frank Descourouez OFFICERS Drane Constantme Dorothea Strnn Qecretanes Ieanne Bachanowskl V1cePresxdent Iohn Cravens Presxdent Mary Alyce Lundgoot Treasurer THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Nat1onal Honor SOCIGIY 1S composed of students who have been selected because of the1r outstandmg scholarshlp leadersh1p character and serv1ce Two meetmgs are held each month to d1scuss buslness and soclal matters Thls IS generally followed by a program of entertarnment A major GCl1V1lY of the group takes place on Alumru Nlght when members act as regrstrars for the returnrng grads All members of the SOCIGYY who at the end of four years have marntarned a 3 l scholarslup average and a l 5 c1t1zen average are ent1tled to be l1fe t1me members 1n the Nat1onal Honor SOC1ely The1r 1n1t1at1on takes place be'ore graduatron at an 1mpress1ve candle l1ght1ng ceremony and tea to whrch the parents are 1nv1ted The event IS always a happy occas1on of prlde and sat1sfact1on for both parents and students who know that a d1fl1cult lob has been done well f' is .v I Row le Phyllis Roche. Beverly l3rasen, Ioan Planz, Ioan Voelz, Rosemary Buritz, Dorothy Manyik. ,SZ 0 a :SALICU olzaclemlzilo, Cllaracfer, eruice OFFICERS Delores Barrett Pres rdent Carl Wolnxsty Treasurer Donald Iohnson Secretary Dor othy Manyxk V1ce Pres1dent Standmq Marlene Lreske Ianet Opal Carol Petne Barbara Don ohue Carol Lee MaryAnn Luby Wxlma Wlktorskl Elvlra Marcm kowskl Ann Schott Iohanna Martlno Srttmq Marxlvn Marwedel Ioyce Duray Iudy Thrane Darlene Wachholz Ioan Vmton Dranne Schaedel Nancy Neu Beverly Schm1dt Ioan Larsen Standmq L11l1an Longosz Ianet Sobey Iuamta Auge Barbara Badenoch Carmella Geracl Nancy SPIIQQS Iudy Polchlopek Rosemary Kozlowskr Carol Scheuner Szttmg Elame Prrebrs Alan re Zoch FIIYZ Schwebke Lucxlle Plotrowskl Barbara Creamer Vera Salme IUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY Th1s year the Iunror Honor Socrety members drrected by Mrss Genevreve Flaherty worked very hard ln order to marntam h1gh standards for the1r ad mrttance 1nto the Natronal Honor Socret students Whose scholarly endeavors trne character ratrn school have been prarsed as excellent y They represented the top rankrng gs and servrce to the For the first t1rn and the1r parents at a tea tollowrng the specxal Award Assembly on the even1ng of Ianuary 20 The soclal room and l1l:rary presented a scene of leSl1V1lY as mothers and fathers beamed happlly on thelr honored sons and d aughters who had malntamed such a flne scholast1c re ord throughout therr h1gh school days The Partrng Party for club members found them wlshlng each other smooth sarhng 1nto the nat1onal group e they enterta1ned the graduates who re erved awards 21 Heckenbach, Helen Kubay, Dolo- ZA-3B-3A HONOR CLUB Back Row - Eileen Schuh, lean Levine, Monica Reszka, Margaret McLaughlin, Rose Marie Kozlowski, Shirley Wood, Carol Farland, Donna Bay, Pat Iano- wick. Ioreen Tressler, loan Vinton, Iudy Polchlopek, Kenneth Vogt, Camille De- Steiano, Io Anne Potempa, Dolores Bar- rett, Carole Scheuner. Rita Kennedy, Nan Owens. How 3 --- Constance Skweres, Delores Zoch, Ronald Boettcher, Bruce Gorden. Richard Blitt, Paul Gafrick, Iames Post- ma, Ronald Reid, Walter Kalbhen. Row 2---Shirley Lynge, Beverly Schmidt. Lucille Sztuk, Barbara Tadych, Sandra Weisenborn, Elaine Priebis, Kenneth Johnson, Tom Nelson. Row 1 -- Donna Iean Wellek, Arlene Knorps, Adair Geiger, Lillian Langos. Mary Ann Bednarczyk, Ianet Sobey, Do- lores Salamon, Chester Wiktorski, Sus- anne Shaw, Audrey Detlefsen, Theresa Reitmeyer. lA-2B HONOR CLUB Back Row-Lilo Borchard, Leona Telep, Phyllis Nottger, Geraldine Haubl, Aud- rey Werthe, George Bachar, Marion Allds, Carol Kellner, Lois Schott, Bev- erly Bove, Diane Bourdages, Carolyn Peterson, Lois Herman, Margery Lund- goot, Elsie Mae Lucas. Row 2-Claudia Degner, Leona Zoch, Ieannette Kozlowski. Barbara Fischer, Roberta Fischer, Nancy Ostermeier. Row l Nancy Vierling, Rosemary Ma- nago, Robert Dale, Carol Traverse, Ioyce Heinrich, Danuta Bednarczyk, Eugenia Opal, Carol Sachtleban, Geraldine Za- watski. Mary Norton. QCLIWL g P ann! Qizbeecl Miss Genevieve Flaherty's lA-2B Honor Club and Miss Mary Mostyn's ZA-3B-3A Honor Club are respon- sible for recognizing students who are outstanding in scholarship, service, leadership and character traits. Members must have a citizenship average of 1.5, an E average in scholarship, and at least 10 service points. The regular monthly meetings in the social room give much opportunity for inspiration to carry on the good work in the hope that all members will meet again as seniors in the honored National Honor Society. Everything from a Simplicity Style book to a serious biographical Work engages the time of these inter- ested readers who enjoy their forty minutes of relaxation amid congenial surroundings. With their sponsor, Miss Blanche Connor, they meet in Room 216 and lose themselves in the written works of others. READING CLUB Back Row Ruth Gregory, Shirley Daker. Iune Liller, Lillian Dadal. Dolores Toland, Arlene Klinger, Beverly Zabel, Barbara Sellke. Row 2-Beatrice Koehl, Nancy Rover, Donald Hurto, Arthur Baird, Kenneth Krah. William Mallory, Ronald Caccamo, Ro- berta Erickson. Row l-Herbert Golz, Iames Bour- que, Marlene Wachholz, George Buckun, Ruth Pape, Margaret Pedersen. ,S?l"LUll'lg fo .SJUCCQQ Back Row Rlta Vogt Dorothy Luszcz Eugema Kolarz IoAnne Potempa Dlanne Schaedel Dar lene Wachholz Norton Gum Iohn Klarner Frank Mlkos Dale Flscher Sarah Belle Hollensbe Donald Nelson Row 2 Robert Postma Robert Abbott Iohn Cra vens Fred Meyer Row I Dorothy Manyxk Marlone Leone Ioan Glaubke Ianet Sobey Eumce Kotowlcz Greta Dahlberg Ray Kopczyk Ioanne Ml16WSkl Ray Polachek OFFICERS Vxolet Nxcloxch Attendance Secre tary Henry Keatmq V1cePres1dent Carl Wol msty Treasurer Frank Descourouez Presxdent Lotty Menzl Recordmg Secretary "WWF" SCHOLARSHIP REVIEW CLUB Thls IS a group of ser1ous and hard Workmg students who are plannmg on gomg to college Wlth Mrs Luella Voelz as the1r sponsor they are studymg for exammatlons Wh1Ch they hope to take 1n the near future The club has set up a 11brary lendmg plan Wh1ch makes avallable IGVIGW ma ter1a1s to help members prepare for entrance achlevement and compet1t1ve scholarshlp examl natlons Success 1n these endeavors W111 prove that the efforts of the members have been WorthWh11e 23 14 cl jAeir em em Qom ine OFFICERS-Rxchard Borge V1cePres1dent Wrllard Balle Presxdent Adelme Reszutko Secretary Darlene Canlas Treasurer Top Row Rita Chyla Beverly Bove Aud rey Detlefsen Ronald Donatelll Iacquelme Stoeke Iamce Schrader Barbara Tadych Donald Soutar Ieannette Kozlowski Row 2 Raloh McCarthy Marshall Ogne Drane Schaedel Darlene Wachholz Lucxlle PlOlIOWSkl Howard Wood Rrchard Bhtt Iames Postma Iohn Klarner Row 1 Rosemary Manage Margery Lund goot Geraldme Zawatzkr Catherme Healy Catherme Buck Therese Naleway Iohn Bach Sarah Hollensbe was THE ALL SCHOOL COUNCIL The Counc1l cons1sts of one representatlve from each d1v1 s1on room and elected offrcers It alms to develop ln the students a sense of respons1b1l1ty and leadershrp Th1s year the group under the gu1dance of Mrss Clara Law1n, was successful 1n 1lS dr1ve to put over the ACl1V1lY Pass wh1ch the students voted for almost unan1mous1y It covers expenses for all chantres the Foreman News and two Student Counc1l act1v1t1es Spec1al events lncluded a Chr1stmas dance the movre Arab1an Nlghts part1c1pat1on 1n Iumor Red Cross work and the preparatlon of boxes of toys for European chlldren The dally fourth per1od meet1ngs are splnted Wllh each member happy 1n the knowledge that he 1S contr1but1ng to the Welfare of the Whole school 24 l , l . . . H 1 I , . i . t . . I x, ' Y J Q . Q. ,R W ea. Q I . I I 1, . . H . . . . . l l 4 'lflffl 31. 510 J fwmw Standmq Nancy Neu Dorothy Czapxewskx Sa dra VVe enborn ludl h Thrane Margucrx e nrx ch Ronald Callgreen Row 2 Phrllp Vlerlmg Paul Gafrxck Barbara Frscher Row I Ianet Walker Helen Iohnson Ruth Smxth Carol Mueller Arlene Galas Margaret Holme Standmg Ruth Hansen Ieanette Mtlewskx Nancy Ostermezer Audrey Werthe Eugene Owsley Row 2 Walter Kalbhen George Kropp Ioan Seever How 1 Ann Wilson Ronald Donatellr Eugenta Opal Lleselotte Borchard Kathy Patano Lorrame Lachata Barbara Golz Beverly Henkes Q MESSENGERS Everyone ln Foreman knows the famlllctr votce that says Messenger Servrce when number forty SIX IS draled on the Pax phone Volunteer messengers g1V9 the1r SGIVICGS to the school and save the faculty much t1me by performmg therr errands and act1ng as escorts to students. Mrss Clara Lawrn, who sponsors th1S group, agrees wrth the faculty that the mes sengers th1S year are the most effrcrent and cooperatrve workers Foreman has ever had. 25 O l Q Q8 0 ' 4 v s. 4 5 - as 3 , V, f a ',.. ' 2 y X I X tx . Q , ' . 5- 'mn ' rv' I gs . 1:99 Y L . , , , Q '. . l , ,-rf-f ff J, Q, Nl , A , ruff . ,K ' ' ---wit. ' 43' J , . Eglq, 'Eg i :V ' A l 3 Q3 if k I Y . - , Q at , . 9 - I, lc K ar 'Yi 'ff . sh f . t . FS-. .JC-6 4 ' - , ' ', rx is , '1 , -'L "ts . - . , ' . . . s. E l 1 y I ll ' ll ' ' ' I youd: profecfd flue Mcfure Top Row Ellen Barnas Marlm Alegnam Thomas Nelson Robert Murphy Wxllxam Heyden Albm Berggren Row 3 W1ll1am'l'recka Calvm Gehrke Bruce Hoppesch Ronald Callgren Bruce Wolf Frank Shaw Row 2 August Sammarco Carl Baarden Frank Kern George Clark Rrchard Allbrecht Row l Mary Lou Doss Robert Mels Elmer Kube Ierry Aske OFFICERS Charlotte Covmgton Secretary Ray McGough Attendance Secretary Donald Lxtch h d L1 ert held Presldent Robert Kxta V1cePres1dent Kenneth Vogt Fmancral Secretary Rxc ar pp Treasurer SCIENCE PROTECTOR CLUB The purpose of the Sc1ence Projector Club 1S to provlde an re t n1t for Foreman boys and glrls to learn how to ca oppor u y tor the school s mov1e equlprnent such as projectors tllms shies and screens Study perlods are used for th1s servlce W en lshowln of ro ectors are needed ln a classroom The spec1a g P l plctures of school act1V1t1es takes place dur1ng the Annual t ces Al Reumon when old grads return to renew acqualn an umm and to watch the movles of former years The close of each 1 semester 1S usually celebrated by a speclal party 1n the socla d b all m where plenty ot food and a good txrne are enyoye y roo Mrs Mae Ierome advlser has hne support from all the members 26 - Q O' f 1 1 , - l . 7 . . 1 I 1 . 4 1 1 I . , . . . . . I I 1 . . 1 . , 1 . lbw 5 WW! Ae K one A BOOKROOM ASSISTANTS PROJECTOR OPERATORS-Kenneth Krah, Marvin Otto, Ronald Zaccard, Wayne Anderson. These experienced operators run the projectors which provide in- formative and entertaining movies in the assembly hall. Always will- ing and ready they enjoy the part they play in adding variety to the regular school program. P. A. SYSTEM-Standing Ronald Wisehart, George Ostensen, Vice-President: Mr. Itnyre, Sponsor: Daniel Pruchnicki, Henry Wlodyga, William Moeller, Herbert Syring, Robert Haagenson. Clifford Hanetho, Kneeling Richard Thomas, William Brown, Edward Iablonski. President: lames Mc!-Xvoy. No! Pictured -Donald Malia, Secretary. Public Address System members operate amplifiers in the school auditorium and gym and are awarded letters after three semesters of service. Meetings are held during club periods when problems con- cerning electronics, the use of cables, lights and amplifiers are dis- cussed. Mr. Robert Itnyre is in charge of this group. BOOKROOM ASSIST!-XNTS On Ladders-Melvin Thomas, Ioan Rattay. Standing-V-lanet Sobey, Lois Hauck, Geraldine Patsy. Kneeling-Ruth Nelson. Well-stacked shelves attract visitors to the bookroom where this group performs the tasks necessary for the handling of books for classroom use. These students check books in and out, keep records, and make deliveries with a smile for they know they are doing an important job well. 27 49' gh' 1 Xkrl if , 32? ai:- i3f aw, , ii 933 'f' TWG? Q S 2 f Q Q. ii . 4 , 1 " 5- fr' . U i 3333 SX? D X ev ..f K Eff 's ' 5 . . 1 . K- 1 , 1 . , K X, ,M gg , , 2 ig .:,. :1'ff Yi? , 1 .., 3 I ' gf Q 6 3 ,Y , Q I9 M 7 , ,Q .X J' "gf, Q im if J 13 ? ,AWK 1 f54igh a reif . .. , , . , ' 3 ? X Q, ' f ' ' KM QW KAW N W Nw l 1. NL: ' A' g Q i - k 1 . X x x m. fag ,Nl ', ? xf Y La 4 A if,- 4 23. -5 sk --4 Y 2 My 52 L14 3 Q rmita I 'Veg t A gi fbaf aff if 1 Riff gf 5, . ' ' 4 , JA fav 5 Lb-L ' Q' fi Q , sf :X k Y W235 A ,,...,- i, A f ,S .av If. Gr ' 5 K qi 1 2 I ig if 3' L it :3 4 V v Jas? i ,z x WV . an--,,,, .H'fMyWMM,,M ,,....M A N ,,. .va M ' A Q? ff . i I .ak , is Q A 3 . f-sa Q?ifE ,. if 5 , 'Z' , Q?fLW??3 'Qff Xl. , ., q,, .-.9 1 . n ,4 J 3!m M ,4 ,Slap DANCE AND VOCAL GROUP -Back Row' Carol Kioebge, Ieannme Ty rack, Ioan Lauranzano Carol Fuhr mann, Elizabeth Henderson Ronald Boettcher, Iamce Qchrader Donald Kraleckr F tRow Theresa Moreno Nancy ron Cardrnale Charlene Zaplel Yolando Nardr Ioan Truppo Mae Flanrgan DANCERS Ioan Barnes Rosemary Burrtz Luella INSTRUMENTAL GROUP wskr Mr Rerd Lang Nancy Czarko S ephanra Renkosrewrcz Charles Hadle Mary Sl9WlCZ Mantegna Ioan Renko At the Prano Cosette Hahn FFICERS-Shrrley Westphal Pres O tdent Ernest Schultz Treasurer Cosette Hahn Secretary Ioyce Ian sen Vrce Presrdent TALENT CLUB The Talent Club an actrve group composed of students mterested rn srnglng drama classrcal dancrng and lnstrumental musrc meets every second Frlday mornrng durrng the club perlod The pnncrpal obyectrve lS to develop the talent of 1ts members so as to rmprove the excellence of therr performances Dlfferent mem bers are called upon at each meetrng to perform before the group The work IS evaluated srlently or other wise in a constructive and kmdly manner Interest and response are more than satrsfactory as every member is an earnest and inspired trooper. A few of the members are already rn the professronal entertamment world. The group is directed by Guy W. Reid. 30 i t t K P r l I l U55 we j0y0lfl1f Olflldif Back Row-Peter Parenti, Drums: Alan Heckenbach, Bass: Ray McAvoy, Piano. Front Row--Henry Keating, Trombone: Peter Storm, Trumpet: Iack Dorin, Tenor Sax. RHYTHM SECTION-Peter Parenti, Alan Heckenbach, Ray McAvoy. ll-XCK DORIN AND THE GRAMERCY FIVE There is hardly a student at Foreman who has not been made happier for the strains of tuneful music made by these enthusiastic and accomplished student musicians. Their pleas- ing personalities and versatile capers add much to each school function in which they perform. Because the group has con- tributed many hours of keen enjoyment at school dances and musical programs, the school feels that their leader, lack Dorin, has succeeded in making his band a popular and necessary part of social life at Foreman. The talented Gramercy Five consists of Alan Heckenbach, Henry Keating, Ray McAvoy, Peter Parenti, and Peter Storm. 31 6ZI'll"0f06l U1 tAQ ..X4l"fl6t Cliff! ,J lf'-A Standmq Mary Ann Bednarczyk Gall Ghlonzoh Soma Lundblad Claudta Le Boeui Ann Wxlsorx Carol Wollschaeger Momca Reszka Beatnce Skarbek Szttmq Grace Dalessza Shuley Pruchmckx Camllle Desteiano Barbara Wykowskx Carole Kellner Betty Marten Eleanor Ko meczny STUDY GROUP Momca Reszka Iustme Hmsleld Shtrley Hartman FASHION DRAWING CLUB The Fashlon Drawlng Club meets 1n Room 303 on regular club days The members are learnlng to styllze the flgure and to des1gn sultable costumes for teen age occas1ons One party dur1ng the semester 1S the usual procedure for th1s group Entertalnment lncludes a style show by members who are awarded pr1zes for the1r most attractlve and approprlate school dresses Many of the students become lnterested 1n Advanced Art because of the1r profltable exper1ences 1n th1s club Wh1ch IS sponsored by MISS MGIIOD Homer Ofilcers are Shlrley Hartman Pres1dent Iustlne Bmsfeld V1ce Pres1dent and Loretta Krumroy Secretary 32 I C I . av ' A V4 3, 5 4 - , Y ,, . Q Xb L? get , va , . - 1 A- W' . S. - f 7 t ' x , I We 4. - - Y s . . . .. I I I I I I . .!4I"!l6flC 5-,Xl0I"8:55l0I'l l"8f50l'LfZ5 .gbeg 'fr gag-I ,qv-Jn-, an Standmg Vlfglllld Ruvolo Camllle Proce Beverly Henkes lane Gallo Dolore Salamon Drane Ollva Bonny Mache Ann Casano Ruth Carlson Patrzcra Gans Henry Leppm Andrew Barrows Demonstrator Ruth Dletzel Srttmg Robert Bougadxs Lorrame Kaczmarek Rra Kennedy Florence Zlentek Iacquelme lV'ore house Ioan Gaca Patrlcxa Peterson Helen Iohnson STUDY GROUP Esther Burkhardt Whss Kurlandsky Manlyn Pederson Theodore Erxckson OFFICERS-Drane Morgans Presrdent Barbara Rrcherson Secretary Theresa Rertmeyer Vxce Presldent Erleen Schuh Soclal Charrman INTERIOR DECORATING CLUB The current major prolect of members of the group IS a notebook wh1ch contams color schemes photo graphs of varrous types of rooms floor plans and p1ctures of per1od and modern furruture In molkmg these notebooks students learn the standa d colcr s hemes and apply thrs knowledge to rooms vvhrch they deslgn themselves They also are studylng the varlous kmcls of fabncs ard therr correct use for drapes and upholstery The club sponsored by lVI1ss Mary Kurlandsky IS proud of 1ts many ac omphshments dur1ng 1lS hrst year of ex1stence and hopes to attract many more students when school resumes next fall 33 O O I ! i 1. ug, tw'-7ffef,... . :lt I I I l I tt 1 I . ' . ' I ' , .' ' " it s I i I ' I 1 I . . , S . I A 1 1 N 1 1 - ' i A - 1 4 - . : ' , : ' . ' - I - . , . r C ' v . .... A v R . , -. , c .. reunJe ,gm .ibm fdclzen erein R .4 '1 A Q uf' Top Row Charlotte Landl, Ruth Smith, Carol Mueller, Beverly Bove, Audrey Schmidt, Miss Lawin. Lee Bryan, Mildred Meissner, Marguerite Fritsch, Bernice Kasten, George Kropp. Row 2-ff-Edwin Hermann, Richard Flexman, William Hahn. Edward Thompson, Dale Anderson. Paul Gairick, Neil Constantine, Robert Hallerud, Fritz Schwebke, Vello Hansen. How lf f Phyllis Ketcham, Margery Lundgoot, Ianet Aske, Dorothy Ruback, Mary Ellen Sutclitte. Carolyn Cooper, lane Reter. Top Row- Norma Schmid, Ieariette Clark, Loretta Glaser, Diane Schiller. lack Koch, Richard Hakes, Carol Oshinski, Edwin Blum. Gediminas Namikas, Emily Zographos, Shirley Sparks. Row 2 Ioan Scholz, Iackie Stoeke, Leona Zoch, Dolores Zoch. Barbara Fischer. Roberta Fischer. Ioan Seever, Nancy Ostermeier. Row 1-Lieselolte Borchard, Dolores Jensen, Barbara Neil. Ioan Voelz, Carol Sachtleben, Mary Norton. DANCERS- Alan Heckenbach, Phyllis Koehl, Francis Clark, Gloria Plummer. GERMAN CLUB This social group is one ot the oldest and most popular clubs at Foreman. Regular activities include singing German songs and playing German games. Visits to the Art Institute and outings to near-by forest preserves add variety to the program. Club members are always pleased with the large number of mothers who attend their traditional Christmas tea, for the Weihnachtsmann rarely tails to pay them a visit. This semester a group ot club members, under the direction of their sponsor, Miss Clara Lawin, brought much joy to the Altenheim especially since the visit was made in a heavy cloudburst. The entertainers furnished a colorful program of Schuhplattler, vocal and piano solos and group sing- ing for the Iunior Auxiliary. Here is indeed a group of alert, active and interested students. Officers tor the semester are Edwin Hermann, Presi- dent: Vello Hansen, Vice-President: Dolores Zoch, Secretary: and Mildred Meissner. Treasurer. 34 IOOZSE Top Row Ahce Kosrba Shrrley Daker Florence Wyda Dorothy Czaprewskr AIICG Gorny Glorra Sokolskr Arlene Czelatko Genevieve Dutkrewrcz Danrel Pruchnlckx Robert Leskey Edward Rrchards Edwln Wmdechter Robert Skowron Vrctor Kwasnrewskr Row 3 Iames Mclntyre LeRoy Sokolskr Eugene Smyczynskt lohn Volpe Wrllrarn Androwskl Robert Tancer Frank Sureck Stanley Marczak Stanley Zrdel Edward Zasada Edwrn Gorny Walter Mol Row 2 Irene Kocol Leona Kruk Berrradrne Malus lean Skowron Vrrgmra Sobczyk Rrta Chyla Dolores Toland There a Naleway Mary Ann Colher Howl Geraldme Srdak Alrce Greenwald lean Hylka Luctlle Radzrckr Dolores Ianoskt Arlene Kaczmarek Top Row Mary Ann Bednarczyk Geraldme Stermer .Antomette Golemba Elame Zukowskr Leonard Mack lean Bachanowskr Ronald Furmanskr Matthew Dronskr Raymond Achtel Ioseph Row 2 Arthur Grubba Rrchard Paprockr Vrncent Hylka Wrlham Brnder Iames Naleway lames Barrowman Norbert Lorek Eugene Paprockr Ronald Doll George Crowley Iohn Telesz Row I Leonard Grzrckr Dolores Luzell Danua Bednarczyk Delores Plrs Arlene Mazyrack Dorothy Manyrk loan Kamysz loyce Ce hkewrcz Ianrce Rasm POLISH CLUB The POl1Sh Club wrth a membershrp of seventy f1V9 students lends actlve support to our Pol1sh department 1n 1ts endeavor to make known the colorful and 1nterest1ng her1tage of Amerlcans of Pol1sh or1g1n Numerous act1v1t1es drrected by the club sponsor Mrs V1ctor1a Szubczynsk1 have enjoyed great success Among the most recent have been the Pol1sh V1llage Weddlng a May Festlval the Radlo Broadcast by students of non Pol1sh or1g1n who are studylng th1s modern language the Choprn Centennral Broadcast and The Snow Ball Club offlcers are Mathew Dronsk1 Presrdent Genevleve Dutk1ew1cz V1CeP1'eS1Cl9I1l Blta Chyla Secretary and Edward Zasada Treasurer 35 1 S , -I . I I I Dufluk, Ralphllanecki, Phillip Grtlbba. ' ' ' . 1 I V S I . In . . Il V I 1 ' 1 I - I I 1 ' : 1 I , . 2 2 ralwfafcon L5 .pizeir aiommon Qoa SOCIETAS LATINA Interesting programs of plays, contests, and games, all with a Latin flavor, till the club hour. There are social meetings, too, such as the Feast of the Saturnalia at Christmas time and the birthday party in commemoration of the founding of Home in April. However, a good old American "Wiener roast" is usually the climax of the year. Mrs. Eva Hogle is the sponsor. IUNIOR STENOGRAPHEBS CLUB The main objective of Miss Marian Meyer's Iunior Stenographers Club is to help typists attain speed and accuracy. In order to acquire these qual- ities, members are given printed tests which help them gain self-assurance in their work. At the end ot the semester the students feel that they have accomplished much towards the goals which they have set for themselves in the commercial world. LATIN CLUB Back How Louis Varzino, Donald Purper, Iolm Hall, Ray Harrison. Front How Suzanne Shaw, Robert Dale Mrs. Hogle, George Bachar. Ruth Hanson, Marion Lynch. Geraldine Zawatzki, Diane Damato, Elsie Mae Lucas, Carolyn Peterson. Lorraine Lachata, Elinor Demski, Arlene Neei, Barbara Snyder, Audrey Born, Audrey Werthe, Eugenia Opal, Virginia Duffy, Geraldine Haubl. IUNIOR STENOS Back Flow-Barbara Davidson, Maria Finaldi, Carole Showalter, Ieanette Milewski, Evelyn Lutkus, Ioan Weichbrodt, Barbara Strutz, Margie Gohr, Myrna Schraeder, Gladys Pipala, Barbara Donohue, Miss Meyers, Lucille White, Margaret McLaughlin, Lois Bischoff, Arden Pinocchio. Row 2-eHarlow Blum, Hugh lohnson, Carol Lee, Marilyn Kuczer, Helen Roeder, Walter Kalbhen. loyce Crandall, Richard Iohnson, Iune Hillstrom. Wayne Anderson, Mary Ann Luby, Thomas Schwingbeck, Barbara Badenoch, Betty Swanberg, Dolores Woodrow, Elaine Priebis. Row 1-Marian Manglo. Patricia Baran, leon Levine, Virginia Holzer. Leona Kucyk, Carolyn Ryba. Marilyn Heiden, Shirley Almquist. E' I f 1 y ' f X J 4 .Sfxfg mr A a inufe TYPING QUEENS - Standing ---Nancy Spriggs, loan Koste- cki, Kay Absher, Ioan Flud. Lucille Piotrowski. Marilyn Haase, Darlene Glosniak, Audrey Reidenbach, Delores Barrett. Sitting-Shirley Lynge. Dolo- res Wilks, Ioan Vinton, Bev- erly Schmidt, Doris Barnes, OFFICERS Carole Petrie, Vice-President: Beverly Mohr- man, President: Ioyce Duray. Treasurer: Elvira Marcinkow- ski, Secretary. N1 TYPING QUEENS -- Standing --- Geraldine Geffe, Veronica Sabat. Ann Siebert. Rita Mou- sel, Elaine Beilke, lean Gib- ons, Diane Kropp. Cirrincione, Ruth Ryersonjfbsephine Stran- eqaritelrf-?Hda Ginnini, Dorothy Hackard, lane! Opal. 7' TYPING QUEENS Members of the Typing Queens are girls who anticipate a career in the business world. Under the sponsorship of Miss Cecelia Costello they are offered varied activities in relation to their course. Instead of the routine Work of the everyday class, they take unusual half minute and one minute tests, concentrating on sometimes the first finger, sometimes the little finger and occasionally all fingers. One project that all enjoy is the art work. Every member submits an original design made entirely on the typewriter. Prizes for the designs are awarded at the club's semester social when the "Queens" climax their activities with a gala party in the social room. 37 WM? rm e ingem 'MAIL 57 ln HANDICRAFT CLUB Back Row Charlotte Bober Therese Naleway Mary Sprc cr Delores Kerns Mrs Brown MllZ1 T111 Ruth Nelson lean Skowron Ahce Groenwald Donna Wellek Row 2 Arlene Op1ola Elarne Kosmal IeanBergs1and Grace McEwen Marlene Arqast Row l Ela1ne B1nh1emer Dxana Cummxngs Barbara Busse D1ane Srnger Harr t re Taylor Lors Carlmq KNITTING CLUB ogef QI' Back How Charlene Mann Yvonne Schwarz Dawn Bra sen SOphl9 Mroz Vlola Roth Charlene Rrchrger Ba b r ara Golz Beverly Papke How 3 Elame Baum Patr1c1a Kruse Cla1re Iohnson Geral dme Iasmek Lors Schott Mar 1lyn Mandl Delores Iano kr D1ane Bourdages Kathy Patano Row 2 Io Ann Ochsenhrrt Ioan Smagach Mary Ellen Ko ber Bermce Barsott1 Esther Chrrmes Corrnne Bachr Rae Acerenza Row l Arlene Knorp Mar lene Zukerman HANDICRAF T CLUB The members of the Hand1craft Club put the1r t1me to good use by mak1ng wonderful g1fts for relatrves and frlends Stuffed an1mals whlch 1nclude elephants dogs lambs and k1ttens are carefully put together by sk1llful hands taught by Mrs Anna Brown The g1rls not only enloy therr work but brrng much happrness to others rn presentmg these g1fts Club off1cers are lean Bergsland Presrdent Charlotte Bober V1cePres1dent Ahce Groenwald Sec retary and Iean Skowron Treasurer KNITTING CLUB U d n er the sponsorshlp of Mrs Gertrude Smrth beglnners and advanced kmtters achreve a satrsfactory degree of success Bas1c stltches are learned as well as the more d1ff1cult patterns and desrgns for the more skrllful students A fr1end1y home l1ke atmosphere prov1des the group Wllh a socrable settrng for the b1 weekly gatherrngs Off1cers are Ioan Smagach Presrdent Marlene Zukerman V1ce Presldent Io Ann Ochsenhrrt Secret Kober Treasurer ary and Mary Ellen 38 f7Ae OFFICERS Donald Goddard Rrchard Damato Henry B111 Charles Male-wskr Top Row Robert Pape Eugene Pabrch Don Feilen Al Palmer William Korney Terry Soboleskr Row 2 Casrmrr Zuranskr Will Andersen Iames Doss Bob Bow man Al Slenczka Philip Vrerlmg Iohn Gaca Rudy Goede Fred Morris Szttmg Robert McGxl1 Michael Paulzyk Iohn Trockl lack Ko peyka Clement Polachek power of goncenfrafion CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Stanley Pawlicki, is one of the oldest clubs at Foreman. It was organized in 1934 and became one of the most popular clubs. The purpose of the organization is to learn sportsmanship and to develop clear and critical thinking. Each meeting of the group finds interested members concentrating on complicated plays. Exciting contests provide much enjoyment and keen interest while many leisure hours are spent in profitable experiences The group elected the following officers for the semester Richard Damato President Henry B111 Vice President Arthur Tancer Secretary Charles Majewsky Treasurer and Don Goddard Sergeant at Arms 39 I ' ' : ' , I 1 ' : I f 1 f 1 ' ' ' . T 1' Robert Myers, Ronald Oldfield. , V 1. , , f Y uicL .7!zinLing CHECKER CLUBS So many students wanted to play checkers this semester that several clubs had to be formed. Two freshman groups, headed by Mrs. Florence Harte and Mr. Henry Keating, are learning the Various tricky plays of outwitting their alert opponents. Miss Lucy Daniel's Iunior and Senior Checker Club is now wise in the ways of playing the game with a high degree of confidence. Regular contests display keen rivalry among members who enjoy the opportunity of practicing good sportsmanship and sharp thinking. FRESHMAN CHECKER CLUB tMrs. Hartel Back Rowfliatherine Sweeney, Thomas Shallcross, Marie Kashul, Ioan Yurkow- sky, Ioan Pietzrack. Elaine Czekalska, Ioyce Marino. Row 2 - Iune Radisch, Harry Lipski. Patricia Dubicz, Mary Alexacos, Norbert Skora, Marlene Wiebort, Glenn Glave. Barbara Leslie. Row In 'Andrew Giglio, Beverly Prebe, Ianet Walker, Robert Dochterman, Philip Lasala, Marilyn Kube, Ronald Puchi. FRESHMAN CHECKER CLUB tMr. Keatingl Back Row-Roman Sierzega, William Callahan, Leona Telep, Anna Colella, Barbara Geisheimer, Ioan Cuffan, Ioan Klechak. Front How -- Phyllis Nottger, Caroline Dobrenick, Iris Krueger, Shirley Swan- son, Ioan Scholwin, Marian Allds, Iudy DiCola. Sandra Eustis, Donald Unrath. Table 1--'Marlene Valko, Earlene Gru- ber, Richard Whobrey, Ioan Caley, Donald Soutar. Clarence Iuhl. Table 2--Lois Herman, Paul Calistro, Carol Cukla, Anthony Avigliano. IUNIOR AND SENIOR CHECKER CLUB KMiss Daniels! Back Row'-Josephine Cangelosi, Frank Rejholec, Wallace Gillies, William Nel- son, George Landin, Dan Leftakes, lack Dorin, Andrew Porto, Audrey Ianowiak, Ioan Olsen. Row 2 4 Carmela Geraci, Kenneth Schultz, Kenneth Paulson, Sam Glorioso. Ioseph Grass, Robert Placek, Edwin Winclechter. Iames Panson, Katherine Iohnson, Carol Farland. Row 1 - Bernadette Opiela, Michael Ianoski, Loretta Strangaritch, Darlene Canlas, Robert Gainer, Peter Parenti, Marie Walczak, Ronald Kolba, Dora Landi. jk? plflZZ Q CLFL6! we galil? CROSSWORD PUZZLE CLUB B H ack Row Francrs Konopka Stanley Dluzen Robert Kunze Leonard Carlson Roy ansen Vinci Vxto Ronald Kubmskx Richard Iohnson Michael Greco Richard Mazyrack Row 2 Shtrley Wood Chester Wxktorskr Casey Sachay Robert DeCherr1e Wxllxam Peters Ray Kaczmarek Lours Morenwexser Henry Schmidt Leonard Galas Iohn Zumerchek Marlene Ullrxch Howl Tony Iuliano Marxanne Knaak Willard Balle lean Wilson Richard Borge Mr Lane Adair Geiger SOPHOMORE CHECKER CLUB Back Row Arlene Browning Carl Ellmger Allred Dorf Richard Durante Iames Ambrose Sandra Weisenborn Rose Nxcketta Edwxn Kudsk Bruce Anderson Ronald Fish Ierry Mertk Norman Gruber lean Bartelak Carole Lindey Adeline Rezutko loreen Tressler Pat lanowiak lames Ackerman Guy Squeo Row 2 Lucy Tomasran Marilyn Yauch Ianet Schenk Frank Dube Marian Sarnecke Magnus K mer Lois lost Arlene Galas Nancy Slepika Sally Sahlm Alice M Srttmg Robert Stoewsand Gerr O nudson Beverly Plum archetti Robert Hakes Lena Rubmo y ddo Ronald Reid lean Beasley Eugene Owsley CROSSWORD PUZZLE Every other Friday in Room 213 students may be seen eagerly seeking unusual words 1n their diction aries Mr Francis Lane sponsor enthusiastically testifies that his mentally alert members have acquired many new Words and meanings which have greatly increased their vocabularles A congenial atmosphere helps the group to cooperate with each other in order to br1ng about the best results SOPHOMORE CHECKER CLUB Second year students went all out for checkers th1s year Many remembered exciting games during their club periods as freshmen and decided to continue their good work. Now they are teaching new members tricky plays and the keen power ol concentration. Miss Iean Bryson sponsor finds each meeting full of hearty enthusiasm and good fun. 41 .S?orie:5 cane! .gzruice ew X. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Top How Ioreen Tressler Sandra Weisenborn Ioan Scholz Vera Saline Marlene Wiebort Claudia Deqner Suzanne Shaw Diane Schaedel How 2 Iudy Nicolme Phyllis Nottger Sandra Eustice Susan Young Shirley Bechtold Marcia Majewski lean Christman Camille De Stelano Miss McManus Ioyce Pokorn Iuamta Auge Iudy Polchlopek Vivian Nockels Marion Allds. Bernice Barsottr Row I Nancy Czarkowski Barbara Wollschlaeger Ioyce Heinrich Marjorie Lundqoot Carole Hobbs Robert Mels Lillian Longosz Mary Ann Bednarczyk Lucille Radzicki Pat Cu rona lack Connor FIRST AID CLUB Back Row Geraldine Richveis Barbara Kuczak Bernadetta Goho Rose Louise Lorraine Dobbelstem Mlldred Demann Ianet Christiansen Lucille Raclzicki Ioan Latalla Dr Walter Guse Sponsor Ioyce Malone Pat Moore Christine Malck Patricia Rentfleisch Elaine Mohr Row 2 Sara Nesmith ludy Polchlopek Marcia Seeley Dorothy Bloomquist Amelia Van Dermack Lorraine Lela Lillian Bengsten Lorraine Schlage Ioyce Pokorn Phyllis Brinkman Betty Wedig Clara Engmark Barbara Burchardt Diana Guyssens Nan Owens Shirley Bechtold Row I Donna Wafer Barbara Meuschel Catherine Healy Cynthia Scott Donna Stone Palsy Romano Ioyce Heinrich Rosemary Manago Patient Sh1rleyGowlovech Nurse Helen Mikul LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Student assistants must be on the alert to see that their fellow students are given the best in library service. They check out books file cards shelve books arrange magazines and make displays They learn all phases of work in the library while earning ten well-deserved service points. FIRST AID CLUB Dr Guse s First Aid Club was organized to teach different methods of first aid. This group which has been traditional at Foreman alternates each semester for boys and girls. Members learn how to give temporary treat- ment in case of accident or sudden illness before the service of a physician can be secured. A party at the end of the semester adds a light touch to the otherwise serious activities 42 HA ja5AL0l'l 0 Olll' Q aUl0l" 4-4. Eaclr Row Pat Lundbom Ioan Marlmo Peggy Rogers Ellzabeth Becker Nancy New Martlyn Marwedel Mr Snodgrass Geraldme Fmn Eleanor Sl1bOff Colleen Lyckholm France Sommers Letty D1C1cco Row 2 Lols Anderson Barbara Creamer Marjorle Mohr Iudy Thrane Barbara Tadych Lxlhan Cole Nancy Olsen How 1 Ruth Youngberg Marlene Lxeske Ann Memg Dagmar Thomsen Uster Glona Gramto Ioanne Provenzaro Audrey Porto Carol Izban Slandmg Duffy Berry OFFICERS Io Ann Everson V1cePres1dent Clare Grande Presxdent Barrie Henke Secretary Alice Walledom Attendance Clerk and Dolores Schwankl Treasurer PERSONALITY CLUB Our complex SOC1elY w1th 1ts many types and persona11t1es makes lt necessary for young people to know how to get along well w1th each other Mr Iames Snodgrass sponsors lh1S group of g1rls who are eager to learn more about themselves 1n order to make ad1ustments and acqu1re pleas1ng and frlendly per sonalmes Each meetlng fmds members 11sten1ng to talks on ways and means of approachmg the 1dea1 personal1ty Problems concernmg the proper use of cosmet1cs, how to select ones wardrobe and what to do to make others l1ke you are brought before the group for d1scuss1on 43 U Q , 5 S, r . , .1 'A . Y T in e E y t as , 1 gy S J IALIQQ. . .W . ' 1 ffl 4 i ' A - 1.1 ' . X s 'vii Q KK, is , H A I . , - . , I , , 3 1 - - 1 1 eamwor Edingd j!1em onom FROSH SOPH BASEBALL CLUB Back How Robert Weege Donald Lukaszewskr Carl Franklrn Albert Golemo Rlchard Blxtt Robert Malrna Robert Rose Rrchard Syslo Kent Arnold Donald Westphal Bruce Gordon Rzchard Urban Warren Bradley Kenneth Iohnson Iohn Palmqurst Row 2 Iohn Kxllenberg Rrchard Pradzmskr Donald Lxchtner Iames Postma Donald Schaffrath Row 1 Iohn Panella lack Connor Wrllram Zmck Ronald Ostrowskr Ronald Parma Mr Zahorrk Lours Regrlxo Ray Caccamo Albm Berggner Robert Sterner VARSITY PIC SKIN Back Row Wxllxam Knudsen Orvrlle Sorensen Eugene Leya Edmund Harrrs Robert Ingolra Wrllram Dallxanrs Rxchard Bendel Rrchard Covehers Ray Krzyurckl Howard Wood George Oshmskx Harry Dallrams Donald Hand How 2 Wrllram Baenke Robert Larsen Kenneth Sorhe Wrllram Kelly Robert Srmkowskr Donald Stromberg Ilay Wohlers Howl Rxclxard Hausser Iohn Akourrs Mr Maloff Henry Wrtte Kenneth Wolmer Edward Butler Rocco Carrozza Robert I-Iendnxson Phrlrp Grubba FROSH SOPH BASEBALL CLUB It IS always a good pollcy to start at the beg1nn1ng and that IS Just exactly what the Frosh Soph Baseball Club does Mr Zahorlk the sponsor takes the younger baseball candrdates and grves them a good foundat1on for the1r future on the vars1ty baseball team Thrs year s newcomers show prom1se of becom mg great performers on the baseball dlamond VARSITY PIGSKIN These boys meet every two Weeks to d1scuss tactrcal prob lems wh1ch they expect to encounter on the gr1d1ron Members are requ1red to be erther experlenced players or candrdates who expect to become regulars From th1s group new mater1al 1S d1scovered whrch IS molded 1nto a team of promlsmg football players by the sponsor lack Maloff 44 523 .L . .xt X J I ff s 7 1 E . t lx 1 Q f ,1 '59 1' ,11 1 ' -31 Q . ' , . Y , ' l vi 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S 1 l 1 1 1 I - 1 1 1 . 3 -7 7' I. 1 ' 1 ' 1 .1 1 ' . 1 1 1 . , . . , . 61195 0 po f G ne Dan1el Bachar Ro'1ald Furmansk1 Paul Lee Back Row Mr Malo Paul Dav1d Hal urgo Peter M1tt1ebrun Ioe Iqnoffo IH lka Ar hur Grubba lame Donovan Ahold Row 2 W1l11am Bmder Iames Naleway V1 cen y Leva Edward Caropepe V e Church1l1 Don Hermansen lame Ko sxos Row 1 Donald Ernst Peter Storm lack Walker ern Leonard Hodera OFFICERS-Standmg M1ke Br1gl1o Mr Malo ff B b Westgate August V1ecel1 Howard Stramen Sxttmg Sam Igno o o LETTERMEN S CLUB ve all Won ma1or Thls club IS composed of boys who ha et1t1on Its purpose 1S to ortsmanshlp and to help Fore man athletes IISS to greater helghts Many former Hornets have reached h1gh standard of attcanment s1nce the clubs format1on 1n 1939 Under the gu1dance of Iohn Malo the Lettermen s Club 1S consldered one of Foreman s outstandlng o gan1zat1ons for 1t IS contr1but1ng so much to the advancement of sports and soc1al hfe 1n our school The clubs outstand1ng soc1al event The n of Apr11 20 1n the Glrls Gym athletlc awards ln 1nterscho1ast1c comp stlmulate the es ence of true sp Hornet Hop, held on the evenr g , b ll. was a successful dance, carefully planned and enyoyecl y a 45 O Our ! ,SJ I" E, I f Q I ' Y . 1 , tx . I I 1 i . 1 X t W 1 W . f. :2 ' ' 2 ' D' I gl , W' " ' . , 'n , t , s , . , ' ,. A' I . H . - ..,.. . A -. . , -I , . , . . . , . . ' 1 . . . . , Qiofclen em0rie5 FOREMAN NEWS STAFF Standing - Ieannette Tichy. Barrie Henke, Pat Iaye, Pat Kulik, Louise Sobray, Virginia Fuqman. Sitting Arlene Hobbs, Phyllis Roche, Esther Burkhardt, Do- lores Pierucci, Ieanne Kolarz. Standing Nancy Olson Bar bara Davidson Ieanne Iakub owicz Elizabeth Henderson Violet Nikolich Sitting Lucille Tuchowski Theresa Moreno Bonnie Allds Nancy Poole William An Q drowsln Diane Constantine is Standing lack Donn Virginia Rotunno Sitting Dale Fischer Paul David Darlene Hewing Bar bara Evans --s.AfJ.,.f WW wx WM, em ,I 'W 1 ff- FOREMAN NEWS Every two weeks eager Eoremamtes ant1c1pate reading the newest ed1t1on of the FOREMAN NEWS which has Won wide popularity because of 1lS snappy gossip columns keen sports news and up to the mmute student happenings Under the dlrection of Miss Virginia Cavoit staff members work and worry from one deadline day unt 11 the next assembling news typing copy and planning layouts When at last the papers are finally delivered to the students for their approval favorable criticism makes the staff feel with pride that the1r tireless efforts have been worthwhile The job of putting out the school newspaper provides many stimulating exper1ences 1n recording permanently the GOLDEN MEMORIES of our school l1fe 46 4, s. ,, , we I c A . - - .V . , 4 l . Q. I o -K . A X . . " Ale X -'27 . - ,' ...ZA .P uv ' S J T ,- Y t -- i 'Q H . . rbi r, 'V X ' ' 1 . .,,.Q , H is f Q K - , " - .2-i'g.g.' bfi ' i5,sQijay jj" 3,4 . N fm., - .. .-14" A , ' A I - - - ' I I ive on orever FOREMANUAL In September, when the staff was confronted with the task of publishing the 1950 FOREMANUAL, mem- bers frankly admitted they were worried. With prices up and enrolment down the problem of giving the students a beautiful book on a reduced budget was responsible for much discussion. A sales campaign was planned to begin with a rousing and entertaining pep assembly, tour pages of advertising was set up as a means ot procuring added income, and the lull cooperation of every teacher and student was enlisted. Now, in Iune, 1950, the staff and sponsor, Miss Ve da Stern, ieel that all the planning, worrying and hard work that went into publishing the book was indeed worth the e tort. They are proud and happy that they had this opportunity to present to the students of Foreman Hgh School this yearbook of their GOLDEN MEMORIES of high school days. . E E 7 5 .4-..Q.a.-A 1 .,...,. ... ,. EDITORIAL STAFF Standing Iohn Cravens, Assist' ant Editor: Iames Matson, Assist- ant Editor Sittinq Mary Alyce Lundgoot, Sports Editor Richard Goode Editor in Chie Marilyn Wershay .X ' n Y l 5 Literary Editor: Frank Grasso if ff Business Manager. X s FOREMANUAL STAFF Standinq - Arlene Hobbs, loan Voelz, Beverly Paul, Mary Peters. Arlene Miller, Willard Balle, Do- lores Pierucci. Sitting - Ieanette Tichy, Louise Sobray, Nancy Poole, Richard Borge, Therese McNeela, Ioan Planz, FOREMANUAL REPRESENTATIVES Back Row S Theresa Naleway, Carole Kellner, Claudia Deqner, Lucille Sztuk, Ioan Vinton, Vera Saline, Helen Kubay, Leona Zoch. Row 3 Edwin Blum, Marjorie Mohr, Roy Hansen, Donald Lucas, Lorraine Leja, Robert Ingolia, William Trecka, Fritz Schwebke. Susanne Shaw. Row 2 Nan Owens, Marcia Ma- jewski, Nancy Froehlich, Elaine Baum, Dolores Schwankl, Elaine Beilke. Row I - Carole Cukla, Danuta Bednarczyk, Ruth Nelson, Clem- entine Bononno. MCL ,Nome gain Graduates ol the Class ol lune 1949 are happy to meet so soon aqarn m the halls of the school they have 1ust left Here are represented the Classes of 1936 1945 and 1949 whose mem bers came from near and far to attend the annual reunron Memorres of tasty iood brmg the alumnr back to the Foreman lunch room where they talk over old trme The evemnq found present mem bers of the Natronal Honor Socrety preparrng to regrster all alumnr rn order to keep the records of the graduates upto date Alumm also recerve programs of events and mformatron regarclrng ,. the reunron of thexr classes Mr Pawhckr rs lndeed pleased to shake the hand of George Srmkow slu outstandmg football player oi the Class of 1949 as Rrchard Fxlas and Alfred Schultz look on ALUMNI REUNION Annual Alumnr Reurnon sponsored by Mr Harry P McHale was held on Frrday evenmg Aprrl 14 It was an outstandxng socral success for e semors graduates and teachers who were all anxrous to renew old acquamtances of former school days The major ev ents 1ncluded the showmg of movles of the graduates dancrng rn the grrls gym athletrc games between the v t arsr y and alumnr and specral class reunrons 48 1 'U ' . 1 V fr 3 1. la- ' - in D. N1 an 'Av- g .. 'ra Q 3 A M, 1 1 iv G' 1 f . . V R A 7, , ' t h Caja ' -3' . , A4 I - up 11 ' WN x X I D N N . The ' ' , . . , ' , . th , 1 . . . , , . . . . - I , , - P85811 flflg CLFQI1 iii BOARD MEMBERS Standmg Mrs Frank Marrk Mrs Frank Descourouez Mrs IohnFr1tz Mrs R I Auge Mrs Fred Wershay Srttmg Mrs I H Walker Mrs Edwrn Hermann Mrs George Nelson Mrs Iohn Tatar OFFICERS Miss Catherrne A Ryan Mrs Gllbert Gabnelson Mrs Walter Muller Mrs Robert Montgomery Mrs Walter Evans Mrs C L Brown Mrs Francrs Iohnson Mrs Fred G Meng 'Vlrss Vrrgmra Cavort cfxvq, sg? gf 'V' CHRISTMAS PARTY The Chrxstmas Party and Bazaar was well attended by many mothers who enloyed a delrghtiul talk on Chrxstmas In Other Lands by Mrs Walter Evans Members dxsplayed therr hand made artxcles whlch they donated to the bazaar The party was a festrve and mterestmg hrghlrght rn the PTA s socral calendar PTA The P T A act1v1t1es for the year were varred and concerned wlth many vltal school problems One of the 1mportant objectrves formulated for the year was to promote the welfare of ch1ldren and youth 1n the home school church and communlty W1lhlh1S goal rn mmd the P T A Work progressed smoothly Some of the speclal events were the tea for faculty members the Chrlst mas bazaar and party an even1ng mus1cale and a movre to rarse money for the Foreman scholarshrp fund The organlzatlon was sponsored by MISS V1rg1n1a Cavolt faculty mem ber and the followrng offrcers Mrs Grlbert Gabrlelson Presldent Mrs Walter Evans Flrst V1cePres1dent Mrs Robert Montgomery Second VICG Presldent and Mrs Walter Mlller Recordrng Secretary 49 I ur fy A , 'fyfxs,,V Q 'wail '-if - I 'L . 'fi-:sassy M tx 0 k mlyxn :QM .Aja Q Y uri.. , ,. is Q, 1' 1 ' 1 , ,Tl T Q t V AE: . ,...,. ...,:.., .... ' ga . il., . ,P l H . L' 4 - A A -:wif 1, 5 ig. X F 'X I I I - I . . I - I 3 - 1 I - I ' : - 1 ' I - I - We 'CV' W 3 Y X, gn, 6 if Ai, C u f, 1 jx N yglquzsft ",k'Q.,: J W S 'mx is Y W 5 . xf.'?,v I-is 'f , Wf??:,.w-.f -325,121 fy orneffi Sfing jlleir ag TEAM MEMBERS-4 Top Row Philip Grubba, Manager: Donald Stromberg, Ronald Larson, William Benedix, William Knudsen, Ray Wohlers, Richard Hauser, Henry Witte, Richard Coveliers, Howard Wood, William Dallianis, William Baenke, George Oshinski, Iames Kotsios, Manager: Mr. lack Maloff, Coach. How 2 Howard Stramen, Eugene Szydlowski. lames Donovan, W'ayne Ashfield, Robert Inqolia, Peter Storm, Iohn Akouris, Arthur Grubba, Donald Hand, Leonard Hodera, lack Hendrixson. How I Donald Leva, Gerald Rasmussen, Fritz Weitendorf, Donald Ernst, Ted Borowski, Ioe Bellizzi, Vincent Hylka. Ronald Furmanski. BENCH GROUP' 'Donald Stromberq, George Oshinski, Ro iald Larson, Paul Morck, Ray Wohlers, Richard Coveliers. Iames Naleway, lack Hendrixson, Leonard Hodera, Peter Siorrn, Gerald Rasmussen, Arnold Leva, Wayne Ashfield, Iames Kotsios. Ili, 3 ci f 1 A A , VJ. -W ' Q .- -r s-- is we .,.. ,9- if .gldengffz on Ze grichron FOOTBALL Although the Hornets had a poor season this year, they started out well by crushing Tuley. Then due to several bad breaks they were unable to win another game. The team, however, was not as bad as the standing might indicate, and Coach Iack Maloff admired the boys for their determination to do their best. The spirit was typically Foreman. The boys were always "hustling," and good sportsmanship was continually evident. Foreman will always be proud of Ted Borowski who was captain of the Hornets 1949 team. The Chicago Tribune voted him All-West Section tackle for his outstanding line play. Later he was chosen second string tackle on the All-State team. 53 roucffy, 'ML ,Haj BASKETBALL The Basketball season of 1949-50 found the Foreman Iunior and Senior teams rough and ready. The teams closed the season with the best win-loss record in a decade. The fast breaking Iuniors under the leadership of Captain Mike Briglio swept through 20 opponents victoriously. An overtime loss to Marshall and a quarter-final defeat by Chicago Vocational were the only set-backs. The personnel of the Iunior squad was studded with able performers. Assisting the fiery Briglio in the season's successes were Sam lgnoffo, Iack Hendrixson, Pete Mittlebrun. and Clay Claxton, a mid- year loss. Ioe lgnoffo and Paul Lee are returing standouts who will bear the brunt of the '50-'51 basketball wars. For his outstanding performance Mike Briglio was selected for the All-West Section team and Sam Ignoffo to the All-City Honor team. BASKETBALL SENORS Standing- Ralph Olsen. Ron Reid. Ken Paulson, Ernie Manago, Manager. Kneeling Charles Majewski, Ed- ward Caropepe, Robert Gainer. Fritz Weintendort, Henry Bill. Sitting-V lack Walker, Verne Churchill. Howard Stramen, Don Hermansen, Bill Binder, Coach Iohn Malo. CAPTAINS Iunior Team Captain Mike Brig- lio, Senior Team Captain Don Hermansen, Coach Iohn Malo. eo' Iumons Standing-Bob Sterner, Ken Schultz, Don Lukaszewski, Coach Iohn Malo, Manager Ernie Mana- go, Sam Ignofio, Bruce Gordon, 3.7 X Perry Frangos. nnfhlq KneeIinqACasimir Zuranski, lack 42 Hendrixon, Mike Briglio, Peter Mittlebrun, Paul Lee, Ioe Ignoito, Ronald Oslrowski. Y ,,.r. , R VET: if' if if ififff 'Q if x6 we f' Y e nggw' MM9' 1 55 ,. if .gi A 61 gd Ueladge Captaln August Vrecelr Captam Robert We tgate Coach Iohn Malo THE TEAM Row 5 Manager Gerald Wmkowskl Ronald Caccamo Eugene Roche Ronald Krumlr Ill Golemo Manager Frank De courouez How 4 Rzchard Iohnson Ronald Ostrowskr Bruce Gordon Donald Lukaszewskl Wrlham Zmck Ronald Vombrack Donald Krumlxs Damel Pradzrnskr Iames Po ma Row 3 Paul Davrd Rrchard Brandel Robert Weatgae Verne Churchrll Frank Mrkos Row 2 August Vrecelr Arnold Leva Donald Schallrah Howard Stramen Robert Moskalewrcz Row 1 Coach Malo Harold Gurgone Robert Walker Mrke Brrglro Damel Bachar Herbert Syrrng BASEBALL The 1950 Hornets were well prepared for Sectron play alter a rugged practrce schedule The team captarned by the battery mates August V1ecel1 catcher and Bob Westgate pxtcher gave Foreman one of tts best records 1n recent years Behrnd these two stellar performers were such veterans as Arnold Leva at thrrd lack Walker at short and Dan Bachar at second The garden was patrolled by the seasoned Paul Davrd rn Left the alert and speedy Br1gl1o 1n Center and southpaw Hal Gurgone 1n Rrght Freld Newcomers 1n the l1ne up lncluded Ronald Caccamo Frank Mrkos and Howard Stramen Wrth the exceptlon of Caccamo the entrre team w1ll recerve drplornas before next base ball season 1nclud1ng prtchers Herb Syrmg and Bob Moskalewrcz and Drck Brandel catcher Thus the 1950 burden w1ll fall on such boys as Caccamo Zrnck Scha frath Ostrowsk1 and Lukaszewskt The h1ghl1ghts of the 1950 season were the 1 0 vrctory over Aust1n endmg therr ten game wmmng streak Bob Westgate s no h1tter over Wells and the team s thrrd place fmxsh 1n the perennrally tough West Sectron League 56 I . ' s . . . , 's, . , 5- ' ' ', sl . --- . , . 1 . - , , , , , . X , l x Q' A A , -ft , '- , fy .f 1' . ' , , , , 1 I I I ' , I - ' , . , . . . , . I I ' I I , M - . . , . , . . . . I - I jk xH0l"lflQ! Al? -' A gUCH,f The Court ol Ho lor qathers around Queen Nancy Lahman alter her Coronation Iere we see ome ol our seruor boys and qrrls who drd such a frne lob ol sellmg rose durmq cl1v1s1o1 p nod and at the Hop Z A bevy of Foreman beautre thor ouqhly enloymq themselve at the dance surround the sponsor M Iohn Malo who seems to be a qood trme too havmg Mary Lundgoot Queen of the 1949 Hornet Hop crowns the newly chosen Queen Bee The commrttee made up of Let er men had charge ol all arrcmgemermts for the dance To them and to Malo belongs the success of the 1950 Hornet Hop Here the boys are shown qreetrnq therr quests The Hornet ornecomrng of the Men s Athletrc Department under e specrfrc supervrsron of the Letterrnen s Club Each year guests of honor are former Lettermen who return for thelr reunron The event 1S hrghlrqhted by the selhng and wearrng of roses and by the crownmg of the new Queen Bee Hop has become a tradrtrcnal annual h 57 H J u I I S ' n 0 . . 3 . . , . ' A e ' . ' s. - . , 3 , , I. 1-sk ' -. , Av 9' nj! in ,Q 4 ff N fi nv- ww: ' A , . , . 5 A . ., in t' . V A . 1 - ' . Mr. A I . . , I I . . . . , th . g march COLOR GUARD Always ready and wrllrrg the Color Guard performs at all school functrons held rn the Audrtorrum A snappy foursome they add e rght amount ol drgnrty as the audrence pledges allegrance and smgs The Star Spangled Banner at the begmnrng of every assem y program Only outstandmg cadets are chosen lor thrs colorful drlll MAIORETTES The majorettes are proud to strut rn therr beautriul new unriorms as they lead the Drum and Bugle Corps on parade They add color ch skrll rn the handlrng of therr hatons DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Thrs rs the ever pooular Drum ard Bugle Corps whrch rs under the drrectron ol Capt Caster lt may be heard practrcrng on the chool campus each mornrng at 8 15 when weather permrts 'Ihe cade s have learned to march rn varrous lormatrons to the strrrmg t rth from therr care ully handled rnstruments and glamour to the unrt whrle they drsplay mu Tm COLOR GUARD Rrchard Goode Iohn Gra bowskr Ray Wohlers Leo Krenzel MAIORETTES Ioreen Tressler Marran Lynch Marlene Ullrrch lean Wrlson DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Dudley French, Wrllxam Mallory Robert Myers Charles Hadle, Frank Clark Marvrn Otto Don ald Nelson Iames Mc Avoy Norton Gum Ernest Schultz Burnell Zrebell Ray McAvoy Rrchard Al brecht Robert Gall Clement Polachek Donald Coombs Kenneth Vogt I W8 U1 Q OP? bl . ' ' . rnarlial music which blares o . ' f . ' Q . 'Wx s T ' 1 1 I l. , 'V , I gc I s B as if ,a fixm' f W ff: f ZW, hw 4 fri , 1 swf I 0 39. C , N - T A I -v ' i ,U 0 a 1 J ,I A an 'f gg i' .1-5 yd , 1 .i A 9 v . M,:. s A 1 x ,, n , Q wa 4' .huuxn , 2 il , 'Q L , If K. ,aw ,ef ' 1 W2 zz-:Q ,- ',-' 2,5 in I N . . 7 . ...A ?, W3 relaarafion for perkcfion FANCY DRILL TEAM Ralph Lindblom, Marvin Otto, Herbert Iohnson, Wayne Anderson, Ronald Zaccard, Phillip Vierling, William Trecka, Ray Kaczmarek, Ray McAvoy. lack Mueller, Capt. Caster, Sgt. Smith. Here is another interesting group which although in existence but a short time has made quite a name for itself. lt represents skillful maneuvering of weapons, split-second discharge of commands, and an appearance of sharp military garb that must be seen to be appreciated. Under the supervision of the military instructors the Fancy Drill Team has entertained many audiences. The cadets performed at the city-wide Competitive Platoon Contest held in the Broadway Armory on December 3, and on Teen Talent Nite at Flower, Lake- view, and Kelvyn Park High Schools as well as at Foreman. FRESHMEN CADETS Top Row --lack Hartel, Laddie Raymond, Michael Raimondi, Ronald Belke, Albin Berggren. lames Wilcks, Frank Van Santen, George Tirva, Robert Cosimini. Row 2 Russell Bergner, Henry Leppin, Charles Mercurio, David Eisenstadt, Glenn Glave, Donald Bartelli. Ray Bulinski, Raymond Prince, Tom Kugler. How l-Edwin Blum, Lawrence Maggiore, Ted Erickson, William Iacobson, Robert Murphy, Dayne Iackson, Phillip Lasala, Bruno Ricchio, Robert Mels. The Foreman R.O.T.C. is proud to have welcomed into the unit this year these freshmen cadets who show great promise of becoming top ranking officers. Their spirit and cooperation have made them outstanding in class- room work, on the drill field, and in the many extracurricular activities which the cadets enjoy. 60 urriuin ommon nferefsfa BOYS RIFLE TEAM Standmq Sgt Smrth Srttmq Herbert Iohnson Kneelmg Ronald Zaccard Frank Mralkow skr Ralph Lrndblom Donald Egan Leo Krenzel Our rrtle range attracts many eager cadets each a ternoon Sgt Smrrh the rnstructor drlrgently spends many hours teachrng the boys the Irrmg posrtrons as well as the care and handlrng of drffer cnt types of lrrearms Contrnued practrce has brought cood results rn the teams competrtron wrth other north s d s hoo s SAND TABLE David Ersenstadt Wrllram Trecka Harlow Blum Capt Ca er Wrllram IJe1derso1 Glenn Glave Here we see a typ1cal classroom scene rn wh1ch Capt Caster IS teachmg sma 1 unrt lGCl1CS When weather permrts these groups meet outdoors and make practrcal use of therr rnstructlon GIRLS RIFLE TEAM Sandmg Sgt Smrth Vera Salxne Iune Murphy Ruth Carlsen Amelra VanDer mark Mary Pe ers There e McNeela Ioan Planz Kneelmg Ioan I-Iolmberg Carol Scheuner Rosemarxe Kozlowskr Nancy Owens Iuan xta Auge These rnterested grrls are bemg rnstructed rn the handlmg and Irr mg of rrfles Patrence and hard work contrrbuted to the r success 1n thrs actrvlty in ,Zh 'V Wx 1',x si Ka. v.,N ,Da X? Q hun-wi 34,1 it ,M LETTERGIRLS Stardmq Dolores Wrlks Bev erly Schmldt Lucrlle Tuchow kr Bo'1n1e Allds Drane Con stanhne Vrrgrnra Fugman Barbara Creamer Lots Ander son Vera Salxne Dlane Schaedel Kneelmg Frances Sommers Valer1e Martxnson Coleen Lyckholm luanl a Auge Bar bara Evans Arlene Miller Rose Mane Kozlowskx Audrey De lelsen Dolores Cole Mary Alyce Lundgoot Srttrrg Phylhs Roche V1r grnxa Rotunno Arlene Hobbs l:.thel Rlsley Ioan Glaubke Carol Grllls Charlotte Kumar Carol Scheuner Anrta Ernst G A A REPRESENTATIVES Standmg Lols Iossr Drane Constantme Barbara Frscher Leona Zoch Darlene Wach holz Drane Schaedel Carole Kloebge Bealrlce Koehl Kreelmq Patr1c1a Moore Ann chott Ellen Barnas - Imeha Van Dermark Mar V garet Tuchowskr Donna Bay lean Ckowroi lo Ann Po lempa Sxltmq Arlene Knorp Ehl G1ll1s Elsle Luca Marxlyn lube Carole Hone ho BOP RD OF CONTROL Stardmg Lucllle Tuchow k Bonnle Allds Drane Cons an tlne V1rg1n1a Fugman .Alce Marugq Lourse Faleu Vera Sahne Helen Kubay Kneelmg Amta Ernst Mary Alyce Lundgoot Carol Sched ner Rose Marte Kozlow kt Wrlma Wlktorskl Audrey De le sen Margaret Tuchow kr Itrlene Hobbs KJ Srltmg V1rg1n1a Ro unno Ehel Rlsley Barbara Evans Carol G1ll1S Arlene Mrller Iuamta Auge GAA The GAA IS th largest organlratrcn at Foreman as all the g1rls are el1g1ble to belong The Board o Control 1S the execut1ve body whrch represents all the members The Board supcrvrse act1v1t1es such as the Mmstrel Show the bowlmg team splash parhes the Bld ng Club and assembhes Every semester thrs executlve group sponsors a dance Whtch IS always a huge success 62 'v GIRLS GYM CLASSES These classes are dlrected by Mrss Veromca Lagorro head of the depart ment Mrs Iessxe Anderson GAA sponsor and Mrs Margaret Bmyon who coaches the Student Leaders Every glrl partrclpates ln an athletxc program con srstmg ot swlmmrng volleyball captam basketball and calrsthemcs The glrls are kept m splendld physlcal condrtlon whlle leammg the art of good sportsmanshxp and fan' play 'J Q ea Q Q . . " 1. A ' A ' ' , , . ' , L4 I , A ' A l . I l l . .4 'P S T " ' 1 A ' I Q X . X , ,A . I ,- as L v Q t 'fs "-Q.. - VV I- vig ,A Y Y , ' .. . ' ' ' 1 , sa ,J , .. f A V 'if : 1 Q 1 . we S , . ' t . r 1 A' ' . i K ' .. ., ' my ' I ' ' . 3, x Q ' Eisley, Carole Izban. Carol , 3. - is , , s 9- . ., N. r -- s lt . V. 4 ' 3 , , 1 N-4 l' r I . Q. ' - ' ,ai . . . . , f ,. . , .- L. 4 , 1 ,. ' ' 1 1 3 1 . . . . , g A l- P , V . v v L R K . . . l . 9 I' l l ' ' - ' ' I ' ' ' , . I , . . . . ' I S I 'I I 1 . ' . . , i . N . , - , . . . . . . . SWW1 wig CAM an 63 galil ay t QI' Olfll' 1 '1 'K 4 RIDING CLUB Standing Caroline Dobrenick Kathleen Absher Carol Scheuner Dolores Wtlks Ioknne Po empa Ioan Vinton Dol W ore ood row Car l o e Kioebege Kneeling R uh Ryerson, orothy K awalkiewicz anet Hske lean Wil fson Ioyce Geshkewich Ioan R ll o er Dorothy Hackard DoloTes Barrett BOWLING CLUB Standm V q ir ginia Fugman Diane Constantine Al H ma augen Susanne Shaw Bar bara Creamer Darlene Hewmg Lois Anderson Diane Schaedel Ioreen Tressler Kneeling Lucille Tuchowski Arlene M ll 1 er Bonnie Allds Peggy Rogers Ioan Vinton Lois Schott Colleen Lyckholm Nancy Neu 'fitting Carolyn Kilar Ann 'chott Barb ara Evans Theresa McNee1a Andrey Detleisen Elvira Marcinkow ski Patricia Ianowik BOW Fllds Carole Showalter Nancy Car dinale Donna Bay Bernice Barsotti Rose Nicketta Geraldine Patsy Mary Lundgoot Louise Sobray LING CLUB Standing Marian K Kaczmarek Geraldme Haubl Ph yllis Nottqer Bernadme Malus Ann Ca san D o olores Cole Wilma Wiktorski Dianne Kropp Carol Petrie neelmg Arlene Hobbs Lorraine Sitting Ioan Rattay Adair Geiger Racquel Acerenza Beverl P b , y re e, lean Irvine, Elsie Lucas. Doro.hy K , . awalkiewicz, Margery Lundgoot, Arlene Knorpa, Iuanita Auge. BOWLING LEAGUE This group the most active in the G.A.A. meets every Wednesday after school. The record for high game was broken this year by a score of 222 achieved by Arlene Hobbs. RIDING CLUB T . . . he R1d1ng Club is com d pose of the equestrians of Foreman. Through this club the girls become excellent horsewomen to the extent ot winning trophies at different meets. Th ride on Tuesday afternoons. e girls QPF? I'lf5lI"QZ QCLIQQIAJ MIN STREL SHOW The gayest and most colorful event of the year was the G A A Mlnstrel Show Th1S extravaganza was planned and partlclpated 1n by the Board of Control and members of the GAA The chorus composed of f1fty glrls executed a dellghtful tambourlne dr111 and accompanled the performers Wllh the1r harmon1ous slnglng The exqulslte scenery produced tor the show was the 1nsp1rat1on and art1st1c creatlon of Lucllle Tuchowsk1 I COME THE CAKE WALK a d SHIRLEY WESTPHAL 65 The illustrations represent several of the acts: "SWANNI-IE", "DIXIE", "CALIFORNIA, HERE K ,.-, 1 -Y 4, FH' M MF. ,, V 1 I, . li A fin W, wmv.-....M,4..W.W, at 'QV I gn QU 'QL vnu 9 1 wmmwf me un SEQ. 4 w... 'mg . I ".: ,. A M9 fr f15f'?535m:i V Q 6,45-, is .,., gf 15' J , 4. , -if 1, .Q tak? 'Ki' V sh QW? ' Y 4 QE ,Q , ,.f-.' .S 514' A fs " N ' E N 3 W H. x .ff ,I - QJ By QM.,-M V+ 1. ,mv-nam . ...M W., .3 A S A WR' if .-,-.....,. 'K 4 of 1' . 1, is-ilngv-vfi' f 1 W ,ini-if 'M fs if Y Q: Q ' ' S e vi fi. . J wi ' 5 S' 4 D, , ,sig 5115 li 2 Qi? ir a 4, 35, 1 lf , A' n gg sg .3 if ff 6 X, ' , 7? JH., vi Q XX - 1 x. - U - fi QQ ' " .,, fi A W1 , 1 N72 is .Q-.,..,,x F85 lfflefl MR CANTU 325 Top Row lack Hartel Marshall Ogne Lorrame Le,a Marxlyn Benson Ronald Lavm How 6 Rudolph Dochterman Ronald Banas Robert Cost m1n1 Kenne h Huseby Ronald Prmce How 5 Dayne Iackson Arlene Sobreszczyk Betty Wedrg lhomas Kuqler Mary Sprccx Row 4 Pat Dublcz Ellen Barnas Ronald Puchx Dolore lxerns Yvonne Schwarz Row 3 Barbara Burchardt Bernadetta Gotto Elalne Mohr Vxola Roth Mxldred Demann Row 2 loan Smagach Cynthxa Scott Frank Me smer Palsy Romono B1ll Leo Howl Mr Cantu Wrlham Iacobson Norma Schmld Wrl ham Andersen Barbara Rrcher on MRS SZUBCZYNSKI 329 Top Row Alan Kuczer Dennxs Karbowskr Iame Wxlck Mrchael Rarmondr Robert Hauck Row 7 Ronald Belke Henry Leppm Marrlyn Pe ersen Barbara Wykowskr Carolyn Cooper Row 6 Mary Ellen Sutclxfle Barbara Leslxe Ioyce Pokarn Lrllran Bengson Lorrame Kercho Row 5 Fred Duray Ray Caccamo Ted Furnett Donald Ekman Thomas Rospond Row 4 Iohn Bach Bruno Rxcchxo George Olsen Charles Nelson Charles Mercuno Row 3 Chrrstme Malek Ioan Berg Emlly Zographos Teddy Erxckson Rxchard Wagner Row 2 Grace Dalessra Alma Selldrn Loretta Glaser Mar garet Menrg Clementine Bononno Allred Werssenstem Row 1 Mary Lou Doss Barbara Meuschel Gall Ghronzoh Sonja Lundblad Iames Smrth Margaret Pedersen MISS COSTELLO 115 Top How Phrhp Lasala Phylhs Nottger Leona Telep Carol Sachtleben Geraldme Rrchverd Elame Youngberg Ioan Klechak Norvel Blankenburg Anthony Avxghano How 4 Dale Anderson Albm Berggren Robert Srmkowskt Donald Huvare Tom Lauerman Richard Urban Raymond Laddre Rrchard Iensen Row 3 Robert Murphy Edward SllkleWlC2 Shrrley Soren son Ioan Caley Geraldme Haubl Arlene Taylor Robert Weege Row 2 Anthony Lmhart Evelyn Sabat Barbara Schaefer Patncra Moore Marcra Ma ewskr Beverly Ferns Patrrcra Rentllxesch Row l Rosemary Manago loyce Hemrxch Iudy D1Cola Ioyce Ge hkrwrch Ioan Cuffan Helen Mxkul Iohn Panella - Q 5 , , . , 7 . . . 3 7 , . 3 . . 1 1 1 ' . S . 7 , , 3 S, . . . - . . . , 1 . . . - . . .., , , . , . . . . , , f 1 . . S . . . - red men MRS RUTH ANDERSON 217 Top How Pat Earnshaw Donna Wafer Beatnce Skarbek Davxd Lockwood Glenn Glave Drane Smger Rrta Hoop man Iudrth Nrcolme Row 4 Al Golemo Donald Westphal Rlchard Werner Ronald Donatellx Audrey Schmrdt Roberta Flscher Claudxa Degner Ianet Walker Row 3 Mary Alexacos Shirley Hartman Ioan Chrrstman Dolores Ianoslrl Eleanor Komeczny Ioan Pxetrzak Carol Galus Row 2 Ioan Yurkowskr Ioyce Marmo Marte Kashul Bev erly Prebe Marzlyn Kube Bernadette Sedall Barbara Neff Row 1 Barbara Wollschlager Robert Mels Davld Ensen stadt Edward Ostrowskr Forre t Stoeke Nancy Vrerlmg MRS SMITH 224 Top Row Io Ann Ochsenhrrt Arlene Neel Carole Hobbs Barbara Golz Patncla Cutrona Charlene Rxchxqer Esther Chnmes Ioan Truppo Row 4 Ray Harrrson Wally Roberts George Wallace Donald Lukaszewskr Eugene Paprockx Edwm Plocharskr lack Connor Row 3 Lawrence Magqlore Barbara Frscher Vxolet Muel ler Carole Sprengel Geraldme Iasmek Ranae Bresm Andrew Gxglro Row 2 Marlene Wrebort Lots Schott Lorrame Kaczmarek Vxrqmra Sobczyk Elame Czekalska lean Hylka Row I Sharlene Marm Geraldme Zawatzkr Nancy Czar kowskx Sophxe Mroz Ioan Rlnkosrewrcz Cormne Bacclu MISS HOMER 303 Top Row Lorrame ODay Carol Cukla Barbara Kuczak Earlene Gruber Anna Colella Shxrley Pruchmckr Carol Wollschlager Elsle Lucas Geraldme Srdak Row 4 Ronald Vombrack Iohn Kxllenberg Bruce Wolf loseph Barrowman Gust Chlrchxrxllo Robert Kunze Orvrlle Sorensen Row 3 Edmund Harasrmowrcz Edwm Butler Ralph Iane ske Donald Bartelll Betty Martens Ann Kater Marlon Allds Row 2 Wlll1Cm Hahn Ioan Lauranzano Susan Young Sandra Eustlce Katherrne Sweeney Cormne Gefle Iune Rodrsch Row l Margery Lundgoot Ioan Barnes Dolores Iuzell Carmella Palermo George Delvxgna Wxllxam Callahan 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . i 1 1 1 1 1 1 G I I 1 1 , 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 I I . 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - T 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' FQJAMQQIQ -SOFA 0Ifl'LOI"Q5 MHS. HOGLE - 326 Top Row Ioan Kamysz, Dolores Zernone, Patricia Uebele, Lois Hermann, Diane Schiller, Ruth Hanson, Dolores Plis. How 4ffIoan Scholwin, Iris Krueger, Carole Kioebge, Alice Kosiba, Barbara Shyer, Marlene Wachholz. Row 3 -Diane Damato, Shirley Bechtold, Arlene Klinger, Donald Soutar, Philip Grubba, Louis Regilio. Row 2 Paul Calistro, Clarence Iuhl, Ierry Aske, Russell Bergner, Edwin Blum, Caroline Dobrenick. How I f- Richard Whobrey, Mary Norton, Yolanda Nardi, Donald Unrath. Roman Sierzega. MR KOSTER 207 Top Row Barbara Busse William Zmck Arlene Splitt Eugene Owsley Barbara Iones Beverly Papke Row 4 Ronald Fish Donald Schaltrath Iames Taylor Richard Flexman Robert Anderson Norman Gruber Row 3 Patricia Kruse Carol Kellner Marilyn Mandl Mar ilyn Ebrom Magnus Knudson Flow 2 Ann Grell Carole Oshinski Eugenia Opal Diane Bourdaqe Diane Cummings How I Marlene Zukerman Carol Hanetho Robert Dale Robert Hake Phyllis Ketcham MISS MYERS 226 Stermer Corinne Keller Dorothy Pearson Clara Engmark lanet Ylemen Row 4 Casimir Ostrowski William Trecka Iohn Hall Charles Schneider George Ilg Robert Rose Row 3 Carl Franklin Eugene Leia Nicholas Bonormo Phyllis Brinkman Doris Beiner Clarence Adkinson Row 2 Nancy Os ermeier Beverly Bove Frank Shaw William Heyden Alfred Dorf Anthony Caruso Row 1 Carolyn Peterson Marie Notbusch Dolores lensen Charlene Zapfel Betty Bentsen Lucy Tomasian Top Row Y- Carol Mueller, Marion Sarnecke, Geraldine .SJ I0 0lfl'l0I'Q:5 Mfrs AGNES ANDERSON 324 Top Row Patrlcra Peterson Barbara Iaskowrak Dons Carlson Carol Klarner Katherme Patano Lorrame Lachata Ronald Farina Rose Lourse Row 4 Danxel Puszerewskr Mrchael Salach Edwrn Kudsk Rrchard Syslo Rlchard Thomas Kent Arnold George Lrmbers How 3 Rrchard Leva Narcrssa Lanq Leona Zoch Cath erme Bellrzzr Ioan Zachar Ruth Smmth Ieanette Kozlowskx How 2 Brldget Dzleman Vlrqmla Duffy Elame Borskr Patncxa Grbons Audrey Werthe Ioan Gaca Row I Camille Proce Lllo Borchard Lena Rubrno Mar1el len Ioseph Carol Traverse Danuta Bednarczyk MRS MUSSEHL 121 Top How Beverly Plummer Drone Olrva Drane Morgans Gall Ehret Margre Colclasure Arlene Kazmarek Drane Kolkau How 4 Ronald Held Rrchard Covelrers Rrchard Bendel Rrchard Blrtt Ronald Tresch Bruce Gordon Ronald Boruckr Row 3 Rrchard Stoewsand Robert Malma Donald Purper Kenne h Wolmer lean Lange Suzanne Shaw Alrce Gorney Row 2 lack Errcksen Sandra Wersenborn Delores Sma qach Geraldrne Fcrbrszak Lors Iossr Dorothy Ietton Arlene Galas R vm 1 Arlene Gran Beatrlce Koehl Ioreen Tre sler Patrrcra Ianowrak Erleen 'Schuh Delores Salamon MRS HARTE 214 Top Row Mary Browmng Elame Baum Arlene Brownmg Rlta Kennedy lane Reter Ruh Pape Dawn Brasen Rac quel Acerenza Row 4 Wrllram Brown Rrchard Durante Ronald Doll Henry Wlodyga Kenneth Iohnson Raymond Booe Iohn Telesz Karl Ellmger How 3 Robert Hendrrxson George Lrtke Bernrce Kasten Shrrley Daker Dorothy Drabant Carol Freundel Adelrne Reszutko Row 2 Mary Ann Poczatek Leona Kruk Dolores Toland Audrey Born Geraldrne Patsy Bernrce Barsottl Sally Sahlm Row 1 Arlene Knorps Marian Lynch Harrxet Taylor lane Callo Adarr Gelger Ioan Rattay Ol, AV I . I .A , o'- , ' , s, h- .,- AJ, . Sopkomored MISS MOSTYN 316 Top Row Alxce Groenwald Iean Showron Camrlle DeSte fano Shrrley Sowers Monlca Reszka Iustme Brnsheld lVlaryAnn Bednarczyk Shrrley Sparks How 4 lack Mxller Iames McAvoy Damel Pradzmskx Andrew Barrow Calvrn Gehrke Bruce Hoppesch Robert Kzta Row 3 Edward Thompson Robert Sterner Donald Wrl hams Shrrley Gowlovech Ioan Scholz Ioan Saklak Row 2 Elame Kosmal Grace McEwen Arlene Oprola loan Latalla Therese Naleway Elarne Bmhermer Row 1 Donna Iean Wellelc Donna lean Stone Lucxlle Radzrckx Alrce Mxller Shuley Westphal Thomas McGxll MRS IEROME 321 Top Row Iacquelme Morehouse Carole Wallace Patncxa Muszynskx lean Beaseley Angelme Lasorso Wava Kranz Mary Mantegna How 4 Donald Hand Roy Krull Ioseph Marczak Robert Ingolra Paul Gatrrck Edward Lxchtner Carl Baardsen How 3 August Sammarco Harry Dallxams George Kropp Carole Lrndey Row 2 Mxldred Mexssner Ioan Bartelak Ioan Panka Nancy Cardmale Donna Bay Iecm Bergsland Row 1 Vrrgmra Ruvolo Glorra Gough Ahce Marchettx Marrlyn Yauch Lots Carlmg Leonard Gtztckx DR GUSE 322 Top Row Lorrame Mussor Beverly Zabel Charlotte Landl Charles Platt Nancy Sleplka Theresa Rertmeyer Florence Zrentek Ann Wrlson Row 4 Raymond McGough Clare Knxppenberg Bruce Anderson Iames Postma Lots Forsberg Margerrte Frrtsch Ar hur Barrd Ierry Mank How 3 Rrchard Lxppert Thomas Genualdl Dorothy Cza prewskr Florence Wyda Donald Teuber Russell Blelat Geraldme Oddo How 2 Rose Nrcketta Nancy Rover Lorrame Schlaqe Marrlyn Schmxdt Ruth Gregory Nancy Owens Margaret Tuchowskl How I Mxca Terest Marron Soderlund Frank Dube Guy Squeo Claudette Le Boeut Ruth Dletzel William Faulhaber, Martih Aleganani. Richard Albrechtl k I. I .'. I 1 untord MR soLLo zos Top Row Beverly May Shrrley Wood Mtchael Gre o Carol Farland France Gershexmer IeanLev1ne Ioelgnotlo How 4 Rlchard Iohnson Grant Schmka Robert Peth Iohrz Akouns Thomas Caddrck Leonard Galas Row 3 Eugene Paprch Thomas Schwmgbeck Vmcent Vrto Ronald Kubmskr Manlyn Kuczer Alma Haugen Row 2 Ronald Ward Roy Hansen Kenneth Mauer Leslze Brown Dora Landr Robert Ioseph Row l Carol Showalter Lots Brschotf Erleen Szymkowrak Rochelle Delohn Shxrley Almqurst MRS IESSIE ANDERSON 212 Top Row Barbara Sellke Eugene Roche Rxchard Iohnson Phxlxp Casablanca Ronald Boettcher Fred Morrxs Ieannme Lewandowskr How 4 Dudley French Nell Constantrne Wrllram Brede Row 3 Perry Frangos Donald Hurto Henry Streb Rrchard Wexchenham Chester Wrktorskx Row 2 Margaret Mohr Marran Olson Clalre Iohnson Iune Rzchrger Ioyce Franz Row 1 Arleen Mazyrak Mary Bornell Vtrgrnra Vmct Carolyn Kolar Marranne Colller Roberta Encl-:son MR LANE 215 Top Row Clement Polachek Evelyn Lutkus IuneH1llstrom loyce Crandall Margaret McLaughlm Mrtzr T1ll Arden Fmocchro Row 4 Walter Kalbhen Ralph McCarthy Robert Gullrksen Lawrence Iohnson Wayne Anderson Row 3 Roy Chnstolferson Donald Buns Donald Mueller Phyllrs Voelz Eleanor Demskt Row 2 Carolyn Ryba Ioan Seever Donald Maha lack Walsh Hugh Iohnson Row l Harlow Blum Elmer Kube Ruth Nel on Vrrgrnra Holzer Marilyn Helden o man, Robert DeCherrie,'Henry Schmid. I f-QFY' I LU1 LOK5 MR ZAHORIK 203 Top Row Nancy Spnggs Marlene Ullrrch Iudith Polchlo pek Elizabeth Becker Ieanette Milewskr Nancy Perce Charlotte Kuman Row 4 Kenneth Paulson lohn Trocki Ierome Soboleski Arthur Tancer Ralph Thiemann Richard Rohn Ronald Zaccard Row 3 Iames Panson Marvin Otto Iames Doss Gerald Winkowski Daniel Pruchnicki Andrew Patellaro How 2 Betty Io Freitag Ioan Vinton Dolores Woodrow Patricia Wilson Stephania Renkosiewlcz Beverly Schmidt How I Lillian Longosz Ianet Opal Alma Tomasian Gloria Granito Herbert Golz Peter Parenti MRS BROWN 216 Top How Doris Barnes Barbara Davidson Ioan Larson loAnn Evanson Charlotte Covington Darlene Geffe Bar bara Donohue Row 4-f Ray McAvoy, Ioseph Grass, Donald Stromberq, Kenneth Sorlie, Robert Gainer, Iohn Gaca. Row 3---Sam Glorioso, Ioseph Geshkewich, William Stasiuk, ack Fry, Darlene Wachholz, Constance Skeweres. Row 2' Betty Swanberg, Alice Walledom, Leona Vanek, Lois Narowski, Ruth Unrath, Lucille Sztuk. Row 1-Barbara Evans, Arlene McPeak, Vivian Wyzlic. Marcia Seeley, Iacqueline Pokorny, Iocephine Strangaritch. MISS BRYSON - 223 Top Howe Ann Siebert. Veronica Sabat, Ioanne Hawk, loan Kostecki, Barbara Strutz, Shirley Shworles. How 3-William Korney, Iames Bourque, Raymond Kacz- marek, George Kimber, William Knudson, Iames Martin. Row 2- Paul Lee, Kenneih Vogt, George Crowley, Ernest Schulz, Rosemary Broecker, Barbara Tadych. How lfNancy Lahman, Ianet Ietton, Rose Marie Kozlowski, Eunice Kotowicz, Marianne Knaak, Mae Flanigan. Ll Il l0l"5 MISS MCTIGUE 225 Top Row Eleanore Grbac Audrey Detlelson Dolore Wrlks Bermce Angel Lor Hauck Carmella Geracr Ann Schott Row 4 W1ll1am Henke Fred Oeschler Wtllram Mo er Donald Graft Frrtz Schwebke Frank Clark Row 3 Melvm Thomas Robert Haagerxson Kenneh Schultz Edwrn Wmclech er Alan I-'eckenbach How 2 Rtta Mousel Edwm Hermann Maureen Manmon Audrey Reldenbach Darle'1e Glosnrak Row 1 Geraldrne Getie Ianet Sobey Mrchael Ianoskt Leonard Makarewrcz Doro hy Manyrk MISS KURLANDSKY 313 Top How Lucrlle Whrte Gladys Prpala Ioan Werchbrodt Barbara Badenoch Delores Barrett Marlene Arqast Elalne Bellke Row 4 Ronald Caccamo Edward OKee e Stanley Mar czak Wrlllam Baenke Robert Bowman Donald Kutta Robert Carlson Row 3 Theodore Mularz Wrllram Mallory Robert Robbrns Lucllle Pro rowskr Dolores Zoch Genevleve Dukewrcz Row 2 Arlene Czela ko Glorra Solrolskr Mrldrecl Zabel Anna Mane Roberts Elarne Prrebrs Io1Xnne Po empa Row 1 IQHIS Rasrn Patr Cla Baran Irene Kocol Iua'11a Auqe lean W11 on Ianet Aske MR MALOFF 315 Top Row Ioan Roller Kathenne Iohnson Vrolet Nrkolrch Marlan Manglo Ioyce lanse'1 Iosephrne Canqelosr Row 4 Frank Kern Burnell Zrebell George Oshmsk Joseph Leo Walter Kazmarek Ralph Olsen Row 3 Leonard Sabtnskr Charle Majewskr Dowald Lrtchfreld Beverly Mohrman Vera Salme Hele'1 Roeder How 2 Ioan Flud Carol Lee Mary Ann Luby Sh rley Lynge Rrta Chyla Ro emary Romano Row I Darlene Canlas Pat Lundbom Arlene Larsow Dorothy Ruback Mar one Leoie Iosephlne Chapetta K I S- , , s . . s , , - , . ell. , ,, 1 . 2--1--. - -V - ' I . ., . . ,, , . , . .r . , . . . '1 1 1 , 's.. . - , s , . 1 1 1 1 - W Q , . ,-. . . s . 1 , 1, . Ql'll0l"Cf MISS MACKAY Audllorlum Top Row Donald Nelson Iudy Thrane Barre Fenke Kathleen Absher Peggy Rogers Wrlma Wrktorskt Row 3 Wrllxam Peters George Ostenson Robert Mo kale wrcz Bruce Dahm Henry Wrtte Robert Westgate Row 2 lack Walker Ray Wohlers Wallram Nelson Ronald Wrseheart Howard Wood Andrew Porto Row l Ethel Rtsley Dolores Schwankl Frances Sommer? Carol Petrle Eleanor Srrboli Ruth Ryerson MR PAWLICKI Audrtorrurn Top Row Rocco Carrozza Barbara Creamer Lourse Falenr Dranne Schaedel Greta Dahlberg Manlyn Haase Ioyce Duray Row 4 Carl Wolnrsy Robert Cowgrll George Clark Wrllram Kelley Donald Goddard Leroy Sokolslu Row 3 Robert Abbott Henry Keatmg Norton Gum Rudy Goede Frank Descourouez George Stepek Row 2 lack Dorm Damel Bachar Shrrley Anderson Carol Fuhrman Lors Anderson Row l Dorothy Hackard Geraldme Fmn Nancy Froehlrcu lean Grbons Narcrssa Borssy MR SNODGRASS Audltonum Top Row Betty Socash Nancy Neu Colleen Lyckholm Mr Snodgrass Helen Kubay Carole Lartrgue Drane Kropp Row 3 Iohn Mrklasz Robert Larson Don Iohnson Marrlyn Marwedel Rrchard Hauser Ronald Kolba Arthur Lmd Row 2 Arnold Leva Paul Morek George Landm Danny Leitakes Rrcleard Morano Alrce MaRugg Row 1 Dorothy Kawalkrewrcz Marlene Lreske Iohanna Martrno Ann Memg Dagmar Thomson Uster Audrey Porto I f , , , . A , . , S - . . .L H - -.x ' t t If If . ' . 1 I , . . . . 1 aaa ing we may SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS George Patt Presxdent Rchard Goode Treasurer Richard Borge V1cePres1dent Carole Weber Secretary SENIOR FINANCE COMMITTEE Standmq Ro emary Drehobl Patrlcla Gans Iocmne Haerle Harold Gurgone Florlan Prebe Jeanne Bachanowskr Lucllle Kraft Ann Ca ano Carole Reed Iean Boergerhofi Srttrrg Ioan Planz Secretary Iune Ieusch Pcxvrty Charrman Mary Nucblmg Treasurer Mxss Blanche Cooney Sponsor Chfford Roy e V1ce Pre 1d9'1l Bon Teron Pre rdent Iurme Lentz A tomette Golemba THE CLASS OF IUNE 1950 Senlor d1v1s1on room procedure 1n the aud1tor1um was rnalntamed largely through the flne cooperat1on of the offlcers cornmlttees and student body Under the sponsorshlp of MISS Veronlca Doyle da1ly busmess meet 1ngs acqualnted the students not only Wllh school affarrs but Wllh speclal act1v1t1es of the graduates These 1ncluded electlon of ofhcers and cornnnt tees maklng plans for lmportant soclal events and carlng for all collect1ons and buslness detalls The students 1n charge accompllshed the dlfflcult task of maklng the entlre senlor year full of pleasure frlendhness and happy memorles FINANCE COMMITTEE The Senlor Fmance Commrttee was respons1ble for all collectlons from graduates The Job requlred constant sol1c1t1ng rnuch perseverance and accurate bookkeepmg MISS Blanche Cooney sponsor felt that her group met these requlrements adequately by keeplng the senlor flnances 1n good cond1t1on 77 2, , 'rv Q- K' 1 V - ' f , N - '-- 5 , " , , . ' . ". ' . s . . -'Tw ,-. : . " ' : ', :' .S 5 ' s, '- 3' ,g 's , s' 5. .5 n- I I . . . . . A - ' I N . . . . . I I - . I I . ' I I ' I I . Cllllflllfl 7 l"Ql0Ctl"U'lC'7 Peifeflflllg PROM COMMITTEE Th Prom Commlttee under the sponsorshlp of Mrss Cectlra Kelly and Mr Stanley Pawltckr had charge of all prom arrangements Iune 9 l950 e They chose the Kmckerbocker Hotel and Iohnny Marlow s orchestra for the gala occaszon on K Geor e Landm Iohn Volpe Clrtford Royse Peter Storm Donald Ernst Borts Ba lc How Arlene Hobbs Peggy Rogers Iames o slos q Teron Herbert Syrmg Gretta Dahlberg Dorothy Kawalkrewrcz Front Row Coc t M nzl parole Weber Mary Alyce Lundqoot Mar ha Gutekunst Ioan Planz halrman lack Dorm Charrman Donald Egan Bonme Allds Lot y e CLASS DAY COMMITTEE The Class Day Commrttee sponsored by Mrss Irene Htrons and Mr Margaret Bmyon planned the Farewell Luncheon at the Edgewater Beach Hotel on Iune l9 l95O Back How Dorothea Strnrr Peter Mrttelbrun Frank Mrkos Borrs Teron Donald Hermansen t R W Chatrman Anlta Ernst Ronald Iohnson Ronald Oldtreld Arlene Mrller Ioyce Malone Mary Lee Io wralc Fron o Not Prctured Dorothy Gucrto R chard Brandel SENIOR NIGHT COMMITTEE D le roducer of Cemor Nrght prarsed the commtttee hrghly for clrrectmg thts entertamrng performance held on Iune 2 The evenmg was full of GOLDEN ME o Amella VanDermark Nancy Poole Drrec or Marrlyn Strezlrckr Antornette Golemba Ass1stanID1rec or Ray Kopczyk Pat Kur 0 0 0 Miss Veronica oy ,p c ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' . ' IVIORIES t a "last act" for the graduates. ' . , ' 1 ' ' ', ' , ' ' 1 , l'k. I . , A .. K i .gr 2 - , , 1, W ,I 1. , 'S ' ! A L Row ONE RAYMOND ACHTEL Polish Club President Drvrslon Room Bas ke ball Team Baseball and Basketball Club BONNIE ALLDS 'emor Prom Committee National Honor Society Business Manager FOREMAN NEWS Service Letter Vice President French Board of Control Lettergirl Intramural Vol leyball and Basketball GA A Minstrel Show Chou' Talent Club ARLENE ANDERSEN Secretary Division Room White Collar Girls GAA Minstrel Show Bowling Team Girls Glee Club Handicraft Club RAMON ANDERSEN Chess Club Psychology Club Pho ography Club Scholarshrp Review Club Row Two WILL AN DERSEN Intramural Basketball Baseball and Vol leyball Chess Club WILLIAM ANDROWSKI FOREMAN NEWS Stall NCO Treasurer Division Room Che s Club Checker Club RICHARD AHGAST Chess Club Checker Club Stargazers Club Intramural Basketball Baseball and Volleyball IEANNE BACHANOWSKI Vice President Nattonal Honor Society Iumor Sophomore Freshman Honor Socre tres President Division Room President Secretary Polish Club Placement Office Assistant Attendance Office Assistant Servnce Letter 79 Row THREE WILLARD BALLE Presrdent Vrce Pre rdent Student Council President Vice Pre rdent Treasurer Divx sion Room FOREMANUAL Stall Choir Registrar President Checker Club Vice President Stargazers Club IAMES BARROWMAN ident English Class Che s Club Sage hand Club NCO Intramural Basketball EVELYN BARTELAK Checker Club Bowling Team Messenger Teachers Aid Olhce Assistant GA A IOSEPHINE BATTAGLIA Office Assistant Intramural V o l l e y b all G A A 1 ' : " . ' ' ' : - . - ' . ' - S' , '. 4 : : . ' , ' - s' . . ' ' Club: Secretary. Division Room: G.A.A. Vice-President, ProQec1or Club: Vice-Pres : ' : - ' , ' : s : . - I , Row ONE DOREEN BEHGSLAND Pan Amencan Club Spanlsh Club Secre tary Checker Club Kntttmq Club Typmg Queens Teachers Ald GA A AUGUSTA BERRY Cheerleadxn Letter S amsh Club Treas Psychology Club Secre ary Pubhc Speak mg Class G A A WILLIAM BINDER Lettermens Club Baske ball Team Intra mural Basketball Baseball and Volleyball Baseball Club Vxce Presxdent DIVISION Room Chess Club Crossword Puzzle Club Chairman Polxsh and Hxstory Classes DOROTHY BLOOMQUIST National and Iumor Honor SOCISIISS Psy chology Club Chess Club Ftrst A1d Club Student Leader Club Captam Intramural Basketball and Volleyball Teams Student Leader L1braryAss1stant Regrstrar GAA ROW TWO IEAN BOERGERHOFF Secretary DIVISION Room Regxslrar Whlte Collar Glrls Attendance Office Asststant Gnrls Glee Club German Club Readrng Club Bowlmq Team GAA RICHARD BORGE V1cePres1dent 4A Class V1cePres1dent Chou Treasurer Latm Club Intramural Sports Chess Club Checker Club Cross word Puzzle Club Huntmg and Camping Club RICHARD BRANDEL Baseball Team Intramural Basketball Sports Events Commrttee V1cePres1dent Pubhc Speakxnq Class Master of Cere monxes Hornet Hop Class Day Commxttee BEVERLY BRASEN Natlonal Honor Socxety Messenger Chou Psychology Club Pan American Club Chess Club Glrls Glee Club Student Coun c11 Representatlve G A A 80 f"N now THREE MICHAEL BRIGLIO Captam Iumor Basketball Team Baseball Team Intramural Football Secretary Let termens Club Vxce Presxdent DIVISIOII Room CATHERINE BUCK Iumor Honor Soclety Student Councll Rep resentatlve German Club Math Club Checker Club Readrng Club Knlttmg Club Messenger G A A ROSEMARY BURITZ Nattonal Honor Soclety Student Counctl Representative Scholarship Revxew Club Whxte Collar Glrls Chou German Club Talent Club May Festxval FOREMAN NEWS Stall GAA Mmstrel Show ESTHER BURKHARDT Natxonal Iumor Sophomore and Freshman Honor Socretxes CoEd1tor1nCh1ef FORE MAN NEWS Chou' Glrls Glee Club Man ager Fashron Show Whlte Collar Girls Presxdent Latm Club Treasurer Sketch Club Intenor Decoratmg Club Servxce Letter Lettergxrl I 'li A ,E ,, I W' I 5 Q 3 V 1 it 3 .jg fp' fb- 'I .': urer. Kmttmq Club, Sell-Improvement Clu Student Council: FOREMANUAL Stun: . : ' :, - . ROW ONE ROW TWO ROW THREE IAMES CALLAHAN Ben Franklm Club Intramural Basketball LEONARD CARLSEN Rltle Team Projector Club Letter Cross word Puzzle Club Competltrve Platoon RUTH CARLSON Treasurer Dlvrslon Room FOREMAN NEWS Staff Oihce Assrstant Spamsh Club Frrst Ard Club Fashron Drawmg Club Regls trar GAA EDWARD CAROPEPE Basketball Team Lettermens Club Basket ball and Baseball Club FOREMANUAL Staff ANN CASANO Secretary Typmg Class Bowlmg Team Whlte Collar Glrls Spamsh Club Intenor Decoratmg Club FRANCES CHAMBERS Whrte Collar Gzrls French Club Knrttmg Club Locker Guard Chou GAA Secretary Polrsh Club Lunchroom Monrtor Ltbrary Assxstant Pollsh Weddmg Chorr VERNE CHURCHILL Basketball Team Lettermens Club Base ball Club Presrdent D1v1s1on Room Latrn Club Crossword Puzzle Club Checker Club 81 DOLORES COLE Bowlmg Team Intramural Basketball Sketch Club Llbrary Assrstant Alumnl Hostess Student Leader Lrbrary Club GAA LILLIAN COLE Secretary Sell Improvement Club Treas urer Spamsh Club Polrsh Club Swrmmmg Team Presldent Engllsh Class GAA MARILYN COMFIELD Staff Checker Club Fancywork Club Readmg Club Psychology Club Lrbrary Club Chou' DIANE CONSTANTINE Secretary Natronal Honor Socrety Treas urer GAA Board of Control Student Leader FOREMAN NEWS Stat! Secretary DIVISIOH Room French Club Bowlmg Team Locker Guard , ' ' ' 7 FRANCES CHERKAS National Honor Society: FOREMAN NEWS ROW ONE DONALD COOMBS Captam ROTC Scabbard and Blade Club Drum and Bugle Corps Rxfle Team Isaac Walton Club Secretary Enghsh Class IOHN CRAVENS Presrdent Natlonal Honor Soclety Iunxor and Sophomore Honor SOCIGIIGS Assxstant Edztor FOREMANUAL Presldent Latm Presldent Dxvrslon Room Student Councll Representatrve MARIORIE CRAWFORD Natronal Iunlor and Sophomore Honor Socletles Orchestra Letter Band and Or chestra Club Cholr Psychology Club Latm Club Self Improvement Club Intramural Sports Secretary Enghsh Spanrsh and Band Classes Lunchroom Monrtor GAA CAMILLE CRIST Knrttmg Club Readmg Club Bowlmq Team Chor Whrte Collar Gxrls French Club GA Row Two THOMAS CWIK Football Team Varsxty Prgskm Basketball and Baseball Club Intramural Basketball Champmons LILLIAN DADAL Iumor and Sophomore Honor Socletxes Lunchroom Morutor Readrng Club Pollsh Club Treasurer Polxsh Class Student Coun c1lRepresentat1ve Knlttrng Club Regrstrar Attendance Secretary Stenography Class G A A PAUL DAVID Baseball Team Sports Edxtor FOREMAN NEWS Treasurer Lettermens Club ROBERT DECARLO Basketball Team Baseball Club Presrdent Polrsh Club Presrdent Treasurer Drvrsron Room Latm Club Handzcralt Club 82 ROW THREE DOROTHY DEVRIES Checker Club Locker Guard GA A LETITIA DICICCO Secretary Dxvrsxon Room Whxte Collar Glrls Typmg Queens Psychology Club GAA Mmstrel Show SARA DIPRIMA Messenger Student Leader Registrar Typ mg Queens Whlte Collar Gxrls Locker Guard Kmttmg Club MARILYN DITTMAN Typmg Queens Whrte Collar Grrls Kmttmq Club Messenger Gxrls Glee Club GAA is ' ,gf 5 ig I l I . Q, , A Club: Secretary, Scholarship Review Club: - l .' u . . l . . Row ONE STANLEY DLUZEN NC O Usher Detail Competrtxve Platoon Readxng Club Crossword Puzzle Club Chess Club Checker Club First Aid Club IAMES DONOVAN Football Team Varsity Pigskin Lettermen s Club Checker Club Chess Club ROSEMABY DREHOBL National and Iunlor Honor Socretles Ger man Club Whlte Collar Girls Student Council Representatxve Fxnance Commrttee Service Letter Attendance Oihce Assistant Secretary D1v1s1on Room GAA MATTHEW DRONSKI Presxdent D1v1s1on Room Intramural Bas ketball Chairman Polish Club Ben Frank lm Club Row TWO IOSEPH DURLAK Basketball Team Basketball and Baseball Club Intramural Basketball Pollsh Club Ben Franklm Club President Division Room IAMES EDICK Public Address System Alumni Nlght Com mxttee Baseball Team Projector Club Photography Club GABNET EDWARDS Readmg Club Checker Club White Collar Glrls G A A DONALD EGAN Chairman Semor Prom Commxttee R O T C Cadet Commandxnq Ma1or Color Guard NCO Club Scabbard and Blade Club Secretary Treasurer D1v1s1on Room Publlc Address System Stagehands Club 83 Row THREE I ANET EBICKSON Choir Student Councll Representative Bowlmg Team Fashion Show President Crossword Puzzle Club Stargazers Club Psychology Club Library Club Intramural Volleyball GAA AN ITA ERNST President GAA National Iumor Fresh man Honor Societies Treasurer Sopho more Honor Society Chairman Class Day Commlttee Presldent V1cePres1dent Sec tramural Volleyball and Basketball Ger man Club DONALD ERNST Football Team Track Team Varsity Pxg skin Lettermens Club Semor Prom Com mlttee Chess Club Stargazers Club National Honor Society Presldent D1v1s1on Room AN TOIN ETTE FAHINOSI Secretary Spamsh Club Pan Amerxcan Club GAA Repre entatlve Intramural Volleyball Student Leader Girls Rifle Team Af ! 3 , U 1 ' retary, Division Room: Student Leader: In- ' 3 - : I s": Row ONE DONALD FEILEN Presrdent Enghsh Class Publxc Address System Chess Club Checker Club Treas urer Dxvmsron Room Isaac Walton Club President Stagehands Club DALE FISCHER Sports Edxtor FOREMAN NEWS Audrto num Sports Announcer Publlcrty Manager Football Team Basketball Team Vlce Pres xdent D1v1s1on Room Chess Club Psychology Club Scholarshrp Revlew Club VIRGINIA FUGMAN V1cePres1dent 4B Class Asslstant Asso crate Edxtor FOREMAN NEWS G A A Board oi Control Lettergrrl Presxdent Dwx sxon Room Servxce Letter Secretary Cxvrcs Class FOREMAN NEWS Representatrve RONALD FURMANSKI Football Team Varsrty Pxgskm Lettermen s Club Chess Club Presrdent Polxsh Club Row TWO PATRICIA GANS Natxonal Iumor Sophomore Freshman Honor SOCIEIIGS Handlcraft Club Fancy work Club Crossword Puzzle Club Chou Servrce Letter Teacher s Axd G A A Rep resentatwe GLORIA GARSTKA Teachers Aid GAA Mmstrel Show tramural Volleyball BARBARA GILBO Choxr Bowlmg Team Presrdent Dxvxsxon Room Presxdent Spamsh Club Secretary Brology Class Whlte Collar Gxrls Gxrls Glee Club GA A LUCILLE GILLETTE Vxce Pre zdent German Club Placement Offxce Assrstant G A A 84 Row THREE WALLACE GILLIES Secretary Treasurer Dxvxsron Room Secre tary CIVICS Class FOREMAN NEWS Rep resentatzve Swxmmmg Team Intramural Basketball Checker Club Projector Club Student Councxl Representatrve CAROL GILLIS GAA Board of Control Lettergxrl Vxce Presxdent Dlvlsron Room Student Councxl Representatxve Gxrls Glee Club Chou Secretary GAA BARBARA GLAUBKE Chou' Glrls Glee Club Messenger Intra mural Volleyball Bowlmg Team Stargaz ers Club Psychology Club Brg Sxster GAA IOAN GLAUBKE Natronal Iumor Sophomore F r e s h m a n H o n o r S o c 1 e t 1 e s Letterqlrl FOREMAN NEWS Representatxve Chou' P r e s 1 d e nt Latrn Club Secretary DIVISION Room Pan Amerlcan Club Readmg Club Fashlon Show it 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' . ' ' . 1 . ' . 1 - 1 1 - - - ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 . . , , - 1 1 1 1 . . 1 . ' . . In . . . , I . ' 1 1 ' ' , 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . , 1 1 , , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' -v 1 1 1 1 , , , 1 , . . . . Eow ONE MARILYN GOELZ Secretary Fxrst A1d Club French Club Intramural Volleyball Polxsh Club Student Leader Whlte Collar Glrls Teachers Ald Readmg Club Messenger GAA GAIL GOLDER Secretary Checker Club Treasurer Sketch Club Pre Medlcs Club Recreatlonal Club Typmg Queens G A A ANTOINETTE GOLEMBA Secretary D1v1s1on Room Fmance Commit tee Semor N1ghtComm1ttee Chou Pohsh Club Checker Club White Collar Glrls GAA RICHARD GOODE Treasurer 4A Class Ed1tormCh1ef FORE MANUAL Student Councll Representanve ROTC Offxcer Color Guard Scabbard and Blade Club R O T C Radlo Broadcast Pre Medlcs Club Projector Club Row Two EDWIN GORNEY V1cePres1dent Drvlslon Room FOREMAN NEWS Representatrve Treasurer F1rstA1d Club Football Team Vars1tyP1gskm Pohsh Club Checker Club Ben Franklm Club Chess Club IOHN GRABOWSKI R O T C Ofhcer Scabbard and Blade Club Color Guard Competxtrve Platoon Usher Detall Secretary Latm Club Chess Club Checker Club MARILYN GRAHAM Messenger White Collar Gxrls Treasurer Fancywork Club Horseback Rxdnng Club GAA CLARE GRANDE Student Councll Representatrve Personalrty Club Spamsh Club Polxsh Club Teachers Aid Locker Guard Frrst Ald Club 85 Row THREE FRANK GRASSO Iumor and Sophomore Honor Socretxes Busmess Manager FOREMANUAL Latm Club Photography Club Chorr Regrstrar Chrcago Youth Conference Delegate ARTHUR GRUBBA Team DOROTHY GUCITO Class Day Commrttee Secretary Drvxsxon Room Chou Grrls Glee Club Latm Club Lrbrary Asslstant GAA HAROLD GURGONE Lettermens Club Baseball Team Intra mural Basketball Baseball and Basketball Club Presxdent V1cePres1dent Engllsh Class Projector Operator Student Councxl Representative Sophomore Honor Society Q ' 4 Jr Ay . , Wi 3- ai . ', - . ' - ' . - . Lettermen's Club: Polish Club: Football How ONE MARTHA GUTEKUNST President Secretary Treasurer Division Room Secretary German Club Girls Glee Club White Collar Girls Library Club PHYLLIS HAACKER National Iumor Sophomore Honor Socie ties GAA Board of Control GAA Rep resentatxve Lettergrrl Choir Intramural Volleyball and Basketball Bowling Team CHARLES HADLE R O T C Drum and Bugle Corps Orchestra Talent Club Messenger Band and Orches tra Club IOAN HAERLE Student Leader Student Council Represent ative Finance Committee Attendance Ot fxce Assistant Office Assistant Teachers Aid Checker Club German Club White Collar Girls GAA Bow TWO COSETTE HAHN National Honor Society Vice President Division Room President Band and Orches tra Club President French Class Secre tary Civics Class Choir Accompanlst Service Cholr and Orchestra Letters CLIFFORD HANETHO President Division Room Captain Intra mural Basketball Team President Public Address System HENRIETTA HANSEN Fashion Club Polish Club Spanish Club Secretary English Class FOREMAN NEWS Representative Student Council Represent ahve Library Club Sketch Club GAA ELIZABETH HENDERSON FOREMAN NEWS Staff Treasurer Talent Club Library Assistant Otlxce Assistant President Division Room Choir Teachers Aid Secretary English Class GAA 86 now THREE BEVERLY HENKES Student Council Representative Student Leader Messenger Locker Guard White Collar Girls Typing Queens Spanish Club Teachers Aid GAA BARBARA HENNIG Student Councxl Representative Intramural Volleyball Library Assistant Knittrng Club Teachers Aid GA A Mmstrel Show DONALD HERMANSEN Captain Senior Basketball Team President Lettermens Club Secretary Baseball and Basketball Club FOREMANUAL Stall Class Day Committee President Division Room DARLENE HEWING FOREMAN NEWS Staff GAA Board ot Control Swimming Team Bowhng Team GAA Minstrel Show Chairman Mother Daughter Tea Girls Rifle Team Mes senger Messenger: Service Letter. Speaking Class: First Aid Club: Public Row ONE ARLENE HOBBS Cheerleader G A A Board ol Control FOREMAN NEWS Staff FOREMANUAL Staff Senxor Prom Commlttee Mayorette Swxmmlng Team Bowlmg Team LEONARD HODERA Football Team Lettermens Club Track Team Varsxty Pxgskm Fust Axd Club sron Room BETTY HOELLER Whlte Collar Glrls Garden Club Self Improvement Club Knlttmg Club Treas urer Dxvxsxon Room Student Councll Representatlve Attendance Oihce Assxst ant GAA PHYLLIS HOLIK Whxte Collar Gxrls Spanlsh Club Pollsh Club Knxttmg Club Teachers Ald GAA ROW TWO SARAH BELLE HOLLENSBE Student Councxl Representatzve Treasurer German Club Reglstrar Servlce Letter Whlte Collar Gxrls Lrbrary Asslstant Lunchroom Monltor Scholarshlp Revxew Club At endance OIIICG Asslstant VINCENT HYLKA Presldent Dxvxsxon Room Varslty Plqskxn Team SAM IGNOFFO Iumor Basketball Team Baseball and Bas ketball Club Checker Club Ben Franklm Club Intramural Champlonshlp ESTELLE IWANSKI Natxonal Iumor Sophomore Honor Socle tres Chou' Servlce Letter Whxte Collar Gxrls Treasurer Home Management Class Secretary BIOIOQY Class GAA 87 Row THREE CAROLE IZBAN G A A Audxtonum Announcer G A A Representatxve GAA Mmstrel Show Intramural Volleyball Champxonshxp Team Pre ldent Sell Improvement Club Presr dent Englxsh Class Spanlsh Club EDWARD IABLONSKI Pre rdent V1cePres1dent Publlc Address Club Fxre Marshal Intramural Basketball Pollsh Club Presldent HISIOIY Class EUGENIA IAKUBOWICZ FOREMAN NEWS Stall Sell Improvement Club Readlng Club Stargazers Club Typ mg Queens Whlte Collar Glrls IRENE IAKUBOWICZ Servlce Letter Gxrls Glee Club Choxr Offlce Asslstant Messenger Sell Improve ment Club French Club Secretary French Club Reading Club l Secretary, English Class: Treasurer, Divii Lettermen's Club: Polish Club: Football SYSIem7.StG9ehQnd7 Pfolectof Clulxchecker ROW ONE AUDREY IANOWIAK Talent Club Knitting Club Checker Club White Collar Gxrls Girls Glee Club G A A Minstrel Show Intramural Volleyball Teacher s Aid PATRICIA IAYE Alumni Editor FOREMAN NEWS Riding Club Bowling Team Psychology Club Sell Improvement Club Choir Intramural Volleyball Secretary Commercial Law Class LEROY IENSEN Basketball Team Intramural Basketball Championship Team Basketball and Base ball Club Checker Club President Biol ogy Club HELEN IOHNSON Secretary Band and Orchestra Club Intra mural Volleyball and Basketball Service Letter Messenger Reading Club Fancy work Club White Collar Girls Typing Queens Locker Guard Lunchroom As sxstant Row Two HERBERT JOHNSON Scabbard and Blade Club President N C O R O T C Dance Committee Rifle Team Fancy Drill Team ROTC Radio Broadcast Competitive Platoon Cadet Cap tam Company Commander RONALD IOHNSON Class Day Committee Iunror Honor Society President Division Room Secretary Phys rcs Class Intramural Basketball Registrar view Club MARYLEE IOZWIAK Secretary Division Room Class Day Com mittee Intramural Volleyball GAA Mm strel Show GAA Representative Knitting Club Library Assistant Office Assistant ANTHONY IULIANO Treasurer English Class Pre rdent Ben Franklin Club Intramural Basketball Crossword Puzzle Club 88 How THREE HENRY KEATING Band and Orchestra Gramercy Five Com petitrve Platoon Drum and Bugle Corps Usher Detail Scholarship Review Club Projector Club Camera Club IOHN KLARNER Student Council Representative Sophomore Honor QOCIQIY Treasurer English Class Hall Guard Scholarship Review Club Ger man Club Latin Club Locker Guard BEATRICE KOEHL Olhce Assistant Teacher s Aid Attendance Office Assistant Service Letter Girls Rifle Team G A A Representative Reading Club Knitting Club EUGENIA KOLARZ Assoc1ateEdxtor FOREMAN NEWS Na tional and Iumor Honor Societies Service Letter Teachers Aid Messenger Presx dent Typing Queens President Crossword Puzzle Club Scholarship Review Club Secretary Stenography Class Student Council Representative ' Chess Club: Fishing Club: Scholarship Rei : " ' :I ' - . ' : s' , ' : ' ' " g 'W' 0 N-A ROW ONE BETTY KONIECZNY Polxsh Club Pol1sh Weddlng Pestlval G A A FRANCIS KONOPKA Student Councll Representatxve Crossword Puzzle Club RAYMOND KOPCZYK Basketball Manager Intramural Basketball Baseball and Basketball Club Scholarship Revlew Club Pro,ector Club Band and Orchestra Club IEWEL KORNETZKE Choxr German Club Natronal Honor So cxety Secretary Iumor Honor Soclety Talent Club Gxrls Rxtle Team Teachers And GAA Row Two IAMES KOTSIOS Manager Football Baseball Basketball Teams Lettermens Club Pro ector Club Presldent V1cePres1dent Treasurer Dnvx s1on Room Semor Prom Commzttee ELEANOR KOTYLAK Pohsh Club Checker Club Intramural Vol leyball Lxbrary Asslstant GAA LUCILLE KRAF T Natxonal Iunxor Sophomore Freshman Honor Socletxes Presldent Secretary Dxvn slon Room Kmttrng Club Stargazers Club Whxte Collar Glrls Handlcralt Club G A A KENNETH KRAH Presldent Readmg Club Treasurer D1v1 sxon Room Flre Marshal Lunchroom Mom tor Projector Operator 89 use ROW THREE DONALD KRAIECKI V1cePres1dent Dlvxsxon Room President Treasurer Bxology Club Presxdent Checker Club Talent Club Choir Baseball Club Basketball Club Intramural Basketball Varsrty Pxgskm Psychology Club LEO KRENZEL Fxrst Lleutenant ROTC Rlile Team Let ter Color Guard Scabbard and Blade Club Pro ector Club French Club PATRICIA ANN KULIK I-'OREMAN NEWS Stall Semor Nlght Com mxttee Iumor Honor Soclety Crossword Puzzle Club Pohsh Club Whlte Collar Gxrls Secretary Stenography Club Treas urer Dxvlslon Room Knlttmg Club Lxbrary Asslstant GAA I UN E LENTZ Bowlmg Team Whlte Collar Glrls Lrbrary Asslstant Readmg Club Captain Intra mural Basketball and Volleyball Teams Gxrls Glee Club GAA 5 I ox L . . . : ' : j : , ' : ' . : j : . Senior Night Committee: Baseball Team: - . : ' ' ' : ' ' : ' : '- : ROW ONE IUNE LEUSCH FOREMAN NEWS Stall FOREMAN NEWS Representatrve Fmance Commxttee Ger man Club Student Councll Representatlve Readmg Club Fancywork Club Whrte Collar Glrls LOIS LIESKE Whrte Collar Grrls Typmg Queens Knlttmg Club Checker Club Readmg Club Locker Guard Messenger Lrbrary Assrstant Teacher s Ard Placement Ofhce Assrstant G A A IUNE LILLER Readrng Club Fashron Drawing Club French Club GAA DOROTHY LINDEY Student Leader Gxrls Glee Club Whrte Collar Gxrls Bowlxng Team Psychology Club Fashron Drawlng Club Readrnq Club Teachers Amd Secretary Englrsh Class GAA ROW TWO SHIRLEY LOCASHIO Bowlmg Team Intramural Volleyball Swrmmmg Team V1cePres1dent Spanxsh Club Whlte Collar Glrls Teachers Axd GAA Representauve NORBERT LOREK V1cePres1dent Frrst Ald Club Treasurer Drvrsron Room Treasurer Enqllsh Class Polxsh Club MARY ALYCE LUNDGOOT FOREMANUAL Staff Semor Prom Com mrttee Treasurer Natronal Honor Socrety Y and Freshman Honor Socretres GAA Board of Control Presldent Latm Club Presxdent Secretary Drvtslon Room Letter grrl Fashron Show DOROTHY LUSH Iunlor Sophomore Freshman Honor Socle tres Treasurer Typrng Queens Teachers Axd Lrbrary Assrstant Presxdent Englxsh Class Scholarshrp Revlew Club Pohsh Club French Club Orchestra Knxttrng Club Checker Club Whxte Collar Grrls GAA Representatrve 90 Row THREE CARMELA MAGGIOBE Whrte Collar Gtrls Sketch Club Handrcralt Club Checker Club Personalrty Club Student Leader G A A IOYCE MALONE Class Day Commxttee Presrdent Readrng Club Vxce Presxdent Blology Class Regrs trar GAA Basketball Team FOREMAN UAL Pep Assembly BERNADINE MALUS Intramural Volleyball GAA Representa txve Rrdrng Club Bowlmg Team Polxsh Club Frrst Amd Club Fashron Club Read mg Club Sketch Club ERNEST MANAGO Baseball Team Manager Basketball Team V1cePres1dent Baseball and Basketball Club Treasurer DIVXSIOH Room Treasurer Isaac Walton Club I . : ' : : ' ' : : ' 5 : - : - , : : : : : : : 1 1 . . . Z : . . . ' . ' ' ' : . : ' : ' . ' I : . . I , : ' ' : I . . . 7 ' ' 1 . ' : Secretar , Iunior Honor Society: Sophomore I . . . : ' . ' I 5 . . . - . , , , . 2 - ' 1 ' ' : ' : ' ' ' ' 1 ' . 2 ' ' : ' : - 1 1 ' : ' ' : ' ' : ' ' : ' . ' : : : ' ' : ' : . : 1 ' ' : ' : : : : ' ' ' - ' . How ONE LEAN MARTIN O Secretary Checker Club Locker Guard Student Leader Treasurer French Club Registrar Intramural Volleyball Latm Club GAA VALERIE MARTIN SEN Swlmmmg Team Lettergrrl Student Leader Bowlmg Team Intramural Volleyball Grrls Glee Club Presrdent Brology Class Treasurer Student Leader Club Presrdent Kmttmg Club Ofhce Assrstant Student Councxl Representatrve Whlte Collar Grrls Brg Sister G A A IAMES MATSON Assxstant Edltor FOREMANUAL Natxonal Honor Soclety Radlo Councrl Presrdent V1cePres1dent Treasurer DIVISION Room President Sketch Club Vrce Presrdent Treasurer Handlcraft Club Presrdent Pan Amerlcan Club Psychology Club Mes senger ROBERT MCGILL Chess Club Scabbard and Blade Club Rrile Team Row Two I AMES MCINTYRE Intramural Basketball Presrdent Checker Club Treasurer Drvrslon Room Presrdent Publrc Speaklng Class Handrcralt Club Fxrst Ard Club Latm Club Polrsh Club THERESE MCNEELA FOREMANUAL Staff Bowlrng Team Vxce Presxdent Spanish Club Secretary Self Improvement Club Treasurer Kmttmg Club Whrte Collar Glrls Intramural Vol leyball and Basketball Glrls Rrtle Team Messenger FOREMAN NEWS Representa txve Fashron Show LOTTY MENZL Presxdent Iumor Honor Socrety Presrdent V1cePres1dent German Club Whlte Collar Grrls Semor Prom Commlttee Glrls Glee Club Secretary Scholarshrp Revlew Club Student Councrl Representatrve Vrce Pres rdent Drvrslon Room Servlce Letter Reg rstrar FRED MEYER Chotr Intramural Basketball Presxdent V1cePres1dent D1v1s1on Room 91 ROW THREE PATRICIA MICHALAK Talent Club Polrsh Club Grrls Rrlle Team Lrbrary Assistant Whrte Collar Glrls Checker Club FRANK MIKOS Baseball Team Intramural Basketball Na tronal Iunlor Sophomore Freshman Honor SOCISIIGS Class Day Commrttee Athletlcs Publlcrty Commlttee Art Award Wmner Student Councrl Representative IOANNE MILEWSKI Polxsh Club Typrng Queens Scholarship Revrew Club Checker Club Treasurer Knrttmg Club Secretary Englxsh Class V1cePres1dent French Club GAA ARLENE MILLER Class Day Commrttee Presrdent Freshman Honor Socrety Iunror and Sophomore Honor Socretles FOREMANUAL Staff Secretary GAA Board of Control Student Councrl Representatlve V1cePres1dent Secretary Drvrsron Room Bowlmg Team . . - .' ."' . 5-0 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1... '5 5 . ' ' ' 1 ' .' 1 1' I I I 1 1 ' . . ' ' ' ' . 1 I I ' ' I 1 1 .. ., 1 . . , .. , 5 ' ' ' 1 1 .. .. . I ' ' 1 1 1 1 5 - ,... 5 , 1 1 . . 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 " 1 ' I . I . . . - - - ' ' ' 1 1 I - ' I . ' . . ... 1 . . 11 ' "" ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 ' I ' ' ' 1 1 I ' I - . 5 5 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 I 1 ' I I . - 1 . 5 . ROW ONE RICHARD MILLER Chorr Presrdent D1v1s1onRoom Intramural Sports Treasurer Photography Club Chess Club PETER MITTELBRUN Basketball Team Class Day Commrttee Lettermens Club Basketball Club PIBSI dent V1cePres1dent D1v1s1on Room WALTER MOLL Football Team Varslty Prgskm Fxrst Ald Club Treasurer Pollsh Class Presrdent Bloloqy Club THERESA MORENO Talent Club Teachers Atd Hall Guard Lunchroom Monxtor ROW TWO IUNE MURPHY FOREMANUAL Stall FOREMAN NEWS Staff Chou V1cePre1dent Dwrsron Room Glrls Rrile Team Bowlmg Team Whxte Collar G1rls Secretary Bxology Class Stu dent Leader Knrtttng Club IAMES NALEWAY Football Team Varslty Plgskm Ben Frank senger GERTRUDE NEDZA Rrdxnq Club Handlcraft Club Whxte Collar Gxrls Polish Club GAA BARBARA NOVOTNY Secretary Spamsh Club Intramural Vol leyball and Basketball Teams Gxrls Rrtle Team Bowlmg Team Student Leader Stu dent Councxl Representatrve GAA Rep resentattve 92 Row THREE MARY LOUISE NUEBLING Iunlor and Sophomore Honor Socretxes Treasurer Senxor Fmancrers Servrce Letter Intramural Volleyball Secretary Algebra Chemlstry and Physlcs Classes Attendance Olhce Assxstant Chorr Teachers And GAA Representatxve RONALD OLDFIELD Class Day Commlttee Fxrst Amd Club Chess Club Vtce Presrdent Engllsh Class Chrrst mas Choralogue VINCENT OLIVA Secretary Dxvrsron Room Presrdent Treas urer Handxcraft Club Poltsh Club Track Team NANCY OLSEN Captam Cheerleaders Treasurer Publlc Speakmg Class FOREMAN NEWS Stall Student Leader Messenger Oiixce Assxst ant GAA . 1 . I . . . 5 I lin Club: Lettermen's Club: Outside Mes- . " 7 I . ' 7 . ROW ONE BERNADETTE OPIELA Polish Club Kmttmg Club Checker Club Whlte Collar Gxrls GA A Mmstrel Show WALTER OZOG V1cePres1dent Polrsh Class Attendance Secretary D1v1s1onRoom FOREMAN NEWS Representative Presrdent Chess Club ALEX PALMER President V1cePres1dent DIVISIOH Room Intramural Basketball Photography Club Chess Club Checker Club FLORENCE PAOLI Whxte Collar Gtrls Secretary Stenography Class Locker Guard Chou Secretary Spamsh Class GAA Row TWO ROBERT A PAPE Treasurer D1v1s1on Room Projector Club Intramural Basketball Chess Club Varstty Pxgskm Football Team Messenger ROBERT PAPECK Intramural Basketball Checker Club Chairman Careers Class RICHARD PAPROCKI Dance Band Secretary Polish Club Intra mural Basketball Outslde Messenger LEONARD PASSMORE Scabbard and Blade Club R O T C Dance Commtttee Captam R O T C 93 2 Q Row THREE GEORGE PATT Presrdent 4A Class Pre rdent Treasurer Drvtsron Room Prestdent Secretary Eng lrsh Class Treasurer Psychology Club Presldent Pubhc Speaking Class President Checker Club Baseball Team Baseball and Basketball Club Intramural Basketball and Baseball BEVERLEY PAUL Natronal Honor Soclety Vrce Presrdent Iumor Honor Socxety Treasurer Sophomore Honor Soclety Secretary Freshman Honor Socrety FOREMANUAL Staff FOREMAN NEWS Representatlve Presrdent Fancy work Club Cholr Regrstrar Attendance Oihce Assrstant Lrbrary Assrstant LORRAINE PECYNA Chou Sell Improvement Club Stargazers Club Kmtttng Club GAA GLORIA PENCZEK Polrsh Club Whxte Collar Gxrls Checker Club Chess Club Messenger Glrls Glee Club Secretary Engllsh Class Teachers And Intramural Basketball Team GAA 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 D 1 1 1... 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 I I I . 1 1 I . l 1 . 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Cheerleader Bowlmg Team Grrls Ftxile Team Intramural Volleyball and Bas ketball Student Leader Majorette Olhce Assrstant Presxdent Spamsh Club Sketch Club Girls Glee Club Whrte Collar Grrls Messenger GAA MITCHELL PIEKARZ Club Readxng Club Usher Detarl Cross word puzzle Club Chrlstmas Choralogue DOLORES PIERUCCI Advertlsrng Manager Co Edxtor rn Chref FOREMAN NEWS FOREMANUAL Stall Servlce Letter Freshman Honor Socxety Presrdent Readmg Club Secretary Span rsh Club Secretary Drvrsron Room Grrls Glee Club Attendance Olhce Assxstant GAA Representatlve ROW TWO DOROTHY PIETROWSKI Presldent Treasurer Dxvrston Room Chou Gxrls Glee Club Whlte Collar Grrls Kmt tlng Club Messenger Teachers A1d Stu dent Leader Locker Guard GAA Mm strel Show ROBERT PLACEK V1cePres1dent Bxology Class Treasurer D1v1s1on Room V1cePres1dent Scrence Pro lector Club Pubhc Address System lntra mural Basketball Pro1ector Club Letter Checker Club IOAN PLANZ Natronal Iunxor Sophomore Honor Socle tres Servlce Letter Semor Prom Commlttee Fmance Commxttee FOREMANUAL Staff Asslstant Manager Fashxon Show Regts trar Intramural Vollevball Treasurer Spamsh Club Secretary Readlng Club Glrls Rllle Team Secretary Sketch Club GLORIA PLUMMER Natlonal Honor SOCIGIY Servxce Letter Stu dent Councrl Representatxve German Club Chorr G1rls Glee Club German Tutor GAA 94 Row THREE MARY PLUSKA Fashron Illustratlon Club Whrte Collar Grrls French Club Stargazers Club G A A RAYMOND POLACHEK VrcePres1dent DIVISIOH Room Scholarshlp Revrew Club Intramural Basketball NANCY POOLE FOREMAN NEWS Staff FOREMANUAL Stall Servxce Letter Lettergxrl Chorr Stu dent Councll Representatrve Personnel Of Ard Regxstrar Secretary Drvrsron Room Bowlmg Team Chnstmas Pageant Semor Nlght Commrttee Fashron Show ROBERT POSTMA Natronal and Iunxor Honor SOCIGIISS Serv 1ce Letter Presldent V1ce Presxdent D1V1 slon Room Scholarshxp Revrew Club Brology Club Chess Club Reglstrar Ice Skatmg Team Polls? Club: Po1iSh.Wedding: First Aicl ' 5 I' l 5 ' ' 5 lice Assistant: White Collar Girls: Teacher's ROW ONE BERNADETTE POTEMPA Sophomore Honor Soclety Student Council Representatrve Vrce Presrdent Typmg Queens Sketch Club Knrttmg Club Stu dent Leader Glrls Glee Club Chou Serv rce Letter G A A ANNE POWELL work Club Checker Club Sketch Club GAA FLORIAN PREBE Photography Club Checker Club Chess Club Stockroom Assrstant Pol1sh Club CAROLE REED Secretary D1v1s1on Room Preszdent Kmt tmg Club Cholr Gzrls Glee Club Whrte Collar Grrls Messenger Student Leader Teachers Axd Intramural Volleyball Locker Guard GAA Representatrve 'wav' Row Two RAMONA REINKE Presrdent Drvrsron Room Lrbrary Assxstant Talent Club Spamsh Club Pol1sh Club Student Leader Bowlrng Team Intramural Volleyball Grrls Rlfle Team FRANK REIHOLEC Presrdent Dtvtsron Room Checker Club Projector Club Publrc Address System EDWARD RICHARDS Photography Club Polxsh Club Model Arr plane Club Projector Club Stockroom srstant PHILLIP RISTAU V1cePres1dent Dlvrsxon Room Presrdent Englxsh Class Huntmg and Frshmg Club Aeronautrcs Club Checker Club I-Iandr cralt Club Bxology Club 95 Row THREE PHYLLIS HOCHE Natlonal Honor Socrety Busmess Manager Assoc1ateEd1tor FOREMAN NEWS FORE MANUAL Staff Grrls Glee Club Chorr Presldent Treasurer DIVISION Room Regrs trar Offrce Assrstant FOREMAN NEWS Representatlve AUDREY ROEN Whrte Collar Grrls Secretary Knlttmg Pan Amerrcan Club GAA VIRGINIA ROTUNN O Treasurer 4B Class Sophomore Freshman Honor Socxetres GAA Board of Control FOBEMAN NEWS Staff Checker Club Kruttrng Club FOREMAN NEWS Repre sentatxve CLIFFORD ROYSE V1cePres1dent Semor Fmance Commxttee Semor Prom Commlttee Assrstant Dlrector Pol1sh Weddmg Presrdent Bloloqy Class Pol1sh Club Photography Club Flrst Ard Club Frre Marshal Bookroom Assxstant r X eLff1,,f Q . XX l Secretary, Latin Club: Secretary, Fancy- .I ' . 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I LOUISE SQBRAY ROW ONE ANNE STEPHANIDES Choir Intramural Volleyball Rrdmg Club Vice President Spamsh Club T r e a s u r e r Reading Club Self Improvement Club DOROTHEA STINN Secretary Natronal Honor Soclety Presz dent Sophomore Honor Society Iumor and Freshmen Honor Societies Lettergrrl Serv ice Letter Student Leader Intramural Vol leyball Library Assistant Olfice Assxstant White Collar Girls IACQUELINE STOEKE National Iumor Sophomore F r e s h m a n Regrstrar Oflice Assistant President Sec retary English Class Student Council Rep resentative Se rvtce Letter Secretary Drvision Room Personnel Office Assistant G A A BARBARA STONE Chou Girls Glee Club Messenger Pres :dent Biology Class Fashion Show Intramural Volleyball Bowling Team Psychology Club Stargazers Club Library Assistant G A A Row Two PETER STORM Football Team Track Team Varsity Pig skm Lettermens Club Intramural Basket ball and Baseball Gramercy Five Band and Orchestra Semor Prom Committee Band Letter Vice President Division Room School Pep Assemblies HOWARD STRAMEN Football Team Basketball Team Letter mens Club Varsity Pigskm President Division Room Placement Ofhce Assistant Checker Club Handicraft Club Othce Assistant Knitting Club Intramural Volleyball MARILYN STRZELECKI Presldent White Collar Girls Student Leader Bowlmg Team GA A Minstrel Show Director Semor Night Pollsh Club Self Improvement Club Intramural Volley ba 97 I I Row THREE I-'RAN K SURECK President Polish Club President Polish Class Baseball Club Basketball Club Photography Club BORIS TERON National Iunlor Sophomore Freshman Honor Socreties Service Letter CoD1rector Polish Wedding President Senior Fmance Committee Senior Prom Commlttee Class Day Committee Messenger Secretary Polish Club Talent Club Pro1ector Club Photography Club IEANNETTE TICHY FOREMANUAL Stall News Editor FORE MAN NEWS Treasurer D1v1s1on Room Bowllng Team Intramural Volleyball and Basketball Girls Glee Club President Secretary Treasurer Knitting Club Secre tary Spanish Club Ofhce Assistant Mes senger Fashion Show Student Leader MARILYN TIMM Checker Club Polish Club Handicraft Club Fancywork Club Teachers Aid Fashlon Drawing Club G A A Honor Societies: Placement Oiiice Assistant: LORETTA STBANGABITCH . . - ' I . . I ll. I ' 1 I. . . I How ONE ROBERT TOOMEY Chess Club Messenger Foreman Electnc Shop Stockroom Assrstant LUCILLE TUCHOWSKI Secretary 4B Class DAR Award N Socretles V1cePres1dent G A A FORE MAN NEWS Cartoomst Presldent French Club Cholr Bowlmg Team Swxmmmg Team Service Letter Lettergrrl GAA Board of Control IEANINE TYRACK Talent Club Fashxon Drawmg Club Vxce Presxdent Camera Club Latm Club Chnst mas Choralogue G A A IUNE UNRATH Girls Glee Club Checker Club Crossword Puzzle Club Readmg Club G A A Row TWO AMELIA VAN DERMARK Service Letter Student Leader Student Councrl Representatxve Secretary Drvzsxon Room Secretary Crossword Puzzle Club Grrls Rllle Team Intramural Volleyball and Basketball Psychology Club AUGUST VIECELI Vrce Presrdent Lettermen s Club Vrce Pres ldent Baseball and Basketball Club Cap tam Baseball Team IOAN VOELZ FOREMANUAL Stall Natlonal Honor So crety Servlce Letter Choxr Letter Student Leader Bxology Club German Club Kmt tmq Club Talent Club GAA RITA VOGT Natronal Iumor Sophomore Freshman Honor Socletles Presxdent Englrsh Class Registrar Secretary Hrstory and Algebra Classes Messenger Teachers Amd Schol arshlp Revrew Club Latm Club Bxg Srster 98 Eow THREE IOHN VOLPE Presrdent 4B Class Semor Prom Commit tee Varsrty Prgskm Football Team Pro jector Club Lettermens Club Pollsh Club Presrdent Drvxsxon Room MARIE WALCZYK Polrsh Club Checker Club G A A DOROTHY WASCHEVSKI Whlte Collar Gxrls Student Leader Choxr Servrce Letter Ofhce Assrstant President Crossword Puzzle Club Intramural Basket ball G A A CAROLE WEBER Secretary 4A Class Semor Prom Commzt tee Choxr Presxdent Latm Club Treasurer Whlte Collar Glrls Servrce Letter Oihce Assxstant Intramural Volleyball Glrls Glee Club Natronal Honor Socrety Secre tary Readmg Club GAA Representatxve V ,.. s 2- I-Qiliitriiaqgl . 1 it : : . ' ' : : ' , : ' '- I - : . : ' ' : : - : . : : ' : : I . , : . .. 5 a- tional, Iunior. Sophomore, Freshman Honor I I . I I . I . l ' ' : I : ' : ' : ' ' ' - : : ' : . . . : : ' : , : ' ' : ' . 1 ' - . 1 : : - I ' - I ' . : 5 . , . . : ' : ' - I . . . II ' , ' . . : ' : ' . ' : . 1 I : ' , ' : ' ' 1 ' : ' " ' : , ' ' : : ' ' - 1 I I - " I I 1 . I I . ' . I r 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 : . . . : : ' . . ' 5 . . . ' . ROW ONE MARILYN WERSHAY Lrterary Edrtor FOREMANUAL Vrce Pres rdent Whxte Collar Grrls Personnel Oltrce Assrstant Attendance Ofhce Assrstant Teachers Ard Accompamst Grrls Glee Club Secretary Drvrsron Room Secretary Scrence Bxology and Drama Classes Rrd mg Club Recreatronal Club GAA Ftegrstrar Student Leader Letterqrrl Serv zce Letter Chorr Teachers Ard Kmttmg Club FOREMAN NEWS Representatxve Psychology Club Checker Club Secretary Dxvrsron Room GAA Representatrve MAUREEN WILLIAMS Natronal and Iunror Honor Socretres Serv rce Letter Registrar GAA Representa trve Oftrce Assrstant Student Leader Lrbrary Assxstant RICHARD WUTZEN Secretary Treasurer Prolector Club Pres rdent V1cePres1dent Treasurer Drvrsron Room Varsrty Prgskm FOREMAN NEWS Representatwe OUR FOUR YEARS ARE OVER Our four years of GOLDEN MEMORIES have come to an end Fnends part and travel d1fferent paths to achreve the1r 1nd1v1dual goals Some w1ll stnve to further therr educatron others w1ll enter the busmess world and strll others w1l1 develop sk1lled trades No matter what the future brmgs we w11l always cherlsh the GOLDEN MEMORIES of l1v1ng and learmng together at Foreman now Two EDWARD ZASADA Pre rdent D1v1s1on Room Presrdent Polrsh Club Presrdent Stargazers Club Checker Club Chess Club Student Councxl Repre sentatrve GLORIA ZEMAN Natronal and Iumor Honor Socxetres Pres Volleyball and Baseball Regrstrars As srstant Christmas Choralogue Teachers Ald Chaxrman Englxsh Class Scholarshlp Revtew Club GAA STANLEY ZIDEL Vrce Presrdent Stargazers Club Polish Club Checker Club Isaac Walton Club ELAINE ZUKOWSKI Natronal Iumor Sophomore Freshman Honor SOCISIIES Placement Ofltce Assxstant Attendance Ollrce Asslstant Messenger Secretary Dlvlsxon Room V1cePres1dent Secretary Polrsh Club Presxdent Polrsh Class Regrstrar Teachers Axd GAA 99 Row THREE JOHN ZUMERCHIK Intramural Basketball Proyector Club Checker Club V1cePres1dent Photography Club Handxcralt Club Crossword Puzzle Club ,S ' 5 5 K I I It . . I I . - ' S. l . . . : . 1 . : . : GRACE WILLE ident, Treasurer. Spanish Club: Intramural LARAMIE GIFT SHOPPE 2736 N LARAMIE AVE Phone BE rkshlre 7 5353 Children s Wear Money Orders Toys Lmgerre Hosiery Flowers For All Occasions DAWN FLORIST SHOP Corsages Bouquets Plants 5446 W BELMONT AVENUE PAIlsade 5 3113 CHICAGO 41 ILL THE BOOK MARK Everything ln School Supplies 5025 W Belmont Ave PAIlsade 5 9818 BE rkshlre 7 9598 AL S SERVICE STATION COMPLETE LUBRICATION Tire and Battery Servlce AI Wmquust 2601 N Laramie Ave Owner and Operator Chicago 39 III ALBERT A ANDERSON F L O R I S T Three Stores 6021 Irvlng Park Blvd PAIlsade 5 2272 2601 N Harlem Ave ME rrlmac 7 9491 7760 Irving Park Blvd GLcldstone 3 4824 CHICAGO ILLINOIS NAtlonaI 2 0696 Phone Orders BRUGGEMEIER S BAKERY Quahty and Cleanlaness Our Motto 2652 N LARAMIE AVE CHICAGO 39 A Shop for the Particular Man TOMPKINS MEN S WEAR 3202 N cncslzo AVENUE Ben V Tompklns PAIlsade 5 2682 Warranted Bonded HANSEN Insulahng 8. Rooflng Co 5037 39 W BELMONT AVENUE For Free Estimate C A L L North South AVenue 3 4900 BUtterfleId 8 8028 I l 7 COMPLIMENTS OF GEORGE SPIES INDUSTRIES INC 4140 N KOLMAR AVENUE CHICAGO 41 ILLINOIS MANUFACTURING JEWELERS The Best Class Rmgs Made Westward Ho Gulf Course D a 1 l y F e e WOLF ROAD NORTH OF NORTH AVE Tournaments and Dmner Partles Ballroom for Weddings and Receptlons Tel Melrose Park 2114 Congratulations from TYPEWRITERS nc. 2916 N. CICERO AVE. A New Portable is the Ideal Gift 101 I l I u - II , I A WOOL ALL COLORED HOOD CAPS SW EATERS ENGLISH and WESTERN RIDING TOGS AND BOOTS LOWEST PRICES WOOL BEEF STEAK SOCKS GYM TOGS AND SHOES ZOOT S 06 C CERO A Prescraphons Called For and Delwere JOHN C CAMPBELL DRUGS 2232 Roscoe smear cHlcAoo Phones Llncoln 9 9870 and 9 9871 Nnght Call Bus BErkshure 7 3622 NAhonal 2 3429 BOB FREITAG Homsr Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere We Deluver 2448 N CICERO AVE CHICAGO 39 IW? 4 if HE AMON H0 WYXJ gVl7Zd00 Est 1927 3203 N CICERO AVE Compliments of VANCO Paints and Varmshes 3051 N CICERO AVENUE KI Idare 5 8855 WELLINGTON FLORISTS 3014 Nom:-1 clcERo AVENUE Flowers For All Occasions Speclal Arrangemenls for Anniversaries Weddings and Funerals TUHY SNYDER Compliments of P K CLEANERS 3256 N CICERO AVE 102 LL r 3 9 - 1 0 N. 1 V E. . . . d . ' - ' ' MMI!! 2' vj I D 1 A D S P w -' .I L W E 'L E II S - SA! .' If ' WISHING WELL FLORIST 3140 44 N FRANCISCO AVE KEystone 9 6606 9 5886 J tode Eckstrom R A Wells Compllments UR ADOLPH MuIbeffy 5 0929 SPAGHETTI KING RAVIOLI SPAGHETTI Bar B Q Rlbs ond Chlcken To Take Home BELPARK BAKERY 3250 N CICERO SpecIIJlIzIng In Custard Angel Food PAIIsode 5 8394 Henry Wolff Prop South Shore Plcnlc Grove LAKE ZURICH ILLINOIS SwImmIng Bootlng FIshIng Refreshments Trouler Spoce For Rent BOX I65 GRASSO Prop PHONE 3982 NAtIonoI 2 3322 Walter R Mlczek WALTER S 5 8. 10 General Merchants SewIng Needs Home FurnIshIngs Houseware 2747 N LARAMIE AVENUE CHICAGO 39 ILLINOIS Compllments AFRIEND BErkshIre 7 9696 BErksI'IIre 7 6293 We Dellver SPITZERS FLORAL SHOP Flowers For All OCCGSIOHS 2606 N CICERO AVE CHICAGO 39 103 of - . . YO FLORIST FRIEND AI. .S - J. - .. 33OI N. CICERO AVE. I FT. , . I of I . .- ,ILL. kfff, M, f 0I'I'l0I'l 0.5 ww fy! W lf' ff! 'I ff f fy K M N , V - - .X I . . fp! X, L, ,J 7 ' if sy J Y . ff J dv- - , . . . I, E kj' LIN VM Y!! . Q 1 -, , Yr . xl I A I . 4, 6, x ld YJ ,P J' Q J .- V ' ,I jf! l J V J fl X L " " ' .JV V W- O M ' yr xl 4 N V, I , vu V J J!!! fl! F r " , jj tj V 1,1 fa I. .3 ,ff f JL 1 . 'J JL XJ' Yr!! S 1 X ASX W ,Q LW,

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