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 - Class of 1946

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hw 9 J , Q x . ,f , x.-4. rw.-v. -" R ..., WWF -1-...LL Q..-...... , S? fl i 3 X X i 9 wi it . n 3, , A.,,.. , -k --1 , i A . H M--4 -' 4? ,Q , 9 .W vwg, W 'fm M y mf gg Q l Q r avi' EA Jigs? X ii. -e M Q V1 ' 1 . V ,-., 2 ek ,S as gr w'.. SVT? H x K . ,. ., M, if I . I A is , lm A S, . L un, , 5 Q45 255 F iv.: f t. :Q 1. K' 'gag gi? Q S55 ' 1. QW q A " I iz' if? , W V ,,Qk :FZ ,, CF5?'? X' f,- 1 A - S. ,W ' ---" i . . , ii V: .,,..:,. . 191 4 5 X. .,. .. ,. , AW ' gifs? f3-M123 , X - zf .,---n f ? ' -.-:-. ' . :M ii ,, Q ...,., gg fi X A f 'W f H gk . "':" ff wig? K 3,8 vw I 3 VW ,f ig ww , ,QTY W , Q M' J is , I W Pm V M A se, R . ' ,. , N ' I P M my Q wfQ 32 ., . ., QE im Q L .....3 .'-: 1 - -- . . 1- "" ' 'A fi? 'zz' 5552 , 'lf A ' gm gawk 1 ,, , ..,. wa.. Iz: R QE- +5 43' K .- ,, ," r " ' "' " ' i 1' , fm . V , R - -2 ? - 1: --:- 2 3 Q iff X ik 5 Kf S' .2 7 X? Si- f g f . Q , X ' ,. X QQSH "TT Q U , n I 1 ' Q 1 ,K M -'gg L? fy N Q ., 'Q QQ QZQ: ,F i Q I iz, 1 gif? '. ... 3 wif ' 5 ki' , J X 1 A H, 1 A I M me Q5 W f M My W in 1 ' Z.. 4 We :.. .,,. A gg .nk ii Q Q 11,, W Q 3, Y , QQ-li lie fs? X 1 , , balz W Q A. -, W P Mk ' xv QM? ff 1 F 4 i W W . ' f,,',N'.4bf4:,zsdfv,mQaswa1sv1LsBng'a"g.fi2'fF'?i'fwvQ ! Wm ,Qwk MMMZQW ,.,. , imflgy , . I YV X 2 D ., . i V L 1 Q V5 x A Nw:-.N ""'WfQ nw-11. .mm-fm, -Q nw ' v w Q Af Q QM Q nf X x A A TA V -QA S M N, 'N R R ., if M X Q is Q x 1.24 Q ig abr in 4 , K 1 x ' M. . , A XL'- -M 5. . 16' , N was X xwgfi X A 1- x ,QL A ,N ' L. 17. Q fw Q- N y 4.4 W X .A bl , Vi, f X! 'Su 3 - A K , FW - zu ef ' ff J 'X - V9 X x , 3 , , k W '4 Sw- if , b X Fwy N gf if X xx - 3,5 xi . X N - 93995. H Q up - 21 A , :mga in ,Q ,. wi' fi, 1, M wx 6 , v .- SIA X Y X A ax Wi IS Q f 1 Mm . 'fy Wm gw .Q .wg . ' gif www., xt M Q. 41 M x X fm l- 5 Y ww A 4 '1 , Qi ., A 345 Q A fr 55 SN M K 3 M. .. . Q 1: " A 5,-5 w gf Y h 52.45, x 5. if fx 53: X ,A . -1 S i F:.,3?::':gx ix -517-552-5 f ., V , 'Fill ML af lfelnflll Schoof A262118 OLLI' JoAnn! ia l'2,Jl'252llt' atiue of the jdmerzmn may of fireman id Q clemocrafic inafifufion of the Aigkeaf 0,-Je,-. UW many wfzaf am! Jeruice affnfflzed emnpzy, the inland for which tim nation Lag afwaw afoot! Qur afancegs, our mouiea, our aflzkfic euenb, our mana lneefingd, our efgcfiond, aff are fypica! of .f4merica. of fAe5e afhcfrud are inafrucfiond in clemocracy. .7ogefAer :UUA regufar cfaddroom fraininij, we are receiving fAe fr-aining fllaf wi!! prepare ud fo Le fke Aaclera of lie fufure. W., .Q 1. mg' , M .H--1 sw 3 M. R. Ei My ,. w- xx ww , v-.ffm-1.f1-Twmz. X f' 2 -1 W . .K , 1 X Q .wg sr 1 X NSN L ll hlgffffw 'kit ffifti' 5 ' Xs: 'E S W :,, ' Q f 2 fy' :-If"'- fn: SX 'M S- Ny I. 1 x w QQ? K W. ma E 4, EE -.Q-. Y I-4' 4 -. -5 in img 2 SS ,g. X. 1 is? :Sf 2- R 1 Vx 51 .xi -, . vm, - Qi' y .2 ' .,n N .1 . X x , "', f i. Q U' xx. . ' : 5 KX 1 fy 5 ' 3:5 ' .1 t' . A ,gi -.55 53 .1 - - .- 4 ' 4 .' - at 4. , Q fg- Q 'Q " ' " ' U7 .X ,- f -5.152 . if 'E 45 l ,KH R f A -- ,,xf - : xl v ' A Q , - . . . 5 Q ' 1 Q Q . .,. 4gE'i., .. ii L .X .r Saas! , in 1 i wi 3 lf ' ' E 1, -' Q xl, - Q . '- K. Q '4 " ' ' M Q , QW.-sf ' . 1. . K if ' ' - K ,, Q- ii., , xy, Q2 y .- xi .-'?x 4-,QV 1' " -, 'Q "-.rggw fif- .' "f ' ' xf'.16w ' I ' - fn-' . :A f-. 4 x , K . W ' Fffgis , LL Y X . S . . K ' , ---- .. . ,X 5 W V - -3 K" R V I . -' Q f Q, - .X n ' E - .Q . S QM " K' , . - . W-mm . Y Wm-if ,,..w- M-"FQ is QF' x x 1 1 -s ,. xx." X Dear Graduates : Four years ago when you enrolled at Foreman High School, the whole world was at war. For you, three of those school years were chaotic. Many of your class- mates and your se11ior friends fought and bled for their country and its democratic ideals. Now, one year after the armistice which was made possible by their sacrifices, you are looking ahead with assurance that your future is secure and that your cher- ished hopes will be fulfilled. ' P May I congratulate you on attaining the goals toward which all of our school policies lead. You have desired, attained, a11d maintained a high scholastic standing. You have developed character through cooperation in all activities which brought about the social welfare of school and community. You have participated in assem- blies which upheld the high standards set by the school. You have aided in the especial development of an All School Council, the main purpose of which is service, citizen- ship, and complete practice of democracy. You have cooperated with your teachers in their untiring efforts to help you help yourselves through development of initiative, leadership, character building and courtesy. You go on now as men and women equipped to lead useful, happy lives, capable and willing to assume adult responsibilities. We hope that for many years to come it will be our pleasure. to meet you at annual reunions and renew experiences of these past years. ' . We, the faculty, wish you success in all your undertakings. May God bless each and every one of you. Catherine A. Ryan i Principal of Foreman High School since September, 1939, Miss Catherine A. Ryan has a formidable list of good things shes wants for our school. She knows that not everythilig she sees to do can he done at onceg hut she is determined that some of her wishes be turned into accomplishments each semester. Wm ,Harry We quad, .fdaaiafanf f rincqoa Harry P. McHale, Assistant Principal, presses the buttons and pulls the levers which determine a thousand details in the daily life of every student. He devises the intricate machinery of the uschool programf' provides the proper number and kind of classes for each teacher, and supervises the enrollnlent of the correct number of students for each class. One of his biggest tasks, and the one to which he is alert every day is that of searching out everything "for the good of the order." Our pafienf O ice ga The great deal of Secretarial work arising in the operation of our school is capably handled by Miss Alice Hanley, Miss Helen Hanley, and Mrs. Sylvia Koplin. Although they serve as private secretaries, receptionists, clerks and typists, each member of Foremaifs staff can greet 'a student with a smile, even at the end of a hectic day. C-' 1 s 0I"eI'l'Lal'I, 5 aa!! QP!! Calif A Eat The backbone of our nation is the English Language so, therefore, Mrs. Harte, Mrs. Greenwood. Miss Connor, Miss Carmody, and Miss Stern are to be congratulated for their splendid job. Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Byl are assuring all fellows that the coming generation of gals will be able to cook and sew as well as look attractive. Teachers of the Commercial Department, Mrs. Hoppe, Mr. Sazania, and Mrs. Anderson, who make possible an efficient future in the business fields of the world. we mudf .fdclmif jjlteg ine Quife M Miss Flaherty, Miss Mostyn, Mrs. Smith, and Mr. Snodgrass, of the Social Studies department, get together for an informal discussion. Members of the Language department, Miss Lawin, Mrs. Bramkamp, Mr. Morrissey, and Miss Dyer meet to talk over the latest teaching methods. i Miss Stewart, Mrs. Weiss, Miss MacKay, and Miss Cavoit comprise a part of our English department. .Pee Ofe 0 ,CJ-JJl'2l'l'l6ll'l3 0,9 fl- id! QPJ Miss Cooney, Miss Costello, Miss Meyers, and Mrs. Mussehl, keepers of the typewriter and steuo book are part of our commercial department staff. A quartet of history and civies teachers is shown in the persons of Mrs. Jones, Miss Daniels, Miss Kay, and Miss Doyle. Miss Hardy, Miss Lagorio, and Miss Hyatt, comprise Foreman's able girls' gym staff. we guiclerd o ur Mun? andfeind In the upper picture are Mr. Jenkins, Miss Hirons, and Mrs. Kennedy. They are engaged in a discussion over solid geometry projects con- structed by students. Y In the middle picture, Miss O,Neill and Miss Kinderman are shown giving aid to one of our geometry students. V The bottom shot pictures Mr. Fossler showing the possibilities of our large-size classroom slide rule in student instruction. .fdf joreman fha Z?oc!g ad we! aa fha Wine! are Mrs. Muckler, Capt. Reid, and Miss Meek, listening to a few records on the school's radio-phonograph. Mrs. Capparelli, Mr. Cantu, and Mrs. Hogle, comprise part of our language department. s Mr. Maloif, football coach, Mr. Zahorik., baseball and basketball coach, and Mr. Kipp, athletic directorand head of the gym department gather together for an informal chat. lellezlldebl ncouering flee Wydferied of Wafure Mrs. Voelz, Dr. Guse, and Miss Kelly prepari11g biological specimens for classroom instruction. Mr. Powers, Mr. Keating, and Mr. Pawlicki, of the Physics and Chemistry depts., conferring over an experiment. Instruction in the advance phases of mechanical drawing is given by Mr. Deering and Mr. Sollo. lreman OMM Cukuraf .145 ' W .144 lgracficaf jaining Miss Effting and Miss Segalove, two of our art teachers, admir- ing a stude11t's mural. ' Mr. Kardis, Mr. Bucaro, and Mr. Sowa are part of our staff of sllop teachers. Mrs. Jerome, Miss Treffens, Dr. Briney, and Mr. Mouw looking over a piece of apparatus to be used in classroom work. They are teachers of the science department. .971 Memoriam BESSIE KINERT-Her life in FOFCH13l1,S hall was like a spray of roses-colorful and sweet, with a delicate but lingering fragrance. Long, long be my heart with such memories filled! Like the vase i11 which roses have once been distilled - You may break, you may shatter the Vase, if you will, But the scent of the roses will hang round it still. - Thomas Moore , 1 1 K NA ,I . S- , 5 4 X K . 2 4x i249 -my f M Y ' :?S. ix - Af... S31 ' 5. 2? L X .N -. M R is X x Y x X x Q as NX tw e x X ag K 1 Kfadkiw Abrahamson, Dorothy Ackerman, Margaret Anderson, Audrey Arrigoni, Lorraine Barrett, Marilyn Barrow, Donald Beerlleide, Ruth Bergeson, Harold Bernecki, Genevieve Biasiello, Helen Bove, Robert Boyd, .lean Brethauer, Homer Brostrom, Ingrid Bryniarski, Pete Cfarfzf of yblnuafg 6 C665 0 yafllflafy Buclnnann, Marion Carr, Jean Christensen, Eunice Comfield, Bob Coomans, Russell Cozzola, Carl Crisman, Harold Dalbke, Wanen Daniels, Joseph Diederich, Jean Dombrowski, Louise Duffey, Robert Durand, Edward Edstrom, Gene Erickson, Gertrude I Erickson, Marion Evans, Robert Faleni, Joe Falkenthal, Jack Fivek, George Fleugel, Howard Fraser, Diane Freitag, Phyllis Fuhr, Laura Gardner, Duncan Giles, .lean Golrlstead, Florence Gruber, Ann Gustafson, Bob Haerle, Don 0,66 0 Jdnudfy 6 66155 0 alluafy 19 6 Hanson, Jan Harris, Bob Heft, Charlotte Hermann, Wanda Holz, Katherine Huber, Stanley Ignolia, Joseph Janowick, Loretta Johnson, Donald Kalinowski, Phillip Kautz, Clyde Karigolic, Ethel Klupar, William Krake, Lucille Kunz, Shirley La Rosa, Gloria Larsen, Shirley Larson, Marvin Martinson, Ed Melzer, Eugene Moeller, Norman Mollan, Audrey Mora, Ronald Morrill, Bob Naslek, Barbara Nole, William Nordlof, Shirley Novak, Eleanor Ondrejcin, Bob Orohy, Helen C055 0 ydliudfy I C aim 0 jalluafy Pappas, John Patros, Mimi Paul, Betty Peek, Patsy Peters, Betty Peterson, Chester Peterson, Robert Pushian, Zabelle Reichelt, Jeannine Richter, Mildred Roraff, Shirlie Rusch, Laverne Scheunemann, George Schroll, Roger Schwerdtfeger, Lois Sharp, Bob Slifka, Doris Sterling, Betty Teeter, Rosalie Teuber, Gertrude Thompson, Edward Thompson, Elaine Tornatore, Madeline Van Wa5'e, Geraldine Vengren, Betty Weber, Virginia Wllyland, Calvin Wold, June Zeilstra, Jim Zowada, Dolores C 61,55 0 yanuafy 4.4 C6154 Ummm Presenting the olficers of the graduating class of June, 1946 -Ray Connelly, Presidentg Eleanor Waghoriie, Secretaryg and Dick Wilbilis, Vice-President. This is the group that has had charge of all senior division meetings the past semesters. Remembered, always, will he the swell job done by Ray, Dick, and El! Andersen, Dick - "Swede" - Football Team, Varsity Pigskin, Div. Vice-Pres., Treas., Base- ball, Intramural Basketball, Letterman. Dev- ilish-, happy-go-lucky. Antros, Catherine-"Cathy"-Student Council Rep., National Honor Society, Sec., Div., Hall Guard, Pan American Club, Attendance Office Clerk, Foreman News Rep. Intelligent, depend- able, cooperative. Austermann, Ester E.-"Es"-Student Council Rep., National Honor Society, Pres., German Club, Pres., White Collar Girls' Club, G.A.A., Student Leader, Hall Guard, Foremanual Rep., Library Asst., Monogram. Talented, neat, nice. Bade, Marguerite F.-"Marge"-Student Coun- cil Rep., Messenger, Sec., Div., Honor Club, Sr. Entertainment Committee, Pan-American Club, Foremanual Staff. Pleasant, cordial, sweet. Badenoch, Dolores - "Dollie" - Pres., Div., Monogram, Sec., Div., Hall Guard, Master of Ceremonies Club, Registrar's Asst. Pretty, cheerful, neat. Bannon, Mary C.-"Mar"-G.A.A. Rep., G.A.A. Letter, Sec., College Club, G.A.A. Board of Control, Chemistry Club. Pretty, pleasant, witty. Baranowski, George C.-"Baron"-Safety Coun- eil, Hall Guard, Foremanual Staff, Master of Ceremonies Club, Aviation Club, Math Club. Cheerful, jovial, popular. Barkemeyer, Henry W. - 'iHank" - Projector Club, Math Club, Pan-American Club, Spanish Club, Boys' Glee Club. Qukzt, reserved, obliging. Barsotti, Emily M.-"Em"-Student Council Rep., Sec., Div., Sec., White Collar Girls, Pan- American Club, Hall Guard, Junior Honor Club, Registrar's Asst. Modest, reserved, oblig- ing. Bartosch. Edward A.-"Barney"-Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Golf Team, Sec.. Letter- man's Club, Basketball Club, Baseball Club, Pres., Div., Sec., Div., Fire Marshal, Class Ring Committee, Basketball Intramurals. Ath- letic, popular, devilish. Beck, Emil F.-Vice Pres., Div., Baseball Team, M.C. Club, Foremanual Staff. Well groomed, energetic. Beesley, Marilyn D.-"Lynn"-Foreman News Rep., G.A.A. Rep., Office Asst., Asst. Librarian, Student Leader, Glee Club, Hall Guard. De- pendable, cooperative, quiet. Bell, Arthur-"Hop-A-Long"-Vice-Pres., Div., Vice-Pres., Pan-American Club, Hall Guard, Intramural Sports. Humorous, fun-loving, dev- ilish. Bengson, Dorothy-"Dottie"-Swimming Team, a Cappella Choir, Sec. and Treas., Div., G.A.A. Rep., Foreman News Rep., Library Asst., Lock- er Guard, Student Leader, Stamp and Bond Coll.,, G.A.A. Letter, Swimming Team Letter, Messenger, Music Appreciation Club. Neat, Juke, active. , Berendt, Rosemary - "Snafu" - Drama Club, Fashion Drawing, Pan-American Club, Student Council Rep. Cooperative, athletic, quiet. Cla.. of june 1946 Carava, Joseph J.-"'Moey"-Foolballg Letter- men's Club, Var. Pigsking Div. Pres.g Projector Serviceg Year Book Rep.g Student Council Rep.g Intramural Basketballg Senior Entertain- ment. Athletic, happy-go-lucky. Caspari, Jeanne - "Sleepy" - Feature Editor, Copy Editor, Foreman Newsg Foremanual Staff g Div. Sec.g C.A.A. Board of Controlg C.A.A. Lettergirlg Service Monogramg Student Leaderg Library Assistantg Attendance Office, Class Day Committee. Active, versatile, neat. Cerva, Don--"Honest Don"-Pres., Div.g Lock- er Guardg Baseball Teamg Spanish Clubg Bowl- ing Teamg Foreman News Rep. Handsome, non- chalant. Clark, Patricia C.-"Patti"-Pres., Div.g Swim Teamg Sec. of G.A.A.g C.A.A. Board of Con- trol, a Cappella Choirg Foreman News Rep.g Librariang Cheerleader Club, Student Leaderg G.A.A. Lettergirl. Athletic, pretty, poised. Claussen, Laverne M. - G.A.A.g Messengerg Office Helperg White Collar Girls, Student Leaderg Mixed Chorus. Pleasant, genial, neat. Connelly, Ray-"Polak"-Pres. of 4-B and 4A Classes, Basketball Team, Foremanual Staff, Hall Guardg Basketball Club. Popular, hand- some, witty. Curran, Richard-"Dick"-Div. Pres.g Treas. of Div.g Cheerleaderg Basketball Teamg Book ROOIIIQ Baseball Teamg Hall Guardg Lettermang Foremanual Staff. Good-looking, gay, athletic. Czarny, Anne F.-"Bubbles"-Checkers Cluhg Knitting Club: Messengerg Locker Guard Cap- taing Latin Clubg Student Leader. Competent, earnest, chummy. Czech. Lois E.-"Fritzy"-Attendance Secre- tary, Division. Studious, trustworthy, ambitious. Dailidas, Margie-"Peadies"-G.A.A. Board of Control: G.A.A. Rep., National Honor Societyg Monogramg Foremanual Staifg Foreman News Rep.g Attendance Sec., Div.g Student Council Rep. Friendly, pleasant, peppy. Dale, .lean Mae--"Irish"-Red Cross Rep.g Sec., Div.g Student Council Rep.g Office Typistg Div. Treasurerg Div. Vice-Pres.g Messengerg Hall C-uardg Div. Red Cross Rep.g Citizenship Awnrdg Service Award. Active, cooperative, happy. Daniel, William J.-"Bill"-Checker Clubg Hall Guard, First Aid Clubg History Club. Quiet, happy-go-lucky. Demlow, Dolores M.-"Dimwit"-Sec. of Div.g Vice-Pres., Div.g Sec. of Music App. Clubg Stu- dent Council Rep.g Freshman Council Assl.g Chairman of Div. Tea. Friendly, amusing, neat. Dickman, Rita C.-"Squaw"-Div. Sec.g Oilice Assistantg Personnel Assistantg G.A.A.g Service- men's Collectiong Music Appreciation Clubg Service Letterg President, Round Table Discus- sion Club. Soclhble, good-humored. Disken, Lillian M.-"Lill"-G.A.A.g Band and Orchestra Clubg Servicemen's Collectiong Mu- sic Appreciation Clubg Round Table Discussion Club. Cute, pleasant, devilish. arid of June 1946 G55 0 Julie 6 Beynon, Ruth-"Mons"-Capt., Cheer Leader, G.A.A. Board of Control, a Cappella Choir, Pres., Sec., Div., Junior Honor Club, Student Leader, G.A.A. Letter, Swimming Team Let- ter, Music Appreciation Club. Athletic, pretty, popular. Bober, Joan C.-"Cheyenne"-G.A.A., Checker Club, Div. Treasurer, Art Club, Messenger, Hall Guard, Knitting Club. Quiet, reserved, casual. Boergerhoff, Carol Ann-"Candy"-Jr. Honor Club, Captain, Messengers, Hall Guard, Div. Stamp and Bond Rep., Pan-American, For- manual Staff. Energetic, earnest, ambitious. Bojarski, Florence - "Ginger" - Student Lead- ers, Polish Club, G.A.A. Quiet, reserved, casual. Boland, William T. - "Bill" - Pan-American Club, Hall Guard, Messenger. Quiet, reserved, capable. Bornell, Bob-i'Boogie"-Football Team, Letq termen's Club, Pres., Varsity Pigskin, Fire Marshal, Student Council Rep., Intramural Basketball, Baseball. Carefree, athletic, mis- chievous. Borowski, Dolores-"Dolly"-Div. Treasurer, Ofiice Clerk, Stamp Co-ordinator, Checker Club, G.A.A., Service Club. Studious, depend- able, cooperative. Brandt, Albert P.-Vice-Pres., Div., Pres., Quiz Club, Pres., German .Clubg Baseball Team, Chemistry Club. Unassuming, courteous, trust- worthy. Braun, Dorothy-"Dottie"-Sec., White Collar Girls, Hall Guard, Messenger, Jr. Honor Club, Treas., Polish Club, Attendance Oflice Clerk. Co-operative, dependable, scholarly. Brightstone, Delores J. - '4Debbie" - Student Leader, G.A.A. Rep., Hall Guard, Ollice Clerk, Stock Room. Vivacious, witty, cooperative. Bross, Warren H.-Foreman News Rep., Base- ball Team, Isaac Walton Club. Nouchalant, happy-go-lucky. Bujka, Sophie A.-"Zos"-Div. Pres., Student Council Rep., White Collar Girls' Club, Polish Club, G.A.A., Swimming Team. Attractive, sophisticated, intelligent. ' Bussa, Esther Mary-"S"--Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, Painted Scenery, Christmas Assembly, Messenger, Sec., Fashion Club. Quiet, reserved, reliable. Butler, Patricia D.-"Pat"-Swimming Team, Pres., Div., Pres., Sewing Club, Sec., Junior Honor Club, Sec., White Collar Girls' Club, Service Monogram, G.A.A., Swimming Award, National Honor Society. Cute, quiet, capable. Cannalte, Arlene-"Red"-Pres., College Club, G.A.A., Knitting Club, Round Table. Pleasant, reliable, cordial. Casa o June 1946 Drafz, Corinne--"Corky"-Sec., Div.g Office Assistant, Student Council Rep.: Tutorg Locker Guard, Music Appreciation Club, Slide Rule Club. Talented, thoughtful, nice. Drake, Delores-"Bessie"--Assistant, Main Of- ficeg White Collar Girlsg Pan-American Club. Ambitious, dependable, obliging. Drews, Harold R.-'4Har"-Math Clubg Chess and Checkers Clubg Checker Clubg Div. Treas.g Boys' Glee Club. Nonclxalant, carefree, casual. Eiter, Corinne G.-"Corrie"-a Cappella Choirg Student Coimcil Rep.g G.A.A.g Student Leaderg White Collar Girlsg Foreman News Rep.g Fore- manual Staifg 4A Girls' Club. F riendly, witty, cute. Engmark, Leroy-U. S. Army. Ericksen, Don-"Lover"-Pres., Div., Choirg Messengerg Hall Guardg Treas., Div.g Civics Chairman. Handsome, dignified, energetic. Emst, Joann C.-"Jo"-Letter Girlg Student Leaderg G.A.A. Board of Controlg Vice-Pres., Div.g Sec., G.A.A.g Foremanual Staffg Student Councilg Stamp Collectorg Sec.,Div.g Girls'Glee Club: Messengerg Hall Guard. Athletlb, peppy, active. Everly, .lean - "Dimples" - Foremanual Stall g Div. Sec.g College Clubg Service Letterg Hall Guardg Messengerg Latin Clubg Foremanual Rep.g Sec., Pre-Medics Club. Cute, demure, sweet. Faellaci, Gilbert G.-"Fallach"-Foremanual Stailg Student Council Rep.g Projector Opera- torg Competitive Platoon, R.O.T.C.g Messenger. Energetic, reckless, mischievous. Ferch, Arthur J.-"Art"-Treas., Div.g Treas., National Honor Societyg Rifle Teamg R.O.T.C. Officerg Editor of R.O.T.C. Newspaperg Treas. of Junior and Senior Honor Clubg War Bond and Stamp Salesman, Service Monogram. Milli- taristic, intelligent, reliable. Finlayson, Janet - "Jan" - Foremanual Staffg Student Council Rep.g Checkers Clubg Sketch Clubg Div. Sec.g G.A.A.g Sophomore and .lunior Honor Clubg Service Letterg Art Appreciationg Attendance Oiiiceg National Honor Society. Cordial, cheerful, trustworthy. Fishback, Robert E.-"Fish"-Foremanual Stai 3 Vice-Pres., Projector Club, Basketball. Fun- loving, versatile. Fitpold, Antoinette-"Toni"-Attendance Sec. of Div.g G.A.A.g Girls' Glee Clubg Music Ap- preciation Club. Energetic, devilish. Fortier, Albert R.-"Al"--Foremanual Staifg Pres. of Pre-Medics Clubg Red Cross Rep.g Pres. of Civics Classg Hall Guard. Sedate, de- pendable, cooperative. Franczak, Rose-White Collar Girlsg National Honor Society. Studious, dependable, pleasant. F rasch, Wayne-"Wayne." Frisk, Edward M.-"Frisky Disky"-Footballg Letterman. Reckless, happy-go-lucky. Frystak, Dorothy - "Dot" - G.A.A.g Student Council Rep.g Round Table Disc. Clubg Music Appreciation Club. Graceful, attractive, so- ph-isticazed. Gebhardt, William J., Jr.-"Bill"-Rifle Team, Mgr.g R.0.T.C. Officerg Asst. Editor of R.0.T.C. Newspaperg Messengerg Hall Guard. Quiet, unassuming, earnest. Gentile, Anne Marie-Foreman News Rep., Office Assistantg G.A.A.: Div. Social Commit- tee: White Collar Girls' Clubg Office Typist. Friendly, obliging, reliable. Gielow, Elmer Wm.-"Al"-Officers Clubg Stu- dent Council Rep.3 Hall Guardg Messengerg R.0.T.C. Oflicerg War Stamp Salesman. Auda- cious, literary, playful. Gilbo, .loan L.-"Moose"-National Honor So- cietyg G.A.A. Board of Controlg G.A.A. Rep.g Office Assistant, Sec., Service Clubg Sec., Junior Honor Club, Adjustment Assistantg a Cap- pella Choir. Cheerful, sweet, neat. Girard, Don-"Gus"-Pres., Div.g Pres., Checker Clubg Cheerleaderg Lettermen's Club, Foreman News Staffg Foremanual Stalfg Choir: Hall Guardg Round .Table Discussion. Individual- iStlh, ambitious, active. Gisler, Roy VV.-"Roy"-Foreman News Rep.g Tutorg National Honor Societyg Sec., Biology Clubg Sec., Div.g Hall Guard, Treasurer, Div.g Bond and Stamp Collector. Studious, reliable, reserved. Goldman, Lucille June - "Lulu" - National Honor Societyg Junior Honor Clubg G.A.A. Rep.g G.A.A. Board of Controlg Student Leaderg Sec., Div.g Otiice Assistantg Hall Guardg Stu- dent Leader Clubg D.A.R. Candidate. Scholar- ly, friendly, obliging. Golemba, Loretta T.-"Lor"-Div. Entertain- ment Chairmang G.A.A.g Checker Club. Trust- worthy, cooperative, pleasant. Goodwin, John Eugene -- "Gene" - Foreman News Rep., Hall Guard Captain, Vice-Pres., Div.g Student Council Rep.g Football Team: Div. Treasurerg Varsity Pigsking First Aid Club. Handsome, well-groomed. Gorczynski, Alice-"Al"-Serviceman's Collec- torg G.A.A.g Music Appreciation Club. Studious, friendly, cheerful. Granslalf, Dolores Verne - "Dolly" - National Honor Society, Junior Honor Clubg G.A.A. Rep.g Student Leader: Office Assistantg Vice- Pres., Div.g Hall Guard, Student Leader Clubg Pan-American Clubg D.A.R. Candidate, G.A.A. Letter Girlg Service Monogram. Accommodat- ing, active, earn-est. Crbac, Lydia Paula-"Loe." Intelligent, earnest, studious. CAM of ,QW 1946 61,55 0 june 6 Gregory, Nomlan I.-"Greg"--Pres., Pan-Ameri- can Club, Capt., Senior Basketball Team, Bas- ketball Club, Lettermen's Club, Baseball Club, Golf Team, Vice-Pres., Pres., Div., Intramural Basketball. Athletic, carefree, devilish. Grell, Gloria-"Glor"-Student Council Rep., Vice-Pres., Div., Sophomore Honor Club, Vice- Pres., German Club, G.A.A., Citizen Club, Attendance Office, Bulletin Sec., Hall Guard, Locker Guard. Humorous, friendly, good- natured. Grischo, William-"Hotshot"-National Honor Society, Asst. Chief of Staff, Foremanual, Div. Vice-Pres., Camera Club, R.O.T.C. Officer, Rifle Team, Monogram Award, Senior Honor Club, Hall Guard, Pres. of Current AEairs Club, Newspaper Rep. Intelligent, poised, nice-looking. Groening, Waltraute-"Wallie"-National Hon- or Society, G.A.A., Citizenship Club, Sec., Vice-Pres., German Club, Div. Sec., Newspaper Rep., Bookroom Asst., Locker Guard, Hall Guard. Scholarly, reliable, pleasant. Gunderlach, Betty E.-White Collar Girls, Latin Club, Student Council Rep. Quiet, re- served, obliging. Gunderson, A. Norman-National Honor Soci- ety, Div. Pres., Consul, Latin'Club, Orchestra, Foremanual Staff, R.0.T.C. Officer, Editor, R.O.T.C. Newspaper, Service Letter. Individ- ualistic, literary, scholarly. Gutowski, Coriue J. - "Corky" - Newspaper Rep., G.A.A., Music Appreciation, Chemistry, Knitting Clubs. Pleasant, carefree, sociable. Gyving, Joyce-"Joy"-Junior Honor Club, Sec., Div., Pres., Serviceman's Club, Sec., Serv- ice Clubg Star Gazing Club, Library Assistant. Pretty, poised, intelligent. Hager, Elsie-"Moo Moo"-Sec., Checkers Club, White Collar Girls' Club, G.A.A., Messenger. Friendly, pleasant, cute. Hagood, Sylvia-"Lee"-Bulletin Sec., Pan- American Assembly, Locker Guard, Office Help, Library Assistant. Poised, attractive, carefree. Hansen, Kathryn A.-"Kay"-Vice-Pres., Col- lege Club, G.A.A. Letter, Service Monogram, G.A.A. Board of Control, Foremanual Rep., Foreman News Staff, Junior Honor Club, Drama Club, Pre-Medica Club, Hall Guard, Messenger. Ambitious, friendly, cooperative. Harczak, John-"Kielbasa"-Chess Club, Treas., Div., Baseball Club, Intramural Basketball. Good-humored, reckless. Heller, Elsie G.-4'Chels"-Pres., German Club, National Honor Society, G.A.A., Citizenship Club, Messenger, Projector Operator, Locker Guard, Hall Guard. Friendly, dependable, earnest. Herzau, William J. - "Happy" - Letterman, Newspaper Rep., Football Team, Varsity Pig- skin Club, Chess and Checkers Club, Intra- mural Basketball, Lettermen's Club, Track Team, Fire Marshal, Intramural Volley Ball. Athletic, happy-go-lucky. Hewing, William D.-"Bill"-Vice-Pres., Div., Basketball Team, Track Team, Basketball Club, Varsity Pigskin, Intramural Basketball, Pan-American Club, Messenger. Friendly, fun- loving. Hicks, Madeline C.-"Maddie"-Sec. of 4B Class, Vice-Pres., Div., Pres., Vice-Pres., Stu- dent Leaders, G.A.A., Monogram Award, Sen- ior Entertainment. Popular, pretty, friendly. Hoff, Phoebe-"Pheb"-Vice-Pres., Jr. Honor Club, Foremanual Staff, Editor, Managing Ed- itor, Foreman News, Sketch Club, G.A.A., Art Club, Music Appreciation Club. Good-humored, cordial, friendly. Homberg, Mary Louise-"Shrimp"-Foremanual Staff, College Club, G.A.A., Student Leader, Swimming Team. Flirtations, friendly, ener- getic. Horn, Robert T.-"Tootsie',-Varsity Pigskin, Football Team, Chess Club, Track Team, Fire Marshal, Intramural Volley Ball. Peppy, care- free, devilish. Hoyt, Charmaine L.-"Charm"-R.0.T.C. Ma- jorette, Band Majorette, Div. Sec., Round Table Discussion Club, Messenger, M.C. Club, Student Council Rep., Twirlers' Club, Chem- istry Club, Twirling Monogram. Pleasant, cute, graceful. Humphreys, Janet S.-"Jan"-Div. Pres., Stu- dent Council Rep., Servicemen's Collection, Red Cross Rep., Sec. of Div., Girls' Glee Club, Latin Club, German Club, Messenger, Hall Guard. Indivlklualistic, attractive. Ignatowski, Peter-"Pete"--Chess Club, News Rep., Stamp Rep. Unassuming, happy-go-lucky. Jablonski, Raymond-"Jabo"-Intramural Bas- ketball. Humorous, reckless, gay. ' Jahns, Adam A. - "Sol" - Drum and Bugle Corps, Band and Orchestra, Foreman News, Music Appreciation, Bank Letter, Div. Pres., Div. Treats. Hilarious, mischievous, cheerful. Jahns, Donald John-"Lid"-Sec., Div., War Bond Rep., Bank, a Cappella Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Music Appreciation Club, Foreman News Rep., Spanish Club, Pan-American Club. Devilish, daring, peppy. Janis, Dolores-"Do Do"-White Collar Girls, G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Stamp Collec- tor, Knitting Club, Music Club. Reckless, carefree, gay. Janz, Alice E.-'4Pug"-Junior Honor Club, Sec., Div., Vice-Pres., Div., Sec., Vice-Pres., German Club, Student Leader, Hall Guard, Foremanual Stalf, Library Asst. Happy-go- lucky, athletic. Jaskulski,Eugenew"Bill"-Aviation Club, Beto Club, Pres., Pan-American Club, Chess Club. Friendly, cheerful, genial. Jensik, Patricia A.-"Pat"-Junior Honor Club, G.A.A., Service Men's Organization, Student Council, Citizenship Club, Master of Cere- mony Club, Bulletin Secretary, Oliice Clerk, Hall Guard. Amiable, amusing, clever. Johnson, Allan YV.-"Al"-Treas., Div., Vice- Pres., Div., Pres., Pan-American Club, Music Appreciation Club. F un-loving, reckless. 6 6166 U! june 1946 C an of yune 1946 Johnson, Delores R.--"Jonny"-G.A.A. Rep.g Sec., Clerical Practiceg Music Appreciation Club. Quiet, reserved, reliable. Johnson, Dolores E. - "Dee" - G.A.A.g Hall Guardg White Collar Girlsg Know Chicago. Clever, witty, energetic. Johnson, Jane F. - "Johnnie" - Vice-Pres., G.A.A.g G.A.A. Board of Controlg Student Leader, Student Leader Clubg Swimming Teamg Vice-Pres., Div.g Treas., Div.g Drama Clubg G.A.A. Rep. Athletic, cordial, sedate. Johnson, Marilyn A.-"Lynn"-Sketch Clubg Foreman News Reporterg Checker Clubg Art Club. Quiet, reserved, reliable. Juell, Rene M.-"Shorty"-R.O.T.C. Oliicerg Officers' Club. Militaristic, nonchalant, reliable. Juretscbke, Walter VV.-"Wally"-Pres, Div.5 Defense Stamp Collectorg Vice-Pres., Div.g Baseball Teamg Basketball Teamg Basketball Clubg Baseball Clubg Lettermen's Clubg Intra- mural Basketballg Hall Guard. Athletic, fun- loving, casual. Kaiser, Robert Edward-"Snulfy"-Pres., Span- ish Clubg Sec., Pan-American Clubg Treas., Div.g Fire Marshal, Div.g Boys' Glee Clubg R.O.T.C.g Aviation Club. Misclnkzvous, carefree, gay. Kammerer, Robert A.-"Bobby"-Pres., School Projectors' Clubg Service Monogram Awardg M.C. Clubg School Movie Techniciang Fore- manual Staff 3 A.L. Oratorical Contestantg Chief Fire Marshal. Ambitious, individualistic, schol- arly. Kasperowicz, Jean A.-"Frenchie"-G.A.A.g White Collar Girls' Clubg Ofiice Assistant. Friendly, good-humored. Kaufman, Lorraine R. - "Lorrie" - R.O.T.C. Majoretteg Band Majoretteg Div. Sec.g M.C. Clubg Round Table Discussiong Twirlers' Club: Pan-American Show: Foreman Letter lTwirl- ingl. Vivacious, athletic, energetic. Kehrberger, Doris E.-"Curbie"-Fashion Illus- trationg Sketch Clubg Checker Clubg Beto Club: Junior Honor Clubg Art Club. Unassum- ing, reliable, obliging. Keil., Lawrence Alfred-"Killer"-Hall Guardg Messengerg Fire Marshal: Freshman Dramag M.C. Clubg German Clubg Senior Entertain- ment. Friendly, jovial, reckless. Kerwin, Robert G. - "Bob" - Sports Editor, Foreman News, Pres., lsaac Walton Clubg M.C. Clubg R.O.T.C. Officerg Foremanual Staffg A.L. Oratorical Contestant. Intelligent, scholarly, ambitious. Klein. John J.-"Johnny"-Student Councilg War Coordinatorg Pres., Reading Clubg College Club: Orchestrag Dance Bandg National Honor Society: Junior Honor Cluhg Math Clubg Fore- manual Stalfg A.L. Oratorical Contestantg Safety Council. Sludious, literary, scholarly. Klus, Hilda M.-"Midget"-G.A.A. Lettergirlg Board of Controlg Sec., Div.g Foremanual Rep.: Service Clubg Student Leaderg Girls' Glee Clubg Senior Honor Clubg Swimming Team Awardg Service Letterg Office Clerk, Library Clerk. Active, accommodating, amiable. Koclanis, Bessie--"Koke"-4A Girlsg College Clubg Junior Honor Societyg Checkers Club, Math Clubg Sketch Clubg Beto Clubg Music Appreciationg Defense Stamp Rep.3 Attendance Office Helper. Scholarly, earnest, modest. Kolar, William G.-"Bill"-Competitive Pla- toong R.O.T.C. Officers' Club, Pres., Projector Club, Div. War Coordinatorg Riile Team. Cheerful, peppy, carefree. Kolner, June-"Gin"-Stamp Rep., Foreman- ual Rep., Fashion Illustration, Foreman News Cartoonistg Orchestra Club. Vice-Pres.g Orches- tra Letter. Talented, cordial, sweet. Koldziej, Edwin A.-"Eddie"-Locker Guard, College Clubg Hall Guard. Courteous, quiet, accommodating. Kovacs, Elizabeth K.-"Betty"-National Honor Society, Citizenship Club, Attendance Ofliceg Messengerg Hall Guard, German Clubg Service Letter, Music Appreciation Club. Obliging, earnest, reliable. Krakowski, Marian - "Mar" - Junior Honor Club, Div. Newspaper Rep.g Pres. of Service- men's Correspondence Clubg a Cappella Choir, Girls' Glee Clubg Star Gazing Club, Senior Entertainment. Talented, neat, congenial. Krewer, Clara M.-Sec., Fashion Illustration Clubg Foreman News Rep.g G.A.A.g Attendance Ofliceg Messenger. F lirtatious, good nalured. Krueger, Richard E.-"Dick"-Competitive Pla- toong Div. Vice-Pres.: Boys' Glee Clubg Div. War Co-ordinatorg R.O.T.C. Rifle Teamg Div. Fire Marshal. Militaristic, reckless, gay. Kuester, Audrey - "Aud"- Foremanual Staffg Junior, Senior, and National Honor Societiesg Monogram, G.A.A. Rep.g G.A.A. Board of Con- trolg G.A.A. Letterg Div. Sec., Student Council Rep., Foreman News Reporterg Candidate for D.A.R. Awardg Pan-American Show, Girls' Glee Club. Sturlious, active, ambitious. Kulik, Dolores-"Dee"-G.A.A.g Messengerg White Collar Girlsg Locker Guard, Checker Club, Hall Guard. Cute, good-natured. Knlinski, Frieda - "Fritz" - Div. Rec. Sec.g White Collar Girlsg G.A.A.g Sec., Polish Club, Locker Guard. Good-humored, cheerful. Kurtz, John E.-"Jack"-Pres., Div.g Vice-Pres., Div.g Pres., Chess Clubg Choirg Boys' Glee Clubg Baseball Team. Friendly, witty, gay. Kusch, Vivian T.-"Viv"-Recording Sec.g Stu- dent Council Rep.g Sec., Personality Club, Pan- American Club, Music Appreciation Club. Re- served, courteous, unassuming. Kuznicki, Dolores C. - "Irish" - Orchestrag G.A.A., White Collar Girls' Club. Talented, pretty, friendly. , Lamberg, Leonard-"Laffy"-Business Manager, Foremanualg Business Manager, Foreman Newsg Radio Council, Hall Guardg Fire Marshalg Student Council Rep.g Choirg Messengerg Busi- ness Manager, Ticket Sales. Good-looking, good-mztured, well-dressed. Cfarid lynn.. 19,6 aaa 0 june I9 6 Landin, William E.-"Bill"-Pres., Div. Vice- Pres., Div.g War Coordinator, Rifle Team, Fire Marshalg R.O.T.C. Oflicerg Officers' Club. Audacious, cheerful, mischievous. Lang, Audrey R.-Pres., Div., a Cappella Choirg National Honor Societyg Student Coun- cilg Sec., Student Leader Cluhg G.A.A.g Service Monogramg Foremanual Staffg Ring Commit- teeg Foreman News Rep. Intelligent, unassum- ing, cooperative. Leach, Robert-"Skeeter"-Hall Gnardg Rifle Teamg Div. Fire Marshal, Freshman Drama Playg M.C. Clubg Messengerg Senior Entertain- ment Committee. Happy-go-lucky, devilish, good-looking. Leftakes, Mary-G.A.A.g Foreman News Rep.g Paul Revere Clubg Student Council Rep., Chemistry Club, Know Chicago Club. Ami- able, good-natured. Lindemann, John A. S.-"Lindy"-R.O.T.C. Officer, Vice-Pres., Div.g Student Council, Pro- jector Serviceg Bowling Teamg Victory Stamp Rep., Ofiicers' Clubg Pan-American Show. Am- bitious, well-groomed, gay. Loser, Donald J.-"Mouse"-Div. Pres.g Man- ager, Football, Bandg War Coordinator, Hall Guard. Smiling, congenial, reckless. Lynn, Louis-U. S. Navy. Makowski, Eugenia L. - "Jeannie" -- G.A.A.g White Collar Girlsg Music Appreciationg Stu- dent Council Rep.g Sec., Oflice Records, Col- lector, Absentee Slipsg' French Club. Mirthful, cordial, gay. Mallozzi, Sylvia-"Babe"-Treas., Div., Band, Band and Orchestra Club, Service Clubg Place- ment Ofliceg G.A.A.g Absentee List Collectorg Foremanual StaHg Sec. 'of Band, Letter. Cheer- ful, friendly, earnest. Manikowski, Geraldine T.-"Jerry"-Sec., Div.: Pres., Service Clubg Pres., White Collar Girls: Vice-Pres., Service Clubg G.A.A.g Stockroomg Attendance Sec., Div.g Jr. Honor Society, Office Clerkg Service Letterg Sr. Entertainment. Cheer- ful, chummy, obliging. Malmgren, Everett-"Hevy"-Chief of Staff, Foremanualg Radio Councilg Foreman News Stalfg .City News Bureau School Sports Re- porterg Messenger, Hall Guard: Jr. Honor Cluhg Sr. Entertainment Committeeg R.0.T.C. Oflicerg a Cappella Choir: Scahbard and Blade. Individualistic, intelligent, good-looking. Markowicz, Aline--"Dusty"- Student Council Rep.g Messenger, Oflice Girl: Safety Council Rep.: Foremanual Staffg G.A.A.g Red Cross Rep.g Jr. Honor Clubg Service Letterg Stock- roomg Service Club. Friendly, clever, reliable. Markowski, Dolores - "Marky" - Div. Pres.: Foreman News Staffg Foremanual Staff: Red Cross Rep.: Student Council Rep.g Service Clubg White Collar Girls, Master of Ceremonies Clubg Oflice Clerk: Absentee List Collectorg G.A.A. IlIdiUidUllliS!l:C, active, composed. Maslowski, Ray-Checker Clubg First Aid Club. Quiet, F riendly. Massaro, David- First Aid Clubg Safety Coun- cil Rep.g Checker Cluhg Past Hall Guard. Pleasant, amusing, casual. Mathiasen, Lillian A.-Sketch Club: Messenger Service: Art Club. Quiet, reserved, modest. Mattes, LeRoy N.-"Pablo"-Div. Pres.: War Co-ordinator: Foremanual Staff: Business Mgr., Foreman News: Judge, Higher Court. Depend- able, peppy, loyal. Maxson, Ralph C.-Pres., National Honor So- ciety: Pres., Div.: Consul Latin Club: Bond and Stamp Salesman: Foremanual Staff: Treas., Math Club: Student Council: M.C. Club: Honor Club: Monogram: Current Affairs Club. Like- able, intelligent, witty. McCormick, Beverly Jean - "Bibbs" - White Collar Girls: Gym Dept. Sec.: Attendance Office: Messenger: Sec., Household Arts. Ath- letic, unassuming, casual. Meyer, Florence E.-"Flo"-Co-Assistant Ed- itor: Foreman News Rep.: Foremanual StaE: Student Leader: G.A.A.: White Collar Girls: Mixed Chorus: 4A Girls' Club: National Honor Society. Active, ambitious, dependable. Micele, Rose C.-A'Ro"-G.A.A.: White Collar Girls: Sec., Service Club: Treas., Div.: Stamp and Bond Coordinator: Div. Sec.: Rep., Red Cross: Knitting Club: Checker Club: Mes- senger. Quiet, cooperative, dependable. Michalak, Edward A.-"Mike"-Foreman News Rep.: R.O.T.C.: Rifle Team: M.C. Club: Hall Guard: Messenger. Happy-go-lucky, casual. Mocaulewski, Dorothy V.-"Dottie"-Sec., Div.: Office Clerk: Service Club: Fashion Drawing Club: Absence Slip Collector: G.A.A.: Fore- man News Reporter. Quiet, scholarly, cordial. Moeller, Loretta L. - "Lorrie" - Sec., Div.: Oflice Clerk: Gemlan Club: White Collar Girls: Checker Club. Studious, dependable, literary. Moracxewski, Josephine-"Jo"-National Honor Society: Foremanual Staff: G.A.A. Board of Control: G.A.A. Treas.: Cheer Leader: a Cap- pella Choir: Swimming Team: Attendance Of- fice: Monogram: Tutor. Athletic, cooperative, energetzb. Morck, Shirley-"Lee"-Student Council Rep.: White Collar Girls: Sewing Club: G.A.A. Quiet, composed, congenial. Murphy, Vernell M.-"Murph"-Pres., Student Lender Club: Pres., Service Club: Sec., Div.: G.A.A.: Swimming Team Award: Service Let ter: Otlice Att.: Senior Entertainment. Social, good-natured, cute. Mutchnik, Phyllis Iona-"Phiss"-Vice-Pres., Div.: Office Clerk: National Honor Society: News Rep.: G.A.A.: College Club: Stamp Co- ordinator: Attendance Sec., Div.: Service Let- ter: Junior Honor Club: White Collar Girls: Foremanual Staff. Peppy, cooperative, cheerful. Naliborski, Dorothy F.-"Dot"-Div. Treas.: Foremanual Staff: White Collar Girls' Club: G.A.A.: Know Chicago Club. Pleasant, relia- ble, modest. Natzke, Leo Frank-"Tiny"-Safety Council: Hall Guard: Vice-Pres., Pres., Stage Hands: Pres., P. A. System. Casual, well-groomed. ado of yune 1946 C arid of june 1946 Nelson, Adele - "Honey" - Pres., Vice-Pres., C.A.A.: Swim Team Award: C.A.A. Letter Girl: Service Letter: Ofiice Att.: Treas., Div.: Senior Entertainment. Athletib, ambitious, cordial. Nicketta, Marie D.-"Nickie"-C.A.A.: White Collar Girls: Service Club: Office Att. Sec.: Messenger. Pleasant, nonchalant, direct. Nielsen, Marilyn E.-"Salty"-Vice-Pres., Div.: White Collar Girls: Student Council Rep.: Att. Sec., Div.: Foremanual Staff: G.A.A.: Office Girl: Service Letter. Fun-loving, friendly. Nielsen, Richard A.-"Dick"-Student Council Rep.: Pres. of Know Chicago Club: Director, Student Council Variety Show: Defense Stamp Collector: Vice-Pres. of Div.: Student Court. Dignified, well-groomed. Nitti, Therese-"Terry"-Attendance Sec. in Div.: Messenger: G.A.A.g White Collar Girls: Attendance Oflice. Carefree, casual, sophisti- cated. Novak, Jackie P.-"Jackie"-Sec. of G.A.A.: G.A.A. Letter Girl: Board of Control, C.A.A.: Captain of Messengers: Treas. of Div.: Stamp Salesman of Div.: Student Leader. Athletic, gay, carefree. O'Conner, James R.-"Oke"-Div. Pres.: Div. Vice-Pres.: Sec., Officers' Club: R.O.T.C. Ofli- cer: Rifle Team: Ushers. Militaristic, humor- ous, scholarly. Oleksy, Loretta T.-"Lorrie"--Student Council Rep.: Defense Stamp Collector: Sec., Atten- dance Office: Asst. Librarian: Student Leader: Sec. of Div. Iouial, energetic, active. Olsen, Randel-"Randy"-Div. Pres.: Rifle Team: Competitive Platoon: Bowling Leagues: Public Address System: Student Council Rep. Popular, friendly, well-groomed. Olstad, June Luanne-"Penny"-Sec. of Music Class: Sec. of Civics Class: Locker Guard. Pretty, friendly, cordial. Owsianowski, Loretta A.-Locker Guard: Pan- American Club: Student Leader. Quiet, re- served, dependable. Patricelli, Joseph A.-"Father Joe"-Pres. of Div.: R.0.T.C. Officer: Letterman: Tennis Team. Handsome, well-groomed, militarllstic. Parsy, Betty Ann-"Pat"-Sec. of French Club: Sec. of Tardy Office: G.A.A.: College Club: Sec. of Div.: Oratorical Contest: Assistant Li- brarian: Asst. to Placement Counselor: Handi- craft Club. Intelligent, dependable, ambitious. Pawlicki, Dolores-"Del"-Sec. -of Div.: Sec., Service Club: Treas., Servicemen's Fund: Vice- Pres., Div.: Student Leader: G.A.A.: Junior Office Clerk: Swimming Team: Junior Honor Club: Student Leader Club. Athletic, active, dependable. Peck, Bette Ann-"Torchy"-Vice-Pres. of Na- tional Honor Societyg Monogramg Chairman of Div. Entertainmentg Swimming Teamg G.A.A.g Foreman News Rep.g Div. Sec.g Foremanual Stalfg Div. Defense Stamp Girlg M.C. Clubg Office Att.g Messengerg Sec. of White Collar Girls. Pretty, Socuzble, cheerful. Peek, Doris. Peletz, Geraldine-'5Gerie"-Office Clerkg Li- brary Assistantg Hall Guard, Treas. of Div.3 Messengerg Student Council Rep. Unassuming, happy-go-lucky. Penczek, Dolores M.-"Penny"-Art Clubg Sec. of Div.g Messengerg Handicraft for Girlsg G.A.A.g Locker Guard. Trustworthy, reliable, cheerful. Peters, Robert G.-"Bob.,' Carefree, happy-go lucky. Petersen, LaVerne L.-"Lovey"-G.A.A.g Sec., Div.3 Div. Treas.g Jr. Honor Club: National Honor Society: Master of Ceremonies Clubg Hall Guardg Defense Stamp Collectorg Fore- manual Staffg Service Letter. Friendly, witty, cheerful. Petersen, Raymond F.-"Pete"-Bookroom At- tendantg Usher: Vice-Pres., Pan-American Club. Dependable, cooperative, studious. Peterson, Charles-"Guardo,'-Football Teaing Ring Committeeg Varsity Pigskin: Stamp Col- lectorg Vice-Pres., Div.g Fire Marshalg Div. Treas.g Hall Guardg Intramural Basketballg Defense Council. Reserved, serious, earnest. Petrie, ,loan M.-"Meat Ball"-Sec., Div.3 White Collar Girlsg Foremanual Statfg Defense Stamp Rep. Cheerful, fiirtatious, reckless. Pietrzyk, John-"Kelly"-Boys' Glee Clubg Vice-Pres., Printing Club. Casual, unassuming, earnest. Platt, Eunice--Hall Guardg Oflice Clerkg Locker Guurdg G.A.A. Rep. Individualistic, casual, re- served. Pokorney, Rita A.-"Popcom"-G.A.A.g Chess Clubg Sec., Know Chicago Club. Flirtations, friendly, gay. Posson, Dorothy E.-"Possie"-G.A.A. Rep.g Pres., Fashion Illustrationg Div. Sec.g Hall Guardg Library Asst.g Music Appreciation Club. Attractive, poised, neat. Pulkownik, Lucille F.-"Chipper"-Sec., Div.g Servicemen's Collector! G.A.A. Board of Con- trolg War Stamp Rep.g Student Leader, Swim Teamg Locker Guard: G.A.A. Letterg Messen- gerg Girls' Glee Clubg Placement Office. Reck- less, devilish, gay. Pusczan, Dolores A.-"Dorrie"-Soph. Honor Clubg Junior Ho-nor Clubg G.A.A. Rep., White Collar Girls, Sec., Checker Club. Good-mr tured, friendly. CAM fyufle 6 Cab 0 june I9 6 Radziejewski., Delores H.-"Dollie"-Sec., Div.: Student Council Rep.: White Collar Girls: G.A.A. Know Chicago Club. Dependable, co- operative, studious. Raulli, Ernest-"Ernie"-Baseball: Intermural Basketball: Baseball Club: Math Club: Senior Entertainment. Devilish, happy-go-lucky. Ray, Lorraine M.-G.A.A.: Foremanual Rep.: White Collar Girls: Attendance Sec., Div.: De- fense Stamp Collection. Cute, well-dressed. Redman, Leroy C. -- "Bosco" - Pres., Div.: Treas., Div.: Football: Track: Band and Or- chestra: Letterman's Club: Foremanual Staff: Prom Committee. Athletic, playful, musical. Redner, Margaret A.-"Pudge"-Pres., Div.: Vice-Pres., Div.: Student Leader: Locker Guard: G.A.A.: Student Council Rep.: White Collar Girls. F un-loving, sweet. - Reichert, Marie T.-G.A.A.: Student Leaders: Sec., Div.: Messenger: G.A.A. Rep.: Sec., Latin Club: Swimming Team: White Collar Girls. Friendly, nice, modest. Reimann, Joan-"Bunny"-College Club: Stu- dent Council Rep. Rellhble, obliging, cute. Reiser. Patricia J.-"Honey"-Co-Assistant Ed- itor, Foreman News: Student Leader: G.A.A.: Foremanual Staff: ,White Collar Girls: Library Assistant: 4-A Girls' Club. Pretty, active, ambi- tions. Rissling, Ray E.-"Rizzi,'-Track Team: Foot- ball Team: Div. Pres, and Vice-Pres.: Victory Stamp Rep.: Varsity Pigskin: Projector Club. Handsome, well-groomed. Rosenvold, Mildred - "Millie" - White Collar Girls' Club: G.A.A. Carefree, good-humored. Rowan, Gloria J.+"Red"-Messenger: Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Pan-American Club: College Club: Student Council Rep.: Music Apprecia- tion Club. Friendly, dependable, cheerful. Ruff, Marjory G.-"Marge',-Knitting Club: War Bonds and Stamps Salesman: Red Cross Rep. Am-iable, pleasant, industrious. Ryan, Dorothy-"Doit"-Know Chicago Club: Messenger: Attendance Sec., Div.: Foremanual Staff: G.A.A.: Sec. of Pan-American Club. Good-natured, dependable. Ryder, Virginia E.-"Ginny"-National Honor Sociefyi Junior Honor Club: a Cappella Choir: Treas. of Div.: Gym Office Sec.: Student Leader: Foreman News Reporter: Service Letter: C.A.A. Letter: Senior Entertainment Com.: D.A.R. Candidate: Citizenship Award. Studious, industrious, intelligent. Salzman, Arthur G.-Football Team: Track Team: Foreman News Rep.: Varsity Pigskin: Hall Guard: Div. Attendance Taker: Tutor: Band. Intelligent, friendly, gay. Scaletta, Catherine C.-"K"-Vice-Pres. of Div., G.A.A., Rep. of Student Council, White Collar Girls. Intelligent, trustworthy, reliable. Schroeder, Don -- "Dutch" -- Choir, Student Council Rep., Chess Club, Vice-Pres. of Div., Hall Guard, Boys' Glee Club, Treas. of Div. Handsome, dignified, casual. ' Schultz Albert L.-"Little Dutchv-Bookroom Asst., Stage Hands, Messenger. Peppy, unas- suming, reliable. Schultz, Beverly-"Peanut"-Div. Sec., Fore- manual Staff, G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Swimming Team, Locker Guard, Messenger, Hall Guard. Cute, sociable, pleasant. Schultz, Lauretta E.-"Laurie"-Sec. of Div., G.A.A., Messenger, German Club, a Cappella Choir. Scholarly, reserved, dependable. Schumacher, Dorothy L.-"Shoe's"-Red Cross Rep., G.A.A. Rep., German Club, a Cappella Choir. Quiet, unassuming, reserved. Sed gley, Marilyn - "Lynne" - Student Council Rep., White Collar Girls, Latin Club. Schol- arly, cheerful, friendly. Seeley, Lois-"Berger"--Div. Pres., Div. Sec., G.A.A., Foremanual, Student Council, National Honor Society, Monogram, D.A.R. Award, Swimming Team, Hall Guard, Messenger, Vice-Pres., Junior Honor Club, Sec., Senior Honor Club, Treas., White Collar Girls' Club, Class Day Committee. Pleasant, genial, sweet. Sierzega, Berenice-L'Bebe"-Sec. of Div., Rep., Foreman News, Office Assistant, Service Club, Sec., White Collar Girls, Polish Club, G.A.A. Cute, pleasant, friendly. Skarbek, Marietta-National Honor Society, Student Council Rep., Swimming Team, Office Assistant, Placement Office, Service Club, Monogram, G.A.A., Messenger, Div. Sec. Pretty, pleasant, chummy. Smith, Marva-"Smitty"-Foremanual Staff, G.A.A., Adjustment Office, Div. Sec., Sec., Chemistry Club, Service Monogram. Friendly, obliging, intelligent. Sone, Regina A.--"Reggie"-G.A.A., Spanish Club. Quiet, reserved, capable. Stach Harold L.-"Luck "-Vice-Pres. Beto 9 y 7 Club, Attendance Taker of Division. Quiet, reserved, casual. Strzelecki, William F.--"Strez"-Pres., Checker Club, Boys' Glee Club, Locker Guard, Mes- senger, Div. Sec., War Stamps and Bonds Rep., Student Council Rep., Foreman News Rep. Dignifiefl, well-dressed. Sturman, Donld L.-"Don"-Pres., Vice-Pres., Div., Pres., Isaac Walton Club, Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Student Council, Hall Guard, Bas- ketball Team, Fire Marshal, Messenger, Air Raid Warden, Checkers Club. Handsome, witty, carefree. Cla. f June 1946 V C2 aaa of june 1946 Suchta, Al-s'Poochie"-Vice-Pres., 4B Class: Football Team: Pres. of Varsity Pigskin: Let- terman: Div. Pres., Fire Marshal: Student Council Rep.: Intramural Basketball: Civilian Defense Council. Athletlh, versatile, popular. Svendsen, June - "Swede" - Foreman News Stalf: R.0.T.C. Majorette: G.A.A.: College Club: Foremanual Staff: Band and Orchestra: Chemistry Club: Prom Committee: Twirling Letter. Witty, ambitious, energetic. Swanson, Art - "Swanie" - Div. Pres.: Glee Club: Pres., Checkers Club: Student Council: Hall Guard: Basketball Team: Fire Marshal: Air Raid Warden: Messenger: Chess Club. Reckless, good-humored. Szepkowski, Adeline - "Sandy" - Div. Pres.: Pres., Music Appreciation Club: Treas., Pho- tography Club: Student Council Rep.: Div. Treas.: Jr. Honor Club: Swimming Team: Foremanual Stall: G.A.A.: Service Club. Caref- free, witty, vivacious. Talent, James C.-"Lefty"-R.0.T.C. Usher: Newspaper: Chemistry Club: Sec., Beto Club. Militaristic, devilish, energetic. Thielen, Dolores-G.A.A.: Student Council Rep.: Attendance Office: Servicemen's Organ- ization: Know Chicago Club: Hall Guard. Quiet, reserved, dependable. Thom, Jeanne-G.A.A.: Swimming Team: At- tendance Ofiice: Placement Office: College Club: Hall Guard. Dependable, cooperative, unassuming. Thomas, Dorothy-"Dot"-Sec., National Honor Society: Monogram: Feature Editor, Foreman News: Foremanual Staff: G.A.A.: Swimming Team: Attendance Ofiice: Foreman News Rep.: War Coordinator Asst. Friday Entertainment: M.C. Club. Cute, cooperative, casual. Thomas, Lillian S.-"Sandy"-G.A.A.: White Collar Girls' Club. Cheerful, pleasant, cute. Thrane, Patricia-"Pat"-Foreman News Staff: Foremanual Staff: Foreman News Rep.: Pres., Vice-Pres., Sec., Treas., of Div.: Hall Guard: Messenger: G.A.A.: Office Assistant: Girls' Glee Club: Master of Ceremonies Club: Student Council. Cheerful, active, congenial. Tomaszak, Raymond - "Ray." Dependable, earnest, ambitious. Tomaszewski, Dolores - "Toby" - Swimming Team: Bond Salesgirl: Messenger Service: Hall Guard: Vice-Pres., Sketch Club: White Collar Girls' Club. Cheerful, pleasant, athletlb. Tuchowski, Alice M.-"Candy"-Frsremanual Staff: G.A.A.: Treas., Chemistry Club: Library Assistant: Student Council Rep.: Div. Sec.: Bonds and Stamps Collector: Hall Guard. Quiet, cooperative, reserved. Tudron, Andrew-Safety Council Rep.: Checker Club. Happy-go-lucky, reckless. Tudron, Frank-Checkers Club: First Aid Club. Reckless, happy-go-lucky. Turala, Louis-"Truman"-Checkers Club, War Stamps Salesman! Foreman News Rep., Boys, Glee Club. Quiet, reserved, obliging, Turner, Robert H.-"Bob"-Messenger, Hall Guard, Div. Chairman, War Stamp Salesman. Devilish, carefree, gay. Ullberg, Axel 0.--"Swede"-Pres., Div., War Stamp Officer, Glee Club, Hall Guard, First Aid Club. Cheerful, happy-go-lucky. Urban, Carol R.-"Dimples"-Sec., Div., Vice- Pres., Photography Club, Ir. Honor Club, Mes- senger, Treas., Div., G.A.A., Foremanual Staff. Pretty, pleasant, gay. Valenzo, Philip-Usher, Boys' Glee Club, Adv. Camera Club. Good-natured, witty. Vesey, Gary L.-"Gay"-Pres., Chess Club, Student Council Rep., Boys' Glee Club, Hall Guard, Messenger, Camera Club. Quiet, re- served, reliable. Voss, Harold N.-"Voss"--R.O.T.C. Ollicerg Vice-Pres., Div., Student Council Rep., Latin Club, Scabbard and Blade, Projector Opera- tor, Bowling Team, War Stamp Collector. Mil- itarzlstic, energetic, ambitious. Votipka, Florence D.-"Larry"-White Collar Girls' Club. Casual, carefree, quiet. Waeh, Gertrude-"Trudy"-Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Spanish Club. Earnest, ambi- tious, dependable. Waghorne, Eleanor L.-"Waggie,'-National Honor Society, Swimming Team, .G.A.A., Board of Control, Ring Committee, Foreman- ual Stall, Bond and Stamp Salesman, Service Monogram, Swimming Award, Music Appre- ciation Club, Sec., 4A Class. Popular, humor- ous, pleasant. Wall, Robert J.-"Bob"-Capt., Junior Basket- ball Team, Baseball Team, Letterman's Club, Basketball Club, Baseball Club. Athletic, casual, cordial. Walsh, Margie T.--Music Appreciation, Student Council Rep., Round Table Discussion Sec. Carefree, reckless, amusing. Water, Lois-"Lo"-Swimming Team, Service Monogram, Sec., White Collar Girls, G.A.A., Student Leader, Messenger, Pres., Div., Stamp Representative. Individualistic. Weld, Dorothy--"Red"-Bulletin Reader, Mes- sengerg G.A.A., Locker Guard, Girls' Glee Club, Checkers Club, Sec., Knitting Club, Hall Guard. Quiet, easy-going. Werbicki, Stephanie - "Steve" - Sec., Polish Club, G.A.A., Student Council Rep., Messen- ger, Student Leader. Scholarly, amiable, amus- WS- . Cla. fjtm I9 6 Cfaria gauze I9 6 Wilbins, Dick-"Woody"-Vice-Pres., 4-A Class, Div. Pres., Vice-Pres., Track, Orchestra, Bas- ketball Club, Foremanual Staff. Handsome, musical, cordial. Winters, Lois Marjorie-"Lo"--Sec. of Div., Foreman News Staff, Foremanual Staff, Student Council Rep., Messenger, Hall Guard, G.A.A., Girls' Glee Club, Attendance Office Asst., War C0-ordinator Asst., Music Appreciation Club, Junior Honor Club, Prom Committee. Friend- ly, active, cheerful. Yokley, Dolores D.-"Jill"-Foreman News Rep., Division Sec., Vice-Pres., Vice-Pres., Mu- sic Appreciation Club, Foremanual Staff, G.A.A., Photography Club. Popular, attractive, frlbndly. Zahos, Patricia-"Pat"-Choir, Latin Club, White Collar Girls, Chemistry Club. Studious, friendly, obliging. Zavaki, Ronald-Projector Service, Math Club, Boys' Clee Club, Div. Treas., Projector Club. Dependable, well-groomed. Zelent, Shirley-"Shirl"--Div. Sec., Junior, Senior Honor Club, National Honor Society, Foreman News Rep., Ring Committee, Service Letter, Candidate for D.A.R. Award, Messen- ger. Studious, friendly, cheerful. Ziegler, Betty J.-"Jeep"-Div. Sec., G.A.A., Swimming Team, War Stamp Collector, Mes- senger, Div. Pres., Pres., Photography Club, Hall Guard, Music Appreciation Club. Viva- cious, peppy, reckless. Zmick, Evelyn-"Easy"-G.A.A., Student Coun- cil Rep., Placement Office, Servicemen's Or- ganization, White Collar Girls, Hall Guard. Quiet, reserved, dependable. NOT PICTURED Buick, James H. - "Jamie-Boy" - Merchant Marines. Friendly, old salt. Cagle, Harold-"Kaya"-Student Council Rep., Messenger, Hall Guard. Individualistic, peppy. Wolfgarth, Arthur. 66 77 g ave jlzeir jougka, jon We at Foreman are proud of our teachers. The members of the faculty have shown that they take a genuine interest in the educa- tion and affairs of their students. Many teen-aged problems have been solved by the thoughtful counseling of a pupil's division teacher or class advisor. The class of June, 1946, says 'Thanksw to our teachers in appreciation for their being friends as well as instructors. 41? CAM 0 As 4B class officers, Robert Turnquist, Presidentg Emily Klauss, Secretaryg and Joseph Kaminsky, Vice-President, will take charge of the senior division meetings at the begin- ning of the next semester. Achtel, Edward - "Acky" - Varsity Pigskin: Fire Marshal: Rep., War Stamps: Pres., Div.: Student Council Rep. Handsome, athletic, well- dressed. Albrecht, Virginia Alice-"Ginny"-War Stamp Rep.: Spanish Club: Sewing Club: Checker Club: Att. Sec. Friendly, attractive, likeable. Aley, Ruth L.-Pan-American Club: a Cappella Choir: World Affairs Club: Student Council Rep.: National Honor Society: Asst. Librarian: Monogram. Pretty, humorous, individualistic. Anderson, Lois J.-Art Appreciation: Junior Honor Club: a Cappella Choir: Foreman News Rep.: Library Asst.: Att. Sec.: Foremanual StaH. Intelligent, friendly, sweet. Andreasen, Ruth L.-"Ruthie"--Pres. Div.: Pres. Sophomore Honor Club: National Honor Society: Treas., Div.: G.A.A. Board of Control: Swimming Team: Sec., Spanish Club: Mono- gram: G.A.A. Letter. Athletic, cooperative, neat. Argentine, Dolores-'LDoey"-Spanish Club: White Collar Girls: Checkers Club: Sewing Club. Quiet, friendly, sweet. Bender, Helen K.-Vice-Pres., Div.: Junior Honor Club: War Stamp Rep.: Girls' Glee Club: G.A.A.: Student Leader: Treas., Div.: Foremanual Rep. Well-dressed, likeable, good- natured. Bischoff, Fred E.-Checkers Club: Know Chi- cago Club: First Aid Club: Hall Guard: Asst. Stage Hand. Fun-loving, devilish, carefree. Bobula, Millie-Sec., Attendance: Pres., First Aid Club: Student Council Rep.: Foremanual Stall: Fashion Club: G.A.A.: Foreman News Rep. Sociable, well-dressed, obliging. Brehm, Donna M.-Sec., Attendance: Pres., Sophomore Honor Club: Monogram: Att. Of- fice: Sec., Div. Attractive, friendly, pleasant. Brenner, Violet-Girls' Glee Club: Sec., Div.: Jr. Honor Club: Pres., Div.: Foreman News Rep.: Div. Teacher's Asst.: Hall Guard. Studi- ous, shy, reserved. Camis, Jeanette T.--"Jeannie"-Pres.. Div.: White Collar Girls: Foremanual Staff: Rec. Sec.: Locker Guard: Messenger: 'I'eacher's Asst.: G.A.A. Witty, fun-loving, pretty. Carter, Joe G.-"Joe"--Varsity Pigskin: Chess and Checkers Club: Hall Guard: Vice-Pres., Div. Friendly, fun-loving, handsome. Courtney, Robert-"Irish"-Band and Orches- tra: R.0.T.C.: Scabbard and Blade Club: Stu4 dent Council Rep.: Football Team: Band and Orchestra Club. Militaristic, quiet, nice. Cozzone, Ann Marie-"Little One"-Sec., Travel Club: Vice-Pres., Bookkeeping Class: White Collar Girls. Cute, pleasant, likeable. Cfadd of January i9-47 arid 0 january 1947 Crawford, Dorothy. Quiet, sweet, nice. Curtis, Dolores-Swimming Team, Stamp Col- lector, White Collar Girls, First Aid, Knitting Club, Clerical Work. Peppy, good-natured, friendly. De Fiore, Lorraine-"Dee"-Library Asst., Sec., Div., Girls' Handicraft, Know Chicago Club, Self-Analysis, Photography, Bowling League. Attractive, good-natured, sweet. Di Cristina, Rosalie-'5Ro,'-Spanish Club, White Collar Girls, Sewing Club, Checkers Club. Capable, pleasant, reserved. Dombski, Eugene W.-"Gene"-Pres., Div., Treasurer, Junior Honor Club, Pres., English Class, Recording Secretary, Polish Club, Stu- dent Council Rep., Messenger, Bowling League, Year Book Rep. Handsome, intelligent, nice. Dom oleczna, Stella - "Estell" - Polish Club, Knitting Club, Hall Guard, Messenger, Har- kins Asst., McHale Asst., Attendance Asst., Flaherty, Checkers Club. Quiet, dependable, cooperative. Duplain, Dorothy Marie-"Frenchy"-National Honor Society, G.A.A., a Cappella Choir, Spring Festival, Chairman, Clean-up Campaign, Sec., Div. Musical, intelligent, reliable. Earll, Mary-Louise-"Sid"--White Collar Girls, Student Council, Know Chicago Club, Self- Analysis, Girls' Handicraft, Photography, Bowling League, Bowling Letter. -Attractive, neat, brilliant. Edwards, Arlene-Junior Honor Club, Book Room Asst., Year Book Stalf, Student Leader, G.A.A., Monogram, Div. Pres., English Asst., Foreman News Rep., Stamp Collector, Student Council Rep. Jovial, pretty, obliging. Erck, Walter E.-"Wally"-Photography Club, First Aid Club, Basketball Club. Casual, pleas- ant, mbe. Exposito, John--"Moose"-Pres., Div., Pres. of Slide Rule Club. Good-looking, well-dressed, daring. Evans, Trudie-Sec., Div., Sec. of Projector Club. W itty, talkative, likeable. Farland, Marilyn-"Marlee"-Jr. Honor Club, Swimming Team, VicePres., Div., a Cappella Choir, Tutor, G.A.A. Good-natured, funflov- ing, friendly. Faust, Marie. Feciura, Dolores-"Fec'f-G.A.A. Rep., Swim- ming Team, Locker Guard, Pres. of Sewing Club, Treasurer, Div., G.A.A., Activity Chair- man of Div. Cute, peppy, athletic. Finnegan, Virginia M.-Star Cazers Clubg Pho- tography Clubg Math Tutorg Att. Sec., Div.3 Jr. Honor Clubg Library Asst., Soph. Honor Clubg National Honor Society. Athletic, witty, casual. Fisher, Marilyn J.-Att. Sec., Div., Sec., Alge- bra Classg Vice-Pres., Div.g G.A.A. Rep.g At- tendance Oliice Asst.g Treas., French Club. Petite, attractive, sweet. Fitzner, Marilyn G.-Student Council Rep.: Attendance Sec.g Clerical Work, White Collar Girls, Knitting Clubg Checkers Club: Handi- craft Clubg Know Chicago Club, Scrap Drive Committeeg Paper Drive Committee. Modest, sweet, pretty. Franklin, Marjorie S.-"Sue Choo" Vice-Pres., Travel Clubg Pres., History Class, Talent Club, Foreman News Reporter. Cute, cheerful, pleas- alll. Cabrielsen,Ed-"Ding Ding"-Boys' Clee Club. Good-looking, humorous, well-dressed. Gagliardo, Vivian A.-"Stinky"-Foreman May Queen, News Columnist: Student Council Rep., Foremanual Rep.g Defense Stamp Collectorg Vice-Pres., Div.g Recording Sec., Div., Tutor. Attractive, jovial, mischievous. Grandolfo, Virginia Pat-"Ginny"-Band and Orchestra Club, Wlxite Collar Girlsg Sewing Clubg Teacher's Assistantg Att. Secretary. Re- served, sweet, pleasant. Greinke, Marilyn June-"Marny"-Wliite Col- lar Girls: Student Council Rep.g G.A.A. Quiet, sweet, reliable. Hagood, Martin - "The Haig" -- Newspaper Rep.g Band, Chess and Checkers Club. Fun- loving, easy-going, sociable. Hanetho, Richard-"Lefty"-Intramural Basket- ball, Vice-Pres., Div.g Chairman of Safety Council. Athletic, quiet, friendly. Hanrahan, Donald C. - "Stilts" - Basketball Teamg Div. Stamp and Bond Salesmang Pres., Basketball Club, Bandg Intramural Basketball. Good-humored, talkative, nice. Hansen, Alice R.-"Al"-Sec., Div., Recording Sec., Div.g Recording Sec., English Class: Checkers Clubg Fashion Club. Reserved, sweet, likeable. Hartman, James J.-"Jim"-Treas., Slide Rule Club, Knitting Clubg Student Council Rep.g Att. Sec.g Boys' Glee Clubg Vice-Pres., History Class. Reckless, indivlklualistic, fun-loving. Heckenbach, Janet-Div. Sec.: Vice-Pres., Eng- lish Classg Att. Sec.g Tutor, Marker of Re- medial English. Quiet, modest, likeable. Heiden, Lester. Cfafifi of january 1947 C 6l56 0 yanuafy Helminske, Phyllis. Quiet, sweet, nice. Hengels, Gloria A.-Pres., Div., Sec., Latin Club, a Cappella Choir, Service Letter, At- tendance Sec., Study Hall, Marker, Remedial English, German Club. Intelligent, friendly, dependable. Howell, Jeannine. Pleasant, accommodating, in- dividualistic. Hubal, Jack - "Huba" - Foreman News Re- porter, Orchestra, Chess and Checkers. Fun- loving, talented, witty. Jayko, Richard-"Jake"-O.C.D. Rep., Know Chicago Club, Camera Club. Easy-going, quiet, good-natured. Jeskey, Roger S.-"Jess"-Sketch Club, Photog- raphy, Checkers. Amusing, friendly, nice. Johnson, Charles R. - "Bob" - Pres., Div., Stamp Salesman, Student Council Rep., Varsity Pigskin. Javuzl, good-natured, likeable. Johnson, Marilyn Linnes - "Lynn" - National Honor Society, Student Leader, G.A.A. Board of Control, G.A.A. Letter, Service Letter, G.A.A. Chevrons, .Sec., Div., Treas., Div., G.A.A. Rep. Intelligent, good-natured, athletic. Johnstone, Merrill E.-Aviation Club, Chess and Checkers Cluh. F uniloving, clelivish, talka- tive. Jones, Harry-Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, R.0.T.C. Competitive Platoon, Know Chicago Club, Camera Club. Qulbt, militaristic, socuzble. Kaminsky, Joseph - "Russian" - Pres., Div., Football Team, Letterman, Track Team, Var- sity Pigskin, Intermural Basketball, Newspaper Rep., 4B Class Pres. Athletic, popular, per- sonable. Karp, Stanley-"Bud"-Pres., Div., Vice-Pres., Biology Club, Messenger, Hall Guard, Bowl- ing Team, R.O.T.C., Photography Club, Vice- Pres., First Aid Club, Competitive Platoon. Well-groomed, sociable, cheerful. Keitel, Glenn H.-Treas., Student Council, Sec., Projector Club, National Honor Society, Student Council Rep., Hall Guard, Tutor. In- telligent, individualistic, trustworthy. Kiehl, Juaine-Year Book Staff, Swimming Team, Student Council Rep., Pres., History Class, White Collar Girls, Newspaper Rep., Div. Clerical Work. Deuilish, athletk, fun- loving. Klauss, Emily-"Em"-Sec., Div., Swimming Team, Treas., Div., G.A.A., 4-B Class Sec. Well-dressed, athletic, popular. Kranz, Richard E.-"Dick"-Vice-Pres., Div., Boys' Glee Club, Vice-Pres., Chess and Checker Club, Hall Guard, Fire Marshal, Know Chica- go Club, Intennural Basketball. Athletic, care- free, easy-going. Kranz, Violet C.-"Vi"-Messenger, Honor So- ciety, First Aid, Knitting, Photography, Pro- graming. Quiet, earnest, shy. Kristufek, Arthur N.-"Art"-Sec., Chess and Checkers Club, Boys' Glee Club, Fire Marshal, Know Chicago Club. Devilzlsh, fun-lofving, well- groomed. Laurell, Ruth M.-"Pat"-Sec., Div., Rec. Sec., Div., Baton Twirler, City, State High School Baton Twirling Champion, '44, '45. Friendly, sweet, obliging. Lawson, Phyliss-Photography Club, Clerical Helper. Quiet, sociable, gay. Mack, Robert J.-"Mack"-a Cappella Choir, Vice-Pres., Div., Boys' Glee Club, Hall Guard, Sec., Camera Club, Mixed Chorus. Carefree, good-natured, friendly. MacKey, Lawrence H.-"Mack"-Tennis Team, Vice-Pres., Div., Adv. Band, R.O.T.C. Com- petitive Platoon, Treas., Camera Club. Fun- loving, carefree, talkative. Martino, Michael-"Meri"-Track Team, Bowl- ing Team, Vice-Pres., Student Council, Pres., Photography Club, Jr. Honor Club, Staff Pho- tographer, R.0.T.C. Officer, Bowling Letter, Service Letter, Band Letter, Orchestra, Pres., Div. Popular, humorous, congenial. McCartney, Jack-"Mac"-Chess and Checkers Club. Handsome, well-dressed, sociable. Moore, George. Mueller, Elaine L.-Library Assistant, Atten- dance Sec. in Music, G.A.A. Quiet, sweet, nike. Nelsen, Doris L.-Sec., English Class, Att. Sec., Geom. Class, Att. Sec., Algebra Class, G.A.A. Quiet, studious, pleasant. Nilsson, Shirley A.-4'Shirl"-G.A.A., Know Chicago Club, Honor Society, White Collar Girls, Student Leader, Algebra Tutor, Att. Sec. Intelligent, dependable, pleasant. Nutini, Marion-"Mar"-Clerical Work in Div., Div. Sec., Student Leader, Att. Sec. in Div., Library Assistant, G.A.A., Checker Club, Music Appreciation, Star Gazing Club, White Collar Girls. Good-natured, sweet, likeable. Olson, Dolores-4'0llie"-Student Leader, Att. Sec., Div., Sec., Div., Messenger, G.A.A., Mu- sic Appreciation, Clerical Work Division Teacher, Checkers Club, Star Gazing Club, White Collar Girls. Friendly, cooperative, amiable. 0,55 O! Jdnuafg 7 7 C065 0 Janblafg V 0'Malley, William Patrick - "Pat" - Junior Honor Club: Pres., Div.: Vice-Pres., Div.: Vice- Pres., Student Council: M.C. Club: Bowling League: Isaak Walton Club: Defense Stamp Salesman. Jodial, neat, friendly. Osmolak, Edward-"Ozzie"-Messenger: Cam- era Club: Checkers: Round Table Discussion. De-vilish, easy-going, good-natured. Pablke, Dolores S.-Class Attendance Sec.: Div. Clerical Work: White Collar Girl: Checkers Club: Knitting Club: Handicraft: Know Chi- cago Club: Paper Drive Committee. Friendly, sweet, likeable. Paul, Kenneth D.-"Kenny"-Pres., Div.: First Aid Club: Photography Club: Chess Club. Humorous, nonchalant, amuzble. Petersen, Leroy-'6Swede"-Pres. of First Aid Club: Pres. of Isaak Walton Club: Bowling League: Boys' Glee Club. Witty, easy-going, well-dressed. Pierri, Frank R.-"Doc"-Honor Society: Stu- dent Council Rep.: Messenger: Pres., Biology Club: Bowling Team: Service Letter: School Photographer: Pre-Medics Club: Photography Club: First Aid Club. Obliging, mischievous, Peppy- Pyle, David-Quiet, nice-looking, reserved. Quint, Betty-NB.Q."-Registrar's Asst.: G.A.A.: Sec., Div.: Treas., Div.: White Collar Girls: Sophomore Honor Club: Junior Honor Club: Knitting Club: Girls' Handicraft Club: Att. Sec.: Monogram: Foremanual Staff: Prom Com- mittee. Humorous, cute, amllzble. Rozanski, Mary Ann-"Mari"-Locker Guard: G.A.A.: Handicraft Club: Knitting Club: Latin Club: Star Gazing Club: White Collar Girls: Bowling League: Treas., White Collar Girls. Peppy, vivacious, cute. Rucinski, Leonard S.-"Irish"-Football Team: Varsity Pigskin: Track Team: Pres., Div.: Stu- dent Council Rep. Athletic, easy-going, friendly. Scanlan, Richard-"Dickey"-Pres., Div.: Pres., Projector Service: Treas., Projector Service: Treas., Checkers Club: Bowling League. Ami- able, neat, personable. Schmidt, Shirley Elaine-"Shirl"-Sec., Div.: Att. Sec., Div.: Jr. Honor Club: Locker Guard: Messenger: Sec., Club: Clerical Work: G.A.A.: Bowling League: Honor Study. Cute, friendly, likeable. Schoenborn, Carol - "Slim" - Pres., Div.: G.A.A.: Sophomore Honor Club: Jr. Honor Club: Girls' Handicraft Club: White Collar Girls: Hall Guard Messenger: Bowling League: Student Council. Attractive, personable, sweet. Schumacher, Corinne - "Corkie" - National Honor Society: Sec., Div.: Junior Honor Club: Locker Guard: Messenger: Clerical Work: G.A.A.: Bowling League: Student Leader: Bowling Letter. Athletic, intelligent, likeable. Schwankl, Victor - "Vic" - Treas., Projector Service: Vice-Pres., Officers' Club: Treas., Div.: Sec., Projector Service: Pres., Bowling League: Treas., Bowling League: Bowling Letter. Dar- ing, friendly, vivacious. Skoney, Dorothy - "Tex" - Pres., Div.g Sec., Div.g G.A.A.g Sophomore Honor Clubg Biology Clubg Latin Clubg White Collar Girlsg Star Gazing Clubg Messengerg Bowling Teamg Han- dicraft Clubg Knitting Club. Attractive, popular, sweet. Smith, Jeanne Marie-"Smitty"-Serz., Englishg Vice-Pres., Checkers Cluhg Pres., Spanish Cluhg Teacher's Assistantg G.A.A. Attractive, humor- ous, sociable. Smith, Marvin C.-"SnuFfy"-Pres., Div.g Sec., Civicsg Treas., Clubg Slide Rule Club. Humor- , ous,-A nice-looking, amrhble. Sosdian, Helen M. - "Butch" - Pres., Div.g Dance Bandg Jr. Honor Club.: U.S.O. Collectorg White Collar Girlsg Variety Showg Sec., Div.g Sec. of'Checl-:ers Clubg G.A.A., Letterg National Honor Society. Attractive, sweet, well-dressed. Southwell, Herbert A.-"Herbie"-Pres., Div.g Pres., Checkers Club, Hall Guard. Nice, friend- ly, likeable. Spaeth, Elainef"E"-Reporter on Newspaperg Treas., Spanish Cluhg G.A.A.g White Collar Girls. Reserved, sincere, sweet. Stas, Eleanor - "Elsa" - White Collar Girlsg G.A.A.g Sec., Art Class. Quiet, friendly, nice. Stocker, Betty Ruth-"Betts"-Tutor, Algebrag First Aid Clubg Latin Clubg Pre-Medios Club, Foreman News Rep.g Sec., World Affairs Clubg Librarian's Assistantg a Cappella Choir, Junior Honor Clubg National Honor Societyg Hall Guardg G.A.A. Monogram. Vivacious, peppy, sweet. Stoeffler, Jeanne E.-"Gee"-Librariang Locker Guardg Attendance Sec.g Student Leaders, G.A.A.g Supply Room, Office Clerkg White Col- lar Girls. Quiet, reserved, friendly. Strobel, Lila Lee - "Lee" - Vice-Pres., Div.g Sec., Div.g Pres., Spanish Clubg Locker Guardg Junior Honor Cluhg Messenger, G.A.A.g Serv- ice Monogramg Foremanual Stuff. Attractive, amiable, sweet. Swanson, Lorraine-"Swede"-News Columnist, G.A.A.g Letter Girlg Defense Stamp Collector: Foreman News Rep.g Swimming Team. Ath- letlb, vivacious, sociable. Tolg, Marian-Foreman News Reporterg Stu- dent Council Rep.g G.A.A.g Sec., Spanish Club. Attractive, cooperative, good-natured. Tollakson, Grace M.--"Cookie"-G.A.A.g Att. Sec., Health Classg Lunch Room Service. Friendly, fun-loving, reliable. Tomaszak, Edwin K.-"Ed." Handsome, well- dressed, quiet. Tortorella, James C.-'fTorcly"-Football Teaxng Varsity Pigskin, Pres., Div.g Pres., Checkers Cluhg Student Council Rep. Athletic, likeable, reserved. arm of yanuarg 1947 Cfarw of yanuary I 7 Turnquist, Robert M. - "Whitey" - Football Team: Varsity Pigskin: Student Council Rep.: Fire Marshal: War Stamp Rep.: 4B Class Pres. Handsome, popular, athletic. Wajrowski, Ruth-"Pinky"-Checkers Club: a Cappella Choir: Library Assistant: Camera Club: G.A.A.: Service Letter. Likeable, pleas- ant, reluzble. Walter, Marion-"Mar"-Pres., German Club: Treas., Div.: Tutor: Attendance Sec., Art: Teacher's Assistant. Intelligent, amiable, pleas- ant. Wehrenberg, Dorothy-Handicraft for Girls: Library Asst.: Sketch Club: Fashion Illustra- tion: White Collar Girls: G.A.A. Rep. Quiet, dependable, cheerful. I Wendorf, Alyce Elainc+"Lu"-National Honor Society: Foremanual Staff: Service Monogram: Bowling Monogram: Sec., Bowling League: Sec., Div.: Junior Honor Club: Librarian: Locker Guard: Defense Stamp Collector: Serv- icemen's Organization. Cute, cheerful, fun- loving. Wieclerrecht, Dollie-"Babe"- German Club: Knitting Club: French Club. Attractive, casual, pleasant. Williams, June M. - "Genius" - a Cappella Choir: National Honor Society: Checkers Club: Messenger: Newspaper Rep.: Sec., Div.: Serv- ice Letter nnd Chevron. Cute, good-natured, amiable. Wotkun, Richard - "Richy" -- Pan-American Club: Polish Club: Daily Morning Ritual. Nice, accommodating, earnest. Zaharchuk, Martha Ann-"Marty"-Sec., Stu- dent Council: Vice-Pres., Div.: Locker Guard: Messenger: Librarian: Vice-Pres., Junior Honor Club: National Honor Society: Sec., Checkers Club: Defense Stamp Collector: Service Mono- gram: Foremanual Staff. Popular, personable, amiable. h Zuelsdorf, Neva L.-"Nev"-National Honor Society: Sec., Div.: a Cappella Choir: Messen- ger: Librarian: Attendance Sec.: Junior Honor Club: Locker Guard: G.A.A.: Bowling League. Amiable, intelligent, cute. Wal iqcfureal Anderson, Donald A.-"Sparky"-Book Room Sec.: Book Room Asst. Devilish, amusing, mis- chievous. Bednarczyk, Theodore T.-"Doc"-Checkers Club. Clump, Ruth J.-"Red"-G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Chess and Checkers Club. Good-natured, mis- chievous, cute. Conway, Edward H.-"Eddie"-Pres.. Checkers Club: Chess and Checkers Club: B.0.T.C.: Div. Treas.: Honor Study. Carefree, easy-going, casual. Cunningham, Joe-Div. Pres.: Pres., Chess and Checkers: Baseball Club: Aviation Club: Hall Guard: Boys' Glee Club. Witty, carefree, indi- vidualistlb. Girard, Charles-"Chick"-Football Team: Var- sity Pigskin: Intramural Basketball Champion- ship Team. Quiet, easy-going, athletic. Mattick, Richard. Quiet, easy-going, good- looking. Nicholson, Joan--"Nickie"-Chem. Club Sec.: Hall Guard: Sec., Div.: Roundtable Discussion Club: Div. Clerical Work: Math Club. Devil- ish, attractive, intelligent. Paulson, Meryl L.-G.A.A.g Girl Reserves, Lake- -view: Girls' Glee Club, Lakeview: Honor So- ciety: Pres., E.Y.F.: Freshman Bond and Stamp Deputy: Reporter, Lakeview. A Polito, Richard-"Red"-Div. Pres.: Football Team: Letterman: Varsity Pigskin: Bowling League: Tutor: Boys' Glee Club: Intramural Basketball: Track Team: Projector Club. Handsome, athletic, personable. Rapp, Fred. Cooperative, reserved, quiet. Rietow, Vernon. ' Vito, Joe-Boys' Glee Club. Fun-loving, care- free, indivulualistic. Wozniak, Richard .l.-"Dick"-R.O.T.C.: Mes- senger: Hall Guard: Compet, Plt., R.O.T.C.: Projector Club: First Aid. Militaristic, earnest, energetic. DIVISION 203 SMITH lst Row-Kathleen Doyle, Joyce Goodey, Audrey Fresh, Ruby Haglund, Jeanne Har- tel, Rose Giglio, Shirley Finstad, Rita Ernst. 2nd Row-Lavergne Goddard, Lorraine Haisler, Beverly Green, Virginia Feder, Le-nore Indurante, Jenneine Gough, Connie Feldman. 3rd Row-Karyl Gilbo, Edith Gentile, Dolores Hayner, Bob Hanetho, Ralph Hahn, Phyllis Ferris, Patsy Gest, Ed Falkenhayn, Jr. 4th Row-Bernard Dorin, Richard Ehlers, Gene Duke Daniels, Don Dibbern, June Meyer, Deane Hagman, Walter Duday. Sth Row-David Jackson, Pete Holz, Ron Hammershoy, Jerry Huettman, Elmer "Gab- byi' Gebhardt, Stanley Olsen, Robert Guldbek. DIVISION 213 HARDY Front Row--Irwin Shakin, Marie Watson, Ann Savino, Jim Schaenneman, Kaye Stinad, Joan Timms, Marie Squea, Dolores Klick. 2nd Raw- Robert Stangeland, Leonard Satt- ler, Bob Nehls, Albert Stephenson, Jerry Smith, Marilyn Ross, Alice Pushian, Gloria Pini, Dolores Powell, Esther Kranz. 3rd Row-Kenith Palzin, James Schuh, Daniel Romano, Ramon Silvestri, Robert Cwczarek, Jim Ray, Danny Romito, George Prince, Alice Ziemba. 4th Row-Robert Spuce, Paul Seever, Ray- mond Parsons, Don Southwell, Adele Ver- bowen, Joan Sobeck, Marilyn Lutz, Barbara Pearson, Barbara Rogers, Phyllis Schoenfeld, Martha Toelcke, Dorothy Selldin. DIVISION 328 SAZAMA Rear Row -- Donald Soderhera, Ralph Ver- ran, Robert Thomas, Dick Travers, Charles Stokes, Dean Facklis. 2nd Row-Burt Wallexxtin, Walter Schwert- feger, Don Schwankl, Elmo Richard, Ronald Graham, Vincent Russo, Earl Engnark. 3rd Roz.:--Harriet Trapp, Delores Hamilton, Marilyn Kirchner, Ted Kihnasz, Conrad Schwarzenhorn, Rudolph Reppert, Clarence Nybloni. 4th Row-Milbee Jack Wallace, Janet Ol- sen, Bernadette Williams, Marilyn Wallace. F rout Row-Evelyn Kratky, Donna Wilke, Helen Tonini, Dorothy Knaak, Meryl Stange, Mike Tomasian, Virginia Wiek, Marilyn Roediger. In Foren1an's u11l0d61'I1 biological laboratory" we see two students avidly engaged in dissecting a frog. In this laboratory the won- ders of nature are opened to the eyes of the student. DIVISION 318 BRINEY Front Row-Inez Urban, Joan Leistikow, .loan Petrik, Rosemary Sylvester, Anne Cat- alano, Lois Card. 2nd Row-Marie Riedel, Evelyn Costillo, Delores Piff, Phyllis Ware, Lois Johnson, Patsy Hardies, Dolores Bunge. 3rd Row-Rosemary Donald, Gloria Hautz, Pat Miklos, Joan Olsen, Gloria Kamiak, Roh- ert Mandl, Jack Scanlon. 4th Row-Judy Lau, Norman I-Ialvorsen, Roy Anderson, Walter Lizak, Frederick Hel- ler, Arthur Petersen. Sth Row-Richard Winiarski, Eugene Ro- siak, Ronald Gentzen, Clarence Behber, Romuald Dziopek, Fred Simon, Elburn Buck, Harry Jensen. DIVISION 207 POWERS Front Row-Anthony Borski, Elaine Zuehl- ke, George Gunwald, Ralph Wendland, Charles Gundersen, June Glienke, Jeannette Girsch. 2nd Row-Virginia Hohe, Geraldine Grabske, Shirley Ruback, Virginia Makarewicz, Mar- ion Conn, Rose Marie Grandolfo. 3rd Row-Joan Feige, Connie Wajrowski, Eunice Gramza, Betty Gruber, Joyce Koch, Roy Smith, Richard Ball, Donald Giesler. 4th Row-Donald Heinherg, Diane Culley, Alice Graikowski, Joan Claire Ratke, Gloria Waher, Marilyn Highgale, Barbara Hender- son, Ronald Hannis, Richard Leibinger. 5th Row-Stan Hillstrom, Leonard Bohow- ski, Richard Bianco, Ralph Ahrens, Ralph Page, Nick Giannini, Leo Karas, Fred Hertel, Daniel Glaubke. DIVISION 218 SIPS CHEN Front Row-Henry Sroka, Don Giannini. Irmgaid Ellinger, Geraldine Parchem, The- rese Hess, Arlene Drafz, Eileen Finnegan, Mary Lou Filograsso, Edward Fomoff, John Skowron.' 2nd Row--Estelle Gianakopulos, Alice Ed- strom, Arlene Gray, Rosemarie Wagner, Dolores Eisele, Nina Ewert, Mary Jane Smith. 3rd Row- Donald Diedrich, Tony Kudelko, Don Gallman, Don Josephs, Ronald Hrab, Willard Dippmann, John Rizzo, Phil Guc- ciardo. 4th, Row-James Flexman, Ronald Evans, Edward Muzynski, Richard Jakubowski, Henry Szarek, Gloria Gabries, Linnea Ann Uppstrom, John Buchner, Joan Walders. Here we see the young Ben Frank- lins of Foreman high scl1ool turn- ing out school programs. Most of the school's printing is done in our own print-shop. DIVISION 117 N EGAS Front Row-Christine Schlenmer, Dorothy Stohl, Sue Moore, Betty Haglund, Loretta Ozidzic, Elaine Henneg, Wayne Brant, Rob- ert Lenine. 2nd Row-Joyce Huvelt, Anita Andersolm, Gloria Johne, Bob Mercuria, Dorothea Sloan,Marlyn Sandelands, Alfonzo Patricelli, Sam Provenzo. 3rd Row-Dorothy Bugns, Joan Redersen, Doris Wend, Carol Carlson, Jeanette Proch- nich, Myrtis Tatar, Maryann Salomone, Jean,Ji' N Metcalf. 4th Row- Donald Keller, Joe Detrino, Ken Jacobsen, Don Gutowski, Jack DeWald, Bob Land, Jack Blanchard, Bob Landt. DIVISION 305 BRAMKAMP Ist Row- Delphine Szukala, Joanne Ruxton, Lois Iversen, Ada Jones, Marianne Maxwell, Richard Abrahamson, Don Rositch. 2nd Row-Arnold Grasser, Steve Havark, Ralph Gutekeinst, Ronald Leva, Albert Lor- enz, Theresa Riche, Delores Bananno, Ray- mond Ambrose, Roger Anderson. 3rd Row- Beatrice Curley, Virginia Lorenz, Dolores Akerlund, Joan Hayner, Helen Pochert, Sallay Olson, Allen Mass, Fred Scharfhaugen. 4th Row-Edith Kubang, Gloria Dalhke, Ruth Eiter, Beradette Wayrowski, John Scan- lon, Jean Gustafson, Walter Kercho. 5th Row-Margaret Bielawni, Richard Carl- son, Don Crisman, John Gartlez, Richard Riemer, Donald Schlueter, Ronald Kranz, William Bogdanoff, Donald Morlock. DIVISION 225 O'NEILL ' lst Row-Loretta, Materna, Beatrice Wolf, Catherine Summers. 2nd Row-Rosemary Zielinski, Frances Dluzen, Virginia Pietrucha, Evelyn Preston. 3rd Row-Lorraine Penczek, Alice Mar- kowski, Evelyn Wodzin, Jeanne Gillespie, Charlotte Ryba. - 4th Row-Marie Stefani, Marcia Stabla, Gertrude Marcinkowski, Lorraine Lipkie, Genevieve Greenwald, Jean Micholson, Eu- gene Wrezel. Sth Row-Audrey Frey, Henry Sitko, Thomas Baka, Andrew Dziogwa, Leonard Sierzega, Richard Acker, Dorothy Gabriel, Victor Wydra. 6th Row-Ray Galemo, John Kilian, Ches Jekat, James Facklis, Gloria Koch, Conrad Gregory, John Jurek. Complete courses in mechanical and architectural drawing are given. In recent years there have been quite a few girls taking these courses. All students inust take either art or lnechanical drawing. fQ,ZZf'.z, DIVISION 115 ' COSTELLO Front Row-Douglas Berndtson, Rose De- Surdis, Lois Edstrom, Prudence Albergo, Arlene Dinse, Lavergne Chauvin. 2nd Row-Bernadine Beerheide, June An- derson, Al Armato, Kay Boyaris, Bettianne Bruner. 3rd Row-Annette Curtis, Ellen Boetje, Vivienne Fokkens, Chuck Kopeny, Bill At- kino. 4th Row-Helen Dalbke, Mildred Czeck. 5th Row-Joan Brundage, Norbert Borzynck, John Budzynski, Roger Kiostri, Charles Becker, Earle Benson. 6th Row-Barbara Burda, Dorothy Duda, Joyce Brown, Mary Ann McCarthy, Helen Christensen. DIVISION 301 EFFTING Front Row-Al Jacobs, Norman Bergeson, Casimir Srutwa, John Pietrazewski, Melvin Panek, Ira Isbell, Donald Crandall. 2nd Row-Don Rasmussen, Leonard Koziol, John Nykraza, Willard Popp, Marilyn John- son, Alyce.White, Ruth Quilty. 3rd Row-Harry Pappas, Thomas Skweres, Loretta Derdzinski, Phyllis Kerkowska, Lita Di Fiore, Elaine Filipeck, June Bentley. 4th Row-Robert Piotrowski, Eileen Tichy, Lois Czemewski, Lorraine Derdzinski, Elea- nore Dominiak, Loretta Kuska. 5th Row-Jean Kuzniar, Ursula Wiesetzke, Dolores Kortas, Alice Strangaritch, Irene Macieyczya, Virginia Koziol, Ellen Power. DIVISION 212 MOSTYN Front Row - Shirley Gabriel, Maryrose Campagna, Annette Haut, Agnes Dunwood, Donald Gebhardt, Peggy Gillis, Babbard Frye, Frank Marlene, Laverne Greco. 2nd Row-Richard Gainer, Casimer Durava, Ralph Hauslein, Joseph Galassi, Bill Dixon, Ed Dojutrek, Bib Soufal, Bob Larsen, Victor Fachet, Pete Giannini, Donald Dychowski. 3rd Row-Jean Hodgson, Elsie Nelson, Rich- ard Gabel, Dolores Merges, Georgette Schu- ster, Lorraine Feidt, Dolores Gregory, Eileen Schultz, Marie Finocchio, Phoebe Faulhaber, Dolores Gutzman, Elinor Hagen, Clifford Hallenold. Foremaifs commercial courses are complete in every detail. Girls learn typing, shorthand, book- keeping, and all the other subjects necessary to a stenographer or career girl. DIVISION 317 KINDERMAN Last Row-Jean Ludwig, Eugene Barrett, Ralph Maeller, Marty Martensen, Milton Canfield. 2nd Row-Joyce Elwart, Robert Janus, Ronald Kempski, Richard Luth, Harold Watkins, Eugene Ziaja. 3rd Row-Erna Seipp, Alan Thelin, Hillard Michalek, Hubert Moran, Chester Grubba, Erwin Johannes. 4th Row-Louisa Martino, Norma Buch- wald, Diane Appler, Richard Kammerey. Sth. Row-Audrey Lungoat, May Franklin, Ginny Anderson, Winnie Larsen, Della Geanakopulos, .Iohn Kelly. 6th Row-Florence Konieczny, Elaine Stnes- ser, Lillian Rink, Katherine Moerschbaecher, Lolita Schinka, Joe Buban, Roger Kurth. DIVISION 216 CAVOIT F rout Row-Lillian Slenczka, Mary Muehl- bruer, Lona Dyer, Betty Anderson, Evelyn Ondrla, Joan Wetter, Joan Klein. 2llll Row-Dolores Gerhardt, Lucille La- grippe, Mary Lou Serocki, Ruthana Kam- merer, Dorothy Schlicher, Martha Ruzicki. 3rd Row-Adeline Daniels, Charles Paw- lowski, Roy Pokorny, Chester Urban, Alex Poreda, Marion Kawiecki. 4th Row-Bill Czapar, Arlene Kallin, Adele Jasinek, Margaret Majka, Stella Kordt, Ray- mond Lewandowski, Edward Krysa. 5th Row-Norbert Szot, Casimir Ziolkow- ski, Stanley Milewski, Frank Swiderski, Harry Woociville, Roman Kloc. 6th Row-Richard Walgurski, Fred Moeller. DIVISION 314 MALOFF lst Row-Arlene Streck, Jeannine Howell, Lois Youngberg, Marnie Ostrowski, Lynn Breese, Leona Thomas, Shirley Graves. 2nd Row-Ruth Frasch, Charlotte Pollman, Claudine Reger, Dorothy Liss, Pattie Prich- ard, Armella Pine, Lois Deutscher. 3rd Row-June Cameron, Ruth Kohler, Audrey Fregd, Shirlie Christensen, Mary Broecker, Jackie Boer, Marilyn Winquist. 4th Row-Frederick Metz, William Bengt- sen. 5th Row-Clilf Kopeny, Bob Podolski, Ar- mand Larsen, John Connolly, Sam Patrino, Herbert Remme, Donald Brandel. We see members of Fo1'eman's a Cappella Choir enjoying them- selves singing a few songs. The a Cappella Choir is one of Fore- man's three singing groups. The other two are the Girls' Glee Club and the Boys' Glee Club. ' DIVISION 323 STERN lst Row-Kenneth Brundage, James Cran- dell, Ronald Dale, Bob Dohl, George Dale- onis, Don Lesh, Junmy Burke, Chester Gembola. 2nd Rowe-Tom Clemens, Ruth Morske, June Landl, Joan Bohl, Beverly Bunt, Thora Unrath, Joyce Grunwold, Connie De Met. 3rd Row-Frank Columbotte, Alice Nali- borski, Jane Marczak, Rita Chylewski, Lor- etta Zielinski, Marilyn Wegner, Rosalie Car, Josephine Pruzena, Evelyn Czeck. 4th Row-Lydia Chromczak, Grace Fless, Alice Kastyniak, Donna Mulhe, Jacquelene Wade. 5th Row-Kenneth Cominek, Ed Cueron, Chuck Burke, Bob Rowen, Bob Butler, Bob Domato, Glenn Dahl, William Caccamo, An- thony Buckun. DIVISION 121 MUSSEHL lst Row-Doris Alofson, Joan McNally, Rose Mary Nizolik, Hazel Nickey, Lorraine McKillip, Andre Nero, Lois Miller, Lovey Mattes, Fern Mariviedel, Gladys Nelson. 2nd Row- Ronald Gofriek, Given Ma Rugz, Dorothy Montgomery, Barbara Mohn, Allen May, Ray Nole, Fred Meyer, Clifford Jen- sen, David Morgans, Hugo Muiller. 3rd Row-Marlys Nelson, Lois Asburn, Dolores McCormich, Louise Moskala, Momie Alesh, Harriet Marofske, Pat Miller, Gloria Sidley, Bob Ingatawski, Howard Nowataw- ski, Bob Perock. 4th Row-Harry Meyer, Bob Obst, Ed Gor- czinski, Morck Brooks, Albert Olson, George Mollon, Kenneth Nash. DIVISION 123 DANIELS Front Row-Shirley Wiertz, Ann Morck, June Miller, Irene Krak, Darleen Gibson, Joan Macaluso, Marie Marchetti. 2nd Row-Dolores Michalak, Jeanie Strom- berg, Lois Marin, Nancy Beilke, Jeanne Brown, Doris Last, LaVerne Laskie, Edna Mech. 3rd Row-Don Dunsing, Clarence Dunsing, Dolores Lindey, Eleanor Mielke, Mary Lou Goranson, Rosemary Lapins, Lorraine Miel- ke, Carole Kretschmar. 4th Row-Bob Lorenz, Edward Patricelli, John Maxwell, Edward Hayes, Frank Mazur, Richard Radziszgwski, Henry Barth. 5th Row-Albert Niemier, Charles Nelson, Julius Petran, Ray Larson, Dale Rush, Gor- don Moeanich, Donald Lorenz. Although Foreman is l10t a tech- nical high school a large number of Foreman boys take advantage of the technical courses offered. The shops are well-equipped to supplement an excellent staff of instructors. DIVISION 201 ZAHORIK Front Row-HJean Schneider, Liv Solvig, Shirley Stangeland, Nancy Taylor, Mary Ann Smoczynski, Phyllis Theobald, Betty Wadoz, Dot Stock, Lorraine Mattes. 2nd Row-Mildred Walczak, Eileen Sitka, Annabelle Stasiak, Betty Tyndall, Alveyn Wells, Jean Spaar, Pat Steffan, Roger Wool- man, Wayne Stinn. 3rd Row-Audrey Steinect, Betty Jane Weiss, Jerry Stroder, Wesley Strnad, Victor Sylvester, Ross Teresi, Melton Weiby, Phil- lip Wray, Robert Voegele. 4th Row-Robert Weaver, James Whitney, Ted Pulkownik, Lester Heiden, Herbert Southwell, Martin Hagood, Clarence Trop- inski. DIVISION 228 MacKAY Front Row-Jeanette Biesczad, Rose Marie Majeen, Lucille O'Connor, Hilda Summers, Joan Losey, Caroyl Andersen, Helen For- manski, Edith Hilton, Therese Czer. 2nd Row-Florence Niedziela, Phoebe Harris, Ruth Anderson, Helen Procel, Char- lotte Kruk, Pearl Jaykowsk, Phyllis Marzyn- ski, Joseph Kelly, Jerry Roth. 3rd Row-Margaret Ryan, Dolores Menaltos- ki, Esther Klein, Pat Kosteck, Joan Man- gels, Doris Jansen, Anna Arquilla, Eleanore Zuraski, Mary Ann Gabripzewski. 4th Row-Jean Pawlick, Dolores Zasada, Dolores Marbach, Helena Mohar, Kenneth Wittenberg, Irene Kaliszewski, Betty Juehlke. DIVISION 326 KEATING From! Row-Beverly Campbell, Mary Joan Kornetzke, Hermina Danielczyk, Audrey Dinse, Delores Swerbies, Anne Accrenza, Gloria Damorin, Jane Cymbalis, Cerri Ci- chonski, Lorraine Monhardt. 2nd Row-Dolores Blasky, Genevieve Lar- sen, Joan Biasiello, Rosemae Bonczkowski, Irene Andersen, Wilma Jeliner, Mailey Beynon, Alice Borks, Dorothy Burke, Pa- tricia Fruboth. 3rd Row-Joel Cord, Philip Buck, Richard Bielenin., Leanord Bielenin, Frank Schu- macher, Larry Burkhard, Wayne Bachmann, Moynard Bergar. 4th Row-Norbert Bunish, Henry Bull, Bob Anderson, Bob Caveliers, Roy Dietrick, Charles Caya. This young man is "killing two birds with one stone." He is not only learning to be efficient in shop work, but he is also making a useful object. DIVISION 313 A. J ONES Front Row-Francis Rogalski, Marie Ruemm- ler, Mary Pirrone, Dorothy Pukas, Theresa Niziolek, Irena Przylula, Glorianne Orzada. 2nd Row-Audrie Roth, Gladys Gibisch, Marie Palerno, Carmella Pingitore, Carlee Pochert, Patricia Panson, Jerry O'Brien, Irene Perommer. 3rd Row-Raymond Pedersen, Gene Rund- gren, Richard Paul, Betty Larsen, Lee Scheldrup, Ruthie Ristow, Virginia Poltrack. 4th Raw-Carl Danielson, Jim Gavin, Al- bert Olsen, Robert Schultz, John Sinadinos, Judson Saas. DIVISION 224 GREENWO OD Front Row-John Niedziela, Jerome Lied!- ke, Nancy La Rocca. 2nd Row-Robert Lijewski, Marilyn O'Gara, Dot Schumaker. 3rd Row-Raymond Kucharski, Marilyn Richardson, Lois Murphy. 4th Row-Norma Lyngaas, Joan Moberg., Margaret Mallory. Sth- Row-Thomas Gordon, Mary Loge- mann, Theresa Leptich. 6th Row-Henry Buser, Darlene Molls., Barbara Mueller. 7th Row-John Mix, Lucy Londazzi, Fred Muellner. 8th Row-Joyce Ochsenhirt, Dolores Lind- ner, Teddy Beres, Richard Zielke, Albert Hanson, Robert Moir, Henry Gorney, Ron- ald Nielsen. 9th Row-Robert Fitch, Harry Gavin, George Simkowski, Donald Lauer, Lennart Carlson, Russell Hedborn, Tommy Lapkins, James Vogler. ' DIVISION 205 LAWIN Front Row-Elaine Goszczynski, Rita Pas- ko, Loretta Jablow, Lorraine Cwik, Theresa Niemiec, Phyllis Warner, Jeanne Huneburg, Adele Szpak, Marguerite Enquist, Jeanette Chrusceil. 2nd Row-Betty Smith, Dolores Slisz, Mar- jorie Stanko, Dorothy Borta, Mary Creicius, Rosemarie Cierocke, Virginia Lynn, Lois I-Iedborn, Hannah Engmark, Marilyn Stew- art, Marjorie Miller. 3rd Row-Adam Skora, Al Scharlow, Lou Nowpcke, Warren Hack, Don Wielgus, Frank Bojarski, Dick Rylko, Bill Ricker, Fred Wurzbaclier, Stephen Lis. 4th Row-Ted Skaln, John Witte, Walter Pietraszewski. Edward Swiakek, Robert Skaja, John Goelz, Chester Kuman. In general science, a required course, a general knowledge of biology, physics, and science is available to the student. Here the students are in the biological part of the course. DIVISION 322 GUSE ' Front Row-Le Roy Vincolese, Betty Tyreha, Gerri Rynowski, Betty Poteracka, Joan Troc- coli, Virginia Walczak, Lois Lelunan, George Tortorella. 2nd Row-Marilyn Webb. Frances Hamble- ton, Jaequie Wolff, Laverne Drews, Elaine Lewis, Helen Waluk, Monte Montelhano. 3rd Row-John Walker, James Titus, Col- leen Wenzel, Elaine Walznk, Sara Trippiedi, Dolores Brunsfelf. 4th Row-Chester Wilk, Flory Chrzescian, David West, Norman Thorsen, Donald Van Frayen, Andy Wodzisz. 5th Row-Milton Valenta. Bill Schuetz, Harold Werlhe, Bob Williamson, Jack Zurek, James Smith. DIVISION 125 CARMODY Front Row-Ken Dumbroese, John Brim- son, Rose Pitt, Grace Pappas. Jean Plans, Rose Marie Regilio, Georgia Panson, De- vonna Olesen, Marlene Panfil. 2nd Row-Marian Phillips, Dolores Pie- karczyk, Ann Pavia, Eleanor Schaden, Ger- trude Hurlbrink, Violet Hurley, Mary Reit- meyer. 3rd Row-Eugene Colemo, Don Guziolek, Lawrence Bara, Edwin Bohka, Lucille Regas, Theresa Galli, Margaret Perce. 4th Row-Gloria Plummer, Ronald Plam- beck, Donald Plambeck, Henry Oberbeck, Leonard Jasinski, Robert Bock, Joseph Kuo, Frank Wasik, Bertine Olsen, John Howe, Fred Hardtke. Warren Ness. Ronald Han- sen, George Olson, Eugene O'Neal, Raymond Gulouski. DIVISION 329 TREFFINS lst Row-Pearl Horick, Joanne Euckler, Richard Martin, Jeanette Andersen, Dorothy Wille, Dorothy Grahoury. 2nd Row-Lorraine Kowalski, Lucille Muschinski, Diana Miscevich, Margaret Mash- hurn, June Crawford, Lois Dinsmore, Joyce Downs. 3rd Row-John Taylor, Herbert, Holmberg, Joan Meske, Betty lwanski, Cele Fisher, Sylvia Wirth, Elaine Zickman, Marylinne De Novo. 4th Row-Gerald Zalbo, Ray Rogers, Paul Regorz, Bill Thrane, Ronald Thelin, Ken- neth Schroeder, Mary Jane Gillespie. 5th Row-Norman Whiteley', Charles Kuehn. Edward Steinhaus, John Ewald, An- drew Klasen, Ralph Tallaksen. Edwin Trapp, John Suifka, Earl Samp. These three young ladies are working on a chemistry experi- ment and it looks as though they are enjoying themselves. Chem- istry is taken by a large percent- age of our upper classmen. DIVISION 321 JONES F ront Row- Margaret Till, Edwin Serwatki, Joyce Happesch, Bonadel Du Mont, Rita Allen, Nancy Hartlett. 2nd Row-Irene Christy, Phyllis Kowalski, Loretta Zientarski, Ronald Mandell, Leonard Lizak, Peter Kowalski, Bob Murray. 3rd Row-Louis Harbal, Thomas Jones, Henry Unrath, Bernadette Luszcz, Lorraine Jeczala, Virginia Karpowicz, Joyce Conlon. 4th Row-Joe Sclafani, Ronald Parenti, Helen Szepkowski, Dolores Schmidt, Carol Piadzinski, Joan Nockels. 5th Row-Art Olesky, Casimir Silewics, F. Wilson, Myron Bielat, Lloyd Demel, Richard Werba, Gene Puetz. DIVISION 316 DOYLE Ist Row-Connie Barcia, Alice Ardagn, David Arends, Al Bakan, Robert Brackman, James Padal, Robert Becker, Eugene Knaga. 2nd Row-Dorothy Bornell, Pat Capski, Virginia Daniel, Joan Blad, Josephine Bill, Patricia Quayle, Ella Panos. 3rd Row-Sylvia, Andreon, Arlene Benson, Richard Bagges, Bill Williarnsen, Bob Egan, Edwin Kaezar, Roy August, John Zuber. 4th Row-Vera Bacula, Joan Jacobs, Leon- ard Schnepe, Eugene Barrett, Walter Birn, Lawrence Wayer, Henry Weichbradt, Jack Beck. 5th Row-Norah Bradball, Gerry Miller, Georgeann Anthony, Ann Swanson, Matt Batt, Bob Bussa, Jim Brodnicki. DIVISION 325 HOGLE Front Row - Esther Keslinke, Marilyn Heintz, Gloria Jamieson, Ruth Czapar, Lois Stefani, John Klus, Davey Johns. 2nd Row-Robert Majewski, Carol Falhn- rich, Dolores Kolowski, Iris Kirby, Loretta Chizanowski, Rosemary Leaney, Rita Nytko, Ernest Marciniak, Phil Kilcoyne. 3rd Row-Janice Kramer, Marjorie Konow- ski, Carol Issel, William Huston, Richard Thompson, Earl Nelson, Ronald Majewski, Thomas Bychowski, Bob Kranz. 4th Row-Ernest Wilhelm, Matthew Ko- lodziej, Erick Kayser, Joseph Konieczny. 5th Row-Rose Marie Kraus, Dorothy Yur- kowsky, Jane Kraus, Audrey Johnson, Pat Knudsen, Phyllis Parker, Edmund Tunison, Jolm Kirsch, Robert Hansen, Ray Miller. For tl1e fair young damsel who is not inclined to be a career girl, Foreman offers courses in textiles and foods. The young ladies are being taugl1t the importance of a balanced diet. DIVISION 223 JENKINS Front Row- Adelaide Denis, Louise Bunge, Francis Chrisos, Bill Bratscher, Arthur Mel- vin, Frances Barcia, Dolores Wisniewski. 2nd Row-Peggy Armstrong, Barbara An- ders, Phyllis Czepelewski, Mildred Ander, Helen Bakan, Joan Knippenberg, Merilyn Balder. 3rd Row-Emmy Lou Shelar, Janet Storey, Betty Gortemoller, John Carrozza, Ralph Brandt, John Barabba. 4th Row-William Sanchez Eu ene Cas- - E person, Raymond St-alzitt, Charles Buck, Richard Bery. 5th Row-Wayne Matthias, James Busse, Gordon Amundsen, William Daniels, Harry Bergman. DIVISION 324 A. ANDERSON Ist Row - Marilyn Wallschlaeger, Lois Wall, Florence Perry, Leona Drews, Delores Delr- by, Rosalie Balk, Rosemary Nardi, William- ette Brehne. 2nd Row-Mary York, Agnes Schultz, Karen Weisenborn, Norbert Bielenski, Bob Traven, Donald Gofron. 3rd Row-Henry Waszak, George Bober, Gene Telep, Robert Hombleton, Andrew Russo, Ralph Raulli, Walter Vogel, Joseph Traficanti. 4th. Row-Howard Munsincer, Arthur Ty- raell, Andrew Verush, John Weile, Bob Scholz, William Weichbrace. Edward Mager, Gerald Zuk, Leonard Rospond. ' 5th Row- Eunice Wagener, Victoria Tuzak, Doris Kelly, Donna Wilber, Evelyn Wolf- garht, Arlene Stuhl, Esther Anderson, Joe Lozar, George Ruediger. DIVISION 222 FAGAN Front Row-Jean Halles, Dorothy Hately, Marilyn Hornell, Lynnea Fahrberger, Doro- thy Frische, Charles Erbes., Walter Gustafson, 2nd Row-Betty Ann Horvat, Ruth Kling, Marilyn Wolmer, Phyllis Fraser, Dolores Kornet, Elaine Mork, Grace Frick. 3rd Row-Jean Seedorf, Frank Kuenze, Vito Galie, Darlene Morris, Eleanor Pahr- man, Dolores Siebert, Pat Gipson, Alice Kauohn. 4th Row-Bill Hood, Edith Gnarrd, Doro- thy Koehler, Louetta Johnson, Jean Hein, Barbara Johns, Shirley Haynes. 5th Row-Ray Hansen, Bill Walthall, Rus- sell Henkes. Bill Kalhreier, Wolfram Doch- termann. Daniel Nookel, Jim Terry, James Juliano, Glenn Nelson. This young lady is studying phys- ics while using a microscope, the symbol of scientific research, in one of Forema11's laboratories. DIVISION 215 HIRONS First Row-Helene Kreis, Olive Singleton, Rita Post, Jane Johnson, Mona McCall, Janis Krigel. 2nd Row-Don Minx, Helen Krug, Barbara Lynch, Marilyn King, Margaret Show, Flor- ence Marek, Charlotte Johnson, Joy Mager. 3rd Row-Gerald Lamberg, Evelyn Jacob- sen, Joyce Koch, Lois Marcinkbosic, Joan Mortrud, Alice Skarzynski, Marion Lovigne, Margaret Rizzo. 4th Row-George Mitchell, Edward Czniel, Edward Nehls, Bill Love, Len Augustine, Roger Jensen, Albert Nelson, William Larson. DIVISION 315 HARTE Front Row-Annalnarie Kappel, Mike Juli- ano, Ronald Mauch, Bernice Kieckhaefer, Frances LaCascio, Sally Larson, Jeanine Klengel. 2nd Row-Marian Murphy, Lorraine Luby, Charmaine Liska, Dorothy Ivers, Beatrice Kerner, Jeannette Korney, Helene Kropifko. 3rd Row-Gloria Kuhn, Bob Koch, Bill Kemper, Betty Laurell, Joyce Kluth, Eunice Jones, Charlotte Jeffery. 4th Row-Mary Lou Chahowski, Marilyn Krieger, Dorothy Kindgren, Lowell Lraska, Henry Ibe, Barbara Lagreca, Richard Lin- dahl, Ronald Leversen, Bob Huendorf, Bill Johnson. DIVISION 217 R. ANDERSON Front Row- Audrey Wellek, Edwin Na- drowski, Gwen Ilieske, Rita Baurees, Maryan Halley, Elaine Sergott, Narlin Spiers, Evelyn Peszek, Lillian Jozefow. 2nd Row-Barbara Sachtleben, Donna Thomas, Laverne Rohr, Laverne Czapiewski, Rosalie Tomaszewski, Dolores Skitnicki, Yvonne Thulesen, Ted Ciszewski. 3rd Row-Stanley Zywiciel, Donald Smith, Daniel Strzelecke, Yvonne Svarstad, Arlene Thielen, George Shawaluk, Ted Slinert. 4th Row-Benedict Magiera, Donald Kris- tiansen, Joseph Zielinski, Henry Kida, Brun Smyczynski, Leonard Weaver. 5th Row-Elmer Jones, Raymond Smagacz, Marcel Konecki, David Straman. MCement Mixer, Putty, Putty." 'GCement Mixer, Putty, Putty." . Moulding with clay is one of the phases of shop training covered in the Industrial Arts course. an f 2 '5 Si L .X P -Q,-P' 'A v " A .2 ' V3 F, ,g,Yyf'w-ffygfifgw QQ, ' ,iff ' 'ff1fY3f'L -5 'f -V ff-4 -.33--W3 izV5fi,a '2w f- N M. , T an S A . .M 'QM K + gm, ., ' .si-vffis 1'2g"l::,.ifK 9 1 - Qww,,,wfw-' -3 Exe, -1325 I ,Q- lx,-f.Ea ? Q niszfmgv 1 .Q '5 1 V, ,Tig - F Q ,. ::-gg-L vi i 293 5 f L .-53559 'T-Mi! . -- X . -M MK K-'f,,,,i,Lk , . 2 K .V Af- M ff 'ff K f-1"iti5f.1fa ff. N' ms , M3353 ,M ,L A A V M , an , .,AQ5N M MC, 6' ' - - my min. J Nh ,frf Q. , Q Vvmwifafgijifi-wgix -'ffr:':w,iE3s?A-Wwe' " :,:Lw-.1 wzgmtffifs, ' ,5.:Qg.'m,,4,: .liy,gfgE5ii..f.L,ww . -zgiigfbzwgwazgzrfifszifv , ikeggafnhsgf fg5f,,,,,5,f,Xf54am , F y 1 u wi1fgfiF' fff,4,ms. : 'Msgki iw fffff x 2 ,W-3 5? igwi? Q 1 N197 fyfvg ,QQ if . "gf, fi 11 ms: ws- 1 Q ,, ,f . l ' 3 31 Q . ' 'L--v., 'F at EY - gi J Eggs., -4 .RQ5 , " ' if B- 'fy-M R : 1 gm J '15A,kgS. - Sw Af,5ifw ',f??fg',' ' 53:5 .1 fi, E212 2543 fax f Q53 NE! saw wav W - 'ff' .n f ,-.uwxfwffi-S M-aS49'7"f5f1"3?1i5'f , ,Qgwssii ag? ,, 3 gaffafsiv A fr fx ,- f ' J mg S595Q:Qww ff 4, Www .,?,.w-S , A if 3 r m . I 5 K , :iles E 9 i ,.:, 23.5 . , , Lis 1 A i 1.T,3j4f,f, ' f',,f-'-ju. , ,,4-Tafiiiiff :ii-P . f ' ,diff 'iffzfg V iv N My f ,f5f':5,S5' 5 55121 wif - ,,, ,M ,,, I ,n1:,?1gsi' - . 55 fax njii 1 ' -'K mf A V an A ' ,1 ,, .H , .. Ev-1 -. ,E . ...,.,k , : v ' E:,:,.'-: , 1, 9 -2 i-Q1-asf has Y f EE' if . o ' x 2 Su MMI USUN? ul: I. 5,6 Mu. X x,i:,,sYm, '!RS6 iw Acfivifzed agnfefggencef jheg :fe gof if .kffwl Mft? T meg he nof annie! of if af? ? jig Wafionaf Sociefy ii The National Honor Society was organized for the purpose of encouraging scholarship in the secondary schools. Those students who qualify by meeting the requirements of having an accumulative HE, average, and service, leadership and character traits attested to by class teachers are admitted to enjoy the conviviality of the meetings and the distinction of being honor students. In addition to the regular meetings, the Foreman chapter, under the sponsorship of Miss V. Cavoit, usually undertakes some project for the benefit of the school each semester. The meetings and activities are directed hy Ralph Maason, Pres. Dorothy Thomas, Sec. Betty Peck, Vice-Pres. Arthur Ferch, Treas. C-Zfenialluaf This first full length, postwar Foremanual is the product of the efforts of the Class of June, 1946. Under the direction of ,Mr. Merritt F ossler, the Yearbook Staff has been in operation almost two semesters, working to make the 1946 Annual the best in history. Heading the Foremanual Staff were: Everett Malmgren, Ed- itorg William Grischo, Assistant Editorg and Leonard Lamberg, Business Manager. The entire staff of typists, clerks, and editorial writers deserve credit for the important contributions they made toward the success of this annual. Special thanks go to the faculty. Lennie Lamberg, Bill Grischo, and Ev Malmgren get together with Mr. Fossler for a discussion about the latest pictures deliv- ered for the Foremanual. - Among the numerous Foremanual Staff members who took an active part in the preparation of this annual are: Dick Curran, Sylvia Mallozzi, Margie Dalidas, and Ray Connelly. ww OlflJ".X4 74 The a Cappella Choir is held i11 high esteem by the students and faculty of our school. It has a long list of successful performances at school functions. To become a member of the a Cappella Choir one must have more than a desire to be a member. His voice must be tested and approved by Miss Helen Meek, director of the choir, before he will be admitted. The students who have the necessary talent to enter the choir receive a minor credit for being members of Foremanls foremost singing group. During the Christmas season the choir adds a pleasing touch to the school holiday festivities by caroling through the halls. This is one of the cl1oir,s many activities that l611d much to the aesthetic quality of our school. Orcdea fm The Orchestra is enlarging the scope and increasing the quality of its services, both in its curricular and extra-curricular functions. More and more students are showing interests in one or another type of musical study a11d activity, alld abler material is constantly presenting itself. For those seriously desiring a musical career there can be no finer medium for obtaining experience than through actual performance with the orchestra. For others it gives appreciation and a love of tl1e great music of the masters. This truly expresses tl1e ideal of cooperation 'and provides harmony which is social as well as musical. we Eginnerd 0 .1 ag re fAe gxperfd of jomorrow At Foreman, no person is given up as being entirely without talent. This policy of giving everyone a chance to develop whatever talent he may possess probably explains the great success of the Foreman Band Groups. The high membership of both groups proves that the students are eager for music training and aware of the unusual opportunities which are theirs in the instrumental field. These instrumental groups are under tl1e able direction of Captain Guy W. Reid. udic The Jenny Linds of tomorrow receive their training Girls' Glee Club under the direction of Miss Helen Meek. Let me go where'er I will, I hear a sky-horn music stillg Q It sounds from all things old, A It sounds from all things young, From all that's fair, from all that's foul, Peals out a cheerful song. 'Tis not in the high stars alone, Nor in the cup of budding flowers, Nor in the redbreast's mellow tone, Nor in the bow that smiles in showers, But in the mud and scum of things There always, always, something sings. -Ralph Waldo Emerson in Foreman's CSAQPQ QOQ5 Song .gf ji Cjalafain guy mia! ana! A flinfwl Omkegfm youfdfuf go gefferfi gakre i gzbeagfee gba, 1 With these electric words to quicken their pulse., the Foreman News staff somersaults through the hectic task of preparing the hi-weekly issue of the school newspaper. Starting with assignment day., room 219 becomes the center of feverish excitement and plan- ning as reporters search our items of news and interest for the eight-page publication. Deadline day draws near and a sigh of relief is heard as all stories are ok'd and sent to the printer. But it's not over yet! One more day for writing headlines and umake- up," and then wonderful Wednesday and the satisfied feeling of a job well done. 31.2 AKZSAOOK ounci The All-School Council of Foreman High has been an effective hody in the handling of school affairs. The pur- poses of the council are to promote the general Welfare, to improve education, to sponsor school activities, and to further cooperation be- tween students and faculty. Some of the activities over which the council has author- ity are the lunchroom and honor studies. The council is composed of the elected officers, student representatives, and the teacher representative. The officers who have oiliciated during the past semester are Pat 0'Malley, President, Michael Martino, Vice-Presi- dent, Martha Zaharchuk, Secretary, Glenn Keitel, Treasurer, and John Klein, Secretary of Inner School Ajfairs. The recently elected offi- cers for the next semester are: Edwin Trapp, President, Audrey Lungoot, Vice-Presi- dent, Martha Zaharchuk, Secretary, and Gene Domski, Treasurer. Kaclef O icem ana! .gnfifrucfor Tech. Sgt. Smith with all the officers of February, 1946. Tech. Sgt. Smith watching the staff officers conduct a class in map reading. nfilaecfion 0 mn an Miapond Our instructor, Sl Sgt. DeForrest R. Steadman, is inspecting a cadet and his rifle. Such inspections are routine on Thursday and Friday, and are part of complete equipment inspection. Tech. Sgt. R. K. Smith making a routine uniform inspection of Company B, Captain Bredtheur in command. ang? Practical application of the four firing positions on the firing line. Left to right: Cadet Lt. Col. Lindemann firing prone, with Sgt. Smith making correctionsg Cadet Major Voss observing fireg Cadet Major Dalbke firing from the kneeling positiong Cadet Captain Brethaur, standing positiong and Lt. Col. Fiv, sitting position. Silhouette of the firing line, illustrating the traps. S C00 eI'Cl,fi0l'l Efllfeefl Clfellffl and QGC effl I0 I0 t FOREMAN HIGH SCHOOL PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION The second Thursday of each month during the semester, the Foreman PTA conducts its meetings in the Social Room of the school. The Christmas Sale and Magic Show presented during the past year with the cooperation of the faculty and students, have enabled the Foreman PTA to contribute toward the Student Aid, School Beautiful. The Foreman PTA aim for the future will be to work for a better understanding of the problems facing the Youth of today, giving encouragement and assistance whenever and wherever it is needed. ,MQILAQMA of ,C-Jareman .fdcdieuemenf Many of Foreman's highest achievements come up for recognition so close to the end of the year that their significance scarcely has time to register in our consciousness before we separate, and our seniors have gone from us. We are glad, therefore, to attempt to give these achievements the place of prominence which they deserve, so that every student may look at this page with justinable pride. Our faculty recently selected the ten outstanding graduates of June 1946: J ea11ne Caspari, Bay Connelly, Roy Gisler, Janet Humphrey, John Klein, John Lindemann, Everett Malmgren, Adele Nelson, Randel Olsen, and Eleanor Waghorlie. At an election following the faculty's selection, the seniors chose their class president, Ray Connelly, as the outstanding one of the ten. Mrs. Voelz, senior advisor, announced the names of the ten students having the highest scholastic standing: Catherine Antros, Margie Dailidas, Roy Gisler, John Klein, Audrey Kuester, Audrey Lang, Ralph Maxson, Marietta Skarbek, Dorothy Thomas, and Arthur W'olfgarth. Of these, John Klein is the valedictorian of his class, and Roy Gisler, the saluta- torian. Besides these two boys, Audrey Kuester and Margie Dailidas received the Phi Beta Kappa certificates, which are awarded to the two boys and the two girls who are highest in scholastic achievement. The Daughters ofthe American Revolution award for fine citizenship was presented to Lois Seeley. For the combined qualities of scholarship, leadership, and civic responsibility, Margie Dailidas was entertained at a luncheon given by the'Chicago Junior Chamber of Commerce, at which time she received the Civic Assembly Award. The Bausch and Lombe Optical Company makes an award to the outstanding student of science in each graduating class. This semester the award went to John Klein, who was also presented a 400-dollar scholarship by Northwestern University, and a 200-dollar William J. Cook scholarship which may be used in any college. Excellence in the two fields of science and mathematics was recog- nized by the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the presentation of its award to Roy Gisler, who is the recipient also of a William Cook scholarship of 150 dollars ill the University of Wiscoiisiii. ' At the time of going to press other awards still remain to be made. The entire school will be happy to congratulate the successful candidates, whoever they may he, even though they cannot be named here with the other illustrious students who have hung up such splendid trophies for themselves, and who have brought honor to their school. Q ig, A " A .-. g .W ,. . '. ' f 5 - J 'GFQZHS Q M 1 X- 'W Q: WHS T x 3 1:'l'55f'5i?3E? ' 131.11 X- Y up L v. . ,P v V 2 , Q-fea3l1w x ,H YQ, ., w g bms' . Engl 4 Q 'S , Qgfxzflif' .' . vi gil? x A Z6 1 1-x.f..', Nj" N' W 0 2 ,wggfje 3 f ww, .3 ., ' ' , 4, 4 : i 1 . K L if E- -. 2:5532 1 - I S, -FW .Qi W W :?f'if5.i?:iL SJ, '- . .ef Aalkmism-fwfx-f--5f. if, ,G '51Yf'?5??x - M .mm 35355 gs' AEE X51 X fi . My 3 I? ix. 5 - 'Q , 'Q . f f - . :HQ Ei. .. Q- ., ffigg- 5-1 x ,., I A A , Jw N -5 B W 15 .. 4 ,, K4 225 Q.: Www.. 1 1 . L " f 1- . ' "K S.: ..,. 1 , , mg ' fa g 2 ' s S . - ::'- gl .F '-I ' Z: 51 , '- - if Q 5 Q we E? , Sp is S, - 4 Q A if I' xg? . :,, fx' ,Z If V' ' I-Q X gl Q 4 A I . I N Q ..,. ..:-, ,gi , law-X ,anim :JSF Ms gf xi ' 'Iii Q 35292 ? ja - S .:- .QQ xiii 1 f . ' -r ,, M, at ff-XX i .fi 2 I 4 1 . Y N 'SF X Q53 ,mfs 5-wif ggi, ., if Afkifzfd . ,,,',f I lx 1 f QZA .fa ii' ' I ' 1 4 t wt l Bottom. Row, left to right-Art Salsman, Joe Ingolia, Joe Kaminsky, Johnny Pappas, James Tortonella, Lenard Rucinski, George Prince. Second Row-Vic Sylvester, Harold Crisman, Howard Fluegel, Bob Bove, Norman Bergeson, Ed Durand, Joe Cavava, Bob Bornell, Robert Horn. Third Row-Coachv-Jack Maloil, Assistant Coach-Al Samsilla, Bill Henzau, Lee Redman, Dick Polito, Ed Thomson, Captain-Harold Bergeson, Duncan X! V ' l'Gardner, Ronnie Mora, Stan Huber, Robert Tunnquist, Manager-Don Losin, Warrin Dalbke. Fourth Row-Pete Giannini, Ronald Harnmershay, Chuck Stokes, Ed Frisk, A1 Suchta, Tom Skweres, John Fairfield, Phil Kalinowsky, Charles Provinzano, Chuck Peterson, Chuck Johnson. Ma, .gil cngadin puodero v Under the guidance of Coach Jack Maloff, Foreman sent another top-rate team into the race for glory in the annals of football. For seven seasons i11 succession Foreman has had fairly successful teams. Some of the more spectacular players this season were: in the backfield: Ed Thompson, Harold Bergeson, Ronald Mora, Duncan Gardner and Richard Polito, and in the line: Bob Bornell, Charles Stokes, ends, Joe Carava, Vic Sylvester, tacklesg Robert Bove, Ed Durand, guards, and Norman Bergeson, center. ,CLGL5 of .S?l'el'LgfA, and 6ll'l6!lfLl'6lI'lC0 Another roar went up from the crowd as one of Foreman's talented hackfield men plunged across the line for an- other touchdown and Foreman defeats Tuley by a score of 39 to 0. The games all couldn't end this way.lJut con- sidering the many in- juries and had breaks sixth place was all that could he expected from any team. LIGHTWEIGHTS 23 Foreman .......,... ................ C rane .......... ..,..,---- 3 9 Foreman ....... . .,,.,,... 37 Wells ......,....,.... .....,.,... 6 3 Foreman... . ,.... 31 McKinley ,....... . Foreman .....,,... .,.... . .35 Tuley ...........w ,,.. N41 Foreman .,......., .,,..... 2 4 Wasllburne ...... .... --,-. 3 2 Foreman ...,.,, .,.. 3 5 Marshall .,.... .,.. ...... 6 9 Foreman ,,,,.,,, , ...,.. 32 Austin ..,.....,. .. ...... 55 Foreman .,........ ....., 3 0 Medill .,..........., ,,..,A . U31 Foreman .,..... ,...,.w. .,,..,.. 4 5 Kelvyn Park ,....... .... ...., 4- 8 57... .LM c'7flw v With only one letterman returning for the full season the outlook for the lightweights Wasnit very good. A group of sophomores and juniors went through the practice games winning no games and losing seven. Their record for the league season was no wins and seven losses. A One of the brighter spots was the playing of Captain Bob Wall, the only senior. letterman, and veteran player on the team. Wall was the fourth highest scorer ill the West Section. Returning are Mandell, Kuman., Cliff and Chuck Kopeny, Skowron, and Baka. Next year's team looks very promising clue to these players. i I r L we M H5 v Members of our heavyweight basketball team entered the pre-season period with high hopes, and rightfully they did so. Although the 5'Hornets" ended the season i11 only fifth place they showed their playing ability by establishing a city record in beating Medill 100 to 38. To prove their ability was not overlooked, Foreman placed three men on the section teams: Capt. Norm Gregory, Ed Bartosch, and Don Hanrahan. Witli four lettermen graduating, Curran, Gregory, Juretscke, a11d Bartosch, next year's team will be a green, but capable one. HEAVYWEIGHT League Games Foreman ....,, .,,,,,,,,,,, 3 3 Foreman ...... ....,,.,. 4 0 Foreman ..,.,. r......,, 3 2 Foreman ...... .....,....,.. 6 9 Foreman ,..,....,. ..,,,.,,,., 1 00 Foreman ...,...... ,.,..,... 3 2 Foreman ...... ....,..., 5 4 Foreman .,..,,.,.,,.....,,..,.,,,,..., 42 Foreman ...,...,.....,,....,...,,,.,,, 441- Crane ......... Wells .........., McKinley Wasliburne . Medill ..,..,.., Marshall ..... Austin ......... Tuley ........,.. Kelvyn Park Ze Wafiona! lgafifime When the Foreman nine started practicing this spring, numerous students were of the opinion that our baseball team didn't have a chance to go very far. Despite the fact that we had nine lettermen returning, five of whom were pitchers, our team lacked the necessary offensive power and defensive skill. I During our practice games our pitching didn't hold up but our infielclers and outiielders played beautiful ball. As expected our hitting was very light. We started the section race off successfully winning our first three games. Many a student predicted a hot race for section lead with Foreman, Kelvyn'Park, and Stein- inetz fighting it out. Next year we will lose Bob Wall, Ed Bartosch, Rich Jayko, Don Sturman, Don Cerva, and Capt. Wally Juretscke. Next year we have a host of new talent to send Foreman to the top. LIST OF PLAYERS Position Name TP." W. Juretscke P." E. Grecious TP. D. Stumian P.' E. Cehhardt P." D. Soderburg T3B. R. .layko 3B. E. Puetz SS. J. Sinodinos - 2B. R. Chiostri 2B. D. Gebhardt IB." C. Nelson TIB. W. Bross C." J. Budzinski C. T. Baka 'l0F."' R. Wall OF." A. Armatto TCF." E. Bartoscli TOF. D. Cerva OF. P. Holtz Mgr. W. Gustafson Mgr. E. Falkenhaygn "z Letlermen T Seniors 94 jalf Is it a rocket? Is it a J et Plane? No, it's Foreman's track team. With inter-murals leading the way, Foreman's newly organized track team is looking forward to a successful season. Boys like Gene Puetz, Lee Redman, Al Suchta, Dick Traverse, Ray Jablonski, Gene Goodwin, Bob Andersen, Bob Mack, and Eugene fCaseyJ Ziaja make up our first, and really good, team. When we have fellows like these to establish a tradition we can be sure of having winning teams in the future. Good work, Boys! t I 0l'el'l'I,G,l'l 2l'll'l L6 eallfl Foreman's four horsemen of tennis this year received a good sun tan, exercise, honors and the respect of other schools for their playing ability. Under the able guidance of Coach Charles Kipp and Captain Conrad Gregory, the team has had a successful season. Although the team will lose half of its playing staff, it hopes to take top honors next season. - These are the unsung heroes of Foreman High. oliooling in an aroruftcl fhe gil' 5 ,gym we an Girls actively participating in every sport from baseball to swim- ming. Through these sports a girl may earn points toward her G.A.A. letter. The Girls' Athletic Association, which is sponsored by Miss Hardy, promotes social, athletic, and scholastic activities. The Board of Control, a group of chosen active and interested leaders, decides any ,important matters which may arise. Leader- ship is an outstanding quality which Foreman cultivates to a high degree in all of the girls. Among the many activities spon- sored-by the G.A.A. are the annual Mothers' Tea, Spring Dance, and Wiellie Roast. The officers are: Adele Nelson, Presidentg Jane Johnson, Vice-Presidentg Martha Toelcke, Secretary, Joann Ernst, Recording Secretary, and Josephine Mora, Treasurer. 4 mo Sain! Do you want to know the secret of how our Foreman girls keep their trim figures? Exercise . . . exercise . . . and more exercise. It may sound hard, but it's really fun. Here we see three of our letter girls keeping fit by skating and bicycling around the campus. Shoot! Foul! Off-Side! These are familiar words heard ill the Girls' Gym during the basketball season. They really had some swell games. .Spalding ayzi 66 97? Pe lazy GZ? . 0 Another way our girls keep themselves ship-shape is jumping rope. It is one of the favorite exercises because it furnishes fun for all and keeps the gals hoppin'. The gym is equipped with howling facilities and some really swell times can he had. It is fine practice and is often the start of bowling interest outside of school. A e 1 I t I 1 100 Up and over! Think our Foreman girls can't play volleyball? Well, you are wrong! In fact, last semester we had a rip-roaring tournament i11 which competition ranged from the seniors right 011 down to the little freshies. Of course, the seniors couldn't alld didn't let Miss Lagorio down, and came out on top. Splash . . . Ah! Isn't that a neat dive? Although Foreman girls have swimming every week, they still have the opportunity to advance themselves by joining the swimming team. Each girl must pass required tests before she is eligible to join. This semester, under the supervision of Miss Alma Jones., the team put on a swimming demonstration which was nothing less than Mall reetf' i , B 6255 M'0l9AeCy Ofylflliej 79 6 Now in this list there is a name Of every student known, l And we're predicting what he'll be, Now that he's almost grown. So you can laugh or you can rave, It doesn't matter much, 'Cause now altho it's just a joke, Some day it may be such. Look down the line and there you'll End, What you've been selected to be, And just what will become of it? Oh, well, some clay we'll see! Andersen, Dick ......... .......... R esort Proprietor Antros, Catherine ...... Austermann, Esther ......,.. ......................Professor .........Concert Pianist Bade, Marguerite ..,....,.... ...... ........................... H a irpiu Inventor Badenoch, Dolores ......... ..,....... N ational Volley Ball Champ Bannon, Mary .............. .......... A uthor of Big Boy Comics Barkmeyer, Henry ......... ...................... P ing Pong Specialist Baranowski, George .......... .,....... R udolph Valentino's Stand-in Barsotti., Emily ............,,. ............,.................,. B ank President Barlosch, Edward .i......... ........ P rofessional Card Shark Beck, Emil ,,............. .....,....,..,,..,..,.,.,,,., M ovie Star Beesley, Marilyn ........ .....,.. I nquisitive Reporter Bell, Arthur ..................... ..,,...... S inging Sensation Bengson, Dorothy .,...... Berendt, Rosemary ....... ..........:...,..........Blondie ,.........i..Boat Builder Beynon, Ruth ............. ..,....... P encil Sharpener Boher, Joan .,...,........... ........................ H ousewife Boegerholf, Carol .......... .. ..,......... Spanish Ambassador Bojarski, Florence ......., ..................,.....v.....,..., C areer Girl Boland, Bill ................. ........,.. S lot Machine Repairman Bornell, Bob .................... ........,............... T oy Salesman Borowski, Dolores ......... .,...... V olley Ball Pro Brandt, Albert ............ ............. H air Stylist Braun, Dorothy ............,. ........................ C areer Girl Brightstone, Delores ,.....,. ........,................ B lues Singer Bross, Warren ................. .......,... C hildren's Story Teller Buick, James ..,..... ...,.....Larry Adler's Successor Bujka, Sophie ..... .,............... D ancing Teacher Bussa, Esther .......... ......... S tationery Designer Butler, Pat ,.....,, ............... D iving Champ 101 102 Cagle, Harold ,.... . ..,, .. Cannalte, Arlene ....... Carava, Joe ........... ,.,, . .. Caspari, Jeanne ........,, Cerva, Don .............. Clark, Pat ,,.......,-,..... Classen, Lavern .,,....,., Connelly, Ray ......... Curran, Dick .,..,...... Czarny, Ann. ...... . Czech, Lois .,,....... Dailidas, Margie .,,,..,, Dale, Jean .....,..,....... Daniel, William ......... Demlow, Dolores ..,,... Dickman, Rita ...,.. Diskin, Lillian ........ Drafz, Corlne ............, Drake, Delores, ........ .. Drews, Harold. ...,.. . Eiter, Corine ......... Ericksen, Don ........ Ernst, Joann ........ Everly, Jean ...... Faellaci, Gil ..... Ferch, Arthur .........,... Finlayson, Janet ,..... Fishback, Bob ....,,..,.,...., Fitpold, Antoinette ..... ,...,. Fortier, Albert ...,.....,..... Franczak, Rose ...... Frasch, Wayne .,..,.., Frisk, Ed ................. Frystak, Dorothy A Gebhardt, William ........ Gentile, Ann ...........,... Gielow, Elmer ........ Gilho, Joan ........,. Girard, Don ......... Gisler, Roy ...............,,, Goldman, Lucille ....,.... Goodwin, Gene ...,.. Gorczynski, Alice .....,,,.,.., Grandstaif, Dolores .,,,....., ,.,......Danny Kaye"s Assistant ............Billy Conn's Helper Chemist Pin Boy ...v......,.,........Pin-Up Girl ..................Lady Mortician ......,.Ambassador to Poland ....,....Hair Tonic Advertiser ...............,..,....Speed Typist ........,..News Commentator ..........,......Lady Postman ...........Traveling Saleslady ,,,...,.,..Track Team Star ..........Weight Lifter Boxer ,.....,,.All-Girl Orchestra Leader Model .,.............,..Eye-Tooth Doctor .................,.... Hitch-Hiker .,.................Jose lturbi's Double .......,President, Mexican League ....,...,........,....................Danseuse ..........,..,....,,.........Optometrist ..,...,....Zoot Suit Manufacturer ..,...................School Teacher ..........Notre Dame Fullback ...................,...Assau1t's Trainer ..,.,......Haberdashery Manager .........,......,...Loyal Trooper ..........Print Shop Teacher .........President's Bodyguard ....,.,..Professional Shoestring Cutter ...............Candy Bar Manufacturer ,.,....Fitler at O'Byron Brothers of Girls .............,.Beachcomber ...........Lovelorn Advisor .....,.........General's Wife ..............Peace-Pipe Maker ..,,....,.Professional Debater ......v........Mathematical Whiz Grabac, Lydia -............... ......... W alking Encyclopedia Gregory, Norman ---.-...-.- .....................v. ..v......... Y o -Yo Champion Grell, Gl0l'l8 ............... ..,,...t,,,,..,:.,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, F igure Skater Gl'iS6l10, William ........... ......... C ommander-in-Chief of U. S. Forces Groening, Wally .........,.. , Gnnderlack, Betty ......,.. Gunderson, Norman ....... Gutowski, Corine ,......... Gyving, Joyce ..........,.. Hager, Elsie ,.......,t... Hagood, Sylvia ....,.... ...............President, Short Girls' Club ........President, Tall Girls' Club ........................,.Historian .,., Dancing Instructor ..................Vogue Model ......,.Eye and Ear Specialist Hanson, Kay ........ Harczak, John ,,..... Heller, Elsie ...........,.. Herzau, William .... ' ...... Hewing, William ......,.. Hicks, Madeline ........... Hoff, Phoebe ............. Holmberg, Mary ...... Horn, Bob ......,.......... Hoyt, Charmaine ..... Humphreys, Janet .......... Jablonski, Ray ......... Jahns, Adam ....,........ Jahns, Donald .......... Janis, Dolores ........... Jana, Altce .....,.......... Jaskulski, Eugene .,.. J ensik, Pat ...........,. Johnson, Allan ......... Johnson, Delorese . Johnson, Delores ........ Johnson, Jane ........... ......... Congresswoman ....................District Attorney ........First Woman President ...............Mayor of Chicago ................Sports Ofiicial ..........Private Secretary ........Newspaper Editor .................Prima Donna .......Tinker Toy Builder ...................Ideal Housewife ........RoIler-Skating Champ .....,.....Fountain Pen Filler ...........Man on the Stleet Designer ........................Elocutionist ...........Coldfish Collector ................Cas Station Attendant Wife ..........Chewing Gum Manufacturer ........................................Landscaper Trainer Kildare's Assistant Johnson, Marilyn ......... .,...,..........,......... C ourt Bailiff Jllelle, Rene .................. .......... A ide to General Ike .lI1l'eSChkC, Wally ....--..v .............. B aseball Umpire Kaiser. B011 .............. ............,.................... I ce-Cube Carver Kalodziej, Edwin ......... ......................,..................... T rolley Pilot Kammerer, Robert .......... ........,'., S uperman Comics Photographer Kasperowicz, Jean .......... Kaufman, Lorraine. Kehrherger, Doris Keil, Lawrence ...... Klein, John ............... Koclanis, Bessie ...... .... Kolar, Bill ................. Kolner, June ......... Kovacs, Betty ........... Klus, Hilda ....,............... Kraikowski, Marian ........ Krewer, Clara ........... Krueger, Richard ,.... .... .... Kuester, Audrey ...... Knlik, Dolores. ........ Kulinski, Frieda .......... Kurtz, Jack ,..........,.... Kusch, Vivian .............. Kuznicki, Dolores ......... Lamberg, Leonard.. Landin, Bill ....... ...,.. Lang, Audrey ............ Leach, Robert .....,.. Leftakes, Mary .....,... Lindemann, John ......... Loser, Don. ..... Makowski, Eugenia. Mallozzi, Sylvia ................ Malmgren, Everett.. Manikowski, Geraldine ......... .............Leader of All-Man Band ............Head of Escort Agency ..........................Manicurist .........................Psychiatrist ...........University President ...................Career Ctrl Painter Designer ...........World's Champion Typist ................lncome Tax Collector ....,...Metropolitan Opera Star Puller ..........,...,........Western Union Boy ...........One-Line Telephone Operator Censor Barker ........Clark Gable's Competitor ...............Baby Photographer ...................r .Policewoman ..........Willie Hoppe's Sub. Salesman ..........Kindergarten Supervisor ......f..Robert Taylor's Double .............Sailor's Sweetheart ...............,Great Physician .............Script Writer .......Candy Bar Wrapper ..........Editor of Turf Sheet ...........Cas Station Cashier 104 Markowicz, Aline ....,.... Markowski, Dolores ,...,.... .... Maslowski, Roy ....,,,., Massaro, David .......... Mathiasen, Lillian .,,...., Mattes, Lee .................,.,. Maxson, Ralph ,,.,.............. McCormick, Beverly .....,..... Meyer, F10 ........................ Micele, Rose ........v...v...... Michalek, Edward ,.,..... ....... . Moczulewski, Dorothy ........ Moeller, Loretta ..,.. ....,..... Mona, Jo .......,........... Morck, Shirley .......,... Murphy, Vernell .......... Mutchnik, Phyllis ........ Naliborski, Dorothy ....... Natzke, Leo ...............,,.., Nelson, Adele ..........v.. Nicketta, Marie ...... Novak, Jackie ....... Nielsen, Dick ............. Nielsen, Marilyn ....,,..... Nitti, Theresa .....r....... 0'Connor, James ....,., Oleksy, Loretta ...... Olsen, Randy ............... Olstad, June .....i.........,,..,., Owsianowski, Loretta .......,. Owsianowski, Lorraine Green Sweater Manufacturer Reviewer ..................Volley Ball Champ .,.....Fullback for Notre Dame ....Cross Word Puzzle Expert Keys ..........Sunday School Teacher ....................Gazette Reporter .........Course Book Designer ......,.......Atomic Scientist Artist .Q .......... President's Secretary ..,......Chicago Bears' Halfhack .....,...............Checker Champ .......,.Domineering Housewife ......,...........Pencil Qesigner ............................,.....Executive ..........Earl Carroll Stage Hand Instructor ., ......, Harvard Cheer Leader ........................ Singing Judge ..,,.....,Salt Shaker Manufacturer ...........,...Street Car Conductor , .......... Sweet Water Druggist .,.........Debate Champion .......................Promoter ............Lady Marine ...,.,...Business Woman .........,.......,,..........,.......Modiste Pat!-icglli, Joe ,,,,,,,,,.,,,v,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, B arher College Professor Palsy, Betty 4,A,.,,,,,,,,, ...................... C ongresswoman Pawlicki, Dolores ........ ............-........,.... M ad Pi8IliSI Peck, Betty ,.,,,,.,,..,,,,,,,,,, ........, L ife-Saver of Goldfish Peletz, Geraldine ....,..... Penczek, Dolores .......... Peters, Bob ......... C ....... Petersen, LaVerne .....,. Petersen, Raymond ....,,,.. Peterson, Charles ......,... Petrie, Joan .............. Pietryzyk, John ,.,...... Platt, Eunice .......... Pokorney, Rita .......... ....................Fash1on Model .....,i......Pin-Up Designer .......,.........Midget Car Racer ,..,.......Sinatra's Press Agent Chemist ....:........Jive Teacher ...........Tax Collector ......,......,Silent Partner ........,,.Magazine Reader i........Eye-Brow Stylist Pnsson, Dorothy ,,,,..,,,,.,,,i ..................... T rack Champ Pulkownik, Lucille ,,,,,.,,., ,...... E ditor of Floral Life Puzcan, Dolores ......,,..., ..........................i..........., L ie D8I8Ci0I' Radziewski, Delores ........ ........ A uthor of "Tomorrow's History" Raulli, Ernest ,v,,,,,t,,,.,,,t ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, A rthur Murray Instructor Ray, Lorraine ,,,,,,,,,,., ................................... S teno Teacher Redman, Lee ,,,,,.,,,,, ..,.,...,...,........ A tom Bomb Salesman Redt-ter, Mgt-gig t4,., .,.,,..,., B ubble Gum Demonstrator Reichert, Marie ..... ...................i........... M urine Mascot Reimgnn, Joan ,,,,,,,,,,, ...,............... M odel Housewife Raiser, Pat ,,,,,A,.,.,,,,,,, ........... T ypesetter's Assistant Rissling, Ray ................. --------a----------a--4-- .l BCP Dealer Rosenvold, Mildred ......... ......... B londe Bombshell I -1 Rowan, Gloria .......... Ruff, Margory ......... ...............Carrot Grower ..........Volley Ball Champ Ryan, Dorothy ,........ ,.................. .............. B a llet Star Salzman, Art ................ ....... M r. Anthony's Competitor Sculetta, Catherine ......... ........................... H airdo Stylist Schroeder, Don ........ .,,,.,,,.,,,,,, S uperxnan Fan Schultz, Albert ....... Schultz, Beverly .......... Schultz, Loretta .......... Schumaker, Dorothy. Sedgeley, Marilyn ...... Seeley, Lois .................. Sierzega, Bernice ........ Skarhek, Marietta ...... Smith, Marva ,...,.,,....... Sone, Regina ............ Staeh, Harold ....,.......... Strexlicki, William ........ Stunnan, Don ...,...... Suchta, Al ............ Sveudsen, June ......... Swanson, Art ............... ........Warsaw Embassy Porter Szepkowski, Adeline .......... Talent, James ......... Thielen, Dolores ......., Thom, Jeanne .......... Thomas, Dorothy ....... Thomas, Lillian ......... ....,...........Pencil Salesman B. Bowling Champ ......."Shoo Fly Pie" Baker ..............Baseball Umpire ...............Vocal Teacher ..................Public Advisor ,... Golden Gloves Champ .........Spike Jones' Vocalist ................Trumpet Player ....,...,..........Lovely Lady ..........Private Secretary ..........Shoe Salesman ....................Cubs' Pitcher ..,.......Race Track Owner Dana Andrews ...................,....Ballet Dancer .......Sports Commentator ..........Sai1or's Sweetheart Editor Tllrane, Pat .................. ..,,.,,.,, T ight Rope Walker Tomazewski, Dolores ........ ..............,.. F ootball Coach Tuchowski, Alice ,........... .,,..,..........,,,.,,.. W oman Aviator Tudron, Andrew ........ Tudron, Frank ......... Turala, Louis .,......... Turner, Robert .... ., Uhlberg, Axel ....... Urban, Carol ......., Valenzo, Philip ......., Vesey, Gary .............. Voss, Harold ............. Votipka, Florence ....... Wach, Gertrude ......,.... Waghorne, Eleanor ........ Walsh, Margie .,...,.,... Wall, Robert ..........,... Weld, Dorothy. ..,....,..,,, .. Werbicki, Stephanie .......... Wllhms, Dick ..,.....i.....,... Winters, Lois .....,......... Wolfgarth, Art ,,,... Yokley, Dolores .........v Zahos, Patricia ...,...,v... . ..,...... Singing Telegraph Boy ..........Infom1ation Please Dancer ......................Detective .........,..,,...,Dean of Boys' Town Petty Girl "Pitcher" Taker Dealer ..........Politician ..............,.Bricklayer .......,Grammar Teacher ........Cubs' Press Agent ...........Police Woman ..,..,........Peanut Vendor ........Cahdy Manufacturer ..............One-Man Band Instructor ......................Jockey .........Mustang Mascot ........Chicken Farmer Zavacki, Ronald ...,..,.. ...,...,,.........,.,,,,,,,,,,.,. W ater Boy Zelent, Shirley ......... Ziegler, Betty ........... Zmich, Evelyn .,....,... ...............,....,....Private Secretary ...........Professional Gum Chewer Senator 105 106 CAM Most Popular Most Attractive Most Athletic Most Dignified Most Studious Best Dressed Best Dan cers Best Matched Couple - Most Likely to Succeed - Most Witty Most Dependable Most Cooperative Most Versatile Wofaddd -'june 1946 Ray Connelly Joe Carava Bob Bornell Bill Grischo John Klein Leonard Lamberg Ernie Raulli Don Sturman Roy Gisler Adam .lahns Randy Olsen Ralph Maxson Dick Curran Madeline Hicks Rita Diekman Joann Ernst Margie Dailidas Audrey Kuester Virginia Ryder Corrine Gutowski Eleanor Waghorne Audrey Lang June Svendsen Pat .lensik Marietta Skarloeck Adele Nelson Cfw Wofali june 1946 . , , 2' ,A Q X! VW .fdufogralak gvfiu. 5 ' W j? 4410-' " , , yo' 4 Q-5'9MttM , vywwzaw 72,4211 "?f1fQ.,ffj2Z'M , VFW U' 0,201 pkofographg - gailrion .sifuaho j c o M P A N Y 115 WEST SUPERIOR SYIEEY ,4oma4l4 of Dwtazctdon Confllfl PIOUUCYION FROM COVER TD Co ll F PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMEN SUPERIOR ENGRAVING C0 P ff ,gf fm ik A 33 5? ,wi cv 1 gifs W 1.1 13 :cis JVM, Q vs! Jf Y Jia? fg..f6 r "1" ' 7 'Y E , 1 491. 'Q . -ul - 'Vw 1 x' ,, . F . . N ,l ,-Lv 5 T 5, Q, w , 0' ,W 1 Lx ff, df' -'-.1 X., ax My . Q v ff , bk V 6. hi? A .IJ :Hx I ,xtiji yi .X I 5 QE I ? F 2 5 I l 5 3 5 5 5 a 5 E Q H !

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