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Text from Pages 1 - 108 of the 1944 volume:

Ae 0lf'8lfVL6UfLlfL6L I 9 4 4 IN THE FORM OF A SENIOR MEMORY BOOK PRESENTED BY THE JUNE AND JANUARY SENIOR CLASSES OF FOREMAN HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO Too frequently living is thought of as far off in the clim future: but Foreman stresses the importance of living now. We are sharply aware that the teen-age part of our lives is of great importance to the Whole World: and that our school must place more emphasis upon living in the present. Much of the energy of our high school years is spent acquiring the character so neces- sary as the foundation of the new world which we must build. We have inherited the wreckage of our parents' generation. In order to rebuild We need not merely the tools of science and the arts - of medicine, of law, and of engineer- ing. These are good: but they are not enough. We must learn how to use these tools for the freedom of mankind, not for the freedom of some and the oppression of others. We must see how to use the tools of our fathers to rebuild our fathers' world. This would be education for action: the kind We need now, in 1944. -nf ooloerafion 194.6 f ggwag Mcfory Foreman's students have thrown themselves wholeheatedly into the war effort. During the semester all first period classes brought in Waste paper. The R. O. T. C. took over the responsibility of this tremendous job. In one drive alone 155,391 lbs. of Waste paper was collected. Each Wednesday during division cakes, candy, gum, cigarettes, and money are contributed by the students for the servicemen and donated to the U. S. O. Frances Foreman is the name of the busy club which corres- ponds with Foreman's alumni, both men and women, in all branches of the service. Eighteen girls from the Iunior Red Cross collected Sl73.86 from the students for the Red Cross War Fund f Campaign. Cooperating again, Foreman Students collected 1,500 garments for the Russian War Relief drive. I Inaugurated December 8, 1941 the flag ritual O ' has continued to play an important part in the daily division period activities throughout the school. 5 N 9 t f These and many other activities, too i A lx numerous to mention, prove l:'oreman's P A patriotism. , . 325235, TX A ,af if .'f'fQ'f" "ff 25537 1 M' 3162! ,guy J 1 , gzip' Dsywqgtigjif :glyph Rl, ,ff ' , .3 5 "tins .iffy 5 'CII fi? 31.2 tftlffinuiv 5:51 ' C ' , .3ug,::':l3""', l,.w.l ' 0 mt... ' 53 ,1-" ,mg - ,mf ,,,,,-asia.. 'f' . -1,lB.tYM ff' 'T , A 'M 4 ,,,.,f-"' KT ' ,,,f.f, , ,ut ff M-A-M WM Kafiaerine Qyan, Qfinccpa Jk 7,Q,-'uf,f,L L! ,g f 4. f J, y Miss Ryan confers with seniors lean Matusiak and Anselm Schumacher. When students carry their responsibilities capably, they are given greater responsibility. Miss Ryan's office frequently presents a picture of students who are about to "learn by doing," for responsibility is the symbol oi growth. Fine traditions of the nation's best schools require many years to build, and are always in the process of change. Miss Ryan, our principal, represents at once both the spirit of tradition and the spirit of change. Wise leadership can retain what is valuable in the old, and can discover what is desirable in the new. Each semester sees the progress which Foreman makes under such leadership. Miss Ryan is vigorous in securing for her students the opportunity to cultivate the traditional virtues ot sound character: and is patient as she watches them emerge trcm the uncertainties of youth to the sure-footedness of adult life. Her vigor and her patience make it possible for Foreman to take its place among the best schools. Page 9 Mr. McHale - the program man - takes time out to chat genially with one of his helpers. In room 124 he is all business-answering questions about the size of a class, or about the requirements for graduation-but he can quickly shift his attention to the lighter things of life. QCl"Qf6LI"L6L if ffm Jcfaoofmac inerg l"lfL ' K L5 Mae oi! wlaicfa A eep5 lfmlfng 5WL00fA!y Mrs. Hanley and Mrs. O'Donne11 " dmoming" to smile cr cheery goo - they enter the Miss Blumenthal as office for their daily work as office secretaries. I Miss McManus, Foreman's new ervi'es assist efficient librarian, sup s ants Ieanette Ziegler and Betty Tyn- dal ' t book card. l as they try to find a los Q. 'nd' me Hoff Ay Me experience 'E of fA0f58 IMAO A0108 90148 AQAIAQ Miss Harkins, working here with one ol her clerks, guides students in their adjustment difficulties. Mr. Deering and Mrs. Voelz, class advisors, straighten out a studenfs problem. Page 12 Miss Hirons helps the students find employment which is suitable and agreeable to them. CC I . . W VVLIOOJZIL 8 L55 61, DUO!" W8 VLQUQI' 14:58 UPPER RIGHT PICTURE: Miss Connor cczlls the attention of Miss Stern cmd Miss Wendt to on interesting passage in the book she is reading. LOWER RIGHT PICTURE: Mrs, Bramkamp reaches for fx book so that she, too, may join in the chcrt over the new books with Miss Zeeb, Miss Stewart, cmd Mrs. Talbot. WWX W us.-M.....,, on-0" ...J dull? wilja ffm 1,0559 an ye 5 6L e wwe 77 Mr Jenkms cmo lVI1s Kmert look on cis Mr Fossler dmgrcxms Mrs Kennedy MISS ONe111 cmd MISS Kmdermun chscuss cz i iii 2,1 f l ,f"'v rl RL ggwcafion flf'6LlfLf5IflfLif5 me WQQAA of 1fA8 61,9855 ,IXM5 om id 61, ear WUPLLA Laying Page 16 Commercial teachers Mr. Sazama, Mr. Ulveling, Mrs. Anderson, and Miss Sheehy manipulate office machines and mark papers. Miss Cooney, Miss Costello, Mrs. Mussehl and Mrs. Nieland look over work turned in by their commercial classes. gyncafion id or comloilfe 6115149 r Miss Przydatek and Mr. Seskind prove an interested audience as Mrs. Jerome demonstrates the steam engine, Mr. Keating, Mr. Pawlicki, Mr. Powers and Mr. Mouw work on an experiment in Physics. Biology teachers Miss Kelly, Mrs. Nerhus, and Mrs. Voelz discuss a case to be exhibited in their classes. Page 1 7 +A' R YZ i L4 Page 18 C GLPQQ fo A8810 .Q ACLUQ7, Mrs. Hycxtt and Miss Hardy. two of the gym teachers, have a conference with Genevieve Zimka. a student, on volley-ball techniques. Coaches Zahorik, Kipp, and Malofi comment on a body conditioning exercise. Mr. Sollo and Mr. Deering stress a point oi importance in mechanical drawing. W, lit. H flfiyw Mae Am Mr. Stadtler and Mr. Sickle dig into the depths of the tool room for hidden treasure. Mr. Herringshaw and Mr. Buccaro getting the "low down" on a job of printing for one of Foremcm's many activities. Classes in "Clothing" really study styles. Miss Quetsch and Mrs. Ruth Anderson get a preview. Miss Meek and Mr. Reid discuss the "pros and cons" of a choral selection, ft. me 3552133 I:3.5w Page 19 eniom g -wh J 1 gy ' Q Mm..-ssl! :W , n n ,X , x X Taking a moment's breathing spell during a busy whirl of senior activities, the three active. popular. and co-operative 4A officers smile graciously for the photographer. Seated on the stairs is the secretary, Dorothy Redrier: to the left, Iohn Grember, vice-president: to the riqht, Iohn Kolimas, president. Page 23 I I l ANDERSEN, TOM "Swede" "Garden ot the Moon": "Iohnny on the Spot": Fore- manual Stall '41: Rep., Foremanual: Rep.. Foreman News. amusing, peppy, ambitious ANDERSON. BETTY IEANNE ,,AndY,. Rep., Foreman News: G.A.A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Latin Club. friendly, petite, tlirtatious ANDERSON. IUNE B. M ,,AndY,, Spanish Club: French Club. shy, unassuming, swee ATKINSON, LORRAINE L. "Ackie" AACH, VIOLET "Aachie" G.A.A.: German Club: Chess Club: Girls' Glee Club Band Letter. athle ic, friendly, c ree A A FRE ' , , I. 5 , Avi 'on l li.-- of ,tw tra als Hall Guard. N musical, In-ischi - . 1 eclc - ALBRECI-IT, l "Sugar" G.A.A.: Senior Girl Boosters quiet easy going mce AMBROSE, PHILOMENIA "Mania" Box Ollice: Spanish Club: Polish Council. vivacious, 4 l Board of Control. G.A.A.: Letter Girl: Ring Committee: Rep., Class Dues: Rep.. Foremanual: Slide Rule Cl ' Math X Club: Student Leader. ambitious, talkative, athletic AULERT. FRANK R. Circulation Mgr., Foreman News: Business News: Chess Club: Intramurals. reserved, quiet, casual BAGGER, BETTY IEAN "Bets" Sec., Division: Recording Sec., English, Civics, tory: G.A.A.: White Collar Girls: Self-Analysis Club. amiable, modest, accommodating Page 24 M His- 5 -7- w-.-. ----f v t BAIRD. LOIS MAE "Board" Sec., G.A.A.: lunior Honor Club: Letter Girl: Rep., Student Council: Photographers Club: Bowling Team: Box Oflice. daring, tlirtatious, chummy BANNON, IEAN L. 'V "Butter Ball" Attendance Sec., Division: G.A.A.: Senior Girl Boosters. lil: . y a't, pretty 5- A, ,V f BA HAF. ELAINE 1 7 Rep., War Stamps: Asst., Office: G.A.A.: Boosters: Asst., Bookroom: Spanish Club. Senior Girl tiny, friendly, obliging BARANOWSKI, LORRAINE L. "Lot" Miusic Appreciation Club: Capt., Bowling Team: Vice- pres., Divisior' Sec., Drama. X well-dressed, attractive, serene 1 l BARSOTTI, ROBERT l. "Bob" Aviation Club: Rep.. Foreman News: Drum and Bugle Corps, R. O. T. C. humorous, nonchalant, dark BATZ. IAMES EDWARD uhm.. National Honor Society: P. A. System: Pres., Radio Club: Fire Marshal: Vice-pres., Math Club: Boys' Glee Club Foreman Scholastic Guardians. brilliant, courteous, quiet BEN GSON, CHARLES H. "Chuck" Baseball: Football: Lettermen's Club: Capt., B. O. T. C. Chairman, Military Ball Committee: Mgr., Basketball Team: Bowling Team: Scabbard and Blade. good-looking, sociable, easy-going BERG. LOIS MAE NLC., Treas., Division: G. A. A.: Service Club: Spanish Club: Music Appreciation Club. I pretty, genial, fun-loving BERGLUND, ROLAND S. ,.Berg,, "Garden ol the Moon": A Cappella Choir: Swimming Team: Christmas Choralogue: P. A. System: Hall Guard: R. O. T. C.: Competitive Platoon. talented, witty, good-looking BERNEY. RICHARD T. "Bloclchead" Vice-pres., Lettermen's Club: Football: Varsity Pigskin: Intramurals. tall, blond, athletic Page 25 i BLOCK. LORRAIN ' My A "Block" A Aviation Club: G. . ' c., on: Atten Division. ff l d , cute, sual BOESSEL, AUDREY R. "Bussels" G. A. A.: Letter Girl: Swi g Fish. athletic, peppy, likeable BOGALECKI, GLORIA MAE Se., Division: Board ot Control, G. A. A.: Rep.. War Sta s: Asst., Bookroom: Current Trends Club: Spanish Cl : Bowling: Foreman Scholastic Guardians. sedate, poised, cooperative OFF, VIN ' "Bud y" 2nd L' ., . . C.: Scabbard and Blade: Competi- tive Plat ' Ca ella Choir. vent us, frank, good-humored BOLIN, I OYCE "Mouse" Sec., Aviation Club: Bowling Team: Attendance Secre- tarv. witty, popular, trim BORNELL. FRED I. "Rick" Hall Guard: Messenger: Bowling Team: Rep., Safety Council: Rep., Red Cross. good-natured, square, courteous BRAZEI., EILEEN IIDSECTSH Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Beto Club: National Honor Society: G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club. studious, amiable, sincere BUBAN. LOIS NLD., Pres., National Honor Society: A Cappella Choir: Sec., Safety Council: Monogram: Typist, Foremanual: Rep., War Stamps: Drama Club: Spanish Clxub. dignified, tranquil, alert BURMAN, HARRIETT E. "Harry" X X Sec., O. C. D.: Rep.. Foreman News: G. A. A.: eadin Club: Collector, Servicemen's Center. literary, talkative, reliable CAPALETY, DOLORES ,,CQp,, National Honor Society: Attendance c., Forem Scholastic Guardians: Hall Guard: Asst., V istr I G. A. A.: White Collar Girls. W ' debative, neat, capable r X t Page 26 . I ....... , Nm :Ag Aiirigtiisl 'S it 'oAEL1No. BETTY BELLE "Squattie" A Cappella Choir: Sec., Division: Treas., Division: Treas.. German Club: Hall Guard: Bond Rally: Minstrel Show: Spring Festival. musical, cheerful, froli CHAPMAN. VAL 754414 G A A Girls Glee Club Student Council daring, easy-going, gay 4 CHASEN. LORETTA IANE HLOIH Treas., Senior Girl Boosters: Service Club: G. A. A. talkative, spry, magnetic CHENEY, EILEEN A. ul., Self-Analysis Club: White Collar Girls: Senior Girl Boosters: Rep., Student Council. silent, pleasant, conservative CHEVALIER, IACQUES E. Pres., French Club: National Honor Society: Beto Club: "Garden of the Moon": Round table: Central Radio Work- shop. unyielding, studious, wellegroomed Crusty ,LI A 4 CHRISTY. JEROME 4394i 0 Basketball Team: Letter s Club: Intr urals: Fire Marshal: Rep., Foreman News: Hall Gua d: Foreman, Print Shop: Box Office. good-natured, devilish, jovial COMFIELD, IEAN l'COUIf'l Spring Festival: Rep., Foreman News: Bowling: G. A. A.: Drama Club: Asst., Gym Office: Candy Seller: Hall Guard: A Cappella Choir, glamorous, sophisticated, talented CONNELLY, BARBARA "Barb" Sec,. Division: Pres., Self-Analysis Club: Commissioner, Student Council. sensible, popular, cute 1 lf. C'ORDA. ly!! A 1 "Scottie' P 5 Rep., Stymps: A. A.: R ., Student Council: A t. 1b r1a.nfS r4Gir Booste , ep., Foreman News. x 1mdi4',fl l, courteous CO' . DUANE P. ,,DeWY,. Prom Committee: Editor-in-Chief, Foremanual: "Garden of the Moon": A Cappella Choir: Safety Council: Treas., Division: Christmas Choralogue: P. A. System. considerate, "in the groove," clean-cut Page DALE. HAROLD A. "Bud" Pres., Senior Prom Committee: Scabbard and Blade: Capt., R. O. T, C.: Capt., Ushers. ff? f ready, Willing, able jfflv fy an if f . 4. DAMATO. NICHOLAS I. JJ "Jojo" JA Physics Club: Curent Trends Club: lntrdmurals. witty, lively, direct A Y DANIELS, SHIRLEY JEAN "Danny" G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boo ters: Music Appreciation Club: Ma Club: Roller Club: Gir ' Gl Club: Spanish Club. modest, agr ble, arnest V S, 'OLORES ,Pe ,, Na n on Society War Stamps: Monogram: - . . : hit i Sec., German Club: Hall G rd: i Gir rs. ustwor , loyal, enthusiastic DeMET, DOROTHY .. Do t.. Treas., G. A. A.: National Honor Society: "Garden ol the Moon": Monogram: Orchestra: Literary Editor, Foremanual. cooperative, elfervescent, alert DESTREE, DORIS ,.Red.. Current Trends Club: French Club: Senior Girl Boosters: G. A. A.: Music Festival. reserved, natural, considerate Page 28 CRAVENS, THOMAS R. ..Tom.. Capt., R. O. T. C.: National Honor Society: Scabbard and Blade: Competitive Platoon: Orchestra: Hall Guard. shy, intelligent, militaristic CRIST, GERALD A. "Gerry" Asst. Sports Editor, Foreman News: Commissioner. Student Council: Monogram: Basketball Team: Baseball Team: Sports Editor, Foremanual: Rep., Youth Conference: Know Chicago Club. popular, likeable, peppy CUMMINGS, LORRAINE T. HLOHYH Sec., Division: Servicemen's Correspondence Club: G. A. A. composed, aloof, leisurely CZEMSKI, NORBERT "Norb" Chairman, Committee: Pres., Division: Rep., War Stamps. accommodating DICKMAN. RUTH C. "Red" G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Music Appreciation Club: Spanish Club. shy, loyal, sincere DiPADOVA, GLORIA B. MGM. Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Spanish Club: Hall Guard. cooperative, dependable, friendly DITTMER, EUNICE M. ,,DippY,, National Honor Society: G. A. A.: Letter Girl: Board of Control, G. A. A.: Monogram: Asst., Librarian: Camera Club: Self-Analysis: Bowling. lovable, cute, neat DOMBROWSKI, ELMER L "Dumbo" Sec., Varsity Pigskin: Football Team: Lettermen's Club. athletic, manly, sociable , , 1. an K ...J Nl.-O":r'gy', 0' X U of 1 v ,li ' DRAKE, RUBY . , ' ,,ShOnY,, V. 1 I .icfu I . G. A. A.: Se s C spondence Club my lirtatioujelfervescent NORMA D. mr Gi osters: Math Club: G. A. A.: Pres., Division: Qi ' on. l happy-go-lucky, smiling 4 ll DUDDA, LEONA R. "Lee" 'ae' Student Council: Senior Girl Boosters. unconcerned, funeloving EADS, BETTY L. "Bets" Rep., O. C. D.: G. A. A.: Self-Analysis Club: Collar Girls. reserved, u ing, o iderate . EDIN. "Mill d ' . A. AJ l Guard: White Collar s: 'rl ura : Cub: Messenger. si e e -lovin , lively EDWARDS, ELEN M. ,,EddY,, Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Swimming Fish: Pan- American League: Asst., Registrar: Spanish Club: Rep., Student Council: Rep., Red Cross: Messenger. temperamental, hardy, sporty Page 29 va' W w l ENGEN, MAE IEAN "Engine" Pres., G. A. A.: Letter Girl: Spanish Club: Student Leader: A Cappella Choir: Minstrel Show: Aviation Club: Pres., Division. wholesome, personality plus, quick-witted ep' .l3 in .L gggai' Clutopgvbarefrilu qenerous A X, 'XS X1 'xwX-xXmX tx FAELLACI, WILLIAM H. "Fleabite" Lieut. Col., R. O. T. C.: Scabbard and Blade: Com- mander, Competitive Platoon: National Honor Society: Latin Club. militaristic, poised, intelligent FAHRFORTH, HELEN R. X "Frenchie" M French Club: G. A. A.: Iunior Ho or Club: Rep., Stu ent Council: White Collar Girls: Hall Guard. cordial, gay, alert FRADONO. THERESA A. ,,TeUY,, National Honor Society: Senior Girl Boosters: G. A. A.: Service Club: Asst., Registrar. vigorous, chummy, mischievous FRANCES, BEIRNICE A. nBeInyu Sec., Division: Pres., Senior Girl Boosters: Spanish Club: White Collar Girls: Sketch Club: G. A. A. petite, cordial, peppy FREITAG. GLORIA C. "Less" Sec., Civics: Accordion Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Minstrel Show: A Cappella Choir: Bond Rally: Music Festival: Drama Club. ' ,- . rlusical, radiant, impressive x FRYMARK, RUTH L. ' g "Snakey" 6 G. A. A.: Rep., Student Council: Drama Club. r sedate, calm, refined FRYSTAK, ADELINE E. "Della" G. A. A.: Pres., White Collar Girls: Latin Club: Polish Club: Messenger: Pres., Division: Asst., Office: Rep., Student Council. dramatic, independent, talkative FUNAI, LORETTA A. HLOUYH Music Appreciation Club: G. A. A.: Pan-American Club: Bowling: Asst., Placement Counselor: Asst., Office. fun-loving, peppy, casual Page 30 GARSTKA. IRENE P. HI., Sec., Division: Pan-American Club: Rep., G. A. A.: Capt., Hall Guard: Monogram: Iewelry Committee: Girls' Glee Club. happy-go-lucky, tall, chummy G-AST, GLADY CE A. "Gee-Gee" A Cappella Choir: Senior Girl Boosters: G. A. A.: Sec., History class: Music Appreciation Club: Minstrel Show! Candy Drama Club. exotic, starry-eyed, flirtatious GENT'II.E. LORRAINE I. "Larry" Attendance Sec., Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Music Appre- ciation Club: Aviation Club. pretty, interesting, dependable GIBISCH. IAMES G. uhm., Aviation Club: Chess Club: Hall Guard: Student Council. reckless, nice-looking, energetic GILES, LORRAINE K. HLOHYH National Honor Society: A Cappella Choir: Minstrel Show: Vice-pres., Beto Club: Foreman Scholastic Guar- dians: Rep., War Stamps: Spanish Club: G. A. A. pretty, reserved, carefree GIMNIG, GRACE E. "Gracie" G. A. A.: German Club: Girls' Glee Club. jolly, frank, unassuming GINOCCHIO, RAY A. "Pinocchio" Football: Track: Band Letter: Orchestra: Chess Club: Aviatio Club. per istent coat!-looking, musical , I G . I . ' ' u nie" - KR u ent cil: G. A. ' Ha uard: Messenger: irl ntr r : Rep., Red r . Drama Club: Senior ' Booste s. coque ' , 1 eable popular GORSKI, SYLVIA M. ,,SYd,, Rep., Student Council: Hall Guard: G. A. A.: White Collar Girls. tall, straight forward, frank GRAF. VIVIAN "Viv" Sec., National Honor Society: Bowling: Recording Sec.. G. A. A.: A Cappella Choir: "Garden of the Moon": Minstrel Show: Camera Club: Monogram. jolly, cute, dainty Page 31 GUTZMER, IEAN L. "Gussy" Rep., G. A. A.: Letter Girl: Rep., Student Council: A Cappella Choir: Minstrel Show: Carnival: Asst., Office: Music Festival. responsive, gifted, reliable HAAS. ANN "Annie" G. A, A.: Cheerleader: Senior Girl Boosters. peppy, carefree, pleasant HAASE. IOEL M. NIO.. National Honor Society: Service Club: Sec., Latin Club: Pres., Math Club: G. A. A.: Minstrel Show. brilliant, dependablehclever HANETHO, MARION "Hanetlco" G. A. A.: Rep., Foremanual: Rep., Student Council. good-natured, amusing, likeable HANSEN. CAROL THAN Mindy., G. A. A.: Fashion Drawing Club: Spanish Club. agreeable, creative, honest HARDIES. SHIRLEY "Shirl" Girls' Glee Club: Knitting Club: Spanish Club: Hall Guard: Messenger. , devilish, nonchalant, happy Page 32 A GREMBER. IOHN P. "Johnny" Vice-pres., 4A Class: Sports Editor, Foreman News: Letterman: Chief Fire Marshal: Chairman, Clean-Up Com- mittee: Bowlirig: Monogram. popular, witty, good-mixer GREVAS, PHYLLIS K. "Phil" Program Chairman, National Honor Society: Candy Seller: Letter Girl: Red Cross: Rep., War Stamps: Rep., Foreman News: Rep., G. A. A.: A Cappella Choir. butterflyty, alert, lively GRUPP. ROLF R. "Ralph" Stage Hand: Physics Club: Hall Guard: Aviation Club. chummy, good-natured, tranquil GULLAND, DOROTHY M. "Dottie" G. A. A.: Drama Club: Current Trends Club: "Johnny on the Spot": "Garden of the Moon": Rep., Student Council: Sec., Division. sophisticated, attractive, dependable PJ r mn 1 f HAYES, RICHARD E. ' ML! ff fix unter' fy J ' " . I Pres., Chess Club: Student Council. ' M, , f' "l . nice, jolly, different J f I yi, 3 1 HELRMANSEN, GERTRUDE "Gertie" Pres., Vice-pres., Sec.. Treas.. Division: Asst., Registrar: Girls Intramurals: Hall Guard: Messenger: National Honor Society: White Collar Girls. determined, genial, comical HERULA. LORRAIN E E. "Butch" Student Council. athletic, smilin , audacious HOLLATZ, HENRY L. ff "Hank" rv 'ff ll Hall Guard: First Aid Club: Current 'llfends Club. silent, individualistic, unemolional Z fc! A31 ' HORN. NIE 'L ,ty H88 Keyes" 91,--:tix o"If-- Football Team: Lettermcfn: Intr r , l Guard. athletic, ummy, ge HORTON, VESPER "Shorty" Pres., Handwriting Analysis Club: National Honor Society: Camera Club: G. A. A.: Rep., War Stamps: Mes- senger: Hall Guard: Aviation Club. independent, adept, calm HU R, L N , . 1 UBI' , W ? I . s., Polish Cub: c., 'in: T g Club: Rep.. Student Cou . - e ' a le, sp ling daring I 1AcoBsE , c ARD ALLAN t 16541 f Hlaken , Pres., Divisi : Pres., Curr Trends Club: Pres., History Class: Chess Club. easy-going, calm, quick IAGLA, BRUNO F. ,,Babe,, Chess and Checker Club: Treas., Civics Class: Vice- pres., English Class. solemn, courteous, composed IANTZ, LQVERNE "Vernie" Pres., German Club: White Collar Girls: Senior' Girl Boosters: Bowling: G. A. A.: Hall Guard: Rep.. War Stamps. dignified, sincere, obliqinq Page 33 l K IARZOMBEK, ELEAN VSV . MEIN , Sec.. History l s: de Sen- irl Boosters: Polish u G A. . f' ' ' care r , te rame I ikeah! Of IASKINSKI. FRANK K "Cream Puff" Baseball Team: Basketball Team: Baseball Club: Rep., Safety Council: Asst., War Coordinator. K athletic, cute, cordial . I I! y rw wr l ri um ,. . PE fo NALD I? gf ' a ., . O. T. C.: Asst., Head Usher: Scabbard and , I Sade. ,Rl 3 X' handsome, militaristic, impressive IECZALA, DOROTHY "Dot" Rep.. Student Council: G. A. A.: Sec., Polish Club: Minstrel Show. brisk, accommodating, pleasant IENSEN. MARIORIE "Marge" Pres., Know Chicago Club: G. A. A.: Rep., Student Council: Chess Club: First Aid Club. swell, attractive, composed lOI-INSON. BARBARA HBUbSu Treas., French Club: G. A. A.: White Collar Girls: Ha I Guard. good-natured, ke ble, generous IOHNSON, CORRINE E l ucreepyu Drama Club: G. A. A.: Art Club: Mesenger: Hall Guard: Rep., Safety Council: Senior Girl Boosters. mischievous, artistic, jolly IOHNSON, ELMER "lol-inse" National Honor Society: Football Team: Letterman: Prom Committee: Rep., Student Council: Varsity Pigskin: Pres., Division: Intramurals. gymnastic, active, manly IOHNSON, JAMES T. X. K, lllimll I 'Y Officer, R. O. T. C.: Sec., Civics Class: Prom Committee: Scabbard and Blade. witty, handsome, devilish Q, Z . yu IOHNSON. VIOLET I-I. "johnny" 3 A Service Club: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: National Honor Society: Handwriting Analysis Club: Girls' Glee Club. I .A A cooperative, studious, amiable , 'k n Page 34 A 4 KJ-cfgf ,ff If ,f,-.':...'G -4 ...s-vi., ,gh I 1 V ' JONES, LEO v. K-4 we-., Scabbard and Blade: Aviation Club: Rep., Safety Council: Messenger. cute, quiet, thoughtful IU TTE, FRED W. "Fritz" Chemistry Club: R. O. T. C.: Aviation Club. sociable, agreeable, enduring KARTOWICZ. MARIANNE M. "Penguin" Rep., Student Council: Drama Club: G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Pres., Division. well-dressed, cute, serious - 1 . P' KASPRZYK. FLORENCE - . A K--sf-I ' NHC., Classics Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Chemistry Club: - G. A. A.: Rep.. Saiety Council. spry, artistic, sparkling KATSALIS. NICOLETTA "Nicky" Treas., National Honor Society: Treas.. Senior Girl Booster-s: Rep., War Stamps: Sec., Division: G. A. A.: Pres., History Class. direct, playful, sociable KEELER. IUNE V. "lake" Asst. Editor, Foreman News: National Honor Society: Vice-pres., White Collar Girls: A Cappella Choir: Vice- pres., and Treas., French Club: Monogram. talented, intelligent, dreamy pil 0v-Q.dptu.6lQ1474f'f1f4f0Z- 0' " KEIL, EDWIN W. 27- ,g .J 4- g 1 HKy1.H I 5, I Scabbard and Blade: Competitive Platoon: Safety Council: Hall Guard: Usher: Messenger: Officer, R. O. T, C. smart, witty, neat KEI.LEY. VIRGINIA L. "Irish" Drama Club: Personnel: White Collar Girls. rdial, unassuming, cheerful if 'Brown I Rep dent Council: Personnel: G. A. A.: Roller Club: White llar Girls: Mixed Chorus: Rep., Foreman News: Rep., Foremanual. determined, devilish, frank KENNA. RICHARD T. "Dick" Football Team: Letterman: Varsity Pigskin: Hall Guard: Bowling. sporty, conservative, bashful Page 35 KN UDSEN, LORRAINEE I. D "Lor" . Sec., Aviation Club: Vice-pres., Division: esx if fl Class: Rep., Student Council. composed, impressive, smiling ' ' . QNJW' KOBOS. HEL I. "Dusty" Vice-pres., Nati norl ociety: Pres., Drama Class , X . f - i . . I ' .J nice, indu ious, ke 1 RA N Senior Girl Boost rs' ervice ub: Asst xZ KOLIIMAS. IOHN F. "Coker" Pres., 4A Class: Vice-pres., 4B Class: Lettermen's Club: Baseball Team: "Garden ol the Moon": Intramurals: Pres., Civics Class. popular nice looking original KONZIOLKA,'ADELE . 3 , "Della" A F V Treas., Pol' Cl : Vice-pres., Poli Club ce-pres., Division: Bo' iii : Hall Guard: Rep., Studen Council. serious, affectionate, sedate KORPAN, MARY M. "Hopeless" Asst.. Librarian: Hall Guard: Math Club: G. A. A.: Chess Club: Service Club: Student Leader. daring, audacious, happy KOSMALA, RLCHARD L. "Kaz" Stage Hand: Lieut., R. O. T. C.: M. P., Ushers: Football: Competitive Platoon: Bowling. ' sporty, hardy, cooperative Page 36 KIENINGER. FRANCES C. HFIQHN A Cappella Choir: G. A. A.: Music Appreciation Club: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: German Club. nice, dependable, musical KILIAN, LORETTA T. HLOIU Polish Club: Band: G, A. A.: Carnival: Student Council generous, industrious, affable IKING. IEAN L. njecmn Pres., Division: Sec., History Class: Rep., Student Council Aviation Club. unassuming, informal, reserved KNAPP. VIRGINIA "Gin" Vice-pres., Current Trends Club: Vice-pres., Division Senior Girl Boosters. pl sant, nonchalant, direct W W 'G'-Q. IA KRUG, ROSE MARY "Rosie" National Honor Society: Rep., Student Council: White Collar Girls: G. A. A.: Round table Discussion: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: German Club. silent, scholarly, shy KRUGER, IEAN C. 2 "Blondie" F Rep., Student Council: Rep., War Stamps: G. A. A.: Treas, White Collar Girls: Sec., Senior Gir1JBoo-stersi Mdth Club: Sec., Spanish Club: Roller Club: Girls' Glee Club. pert, fashionable, poised .- j V ' . ,M Q4 QA J I fl! KRYSTEK, DANI r P. A uf "Dan" if? Jlgqfj V' Q Pres., Accordion Club: Treas., u Ap 'ecia ron ubz Pres., History Class: A Cappe a hoirf Rep., Foreman News: Pres., Division: Rep.. Foremanual: , panish Club cooperative, versatile, super KULA. HELEN D. "Lynn" White Collar Girls: Student Council. studious, reserved, neat P' KURTZ, WALTER . , "Budd " 1 Y Pres., Current Trends ntramurals: Messenger: Hall Guard, ' , good sport, nice, jocose ROBERT S. "Fuzzy" c., Kno A higago Club: Treas., Division: Messenger: ' ent 9 'l I ambitious, humorous, friendly ,wi , MJ W I LQGRIPPE, IOSEPH A. f V "Tonto" M Football Team: Lettermen's Clu: Intramurals: Hall Guard. sociable, happy, sensible LANDAHL. NANCY l. "Nance" " G. A. A.: Aviation Club: Spanish Club: Knitting Club: Sec., Classroom. reserved, qenial, serene LaSORSO, ROSE MARY NRO., French Club: G. A. A.: Fashion Drawing Club: Sec., Aviation Club. carefree, wee, unconcerned LAST, ATHLYNE L. ,,Athy,, G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: Aviation Club: Math Club: Know Chicago Club: Sec., Classroom. tops, solemn, generous Page 37 ' LeMAY, RUTH ANN ,,Rudy,, Service Club: Asst., Office: French Club: Rep., Senior Dues. benevolent, Cooperative, trustworthy LEMPP, GERTRUDE "Lump-Lump" Vice-pres., G, A. A.: Letter Girl: Student Leader: G. A. A.: Columnist, Foreman News: Band: Vice-pres., Math Club: Spanish Club: Monogram: National Honor Society. slick chick, mizthful, rythmical LEO, LUCILLE M. "Lu Lu Belle" Rep.. G. A. A.: Locker Guard: Hall Guard: Rep., Fore- manual: French Club. quiet, frank, unconcerned LE SUEUR, MARGOT M. "Margie" Pres., Division: Sec., Senior Girl Boosters: Candy Seller: Iunior Prom Committee: G. A. A.: French Club: Roller Club: Sec., Classroom: Rep., Red Cross. affectionate, spontaneous, daring LEVY, ELAINE "Fifi" G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: Hall Guard: Aviation Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Know Chicago Club: Spanish Club. mf' good-natured, thoughtful, gay .riffs 'iff LEWIS, DARLENE L. Ay iff 'tr' "Deny" -, Capt., Hall Guard: German Club: Sec., Pan-American 1' Club: Monogram: Rep., G. A. A.: Student Leader: Sec., I Division: Iewelry Committee. ' sisterly, jovial, sentimental , . 1 , X LEWIS, OLGA, ,,LeWeY,, G 0 tary: LEZON, IRENE "Lezon" Sec., Division: Treas., French Club: Asst., Office: Polish Club: Service Club. laughing, enlightening, likeable LICHTWARK, I-IARRIET D. HHUIIYH Asst.. School Treasurer: White Collar Girls: Senior Girl Boosters: German Club: G. A. A. reserved, unyielding, studious LISKE, HILLARD I. Tiny., Major. R. O. T. C.: National Honor Society: Scabbard and Blade: Rifle Team: Pres.. Projector Club. militaristic, B. T. O., intelligent Page 38 LOCY. ELEANORE "Daisy" Sec., Current Trends Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Club: French Club: Hall Guard. athletic, responsive, natural LON N, DONALD MDM., Orchestra: Aviation Club: Student Council. obliqing, liberal, refined' LORCH, RUTH K. "Lurch" Asst., Librarian: G. A. A.: Hall Guard: Chess Service Club. reckless, fun-loving, adventurous LOREK, HARRIET M. HHGUYH Pres.. Knitting Club: Sec., Music Appreciation Club man Scholastic Guardians: G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Student Council: Handwriting Analysis Club: Polish literary, dependable, polite LUNDIN. RAYMOND "Butter Ball" Polish Club: Pore- Rep., Club. Rep., Student Council: Pres., Division: Pres., History Class. unassuming, merry, laconic MAGER, RUTH E. "Ruth" Sec., Division: Senior Girl Boosters: Candy Seller: Latin Club: Rep., Student Council: Rep., Red Cross. agreeable, true, informal MAIEWSKI, DOROTHY. .,DonY,, Sec., Current 'Trends Club: Sec., Division: Sec.. Club: Senior Girl Boosters. altcrble, helpful, natural P. I MALLECK, ANDREW Color Detail: Current Trends Club: Chess Club. reserved, calm, individualistic MANCINI, FRANCES "Fran" Polish G. A. A.: French Club: Roller Club: Sec., Aviation Club. sociable, obliging, carefree MANIKOWSKI, ELAINE "Pinky" Senior Girl Boosters: Vice-pres., Division: Current Trends Club: G. A. A.: Polish Club. cute, neat, demure Page 39 J MCPARLAND. ROBERT ,,MdC,, Capt., R. O. T, C.: Hall Guard: Military Ball mi' : Usher: Rifle Team: Letterman. militaristic, efficient, neat I 7 w Mmrz, ANNA M. Olly Gy "Anne" x I Art Club: G. A. A.: Student Council. 2 considerate, composed, good-n d 1' as ' 5 1' ' m . MILLER. LAVERNE C. "Lovey" Rep.. Student Council: G. A. A.: First Aid Club: White Collar Girls: Know Chicago Club: Chess Club Aj persistent, calm, sincer Ma, MoE:LLE:a. IOAN "Sireen" Treas., Division: Know a o : Rep. G. A. A.: Hall Guar : Cub: 'ttin : Cap Gown Committee. , MOHRMAN, HARRY H. l "Buddy" Vice-pres., Aviation Club: R. O. T. C.: Hall Guard. good-looking, calm, sincere Z MOLENDA. LORRAINE L. "Lorry" Polish Club: Sec.. Clerical Practice: Hall Guardg G. A. A.: White Collar Girls: Knitting Club. Page 40 slender, tender,t W1 unconcerned, individualistic, quiet MCMAHON. IEA "Blon 'e" MARKHAM. LORRAINE Hall Guard: Messenger: Chemistry Club: Handicraft Y Club: French Club. shy, pleasant, agreeable MARSKE, ARTHUR A. HAH., Aviation Club: Chess Club: Treas., Division: Safety Council. wgacious, casual, 'igent MATUSIAK. IEAN M. "Jennie" D. A, R. Award: National Honor Society: ec., 4B Class: "Iohnny on the Spot": "Garden oi th K oon": Letter Girl: A Cappella Choir: Capt., Candy l popular, attractiv' sw et l : Sec., Aviation Club. ciable, conservative MOORE, MARIORIE L. "Marge" National Honor Society: Sec., Division: Rep., War Stamps: White Collar Girls: Monogram: Foremanual Stait '42: Round Table Discussion: Foreman Scholastic Guare dians. studious, original, poised MROZ. LORRAINE E. "Lovie" Pres., First Aid Club: Polish Club: A Cappella Choir: Music Appreciation Club. different, persistent, quaint 9 MUN SIN GER, BLAN CHE E. "Butch" Sec., Senior Girl Boosters: G. A. A.: lewelry Committee: Rep., Foreman News: Monogram: Capt., Hall Guard: Serv- ice Club: Asst., Office. emotional, friendly, obliging NAGEL. CLARA M. "Blondie" G. A. A.: Aviation Club: Knitting Club, tlirtatious, blue-eyed, merry Fx NAKONE, OLGA Pres., and Sec., Division: Advanced Art: Sketch Club: G. A. A.: Orchestra: Handwriting Analysis Club: Pan- American Club. artistic, individualistic, exotic NELSON. KENNETH W. "Ken" Capt., Stage Hands: Pres., Division: Projector Service: Master ol Ceremonies, Talent Shows: "Garden oi the Moon": Prom Committee. debonair, ,:an C NIEMANN, ROBERT W. "Bob" Bowling: Stamp Club: Aviation Club: Sgt., R. O. T. C.: Scabbard and Blade: Lieut., M. P.: Competitive Platoon. Peclc's bad boy A :mm WIH-:wee -- .. I .. , Z Z ,. Vkpipres.. History class: Aviation Club: Student Council. talkative, easyrgoing, neat NITTI. GENEVIEVE M. "Gen" G. A. A.: French Club: Fashion Drawing: Personnel. dark, pleasant, amiable NOMELLINI, ANITA " I umbo" National Honor Society: Monogram: Sec., Division: Service Club: Rep.. Student Council: Pres., Know Chi- cago Club: Election Committee: Senior Girl Boosters. cooperative, reserved, poised Page 41 'K' OBERDING, ELSIE B. Prom Committee: Election Committee: Talent Show: Vice- pres., Division: Rep., Student Council: Pres., Civics Class: Pres., English Class: Hall Guard. hep, "on the beam," cute OLSEN. I EANNE C. Ieannie National Honor Society: Rep., War Stamps: Monogram: Senior Girl Boosters: Aviation Club: Safety Council. collegiate, attractive, energetic OLSON, BEVERLY B. "Bev" . F Pres., Aviation Club: Cap el ho r: Rep., ore- manual: Minstrel Show: Rep.. ,t Council. tall, nonchal ensible OLSSON, RUTI-I E. "Goofus" Sec.. Division: Sec., History Class: Monogram: Asst.. Librarian: Senior Girl Boosters: Self-Analysis Club, nonchalant, peppy, nice O'MALLEY. PATRICIA T. MPM., Treas., Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Social Chairman, Pan-American Club: Rep., Foreman News: Rep., Student Council: Girls' Glee Club. direct, audacious, alert ORLANDO, Ross M. ' t "Ribbidu" Know Chicago Club: G.A.A.: Ca t., l r ' ' Girl Boosters. calm, serious, depen ble 6 ORNING, GERTRUDE if "Gert" J fdfbb EMLLC Sec., Division: S .. S te Coi ci: G.A.A.: Box ?ftice: , . L bt Election Committee' Pr, m 'C . Mes- senger: Cheerleaderff 'L small, inquisitive, slander 3 A.f",, sjtvskdldx.-QV K . OBTMANN, BEVERLEY A.- "Bubbles" Pres.. Division: Vice-pres., Division: Sec., Division: Na- tional Honor Society: G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Vice-pres., Drama Class. athletic, reliable, jovial PADULA. VINCENT I. "Jimmie" A Cappella Choir: "Garden of the Mo ' , Pr ' ics Class: Christmas Choralogue. happy-go-lucky, l X PALUGA. EDWARD M. X-xx Pooclue Capt.. Stage Hands: Student Council. cooperative, intelligent, ambitious Page 42 . trfflf Eff, ,f 1 , ff f ' 6' G PANOS. THEODORE A. W ,,Ted,, Bowling: Hall Guard: R.O.T.C.: Student Council. super, musical, good-natured . ,Af"'!!-J PENAR, LORRAINE D. ffRed,1 ,- Hall Guard: Senior Girl Boosters: Current Trends Club: Beto Club: Polish Club: Service Club: G.A.A. dimpled, unobtrusive, sociable QT". l r ,jfy ! ' PERSIN, RUTH ,,PerCY,, National Honor Society: Pres., Division: Sec., Division: G.A.A.: Pres.. History Class: White Collar Girls: Sec., Civics Class: Rep., Student Council. active, trustworthy, temperamental PETERSON, ALLAN T. "Pete" A Cappella Choir: Hall Guard: Rep., Student Council: Lieut., R.O.T.C.: Physics Club: Math Club: Scabbard and Blade: Rep., Senior Dues. debative, manly, persistent PETERSON, ALVIN E. ,,Al,, Pres., Varsity Pigskin Club: Football Team: Lettermen's Club: Intramurals: "Garden of the Moon." nice-looking, individualistic, athletic PETERSON? sm "Shir" jx G .An " ., D' isi p Club: Senior Girl Booilfsik , p etty qracetul, merry PHILLIPS, MILDRED . 4 y "Millie" I '??7 ,Ldff Box Office: Latin Club: Polish Club: Safety Council: G.A.A.: Sec., Division: Personnel. twinkle-eyes, fun-loving in ,'.- PODOLSKI, RICHARD I. bf' rlRiChu " P , I in..-1' if A . . Stage Hands: Chemistry Club: Sgt., R.O.T.C.: Usher. upright, industrious, spirited j. E4 ,Q , R.flLlL,.5ll-941 ' L ' A , - 1 1 g if 'A POKRYWKA, EDWARD y 'rg I f,1i..?fh,g2f,+' 'f --sf' x "Pc-ka" chess Club: Aviation Club: Slide Rule Club: Pres.. History Class: Pres., Biology Class: Pres., Civics Class: Treas,, Biology Class: Sec., English Class. smiling, genial, responsive POWELL, LEILA L. ,,Lee,, G.A.A.: Know Chicago Club: Self-Analysis Club. studious, dependable, straight-forward Page 43 t RAY. MARIAN I. ,,Rae,, G.A.A.: Music Appreciation Club: Rep., Student Council: Sec., Division: Bowling. frolicsome, energetic, happy REDNER. DOROTHY C. "Dottie" Sec., 4A Class: National Honor Society: Rep., War Stamps: A-sst., Librarian: Typist, Foreman News: Rep., Safety Council: Current Trends Club: Music Appreciation Club. popular, cooperative, dependable REDNER. LILLIAN M. "Lill" Rep., Class Dues: Asst. Librarian: Hall Guard: Rep., Current Trends Club: Senior sweet-looking, Capt., Candy Seller: Asst., War Stamps: Pres., Division: Girl Boosters. gay, sagacious REICHERT, MARGUERITE L. "Margo" G.A.A.: White Collar Girls: Rep., Red Cross: Rep., Student Council: Usher: Service Club: Bowling. individualistic, audacious lREQ r . TO S. HR ., Ba : ., lassroom: Vice-pres., Classroom: Intra- , ss Club: Know 'Chicago Club: Rep.. Safety 'l. The Great Casanova RIP NGER. EDWARD' H. "The Whee1" Pres., English Class: Vice-pres., English Class. devilish, tall, athletic Page 44 RAEDEKE, MYRTLE W. ,.MYrt,, National Honor Society: A Cappella Choir: Monogram Sec., Division: Capt., Hall Guard: Rep., War Stamps: Rep. Foremanual: Round-table Discussion Club. gifted, sincere, refined RAETZ, GERTRUDE W. "Trudie" Servicemen's Correspondence Club: Current Trends Club Service Club: Asst., Ottice. swell, composed, serious RAUCH. ROLAND "Rollo" Bowling: Chess Club: Aviation Club: Slide Rule Club Student Council. solemn, small, laddie RAUEN, BETTY I. .,BetsY,. Sec., Division: Latin Club: Senior Girl Boosters: G.A.A. Hall Guard. tiny, fun-loving, sincere RIZIO. PATRICK ,,Riz,, Basketball Team: Intramurals: Letterrnen's Club: Box Office: Foreman, Print Shop: Hall Guard. cooperative, friendly, eager ROSA. HELEN Music Appreciation Club: Handwriting Analysis Club? Rep., Safety Council: Girls' Glee Club. quiet, pleasant, sociable IROSA. VIRGINIA E. , jean, , Attendance Sec., Division: Rep., Student Council: Know Chicago Club: Sell-Analysis Club: Reading Club: Music Festival. silent, direct, good-natured ROSS, LORRAINE E. Sec., Classroom: Music Festival: G.A.A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Personnel: Messenger: Hall Guard. peppy, coy, tall if ri if I 25: 5 ws 3 tx., Rx ll l hm It ROZETKA. MILDRED "Chiclcie" Rep., Student Council: Sec., Classroom: Chairman, ': White Collar Girls: Drama Club: G.A.A.: Know cago Club: Rep., Bed Cross. . attractive, iIing,'cl er RUT S AR L . "Ar Appreciation ub: Sen' r Chess Club. studio perative, intelligent RUTKOWSKI, ELAINE "Eno" G.A.A.: Latin Club: Rep., Red Cross: Service Club: Knitting Club: Chess Club: Beto Club. helpful, generous, pleasing RYBARCZYK, IANYE A. "Shorty" Current Trends Club: G.A.A.: Chess Club: Girls' Glee Club: Student Council. wee, audacious, happy 5 RYLKO, FLORENCE ,.Ho,, Rep., Student Council: French Club: Current' Trends Club: Chess Club. studious, enthusiastic, cooperative SAILOR. LOIS IEAN "Snookie" Head Typist, Foremanual: National Honor Society: A Cappella Choir: Sec., Division: Monogram: Drama Club: Rep., Student Council: Scrap Paper Award. conscientious, brilliant, sparkling Page 45 Q5 f '3i'l?W .. Y!! My xi X lr SANDSTROM EANNEETTE o ' ,,SCmdY,. x. G.A.A.: oreman News: Senior Girl Boosters: Supervise, Clerical Practice. vim, vigor, vitality SAWINSKI. STANLEY R. "Sawage" Student Council. silent, bashful, timid SCHABEL, LaVERN E S. "Lovey" Bowling: Senior Girl Boosters: Vice-pres.. Bookkeeping Class: White Collar Girls: German Club: Art Club: Hall Guard. nice, earnest, gentle SCI-IILLINGER. DONNA IEAN "Donna" G. A. A,: Roller Club: Senior Girls Boosters: Aviation Club: Girls' Glee Club. ,- ' flirtati s, attr t' e , , J J' . K fr fl f-' . " "' If L ' , Q1 . S KEL, AN l "Iayess" Ig' G.A.A.: Letter Girl: Election Co Mmittee: Rep.. Senior Dues: Drama Club: Aviation Club: Treas., Division: Rep., Student Council. athletic, popular, streamlined SCHMIDT, MARY LOU "Smitty" National Honor Society: Treas., Service Club: Attend- ance Sec., Division: Camera Club: German Club, intellectual, retiring, polite SCHNAUFER, MARY "Schnozz" G.A.A.: Rep., Student Council. strawberry-blonde, fun-loving SCHNEIDER, MARY ANN "M oddie" Senior Honor Club: A Cappella Choir: Sec., Student Council: Treas.. Division: German Club: Sec., Classroom: Rep., Foreman News: Hall Guard. studious, musical, active SCI-IOIEN E. IU N E M. ujunien Pres., French Club: Bowling: Rep., Red Cross: "Garden of the Moon": Drama Club: Current Trends Club: G.A.A. reserved, debative, scholarly SCI-IRAN'DT, LORAINE E. "Lorry" Knitting Club: G.A.A.: Music Appreciation Club: Hand- writing Analysis Club: Rep., Safety Council: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Band. happy, adventurous, sedate Page 46 'Q SCHUMACHER, ANSELM I. "Shoes" Football: A Cappella Choir: Rep., Foreman News: Music Appreciation Club: Rep., Student Council. Sinatrally, neat, casual SCHUSTER, IAMES T. "Punchy" Pres., Division: Vice-pres., Division: Sec., Division: Pro- iector Service: Chemistry Club: Physics Club: Bowling: Chess Club. individualistic, well-groomed, moody SHALLCROSS, JAMES Axgyj, 11, 2cJi',rf,T "Whitey" f Bowling: Know Chicago Club: Chess Club: Rep., Student Council. blond, tall, unconcemed SIERZEGA, LOUIS A. "Pete" Aviation Club: Chess Club: Hall Guard. fine fella, sociable SKALA. IOHN S. "Skeets" Know Chicago Club: Roller Club. silent, original, nonchalant SPINUZZA, ADELINE M. ,,Ad,, Pres,, Iunior Honor Club: Chess Club: National Honor Society: Pres., Division: Rep., War Stamps: G.A.A.: Math Club: Asst., Registrar. scholarly, friendly, aggressive STERN. MARY A. "Mickey" Pres., Student Leacler's Club: Spanish Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Sec., Steno Class: G.A.A.: Sec., Civics Class: Band: Letter Girl, amusing, brisk, athletic STUPEK, HELEN ,,SmpY,, G.A.A.: Latin Club: Chess Club: Beto Club: Current Trends Clu . talkative, peppy, laughing O WM SUMA A, ENE MM Smart!" Vice-pres., Division: Treas., Polish Club: Box Office: Rep., Student Council. individualistic, bold, original SZEPKOWSKI, ANN R. Rep., G.A.A.: Rep., Foreman News: Rep., Foremanual: Reading Club: Polish Club. quiet, cooperative, dependable Page 47 1 TIRITILLL ANNE ,,Tmy,, French Club: Rep., Red Cross: Girls' Glee Club: Service Club: Asst., Oflice: Knitting Club: Chess Club. generous, kind, earnest TOMPKINS, GLORIA l. "Pottie" G.A.A.: Spanish Club: Student Leader's Club: Hall Guard: Music Festival: Student Council. unpredictable, fun-loving, sporty TONINI, CATHERINE L. "Toni" Rep., Student Council: Drama Club: White Collar Girls: G.A.A.: Sec., English Class: Rep., Red Cross: Rep., Safety Council: Hall Guard. temperamental, carefree, just 1 TORTORELLA, FRANK S. Know Chicago Club: Beto Club: Chess Club. dark, natural, sensible ' f if w TROPINSKI, LILLIAN s. 2 Q gl "Diamond LiI" af j I lqjxaw Columnist, Foreman News: Fire Marshal: l' bgrany Bowling: Candy Seller: G.A.A.: Senior Girl B sters. flirtatious, vivacious, helpful TURLEY. MARY L. "Twerley" Pres., Division: Senior Girl sters: Sec., Student Leader's Club: Spanish Club: Beto Club: Band: G.A.A. sweet, kind, lovable Page 48 SZYMANSKI. RAYMOND "R. S." Pres., 4B Class: Lettermen's Club: Football Team: Swim- ming Team: Golf Team: Baseball Team: Intramurals: All- State Football Team. athletic, popular, super TADLA. GENEVIEVE M. nleann Rep., Student Council: Friday Bulletin Committee: Polish Club: Handwriting Analysis Club. reserved, dependable, aggressive - l 4 ' t N ZW TERSINA, EDMUND mfg! Kansas M Student Council. likable, cute, nice THORSEN. NORMA "Norm" Band: Chess Club: Math Club: Latin Club: G.A.A, musical, dependable, sweet l l l l l t 1 I V 1 4 l 4 t t 1 1 -f 5 ix' ' 1 UNDERHILL. BETTE I AYNE "Betts" Rep., Student Council: Sec., French Club: G.A.A.: Mes- senger: Monogram: Rep., Safety Council: White Collar Girls: Senior Girl Boosters. helpful, cheerful, flirtatious VESPER, ELIZABETH I. HBSHY., Editor-in-Chiei, Foreman News: Service Club: G.1-LA.: Spanish Club: ite 'Collar Girls: elegate, Youth Con- vention. Mo rat' , leasa t, c l O , I. 'Vickie' . Cand Sell : French Club: G.A.A.: Drama Club. alluring, appealing, laughing WALSH. PHYLLIS M. "lrish" Sec., Division: Rep., Student Council: Service Club: Hall Guard: Rep., O.C.D.: Chess Club: Know Chicago Club. red, iun-loving, reliable :lst WARDZALA, IRENE H. "Ward" G.l-LA.: Opera and Symphony: Camera Club: Chess Club: .Girls' Glee Club: Minstrel Show. dark, pretty, daring WELLEK. LORRAINE M. "Lorr" G.A.A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Drama Club: Mixed Chorus: Spring Festival. alert, likable, adept WEN DLAN D. RU'I'H CLARA HRUfhl9H Pres., Division: Monogram: White Collar Girls: Drama Club: Messenger: Pres., and Sec., Steno Class: G.A.A.: Locker Guard. pretty, reasonable, dependable WHITNEY, RAY C. "Satchel" A Cappella Choir: Chess Club: Student Council. argumentative, straight-forward WINSLOW, LOIS "Butch" Pres., and Sec., Division: Vice-pres., French Club: Drama Club: Senior Girl Boosters: G.A.A.: Capt., Bowling. temperamental, composed, retiring WITZ, MYRTLE S. ,,MYn,, Sec., Division: White Collar Girls: Girls' Glee Club: Sketching Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Carnival: Spring Festival: Math Club. talkative, nice, gentle Page 49 WOITYNA. VALERIA "Val" Sec., Knitting Club: G.A.A.: Spanish Club: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Music Appreciation Club: Rep., Red Cross: Rep., Student Council. friendly, likeable, ready WlOLSKI, ANNA MARIE "Ann" White Collar Girls: Polish Club: Mixed Chorus: Rep.. Red Cross. dependable, quiet, considerate WOODBURN, IEAN AUDREY "Bugs" Prom Committee: Biology Club: G.A.A.: Letter Girl: French Club: Capt., Bowling: Drama Club: Senior Girl Boosters. petite, spirited, original ZALLER, COLLETTE' 'IDC-DOH Senior Girl Boosters: Drama Club: Rep., G.A.A.: Classics Club: Vice-pres.. Science Club: Art Club. understanding, attractive, sensible ZIDEL. FLORENCE I. "Flo" Vice-pres., White Collar Girls: Attendance Sec., White Collar Girls: Polish Club: Senior Girl Boosters: Girls' Glee Club. patient, sophisticated, neat ZIEMBICKI, RICHARD A. "Dick" Master of Ceremonies. "Show ot Shows": Aviation Club: Election Committee: Rep., Safety Council: Rep.. O.C.D. reckless, athletic, cordial g afar, 6 ZMICH, IOHN R. ,,j.ohnnY,, lst Lieut., R.O.T.C.: Competitive Platoon: i tary alice: Bowling. happy-go-lucky, militaristi ZONCA, GENE "Lucky" lst Lieut., R.O.T.C.: Scabbard and Blade: Chess Club: Bowling: A Cappella Choir: Safety Council: Usher. pleasant, ambitious, good-humored ZYK, ROSE V. "Rosie" G.A.A.: Rep., Student Council: White Collar Girls: Hall Guard: Foreman Schola-stic Guardians. nice, sedate, chummy Additional June Graduates DIMINO, RICHARD I. HANASETI-I, MYRTLE TOBIASKI, RAYMOND I. WEGNER. RAY E. ZIMKA, GENEVIEVE Page 50 , 'Q fgwris-W - Senior teachers are responsible for carrying out the many activities of the Occasional conferences enable them to coordinate their efforts and roduce the p. necessary to the successful completion of the busiest of all years, senior year are: Mrs. Talbot, Mr. Fossler, Mrs. Bramkamp, Mrs. Nerhus, Mr, Reid, Mrs. Nieland, Mrs. Iercme, Mrs, Kinert, Mr. Keating, With a sound oi the gavel, the senior divisions come to order, setile down and prepare to listen to the bulletin of the weeks activities, read by our president, Iohn Kolimas. Then Mr. Fossler, senior coordinator makes the necessary announcements about school work and projects, that l know most of us are thankful for. Mrs. Voelz is frequently on hand to give us any information on Colleges or Universities that we may need. The meeting is open to anyone who wishes to express his feelinq on any 4B or -IA problem. Friday is long division, the day on which we complete any work that has remained unfinished. On this day, most of the time is taken up with the sale of 'War Bonds and Stamps, and the presentation of the "Long Division Bulle- tin." All in all, the auditorium during division is one of the busiest spots in the school. 133 a -A ' .gap 1 ' V . X ! A ,S O K ' Z 51 :35, Raw gig?-Q1 A 'W -2 an 45 gt" I ff A 8' Q' 4 I ,If my -X. Y fa vw R G 'S Ky bw V9 it ,QQGI 1 5 fire 11 gjgfgff 4 E Page 5 2 . 'v .I A 53:3 g I ig, if' . N if I I ., xx K 'Ex E ,W , Q ' . af f . 43? 2, 4 2 254 if K .I A P EMR xx W 35 2 5 1 Y 6 K1 I S51 1 " 4. 'a y . ,J I -XXV N W Rf . I . if FS' if N D NR . 4'-YE 'X 4 5.5 .A,,. M, ., -R: A :. ,awk - - -I , it, 2' f ? K A AQ as 1 I Egg? J i g 45 M in Ain C .W s- 14 A02 A0 MOST POPULAR JEAN MATUSIAK JOHN KOLIMAS MOST ATTRACTIVE JEAN COMFIELD ELMER IOHNSON MOST ATHLETIC MAE JEAN ENGEN RAY SZYMANSKI MOST DIGNIFIED JUNE SOHOENE IACQUES CHEVALJER MOST STUDIOUS MARJORJE MOORE JAMES BATZ BEST DRESSED JEAN KRUGER JAMES SCHUSTER BEST DANCERS ELSIE OBERDING DUANE cox BEST MATCHED COUPLE BARBARA CONNELLY JOHNNY GREMBER MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LO1s BUBAN WILLIAM FAELLACI MOST WITTY LILLIAN HUZIOR GERRY CRIST MOST DEPENDABLE LO1s SAILOR HILLARD LISKE MOST MUSICAL VIVIAN GRAF ANSELM SCHUMAKER MOST COOPERATIVE DOROTHY DE MET DAN KRYSTEK The officers of the Ianuary '45 class have handled the various problems arising among the 4B's most efficiently and whole-heartedly. Deeply en- grossed in a discussion concerning class activities. they are: Bob Zumski, president: Dick Micele, vice-president: Doris Sullivan, treasurer: Carol Bolas, secretary. Page 53 l 4 BINIAK. ADELL D. "Dell" Sec., Division: Rep., Student Council: Rep., Satety Council: Hall Guard: Asst, Sec.. Personality Club. nice, energetic, jovial t BOLAS. CAROLE National Honor Society: White Collar Girls: Candy Seller: Pres., Division: Monogram: Foreman Scholastic Guardians. fashionable, brainy, cute BONINI. LILLIAN M. ULU.. Rep., Student Council: White Collar Girls: Rep., War Stamps: Sec., Division: Treas., Spanish Club: Rep., Fore- manual. reliable, pleasant, congenial BORGE. ALEXANDER W. HAI.. Pres., Division: Treas., Division: Pan-American Show: Varsity Pigskin: Chemistry Club: Messenger. carefree, athletic, spirited BRODNICKI. LORETTA l. ..Ret., National Honor Society: Foremanual Stati: Pres., Divi- sion: Delegate, Ir. Red Cross: Lieut. Colonel, Iunior Vic- tory Army: Letter Girl: G. A. A.: Monogram. bright, good-natured, generous BROWN. BARBARA G. "B.B." Sec., Math Club: Pres., Division: Senior Honor Club: Minstrel Show: Board of Control, G. A. A.: Personnel: Messenger: Letter Girl. straight-forward, witty, sporty Page 54 ALBERT. MARGARET "Marge" Art Club: Service Club: Treas.. Clerical Practice. artistic, quiet, clever ALOISIO. FRANCIS I. uBabeu Rep., Student Council: Band: Spanish Club. quiet, rythmical, popular BERG. GRACE H. "Gracie" Asst., Ottice: Spanish Club: Hall Guard: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Girls' Glee Club: Handicraft Club. cooperative, intelligent, friendly BETHKE. IOYCE "Beckie" Servicemen's Correspondence Club: Bowling: Minstrel Show: Hall Guard. devilish, frank, talkative BUSSE. CHARLES W. "Bill" I Pres., Division: Pres., Latin Club: Pres., Scabbard and Blade: Rep. Student Council: Capt., R. O. T. C.: Rifle Team: Competitive Platoon. studious, militaristic, quiet CATALANO. IOE V. Hloe.. Vice-pres., Scabbard and Blade: Commissioner, Student Council: Pres., Division: Hall Guard. suave, ambitious, Casanova CHELLMAN, MARION "Chelly" Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Locker Guard: Messenger: Girls' Glee Club: Rep., Safety Council: Music Appreciation Club: Bowling. tall, sensible, trim CIESIELSKI, NORBERT R. "Nibs" Pres., Student Council: Sports Writer, Foreman News: Oratory Winner, Thomas Ietferson and American Contests. Legion talented, adept, original . I CLAUSEN, ELAINE B. HE.. Monogram: Senior Honor Club: Asst., School Treasurer: Personality Club: Student Leader: White Collar Girls: Asst., Librarian. unassuming, thoughtful, natural CONSIDINE. IUNE C. "Connie" Rep., Foreman News: Rep., Student Council: Candy Seller: Asst., Librarian: White Collar Girls, tiny, sociable, peppy DiGIOVANNI, SALVATORE "Silver" Military Ball Committee: National Honor Society: Pres.. Senior Honor Club: Pres., French Club: Pres.. Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Foremanual Stall: Scabbard and Blade: Prom Committee. talented, artistic, studious DUMAS. MARGUERITE R. "Margie" Biology Club: Reading Club: Locker Guard: G. A. A. talkative, true, sociable DUNWOODY, KATHERINE "Katy" Rep., Safety Council: Student Leader: White Collar Girls: Capt., Iunior Victory Army: Asst., Librarian: G. A. A. swell, understanding, generous EBERT. ROBERT D. ..Bob.. A Cappella Choir: Vice-pres., Division: Sec., Division: First Aid Club. good-looking, sharp, casual Page 55 ELLIOTT, BETTY I. ,,Bets,, Sec., Division: G. A. A.: Rep., Safety Council: White Collar Girls: Collector. Servicemen's Center. adorable, stylish, vivacious ENGWALL, DOROTHY R. ,,DOrt,, Spanish Club: Handicraft Club: Personnel: Mixed Chorus: Hall Guard: Asst., Art: Foreman Scholastic Guarf dians: G. A. A.: Letter Girl. bashful, Carefree, aifable FRANTZ, LOIS "Poker" Spanish Club: G. A. A.: Locker Guard: Bowling: Mes- senger: Girls' Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Student Council. darling, sophisticated, gifted GAGLIARDO, EVELYN ,,Evey,, Sec., Division: Rep., War Stamps: Rep., Student Council: Messenger: Fashion Drawing. sweet, obliqing, amiable GBUREK, SYLVIA L. but Monogram: Senior Honor Club: G. A, A.: Pe Club: White Collar Girls: Student Leader. sweet, friendly, composed GIELAROW SKI, LORRAYNE I. "Lorry" Sec.. Division: Rep., War Stamps: Rep., G. A. A.: Roller Club: Latin Club: White Collar Girls: Candy Seller. peppy, flirtatious, adventurous GOIDE, SHIRLEY C. "Squirrel" Orchestra: Minstrel Show: G. A. A.: Sec., Latin: Per- sonnel: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Sec., Division: Round Table Discussion: Rep.. Foremanual. popular, peppy, reliable GOUGH, BEVERLY R. ,,DOpey,, Treas., Math Club: Attendance Sec., Division: Rep.. G. A. A.: Spanish Club: Hall Guard: Messenger: Asst., Registrar: White Collar Girls. intelligent, cooperative, nice GREICIUS, LUCILLE E. ..Lou.. Asst., School Treasurer: Reading Club: Music Club: Spanish Club: Minstrel Show: Mixed Chorus. very poised, conscientious, gracious GUNDERSON, I OAN C. ,,IodY,, Rep., Foreman News: Band: G. A. A.: Foreman Scholas- tic Guardians: French Club: Asst., Office: Fashion Draw- ing: Rep.. Safety Council. demure, sociable, composed Page 56 F 1 I HACKEMER. MARIE C. "Hacky" Board ot Control, G. A. A.: Personnel: Letter Girl: Pres.. and Vice-pres. Division: Attendance Office: Round Table Discussion: Asst., Registrar: Messenger. spontaneous, versatile, modest HANETHO. EVELYN "Evie" German Club: Hall Guard: Messenger: Locker Guard: Girls' Glee Club: Music Appreciation Club: Rep., Student Council. amiable, obliging, sincere HANSEN, MARION C. HMM.. Senior Honor Club: Rep., Foreman News: G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Round Table Discussion: Spanish Club: Hall Guard. humorous, nonchalant, original HANUS. SLAVOMIR l. "S1avo" Capt., Hall Guard: Orchestra: Monogram: Pres.. Chem- istry Club: National Honor Society: P. A. System. dependable, scholarly, poised HARRIS. MILDRED "Millie" Pres., Personality Club: Pres., English Class: Knitting Club. mischievous, Winsome, vivacious HELMS, DELORES ,.De1.. Pres., German Club: Spanish Club: Pres., English Class: Personality Club. calm, pleasant, congenial HEMPEL. BETTY A. ,,Babe., Commissioner, Student Council: Capt., Hall Guard: Sec., Division: Sec., Drama Club: G. A. A.: Rep., Foreman News. casual, daring, petite HOFERT, DOLORES E. HLOIYH Rep., Student Council: Sec., Division: A Cappella Choir: Service Club: Sewing Club, cooperative, sincere, dependable HOLLINGER, WILLARD H. "Wi11" Chess Club: Riile Team: Pres., Treas., and Attendance Sec., Division: Pres., History Class: Messenger. blonde, good-looking, retiring HOOK. NELLIE I. "Nook" National Honor Society: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: A Cappella Choir: Asst., Registrar. frank, dependable, talkative Page 5 7 IOHNSON, PAT D. "Pat" Treas., Student Leaders Club: Vice-pres., cmd Treas.. Division: G. A. A.: Latin Club: Hall Guard: Messenger: Girls' Glee Club. friendly, witty, brisk KEUR, ROBERT I. HCM.. Band: Hall Guard: Self-Analysis Club: Rep., Foreman News. popular, nonchalant, reckless KNUDSON. GORDON "Gordie" Music Appreciation Club: Schurz Swimming Team: Schurz Track: Spanish Club. reckless, jestful, well-groomed KOPEYKA, IEAN "Ieannie" G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Hall Guard: Girls' Glee Club: Knitting Club: Round Table Discussion. tall, sweet, generous KRUEGER, DOROTHY W. ,,DOt,, Pres., Handicraft Club: Capt., Hall Guard: Club. capricious Vice-pres.. Division: German Club: Camera humorous, alert, KRULL. RICHARD W. "Dick" Pres., Chemistry Club: Latin R. O. T. C.: Asst., Laboratory: Club: Rep., Student Council. reserved, sturdy, jolly Club: Boys' Glee Club: Slide Rule Club: Physics Page 58 ISSEL. FLORA LEE "Flo" Sec., German Club: Personality Club: Asst., Office: Rep. Red Cross: G. A. A.: Spanish Club. accommodating, chummy, efficient IANUSZ. DANIEL HDUD11 ' Capt., R. O. T. C.: Adjutant, Competitive Platoon: Scab bard and Blade: Rifle Team. militaristic, cooperative, ambitious IAYKO, ELAINE H. HE.. Senior Girl Boosters: French Club: Minstrel Show: Girls Glee Club. tiny, frolicsome, sociable IENSEN, ELAINE E. HEHYH G. A. A.: Finalist, "Miss Foreman" '4l: Hall Guard: senger: Asst., Registrar: Senior Girl Boosters. sweet, unassuming, likeable 2 l t Sec., Safety Council: Vice-pres., Student Leaders Club: Mes- KUCHARSKI, DOROTHY .,Dot,, Girls' Glee Club: G. A. A.: Roller Club: Spanish Club: Personality Club: Cheerleader's Club: Hall Guard. chic, enthusiastic, affable LaBRES. LOLITA I. "LolIy" National Honor Society: Pres., Division: Pres., Spanish Club: Rep., Foremanual: Letter Girl: Personality Club: Hall Guard: G. A. A. sweet, musical, efficient LARSON. CAROLYNN HCQIYH Foreman Scholastic Guardians: G. A. A.: Latin Club: Student Leader: Vice-pres., Division: Minstrel Show: Mixed Chorus: Reporter, Foreman News. witty, natural, Winsome LARSON. RUTH Safety Council: Rep., Foreman News: Personnel: Hall Guard: Girls' Glee Club: Senior Girl Boosters: White Collar Girls. reserved, trustworthy, modest '1 LAUN. PAT MPM., Vice-pres., Division: Sec., Division: Student Leader: G. A, A.: French Club: Minstrel Show: Mixed Chorus. fun-loving, good sport, swell LEFTAKES, STEVE "Femi" Sec., and Vice-pres., Division: Hall Guard: Messenger: Chess Club: Intramurals. witty little fella LEISTIKOW, ELMER R. "Bud" Sec., Division: Rep., War Stamps: Prom Committee. personality, reckless, energetic LEWIS, KATHERINE E. "Kathie" Prom Committee: Vice-pres., Civics Class: Pres., and Vice-pres., Division: G. A, A.: Girls' Glee Club: Aviation Club: Latin Club. popular, talkative, good-hearted LITCHFIELD, KENNETH W. "Litch" National Honor Society: Baseball Team: Treas., Divi- sion: Vice-pres., Roller Club: Baseball Club: Hall Guard. discerning, friendly, well-liked MACALUSO. BETTE M. Mhz., Prom Committee: Rep., Student Council: Rep., G. A. A.: Pan-American Club: Rep., Foreman News: Hall Guard: Messenger: Rep., War Stamps. ambitious, determined, talkative Page 59 EF 'it MADAY, SHIRLEY G. "Curley" National Honor Society: G. A. A.: Officer, Division: Monogram: Rep., Student Council: Rep., Safety Council: Senior Girl Boosters. diligent, scholarly, neat MAGNUSON. LOIS E. "Maggie" Candy Seller: Pres., Division: Sec., Division: G. A. A.: Rep., Foreman News: White Collar Girls: Student Council. attractive, versatile, amusing MANAGO. IOSEPH ANDREW ,.IOe,. Vice-pres., Student Council: Rep., Red Cross: Pres.. Round Table Discussion: Senior Honor Club: National Honor Society: Monogram: Messenger: Reading Club. popular, handsome, competent MANSFIELD. RUTH A. "Chickie" National Honor Society: Vice-pres., French Club: Senior Honor Club: Monogram: Rep., G. A. A.: Sec., Division: Hall Guard: Treas., French Club. talented, quiet, dependable MARIK, DORIS RAE ..Rae., Senior Honor Club: Box Office: Candy Seller: Personnel: Senior Girl Boosters: Latin Club: Student Council: G. A. A. studious, agreeable, demure MEYER. RUTH L. Pres., Division: Sec., Division: Messenger: Hall Guard: G. A. A.: Student Leader: Minstrel Show: Latin Club. adaptable, nice, pleasant MICELE, RICHARD E. "Dick" Vice-pres., 4B Class: Football Team: Baseball Team: Letterman: Pres., Division: A Cappella Choir: Rep.. Fore- man News. athletic, nonchalant, manly MICHALSON, IOAN M. Senior Honor Club: G. A. A.: Treas., Division: Pres., French Club: A Cappella Choir: Personnel. talented, scholarly, dignified MILLER. DOUGLAS S. "Miller" National Honor Society: Vice-pres.. Isaac Walton Club: Vice-pres., Division: Hall Guard: Capt., R. O. T. C.: Rifle Team: Scabbard and Blade: Drill Team. literary, militaristic, well-dressed MULLEN. PATRICIA G. MPM., Letter Girl: Board of Control. G, A. A.: Rep., G. A. A.: Pres., Division: Student Leader: Monogram. individualistic, sedate, capable Page 60 if rv' ...gifs :::5.gff:95v f- 5 1 if WW? , vw A n e jx! ll'-R fm: ' is ll. sl if v 5 ORLOW, IOHN DANIEL "lohrmy" Foreman, Print Shop: Pan-American Club: Self-Analysis Club: Music Appreciation Club. serious, likeable, mannerly PETERSEN, GRACE I. "Pete" National Honor Society: Sec., Senior Honor Club: Mono- gram: Asst.. Office: Messenger: Round Table Discussion: Rep., War Stamps: Rep., Foremanual: Math Club: Minstrel Show. talented, sparkling, cooperative PETERSON, SHIRLEY M. "Pete" Minstrel Show: Asst. Treas., Senior Girl Boosters: Girls' Glee Club: Aviation Club. witty, mischievous, peppy PHILIPPS, CHARLENE H. "Charlie" Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Senior Girl Boosters: Service Club: Asst., Registrar: Spanish Club: Rep., War Stamps: Rep.. Foreman News: Mixed Chorus. obliging, frank, affable PROVENZA, IAMES "Iamie Boy" Officer, R. O. T. C.: A Cappella Choir: Bowling: "Gar- den ol the Moon": Scabbard and Blade: Rifle Team: Monogram. good-natured, earnest, adventurous QUIST, IOHN GLENN "lack" Pres., Division: Vice-pres., Reading Club: Messenger: Election Committee: Aviation Club. collegiate, versatile, friendly RASMUSSEN, IEAN E. "leannie" G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Math Club: Sec., Division: Sketch Club: Latin Club: Minstrel Show: Mixed Chorus. artistic, photogenic, cordial RICHERSON, I OHN I. "Rich" Pres.. Safety Council: Chairman, War Stamps: Fore- manual Stall '42, Hall Guard: Rep., Foreman News: Rep., Foremanual: Chess Club: Isaac Walton Club. true Irish, peppy, sociable RIEMER, ARLENE E. ,.R,, A Cappella Choir: Senior Girl Boosters: German Club: Personnel. diligent, sincere, pleasant ROMANO, FRANK DAN "Fleet-toot" Baseball: Basketball: Rep., Student Council: Pres., Civics Class. athletic, bold, reckless Page 61 BOTH, ELAINE WINIFRED "T ootie" Sec.. French Club: Pres.. Division: Vice-pres., Division: Sec., Division: Rep., Student Council: Hall Guard: Minstrel Show. attractive, petite, Winsome RYBACK, EMILY M. "Emmy" G. A. A.: Service Club: Rep., Red Cross: Polish Club: Sec., Handicraft Club: Locker Guard: Mixed Chorus. direct, candid, cooperative SCHLOESSER, LOIS ANN ..Lo., Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Gr A. A.: German Club: Reading Club: Vice-pres., Division. spontaneous, frank, carefree SCHROEDER. LOIS L. NLG., Rep., G. A. A.: Sec., Division: German Club: White Collar Girls: Girls' Glee Club: Pres., Civics Class. serious, conservative, sedate SCHULTZ. ELEANOR E. "Ellie" Asst., Registrar: Messenger: German Club: Hall Guard. cooperative, dependable, shy SHAWALUK. HELEN Hpenny., A Cappella Choir: Spanish Club: Rep.. War Stamps: Music Appreciation Club: Rep.. Red Cross: Asst., Office. wee, daring, reckless SITNIK, DOROTHY V. "Dottie" Rep., Foremanual: Camera Club: Hall Guard: Rep.. War Stamps: German Club: Handicraft Club: Fashion Drawing. mischievous, domestic, lively SKEWERES, GEORGE "Squares" Chess Club: Student Council. quiet, sporty, unassuming STAHL, LUCILLE ANN "Lou" Rep.. Student Council: Minstrel Show: Vice-pres.. Band and Orchestra Club: Baton Twirler: Band and Orchestra Concert. unconcerned, flirtatious, fliqhty STERMER. RAYMOND ,,RUy,, Basketball Team: Baseball Team: Pres.. Division: Letter- men's Club. athletic, humorous, straight-forward Page 62 "N-, N...-r SULLIVAN, DORIS MAY Treas., 4B Class: Pres., Division: Pres., Club: Senior Entertainment Committee: Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Candy Seller. pleasant, dramatic, demure TUREK, FRANK W. "Tris" Rep., Foremanual: Student Council. unconcerned, conservative, clever VENN, RAYMOND W. HRQY., Pres., Isaac Walton Club: Oilicer, R. O. T. C.: Scabbard and Blade: Hall Guard: Fire Marshall: A Cappella Choir. scholarly, Well-groomed, cooperative VON BERGEN. SHIRLEY "Shirl" Treas., Division: .Sec., Service Club: Rep., War Stamps: Hall Guard: Rep., Iunior Victory Army: Rep., G. A. A.: Asst., Librarian. nice, sincere, congenial WADOZ, ROSEMARY ,,Rosen Columnist, Foreman News: Foreman Scholastic Guar- dians: Senior Girl Boosters: Student Council. easy-going, flirtatious, informal WAGNER, SHIRLEY M. ..Wag.s,, G. A. A.: Senior Girl Boosters: Girls' Glee Club: Fashion Drawing: Reporter. Foreman News. pretty, jestlul, nonchalant WALTER. DOROTHY IEAN "Little One" Attendance Sec.: Messenger: Camera Club: German Club: G. A. A.: Asst., Office. quiet, changeable, reserved WESTPHAL. ELAINE HE.. Minstrel Show: Senior Girl Boosters: French Club: Girls' Glee Club. jestful, lun-loving, likable WOLLSCHLAEGER, MILDRED L. "Millie" Foreman News Stall: Roller Club: Vice-pres., Foreman Scholastic Guardians: Monogram: Senior Girl Boosters: Isaac Walton Club: Math Club: Service Club: Spanish Club. peppy, bubbling, frolicsome ZIMA. ROBERT IOHN .,Bob., Reporter, Foreman News: Latin Club: Hall Guard: Chess Club. tall, carefree, calm Page 63 fl Additional January Graduates DOBBERTIN. LILLIE A. EHLERS. GRETA MARIE GILBERTS, RONALD GLORIA GRACO. deceased 1941 LARSEN, ALICE LUE LOLAKOS, SOPHY MALLOZZI. ELVERA OHLSEN, CAROLYN L. PHELAN, TOM The members of the Prom Committee who have capably planned the Starlight Glide are: Tom Andersen, Katherine Lewis, Elmer Iohnson, Chairman Bud Dale. Duane Cox, Elsie Oberding, Iean Woodburn, Elmer Leistikow, Gertrude Ornirig, and Betty Macaluso. IN., Cfcm WULLCALA MOST POPULAR KAY LEWIS BOB ZUMSKI MOST ATTRACTIVE BETTY ELLIOTT WILLARD HOLLINGER MOST ATHLETIC BARBARA BROWN DICK MICELE MOST DIGNIFIED IOAN MICHALSON RAYMOND VENN MOST STUDIOUS LUCILLE GREICIUS CHARLES BUSSE BEST DRESSED CAROL BOLAS DOUG MILLER BEST DANCERS GRACE PETERSEN FRANCIS ALOISIO BEST MATCHED COUPLE MILLIE WOLLSCHLAEGER GORDIE KNUDSON MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED LORETTA BBODNICKI JOE MANACO MOST WITTY LOIS SCI-ILOESSER ELMER LEISTIKOW MOST DEPENDABLE BEVERLY OOUGH DAN JANUSZ MOST MUSICAL ' LOLITA LA BRES SLAVOMIR HANUS MOST COOPERATIVE NELLIE HOOK KEN LITCHFIELD ' Zi ..,.' "'--, R ., Yi A 5 , Qs in K bww 0 "':, ' A I l In H - , A ,SS L A W Q J -:I 'lg . fi. Y I I I may .,.. I I Ir S S ,... I '35 in jf L A I -. , gf A . ' 5 ire? II v YA I .. W A if , I Page 65 .xafilfifieri . 1 M. J4,e,,Jf1fj'?f' f!M oremanifw ugioencf IMAAQ 7 - M gnying Mn 5 A continuous drive for the sale of stamps and bonds is in progress at Foreman all week with a special drive each Fri- day during the division period. A competitive element used as a further incentive is the huge sign placed in the first floor foyer listing the Weekly record of purchases of bonds and stamps by division. During the Third War Loan drive a Ieep Parade was held. Students Who had purchased bonds participated in the parade. Foreman was cited by the U. S. Treasury Depart- ment for the purchase of 22 leeps, 2 Quacks, 3 Grasshoppers, and l Little Triple Threat. The school is now enrolled with the War Finance Committee for the purchase of a P-51 Mustang Pursuit Plane. February 28, 1944 a Show of Shows was staged by Fore- man's students for purchasers of bonds during the 4th War Loan Drive. Page 89 uglfwjenf Canned From the beginning of skilled professions people have learned the arts and skills by serving apprenticeships. The medical intern is a modern illustration of an apprentice at Work. Every member ot our Student Council is properly an apprentice, who learns some of the skills of social control under the guidance of teachers. At the head of this organi- zation the master craftsman is the principal, who, with the aid of a corps of skilled Workers puts into practical, working form the laws of our state and the philosophy of the educa- tional leaders of our land, so that youth may have the education which democracy has guaranteed to them and which democracy has insisted they must have. In this setting our student apprentices study the problems ot their own generation, and help devise the machinery by which they hope to create a well ordered society. Ap- prenticeship in the Student Council provides both the advantage of mature guidance and the opportunity to learn by doing. The National Honor Society is composed of thirty-six 4A, thirteen 4B, and twenty-one 3A students. They were invited into this society because of their high scholastic standing and superior personal attributes. There are two outstanding events of the society each term. At the beginning of the term the initiation of the new members affords fun for all. At the close of the term the school is impressed by the presentation of awards at the formal induction of the gradu- ates. The induction this year will take place May 29 when both living and dead heroes will be honored. We hope to present a cash gift to the Women's Canteen at the Bismarck Hotel, flowers to the Legionnaire, and pins to our students. The program will be planned by the president Lois Buban, vice-president Helen Kobas, secretary Vivian Graf, treasurer Nicolette Katsalis, and program chairman Phyllis Grevas. After the assembly the Senior Honor Club will give a reception to the parents of the graduates in the Social Room. onor ,Shciefy aqui Aisha Busy as a bunch of bees in a hive, the Foreman News Staff, Betty Paul, Norbert Ciesielski, Barbara Connelly, Iohn Grember, Betty Vesper, the Editor- in-Chiei, Mildred Wollschlaeger, Gerald Crist, and Iune Keeler, goes about the tremendous job of put- ting out the bi-monthly edition of the school news- paper, Page 72 Q...-ngqfm " S? . J if Ierome Cristy, Frank Aulert, Ioe Faleni, and Mr. Herringshaw take care ot the circulation end of the business. 0I"8lflfL6'LlfL 80015 "Is your editorial ready?" . . . "Rewrite this story for the cutoff test!" . . . "Rush those cuts to the engraver!" Deadline day on the Foreman News, with its hectic flurry and near-panic, has made veteran newspaper people of Elizabeth Vesper, editor-in-chief, and her assistants, Iune Keeler, Mildred Wollschlaeger, and Betty Paul. The sports department is capably headed by Iohn Grember, sports editor, assisted by Gerald Crist and Norbert Ciesielski. Members of the journalism II classes serve as reporters and feature writers. Edited bi-weekly by the journalism classes under the supervi- sion of Miss Katharyne Wendt, the News is in its eighth year of publication. Frank Aulert, William Bowman, and Jerome Christy handle the advertising, mailing, and circulation under the guidance of Mr. Warren Herringshaw. E i 5 i 0l"el'l'L6'Ll'LlfffCl, .... J W5 - ' Plsfiel VL oz wang , f -Ai' Bang!! And we were off!! Off to a good start on this, our Yearbook. Sure. it's smaller than former issues, but We are just being patriotic. After all, there is a war going on and there's a shortage of paper. Pictures galore adorn each of the ' artistic pages in the 1944 All-Senior Book, ' which includes the activities and affairs 555. fv 3' of both the Iune and Ianuary graduates. Several members of the Foremanual staff combined their forces and vocabu- laries to bring you the write-ups so elaborately written. The staff, consisting of six members, has been wisely instruct- ed and advised by the sponsor, Mr. M. L. ..- Fossler, who handled the matter with dexterity. Mr, Fossler, yearbook sponsor, gives the "once over" to a few of the pictures for the '44 Foremanual. Duane Cox and lerry Crist, editors, study athletic pictures before writing captions tor them. Salvatore DiGiovanni, winner of Chicago art contests. and member oi Miss Homer's Advanced Art Class, creates the modern art which his classmates find on the division pages of the "44 book. Lois Sailor, Foremanual's head stenographer, produces perfect copy for the printer while Dorothy DeMet and Loretta Brodnicki plan more for her to do. Page 73 P' A busy clatter is heard in the lunchroom as Preparing for next day's work is as important in hungry students eat their lunches and carry on school as in business. their conversations. Future scientists Art Marske, lim Gibisch. Dan Krystek, Ernie Hom, and Iohn Kolimas try to con- nect a circuit without a short. Foremanites use their pleasant library both for Graphing and solving difficult trigonometry prob- reference Work and pleasure reading from books lems holds the attention oi Mary Ann Schneider, and magazines. Don Iasper, and Barbara Brown. QW Taking a bow after their performe ance in the Show of Shows are Erna Seipp, Audrey Haase, Earl Auge. Dorothy Duplain, Ronald Gilberts, Betty Carlino, Dorothy Abrahamson, Mary Ann Schneider, and Richard Ziembicki Strictly on the solid side these hepe cats cut a rug to a boogie beat! The jitterbugs cutting a caper at this Senior Variety show are Babe Aloisio, Evie Brown, Elsie Oberding and Duane Cox, V .1 I ,I 1 r 1 5 L X 't N,-I J! .y X , I l D J .1 Our smiling box-office attendant Gertrude Orning sells tickets to a few early birds, Ioyce Bolin, Lorraine Block and George Gaidica who want to make sure they'll not be stranded in classes while others enjoy that super movie. Page 76 Um QJQMAL5 Foreman's A Cappella Choir and Boys' Glee Club under the efficient direction of Miss Meek, vocal instruc- tor of the department, has evidenced to the public its unlimited possibilities in the production of Worthwhile musical entertainment. This was proved in the impres- sionistic and beautifully presented Christmas Choralogue. With the picturesque scene of Bethlehem came the harmonious voices of the choir, in their robes of blue, uplifting it to all its splendor. Later in the year came the annual Spring Festival which again displayed the marvelous talent of the choir. Their lovely songs and the splendid Way in which they were presented showed in more Ways than one the co-operation of this fine student organization. Assisting the A Cappella Choir by increasing the bass and tenor section is the Boys' Glee Club. These two musical units with growth of ambition and purpose should win many honors. "Now the Day ls Over", sings the A Cappella Choir as we see them in their flowing blue robes, standing on the staircase, expressing their feelings and emotions in perfect harmony. Pg 77 g0'Ll"6!8IfL Directed by .... .. Professor Maxim .... . O! .768 00IfL By ARTHUR IEARUE CAST OF CHARACTERS Professor Gaylord .... ..,......,.,............. . . , Katy .............. Carol Claire. . . Alice ........ Gladys ........ Brent Carson .... Leo Saunders ..,. Preston ,....,,. Herbert ...... Clara ....,..... Mr. Palmer .... Trio .............. Betty Lou Palmer ..... Isabelle ....... ..,. jenny ............. Bridesmaid ......... , ......... . . ..... . . . . SYNOPSIS ACT ONE: The PrOfessOr's Garden. Sunset and Moonlight. May 1944. ACT TWO: The same. May 1922. MRS. ROSE W. WEISS . . . .KENNETH NELSON .IACQUES CHEVALIER .......IUNE SCHOENE HIEANNE MATUSIAK . . . .DOROTHY DeMET ....,.,.VIVIAN GRAF ANSELM SCHUMACHER ......TO1v1 ANDERSEN ...,ALVIN PETERSON ......IOHN KOLIMAS ..DOROTHY GULLAND ...JAMES PROVENZA V ROLAND BERGLUND 1 DUANE COX L VINCE PADULA ....MARIORIE MOORE ......IEAN COMPIELD ......,.IOEL HAASE ....ANITA NOMELLINI ACT THREE: The same. Back to 1944. A few minutes later than Act One. Which one will be her choice? A few suggestions by the director. The rehearsal. VY "Carol, l've something to say to you." The Berkeley University trio sings "When You Wore a Tulip." The "Profs" have a little game of chess. "What a beautiful costume!" Garden of the Moon, a three-act romantic drama by Arthur Iearue, takes its place among the triumphs scored by Foreman senior dramatic classes. A moon-drenched garden and soft music in the distance provide a perfect background for a beautifully costumed cast. The drama concerns an old professor, who, to prove to his young friends that such a thing as enduring love still exists, tells them the story of his youth. ln a charming flashback the audience sees enacted the scene which deprives two young people of happiness rightfully theirs. The production staff as Well as the cast presenting the Garden of the Moon manifested dramatic talent and ingenuity necessary for successful production of a real drama. The Class of Iune 1944 can be justly proud of its Senior Night, a memorable event in the lives of all Seniors and a high spot in the annals of Foreman's history. Page 79 QPCA95 fl"6L The orchestra is one oi Foreman's most active organizations and is best known for its contribution to the success of all important events. Due to its efforts assemblies, concerts, plays, and commence- ments are made more enjoyable. All these musical performances demand untiring practice and so, the rising musicians have a real love tor music and take great pleasure in ensemble playing. Captain Guy Reid, who is responsible for the activities and success of the orchestra. is the ever-patient teacher and director. Every day. the seventh period, one may hear the orchestra rehearsing diligently. One moment there comes a soit sweet melody followed by a jolly, rollicking one, and later a selection from a majestic symphony echoes through the hall. ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL VlOLINf Daniels. William Evans. Robert Genteman, Robert Huber, Rose Marie Klein, Iohn Lonn, Donald Melzer, Eugene Sierzega, Leonard Specht, Ronald --- Concertmaster VIOLA - Nakone, Olqa FLUTE - Schwerdtfeqer, Lois OBOEH Marelli, Rocco BASSOON-- Bennis. William CLARINET- Inqman, William Lo Cascio, loe SAXOPHONE- Piekarz, Edward TRUMPET- f Courtney, Robert Lombard, Stuart BASSf Danielson, Iohn PIANO-- Fuhr, Laura Nieqlos, Diane BELLS- Stock. Dorothy TYMPANI -- Stevens, lames DRUMS--W Hand, William Martin, Harry X 4, wi if . MLW i A A if BAND PERSONNEL FLUTE- McCa11, Mona Schwerdtteger, Lois OBOE'-- Marelli, Rocco BASSOON- Bennis, William CLARINET- Aach, Violet Coomans, Russell Hanrahan, Donald Hansen. Violet - Solo Hubal, Iack Ingman, William -- Solo Ingolia, Ioe --- Solo Koclanis, Peter Mallozzi, Sylvia Martino, Michael Slifka, Doris - Solo Wakefield. Dolores ALTO SAXOPHONE- York, Norman Pulak, Richard Packlis, Iames TENOR SAXOPHONE Piekarz, Edward TRUMPET- Frisk, Edward Gielow, Elmer Gunderson, Norman--Solo Iakalski, Edwin Iohnson, Charles Lombard, Stuart - Solo Larson, William --- Solo Lo Cascio, Ice - Solo Zim! For the past few years Foreman's band has made steady progress in membership, and instruction has brought marked improvement in the quality of players. This last year has proved no exception to the rule. Foreman's cooperative spirit was again shown when Captain Guy Reid, the competent and devoted director, made a plea for "recruits" for the Beginning Band, for it is here that students start their climb up the musical ladder, the next step being the Intermediate Band-and then the top-the goal of each one . . . the Advanced Band! The latter consists of capable and interested musicians playing trumpets, clarinets, french horns, flutes, saxophones, and various other wind instruments. Its stirring marches, fast-tempo melodies, and moving symphonic strains add to the enjoyment of all and make the practice period one which is looked forward to by the students. Ruemmler, Marie Scheuneman, George FRENCH HORN- Kolner, Iune BAHITONE- Comtield, Robert TROMBONE- Freqd, Audrey Grandolfo, Virginia BASS- Danielson, Iohn Iahns, Adam TYMPANI- Nagle, Gilbert DRUMS- Haqood. Martin Mackey, Lawrence Sauro, Joe! Zielstra, Ia es -- Principal Page 81 Hut - 2. -- 3 - 4 cmd across Foreman's field comes an inspiring array of poised, neat, khaki-clad cadets marching to the rhythmical beat of the Drurn and Bugle Corps. May 8th is the big day . . . the annual Federal Inspection. Every cadet looks forward to it with some nervousness, but with confidence and assurance in the ability of the battal- ion. Sergeant Steven Duttko and his cadet staff, Lieutenant Colonel William Faellaci. Major Hilliard Liske, Captain Harold Dale, Captain Thomas Cravens, First Lieutenant Raymond Venn, and Second Lieutenant Edward Maloney, have worked hard to train the boys to a point of perfection. The Foreman faculty and students know that what- ever the outcome may be the B.O.T.C. will always uphold Foreman's best tradition. Walking into the R. O. T. C. theory room during the second period, we find the cadets oi Company A listening attentively to Captain Iasper's thorough explanation on rifle nomenclature. 1 , In another section of R. O. T. C. Headquarters where strict silence reigns. and where only the clicking of ritle bolts can be heard, the cadets are found standing inspection by Sergeant Duttko, assisted by Daniel Ianusz, the Company Commander. Here's where the shining buttons and shoes, pressed uniforms and white shirts pass under the critical eye of the Sergeant. Page B2 L t The Officers School meets to discuss the day's activities under the supervision of Sergeant Duttko. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Faellaci, Major Hilliard Liske, and Captain Adjutant Harold Dale are ready to assist him. Here we see the officers as they stand with shining black belts and gleaming sabers awaiting their orders. The Competitive Platoon under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel William Faellaci and First Lieutenant Iohn Cinelli makes a striking scene as it stands at port arms, neatly aligned on the school campus. This platoon is made up of picked cadets who have shown ability by their neatness and discipline in the ranks, ,W Foreman's ten best marksmen who make up the rifle team are shown here, tive in prone position and five kneeling. All cadets are given an equal chance, but these stood the tough elimination grind of triangulation, sighting, and aiming, ending up with the highest score, thus having the honor ot being on the team. "One, two, three!" In coordination the Freshmen cadets of Company D, receive instruction from their superior officers. They are headed by cadet Captain Busse, cadet First Lieutenant Catalano, and cadet First Lieutenant DiGiovanni. Arms are straight forward and heads are erect. These calisthenical move- ments are done with alert minds and responsive bodies. ss. The object is to This picture shows triangulation in proce make the smallest triangle possible. All cadets must do this as a preparation for actual tiring on the range, because it improves their aim. These target markers are helping the marksmen place their shots in small groups. Taking in the lecture and concentrating on each point, Com- pany B. watches observantly as Sergeant Duttko makes his point by indicating the different types of infantry weapons through illustrations and drawings on the blackboard. l Jdflldffw if ' . , If 'aw ,t D ,, ,Alai ,America pAy:5l:C6'LZ jifnedd rogrozm The Physical Education Department of Foreman High School presents a Wartime program that is planned to contribute to the physical fitness of high school pupils as a part of the total war effort. Instruction and practice in aquatics, gymnastics, combatives, sports and games, and other vigorous activities adapted in intensity and duration to the individual needs of pupils are emphasized. The purpose of the program is to make high school pupils physically fit to under- take the unusually heavy tasks they will probably be called upon to assume in the near future. For some it will be for induction into the armed forces. For others it will be for employment in agriculture, industry, commerce and other essential occupations. The choice of activities and methods of presentation are made in light of the needs of youth at the present time and the recommendations of representatives of the Army and Navy. Page 89 Page 90 0 LU mmf QQJLZVL Snmrd. In any football team injuries and bad breaks must take their toll, but despite accidents our team carried on and presented the fans with some real action with the pigskin. At all our games the Foreman student body was well represented and cheered its team on to the greatest victories. Many of last year's football players remained with the team, and together with new recruits they should be able to make up a team with loads of power for the coming season. SCORES FOREMAN STEINMETZ POREMAN CRANE FOREMAN AUSTIN .. FOREMAN KELVYN .. POREMAN MARSHALL FOREMAN TULEY 8619 0l"8lfVL6LlfL. 0308 Our Hornets under the direction of Coach Maloif, completed their season successfully by winning half of their six games. Coach Maloft took the untrained boys and molded them into a good hard-hitting team, which any school would be proud to call its own. Besides having a good team, Foreman also has stars that shine above others. Among them is Ray Szymanski, sensational fullback, who was picked on the Illinois All-State squad for 1943. Foreman studes will remember those outstanding catches of Al Peter- son, Ernie Horn with his fast plunging, along with Dick Berney, Elmer Iohnson and Dick "Moose" Micele defending the line. For their courage and spirit, coveted letters Were awarded to remind them of the "good old days" at Foreman. Page 91 Page 92 As the 1943 - 44 season got under Way, the Hornets of Foreman looked very good on the hard-court. Considerable confidence backed the senior basketball team until Captain Russ "Dead Eye" Tomczak, center, graduated in Ianuary. However, the boys kept on pulling together despite this loss. At present the players are looking forward to next semester, as many seasoned veterans are returning in hope of taking section. Those graduating in Iune are Rizio, Crist, and Christy. SCORES - HEAVIES POBEMAN . . ............ 31 MC KINLEY FOREMAN ..... 36 WASHBURNE FOBEMAN ..... 25 MARSHALL FOREMAN ..... 37 TULEY . . . FOBEIVIAN ..... 43 MEDILL . . . FOREMAN ..... 14 AUSTIN , . . FOBEMAN ..... 20 KELVYN . . . FOREMAN ..... 19 CRANE . . . FOBEMAN ..... 27 WELLS .... k............. W-. W . fibrigggng jing rjigeffwr The junior basketball team, under the supervision of Coach Zahorik and 1 . . . eadership of Captain Stan Miller, proved to have enough zip to capture four wins in nine attempts. With the experience gained this season, and the present team returning, we can visualize a cha ' h' ' ' FOREMAN FOREMAN FOREMAN FOREMAN POREMAN FOREMAN FOREMAN FOREMAN FOREMAN mpions lp in view for the year to come. SCORES - LIGHTS MC KINLEY ....46 WASHBURNE .....24 MARSHALL MEDILL ...... ..... AUSTIN KELVYN... CRANE .... TULEY . . WELLS . . . Page 93 Bax ZZ.. Ulf ji. QIWZ O. Baseball is America's favorite sport, in which hundreds and hundreds of people cheer for their favorite team. Our favorite team is Foreman High. The baseball team is one of the oldest and best developed of Foreman's organizations. Under the guidance of Coach Zahorik our 1944 team has reached new heights: therefore, it is creditable to our school. In recent games the "Hornets" trimmed our rivals, Steinrnetz and Austin. The best battle was the Austin tilt in which the stinging Hornets Won in the tenth inning on a long home run hit by our star catcher, loe Indurante. t . 'S - T T' 1 "1 ' ' Q N t ,, S, h N X, X q:- . ,:. - 53. ,.., ----- I ,:-- . ., ., , , .:, A rw 2, X t Wx , h il :" ww- L - 1. 5' f nmnl . A 1. XM.. 5 lx " f 9 Q ".', 7' . OPVLQE5, ,MA he Mound of ML. As we go to press we are happy to report that out of ten baseball games which our Hornets played in the West section, they won exactly seven. Ray Szymanski and Wally Iuretschke, the outstanding performers on the mound, contributed four and three wins respectively. The most valuable player on the nine, according to the public is loe Indurante, active backstop, who helped his team not only as an able catcher, but also as a superior man at the plate. SCORES FOREMAN ............ .... l 8 WELLS ............ .... 3 FOREMAN ....ll TULEY ...... .... O FOREMAN ....... .... 1 4 WASHBURNE .... .... 0 FOREMAN ..... .,.. 2 CRANE .... .... 9 FOREMAN . . . . . 1 KELVYN... ....l4 FOREMAN ....... .... 2 STEINMETZ . . . . . 1 FOREMAN ..... .... 5 KELVYN ..,................ E5 FOREMAN .................... 3 AUSTIN fForfeit on Austinl. .. 5 FOREMAN .................... 14 WELLS ..................... 4 FOREMAN . . . . . 9 AUSTIN . . . . . 8 Page 95 ecreozfionaf .fgclfiuified M gui!! mowed Foreman's Girls Athletic Association is an organization which promotes all sports: and its pur- pose is to foster interest in athletics and to present to the students these activities in the light of their highest ideal. The G.A.A. Board of Control which arranges the events of the year, consists of the sponsor, Miss Hardy, the five officers, president Mae lean Engen, vice-president Gertrude Lempp, secretary Lois Baird, recording secretary Vivian Graf, treasurer Dorothy DeMet, and twenty outstanding members. The aim of every G.A.A. girl is to Win a letter. This is accomplished in gymnasium classes and outdoor activities by earning 1000 points which are based on health, team games, individual activi- ties, leadership, service, and scholarship. G.A.A. representatives are girls who are active and enthusiastic and are either appointed or elected by G.A.A. members in each division. parficapafion in jnframwrafgame5 Q1f1,c!ifi0n5 A Zed Foreman offers many opportunities in which to try one's skill. The fall semester started out with the ever popular captain basketball, soccer, and volleyball taking the lead among the many favorite games. In the spring, special proficiency tests were given to every student in the school. The events chosen were the broad-jump, chinning, push-ups, leg-lifting, rope jumping and sit-ups. These tests were to measure skill and strength. With their completion, a tabulation was made of the record of each girl in each class acording to age, and sent to the office of the Board of Education. The results of these tests will not be known for some time, because all the city schools were tested at the same time. This work is a part of some research being done throughout the state in cooperation with the government's intensified physical education program. Page 9 7 jadf-moving owned Maui e jude omenlfd Page 98 Volleyball has long been a .favorite sport with the many athletic girls here at Foreman. Its popularity has gained considerably since all gym classes were divid- ed into teams, were taught the fundamentals of the game at the beginning of the year, and were allowed to play against one another. This appealed to the girls and helped develop a permanent interest in the game. The teams consisted of eleven players: and a student leader usually kept score and acted as the referee when any disputes came up, or decisions were to be made. o1fwi5fenf.fdffeml9fA jmproue melt gmncwfic The time is eighth period any Wednesday, the setting, the swimming pool. Several gray clad creatures glide through the water with remarkable ease. Now someone executes a perfect dive. Suddenly at the sound of the whistle they all take places at the side of the pool and they're off to a flying start. You ask what's going on? It's our Foreman Mermaids, more popularly known as the girls' swimming team, which is being guided by its expert instructor, Mrs. Lucille Hyatt. At the Weekly meeting, the girls are taught new strokes, methods of perfecting their diving and split-second turns. The project of which they are most proud is their learning of water-ballet technique. It is the hope of everyone that this talent will be exhibited at some time in the very near future. Yes! Swimming certainly is a favor- ite Foreman pastime. Ioan Schmakel, our diver, shows grace and form as Audrey Boessel prepares lo follow suit. Watching attentively are Mae Iean Engen, Barbara Brown, Jeanette Sand- strom, and Betty Macaluso. The lower pictures show several girls practicing some ballet routines, Page 99 , : , , , , if A' 1A W xl .ygfaf0graloA6 M Ak 0544 ff of ABJZJZMW jvojipf, f Q , W WE GTM JQM 0,91 Kgyifflji Q jpwjfpfefqf i Q,,fQfWgWM , Q :C?jffYS DcWf65f!Q,tg,LQf,f'7Wf,,TiMfb Qi Qf is iffy-ML zfiigiw kj! gl, Q W ff f Q fw M 12535 V ,RQ MQJLW nff . I lf. r .il , , ' fb- " .Q V , ' , - ,T Iff.5n,f,.,-3 .f1Qf1:k,1:',riu' .af , -' ,3",f,,'l:g Zfbjf I' -L1.ff,2Yf'm:Q-',f,. ' A ' . ' I U V, . ' ' 'w!1f.1:w.:.,..1m..1u.,..nv.,a:Swga.s:e.z.x-f.a,.,f4vn3L-':,...aZaa1wae. -, , 1 . . 1 -V. xv. ,, V.. .- ..,..w .Huh L:.,..f,...,,,.-1,, -,L Q' 'A' Kp if f -9 ff ,ff H CL J JMQJ MJ' .fd ,W D J J ff S J I . fx ' Kiwi? f 5 4 ljxx SJ fgzgv P! !fLx.jfV2'lffVjf"'C, X , M M Ph t g phy By D g sr d Goup Piciures-Mr. D "' . . . 97 jiznuak cf Qzsdncban w.HAoER'rY, JR. ounscron - scHooL oyvusuou PERIO G SU R EN RAVING CO. CHICAGO Pg 102

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