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fu 1 5 . ' I rl, x .I in i ti X - if f u .X t, V se' , B' ' Z.. 'E - I I 9' Q. if ' ' ' 5 - "' 1 -fa i 1 Q fi T' fx 1 V 1 W, f , D. s f ' ' 4, Q 5 It H 5 ' 6 N , 1 if ' X L! 2. ,I M X , ,, A gms I J I Y I "W 'fl 2 ' ,mug 4-,G - . 1531 1 1 I gy .4 i F24 1, 5 L 1- ,. -' gg QA iTh"rg' D ' . f- 5' . 4 Q flu? i E.. , , ' 1 , :N- . .""h , ,,1:i'ly 'Z EL' 'Q ff ! ,I 31' ', , I.: ' 1 . I . P hh' ' ' t V- V 1' U . L, 1 " ' ' 1 Ji ' ' 1 V V' V 4 V ,"- Q J' ' A iw . j V, I 1' ' ' 1 ji' V ' ti! V : 4 in K Sf 5 Q ' , "F If lk J - S 'Q . k v ' t A s' ' ' i 1 ' S ' . 3 ' , 4 4 ' , A ' " 5 he lg, AZ 1 S Q X l t PJ f 'ff ' - ' 3" F' ' . F ' , if ,ming Q x 6 , I lv! at ik ,Ei R ' 1 fad' , .ab -an A x'Nsl,j ' ' Q . , 'W I " ' I .-,Q 41151 Q's""w-W. QL THE FOREMANUAL CDF 1943 Presented by the Senior Class of June, 1943 This Foremanuai is a Senior Class Book, portraying senior activities and recording memories of happy days af Foreman. THE 9 Your years at Foreman completed many of you are about to go forth 1nto a world ot chaos a World ot turmoll a World ln Wh1ch you W1ll need to put forth every ounce ot strength physlcal lntellectual rel1g1ous and moral to Wm the battle tor c1v1l1zat1on The homemaker must not abandon h1s home nor must the soldler flee from h1s gun The Amencan soldler real 1z1ng the necesslty and the purpose ot hghtmg although hat1ng the bru tallty ot the contlrct must tlght and Wm the battle Your parents at home and your teachers at Foreman have str1ven Wlth m1ght and mam to pass on to you c1v1l1zat1on s ldeals and you the youth of Amenca must flght to uphold these ldeals to ma1nta1n c1v1l1zat1on We hope the standards establlshed here wlll help you ma1nta1n an honest uprlght course through hte When you succeed We shall be proud of you for we shall feel that We have done our Work Well And succeed you must because the future of Amerlca lS 1n your hands You have every thlng Wllh Whlch to Wm You can bulld the land of lrte that human bemgs should have You are the kmd ot people that democracy produces free lndependent 1n thought and behavlor courageous strarghttorward and humane We regret that you must leave us because we have come to know you and to emoy you but we IGJOICS that you have remamed Wlth us to obtaln th1s all lmportant dlploma Employment 1S plent1tul now but 1t may be drttrcult to fmd when peace comes lf you can you should cont1nue your studles 1n college to equrp yourselves for a fuller rrcher hte Your earnugg power wlll depend to a large extent on the tra1n1ng you have re celve For many years you have been gulded and guarded at home and at school but now We people at home must depend upon you to guard all that we hold most sacred Our shores our homes our l1berty our ldeals our very l1ves are ln your hands Guard them for us To you we pass the torch' Hold lt hlghl Keep 1t bnghtl We congratulate you and me Wlsh you health success and happl ness 1n the years Whlch l1e ahead Our hearts our hopes are all Wlth thee Our hearts our hopes our prayers our tears Our ta1th trlumphant oer our tears Are all wlth thee are all wlth thee Gaflzeruze of Tkyan TQ CLASSOP UNEI 43' Q 1 1 1 .. .. 1 1 1 1 1 . .... . . . . . 1 ' 1 ' .. - . . . I - . . . 1 , . . . . . ...,1. . . 1 1 . ...,.. , . 1 . .- 1 - 1 . . . . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 , .. . . 1 1 ' 1 l I I I D I , . 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . . V. .- 1 1 11 - 1 1 I I I I l .. 1 1 A l ll Y ' gk, 'ECI MR. MCHALE "Wiin rndiioe toward none with ohoriiy ior dii, with iirni ness in the right ds God gives hgni io see ine right," he sionds d friend io oiii. Nowhere wiil you find oonimonsense, brood- znindedness, dnd heipiul .syrnpdiny more evident tndn here. A odreni os weii os oi ieooh-er, he brings to his position os ossieioni prinolyooi noi only on eifioepiiondi dbiiity ds orqdnizer dnd exe oiiiilyey but diso o poisipioi iinfieistdgidiiio of the high sonvwi youth oi iodoy. He is whos" to dii Gi Porenidn eHoi'i'y MoHoie. T' 2 'Pd ,lv Standing: Miss Lawin, Mr. Sozamo, Miss Mostyn Mrs Ksncrt Seated: Miss Etfting, Miss O'NeiIl, Miss Larson Miss Kay SEN1GR TEACHERS Four years ago a bewildered group ot freshmen walked into Foreman into the guardianship ot eight division teachers. Aithough some have been assigned to other duties since then, severa1 ot the teachers - Miss O'Nei11, Miss Mostyn, Miss Ettting, Mr. Sazama, and Miss Lawin have remained with us through- out the tour years. Mrs. Kinert took Miss Dyer's division and Miss Larson took Mrs. 1-1arte's. Miss Kay's students were dis- tributed among the seven divisions in February 1943, because she was assigned to other duties. Miss 0'Nei11 has been chair- man oi our senior group. In 1939 these teachers were strangers to us, but in 1943 they are our friends who by their judicious, kind1y attitude have done much to make our tour years happy and successtu1. Our appreciation ot their endeavors can never be fully expressed, but to them we extend our gratitude tor a11 that they have done and our regrets that we must say good-bye. FACULTY Allen Dorothy Home Economics Dept Anderson Agnes Commerclal Dept Bogowlcz Jean Language Dept Bramkamp Jessle English Dept Bucaro James Industrial Arts Dept Cantu Abel Language Dept Casey Jane Engllsh Dept Cassady Edxthe Jane Art Dept Cavolt Vurgnma English Dept Cleveland Ruth Scxence Dept Coesfeld Stella Language Dept Connor Blanche English Dept Cooney Blanche Commercial Dept Costello Cecelua Commercial Dept Danlels Lucy History Dept Davues Myrtle Muslc Dept Deering Wulbert lndustrlal Art ept Doyle Veromca Hlstory Dept Dyer Frances Language Dept Efftmg Hlldegarde Art Dept Fenner Martha Engltsh Dept Flaherty Genevneve Htstory Dept Fossler Merrttt Mathematlcs Dept Gallagher Mary History Dept Greenwood Genevteve English Dept Hardy Harrlet Physlcal Education Dept Harkms Marne Personnel Hart Helen Mathematics Dept Harte Florence Englush Dept Herrlngshaw Warren Industrial Arts Dept Htrons Irene Personnel Hogle Eva Language Dept l l Homer Marlon Art Dept Hoppe Ruth--Commerclal Dept Hyatt Lucille Phystcal Educatlon Dept Jenluns Charles Mathematics Dept Jerome Mae Science Dept Jones Allce Hlstory Dept Jones Alma Physical Educatlo ept Kay Sylvia Hsstory Dept Keatlng Henry Science Dept Kelly Cecelia Sctence Dept Kennedy Helen Mathematics Dept Kmderman Laura Mathematics Dept Klnert Bessue Mathematics Dept Ktpp Charles Physical Educatlon Dept Lagoruo Veromca Physlcal Education Dept Larson Leslle Sclence Dept Larson Mignon English Dept Lawln Clara Language Dept Mackay Munel English Dept Maloff Jack Physical Education Dept Meek Helen Music Dept Melody Irene Commercial Dept Muller Wtlltam Commerctal Dept Mornssey Dennls Commerctal Dept Mostyn Mary History Dept Mouw Gerntt Science Dept Mussehl Laura Commercial Dept Naeland Mollue-Commercial Dept ONelll Margaret Mathematics Dept Pawltcku Stanley Science Dept Petlto Angelnne Commerclal Dept Powers Chester Scnence Dept I -' l - r .'- ' 1 i' l - I l - .I L. I I .-- . . I I .-- . . .I hi- - . 1 T l - I il ' I 'i ' I '-- ' , - ' . , - ' mo. I . -ng . I .-. . .I ...Z . . .I in. I I i. . I .i. I 1 X - I T' l - I 'T I - . I l l - I -Q . ' . ' .ii . I I .- . I .I 1- . . ' .I i. 0 .I .-1 . . .I l . . I .1-. . .I . T . SD . I . T . ' I .?. I .I 'T I I L . I .YT . G .,. Z ' I -- . . i 1 'i I - 1 '1 I - I . i. . I T . - , .- . A . I ..? . ' I T. . . I .J- . ' 1 l 1- D - I 'T' ' I .X . . l I .i. I .I .T I l . ' I -T . I . I . . . 14- . ,. T . , . , . . I Z . I .., -1. l . I l .I .-1 . I I iv . I - 1 8 ba. C-t-0-e-o-4 C U L T Y T E A Orchlds for my lady' In this case my lad was Mlss Martha Fenner who retrred after forty years of service ID Chncago Schools To honor her the members of the faculty wlth Mass Ryan as mistress ot ceremonies gathered In the soclal room where all enloyed an hour of deltclous refre h s ments and dellghtful entertannment Quetsch Lucllle Home Economics Dept Read Guy Musuc Dept Sazama Joseph Commercnal Dept Schwartz Eleanor Cornmerclal Dept Sheehy Lillian-Commercial Dept. 7 Silverman Hymen-Industrial Arts Dept. Smith, Gertrudeglrlistory Dept. Snodgrass, James-History Dept. Sollo, Leonard-Industrial Arts Dept. Stadtler, Gilbert--Industrial Arts Dept. Stern, Veda-eEngIish Dept. Stewart Mary Englash Dept Talbot Mary Lee English Dept Ulvelmg Edwln Commerclal Dept Voelz Luella Sclence Dept Weiss Rose-English Dept. Wendt, Catherine-English Dept. Zchorik, Edward-Physical Education Dept Zeeb, Frieda-English Dept. Fahey, Mary-Librarian Duttko, Steven A.-R.O. T. C. l?l 1552 ,,', jf IHVWC l fflffj g fi .J I TI-IEACLA AMUNDSEN, NORMAN "Swede" AIR CORPS COLLEGE Football, Baseball, Intramurals, Letterman, Let- termen's Club, Hall Guard, Student Council Rep., Div, Officer, Class Officer, Messenger, Football Club, ANDERSON, LENNART N. "Len" CHEMICAL ENGINEERING, ARMY National Honor Society, Minstrel Show, Pres. Physics Club. A Cappella Choir. Ifsher, Hall Guard, Latin Club. Student Council, june '43 Club, Div. Pres. ANDERSON, LORRAINE Bowling, Letter Girl, GAA., Cheerleader, Fore- manual Rep., Library Assistant. Wor'd Affairs Club. Music Appreciation Club. Girl:-' Glee, Intra- murals, F '43 Club. ARTWICK, RUTH Editor -Foreman News, National Honor Society. Latin Club, GAA., Defense Stamps, Division Attendance S retary,. Student Council, Mono- gram. M J AVENSON, EILEEN A NAPRAPATH Safety Council Rep., French Club. Math Club, Treas. Self-Analysis Club, Current Trends. G.A.A., Mixed Chorus. BACKSTROM, DOLORES "Del" Class Day Committee, Defense Stamp Salesman, Cast of "Girl Shy," Div. Treas., VVhite Collar Girls' Club, Red Cross Sewinxz Club, june '43 Club, G.A.A. Rep., German Club. Personnel. D 1 3 BAECKI., ELSIE BUSINESS COLLEGE Student Council, GAA., Service Club. Civilian Defense, F '43 Club, Mixed Chorus. BALDAUF, WILLIAM "Bill" NAVY Division Treas., Slide Rule Club, Hall Guard. BARKSTROM, DORA MAE "Mazie" GAA.. Student Council. Current Trends, Latin Club. Know-Chicago Club, Safety Council. Civil- ian Defense. BARNICLE, WILLIAM "Bill" Entertainment Committee, Current Trends, First Aid, Intramurals, Bowling. Safety Council. Hall Guard. Tutorinu Club, Messenger, Student CUUDCII, lOl S S OFIUNEIQ43 BARRETT, EDWARD "Eddie" MARINES Drum K Bugle Corps, R,O.T.C,. Cast of "Girl Shy," Scabbard and Blade, Hall Guard. Com- petitive Platoon, Foreman Technical Club. Stu- dent Council, Band and Orchestra Club. BARTOSCH, GERALDINE "Gerry" NURSE Bowlinu, Latin Club, White Collar Girls, G.A.A.. June '43 Club, Box Office. Girls' Glee. BAUREIS, MARTIN "Bowie" INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER Basketball, Letterman, Baseball, Usher, Slide Rule Club, Intramurals. BENDEL, WILLIAM R. "Bill" ARMY AIR CORPS Division Pres., Letterman. Baseball, Intramurals, Bowling, Hall Guard, Student Council, Physics Club, Aviation Club. ' - . 'f 4 V 4 ' I' r 'i W i -fi' X" I 1 'af fx 'nl :V fn " E ' l BENSEN, BETTY "Bells" White Collar Girls' Club, Beto Club, Safety Council, G,A,A., First Aid Club. Student Coun- cil, june '43 Club. Mixed Chorus. BENSON, DON NAVY, ENGINEER Div. Pres., Div. Vice Pres., Student Council Rep. Safety Council Rep., Hall Guard, Clean Up Com- mittee, Chairman Civics Class, Current Trends Club, Intramurals. l I . BENTON, WILLIAM "Bill" WRIGHT COLLEGE Art Club, F '43 Club, Student Council. BERINGER, JOE Baseball Team. Football Team, First Aid Club. Class Day Committee. BIRK, RUSSELL C. "Rusty" LAWYER lioxvlinz Team. Hall Guard Captain. Current Trends. Hall Guard. Intramurals, Student Coun- cil, Monoaram. BIRNS, ELAINE L. ' IJIQSIGNI-IR GAA.. Mixed Chorus. German Club. Student Council. Yarn-Purse Making: Club. . t llli I Lf THE CLA BlSKUP, HELEN STENOGRAPHER Mixed Chorus, Newspaper, Feature Writer, Stu- dent Council, Teacher's Typist Aid, White Collar Girls, G.A.A. ll BLANCHARD, ANNA MARIE "Ann" K ,S den Co'uncil, Defense Stamp Seller, Box 1 r ff C f'?'AhlWhite Collar Girls, Roller Skating. June 'ff 1' ub, Service Men's Correspondence Club. l BLOMQUIST, ALICE BOOKKEEPER National Honor Society, Assistant School Treas- urer, Defense Stamp Seller, Bowling Captain, Monogram, Pres. of White Collar Girls, Red Cross, Student Council, G.A.A. BOESSEI., JOYCE COURT REPORTER Student Council, G.A,A., Messenger, French Club, Bowling Club, White Collar Girls, Foreman News Reporter, Mixed Chorus, Treas. of Service Men's Correspondence Club. BONGIORNO, ROSELLA "Ro" BOOKKEEPER - Stenographer National Honor Society, Defense Stamps Salesgirl, Bowling Captain, Sec'y of White Collar Girls, French Club, Red Cross Sewing Club, Student Council, G.A.A. BORGE, MARY "Babe" BOOKKEEPER Roller Skating Club, Student Leader, G.A.A., Spanish Club, Lunch Room Club. locker Guard, Spring Music Festival. Safety Council Club. f 'I 'X 1 7 ' - ' E' ' . . 1 1 I X1-vp!! , fn' Inf Q. Sf r 1 x' 1 'X N , L !J ' WEQURQOE, EUGENE "Superman" LM PresfCurrent Trends, Band, Football, R.O.T.C., fminstrel Show. x , . 'rl BOWMAN, JUANITA "Juan" X Box Office, G.A.A., student Council, June '43 V Club. Vice Pres, of Div., Box Office Club, Cheer- leaders' Club, Candy Seller, Hull Guard, Intra- murals, Sec'y of Div. ., X 5 no 1 . X w I BRENN YXVIVIAN t J "Viv" COLL 'FA Fore News, Math. Club, Bao Club, 1 utor, G, .A., ent Council, june '43 Club, Red Cross, Sec'y of Divx, Monogram, Treas. of-Physics Club, Student Director of "Girl Shy". BREZENSKI, GERTRUDE "Red" NURSE Band and Orchestra Club, GAA., Vice Pres. of Div., Attendance Sec'y of Div.. Student Council, Red Cross. 'l2i SS ,il 6 f 0 F IU N E1f21.9x4 3- J-'xlf A. BUCK, LORRAINE f , "Bubbles" TELEPHONE OPERATOR Div, Pres.. G.A.A., Newspaper, Messenger Service. Cast of "Girl Shy". Senior Iliv. Program Enter- tainment. Spring Festival, Carnival Performance, Prom Committee. BUTLER, LORRAINE "lor" NURSE Commissioner of Student Council, G.A.A,, First Aid, Safety Council, Mixed Chorus, Sewing Club, Lunchroom Club. White Collar Girls Club, Latin Club. K A, f c A, x F- . x.- - W -. , BUTLER, BOB "Red" U. S. ARMY Band, Hall Guard, Scabbard and Blade Club, Pro- iector Club. R.O.T.C. Officer, Safety Council. Cast of "Girl Shy". CARLSEN, RUTH "Ruthie" OFFICE WORK Bowlinf' Team, G.A.A.. Student Council Rep.. Music Festival, Reading Club, Knitting Club, CARROZZA, MARY "Mar" COMMERCIAL WORK Student Council, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus. First Aid, G.A.A., F '43 Club, H. H. Service Club, Red Cross. l I CASPERSON, LQIS. . "Lo" COLLEGE I National Honor Societv, Foremanual ,Editor. Monogram, Wi in! Contestant University of Chicago Round,nTlable. Radio'Round Table. Per- sonnel, Attendance Office, Current Trends. - v cAssATA, Loulsi 'iffy "casey" TRUMPETER NAVY BAND Band, Projector Club. Letterman. First Aid Club. CECALA, A E PRIVATE AR ' Defe c S p Coll or. " Collar Girls' Club, Cade ' b, Xu f X J . . ,fl jf CEGlELSKl, ARLE "H" STENOGRAPHE Student council. . CIQQT Cu ngglrnlends. French Club. Tic Cc-mm: ec of Ji Play. First Aid, G.A.A.. Mixed Chorus. ' iv, Seca: Red Cross. J CERVA, ROBERT E. "Bob" NAVY Physics Club Treasurer, Student Council. Hull Guard. June '43 Club. 13 THE CLA l f Q fb F . COLECCHI, JOSEPHINE v" V' STENOGRAPHER Bookroom Asistant. World tfairs and Geogra- phy Club, First Aid Club, F '45 Club, Student Council. COOMBS, CYRlL G. "Buddy" MUSICIAN First Lt. R.O.T.C., Scabbard and Blade, Hall Guard, Latin Club, Spanish Club. Competitive Platoon. CORCILIUS, CHARLES E. "Chuck" ARMY AIR CORPS Entertainment Committee, Current Trends, Foot- ball, A Cappella. Bowling, Newspaper Rep., German Club, First Aid, Baseball. COTRELL, BETTY "Liz" G.A.A., Student Council. Latin Club, Music Fes- tival, Christmas Carols. Cheer Leaders' Club. x COURTNEY, FLORENCE "Fb" SECRETARY G.A.A.. Service, Hostess, Girls' Chorus, Student Council. . CRAPPLE, FRANCES ' .COLLEGE ' Oratorical Contest Winner, World Affairs Club. Student Council. G.A.A.. French, Personnel. F '43 Club, Sec'y Reading Club, U. of C. Round Table. CRAWFORD, WILLIAM P. "Willie" MARINE CORPS Pres. Junior Student Council, Student Council Rep.. Intramurals, Hall Guard, Spanish Club. Physics Club, Red Cross, Music Festival, F '43 Club. CYGAN, JOSEPHINE "Jo" TELEPHONE OPE RATOR Foreman News Reporter, Student Council. GAA.. Rep. Music .Appreciation Club. CZOSEK, CORINNE "Cor" Bowling Letter. A Cappella Choir, Minstrel Shows Music Appreciation Club, Newspaper, White Col- lar Girls' Club, G.A.A. DANIELSON, LILLIAN "Lili" COMMERCIAL STENOGRAPHER Student Council. F '43 Chi-. Spanish Club. Cur rent Trends. GAA., Library Assistant, Hall Guard fl4l SS lv ,, lr ,. r P,.l"Ut 1 9 4 3 DANIEISSON, SAM "smokey" SERVICE "SEA BEI-IS" lliasketball, Letterman. llres. Div.. A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, Student Council. DE JOHN, LEO "Clem" MARINES Football, Lettermt-n's Club-Vice Pres., Band. Div. Pres.. Cast of "Girl Shy," Spanish Club, Student Council. X' Vi DIMICH, vvousr N, v-'Vfvafs JLLUSTRATOR ' Q ', Bowling Capt.. Student Council Rep., Ionogram Aw vrd, Newspaper Reporter. Personnel Club, White Collar Girls' Club, Art Club, Mixed Chorus. CAA., Lunchroom Club. DISKIN, NANCY "Shorty" MUSICIAN Band, Orchestra. Student Council. Spanish Club, F '43 Club, Band and Orchestra Club, Band Rit- ual, Orchestra Letter. Student Director, Atten- dance Office, City Solo Contest. DONISH, HOWARD ARMY Hall Guard. Competitive Platoon, Scabbard and Blade, F '43 Club, Stamp Club, Usher. DRUMA, GLADYCE "Glad" Pan-American Club, Hall Guard. German Club, Foreman News Reporter. Mixed Chorus. DUFFILL, VIRGINIA "Virg" NURSE G.,-MA. Rep., Current Trends. Attendance Office. Mixed Chorus, Latin Club. First Aid Club, june '43 Club, Student Council, Bowling. DURAVA, CORINNE "Corey" STUDENT NURSE Foremanual Rep., Service Club. Knitting Club. Girls' Glee, Div. Sec., Div. Treas,, Properties Committee for "Shiny Nose." Service Club, Ijall Guard. - 4 1 A . F Dzucr, BERNADETTE ' ' "Belmie" Safety Council. Music Festival. Memorial Day Assembly. GA..-X., Polish Club. Student Council. Knitting Club. DZIOPEK, HENRY "Hank" U, S. ARMY AIR CORPS Foremanual Committee, Urghestra Concert Mas- ter. F '43 Club, Band and Orrliestrxi Club. Yi e Pres., Polish Club, Latin Club. Student Council Rep.. Rep. to Polish Student Ifederation. Swim- ming Team. Hall Guard. Intramurals, H5 F -,, i l v l E l 1 .-...-D..--A TI-IE CLAS EARLL, HAROLD W. "HUT" NAVY Vice Pres. Physics Club, Bowling, Letterman, Intramurals, Hall Guard, Aviation Club. EBERSOLE, PHYLLIS SECRETARY G.A.A. Rep., White Collar Girls, Cast of "Girl Shy," Sec'y oii Analysis Club, Bowling, Girls' Glee, Make-up Committee for Senior Play, Class Day Committee. EDWARDS, CLAYTON D. "Clay" US. NAVY AIR CORPS French Club, Hall Guard, World Affairs Club, Crack Platoon. EGAN, BERNARD A. ARMY Hall Guard, Aviation Club, Student Council. f ' ,4 , , , f f .. , f 16914 , ff .cyl -fi! , f VM, A 'f 2,4 0,14 1 J-fml 1 n I ,, fi !'- X 4 1 I EGEBERGH, WALTER JOEL "Eggie" ARMY AIR CORPS Bowling' Team, Current Trends, First Aid Club, Treas. of Civics. E , UR ' ' ' ,Af ca 1 , a ' aj Club, Music FeSfIva'lyS ' l , '4 L9 EMRICH, IRENE "Renee" ,IOURNALIST Vice Pres. Senior Class, Ass't Ed. Foreman News, i'Girl Shy" Cast, Foremanual Staff, 4B Div. Pres., Publicity Agent Current Trends Club, Safety Council, Self Analysis Club, Spanish Club. EMRICH, RICHARD "Em" PRIVATE U.S. ARMY Current Trends Treas., German Club, Vice Pres., Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, 4A Entertainment Committee, Intramurals, Student Council, Div. Pres., June '45 Club. ENGEL, BERNICE "Bern" OFFICE WORK Student Council Secretary, G.A.A., Bowling, White Collar Girls' Club. Knitting Club, Mixed Chorus, German Club, Music Festival. ENZENBACHER, GERTRUDE SUSANNA TELEPHONE OPERATOR "Genie" G.A.A., Student Council, Sec'y Mr, Miller, Span- ish Club, Know-Chicago Club. Knitting Club, I-Iall Guard, Mixed Chorus. Ll6l I N,E 943 1 , l Ric s N, "Edt . AV CORPS Aviation Club, Physics Club, Ilall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Student Council. EVERS, BEVERLY "Bee" STENOGRAPHER First Aid Club, Red Cross Rep. FAHRFORTH, EDWARD G. NAVY Football Team, Varsity Pigskin Club, First .Xirl Club. FAl.K, LORRAINE "Fuzzy" HOUSEWIFE Roller Skating, G.A.A., Music Festival, Student Leader. FEDO, JOSEPH "Doc" Pres. of .Aviation Club, Hall Guard Captain, Boys' State Rep., Mom.-jzrzzm. I3ase"all Mamvler. Orchestra, Dance Band, Student Council Rep., Newspaper Rep. FORPANEK, JAMES "Jimmie" UNITED STATES MARINES Student Council, Intramurals, First Aid, XVorlcl Affairs. FREESE, WARREN "Worry" AVIATION CADET, ARMY AIR CORPS Chairman f--Glider DivisioniAx'iation Club, Mes- senger, Clean-Up Campaizn. FRISCHE, DONALD "Don" ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, ARMY AIR CORPS Spanish Club, Major in R.O.T.C.. Red Cross. Scabbard and Blade. Competitive Platoon. , . A x FRISK, AUDREY L. "Frisky" National Honor Society. G..-YA.. Rep. Brard of Ccntrol. Office Worker. Rin: Committee. Nom- inatin: Committee, Class Ifay Committee. lliv. Sec'yr GABRIEL, ROBERT MECHANICAL ENGINIQKR R.0.T.C. First Lieut.. Scalmbarrl an'l lllzirle. llzxll Guard. 0.C.D, Air Raid Warden. I7 THE CLAS GATES, JERRY ARMY Foreman News Staff, Past Pres, Current Trends Club, Mixed Chorus, Entertainment Committee. Intramurals, Student Council, June '43 Club. GEMBICKI, RICHARD "Of1y" ARMY AIR CORPS CADET Capt. Basketball Team, Intramurals. Hall Guard, Lettermen's Club Pres., Polish Club. GIORNO, FRANK JR. "Pee Wee" ARMY AIR CORPS Pres. Photo Club. School Photographer, News Staff, Div, Pres., Bowling, Student Council, Hall Guard. GIRARD, JEROME "Jerry" NAVY Prom Committee, Div. Pres., Current Trends. Physics Club, Intramurals, Hall Guard. GISLER, ERNA "Em" AUTHORESS First Aid Club, Student Council. Safety Council, Sec'y June '43 Club, Spanish Club. GRESHER, LEONA "Lee" COLLEGE Foremanual Rep.. Student Council Rep.. G.A.A., Current Trends, Class Dues Collector. A Cappella, Mixed Chorus, Red Cross Rep., Bowling, June '43 Club. GREVAS, EVELYN "Evie" SECRETARY Foremanual Rep., Copy Ed. Foreman News, Cur- rent Trends. Div. Sec'y, Class Dues Collector, G.A.A.. Gossip Columnist, Red Cross Rep., Latin Club, june '43 Club. GROCHOWSKE, FRED H. COLLEGE Nzitigyalt Honor Society, Senior Honor Club. jimi r Honor Club, Foremanual Rep., Div. Pres.. Hall Guard Capt.. Beto Club Preff German' Club- Trcas., Current Trends Club. A 1 GROENING, VERA B. "Red" STENOGRAPHER National Hon-r Society Sec'y. Defense Stamps Salesgzirl, Div, Sec'y, Letteriirl, Service Club. Spanish Club. Purse Making Club Pres., Pan- American Cluh, Monogram. GRZYB, STELLA BRANCH OF L'.S. SERVICE Reading Club, Pan-American Club. l3l x C OFlUNEl943 GULDBEK, EILEEN "Ei" ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT Assistant to Truant Officer, I.atin Club. Self Analysis Club. Beto Club. llres. in Iinzlish Class. Vice Pres, in History Class, Lunchroom Worker. GUZOLEK, MILDRED "Millie" Polish Club, VVhitc Collar Girls, Personnel As- sistant. Office Assistant, Beto Club Sec'y. GAA.. Clean-Up Committee, Music Appreciation Club, Honor Club, Monogram. Student Council. I : ! V V HAFF, JAMES ' 55111 ' NAVY AIR CORPS 1 l i Lieut. R.O.T.C., Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C. Trick Drill Squad. Bmvlinr, R.O.T.C, Rose Dance Committee. Hall Guard. Aviation C.ub. R,O.'l.C. Crack Platoon. HANRAHAN, CHUCK "Red" US. NAYY Int, Baseball Champs. Int. Tasketball Champs. Advanced Art. Hall Guard, Concert Band, Mixed Chorus. ' HANSEN, CHARLES "Curly" MILITARY SERVICE National Defense Rep., Seabbard and Blade. Lieut. R.O,T.C., Hall Guard Capt., Competitive Platoon, Spanish Club. HAUCK, GLENN Prom Committee. Basketball. Sec'y of Current Trends. Letterman. Past Pres. of June '43 Math Club, German Club. Foreman News Rep, HEl.MRElCK, KARL "Curly" ARCHITECT Prom Committee, Football Co-Capt.. llaserall, Bowling Letterrnen's Club. Hall Guard, Piuslain Club, Intramurals, German Club. HERRES, ROBERT "Bob" ARMED SICRYICIC Howling Team, Intramurals. Hall Guard, Aviation Club, Mixed Chorus. Physics Club. HERZAU, EDWIN ARMY First Aid Club, Physics Club. Hall Guard. HILLYER, RAYMOND "Bill" MILITARY Sl-IRYICH Hall Guard. Swimming Team. Aviation Club. Div, Fire Marshal W dwcfffw-4 5 "' 1 pfbiwffiififl I 6 5' 3' -6' T l-I . 4Eu AQ, LA A S n F A I , nc 'NJ L, CIA I ' A - -"Q ' I Il ll HODGSON, PATRICIA ' ' Pct HOUSEVVIFE 4 ' ' A Cappella Choir, Self Analysis Club, Lunch Room Worker, Drama Class Sec'y, Gym Capt.. Pres. English Class. Home Arts Club, Minstrel Shows. Spring Festivals. HOLIAN, MARGARET "Margie" CLERICAL WORK GAA. Lettergirl, Safety Council Rep.. Spanish Club, Sketch Club, Current Trends Club, Stu- dent Council. HORNELI., VERNER MINISTER First Lt. R.O.T.C., Competitive Platoon, Scab- bard and Blade, Physics Club, Latin Club, Pro- iector Club. HOUCK, BARBARA "Bobs" BUSINESS COLLEGE Cheerleader Capt., Lettergirl, Bowling, Div. Pres.. Div. Sec'y. A Cappella Choir, Newspaper Staff. Student Council. Music Festival. Student Leader. HUBER, DOUGLAS W. "Doug" COLLEGE R.O.T.C. Sgt.. Physics Club, Foreman News, Aviation Club, Beto Club. HUFF, ROBERT "Bob" INIARINE CORPS Lt. R,O.T.C.. Beto Club, Scabbard and Blade Treas., Military Police, Crack Platoon. HUGHES, THOMAS "Tom" NAVY Swimming Team, Hall Guard, Current Trends, Div. Pres.. Student Council, F '43 Club, Spanish Club, Div, Treas.. Foreman News. HUNT, JARVIS C. "JGrv" AIR FORCES Crack Platoon R.O.T.C.. R.O.T.C. Usher. R.O.T,C. Trick Drill Squad, Publicity Committee "Shiny Nose." Messenfzer Service. Hall Guard, Proiector Service. Mixed Chorus. June '43 Club. HUTTER, GEORGE ARMY Student Council Rep., German Club Treas., Avia- tion Club. Mixed Chorus, Open House Speaker, F '43 Club. German Club Chorus, Hall Guard, Usher. Messenger, Projector Club. JACOBSEN, ROBERT "Jake" PRE-MEDICS, NORTHWESTERN National Honor Society. Cast of "Girl Shy,', Yice Pres. World Affairs Club, Collection of Foremanual and Class Dues. Radio Council. Newspaper Rep.. Junior Victory Army Capt.. Hall Guard. Prom Committee. 420. XC OI-'lUNEl943 JACOBSEN, TORREY "Jake" FLY FOR NAVY Baseball Team, Letterman, Lettermen's Club. Hall Guard. Intramural Basketball, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Music Festival. JANOWICK, RICHARD "Dick" U.S. ARMY Basketball. Baseball, Polish Club. Shop Foreman. JANUSZ, THOMAS J. "Tom" MECHANICAL ENGINEER Lieut. Colonel R.O.T.C., Rifle Team. Track Team, Scabbard and Blade, Letterman, R.O.T.C. Crack Platoon, Glee Club. JEPSEN, PHYLLIS "Pl1yl" NURSE National Honor Society, Student Council Com- missioner and Rep.. Treas. World Affairs Club. Bowling: Club, Vice Pres. Red Cross Sewing Club. Mixed Chorus, Library Assistant. f ' 'K ft " x fa JOHNOPOLOS, RGE A X IN ARMY AIR fCO PS X Div, Sec'y, Bbseb l, ll luurd. Curlrent Trends, Cast of :'Girl ntrumurus, Cheerleader. EQIFKIOF i0ijPlays I sie Festi tl, Cluss Day: om lttee. K I JQHNSONQPJEORGE NA X l "QaQ7g9ae'5 NX'ice Pres. Div., Atte lz e Office. 'urrent Tren Club Sec'y. Frenc lub, First- ' . Mixed Chor . G.A.A., Foreman Newsi Rep.. une '43 Club, Capt. Bowlinz League. ' f , . VJV J N , con ON Hooray" ,P X CAL DIRECTOR sk all, Baseball, Intramurals, Letterman. 'L rmen's Club, Foreman News. Student Coun- cil, Hall Guard. JUDE, ART SL - 4, "Art" ARMVDX sg!! ' Hall l1Z,d'.-'FIl'Sl Ai club. C.I,C, Club. r '41 Cluyffu J, 7 I ,WMI Aff" f' JURETSCHKE, ELAINE "Sis" OFFICE WORK Nominating Committee for 4.-X Class Officers. Entertainment Committee, Bowling Letter and Trophy Medal. G.A,A.. Foreman News Rep.. Cur- rent Trends Club. Studen! Council, KALINOWSKQXHELEN g COBQPTOMETRY , - Ring XCon1inittee. s.G.A,A., Pan-.Amt-mm cm, Yi A rs Newspaper Rep.. Hostess Club. Polish ?l?jPNii?liQatin2 Committee. Student Council. 'U X 2l ly.: i X N 'ir I THE CLASS KAMlNSKl, EDWARD "Ed" ARMY Vice Pres. Div.. Student Council Rep.. Locker Guard, Football Team. Letterman. KAMINSKI, LYLE "Bud" LYS. ARMY Bowling, Letterman, Student Council. KASZEWSKI, LORRAINE "Kasey" SECRETARY Personnel Assistant, Defense Stamp Salesgirl. Student Council. Monogram Award. Bowling League, Slide Rule Club, Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. KAY, NORBERT US. ARMY Div. Officer, Hall Guard Capt., Technical Club. C,I.C., Student Council, Know-Chicano Club. Scabbard and Blade Club, Mixed Chorus, Bowl- ing, Fire Marshal. Safety Council, Usher. KAY, LA VERNE "Kay" COURT REPORTER Sec'y of Div., Current Trends, French Club, First Aid, Cast of "Girl Shy." GAA., Student Council Rep., Bowling, Foreman News Reporter, Mixed Chorus,,F '43 Club. 1 KEITEL, JEAN "Red" NURSE Foremanual Committee, Delegate to Chicago junior Red Cross, First Aid piub, World Affairs Club. ' 1 -, KLIMASZEWSKI, ALICE l.. "Alix" Student Council, Polish Club, Beto Club, Treas. Music Appreciation Club, White Collar Girls' Club. Vice Pres.. Div., G.A.A., Mixed Chorus, Polish Oratorical Contest. KLUEGEL, JANE F. COLLEGE Student Council Rep., Defense Stamp Salesxzirl. Bowling, Hall Guard, Library Assistant, World Affairs Club. Spanish Club. GAA., Red Cross Rep. l KocH, ELLIOTT L. g ,f 'ff ' nf NAVY YEOMAN .fi-ff" I Treas. Defense Stamp Sales. Know-Chicago Club, Safety Council, Student Council, Jr. Victory Army Rep.. Hall Guard. KONTJE, RICHARD JAMES "Jim" ARMY AIR CORPS Pres, of Division, Hall Guard. Scabbard and Blade Club. F '43 Club, Drum and Buule Corps. Staff Artist Foreman News. Competitive Platoon, Latin Club, Officer R.O.T.C.. Current Trends. Usher. 622i X OFlUNE 1943 KORZEN, BERNADETTE "Bunny" CIVIL SERVICE Student Council Commissioner. Current Trends Club, Music Festival, Personnel, F '43 Club. Clean-Up Committee, Beto Club, Self Analysis. KOSTYNIAK, VICTOR ARMY AIR CORPS Physics Club, Stamp Club, Know-Chicago Cluli. Yice Pres. of Div., Music Sec'y. Hall Guard. Mixed Chorus. KOZACKA, ARTHUR ARMY AIR CORPS Tutor, Poster Detail, Intramurals, Aviation Club, Mixed Chorus, Messenger, Student Council. KRlSCHKE, RUDOLPH E. "Bud" ARMY Sec'y of Physics Club, Bowling, Intramurals, Hall Juard, Aviation Club, Student Council. KROLL, JOHN ARMY Hall Guard, Polish Club, Minstrel Show, Student Council. KROPEK, DOROTHY "DoHie" TELEPHONE OPERATOR Know-Chicago Club, G.A.A.. Bowling Club, Latin Club, Student Council, Spanish Club. Hall Guard. KROPP, PEARL "Pearly" STENOGRAPHER Bowlinz Trophy. Bookroom Assistant, G.A.A.. Swimming Club, Hall Guard. German Club, First Aid Club. Vlforlcl Affairs Club, Tutor. Girls' Chorus, F '43 Club, Student Council, Div. Sec'y. KRUEGER, CHARLES E. "Chuck" AIR FORCE OFFICER R,O.T.C. Officer, Trick Drill Squad, Crack Pla- toon, Orzanizer of Messenger Service. Usher. Hall Guard, Current Trends Club, Scabbard and Blade Club, Mixed Chorus. F '43 Club, Scrap Drive. - QL I-JJ jk! gfl ft 4 fd U D 1-4144151 fi' KRYPEL, HELEN TYPIST G..-XA.. Student Council, Polish Club. Travelers Club, Properties' Committee for Senior Play. KSZYCZKOSKI, EUGENE ART STUDENT Pres. rf Div.. Hall Guard. Art Club, Sec'y of Histvy Class, F '43 Club. Student Council. 4231 '95 ye I ,LJ si JZ: I I I , 1 I It X N TI-IEGLA KULPA, DOROTHY "Dot" PRIVATE SECRETARY Foreman News Staff, A Cappella Choir, G.A.A. Rep,, Div. .Attendance Sec'y, Music Appreciation. 'French Club, F '43 Club, Student Council. I LANAWAY, DORIS "Do" DESIGNER Foreman News Rep., Reading Sec'y, World Af- fairs Sec'y, Div. Sec'y, First Aid Club, Biology Club, Latin Club, Spanish Club. LANGE, RUTH BUSINESS COLLEGE Attendance Office. Service Club, Hall Guard, Messenger, Yice Pres, of Div., Defense Stamps, Sec'y of Div., G.A,A., Memorial Day Assembly, Washington-Lincoln Assembly Chairman. LARSON, HAROLD "Harry" MUSICIAN Current Trends Club, Physics Club, Bowling Club, Locker Guard, Variety Shows, Class Mu- sician. Student Council, Cast of HGirl Shy," Intramurals. ,J LEWIS, ALBERT "AI" ARMY Vice Pres. Student Council, Class Day Commit- tee. Foremanual Rep., Hall Guard, Vice Pres. Safety Council, Beto Club Pres., Div. Pres, LOCHEN, TOM "Casey" PHYSICAL INSTRUCTOR Current Trends Club. First Aid, Student Council. ,g ,. LOGAN, HELEN "Irish" SECRETARY Personnel Assistant, Tutor, Student Council, Fore- man News Rep., Foreman News Staff, Current Trends Club. G.A.A., French Club, Math Club, Belo Club, Mixed Chorus. LONDON, MARILYN "Dee-Dee" ,IOCRNALIST Vice Pres. French Club, Mixed Chorus, Math Club. G..-XA., Music Festival, "Shiny Nose" Tic- lcet Committee. Foreman News Reporter. Current Trends Club, Red Cross, F '43 Club. LOSEY, HARRIET Business Marfazer of Fereman News, Foreman News Reporter. Box Office Girl, Defense Stamp Salesvirl. Div. Pres., Minstrel Show, Current Trends, Spanish Club. 4 LUCZAK, STANLEY ARMY Vice Pres. Projector Club, Hall Guard. Messenger. Tutor. Mixed Chorus. Ticket Committee Senior Ilay. Cast of "Girl Shy," 24 S S .N . OF IUH50EQ1j6Z?g.aD E LUND, ELAINE vf OFFICE WORK Bowling. GAA. Rep., Student Council, Knittinu Club, Foreman News Reporter, June '43 Club, Div. Sec'y. MALINOWSKI, STEVE "Molly" ARMY AIR CORPS Vice Pres. of Div.. Commissioner Student Coun- cil, Intramural Sports, Bowling: Team, Aviation Club, Hall Guard. Mixed Chorus, Foreman News Rep. h . L"1v,VyA? . MANDELL, HILLARD ARMED FORCES Basketball Capt.. Lettermen's Club, Bowling Club, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Locker Guard, Div. Pres. and Treas., F '43 Club, Intramurals. MANNION, THOMAS "Speed" Rowling Team, Current Trends, First Aid, Div. Treas. ,, I I A MARGUERAT, SHIRLEY "Sl'1irl" NURSING '.atin Club-Lictor, Student Council Rep.. Cast of "Girl Shy," GAA.. Prom Committee, Safety Council. MARIK, MYRTLE MAE STEWARDESS Ring Committee, GAA. Rep., Latin Club, Travel Club, F '43 Club, Student Council. MARTIN, CHARLES "Mert" ARMY Student Council. Scabbard and Blade Pres., A Cappella Choir, F '43 Club, Capt. R.O.TiC., Bowling. -CJ 7-js I 7, 1 ,. MARTORANO, doe l -1 f "law" Arrmvgtm Co PS ' ,- ' Senior lass Pres.. Sports Edj,lPr of Fore News. Lettermen's Club, Fleer of ling. Intramurals. Hall Guarcl,.5JanisK2 Student Council. ,xx Q ' N - . -ar!! ', .1 l I1 1 I I, 4 X MCNERNEY, AUDREY ,if .1 J I v' COLLEGE I s " National Honor Society. GJL5. Board of Con- trol. Letteruirl, Student Leader Club, Hostess Club. First Aid Club, Latin Club, Life Saving Club, Student Council. F '45 Club. MCPARLAND, NAT "Moc" ARMY R.UT.C. Capt.. Rifle Team Capt.. Scabbard anrl Blade. Hall Guard, Usher. Letterman. Crack Platoon. 25l 11 THE CLAS MELNIKOFF, SHERWIN "Sher" MEDICINE Band and Orchestra, Band and Orchestra Club, Hall Guard, German Club. MERCHUT, .IULIAN "Jim" COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHER Polish Club, Current Trends, Lunchroom Club. Safety Council Rep., Scrap Salvage Supervisor, Mixed Chorus. MEYER, RALPH PURCHASING AGENT Current Trends Club, Student Council Commis- sioner, Div. Treas., F '43 Club, Hall Guard, Bowling. MICEK, EVELYN "Ev" SECRETARY Student Council, Current Trends, J '43 Club, Red Cross Rep. I, ff! J ,ff f M fl P Cjfsflf' H if-ffl' MICHALAK, BEATRICE "Bee" PRIVATE SECRETARY G.A.A., Polish Club, White Collar Girls' Club, Student Council, Civilian Defense, Mixed Chorus, Foreman News Rep. MIKA, HELEN "Tiny" CIVIL SERVICE Pan-American Club, Girls' Glce Club, Intramur- als, Music Festival. MIKOS, STANLEY J. "Mike" MERCHANT MARINE Intramurals Baseball Capt., Hall Guard, Basket- ball, Swimming Team, Track at Austin. MILEW KI, VIRGINIA ' , "Ginny" METER PERA R Pres.. ry-A , oremanual Rep., L MGMT? C 9 ,- f bra V my .A..A., Polish Club, 2,.ipzlrroom Cashier, F '43 Club. MILLER, CAROL LOU Latin Club Consul, National Honor Society. Copy Editor Foreman News, Maior Junior Victory jf' Army, Vice Pres. Div., Radio Broadcast, Forc- f manual Staff, Monogram. l fsf, MILLER, DOROTHY "Dotty" L jf l Class Sec'y, Assistant Editor Foreman News, A ff National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Vice ljl, ture Editor Foreman News, rj ft X Pres. F '43 Club. White Collar Girls' Club, Fea- Ji f 1 L '26l 1 - 1 4 , 1 OFIUNEIQ43 , MILLS, LILA MAE "Milly" NURSE Vice Pres. of Nat'l Honor Society, Vice Pres. of G.A.A.. Columnist of Foreman News, Stident Council, Library Assistant, Student Leader. Mon- ogram, Current Trends, Band. Defense Stamp Salesgirl, V, , ' - QlfPf'5 ' -f , L' I Ir!! MILLS, TELLA B. -1 1,1 f f f W4 W "Tel" NURSE V ft- '1' , Pres. of G.A.A.. Pres. of Beto Club, Div. Pres.: Div. Sec'y, Columnist on Foreman News, Student Leader. ,V . f f MILOSITS, MARY , , ' DESIGNER f Hall Guard. Hostess Club, Art Club, Aud, Guard, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. ' MOELLER, ROBERT "Bob" ARMY Cantain Adj. R.O.T.C.. Competitive Platoon, Scabbard and Blade, Hall Guard. Math Club, German Club, MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM WALLACE FLY FOR NAVY "Mount" Rifle Team, First Aid. Competitive Platoon, Hall Guard. MOORE, CARRIE LEE "Ccppy" MEDICINE G.A.A. Board of Control, Student Leader, Consul Latin Club, German Club, Service Club, Letter Girl. Band. Defense Stamp Salesgirl, Monogram, Student Council. ' . I X X ' bk M . , A x ' X -1 N15 lx." E - i XS. . --- lr lx CRX-LS'-lx X.,-lx fu, x.. N X l MOORE, JOAN C. . .. .QLJUOU COMMERCIAL WORK N Student Council, VVhite Collar Girls. F '43 Club. Red Cross, G.A.A.. Band. bowling, Latin Club. Scenery and Ticket Ccmmittee for "Shiny Nose," Monogram. First Aid. MORELLI, MARIE SECRETARY Rinfz Committee, Service Club. Attendance Office ASs't. Library Ass't. Senicr Collector for Irre- manual and Class Dues, Girls' Glee, G.A.A., ZA Treasurer. MOSIER, LORRAINE "Butch" NURSE From Committee. Div. Yige Pres. fftufe t" . I n S Uuilelin Chairman. Hall Guard. Student Crun- cil. Pan-American Club. "Shiny Nose" tee, Roller Skating: Cltlll, MURRAY, BETTE ANNE "Murph" SECRETARY G.!i.A.. Girls' Glee, Mixed Chorus. latin Club, Swimmina. Bowlinfl. Student C1'ln.i'. Newspaper Rep., Div, Pres.. Treas. and Sc-c'y. Knittinv. lVhi e Collar Girls. Red CIFAS. Trens, I" '43, llrnm Committee. Carnival, Cast of "Girl Shy." .Q7i ' I Tl-IE CLASS MUTCHNIK, MARVIN "Marvee" MEMBER OF A SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA S Rating City Solo Contest, Orchestra Member. Treas. Scabbard and Blade Club, R.O.T.C. Capt.. Competitive Platoon. NATZKE, DOROTHY H. "Dottie" SECRETARY Service Club. G.A,A., Girls' Glee, Attendance Office, .Attendance Sec'y Div., Student Council. NEDZA, EVELYN "Eve" OFFICE WORK Bowling, Girls' Glee, Polish Club. Music Festival. ,Spanish Club. Student Council, G.A.A. A NEFF, CAROLYN "Sugar" AVIATION Div, Treas., Div. Sec'y, French Club Treas., Math Club, Beto Club, Personnel, Sec'y History Class, Attendance Office, Honor Society, Camera Club, Monogram. NEFF, JOAN ".loonie" SECRETARY Monogram and Two Chevrons, National Honor Societv. Service Club Sec'y, Copy Editor Fore- man News, Defense Stamp Salesman, Student Director of "Girl Shy," Foremanual Staff. NELSON, ELLEN JEANETTE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER ,A Capnclla. Choir. Attendance Sec'v Div. and Choir, G.A.A.. Service Club and Lettergirl. Stu- dent Leader, F '43 Club, Handiwork Club, Ticket Committee Senior Play. NESS, BETTY "Beit" NURSE Sec'y Camera Club. Girls' Handicraft, Div. Vice Pres., Junior Victory Rep., Student Council Rep , Girls' Glee Club. Christmas Choralogue, Math Club. NEUHAUS, BEVERLY "Bev" COLLEGE National Honor Society, Foremanual Staff, G.A,A. Lettergirl. G.A.A, Board of Control. French Club. Student Leader, Bowling, Div. Sec'y. NEVIN, CHARLES "Chuck" AIR CORPS Football. Div, Pres., Treas, Victory Prom, Civics Class Pres.. Pigskin Varsity, Foreman News Rep., History Class Pres. NIEDZIELA, STELLA RIYETER Student Council Rep.. Class Day Committee. Latin Club. Pan-American Club, Mixed Chorus, F '43 Club. Intramurals, First Aid. 28l OFIUNEl943 , NIELSEN, LESTER "Bud" ARMY FIELD ARTILLICRY R.O.T.C.. Ilrum and Bugle Corps Capt.. Scali- bard and Blade. German Club. Hall Guard. 4A Div. Pres.. Foreman Dance Band. Competitive Platoon. NRA. Rifle Club.- .- 4 . ' ' 'ri 1" 1 . NIELSEN, THEODORE Al-L" f A ffrqdff ARMED FoRcr3s . . I I Football. Student Council Rep., Hall Guard. Beto Club. Student Council Com 'iitymoia Piuskin Varsity. NITTI GUY "Newer" COLLEGE Student Council Pres., Foreman News Rep.. Fore- manual Rep.. Hall Guard Capt.. Div. Pres.. Yice Pres., F '43, NIZIOLEK, BENEDICT ARMY ENGINEERS Know-Chicago Club. Hall Guard. Treas. Camera Club, Picked Platoon R.O,T.C,, Student Council. NOBLE, GENE "Nobby" ILS. MARINE CORPS Current Trends, Student Council. NOLAN, BETTY OFFICE WORK GAA. Rep.. Student Leader. Hall Guard, Student Council, Div. Sec'v. OBERDING, MARY STENOGRAPHER National Honor Society. Defense Stamp Collector. Sec'y and Yice Pres. of Div.. Safety Council Rep.. German Club. Know-Chicago Clulz. Personnel, Fancy Vl'ork Club, OPARKA, MILDRED "Millie" CIVIL SERVICE Twirlers' Clulm. Txvirler for Ilrum and liuule Corps. Student Council Rep.. Skatinu Clulv. llixl Officer. ' - " .f'X CL., X."'xf x , . - A I 'N 1 J f A " 1 ll, OZOG, HARRY ARINIY Lettermen's Club.fHaSelmalI. Studi-nt Council. , I A I PABST, JEAN. ' J WAVES, ,' lK'hitUX'CollafA Girl! Cfulf. Ht-to Clula. Ast 'Aid Club. G..-XA.. Gerrrsan Clulm. Mixed Chorug Hall Guard. Student Lbader. Cliribtrhzua Hurket Chair- man, Office Af't. - J I 29 l I l 1 I THE CLA PACYNA, JEAN TYPIST Student Council, Foremanual Rep., Foreman News Rep., Polish Club, Travelers Club. PANFIL, RITA "Pannie" NURSE Current Trends Club, Bowling Club. Student Council, F '43 Club, G.A.A., Red Cross, Senior Play Committee, Mtted Chorus. PASLAWSKY, JOAN "Little One" JOURNALISM Student Council Rep., Copy Editor Foreman News. Current Trends, Properties Committee for "Shiny Nose," Tutor. Hall Guard, German Club, Lunchroom, Mixed Chorus. PATRICELLI, CELESTINE "Pol" MACHINIST Student Council Ren., Mixed Chorus, Hall Guard, Usher, Messenger, Music Club, Bowling. PATTE, WlLLlAM "Bill" Bowling, First Aid, Current Trends, Div. Pres. x -' PAULSEN, ELEANOR "Dixie" COMMERCIAL WORK Prom Committee, Current Trends, Foremanual - Rep., Div, Pres., Know-Chicago Club, Defense Council. G.A.A., Girls' Glee, Student Council, Bowling? f - flf' l , ll f I AL ' ' J A I Il PAULS , HOLLAI E 'Holly K- RADIO SINGER f ' f Safety Council.P s. Chairman 4A Entertain- ment Committee, rom Committee, Music Ap- preciation' Club, Piano Accompanist, Pres. Lunch- roorn Club, French Club, G.A.A., Student Council. f ' PEDERSEN, WILLIAM CHEMICAL ENGINEER Hall Guard, Tutor, Orchestra, Student Council. Scrap Drive, Spanish Club, Physics Club, Science Talent Test. - A 1 ,, . If ' f , , v ' PENAR, VIRGINIA "Virg" BUSINESS CAREER Monogram, Bowling, Registrars Assistant. Treas- I J urer's Assistant, Service Club Sec'y, Div. Treas, F '43 Club, Girls' Glee, G.A.A., Student Council. PESZEK, EUGENE W. "Gene" TECHNICAL COLLEGE Student Council. Hall Guard. Slide Rule Club. Mixed Chorus, Intramurals, R.O.T.C., Ilrojcttor Club, Music Festival. 1301 So OFIUNE1 QM '3 PETERSON, ARLENE "Pele" NURSE ' Bookroom Assistant, German Club. G.A.A,, VVOrld Affairs Club, F '43 Club, Girls' Glee Club. Fi st Aid Club, Hall Guard, Red Cross. T PET N,' ACE' ' AZ"'Grocie" FCE OK ' R jgude ' ouqgalizep. KAR-fynffneh club, cur r ' ' ' ' renjsf G1rls,,6'g:,..Ilxed Chorus, F 45 ub,!yfator,'L,in4ol.4'E fjzssembly. ff ff I K'-,jx PETERSON, LOIS COMMERCIAL WORK White Collar Girls' Club. First Aid, F '43 Club, Mixed Chorus. French Club, Music Festival. PIRRONE, ROCCO L. "Rock" NEVVSPAPER CARTOONIST Music Festival Artist, Art Club, Foreman News Staff Artist, Student Council, Pan-American Art Senior Play Publicity Committee, Div. Vice Presi Cast of "Girl Shy." PITTELKAU, ARTHUR "Ari" RADIO SCHOOL 1 Hall Guard, Competitive Platoon, Scabbard and Blade, Camera Club, Usher. R.O.T.C, -' A. PITULA, ELVERA ' SECRETARY Newspaper Rep., Attendance Office, Current Trends, G.A.A,, Hall Guard, Pres. History Claw, Spanish Club, Student Council. POBER, OLGA COLLEGE Treas, National Honor Society, Sec'y Spanish Club, Cast of "Girl Shy," G.A.A., Lettergirl. De- fense Stamp Salesgirl, Pan-American Council Rep., Foreman News Staff, Monogram, PRESTON, JEANNE "Jeanie" KINDERGARTEN TEACHER Foremanual Rep.. Red Cross Rep., A Cappella Choir, G.A.A., World Affairs Club. Math Club, Reading Cl . ' I .4 af MU PROVENZA, SARAH R, "Sasl'1e" BUSINESS COLLEGE Service Men's Club, First Aid. G.A.A.. Intramur- als, Pres. of Class, Attendance Sec'y. Cake Booth, Scrap Book Commityge, f Fjd PU RE Mfr" fepfmf' 4 a'Co'EGEf, , f ,k,- ,I . npemme' . ,A,gaf'q,f4 zgepf dTish A fj r , , pf , 'urrent Trendyf Girlffillee. . af' Capp ' a C r, MinstrelfSboG's. Spring: Fes- f-.. tivals, rviee Letter.,- Au J , I 1 ,ki f fy-f94,L,, ii 1 J H f - --""""'df ,.. JT RAK , CATHERINE "Kay" SEC ET.-XRY Chrrent Trends Club, Spanish Club Sec'y, Stu- t Council. Div. Pres. and Sec'y, G.A.A,, Betc lub, Hall Guard, Girls' Gle: Club. RAAPALA, JOHN "Johnny" ARMY AIR FORCES Yiee Pres. Camera Club, Know-Chicago Club. Student Council. Hall Guard. I 5 - REQUE, NAOMI "Nc" COLLEGE Fcremanual Staff. Mana-:er Box Office. Foreman News Business Staff, Foreman News Rep., As- sistant Business Manauer Foreman News, De- fense Stamp Cashier. G.A.A. ROHR, CARL G. "Boots" MARINE AIR CORPS Bioloszv Pres.. Competitive Platoon, Hall Guard, Div. Treas., Math Club. Reading: Club Pres. ROSE, GERALDINE "Jerry" RECEPTIONIST Know-Chicano Club. Hall Guard, Personnel. Girls' Glee Club. ROSENQUIST, BERNICE OFFICE WORK Student Council, Div. Sec'y. GAA., Lcttergirl, Student Leader, Spanish Club, Current Trends, A Cappella Choir, Bowling. ROSINSKI, RICHARD "Rosie" ARMY A Cappella Choir. Yice Pres. Music Appreciation Club, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, French Club, Minstrel Show. Student Council. ROSS, SHIRLEY "Peanuts" COMMERCIAL WORK White Collar Girls' Club, First Aid, Locker Guard, Girls' Glec Club, F '43 Club. Music Fes- tival. 0 RUSSELL, HARRY H. "Russ" MARINES Baseball. Basketball, Letterman. Treas. Letter- men's Club, Hall Guard, Football. RYAN, EDWIN "Junior" U.S. N.-XYY AIR CORPS Treas. Senior Class. Pres. Div.. Basketball, Let- terman, Current Trends Vice Pres.. Hall Guard. f32l HE CLASS OFIUNEIQZIS RYI., ELSIE "El" COMPTONIETER OPERATOR ' Current Trertrls. Student Council Rem.. Baton I Twirlers' Club, Minstrel Show. G.A,A.. Treas, Div.. Bulletin Committee Rep. SAMSELA, JOHN "Pooch" AIR CORPS Football. Ilaseliall. Art. Orchestra. Cart, Foo- l I Y ball Team. Newspaper Rep.. Hall Guarrl, Sketch . . JV Club. fu! , l . , mo: y SCHABELL LUCILLE ou , ft ff-9 si-LCRETARY Lal' White Collar Girls' Club. German Club. Mixed Chorus. G,A.A,. Service Club. Student Council. F '43 Club. 4 , -' SCHAR, GLADYS "Glody" NURSE ' ' Business Manager Foreman News, Box Office Manimer. Div, Pres.. Fcremanual Rep., Civilian Defense Council. Defense Stamp Cashier. G,A,A.. Foreman News Reporter. f SCHEELK, ROBE " MILITARY SERVICE Pres. Worlrl Affairs Club. Current Trenrls Club. Ilall Guarfl, Sturlent Council, Cast of "Girl Shvf' SCHLEMMER, HELEN TYPIST National Ilomr Society. Defense Council Rep.. Div. Pres- German Club. Reuistrar's Assistant. Hanrliwork Club. Fancyworla Club. Div. Sec'y. Div. Yice Pres. SCHMIDT, JACOB "Joke" ARMED FORCES Worlfl Affairs Club, Newspaper Rep, Current Trends. German Club. Hall Guard, SCHOTT, GERALDINE "Gerry" PRIVATE SECRETARY Social Chairman National Honor Society. ' hair- man Ring Committee. Sec'y Safety Co nci ,iStu- dent Council. G.A.A,. A Cappella C oirj Yice Pr:-s, Spanish Club. Boxvlinu. . I - ' l I , l 1 l SCHUH, EDWARD '51, l ARMY ' Football Team. Stuflent Council Rep.. News Rep.. Div, Pres.. Hall Guard Capt,. Safety Council Rep.. Football Club, SCHUMACHER, ROGER 'fR0g" C0l.l.EGE Football Intramurals. Letterman. lloulinu. Ilall tluarrl. l.ettermt-nl Club. Div, Officer. Class Room Officer. Stuflent Courteil. Nh-ssenuer, Foot- ball Club. Cast of t'Girl Shy." .33. J I . V, Vx x 1 Q - Til-l E,C L-A s , SCHWARZ, JOSEPH ,, "Joe" PRE-DENTAL ' 4, Pres. of National Honor Society, Vice Pres. and Delegate of Junior Red Cross Council of Chica- fzo, Pres. of Div., Hall Guard Capt., Locker Guard, Intramurals. Letterman, Baseball. SCHWARZ, MARJORIE "Marge" AMATH TEACHER National Honor Society, DAR. Award, Enter- tainment Committee, Pres. of Service Club, De- fense Stamp Sales, Sec'y F '43 Club, Service Monogram, G.A.A. Letter, Red Cross. SCHWARZ, ROBERT "Bob" ARMY AIR CORPS Beto Club, Vice Pres, of Scabbard and Blade, Capt. in R.O.T.C., Bowling--Winner of 'Iwo Medals, Baseball. SCHWIESOW, DOROTHY COMMERCIAL WORK Student Council, Foreman News Rep., Girls' Glee Club, White Collar Girls, Red Cross Rep., Read- ing Club, F '43 Club. Spanish Club. SELLDIN, JOHN W. "Jack" ARMED SERVICE l-Iall Guard, Safety Council, Bowling, Intramurals, Aviation Club, Physics Club, Mixed Chorus. SENNET, DORIS "Red" SECRETARY White Collar Girls, French Club, Div. Secly, G.A.A., Student Council, Girls' Handicraft, Mixed Chorus, F '43 Club. SIERZEGA, EDWARD STANLEY Projector Club. Hall Guard, First Aid Club, Mixed Chorus, Student Council, Music Festival. SIFFERMANN, WILLIAM G. "BiIl" BIARINES Red Cross. Shct-put. Projector Club, VVorld Af- fairs Club, Hall Guarcl, Intramurals, Mixed Chor- us. SIKORA, CHESTER J. ARMY AIR CORPS Slide Rule Club. Math Club. Hall uard. Div. Vice Pres., Student Council, Safety Council. SITKIEWITZ, AUDREY ANN "Auds" MUSIC CRITIC Current Trends, Civilian Defense. Sec'y of Eng- lish Class. Music Club. Sec'y of Div., Service Mcn's Club, GAA.. Mixed Chorus. First Aid. Sec'y of Christmas Fund. 1341 OFIUNEIQLIS SITNIK, ALICE "Al" SCHOOL TEACHER German Club. Math Club, First Aid, Handicraft for Girls, Student Council, Music Festival, Mixed Chorlis,bRed Cross, Tutor in Adv. Algebra, June '43 Cu . fr . ' . , ?'f7CL-Lf - "Lark SKARZYNSKI, IRENE COLLEGE Entertainment Committee, National Honor So- ciety, Copy Editor, G.A.A. Letter Girl. Mono- gram, Student Leader, library Assistant, Serv- ice Club, Math Club, White Collar Girls' Club. Cast of L'Girl Shy." SKORA, TED "Tots" ARMY Div. Treas., Student Council, Technical Club, Current Trends, Hall Guard, Mixed Chorus, Bowling Team, Intramural Basketball. SLOMINSKI, LORETTA "Slo" RIVETER Pan-American Club, Polish Club, Student Coun- cil, J '43, G.A.A. SMEDS, JOYCE NURSE .5 x 'Q G.A.A., Bowling, Red Cross Rep., y Cou - cil, Current Trends, Student Council, b Hall Guard Library Assi-tant Mixed .Chorus Minstrel Show. Q ' 2 XgZ7H ' - ff A' ' . SL? SMITH, ALFRED R. ' 'C " U.S. ARMY AIR CORPS R.O.T.C., Usher, First Aid, Current Trends, R.O.T.C. Band, Swimming Team, Track Team, Student Council. C' ,LJ , fi' rf SMICZXENSKI, DDRCAS . ,ff "om" CO YERCI I4 WORK F 'L 'Club, Qtudent Council, 'lClean-Up" Cam- paign of '4vl, Band and Oichestra, City Solo Con- st, GBA., Latin Club, ed Cross, Music Letter, Jhlfolish lub, l ' x.ff' SODERBERG, BURTON "Swede" NAVY AIR CORPS Latin Club, Treas. Projector Club, Beto Club. Div, Chairman, Hall Guard. SODUSKI, RICHARD "Dick" U.S. MARINES Dance Band, Baseball, Prom Committee, A Cap- pella Choir, Music Appreciation Club, Hall Guard, German Club. SOLTY5-IK, EVELYN "SqI1y" CONCERT SINGER Music Appreciation, A Cappella Choir, Student Council, Bowling, Red Cross, French Club, Latin Club. X355 'SQ we '-L.-mnlrr 9-fa-ye-C 'fi I -Lg-nf.,' ' ' ' f 4 x . Tl-IE CLAISS SOVSKY, PAULINE "Polly" BUSINESS CAREER Student Council, French Club. Music Apprecia- tion Club, Bowlinn. Self Analysis. SPAETH, BETTE "Nonnie" National Honor Society, Class Day Committee. GAA. Letter Girl, Pres. Spanish Club, French Club, Pan-American Counsel Rep., Pan-American Club, Foreman News Staff. SPITZ, JACK "Fuzzy" NAVY Adv. Band, Dance Band, Student Council Rep., Know-Chicago Club, Pan-American Club. R.O.T.C., Hall Guard, Safety Council Rep. STAHL, MARCELLA "Honey" OFFICE WORK Foreman News Reporter and Columnist, Person- nel, Girls' Glee Club. Servicemen's Club, GA..-X.. Student Council, Safety Council. STUCK, ANNE "Annie" COLLEGE Hull Guard. Library Assistant. Box Office, Stu- dent Council. French Club, Service Letter, Avia- tion, GAA., Mixed Chorus, Music Festival, Cast of "Girl Shyf' SUPERGAN, FRED "Superman" ARMY AIR FORCE Current Trends. Physics Club. Polish Club, First Aid. t TERRACINA, MARY "Terry" SECRETARY Student Council Rep., Safety Council, Red Cross. First Aid, Spanish Club. White Collar Girls' Club, Mixed Chorus. TERS, SHIRLEY "Lee" Safety Council Rep., VVorld Affairs Club. Current Trends. Sec'v Div.. German Club, Knittint: Club. Girls' Glee Club, Stamp Club. r TOMASZEWSKI, ELEANORE "Toby" G.A.A,, Polish Club. Music Appreciation. Girls' Glee, A Cappella Choir. Minstrel Show. Sprinf: Festival. TONTILLO, ANN "Peanuts" NURSE Student Council. Foreman News Rep., G..-XA.. F '43 Club. 367 OFIUNE l943 TORNATORE, JOSEPH SAM "Joe" Al'1RGNAl'TlCS FOR LHS. ARMY Hall Guard, Know-Cliimgo Club. First Aid Club. Mixed Glee Club. ltl .x K I i 1 4 X .J ' 'i --f' . TRIPPIEDI, FRANK PAUL 1 nrfappaezf -,pf CS. ARMY A " Current Trends. Hall Guard. Div. Sec'y. Iinulish , ' Class Pres.. Staff Sgt. in R.O.T.C.. F '43 Club. Attendance Sec'y in Typing. TUCHOWSKI, DANIEL "Tuck" ARMI-QD FORCES l'an-American Club Treas.. Pres. of Div.. Safety Council. Mixed Choir. Hall Guard. F '43 Club. First Aid Club. ULRICH, JAMES H. "Diamond Jim" Messenger. Hall Guard. F '43 Club. Current Trends Club, Scrap Drive Committee. C.I.C. 1,- Club. n H ' " f . U . ,, i A ,ja x X VENNEKAMP, WALTER ARMY Baseball. Letterman, Current Tremls, Hall Guard. Spanish Club. VENTRELLI, JOE "Dobernuts" FOREIGN CORRIQSPOXDENT First Aid Club. Current Trends Club, Newspaper Reporter, , I I A . . 1 . Zi. Clk VRASIC, JOHN ARMY AIR CORPS Div. Pres. and Yice Pres. senfzer. Hall Guard, Physics Club. Aviation Club. Student Council. Mes- R.O.T.C. , , WANDAS, V'lRGlNI VRIVA ESECRET J I If 11Jinnyn 'f J A Agiom omm' ' oremanual Collector. Div, .ec'y. ec'5'- Pan-American Club. F '43 Club. G.A,f .. Pglish Club. Y I ff' l f . WASIELEWSKI, LORRAINE TYPEFT HI-orryll 4turlt-nt Council. lioulinz. Mixed Chorus. First Aid. Fancy Work. French Club. WATERTON, JAMES HENRY Physics Club. Student Council. Hjimll 37 .fide f" 'F , .fl S STENOGRAPHER Student Council Rep., Mixed Chorus. F '43 Club, Servicemen's Correspondence Club, German Club, French Club. WEGL, MARIAN "Wegs" National Honor Society. Candy Seller. Bowling League, Current Trends. Pres.-Spanish Club, Student Council Rep., G.A.A., Music Apprecia- tion Club. 4 WEIR, ROBERT "Wolf" ARMY AIR CORPS Foremanual Committee, Foremanual Rep., Hall Guard, Current Trends, Collector of Class Dues, Student Council, Red Cross, Music Festival, F'-13 Club. WEISS, RUTH "Ruthie" CO IPTOBIETER OPERATOR S ' of Div., Current Trends, Student Council, G r an Club. Personnel Office. ep. for Div.. G.A.A.. Know-Chicago Club, V K il Vi . - WHITE, VIVIAN N K "vw" WRSE Student -Ccylncil, F '43 Club, Servicemen's Cor- respondenc Club, rlall Guard, Girls' Chorus, Div. Treas. ' WIKELL, LoRRAlNE "tony" TELEPHONE COMPANY A' Cappella Choir, Student Council, Current Trends Club, Div. Vice Pres. f 1 l E Y WILKINS, EUNOR' K l 'I y BUSINESS OFFICE' . Know-Chicago Club. Div. Attendance Sec'Y,,Stug dent Council, Mixed Chorus, G.A.A. " , A 'R x wlLKoMlRsKl, TERRY ' , llsisll ACTRESS Class Treas.. Claw Pres.. Div. Vice Pres., Glee Club Pres., Dramatic Club Treas.. Horseback Riding: Club. Athletic Club Sec'y, Math Club, Operetta. WINNAIL, ANN "Lili" DEFENSE WORKER Baton Twirler, Manager-Box Office. Candy Seller. Business Manager-Foreman New s. Circulation ManauersForeman News, F '43 Club. G..-XA. Rep., Hall Guard. WOJCI ESZAK, JEAN SECRETARY GAA., Ring Committee, First Aid. Polish Club, Current Trends, Pan-American Club. F '43 Club s 38 t OF'lUlQE 1943 . f -71- fsbsq- , my V WOLFGARTH, MAC V-, TRAFFIC ENGINEER TV-,JJ .Q ,J Pres. of Physigs Club, Bas ll Teamf'Hall Guard, Intramurals, Student Co "l. I , . ,f -'Lf' J. .J WOLLSCHLAEGER, DOR6TI'I+j "Dottie" COMMERCIAL WORK " Service Club. Ser i e Blerfs Correspondence Club. G.A.A.. Student Council. Foremanual Rep.. Class Officer, Cake Beoth, Scrap Book Commi.tee. YOUNGBERG, SHIRLEY "ShirI" FILE CLERK Mixed Chords. Student Council. F '43 Club, Reading Club, Current Trends, Red Cross, ling Pong: Intramurals, Luciger Guard. ZIECINA, SYLVIA "SyIv" LABORATORY TECHNICIAN F '45 Club, Bcto Club, Student leader, Student Council, G.A.A.. Red Cross, Polish Club, World Affairs, Mixed Chorus, First Aid, Locizcr Guard Physics Club. ADDITIONAL GRADUATES CAVANAUGH, WILLIAM MILLER, LORRAINE N-f I 53 . 2 N ,fit .. .... ge I EJ CLASS NOTABLES Jerry Gates WITTIEST Marilyn London MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Joseph Schwarz James Kontie Roger Schumacher Marvin Mutchnik Albert Lewis Rocco Pirrone Bob Scheelk John Samsela Edwin Ryan Robert Jacobsen Gene Noble Thomas Janusz Frances Crapple MOST VERSATILE Ruth Artwick MOST COOPERATIVE Phyllis Jepsen MOST TALENTED Shirley Marguerat MOST POPULAR Irene Emrich MOST ARTISTIC Dorothy Miller MOST STUDIOUS Carol Lou Miller MOST ATHLETIC Audrey McNerney BEST DANCERS Bette Murray MOST DIGNIFIED Bette Spaeth BEST LOOKING Georgeana Johnson BEST MATCHED COUPLE Hollaine Paulsen l39I SENIOR l40l CLASS OFFICERS PREHDENT - - ICEEPHfMARTORANO TREASURER - - ---- EDMHN RYAN VICE-PRESIDENT - - RENEE EMRICI-I SECRETARY - - - DOROTHY MHLER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS To guide us Through the exciting days of our 4A semester, we elected four capable officers. Joe Martorano, President, Renee Emrich, Vice-President, Ed Ryan, Treasurer, and Dorothy Miller, Secretary. Their versatility has been displayed throughout their four years by their constant participation in various school activities. The term "Minutemen" can well be applied to these outstanding seniors for they were always ready to co-operate and render their services whenever and wherever they were needed. We're proud of your accomplishments-M We salute you senior officers of June, 1943. CLASS HISTCDRY Yah' yah' freshles was the favorrte qreetlnq we recerved from the upper class men as we stepped over the portals of For man mto th hraher halls of learnrna on that momentous occaslon September 1939 We were fortunate to be welcomed by Mlss Catherme Ryan who had come as pr1nc1pal that same day And wonder of wonders she has remarned w1th us durlna our four years here l-low dtffereat everythrna was shop laboratorles lrbrary cookmg room sew 1nq room band orchestra R O T C cafeterra even dlfferent course books Remember that roller skatlna party the G A A qave us that frrst year? September l94O the strama of treshres aone we were sophomores Ours the opportumty to call the llttle folks freshres Vlfe were completely captrvated by socral actrv tres Dances football aame baseball aam s all these were attended wtth great school Splfll Of course our lessons were l arned flrst September l94l we were the upper classmenl' Socral act1v1t1es st1ll appealed Good s holarshlp had become a habrt and must be contlnued We had acqurred many frlends l-hah school l1fe was pure fun Then came December 7 l94l Pearl Harbor' Wlll we ever forget the Presrdent s messaae War rs declared' 'P The Tumor Vrctory Army was oraamzed under Mrs Ruth Cleveland and nrne hundred act1ve students were enlrsted rn the IV A Wrth tie rncreasmq respons1b1l1t1es we became more aware of the world srtuatton and w strove to become better c1t1zens September l942 the awartedtrme had arr ved we were senlorsl Foremanrtes moved ahead Ruth Artwrck was appomted edrtor rn chlef of the Foreman News Class offrcers were elected Ioe Martorano presrd nt Renee Emrlch vrce presrdent Dorothy Mlller secretary Ed Ryan treasurer Tryouts for our senror play Gul Shy were made February l942 the last semester of our senlor year boomed w1th act1v1ty and ambrtron Commtttees we e rapldly formed and put to work The Oak Park Country Club was selected a our prom srte and tne Graemere Hotel for class day The nrqht we had dreamed about the nlaht to surpass all mahts had fmally arrrved the prom' ln sprte of qas ratlonmg F oremanltes reached the prom sophrstlcated and splendld ly clothed rn formal attrre Our love for Foreman and our memorres of royous occasrons there w1ll bur 1n our hearts forever K4 If I ll I I I 'I Q V U 1 1 ' ' - 1 . . . Q V . . . - 1 - 31 1 1 1 . , , , . . . ., , . 1 ' 4 1 - 1 I I If I ll I I N . ., ' l ' c- A . ' .L . , o, G , . 'I . , V . . . . I , - ,- , .. . . . . v . f-I V , L . . . , i r I I ll I Il I . . . 1 . . . . . . . . . L , 2 , V . - . , 4 I . , 1 '- . ' Q ' - ' ' 1 v 1 1 1 . . 11 . 11 1 1 1 ' , ' V . . T . . A . 0 ' l ' Q , A . 1 . I Z - . V1 ...Z SENIOR CGMMITTEES Standing Seated- ln Circle Standing Seated i 42 fi ENTERTAITN Rocco Pirronc, l-lolly Paulsen, Richara Socluslci, l-larold Larson, Leonard Nielse Shirley Marguerat, Elaine Juretschke Vi E NT COMMITTEE Lynn P,A.i, Norbert Leipzig iP.A.l, Richard in, Jirn Kontie, Jerry Gates. Marilyn London, Marjorie Schwarz, Rosela Bongiorno, Phyllis Ebersole, Dick Ernricn, C-ASS DAY Bette Spaelh, Audrey Frislc, Stella Nie Albert Lewis, Phyllis Ebersole. PROM Jerorne Girard, Robert Jacobsen, Rico Glenn Houck, Jerry Gates. Lorraine Mosier, Bette Murray, Virg l-lolly Paulsen, Eleanore Paulsen. izielo, Dolores Baclqstroni, George Johnopo os, COMMlTTEE via Wandas, Dorothy Miller, Lorraine Buck, ard Socluski, Lester Nielsen, Karl l-lelrnrech, Henry Dzucpek Beverly Neuhou lrene Entrtch l.olsCc1sperson edutor Robert Welr co edntor Jean Keltel Carol Lou Muller Noomu Reque POREMANUAL COMMITTEE Hove you had your pncture token? Hove you your wrrte ups nn? These were the fornllaor colls that echoed through Foremons halls os the Foremonuol Commlttee vvewt to work The dlftlcultaes seemed insurmountable but where there IS o will ond fourteen vvnllung workers even the nrnpossrble con be occomplushecl Slowly but surely under the coretul guldonce of Mr Md-lole Mass Cossody ond Miss ONenll the com mittee moved onvvdrd untll behold this Foremonuol oak Row Mvss Connor Nnldred Guzolelc Jeon Keutel Bob Wear Henry Dzlopelc Mr McHole Irene Pulk fvnnlc Beverly Neuhou Mass ONelll lone Kluegel Phyllls Jepsen Front Row s C oer Nd rn' Pe ue Irene Emrlch Shurley Mor Mrss Cossody Carol Lou Miller Joon Neff l43f ., , J, . , , . . . . . , . 4 I I I - ' 1 y r I 3 , H-f 0 V I sf' fy , N. . A A l' I l 1 1 I I - , t ' Ol f S, , , -Lol os, son, e X q , , guerei I l I ' WAR ACTIVITIES World War ll has brought many changes to Foreman. With everyone anxious to do all that he possibly can to insure victory, the book drive, the scrap drive, stamp sales, cake sales, preflight classes, army tests and Junior Red Cross work are only a few ofthe many activities that Foreman students have sponsored. One week alone netted more than S2300 in stamp and bond sales. Foremanites have filled their stamp books quickly because they know that a half-filled stamp book is like a half-equipped soldier. A total cf l,542 books was collected during the book drive. These books will while away many a lonesome hour for the boys in camp, and Foremanites hope the servicemen will en- ioy every one. The total amount of scrap collected in the Scrap Drive of i942 was l54,0l8 pounds. Foreman ranked among the leaders in this drive. Every Tuesday, cakes are sent to the U.S.O. lndividuals or classes, or division rooms, or generous people of the neighbor' hood donate these cakes for the servicemen. The boys in the Service beg for newsy letters from Frances Foreman. The pre-flight classes, a war-time re- quirement for boys, have given instruction in the theory of flight, designs of engines, recognition of planes, both American and classes are physics and mathematics. enemy, and the history of flight. The pre-requisites for these Army tests, given in high schools throughout the United States determined whether young men I7-22 years old were qualified for specialized army training. They have measured the ability of pros- pective draltees to achieve a level in college work suitable for officer candidates. The Junior Red Cross has sponsored several activities, all ot which have met with success, but l44l 5 ff SE' ggi? 1 uf 2 f 6-,,. , f H L:f:w.qQ,, I . mit: , g ' Ri? , ly if n it 1 ' + ' Sf? 'J 170 I A I 6 1 y . , 4, .1 2 v . m 5 u x , , ,X Q W .Ir .K '15 x W ' A K . A 'QW 2 " "' -. zu., A uf ,Ev M Y '19 ' f-0 . MMM., , O V ,J M 2' , I V0 ,, xt me A5 Ex bxxx U w , xx . . Q 1 ...k A Standing Row Third Row- Second Row -e First Row- Officers- C463 Vivian Brenne, Frank Romano, Ed. Landahl, Joyce l-lelmer, Shirley Marguerat, Wm. Crawford, Audrey Fleeger, Betty Sondergaard, Dorothy Schwiesow, Lorraine O'Keefe, Dolores Neff. Shirley Kerr, Marion Watkins, Jean Brown, Lorraine Knudson, Mildred Rozetka, Virginia Rosa, Elaine Roth. Leone Gresher, Bernadette Korzen, Phyllis Freitag, Sylvia Gorski, Genevieve Tadla, Jean Kruger, Margie Ramp, Ruth Gilchrist. Dorothy Basner, Phyllis Jepson, Bette Cooper, Bob Harris, Jack Selldin, Gerald Crist, Ruth Wendland, Steve Malinowski. Bernice Engel, Mr. Ulveling, Guy Nitti, Al Lewis. ALL-STUDENT CGUNCIL The All-Student Council is the largest organization of Foreman High School. Like the government of the United States, it is organized on a representative basis. Each division room elects one member to represent it at the Council meetings. These meetings are held daily. The entire student body elects the officers of this organization and they hold office for one year, The otficers this year are: Guy Nitti, president, Albert Lewis, vice-president, Bernice Engel, secretary. The Council brings the student body more closely together, giving every one a clearer understanding of school proiects and problems. This year the Council has stressed the honor study, the clean-up campaign, social activities, division room projects, and the awarding of monograms for service. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Those who attain the coveted position of a member of the National Honor Society are the outstanding students of their class. Their high caliber and integrity have made it possible for them to enter this society that extends over our entire nation. Not only is each member required to have maintained a high scholastic record, but he must also prove that he is an able leader and that he is willing to be of service when called upon. A student who has the necessary qualifications may become a member of this organization in his 3A, 4B, or 4A semester. To attain this goal is an honor that is well earned, and Foreman students are glad to acknowledge the high standing of Foreman's members in the National Honor Society. Miss Virginia Cavoit is responsible for the excellent guidance the young group of the Foreman Chapter receive. The officers are: Joseph Schwarz, president, Lila Mills, vice-president, Vera Greening, secretary, and Olga Pober, treasurer. Standing Seated - Ruth Artwick, Carolyn Neff, Audrey Frisk, Mary Oberding, Helen Schlemmer, Gloria Matson, Carol Lou Miller, Bette Spaeth, Audrey McNerney, Fred Grochowske, Lennart Anderson, Mariellen Ohms, Beverly Neuhaus, Phyllis Jepsen, Rosella Bongiorno, Alice Blomquist, Dorothy Miller, Audrey Zimmerman, Carrie Lee Moore. Joan Paslawsky, Irene Skarzynski, Lila Mills, Joe Schwarz, Olga Pober, Vera Groening, Marjorie Schwarz, Miss Cavoit, Joan Neff, Lois Casperson, Marion Wegl, Geraldine Schott, Tella Mills. C47 WINGS OVER PAN AMERICA Dancmg feet sw1rl1ng skrrts and loyous volces rarsed rn pralse of God and lastmg umon of the Amerlcan republlcs th1s was the 43 mus1cal festlval WIWOS over Amerlca Congratulatrons Mrs Myrtle Davres and Mlss Helen Meek for such an outstand mg performance Thank you Carol Lou Mrller for an excellent rendlucn as narrator A Cappella cholr m1Xed chorus glrls gle club boys glee club Foreman w1ll never forget your r1ng1ng volces and 1nsp1r1ng songs as you accompanled that 1HleI'GSl11'1Q tr1p over the Amerlcas Frances Mar1on cub reporter and Dom Pedro Ill Brazllran representatlve to the Pan Amerlcan Congress bound for the conference at R1o boarded the Cllpper at M1am1 Slowly 1t went at f1rst then faster faster the spray splashlng aga1nst the portholes Suddenly they were rn the arr The adventure had begun As the Clrpper sa1led over the Bahamas the gllmmerlng sun and the fl1cker1ng shadows had a strange effect ln lmagmatlon F r a n c e s and Dorn Pedro saw the Prnta N1na and Santa Marla sarllng to the unknown shore They vrsuallzed Colum bus and h1s weary men falhng to thelr knees to grve thanks to God Holy Holy Frances recalled the romance of the lnd1ans lndlan Love Call and lnd1an Lament rang out As she told of her P1lgr1m ancestors the chorus sang Old Hun dred and Beautlful Sav1or A d1scuss1on of the South brought Mrnuet and negro splrltuals Dom Pedro told of the development of South Amerlca rts explorers 1ts lnd1ans and Bolrvar savlor of frve countrres who was glven a great demonstratron on return mg trrurnphant to h1s nat1ve town Caracas La Golandrlna was heard Flylng over the plams of Brazll the two fr1ends compared the Gaucho and colorful Amerrcan cowboy Home on the Range and Chlapancus brought back memorles of them Landmg at R1o de lanerro Frances and Dom Pedro enloyed a typlcal South Amerrcan festlval Hrghlrghtmg the program was Srboney by The Three Ieans lean Comfreld lean Matus1ak and lean Tracy The grand flnale was the meetrng of the Pan Amerrcan delegates The Spamsh students bearlng the flags of the republlcs presented a pledge of respect to the Pan Amerrcan Unlon Three hundred vorces Jomed ln the trrumphant pean l hear Amer 1ca S1I'1Q1I'1Q V187 I I 1 J 1 II 1 ' ' 1 1 1 I I 1 'D I I W I I - I I I - 1 V I ' I I I ' I ' I 1 I ' ' 1 1 1 1 II ' I I Holy" sang the choir 1 II 1 II II 1 II 1 1 II a I ' ll II 1 1 Il 1 1 ll 1 II I I I 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 II 1 ll 1 I ll II II I II 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ll 1 ll ' I I I ' I - 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 II . . . ll ' WINGS OVER PAN AMERICA Standing-- Jerry Gates, Dorothy Kulpa, Jim Kontje, Carol Lou Miller, Rocco Pirrone, Harriet Losey, Tella Mills, Douglas Huber, Lila Mills, Gordon Johnson, Dorothy Miller, Evelyn Grevas, Naomi Reque. Seated- Joe Martorano, Irene Emrich, Ruth Artwick, Joan Paslawsky, Gladys Schar, Frank Giorno. FGREMAN NEWS "l-Iey! You over there! Grind out a headline in 14 Jensen italic for this R.O.T.C. story! Rewrite that lead! Proofread that copy!" With voices screaming, typewriters clicking and copy flying through the air, the Foreman News is assembled to meet the deadline! Since the establishment of the Foreman News in l938, it has been published bi-monthly. Under direction of Miss Katharyne Wendt, a capable staff and a corps of alert reporters have made the News so popular that subscriptions have doubled. Why? Featurettes, straight news stories, sports, and gos- sip columns captivate the interest of the students, who on publication day remain oblivious to all sur- roundings. Mr. Warren Herringshaw and his business staff direct advertising, mailing, financing, and cir- culation. Editor-in-chief, Ruth Artwick and assistant editors, Renee Emrich and Dorothy Miller expertly head a staff composed of such outstanding 4A's as: Joan Paslawsky, Carol Lou Miller, Joan Neff, Vivian Brenne, Frank Giorno, Joe Martorano, Rocco Pirrone, and Jim Kontie, In the business department are: Harriet Losey and Naomi Reque. Columnists are: Lila Mills, Tella Mills, Dot Kulpa, Evelyn Grevas, Jerry Gates, and Gordy Johnson. 4503 GUTSTANDING STUDENTS These five outstanding students have, with individual talents, heaped their respective honors on their school. Here at Foreman we have three very fine artists. John Samsela is the talented artist who painted a mural depicting the growth of three island nations, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This mural, now on display at Carson's, is twenty and a half feet in length. Rocco Pirrone has been the staff artist on the Foreman News for three years. He showed his marvelous artistic ability in his mural entitled, "America Today." This mural depicts Americans at home and in war time duties. Salvatore Di Giovanni won the first prize in a poster contest for Chicagcfs i943 clean-up campaign. His poster was chosen from 2,000 entries. Foreman claims two outstanding orators. Frances Crapple, having chosen as her subiect "Bill of Rights for the World," was one of the winners in an oratorical contest sponsored by the American Legion. Norbert Ciesielski, a contestant in the Thomas Jefferson Oratorical Contest, came through with flying colors and a twenty-five dollar war bond! Foreman has indeed been honored by these, her students. Norbert Ciesielski Frances Crapple 2 Thi' John Samsela Rocco Pirrone Salvatore Di Giovanni Back Rear Standing-- Third Row--f Second Row- First Row- Back Row Standing!- Third Row- Second Row First Rowff Upper Picture - Petito Gloria Swegles, Arlene Reil, Jean lntcey, Shirlee Anderson, Audrey Gartz, Mildred Kropitlco, Fred Biasiello, Phyllis Jydstrup, Frank Treccoli, Virginia Nordlot, Earl Ravencratt, Carter Carlsen, Miss Petito. l.ois Giles, Roy Prest, June Ross, Joe Tertorella, Lorraine Barcia, Russell Engwall. Dorothy Pokorny, Shirley lsberg, Lorrgiine Rasmussen, Angelo Antros, Margie York, Ellen Olsen. Lower Picture 4 Schwartz Clementine Stallings, Arlene Platt, Earbgzra Whiteley, Jean Bandlow, Richard Jermalinski, Robert Nagel, John Zenian, Frank Motago, Mrs. Schwartz. Clittord Klose, Rayniond Yendrzeiowsxi, Rita l-lultauist, Wilnia Thoernke, Doris Hoyt, Richard Williants, Eugene Strode-r. Vera Ullberg, Olga Kupcialc, Dorothy Oleksy, Jacqueline Phillips, Mabel Jacobsen, Joan Bandlow, Dorothy Sntoczynski. lsabell Flynn, Eleanor Jorgensen, Jean Brown, Audrey Gruner, l.orene Bencini, Mary Conetzlcey. 1 Standing- Third Row- Second Row First Row- Standing Bock Row Second Row First Row- l53 I Upper Picture - Sheehy Leona Bihler, Vivian Schallc, Jeanne Carlson, Affrecl Schultz, Johi Miller, Marian Bogardus, Shirley Klann, Marion Jensen, Russell Tornczalq, Carl Sullivan, Norinan Schaper, Marilyn Cedarhurg, Miss Sheehy, Irving Anderson. Jean Mitchell, Dorothy Hubal, Dorothy Delrenne, Margaret Petran, Bernard Ereese, John Johnopolos, Walter Leistilcovv, Marvin Kiein. Betty Judsen, Betty Blomauist, Betty Mell, Margie Keplinger, Bernice Kapelanslqi, Rena Marcello, Grace Brandel, Robert Larsen. Delores McMinn, Mariellen Ohms, Audrey Zimmerman, Gloria Matson, Rouline Grafman, Shirley Chrestensen. Lower Picture-Jenkins Mildred Tolg, Steve Ritorgiato, Mariorie lden, Earl Jarniuth, Richard Haut, Gene Henrioulle, Geraldine Hurclces, Doris Giesler, Mr. Jenkins, Rose Gluszczyk, LeRoy Cyrnanovvski, Ann Arcara, Jean Arnold, Chas. l-laerle, Ruth Bengson, Joe Canale. Marilyn Johnson, Teresa Sacco, Eleanor Grasser, Lois Clark, Eunice Berger, Dorothy Brunkala. .+.. YJ Upper Left -Shirley Marguerat, Doris Geisler, Robert Upper Right-Lorraine Buck, Harold Larson Robert Jacobsen, Edward Barrett, Olga Pober, Jacobsen, Robert Butler, George John Roger Schumacher. opolos, Irene Emrich, Anna Stuck Leo Lower Left fStanley Luczak, Roger Schumacher, Jim De John' Rocco Plrrone' Kontie, Laverne Kay, George Johnopolos, Lower Right-Bette Murray, Olga Pober, Irene Skar Phyllis Ebersole. zynski. OKE STIMSON ...,, TOM ARSDALE ,,,,, DEAN MARLOW .....,,,, PEACHES CARTER ....... ASMA ......t,,....,.....,,,,, BIRDIE LAVERNE .,,.,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BARBARA SANFORD ALFRED TENNYSEN MURGATOYD .,,.,,.. AUNT CAROLINE .,u,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NAR, ARSDALE .....,.... CHUCK MAYO .e,.. SYLVIA WEBSTER ......... STUDENT DIRECTOR STAGE MANAGER .,Y.... I-543 S E N I O R N I GI H T Cast of Characters for "GIRL Sl-TY" Wednesday Edward Barrett Roger Schumacher Robert Scheelk Dolores Backstrom Irene Slcarzynski Anna Stuck Olga Pober James Kontie Lorraine Buck Robert Jacobsen Stanley Luczak Doris Geisler Vivian Brenne Ralph Meyer Friday George Johnopolos Robert Butler Harold Larson Phyllis Ebersole Irene Skarzynski Betty Murray LaVerne Kay Rocco Pirrone Shirley Marguerat Robert Jacobsen Leo De John Irene Emrich Joan Neff Ralph Meyer GIRL Sl-IY Women' Women' and more Women' ' Such were the dlsturbmq elements ln the hte ot a q1rl shy hero Tom Arsdale Thls dellqhttul three act comedy Glrl Shy by Katherrne Kavanauqh was presented Iune 9 and ll by the drama classes under the leadershrp of Mrs Rose M Welss The plot was umque 1n the annals ot Foreman Never before had the students pre sented a play portraymq college hte As the curtaln rose the merry mlx up began It Was a whlrlwmd of fun and frollc wrth the eternal problem of college boys and qlrls each trylnq to catch h1s heart s des1re A state of merry contuslon a host of mrstaken 1dent1t1es a masquerade a k1dnapp1nq and a happy endlnq all prov1ded thls most amus mg and plcturesque comedy Wlth an atmosphere of galety and excltement The curtam fell on the last act of the play' A moments s1lence then thunderous applause' Was G1rl Shy a success? Yes 1ndeed a huge success' ll II - I . . . 1: . 11 . - I - I . . . . I - a . . . 1 . 1 1 1 I - . ' 1 - 11 . 11 I - ' . 1 1 - OUR SERVICE MEN lnasmuch as they are doing such a grand job in the Armed Forces to- day, we dedicate this page to our Foremanites in the Armed Forces. Our honor roll has exceeded the six hundred mark and will, this lune, take another leap upward. Cn this roll are listed members ot the alumni, members of the taculty, and six of our own class. Mr. Iohn Byrne and Miss Alma lones represent the faculty, Arthur Kozacka, Robert Oller, Ray Hansen, Robert Hutt, Benedict Niziolek, lrving Lavold, Edward Kaminski, Edwin Her- zan and lohn Samsela, our class. A number ot senior boys have enlisted in the Army Air Corps Reserve, or Navy Air Corps Reserve. After graduation, on their eighteenth birthdays, these boys will be called tor training tor active duty. Under the present Army Air Corps plan, the aviation cadet will receive six weeks basic training, sev- eral weeks advanced training, and a live months college training. ln conclusion l would like to state that we who are graduating hope we can do as well in the Armed Forces as the former graduates are doing now. t56J FQREMANS R.O.T.C. Swords flashing, drums scundivg, hearfs beafing highl The R.O.T.C. marches in all iTs miliTary splendor, a splendor due To ccol heads, disciplined habiTs, and a desire for miliTary perfecTion. The R.O.T.C. has always cccupcd a prcminenf place in The liTe of Foreman, buT now, more Than ever before, as everycne realizes how much The country depends on The Armed Forces, The Training received in The R.O.T.C. Talfes cn addiTional value. The dependobilify fosTered and developed here carries over To oTher places so ThaT members OT The ROTC. are found guarding The sale of war sfamps, guiding civilians aT regisTraTion, guarding The doors as The Army and Air Cerps give Their TesTs, giving Their service in many places To aid boTh schec! and counfry. AT Foreman The R.O.T.C. boasTs of an ouTsTanding cempeTiTion plaTcon, com- posed of well-drilled men. Sergeanf DuTTko believes iT To be cne of The besT in Fore- man's hisTory. Medals and bars have been awarded To cadeTs and officers for effi- ciency, honor, and exTra duTy. AnoTher ex:ellenT uniT is The rife Team, composed of fifTeen men picked from The uniT because cf Their high average in marlcsmanship. To summarize, we say The enTire uniT is a fine crowd of well drilled, well dis- ciplined young men who, we are cerTain, will prove To be among The besT soldiers and besT officers Uncle Sam has ever known. C Back Rcwf f C. Krueger, C. Hansen, N. McParland, E, Barreff, R, Moeller, R. Huff J, Hoff, R. BuTler. FronT Row- L. Nielsen, R, Gabriel, lvl. MuTchnik, T. Janusz, R. Schwarz, C. MarTin D. Frische, V. T-lornell. Sfandinge- T. Janusz, N, McRarland, l-l. Liske, C, Krueger, R. Kosmala, Kneelingf C. Busse, R, Schwarz, G. RichTer, R. lvlcParland. Back Row tlett to rightl-Elmer Johnson, John Cedarburg, Rowl Gawrys, Paul Bongorino, Peter Mielewski, Edward Kaminski, Ray Hansen, Richard Berney, Norman Arnundsen, Casimir Dabrowski, Thor Henricksen, Al Petersen, Roger Schumacher, Karl Helmrich, Mr. J. Malott. Second Row ilett to rightt-Walter Petersen, Theodore Fugrnan, Ted Nielsen, Leo De John, Glyn Evans, Earl Jar- muth, Richard tviicele, Frank Machul, Donald Swiderski, Edward Schuh, Elmer Dombrowski, Chas. Neven, Kieth Noble, Ed Stretch. First Row ilett to rightt-Richard Kenna, Stanley Huber, Walter Leistikow, Steve Riforgiato, Edward Fartorth, Eugene Henrioulle, John Samsela, Louis Conti, Frank Wisniewski, Robert Carlson, Ray Szmanski, Henry Krypel, Ted Mora. BGYS' ATHLETICS PooTBALL Last autumn Foreman grid stars successfully tried out a new idea. A new cap- tain was elected tor each game, consequently, ditterent ideas and plays were ex- changed. They were victorious six times. Coach Ivialott had Samsela star as quarter- back, Hansen as a perfect fullback, Noble and Helmreich as A-l haltbacks, Schumacher as the accurate center, DeJohn and Carlson as hard hitting guards, Pete Milewski and Ed Kaminski as tackles. Third Row- M. Woltgarth, R. Tomczak, E, Riplinger, R. Cerva, T. Jacobsen, G. Crist F. Jasinski, J, Schwarz. Second Row-S. Huber, H, Russell, H. Ozog, G. Johnson, R. Tobiaski, R. Harczak, J Fedo, Mr. Zahorik, B. Fonner. First Row? J. Samsela, R. Schwarz, W. Vennekamp, S. Miller, J. Faleni. l58i Standingf Zielinski, Rucker, Mr. Zahorik. Seated e Tornczak, Mandell, Danielson. Standing - Wilson Garis, Zumski, Augus tyn, Mr. Zahorik. Seated-Miller, Rus sell, Gembecki, Baureis Ryan. BASEBALL Each afternoon nine fellows can be seen on the campus kicking up dust, batting, and chasing balls, They are the Foreman Hornets, limbering up for the coming games. Ozog, Vennekamp, and Jacobsen are doing a very fine job of pitching to two super catchers, Russell and Samsela. Playing, first, second and third bases, are Schwarz, Horczak, and Tomczak respectively. ln the outfield stand Indurante, Serva, Jasinski, Huber, and Hamburg. Playing the infield are Miller, and Kusiak. Coach Zcihorik is anticipating a victorious season. BASKETBALL This season the Senior Hornets, under Coach Zahorik, have achieved great success. Hillard Mandell, captain, has led his team through three major victories against appalling odds. Mandell has a total average of ll9. That's averaging l3 points in each game! Nice going! One-man-team, Gembicki, with his wonderful co-ordination and good sports- manship, led the Junior Hornets throughout every game, Despite the fact that many of the aces graduated in January, leaving the team short of substitutes, and unable to keep up the pace of last autumn. Gembicki never failed to keep his unaltering stride. 159 Swimming Ann Winnail, Dorcas Smolenski, Carol Lou ' Miller, Audrey McNer- ' ney, Georgeana John- son, Beverly Neuhaus. ln Water - Mae lean Engen, Carrie Lee Moore. l Standing - A. Mc- Nerney, A. Frisk, D. Barkstrom, O. Fober,M. Schwarz, l-l. Kalincwski, E. Lund, B. Rosenquist, l.Woicieszalc, C. Moore Seatedel. Mills, T. Mills, P, Grafman, J. Carlson. . ,. .:r.s.!.,... . Q... G. A. A. Foreman Girls' Athletic Association, sponsored by Miss Veronica Lagorio, functions not only to provide for extra athletic activities, but also to help develop character, sociability, lead- ership, and sportsmanship. The activities of this organization are many. lntramurals are held once a week, the lower classmen competing with the upper classmen. Swimming parties are held every two weeks and students may, if they desire, be given individual instruction. ln spring and autumn, outdoor activities such as tennis, horse- back riding, weenie roasts, and hiking are enjoyed by the mem- bers. Every semester the bewildered freshmen are guided by the G.A.A. girls, the first day of attendance. This day is called "Big Sister Day." .At the party for the freshmen girls, entertain- ment and refreshments are provided for all. Third Row' O. Pob- er, B. Neuhaus, I. Slcar- zyhski, V. Crcenihg, M. Jensen. Second Row -ef M Petran, B. Rosenquist, E. Grasser, M. Schwarz 3. Kapelanski, C Moore. 1 First Row W- T. Mills, M. Ehgen, P, Grafman J. Carlson, L. Mills, A McNerney. 1 l F A colorful and gay occasion is that of the dance held every semester for all the students of the school. Then too, the girls' generous contributions help fill Christmas baskets with nutritious food to be given to those in need. The girls, having earned and recorded l,OOO points, and having fulfilled the qualifications of an "all around girl," receive their most impressive G.A.A. letter. After obtaining this award they may receive four chevrons, each one having the value of 300 points. The highest honor that can be given to a Cf.A.A. member is the fourth chevron. The G.A.A. Board of Control manages the affairs of the Girls' Athletic Association. This group, composed of five officers and twelve members, plans the social and physical activities to be accomplished during the year. The officers are: Tella Mills, president, Lila Mills, vice presidentg Mae lean Engen, secretary, Audrey McNerney and leanne Carlson, recording secretaries, Pauline Cfrafman, treasurer. Gfufoqrapks lf, x Q ' PM J 'X 1- ar .f 'i . V L v r-7' ,,w' A A XX A-. N W5 E Gfu foqrapfzs 4. YQ MQ -1-'D 21 a- 3, IQ! 1, A ff r f . A q ,. ' f - rYf.V H Lf W' fw . If .5 V, ffl ,b . mf x, AAA, , clk

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