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19 47 1 ! .lzlereii fAe :ifory of eeA,,0f---3e,.emee E Mel .gekeefin Ckicago, li Jlffneze. 'ML axe reuiewec! eee gear fArougA laicfured, calafionfi ana! 5 copy ---- furn fke page 1 ana! our Afory unfofclri. M F Page 4 o the democratic ideals upon which our nation was founded and under whose guidance it has grown great and powerful, to the many advan- tages we enjoy as its citizens, to the responsibilities which soon shall be ours, to the privileges of democracy as we have come to recognize them through our studies, our activities and our sports . . we respectfully dedicate this, our F oremanual of 1941, that we may never forget through the passing years our first lessons in Democracy at Work. Page 5 Page 6 HM' CATHERINE A. RYAN ,ff X H LQ JN September, 1939, Foreman welcomed a new principal, Miss Catherine J A. Ryan. l-ler intense interest in student problems and her enthusi- asm for scholastic achievements have resulted in hiah ideals and educational attainments. She has put forth every effort to create within the school a spirit for a democratic way of life in which every student and faculty member shares the responsibility that lies within him to make this possible. Under her leader' ship there has been instilled in the mind of each student a desire to aive the best that is in himself and to participate wholeheartedly in activities that promote social understandina and development. The theme which Miss Ryan has adopted for the School, "Foreman The School Beautiful," is in perfect harmony with her love for all beautiful thinqs. Our Library, Social Room, Art Collection, and carefully landscaped lawns are manifestations of this theme. The students are truly grateful for her auidance and direction in school experiences which have made it possible for them to reach new social, educa' tional, and civic heiahts. HARRY P. M CHALE Foreman 's assistant principal is the best friend th e students have Actively interested i n student active ities and with the best interests of the school at he art, he has proven himself to be an und erstandinq ad- ministrator and a friendly persons ality to students, faculty, and pubs lic alike. His invaluable assistance and helpful advice on many ocs casions have been areatly appreci- ated by the student body. When trouble trowns upon us and need a h ' we elpina hand it's aood to know that Mr. MCHale is waitina in his office, ready and eager to 1 erve us all. ' CLERK S All office reports, records, and correspondence are carefully rnanaqed by Mrs. Helen Burke, Mrs. Helen Coath, and Mrs. Jeannette Hopp. Our three secretaries are always on hand, busy, and anxious to cooperate with the student ' rneet their Inany needs. The services the o ization. s and faculty to y render are important to our school orqan- S. Page 7 O Page 8 VIRGINIA CAVOIT Enqlish BLANCHE A. CONNOR English BLANCHE M. COONEY Commercial CECELIA M, COSTELLO Commercial EILEEN L. CURRY Mathematics LUCY H. DANIELS Social Science WILBERT B. DEEHING Industrial Arts FRANCES M. DYER Lanquaqe HILDEGARDE EFFTING Fine Arts AGNES E. ANDERSON Social Science JESSIE S. BRAMKAMP Lanquorqe HELEN C. BYRNE English JOHN P. BYRNE Industrial Arts GENEVIEVE FLAHERTY Social Science MERRITT L. FOSSLER Mathematics GENEVIEVE GREENWOOD English JEANETTE GRIFFIN Social Science HARRIET H. HARDY Physical Education WARREN HERRINGSHAW Industrial Arts LYLIAN HERZER Social Science WILLIAM H. HILL R. O. T. C, IRENE M. HIRONS Placement Counsellor EVA M. HOGLE Lanquaqe RUTH B. HOPPE Mathematics ' aff. 1 ' MARY F. FAHEY Librarian CLARA M. FELCH Home Economics MARTHA P. FENNER Enqlish N. 3 . Page 9 MAE C. JEROME Natural Science CHARLES A. JOHNSON Industrial Arts ALMA V. JONES Physical Education HENRY M. KEATING Natural Science DOROTHY L. KEEFE Social Science CECELIA KELLY Natural Science LAURA W. KINDERMAN Mathematics BESSIE B. KINERT Mathematics GUYNETH D. KING Home Economics ' BLACHFORD KOUGH Social Science VERONICA R. LAGORIO Physical Education LESLIE L. LARSON Natural Science ' EDNA H. MCNEILL Truani Officer IRENE H. MELODY Commercial WILLIAM A. MILLER Commercial DENNIS J. MORRISSEY Social Science ' MARGARET MORRISSEY English ' MARY A. MOSTYN Social Science GERRITT H. MOUW Natural Science MARCELLA W. MULDOON Commercial ' IRVING C. LOVEJOY Natural Science LORETTA W. MACAULEY Lanquaqe ' MURIEL S. H. MACKAY Enqlish JACK MALOFF Physical Education Page 12 ' ROSE L. MURTAUGH English LAURA W. MUSSEHL Commercial ' MYRTLE F. NELSON Music MOLLIE B. NIELAND Commercial MARGARET M. O'NEILL Mathematics STANLEY J. PAWLICKI Natural Science HELEN W. RAMM Language VIVIAN BEDDING Lunchroom Manager GUY W. REID Music EUGENE REINHART Mathematics JOSEPH E. SAZAMA Commercial ' ELEANOR M. SCHWARTZ Commercial LILLIAN R. SHEEHY Commercial LEONARD H. SOLLO Industrial Arts HYMEN D. SILVERMAN Mathematics JAMES H. SNODGRASS Social Science GILBERT L. STADTLER Industrial Arts VEDA STERN EDWIN V. ULVELING English Commercial MARY M. STEWART MATILDA P. VORISEK English Natural Science ROSE M. WEISS EDWARD J. ZAHORIK English Physical Education KATHARYNE C. WENDT FRIEDA B. ZEEB English English Page 13 When the blue hills grow tender, when they pull The twilight close with gesture beautiful, And shadows are their garments, and the air Deepens, and the wild Veery is at prayer, Their arms are strong around me, and I know Thatsomehow lshahtohow when you go To the still land beyond the evening star, Where everlasting hills and valleys are, And silence may not hurt us any more, And terror shall be past, and grief, and war. fGrace Hazard Conkling. ilinhert Iauhestnl Page 14 'ilillian 33. 33. Brown . . U, . x . wi ' . , 'I A r VT '- 1 ' -, 1 1 h " Q x sqft ' 0 I ,,.'.'l ' N A K - ,A 1 1 fl " 'I+' ' Q' F' o'l md , ' .Q yn' it ,. 7 if sz: ' A 4' ,X :lv 'v Q' , ' 1' A 'f ' f I A-I A :Q , i . A. . , , 15 .g,.,-f" .,' 4... 8 .Cr tl. , xv . , - 'n :E ,A Q- .., ' 'wg 5 N wi X ,. x .sf-xx! ,l 3 f 'W gi Q fl xg? - by es f , -fyjlgf, -ix' :Z-6 ggqrf.. ! rg gg, 41 ,QWQ Sf - Q ff J J' . A , .isen f ',f if-y.u3'f1, .-f, , ' 4' -,- 'mi " ff? '.'4,"U.' wif' '. " " "' v1f.'."e"u'f , u A 4. ,A . ' ,' v I A Af' 2.5 1 Q . Q' '-I J -..,'Y'A'? .Ja ,Ll I ',3,"1g'. .f" v ' .' 4,2 .v 1.4 ' A " ' .uifvjrvn H 'g f'A7Y4V' ' 'W .Lv " 'WJ ' ,J . E.. 1 J. :mr . 2 q lb K ii 1 Q 1 G 3 z . ' , ' 1 . L M. - . ' 5 fv . ik' ' J U I .. 1 Q :A , , . 745 Zj,1,X',',--1-gf ..j f 4 . ab N ' f xy, Q" l Ax' I, L ,'.U,1Mil -f..Vf'i',l'1fl Pf Q, 3 ,x:.l- r I.. K h , by . ' 5 f U- if f:i..,,., 745 '1 4 my -. Q, v"'," 15, Y-he. 91" - 4 ' f 4,4A1'l'in.x H , -'fr' - .32 Q' ' . ,7 ling? gg.. .A dr., Kqf l .yg'1:?,i5x j If QA :au Aylizgta vw L K . .5 4, X , fx it 0 wyg,lQ -Y - 5 - ' - 'KY' f. v - "4 lf'r'.1"'S'71' 1 '.. W .5 L , ' gf 3 5 QQ-f.5 ,5,. A F! 4 I- -yn , 4 . 5 .. 'v fn. . . F' I E i M. E FN I 'AT -1 ,HM L my , W 5 n 1 ' fi Ki M ' as-il, . K . ,ap "--' 9 fm WMV? I qv S 4 WW ' 'Q' 'E K I K gh.. W, ... " S I X -,:, X I A QQ! ,- ,fe h f, P g X . 3 L LIBRARY One of the outstanding features at Foreman is our library. Upon entering one is immediately impressed by the richness of the room in the form of beauti- ful pictures, comfortable furniture, and last but not least, row upon row of books. These include subjects of interest to all types of students whether they are adventurers, romanticists, sports lovers, mechanics or literary artists. New volumes, suggested by students and faculty, are continually swelling our shelves and adding to the pleasure of library work. Our magazine rack provides every student with an opportunity to gather information from recent periodicals about the newest mechanical device, the most current political upheaval, or the latest in fashion design. Foreman stu- dents are indeed fortunate in having such Wealth of material available for research, study, and pleasure, for no matter what the need of the student is, the library can serve him Well. The cooperative spirit of Miss Mary F. Fahey, head librarian, and student assistants has accom- plished much in furthering library Work and in in- stalling in Foreman students a deeper appreciation of the fine literature that exists today. There is no wonder that our library is the most popular room in the school. MINSTREL SHOW Colossal! stupendous! Such terms are inadequate to describe l?oreman's Minstrel Show, "Land O' Cotton." Four repeated successes clearly illustrated that Foreman possesses qreat talent. The six end men, Robert Schroeder, Edwin Poaoda, Walter Ryan, lohn Dutty, lack Schultz, and Robert Enqen provided the lauqhs. Willard Qpheirn and Betty Franklin thrilled the audiences with their ultra-modern, creative dance. Vincent Wilson brouaht down the house with his dynamic "Old Man River," while Georae Rossit proved hiniseli to be a real Master ot Ceremonies. Miss Myrtle Nelson's untirinq etiorts contributed much to the success of the show, the proceeds oi which were donated to the Childrens Aid Society, The orchestra, conducted by Capt. Guy Reid, provided the accompaniment. 1 3 'WHY-'f'1 HIGHLIIGHTS Miss Ryan's Tea for the Faculty opens the Social Room. , Freslxies-to-be visit the Print Shop. Parents. students, and faculty mingle on Parents' Night. Our beautiful Christmas treo adds holiday cheer. - , The G.A.A. girls are ready to wel- come their visitors. ' Our baton twirlers give their all at the Band Broadcast. , , John Drews' delivers an Armistice Day Spoech. Old Grads return to Foreman for an evening of friendship and fun. .f"' ,, t. -' 4 ' ' Il i "- I f .E::.ff3531 I 'A at 16 lg H I W , IQ, X67 f L. 4 I ' 1 ri H-Q Wl",1: A0' 'U A S f S 1 x If 2fzXXX!h.' i s A A-I? ,L 1 -4 ,Jil , .Af . 2.ffaW.v,'aj:A QMS! 7 '- '- Q, kv- 7 3. NIV .. is-,.4,mM,, V-My ,ts 4, ,,. itizens 0 F C9'O4fWO4'4'OW iv . ,,'-Nw? Y HL. 2-f at 'M . x 5. Vis Eff .3 I 5,1 m " MQ , ,I ,rw ,.., XT K' s 'Q aux qi Q Q LL ,5 g'S u li ,31 -Q Y K f or f Q fmwm Wm J.- i i 'W ' 'sunk 'x' six,N ' 7 7 " "M i i L 7 w 5 . 252 .L i , V, . Eg ' s 1 X W3 xx K ,X FEBRUARY CLASSOFl9Al OFFICERS The February, 1941 Class was proud of its olii- cers who devoted time and enerqy to the fur- therance oi all senior activities. They are: Lila Peterson, Treasurer-y Melvin Maqner, Vice-Presf identp Vincent Wilson, President: lune Buist, Secretary. Each Friday the tour division roorns niet to discuss class organization and enjoy proqrams ot entertainment, The four senior sponsors, Mrs. Brarnkamp, Mrs. Nieland, Mr. Ulvelinq and Mrs. Voriselc, were kept busy qivina helpful advice to this active group in solvina their n1any prob- lems. omas Barmcle Q lflr-illl C l 1 41 I leune Bell Lhferlrad flllllllzlllij 1111111111 Betty Berqeson Vice-P1-esid1111t, Student 1 1 1 1111 115 ortoqrarn QOIllIlt1llCt3j lF1t111'1e11t cilg Nfflliillttl Ho1111r Sovietyg Class Day Gloria Barrett 311111111 ' 011114 Heprese alive G.A..fX, 1111111107 Pe1sr:1111vl Ottivwp Mo111':-1111111 Awf 1 Margaret Bell N11t1111111i Ralph Biasiellcr f 1111101 Ho 1ety Hono 111 L,Tl1o111l 51111115 Council RtFQllPSQlllCIllV','j O1'1'l111st111g For S 1 1 ty 0111111 FV1111 so fl1Vf SlUf,lt'illl Ctiurivil, News ll!3jtYtoS"3Ill ll1VfT'j 5111110111 CCll1Ilt.'llj 152 ohn Brandel Hall 61111111 Yolanda Bufarale Pm and Rina COIllITl1ll99j Margaret Butor GQ11111111 Clulyy Service lllk ll 1 1 111 vturlent C A A Bo rd of Control Me111l111p Student Assis- National l-lonor Snvietyy M11tl1 Clulig F'-41 111 tant l11tr111n11rals Girls Glen Clulv. G.A,A,12e11re'1se11tat1ve. M1ldred Brezmsln 1 41 Iune Buist Secretary, Marlyn Campion 1:11111 tlfflt rsrnne lronc 1 Feliruaiy Lluss Felxruary Co Editor, Fore- and Hina Cornmitteeg lllll'4IIl'lLlfUlSj S 1 11111111 11s C tlltllflllfll Natianal Honor qocielyy 1941 Club Counfsily G.A.A.7 Fl-41 Club. Iosephine Alois -Treasurer, National Honor Edward Andrade Tivket Ottit-eg Publif' Ad- Society: Safety Council Representative: Latin dress System: Student Counvilg F-41 Club. Club: C-f.A.A.: F-41 Club. Helga Andresen Stu- Marion Anderson Stu- dent Counvil: lI1lItIllllll'fI1Sj F-41 Club: C.l.C. dent Council: C.l,C.: F-41 Club. f 'sf lf' Q-ff L-af 'Arendt Minstrel Sliow: Hall Guard: Robert Baird Student Council: C.l.C.: F-41 Richard Baranowski Intramurals: F-41 Club: elviil Manaqer: Clioir: Student Council: Club. Student Council: C.l.C. Club. Shirley Baker - -- C.l.C.: Marqarei Barkley F-41 Laveme Bach -National Locker Guard: G.A.A. Representative: F-41 Club: February Co-Editor, Forernanual: Frenvli or Suviety: Letter Girl: Board of Control, Club: Student Council. Club: StudentCounCi1, .A. nces Billeter- -Intramurals: Student Conn- Leonard Bogdanofl- -Bowling Team: Rille Team: Representative: C1.A,A.: F-41 Club. 'l'ef'11nical Club: Stamp Club: Student Council: Sydell Blumberg Bowl- C.l,C. Representative, 'lU.efnn: Forem-in News Ftepreseritativo: Ioseph Borowski- - Stu- np Club: Beta Clulfg G.A.!X.: Student dent Counril: Boys' Glee Club: Hall Guard: nvil, Box Office Assistant. ver Christensen For-tball 'l'efun: Stamp Raymond Cooper--Prom Committee: Intra- lv: Hall Guard: F-41 Club. murals: Student Council: F-41 Club, ' Pearl Christensen Stu Eleanor Cordes- -Latin t Council: F-41 Club: G.A.A. Club: Band: Orchestra: Student Leader: F-41 Club: Letter Girl. Page 23 JEWELRY COMMITTEE Seniors anxiously awaited the day when they could display their graduation iewelry. The tol- lowing committee made this possible: Ernest Mallyp Marlyn Carnpiony Elaine Larseny Miriam lohnsong Thomas lVlcNelley7 Walter Krausey George Reinlce. lt was agreed by all that the pins, rings and bracelets would forever bring back memories ot the tour years ot happy associations, scholas- tic achievements, and many good times at Fore- man. They will constantly be reminders ot joy-- ous days well spent. v u J Ralph Frankowski Svt1l1l1111'cl Xrutl Blade Clulig Ralph Funck Hall Guardy Lorker Guarfig F-4l Heinz Grimm F 4l Club: Student Cou ll::t.o1': llorior Clulty little 'llOflIllj Student fiklllll Clulny Stude11tCour1r'ilp C.l.C. LI.l.Lf. '1l- ll.1ll 6111111.17 ota11111Clt1l1g C.l.C. Robert Gorski Football Raymond Gustavel Herbert Fuqman ljl'C1Ill letting P10111 C3OIllII1lll9QQ l,s'tter1ue11's Clulwy llall llulxlic' Address Systemq Sltlt'ltPlll Councilg Mci111111i1tw1-7 llootlttnll lllfitllll' l.Wll'Nlll!m3lllS tlluit: Cgtlfilfli Strr1111wCflL1lvq lntrfunurals. Cflult, ll11.lCT211t111l- l" fll Llllulv Q min. Edward Harczak l'ow'l,t:ll 'l'ea111y Lrlllll Clubg Henry Herula Proietcr Clriby Hall Guttrd- Icseph Hogan National llo11urSocir-ftyq l l1- Vlt'l1 l't11l1: lhtuslz xfluitp lllll1lllllll'llSf Stu F-All Cllllli. Cluttg l'o1'e111tr11111:l Stull: llcrll filltllkllf Stu tt- txt M1-1111t'1.. William Hodgson Hall ltC3llllt'lT, Madelon Henry Ctxornrl fgltirirrl- llllitllllllltllblj Stuclvnt Counvily l"fll Cflut. Eleanorflolmes Stu ' 3 KKAJXVZ dtlltlftlll iltttlllfilx l'fll iflulv- Lflkj, Lfou11f'i1g Plillll LI11111111itt11tq lvlritli tflulig Gil Page 24 F-Ill tilul ty Cla' FEBRUARY CLASSCFWAI Ioseph Crist- Bowlinqg Foreman News Repro- Ioseph Dallmann- llull Gutirdg lntmnuir l sentcitiveg Hc1llGuardg Ticket Olticfeg F-41 Clulb. Student Counwily F-41 Clulug C.l.C. Harriet Dahl---Personnel CharlotteDaniels H n l Clubq lntromurulsg G.A,A.p F-41 Club. Student Counrrilg C,A.A.p F'4I Cluli. 1' 13k 'CS Qin if in-4 'sf if lymond Doerrler Pmzsidorit, Proioctor Clulag Dorothy Ebert- lntmmurolsg G.A.A.7 Student Russell Finn LOHQFIIIEIIVS Clulmg Prosirlvnt EA treinrin Nrvws Ftcvpresontcitiveg llctll Guurdg Councilg F-4l Club. Cluliiy Hull Guard: lntrcinumilsy Studwnt fu 41 Clulw. Lois Eilers Personnel til F4l Clulvg C.l.l'. Sare Dolce LGtterrnen's Clubg Foremonuol Representotivey F-4l Club: Bonnielfleuqel GA A ulig Pmin Cculnrilittoog President, F-4l Clulx lntrciniurcrlsg Foreman News Flopzesenlotivz-2. Fonfrncin Nows Hopivsmitritivwg F-41 Clulv. ill Cwuiirdy lntrurnumlsg Student Council. trmeliammerton lntmmurulsg G.A.A.g Mixed norusg lntrrunumlsg Student Council. Donald Hanratty- - Stu- nt Counrilg lntrinnurcilsg llcill Gucirdy F-4l ull. Elaine Hansen- Service Clulaq Library Assis- tcintp Mixed Cliorusg G.A.A.g Student Counvily F-4l Club: C,l.C. Robert Hansen Presi- dent, Safety Councily Hull Gucirdy lntrumurolsg F-41 Club. .535 65- I Aunt , . A nth Hovestol Cltoml Clulag "Younq Bcxrrio"g Ilt'llIiUUlll Clultg lntirunurrilsp C.l.C, Roprosen- ivfeg Ci,A.A. Edith Howard - - Person- lCl11lig Orvluistmg Latin Clulyp Honor Soviely, iv 4.-:M --f Chester Hrycyk Lottornierrs Cluby F-4l Clulug lntrrirnurtilsy C.l.C.7 Studont Council. Ky Iensen Uslierg Stu- dont Councilp lntnirnurolsy F-4l Clulu. Page25 Walter Krause -National Honor Society: Ease- ball Team: Prom Committee: Current Trends Club: Class Day Committee: lntramurals. Doris Kristola - - Student Council: F-4l Club: C.l.C. CAP AND GOWN COMMITTEE This group had charge ot furnishing caps and gowns for graduation. Students who served on the committee are: Chester Majka: Emily Sit- terly: Gladys Lindberg: Patricia Quinn: Ruth Peterson. Looking forward to graduation at first seemed fun. Vtfhen the time grew near and caps and gowns were measured and ordered, then the seniors began to realize that a new lite was soon to begin The carefree days of youth were almost over "'!E?"'l Dorothy Krueger -- Class Day Committee: Fire Dorothy Kuifel -- Choral Club: Service Cli Marshal: "Young Barrie": German Club: Fore- Student Council: G.A.A.: F-41 Club. man News, "Double Tallc": French Club. Casmira Kuska - E Olga Kuch- Math Club: dent Council: F-4l Club: C.I.C. Prom Committee: Vice-President, National Honor Society: Spanish Club: Personnel Club. .,r,.... Edward Larsen Intramurals: Hall Guard: F-41 Club: Student Council: Winner, Civitan Award. Elaine Larsen National Honor Society: Letter Girl: Geographic Club: Pin and Ring Committee: Choral Club: Band. Page 26 t -'iii is., 'nw--P ees! Chris Lasorso---Prom Committee: Ticket Collec- Beatrice Liakos----Choral Club: Student Cot tor: Hall Guard Captain: Student Council: Fore- cil: G.A.A.: C.l.C.: F-4l Club. man News Representative: F-41 Club, AliceLica-lntramuro Leroy Lavigne- -Student G.A.A.: F-41 Club: Student Council: C.I.C. Council: Spanish Club: F-41 Club. FEBRUARY CLASSOFIQM 4 x -v 11" Miriam Iohnson Personnel Club: lntramurals: Robert Iude Hf1llGuard: Tnvltriictil Clulw: lutra G.A.A.: P41 Club: Student Council. murals: F-Ill Club: Student Council: C.l.C Russell Iohnson Office Germaine Kaczmurek Assistant: SWlI1lIlllHCjTE?GIl1f Hall Guard: F-4l F-41 Club: Student Cfcuinvil: G,A.A.: Fore Club: lntraniurals: Student Council. uirinutxl Reprvsr-iittitive-. iarles Kemp Protector Club: Safety Council: Laura Knowles Prom Committee: Intramurals: Lillian Kominski Personnel Club: Intramurals 41 Club. Student Council: F-41 Club: C.l.C. French Club: A Cappella Choir: Studr-nl Coun Edward Klonowski - George Koehler f Stu, t-il: F-41 Club. ixed Chorus: Orchestra: Intramurals: F-41 dent Council: Hall Guard: Intramurals: C.l.C.: Meta Korbakes Choral uh: C4l,C,: Student Council. F'-4l Club: Fire Marshal Captain. Club: Sll1f'lPTllCL1l1Il!'llj G.A.A.: F341 Club: C I C SEK seg "'t"' 'nil Kvorka Orchestrfi: Hall Guard: Foreman ews Rwpmsmitativeg Intramurals: Student Juncil: F41 Cluli: C.I.C. Violet Labaqnaru Safety :vunvil Ropresontfitivrf: Service Club: P-Ill lull: Student Council. Venida Lubres Prom Committee: Safety Coun- cil Representative: Spanish Club: Foreman News Alternate: Student Council: G.A.A. Sam I.aRosa Projector Club: Band: Orchestra: Student Council: F-4l Club. ZAR 'v - . '--v fur im. lladys Lindberg National Honor Society: rom Committee: Noniinatinq Committee: Geo- raphic Club. Betty Lund Class Day Thairmang "Youna Barrieu: National Honor So- iety: Wiriner, Civitan Award: P41 Club. Frances Lundmcm - National Honor Society: Math Club: German Club: Service Club: Or- chestra. Harold Mack - Intra- murals: Hall Guard: Staqehand: Mixed Chorus: Student Council: F-4l Club: C,l.C. Paqe27 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE Much planninq and tussinq preceded the anxiously awaited Class Day at the Midwest Athletic Club on Tanuary 29. The tollowinq were in charqe: TOP BOW'e-feCharlotte Orayp Marion Nerhusg Dorothy Nelson, Leonard Baichert. BOTTOM BOW- --Walter Krause, Betty Lund, Dorothy Krueqerf Russell lohnson: Shirley Sten- zely Betty Berqeson. A reading of the Class History and Prophecy, speeches, dancinq, and entertainment topped a delicious luncheon. This event culminated the activities ot the Senior Class. ind! Kennethltflozack Hall Guarttq Intramurals, F-lil Cluli- Student Couuvil: C.l.C. RobertNaskrent Locker F-41 Club, Student Council Representative. Gttutly Letterrnens Cluluy Hall Guard, Fore '99 .ta 'Qf""' 'Q Marion Nerhus' National Honor Society, Mt Club, Ottice Assistant, "Young Barrie", Stud Council Commissioner. Elaine Nowolarski-f - F Dorothy Nelson Class Day Committee, Intra- rnuralsg Foreman News Representative, G.A.A.y Marian Nelson Soare- nrzn News Representative, Math Clulw, lntra- tary, National Honor Society, Latin Clulny Stu- Club, Cheerleader, Monogram Assistant Cc inurtils. dent Council, French Club. missionerg Student Council, C.l.C. Loraine Pcrenli Choral Club, Student Coun cilg G.A.A.g F-41 Club. Olqu Petersen Library Assistant, Financial Committee, Intramurals, Ge'-rnian Cluh, Mixed Chorus, F-4l Club, Page 28 3 ,film 1 4, ff" 73" 'fy Lila Peterson- Treasurer, February Class, Let' Florence Pieczonka Moth Club, Student Cot ter Girl, President, G.A.A.y Bowlina Team, cilg G.A.A.g Chorus, GLC. President, National Honor Society, BaldassarrePietroloncxr RuthPeierson--Cap and V--Hall Guard, Intramuralsy Student Counc Gown Cornmitteeg Treasurer, F-41 Club, GAA. F-41 Cluby C.l.C. Representative, Letter Girl, Mixed Chorus. FEBRUARY CLASSOFl94l Melvin Mcxgner Vice-President, February Chester Mcxika- Cap and Gown Committee: Class: "Young Barrie": Presidents' Club: Pub- F-41 Club: Intramurals: Student Council: C.l.C. licity Manager, Current Trends Club. Ernest Mully President, MichaelMahcmetcr F-41 F-41 Club: "Young Barrien: Prom Committee: Club: Swimming Team: Student Council: C.l.C. Safety Council. N10 K Qu' ldred Marchuk- National Honor Society: Ruth McFarland-German Club: G.A.A.: F-41 'sonnel Club: Math Club: Service Club, Club: C.l.C.: Student Council. Wilfred Markowitch -- '1'homasMcNelley Prom Jtball Team: Projector Club: Beto Club: Committee: Bowling Team: Current Trends ket Seller: Foremanuat Representative. Club: Intramurals: Student Council. rley Odell- -lnsicle-Out Club: Latin Club: ls' Glee Club: G.A.A. ' Committee: Foreman News Representative: l Club: Student Council. Laura Olsen---Personnel Assistant: A Cappella Choir: Beto Club: German Club: Girls' Glee Robert Olker -- Class Club. Charlotte Orcry - Na- tional Honor Society: French Club: "Young Barrie": Class Day Committee: A Cappella Choir. u Piskorz Letter Girl: Polish Club: Fore- Patricia Quinn- -Personnel Club: German Club: News Representative: Orchestra: Choral Choral Club: Student Council. 1: G.A.A.: Student Council. Leonardllaichert- Class Lorraine Przybylinski A Day Committee: Foreman News: Usher: Stu- rmurals: Mixed Chorus: F-41 Club: C.l.C.: dent Council. ent Council. ii Q.. Genevieve Meccicr Mixed Chorus: Intramur- als: G.A.A.: F-41 Club: C.l.C.: Student Council. Wesley Mielke - - Fore- man News Representative: Hall Guard: Stamp Club: Student Council Representative-: Ticket Seller. Page 29 GRADUATION COMMITTEE The Seniors felt that their Graduation Day, Ianuary 30, was the most important day of all With this in mind, these students were selected to plan the Graduation Exercises which were held in our Auditorium: Dorothy Skorupa: Marion Nelson: Elaine Hansen: Arlene Zimmer- mann: Ray Arendt: Ralph Franlcowslci: William I-Ioclgson. The last evening would soon arrive. School days for most of the students would be over, never to come again. Farewells and fond wishes for success f - and then good-bye. in 'QF- Emily Sitterly Cap and Gown Committee: I'--il Club: Girls' Glee Club: German Cluln: Lovker Guard: Intramurals: Student Assistant. Dorothy Skorupu-- Stu- dent Leader: Latin Club: Foremanual Repre- sentative: Spanish Club: Girls' Chorus: GJ-X.A. Q' Frank Smith- -Hall Guard: Intramurals: Fore- rnan News Representative: Safety Council: Football Team: Student Council. Frank Spiropoulos F-41 Club: Student Council. Florence Squeo--Intramurals: Student Cou G.A.A.: C.l.C.: F-Lll Club. Stanley Starsiak-W ball Team: Intramurals: F-lil Club: Stu Council: C.I.C. 4-3 Robert Taylor- Mixed Chorus: Technical Club: F 4l Cluli: Student Council: CIC. ShirleyThunberg- Serv- ice Club: Prom Committee: Supreme Council: Ffll Cluli: Choral Cluli: Intramurals: C.I.C. Page 30 ,V :POW 'Win-f Frances Tontillo --- Vice-President, Current Trends Club: Prom Committee: Letter Girl: Spanish Club: Service Club: Safety Council. Mariorie Ulrich -A Girls' Glee Club: Prom Committee: German Club: Safety Council Representative: Intramurals. Rim ,,, 'G' Virginia Ward- Student Council: F-41 Clu Jeannette Wayer-- ice Cluh: Latin Club: Choral Club: G., F-41 Club: Intramurals: Student Council: C FEBRUARY CLASSOFl94l Lorraine Recher- Fire Marshal: Latin Club: Intramurals: Mixed Chorus: G.A.A.: F-4l Club: Student Council, Georgelleinke- -Pin and Ring Committee: Foremanual Staff: Stamp Club: Swimming Team: Current Trends Club. ',-., fe '36- 1- Ioyce Rensner Office Assistant --Mixed Chorus: Intramurals: : Student Council: G.A.A. Irene Romunotsky -A French Club: Current Trends Club: Clean-Up Campaign: Choral Club: lntramurals: G.A.A. te Ross- -"Young Barrie": Spanish Club: Laverne Schmidt-Prom Committee: Safety oqram Commissioner: Intramurals: G.A.A.: Council Representative: Clean-Up Campaign: Club: Student Council. F-41 Club: Student Council: G.A.A. Valerie Samuelson -- Winnietred Scholz -F-41 1 Club: National Honor Society: Service Club: Monogram Commissioner: Student Coun- t: Beto Cluh: Ticket Seller. cil Representative: G.A.A.: Intramurals: C.l.C. Rig b T' -tw-1 ley Stenzel Class Day Committee: "Young ie": A Cappella Choir: Girls' Trio: Spanish i: G.A.A.: Student Council. Mariorie Stevens -- ich Cluh: Current Trends Club: Spanish i: Student Council. Robert Suess- Bowling Team: Foremanual Rep- resentative: Intramurals: F-4l Club: Student Council. Leonard Szydlowski - - Prom Committee: Stamp Club: Hall Guard: F-41 Club: Student Council: C.l.C. :mm ..'T. .niu Weihsmuntel---Choral Club: Safety Robert Wenholz' -Intramurals: Stamp Club: :cil Representative: Student Council: F-41 Ticket Seller: Foremanual Representative. , Curl Westergren-Std Ardelle Weiler- -Mixed dent Council: Intramurals: F-41 Club: Hall us: Student Council: F-41 Club. Guard, Iacqueline Seery--Spanish Club: Math Club: Student Leader: Student Council: G.A.A. Dolores Sherman Office Assistant: National Honor Society: Foreman News Representative: Beto Cluh: G.A.A. Page 31 i r PROM COMMITTEE Pleasant associations and hard work will long be remembered by these students who worked so diligently to make the Ianuary Prom an out- standing success. lt was held on Ianuary l6, at the Evanston Country Club. TOP HOW'--Don othy Kutfely Thomas McNelleyg Laura Zarubag Robert Gorskig Sare Dolcey Marjorie Ulrichg Chris Lasorso. MIDDLE ROW - - Walter Krauser Herbert Fugmany Laura Knowles: Mrs. Vorisekg Robert Hansen: Olga Kuchg Eleanor Cordes. BOTTCM ROW- Venida Labresg Gladys Lind- berg: LaVerne Schmidt: Eleanor Holmes: Shirley Thunbeuy Raymond Coopen Lorraine Wilk Student Councily G.A.A,g P-41 Gladys Wodrich---Student Councilg Girls' Glee A1-line Zillman- -Spanish Club. Club: P-4l Club. Cluby Current T r e n d s Vincent Wilson - - Presi- Laura Zaruba ---- Person- Clubp F-41 Clubp GAA. dent, February Classg President, Scabbord and nel Clubp National Honor Societyy German Blade Clubp Vivo-President, Frentvh Club: A Clubp Prom Committeey Girls' Glee Club: Ciirtpellti Choir: Student Counvily F-41 Club. G.A.A. CIVITAN AWARD WINNERS Betty Lund and Edward Larson were awarded prizes by the Civitan Club ot Chicago tor their outstanding Speeches based on the subject "Speak Up for America." Eight students participated in this contest which was held in the school auditorium cn December I3. Page 32 -is F. Gver one hundred ond titty couples threw cill Cores ciwfiy cis they ddnced until one o'Cloclc to iovorite tunes played hy Correy Lynn ond his orchestra. Fond dreorrns were reolized cis the Seniors bode CI reluctant qood-night, when this enchontinq eveninq Come to o close. The quests of honor were Miss Cdtherine A. Ryon, Mr. ond Mrs. Hurry P. Mc:- Hole, Mr, ond Mrs. Lewis Brornlcornp, Mrs. M. B. Nielond, Mr. ond Mrs. Edwin Ulvelinq, Dr. ond Mrs. Elrner Voriselc Csponsorl, Mr. ond Mrs. Dennis Morrissey, ond Mr. ond Mrs. Frederick Weiss. Q nf agp, if fi-5? ,+ CLASS OF JUNE'l9Al OFFICERS The capable officers who presided over the lune, l94l class are: David Stone, Vice-Presi- dent, William Conrath, President, Virginia Schlickan, Treasurer, Olivia Trader, Secretary. Arranqements for the Friday Division Periods and other special Senior programs were made by the officers. These assemblies qave the stuf dents information concerning their class activi- ties and proqress. The senior sponsors were Mrs. Anderson, Miss Doyle, Miss Felch, Miss Flaherty, Miss Gieqer, Mrs. Greenwood, Mrs. Hoqle, Mrs. Kinert, Mrs. Kina, and Miss Mac- Kay. Mr. Morrissey is the Senior Advisor. Robert Aulert Glee Club, Student Council, CLC, Florence Ault - "Don't Ttilce My Penny," Current Trends Club, G.A.A., Forvmanual Representative, Student Council. Kenneth Axness--'Clean-Up Committee, Pin Charles Baier 'Student Council, C.l.C. and Rina Committee, Band, Projector Club, Iohn Balogh --- Stl C,LC., Hall Guard. Club, Hall Guard, Student Council, C. Ioseph Badzioch - Current Trends Club, Bowling Leaque. C.l.C., Foreman News, Chess and Checker Club, Hall Guard, Sport Club, Student Council. Lois Bell Pin and Rina Committee, Business Manager, Foreman News, Service Club, GAA., Chairman, School Beautiful, C.l.C. Betty Benson -e Service Club, Prom Committee, Board of Control, G AJ-X., Letter Girl, Stenoqraphy Club. Page 34 - x E Casmer Bernady Advanced Band, Pc Club, Math Club, Current Trends Club, Guard, Student Council, Latin Club, C.I.' Marcine Bezdon Polish Club, National Honor Society, C Gift Committee, Student Council. Wcrrren Bentley-Hall Guard, Bowling League, C.l.C. Charlotte Bercke - C.l.C., Current Trends Club, Personnel Club, Ger- man Club, GAA. Daniel Aiken Usher, Protector Club, C.l.C., Gwendolyn Allen-Current Trends Club, CIL Student Council. Student Council. Russell Albers C.l.C., Earl Amundsen Ltass President, Stamp Club, Foremanual Staff, Day Committee, Student Council Advisory Treasurer, Geography Club, Bowlinq Leaque. Commission, President, Student Council. id Anderson Personnel Club, Dictaphone Gust Antros Hall Guard, Current Trends Club, Alfred Arndt Captain, R.O.T.C., Lettermens Ab, French Club, Student Council, G.A.A., Projector Club, Intramurals, Student Council, Club, "Don't Take My Penny," little 'lram .C. Locker Guard, C.l.C. Usher, ViceAPresident, Camera Club: C.lC Margaret Antkers In- Louise Arado- Student Muriel Arthars Prom rmurals, Student Council, C1.A.A., C.l.C. Council, G.A.A. Representative, Newspaper Committee, President, National Honor Society Alternate, Current Trends Club, C.l.C. 'lDOI'l'l Take My Penny," G.A.A. :rio Barcia Box Office, Student Council, l.C. Charlotte Barnes Fire 'irshalp President, Lurtchroom Club, C.l.C., A.A., Student Council. Stanley Bazarelr- 'Student Council. Raymond Bebak' Polish Club, Intramurals, Bowling Leaaue, Hall Guard, Student Council, C.l.C. llard Bielal Vice-President, Student Coun- , President, Current Trends Club, Class Gift irnmittee, Swimming Team. Helen Birr Class ry Committee, Current Trends Club, lntra- irals, Student Council, C.l.C., G.A.A. Myrneth Bierke' 'National Honor Society, G.A.A. Representative, Intramurals, C.l.C., Current Trends Club, Student Council. Gloria Blair - Girls' Glee Club, Choral Club, Personnel Club, ln- tramurals, Foreman News, C. l. C. Page 35 Walter Boiak-Technical Club: Bowlinq Elaine Bonczkowski-Bowling League: Office Leaque: Polish Club: Chess and Checker Assistant: Polish Club: Spanish Club: C.l.C.: Cluli: C,l.C.: lntrarnurals: Student Council. lntramurals: G.A.A. James Boland Safety Peter Bouqadis - Mus Council Representative: C.l.C. sic Festival: Student Council: Hall Guard: C.l.C.: Current Trends Club. JUNE CLASS s P Edwin Bryll- Prom Committee: Foremanual Barbara Budzilr- National Honor Society: Ser- Vincent Butler--Student Council. Staff: Student Council: C.l.C. vice Club: Newspaper Alternate: Latin Club: Pqul Cqpugo .W F. Ioseph Buchicchio -- Foremanual Representative: G.A.A.: C.l.C. Hall Guard: Usher: Chess and Checker Club: George Buney - Class Club: Student Council: Hall Guard. C.l.C.: Current Trends Club: Intramurals: Mono- Gift Committee: Hall Guard: Student Council: Q ra In . Page 36 Candy Seller: C.l.C. man News: Class Day Committee: Proje Nicholas Chrisos-Band: Hall Guard: Safety Council Representative: C.l.C. lack Christensen-Cap tain, Hall Guard: Competitive Platoon: Rifle Team: Scabbard and Blade. E lean Christensen -Student Council: Stuc Leader: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Iune Christiansen Current Trends Club: Program Office: C.l lntramurals: Parents' Night: Honor Club. Audrea Clausen--Stenoqraphy Club: G.A.A.: Student Leader: C.l.C. Representative. Anthony Coia-Avia tion Club: Hall Guard: Rifle Team: Lawn Guard: Student Council Alternate: C.l.C. 1, Q William Conrath- President, Senior Clc Sports Editor, Foreman News: Major, R.O.T. Lettermen's Club: Bowling Leaque: C.l.C. Frances Corpor G,A.A.: Reporter, Foreman News: Beto Cl Student Council. DF l94l Lorraine Bray WCurrent Trends Club: Safety Council Representative: French Club: C.l.C.: Intramurals: Student Council: G.AA. Iewel Brossman - Class Day Committee: National Honor So- ciety: Gossip Reporter, Foreman News. Grace Brown Current Trends Club: Student Council: Mixed Chorus: GAA.: Honor Club: C.l.C. Mary Brunkala Min' strel Sliow: Intramurals: Student Council: Rol- ler Skating Club: GAA.: Safety Council. are , 'A mond Carlson Captain, Rifle Team: Hall rd: Current Trends Club: Scabbard and e: Trick Squad: Student Council. Herbert Carlton Hall rd: Latin Club: German Club: Current ds Club: C.l.C. Mariorie Carpenter Student Council Represen- tative: C.I.C.: GAA, Marie Casagrande f French Club:Girls' Chorus: Safety Council Rep- resentative: Foreman News: CIC, his if l wr Libr? an r Churchill Prom Committee: Current ds Club: Geoqraphy Club: Bowling tue: GAA.: French Club: C.I.C.: Intra: ils. Edmund Cichowicz fs Guard: I.ettermen's Club: Student Council: etball Team: C.I.C. Dolores Cieslak--National Honor Society: In- tramurals: Board of Control, GAA.: Student Leader: Letter Girl: Student Council: C.l.C. Iean Clark Student Council Representative: G.A.A. Representative: Intramurals: Program Ofiice: C.I.C. 635 4g ldine Cosek Minstrel Show: A Capella Frances Crist' Intramurals: GAA. Represen, ': Student Council: GAA.: C.I.C. tative: Student Council Representative: Music Concetta Costanza' f Festival: C.l.C.: French Club. 2nt Trends Club: Intramurals: G.A.A..: Currie Cull Vice-Presi- ant Council: C.l.C. dent, Roller Skatinq Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Catherine Cantanzaro Student Council: Oftive Assistant: Intraniurals: GAA.: C.l.C. Grace Cazzato Latin Club: Student Council: Self-Analysis Clult: Glee Club: C.l.C. Paqe37 CLASS OF JUNE'l94l ELECTION COMMITTEE Those in charqe of tabulatinq votes ior our election oi oiiicers were: TOP BOW-Bessie Sinadinos: Dorothy Lorviq: Enid Anderson: lames Peterson: Dolores Kobus: Eleanor Dom- browski. BOTTOM BOWfMarion Marcipan: Lorraine Bray: Eugenia Dawidowicz: lohn Bivara. The committee almost qave up electing a president, for the votes ran so close. However, after many days of ballot castinq, William Con- rath ernerqed victorious. Margaret Diskin Current Trends Club: Rosario Dolce-Hall Guard: Baseball Team: G.A.A.: Student Council: Personnel Club: Football Team: Basketball Team: Student Coun- C.l.C.: Mixed Chorus, cil: C.l.C. Representative. Dorothy Dittman - Ser- Loretta Vive Club: Mixed Chorus: Self-Analysis Club: Current Trends Club: Polish Student Council: Latin Club. Council: C.l.C. Mary Duffy- Bowling League: Latin Club: Virginia Durfeye- President, Hostess Club: Li- Newspaper Representative: Student Council: brary Assistant: German Club: C.l,C.: G.A.A. Foreman News Staff: G.A.A. P h y l l i s Duplain- Myrtle G.A.A.: Band: Orchestra: French Club: Stu' Student Council: GJ-LA.: C.l.C. dent Council: Foreman News: C.l.C. Page 38 Et Eleancre Dombrowski -7- Treasurer, Nati Honor Society: President, Latin Club: Bow League: Personnel Club: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Donald Donges e B ing Leaaue: "Young Barrie:" Hall Gu C.l.C.: Projector Club: Messenqer. Dombkowski er- Club: Student 6 F Q5 s lack Dwyer' Safety Council: Stamp Club: Guard: Student Council: Intramurals: Cu: Trends Club: Locker Guard: C.l.C. Elizabeth Dziagwt Student Council: Current Trends Club: Pt Club: G.A.A.: C.l.C. Student Leader: Dworniczek - f Violet Czachowski - - Polish Club: Current Trends Club: Student Council: GAA.: C.l.C. Helen Davis 'Minstrel Show: C.l.C.: Student Council: G.A.A.: Photog- raphy Club. Eugenia Dawidowicz Polish Club: Student Council: Bowling League: C.l.C.: G.A,A.: Honor Club: Personnel Club. Leonard Decker --C.l.C.: Vice-President, Safety Council: Swimming Team: Tennis Team: Current Trends Club. e De Haven Attendance Office: Student incil. Elaine Deia Music Fes- xl: Intramurals: Honor Club: C.l.C.: Student mcil: Glee Club: G.A.A. Xl --my in Pauline De Keukelaere-W Current Trends Club: Ieanette Dietz Letter Girl: Intramurals: C.l.C.: Bowling League: Personnel Club: Student Life Saving: First Aid: G.A.A. Council: Glee Club. Lorraine Dinse G.A.A.: Frank De Maria C.l.C.: Student Council Representative: German Club: Usher: Cheerleader: Intramurals: Student Mixed Chorus: Intramurals: C.l.C. Council: Hall Guard: Chess and Checker Club. 'erne Donish Student Council: C.I.C.: r.A. Iohn Drews Graduation nmittee: Mixed Chorus: Basketball Team: amurals: Contest Editor, Foreman News. Edward Dubil Music Festival: Current Trends Club: Technical Club: Sports Club: Intraf murals: Student Council: Hall Guard. Iohn Duffy Treasurer, Safety Council: "Don't Take My Penny:" Latin Club: Minstrel Show: Beto Club. atta Dziopek Assistant Editor, Foreman vs: Polish Club: Latin Club: Current Trends b: National Honor Society. Shirley Earle f C.l.C,: ranced Art Club: Current Trends Club: ient Council. Shirley Eckstrom Secretary, National Honor Society: "Don't Take My Penny:" Bowling League: Class Day Committee: Service Club. Betty Egeland - Stu- dent Council: Current Trends Club: Personnel Club: National Honor Society: Beto Club. Page 39 Marie Eqgert-Class Gift Committee: G.A.A.: Treasurer, Beto Club: Current Trends Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Audrey Eiter--German Club: Music Festival: Geography Club: Stu- dent Leader: Locker Guard: G.A.A.: C.I.C. Marguerite Emrich-Current Trends Club: Beto Club: Student Council: C.l.C.: GAA. Ianice EsaufGradua- tion Committee: Student Council Representa- tive: Foreman News: Safety Council: Spanish Club. JUNE CLASS Louise Farina- Letter Girl: Foremanual Repre- sentative: Student Leader: Student Council Rep- resentative: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Norma Ferando - Cur- rent Trends Club: Personnel Club: G.A.A. Rep- resentative: Honor Club: French Club: C.I.C. William Fisher-Vice-President, SA Club: Intra- murals: Hall Guard: Newspaper Representa- tive: Graduation Committee: Messenger. Kathleen Flynn g Prom Committee: Foremanual Representative: Per- sonnel Club: Student Council Representative. 3 Arthur Fogel--- Treasurer, Geography C Service Club: Library Assistant: Mixed Cho Current Trends Club: Safety Council: C.l.C Carolyn Fonts- Pre Club: Girls' Glee Club: C.l.C.: G.A.A. William Garbe-Vice-President, Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant Colonel, R.O.T.C.: Hall Guard: Clean-Up Committee: Choir. Loretta Gawron- C.l.C.: Personnel Club: Intramurals: Student Council. S E B tional Honor Society: Polish Club: Latin C Personnel Club: G.A.A.: Student Council. Gilbert Gerickee Guard: Intramurals: Student Council Com sioner: C.I.C. Representative. Alyce Gemza --Graduation Committee: Page 40 Leonard Gilman- Photography Club: Student Council: Hall Guard: Locker Guard: C.l.C.: Intramurals. Charles Gipp -- Student Council: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Henry Gizaf-Band: Swimming Team: Ba: ball Team: Hall Guard: Locker Guard: C.f Mary Giza - Stu Council: Intramurals: Letter Girl: C. G.A.A.: Cheerleader. DF 19111 Conrad Evanqelista--Lettermen's Club: C.l.C,: Carl Falk Student Council: C.l.C. Basketball Team: Baseball Team, virginia Fdrbisr ' PT Elaine Fabian: - Board sonnel Club: National Honor Society: Student ot Control, G.A.A.: Bowlinq League: Letter Council: Current Trends Club: G.A.A. Girl: Locker Guard: Student Leader. th Franke Stenoqraphy Club: Student Coun- Newspaper Alternate: Spanish Club: XA.: C.l.C. Shirley Fritz German tb: Girls' Glee Club: C.l.C, Iune Fry Band: Student Council: Guard: German Club: C.l.C. Glee Club: National Honor Society: Locker Guard: Current Trends Club: Bowling League. :ile Gericke Self-Analysis Club: Girls' Glee ilu: German Club: C.l.C, Helen Getz- -Foreman' t Representative: Service Club: Current -nds Club: Personnel Club: Treasurer. Marietta Giambrone-Music Festival: Parents' Niqht: French Club: Intramurals: Student Coun- cil: G.A.A. Alice Gilman- 'National Honor Society: Music Festival: Newspaper Al- ternate: Bookrocm Assistant: G.A.A. rriet Gizicki Library Assistant: Foreman ws Stcitt: Current Trends Club: Student uncil: Intramurals: Polish Club: G.A.A. Lorraine Gleeson Cur- tt Trends Club: C,l,C.: lntramurals: Foreman llers: Newspaper Reporter. Dora Gorcyca Pan-American League: G.A.A.: Current Trends. Leroy Gord on e- Na- tional Honor Society: Class Gift Committee: Lawn Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. Locker Eugene Frysztak Hall Guard: Student Coun cil: C.l.C. Vivian Frymarkn Girls' Evelyn Gadek Mixed Chorus: Student Council: G.A.A. Flepresenta tive: C,l.C.: lntramurals. Page 41 CLASS OF JUNE'l94l JEWELRY COMMITTEE lt was not an easy task for these students to see that all qraduates were furnished with qraduation jewelry. TOP ROW-Walter Phillips: Kenneth Axness: Edward Rohr: lohn Thorsson. MIDDLE ROW-Lois Bell: Helen Getz: Hazel Samuelson: Stephanie Kucyk: Peqqy Pons. BOTTOM ROWA-Emily Hebda: Dorothy Pehta: Mary Ann Swanson: Armand Weqerer. still at Foreman Selections were made early so that pins and rinqs would adorn the Seniors While they were Marie Hatien Beta Club: Pan-American l.t1f'IuILlYS'f Student Council. Raynette Halvorsen Vorenian News Staff: German Club: Ticket Holler: Student Council: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Clarence Hanna' Scabbard and Blade Club: Stamp Club: Hall Guard: Trick Squad, l:t.O.T.C. Arlene Hansen' - Na tional Honor Society: Class Gitt Committee: Service Club: Office Assistant: C.l.C. 3 E t Constance Hansen Personnel Club: Ger Club: Girls' Glee Club: Geography C Service Club: G.A.A.: Student Council. Henry Harczak C. Student Council. Emily Hebda Secretary, Student Council: Current Trends Club: G.A.A. Representative: Matti Club: National Honor Society: C.I.C, Ioseph Hebda - 7 Na- tional Honor Society: Student Council Alter- nate: 4B Council: Class Day Committee. Page 42 Ruth Heqgen Art Club: Intramurals: C.l.C.: Walter Heinan Student Council: C.l.C. G.A,A. Fred Heise Glee C Lillian Heiden -V C.l.C,: Hall Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. National Honor Society: Secretary, Stenoqra- phy Club: Personnel Club: G.A.A. Walter Gordon Safety Council Representa- tive: C.l.C. Walter Grabowski- ln- tramurals: Hall Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. Violet Graefe G.A.A. Representative: Band: Student Council: German Club: Student Assis- tant: Locker Guard: Honor Club, Florence Gregory In- tramurals: Latin Club: Foreman News Staff: Ticket Seller: Student Council. vert Gresher- Usher: Intramurals: Safety Boy Groeqer- National Honor Society: Projec- tncil Representative: C.l.C. tor Club: Current Trends Club: Hall Guard: Shirley Grice -Bowling Newspaper Representative: C.l.C. que: Personnel Club: Office Assistant: Carol Gunther- -Prom mp Club: Intramurals: G.A.A.: C.l.C. Committee: Student Leader: Spanish Club: Stu- dent Council: C-1.A.A. ies Harris Sportsmerfs Club: Hall Guard: Charlotte Hartman Personnel Club: Spanish dent Council: C.l.C. Club: C.l.C.: Student Council. Iulie Hartlev National Robert Hawley Cur- 'tor Society: Prom Committee: Letter Girl: rent Trends Club: Hall Guard: Intramurals: in Club: Newspaper Alternate: G.A.A. Student Council: C.I.C. 'ystel Heller Class Day Committee: lntra- Dorthea Henriksen Foreman News Staff: Gere rals: Bowling Leaaue: Attendance Office: man Club: Beto Club: G.A.A. ..A.: C.l.C. Hildegard Herrenbruck Winfield Henderson V- Graduation Committee: Current Trends Club: id: Hall Guard: lntrarnurals: C,l.C. Bowling Leaque: Clean-Up Committee: G.A.A, Allen Gyvinq' Poremanual Representative: lntramurals: Student Council: Hall Guard: Foot- ball Team: C.l.C. Representative. George Hall -Bowlinq Leaaue: Band: Orchestra: Usher: Protector Club: Current Trends Club: C.l.C. Page 43 Louis Herwy Football Team: I-fall Guard: In- tramurals: Student Council: Boys' Chorus. Frank Hodits f Current Trends Club: Locker Guard: Student Council: Intramurals. Evelyn Hohe Current Trends Club: C.I.C.: Student Council. George Holian - Curt rent Trends Club: Assistant Editor, Foreman News: Prom Committee: Student Council. JUNE CLASS Nu 'sr '--f George Horvat--Graduation Committee: Stamp Club: Intramurals: Safety Council Alternate: llall Guard. Raymond Humber! S "Don't Take My Penny:" Hall Guard: News' paper Representative: Student Council: C.I.C. Page 44 "Don't Take My Penny: " Current Band: Radio Club: I-lall Guard: Intramurals: Student Council, lack Hurckes-f Baseball Team: Football Team: Intramurals: Stamp Club: C.I.C. Edward Hurc Trends Club: rl Rosalie Hutcheon-Intramurals: Student Co cil: Student Leader: Foreman News: G,A. C,I.C.: Current Trends Club. Yolanda India -f C.I. Student Council: G.A.A.: Lost and Found . sistant. Mildred Ialczalc National Honor Society: Board of Control, G.A.A.: Attendance Office: Bowlinq Leaque: Letter Girl. Estelle Iedrzeiewski-e "Don't Take My Penny:" Current Trends Club: Polish Club: Student Council: C.I.C. Lois Iensen- -Student Council: Intramurc Stenoqraphy Club: G.A.A. Representati' Student Leader: C.I.C. Russell Iensenm-Clt Gift Committee: Intramurals: Lawn Guo Hall Guard. Ingrid Iohnson-Personnel Club: Spanish Club: Student Council: C.I.C. William Iuberi - I-toll Guard: Safety Council Representative: Presi- dent, Aviation Club: C.l.C. I. t 2 Dorothy Kahlke Mixed Chorus: SelfvAnaly Club: Foremanual Representative: Intramura Student Council Representative. Ann Kallas - Curre Trends Club: Safety Council Representatix Intramurals: G.A.A. Representative. DF 1941 Richard Hollatz Intramurals: Student Council: Hall Guard: C,l.C. Stanley Holmes - -Latin Club: Math Club: Swimming Team: Intra- zfurals: Hall Guard: Newspaper Representa- tive. Laverne Horn Girls' Glee Club: Latin Club: Student Counvil: Servive Cluli: Matti Club: C.I.C,: G.A.A. Wilton Horn Class Dry Committee: Hall Guard: Sports' Club: ln- tramurals: Student Council. -i" ,Q- Robert Iuckson Graduation Committee: Hall Guard: President, 3A Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Representative. is Iuacks Current Trends: lntramurals: ed Chorus: Latin Club: Hall Guard: Cur- 'lrends Club. Robert Iacobs - - Avia- tion Club: Manager, Football Team: Letter- men's Club: Polish Club: Hall Guard. Florence Iablonski -ss and Chewker Club: G.A.A. Edward Iohnson- Usher: Hall Guard: C.l.C.: Student Council. an Iemeqari Orches'ra: Spanish Club: .AJ C.l.C. Frank Iohnson - - Class Day Committee: Letterrnen's Club: Captain, Tennis Team: Camera Club: Hall Guard. Charlotte Iohnson Na- .il Honor Society: Student Leaaer: Spanish u: Mixed Chorus: Service Club. RG ence Kanter A Cappella Choir: Minstrel Wilmer Kendall Class Gilt Committee: Latin N: Music Festival: Girls' Glee Club: French Club: Hall Guard: Student Council: Orchestra: 1: Student Council: C.l.C. Iohn Kemp Swimming Betty Kerwin- -National vu: Intramurals: Newspaper Ftepresenta- Honor Society: President, Service Club: Presi- C,l.C. Representative. dents' Club: Student Council. -sour' it-.A Ioseph Iamrozy Current Trends Club: Intra- murals: Lovker Guard: Proiertor Club: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Helen lanus Polish Stu- dent Federation Delegate: Honor Club: Student Council: Stamp Club: G.A.A, Page 45 CLASS O JUNE'l9-41 CLASS GIFT COMMITTEE The selection of the Iune Class Gitt tell on the shoulders ol the tollowing: TOP ROW! George Buney: Ioseph Marinello: Kenneth Lexby: Russell lensen: Hillard Bielat: Warren Tekip: lohn Dutty. MIDDLE ROW-Marcine Bezdon: Bdanon Syverson: Lormnne 'Veh: Dolores Cbst: Arlene Hansen: Violet Ludwig: Virginia Schwilk. BOTTOM ROW4Gretchen Quist: Marie Eggert: Norma Klann: Leroy Gor- don:chanTnan,lack Schuhz A pubhc addmss syswnitorthe audnonuni vvas given Mythe schooL fish? Ernest Kolasinski Swimming Team: Technical Eleanor Kopeyka f-'- Newspaper Representa- Edwcrrd Xostyniclk -f- Graduation Commit' Club: Current Trends Club: Student Council: tive: lntramurals: Service Club: Student Hall Guard: Current Trends Club: Treasu Hull Guard: C.l.C. Council: Sell-Analysis Club. Band: Orchestra: Trick Squad, R.O.T.C. Raymond Koiodzieiczyk Robert Kosmella Lawn Anna Kovacs --A G Music Festival: Hall Guard: Sports Club: Student Council: Intramurals. Guard: Student Council: Sportsmen's Club: C.l,C.: Hall Guard. Glee Club: Parents' Night: Intramurals: C.l Student Council: GAA. Ray Krypel' Chairman, Class Day Committee: Vice-President, Student Council: Math Club: Munager, Football Team: Honor Club. Harriet Krzywkowski Polish Club: German Club: C.l.C.: Student Council: G.A.A. Page 46 Stephanie Kucyk-President, Geography Club: Pin and Ring Committee: C.LC.: Current Trends Club: G.A.A. Lois Kuester Class Day Committee: Current Trends Club: Stenog- raphy Club: Intramurals: Personnel Club. Edmund Kuiuwcx f-Projector Club: Stud Council: Hall Guard: C.l.C.: lntramurc Stamp Club. Ccrrl Kwast - "Yo1 Barrief' President, Polish Club: "Don't Tc My Penny:" Red Cross Representative. Shirley Kindcek "Don't Take My Penny:" Prom Committee: Personnel Club: Stenograpliy Club: Vice-President, Senior Student Council. Louis Kishkunus - C.l.C.: Student Council. Norma Klcnn Class Gilt Committee: Student Council: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Dolores Knapik Letter Girl: Graduation Committee: National Honor Society: lntramural Manager: G.A.A. hryne Knees Band: C.l.C.: Student Coun- lntramurals: G.A.A. Helen Knoslroe-G.A.A.: ient Council: C.l.C.: Intramurals. Beatrice Knudtzon- H Treasurer, SeltAAnalysis Club: National Honor Society: Current Trends Club: Foremanual Staff: G.A.A. Delores Kobus Nation- al Honor Society: Attendance Office: Election Committee: Bowling League: Candy Seller. xlter Kowalik Glee Club: Intramurals: Hall ard: C.l.C.: Student Council. Arthur Koziurski Hall ard: Graduation Committee: Student Coun- Foreman News Reporter: C.l.C. Adam Koziol Class Day Committee: Bowling League: Clean-Up Committee: lntramurals: Fire Marshall: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Charles Kruy f Class Day Committee: Bowling League: Latin Club: Hall Guard: Messenger: Intramurals. raine Lackaqe Student Council: C.l.C.: Merie Lapetina -Bowling League: Intramurals: LA. Student Council: G.A.A. Representative: C.l.C. Donald Lcnqhuuser A Representative. Tl Guard: Projector Club: Roller Skating Iosephine Luszewski- b: Current Trends Club: Safety Council. C.l.C.: Self-Analysis Club: G.A.A. Kenneth Kohl Minstrel Show: Swimming Team: C.l.C,: Basketball Team. Nick Kokoron German Club: Saiety Representative. Page 47 Adeline Latas- -Polish Club: G.A.A.: Student Leonard Lawrence--Football Team: Hall Council Representative: Intramurals: Person- Guard: Usher: French Club. nel Club: C.I.C. Evelyn Lenart - Gradu- Vernon Lavigne W Cur- ation Committee: Camera Club: Personnel rent Trends Club: C.l.C. Club: Student Council: Intramurals. JUNE CLASS Iohn Lewis Foremanual Representative: Hall Marian Lindberg-Clean-Up Committee: C.l.C.: Walter Lipinski---Student Council: C.l.C. Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. Newspaper Ftepresentative: Personnel Club: Vernon Lipps - Kenneth Lexby- Class Foremanual Representative. Guard: Lost and Found: C.l.C.: Student C1 Gift Committee: Clean-Up Committee: Usher: Mildred Lindstrand- cil. l-tall Guard: Projector Club: Boys' Chorus. Mixed Chorus: Geography Club: Student Page 48 Council: G.A.A.: Honor Club: C.l.C. Dolores Lukes- Foreman News: Parents' Night: Safety Council Representative: Music Festival: Student Council: C.l.C. Dorothy Maas--German Club: Service Club: Girls' Glee Club: Parents' Niqlit: C.l.C. if Edward Mack-Prom Committee: Bovt League: Cheerleader: Usher: French C Hall Guard: A Cappella Choir. Casmera Madei-Pt Club: Student Council: French Club: C. G.A.A. Marian Maircipan--Election Committee: Na- tional Honor Society: Student Council: Cur- rent Trend Club: Foreman News Statt. Ioseph Marinello-- Class Gitt Committee: Foremanual Represen- tative: Manager, Baseball Team: l-tall Guard. E s Marie Martino-W Student Council: C.l,C. Stella Maruniewslt Geography Club: Current Trends Club: GJ Treasurer, Safety Council: Polish Club. DF l94l Robert Lenell Bowling League: Student Coun- Dolores Leppla Commissioner, Social Activi cil: Technical Club: C,l.C, ties, Student Council: Intramurals: French Angeline Leone- Club: Newspaper Representative: C.I.C. French Club: Current Trends Club: Stenogra- Dorothy Leppla CIC phy Club: Student Council Alternate. Representative: Commissioner, Social Activi ties, Student Council: lntraniurals: G.A.A. 5'6- ilan Yu' mf 1' ille Litqen Current Trends Club: C.l.C.: Margaret Luby Graduation Committee: Safe- Violet Ludewiq Class Gift Committee: Bowl :lent Council: lntramurals. ty Council Representative: C.l.C.: Current ing League: Captain, Cheerleaders: Foreman Dorothy Lorvig Elec- Trends Club: G.A.A. ual Representative: Newspaper Representative Committee: Student Council: GAA.: ln- Paul Lucht Projector Virginia Lukas nurals: Personnel Cluli. Cluh: Music? Festival: Student Council: Locker G.A.A,: Student Cfiunvil: C.l.C. Guard: C.l.C. tert Magnus Minstrel Show: Foremanual Robert Maliszetwski Class Day Committee: iresentative: Newspaper Representative: Current Trends Club: Band: Minstrel Show: l Guard: Student Council. Polish Club: Orchestra. Loretta Maiewski ln- Wallace Marbach- nurals: G,A.A.: Current Trends Cluh: Hall Guard: Monogram Award: Clean-Up fs C. Committee: Foremanual Representative. rlyn Mason National Honor Society: LA.: Current Trends Club: Foreman News: dent Counciil Representative: C.l.C. Eleanor Matuk - A sh Clult: Student Courcil: G.A,A.: C.l.C. Betty McBrien Secretary, Lunchroom Club: Student Council Representative: Stenography Club: Foreman News: C.l,C. George Meindl Bowl- ing League: Hall Guard: Latin Club: Student Council: Current Trends Cluh: Messenger. Page49 CLASS OF JUNE'l94l PROM COMMITTEE The climax of all senior social activities was the lune Prom held at the Medinah Country Club on lune l2. Arrangements were in the hands of the tollowinq: TOP ROW-George Holian: Edward Mack: Albert Sosdian: Howard Scuheure: VVaHer Bytnn ldarvhi Taylon lack G'Malley. MIDDLE BOW---Edwin Bryll: lames Pasko: Betty Benson: Beatrice Knudtzon: Muriel Arthars: Shirley Williamson: Kathleen O'Grady: Henry Giza. BOTTOM BOWfShirley Kindcelc: Kathleen Flynn: chairman, Edwin Poqoda: Iulie Hartlev: Doris Churchill: Carol Gunther. Helen Nadzieiko Student Council: G.A.A.: Intramurals: Polish Club. Viola Nelsen C.l.C.: Library Assistant: Student Council: G.A.A.: Girls' Glee Club. 2 Iohn Neubauer Baseball Team: Intramu: Mixed Chorus: Student Council: Hall Gu Current Trends Club: C.l.C. Mary Neven -- L Girl: GA.A.: Student Council: lntramui First Aid. Charles Nelson Student Council: C.l.C.: Hall Guard: Intramurals: Sports Club. Shirley Nelsonf "Don't Tal-ze My Pe-nny:" Current Trends Club: Safety Council: lntramurals: Student Council. Viola O'Brien Girls' Glee Club: Geography Club: Music Festival: Current Trends Club: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Dolores Obs! --- Class Gilt Comittee: Foreman News: National Honor Society: G.A.A.: French Club: C.l.C. Page 50 ? Kathleen O'Grady Prom Committee: Safety Iohn O'Malley-- Prom Committee: Foot Council Representative: Girls' Glee Club: Team: lntramurals: Current Trends C Current Trends Club: Geoqraphy Club. Foreman News: C.l.C.: Sports Club. Loretta O'Leary ln- Edward Ondreici tramurals: Current Trends Club: Student Baseball Team: Basketball Team: Orchestr Council: Latin Club: G.A.A.: C.l.C. Margaret Mercurio Stenoqraphy Club: C.I.C. Irene Migdalek Vice- President, Geoaraphy Club: National Honor Society: Minstrel Show: A Cappella Choir. Henry Mikos Baseball Team: Locker Guard: Mixed Chorus: Intramurals: Hall Guard. Ioanna Milosits Class Day Committee: Personnel Club: Current Trends Club: Geography Club: C.l.C. x Mittelbrun German Club: Hall Guard: Marianne Motif' Program Oilice: Foreman C. News: Current Trends Club: Student Council: Orville Mix President, G.A.A.: C.l.C. in Club: Contest Editor, Foreman News: Frank Morelli Letter- nera Club: Honor Club: Safety Council. men's Club: Hall Guard: Intramurals. Shirley Norman Personnel Club: G.A.A.: ln- tramurals: C.l.C. Nevera Polish Club: Intramurals: Leader: Personnel Club: Student tenie dent incil. Edwin Nowak- -Band: Martin Nicketta f lntra- llall Guard: Clean-Up Campaign: Safety rals: Aviation Club: Usher: C.l.C.: Student Council Representative: Current Trends Club: 1nc'il. C.l.C. llard Opheim National Honor Society: ln- Geraldine Pabst Graduation Committee: In- nurals: Class Day Committee: A Cappella tramurals: Self-Analysis Club: Student Council: air: Foreman News: Library Assistant. Service Club: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Ioseph Oskar Stu- Harold Padgitt A A Pen- it Council: Hall Guard: Sports Club: C.l.C.: American League: Intramurals: Basketball amurals. Team. Ieanne Mueller "Don't Take My Penny:" Art Club: Bowlinq League: Service Club: G.A.A. Representative: Student Council. Charles Murray Man- aqer, Basketball Team: Intramurals: lmtter' HIQHIS Club: Student Counvil. Page 51 Leonore Pankie---Girls' Glee Club: Library Katherine Pappas -Personnel Club: Music Assistant: Student Council: C.l,C. Festival: Girls' Glee Club: Parents' Night: Gloria Papp Foreman Student Council Social Committee. News: Current Trends Club: Student Council: Iames Pasko---Intramurals: C.l.C. Current Trends Club: Hall Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. JUNE CLAS! Nels Pedersen' National Honor Society: Foot- Michael Perconti---Foreman News: Swimming ball Team: Foremanual Staff: Monogram Team: Stamp Club: Student Council: Math Award: Lettermerrs Club: Hall Guard. Club: Newspaper Representative. Dorothy Pehta - Na- Marguerite Peterkort-- tional Honor Society: Bowlina League: National Honor Society: Personnel Club: Candy Seller: Monogram Award: Red Cross. G.A.A.: Stenoqraphy Club: Honor Club. Page 52 Q I Ieanne Peters-Editor-in-Chief, Foremant National Honor Society: Intramurals: Seri Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Iames Petersen-I Guard: National Honor Society: Foreman Staii: Student Council: C.l,C. Charlotte Pierce-National Honor Society: Min- strel Show: A Cappella Choir: Camera Club: Office Assistant: C.l.C.: G.A.A. Mario Pirrone -'--- Drama Club: Current Trends Club: Hall Guard. Eleanore Pitula- Georqraphy Club: Bookrc Assistant: C.l.C. Ruth Plambeck -e tional Honor Society: Student Council: Serx Club: Dictaphone Club: Mixed Chorus. Eleanore Potempa-Personnel Club: Student Council: G.A.A. Richard Poteracki -Hall Guard: Current Trends Club: Bowling Leaque: Locker Guard: Student Council. Q 4. Bernard Preston-Vice'President, 2B-'ZA Clo Foreman News Staff: Student Council Al nate: C.l.C. Edward Protksa-S dent Council: C.l.C. DF l94l Lelcx Pustorino Student Assistant: Mixed Gloria Pawl Serfrettiry, Personnel Cluli: 'Ser Cltorus: Vice-President, Art Clulu: Student Vive Club: Elevtion Committee: C..A.A.: Fren li Council. Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Dorthy Pastryk f Ger- Esther Pawlicki Lette r man Club: Dicttaplione Club: French Club: Girl: Serretary, G. A. A.: Student Loader C,l.C.: Student Council: G.A.A. Board of Control, G.A.A.: Intramurals, ga: br V rv " an ard Peterson Fire Marshall: Lawn Guard: Violet Peterson Art Club: C.I,C.: "CleanUp" ent Trends Club: Student Council: Intra- Poster Winner. ils: Beta Club: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Shirley Peterson - Stu- Council: G.A,A.: Stenoqraphy Club: T.: Current Trends Club. Sam Petranton -Lawn Guard: Graduation Committee: Staqehand: C.l.C. ii' 'UP 91 P' Ioseph Polcxn Polish Club: Drum Major: Hall Guard. elicx Pluto National Honor Society: Beto : Minstrel Show: Personnel Club: Music Val: A Cappella Choir: C.l.C. Edwin Poqoda-e Chair- Prom Committee: Minstrel Show: A Cap- t Choir: Forenianual Stott: Bowlina League. Peggy Pons President, Student Council: Foreman News Staff: Fire Marshal: Bowling Leaque: Intramurals. ces Przewoznik- Service Club: Polish Gretchen Quist--Class Day Committee: Clean- : Intramurals: Student Council: C.l.C. Up Committee: Foremanual Staff: Foreman Virginia Przybylslri -- News: French Club: Student Council. h Club: Geography Club: G.A.A.: Nunzio Rcmullo - Stu- . dent Council: Aviation Club: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Ruth Petrick Stenoaraphy Clulu: Student Council: Music Festival: C.l.C. ii-Q E , -1' iw.- Walter Phillips- 'Boys Glee Club: Current Trends Club: Technical Club: Hall Guard: Pin and Rina Committee Page53 CLASS OF JUNE'l9Al CLASS DAY COMMITTEE On lune 24 all seniors attended their last social activity as students of Foreman High School at the Orrington Hotel in Evanston. This outstanding event was planned by the follow- ing committee: TOP l:tOWfRobert Maliszewski: Frank lohnson: Earl Amundsen: Ioseph Hebda: Paul Caputo: Charles Kray: Wilton Horn: Adam Koziol: Willard Opheim. MIDDLE ROW4Betty Wydra: Chrystal Heller: Esther Pawliclci: lewel Woll- BOT- TOM BOW-Phyllis Duplain: Helen Birr: chair- Brossman: Shirley Eckstrom: Helen schlaeger: Lois Kuester: Herman Weber. man, Raymond Krypel: loanna Milosits. Arthur Robitschek- Basketball Team: Math Edward Rohr--Scabbard and Blade: Latin Club: Current Trends Club: Lettermen's Club: French Club: Baseball Team: Hall Guard. Iayne Rochlitz Safe- Marie Roman -W Fore- ty Council: Music Festival: Student Council: man News: Student Council: G.A.A.: C.l.C.: Personnel Club: C.l.C.: G.A.A. .I George Rossit--A Cappella Choir: Min Show: Usher: French Club. Robert Roth-Nati Honor Society: Secretary, French C Graduation Committee: Mixed Chorus: C,l. Club: Competitive Platoon, H.O.T.C.: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Foremanual Representative. Eugenia Sakelson Graduation Committee: Service Club: Stonography Club: lntramurals: Student Council Representative: G.A.I-X. Alfred Samsela ---Foot ball Team: Intramurals: C.l.C.: Stamp Club, Hall Guard. Page 54 Lorraine Sawalski- -Personnel Club: Stut Council: Polish Club: C.l.C.: Dictaphone C Adelaide Schlemm German Club: Dictaphone Club: Office A tant: Personnel Club: C.l.C. Hazel Samuelson -National Honor Society: Pin and Ring Committee: Attendance Office Assis- tant: Dictaphone Club: C.l.C. Andrew Santella-Hall Guard: President, Current Trends Club: Fore- man News: Intramurals: Music Festival. Robert Rangier 'Advanced Band: Student Council: C.l.C. Alex Ranieri -Football Team: Swimminq Team: Lettermens Club: Mixed Chorus: Current Trends Club: C.l.C. Dorothy Rasmussen Service Club: Matti Club: C.l.C.: French Club: G.A.A. Robert Ray St-ablvartt and Blade: Captain, R.O.'l'.C.: "Dont Take My Pennyf' Clean-Up Committee: C.l.C. 3, di V K 6 en Reichert Current Trends Club: C.l.C.: lent Council: G.A.A. Walter Reider---Gradu- n Commitee: Treasurer, Foreman Rollers: imurals: Ilall Guard: C.l.C. Loraine Reimus' - Assistant Editor, Poremanual: National Honor Society: Graduation Commit- tee: Monogram Award: Personnel Club: G.A.A. Shirley Reiner- - Vice- President, Service Club: National Honor So- ciety: Foreman News: Safety Council. llace Runge Student Council: Stamp Club: Hurry Rynninq Basketball Team: Vice-Presi- l Guard: C.l.C. dent, Lettermen's Club: Intramurals: Bowlinq Walter Ryan - - Prom Leaque: Current Trends Club: C.l.C. imittee: Minstrel Show: "Don't Take My Kenneth Sabey--Bowl ny": A Cappella Clioir: Bowling League. inq League: Hall Guard: lntramurols: Current Trends Club. giniu Schlickan Treasurer, Senior Class: Beverly Schoenield-National Honor Society: tional Honor Society: Foremanual Staff: Vice-President, Service Club: Student Council: noqrapliy Club: Personnel Club: G.A.A. Vice-President, Personnel Club. Paul Schmelzerf Bowl- Alice Schruchtcre Stu' League: Business Manager, Foremanual dent Council: Lunchroom Club: C.l.C. ff: Student Council: Hall Guard. tit gy ' Henry Riemer- Current Trends Club: C.l.C,: Hall Guard. Iohn Rivera - 7 Cliair- man, Election Committee: Baseball Team: Intramurals: Foreman News: Music Festival. Page55 Paul Schroeder -National Honor Society: Pan- lack Schultz -Clean-Up Committee: Minstrel American League: Bowling League, Show: R.O.T.C. Officers' Club: A Cappella Helen Schuh -Assistant Choir: Safety Council. Editor, Foremanual: National Honor Society: Lorraine Schultz--V Diutaplione Club: German Club: C.l.C. C.l.C.: Current Trends Club: Personnel Club. JUNE CLAS, Howard Sculteure -'Lettermen's Club: Prom Phyllis Sell-National Honor Society: Mixed Committee: Usher: Current Trends Club: Presi- Chorus: Program Office: Dictaphone Club: dent, Foreman Rollers: Intramurals. Student Council: Office Assistant. Lorrayne Seitz -"Don't lack Sesco-C u r r e n t Take My Penny": Current Trends Club: lntra- Trends Club: Lawn Guard: Student Council: murals: Student Council: G.A.A.: C.l.C. Hall Guard: Locker Guard. Page 56 Harriet Smaga--Board of Control, G.A.A.: Let- ter Girl: Student Leader: Girls' Glee Club: Stu- dent Council. Madeline S m al le Y-- Math Club: Student Council: Current Trends Club: C,l.C.: French Club. Elaine Sewerien- -President, Dictapbone C Secretary, Publicity Committee: Bookroom sistant: Service Club: German Club: C.l. Genevieve Sierzegt National Honor Society: Current Trends C C.l.C. 5 i t 2 E Chester Smentek -Basketball Team: P1 Club: lntramurals: Locker Guard: Stu Council: Hall Guard: Lettermen's Club. Lorraine Smith- GJ! National Honor Society: Dictaphone C Safety Council: Student Council: C.l.C. Albert Sosdian-Prom Committee: Student Con- ductor, Orchestra: Student Council: C.l.C.: Hall Guard. Arthur S o W a -eLetter- men's Club: Hall Guard: Basketball Team: lntramurals: Student Council: C.l,C. t i S Ruth Spayer-Treasurer, Math Club: Stuc Council: Geography Club: Library Assist Personnel Club: Service Club: G,A.A. Nickalos Spiropoul: Baseball Team: Current Trends Club: lr murals: C.l.C. F 1941 Iames Schumacher W -Vice-President, Foreman Rollers, Graduation Committee, Football Tearng Fore-manual Staitp Foreman News. Averil Schuster Na' tional Honor Society, Personnel Club, Fore- manual Representative, C.l.C.y G.A.A. Virginia Schwilk "Don't Tal-ce My Penny", Class Gift Committee, Forernanuol Representa tive, Glee Clulw, Candy Seller, Bowling Leaquo Paul Scorza Orches tray Hall Guard: Student Counvily C.l.C. Rep resentative. Jlores Sims Latin Club, Geometry Club, Eleanor Shamblen Polish Club, Geography Florence Slisz Polish Student Federation Dele udent Council. Club: Student Council, C.l.C. qate, Honor Cluhg Stamp Club, Safety Coun Bessie Sinadinos--Vale' Herbert Skarbek Presi- Cil Representative, Polish Clubg G.A.A. Florian, National Honor Society, Letter Girl, dent, Aviation Club, Safety Counvilg Usher, Stanley Slominski Stu esident, Geoqraphy Club, Belo Club. Monoq ram Award, ussell Socluski Bundy C.l,C. Ruth Sommerield Ger- cin Clulw, Student Counvilg C.l.C.g Mixed Cho- lS. Richard Sopocy' Secretary, Bowlina League: Usherg Manager, Basketball Teamg Fire Mar- shalg Intramuralsg l-lall Guard. Ruth Sorlie'--Graduation Committee, Current Trends Club, lntrcrmuralsg G.A.A.g Spanish Club, C.l.C. ydia Spletzer National Honor Societyg Letter Marilyn Stahle--French Club, G.A.A.7 Latin -irlp Personnel Clubg Board of Control, G.A.A.: Club, C.l.C.g Student Council. ludent Leader: Student Councilg C.l.C. Leonard Stawasz -ePol- Hobert Stack- -Current ish Club, C.l.C.g Student Councily Hall Guard. rends Club, Stamp Cluop C.l.C.: Hall Guard. dent Counvilp GLC. Page 57 CLASS OF JUNE'l94l GRADUATION COMMITTEE The end of high school days was realized at the beautiful graduation exercises held in the Lane High School Auditorium on Wednesday evening, lune 25. Plans were carried out by: TOP ROW---Edward Kostynialc: Sam Petranton: Walter Reider: William Fisher: George Horvat: Robert Roth: lohn Drews: Arthur Koziarski. MIDDLE ROW-lanice Esau: lames Schu- macher: Loraine Reirnus: Robert lackson: Hilde- garde Herrenbruclc: Evelyn Lenart: Dolores Knapilz: Eugenia Sakelson: Ruth Sorlie. BOT- TOM ROWfMargaret Luby: Alice Gemza: Geraldine Pabst: chairman, loyce Stokes. r Y Lillian Swieton Personnel Club: lntrarnurals: Agnes Szepkowski President, Polish Club: In- Henry Szot-- Lettermen's Club: Student Ct Furemanurrl Representative: Student Council: tramurals: Polish Student Federal Delegate: cil: Hall Guard: Basketball Team: C.l,C. Current Trends Club: Polish Club. GAA.: Current Trends Club: C.l.C. Iumes Tuff--e Forerr Mari cr n Syversen -- M arie Szepkowski - - ual Representative: Current Trends Club: Class Gilt Committee: National Honor Society: Vice-President, Polish Club: National Honor tramurals: Hall Guard: C.l.C. Service Club: Secretary, Personnel Club: C.l.C. Society: Personnel Club: Service Club: C.l,C. Shirlee Tennyson Current Trends Club: Safety Iohn Thorsson - Band: Scabbard and Blade: Ioseph Tobiaski -Student Council: Stamp Cl Council: G.A.l-X.: Geography Club: C.l.C. Pin and Ring Committee: Foreman News: Hall Guard: Safety Council: C,l.C. Ophelia Thomsen-Uster Trick Squad, R.O.T.C. Grace Toicrll-Gtr - A Cappella Choir: C.l.C.: French Club: William Tilicke--Safety Glee Club: Box Office Cashier: G.A.A.: i GAA. Council Representative: Current Trends Club: dent Leader: French Club: Locker Guard. Page 58 Band: Hall Guard: Student Council. Marilyn Stein- Girls' Glee Club: Personnel Club: G.A.A.: German Club: Dictaphone Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Audrey Stephenson - Student Council: Bowlina Leaque: C.l.C.: French Club: G.A.A. Ronald Stielau Student Council Representa- tive: Hall Guard: Intramurals: C.l.C. Elaine Stoelting Book- room Assistant: Service Club: Personnel Club: Student Leader: Geoarapliy Club: G.A.A. ce Stokes National Honor Society: Chair- n, Graduation Committee: Foremanual Rep- entative: Music F e s t iv al: Intramurals. David Stone A Vice' sident, Senior Class: Captain, Basketball rm: Foreman News: Baseball Team. Ioseph Strzeleclri Student Council: C.l.C., Shirley Sureck- --Student Council: Ticket Seller: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Student Leader: Current Trends Club. ph 'l'a'mm Usher: Chess and Checker Club: C.: Hall Guard. RuthTamm Current nds Club: Latin Club: Foreman News Statl: LA.: Representative: Intramurals: C.l.C. Marvin Taylor Manager, Baseball Team: Cure rent Trends Club: Hall Guard: Locker Guard: C.l.C.: Foreman News. Warren Tekip B a s e- ball Team: Class Gift Committee: Hall Guard: C.l.C.: Sports Club. via Trader Secretary, Senior Class: Na- Robert Trenner Student Council: C,l.C. tal Honor Society: Foreman News Staff: XA. Representative: Proqiam Oilice. Genevieve Troian ln- trarnurals: Current Trends Club: Foreman Iohn Trausch: Current News: Student Council: G.A.A. nds Club: Intramurals: Student Council: iiector Club: Hall Guard: C.l,C. Edith Swanson G.A.A. Representative: Intra- murals: Student Council: Spanish Club: Service Club. Maryanne Swanson - Pin and Rina Committee, National Honor So- ciety: Vice-President, Beto Club: Latin Club. Page 59 JUNE CLASS Muriel True' Current Trends Club: Safety Steve Turlo-Chess and Checker Club: Hall Council: Student Council: Intramurals: G,A.A.: Guard: Safety Council: Student Council: Lawn C,l.C.. Guard. Shirley May Tull --- Na- Pearle Turner- A Cap- tiorial Honor Society: Secretary, Latin Club: pella Choir: Minstrel Show: G.A.A.: Locker Girls' Glee Club: Treasurer, Personnel Club. Ianet Vesey Salutatorian: National Honor So- ciety: Foremanual Staff: Stamp Club. Katherine Vician Intra- murals: Polish Club: Pan-American League: Girls' Glee Club: C.l.C. Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. Betty Vogt-Student Assistant: G.A,A.: Pan- American League. Iames Wagner rent Trends Club: Safety Council Representa- tive: C.l.C. f Cur- Lorraine Wagner'-A Cappella Choir: Che cmd Checker Club: G.A.A.: Minstrel Shox Student Council. Iohn Wales--Swimmii Team: Foremanual Representative: Hall Guar Projector Club: Music Festival: C.l.C. ii rf I Robert Whitney-I Dorothy Wendland---Vice-President, Dictaphone Dorothy Werle--National Honor Society: Ger- Club: Self-Analysis Club: Letter Girl: lntra- man Club: Minstrel Show: Student Leader: tional Honor Socie murals: Band: Student Council: G.A.A. Bookroom Assistant: Intramurals. Hall Guard: Forem Shirlee Wennerstrom - Iob Wetter e- Projector News S t a f f : Lett Candy Seller: Personnel Club: Office Assistant: Club: Usher: Hall Guard: Intramurals: Student men's Club: Studs Current Trends Club: Student Leader. Council: C.l.C. Council, Helen Wollschlaeqerw- Class Day Committee: School Beautiful Committee: German Club: ln- tromurals: Current Trends Club: G.A.A. D o n ald Wollstein- Clean-Up Committee: Chess and Checker Club: Stamp Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Page 60 Ek Elizabeth Wright-National Honor Society: Irene Zadwornyf-Student Council: C.l.C. Service Club: Letter Girl: German Club: Girls' Dorothy Zarnoski-I Glee Club: Geography Club: C.l.C. tramurals: Personnel Club: Current Trenc Betty Wydra -- Cla ss Club: Polish Club: Student Council: C.l.C. Day Committee: President, Sports Club: Fore- man News Staff: National Honor Society. Irene Tymula Muslc Festival: GAA.: Student Miro Vandlik Usher: Hall Guard: Student Council: C.l.C. Council: C.l.C. Madeline Ungari Book, Lorraine Veh CT I ti s s room Assistant: Current Trends Club: Student Gift Coniniittoe: National Hanoi Society: lntrti, Council: Stenoqraphy Club: C.l,C. murals: Service Club: Dlt'lCItJl1OllEi Club. . fi lb- rf-.S sa Q. 'bf 'FN-v 'd Wallace Safety Council Representa- Helen Ward French Club, Intramurals: Armand Wegerer Football Toatn: Lottormens Attendance Assist int Hall Guard: lntra- G,A.A.: C.I.C. Club: Scabbard and Blade: Pin and Rina Coni- ils: C.l.C, Herman Weber- Pin mittee: Camera Club: Basketball Team. Iohn Warczak Student and Hinq Committee: Current Trends Club: Eunice Weql Secre- ncil: Conigiotitive Platoon, Fl.O.T.C.: Hall Class Day Committee: Intramurals: Messenr tary, Dictaphone Club: National Honor Society: trd: Stamp Club: Safety Council. qer. Service Club: French Club: lvltith Club, la Wilkins -V Presi- Shirley Williamson- -President, G.A.A.: Pro- Harriette Wintczak Current Trends Club: Stu- , Stenoqraphy qrani Office: National Honor Society: Letter dent Council: Stenoaraphy Club: l-lobl J: Service Club: Girl: Student Leader: Girls' Glee Club. C.l.C. lent Council: GA. Shirley Wilson Student George Wolff CLC, Cnuntgilg C,I,C, Proyector Club: C.l.C. eam: Radio Club: Edmund Zielinski ---Basketballl Team: Polish Bernice Ziolk th Ziecina Basketball T uncil: Hall Guard: Club: Student Council: Intramurals: Hall Service Club: Guard: C.I.C. Ziegler Student Evelyn Ziemba f--Cur- dent Council: .nical Club: Student Co imurals: C.l,C. Ruth by Club: Usher: owski Pan-American League: Student Council: GAA.: C.l.C. Loretta Zyqowicz- - Stu- Music Festival: Safety Council icil: Mixed Chorus: C.l C. rent Trends Club: Music Festival: Safety Coun- Representative: Personnel Club: G.A.A. cil Representative: Polish Club: C.l.C. Page 61 59 5, ml r XX 4 ' Lg I g g f.f 4' 14 'L ' ' .gh 1,7 A Y'k' g af:-AM yy, If ,Q 1 'Y -X ' V, ' k 4 i X , M Q? l i in 'xp' ,V Z2 wx: , . . I ' ,uf LL ' is-,L gigs uiy M5 22 I 5 ' 321 T 'Sv 3 iii K 7 1 , .fi ge lf ' i , J LQ f ff ur k k 4, Q A S' A gggsiax 'Wi bw '45 5 3 if ,J 'L - E 5 E Q nik: MISS COONEY. 123 'i'OP ROW: Lim, iviiirtimiss Siuiy, Dziwriziiv, D u ci ii ii Swiiivi'-lk, Biricmuwski, Ani szvwski, Bfmiimi, Imiiiiiri si-ti, Foss, ii. Svimiiid, MID DLP NOW: Lwviiricinsski ivI'1IliS"il, CiIi1U?SiiC, Eiifwii, H isi'ii'li1i,fYUSl14'il, Oiiiify, Blli iwi,f5if'ifiy,Kiiuclrirvrflk. BOT YOM ii OW: lfzivipirnski iifiliiiilfxi, W"'Il'lk'iI, Siiiim Sliwkmi, N ff v H 11, 'VV-Xils Kiiisv, Iflilvii, Uiskiii. MISS FENNER, 201 POP ROW: Forirwr, DiGris- infi, Hfivik, Morris, Swiiiirk- 111, ,AIlLi0IOSOIl, Huoi mer, Swiiuiz. THIRD ROW: Pcs- ruk, Witkcfwski, Aiidmsawn, 3V'if?I'SfJIl, Ccxriilmim O.iifi- ny, iiwiiiirizm-k, Wijirilcin- fvivz, 4if'JiIiIIISi7Il. SECOND iOW: iVi'Jf'Iif?S, Lewis, iirii iwimlni, Zflfldpf, Chewy, i-wikwr, Rs-idrii, O'KE7OifX, 'iulIlS1'll. BOTTOM ROVV: Niiilwr, Kim'-vxowski, Linder, fwilivvi, Mrfwii, .lXIld1liiH,i, 3 in i ii 1 D111 '24 . MISS IASINSKI. 128 'OP ROW: Ziiriiwik Swiiwiirtx, Owlifvr, Iwi1r1S.u1'l 'riiirmliiiiifug Cmr, Mimi' ioiinmy, Mcismriivk, Wrigxo- isii, Lixrsf'-ii, Piovfix, Hr-ise, lkoriiywfi, flwiinrwk, Liilfiflfl- 111141, Rrvww, Miss iiisiiiski 'HIHD HOW: Nwison, Stfff- iii, Sviimiii, 'I'r11si'li, Lsiiius fm-fur, Rvy, iif1iI'C1I1lEL', Kislny. SECOND R OW: wilfilfi,i.PI1Ss'ii,Piiugc'Jci:i 'lfiC?I'SlDIi, S z y iii fi ri i ci ic V u r fi, Rixncullo, Unqqri. SOTTOM R O W 3 Polsler ,y k, Ziimwski, Sfmdrzrs il1VflIkil, Kilicifioi, Rmiuviii lizio, Belrixke. JUNIORS Page 63 Page 64 JUNIORS MISS IONES. 203 TOP ROVV: Mclean, Pranq, Malrnaclalil, DuGene, Der- zinski, Mailerna, Krieqel, Oslen. THlRD ROW: Fab- ian, lnqelsby, Schroeder, Keinenqer, Keller, Dyczew- ski, LaMacli, Taphorn, Mat- lia, Iemivk, Polronski, Ru- sin. SECOND ROW: Fliss, Wolfe, Selimeder, Bizdon, Miss Iones, lolinson, Sul- len, Zoiniar, Kelley, Go1'o, Dreyer. BOTTOM ROW: Dolce, Mika, Uldale, Holi- man, Trybus, Lewandoski, Huzior, Dusenralh, Ibbson. MISS KELLY, 317 TOP ROW: Miss Kelly, Bel- lack, Kornney, Karlawitz. THIRD ROW: Heimanson, Gibish, Mucek, Holzkamp, Dybclalil, Glienke, Nylbom, Edl, Biliun, Kappen. SEC- OND ROW: Diprima, lohn son, Kallas, Rozya, Iaku liek, Golenlzewski, Ianicki BOTTOM R OW: Enqleri Molzen, Ankele, Benqsch Furzland, Kopsel, Gaqliar do, Bisland. MR. KOUGH. 326 TOP ROW: Morvay, len sen, Hansen, Guthrie, Enq wall, Lavold, F r a n z a lc THIRD ROW: Obell, Lep ticli, Toemmel, Moran, Ro qrilski, Olker, Huber, Papa qeorqe, Wordell, Redner Kenna. SECOND ROW Lewandowski, B r e In e r Malleck, Kaiser, Mr. Kouqh Brown, DeMenl, Pearson Green, Tolviaslci. BOTTOINJ ROW: Acle, Birch, Hansen Wardell, Murray, Ryba Buster, Schriener, Born. MR. LOVEIOY. 318 'l'OllllOVV1Kcwlgmvlc,l,lI'c-Wes, W Q1 1' pw i rl, Kvitwl, fill:-ruwy, Multvscm, Wklllllfxlk, Fm-qcl, Crllklllll, Fulsylll, Silf'-wiwzr, Otzko, Ol:-wry. MIDDLE ll O W I Sllllulw, MI1Cj1IlK!If', Mivwli, Bwlfcmrcl, Mr, Lwvv my, Kllllll, licnyli-, Bcwrrv, C:lllII!llbf?IS, Hn-quv, Gmlyi. ll OTTOM ROVV: Brush, Hoc1sr1v'I', Spirm, lwmvrlsorl, C-Huis, I-xrxnivsml, liunfwy, lwruminqs, Slrmlf-llilm, llulu lvivll, MISS MACAULEY. 323 TOP HOW: llflllllll, Wllitrx, Kolwrz, Slmzfvwski, Stolilul- Ski. THIRD ROW: Gyvimg, Morxis, Muvoiz, MC5lllSlTll, Slflllmlllorq, SlfXr11Lmol, Sze-lp lcowski, Furnrll, St1111Hr-1, Lrvsny, Rl1C'JC'IFlC?S, plllll. SFC- OND ROW: llwtr-rson, Mvl- vin, Alvons, Tydz, Miss MlIl't1l1ll5Y, SlfISk0, Silku, lnilllliillllll, llulmr, 'lll'iISL'l1. BOTTOM ROW: Filipcwk, Zeller, lluqullmrl, lloqsixl, Larson, Mitchell, Nolscm, Rwuecleel, Luumxis. MRS. MULDOON. 224 TOP HOW: ll'llOYS!?ll, SWML- ney, Slack, Pulit, MVDOI- mein, llf?IlfZUIl. 'l'l'lllll5 ROW: WMU, Pcftorscfrl, O'BriQu, Kuclvlku, Limpv- res, 'l'roi:m. SECOND ROVV: Wuyrlu, Girfl'1I'oWski, Zim- IHOIIIILIII, Kxzysxwyxrxk, So WOl'lK'll, limi-xmvs. BOTTOM ROW: Mlm, Ullmtlm, Rm!- llxrd, PI'1Clf'fSOIl, Wuulzxllx, Antom-lli. JUNIGRS Page 65 Q Q3 9 , i . " , , . . vii 7 ., C: Xi ' . j ' Q A i A J Ll I is . 2 N , 5 '2 E 5 5 ii 21 'V E n 3 Y i f az 'ggi 3 ' ye Q 'Z svff E -m""',..."":5 3 6 f A 'X' .Q ., ggi, 1+ V if . X ,gy M 2 'X 3 ' if ii H 2 'K ti .A A ,Q S s 4 E MR. PAWLICKI, 207 FOP ROW: Mcxtson, Cedar- zurcq, Gfllio, Mr. Pclwlicki, Rosiivh, Pinciorski, Svhloss- wrq, Krcmz. TIITRD HOW: gflfllliilfllll, Mi1Ill'l1SC3, Kon- jo, Fmhm, Hyun, Vxfuqnexr, Nluwrvll, Lundin. SECOND iOW: Timilmllu, Poterucki, ltirzrX11l1rfr'k0r, Voss, Sc'hm4'l1tu, Bmrto, Albvrtin, Zf7THOI16?,SClIlfOWSki. BOT- FOM ROW: Nust, Mrxqnur sin, Lwwin, Wonslnff, Un! 'if2rwood, Nowak, Nufgciu, Wwllwtiri. MR. SOLLO, 205 TOP HOW: Mr. Sollo, Carl- son, Pocilio, Sinners, Bulk- 1cxrdt,D:1lu1'uwski, Misurelli, Qfulo, Bohm, Hielluuth, An- cebrcmt, Benson, Milewski, 3c1pke. 'VH I R D ROW: fvuns, Nolver, Nuqol, 'ful io, Shovk, Krfiih, Fflhrnvr, Nlourhrcmz, Dmzdik, Scfhnoi- lar, Lcxnqhmlsrir, P 41 n cm s. SECOND ROW: Conii, lu- wus, Mciss, Rvimcm, NOI- son, Il 0 i ci Q rm, Hoffman, Zhristophorscm. BOTTOM ROW: Dwttnmr, Pfrwlowski, Dhifxruqi, Rsasvg, Wysztyn- zki, Misilw, Srhwcrtz. MISS CURRY, 319 TOP ROW: Fuhrforily Pu- rivvlli, Vrcxsiv, Mvxrlirl, Ssflll lin, Svhwiosow, Klufvyol, Nollsvhlcxvqvr, Svlmlxf-ll, fvrmciorssrurl, Kfvilvl, 'Wich- Illlllfl, MIDDLE IKOWZ VVH- CiIlS, Mewrflxui, Tilitilli, Niiti, Miss Curry, P F- t 0 r s fa n, Vfvyvr, SOI1f'I'lN'XYfI, Rivlmo, Vlmlvini. BOTTOM ROVVI Vcmmsf-Hi, Zmwrr, Klwfxll, QODOIC, S w I1 Il c- I, Frlzclnhvx- 'h f- r, Cirflwlrft, SK'Ixl"IIH'1lJY Slum. JUNIORS Page 67 Page 68 SOPHOMORES MISS DYER. 303 TOP ROW: Oirrirol, Dins- more, Fucrlis, Ctissiri y, Weiss, Eflwfirfls, Tliomp son, Atrwirk, Brrurois, Pir- rone, MuKneely, Szypol- lnouni, Swidetfk, Burli, lir- sinek. MIDDLE ROW: Mo- liriowski, Miller, Iolinfiyvo- lis, Peszek, Miss Dyer, Mi- lcos, Celli, Ryl, Ziegler, Wsfti1'llfIr1ri, Vtflil-if-ll, Icitioli- sen, Str,u:ln,1lo. BOTTOM ROW: Piersvierielc, Porrrdo, Cuiiriiriqtirrni, D71lci, Privy- no, Triuiiisl-ci, St-irsiuk, Co- trell, Axinlerson. MISS EFFTING. 301 TOP ROW: Earl, Pedersen, Lesnkowslci, Helmutli, Fed- lceriliciuer, Nfitzlce, Brezen- ski, Klein, Lcirson, Sie-rzequ, Superqriri, Woltqfirtli, Cor- uilius, Erisc-tie. T H I R D ROW: Birns, Torrmszewski, Pullcownik, Bendel, Krisvlrl- se, Miller, Moore. SECOND ROW: Pitiilti, W O l s lc CI, Guuiolok, Kliinoszewski, Diniirtli, Losey, Czosk, Priul- sen, Snvslcy. B O T T O M ROW: Kcrszowslci, Reiser, Frisk, Pcislowslcy, M i l l s, Ilmivk, Rokrrs, Loquii. MISS HERZER. 322 TOP ROW: Snlmnone, Wis- niewslci, Helrmicli, Coombs, Christensen, Delolin, Hutt, Srliwtrrtz, Sclnnicit, Ropclo, Edwurds, B r u li n, Benton. MIDDLE ROW: Ulrich, Boi- arski, Piszvzelc, Nerlzrr, Mil- ler, Horn, Enqel, Kropelc, Hueninq, U l r i C li, Schott, Neff, Tors, Noss, Holtz. BOTTOM R O W: Murray, Bowrnrin, Peterson, Ziecino, Rose, Enqun, Dumvc, Dis- lcin, Kropp, Hoffman. ' Y QQVQQ --GF-.':,' Q. F Kia ' 'f K 1 My Q l ,Q W, L. +4 , -1 U ' ' Q ,SI -wa Q, Xm3L? rf fi' 3? 5fs,.u r, in M Q1 '4' !f'f'Ef'A7.a' f G Q-Q' 3 f MJ . . -'-' ' G ':?'v gg W "5" 5- fbmf A. 1 5 52.19 99' ' K Y' f Y ,+A Q. . '55 , , fvv. at ,nv fl Fwy 48" 1' K h me 5 'Q 3 i 29 , f. X in 5,423 4 M W ' is Fffidis 5 W gf SOPHOMORES Page 70 MRS. RAMM. 305 TOP ROW: Smith, MCPQ land, Koch, Devlin, Frees Rizzo, Pikul, THIRD RON Zulkowski, Otto, Petersc Watkins, Hand, Trippiec Vick, Ceielski, Sitnik, S mek, luretsieke, Heckma Kinder, Marik. SECON ROW: Scheelk, Schwar Dziopek, Hansen, Iacobse S cr nl s e l a, Lewis, Nobe Benson, Polleck, Anclerso Moore, Danielson. BO ROW: Panfil, S cf h w a r Younqsbera, Stanczyk, I kor, White, Kulviak, Nola Colcrrhia, Carrozza. MR. SAZAMA. 215 TOP ROW: Uuverzaqt, P telkrrn, Schuh, Moeller, B1 ner, Donish, Omdahl, F sinski, Kusander, B a rt Honck, Michalak. MlDDl ROW: Spaeth, Gubrick Terracina, R 0 s e n q u i s Skarzynska, P o V e r, It Sazama, Zaeckl, K u l p Kostyniak, Kinq. BOTTC R O W : Partridge, MCNI Hey, Boqdas, Colletti, L iak, Sturk, Holian, Kc nowski, lufle. MR. IENKINS, 223 TOP ROW: Dahl, Petersc Haag, Worthan. TH I R ROW: Iohnson, Perce, Pi venza, Neuhaus, Kerr, W ters, Tolq, Granow, He roolee, Gluszczyk, Berg: Sacco, Arnold. SECOP ROW: Wagner, Clark, P yen, larmuth, Mr. Ienkir Haut, Canale, Cyrncmo ski, H a e r l e, Riforqia BOTTOM ROW: Hanse Kyle, Benqson, Iden, Ht Ckes, Giesler, G r a s s e Oparka, Pozan. MRS. SCHWARTZ. 306 71' HOW: Mrs. l31'11vv1111x, 11111 11111111-1 1iL1::"11, 111111 1151, 1w1Yl11I. M11DD1.1' VJV: 1711111-','y11s1U, 1,-1w1111 11, 1w:ski, O111111, 1111111,1111w IIl'114JVv' C1111s11111s1'11, 1111'- 11:1-11. 1-lCH'I"1'O1V1 R O W ' lwksy, W11111111, p11l11117S, 'Il1'lI11, 1111111111 141111111 Ill. MISS SHEEHY. 121 D13 11C3WZ 11 M1-11 1.1Il1I1, 11111311111 111 M111'11111l M111 11, .C1111111--1111r111, 1.1V11W4I1'1'C, 1111111-1 111-111-111111, 11111111 lI'I 1ic1111111111s, 101111111111 ,1, KI'1'1llI'1"1. M11J1J1.1' CYVN: U11111::, 1,.1111wv-111-11, 'I111lh M1 mwmw,u1 111 11111:SI'll, W1-11111c11, 1111111 K1w:a111, 111111111. H131 DM HOW: 11111, 1V11115:111 1 11111, G11111111111, 13111111 11:11, 1111-'1V111111, 13111111 '111111-1. MH. SILVERMAN. 225 D11 111 DW: Pnesat, 110111, 11'-'11114'1, 1111111111 1, 111111.11 II. 11111111 HUW: 131111:-1, 111115, 111 11111551-11, K1111111 1,. 1.1 5111551-11, 1f11111111111wski 11111111111-11, 1111ss, 111-11. 111111, 1w1111,1,1111, All1f1S1, 111111, 1.111111i1111. 151XTON15 KJ W A 15111311-1111, 1111: 1 111 Nr11111111, IV11. 5-11Iv-11 1 7' 111, 111111-111111, A11111,-151111 11-1111 C'-11111-y, 11111111y, 11111 11. 111 J'1"1'CD1J1 HOW .1-11111, 1111111,yV inlwf-1111-14, 11111 11114 1 I1I'1111,11r1I1'111, 11111111, K21111111y, 111l111I1'1lI. SOPHOMORES Paqe71 Page 72 FRESHMEN MISS CAVOIT. 216 TOP ROW: Edwards, Ends Bornell, Hcirrinqlon. THIRI ROW: DeLuCC1, Giles, Cor nelly, Kula, Ciirlson, Rei land, Lorman, Crcrver Crist. SECOND ROW Cooper, Giles, Clwvcilier Burrnon, Miss Cuvoit, Lo zewski, Svlimidt, Comfield Tropenski, Srnitli, Podulci BOTTOM ROW: Eve-rly Guzzi, Grail, Baird, DQMQ1 COX, Podovci, Mujkci. MR. FOSSLER, 212 TOP ROVV: Hurnlnurc, Sler retl, Sclircnclt, Reussow Salisbury, Belly, l-luubsr Colee, Folie-y, Lorelc,'VVl1i1Q Lewis, Garslke, Muni-:us Mr, Fossler. THIRD ROW Pealerson, Riplinqs-r, Rosu lsnsky, Kieninqer, Suilor Bulmn. SECOND ROW Ruiz, lease, Ziclinski, Su rriuru, Brunlculri, Boiurski Lezon, Vlfoityncn, Burke, Vic tc:r,Sc'liiov, BOTTOM ROW Roucili, Piirslryk, Pliillips Polcorny, Cisslflk, Z u ln 1,1 Phillips, Pcjilcruwkci, Konzi okir. MISS HARDY. 312 TOP ROW: lR1'eil41q, Tier ney, Regus, Mritlczsek, Mc'- Grerw. THIRD ROW: Cy- liorun, Miller, lensen, Bo qcilecki, Teslickfi, Mcilusiiilc, Nivliolfis, Ccinfrvino, Enq- lisli, Gevis, Grist, Wcilsli, Fuclis, Gucrriurdo, Drake. SECOND ROW: Skowron, Fas-llcici, Perwoznik, Klys, Nieinonn, Ccrrr, Bcrne, Mud- sen, Mully, Mullicn, Rice, Relulin, Morrrk. BOTTOM ROW: Munsinqer, Lonn, Dobsz, M cr r k u s, Gibiscli, Mcirsl-ze, Grupp, Portinveso, Melchiori, Lorcli, Korpnn: sffi' 'ff 'Q Q Q Q 1 2 'Q' J wx f , Y KL gg i V Q ywwwmwQg Q 'W w 9 f Q f w 9 1. Qffrw fb' W W 9 Q Y 'W 4 ff ' f 4. ., . A 11 . , twa 1 4 T? D 5 Q Q 5 1 , x 4 yy A A Q, - ,- - ,K fl Af 5 N, .wk J- -A M f,. .Q 1 15 f 92 N , q W ' 'Q fx " hLs.,,2 -4 9. jQL???i! -9 tif, 5' V FRESHMEN Page 74 MR. KEATING, 218 TOP BOW: Kohl, Arqin tirre, Enqen, Moeller, Hen riksen, Brown, Kcxmoski Peterson, Locy, Lcindohl Penor, Lenort, Anderson MIDDLE ROW: Artwick Minolltoski, Hunter, Iorson bek, Brooks, Dimino, Klos Szymonski, Lempp, Nornel lini, Lost, Morncini. BOT- TOM ROW: Kolz, Vesper Anderson, Kruger, Grdttcrti- ore, Pdcilio, Porello, Mc' Molicon, Herrick, MR. LAHSON. 226 TOP ROW: Trczinor, Muck, Guziolek, Gernzo, Pulkow- nik, Dombrowski, Kosick, Szczepkowski, Munqdn, Void, Iowinski, Bock, Kolo- to, Indio, Czcrpor. MIDDLE BOW: Blair, Richert, Stron- qoritch, L. Re-dner, Dick- mon, Zidel, Mr. Lorson, Pdwlicki, Icxsinski, Lucas, Chrystek, Houper, Gilles- pie. BOTTOM ROW: Ho- lidn, Morrice, Nelson, Mich- los, Czdchowski, Duddo Feiqn, Weinberg, D. Rede ner, Frystuk, Frances. MR. MALOFF, 314 T O P R O W: Tortorellci, Scliorne, Powell, Stoew- scfnd, Rusteluerq, Striddie, Piper, Reque, Swcxnberq, Rosa, Vcm Vorous, White, Winslow. MIDDLE ROW: Porpienski, Potenzo, Schmi- der, Turley, Mr. Mczloff, Witz, Spinuzzci, Woodburn, Stern, Schnouter, Valentine. B O T T O M BOW: Taylor, Butkowski, Zito, Stu p k, Tomkins, Vito, Smolenski, S e Q r e ti, Srliwerdtmon, Srliwerdtmfin. FRESHMEN Page 76 MRS. NIELAND. 117 TOP BOW: Zuinski, Cu person, Powers, Ericso Cciusen, Muller, DiGioVd ni, Cdtdluno, Boehm, Dr qer, Busse, lusinslci. Ml DLE ROW: lssel, Wdlte Bonini, Betlike, Mrs. Ni ldnd, Uqlinivcx, Dunwood Schroeder, Mdqnusson, Gi Ifirowslci, Romano, Kure BOTTOM BOW: Gdrlicrrd Bolos, Benqe, Sitnik, GC rel-c, Knox, Buvlimdn Lunqe, Fldde, MR. ULVELING, 313 TOP B O W: Lewis, Kei Chellman, Albert, Gilbert: Butlinidn, Kopeyku, Pete sen, Mfdecker. MIDDL BOW: Hook, Stolki, l-len pel, K e n Cl d l l, Mdnclqc Knor, Provenzcno, Curcic Krull, BOTTOM BOVV Provenzdno, l-lunus, Wes pliol, Frdntz, l-lunetho, Sli wdluk, Petersen, MRS. VORISEK. 316 TOP BOW: Cass, Wdddz Mdrik, Ciesieldki, Miller Guide, Stermer, Hcrrrinqtor ldyko. MIDDLE R O W Wollscholoeqer, Phillipps Graco, Gunderson, Grupp Hollinger, Ldrson, Gates Merclicx, Schloesser, Ldun Rieiner. BOTTOM BOW Hansen, Miller, Venn, Mi ulidlson, Enqwull, Brown Larson, Brcidnicki, Berg lensen, Bdsrnussen. TA -! n . 2 , . 8 t ay E I 'RJ ' ff 1 'N ,M - 4, . W' . N s,-YE A .A-W J. nxi E A U -1 ,gf ms! I U Xi xx ' ' fr' I V '. 5 Q5 J-Nga? in W I 'gn' 4013? -. 5 1 .- ff " f '- , Q: 'lv ' ' W .,fj .. I W ,Hay , fbi 1- , ' -N, X .3 ' .--- V f Z5 W., SM - -za g,s'M,Q-N I S A, 1 A " :nf- ' ' V if X Q. -X f ,As A 'pg Q wi? 5 W. 4, f Y ,wgiqiggkiw-W J ' 'Y ' , ...'iu'Ev:', AVKK: L ,df 1 fmwfi glz P' fx r Nagmnvf' 'W WL 'eww 1,149 Q I N1 " ' o Wlnqgw viii' uv I' if M . 3. .4 , 5 K., . .1-9 F c - k V Q ,. ,,, . -s N- J F I .6x4:'23' 31 E xg r sn get Q Q M I . QAM,-l V ., 4 ,, ,,,.,,.9n,,,qi , J P, , , v is xl ' . w if . if V f ,fm ,, Y wry 1 , . "Ln , AQ 1 . 44 Ig? ' . xxx , ., Q, .w , .Q .V .N -Q J J N: .J ' L if Ji-is 5 '3 41,53 .' E511 fag! V ,ug M. is ,r . .f 3 . riff? I4-T 'gl' 5 - ' .f ,A 1 ,M Hx' 'AF L1 'Fx' if , fl 'fr 'x 1 . E1 wif I W L ' Q Q 5 4 Q 3 G. f H J 29 4 'A IUNE GRADUATES TOP BOW: Bierke, Gilman, Both, Sopocy, Hansen, Kobus, lohnson, Williamson, Budzik. MlDDLE BOW: Pluta, Schoentield, Ege- land, Beinius, Heiden, Veh, Pheta, Migdalek, Peters. BOTTOM BOW: Smith, Peterkort, Kwast, Arthars, Ecikstrom, Dornbrowski, Gemza, FEBRUARY GRADUATES TOP ROW: Butor, Oray, Nehrus, Bach, Naskrent, Buist, Marchuk, Bell, Larsen, Andrade. MIDDLE BOW: lohnson, Miss Costello, Ho- gan, Gustavel, Finn, Lund, Berge- son, Sherman. BOTTOM ROW: Lindberg, Nelson, Peterson, Kuch, Alois, Samuelson. IUNE GRADUATES TOP ROW: Syversen, Sacco, Sarn- uelson, Tull, latczak, Sell, Swan- son, Prescoe, Wegl. MIDDLE ROW: Reiner, Obst, Stokes, Shall- cross, Miss Costello, Trader, Kind- Cek, Werle. BOTTOM ROW: Sina- dinos, Schlickan, Plambeck, Wright, Groeger, Knudtson, Ker- win. Hebda, DuPlaine. Page 80 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Only a select few ot the outstanding students at Foreman are honored each semester by being admitted into Foreman's National Honor Society. The students endeavor to maintain high scholarships throughout their high school course, in order that they may become prominent members of this organization in their SA, 4B or 4A semesters. Although a student has attained a high scholastic average he is not admitted into the National Honor Society unless he has also shown service and leader- ship. The tinal selection of members is made by Miss Cecelia Costello, sponsor ot this organization. The oiticers appointed tor this semester are: Muriel Arthars, Presi- dent: Carl Kwast, Vice-Presidentp Shirley Eckstrom, Secretaryg and Eleanor Dom- browslci, Treasurer. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council coordinates and leads the extra-curricular activities of the school. By using the many situations offered by these activities, the Student Council aims to develop a more rounded personality in the students. This is accomplished by the discussion of problems by the students and by permitting them to offer solutions to these problems. This develops in the average student a sense of responsibility and leadership. The connecting link between the activity groups and the general student body is the Supreme Council, which is made up of one representative from each activity group and representatives from the representative body. The newly elected officers of the Student Council for this semester are Peggy Pons, President: Hillard Bielat, Vice-President, and Margaret Petran, Secretary. They are aided by the following commissioners: Muriel Arthars, Clean-Up: Dolores and Dorothy Leppla, Socialp Emily Hebda and lane Heft, Monograms: Armand Wegerer and Iames Schumacher, Publicityp loseph Buchicchio, Ushersy Paul Hoffman, Finance: Russell Albers, Hall Guards: Earl Amundson, Ex-Presidentp Eleanor Eteffin, Safety: Iames Macala, Lunch Roomp and Lois Bell, School Beautiful. Upper Group- TOP ROW: Arthars, O'Malley, Petrcm, Hoffman, Arridt, Rynning, Albers, Kollatli, Arnundsen, Perconti, Wil- licimson. MIDDLE ROW: Leone, Steffiri, Anisewski, Leppla, Bell, Heft, Leppla, Nelson, Reiner, Risley. BOTTOM ROW: Buciliicxsliio, Hebda, Bielat, Ports, Wegerer, Esau, Schumacher, Panzarella. Lower Group- TOP ROW: Collins, Papke, Korzen, Hoffert, Diqristina, YVoehrl, Christ, Langner, Tropinski, MIDDLE ROW: Pehta, Nelson, Sal-zelson, Tracy, Mr. Ulvelinq, Samuelson, Veh, Schott, Latas, Davis. BOTTOM ROW: Aloisio, Koch, lfrol, Pans, Gallcis, Matusiak, Swegles, Karwowski. my Page 82 i SERVICE CLUB The Foreman Service Club is composed of enthusiastic students who spend their study periods and leisure time at work in the school offices. ln order to be members, students must have an average of "G" or better and the recommendation of several teachers. At the beginning of each semester Miss Blanche Cooney, club sponsor, assigns alert and Willing applicants to the various office positions which they hold for the school term. . TOP BOW: Nelson, Neff, Hansen, Budzik, Iohnson, Evfcstrorn, Stoltenlnorg, Sell, Auit, Samuelson, Shay, Litqen, Bierke, Redner, Sinadinos. MIDDLE ROW: Schwartz, Foss, Plambeck, Werle, Spayer, Pehta, Arthars, Miss Cooney, Gilman, Beynon, Mofi, Sakelson, Veh, Sewerien, Poteinpa, Beiser. BOTTOM BOVV: Lackage, Luby, Linder, Wegl, Kruse, Kerwin, Schoenfeld, Prescoe, Maitenson, Miller. PERSONNEL CLUB Only students of excellent standards and a high degree of efficiency are eligible to become members of this club which was organized to assist in the work of the Personnel Office. Under the direction of Miss Marie Harkins, head of the Personnel Service, the girls receive much experience in filing, indexing, typing, and all phases of general office work. The files and records of this office are always in fine order due to the careful work of this well-trained group. Besides serving the faculty and student body these girls are preparing themselves for positions in the business world after graduation. TOP BOW: Blair, Wydra, Hansen, Frankland, Farrell, Prescoe, Miller, Meutsch, Gawron, Iohnson, Lorvig. BOTTOM BOW: Syversen, Eckstrorn, Schoenfeld, l-lowaniec, Dornbrowski, Krol, Dimich, Zarnoski. SAFETY COUNCIL The Safety Council of Foreman High School consists of one representative and one alternate from each division. The affairs discussed are problems of safety and imf provements of safety methods. The division rooms cooperate with the Council in their Friday discussions of Safety. The officials of the Safety Council which is sponsored by Mr. Dennis Morrissey are Eleanor Steffin, Presidenty Iames Schumacher, Vice- presidenty Geraldine Schott, Secretary: and Larraine Smith, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Pcirvonti, Arndt, Kollatli, Roth, Merchut, Poteraclci, Keil. MlDDLE ROW: Sf.'lturnat'lier, Weqerer lltlllllll, Mr, Morrissey, Forsyth, Svlielar, Amrito. BOTTQM ROW: Bezdon, Steilin, Bray, Olson, Smith, Olsson Lrlrntiry. FIRE MARSHALS The Fire Marshals of Foreman High School are an organization consisting of three boys and three girls whose duties are to act as guides, assistants, and directors during emergency dismissal procedures. The Fire Marshals are Richard Sopocy, Chief Fire Marshal: Adam Koziol, lean Clark, Leatrice Engbert, Iune Kiser, Dorothy Glicksir, and lohn Ahrens, Assistants. These officers carry badges as their emblems of authority and preside at all fire drills. Kaiser, Clark, Ahrens, Sopocy, Glicksir, Koziol. Page 83 Page 84 MESSENGER SERVICE "What's new at Foreman?" "Why, Messenger Service, of course." The newest group to be organized this year is the organization of messengers which is under the sponsorship of Mr. Gerrit Mouw. These happy, alert, and energetic boys and girls, whose home is Room 206, are ready at a moment's notice to carry messages, escort students, or answer calls for any messenger service. The group, through its fine cooperation and efficiency, has won the appreciation of both the student body and faculty who are finding it an indispensable part of our school organization. TOP ROW: Kaczimier, McFarland, Engen, Arndt, Amuidsen, Schaid, Schlossberg, Gresher, Kollath, Lehman. MIDDLE ROW: Hurley, larmouth, Parenti, Franczak, Mr. Mouw, Vevcfng, Pinderski, Hunt, Kreuger, Schu- macher. BOTTOM ROW: Bergstrom, Ade, Nicketta, Czapar, Meindl, Michal, Kozacka, Kolbe. LUNCHROOM CLUB This club varies much in membership each term, for it is composed of marshals, hostesses, and lunchroom workers. lt meets the first Monday of each month to dis- cuss improvements in keeping the dining room clean and orderly. At these meetings bulletins, posters, and assemblies are planned. The students meet each noon as wellp for the hostesses replace the misplaced chairs, pick up leftovers, and frequently check unmannerly students. Mrs. Alice Iones, Mrs. Bessie Kinert, and Miss Virginia Cavoit aid these workers in their student control. TOP BOW: Lucsack, Shumacker, Miller, Hansen, Smith, Soduski, McCullough, Redman, Corny, Merchut, Helm- rich. BOTTOM ROW: Miss Cavoit, McBrien, Kalinowski, Carlson, Paulsen, Sovsky, Durfey, Kudelka. TICKET OFFICE C A N D Y S E L L E R S Members of this recently organized group, I sponsored by Mr. Worren Herrinqshow, ore AtevemfossenuMy'ourcouNeous,wehimnned I I uShGISIjHQCISIudenh5IOthe QQGS HIth9 Audr responskieforthesehuugofhckemforcnlschool torium quickly ond effectively. When ottericl- UCUVWSS Whether lh9Y Ure ClUUC95f Hiller Skvts once is determined by rooms, the ushers coll for ing porties, movies, or bosketboll qomes, Lois ond escort them to their ploces. They ore mon- BQHI MGHGQGFI and mme HQHI Assismm Mm? oqed byloe Buchkxiuo ondlohn.Ahrens. h d III I , ht I d I h , o en eo o so o ei 'u n w Also under the sponsorship of Mr. Stotcltler ore q q 5 Q S O may the condy'seHefs VVhenthe Hhn Hops otony be Seen UHYlHU9 dUHHQthQ dUY HGUOHed Ut of l7oremon's rrovies ond the liqhts qo on, the the Box Office, efficiently cmd courteously serv- condy sehers underthe dnecuon oflhchoni inqthe yudentbOdyIH1OHeCitheInOSiHHpOP Sopocy qo kJ'Nork.'They odd qreouy tithe ' , torn cnvines ofthe cho l ' t' .'Th " pleosure the students obtcnn ot these school G S O Orqamzgmn elm ,HOWQSI is not on eosy toslc. Collecting occounts must row Row: lcwnsl-n, K.r1rr:lt, titroml, iulttrsfm, Aiken, Wil- be done Wllh one hundred per Gem Uccumcy l-Lens, Kovlif-, f3on+,yiorno, llorvtrt, Gresher, Arndt. THIRD but these Students can dOifI HOW: Wwgf-rr'-r, lYJllVlfJI1'1, l3lf111fer't, Vtrnmllik, Tornm, Lexfqy, Mtrrlc, Wtrp-utislr, Wolff, Hoiintrnsnn, Slctirbeck, Niclmtttz. HFKIOND ROVV: Vivl-Z, Peterson, Alu-ins, Mr. Sttldtlor, Bu- l.El:4l' TO RIGHT: luis Bell, Shirley Stirevk, lvltrrie Bcrrwlwi, H fm ' Pnmfl' Vliilm' Boi TQM XNSIITEIE' Audrey Wrrfin, Grwirte Tololl, Irwin Hisltintf, lone Ht-ft, Aurfruy . ? , t 'i 1' , Kmrolni. f'lnt-vlllo, Attfl y llit-lc, tflrrxton, Swhroll, Sf pot-y, Osun 1, Krnolin. Page 85 P. A. SYSTEM or STAGEHANDS Who ar . e' none other than the capable stc hands, who under Mr. Leonard Sol direction are responsible tor all turni' that is used for assemblies, conce and plays. Although their tasks sometimes strenuous ones, they perft with ease. ert Stadtler's spon ess System b e the boys in overalls? Th them willingly and Under Mr. Gilb ship the Public Addr are in charge of setting up the Pu' Address equipment in the auditorf and adjusting it properly in order ' all performers may be more clec heard during program S. TOP , , orvat, Bonqir Gresher, lensen, Noble, Evans. BOTTOM R' Mr. Stadtler Gremb , er, Buchicchio, Burke, Nast browski, Conti, Mr. Sollo. ROW: Ahrens Sopocy H PROJECTOR CLUB The operating oi sound and silent projectors and other visual equipment tor various classes throughout the school is carried on by these boys. The club's sponsors, Mrs. Mae Ierome and Mr. Wilbert Deering, have divided the group into two divisions. The oiiicers for Mrs. lerome's group which Works exclusively for the Science De- partment are Martin Butler, Presidenty Robert Butler, Vice-President: Earl Dolan, Secre- tary, and Hillard Lislce, Assistant Secretary. Leaders for Mr. Deering's group, which is available for the use of any department or teacher, are Hillard Liske, Preside t- Armand Mattia, Vice-President and F T1 l rank Skowron, Secretary. I TOP ROW: Knudsen, Chrisos, O'Neill, Liske, Mucek, Aiken, Kaz irner, Magnus, Smith, Klein, Krue- qer, Hunt, McFarland, Half, Mi! lewslci, Luczak, Bergstrom. THIRD ROW: Eklund, Misurelli, Piper, Maffia, Kemp, Madsen, Collins, Fredericsen, lendrzynski, Larson, Wolff, Kessler, Kasprowicz. SEC- OND ROW: Sierzega, Cassatta, Mankus, Hall, Chevalier, Peter sen, Oller, Mrs. lerome, Mr. Deer- inq, Kontie, Anderson, l-lornell, Mohrrnan, Ktos. BOTTOM ROW: Collecliia, Nelson, Portincaso, Carroll, Tortorelli, Pastryk, Pa- pienslci, Segreti, Gillespie, Skow- ron. Page 86 HALL GUARDS "Pass, please?" "Sorry, but you cant ao throuqh the halls now "You'll have to spend the rest ot the period in this classroom The duties of a hall quard are not always pleasant but it will he agreed by all that they are courteously and effectively carried out The interests ot all Foreman students are thus served for quiet halls not only honor a school in the eyes ot visitors but have a certain bearing upon the type of training the pupils receive Other services are also rendered, such as the prevention ot daniaqe to school property and protection ot pupils' personal belonqinqs Foreman is proud of her hall quards who are so etticiently directed by Mr. Gerrit Mouw TOP HOW: Alberts, Peterson, Hammer, Sturm, Birn, Misurelli, Dohuski, Staaliv, Mittlehrun, Franczak, Fledinan, Kaminski, Grochowski. THIRD ROW: Boyle, Cfalio, Tomi-zak, Corcilius, Fry, Mr. Mouw, Sc-heelk, Morazewslci, Novak, Noble, Conti. SECOND HOW: Pikul, Savas, Iavohsen, Ki tak, Peterson, lohnson, Planert, Ohovalier, Kolazinski, Napintek, Evans. BOTTOM HOW. Zlatnittki, Hollatz, Farrell, Olson, Iuliano, Wow-'ik, Dinitno, Lat-1, KOl"lll6?, While. TOP HOW: FIElClF?I'll'lCSUIl, Paulson, Manvnso, Boland, Hydz, Rizzo, .A.lI1llIldSf?Il, Albers, Kwast, Stone, Magnus, Gawrys, Stefty, Brown, Grzesik, Swoenvy, Iohnson, Pap kv, TIHRD ROW: Mall-erik, Leisti lcow, Eniriwh, liarnivle, Arnato, Moyer, P:-dffrson, Huahes, Berkol man, Weaorer, Dolce, Plicco, Nitti, lVlCQ:l1llOUQll. SECOND HOW: Gen tile, Kosinella, Sc'l1un1a:'her, Alai' sio, Woehrl, Wma,, Mustari, Sol zlerltuia, Kuiawa, Anderson, Do- Maria, Cfiza. BOTTOM ROW: Lor- man, Tortorolla, Cox, Schwarz, Kovzmarok, Pittellcau, Kenna, Mandell, Snientek, Guzzi. TOP ROW: Mikos, Gresher, Arndt, Kollatli, Bychowski, Wood, Dwornivzok, Sr7l'n1n1aril1er, Hobbs, Woltqcirtli, Earll, Hurr. THIRD ROW: Leo, Moindl, Poteracki, Lewis, Kcyxkowslci, Boiney, Hel- ricli, Schuh, Horvat, Roth, Paslco, Kaiser, Hansen. SECOND ROVV: Benson, Anderson, Poteraclci, Wis- niowsiki, Sterrett, Tekip, Cedar- lmura, Loikstikal, Prest, Vevang, Luvzalc, Lewis. BOTTOM ROVV: Ventrelli, Nielson, Peterson, Faliriorth, Selldin, Rozmus, Mai- tarano, Papienski, Horn. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Each period three students are stationed be' hind the library counter ready and eaqer to be ot service to the hundreds ol students who use the library daily. They are well trained in the methods and routine ot their work by Miss Mary F. Fahey, Foremarfs librarian, and know well the answers to the many questions asked ot them. They know just where to iind "Green Hell" or "Captain Blood," and althouah they don't know the name ot the largest diamond in the world, they can very easily find the answer to this problem too. ABOVE TOP ROW: Lenipp, Milewski, Paulsen, Swanson, lcpsen, Svlioenielni, Durtey, lsliterq. MIDDLE ROW: Celmer, Hogan, Vv'asrkiewic'::, Miss F they, Shay, Moore. BOTTOM ROVV: Ncilsan, Kruse, Buungiorric. Raesner, Smoierlski, Morelli, BOOKROOM ASSISTANTS The Book Room is the center tor the distribu- tion ot tree textbooks at Foreman. The teachers secure the books trom the Book Room and check them out to the students for their use. During each period that the Book Room is open, it is manned by a small crew ot capable and etttcient student assistants. The work of these students is to count and check books, stamp and number them, and arranqe them in orderly stacks tor circulation. They also tile, type, and keep the records upeto-date. LOWER LEFT: Hansen, Attebery, Sewerien, Roth, Grachow' ske, Nelson, Pitula. LOWER RIGHT: Miss Kinderrnan, Fer- ando, Nickels, Mioen, KGIDICZW, Rivhter, Sakelson, Veh. 1 GEOGRAPHIC CLUB To know and understand the people of different countries and the lands in which they live is the mdin objective of this group. To further this aim edch meeting is given over to the discussion of some geographic phase of a country or its people. To mctke sure that the economic side of geography was not slighted this year several interesting trips were taken to the Mars Candy Com- pany, the Tribune Tower, and the Olson Rug Company. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Agnes Anderson, ond the 'officers are: Arlene Hansen, President, Irene Migdalek, Vice'Presidentg Shirley Buckrucker, Secretary, and Willard Opheim, Treasurer. STANDING Carrublwa, Mrs. Anderson, Opheirn, Benson, Lindstrand, Langner, Clark, Grice, Hansen, ltxcolwsen, Dettrner, Kallio, Kanter, Rasmussen, SEATED: Stoelting, Euckruclcer, Hansen, Osman, Oleksy, Migdalel-1, Told, Gfrupp, Mioen, Sinadinos, Knosko, Krueqer. CURRENT TRENDS CLUB The Current Trends Club, sponsored by Mrs. Alice lones, is comprised of mony wide-owake students who are interested in discussing the important topics of the day. The club meets every second and fourth Friday of the month during the eighth period. At these meetings there is much opportunity for mem- bers to voice their opinions freely in round table discussions, forums, open debates and with outside speakers who otre frequently featured. Every semester new officers are elected. The officers are: Andy Sdntella, Presidentp Muriel Arthars, Vice-President, and Howard Stdzak, Secretary. TOP ROW: Doyle, Sirners, Redman, McCullough, Miller, Bielat, Rynninq, Sadowski, Hiernonsan, Arndt, Mendel, Pikul, Birns. THIRD ROVV: Leppla, Pons, Leppla, Aniszewski, Schwillc, Schock, Her- renlarut-lc, Churctill, Grice, Knucltson, Rihct, Gurgone, Ters. SECOND ROW: Cardis, Schumacher, llebdtt, Farina, ftorsliult, Egeland, Mrs. lones, Hut -heon, Perck Luby, Crrlson, Cali, Riestur. BOT- TOM EOW: Ernest, Engle-rt, Bernady, Pehta, Arthars, Santella, Wegerer, Peterson, Christensen. Page 90 MATH CLUB The purpose of the Math Club, which is under the direction of Mr. Hymen Silverman, is to acquaint students with th'e various possibilities arising from the study of this subject. The club is composed of conscientious students from all grades who are taking math or who are interested in it. This further develop- ment in the mathematical line has given these students keener minds and a more ready skill. Puzzles, problems, games, and discussions that require a knowledge of math form the basis for meetings which are presided over by Robert Montgomery, President, Howard Sitka, Vice-President, Marilyn Brenne Secretary: and Vivian Brenne, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Canale, Hauck, Reque, Regis, Olson, Peterson, Pober, DuGene, Grouchowski, Brown, Meutsch, Tracy, Klein, Faellaci, Wegl, Pehta, Doney. MIDDLE ROW: Neff, Zeller, Ness, Daniles, Skarzynski, I-Iackenrer, Neshaus, Mr. Silverman, Petersen, Ortamnn, Heil, Last, Kpoera Matusiak BOTTOM ROW: Lunden, Miller, Boyer, London, Spayer, Brenne, Montgomery, Sitka, Brenne, Korg pan, I-Iokian. BETO CLUB B for Biological, E for Experience, T for Thoughts, O for Observations-all come within the scope of this club. These terms play an important part in the activities ot this interested group. Observations, Experiences, and Thoughts are all recorded in the club's "Beta Book." Meetings under the sponsorship of Miss Cecelia Kelly are held twice each month. Any pupil who is taking Biology or any pupil who has taken it is eligible for membership. Officers include Iewel Brossman, President, Fred Grochowski, Vice-President, Mose Heimanson, Secretary, Marie Eggert, Treasurer, Albert Lewis, Publicity Chairman: and Vincent Carrubba, "Beta Book" Organizer. STANDING: Clark, Hymanson, Miss Kelley, Glienke, Crochowske, Soderberq, DiPrima, Schwartz, L. Mills, Guziolek, Klimaszewski, Carruba. SITTING: Lewis, Doney, Eqqert, Brossman, Pulkownik, Dobroth, T. Mills, Graffman, Whitelyi ent body, g roller skat- STAMP CLUB 'he Stamp Club at Foreman is used gs g clear- house for trading gnd exchanging stamps with purpose of giding students in building up per- nent collections. The care of stgmps gnd dis- ningtion in selecting them gre stressed. The ignce of cgrrying mail through the gges with phgsis on present day gir mail stamps is en- ed gregtly by the members who learn the his- cgl significance of their collections. Fro time stamp gnd cover exhibits gre held in the 'gry. Officers of the Stamp Club gre: Russell bers, President: Kgren Stoltenber m time g, Vice-Presi- it, Genevieve Furzland, Secretgryg and Dongld nllstein, Treasurer. 'INGI Wollstein, Furzlgnd, Albers Stoltrngn QTANDINGZ B ., . . ormg .hgls, Redman, Iohfmsen, Mrs. Talbot. U, FOREMAN ROLLERS In gccordgnce with the demgnds of the stud 1 club cglled "The Forerngn Rollers" hgs b een recently formed. The tb hgs hgd severgl very sucecssf l k t' u s g ing pgrties, gnd under the ection of its sponsor, Mr. Leslie Lars on, elgborgte plans hgve been rde to insure mgny more. Beside s running their own pgrties, they ve backed up other orggnizgtion s in putting over their socigl func- ns. The officers of the club gr e Howard Sculteure, President, Currie es c urngcher, Second Vice-President: ll, First V1ce-President, Iam S h trry Cosek, Secretgr ,W lt R 'd y g er ei er, Treasurer, gnd Willigm Clare, rgegnt-gt-Arms. TOP ROW: Peterson, Osucli Kollrith Llqelgnd, Chaplin, DiGrist1ng, Hcmd, Iulrgno, Kohl, S110 lgu, Mgliszewski. MIDDLE ROW: lden, Klgnn Mell, Opgrkg, Voss, Ernst, Hill, Enzenbgcker Radcliff, Weqerer, Shgllczoss Axness Melvi . n-vxcier Re-ider, Korney, Cosek, Cull Sculteur B , , e, run- kalg, Hleionowski, LeSueur K1 YA' , esiq, inion, Phillips, Jacobsen, Lewin, Gielrnowski, Ross, Clcrrk, Roth, Page 91 , , , n, Mr. Larson. BOTTOM ROW' Schu l , Mil f 'MLP K Page 92 FRENCH CLUB Under the direction of Mrs. Iessie Bramkamp, the French Club holds bi-monthly meetings to acquaint the students with the French language and customs. The group is a large one, full of enthusiasm for the language which the students are studying. The meetings are held in the new Social Room where the group gathers to discuss topics concerning French life and to listen to talks given by the different members. Such items as French music, broadcasts, stamps, international problems, schools, sports, auto touring, castles, architecture, and authors are favorite subjects which the students like best to talk about. This study tends to lend a more cultural back- ground to the subject, which in itself gives a romantic appeal to academic subjects. The French Club officers are Margaret Claxton, President, Marilyn London, Vice- President: Robert Roth, Secretary: Mildred Ondrejcin, Treasurer: and Albert Lewis, Sergeant-at-Arms. UPPER GROUP ---TOP ROW: Houck, Heckman, Woodburn, Wahn, Peterson, Vick, Sandstrom, Churchill, Bray, Wegl, Sake-lson Stahle, Victor. MIDDLE ROW: Schroeder, Stuck, Bongiorno, Kropifko, Bogardus, Gubricky, Kulpa, Farrell, Anderson, Gurgone, Feclo, Underwood. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis, Roth, London, Claxton, Ondre- ciin, Atteberry, Phillips, Stallings. LOWER GROUP f-TOP ROW: Schoene, Nerhus, Eklund, Carruba, Chmielak, Keeler, Tofall, Robitschek, Arcara, Vlfojcikiwicz, Hubal, Zimmerman. MIDDLE ROW: Pederson, Logan, Iohnson, Cherry, Mitchell, Napoleon, Mrs. Bramkamp, Iacobsen, Zimmerman, Thomsen-Uster, Neff, Leone. BOTTOM ROW: Koch, Matson, Buney, Ehlen, Fahrforth, LeSueur, Risley, Winslow. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club, under the sponsorship ot Miss Frances Dyer, is organized to better acquaint the pupils with the customs, ideals and culture of the Spanish people. The club meets once a month, and under the direction ot the entertainment com- mittee, short skits and sketches of the lives of great Spanish men are given by the various members. No meeting is complete without the singing of many colorful Spanish songs by the entire group. Recently sound movies in Spanish have been shown which have aided the students greatly in their pronounciation of the language. What fun it is for the members to dream of some day using the knowledge they gain in some romantic spot, perhaps Mexico or South America. The leaders of the club are Marion Wegl, President: Norbert Ciesielski, Vice-President, Iean Kruger, Secretary, and lean Cass, Treasurer. quist, Peterson, White, Biniak, Borman, Gimnig, Miss Dyer, Heims, Pober, Landahl, Peterson, Zonca, Nomel lini, Terracina. BOTTOM ROW: DiPadova, Taylor, Wefldland, Szymaniak, Spaeth, Orlando, Mistle, Skorupa LOWER GROUP TOP ROWY Swanson, Lempp, Tonini, Martorano, Guzzi, Richo, I-lurkes, Schwenk, Daniels Hey, Swegles, Chucharsky, Lewis, Bierke. MIDDLE ROW: Hermanson, Frantz, Krystek, Turley, Rissel, Sorlie Nowak, l-lolian, Emerich, Persin, Rinehart, Pitula, Hakas, Iorgenson. BOTTOM ROW: Whitney, Thompkins Scllartzfeger, Aniszewski, Wegl, Lewis, Ciesielski, Morelli, Melchiori. UPPER GROUP TOP ROW: De Frenne, Petran, Gast, Magnusen, Eggert, Swartz, Iohnson, White, Schu- macker Franke Wendland, Connely, Grevas, Chellman, Tornatore. MIDDLE ROW: Rhoades, Schott, Rosen- Page 93 Page 94 GERMAN CLUB The German Club, sponsored by Mrs. Helen Ramm, Miss Laura Kinder- man, and Miss Eileen Curry, is organized to promote good fellowship and a greater acquaintance with German culture and background. These aims are accomplished by the singing of German songs, the playing of games, and by the presentation of short plays, slides and movies. Officials are: Ianice Kruse, President: Alvin Peterson, Vice-President, Ruth Gaupp, Secretaryg and Calvin Edwards, Treasurer. TOP ROW: Wright, Stein, Sewerien, Sitnik, Prescoe, Lewis, Heirnanson, Koch, Glienke, Schmidt, Peterson, Kolpack, Asch, Tolg, Tantz, Berck, Wendland, Oberding. MIDDLE HOW: Kopplin, Kaefer, Diesenroth, Taphorn, Albertin, Hunter, Pastryk, Krug, Iensen, Mrs, Hamm, Herrenbruck, Schmidt, Te-rs, Hauck, Schlemmer, Kranz. BOTTOM ROW:Davis, Kaefer, Giesler, Ulrich, Keplinger, Kruse, Corcilius, Gaupp, Schneider, Van'I'ine, Bengson, Orning. PAN-AMERICAN LEAGUE The Pan-American League, a newly organized club at Foreman sponsored by Mrs. Loretta Macauley, is a chapter of the Pan-American League which has clubs scattered throughout the United States, Central America, and South Amer- ica. Its purpose is to encourage the development of a mutual interest between our country and Latin America in culture, education, customs, and ideals. The officers are: Robert DuGene, President: Paul Schroeder, Vice-President, Dorothy Glicksir, Secretaryp and Margaret Claxton, Treasurer. STANDING: Holian, Mrs. Macauley, Vogt, Gutzmer, Shedy, Haffen, Kyle, Grasser, Klann, Kiesig, Edwards, DuGene, Ankerbrant, Olsen, Schroeder, Nakone, Petersen, Pober, Grevas, Claxton, Boyer, Padgitt, Bengsen, Canale, Mistle. FOURTH ROW: Avenson, Gorcyca, Ziollcowski, Mosier, Mika. THIRD ROW: O'Keefe, Bencini, Admellini, Doney, Orlando. SECOND ROW: Anis, Gruner, Burke, Victor, Keeley, Rhoads. BOTTOM ROW: Kelly, Casperson, Hagarnan. LATIN CLUB Every first and third week of the month a small group of enthusiastic Latin students meet in the Social Room to take part in contests, games, plays, and discussions based on Roman life. The more serious part of the program is always followed by a social period of entertainment and refreshments which helps to knit the members of this exclusive group closely together. The organization of the club is an interesting one, for as far as is practicable, it follows that of the Roman Republic. Mrs. Eva Hogle is the sponsor, and the officers are Orville Mix, Eleanor Dombrowski, Consuls, Alice Meutsch, Scribe: Wallace Strozewski, Dorothy Dittmann and Burton Soderberg, Lictors. LATIN CLUB TOP ROW: Paul, Brossman, Carl- son, Iastrzebski, Anderson, Ma- coucz, Thielen, Fahrner, MIDDLE ROW: Grafman, Schwarz, Koch, Mrs. I-Iogle, Kudelka, Pabich, Berger, Mills. BOTTOM ROW: Dittrnan, Meutsch, Dombrowski, Mix, Strozewski, Soderburq. POLISH CLUB TOP ROW: Klimaszewski, Paw- licki, Labus, Matuk, Krzykowski, Sawalski, Bezdon, Surek, Szep- kowski, Madei, Slisz, I-lebdu, Michalek, Latas, Ianus. MIDDLE ROW: Kalinowski, Woityna, Gems za, Iedrzejewski, Nevera, Swies ton, Miss Iasinski, Bojak, Lokilian, Lorek, Bezdon, Cieslak, Konziolka, Iakubek. BOTTOM ROW: Wise niewski, Kwast, Szepkowski, Lin- der, Baranowski, Szeplcowski, Kleczewski, Maliszewski. POLISH CLUB The Polish Club of Foreman, under the sponsorship of Miss Marie Iasinski, pro- vides an opportunity for pupils studying Polish or interested in the language to meet, plan, and enjoy the participation in extra-curricular activities that do justice to linguistic, literary, and social phases. Three of our members, Eugenia Linder, Casmera Madej, and Florence Slisz, placed very high in a city-wide Polish oratorical contest sponsored by the Polish Students' Federation held on April 23. The officers of the organization are: Agnes Szepkowski, President: Marie Szep- lcowski, Vice-President: Virginia Baranowski, Secretary: and Carl Kwast, Treasurer. Page 95 F fl I in if Q 3, X, 5. . A ' 5 W is it.. N' . 2 ? 1: it bil' STANDING: Bihun, Zurawslci, Brusch, Benqsch, Evangilista, Soduski,Sims, Han- sen, Lewin, Peterson, Zeiqler, Frankland, Clickser, Redner. THIRD ROW: Alois, Furzland, DiGristina, lsleggen. SECOND ROW: lohanson, Schalk, luhl, Brossrnan. BOTTOM ROW: Boqnrdus, Henry, Ouist, Haus, , oN wP"'x Accfx ENT CL ART UB Kiehl, Korterud, Ferando, Wagner Calo Chiemiak, Braley, Ohlander, Chiaruqi STANDING: Pieper, Mason, Reiman, Kaetfer, Stupek, Nelson, Kohl, Iohansen, Zeigler, Redner, Ryan. FOURTH ROWZ Wahn, Peterson, Strozewski, Morris. THIRD ROW: Harczak, Soduslci, Aiken, Howaniec. SECOND ROW: Schrachta, Spina, Kranz, Lewandowski. BOTTOM ROVV: Wliito, Cainis, Knosko. The Art Club members who belong to the Advanced Art Class are especially interested in furthering their artistic talents and interests. To accomplish these aims they have visited the Art Institute and local exhibits where they have examined the great works ot art that exist today. Frequently during classes slides and tilrns are shown which greatly stimulate art appreciation and the desire to excel in this tield. Most of the attractive posters exhibited throughout the school announcing the various activities are the Work ot this group who so willingly and conscienti- ously give their time and ettort to help make Foreman a more beautiful place in which to live. The sponsors oi the group are Miss I-Iildegarde Ettting and Miss Marion I-Iomer. The club is led by Marion I-lanson, Chairmang Gloria Basler, Vice-Chairman: Merle Benson, Secretary-Treasurer: and Edward Prebe, Program Director. Page 96 FOREMAN NEWS STAFF SITTING: Evelyn Mason, lewel Brossman, Georqe Sliallcross, Robert Weqcfrer, Lois Bell, Doro' thy Nuccio, William Comath, Iclmce Esau. STANDlNG: Roy Groczqer, lames Scliurufichei, Richard Peterson, lane Heft, lolin lliews, Paul Criyfuto. FOREMAN NEWS AGENTS TOP BOW: Saiitolla, lU1Prinifr, Scliumfrrzliei, Iedizeskrr, O'Mfrlf lcy, Bivfrrfr, Brrternrrri, Mllew- ski, Stubbe, Pr-rconti, Krxllath, Mriliszs-wsku, Swanbeiq, Sterf rett, Schmidt. THIRD ROW: La! pontw, Nickcttfi, Kficzriiarek, Nltti, Kenna, Mrrllean, Hiese, Potm nlptr, Magnusson, Tala, Mat- tm, Poli'-mf-ki, Kemp, HOZICIITSLCI, Srrmsvllrr, Svliurnacker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Heixinqshfiw, Strod' ci, Grit:-5, Mullen, Gllriirxn, Woilf-, Ztrrt, Rasmussen, Lempp, Plillipps, Wrihn, Swirieclc, Lo- qan, Ltiunious, Eaiic-ll, Bell. BOTTOM ROW: Lclisz, Mrrieillrx, ifiriiieson, Boqdris, Lisifrk, Bloom- ciuist, Taritilla, Holliriri, Ven tif ll: I vinifin. FOREMAN NEWS "Deadline today! Hurry that rewrite! Double check those statis- tics!" Qver the Click of the typewriters, these hues and cries charge the atmosphere in the Foreman News office as the staff of the newspaper assembles its printer's copy. Since its inception in l936, this students' publication has developed steadily to its present proportions as an eight-paqe periodical, complete with news stories, editorials, feature pages, literary sections, and sports department. The newspaper is published bi-weekly by the journalism classes under the direction of Miss Katharyne Wendt. The 1940-l94l staff is headed by capable Editor-in-Chief Georqe Shallcross, Assistant Editor lanice Esau, and Sports Editor Bill Conrath, all aided by a corps of alert reporters and trained feature writers. The business department, under the guidance of Mr. Warren Her- rinqshaw, directs the advertisinq, mailinq, and circulation forces. Among the many activities of Business Manager Lois Bell is the supervision of the 5l Hhiqh pressure" sales representatives who handle the distribu- tion of the newspaper. Page 97 Q-5 K Q . Vim, ., .T . Page 98 A CAPPELLA CHOIR TOP ROW: Vifaqner, Duffy, Rosinski, Garbe, Enqen, Schultz, Wilkins, Koche, Ryan, Anderson, Coorlas, Huebner, Czosek. THIRD ROW: Melvin, Darts, Nelson, Olson, Mack, Ophenn, Pierce, Turner, Miqdalek, Skorupa, l-lultquist, Clark, Rasrnassen, Pulkownik. SECOND ROW: Bihlei, Strode-r, Dreyer, Launus, Dernanski, Beugsch, Nerhus, Tornaszewski, Bowman Vick, Schott Hodgson, Osman. Thomsen, BOTTOM ROW: Behnke, Schwetfeger, Dennigei, Weridoif, Pagoda, Miss Nelson, Schroeder, Freclrickson, Moran, Levfmo, Wahri. A CAPPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir, composed of a selected group of students, was organized in the fall of i939 by the choral director, Miss Myrtle Nelson. Because of the hard work and deep concentration on intricate numbers the choir has progressed far in the development of its musical ability. During the past year the A Cappella Choir participated in the annual Winter Choral competition at Lane High School and received a mark of excel- lent. ln November it presented the very popular "Land O' Cotton" Minstrel Show which proved to be so entertaining that it was necessary to give four performances. Before the Christmas holidays, this group united with the drama department to present the colorful and inspiring Christmas Choralogue. The students are proud of the numerous times they have appeared on radio programs and of the compliments they have received for their successes. The climax came on March 25 when the choir sang over the WGN program, "Citizens of Tomorrow." On April l4, forty-two voices sang "Now the Day ls Over" for the benediction of the Pan-American Day Services in the University of Chicago Chapel. Spring found the students pondering over new notes for their lune concert, full of rhythm, glamour, and beautiful songs. This was presented in collabora- tion with the Girls' Glee Club and Mixed Chorus. Officers of the organization are lack Schultz, President, lohn Duffy, Vice- Presidentg leannette Nelson and lrene Pulknowik, Attendance Secretaries: Ger- aldine Cosek, Recording Secretary, and Connie Vick, Treasurer. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: Flynn, Kucharski, Gimnig, Morris, Miss Nelson, Garstka, Cooley, Riha, Peterson. FIFTH ROW: Cedarburg, Engen, Levy, Fullet, Zadworny, Gentile, Del.uco, Ankebrcxndt, Frymark. FOURTH ROW: Osmon, lstok, Last, Sandstrorn, Witz, Grasso, Argentine, Aach, l-lojnowski. THIRD HOW: Kreft, Mack, Maika, Hubal, Mitchell, Celli, Ebersole, Hermansen. SECOND ROW: Fagerson, Hardies, Herrick, Bandlow, Bandlow, Tropinski, Karwowski, Orning. BOTTOM ROW. Graf, Garretson, Tiritilli, York, Kruger, Oberding, Bengson, Rosa. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB "All one's life is Music, it one but touched the strings rightly and in tune." So think the members of the Girls' Glee Club and their leader, Miss Myrtle Nelson. They have shown this by their Willingness to donate their vocal talent at all times and by the enjoyment which they havecmven andrecdyedtnnntheH'pankjpaHonininany asmmnbhes and commemorative holiday programs. In November the girls charmed their audiences with their excellent tone quality at Parents' Night and again at the Christmas Assembly. ln February they sang at the Freshmen Orientation Program and later took partin severalsenKn'asmHnbhes and Fnday dnumon penods Then vomescme a happy addnkmuto any schoolrxogranr Recently members decided to wear Girls' Glee pins which symbo- lize the excellent standards and high degree oi cooperation of this rnuskxn group. Those ni charge ofthe dnecnon ol anans are Berhs Ankebrant, President: Ruth Bengson, Vice-Presidenty Marilyn Osman and lean Bandlow, Secretaries, Marilyn Cedarburg, Treasurer. Page 99 1 , ORCHESTRA STANLHNG1 Butler, Fish, Freda, Frorrczlik, Malszewszki, Ohms, Ulrich. THIRD ROW: Capt. Read, McCullough, Fleque, lerniqan, Melnikolt, Beeseley, lltski, Lowus, Heiso, Kostyniak. SECOND ROW: Levahdawski, Sierzega, Dziopek, Dybdalil, Duplain, Stautter, Sniolevskl, Chxistopherson, Zander, Trowbridge, Zinixneirnan, Chrisos, Hanus, Brown, Nakone, BOTTOM ROW: Mutclinlk, rlernoqan, Scorza, Ondrecjin, Cravins, Kendall, Brezenslci, Lons, Panos, Delviet. The orchestra, one of the busiest organizations at Foreman, is out- standing in the service which it renders to the school. Besides partici- pating in contest activities and concerts it provides appropriate music for assemblies, graduations, and other school functions. Under the supervision of Captain Guy Reid, it furnishes fine musical experience for the participants, while to others it gives an appreciation of great music. The students at Foreman eagerly await any perform- ance by the orchestra, for they know it will be carefully selected, excellently played, and thrilling to hear. In April the organization collaborated with the Band to present the Band and Orchestra Broadcast, which was heartily received by the students and their friends. Outstanding numbers were Doris Trom- bridge's clarinet solo, Vincent Butler's piano solo, Frances Kacello's soprano solo, "Dark Eyes", and "Two Guitars", played by the Accor- dion Trio, Carmella Morelli, Edward Maggiore, and Richard Zurawik. The orchestra entertained with selections from "Lohengrin" and "Coppelia". Daily, diligent practice and a spirit of cooperation have contrib- uted much to the development of the musical ability of this group. Although it is not as large as most orchestras in Chicago high schools it received a high rating for its participation in the annual contest. Foreman's talented musicians are working towards near perfection in their orchestra, and with their enthusiasm and hard work all signs point to the attainment of this goal. The band unit, directed by Captain Guy Beid consists oi a Beqin- iina Band, an Intermediate Band and the Advanced Band. The stu- B A N D ients must receive traininq in the first two before they are permitted to Je members ot the advanced aroup, which tunctions in concerts, con- ests, parades, reviews, and football qames. The climax ot the aroup's activities tor the year, the Broadcast, ncluded beautifully rendered aroup selections, solos, and variety nume Jers of sono and dance. The audience applauded the French Horn Quartet, a trombone solo by Lois Heise, and a waltz cloa by Grace ,eone, Betty Murray, Gloria Aniszewski, Iuanita Bowman and Lorraine ioppen. The hiahliaht ol the evenina was, however, the Scintillatina Twirls, by our lovely baton twirlers, Gloria Pick, Maraie lden, Ann Ninnail, lacauiline Phillips, Marilyn Brenne and Lucille Stahl. This nnovation was well received and proved to be popular with the rudience. On April 16 the band participated in the sixteenth annual Chicago oublic hiah school band contest at Tilden High School. "Fairest ot the Bair" was played as a warm-up number, while "Spiritual Biversu and ihe overture, "Eroica", were used tor judqinq. The band was elated It the hiqh rating it received and hopes to do as well or better next year. ETAHIJIIG: St rrrr, li, rntrfllrr, l-'xt-t, St' tr rr White, Fstr, Mrrnderrno, DuGerre, McCullough, Arrder san, Harris, Veda, Fronczak, Mocre, Oqnt'-, Gott, Malrszewski, Shallcross, Herse. THIRD ROW: ,Ur-vlrrr, Rvquw, Hobbs, litxlohn, Chrtsos, Kelley, Dynerskr, Rrrpaln, McCatte-ire, Soduskr, Ferqtl Stubbv, Poltrn, Glrunke, K'aulmr'rri, Strnko, Hurc, Capt, Reid. SECOND ROW: Zimmerman, Nrrqel, 34'-dmfrp Hemrenson, Rorzenqurst, Trowbrrclae, Moore, Jerneqan, Melnrkatt, Beesely, Re-que, Judftrsen, Barre, Lerctrorrtrrtt, Corcrelus, Barrett, Hansen, Edwards, Kartowrcz. BOTTOM ROW: 'luenrnq, Wt-rrdltrnd, Drskrri, Ctrrr, Magnusson, Mills, Christopherson, Smolenskr, Stauffer, Zan lei, ltybd-rlrl, ltuplfirrr, Lewis, Nelson, Erraley, Mills, Disklrr. Page 101 :- ,l.'T" .-Wx... Ja- ' cg 5 . 1 "YOUNG BARRY" Senior Night, a tradition of the Foreman graduating classes, is celebrated each semester with a three-act play, presented by the senior drama class. "Young Barry," a comedy drama by Dana Thomas, presented on Friday, December 6, scored a tremendous hit with an enthusiastic, appreciative audience of seniors and their friends. This clever play, involving a delightful combina- tion of pathos, humor, and suspense Woven into a story of normal familiar situations of everyday family life, appealed equally to young people and adults. Devoting her untiring efforts toward the perfection of the play was Mrs. Rose Weiss, director of the drama classes. To her and to her splendid cast Who added one more triumph to a long list of Eoreman's dramatic achievements we offer hearty congratulations. MR. WILLIAM BARRY ,....... ........... C cxrl Kwcrst MRS, BARRY ,,,,,,,,,,ii,,,,,,,,,, ,...,..,...r... B etty Lund BEATRICE BARRY .,...... ,. .,., Dorothy Krueger MABEL WARREN .,,i,cc,, ,.,..... M iriam Iohnson EDDIE BARRY c,,,c,,,,,,,, ..c..,,..,..... E rnesi Mally MAYOR SIBLEY ,,,,i,,,, ,..,........,. M elvin Magner VINCE ,,,,,,c.i,,i,,i,,,,ii,, .......,., L eonard Rcrichert GEORGE JONES... ...., ................. R oy Arendt MRS. GRANVILLE ,..,,.Yc, ..,.... M ation Nerhus ANN SHERMAN ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,.c.i,,,...c S hirley Stenzel SALLY DAVIDSON ,,,,.i,ii,,,, .c......,..i.,,..,......,.....,.. R uth Hovestol TOMMY GRANVILLE ,,,,,,,,. ...,... I ohn Duffy--Donald Donqes RADIO ANNOUNCER ......... .......................... R oberi Hovestol MISS DALRYMPLE ,.......... ..........,,................... M arie Ross GALE WINTHROP ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,, M ildred Brezinski PROMPTER ,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,.ccc.c.,.....c..c., Charlotte Oray 0 The entire ensemble of "Young Barry" in character. " 1 ' , , i ,Lf '1 , gi . F I J V gfj m W f -. , 5' I X' Q, 1, J' 'K AV ,. ,gif . N, . f , If 7 Q 1 yi I , Mg T V 1 - z J 4' we 5 ig' ff ' 1,13 5 5 I .w- I , K 2' , s . -, ' u:'4'.,?.' Ex. , iii, Kd F if 5 H . V 1' p 9 L wa X . 3, 1 ' an if I -if A V4 i . Q 7 ' ,. V , 3 ' .R " is I 04 J " vi Ei it ' if AJ 2 gf' 1 W5 Qi I' - , 1 1,1 ei? ' S ' fag: 1 W Q m f 5515? X W. 3 2 za H' ' 2? 2:25 Q 6 Q 2 Eli Y- 55 4 ff . v ' 1 ff 4 g 'my-X :I ' 'L ii , . Q' Y 5 , Il X 'f ff x If K A ? X ti 5' Pi 'A '-' -1 ' L wi l l wig ' 2 3 5 82 ef? B V a I Q hQ-fmuuali wa . -la M-WL N5 W A x i Qsdwwifz Wm.-ffw, 1 0 ' QQEQYLQX1.-IN, fl W - in 5 ,W,-HW Q SK , W 5 w K 'W' - S Cf if yf " W .v I gf' EQ Bw ' 'Ti'-'-2' mf f' 3 "DON'T TAKE MY PENNY" F' MA., l t No Broadway production ever thrilled an appreciaf tive audience rnore than did Anne Coulter Martins' new cornedy, "Don't Take My Penny," presented as the tea ture ot Senior Night, May l5 and lt3. The story, based on the cornplications arisinfi trorn the schenies ol Kerry Harper to divert the arnhition ol the obiect ol his devo- tion, Penny Prinale, ironi a niovie career to just plain tennis tournarnents, held the interest ot sixteen hundred people ironi the first to the last curtain, Grain Prinale's solicitude lor the welfare of her heloved grandchildren turnished a note ot seriousness, an ettective contrast to the hurnorous escapades ot the youna people. Two ex- cellent casts, selected lrorn among one hundred sev- entyftwo students of the drarrxa classes, portrayed a variety oi lovable characters rnost realistically with grace and ease, worthy ol professionals. To each and every one, an orchid, and to Mrs. Rose Weiss, who directed the play, rnany thanks lor a line perlonnance. CAST Ol' Qfl'iAllBtC"'l'PliF Sally ..,. Norman Porter Penny Primal:- Grain Mr. Pringle Mark Mtivis Mrs. Prinale Kerry llfrrper Grwl lf nina Monsieur l-lenri Clanc- Elsie Lnfile Mickey Harrison Day THURSDAY Peggy Pons Robert Roy Ieanne Mueller Helen Getz Armand Weqerer Raymond Humbert Shirley Kindcek Dorothy Pehta Alfred Arndt Leonard Decker Lillian Heiden Edwin Pagoda Lorrayne Seitz Florence Gregory Shirley Sureck Robert Trenner Earl Amundsen FRIDAY Virginia Schwilk lack Wales Florence Ault Marianne Mott Edward Hurc Iohn Duffy Marilyn Osman Shirley Eckstrom Carl Kwast Walter Ryan Stella Iedzyewska Edwin Pagoda Olivia Trader Betty Benson Harriet Gizicki Mario Pirrone Vernon Lipps Page 106 MEMBERS ASSEMBLE FOR THEIR MEETING MOTHERS COLLECT FOOD FOR CHRISTMAS BASI P. T. A. The P.T.A. activities this year were interesting, alive, and con- cerned with vital school problems. Carefully planned and based on the theme, "Looking Forward With Youth," the programs provided food for thought and pleasure for all members. Some of the outstanding events of the year that took place in school were the style demonstration by students of Miss Clara Felch's sew- ing class in Ianuary, a talk, "Finding The Right Iob," by Miss Irene Hirons in February, and a tour of the school conducted by Miss Marie Harkins in connection with a tea for the Faculty also in February. Other interesting activities were a student debate, "What I May Expect From My Parents-What They May Expect From Mel", by students of Miss Muriel Mackay's public speaking classes in March, "A Drama Class in Action" presented by Mrs. Rose Weiss' students, and the Annual Silver Literary Tea both in April. In order to acquire enough funds to buy a gift of silverware for the Social Room to accompany the 1940 gift of fiesta dishes, the group gave two card parties on November I8 and March 20. These were well attended and enjoyed by parents and faculty alike. At Christmas the P.T.A.'s helping hand went out to the needy students of the Montefiore School who were given outgrown clothes donated by Foreman students. Our own unfortunate boys and girls had their holiday season brightened by the carefully selected Christ- mas baskets which were distributed to them by the P.T.A. members. The club is sponsored by Miss Virginia Cavoit, faculty member, with the following acting as officers: Mrs, I-I. E. Carlton, President: Mrs. A. N. Gulland, Vice-President, Mrs. I. Kaufman, Second Vice-Presi- dent, Mrs. L. C. Groeger, Recording Secretary, Mrs. L. Schmelzer, Cor- responding Secretary, Mrs. K. Schwerdtfeger, Treasurer, and Mrs. W. Scott, Auditor. 7 ' 5 X? gem Mmm? Kxtkxix ., 'R K A 6 ,IQ L N , nrqw VEDA STERN Sponsor PETERS EANNE, - i X Editor-Wchle FGREMANUAL . .. IN THE MAKING Now that our work is finished and We have only to await student and faculty opinion of our annual, we find time to say something about the past of the Fore- manual and the future which waits. lt was not an easy task to live up to the standards set by former staffs, but under the successful shadows of past Forernanuals, staff members and division room representatives alike Worked diligently and cooperatively to produce a worthy book. The patient pioneering of Miss lohanna Christian- sen, Who established Foremanual frontiers, and the efforts of Miss Frieda Zeeb, who handed us our robust enthusiasm and hearty incentive for work, have not gone unnoticed in our struggle for perfection. Our own sponsor of this annual, Miss Veda Stern, has been our real guiding light, and we hope the success of this book will give, along with our thanks, a lasting memory of pleasant associations. We must all realize that other classes will enter Foreman, and that we as Foremanites have a future to build and a standard to set. We have, therefore, worked to our utmost, with the heartiest of student and faculty cooperation, to produce this product of scholastic DEMOCRACY AT WORKfyour l94l FOREMANUAL. Page 108 LORAINE REIMUS HELEN SCHUH MAFJORIE BARKLEY IUNE BUIST PAUL SCI-lM Assistant Editors February Co-Editors Business Mar 2 stott presented 451 Pep Assembly, which not only . 0 U R T H A N K S For the lirst time in the history ot the ljorernonuol osted the sulfis treinendously but qrrve three periods topfnotch entertcrintnent. Edwin Pcrqodo ond Bobert hroeder, Mosters of Ceremonies, hod chorqe of dr- iqetnents which included descriptions ct the different pctrtntents ol tho yeorbcok ond peppy, sound sdles ks interspersed with sonq ond dcrnce. Vfe ore very 'ttelul to these students who, besides the stdti, pdr tpctted in the proqrcrrn: Florence Ault, Pdul Bongiorno, 2 Buchiccio, Vincent Butler, Dolores Knopik, Bob Motif vvski, llorry Bynninq, Wolly Byon, Al Sosdidn, Don ilkins, Shirley Willioriisori, ond ldst, but not leost, he Three Tones", Connie Vick, Morton Peterson, ond idrey Wcrhri. The stdil also wishes to thornk the tol- winq for ossistinq with vdrious other phoses of the Drk: Edwin Bryll, Boy Krypel, Bob locobs, Williorn snroth, Charles Melvin, Cort Kwost, lcrrnes Schu- icher, Dovid Stone, and Torn Anderson, our newly quired stoif photoqrotpher. FOREMANUAL STAFF E9l'l"l'lNG: limiter: Pvt- ifaon, Aflvwr listing M-iriirfrttt Bt-trttiw Knudt mm, lffittmt-rl' lfiltiwriit l,ind-'i lfdtttvrmlp Gif-tt-tiwii Qutst Pull livtty Mfinixfgrriy lllt-firior Stetlin, llclitort-rip lmrizrw B-rrius, As Lctfztttrit lfdittii, lwfrniw Peters' lfrlztfir-in Clin-tp lv irlnt- lvltrtust-rk llclttolltrl. STANIJUNVG: Hufsss'-,l Allwrza, tliifu fttion Mtlntifrerg Nels Pfidvrsori, Adv' rtisinqg Fd win Ponlricttr, lJt1hlit'it',': Vtrtitnt-r " l 'i k in lldtttwlrrl' ltrri-xt .xt-www , . 1. Vw:--y, llrl:ttJr.1l, Slitrlf-t'z, llttlvltvtty -rnfl lun- F:r1ft-its lftlvtiirttil. FOREMANUAL REPRESENTATIVES lt Ill ll4,tW" Nfltwtlk, ll' tl til :-tt: l.t-w.: H rv it li-tltlli' lt' "l' "mtl llwn i' N'-iv: t 'A' i - t, .. Unit. . ,t,, . .. tfi-llwy Pttflitft lf lit :ta 'l'Hli-li lit tv, 'vt' -li-l 1, l .tt .ini It.l,. f V in X.:wt1,:, l. tflzfwrs ll, Gr: 1. LT rx, :"'t1-tt-fl- 1, l'1: d 1 E .' F.l 1" ',-ull: li ::"i 1. OilitltkWW ltilr iv:,lltlt'it1w.:k li tru, llvmtlt -'tg il: tnz if rnnzft in-r, l'ttvtl1mn, t,lt1t::t l.tncli-t, Mt: 'li - :mn 'l' fit. l?L,T'l'Q1l.T l?CZ'.'.' lttttink l.: :if :t P'-ters-ir Utnig, .bllvz l.t:.5 it-s,El11. Arittt-rziwri, Mitttfiv 111, Axtwfzsy Page 109 K1 S U .psy Or'-In fl, I-- I My .. .,s. Hs S7- fl , 1' km AF G'41'r17,if' fogm P REP Ins K tif, Hr Hg-SENT , XM NVNQM .ga "'ffftf1,,f" "' KR ,drives 1,1 I ubme l XS. 4 film, is ftfull 1-,IUSH gdif Qing V .X X .4 -Qs- E -img! N . " Y' Ov-'U so ' :J ' V V616 W. wi of, vm f'2 11, I ' at .1 , ' , A ? P 'XO A X :W- ,,,,,..'vl'l V wg 'V Xiu' V Q 'A' LW' r"' ' ', 'vfziv' Q Mr 1- f Q5 Uv 4 fd' W , , 1, B "' ,,. , Lm.A J 4,1 X, I xi 5 V ,.mW.QSw-Q-.Q Q M? - gy mf-Q4 . N"i4'l"51Aii,if:f W Ti.-Inj 'J' .. U" -if lg: iXl'5 5 52 3185 'iv' sf. -1 , "Xf'3F V fx, 2 Xqg 'tvtkfm ' F is ja W -V 'Q 71 ,fg . mn , Vi, Liz- ,-"gf af gh 7' Q 1'1h 1 1 , ', . M hx p J ' at t x s V' 'Q gg 1 ? A A , - ' -P : ' . if ff f , . b ag f ff 3' SQJF' 5L12fX "'-f1f':J X 4 H 3 , -1 4 I, tnimtti gs, x 'wg 5 Q As. K, 1 . i , .1 Y 4 K 5 lg, V 'nf-1-nv! 1 1 K K K .V 'gt .K ' Q, - 4:,:., , g K I4 i ' 'Q' . Aw 5 , 'A A . K, m My xf Q 'i4k" 7'L' " f' ' f V. ' x f Q, , 1 wg ,K 'A 0 X 'fs 'akgj Q TOP HOW: l, Sanisolla, Paulson, A. Samsella, Bonaiorno, Fourier, Smith, Stublue, Rubintx, Stfrrsiuk, MlDDl.E ROVV: lvlr. Maloff, Nloig-lv, Conti, Scltumacker, Helrirk, Wilkins, Glienke, Pecimsart, Rvscinski, Pvirxrfrrvwski. BGTTCM RUVV: VVefgf':rer, Hanieri, HTJHQSOII, Gorski, Hansen, Flednian, Karninski, Fug man, l'Jolt'e-, Pvtmsrzri. FOOTBALL Foreman possesses a splendid football team, which although still young and inexpenenced,surpnsed everyone lastseason nithe keen cornpennon which it offered older schools. This splendid showing was the result of the cooperation, perseverance, and fighting spirit of our mighty gridders who advanced from their former cellar berth to sixth place in the north section league. lack Maloff, varsity football coach, and his two valuable assistants, Art Fourier and Ted Perzerowski, gave the boys inspiration to fight for their dear old Alma NkneL Next years team, although it will miss some mainstays such as Bob Gorski, Alfred Sarnsella, and Herb Fugman, will be almost entirely comprised of Letterrnen. This and the foundation provided by the previous two years of secuormn cornpeuuon indkxnes a successhn ccunpcngn. ltis hoped thatthe backfield combination of lohn Samsella and Ray Hansen will be able to dupli- cate the feats of Tom Harmon and Company oi Michigan. incidentally, lohnny SanweHa who hastmmuyeansahead ofhun wascyven a Mxhonalhononnie tnenuon by nvalcoaches As a reward for the splendid showing of all concerned this year, a Football Banquetmmwthekionlanuaqf8,atthe CohnnbK1YachtCHub. Fauuxscithe players were guests. Speakers included Coach lack Malofl, "Eggs" Manske ofthe CHncago Bears hv KupcuMH,sporm munerforthe Clncago Dany Tnnes and limniy Evans of WBBM, former Northwestern All-Conference football star. To addtothe enknanentofthe evenumrrnovkeshons onthefundanumnah of ioodxnliwemeshowwr The BGUQUGlXNUS such a huge successthattheteani vomd unannnoudytornakeitan annualevent Cenauny,FomHnans unmiseasonlxidsrnany bnghtrHospecw,and Fore nianites are looking forward to it with eager anticipation. Our students agree that our team is a magnificent symbol of Americas great stamina and good sponsmandnp. Page 113 i wjkw. v F N V5.3 1' 'K , S 6 Qu 5 if --wmrf Q F ,Q mf 'iff 1 ,gl Y EQ X, Q '17 :J ,Q-. 55, S. T V .f W V 5' fx 3 ,. , , gg--' " an 4, T322 L f,f1?5'X ' Q K5 W-7 ., u A ..QiQwi1'af1?J1S,", 5 il.T5?Y2'1 fff X ' if v T126 f W 71 gs- 'Aga .avg we ,kr ' ff Q' if If -..ig, N , ,fi N, T f 2 I V X H , f I Vf V' 1 3, f' 4' -LIGHTS TOP ROW Murray QMGUGQQIOI, Smentek, l-Tauck, Rmqwald, Mr. Zahorik. BOTTOM ROW: Ven- trelli, Evanqiltsta, Cichowicz, Drews, Gtmbickl. -HEAVIES 'TOP ROW: Mr. Zahoitk, Szot, Ztecina, Bun, Scultuere, Ondreicin, Pagoda tlvianaqert. BOT, TOM HOW: Coorlas, Koche, Stone, Rynnmq, Zielinski. BASKETBALL This year's heavyweight team, under the tutorship of Coach Zahorik, the best in Foreman's history, lost a chance for the city Championship play-off by bowing to Senn, 30 to 31. Despite the efforts of Dave Stone, picked as the all-section forward, We lost to Tuley in the University of Chicago tournament. Our close rival, Steinmetz, felt the sting of our Hornets on three occasions, at Steinmetz, the University of Chicago and at Foreman. All through the cage season our quintet showed some fast playing, smooth ball handling, and a fine fighting spirit. Although many of the players will be lost through graduation, the team is looking forward to a place in the final line-up for champions next year. ln all the games the lightweights played, Chester Hrycyk, one of the best cagers in the city, was featured. Although Hrycyk was the only experienced player left from last year's squad, the boys played well in spite of the fact that they won only one game during the season. Their desire to bring victory to Foreman and their willingness to fight hard to learn the fundamentals of basketball are an indication that the luniors will go far in their l942 contest. Page 115 Page 116 F: ff-"""7 LETTERMEN'S CLU B oreman Lettermen's Club is made up of "Boom-chica-boom!! Zis, Boom, Baht!" boys who hcfve WOR GI valor athletic Uwcrd for The Foreman cheerleaders, with Mr. Blachford interscholastic competition. The purpose of the Kouqhl their Sponsor, can be Seen Gt an the foot- group is to help athletics at Foreman rise to , , , , ball games leading the cheers which are needed greater heights and to stimulate the true essence l I I , . , , , to give the team confidence. You will find them of sportsmanship. Some of the highlights ot this h b k b H h 1 V I I ' semesters activities were the Lettermen-Faculty gl l T GS et G games 9 pmq to put Splut ln basketball game, G play day in the Forest pre- our fine team. They were out there at the Fore- Sewesy and tnn Annnn1BO,nqn91' man-Marshall game leading the cheers which The officers are: David Stone, President, Harry put U hqhlmq Splut m the bOYSf bfmqmq them Rynning, Vice-Presidentp Ernest Koche, Treasf VSTY Close to U19 SGCUOU ChCtmDlOUSl'1lIU' This urerg and Edward Planert, Secretary. energetic group ot six is always willing and lOP ROW: Pogodcr, Altrens, Hansen, Langland, Cicho- read? to pgrtigipcde in any event thai requires Xmyz, Stfutteure, Fertmdo, Stone, Kaminski, Birn, Coortus, an inexhaustible supply of whole-hearted Svnlossherg, Rubino, Evangelista, MIDDLE ROW: Murray, h Smf, Redman, Ondpreicin, Bongiorno, Conrath, Rynning, C eers' Mr. Malotf, Arndt, Pederson Smentek, Wegerer. BOTTOM ROW: Planert, Gleinke, lohnson, Koche, Rohitchelc, Mack, BACK RCW' S Mt-Cullougli, Stubhe, Bengson. . chroll, Melvin, l-lauclc. FRONT ROW: Morris, Limperes, Ludwig, Ahrens. . , . ,... i ,. ,M . . - iw. glgmgggsiugg-55 -. "its" if -0- r , fs we T . , ' if 0 - ,Q w5" ff ' W ' E' ff mga "' 5' . if 'gi lfll' llfllf-': Kr1i1tsari,L1r1f'fi,Olsrin. Nafzel,l'l'kstraiii,Brf-nir'1',Heillit1tli, llf"ITF'lil'flll'k, Cliiirvhill, Borizkow- ski, Diniivli. THIRD ROW: liarn, Attflifiry, Ankilirant, Koliiafk, l.ufiwifi, QYVFNYSFII, Svlnirli fxf' la, ll'Nl1'l1f'I1liI1f'lIf"Y, Slifivk, Sanders, iTlXIONl7 HOW: liett, S+-liroll, Zel- ler, D'IWlf'lf'tWlf'Z, Widtinann, Bo- 1arflus,Koi'h, lD"XlCPLllQOlfI0Yf", Vick, Piwk. BOTTOM HOW: XValin, Hofissnl, Doinlirowski, Sfiiiory, Mr. Slllflll1'I, Claxton, liffnalin, IW-'ler ruin, l'lartnsi'li. iggzgsgea 1+ t' 0 Till" ROW: ltyan, Lennill, lZlIItf'I5, T lloiifriariio, Twrkilfsen, Clonrath, K!V'll'N, Albers, luhl, Berniwvlii, lVlf1f'l4, l3fiterar'lCi, Wales. Tlllhll ROW: lirrrlrnan, Pcderscn, lensen, lialnali, Veranda, Stuhlir-, Arndt, Kallatli, Doiifqes, Bun'liic'c'liia, th-liifimlfii, llfilinric' i, Bcntly. SEC ONT5 ROW: Mclnvll, Pctnrs, Panos, Koyisnl, Giva, Saliey, Prosiieri, l.nt'zalc, Kray, Planert, Pagoda, Iiwlirorvlf-ry Morris, Koziol, Rievliel. l1OTTOlVl ROW: Alirmis, Ncven, Kolinias, Burke, Ml, Stadtlf-I, lm llfxrlll, VVliitc-, Gwiiiilirvi, Nast, .vapor 3, BOWLING Bowling has grown rapidly and is now lcnown as one ol Aniericas leading sports. We have in our four Bowling Leagues at Foreman over one hundred and thirty students. They are divided into two leagues lor boys and two leagues lor girls. The teanis bowl against each other for twenty-one weeks on a handicap basis. At the end ot this tinie, the teams which reside in first and second place bowl in the section ganie coni- peting against other high schools. lt the teani is lucky enough to win the sectional, every nieniber at the tearn receives a bowling ball and bag. When the high school bowling seascgn is over, a banquet is held and every nieniber ol the bowling vlulv receives a ticket and is invited to conie. The bowling teanis at Porenian are under the supervision of Mr. Gilbert Stadtler, who acts as instructor and coach. 1 +55 Page117 Page 118 TOP ROW: Juhl, Kaufman, Aiken, Hovik, Mr, Maloff, Swanberq. MIDDLE ROW: Binder N ckles Wapotish, Abell. BOTTOM ROW: Klys, Kohl, Kelley, Hughes, Henroullie, Alvhenberq Szy manski, Beckon. SWIMMING Attention is focused on Freshmen as future material for the swimming team. Weekly classes teach the development of form, speed and endurance, sportsmanship being the chief objective. Two semesters are devoted to fundamentals and preliminary steps so necessary for further accomplishments. Diving and various strokes are stressed in the next three semesters. From then on, the students are on their own inasmuch as the fourth semester entitles the survivors to be honorably placed on the swimming team. For several years, Foreman's team success, coming close to it each time. Zientarski, by graduation last lune, the able to develop several new men who ln the meet with Kelvyn Park, held on score of 35 to 29 points. lack Kaufman yard crawl, while Werner Alchenberger has been trying hard to splash its way to Although we lost our best swimmer, Hank team, sponsored by Coach Maloff, has been show great promise of becoming real stars. April ll, our swimmers were defeated by a and Wesley Kelley were featured in the 40 and loseph Wapotish piled up points in the 100 yard breast stroke event. Ed Rucinske, lack Kaufman, Stanley Mess, and Wesley Kelley gave their opponents keen competition in the l60 yard relay, and Daniel Aiken and Ioseph Wapotish splashed to near victory in the 60 yard medley. A new concern for achieving a superb swimming team has inspired enthusiasm in our student body and results have shown that Foreman will have a champion team yet. With diligent practice these boys are determined to be winners next year. BASEBALL In the Spring, the fancies of the young men at Foreman turn to thoughts of baseball and the splendid team they expect their school to produce. Each afternoon the nine may be seen on the campus kicking up the dust and winding up to an expectant victory. This has brought good results, for Foreman's baseball team of 1941, under Coach Zahorik's guidance, has shown great improvement since last season. Although there were only four Lettermen back from last year, two regulars, David Stone and Mike Ventrilli, the team responded splendidly. Almost an entire new nine took the field in the first game of the season, and despite the lack of experience, displayed an enormous amount of talent. Last year's team ended the season tied with Schurz for fourth place, ending in the upper division. This year, from the results thus far, Foreman is assured of, at least, fourth place and more likely a higher berth. Up to this date our standing is four victories to three defeats. We lost the Austin, Crane, and Steinmez games all by very close scores. Victories were gained over Tuley, Washburne, and Marshall: the latter having drubbed Stein- metz after we had lost to them. This is an example of one of the many' freaks in baseball. Outstanding moundsmen on the Hornets are Ventrilli, Neubauer, and Azog. Russell, Riezinski, Samsella, and Evangelista handle the catcher's spot. The infield consists of Maggio, Mikos, Morelli, Bongiorno, Stone, Planert and Spir- opolus. The cornfield is covered by Meredith, Stone, Iuretsche, Rucinski, Robitchek, and Ondreicin. The one disappointment, however, is that the team will again graduate. There will only be a few back for next year, and new material will have to be looked for. The present is bright but the future is black. TOP ROW: Tekip, Spiropoulos, Ondreciin, Redman, Stone, Iuretschke, Mikes, Neubauer, Ventrelli. MID- DLE ROW: Mr. Zahorik, Ozoq, Decker, Reider, Bcnjiorno, Meredith, Sculteure, Marinello. BOTTOM ROW: Maggio, Planert, Russell, Robitchek, Morelli, Samsella, Dolce. R. O. T. C. Since school opened last September, the R.O.T.C. at Foreman has surpassed the achieve- ments of former years. lt has been the custom to accept lB's and lA's into the unit, but this year Sgt. Hill, military instructor, has accepted only 2B's or more advanced students in the school in order that the whole battalion might be in uniform. At present, the enrollment is l95 uniformed cadets. Having more cadets in the unit affords Sgt. Hill with more proficient officer material. Each day Sgt. Hill conducts an eighth period class for the commissioned officers. The purpose of this instructional class is to iron out any difficulties encountered by the officers with the cadets, and to instruct the officers in the correct manner in which to direct their classes in theoretical and drill problems. The first semester of each year is usually set aside for theory, because of the inclement weather which makes outdoor drill impossible. The excellent results of the theory, taught by the officers most proficient in the various subjects, has been self-evident in the test papers of the cadets. Each semester medals and bars are awarded to the cadets who have been outstanding in their service to the R.O.T.O. for that particular semester. The organizations which award medals are as follows: The Belmont Park Legion Post No. 597, the War Department, the Chicago Daily Tribune, Reserve Officers' Association, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. OFFICERS ker n, D1Gristma. SECOND PERIOD CLASS hauser, Riesterze, Iackson, Metz TOP ROW: Ray, Schultz, Carlsc Conrath, Metz, Rohr, Arndt, Gark Wetter. BOTTOM ROW: McLean Weqerer, Preston, Sacco, Sitka, lac son, Christensen, A. Wegerer, Kn TOP ROW: Koch, Molr, Carter, B1 lat, Huff, Maks, Schlickan, Der zmski, R. Montgomery, Sodusl Bychowski. THIRD ROW: Czarm Schultz, Sesco, Jensen, Caputo, Kc ney, Bruer, W. Montgomery, Krleqe Fernquist, Kontje, Huber. SECOIN ROW: Nast, Newell, Boles, Bruh Oddo, Kopsel, Worthan, Hanse Barth, Misurelli, Frische, Trippied BOTTOM ROW: Hammer, Arndt Wegerer, T re n n e r, Underwoo Kenna, Lawendowski, Pittelka Kontie, Dolon, Lata, Solon, Lan .1-Y COLOR UNIT 1.1ff'T TU RIGHT: Mylon Bn,-iiqfswii ltixvld Mv1.min, 1J11i11i5 11iGIistin-i lfdwiiid Kostyniiik. THIRD PERIOD CLASS TOP RQW: Frm-se, Mfiteinfi, Movlr 1m-x, Wiiirrziik, Miller, Bfitceriiiiri, tfninnhsz, Piiidwiski, Ilov in, Mutson, Kolinz, llonish. THIP111 ROW: In qluszby, Hinit, 1.n1c11s-iritritt, Burns, H1-vidviswii, Ligitfs, Hfinsfln, Nninll, Ilffiiiviit, Gihbtash, Finliiy, Pwszfsl-L. SECOND HOW: Giibiirfl, Stuiin, Sc1iwfixZ,1,onf1,Pii1st,1'foin,Miir:oic2, Giiscliu, Ifdwtirds, Butler, Kusvinds-vi. P'ltItt'l111I, Tyrrell. BOTTOM ROW: Axn--ss, Riiy, Cliiistwnsaen, Toitoi 01141, Kind--I, ljfill, Tiediicksori, Fmhni, Llymfinowski, tjfi rlson, Mif'1w1, Koitieiiid, Ho11inq0i, Stivken, 016+-iliiiiywi, Piwstori, Knisk-tin, FOURTH PERIOD CLASS TOP ROW: Curio, Ho1n, Rositrj1'i, Hobbs, Lrxricgtiiiiism,Glienke,Stt1skiu Huhi-i, 1Ick1unci, MCPfII'1'II1d, Piitf ridge. THIRD ROW: Pcinbunin, Czlfrpinzaki, Hunt, Bviiiet, Kcrczoiow- ski, Nielson, Rydz, Lfiviqne, Het nifinson, f1llqW'!11, Stixnko, Tiixuscfi, Antlos. SFTKIONIW ROVI: 1'1r1qnif,in, Ruins-ntzciiz, O11f:i, Viaisicy Mrntin Schnndt, Miisoiiitfk, Dybdrih1, Crt mile, Miitrtiiiik, Pedersen, Klnnii, Hdwfxifis, BOTTOM ROW: Boite, Sficco, Wt-ttvi, Hiinnti, Giorno, Peter- son, Panos, Hfitt, VVU11S'r:l1t, Ptxci1:ff, Miiqirii, Nevvn, Nts-1sHii,Sitkti, Rohr, Giivksti R. .T. C. Federoi inspection of Foremon's unit, which was he1d Moy 7th, proved thot the students' efforts for the post two semesters were not in voin. Sgt. 1-1i11 expects ct higher roting this yeor than thot received in previous yecirs, which was exce11ent. For the first time in the history of Foremon's H.O.T.C. it hos odded to the commission grade o Lieutenont Co1one1 which is the highest rcink ony codet officer con obtoin ot Fore- mon. Sgt. H111 hos C1 greot task oheod of him in choosing his bottolion commonder, os o11 the officers wi11 be striving to merit this high position. During the 1c1st semester the R.O.T.C. wos eiotted over the news of the promotion of Sgt. 1-1i11, who was promoted to d stoff Sgt. in the D.E.M.L. tR.Q.T.C.1 "vt- ynur-vv vt. RIFLE TEAM TOP ROW: Chrzstensen, Arndt, Curl , B. ,. , Montgomery, Long . BOTTOM ROW: Prang McLean, Kopsel, Gibrsh, Carter RIFLE TEAM The rifle team, under the able guidance ot Sgt. Hill, made a very creditable show- ing in the matches in which it participated. Out of 27 other school teams, Foreman placed seventh in the city matches, and sixth in the Corp Area matches. Last year the team placed fourteenth. COMPETITIVE PLATOON The Competitive Platoon, composed ot picked cadets ot the unit, placed llth out of the 27 schools entered in the Annual Platoon Competition. Sgt. Hill was very well pleased with the excellent performance of this group, Members of the Competitive Platoon are Edward Kopsel, David McClean, Richard Miller, Cyril Coombs, Iames Haii, Iohn Hagman, Douglas Huber, Emil Borre, Iohn Boles, Harlyn Hansen, lack Schultz, Robert Moeller, Robert Hutt, Howard Danish, Robert Montgomery, Calvin Edwards, Iohn Dybdahl, Charles Krueger, Iarvis Hunt, Edward Dement, Eugene Newell, William Montgomery, Ierome Pinderski, George Grischo, Lawrence Masonic, Robert Gabriel, Robert Schwarz, Robert Erahm, Edward Derdzin- ski, Earl Dolan, Roman Korney and Commander, Second Lt. Erwin Metz. Page 122 FIRST SEMESTER DP ROW: Miss Ltxqoiio, fnson, Stemhol, Ba::l'x, Sgiet fr, Smaqrx, Cieslalc. BOT- DM ROW: Pcxwltckl, Serra try, Petersen, President, uapnlc, Vice-President: Wil fxmson, Pre-sident's Assis- lnt: Zeller, Treasuierg Kuen- tl, Revordnmq Ss-civtfuy. SECOND SEMESTER OP ROW: Clcslalz, Benson, wrxlriqc-r, Iatczak, Huebner, tibitm, Srliioll, Ps-derson, listlc'-. BOTTQM ROW? Ptlw- rkl, Scirlsttflryy Knapllc, ict: President, Willmrriasori msidfrntg Kuorizcl, Record- iq Sricrutrrryi Zeller, Treas- rt-rp Stvrribol, Asrislftrit Re oiclluq St-ffiutfxxy. BOARD OF CONTRCL The G.A.A. Board of Control aids the Girls' Athletic Association in managing its attairs. This group, composed ot the G.A.A. otticers and thirteen other faithful members, draws up the constitution which contains the rules and regulations by which all G.A.A. members abide. The Board of Control is in charge of the various activities sponsored by this organization. The members, who meet once a week to discuss various Ways and means of improving their association, have high hopes for building a still bigger and better G.A.A. than they already have. The Representatives eep the activities ot the organization. It is up to the classmates that the Girl's Athletic Association is an k the division rooms in close contact with m to encourage and con- vince their fellow organization they should join it they long for vim, vigor, vitality, and fun. G. A. A. LETTER GIRLS LETTER GIRLS To possess an Athletic Letter is every girl's ambition. Upon receiving this she continues on with her work until she is entitled to the highest award which is the fourth chevron. This award cannot be given until the end of her 4A semester. The first award given is the silver bar pin which the student receives when she has 600 points. With an additional 400 points, she is entitled to the Athletic Letter. Miss Veronica Lagorio is the sponsor of the Letter Girls' Club whose members are interested in developing a better understanding between athletics and the other activities of the school. A club of this nature is bound to build character and to promote an interest in good sportsmanship. TOP ROW: Schrachta, Kien- inqer, Farina, Fabian, Brem- nter, Icitczak, Huebner, len- sen, Stoltenberg, Stembol, Williamson, Milewsk1,Reich- enbach. MIDDLE ROW: Cres- lak, Benson, Pawlicki, Brown, Dietz, Zimmerman, Knapik, Gengo, Lnnperes, Kallas. BOTTOM HOW: Stei- tin, Zander, Zeller, Schroll, Knenzel, Wcndland, Peder- son, Sinadinos, Schreiner. STUDENT ASSISTANTS TOP ROW: Gunther, Chris' tmnsen, Clausen, Bezdon, Pober, Hoinowski, Brerninei, Brown, Enqen, Ludwig, Wennerstroin, Skarzanstre, Kappell, lanus. THIRD ROW: Baranowski, Albertin, Shur- heck. Rosenquist, Zimmer- man, Riechenbach, Voss, Nelson, Ancry, Olander, Wright, McNerney, Kulpa, Lenipp. SECOND ROW: For- syth, Genqo, Mistle, Stolt- inq, Enqlert, Butler, Ernst, Houck, Vick, London, Mills, Schreiner, Belinke. BOTTOM ROW: Salisbury, Garstatlca, Kleczewski, Leo, Canfield, Brant, Dimich, Tornatore, Tiiesenroth. Page 124 STUDENT LEADERS Training for leadership plays an important part in any organization. The Student Leaders at Foreman are no exceptions. These are girls who have taken special training for this type of work in a special gym class. They referee class games, take attendance, and in case of emergencies, take complete charge of the entire gym class. For this service the Student Leaders receive points toward their G.A.A. letter. Miss Alma Tones is in charge of supervising these girls. Each semester a party is given for them, with entertainment, dancing and refreshments. G. A. A. G.A.A. REPRESENTATIVES 'TOP ROW: K11l1111, Sm-11 lcowski, K1111111, lJe1l.111 1, Cxovh, Olfllltlllf, lclrfri, lpn sen, Kopf-ll, l111111s, Mtrwrw, Mills, Cl1isl1ol1111, Flwmsolf-. 'l'llIl?D l'iOW: lvl111'l1ic11i, St11rsi11lc, Stviri, Misllv, Grfiefv, AV1-ref-tt, lloiricvw- ski,, llum-1l1r1r-1, L'111lsfr1, Bierke, G+--llvr, Kllllliiftll, Rr1i1'l1e11l111vk, l.1IIlCl1YI1, Ferroli, Mills. Sl'fK"OlNll5 ROW: Wt-114il11111l, Iwo, Stc1f'flt1111,1, Sllllllllll, Solis liury, Gielxrowski, 131'l111111k- 1-l, Eriulert, lfrrist, S1'l11111'l1 l1,1, S1'l1wc11t7. fi O 'l 'l' O M RO WZ l.i11151s11cfs, K11ll11s, Zumler, B11 1 11 ll 11 w s lc i, Swl11'r1i11r11, Slc1llv11l11'111. G.A.A. MASS TOP RCW: N11lcc111e-, Atlciii son, O'l,1'c1Iy, Mfitulc, Stein, Kryzlcovvski, C111!sc111, lif-11ls, Polwei, Gioelriiiiq, G--llvr, Kriutsoir, H1111-l1m111, H1111-11, Pc-torsori. 'l'lllRl5 HOVV: Vlfecgl,G111els1,G1i1--1, fit-l1111 l1c1'1'k, AIl1111'ti11, Slcwizyiislu, Sfmvlli, lclc-11, L't1111fis-lil, B11111tlt, Lewis, Ort1111'11111, Peterson, Kriioqwr, M1'N1-1 nc-y, SECOND HOVV Iol1r1sor1, Wiiqht, Moyer, llerulti, Blllllksllfl, lioisytli, Pvrsitl, S1'l1w111ty1, llis-svn rotli, Bel111l1,1:, l,11111.l1,-11, Stern. HO'l"l'OM HOW: Lcivktuie, l311vis, Hmitie-1, Grossei, llliilfflltlll, M1-L lui 4111, ll111111111to11, l.l11111-k, Holes. G.A.A. MASS 'l'OP HOW: llvlifWISUIl, l.cf1f1lc, KtIlIltJf'll, P1'111f1s, K11l11t11, Umlerhill, ll+1r1s1111, I,f11so11, Hrown, Clark, S111--vlc, lk- ftxll, Bfzritiorr, S:'e11lc11W::l4i, litivkeriiei, ff1111Wf1ll, Kl'Il1lt, Giitxiriui, Afliill, Vxovli. THIRD ROW: P1111l, Km-lwr, lieriipp, Lciszowslci, Vcss, liosmiqtiisl, Nelson, V1-lc, Steffin, Stxntlt-is, Svliwvnlc, Lwlflliiil, Wz111cll11111l, film- l11I1ci, fi1ii11l1111l, lltiiiis, Wi111'2l1r1111, Zi1111111111111111. SECOND HOW: lfflt-1-141-wsl-11, Peterson, L'l1c1111111111, l.11s zvwski, Kovli, l,111s1111, ltuth, I Ferroli, Cl1isl1c1l111, llwllm-11, Mulusicil-L, Houvk. hO'l"l'0lVl ROW: Av:-rison, S1'l111111k el, Bfiessel, W111ly1111, M11 i1 CII i 1 lltllllltl 11 y, 1 111 erso 1, -, Hlllltff, film-isolrf. The purpose of the Girls' Athletic Associotion of Foremon l-lifih Schoolis Kzfudher physkxn ocuvinesforthe enioyrnent ofthe sport ond to qive every qirl on opportunity to GNQUQ9 ifl C1 Wl'1Ol9SOTT19f Well rounded proqronici Physkxn EducoUon,to pronuwe socki oCHviUGS ond to foster the highest ideols in sportsnionship. Under the supervision of Miss Veronico Lflqorlo Grid W9 G- A- A- officers, the ossooiotion runs smoothly. The officers ore os follows: Shirley Williamson, Presiclentg Delores Knopik, Vice-President, Esther Powlicki, Secretory, ond Lois Kuenzl, Treosurer. Page 125 ie. SR F. ' -r gi' W3 Hi Wa' 23 . ' 1 ,Ar .. 5 --Sffzi A s x. F 5 5 1 "I W - EQ X"""w3wiW " W LA qw - it J .,,-z-mms-ggi,...,..M - VM, 4 aff- 'fn if Q ff ,-If ,df-f" .ww W N Q - X ' ,L', 1, m L mfg A - - mfrfigi. ,Q - SW L , Q K K' V will K, V ,Q Egg ,xx A i5'?'QlL 1 fl 1 f,..i1 . V , TSW - ' 'A Q Qsftigzgsuf H 29' gQ1:w 1- I Qi , ff- - We 5 5 X r 'X' 35 RECREATIONAL GAMES The gym contains facilities tor numerous types oi gymnastic work. Besides developing strong healthy bodies, the participation in various athletic activities helps develop honest, quick thinking individuals who will prove a credit to this nation. Under the supervision ot Miss Veronica Lagorio, with the assistance oi Miss Alma Tones and Miss Harriet Hardy, the gymnastic course is enjoyed by all. The recreational games and sports were introduced to the girls' gym department in l939 and since then have been pro- gressing rapidly. Such sports as deck tennis, paddle tennis, table tennis, badminton, bowl- ing, horseshoes and shuffle- board are popular with the girls and boys. A co-recreational period is held once a week, which aims to promote a love for sports and provides students with an enjoyable recreational period during the school day. The most recent activity to be added is a dancing class spon- sored by Miss Alma Iones. Each semester intramurals play an important part in the lives of Eoremanites. Tourna- ments in volley ball and base' ball are held in school. A medal is awarded to each player on the winning team. lt is every girl's ambition to achieve one of these medals which proves her outstanding skill in gymnas- tic activities. Foremanites earnestly look forward to participating in these recreational and intramural games. Such activity relieves their minds from the constant strain of school work, and they are tree to enjoy periods oi energetic work which to them seems like play. No wonder the gymnastic course is so popular. With so much to offer what more could the students wish tor! The Marshall Stuhin OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR - THE ' FOREMANUAL C09 162 NORTH STATE STREET. CHICAGO Butler Building, Suite 1101 STAte 2462 DEArborn 8224 Page 128 ITIOSGI' BUSINESS COLLEGE Only Four Year High School Graduates Enrolled Gregg and Pilman Shorthand - also Steno- typy. Beginning Classes Start First Monday in Each Month. Advanced Students ma En- Y ter Any Monday. Bulletin Sent Free. H6 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Randolph 4347. SCHOOL GYM SWEATERS SHOP and CLOTHES TRACK T CLOTHES RIDING TOG S COVERALLS MEN'S - LADIES' 0 ENGLISH - WESTERN APRONS cmd SHQES EU! CAPS 3956 NORTH CICERO AVENUE at Irving Park Road This book is bound in cr DE LUXE KINGSCRAFT COVER MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS. Inc. Chicago Office 0 325 W. Huron Street I SUPerior 2406 Empire Sportcraft Company 5218 Irving Park Road SCHOOL SWEATERS MADE TO ORDER Come to See Our Factory PALISADE 9317 Page 129 COMPLIMENTS OF LEO'S PLACE Across the Street on Belmont Avenue SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE SCHOOL LUNCHES R. O, T. C. SUPPLIES Beverages-5 Cents Bicycles Parked-2 Cents cl Day Foreman's Favorite Holler Rink ARCADIA ROLLER RINK 4444 BROADWAY AT MONTROSE THE HOME OF ROLLER DANCING Skating the Year Round Page 130 CONRAD Hardware and Electric Co. PAINTS, OILS AND GLASS CUTLERY AND TOOLS SPORTING GOODS Telephone Palisade 5186 2913 N. Cicero Ave. CHICAGO. ILLINOIS CORSAGES INDIVIDUALLY STYLED AS YOU LIKE THEM ART FLOWER SHOP 3048 N. Cicero Ave. Chicago. Ill. Pensacola 3229 VORTEX GAS G OIL 4550 ADDISON STREET Pensacola 0814 The Best lor Less-A Fair Trial Will Convince You Phone Berkshire 0700 STRATFURD RECREATIDN JOS. MEILINGER, JR., Pres. Bowling and Refreshments 3016-22 North Central Ave. Chicago. Ill. O Phone KII..clare 5618 C21 OSCAR NAST E. VV D.AMo,.f,S E5 Hardware - Paints - Glass 3203 N. CICERO AVENUE AT BELMONT 5212 BELMONT AVE. Phone Palisade 5050 H. SMITAL Florist and Greenhouse CUT FLOWERS FUNERAL FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS 3254-56 CENTRAL AVENUE A SHOP FOR THE PARTICULAR MAN TOMPKINS MEN'S WEAR 3202 N. CICERO AVENUE Ben V. Tompkins PAI.isade 2882 GONIVA'S HARDWARE H A R D w A R E TOOLS e CUTLERY PAINTS-V OILS GLASS -VARNISI-I PLUMBING and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 3633 N. CENTRAL AVENUE CHICAGO, ILL. Phone Pensacola 4503 WE DELIVER I. G. A. FOOD MART TONY PROVENZA 3024 N. Laramie Avenue Meats, Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables Phone Avenue 7166 Page 131 THE FOREMAN STUDENT COUNCIL Wishes io express its appreciation for the splendid service given by the Tote . . . ROBERT HOVESTOL while commissioner of Ushers 'THEPLACE HDBUY.HH4OOL SUPPUES OF EVERY KHVD FOREMAN SUGAR BOWL Across from School on Le Claire 'LUNCHES 'SODAS Pg 132 B. I. KESL CO. I E W E L RY Manufacturers of CLASS RINGS. PINS. MEDALS. FRATERNITY AND CLUB PINS TROPHIES AND PRIZE CUPS Phones: Central 4652-Dearborn 9054 Silversmiths Building-Sih Floor 10 SOUTH WABASH AVENUE CHICAGO. ILL. Page 133 HERFF-JONES - CHICAGO MANUFACTURER OF Fine .qjlldflily Class Rings ana' Pins ANNOUNCEMENTS CLASS RIBBONS CLUB PINS TROPHIES MEDALS A Chicago Manufacturer and a member of the Chicago Association of Commerce HERFF-JONES - CHICAGO 32 West Randolph Street Phone State 2378 ALL MERCHANDISE FULLY GUARANTEED THANK YOU! For your patronage. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve you. FOREMAN LUNCHROOM MISS MCSE, Manager You are invited to have your watch tested tor accuracy in 30 seconds on the Watch Master. NO COST 0 NO OBLIGATION The Watch Master produces Chart Records show- ing the 24 hour rate ot any watch and indicates the cause ot any irregularity. rp-ug IS mg WATCH MASTER When you have your watch repaired you will receive a printed proot ot accuracy. CARL H. ANDER JEWELRY AND OPTICAL GOODS MULben'y 2810 3004 N. Cicero Avenue Chicago. Ill. Page 134 Xl'X!Xl ESTABLISHED 1884 FRED KLEIN CQMPANY Qiooc! mVVl.l'IfC?fI'S or nearftg 60 yC?ClI'S 732 West Van Buren Street Telephone Monroe 6363 NfXl'XlKfNlXf'Xf5f'Nf Page 135 WWA' MN HUTUGRHPHS osevaow OVV1 4394 340 WEST HURON STREET - CHICAGO SCHOOL DIVISION . . L.W.HAGERTY,jR.,Dir t 11 I , , , If 91918443 5 0 l5f'lV1Cf'l0V1 ' 'V--V! f .., x X 1 -n. v ...' n 4 - 1 1,-is-,i. J , , '. ' 1: V 4 ,if 4 1 4 X 1 x I 1 I 1 1 v T A I 4 L f -4 si. f SVN. . ..7! .51 !2f1.f.- ap' ff' 'Air' 'ls' .15 ?, 4 fv , 32 A J. 1 ,I ,gg .5 -.. , .., S' T133 h ' aft!-1, fa 'ZH 1 , 1 W . vel. 9 3, ,0 . .11 F. 1 1 , I db l . w . ' E- :-- F' - ' 4 w 1 I 5 w I, . a p X . , A F .. .41 . H. 5' x' -1 .3155 Wigf' A -: W , 4 . - .K ...F , . 'ff ffrf ,fly - : f , r "J 'semi fx . ,Y If f' 'A -L-' lx 4,,. la' A 1 ..!:'f'+' '-' 1 -4v...x?. - . M H. ri' ,g.'. Y N. ,, ,,dfL, .3 J- -in U g . sl ' 'ix A M. A ,,-, QM -,hrli f v LM- Q ' .fxv 4 . 4. M' .. I., gquw Y v-' f '.,,,51v .mi . N .Y , V .1-ix "1. f'r'A'S " . .. ' ,-, 7 .xy gp . . 73 rr - . P" . tn . M 1 ' ". .L ' L ff ' ' . ur-. .'+. W H 'x . 3 1 ' 1 aw Y 4 'Y Ki Q .2 3 Y ' Til .ivy .14 ,AH . , " ut: A .,,:lY L n J X 3 i , -a 4 .., rv f Q ...fl V5.5 , I 7 , 2Ww1F'?vJ . "Q 3, ,zfgf ' ' M , P 1+ 'gV'V "f 4' f1Q,,.f 93 Lfffsim'-4"-Mi," U 'a 1 i5.'2g "' ' Q :M f WL 'ff --Q fx -s"" m,' "' , Hn! . -A af -."W1'mi' 'WM-Q'A'2f 5' 2 V 1 1 -x 1 . V V'.If,f A 'Ji Hi, .. . L' ' ' 'W 1 1 1, wx? A A ,. ,."1,v..f -N' I1 Mu in 1 -WM 2, - . 1 x . y A ' ki: ' , q I sk. A 1 , A 4 f F X JM 1 1 'L 1-f 74" ' f A A c 1 ' ,W W 1'

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