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 - Class of 1939

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Lv-"Q K , N J. 5 Pi L -Q. .1 .U MF' ,IU ke. 1 : I -1 E2 .J 1 1 R -i F51 he Z , 2523. 'Ti .. 'N .5 Q? ,f Am 9. in ' rf' . ,V r ff Sits ,mf 55 is "fl- ew Q Q5 FS: ' EQ 5' S' Z5 3? .X Fil, . MT 7, . 1- - wxc-Imefw-.-vpfxf ,f ff -L. -- ,Q 1 - -f . f-' J gg ,.s,-,,,..,.fi,, . X 1, , .,,., ,,. .A f. X . , , X. .Q .., in 4. . ..,w,f.,f.,. .. I 5 L I . U4 . ' ' D ' . M i, 'Q 5: ' f ff , " V .Q V5.5 f . "1 if T V 'V y i'-31 - ' , I V , 5 .so 'M' mm-, '. , .a ,, Y ,, -5 , 1 55,14 QEi":Qa:n,, ,f-fL.,., ,.. - , .Q r i'Xg?'4' ' mei 1, , ,T ,. , 4 , 0 3, .il ' R R- ., , b ,, ,, . -1.4 .EU ,N Q, 5' fad Pa 11 ww km,:,.f2,:1,.z1fsm.n In Q Y. ,es ' 'flak - ' ' L 5':' flzl . ,A , . 91,5 A ,r ,: ' nj. 74 , ,QR sn. , iff!" Q-gr: ,, 114 A .H ,. ,v , X ,Ml I, f , V ,W 4- JL..- '. gi: R-if 12 ar' A , .. -,.h..., . . S .f , V-, ,A ,. .M Q -,- ,X 4,7'.,!f i:g V 3.94, wg,-yu . .,.,, ' ff' "N 4'm",, " A . f,r .r .4 -.1 . A X ,. .14-'Lag , W., M., ,-N . wx, V ., :Q A , UQ.. ' X: "WF, f' ,QQ , 1' J sy., ., ji. A- V, . 4 ,,,.'-Q, wi Lv f jf f. . ,' 4 f A, u 4 'Q -1 uf l .M w, . ,V 4 4.-. i -.M VH ' QM L' , ML. A 5:2 .5 , -2:3 . ,fy .H fw 1 , .f":',m,. ., A,,:. . - V ,. .. W.. .... ., r- 4 -14 . 'K-Q' 'fu ' V in 1 . , '. , v., . SL' 'f., -xl: 1 - tif' 5 4 , . asf .,,,4',Af W, ,bf , ..r 1. .N .R , 214, bi ,ml j,. 22352 ,V V. , 1, ' 'sf- L. xx +L ,h4g,5, 4 , 'J 4.. . .M. ,, .,., , 1 1, , w. 2 , 5.1 ,. wi 5 3' A V... e . K-, ,,--. X ' , -3,1 .1 , 1, .i, ,, , 4 X ,. Q "ga, . 1 ' 1 V "R ,V 3' , , . V, ilk., V .Cn ,- Y V ,, ,vgwgul J f ,,. 4, X .3 , .UM , . ,,,. ,va W,, ,, ,A Z. Stai- fzxv " E, .A r .J ,ig ,. .J- .v, . yt jff- . fy A . ,, ,a , . , ,,, 4.x ' ,. . 5,4 - -,- J pm 1 . ,,,' J. ' Rf: X , mx, . Wi, - ML. , , ' v ' f- ..'- .w.,., ,1 G, 54, iQ ',r',L1.' A 1 f if .gc . n.,: H -- I . Ja. L, -- ,,',-'. W w ' ,arm ' - .4,GJ'fg1, Z . 1.--. A, ,f . , , ,,,"-21. 1, ... . ff 1 .ji t ff:,3J.-vj'j'fZu' ' .h,j. ' 3: 1' i .f . 4 fn ,ga-' f A , ' MW ,,, fl rv-" ' ' ga, fk nil 'L' ,ff '-, -V ,J fp Fw if .suv - fWlQ,1HQ r A I J. , V .uf ' wi 1, , ,,k:,,g ,H , , S v-' I. ',f'. . .fm . , ,r vi ,X L. 1 2 ln.-' 4j:'J'E1.gw4li".:fi'll?Ht'4 Nj-' , "1 1 L-.a,'+d,ff ,w t:QiHVA.Fi:!geg.,1g,f 5 W '52, 1: . ..,?4,.f,.. . 5,45'?9"" j',fifff,1+':32RfZ'?i11f A 'fm va Y my -M '3U,,L,4,4di , ,uv,jM:f,5.1a,'1:4?Jg?.f?liTI! , . ,. .,,.,. yn , . ., 'nw Ib, .2 I I, N- 'nm R1 4w..V,.,c,' . , in 4. MA .kxs, , ,,,,A,:,:,, f ii Wie. f .. ,. A .-.fp A .f 1 'f -.1 Y w ,m.. m 1 f, fb M , - 115- n,'5uiu" 4 WWJMQ. 5' " - , T "I - "' Gf. ,X ,jf v .R4 L f ' If I 1 . F . V . ,M-,f,: ' ' . , 2 . . ' - '. N. 4 It ' I Q X .. Af ..,'wr'- -. -Ll' ' 4' '- ff - Y , FCDREMANUAL CDF YQUTI-I J4 milieux OF THE YEAR NINETEEN THIRTY NINE PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR CLASS VOLUME FOUR FOREM1-IN HIGH SCHOOL, CHICAGO YOUTH HONOR Dedication A year and a half ago, Mr. Moses Maier was appointed principal of the Foreman High School as a fitting reward for years of capable administration in the Chicago Public Schools. He immediately Won the confidence of both the faculty and the student body With his cheerfulness and his humaneness, as Well as for his wise decisions. He has proved to be judicious, patient, kindly, courteous, good- natured and tolerant at all times. As the highest expression of our apprecia- tion for his endeavors we, the Senior Class of 1939, affectionately dedicate this Fore- manual to Mr. Moses Maier ...c the very embodiment of the Spirit of Perpetual Youth. ITS PRlNClPAl ERMINA IWAGISTRELLI Janzzafv lflffilor QI Gwen WNW! .bmw ,Qbknr TTHCHVR T ANU :XNN-:I A-1,4 In-'f lLr1l"" H Aljfllpff Sfffffffl .SIIAW 'V , 4 lllllllffl' N'-rg.-. ZEEB ' 41' visor A5. YOUTH .mresents YOUTH ITSELF ..... PAGE 8 YOUTH LEARNS .... PAGE 56 1 . M A wfr, M' ,QSM WW N 4fQP YOUTH ENDEAVORS . . . PAGE 66 YOUTH CULTIVATES VIGOR .... ..... ..... .... .PAGE 96 ,,,.,.,:f- " M WW BSWQL me 2 Asifwv V X,., iw 2 9 Lf sf V 1925? ff A-Mi 5,3 1. W' ' '1 I, 1 ' ?'33!6v2Ki55i?nNie:'iE.F95!551.3Ee-.2zX!m-SEl!55:E1s3s. f8fSSf3k5Si?wX.4:?!5 vgggjegf I ,M vi X 1 Sf, Maw' R 1, Q ,P i V651 A if t .. w W iw 2 Q.. E' f mv?-f 5' J .jj 0, uf . , is -..h- 'T l, si AVN ' JANUARY CLASS HISTORY "All Freshies go to the Auditorium at once 1" Forty-five peppy boys were sent to Mr. Sollo's divisiong the other students filled Miss Kilpatrick's and Mr. Lassen's domain. Even then, traits of leadership and of scholastic ability were discernible in Eugene Knight, Gustav Sosdian and Ellen Petrzelka. During our Sophomore year, Cliiord Pilz, Ted Kaczor and Tony Malone were the mainstays of the tennis and basketball teams. We took several field trips and we shall never forget the fun that we had. In our Junior year, While faint rumors of a Student Council filled the air, we aided the C. I. C. in adopting the "Stairway Traffic System." Our social life also was expanded greatly after we had our first roller skating party. Our Senior life was ushered in with many happy afternoons spent in the girls' gym attempting to master the antics of dancing, while other classmates won athletic letters. Ann Bufarle and Anthony Malone were President of the Lettergirls' and Lettermen's Club, respectively. We had a grand time at our class picnic in June, which was a prelude to the happiest semester at Foreman. Letty Meredith attained the most coveted position which the student body can bestow, President of the C. I. C.g CliHord Pilz, Vice-President, Dorothy Fry, Secretary, and Wilbur Zelinski, Treasurer. The class election was a warm battle of ballots but the candidates to the left became the class officers. We held a Christmas party in the gym-holly, mistletoe and punch -and we had a most pleasant time. The Prom in the beautiful Belmont Hotel was a dream realized, followed by a Class Day party that will linger in our fond memories. Senidr Night found us attending the delightful per- formance of "The Three Cornered Moon," which revealed our classmates as talented. Suddenly graduation night swept down upon us. We listened with tear filled eyes to the Salutatarian, to the Valedictorian, to the guest speaker, and to the presentation of the class gift. Wilbur Zelinski won a scholarship at the University of Chicago, Clifford Pilz, Letty Meredith and Anthony Malone were awarded honor medals. We marched to the stage to receive those coveted diplomas, as the curtain fell on our high school life. We may never meet all of our class- mates again, but we are grateful for the many sincere and warm friend- ships which the January Class of 1939 fostered. ANTHONY MALONE, President JOHN ONDREJCIN, Vice President MONZELLE MITCHELL, Secretary DOROTHY FEENEY, Treasurer i10l IANUARY COMMITTEE ll Nl uislrclli. lluluslm. 'I'urnquisl. llix N Il1N'IlI'lll'k. II'0ll1lul'f. Ili Ihr- lll ll nmski. Carroll, 'l':lxil1. Amlvn. I it ln or. I'II'Ik'IIlll2lll. Nelson. Games. I x Ilurnmn. lllricksun. Nast. l'vtr- lk I nrski, l':lstx-llzmu, Slum-. Rich- JANUARY COMMITTEES . , ,Lam Q i . 5 Sw-....,.,,v - .. Smith. Iill1'l'l'lt'l'l. Kusnlimlvr. Nl Ill I7 : . '. IIIIDS. l.znui ll 5l itll linniki Slulk uk: Nlllqlu Xl Ollie, Kvvivky. -Q l Wlf ' The important activities of the class of February, 1939, were ably discharged by the various committees in charge-Prom, Class Day, Social, Cap and Gown, Pin and Ring, and Graduation Committees. The first big social event was the Christmas Party which was held in the gaily deco- rated girls' gym on December 19. It was a festive occasion in which 135 Merry Se- niors and their Faculty Sponsors cele- brated the Christmas season with dancing, entertainment, favors, and refreshments. Doris Wendorf and her capable assistants made this party indeed a memorable one. On January 19, 1939, Senior Night was held in the School Auditorium. The Seniors and their many friends attended the per- formance of "The Three Cornered Moon," in which their classmates played the lead- ing roles. An evening of delightful enter- tainment climaxed the dramatic work of this group. This was followed by the Class Day Pro- gram and Dance with Eugene Knight act- ing as Chairman and Master of Ceremonies. On Wednesday, January 25, at 1:30 P. M., the Seniors met in the girls' gym for their last social gathering as under gradu- ates. Dancing to Edwin Birr's orchestra was interrupted only long enough so that the guests could be entertained by the many talented performers whose songs, dances, and recitations were enthusiastically re- ceived. Refreshments and the taking of moving pictures completed this last after- noon for the Seniors as students of the Foreman High School. Long will it be remembered as a joyous occasion. llll IANUARY COMMITTEE Y W STANIJING: Nlr. Sullu. IIIUIIIIIIII IJ l I Nlll n Nl: I A i Sosiliun. Zillll s". . z 0 v. I ANDRESEN. RUTH "Ruthie" COMMERCIAL Service, G. A. A., C. I. C. dreamy, blonde, reserved AXELSON. DOROTHY "Dot" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Bowling. sincere, quiet, blonde BAGERSKI. COLUMBIA COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, G. A. A. rep., Prom Com., Newspaper rep., Intramurals, C. I. C. playful, athletic, gay BALAINE. HUBERT "Son" SCIENCE Math., German, Intramurals, C. I. C., Adv. Band. friendly, easy, musical BARNAS. PHILIP "Midget" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Hall Guard. audacious, humorous, peppy BECHTOLD, ELSIE 'tBeeky" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C., Girls' Choral. friendly, sincere, pleasant ANDEN. MARIORIE "Margie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Safety, Drama, Class Day Com. lovely, dainty, quiet 5121 IANUARY ANDERSON, ROBERT f'Bob" TECHNICAL Basketball, Tennis, Prom Com., Intramurals, C. I. C. rep., Lettermen. cheerful, tall, athletic BECKER. ARTHUR "Art" SCIENCE C. I. C., Drama, German, Math., Hall Guard Capt. tall, dramatic, sociable BEHRENDT, VERNETTE COMMERCIAL C. I. C. quiet, dependable, pleasant BELKE. ROBERTA "Bobbie" LANGUAGE C. I. C. rep. capable, sociable, agreeable BERTSCHINGER, GRACE "Butch" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, C. I. C., Class Day, Three Cornered Moon, Managing Editor Foreman News, Honor, G. A. A. friendly, bright, gifted BETLACK. WILLIAM "Legs" TECHNICAL Basketball, Prom Com., C. I. C., Lettermen, Intramurals, Hall Guard. sociable, athletic, tall BLOMQUIST. DONALD "Twin" SCIENCE Basketball, Lettermen, C. I. C., Intramurals, Prom Com. quiet, dependable, athletic J , MV , f' BLOMQUIST, ROBERT "Twin" SCIENCE Basketball, Lettermen, C. I. C., Intramurals. athletic, jolly, agreeable BOYCE, VIOLET MAE "Vi" SCIENCE Personnel, C. I. C., Band, Math., G. A. A., Intramurals, Class Day. sweet, studious, friendly BROWN. ETHEI. "Eth" LANGUAGE Newspaper, C. I. C., Latin, French. dependable, studious, quiet BUECHNER. CLARICE "Clarie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Drama, Advanced Art. attractive, composed, sincere BUFARALE. ANNE "Buffy" SCIENCE Pres. G. A. A., Honor, News- paper, Intramurals, Latin, Bowling, Math., C. I. C. ready, willing, able CAMPOBASSO. MICHAEL "Mike" SCIENCE C. I. C., Boys' Chorus. talkative, frank, friendly COY. IACK "Moe" TECHNICAL Basketball Mgr., Lettermen, C. I. C., Intramurals. likable, frank, witty DiDOMENICO. LANDY "Landuchy" 'TECHNICAL C. I. C., Bowling, Cap and Gown, Hall Guard, Foreman- ual. personality, plus everything l13l CARLSON, WILLARD "Will" TECHNICAL Hall Guard Capt., C. I. C., Prom Com., Usher, Biology, Chess. modest, smiling, neat CARROLL, GERALDINE "Jerry" COMMERCIAL Class Day Com., C. I. C., Locker Guard, Drama. amiable, witty, musical CARROLL. MARIORIE COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C. quiet, ambitious, cheerful CASTELLANO. GILDA "Jill" COMMERCIAL Three Cornered Moon, C. I. C., Class Day Com., Service. active, gay, jovial CATANZARO, MARY "Mar" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. cheerful, sweet, sincere I CHRISTENSEN. MARIORIE "Margie" COMMERCIAL Broadcast, C. I. C. pleasant, delightful, musical DURAVA. LORETTA "Duchess" COMMERCIAL Service, Class Day, C. I. C. vim, vigor, vitality EARLY. ELAINE COMMERCIAL C. I. C. likable, good-natured ERICKSON. ELAINE G. A. A., C. I. C., Service. reliable, ejiiaient, friendly ERNST, WILBUR "StlJt7"' SCIENCE Baseball, Intramurals, R. O. T. C. intelligent, conservative, athletic FEENEY, DOROTHY LANGUAGE Class Treasurer, C. I. C. rep. lovable, sincere, earnest FRIEDMAN. MILDRED "Millie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Cap and Gown Com., Zoology. cheerful, petite, friendly DOMSKI. IRENE "I" COMMERCIAL Service, Class Day, C. I. C. pleasant, unassuming, frank I14l ll-INUARY DANIELSON. ALICE "Danny" HOUSEHOLD ARTS Music, C. I. C., Service, Broadcast, Girls' Chorus. musical, lively, mischievous FRIEL. VIOLET "Jo Jo" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Service, German, Newspaper. agreeable, quiet, frank FRY. DOROTHY "Dot" COMMERCIAL Designer Graduation Ring, C. I. C., Class Secretary, G. A. A., Math., Intramurals, Hon- orable Mention National Peace Poster Contest. quiet, artistic, likable GANES. DIANE "Dinah" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Class Day, Intramu- rals. sociable, dainty, sweet GEHRKE, ELMER "Gerk" TECHNICAL Hall Guard, Usher, C. I. C., Choral. leisurely, loyal, friendly GENGO, DANIEL COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Basketball, Hall Guard. athletic, dark, peppy GENTILE. ELEANORA "El" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. musical, cheerful, co-operative GRADUATES GETZ. ALICE "Al" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Safety, G. A. A., Chorus. ambitious, reserved, thoughtful GREINKE. RAYMOND "Ray" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Hall Guard. sociable, pleasant, agreeable GUERRIERI. ROMA SCIENCE C. I. C., French, G. A. A., In- tramurals, Bowling. bashful, likable, attentive GROTHENDICK. FREDERICK "Sn-hlitz" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Hall Guard, Intra- murals. energetic, mischievous, friendly HAGMAN. MARGARET "Marge" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Band, Or- chestra, Dance Band, Math., Intramurals. musical, friendly, studious HALASTRA. WANDA "Windy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Zoology, Class Day, Service, Chorus. talkative, smiling, sincere HUEY, LOIS "Butch" SCIENCE C. I. C., French, G. A. A., Bowling, Service. capable, composed, serious IACOBSEN, ELEANOR "Jake" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Intramurals, Bowling, Prom Com. carefree, small, aolventurous I15l HANSEN, DOROTHY "Dots" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, Honor, G. A. A. trustworthy, modest, likable HANSEN. VIRGINIA COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Service, Class Day Com., Drama. serene, modest, studious HART, IOSEPH "Joe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. jestful, unassuming, carefree HEUER. IUANITA "Juan" SCIENCE G. A. A., C. I. C., Intramurals. loyal, pleasant, individual I-INATT, HELEN "Nat" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Newspaper rep., Spanish, Library. capable, studious, cheerful HOLMES. EDWIN "B'Ltd', SCIENCE Capt. Ushers, Lieut. R. 0. T. C., C. I. C., Hall Guard, Intra- murals. capable, carefree, comical KELLEY. LUCILLE "Mike" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Bowling, Latin, Chess. athletic, jolly, petite KEVICKY. IRENE "I" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., French, In- tramurals. blonde, friendly, cheerful Zac KINZEL. HERBEH "Herr" SCIENCE C. I. C., Hall Guard. witty, sociable, likable KNIGHT. EUGENE "Gene" SCIENCE French, Nat. Honor, Inter- scholastic, Librarian, C l a s s Day. talkative, friendly, intelligent KONGORSKI. HENRY "Hank" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Newspaper, Locker Guard. quiet, agreeable, sincere KORSVIK. WARREN "Red" SCIENCE C. I. C., Intramurals, Hall Guard. shy, quiet, studious IOHNSON. DOROTHY "Dots" COMMERCIAL Intramurals. vivacious, talented, sparkling I15l IANUARY KACZOR. TED "Wolf" COMMERCIAL Tennis, Prom Com., Hall Guard, C. I. C., Lettermen. sociable, handsome, blonde KOSMIDER. ALYCE "Al" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Intramu- rals, Safety, Chorus, Service, Graduation Com. quiet, modest, sincere KOZIOI.. LEO "GOIN" COMMERCIAL Baseball, Lettermen, C. I. C., Hall Guard. versatile, agreeable, humorous KUNC. DOROTHY "Downy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Prom Com., Service, Intramurals. witty, jolly, comely LARSEN. BERTHA "Little One" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, G. A. A., Newspaper. small, friendly, mischievous LARSEN, RICHARD "Diek', SCIENCE Hall Guard Capt., C. I. C. rep., Program Com. tall, unassuming, trustworthy LAURELI.. MARGARET "Marge" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C., Prom Com., Intramurals. tall, sophisticated, sweet GRADUATES LAZARSKI. LORRAINE "Larry" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., Intramurals, C. I. C. small, friendly, distinctive LEICHENTRITT. SADELI. "Saddie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Chorus. sincere, reserved, dramatic LESSING. CARL SCIENCE Major R. 0. T. C., C. I. C., Chess, Capt. Hall Guard, Safety, Nat. Honor. militaristic, scientific, quiet LIS. MILDRED "Mil" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Personnel, Intra- murals, Nat. Honor, Service, Zoology. tall, pleasant, lovable LYCKBERG, STEWART "Stew" COMMERCIAL Chief Fire Marshal, Hall Guard, C. I. C. tall, efficient, quiet MACKPRANG. MARCELLA "Mack" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Honor, Service, Prom Com., Monogram. reliable, friendly, likable MENCI-IL. IEANNE "Jeannie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Nat. Honor, V. P. Lettergirls, G. A. A., French, Intramurals. attractive, versatile, charming MEREDITH, LETTY SCIENCE Pres. C. I. C., Nat. Honor, Lettergirl, French, Intramu- rals, Personnel. attractive, dependable, friendly l.17l MAGISTBELLI, ERMINIA "Annie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Editor, January Foremanual section. witty, delightful, zippy MALONE. ANTHONY "Tony" TECHNICAL Basketball, Swimming, Track, Class President, C. I. C., Pres. Lettermen. ambitious, dramatic, athletic MARTENS. LOIS "Lo" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, Honor, Service, C. I. C., Monogram, Graduat- ing Com. vim, vigor, vitality MAZZONE, MARIAN "Babe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. cheerful, little earful MCCABE, l-'ERN "Mac" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Prom Com., Nat. Honor, Service. natural, agreeable, capable MCRAE. MARVEL "Marv" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. musical, calm, sweet MOHI., KATHERINE "Katl6,, COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. cheerful, considerate, reliable MLYNSKI, HENRY "Moon" TECHNICAL Basketball, C. I. C. athletic, frank, loyal ELLER. ROBERT "Bob" COMMERCIAL Prom Com., Swimming' Mgr., Capt. Hall Guard, Fire Mar- shal, C. I. C., Honor. reliable, modest, sincere NAST. DOROTHY "Nasty" COMMERCIAL Fire Marshal, Bowling, Pres. Lettergirls, C. I. C., Jewelry Com., Intramurals, G. A. A., German, Adv. Art, Student Asst. small, artistic, athletic NELSON. DOROTHY "Dorry" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French. dependable, sincere, capable NIVENSKI, ALBINA C. "Beanie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Service, French. gentle, sedate, shy MITCHELL. MONZELLE "Monnie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Nat. Honor, Class Secretary, Pin and Ring Com., Fire Marshal, Newspa- per, Math., Latin, Zoology. tall, athletic, versatile 5181 IANUARY MITRANITZA, ANDREW "Andy" TECHNICAL Intramurals, C. I. C. rep., Choral, Hall Guard. handsome, agreeable, sincere OLIVER. ERNA "Ernie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. quiet, shy, sweet OLSON, WINNIFRED ul'V'l'l'L'lli6" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. sincere, quiet, friendly ONDREICIN, IOHN "Johnnie" SCIENCE Baseball, Basketball, Orches- tra, Nat. Honor, Lettermen, Intramurals, Hall Guard, Honor. studious, musical, capable PETERS, KENNETH "Red" COMMERCIAL Hall Guard, C. I. C., News- paper rep. winsome, sociable, likable PETERSEN. ALFRED HB'lll,' TECHNICAL Hall Guard, Intramurals. tall, quiet, loyal PETERSON. ROBERT "Pete" TECHNICAL Basketball, C. I. C., Hall Guard, Intramurals. tall, agreeable, sociable GRADUATES PETRZELKA. ELLEN "Pet" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, G. A. A., C. I. C. rep., Poster, Library. artistic, alert, efficient PHILBIN, LORRAINE C. I. C. loyal, quiet, composed PHILLIPS. WINIFRED "Freddy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Service, In- tramurals, Prom Com. joyful, sociable, efficient PILZ. CLIFFORD "Cynic" SCIENCE V. P. Nat. Honor, C. I. C., Lettermen, Capt. Tennis. small, talkative, athletic RACHWAI., LILLIAN "Lil" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. accommodating, small, pleasant RANIERI, CHRIST "Snow White" SCIENCE Hall Guard, C. I. C. frank, unassuming, sociable SABINO. IOHN "Butch" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Hall Guard. good-natured, sociable SACCO. ANTHONY "Tony" SCIENCE R. 0. T. C., C. I. C., Usher, Seventeen, Officers, Latin, Hall Guard. dark, jovial, ambitious T191 RICHTER, WILLIAM "Ric" TECHNICAL Baseball, Basketball, Intra- murals. friendly, reliable, congenial ROMANO. EVELYN "Shorty" SCIENCE C. I. C., Charm School. small, agreeable, quiet ROPP. BETTY LOU COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French. sweet, pleasant, obliging O ROSENBERGER. DOROTHY "Dot" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. tall, tcmperamental, playful ROTH. EVELYNE "Howie" SCIENCE G. A. A., Latin, Tennis, News- paper, Honor, Library, Math., French, C. I. C. clever, friendly, original ROZANSKI, HERBERT "Roe" TECHNICAL Basketball Mgr., Lettermen, Intramurals, Hall Guard, C. I. C. quiet, friendly, unassuming SCHRAM. IEROME "Jerry" TECHNICAL C. I. C., R. 0. T. C. adventurous, nonchalant, playful SEDOW. ANNE "Swede" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Charm School. lively, pleasant, clever SILEWICZ. ARTHUR "Art" SCIENCE C. I. C. calm, sociable, likable SINADINOS. IENNIE "Sinnie" COMMERCIAL G. A. A,. C. I. C., Service. attractive, talkative, cheerful SLODKOWSKI. ISABELLE "Izzie" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, Service, Prom Com., Adv. Art., Program Com. vivaeious, peppy, sparkling SLADKOWSKI. WALTER "Wally" SCIENCE Hall Guard, C. I. C., Gradua- tion Com. serious, considerate, loyal SCHAFER. IACK "Schaf" SCIENCE Lieut. R. 0. T. C., Hall Guard, Usher. carefree, talkative, sociable l20l IANUARY SCHROENROCK. MILDRED "Mimi" COMMERCIAL Service, Foremanual, C. I. C., Class Day. sociable, sincere, intelligent SMITH. GERALDINE "Jerry" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Prom Com., Service, Intramurals, Drama, Pro- gram. pretty, petite, pleasant SMITH. NORBEHT "Butch" COMMERCIAL Chess, Ed. Foreman News, Nat. Honor, Honor, Math., Library, C. I. C. intelligent, dignified, industrious SOSDIAN. GUSTAV , "Goose" SCIENCE Baseball, Lettermen, Intra- murals, Prom Com., Nat. Honor, Honor, Hall Guard, Usher, German, Salutatarian. intelligent, friendly, dependable SPLITT. GERALDINE "Jerry" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Spanish, Foremanual. intelligent, capable, quiet STAKE, VERNON "Stake" COMMERCIAL Stamp, C. I. C., Adv. Art. tall, friendly, witty STONE. WARREN "Stony" SCIENCE C. I. C., Band, R. O. T. C., Ring and Pin Com. artistic, sincere, congenial GRADUATES TAXIN, ESTHER "S" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Newspaper rep., Service, Class Day. petite, peppy, pleasant T . rio" 5 C M CI Class Da o a Gu , e I. C. quiet, capable, neat TURNQUIST. KATHERINE "Peggy" COMMERCIAL Service, Foremanual, C. I. C. co-operative, resourceful, true VECCHIO. HELEN "Vee" COMMERCIAL Adv. Art, Intramurals, Zo- ology, Library, C. I. C. studious, quiet, accom- modating WENDORF. DORIS "W67Ldy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Newspaper rep., Service, Spanish, Per- sonnel, Foremanual. sweet, spirited, witty WILLEM. EDMUND "Willie" SCIENCE C. I. C. tall, witty, friendly I21l WILSON. ARTHUR "Bud" SCIENCE Safety, C. I. C. tall, dark, handsome WOHLERS, WILLIAM "Billy" SCIENCE C. I. C., Hall Guard, Latin, Safety, Newspaper. bashful, friendly, ambitious ZANDER. ROBERT "Bob" SCIENCE Orchestra, Dance Band, C. I. C., Band, Intramurals, Prom Com., Hall Guard, Track, Chorus. jolly, witty, talented ZELINSKY. WILBUR "Zee" LANGUAGE U. of C. Scholarship, C. I. C., Nat. Honor, Math., Valedic- torian, Orchestra, Hall Guard, Zoology, Chess, Drama. ambitious, intelligent, scholarly ZIERK. LQVERGNE "L0'U'l6" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., French, Class Day. sociable, dramatic, capable ZUR. ELAINE "Tommy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., I. O. C. congenial, studious, sincere SOCIAL LIGH The grand finale of all Senior social activities was the Blue and Gold Senior Prom held in the Empire Room of the Belmont Hotel on Friday, January 13, 1939. It was a lucky Friday the thirteenth for those fortunate enough to attend. Cal Pidgeon and his orchestra furnished the music to the three hundred and fifty Seniors and their guests who attended. Delicious punch was served. The Prom was sponsored by Miss Vera Stern, faculty adviser. Robert Mueller was the chairman with these other classmates on his committee: William Betlack, Fern McCabe, Geraldine Smith, Dorothy Kunc, Eleanor Jacobsen, Willard Carlson, Donald Blomquist, Robert Zander, Robert Anderson, Ted Kaczor, Gus Sosdian, Winifred Phillips, Margaret Laurell, Columbia Bagerski, Marcella Mackprang, Isabelle Slodkovvski. l22l e " , Q q'u W X I 'r a"u J -X 2 C af' A 11? 2 A Q ,R mp 'J f 5 4 Q ' 'H if x 9 , 1 ' J f lv ' K Y Y' Q r' U 3 xl W 2 f""Q ' f X ' 3 I , Q W? .w. UDJJ 4 tw-,lf 1-All JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY High School Students! With mingled confusion and awe, we entered Foreman that morning in September, 1935, to launch our high school careers. Inquisitively we explored the building amid the hoots of the upper class people. We were not the only beginners, however. "The Foreman News," and the Foremanual made their debut in our initial year. We had been here only a few weeks when we helped the R. O. T. C. to organize. We also saw the Foreman district enlarged. When we became Sophomores, we grew accustomed to the inner work- ings of a high school and drew up long honor rolls. Members of our class assisted in establishing the "Up and Down" stairway system still in use. In our third year, Foreman experienced "growing pains" and the result was the first double shift. We realized that our class was not only a large one, but a very capable one. The result was the organization of the "3A" club, led by Nick Alexeyuk and assisted by Robert Erskine, Jane Miller, and Iggy Filippi. The Spring Music Festival was supported by the club. jdJ'Hu4yQ' 624Aa1 - .fo5u41f As our 4B semester progr sed, we prepare ourselves for the final semester. Charles Cervenka was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Foreman News, unusual for anyone but a graduating senior. With dignity we attended Senior Night, and helped make that night a part of the school tradition. 1. f At last we became the Graduating Class, and our peak was reached. C. I. C. election returns made Robert Eimers, President, Robert Hammer, Vice-President, Betty Steele, Secretary, and Edwin Birr, Treasurer. For the class officers, Norman Heilbuth was re-elected Class President, Adolph Schuh, Vice-President, Mildred Borchers, Secretary, and Walter Neid- zwaidek, Treasurer. Immediately following was the Alumni Dance and the R. O. T. C. Rose Dance. As we go to press, Senior Night promises to be another dramatic success with the play "What Price, J ewel." Everyone is looking forward to the Stardust Prom, which will be held at the Edgewater Beach Hotel with Ray Ponds' orchestra. Over 300 couples will attend. Miss Daniels says that the Class Day will be in the form of a luncheon this year, and will be held at the Orrington Hotel in Evanston. A very interesting program will be given, and Edwin Birr and his Rhythm Kings will provide dancing music. Because we are the largest graduating class in the history of Foreman, over 300, for the first time the graduation exercises will be held in the more spacious auditorium of Lane High School. Our four years at Foreman shall always be fond memories, and we shall never forget the many friends we made here. NORMAN HEILBUTH President ADOLPH SCHUH Vzce President MILDRED BORCHERS Secretary WALTER NIEDZWIADEK Treasurer I24l GRADUATION, IEWELRY, CAP AND UI l'0Nl IUHV: I'l:ll'k. lh- I'rim:l. 'l'1u1- llo t'4-nlvlln. Kurolvwski. filllllllllllil. ulmsuu. hmnlllv. llnr, NM-iss. U Ilrwn. ON 2: Wisnim-wski. lfilippi. Finn. lltllll1'l'. Murski. Uw1'z:lrn'k. Sl'll0lS1'Il. l uv. Allen. S1'llll'l'JHll'k. .Xri-nlz, WVU!!- lll leger. Ruhr AIilI'it'llNt'II .xIllIt'l'Nl'Il. 1 lnski, K'ln'isli:nnscn. Kit-It-r. I UNE COMMITTEES GOWN COMMITTEES wrnwski. Vyryl. lflmll. Kzlrsl. RUXV These committees, Gradzzation QMiss O'NeillJ, J1fw0I1'y flVliss Efftingl, Cap and Gown tMr. Sazamal , and Smlior Night fMiss Lawinj are credited with providing beautiful pins and rings for adornment at the class play and at that coming memorable evening- graduation at Lane. Alt-xvyllk. l'1rskim'. Ilickvrl, Yolpt Seniors are joyously anticipating dancing to the music of Ray Ponds at the Sfar llusf Prom in the Crystal Ballroom of the Edge- water Beach Hotel. Thanks, Miss Williams. Miss Daniels is arousing keen interest in the Class Day luncheon at the Orrington Hotel. A unique program. Hurrah! I-'25l SENIOR TEACHERS l"ll'lill 'Q' "' ' ' win. Mostyn. 0'N1-ill. PROM AND CLASS DAY COMMITTEE IIOIIUM RUVV: Miss Daillivls, lxn! Wisnivwski. Svhultz, Sumlvm-, Sv: I nu-0. lllrr, lion-lwl's. Krnl. Miss H1 liums. ROW Lf: I'r1-sion. Wurth, Koh 4I Hmun. Jnskul. Uslvnson. Ohlzunh-I It XV2lIlIlUNVNkI. Kin-lin. ROW' 3: .lulnison I":lrin:l. Il2lllllll0I'. l.ilI'SOIl W1-mllluul S'l'.XXlJIXli: Suzsnnn. Williams, Mmm , gr. .Iu.IlIall: hh-rn. Ilunlcls I 1 I TECHNICAL C. I. C., Chorus. frank, eager HfAlNDERS "Millie" C M CIAL C. I. C., Ring Co . I tall, dark, etty ANDERSON. BETTIE "Betts" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Service, Chorus. friendly, vivacious, merry ANDERSON. HAROLD "Andy" TECHNICAL Bowling, C. I. C. tall, quiet, agreeable ANISZEWSKI, LORRAINE "Lorrie" LANGUAGE latin, Polish, C. I. C. rep., Nat. Honor, Newspaper, Per- sonnel. fuivacious, congenial, radiant ANSELMO. IULIA "Dolly" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. friendly, quiet, sweet ALEXEYUK. NICHOLAS "Nick" TECHNICAL Capt. Usher, Intramurals, Nat. Honor, Basketball, Base- ball. clever, efficient, amusing lf I26 I JUNE ALLEN. EARL "Bashful" SCIENCE Bowling, Intramurals, C. I. C., Cap and Gown Com. friendly, quiet, sincere ARENTZ. WILLIAM SCIENCE C. I. C., R. O. T. C. happy, considerate, flirtatious AUGUST, ELEANOR "Angie,' COMMERCIAL C. I. C. trust-worthy, friendly AXNESS. MARIANNE "Mar" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. ' likable, gentle, calm BARTELS. ALVIN "Ski" TECHNICAL C. I. C. quiet, tall, dark BARTHA, LORETTA "Butterball" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. quiet, reserved, thoughtful BAUER. ROSE MARIE "Rosie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. quiet, obliging, studious fjffi , 'xAkgAn,v-vvxqanefcwfafv wI,Q....AQ GRADUA ES ve.: I . Hall Guard, C. I. C., ,News rep., Safety. frolicsofme, witty, sociable BECKMANN. EARNEST "Earnie" TECHNICAL Hall Guard, C. I. C., Bowling, Intramurals. quiet, modest, friendly BEIRD, THELMA "Shorty" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. quiet, agreeable, modest BERGSTROM. BESSIE "Bess" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Student Asst. shy, quiet, likable BIRD, SAM SCIENCE R. O. T. C., C. I. C., Intra- murals, Latin, Hall Guard. tall, quiet, friendly BIRKLAND. ARTHUR "Bud" TECHNICAL R O. T. C., Bowling, C. I. C., Foremanual. friendly, sincere, likable "Corky , COMMERCIAL . I. C., ss, ath., Chorus. l, ite, pepmf J IMC BIRR, EDWIN "Little One" COMMERCIAL-A . Swing Quartet, Newspaper rep., R. O. T. C., Polish, Halllgw Guard, Treas. C. I. C., Prom ' Com., Adv. Mgr. Foremanual. brisk, personality plus BOETTCHER, DOROTHY "Dolly" COMMERCIAL Foremanual, Chorus, Intra- murals, C. I. C. small, blonde, peppy BOGARDUS, ARLENE "Bogie" COMMERCIAL Seventeen, C. I. C. captivating, efficient, likable BORCHERS, MILDRED "Mil" COMMERCIAL Foremanual, C. I. C., G. A. A., Class Secretary, Bowling, French, Rose Queen '39, agreeable, sweet, gay BRANDES, ALAINE LANGUAGE G. A. A., Spanish, C. I. C., Seventeen, Charm School, Au- thoress Snow White. talented, sweet, attractive BRAUN. BETTE HBGHSU COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus, Prom Com. friendly, quiet, unassuming BUCKMANN. REIDUN "Rae" LANGUAGE C. I. C., Math., Zoology, Span- ish, Choral, Honor. tall, blonde, quiet i271 BULLER, WILMA "Willy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. tall, clark, quiet BURCHERT. CHRISTINE "Tina" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Spanish, Zoology, Polish. tall, quiet, congenial CAGLE. LAURA "Lorie" COMMERCIAL Service, C. I. C. dependable, captivating, cheerful CARLSON. ELVIRA "Red" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Senior Night Com. superb dancer, shy CARROLL. OR IENCE C. I. , Bo ing. ' fie , ' , neat Qu CASTELLANO. MATHILDA "Tillie" SCIENCE Senor Chorus, Clean-Up Cam- paign, C. I. C., Math. energetic, polite, cheerful BUINOWSKI. STEPHANIE "Stef" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Service. amiable, gay, ajfable BUKOWSKI, HELEN E231 IUNE COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Service, French. peppy, friendly, ajfable CEGIELSKI, LAVERGNE "Sissy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. cheerful, agreeable, energetic CENTELLA, SYLVIA "Babe" SCIENCE G. A. A. rep., C. I. C., News- paper, Lettergirl. sparkling, calm, athletic fp r . ' r Auf . qlvhltfs -'Je 'filh YALL' ,JJICIINICAL 'ifditoti' ifxifef Foreman News, Cig ews rep., C. I. C. conscientious, co-operative, . friendly -J :NR I2 lx.-Auf! ' K . 1 9 avr: A. IQSHH -J Djragil ' I TECHNICAL X . . C.,J'ff:J., I:I,a'l1 Guard, 1' . . ' Wsfizgletgfliligble fella w - nl 1, 7, 1' my I J CHAUNCEY1 IEAN "Connie" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Bowling. friendly, athletic, talkative CHRISTENSEN. MARTHA "Marty" COMMERCIAL Personnel, Prom Com., Chorus, C. I. C. friendly, quiet, studious GRADUATES CLARK, HAZELLE "Sis" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. rep., News- paper. dependable, modest, helpful CONWAY. BERNICE "Bonnie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Nat. Honor, Wau- kegan High School. quiet, modest, serene CHODOROWSKI, IOSEPH "Joe" SCIENCE Hall Guard, C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Fire Marshal Asst. generous, jolly, jitter-bug CRAGLIONE. NUNZIE COMMERCIAL R. O. T. C., Newspaper, C. I. C. frolicsome, agreeable, talkative CUDEK. FLORENCE "Giggs" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Lettergirl, Intramurals, Latin. athletic, capable, versatile CUMMINGS. LOIS SCIENCE Math., Latin, G. A. A. rep., C. I. C., Nat. Honor. quiet, studious, conservative DERSCH. FRANK "Bonehead" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals athletic, aggressive, likable DICKERT, ROBERT "Bob" SCIENCE Safety, C. I. C. rep., Prom Com., Intramurals, Math., Band, Foremanual. amiable, slim, talkative i29l CUMMUTA. SOPHIE "Toni" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, C. I. C., G. A. A., Jewelry Com. intelligent, sociable, reliable CYGANEK. PHYLLIS "Phil" SCIENCE Latin, French, C I. C., Serv- ice, Personnel. . friendly, sweet, loyal CYRYI.. DOLORES "Do-Do" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., G. A. A., Serv- lce. sociable, eficient, athletic DCBROWSKI. BERNICE 'iBea" COMMERCIAL C. . C. quiet, congenial, amiable DAMOUR, EDWARD "Blacky" SCIENCE C. I. C., Fordson H. S. gentlemanly, shy, interesting DECHERT. BERNICE "Bernie" C. I. C., Service, Chorus, Se- nior Night Com. cheerful, friendly, dependable R DURAND. ANNETTE "Ann" SCIENCE Editor-in-Chief Formanual, Safety, C. I. C. frank, versatile, clever DWYER. AILEEN "Red" SCIENCE Newspaper rep., Intramurals, C. I. C., Student Asst., Latin. amiable, athletic, talkative EDL. KATHE E " ate" D SCIENCE . A. . I. C., Fire Mar- ior Night Com, In- rals, Service, Fore- man al tr ' news, athletic, likable YQ WW" EHLEN. LORRAINE "Laurie" COMMERCIAL Accompanist, C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus, Service, Bowling, Spanish. chummy, pleasing, gentle EIMERS. ROBERT "Doc" SCIENCE Baseball, Hall Guard, Intra- murals, President C. I. C. oratorical, industrious, friendly EITER. IVADELI. "Ivy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., German. modest, pleasant, dependable DiPRIMA. MARY "Mar" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus, Cap and Gown Com. friendly, sweet, obliging E301 IUNE DISKIN. THOMAS "Tom" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Band, Orchestra, Dance Band Mgr., Drama, R. O. T. C., Chorus. musical, friendly, dependable ENDSLEY. ANNA BETH LANGUAGE C. I. C., Service. cheerful, congenial, humorous ENDSLEY, BETTY NAN SCIENCE C. I. C., Service. sweet, afable, modest L. GLA , Babe" OM CIAL I. Orus. l I be o , aant X X D5 If All ERICSSON. LLEWELLYN NLGWU RCIAL . CO Orchestra, , Chess, Stam df Nat. Hon , . C., t PM musical, .dious ng,q1rrial ' f ,lv .1 f 2. Il 2 I J, 'fly ' Wir!! S' ERSKINE. ROBERT "Erkie" TECHNICAL Intramurals, C. I. C., Capt. Candy Sellers, Usher, Bowl- ing, Hall Guard Capt. athletic, likable, friendly EWERT. MARIE "Dopey', SCIENCE Honor, Nat. Honor, C. I. C., Personnel, News, French. artistic, ambitious, capable ,I if K GRADUATES FARINA. IOSEPH "Joe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Orchestra, Intra- murals, Hall Guard, Safety, Class Day Com. tall, dark, cheerful FERRY. LAWRENCE "Larry" TECHNICAL Track, Intramurals, C. I. C. mischievous, witty, friewdly 1 - ' , , V H-I ' , ' ,nf rv-v-I 1 K !P'lf""""n"V I MSA ' p OMMERCIAL u Basfretball, Baseh 1,-C. . ., Hal G re . V 'ai e ic, supe olanc f 1 FINN. ESTHER COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Nat. Honor, Chorus. nice, small, pleasant FISHER. FRANK SCIENCE C. I. C. rep., Hall Guard, Latin, Newspaper photog- rapher intelligent, artistic, co-operative FITPOLD. MADELEINE "Madge" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Bowling, Intra- murals, Chorus. serious, quiet, petite GATHMAN, ROBERT HBOIJH COMMERCIAL C. I. C. small, unassuming, willing GEBHARDT, RAYMOND "Ray', SCIENCE C. I. C., Hall Guard. tall, quiet, courteous l31l FITPOLD. MARIE "Mui-f" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Personnel, Fore- manual. peppy, petite, dark FRITZE, WARREN "F1'ltZ" SCIENCE Band, Senior Chorus, Dance Band, C. I. C., Fenger High School. musical, brotherly, versatile FRONTIER. GLORIA "Glory" COMMERCIAL Safety, C. I. C. rep., G. A. A., Chorus, Prom Com., Drama, Intramurals co-operative, trustworthy, sweet X ' I FUHRMANN, ELAINE "Eden COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Personnel 0 composed, amiable, likable GARGANO. GEORGE "Gige" COMMERCIAL Intramurals, Hall Guard, C. I. C., Locker Guard. dark, quiet, amusing GASINSKI. CASMIERA "Kay" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. quiet, cheerful, frank GEISLER, DOROTHY "Dot" SCIENCE C. I. C., Intramurals, Zoology, Senior Chorus. jolly, friendly, congenial GIRRATONO, FLORENCE "Garde" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Safety, Seventeen, G. A. A. pleasant, friendly, mischievous GLIATAS, MARIE "Murphy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus, Service, Choral. peppy, cheerful, friendly GNEITING, RICHARD "Dick" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Newspaper, Hall Guard, R. 0. T. C. cheerful, pleasant, agreeable GOLDAMMER. BERNICE "Babe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals pleasant, sincere, obliging GOLDAMMER, CHARLOTTE "Pat" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals. quiet, loyal, companionable GORLITZ, RALPH "Corky" SCIENCE C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Latin. militaristic, reckless, amusing E321 JUNE GEIST, EDITH "Edee" COMMERCIAL Service, Chorus, Newspaper, C. I. C. sincere, modest, neat GOURLIE. KENNETH "Ken" TECHNICAL C I. C., Cap and Gown Com. small, flirtatious, playful GRAVENHORST, ROBERT "Bob" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Hall Guard. quiet, shy, agreeable GREEN. RICHARD "Green" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., R. 0. T. C. humorous, cordial, neat GREGERSEN. SHIRLEY "Mao" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., A. A., Intramurals K daring, yay, Perry GROENWALD, RICHARD "Greenfield" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals. modest, dependable, tranquil GROSS. MURIEI. "Corky" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., Math., Choral, Chorus, C. I. C. intelligent, carefree, sociable GRADUATES GRUBER. HELEN "Hwang" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Bowl- ing, Chorus. friendly, happy, likable GRUBER, MARIE "Grub" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. Chorus Intra ur I , h , m als. .X ta l, umorous likable . jf W' MW U ,, l RJ I ji? I WM I. AND, BERNICE I "Burn" COMMERCIAL Orchestra, Accompanist, Drama. musical, accommodating, amusing GULLICKSEN. OWEN "Gull" SCIENCE Ushers. handsome, likable, friendly cfm, 513 GUTH. GENE "Diz" TECHNICAL Basketball, Bas a , Tennis, Intramurals, C. ., Letter- men, Bowlin . afhzeac, 010 WMM X HARDTKE, ELEANORE "El" COMMERCIAL Honor, C. I. C., Chorus, Per- sonnel. studious, perisfent, benevolent HESSELMANN, MARGARET "Hessie" SCIENCE G. A. A., C. I. C., Glee. tall, flirtatious, talkative Mu-Aw. 7M-Z HOELLEN. LORRAINE "Duchess" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C., Bowling, Student Asst., Intramurals. sociable, frolicsome, ambitious l33l HALIK, HARRY "Har" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Hall Guard. quiet, studious, friendly HAMMER. ROBERT "Bob" SCIENCE C. I. C., Math., Latin, Stamp, Intramurals, Drama, Hall Guard, Foremanual, Class Day, R. O. T. C. Officers. the great Casanova HEILBUTH. NORMAN "Whitey" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Class President. athletic, popular, carefree HENRIKSEN. ELMER "Elm" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Locker Guard. amiable, quiet, congenial HERCHENRODER. RUTH COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. fall, quiet, sweet HERRES. MADELINE "Manly" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Newspaper rep., Bowling. efficient, cheerful, factful HOUCK. SHIRLEE "Honee" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C. sophisticated, blue eyed HUBER. GEORGE "Bud" SCIENCE Capt. R. O. T. C., Officers, Nat. Honor, Honor, Math., C. I. C. rep., Hall Guard. good dancer, militaristic 0' 6 .-n I, R SH L up H . ' - ' k " 0M C. ., Sa P e el, nd Rin .ren h. IAE' talent genial c operative HUGHES. KATHLEEN "Rusty" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Newspaper. redhead, persistent, agreeable IABLONSKI. LAWRENCE "Larry" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. handsome, sedate, patient IASINSKL IEANNE SCIENCE Math., G. A. A., French, C. I. C., Cap and Gown Com. studious, dependable, unassuming HOLMES. MARY CoM MERCIAL C I. C. likable, quiet, individual i341 NIUNE HORVATH. DOROTHY "Dottie' COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. captivating, sociable, nonchalant IASKOL, ELEANOR "El" COMMERCIAL C I. C., Class Day Com. reserved, intelligent, corduzl ' 'M I fha" QI' 1 Af f L .. .J -' ' if Xi! IOHNSON. C. FRA K LANGUAGE Capt. R. 0. T. C., Capt. Rifle Team, Latin, C. I. C. militaristic, likable, versatile IOHNSON. FLORENCE "Flo" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, Glee. co-operative, sedate, dark JOHNSON. IUNE CoM MERCIAL "Peaches and Cream" C. I. C., French, Service. sedate, cheerful, neat IOHNSON. LAWRENCE "Lawry', SCIENCE C. I. C., Orchestra, Locker Guard, String Quartette, Biology. resered, musical, amiable IOHNSON, LENNART "Lenny" COMMERCIAL Swimming, Hall Guard, Glee, C. I. C. tall, amiable, obliging 1 GRADUATES IOHNSON, RAYMOND "Ray" SCIENCE C. I. C., Orchestra, String Quartette. quiet, conservative, musical IOHNSON. ROSS SCIENCE C. I. C., Math., Band, News- paper, Bowling. friendly, witty, musical IURAN. ARTHUR "Art" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Usher, R. 0. T. C., Drama, Bowling. militaristic, modest, dignified KAMINSKI. RAYMOND "Ray" TECHNICAL C. I. C. reserved, temperamental, serious WSKI. ORRAYNE " oi-ry" COMMERCIAL C. . C., Polish. kind, likable, cheerful KARST, EDWARD "Ed" TECHNICAL Usher, Intramurals, News- paper rep., C. I. C., Safety, Senior Chorus, Class Day Com. congenial, earnest, serious KIELAR. IOSEPI-I "Joe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. rep., Hall Guard. handsome, fiirtatious, poppy KILLORAN, WILLIAM "Min K" SCIENCE C. I. C., Capt. R. O. T. C,, Latin, Math., Hall Guard, Zoology. likable, militaristic, jolly E351 KECLIK. CLARENCE "K6SS', TECHNICAL Hall Guard, C. I. C. serious, conservative, affable X 1 f 5 ' I hw., I lx ,f . ,.f"fi:cr.I rifivrss J 'X 'J 'Qyzmyn J " TEC L O1 C cers, g ea ble indzlstrfous, friendly KELLEY. IOAN "Jo" LANGUAGE G. A. A., Bowling, Intra- murals. likable, attractive, kind KEMPF. GEORGE OMM IAL C. I. . an, n . u 1 good-humored, obliging KERWIN. HUBERT "HubS', TECHNICAL Basketball Mgr., Lettermen, Newspaper rep., C. I, C., In- tramurals. athletic, humorous, congenial KIEHN, VIVIAN "Viv" SCIENCE C. I. C., Spanish, Chorus, Class Day Com., Fire Mar- shal Asst. blonde, petite, sweet KLOTZ. ELIZABETH "Betty" COMMERCIAL Newspaper rep. reliable, sweet, polite KNIPPEL, LAURETTA "Laurie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. petite, calm, neat 1 4' L ' - -Q . 1 I . , Q- ' oczolowsxx. OROTH ., ' .H COMME. I N tX'Honor Service ' o1sh,'l af ' 1 ' sQhess, C. I. C., Selifdrggliorusf Q- "G. A. A. X- L- I obliging, ejicient, intelligent KOHLER. FLORENCE "Punkin" COMMERCIAL Class Day Com., Seventeen, Chorus, C. I. C. quiet, studious, generous KOVACIK, ANNE "Little Anne" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. frank, lively, congenial I KOVIAILIK. BRUNO SCIENCE R. O. T. C. cheerful, pleasant, courteous KLEMENT. ELEANORE "L" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. comely, demure, placid I35l IUNE KLINGER. VIRGINIA "Gin" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Biology, Bowling, Intramurals, Senior Chorus. neat, cheerful, cordial KROL, SOPHIE "Curlee" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Nat. Honor, Prom Com. happy, pleasing, attractive KULA. IEAN "Curly Top" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus. neat, poised, calm LACKAGE. IOSEPH "Joe" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Hall Guard calm, friendly, adept LAMEKA. HELEN "Hi Hi" COMMERCIAL Safety, Intramurals, Chorus, C. I. C. D gay, witty, amiable LANDY. BETTY "Betts" COMMERCIAL Drama, C. I. C., G. A. A. captivating, vivacious, likable LARSEN. ELMEII "Sarge" TECHNICAL Hall Guard, C. I. C., Major R. O. T. C., Intramurals, Rifle Team, Officers. active, intelligent, militaristic GRADUATES LARSEN. MARIAN "Mar" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Record Clerk. neat, sedate, earnest LASKO. EUGENE TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals. artistic, humorous, pleasant LASSO. BERNICE "Bern" COMMERCIAL Chorus, Intramurals, C. I. C., G. A. A. composed, pretty, agreeable LATA. MARY COMMERCIAL C. I. C. quiet, friendly, kind LQVERATO, CATHERINE "Kay" COMMERCIAL Chorus, C. I. C. good natured, generous LAWRENCE. MARGARET "Peggy" COMMERCIAL Chorus, Intramurals, C. I. C., G. A. A. alluring, petite, exotic QAQQIIK LUC. STANLEY "Lucky" SCIENCE Newspaper, Math., Honor, Bowling, Tennis, Nat. Honor, Foremanual, Projector. sensible, literary, intelligent LAWRENCE. WINIFRED "Winnie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. pleasant, red hair LAWTON. FLORENCE "Chub" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C. witty, conscientious, cheerful LEHMAN, LORRAINE "Lee" SCIENCE Polish, French, Latin, C. I. C. quiet, good natured LEWANDOWSKI. LOHRAYNE UL0T'l"l8" COMMERCIAL Polish, Class Day Com., Chorus, C. I. C. quiet, good natured Liga! LEXBY. ARNOLD "Lex" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals, Spanish. ajfable, sincere, congenial LITKA. IRENE HI" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. likable, ejicient, intelligent LUEDTKE. HAROLD "Lad" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Bowling, Intra- murals. easy going, companionable i37l MARTENSEN. IRENE "I" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Newspaper rep., Nat. Honor, Service. faithful, thoughtful, clean MARSKE. ELSIE "El". COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals helpful, co-operative, cordial MAZUR. CARI. "Blonde Brute" COMMERCIAL Safety, Hall Guard. intelligent, ambitious, blonde MECI-ILA. EDWARD "Milky" TECHNICAL Hall Guard, Intramurals, C. I. C. eager, trustworthy, congenial MIDLAND. LORRAINE "Middy" COMMERCIAL seller C I C Candy , . . . dainty, smiling eyes MILLER. IANE "Jane" LANGUAGE Newspaper, C. I. C., French, Nat. Honor. charming, intelligent, ejfervescent LUDWIGSEN. EDNA "Ed" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. peppy, poised, small E381 JUNE MARQUARDT. EUGENE "Gene" TECHNICAL Baseball, Basketball, Usher, C. I. C. rep., Hall Guard, Swimming. athletic, artistic, sociable Q 1 MILLER. nonsnr ' "Bob" TECHNICAL Usher, C. I. C., Newspaper. cheerful, polite, affable. p.,4,.f.,6.e 4. ,QL ' oz. MARIAN "Moe" C0 ERCIALX Candy seller, Gy Asst., Showboat, Seventeen, C. I. C,, G. A. A. popular, talented, vivacious IVIOIR. DONALD "Don" COMMERCIAL R. O. T. C., C. I. C., Basket- ball Mgr., Hall Guard. likable, modest, sincere MOORE. I.eROY "Esquire" SCIENCE C. I. C., R. O. T. C., Stamp, Hall Guard. kind, reserved, true MORELLI. ANTHONY "Teen TECHNICAL C. I. C., R. 0. T. C. dark, brisk, creative MORLOCK. PEARL "Boots" COMMERCIAL Intramurals, C. I. C., G. A. A. tall, dark, cofmely awww , g?f4f GRADUATES MORRISS. LILLIAN "Becky Anne" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, C. I. C., G. A. A. ejicient, modest, capable MOTZER. DANSELLE "Dannie" COMMERCIAL Service, Choral, German, Nat. Honor, Chorus, C. I. C. athletic, studious, genial MULINSKI, WALTER "Vadek" COMMERCIAL Band, Orchestra, Dance Band, C. I. C., Prom Com. musical, dignified, independent MUNSON, LILYAN "Lil" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. dignified, quiet, modest MURRAY, VIRGINIA "Gin" COMMERCIAL Candy seller, Chorus, C. I. C., G. A. A. coy, pert, pretty NADZIEIKO, SOPHIE "Zos" COMMERCIAL Service, C. I. C., G. A. A. friendly, benignant, gay O'BRIEN. LORHAINE "Irish" COMMERCIAL Personnel, French, Cap and Gown, Nat. Honor, C. I. C., G. A. A. rhythmieal, peppy, happy 4 IOL! ' fy' ' ' ' ' ' f . oconzxfglon "Pete" T ' ICAL Hall Guard, sher Intra- murals, Lettermen, . I. C. sociable, reserved, earnest i393 NELSON. AILEEN "Blondie" COMMERCIAI Student Director Orchestra, Nat. Honor, C. I. C., German. musical, clever, trustworthy NIEDZWIADEK. WALTER "Wally" TECHNICAL Nat. Honor, Usher, Hall Guard, Intramurals, C. I. C. mathematical, reasoning, athletic NIFKOM. LOIS "Le" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, Service, Library, C. I. C. attracztivc, twinkling eyes NORDAHI., EVELYN l'Ev" COMMERCIAL Library Asst., C. I. C. expressive, pert, jovial . fri! ll NORMAN, IRIS COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C., Intra- murals, Foremanual. generous, mischievous, kind l J .Ax X 'X 'MC ' U07 , .y60-tri,-4" NORRIS, ETHEI. "E'th" COMMERCIAL German, Lettergirls, Chorus, G. A. A., C. I. C. athletic, capable, sweet ""Vl'L4"L' My OLSEN. HELEN I ,ei ll "Ollie" M ER G. A. A., . ., C n- tramurals jolly, easant, ty OLSON, RUTH "Ruthie" COMMERCIAL French, C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus. sociable, cheerful, peppy OLSEN. WARREN "0lie" COMMERCIAL Foremanual, Hall Guard, C. I. C., Intramurals, Chorus. dignified, intelligent, ajable f O'M EY IA ES . fr, "Step-in'IX+j ' , OMMERCIA Safet l ws ay Cho 'lj J goreyxzin afZQi-Q31 R. 09,5 fry, ' hum rous, fine fellow O'MALLEY. STEPHEN "Steve" TECHNICAL Intramurals, Hall Guard, C. I. C. friemlly, helpful, congenial ORTMANN. EDWARD "Bud" SCIENCE Intramurals, Hall Guard, C. I. C. friendly, quiet, unconcerned OHLANDER. PHYLLIS "Phil" COMMERCIAL Newspaper, Class Day Com., Chorus, C. I. C. kind, energetic, olemure E401 IUNE OLIVETTE. LOUISE "Ollie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, Chorus. radiant, dark, congenial ORSZULAK. FRANK COMMERCIAL Newspaper rep., C. I. C. rep. witty, amiable, capable OSTENSEN. ESTHER LANGUAGE C. I. C. rep., French, Nat. Honor, Prom Com. conservative, shy, bright OVERSAT. NORMA "Smiley" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. frank, pep personified OWCZARCK. LORETTA "Lor" COMMERCIAL Personnel, Polish, Honor So- ciety, C. I. C. studious, conservative, shy PACYNA. BRUNO "Broncho" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. humorous, likable, witty PALASZ, ELEANORE "Moses" SCIENCE French, G. A. A., C. I. C., Polish, Intramurals, Chorus. jolly, unassuming, friendly GRADUATES "Pete" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Service, Nat. Honor, Chorus. gentle, gracious, amiable PETENCIN. EVELYN "Evil" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. attractive, gay, friendly PETERSON. DOROTHY E. "Dot" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Mixed Chorus. helpful, capa ble, shy PISKORZ. GENEVIEVE "Duchess" COMMERCIAL Chorus, C. I. C. sweet, quiet, ajfable POWELL, LUCILLE "Wootsy" COMMERCIAL Library Asst., C. I. C. sincere, studious, likable PRESTON. RAYMOND "Mike" TECHNICAL Prom Com., Lettermen, Bas- ketball, C. I. C., Intramurals. athletic, gentleman, 'reserved RYAN. GRAYCE "Smash" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Orchestra, Dance Band, Chess, Latin, Zoology, Stamp. athletic, flirtatious, musical KH! . E E 'Ju c ask al ramur s, Hall a I E413 QUATTROCHL YOLANDA "Lindy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French friendly, good-natured HEINER, DOROTHY "Dot" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, French, C. I. C. rep., G. A. A., Service, Ac- companist Dance Band. sweet, intelligent, attractive RETZKE, BARBARA "Kelley" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Girls' Chorus, Intramurals. ambitious, pleasant, eomely HOESKE, ELAINE "Boogie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. ambitious, pleasant, 'musical ROHR. LORRAINE "Lori-ea" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Service, Chorus, Se- nior Night Com. ambitious, studious, reliable ROLOFF. FERN COMMERCIAL Record Clerk, C. I. C. original, dependable, serene SCHNEPEL. WILLIAM "Will" COMMERCIAL Chess, Pres. Safety, Nat. Honor, Math., C. I. C., Hall Guard. amiable, sfudious, congenial SCHOLSEN. DOROTHY "Dotty" COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C., Girls' Chorus, Graduation Com. striking, light-hearted SCHRAMM. IRENE "Seh'ramie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus, Service, Per- sonnel, Choral Club, G. A. A., Candy seller. fall, blonde, athletic SCHUH. ADOLPH "Shoe" COMMERCIAL Vice-President Class, Hall Guard, Intramurals, Chorus, C. I. C., Sales Mgr. For- manual. I-O-operative, brillianf, humorous SCHULTZ. CATHERINE "Katie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chours, Class Day Com., femperamenfal, snbfle SCHWEDA. VIRGINIA "Viv-g" SCIENCE Latin, C. I. C., Intramurals, G. A. A. tiny, witty, likable SANTELLA. IENNIE 'lJean" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, C. I. C., G. A. A., Graduation Com. friendly, jolly, stndioas E423 IUNE SATHER, NORBERT "Tyke" SCIENCE C. I. C. jolly, clever, amiable SCHWEISTHAL. FLORENCE "Flo" COMMERCIAL Service, Nat. Honor, C. I. C., G. A. A. gentle, kind, sweet SCORZA, DAVID "Dave" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Orchestra, Intra- mural, Hall Guard, News rep. amusing, amiable, jolly SELL. WILBUR 'lWill" LANGUAGE Hall Guard, C. I. C. ealm, agreeable, studious SEMRADEK. IAMES KKJim7, Graduation Com., Bowling, C. I. C., Chorus, Intramurals. industrious, jolly, shy SGARIOTO. IANET "Shorty" SCIENCE Clean-Up CO-Chairman, C. I. C. rep., Nat. Honor, Chorus, Spanish, Personnel. co-operative, dignified, intelligent SILBER, GEORGE "Sil" TECHNICAL Usher, Box 0fHce, C. I. C. ambitious, active, modest GRADUATES SKAIA. RICHARD "Dick" TECHNICAL Box Office, Hall Guard, C. I. C. tall, modest, helpful SLOIVIINSKI, FLORENCE "Flo" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. quief, amiable, sfnfliozls SOLIMINE. ALBERT "Al" TECHNICAL C. I. C., Intramurals mzassafmiizg, friendly, manly SONE. IEAN "Babe" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Service, Spanish, Intramurals. witty, sweet, eongenial SORENSEN. ELEANOR "Ellie" SCIENCE C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus flighfy, amiable, likable SOWA.GRG6KML, "D u' 0 RCIAL B ll , a , t. Hall ar . . . Lettermen. afh , ie., hi ' , reliable laws, SUNDENE. DOROTHY "Red" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, Math., C. I. C. rep., Service, Prom Com. lovable, ambitious, capable SWANBERG. IUNE "Swanee" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus, G. A. A. earnest, trustworthy, considerate E433 STAWASZ. IOSEPHINE ' 'JoBa' ' COMMERCIAL G. A. A., French, C. I C, f Intramu ' . 111 hz STEE LIZABE Q X il e ti!!! I W , I. '. ecreta y 'IQ I ono . A. A., , 'e ch, Chorus, Ne a e fiet, friendly, n es . gay, han ' l5A1 I l f STOCKFISCH. MARVA "M'ibs" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus. fall, quiet, petife STHEICH. VIVIAN "Sfug'y" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus. peppy, friendly, congenial STUBBE. ELEANOH "El" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus. cheerful and pleasing SUNDBERG. LCRRAINE "Sunny" SCIENCE I-atin, G. A. A., Intramurals, Chorus, C. I. C. agreeable, quiet, conservative l TABOR. ANTHONY "Tony" TECHNICAL CO-Editor News, Ushe Choral, C. I. C., Chorus. intelligent, tranquil, I NE EORG SCIENCE Band, Math . C., Drama, Dane d, t. Honor, Fore n al, Chorus. t lka iv aggressive, musical TAYLOR. MONICA 4'Monnie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, Glee nonchalant, jolly, humorous TEMPLIN. DOROTHEA COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Glee, Chorus. Happy go lucky THODE. LQVERNE "Looe" COMMERCIAL Nat. Honor, G. A. A., Ger- man, Prom Com., Service, Chorus, Personnel. sociable, likable, gay THOMAS. EUGENE 'tGcne" COMMERCIAL Intramurals, C. I. C., Hall Guard. likable, studious, congenial SZAFRANIEC. JEAN COMMERCIAL G. A. A., C. I. C. sociable, active, studious l44I IUNE SZYMANIAK, RAYMOND "Ray" SCIENCE Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Hall Guard, C. I. C. rep., Latin, Glee. athletic, cheerful, congenial THYSSEN. IOHN "J. T." TECHNICAL Orchestra, C. I. C., tall, serious, determined TONTILLO. MARIE "Tillie" COMMERCIAL Senior Night Com., G. A. A., C. I. C. friendly, thoughtful, charming TORCHI. MARY "Mickey" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. exotic, composed, individual TRILLING. DAVID "Duke', COMMERCIAL Usher, News rep., C. I. C., Photography. dark, calm, ambitious THONVIG. ELAINE "Babe" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. talented, jolly, sweet TURALSKI. DOLORES "Ginger" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. calm, quiet, coy j rus, Hall Guard. GRADUATES ULRICH. FRANCELIA "Fran" SCIENCE G. A. A., Intramurals, Chorus. ready, willing, able URSIN. CHESTER "Chee" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Hall Guard. spontaneous, temperamental manly USATUCK. GLADYS "Happy" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., French, G. A. A. carefree, gay, accommodating VERGOT. BERENICE "Ruth" COMMERCIAL C. I. C. intelligent, capable, jolly VINCENT. VERNA "Vern" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., German musical, sincere, capable VOLPE. VINCEN " infra" if IINICAL For m u ., Hall G 'a s leaf -,Ip Cz aig , ural 'V 1 .hletig usi ,qj Jalial Wlpsqgg 1 WENDTLAND ANK UWendy' COMMERCIAL Class Da Owling, News, C. ho , merry, inrlzcstrious l WERSTEIN. KASPAR "Kash" SCIENCE Hall Guard, C. I. C., Latin, Fire Marshal. sociable, handsome, quiet I45l WAECHTER. LAURA "Wecky" COMMERCIAL German, C. I. C., Chorus, G. A. A. pleasant, calm, sociable WAURO. WALTER t'WaIly" SCIENCE Senior Chorus, Intramurals, C. I. C., Weber High School. amiable, alert, clever WEGL. GLENN "Weg" SCIENCE Math., Stamp, C. I. C., Bowl- ing, Spanish, Chess, Drama. good-natured, friendly WEHLE. LuVERNE "Baum," COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A., Chorus. dcmzlre, cheerful, competent WEISS. GEORGINA "George" COMMERCIAL Girls' Chorus, News, C. I. C., German, G. A. A., Nat. Honor, Graduation Com. helpful, energetic, athletic WEND, RICHARD "Dick" SCIENCE June Editor Foremanual, Stamp, Nat. Honor, Chess, Hall Guard Capt., R. O. T. C. Capt., C. I. C. brilliant, co-operative, reserved WIDTMANN. WALTER "Wit" TECHNICAL Bowling, C. I. C. musical, friendly, quiet WILLIAMSON, EILEEN "Willie" COMMERCIAL Choral, Chorus, C. I. C., Serv- ice. Irish eyes, debonair WISNIEWSKI, LORRAINE "Wim" COMMERCIAI. Polish, C. I. C., Prom Com., Chorus. jolly, intelligent, shy .JM -. . -WI' WISNIEWSKI, RAYMOND "Wizzy" COMMERCIAL Chorus, C. I. C., Jewelry Com., Bowling, News. fun-loving, agreeable WOLLSCHLAEGER. FRANCES "Frannie" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Choral, G. A. A., Se- nior Night Com. cheerful, calm, sweet WIIRT ,XOBE TECHNICAL . C., ramurals, Class Hall Guard. y, agreeable, active WETZLER, ROSE C.I.C COMMERCIAL small, quiet, shy Wy I46l h IUNE WHITE. LARRY 'KThe Mad Russian" SCIENCE News, Bowling, C. I. C., Math. dependable, active, ambitious YAKEMOWICH. ANDREW "Ya.kee" SCIENCE C. I. C., Hall Guard, Intra- mural, Latin, Honor Club, Fire Marshal Ass't. talkatiile, friendly, likable YINGER. ADELE "Skeezix" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Nat. Honor, G. A. A., Library, Chorus. calm, dependable, sweet YINGER. VIVIAN "Viv" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Chorus, G. A. A. friendly, obliging, jolly ZEGLER. RAYMOND "Zeke" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Intramurals. dignified, ajfdble, humorous ZIELINSKI. FLORENCE "Flo" COMMERCIAL Service, C. I. C., Nat. Honor. competent, sweetness personified ZYCH. VIRGINIA "Ginny" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Safety. quick, likable, frank GRADUATES IESTADT. CHESTERINE "Chet" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., G. A. A. vim, vigor, vitality MASONICK. HAROLD "Smile" COMMERCIAL C. I. C., Drama. 7' bold cleve 10' ,Q Band, Orchestra, Hall Guard, Intramurals, C. I. C. conservative, bold, cordial Q! . f KENGOTT. ADOLPH SCIENCE C. I. C., Intramurals. witty, amiable, peppy OHLWEIN. MURIEL "Butz" LANGUAGE French, C. I. C., G. A. A. quiet, studious, likable VENTRELLI. PETER "Pete" TECHNICAL C. I. C. industrious, reliable, ejicient TECHNICAL Additional Graduates ERWIN AHLBORN RAYMOND SATHER ALBERT GUBRICKY ROY' TAYLOR ALBERT MCKERR KENNETH WAGNER ARTHUR NADRAWSKI RAYMOND ZEGLER YOUTH Our youth began with tears and sighs, With seeking what we could not find, We sought and knew not what we sought, We marvel, now We look behind: Life's more amusing than we thought. -Andrew Lang. How beautiful is youth! How bright it gleams With its illusions, aspirations, dreams! , Book of Beginnings, Story without End, Each maid a heroine, and each man a friend ! -Longfellow. i47l L J' ' 1' ,. L! f' Mx lfuff qfbf. v-Q J' n W4 I zz www !. - ,- ,f.f,c ,J J., . , 2- xx . xv MR. SII.VERMAN'S DIVISION ll0'l"l'0M ROW: Gunner. Meyers. Davis. Klutz. Ferrari. llndnli. Bzirtel. Dunlap, INIIUIHIII. I'1ISk'llIOIlI'. ROV' 2: Johnson Carlson. Maw. Ncnlmur. Brinke. Mr Silva-rnnin. R01'IllllllIl02lll. IIOVl'lll2lll. Nel- son. Micok. Kzljon. ROW 3: Allegretti IIUIIIRIIIINVSKI. Rlnlinski. Tlmss. Pntokm' McNulty. llnrtlnunn. 'l'nrjun. I'i1ISIl'0lll, SIIIIICIISU, Larsen. vs , MISS SHEEHY'S DIVISION BOTTOM ROW: Olson. Becker, Rode, Wilson, Drane, Prigge. Cuputo, Plamert, liuffuilli, Kruger. Kanter. ROVV 2: 'frei- ckel. Conway. Gunderson, Keur. Pioch, Miss Sheehy, Johnson. Berg. Kzillenbach, Kolbe, Mueller, Fregd. Born. Reichelt. ROW' 3: Johnson, Scllwawtz, Elegian, Zienlski, Jurgensnn. Powell. Tliorsen, Christie, Johnson. Darby, Barkemeyer, Szzlrzynski. Alvsnker. 4-B's In the bleak February of 1936, 180 freshmen trudged to Fore- man, just four days out of grammar school. Inside the warm build- ing, they werefherded into five groups. They were assigned to Miss Byrne and Miss Connor, of the English department, Mrs. Schwartz, of shorthand and business training fame, and two mathematics teachers, Mr. Jenkins and Mr. Silverman. At the end of the second year, Miss Connor was transferred to the Personnel department and was replaced by Miss Sheehy, a Commercial teacher. Last semester, Miss Byrne gave up her division, and it was separated among the remaining four divisions. Mrs. Schwartz, Mr. Jenkins, and Mr. Silverman still maintain their original divisions. In order that they might be a compact and efficient group by Graduation, the present 4B's formed a club in their ZA semester. They have kept that organization ever since. Only a half year after the forma- tion of the club, the 4B's showed their school spirit by conducting a successful drive to cut down window breakage at Foreman. This campaign was sponsored by Mrs. Mussehl. T431 l'l"l'0M HOW: f'lll'ISI1lII'k'l'Sllll. 'l'liomp- n. Jnmlyk, Killlflllilll, 'l'culn'l', Mr. nkins, Sm-llmimll, 'l's-sc-li. Slrnh. Molls. JW 2: llozclkcl, Xvllllftlllllb. l'ollzu'k. l'Ilt'I'1'l'. Doyle, I'lllll'lK'll. Dost, llirn. ,-ya-r k, Tl'illlt'li. 'l'iv:ni':u'. l.2lllSl'll. l'rovi-nzo. own, llalnsvn, Mzllmlnlzl, Zzlcliurrl. -rkv. 4-B's Not all of the 4B activities are along such serious lines, however. Roller skating parties and other social affairs give a lighter note to the group. The scholarly side of the January class of 1940 is evident when the division room's honor rolls are examined. Forty-five per cent of a division is the average to appear on these lists. The 4B's also have an outstanding record in the athletic field. Last year's bowling team consisted of members of this class, and won the city championship. This year they have a boys' bowling team, and one of the few girls' bowling teamjsi in Chicago. 4B's on the baseball i . team are Pierce Meyers, who plalys second base, and John Schneider, a pitcher. Martin Powellfis ia member of the Basketball team, and William Hartman,.Pierc'e. Meyers, and Don Mancuso hope to make the Foreman footlelill team a success next season. The majority of the one. hundred 'and fift3f'4B students are taking Commercial courses. Thebtherslare taking General Science, Technical, or Gen- eralflaiiguageiiicoursesl A I '- I ' MRS. SCHWAR'I'Z'S DIVISION ll0'l"l'0Nl RUWV: Kl't'llll'l', llulzunu, Vain- nicr. Olsen. Kira-lilmtf. Mrs, SVIIVYJIFIZ. hVIl'lIl'llIl0I'I. lk-niscy. IIll0lHlt'l'. ROW 2: Sofkan. llupksn. I'l'0YillI. l'in-slnk. flutes. Kemp, ll:nnh:u'k, llrmvcr. ROW 3: Mauulcrinu. .lolmsnn. Suvkow. 'l'orn:i- tors: lilumlon.'k. Nlcyvr. Lipkw wilz. MR. IENKINS' DIVISION s. llnnson. l'n'm'lu. HOW Il: Shos- 11491 Q Qj,,,,,l,.QM, N.. 'K' Y-40 CLUB lill'I"l'0M ROW: Nlaingro. Rt-wil. Urzuluk. Zarzyrhi. l,ouimi'4l. Xlr. Km-altingz. Dick- uisor. XVOir. llurry. Wnjvzyneki. ROW 2: Pnknrny. xlilffilliliti. Killurzm. Cou- liulluy. l,:u'sx'll. Linilqllist. l':ll0w. Ku- xwilski. Bnhrkc. Wzuiiimtzilu. Arlimtu. llvse. Blqlllk. llorthulcl. ROV' 3: XVt'il'k- vri. lnlzul. Nh-yor. Uttu. I'rim-ipv. Muir. .IIYIIIIWUIL Korkowski. Huiililluif. Lus. Mrk. l,n-wie. ROV' I: Tlirziuc. Miller. llurivxn. Smith. ticrhairclt. Struln. Scott. Xanga-I. I.urvnz. Billinulizlm. l"l'0itSlQ.Z'. l.t':llh'l'1'l', XVOihIvr. F-40 CLUB F-40 CLUB ll0'l"I'UKl HOVV: Iitlllh. fi2lHlNY5ki. .Xu- niorson. .Iuh0rt. lfms. l':iulmn. .Inuit-s. llnhor. Bullvr. Kliiigzcr. KUXV 2: Wvssvl. Ynlpv. Unit-Il. Nlilfsllll. 'I'hy5soil. Suruk. Shnwty. Jaltvzzlk. Svlimimlt. Srhultz. ROV' :iz I'l'H0l'Nl!Il. Isimn. Frulnn. liissur. ltumpf. S1-lmzlk. Frliziii. Iiugrol. Busliek Xlusiso. HOW I: Krm-:rt-r. Xv2ll't0lIll1L'l':l. Oiklaillvy. Balch. Sn-limi-. lfricw. Klan Xvvftllllitll. F-40 CLUB l!U'l"l'UNl ROW: xvl'l'lNlNYl'll. .izlculmi-xi Zlmril. l'hi'isti:1n. BJltll'lI2ll'k. Lzlliuii Siclwr. Fnuziiiiinii. Baku. Kcrk :iski SIGCUXID KOXV: lmwiii. l':irri,z:in.-,. .wh Ill'I1l'i'l'll. Nlzn-Q. Ni-lsmi. Vurmlu. Mal thivws. Tlllltll ROW: Mvlvillv. Bright Canxznto. Kzlrrvs. Nlm--siixgrcr. I':uIiu.l5 Kulinski. lltlfltllkfll. .XIld0l'4lNl. nll1'Zflk Spinuzzn. 1 ' " , A N.. x s. N Q I S 1 I E501 ly. lla-r::vwml. Srlllllllv. 'llllllllhll WF ' ' F-41 CLUB F-41 CLUB H"l'UXl KUXV: fltlllflblkli. Pixknrl. uifvl. Iiiln-rx. Nlxlllvy. IH-Ivn'mll. Nh' Ily. Mmm-. li:nrr--H. Slnrulm. Quinn nn-vin. IQHW 2: llzurth-y. Xlillnurn I3t'I'. Nn'Isnlx.K11:l4'll. lxmmls. xxilhlil. w. l,l:lkus. Rupp. I.2lI'Nt'II. RUN IS: nhl. .luhxu-on. K4IIllillNki. l'0IL'I'hUll vhn-r. l!:lkx'r. Svhmialt. SIVUIIE. Si! ly. l.umi. lI:m-4-11. Ilnhmw. Xlm-lla-1' won. Ulwll. Unln-ll. I'l'll'I'Nllll. F-41 CLUB lS0'I"I'4JXl IUIW: Ili xlilfiil, Xmvzllulxkl l':lrn-nli. Xlmmrv. l-'u:m:m. l"Ivu:zml l'uopn'r. Hn-l1l'y. Kurh:1kcs. lmuix Rh l":ll'I:ll14l, NNW 2: Vlllilliillll. ll1'l'Izl'm'l4lI llrsllinm. lillvknlzlll. Sillllllvlsllll. Nl! Xivluml. YY:ll'1l. l'll'i1'h. Slll'l'lIIJlll llrmx'11. lluu'-Iznl. RUN' Zi: l!:lrr:llll Zillmnn. Ulm. l'rzyIylin-ki. Smith. Lum ink. filfllllil. lImx:l1'rl, l':lI4-I1I4'l'u. lbu r:uml. l':l-lmwllm, X511 F-41 CLUB . ': JN " .. :u'k. Slim-Ike Wills. lir:lmln'I. JIIIIIINUII. Frist. Kxurkn llnurully. Hlllllll. I.:npvlm:l, XX l'NlL'l',1Zl4k'll yvyk. KUXV 34: l'1IIlt'llll1I4'kl'l'. Krnuwn ql'I'lltZk. Nilli. l.Jll'Nt'Il. Fillll. l'ln'ihh'n won. Ka-illkv. cr. KOH' 2: Ilulvv. xlllkikil. II1llll'lx 2-A's ZA I!0'l"l'0M R 0 YV: Kallas. Mason. 0'Graily. Reiner, Cicslak. Dolnbrowski. Svlnnnavkcr. VVar1l. Iisan. Maruniewski llirr. RUVV 2: Miss Clxristianson. D117 plain. Imppla R.. I.m-ppla D.. Dnify Rizio. I'anl. Naulzivjko. Svlxravllla Green. Mnskat. Svheclian. Miss Mac Kay. ROW 3: Erickson, Gregory. Veli Sn-hwilk. I'i0r1'0. Lakoina. Sakelson IIJlllIISl'll. Vl'0nnerstroin. I'ons. RUVV l Javohs. VValslw. Kendall. Krypvl. Con ralli. Sulnnclzer. VVilson. VVeav0r. Lipps. llliL'l1i4'0llio. ZA B0'I"1'OM ROVV: Muller. I"I'ylllGll'k. Ka- xnisz. Szeplowski. Miss Mclfuc. Miss Mul- doon. Cosack. Reiinus. Frank. SECOND ROVVZ Ilcnson. Zarnofski. Ecksiroln. Arlliars. Flynn. Einwrs, Brossnlan. I'awlic'ki. Kuestcr. Getz. Biulzeck. THIRD ROXV: Przylmilski. VVillialnson. Kapcyka. Flllllilll. Kuhus, Gunther. Lud- wig, VVagnQr. Pehla. Iflggrcrt. ROVV 4: WVeg0rer. IIolian. Slllllll. 'l'lmrs0n. Fisllcr. Svliotfcnlolir. Duffy. Miss Drown. 2-B's 52 DIVISION 303 ll0'I"l'0M ROXV: Scoltnik. Jones. Hvin l'Il'll. S1'liovnfvlcl. Moran. U-ailvk. Dinsu Ryhack. Millvr. IIlll't'llL'S. ROXV 2: Juli ano, VYosziak. Inclnranlv. XV:nrnck0 .Iolinson I... Johnson C.. Miss I'Illlll0I' Ilowcll. Kunclsvn. Ilnlmr. Mavk. Kemp RUVV 3: Rolla. Mant-los. Slvvk. Sm-fellll Mzim-los. Klalikc'-. Clark. Iliascllo. Mira hilv. Wales, 2-B's DIVISION 223 Il0'I"l'UNl ROW: Lewin. Nm-vin. Skaljn, Stvwalrt. Juskulski. ROW I: Chraufhtax. Krznnz. Rnsilun, Ynsi. Ryan, I'llIL'l'ill'Ili. Fslrh, Moc. ROW 2: FITIIIIII. Kufuvml, RJlj'lll'Il'l'. Mutsnn. Mum-usi. Duc- Iu-l. 'l'IlIl'Il'lI Ylwk ROW 'S' Lumlquisl. clin. Mnlirmvski, Zurnnnv. I'in- rh-rwki, Irussi. 2-B's cmd 1-A's DIVISION 301 llU'l"l'05I R0 VV: SUIIIIIIKII, IAllIfIIll'I' 'I'humsvn, Uslvr, Ilcjzl, Fry, Ul'Jll'fl', lvnson, Km-us. Krol. SIM-l!iu,1:. RUNV 2 K:1nh'l'. I':1wlmwski, Slmrv. VYollalsm'l1l:l0A gur. Smitnl, I.Ylll'Il. Ingrln-shy, XVHLZIIPI' I,zmfg:on. Aluis. RUW 3: Gillhcrg Aluisiu. Uphoium. liuhini. Spuvk. Olson, Nlitzlvr. Sutnriuus. Kullnlln. l'mn'l:1s. 1-B's CMI. MouW's Divisionj 531 2B'S AND lA'S lIO'l"I'UNI ROW: Grill, IIN-sm'm', Ilonsv, YVFIQIIII. Sl'IIXYL'l'lIII'l',LZl'l'. XVhil0, Applr- hn-rry, 1-nupp. ROW 2: bm-lnnntz, llul- vursvn. l'rm-Irv, Rn-4ln1nn. l':lrlvsnn, Kclly, Ns-lscn. Lux. Sinmlimus. RUVY 3: Tap' Iltllll, llwilvs. Iivmlnn. llunsvn. llam- llll'l'. Ilirlmistinzn. Ilm':u'Il. l':up:lg:n-wmv. mf iix V , , M .M ..,,..., W f " . if ,gg F : f -Q' g ig- K . fn ix M 'QQ l A .:V, . . K - pi as aes.. n .ff , HT, 5 in I 1x ay . y .,. I ' 2 if V 'I 1- ' 'Her ii-1 , , H ,qi wx : ., is qi , Q .. K ' ' 32,3 i ' . . ia wg... f' wWf . , 4: fb J,.. , iQy ' iw- -E . ' sf 1' Q Fw' f' .ei ., 'Q Q.. . , 'f- 'Q . "' 'B , il-af . K. . Ml , E . .,., , 35? L ... . l 3 2, t , fe A fg Gini M W 0:2 1 , , W.. , .. "ja 2. L. Y V. .... iw wif i l: , 5 X .. - . H , , L- .. 'f ww. , A gf. , In - V .. t 5 H: K 1:5 ,rkv , - f f 7 H 4 1 1. , , - , , Z. .i . K Q 2:6 "" .fit Q' - 1 .1-fa. . z - -- " YL -- 41 - A f .,-, 3 4' 1' , ' N "" . ,. ' :ii , ' 14 A L . I 4' Z "hr .9 . if big? 5 If ik hs? i ' vgiz w. WY' R 7 xQAA ' '- ' E V .K --f'-- - Q .. M H i K, ' 551 ,, W , ,,,, 4 i Q lr' W we A . N .. Q ,D V M ' . , : M? as J is .e . ' --, we 5..FQwm,w ..- . j 10 N A 'L ' .f 5' , H .if 1:,: 4 ' Q A, I , ' . l ' U I I . UNDERGRADUATES ll0'l"l'0Nl ROW: Lewin. l':nl:1l:1n0. Kzlllio. Arnmlo, Ruewer. ROV' l: Rfifllllilll. Rvcllzxrk. XV:ls. Drews. liehnke. M:n'nsvzau'yk, Luke. Zeller. Hempel. Hzunlner. Krzxnz. Slewzlrl. Nlngnnsl. Kimmel. RUXV 2: Sell. 'l'l'2llll'l'. Schwilk. Maruniewski. Killlflllilll. Ilnvh. Lenne. Nelsun. Sluekingr. Hansen. Clark. Johns. Kzlpche Sll2llll'l'llSi. ROW 3: Samuelson. Nelson. Dnl'l'y. lhillrenil. l'ie1'L'e. S2llllll9lS0ll. lljcrke. liggert. Nelson. lil'llhSlllilll. lieieh. Kvnllnll. lfleiclen. Smith. IHWV I: Maison. Behrens. Krm-. Volpe. Cnlfune. Otto. Christen- sen. Kmninski. liillcter. Olsen. Nerhus, Jnhnsnn. Schultz. Oclell. ROYV 5: Collelli. Bright. Olsen, Friese, Ursznluk. liilmsiewiez. Jslcnhsen. Krueger. Liznk. Prescott. Ssltkn. Bnltuwski. Stevenson. Conczlnnon. KOWV li: Dailpe. Lune. Nl. lhlell. l.x-unnrsl. llzlrnclen. f'2ll'l'lQI2lll. Strmn. Nlnlnsink. lvlldllllilllll. xvillllllillii. Berthulll. Bzxvylal. Sness. Gisscr. i541 SENIOR CLASS NOTABLES IANUARY Lois Martens Jack Coy Letty Meredith Landy Di Domenico Dorothy Nast Robert Peterson Isabelle Slodkowski Robert Anderson Margaret Laurell Blomquist Twins Albina N ivenski Robert Mueller Dorothy Hansen Wilbur Zelinsky Grace Bertschinger Eugene Knight Margaret Hagman John Ondrejcin Dorothy Feeney Gus Sosdian Marcella Mackprang Clifford Pilz Erminia Magistrelli Anthony Malone Dorothy Fry Warren Stone Letty Meredith Anthony Malone Wittiest Best Dressed Most Athletic Best Dancers Best Looking Most Dignified Most Studious Most Co-operative Most Musical Most Versatile Most Likely to Succeed Most Popular Most Artistic Best Matched Couple Marjorie Christensen Most Talented Robert Zander E55l TUNE Marion Moe Lawrence Ferry Jean Szafraniec George Carroll Iris Norman Larry Filippi Shirley Gregersen Walter N iedzwiadek Lorraine Midland Casper Werstein Jane Miller Richard Wend Janet Sgarloto Adolph Schuh Gloria Frontier Robert Eimers Bernice Gulland Llewellyn Ericsson Virginia Murray Robert Hammer Alaine Brandes Robert Erskine Helen Olson Norman Heilbuth Esther Ostensen Eugene Marquardt Shirlee Houck George Huber Shirley Huebner Edwin Birr Q S5 ,,..,. 5 f K M . U wiwfay' 3 335, e Q aa, FOREMAIN MOSES NIAIER Principal Miss Cecila Costello has efli- cient charge of programs, tar- dinesses, absences, daily bul- letins, etc. However, she was ably a s s i s t e d by Mildred Schoenrock, Catharine Turn- quist Cboth of the Foremanual staiy and Lois Martens, all of whom were worth their weight in gold. We have the warmest affec- tion for our secretaries, Mrs. Burke, Miss Ryan and Miss Evers, who are not only effici- ency plus but always pleasant. They take time gladly to grant our favors, which are often impositions. Their cheery "good morning" starts us olf with a song of joy in our heart. Here is our genial pilot on his way home to "Mama" The end of an arduous school day finds him still wreathed in smiles. We ponder, though, at what he clutches so fondly in that left hand pocket. Can it be some of Mrs. King's cookies, a "paid in full receipt" for the Foremanual, or THE letter from Wm. Johnson, Superintendent of Schools, congratulating him for the high rating awarded to his school by the North Central Asso- ciation-for excellence in plant, faculty and administration 'Y We wonder, Mr. Maier. We wonder. i581 muff lDMINISTRATION Harry P. seems to be focusing his orbs on The Sugar Bowl With a fixed expression. No, no, dear reader, you are Wrong. He is not looking for recalcitrant students en- joying their leisure across the road on Le Claire Avenue. If it's lunch time, he is deliberating where and what to eat, if it's 3:30 he is scan- ning the horizon for the idol of his eye, Mary Catherine, his beautiful Titian-haired daughter. First, last and always in Mr. McHale's affec- tions come the missus and the chil- dren. He is the ideal husband and father! 4' 59 K 1 Q 4' ,f:".l-if Lf 7s5f'Q1l1'-5"i ..,g i ,,'gv'n,1-.ii.,3 's 9? ' 'e N ' 3 11 M. ' H .. t, -4,,,. x , HARRY lj. lVl1'HALI'I Assisfuuf I'riNr'iprrl hx X ART Our Art Department, Miss Effting at the helm with Miss Homer and Miss Haranberg as the most recent recruits, has proved a decided asset to Foreman. A galaxy of posters of wide range re- flects the artistry of Miss Homer and Miss Haranberg, and Miss Effting's dis- play of yarn purses and tooled leather billfolds exhibited at Open House and on the bulletin board, are glowing testi- mony of her ability in artistic crafts- manship Csee the Art department stu- dent activity picturej. The department does yeoman service in artistically de- signing notices foreshadowing Fore- man's coming events. Miss Effting, Miss Homer, and Miss Haranberg. LANGUAGE AND MUSIC Foreman students eagerly anticipate attend- ance at the foreign language assembly each year. The student participants wear the costumes of the respective country Whose language they are study- ing. They invariably give us the Old World atmos- phere through dances, songs and folklore. Miss Lawin, Miss Harndon, Miss Coesfeld, Miss Jasinski, and Mrs. Hogle. Miss Nelson is in charge of choruses and sing- ing classes and Capt. Reid supervises the orchestra and the band. They usually rate "tops" in the city Wide music contests, so what is there to add to their glory in these annals? Only this--Foreman is justly proud of its place in the high school musical world of Chicago. i60l MATH SCENCE AND HOME ECONOMICS This picture, dear reader, was taken just before the delicious tea served to the Parent-Teachers' As- sociation on March 15th! Mrs. King certainly knows the way to a man's heart-not only Mr. King's, either-for the delec- table turkey dinner she served to the North Central Association Committee undoubtedly helped to give us that highly commendable rating. Miss Felch had charge of the style show at Open House and she makes the costumes for various oc- casions, sews chevrons on the R. O. T. C. uniforms, and does other craftsmanship for the school. You know . . . a stitch in timel Mrs. King and Miss Felch. l 51 l The Science group is an illustrious one at Foreman. They boast-and rightly-of Mr. Keating, world war vet- eran, teller of good jokes, patron of the Foremanual. and chemistry shark: of Mrs. Voelz, Senior class adviser and custodian of ninth period addicts, of Mr. Bigler, Bowl- ing and Hall Guard sponsor, and of Mrs. Jerome, sponsor of the Projectors' club, whose members give Foreman classes movie treats. Mr. Bigler, Mr. Lovejoy, Mr. Keating, Mrs. Voelz, Mr. Silverman, Mr. Mouw, Mr. Larsen, Miss Kelly and Mrs. Jerome. The Mathematics Depart- ment is still basking in the sunshine of the glory achieved when the Adler Planetarium entreated them to make a more permanent exhibit of their contribution so that succeed- ing visitors to Chicago might enjoy the practical display. Miss 0'Neill, Mr. Jenkins, Mrs. Kinert, Miss Hirons, and Miss Hart Cof C. I. C. and Clean-Up campaign renownj. V1zfQ4'ii"'txAa1fz.' ,,.. . Qi' A i . ,,,. ,,.s ,,,, ,I . ,. ,,.u,,f,---M8Qfi1 -' ,5-,,.' 5, , ...p M- -'aszgff-...pil 1 0 "M- 1 if ' ii f' Y'-fi ff C1 il, w'wTi ',,,fgwwf , of -is s Q ENGLISI The English Department, largest in the school, is piloted by the ver- satile Miss Helen C. Byrne, and eloquently speaks for itself on almost all occasions-public speaking, radio broadcasts, and dramatic productions. The students and the teachers are the literary scribes for the Foreman News, the Foremanual, the Clean-Up campaign, the Legionnaires, Public Relations, Assembly exercises, patriotic essays, ad iniinitum. The sublime, profound and weighty contemporary thoughts are recorded for posterity under the inspiration of Miss Herzer, Mrs. Weiss, Miss Stern, Miss McCue, Miss MacKay, Miss Byrne, Miss Cavoit, Miss Brown, and Miss Carleton, Miss Williams, Miss Christiansen, Miss Sweeney, Miss Zeeb, Miss Hayes, and Miss Fenner. Under the wise administration of Miss Marie Harkins, Director of Personnel, these various class advisers help students "find themselves." "The adjustment service aims to further the educational and personality development of each student according to the service which he may ulti- mately render to society." Miss Mary Mostyn, Director of Public Relations, has done a splendid job not only in securing desirable newspaper publicity, but also in estab- lishing good will and co-operation between outside organizations and the school. Miss Mostyn, Miss Harkins, Miss Carleton, Mrs. Mussehl, Miss Connor, Mrs. Voelz, and Mr. Deeriii. The History Department, under the able guidance of Miss Lucy Daniels, provides some of the most progressive courses in the school. Recently it oganized a "Current Trends" club with a limited membership of fifty. So many students desire to join that next semester any student recommended by a history teacher may become a member. Today they held an assembly for Foreman students at which Mr. John Carmichael, Sports Editor of The Daily News, spoke on "Current Trends in Sports." Mrs. Talbot, Mr. Snodgrass, Miss Mostyn and Mr. Kough. Mrs. Halvorsen, Mrs. Jones, Miss Daniels fHeadJ, and Miss Flaherty. E621 ENT EPARTM f PERSONNEL OHY i631 COMMERCIAL This department is called "the most congenial in the school." Never any friction, always mutual admiration. They plan their work together and present one of the most interestingly valuable courses-Commercial Geog- raphy-with emphasis on Social Sci- ence. Here they are consulting a ge- ography, state of Louisiana, where they plan to spend their Spring Vaca- tion. They will visit the French Quarter of New Orleans for Parisian atmosphere, Biloxi, for golf. Lucky pals! Mrs. Anderson and Miss Keefe. Wm. Miller, as usual, is reading a list of figures to be added. Naturally, our Secretary of Treasury has charge of the exchequer at Foreman and puts animation in bookkeeping figures. Other equally practical courses are Business Training, Filing and Oiiice Practice. Mrs. Jayne, Mrs. Schwartz, Mr. Ulveling, and Mr. Miller. Foreman is the commercial center of the North Side high schools of Chicago and justiiies that selection. Frequently in the past, when class- room work and new methods or pro- cedures were to be demonstrated, Foreman was selected to exhibit these. The commercial teachers are well- informed, live and conscientious. More than sixty per cent of our entire stu- dent body takes typewriting, short- hand or bookkeeping. Miss Cooney, Mr. Morrissey, Miss Melody, Mr. Sazama, Mrs. Nieland. PHYSICAL EDUCATION These instructors of Physical Education, familiarly known as "gym," have charge not only of the physical development of our stu- dents but they also teach boys and girls how to play. They stress the importance of abiding by the rules, of gracefully accepting victory or defeat, in short, they teach stu- dents to become "good sports." Mrs. Walker, Miss Jones, Miss Lagorio, Mr. Maloff, Sgt. Hill, Mr. Zahorik. SHOP Q? l I Although Foreman is not a technical high school, five hundred boys are taking advantage of the opportunity to "learn with their hands" in the shops at Foreman with the instruction of these line teachers under the generalship of Mr. Deering. Among the things made in the shops are tables, desks, picture frames, door chimes, soldering irons, transformers, toasters, electric stoves, pottery Work in the Home Arts Lab, and all types of printing and lettering. Mr. Iser, Mr. Coffey, Mr. Teuscher, Mr. Stadtler, Mr. Deering, Mr. Byrne, and Mr. Sollo. l55l S S Q xg? S .3 . ff 31 21 L 1 4 6 4 ,:1. 35 , 2 ,AQ smug THREE C The Three-Cornered Moon, a comedy in three acts by Gertrude Ton- konogy, afforded hilarious enjoyment to two packed audiences in January. Miss Muriel MacKay, erstwhile drarnatics coach, displayed her usual fine taste in selecting the play and the cast. After getting the dramatics class well grounded and started on its rehearsals, Miss MacKay was obliged to conserve her health shortly after Thanksgiving and Mrs. Helen Ramm carried on for her friend in true MacKayan style. Needless to say, but We will for posterity, the play was an exquisite performance! T633 RED MOON 5:45 SETTING OF THE ACT 1. Entrance hall and dining room of the Rimplegar home in Brook- lyn. Early Morning. ACT 2. Late Autumn. AUT3. Early Next Morning. PLAY CAST OF CHARACTERS Mrs. Rimplegar ....... Douglas Rimplegar .... Kenneth Rimplegar. . Jenny, the Maid ...... Ed Rimplegar ..... . Elizabeth Rimplegar ..., Donald ............. Dr. Alan Stevens .... Kitty .......... . . . . .Lois Huey, Geraldine Carroll Warren Stone, Andrew Mitranitza . . . . .Gustav Sosdian, Eugene Knight . . . . . .Gilda Castellano, Mildred Lis . . .William Wohlers, Edwin Holmes . . . . .Ellen Petrazelka, LaVergne Zierk . . . . . . . . .Ted Kaczor, Arthur Becker . . . . .Anthony Malone, Wilbur Zelinsky i69l . .Grace Bertschinger, Dolores Meyer i Nixss Nns5ws6Ax1snoNwsfNn6s XNXW sxneete fegvek Yofenxenxkes Xeexneo oi vne tesxgnsixon o NXntXeX NMCXCM as ofaxnsixes eoedn. Genetons Wkvn net 'nine -and mXen's, get noooest, cekn eno gxsckons ew en vvnen wonixng nnoer xeutine or essnwce, YNEs'NVw5Aa9 enoearwoYfnse6noxcnn3 xoXnw oxenmxoes 6wcses,Xnn,1o QXMXQTneNsnoidnMHwcnnwngfmmgwkwwnwnnnnwnsy nwconkoeo new owcooockfxons ynsoe 'Qneqn gms ocessxons. Sne rose to 'One Qi eakesb nevgkw oossfoXe in Xixgn seXnooX or-afosixes when new otesenmnon oi SdfniwvwqpdsamdwngvwMbyMSwmnwnv Bei xeoefkone kndnoeo: YNXW 'ine Onxnoes Bang, For 'ine yove oi Yeke, 'Yne Man in 'One Sonnet Bak, flonng Penneties, 'ine ?Xoxkst Sxnon. 'ine 'Ywsnng YXaee, Ykfsk Dress Sow, Ps Sign Xinbo ion, Sig Seemed Ykenoext, wore Enesseo, Okcenxnsmnees Meet Cases, 'ine Yworoaneets, 'Vne flonngest, SeX1en'seen,'Yne Cinatnx SCnooX, one 'ine 'Vox ee Cotneteo Moon. Undef Snet oweohon, sNX'Cn 'Coe sgienoxo oo-ooeiaixon oi Mrs. Ywaxnfn and Nkss SeXson, Yoteynan won -A set oi XN odd. Book encsj dooeeooss Soi one oi 'One W4 ekle gnosk ooonwt WLS btoaoee-sts snonsot eo 'og vne Down- town Sxnooginsg Semis Xn Qne Qxgn SCnooX Yowoe oi XQSS. 'in-snxas, fonsog, Sox one fosns bww nxernodes. Msg 'ikne nnioXo fads-a.nk xNX'Cn Xlxief s Gnokcesk gfxfits Koi S onx. V701 IIUNI ICON . .luncs. ll'l1l1Nl!.7.imxlll- rss-lx. .lm-lrm'i'. Iiullzuml. Nluc. Sunil- W rt: Kuliw, Zyrln. llzumm-V. Szltlicr. unlvk. XX carl. horn-nsnn. U :num-r. DRAMA Mrs. Rose Weiss, new dramatics coach, has a difficult task to perform in carrying out the high standard of dramatics set at Foreman, and our heartiest wishes go to her for success. We have every confidence in her ability. The content of the course as outlined by Mrs. Weiss covers present-day production, including the cinema and radio. A study is made of stage arts, scenery, lighting, costumes, and make-up. All students participate in extensive reading of one-act plays for interpretation of character, appreciation of literary values, and enjoyment. Pantomime, exercises in facial expression and voice culture are techniques used in developing self-confidence and poise. All students are encouraged and given an opportunity of participating in one-act plays in assemblies, broadcasts, and other school activities. hh DRAMA l!0'l"l'0Xl ICUXVI .'Xll4ll'csvll. SI:lw:l4 1 llvlinski. liruw. lfmlltiw. Iingcl, llwy.-1 liujmurski. I.nt:n. Svliwm-4l:n. IHJW 2 Knrsl. Nlurskv. I.1-wzninslamski, Pnwcll llunscn. H I s u lu. .Xmlcr-cn. Mnlzlcl wklisll, Hrs. W1-iss. 'liJllNPl'. RUN' Il I llllljll. .lulmsnn. Iullncry. .illI'Jlll. lllrk Url. lxlL'l:ll'. I'1ll'lIHl. 1-rm-lm:ll1I. Lum' Jillllllllskl. DRAMA Nh-yi-r. liirrnlmm. Iiuhlcr. Nlurrny. welt. 'l'luxlnpsn1ll. ROW 13: XVviss. . U'Ill'im'l1. llnuwlrilus. Mrs. XV1-is-. E713 WHAT PRIC 4,-, A? As we go to press, Mrs. Rose Weiss, enthusiastic dramatics coach, is working diligently with her senior dramatics classes on the modern mystery comedy, "What Price Jewel," by C. I. Eaddy, which will be presented on May 25th and May 26th in our auditorium. In this thrilling play there is an unusual blend of fun, mystery, and delightful romance. The cleverly developed plot involves several characters against Whom circumstantial evidence points incriminatingly. Numerous dramatic and humorous incidents keep the audience in suspense and laugh- ter until the last scene when the two mysteries are solved. The iifteen characters represent a variety of temperaments, all of which are necessary to the development of a fascinating story. Interspersed With many humorous episodes is a bit of sound philosophy. i72l EWEL Mrs. Hurley ..... Patricia Hurley .... Evelyn Hurley .... Gallagher Starling. Fritz Benton ...... Daniel Polling .... Arthur Hurley. . . Dr. Pratt ......... Dale Terrence ..... CAST OF CHARACTERS ....................Grayce Ryan, Danzelle Motzar . . . . . . . . .Marion Moe, Aileen Dwyer . . . . .Shirley Huebner, Gladys Engel . . . .Bernice Gulland, Virginia Murray . . . . .Richard Groenwald. Ray Sather ........ .Glen Wegl, Arthur Juran . . . . . . . . . .Stanley Luc, Robert Hammer . . . . . . . . . . .Joseph Kieler, George Carroll . . . .Stephanie Bujnowski, Lorraine O'Brien Mrs. Hurley's Niece .... .... F lorence Zelinski, Reidun Buckman Dick .............. Aunt Sue .......... Uncle Jake ...... The Gardener ..... The Detective ...... Cecile, the Maid ..., ...................N0rmanHeilbuth . . . . .Muriel Gross, Florence Girratono . . . .Harold Masonick, George Tannery . . . . . . . .Joe Farina, Robert Dickert . . . . . . . . .Larry Filippi, Anthony Tabor . . . .Arline Bogardus, Josephine Stawalt l73l FOREMAI BAND The Beginners Band are "recruits" who are being trained for the intermediate band. Both of these bands have been mak- ing fine progress. The Advanced Band is proud at having received a rating of "S" in the District I Chicago High School Contest. ORCHESTRA ' N , The Orchestra of about 45 players was, as usual, a very busy unit all semester. At numerous assemblies, concerts, and other entertainment, it proved to be the best that Foreman ever had, both as to playing abil- ity and range of repertoire. FOREMAIN . u,.u, V X.. --it QT Qfsfyf--Q l74l AND DANCIC HAND When it's Swing music that is wnntccl, Fcn'cnian's Danse Ilzind pmvidcs it. They play fm' all school mlanccs, and pivmceecls are given to P thu music clepzzrtnient for equin- ment. Vzzptain Reid, spcnisorg 'Fhmnus Iliskin, student director. RCI-IESTRA I 1 nllwi ,fl In 1 u DANCE UI In . . llfg "fII,.,, V llnl, . ' "'ffl1,,i""'f'1g D Nvlx -llfll. 'VCE -IUNAIII IUNAI. I QAND " I1 ' "'l,, llpbllll Q-4.,.. I lu 75 i I "fl: ., 31. I' S1 IAxly"f. ll X, I-N 1' All in Ill GIRLS' GLEE l!U'l"l'0M ROW: l.JllllNlllS. Zwnivskini. lfnyc. Snllivzin. lircillow. Fonnolly. Koprlw. llrcyvr. Sinnclinns. l4'!'L'1l1'ic'ks. ROW 2: l'nrs'L-Il. illlllll'Jllll0. lllzlir. Pet- vrson. Knjon. llzltion. Miss Nelson. Rey. Msn-Km-nziv. lilllllIllNt'll. llnzxlzino. Grill. ROW 3: 'l'ynn1l:l. Sils-wie-x. Uzosvk. llrozy. Sqnoo. Sclmlk. llogun. Poterson. llvllilzi, llK'l'll'llS. l'llil1ll'css. SIC-TI-IE SPEECH l i i BOYS' CHORUS li0'l"l'UM RUXVZ xvL'llfl'l'lli. NlllliQl'll0Ck, Qllilll'4N'ki. Walsh. Preston. Miss Nelson illlllllTl'l'l. Ik-lnpsey. VVilson. Slnitll. ROW 2: VVollsh-in. Kzlwiucki. Phillips, Kos. Krzxnwr. Norcllof. Loc, Gzirhe inorv. Iirinnn. Knlinski. Kin-hor. Powvll llznnscn. Graiczyk. Julwri. Taft. Nm-lson 'l'illl0ll1'. llorn. Al'scl1:11ilt. ROW 3: Puss- MIXED CHORUS B0'l"l'0M ROVV: Ruiclnnilmck. Nolson Vnntinc. Mzlrnszvzzlk. VVojviki0wim-z Ilonnlrl. Smit. Miuuli. Johanson. BL-lin lie. ROM' 2: Bn-zmlor. Lcsnry. lVcnner stroln. Gnnllwr. l'vl1t:i. Miss Nelson Zeller. Kelnpv. l"i0lllll'S. Alrisio. Bill inglunn. ROVV ti: .i5lklllllNVSki. Lowsln clowski. Hudson. llovim-k. l'lllgl'll VVv:lvvr. Schultz. llwalzinski. llvnnifletti l75l ll IHNI ICON : iiII'l'. lryhus. hzynmn- 4. lm lhwlll. Klulvlksl. iflliilllilll. Kwi- 'hlm. Nljuvn, ifl'liiJll'i'i. HUVV 2: lllulvk. -lwun. xiilll, KiIi:ln. Knlmllivjvzyk. 'zyszi:lz:lk. Nlursum-lu. fiim-lurmsski. NYIHII. lirn-nm-. lmush. ROXV IS: Vim- ny. Mvyor. i.lIllj7l'I'S. I':uuus. l'1v:nn:.:1-- Nay. lluwsmin-4. IUJXY I: Nilli. Sill' k. lln-nriksvn. l'lri1-Im. I'r:m::. Wilson. wh. l!m'm:m. Imnlialk. DF QQJLANGELS' Ll.. .. MIXED CHORUS inski. 'l'uIlin::. iiH4Ill'l'. l.:1ng:llc'l'. ul. Ill-Inch. l,m1Im-r. I':mv. YUIIIHIQ- rg, Vow. .Xniszvwaki. Stnkvs, Miss Iiv. l'lri4'ksvn, .l:u'ksuu. i"iNil1'l'. xlilf 3, .iiIixlIilHN'NkI. I'1rg:s'r.f-slzwzvlk. hul- rrulm. tin-slinu. Williamson. Scl- MIXED CHORUS ll0'l"l'0Nl ROW: l's-lvrsuu. Km-mp. Km-5 slvr. Vvtvrsmu. li-I'iINiI. 1.1-vzum. Morris Ifulxm-l'. l't'it'lNUll .I.. I"m'l'1lqlliQI. .KIlli1'l' sun. Iluluhivk. ROW 2: .irclu-r. Idzznp liurvlm. liiluun. lim-hmzlnn. Knlpzn-k Km-slvr. l,:urwnn. Nliws Nvlsun, liusin Ilurlwm-k. Woywlzl. lh-nwn. Juhl. l':m killlill. iiruss. 1'vlr:umwaki. ROW II I70i'l'i1':l. Slll't'ilk. l,1'iHlllUXYSki, llvm- llviii. Iluvik. illlliwlll. ill'YiilI. Sls'c'lu'l' lm.-wlzininlxi. I.:umIl. lflngvn. llzlwlvy RUN' 1: I,:lkl'. .l:l1-olrsvll. Zulmril.S1-ln'm- :lm-r. Svluullz. xVt'lIYl'l', l.m'hL I':uli:n'k. Jslsinski. Kuminski. Z0::ln'l'. V771 i GIRLS' CHORUS l!U'I"l'UNi RUVV: I,:l liwwk. Kllllliilll Xia-lillsky. llnrvcy, li1ll'llk'S. I"1Il'hj'iil, f'iIt'l'l'j'. iiUL2'2ll'lillS. l'I:lln'l'i. il0l'l, Nin- run. Qicrickn-, ROW 2: Miss N1-lsun, HL'll!IM'il. Ilurn. I,:u'snu. Ilznrpor. l"r:1nk- lnnnl. Svlnrnll. Kllllliitill. 0'l!r1-in. Slant'- for. Sm'hw:ll'tz. K:lp1-vk. Nlikvln-ll. Sam- flors, i'l'it'l'SUIl. l4'urzl:ln1l. Ibn-ws. ROW Il: .xll4it'YS1IIl. 0"l'uol0. llamscn. Sulin. Ninas. Wilsnn. IRM-k. Imwis. lim-1't. Nvi- Nllll. Iljvrkc. xviliit'lliill. xVl'l'kSlll1lIliil', Iluyuris. liiis. Spuvk. ROW I: I.uhy, Slvnm-I. .Xnlkm-rs. liiwlnml. lI:ug:m:un. li:u'l:lwski. Wnrlu-n. Killllill,2l'!'. Idrivk- sun. XV1N'iill'IilILZ'. Wiliiaumson. XVJl4illt'l', li11ll1ll':ly. .l:nllil'kis'. Olson. CHRISTMAS CAROLERS The Mixed Chorus, under the talented direction of Miss Myrtle Nelson, partici- pates in many of the school activities and programs. They sing such numbers as "Thanks be to God," which Was sung at the request of Mr. Maier, "Finlandia," "Come Along and Dance," and "As Torrents in Summer." The last school day in December, garbed in gowns, they march through the corri- dors singing Christmas songs. Gathering around the large C. I. C. Christmas tree, they gladden the hearts of listening stu- dents with their joyous Christmas carols. CHRISTMAS CAROLERS l.EF'l' TO RIGHT: Krol. U-izilnlmrune. Crist. Gialnlirolle, Nelson, NVisncwski. non. liobitschik. lilIlllSII'2lllll. Duplzlin. trzlnitzzl, Opheim. Muck. VVozniuk. The Clean - Up Campaign Chairmen worked with zeal and zest under the direc- tion of the indefatigable Miss Hart. Lay- ing their plans early in the Fall, they car- ried on ceaselessly throughout the Winter, climaxing their labor with the play, the parade, and the scrap book, which really is a Work of Art. We cannot predict Whether or not they will Win the trophy but if initiative, a Wealth of ideas with superhuman energy to execute them are the criterion, there is no question that they will win. We hope so, Miss Hartg you and they deserve that honor! CLEAN-UP v . EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE CLEAN-UP CAMPAIGN li0'l"l'0M ROXV: Rizio. 'l'csc'h. Sumleun Jolllisoil. Sgzirioto. Dempsey, Nerhu Miller, Cill'l'lg,"Zlll, Aniszcwski. ROXV 1 Miss Hurt fspousurj, Kziufmsm. Kzmjnln Ustcnscn. Cnnczlnnon. Hcrrcs. Blll'liHl1ll I'll'0llIl0l'. Fisclicr. Mass. Lis: 5783 ..- ny n --I o .SQ -S Brown. Bach, Klingbcrg, Cosik. Concaui- Killorun. Szlfmnic. Mzirqiizirllt. Pero- vivk. Scllwcrtfcger. I,l4lF'l' T0 RIGHT. llslrzincl. Ahlcrs. Rynning. Polokzir. Mi- ww-murmur: spam F0 J W f V ,, 2,751.5 '-N Mg. N.. A-311-wfww-N Q . we 1 14:25, 'E ,. A , '5 I f' 4- QQ . 3 fd 1 , g 4'..,4. 5 f . 1 iw' 3 fav fi 2 -' . , "HN .. , fan - A . K' 1+ S 4 1 ' .i.i-pm, 1' at M X 'y - x 4 sn" 1 'if Xf g A ' sw ' Ai if Q Q , 5 W W 1 V: 5, i V1 V ,1 Ing.. nv' . 43" Qi? H vo" .,w,. if UBL ST P5 FOHEMPLN MANUAL STAFF Di Dx l Laub- Nlufh You is rulers, so Bibi N n it Y q'l'uh' A f Q 0 , Nl lbum' Normfnhiaxnxuer, Bxrkl rv Cohukllley 'alil X l 'Yuiillen' ,. - - Ban' X 0 smlwg .. V it 1 9-'xuvsoxw Q Editor-in-Chief .... . . . .Annette Durand Faculty Adviser .... ....... F rieda B. Zeeb January Editor. June Editor. . . . Sales M anager ...... Advertising Manager .... June Connolley Audrey Barry Warren Olsen Mildred Borchers Dorothy Boettcher Arthur Birkland Vince Volpe Ruth Milburn George Tannery Stanley Luc Robert Dickert Iris Norman l 80 Il Erminia Magistrelli . . . . .Richard Wend . . . .Adolph Schuh . . . .Edwin Birr Katherine Edl Edward Prebe James O'Malley Robert Hammer ALorraine Vincent Violet Laub Wilfred Markowitch Doris Wend orf Geraldine Splitt Mildred Schoenrock Catherine Turnquist Landy Di Deminico Marie Fitpold FOREMANUAL STAFF The tremendous task of editing the school annual, with its irritating details and constant check, check, check and check, check, check. is now an accomplished feat. This year's staff Worked with amazing harmony. The work was divided into five sections with a student in charge of and respon- sible for his department. There was no breathing space for drones or slackersg each had his task and he performed it. The 1939 Foremanual contains sixteen more pages of heavier an better paper. There are about forty per cent more group pictures, all of which are larger in size and more varied in arrangement. Our new imita- tion leather cover enhances the appearance of the record. The faculty arranged in departmental groups relieve the monotony of ninety same size small pictures. very proud of our photo-montage divisional pages-the las the "live Wire" roo We are ' art. ' endered by grateful d t m to word in photographic ' reciate the splendid service r de our annual possible. We are ' tl . To each and every v We app representatives whose sales ma that loyal staff who labored faithfully and QHTCIBH y rtfelt thanks and best wishes for a Happy Future One we 9X tend our hea IVLDQLIR POREMA N UA L RHPnasf,-Nm nvzs S'I'ANvDI A NG' M ' A sms, A' ld rkowitdl. Mere 11 H I" W'1I . eq BUTT ow R0 W pet Pfvo D I Kudejk. Lude,,.f" "Nunn, 7 K. Atteber Ieller. Gr. '11 Row m""- Ro A. 3fNi1-1 W 21 Sil . IDIS- Gerlmrqt 61051 IR:UT:zeui Ar I: I n ' 4 r - ' c , A V urs! Pt ner, Egan, Pafggi, Kim, DL .. G1-uehn D865 g Wynn Uonlbn, wsk- .. 1. bimnulinosr ROW 4? Doyle ' ' Pfigofl q HY Se 5- ' e Erse run. Kwast' T':-hggelier, He-mpg, K g' Maks , ' F A' Puff, f31l an, , Smnuelqml C. I. C.-JANUARY The Civic Industries Club, sponsored by Miss Hart, Was host to the Freshmen in September at a special basketball game with entertainment and refreshments. There were three dances during the semester: the Turkey Hop, the Christmas Dance, and the Circus Novelty Dance. Letty Meredith, Presidentg Clifford Pilz, Vice-Presidentg Dorothy Fry, Secretary, and Wilbur Zelinsky, Treasurer. C. I. C. l3O'l"l'0M ROXV: l.:1p:ltinz1, K:1t':1lu Kopclle. Zclinsky. Fry. Ms-wslitln, l'il Miss Hurt. 'l'usuh. l.0XYill1llUNVHkl. llovl stzll. Rizzio. RUXV 2: Luo. Saver Schulz. Stn-llln. Sgalriohl. Stem-lc. 'l':lr11: tore, Colmlitz. Miller. ,Xnism-wski. Ostcl son. Frcgll. l':lsc'0. Druzy. ROV' 3: Pre ton, Fcenoy. Lis. Rcll. l'el'kowski. Kru' g:0r, Smith. l"routier. Giza. liohus. Knu sen, Czepkowski. Tull. ROXV -I: Got Eclk, l':lul. .l:u'nbscn. l.uml. l'rh:x' Surcuk, Kubus. Schmidt. Moore. 1'1- kowski. Kcnczck. Suhwilk. RUVY . Fritxc, Ihlllgllllf. lirown. .Iolmson, Mais I,:1rscn, Clll'lSlCIlNL'll. Kiclcr. At the Open House Assembly program, the newly elected C. I. C. officers were installed. Each oflicer pledged himself to uphold the high ideals and standards of the C. I. C. and promised to give his full co-operation to the organization. The program was prepared by Eugene Knight and Jane Miller, and was enhanced by a violin solo played by John Ondrejcin. C. I. C. PROGRAM ROW' 1 CSitliug5: Pilz. Fry. Zclins' ROV' 2 fslilllllllllfli Lalrscn. Umlrejui Miller, Knight. Melwlitll. 1'etc'1'so11. l32l DINH llfrontl: llirr. Slwle. RUXV lIIllll'S, llamnwr. l':ns1-o. Wc::vrvl'. un- l o nrski. New-11. Struln. Schulz. I'n- HS .:: l'rh:ln. Fulk. Sm-plowski. 1 al lil':u-Il-. llZllY0l'iL'll, Sh-llin. Sgaris u xllLfIlllNUIl. I-uilloll. bb1'!IK'l'1'l'. ll. Nl S .IllllllS4lll, I'lNllt'l', 1-Ilrkslr. lou- non Moon-. ti. Frontier. Miller. Ill N llslcnsn-li. l,l'Ilt'I'l'l'. Svllwilk. Nl l llmlvrs, Si'llmi4l!. Knlyus. lluvb- I llnislvnscn W.. Mass. Kim-lor. l'l:nu- n Ill an-. llsum-n. 5lJlllll0lll'. lllilllllll. XIIIXH: Missllari.llslcnsn'l1..lulli1- ou Nlllll'l'. BICNIDINH: Sgrnriulo. C. I. C.-J UNE C. I. C. .4-w:lmlmm'ski. Kojolm. lim-ll. Illll. llizzin. Nowak. Nliss llari. This semester was the first to use the electoral system of voting, and it proved successful. The C. I. C. donated S25 to the Clean-Up campaign, which it sponsored, and supported the committee working for a student council. The collegiate Hop, the Saint Pll.f7'1.!'li',S Ilanca and the several other dances were all successful under the chair- manship of Gloria Frontier. The C. I. C. inaugurated free dancing lessons for the 4A students on Wednesdays and for the 1B students on Fridays. Robert Eimers, Pres- ident, Robert Hammer, Vice-Presidentg Betty Steele, Secretary, and Edwin Birr, Treasurer. The Clean-Up Campaign, sponsored by Miss Hart and assisted by the C. I. C., worked diligently during the weeks pre- ceding Spring Vacation. Two contests were held, one for a Clean-Up song and one for a Clean-Up play. The result was a set of lyrics by Bernice Gulland to the tune of F. D. R. Jones, and the play H1939 at Work" by Vincent Volpe, which was pre- sented to Foreman and neighboring ele- mentary schools. Later it was broadcast over WEDC. The famed Clean-Up parade was led by the R. O. T. C. and climaxed all activities. CLEAN-UP fi FOBEMAN CLEAN-UP :OR ENN E333 PM CLEAN LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ll0'l"l'0Nl KUXV: SXYJIHSUII. V'1lj1'il-iicwicz, Vous. Lus. tizii-ki. Lipiic. llilgillllilll, 4-lsun. Lewis. llonallil. l':lli'onski. llulu. lillt'Z5lk. Miss lf':1luL-y. ROV' 2: 'ut'F2ll'l6lIlli. Slut-lting. lllrirll. l'mln'ig:lil. lk-rtlmlxl. Wx-ir. lh-II. NV:1ril. l,:1v0rnc Nelson. lislcllc Yclsmi. l'11mmin,2s. PERSONNEL CLUB The Personnel Club, sponsored by the head of the Personnel depart- ment, Miss Harkins, organized for the purpose of assisting in the administration of the personnel ofiice. Students must have excellent scho- lastic standards, as the type of Work done is very exacting and requires a high degree of accuracy. The work of the club members includes filing, typing, mimeographing, marking, recording tests, and other routine duties. Honor points or oflice practice credit is given to members. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS When information is Wanted about a lost library card, the Works of Poe, a life history of Washington, or anything else, the library assistants attempt to supply the answers. Aside from this, they take care of admits, charge and discharge books, and keep the shelves in order. Guided by Miss Fahey, they assist Foremanites ten periods a day. As a result of this Work, they become acquainted with books, and to many it means the beginning of a career. i84l PERSONNEL ASSISTANTS ll0'l"I'0Nl ROW: 1 1 llllbitl 1 lfitpolfl. Killlilbl ulc x Miss llnrkiils. ROV ' ll mic. Nlorcrlilh. II in in lx ll III 1 Znruhn. Ness. Oi is C lputo 0Vll'l'lll Cnlonlonio. Scln in 111 l towski. Fullrmsln Olin I ipms i I"l'ONl IIOIV: KUlIlIS. llvcslvy. Miss :l. Nolsun. lIl's-llimll. llzlslvr, lilialtsls. wr-r4IlI'c::4'r. Stnwnsz. ROW 2: Miss lvllo. Sc-lawn-isllxail. NIIITIOIISUII. Bor- is. Nlllll'I'. Llt'lIllSlil. Vllcflvr. VS right, pp. I':lIu:::n. Wujvik. lflmlslvy, 'l'hmlv, lm-Isml. 5llL'l'IlHlll. UlJIllllDlUIll'. Bu- 'ski. lIl'lll1'l'. ll. lIk'lllK'I'. HOW' ISS vr. liimlamn, liurummski. Zimku, ny. Shay. Syvvrsnn. l'lll'l2l. lljvrkv, . Nolsun. Wogl. Mulzs-r. Kolhv. .lus- mmn. Amlorsim. Wsuvh. l'llllL'll. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The Foreman Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1936. Only students who have high scholastic standing, good character, and who have shown leadership or service in school activities are admitted to the Society. Membership is limited to 3A, 4B or 4A pupils who have the required qualiiications. Foreman's chapter is sponsored by Miss Costello, Stanley Luc, Presidentg Dorothy Reiner, Vice-Presidentg Irene Martensen, Secretary, and Jennie Santella, Treasurer. SICRVICIC CLUB The Service Club was formed to bring together all the girls who work for the Main Ofiice, the Book Room, or the Attendance ofiice. A member of the club must have at least a "GH average, and must be recommended by a teacher in the commercial department before assign- ment to duty. The club is sponsored by Miss Cooney. Dorothy Reiner, Presidentg Shirley Reiner, Vice-Presidentg Lorraine Ehlen, Secretaryg and Helen Bukowski, Treasurer, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY IIO'I"l'ONI ROW: fllllllllllllil. lh-lnpsoy Sgruriolu. Sim-Iv. 'lll'S4'lI. 'l.llINll'. Km-zo Costello. hl2ll'll'llSt'll. l,u4'. ROW 2 llalrkvlllcyvr. Kll'l'llllll'. l"l'k'lIll. Krnl fINYl'Zill'0k. Miller, Nelson. .Xnizvwski 21: Alcxvyuk. Nil-ilzwimlck. Ilulwr. 'I':ll1 ilcnv. FOREMAN SERVICE CLUB l l nvy, l'ommutu. l':u'iIin, M:nn:lg:o, ulinos, l'lrim'h. llzmsvn. Spslycr. ' Iv. Nuclzii-jku. I':nwl. K1-rwin. I-rsun. Zim-linski. l'rim'ipc, Srllwilk. mcrsfruin. ROW I: Nioknm. l.:nw- f'yr,::nm-k. Rhur. l'2c'kslrum, Arllmrs, E353 ITIXYSIKI. Osh-nson. 52lIllC'llJl. lin-lm-r. Miss liwvrl, Knjolnl. .l1lllllS1lll. xlflilllll. RON' ncry. Srhm-pol. Wm-ml. I'lrivksun. Sun- ART CLUB Students from the advanced and regular Art classes are interested in many art activities, most important of which are poster making, illustration, and craft work. Many of the posters made have been en- tered in city-wide contests, such as the George Washington and Clean-Up Cam- paign posters, which were designed by advanced students directed by Miss Homer. Other line posters that have decorated our corridors have been made under the direc- tion of Miss Haranberg. The craft work, consisting of yarn purses and leather bill- folds, was designed and executed under the supervision of Miss Effting. The poster squad which takes charge of the placing and removal of posters at Foreman is also under the direction of Miss Effting. PROJECTOR CLUB The Projector Service Club, organized a year ago by Mrs. Vorisek with a member- ship of eight, now is one of the largest and most important clubs at Foreman. Members have charge of making out the daily schedule for class movies. The checker must make certain that there are members to run the projectors every period. As new members come into the club they are coached by experienced mem- bers, until they can run the projector Well enough. They are given a test and if they pass, they may run the projector by them- selvesg otherwise, they work with experi- enced members until they can pass. Ed Litawa, President, Wilfred Markowitch, Vice-Presidentg and Bill Bergstrom, Sec- retary. ART CLUB TlO'l"l'OM ROVV: Kraly. Davis. Attelicry. Filipski. ROV' 2: Doyle. Jawohscn, Krueger. Vzlnnior. STANDING: Beng- son. Smluski. VYUL-hrl. Stone. Fry. Miss Etftillg. Greco. Dost. Rovh:1l11h0:ul. En- z0nh:u'hL'r. lVilke. f86l PROIECTORS' CLUB strom. Flare. l!O'I"l'OM ROVV: U-ibisll. Xltlhiu likluml. Mrs. .lvrulm-. I.:1 Ros: 9 XVulcs. ROVV 2: Little. Kilnum Ullllll0l'SlJIl. Ilalluwith. Litznwu Fu ll NlCCllllOllg'll. Butler. Aiken. lfllllll s l.2ll'Sllll. Douler. Kemp. Mznkoultm Knevht. RONV 3: Dolan, Mnllu Bu ll Kl'lll'. xlill'k1lN'ill'il. Miss Km-lly. sun lillfklllilllll. llt'Ilg.2'NlDll. l'lL:gcl't. is nm. Swanson, YVuis'ln'rt. Spitz, MATH CLUB BETO CLUB MATH CLUB The Foreman Math Club was organized in order to present the other side of mathe- matics-the puzzles, games, and brain twisters based on mathematics. It also gives an opportunity for individual work on points not clear to students. The Presi- dent worked out a theorem based on Py- thagoreas. The application of mathematics to com- mon place things is another aim of the club. Any student taking math may join the club, it is not dominated by any group. Two of the oflicers are graduating, and two are freshmen. The club, sponsored by Mr. Silverman, meets twice a month in Room 207. Warren Hauk, President, Stan- ley Luc, Vice-Presidentg Eleanor Steffin, Secretary, William Schnepel, Treasurerg and Burr Ziegler, Sgt.-at-Arms. l37l BETO CLUB The scope of this club is indicated by its name BETO. B for Biological, IC for Ex- perience, T for Thoughts, and O for Observation. The club, sponsored by Miss Kelly, has devised a successful means of stimulating students interested in biology. For example, all of the different trees and shrubs in the Foreman School grounds are indicated on a chart. On field trips, many Hsurprises' are found through eye, ear, nose, touch, and taste. Observations, Ex- periences, and Thoughts are recorded in the club's "Beton Book. Meetings are held twice a month, and any pupil who is taking Biology or has taken it is eligible for membership. John Keur, President, Maryanne Swanson, Vice- Presidentg Jewel Brossman, Secretary: and Marie Eggert, Treasurer. ll0'I"ll0Nl ROW: l"r:ilnn, S1-hm u S Q lin. lluiick. Luv, IC. W4-gl, Sum 1 1 ROW 2: Krypl, Ki. Wvgl. Iiriosson I ui in-ry. Mr. SilXl'l'lllZlIl. llriglul, lkmps l30'l"l'0M ROV' CSittingJ: Miss Dyer. lhlcklualn. Currigzm. Moore. Hzuilainml. onczlnmm. l'unczummn. 'l'l1olupson. BllL'klIl2lll. ROVV 2: Tuntillu. llzlrrcitli. K0:ll'll. Strong. Fugrmun. Zezison. Bux- Icr. Morris. LATIN CLUB B0'l"l'OM ROYV: Mix. Rzulcliffe. lieque. DlPllllll'UVYSkl. Ficek. Kcxnpe. Auiszcwski. Luczalk. RUVV 2: Mrs. Ilngle. Bezdon. Froliczzlk. Duffy M.. Lipkowitz. Ness. Peterson. Artlmts. Duffy J. ROVV 31 Kelley. llrossnmn. Devlin. Odell. Swan- son, Shermzln. Szunuelsull. ,H .QM -,, ,-. Imfllw SPANISH CLUB LATIN CLUB The Latin Club, sponsored by Mrs. Hogle, meets twice a month. Games involving a knowledge of the Latin language, Roman History or mythology are often played. A Christmas party and a picnic are yearly occurrences. This year the club took part in the Clean-Up Campaign. Anyone inter- ested in the Latin language may join. The officers, named after the ofiicials of the Roman republic, are John Duffy and J anina Luczak, Consulsg Shirley May Tull, Scribe, Muriel Arthurs, Quaestorg Conrad Hovik and Richard Lucas, Lictors. f88 2 1 SPANISH CLUB At the Spanish Club meetings, which take place twice a month, talks on Spanish subjects or Spanish plays are given. Stu- dents become familiar with the customs and various trades and dialects of the South American republics. The members also enjoy singing Spanish songs and read- ing great stories, as Don Quixote. Each month a member is sent to the Pan American League, composed of similar clubs. Miss Dyer is the sponsor. Ray Buck- mann, Presidentg Jo Concannon, Vice- Presidentg Marilyn Hadland, Secretaryg and Jane Corrigan, Publicity Chairman. UNI ROW: Weinberg. Iilrich M., L, l'lri4'll K., Slocliilur. 'l'm-uber, lmilyk, Ili-rtlmlfi. Wa-in, Doyle. ': Miss Kimi:-rniaiim. lil-ngson. mn, lim-sm-r, llill'Nl'll. Kiotiu. Pfeif- ihwilk, Sowi-ricn. Kllllflllllll. Sew- Mlv, 1,4-:lx-rer.Misslunwill. ROW' n iilicllkv. Sllwiiilll. FRICNCH CLUB The meetings of Foreman's French Club are held on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. All the business is trans- acted in French, and each French class takes charge of a program at a meeting. Musical renditions, novelty dances, French poems and French songs usually constitute the program, after which refreshments are served. The French Club picnic was held at the Edgebrook Forest preserve, where games were played and prizes given. Jane Miller, President: Stuart Doren, Vice-President, Libby Giambrone, Secretary, and Elaine Zimmerman, Treasurer. I FRENCH CLUB ll0'l"l'UM ROVV: Miss l'n0si'ol1l. limroz llruwn. flSIllUll. lhislvr. Zuli-ski. lliluun Mzirliszczuk. l'Iu-lucy. I':np:igcuruo. Zeller llullvk. lil'L'lillNki. llurin. HOU' 2 l,uszi'z. Bukowski, lil'llSil. ilbsi. Duplnin Reiner. I4-pplzi. L1-pplal. l.uun:n'1l. Hon ton. Fabian. Wuril. l':il:nsz. Usicnscn l'0lll:l. Gizlllllslwxllv. Kivrllalrili. .iUilllN1'll HOV' 3: .xlil'lDt'I'QZ. XvUj1'ikil'XYi4'Z. UISUII Imsny. Sh-mimi. fllllll't'lliii. Zilnmi-rmnn lhirklcy. Miller. NlJllllNillk. Suri-ck. Vous Krueger: Vygzzilivk. l"ris'zv. lluvkmzmn ldvkstroiii. l'ir:iinu. l':irruhIm:n. GERMAN CLUB on. Nilsson. Rupp. Dost. Wur- Sitlcrly. l,orl-nz. Iloniner. livi- GICRMAN CLUB The German Club, sponsored by Miss Lawin and Miss Kinderman, meets every third Monday of the month. Members are students who are taking or who have taken German. The program consists of German songs, games, folk dances, short plays, and music by the German Band. Refreshments 89 are always served. Members may take lessons in German Folk dancing once a Week during the tenth period. Other activities include hikes and roller skating parties. Ramona Ulrich, President, Albert Sosdian, Vice-President, Betty Wright, Secretary, and Clara Teu- ber, Treasurer. BO! IUNI RUXV: Kzlrolcwski, Szuirnnicc. llli 'l'ryhus. lJ:1wicl1m'icz, liirr. mloimvski. Mivlmn. Zairzycki, Duch. ul Ihrzmowski. Dzicmlziv. Miss .Insi- s 1 lx umysz. ROW 2: Novak, Orszu- luk luszvz. Rogzxlski. Nlzillick, .Icd0l'- usskl. lim-lziwski. Pzxlusz, Biirclicrt. 1 u ik. lk-lions. Ficek. Duclrlai. ROVV I ui lll4lUNVSkl. Szol. K:1zmicrski. Krypel, iulu 1 Ilopcck, Strujny, l'yhor:nn. POLISH CLUB -k. Stain-ilizwk. YV:xgm-i', Mucck. Maulcj. N f I , , , 1 , X., X I i WWWA 4- POLISH CLUB The Foreman Polish Club, or the Klub Polski Wyzszej Szoty Foreman was organ- ized Iive years ago. It is affiliated with the Polish Students' Federation in Chicago, whose oiiicers always include Foreman Polish Club members. Through the initiative of active mem- bers, the Polish language was incorpo- rated in the Foreman curriculum last February. The club is now trying to or- ganize a Polish literary and dramatic group. Miss Jasinski is the club adviser. Chester Michon, President, Edwin Birr, Vice-President, Dorothy Koczorowski, Sec- retaryg and Norma Zarzycki, Treasurer. T901 SAFETY COUNCIL B0'l"I'0M ROVVZ Mjocn. liizio, Prest Zullwvgr. Mariinicwski. Schilcpel. Sp llrzitton. Bcllizzi. Benson. VVilli:ims Frzilun. Rupp. L:1mck:l, Corrigz Slmsty, Iilillllilll. 'I'r:uler. Mzizur. Rl Ii: Clirisos. Di Primal. llcrdi. Eklu Du lic-nc. Dorin. BL'l'IllL'L'lll, Muck, N: SAFETY COUNCIL The Safety Council, sponsored by Mr. Morrisey, is composed of students each one of Whom represents a division. Their task is to present messages of caution and warning to the students. It is the duty of these representatives to uphold the slogan, "Keep Chicago Safe." The council selects volunteer committees who represent Fore- man at other schools to learn other func- tions. The council is also associated with the Red Cross. William Schnepel, Presi- dentg Carl Mazur, Vice-President, Helen Lameka, Secretary, and Betty Benson, Treasurer. 1 55 R RUVV 2: Mr. Murrisscy. Smith. Tilic PI IUNI RUN' fSc:lIs'4II: XVVIIIIUIZ. I XI -Iiillv. XVoIIsln'in. I':l1'iIio. BOW' KS INIIZ hv1ll'U'Il'li. NI4l4n'm'. STAND- I Mrs. 'l':lIIruI. lirim-sson, Rolll. I I IITILIIII. STAMP CLUB STAMP CLUB The purpose of the Stamp Club is to create an intelligent understanding of the world of stamps, and to use the correct methods of handling stamps in organizing a collection. The club sponsor, Miss Talbot, obtains unused United States stamps and First Day Covers for interested members. Stamp exhibits are arranged from time to time, and members bring and display their col- Iections. After regular business, trading ensues, and collectors dispose of duplicate stamps in exchange for something that is needed. The club meets on the first and third Mon- day each month. le91l CHESS AND CHECKERS svn. Koc'zm'sm'ski. CHESS AND CHICCKICR CLUB The Chess and Checker Club, sponsored by Mr. Jenkins, is one of the oldest clubs at Foreman. It was organized in 1934 and is still prospering. Membership is open to all students interested in Chess or Checkers. The purpose of the club is to create a liv- lier interest in the good old games of Chess and Checkers, to form habits of good sportsmanship, to develop clear and critical thinking, and to give the members an enjoyable afternoon. William Schnepel, President, Audry Bright, Secretary: and Llewellyn Ericsson, Treasurer. S'I'.XNIJING: Mr. Jenkins. Sul 1 I hIuA I lull: Ryan. Iurlcsson, XI 1-ml XI I FOREMAN NEWS FOREMAN NEWS B0'l"l'UM fsiillltllllflbl Ccrvcnkn. Miss Ilvrzcr. Sc'l1lllicum'icz, Lilllglilllli. Tzibur. Svlmx-rtt'v,2cr. Michon. Kziuflnnnn. Lur- snn. Miller. ROVV 2: Freight. Klinger. VVnnh:1t:1ln, Smith. Szxntcllzl. Burke- incycr. Nelson. Linrlquist. ROW' 3: Sm-lions. l'l:urn4ln-n. Sllillll. Larsen. Kelly, Brown. Blos, Klalnn, Ewcrt. The Foreman News, eight page bi- weekly publication, is sponsored by Miss Herzer and Mr. Teuscher. A student pe- tition in 1936 was responsible for begin- ning the Foreman News. In 1938 it was changed from a four page regular size newspaper to the tabloid. It is the only newspaper in the city that has a girls' fea- ture page, devoted exclusively to fashion, etiquette, and beauty hints. Charles Cervenka, Editor-in-Chief 3 Lor- rain Aniszewski, Jane Miller, and Anthony Tabor, Associate Editors, Dick Blos and William Spath, It Comes Out Here, Jane Carrigan, Introducing, Bill Harnden, Stuff and Things, Elmer Larsen, R. O. T. C. Newsg Gloria Kaufman, Campus Chatter, Jane Smith, Jayne Wanhatalo, and Aileen Nelson, Inside F005 Elsie Lindquist, Club News, and Lois Larson, G. A. A. News. Business Department includes Elfriede Schwerdtfeger, Business Manager, Eileen Klinger, Circulation Manager, Richard Smiechowicz, Advertising Manager, and Lois Leiderman, Sales Manager. Reporters are Rita Barkmeyer, George Brown, Sylvia Centella, Marie Ewert, Dor- othy Fregd, Grace Klann, Chester Michon, Aileen Nelson, Alice Schons, and Robert Wurth. The 51 room representatives are division room "live wires" and they are responsible for the distribution of the papers. 592 FOREMAN NEWS Vivian. SEATED: D0llliJl'0XVSlil. Elczinorc Th Inn, Mae: Hzinse. Ruth: Irescr Kathryn: Klingcr. Eileen: Mngnussc Marilyn: SCllVV0l'litff3,LR'0l'. Elfricrle Jol son. Bertha: Linnlberg, lilarizin S1Alx ING: M0yE'1's, Dolores: lNI0l'l2llllX A ncsg Cnrlsnn. Lois: 1Jll'k2ll'l'. P1 Lippowitz, Morton: Sclnnolizu P11 Maxon, Raynionilz Opliciln. Nilllll' Knllns, Andrew: l.:is01's0, Crist H vorsen. Lois: Pashcn. Jean, Grl HALL GUARDS-A FINE LOT uni HALL GUARDS U'l"l'0Nl RUVY: lirskilu- vlln, Nvsvig. l'JlZl'll'li. iirizzll. l':1- vnn. livwls. l'll'lJllll0. lim-ivlwrl. Svhu unkvr, Quiflil. Kruy. Ziolimki. Kurtli, n-svutt. ROW 2: lililclumvski. .lonvs. hmuluruwski. Szymunink. Y2llil'llllWl'l1'll1 ulk lil . zvszutko. Giza. flSll1'Il. Cmrpcr. :inr:ltty, Lvxhy. Crist. l'lll5lSl'll, .Inlin- rn, NllISS4'll5.Zl'l'. Nluss. l,ilw:l. ROW' 3: rnurlzl, Kolluth, l.iml:lu. Nlisurclli, rrilsl. Vl'iIson. KJISIIIVT. Nlzngniis. Womlf- ml. lVt'TSl1'lll. llirll. lizlrgzallm. llllllS0ll iffl' rmun, flzniflivu. Ilalrzuul. Kuc-her. HALL GUARDS ll'l"l'0Nl ICOVS Nllx lillllllll 1 , ': . '.', : : . 'll1'isus. i-rnuki fll lltlln I uno :.' 112' -, I , VY1-hcl'. Kus- ulln. Muir. l.:ism'so. Nh'l'ullm1g:h Qlilllllllllll. RUN 2: llnylv. lxllngzm-r irr, flill'lt'lUll. Svhullz, Wah-S. Fmrvl. . . ws. i':lll'l':l. lllibtllll. liullivk- urm lm 'll. Sl I UNK S S 'lam-pn-I. Wvlh-V. xV2lLflll'l'. lin-irlor ."1-lam. Wulsy. Wilkimz. Smvu. ' 2: fuwzx. Kiwlylllilli. vllllUlllilS, l'Il'kSi'll, l.ux'ul4l, lluluml. Nlllll'llll'llll, .L-xlry, Mznzur. N:ulmwski. llvil- illu. HOW -1: lirwin. l'o1lvrs1-n. Sum- 'I:n. Nowak. Nl1'N4'lly. filll'lll'll4lil. Nur ill. .l:llni'nzy. llC'lll4lliS0ll. Kuilzv. lll'll Wk. S1'i'ln'r. NlilI'lHl1'li. lVi'llQ. Kimvlw. inn 'l'N. HALL GUARDS ll0'I"l'0Xl IHNY: XVx-ml. 'I'rnj:lll, liil lllUl'l'. llII:INll'lllll. lllIlQIXVillll. llslliv Slrum. I':nm-k. Klli'7IilIlI't'li. lk-ntm-u linrrv. Gilman. l!:nIi:xrz. lfilflllilhl. if'r:mk owski. ROW' Ll: lh-rnwim'm'I1i, livikvr llulwr. Nlumlny. K:lil1, Fish, Ili lll'll1' S1'lllll'lKi!ll. ll:lnm'iIz. Y:llnllii'k. llriglll Nlullvy. lI:luL'k. YlIl:Il't'lI. Kl'llllll. Krysu NIlDll'lll1'li. Kurm-y. H1-lul1:il'ill. llurnw ski. ROW ri: l,lL5lIliIlI. .lzwlrzm-bski l'lllSll'lllll. NlilIlL'llNU. K2ll'1lS. l'ruIliH llnrmlvn. Luo. .lolmwu. W:u'4'z:uk. limv lull. .'lll1lt'l'MlIl. llllt'llkt'. Xur4ll4xl'. lll'Sll Ink. Vrsin, Kulwiwl. i933 COOKING CLASS IlO'l"l'OM ROVV: VVojczinski. Dmnhrow- ski. II:1:1se. Sunmlfar. Lasso. Antonclli, Ehlcn, Hesscllnzln. Peterson, Pirscllcl, Connollcy. XVK'IlIl0l'SIl'UIll, Moir. Kroc. ROW 2: Bell, Snt'r:n1icl', Barnes. Cur- rzln. Klvinou. Cobb. ROW' 3: VVillis. XVons. .I2ll'0l'kll. Szurzynski. Samtcllsl. Elwalrt. Szintilli, l':1nek, Morialrity. Di KNOW Sl? Q- P f I'l'ilnz1. Clark. Kropek. Rlllllllf. Bcllizzio. Mrs. King. Ilzinsen. I'hilbin. IIllllll'I,2'III. - BU'I"l'0Bl ROW: D0k0llk9I2lCl'S. Schmidt. Kurih. 0'M:1llcy, Turnquist. Wnrth. llopsickcr. ROVV 2: Larson. Uilfglillltl. Lcxby, Tlnirkow, BIIIl'IIl'I'. Suckow. Fo- gcl. S4'l1lti'l1ru. qi fe-Q14-5,f!Kt H. , A ss- 'EMS s COOKING CLASS In the foods classes at Foreman, the students plan, prepare and serve break- fasts, luncheons and dinners. Each student is a hostess once a month, when she sets the table, serves the meal and makes her guests comfortable. In planning the meals the cost, time, family needs, ease of preparation, correct food combinations, and methods of service are all considered. The students acquire accuracy, initiative, industry, cleanliness and co-operation. Two lines of the slogan are, "We may live without friends, and live without books, but civilized men can- not live without cooks." DOWNTOWN SHOPPING NEWS CARRIERS These students are employed by Down- town Shopping News for after school and Saturday work. A boy's personality, abil- ity in school, and his interests are con- sidered. The steps of advancement are: carrier, captain and inspector. The captain, besides delivering a route, has charge of four to seven carriers. The Inspector has about fifteen carriers under his supervi- sion. Each semester the Shopping News gives scholarships to students whose school records and Shopping News work are outstanding. Every high school has a school reporter who transmits the activi- ties of his school to the Shopping News. I A " , s. -,J 'I ul- J: 'A ' fr . SHOPPING NEWS 941 i KNI ROW: Fumlck, VVal1lu1tz1lu, nu Gullannd, Ilclnpscy, VVOsscl. sum Kiclm, Bukowski. RUVV 2: an mirlt Priggc, Olson. Erskine, Mr. alultlu. All-xvyuk, Mirllsinrl. lim-lrm'r. an Slllulsfrw. CANDY SELLERS CANDY SELLERS When the film stops at one of Foreman's movies, and the lights go on, it's the Candy Sellers who come down the aisles to satisfy the hungry audience. Not only at movies do they sell, however. Almost all assem- blies Iind these fast working salespeople with their trays of candy. The group, sponsored by Mr. Stadtler, was organized as at present to avoid con- fusion and to provide quicker coverage of the Auditorium. Although a fairly young organization, it has a high standard of efiiciency. Robert Erskine is in charge. USHERS "Fill this row up first, please." At every assembly these competent ushers direct students to the 770 seats of the Auditorium quickly and effectively. Without them all would be chaos. Spon- sored by Mr. Stadtler, they stand at all the exits during the program. In certain as- semblies, when attendance is determined by rooms, the ushers call for and escort the rooms to their places. They also collect tickets, sort them and return them to class teachers. The ushers are managed by Jerome Colletti and William Small. 951 USHERS B0'l"l'0M ROW: VVOzni:lk, Muck, Col W lcti. Small. Tnhur fslilllliilllli. Mr. Stud! ler. RUVV 2: Snpnvy, Len, liarsun Sm-co. Skurhok. Kurth. ROW :iz Mar Y quart. Nicdzwimlck. Mm-ssingcr, Prof tilt. Morales, xll'f4llll0lll!lI, Erich. ROW 4: llullivkscn. llllrllivvlnio, Kurun. llovc stall. 'I'urnquist. IIIIIISVII. Flynn. N E:-. .,.,., , E 5 FE ':"45f:.-3, Qffiffzq Nzgtf-fi?" 'Zim J. "-sir V., -11 gmsliflih fllffnw.. y. S Ef'f'-341155, li- K. 2- --fits-mn -Mag .'::f:f.- .,,..,, HL' -u -espn. 2 Y V 'Wi 5 W 5 2' Y 4 , ,, ,K 7 4, Y' 'fs ' . 12' C 4 Ks' 'X as Z, 5 in gin! 4 ' gn i 'br 5 v x - W sz., X H N' Q. K n Q NN ,ww , K , 5 13 'Q-,ka 21 ia ff' H '14 Q Y , 4 TI-IE GI RECREATIONAL GAMES AND SPORTS The year 1939 saw the introduction of recreational games and sports in the girls' physical education activity program at Foreman. Recreational equipment for the net and court games of Badminton, Mass Badminton, Deck Tennis, Paddle Tennis and Table Tennis was provided. Outfits for the exercise games of Bowling, Horseshoes, and Shuflleboard were also added. Fourteen hundred girls organized into thirty classes under squad lead- ers participated in the recreational activities during regular class periods. Three games of Mass Badminton, four games of Shuflleboard, four games of Table Tennis and two games of Bowling took place at one time. A rotary system of progress by squads was utilized to provide participation by each student in more than one type of game during a class period. Foreman gives a definite place to the recreational games on its program because of physical activity involved in the enjoyment of the sport itself, T983 T PLAY the social value, the pleasurable nature of the games, and their contribution to the health of each student. Especially is the aim emphasized to provide for proper use of leisure time. "Play is the great telescope which lengthens life and prolongs vision." In later years, Foreman girls will utilize play in recreational games to relieve strain and renew energy for a life of balanced work, play and rest. Red Cross life saving is taught in a special course held for the girls. The successful candidates receive their national certificates and emblems. These girls form the life-saving corps and serve as guards for the swimming pool. Water safety and swimming instruction are emphasized and are pre- requisites of the course. Boat safety and rescue work form part of the course. Captain, Elsie Marskeg First Mate, Sophie Knutseng Second Mate, Mildred Jatczekg Pilots, Shirley Williamson, Mary Neveng Reporter, Dant- zel Motzer. Crew-Senior, Jean Chauncey, Esther Ostenseng Junior, Jeanette Dietz, Helen Kieninger, Gladys Larsen, Lila Peterson, Elaine Zimmerman. l99l gurio, Miss Jones. Nast. VVesscl. Mitchel, BOARD OF CONTROL G. A. A. BOARD OF CONTROL B0'l"l'0M fSittingJ: Amlrcson. Roth, Jones, Milburn. S'l'.XNlllNG: Miss La- RXIIII, Fccbcck, Mrs. XV2llli0i'. HllfZil'2llC, The Girls' Athletic Association is one of the most active organizations at Foreman High School. This organization has a Board of Control consisting of the members of the Women's Physical Education Department and five officers. They are Grayce Ryan, Presidentg Ruth Milburn, Vice - Presidentg Betty Jones, Secretary, Clara Andreson, Treas- urerg and Ruth Wessel, Recording Secre- tary. The Board of Control also includes seven other outstanding members of G. A. A. Points may be earned in gym classes and also in outdoor activities. They are based on health, team games, individual activi- ties, leadership, service and scholarship. At present the following activities are in progress: Life Saving, Basket Ball, Ping Pong, Shuflie Board, and Badminton. The representatives and alternates are the girls from each division who represent the members at the weekly meetings of G. A. A. These girls are appointed or elected by the G. A. A. members of the vari- ous division rooms and are girls who are enthusiastic and unusually active in G. A. A. activities. With live representatives and alternates, each division can boast of a fine cooperative group of girls. G. A. A. OFFICERS AND REPRESENTATIVES REPRESENTATIVES Zygowicz, Fugizm. liukc, Bccsle 51003 BOARD OF CONTROL AND B0'l"l'0M ROVV: Klutz. Bullet' hill Bukowsk. Killlfl-lllllll. Peterson lt burn, Amlresun. I.zn'scn. Gisser 2: Miss Lzigorio, Benson. Stirzcnhulx I':1nos. Moe. llzlvll. Scott. Gronert NX sul. Jzltczak. Ishaln, 'l':imm. C-iam Miss VV:llkvr. ROVV 3: Schmitt ningcr, K2lll0IllD5li'k. Kirclilmff. ei XVilll2llllS0ll. Stotenbcrg. 'l'y:1n. Lu tcl I Tontillu. Miller. Crum-rl. .lat- lk Klingcr. Slums. liisscr. ROVV 2: nrmk, I.ilnpm-rcs. l':ums. U-rubcr, lI'lllll'l', Moc. Kivningcr, lmsilosy. mr Slmsly. ROW 3: lslmn, l':1l:lsz. I sr Slcplwn, l'ctcrsun, lmrscn, ull Som-. Ulrich. Sllmlln-x'L!. Szltko, ski, Miss lmgurio. ROW' 4: un. Nsulkickrr. .lcnsx-n. Weiss. Sur- s firm-gn-Niall. Olsen. l,:n'sn-n, llaclu. lwzllcl, l'1ng1-ls. Kiwi:-ck. LETTER GIRLS The girls who manage the various intra- mural activities successfully are: Anne Bufarale, former President of the G. A. A., and manager of Volley Ball intra- mural: Ruth Milburn, Vice-President of G. A. A., and La Verne Bach, manager of Captain Basket Ball, Lila Peterson, mem- ber of the G. A. A. Board of Control, and manager of the 1B-1A Volley Ball intra- muralg Ruth Gronert, member of the G. A. A. Board of Control, and manager this se- mester of Baseball, umpire and referee of other activitiesg Gladys Larsen, June Bach, Josephine Stawasz, and Georgina Weiss, managers of Table Tennis. LETTER GIRLS Kiisscr. l':nl:lsz. lslmn. Klingcr. Letter Girls of Foreman are girls who have earned one thousand points in the Girls' Athletic Association. These points have been secured in gymnasium class work, individual activities, leadership, service, and scholarship. The school letter conferred through the G. A. A. is the most distinguishing award that any girl student of Foreman may win and it is the aim of every G. A. A. member to attain the letter which signifies an all around achievement in many activities. These same girls can Work for higher awards until they have ad- ditional awards-two felt chevrons and two gold pin chevrons. INTRAMURALS INTRAMURALS M ROW: Dwyer. Scllwcalzl. f101j l30'l"l'0M RUVV: l'0nlull:1. llllkmukl Cyryl. Kuutfmzm. Milburn. lmhrson Anmlrcson. l.:1rscn. Scolt. Fricsm RU 2: Miss Lalgrurin. llnclu, N1-vvn. Slluun 'l'0sr'l1. Jones. 'l'onlillo, lfucluu n l.:lrson. Jillvlllk. Slmsly. Mrs. Vi n ROVV 3: .luhnson. l'4'lorsun. lromr Wcssvl. Gullclc-rsnn. Slums, llmln 0 s P STUDENT ASSISTANTS Training for leadership and service plays a very important part in the Physical Education program. Seventy-five students are appointed each semester to act as lead- ers in the department. The student assist- ants are selected on the basis of special ability, initiative, resourcefulness and re- sponsibility. This group is assigned as student leaders, locker-room guards, secre- taries and life-savers. The student leaders assist in the general routine of the gym- nasium classes, the guards take charge of the locker-room, secretaries check the at- tendance and life-savers assist in the tank STUDENT ASSISTANTS BOTTOM ROW: Gisser, Frymnrk. Ne von, Tontillo, Hartley, Kinmlcck, Jones Miss Lugorin. Mrs. Walker, Miss Jones ROYV 2: Bnldnsszlno. Strzuigzlritcli, Gro- ncrt. IJClllll,E,"Cl'. Grzwfc, Eiter. Moc Ryan. Lnrscn. Slums. Kelly, ROIIIZIIIINV ski. ROVV 3: Molls. Sundbergr. .lnteznk Shzlsty. Balch. Johnson. lVcssel, Milburn Allen, August. Isbnn. 1'0OlY'l. G. A. A. MASS GROUP llO'l"l'OM ROVV: Bukowski. Centellal Szltko, Frcisc. Bullcr. linltowski, Klin ger, Szlkvkson, Frymzirk. Slxcrmzxu Rupp. ROW 2: Miss Inigorio, Ncven Tcsvll, Frcgml. Jatczzik. Isbzm, Milburn XVcsscl, Peterson. Anllrcson. Gronert, Znrczyki, lk-lmk. Kaluffmzln. Mrs. VV:Llkcr. ROXV 3: Kalllns, Panos. Van nier, Schmidt. ZlIIlIll0l'Ill5lIl, Kallenhaclx Gunderson. Stotenherg. Clausscn. Bark- ineycr, Moe, Sluisty. Miller. Peterson Larsen. The group of girls that makes up one or the outstanding "Mass" groups at Fore- man is that large number of girls known as the G. A. A. These girls are given the opportunity to enter into the big group ac- tivities that are planned for them by the ofiicers of G. A. A. and members of the Board of Control, a group of twelve G. A. A. girls which include the officers. The many interesting functions include a fall outing in the form of a treasure hunt and Weenie roast, a movie, large business-social meeting and an award assembly meeting. G. A. A. MASS f102l m-cy. llm-ss. l'rigg:v. I.. Wojczynski, N DI N li: Mr. lliglcr, Iloirln-rs. BOYS' BOWLING l: Wm-ssvl. Kowalski. Kclly.!Nl:ilsu1l. Duffy. l-'i'i1-gc. KJlll0lllllll'll. nj4'zynski. Jnnik. l'rolw. Stnnrlry. 2: llocllcn, llunscn. I'crovicll, GIRLS' BOWLING llU'I"l'0M ROW: l-'crroli. Lucdlkc. l'1r- Sl1lfl'2lllll'. Quidd, Krysu liingwold. Larson. Suhcy. l':illncr. ROXV skinc. Slcvkicvvivz. Allen. Vl'hitc, Wis- dcrmucllcu. Murzyn. ROV! I llx Il: Nupicnlck. Schuclz. Moliior. Arendt. nicwski. llauck. S1-inrzulck. l':IlSII'lPlll. Zicniski. Wiiltmnnn. .Xiu mr on 4 Ilsilccr. Carroll. llnlmrowski. llnidical. Nr, Iliglcr. RUVV 2: llrm-yzk. Ilurla Nuliy. llvynolmlson. lllos Xhmllim XVclls. l'ill'Zlilll, l'rof'litl. Koclic. Mulltczis. lllilllll. lit'l'lilll1lIlll. .l:n'kson, .lUllllillll.iSll1'N5. BOWLING Bowling enthusiasm is bubbling over this year at Foreman. Much of it, no doubt, is due to the fact that last year a Foreman Bowling team won the city championship. In each league, competition for the first place was keen, and the winner was not decided until the final week of the season. In the inter-league play-off series, Foreman was not so fortunate as last year. The Maple Mashers, winners of the Twentieth Century League, were eliminated by a Lane team. However, the prospects are bright for a more successful season next year. 51033 More than ninety students engaged in league bowling this year under the direc- tion of Mr. Paul Bigler. Girls also enjoy this wholesome sport. The Cherry Pickers, of the Garden Boys' League, bowed to a team from Lakeview. The Lucky Strikes, champion of the Garden Girls' league, lost to a team of Austin girls. Nevertheless, all teams played games of which we are proud. Most of the members of all three leagues will be back next October. Any student of good health may bowl with one of these teams once a week, after school. lu BASKETBALL HEAVIES Without a letterman back, the outlook for the Seniors was gloomy. The team gained confidence after they trimmed the alumni 40 to 24 in a pre-season game. A tough game was lost to Senn 40 to 37 and to Von Stuben 33 to 19. Lake View, the North Section Champions, beat Foreman 26 to 22. In league competition, they beat McKinley 31 to 29, Washburne 35 to 20, and Medill 40 to 9 despite the fact that Captain Pederson and Gengo graduated in January. New players returning in the fall are Preston, Seeber, Powill, Hanson, and Bablo. 51043 BASKETBALL LIGHTS With five regulars back, it looked as if Foreman's lights would go places. Senn was defeated 36 to 33 and Lakeview 24 to 16. For the league games, Buczak played with the Seniors, as he was over the height limit. Every Junior team in the West Sec- tion was strong, but Foreman offered stiff competition. The Juniors lost to the strong Crane team 29 to 21, and led Tuley 16 to 13 at the half, but lost the game 33 to 27. Marshall triumphed 34 to 30. Larry Filippi, Anthony Malone and Gregory Sowa were outstanding players. bl IUNI ROW: Szmuniak. Ventrelli, :ph Ilyrs-yk. ROW 2: Finn. lim'- lt Nhyvrs. lfilippi. Gulh. 0'Nlulley. in tlisln. 'l'Hl'llJll0l'l'. ROW 3: Can- IU lt4'4'zl'k. Slll1lt'yllSkl. llrazyk. r I lllUl'lk. Ugrorek. Scholz, Sc-Inn-irler. BASEBALL PICTURE BASEBALL Foreman started the season without a regular pitcher from last year. Players of experience were Captain George Ogorek. who is competing for the fourth year, and Larry Filippi, who has played three years. The rest of the regulars were Ray Szyman- iak and Russ Finn, pitchers, Ralph Ru- dolph, catcher, Steve O'Malley, first base: Edward Huszak and James Ash, second base: Peter Ventrelli, William Reszik, and Chester Hrycyk, outtielders. Scores tor this year are: Foreman vs. Washburne, 22 to 14 and 5 to 0' Foreman vs. Farragut, 4 to 3 and 5 to 1, Foreman vs. Kelvyn, 14 to 10 and 4 to 85 Foreman vs. Steinmetz, 4 to 6 and 0 to 53 Foreman vs. Austin, 6 to 14 and 6 to 163 Foreman vs. Crane, 4 to 10 and 2 to 163 Foreman vs.KX Marshall, 2 to 11. . I X v V ,ff , A KES! LETTERMEN'S CLUB The most distinguished award the gym department can give to a student is the letter for athletics. The Lettermen's Club, sponsored by Mr. Maloff, comprises boys who have earned their "F" in this field. The members are interested in developing a better understanding between athletics and the other activities of the school. A club of this nature is bound to build char- lacter and promote an interest in good sportsmanship. The club actively supports the social affairs of the school, as well as athletics. Larry Fillippi, President, Gregory Sowa, Vice-Presidentg Eugene Guth, Secretary, and Martin Powell, Treasurer. 'ww M LETTERMEN'S CLUB , , Z- nv .3 , 1' 1 ' b ' , s ff, ll0'I"I'0Nl HOW: lfilippi, Nlalon llloomquisl. Foy. Sown. ll. liloomqul t Meyer. RUW 2: l'Iilz. Sosqlian. lolm on liurlolph, Umlrejcin. Kiulll. lhtluk Suckow. ROW 3: Ill. Meyer homo Km-zor, Ugorek, liozansiki. Amluson lientarski. Jiii-htm lieczvk. Nh Nl 1 o UPF? be ' ' J X , ,.-4" ,Q rl U' ""A 1. J .JV . . IN DEFENSE- B0'l"1'0M ROW: Fupt. lfralnk Jnllllslm. Capt. lluhvr. Capt. Killursm. lst Livut. l'ln'istiv. Major Lzlrsm-ll. lst Licut. Km-lik. Isl I,ic-ut. f'l'2lLZ1illIl0. Capt. Dzxrlny. ROW 2: End Lim-ut. Muir. 2ml Licul. 1'erz. 21141 Liuut. lluwfurnl. Fzlpl. Woml. Zml Livut. Hzumm-r. lst I,i0uI. Ifhlwin .Iuhnsun. Ifllll Liuuf. Oliver IJIIWUII. lst Livut. Kowallik. 4 R. O. T. C. IXO'1"I'0M RONV: Glickscr. Monro. Ma l'llS0. 'l':LyI0r, Johnson, Uillllllilf, Qu trovlli, Sacco. Cokomn, XVilsm1. Svhult ROXV 2: Noubzuwr, lizlivllorl, Biusell Moznck. Nuvotny. Lungr, Kvmp. Tellick ROW 3: IIOHPIIHIIIII. Kos. Wilson, Met Bcnncdvtti, Coin. Zivmski. Smlusky. R. O. T. C. Ii0'l"1'0INI ROXVZ NVollsh'in. Sfcnk J1ll'kllbLWV!-lki. Quirld. DutT'y, Kostnizl Lnngln, S1-llulllzlkm-1'. Bunisll. ROW' 1 llunnzl. Gzlrhy. Scrotke. Kuwzxlik. H011 man. 'l'illiS0n, Horn. VYy4'huwski. RO' 3: Konzv. Jllfllll, BZITOIIIEIII. liossit. Birx Hiclzlt, Ilurzmd. Bill'0XVSki. Ruhr. TICKET SELLERS ll0'l"l'0M ROVV CSiHingl : Fhrisl. ll Rosa, Miclkc. Olkcr. Zopllcl. Trojan TICKET SELLERS The Ticket Sellers are a dependable organization managed by Ed Jakubowski. Organized in January, 1937, this group of boys have been efliciently handling the distribution of tickets for school movies, basketball games, dances and parties. Richard Smiechowicz is in charge of the print- ing of tickets. With many school-wide activities, tickets are also distributed to the division rooms. Reliable collectors are later sent around, Hoor by Hoor, to check on divisions. The ticket sellers mourn the loss of one of their best members, and last year's manager, Robert Ross, who died recently. THE PLANT The task of Mr. Fee, our engi- neer, and his corps of fellow Work- ers is immense and varied. Keep- ing the corridors, classrooms, lab- oratories, and office presentable is some job. Add to that the re- moval of snow and ice, keeping the campus, lawn and sidewalk clear of debris and above all, providing pure air at the right temperature would tax the patience of a saint. Yet these kindly gentlemen do just that. and they are patience and effi- ciency personified. ENGINEERS 'l'Ul' ROW: Fynkus. l!0'l"l'05l ROWV: Olsen, H01'lllll, liheinkc, Davis, Fee. 51083 Lasorso. l'rcstun. Kolmlzicjczyk. Nl vin. ROVV 2 CSl:lmlingl: Smichmu Jnkubowski. Pietrzyk. Ziulinski, I ITIOSSI' BUSINESS COLLEGE 'F The Business College with the Univer- sity Atmosphere-Famous for the High Type of Employees it Develops ONLY FOUR YEAR HIGHFSCHOOL GRADUATES ENROLLED Bulletin Free on Request NO SOLICITORS ZEMPLOYED 'II6 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Randolph 4347 "TTY" +"+" g1093 5 VLBA? T E R 5 zoors Q 3956 N. CICERO AVENUE coE. IRVING PARK AND MILWAUKEE AVE. Aaak I SRUTWA 7 PHARMACY I For your patronage. lt has loeen P- C- SNWU' R' Phu G' a privilege and a pleasure to serve you. APTEKA . C-09 5201 West Roscoe Street Comer Laramie FOREMAN LUNCH ROOM V. A. READING Manage, P1-rom-: PENSACOLA 1095 Thanks Mr. Leander Hagerty oi Stearns 5: Voyta Photo Engravers Mr. Roy Solern and Mr. Charles Erker of Marshall Studio Mr. Wm. Niehaus oi Fred Klein Printing Company for your many personal courtesies and for your genuine interest in our annual. FOREMANUAL STAFF. 51103 The Foremanual Staff is more than satisfied-it is ELATED-with the splendid photoqrophy ond the fine service rendered by its otficiotl photoqrophef. be Marshall Stuhiu KSuccessor to Mabel Sykes Photographer? 162 NORTH STATE STREET CHICAGO Butler Bulldmq SUITS 1101 STAte 2462 DEArborn 8224 CO0 We pomt Wlth GSDGCICII prlde to the photo montotqe d1v1s1onct1 pcxqes on ort1st1c 11'11'1OVGt1011 1n the FOREMANUAL 1 1 ' r 51113 11 fmwuuemwwe... ZNHW4 Qhladzunlee xqflfkzalgiy ,f'5D:f?-2 Lf' Q .515 fig: tfginff 'r S . Q m?nm X ' Q-:N if ' Spencer Bros. Company .-j f f" ls nn. I .1- Quthoupcn ?ustnhuIor . ll 'P Genuine Koppers CHICAGO Colm i Reg. No. 34 fl . ,. 2 CHICAGO BY-PRODUCT COKE jg: 5.5! CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 4,412.25 egg-iw, Y .Www- 0 'inf' SPENCER COALS HIGH GRADE FUEL OIL FIRE BRICK, FLUE LINING, SEWER PIPE CEMENT, ETC. 4618-40 Belmont Avenue All Phones KILdare 0234 ' "TW" "Y"W" "PTH" "F"?"Q" "F"?'Q" ' 51123 ESTABLISHED 1920 CENTRAL 4652 Ga Make your High School Life An Everlasting .Memoryf B. I. KESL CO. 159 NORTH STATE STREET SUITE 700 C-O0 mmumcrunzns or Fraternity and Club Pins, Class Rings. Pins, Medals ' . I 'X Paints, Glass GC" " ' 'W A ' "' Plumbing Supplies 'lf ' .J Lind LUG gulf'- T RY- , Cragin Hardware SI Paint Stores - F I R S T I. M. SZAFRANIEC 6 SONS. Props. 5148 West Grand Avenue 4208 West Armitage Avenue Phone: Berkshire 4120 Phone: Belmont 4116 We Rent Floor Sanding Machines WE DELIVER Household Supplies Electrical Supplies PHONE AVENUE 3432 COMPLIMENTS or THE BEL-CENTRAL FLORIST STYLIST BEAUTY SALON Bouquets for Graduation Corsaqes for the Prom uf-lowers For All occasionsu 3358 North Central Street 5555 Belmont Avenue PALISADE 4279 51133 'T"T' CTHEPLACE'HDBUY.HH4OOL SUPPHES OF EVERY KIND FOREMAN SUGAR BOWL Across from School on LeClaire OLUNCHES OSODAS I COMPLIMENTS OF L 9 O S P l a C 9 Across the Street on Belmont Avenue O V A N C 0 Special-Banana Split l0c PAINT 5 VARNISH Ice Cream Sodas and Sundaes 5c-l0c COMPANY ' A COMPLETE LINE OF if Hydrox Beverages Including Assorted Flavors O WE HANDLE ALI. OFFICIAL H. O. T. C. A Complete Line of School Supplies 3051-53 NORTH CICERO AVENUE Bicycles Parked-ze Q Day 411143 'T"T'T' sTUDENf'moteoeoUNc1L v V loin the V Y MISS HELEN I. HART SPONSOR V V C. I. C. ACTIVITIES DANCES CLEAN-UP CAMPAIGN MONOGRAM AWARD UP AND DOWN STAIRWAY FRESI-IIE PARTY LUNCH ROOM MANNERS .l.0I'I'ICE POSITIONS require expert ability. If you Wish CI good office position, it will poy you to attend this notionoiiy known Business College of highest ston dords, offering the very best service ot reosonoble rgtes. FINISHING COURSES FOR H. S. COMMERCIAL GRADUATES FREE PLACEMENT SERVICE Summer Term, Iune 26 Summer Hours: 8:30 to 1 Save money by registering early TWO CONVENIENTLY LOCATED SCHOOLS Visitors welcome Booklet upon request DOWN TOWN NORTHWEST 37 South Wabash Ave- M i Cor. Milwaukee, Western RANdo1ph 2637 P cmd Armitage Avenues BUSINESS COLLEGE 51153 EVERY FRIDAY NITE IS HIGH SCHOOL NITE AT CHICAGO'S MOST MODERN RINK ARCADIA ROLLER RINK ll? Special t25c1 Admission to High School Students ' Ph P 1 d 1741 R P 1 2109 Empire Sportcraft Com an P Y M. ELKINS 5218 IRVING PARK BOULEVARD Belmont Park Merchant Tailor Ladies' and Gents' Suits Made to Order O Cl aning and Pressing Repairing and Dyeing 4758 Be1mor1t Avenue SCHOOL SWEATERS MADE T0 ORDER The POREMANUAL hereby extends its thanks to MR. MOSES MAIER, MR. HARRY P. MCHALE. the faculty and Q students who contributed to and sub- scribed for this year book. COME T0 SEE May a joyous vacation and a happy OUR FACTORY future be yours! FOREMANUAL STAFF f1161 The above illustration, reproduced for the first time, is a copy of a painting in the offices of the Fred Klein Company. Mr. Walter P. Klein, after much painstaking research and expense, commissioned an artist to paint this authentic composite of all the departments in an early print shop. The work was done from some of the oldest prints in existence. The Fred Klein Company extends to its many school friends and customers an invitation to View this beautiful and authentic paintinq. E REID KLEIN CO. 732 WEST VAN BUREN STREET ALL PHONES MONROE 6363 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CO1 General Commercial Printers WeWe'epMeqedlOpfim'he and School Annual Specialists FOREMANUAL Gasoline - Oils Washing - Greasinq Greases Batteries - Tires BEL-PARK Super Service Station PHONE AVENUE 6498 3300 N. Cicero Avenue Auto Repairs "The Corner of Service" Phone Pensacola 4503 GONIVA'S HARDWARE HARDWARE Tools. Cutlery. Paints, Oils. Glass, Varnish Plumbing and Electrical Supplies 3633 North Central Avenue Phone PALisade 0736 I. KAMYSZ Grocery, Meat Market and Bakery 5254 Roscoe Street Phone Avenue 1076 DR. B. H. SACHS DENTIST 5359 Belmont Avenue Corner Long Avenue Phone MULbeTry 0444 Our Bowling Headquarters GOLDAMMER'S 20th Century Recreation LOUIS REDMAN, Mgr. BOWLING - BILLIARDS 24 Alleys 10 Tables 3253 N. Cicero Avenue HEY KIDS! ALL or Us 'rmmrz AT LUNA SWEET SHOP Next to Luna Theatre Ice Cream, Candy. Lunches and Karmel Corn 4741 Belmont Ave. Palisade 2842 Phone Palisade 174l Res. Pensacola 2109 M. ELKINS Belmont Park Merchant Tailor Ladies' and Gents' Suits Made to Order Cleaning and Pressing Repairing and Dyeing 4758 Belmont Avenue ODELL'S QUALITY BAKERY Wedding and Birthday Cakes 3250 Cicero Avenue Phone Palisade 8394 Telephone lUNiP91' 3132 Phone Spaulding 7025 Glilyes Te!-stgdd FLOWERS BY DR. H. A. CIUDAI MICHAEL l. PENCHAR OPTOMETRIST 3144 N. Francisco Avenue HAROLD M. PENCHAR Hours: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Wednesday and Friday, 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Suite 14 - 2952 Milwaukee Ave. 51183 Phone PALisade 5050 H. SMITAL FLORIST AND GREENHOUSE CUT FLOWERS FUNERAL FLOWERS POTTED PLANTS 3254-56 CENTRAL AVENUE BERkshire 5910 ROYAL BLUE STORE Grocery and Meat Market 4911 Diversey Boulevard IOHN KRUZEL. Prop. Free Delivery Phone AVEnue 7166 I-loursel2 Noon - 4-5-6 P.M. I. G. A. FOOD MART 3024-26 NORTH LARAMIE AVENUE Corner Nelson Street For All Your Drug Store Needs STINEWAY DRUGS SYSTEM CARL E. ANDERSON. R. Ph., Prop. N. W. Corner Addison and Central Phone AVE:-me 9188 PALISADE 3194 QUALITY CLEANERS TAILORS - FURRIERS Altering, Repairing, Remodeling, Relining Fur Coats and Iackets Made to Order 3554 NORTH CENTRAL AVENUE Office Phone PENsacola 6349 Dr. Joseph H. Harlin DENTIST 3555 North Central Avenue Office Hours: 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Sunday by Appointment Phone KILdare 5618 OSCAR NAST Hardware, Paints. Glass 5209 Belmont Avenue HARRY BEIMAN IEWELERS 3203 North Cicero Avenue A. B. c. , MEAT MARKET ADOLPHS Phone AVE. 8377 4760 Belmont Avenue WE DELIVER 4715 Belmont Avenue PENsacola 9030 1:1191 god? 'bv NIL Hmyh ' 1 vm ' Q , ,Q JJ X f .. .Lt ! , ff X f -CV ' "7- 'A 0 . xil' C ' V. ' ?im 1 xx N'eES Q ' X TWA L1 :Ex I ,V I ' l ' ' aff- , f 1 43 Qj ga . Q21 V ff , V 'Ir X I, '41 , if ' ' F ,. . if ' x ' L" V , 1 x V S 'V' V11f1V1,f.V ' 5 . jf V 1, f' f f . - ' ' f' f ' , 3 Qiu zfis A A V u V W . V Vw 1 gr , ' Y 'If ,N x 1 ' ' , , T :vi ' F - sp. . wg - vj.,a.' :if-Af K A ' 13 4 ' H' - 2: V f 1 1.3 " 'K AV ., A Qu, ' f W: . ' -, l, '5 Q AVA, ' ' ' if ' V. VV VVV V ,K A 5 A-5 Q ' Q H -L 'M 4.14. Mr H- A sw -,V 4 1 ,qv SQQ, " mg , f fin: J 1 " Q' "' ,W , . .'- ,zl-. 6.4 . A -V fwk ." H arm - - - Q ' 1 '4A ' J' ' "WfQ:f 1 f:':'l -iw" M ,f2"'ff ,- ' . Gi' ' 2 fQ 9 J H ,, AUTOGRAPHS VV M " k W j - ffili? 0 . V . gf, V, x V ' ,Vgg iz flilzz, VghghV,, JZYZLZSI wg , N- ,gb " Y V .ii?'l4'ij'1 ' ' , ' fin Eggiilfu' ci. ',vv6gJL, ,, V ig :Tia f ' 1 . ?9f f bi, ANL. r6 --b'-904+ 5 gr, V V , A V., - ' . V 4' Lay- -. 1 , ' V , k.z,1fa,L4,,fCQ,fQ,fv V av Y V 'J ' . Q xv' A Q TI' 056. Be? 260 We . - . . 7 G6 MQ? 'vig' wwe. JG J fig Nfug'U3 d5,J55 Vxxwpy yjp 4 S? M Mx W x OW-nbc 'Nnff' Q' vi' at J tsl W 2535, VV 1 -.L 'V Vi: V , , . V, QV? V V-V ,l v f . . P mf x,-'.1a?'.1z.eEm1wf . WWW Www WQHWW' H1313 Zi!! QQ gfjigjgg -,ag RW, A QRQFZ: R3 ,, H 'WT ,xff ,. mwwfgdfbw Q WM Mi W, W , W 'WW fiww W M553 I W f - M' ,ff xllii-0+ Q:?' Q'i93 y of cpl-MG My K A Wifi -f iw w.d W MQ ,a7fff'Aj4 QW? W WU WVEFWJLWXX V YL' ' WWF WMM ' u My 5 2' ,H 'TT , 1 'divan' a qg , , , , , --, .. . , ' -- -"- - '- , "' . " "'41'f " Z, -1 ' . . 'F , X trz.i'r, J if ' af , W 515314 W QwMwJ'jg!, a1wfNfWfW 75WWMi Nawwiwemsx Wax ww, e f W' WW ax.. JW MffW3W' fdwf WW WJ Wfpiw 'X X ,oy I x . 1 . Xu N X Q, Q X N , X S! . yx . i Y 0 xlsxg X Aswfi X xx gxx - ' ,NX iwff' M WMM Q Lf' ,3.4--g--- ,., . ,

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