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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1936 volume:

Lf A I .fi ' , xg S A R E I - 5 Y , x S K ggi' i j 1 I 2 ' 3 A . - g 5 , . , Q 5 Q , 2 , k E' I . X , K 1 W 'Z ' ' vf-1, 4 iw J fk. ' . bv" N 7 9.5-HW' ,fgf:f5E?i'ff" 1 . rf?-"psl3'V , 1 A , 51,55-M,. V I aff 5 15' . 1. 1 L 1 JW . "V ' f f F 3 f Vp' 1 1 Q ' 5 2 f , L S vw 1 , f x J J ,,-'Ya , A, X 5 1 'ry ff' ,IQ ., , , . 2 , ' ' Q' As QW A :T 1 . K ' f' x 3 A 5 y in 3 W - 3 1 Q-A159 Y ' 5 in 3 Q' Q ' " L,-AW 1 5 Sax? , ye Q. 1 -1.-mv -f MV.. W..,,.1...-,vm.4-s...,Mg,.,.., --.Q .,.,..4..:i:,,...M,.Q,,. 3. 15.15 K f z df v. zaylk A . vi' . ' f,': L! ig Et .gk ,,5 'ZS'g 3 gigs 5 3551 s 1A 1 Aii If A' ::,S.' M 5' 3' abs- life 3, gg 1: 55 1 vm 1, 1 ff .sp gf a- ., ,Q LT5: f S g 1' ' 'Q KQA 1 , -A 2 'Vi '3 k f EL if V . , 2. , ' f- Q4 4, - Af: Q 4: 5- , .232 52 W 1 - P- ivy '- ,Q .NJ-3 p,.4,g..,.:M,,,..,.,N. ,.....,............4,.Vlv.,.-g.,.--V M W. 'wL.m...m... wi - 1 1 aft? : vi , 1 X ,. F' QJLi.,L,,.,, iii WPS a f I , , ' ff 1 L Y E S vw A z -1 'a FQREIIIIXNUAL PUBLISHED BY THE SENIQR CLASS FORI-:MAN HIGH SCHOOL CHICAGO ILLINOIS EDITORS IN CHIEF sCX ADVERTISING MANAGER RI N INS STAFF Ixc lx HAI xOIasI x J XXII s SOLIJI ROIID I I INI IBII I NI III I x N1xIJIIIxI OIDOxxIII II I I Rn NII2IIIs IOIQIIAINIQ SciO'II' ROI II 'I'II1.l.II-R MA ' If XI.'XR'I' -.WIN RIIiII,xIeIu IiIIec1IIIIOI I ANIIII SciIIxIIIn'I HA . "I I1s'I mi NIA I , ST QNIJI-Ia IO.'i"'aI1I4 HI3 .Iif RIc3II'II-I4 RUC I MI., INI I ' II-I 1 g I 9 Y I I E -. 1 1 Z if , ' 4 1 4 f s 11.5, I , '21 K Q if 1 P', r I I f if f 31' , 1' ,. ,g , 4' 'K vi' if 1 A I fl can 5 1' " , 3 , 5 in 4 l- . 1 0 A 7 " I H ! 3 e 1 .JE ' Q v- I Q: , . fx ' ':' , ,. I 'P ,Y : . A , si L get 2 ' 4 5' 1 xv I :E . ' L I if ' 3 5: v X gp, 1 1 QE. HX my X s , W 1 .4 x f 2 V 435 Y ,, kt." X N N x 1 sf N. qi A! EK xx N 'S Smfv Ji, , A. ! X x 1- , I Y Xe 3 3 3:-5' QQ' Ax N X x SG' . sf 'Q-B A . 1 X7 , A if- . A , A , Q Y NX b Q-tie -f NL 5, mis., It N W l4l Dedication O To Robert Gordon leftrey, ohiet pilot ot Forerngn High, whose expert guidonoe hos brought our school to gregter gohievernents, whose Wisdom hos mgrlied out higher gools tor us, ond Whose cour- oge hos inspired us to seek thern, we, the grgduotes ot l936, grote- tully dediogte this book, our tirst gnnuol. I We shorll ogrry with us into the longer flights beyond our school yegrs the lessons he hots toiught us in self-reli- once, courageous ettort, ond good fellowship. l-lis tegchings will live on in us, tor they gre bosed on perrnonent truths. Foreword 0 The incredibly swift development of science and invention in our twentieth century has taken life from its slow and familiar courses on earth and water, it has lifted it into the bound- less, uncharted realms of the air, where fliaht is new and swift. We are all pilots in trainina to take our little planes of life safely on their rapid flights. Now more than ever do we need technical training, phys- ical fitness, lceen vision, level heads, and pio- neer couraae, that we may chart our courses wisely and fly surely and safely to happy landings. ,- 'Z r W 5 " x 7 YE Fit ,, lfffjzge-1 Lx 2" fr' 2 fA.W 3' , Fx X 71, .al J Nl... -A, Tffj lnl Q, , AT- .yf':Qf! 3 ., fp, ' A -,-t . Yew E g, .. 'I E ,H R' W vw' " 1, if A -1- - iw- - f 'nfl f , I 4 1, f "' 1. ..,-- ,- l' , -- ,lr AJ...--J 4. g. I 9111111 171111718 111s1111m H 171111 s1n11s 11 P17111111s 11111 Cl 1sJ11111 LL1I1S K1 1 111s 11 Colun 91s xc 1181710111077 1111778 X Cl m11l711mf1s 11 P NH RSUN S1hools11zsI11b1111 11 H Q111 ' H .' . Cl ' '. V f' ' "cs 11. Sh 12 my 1 'f "1 11, Y'1'1. 117111 J A , f 7113 0111.8 11, XX' .' 4 A ' .' 11. V II TO THE FACULTY A succcssful school must hayc good tcachcrs Vvlhcthcr or not 1 school 1s 1 rc1l succcss dcpcnds upon thosc who 1dm1n1stcr 1ts routlnc 1nd 9lLlLl1LS lNo hmdsomc yycll tqu1ppcd school bllllillflg no syylmmmg pools or shops c1n IT11lKL thc school turn out thc r1ght klnd of boys and g1rls lt IS thc f1culty upon whom that rcspor1s1b1l1ty rcsts It IS ohuous that c1ch tcachcr must bc cspcually quahficd 1n h1s Ol hcr Htld of lxnowlcdgc 1nd thc Bo1rd of lQlllC1flOI'l t1l1cs c1rc of th1t rcqulrtmcnt But 1 good tmchcr must h1yc m1ny othcr qu1l1f1c1t1ons C1lSLl1 von dcr l 1ppc 1 lllDlOf notcd tht lollovymg 1n 11l1cmc on thc subycct of thc ldt1l lcuh-.r lVly1dca of 1 pcrfcct tc1chcr would bc a m1ddlc 1gcd pcrson Wlfh an agrcc 1blc Cl19pO9IIlOI1 that IS hc should bc ablc to control h1s tcmpcr and not fly off thc h1ndlc 1t cycry l1ttlcth1ng l-lc should h1sc a good scnsc of humor lI'lLll'iL1gl7 yy 1tl1 thc cl1ss1f thcrc 19 somcthmg rc1lly funny to hugh 1bout lVly1dc1I1c11.hcr should l11yc 1 kr l1 1bout h1m th1t y1ouldtn1blc h1m to m1kc 'my suhyut mttrcstlng tycn tht dry oncs Hc would gnc 1 f11r amount of homcvxork but lc1yc cnough lL1SUI'L t1mc for rcadmg outdoor sports 1nd othcr plcasurcs Ht vxould bc yullmg to hclp onc out of any d1fl'lculty and rcadyf to llstcn to onc s troublcs Ht YXOL1lCl advlsc onc to thc bcst of h1s Jblllfy lf all thcsc ch1r 1ctcr1st1cs vycrc found 1n onc pcrson hc or sh1 11 ould ccrt11nly bc IH my OPINION TH 1LlL'1l tcachcr lt IS thc OPINION ol thc studcnt body th1t lorcmm h1s 1111ny tcuhcrs 111111 fL1Chfl'11S standard But lf 19 not only for thcsc morc or lcss 1bstract qual1t1cs tl11t uc shall rcmcmbcr thcm If IS also for thc1r warmly human pcrsonal charactcr 1st1cs Wc shall hold LI'1SllflI'1Ld 1n our mcmor1ts many dcllghtful DICIUFLQ Mrs R'tl'T1H1IZ1ll'i1flg wlth fflLI1Lllll'lk99 1nd lntcrcst to 1 clustcr of studcnts glYlUgIllLl'I1 1dy1cc on courtcous bch1y1or 1 l1 Mrs Post Nl1ss D1n1cls yxlth 1 bc1m1ng Sfllllk puttlng hcr trust 1n our scnsc ol l1onor Nlr lcnklns 111th hthcrly lxllltl ncss cxcrc1s1ng h1s u1t on us Vlr Alsagcr stoppmg us 1n thc hall to 1nqu1rc how all thc bc1ut1lulg1rls 1nd h1ndsomt oo1 s 1 fttt111f1 1lonU 'Ur 9t1ct 1. IONVLFIHQ 1n a knot of h1s shop boys joklnv y11tl1 thcm IH jolly f1sl11on Nlr Kc1t1ngtcll1ngh1s classcs f11ry t1lcs 'tbOL1II5Xf1'1L1 111 B1ron Munchwscn Nl1ss H1rt fl1tt1ng 1round l7llSlly for thc LllXlSlOH sht t1l1cs so I11LlCll mtcrcst 1n XVc Slllll rcmcmbcr Mus Vlcf uc s cl11rm1ng l1ttlc g1g1flc 1s Clilflfy 1s hcr SIIL Nlr Blglcr s fish SKOYILQ Xflrs NV1lkcr s pass1on for thc G A A and hcr lsccn dts1rc to gct r1d of hcftmcss 1n Forcman lass1cs Capt11n Rnd s unt1r1ng cfforts to gct IUUSIL out of h1s orchcstras Mr Zal1or1k s and Nlr Maloff s confidcncc tl11t lorcm1n has somc futurc A A U stars MISS H1rk1ns 1ppct1tc for OLlllll1L9 NllS9 Lrlckson s t1lcs of hcr tr1ycls Mr Pcrry s mtcrcst ln currcnt toplcs 1nd crownlng 1ll othcr lcsts Mr NlcH1lc s flrm IHILHIIOTI th1t uc sh1ll 1ll st11 on the strznght and narrovy path All of our ttachcrs haw left thc1r mark on us h'lYL hclpcd to shapc us 1nto somcthmg approach1ngthc1r1dcals Wc owc thcm much and vyc lcayc Forcm1n rtcogn171ng our dcbt 1nd hopmg to rcp1y It 111th a futurc ID Vkl'llCll thcy c1n t1kt somc pr1dc l9I . . . . . u 'H l 1 X x 5 H Y . . . . . . . . . . .. 1 1 ,1 1 1 , 1 - 1 ,... 1 1 1 1 . . . . I 1 1 A x 1 u' V - x x 1- 5 x xx, 1 . 1 . . . . . 1 . 1 . 1... .1 C L L . l L L . 1 . 1... . . 1 . . . .1 ..,, 1 1 , 1. 1, X , 1 . . 1 . . , . . 1 ,-,, , . 1 1 1 , 1 1 - 1 1 .A .s 1. L ' v 1 L . 1 1 1 1 '1 rv 11 'lx .l '1' 1 1.. . . 111. ,.1 ,,. .1 . . C, 1 .1 . L 1 1 1 L L .L L11 L L c 1 .L 1. . ,,. . . , . . .. 3 lt 3 5 x 3' 1 x . , , . . . , ,. . 1 . . . .. .. . 1 . . .. 1 .. . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1, . . . 1 . . 9 nfl? - F3 A ga W .1 , 1. .vm ... 1, W 5432-51 , . 7'?'iii'xN -.f.4.1,,. ge Su, , gli? I Q ' K f x x it-, lb- .gf ri W 1' fiflki- 1 5,2 1 , via.: i x I lx v ,J ""3i"w L.Z., , v xufwe , 'L' .1 , , '- if -3.15 A S" ' W. L.-if , 5 1 ,5 if 9 . kj , "h. f 'V Q7 . f ' 'Y Tai? ' Q f Q A Wifi' Q 'f-1, g -2.3, -anus, XM . , "' "F 33' lik Qlhr awptv. ,w A R riff., R MM wymw Al'-,H ,.., M,,.., 1 l l 1 Q Q 4 ' Q I 5- 1 marl boxes The 8 30 bell rings and NTIS? Costello sends out her Seryrce girls for absence lists Her stenographers type and mxmeograph the complete list IS out the second period to every teacher rn the school At 8 43 sheeplsh tardies straggle in for admit slrps and reproofs lhe halls are quiet and the Prinerpal starts out on a tour of mspectron Mr lVlcHale is at his desk in the inner office planning programs and assemblies teachers and pupils bl'lI1glllI'Il problems to settle or moye across to the Prrnelpal s sanctum the has now returnedj for his advice and inspiration More Serylce girls on the job pulling out reeords Hlmg documents scurrying on errands At their desks tlae two elerks type busily on letters rnyentorles reports bulletins Vlsrtorseome in book men parents transfers delegates the telephone rings persistently Witla the reeeiyer at her ear and tlae school glyen the elerk questions What can I elo for you one see ond before saying Mary get Mr Jeffrey and say he IS yy anted on tlae phone T hree Jobs in the same minute are part oi the office routine What a tragle place it rs sometimes Here come truants for judgment and their parents for sad facts about the1r children Tears and repentance sullen ness and bray ado all to be handled with sympathy and help but with firmness also Here comes the rebel against rules the boy or girl vs ho cannot co operate with the rest of the world Another problem to be handled with sympathy and Hrmness so that the 1nd1y1dual1st may learn the YV19ClOITl of adjusting himself mrsery of sickness and death The depression rs no empty word to those who sit in the inner places The oflice vyalls haye heard and seen the sorry tragedies of real l1fe What a secretive plaee lt is In its vault and locked drawers are the reeords of many years of school life of many many people Wlaat a tale they tell ol struggle and aehreyement ol good beginnings and bad endings of defeat and sueeess Hoyt they note punctuality faithfulness fitfulness carelessness un trustvyorthmess And they keep their seerets till they are ealled upon by sehool or employer to tell their tale lt is yyell to haye eheerlng news buried in those seeret plaees What a snarling place the office can be sometimes T he faculty drop their sternness morning and night as they greet each other yuth Jokes and yapes lt rs their one common meeting place Vlrss Costello smrles wisely and vyarlly over 1r1qu1r1es Mr lVlcHale handles yyrt wrth the Principal and exchanges jests with anyone srmrlar minded The Oiiice smrles oyer embarrassing moments A Cllgfllfitd Senror on a hrgh stool vyorkrng bus1ly on records but mrstaken by rncomers for a dunce A ganglrng boy standing bv vyhrle hrs mother broad casts the hated name of lVzIIoezqhby Whrch he had so thoroughly concealed under the manly gurse of B111 A brayy ny six footer lrstenmg to the tale of hoyy good he is at washing dishes scrubbing the floor and mlndrng the baby for mother Then too the Office smrles knowingly afterwards at the somewhat incredible alrbrs invented by tardres and absentees Here IS the one place rn the school where rmagrnatron flourishes The Ofhce has a large quota of work tears and smiles I ll I I 1 1 4 1 I I 1 '1 1 1 Y. 1 I ' 1 1 T 1 3 1 V 3 D 1 1 1 1 I ' s -s T w s y s s ' s - ss I 's e L 5 I I e I 5 . ' T T T 'T 1 T I T' K ss 1 ys s e ' -' ' s s , s T I e - - ' . s s' sf s s r - s - v e -A 1 s s I vs 's- s s ' - ' ' -- A s ' - 1 e - ' 1 ' I h va' x 5 1' x ' ' x 'I i V I 1 h'x- Vi x ,Q .L 'vs v e - . , ' :H L Q" , s s ga v' yv " fy s . e s L y e 'ks rt s s el" T xx I I V l 4 i 3 . 1 1 . 1 I' 1 I I 1 . 1' 1 x 1 I 1 s' e 1 sl ' s ' 1 e s st s , 3 1 V ' I 1 Y- Y 1 4 Y. X'L 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 7 I Y 4 3 x I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . e H 1 ' I Y' I Y 1 1 I I A I 'I to existing condltlons and to his fellow-men. Here, too, come tales of poverty' and ' I 7 I 1 1 T x K. 1 1 I 'V I 1 1 V ' I s ' s s s s 7 vs s ss s 1 1 -1 Q N I 1 's 1 ' x '1 I I T I 1 1 1 x M' ' A K V 'HC e Q 4 iv Y. L T ,- L L L x xr X Q x ' .ivy i A x T I 1 I A 5-5 - --s- v s e ' v ' s i s-- s s s-- , - V ' --- s ss 1' e- s ' ev s - s r -- 5 Vi h 5' x I Yu yt A xi I i It T as 1 K I T 1 11 M 1 Y. 1 1 I 1' . 3 , . V . 7 .3 . X 4 J V I ' V 1 V 1 Y I 3 - V I - I T l D Y 1 ' 1 I 7 I l Ti 1 1 ' I D I 1 ' ' . '1 3 11 1 I D 1 4 1 J 1 1 1 I 1 Mr. MCI-Iale Mr. Alsager Assislunt Principal fxOf77lT7L'!'C14llI Law Mrs. Boughton ommercial Geography I5 Miss Coesfeld frvmkh Miss Daniels History Miss Byrne English Miss Connor English Miss Effting Art Mr. Anglemire Mr. Biglcr Wbodshop Physics Miss Cavoit Miss Christiansen English English Miss Cooney Miss Costello Phonography Phonography Miss Erickson Miss Glasheen CUmmmerc'iul Geography Phonography Sm Af'-was JMLQ In I VNMM-f , 3 Nxt A FACULTY FACULTY ,Q Miss Harkins Miss Hart Miss Hcrzcr Scrg. Hill I - gsyly E . iXIdlht'I77LIl1iLS lfl7C1ll-Sh R4 O '14 fx Nliss Jacobs Mrs. gym Mr. .lcnkins Mrs. JCFOINC History l,!'l4U747Ll!'LIflhU illizllvwlulrzls , S1'H'V7l1' Mr. Keating Miss Kclly Miss Kilpatrick MiSS KiHd0FmJ Chcnvrslru Iimlfnw lfnqlixh Mrl1f71'f1H1lH S Mrs. Kincrt Mr. Kough Miss l.ag0ri0 Nlr. LJSSCH AXIt1fh0lTIllll'fS III-SIIJFLI Sif7LlI7IlSh Z? CILUTYINISIVLIITP Chemistry Qi' Ks Miss I..1win Ciizrmzr' Xliss Xicifuu lWx.f.': - fi lr. XV. Xlillcr I3i,.ik1:i-i-piml Miss Nclson .Umm if 'air' Mr. l.ccm'y lizuzfwiws lmrmmr Kliss Xicisslcr Hfsli-Ill Miss Xioloncy ,U41If74'l77i1I!c .s Miss Pearce lwiirmiyrizplm ffm v-o ii sf' 'Q-X i 'nf Mr. Malofii Xliss Xivycr I lfffl' Hr. Klurrisscv K ifn'rm'1i1i1lli1:L Xlr. Pcrry l'l7zfx1u QQ is My Q.. ca. .NY 'Ns-Q nnaxzum 24 S1111 4 'vu Miss Mackay Iffmllzsli N1r.R.N1ilIcr .Xl.:iJwm'lhiiiiw-.1 Nlrs. fwiusschl l'hmmi1rup1m Mrs. Ramm EIMIIISII fqg. Ave. Q 'Y i141 I ,f , ' 1 I il FACULTY .5 x i f x . FACULTY Capt. Reid Mr. Sazama Mrs. Schwartz Mr. Silverman Band Business 'liruzning 1'Imnogrc1pI7tf ilILlff7L'f77!1fl.CS Mrs. Smith Mr. Sollo Mrs. Talbot Miss Tully Home Ecunonvzis .llarhinv Dratumg Hzntortf English Wi Nlr. O'Connor Mr. Stadtler Miss Fahey Mr. Tcuscher Art Electric Shop L1'bmrz'an Print Shop Mrs. Voelz Mrs. Vorisek Mrs. Walker Mr. Zahorik Science Biology Gymnasiunv Gymnasium l15l 'P i .- N4 ,:L:f1' I :iii H I 'I .fc'.'H' 19125354 +f+.f,:fff , F + i mv fivk 1- -ff' ' ff ,. if X' + T X gr"'1 8 i A Lg: -s, Mfg , . ' , in' , fyn VV g , ,mv M k F 4 13:5 22 5256 A A -. ' V ,... A- Q if Sw ww .41 "1 A . f -"" 5 5 s ' ',WA 1 ., ff .W W , ,, .' ." 1 ,Q xi .v JU, I Q , , Y, if -, , .- f 'f N 'P RCQX 5 3 - aj 'l 3 W , X 5 W Vv W E? Rt x V X r X . Q 5 .sb s f If W f N z ffm A SENIOR PLAINT m happx I I m 5 'I hat this dx. 1r mhool I Inu Vx'urI mmx 1 xsIxxI I f L Intl mum to gruxx 1 vrrx I 1 Q I hat INQII nhool dns must Im I o lhoss. xx ho thought mx hui SIULLFL ngnts I and IhosI IFIQHLIS xx ho xx hun s kmd XVhosI mam rx has bun su So duplx m mx mmd I m happx xxlth thx thought 'I hat although sghool IS through I knovx vxhat In bun taught And vxhat of mx. li dug UI T1mI LIU mxgr dnl am lhL yoxs Ixu 1 I thit IS xx hx o nppx xu so s I Dorothx XX 1hI I' '. x'c ' 'ad ,1. , 1 I, --Of, ',. mc Xni' cn I'n sn ycl '11 klad I know I'1l not forgct FI h A I I Y V vm xx I Ag ' ' f lad. Ani . ' j I fccl S I . f IJ I. , 7 I 70 I FEBRUARY CLASS HISTORY Foreman Junior High School was the alma mater of most of the '36 class during their freshman year. We were seniors here, and felt oh, so important! What a rivalry existed between 128, 213, and 321, especially at the elections of the City Council in March, 1932. The candidates were Ruth Williamson, Art Mein, and Dick zzz Class Officers A d - D' k t n I resen lc was a mos Arthur Fourier James Souden efficient leader. Do you recollect President Vice President the Crowded busses the Singing Helen C. Richter Laverne Andersen Y ' Secretary Treasurer the jostling, and the gayety of that trip down to preview the World's Fair grounds? Then came that day of days, the Senior Prom, January 20, '33, and what a wild time we had there! Do you still know the person with whom you went? Graduation!! "Land of Hope and Glory" still rings in our ears. Schurz, we hope, was honored to have our class within its walls. but we stayed there for one semester only before returning to the newly organized Foreman Senior High. Unsettled as everything was, activities were at a minimum until lVlr. Hutchinson started the C. 1. C., which marked a long step in our progress toward senior high school standards. Our Junior year saw the new school getting into swing with athletic teams organized and things running more smoothly. Foreward, march! and the R. O. T. C. was formed just in time to get its picture in the Foreman Picture Book-the forerunner of this annual. In September, 1935, we entered on our last mile-the happiest and sad- dest year of school life. In October came the hotly contested C. 1. C. elections with Lorraine Scott, president: Al Grabski, vice-president: Chuck Mueller, secre- tary: and Bing Billingham, treasurer. Later came the big broadcast under Mr. Leeney's direction, a big success. ln November. class officers were elected. Then the cheery Christmas Dance, and later the Senior Prom at the Tower Town Club. Class day-floor show-dancing-everyone talking excitedly, trying to say as much as possible in so short a time! January 31-"Your cap's on crooked!" "This gown's too short!" Excitement, noise, laughter, and then in a daze we hear the speaker, walk up to get our diplomas. Then it is all over. With laughter, tears, and farewells we go on to a bigger, busier world. l211 Kenneth H. Alm "Ken" Technical C. I. C. "XYho gives himself with his films feeds three: Himself. his hungry neigh- bor and Me." l.averne A. Andersen Hflndgu Technical C. I. C. rep.: football: class treas.: Annual comm.: Supreme Justice School Court: senior in- tramural champion team. " 'Irs educiition forms the common mind: Jimi its the twig is bent. the treefs inclined." Mitchell Baron Science Radio Cluh: captain hall guards. "Good humor is the health of the soul." 'i Reymour Bentzen "Rt-e" Commercial C. l. C. "Art. not strength. oh- Itiinx the prize." Fred E. Billingham "Bing" Science Treasurer of C, l. C.: Drum and Bugle: lieuten- ant of patrol boys. 'Q-ind till thu! muhes a nmnf' John C. Bredfeldt "Johnny" Science C. I. C. "XVeII timed silence hath more eloquence than speech." CatherineM.Burcham "Marg Catherine' Commercial C. I. C. "A miiiden never lnolil of spirit." IZZI Virginia H. Andersen "Ginger" language "No-e to the grind- stone." Robert Barlich "Bob" Science Band: C. l. C. "rl llreed ol- rtolale hloodf' Rudolph Bechtold "Rudg" Technical C. l. C.: hall guard: in- tramural baslcetball. senior champions: Band 2. "Right its it trivetf' Rose Mary Biank 'iRoxie" Commercial G. A. A.: Poetry Cluh. Clee Club: C. l. C. "fi lovi-'g being, scureelu formed or moulded. A rose with all its sweetest leaves get folded." Frank J. Bradley "Brads" Science Hall guard. "il he world is a comedlt to those that think. a trugf edg to those that feel." Martha L. Brenke "Bones" Commercial G. A. A.. Service Club: gym captain: C. l. C. "Be good. Sweet maid. and let who will he clever." Edward Burchert "l5trdu" Technical Member of Moon-o sportsmen: C. l. C. " ils it LL' of intel- It-ct. hirdtef l Cried, 'Or it rather tough worm in goiir little inside." " Jerry Cervenka Technical Chess Club. marshal of hall guards: C. I. C. "So build we up the be- ing that we are." Alois M. Cieslak "Ducky" Commercial C. I. C.: lightweight basket ball. 'VM asst. mgr. basket ball. N543 mgr. bas- ket ball '35: hall guard: locker guard. "Reading maketh t1 full man, conference u reutltf num. and uxrrtintl an t'.X'L1t'I mlm." Ettore I-eo Clavelli Technical "A lover of sporlx in t1 quiet Luau." Dorothy C. Duncan "Dot" Commercial Girls' Glee Club: C. I. C.: team games: G. A. A.: ofhce asst. "Her air. ber manners. all who sau' CItll771iFk'd.H Donald O. E. Friese "Don" Science Track team: Chess and Checker Club: sports edi- tor of Annual: hall guard: tlramatics. "W'but men have dom' can still be done today." Betty Anne Gielow "Betts" Commercial C. I. C. ren ' G. A. A rep.: Girls' Chorus: hall guard: ofbce help: honor roll: life saving: volley ball, numerals. intramu- rals: Hcleverest letter": HI... "Do noble things. not dream them, all dug lonqi Charles Griesemer "Greasy" Technical Seat-warmer. htlfltf g e n t I e-hearted Charles. to whom no .sound is dissonant wbiich tells of life." . R Q ixq Arthur E. Fourier 'L-lrtzt-" Science C. l. C.: hall guard: football. "l.eurn1r1t1 nwkes a man lit comptlnu for htl77YQlf.i' Dorothy E. Gabriel "Dot" Commercial Girlsi Glee Club: C. I. C. "l'bere is no intlex of character so sure as the Utllltc '." Alfred M. A. Grabski "Grab" Science Vi:e-pres. C. I. C.: pres. Chess and Checker Club: Mixed Chorus: "most brilliantfi 'llltm of tL'z'stlon7. mum of QlE'tII'i.M Casimir J. Gumowski 'AYLIl77l-PM Technical I-Iallguard: locker guard: C. I. C. "Toll, says the proverb. is the sire of fame." IN! Arthur R. Ciesilski Commercial "An economist in words." Robert James Clark "Bob" Science "Hts Uifltildll-UL' fur-ulltes immersed in coqzbumlzlu of ftltll-lt1l!ifJI7.ll lVlarionE.Concannon "Mae" Language Girls' Glee Club: hall guard: G. A. A.: volley ball: honor roll: C. I. C.: olhce worki Amateur Show: Hobby Show. "lVben the iron ts hot. strike." Eleanor I. Hagstedt "El" Commercial C. I. C. "IVhen you do dance. we wish you u LL'lIl,'L' o' the sea, that you might ever do nothing but that. Iola Alice Hansen 'lOle" Language l.ife saving: Mixed Cho- rus: dramatics: G. A. A.: volley ball: ring commit- tee: Girls' Glee Club: hall guard. "She is pretty to u.'t1lk with. Amt' witty to talk with. And pleasant, too, to think on." Sydnee Hertz "Syd" Commercial " 'in hearts. and ou ll g have ull mt-n's hands und H Lorraine V. Jansen 4"liools" Commercial C. I. C.: girls' volley ball: G.A.A.: hall guard: Tap Club: Chorus. "lie not loo eurly in the fashion. nor loo lony out ol' it: nor ut any time in the extrenves ot rl. Martin H. Jensen "Muhtz" Technical C. I. C.: I.ane R. O. T. C.: hall guard. line url is that in tclitch the hand. the ht-url. and the heart go together." Leonard C. Johnson "Len" Language AUSTIN: R. O. T. C. Band: Latin Club: intra- mural basketball and base- ball: Pentong. B 0 t a n y Club. VORFIVIAN: bas- ketball: intramural base- ball: hall guard: locker guard. "Ambition is the yerm from which all yrowth ot' nolvlereess proceeds." Cecelia A. Kapelanski "Celia" Commercial C. I. C. "She is crtlm because she is the mistress of her sub- rect." l24l Harlan H. Hamley "flat" Technical C. I. C.: senior intra- mural champion team. AUTVIQ your vocation. Har: 'tis no sin tor a man to lcthor in his vocation." Mildred E. Havlik "Mickey" Commercial C. I. C. Ulloraor lies in honest Ioilf' Eleanor Jean Ingalls "Sioux" Language C. I. C.: Service Club. Hliuiltl' on. and mulze thy castles htyh und lVtlIf.U Virginia H. Jatczak ..x.lrg.. Commercial C. I. C.: Polish Club: Girls'GleeClub: hall guard. "As you ,soul ue ure like to reap." Gertrude Johnson Commercial "Juno in tt smtliny mootlf' Athena Kaloyeros "Teenie"' Commercial Girlsl Glee Club: orches- tra: G. A. A. "Her fortune is in her lit7yer.s. N Richard L. Kirchhoff "Kirch" Technical Band: Concert Orches- tra: Dance Orchestra: Ger- man Band: C. I. C.: dra- matics: Annual staff. edi- tor humorous features. "fl yootl man does yood merely by living." Edward H. Knudsen "Knuts" Technical C. I. C.: Radio Club: hail guard. "All things come 'round to htm who will but Llftll-l... Lorraine A. Krystek "Lor" Commercial Service Club: G. A. A.: Publicity Club. "The first duty of u woman is Io be uIIrf1ct1c'e." Raymond Lawrenz Science Hall guard: C. l. C. "As ti man Ihtnlzeth in his heart. so is he." Ruth M. Magden "Ru" Commercial C. I. C. "ln her tongue is the law of kindness." Frank R. Marquardt "Bud" Science Band: Orchestra: Dance Orchestra: Chess and Checker Club 1 Cierman Band. "One blast upon his bugle horn was worth a thousand men." Anne Mitranitza "Orphan Annie" Commercial G. A. A.: hall guard: team games: C. I. C.: dances. "Short but sweelfi Charlotte A. Mueller "Chuck" Science SCHURZ: Swimming. FOREMAN: C. I. C. sec.: Prom Committee: Cu. A. A.: sec.. vice-pres.. pres.: "l3". chevron: life saving group: intramural: Girls' Glee Club: hall guard. 'AA true snort." Victoria A. Majeski "Mz'1zze" Commercial Girls' Glee Club: team games: C. l. C.: hall guard: dances. "A sunny d1'spos1'l1'on is the very soul of success." Dexter H. May "Dick" Science CRANE: Captain of ushers: lieut. hall guards: gym leader: Flying Squad: Glee Club: C. l. C. rep.: skating team: l.atin Club: football: room rep. TUf l,EY: Hall guard: intraf mural baseball. FORE- MAN: C. l. C. "Laugh and he glad. SIT. Bernice Moles '4Bee" Language C. I. C. "lt's nice to be natural when youre naturullu nice." Adam Mulinski "OtIsz'e" Technical H a ll guard: football team: C. l. C.: senior in- tramural champion team. "He has the combined qualities of a man and an athletefi lZ5l Chester C. Kohl iipfinkvli Science Swimming. basketball: C. l. C.: hall guard. "rl uood straight chap ig requisite enough." Lorraine La Velle "l'rtchles" Commercial life saving group: Fish Club: Ci. A. A.: intra- mural games: ofhce help: Chorus: C. l. C. "Your hearts tlestres be with unit." Werner Luhman "Slim" Technical Hall guard: C. I. C.: se- nior intramural champion team. "He has no foe. fazilure or woe." Robert H. Nagel "Bob" Science Band: R. O. T. C.: C. l. C. "lVherr in doubt. I can always smile." Audrey Ann Nelson "Auddie" Commercial C. I. C. rep,: Service Club: Girls' Glee Club. "Never too busy to join in fun. Always tn n hand when there's it' o r I2 t 41 b if lltIl7L'.'l A. A. Panigiotaros Technical "The glass of fashion and the mold of form." Dolores Mae Pollock Commercial G. A. A.: Service Club: C. I. C.: hall guard, "Everything is as you take tt." Eleanor Reinertsen Commercial G. A. A.: C. l. C,: Girls' Chorus: gym cap- tain. "1-lh. why should lift' all labor be."' Helena Anne Rolly "Snoonie" Commercial l.ibrarv staff: C. l, C:: Service Club: hall guard: honor roll. "lVeddzny is destiny and hanging llil2E'LL'I'S0.n Irene A. Schulz "Schulzy" Science G. A. A.: hall guard: Reporters' Club: C. l. C.: Service Club: Girls' Glee Club: Student assistant, "Her cardinal virtues are in her hair." l25I George L. Naughton Machine Drawing l.ancer A. C.: school swimming team: Portage Park swimming team: se- nior intramural champion team. "As if with sports my labors I could ease." Emory G. Nelson "Neutral" Science Hi-Y: chess team: C. I. C.: hall guard: "most popular." "A merrier I77tIf7. within the limit of becoming mirth. I never spenl an hourk talk tuithalf' Rocco Pisano "Robert" Science C. l. C,: track team. Those who know him best. his praises proclaim." June Elouise Powell Commercial G. A. A. rep. and rec sec.: '4l3": C. l. C. "A girl who has so many pleasiny ways," Helen C. Richter "Rickey" Language Life saving: G. A. A.: Mixed Chorus: French Club: class sec.: drama- tics: volley ball: C. l. C.: hall guard: Annual Staff. "Shes .sensible and quite discreet, ii Adrian Scheltes "Arie" Technical Intramural basketball. "'Iihere's a place and means for every man alive." Norman H. Schulze Technical C. l. C.: hall guard. Heres to the pilot that weathered the storm." Lorraine C. Scott 'AScotty" Science SCI-IURZ: Swimming: dancing. ITOREMAN: C. I. C. pres.: editor. An- nual: Prom Com.: Girls' Glee Club: intramural games: life saving: hall guard: "lin: "most popu- lar girl," "She is u gnu rind bonmc lass. Florence Sierzega "I-lorrieu Commercial C. I. C. "lVell tuorlhu ol Ll place in our l't'l77l'I77lH'tlf7l'L',H Sophie Skuba "Shu" Science Publicitv Club: C. l. C.: president of Polish Club: G, A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: library assist- ant, Nlirliqhlf ll't-II, I shctulcl .suyf Stueelf lVi'1houl KI rluubl' Sh.-'s just the sort of per- son lla- cotzlrlrft tlo tuithuutf' Leroy S. Solberg "Prol"' Technical C. I. C.: hall guard. "As jolly u friend as he is lvlYL'l7t'S full." Mari. A. Steinhauff "l'earhr-.w" Commercial Service Club. " 'Tis good will makes l-f7lt'll1'l1t'f7L'L'.H Howard L. Stoll "Hom-gf" Technical Guard Captain: intra- mural basketball: R. O. T. C.: C. I. C.: dances: ticket salesman. "Sleurly und Luilling, fine things for ri man." Mildred Szczepaniak "Mil" Language C. I. C.: Service Club: Polish Club: Iirench Club: Publicity Club: G, A. A.: Glee Club: library asst.: S. O. S.: honor society: guard. "Brilliant, like chryso- phrase glowing," LYS James G. Souden "Jim" Technical Vice-president. S e n i o r Class: dramatics: Annual Staff: C. I. C.: hall guard 'Alle wt-ren't no saint. but at jezlqment dug litl run my chance LU!-lh Jim." Mabel Stender "Mae" Szience C, l. C. rep.: Report- ers' Club: team games: Boosters' Club: G i r l s Chorus: Annual Commit- tee. "lVhen the fiinne shln- elh. nmke hcufi Vwlilmar Stolpe Technical "A merry fuun. gum- billing Ihrouclh life." John VJ. Telesnicki "7 cl" Technical Basketball: track: C. l. C.: hall guard. "He'Il End a waufi l27l Dorothy .lean Sharp '4Do1" Commercial C. l. C.: G. A. A. HSlf'ZfL'!'llL! and friendli- ress please ull." Florence I.. Silkowski "lilo" Commercial C. l. C.: Girls' Glee Club. "Hur lute is l7t'L'L'l' lfue. lor her laerfrt is .smiling lhrouglz " Doris Marie Smith "Dorn-" Commercial Service Club: C. l. C.: G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club. " l'he Smiths never hull untf arms. and have 1'nt.'t1rz'- ulnltf set1'r-tl their lelterx ttilh Iln-ir !l7un1b.s.'i i l Gladyce A. Tews "Happy" Commercial I.ocker room guard: stu- dent asst.: senior life sav- ing group: C. I. C. "lVhile I live. le! me live." T. G. Thodoropoulos "'l'on7" Science 'l'UI.liY: captain hall guards: intramural base- ball and basketball cap- tain: B. A. A.. treas.: newspaper rep.: wrestling. swimming: Altrua Society. ITOREMAN: French Club. "Hell limi' Ll twig." Harold G. Trestenjak Architectural Dramatics: Annual Stafl: snapshot editor. "Here'a tl regular fell low." Francis Volpe "I-rim" Technical Secretary of Radio Club: C. I. C. Hfxllhlllllll? hels quiel, gnu mug xug. Ht' has u smile for UDL! each dug." Edward F. Weiss "Eddie" Science C. I. C.: hall guard: in- tramural basketball cham- pion team. "Mu pleasures limi Iheir .source in sporlsf' Evelyn Zerga "Lyn" Commercial C. I. C. "She .spreads Ihe .sun- shine of u genial l7LIlLlI't'.H Casimir F. I-Iurc "Cream Puff" Technical Vice-president of Polish Club: C. I. C.: intramu- ral sports: dramatics: hall guard. "Mans an ripe or rm angel." l28l Grace E. Theobald "Gracie Allen" Commercial G. A. A.: C. I. C. rep.: hall guard: Chorus: gym asst.: team games. "Begum and grace com- mand the world." Richard I-I. Tietjens "Rich Technical C. I. C. "He is tl fellow that makes tl good friend." Ione Frances Turek "One" language Iirench Club: life save ing: Mixed Chorus: dra- matics: G. A. A.: volley ball games: C. I. C.: guard: Girls' Glee Club: honor roll. "Music Hows from the feelings of the heart." Lorraine Webb "l.orrit"' Science C. I. C.: G. A. A.: hall guard: dancing instructor: library stafl: "best dancer." "I live on the xtmng side of lhe slreetf' Albert J. Yochim "Yorks" Architectural C. I. C.: Radio Club: football team: dramatics. "He wus lhe mildexl nmnneretl mlm." Henry A. Corcilius 4'Harzk" Science C. I. C.: R. O. T. C.: hall guard. "Push on - keep mot'- ing." L. E. Koczorowski "Lou" Commercial Intramural games: Glee Club: C. I. C.: Foreman Broadcast. "The world delights in .sunng people." Christ C. Carson "Bud" Science SCHURZ: Football: FOREMAN: Chorusg C. I. C. "What we seek, we shall find." Thomas L. Jones Science Basketball team: C. I. C. "Better late than never." Virginia Ekman "Ginger" Commercial Glee Club: C, I, C, "Oh, you flavor every- things you are the vanilla or soczetyfl ADDITIONAL FEBRUARY GRADUATES Martin Aloisio William I-I. Anderson Alvin Bach Myrtle Biseth Anthony Cassata Raymond Chicovicz Joseph Drabant Herbert M. Dreesbach Raymond G. Goss I-Iarold Greinke Joann B. Kalish George E. Kelm Edward A. Nickey Charles Ryan Arthur Tabac Walter Turlo Christian Waberzeck Edward Walther Charles Whiting Stanley J. Zurek l29l SILLY CINCHES WHIMSIES Ilash GEORGE NAUGHTON our ladles man has lald ln tvyo carloads of the neyv Taste Well llpstlck for Chrlstmas presents SCOTTY the reporter 15 talklng about Nawthln HELEN RICHTFR IS flylng hlgh Shes alr hostess to a certaln brunette pllot 'IONY PANOS heads the Scandlnavlan SOCIETY RAY CHICOVICZ IS secretary DOI' DUNCAN the renowned brldge player IS caught playlng Blackjack ln the wee hours of the mornlng Cllck cll k LORRAINE IA VEI LF our lady of lclsure was seen attendlng the lecture glyen by the famous economlst IORRAINE KRYSTEK DOT SHARP has decldcd to be come a law partner for llfe and LI FANOR REINERTSEN stlll practlses scales Buzz BU77 Nevys from the Art world BOB NAGLI IS palntlng TIFTJLNS the archltect and HERB DREESBACH wlnnlng fame wlth a hlt cartoon of MARTINI JENSEN Presldent of Popeye Republlc Flash ADAM MULINSKI ChlC3gOS fayorlte llorlst enters the home of CASIMIR HURC the stralght laced undertaker Why ' CHARLLS RYAN our punctual buslness man IS arrlvlng at h1S ofhce at eleyen A M Front Page VIRGINIA JATCZAK Amerlca s svyeetheart seen shaklng hands vylth ADF SCHIITES Amerlcas No l C Man on her arrlyll ln Washlngton today VIRGINIA ANDI RSFN has just publlshtd Harlem Rhythm ln Tln Iln Alley WI RNISR IUHMAN vllll rlde Tom and Jerry ln the Kentu ky Derby HAROI D IRFSIINJACK IS playlng Romeo at the Chlclgo Opera House thls week 'I he Rallet Buse at the Audltorlum IS felturlng SOPHIL SKUBA the vyorld s flnest ballcrlna Velo7 of tht yt orld famous dance telm Velo7 and Yolanda the Second now packlng them ln at the I3-'IIJIS Royale ln Iranct IS none other than AL GRABSKI a ChlCJgO3n Vyle re proud of you Al Gardenlas to IONE TUREK the opera slnger who reached hlgh C the other nlte at the Metropolltan and FLO Sll KOWSKI the bullder upper vyho lnsplres RUDY BLCHTOLD the meek jevyelry clerk After ten years of belng hen pecked by a Spanlsh teacher IRAINK BRADLEY decldes to study French IAVERNE ANDERSEN lS trylng to keep tyyo co eds at Illlnols contented and happy AI BACH the taxldermlst stuffs and stuffs Tongues are wagglng MARY BURCHAM IS seen followlng the horses ln Agua Callente HFNRY CORCII IUS has at last declded to go to Reno MII DRFD HAVI IK IS engaged IUNI POWYI I tht model IS lndulglng ln solltlry coniinement Rumor has lt she s learnlng basket ball rules CHUCK MUI I I LR our all Amtrlcan gal novy has a Southern accent may be ll s just the Accent on Youth Ioye Calls ED WEISS who warms benches for the Cubs Vylll be marrled today CI ADYCE TEWS she s the skater at the Rlt7 and FRANCIS VOI PE the French barber are Mmmmm The butcher play boy JOHN TEI ESNICKI yy as seen last nlght vllth PEGGY JOYCE Take If easy John CASIMIR GUMOWSKI the Gentleman vyho obylously doesn t belleye IS belng roped lnto matrlmony by a Follles gal IOLA HANSEN head nurse at St Annes IS holdlng hands Wlfh a certaln patlent KENINETH AIM the Park Avenue tallor of the vyell dressed ETTORE CLAVELI I IS sllpplng the gold band on MYRTI E BISSFTH S hlnd she s the hlstorlcal research wonder Scalllons to DON FRIFSE who IS stlll vyonderlng hovy best to ald ln dlsptrslng Dad s lncome And to DEXTER MAY for evadlng the lncome tax colle tors Flash MARTIN AI OISIO the master mechanlc yxas seen trylng to put Duesenberg parts ln a Iord TOM THODOROPOUI OS neyy sboy of Apartment Hotels yy IS 1 hero today lfter saylng the Van Swagger kld s toy balloon Cllck cllck We predlct an end to the dreary days of MII DRFD SYCEPANIAK the chool marm ln the lll Red School House vyho rescued a polltlclan CHRIS CARSON from the well Don t forget ladles and gentlemen to tune ln your radlos at D O0 P M and let your klddles llsten to Uncle EDDIE BURCHART S new program also to SIDNFY HERTZ who adyertlses splnach and BOB BARLICK who tells you all about hls patent medlclnes Among the spectators of the SIX Day Bl ycle Race won by ART TABAC were I UCII I E KOCZOROWSKI the world s sleekest red head NORMAN SCI-IUI ZF the globe trotter and GRACE THEOBAI D the crack tennls player Mlddle alsllng FDWARD KNUDSEN the dlplomat and VICTORIA MAJESKI the soclal vyorker also RAY LORENZ the best soda jerker at the Mlchlgan Ayenue Woolworth s and RUTH MAGDEN llbrarlan And novy that JIVI SOUDEN has llcked Joe Iouls DOLORES POLLACK has Sald yes what a talkatlve vylfe shell make Flash PROF LFROY SOLBERG of the U of C may go lnto the mlnlstry accord lng to DICK KIRCHHOFF the optometrlst Orchlds to FRED BILLINGHAM the research sclentlst on hls dlscoyery of a cure for measles Also to DOT GRABRIEL the gal who cllmbed Plke s Peak on roller skates and to MABEI STENDER vyho marrled the Prlnce of Walls ffontmued on Page 892 I 30 I I . 4 H V 0 : 4 ' ' ' 4 : ' T , ' ' ' ' ' . . - 1 V T , A . 2 . . A , ' ' " " ' ' 3. '. 2 1 . V. . - N , F V ,. A. , .: . . . , Y I I I . I I . -I V Y . . 1 , I ' g ' 5 v ' ' I . V ' . -T . 3 i . . to Eddie Cantor's only son-ELEANOR HAGSTEDT in .l secluded cafe with her HONEY. : f ' f , 1 ' , A K - . ' .3 ' . I . " ' ', I . 'T I I T' - ' A . V- Y ' VA I v 'A v Y. Y I . A A . . . V . Y . 4 . E - - I : I I I ' I H 4 K V. . . s ' " , ' ' ' ' . . . . . A -I Y V . . 1 4 . - x' I ' ',-y v 4 . . , ,I ' ' , V 4 . . . - 193' cf'-4-WM., JUNE CLASS HISTORY The history of the June grad- uating class is an epic of changes. In our four years of high school life we have had no less than five principals along with many varia- tions in the faculty. During this time Foreman has been altered to a senior high school. It seems the change has been everywhere but in our pockets' Class Officers LOOliiHg b2lCli i1'1t0 the past Bryan Coleman Rolf Frimann h . . J . President Vice President W, en we Were SQHIOIS IH l1I'1lOI' Albert Richter Ruth Weiss Hlgh, do YOU r61T16mb6I'1Sil9r1t ' reusurer Secretary passing between periods-captains CTI- ' at the beginning and end of each line-the weekly assemblies-The Flash-Miss Berg and Henry ther carb- the two principals, Miss Theilgaard and Mr. Wittcraft-election campaigns- the circus-open house night-and Hnally our graduation, followed by the prom in the girls' gym? Upon entering our sophomore year we found a new principal, Miss Tobin, whose gigantic task it was to rebuild our junior high into a senior high, assisted by a faculty largely made up of former Crane College teachers. Here it was that we first chose our own classes, and what a mad scramble that was. There were five grads that year, handed their diplomas at a dance in the gym. Remember the operetta "Betty Lou" and what a huge success it was? In our Junior year Mr. Hansen took over the reins with a big change in faculty. The Hrst swimming, football, and basketball teams were organized and represented us in city competition. None of us are likely to forget the attrac- tive spring festival presented by the students. Later came the June prom, and the first real graduation with caps and growns. And then came this exciting senior year, ushered in by a new principal, Mr. Jeffrey, who brought with him a new deal in school spirit and activities. A fine R. O. T. C., a uniformed band, a new dance band, a June '37 Club, a big newspaper, a great show in the Foreman Broadcast of 1936, a winning basketball team, and this annual are but a few accomplishments of our last year, resulting from the bolstered school spirit. What the future holds for us we cannot say, but the past has been good to us. l3ll Y"l'f'l14' K 'IZA' A M4 f'.l lv ,, .1 -.Ll i'n,4.f-rr., ru., ,,lI4 Gordon Aitken "Gord" Commercial C. I. C.: Tennis Club. "Great iinylnlions me lnetler than none." Eleanor Andresen Commercial C. I. C.: Foreman Serv- ice Club. "Her life glides on like ti river." Harry Arthars Science Bowling Club: Chess Club: C. I. C. "Jtitlqe a mtin Inu his questions rather than llil his tinscuersf' Ione Ault "Ilzeu" Commercial C. I. C.: Clee Club: National Honor Society. "Ht-r nmotl LLYIS aug and bright us .1 sprmq morn- H7ll.H Frances Baranowski "Gran" Commercial C. I. C.: National Honor Society: Girls' Glee Club: Zoology Club. "Tall and struzqht tis .1 Sunflowers stalk." Bernice Becker Hlieckif' Commercial I.ibrary Club: C. I. C. rep.: newspaper alternate: C. I. C. "fl smile uni! ll rurlsu. - I 's prcllu und .ix lighl as ti I oiuerf' J: N l I Stanley Benqafh "Sign" , Science C. I. C.: bowling: hall guard. "He is as agile us a cat," I 32 I Lois Andersen ' "l,oi' Commercial C, I, set: Dramatics Clube,-Q, 'X A, inc Siillng Club. - "She is as lrue tis the All-ill to the sim. Harri Apple 'AStru " fommercial C.,I. C. Igoreman Serv- ice 'Club-, "Her lender smile was as rutliun! tis sumnier .sun- shine." Mathew Augustyn "Augie" Science C. I. C. "lI'here the lim' ends. turtmnu l7l'tJlflS.II f r ,If Rui ine xi!" "Commercial ,Band: O chestra: Dance , nd: C.:G,A.A.: ' lo:ker guard. 'Kinclnt '. is lht' goltlen chain by LL' ich SUI!-i'lll is bound Iogether " Fred Bartel "Fritz" Machine Drawing C. I. C.: hall guard. "He sat still like a meditating Bu ldhaf' Margaret Bentley "Marge" Commercial C. I. C.: Iioreman Serv- ice Club: Glee Club: Debs, "She was llL'lH'!Ilk', fresh untl llou.'er-like." Wilbur Bethke "Bill" Science "Art and science have their meeting point in method." Loren Blozinski "Lorrie" Science -iTrack team: C. I. C.: hall guard: fire marshal. "Journalism has be- come, and is becoming every dag, the most im- portant function in the 'communityf' George Brennenstuhl A'Horse" Science Swimming team: C. I. C.: Clee Club: Tumbling Club: intramural champs: locker guard. "His fun sparkled like rhampagnef' Henry Budnik "Hank" Science leaders' Club: Math Club: R. O. T. C.: Band: C. l. C. alternate. " lhe ansLL'er tame like the crack of a whip." James Burnell "Jimmy" Technical Football: C. l. C. "You believe easily what you hope for ear- nestlyf' cv: Jo X rol Jo ny" Science C. I. C. rep.: hall guard: G lub. Kn edge of the law is li G1 deep well." Ru c ad Commercial . A.: hall guard: . . C.: Glee Club. "She allraeted like I1 magnet. " Edwin Chodorowski "Eddie" Science Basketball. l'l-'lowers are God's thoughts of beauty taking form to gladden mortal gaze." Helen Butler "Brown " om al lfor n Servic lub: gy u e t . istant: a ic. : . A. A.: C. . C. "Ile voice was ever soft. gtntle and lou.'.' Robert Catellier "Hola" Science lfrench Club: C. l. C.: Band: R. O. T. C.: swim- ming team: tumbling team: editorfin-chief of annual: Science Club: hall guard: Prom Committee. "His gentle words healed like medicines." George Chiakulas "Chick" Technical C. I. C.: hall guard: Clee Club: Zoology Club. "Clio See the world is lo judge the judges." C. Christiansen Commercial C. l. C.: Cv. A. A.: Glee Club. "She seemed like u queen just stepping from a CU7'1L'tlS,H l33l tic b QMMKQET Erling Breckan "Breck" ' ch jmdwmdgidvc is full of Clare Brunson "Duke" Technical C. I. C.: track. "His face was like the rising sun, radiant with good fun, good humor. good deeds, good news, and gooilliui Lorraine Bull "Lorrie" Commercial Hall guard: Bowlers' League: C. A. A.: C. l. C.: lioreman Service Club. "I-'riemlslup cheers like a sunlaeam, charms like a good story." QM, Julia Chudy "Jewel" Commercial C. l. C.: C. A. A.: Bowling Club: Young Girls' So:icty. "Her exquisite face wus like a cameo," Bryan Coleman Commercial C. l. C. rep.: lunch room guard: president ol' Senior Class: newspaper stall: Bovs' Glce Club: tumbling: team: Chicago Speech league. "He ruled uutltentes like tm um:rou'netl king." Ruth Croasdale l.Jl"lj,Qll.ll1S "'f K" latin Club: C. l. C. . N Jig X .1 -,xx v- rx te x-if LJ .5-1' I -nf X1 bf. . , ' 1 lf- .f gf s V ' V IL 1.4 1 ' ',wl u Jff. Ci. A. A.: dramattcs: l rengh Club: newspaper stall: Cilee Clttb. "She looks as clear as ny it r n 1 rr u roses neu'lt1 ttttslretl Lkllh cletL'." Mildred Dahl 'llltlltfn Commercial C. l. C. alternate: Glee Club: Service Club. 'Her slim was as soft uml lair us it lJlLISl7 rose." WW Darlene Donges "Dar" Commercial C. l. C.: C. A. A. "Her life was like un open btioltdi Muriel Enerson "Mun" Commercial C. l. C.: Foreman Serv- ice Club: C. A. A. "Life was made to be en- jouecli She bg nothing is ttnf nouedf' Charlotte Everly "Blondie" Commercial C. l. C.: German Club: lioreman Service Club: Debs. "Her hair was clear brown. touched uyiith gold. like autumn beech leaves." l34l .lesma Cobb 'lSmooIhte" Commercial C. l. C.: Glce Club. Hlieautu abode tn her fuce. as the stent turlbtn the rose." Kenneth Coughlin "Red" Scic team: track team: C. l. C. rep.: hall guard: G 'e Club. "xl friend ts like a turn- tlotu. thru wht'tl7 sunshine enters into the thamber of our swirls." R. O. T. C.: lwasketb lc John Czarnecki "Jackson" Commercial C. l. C. rep.: bowling. "He was us quiet its the LlftIL't'.H Beatrice Donegan "Junkie" G. A. A.: C. l. C.: C. I. C. rep. for two semesters.. "Habit may be lileenetl In tt table." C Clyde Dopke l'Shrne" Technical C. l. C.: basketball. "Eminent stations make areut men more great." Edith Erickson "Gigs" Commercial Foreman "Debs": Girls' Cilee Club: Library Club. vice president: Library staff: hall guard: C. l. C.: Ci. A. A. "Her face was as re- sponsive as u wave to the lL'lV7d,i' Charles Fletcher MChuck" Science C. I. C.: Bovs' Clee Club. "The highest triumph of art is the truest presen- tation or nature." Q: Barbara Foley "Balls" Commercial C. l. C. "She was crowned with a heavy wealth of read hair which fell ripplina along her neck." David Friedman "Dave" l,anguage C. I. C. rep.: National Honor Society: hall guard. "His meaning was as cletir as crystal water." Mildred Gawron "Mil" Commercial C. l. C. "Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers." Frank Gersch Science "Law should be like death. which spares no one. Evelyn Ciolemba '.EL'l'k'H Commercial C. l. C. A'Her life grew like a wild flower." ye yn Grunlund Blondie" Science V Bowling Club: C. l. C. KW nl "Smiles and frowns LJ chased each other over that open countenance like sun- shine and shadow on a windswept plain." Richard Hadland "Dick" Machine Drawing Football: C. lk.: hall guard: locker guard: let- ter man. X ' .U 'flis pliant mttsgles tauere Hue 4ordst.qf steel. loam! ueiry powerful." Jane Glab "Jawa" Commercial Girls' Cleo Club: C. A. A.: C. l. C.: hall guard. "Like an eaale al sea. she was always alone." Jane Gray 1' i I "Zane fkalif' f Ll ' Lf Commercial CJY C.: Library Club. '-'Her brltie-gray eyes were cleat as irulh itself." I lVlichael Guerrieri "Mike" Science C. I. C.: Boys' Cilee Club: Bowling Club. "Gladlt1 would he learn." Edyth I-Iallburg "Step n' Fetchitu Commercial Newspaper staff: hall guard: C. I. C. "Her voice is as musical as purling water." N , i351 Harold Freitag "Beans" Technical Football: tennis team. "He was as red-cheeked as a winter apple." Rolf Frimann Language National Honor Society: lirench Club: C. l. C.: newspaper staff. "Ile se! at his work tt'iIh it All'!lClfl1.Sl purpose like a tal walrhina a l77lILlM'lS hole." "Hob" f hnical Capt and B ' Clee Cl: :Mixe us: hall guard: C. . . "All great men are in some degree inspired." Robert Ceric if if '5... JA ' J Q X iff ix W fx' ' Jack I-lalvorsen Science Basketball team: Golf Club: Bowlers' League: annual staff: Honor So- ciety president. "He is like ti sphlnx. rather reflcenlf' Carl Hansen Technical C. l. C. "Let your life be like that of the summer air." Edna Hardies "Ki'ddo" Commercial lforeman Service Club: C. I. C.: Honor Society: Glee Club. "I-ialr words never hurt the ttmaiief' Hildreth Hoisington "Homme" l.auguage Locker guard: G. A. A.: l.ife Saving: Band: hall guard: lfrencb Club: C. l. C. "Those move easiest who have learned to tlancefi Raymond Hulfeld 'ARay" Commercial Radio Club: captain of hall guards. "To attempt to reach the height of our ambittori is like trying to reach the rainbow: as we adL'am'e, it recedesf' George Hutbert "Curly" Nlachine Drawing C. l. C.: hall guard. Ullaue a purpose in life and having il, throw mm your work such sIrena1l7 of mlm! and muscle as God has given you." Edwin Jankowialx 'ASchm!z" Science Baseball: basketball: hall guard: Polish Club: C. I. C. "Il is not fit lhat etery man travel." l36l Arline Hanke A'Hanke" Commercial C. l. C.: Foreman Serv- ice Cluh: Bowlers' League: Honor Society: G. A. A.: Cwlee Club: let- ter-soloist. "She sings like a lark in full sunshine." Lois Hansen Commercial Girls' Glee Club: C. l. C.: Ci. A. A.: Service Club. 4'The happiest woman like the happiest nation had no history." Walter Herrman "lVally" Commercial HI-le was as restless as a su'alloi.u." Herbert Houndt "Herbie" Science Band: bowling: traclt: guard: tennis: C. l. C.: R. O. 'lf C. "Like a manlle. he gathered his 1'e.serL'e ahuut him." 43, J w-4-Jw Audrey Hupfer I "Y 'ootles' Commercial C. l. C.: l.ibrary Club: library staff: Debs. "rWus1'c u.'ashe.s away from the soul the dust uf every day lzfufi Nick Iannelli "Nieoden7us" Science Basketball manager: swimming: golf: C, l. CJ hall guard: Glee Club. "Life is like a network of ttctfstezl paths .sul- roumled by rhasmsf' .lgii Jennigs "Jack" Science Football: Cbessff Checker Club: Bowling Club: Science Club: guard. "His repartee lashed out like l1'yhlm'ng7." ugaul Jen Science ming team, " ming in thought over universe," Eugene Johnson "Gene" Language French Club: swim- ming team: Boys' Glee Club: C. l. C. "Nothing is too high for the flaring of mortals." Vincent Kalinowski "Kelly" Technical C. l. C.: ball guard. Hlfuery man is a volume if you lznoic' how to reail him." Hilda Karner "Hillie" Commercial Ci. A. A.: C. l. C.: Cilee Club: Service Club: Latin Club. "Modest and shy as 11 nun is she." Lucille Kerwin Q "Pete" Commercial C. l. C.: Service Club: Girls' Clee Club: C. A. A. "Youth is the oppor- tunity to do something and to become somebody." Josephine Klemczak "Jo" Commercial Ci. A. A.: C. l. C. "The youth of the soul is everlasting ana' eternity is youth." Lorraine Kobus Commercial C. l. C.: G. A. A.: Service Club. "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." Vivian Kelly '4l'ee" Commercial Service Club: C, l. C.: Girls' Glee Club. 4.511111-Sl not the world. for it never payeth what it promisethf' Stanley Klamczynslci "Slani' Science Hall guard: C. l. C.: baseball. "Invention is the talent of youth, as judgment is ol age," Jean Klos ' "Giggles" Commercial Service Club: Polish Club. ff 'ihlihe laughter of girls is. and ever lucas. among the delightful sounds of earth." Eleanor Kolb "Snoohie'i Commercial Service Club. "Paradise is open to all kind hearts." l37l Harriet Jermalinski "Harry" Commercial C. l. C.: Cleo Club. "Her stillness was that ot' deepest waters." Dorothy Jones "Dot" Science C. l. C.: Zoology Club. "She sits as quiet as a shailoiU." Lorraine Kaminski "l.ori' Commercial l7rench Club: Cilee Club: Ci. A, A.: C, l. C.: Zoology Club: Bowling Club, "Ile who iuoulil really benefit m a n fi 1 n al must reach them through their work." K, 1' Z I Il w J ,- J: i li .-J Jf IJ N. ' ff' if PM PM COX' 9 O9 I' " r " Science I. C Z ack. " m ' ion is not a uice of lil people." Dorothy Kosmella "Dottie" Commercial C. I. C.: Service Club: G. A. A. "Hou: easy io be ami' ahle in lhe midst of happi- ness and success." 1 1' I ,MV Leona Kuchenbecker HC.il7Ul2lJH Commercial G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club: C. I. C.: Service Club. "Let our leaching be liull ol, iileasfi William Landshaft Hliarpoi' Science l'He was as agile as a l7LffT71ll7.H Vivian Laux "Sophi' Science C. I. C.: Girls' Glee Club: G. A. A. "In ser'i'ii:e lies all hapf PIITHSS. Doris Lemke Ullolizif' Commercial Service C "Her s le iuorrqf' Margaret "Marge" C, I. C4 G, A. A.. Club. "IVanIs left." Iwi luh: C. I. in was like Levin Commercial Library Club: Girls' Glee aicalren intel- .Ieanette Kolner "Jan" Commercial C. I. C.: Girls' Bowl- ing Club: dramatics. "She had a sweet little head like a doll, a tiny round face, pale and ex- qaisilelq delicate." Lucille Krueger ULU" Commercial C. I. C.: Service Club. " l'o know how to sug- gest is lhe arl of lt'tI!'hliV7Q.', K 'n Lake ua" Commercial Glee Club: C. I. C. "She was pale. lense. and as molionlvss as Ihe lookina glass before her." Everett Lauer "Hub" Technical C. I. C.: Radio Club. "l:'L'era manfs life is a plan of God." Robert Leimbreck "Hn-le" Machine Drawing Guard. "Choose rafher to wan! less. Khan lo have more." Lucille Letz "Lou" Commercial Mixed Chorus. 'She was as dark as a Spaniard." Georgia Liakos 'ADo Do" Commercial C. I. C.: Glee Club. "A blush is the color of virtue." Q 0 JX 1. .V A Mary Lietz "Tools" Commercial G. A. A.: Glee Club: C. I. C.: Library Club: Latin Club. "Ambition is like hun' gerf' Beatrice Mancinelli "Bea" Commercial Girls' Clee Club: C. I. C.: G. A. A. "She busied herself in- seribina a good and useful life. ' 'g 'HL U njamin Marcantoni 'ABen" Technical C. I. C.: hall guard: bowling. "'lihe writer does the mos! who gives his reader lhe most knowledge. and lakes from him lhe least lime." Martin Martensen "Marla" Commercial Hall guard: C. I. C.: Boys' Cilce Club: annual stall: intramural basket- ball: Ere guard: Prom Committee. "He was as slraiqh! and lull as a poplar." Mildred Matous 'tillillieu Commercial C. I. C.: Life-saving Club: Service Club: Clee Club: C. A. A.: Debs. "She had black eues ichirh alillered like Lllill- monilsf' Lorraineylkfle e "Loral" cience C . C.: irls' Clee C . . A. ' er ooals flucluate ke wma in Ihe sea." Mary Milazzo "iVIim4' Commercial C. I. C.: Glee Club: hall guard. "Her heauliful hair. hlack ana' glossy as a rai.'en's wing. made a set- ting for her face." Elisabeth Martin "Belly" Commercial Clue Club: G. A. A.: C. I. C. "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." 1:44.45 Melt MWXPVEW Chester Mayner "Archie" Science R. O. T. C.: reporter: track team: C. I. C.: base- ball. "His hand is as lilih! as the sweep of ll rloudf' Nlartin Metzler "Metz" Science Swimming team: tum- blirg: Clee Club: C. I. C. "ln t19fOflLlL1l1L'S one linlls new Ihinris only by looking for lhemf' Leonard Miller "Bee!'o" Machine Drawing C. I. C.. vice pres.: track: football: dramatics: Reporters' Club: Dance Band. "He was aifled wilh a razor-like wit." I39l Anne Lubinetz "Killa" Commercial Clee Club: Ci. A. A.: C. I. C.: Library Club: Latin Club. "A lover of stars." Jack Marbury HAfllIf'l7lQS.I Technical Math Club: C. I. C.: Swimming team: Prom Committee. "Humor int'oli.'es senil- 1770771 ana' chclrarlerf' Arthur Mark "Mark" Science C. I. C.: Glec: Club: hall guard. " l he law is like a laburinlh lo which only a few have ll keu. and lheu pau lleurlu for :lx posses- sion." X v M LaVerne Milleville "Editor" Commercial Editor of Foreman News: C. I. C. rep.: Chi- cago Speech League: Na- tional Honor Society: Civic Assembly honor stu- dent. "Her soul soared up- ward like a vivid Hume." Evelyn Mueller "Exam Social Science Service Club: C. I, C.: Glee Club. "To her. words were as flag to the sculptor." Erna Mundt "Rosa" Commercial C. I. C.: Service Club. "She is as still as an LIIYFLIHICU' lake on a perfect .summer dag." 'Q X Nj Z' VJilliam Murphy "Bill" Science C. I. C. rep.: golf team: howling: marshal of hall guards. "Dream manfttllu and nohlg, ami thu tl 1' e a m S :hall be prophets." I.eslie Nelson 4'" Science Dance Band: Concert Orchestra: Band: I7rench Club, pres.: track team. "Mimi is the propherti it what life ix to Ile." Richard Ness "Unk" Science Math Club: C. l. C.: Ring Design Committee. 'ill'haI sweet delight a quiet life affords." Lottie Orloski "Peaches" Commercial Polish Club: C. I. C.: Service Club: Clue Club: hall guard. "Each of as makes for himse't' a ltttfe .shefter of reserve lo creep into." l40l Hilda Moore "Peggy" Commercial G. A. A.: Honor So- ciety. "She is like the mer- chants' ships: she bringeth her food from afar." Andrew Mugnolo "Lefty" Technical "He seemed as quiet as ew-ning." an , ,t I, f ' i"H Marcella Murphy "twat" Commercial Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: C. I. C. "High aims form high characters. and great oh- ,iects bring out great mimi.s." Cieorge Natzke Science C. I. C. rin.. C. I. C. ' He was prodtgiouxltl .Sl'I'IUUS. Mildred Nespital "Millie" Commercia C. I. C.: Girls' Chorus: dramatics. "She was toula bloom' ina into fresh and IoL't'ltt u.'omanhootl." Madeline O'Donnell ' Irish" Science C. I. C.: annual staff: Oak Park Commercial Club. ' SIi!Ine.s.s ol' person ana' .steadiness of ft-atizrtns are .s i g n al marks of got-ti hreaclingf' Virginia Oscar Commercial C. I. C. '.-I good laugh is .stirif shine." Henry Pachowicz "Hank" Science C. I. C.: Band: R. O. T. C.: Orchestra: Dance Band: Foreman News: hall guard. "The boy wandered around like a lost spirit." T. Perzanowski "Ted" Technical C. I. C.: basketball: track: football. "Life is exactly like a game." DPU i7 ' n t -, " Language I- 'ing: B a n dp Freifh lub: G. A. A.: 'Cb C.: hall guard. She danced as airily as X ,, . . 1 flower on the ivind."i Myrtle Pflieger "Myr1s" Language C. I. C.: Honor So- ciety: German Club: Girls' Glee Club: French Club: Pattern Club. "As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of timefl Beatrice Preston "Bea" Commercial C. I. C.: Mixed Chorus. "Her hand was as fair and fine as Cl lily." George Pueschel A'Jiggs" Technical C. I. C.: dramatics. A'Begone, dull caref Thou ana' I shall never agree." Edna Ray , "Snoonie" Commercial C. I. C.: G. A. A.: Glee Club. Q5"She would wheel her way, not walk." Alice Powell "Al" Commercial C. I. C.: G. A. A.: Service Club: dramatics: Girls' Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Tennis Club. "Her mouth was like a coral bed with seed pearls peeping through." Florence Pudelek "Flo-Pat" Commercial Service Club, treas.: C. I. C. "She flullers 'round like u m'i.v kind of butterfly." George Pulver "Professor" Science C. I. C. "Hou: in the heart rules mounting ambition." Reinhold Reihl "Remy" Commercial C. I. C.: h l guard. "True as needle to ih MH K 141 1 Alfred Panek Technical "XVhen duty whispers low. 'Thou must', The youth replies, 'I mn.. Lorraine Peterson "Pele" Commercial C. l. C.: Service Club: Debs. "Blue were her eyes as Ihe fairy-flax. Martin Petrick "Marty" Technical C. I. C. X "Shy e squirrel that ine 'Q fi7V','lfl fl: P lllgi6,JAwQ we-W' G' Albert Richter "Al" Language Hall guard: li r e n c h Club: H o n o r Society: Ring and Pin Committee: C. l. C. "His action was solid like a principle and mas- terful like un instinclf' Fred Rachwal Technical "The only way to have a friend is Io be one." Ka erine Schmelz ' ff ' 1 en" Commercial f s li ,lv Cla. C.: hall guard: ' 1 Cilee . ub. "Her .smile u.'a.s as re- lre.-:hing as a ilrauyhl lrom a cool spring." Willard Schuessler "Hill" Machine Design liootball: C. l. C. "His affeclion enuelopetl him like a garment." l.aVerne Sircher 'iliernw Commercial C. l. C. " I rue as Zhi' dial Io rhu fain." Gordon Souden "Gard" Commercial C. l. C. rep.: Boys' Glee Club: newspaper staff: hall guard: lunch- rocm guard. "Nothing is loo high for the daring of mortals." Frances Steele HIQLIXILXH Commercial Service Club: Treas. of C. l. C.: dramatics: Girls' Glee Club: Tennis Club. "Her lleaulilul hair. ul- Luayi nmssed in ltuists and curls. .shone like burnished go'd.'A l42l f- E11 R' lCo,o ala. a wa G. A. A.: C. l. C.: Service Club: Glee Club. "Hair like the night. face like the dawn." Lorraine Sanz "Lorry" Art Course "She could arrange a hoiul like an artist anal paint it like naiurefq C. l. C.:G. A. A. Mb Anita Schmidt "SrnilIU" Science C. I. C.: Cuirls' Glee Club: annual staff: G. A. A.: Class Day Committee. ji "Every time she smiles. and much more when she laughs. it adds something ro her fragment of lifefi f VCL, fl- ' -, f L 4 N Raym 4 I" K Science -X l. C.: football. ' ey of the ciru shall flourish like grass of the earth." Cecilia Sokolski "Cfeeil" Commercial C. l. C.: Glee Club. "Nothing xuti'eecls so well as sciccessf' LL ' , IKC go lx,-I-,lf-J Edwin Sronkowski 'ABlimp" Science Basketball team: hall guard: C. l. C.: Clee Club: lunchroom guard. "A man, like a walch, is io be valued for his manner of going." 1. ' Dorothy Stingl' I I fljrrlnh 5 Coginilrciql - G. A,A.: Selvice Club: C. l. C.: Glen Club. "And like the wind in summer sighing. her voice is low and sweet." Gerald Tatje "Jerry" Technical C. I. C. Delegate: bowl- ing team: golf team: Foref man Newspaper. "His shoes gambolled over the floor like a pair ol' playful puppies." Mildred Uhlmann "Millie" Commercial C. C.:Bowling Cl b' 1. A. A. ' The laughter ot' airls is among the delightful sounds of earth." Rocco Venuto "Datum" Science C. I. C.: Cards A. C. "His hair is black as midnight." hy Wahl DUNN" Science C. I. C.: C. A. A. "She was a delicate lit- tle woman. as friendly as a squirrel." Florence Wasserman "Flo" Commercial Service Club: Bowling Club: C. I. C. 'IAII who jou would win must share it. happi- ness LUUS born ii twin." ie Vklest Language C. I. C. rep., Reporters' Club: G. A. A.: Girls' Glee Club. "Her features were thin and clearly cut." George Wille Science C. I. C.: Boys' Cilee Club: R. O. T. C.: Band: Dance B a n d : Foreman News. IINQHI and little, his white-spatted feet crossed, his head cocked on one side like an intelligent spar- row." Joseph Wandolowski "Slugger" Machine Drawing Hall guard: intramural champs: Polish Club. "His words were like the bubbling rivers." Ruth Weiss "Ruthie" Commercial C. I. C.: Life Saving Club: sec. of class: honor roll. 'She came and went with a swallows swift- ness." Viola West "Bains" Commercial Mixed Chorus: C. I. C. "Beware of her fair locks. for when she winds them 'round iz young mans neck, she will not set him free again," 1' A . . .Xi - J . V. 'Herbert Wischmeyer "XX'ishie" Science ' Baskerball: basebaiii C. . Cf 1 ' "Qood humor is one ot' the best articles ol' dress one can wear in sorii-fu." i431 l' .-! , Dorothy Trapp V "Dot" Commercial C. I. C. "Joy comes and goes, hope ebbs and flows, like the wave." William Underhill "Bill" Science Basketball team: C. I. C.: Glee Club: hall guard: Capt. intramural champs. "He was glad to get out of school. like a bird freed from the rage." Arlene Waegelein "lViagie'A Commercial C. I. C.z G. A. A.: G i rl s' Cilee Club: hall guard: Dcbs. "She was like tl sim- heam on a .sullen ua." fs 'lv' 2-ff! X I' . 4 O 1' A V2 4 0-I 6I,....orf 51-PN f Richard Wisniewski "Snooks" Scie ce R O T C iut guard k tea I . . . , I e .1 : : dz . I .: new r staff. . II. K, Q fed M him like a ll t you radi- Bernice Wolf "Buddy" Commercial G. A. A.: C. I. C.: i and Checker: dra- Hltphs the I'V7SllAV7fl of her life to write as it is 'hu instinct ot a fountain to flow." Chester Wrzesinski "Cfln's.x" Commercial Basketball team. "A man'x hes! friencla are his ten fint,fer.s." , I var we .. v if J x Joseph Cimochowski Science W' "The greatest ,pf . study or man- kzml is man." 2.- 1,7-v ar, , 4 Robert Zimmerman "Bob" Technical C. I. C. "He wotzltl send his U mme th 1' o Ll a I7 all the lamlf' MW' Alex Zuk "f5rtt1'.ser" Machine Bowling: football: golf: Polish Club. "Labor is the great pro- tltuer of wealth," Norman Cedarburg Technical "Kind hearts are more than Cororlels. A n cl simple faith than Norman blood." Chester Kra ar Z tk Alvin No em 4 Frank Wojciechoutski "Whz're'.s Your House Keg," C. I. C.: Schurz Or- chestra: Polish Club: bas- ketball: Glee Club: Band. "IVhat I aspired to be :Ind was noi, comforts 1778. Eleanor Wons "EI" Science Zoology Club: Polish Club: Ciirls' Glee Club: G. A. A.: C. I. C. news- paper staff. MAS pleasant as a gleam of sunshine," Edwin Yarosh Science Band. "XVzlhouI labor nothing prospersf' Adeline Zim A'Brt'ezt1" cienct C. I. C.: is Club: G. A. ir Cilee b. com t. 'ron aus as p as rmtrblef' Arthur I-Iagberg HAH" Scienct HC.iUI77t'L1ll is his forte." 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XV1 try 11:11 11 ma ' yo 171-1 111xc . 1' 1111: XV- s-11' 3 1 1 I' ' ' 15 I j 1' iw. B c11-- . " 1 I' j ' ' 1 111x". 7, I , . , . . G1 ' . 1' x'11i-H-' ' 1 1 ' . 1 , 1.is1'. sc' 1 3 1- no ' '111 1 I' 1 x1x'. From 14rcs11111ar1 to SO1711OI'l1OI'C was quits .1 big 11111111 L I V1 1 4 A YT l I 1 If lv it - CNA lfl s ' L s 's Vx s - Lk s K- V. - xx I L f ' ' ' ' . ' I' ' 1 -L ' 1 1 1 1 1 V I I - I - 3 ,Lx1!v' S4 cw. yxk- lv 4 L I 4, L ' X V X 1 V V1 H' I 'I 1311l1'C -1116 xcar '1 1411 f1I1L1 "1-X11 if '-ll." -18 THE UNDERGRADS Here we haye the rook1es of our av1at1on school 1n tra1n1ng four years for graduat1on and solo fl1ghts Some are prom1nent 1n athlet1cs some 1n scholar sh1p some IU personal1ty and some 1n spec1al l3tldS such as mus1c sc1enee and cartoon1ng Everyone can not hope to pass the st1ff exam1nat1ons or el1m1nat1on tests Most of us however are lookmg ahead to the eXh1larat1ng moment when we take off from the field of prel1m1nary educat1on Wllh our head IUIO the WlI1Ll of courage and our hand on the throttle of amb1t1on for our solo fhghts 1n fe Some of our h1gher rook1es are noted for thexr outstandlng Work IH eyery Held Al Charnela makes deslgns and draw1ngs some of whlch have helped put th1s annual over bag Another person w1th a br1ll1ant future 19 l awrenee Shaplro who not only plays varlous 1nstruments hlmSelf but 1nsp1res others to laelp h11aa IH orgamlmg muslcal groups He has organ17ed the Dance Band and 1s now layxng plans for the organ11at1on of a concert dance band composed of gtutars and strmged 1nstruments Our 3A s haye recently Ofgililltll th1s semester rl he flrst meet1ng was 1 sort of pep or school Splflf meet1ng w1th dlfferent speakers presentlng brlef talks on school Splflf The 3A s responded w1th enthus1asm They then had elect1on by secret ballot carr1ed on throughout the SIX d1v1s1ons of wh1ch the 3A class IS composed Mrs Mary Lee Talbot Mrs Mat1lda XAOFISLR and Mr Robert xfllllkf were named as sponsors They have long been fr1ends of most of the 3A s Fl he1r fr1endly att1tude has helped the students to understand teachers After the elect1on of officers two delegates from each d1v1s1on room were elected then voted to call the 3A club the June 37 Class They have had one mass meet1ng after the elect1on of ofhcers when the officers were xnstalled and a h1lar1 ous play was g1ven They plan to have another mass meet1ng on May 4 when refreshments w1ll be serx ed Th1s Class IS go1ng to hold together unt1l gradu at1on Each semester new officers w1ll be elected The 3A class IS the f1rst class rn the h1story of Foreman H1gh School to organ17e before becom1ng sen1ors The outstand1ng dlYlS1OH room of the 3B s IS Room 321 w1th M1ss Erlckson as teacher Here 19 where many of Foreman s athletes and also some of 1ts beaut1es dwell Here reslde the top notchers 1n scholarshlp l1lxe Henry Wessel Elalne Johnson and Wllhelm levander Bob Zeller has gone out for almost every sport there IS Mrs Boughton s room also cla1ms some d1st1ngu1shed members as do others We shall see them all as Class Notables some day The 2A class has followed 1n the footsteps of the June 37 class by organ l7lHg At the1r first meet1ng they d1scussed organ1zat1on IH much the same manner as the 3A s The elect1on was carr1ed on s1m1larly Fl he offlcers are now beglnnlng to get 1nto actlon and we expect b1g results from the large peppy and effluent 2A group rlhe 2B s are a quxet group but on close 1nspect1on prove to have muen IJIILII Flhere IS a hard workmg sect1on of g1rls much 1ntent on the honor roll l1kew1se a sp1r1ted and actne techn1cal d1VlSlOD of boys a group where 1mproyement IS des1rable and several others st1ll to d1st1ngu1sh themselves The fresh1es form the largest group and therefore show much var1ety and many poss1b1l1t1es Mrs Ramm s group d1splays much school Splflf already so do many others eyen the nevs lB s MISS Connor and M1ss Maloney rejo1ce IH large honor groups Room 228 has fourteen representatlves on the roll NVe sen1or rookles are happy that we can leave Foreman standards of scholarshlp and conduct safe w1th the under grads that are commg up I49I D I I ' I D I 1 I I A .I 'I YI I I A I I I I I I I I L I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I ' I ' l1 '. I V I 'I I I I. I . IYI V . . I I' I I . ' I 1 I I I I C. YF . . F x e D . I F 41 41 F Fx e V 1 1 e F L ,al X K ' C -W' L - L e x e T -4 V VI I I V I' I I' I I I 1 I II I I I ' 3 I1 I I I I I I I I I I 'I A t I Y I I ' I A 3 I I 4 Y II I I I I A I I I I I I I II .I I I I I I A I I I I I . . I I I I I I to represent that room as members of a counc1l or advlsory board. rl he councll I 7 I I I 4. I ' l. I VI I ' II - I I I I I I I I I I I . I . I, I I Y I JI . 3 l I . I I . I I I I I Y I I I l I I I I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V I D 3 V - . . X .... . . , 1 I 'I V D I I I L ' I I . F I I I I D A I I I I I I . I I I V I V I '.I 1 I V I .I I l I ' I I -1 Y I I YI I I 7 ' . I I 3. l 3 l I - II I 3 D I I I I I I .I I Y I I I I . , fl I f" +P, df "I V lfll' IUIXYZ .Xtl1ri't.i1t. llxttwtott llt tiium, Selig. lliolmtk. 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Ntntxtxxwltl, IC-Milli-:utr 4-:tttieio Sltxzt. llfl'l"lltXl ICHXX lxl ttit lltilvn 1 l lt t ll- xix ul iii lin tit X l llitl 4 rQv'Y X 'X 3-.,n f of J XV Q - J U' ' 9 TO OUR SUCCESSORS fl J , Q I A l A Q, nl lo you we hand our title ol Prospective Graduates. our place in the sun. 9 6 and our responsibilities. Shbrtly it will be you who will worry about annuals 5 ,ff and announcements. elections and examinations. pronis and promises to pay. XVe wish you well. livery state ol' life is preceded by preparation. ln school we build the lad- der by which we rise: we must work hard every day to build .1 lolity one, NVe make mistakes. but we preht by them. Nlny you oi' the -ll'n's profit by ours, and learn to seize the opportunities that every fast-fleeting hour carries with it, NVe shall then feel that every mistalte of ours has had A double mission to perform. one to you and one to us. l.iyes of Seniors should remind us Ol' each lessons mighty cost: XVe. departing. leave behind us Deep regrets for chances lost. 1501 din TOT' ROXY: N:-rluis, Skuxximii- ski. Syvewinl. xlztl1l:i.Xloi'i'iss, Fm' vllzm, Xliillztml. l'irl1l. Faunlfm. XYQ-iulielwtiwviii. l' l li t at. -lullnsm l'1'1ei's-ul. RUXY J: Knnlil-tel Nielson. l'fullztek. ,lrii-en. Sluniipzt. lillfll. lletliiiuer. 'l'tii'lii. Twlinstnl. Seliztfter. Amtinflseii. Finlay. lir geilizuigli. XY:ti'xt'iiski. 1lm'v15.Y:n1 Nlarm, RUXY 3: .Xl-'si-i. XIullwlA igmrl. Huey. lift-xx-. Ktulilifr. lin linski, ll-vlmes. Kl:n'im-tte. llzulilx. lfn-ri'i-. Allis-rn. l"iir:ilski. Nmuils. lnsellut-rut-i'. Km-nm. Xleisriulmel X-Ilzm. KOH 11 Y-iss. 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Sivvlit Siilllllll, lllilll-1, ,Xiiclt-1'-mu. ,Xliim-its !?pvp4...-f I .41, -,..,9- I THE JUNE '37 CLASS ' lm The 3A class. comprising six divisions, will be the first graduating class to claim four years in Foreman Senior High. It is already organized with the following officers: Don Hammer. President: Frank McCullough. Vice President: Ann Marinoff. Secretary: Chester Bilinski, Treasurer: Mike Luzak, Sergeant- at-Arms, Several of the teachers claim much for the quality of their divisions. Mrs. Vorisek. Mrs. Talbot. and Nliss McCue boast of many honor students, much school spirit. and many notables in athletics, Mrs. Vorisek says she has more presidents. vicevpresidents. secretaries. and treasurers in her room than any one else could possibly have. Her students must be great 'fioinersf' Perhaps they help create that spirit of unity and goodffellowship which is already notice- able in the peppy and interesting class meetings. Vvlhat a Graduating Class they will makef l51l :,,q,,,.1v,,rq.,.'.-.-,.-,,..--wg,-f...K W.-. .,.,,.-- ,-- I ...... .... . . .. -.L W. , ..1 ,ae ..-. ..... ... -.F ., 4' .-, .., .... ,, .. , . .,,....,., ...,-HE, ... ..,,V,A,,....,, BB II:li'1. Iii t-nn-I. K: nmrirwski. XB , , . . . Iliireliert. I'ItIgei't-in. Ilerg. Vfet tvrer. U' Ilricn. Sc-III. vliilinsun Ifrimk. Spinuzfa. i'7:it'Il:iu ski lt-r. I.i-nike, Iilli-itt. I"r:in1. ,Izin exile. .Xntont-lli. Iiiiglisli. Iii-is St-it-list-tla. JXFCIIII. 1 f- Fp' M, lga. Q'-A mlm. Selmck. Mc-Ilue-ig. Siwnxsvm U'Kecfc. Hoyt-rs. Pa mm. Stznlc. ,Infos '. Ilan-Icy ' ist cr! U-tis. RHXX ': 'er-ki. Iliulzi. Krazy Qtzimi, Utiarii. Ifulcy. XYrzes iili Rim-sterol' Ilzijtirek Viigern in in I ti ning len-i'suii. Warren l'mIm:ip4gi.., Slinller-iss. lion-tka THE LOWER JUNIORS The TB class fills live division rooms. Mrs. Kinert and Miss Erickson say their groups know what it is to have an excellent school spirit and a distinct Hare for scholarship, Mrs. Boughton admits that her boys are more noticeable in athletics than on the honor roll: she claims Harold Reeg. a baseball captain. and Art Abinanti. first lieutenant in the R. C. T. C. Miss Erickson has several boys that lead on the honor roll, but in the other divisions it seems that the high averages go to the girls. Outstanding are Gisela von der Lippe, Rose Warwick. Lorraine Nelson, and Mary Dick. The 3B's also contribute talent to the Band. It looks decidedly as if several members will confer distinction on their class and Foreman. I52I Till' RUXY: Nelson. Henson, Rivnsclilee. Iletlike. Rolxenu. Trapp, Selimitlt. Yan Ilriniliergeii. Hart- man. RUNY 2: Sze-pkmx ski. Hau- sen, ihimlt-rs:-xi. Pie-st. Lee. Mizu- relli. Slxizzik. Kolluerg. Hneklmrth, I'Ixi'i'sinl. Nlcyer. ROXY .IZ Kel- lucrt. I.t'lIL'i'ei'. Vzfiwk, 'l'lit-ws. Yaimlt-i'Iippi-, l' ii ti Ii. Xlrlluvven, Xlnlllim-us. Olsen. Kiivvxxle-. Kar- niitli, AI-ii-gt-mist-ii. RUXY 4: Klutz, XXX-sst-I. -Ions. I't-trix-iii. Slizlllle-ski, litisem-, Iirezinski. Kit-Nh Ureger- sen. Aloisio. Gramitli. Xlntliiesen. IHVI"l'OXl ROXY: Ilzinnon, XYeIsIl. Sli-liy. Ili':ikt'i'l. Ilnuthurn, Kzilisli. Kosiek. Ziirek. Aelcerley, 'I' II I' li U XY: Strmltz. Ilrxuly, U'I':irk. XYLIXM-. l.ex:m1It-r. Dick. liflily. lllsmi. Xlilzzirek. Kurteriid. Zzijiet-Ie, Kovzir. Zeller. RUXY 2: Xliliniiitzzi. Sztlvey, Kiuileli. Rach maui. I.cxvi'sui1. .XrcmI!, iiznth. xIuiik:ixii:tI4. Ileivlrxck. Il i- n ry, I.i1mII:t-lu, 'IK-mkiii. IUIXY .I: XYJIIUIUIX. Smith. Iiirlitz-r. Nlnhl, IeIIi-llim'1'l. Scliiilpp, XIII- ltr. Xlnvlc. ilzivrlll. -I:imIuiv', Kel- vin, Ili'-iiiii, RUXY -I: It-liseli. Klzmiq. IIU'I"I'UXI IUINY: Hin- RUXX' llreen. Regus. Rich- 'l'o:ItI.4 RUN' Z I'ziImie-y. Hrenkc. Yrrxlune. HY -I: .Xllvre-clit. lfrystzik, Dies- IC. Sikiirzi. XYI1:-cler. NI. Si- Xynlloii, Xuwzlknwski. Fer- Iilvvcii. Sevliirtli. Illlfey, Xluehl- 1 IUXX 11 1r 1111111112 111111111 1 1111 1111111.11 1 11111 11 1 1 11 1 ar1111s111 N111111111111 1 1111 XX I nln1.,s 11 N1111 11 111 11 X 1 1 11.1111 N 1111 111 11 I X1 1 1111111 111 r111 r111, 111 111 11 111s 1111 111111s111 1 1 11 11s111 XX 111 11 1111 111111111111., 1 1 R 111111 11 1 rua 1 11 Rlllls I 11111111 1 R 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1111s 11111., 11 1 111 1 11 nlnl N 111 1 111111111 11 s 1 103111 X NL11111111 1 X 11111 11 1' 11111s 11 111111 X 1111111111 1111111 XX 1 111 11 11 ll1.,11tN 11 11 1l11r11 1 1 N1 11 111 X1111. 1 1 U XX 1 11 11111.11 1 1 1s111 11 111s 1 11111s 1111 1 11 N '1s1111 13 1 111 11 1 XX 1x111s11 111111111-11 111111 1x1 11111. 11 fn s 1 1 1 1s1111 l 11 11 XX 11 XX 1 11 1 1 11111111-1 111111 1 11 111 111111 N1 1 151141111111 111111-1 1 N1111 1 X 1 111 XX -1 1x11111 111 111111 1 1 lx ll 11 Xl1111c111 1111.111 1 11111111 XI111l1 111111 11 1111 XX 111111 11 IOXI R 'IHBLI 1x 1 11111111 1x11s1111 1 11111 1 1111 X11c111 Henlxel 11111 N11111111111,11 1 N 1111 l Allbglllll N1 11 1x11 f 111111 THE JUNE SOPHOMORES Th1re are sev1n d1v1s1on rooms wh1ch make up the ZA class MISS Coonty claxms many future notables l1ke Jeannette Petcrsen a new comcr and Arl1n1 M1llev1lle followmg 1n her famous s1ster s footsteps MISS Kmderman says her group IS energetrc and co operat1ve they even go on h1kes Wlfh her M1ss Cocsfeld boasts of her handsome boys and MISS Chr1st1ansen r1tal1ates W1th pra1se of her pretty glrls Mrs Jerome s d1v1s1on IS ent1rely composed of boys M1ss Nelson s largely of gxrls and MISS Kelly s IS a happy mxxture uest1on Wh1ch IS the most co operat1ve studlous and cffecuve group? All IH all ow ever the ZA s are very qu1ck to catch on They too have orgamzed as a class Wlth the followmg ofhcers L1ll1ar1 Calams Pres1dent Jack Bogardus VICE Pres1dent Letty Jannmgs Secretary Allen Peterson Treasurer Mrs Voelz IS sponsor and W1th such an early start the June 38 gracluatmg class should be a strong organ1zat1on l W3 I va 'flviwv-Mw1n11RLwW -ffwmww.aQr N-,.,....1.2e-,-,23!,,.,. ..., ,tis , ii X . ., . I -1 'wiv .. Niln-uit' . I ..s-,,.ii 'I Iv. 'I' . .in . 4 : , zaiski. E, f Nur-nslxi. THE "TO BE'S" Some day the ZB's are going to be a very live and productive graduating class. bringing honors to Foreman. At present they are distributed among seven division rooms. each one of which is already showing distinctive characteristics. Nlrs. Smiths tender and delicate girls are brave and bold when it comes to the honor roll: twelve names appear among those master minds. Nlr. l-assen's divi- sion in the l.ibrary should develop bookish tastes. since it is well known we are th: products ol' our envizonment. Mr. Sollos Tech boys are very peppy and going strong. but not always in the right direction. However, vou will recognize liodaroni among the football heroes. and Xlalone among the basketball stars. Vfhat others are to bring Fogeman to the fore? IW! ZB 'HH' RUXY: 'I'l1rli1lli1st. lnstvl latin, llmuii, Spiroii--tilt--. Xli ' tm-v. Xlitglstrelli. l':u1l l'i'im-iliiizm NI ltcllt-ll. .Xxvls-lit. lnuulq-i's. l..iv1 X it-ll. lliimxu. RUXY 2: laniuuiitlu 1 llallzxulit-ig Rzneliuztlill. Ziiierlt X l.:n'st-ii. llnzitt. llnlztstizt. llznlii 1 slizulc, llufztrztle, lass. Hansen llertvfelvlt. Vzilailtfmi-I. Sflllifll rucli. Stalin. -RUXY 3: NlZl1'lll1N 4.-tiny, liiistatsoiii. ll.nl1, Ninltli XICKH5. Kutliuiznt. Kiiilv. Nlillu hliiltn-un. lxiifi--l. Xl.u'lv1ii':uiu l"ri4-l, R1 HY 4: fiuuli-r. Ibm-5 N tlm li mln Vul in Vu: ll :'sii 'Au l lun-V. I zlrriill. 4... feliiislii, Sli-il lc-luslit. llt-nilolin llulant Xl uellzlr, ll! P'l"l'l INI IU HY: l' rec nlzm. 'l'-igiii-rnly. Knight. lllil tizmsen. 'I'hiirkilu, lknttlli U Nlitllt-3. lizules. Stzuvx-i'. .Xtulcn XYi'.ilut'l, Nl-mziiilt' 'lletf ZF: tilitli l'Iil' RUXY: limit-kv, Xlvl' llniviip-iiii. ,lvlist-tl. lllinliilulst ll.n.1u.m. lilf. lx 1 xxlf. lliusi 1 I llvljclvv. l"l'5, Ill-inlflxiist. RUN ' l'iiil n Multi il llttllll 1-my of Srllvguu. Ruth. Xlznminu. Kixxrlq st 1 luiiviuii. Sl-'ills-'xx li liiilvlxminieig lliiyrr. RHXX' .v 'ln Ilmitl in ll. ,-st-rnmii. ,X nili vc si. .l l'rtvi-ini. W etlilorl. flirt-lv. Simi rlimi lil l Xnl Q an l i N. Cttt'l'. . 41'N' . N. inu. l'xII'7t'lliIl. llitln-wwf, lillll l Hut tn Nl tl nt Xutlii l' x in. ev lxt-llv llziriins. llvrt thinui-1' im Riitlicniliek Zur. N . Xlitriniitm lxqi 1 x Nl l xxslti. RHI lflXl R PXX XA! Xl lllmi lztxiii. lqtllirrl. in-ntlli. Mmlltf ht-tx, liullicltstn, lntilifsni Ki-lstlnu. .lm-olist-vi. ll lm: I..i 115 ii N, Till' RUXY: Nlellvel Ntlsim Slovulunvl. lliit-cllilrl' l':issl1'nii-: l.:tuii-nu-. IJ-ni. hu-ii1lti'. XX l nhl. lmla-its. 1.4 RUXX' 1 Ri-st iilit-1344-1. Slinillit-rg. lliit-rlt n1.ul,N-llv5. Nlulll. l 'li in fllixi-i lliguins. l'lnll-in. tit- .Xflll-. RUXY .51 lil--i N . Huw. lx--lla xii, Xlal in lat:-las:-li. l,:tl. lit-llwtiilt. lixilns .Xliit-n-. llltulu. lfnrly. Niruv llc-lieu. llU'l"I'UNl RUXY: Km illvr. K- qui lin. Si'l1:n'ft't'. Ula. in ll:-clit-V. llztuvixlti. Utflm, lla" tlifiloiliztip IN-tc-i's. llutf, lfnulisl' IA IUI' RUXY: SrI1:1:t1'. lit-1'yr11l4:1 liuiilit-1', U Xlnlluy. XliIIt'i', NIU-ire, llujviu. Silliei, Ilvuut-11. Xlzu fllizu'-lt. -Iiilillsiiii Hiller. IUIXY J: l..1sIy.1, H114-el11t1. Ilvviiieltst-11 lit-ist. Y-Iliw. UI-111. Killorziil Yeruflt. NI':1i1i1x-1. Rjliltzi. 'llligsi-11. R1 NY S: Hsta-11st-11. Sclilli-iwl. K1 1ez111wm slvi, I-11-icss-in. l't'tereil1. l'1':1uIi1111 v. Yiiiiaer. Sumisiiii. lI:11':n1-I. I"v11'5, lit-i1'iI. RUXY 4: Wiriiflt. -loiiifs. tl t I1I1111'1lt . 1 lI1l:n1mIvi'. 575 iiizmislt. Siimlt-11: IX'i1'sti-iii. I'iNIc- ircf. 'IAI1-i111:1s. U'- llrivii. 1i:i1'e:ii'11. lIfVI"I'flXI RI I XY: Iiieltt-1't. Iizilw- -xi ski. llel- l1l1. hovzieilt. Ixit-Ir1'. I.-lumix. Sill' t:111-ruitl. Ifvll. Ht-isslt-1', Iinlliie- lilixi. llfieilr. l1x111. IA 'I'Ul' IUIXXJ XY1N11i1ueIX1. 'limi- tillii. Xmli--xxslxi. K-ill. 'I':111i1w15. I.tivluiuw11. Sr-iiiiznltfly, t'It'i1it'l1t. l'liNIIl'l. II:1i1It1-. t'I1-,il-11--iyyslxi, Stem. IUIXY J: 'I'i'o11iiie. 'I':t3l111'. liusliixlci. Iizmit-I. l'ii11ii. Iiitlxlltllll. Ilriulit. Knuqilila. X-11wI11I1I. Kim-f um-1. XYiIli:i111s-111. Xluliii-Iii. RMU' .II Steele. ,I:111i1'-tele. Kliller. Yen- trt-Ili. Rn-iseli. tleliriw. Nl-uiee 111tI14-Il. ipril. RHXY 1: l.:1u- it-iicm. Iitivt-It, N'Iiuwl:1. Kxiist ' 1 lx-1I1lr1'. Iizixtev. Siziuuv. Shui Ivuislti. XY:-tilt-i. Z:1Io11It:i. lilixitf -Iulillwiil, I'litfl14'1'. IIfi'I"I'lPNI NUXY: ll-1'u11It:1. I4:11'tli:i. R111 giitt. 4'1l111111:1t:i. Ir'-illziiisluc. tins Ivllztliu, Sivrvlzi, Yiilvviit. liti- luieky. Xliw. Iftiiis. I.zit:1. Yiylw 111-luivli. I.-X Till' RHXY: I'itlc1. llerclieil i--wlvr. lliilwr. tl1'i1Iit-1'. Smit I'lllH'lII!l1l, Ili-11vItI:111il. lli.1'eI1m'i's St-II. Sit-imwxfislyi. xluliiisinl. U71- 111t-I4. RHXX' If I.:i1st-11. Ulxxetti' II-1I1I111:t11i1, Scli-ilxxiii. Riiuln-Il 5:1114-, 121-itiiunlul. Kriiiilt-uslti Ixt-iiiim. Rim' ,Ii Yun XY5i'I4 Hfissiiizilti. Ht'u11e1, fulinslxi XYHVII1. Xrlsoii, Ifislyim. llliwlt NI11111'm'. SCIIIIIII. xIi11'::i1. Siler-islii U1't111:i11i1. RUXY I: Seeiiirtli Irilliiig. XYi11tf:iIc. Klri-111l1ei' Znticllzt. Txiyloi, Xlliller. Nlecliln I.t-I111i:m. t':1s1'5. Iliijii-iuslvi. IHVI' TOXI RHXY: Xin-iss. lI:11':1I1:1s . Il l I ii tm, 'lil A. :IAC IIA-cltiiiziii. XI:i1'sIw. liiitli. lxetir. l'1timliI. I.1ii11It'ti1. Ifitimlvi XI lklll X it I1 nk I1 THE GROVVN-UP FRESHMEN 'lihe IA class is very large. filling ten division rooms: the quality of it is also something to boast of. as our inquiring reporter discovered. Miss Moloney has fourteen members on the honor roll: the whole division shows a line spirit of team work and school loyalty. Both Nliss Daniels and Nlrs. Ramm claim equally fine citizenship in their groups. Their students work hard. make S s and Es. and no D's. belong to the C. I. C.. and subscribe for the Foremanual. Vwlhat more could one ask? Miss Harlxins' division is also an all-passing group. with one of those rare flowers of wisdom. a straight S student. She is Dorothy Sundene. It must be admitted. however. that the inquiring reporter also dis- covered other varieties of lA's. Nliss l.awin's group of girls seem handier with vanity cases than with books. Then there are some who havent found out what they come to school for. But they will grow up to the stature ot the class as it whole. soon. and then enthusiasm for the June class of '39 will include every single division. l55I ALIBI C:m't study in the fall- Gotta play football: Cant study in the winter- Gotta play basketball: Cant study in the spring- Gotta play track: Carft study in the summer Gotta girl. 1561 ll-X 'l'Ul' RUXX: l...ugn, llurflwzlrtl. lim-aka-.'. Limlcr. Eisutack, Xl--rvloclx. -lznkwl. Nlotzrr. Vhriw- tumwn. Rt-mu, Imlutf. ROXX' 2. S 'l1. XX'--llxclmlacger. B u l l e- r, liuggil.. l'umming.:S. lastn- N '1. ,X1lliN. lllllqulwslii. Scliluscn. lxuw. Lzux t-vu. Tay lor, John- Null. R U XX' 3: Vlark, llob- 1' 1- xx i Q lx. llu-lt-lt. lgxaau, liiter. In-ulvleltl. llwycr. Huelmvr l5v':u1n. Ryzux. lizmt-r. Xlcllwgur, lixnlmnlfl RUXX 4 lt ll IHC 1 . ' :Scl1mic. ie- kscn. Kullnlzxs. ll1'il11lveI', Ul- wn. Ulmn-in. I'-rwell. Larson, llzmui-, 'l'urznlfki, Tyzku. Klasky, Nut-x1sL'vm. 130 l' l U Xl R U XX. Xlmnw-, ll:ll'liclllt'5cl', l'zux11mlxassru Siva-slxl1l'M-x'. lbrzxliv, Nelson. Ken .lm-l. .Xllt-grctti, lhltllkzlr. Palwckl l!, lin-.Ill--ck. ,l'h.n'aen. l .'X TMI' lUlXX': llxlrrtm. XX'cl1lc. Bu- cvk, - Re-tllu- Silltpxuvn, XXX-iw. Xlswtlnwn. lzllln-lx. Xlclint-. Pa- fliznlx. Svlluulxtlxznl. liirfl. Kruk RUXX' lj llzmm, Xllnurr. lfmrich ll n sg l1 1- X. Rl..-L+-rl-xxxki. Rcgner Xu-lt-ull. l':ullu-. XX'1llx. Olwm l.:nm'lc:n. liuvg--rsvxx. l"x'-fuller ll:nm1m'r, l'1'lvgm. RUXX' 3: Rn-1 ner. l'v1l'vl'. fu-llnxki. liufh. Pnl l :t N I . XX':llNlx. joy. XX'icltm:nm Sm vllu-ru. 'l.:mfli. Xlurwm. Bore yin. RHXX 4: Rwlxr. l'n-In-rx. ,Xu 4lm-r-ml, lfvluxlu. Sclwzumxx. Xirll fxxlmlq-ln, Ulwn. Ugoxwk. Kliug nt-V. In-rwlu. .Xlml. llfil lUXl R1DXX': Slnfrznuc. .Xla-xpnk. Mar lwxulgi, llrm-vu. Suruclti. Kcrxxin ll-lt-llzxn, XX'in1im-xxNlii.l.ipkt' lP.Xl'c3. Srxlf.-1. l'vtux'wx1, Nlnznr l B Tlbl' RUXX: Hplln. lizuluy XX. Xa-rlllzl. l'l1m'1cl1, l':u1lick. llznrlvy X'.. Xlu 1 . Strut 1. ll-4l:n'u cll. Svmclw rllvr, X':mlvr. RUXX Xlznllvm-r, lfllm. Uenwnski XX'l1iIcumlv. 'll-ulmcll XX' ug n cr 1 l1v'iNtut'l'L-l'w11, 'l'u1'pln. 'I' lm-msn XI-xnxx' ll-,xlr Kocllzxu-nxakl lizwilinu. RUXX' .li l'-vllock. Stull lvllxnz llzulzlli. 'llll-unmpwrn. Ziellski v . llmlm-nt. l':tttv1'-.-11. l'luxu'll. John Mm. 'lArt'1t'l1vl, Svrgzzs, -lznxxwnwm ski lhxrzlml. N H XX 41 l'zxtrx11pu Svlllxrln-l', lillxtr-um, l"reg1l, Pro xt-nlzl. lfuvrt. vl-wal:-lxiul. llrzntc 4 Lx-cy, Svlmuvlt. XX':wlu'rlln. BUT 'l'llXl RUXX' l.fR: linrlx, XX'nzny llu11l4:l. lh-mltzmlt. All-ie. .Xlaqg liowtlin. K-wlv. Xt-ullfulrr, lrQcl1 511l:4ln'rlt-111. 1 1e'vl1:uwxwlNl. X:-ss. TUI' RONY: Sztfrztiiiec. Pi-tiliell. Ktitikr. .I-lliiismi. Nielsen. I'etei'- son, Ki'm-inet. lixtllzmiu. Iioliri. Iiruwer. liztrtel. Klelnitzlce. 'Im'- 4I:in. ROW' 23 Iljc-i'kc. Schilling. IYilsou. lhieker. llztxis. Smith: Xlullt-iil1:itxel'. Kislikiiiiizis. Ifliziziii. Ritiiilmllzt. Vioeli, Bere. XXX-tte-i'ei'. ROW' .Ii Nlyvr. Ilelireiitlt. Ilziiif sen. Sit-lot't', l'Ii:ipiiinii. Uxeill. ltiiniv R Illicit IJ XY:tsiek. l ' Ixztser. 5el1ei'i'ei'. 'l't'c:tri'ie, Hol- linger. Iiisc-lIlwi'gt'i'. IUNY 4: liiek. Kriim-r. jeriiegeii, Striili, Suretli. Aluiititiiti. Sefztiilr. Kohl. XXX-ily, Rzitlzili, fllsuii. Kziiiter. Vtputl Iiumlli I!1l'l"I' INI RUXY: Rt-ielielt. Hrieik. Iiisen lnlii. jiiiitlyk, Niikii. I'i'trrs-:ii IX.. IR-tt-vxtiii Il., Iiost-iilwigt-i', XYiiIeii- hott. KI-ntl, S--fkzi. Kmiiniztii Rniultt lllzt. . f . TOI' RUN X tuiil I ti lii':i3f4-t'. Ixoltullivj. Alsxtkau. Kult-us. llaim--, lim-iw, Kliivsseii- tl in r f. Kiillw, Kniinleiiii. Unit. R U XY 2: XYit-ilxiizin. Knjolnl. julinstiii. lliu-lim-i', ,Xlv:is:tk1ti'. -luliiisuii, liztle. Illximleu. Xiillzt. I,t-vu-i'. Imliiiwiiite, Ilrinke. R:it4 null, RUIY .It l'lii'istie, tiiinilri- son, Nyiiizui. Seltuzirtz. Ui's7iil:tl:. Kzillililmeli, XY:tii1loI-mski. II-ni ryslci. llzillitiut-i'. Sutter. Kitiiupa Xlilrniski, Xlzthztiiizttzi. ROW' 4: .Xu-lst-ii. IY:tt'iit't'kt-. Nl--lls. I'e- nnit-, 1'-ililitf. Nl i x. Iliittmzm. Riinue. l.:u'sen lltii lu II nt innli. DI- tlinoiii. IU VI"I'f I XI Rl J XYZ Ilzntmitii. X H elm-ii. Xlztvieiiso. lite' seller, Xlyei' ltinnliii R ttimm ski. Xeniitl. Xl--wiv. Nlzirzyiiski. Steniu erlrl. I':tiil, tlwlxe. OUR FRESHEST FRESHMEN There are seven divisions of lB's. composing a class which already gives promise of being progressive and enthusiastic. Mr. I-eeney's commercial group. chiefly girls, has already established about twenty per cent of its number on the honor roll. Mrs. lVIussehl's division is very devoted to science, but seems unable to concentrate on seventh period business training. The inquiring reporter gith- ered that this sad state of affairs resulted from the fact that the handsome soldiers in the R. O. Oli. C. were parading outside their windows at that time. And oh. how the girls do love a uniformf Another prize division inhabits Room 128. Here the reporter discovered a very friendly, well groomed group. attractive in manner and appearance. Miss Byrne reported the pleasing discovery that this group could sing. We hereby notify the Glee Club. FRESI-IMAN CONVERSATION rDadl: There. Son. I have told you all about the time I used to play football at high school. lSon I: But Dad, there is one thing I don't understand? 1DadJ: What's that, Son? lSonl: What were all the other men for? I57l N :if Q-,,.l' T 2'fl'l',S' A S NY - w C ' -ik f v f-Nw x ff , N K' E1 ' if ' ,,... X A ,if r! W ries -A '5 Q? lhg IlI77L UlH7741!'2C1'S Strom: mzmls L1I6L1fl7HlIfS Izue fuzth and LLIIIIHCI hands lull mm sun czou md LL ho Izue CIIUOLE' the foq In publzc duty and In przulte rhmhmq H01 1 Axis 1 1 1 .- ' " -1 1 4- - 1 x 1. -. , .. 9 W X. , A 1 'J 5 1 . 1 , CLUBS T he clubs of Foreman High School have been organized to create school spirit and more friendly companionship among students interested in similar subjects The first club organized was the Civic Industrial Club lt took shape in 33 the first year Foreman was made a senior high T he Club consists of most of the student body it is governed by elected ofiicers and a representative council of d1y1s1on members one from each room T he purpose of this elub is to foster school spirit and citizenship lVlost of the activities of the school are sponsored by this organization Dances parties entertainments sale of the school paper and the annual are taken care of by the dlyrsron representatlyes who in turn eontaet the students lhe c ub also has condueted several elean up campaigns and once received seeond place for the school lt is always nearby to ard the student body in general or the special class organizations in any way possible The language clubs sueh as the German the latin the French and the Polish haye been organized two years or less T hey have yery interesting and educational meetings which they conduct more or less IH the foreign tongue They learn much concerning the customs arts literature etc of the particular country whose language they study T he Math Club was organized for students who like figuring T hey debate on mathematical subjects take trips vyork trick problems and play mathematical games You d be surprised to find out how much fun there IS in math the biographies of scientists scientific trips and lectures with slides Three organizations serve the school in as many necessary vyays T he Service Club composed of volunteers from the commercial department assists Miss Costello in innumerable office jobs The girls type mrmeograph file col lect absence slips etc They get experience and the school gets service The newly organized Library Staff and Club asslsts similarly in the thousand details of library adm1n1strat1on and the new Hall Guards Association under the tutelage of lVlr Brgler enforces school regulations with honesty and efficiency T he boys do a little bowling on the side after school hours Boys vsho are interested in chess and checkers discuss and play these games at the meetings of the Chess and Checkers Club Those interested in radio have lately formed an enthusiastic Radio Club which occasionally obtains the services of John Blelat for instruction and code practlee They would rather talk radio than eat One of the last and best clubs to take shape is the Foreman division of the National Honor Society Every intelligent and ambitious student looks for ward to joining If every one would give much to wear its badge lt consists of third and fourth year students who haye made the honor roll for at least four semesters MUSIC IS much featured at Foreman under the able instruction of Capt Reid and Miss Nelson Two Girls Glee Clubs one Boys and one Mixed Chorus furnish song programs for us and enter contests The Orchestra Band and Danee Band fall the air with musical notes both inside the school and on the eampus The Band has been organized three years but at Capt Reid s request became a member of the R O T C this year and noyy struts on the school campus in full regalia with a tricky drum major So enthusiastic has been the response to a call for instrumental music that a Dance Band has been formed under the baton of Lawrence Shapiro to play for frequent C I C dances and 1t1s rumored another band IS 1n process of formation Iflll T 3 ! I I il I' X A 5 x ' 3 Y l 3 R I T H I , . 3 3 ' I I I D 'I ! I 3 D 5 I 1 I I Y. I B 3 N 1 'A X i ' I X I I' I H' -1 I 3 . 5 ' x A x i g s 6 s S s L x r s ' v'-' s -A s A vsksl V ' s v I x s L s a ' L 34 ' xv R L X ' s. T s s - 1 1 1 ' s s , I V1 I I 1 3 F B 1 vi Y A 1 4 u ' 1 I I m ' s 1' , 3 J 3 D 3 I 5 H 1 I , , T 1 I 1 3 I H . 1 7 3 7 . ii X I I I D 7 3 ' B V 3 . X 5 5 A' I T he science department is represented by the Zoology Club. lt features VV .' I 3 1 l I 3 1 Y Y N x I 'A 3 l X I 1 I I 3 ' . . r 3 ' Y Y J 1 i 5 D ' 3 3 R Y 3 1 l 3 XX A 3 I 7 3 F H ' H 3 5 ' I s x V s s ' '- ' ' ' ' , x -'l Il ' i 3 "H ! Y 1 , . 5 ' , , I I 3 5 1 . l I I I I 3 'A fs 3 I I I ! I - X I ' T . Q ' xx e IT' 'X I . . e , . 'i if s s 1 s s y m ' x y s 3 I I 1 . 13 , D ' ' C.I.C.-l Till' RUXY: Xliit-ller. XY:tlttm lizilvizm, glollnson. Xzttlkt-. l'ult- mzm. l.ex'umlei'. lirolmrk. Antler vin, Vit-lil. lfriiuzmix, Hztts. RUXX 22 Blurintitf, Rtvsetllit-v'gt'i'. Nlillr villa-. Nl:tt'tt'1lst-il, ll-rvt-nkat. i':n'l Wu. 1'l:n'k, Xlzmliiztrilt. Nlzttzer lltiry. Str-niler. Xlitcllell. Kurieit-l Hrs. Rimini, lluyer, RUN' .I Smith. l':teili-t. Amlt-ii. NVQ-iss llwxnimm. Roselle. luule, llzm it-tn. Ktllllw, l.umllu-rg. St-clttvtll I v nf li x Tli lull l IHVI' Nlitelull, lIllllNt'll. HHH .53 Ili-lil mzm. lxumt-lli. Xleitvt. Kulil-i, Hl l.i1mllwt-rg, Tlit-oltztlil. Kulinimsltx lllP'l"liUXl RHXY: .Xi1tlt'n, ilxtuli l... lml-ill. Klztttlxey. lriilum. Honor Societv Rivlitr-i'. l"rim:mn. l"ilipt't'li. Vt llztlmc-, ll:ti':tmvxxslt1. lxztlmn, Nei luis. llztlvwrern. Nelson. RUN' 2 Xlitti. llullierlnit. l'tlit-ger. lllt-ft slei. Xit-lsum. Nlxmtlin. Xlmttt Xlillt-xille, .Xult. .'Xmli't'seii, .X l'--velitsli, Kziiwler. .Xmltwst-Il. Xl llztrilitw. THE C. I. C. DELEGATES The official time of meeting for C. I. C. representatives and ofhcers is the third period. and the place is Room llZ. The officers and special committees meet on XVednesday and Friday. the regular representatives on Monday and Thursday. and the alternates on Tuesday. Much discussion is featured. to everyones beneht. The elections at the beginning of the semester are always hotly contested. with much preliminary campaigning. During the Fall semester the officers were: l.orraine Scott, President: Al Grabski. Vice-President: Charlotte Mueller. Secre- tary: Fred Billingham. Treasurer. The Spring elections were won by: Cieorge XVille, President: Leonard Miller. Vice-President: Lois Andersen. Secretary: Frances Steele, Treasurer. THE FOREMAN HONOR SOCIETY The Foreman Honor Society. as a division of the National Honor Society. is beginning its career with Jack Halvorsen as President. Ella Riva as Vice-Presi- dent, Arlene Hanke as Secretary. and Harry Arthars as Treasurer. Miss Costello is the sponsor. It meets on demand in Room 123. l62l ,-i t- . oy, et. 1 1. THX! RUXY: Scott. liizaltslei Xlutlltr. liillimlliztm. C. l. C.-I Till' RUXY: li-tezmltls. tl--cis ll-ltmnti. lfinlzu. K xwilt. lint It-my Regain. Vztrrull. -litxuitwmslti lfrimli. RUXY J: Klnslq. -lunltw 1211-ituig, l'4-rxt'nlc:t. l't'tri. llilc-5 Aviilt-re-tn, Tl.. Kullretg. ylztslml -en. l.-null. Kxij-tlm. Reiner' :ml-I, lliilzmtl. Nlitrztttitfzt. Xlvs Rxtmm, Steele, XYillt-. .Xtltler-t-n , . Till' Rt HY: lntt-rlzuttli. lsilinslti pcli. ,l nculuus. liek. Sperling , . . . . il Run. Xlztruultt, Illfmme, la-pl-lslt ISUI IHXI ROW : Nili:lt'1'u:t:t1'il llleltex. Xlt-N lustt-llil. .Xlcxt-xttlc XX'uwiliit'xxit'l. 'l'rt'wit. llztlztil Service Club-l 'I'0l' RUXY: lluey. liurelmm llrt-nlct-, Smith. Kzn'n:itli. .laeuli vm. Kiilmus. Kosmellzt. Bliintlt Swerla. Riva. Pollock. RUXY 3 Seliuenroeh. Xlnclcprang, Lemke. Krueger. lliek. Koczormvslci. Kult Kelly. llarflies, Ilulenilua. Klzts Kztrm-r. Miss flustello. Miss lizu' lautl. ROW' J I Steele. l'-mt-ll. All flreseii, l't-tt-mort. lfvr-i'ly. .Xrtxxieli Ingalls, Arloslti, Krystelc. Schulz Stiml. Apple. llfl'l"l'UXl ROW' Paeilifn. fyryl. Steinhautt. Xelsun Amlersmi. Rolly, Piirlelelc. Wits sernian. Strut-xi sand. Kitchen lveelct'i', Nelson. Xilveilr. Service Clubfl Till' RUXY: Xlisuri-lli. Xlegei' l'1x'ei'ly, l'ett-i'soii, XY:tt-gc-lr-iii Stiml, Sxxetlu, Nels-iii. Rutlscliltv llrzmii. Xielt-lin, Kululls. RUXY J Nelson. Strnwxsztiiml. llivlc, Klievxzi lCi'ielcsi:ii, Kr-ll5. ,Xpplt-. .Xrlnielc Nlellwrg. lit-ntlry. Kmlts--tl. ,Xu L , x . .. . . arisen. .' '1 A ' e c . 1 'Q 'il '. .' cg Krilegex' . unclt, . ut cr, Kcrxxitl 'u 1, ' rxnlt' 1. S url re. 3 " T . 'I ."1t1i'i1t't'. Kue 1:-n I-'c '1i'm'i'. ' ' -t. . 'ss 4i:n'l:1i14l, Miss Vostr-ll-1. l':teili:i XY:tssm'i'nl:ttl. Klux, l'ixr't's4-ii. Nut' ein. r 3 Y 1, s ma l.ibr.1ryClulw TNI' RUXY: Sperliiie. Sui-ilu. l.t-viii, liek. jzieolnts. Block. Kal ruin. llzmsen. lferroli. RUXY 1: Knight. llzirluy, Klxmfrin. Finn. lirielcsrm, Stztslw. Nletiuinuess. ll!'2llllHl4l. Kreis. ll U T T U Nl NUXY: lfrzmlc. lim-clcer. xlziiiivglc. Xurmlzilll. Iliclrt-y, Vutlelt. llirr. XYujrilcir'xxii'7. liner-lc. THE SERVICE CLUB The Service Club meets every day in Room 123. at 2:15 P. M., for con- sultation with Miss Costello, Sponsor and Director, about the work. lt takes time off once in a while, in the midst of its daily active service, to indulge in games and feasts. The ofhcers both the first and second semesters were: Florence Palicio, President: Edna l-lardies, Secretary: and Florence Pudelek, Treasurer. THE LIBRARY STAFF AND CLUB The Library Staff and Club. newly organized. is another Service Club, of great assistance to the school. The Staff performs routine duties in the library. and the Club promotes interest in reading. The officers for the semester were: Madeline Jacobus, President: Edith Erickson, Vice President: Eugene Knight, Secretary: Betty Sperling, Treasurer. Miss Fahey. librarian. sponsors the young organization. l63l 4 . ' I . 5 ' ' all Guards-l TUP RUNY: Hadlaiifl. Leiulseek. Halvorsen. Sinagach, Shaeier. Hulfic-ld. Larsen. Rose-ne. Piehl. Sanilow. lloan, Miller. Marten- sen. RUXY 2: llrija. NYeucl. Sta- szak, Kaletzi. Bluzinski. Fmlamiii. Aniundseu. lille-rtson. Nerhns. l'1igcii1'alicl1. Yveiiiit-i'sti'mi1, lim'- ney, Plum. ROW' 3: Jennings, llerickr-. l"ug'nian, Xatzke. llamlek. XY:iiitlolowski. Viiiiiieliiiiiski. liar- tel. Schocli. Nelson, Ness. Lizar- iiecki, l'lalx'oi'sz-ii. ROXY -lr -' mlk-mski. 'l'ni'alslci. Orliteki. Q cliiizm. Rl:-ln-ek. llrtlike, 'lim' wink. iii-olizirk. Kzininiaiii. cugu. l'lllll'lL'l'f. Xl zirczlntuiii. , 'l1:imlurviwski, liO'l"l'ONl RUNY1 X lliiigels. ilriigllliti. xlenscii. llciirg rXi'tl1:u's. Hr. lliglt-i'. vluliiisiiiii llnilzili, Rliicl. Remus. Xlzirlrnry, llctliiiger. Hall Guards- 2 ' Ol' RUXY: Sv:l11i'im'1'. XYl1L'elri', 1' ix in :l 11 . XY :ijc i' s lt i , Kzillel, Scliuvtfiilu. Szilvinii. -lflllus. Klum exynski. llupke. l"rim:mii, lierseh, RUXY J: l'itzcr. 'lliyl-ii', llnllcr. l'zncllir'1', Sllzilvirw. llzuiscu, lint- 5 tit-ll. Xlulliiolu. Nl:n'rim'ttl'. Upnrli. lfmlily. l'itzei', llrcckziii, ROW' S: 'IR-mkin. Rutfolfi, Hit-ill-islqi. Klar- sliull. liitn-i'l:ili4ll, lierur-i'. l'el1t:i. Nliiunuu. laulioilzi. liiilmsz, livin- tile, fllzissinzni, lianer. RUXY -1: rXlt'xyuk. Zeliiislci. lfricks-iii. Sclinepel. llalcliuk. Richter. Ort- mziii, IIZIIIIIIILT. Schultz. licrg. Xlohn. HUTTUNI RUXY: Klan- rigu. Selielllifirii, l.:mgm-r. Reese. Hliziiiaik, .Xiitivm-lli. XYzirclz:il:i. lsr. liorsvili. French Club 'HH' RUXY: llzillacqiizi. lfiliprek. Klaririott. lit- Fzistifiigicevie. Jaeulm- Ili, Spwliilg. liek. funk, Huey. 7 cikiexxicl, l'Hie wr, ll 0 'l' 'l' U Xl i 4'..t-sfeiii, ii it 1- ,4 .- Q .. ii. uint-ki liueri ivii, Ka-rn. lliiset-mgm, THE HALL GUARDS The third Service Club for Foreman is the Hall Ciuards' organization, directed by Mr. Bigler, who on the recommendations of teachers appoints both hall guards and captains. They are chosen from the most reliable and trust- worthy boys in the school. The captains take attendance. notify of vacancies. and care for lost and found articles. The hallguards prevent students from entering and leaving without passes. For the services rendered during the semester the guards receive one-tenth credit. The boys have organized a bowling team to occupy time after school. THE FRENCH CLUB The French Club meets every other Tuesday after school with Miss Coes- feld, its sponsor. The officers for the year were: Leslie Nelson, President: Made- line Jacobus, Vice President: Albert Richter, Secretary: Shirley Eck, Treasurer. The big event of the year was the French play. "Rosalie", with Eugene Knight, Eleanor Skaja, and Eleanor Brezenski as the cast. Leslie Nelson was stage manager. l64I XYetzlcr, XYardel. Killi-ran. Xluel- llloek. Vepr-k. RUXY -: Erick- sa-ii. Klass, lluisiiigtuii. liruzisilzile, 4'ik:im'k. liruss, Ruth. Knight. Seliiieuel. Richter. Friinaim, H-'lil' mann, Nelson. RUXY 3: Klor- tykzi. llwzeiislci. .lHl'lllsUIl, lliek. llrouii. Llrllllhlil. lmpplzi. Nielson. Nlzmfrin. Oliva-tie. Olson. Olsen, l'xfmsii5kuwski. ROW' 4: Smith. l'zi4li'oii:lp4gi-f, Iliekr-5. Xliiiire. Slizillei-oss. tioseiniuk. hnstznseii, Nlnti, linllieliio. XX-ty F ROXY: lfcrris. Siem.-pxiiiixili, Illin- Izls. Steele. l'u!t'l's-til. Vrziiic. Xli-s S1021-pkumski, 1li'lv-uslti, lf. Zine rr-lc, Jzirikoxiizik. llixulmxski. Rllll' J: Kunsiiieki. l.nskn. lYieZkiexiiez, Kusiciel, K1-liul, lllmiis. Usiimuski. fzlzipiliski. Si- korzl. li. Rflll' 3: Kiuwcimiev. ,I:ikiilnm'ski, G., Ptnk, Slimimw- ski, Sikorzi. Nl., Zin-iiislti, llre- ziiiski, Skolmwsi. Stnrzee. HUT T1 I ill Rf NY: Stziwzisz. llzirzi- nuwski, Alsager. C. ll., ,lakiie lwwslii. ll. German Club Till' ROXVZ lliatzn, Kupeykn. Nic-ss, Kzirniith. Nleissenlmeli. lk-eker, funk, Tr'iilrei'. ROW' Z: Sem-iiirtli. l.inder. Nelson. Knllw. dizm. llrtlike, Muth. Selim-iiler. l.atin Club Till' RUXY: Ke-nr. Saeco. Nlzui- friii. Block. Bi'owii. lliii1u'1ilm'. llilinski, I.evnndei'. Irlziiiiim-i'. IJ.. llurklizlrt. llznnmer. R,. Z1-livislu. Aillis. Ness, Xielsen. Rf l ll' J: jolinsmi. Tenikiii. Skiiriipxi, liiiiery. ,lr-risen. lilllillllllllla. liriek- son, Kusick. Ulwii. U'lli'ien Trenn, lYillizimsUn. vlzuiieki. Ras mussen, Pilz. Xllizuizik. Smith, llU'l'TOKl RUXY: l.i1e, 'l':uii1L-ry. llwlniirl. lfrieilmziii, l,imlr-iiizui. Bliss llc-ver Amlrensen olinsmi. Sch werrltfeurix Polish Club Rezuling right tu lr-it - Till' Rim' llxeiiwi' lliiri' llum, Uilimslti, l... Xlmiisililt, llreiike, lyzihl. Blzirtens. llzilnim-. Nliss Lzmin. B0'l'TUXl ROXY: llililer. Ondrejcin, liiistafsmi, Sos- Bit-leiiiii. THE LATIN CLUB The aim of the Latin Club which meets the hrst and third Mondays after school in Room 328 is to promote and encourage interest in the customs, daily life, and tongue of the Romans and in the grandeur that was Rome. Its present oflicers are: Consuls-Astrid Andresen and Arthur Henkel: QuestorQJane Lindeman: Scribe+Elaine Johnson: Sponsor-Miss Meyer. THE POLISH CLUB The Polish Club. organized in 1933, is composed of students of Polish ancestry who are interested in promoting classes in their ancestral tongue. and who wish to form closer bonds of fellowship with students of their blood. Mr. Alsager was the much loved sponsor till his retirement in April. THE GERMAN CLUB The German Club, sponsored by Miss Lawin, meets every second and fourth Thursday in the Civics Room at 3:00 P. M. It sings the dearly-loved German songs, plays games, and views slides. The present officers are: Ulla Gustafson, President: Florence Bethke, Secretary: Gus Sosdian, Treasurer. l65l .M . .2 - - -. K ..,. -f. ,...,it,,p,-.e,,,u.a-.,1, . .4 ' V wa- - iw .!'.l""'ia"i1W'??EL Zoology Club-l 'it les. ,lt-mltitst-Iii. Kle-'lie TCU. Zoology Club' 1 Till' l V ' l.:utr-i'. l'lut:t. 1--tritf. R-rw Seluister. RUXY J: XY4m h UJXX: l',tlflj. .ltllinstm lxtiuult-N, llztlitiitixiwei. li l.uitrlm:m. ll-nest--l. Mrs. wk. R-isil. K-ttiitu. xliuliu-tfut. Math Club Till' RUXY: Xl:trltt1i'5. llzmi ll l reitliv. lSU'li'l'1lXl RU 'F . .. tltrmzm. Xi-i X. . . -1 . mmm. XX :u'1'i'n. Fleftpztttiztlc. . 9,1 1 .," if THE zooLoGY CLUB The Zoology Club is directed by Mrs. Vorisek. It meets the nrst and third Tuesdays in the Laboratory where there are many interesting specimens of the animal world to be inspected. The officers for the first semester were: Robert Keitel. President: Myron Wozniak, Vice President: Elaine Johnson. Secretary: Gisela von der Lippe. Treasurer: Eugene Tempkin. Sergeant-at-Arms. For the second semester the following officiated: William Pluta. President: Gladys Johnson. Vice President: Dolores Jones. Secretary: Bernadine Padronaggio. Treasurer. THE MATH CLUB The Math Club. sponsored by Miss Kinderman. meets on the Hrst and third Thursdays. in Room 223. and alternates serious and social meetings. The officers for the Hrst semester were: Arnold Johnson. President: Ann Marinoff. Vice President: Vwfilliam Pluta. Secretary: Dorothy Seefurth. Treasurer. The same president and vice president served the second semester. but a new secretarv and a new treasurer were elected: namely. Genevieve Jacobs and Ray Nerhus. respectively. l66l Till' RUNY: um dei: Lippi- l ook. I-Cusick. lC1lil3 . Roselle Plutzt. -lztnkmvslti. Temkin, Koi-- bztkes. Henry. RUXY 2: Hiller, O' 4'-ii. llovestnl, Kr-itel, yfglpm WL112'-I 0111 's llursli. fit'-iss. Xlgtriit-ttl'. , nrgr-ns Rl HY: XY :t x' 1' Q' tt , l':ttlr-mziggitu Yuri mi r ,luttglt-N. Klt-lwrle. Xlilluille. .X. lx Niels. l'lt1t:t. lil---N. .Xtllim Tm-lnlsm Ns I utr-itlnnmli. l.i-xxuttler. X: l'it1er. ROXY J: -lzmitings. .ltllm slut. l':ult'm!:t1eulil. Se-et'ui'tl1. lilui W tele. llttvestztl. ftutttttinsgs, Tatu nrrj. ,lt-liiistni. l.ur. St-eiurtli l l.t- r vlzt. l"1li welt. Yi-s-. laluzitt XX' 1 ztstle. l ztstellxmw. li.. 4 ziste-Ilan., Xl.. klzteolis. xl-vltitsoit. Miss Km ' lm Nl niii If 4' ll .tit rt , .1-Hu, .l:n'ntoff, Nlrs. Xuitisek l4U'l"I'0Xl RUXY: l':ull'tm:tggm, -lung-S, hltultnsint. Vztstle. lliuzniztl-Q, Haeltniztu, Rust-l. l.uiitlmzm. War- Radio Club Till' RUXY: lit-igir. 'lilirzil-ki. jiilinsiiii. lintl. l'li1t:i, lliiltii-ld. Scliiislt-r. l.:u1L-i'. l4n'i'vriilc:l. HUT- RUXY: lim-ivliiiu. XYrt1lui'. XYUV- . .4-ig-t,.:ii1zyi-, s , A it-rsii . 3 iris, l ostcr C lub X lll lXKKl 9,4 . . . . . . Nm! , . . i 'I . l. ' C ' ' . 4 ' . L'l'l ll ' . X I 1 iiiri. lleiiirieli. ,Xllis-1 . Recgq. Bruidc ist xii xx un ix L x lx mn ll ix,t lxf ie 'ui . 'I u ii iii---.. .2 sv. 'z1. N- . . All . . . i , 'i e. :lies . A .. inte. . ll.. l':ieil11., Klr. l.u-viii-5. BUT- 'IUXI RUXY: Ulsuii. 511111. . Seliiu-i't1rigi'i. llziiikc, Xliiiiiiiitlf THE RADIO CLUB The Radio Club, newly organized by Mr. Perry, m ets every Monday, at three o'clock. in Room ZO7. John Grobark is chairman of an enthusiastic group who are anxious to know everything about a radio. inside and out. THE POSTER CLUB The Poster Club meets every day in the Art Room. It is composed of talented students, many of whom are taking courses at the Art Institute and winning recognition there. Several of them. Tom Ciolias and Al Charneia. especially. have spent hours making drawings for the Foremanual. THE FOREMAN BROADCAST ln October. Foreman decided to give an entertainment to raise more money for the School Childrens Aid Society collection. Mr. Leeney took charge. sent out a call for talented volunteers, and organized the great group which responded. On November Zl and ZZ. the Foreman Broadcast gave performances at ten cents per ticket, netting the collection 513500. I67I 4s W., r,.i F I DRAMATICS lDr.1m.1 Clulw l 'l'Ill' RHXY: 'l'rwux1j:llx, Kzllnin 1ul1l1llr:, 'l'nlwuwR1. Vlmzxlrl, Zu 1-li. Kvlm. llmr, Xtclwy. ROW rv ' Ilml:-1. V15 Hu. l falvxlwli. Pow , ,. ,, ll. Ftvrlv, llzmwu, lxu'l1!n-r. ROI 'l'HXl RUXY: l'urwlull. Yun-lnim l.mI:m1:l'fl. XX--ll. Nluflmn. Xrxpl ml. lvuxwl, Xllw Xl.u'lx.l5, "The First Dress Suilv january 27-28 "The Trysting Placen January 27-Z8 lluc Drama Club is primarily imcrcstul in thc inlcrprcxalion of plavs lor rlass mmm 0Il,lUYITlL'I'll and lor public pcrlormancc. ln ordcr that thc mcmlvurs lm vc A vfidcr Appreciation of thc art ol' th: lhcatrc. lmwcvcr. opportunitics for loaf TOI' RUXY: Kzilniu. lluiiemil, Il l K i lvul Nl nik. Seillrzulelc. Auigllalgn. Slin- ireli. ':c. liizze 1. 4 A '. Rusclilmwg. Mir-galski. l!U'l"l'lJXl RUXY: Klux, Kixliii-r. lliflzm, Gust. Amin-re-in, XYwlf. fn-in-lei, l'i.l1l nuum. tiullii-liiii, Kimi, A ul LLQ i5-Af"'Vj" S5111 L FQ urn, luek. Block. ROW .Il S vrrl- lllf-lv ,lm-ulms, Stzimni, ': znlism. Hn ltil 11 Ili lmrlli Drama Clubfl umm-S. im 1'i. . zittlu-y, lliirl- Bighearted Herbert" May 27-28 "Rip Van Winkle" June experience in directing. make-uppcostume designing, and various phases of play production are afforded. Model stages are constructed and thoroughly furnished in accordance with the personal interpretation ofthe student. Smaller stage prop- erties, such as a firefplace, have been built by members of the class. Lighting effects have been worked out by those interested in the technical side of stage-craft. The drama groups have presented this year lVhy lhe Chimes Rang and A Sign Unto You. Christmas plays: The Trysling Place. The First Dress Suit, Rip Van lVi'nkIe. and Big Hearted Herbert. l69I I 'Z W GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-THIRD PERIOD GIRLS' GLEE CLUB-FOUIITI-I PERIOD MIXED CHORUS .X IIII Il"INt'lI. .XIIIII-II. .XIIIII-I-XI-II. .XII IIIIWII. IIEICII, Il:II'IIIIN. III-IIIII-IIIII. I III-Ilw. I-I'I-IIII. IIWIMIII, III-I'QxIIII. Iii:II gL'I'. Ik. HickI:IIIvI. Binh-IIIII, IZIIIIIII III IwcI'IIIzIII. BI I3 cv. IIVIIIIIIL'-, IIVJIIIIIV. IIINIIIII. HIIIzII'zIII'. IIIII' I4II5III', I5III'v:I1eI't. IIIIVIIX. IIIIIJI. IIIINIII. l':I4II'IIIIIIx-I, l':It:III1:IIII. 4'IIJIII'L-I-. I'vII'CIIIIIs. .X., l'In'ciIiIIN II.. l'IIx. I'I'IIttI-. VJIII-:II'. I'1I-I4:II Nki. IYIIM-Ii. IPIIIIII-ISIIII. ID'.XI'cy IPI-ry K., IIIII-5 XI., IJIIIIINIQI. IM IIIII. IIIIIIII. IlIII':Ix:I. If1II'Iy. ICIQIIIVI-, I":IiIL1I'iI'u-, Ifilfl. I"vI'I'I-, l"IIII-N. Inv. I'I'II-IIIIIIIII XI.. I"I'II-IIIII:III XY.. I'I'I. I"I5NI:II'Ii. IIIIIIIIQIIIV. 1l:IIIII' UIIIII. llI'IIIIII'. IIIIIXCII. IIIIIIII-III. hrtl. lIv.'II-In-. IQIIIIIIIIIIIIIW. II.. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-I' I'.. HIIIIIIIIIIQ. llI':III XIII. lium-II. Hr.-M. IIIIjIIic. II:Il:IN- II'zI, IIIIIIIIIIIII. I'I2IIIsuII. IIc:I4II-II'II I Iv.-:gn-II. I IQIIIIIIQI III, IIcI'IIzfI'lvII. III..IIt. IIIIIIIIQII. II:IxI1II'II. II-III III'II. IIIII-5' .X.. IIIIQ-5 I... IIINIII IIIIQI-I'. IIHIIINIXI, ,I:IcIIIIvIII, xIgIkII Iwmxki, ,I:II'IIfz, ,IZIII-II'IIxxNIII. Iily ,Ie-IINI-II. ,IIIIIc- IJ.. AI-IIIIN II., -IIIIIQN. I'.. ,I-IIIN. K:Ic1IIIA. Kula-III. KIIVIII IWINLI IC.. IQIIIHIII.-IINLI VI., KIIIII III:III. KIIII-y, KIIIIIIIII1 KI-I'II, KII Ing. KIII-I'lI:I. lilIIIIIr15:I-III. KIIIIII4. l70I TDI' ROXY: SCIIIIIIIII. XICISSUI- IIIIQII. Ilzmkc, LaVeIIe. RUXY .Zz II:Iustc4II. Je-I'IIIaIiIIskI, Pmck. Sku- I4 II II' s k i. Zimnski. IIzIrzIIIIIwski, Ii II I- II II Il er. II r :I ll II. II:-4IsII'IIIII, Schultz. ROXY 3: Nc-lsuu. Illlll- r:II1. .XlI'x:IIIIlI'IItY, ICI-icksc-n. BIIIIIII. I'I-WIICIII. KfIlll11'Y. I'1II'I'. 'I'III-IIIIIIIII, ,I1lIL'lIlIi.AI1lSIilII. IIl'Zll1ll.I'1llII. Rc-III. RUXX' 4: l'IIristIaIIscII, Kullus, Ni' . , . . JLITIII. IcII'7eIk:I. BI-cIItIIl4l. I'.l'lCkf sIIII. KIIIIWII-s, EricksIIII. IIIIIIII-r. .XxcI5IIII. BIIIIIIISQII. RUXY 5: ,IzIcIIIIscII, Kolz, TmItIllfI, l2rImII. j:IIIIIiIIgs, S I :I s If 0. K1lIIIl1lXXSkI. ,IIIlIIIsmI, TI-isle-I1 Huelmc-I'. XYIIIIS. AIIIIILS. IIUTTONI RUIY: Rei- IIIm'I'. R:IIwIIIufeI'. QIIQIIIIWICIII, IIIIIII- IIIIIII. SQIIIII-IIII, Smith. RIIzctk:I, SIQIIIIIIII Nki. I. II II 9.5 II, XI cI':IIIc, KIIIIV, I.IIII4IstI'IIIII, XICHIIIIIIII-ss, XIJIIINIII. .I:IIIsI'II. 'IW I I' RI HY: YIIFIIIIUJ. Il-IIII7, .XIIixIIII, KIIIIIIIIMQII. Rv.-tvkr. IIIWI In-II. ICIIILIII. XIIICIII-I'. lIrI'gcrNl'II. RUXY J: TQII-snicki. KIIIII-rIIIl. ICIIIIIIIII, III'l'sI1?Alll. Ruhr. NIl1I'I'Ilj'. liI:IIIIitII. NIiIlI:IIIII. BIZIINIQI. .Kri- uick. I.:IIIIfkfI. SIIZIIIIIIIIQIQI. RUXY .Ii TIIIIIIIII4. Sccfurtll. I.iIIrII'I'. NVI- NIIII, IIIIQIIIX. Pun cll, KI'yxIck. IIIIII- I'II-I. XIIII'III4III'. IIIIIIIMIIII. .XIIIII-I" mn. RUN 4: Olcscu, II:IIIIIIs, l':II'II. ,XI'I'IIwIt, NHMIII. XI:IrIvIc, II:IIIwII. NIIICIIIIII, I'IIwI-II. I.:II'sz-II, IJIIIIIIII. III1-Ilkr, VIIIII. R I- I II. ROXY 3: 'I'iIIII'II, GIIIIVI-Ii, Imxk, l.I'I-gI'I'wII. I.llIIi, BIIWIIII-k. 1 :wth-, FIIIIIIIIIII NIII. NI II t II I' y. Rn-st:-r. XII-I'cIlItII. ,IcIINcII. Il II 'I' 'I' U NI RUXY: S-IIIIII-I'gII1II'4I. I.:I7:II-ski. IIZIYNQAII, VII-IIImAII. ITIIYIICIA. Kran- I'IIxII1'L, SIIIQIIIIQIQI, SIcIIII:I. I':II'IIIII, I. II II :I I II, FIIIIILI-z. XIIINIIIQIIIINIQI. K:II.I54-I'..-. ISlll4III. KIIII-Ifa'II.-KIII-IIII'I', lim- IIII1. IxIIIIu'II'JiI. IxIII'II:IkvN. IMII- IIIIII, KIINIIIi1IcI'. KIIII-II, KIIIIII I.IIIIIII'I'-, I.:IIIg:IItII. I.:IIII'rl1. I.:Iu- I'I-IIQI: I.c:I. I.t'BI'iIIk. I.I-wing. I.c-U. I.Is. I.IIpzI. I,jv.'kIIcrg. I.yf j:II-lc. Xlfwkg-I':IIIu. NI:IIlIII. Xlmgix- II'I'IIi. XI:IIcc. XIIIIIIIIIIII. NIIIIIIIIIII4, XI :I I' I I II If. NIIIIIIIQWXH. NIIIN-IIIV. NII'IIgcI. Xliclkv, NIIIIIII-IIII. XIIIII. XIIIIIIIII. X :I N t. NIINIIII. XI-w. XII-xx, XIIIIIIC I'., NIIx':IIi K.. UI- NIIII. I':IIII'I,II1I:qiII. I':IIIII-, I'zIIIIiII- NIIII, I':IwII11i, I':IIII. IH-II-IMIII .X.. I'I-IIIINIIII I' I'cIIIA IIII I I'II- t I'IIIIIIIII. VIIIIIIIIN, I'IIz, I'IIII:I. I':II I 4- I'. I'I'I-NIIIII. RI'gcIII'. RIUIIIIT. RIIIII-VIN. RZICII. R4IsI'IIIII-I'uI-I'. RIWII. S:IccI I. SQIIIII-iw, S CI1IIL'lII'IIL'Ii. SCIIIIIIIII. SCIIIIII Ii.. SCIIIIII II.. SCIIXYL'!'YIt'gC1'. Selby. 5II:III1c5ki, SlIII1lcI'-Iv. SiIIzIcIrII:Ia. SIIIIVII, Slu- -:II'1. SIIIUIII-IIII-If. SIXIIIIIINIQI. SIZIIIIIIIIII, SILIIIII. SIIINJIIQ. SI-In :I-z. Stwukq-III. SzIIIcz3IINki. 'IK:IxIII. 'l'fIIIIIIIIeIIII. 'I'IIuII:II'I-IIX. 'IxI'I1IIcI'. 'I'I':I1III. 'lxIII'v.II:. 'I'III'IIIlIIINI. YI'a'I'IIiII YI-I'rIIIIII'. Y-II I L- II IIIII' I. IY:III:Is XYIIIII. Y.. IY:IIII. Y.. XY:Iwe'I'III:IIIII. XY:II'I'I'II. XI k'111l'l'. III-IIIII-IANIIAIIIII, Hlwt. XXINILTI. IXIIJQILII. IXIIII, Zig-Ik. ZIIIC. I.. N - , lt'lmsk5, Ulscll. kluugvls. hrurzzl. qnzuill. lzmmlrr. lxxrelxli-Itt, llzlm- Zxulrler, ,li-lmsi-n. l'l.-XXU: flute ser. l lx IJ Xl li 1 l X ln: llavnlr-5. Box s Chorus Us ll umm: unnenstiilil Nc in mei 11 a t R xsnc 1 1 cmuu 11. ls. . . U4 . .. ' . -Ulm-'. I ' .': . ' 1' . .' nw. .Els ': , . lt- i-', llulrer. l'itlt'i'. St'lx:lfi'i'. Sllznpinu. .Xmln-sen. Gruber. liapt. li ii 5' lic-ill. HOTT! I Nl Rl HY: Kursvik. Kursxicli. li insxiillssell. llzmiel. lii'utl1er14lick, Krllpn. llolnu-N, llorlitf, 1'-rllirri. XY1lle. Orchestra Slziklltlli lxznloyelm-l hlullllsull Slmpiro. hlullllvvll. Stcm. Nt-ls-mu, lleclio, Tliywt-n, hlulineorl. Slimlin- ley, Ln-lxnskx. Xt-ls-in. I at x 1 n Xylw. Dance Band lllliltf llllx: l.:mi't-tice Nllnpliiv. SXXIQS: li--rung lilwlwzwk l't l'. 41111. . 2 . . . . .., . . lJRl'Xl4' Yxlni HVXQQ- Ye-lsun I.-,gl Aug- V . 1 . A 1 1 rw lu .I , fjt, 1 , ' --AND THEY WILL MAKE MUSIC ' + Foreman's boys are musical. Note the Glee Club. which warbles every second period. We admit credit is gained, as well as vocal exercise and a taste for real music. Note also the large and flourishing orchestra, which admits a small sprinkling of girls. lt furnishes us with music during assemblies. and gives us concerts once or twice a year. The new R. O. T. C. Band has somewhat put it in the shade. but it will emerge. The new Dance Band is also seeking the spotlight. lt was founded by Lawrence Shapiro in September, I935. and is sponsored by Captain Reid. whose son Fred, a professional musician, gave it its first fundamental lessons. l-le taught how to obtain certain effects and styles in dance music. The band mem- bers are all Foreman students, beginners in dance music, but they are looking forward to being the best rhythm makers in the Chicago high schools. l7ll . , .- - .. 3"fi.7i'v,p1.-r'.T5"F"'!'i'!k:r-..u:::g.Hi'Ff'!'?r- -..:,.:1:-iI!??:1i.- . i - . ' .. fu-.-r-vw BREAKING INTO PRINT l' Staff Xl :ulrliivtf ll'lJoiu1i ll. Ruth lsnm-. foreman News Staff err. Sl'i.X'I'lilD .X'l' IDICSKZ N ' ville. lftlit-ii'-iiu-lililrt. When a sudden burst of school spirit invaded Foreman late last year many activities were started. One of the Hrst thoughts of the student body was to have a school paper to inform everyone concerning all that was going on around the school: and the second thought was to have an annual, to be a permanent souvenir of these happy school days. After much plugging by certain students to arouse interest. the newspaper and the annual were finally realized. Miss Herzer took charge of the paper. assisted by Mr. Teuscher. who managed the printing and business end. The staff consisted of selffappointed members who were interested in writing. and who volunteered their services towards this end. At the beginning of the following semester a regular journal- ism class was organized, a staff was chosen. and material was gathered for the first issue. which came out March 4. Every issue since has met with greater success, and the Foreman News is now read and enjoyed by everybody. Miss Christiansen. iVlr. Kough, and Mr. l.assen were the teachers upon whose shoulders it fell to organize the first annual. A staff was selected of pupils recommended by the English Department. Although work was started early, it was a real task to get everything ready to go to the printers by May l. Photographs, copy, and dummy sheets were all in a jumble to be sorted out and properly placed. Ads had to be obtained, contracts given to the printer and engraver. and dummies made, before the finished product took shape. A staff of only eight members had to co-operate in every way to turn out this first annual. l7ZI 5 l .XX lil X K.: Ray Xvrlius. Xl.ii tin Klzutvlist-ii. Hull l':ilvllier. Nll 4'lirisli:msvxl. Jfxcli ll Juli wrseii sl l l IX4.: loin Kwlrzis. lleli Xkiivleivxi lvl. .kmtxi Selimi-lt lli l.Iil"'I' RHXY: 'lit-mkin. 'liutjr Kzulniu. tltirny. llznelmzil. RUXX 2: llzillliuru. l.t-xzmilir. liinelceir lnterlzui-li, Ku-Ililv, RHXY l'ueili4i, Nluj ner. lfi i in :i u 11 lll4ill'l' RHXY: 1'iw.isil:ilt-. lit llllr BOYS ATHLETICS The Foreman football team of 35 playing its third season in the public high school league showed a marked improvement over the previous two years of playing The teams under the coaching of Mr Zahorik played won and lost many exciting games A few of Foreman s best players underwent serious injuries in the latter part of the football season causing a deficiency in team play The team under the captaincy of Arthur Fourier played its most exciting game with Austin Austin had defeated Marshall sectional champs Foreman led with a score of 8 to 6 with three minutes left to play when Austin s all city half back broke loose for a number of long runs to score a touchdown making a Hnal score of 13 to 8 in Austin s favor This game even wrthout its many exciting minutes of play was thrilling because of the good sportsmanship and loyalty each team showed The heavyweight basket ball team of 33 under the management of lVlr Dow did not enter much competition because of organ171ng at a late date The team of 34 composed of new players grew into what might be termed a good team Along with the heavyweights a lightweight team started which in the eyes of Foreman was entitled to a great deal of comment Foreman closed the season by playing a double header with Steinmetz and both teams were victori ous This year s heavies defeated some of the best teams in the city including Senn Lindblom Lake View and Steinmetz During the Christmas vacation the Chicago University was staging a tournament in which thirty two teams competed Our heavies won fourth place Having been awarded medals thex tribute to our heavyweight basketball team and their coach Mr Zahorik necesi tates mentioning the splendid way in which the players conducted themselves as true sportsmen Foreman 1S proud of their record The intra mural program of the Foreman High School opened about the eighth week in the fall semester with a basketball tournament Mr Nlaloff Foremans new physical education teacher issued a bulletin announcing the tournament The response to this call was very good A meeting was held of all the captains and managers Voting upon the fundamental rules by which this contest was to be governed took place After tabulation of the number of playing teams a schedule was so arranged as not to match first year teams with third or fourth year teams Room 207 were the freshman winners these in turn lost to the strong sophomore lO7 team The 326 Juniors had a battle royal against the confident seniors The seniors lost to the juniors Room 326 boast ing of their extremely good team made up of Luczak Kirchenberg Schar Brija Hudak Ryba Sczepkowski and Prodrazik defeated the sophomores thus winning the school championship This was the second year the senior swimming team represented Foreman in high school competition Foreman s previous swimming teams of 33 and 34 were small and had but very little practice thus making impossible any participation in competition But the swimming team of 35 under the able supervision of Mr Maloff showed great possibilities at the beginning of the semester and follow ed through with many victories and few defeats Charles Bowman of Foreman was featured in the city meet winning Hrst place in the senior lOO yard backstroke The track team with its three day a week work out is supervised by Mr Zahorik The members of the team number almost forty live with many prom isrng prospects The team will enter its first year of school competition this spring This is also the first year Foreman has considered starting any of the more popular sports such as tennis and golf The school is anxiously awaiting the outcome of the many weeks spent training l73l 5 Y. Q 7 ' - I 7 Y 1 v x C X T I C 7 3 1. V 3 5 y I 1 V I 4 1 1 .... ' . were complimented by our principal. Mr. Jeffrey, and the student body. Paying I I ' 'I ' . I . l V v - . 2 a X v y y v v H 1 Y' . . Y . 4 . , Y , 1 x v 7 I - l L . I 1 1l11111a 1 1111a1c7x lx XX ennestr 1111 Qiahey Te-1111111f,s xllllfl B111 11rll 1 .4111 UND HHN ut 1, ma e1ts an 111 1 or 1 dtlll 1 lllll 1211.1 anrl l X 111ltl111c t 111 El 1. me e I! 1 c1111 L dllx A FOOTBALL GAME lzxcitcd crowds banked on sides of the field people talking laughing shouting venders adding to the din Then silence a pause and the whistle The game beginning players moving through complicated plays their strug gl1ng abruptly stopped by the shr1ek of the referee s whistle Formation an again play begins At the half bands play exh1b1t1ons are givtn spc tators bccome even more thrilled. Enthusiasm is at its height when the ball is again snapped into play. The final momentsklosers hoping for a lucky chance- winners jubilantly happy. The final whistle-the bustle of leaving for home -a satisfied tingle. Mildred Szczepaniak. l 74 l 2 3 ,. 4 5 va ilk ,psi SSW Q 4 f fi-ESQ 490 Eg ' .4 1 i Q IM we 1 215' NJ 9 'N .4' 4,4 Q, 5 J 31 VK "M s A I N M f1.M.,,A 5 ww, , QQ.- N 5 ,Q ? p X' f 2 Q if K f Us J Q B W I . -1 ity' A-' 3 P 5 if ' A 5 fl Lg, fy K ix 1 Y "fy W L 6. 4 Q A W g" LV ' ' K. 5 , p,u,,Wr VV V xxx .H VVL, ic z g ! I 4 I e I 6 ,Q Q25-M 1 If 1 W N - ,K if-V V ,lf A!A j ,ggi -R5 ' -,k 2,-WA -M' K, qv 'gf an 51 'fi Xin. . Y 0 l iqwf as wb . A Ki, . . 95 .lf X "' A F i. 3 w x , . um. A ' I wegfljb ' -A! 1 MV if -My W 4 L ,. 'ff nk, , gy Q' , fy f QV M5 A an , r' , xt f A ' 7 I an T fi ff :"""fQV , in , Q 4 L4 ' ff! A 'Twig' 'EER -.f,,,, ik i 44 R. O. T. C. lOl' ROW: 4 :inlet l'i'1v:itt-s .Nlzttlliust-il. Selltic-mint. .Xmlt'i' stall. lfiistrr, llrt-t1n'l'. liulvzts, Ywitl NXT-itil. Vrlisiii. RUXY J: Vault-t lrivzttes lzriist. lloltlmziii. l'1:tp'n' iltttiltmxski. Vmttt-. llztrictti: Vault-t lqilllllilll Sims. RUXY 3: l':trlt't l'rix'zttc-s lirtinstin. liilmxtu. Nlw' they. l'1t'lc'ltn't-. llt-tiiliiig. RUN' 4' 1 inlet l,i'ix':ttt- kemll: I :tilt-t limp, . V , . , tzuils J. Mfuznl. lijt-i'lm-N. l lzirlv llitrlt-t l'i'ix':itt-N Stiiipsini. l'it7t'l'. lmssiiig. RUXX' 3: Vmlrt l'tix':tlcs jixrzm. lxlut-t-kiln. hl. Sitiips-ni' I :ulet 1 :iptntu R. Xliirzmz Vzttlet l'rix':ttes Slit-trc. llziztqiizt. RUXX' li: l':ulc't l'i'ix:1tt-s lfiixwig, R-ilucrts, l"i':u1l: Vzulet f':i1rt:ut1 llenryi llult-t l'i'ix':itt-N l':ii'iit-ss. 1 1 ultt lap- St-:u'zet-lt.- RUN' 'z 'J - trims Stem, llwtilrt-i'3 lmlrt l'i'x- vates Niimllft-tu. l.:ltst-ii. .l. Xlimrt' l inwlzts. Ofhcers lllll IOM lfl IUI':1mlt-t Sec- ' ' ' ' 14'l1l1'! .tml lttiigliltii. lflrst lwtitt-ii'ttit ll :ix vu l' , , . 4 s , zulu! St'1'j.1t'1llll Scliit'xm'r, Vzulrt Sci'- gt-nnt XYisi1it-xtslti. i':ulet Sm-rgt-:tilt Kztzlmt. R. O. T. C. T U T' R ll XY: Vznlct I'I'lY'l11'N llzmiel, Rusin. Zitillmuski. Stuiic. Simtltltc-rs. Pitzer: Vzulet l'nrptii'ztl Nltiiiteuu: Vzulet Vrixzites l'etex'- sun. joliiismi. Rillu-mi. ROR '- fmlt-t l'm'p-Ir':tl lileelic: K :inlet l'riv:lIt' Su z-rivlwtll l':ulz-t 1'iit'i+m'1tl lt'A'i1ll1mL': lzulrt l'rix':ttc-N llrilsf llnul. llltlvlilieli. lf. Iuli ti su 11' Vzlvlct l'm'p-Iiztl Xzttzlcrl Kzulct Vritzttcs .lwtlctisitiil A. .Xiiilt-ixtntl. Kim-lm, RUXY .lt Vzulct l'1'it'zltt' Sciutt: fztrlet l't:i'pirr':il Xliint-lli: Vatlet l'rix'zttes llc-nkt-l, Ch UU' tlnwslii. llllrsh. 'l'i-it-clit-l. Tllttr- kms: Vzulet 1'tir'ptn'zil XY-ijilztn. lztrlct l'rix:ttvs Ili- Ntrclis, lxerst- mg. RUXY 4: Vzulrt l't'iv:ttt' X en- trt-llli fault-t fm'pm':tl l'. lttlin- ii so 3 l'mlt-t l'i'iv:ttt's lltwa-l1.Tllii't' Jztiiiiwek. lltilmcs. lim-litl, 1it't'cti' Vzulet l'4i1'IutIt':tl fit-ltrlee. Ofhcers llfll If-lXl TU TUV: l':ult't Sce- tinvl't1tt'n:mt Art :'s. 1: hit I ultt Svcnlivl'tit4'iint1t ,Xlv1n:u1ti. l'tvlt! Yunnan! lu li ri Vult-I . .Qt .iisii. . Svrgeuiil liitulvlt-N. Vault-t Swigt-:init llztytter. Foreman Band l. ll.,X1 fl..XRlXl'.l: licrickv. Fztptztin. T5 l"l.A'l' l'l,,XRlXl'I'l': l:ttrllit'l'. fm-1--tiztlc llxelu-rt. Ilii- kiii Inv" -' --' , it l.uls. yltlllttttll. ,lt-liiistni, l'fI'L'l1f:lL'l, l.iiL'. Nl:n'rlti:u'ilt. Nltt- liiiski. U l'ztrk. Sclimult, Sclinei- ilcr. Smith. 'linylmz li l-'l.A'l' SAX0l'll0Xlf: llzilziitle. Rue- ucr. Setiqeztilt: Sclimitlt. TRUM- IHJNIC: liulnim-, llztmley. l'.ii'im- ml. llutiiiilt. Nt-untill'titt'ii:n1tZ lxi':tti1:ti'cA5lc. Nvrllr. Willie. l'1rst'utt'ii:mt. lf l"I,.XT ILXSSZ Zim-linslci. li l"l..XT BASS: I.ll!l- rliii, lJRl'KlS: Nlzirsllxill. 1'wi'pfr- rztl: XlZH'llSCl1lli, Xyliii, llrtim Klu- jftr: Silt-wier. i'flRXlf'l'5 .XXII TRVNI l'lf'l'S: linulisli. lf:-glestzitl. Haelt:-rt. Sergeant 3 llziitnmtt. jiiliristni. Kirin-l. Klang. Halm- ln.-rg, l'inli':wili. V1ti'p4ti':tl: Simp- cim. Stunt-. 'liztvirit-r5 . Zzniiler. l"Rl'1N1'll IIURX: l'iiuitt-li. Tztxiii. First St-i'ut':tl1t. l5.XRl- T1 l N lf: Sltnpii'-1. St-elm-l l.1t'titen- zmt. THE R. O . T. C . Although this is the R. O. T. Cfs first year at Foreman. it has already proved its worth to the school and to the boys. lt has for its primary objectives the development of physical fitness, neatness and precision. leadership. pa- triotism. orderliness. courtesy and service. On this last score. may we add that the R. O. T, C. has performed laudable service during the present semester in assuming responsibility for assisting children at street crossings. The Band. an integral part ofthe R. O. T. C.. gives the R. O. T. C. the inspiration of band music on all special occasions. - I77l GIRLS ATHLETICS Representatlve of the work ln the glrls department of Physrcal Educauon are act1v1t1es of the rnformal type games sports athletrcs and swrmmrng The great movement for play actrvrty IS growrng and glves opportunxty for real thmkmg for the development of soc1al qualrtles for sportmanshrp and character for phys1cal vrgor and for lnterest ln posltlve health The much loved precrsxon of row on row of puplls domg art1fic1al exer crses whrch have l1ttle or no meanrng has gxven way to squads of chrldren scat tered about engrossed 1n meamngful tasks helplng each other to succeed devlslng new forms of BCIIVIKY usmg therr own mlnds and their own practlce and that of the group to 1mprove the act1v1t1es We have for so long thought of Physlcal Educatxon as merely gymnastrcs In rat1onal modern programs they are the least lmportant element and are not used wlthout a felt need on the part of the student Game act1v1t1es grve oppor tumty for complex team play as do swlmmmg bowllng tennis and other games and sports In one of the p1ctures we see a large number of rnterested glrls organrzed as a club 'I he G A A G1rls Athletrc Assocratron an mtegral part of the senror hlgh school program Thls organrzatlon promotes athletlc and socral qual1t1es and fosters the hlghest rdeals of sportsmanshrp lt stresses physlcal act1v1t1es for the enjoyment of the sport and g1ves every grrl an opportumty to engage 1n a wholesome well rounded program of physxcal educatlon lntra mural competxtlon only IS sanct1oned there 1S no rnterscholastrc competrtlon Most of the act1v1t1es are conducted after school IH extra perrods or 1n the regular physrcal educatron classes The awards the School Letter Chevron and Pm are based on a pomt ln her school and who has quallned for the letter by earmng l OOO polnts ln the lrfe of everyone swlmmlng plays an rmportant part Today the grrls learn to swlm ln regular classes The pleasure 1n the flrst few coordlnated strokes the perseverance rn trymg to make the Hrst ten yards the dellght rn at least bemg able to sw1m and d1ve wrth classmates and IH perfectmg SWlmmlHg sk1ll and for frrendly swrmmmg meets are all clear manrfestatrons of values The glrls who partxcrpated ln the swrmmmg meet are shown ln one of the p1ctures as IS a group rn class rnstructlon These glrls understand the three fold value of swrmmrng for everyone First as an all round physlcal developer rt cannot be equalled by any other sport lt presents the 1deal exercrse grvmg most of the muscles of the body rn turn a rhythmlcal contractron and relaxatlon The relaxatron posslble m swrmmrng IS a pomt worthy of emphasls When a stroke IS well swum there rs a wave lrke rrpple motron to contractron and relaxatlon And rn th1s day of nerve tensrng the benefit of bemg able to relax even though momentarlly IS great Swrmmmg has the practrcal value of grvmg the person skrll whlch may be useful ln the trme of water emergency Then too there IS a Joy a pleasure and a sense of well bemg to be derived from swrmmrng that exceeds that derrved from most other forms of CXCICISC The bowlmg p1cture shows an enthuslastrc group of g rls who formed a club and have been gettmg a deal of real enjoyment from th1s act1v1ty They bowl once a week at one of the nelghborhood bowlmg alleys where cond1t1ons are xery favorable The physlcal Educatlon program as can be seen becomes an lmportant part of the educatronal program of the school In short lf IS educatron through Physxcal Educatron l78l l . . Y . . . . Y I 1 3 I 3 I 'A F I X 'A A T T .3 I H - 1 ' v , ' ' I - Y . . V system. A school letter is awarded each girl who is a member of the G. A. A. . - . , . . u ' ' ' l ' 3 l . 1 . 1 I . . . , . . , . . . V I A Y 1 . The G. A. A.-l Till' RUXY: Triel, liullzmtl. Kly- ers. Sie-lull, :Xlll'UllS, llllry. iiirlainf tnniu. l'liilli1-s. l'r-tritseti. Aillis. llni:.i':ile. Roth. Nlitelnfll. llzinwn. RUXYZ: Xluv. Xl.. Seeiiirtli. lfimi. -lens:-ii. lfliic-igiiitii. laiiiiilliiigs. lanlgo, XX'i:llwl1l:n'i1ei'. l"i'-ultiw. Rr-im-i'. l.:mton, ijrgl. Svlimiilt. ll0T'l'flXl RUXYI kveiss, Killilrli. Mile. l... Nelson, l.m11llu-rp, lim'- gi-mn. jfvern, Ifinn. Szmtellsi. Xu-I. Virlzixxull. Alxivullseil. Captain Basketlmll -Q The Bowling Club 'l'Ul' RUN" Ilwnke llosiivt lliiiilm Xliun lliiitiiiian Scli:il't'r'1. l'ik-melt. llull. Sirius- luiiruer. 'lill-units. RUN' J: Rt-ill. Sclzmiflt. 'liliwiixzim llrfrris. Xclsoil. l.linillu-rt. ll:-mn,, lain- giu, Scliiicllr-V. lliurli, liilii-ri. ll:i- i rell. ' ' nan. Nluller. l'iitil-., XY S: ensr-ii, l'r-izisclzile. l'zill:x, ' 'cke. l'nge1'-v. asser- mzni. l'r'lliliei'i. 5' 'r Nlrs. Hlzilkei' .Xlr-m'vlili. . lini- gesou, ' Lf. l'i':uir' llnry. llllllii QOTTUNI R U XY : il :A c in ln s 1- 11. l'etvi'saii. Arenvlt, liztstle, lli111i'rieri. Kcviclcr-. l-fniiylwn ski. liriinilliinml. XI it-rs. Sit-lull. Selim-irleiy Zur, Nast. Ld The Girls' Athletic every second and fourth Thursday after school, but the gym is open to them the last period. The girls receive school letters for points made by playing such games as basketball. baseball. tennis. and volley ball: they can also gain points by engaging in swimming. hiking. bicycle riding. roller skating. etc. The officers of this group are chosen annually. For this year the follow- ing ofliciated: Gladys Burgeson, President: l.uella Lundbery. Vice President: Dorothy Joern. Secretary: Dorothy Finn. Treasurer: .lane Nelson, Recording Secretary. THE BOWLING CLUB Mrs. Walker, whose devotion to the cause of athletics for girls keeps her on duty many hours after school. has formed the new Bowling Club. lt serves the need of both exercise and sociability. lt carries out the new idea in athletics of training during school years for sports to be pursued in adult life. l79l 'Q - lv l,ife Saving Group TMI' RKIXYZ Foss, Ttxis, XYeisr. Nliieller. 'l'lioriile3. l.:ii'seii, Sggu. fit-pek. l.:i Ye-lle. fiieluix, Nelson. llfl'l"l'UNl RUN' 2 Tiirvli. Aiirler- wfii. Rieliter. Riieel, 'lili-iiiipsnii, Kelly. llziii-vii, M G. A. A,-2 Till' RUXY: 'l'liiiriili-y. Seliiiiiilt. .Xmlri-sexi. l.imleni:iii. f':il:iiiis. Nel- s-ni. Hull. Xlriseiiliziek. Slilziiiwixf rlci. lfiiiery. lizirrell. Stziiiiiii, .lai- e-iliiis. Siwrliiig. liisi-lliei'ei'i. RUXY li Xvzilliii. Nluller. Viieiliii. lirieb- si vi Aim-iimli. jiiliiisiiii. R--iiiziiiemk, Slit-lili-ski. rs. XY:ill4m-i'. llzivi-slwl. Selizitfei, QM Viistle. llrivii ii. lit-iwii. .Xi-pe. ll'li'l'1lNl RUXX : Vx-isiiikuiiski. l'iiIl-ii. .Xle-xeyiilc, l'-wizisk. Xclsiiii. l.iin:llvi-rg, Hui'- gt---iii, .lm-rii. lfiiin. Xiicei-,,1'i':iii4 l vlzii, Vikziiieli. GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM The Girls' Swimming Team held a very interesting meet in April. to test their speed and form. ln the speed events. Lillian Thornley came first and Lor- raine Shebleski second in the crawl: Mildred Nelson first and Lucille Kelly second in the back stroke. ln form events, the Judges picked Lorene l-arsen first and Dorothy Cepek second for the breast stroke: Verna Emery first and .lune Cikanek second for the breast stroke: Harriet Darrell first. Doris Knowles second for the side stroke. The medley relay race was won by l.oraine Shebleski and her part- ner, Doris Knowles. l.orraine was also awarded first honors in diving. l.illian Thornley being second. LIFE SAVING GROUP The Life Saving Classes. Junior and Senior divisions. meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Miss Bendes instructs the girls according to Red Cross principles. They pair off, and have actual practice on each other. When the course is completed. the girls are tested, and if successful. are awarded their badges. l80l 1 , 1 Swimming Team Till' RUXY: iiikziiirk wielcstiii. lliivelc. Slit-luleslci. 'cpe' , :niif lggtl. lloimtlii Kiimi' es fu i' i s Kiiuiiles, v 2: 'I'li:ii'iilt'y. . e sim, f K 'ou l... liist-llweri.:ei'. ll:ii'i'ell, lfiiierj' f'lii'iSfe1ise-11. l.:ii'f seii. ll! Xl RUXY3 ' - Riisel. rXiiilei'roii. Kuliier. lily. Stem-le. GOODBYES ThlS year Foreman has had to say regretful goodbyes to two of its most beloved faculty members Mr Alsager w1s well known to every student 1s 1 f1therly frlenel 1nd 1ely1ser as well 1s 1 l1w te1el1er wl1o knew hls bll9lI'lL9S Born on 1 f1rn1 near I ee llllnors he llved tl1ere for seyer1l ye1rs before moving to the exty H recelved hrs A B from Lombard Lollege and the degrees A M I l B and J D from Northwestern Umyerslty He t1ught 1n tl1e Sehurl Hwh School llndblom Hugh School Crane lumor College Wflll fln1lly l1ere 1t foren11n where he oceupled Room IZ5 tl1ese l1st three ye1rs On Aprll 7 Mr Als1g1r w 1s glven 1 f1rew ell te1 to w htch hls C r1ne Schurl 1nd lorem1n eolle1gues were lI'lYlILCl 'I rxbutes were puel to htm 1s 1 good te1eher 1 go vel lrlend 1nd 1 good man As 1 final trlbute Nlr Jeffrey suggested th1t 1ll guests present should comblne the1r efforts to put Mr Alsag1r on tl1e Bench where l1e woule' be both an efliclent and an uprmght judge 'Vlr Robert G Jeffrey was born IH Scotland and e1me to th1s eountry ll gr1de school te 1cher he showed such deyotlon to duty tl1at nn due ttme he bee 'UNL prlnclpal He seryed the Sawyer Axenue School ID th1t e1p1e1ty for exghteen years much beloyed by all hxs assoc1ates He started many young and IHCX per1enced teachers on the road to success and they are now hrs devoted frlends Later he became prlnclpal of the Vvlestcott Jumor Hxgh School When ll w as dlsbanded he was transferred to Calumet Hlgh where he remamed for one ye1r before commg to Foreman In less than one short year he has done much to dlrect Foreman tow ard hxgher st1nd1rds He h1s beeome as much loved by us 19 by prev1ous schools It was wlth great regret that we parted wlth l1m1 on the day before h s SIXIY flfth b1rthday On h1s b1rthday Aprxl I5 his colleagues comblned to gxye hxm 1 farewell dxnner at whmch one hundred and e1ghty wer present Tr1butes were paxd to Mr Jeffrey TS 1 teacher a nelghbor a golfer 1nd 1 very courageous defender of w h1t he eonsxders right A set of golf elubs w1s presented to hlm to keep hlm so occupled w1tl1 the sport l1e loyes th1t he will not remember w h1t 1 yac1ncy he left behmd hum A TRIBUTE long years they tolled ln Xlfglli fields of youth Tllllng the so1l 1nd sow mg preclous s ed l oylngly watehed the blossom 1nd the frult Watched o er the thougl1ts that burgeon d xnto deeds Rlcher the haryests bloom each added year Wlder the fleld that each can clalm h1s ow n But now IS the day of toxl at ey en ng s pe1c The morrow sees new fnelds by otl1ers sow n l81l ' Y -1 7 V1 I , , 1 7 1 Y 1 1 ' 1 1 V .1 L Y X v e Vx Ke K C xl A x V 1 V t e x-.N . L 1 1 A V V I . 1 I 1 1 1 - A 1 v1 L V1L A 1 1 I 1 -4 V. C 1 I 'A li 1 1 11 . g x V A 1 H ,H , A 1 L . 3 O M y 1 1 1 A A1 1 1 11 V1 I 'e. 1 e 1 ' 'X 'e ' ,S , e '. e r.. e ' X 4 l 'z 'f 75 1 I V. 1 S A 1 71 1 ' I 1 A 1 1 I I1 L . . 4. . ', l . ' ' A . it 1 e e ' '. .S we ' I 1' 1 1 1 1 1 v 1 1 I V I 1 l . S . i 3 I SL x ' A V L the age of mne. He was educated entlrely ln Chrcago. Startlng hls career as a L k 14 1 Q 1 X 1 x 1 V ' V ' 1 . 1 1 14K 1 I . 1 1 V1 1 V1 V 1 ' A 'I 1, 11 V . Y I A 1 I I 1 I 4 . V I 1 V 1 I V 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 V1 1 I 1 1 1 1 V1 1 1 I 1 V t 1 1 1 1' 1 1 V L 1 I Y- 1 1 1 V1 1 4 I I ' 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 C L 1 1 1 1 - V g 1 1 D 1 4 1 ' ' 7 1 1 I 11 ' -1 7- 1 1 V1' 1 I 1 1 1 V V V 1 1 1 ' I V1 1 V I 1 ' 'I I 1 V V' ' 1 1 1 ' - L . I Y V CLASS NOTABLES JUNE GRADS Girl Boy 1. MOST STUDIOUS Frances Baranowski Albert Richter 2. MOST DIGNIFIED DOYOUTY JONES Leslie Nelson 3. MOST POPULAR Mildred Uhlmann Leonard Miller 4. MOST BRILLIANT AND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Laverne Milleville Albert Richter 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL AND HANDSOME Ella Riva Kenneth Fugman 6 MOST VERSATILE Lorraine Menet Robert Catellier 7 MOST ATHLETIC Ruth Weiss Ted Perzanowskl S MOST CLEVFR Dorothy Wahl George Wille 9 BEST DANCER Harriet Jermalmski Gerald Tatje 10 WITTIEST Dorothy Wahl john Carroll 11 BEST DRESSED Hildreth Hoism ton rthur Mark 12 MOST CO OPERATIVE Laverne Milleville Bryan Coleman 13 MOST MUSICAL Arlme Hanke I 14 FEBRUARY GRADS TOP ROW MOST MUSICAL Athena Kolyeros Frank Marquardt MOST POPULAR Lorraine Scott Emory Nelson BEST DANCERS Lorraine Webb Bob Clark SECOND ROW MOST ATHLETIC Charlotte Mueller Arthur Fourlr MOST BRILLIANT Mabel Stender Arthur Grabski MOST STUDIOUS Mildred Szczepamak Jim Souden BOTTOM ROW CLEVEREST Casimir Hurc Betty Gielow MOST VERSATILE Alvin Bach Marion Concannon MOST ATTRACTIVE Laverne Anderson Helena Rolly Z dn- -wg-,, eamnram' um e' Sal' 'f e ie, Higham 'Z 2'8" I 4 v - "' , e . - , - - , . J 3? 55-k1!Y,fLfwV V f Tiijj-'Qjlij'yf'f-3fS-- -"5j?"gfi?B1rjgLT- f?E"i?- , i?'.T':: -Ji: "?Z?E?3efsi"? L., Vw.. V, L f 1--L-.' ' 'Z' lei 1'3" , , , f. A 1 " "W "' " ' "' lff""" I im' " , TT"1',f. "-'151T1'T7 :Y .aff " l!Z45f:2iTfIf' .73 Sf fi., f' 'f A' ' , ,V . . - v ' , V gg fre .f t-.sfgffy 1 .W f -'J . -VV. . A L f if 5: ' : ,f ,gf -grae- ":,e5g.,:: 'SH G L . se " -4 P-'jf-"'1',1i, ' ' . 1: --,alma tmfil-.245 - . Aa.'1-.,I. :gQ-"- f-'lr'--'. .ana ' - 1 out .iijffiu-1 'Q . 1 , 1, Ar. 4 ai. FUTURISTICS I he ranks of our PIOCQSSIOHS are to be greatly augmented by these asprrtng young hopefuls from the February and June graduatxon Classes ACCOUNT ANT Vlrg nra Jatcaak Ruth Magden Marjorre Sternhauff Hrlda Moore Marcella Murphy Allce Powell Gordon Souden Mlldred Uhl mann Chester Wrfesrnskr ACTRESS Helena Rolly Joan Kalrsh VICIOYIJ Majeskl ACT OR Emory Nelson Howard Stoll ANNOUNCER Stan ley Bernath ARCHIT ECT Marvrn Balousek ARTIST Harold Tresten Jak Chlrles I letcher I orrnne Sanz ATHI ETE Harlan Hamley B1ll An derson Art Iourner AT IORNFY Chrrs Carson Tony Cassato Roceo Ilsmo Ieroy Solberg Mithew Augustyn John Carroll Davxd Irredman Frank Gerseh Arthur Marle Dorothy Wahl AUTO RACER Henry Cor e1lu1s Clare Brunson AVIAT OR Fred Barrel Jane Gray Martrn Met7Ier CILOIQL Wxlle RlLhTFClWlSUlLWSkl BANKER Gordon Artleen BASEBAII Adam Mulrnslex John C larneckl Chester Mayner Blll Underhlll BEAU I Y C UI I URISI I orrune Krystek Irna Mundt BOOICKEEPER I ottte Orlosler Relnhold Rethl CHEIVIIST Vlrtchell Baron George Kelm Edward Werss Al Grzbskr Tom Jones Ieonard Johnson Wrlbur Bethke Bob Catel l1er Ray Sehy COACH Rlehard Ness Ted Perlanowskr CONGRESS WOMAN Bernlee Beeler Ia Verne Mlllevllle COINT RACT OR Martin Jensen DANC LR Lleanor Hagstedt I orra1ne Jansen Anne MIIIJHIIIB I or ralne Vw7eI3b DLNIIST Eugene Johnson DOCTOR Jack Halvorsen John Jennmgs Iorrnne 'Vlenet Henry Pachow1c7 DRAFTSIVIAN Robert Ielmbecle Joseph Wmdolouskr DRESS DESIGNER Helen Rlchter INCINIIR Robert Nagle Kenneth Alm Norman Schulze Bob Barllcle averne n erson James Souden Rudolph Bechtold Charles Greesmer Werner Iuhman Al Yochrm James ard Hadland Walter Herrmann George Koerber Everett I au r ack Marbury l artrn Petrrck Alex Zuk FASH ION ADVISOR Ruth Chac I Edwln CllOdO1'OWSlKl IN IIRIOR DECORAIOR Ldnm Hardles INVENT OR Stanley Klam ezynskr IIBRARIAN Dorothy Jones MACHINIST V1ncentKal1nowsk1 Jerry Cerxenlea MAGICIAN Fred Brllrngham MUSICIAN Leslre Nelson Llla Rrva Frank Wojcrechowskr Ruth Balaxne Frances Baranowskx Henry Budnxle Robert Gerreke Audrey Hupfer Katherlne I ake Beatrlee Man ernelll NIJRSI Ldrth Errekson Lucrlle Kerwnn VIVIJH Laux Mrldred Vlatous Adellne Zrmmy Audrey Nelson ORAT OR Bryan Coleman POLITICIAN Edward Burchert PHARIVIACIST John Bredfeldt Thomas Inhodoropoulos Mrchael Guerrxert PHOTOGRAPHIC ENGRAVER Gerald Tatle PROFESSOR OF AGRICUI T URE Dennls Gedeon PRO FI SSIONAI ROI I LR SKAT ER Fdna Ray PROFESSIONAI TENNIS PLAYER Anlta Schmxdt PSYCHIAT RIST Eleanor Ingall RADIO Lorrarne Scott Athena Kaloyeros Edward Knudsen Francrs Volpe Irene Schulz Robert Zrmmerman RANGER FOREST Chester Kohl RE PORTER I uellle ICoe7oroxxsk1 Edward Nrckey Sophle Sleuba Ioren Blo zlnsler Hxldreth Holsxngton Benjamln Marcontonr SERVICE CIVII Cas1merGumovxsk1 SINGER DotC1abr1el Mxldred Havelxk Darlene Donges Edyth Hallburg Arllne Hanke Josephme Klemczak STENOGRAPHER I o1s Anderson Eleanor Andresen lone Ault Lorralne Bull Charlotte ChflS ttansen Juln Chudy Jesma Cobb Charlotte Everly Barbara Foley Mrldred Gawron Ixelyn Golemba Fxelyn Grunlund I ors Hansen Harr1etJermal1nsk1 C ntmzed n pace 6 I 83 T 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 Y 1 3 1 1 . T 1' 1 ' 1 I 1 1 . J: , , ' 1 e ' I'1 el, v 4 yv L 1 1 v I T 1 ' ' - 1 I - -' I T 3 l 1 1 1 I 1 1 , - - - . . . - . - - . V 1 1 ' 4 A X 1 V V 1 1 L v v 4 v 1 - -1 7 x v T A 1 Ti K ' I - , . , , . . e 1 11 4 4 1 1 ' 1 1 ' ' ' - I X 1 4 1 l- 3 1 I ' 4 . . e 'I I ', ' .. 1 1 ' 4, . , A, L V 1 1 1 1' LI.LC I ROCL I IONLR-George Zleltnskl. ElVIBAI-MER+Franle Bradley. 1 - . , f , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 " ' 1 ' 1 - k 4 4 4 ' 1 Y 1 Y1 3 I '1 V 1 v ' 1 1 I- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '-1 , - 1 I 'I . 1 1 ' 1 , ' 1 ' r 1 Y 1 I 1 1 T . I , 1 ' I 1 B '1 , . , . ' 1 ' Y I I 1 - , I I . , -1 3 4 R 1 , - 1 1 1 4 x Y , 6- 4 7 v 4 v 1 I o 1 en 9 2 AMONG OUR ESSAYISTS PEOPLE WE CAN DO WITHOUPI Rolf Erlmann 1 ht man who has drscovtrtd how to wastt mort hours of our txmt than anyont tlst IS probably tht tnyentor of the jrg saw punlt Wt art xn a pleasant mood w htn wt btgln plttxng tht odd shapts togtthtr Wt fttl conhdtnt of sut ttss Ihtn tlttr slaylng for slx hours and nn tht mtantnmt havmg had an 1tt big ptrthtd on our htad and a cold tow tl wrapptd around our ntck wt dlscovtr that a plttt ts mxsslng l tts ltavt tht wrt of workxng ylg saw pufzlts and go to anothtr sk1ll tht art ol paxntxng on tanyas Iormtrly whtn tht world w as sant wt could NISII tht art galltrtts and tltarly understand what tht artlst rnttndtd to portray It a portralt was ol a woman sht would look l1kt a woman and not 11kt two trlanglts Ontt at tht art faxr a very fantastxt p1tturt taught our tyt We asked tht young artlst to txplam tht palntlng to us tattfully ofcourse knowmg that artlsts art sens tlvt But ht atted as 1f If wtrt a common lnqulry He smtled and txplamtd that tht pttture was of Htnry tht Elghth poslng by h1s falthful horst Wt tommtnttd that xt was beautlfully drawn the colors havlng har mony tht lmts haylng a rtstful smoothntss It also had a balanted tomposltxon whlth lttt a tayorablt xmprtsslon on us Vyt gayt tht artlst our hearty praxst Ind tontmutd X ou should gtt a handsomt prltt for tht patntmg but IS th1s thu l m polntlng to lxlng Htnry or tht horst Oh Zhu! makts no dlfltrentt rtplltd tht artlst Ihat gtntlt rtadtr 15 modtrn art 'XIX ADX I N I URL9 IIN BOOKI AND Iatk Jtnnmgs Not long ago S1bbJIlI1l bttamt ont of my fayorxtt authors In my opxmon ht wrott tht btst book that I hayt tytr rtad It was talltd Scaramouche mwful namt for a wondtrtul story Hts books havt tvtrythlng It takts to makt 1 book mttrtstmg to tht fimsh 1ntr1gut characttrs and stttmgs of hxstormcal nott surprlst tndmgs pathos comtdy tragtdy tvtrythmg that comprlses a trlppmg story I mystll hkt nothlng bttttr than a good argument Sabbatxnn show td mt tht btst Vyhth hls hxstorltal tharatttrs and placts I fetl as though l wtre rtadmg of old acqualntances Although I dlshkt ammal storles I find Jack london tht btst author ot m 1dtrn txptrltncts 'Io mt ht xs tht ont man that can make a descrlptron mttrestlng Ptrhaps II IS becaust he dtscrlbes a character s mxnd more than h1s body In h1s books ht proposts many thtorles whlch he backs by pure logxc but to btlltvt or prattmtt thtm would soon makt me pubhc tntmy number one I rtltr to Capt Larson s thtorlts ln The Sta Wolf I hkt London s Iron Httl also a story of polrtlcal strxfe whxch glves one a feelrng of smallness Ht rtvtals IH story form how the world IS ruled by God and money ron Hetl ns a vtry rnttrtstlng book for anyone mterested nn the world economrc con dltlons I ondon IS also a phrlosophtr I was very much lnterested ln ph1losophy atttr rtadlng h1s Vlartm Edtn Therefort I rtad Spencer s Elrst Prlnclples Rtad lt I drd but my undt st ndmg of xt was a colossal farlurt I trxed other books on phllcsaphy and th st wt t also flops Why doesnt someone wrltt an undtrstmdablt phllosophy for b glnntrs Is lf a detp mysttr ous subytct or um I yust dtnst I84 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 , 1' 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1, 1, . 1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1- t t . 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 t 1 ,., . . 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1' 11 1 1 T . 1 t .. 1 t 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 . , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 -1 1 1 1 1 11 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 t - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 P 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 71 11 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 11 1 1 . 1 . . . ,. .1 1 1 1 17 1 . " 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 yi 1, I Y 1 - t - 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 t tt 1. . .1 11 1 1 1 1 11 11 111 1 11 1 1 1 ,311 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 t . . . 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L 1 . . 1 , . 1 11 1 1 1 . . - 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 A . - tt 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - .. 1 V V . . . ,A . 11 1 .. - - 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 - 1 1 11- '1 1. ' 1 11 1 1v1 ' 1 N1' 1 t.1 1 . , . , ' 1 11 1 7 1 1 11 1 t 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 11? 1 1 1 . SPRING ADVICE Albert Richter lErom the prize winning essay' in Foreman Clean-up Campaign.J Start in right at your home by using your broom and scrub-pail to expel our public-enemy number one, Mister Dirt. Reach into those dark corners and under carpets to drive him out. Use your brawn to good advantage by combin- ing it with a greit team-l-ake Michigan and the humble scrub-brushw-to sani- tile filthy objects. patronize 1 junkman by ridding your basement of useless materials which may be dangerous fire hazards Buy your house 1 new spring eoat of paint Be a consery ation booster by transforming that arid plot of ground into 1 veritable garden of Eden Roll up your sleeyes and get to work When you hear those four crusaders Clean up Paint up Plant up and l ightup knocking at your door of ambition be 1 loyal citizen and open it up 'I HE JOYS OF BEING A SECOND RATER W Schuessler XVhen gun in hand I tread upon the field I haye the comforting fact in mind that I am a second rater Almost anyone who has been trap shooting or hunting desires to improve his marksmanship to one hundred out of one hun dred But I would consider myself an unfortunate individual were I to attain this degree of absolute precision with firearms Let us see why The one hundred per center starts his day of hunting with a number of other companions probably not as deadly with a shotgun as he If the game is plentiful whether rabbits pheasants or ducks he bags numbers one two three and four in as many shots until he has the limit Ah now our noble sportsman has all the game he can shoot and his less fortunate com panions are still hunting What is he to do He can only crash brush with his fellows watching them shoot Nlr Average Eellow also starts out with a number of companions As the first rabbit bounds from the brush his aim is true and meat is on the table H misses numbers two and three hits four and five and so on probably not mak ing the limit that day But as he draws a bead on a bit of fur he is not abso lutely positive of a kill and anticipates that split second that determines the fall faction steals through him Also there is the knowledge that his quarry had at least a fifty fifty chance If he should miss this shot he does not lose heart nor interest in his hunting for there is more game to be had I am a hunter of the latter class This class is my choice and I would like nothing better than to remain in this status lCemltnued from Puqe 301 C11 k Click Ilish l'MORY 'NEI SON that yiya ious min about town showed p it the Kit Kat Club with green eyebrows to mateh his tie ART IOLRILR the notorious gimhler almost drowned himself this morning after losing two eents on roulette it Monte Cmrlo list night Bu77 BU77 At the ereelusiye X issir Hotel now run by ALDRI H 'NI l SON the follow ing important persons were guests Al Bl RT YOCHINI the seeond Bobby Jones RAY CPR VI-NRA the noted chess ehimpion CHI STER KOHI the dire deyil of the nr and GPR TRUDE JOHNSON sueeessor to Greta Garbo That fake ery stil ga7er Il I ANIOR INCIAI l S w is taken into eustody todix by Speeiil lnyestigltor BI RNICI VIOIIS 'VIABII STINDIR IORRRINII SCOTI l8v , , , , . , , . 1 it B' I 1 Y V 1 x 'dc A. Y Y 'B L V V A T I i l L' . V -T TL I e T e I L I I T I 1 x x l xxvi' x s v s 1 s s - ' , 4 ' , 1 I I 3 V3 3 I i H I I Y 3 I I I Y! A D 3 ll I . Y. X 11 5 I I 5 , 7 I V T I K 1 I I 1 3 3 I I 5 I 3 3 Y i T Y T 7 1 T I s 1 s m A s - 1 Y I ' 3 5 x ' ' I I I s A . . e , L- . V B it 4 ' h - 5 Y 4 4 r ' I I X I I 3 D I 5 1 of a mite of hair. If the shot has gone home. a certain, keen feeling of satis- . 1 T 3 1 I I 3 I s , s ' ' s u a 1 C - ' 'e. , . I ' .e I f . e f Ll , V s ' s ' ' , e ' 1 -e - e e s I s -- -'vs ' - s , ' if ': ' V , Y, - - , , , I 1 5 V , ,. V Q . I 1. f 'Q 2 . . I I I .I , TS. Iolloyx tht Ilttt net 1 tt C tlllng 7tro C ollttn li Sht Could Only C ook A Nlg.,hl I tht Dptru llwnds Atross tht I lhlt IDIHQCYOLIS I rwto lC1d Nllllgllly Nlaruttu lht l ICIICQI RCbtl Proltssronxl Soldrtr lht DTICIL Coma Homt Rtd Hndtd XVom1n Boy 'Xflttls Cnrls Nlr Hobo Strlkt Nlt Plnk I wyytr Man lxlondlkt Annu Broadway I-losttse C ur y p I lttlt lord I ulntltroy Pttrxfltd Inorwt l ht Bug Pmradt Broidvyay Mtlody lht CIocktyCd Vklorld I ht C1old Rush I ht Kld MOVIE REVIEW Iortman S rnaln corrldor Htltn Rrthttr lont lurtk lolu Hmstn Brll Sthutwltr .link ILUUIDCS XXIJCILIIHC O Donntll llll'lI'Il l indshllt r s C tt C w 1nd l orly nt Broun Roll IIYIITIIIIII Cxtorgt Vs lllt Arllnt l-lanlo. Anlta SCIIINICII lktnntth C oughlxn Hwrrltt Applt Bu trly Htdstrum llrnk Budnnk Ind Nlrldrtd Dmhl tonird Nlllltr Nllldrtd Lhlminn Arthur Nlxrk Ruth Chathad l oray nt San! Ruth Btlnnt Bob CI1t-.llltr mnguigt Class Fxrt Drrll Portman Broldmst Rtport Card Day n Day for Graduatti Vklalttr Htrrman lht Itn Commmdmtnte Mrs Ramm Cold Drggtrs it C l C Rtprtstntatlyts l IH No Angtl Dorothy lonts Slut Dont Hlm Vylrong ltuhtrs Nfhn md Brll Bry in C oltmun 1nd Darltnt Dongti Wlm11 Prlct Cllory Johnny C arrol Vwluy Dovsn Inst Btlpurk I htattr Ihr Vlllky Vw wx Frtshman lunch I ablt lht lnformtr Rtport Card D1HClI1g Put Bonnlt Homngton Rnythlng Gots Xllfglflld Dscar Iht VJIIHCSS Clhur OHIO. Btnth Show Ihtm 'No Xltrty Nlr Nl Hrlt l86 2 C C i ,, : C 'K ' ' Ty,k,'I'yr,, C. 1 .1 ," C: C L fr' ' -' . , I ' I ' ' VI j .. K . ' , ' . ' I j I VJ' '. .. i . I I1 A ' ' . CII lf' ll-- Ilul 1 .I I .I,I I I IL I I CII I-I. I L 4 L II I I L I , . I I I L , . . - ,. I I I' I ' I I' t I ' ' I I C I C C C I - I I I 3 I u A in C L I1 1 ' I' " I II H I I . I I ' I AI I I I I I I I I I I L .L 'II' I . . I L She Married Hcr Boss . Mrs. Mussehl , . . y v CN A v C I -4 I ljflIo . .I ' L I I I I I I L In I I M A X V! i ' I ' I , Pi ' x I I 3 r IX x 3 ' C K 'III . A 1 4. C C C 'CC I x v 5' KI C C I ty I ICL - C nf v y I 1 I I N 5 I I C y I v IL - V A . Cy- 4 I C r I 3 3 3 L I D35 I3 IxI A I I II . . I I I I I x I CL L I V C C, - I ADVERTISEMENTS Ibn guilt mdybudmss xu haw to our Adurtxsyrs may by setthd md our appuuatlon shown by thu patronagi of thur products uhmucr posslblp To tlu folloumg a xou of thanks IS axtmdgd for thg xx ondnrful cooperatlon gum us m producmg thls book MISS J CJIIRIYIIXNSI X l1I1rarzfAc1L1su MR B Kounu MR H C Lxsskx Photographs MRS Jmfmm All MR L W HACIRTH JR Ol fha fxofumbzcn IHCIFCILIHU Fo Me R A SOILM Ol the Wuzshull Pholoqruphws MR W N11 HALQ Of the lrcd lxlnm Co lrznters J SCHXXAIRTZ Of the Beckfold COLCI' Co I E 1 m A m I x x x rx vm N vm ' x II u L 3 3' Y 3 5 YB I 5 Q , y' v x I s u m u . is - 1- - 1 RR . . R I' . A 15 , .'.,. A . . 1 BU.SlD6'S.SI77CIU 1 u 1 L' .A k. 4 , . . . ll . . 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O O 466V "?-Siqiwm S5 E Use our 10 pay budget plan Small down payment 0 carrylng charges You buy at actual cash pnces nbeatable a I u e 1 ll STUDENT SUITS The Stsle Leader fox Sprmg New double breasted sport and plaldb efccellent quahtg long W6Z:1I'1l1g fabrlcb Celanese Illllllgb a stand out from ex erx pomt of new 6 INCLUDES 2 TROUSERS TALON TAILORED KLBE BIHIS Sr C Two Stores o Men a d Boys MII WAUKLE IRVING PARK AND CICERO AVENUES Ma .:1-" IE555E555525frf?55E?E5EriffiiilfiiFEE223535:55355555EZffifES:5ff:ff3Q555i555?1iifE55fffEEE55f?fEfE?fiEE5E??Ef5?2'f???wv-M...3 I "W- I I. .1 we,--3,3--"---E-5321,-525f52if55fl555155555555E5535511:,Q:1:351355ErIQ332555Q55355?s:::5:3515g2g5gEg5,2g?Qi555ZE1g5:j,1'E5E,iEfE5251'3f22E5E255EE2E2i5f553g5552:g5:53:g5:,A iggfftrsisiiffisiiiii:?:,255:5i51E55:?5g5:..g2,5.'1,5',,, . jfs :I ' If '..iz':2:':f:-:':v:l,,QQ2EIEr':frf:2:f:7:f:7:-ZI'2'. 21:315fffIfIE?fF5:gI-L'-.-:f11:Y:2'-,"i:F:f5T:5I'1:2ffflfrgij-.Z'-:-:-::2:':2:'-'EI:vgI.2:2f2E1g ' .'iz-'-.-..'."-,-E112EIfI1I1:f5:f:-:-:-:1:1:2:'-'g'.41I1g'3- V. 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I S IL . , IIIIBSS demands See T IS not by mere chance that for the last four generations tl11s one school has tralned so many business leaders Our graduates haw e had so thorough and so Pl actlcal a trallllllg that they ale fully qualified to fill lmportant posltlons ws Hltlllg fol them Execu either ale graduates of the college 01 have had satisfactory experience hlrlng gladuates call our Employment S BUS Department daily fOl efficient em plo ees As a Bryant 81 Stlatton ,yin graduate you ale assured entree to De'cPh and acceptance by a large Fraternity et of successful Alumni and other busl ve g I ness men who belleve whole heartedly in the school Co educational VISIT WRITE OR PHONE RAN 1575 ryant al Stratton ULLEG Establlshed 1856 18 South Michigan Avenue Chicago Ill1IlO1S I92 , - 5 ' ' . p a Q ' H: , tives i11 every type of business, who ' "" -4 ' ' A ' in ' ' - , Course : iness Ad- . . . ministratiou, Executive - Secretarial, Accounting, y . . . . " Stvnoty 1 , I mptometer . ' and ic a one Opera- , tion, t . Complete ' bull in on request. Day ' '. or E nin C asses. , . O l U 0 . J 1 9 BY THESE YE SHALL KNOW THEM All rrght hortty XVuy do you huyt to ubhlt vabblt gabblt Cmt you fmd somtthmg to do XVork on your outlmts And thit sort of thm t I tytr ttll you 1 out 11. UITLL O 1 I m too tasy yyrth you Xlort DIHIOINIIHL Itonomtts IS tht studyothusr rttssuttyrtyfromthtstmdpomt Lk. right ull fl 1 yu n ytr ltt mt t 'Noyy stop If Htrold Vyhit trt you dorms Harold Qtop tyllungo Hu old Plt 1st tlkt your st If Arty quttrorts Qptn your homlys tbout Shtktspttrt Htyt you hnrd thrs story Rrght fact acatt that locktr tr you zgxmst tu yya yy ISIILP urtt pltlst ryt TTI SOITIL MSI Noyy stay put You thls nott thu DAFFYNITIONS Druggtst Ihr, orrgmtl gloryhtr of tht Amtrrtan glrl NX dlsmst yyhlth rs oth t t tyts htyt rt md somttrmtst t nost tyyn hroktr Xltn yy ho hyt o tht Htl ol tht md tuotk roosttr ru th Pasttr I trldt Irtmt Iht sun srgn of ram Rtdutmg Lyptrt A ptrson yy h y tm ttkt your hrudth ayy ty Splghtttt Tortlgn tntmgltmtnts THE QTORE FOR DAD AND TI-IE LAD TOMPKINS HABERDASHERY PAI ISADI 624 Stvles 0 Today wzth a Touch o Tomorrow l94I 17. " ' ' 18. "V - 19. "I'l1 butt- ' . Q I- . " I ' ' . " gt -, 20. 1 'h X Tv. nf-Q1 " -C, . ,Q ,ll . -. X C x T 'Q' , " A I' 5 y Zl. t ' .j . ? ' ' ZZ. U1 1 ' . "- . M L 'Y Y I 'St't'1,Lltlt' UAW . "DH ' ' tb tl' .. Y . 'x,., ' 5' i ' L H V ' Flu-f. "' '. h ofsocialwclfnrc. affirnmtiyw and negative. Somctrmcs . "All 'R -L 'gltf' " , "Yr w- 3 - nlkf' IDL V 4 .YA y f ff - Y - L A slr . " ' 7 1 - V y? . . ' L ', t ' r, , P' Pu' H -4A . - c . if . t 1 7. t' 7 X . 'f. ' rv 3 X' fl . 3.x .Ag . i x 5. . . H , X ,J ' . , . . " 5 ,' L 5 oh Ycs. T " ' - ' 1 " v. 1 s '- - 'V' ' 1 4?4 1' 1 1 - . ,. f 2,2 .2 I , f f Congratulations to tlwe FOREMANUAL STAFF from tl'1e CIVIC INDUSTRIAL CLUB CINIRAI If J KESL CO SLITI 700 JEWELRY MANUFACTUR RS OF Class Rmgs Pms Medals Fraternzly and Club P1115 I9I I 1 lI,I.'IIIfI 12,0 Q2 " . 159 NORTH STATE STREET 5 BELL MOTORS Inc HUDSON AND 'I l RRAPI ANI AUTHORIZI D DI AI PRS SERVICE THAT RINGS TRUE wOn0 NORTH LIC ERO AVENUL PENSALOLA 5510 75 USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM FUTURISTICS IL n p Iorrum Kohui Inn Klos lorrnm Kamlnskl Dorothy Kosmnlla Nldfglfnl lum Cnorgn lmkos Ihmhuh M1rt1n Mary Mrlwfo Iorrum Pgtrrson Knhgrlnr SLDUILII 1 'IXIQFHL Slrrhrr Dorothy Stxnd Dorothy Irupp florrnu Vw1SSLrm1n Dorm SIUIID Qxlidyu. Irvys Grim Ihrohlld Iona Iurrk Lulyn frrgl Ioh Hunan Mirlhi Brrnkn florgncr Snrfnga A1015 Quslak Crain Kiplanskl lorraxm laullm Rom Mary Blank SEI EWARDLSS Dolorw 'Vlan Pollack TEACHER Mnbd Strndar Mlldrnd Slclupanxak Nnk Iamlll Iucrlh Krungur lrona Kuchgnbgckrr Eulyn Mugllnr 'Vladellm ODonnL1l Srhrlus lohn ILILSTIICIKI Vlrgmn Andrrson Cnorgr Turschrll Cnorqr Qhn kulm Murnl Imreon lim Ohh Curl Hamm Edvxln Jzxnkovyuk Hxldi Klrmr Vrynn Krlly Eluanor Kolb Vw71ll1am Murphy Horrncn Pudnlrk Cacllla Sokolskx Edwln Sronkowskr Ruth WEISS BUSINESS COLLE E h4lll Sl WIWIFII Tl'llNl 0l'l'NS ll NIL 22 Intcnmve lndlvrdual lnstluctwn and ploglew expellenced ln tlUCt0lS flee em ployment SGIVICL for raduate Reduced SUDTIUQI laten Full Cledlt fm hlgh school busmecs txammg, SUMIVIPR HOURS 8 30 I'0 1 PM VISIIORS VNFLCOMIL BOOKLET 0N RFQUPS1 IJONNINFOWNI SL H001 '31 S01 IH VN ABXSH XVENLE NORTH VS FS'l SC H001 1904 NIORIH NN ESIERN -KN ENUE 1 I ku 1. I96 I I v . ,. . T . . , . . . . . . . . . . 6 1 ' r ' . 1 fCXUV'Illf7L -41 fro 7 agp X31 4 L- X x x XL - 4 1 . H I I Y E K X 'I x' H Q- x A - . I" - .I Y I" I 1' ' I I I . 4. ILNSE L 1 In Li I . T L VT, E xl VAT T L Tk E 1 E L E V Q E Y, Y I D 1 3 R I D I X 'A '43 ' 5' 3 'I . 1 1 i i I 5 h YH I 3 3 I 1 I ' X Marion Peterson, Myrtlc Pflicgcr. Eleanor Wons. TRAVELER 1 Adrian I- . x- 'Hx ' ' ' "I - 'x . J ,f . T, . ' 'cv .,, " f ' . . . r ' 1 . f. A , ' f . . . I n S fl x v , 4 ' v N v x y - I ,- r . . . Q I X 1 Y' 1 1 V V V Y . . , K, ,A A A A A 4- no D , A II. . ., ,II I I. I I, .SI IIII I I- I fn ..' ' l ' T. r , A . . ,. . . ,, , , , , -wr. L L J I J 15 V V. V . - ,H Y . v 1 41-1 7 A 1 I r v v y , . , H v V- y 4 ' A 11' A A ffqllflll-'l' Ii XVIII! ' -- :llnl .xl'llli1Il"P A vc-s.l The Place to Buy School Supplies of Every Kind FOREMAN SUGAR BOWL Across from School on Le Clanr Lunches Sodas Compfzm 111 0 If e F OREMAN PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION ANTON J KOLE NORTH QIChRO AVENUI QUALITY MEAT MARKET PEN 1Col104 1 J J BARNEY LUMBER Co H We t D o Strut fOl N EDSTROM S FOOD SHOP D1 LIC ATISSI x Holm Mfxm S1 1 CIAI 111 s 4XXctD XXD ,D I e of ff J 5222 ' ' SL L 2 9 U A A 2 1 if GH As 1v1s1nQ '- r , JM CHICAGO 504 ' ' As ivcrscy Avenue lffwmll LINQ l"4i-INK A lcl1s.1Cul.1fllllZ "Q cllx I 97 I BY THESE YE SHALL KNOW THEM 'VI15Q H1rt Vhw C otsftlcit Nhis H1rk1ns Nhss I1tobs NIr KLIIIUSS NIrs R 1mm yI1ss IVI1cIx1y Nhss D1n1tIs 'yIr Iahorlk Nlrs Vylllktr Nlrs Boughton Nhss Ntlson Nhsi Ffftmg 'yIr Jtnklns Nhss 'VLC ut r r r r C 1pt Rod 'V I ttny 'VINQ CSIIIIS Ixough M1lofI I'n1gItr I 'tsetn IIIUSLII A LOVE SONG Vyhth 1 irltnd I Savy you pass Proud ht vyas to hayt you I h1d Sought you but 111s Vw 1s not yy ortI1y of y vu Slttpltss mghts 1 broktn hm Ihtst I sufhrtti for you IIIHH2., SLlIIKlHg on my p1rt Only stttntti to bort you Rly 1Iry lncrnitd my Ioyt Oh you must bt mlm dtar ouQ11d bt t11n tt vy tncs IDL rm tht: Im tht btt L Q om you yt bttn so h1rti to S you d1rI1ng Ittttr Ulrtth Schyy trdtttgtr Some. of us thought vy-. vytrt blg guns at sthool although yyt ntytr brought homt good rtports The Covers for the 1936 Foremanual BECKTOLD COMPANY ST LOUIS MISSOURI CHICAGO OFFICE EAST JACKSON BOULEVARD HARRISON 0787 IOSI ' I A V . ' 1 ,: Z. t I H 1 I , ' . I -I. I . . ' S I' 'I ' " -I Q -1 'f . - -. rt O. I' I , . xg, 1 .x i . V b gg. I 'ig' 5, . 1' my , . ,YI g V IO. 1' .. ' I ' wg v ' yin I v yy' ' f - N Then. at last, from realms above. - I - - , . U . . ,, 15. A,'L,A.A .i, N ,I 1 Ill ' I c. I-nr. I6. M . ' 1 17, M , L ' I sho ' you to my' Irri' If . I g ' 18. M. ' ' I tcll '11 ' 1 't'rf IQ- M - I JI. ' "- -' 3 . win. zo, .I . I . , I , , ZI. .Ir. ' K' 1 ' 22.1 I '. ' " '1 '-1. By ' 1 O 80 The Secretarial College Courses ralse you ar aboze the standard 0 the college or hwh school graduate B14 IlN A PRP I' I4 RRI' D LI ASS I' OR I' Ml l OY MI' NT OUR C RADUA'1 ES ARIL EMI I OX ED OUR ILMPI OX MENT DIL PARTMILNT HAS N0 W AITINC IIST The Post Q radudte Course for girl griduites ot the High School mu be completed in four months Manx of our high speed Shorthand wiiters entered The Secretarial College imme diatelx after High School Graduation We haxe eniolled Ill our courses not onlx graduates of Colleges Foul months course includes High Speed Dicta tion Legal Work Court reporting practice Edi phone Comptometrx Filing and Switchboaid A thorough training in actual office practice Othei Secretarial courses and the Business Administration Course include the Pathfinder Course in Executixe Accounting recognwed as the best in modern accounting p1 ocedure It will mn you to inx estigate our courses before making 41 decision You will saxe both time and mones C111 write oi phone for further lI1fOI" mation THE SECRETARIAL COLLEGE -1114 Irwlng Park Boulex ard Ixlldare 2306 I Q l I O O D . I , 2, . O . 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , v 1 1 I J A AA L K 1 I I 0 1 1 1 1 3 ' 1 7 1 I L J 0 ' 1 ' 1 1 V 1 W 4 L, A 4 I A . 3 - I ' ' Y .' ' Y' f 2 2 .' . . r h 2 .V . 1 - K1 L1, tv L1 the High Schools, but of the leading Business I f 1 1' ' 1 ' ' . , , . . y .- 9 lv? 1 Y. 1 ' I I . , .4 E - j' 1 .N1. ' 1. x11 1 l cy' fi v I I 1 4 . ' , '- , Y. v 99 STUDENTS' Good food wisely chosen builds healthy bodies and strong minds PROTECT YOUR HEALTH' EAT WISELYI Your Uwn School Lunch Room O er only the Best Food zn Health ul Combznatzons AT COST JI ffm If 111 ffm 111 FRIEND FRIEND FAVOR RUHL 86 CO HAROLD A SIMS Nw South XX xbish Ax 6-mle MOTOR CO ARTISTS MATERIALS AND 7770 NK5ftll C ILCIHU AY CIILIC HARRISON I Bl:RKSI-IIRI: 40 I 1 o I I H 5 . f . . C01 fl A UI ,vrff C11 f? I c A' nf L1 .1 , . - ,A I Q I ' ... C C 9 T 510 T ' ' 5 5 OO I Thus YEAR BOOK Tells Cur Story,Too Every Year Book IS a record ot accom plushment and ambntxons achieved We like to thunk ut tells our story ot an ambltuon achneved too tor truly we are proud ot thas annual It tells we believe tar better than words the tune work we are donng And 51 years ot steady growth and progress are prnntung buyers every year No matter what your pruntsng problem may be letterhead tolder or booklet let us help you FRED KLEIN CCMPANY Printers 732 Van Buren Street Chlcago lllmols efii?-1 ll011 evidence that we are pleasing more .:.,"r24 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR THE FOREMANUAL MARSHALL CSUCCESSOR TO MABEL SYKESJ 162 N STATE STREET CHICAGO STATE 9469 11TH FLOOR I I 4 P ZSJQCEQ 0 2 I d leaf' . hool se due' toagrgook- . C' 's Ye b an , thi Cohinvizws In eng ht - thgug . bOth In QI1. for tion to dettiality hiwof the Attan nfiden . ations and depen the cz ol Public mbim sc 0 Cglu samgng Leader LUMBIQSZPANY CO C GRAVINGC1u"Stmt EN 547 South I nunoi. chime 4' "'-'a"en4. 'lomaud Qfvfll 'val-odaollro qotbodn I 0"""6"'IA0"llfolnon opnllod f' ' "" 'flfl 1" b"oIih0In9 FL U"-"href In fha Inu. 'lf' pf-'alan an of 560 190 I I PM Qqd , 50 0'75q 'bg-'lvri s oolyq ' flue cam. was xboflf In Mo Hmlulal ll' lure., 14440311 995' and nf wrt- 'Nuff' ur-:bloc ua r Po nor only Nga.. 0 -'w'1'5b4, olof4,1-4 '-"4of0'no:-4 ann bu: ' - ' -'iqlafroz-y:'tqv fL'2L:'.1':.::.f 8 C' 'fw.-if? K Ollllhbion """"""9 Gvhmany "'0- oz.,-4 sb. na. AUTOGRAPHS Aly 31w Mmm Tw ,, 7fK'i?jK5'M7gWJ'V

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