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1960 FLEUR de LIS ffaia, Xi XDVISI R EDITOR IN KHIPF Publlshej by lhP yournahsm staff f Nh hx fd . V A . . A D fy Fordson High School, Dearborn, . 'C 'gan. in ANN' 4 , AK3 Hkx Q 4 ...ff-..,. 1 0 'P ALT ,,.,- -sry... ,Qs- W FACULTY STEP BY STEP FACULTY AND CLASSES PRESENT KNOWLEDGEg 55" is SQ L I? ' Q 9 W x F Bw- 'F P Cl. .' DEVELOP OUR SOCIAL LIFE EACH PREPARING US FOR OUR FINAL STEP R DL TION 4 awgi, gf v ll ., 7 lg tw if' X- I n s S E AL EVENTS 9 I G A 'A A' FLEUR de LIS DEDICATED After devoting forty-four years of his life in the educational pro- fession Mr. Jesse Cripps counselor and business education instructor retired last semester. Mr. Cripps Fordson faculty mem- ber since 1938 was a business education instructor and later a counselor--a responsibility which he mastered skillfully during his last eighteen years at Fordson. Along with these duties, he taught night-school typing, sponsored many senior classes, was seen at almost all school dances, and was an ardent fan of all Fordson plays. Although Mr. Cripps will have much new time on his hands, he will keep himself fairly occuoied by fishing, travel- ing, land perhaps baby sitting or counseling for his seven grand- children. Because of Mr. Cripps' long and successful period of service to Fordson, the 1960 Fleur de Lis is dedicated to him. 6 T0 FORDSON'S MR. CRIPPS .lust as a company is only as good as its leaders, a high school is only as good as its faculty. The faculty is the group which chaperones dances, ath- letic contests and other extra-curricular activities. They not only teach things written in text books but act as an advisory group. When a student has a prob- lem or a question many times his best friend will be his teacher A student learns only as much as his teacher desires to teach h1m It is the faculty which makes a high school scholastically accredlted and helps each student progress upward on the stairway to the future X I f l' . 4.nv4.1,.-o.s-diana: .n.s. FAC LTY I 7 l ,Xxx X ,f r-42. f 451' , Y' 4 im ,W 1 3 A "7fg5f1'if h ,f ' ' u,,. X f Jil' - - - ., . , 'ti nl' ' ' ,Qi X 1.3, , xx ,., l 1, f If: ' '- ' N f gsseavv ' .I ,I-1 A x - XX V - W J' .E Q t , it lifi, 'U . .- A " ' . ' 1- 1' ,li X r gl ,xi ll- ,Q :Qc X .' " ' Q ' A- N ll' ll is 'il l 'gqguewsvw K ' f "fi -2-I it X X ' L ' 'ai 'r' .1 Nl YQ: i in X., X, Hi Qt. ' N X x x w , , i et -at yr 2: ,,....,....,...,c t . I a- .-at 1 1 S' -.-. if.: - H - r ..x. c- , R A W -X, U- . 4 xx, pe ' I, ,.' F4 N X '10, a'- . L- 'QQ Q-5 5 ' guy-11's X N 'C ' 5' C l' li: :L 'Z-' ?"' - ' - -' -I -1 I, .I Z: i x' an . O. er' H. ' .F ,i , . 'ii' lg.-if ' .' '-T ,-,gg-A X' f 1 , Qu M, .lx gut, .' 4 ' X N i 1.-.i 1. :- 1-, t wt I X I ,L 5, ' it l'Il-' l'3i . V 1' . 1 N ttf. i 1 , . r - t -- 1- r f -S--'M I' 1, pl I '. - ,' ' X ,' " i - , A . , , . - -- ' 's " H . X N , Q . 2 X V i ' '- lil' uf, . fu ' ,fi X ,.' lv ,' QL- , X - 4- X. ' s , - 'Writ X i .sq-bk X-A SQ X -433.-A A , . 1, I- y , 4 . ' 1 , , , w Q N X . taut . . , ' ,la 4 - X 1 4 -S Q X10 X is 1,-,Y , 'lf' Q ! r!-fgk : K f s x. wise XX N' N - --z f , - '- ,g-Q 1 es X., . - tw f -N fa ix i 5 1 XX , l - ' X S N - X X . V ' x ' i Q1.iQg+-Q-Q-fs , X X X h '. in-. wr.-A 1-sl f , 'S' A XX- '-,1 . tlx -iv-358 ' tx x:Q1.-ggrr -Y' ' A X K . 4 - pg, X 1 ref , X ca.. v x S' N f ? AX A h t 'ff s-X P, ....... X A 1'-"-. N--4' r' X QXXB SEG,- , , XX X X 3 1 .5 3 PRINCIPAL AND ASSISTANTS WORK BUSILY T0 KEEP FORDSUN RUNNING SMOOTHLY Putting his signature on some important papers for the coming year is Vlr. Dorman W. Ardis, principal. Nlr. :Xrdis has the important job of keeping l"ordson's personnel pro- gram running smoothly. EY, ws 11 l R ff l. Contemplating some student records is 'lliss Elizabeth Ur. .Iohn P. Romanow busily works at his desk. Nlr. Rice, assistant principal. 'Nliss Bice has the timelconsum- Romanow's chief responsibility is being in charge of ing job of planning students, programs and is in charge student affairs and the Student Council. of keeping all the records of individual students in good order. Nlrs. Ylary Caring is the senior secretary and heafl of the office staff. She has charge of transcript records ancl senior credits. and. if this isn't enough to keep her busy. she also assists Nliss lllizabeth Bice. assistant principal with program scheduling. FIRST ROW: .-Xnn Banciu, Nlary llibeau, Vlary Barbat. SECOND ROW: llelen Brough, Xlary Caring. Lottie Konon 3 . ii. 5 ,, 1 l 1. l I M 7? l, ,4 A 5-'P'T' Q? Nlrs. llelen Brough. hordson's attendance secretary, has the big job of stuclent accounting. This means that she has to keep track of everyone in the school, the number of students in each class. and the number present each day. .-Xlso she is in charge of enrollment. ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE TEACHERS ...J FRONT ROW John Bonflgllo Dorothy Burrell Beatrlce Slmmons Wlllxam Wahlberg Nelle Drlese Eugene Cummlns SECOND ROW Iorne Colter Mary Beauchamp Mxchael Cardone Dorothy Tlttle Iames Osterberg Irma Shoemaker Wanda Koch Cllbert Hamllton THIRD ROW Ray Schultz Hllda Eastwood Nl8l'l0l'l Flsher Florence Schuster Frederick Allen Harry Meyer Edna Stowell Eugene MATH AND SCIENCE TEACHERS FRONT ROW Arlene Huard Wnlllam Kauth Em1l1o Cont: Ross Slabaugh Herbert Beddow Theodore Barton SECOND ROW Dorothy Tlttle Robert Olsen Charles Lehman Mark Morman Joseph Katona Lxllxan Parris, Edwin Vaughn THIRD ROW Wlllxam Maas, Harry MCK1tflCk, John Hamel, LOUIS FIIZ patrlclc, Howard Nebel, Jack Pflager NOT PICTURED Thomasme Breher, Harvey Faxlor 10 E " Q- u- ' ' : f' -' ,. " " K . -- L A.-A ' ,, :L - . 1, " 1 .. 8 , N I- i ' .V 5 X . 7' . Y. . . . . 1. . . ' 1 9 1 1 1 - 1 - . ' ' -' 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 - 3 , 4 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 9 . . I I H . . . . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 SOCIAL TEACHERS AND LIBRARIANS FRONT ROW Fllnor Baker IOUISC Wllson Donald Calkms John Curran Wxlham Watson Stuart Anderson SFCOND BOW Frank Davls Allce Locklm Iohn Fowler Charles Held Norbert Zakolslcl Bruce Chambers THIRD ROW Archie Allen Wlllxam Maas Sonja Fvanoff 'Vllchaelsavage Ray Parker BUSINESS EDUCATION TEACHERS FRONT ROW Nlarxon Hunslcker Samuel Kopp Flden Cross Jesse Crlpps Norma Hall SFCOND ROW Mary Clelland Clara 'Nlae Beach Elsle Frextag Beatrice Simmons THIRD ROW james Todd john Beauchamp Wade Smlth ,lane Lombard 'WOT PICTURED Ethel lvanoff 11 Everett mu. NOT PICTURED: Gertrude Boys. y ' ' , I I l INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION TEACHERS FRONT ROW Jerome Toler Carl Roll Glenn Bockstanz Eugene Schotthoefer Paul Luoma SECOND ROW Sam Vaslu Jack Elston Harold Cross Ernest Kraal Ted Matley Carl Brawley THIRD ROW Henry Lewis Henry Seekamp Ray Brown Clyde Randall Harvey Smith Kenneth Howard NOT PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHERS FRONT ROW ,Ioan Hltchner Vxrglnla Valentzne Wllham Colovas SECOND ROW Laurence Soldan Katherme Godfrey Allce Krug Garvase ,Iach NOT PICTURED James VanderHull George LEWIS Wllllam Letsche Nllchael Megreglan 12 j J M x PICTURED: john DeHeus. ' ' ' l l MUSIC, HOME ECONOMICS, ART TEACHERS FRONT ROW: H. O. Leyrer, Mildred Lyman, Gladys Biestek, Dorothy Lynch. SECOND ROW: Lawrence Miller, Wanda Koch, Virginia Witherspoon. THIRD ROW: Rex Brown, .Iames Irwin, Norman Cramer. NOT PICTURED: Jeanette Melick. "OPEN HOUSEN SUCCESS FOR PARENTS Ill 1 1 Club, Donna Ba Oh, IZA, tfsneak a bit to eat during n interested mother admires her son's work and, at the same house for the parents of Fordson students' time, becomes better acquainted with Mr. H. O. Leyrer, art instructor. 13 of Future Teachers Club, ,Ieannie Wier, 12A, and A 1 79 ,Zh f W jgzji, gf 'Y 4? ' 'Z 39' 'iii If - 5249" K :aan Wi "M -:.xJNiYfU"",'u Su? -s M :Lf " 13" U g,qE'?iA-vw -' 14" lp 'A w 111 ' l W 4153 'f?'f?'f" 2 mgv.44,,,g, Hrgliff-5 1 - W 'TA' X 12233 I .f ,sv 1 3 2'is51:Qi4'Qv.J. X 9 ff" F51 ' ,X q, gb an ,4 '.f'15iE?, pl x VY, si A 1 ' 'Q' ,,,, S 7. Y , f -fp 4. -1 , .V .s 4. H ft' A az, f ly? 47 5 1 , ' ag . at , -um 'X X I f f, I Q 9 ,Xa ggi 'L 1 5 4 'Y IWW' 1 if W X S Qi LQ f i 4 I -if ff is ,, Q, 'Q 5 Q X 4 " ti?-5.3 xi! mom" 21: ., 5 9 1 Q Pg ' ' x , f Q wr , 5 e 5 I. ,H ' 'rev g K :p,..xq,:r3 , 5 16? , , A V '-f1 5 gd b A 4' if-FA 'T , ' , 4 -xr vtrfnig F fri, any .. v N3 A 155521 ,V , 1' Q1 f .X,:f,f, 53, Y u - P - 511 ' .1 QF':P'!ff1'f ' . - A , -21 'au ' 1 fix 1ffiws2 .,Q ' 1, g , " 4 5 iii' A 'i-' 7. 'Q ., , 'f ' -'.f,', , ff' ' -'vi' K' , ' li '?'?3"' 1 ' W. V N -fm A Qv S ,. 7,2 - E, , I 5752-M "gig, w , , , . if T i ' HA W uf , , f f . f 4: f 'Y .-Ly. N. 1 'Ta 1 ., A ., 4 , 'rg --3'fL'?s,Q:. , - ' ' I 1 - A-iwigfww. .- ........-.. COOKS HSMILE HUNGRILY AS THEY PREPARE THE DAILY LUNCHES liininm, goomll 'lihis seems to he going through the mincl of one of the cooks she wraps rlonuts. 'K- Preparing a lunch speciality, hamburgers, are Urs. lfvelyn Chiaclo and Urs. Alice lohnson. gl- xlrs. lfflith Vloorc unrl llrs. 'llary llurnian rliscuss the busx lunch hours as they prepare the rlaily salarls. 15 wr ' 31? I 1 J., cb. ' y fs fl-g.7 N . ' W sf' -'Ana' -Q nv i Y Q 17- 5 . gig' y'+Cp.w'fM fy ,Q A 7. A as 5 1 Q x P Although school offers some social and extra-curri- cular activities, academic studies and classes are by far the most important part of school life. As the class bell rings and the day's work begins, we are able to absorb the valuable information that e teacher passes alongto us ln a sense classes teach us responslbility ll hen we receive our assignments we always manage to get them in on time no matter how late we haveto burnthe midnight oil Flasses the second step in the stairway to the future are a most important part of our school life and are a force that shape our future lives whether at college or working in the business world I I f f If I ,klzglgainaaz 1.14. -a N . af' ' Y XXXK N xx xxx , Alffflf - ' A -px N I at P -y A--.t . , , q., ' i ' Alt ' ,f, !Q X 1 if "ily l XX ' 'tx ,, . . -l M- XX . ll ' tw-gan-use f ' X ' '- 'Q ,M - X - ' ' - l. 2-It E at . 141- W lla- ti, K Xe In d :E X - if 'lm A- ' X . . at lx 5, ll, A XX t X 3 xg' , o,Queu!""""" X ' - - ' L - wa . Q5 Ng. h tty- , , it ,N X. , ,4 X: 5-.5. . ,g X y Y 'X ' I, ,gb V. up F' 1 if 'il it ' . , -, H- Rt. -. if rio' X" m . -X :- A .x . it K1 K u.. , vu - - -1 st 'L --5 f.-Q X- ' X' 54? PH RQ ki- , -j,! ,Q h 17, pt. -4, in eq-111111116 , A -1 - t ' 1 , 'J ',' b i x- , - 9- 1 - - 'Q , lg-f E :ft if 'gt Q pf, u . ' Q- N ' . I :Qt 5.13 2,4 T , ' ' ' . 1' - . N '. . X .h ve. '1 ' A 'f - x- ' 1-tt tt i :. za ----R li., 1' " 'nf . 5 V' 3 'Milli l fl" b ' . l . u..,- l X ,, y ,-.,......s mlm- t , -.A K A .- II' I' It - X . e. 21 1- 14 1 I ' . : x. t K 1 1 ,....-- -- lt., Q' K.: Q- X r X A, N- ,, XX N ' 1, .:" a it-Q g' N. -as t,,....- Ll. 7' M J: 5 X, ,Z .Lf 'l ' ' ! A ll lil , ff X N ...W - - i X lt., , N X , X - . - -1 g .I 'I ' Q X N I--1-v ltr- Ns 'N i X -1 Ni U, - l Q , X ....... .N V its mls 1 I ti J 1 v ci, -?'B"X'x""w X A ,ut x --sf,-, f.-N, 3, , . . XL 4-5-'ii M XV rl'-Qt x t ' X ix -'f . . . W 2-mm S ' pxosta- wmv X -t xx- 'Q X X-, A 5 , - 5 - - w X i ' Q yy . , F' ' 2 XXS' A -42' While giving his speech, 12B Tony Cairo stresses the use of his hands, an important part of public speaking. Listening to Tony are january graduate, Bill Kujala, 11A Harold Otto, January graduate Gloria Parello, 12A Anja Orama, l1A's ,Ierry Husyn and Dennis Vigna, January graduate Tom Corey, 11B Bob Bates, 12A joe Chiado, 11A's Linda King and Rita Blackmon, llB's ,Io Pietrandea and Evelyn Brettschneider, IIA William Selcel, 11B Chris Aranosian, and January graduate, Josette Alessandrini. ENGLISH CLASSES WRITE , USE EXPRESSION Writing papers in class is one thing every English student does. Miss Edna Stowell helps Toni Gallo, HB, with a confusing sentence. Those writing are Barbara Bumstead, Ralph Edwards, Barbara Galfano, Pat Kolcheff, Joe Colliton, Pat Fondren, Toni, ,Iim Marietti, Danice DeLyon, Jerry Hreian, Bob Maurer and Helen Yount, all 11A's. 18 Hui' Putting on plays gives students a chance to display their acting talents. Leading characters in the pl ay "Our Town" are,Standing, PLAYS AND POETRY HELP DEVELOP STUDENTS' KNOWLE DGE OF ENGLISH Alto voices take the part of the "mellow golden wedding bells" in Nlr. l,orne Colter's third hour English class. 19 These girls recite the part of the "brazen bells" in their English class third hour. "When in doubt, use the dictionary!" Miss Dorothy FRENCH, GERMAN CLASSES PLAY GAMES, SING CARoLS Tittle's French 3 class is using this advice, and, her assistance. Looking in the dictionary are 11A's Ron Jameson, Gerry Romanick, and Roy FVlcGruther, Hal Newland, l2A, and Celia Desantis, HA. Mrs. Hilda Eastwood's German class was in the real Christmas spirit last December. Here, grouped around the table and singing German Christmas carols are Diane Lebedeff, HA, Cary Weatherhead, IIA, Al Claramunt, IZA, John Kornblum, 123, 12A's Richard Watson and Kathy Tietjens, and llA's Wayne Mors and Shirley Zieman. Those sitting are l2A's Martha Pfaffman, Carole Meyer, Janet Zielke, .ludy Krupski, and Paul Peirsall. my FF S ,412 Qf"""' Anja Orama, Fordson's Finnish exchange student, conducts the French 3 class in a game of French Bingo. Trying to get the bingo first, are Nadia Bondareff, IZB, Mimmi Dimcheff, 123, Penny Clark, IIA, Jeannie Usher, 12A, Beverly Mattern, IZA, and 12B's Linda Winters and Kathy Roman. X Mr. Fred Allen, Latin instructor, lends a "helping hand" to Keith Gignac, 12A. "Listening in"are 11A's Evelyn Wertanen and Frances Emrich, 12A Frances M organ, llA's Betty Longmate, Harvey Nliley, and 12A Carole Minni. llene Sikora, 128, points out one of the many lfnglish words originating from the l.atin language. Looking on are I'lA's Frank Judnick, Dale Nlullins, Phil Good, ,lim Nlarcetti, Nlr. Fred Allen, Latin instructor, and 128 Dennis Panoff. 1 2 9 T BULLETIN BOARDS, RECORDS HELP LATIN, SPANISH STUDENTS LEARN LANGUAGE Learning about a Spanish Christmas is an interesting way for Spanish l students to learn more about Spain. They are doing so by listening to a record, "Christmas in Spain". Mrs. Beatrice Simmons joins in the singing with her Spanish l class. This is one way tO learn your Spanish and have fun, tool ,.r-'Y The aid of Mr Wllliam Kauth algebra mstructor Dick Donnell com letes the r bl h'l IOA' F lc As Mr. Ross Slabaugh explains some graphs in his sixth hour trignometry class, January graduate Enzo Marzolo, 12A Carl Nlanus, Lanny Proctor, Jeanne Ferarri, and Dan Schira, all l2A's absorb his explanation. y, p po em,w1e s ran Giancolo and Ken Fabrizio finish theirs on their own. STUDY AND INSTRUCTION CONTRIBUTE TO SUCCESS OF MATH STUDENTS Busily working at their seats are 10A's Adrian Alson, Diane Korbelok, Christine Rogaczewski, first rowg Diane Krause, Susan Perry, Janet Wier, and Beverly Salancy. 22 12A Lanny Proctor relaxes in his chair as he discusses the problem on the board with 12A Norman Szalony. l2A's ,lim Prochaska and Tom Prall attempt to solve the geometry problem at the board. BOARDWORK, PUZZLES PROVE FASCINATING Xfxk As 12A Mike Antonucci attempts to put the sphere together, Mrs. Arlene Huard and other students look on. They are left to rightg 12A's Elaine Cleland, Marianna Piccone, Dan Schira, George Papadelis, Mike, Mrs. Huard, ,Ioe Baron, Joe Wrona, and Marybelle Seavitte. 23 3. -5' Physics experiments can be fun as well as enjoyable and educational. So these physics I students seem to think. Many such experiments are carried on in order to thoroughly understand the subject. CHARTS, DEMONSTRATIONS , EXPERIMENTS I Another experiment is the subject of this picture. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Edwin Vaughn, 12A Bill Michno and Ron Olesko iback to cameral work with the equipment, as Vinnie Bachorak and Janet Plumley, 12A's observe. 'wa 11A Terry Shensky, January graduate Sue Nagy, and 11A Ed Gully, watch with apparent interest the experiment that Mr. Louis Fitzpatrick, chemistry teacher has set up. 24 All eyes are on the equipment in the front of Mr. F'itzpatrick's chemistry room. The students are interested and yet at the same time slightly amused. LEAD T0 BETTER KNOWLEDGE OF PHYSICS CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY IOA's David Excl, jerry Mound, Laura Long, Phyllis Moon, Donna Brimdley, and ,Iudy Cizius, learn the fundamentals of biology, as they study the eye chart jerry is demon- strating and explaining. xx s F? 25 ii SCIENCE fo-Y 47-4 EQUIPMENT MAKES .fwu INTERESTTNG CLASSES Watch those scissorsl As 10A Toni Czribik cuts open an eye, 10A's Eddie Barlow, Carol Norton, Walter Figurski, and Terry Neidert, with their instructor, Mr. Jack Pflager watch with apparent interest. o'.n Teachers aren't the only ones who demonstrate equipment and experiments to their classes. Here a number of students carry on their own experiment in one of the science classes. Observing Mr. Charles Lehman, physical science instructor as he demon- strates some type of equipment are from left to right: 11B Barbara Smith, January graduate Dave Washburn, 11A Connie Burgess, 12B Ralph Walko, and Carol Brayman, HB. 26 INFORMALITY MAKES PERSONAL LIVING CIVICS CLASSES INTERESTING And thats how lt all happened Mr Norbert Zakolslu comblnes study wlth humor ln hls clvlcs class third hour Fnjoymg hls humor are Betty McMahon Ceraldlne Mule Tom Perkowskl and Barbara Plestrak all 12A s back row Marlon Engel Jlm Grech Pat Harrxngton and Jxmmle Soloy ln the front row As Mr Michael Savage personal lxvlng instructor answers a questxon for 12A Gxl Rodralguez the remalnlng students enjoy thexr xnformal readlng of pamphlets They are from left to rxght January graduate Mary Lou Gles 12A ,llm Todor Mr Savage G11 'Vladelme Scudlo Ann Lapeer and Barbara Regner all 12A s 27 L ,g Q , T " - ' - A X . . .. - . I .1 W . A 1 XV," tv- , Niv I , ,Y Il 7 ' 77 ' ' ' , . J : , . . . . , . Y 7 7 7 ' 7 1 1 7 ' J' f A I - ,W . -. .S - , , . . . , , . I 1 1 ! . . , ' Y 1 A 7 7 7 ' HISTORY CLASSES ACQUAINT STUDENTS WITH NATIONS, PEOPLE ,Mu F . W 4f A R. Mr. Bruce Chambers, social science teacher,watches his students as they watch a movie in their United States History I class. A ROM SOCIAL and ECQNOMIC wr we Mr. Archie Allen, sociology instructor, emphasizes some of theimportant factorsin our "social and economic democracy". Estelle Yates, Gloria Parrello, Tom Jericho, Sandra Monk, Marceline Lipsey, Pat Hutson, Luben Christoff, and Frank Marinucci look on with interest. Students in Mr. Bruce Chambers' History I class gather ' around the globe. Mr. Chambers is pointing to a small but ' I important island near Japan. Business letters are an important part of all typing classes. Here, student's in Miss Jane Lombard's typing class prepare their machines for typing a letter. TYPING, SHURTHAND CLASSES PRODUCE FUTURE SECRETARIES I Practice makes perfect. Miss Marion Hunsicker, business education teacher, makes use of this saying as Darlene Lake, l2A, Nancy Cork, January graduate, and Sue Cole, January graduate, take dictation. .X AA . ,sw fig: .MM M W i 9 K a u ' 1 1 .V f wwf. -ga. i , 3,24 ,..- Gol As Miss .lane Lombard, business education teacher, gives her class a time-test, l,ori Defalco, HB, Phyllis Currin, january graduate, Connie Clemons, HA, Yvonne Gricuenas, l2A, and Rosemarie Gallo, HB, start typing. Nw 141514 Now whlch one shall I press next? thlnks january graduate Phyllls Curran ln offlce machmes class Mxss 'Vlary Clelland demonstrates a machlne whlle Vlkkx Davls Elalne Smlth Marlon Stypula Nancy Delorenzo and I lbhy Donnelly all IZA s watch OFFICE MACHINES BOOKKEEPING CLASSES PREPARE STUDENTS FOR BUSINESS CAREERS 'Vlr Flden Cross busxness educatxon ff, 431. workmg Busy fxmshmg thelr lessons for in the day are IZA s Richard Pullen Chuck lla Fd ClCSl8 Kathy Whltt Vicky Sevakls Carole Scala Rlta Przewozmlk Wayne Rlgley and 'Vlartha Kosman ks. "!""' - k Y", JM, . 4. ll ' 93 ' , . . . . Q . I . . . . . , , . 7 , J. 9 I - . . l " ., teacher, keeps his bookkeeping 3 class af f . . . . . I v Q I - I I , I v fly,-I- if . ll, J . , , . , . B' . 1 1 I . 1 , . Y , , I . BUSINESS EDUCATION CLASSES HELP TO DEVELOP FUTURE EXECUTIVES llusiness l,aw stutlents, Diana Toscas, lfllen Schau- ppner, .lim Smith, and Wallace llrougman, ,Iohn lfratto, Pete 'l'h0mas, anrl ,lohn Nichols, foregrounrl, listen attentively to their instructor, 'Nliss lflsie Freitag. If lnteresterl stuclents listen to Xliss lflsie Freitag, business education teacher, as she reads an article from a newspaper concerning her business law class. WOODSHOP, DRAFTING CLASSES VALUABLE FOR FUTURE CARPENTERS DRAFTSMEN Along with the many other skills needed by wood shop students, proper sawing techniques is one of the most important. Mr. John DeHeus, wood shop instructor, demon- strates the proper way to use the power saw while drafting instructor, Mr. Ray Brown, 10A Ralph Mohovis, and 11A Don Sideri watch intentively. After much planning, sawing, and sanding, Ray Metz, January graduate, and Don Dziczek, January graduate, complete their projects by assembling them properly and glueing the parts to- gether. Larry Smith, 11B, Jim Rainero,1lA, and Richard Mooradior 11B, offer their assistance as the projects near completion Designing and planning their own homes is an important part of the skills taught in archi- tectural drafting. Drafting instructor, Mr. Ray Brown and 11B students, Alex Brille and Bob Bolton watch as 11B Dave Bobrowski presents his idea of an ideal home. I K - . -1 ! ! i s I Busily engaged with their ruiers, protractors, and other equipment are these drafting students in Nir. Ray Brown's sixth hour class. INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT SOLVES PROBLEMS, WORKS WITH PRESSES ' 1: 1. x, F N' , -:rs ,, 1 . ...u- r V Here, 12.4 Tom Zberkot, Nir. Charles Roll, instructor, and Keith Pletzer II.-X, clean the presses, one of the chores' connected with the printing department. 33 'mf . X . ' x Working on the lino-type machines are these drafting students: IIA ,Ioe Sontelio, ,Ianuary graduate Victor Telep, ll,-Ks Boyd Yotens and Dennis Zativarski, 12A Victor Hess, and 11.54 Rob De Chane. Sophomores and seniors alike find interest in the behavior of electricity. 10A's ,Iohn Henry and Edwin Brust experiment with the bell circuit, while 12A's John Scarcelli and Ted Rozanski devote their time checking inductive reactance in an AC circuit. It may sound confusing, but it all is a very important part of electric shop I. WELDING ELECTRIC SHOP, TWO IMPORTANT INDUSTRIAL CLASSES OFFERED TO STUDENTS ef' N Mr. Paul Luoma, welding instructor, gives some advice to Ernie Frocillo, january graduate, while he works on a ulelevision snack table". Watching and listening amen, Listening carefully to a lecture on the repair of an tively are George Campbell, January graduate, and 12A electric toaster, given by Mr. Carl Brawley, electric Dave Yasencheck. Shop teacher, are Mark Middleton, IIB, and 10A's Leslie 34 Schebor, Larry Cooper, Jerome Arasin, and Frank Wiacek. MACHINE SHOP STUDENTS OPERATE, REPAIR - CUMPLICATED P ef,-Y pp f l MACHINES 2 Half the fun of a Fordson sports event is the popcorn. Making sure that the popcorn machine is in "tip-top" working condition are 12A's Ted Horoszy and George George, IIA Neil Gardner, January graduate Bill Peterson, and 12B Mike Wehab. X-.9 instructing Tom'Prall, 12A, in the operation of one of the many machines in the machine shop is Mr. Ted Matley, industrial education teacher. Observing Tom and Mr. Matley are Fred Giovannoni, 12A, and January graduate, Ken Schroka. 35 Under their teacher's supervision 12A Marie Vasser, January graduate Marion Clark, 12A Barbara Saph, and January graduate Diana Toscas work diligently on making bows in their home- making 2f class. Cutting out their patterns is the first step in making a garment as these girls are learning. Cutting, measuring, and remeasur- ing are all an important part of it. The busy girls are: 10A Nancy Kelly, IIB Amelia Vitti, IIA Madeline Sammut, IIB Pat Surprenant, IZA Jeannie Wier, and 10A Carole Opella. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS BEGIN IN SEWING AND COOKING CLASSES With homemaking teacher, Mrs. Gladys Biestek's, helpful hand, 1OA's Emma Cornish, Beverly Nieznajko, Sandra Paszek, Nancy Warner, and Dorothy Ray examine different types of materials. Q 36 HARD WORK PRODUCES BEAUTIFUL RESULTS l During Mrs. Mildred Lyman's first hour dress designing class, 1 10A's Christine Berns and Linda Billings, 12A Jeanette Cuda, and 10A Carol Kennedy scan through magazines to get ideas for their own designs. Diligently working on their dress designs are 11A's Barbara Manga,Joe Tremaine, and Elizabeth Scott, 12A Betty McMahon, and 10A's Cheryl Dallavecchia, E159 R ,V , t 'L ,wa -1 lwn--.W ln Mr. H. O. Leyrer's second hour general art 2 class, students prepare for Christmas with hand-made ornaments. They are from left to right: 12B Brian Clark, 11A Ron Wiocelc, Sharon McLaughlin, 1lA, llB's Marjorie Tittle and Nancy Kieda. 37 Washing brushes and cleaning up is an important part of the art class as these students have found out. They are from left to right: January graduate Pat Gross, 12A Bob Lynelci, 12B Jim Gregg, 12A's Daria Feciashko and Mary Anita Cook. URN i RM Y ! ,. CLEANING UP, CONSTRUCTING A ' IMPORTANT IN ART CLASSES A .kk 12A Frances Morgan, IIB Roger Sheren, IIB Cheryl Crawford, Rachel Provine 12B, and Jean Theisen, 12A enjoy constructing their model homes under the supervision of Mrs. Mildred Lyman, art instructor. 38 PROJECTS KEEP r j ART STUDENTS BUSY , i ' ' ,. A 6 ln Nliss .leannette 'Nlelick's commercial art class, students can be seen working diligently on their projects. Pictured here are ill? Bill Picotte, 10A's Dick Donnelly and Rochelle Drouare, HA l.eean Choiniere, January graduate's Steve 'Xliller and Don Dziczek, 'iliss Nlelick, and 11A Pat Cass. Working busily on their Christmas projects are ,lanuary graduate 'Nladeline Scudlo, 12A's liouie 'Vledina and Ron Nameth,1lB ,lim 'Vlueller,and HA Sandy Zajac. Christmas projects are only one of many interesting pieces of art these general art 2 students produce. ,Ea if-153251 R . V 1 '-.lg X Painting with water colors is difficult, but looks like fun. Pictured here are l0A's Carl Bollinger and ,lim Nlaxwell, l1BN1arty Peters, l0A's Terry Cockrane, Bob Dyke, and Paul Corsa, llA'sl,arry 'NlcNabb and Donald Nlieszczur, 12A Joe Celletti, llA's Uon ,Iaszczynski and Dennis llatter. CHEST ROLLS AND 'GFLIPPY FISH FLOPS" GYM TUMBLING CLASSES INCLUDE L During their gym classes IIB girls with flinging arms try earnestly to get the ball. "And over she goesln Georgina Catallo rolls into a flippy fish flop as fellow tumblers Sandy Feldt, Marge Harder, Barbara l.ucci, Carol Nagode, Gladys Steckroth. and Pal Syzmanski anxiously look on. With ahop Barbara White and Marge Harder expertly perform chest rolls, one of the many stunts re- quired in the tumbling classes. LOCKER INSPECTION, DEVELOPING MUSCLES INCLUDED IN HURRIED ONE HOUR OF GYM "nearly for locker-inspection?" asks Hr. Lewis. while lis gym class hurriedly dresses. I f Xxr E -:I ' 1 , n-11" L Displaying lifting strength and working with dum- bells are all an important part of body-building gym classes. How are you fit for balance? These boys demonstrate their skill during their gym class. 41 W KVVKV P li-A 1 , Q Q9 A5 Q, "' S59 'Z',f,... fe 1 WT ff! . W' ., ,. ELL0 f PQ.. , ' faxvhotut ,.. x 905 4 ,,f' 1' A A X '- - X N-T , Fwy? Y ,,.1 ,.7 v As the 3:30 hell rings, some students are on their way home. Others, however, are calling a meeting to order reading minutes or discussing plans for future events. These are the students who enjoy extra- curricular activities and find time to participate as a member of a fordson Flub They find that not only academic subjects are important, but such qualities as how to get along with others and how to accept responsibilities are equally essential Such qualities are developed by students working together and making their own decisions '3ut whether they are helplng others or accomplishlng something for thelr own purpose ll IS important in taking Fordsonltes one step further on the stairway to the future 4 Zi' fi x' Mm S Ns: Whig f I -:fig r.-73 i ' f. ,rx I 4 , I xx , . 4, ' qv: . , xx. , , ll'. , ii - 4 ' I .A I' . ll. it x Bt - A-Q , w - . , - I, i . , t . 1 N. ' - , X x '. , H, X - if xt- ' X , , :fy ull' N l D ffl: s il. - NX I ' n ,-1 .V Q- X . L, I. ',., lf EQUQNINIIQ 5 li Q 'Q x 5 X - 1 ,. 4' . X ,X . , yt - V ' A' " Q Q' t. D ,- -:-Q , -r NY X -qu-1-Q-Q-ssl!!! ' X I, ' x. '. . X. "" ' ' I . I' Wi, ' . t u . ', ' O. ' tl x v 1 tr. Q- .- T "'f""""" ' ' '. f-' "' .H V- ' x -1. N. Q t .-'- fr' .' gl' I-1. fi- 5.--uuqulllv ' X , . Q. ' V, 4 -.- ul, 1 w, - ye- -I K... x N K . gl' - U, n X 'X-i fl- ' -.1 " ' ul""""""" ' --I S-' "1 ' if i Q X t -4 t '. -V j.. w ' ' 3' ' 311'-Q-l""'K -. Fat' .t- f- . X ' ' - ' .. ' A ' ln. ' - X --H" ' IMI' 1 , ' ' 4 . 1 1 L - X .--'-4- "- l I 'X ,,, N 5 x K 1 , I, X., X x . 94 'X f -iii' n x h ' L . ', - N 1' v . uri L X we wsop!! f ttf- ' so N ., g - , X -- ft meslssssr'-1"-N , , f .WN me - - yy' - gurl!! X ' XY ' Q ik. 1 Xxx its X My .qvg--cl"""s , Q' - X ....- :b , l lar my,- 4. - QA, 'QQF' X A emi--:vw . 'MQ ,' "'- .-X my 5 psos 'VP' X EQX 1 NX N xi- E i , - B '-Qll"x N I - ,R vt -N F' .SN .X .. 1 ff HY 2 lfll Ohmf fl L. X.: w,a M, Attentively reading French magazines are from left to right: Carol Pribak and Daria PEN PALS, MAGAZINES IN FRENCH CLUB lsflDJTLCJQ 5,0 Ay Watching Delores Oliverio pin up material from her pen pal on the bulletin board are from left to right Carolyn Creighton, Andrea Barwinski, Jeri Baron, Delores, Beverly Mattern, and ,Ioan Meyers. 44 L6 A Z, 1 A group singing in German is an important part of many meetings, but especially this one with all participating. SONGS ENJOYABLE PART OF GERMAN CLUB llA's Dennis Lebedeff and ,lay Cubriumg l2B's Bill Crawford and Cary Havertyg and Ed Havac, and Luciano Parzianello watch the girls as they make German flowers. They are left to right: Judy Krupski, l2Ag 12B's Lynne Reed and Diane Lebedeffg 12A ,Ianet Zielkeg and Dorothy E Erzthaler Sandee Johnson, and Suzanne Kish IL HN' fx Grouped around Kathleen Tretjens, 12A at the organ are left to right from the front row: Mary Ann Sieber, Elaine Schorling, Cora I.ynne Ridall, Evelyn Brett- schnider, Mary Drew, ,Ioan Rosenthloter, Lorelei Repella, and Frances Formosag Nlarilyn Kovacs and Kathy Kish. 5 . .5 45 BEN HUB ATTENDED BY LATIN CLUB The members of the Iatxn Club which was organlzed thls year gather for a meetlng Among thelr act1v1t1es the club attended Ben Hur N mon LATIN 4-X Ji-3 D1scuss1ng plans for a club meetlng are the offxcers of the newly formed Latln Club They are 11A Pat Sobasco presldent 12A Joe Baran treasurer 19B Sue Boby secretary and 12B Mxml Calaluca vlce presxdent 46 A 2 I . ix 'e , , 4 X cf U, f is , Z2 I 12B Gail Ingram fthe hunter? is in the process of chop- ping off the wolf's head CHA Sharon Kishl as she attacks IZA Judy Corkins in this Spanish version of "Little Red Riding Hood." 12B Kathy Pizzino and UA Sharon Seekamp look on' Spanish club officers, IIA Barbara Maronelc and 12A's Virginia Wilcox and Peg Bloinlc smile broadly as they discuss "Christ- mas in Spain." SPANISH CLUB USES LANGUAGE IN PRESENTING FAIRY TALE, HLITTLE RED RIDING HOOD" As the Spanish club watches "Little Red Riding Hood" this group shot reveals the different reactions of the members. 47 Booster Club officers, I2-N Bonnie Nlyceli, secre- tary, l2B's Kathy Kanai, president, and Beverly Pizarek, vice-president, and Gayle Krepps, treasurer, review the figures and facts carefully for the purchasing of Booster Club sweat shirts. ORDERING OF BOOSTER CLUB SHIRTS ONE OF MANY BOOSTER CLUB ACTIVITIES U, ef- 55' ',m'1-'vw . Y nl 41 Q if N Enthusiasm filled the members of Booster Club as Kathy Kanai, president, announced the arrival of the long awaited sweat shirts at one of their bi-weekly meetings. The selling of the shirts has been just one of the many club projects. Service Club offlcers IQB s Kathy Roman and Pat Hale and Karan Boore 12A are amused at what Mlml Dlmcheff 12B lS dlSCllSSlDg as the clubs new busmess OFFICERS MEMBERS OF SERVICE CLUB DISCUSS NOON MOVIES iv What s the noon movie next week? IS probably the questxon just asked by one of the servnce club members Collectmg money for the noontlme entertainment ns one of the most lmportant dutxes of a Service Club member 49 FORDSON "USHERETTES" BUSY AT SCHOOL FUNCTIONS ,lk l ug- Members of Usher Club, 12A Judy Sarrach, IIA Mary Stamm, 12A ,ludy Dershem, 12A Ginny Elm, 12B Gail Ingram, 12A's Libby Donnelly, Pat Horschak, Margaret Zager, Marybelle Seavitte, Jeannette Cuda, Barbara Esper, and Loretta Certo listen for instructions regarding their jobs at the Christmas Concert. Usher Club officers, l2A's Libby Donnelly, secretary, Pat Horschak, treasurer, Donna Balch, vice president, and Barb Dzialo, president, explain duties of usherettes for the Christmas Concert from the diagram on the board. BLUE CHAPTER Y-TEENS DISCUSS FINLAND WITH FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT ANJA DRAMA Llstenmg attentxvely at the Blue Chapter Y teens meetlng to Anja Orama foreign exchange student as she speaks about Flnland are Lxnda Lustlg IIA and vlce president jo Ann Markoff 12A Mlss Corrmne Vlncent Y teens Dlrector Mrs Louise Wilson club sponsor Glnny Elm 12A and presldent Barbara Maronek 11A Carol Peck IIA and treasurer and Suzanne Kxsh IIA Remembenng her home llfe ln Finland Anya laughlmgly tells of her many fascinating experiences both here and abroad Many dlfferences such as home and school llfe and datmg were discussed by all of the members and Anja 51 9 K Q: ,yfg-f - C, . S I ,X X g TOWER TEENS MAKE PLANS FOR MEETING Tower Teens gathering in West Hall and taking time to pose for a picture are 12.-X Beverly Niattern, 123 Nadia Bondareff,12A Eugenia Peru, 12'3 Carol Gustine,12A's Xlarilyn Pittner,Glenda Nlurphy, Anja Orama, and Donna Raloh, 11,3 Rarbara Tiossio, 1212 llene Sikora, 11A's ,Ieri Baron and Pat Fondren, 1213's Ethyl Champlain, iacki Addison. and Roseanne Niersdorf, 11.3 Pat Yagi, 1113's Diane Gibson and Rose Gallo, 12.-X Carol Uakar, 123 Elaine Bouvy, 1113 Sandy Baluk, 1213's Bonnie Scott and Kathy Kauai, and Urs. Xrlene Huard. Tower Teens sponsor. lL Reviewing their plans for a Tower Teens meeting are 1213's Kathy Kauai, president, and Carol Gustine, treasurer, 12A's Marilyn Pittner, vice president, and Carol Nlakar, secretary. 47 .ug Bill "Butch" Nionthaven, IQA, Bob Pretto, 11A, Jack Sippel, 123, and ,Ierry Bien-ielc, IZA, Tower Hi-Y officers, dis- cuss a question at one of the club meetings. TOWER HI-Y MEMBERS HOLD INFORMAL MEETINGS IN CAFETERIA W fw Tower Hi-Y members, in an informal meeting in the cafeteria, discuss all the current business of the club. Tower Hi-Y is a boys' club, affiliated with the YMCA. 53 'x ...Emi if Mr. John Hamel, mathematics instructor, looks on the officers of the Chris- tian Fellowship who are Frances Golding, organization representative, Wilma Smith, morning devotions chairman, both 12A's. Estelle Yates, vice- president, Sue Cole, president, January graduates, and IIA Pat Nesbitt, secretary are in the front row. CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP MEMBERS CONDUCT MORNING DEVOTIONS, SINGING 'SP .WN WRX , este., Q i --no USSR! January graduate and club president, Sue Cole, leads the members of Christian Fellowship in the group singing, during Morning Devotions. 54 Donna Hemk 124 president and IIA Pat Morgan, treasurer look over a book with 124 Barbara Saph, LIBRARY CLUB MEMBERS ENJOY PARTY WHILE OFFICERS ACQUAINT THEM WITH CLUB POLICIES While IZA Donna iiemke, president, acquaints new members with some of the activities of the club, the girls enjoy refreshments at the first meeting ofthe semester. Before the meeting begxns class offlcers Mary Germany IIA presldent VICC presxdent 12A Carolyn Crelghton Kathleen Abromovlch 12A treasurer 12A secretary Dlane Matchynskl 10A hlstorxan and Mrs Dorothy Lynch nurse and sponsor gather to discuss plans for the followlng meetlng FUTURE NURSES SEND GIFTS TO MENTAL INSTITUTION AS CHRISTMAS PROJECT As three members hold glftS to be taken to a mental lnstltutlon Dlane Matchynskl secretary reads the mlnutes of the pre vxous meeting The other members llstemng are from left to rlght Nancy Mrowca 11A Kathleen Abromovlch 12A Sandra Monk January graduate 11A s Fran Henrxch and Mary Germany 12A Carolyn Crelghton back row jean Duncan 12B Jane Myslewlcz 11A and 10A s Gerry KOZlCkl Claudia Orlowskl and Shirley Zleman 56 ' 1 I ! ' g ,' l , I . L, , - I : - A . ' . . ' g , - I ,X f 1 - : .1 L, I ' f 1 1 9 9 ' 7 7 7 7 l ' 7 , . ' x ' A , J Q. Q f, , ' B ' 4 if X A ' , ,. ,Ji A 1 v ' ' g Y 7 9 7 , . . . 1 7 7 7 1 1 Y 7 7 1 Y ' HUMOR, EXCHANGING GIFTS MAKES SUCCESSFUL CHRISTMAS MEETING IZA president ,Iim McLaughlin has humorously begun the distribution of gifts at the Christmas meeting, while Mr. Archie Allen, sponser, treasurer Beverly Mattern, I2A, vice-president Delores Oliverio, I2A, and secretary 12A Martha Pfaffmann look on in amusement. Future teachers club members enjoy their meetings as is evident in this picture. Seated left to right from the back row are: l2A's Patrick lVlcCollough, Ken Krawczyk, and Jerry Kukulka, 1IA's Mary Beth David and Fran Emrich, l1B's Diane Salsney and Elaine Schorling, 1lA's Sharon McLaughlin, Mary Slater, and Diane Steshetz, I2A's Karen Danellco and Paul Pearsall. The study of animals, plants, and outdoor life is carried on after school under the supervision of Conservation Club head, Nlr. 'loward Nebel. llere, observing a specimen, are ,Ioyce Straatsma, Lee Faber, Nlr. Nebel, Ruth Klesendorf, Pat Staniak, Sharon Seekamp, Peggy ,Io Aboud, and C arol Taier. STUDY OF ANIMAL LIFE IMPORTANT PART OF CONSERVATION CLUB MEETINGS dent, .loyce Straatsma, treasurer, l,ee Faber, aquarium life before their meetin 58 Club officers, Ruth Klesendorf, vice-presi- president, and Carol Taier, secretary. discuss Science can be fun' ThlS IS proved by these members of the Sclence Club They are 10A Marilyn Klann IIA s Cindy Dawson and Harold Otto I'7A s Tom Drabeckl Davxd Ostrowskl I ee Faber and Carol Tajer and IIA s DCDIS I ebedeff Iohn 'Norx and Fd Hlavac SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERS PREPARE FUR AMERICA S SCIENTIFIC FUTURE Four leaders of A-merlca s sclentlflc future are 124 s Bull 'Nhchno secretary Iohn Ylme treasurer Iohn SCZFCCIII presldent and Ted Rozanskx vlce presl dent of the Science Club sponsored by Ur Ioseph Katona 59 I H . 7, . . . . . A A . . , , . , . . . . ' 9 -1 9 9 1 9 9 9 ' Y 9 4 1 , , . 4 . 9 66 99 I Y V , - 1 so - ' 9 19 9 - - ' f 1 9 4 A 9 1 - ' Ig y 9 ' ' , ., . MATH CLUB MEMBERS, OFFICERS SOLVE IMPOSSIBLE PROBLEMS 'ii No they aren t playmg with blocks' Math Club officers Walter Jacobe 11A Marllyn Klann 10A and Dave Mlchels 12B are worlung on a problem concernlng geometrlc flgures Members of the Math Club 12A s john Scarcelll Dan Schrra and Lanny Proctor Marllyn Klann 10A Ted Rozanskl IZA 11A Walter ,Iacobe 10A s Frank Glancola and Tom Hess and 12B Dave Mlchels watch 12A John Zllne solve a puzzllng problem on the board Mr Kauth ln the back ground smlles his approval fi Camera Club members interestingly listen as a"fellow-photographer!'explains the use ofa movie camera. They are, Ron Nameth, IZA, Ron Vayo, HA, Lou Levin, 12B ,lim Nlerietti, HA, and Wir. Gilbert Hamilton, English teacher. CAMERA CLUB MEMBERS STUDY PICTURES LEARN ABOUT COMPLICATED CAMERAS Louie Levin, Nlr. Gilbert Hamilton, Ron Yameth, Brian Clark, and Ron Niayo study a picture and think of ways in which it could be improved. 61 l GAA MEMBERS AND PARTICIPATING IN "The 'number one' team is .... H, says IZA Rose Wygonik, vice-president of GAA, while I2A's Sue Neil, president, .Iudy Westcott, secretary, and Marianna Piconne, treasurer, look at the team Rose points to. Over it goes--almost anyway. Participating in intramural sports is a lot of fun and help, too, in chalking up those important points that add up to a CAA letter. These girls make a mad scramble for a "loose" ball Basketball is considered one of the favorite sports by Fordson girls. 62 ,-an ' 1 b , , N f AC' . A 9' A .fu .ff f . - . A.. ,. . .N .4 1, 'E . ' 2- A + Qi. gn 4, 3. 1' I af 4,1 . , Q 'J lf' A Q5 , 2 , ,M fa-' I W5 9, X x 1 Yi ,N X'- Varsity Club members take time out from a meeting to pose for a picture. From top, left to right are 12A's Chuck Hull, Richard Butzloff, and Bill Nlitchell, January graduate Tom Urbaniak, l2A's Joe Wrona, Vinnie Bachorak, Alan Payette, Joe Baron, Sam Gemus, Bob Butzloff, Joe Wehmeyer, Al Gunther, Chuck Balog, Ted Yanchula, Bill Kostin, and Bill Nlonthaven. In the bottom row are 12A Mike Antonuchi, January graduate John Guerrieri, and l2A,s Bob Aranosian, Jim Toder, Gino Polidori, Nunzio Pipitone, Lester Prieslcorn, and Vincent Pope. VARSITY CLUB NPAUSES AFTER PUSH-UPS" One-Two, up-down! You never can tell what may happen at a Varsity Club meeting. Watching some of the members do push-ups as "punishment" are .lim Toder, IQA, and Bob Scott, 123. I5 IQB Gino Perri, 12A Diana Frost, and IZA Peg Bloink plan the layout for the next issue of the Tower Tribune, while ,lanuary graduate Bonnie ,lauklcuri asks for advice of journalism "professor" Wir. Eugene Cummins on a specific problem also concerning the school paper. 12A Dan 'Nlelnilc pays close attention to what will be done to solve the problem. JUURNALISM STAFF COMBINES BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE nw- y ?19 X w V - , , I H h,, hat s so funny pparently lr. Eugene Baller, speech and ltnglish instructor, has just added a touc of dramatic humor to the journalism Christmas party. 12.-X Dan Nlelnik, student teacher Wliss Pat Kennealy, and English instructor, Ylr. Eugene Cummins find Vlr. l3aker's Christmas spirit amusing while l,inda Lustilg sits just out of range to join in the laughter. 65 L. -N llere 12N Darbara Dzialo. Fleur de editor, is surrounded by her senior associate, 125 Diane Nlatchynski. junior associates Diane Steshetz, Suzanne Kish. and Fran Formosa, HRS, and ad- visor, Xlr, lfugene Baker. They are looking over afew of the almost completed pages. I V .A,,- 3 'X URGANIZATIUN AND TAFF RUNNING The Tower Tribune leaders discuss an issue of the paper. They are 12B ltinda l.ustig. news editor. l'l:X Diana Frost, assistant editor. lil! Gino Perri, page two, lla Georgina Catallo. assistant page one, 12.5. Diane Nlatchynski, copyreader. reader. The staff meeting is one of the activities that keeps the paper running smoothly and helps to improve the stories. These meetings also improve organization. 3 Not pictured is HA Suzanne Kish, proof- NEATNESS KEEP SMOOTHLY Cleaning out their boxes are Gino Perri, Peg Bloink, and Georgina Catallo under the supervision of Nlr. Cummins. K .ef'v,f il 'iffy :-f,,,,. Pasting string books is one of the many Chores of the staff. llere Betty Yewton, Alex Longridge, and Linda l.ustig dis- cuss their merits. Reporters Fran Formosa, Betty Yewton, Alex Longriclge, and Elizabeth Anderson busily write their stories during the seventh hour journalism class. I ax' t STUDENT COUNCIL MEMBERS Looking over the catalogue of student council pins and accessories at one of the regular Friday officers meeting are voting members, Connie Nlalinowski, l2B, Maria Scarsella, IOA, Bill Crawford, 12B, l,inda Lustig, HA, Dinah Tillitt, IOA, and .Io Pietrandrea,11B. 'Nlarion Forge, HB voting member, Tom Nlorrison, vice-president, Sheila Hyde, president, Jeannette Beasley, 12A voting member,and Elaine Cleland, 12A voting member. Not pictured is Bob Jason, 11A voting member. 68 Student Council members joined in to express their opinions on the color, size, and price of the yearly pins. To receive the honor of purchasing a Student Council pin, one must have been on the Student Council a full year and have participated on different project committees. OFFICERS DISCUSS PINS At the regular Vlonday Student Council meeting, a special treat was in store for members, as Ur. Iohn P. Romanow, assistant principal, passed out peanuts cour- tesy of the Nlarch of Dimes. Seated left to right are Nlr. Romanow, 125 voting members .Ieannette Beasley, attendance secretary, and Elaine Cleland, l2B voting members Connie Ylalinowslci and Bill Crawford, 12A Tom Vlorrison, vice-president, 12B Sheila Hyde, president, IIA voting members Bob Jason, treasurer, and l.inda l,uStig, Nlarion Forge, secretary, and ,Io Pietrandrea, Ill? voting members, and Dinah Tillitt and Nlaria Scarsella, 10.4 voting members. 69 Left, right, left. . .Precision and accuracy are what make these girls four of the best boosters at the football games. These high-steppers are Margo Seabert, January graduate, June Ciampa, HA, Mary Lou Gies, January graduate, and Sally Papp, also a January graduate. PEP BANDS, MAJORETTES, ORCHESTRA, INCREASE STUDENTS' During Mr. James Irwin's, seventh hour band class, everyone concentrates on their music. Fordsonites can well be proud of the fine work their band is in the habit of doing. To strengthen school spirit and increase enthusiasm--that's the goal of the pep band, playing at almost every basketball game. Here, at one of the games, they seem to be working as hard as the basketball players themselves. 70 , With the Christmas Concert just a few days away, these 1 orchestra students, many taking time from their lunch lhours, practice seriously to make their music perfect. They are, from left to right, Ed Schrieher, l2A, Jim Terrasi, January graduate, Carole Kobane, 128, John Korublum, IZB, Robert l,igaj, IZB, Rick Byrnes, IIA, and Glenda Nlurphy, 12.4. AND BAND BOOST SCHOOL SPIRIT, APPECIATION OF MUSIC Bruce Green, IZA, Larry Brough, IZA, George Bush, HA, Nlilce Litynski, HB, Tasi Lousias, 11B, llarsha Ivanka. Janu- ary graduate, Nadine Rose, 12A and joan Barkume, ,Ianuary graduate, concentrate on their instruments and the music before them. The band has a class session every day during seventh hour. sl 7l 11 xl if f V w?f 'V 'air' . ' . . ' S? ' Q .lkh . , ,A ' , - - , f - .4 . . 4' 59 W Wi , . Q, 1 1 ' A. ' s 0 , t ygfhalyf ,g 5 h A ' wi Q g , Sw 2 5 ,f 'Ll 4-L ', ' ,sang - CONCERT CHOIR fs X was " 'Y r1-r-- FRONT ROW Mlke Rxce Ray Morrow Allce Palony I oretta Certo Kathy Nlcfarvey and Carol Kobane QFCOND ROW Gmo Polldorl Barb Alexander Rermme Krlkorlan Phyllls Woodrlng Randy IIe1n Fllzabeth Pataka and 'Nlary Reth DaV1d THIRD ROW Bob Aronoslan Jerry Slclckl lack Flllot Wlarllyn Plttner Que Koos 'Vlartha Pfaffman 'llerrllee Vltch Betty Wallln and Ioyce Straatsma FOURTH ROW Rlchard Rattan Roger Yuelow Roy 'Vlcfruther Carol Peck Pat Kolcheff Anya Orama I lnda Wlnters V1 Smxth and Beverly Nlattern 1 Q lil .l I'RO'N I1 ROW fora Rlrlall Carole faldwell I wen Hoffert frace DIN lzlo Sharon Seekamp Ianet fxelke Alex I ongrldge and Rob I lgaj SP COND ROW Diana Rranchxclr Barbara BOSSIO f all Freed f arol Tajer Nlarge Stevens Dxane Cory Sharon Haden and lack 'NlacDonald THIRD ROW Carol Rraymen Iewel Perry Donna D1I legghlo Sally IIUCIHSICI I OUISC Brown Sandra Cox lack I ongrldge and Rob Begg FOI RTII ROW Ianet Rattlstone Carole Pohlonslu Constance 'Malmo wskl Nlarllyn Tworzydlo Jacque Y andergluls Ann Orth Rlchard Tajer Ierry Rlnton Harold Korte and R111 Nllchno 73 ,A hw fb ' .. . if ll -2 . , - -I t' KJ , I ,. ' ,N . I ' 6 V f E 'i f , , N . I J 'A J I 2 . , , IX , I . -3 4 1 ' v. ,. Q-. X f, - 2 , ' ,N 'C -I .- ' I I l I-"fm 3, 'Ka fl: , 1 4' C V Q 1' -f 7 ,:,: .Q .I ef - ' 4 A F , 5,41 ' - If A 1.4 M I V K - is by P I I 4 KV K . ' 5 7 C ' l ii ' 4 z .W la? It A f Q i , , : ' ' , I , ' , . . , . , , , .. .. . ': . . . . . . . , . . 1. . 9 1 7 v' 1 ' 9 - - 3 v A ,. J sl Q - , , ' , 1 - 1, - 1 1 - ' ' 9 9 ' 7 1 1 1 7 - , , , , . . 1 Q , 6 " " I .1, W ' ' f A N , , I , 1 . . , , . J.. .A 4 1 'f : ' -z f , , ,Q l- 1 , . , - i - -' x' - , . . ' , 9 no If A I V 5 I .,-wk y ,X ,,, ,I , - T . . I, L1 J 5 V . I if IJ 1 1. .pk "X v jxi Q f- , ., '4 I 'J-X ' ' O' I I A Y . , ,, I .... ,' . .,. . r ' - . . , , , I , I , I ,. . ,, , ,. I , . . . ., , . , , , 1 , 4 , - , , , . , . . : . ,, ' , . ,. , , . , V . . , ' ,. , , 4 , . ., , , J - 5 9 ' 9' 7 7' 7 7 V ' if if ? 'C A What creates more excitement, enthusiasm, and interest than a Fordson sports event? The first foot- ball game, or the all important basketball game which decides the championship--these are events that arouse all of Fordson to join the excitement. The large cheering sections, which are as much a part of the teams as the members themselves, prove Ford- sonite's loyal support and school spirit. But most lmportant IS the fact we respect our teams respect them because they play to w1n even though the odds are sometlmes unfavored Learning to accept defeat and pleasure in success are steps everyone has to take on their stalrway to the future .i J4- THLETICS H fl! f . . - a 1, 1 - ffj,L-' - ',:,-, Q1 .:.:::,'-, ,F -, 4 i ',' ' X N , 'un' ,. , ' ' . I .x-.,--1, - I u 'S-,qccg-li'-415' ' '- ',' ' ' ' 'f "1'-,. , . .1 f -'J . ' . , ' - ' f ' f - '- -' '- ,rf. 11. - ' ,ig-,Ll Friday morning just wouldn't be the same without a morning pep rally at the main stairs. The pep band, standing- on the stairs, always is the final big "booster"that gives the Fordson teams the much needed support. The cheer- leaders shown here are Kitty Kulig, Sue Horvath, and Peg Bloink, all l2A's, and IIA Barbara Manga. PEP RALLIES AND CHEERLEADERS HELP PROMOTE SCHOOL SPIRIT WITH CHEERS, HUMOR With the compliments of the globetrotters, Rastus Cal- houn, really 12A Sue Horvath, strolls in to the music of "Lazy Bones." Her new dress and "fine set" hair gave many laughs to the audience. Sue managed to get out, "Watermelon, watermelon, hangin' on de vine. I thiank Vanderhall sho' be fine!" ef-.ff -we-4, 'I' 'TW'lllnn.q, W H . . ,f..,r,.,,,,mMm: 7 " LU 4 "Send them to their doom!" Cheerleaders Carol Long- ridge, january graduate, Mimi Dimcheff, 12B, and Barb Manga, IIA, urge the crowd to spur on the Tractors in a game with Belville. From the score board, in the upper left-hand corner, it looks like we weredoing just that. si Y 1 v f A- .-., K Y xl' QI' X' N V' . X w . I 4 Stir .: , , F Q14 an .r-. Q, 'S .. 'V - Y R . Q - annex: re bustling and conglomoratlng to motlvate for you Hermia Procheesecutter, alias Peg Bloink, 12A, leaped and bounded gracefully with her butterfly net and books, she paused by the micro- e for a moment to utter "Diurnal lepidopterous protagonists too A 4- They are lining up at t-he line of scrimmage. Note the anxiety in the teams. Shown in the line-up are ,Iamima Perchaska, Gina as fv Lolapolidori, Frida Gray, Thelma Yanchula, and Darlene Scott. 1 Actually the "boys" are girls, the cheerleaders and the friends who helped put on this skit, given at the pep rally before the Edsel Ford game. C As the crowd hushed and awaited the next import, this "SL Louis Woman" slinked up to the microphone. Miss Mimi Monroe was por: trayed by Kitty Kulig, 12A. Mr. Olsen turned out to be the "victim of Miss Monroe's little cheer---"RAHl" Min WW'-13.1. Every member on the Fordson football team has done hls best ID competltlon but there are those players who stand out among the rest For this reason they are chosen by thelr team mates to be thelr team leaders Durlng the 1959 football season 12A s Gino Polldorl Fred Gray and ,hm Prochaska were selected as Fordson s co captaxns EXCELLENT TEAMWORK AND FOOTBALL VARSITY SCORES FORDSON OPPONENT Llncoln Park Edsel Ford Royal Oak Wyandotte Grosse Polnte Hxghland Park Monroe Waterford lt's a touchdown! Hitting paydirt against the Edsel Ford Thunderbirds is 12B Gary allaverty. Other Fordson players are 12A Ted Yanchula C60l, January graduate John Guerrieri l66l, 11A Don McIntosh f75l, and 12B Jerry Chandler f88l. The Tractors de- feated the T-Birds, 20-12. CKLCAPTAINS, EFFORT PRODUCE VICTORIES RESERVE SCORES FORDSON OPPONENT 12 Grosse Pointe 12 M 14 Fine defensive style is displayed by 27 om-oe a Fordson gridder as he gets ready 13 to tackle a rosse Pointe ball carrier. 12 WYa"d""e In the background, Ed Condon, 11A, 0 Royal Oak 6 is also in hot pursuit of his opponent in case he fails to make the stop. 13 Highland Park 0 Carrying the ball around left end is 12A Jim Prochaska as Billi Bleyaert, January graduate, blazes the trail for him. Teamwork is a necessity for a top notch team and is something which Fordson displayed throughout the season. -4.. nn Honra, ' 79 415.1 4 K A W' ' S E1 .1-rg" -:Af '35 eff W is " Tense actlon IS evldent on the faces of Bob Aranoslan 12A C831 Bob Scott 12B C841 and llne coach George LEWIS who lS callmg Fordson scouts ln the press box The scouts look for flaws ln the opponent s offense and defense and then relay them to coach Lewns FOOTBALL PLAYERS COACHES DISPLAY ANXIOUS MOMENTS VICTORIOUS EXPRESSIONS 49 is at L7 VICIOFY can be seen ln the expressions of head football coach Mr Mllce Megreglan as Jerry Chandler 12B Gino Polxdorl 1 Leonard Potts 12B and other players carry hxm off the fleld after the Fordson Edsel Ford game ln the eyes of Fordson s football grldders Mr MCgI'Bgl3.I1 is the game hero smce thelr vlctory was due largely to his superb coachlng 80 HMOST VALUABLE PLAYER" AWARD IMPORTANTFEATURE AT ANNUAL FOOTBALL BANQUET One outstanding highlight at the annual football ban- quet is the receiving of the trophy for the most valu- able player to the team for the season. Receiving the award from head coach, Mike Megregian at last sea- son's banquet, held at Mt. Olivet church, is Gino Polidori, 12A. Looking on is the team trainer, Mr. William Maas. After being chosen the most valuable player, Gino Polidori,12A, is kidded by happy friends as he stands to say a few words of thanks. The three teachers looking on are from left to right, Mr. Lawrence Soldan, boys counselor, Mr. George Lewis, health teacher, and Mr. Robert Olsen, master of ceremony. A hg- X, . - .,-,. -Xu ' Master of ceremony, Robert Olsen, standing to the left, is shown seasoning the football banquet with a little humor. The two seated teachers are, from left to right, Mr. Mike Megregian, head coach, and Mr. William Maas, science teacher. VARSITY FUOTB LL TE FRONT ROW R111 Bleyaert john Cuerrlf-r1 Darrel Donalson joe Rehmeyer Fred Fray QI' COND ROW B111 Tyler Don Mezzara Nlck Vlancnnellx Ivan Dlmcheff ,Ierry glavlk THIRD ROW Tom Jolly Fd Condon John Hlum Ron Abraham Don Olenlk FOURTH ROR ,Ioe Hamood Bob Scott ,Ierry Fhandler Don Fxelby Flno Qcofano FIFTH ROW Phll Nome Hob Che-atle Frank Delvero Hob Nolff TOP ROW Mr Feorge LEWIS Mr Mike Megregrlan Nlr Bob Oloen Mr IY1lllam'Vlaas FRONT ROW jlm Procha-.ka Fino Polldorn Ted Yanchula Rob Aranoslan joe Flaran QFFOND ROW Mel Baker Van Demltrl Vincent Pope 9am femuo Hob Dirk THIRD ROR Hob Paretto jack Qlppel jerry Blenlk Jlm Nletheven Don Mclntosh FOURTH ROW Hob Q-adrack Ron Hukow-:lu Cary llaverty Dan ADGTOIS Tony Falro TOP ROW Alan Payette NUHZIO Plpltone Harrxs Neely 87 w , . . .. 1 , , ,. . . . , ,, I , , 1 . ,, . , . , , . . . ,, , , , , . : , . , . , . ,, . . . ., ,, , , . ,' . . . ,.. . .1 , .. ,. . , , . . . . It ,f , , , , : , , - fy' ' -Q "' ' y I , f , , , , . - . ,, - .1 . , . . , . . : ,r , . n RESER E FOOTB LL TE I? kw- if K7 'P- FRONT ROW Harry Prlsby Bob Harrlson Ed Attee Fd Okray SECOND ROW Jxm Hadley Bob Forsythe John Duran Mxke Mallnak ClennChesebrougl1 THIRD ROW Tom Campbell Tom Smuk Larry Mllls P1oMarzolo TOP ROW Mr Wllllam Letsche Mr Harry MCKlll'lCk FRONT ROW Ron Snook Dano Degantxs ,Ierry lllnton Fddle Baydoun Bill Westhall QFCOND ROW Blll Kaufman Clarence Cerronx 'Vlxlt Bruff, jerry Cztar, Julxo GIOVHDDODI TOP ROW Pete Cardulskl, Dean Dlckle, Fd Guzman, Rich Wygonlk, Cliff Fraser wr 1 Ll . R , A Y , . - I' P7 - . , 11 Q 2 ., v T ,, T, 1 . 7-' ff' - :ff-'X , . FIRM Q fi , V 3 4 ,M ' 'V ' J any i A, , L W I ' Y f f A ' ' I Y . ': , , , . : . , . : , ' . ' , ' , , ' , ' . . . . : ' , 83 TBAETUR BONGOS, FAST PLAYS CREATE EXCITEMENT AT BASKETBALL GAMES This ball is mine says 12B jerry Chandler. A Highland Park player lifts up his hands in order to give Jerry more room and the Parkers' number 14 looks on. "London Bridge is falling down,"as Jerry Chandler, l2B, crawls under the bridge formed by two Dearborn players and Tim Czar- niak, 12A takes a shot at the basket. The bridge really did collapse on the Tractors as the Pioneers romped over them 72-56. "You can't have it!" seems to be what ,lerry Chandler is saying to the two Dearborn players. The Pioneers dumped the Tractors 72-56. 84 ti I I Bongos, bongos, and more bongos was the fad this year. They provided rousing accompaniment for cheering crowds. The players pictured are Nunzio Pipitone, l2A, Doug Schuman, l2A, .lack Sipple, 128, John Guerrari, ,lanuary graduate, and l2A'sN1el Baker and 'Hike Rice. 66 ,QS N255 V Me no touch" says Highland Parkis liongworth Mapp as crouching Dave Scott IZA, is ready to pass to Jerry Chapslci, 128. Trapped in the middle of the group is Keith Cignac, 12.51. :af 45 "Whats all the commotion" seems to be what KIA Dave Scott l64l is wondering, during tense action at the Fordson-Highland Park game. -nh! .Ierry Chan ler l iam lxelth ignac 1 -X try to get possession of Jerry Cho Ski, IQB, proves that height IS not ,d,2l'l"C' ,.'2., ' , ,. the basketball along with the l'arker's lnngworth Nlapp fhiddenl and Bill Sarver HSD. The Parkers outclassed the inspired Tractors, 55-46. 85 P everything as he keeps possession of the basket- ball while two Dearborn players tower above him. These four Fordsonites, l2As Jeanette Cuda, ,Ieanne Ferrarri, Eugene Swis, and 12B Jerry Bieneck strike an interesting pose as they cheer enthusiastically. VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONFYT FORDSONI 36 Berkley 38 39 Belville 71 50 Wyandotte 19 50 Ann Arbor 55 29 Waterford 60 31 Grosse Pointe 1-6 72 Dearborn 56 55 Highland Park 16 5-1 Monroe 68 70 Royal Oak 54- 29 Wyandotte 51 66 Grosse Pointe 64 38 'llonroe 47 "Get that jump hall, jump ball, jump." Before the referee has a chance to step away, these two players lunge for the ball. RESERVE BASKET BALL SCURES VORDSON Ol'l'OYl'iYl' 13 lloynl Oak Kimhull 332 19 Grosse pninte T32 32 llighland Park H 35 Plymouth 61 ll Xlonroe 33 61 Royal Oak Dondero 32 'X mad scramble for the ball is part of every game and this one does not seem to he an exception as an mass of players reach forthe ball. . x x' X .AI X A lx 1 6 X 3' X18 IN Screaming ancl yelling. these lforclsonites express their School spirit and enthusiasm. 87 AR ITY BA KETBALL TEA SJ XRACTUR Y cm R SRA urs MCTURS fmA41es ,egg .. .. l RONT ROW Jerry Chopskx lxelth Clgnac 'lun C7arn1ak jerry Chandler Dave Qcott QECOND ROR Bob Aranoman Cordon Wolter Chuck llernn Alex Brnllf- Nllke Antonuccl R1c'l11rd Terry TlllRD ROW ,llm Yanderllull qanto Culdo 'lllckc-y Dlmoff Fddle Odom Rlcky Qalo Harry 'llovers Iohn Campbell BESEB E BASKETBALL TEA FRONT ROW Qam Dennle Yxctor 'Nllhatton Dan Anerxos Vllke lxandm Randy Poole ,I1mNlacerl1ne QFCOND ROR Douglas Wmsted Ronme Chandler Don 'Vlmura Dlck Balton Tom Dyke Ron Baker Jun Hadley THIRD ROW qanto Guido Bruce Taylor Chff Frazer Blll 'Nloore John Duran llarry 'Nleyers 88 H C 3 , W A A 6 of , .h X-,: qt. v . !' A . wig- R l ' :XT D NF CT U l l ACg C U 2 3,44 QF fn, IHLLHINYHHPVMONTHAVEN FORDSONS T Q Xs. Butch lakes time out to relax and smile during a practice session before one of the meets. 89 lfxecuting a "sharp" jack-knife dive is Bill "Butch" Nlonthaven, l2fX. Bill lost only five out of the forty meets in which he competed during his three years at lfordson. Col Co' Col These are the cries of the spectators at one of the swimming team's home meets. Well-wishers like these always give a team that extra Spark which it often needs. SWIMMING SCORE Wyandotte Grosse Pointe Highland Park Allen Park 'Xlonroe Royal Oak Dondero Wyandotte Calculating and announcing the scores is of extreme importance atthesxsim- ming meets as these two girls prove. They are: l2Bs Diane llebel and Pat Smith. 90 C'mon tanlcersl Watching the outcome of a race with tense expressions are: Jim Dluguosz, UA, Ron Lassel, HB, Charles Gliza, HB, Ken Fabrizio, HB, Bob Eix, IOA, Rich Butzloff, 12A, Bill Bleyaert, January graduate, Joe Colliton, HA, and Bill Monthaven, 12A. TEAM-MATES, SPECTATORS SHOUT ENCOURAGEMENT T0 SWIMMERS Fred Gray, l2A, "gives his all" at one of the home swimming meets. Shown here- swimming the back stroke, Fred glances up to see how much further he must go. ei- - , . 4? A4 . J W l ' . fu 3 . 1 Q U?-3 . .95 " . ... a ' b F me .. i, , 1 fe a 1 P "' P" V' -' -' ',. -11, ' 'if' ' 'i I . . 4' 57 AA .r. iii! -' s FORD ON ANKER CO PETE IN STATE EET rest before a meet. This conglomoration of arms and legs make up our Tractor tankers. The boys are laying at the edge of the pool for a Three Fordson swimmers uietl watch their team- , , q Y mates competing ln the state swimming meet. 'f M w , t . P - f -x ' - - , 1 -' if QQ ik-:ri ,fp-, 1 . 5 , . :ppp nl- , Ts. K gk, "iNfQl:ff,gg,5Lggt:.gigI A J,f,'3xifi4t.:i1 Q Q ,,, ff' xff1w.aJ5'5'g' 1 -Q-f-.-fr-s'r'. . 1 'Q' ,Q M V. . f f L 1: --V' V, , Q. r ,AMI-J 4 12A Bill Nlitchell, jumps way, way up in order to perform his dive perfectly. Bill, too, helped Fordson win much respect for its diving abilities. 92 W A f, Y, ,,.:1- wf:,.f,,f-AL,-k . ,. X , hw...-...i--.,,- -- -f Y H- ' '---- 1 fi j r, M5-G'4'25 -G' 5' H, 7 V 355' 5M Al V V V xg: I af' ., Q 1 I 1 , , 5, .- ' 4 99 P P I Q' Q ii' 5 I Q I wk v , f1,vf.!:V W Q V 'if V 4 . 5, J, 3. I 7w-by 5 ' W x t 7u-" 5 Lf' 5 IW A E7 h 1 ' . 1 .A . . A 0 , ,bw i Q65 f 1 2 , J, ,Q 5' nm 5'-.?!,'sv,p, W ,,f2'q-hi, "M-. N' ' 4 H' X 1 . Vifw., Q.: A, A 'lv jsp, , - .'-5091 Y X K X X sm x X Oak Park wrestlers watch carefully as these boys attempt care fully to pm each other Thls hold xs the fxrst step to plnnlng a man WRESTLING OPPONENT FORDSON Thurst Trenton Rlver Rouge Melvlndale Dearborn TENSENESS SUSPENSE FILL THE AIR AS WRESTLERS PIN OPPONENTS Wrestllng fans look on anxlously as Ioe Chamle, 10A attempts to get hls man down The rlval team, Oak Park, looks on and cheers for their man 94 39 on 8 31 I8 28 ' 24 10 ' 46 27 I4 31 Edsel Ford I7 9 SCORES Ul'I'0'Ylf'Y'l' FORDSOW 32 Catholic Central l 1- 25 l.ivonia llentley 25 5 Pontiac Waterford ii' 15 Oak Park l-0 373 Garden City ll 20 :Xllen Park I0 lenseness is in the air, as these lfordson wrestlers await the outcome of UN, llichael Shadyds match with a Trenton opponent, which ended in a draw. l"rom left to right: Gene llhitcomh. till, l,ouis Xledina. lit. and ,Iohn Korcn. ll-X. offer their encouragement. 'llrenton "Way to go there. Will!" is what wrestling coach, Ur. llilliam llialhherg, is saying to lanuary graduate llill Vitti, Bill had just captured first place in his weight division to earn the Southeast llichigan wrestling title. ,Iohn Koren. lla. pictured in the center. placed third in his weight division. The tournament was held at Xllen Park. overcame this draw to defeat lfordson. TN-IS. l'llCtlLllIlt1 his "enemy" is l.ouis Nledina. If-X. The referee is tensed to blow his whistle if l,ouis can pin his man. lle dldl 95 is .lohn Koren, HA, is watched intently by an official in his victory over a 'Nlelvindale opponent. llis victory helped Fordson heat the Cardinals 711-18. "The winnerlu Gene Whitcomb, 123 has just defeated his opponent to earn a match victory over Trenton at a home wrestling meet. This was all in vain because the visitors still managed to outscore our grapplers, 31-18. "Ready ref?" lllilce Shady, 11A, and his Trenton opponent look eagerly at referee Bob 'llaldegen to give the "go ahead" signal for the two grapplers to begin their match. Trenton was victo- rious, 31-18. 96 GRIMMACING, STRUGGLING ALL A PART OF WRESTLING ohn Koren HA 15 not scratchlng his opponent S back but IS preparing to haul down the Trenton grappler as referee Bob Valdegen keeps a watchful eve on the proceedlnge fordson wasnt on top at the end of the meet however as frentonwon 3118 HF4' x Q- f ene Whltcomb IGB IS riding his opponent into submxsslon but not with a grlmmace to show that ll was not easy Fene complled a verv impressive record ln onlv his second vear on the team 97 I . Y . . , . - 9 ' ' A 1 v , A , , . 4i 7 I ' 7 9 7 I 'fr L e' - 4 ' JL ,I f,., ,fling , ffl," I N f , A xffi I if V ' w 1 1 ' 7 . 9 out the season. Practice makes perfect! Limbering up their legs during a cross-country practice session are Dave Sluka, 12A, Jim Toder, 12A, and Ron Cox, IIA. It seemed like practice almost did make perfect because the Harriers finished second for the mythical championship of BCL cross-country 98 l PRACTICE HELPS HARRIERS FINISH SECOND IN BCL Huffing and puffing, Dave Sluka, IZA, puts out his greatest effort at this cross country meet, as he did at all meets through CROSS COUNTRY TEAM HOW ONE: Dave Sluka, ,lim Toder, lfugene Swiss, lion Cox. ROW TWO: Barry Walker, ,lohn Carter, Dave Griglio, Chris Dembek. 'llike l.illey. X I 9 90504 QWUSOQ QBRDSW' BRUSH! YURUSUI QQRUSUA' qpv I I -If Watch out there, Jewell ,Iewel Perry, IQA, looks as if she just missed being knocked clown by one ofthe Tractor traclcmen. Clear the halls here they come' Fordson s one and only hall knocker overs the trackmen TRACKMEN AND BASEBALL PLAYERS PRACTICE FOR WINNING SEASON Practxce makes perfect and these fellows get plenty of If These boys are members of Fordson s baseball team 100 ' , 95 -f J Qfkj . . J, if: ,-W... , 'GRACQUET SQUADH PREPARES FOR CUMING SEASON ' 31 R ick Sl'l6IlllUS, HA, demonstrates the appropriate way a smash should be made. i Practice makes perfect. That's exactly what Fordson's tennis players are doing in order to turn out a good team. "How do you think the team'll do this semester?" says Xlr. Bruce Chambers, tennis coach, to players, left, Ron Jameson, -Xllan Gunther. Chuck Burns, Rich Butzlaff,and Rick Shenkus. 101 14 .9 ? . r , EX f -m'ive- , '.- 'Q H X KN N 1 I K Q' N v 'X in X . X X x N 1 nib "' "Wa 3 '56 fs. '51 if Q U Fordson Day, band and choral concerts, the senior prom--all of these are special highlights which break the routine of every day school life and which play an important role in the lives of every Fordson student. These different activities give students an opportunity to forget their school work for a while and enjoy them- selves by dancing or listening to music presented by their fellow students The special events which hi h lighted the past year were as always heartily ac cepted by Fordson students and helped them in their climb on the stairway to the future Qf . . . .U - ' rw 1 1 ' I "L" I HIGHLIGHTS Walkmg down the lsle formed by malorettes and cheerleaders are the 11th grade representatives Escortlng the 11A representative Tom Gallo ns IIA Sam Dennls whlle 12B Blll Crawford follows w1th Lmda Smith 12B Dearborns Mayor Orville Hubbard presents Beth Hampton 12A wrth her corsage 12A Blll Kostln and Shella Hyde 12B stand ready to asslst Spectators stand to sing the school song durlug the Fordson Day game In the foreground are Mayor Orvxlle l Hubbard and Beth Hampton 12A Fordson Day queen Behrnd them are the members of her court and thelr escorts 1 'f I V l 9 s f ' ' ' lla 1 1 , . r I .- 5 V ' A W gk, I, I K, , . 1 7 7 ' A a v ' 'r X Q, mf. .Y 'NT-:' 1 . fl: Rf' 4. .' f ,- Ae If ,x a x QQ- I A H+. Af ' vff2.t.Q-A1 . A. , . . 04 CAREFUL PREPARATION LEADS l T0 SUCCESSFUL DANCE Kneeling before some of the props which added a special atmosphere to the "Fordson Day Dance" are a few of the students who volun- teered time after school to make the dance a success. The dance is an annual affair, spon- sored by the student council. At the "Fordson Day Dance," many couples danced to the enjoyable music of Bob Durant. The sparkling stars dangling from the ceiling gave an illusion of a star-filled sky. 105 QUEEN ATTENDANTS STUDENTS ENJOY FDRDSON DAY DANCE During the dance students take advantage of the pause that L f r dr k are 12A Vlncent Po e former refreshes ming up 0 ln S p Fordson student Vic Vlllella 11A Sam Denn1s and 12A Eugene Bardelskl Don Mclntosh 11A hlS date and 11A s Rlta Rxbxts and Jlm Methvan thlnk over 12B Don Olenlk s request for just one dance 106 9 9 66 99 K , H . ., . . . , . . . . . y 9 1 . , D f X Queen Beth smiles radiantly amidthe members of her court. They are Irene Boguslci,lOA,ToniCall0,l1A, Roberta Birlc, 12A, Carolyn Strach, ,Ianuary graduate, Linda Smith, 12B, and Nlarilyn Nliddleton, HB. Queen Beth graciously accepts the sceptor, presented to her by the co-captain of the football team, 12A ,lim Prochaska. Standing on his tip toes, 12A Gino Polidori seems to have a little trouble reaching and securing the crown upon queen, IZA Beth Hampton's head. jim Prochaslca, l2A, and Beth find the whole thing quite funny. 107 Following the Grand March, Bill Vitti, January graduate and his date, 11A Rita Ribits lead the dancers in the school at the senior prom, held- at Lovette Hall. ANUARY GRADUATES ENJOY SENIOR PROM HELD AT LOVETTE HALL pl While other prom-goers wait to have their coats checked, l2A's Donna Baloh and Jeanette Cuda attend to Nazar Berry, ,lune '59 graduate and 12A Tom Osman. 1 LJWZI' .1 The prom is over and Carol l,ongridge, lanuary graduate K and her escort, .lanuary graduate lion Cerlica, leave the senior prom. Dinner at a supper club will add a final R touch to this memorable evening. xv Posing pretty are lflaine Nlacpherson, ,lanuary graduate, and her date as they have their picture taken at the senior prom. This picture will probably hold a prominent place in l'llaine's Iscrapbook, reminding her of the big event. 4.11 A ' "'!'ar4-f'-vlf51'g,,,-W.. 1 r-.rf f 'ma,fv. -3154 tam, --4... -L., . ,. , A nv . . ,..:,,, .1 .1 -.... . 34- 'H fw7'1?iif7i:.Qi,,'.'. " " - N I: . fi 1 f I. My Y A .r--'M . . N V 1.-1 -' Couples dance dreamily as the orchestra plays one of their many numbers amidst the background of picturesque l,ovett llall. 109 '15 vi! 'Q Z I ' . A Yiviq A ..-...t tn W Q 5 - - 'fa V' X .f FV 4 . ' 55:99 1-, -5131535 Y 53, ,l ,jk Q1 ,I pax .. M, 'Q V. Q, u.. 3 1 1 2 1 Q. E: . 5114, W1 4 : I if-f - , 4 fl 'ra -'farm , QQ- x v J 'll f 1'.'5'.'fff, . wx , ff' M 'fy .1 4 " ' " K5Zv7"'N?.f-":.'f,, , ' A ,.. . ii ,I f 'u 1 W X.-. 1. s " x J STUDENT LEADERS PRINCIPALS AND MR OPENLANDERATTEND LUNCHEDN Nil... Hr Stuart Openlander supermtendant of schools explains serious questlons asked by one of the students attendlng while the others llsten attentlvely ,.-I' Chit and chattlng are Fordson s student leaders after attending a dlnner ln their honor Those partlclpatmg were student councxl presldent and VICC presldent class offlcers edltors of the Tower Trlbune and the Fleur de Lls 111 O . .4 I I 5 ' 5 5 1 , Y 1 f l 1 wx ' I -1. , . . , 7 7 I- 'V . A "' X - , Ax, ' xx X . X x 7 ,en ,X ll , 1 ,f . . 9 . ' s v CITIZEN S CUMMITTEE REPORT DISCUSSED AT LUNCHEON ,,.-ff 'Vlr Iohn Romanow and 'Vlr Stuart Openlander concentrate on a questlon bexng dlrected toward them IVA s Barb Dzlalo editor ln Chlef of the Fleur de IIS and Peg Qlolnk edxtor ln Chlef of the Tower Trlbune 12B Shella Hyde student councll presldent and 'Vlr Dorman Ardls prlnclpal listen serlously as 'Vlr Openlander answers a questlon asked by one of the students concerning the Cxtlzens Committee s report on school curriculum 112 V X - i Qi. A T f f F V . i . , T 9 at 17 L . , 1 . ' , . . . . . - 9 ' ' 1 s ' 1 ' ' 1 K v 1 - - 9 u . . . , . , . ...M-....,..,..., '- 1' . W .Q ' , A 1 fx, ' , , ' 'Q 1.- ' ' if, E U". 'A I s... 'S-. ., .9 W ADVANCED GIRL'S GLEE CLUB MEN'S GLEE CLUB PRACTICE T0 OBTAIN BEST RESULTS Men's glee club, meeting during the fifth lunch hour, practice and practice still more in order to perform at the high caliber that they have always done. Xleeting at 8 o'clocl-c every morning, advanced girls glee club gives a chance for girls unable to fit a music class in their schedules to participate actively in choral singing. 113 ORCHESTRA I "-- CHRISTMAS SCHOOL MUSIC Good-bye my coney island baby .... will you take this lowly little left- over "9A" to be your umh? Here seven boys sang a solo and had a skit during the all-school music assembly. The boys are part of men's glee club. Ray Morrow, IOA, is playing the part of the groomg Mike Rice, 12A, is the bride. Jack MacDonald, 12B, is the minister and 11A Gerald Skiclci, 11A Dick Tajer, and Roy McCruther and H6l'0ld KONG, 11A's are watching. 1 ,iii R Mr. Norman Cramer, music teacher, directs the students that are in any music course at Fordson and had the iniative and interest to come sing Christmas carols in the main hall at Christmas time. 114 CHOIRS MAKE CONCERT, ASSEMBLY SUCCESS Mr. Hex Brown, vocal teacher, takes his bow after mixed chorous sang three selections at the Christmas concert. The Christmas concert was given at night for anyone who wanted to attend. A large turn-out showed Fordson's students' love for music. ffav ,pf X mga The audience becomes quiet. The director, Mr. james Irwin, raises his baton,and the music of the orchestra begins. During the Christmas Concert,the orchestra played several selections that added to the Christmas spirit of those who attended. 115 Deck the halls with boughs of holly .... As the lights were turned down low, and the atmosphere of Christmas was acquired, the Christmas carolers proceed down the isle of the auditorium. Among the first few carolers are 11A Cora Ridall, HA Hermine Krilcorian, and Carol Tajer, 12A. CHAMPION V0 LLEYBALL PLAYERS The teachers seem poised for action as Sue Neil, 12.4 prepares to spike the ball. They are Nliss ,lane Lombard, commercial teacher, 'lliss Alice Krug, Miss Virginia The girls on the champion intramural volleyball team look ready to return the ball spiked by the faculty team. The girls retained and added to the glory of their championship by winning the match. 116 BEAT FACULTY WITH THEIR SKILL Q... L5 3 W' Willis WESHIIX 15555 Effie! 'Mimi mi ll' Ilmlli Valentine, and Urs. Kay Godfrey, gym teachers, and Nlrs. Thomasine Breher, science teacher. Actlon mounts as the teachers return the ball nn the annual faculty verses glrls champlon lntramural volleyball team The gurls proved their sklll as they won the match The referees were Mary Sueta 11A and Ianet Iames HA 117 January class officers, Tom Urbaniak, vice-president, Diane Novak, secretary, Vary Perri, director, 'llarianne Cook, director, Carol Pribak, treasurer, Ellen Schauppner, director and Sue Nagy, president, discuss their up-coming commencement as Urs. Clara Mae Beach and llr. llarvev Smith look on. 5 E .zu QQ? WN.. 13,575 1,1 . ' relief?-.1 . . .,, . di 'kfwmgf 2. - i ' - ' uf- V' ....i'+t- 3 Tlf , 1' fi ' uit XS. Planning the senior prom are the 12A class officers, Carole Meyer, secretary, Bonnie Sheren, director, Sue Horvath, vice-president, ,lim Prochaska, president, Jeannie Wier, director, Joanne Curcurru, director, and F3i11M cnthaven treasurer while Miss Elsie Freitag and Mr. Nlike Megregian, class sponsors, stand ready to lend a helping hand. The girls of the 12B class officers plan their campaign for the sponge dance given in February. Sitting are Gayle Krepps, treasurer, Norma James, director, Niargaret Parker, director, Ethyl Champlain, secretary, and Elain Bouvy, vice-president. Standing are Mrs. ,lane Lombard and Mr. Laurence Soldan, class sponsors. Not pictured are Nick Mancinelli, president, Bonnie Scott and Mary Hale, directors. CLASS OFFICERS DISCUSS PLANS WITH SPONSORS Finioying secretary Helene Corney's flower rightl joke are fclock- wisel Cail Pribak, treasurer, 'Haxine Cleland, director, .Ianet Weir, director, Dorothy Ciuffetelli, vice-president, ,Ioan Rosentrater, director, and Dean Dickie, president, who surround Mr. Wade Smith and Hrs. Lillian Parris, IOA class sponsors. Class sponsors, Hrs. Niary Deauchamp and Hr. Harvey Smith agree that it has certainly been a pleasure working with the IIA class officers. Seated left is Io DiVincent, secretary, above, Toni Cello, vice-president, ,Iune Ciampa, director, Sam Dennis, president, Nlargaret Harder, director, and seated right, Iiary Fvangelista, treasurer. Discussing plans for the coming ,I-hop are the IIB class officers and their advisors. In the center of the group are Nir. Harvey Failor, biology instructor, and 'Xiiss Alice Krug, gym teacher. The officers are Hob Harrison, president, Chris Aranosian, vice-president, Barbara Wilk, treasurer, Evelyn Drettschneider, .Iewel Wilkens, and Pauline Dilsky, directors. 119 ix Anja Orama, 12A Fordson exchange student from Finland, finds that American and Finnish schools are alike in many ways. Anja is seen here coming into school one morning last fall. With a definite Finnish atmosphere, students gather in the lounge to study, relax, or watch television in comfort. Finnish decorations em- phasized the theme behind F'ordson's Christmas display during the season's holidays. This parti- cular theme was chosen in honor of foreign ex- change student, Anja Orama, l'2A. Above the archway in the student lounge can be seen two Finnish Christmas Greetings saying 'Nlerry Christ- mas and A Happy New Year. ANJA URAMA ENJOYS AMERICAN SCHOOL LIFE SYMBOLS AND CUSTOMS MAKE UP SCHOOL TRADITION Year after year as Fordson students pass through the halls, quiet and stately, Nlr. Lincoln observes future generations on their "stairway to the future." Doing her penance for "sneaking" a senior fountain firinli is lOl? Pam llorschali measuring B hall with a hot dog, i ,lib-4 5 ' , Q. x Mr. Romanow's favorite past-time driving our mascot, the Tractor, at home football games helps boost school spirit. Hands clap in applause and farewell as January graduates see their fellow class- mates receive their well deserved rewards at the Honors' Assembly held January 29. 1960. HONURS ASSEMBLY, GRADUATION SOLEMN CEREMONIES FOR GRADUATES It's here! The honors Assembly has arrived for the seniors, although it seems as if they just entered Fordson as 1OB's. The three standing seniors are, from left to right, Sally Papp, Greg Popoff, and Mike Popoff. 122 2 2 E I f O f. .L ' Lew ' . Heads turn to watch Sue Nagy, president of the senior class, lead the ,lanuary graduates to their seats. This will be the last time they will be in the auditorium as ldordson students. .L ,., Class officers and faculty listen attentively as Sue Crawford speaks at the commencement ceremonies. Sue's address was on Hllelatiyity and the 1960 Graduate." Commencement exercises being over, these four graduates solemnly march out of the auditorium. They are prob- ably reminescing about their past school life and wondering, too, what the future may hold. X.. One happy graduate plus a proud family add up to commencement in the Cook family. Mary Ann Cook is seen here being congratulated by her happy relatives after graduation cere- monies are completed. Hass confusion surrounds Nlr. William Maas and Nlr. Paul Luoma as they give diplomas to this happy group of January graduates. Turning in their caps and gowns are Darrell Donelson, Albert Forge, Phyllis Currin, Barbara Eiles, Ronald Frazer, Angelo Dimitrious, Anita Cook and Sharon Feldt. 124 Crowded early morning halls buzz withtallcing as l2As Bob Aranosian, Ron Olesko, Ed Braun, Rose Wygonik, and Sue Horvath busily carry on conversations. SENIORS CONGREGATE AT MAIN STAIRS T0 CATCH UP ON LATEST NEWS Catching up on the latest news before llomeroom are lfis Nlel Halter. llicli larosz, Jeannette Curia, lid llraun, Santo Guido. Alex llraille. and Hob Aranosian. 125 HA Andrea Barwinski at the cash register, and 11A Mary Begg at the adding machine give up part of their lunch hour to work in the cafeteria. LUNCH HOURS GIVE 4 'v ' 1 T I . I Time out for lunch and the latest gossip. Fifty minutes to digest food Time out for lunch and the latest gossip. Fifty minutes to digest food and prepare for the next hour's class. TIME FOR LUNCH AND RELAXATION Accurately counting the lunch money keeps these girls busy at the end of fifth hour lunch y x '49 Serving lunch is a hurried and hectic time for this busy cook, and the line keeps coming and coming and ........ 1 "lYhat's my next move," asks 125 Bill Garrison as he studies the chess hoard during lunch hour. His opponent looks as if he's thinking just as much as Bill is in order to make his move. f- ,i My A X As lOB's, graduation seems so far away that we seldom think of it. However, weeks soon merge into months and months into years. Before we know it, the flurry and excitement of graduation is upon us. At commencement excercises, one of the last school functions that graduates attend as members of the student body they walk solemnly down the aisle more mature for their three high school years They talk with their frlends knowing that they may never see many of them agaln But they are ready to begin a new life perhaps t college or to work where they w1ll make new friends However they will always remember Fordson its students and SCIIVIIIGS as they say their final goodbyes and take their final step on the stairway to the future If GRADU TES IZ' luxx xx N XY' ffl if g Y X if 4QZ'.n.a.1.4f.-aigasaz 4.1. XR 4h f , - fa-if ,ii ' ln' " Q - . . - s X , I -'X A we-.3 .- -. -.4- "' 1 '- Ipll-,' Y I , '- gf' H A , . Y Q s! H ' , llrxl l', XX l J . kj, ,'.' E, .X . I ' fi? " ' Xx- F. ax I ,- , , X Pj 'Q' X . - . I ft' xt "s f 12 .- 'Q' s ' r ' '. is . 1 , 'lil' ii ld ,, 1 .' ,il X. fl. Q 'N s '. g. 5. 'N s s ' . if S ' li X N Q X 3. " X N N. , :I . x . - ,- so X. -15,11-1sw""""' A - l X, - Q ' . iff , B., 9' X '-R '-X . L. 0:6 ,S V' N ,H i v h 'ss I. ., Q, X - t- ', .. -c- . ' X. st .za tt F----Q . .. ,t eb. A ,',- - X - .nw x .- Q. .qt v N! - ' X u l - .-' 6" ' Q" PA o L 1' .- .f ,f fa 1"""""""' at Xt ,' , V, .l b... K. , .' U., t T' .E Ji u 5 M . sl' - N, . .- f 13' ' H1-""""""' ' '- Q- f W -Q ' it .af ee- L : t t 1 .......-N ,. .,.. .. , lv, up " ',.. , K- ' .V Qui... ff' . - , K up ,' D 4 h V- .4 ,,., ll,fn Q I a 1 x ', ' l. l- "" ' - V t v 3, g J tt- AQ. Q- , ,. "Pl ' .- X r X- xx ' lt' ', at... X - 1 'Q 3 5 X N r ' N' - X . v bi? "N f ,if--1-A ',, X L h ,xl S- li ,-'. ' - -1 ' , lf' X ., . - f - Y X lt ,t , f tt mt.- t -. -1- ,tt 4-3:-Q X . . ,........ Hu , X ......... it . t X Sm. 'te t : - :Ls 'cf-grsm"" 'N XX K "sr 'fr -- . 2-. t Y - kv .4-53 , 'K :S-Q l i gvxx-ex-w - t . Y .. - . mtg sg 5 h A pxossnb A ww I -. wx 1 .M t N , - s -Q--x h - I '- X , -... :le 30 JANUARY GRADUATES bc Susan Nagy Tom Urbanlak Dlane Novak President Vice Presldent Secretary N Carol Prlbak Treasurer Mm-lanne C0014 Mary Perrl Ellen Schauppner Du-ector Director Director 6' 1 Herbert Abramson Daniel Acord Josette Alessandrml Viola Ambrose Leah Antonelll Mary Baker Manoa Bakos Joanne Barkume 131 Peggy Anckome Lons Battlstone Beverly Andary Carol Bllsky W 6 F ag. 1 ,' li- X A I G' D, Q sz , , G hd , f ra. ' 'Graff -:gl tl -I Carol Bird Ralph Ch laravalle Susan Crawford Gordon Dye Rosalie Flscher B111 Bleyaert Luben Chrlstoff Phyllis Currxn 0 Donald Dzlczek John Fratto tw? QCV fr Paul Breda Marlon Clark l.yle Davis 'QS' nm y1 Pat Elles Ronald Frazer R CY Q14 Ralph Cameron Susan Cole Victor DeGraz1a 6- cr'-no XJ Judy Carter Mary Coleman Angelo Dlmltrxou Kenneth Emery Darla Feclashko Ernest Froclllo Ron Gerllca 'X sf- ,Ioy e Caruso Nancy Cork Darrell Donelson T17 Sharon Fe ldt Wanda Gibson 6 5 3 ll ,we 'G o his 4 - ' i V K. NJ C X ff' . l I , rl I 1 e ae l u W an , -5 " 1 3 Q D . ' 1- 4 3 " A' , - X ' 6 K N ' EE K .fir K., I r X if A 1 X ' Q b 3 ,B , 4 X . 132 C27 LJ Mary Lou GIGS LEWIS Haddad Rlchard Huth 43? Al johnson Rach Lentz Q51 '1 Vin 'J Vlctor Gogola Charles Haragely Patrxck Hutson 4 X 7: 1 Blll Gorman Gary Hayes Marsha Ivanka '-E'-5' 'PG Sue Gregory Jose Hernandez Llndel Jacobs in Adrlenne Konczal .Iudy Kosloskl David Kovarlk Chns Llakos Glenn Lilley Carol Llnden 4""'7 Pat Gross john Hnner Bonnie Iaukkurl Wllbert Kujala Don Lxnske L John Guerrlerl Chuck Hudson Tom J8l'lCh0 6- Ann Lapeer Marcelme Llpsey 'i T .. 'WW' Tae? H' a"' 32, me ,t .lx Y? 4, Y Q yi? 1 vw Y 5 5' 'H r QM A3 i at 1, V I at ,lui V1 .4 -1 NI if, 2 , 14 V Aff-. sy f 1 1 do Nm ny Y is A C , 6 ,. 34' f K . '- rf' - -YY, 1 W Q . rdaer Q , H K . , , 1: ' " . .3 V ,S Q .P I ' '7 A " ' 1: u Ya 1 xr 5 A' 'X nf 4' H W x ' 'A -' fi v 'K n d ' A -1. I 1 .1 Q' m A 133 ix 'Q-r Y"' Mary Ann Lxtynskl Carol Longrldge Elaine MacPherson Pat McElhone Muriel Mlley Larry Mlller Doug Murdock Carole Lee Ohlmacher Sam Osman f" 'il .rv -wg,-:v ...An Sally Papp Barbara Proctor Glorla Parrello Barbara Regner Q- 1 I Sam Pavone ,Ioel Roberts 134 1-'f '17 Frank Marmuccl Steve Muller Brenda Pace X.-I x 1 I J' I Q.. Bull Peterson Linda Roche Enzo Marzolo Allle Mohammad Sam Pallse Gregg Popoff Shirley Romanlck Uh. 9121 Carol Matlsa Sandra Monk Lynn Palmer Q:-'Y Mxke Popoff Josephlne Romano ff, 7' , ,. 'fi' ' ' l V. V ,x 3' N IU Q Q A fin . "' - 12 4 I ' gg Ay, fr B ' QVN. M V y y h,-1 - , X - ,...,r .4 , , S - - 'naa aa 5 Q ' bl 'P ' . Alf . ig Q as S ' + 'rr 'W M ofa no h. 4f .PAA ,5 4 , t '..+,,., 'C f I Q A F1 ' S ge 'J y ' X A Q W , -' - me Ai fl X Lwiffggg ' 1 IU' J 'S W ,N if ., X if 'V ' Q . I y ,,,. " S B F 1 H . fa Q- y if 'E' C ,llm Rosbury Margo Seabert Ilmmle Smltll Julian Subu Mary Saul Norma Qhamus jacquelme Sorenson David Swykert D Q 4- ,Iohn Sanders Jacquellne Sncle Robert Squires Y? Ken Schroka Elaine Smlth Terry Stanley 1 -...Q Richard Sygo Ray Szymanslu Dorothy Thompson Lawrence Tokarslu Robert Tomchuclc Diana TOBCHS in bn.- Ilda Scofano Grant Smlth Stephen Smulc Madellne Scudlo Jerry Smlth Carolyn Strach Victor Telep ,lim Terrasr John Tnfan Joseph Urso , A' 6 v 7 VV : 1 I l ,T Q I ' y I' W ,Z , ' H L x sl 2 , v 7 di' y - n f rrer we J f , A A, y 7' ' fi -. Q, -l 5 V , , if ,ff WJ' y gm y a ff i fg A I y 1 , Q U Z Q W . L 135 91 'Ov- Q-N., C7 KY DOHIIHIC Y eronese B111 Vlttl DaVld Washburn Darlene West .IC Maureen Whltlark judlth Wojack Elleen Wozmak Estelle Yates Mary Ann Zxgante MLW 136 T. ISS.. I 7- . 4' ,- x ' M.. 'El' H2 " K ,nf W , 7. 3 a 1 ' 5 I a 7 5 f 1: ' a , V a a x a 4 Z ' 5' I , , . . wi. 'v Margaret Aboud Mike Antonuccl UNE GRADUATES ' , . James Prochaska President 6 1 ' -xx -. , Q , '39 Susan Horvath Carol Meyer Wllll8m Monthaven Vlce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Joanne Curcurru Bonnle Sheren ,Ieanme Welt Du-ecgor Dlrector Dlrector Kathleen Abromovlch Frank Adragna Robert Aranosran Sarah Ash T' Alberta Akowltz Joanna Audra 'T Albert Alcgd,-ay Elizabeth Anderson Bull Avery Vincent Bachorek 6 M G A , so . . , . gr' . ' M A 12 Q-.Z A M M, I A' M A 5-' fg , M ' rib h .1 31 Ja.: A i, -,if 17 'XE " x . A4 ' EL, Q 4 --Q .5 . Nh' xi ' ' 137 sf Mel Baker Arlene Baron Dalal Berry Q57 Q Charles Balog Gary Bartsch AIICC Bexlawskx Mary Bonnie Karen Boore Judy Brayman Ilene Brezovsky qrw Donna Balch Jeannette Beasley Thomas Bxerman Joyce Boume Barbara Brlght 138 Jeanne Banaslak Sandra Beckman Roberta Blrk L. 'X ' 4 5-.J K J 41' Joe Baran Tom Bernxck Peg Blolnk Carole Bracken Diana Branchxck Chrls Brooks Daniel Brough C' 'Sv new A Gene Bardelskl Charles Berns Donald Bodoh if Edward Braun Sally Brown fa- ' 15' , ' n. .4 ifl ' 1' ' 'W if 4. "K A 94 ' M f , ,I , f - y y , A! x I b y no A . of f ,, ,I , l ,ws I . K 'Q A! 5 at r ' ' ' f L. A I Q . ge f fu Q ' yy .B I . IA . Q K mf. Neel? I , f f he .3 e a L f a a f" f 1 1' cg 3 B S ' 3 .rl 147 px Glorla Bruno Mary Ann Calleja Sue Christensen Dmo Cobetto Kenneth Crawford ,Iaclue Burton Sue Canfield Barbara ClCh0ClCl Larry Conflnttl Jerry Cregar -6 -qi Jnm Burton Loretta Certo Edwln Cnesla JV Tom Corey 'ke Hlchard Butzlaff Gerald Chantres John Clpollettx Q 'E Bob Butzlaff H Chasteen Jeff Clark W- f '-129 .ludxth Corluns Bull Corney Carolyn Creighton Jeannette Cuda Carol Cullen 139 Gale Callaghan Joseph Chlado Elaine Cleland Q-.4 John Cosslck Cathy Cunnmgham .I VI I 5, 5 L V G 5 .4 4.. 4 2,1 A , lr! J A 'Y A i, 4l eajsgflk I -1 W. N 4 fr 5 C . 'rs z 6 . ww- 5, ' ' V . 'RIT' 'nf- x. A, U A J ,J ' :"""'i' 'lliiggglef-'ffo as 2 , ' 11 1-- , a - A, - a V W' 1 ', V . Q' 4, - V' . " .1 'ry T 1 1'-' C ' 4. f-aff , . l 1' ' f K' 1 ' I f 'C 5 me 'tr 'U- Tlm Czarnxak Richard DeMar1a Karen Donelko Jerry Dragan Mamerth Dybash Y'-v AA md Frank D Agostmx ,Indy Dershem llbby Donnelly 3 Theresa Dragula Judy Dyke '51 C? 'Q Dlane Daszklewlcz Robert D1 Marzo Dan Dorosh 5? or F?-R5 vi Vlkkl Davls Dave Dlnglle Dennls Dostert 5 -as I arry Dawson Grace DlVlZl0 janet Dougherty 3 av f 3? HZ. Dlane Drown Jacqueline Duncan Nancy Duquette Barbara Dzxalo Ginny Elm Rnchard Emnch 140 Nancy Delorenzo Wxllxam Donaldson Tom Drabeckl Elleen Durante Marlon Engel '17 '9 Q. 3' I , l fa ill, . Q Q AX f l r y of y on D Q- Q. rl F M' N Y .J 5 'if D' . ,K V D L K , N 'ff 5. . , X 9 . ' 4,,f U E , il , 1 X i . . 9 . . . . . . . . - Q 5' 4 H T9 f 6- . ' A Q. . A I' Q. if My X , I ' l Y J 1 D X A Q , K , Ls Hllma Erickson Mane Flema Barbara Freeman Q-f Bob Gauthier Fred Glovannonn J.-If 5-5 Barbara Espe r Benny F1or1n1 Dlana Frost Q, Margaret Gawron Frances Golding X? Q4 lee Faber Jlm Flsher Ronald Fryzel 1 Beverly Fabrlzlo ,Iohn Florkowskn Phyllls Gallo 5 Sam Gemus Dorothy George Jeanne Ferrari Carlton Flynn Lynn Gardner 'P'-s Carole G1 erada Ken Goldsmxth Sheren Goormastlc Jlm Goudle 141 john Field Gall Freed janet Gaslor do Keith Glgnac jerry Gray .2 B Vs: -1: 'ls' , 3 F , rf y V .J is G f it I ., , Dt , . V, -Wi . 4- D x if F ' fc? . 1 ' K in I is X " TS. ' 'Z ff 1: Q Ah ' G G 5 Q ' as x I ' -5 A, ' 'R A f . si-xjw G 5. J. y i . , 6 lar .. G fr , if F F T . rm' 'W 1-ll Sh F -in L- sq, .A I 1 a N 1 Q, ,llm Grech Sandra Hamilton Tom Hemenway Bruce Green Beth Hampton Don Hemke Vlctor Hess Pat Horschak Dxane Johnson Mike ju,-mo Yvonne Grlclunas Pat Harnngton Donna Hemlce Charles Hull A 4-. 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Suggestions in the Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) collection:

Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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