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 - Class of 1955

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1 iw N- 1 2 11 a ,M .Q sf , iw lag' if it R lv-wivdninf-its , wq,,.e,.,.,.,gqi:Tii45Qi A wxv 2 My X i Mt v-'filly E fy H f 5 Y B i 5 E' ' . f 5-in A S f"" '1 isggg.Q9zi'f'wk ' W I 5 AQ3ww1LK.ffLw3.4aakwa. Q Q 58 Q , ,, 4 ,35 fl h gl ' A X MQ--at 'f vxwg.,-QW 4- pf T .www '- U . ,www 1 P A 1235? W 5 inf , I t iw ,L - ' F 1: 2 3' 6 . 3 3 gg 1 1 'V mi wr e q A Q if ' l 3 Q Q ig fig v i H S ' 3 Q gf Q' fr i i QQ 53 31 , - ,E my 4 S 3 if pk If U 375 7 I yi it W r gk W" Lf ' . , -six .AU 1 Quik T' 1 :ii kr it WL K H 1 31. I x . I 1 w 4 1 4' '71, I ,A'-, , 3 "ff L S S 3' Q S 4 ids- A . "' N I' V - 1 3 ' X X W -W 1, f 5 'gw xff L ef , ,y W' ' s A V Q. Q 7 t iifyh? 5 V 52256 ,qu , , ,,, iz? l Y, ww 6 5 f dm wiv .AQ ' .ii 'A' .dz g ' f' W 'sv U V v- H 5 'fe ' 18? 0 w., C r db ,, Q 2 I Q A A k 1 Q sb ,Q 'S 4' A - 4- 1 - Q- , i 5 A Q ' W' 5 5 , Q . wang., 8 gangs, ., sk. K 5 g if "2 A W, 3 s nw V, 2 J, A zglmwh ni wlnt: ml' we-fa'-wma. Q-srssqvwlwsl Fauna vsannafovuuw we Qs La 'i pm my 3 I Sim QW av 5 ,-' "df gulf 95' All' X515 BAP' if , 3 ., ' s '21 , if M , ,, L SK' A .if ,. ,. . Q 1 , L3 A r ' w i 'ak . a f 39 31 32 , sf.. Q Vx : .. . 0 9 5 :,,-,vii K K r B K 'v , xm H M vwMgn, ,,M,wM-,,, , s Q H My Fw 'W ' V L Y 5 9 'W , A r. -M ,, W rf ,ff " 5 is a.. Y M. Y g ,--.-, -.. ..W,., I . - Q. . ' ' A A . i ' g Mu- 3 ' 'im' ' fa- " -H wh' h "' ,H ' xii- A 57' 'L L . X I I g 'V 4 ' ,.f M K may gr 5 'f' f ' A ' ' ' b'w A :rx 1 W, i ,Q Q I x N f A F - A I 1u A 2 4 , IK 4 I Q fy 3 , V Q M' 1 4,1 .J si 0 " 1 S UL mx' f QQ A. - ' 4 f gf 7 Z, fd 3 JN ij . Q F, V , 43 I ' Q, 1, . , . -A if X . '5f iii 8 J Q ? b pq :VE A, Jr hi My gd, 1 w. bm 8 K 'H 1 i , Vi: 4 K , V "Lk 'A 4, ,MSU yu ' - - 3 A. Q 'Mk f V y we i f-X M L Q ' , ,Ei V f -- A ' , -:J "mi i J' 5 M 1 . H f I 1 f 'M Y Q. T u-MV J H I J ,,, ,, A "N.W " 1---4 . , V' 1 I' 5 fry '25, -. , ' M 3, .A . if Q ."' f ' . ' .M f fr ' . Q ' - V, 4 4 1 ' ' 'I V 6 M ' ,wg J, ' an 1 W ITIIVIUTES T0 DUUUUBED Q5 - s J- l Almost every day that we live, our friends, our thoughts, and our experiences play a memorable role in our lives...there are many minutes we want to re- member. On the pages of this book are our memories of this year...our memories of the minutes when we learn in our classrooms and the minutes when we enjoy sports and other school projects. But we remember, too, the minutes outside the realm of our school acti- vities when we follow individual interests. Yes, we have lived an eventful year...a year which someday we may look back upon and say, "That year may now be of the past, gone forever, but to us it is still real, and it is a year which will live forever in our memories." tit? g,,j- 6-15 G duate Clas oo C1 b . . Athl t s U d 1 A t 't' F lty MINUTES CF SERIOUSNESS . . . We also leave a place in our lives for our religious beliefs. We relax and fmd a few mo ments to study in the qulet sur roundings of our llbrary ,- ,-Q , - - 1 , . MINUTES OF FUN . . . -'Lt We re soaked our han' s a mess, and we re cold but who cares? We tled the ww ,A After our games we crowd mto a local restau rant where we talk and laugh over a plZZa ple L, Q1 We go through h6Ct1C club 1n1t1at1ons and we are dres ed for the occas1on too' 7 dm ELEM MMM J THE YEAR WE FELL IN LOVE It was the year that we dec1ded to be lovers I remember everythmg so pla1n There was Carol fxrst of all, then an Edna came to call But they weren t ladles they were hurrxcanes It was the year that everybody learned to mambo Frank Smatra Jolned the Oscar w1nner s club And Rocky Marclano dldn t lose a slngle bout The Nobel prlze to Hemmgway at last was given out It was the year the Yankees d1dn t w1n the pennant Never thought I d l1ve to see the day When Durocher won 1n four wasn t Casey Stengel sore He should of had Dusty Rhodes and W1lly Mays It was the year you had a crush on Marlon Brando But you really were my one and only love of day It was the year that you extracted my proposal Oh my folks were glad to get my room Income taxes were msane Natxve Dancer pulled up lame The songs about love somehow came out Sh Boom It was the year J3.Ckl6 Gleason broke h1s ankle Men s Bermuda shorts you wore for gnu my dove A bloke 1n England ran and broke the record for a m1le D1or proclalmed that Janxe Russell s curves were out of style I remember lt well that s the year that we fell xn love love love The wonderful year we fell 1n love Words by Roy Jordan Mus1c by Sxd Bass Reprinted by permlsslon of the Redd Evans Muslc Company of New York .Pla-W rv-1 'P I 1 1 When scrabble was the only game that everybody played - A fellow climbed Mount Everest to pass the time . . - , I e - o THIS IS OUR YEAR -Z sum, We saw the p Dave Youngs and D1ck Wxegandt 12As, stop to talk w1th the g1r1s lunchmg around thls Vear s new p1cn1c tablee Knee socks chose our year to make a comeback The glrls 11ked them the boys d1dnt and they soon went out of style J :Mu an ........ annI""'4 4 Q lans for our own student parkmg lot become a reahty 9 t f -f Y r , . . ,la ig ? - v , . U it r N , XL 5,3 W, '?w V , ,A Y -..-vl?f.A'-., . " xg .4- X X IMF- , N 2- ' f v In , ' ' M X- ' ' y., A L A . ,K -v' xxx ,l ,,x- uw -. ' 1 fl' ,..v I, X ' 2+ 5 KX, x K , , NK yffw L A sunt . QIQEQQQ PQHFSUN LQITTECUMINE ' IJMALE 'ft DRIZZLE DOESN'T DAMPEN Homecoming begins on a hilarious note with the coincidental placing of these two bulletins, one advertising the coming noon movie, the other giving a chart of the Homecoming Parade. Lu The parade concludes as Homecoming Queen Sandy Ptucha and Dave Smith, student council president, present the trophy for the winning float to Pat Fair- man, Blue Chapter Hi-Y president. .1 Without too much 'fPanic in the Streets", the parade begins with students bearing the letters FORDSON HOMECOMING. .10. at f .fi I OF FIRST HOMECOMING PARADE Eleventh and twelfth grade attend- ants, Gail Ponte and Betty Jean Hacker, beam on their audience as they ride in the Homecoming Parade. I Journalists "haven,t got money but sure have spirit". MI' FJ jing' fjffjlld, fl V rlllylli 'I ll I I 'fl' 1 f If 4' ' K diy! f I ' :xl The cast of "Best Foot Forward" waves from its float, the largest in the parade. -11. 1, -'G 12A Alex Anckonie, Rifle Club member sits in state upon his equinine "float.', tftt, DZ' -Of ff Riding regally in a Thunderbird with Dave Smith, student council president, Sandra Ptucha, January graduate, arrives on the football field to begin her reign as our Homecoming Queen. SANDY REIGNS Helping her from the car, Dave es- corts Sandy to her place in the stands. Reaching the stands, she and Dave are met by her attendants and their escorts Jim Stempson January graduating class president Leonard Bonaccime, 12A president, Don Kolcheff, 12B Jim Harder, 11A president Jim Rocco, 11B president and Angelo Lizzio, 10A -12- Reigning over the Homecoming game is only half the job of our queen. Here, Sandy arrives with her escort, Andy Boguski, January graduate, to take the seat of honor at the Coronation Ball. AT GAME AND DANCE Nqffji' The dance progresses andis pf finally highlighted when Don Grinen- S ko and Dick Weigandt, football co- captains, crown our queen. 1 1-1' Al R After she is crowned, her attendants, .Toan Kay, 11135 Betty Hacker, January graduate, Gail Ponte, 12Bg Kathy Trabalka, 11A3 Beverly Grantham, 1OAg and Joan Nieporte, 12A, gather around to take one last look at the 'tqueen for a day." .13- NATICNAL EDUCATION WEEK S -kb X X Mrs Andrew Tabaczynskl lxstens as Mr Mxchael Savage, personal hvmg 1nstructor, ex 1313105 some of the toplcs he covers 1n Barbara s cl B b ass ar ara, 12A, who IS a student hostess ns hstenmg m to see that Mr Savage 1sn t telhng Mother any tales ..,,gN nu n nnumlll Mr Arch1e Allen soc1a1 stud1es teacher confers xuth Mrs Charles Stephens mother of One 0fh1S Students Diane Stephens 12B Harx ey Smlth boys work co ordmator, asslsts Mrs Murr1l1 Woolford mother of Rubywooliord 12A and Mrs Ferns Le , WIS, mother of Dav1d Sahsbury 12A to some punch Mr Romanow laughs at a com ment made by one of the student hostesses 14 t A . f-X gl -1 x A a .,,, , R A J A I ,kayak , N 5. L . X ,. ... .fn xi . ' . . ., . 1- 'L fl ' ' I Y! . ' 7 ' 0 ll ll' y 1 f xx f ff L -4 if - .7 ff , " ,V I v M . , f , - H X . ' x Q fc ' Y. ' D ' A ' ' f ' . 43.2 . 11 . . y y Y ' I . - TOM STOCKDALE WEEK Before durmg, and after 'Tom Stockdale Week the talk in the halls was, "Have you heard anythmg about Tom lately? and Let s brxng Tom home ' Tom Stockdale, a top gridder and co captam of the football team, dislocated two vertebrae durmg the Royal Oak game and was rushed 1mmed1ate1y to the hospital There, as a process of recovery, Tom had ten to f1fty f1ve pounds of tractlon holding hxs neck 1n pos1t1on 'I'he b11ls for hls hosp1tal1 zat1on, operat1ons, and treatments mounted unt1l they seemed imposslble for an average famxly to pay A commlttee of teachers headed by Mr Mlchael Megregian was formed This com mlttee wxth the co operation of students, doctors and outside organxzatlons planned to raxse money for both Tom s recovery and any ser1ous future accidents This had long been a dream of Fordson s administration Then Fordson and Royal Oak took over! Through sales act1v1t1es and a dance Royal Oak ra1sed over S300 toward the fund At Fordson the Vars1ty club and football team sold tags bearlng the slogan Lets brlng Tom Stockdale home The noon movle re celpts for one day were donated to the fund The Tower Chapter H1 Y staged an Alumm Vars1ty basketball game Proceeds from all of these actlvltles grew untll the combmed total was S858 75 Com mumty orgamzatlons donated S98 bflllglflg the total fund proceeds to S1286 89 Now that Tom IS back 1n school the money whlch was left over from h1s expenses w1ll be used as the oeglnmng of the fund to help fxnance any ser1ous athlet1c accldent wh1ch may occur 1n the future Today who can forget the pr1de we felt 1n those mlnutes as we establxshed a long needed emergency fund and brought 40 Gene Flcyk 12B of the Tower Chapter H1 Y sells coke dur1ng half t1me at the Vars1ty Alumnx basketball game Football team member Ray Cramton 12A sellsa Help brmg Tom Stockdale home tag to Dave Dreher 12A as Ra1Watanab1 also 12A looks on . , 1 , , H 4 D - " rr ll l ' ! . . . Y! . . X . - . . n . I ' . t ffl 1 ' g 1 ' ' y - Y ' ! , . 7 1 , . ' KA 3 ' H - 7 3 - tx y l - , - Tom Stockdale home. 1 . Q "Y . ti. , fl l 5 V--. J' ' X 1 . f S -, I xy Q X , V. . K A , Y l J. V X? r ' . 'I X . fc - , Y 4 77 M I ,Q , 3 ' . 1 1' fl A 'ki y v 2 i I .F 5 ,f , . , C , VZ' . ' 1 ' . , , .- , . . . . Darlene Roose Editor in chief f""A f5f22f ifgggi me Mr John Dunn Advisor V 5, YP' Nancy Vermullen Senior associate ll '- li li C7 Martha Pemberton COPY 'sfl-1 fl I . lf, .:' "'X 'I' ll' J' ,ff v '11 v.x ,y " A J Dee Thack Junior associate 5 4-4 -11 I' S .K fi 4: lf. 1 v .. Dottie Sherick Copy .16- X all THE STAFF Q3- 1 ' 'V'-'NGC all mmf.. Mr William Watson Photographer vytb I pf. ai 42- , r v' 9553 Marilyn Hannenberg Junior associate Ange Arella Photographer FLEUR DE LIS Larry F Sports f' if tm Y 49 Allin Marsha Sprui 1 .T une graduates fi- Felicia Minni Underclassmen ...QQ . ' N 2 'F' Evelyn Schorling Business manager Anne Todor Sports ff Mary Watson Nancy Steinman Gxrls Sports Ar 1'1"-.T i 'l f'N Q T' Anita N1x Pat Dahlen J une graduates January graduates ., .,At 6 X12 y ,H fi ' 7 Gretchen Nilens Underclassmen ' '4'L, .L 1. ...- Jim Bowen Business manager .17. Shirley Renko January graduates 1' Mary Ellyn Slavik Rosie Merlino Clubs '35 yy 4. Ev' ., 1 , g3,.,V . . fa Zoe Kondur Publicity Clubs Mary Jurmo Publicity iigg K M i ' L '1afN.Q1 fi fl 1 1 1' ' ZH GRADUATES Ein 47721 Minutes to Remember The mmute when we flrst glance at our d1p1oma recalllng our class proyects and WlSh1!1g too that we had tlme for many more when we pen the last fr1endshxp p1ctures ln the flurry of graduatlon activltles and when we feel our three years at Fordson becommg memorles as we hsten to the last refram of Good Nxght Sweetheart at our semor prom We remember, too, Robm Seymour, the d1SC Jockey who plays the songs we want to hear and L.uAnn S1mms, who smgs Hug Me Klss Me Squeeze Me 19- ,JSX 'n .fun 1 t X lv , , :N . Q . - 5 PM in N ' 5 1 J gl 9 I 5, VN 4 3 K L T, FE El ' 4gffQ " s , Y 4 9 .CN JANUARY 1955 GRADUATES BE TTY LOU ANC KONIE Future Nurses' club Girls' Bowling club GEORGE E . ANGER Conservation club Choir Math club RICHARD M. ANTAILLIA NANCY SUE ASH Concert Ensemble White Chapter Y-Teens Choir HERMAN ATTIE Football ERIE A. ATWOOD Gathered together to catch one of the1r last gllmpses of the semor fountaxn are the offlcers of the January graduatmg class and the1r sponsors They are Mary Sasanas d1rector, BarbaraHal1 een d1rector Altha Garrlson treasurer Mr John Rmgle spaugh and MISS Ellzabeth Clau cherty sponsors, Ray Blrd v1ce presldent J1m Stempson presx dent and Anne Todor secretary CARL E BADGLEY Orchestra PATRICIA BAKER Future Nurses club Booster club Drama club JOSEPH BAZZY GEORGE M BEDROSS Math club, presxdent Conservatlon club Basketball BETTY BE NDER Wh1te Chapter Y Teens Cholr BETTY BE RKEY Future Nurses club Wh1te Chapter Y Teens 3- YM 1 it 36 !2"9' 9.- ua 'B ALICE E BERNOLA Wh1te Chapter Y Teens Jun1or class off1cer d1rector Sophomore class offxcer d1rector GAYLE D BERRY Sen1or class offlcer d1rector HELEN J BERTCHINGER G A A G1rls bowllng club RAY N BIRD Sen1or class off1cer v1ce presl dent Conservatlon club pres1dent Fordson Chr1st1an Fe1lowsh1p club pres1dent JOHN E BISHOPP NORMAN HENRY BLASKAY CATHERINE J BODINUS Wh1te Chapter Y Teens Concert Ensemble All school play JOSE PH BODIS JR ANDREW PAUL BOGUSKI Swlmming, captam Cholr Concert Ensemble pres1dent BEVERLY ANN BOIKE G1r1s Bowhng club secretary G A A White Chapter Y Teens GLORIA BOLLEY Girls Bowhng club secretary G A A JOSEPH S BROZOVICH ADELE M BRUNO Camera club, VICE presxdent Future Nurses club Math club SHARON MARIE BUBEL German Math club Conservation club secretary Glrls Bowling club L A i K 'S-' ' J ,, 5. Ag, iegt f A I S D '1 ...V N A 'Rf V QQ.. in 1' B Q 1:- ,rfs-'P A .xt an , X. 1 X , Q .V ,J TONY BUHAGIAR Conservation club, treasurer ' ' OLLIE D. BUSH Conservation club X Rifle club :-, t , ,,4,1,, 4' THOMAS ALFRED BYRNES Band X-:perl GARY DENNIS CAMPBE LL Tower Tribune mechanical staff Band at . 9' 'v.q,,,,,-ff .TEANETTE CAPORALE White Chapter Y-Teens Girls' Bowling club ANITA H. CARINCI Choir Concert Ensemble MARTHA C . CHINIK -' MARJORIE JANE CONNORS Choir ,,L was-r, - Concert Ensemble if A Girls' Bowling club I X MARTA RUTH CROMWE LL Student Council Choir Orchestra In-NM -r-rr' .TE RRY C UMMINGS PATRICIA JEAN DAHLEN 1. Tower Tribune staff, second page A 'E editor A . G.A.A. Choir W ..,., , KENNETH G. DAROMA ' JULIA DARWISH ' 'ir ALLAN J. DEHAR if. Q N 'O . T f Band, executive board f W , ' Orchestra 'X K iii -4-o Q sa 3' iw V WILLIAM DE JOSEPH Boys Bowlmg club Rlfle club ELEANOR .T DUDREWICZ Booster club Llbrary club RAYMOND .T DUNESKE EUGENE .I EISMONT VICKI CARMELA EMANUEL VIOLET MARGARET EMANUEL BILL C ENGLEHART Band Orchestra ELAINE .T EWASUK French club Booster club JACK L EWING Football Track CATHERINE C FAHEY SHIRLEY A FALKIEWICZ Whlte Chapter Y Teens treasurer MARY V FERRERA IVAN RAY FERRIBY .TR Band Orchestra Tennls IRENE M FINA G A A French club, secretary Booster club 5' 'lv ,H if 'awk we-v' KL Ag 'C' "nv " 36: 44150100 A jj ff' 3-:et QM an ""' 4: he Qs 23 .IUDITH MARGUERITE FISH G A A Whlte Chapter Y Teens Band BILL FLATON TONY FLETCHER Football EARL GARCIA ALTHA LA DE NE GARRISON G A A Sen1or class offxcer, treasurer Spamsh club EDWARD GAY Football Chou' DONALD GEORGE VIRGINIA SUE GHRIST G A A G1r1s Bowlmg club JOYCE GIACOMINO GIFIS Bowhng club WILLIAM TE RRY GINGRICH Orchestra, executlve board Football Sw1mm1ng DONALD GOULET Tower Tr1bune mechamcal staff ROBERT D GREENE Boys Bowhng club DONALD LOUIS GRINENKO Football, co captam Track Vars1ty club ROSALIND GROH Future Nurses club treasurer G A A Student Counc1l . QA r 3. 1 T Q . Q. . - ' i G pq 5, . . 1 To K A ' ,fiigiw I I ,i V ' " f 1+ .. . . 4 , - 2, -.- , t If White Chapter Y- Teens I " " - "l ' . W K 4. .F,i '- 1 . ca ' 9, ,.. , , , , 'fit A, ,fzf A x ' I . .if f N ' f . we-S to- 1 . - ' ' Vf:l ' ' A A rr,,.,W- , I , . 'kfiif-jg ' . x ' NN , U I - ,1,, ug,-N v Y Xl asv- -517' Q1 'hw-4 Env 'Q' 'C' H' 'nh fm 'VV' 'Z' ,35- ll' 36 2 Q WILLIAM R GUTZKA Tower Trlbune mechamcal staff BE LINIA GUZMAN 5-I 43' Spamsh club M59 Whlte Chapter Y Teens 3 up G1rls Bowlmg club BETTY JEAN HACKER X Mayorette G A A Servlce club an Y' BARBARA HALLEEN Sen1or class off1cer d1rector G A A Wh1te C h a pte r Y Teens v1ce pres1dent Q GERALD HEIN EDWARD A HODGES Football Track GERALD A HUMITZ RICHARD J HURLEY ,gk Track manager Q? ROBERT C HYDE Football PATRICIA R IRISH Serv1ce club Booster club Blue Chapter Y Teens WYMAN L JACOBS Sw1mm1ng Football 1 4 an Track 6 AGNES .TAVOR Future Nurses club Booster club 'E' Xxx GEORGE KACHADOORIAN Football Tenms .Tumor class off1cer, dlrector LYNN KILLIAN Cho1r, accompanlst Concert Ensemble, accompamst G1rls Bowllng club -24 Y ,, Vx' G' .1 F ' A ll - A A I ' ' ,. Q, .,.. N I I 'Q I is ' 8 , V . I m y I - .- .I - , , - A ' ww J I , A f E lik K I ., Q 4 1 u r V yd 5 1, f f vkri lt I V' X - ft' E. Aj . A ..,, , - in "' W3 at "' A Y' r:'l lr A , Vlyf ' ' f --,.: if A,l. 'L ,g K , sql an khhyikzz fi S X W, ny V -, ia Ef' ' ll , I . A E -A , l , y I I I ' ' - A X. V it 4: 'S at A . A " 'e-Pa A A fi: - I :LE A if y , i . 7 M YQ i . , A I G f . . ill' ,. xr f ' ' ' ' Q. X 5 1 CAROL ELIZABETH KNAPP White Chapter Y Teens Service club WILLIAM J KOLO RICHARD M KOSTIN Booster club Football RICHARD G KRAMER EDWARD P KUBIAK FRANK KULHA VIRGINIA LABATE DAVID GENE LAKE KENNETH CHARLES LE NTZ MARIE T LE PANE Library club HAROLD R. LINDMAN Swimming Tennis Fordson Christian Fellowship club LORRAINE E. LUCZYNSKI EARL KENNETH LUNDY Band Orchestra MALCOLM K. MAC DONALD Band president Orchestra All-school plays ,av as 96' '00 few 4-s. ...po- f""" - 25 RICHARD B MC CLENAGHAN Basketball A V I ROBERT MC CLENAGHAN Basketball Horticulture club MYRNA MC CONNE LL Girls Bowling club Library club Booster club HAROLD A MC NAMARA Boys Bowling club CHARLES MC VEY JOHN N MANCHE LL Baseball JOAN MANSOUR GEORGE N MARTIN ROBERT MARTIN Conservation club LORETTA W MARTYN White Chapter Y Teens JOYCE ELAINE MASURA Usher club president Drama club Girls Bowling club MARIE G. MAZZARA Choir Service club French club PHILLIP MAZZIE Basketball Baseball GERALD MITTIG A.V.I. Booster club Conservation club rf R9 er, 1, vls-rx wc, ki Q A, 142' gr, 1 it at I gp -w. 'W 4 'T' r. 2 K l if 1' 1 " gs 2 , 24:17, L X5 MARY MLYNAROWICH Orchestra G.A.A. Latin club BRUCE MOORE WILLIAM E. MOORE A.V.I. RONALD E . MORRIS HENRY MORRONE RONALD NETTENSTROM Tower Tribune mechanical staff MICHAEL J. O'CONNOR Football GERALD O'DONNE LL CAROL A. OPPAT White Chapter Y-Teens, treasurer G.A.A. Girls' Bowling club GE RALDINE LEE PARTON Majorette Choir CARLO A. PE LACCIO DOLORES M. PETRUCCI G.A.A. Girls' Bowling club FRANK PIGNANELLI Choir VALE RIE PLISKO s 63 x ' .23 f .' 1 15- If 7 gf rf 3 'Y I afg. ' 2 'W -'ws iii.: ' r Tflfigif S W- to 'FQ 7, .uf 'Q 'G' 3? ,. , -Si, F' X fa' fi iv C bs X GEORGE TOM POULOS Swlmmlng Band MARTIN S PRIBAK LOUIE D PRICE SANDRA LEE PTUCHA Wh1te Chapter Y Teens treasurer Serv1ce club G1r1s Bowhng club CAROLYN JOYCE RALPH G A A Serv1ce club Off1c1als club .TACQUE LYN L RAMAS Choxr BARBARA .T REAUME Cho1r DAN REDMAN .IR A V I SHIRLEY M RENKO G A A Tower Trlbune staif exchange ed1 Ol' ELLEN M ROBERTS GEORGE ROBERTSON MARION ROBSON Llbrary club W LVERA M ROMANO Blue Chapter Y Teens enms club ooster club '-...J aw J -4 Fw ,um ,Q 'za' 49-5 1'0" Q041 A AROL LYNN ROSENTRATER V1 rama club 0 ficlals club 27 .IIIVI ROYCE Sw1mm1ng Booster club Conservatwn club SHIRLEY RUPPRECHT G A A Glrls Bowllng club Future Nurses club v1ce pres1 dent DOROTHY SAN TOGROSSI Cholr Whlte Chapter Y Teens Future Nurses club MARY SASAN AS Semor class off1cer d1rector Whlte Chapter Y Teens DENISE FRANCES SCANLON Tower Trxbune staff ed1tor 1n chlef Fleur de L1s staff copy edxtor GAA MARCE LLA G SCHOENHERR VINCENT WIL LIAM SCHULTE WILLIAM SCOTT Student Counc1l Blue Chapter H1 Y Boys Ensemble WALDO SENSOLI JOHN W SERGEY FREDERICK W SIEPIERANSKI Band LINDA SIMONI Wh1te Chapter Y Teens GITIS Bowllng club Serv1ce club VIDA SMAGRAUSKAS ELEANOR L SMETANA Wh1te Chapter Y Teens Gxrls Bowhng club Servlce club mf' k E, , . . 6,49 . 5 . . C 3 A is mr . aft ,,. I I - I y . 1 - - -.. . - , Qt 6 , ' . X '. .- , . 1. L- ,, f p ' A ' 6- 'r ' . . Y . W 1 a u , XA LSP'-Ci' ' -Lu ' , A 5. -1 t ' ,Y ' 5 Z: Fleur de Lis staff, January editor A A p p I ff ffl A .. E -A 2' , - X . , . it in ' ' s A , -V :WS-is qr If . - .A.A. .4 1 W - Q' ' , , 'ut . an O ff , Will' QR- fwg' EFE fs.-Q S 5 Q' K f 3 R Q Y. pai? fn 'X ki 'J ,U ,rag M x . N Hx 3. 4- ,Q .4 , N 2 ,.. 'Z' I DONALD LYNN SMITH WALTER J. SMITH Band Science club Booster club THERE SA STAMM JAMES A. STEMPSON Senior class officer, president Junior class officer, president NILS RICHARD STRANG ROBERT K. STREICHERT A.V.I. RODGER W. SUGG RONALD J. SZUSZMAN Boys' Bowling club SARAH CAROLYNN TALLON White Chapter Y-Teens, secretary G.A.A. Concert Ensemble BILL TE RRY Football Track Swimming MARY MARIE THOMPSON G.A.A. Service club Girls' Bowling club PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON Choir ANNE TODOR Senior class officer, secretary Tower Tribune staff, sports editor White Chapter Y-Teens, president LARRY A. TRUITT A.V.I. - 28 . tai- ie v ,lv fy is an Q 3 Wiki J ' A of ,,,..-, 7- 3 A -sd , ,u f 1 PD A A '.Lkr 73 E A Q . , 6 I, if 5 is -V ,QB JAMES P TUCICH Student Councll FOUAD TURFE Football Basketball TON I VALLE -in nr' ALA BRUCE ZALOBSKY W GERALD H ZDAN ROBERT ZEHRA Future Nurses club pres1dent v av, as GERTRUDE HELEN ZITNEY Hort1cu1ture club Conservauon club ADE LE VAN AGTMAE L SHIRLEY ANN VINT Wh1te Chapter Y Teens MARLENE JEAN WALKER MAX R WELCH JOHN OTTO WILDE PATRICIA E JVILHE LM Wh1te Chapter Y Teens G A A Cholr CAROLE J WILLIAMS G A A Drama club Wh1te Chapter Y Teens BARBARA ANN WOJ C IK G A A Whlte Chapter Y Teens Cho1r BEVERLY JANE YAKIIVIOVICZ Booster club Llbrary club GIFISI Bowlmg club VENELIN J YANAKIEFF Band, executxve board, manager MARY ELIZABETH YANKE Cheerleader Wh1te Chapter Y Teens, secretary GAA is 29 rv G A A Servlce club Future Nurses club BARBARA ANN Z UNIC H I A ' I ' rf A K 1, . . K' S 'N E . , , . ATG 'Q f ff- Q . I ,I I : J . . . Finally, the long-awaited day when the caps and gowns arrive! Jim Stempson, president of the January class, gives the welcoming speech at graduation. ..--.......,.h 8..2..75..1! All those numbers mean January grads are being measured for their caps and gowns. 5, ws. Honors Assembly is the time for awards and probably the only time homeroom teachers give out compliments. -30- W1th many tears and happy memor1es the January class meets for the last t1me 1n the aud1tor1um for graduatxon These kxds are takmg advantage of the punch and cookles durmg an 1nterm1ss1on at the Semor Prom The June class solemnly marches across the fxeld to rece1ve long awzuted dmplomas 3 ,ll If I R ff, . . PQ . . 'V x 1 O . , 4 j I - 1 . JUNE 1955 GRADUATES NORMA LEE ALEXANDER Service club DAVID R. ALLEN GE ORGE RAYMOND ALLEN Choir DANIE L AL LI Rifle club ALEX ANCKONIE Conservation club, president Rifle club, president DAVHD ANDE RSON HOWARD ANDREWS ROSE MAR IE ANDRUSIAK Future Nurses' club Service club Horticulture c1u'b -32- 12A class offlcers and sponsors sembled at the semor folmtam st before they bequeath it to the w semor class are Gary Wolter, ce pres1dent, Soma Badarak and at Fa1rman, directors, Tom Mm do, secretary Mrs Mary Beau amp and Mr Harvey Smlth onsors, Rosie Merlino, treas er, Sue Rector dxrector, and eonard Bonaccime presldent OI-IN APKARIAN and v1ce presxdent ,Q 'N QQ, rchestra 'A NGE LO ARELLA --- 0' leur de L1s staff, photographer ower Trlbune staff photographer ys Bowllng club ERMON L ARNOLD ORINE ARNOLD lue Chapter Y teens sher club EVERLY MAE AUCH erman Math club secretary clence club treasurer ooster club NA AYRES LLIAM A BACKUS ONIA N BADARAK emor Class Offlcer dlrector ooster club v1ce presldent rama club vue presldent 6 5 ?" LOUISE N BALDRICA AL BARDE LLI Football Baseball Blue Chapter Hi Y vxce presldent ERNEST BARTON Choxr LINDA BATTISTELLI VIRGINIA BEAMER G A A Servxce Club v1ce presxdent Off1c1a1s club THEODORE MOHAMMED BEDOWAY Band executlve board BONNIE LENORE BELD Spamsh club vxce presldent G A A Serv1ce club TED G BE LLOWS Conservatlon club vxce presxdent Boys Bowhng club Rlfle club .T OE BERRY Sw1mm1ng NO NELL BERRY DEANNA BE ST Servzce club ANNA M BIANCHI JOYCE E BIANCHI JOHN P BIEDA NORMA LILLIAN BIRK Future Nurses' club Booster club CHESTER H. BISSELL Rifle club, president MARY E . BLACKBURN SHIRLEY E LAINE BLANEY Booster club CONNIE MARIE BLOCK Choir Drama club G.A.A. ROSALIE BOMMARITO Service club LEONARD P. BONACCINIE Senior Class Officer, president Tower Chapter Hi-Y, chaplin Junior Class Officer, director RICHARD L . BOURQUE JIM BOWEN Fleur de Lis staff, busine Debate club, president Latin club, president MARGERY BRANDO Choir Concert Ensemble Future Nurses' club YVONNE M. BRAYMAN Choir COLLEEN BRENNAN French club G.A.A. Service club MICHAEL D. BROM MARY E. BROWN -34- ss mgr. ix ,J P wh f"N SX -di" 'V 3 M' , U, P3 a 4 ,i -1- A d i,, Q.. 'ID 4' f TED BROWN Drama club Il ebate club Cholr NANCY ANN BROZOVICH G A A GIFIS Bowlmg club Off1c1a1s club I NNETH J BUDNY arslty club Baseball manager I leur de L1s staff sports edltor E NNY BUF FONE WILLIAM H BUNSE Boys Bowlmg club ANGI BURTCH Booster club hr1st1an Fellowshlp club ho1r ARBARA BURTON RADLEY G BURTON o ower Chapter H1 Y arslty club RLENE E LLA BUSHEY and executlve board secretary lrls Bowlmg club ervlce club RY CATHERINE CACCAMO RANK G CALLAHAN ILL E CAMPBELL rack captam sketball lue Chapter H1 Y JOHN CANDEA Band NANCY ANN CARROLL Blue Chapter Y Teens, secretary Future Nurses' club, secretary ervxce club 0' 1 63:3 'Y Fc 54 35 ARLENE RITA CARSON Serv1ce club Blue Chapter Y Teens Tennls club MARGARET JOAN CARUSO Servlce club Blue Chapter Y Teens Future Teachers club EDWARD CASCARDO LEWIS CASE Varslty club Golf GLORIA CECCARELLI RON CELSI OMAR CHAMIE ELIZABETH FLETCHER CHAPMAN Spamsh club Concert Ensemble ROSANNE CHASSE SAM J CHIADO .TOSEPHINE E CHIDE GERRY V CICHON Booster club MARY ALICE CLARK WILLIAM BRUCE CLINTON ' 'S ..E' A - - W : C' . 1 p : - - , . y , . t In E f . It gina, ' g I . , .. i L V., : , A A 3 lf fb' Q I .V I ,, . I r 4 no A1 I . I: , ' . t 6 l:. y ' I: '- I K We U V Q9 TULLIO L COCCIA Basketball manager Tower Chapter H1 Y secretary Varslty club JOYCE LE ONA COLE ARLENE COLLETT ALBERT COLLINS Track Rlfle club secretary treasurer Conservatlon club WILLIAM COLLINS EMIL C COMSA DE ANNA CORNACCHINI VIRGINIA MARY CORPOLONGO Llbrary club RAYMOND L CORRIDOR Baseball .TOANN CORTE Z RAYMON LEE CRAMTON Football Track Blue Chapter H1 Y MARION S CURCURU Future Teachers club, secretary Servlce club Blue Chapter Y Teens ALBIN CZAJKA FRANK W CZARNIECKI Swlmmmg A V I Conservatzon club 3 'Q' 3 W4 JOAN J. CZEPCZYNSKI RICHARD DAKE DEXTER DAVIS Blue Chapter H1 Y sergean arms Football Basketball JEAN FRANCES DEENY Girls Bowllng club Serv1ce club Wh1te Chapter Y Teens LUCILLE E DE LGROSSO Future Teachers club v1ce presxdent Serv1ce club Blue Chapter Y Teens JANE DE NISON EILEEN DEN OTTER Cholr JUDY ANN DE ROSIER NORMA DI GIACOMO ELAINE E DIMARZO Wh1te Chapter Y Teens ROBERT DODT JOHN DOMINO JUDITH BELLE DONAHUE Choxr Concert Ensemble Blue Chapter Y Teens LORETTA JUNE DONNE LLY ROBERT C. DOWIDAIT DOLORES M. DRAUSS DAVID R DRE HER Blue Chapter H1 Y Track Varsity club JE RRY DROST Track Varslty club RALPH H DROUARE CARL E DUBOIS Band president Orchestra ARLENE J DUKE Girls Bowlmg club BRUCE DUNFEE ANNE DUNGER Horticulture club DONALD J DURHAM JAMES DURHAM Tower Tribune mechanlcal staff JOHN S DYKE FordsonChr1st1an Fellowshxp club Boys Bowllng club MOHAMMED EL HAJE SHERRIE HOPE ELM Future Teachers club . I yum . - , t-at- f ' , 'A V A ix' It '3 . X p 5, - ' X . , , . 1 t . Y - . ' v - I , Ag. ' 7- I . D . we we K , in f 2: E5 2 . if H a:"'? ' . 1 ' 9- , . 1 5 4 A , , P eiiaei ' ' ' . " ' - A I -zig, .-V T 11 ' 'L ' I -S jlflfizff-1 ' XG H a ' gif' ' i f , -- ,nrt ' 5" f' -Q . 52? I sf: if 4- ' Q 5 - ' .w we ,. 1 , H Q 4 . . f'? 94 i G, 4-0 06 fin. 'i v--'Y 'SS .Rf A Q' DONALD I ERGONIS PATRICK E FAIRMAN Semor class offlcer, dlrector Blue Chapter H1 Y presldent Swlmmlng DICK FAY LAWRENCE G FEHRENBAKER Tower Trlbune staff sports edxtor All school plays Drama club presldent CAROLYN FELT DAVE FERGUSON GERRY FILAR G A A Servlce club Booster club HOWARD FILLMORE Swlmmlng Blue Chapter H1 Y treasurer BERT FODOR .TR Conservatxon club Boys Bowlmg club JAMES L FORD Basketball Baseball WILLIAM FRIE ND Track Tower Chapter H1 Y Varslty club secretary ALLEN G FRITZ Concert Ensemble Conservatxon club ROSINA FROCILLO Girls Bowlmg club MARION GABER French club presxdent Orchestra Latm club secretary 38 S4 S inf uc' EM? W SQ 953 2 ji Q ,. Q X' ' . 2' - 'Q ' L . . " ' ' ' Nw . fn l 4 S V I I A "-2 B 6- I v ' N gt. . I , f . 1 pp - I Q it : f . . .., -4 L. . A 5? , gr af' Xt Q- , ,pf jc ' ., I A it Ry W g T' r 2 X at Student Council P " 5 wk ' as ' - J v X . A' :E . f' J 'A 5 . . , Z U - ,S 'G gk V ' 5' W 6' 'ff 'iff . , . L ll A 1 ,: S K if 9 ' ' , 'L ' p p A ' p p , A 2 2 f A LE ONARD GAIDA Debate club treasurer SCIGHCG club MARGIE GALLAGHER THERE SA JANE GAL LO G A A Booster club Off1c1a1s club ROSE MARIE GARCIA Spamsh club Whlte Chapter Y Teens CAROL GARRARD G A A Servxce club treasurer Off1c1als club .TACK GARRETT FREDERICK W GARRISON .TEAN NE GASTON Booster club presldent Blue Chapter Y Teens Drama club CAROLINE CHRISTINA GAZAREK Concert Ensemble Cho1r ANTHONY GAZDECKI BARBARA H GIACOMINO THOMAS A GILBERT Swmmmlng Q JACK W GILLEY THERESA GIRARDIN .F aw oil :H af B wp it 4, j Q 01' 'fo 39- KENNETH R GODON PAT GOLEMO BARBARA GOODISON JACK J GOODRICH Rxfle club NANCY ANN GREENLAW FLORENCE GRIGLIO ELAINE ANN HAACK NORMAN HADDAD DELPHINE ANN HAMEL Booster club Blue Chapter Y Teens Sclence club DOLLY HAMILTON JANET HASS Booster club Usher club, presldent Blue Chapter Y Teens DON M HASSAN Boys' Bowling club SYLVIA R HERNANDE Z JACK HILLE Boys' Bowllng club Baseball 'S 4 V, 4 'i A ft 4, x 'G- 4 1 it ff wr. Q ai. Q, 4 uf ROBERT L. HINDBAUGH All school play Drama club MARY K. HORKA CAROLE A. HOTZ GERALD MARTIN HOULE Debate club ELAINE HOURIGAN YVONNE HUDSON Blue Chapter Y- Teens Horticulture club BARBARA LEE HUGHES DON HULL NANCY JACOBS Fordson Christian Fellowship club E UGE NE D . J ANIGA DENNIS JANSSEN NANCY L. JANUARI ANDREW J. JASON Science club, president Spanish club, president Debate club, vice-president JOHN J AWOR Golf -40- SANDRA JEHLE White Chapter Y Teens All school play Booster club RON JE WULA GERALD H JOHNSON SYLVIA J JOHNSON G A A Tennls club Officials club IRENE JONES ANTHONY J JOZWIAK DAVID M KAPAUN Boys Bow11ng club BEVERLY LEE KAMINSKE ROY A KARCHER Band student conductor Varslty club presxdent Blue Chapter H1 Y chaplln CHARLOTTE P KATONA G A A Offlcxals club JOHN KATONA GERALD E. KEANE Camera club Track, manager BARBARA ANN KE LLER A11 school play Service club White Chapter Y-Teens LE ONARD KIERSZKOWSKI ,P so i BEVERLY A KING PATRICIA KINGSBURY BARBARA JEAN KLARICH Servxce club Camera club VIRGINIA J KLOC G A A Booster club Girls Bowhng club CLOYCE E KNICKERBOCKER RICHARD D KNOCH MARY ANN M KONOPSKA IDA MAY KORB Hortmculture club president Blue Chapter Y Teens Future Nurses club MARGARET MARY KOSINSKI SCTVICE club Camera club JO ANN KOSKO ALEX KOSTOF F JERRY H. KREMKOW DOLORES KRIKORIAN Blue Chapter Y-Teens vice- president Drama club secretary A11 school plays RICHARD IQOLL Football ,JP I Z pn lil '57 RICHARD G KROTCHEN MIKLOS MICHAEL KULHA EDMUND KWARSICK SALEH LALIB Football LLOYD LAMBERT PHILLIP LANTZ All school plays stage manager Drama club Camera club BARBARA LAURIE G A A Future Nurses club DONALD R LAVALLEY CAROL LAVINE RICHARD LE BLANC Baseball manager Conservatlon club PAUL G. LEVE RQUE Swimming Conservation club JOSEPH A. LIGI GLORIA SHIRLEY LIKO Tower Tribune staff reporter Booster club JAY LOVE JOY Baseball, manager Camera club Boys Bowling club 42- rr-fu 'V' ,4-JP' Q1 pf! lf-d""'H? :QSX A an JOSEPH A LUCENTE DON LUTTRULL NICK LUTZ LORETTA J LUTZENKIRCHEN G A A MARY LOU MC BRIDE erv1ce club Booster club J RANDALL MCCLAFLIN Rlfle club secretary treasurer DAVID MC CORMICK Basketball Student Counc11 vice presldent BILLIE JEAN MC ELROY Fordson Chrlstlan Fellowshlp club presldent KAY MC EVOY GAA president Officlals club G1r1s Bowlmg club secretary KATHLEEN MC NAMARA Student Counc11 ervlce club Blue Chapter Y Teens JUNE MC PHERSON Cholr RICHARD MACHCZYNSKI LONA MAGUIRE PATRICIA MAHANEY GIPIS, Bowllng club Q! or ff ut Jef? U 43- MARLENE ANN MAKOWSKI G A A Offlcials club Servlce club DE LPHINE JO ANN MALEC G A A Offlcxals club Servlce club LINDA LUCILLE MALLORY G A A , v1ce president Girls Bowling club, treasurer Cho1r VINCE MANCINELLI Choxr A11 school play MARY ANN MANKUS Blue Chapter Y Teens I C C Future Nurses club JOAN MANVE LL ANN MARE NTE TTE Servlce club DOROTHY JANE MARRIOTT ME LVIN R MARTIN JOSE PHINE MARTINE Z ARNOLD LESLIE MARX Band DAN ILLA MASET Student Councxl Blue Chapter Y Teens Servlce club FRANCE S MASSA DONALD MASTERNAK Boys' Bowling club lf., .. - - , u 0 ,A - I I 3 .CH W. - v K: 64 , , . . . Trfifi ' V, -45 Horticulture club, secretary ' - M yi ,A . 5 v . 5 ' , ' ' Yi- A... y . M' . , ,. , , . y 6 p 2 , . , t . 6, X-nf A 6 iv V"...'S7' s ' x 1 .iii It .QL I 6' 'KA 9' "' s' of , X. I xi ,ik JOHN EUGENE MATTHEWS in Tennis Varsity club Tennis club Y RAYMOND E . MATTHE WS ADDIE M. MELAND G.A.A. Officials' club Girls' Bowling club ROSIE ME RLINO Senior class officer, treasurer Drama club, vice president Tower Tribune staff, news editor ll . JOE MIFSUD I - Baseball I MARGARET MIKITAROF F 12-fm xx ,' BETTY K. MILLER DICK MILLER SALLY MILLER G.A.A. A Spanish club Booster club Q- TONI M. MINAUDO Senior class officer, secretary Cheerleader Service club FELICIA G. MINNI Tower Tribune staff, feature editor Spanish club Fleur de Lis staff, underclassmen editor WILLIAM R. MITTIG Tennis Varsity club Tennis club RICHARD MONTAGUE Baseball 9 RONALD MORGAN - L A.V.I. H It .44- ' iQ EORGE E MOUNSEY LANCHE MUELLER H chestra f1c1a1s club oncert Ensemble OHN E MUTSCHLER ifle club OBE RT .T MYCEK ootball rchestra AROL NAJPAVER ' chestra lue Chapter Y Teens RANK NASAL ILYN NEWMAN all captain OAN BARBARA NIE PORTE A A secretary heerleader erv1ce club RETCHEN M NILE NS ower Trxbune staff reporter leur de L1s staff underclassmen edltor rama club THERINE ANN N INKOVIC H uture Nurses club secretary lrls Bowlmg club ILYN NOVAK LIZABE TH NOWAK f1c1a1s club ITIS, Bowlmg club LSON MARVIN O'BRIEN Y J O'DELL I as ,gif ,Qs- sr quo 'W-Ks xg' Say 51152334 W W3 ,gunf- 'ga df' I 'Q- Q -Q8 O X 1 r I si 'L ,W 51 wk 45 RAYMOND E ODOM Hortlculture club CATHERINE OHSOWSKI Future Nurses club presldent Latm club Horticulture club TALMADGE OLIVER CHARLES E ORR STELLA PADYJASEK SUE A PALMER ELLEN PANZOFF Booster club president Blue Chapter Y Teens pres1dent GAA GEORGE E PAPP Conservation club DANIEL FRANK PARPOLOWICZ DAVID PATH Conservatlon club Rlfle club J AME S PATON Tenms , manager PAUL L PATTERSON Football Cholr Track JEAN ANN PAUL Concert Ensemble Chou' CAROL PEACOCK Blue Chapter Y Teens cabinet member Servlce club Usher club ' ' 7 L , 4 r ,QL ' ' 9 ' j , ,V , - tl' ' ' 1' A, - Y 'T . .A.A. A if . ' ' " V A A 'J M YF? f ' l 7 , .A.A. A Nfl" 7 , ' ' ' raft .A.A. A L 5' . ' ' , ' - A L 5- x-msg' X 1. by xg Al ' ,L Sg- . , 1 X 'O' ,A Y f. 9' X f q In -w " W . 14 i. N 3 f fm 4 An.. , 1 , 11 ' , I , gs 4 iz t, .- 8 ii i, .' ov- Q 'I J vrzili I M l ANGIE PE RE Z HOWARD PERRYMAN Basketball SUE PFAFFMANN Future Nurses' club Horticulture club Fordson Christian Fellowship club CLYDE PICKLO Rifle club, vice president JACQUELIN F. PINK Choir Concert Ensemble All-school play DAVE PLEZNAC Baseball BEVERLY ANN PLISKA .TEANNE PLONT G.A.A. Service club Drama club LEONA MARIE POHLONSKI French club Drama club .TUDITH ELLEN POPE Booster club Service club GEORGIA PRUITT G.A,A. Officials' club Girls' Bowling club ROBERT F. RAWSON Football Track SUE RECTOR G.A.A., treasurer Officials' club Senior class officer, director HARRY REED - 46 - dll W Gi 22 N L' 1 .4 ,. X X ,I 1 '1 Aa 'K lk Ei - 1 f, - ,XO 'Z'- fA f' ' 4 'F- il in vi: 1' HARLEY R RENTON CAROL MARIE RHEAULT SGTVICE club Usher club Hortlculture club THOMAS J RIBLEY RAYMOND RISH DALE J ROBISON Track Cho1r .TOHNNIE RODRIGUE Z Swlmmlng ELEANOR F ROGERS Future Nurses club Hort1culture club JOAN M ROOKS DARLE NE J' ROOSE Fleur de L1s staff edxtor ln G A A Whlte Chapter Y Teens DOUG ROSS CIE ROWE ho1r I RY ANN RUCINSKI at1n club uture Nurses club ERRANCE E RYAN onservatlon club enms wxmmmg AVID HENRY SALISBURY at1n club clence club chlef gs 1? in' 'Q 'QC' 'Q""'r Rfk -ar WY cs... 47 GARY S SALVADOR MARY SANSA LONE Booster club, treasurer French club Conservatlon club KENNETH R SARKISIAN R1f1e club CARL LOUIS SCHMITT Boys Bowling club WARREN L SCHWEIKHART Football Varsity club RICARDO FRANK SCOFANO Band Orchestra DIANE A SCUDLO G A A mtramural head GIFIS Bowllng club, presldent Off1c1a1s club PATRICIA SEAGER Cho1r CHRISTINA C SHARPY Majorette Booster club Sclence club DONALD T SHATTOCK Boys Bowllng club Conservatxon club Track THOMAS L SHERMAN DOROTHY H SHE RICK Tower Trlbune staff, assoc edxtor Fleur de Lls staff copy ed1tor Booster club secretary THOMAS A SHINSKE Conservatlon club JUDITH SHOUP Whlte Chapter Y Teens late - F' 1 'R 2 3, ,, mr J I A Wi A 9 X ' B. h ' I ' H A 3: :I :,'f bi . as .aff A M .w r , A Y , 'Q u , uuv. W P- is 6 3 - y-, . l . ' ' ' Spanish club I A r I .e,f:,2?', L , ' ' Q D . , . -. - . b' K I Aqn' i 4- i Q I ' -' ' .', A ' ses' fl ,N E . . , 41 5 ,V :: ' A W , E . , . S V 4.,v D D . ' . Q- . - - B, .I . Hg A A1 fi 5 -J BONNIE R SHUBERT SHIRLEY A SINGLETON FATIMA FAY SION NANCY ANN SIVORI G A A Future Teachers club, treasurer Booster club ROSE MARY SKOLARUS Drama club CAROLINE B SKRUCH G A A Glrls Bowhng club Booster club LAVERNE B SMALLEY Booster club Future Teachers club DAVID R SMITH Student Council presldent Swlmmmg, co captam Blue Chapter H1 Y F RONALD SMITH KENNETH R SMITH R1f1e club LEO SMITH ROBERT EUGENE SMITH SYLVIA GRACE SMITH GIFIS, Bowhng club JOAN KATHERINE SOBECKI . 48 . 41' 5 .fi IU? ROGER SOPER Golf MARSHA F SPRUILL Tower Tribune staff, news bureau editor Fleur de Lis staff, .Tune graduate editor Booster club I NNETH E STAHL Football Band Varslty Club I DWARD STANTON ys Bowling club WILLIAM STATETZNY Tower Trlbune mechamcal staff SUE STEADMAN Service club, secretary G A A Drama club RICHARD STE VE NSON THOMAS C STOCKDALE Football co capta1n Track Varslty club DAN STOKES DONALD STOLTMAN LORA LOUISE STRASSER German Math club treasurer G A A Scxence club CAROL .TANICE 'STROUD Booster club secretary German Math club presxdent Science club, secretary FLORA ANN SUBU Future Nurses club Future Teachers club HERREL G FRANKLIN SUTTON Fordson Chr1st1an Fellowshlp club X0 X are Nl ..--3"-Txyi 99 6 g gi 'CF' 1' R F' 49 ,uso MARGARET SZABO MARY SZABO CARL K SZEWSKI Swxmming BARBARA VICTORIA TABACZYNSKI G A A Usher club Servlce club JANICE S TARRY Cheerleader G A A Booster club JAMES E TAYLOR Hall captam JANET C TAYLOR Band SUSAN J TEAGAN Booster club Servxce club Choxr GORDON L TIERNEY CAROLINE TRASKOS G A A Servlce club Drama club PATRICIA A TRASKOS Booster club Future Teachers club Camera club RAYMOND DAVID TRAVIS .Tumor class offlcer presldent Cho1r Scxence club HUGUETTE TREMBLAY Camera club DONALD TRE VARROW "L,'e me x ak 4'.,Q BNI H ww' Q'-all 'wx iv uf "NH: 3 JOSE PH R TUCZAK Math club Rlfle club Basketball MARGARET INEZ TUDOR G A A Cholr Blue Chapter Y Teens treasurer BETTY JANE TURCHAN G A A BE RNHARD URBAN ROBERT E USHER Basketball manager AVI GERALDINE J VAN WINKLE Usher club Servlce club G A A NANCY JEAN VERMULLEN Tower Tr1bune staff, edxtor chlef Fleur de L1s staff sen1or associ ate edltor Drama club secretary ROBERT VIGNA Band ARLENE LOUISE VOLANSKY Blue Chapter Y Teens cabmet member Booster club L1brary club vlce pres1dent GAIL VIRGINIA WALKER Drama club pres1dent Library club pres1dent All school plays JANE S WALLACE Servxce club pres1dent G A A Drama club JOSE PH WANTUCK CHARLES WARD Boys Bowlmg club HE LEN IRE NE WARD 50 Fw 5 or 4 F 1 Q09 5-7 fn UN, ,vs ea P wie 'lV.,i'! ONNA MARIE WARRELL ICHARD WASSERMANN AISABURO WATANABE wimmmg 1ue Chapter Hi Y AUL WATKINS ootball seball OGER M WATKINS 1 school plays oncert Ensemble ebate club LLENE D WATKINS irls Bowling club ON C WELLS onservatlon club oncert Ensemble h01r AN WELSH ys Bowlxng club oster club I ARLENE WE NTARMINI lue Chapter Y Teens oster club hoir ON WHITMORE ys Bowllng club ICHARD E WIEGANDT ootball, co captaln I sketball hoir ILL WIESE RED E WILEY AVID G WILSON ootball VT-life:-1 1 in-. ,,,-v X fu .oil Q, Q? if Q v Q? pf'-, S x J' DON J' WINNICKI DAVID WISBY Football Baseball GARY EVERE TT WOLTER Sen1or class officer, v1ce president Basketball Baseball ESTE L WOODARD Usher club Future Teachers club BEVERLY ANN WOODRUFF Library club RUBY GAIL WOOLFORD White Chapter Y Teens Booster club LACY L WRIGHT JO ANN M YOPEK Span1sh club secretary Future Teachers club DAVE YOUNGS Band Boys Bowling club presldent Tower Chapter H1 Y BEVERLY JOAN ZDZIEBKO G A A Glrls Bowlmg club DONNA IO ZIEHM EVELEIGH D ZIEMAN Booster club Drama club Latln club , l t L 1 ,qs A 355 I Aft ' ,es 5 - , gf., J . fax W il ,M I 2555! ' f . . :VE-,:'37G:. -' :-4. I- . ?f'1.Q:.,s: '- ' : fflaigiz' . . , ' . - Q: ' ' ' : - . Q ,N ra R - 'F 1 A A Q. V ' ' 1, ,J 1 , V I . ,' , -'J X L 6 .K 3 x L' 1 C X . . H' A ax . , Q , f if 9 6 A ' 'i .A.A. 45' " , .. . . W ' 1. 1 ' as 741' kv sig 'n ' , , ... , . r - " 1' - . : h I - K - : a X X , ,vw , .f - ' '- w 7 -4. WJ 14? 1 W : ' ' 1 N . . . X , . , . J -Q. "5 AA CLASSROOMS any Minutes to Remember The m1nute when after SIX weeks of research and wrxtmg we gladly thrust our term papers 1nto the hands of our teachers when we Walt w1th fmgers crossed and looks of hope for our test papers to be returned and when we cram a semester s work the mght before a fxnal exam We remember too studymg about Presxdent Eisenhower the 34th leader of our country 1"s 'Y If 0 ,lv xx Photo by Angelo Arella 53 mt 1, K Hai, My x s ,AW ' xx If O l I O . , . ! 3 h , Y . . . - V kg, jh 5 :" ' g x ffl ' 21 : - , ess 2 2 1 : J fix-2 '- A If ". H. 'Q' xx Im un". I , ,,. X X L x 1 2 E X r I we if One of the many projects of the crafts class IS clay model 1ng Leo Smlth and Lou1e Case, 12As, Ellen Roberts January graduate, and 12A Fay S1on are absorbed 1n work on the1r mas terpxeces if 12A Joan Rooks enjoys learmng about the operatxon of a wood saw from Mr H1lmar Leyrer ln art class 9 - - cr - ' H X . , A , X X. ' ' . 5. x "--X r- x ,4 X gy 325 V, . Au X ,K ,, K rx. '.' -lf In ng Mrs. Mildred Lyman hands Barbara Zunich, Janu- ary graduate, a miniature tree to place near the model house she constructed in interior decorating. 11A Bob Semperger works on the plans for his house. 5 V I .c , Diane Scudlo, Sonia Badarak, and Sue Rector, 12As, are quite absorbed as they paint the hour -- . Hway. . 'N' X " .TCL-1 via- , .. 57? if S .1 ART ' 5. A is 'b 4 , , I ,Ss f i. .K ' --w.,X All set? Begln s1gnals Mr Wade Smlth typmg 1nstructor as he sets the clock for a ..q- ten mmute typlng test To get all the columns to balance Pat La Fleur 11A and Marlene Makowsk1andDe1ph1ne Malec 12As dec1de that three people can do a better Job on the bookkeepmg exerclse than one "Tut f 56 xh '4 x lf L -. .7 My .ew Q L X. V 2. '-Hn 7 .1 , L of 4' . Z, ls, COMMERCIAL As Nowell Berry, 12A, types a letter from her shorthand notes, Miss Marion Hunsicker shorthand instructor, points out a typing error which Nowell has apparently overlooked. has 'f' if x.. After getting her fingers smeared with ink, Margie Mikitaroff, 12A, is more than eager to watch Mr. Kenneth Ripple, office machines instructor, demonstrate the 'tink-proof method" of placing a stencil on the mimeo- graph machine. With their attention turned toward the cash register and their instructor, Mr. Robert Evans, these retailing stu- dents wait for him to explain the com- plex operation of the machine. ,-f""' Mrs Beatr1ce S1mmons Spamsh class locates some of the Spanlsh speaklng countrles on the map fCould be they re plannmg a f1eld tr1p J Mrs Ne1l1e Dr1ese s Enghsh class pre sents It oum Twenty Quest1ons program MAB X -53- German students never have adull moment It seems E110 Eusebl 11A supposedly mur dered plays h1s part well as 11A MRFIOH Krause prepares to take aphotograph. Sharon Bubel January graduate arrests culprit Bruce Baldwin ' 'I M ' ' M' :camore brings flowers for the deceased. ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE e an class 10 orgamz Mr. John Bonfig1io's tenth grade English class puts up a bulletin board which is intended to help acquaint them with the school. -59- - Eng1iSh hexps hls Mr. Michaet Carddmsonduci H Panel' X.. i 7-4 Q i -v '-fs , 9' 'F' I gn , . , 4 , , 4- - ' 0--4 , P .- ,s -4-ri'.f,,...,,, - ' -4 I N V vin.. ' 4 K A K f ffpn -1.. , .1157 , - -ff" ' 'Mal ., 14- 1 , 4 K V ,-- m.fQWMf J, 54 z' 415 VX --, '-i""4, Ag- ! . Just as soon as Coach Wllllam Letsche gxves the word Dale Gr1pe 11A and Marlo Salvatore 10A wxll be off and runmng on thezr horse HEALTH EDUCATION W1th Mr Garvase .Tach and Mr W1111am Letsche gym mstructors calhng out orders these vxgorous males show the1r sk111 at calls then1cs . , . y 1 7 I KC ' !! ' .X . ls .. A A , " , xx 5 ' 's . i I . . Y ! ! I ,, 'r v 'rf' - 61 . Rosxland Groh, Vxolet and V1cky Eman uel and Joan Mansour January gradu ates whlp up a salad 1n a homemakmg class Mllhnery IS one of the accompllshments of these homemakmg glrls Mrs Gladys Blestek shows Delores Petruccl January graduate the proper angle for her hat wh11e Axleen Doherty 12B and Betty Bender January graduate look on X vr I Tea for Two land a few moreb HOMEMAKING if r 'lf x? Fordson'S future feminine"Faths" ...and"Diors'i . 63 . '-'14 -Q. Miss Janice Wheeler lends ahand to Margaret Caruso, 12A, and Aileen Doherty, 12B, as they dotheir share of "housekeeping" in the home- making apartment. fire M r Harvey Lew1s explams a mmute d t Surxano and R1ch d e a11 of draftmg to 12A ar Herman Dav1d W1sby and 11As Carl Wood shop students choose the easxest way of clearmg sawdust from the1r work 4 xx -64- INDUSTRIAL t'Masked Marvelv Jack Goodrich, 12A, is showing Mr. Chester Ackerman, ma- chine shop instructor, that he has learned his job. Without these print shop boys to "set it up" and "put it to bed", the Tower Tribune would never be printed. llAs Charles Morawski, James Durham, George Galay, and Jerry Cicotte work on headlines and page lay- Out. After this electric shop course there should be no short circuits in the homes of these fellows. From left to right are Joe Palazzolo, l2B, Mr. Carl Brawley, Industrial tea- cher, and 12Bs Robert Knowles and Bob Kerske. vm., For some of the members of h1s class, Mr Theodore Barton explams h1s 1nvent1on of a tr1sector whlch IS used totrlsect angles The task of explalmng a geometrlc proof has befallen Ph1l MU1V1h111, 11A, but Just 1n case Ph1l gets stuck, Mr Em111o Contl math lnstructor, 1S standlng by to help The x's and y's of algebra seem to be confusmg Ray Gryn1ew1cz, 10A, but after Mr Wllllam Kauth's explanatlon, Ray w111be I A-L L Ll- DUIYIIIB LIIC CHUQLAUIAD WL!-ll CQDC ,,,4.x,.i! You don't have to climb a flag pole nowadays to find out how high it is. With the help of their trigo- nometry instructor, Mr. Herbert Beddow,Ray Travis, and Dave Smith, l2As, make use of the slide rule and sextant to find the flag pole-'s height the easy way. -67- MATHEMATICS Algebra is really a serious subject, but judging by the grins of Mr. Robert Olsen, math instructor, and his two stu- dents, algebra rnust haveahumorous side, too. --of. gc--, Organ is getting to be the rage! Almost any hour we may find avid students like Barbara Donelko, 11A, practicing in the auditorium. Blanche Mueller, 12A, directs as some of the orchestra members fiddle during one of their practice sessions. MUSIC Wlth the help of the Concert Ensemble Lynn K1111aH January graduate, renders a solo Student dlrector Rosemary Koos,11A, prepares to lead the HA" choxr through a song 69 Z J 'if fy A it - ' 4 if fi ' A rj , I ' , 4 J if dx ff fell n ' ff 1 f r , I ,f X ," I QQ fl--' fy, X . , . . , I EE v QQ gif' ffvw wNs"'i -SA Penny Lyslnger 10A W111 be ready to take a closer look at these paramec1a just as soon as Mr Hans Fredeen, bxology mstructor adds a drop of water to her s11de Mr Don Foster IS supervlsxng Whlle h1s hortlculture students make ready the flower boxes They all thlnk 1t,S funny, but Fran Bush, 12B, IS the one who'1l have to pay for the cracked funnel she is showing to Mr. Joseph Ka- trina., Cl1eI11ibi,l'y luslruulor. It looks complicated, but Al Collins and Ted Bellows, 12As, are used to these complex physics experiments. They are working on a force ex- periment now as Mr. Rudolph Martinak, their instructor, looks on. "This part of the skeleton is called the ra- diusj' explains Miss Tomasine Neering,biology instructor, as Judy Templin and Dave Mac Nellis, 1lBs, listen attentively. -71- SCIENCE The Umted States IS the polnt of 1n terest for U S hlstory students Henry and Rlchard C1uk 11As, and the1r 1n structor, Mr W F Davxs Could Mr James Lehman pOSS1b1y be mak1ng up some of h1s puzzllng test questlons Whllc h1s world h1story class IS studylng so hard? fl we Mr M1ke Savage ernphaslzes apo1nt1n personal l1v1ng whxle members of h1s class Smlle 1n agreement if 5 3 K G . U .5 . . N Y u r L, U ' - - il Sh iff" me S . . . . - X -JN V I . Q . S 5 -,JM V IJ Collinson, Cindy Pacholek, Sallie Pesda, .W 13, ' -' - . 1 - . - I - ,ll 1 , x 1 f' . A 3 . - 72 . SOCIAL SCIENCE If they would only turn their attention from these box cameras and "look-at the birdie," these photography stu- dents would see their own instructor, Mr. William Watson, demonstrating his camera. J Mr. Patrick Doyle, state senator, explains the funda- mentals of state government to Eveleigh Zieman and Sonia Badarak, 12As, while Mr. Archie Allen, civics instructor, finds the discussion interesting, too. XX 73- N4 x X: 5 . X YN 'mx x xl 'A' i fm ig -. 1 H l 1 f f Z 'Auf' 'sk y, if f is M ff -a f risk. CLUBS Minutes to Remember The m1nute when we gaze at the homecommg trophy w1th hopes that the work we put mto our float w11l help us wm when we recelve our club p1n a symbol of our work and when we brave the crowds to seek buyers at our club s game concess1on We remember, too the A F L and the C I O merger to strengthen labor's cause, just as we club members work together to further our purpose ' Y 0' fillh- Umted Press Photo 75 be Q Z X - X ik jg xl. , Q A ' XX - x I , J r F Q I ,fffxx f i "1 X f' ffg' 2, X xx ,f ff Q N " Q I A lf BE W Drama Club TOP ROW Skolarus Morle Gaston Rosentrater man Lantz Brown Watklns Pusllo FIRST ROW Walker Auch Pesda Masura Fehrenbaker Ver Mr Eugene Baker sponsor S1enkan1ec Yacup N1x mullen Nome Jurmo SECOND ROW Strasser M1ksys Odgers Merl1no, Wallace Badarak Del Traskos Plont Kr1kor1an Mormson W1111amS Stead G1ud1ce Block 76 ,m-.., Prospectlve Drama Club mem bers Dzane Rapp and Elame Mor an1ec, 11As, start out on a round of golf, usmg 11A Bob Pusllo as thexr golf tee Someone should 6159015 thCDC 1ll1t.I.d.t.LLIllb are all 1n fun 1 3 ' A 5f'lif:75lEzil59'f- A' 9 ' - K ji .-52145 ' " - 5 'Tgf , S ' ' Q5'gf,. P 1, 1 lg? 1 F -1 ' if . 5 I I 2 , I 0 E J . Q 1, - 'M , . Q 9 . -v "4 Q.. 1 , .- J 'a I il Q 1 f' 1 Q' s 1 Q . - 3 f ,. , ,- 5 2 - a 4 , .' ' i , 1 , 1- V - 5 6 6 W ' R u 1 , , . 4 ' L : 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' : 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 -if , Ll, .h K, rs , 1 ll f LA TOP ROW Ulansk1 Colaluca Schultz Tomchuck Buntrock Shoemaker Bowen Mlttlg J Matthews THIRD ROW Mr Harvey Fa1lor sponsor M1holan can Beck I Matthews Leedy Sargent Duke Betron Shlshkoff Evanoff SECOND ROW Rothenthaler .bm 4. 'W .u fl L Tenms Club ...L Zadra Pol1c1cch1o Rlcamore Peceny Wheeler Paton Lampros Carson FIRST ROW MCK6ChH1e Johnson Pence Kazlusky Mart1n Kuhn K.1mle1n Salancy Wegmann Whxte Boys Bowling Club TOP ROW Berger Welsh Dyke Fodor Youngs ROW Pahse Cole Iaqulnta Peters Rust Gabel Shattock Wh1tmore D1bert Hughey Crowdls THIRD Bellows Pxpxtone Dav1s Abdullah FLRSTROW Mr ROW Schnelder Col11ns Iaquamello Boulton Vo Em1l1o Contl sponsor Studebaker Pleznac H11le lante Trema1n Dxvxto Peters Rutkowskx SECOND Call Subu Arella Ward Cempura Gallucc1 Lahn Club TOP ROW Brown Karst Coccla Sahsbury Gaston Gaber Bubel Rucmskx OhSOWSk1 Mueller Scott Pemberton Zleman Clark Rupmskx Bowen Fehrenbaker Merhno FIRST ROW Mrs Margaret M8CM1llaH sponsor 'P French Club TOP ROW Qulllan Yanke Brennan IayntGe11n sponsor Bubel Gaber Donelko Vlad Gawron sky Shattock Chatterton F1na Bosworth Powers Pesda P0h10I'1Sk1 VSHUO Atwood M1cha11k FIRST ROW M1ss Dorothy Txttle WY Spanish Club TOP ROW Plont Block Mxller Udgers Beamer bchorlmg Nome Yopek EIRbTROW N1x B1nder Jason, Dahlen Sherlck Rooks,Steadman SECOND Flores Teagan Moreno Tallon Guzman M1nm ROW Beld DeGraz1a Garrard Garc1a O11ver Wood 78 Combmmg thexr knowledge of Ger man wxth a l1ttle fun Sharon Bubel January graduate calls Adam wo b1st Du? to Gary Pence 10A as the other German Math Club mem bers JOIN 1n the game 6 i ra German Mafh Club TOP ROW G Jason Doss A Jason Naxrn W1ll1am Kauth sponsor Wood Krause, Wegmann Mertus SECOND ROW Morton McBr1de Auch Eusebl Stroud Bubel Strasser Mueller FIRST ROW M 79 5: ,, 'Irv ,G ' ig Q., , , - Q J' ,Q KN I " F I I X .. ! ! ft A , , f. . H A K' V ' 1 1 'W ln at , , K 2 ' , 5 -- .- . as .A f ' , If 5 X .,, .1 5 N? ' ' ,L-fl? 4 , ' --" , Q A fv- S ' - X v. L 5. A -. " 1 , I v- ' ' , A , A R M A ' s , ' 1 - A Q . ' 1 f A A ' s f' A. - ' ' Y F ' l 7 Y D 7 Y ' : Y 3 Y 1 ' , , . : r. . Q Judgmg from the hopeful look on her face, 12A Gmny Beamer can already see a strxke Girls Bowling Club TOP ROW Hacker Ptucha Bertchm er Scanlon Damacus Whxte Wegmann g Vmcent Kondur Od gers A Rothenthaler Ralph Gr1mes,Rapp Todor, K 15-. 1 XX 11 'TW-ITDD PON! F' I Dahl Zltny Mueller Caporale Smetana Ghrlst, Oppat Beld Wallace Block Strasser Fma Dahlen SECOND ROW Tutt Robson R1camore K1ll1an Bo1ke Bolley Fxsh Yanke Horwath FIRSTROW nnhf Rncnnfrnfnr qwarfv Guzman Garrlson M1ller Wothe Tallon Thomp son Groh I I 3 l 1 l I ' 4' : I - , 'U Q5 'Y F , l - 4 ', .L Q. Y a I 2 5 V ' 'X' V .-V V 23 N' . l . , 2- 1 N 5 I lx Il ' ,lx A on flak .. I, 1 f l , I Z 1 1 I 9 y 3 a x . 9 .I . x , , , , , - Garrard, Renko, Masura, McConnell, Woj c lk, r - 1 1 1 r 1 1 r ' : 'lvfiulclrn H76 Camo M : n Q - U nnelri filfxf-nwnclzi Rnhol Pnnnr , . ,, Q , ............ -...... .V .. ..,.,, . , -......--, v. ...v.,....., ---:-.-, ---,.,-- -----, 7-k -W 1 Y- , , v s x Q . D 7 s y 9 x ' y 1 1 9 a - , . . - Girls Bowling Club TOP ROW Kloc Moramec Mart1n Kolpacke Lavome Bmder Stoll Karlovetz Welsch Pratt Pavle Davldson Owens Bush Johnson Alexander Ponte Stephens THIRD ROW M1ss BettyNelson sponsor Schrnxdhn Zenas Moore Morgan Taba czynskm Zdz1ebko Skruch Van Wmkle Kuhn Evanoff Rlchards Stellato Kay Brennan Spre1t zer Hulett SECOND ROW Pol1c1cch1o Walden aww Kopch1a G DeGraz1a N DeGraz1a Roberts Lake Seav1tte Hannenberg D DeGraz1a Powers Wat son Zakar1an Slavxk Dr1elts Lewandosky Llst wan Gubb1ns Borgeson FIRST ROW Peceny Doollttle Sheren Schlmlzze Deeny Susoek Stark Scudlo Mallory McEvoy Pru1tt Tarry Downey Kosloskl Wolcxk raw, 1 Girls Bowling Club TOP ROW Bushey M1ynarow1ch Combs N1n kovxch M1ller Gallo Panzoff Beamer Ph1l1p Gluckstad Stemaway Putz Traskos Rector Steadman THIRD ROW Salancy Wagner Zadra M1holancan Beck Stemman Harder Schueder Stroud Z1eman Zoan Betron Mart1n Cardmal Leyme Leasure SECOND ROW MCK9Chn19 Watt Nelson Luob1k1s M1n1e1ly IQOPCIC Tress ler Foreman Hans N1chols Yanke Brown Cole man Nowak Meland Brozov1ch FIRST ROW M1ss Betty Nelson sponsor Roose Gawron Gel1nsky Yast1c Tabacch1 Westcott Chrxstopher Fordell Auch Tudor Konkoly Plont Coma1 Colwell Jx Future Teachers Club TOP ROW Crowe Curcuru Alcodray Schorling Sivori Householder Cyers Wentarmini Nome Arnold Yopek Hays SECOND ROW Vlad Donahue Pemberton Amroz1 Wood Morrison Chatterton Subu Ponte Stephens Del Grosso Smalley FIRST ROW Mrs Bessie Stuart spon sor Kazlusky Woodard Johnson Shattock Odgers Bosworth Donelko Caruso Gallo Traskos ign- X Future Nurses Club TOP ROW Champlin B Brown Chatterton Lea sure, Malinky, Burtch, Primeau, Cichon, Schilke, Pfaffmann, Ninkovich, Van Aasche, Salancy, Man- kus. Hill. THIRD ROW: Groh, Bruno, Robbs, Gilsbach, Hayward, Heier, Mieszczur, Andrusiak, Piurkowski, Ziomek, Del Grosso, Wiltz, Westby, Carroll, Korb, Lutz. SECOND ROW: Miss Dorothy Copony sponsor Sheren Valle Karapetian Wallin Clydesdale, Clark, Zitny, Curcuru, B. DeGrazia Glenn, Rucinski, Minielly, Birk. FIRST ROW: Ed- gerton, Johnson, Deeny,,Leonetti, Davis,Alcodray Kadlubowski, Ohsowski, Rupprecht, Brown, Laurie Rogers, Pelz, Polony. -82- ly g , 1 2 1 e li? all E sf 1 5 sf .1 lillll My Conservohon Club TOP ROW Korp1 LeVeque Wells Anger, Hebel Harder Sh1nsk1 Mu1v1h1ll Bedross B1rd Shattock SECOND ROW Petras N1x .Turmo M1ksys Edgerton Bubel Yacup Baldwm J Harder Mc Kechme Rxcamore FIRST ROW J Shmskl Hubble Nalrn Spensley Papp Rup1nsk1 Geltka Royce A Rothenthaler J Rothenthaler Mr Hans Fredeen sponsor .hm Spensley 11A Don Zenas 12B and .Tun Har der 11A members of the Conservatlon Club put the fmlshmg touches to the plantmg of a Norway Pme under the watchful supervxslon of Ray Bxrd January graduate Th1s tree was one of three pur chased for th GSC hool by the Conservatxon Club 'G 5 ,L ' -f ' ' 3 ' M , 1 "M . , A fu , - ,, F 1,4 4 A , J C , Y N Y tx v , , 1 I . f 1 ,, 1 f, 4 0 : , , , , . , . ' Z Q . ., 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' y - . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 K , - if - . .r 1 wists' V IN White Chapter Y Teens TOP ROW Johnson Bush D Wojcik Odgers Ptucha Falkiewicz Sasanas Boore Wilhelm Mor rison Williams Bodinus THIRD ROW Miss Ethel Ivanoff sponsor Sansalone Sharpy Leonetti Deeny Shattock Sinclair Jehle Keller Mmaudo Comai Colwell Martyn Bender SECOND ROW Woolford Householder Bushamie Attxe Yanke Oppat Ghrist Smetana Caparale Fish FIRST ROW Knapp Slavxk Crowe Killian Bernola Zakarian D1Marzo Stark Rosen trater B Wojcik Boike Simom Roose Tarry Tallon Not to be stumped by a high branch, Dolores Krikorian, 12A, stretches dangerously to hang a last bit of tinsel. Blue Chapter and White Chapter Y-Teens combine ihiii' G11- ents to trim the Christmas tree in the library. Blue Chapter Y Tee TOP ROW Carroll, Shlshkoff Caruso Mlksys Hass, Kr1kor1an Panzoff, Grondzlak Volansky Mankus SECOND ROW Arnold Petras Gaston Auch Romano Wentarmlm Gaber Petrou Pea cock FIRST ROW M1ss Jamce Wheeler spon sor Carson Hudson Maset Korb Nxx Jurmo Mer11no Tudor McNamara I v' if Blue Chapter Y Teens TOP ROW Pavle Caldwell Owens Rousseau Tracy Zdan Grlmes Gluckstad Rapp H111 Kamlnskl Spexran THIRD ROW Moramec Fede Kuhn Sm1th Karlovetz Hulett Kolpacke Kay Abramson Stellato Welsch M1n1e1ly SEC OND ROW Donelko Wrlxon N1chols Marzolo Stoll Sprextzer Br1cker Buccxarelh Dr1elts Feltman Gawel PoI1c1cch1o FIRST ROW Kop ch1a Sheren Peceny Evanoff He1er Hans Tobxn Barw1nsk1 Qu1111n Fobar Terry McClure Servlce Club TOP ROW Nieporte Krikorian Marentette Beamer Alexander McBride Ptucha Traskos Ralph Mlynarowich Steadman THIRD ROW Brennan .Tehle Keller Mmaudo Koslnski Caruso Bushey Carroll Plont Wallace Scanlon SEC OND ROW Maset Beld Knapp Kirby Best Andrusiak Mazzara Zitny Thompson Teagan Tudor Deeny FIRST ROW Mr James Lehman sponsor Tabaczynski Van W1nkle Roose Gar rard Malec Marowski Filar Rheault Carson Peacock McNamara Service Club TOP ROW White Shiskoff B Ventro .T Ventro Pavle Cardinal Le me Kammskx A Rothen Y thaler Vincent Grimes Wadsworth J Rothen t....l-. ...C ..- VW' . . THIRD ROW: Leasure Penworden Killian Schueder Owens Karlovetz Kolpacke Hulett Hayward Abramson Kuhn Kimlein Martin Betron Heier Stark Fordell SECOND ROW Ricamore Spreitzer Terry Qu1ll1n Dalla Vecchia Smith Dolenga Watson Luobikis Sheren Speiran Gawron -..,-.. .....h.,... -... .... -..-,. -....1.-. FIRST ROW: Mr. John Romanow sponsor Nichols Welsch Stoll Christopher Watt Nelson Wrixon Petrou Willman Minielly Hans Worden Kay. 86- f -5 Z gk. Usmg the skllls they have learn ed 1n Rlfle Club Clyde Plcklo Alex Anckome Dan A111 Al Col 11ns and Jack Goodr1ch all 12A s practxce up on their marksman sh1p RleCu TOP ROW Mutschler Zebrowskl Thayer Set tles, Anckome A111 Dec Tuczak SECOND ROW Martm Donnelly Barbat Stoyenoff,P1cklo, Smlth Panos McC1a.fl1n Path FIRST ROW Mr Kenneth Smlth sponsor Flxger Oppat Fur dok Wedlake Myshock Slowxn Marchand Duke Mr Archle Allen sponsor ,af-new if Usher TOP ROW Harder Pavle Pratt Hass Tracy Putz Wadsworth M1chal1k Woodard Buntrock THIRD ROW Mr John Fowler sponsor Mc Intosh Wlllman Exel Masura E1chner Ge11nsky Van Wmkle Tabaczynskl Caldwell Stemman Club SECOND ROW Terry Gubb1ns Brown Peceny FIRST ROW Watson Doran Rheault Arnold Peacock Karlovetz Martln Kolpacke Hulett Tobm Welcomxng Dlane Scudlo 12A and her date to the Chrxstmas concert are members of the Usher Club Barbara Tabaczynskl 12A offers them a program wh1le Geraldlne Van Wmkle 12A and Janet Peceny 11A look on w1th bxg smlles I 1 ' ' i a Q W 2 O . k ff Q 3 V Y 1 E s Q ,V . .. ut: J ' 11- Q , 1 'C :- ' ' - , A f, N ' -4 -, -V: 'i Y ' ' gf I , 5 1 ' 1 Lv s I l , . Q X Z 3 Y Y 7 1 : ! . Y 3 , , ' ' , , . S1vor1, Jaynt,Spreitzer,St0ll, Watt, Yast1c,Dunbar I ' 1 v ' I 9 v V J Y 7 1 Y 7 3 7 Y Y U ! 3 ' ' I ! 7 D 7 . - . , 1 3 l - 88 - T Q G Camera Club TOP ROW Karst Jurmo Nix Mlksys Rousseau SCh1m1ZL8 FIRST ROW Stephens, Ponte Smith Tracy Bertchinger SECOND ROW Petras Pecenv Rapp Crosby Tremblv Malinky M Samuel Spmo Tobin Edgerton Moraniec Nome Leyme Vasiu sponsor ici. .4 Varsity Club TOP ROW: Economou, Nieporte,Wo11, Matthews, chuck, Coccia, Mr. John Davis, sponsor. FIRST Dimoff, Burton. THIRD ROW: Drost, Dreher, ROW: Smith, House, Kosch, Polidori, P. Davis, Schweikhart, Barney, Fillmore, Harp. SECOND Sotiroff. ROW: Suriano, Karcher, Friend, Gniewek, Tom- -89- Booster Club TOP ROW S1vor1 Panzoff Krikorian Nle porte Kaminski Pacholek McBride Juanita Vlncent Thomas Rapp THIRDROW Korona Krause Konkoly Miller Nix Miksys Kay Leasure Philip Popiel SECONDROW Wrix o Woolford Pelz Policlcchio Petras Pe-ceny Pacitti Romano Kopchia Marzolo Sansalone FIRST ROW Mr R1chardHespen sponsor, Moreno Nowak Kazlusky McNa mara Harhold Tarry Mimelly Kloc Maset Booster Club TOP ROW: Abramson, Fahey, Burtch, Fina, Stowell, sponsor, S. Gaston, Ambrosine, Cole, Capen, Hendricks, Arnrozi, Fowler, Gallo, Luobikis, Duffy,Jozwick,Drielts. FIRST ROW: Fair. THIRD ROW: Gawel, Hayward, Forfa, Coedy, Gawron,Auch,Da1laVecchia,Edgerton, Coccia, Fchrcnbakcr, Hamel, E:-.dan-ala, Hass, Birk, J. Canton, Iaynt. Jurmo, Gelinsky. SECOND ROW: Miss Edna .90- .Z V431 Booster Club TOP ROW Stellato Cardinal Tracy Volan sky Sherick Zieman Sharpy Smith Jason Wells Smalley SECOND ROW .Tehle So sock Zakarian Nome Sheren Speiran Rlch ards Spruill Teagan Stroud FIRST ROW Traskos Wood White Smith Tierney Van Assche Teschker Vermullen Wentarmini Skender 'KHey! Buy one from me, too," pipes Sonia Badarak, 12A, as she watches 12A Ellen Panzoff haul in the sales from Bob Puste,11A, and Roy Karcher, 12A. The girls are selling Booster Club pencils inscribed with the '55 basketball schedule. -91 G A A Molor Letter Wlnners and Managers onsor FIRST ROW Pru1tt Meland TOP ROW Alexander Nreporte K21ITl1l'lSk1 Gallo Al1ce Krug sp 11 Steadman Brozovlch Rupprecht Plont Ghr1st Tudor Ralph Ponte Rector Mlynarow1ch W1 lams SECOND ROW WOJC1k Garrard Renko Rosen Beamer trater McExoy S1vor1 Scudlo Mallory MISS ' You're out of pract1ce,Mom," proves 12A Lxnda Mallory to her mother, Mrs. Lowell Mallory, as she hits a jump ball away from her during the first G.A.A. "Mother and Daughter Sports Nighty. G A A Mmor Letter Wmners TOP ROW W1lhelm Dahlen Bertchlnger Block Flna Mlller N1DkOVlCh Odgers Traskos Scanlon SECOND ROW Hacker Yanke Nowak Garr1son Bolke Flsh Oppat Bolley Stark Kloc Zltny FIRST ROW Woycxk Tallon Johnson Mueller Brennan Wallace Skruch Zdz1ebko Van Wmkle Tabaczynsk1 G TOP ROW Stroud Panzoff Harder Lewandosky Grlmes A Rothenthaler Gluckstad J Rothen thaler Stephens Korp1 THIRD ROW Strasser Watt Pavle Spre1tzer Hulett Karlovetz Welsch Turchan Groh Thompson SECOND ROW Tarry A 93 X A Slav1k R1camore Sch1m1zze Zakarlan Kopch1a Dalla Vecch1a Hans Watson Nelson Boore FIRST ROW M1ss A11ce Krug sponsor Roose Chrxstopher Watklns Be1d,Laur1e Malec Makow sk1 F1lar Katona Peceny N1chols -1:-J Blue Chapter HI Y TOP ROW Falrman Campbell W Dav1s,Mumper Ver her FIRST ROW Mr Charles Held, sponsor, mne Cramton, Golvach, Bardelh D Dav1s SECOND Sur1ano,R1zzo, Watanabe Karcher,DeGraz1a RON Harp, Scott Sm1th Gnlewek, Hahn Sot1roff Dre Tower Chapter Hr Y Palmer, fwrxn on xr 1,1 V 1 UTDQT DOXX7 D T + lx cn cheff Youngs A Attee Barney SECOND ROW Mc lucc1,Bonacc1n1e Carty Ross COCCIH, Steele Koos, Sm1th D1moff 94 I -J .. U X S' K I 'Jr . L, I Q ,Q W, Ll ' , U N- s ,A X I X' M Q N' X W ' t .W 5 ' I V. 5 ix Qi, 5' ll LEM V K f l lp- , I - I Q f 2 ' A 1 X I, A t I N 7 . f iz! ,. IU ' . ' 1, ,f I x 4 O . : ' 7 J ' I 7 - - Z ' , , . . , . , , . . . ' 1 y x J ' f 51 ' li 1 2 Y 5 , I x 5 ,. ' t . 5 C' ' ' .. L se , Y .. " X tv , 7 Q , rx' .X W, 1 I' ,. as 2 ' , . C I C O 2: 'V Q 'l A ,M 'F 4 -J M 2- ., . J' , j 7, p p 1 I TX ,, t I 1 ' 1. , , X x A I Y ,I R C f" Q5 ' W 5 A XX Y g - XL' ,f f- x K I 'f K s ' p-. W Ns. , . N O . v - mr.. nfmf. U,.-+,... fv.-N.,-nw '7,.,.,.,- A - Ali,-Inv-i D-,vie A+ fm Ifmn-:Ie i C I- Lv. MO... U... uv..u..4 . USLCA, .,pv...N., ..-.....,, no. . M.-- .... - .,..,.,.., ........,, ... .-..--, --,,....---.., -,.- J 5 ' . s ' - ' ' Y I 7 5 ' After Vlolet Pavle, 11A Arlene Vo lansky 12A and Lorraxne Pawhtz, 12B f1n1sh thelr refreshments they w11l be ready to contlnue Wlth thelr Llbrary Club meetmg ? T Library Club TOP ROW Rawson, Nllens Volansky Morgan V1ncent Mrs Elmor Baker, sponsor Ostw1ck Ke1gh1ey Corpo Pavle Fa1r SECOND ROW PO11ClCCh1O Slabaugh Ed longo Robson Pawlltz wards Coleman Burton Penwarden Dem FIRST ROW 95 , - 1 v s 1 - - 1 4 S , 5 Y J Q Q. X ' , C, , , N ,W f vv Y Q ' QQ ' ' 5 e ll . , 1 fn f if 1 4 - ' . . ,, f- : 1 Q ,f K- 'O , ' L. 1 " ' - K. I . ,. J - " -- 1 , W, - t Ll 2 sf ff Q A C , , 1 i , t X A t ' ,tl , xr ,k C I : v 1 s 1 ' U ' Y 3 x - ' x J ' 1 9 ' J 7 y a ' ' Mr John BOI'lflgl1O Debate Club sponsor helps Carol Stroud and Andy Jason 12As prepare then' notes for a debate wh11e 12As Leonard Gajda and Ted Brovsm add f1n1sh1ng touches to then' own arguments XJ 433 W Debate Club Luv nuw N11 Junn DUILl1g1lU apuusux u1u4.uvu,u otruuu Jesu H " Yert, Duke Pence, Yacup FIRST ROW Harrlgan 9 6' 'KA ...qu A.-...M 'V . 3, V M ,' , Q L- new , 3 ' " sa 4- f A- ' f . e . .1 A . . Q ' Y 7 Y I Y 5 2 f - 3 1 'J' ...J A f 5 N. 5 ... 4 'H K , ' .- ..- H '-'n f- U V sf ..f t f 1 x"", 'X 1 f D - , , ' N 1 K ' , ' 5 . r ' f ' x f J C ,1 1 ' 4, . 5 5 . . "A N x t fy, . V- N - , . 1 A ...A.. ..A... ... -.- . N f. .- 1-. , , 1,1 nr ,...1 v--.- n-.,.-,. n..,....... r',.:,1,. rf. ,am- u . I ll I-NJVVCII AJLKIVVIA KJCLJMILI., llbli-ALAAAnJn 7 7 I Y l 7 Y 1 ' ' 9 Sclence Club TOP ROW Doss, Tomchuck Mertus Smxth Bowen Patr1ck McGee sponsor Auch Eusebl 0hsowsk1,Hame1, Dec Ga1da SECOND ROW Strasser, Flores Newman, Sharpy Badarak Hass Coccla Maset Stroud, Jason FIRST ROW Mr Concert Ensemble TOP ROW Donahue, Colovas, Pence, We11s,Hebe1,Bru tler FIRST ROW M1ss Ruth R1chards, sponsor, Ash, no, Bod1nus, Watk1ns SECOND ROW K1111an, S1vor1, Tallon, Shubert, Block, Gelmsky, Wedlake, Karcher, Scott, Fordell, Ambroslne, Koos, P1nk,Evanoff, Pelle Alexander 97 Q f A 1 2 , A 'Q 5 1 I 1 q 1 3 3 T R A f ? 2 1 F 2 ' " f l ' M- f " ,, Mi' , mi ' I 7 ,S J U H Z.. K r ' -Rf -v " , , ' F 1 V " Ni A , - .,,, . . 1 X5 f -" .: "' ,, "" 4. an 4. . , n -: A nu? el XT +4 A A 'y 4 ' ' 3 4 . 1 C . Q n , N , I O ' : 3 D ' ! 7 1 Y 3 7 .3 I , .A : , , . , , , . I . R I Il S ' T 1 Y f I A 1 . l 3 3 ,S 1 , 3 T f 54 I f " ' f R 4 .Ji f f 3 6' . 4: , 0 " Q I -, ' Ofhclols Club TOP ROW Stephens Kammskl Nleporte Ponte Beam Johnson Plont Karlovetz Katona Pavle M1ller Hays er Gluckstad .T Rothenthaler A Rothenthaler Rector FIRST ROW Garrard, McEvoy Malec Makowslu Me Steadman SECOND ROW Mallory Mueller Tudor land S1vor1 Nowak Pru1tt Scudlo Horticulture Club TOP ROW Mr Donald Foster, sponsor Woll Kanasty FIRST ROW Ceccarelll, DxG1acomo, Hudson, Elhs Sellen Rector Mankus Smalley Odom Decker Row Kazlusky Rogers Rheault Carroll Andrusxak Sofranko land SECOND ROW El11ott, Tob1n Blrk, Ohsowsk1 F1lar Felt Dunger Kmg Caruso, Korb Pfaffmann Attee 98 I U , ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' O : - 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ...,, Lynn K1111an January graduate slngs a hymn as members of the Chr1st1an Fellowshlp Club gather at one of thelr weekly mornmg devo t1ons Christian Fellowship Club seclan Wells Bradley SECOND ROW Mr John Hamel Slabaugh Powers Atwood Wood Krause sponsor Burtch Parker Wh1tcher K1ll1an Jacobs Zol 99 TOP ROW: Sutton, Klann, Kalis, Call, Sakarian, Bar- lars, Karcher. FIRST ROW: Wrixon, Walden, Harhold 7 ! ' : ' 1 7 ! ! 7 ' S v 1 . r A I J 1 " 4 0 0 . . 0 1 Nmwyf o fbw 3 so ,ye I at Q ff X px PS H' ,I 4, X LX x 20 X I, Z5 . I X, . K 5, 'V If X. 5 . X X ,V xx ,f X 5 Q f Minutes to Remember ATHLETICS The minute when the gym is hushed as we wait for the deciding free shot when we stand and cheer for our football team as the ram pours down and when we s1t crestfallen, at our Swlmmlng team s fxrst defeat 1n four years We remember too, how we cheer w1th the Detro1t LIOIIS as they w1n the Western D1v1s1on Champlonshlp 101 photo by The Detro1t News 3' get t- P r Q p xl' . , r -L 4 Xxlaxrf S Wy,. P 4 h bybr V , Varsity Team TOP ROW Coach John Davls Powers Pepon1s Gas1or, Cramton Attee, Bardelh Golvach, Choma W1egandt Watkms, Coach Robert Brazell FOURTH ROW Evans Petoskey Kowalskl, Mumper, Kosch McGruther Kostln Stroud Economou Att1e Galay THIRD ROW Hyde C1uk O Connor DeGraz1a Kachadoorlan December Poprave Po11dor1 Davls Coach M1ke Megreglan SECOND ROW Ross RIZZO Palmer Mycek Harp Krol Rawson Turfe Wxlson Patterson FIRSTROW Empson Barney Schwe1khart Shashko , . . . . , . . ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - ' ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 11-nn nnnv. nd, ,lr 4,1 nl, - ,-- - 1' ..v- 1 n U- 1' . . Q v, '. v-I N 11. V. v .. .-' Q.. f-. W A . 1 ' 1 1 1 V 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - . 1 , . . KJI' ILKJVV L'd.L,CbkXl, Ud.W1L,h1 1V1L,lYd.U IIaL.1C J.1Cd.LlUWb Mart1n Bradley Tokarsk1 Allen Ash,Kennedy Ferr1by THIRD ROW Coach John Fowler Brunette Natk0wsk1 Kurmk Dav1s Cetnar Peretto, Proctor, Harlan, Nadol sky Coach Robert Olsen SECOND ROW ODonne11 ! AU! LB, Iidbb DI1LlbL8I' VUBIKCI' lXd.bLl DLEVGHBOII DITILLK, McNell1s N1cko1off FIRST ROW Roblnson, manager, Frazz1n1 Robbes McCarty Carter G1org1 manager Colantom MacQueen manager 102 Te GRIDDERS CONCLUDE C OMMENDABLE SEASON Border Cities League title, the on Tractors ended another season of football with a good 5-3-1 record. Coach Mike Megregian's squad demonstrated its strength in its first contest against Lincoln Park. Fordson's "ll" overpowered the Parkers 44-6. In this game and many of the other non-league games, Fordson showed the potentialities of having a championship team. Mentor Megregian and his team were the only ones to mar the record of Detroit's championship team, U. of D. High when, in a sea of mud, they fought to tie the game 6-all. Fordson met its first BCL opponent, Monroe, early in the season, and felt a sense of accomplishment in beating one of the leaders in last season's BCL race. The Tractors played their roughest game of the year in the meeting with Royal Oak Hope of having a perfect season was lost however when they were defeated by the Acorns and the team suffered its most damaging casualties of the entire season during this contest Bob Mycek acquired a broken arm and co captain Tom Stockdale dislocated two vertebrae Havin g lost to another BCL ders opponent, Grosse Pointe the Grid were determined to beat Wyandotte The d The T y id ractors then ended the season by playing the the Dearborn Pioneers 1 b 1r arch rivals , n the mythical Clty championship Dear orn won, capturing the crown for the second consecutiv e year Fordson 44 12 6 27 Scores Lincoln Park MONROE U. of D. High Wayne HIGHLAND PARK ROYAL OAK GROSSE POINTE WYANDOTTE Dearborn Opponent 6 7 6 7 The newly elected co c T aptams B111 Harp, ony Polidori, and Jim Economou discuss the possibilities of next year s football sea son at the annual football banquet am managing on th e part of War ren Schwelkhart Alex Shashko R Karcher Roger E OY mpson and Pat Bar ney and team coaching handled by Mr Robert Brazell Mr Mich ael Megregi an and Mr John Davis play an 1m portant part in the team s campaigns -103- cnnmrou - 5 4 2 'S z-,x I 3- F I Q 'X Q Y, wlse,AND'r- e TURFE - 5 - 104 ,v.f..,,.,,M A Sgt. M-... QQ- captain. INS-T b I m y z, 4 4' HYDE - B KACHADOORIAN Terry Callaway Gary Wolter Jerry Callaway Denny Colovas Bill Campbell Forward Guard Center Guard Forward Duke Davls Jxm McIntyre Ed Perp1ch Jan Chapsk1 Bob Puste Forward Guard Center Guard Forward .T1m Economou 'lony Polodorl Dave McCorm1ck J1m Attee Don Kolcheff Forward Guard Forward Guard Forward 106 L FURUSDN N QNLL1 'Q i Mx Center .Terry Callaway slnks another free throw ln the Fordson Royal Oak Varsity basketball C 03011 tussle on the home court -Tlm VaI1d9I'H1111 Checks play d1agrams w1th co managers Bob Usher and Tu111o Coccla Reserve Team Snyder, Aquxno, Schudllch, Trano, Prato, Herman, Kermk, Coach Harvey Fallor, Powers, Stokes, Nolff, Renko, Luna, Stevenson, George, manager 107 in it . . ,ffgdq Q ' -.U .4 K , . '-'T-,gt Q 5 :gn f ., A . - 'fr '32 b:f'I'I-:F A . l .op 1 Q . dfwa' " '-'-' Y fu f.,.'. ' 1. ,S 1 " :lj W N ' ,f 5,53 4 ve e t - r so xx c f K P , x , K R vi. ' x 1 5 , I Q1 1 ' ,Q , lf T ' ,A f so s rag in is Y , A . li ,Q CAGERS CAPTURE REGIONAL CROWN After tying Grosse Pointe for second in the Border Cities League race, the Tractors went into state tournament competition. Then, after bringing home a trophy for regional tourney finals at the Plymouth Regionals and qualifying to meet Jackson High in the quarter-finals, a fairly good Tractor cage season came to an abrupt end. The hoopsters built a season record of 12-4 by managing to down their traditionally strong BCL rival, Highland Park, in the first half of the season. Earlier, the cagers had received a surprise setback at Grosse Pointe. At a later date, however, the Tractors took control of the Pointers and downed them 65-46. Ending the season, the hoopsters clashed with the Dearborn High quintet before a capacity crowd The Pioneers sneaked past the Tractors for the first time since regular season play in 1953 The regular schedule ended with Fordson sufferingdefeats from Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, Royal Oak, and Highland Park In the regionals Fordson drew a bye for the first round of tourney play The Tractors then smashed Lincoln Park to qualify for the regional finals while Dearborn High was squeezed out of tourney play by Catholic Central The finals had Catholic Central pitted against Fordson The result saw the Tractors bring home a regional championship trophy for the third consecutive year Fordson then traveled to Tecumseh Michigan to compete against Jackson High and met defeat in the state quarter finals ending the final season play at 14 wins and 5 losses Senior Gary Wolter guard was named to All Suburban the All State team and both All City teams His teammate, Jerry Callaway was placed on the All City team and made honorable mention on the All State squad Terry Callaway forward, was named on the All City teams along with guard Denny Colovas and forward Bill Campbell ft-M-ff T-aw, 3 X I t-nuff e1....,,,,l, Taking their shots are the three graduating lettermen from this year s team Bill Campbell, Gary Wolter, and Dave McCormick 108 Scores Fordson Opponent Berkley East Detroit WYANDOTTE GROSSE POINTE HIGHLAND PARK MONROE Owosso ROYAL OAK Dearborn WYANDOTTE GROSSE POINTE HIGHLAND PARK MONROE ROYAL OAK " Lincoln Park " Catholic Central ' Jackson ' Tournament games powers Highland Park s George Lee as he hits the boards to raise his total for the game to 04 brotner ferry Callaway and Gary wouei eagerly look on . . . I . 54 . . . . n 65 ' ' 65 ' ' . 59 ' ' 61 . ' ' 53 ' . . , . . 63 . ' . 53 A!! 1 1 If s ,Iii fyli if , W ,. 'Q 1 K it f C ff f i ' l If X I . , 1 K , , I i V 1 X F ,T H E2 5 , X R c. x g ,G ,i l 1 ,5 N X 'T h L V yr f H x A 3 ' X !4 , f 1 - 4 f J , X J I X . X ' I Yr A X 9 ,if .B , ' ' ta Tension grows as Jerry Callaway over WNW can 5 5? 9 EJ F I '?"'7"Y"W" 1 +++4 .ol-A'-J-um Varslty Team THIRD ROW Ass1stant CoachC H Held Rocco Smuk Kennedy Duke Tokarskl VanT11 M1tt1g Natowskl Watanabe Nagl Coach B111 Letsche SECOND ROW T11lett Born Hum1tz, Plonka Lmdman Hemch Johnson Royce, Hahn, Czar n19Ck1 and Surlano FIRST ROW Berry Falr man Nieporte Szewskx B0gLlSk1, F111more Sm1th Sotlroff D1moff, Gmewek, and Rodnguez TANKERS POOL EFFORTS FOR SUCCESSFUL SEASON Defend1ng state champ1ons th1s IS the t1tle that the Fordson tankers carr1ed 1nto the1r openlng meet of the season The tankers were coached by Mr B111 Letsche, who made h1S debut 1n the Fordson tank th1s season, replacmg former mentor Gus Stager Coach Letsche came to Fordson by way of the Um 44 verslty of Oh1o M1d year graduatlon c1a1med captaln Andy Bogusk1, and lt was 45 necessary for the team to hold a m1d season electlon Dave Sm1th 44 and Howard F1llmore won the pos1t1ons of co capta1ns The tankers started off the season by defeatxng Wyandotte, 56 44 to 40, v1ctor1es over Grosse Po1nte and Hlghland Park followed 41 Scores F ordson Score WYANDOTTE GROSSE POINTE HIGHLAND PARK MONROE ROYAL OAK 1n swlft success1on Monroe, too, suffered a 56 to 25 loss at the hands of the Tractors before they met the1r f1rst defeat 1n 34 35 starts to Royal Oak, 45 to 39 The Tractors then lost to Sagmaw, 55 SAGINAW WYANDOTTE one of the best teams ln the state, 49 to 35 Fordson agaln crushed Wyandotte 1n the1r second meetmg, and won over Grosse Po1nte, 47 Hmghland Park, and Monroe before losmg the1r last meet of the 53 GROSSE POINTE HIGHLAND PARK season to Royal Oak, 44 to 40 The tankers lost one other meet thxs season, th1s one to Jackson, 47 to 37 The Tractors exper1enced a commendable season th1s year and 37 52 MONROE JACKSON t1ed wlth Grosse Pomte 1n cormng 1n second for the BCL t1t1e After thxs, they traveled to Lanslng to defend the1r t1t1e, how 40 ever, they were not able to brmg home the t1t1e agaln ROYAL OAK Opponent Score 40 39 40 25 43 49 29 37 31 29 47 44 :z::::::t::::: . 1 :': ::'::::::zz1::z:": :xx::::::::::: , ::.::::: :sam Eg SEEFSEZEEEEEEEEE ww 3Ei2Q5EEEE?Ei5Q5Y' Fifi sirsisssisissisiil 4 -1215515 ' if-V J--411 -- 1 "Mu" "" ' "'A"""""""'W" """' ' "" ' r W' - - - - . Y mem, ,-We ,,,,-,.,,,, y N Wm N W . f.,:,.13..n-me :'.T,?,,....,.v't1f':vff7ff.fv- me-f 1-Q -seg, :rw .,,,, T 'ilu X ' is .N 5 ', 'L M U lgzgygmrnv Vx My V, HX ,- 5 1... AQ :N im' M ,A L Q-:Q 7 1 ga: :::g,,g? ? if ' . ,. + 'if' 1. vt 1-5 -6 -f 4 .L ' , X ' 'Z 1, rw ' K1 ' 3' " ' Y ."',"u - . ,,. .. -'Q .... xx . Q , .,,: '- ' ,rn -r D V N ., jx ' 7 .L Q A I n . , . 1 . .. .. ,.,, f ..,, . ' V5 ' I x f yn . . yr my.. I, l ' 4 3 hh . X E A X ,QR . , . ...NL 4- n.. ' ' 'f' "+ 5 - .. '. -djs' - ., 4, 1 W L . , 4- 1- , I , H . i 'f Q LI y 'T . Q , f ,Y , vt 5- V , , J if ' 4 ., vf . , V K , 1 6 M , , ,bw , . A :K . ' Q, ' K' ' . ' X ' X A A L as A - . . A , 1 A I i J ,, I ' , I '1 1- .1 ' ' ' M . K - , . 5 lx f Q C : . - ' J J . v ' 7 7 ' 1 y y 9 9 r 7 - : 7 ' P Y 7 ' 7 ! 7 7 ! : I 7 Y D ' Capta1n Andy Boguskl Freestyler :SNS "-'2'm..ZoUL 'H- Captzun Dave Smxth Freestyler 'Cx Captam Howard Flllmore Freestvler 1" ,. 10: ff' Carl Szewslu Freestyler John Rodrlguez Pat Falrman Freestyler Breastroker 0 George Poulos Breastroker elf. 1 H. fi '--sv, w:,.x,Q-LC, . f ,...' -'V "N ' eu ,, ,, ty l 4 . XX ,fum if l 'greg . y - we N ., to A e r ,, 1 4-1 f - . -."f:f'., "' 5 T,, cs f if C f ip- -sf "' . -. ' s 3' , N., ., .. - , Q- ,. . A 'ig xg. J H., ' v Y. A, -Q . ,Q 1- . I A S E :IL sf' ' R ' ,, e at C I f The zoo ya. relay C' 'ggi' 7 team composed of Dave ' r, - Smith, John Rodriguez, ' V .L Howard Fillmore, and Carl '44 Ei L Szewski did their share of pull- f 1 ing in the points for their team C this season. As with any other sport, a varsity swimming team has its share of book work. Helping Coach Letsche this season behind the scenes are Bill Hebets and Dan Yert. 1 iqaid .' 'n Larry Gniewek, Jerry Nieporte, and Phil Sotiroff, members of the Medley relay team, are seen doing a three-way victory hand shake after helping to close a gap in one of those close BOL meets. 'N'-M. ,431 e 9 ' am., if , . W mg? , 'il 5 f Y if Carl Suriano cuts a sharp jackknife off the board. BASEBALL --J-.-J---u- --J.-w-Y 5'D"""iffw'4"'.3,1,dA0" ff-Tcjqg-K' 1 Cfmdm WML TOP ROW T Callaway Ford, Harder, Kosc Pleznac, Abraham, Harp, Mlfsud FIRST ROW Korte, Martln J Callaway, Coach Robert Brazell Herman Montague, Flcyk, Wolter Galluccl Bar SECOND ROW D e c e m b e r, Kavan Schnelder dellx Choma Gary December and Ed Tun1c, mana gers, check battmgaverages wlth base ball mentor Robert Brazell durmg a work out Gary Wolter completes a double play durlng a warm up game 112 ...W -1.-y 'K Wn..N.,. H. .,.. ,WW ,....,,. V Mmm, V. ., x-, J.. , N,..-.- -amy ma, .M-,M NLM.. NJ. H., .. ., ,.. A , L..- im. ,.. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 5.,,W,, ,,,,,,j:,,,,.. QW, V M .,,,.,J , - , 1 .....,,,,,M,,. , M.. ,, A ., f I .,, MM. AM , .A ,A z f I W i E . 7 , 1 I A f x'fI7s,I:- rn j 'V Q ggi,lfg:.:IIggif'f 1,,1.- - -4.,:,'.f'lli1,.1 'f V- . ,V 1 I 1 Q A D I , Q ' J I , Q I I ' , 7 . Z U 0 , : . " H ' 2 x ' 5 . ' 2 . , h, . : 9 - ' 1 Q Q ' ' r 1 x - . 4 A .Terry Callaway, Bob Abraham Eugene Ficyk, and Don Kosch select thelr bats before gomg to the plate D1ck Montague takes hxs stance before pltchmg Tractor outfielders Terry Call- away, Jim Ford, Dave Pleznac, and Joe Mifsud pose during a time-out in practice. A1 Bardelh hlts some hlgh f11es to outflelders durmg practice while B111 Harp IS beh1nd the plate P-an -113- TRAC TOP ROW Dros Oppat, Payette, Storemsk1,Cramton SECOND ROW Doss Fnend Campbell Economou, Van W1nk1e,Iaq niello, Kiwak Robison, Bagley Gar Bonaccmxe, Woll, Robmson Mertus Peretto Dreher Shashko MacQueen manager, Laurl manager Surxano, Stevenson, Po11dor1 Davm Papaha U18H'Sk1 ti. Managers Bruce MacQueen Roy Laurx and assxsiant coach V1c Todor durxng pracuce 114 4 I ' I ' 6 ' A ' v . ' t 1 . - ' 1 1 r kia, Proctor, Evifns, Barney, Icshnson, Kurnik, Nfontre, Mumper, Mioduck. FIRST now: Co,11ins, Luna, Pappi 1 9 ' I: - . ' ln I-v l 9 - 4' A K L 5 .Ts ' , f , pf 3 Q " 5 ' a X , f 3 I 'm -.1 , -W X , if 5 1 Q 7 .Y . an 1, 2' ' gg A-mix 5 'WS sf. -'54 Z. ,-5 N..' V Q 2 . , Captain Bill Campbell .14- gg We Q, W 7 -' X, -W1 V ,S 5 s s , 4, 3, ,, L .Y-A. la Li '-fl, 4 QV he .f . "1r.,A' -f '- ww -, , Ss .ff 3, ,gg 15, - -- e, . 1 .. A .' ' f -q15e'5?"w1dws'f ... 1 ff .11 Y .,,,,, Ray 'Cramton, Dave Dreher, and ny starting the half mile. Polidori take a break before entering to a competitive meet. 'E . L eraf-'SA' Q Lettermen Glenn Woll, Phil Davis, and Dale Robison tice run. Q Y .f ,- YL ai' '- 1, , mm ul. . ,,-W , ,e. A Q3 -ff. so 5 W '- ' ,"Vffsl g, l A1 Comms n,.:2,' . - , Pole-vaulter .4g-,,, lu ' Bill Friend and Jerry Drost take their positions before Aw GOLF ,., .L ,J1a,.. TOP ROW: Isom, Zakrajsek, Cempera, Burton,Jawor,Go1vach, Mr. Garvase Jach, coach. FIRST ROW: Konwerski, Dauben- meyer, Case, Duke. Loule Case Captain John J awor Brad Burton 1 TOP ROW: Paton, managerg Colovas, DeGrazia, Schultz, Tomchuck, Lampros. FIRST ROW: Sotiroff, Matthews, Mittig, Coach Harvey Failor. TENNIS i.. ui... D avid Tomchuck The excitement of the race is seen in the faces of cheering Victory, what a wonderful feeling! Members of the championship swim- ming team are Sara Tallon, Georgia Pruitt, Kay McEvoy, Diane Scudlo, and Sylvia Johnson who are stand- ing BettyHacker Katy Boore Carol Cardinal Blanche Mue 1 1 e r and Betty Turchan seated on the board and Sue Rector, captain Linda Mal lory and Joan Nieporte ,A ,ff QQ Q 1 5 Q 'N U -, A team mates 5 " LE-5'5- A V Haw 11 8 ! Q 3 I D 7 i S , . if ! ' ' . x. ,f,:o:f A ' 2 ,f . 1 Q ' 1 , I. 1 1 ,U ,X . 5 Q, ' 1 I N K g " . I 5 xt f l: ,Q -,X t -7 No 3 , - 4 7 A Jig, -' .. , 3, ,Vu ' " 2 -5:1 - 'i V , 1 ' N O7 I o A 1 a. 3 'E 2 s '- A if 5 I I 1 ' .. A 2 W I - m- - 5 . ' if , x5 . . . . ' , M f ga: , 5 on . fs . A- 5 ,., I i ' 1' X 0 1 V I ' 1 3 xwfn-lx " H 4' .e r -ier - K, I A fu? W5'Ef'T'?f KQV , yy I .,HL.,1 -:A s-::'7::J -1, .g. Y - one - mi . 'H-El . ,gr y y 3 'Z' M TA .QL I V. Q I' I 1 ' l X A f r 'vswjw f f I 7, X V Q A 1 a I . ,V H R X X U , " 1 X ' f 3- A I 4' . I + ' " ' ' I I 5 Q + 1 A Basketball champxons are TOP ROW Delores Kosch ella, Pat DeLand, Darlene Westcott, Sandv J o s w 1 c k, Dlane O11ver, and De1ph1ne DeGraz1a, c apta 1 n FIRST ROW Donna Foreman, Jeanne Capen, Jean Walden, LOUISE Yanke All the gxrls are 1n the tent.h grade u 5 1 i 1 1 C W' l .I . x. . f . 1 :V have Fast action 1S the keynote 1n the volleyball finals as Sue Steadman, 12A,attempts to return the spike shot of Joan Korpi 11A '11 Joan Korpl Ping Pong Champ ,qu-uni. Volleyball winners are, TOP ROW: Mary Jo Gluckstad, 11Ag Diane Stephens, 12Bg Joan Korpi, 11A captaing Janice Clift, 12Bg Gail Ponte, 12Bg Alvina Sofranko, 12A. FLIST RCW: Elaine Wheeler, 11Ag Edith Muscillo, 11Ag Mary Villella, 12Bg Nancy McKechnie, 11A. 'Q -120- Members of the synchromzed swlmmmg group pracucefor the water show Land of Dreams i , W W suv' A ""--- 3- 51? L new-fiiir? Mm? Dlane Scudlo 12A and runner up last year You re out' calls Nancy McKechn1e 11A catcher to Joan ln tenms IS workmg for a champlonshxp 1n Korpx 11A as she slldes 1nto homeplate All plctured were on the champ1onsh1p baseball team 1n 54 121 . . . . H ,, , . ' v 1 , ' x P 'fn I X . V W 1 ,... j 1 . I K. ,IAQ A. 5' N ' X t , fy' f M Q . -. m. .., "M " A 1 nz - if I .. A V -' "- " V, '-if, , 'W a " f , V, M lil .2343 4'-' ' -3 , . My - V ,. - V, - .V N- ' , r - L V M, 'L ' -M e ga ,hu V V .5 W' ' fg . V W K 5 .av M in 2 , ' M N." if . 1- . 4 , ' A ' fr .u K ' W . , W we , .-- . 'F- A , 1 Y A5 V, ... - , . Q Q.. ' Q ' A 'cl V - r.fQl,.ff' ' c , mi ' . a ' ' ' - 4 4 1 r x - ! ' I Y 7 7 3 ' '55. ' ' ' ' . Saw kg, :EQ 1 fy. Qi-li! Yi ,m if 2-4 uf ' , f x mls ,A 1, kg YY: y 4 fl' fri ' S- If 5' an Q 1 , f' 1 -. Ury' . . N X lr' l wx yf Qq llff ltr H' 1 X so I Y t W WW E, at . wg r l li Minutes to Remember The mlnute when we feel 1ns1gn1f1cant as we th1nk of all the facts we have to learn from our F book when we take a forbldden dr1nk from the semor fountain and when we as Junlors at last relax and dance to the musxc of the Jumor prom orchestra UNDERCLASSMEN We remember too, the openmg ofavast network of expressways whlch remmds us of 10B newness and confuslon If rf' "'g""ifv-1 123 Photo by THE DETROIT NEWS , 7M . I . I ff D! If 77 . . . , , Y l L J .- ' My " I E ' -nth' ' F .r, ' -. . wig A V A 'f K' 1 mf' Az L T' ,,,, H-, Q-------'tiff' W ' , E , , 'W -. f -,Q ' A T A, . TV Y""'4' R In 1 W A ' . 4 Q rj, . 1 ,ff T T . f' I I ' - , . II! ,, I li Behmd the sm1les of the 12B class offlcers and sponsors are many new 1deas for carrymg the semor class through 1ts last year Left to r1ght are Mr Robert Evans sponsor Catherxne Boore dlrector Don Steele treasurer D1ane Stephens dxrector Mary Ellyn Slavlk dlrector Mary Ann Yastlc d1rector L1z W1llman secretary Fred Sargent presldent Don Zenas vlce presxdent and Mlss Dorothy Burrell sponsor TOP ROW P Davxs, Arco, Bruno, Berger, Beck man, E111ott, A Attee, Empson, T Callaway, .T Callaway THIRD ROW Abraham, Byron, F1sher Clark, Doohttle, Decker, Flcyk, Alley, D1IIlOffi .T Attee SECOND ROW Corbett, Delano, Busha 'if m1e, Comal, Colwell, Alcodray, Bush, Chatterton, Benny, Dmaro FIRST ROW Mr Theodore Bar ton, B Dav1s, F1ena, Crowe, .T Attee, Doherty, B Elllott, S Clark, Ellls, Br1g11o, DeGraz1a, Mr Charles Held . 4 -Q7 7 X 4 1 -. ef Q 'Q 0 Q, l .4 , S I ' , 1' . o ' I 4 "' 5 7 sv- 2. C K x yg U Q ' fi, 1 1' V fc' K 9 1 fs' A I , xiii, ' f?5??fr - v Q v K .7 L 9 Y Q 1 Q 1 Q , Q 1 Q 7 1 " v , . EQ ' I I I ' ' . , rt? , 1 K X KI . Y , ., 5, 5 X A , f S I 3' V' ' xx Q I ... . , . x V , ' s f 4 5 sv - 124 - ff TOP ROW Kosch, Klrchoff, Geltka Hudson Kol cheff McClam, Halkey Hansen Knowles, Kerske, Haracz Lough THIRD ROW MIKSYS, Grondzlak Guyot, Harp, M11ne Mack1e,Kl1emann,Harr1gan, Hendrxxon, Lauth, Labate, Kowa1sk1 SECOND ROW Gubb1ns, McIntosh, Kadlubowskl Glenn, Leonettl Jakubov1ch Leyme Kazlusky House holder Hayes Johnson Karst, Golvach FIRST ROW Mr John Dunn McFadden Lambert Ke1gh ley Kennedy Howey, Mar1nucc1 Jurrno Ludwlg Hays M1ss Al1ce Krug 'IT1 gd TOP ROW Stemman, Steele Stamm, Saunders, R Scott, Morrlson, Raphael, Quashme, Polxdorl Salagan PIPIIOHG W Roberts Stavros, Smalley, Ramero THIRD ROW Schueder Shattock Ste phens, Pemberton, Shlshkoff Ross Moreno Sar gent Roy Palazzolo Rust, Schultz Odgers Ponte 12 SECOND ROW Petrou Salomxe E Roberts Sharpy Smclalr Scofano Nix Rawson Prlest Nowlm Palmero Pawhtz Pal1se FIRST ROW Mr Garvase Jach Slav1k Petras Morle Perm-1 Ollver Stark Ostw1ck Schorlmg Nome, C Scott Slmon Mr Ernest Kraax 12B TOP ROW: Tabacchi, Willman, Vitti, Yastic, Unis, Zakarian, Vlad, Westie, Wensko, Ventro, Wadsworth, Tillitt, Tomchuck, Woll, Taylor, Wal- Wojcik, Villella, Tringali, Worden. ler, Zenas. FIRST ROW: Mr. Carl Brawley, j WE FLOCK TO THE CAFETERIA FOR FOOD AND FUN .X rv' Y' 1 26 45... all T After working hard to make their J Hop a success the 11A class officers and sponsors can now relax to consider a Job well done Standing left to right are Bill Smith v1ce president, Charles Nairn director Mr Jesse Cripps and Mrs Lillian Parr1s sponsors Jim Harder president and Jackie Harder d1rector Seated are Ann Ricamore treasurer Mary White director and Mary Watson secretary TIA TOP ROW: Bulleri, Albright, Baxter, Amico, Arp, Bartosek, Betham, Boulton, Boos, Adamowicz, Ange- brandt, Barney, Berry. THIRD ROW: Baldwin Callahan, Born, Call, Babias, Ascione, Amrozi, Ander: son, Bosworth, Butzlaff, Blaskay, Bryan, Buntrock. SECOND ROW: Barwinski, Bianco, Ambrosine Binder, Browne, Baker, Allan, Burkheiser, Betron, FIRST Bloch, Atwood, Aossey, Caldwell, Bubnas. ROW: Mrs. Marion Fisher, Altesleben, Adams, Bierman, Berrington, Bricker, Bucciarelli, Bishop, Burton, Brannon, Brill, Caldeira, Mr. Richard Hespen. 127 - TOP ROW D DeGraz1a Dunkleberger Cempura C1cotte R Colhns Economou D1ngl1e Crouse Damels Choma D1bert Crowd1s THLRD ROW Corbett R Collms Capen Costa Colovas Cmchon Cardmal, Cooper E Dav1s December Daulton Combs SECOND ROW Cole Cowell DeSant1s TOP ROW Garrlson Evans Gould Hebel Garc1a OND ROW Fmdley Falsett1 Fall Cuerr1er1 Felt Goch Gas1or, EFCOII J Harder Glegola Hemch man Grace Gaston Fordell Flores J Harder Fede Gabrlel Galay Herman Fmzel Gallucc1 THIRD Gardner Edgerton Fec1ashko FIRST ROW ROW C1uk Cerrom Edwards Gellnsky Fuc1nar1 Em1l1o Contl Fado1r Fobar, Haddad Hannenberg muuam, uuuet, nsper, ur1mes, ulucxstau, rrame uawron uarunex mans nxel uome nelgnt Engnsn Hahn Gn1ewek,Gr1pe Hendrlckson, Freeman SEC Eusebx Fugle Mr M1chaelCardone . . , , 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 . - , , - 3 , ll 1'lI 'Fl ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' TOP ROW Iaquamello Isom Kelley J Hughes Kxwak Klracofe B Johnson Klann Ianm W Hughey Lambros Jacobsen Holb1rd Kurmk THIRD ROW Kmg Lampros Karlovetz Kam1nsk1 Kaven Jaske Jacobs Kondur Kahs Korp1 Hubble Kuryvlal Keeler Hulett SECOND ROW N John son Lanmng Joseph Horoszy Jackwak, Kavan Kleszcz Krause I..aVo1e Kelley Iaqumta Lade mann Kolpacke Hurd FIRST ROW Mr Kenneth R1pple Hornbuckle Kozlowskx Horvath Koch Hrlbar Kxmlem LaFleur Joynt Kuhn Lawrence Koos Mr Donald Foster 'S ,X-,-J WE SACRIFICE CURLY HAIR AND DIGNITY TO JOIN CLUBS 129 'fffllf J" WE BOOST OUR TEAM WITH CHEERS AND SPIRIT 'W' as I. e BF' Wil IIA TOP ROW: Maire, Maurer, L0guidice,McCa11ion, Lewandosky, Mavian, McGIaddery, Marchand, Ma- Luttrull, L. Martin, McEvi11y,LeVeque, Masters, haney, P. Martin, McKe-chnie, Marlatt, Long McGruther. FIRST ROW: Mr. Donald Calkins, -130- TOP ROW Mlleto G Moore Morawsk1 M1mch1 ello N1cholson,Merc1er A Nabozny M1lls Mul Vlhlll Paluchmak Montre THLRD ROW Parklns Pahse, Parker, Owens Pacholek Newman Ne1 man Page Palmer Panek OConnor Panos No vack SECOND ROW Paratore G Nabozny N1cho1s, Nelson P N1cho1son Noone Mleszczur Nalrn Palazzolo N1chal1k Moranxec Moore Neu bacher FIRST ROW Mr Thaddeus Matley Paclttx M1116F,MUSC1110 Myers Ousec Morr1son Nlcholl Merta Moody Monthaven Owen Mr Le roy Charhck TOP ROW Proper J Rothenthaler Putz Row land D Powers Qulntaw P1tt1g1xo, Rusko Robm son Rauda1t1s Pomorskx, Rlce, J Pol1c1cch1o Pusxlo Peters THIRD ROW Poturlch Pavle Peshkopxa Schm1dtRenko Rapp A Rothenthaler Russo Pepera Ropeta Poprave Saw1ck1 Rut k0wsk1, RIZZO SECOND ROW Reed, Parsons Rob1nson Qu1ll1n Petlsh Ph1ll1ps Radsack Prato, Ruslnowskl Pr1meau Renaud Samples Rule FIRST ROW Mrs Gladys B16St9k S Rocheleau Rxcamore S POl1C1CCh1O Peceny S hauer Rogers Pratt Pesda P Rocheleau Powers P1urkowsk1 Santarelh Mr Matt Dotson 2 1 I - I I I 3 I A Q ' I- ' 3' f . , , 11+ f . d' H fr f 1 1 1 4,1 1 1 K 'l -- A il 1, 1 1 . . X . e z 5.. ' ,. 1 - y - 1 U, M Q. , ' -- 1- Q, . Q 1 , X, M 1 X. 3 ' 1 '. ' ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' , , . I , . 1 . , 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 7 ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 - . . , . , . ' I 1 I Q I 3 1 7 X f . - f 5 ' 5 'J il 1 5 O ' .. ff K 1 fx - ' fr 1, I L . . P O f 1 1 1, 2 A Q 1 1 Q' , , Q, ' ' 1 X1 , , " .rf , CJ A . . . ' , L - X I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' y , . , 1 . , . , 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 " 1 - - . I , TOP ROW Sherry, Sh1nske Skalmowskx Thel sen Spensley Tumc Stroud Sotlroff F Smlth M Smith Terry Schwallbach THIRD ROW P Thomas Tlpton E Thomas G Smlth Surxano B Sm1th Studebaker M Thomas Schne1der Syrokosz Stern SECOND ROW Tobm Tame Schulz Stoll Terry C Smlth Scott V Smlth Setter Swam P Smlth D Sm1th Thack FIRST ROW Mr John Bonf1gl1o, Splno, S1mmers Sla baugh Shoff Sch1m1zze, S1m0n Szabo, M Smlth Spreltzer, Thornton Szczesn1ak, Mlss Jamce Wheeler T I TOP ROW Turner Ulanskl Tremba Wells sky Tressler Zdan Wegmann Whlte Welsch Zydeck Volante Tulllus, Tr1pp Vermne VanT1l Zenas THIRD ROW W1lhe1m Ventro,E Zak rajsek Wohlfexl Vadasz,Tracy,K Walker Zxelxn sk1 Ylatras Tr1mark C Zakraysek Yacclck SECOND ROW Whxtcher Trev1san Yomsh Wlm 13 2 Watt Z1omek Zell FIRST ROW M1SSThOIHaSln9 Neermg Yankee D Walker Yerman Watson Wheeler Wazney Wood W1ll1ams WFIXOH Vella Mr John Fowler NSY After wa1t1ng a year the 11B class offlcers flnally have the rxght to call the Junlor f0unta1n the1r own Left to rlght are Mr Harvey Lewls sponsor Son1a Evanoff secretary Pat Abram son v1ce presxdent Pat Spelran Tom Serre and Margaret Zltney dlrectors Eugene Hornyak pres1dent Mxss Clara Mae Beach sponsor andAbb1eSheren TOP ROW Corney Chorluxan C6Ckl6WlCZ Bud mk Egan Fr1tz Cork1ns Carter Ferr1by Brooks Barnes Brunette Frazzxm THIRD ROW Faxr Ecne C1,ccarell1 Boss1o A1tch1son Bartte Ben ch1ch Falrfleld Colaluca Eaton Barbat Cetnar Barseg1an SECOND ROW Blrau Fahey Fun 'xy' daro Chantler Campbell Dem Crenshaw Dur ham Champ11n Bodnar Dolenga Evanoff Downey Cra1g FIRST ROW Mr Mxchael Savage Alsup Coedy Bello C1pollett1 Dragone Dlugosz Efan tedes Edwards Forfa Blandchard Abramson Fayz Mr Paul Luoma 'L L 74 J, .44 . A .7,?'ffl-vi K r -. 4.11- fp A -SQ-ff . ,. V 13115. . f,h1LiYy ff? A if ' 5 1 'Vikl' .Qs . 5 xfw TX 1 A ' I x X . 7 l .I If f A , 1 ' - ' 1 5 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 S 1 3 1 S 1 treasurer. 1 1 1 1 4 , ' I 3 f I f A , , 3 I I zi 4 i 2 1 1 1 if . ' 1 5 E ' 3 1 , g 5 l Y V., , V - X 1 f ' - 8 ,, ,, y mi T 1 A ., C A -1 tr' -- P X ...M , . Il 'X E " X K , A 1 : 1 ' , b . , ' 1 A 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 ? 7 3 7 7 7 -3 7 7 . 7 3 ,. . y '. I , D . I . . , 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 7 Y Y 9 ! 7 3 3 Y 7 . : , , - , . . - 133 - TOP ROW Hayek Koos V1xf1a.n J Martm Mc Namee Korte McCarty Furlam S H111 C Mar t1n McPhee Golen Hansen Kxrchner Ste1gerwald Hall THIRD ROW Harhold McNell1s Karlacz KOHWlDSk1 Hadad Gu1nlon Le1sure Kay M31lI1ky K1ll1an Kosloskx Lavene Mansaur MIIQIO Mc Nab Haeger Hexer SECOND ROW Johnson G1or1g1 McGrew Kmg McNamac Hornyak Kastle Marsh Hull Hmer Gawel E H111 K1opc1c Mc Mahon, Guffey FIRST ROW Lal1b Galuccx, Kopchla Luob1k1s, Marzola Garc1a, Kachaturoff Imper1 Gronau, McLaughl1n Hayward, Harvey Mmlelly Her1der Mr Raymond Schultz TOP ROW Sherenco N1ck1tuk Patr1ck Shoe maker Mouldmg ODonne1l N1ckels, Olson Mxt ug Petoskey N1eporte PePon1s Proctor Robbs Serre THIRD ROW OhSOWSk1 Polony Ruth Schm1d11n Moore Pop1e1 Skender Sanders Mor row Natkowskl Storemskl Schultz Myshock Newman Naster SLLUND ROW Sewers Rob erts Myers, Rocco Snyder Nanas Spe1ran San ta Sanchez Ray Slow1n Pe1let1er R1chards P1cke1l FIRST ROW Mr John Hamel Saukko Romano Nettenstrom Sow1nsk1 Stellato Rond1 Sheren Penwarden PHHGPUCCI Oppat Prall Ren ko Mrs Almerene Kaufman TOP ROW Zenaq Yourchgk Yacup Swartz Ylr Templln ZIIDV Velirl US9d1y Turfe Wantuck den Whxtmore Zebrowskl Tutton Thayer Tuczak Waznev Tamburro Wallln W111OCkS Zolln Thomas Tr1pod1 FIRST ROW Wheeler Vallone WE CHOOSE OUR BEST DATE FOR AN EVENING OF DANCING Y'- 5-x 135 Z Gathered around the statue of the Greek Aristides the 10A class officers and sponsor are hoping that they too will have some thoughts to guide them through their class proyects Standing are Mr Michael Megregian sponsor, Bob Duke treasurer Jeanie Walden secretary Jack1eCunn1ngham director and Sandy Sharrar director Seated are Gary Pence president and Joseph Smuk vice president Miss Elsie Freitag also a class sponsor is missing from the picture S. -cv- OA TOP ROW: Bedoway Casper P. Brown Aporff Burnaska Ash R. Anderson Carmichael Blaney Aquino Cascardo Buck Antczak Bobrowski Bas- il Allen. THIRD POW: Capen Certo Beasley Benedict Bodinus Albri ht Acord Boka T An S - ' drews Baker Blan Bellottie P. Andrews Abdul- lah Bihary Baldwin. SECOND ROW: Bailey 1 Antonucci Aueiet Bruce Bullis Brunett Boh- lender Albrecht Antalik C. Anderson Bradley P. Brown Bohn J. Anderson Borgeson Balogh Brozovich. FIRST ROW: Mr. Herbert Beddow Brusseau Berringer Bryan Aueiet P. Brown N. Brown Buta Beck Bufalini Acciaioli Attee Bissell Mr. James Lehman. 36- 'WOR NN vi airy, TOP ROW R Donnelly Deland Chapskl N1cholas P Colarossl Colanton1 DeNoon C1ccarell1 Ch1 mento D1v1to Dav1s Claunch Dec Danowsk1 Elhot THIRD ROW Nadoronzy Faes Draus Edmonds Domzalskx Duren Daubenmeyer Doss Duke Cosner Chatterton Colwell Esper Dobrot k SECOND ROW DIMHTIH Edwards Duffy OA C1avagl1a Falklewlcz Colauca Endahl Chxado Davldson Ferrera Cooper G Cross, J Cross, A Colaross1 FIRST ROW Mr Leonard Stolio N Degraz1a J Clayton D Degraz1a J Cross Cunmngham Coleman Chasteen S Donnelly Doo lxttle Erway A Clayton F1th1an Comstock Mr Archle Allen OA ' TOP ROW: A. Haddad Frocillo J. Gallagher George, Gray, Hegarty, Husak, Garriot, Groh, Gabel, Humitz,rGarbarz, Harlan, Harmon, Gryni- ewicz. THIRD ROW: Hultquist,G0ehring,Jacques Husak, Graham, Hassan, Hendricks, Greiner Grigg, Harvey, Hemenway, Growe, Jason, Geiss Fowler. SECOND ROW: B. Grantham, H.Haddad Golder Gagliardi Hawley Gandolfo Hotz Hernan- dez, Hebets, Furdak, Jablonski, B. Gallagher, Fucile, Gerstler, Gilsbach. FIRST ROW: Mr. Henry Seekamp, Goodall, Glenn, Folino, James, Gaston, Gilhuly, Hamil, Janssen, Jellonnek, Fore- man, B. Grantham, Garrick, Mr. Everett Hill. -137- TOP ROW: Judaszewski, Kearney ney, Krolik, Koshella, Kroetsch, miller, Kennedy, Jurincie, Klaus WE CAMPAIGN FOR OUR TEAM AND FOR OURSELVES v TOP ROW Mealbach Melega MacQueen Malns, R Martm Kross, Lamarand L M1ller Malzxa McIntyre, Marek Mertus B Mlller Llewallyn Kurmk THIRD ROW S Lake M1ho1ancan, Mennett1 Matthews Ludy Mason McConnell LIZZIO Lewandowsk1 Mlchnewxcz Lew1s Madaf fer Lawrey Luna M1fsud M3lCh9Sk1 SECOND OA ROW L.aPraxr1e Mathelas,McGruther,McBr1de Marcucc11l1 MaFSh1n, L Mlller Kuykendall,Mar tm, MIGSZCZUF, Lafflm L1nsowe Mattern Lynn Lewallen, Massa FIRST ROW Mr Albert Ma Laurl, Mastrantomo J Mlller, Lysmger, Love, Leroux, M1cale J Lake, N Mart1n, Lover, L1st wan, Mr Ross Slabaugh OA TOP ROW: Perpich Nickoloff Pacesky D.Morgel Perifski Papp Mlynarowich, Papalia, Malloy Mio- dack Nadolski Payette Peters, Perrito Parpart, Nadorazny. THIRD ROW: S. Owen, Poole Pohlon- ski Plonka Palko L. Moore, Opalski Nabozny O Krongly R. Morgel, J. Morgan Pitera Pingilley Pence, Monberg. SECOND ROW: Pendley Osburn - 139 O J. Reaume Pelz K. Moore Prockaska Podufaly Morga Moser Ramas, Potts Ozuch, Moga, S. Owen OConne1l Peterson. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Norma Hall Pokorny Morton Palise, Moreno Ravencraft Morrow J. Reaume Pelaccio, Powers Plisko Rector Nagi E. Morgan, Mr. William Letsche. TOP ROW Renko Rucki Salvatore Rennie D Smith Salancy Shuster,Schudl1ch Steinaway Schulke Schaft Stoyenoff Sunal Susalla Stockdale Settles Sassak THIRD ROW Steifer Skicki Robbs Smuk Skaisgir Selfo Spada Sellen L Smith Salancy Schilke Sharrar D Smith Schmidt Simmons Shakar Reuter SECOND ROW C Smith OA Stamm Rinna Schumacher Schyvxstell Rieger Saari Swartz S Smith Strach Rice Riley Soutar Resk Soper,Rug5,1rello Seav1tte FIRSTROW Miss Dorothy Tittle Simon Stephen Snider Rowe Susock Strang Schwinck Rich Stevenson Schwartz J Smith Shafer Sawmki Mr Joseph Katona TOP ROW Walker Wolak Teschker Wimmer Toner, Tokarski, Theisen, Zelenak, Trickey, Tid- well, Van Winkle, Zager, Torz, Tkacz, Tremain, R. Unis. THIRD ROW: Van Kirk, Taylor, Wiltz, Tutt, Yanke, Westby, J. Thompson, Wright, Zadra, Wothe, Wagner, VanAssche, Tierney, Tofil, Yopek, Weir. SECOND ROW: D.Unis,Tefft,Yert, Yerman, OA Wildauer Wedlake Trabalka Walsh Willman Wal den, Westcott, Sycasure, Zell,Taylor, Vivian. FIRST ROW: Mr. Howard Nebel,Woodruff,Webb,VanOver, Zberkot, Zagwolski, Utsman, T. Thompson, White, Yelinek, Watkins, Tamburro, Voelker, Mr. James VanderHu1l. 140 - p WE TEASE UNDERCLASSMEN YL. Nr 35 , TOP ROW Labate Kurp1esk1,Ko1cheff Grxffm Koss E Jory M111er L6XV15,J6S10lIOWSkI McPhee THIRD ROW Kloxskl Long Kos1osk1 Grucel1a,Hask1ns Moga Mar km Loesch Kahs, Hudson, Keepen G1acher0, Marra, Gattonl GI'UdZ1I1Qk1 SECOND ROW Mrs Ethel Ivanoff 141 OB Kaven Gregorv,Gu1do, Lallo, Hassen Goch Grondzlak Hmdbough MOZlHgO Keezer, Kerr, Mr N1111am Kauth FIRST ROW Hadus K Mossar Jacobs Mallad S Mos sar Maddox, Jacobson, McNamara, Mxller Jackson Kuhary, LaPo1nte 2 I ' X I af, Q ,LL D . K of i 4 X . . U : 5 ' ' l 7 l I 5 ! . ! , ' ' 7 -l 1 Irvin , Mankus, Hewitt, Klann, Julvezan, Mittig, Love, , , . ' ' 1 v I' I a ' Z Z y - 1 1 y ' ' y . . , . - . U ' 7 3 .K 7 I 7 ! 7 . 5 3 3 1 Y ' , . . : . , TOP ROW P1zz1no, Papp Pell P1tek Sterba Smlth Paul Randlnltls, Smder Nolff Stokes N1eporte,Prov1ne M R A Martmak THIRD ROW Mrs Margaret MacM111an paW11tZ Sklnner, Swanson, Rubxkas Sycamore, Nagy O11 , SECOND ROW Roulo, OBr1en Quxgley P01kOWSk1 Schooner Putz Saph Stempson, Rosbury Hassen, Pen dr1ck Rxce Rudolph FIRST ROW N1col1ch Pokorny Pope D Papp Pallse, Tabacchl Paulsen, Sorensen, TOP ROW Brewer Colton, Bourgue Berry Berczel Adams, Bosworth Galda Fernandez, B Brown T Brown T Brown, Carter, Frank Gasslsa, Dyke THIRD ROW Callaway, Fleek Alford Alvarez Beckw1th Erzthaler 15' v- Afton Dnhm-tv Prmcvnpml Rnvr-hull DP 2 Sanus Allan De Frenza Denlar SECOND ROW De.To seph Er1ckson, Burkhelser Dupell Byrne, Dangelmaler Doom Flstler Bell Engel DeGraz1a Caruso Cxslo FIRST ROW Babxas, EWIDQ Brusco B1ssell, Agrusa Dowmne Garrlson Camobell Acord Abbas Gallo 142 ? I Q H Y I of ' - Q A , , I E ' 1' r C 1, ., ,, -S Q f- 5 ,, fl W 13 , 5 , , ' , ' , y 1 , y y V i ' A 1 T , : . , K I I 3 5 . .- P ' I . 2 in - ,, 2, 1 . I I : .I . 7 7 . . 7 J '. 7 : , . Y . 7 .7 ' 1 s y rl r' Q 1' v r I v ' ' . .i ' . : . . ', , , .. . : , , ver, Soutar, Pillow, Opimach, Stanley, Sewesky, Splroff. Slavilk, Petrucci, Nicholas, Elio, Rudell, Quan, Sanders. g . , 5 A i ' ' 1 f I l Q 1 3 A 1 ,h V 16 : V: 3 4 V - r z , X 44 ' 5 7 , . .3 2 I rs - - 5 9 I 3 Q 1 . I M :nl P K W5 b. j , T4 1 l 44 QL Y, z I ' I I 1, , 3 h I A . f ' I ' I 1 7 1 V l L fr ' A : 7 I 7 y ' 7 I 7 ' 7 ' I . ' 7 7 V ' 7 ' 7 L 7 I 7 7 . v 7 ' 7 '. : Y 7 I 7 ' 7 7 ' 7 ' 7 7 7 . 7 3 : 9 7 7 Filnrc n fro ' , I - ' A ---V--'r '--as-v ---'- ff -A----.11 '- - , . , .sr - r . - - 1 - TOP ROW Zlegler Tomext W1111ams Wxst Touquet, nett Weaver, Wxlkms, Vangov Young, Wazney Terry, 1 Y ta Trano Wxlson Vanderhoff Wolak Torb1tYaneff Trybus .T Woolbrxght Tomassl Vxllella Usedly Tay or lar s, Wood Wolons, Urbanowsk1 FIRST ROW Mr B H Bar .T Woolbrlght WE WELCOME 10Bs WITH PARTIES 143 K ' 9 ' " ' ' G ? 5 I I, 1 4 I E4 'f A ? , f 1 Q V : 5 K f' 3 L x1 F as s . ix 3 1 . Z, v ' " 1 : ' L 5 f I J F x .- , . , I , w W1 r I Y ' 3 4 fy ' KL I Y A . . X . 1 : . 7 . s H I 9 . 9 x . ' 7 1 s x x 1 9 1 Q - s y 9 r 1 , . n u s n - o n X 'bf 1 'U ff' ,Q E3 Q XRS R V1 I P I 45' ' -. Mmutes to Remember The rnlnute when 3CtlV1ty books cover that ever present hole m our flnances when the Student Counc11 votes on our ldeas and when the curtam rlses on our all school plays ACTIVITIES We remember, too, as one of our outslde 3Ct1V1t1ES, watchlng Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando win the1r Oscars for their performances 1n Country G1r1 and On the Waterfront 145 Umted Press Photo Even durlng a pract1ce SESSION, cheerleaders Ton1 M1D3UdO Jamce Tarry, Dottle Kopch1a, V1o1et Lakarlan Pat Abramson, Ilene Comax and Joan N1eporte can be 1dent1f1ed by thelr f1ash1ng smxles Led by drum majorette Gall Ponte majorettes Geraldlne Parton Betty 4 v f - . , . . . , . . , . . , Hacker, Christina Sharpy, .Tune Wolak, and Barbara Katona interrupt practice to strike a pose. - 1 6 . After many gutterballs and many more strikes the g1r1s rece1ve thexr awards at the BOWl1ng Banquet ln January The football team adds to 1ts brawn at the yearly banquet The Thesplans of the G A A performaskn for the1r fellow members 147 - sa sv rc ' H - ' 5 Q3 X I s F! . 9 if T , ' A , 5 Q 11 if . x r Z A ,XL NOON MOVIES THRIVE WITH HELP sd 'N J --f e' ff Y? 6? LV: 3 A V I Operators TOP ROW Bonaccxme Moore Mlttlg Flood SEC Usher Harrmgton FIRST ROW Czarmeckl Red OND ROW Mr James Lehman Strexchert Schult man, Top1c Arnold .44 Bob Flood 11A prepares to run a movle Wlth the sureness of a typxcal A VI operator U-"' 148 an 'I 1 r . f I , I 4' if fi rl I if I I I , fi 'S gl " I J I K4 , I ' I .Q .. , A 4 1, 'K L v 1 " 'I xx NXT n ,QA , I ' ' I8 ,x 'Qi , 1 IN 'AI Lg I 3 .2 ' I ' , I rr I 1 , M' ,I 1 ' I I 3-1- 1 . lla' ,, ' f ' - , - ' 'I 'Z' N tv V I 1 'V f , N , d I I . or K X fl .-.W 1 . . Y , . .P Q - , ' . i I . ., - Z ' ! Y 7 7 ' ! 9 OF A.V. I. OPERATORS,SERVlCE CLUB GIRLS Judy Shishkoff 12B exercises one of her duties as aServ1ce Club mem ber preceeding a noon movie Quick nimble fingers are a definite necessity discovers Arlene Bushey 12A as she passes out tickets to a demanding group of movie goers Students greet their h'le waitin for the noon movie to begin. friends and catch up on daily gossipw 1 g -149. pl "H1im..m... This looks interesting."Jim Attee, l2B, Gary Wolter, 12A, Don Kolcheff, 12B, and Mohammed El Haje, 12A, seem deeply engrossed in their game. 6 , 'V V6 .ff ' ,,.,v.,W ,K by ,ft x N F' L Anticipating the move Glenda Bierman, l1A, is about to make, her opponent, Pat Smith, 11A, and others watch and wait. 150 - CONTINUE INTO EVENINGS '-'ici tor g1V8S polnters to Martm John Shausoff, wrest11ng mstruc , d rms Ross, 12B, w 1 h le Louxe Case, 12A, holds on an g IONA WWW' I Fun!!! 'N M WM ,...-v What could the pmg pong ball poss1bly have done to merlt such a SUSDICIOUS look nlookers don t seem to be too happy wxth the from Pete Galluccx 11A? The other o ball s antlcs, elther 151 un C' Altha Garrison Januar , y g r a d u ate, colors portraits for a f pro essional photo graphy studio. vm com J 1,1 x -15 2 . Joanne W QUTSIDE JOBS Working for high school credit and applying her theory, Jean Paul 12A take , , s over some of the general office tasks of a local firm. S - 1 Ns ff., run-'Mlm' PLAYTIME esner, Janet Taylor and So ' , nia Badarak, 12As collect their credits from ' ' 2 a Job at a mail order companyi PROVIDE SCHOOL CREDITS f a men s clothing store Ron Celsx A inspectxon As an employee o ' cket for his customer s holds up a Ja ,...,f 'X 1 12B has the Robert Hendnxon, greasy Job of checklng bus motors t they run properly. to see tha 1th , echamcal sk111s, Bob Sm machmes Usmg h1s m axrs on sewmg 2A, makes rep 574 1 FACULTY BATTLES The Tower boys, anticipating victory, do a quick polish job to the trophy as the game begins. The Tower Chapter begins Just one Jump ahead of the faculty as Pat Bar ney 11A outyumps Mr M1chae1 Megre grian Cn the side the Tower boys dressed in their fmest sit watchmg the game as the faculty progresses toward victory 54 KK' li 9 9 ' ' 1 1 s TOWER CHAPTER The sp1r1t beh1nd the faculty! M1ss J' an1ce Wheeler and Miss Vlrglnla Valentme fdlg those crazy outhtslj encourage their team As the game proceeds, a 11tt1e foul play IS suspected There s nothmg 1n the rule book though about not w1r1ng the basket The HFEFOCIOUS Faculty" does everythmgbut watch as "coach,' Davls gwes them a 11tt1e adv1ce. 155 , E A N Q X ' X K X , V, Mk! . . . . . . " ' AFT . X 5 gi: pc , . , I - , K K ' ' 7 7 4 , - Dlrector Dutch Mlller Hunk Hoyt Chuck Green Satchel Moyer Dr Reeber M1,ss Sm1th Mlnerva Ethel The Blmd Date BEST FCCT FORWARD Best Foot Forward by John Cecll Holm Eugene K Baker Joe Del G1ud1ce Malcolm MacDonald Ed Radsack Ph1l1p MU1V1h1ll Roger Watk1ns D1ane Rapp Sandra Jehle Nancy Vermullen Judy Rothenthaler Student Dlrector M1ss Delaware Water Gap Old Grad Bud Hooper Professo Lloyd Gale Joy .Tack Haggerty Chester B11l1ngs Helen Schlessmger Gall Walker Barbara Keller Bob Pusxlo Larry Fehrenbaker Bob Hlndbaugh Gretchen N1lens J1m Spensley Jerry Sh1nske Fay Pell1t1er Take her xn your arms 11ke when you danced w1th her coaches Ches ter to the unw1ll1ng Bud The glrls arrxve at last, and eagerly po1nt out thelr dates to each other 1 56 STRIDES TO SUCCESS 11 1 -4-X The W1nsock1 boys try 1n vain to protect M1ss Joy from the determ1ned herd of 1ea1ous females Bud trles desperately to hold the attent1on of Dr Reeber wh11e Hunk, Mmerva, and Ethel stealthxly make then' escape from the closet 157 5 ' A Lachle ' I dmna ken why I shuxd be sae weary THE HASTY HEART The Hasty Heart Eugene K Baker Larry Fehrenbaker Larry Zager Duane Golvach D1ck W1egandt Dave Youngs Warren Schwelkhart Roy Karcher Joyce Dlugosz Soma Badarak Roger Watklns Raymon Cramton 8 Tommy I peeked I found out " SCORES BIG SUCCESS by John Patrxck Dxrector Student Director Orderly Yank Dlgger K1w1 Blossom Tommy Margaret Colonel Lachlen Lachle I dlnna notlce the tantrums of women Margaret "You look exact ly hke those hvmg statues one used to see 1n the c1rcus." .. ................... , 5 T' nllllnluuuulquunlllu xxx Nw. X . .-,,. . i - 59- yo tv R7 ' ,,. TOP ROW McCormick VanT1l Smith Fillmore Tucich Mr Donald Calkins sponsor FIRST ROW Cromwell Shishkoff Zenas McNamara Nome SCh1m1ZZ9 STUDENT COUNCIL The 1OBs elect Janet Saph and Ella Nagy as their representatives to StudentCounc11 while Susan Bmder 11A is elected to fill a vacancy Homeroom representatives enjoy a laugh at one of the meetings of the Student Council. - 160 - Q E' ,NW -sf ,,:3"'X Fall Hall Captains TOP ROW Taylor Ergonls Bonacclme Golvach FIRST ROW Newman Barney Traskos 'arf' I4- 'my PPT W Spring Hall Monitors TOP ROW Mumper, Ergoms, Pxpltone, J Callaway, Sm1th FIRST ROW Hays, Colwell, Spre1tzer, P Sm1th Barney, Carothers, Raphael, CIHSS SECOND ROW A1 Dalla Vecch1a, Burton, Odgers ley, Arp, McGruther, Gr1mes, Ramero, Vernme, F 161 - xi i J , :, .VJ - ,- , j K X H 1 1 X me X ,W f 2 S' 6 1 4 . O N , X , W ' f W, , ,W xy , 5 f f Z ! ' Y . I 7 ' 2 Y 9 ' 5 1 f s J , . g S ni W - Y Y U 5 N E :ra Y f' s -S W e O ef f S W f S 7 . . ' 6 ' K ' f ' 9 4' 4 an 4, V S . S' Ki., V .6 ' jf 11. V 1 W, Q 1 K 'H ,.. A , ' i - fri . v :W 6, 4 1' S " . M y yi Q - . , . s X x ,' L' M if X Y x H ' X s , s 5 fi- x 4, , 1 1 sl ll el Choh TOP ROW: Odom, Watkins, Wells, Colovas, Piganalle Karcher, Palmer, Brown, White, Wiegandt, Wilhelm Steadman. SECOND ROW: Mr. J. Ross Slabaugh, Reaume Carinci, Alexander, Walker, Pink, Killian, Nome, Block, Band TOP ROW: Marx, Apkarian, Radsack, Engle- hart, Lundy, Dehar, Yonish, Olson, Mulvihill, Prochaska. THIRD ROW: Katona, Hall, S. Smith, Smuk, Dinglie, Shattock, Payette, Poul- os, Bartle, Growe, Fish, Candea, Duke, Moga, Doss, Stahl, Ferriby, Sanders, Parton. SEC- CND RCW: Sharpy, Findley, Bushey, Bush, Johnson, W. Smith, Shishkoff, Russo, Scofano, Dubois, Bedoway, Pence, Karcher, Yanakieff, Collinson, Zollars, MacDonald,Scott,Mue1ler, Hacker. FIRST ROW: Wolak, Strach, Bald- win, Schwinck, Schimizze, Ricamore, Morton, McFadden, Garcia, McBride, Soutar, Binder, Penwarden, Palise, Jablonski, Walden, Luobi- kis, Capen, Hultquist, Ponte. Beld, Teagan, Donahue, McPherson, Seager. FIRST ROW: Ash, Connors, Santogrossi, Yanke, Boike, De- Grazia, Tallon, Tudor, Rowe, Wentarmini, Burtch, Den- Otter, Parton, Koos, Mazzara. 2 .lx Ili f' i'mQfh2IfvK3j ,st Q,-i,,,-s,g,,l,,,?g., .M .L fl,..,,,g-,,1,,..',, , M., . , Q-f Orchestra TOP ROW: Karcher, Mr. Eldon Scott. THIRD ROW: Prochaska, Morton, Scofano, B. Scott, McBride,Ding- lie, Dehar, Apkarian, Radsack, Arco, Ferriby, Maga, Wegmann, Gaber. SECOND ROW: Smuk, Caldwell, Bushey, Findley, Mueller, McKechnie, Dubois, Lover, Zenas, Englehart, Morawski, A m b r o si n e. FIRST ROW: Lubienski, Anderson, Ricamore, Mlynarowich, MacDonald, Gingrich, Koos, Bagley, LaPrairie, Par- sons, Kelly. ln Q, Us-N Other journalists occupy part of their time Nancy Vermullen, spring editor-in- chief of the Tower Tribune, gives a few last-minute directions before the print shop boys "put the paper to bed". with Fleur de Lis work. The paper demands the constant attention both from page editors and printers. '-fr X.: su C' ko' T n Nix-f M J' Tower Tribune Mechanical Staff TOP RCW: Opp, Statctzny, Wilhelm, Daroma, ROW: Mr. Leonard Stolfo, advisor, Cicotte, Turner, Galay. SECOND ROW: Morawski, Lambert, Doolittle. O'Brien, Baker, Vella, Durham, Cost. FIRST 164 - 5. L N E E 'Q 6 5 Fall Tower Tribune Staff TOP ROW Thack Hannenberg S1av1k N1x, Renko Nxlens Smlth Arella Galluccx FIRST ROW Roose, Fehrenbaker Watson Schorhng SECOND ROW Mr Sherlck, John Dunn adv1ser, Jurmo Spru111 Pemberton, Kondur, Merhno T 'T iii' .fi-31' Dahlen, Vermullen Scanlon Todor M1nn1, I' Sprung Tower Trubune Staff TOP ROW Pemberton Kondur Arella Ga1lucc1 Spru Watson Hannenburg Vermullen Roose Schorllng Sm 111 Sotxroff SECOND ROW MIHHI Nllens Sherlck V1 Fehrenbaker, N1x, .Turmo Thack Merhno FIRST ROW 165 fx, I " Q 5 M L K: 1 -HU K ef 1 1 K ' , . X I , - : Y Y , 7 ' 7, . 7 . 1 1 ' : ' I 9 7 ' : ' I ! 7 7 . ! ! ' ' ' 2 2 I I 4' I X 2.. " V .1 LW 'if' ' 7 Q k..,- 5,7 I vxvyx. X JL K . . xx 1' S VJ .K A ,Q ,. . -A A M 7 5. D 4 T 6- f . S ,h 7 i ,5 .M v , Q -, ' CY. t .y- V . f P To 'i ' 'V Q , f ' T I W- E "1 -I ,, 'X . ,,. N. ' , A .L i S Q . , . - . - 1 y , , ' y 1 7 7 v ' 7 ' 1 1 v J , , . I ff! :ff ' ,, Qgyqi, , -iw :LAY ,I F , , . Y ,, Q ,. ' x .- ' ' , I A 4 1 47 . ' ,,ML'1 1 -f ' "' , ' , .-1' "J v ' ,, F - nf' . 2 ' ' 'ir I A , f ' - m: 1.M 4 -W ,A j w . "' 'rm ,gy . Ren v ' W A J: if ,, L, . '- 5 I Am ' KX f "EE K sw, " - 'Q , ,. . 'ff- i5"'S.l'?"- N 0 5 K'1w"Y "ns: n ' Aff' .3 ' f ' , MW. -- 'Q ' 1 f tg ,tru .. K A V V XM ,ig . ,, ,..,.1 X 1 . . N 2 , ,, , -t in i n -V ,An ,. 'V A ,al 'Q P AFT: K '- V, f ' wma ,r y jg: Q V H int . Q hx X , W x - . , x:,,-W, ,,, Q . -L ' -' A, -,. '- I -L x ,ew 4 W 1' up KW , J. .5 as xxx ? U .2 xi X 113956. t ., .fd ,Vip 1, f fr M A , L' V. f 3 w H f .-Q -' . Q V, fag. R, L, x -fig, ff "4 J., may 'ts f - 'M '-M, af- , I ' Q V- Q 5 an . ' ' K I 4, H. fi - ' - .af -fn ' A fw ,. , A' Q- , tl' ' 1 if - 1, Q ""'f,. f ' " - ., 'fvegln '53 L xv J 3, - N, x ' ',' V. , ,f , I - Af 8,5 E. 12 1 .A .Lg 39" .W - :Y 351 , 'Q A ' - - 554:55 g - Ag 3k" 'f+ , A .uk , - K 1 get QP L...-4 0 55 FACULTY Mlnutes to Remember The m1nute when we watch our teachers deal out our fate on report card day when we see our teachers at the same events we too, enyoy and when we at last dxscover that our teachers really are P E O P L E We remember too under the 1eadersh1p of our teachers, studymg about Malenkov s reslgnatxon h1s successor, Russ1an prem1er N1ko1a1 Bulganm and Gregory Zhukov defense mlmster 4h 167 HQ- L J Qui if gif V 3 , we F M if L11 ski 2 n la, A-.Lay JYIFU. C ,.-LQw, bl 5, ,, , W - ag. .-W' fi- .l . 3' 'gf "ing, 1' After making sure that his white shirt is thoroughly protected, Mr. Norval Fell, industrial instructor, relaxes and enjoys a.Tack Frost Bar. 0,10 Some of the other teachers, during their lunch hour, decide to team up for a game of cards, and it looks like Mr. Charles Held, librarian, has just been dealt a fair supply of aces. F' 1: ' fl Fllnnriinn- H-.mir 6 ..,..,........b env.. 1. u ,A L. Rf- v. :AAR - tn... -t Ll.- L,...,.L-..,. :-:., -.,:u. LL- -4....1-..L.. :.. ..:.,-:-.. Annu SHCI' "nu nag.: vSu,s.n, a naw un Luc Lcauucxa - 168 Juiu wuu un: :.u.uux:Au.a LH .singing ouellf. Night Miss Irma Cilley, retiring English in- structor, accepts a certificate for her 28 years of teaching from Dr. Mark Scully. 1 Even though they are bidding adieu to their colleague, Miss Cilley, the teachers find time to have a hearty laugh. Q, -5 -Q ifffiaxffgfs- E", -""e'?:c lg' 31,,-.,c -E M ,Q has At the faculty picnic, Miss Edna Stowell, English instructor, intends the spoon's contents for the little boy, but Mr. Thaddeus Matley, industrial instructor, may have other ideas. -169- 1 K Dorman Ard1s Pr1nc1pa1 Ehzabeth B1ce John Romanow Asslstant Pr1nc1pa1 Ass1stant Pr1nc1pa1 170 i X Chester Ackerman Industr1al Archle Allen SOC1al Sc1ence Elmor Baker L1brar1an Eugene Baker Engllsh Bernard Barnett Commerclal Theodore Barton Mathemat1c s Clara Mae Beach Counselor John Beauchamp Commercxal Mary Beauchamp Counselor Herbert Beddow Mathematxcs Gladys B1estek Home Economlcs Walter B1ll1et Industrlal Kendrxck B1lls Industrlal John Bonf1gl1o Engllsh Gertrude Bos L1brar1an Carl Brawley Industrxal Robert Brazell Soc1al Sc1ence Byron Brown Soc1al Sc1ence Dorothy Burrell Counselor Donald Calkms Soc1al Sc1ence M1chael Cardone English Leroy Charllck Industrlal Irma C1lley Engllsh Ellzabeth Claucherty Work Coord1nator Em1l1o Contl Mathematlcs Dorothy Copony Nurse Jesse Crxpps Counselor Elden Cross Commerclal fi ,u. If LJ' you A f 'E ,Q !'W lr if QQ -171- 1 '27 'Q' Q... ui pa Wifi K.. YG 1.K 4'7" Q9 uno' L I IQ if 172 Harold Cross Industrlal John Davxs Health Educat1on W F Davls Soclal Sc1ence Matt Dotson Industr1a1 Nelle Dr1ese Engllsh John Dunn Enghsh Hxlda Eastwood Engllsh Robert Evans Commerc1al Harvey Fa1lor Sc1ence Norval Fell Industrial Marlon Flsher Engllsh Don Foster Sc1ence John Fowler Soc1a1 Sc1ence Hans Fredeen Scxence Elsle Freltag Counselor Norma Hall Commerc1al Charles Held L1brar1an John Hamel Industrlal Rlchard Hespen Engllsh Everett H111 Industrlal Kenneth Howard Industrlal Marlon Hunslcker Commerc1al Ethel Ivanoff Commerc1al Garvase J ach Health Educat1on Joseph Katona Sc1ence Almerene Kaufman Engllsh W1111am Kauth Mathematlc s .. . 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Y' IV! in X211 '7 --eq 4-v-' IVV 53' 517' - 174 Raymond Schultz E nglish Florence Schuster English Eldon Scott Music Richard Seavitt Soclal Science Henry Seekamp Industrial Irma Shoemaker Commerclal Beatrice S1mmons Language Ross Slabaugh Music Harvey Smith Work Coordinator Kenneth Smith Soclal Sc1ence Stanley Smith Science Wade Smith C ommercial Leonard Stolfo Industr1al Edna Stowell English Bessie Stuart English Dorothy T1tt1e Language V1rg1n1a Valentine Health Education James VanderHull Health Education Sam Vas1u Industrial W1l11am Watson Soclal Science Janice Wheeler Home Economics William Young Social Science Matthew Zipple Social Science Anna Banciu Secretary Mary Barbat Secretary Betty Dobra Secretary Jean Flecker Secretary Mary Garing Secretary Lottle Konon Secretary Martha S1mons Secretary Maintenance Staff TOP ROW E Upleger F Monson FIRST ROW A Dukes B Elhott Cafeteria Staff " TOP ROW A Gorsk1 V Gllsbach H Prmsby SECOND ROW A Burkhamer E Dodt E Townsend E Le1z1n FIRST ROW M Perardl M Durman L Rogers 'Y . ., "- 7 .7 I A1 4. 'I-2+ f asf We end this year 1955 with a last look at our school the school which gave us many MINUTES TO REMEMBER The American Printing Company, Detroit, printed the 1955 Fleur de Lis. The Fordson principals and teachers allowed the staff time during the school day for most of the pictures. -176-

Suggestions in the Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) collection:

Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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