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 - Class of 1954

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' A 4 W, -' . 41, f:"'W"fW'i' 3, .. ,vfijm-'1-' 1 L1 If Jff'.:f'3Ia 1 , hr ww,-J, MW H3 44f54f:13w M9712 4 - 'ylfv i ' "' ' '3 I ,igfgfgg y A 39 W-W ij vw 4 if , 4 . -KL . 1,3 3,5459 ,, ,gr ,fvfnsff ,XA YH, ' - ',.w.-rf-EM ' ffl' A , w w . -. ka M ..., ,Q w'!9,f,rQEk -"' - 1 -M 1 L, Af i ,r .,., 4: , , jgl HQ- , 13,14 w zsw -'L+-14.1-: - ifiifi, fgggac f 127' J ta 70 fx rx. ,., . if 3 is. QJTLXKEL 1' 59. "-'wav -1 -1 -1 114-1 u.gw1111:e "4 'N 751575109 2541 .1 1125-h ' ,E 6'a3"'a ,Q 'fi . fS1,'g.N . .mf . rn! 11 is mw1,4sEw:f:2p:15 f., 11125573 ,aff 1 11 ii.: - :mp W .uflgp 5 ' K-E"-E 1 jig hw ' 91 -Aw .W L5 V 1?- W, 3 . af ff, . ', 1.1: ' .amixig 1 a,1 4 If :19f1?A3 , A ,ix viii w,'f15li x'E?.L f ' fn. , '-fiwl-ffifig .- rfiff-ii 1 1+,V1a.1,- 1 , - 1 ,,,.,, A 1149 121352516 .-'l.v:4'1, .'- X1 , 'J X355 57-veal' .W'g, XE" 1 1 ,af '95 1::a-fxaf? i :.v:jf32k'-'1 zw ,g.v,-A-'QQ5 -.,J1l, 1 rw 'iz 1 LFE, , dftgk " 1. , f 'fl 3, Vg: 'r,f,1v'a:5f ,-V ZLELHT 'L X A sfrsisf, ,tl 11, 1 . 51, 1 - '31, , ' 1 1 .,..1533, 1 1e11Sf14 1 fly: Na 1 :gig 3 ' 1-2 ,Y '- 1?af-FMGSQZ a,y1f!5q,nmv5, ,ag .. 1 W 'Z:,?:- 13" - x"-7 , '91-iw -.--, 1.-, wp, W ,, , Mir' :fif- f'i?T1Q 1' 'Thi . 1' '5 , gzgilf a-1 x f-'arzfil ,N Wi: , ' ,CW wi . 51f'F5i1: - iii: up-F nis- 5 WEL mx R' ' J' -rf? ..- A 7 Tai, 1:6 4523 1 11, .A :'-1i.w.' Kr, 1 ge 5.- 1 - ff3,.g1ivf5"V1:J -A uh-2,5 1 11 9521? 3725 .2 CL S3463 Z,'2':w1g,5 , S-.iff 113' fi- , , 1'-LM' auf- 222: 1 ' AU ii ' 5 fauzj 5-1.5 . r- " .ff r - 1 -,'-rw mf '-'ww ,,. f tfglaf. 1 N r . 1 4,-um, X .1 4 ja, Qi eg iii' ,, uw. . y,,,3:f. 1' Ji XL ' ' '. 451.1 3:9 1,,,'j'k.:v Y . ar' 'z , a. I ,pw f NJN ' iififv ' 5,5 3: 'fffi , f , gf ww K. ., 4 1 Ev: B Y .W li, . 114,59 955:9- fem ' ' 'f ,. W1 1,4 yi. 2 . 1 :1j.f:ggi,'f Q IQ:-Lg , liedfx' 'YJ-?-, mfuv. gzgps, sr-. Y QC Q. V ' We '21 'Elf V , , A .1-UE we, 1' 1. -5.Y'1-,-f ,L, ,Hd , T4 I- 1, wif- , ,uk ,qv L"1i.'-' ff. is 2 5' M255 5-1:, ' ir . ,14.,., ' aff? High T ' M47 Xa-'X ",. :r ffiwc gy- ,- , :afar 4 ' ,Vw ez, , Mi. , . 1 sW5i'f 'N 'J -' 'CS' Wi ,Q A S? '-.15 E V xg'-a :fm 'Q 1-I-1 I.. f ,Liu Z ' AE" ,. 41, 'Q ' W S.-'fa 'f , 19512212-ff-A-3521? K?'SQlQ1 ess VCL g,,??n5'z' , ' Q '- '7"f'f2fEg, b WE", Jmi1,3,'GQ 1, V' ' f,,m.a'.f,,fy, ,1,-lceziggw. g L t , . W. -rw . ,1 1 qu- ., ,, X 4 315,- 44 ,L , - J,.4,5,4 U, VH" 5 'ai'f'," 1 52:6 525' 3213. I s..,.?E'v2'2 " .X gm 1 N? fr- - -1 :wi V MM-'vi',' ml, in-fQ"L ' ' 1 v 'ig ' ii h . ,L N if J 4+ x S a 1 1 x f crm -:, 4. -1 Mk, - :WA .rf f Hi'-' . 11- HL .5 ,,,. H, 3: . .gwlrfif V 1 4MM,1 . 5 , ,LQF412 QQ Q , Ag: ', 1,. .xg .W 1'-f .Nga ff, - nm e- f,L.,,. FU, .1 .f N -1 ,g:,,,' , if V? . ',,. 1.1 1 1 'LL- ii, -Q. -11 f ' H ' W1 fwirffffsa M A fb v ,rim U fl fx IMAS, I .WJQE I 1 L fx n .4-fi fm? f ea, F 1 'v',f', I - u ff, .-5m,5.".6aX ,fr ,f ,. , .. ,xi ,,..,..'f . Q-.Rv , X 46 ,, f fccffhl, . , f ,f ' MQW- J , Zggfff ,V ' 53724 ' 1954 FLEUR DE LIS FORDSON HIGH SCHOOL DEARBORN, MICHIGAN ff ,, f' :gk lf? M41 w A W' 'Nl 39' ff f an A sf' X N X Q Xl f.- . X- , ix 1 l fy U A11 of the people on these pages are real people, familiar people. They are friends, classmates, teachers - - - us. We have prob- lems that we work out together and pleasures that we share and remember forever. We relive those days of classes, fun at games and odd moments. Going through these pages we recall the quiet hush in the gym when that deciding basket is thrown and the feeling of belonging as we listen to the screams and shouts during an exciting game. Perhaps we recognize ourselves staring vacantly into space while other members of the class study. We find ourselves dancing dreamily at one of our dances or standing in the lunch line with a tray, full of tattle-tale calories. It's a good year, a full year. We see in mere pictures and words the feelings we hold toward Fordson - the feelings, tinged with regret, of those who are leaving us and the happy feelings of those who stay on. We view -our life at Fordson, AS WE ARE. To 3 'S rv' 4 AS we ARE.. X Qi K1 -XX H N- sis? -fy F- ixxyiwx Q 1 xg Qsw S x KN . NEX Tx x xv K . 44 .. kg x NV - QQX Wig x M- XWSQX x xxxxkkkx IN THE FALL Fall brings the end of summer vacation and the beginning of a new semester, with all the fun and hard work that accompanies it. New friends and acquaintences are apparent, as our family grows with the addition of the Hlittle 10B's." Our class routine runs much more smoothly now, activities are planned, and sports are beginning to be highlighted events. Long hours of tedious practice give way to spirited competition on the field in football, thrilling and full of excitement. With the coming of football, we honor our homecoming royalty, who reign at the homecoming game and dance, annual traditions at Fordson. Until the first snowfall, the girls play field hockey outdoors, perhaps concentrating more on the boys playing on the adjoining field. We perk up our acting skill for the fall all-school play and march endlessly down the football field to perfect the halftime enter- tainment. New teachers begin to prounounce our names correctly and all too soon, autumn drifts into winter and we continue our lives at Fordson, AS WE ARE. 'X A W1 4'?,x,l- -rf, V", .QL is P. fiv- X si ES Q B E5 y 7 in x v Q 1 5, 1 ix A N FOR NEW, OLD FRIENDS f'iI'D 'Sip - 0 Our faculty returns with glowing tans and glowing smiles 0 Dig those shirts! These kids haven't recovered from summer lunacy 0 Typical Fordsonites still have typical Fordson appetites 0 Apparently Mr. Slaba.ugh's gusto for music lasts through vacation .7. WE WGRK WE STU DY WE PLAY L.. WE LOOK TO THE FUTURE AND HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME IN OUR PRESENT IN THE BEGINNING ..... 7 n , WM WW 9 .Wi "' 4 .I f is, Joe Brown, 12A, grins menacingly as he plots how to punish this underclassman he caught "Oh come on now fellas, this is no way to spend your first year at Fordsonf' d , k, f th , 1, t , Tenth graders, Howard Odom, Victor Olsen, and Kenneth upp have yet to outgrow rm mg mm 9 Senior Dun am' the comic book stage. John Nicholl snickers as he reads hints from seniors on how to "get lost." X "You'll find the elevator at the end of this hall." Leonard Middleton IZA has a little fun "Is this the one?" Pat LaFleur, IOA, asks of Sandra Fall, also IOA. Seems that with bewildered Leonard Wash? tenth rader being here for one whole semester hasn'thelpedin finding room numbers. Perhaps ' g ' the map in the F book would help. TOWARD THE END flkj Genevieve Duplar. January graduate. looks sentimentally at the caps and gowns. Like most of us. she realizes, at the last moment, that her days at Fordson are ending. ox A smile of Joy, a tear-streaked cheek, anda serious expression, --- the emotions are evident as the seniors return from the stage with their diplomas. "X Jff I 1 Q! W, , ?u Matt Swanson stands before the graduation audience and Pl-W5 everinhmg he M5 into his last Alice Paul admires her new watch, as her Mom admires the new diploma Her s ee h t F ds , ' ' P C 3 01' on Dad stands proudly next to her, lending support to his daughter. -11- THOSE WHO HELP US TO BE AS WE ARE ..... fi xi gf Eli , we 'ig fU'- 3 ' sl! ? , wr blues-.-.u.........,,,, , ,., W, W. -.V .M -w -.......,...-.V ...,.,., M' If Dorman Ardis Li, V, ,M I Principal ' f 5 WZ yi 1 rf, .7 1' 'Z ' ' 51 4 X' X ff , y ' , 53? ' at . 4 ' 2 , 1. 5 ,ff if "X W, W Wim 'Uh PRINCIPALS We are "as we aret' largely because of the people who head Fordson, our three principals. Their dedication of their talents to leading us has resulted in a school which we would trade for no other. Behind a door that is always open, Mr. Ardis goes efficiently about the business of being the top person in school. The fact that everyone connected with this vast "Operation Fordson" feels at ease with him is a tribute to his superior administra- tion. In him we find a one-man psychologist, social worker, diplomat, teacher, purchasing agent, judge, accountant, and maintenance man. Recreation and discipline are the special responsibilities of Mr. Romanow. The few of us with a knack for wrong things at the right times remember this assistant principal for his sin- cere efforts to straighten us out before it is too late. Most of us remember the brighter side of his job - the scheduling of dances, assemblies, and movies. And who could forget his pet project this year: the shiny, red-and-white popcorn machine, which made the air worth breathing on Friday afternoons. The quiet member of the trio, Miss Bice, is the "worrier" that Fordson needs for smooth operation. She distributes teachers and students twice a year, so that all of us are happy with our class schedules. In true woman-fashion, she is a walking appointment book of information. No special events, no routine occurences sneak up on us. She always sees that we know what's coming next. They know us, these principals, better than we know our- selves. Because they head Fordson, we enjoy some of the finest experiences available to high school students anywhere. X 'T 71 Elizabeth Bice Assistant Principal M --Vp--M.- T. QX1 ik John Romanow Assistant Principal .13. V LITTLE SISTERS AND BROTHERS i 0 , f f y + ' l 3 4 543 ,V , 1 A, 4 53 . ' ' 31 3 if 1, 4 fi 2't TOB Top row: Petoskey, Nickels, Patrick, Plonka, Rice, Mittig, Olson, Nieporte,Peponis, Proctor, Robbs. Third row: Naster, Nickituk,Mansour, Mileto, Santia, Natkowski, Nanas, Newman, Moulding, Rondi, O'Donne1l, Myshock, Netten- strom. Second row: Lalib, Penwarden,Popiel, 2 1 Top row: Corkins,Aitchison, Barnes, Brunette ' a Corney, Eagan, Bradley, Chorluian, Fr zzini. Fourth row: Fairfield, Colaluca, Cetnar, Bar- bat, Bartle, Fair, Budnik, Carter, Fritz,Ahmed Virden, Ferriby, Brooks, Aitken, Ceckiewicz Third row: Durham, Bodnar, Craig, Birau Bauer, Chaplin, Abramson, Atkinson, Eaton Sanders, Philips, Ruth, Sanchez, Prall, Ray, Ruble, Schmedlen, Schlicht, Mrs. Beatrice Fill- more. First row: Panepucci, Oppat, Saukko, Ramano, Roberts, Myers, Ohsowski, Rickell, Rocco, Moore, Pelletier, Richards, Renko, San- tilli. Ecie, Ciccarelli, Briske, Covrig, Evanoff Second row: Dragone,Down.ey,Forfa,McCarty McGrew, Blanchard, Edwards, Crenshaw, Efan- tedes, Hull, Bossio, Coe, Fahey. First row Coedy, Bello, Fayz, Cipolletti, Campbell, Chant- ler, Doyle, Fundaro, Dein, Dlugosz, Dolenga. 14. WE TEACH AND GUIDE THEM 3 -----....,..... V-wp--. va -'--Quang: "Ji 10B Top row: Hayward, Kastl, Charles Martin, Hanson, Hayek, Carolyn Martin, Hill, Korte Klacking, Hansen, Kendall, Golen, Harmoni Third row: Johnson, Guffey, Hornyak, Koos Hadad, Lavine, Keebler, MacNellis, Karbacz Konwerski, Furlani, Meadows, McNamee, Mc- Grew. Second row: Garcia,Loubikis,Minielly, Hudson, Guindon, Kosloski, Kay, Molinky, Heier, Herider, Istratoff, King, Gawe1,Kopchia, Giorgi. First row: Imperi, Lane, Gallucci, Leasure, McLaughlin, Klopcic, Killian, Harhold, Gronau, Kachaturoff, Haeger, Hiner, Harvey, Marzolo. I P -V -. ' ' 1.-' ..4,,,, .' 1 ' ' -V If f ' ff . , n 1' 'l - - f 532 iv ff? f',ff"P2 N X 10B Top row: Shoemaker, Zebrowski, Schultz Swartz, Yourchok, R. White, Thomas, Tuczakj Third row: Sutton, John White, Yacup, Zain Storemski, Subu, Zenas, Smith. Second row: Mr. Wade Smith, Veltri, Slowin,Snyder, Usedly, Stellato, .Tean White, Willocks, Wallin. First row: Skender, Vallone, Wheeler, Templin,Sei- ve rs, Speiran, Speiran, Sheren, Sowinski, Zitney. 15- tr 1 5 3 ' 9 INFORMA Top row: Blaskay, Bryan, Adamowicz, Ascione A Cameron, Bartosek, Buntrock Fourth ro , mice, Byrnes, , Barney Bar w: Benchich B0 Baxt , an, Amil, W. Berry , rn, Callahan, Baker, Boulton, Blo er, Albright, Boos, Bulleri, Bo Barwinski, Atw ' Sser, Arp, sworth. Third r ' ood, Brill, Baldw' ow. Caldwell. in, Browne, Beaton, Butzlafi, Burton, OA X W -16- LITY KEYNCTES CLASS OFFICE Betron, Anderson, Amrozi. Second row: Mr. Richard Hespen, Mrs. Marion Fisher, Allan, Caldeira, Ambrosine, Bianco, Bloch, Altesleben, Brannon, Bishop, Call, Binder. First Row: Baxter. Burkheiser, Adams, Bierman, Brunett, Butler, Berrington, Bricker. B. Berry, Black, Aossey, Bucciarelli. I.nformal's the word for 10A class officers' meetings. Bill Smith, vice-president, and Dick Wilhelm, president, discuss the latest event as Anne Ricamoreireasurer, listens atlentively. Waiting for their chance to enter the conversation are Mary White, directorg Mary Watson, secretary, Marlene Barwinski a d directors. n Charles Nair Tl- RS WHO GOVERN IOA CLASS 5 yu - f ' . ! IOA Top row: Daniels,Cempura.RaymondCollins.Drabkowski.Driscoll, Dulecld. Crouse, Dinglie. Carotliers. Dibert. Choma.Crowdis. Fourth row: Collinson. Corbett Cloutier, Cwl-ze. D. DeGrazia. Colovas, Costa, Cerroni, Ciuk. December. Econ-Jmou, Cunningham. Third row: DeSa.utis, Capen, Collier. Cardinal. Daulton. Cichon, Carter, 1 NJ , ,ixlw qs' rder, Hebel Top row: Grimes, Gould, Garrison, Herman, James Ha , Finzel, Ercoli, Goch, Henrich, Galay, Gabriel, Glegola, Fourth row: Hanson, Esper, Gniewek, Henrickson, Garcia, Hahn, G'-lllei, GaSiOr, Evans, Gosheff, Gallucci, Mr. Emilio Conti. Third row: Gelmvsky, Jackie Harder, Goike, Freeman, Gurney, Frame. Harrington. Field. v'-xi nz 1 . 4-fx , 71-J, f, , , Dunkleberger, DelGuidice, Cooper, Combs, Crosby. Second row: Mr. John Davis, Christopher, Doran, Clark, Criscenti, Donelko, Drown. Cross, Corl. Eichner, Comai, Racheal Collins. First row: Dean, Drielts, G. DeGrazia, Deaton, Cowell, Clydesdale, Cullen, Cyers. Da1laVicchio, Corden, Davis, 'ff A Guerrieri, Flores, Giuliani, Gillum, Mr, Gus Stager. Second row Haddad, Exel, J. Gardner, Eusebi, Height, Edwards, Edgerton,Hans F ll F lt an Hihh Fede First row' Hannen- Green, E. Gardner, a , 9 ITA , . ' I' berg, Findley, Gaborski, Feciashko, Hiney, Guth, Fror:1llo,Fobar Falsetti, Fogle, Grace, Gawron, Fordell, Gressman. -17' WE ARE TYPICAL TEEN-AGERS ii P41 v -v v 1' IOA Top row: Isom, Ianni, Kiwak, Johnson, Larnbros, Lancaster, Jacob- Korinek, Huryrial, Kavan, Hnatio, Joynt, Koos, Kimlein, Kuhn, King, sen, Hughey, Holbird, Kurnib. Fourth row: Kondur, Hubble, Kaven, Lanning, Hurd, Jacobs, Krause. First row: Hollis, Joseph, Johnson, Klann, Jaske, Kusynski, Korpi, Kirchner, Jones, Keeler, Iaquaniello, James, Koslowski, Hornbuckle, Jackwak, Karlovetz, Kleitch, Laloie, Third row: Mr. Kenneth Ripple, Kelley, Kolpacke, Hulett, Kaminski, Hribar. Iaquinta, Kostoif, Klezcy, Lademanu, Kalis, LaFleur. Second row: we 3 T., m 10A Top row: Mileto, W. McEvil1y, A. Nabozny, Michalik, Mercier, Luttrull, L. McEvilly, G. Moore, McNab, Marsh, LeDuc, P. Miller. Murray, Mills, Markie, Mumper, Leight, Mulvihill, Montre. Fourth Second row: Muscillo, Monthaven,Martin,C. Moore,Michels, McCal- row: Maurer, Marchand,Marlatt,Minichiello,Morawski,J.Masters. lion, McKechnie, L. Martin, Moraniec, Mieszczur, LeFler. First LeVeque, Lewandosky, Magnone, D. Nadorozny, McGruther,Morrow. row: Logiudice, McClure, Morle, G. Nabozny, Nadolsky, Lemanski Third row: Mr. LeRoy Charlick, Moody, Maire, Masi, M. Miller, P. Masters, Madaffer, Merta, Mahaney, Morrison, Mavian, Myers. -18. WITH TYPICAL HEROES. Movie star fans, Elio Eusebi 'cture collection, as they pause at display their pi l sses. lockers between c a and Esther Feltman, 10A's, their 3 1 3 ' 1 vr v- Top row: O'Brien, Partovi, Panos, Odon1,Parkins, Osborn, Pittiglio, qguihtal, Powers, Pomorski, Paluchniak, J. Policicchio, Pusylo. OW: Putz, Nairn, Rapp, Opp, Novack, Ralph, Poprave, ' ' te Pennrich, J. Nicholson. Third row. L. Phillips, Pavle, Pratt, Fourth r Petoskey, G, Phillips, Pus , Newman. Proper, Peshkopia, Page, Palmer, 10 X .J 'WM af wski Pesda, A Olson, Panek, Pachdlek, Peters. Second row: Piurko , Quillin, Nelson, Parsons, Parker, Powers, Prato, Nicholl, Nichols, Owens, Nowlin, Mr. Matthew Dotson. First row: ' ' chio, Palazzolo, Pacitti,Peceny, Radsack, Palise, Neubacher, Norris, Reed, S. Policxc Paratore, Petish, Owen, Pardington. P, Nicholson, Noone, .19. w 0 ks ,,N,,wW., l WE'RE STILL SOPHOMORES ii x. -34 ,, I ui v i l , as 10A Top row: Russo, Sawicki, Skalmowski, F. Smith, Rusko, Shashko J. Robinson, Semperger, Mr. Smith, Rice, Rossell, Shaw, Schwallbach Fourth row: Schmidt, G. Rowland, Schneider, Saterfiel, R. Smith Sharpe, Santarelli, J. Rothenthaler, A. Rothenthaler, Rutkowski Roney, Rupinski. Third row: Margaret Smith, Barbara Smith, Y , land, Renko, Roza, G. Smith. Second row: Mrs. Gladys Biestek. . Schulz, P. Rocheleau,Shoff,D.Smith,D.Robinson,B. Scott. V. Smith, . Samples, Rule, Shubert, Renaud. Slusher. First row: Miss Bettv , Yoder. Joyce Slabaugh, P. Smith,Simmers,June Slabaugh,R1camore. . Schmizze, S. Rocheleau, Simon, Schauer, Rogers, C. Smith. Rousseau, Schllk, Shinske, Rilev, Ropeta, J. Scott, Sambor. D. Row- 'er Ev 1 Top row: K. Walker, D. Turner, Tripp, Volante, Watkins, Vernine , Second row: Mr.John Borttiglio.Mr. John Fowler, Velle. Studebaker, Truitt, Sotiroif, Theisen, Terry. Fourth row: VanSomeren, Walton, Tracy, Syrokosz, M. Thomas, Trinark, Tunic, Vincent, Vadosz, Tremba, Ulanski, Stroud, W. Turner. Third row: Snow, Trevisan, 3 TE x,...f,k 1 ,-1. fa. A ix 5 -Q 'si as ' 1 OA Suriano, Szczesniak. Spreitzer. Stoll. Tobin, P. Thomas, Thack. First row: Wantuck, B. Studders,Trabalka,Szabo,Tame, D. Walker. Vasser, Spino, Watson, Thorn. Tressler. Swain, Ward, Tindell, Ugarte, Toles, Spensley, Smith, M. Studders. 20- JUNIORS BEGIN HERE P l l 2 l Z i' 2 l Z 5 4 3 f qv? X v Top row. Zielinski, Wilhelrn,Wohlfiel,Wroubel,Yacciak, Zakrajsek, Ventro, N. 'White, Whitcher Zdan. First row' Zell Yankee Wri.x V Til Zenas, A. White. Second row: Miss Tomasine Winisky, Yerman, Wheeler, Wrend, Wood Vllendt 'Zajacskqgwski on ' eck,Yonish,Yiati-as, ' ' ' Zydeck, an , ' W mann, Watt,Welsch,Ziom Neei-ing, Zwarka, eg b working for their Class officers should e class all the time, but it looks as though these ' e interested in Smiling for 11B officers are mor the photographer. Tony Polidori, Presidentg Phillip Davis, vice presidentg Gail Ponte, sec- retaryg Barbara Kadlubowski, directory Cath- erine Boore, directorg Jim Dimoff, treasurerg and Fred Sargent, director, are the officers who are temporarily stunned. 7V"'u,, L. .21- tw 'Wi ALL GRADES LEND SUPPORT 9 l , 5 . f ifili' D' J T and Top row: Dimoff, P. Davis, Bruno, Berger,Beckman, Adle, Cardinal, A. Attee, T, Callaway, J. Callaway. Fourth row: Bryan, Clijt, Gatny, Doolittle, Abraham, J. Attee, D. Elliot, Decker,Arco, Dubois. Third row: Mr. Theodore Barton, Fiema, B. Elliot, Comai, Colwell 2 l 2 4. Top row: Kuligpwskl, Labroff, Haracz, Hopson, Kowalski, Knowles, Kolcheff, Kerske, Halkey, Kristoban, Golvach, Lough. Fourth row: Kirchofi, Geitka, Hendrixon, Grawberg, Hudson, House, Labate, Leasure, Kosch, Hansen, Kuligowski. Third row: Mi. John Dunn, Karst, Grondziak, Jory, Hensley, Harp, Keane, Mackie. Kliemann, L 1 Q 2 1 A M K Bush, Chatteron, Black, Alexander, Boore, D. Clark. Second row Ellis, S. Clark, Doherty, Alcodray, Durham, Briglio, Barbat DeGrazia, B. Davis, Corbett, Ficyk. First row: Denaw, Benny Crowe, Chaput, Brown, Attie, Bushamie. Harrigan, Keck, Lauth. Second row: Liogghio, Kadlubowski Kalusniak, Hays, Jurmo, Leyme, Leonetti, Ludwig. Hayes, Johnson Miksys, Kennedy. First 1-ow: Guyot, Harris, Mc Fadden, Jakubovich Keighley, Lambert, Gubbins, Mclntosh, Marra, Kazlusky Howev Marinucci, Glenn. ' ' 22- ,ff sa Q- mx 7 ilq ,V 5' I V i is Mor- t n Rainero Quashnie Rapheal Okdie Rawson Priest First row Parsons, Petras, Perri, Nome, kert Pahse Padyyasek Pratt Petrou, Moreno, Palazzolo. SiSB. Seems that going to the movie favorite pastime, according to the waiting line. Prospective ticket-buyers are Ted Rusinowski, 10Ag Sinia Badarak, 11Ag lc Z'e1inski 10A' and Arthur Yoccik Fran i , . A k t seller is Grace Larna- 10A. The tic e rand, 12A. in 5 2 ii M v r- M ...f qv 1' 11A Top row: Mr. Ernest Kraai, Woll, Roberts, Salagan, Waller, Sipos, Zenas, Taylor, Smalley,Stavros. Fourth row: Wadsworth, Saunders, Steele, Stamru, Tillitt, Tomchuck, R. Scott, Steinman, Stephens, Wepplo. Third row: Schultz, E. Roberts, Shishkoff, Schueder, Sharpy, Sinclair, Willman, Sargent, Rust. Vitti, M. Ross. Second f : A y A -. . Q . , QV, y 1 , 1- -l 5, LED BY OUR CFFICERS n row: Mr. Carl Brawley, Wensko, Tabacchi Ti er W . pp y, oroen, Fringali, Villella, Scoffano, Wojick, J. Ross,Shattock Ventro First row: Slavik, Unis, Sorensen, Zakari2Ln,White, Vlad,Y:astic, Solomie, Stark, Schorling, C. Scott. The'11A class officers smile for thebirdie but their i d , m n s are occupied with plans for their J-Hop. In the top row are Larry Fehrenbaker. vice president, Ray Travis, president, and Toni Minaudo, secretary. ln the ii. st row are Tom Gardiner, director, Sue Rector, director' Rosie Merlino, treasu e d . f ! , r rg an Leonard Bonaccinie, director. f , -24 I WE ALL WORK TOGETHER. A Ht' Top row: Anderson, Brom, H. Arnold, Alexander, M. Allen, Alvin, Andrews, Arella, Bowen, Brown, Alli, Bieda, D. Allen, Brad Burton Fourth row' Mr Robert Brazell Busse A karian Burtch Bourgue. . . , . p , Barton, J. Berry, G. Allen, Beegle, Bacl-rus,Audia,Mr. Frank Davis Third row: Bufione, Block, Beamer, Badarak, Bedoway, Bellows 2 1 l 4' I ,a W X, " 15. 0 " v P! IIA Top row: Dreher, Clinansmith, Candea, Comsa, Czajka, A. Collins, Drost, Campbell, B. Collins, Cascardo,Davis. Fourth row: Clinton, Clark, Dazian, Czarniecki, Dake, Dodt, Drouare, Cunningham, Colleran, Dowidait, Callahan, Darragh. Third row: Mr. Eugene Baker, Duke, Donahue, Doyle, M. Clark, Chapman, Chiado, Coccia. 1 Alanskas, Bonaccinie, Birk, Brennan, Beld. Second row: A. Bianchi Budny, Browalski, Andrusiak, J. Bianchi, Ayers, Barbara Burton Blaney, Blanchard, Brayman. First row: Bommarito, Auch, Buss BF3I1d0, L. Arnold, Bruno, Best, N. Berry, Blackburn, Brozovich s 4 Q mmm 5 :un Q -- +4 .If -1 Q' 119' 1 Chippi, Chamie, Case, Jack DeRosier, Mr. Kenneth Smith. Second row: Cichon, Chasse, DelGrosso, Carson, Drause, Cornacchini, Dorenzo, Donnelly, Bushy, Carroll, Deeny, Caruso, DenOtter. First row: Corridor, Celsi, DiGiacomo, DiMarzo, Ceccarelli, Chide, Caccamo, Cole, Judy DeRosier, Curcuru, Czepczynski, Collett. 25- X.-pk ALL HOMEROOMS RECALL i 1 S ... 'V MQW if +V" HA 'Ifop row: Gilley, Garrett, Gilbert, Ford, Galvin, Fay, Godon, Good- rich, Gajda, Fillmore, Garczynski, Fourth row: Miss Irma Cilley, Ferracciolo, Dunfee, Fritz, Graham, Gripe, Gardiner, Friend, Dulecki, Durhan, Fairman, Fodor. Third row: Haddad, Gallo, Hefley, Hass, Elhaje, Fehrenbaker, Garrison, Ferguson, Hassen, +9-.v Q 'IIA Top row: Kierszkowski, Janiga, Kanasty, Jawor, Keerl, Kaczorowski, Hull, Kirchner, LaValley, I..eClair. Fourth row: Hille, Knicker- bocker, Jedynak, Jason, Karcher, Jewula, Istratoff, Hindbaugh, Lam- bert, Lantz, Kremkow, Joswiak. Third row: Katona, Jacobs, Krikorian, H. Johnson, Doolittle, Kroll, Krotchen, Lalib, Ish,Kinyon, Gazdecki, Hassen, Giachero. Second row: Golemo, Mrs. Nelle Driese, Giacomino, Geno, Hamel, Greenlaw, Dunger, Gazarek, Goerke, Filar, Elm, Hayward. First row: Evon, Hamilton, Felt, Ferrera, Froclllo, Garcia, Gaston, Gaber, Garrard, Hernandez, Goddison. -41- .. ,gg px 2w4 4 LeBlanc. Second row: Jehley, Kaminske,Keller, Kosinsld, Laurie, Irish, Kosko, Lavine, Klarlch, Konopska, Miss Edna Stowell. First row: Miss Mona Nlblett, Kloc, Javor, Hughes, Lambert, King, Hourlgan, Horka, S. Johnson, Korb. -26. ,lt 42. l OUR YEARLY TRADITIONS. "Buy4ycn.u' Fleur de Lis! Today's the last day." Iournahsm students Mary Gondolio, 12Ag Anne T0d01', 12Bg and Bee Gajewski. 12A, line up some prospective yearbook customers. They are Gerald Hupmtz, 11Ag Fuad Turfe, 11Ag and Herman Ame, 11A. The female customer oi the group is Sharon Bubel, 12B. ff 1 V , ,W , , W' 4,4 ' 04,21 , ,V 4, f...4z,,,. 2 3 , V f 2 3 Q W oo.,ol W Q EEZ ' Z " 2 F 1 1 sf .yi 'K Top row: Mansfield, Masternak, Mittig, Luttrull, LeVeque, McCor- mick, McC1af1in, Mounsey, Lucente, Morgan, Matthews. Fourth row: Mifsud, Martin, Mammano, Marx, Marrone,Montague, LeMire, Lovejoy, Mack, McBride, Mankus. Third row: Mr. Charles Lehman, Mueller. Lewis, J. Miller, Marentette, S. Miller, Litak, Lubienski, V' Ligi, Mancinelli, D. Miller. Second row: Mr. Hilmar, Leyrer Mahany, Liko, Martinez, B. Miller, Manvell, Merrow, Meland Mon audo, Maset, Minni, Merlino. First row: Ma,g'uire,Mi.k1taroif Morrow, McPherson, Males, McNamara., McEvoy, Mallory Mak owski, Lutzenkirchen. ww M' SENIORS SAY 'CHEESE ' ,59'vQr " "' 'XT 4 .V 4 A f Z E V f '17, ' 2 'vu ' , :W "W"-4.,j 2 I I may .A 3 I ny I, 1 K , .,:",1, V .,.,, , .E V ,L f 1 if f " I ,if mm. ' . i The schedule of a senior class officer is a busy one, but these 12B's find time to say "cheese" for the camera. They are .Tim Stempson, president, Mary Sasanas,director5 Anne Todor, secretary, Barbara Haleen, director, Altha Garrison, treasurer, Gayle Berry, director, and Ray Bird, vice president. 'Z 7. l -f-1 -fr 0' 4 Top row: Boguski, Deloseph, Campbell, Blaskay, Bodinus, Bedross Bird, Duneske. Fourth row: Dehar,Anger, Bazzy, Buhagiar, Bush, Blshopp, Daroma, R. Berry, Attie. Third row: Brozovich, Duncan Caporake, Connors, G. Berry, Bertchinger, Dudrewicz, Gadgley, r',' fc- Na', g -nr 12B -30 Cummings, Dahlen. Second row: Collins, Bernola, Ash, Bubel, Atwood, Chinik, Carinci, Anckonie, Cromwell. First row: Mr. Hans Fredee C ' ' n, orpolongo, Boike, Bender, Darwish, Bolley, Berke Y, SMILE AT THE BIRDIE! If X . K -:r '7 I L z 4 ' f. 2' ...f fv- f if rbi' P Top row: Patton, Pelaccio, Morris, Petschler, McVey,Mittig, R. D. McClenaghan, R. B. McC1ena.gha.n, B. Martin. Fourth Row: Mazzie Mlynarowich, Moore, B. Moore, Nettenstroin, Pribak, Royce, Red- man, Peterson. Third row: O'Donne1l, O'Connor, G. Martin, Ralph, Martyn, MacDonald, McNamara, Robertson, Price. Mr. Rudoli 2 , ,fy 17 y 3 f 1 1 f . 12B Martinak. Second row: Mazzara, Oppat, Plisko, Roberts, Ptucha Romas, Reaume, P. Przybylowski, P. Przybylowski. First row Mrs. Margaret MacMillan, Mansour, Petrucci, Parsons, Renko Pignanelli, Rosentrater, Robson, Masura, Rupprecht. 1 fnw, i 1 . ' A h' Q QA " it 5 -. ' . . . '5-3'..f ,ww ,, of on x XX X 4: 7 7 M -.., ...J NX 'VXQ3 Vi, N-41 1' ip- ., vs. If -rv NSU' 12B Top row: Greene, Gay, Gutzka, Fahey, Englehart, Hayes, Gingrich, Lundy, Hodges. Fourth row: Kachadoorian, Hyde, Flaton, Holowaty, Lindman, Kostin, Jacobs, Kubiak, Ferriby. Third row: Liberty, Lake, Fina, Ghrist, Hacker, Halleen, Harvev.Grinenko,Ko1o,Gou1et Second row: Mr. Samuel KOIJP, Garrison, Ewing, Garcia. Esper, Ewasuk, Fletcher, Hein. First row: Mrs. Ethel lvanoff, Knapp, V. Emanue1,Killian, V. Emanuel, Hurley, Giaconiino, Ewing. Groh. 31- wi AQ rx f N J' 'V 4 HOMEROOMS AND FCOD 2 Q .. " LJ ' V 'V . " - 4 ,,. i 1,5 A ? -Q' V , , -V-A ,cf - at - :fi ""' F 1 , 'W .53 12B Top row: D. Smith, Terry,W. Smith, Zdan, A. Smith, Sergey, Vettri, hoff, Sugg, Zehra. Second row: Wajcik, VanAgtmael, M. Thompson, Tucich, Truitt. Fourth row: Thornton, Scott, Welch, Sensoli, P. Thompson, Zunich, Schulte, F. Smith, Turie, Walker. First Yanakieif, Stempson, Szuszman, Zalobsky, Williams, Wilde. Third row: Mr. Bernard Barnett, Simoni, Valle,Vint,Santogrossi, Stamm, row: Zitny, Strechart, Scanlon, Todor, Sasanas, Wilhelm, Vander- Yanke, Swanson, Smetana, Tallon, Schoenherr. ia.-nu., ..v"' Neal Cunningham, IOA, and Elaine Ewasuk, 12B, await their turns in the lunch line with Mary Ann Miller, 12A, Dell Monahan, 12A and Ronald Morris, 12B. reading from right to leit. -32. LINEUPS AND GOSSIP ' 1 KY - ' X ' V . ' ' 115255 ,M ,V te ' ' . 2 Q 9 av Q . . J ff .l Q.. Paylng a fine 0 patiently-waiting boys behind her seem to be ta 'ng the experience. h s one astray The f r a lost book to Mrs. Jean Flecker is an underclassman whose book a g . ki it all in. Maybe they will learn a lesson in patience from Marlene Morkert and Shirley Priest, 11B's, catch up on itin for the lunch time movie to a little gossip while wa g start. -33 ,ww UNDERSTANDING COUNSELORS Our counselors act as parents for us during our school days. The responsibilities put on their shoulders are sometimes nearly back breaking, but in spite of that they always have time to chat or help us out. The average school day of a counselor usually begins earlier in the morning than ours. There are absence excuses to be filled out, and the telephone sounds con- stantly from calls of parents of sick students. Other jobs of our school-time "moms and dads", are to give us guidance and help in preparing our credits for college or whatever field of endeavor we choose. Along with all the other things crowding the busy lives of our advisers, they accomodate us by being class sponsors, and we always see one or two of them chaperoning at our dances. They continue to help us out by those much-needed pats on the back, pep talks, or, perhaps, in some cases, a little discipline is the solution to a problem. But, when our days at Fordson have ended,we feel sad, because we will miss our school-time parents and the friends we-ve made. We will never let their helpfulness and cheer elude our memories or our hearts. Because they are so important in making us what we are,we thank them for helping to mold something good from us,-- AS WE ARE. . ' " I COUNSELORS Michael Megregian, Clara Mae Beach, Jesse Cripps, Lillian Parris, John Rl l: h El ' Henry Lewis, Dorothy Burrell, Mary Beauchamp. nge smug ' Sie Freitag' .34- :X v -5, . .. 4' : X- mrzxt , " ts .ff fail rf? HELP US OVER RCUGH SPOTS "One absence re-admit slip coming up," says Mr. Jesse Cripps to Chris Drabkowski, 10A, iiMr. Cripps can find his re-admit slips in that desi-dull oi papers. ,.""'V Z 34,1 z Looking calm and efficient, Miss Clara Mae Beach assigns some clerical work to Mary Policicchio,12A. Each counselor has a commercial student who does filing and typing thus l ' , eaving the counselor free to help more students. ,ff Y 1 , Aww 4 fr Mrs. Mary Beauchamp, girls' counselor, pauses to answer the phone while helping Lynette Wadsworth, 11B, choose a college. UNDERSTANDING CCUNSELORS Our counselors act as parents for us during our school days. The responsibilities put on their shoulders are sometimes nearly backbreaking, but in spite of that they always have time to chat or help us out. The average school day of a counselor usually begins earlier in the morning than ours. There are absence excuses to be filled out, and the telephone sounds con- stantly from calls of parents of sick students. Other jobs of our school-time "moms and dads", are to give us guidance and help in preparing our credits for college or whatever field of endeavor we choose. Along with all the other things crowding the busy lives of our advisers, they accomodate us by being class sponsors, and we always see one or two of them chaperoning at our dances. They continue to help us out by those much-needed pats on the back, pep talks, or, perhaps, in some cases, a little discipline is the solution to a problem. But, when our days at Fordson have ended, we feel sad, because we will miss our school-time parents and the friends we-ve made. We will never let their helpfulness and cheer elude our memories or our hearts. Because they are so important in making us what we are, we thank them for helping to mold something good from us,-- AS WE ARE. Y IWW?" COUNSELORS Michael Megregian, Clara Mae Beach, Jesse Cripps, Lillian Parris. John R' l h El ' F ' Henry Lewis, Dorothy Burrell, Mary Beauchamp. Inge Spaug ' Sle reltag' .34- HELP US OVER RCUGH SPOTS i'One absence re-admit slip coming up," says Mr. Jesse Cripps to Chris Drabkowski, 10A, i.fMr. Cripps can find his re-admit slips Ln that deskfull of papers. ,ff Looking calm and efficient, Miss Clara Mae Beach assigns some clerical work to Mary Policicchio, l2A. Each counselor has a commercial student who does filing and typing thus 1 ' , eaving the counselor free to help more students. ,fi 1' 5 I Z1 Mrs. Mary Beauchamp, girls' counselor, pauses to answer the phone while helping Lynette Wadsworth, 11B, choose a college. OUR TEACHERS COMBINE I , ,mf go ii ,4 ,Ei Mr. William Maclntosh entertains Mr. Harold Hayden, guest speaker at teachers' institute, with his ready wit. Q, Q QEESAQ N "Q E K SOCIAL STUDIES Top row: Donald Calkins, John Fowler, Kenneth Smith, William Byron Brown, Harold Hoffenbacher. Young, Ray Parker, Frank Davis, William Watson, First row: Robert Brazell, James Lehman. - 36 . '4 if- Michael Savage, Archie Allen, KNOWLEDGE WITH EXPERIENCE 2 3 I s. C. Q, wr COMMERCIAL Rop row: Clara Mae Beach, Norma Hall, Elsie Freitag, Robert Ripple Bernard Barnett Albert May Elden Cross Jesse Crrpps Evans, Wade Smith, John Beauchamp, Irma Jean Shoemaker, Ethel Samuel Kopp Elizabeth Claucherty Ivanoff. Beatrice Simmons. First row: Marion Hunsicker, Kenneth INDUSTRIAL Top row: Walter Billiet, Leonard Stolfo, Lawrence Miller, Norval Fell, Sam Vasiu, Matthew Dotson, Paul Luoma, Carl Brawley. Second row: Betty Yoder, Harold Cross, Chester Ackerman, Kenneth Howard, Kendrick Bills, Thaddeus Matley, LeRoy Charlick, Gladys H445 , - an ,H em, I sa THEY TEACH US MANY THINGS if v LIBRARIANS, NURSE ow: Gertrude Boss, Dorothy Copony, nurseg Lucille Pethel. Top: Lila Rodgers. First r n 9 Z Q 4 A 'Q ,f ,W FW , V f fu... I HT 751, - 7 2' A .V 4 "'-41, 717 x I l XZWX n2"" 1 mf 'K qw 'av HEALTH EDUCATION Top row: Tomafpine Ne-erlng, Alice Krug, Garvafse Jach, Marion NIc'Kechnle, Betty Nelson. First row: John Davie, Augustue Stager, James Vander Hull. .38.. FRCM FROGS TO FREE STYLE l,'wn 1 r 1 Q. K - 4 g W' N L 'g,..., fu gf! 'Q' SCIENCE Top row: Donald Foster, Harvey Failor, Hans Fredeen, Rudolph Martinak. First row: Stanley Smith Charles Lehman, Tomasine Neering, Joseph Katona. ff Mrs. William Watson comments to Mrs. Samuel Kopp about the teachers' meeting they have just attended. Both teach at Dearborn High and are wives of Fordson teachers. -39- THEIR PERSONALITIES VARY 2 'vs 44 Q Nr--f' 'nf' S, MATH EMATICS Top row: Alice Locklin, Robert Olsen, Rudolph Martinak, Herbert Beddow, Lillian Parris. First row: William Kauth, Emilio Conti, Augustus Stager, Theodore Barton. FINE ARTS Top: Ross Slabaugh, Middle row: Mildred Lyman, Eldon Scott, Ruth Richards. Front: Hilmar Leyrer. -40- I BUT ALL ARE PERSEVERING "' . .t I I c V , za " A I A dv , Q f , 1 s K ' -x Mrs. Gertrude Bos and Mrs, Lila Rodgers, librarians, pause for a cup of tea in the homemaking room. 4 Z Q51 x I gy r vw i, ENGLISH AND LANGUAGE Top row: Bessie Stuart, Mona Niblett, John Bonfiglio, Edna Stowell, Ruth Richards, Dorothy Burrell, Nelle Driese. Second row: Hilda Eastwood, Mary Beauchamp, Margaret MacMillan, Irma Cilley, Marion Fisher, Dorothy Tittle, Beatrice Simmons. First row: Eugene Baker, William Macintosh, Anne White, Ray Schultz, Richard Hespen, John Dunn, Florence Schuster. -41- My X., ff W 5 K ? y, .,,,,, 1, . OTHERS HELP US IN SCHOOL nn .u ...J 4 W I Top row: Betty Dobra, Anna Banciu,Jean Flecker. Middle row: Mary Garing, Mary Barbat. Front: Lottie Konen. f y'f'Wi g:c""hl"'a",f 2 in " - , , tw , x , , -. X A Tv 4' ck OFFICE tm i 15.5- 'ww S 'L , -K . ff A 1 , Wx! ' 'f,y,?" XYZ4' CAFETERIA Top row: Eleanora Townsend, Viola Gilsbach, Emma Lelzin. Second row: Alta Burkhamer, Emily Dodt, Laura Rogers, manager, Anne Gorski. First row: Margaret Perardl, Elsie Goerke, Henen Prisby. .42. BESIDES OUR TEACHERS VV ! 1' 'Fe Eg 'X' g I ' E V 2 Wk, Ei 'ff-f , Mr, Harvey Smith gives Mr. Tom Hartman, engineer, a gift from the entire faculty. Mr. Hartman is transferring to a smaller school after many years at Fordson. mi H - 4 fwaif, ,K - ,., J ' V vi , ' H mn? "Lum, .miami l' ""-wn,,..,, mm """"""'-u-u-.........,,,......-'ff lan, in-.,. 'Z f 'hwy Mr. William Van Dusen and Mr. Michael Savage are too busy eating to be impressed by the elaborate chef's garb of Mr. Ray Parker, -43- BEHOLD! OU -41,1 5 QA. Q41 7 , , 17,4-nf' R TEACHERS X Z' f 5 V i' ,, f 3 1 f 'A , f W 4 2? f 4 'V 1 7 , cf , , f Mr. John Romanow makes faces to amuse Tommy May as Mr. Albert May and Mr. Elden Cross look on at the faculty picnic. Wil Af' 'IQ ,. 495,13 Q' .L 5 Eating is serious business and has the individed attention of teachers and offspring. .44- IN UNGUARDED MOMENTS Mr. Mike Savage gives his smile of approval to the hot coffee Mrs. Marion Fisher is pouring for Miss Elizabeth Bice. Mrs. Mary Garing waits patiently in line while the attention of Miss Elsie Freitag is held by things Hyonder' '. TW at Hghjl .3 gggggg tis. in ff 4 ew Q-vu 459 5' ei. ff Mr. and Mrs. Ross Slabaugh pause with their son i ,. Q., v ,gf 4 d tx V I . J 'J '1v7t+:-fs, ' E 'X I Q -W .4!i.h5-'25-V ' x A +- 3 w tk Y' 1 ' K ' 1 1, - Lf A J, L 4 ,-5,1 ,haf x' 'i , , , V fa . "' y ff -, . 'A- A , J I .Q 4 I ' ' 5 Jeff while he waves good-by to his newly found We friends. r- . Versatile Mr. Ray Parker serves for the day as chief caterer. Mr. Rudolph Mar- tinak, Mr. Matt Dotson, and son Dick give their silent praise of the meal with out- stretched plates. , f 'f'-...,,,fVV M ,ar 5 'ua is" W yy f nf if ew llflbi -45- 6 A ROYAL COURT REIGNS f W . f V ,7f7if 4' W V ' X" 'D 'L 5 xeqgffo K 4, Z xy fi 1 1 5' ,a 4, 'ZZ f, 9 nf. 5 'LWhat's so funny", Carol Cardinal wants to know. It could be something Carl Cinzori is telling Queen Judy Henry. Eugene Brusco, January graduate plays a Hcool" accordion while dancers whirl on the crowded floor. 1- MT7' 46 n?-'Z 50"f l ' x 4 .. ., c if A 5 K- sy.. ., ,121 g A I 'E 1 "Let's count that change over once more, Faye Forge Miss Elsie Freitag watches interestedly. Q ek' 74 Who gets those nice, big smiles? Joan Nieporte, Judy Henry, and Carol Cardinal beam royally at the homecoming game. AT OUR HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES The photographer gets a sparkling smile from Judy Henry, but .Terry Matson and Carl Cinzori are too engrossed in guiding Judy. 443, "'Qw MN W tfijf, ' , ' ' .4 L ' . ,N r, 2 Q I V I ,.-' My , if 1 ' 5 ' Z 1 . 4. X 1 9 7 W C if y J fr f f V ' 5 E , ft: 3 7 Z4 I ig 9 f I , 14 l X IJ, ,VI n ra ,gfff M, ' ,, ,ya 4? 4, 'f MR X W v. M ,QW ,f 4 'sk 1- I S ff., i f : fj f',f ' 5 ' .V 5,2 M Dancing together Joan Nieporte and Don Traskos, Carol Cardinal and Jerry Vetowich, Norman Durham and Queen ,Judy, happily show their enjoyment. It appears that Norm is dancing Judy right out of the picture. -47. FOOTBALL TEAM, COACHES ' , 96' Q0 'Viv L35 VARSITY TEAM Top row: Gilley, Scappaticci, Perri, Christoff, Mattson, Wiegandt, Schwiekhart. Fourth row: Coach John Davis Grinenko, Stockdale, Kachadorian, Ciuk,Kroll, Leogghio Coach Robert Brazell. Third row: Dillman, Attie avr' Q4- 9" Tobin, Gay, Watkins, Jacobs, Karcher. Second row Coach Mike Megregian, Cinzori, Stahl, Melham, Cramton Barota, Masi, Ewing. First row: Harp, Turfe, Agosti Hyde, O'Connor, Patterson, Sergant. I W mi .4 "" f WN r Wal 1 ,UW ,, I JVM L K H1 my ,, . , , lf jan X W, , . T K T , , gg ,, .4 "' ,, fw 1 W? 11 ,Q I f 5 .,,f fl , I Z f vw-1 K Y i 1 1, -1: 1 V 1' J 7 -- fs . f ' T ,gear , -' V ' , I b 'Q Coaches Mike Megregian, and Robert Brazell Watch critically in hopes ofavictory. -Coac-h Mike Megregian and January graduate co-captains Carl Cinzori and Gerald Mattson look forward h f 1 ope u ly to a good season -43. HAVE TENSE MOMENT .X g r s O I 1 4 SSN X SXNYQXX N xx QQ Q X Q gif' li f. if X' l. X if . if .,4f.,,j, A ' ' A thrilling battle holds the atten- tion of Coaches Mike Megregian and Robert Brazell. A little farther down the line of anxious spectators, Daniel Provine, IZA, closes his eyes and hopes for the best. b l A S Y , . 4 n Qc 13' Ea -.' A ' gl 1,4 w 5 L A I , ., "EL : ' we - k 3 ' E" a -1 ,Q A X' K a si .1 -. .7 H C, f U 2 pt - , ., g 'uv ,rf A M H ' rf , 4' 'j ' l H Y.',4 fl '. WI R ' ' , f, , ,Mila 91 Q1 QW '7f QE RESERVE TEAM Top row: Coach Gus Stager, Crowdis, Stroud, Policicchio, December, Coach Bob Olsen. Fourth row: Johnson, Gasior, Poprave, Marsh, Freeman. Third row: Attie, Mumper, Golvach, Kuligowski, Choma, Economou, Bar- ney, Wilhelm. Second row: Rauditis,Kowalski, Salagan, Dimoff, Powers, Davis, Polidori, Empson, manager. First row: Guerrier, manager, Kosch, Ross, Mycek, Palmer, De Grazia, Rizzo, Corbett. Wffps. M ,, GRADUATING TRACTOR LETTERMEN ,ff 7. Bob Melhan, fullback Dale Dillman, end .Tim Allen, tackle Leo Tobin, guard Frank Agosti, tackle Q 6. Carl Cinzori, fullback, co-captain .Terry Mattson, end, co-captain Mario Perri, halfback Dick Masi, halfback A1 Scappaticci, end Vf THE TRACTORS IN ACTION 2 i r 2 52 I ,, ' ' ww .Q gi f, ,f ' ' ml 4 , fy ,nf ,4ff' , 'W . W ,,,,Mv, , WV ,mdk " .j1- mf f. 1 f' 1 vf 'wx' '40, X ..V , Q .2 W SEEN AT A FOOTBALL GAME Q ff f is ff!! if I , ff? 1, 'lg gb, J , wg, V P 'lf 7 2273 ? .' 2 of Z One of the most 1mportant groups at a foo the march1ng band and the Fordson band is always there Always in sight at a football game are the youngsters of the neighborhood. These potent1a.l stars were 1uck1er than most of their pals and got to slt on the bench ,wi ,ff 4 cf A 4' A447 W4 f,,',A ly' v,A, m7f,9,3.l w - 5291424 z gif , 41 ' f' ,if Spectators get hungry and then the rush IS on to the refreshment stand below the stadlum Ruth Fredrlckson 12A watches carefully to see that her box of popcorn 1S fxlled to the top THEY HELP TO BOOST OUR TEAM'S MORALE nf, -444k ,1 2-42,1 MAJORETTES AND FLAG TWIRLERS Top row: Christina Sharpy, 11A Jean Squires, 12A Gail Ponte, 11B Betty Jean Hacker, 12B First row: Gerry Parton, 11A Pat Vencelov, 12A Pauline Ungaro, 12A X 1' .J 255' i. .44 ' V CHEERLEADERS Marian Lovachy, 12A Stephanie Gaborski, 12A Mary Yankee, 12B Dorthea Blaney, 12A Joan Ryan, Jan. graduate Beverly Strayer, 12A Marge Jardine, Jan. graduate Eileen Comai, 12A X--X W 4, fa My f1W"ll,'e- '1 39:1 "4" ' ZW ,Jilin ' wezfijf' ,1mog?'- ii "21Lg?"Q3ir3!f wr Jerry Orr, 12A, and Dale Dillman, January graduate t h mus ave a good number. Even Sophocles is interestedl Although clothing has changed since the da s oft y ogas, the little black book still makes an interesting topic. OUR OWN FADS Teachers with books and coeds with man tailored blouses provide a change of scenery. Mr. Joseph Katona is caught carrying his 'thomeworkn by Alvira Zoratti and Virginia Clements, 12As. K AND FASHIONS iw -fl I 03 Wearing the plaid slacks seen at every Fordson game, Jane Wallace and Sue Steadman, 11As, check with Eugene Osso, 12A t , o make sure they have the right activity ticket. .Z4ir73',::Lf.' 1 ,av ,fy f . Fran Massa, 11A and Pat Dec and A , nne Kuczin, 12As, can't decide whether to take their homework assignment seriously or not, but they all know that ll ' a co ar is the thing to wear. Gretchen Nilens 11A and Pauline Un a , , g ro, 12A, decide the fate of their 'tpin money!" They are following one of the yearls fads by decorating their sk' t ' ' 11' s and sweaters with saiety pins and club pins. OUR SHOPS ARE TOPS! ,Ji il Ulf you'd just move that cylinder overalittle ---- ." Mr. Chester Ackerman gives a little helpful advice to Leo Long in auto shop,whi1e Jack Yonovic, Leo Micek and Don Cicotte look on. Gene Martin peers through his specks in hopes of gaining a little inside information, too. All the boys are January grads except Leo, who is a 12A. Potential electricians, Eugene Eismond, 12B, and Richard Puirkowski, l2A, learn the "whys and wherefores" of an electric motor under the supervision of electric shop teacher, Mr. Carl Brawley. -j6. SQLVE- MAE, CAR PROBLEMS "The only thing we don't understand is why itls so bigl' say Robert Klesczc and Ronald Kuryv1al, lOA's. Mr. Le Roy Charlick, shop math teacher, explains the mysteries of a micronometer to them. . Who's doing all the work here? Mr. Walter Billiet, industrial teacher, and Gerald Hill, 12A watch as .Tim Mitchell, January graduate, does a little greasy work in auto shop. .57. THEY SAW WOOD SET TYPE Mr Ernest Kraai, center, demon- strates how to put the finishingtouches on an article made in his wood-shop class The boys seem to be lettinghim do all of the work. "All that machinery goes into one little line in the Tower Tribune?" wonder George Allen, 11A, and Ronald Nettenstrom, 12B. Line by line of type is turned out, as Mr. Harold Cross, printing teacher, shows the boys how the linotype machine is operated. INDUSTRIAL CLASSES SPORT SKILLED STUDENTS "Now watch this carefully", says Mr. Sam Vasiu to some of his students Ln offset printing. Mario Perri, Leo Tobin, and Larry Cotton, January graduates, follow instructions, watching almost too carefully. Master craftsman, Bill Anderson, 12A, shows off his technique to onlookers, Gary Campbell, 1239 Tom Gilbert, 11Ag Michael Brom, 11Ag and George Allen, 11A. Care seems to be the motto in this printing class. 447221, ,rg 7, -V .lvv N ,.,.,.,, , .,,.. ,. ,, , W ,... ,, rf' ,.,,...,f1 1 ,,N' i .59- "The proper lighting is very necessary for a good picture", Bob Burns, 12A, center foreground, explains to Jerry Keane, 11B, as he takes a reading with his light meter. This is one of the photography classes picture- taking trips. Below, Mr. Kenneth Ripple, commercial teacher, demon- strates the fine art of cutting off fingers to some members of his office practice class. The girls in the background, Helen Kuprashuk and Mary Conti, 12B's, are working a mimeograph machine. SOME OF OUR CLASSES gif. M, f-MWA , -, , I -50- S ,,,i .H t if REQUIRE LCTS OF ELBOW GREASE I i gm 1 e- I , N ' 2 My l..f-g:"- if ' If JA! J 'Ig ,u WW' We Af f W , V ' ' ' Dictating a shorthand lesson to his aspiring secretaries is Mr. Samuel Kopp, commercial teacher, as the girls wait with poised pencils for the lesson to begin. 'AOn yonr mask, get set, go!" Mr. Robert Evans, commercial teacher, gives his typing class the signal to start typing for a time test. "No looking at the keys now." M -rf y V "Is that an erasure that I see?" Mrs. Ethel Ivanoff, commercial teacher, asks of typing student, Gerry Parton, 11A. Diane Nisbet, IZA, looks engrossed in her work. OUR COMMERCIAL CLASSES 4 Miss Elsie Freitag, commercial teacher, below watches as her business law students study. It's so interesting that they even stand up to read it. -62. TAKE FAST HAND, BRAIN WCJRK "My but it seems easier already." Mr. John Beauchamp, commercial teacher, clears up a book- keeping problem for Lillian Bushamie.A l1B. WX me ,,,,,e ,,....-v xx . V , 1 ' f' V2 4.5,- .X -msg? I wg , I I ,, .63- Mr. Herbert Beddow, math teacher, keeps a close Watch below as Bill Butzlaif, l2A, finishes a grueling geometry problem. LANGUAGE CLASSES ARE FUN 13 ,dl wwf' . xg fl ff i I X ff ff 1 f f if .Z How studious they all look. Latin must be beneficial, for those in- terested expressions are real. "Don't tell me theyre putting jokes in French books now." Miss Dorothy Tittle, secondfrornleft, be- low, sees a funny incident in the French book. A,, 3 iz. if s"' 1 . , Ei, Dc L5 H r f X. 14 i , A41 I Q' m.f:,g4..,.vQa.g :f- f "1 ' I ' f, ii '-JPL: ' -Ei' - sa . 64 . 'C' H 3,1 I 1 SO ARE LEAVES, ON THE LAWN 1'Look at that sprout coming up already!", Mr. Don Foster comments to 12A, Mary Ann Kubrak, who is one of his horticulture students. "Begging your pardon, sir, but the tea is getting cold." Below, Elio Eusebi, 1OA, Joe Brown, 12A, and Ann Ricamore, 10A, act out a scene in German class. Fran Bush and Muriel Johnson, 11B's, supply a. little dinner music. QL, if , ,. , E l x 1 "Is that really your history, or is it a comic book?", Mr. Archie Allen, social science teacher, inquires of Mat Swanson, January graduate. A SOCIAL SCIENCE CLASSES li 'V ZAIEP' MHE'PE?r85HDAl4W.L g5b2S"?5L ,itz Q4 'L VAJA T' ka as 'nm 'v vu ff X ,- 'iWhose paper is this without a name?'!, Mr. Frank Davis, histor t h k y eac er, as s of Henry Moroni, 11A STUDY HALLS MEAN CONCENTRATION 4 X T . ,f 4 G .,,,f Mr. Michael Savage, social Science teacher, gets into the middle of a heated discussion between Jim Crafts, January graduate, and Irene Rusco, 12A. Personal living is a Class where there is room for wide discussion. fm., ,,. if , 2 ,tw-5. WM X ,. tw 2 . M " -1' a ,,,,,f f 2 MW My They can't all be studying. Below, Mrs. Alice Locklin, math teacher, gives a helpful hint on the proper study hall routine. -57. SONGS, ART, AND BOOKS H , Tom Stockwell, 12A, listens as Miss Edna Stowell, English teacher, explains the theme of the story, while other class members concentrate on their books. P V ,.' I Mr. Ross Slabaugh joins some of his Glee Club members, as they raise their voices in song. A A 91 213 ffm t 3 kv 55.2 Some of the dress design students design delectable delicacies, commonly known as dresses. nooq WE LOVE VARIETY X IWVYM if S. I y Ken Stahl, 1lA, Carl Dubois, 11B, Earl Sobeck, 12A, X Ricardo Scofano, 11A, John Apkarian, 11A, Bill Englehart, a 12B and January graduate, Gail Driscoll "jazz" it upa little as they relax between rehersals for the school play. Mr. Richard Hespen, English instructor, carefully points out grammar improvements to 12A, David McBride. Sue Gurney, 12A, ponders over a choice of words for her paper. 4 Z Caught in the act of rehearsingg Leslie Piskitel. operates the mike for January graduates, Shirley Gairdner, Jack Engstrom, Tom Snyder, 12A and Fay Forge, 11A. These students are practicing poise and reading ability in radio speech class. -69- WE ENTERTAIN OUR PARENTS Joe Opimach, January graduate, laughs aloud, as Blanche Mueller, 11A, barely misses hitting him with her bow, Other students help out, too, at the annual American Education Week Tea. Mrs. Ann Rowe, below, mother of Richard Rowe, 12A, and Mrs. Angela Stojanovich, mother of George Stojanovich, 12A, discuss their sons' schoolwork with Mr. Kenneth Smith of the social science department. The American Education Week Tea provides ideal opportunities for parents and teach- ers to get together to discuss problems or po- tentialities of students. M... A' ffl Nxkl Va ADD CREAM, KEEP BOCKS 'YB 353 Marjory McIntosh, 11B, and Vicky O 5 Q AJ Koleff, January graduate, apply cold cream to .Tim Guyot, HB, while Irene Fina, 12B, makes a 'twild indianw out of Nancy Odgers, 1lB. Leona Polanski, 11A, and Pat Bierman, 12A, look laugh- ingly on. l2A's, Nancy Kluwe and Joan Swick figure tirelessly in their bookkeeping class. FP-Q 6 fr JI w 1 . , .71. SPANISH PAPERS SWEET NOTES Linda Hefley, 11A, reads the headlines of a Spanish edition of a newspaper to l2A, Frank Rusincski, as he works pinning up the bulletin board. , f 'Z z ,Q V, Mrs. Viola Grigg, bi- ology teacher uses visual aids to point out to Ed O'Brian, January graduate, Sandra Thorne, Beatrice Carter and Regina Trevi- son, 10A's the nature of solvents and substances. Akiva- , I HE LEARNING TO MAKE 'SNCW' ? AW' I 'W 'Navy-1 W,-,,,.,,,.,,,v ' ,pw W' N ,lf EIA, January grad, John Fetchel snickers as Larry Cotton, also a graduate, is caught doodling by Mr. Norval Fell radio and T.V. teacher. Those 'ldoodlc-Bs" are part of the lesson, though. -74- WE WORK INDUSTRIOUSLY. - . -- ,- , 7 c 1 1 4 if PM I I Richard Lapeer, sporting goggles, and Gene Martin, January graduates, work diligently in welding class where they gaily hum the "Blacksmith Blues". if 2.1 -A 0 John Sergey and Danny Redman, 11A's watch the antics of alittle leprachaun as he jumps from spark plug to generator. Mr. Matthew Dotson, shop instructor has a tickled grin too. . 75 . 1 WE WORK WITH 0UR HANDS Mr, Kendrick Bills, drafting instructor, seriously points out technical hints to Bill Atkinson and Wally Weber, 12A's. :Qu -R 2 rw' O j' ., Q 0 -ff.,,,,V 1 f it S1 ' ,Q , 5 Biwwf ,1-" 7 -1? . in ,ff MWM ,, W gli." -. 4-ff V, .f 1 ,af f 4' , V ,.:4, ,f f 6 , Q 4 ,, NW!! , L -75- ...-of' While Joan Ryan, January graduate,touches up the chin on her statuette, Barbara Zunich, l2B, Barbara Hunter 12A, Dorothy Horwath and Janette Brunetl,10A's receive expert instruction in clay-modeling from Mr. Hilmar Leyrer. SOMETIMES, SOPHS ARE QUIET A gifs, i 's is ' D ll f:-.JL ,-...un .Tim Morrow has found something amusing in his book while Richard Allan and Janet Anderson look together for some information. Kathleen Bianco completes the group of lOA's which has gathered around the library fireplace. Everyone who uses the library during class learns to cheek both in and out.Claude Ianni, 1OA, complies by giving his hall pass to library assistant Stella Padyjasek, 10A. Www-was Wi u V Q' -77- if S if AS WE ARE IN THE WINTER Winter comes earlier here than in many regions of the country. By the time it has fully arrived, we are used to it. This "off and on" weather provides a perfect opportunity for indoor sportsg basketball and swimming. We enthusiastic fans urge our talented teams on to victory. Our motto: "We're from Fordson, and are we proudn. During the nippy time of the year, when snowflakes engulf the school premises, we note the clever decorations which our students proudly display for all to enjoy. The annual Christmas program, presented by the music department, is another of our 'flooked forward to" traditions. Some of us get excited when mid-year graduation exercises approach. The last festivity of the fall semester, the January prom, is a big event for both seniors and underclassmen. Changing from another school to Fordson, our new 10B's are excited, too, at the beginning of their high school career. Our girls are in the swing of things as they participate inafull- packed sports program. During the frosty months, we all anticipate spring. However far away our thoughts may be, we like our life in the winter, AS WE ARE. Students, students, everywhere, and nary a one can get air Is Mr. Ardis really reading his program -- or catching forty winks? Quiet fun: Coke and good friends Breaking up a sometimes monotonous day, two friends stop for a chat IT IS A TIME X1 I - Q Q ,K K .X F FDR FRIENDS, FUN AND WORK -31. "Ha One way for teachers to win friends: Let students read magazines in class Sports, such as swimming, require much time and energy, but rewards are great Our faculty consists of "reg'1ar fellas and ga1s"g too. Witness Chef Ray Parker WE DELVE INTO EXTRA 2 2 2 s 1 4 3 3 5 FRENCH CLUB Top row: Colantoni, May,AznaVor- ian, Wojack, McGruther. Third row: Anderson, Snider, Ewasuk, Abed, Dyke. Second row: Caruso, Wonders, Jaske, Mazzara, Hefley. First row: Miss Dorothy Tittle sponsor, Kashkin, Killian, Schultz FRENCH CLUB The French club helps its members gain more ex- tensive knowledge of everyday French. Its correspond- ence with a French-Canadian family is the largest and probably the most beneficial activity. Like most Fordson clubs, the French club, sponsored a few CARE packages for people in Europe. RIFLE CLUB This year the Rifle club has been organized for all boys who have an interst in this activity. Its purposes are to build sportsmanship, improve marksmanship, and to learn appreciation of conservation. The club has joined the National Rifle Association. On Friday nights members meet at the Ford Rifle Range. - 5 2 ii i g is w - 5 3 , ' ' - X 1' ' 2 4 V A," v 5 'I 5' ' ', I 1- 1 v- 1 -1 W Q ,MJ V , Q 3 W, - it W wx. ' M, . , . ,, i 9. J I Leif'-W Q, i- :Nt E- I lv ' IIN' fi ' x I I - ' te -' .X 1 i L1 ,S RIFLE CLUB Top row: Welk, DeJoseph, Drielts, Shinske, Cramton, Bush, Koss. Third row: Coleman, Thomas, Kane, Anckonie, Sarkisian, Arella, Mc- Gruther. Second row: Mr. Archie Allen, sponsor: Bellows,DeRosier, Winnicki, Roberts. McCla,f1in. First row: Mr. Kenneth Smith, sponsor! Merrow, Bissell, Haddad, Ferracci- olo, Goodrich. -82- CU RRICU LAR ACTIVITIES Students who lo Mr. M game manager, Michigan Department of Conservation shows the Cons errill Petoskey, left district I , ervation club members a slide of water pollution in the Detroit River. Mr. Hans Fredeen, spon- sor, Virginia Horvath, graduate, Marilyn Melega, 12A, Charles Hiller, graduate, and Dale Edwards, l2A, are gathered around trying to get a sneak preview of the slide. ' 1 Ls! ff' CONSERVATION CLUB ve the out-of-doors are usually in the Conservation club. The club exists mainly for the pur- pose of acquainting students of Fordson with the dire need for the preservation of trees, lakes, and all game including ducks, fish, rabbits, and deer. The members are familia ' A r with the enormous price the c CONSERVATION CLUB Top row: O. Bush, Collins, Mittig, B d ' e ross, Youngs, Hiller, Mulvihill Bird, Watkins. Fourth row: Buhag: iar, A. Rothenthaler, J. Rothen- thaler, Korpie, Harder, Hebei, Ze- nas, Terrance. Third row: Path, Ralph, Nelega, Graham, Horvath, Papp, Gardiner, Anger. Second row: Mr. Hans Fredeen, sponsor' F. Bush, Shinsee, Spensley, McGarvey, B 11 ' ' ' e ows, Rupmski, Swanson. First row: McKechnie, Gaber, Winisky, Bubel, Sansalone, Fehrenbaker, Baldwin, Sharpy. ountry must , ! . pay for the c , , Every fall members of the club "rough it" at Mill Lake. There they study all phases of nature, go on many hikes, and have a lot of good fun. The trips are taken over a week-end, and are chaperoned by the club sponsor. arelessness of some people r THIN III F V' H it 'ell I FN 83 GIRL PLAN BANQUET, 9 A problem has come up during the planning of the annual G. A. A. banquet which strikes Nancy Barlow, 12A, as being very funny. Miss Alice Krug lends a serious touch to the matter. Engaged in various other affairs dealing with the preparations that must be completed are: Karen Karlovetz, Ann Kuczin, Virginia Clements, Nancy Barlow, Kay Sheren, Dorothy McCallion, and Cynthia Harbowy, all 12A's. G.A.A. In order to stimulate an interest in the girls' intramural games and to promote good sportsmanship, the Girls Athletic Association was organized. To become a member of this club, a girl must first obtain a given number of pointsg these points are increased for every grade. The members must earn sixty points every semester in order to remain members. Once a girl is in G.A.A., she may try to earn enough points to receive the various awards. The awards range in importance from small Fls to a gold pin, which is the highest award given in G.A.A. Usually only the girls who are outstanding athletes receive this pin. ,-4-. :T G.A.A. LETTER WINNERS -,,, ev C, Top row: McCluskey, McCallion, I x V Rewitzer, Clement,Nisbet,McEvoy. Q 'X First row: Henry, Sheren, Hewitt, l 1 3 Q l Barlow, Karlovetz. 2 1 l Q r R l .34. WIN LETTERS IN G. A. A. 94 G.A.A. 12TH GRADE Top row: Samples, Walden, May Harbowy, Aznavorian, McGrath. Fourth row: Gallucci, Yuvan, Nisbet, Martin, Kuczin, Sanson. Third row: Guido, Schuman, Ryan, Dyke, Jar- A dine. Second row: Attard, Tosto, Sossi, Ungaro, Wanderski. First row: Conti, Duren, Gurney, Blaney, Arney, Gaston. After a girl is in G.A.A., she finds it much easier to obtain points' because G.A.A. members receive points for ice skating and other such activities. Another way in which the members may obtain points is to be an active member in the Officials club, and officiate at many of the intramural games. Although G.A.A. is a sports club, it does have other interests. Almost every G.A.A. member looks forwards to the banquet that is held when she graduates. This banquet is probably the most important event given in G.A.A. At the banquet the members give their final farewells to the graduates and the retiring officers. There, too, the new officers are installed. Another activity greatly enjoyed by the G.A.A. members is the senior trip. The seniors usually go to a cottage in the spring and spend a weekend. W-, G.A.A. HTH GRADE Top row: Hacker, Nieporte, Rector, Mlynarowich, Wilhelm, Buck, Will- iams, Steadman. Fourth row: Skruch, Miller, Beamer, Gallo, Ralph, Scanlon, Halleen, Fina. Third row: Tallon, Laurie, Brozovich, Johnson, Plont, Tudor, Schoenherr Zdziebko. Second row: Pruitt, Boike, Yanke, Oppat, Ghrist, Swan- son, Garrison. First row: Pet- rucci, Wojcik, Renko, Rosentrater Garrard, Meland, Rupprecht. -85. t FRCM 'SI SENOR WHITE CHAPTER Y-TEENS CLUB Top row: Dahlen, Wilhelm, Samples, Todor, Halleen, Schoenherr, Tallon, Connors. Third row: Ptucha, Christ, Mazzara, Strayer, Pa- ruch, Lamarand, Konwinski, Sasanas. Second row: Falkiewicz, Santogrossi, Rosentrater, Yanke, Smetana, Fish, Williams. First row: Knapp, Simoni, Wojcik, Killian, Boike, Bender. WHITE CHAPTER Y-TEENS CLUB The main purpose of the White Chapter Y-Teens is to instil in its members a more extensive love and knowledge of Christian ideals. In addition the girls strive to become more liberal and tolerant to- ward all races and creeds. The club also provides school service. SPANISH CLUB A student must have a classroom knowledge of Spanish before he can become a member of the Spanish Club. The club has sent money and many packages to worthwhile charitable organizations. At times, it has sent money or articles to needv people. I SPANISH CLUB TOP YOW1 POIOWHY. Chapman, Najpaver,Da.hlen, McGrath, Rooks. Second row: Gando1fo,Yopek, Tallon, Klopcio, Teagan, Thomson, Mrs. Bea- trice Simmons, sponsor. First row: Fletcher, Webster, Kearney. Garrison. Guzman, Sherick, Jason. TO VARSITY LETTERS I, y iT,1 'I A ' 1 The Varsity Club members well-represent their club at all functions. Some of them on the left in this cheering section are David Dreher, 11Ag Gerald Bojas, 12Ag Frank Ferraciolo, 11Ag Bob Selwa, 12A, Kay Boyagian, January graduate, and Donald Schultz, 11B. f .f 1 !0me,f , A VARSITY CLUB Among its many purposes the Varsity club encourages an attitude of co-operation, courtesy, respect and fairness towards students, teachers and the school authorities. It also tries to promote good sportsmanship in athletic teams and contests. The clubys many activities include bleacher work, selling programs, and the club banquet. 2 1 ,fa 'I .AV in-F 27 Jal : Y -'-,,?i V, I f if 7 W , fait 1 1 , f? 5 U, 3' n r V 'fn ,409 VARSITY CLUB Top row: Borota, Karcher, Allen, Bonaccinie, Bucny. Third row: Kwasney, Selwa, Dreher, Bojas, Stojanovich. Second row: Gignac, But- zlaii, Gest, Ferracciolo, Smith, Davis. First row: Mr. Gus Stager, sponsor, Mattson, Fillmore, Boyagian, Brown, Schultz. -87. xwsts-sw 4 Nsssss N I fl X f-Ba HAMS AT HEART 5 , fha fA Cynthis Cardinal, 12A, president of Service club, directs vice-president, Pat Szymczyk, in recording all details for their annual dance in February. Onlookers are Alice Aznavorian, Pat Fletcher, Mary Ann Kubrak, and Beverly Mulzer,12A's. Graduate Vicki Koleff lends some helpful advice, DRAMA CLUB Because Fordson has always hadagreat many students participate in some way in the school play, or simply enjoy the play, it is easy to see why the Drama club has always been prominent in Fordson. The Drama club memberslistento and discuss many of the Broadway plays. At times they themselves put on small one-act plays. The reason for this is that Drama club members wish to learn more about acting, and to appreciate many of the famous plays and actors. J, DRAMA CLUB Top row: Me-rlino, Block. Badarak, Brown, Krikor- ian, Wagner. Squires, Cullen. Second row: Mr. Eugene Baker, sponsorg Walks-r,Hayek,Warzecha, Konwinski, Fehrenhaker, Uiigaru, Sossi. First row: Gziirdner, Kashkin, Auch, Zoratti. Mance, Schuman, Strayer, -88. I WE SERVE THE SCHOOL ll l ' Top row: Va.n Windle, Tabaczynski, McBride, Peacock, Filar, Rheault, Koleif, Traskos, Stead- man. Buck. Fourth row: Bushey, Boore, M, Caruso, Beld, Locke, Halleen, Plont, Beamer, Brennan. Third row: Hays,Cardinal,Nieporte, Keller, Minaudo, McNamara, Klarich, Kosinski, Pope, Wensko, Wonders. Second row: Kubrak, Hacker, Ptucha, Caruso, Colantoni, Mazzara, Gaber, Garrard, Lipka, Snider, Kristoff. First row: Roose, Karlovetz, Kocis, Szymczyk, Cardinal, Mr. John Romanow, Sponsor, Fletcher, Azanvorian, Kearney, Henry. W SERVICE CLUB For the girl who is service-minded, the Service club is just the right club. Organized to serve the school, it is open to all girls interested in helping to create an atmosphere of cleanliness and order for the good oi the school. The club is in charge of sellingtickets at the noon movies and keeping the trophy room in order. Sponsoring the sponge dance has become a tradition with the Service club. Along with these many activities, it also con- tributes to various organizations, such as orphanages. All in all, the club is busily at work with fun for every girl. f E ww' lc' f f Top row: Fillmore, McGrath, Ohsowski, Scan- lon, Ralph, Carroll, Duke, Pauch, Best, Andru- siak, Maset, Fourth row: Mr. James Lehman, sponsorg Yopek, Teagan, Kirby, Marentette, Vivian Kolpacke, Valerie Kolpacke, Burton, Hashoian, Tudor, Mlymarowch, Stephens. Third row: Holett, Watt, Karlovetz, Spreitzer, Kara- petian, Lamarand, Rydholm, Caldena, Pink, Paul. Second row: Nelson, Fish Smetana, Simoni, Leyme, Petrou, Shishkoff, Nilens, Car- son, Del Grosso, Curcuru. First row: Guido, Thompson, Kowalyshyn, Kizer, Kashkin, Ponte, Vantil, Mulzer, Hewitt, Goike, Ventro. .39. I G A 1 i J WE GO BOWLING MERCURY RECREATION Top row: Mansfield, Tabaczynski, Gallo, Kri- korian, Carothers, Najpaver,A. Rothenthaler, J. Rothenthaler, Rector, Buck, Wadsworth. Fourth row: Olive, Skruch, Zdziebko, Brozovich, Van Winkle, J. Miller, Elliot, S. Miller, Panzoii, Traskos. Third row: Meland, Mahaney, Will- man, Brennan, Comai, Colwell, Ha.ns,Kolpacke, Hill, Nichols. Second row: Andrusiak, Roose, Minaudo, Christopher, Rewitzer, Ruppert, Tressler, Driscoll. First row: Stringer, l-lannenberg, Ricamore, Watson, Czepezynski, Frocillo, Kloc, Sivori, Nowak. GIRLS ' BOWLING CLUB Giving all the girls interested in bowling a chance to bowl is the main purpose of this club. It also gives every girl an opportunity to have the experience of being on a league without being a professional. Recently the girls have been bowling at Mercury, Dearborn and Shaefer Lanes on Thursday. At the club banquet the winning team is presented with trophys for each individual of the team. Trophies are also awarded to the best individual bowlers. t V SCHAEFER RECREATION Top row: Barlow, Clement, Chobotar, Owens, Kondur, Mlynarowich, Fina, Lewandosky, Grimes, Dahlen, Williams, Pollard. Fourth row:- Connors, Luttermoser, Hacker, Zitny, Sehoen- herr, Ralph, Mueller, Martin, Hulett, Burton, Goike, Kubrak. Third row: Beers, Paul, Hashuian, Pavle, Karlovetz, Watt, Spreitzer, Cromwell, Warzecha, Freckelton, Welsch, Wanderski. Second row: McCluskey, Blaney, .90- Masura, Rupprecht, Bubel, Cathy Ohsowski, Charlotte Ohsowski, Fish, Swanson, Ghrist, Caporale, Baldwin. First rowi Jauor, Schimizze, Wojcik, Conti, Bolke, Rydholm,Nel- son, Peceny, Kanlovetz, Henry, Sheren. TO CUR HEART'S CONTENT Getting a firm grip on their bowling balls are P t ucci, 12B. Pat Gaston, 12A, and Dolores e r r DEARBORN RECREATION Top row: Johnson, Ponte, Duke, Hlasny, Odgers, ' Halleen, Stephens, Putz, Locke, Aznavorlan, Steadman. Fourth row: Frederickson, Sanson, Kuczin, Berczel, Wallace, Block, Strasser, Alexander, Stroud, Beamer, Kluwe. Third row. Zunich, Tudor, Gelinsky, Fede, Plont, McCall- ' Bush, Scanlon, Thompson. ion, Pauch, Woycik, Ha s, McEvoy, Scudlo, Second row: Crowe, y G ton Beld, Barwinski,Mart1n,Ma.nce ' ' cci,Zakar Yanke, as , ' 'do. F1rstrow.Petru ' isan, Karapetian, Gul ian, Renko,Ki1lia.n, Khrrard, Ga11ucc1,Garr Gawron, Bolley, Pruitt, Stark. Y X A1 PQ' 15, is-v FULL OF PEP Yyfwf 'Y Booster club president Jeanne Gaston, 11A, has her pencil poised for jotting down notes. The club officers and committee chairmen are at a meeting to plan future activities. BOOSTER CLUB School spirit and good sportsmanship are important factors in any school and the Booster Club has the job of promoting them at Fordson. The club does everything in its power to encourage students to go to games and swimming meets. Fordson's core oi school spirit begins with the Booster Club. Decorating the goal posts during the football season and sponsoring buses for transportation to away games are just examples of what the club does for the school. Another important activity of the club is the arrange-- ment of pep rallies. The Booster Club is trying to enlarge its membership to such an extent that almost everyone in the school will belong. if EU? 1" Z!! li? IIN BOOSTER CLUB Top row: Stroud, Volansky, Grimes, Russell, Sherick, McBride, Zieman, Najpaver, Utsman, Smalley, Sidelko, Youngs. Fourth row: Hass, Miller, Panzoff, Badarak, Amrozi, Betron, Goike, Karst, Nix, Spruill, Fina. Third row: Mr. Richard Hespen, sponsor, Bishop, Binder, Stringer, Ambrosine, Del Grosso, Policicchio, Teagan, Burton, Ventro, Irlsh, Hefley. Second gow: Miss Edna Stowell, sponsorg Gaston, aber, McNamara, Auch, Hamel, Sansalone, f VW W Rogers, Fehrenbaker, Vermul1en,Maset,Nome. First row: Miksys, Petras,,Cyers, Dalia Vecchia, Watson, Kloc, Nowak, Curcuru, Javor, Sivori, Drielts, Jurmo. .92- I WE PLAN FOR THE FUTURE it RZ: -Q 5 'Q E 21 ,P , 5 LVNLQ if 'F I FUTURE rEAcHERs'cLUB Top row: Ralph, Trautz, Elm, Lange, Van Til. Second row: Duren, Rewitzer, Fredrickson, Sanson, Harbowi. First row: Dembowski, Gurney, Ruppert, Sheren, Rydholm. FUTURE TEAcHERs'cLUB If one plans to be a teacher, a membership to the Future Teachers club is a sure way of knowing all about the teaching profession. Its purpose is to encourage future teachers, to aid teachers in school, to foster school pride in intellectual pursuits, a.nd to promote fellow- ship among its members, BLUE CHAPTER HI-Y Boys of any grade in high school may belong to the Blue Chapter Hi-Y, Recently the boys of the Blue Chapter planned the menu for the annual Hi-Y Converence. Another project tackled was the dance the club sponsored along with the Blue Chapter Y-Teens. The Blue Chapter Hi-Y also has given a mixed skating party. lil, 4-1 Wifi BLUE CHAPTER HI-Y Top row: Mr. William Van Dusen, sponsor, Ross, Liogghio, Koss, Stojanovich, Jensen, Crarnton, Fair- man. Second row: Jacobs, Mattson, Kay, Bardelli, Davis, Whiteman, Gest. First row: Forde11,De Grazia, Smith, Masi, Gniewek, Kwasney, Opimach, Fillmore. -93- lt I 'I 'ANYONE FOR TENNIS? x-xv LATIN CLUB Because Latin is a 'dead' language and is not spoken today by any single country or group of people, the Latin club has a slightly different purpose than that of the other foreign language clubs. The boys and girls of the Latin club strive to further their understanding oi the ancient world and to apply it to our modern civilization. LATIN CLUB Top row: Mrs. Margaret MacMillan, Sponsor, Goslow, Ropeta, Zieman, Mlynarowich, Pemberton, Pliska, Bowen. Second row: Ohsowski, Tudor, Salisbury, Rucinski, Todor, Scanlon, Ralph First row: Gaston, Gaber, Dunger, Fehrenbaker, Brown, Bubel Mueller. i TENNIS CLUB During the school year the Tennis club follows a full program. In winter, movies on temiis techniques and other facts of interest are shown. Various players give tennis pointers. In early spring the members of this club can be found out on the courts. 1 TENNIS CLUB Top row: Van Til, Selwa, Buntrock, Bowen, Bogas, Matthews, Proctor. Third row: Kubrak, Gajewski, Schultz, Lewandosky, Boyagian, A. Rothenthaler, J. Rothenthaler. Second row: Kimlein, Kuhn, Shishkoff, Welsch, White, Betron,Nieport. First row: Ricamore, Peceny, Makowski, Carson, Johnson, Blaney, Henry, Fletcher. THE WATCHWORD 5 1 tsl in TOWER CHAPTER HI-Y Top row: Mr. Don Foster, sponsorg Osso, Bruce, Sierota, Brusco, Scappaticci, Raney Sidelko. Second row: Snyder, Pikelis,Wojack: Kukawka, Korte, Dull, Podkoscielny, Moraniec. First row: Coccia, Dimoff, Puzzuoli, Gilligan, L. Polidori, T. Polidori, Davis, Kuhary. TOWER CHAPTER HI-Y "To create and maintain throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" is a statement found in the constitu- tion of the Tower Chapter Hi-Y. The Tower Chapter is associated with the Y.M.C.A. as is the Blue Chapter. The club is open to all boys in any grade of high school. The two boy's chapters in Fordson carry on active competition against each other. A good example of this is the annual football game between the two clubs, Besides the football game the Tower Chapter Hi-Y takes on are some of the male members of the faculty in a basketball game each year. T: V N4 At last, that long-awaited day, "pin day". Members of the Tower Chapter Hi-Y wait their turn in line behind Leonard Folidori, 12A, who is receiving his pin from Ted Kukawka? graduate, president oi the club. Lending a helping hand to the ordeal of handing out pins are Bill Sidelko, 12A, and .Tack Dull, January graduate. Eugene Osso, 12A, is anxious for a closer look at the precious pin. 95- AFTER SCHOOL IS OUT 1 1 ff -L O M Z v " ' , FUTURE NURSES CLUB li center. As president ofthe u ur talks with Dorothy Santogrossi, 12B. T r wi Rogers, Berkey, Rucinski op 0 Y Paruch, Bacilla, Burtch. First row: ' 1' Kon- Gallina, Javor, Valle, Now in, winski, Birk. uf' 1 75' vlq.. FUTURE NURSES, CLUB F t e Nurses club has been organized. Those in- For all girls interested in any field of health work, the u ur terested in laboratory techniques, physiotherapy, diatetics, dental hygiene, and nursing have an opportunity to learn about these fields through membership in this club, All the girls are kept busy with their activities, which include trips to downtown and vei-teran's hospitals. People in various fields of health work are often invited to give speeches to members, thus informing them on ' l ts are also among their many activities. topics of interest to them. Socia even R Have you paid up, yet?", asks 12B, Toni Valle, F t e Nurses Club she l Qllvho-M -96- WE CONGREGATE IN CLUBS CAMERA CLUB Top row: Bird, Piskitel. Clay, Sarna, Lovejoy. Smith, Cardellio. Second row: Mr. Samuel Vasiu, sponsor: Karst. Grondzia.k.NLw:,Miksys. Wroubel, Ponte. Stephens. First row: Ohsow- ski, Zoratti, Quillini, Pesda, Petras, Jurmo, Leyme, Keane. 3 t l Z , 1 I 1 s , i . Fungi- CAMERA CLUB USHER CLUB For students interested in photography. the Camera club tries to People who attend functions here at Fordson are usually directed to promote good fellowship and to learnLhe techniques of picture talung. their seats by members of the Usher club. The c1ub's purpose is to To the members of the Camera club picture-tal-Ling is an art. serve the school by ushering at school programs. It is comprised of USHER CLUB Top row: Kluwe, Kubrak, Colantoni, Samples, Mulzer, Lange, VanTil, Eski. Third row: Kristoff, Pauch, Policicchio, Kuczin, Sanson Luttermoser, Poloway, Trautz. Second row: Ungaro, Blaney, Harbowy, Klopcic, McCluskey, Martin, Kuprashuk, McCa1lion. First row: Lovachy, Duren, Henry, Sheren, Karlovetz, Ruppert, Rewitzer, Konwinski, Sossi. 1 approximately thirty members and is open to girls only. Q VY C., -97- 1 I I OPERAS, SCIENCE l E E I N1 i CONCERT ENSEMBLE Top row: Fritz, L. VanTil, Cleark, Hiller,Hover- male, Piskitel, Kanasty, Bodinus, Third row: Karcher, McGarvey, Cullen, Beers, Stra:sser,Atu- lauder, Johnson, Dahlen, Second row: Miss Ruth Richards, instructor, Pink, Fordell, Kristoii, Ash, Tallon, Galluccl, Nome. First rowi Coedy, Killian, Bruno, Scott, Baldwin, Rowland. i CONCERT ENSEMBLE CHOIR "How can we :eil if we have musical ability? We never appear The choir members are picked from the manyglee clubs, and only before an audience." This type of question caused the formation of the very best are chosen. Proof of the great admiration held for the the Concert Ensemble. When calls come from church socials and choir is the fact that the Rotary Club annually invites it to sing at other outside ClubS, they are referred to the Concert Ensemble. the Club'5 annual Christmas luncheon, CHOIR Top row: Tod0r,Santogrossi, Rowe, Block, Brown, Hiller, Morcom, Wiegandt, Pond, Ross, GiGnac, Hovermale, Fritz, Pignanelli, Parton, Baldwin. Third row: Clark, Tudor, Jackie Pink, Beld, McGarvey, Mancinelli, Allen, Boguski, Fordell, Nelson, Karcher, Piskitel, Travis, Burtch,Dah1en, Wilhelm, Lamarand. Second row: Olive, Johnson, Ash, Yanke, Kluwe, Kuczin, Fillmore, Lipka,B1aney, Ropeta, Donahue, Teagan, Manee, Joyce Pink, Beers, Ungaro. Firstrow: Mr. Ross Slabaugh, director, Boike, Lewski, DeFrenza, Sheren, Stevenson. Dukes, Dyke, Gallucci, Kristoff, Bufione, Coedy, McPherson, Bruno, Berczel, Karapetain, Jardine, Miss Ruth Richards, instructor. ff Z ,sg X . ,JI ' . .ww A- Ag,,.,mm.ya-I .M-I ,f-- ...Y .pq-, My as . .. ., ,..,,,......u.. ... .f,,:.,1.., ...J Q 4 ..-.,-M., ... ,, 0 ,.- Q.. 3 K, ' 2 A 1 . ,, . ,,,,,M,,w,,-, . 98 . HOLD OUR INTEREST. Mr. Charles Lehman helps Science club officers Tom Utsman Pauline Ungaro and Sue S ' . ossi. l2A's, plan for a club trip to a sewage-disposal pla.nt. A' ,- SCIENCE CLUB Pill students interested in some branch f ' 0 science can find the Science club well equipped with some information. Most activities include field trips to such places as Ford Motor Company, Wayne University Laboratory. Michigan State Colle e. d G ' oft s ' g an reat Lakes Steel. Movies are en hown along mth demonstrations, at times. The club is affiliated with the Science Clubs of America. I SCIENCE CLUB Top row: Adams, Edwards, Sidelko, Ruth Youngs, Gajda, Proctor, Watkins. Fourth row: Jason, Smith, Korte, Cardellio, Blaney, Botas, Engstrom, Goodrich. Third row: Caruso, Mr. Charles Lehman, sponsorg Sarna, Arasim, Selwa, Bowen, Rice, Ya11a.kiefi,Kukawka. Second row: Durham, Dec, Cesario, Cola.ntoni,McGar- vey, Tomchuk, Clay, Lynch, Roberts, Walker. First row: Coccia, Salisbury Moreno, Brown, Ungaro, Sossi, Kurdsiel, Maset, Harbowy, Feh- renbaker. VV FULL OF WORDS, PICTURES Yeti H Y illslllllll 1 W lem Ol he Blue Chapter Y Teens gather around their president, Sue Sossi, 12A The girls are Rose Marie Galluci, January graduate, Virginia Clement, l2A, Mary .Io Dyke, January graduateg Pauline Ungaro, l2Ag and Betty Kocis, Januarygrad- ate. Members of t U I -uf 1 -X, Membership in the Blue Chapter Y-Teens is open to eleventh and twelfth grade girls. The Blue Chapter is affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. Straight hair and no make-up are common to all those who are being iniated. After iniation is completed, a candlelight ceremony is held at the Y.W,C.A. In order to beafull-fledged member, one must be in the club u semester and attend meetings regularly. The club helps such organizations as orphanages or boys' homes. Pajama parties are often held at the Y.W.C.A. The club also sponsors some concessions, along with the selling of pom-poms. iv SJ lfya' was - , , , ,.,... ,if - 100 - Top row: Clement, Kolpneke, Cesario, Azmivurllin, Hlusny, Kubrnk, Fillmore, Mul- zer, llewltl, Vain Till. Eskl, Mruzik. Fourth row: Kuezin, Frederieksoii. Barlow, Har- bowy, May Kluwe, Ropeln, Locke. DeC,J0hn- son, Szyniezyk, Koels. Third row: Miss Belly Yoder, spousorg Sossl, Klopcif, xVllSHl'l Poluw , ny, Kownlshyn. Goslow, Dyke, Sehumnn, ltyain, Jnrdlnet, Miehalowlez. Se- eond ww! lllnney, lJukes,Kurdsiel. Farmen, Maumee, linrnpeliun, Trnez, Ungwro Wlet Krislufl Cill - . Z' , 1: ueel, Koleff. Fl1'slrow2Gaii'd- HOP. liovnehv, Kutsnkls. Wonders, Duren, Slieren, S'ilv'1to Q . . re, Jelnuko, Zobnttl, Henry, Kurluvelz., Fletcher. WE DEBATE AND DIVIDE GERMAN MATH CLUB Top row: Mueller, Stroud, Nairn, Weg- mann. Second row: Strasser, Brown, Krause, Meier. First row: Mr. William Kauth, Sponsorg Eusebi, Ricamore, Bubel. GERMAN MATH CLUB DEBATE CLUB DEBATE CLUB Top row: Bowen, Thomson, T. Brown, Vantil. Secind row: Kachadoorian, Jason, Bulleri, Squires. First row: Mr. John Bonfiglio, Sponsorg Kashkin, Snider, Lipda, J. Brown. -fy Q., Hoping to grasp the knowledge of German as well as math the German-Math club began. The members hold their meetings entirely in German. They work mostly algebra problems on the board, and the students that know algebra and would like to learn another language find the club very interesting, and challeng- ing. The members of the club findtime to attend plays as well as movies which deal in some way with the Germans and their ways. With the hopes of providing some sort of relaxation aside from math and German, the club has field trips also. Debating has become a common thing for most Debate club members. This club which was started for thefirst time this year is proving to be very success- ful. For many of the club members seem quite pleased with it, and feel that it has provided them with enjoyment as well as information. During the past year they have held debates on such topics as f'Capital Punishment", "Sororities and Fraternities", 'tAre Flying Saucers Real?" and "Should Boys Be Allowed to Wear Levis." -101- WE LOVE SPORTS AND MOVIES 197 K. A. V. I. OPERATORS Training in the use of audio-visual instruction equipment under the direction of Mr. James Lehman is obtained by those boys who become projector operators. The job oi the boys is to run the pro- jector in the audio-visual instruction room, A22O. If it were not Ior these boys, there probably would not he as many movies for visual education shown at Fordson as there are now. The most important project of the A.V.l. operators is the showing of the noon-time movies. The noon movies, ofcourse, supply entertainment for all Fordson students during the lunch hours. BOYS' BOWLING CLUB Top row: Arnold, Moore, Stanton. First row: Rowland, McKenzie, Topio. vzwpmzwmwa , BOYS' BOWLING CLUB With the aim of promoting more interest in Bowling, many of the interested bowlers formed a Boys' Bowling club. ln this club the boys divide into teams and play against each other in what they call a Round Robin. This means that the teams play against each other only once, and then on the final night, which they call Position Night, they play for the top positions. At the end of every semestertrophies are awarded to each member of the first three teams. The boys bowl every Monday night at Mercury Lanes. 'NW I. A. V. I. OPERATORS Top row: Wells, Peponis, Bojas, Willard, Sidelko, Lough. Third row: Iaquaniello, Strongman, Cun- ningham, Bunse, Kapanoske, White, Berger. Second row: Moreno, Hassan, Colaluca, Peters, Cempura, 1 Polidori. First row: Emilio Conti, sponsor, Steele, Call, Renko, Wall, Ropeta. AND MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC. ORCHESTRA Top row: Najpaver, Gingrich, Badgley, Kelley, McKechnie, Dubois, Brown, Driscoll, Gardiner, Mr. Eldon Scott, director. Second row: Apkar- ian, Caldwell, Henstock, White, Parsons, Bush- ey, Scofano, Fundaro, Goslow. First row: MacDonald, Ricamore, Mlynarowich, Meier, Miller, Kashkin, Tudor, Mber, Koos, Ryan, Mueller. ORCHESTRA In order to give many of the students who are instrumentally in- clined to chance to progress, Fordson has an orchestra, It plays at many of the school functions, such as, the all-school play and the honor assembly. BAND Top row: Drielts, Yanakieff, Candea, Bedoway Mueller, Sobeck, Giachero, Lundy, MCKQHZW Sixth row: Arco, Byrnes, Youngs, D11b0iS Height, Karcher, Zenas, Englehart, UIHHSK1 Fifth row: Cullen, Klovski, Mycek, Toles, Dull Dehar, Ferriby, Yonish, Apkariall, MRSSQCHT Driscoll. Fourth row: Thomson, Palise,Schuett Taylor, Sshishkoff, Johnson, Schimizze, Walker Chatterton, Tomchuck, Third row: Scott Shattock Ross Od ers Zenas, SC0f3-HO, Marx 1 i 1 v 1 1 1 z i ' Second row: Bushey, Boore, Fish, Bush, MCF3-U' den, Firidiey, Smith, Mac Donald, Fundafo: Goslow, Ricamore. First row: Wells, Dingler Harkins, Davidson, Th0maS, Brown- 1 wsNN......b...,s.,,.w, i m E A l l 2 f v 4 ' 4 , i , f . f '2f:a,,!sAMw7'- - BAND Playing and marching at the football games take up much of the time ol the Fordson band. However, the band joins the choir and glee clubs in presenting both the Christmas and spring concerts. The band alsoplays at all graduations and represents the school in many of the local parades. Q . 31-IIIIJ THESE STUDENT LEADERS S i J 2 Aw -:-f .s if gf Q-,I vw I KL I '27 ,f t 4 J Top row: Mr. Donald Calkins, sponsor, Smith, Coccia, Gest, Swanson, McCormick. First row: Odgers, Dahlman, Marra, Anderson, Brown, Shishkoff. STUDENT COUNCIL "We the students of Fordson High School", is the opening phrase ot the preamble to the constitution of the Student Council. The Council consists ofapresident, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three direct- ors. Since students are the officers, their aim is to help students. To give students a practical knowledge of democracy, to maintain understanding between faculty and stu- dents, to further student participation in school affairs, and to maintain a higher standard of ethics are the main purposes of the Student Council. It is under the supervision of Mr. Donald Calkins, history teacher. Q. President Ken Gest raps his gavel for attention at the Student Council meeting, but Nancy Odgers and Joe Brown are too deep in conversation to hear him. .104. HELP TO GUIDE US ,5 - -vw 17 "'x J i FALL HALL CAPTAINS Top row: Fera, Engstrom, Koss, Hollinger. First row: Gal1ucci,Koleff,Wietz. HALL CAPTAINS As in every year, it comes tim e to praise, congratulate, and give a pat on the back to the hall captains for a 1ob well done. When students are in class, theytendtoforget that there are hall monitors constantly in the halls keeping order. The hall captains are picked with the utmost care. The hall captains have various responsibilities. They collect the absence lists at the beginning of the hour. They see that the hall monitors are all in school and at their posts. Lf for some reason a hall monitor is missing, they arrange to have the post filled by someone else. V' P J Si SPRING HALL CAPTAINS Top row: Utsman, Borota, Bohn, Nelson. First row: Rewitzer, Vetowich, BundaS, . 105 - 1954 TRACTCR CAGERS 'f fl ' T 1 fci ' I ,, - 1 .w.ff.f' , . , A W ,V i ,,: ' ' V i lj. ff K V Jr Q ' 'VW ' l , . 'i " VH, 'ly ,. , ,U A 0,1-..' , limi, 1, 9 ' ,gyggify A V 'W K Af, ,Ng . 2 , ' , ,- 1 ' , '- , r ' f 7 f 11 ' , ,. f 'I 1 ' ffl i 'W , V- ,. , V ' ' lfkfti .. ff l T M1956 yy' " Ig 0 A i , 9 ' , ,V I 1 ii 1,13 V f I , I ,,,, .- V, V Wi, Z j- ny..-,.'-,,f If nf, 0 Z I kv , 1 Q 'T A f 't -k 1 -W! ' , 2 'nf i " , 9 , ' I i i 1 V ' L ,iq 3, ,Q f W 4: 5, L W I 1 V 'v Q, 'i , ,H f l , 'I If ,,, fri ,f . s , i. 1 , W f , lf' """' , A-V- ,ff ' I 1' , I l W am gf! 'E A , W mmf RESERVE RECREATION LEAGUE TEAM Top row: Herman, White, Kurnik, Barney, McCarty,Coach Harvey Failor. Middle rowi Tullius, Gallucci, Schultz. First row: Smith, Doyle, Rinnozi. -106- VARSITY TEAM Top row: Manager Coccia, J. Callaway, Captain Bohn, T. Callaway, Coach Jim Vanderliull. Second row: Faley, Campbell, Wiegandt, Perri, Managerg Usher. First row: Turie, Mazzie, Wolters, Colovas, x A A 4,- RESERVE TEAM Top row: Galvach, Frazzini, Montre,McCormick Coach Garvase Jach. Second row: Ruste,Kolcheff K0SCh. Attee. First row: Abraham, Polidori House. WE RE DEFENDING CHAMPIONS Bob Bohn, captain and only senior member oi the '54 cage team, was one oi the mainstays of the "young" team. A consistently high scorer and snappy defensive player, Bohn paced his team to the regional championship. Although they were defeated in the quarter-finals, the Tractors made an impressive showing for the season's play. The cagers were defeated four times during the season, twice by the highly touted Highland Park quintet and once each by Grosse Pointe and Monroe. Fordson ...,.. 39 Fordson . . . . . 50 Fordson . . . . , 41 Fordson . . . . . 63 Fordson .. . . . 38 Fordson . . . . . 49 Fordson . . . . . 44 Fordson .. ...48 Fordson ., . . .43 Fordson , . . . . 46 Fordson . . . . .42 Fordson .. ...58 Fordson . . . . 45 Fordson . . . . 46 Fordson . . . .53 Berkley .... East Detroit . Wyandotte. . . Grosse Pointe Highland Park . . Dearborn . . . Monroe .... Royal Oak. . , Wayne .... Wyandotte. . . Grosse Pointe Wayne ..... Highland Park Monroe ..... Royal Oak. . . .31 ..41 ..3l ..47 ..68 .46 ...48 ...44 ...4O ..,45 ...47 ...40 ,..59 ..42 ..41 5 , V! Captain Bohn goes over the rules before the game with the referee and Dearborn Highs captain. I-'ordson downed the Pioneer cagers 49 to 46 to take the city championship. Demonstrating the fighting spirit that made them strong contenders for the Border City League cham- pionship and holders of the Plymouth regional trophy. the Tractors fight for possession of the ball and an eventual win. 1 f g,,,g,2ffw3,,,,.,.,,f,,,' ,I , f "f5f'2?fA0fvwfw L f f Z wi W H ,,,f,.2.,,q,, Ti" r1'. 1 3 4 A X 5 f- KX i? ? A , "2 f tv 'till 'v is 8 ,sq-A - 1. . 7 IEW: Y V v . . W-fx . N xl Q K 'nb WIT H A FIGHTING SPIRIT A,-49. DGf:"' "fr ,355 1: aa.:-12: L: If :j..'1:er-fra' gxe Mfr: -131 a., ze wav :L IE ez: L1 a:. efizrt -, 1-egg.: LE .sax C:.:f'a.Ej:"psf,: Lie na .. as "L p.2.'rerE 'G 'L "r ' M- ., Le aitizz. -- 4' 5 I N 'e , ' f f' I 4- , 4. f-va! 'slh my -M 'lite teaz. xagagers. lil: Czaih '.'s..:jerH'.1L xuddle jiri. -,. .531 5.25. 11327. sa'-v Il- 9:1 Lf xi raid I ilflili ' 'L-E 1223 ,- V' if . ' I i I 3-. , - ' 5 X , f 5 4' , ' 79 :A 99 'f ' ea I J f ' ' V ,f V ,K AVII ' - - . , D 1 I - ' I 1. - , J 4' v .arf I ' 1, ' ,x 'ii I f 4' - , ' - V , 2 if A 7 I . I , I5 -. 7 , I . F Z I , ,IT -gf - If I ff X ,f 4 FS ' 1 ' ' 5 'JF JI ' 'L I ' f I ff- ! , -T fl g 1 I 1 g V! , , - I -6: , ' , f I 1 . If " 4 1 .1 ', . 1 yi I I ""r"ff"- I A va Top row: T, Calhawajr. Coacn G2.r'.'a5e Jack. Manager C'ZC1i.C3lCI',J1IZ '.'a.iderHulL. 'J-'ieg'andt. Middle row: Ivlanager Usher. J. Callaway: Coiovaz. Tprfe. Cargpaell. Ralejs. First row: Perr3'n1aL. Wolters, Economou. Bom. '109- ,rye WE LIKE TO ACT UP, 'af f JI Peddler: 'KA man hadn't art to be without a good frog-sticker -- it ain't safe." Characters: Ado Annie: "Them ole garters is s'tight they 'bout cut my laigs plum in two." Curley McClain . Aunt Eller . . . .. Laurey Williams . GREEN GROW By Lynn Riggs . , . . .Calvin Cullen . . . Kathleen Esper ., . . . . .Gail Walker Jeeter Fry ........ Stanley Moraniec Ado Annie Carnes . . . Shirley Gairdner A Peddler ...... Larry Fehrenbaker Old Man Peck ..... Jonathan Thompson Laureyt "Would you marry a miner boy, Aunt Eliler?" - 110 - SO WE PRESENT PLAYS. ..-1.-. Y , it 6 a Peddler: "Some nice gamers? Sxlk in em, real silk, moi" :E Mr. Eugene K. Baker. Director Curly: "Hey, while I think of it . . . . Characters: 'bout marrying me? Shorty . . . . . Joe Del Guidme Lizzie A.... .. . Farmer Brown . . . Jones ...,... Elmer .... Cord Elam . . Sam ...... . .... Mary Coedy Bernard Kokosinsl-Li Ted Brown . . Charles Hiller . . Bill Butzlaff . . .Joe Brown , .r', if 2.12, ",' , 1 ' pn f f , , F2 f 7 ' 'Q 1' 'gif' ', E 2, -5 , t Q32 f e ' - 9 . fa 5 'Lf '2 ,E V . 4 , P ' Q I 1 , f ,, y ' 'f :I L . ,J ai A 1f1 2 ' 'X f' Aunt Ellerz "Cain't you hear nuthin? I'11 take a black snake whip to you!" -111- X x I 4 . how-how-how 1954 STATE WINNERS xiiiiif zsfii . mam 1412591 ' 3111221 1222! 1222315 i "Wt 1775" h"' 1' " ' "VW" ' mft"'E"T7"""""""""N'W"""' 'r""'W"""""""74 ' W1 f ? 5?7 2f' , 1 'R fE1..2...i. "fi, .FZJZL 3,251.22 ' ' i g,.iil.lSQ.Lil ?Z,fif.LEZ.lSi 12351 T ,.,. . ...M U" W W ,if 1. Nh , AJ al-lub!!! 4, ww' ,4 W1 f , 1 ' ' ,, 4 4 -z,, . ,.T,.I...2iz. V -.LQ ..,,, U ,,',, U an fQ.t:.,,:,,,,Q: , V M3 ,V M., may 5, 2 ,,,?W,,ZM.:..i l..,2W7,. .wra-Qing. My 4, 4 1, ,V X frfgqa.. qy,T.,.Z.71 My , 17 147. 1 .'., ,,:.,1.5.7 ,W . 5. ,4 ' Aa ,, . ff' .2 .1 4 J, , .' , I , - , .,- .51-. -in , '3l++++- .f.z 5.5 fg:,I.:,l.f,f-' ' ' ' 'f ' X'1'.lzI,.:zt.:f ff bf -, ' l '42 wL.4,fl, ' f i , J ,' ' I 'Eg' WZ, V' it ,.x.+ f 4..z...1...g 7 P VL ,M-I I 7 .V Wi! ,, M. ,a ,, ,, W I V W ,I ,, ., ' 4 4 f ' 1 , ' , .f ' ' 30 ' f' ' f V ' If 1 ' ' ff .1 ,gf I Q Vi..,,45V fy frf V KN, M W TV M! 71,0 I Q, .V mia ,d fr my ?, , , V , X I , ..,, V , - f VV , A d, va, 4 I n 5 I I f 1 1 -2 '? 1 1 . 1 ' , , ffl, 1 f 1 . 1 1 it .1 1 -4 .1 Q.. A ,jk , vm ar I X , 1,2 g , If ,ff l If ZZ, , Wav . hw I A at , A. .4 ' .i f me fr.. f - M X 5 Vvi, A , f Ai ,y , ., , , ,,,,.,, . . 4 fi ,.,. K .Wax ...ix I--1. 1-1 O ,ht f, I L E 4' 5, 5, .1 n I , 4 , , , - J . 1 f 2 1 y 1 I . V, yi -J 11, Mi M,,. .,,' ly ' L... n-1' L5 ' " f W3 4 . ' 22 .2 f ,M,,,,. . ,,,, . - fffff N ' 0 A ,M ,, ,,.,, ,,. ,Mk im., ,,,, WJ? f , ' 5 2 Z g QW ' 2 I Z Q 2 - f 1 ' 1 1 f f 1 ' f f V WMV V My J A V V W X X 7 '-WW--WM! we W, rm-nl nw-wwf. ww "" Top row: Gus Stager, Coach, Hahn, Shadock, LaVeque, Tille, Ryan, Czewski, Row, Nieporte, Sotirofl, Polous, Born, Patrick, Gilbert, Midic, Royce, Ralph Robinson, Koos, Rocco, Utsman, Manager. Czarnicki. First row: Jacobs, Boguski, Fillmore, Butzlaif, Kwasney, Third row: Yonish, Ferraciollo, Suriano, Dean, Dimoff, Durham, Captain, Gest, Whiteman, Stojanovich, Fordell. Hennich, Lindman, Fairman, Rodriguez, Jensen. Second row: Smith, nation. the following national records: 1. 40-yard freestyle 2. 50-yard freestyle 3. 100-yard breast stroke 4. 150-yard medley relay 5. 200-yard freestyle relay Captain Tom Kwasney -112- During their unbeaten 1953-54 season, the tankers dunked all opposition on Lhe path to a third state championship. At Ann Arbor on March 12 and 13, the Tractors made Michigan and national history whenthey emerged state champions for the third straight year, scoring 49 points. Five national records were broken by the team during the season, leading most observers to believe the Fordson swimming team to be the strongest in the Led by team captain, Tom Kwasney and Coach Gus Stager, the tankers broke Ken Gest Ken Gest Tom Kwasney Ken Gest, Tom Kwasney, Bill Butzlaif. Ken Gest, Andy Boguski, Howard Fillmore, Jerry Nieporte. 17.7 22.9 1:O1,4 1219.0 1235.9 ARE CHAMPIONS ALL s P Holding the third state swimming championship trophy won by the Tractor tankers in three years are members of the 1954 championship team: Steve Fordell, Howard Fillmore, George Stojanovich. In the back row are Wyman Jacobs, Jerry Nieporte, Carl Czewski. Andy Boguski, and Dave Smith. Ken Gest, Tom Kwasney, and Bill Butzlaii who set the national and state 150 yard medley relay marks were the three seniors who added the most to Fordson's title drive. Kwasney also broke the state and national titles in the 100 yard breaststroke, while Ken Gest broke the national and state records in the 50 yard freestyle. -113- FOR THIRD SUCCESSIVE YEAR Radford Whiteman, George Stojanovich,Rich- ard Rose, George Poulous, Steve Fordell, and Dave Smith piled up valuable points for the Tractors during the season to win the Border City League championship. Diver George Stojanovich, andfreestylers, Andy Boguski and Wyman Jacobs, offer some advice to backstroker, Bill Butzlaff, in the water. QQ' 'ln Wa . Q1 -114- WE SPORT STATE CHAMPS Ken Gest, Bill Butzlaff, and Tom Kwasney proudly show Coach Gus Stager the trophy they won for taking first place in the state meet in the 150-yard medley relay. The trio also broke the national record for the same event. 'N lf- vip 5 wifi, . . 1 G.. ffm ' 'TSf'lss54, ml' 1 'U ' T555 Happy Tractor tankers, after winning Fordson's third straight state championship, are Howard Fillmore, Dave Smith, Steve Forde-ll, Carl Czewski, Andy Boguski, Jerry Nieporte, Bill Butzlaif, Wyman Jacobs, Captain Tom Kwasney, Ken Gest, and George Stojanovich. - 115 - .xr , X ff G.A.A. HCNORS ARE AWARDED Here Jeannette Rewitzer, 12A, is receiving her solid gold pin,the highest award in the club,from Miss Alice Krug. Jeannette was the only girl to achieve this honor in January. Tears turn to smiles when the graduating seniors have their final picture as members of the G.A.A. Joan Ryan, Marge Jardine, Mary Jo Dyke, Carol Schuman, Delima May and Rose Marie Gallucci bid farewell to the club. CCI' w-Q.. fm 141 0 M,-Av, y .. W X X ,rim , M-xg '-'ui , at ts. 1 ' 1 A large number of new members await last-minute in- structions on the traditional serving of the old members, ,fa Q - ' 'yrs J 1 J ' 1 rf' J if J, Q M:-, Y QX f, I.. v j jf if in ' ff nip.-W., , dj. , V me me ,Q j 1 J J ft 4 A x D J ' l.1 J X -ae ' A xi I 4: 5 ,, ' min amusing skit done' by Pauline Ungaro and Sue Sossi, s, portrays the typical wallilower at a supposedly gay affair. OR -117- OUR WORK THROUGHOUT THE YEAR The girls champion swimming team manage an exhausted smile after a very close meet. The swimmers are Linda Mallory, captaing Diane Scudlo, Kay McEvoy, Georgia Pruitt. and Blance Mueller, l1Asg Frances Bush, Joann Crow. and Nancy Alexander, and Delphine Stark, 11Bsg gzgerly Watts, and Carol Cardinal, 1OAs: and Shirley Ranko, ...- :ifirf i I5-'Qliiiiilaii ,f uf g --fs-nv Captain June Hewitt. gives a few pointers to her winning volleyball team. The attentive listeners are Dortha Blaney, Jane Arney. Nancy Barlow. Diane Nesbitt, June Buck, Dorothy McCal1ion. and Judy Henry. all 12As. -3 fe me It was a tough game, but it finally ended. Good sports- manship is shown as runner-up June Buck congratulates badminton champion, Jeanette Rewitzer. Both girls are 12As. During the Christmas concert, Sharon Olive, 11A, foreground, blends her voice with the choir members in a religious hymn. CHRI TMAS AT FCRDSON Ben Koss, Joe Opimach, and Dick Massi, all January grads, breathe a sigh of relief, as they stop to receive congratulations from members of the cast alter completing their part inthe Christmas program. r X . lu 'mf' Singing vigorously from deep in their hearts, members of the choir retell the story represented by the Nativity scene in image above them. A sweet little blonde actively shows her interest in our annual Christmas festivities. Mr. William Macintosh, English instructor, thinks of what English book he will assign her, i.f she ever takes his class. Perhaps this cutie is a future Fordsonite. r n X WITH TALENTED TEAMWORK, The annual Christmas program was one of the highlights of the early winter season and Mr. John Boniiglio retold for the audience the story oi the Nativity and the coming of the Christ Child. I I Singing out the Christmas songs are Joyce Clark, 12A, Jackie Pink, 11A, and Mary Ann Bruno, 12A, who want a "hippotamus" for Christmas. if I Betty Jane Christoff, 12A, does a modern dance interpre- tation during the Christmas Concert. -120- WE GAIN RESULTS. Tangled in decorations for their tree are Margie Pauch and Alice Aznavorian, 12A's, who help to put the school in the Christmas spirit by decorating the Service club tree. 614- K-.. Looking ahead to Christmas-Gene Gignac, 12A, anticipates the long-awaited day Whlle looking at the industrial departments holiday display and wondering what could be in that Ziff f X651 -wr ff? if f 0 ,, ,li ,fi f,, f ,yn ff' iw I Ki nd 1 3' i ,,,,,,,r.i.. , .-, :w-E10 D' 231W a'23 3555 5523: P-:mom Q. mi Sea? ofmz' 'im'-no 'i'.0'E.gA o:-reno. '1'-som U15'fU-. 'QP' Ego? av ,-35: :bmp- U10 Ewa? :1""fDfD 5+'L'.gn. F' FD '-1. 2505 'c mmgf 9 cn mg-OO ming? na wee.: Sofa, rn.-O' ,-.W m 'mga- 'clfflmo nm 3 ,9,f"Q7m 'U sv:- ,Qgwro .nw-I 'ii 297 34'DJ'0IIlf ww Gyl'PIiI1f2:f , . , an ,ana Z! lzjbf big box. 5 2 an 3 Q . :" M1450 'I I I . L t, as an .,,- V' I f ,I I ,rff A ,,..'A ' Y? ,-Q, f f I VC, ,iw rf 1 S ,fr if W ' Z 7 .. . A W4 , K 5. sp' I ,. , , 1 ,"" LW ' I, 3 4 I ' ,- .fl ' AAAA. i ' f fl I me Z Mir A ff V ,JIU 7 me 'L fun '!7"vK Yi g '55 '54, E 3? ,, I I gag. LA. i M f f ' W . , Af 7 31 gf, .- hg e I I 9117 E f 'f 1' ff 1 , X ' ' f ff! 2' 'fl RICHARD MASI Senior class officer, presidentg Footballg Blue Chapter Hi-Y ROBERT A. KAY Senior class officer, vice-presidentg Blue Chapter Hi-Y, secretary MARJORIE JEAN JARDINE Senior class officer, secretaryg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Cheerleader GAIL A. DRISCOLL Senior class officer, treasurerg Band, presidentg Girls' Bowling club CAROL JEAN SCHUMAN Senior class officer, directorg Dramatic club, presi- dentg Blue Chapter Y-Teens JOSEPH G. OPIMACH Senior class officer, directorg Basketballg Blue Chapter Hi-Y JEAN GALE WENSKO Senior class officer, directorg Service clubg Dramatic club FRANK L. ADAMS Science club JANE F. ANDERSON Girls' Bowling clubg French clubg Student Council representative WILLIAM ANDERSON MARGARET M. BACILLA Future Nurses' club, program chairman NORMA JOYCE BALDWIN Choirg Girls' Bowling clubg Concert Ensemble RICHARD R. BECKER CAROL A. BEERS Choirg Girls'Bowling clubg Concert Ensemble HELEN ANN BELL All-school playsg Dramatic club SAM BERRY DIANA BIANCHI Girls' Bowling clubg Choir KAY BOYAGIAN Varsity clubg Tennis club EUGENE BRUSCO Tower Chapter Hi-Y, vice-president LIBBY ANN BUFFONE Choir JESSE CARDELLIO Camera clubg Science club -122- JANUARY GRADUATES Our class was usually considered the small, the odd class. Maybe one of the outstanding characteristics of our arrival and departure was the weather. As l0B's, we arrived with the snowfall, and, as seniors, we departed in the same atmosphere. Most of us seem to feel that the smallness and coziness brought on by chilly weather only helped to bring us closer together. As we look back, perhaps the first thing that comes to our minds is our senior prom. Golly, the boys looked so sharp and the girls ---- a walking fashion show. We always had to do things inarush. Unlike the .Time class that has all summer, we had only two days to prepare for a new school or grade. We'll always remember the fun and mix-ups of our concessions. Though our profits in money may not have been much, our profits in experience and pleasure exceeded their bounds. Whatever our destinies, our love and happy memories will always blossom at the thought of Fordson, so responsible for us ---- As We Are. ROBERTA GRACE CAROTHERS ' Tower Tribune, copy editorg Fleur de Lis, .Tanuary K: editorg cms' Bowling club if 9'6- FRANCES CASSISA , ' . Girls' Bowling clubg Service club Q ANNA EMELY CENTI v ' Girls, Bowling clubg Choir ff F ,. AMERICO C, CERRONI JOAN C. CHRISTENSEN -. V - V ...Av -372 JOHN CHRISTOF F Football A A I' . I 1 I . 3' I I . DON CICOTTE 'J is CARL CINZORI 'A 3' Football, co-captaing Baseball, Track , Q 1, GERALD c. CLOUGH A , 2 -vi MARY ALICE COEDY Choirg Concert Ensemble, president ' W G Q V TERRY COFFEY ,,, . W ...f Footballg Boys' Bowling club -sd .,.., 17 SHIRLEY M. COLALUCA , 4, V ' , Www -123- s gan Q, ,,,V ff 4 , xy' Z' -qzfv V ,,. nm, , QW ,ff fl 'I VT, ff UW ee? ' 4' 1 '. s 3 f 1 I, . :W , wifi , Q! . f of ,wr '+. f . -4, f 2. , . I LM W 1 ,4 V V I3 A 'J I - ' I . - '12- 'F-':' fryr, . "H f 1 7 1 ,... ,zz W ' "I 1 .J ' 12,7 '4 IW , V f M nl.. I 1 fgc-4 ,, ,, 53,4 2 at if . 1 R' :Z X77 A ZZ .ff 4' 422 I Z H , ., I I .V , ' aw g 'V ff V , 4 Zi ., f V -42 .Q ZZ. ,,,,, wwf ff? by ZZ I ZZ 2 My WV 9 fo, ? 4 i 1 4 "iff V, Wi' ff, 7, f , .WMM V w X W' f 17 X f f gl , ff f f f w , ffzild f' Kf 'J f f f X fn I nawwn W 4--I-fy' 1' f X! an A, l X SHIRLEY M. COLEMAN Service clubg Girls' Bowling clubg G.A.A. LARRY COTTON JAMES A. CRAFTS Football BARBARA J. DAHLMAN Student Council, twelfth grade representativeg Bandg Orchestra RALPH E. DAVIDSON Bandg Orchestra JO ANN DAVIS SYLVIA DE FRENZA Choir WILLIAM DALE DE MAR Boys' Bowling club DALE DILLMAN Footballg Baseballg Basketball LOUISE MARGARITE DI MASSA BARBARA DOMBECK Girls' Bowling club JOYCE MARIAN DOWNEY JACK E. DOYLE ADAM J. DRIELTS II Bandg Conservation clubg Rifle club, secretary BARBARA N. DUKES Choirg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' bowling club JOHN L. DULL Tower Chapter Hi-Yg Boys' bowling clubg Band GENEVIEVE H. DUPLER MARY JO DYKE Blue Chapter Y-Teens, secretaryg French club, presidentg G.A.A. KENNETH J. EILERS Science club JACK V. ENGSTROM Science club, vice-presidentg Hall captaing Track ALVIN ERIC KSON KATHRYN L. EWING JEAN M. FECIASHKO Girls' Bowling club JOHN B. FETCHEL JEROME FIEMA MARJORH2 A. FILLMORE Service club: Blue Chapter JAMES FREEBURN Band SUE FUTRELL SHIRLEY JEAN GAIRDNER All-School playsg Dramati Chapter Y-Teens, treasurer ROSE MARIE GALLUCCI Y-Teensg Choir c club. secretaryg Blue Blue Chapter Y-Teens, vice-presidentg Junior class officer. directorg Concert Ensemble ALBERT F. GILHULY ANDREW GLAVANOVICH BETTY J. GLEN LAWRENCE GRONDZIAK Footballg Swimming WILLIAM RAY GULLY Footballg Swimmingg Band JHVI R. HAEGER CAROL ANN HALES JOAN HASHOIAN Service clubg Art club BARBARA L. HERTEL CHARLES A. HILLER Choirg Conservation clubg Concert Ensemble JOAN MARY HLOZNIK Art club VIRGINIA A. HORVATH Conservation club -125- se E' 4 ga? L Y fs- M1 -o Q "lf, I 1 Z -4 A ..l-f r , 3 1' -5' ,A-no A by X O ' A Y ff 4 -.Y I r w S M Q ., C , s -.f 'ZS' 5? 'Z 4. 1 04+-Q Q- 4 ij wa, -x .5 I ' If 1 X 5 ,I la f '39, K Sr S' 37" nv 'Z 6. vb Lg? " D V if ,.,, if ir.v Q A x .J 5 A . 1 3 5 IQLQA M , ' ,fm L ,fi ' K 24' ,1- 7' . ,,.. Lf :Ze ' Qs., 4 'R if f A -"' ' I ld 5 ' I X A H, 1 . I . .4 ,fwpffl 4 'aaa Q 'Y 7 , . xx," . . Wu ..i, . f. V .f.. ,Mi " f My V af Warm AM' ' 43 We 1' ye . " "5 f , Q53 4 I . .., , , 'fi I ' ' Vw! 4 x if f I 'HZ 2. . ,V .gf I I .L f. QL!! A .V f I J 3 G 1 f f, fr 'WX 'J . 7 I , ., V .gf fl mf 1 f 977, 24: .mf . ff ufffy, f My f. .. w, ,. 7 V .. 3 , f wif 'WW' 4527 ff-5. 5 . , Yfff, W W ., ,W 442' 'nr J L.. W4 . Q7 "' Wh ,l v a I ' 'W X ,ii iv - " Q ' X 7. gy , -V , . V, ,ak A Z W 'K Af' 3 , . f 1 2 -. L H .6 ,Q ' , ,, ., . -l X' .V -- 'zf ., ' , ' W A. x I f ff O ,Le Iv' . ,, ff W f - 126 THOMAS H. HOVERMALE Tennis, captaing Concert Ensemble RONALD JAMES BARBARA JOAN JASKE French club, vice-presidentg Booster club DONALD J. JEDYNAK Baseball MARJORIE CAROL JONES JAN KADLUBOWSKI RICHARD J. KANE Rifle club TED KARBACZ Art club JEAN C. KEEBLER NORMA DEAN KIRKS SHIRLEY KIZER Service club MARVIN L. KLASK NELLE WHITEHEAD KLEMMER Girls' Bowling club BETTY KOCIS Service club, presidentg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling club VICKY KOLEFF Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service clubg Girls' Bowling Club BEN KOSS Blue Chapter Hi-Yg Rifle clubg Conservation club TED KUKAWAKA Tower Chapter Hi-Y, presidentg Student Council, vice-presidentg Science club RICHARD G. LAPEER Boys' Bowling club CLARENC E R. LE BERT MARY LOUISE LIPKA Choir, Glee club, accompanistg EVA LONGFELLOW Service club CAMILLE LUTZ Y' f 29' Girls' Bowling club DELMA Mc GRATH .4 L Service clubg Spanish club 5 If V: , EDWARD KARL MARKIE df' ,J f V, . Q, 'E 5: A liiiaoigrx ,vi ' 4 GENE C. MARTIN f'..a Q, A, X, ,., V Camera club ,- ' V 'f Q -F ' f if ROLANDO MASSETTI GERALD MATTSON Football, co-captaing Baseballg Basketball DELIMA E. M.AY 6 French club, vice-presidentg G.A.A.g Blue Chapter Q A Q 73 Y-Teens .J V ROBERT MELHEM , I C Footballg Band , FRANCES MINAUDO , I-1 L., ERMINIA S. MORRONE f Choir f MARJORIE A. MRUZIK Af Choirg Service elubg Blue Chapter Y-Teens r BILL MORGAN eff- X A X ,4.!,1,g 6 15 - I " lll rv ',-Z fl- NORMA NADOROZNY F' Girls' Bowling club ,, GERALDINE J. NEMETH DICK NORRIS OSCAR G. NUNEZ Football EDWARD O'BRIEIN JOAN ONDAYKO Service clubg Girls' Bowling club lu ROSE MARY PALUMBO X L A Booster club " 9' ,, 'SI - RAY PAPP il I f i' ff 3 Hfiggy. "V , ALICE M. PAUL 5 Girls' Bowling clubg Service club X f - Q 1 A l aar are -127- tw? 9 W. mn. . ' , gf? Q i Q we .4-1 5 " ' .- V' gjgzfm. ' K ff jf- W? 7. . if M E Wag.. 2 ,y fm v 4' I ,, ,A 'vw Q ,f V 4 ? g I I ,A . , ff , E fi? , ,a, ' X if 51 5 jf 2 ',?I2 '5 "f I ffm, W' we -f- 13 -f 2 ,- I , ,Ii I ' j O, I: if TOM PELLE ROBERT F. PELLOCK N. RONALD PERREAULT Boys' Bowling club MARIO PERRI Basketballg Football BOB PETERSON Art Club VALENTINE PFA FFMANN Band JOYCE ANN PINK Choir LESLIE F. PISKITEL Tower Tribune, fourth-page editorg Fleur de Lis, underclassmen editorg Camera club, vice-president BERNICE KATHERINE POLITES LARRY PROCTOR Science clubg Tennisg Tennis club SHIRLEY A. PUTNICK BEN ROMANS DONALD A . ROMANSKI ROBERT R. ROSS Blue Chapter Hi-Y, treasurerg Student Councilg Choir JOAN ARLENE RYAN Orchestrag Cheerleaderg G.A.A. BARBARA JEAN RYDOLM Tower Tribune. city news correspondentg Future Teachers clubg Girls' Bowling club DON SARGENT Football, manager AUDREY JEAN SAUKKO CAROLYN ANN SCHMIDT LORETTA SILVESTRI BILL SIMMS -128- MERRILL SIMON Conservation club BEVERLY SLAVIK TOM SMALLEY Camera club eff A M H W ' JEAN SMEREKA I 4-,, S Ti , ge Service club A ' ' I " f ' "" JAYNE H. SMITH A , I I " MADONNA MARIE SOJACK " Choir ff ED SURPRENANT Band 3, METHVEN E. SWANSON at IWC Q Conservation club, presidentg Student Council, vice- president PATRICIA ANN SZYMCZYK Tower Tribune, editor-in-chiefg Student Council, secretaryg Service club, secretary l fa .f9'1Z,f-T12 ARTHUR J. THOMAS Q Bandg Rifle clubg Baseball, manager " 1 3, PATRICIA M. THOMAS 7 4 ?'7 SYLVIA TKACZ it ' ' ' Service clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teens Q ' Hd! , A 4? 17 17 9 2 Z 2 W L f ' M, IRENE TOTH A V Booster club ll' T' ily l WANDA TURFE , V, VICTORIA VALLE 1532- - " f zn, 1 9, f ,f ,f IA 2 ' , 5 1 X H ' 1 , I 'Q ROBERT WESTERLUND Z -I up , BILL WHITE 52 fc A' NANCY L. WILTZ - Za " "2 Service clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Hall Captain I , 3 MERIDEL SUE WONDERS 'MW Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service clubg French Club, A president BETTY JOYCE WORDEN JACK A. YONOVICH Mm? -129- 3442 l I V7 'K ca ., W , ,sw 4 ,ze Q N? Z O S S I K K, Q 5 mp J AT HONORS ASSEMBLY ix fi Marge Fillmore. Joe Opimach. and Jack Engstrom smilingly discuss me events of the Honors Assembly. .J 'I' x Mr. Henry Lewis. 12A class sponsor. says a few words of gratitude as Jack Engstrom gives him a gift at the assembly. A-1 an Cal-01 Schuman class directonpresentsagift Dick Masi. class president, gets a word of encouragement from his parents at the to Miss Clara Mae Beach, class sponsor. Honors Assembly. - 131 - WE DANCE DREAMILY We arrive breathlessly at Lovett Hall! Overwhelming chivalry is apparent as Roy Karcher, 11A, gallantly helps Ann Ricamore, 10A,UUt0fthe Car- fx ' if Z As we enter the door, wetingle with anticipation. Charles Hiller. January graduate, offers a corsage box as bail to entice Lynn lxillian, IZB, through the ooor. Families combine 'it 0 . . ur prom as Shirley Colaluca, and Bob De Grazia intently watch Shirlev's sister Sally pin On a Carnation for Tullio De Grazia. Tullio, B0b's cousin, g1izeS drn-family at his dat . A ' ' e ll are Fordson graduates. AT OUR SENIOR PROM Paul Sanderson signs his 4'John Hancock" to Shirlev G'a.irdner's program. Both seem to be enjoying themselvei at their senlor prom. ng -45 The long and short of it: Terry Gingrich, l2B, whirls Elaine Kashkin, also a 12B, around the dance floor. As the prom progresses, Mary Ellen Slavik and Delphine Stark, 11B's, rest their aching feet, The beautiful sur- roundings at Lovett Hall are ideal for both dancing and resting. IT' . '--in au Qin ff-yah V h 'rx J Fordson femmes dance happily with the fellows they are treating, Sponge Dance males. if vw P if WE HUM, 'HEART OF MY HEART' ,f yr by ',,, -..a ' i 'V ' uoh- mY 3Chin' head!" This gal chuckles as ' her date mops his brow and charges tothe side- bff . lines for a time-out. U- ! nflb,-N 5 X I , Frank Ferracciolo and Connie Block, 1lA's, sigh with relief-when they finally find some vacant chair far as "footsies" are concerned! s at the "Sweetheart Swirl". Apparently, Saint Valentine hasn't got a heart as . 134 . AS SEMESTERS CHANGE We elect new Student Council members to replace the January graduates. Twelfth grade representatives Pat Fletcher and Tom Kwasney and eleventh grade representa- tive Danilla Masset were elected to fill this year's vacan- cies on the Council. W., J 's.. We plan informal dates, 21S 12A'S, Stew Fordell, B95-Y Kristofi, Stan Morianec, and Beverly Mulzer, are Planning- rv EJ n 1 , 5 6 I We look for ways to leave school. Frank Richmond opens wide for Nurse Miss Dorothy Copony in the hope of X J' :- I leaving school. N K v X- if xxx , - 135 AS WE ARE 136 Nm IN THE SPRING In the spring, the grass turns green, flowers bloom, and soft breezes disrupt us in our class routine. Our noon -hours are spent out on the grass, counting the days until summer vacation begins. Track, goli, and tennis keep many of our boys outdoors after school hours. Girls and fellows wage cold wars. The girls have slightly romantically-tinged, after-school plans, while the boys think only of baseball and track. Finally, feminine wiles win, and the girls proudly attend the .T-Hop, escorted by aspiring stars. The J-Hop is our star attraction of the spring and is a festive and romantic occasion. The boys sport their ever-popular dark suits, while the girls wear light, billowy formals. We dance 'til morning, then go out for an early breakfast. Following spring vacation, banquets are prominent. Some of us begin to realize that there are onlyafew treasured weeks remain- ing of our high school days. Seniors witness their last all-school play with mixed emotions, while graduation time hovers ever nearer. f 2 We watch intently as the commencement proceedings begin. Joy, accompanied by tears, is evident, and our seniors proudly march to receive their diplomas. The last major dance, the June prom, is held in honor of our graduating seniors, citizens of tomorrow, products of Fordson, AS WE ARE. ,Nhxs 9 EQ 'f'i 5, 5 91 ,, 'D qi '+V xx Q, v -if Ns 4' Q' at .w Z5 M ,pxu TATU- "It'5 mine! I got it!" Patience personified: our photographer :it rest Shake that test tube well, hut DON'T splash any on Mr. Katona Surprised by the Camera, mouths open, but singing stops ,x-vm W w 4 E -138- J 'fr 'P IT IS A TIME -N 'T FOR GAINING EXPERIENCE X -x, ,f I 1 ,pw 0 "Baseball, baseball, baseball," run the thoughts of this pensive male 0 'tMen, men, men," run the thoughts of this clever female 0 "I made it myselfg dare I eat it?" -139- VARSITY BASEBALL CANDIDATES -'x 1 :. f ff"'f T 'kr' ui 'izdwn 1 Top row: Attie, Wolter, Smith, Ford, Ficyck, Sidelko, Coach Robert Brazell. Second row: J. Calla- way, T. Callaway, Osso, Slovinski, Bardelli, Kosch. First row: Mifsud, Snyder, Candella, Harp, Dowidiat. BATTERY MEN ,VI fe. Q? Q Efvwm' Y-'if Top row: Ficyck, Bardelli, J. Callaway, Kosch. First row: T. Callaway, Harp, Sidelko. . 140 . SPRING SPORTS BRING ,fb xrxwz l.,-M ff S Returning lettermenz Candella, Snyder, Wolters, and Osso. BASEBALL .. f. M ba,-X f -141- AND TRACK Dave Dreher, 11A, grins trium- phantly as he conquers that hurdle. THINCLADS VIE FOR POSITIONS FORMS' C T :CP 1 .Mfg -fmt I . I' ff . 1 IFUIQUSIUN, I' , UN Hxmnnsuu ACK 1 msn 0 "If21JSf1A,f I l W K " fl 5 WK 5 I V I I 'Z -rv Q , ' Q aqf' PQIQQJESNI . t Wy . V5 4 V 4 , ?FURDSUl. q mmm, I X V, " -W ,Qf I xr x fi 1 X if 'V g an Y vw if ., p I-Ur A' Top r0W1 Stockdale, Collins, Drost, Gignac, Korte, Bohn, Bruce. Middle row: Cramton, Campbell, Dreher, Polidori, Ferracciolo. Bottom row: Davis, Friend, Dimoff. I 2 Q ' I 1 Qmznsuu , I I 5 l,f"'f?.s'Llf 'ICK ,S Bill Campbell jumps rope for exercise, as Alex Shashko gives his all encouragement. .142- WHILE NETTERS AND GOLFERS BEGIN PRACTICE ? -. Top row: Morcom,Weber,Jawor. Bottom row: Case, Matusiak, Soper. -143- Top row: Green. Bojas, Sobeck, Lind- man. Second row: Selwa, Ryan Katchadoorian. Bottom row: Harring- ton, Schultz. 0 -Q: 15 N x Q K4 C we I ' ' 1 sg X I , ,Qw?' W . .gms I-IN .L Q' xx ,nv h 3 A Y? .li . 1 I , , L' V Six. R 'bm - s K se x rin 1 its --K.. " .M 1 Zh elf -:sown v -wg- T- If N 1,..a,, 'Q 1 1. ...f 4 C i .J , CALVIN CULLEN Senior class officer, presidentg All-school plays, Band SUSANNE SOSSI Senior class officer, vice-president, Blue Chapter Y-Teens, president JUDITY L. HENRY Senior class officer, secretary, G.A.A., vice-presi- dent MARILYN ELLEN MC CLUSKEY Senior class officer, treasurer, Officials clubg G.A.A. DIANE R. NISBET Senior class officer, director, G.A.A. MARLENE A. BUFALINI Senior class officer, director, Usher club, Girls' Bowling club CARMELA CARUSO Senior class officer, directorg Service club, French club, president FADWA ABED French club, vice-president, Debate clubg Drama club RAYMOND G. ADAMS FRANK E. AGOSTI Football .TIM ALLEN Football, Track MARY AQUINO Service Club KENNETH W. ARASIM Science club JANE ARNEY G.A.A. WILLIAM B. ATKINSON LILLIAN M. ATTARD G.A.A., Girls' Bowling vice-president ALICE AZNAVORIAN Service club, treasurerg G.A.A. BOB BAKER Boys' Bowling club NANCY GAY BARLOW G,A.A., secretary, Off Y-Teens JOANN BATTISTONE JACK R. BAUER Club, Modern Dance clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg icials clubg Blue Chapter JUNE GRADUATES Graduation time is upon us, and in a few days we'll don our caps and gowns and look at those familiar towers for the last time. As we recall our memories, sentimental and funny incidents tickle us with their happy meanings. Remember that first day as l0B's and how confused we were? Boy, we didn't think very much of seniors then. We thought we'd never learn which stairs went up and which went down, not to mention the mystery of G Hall. The sound of the whole school singing the school song is some- thing we'll recall for many years, along with the quiet hush just before the Pledge of Allegiance. How different the kids all looked under the dimmed lights at our dances, and didn't the cafeteria look grand after the drapes and pictures were added? Perhaps, the most important memories are of our pals. The upper classmen who bullied us when we were l0B's, aswell as the underclassmen we bullied, our best friends, classmates, and teachers will always be tops. One of our greatest thrills came in our junior year, when we became state champs in basket- ball and swimming. At our victory assembly, remember how the kids sitting next to us tried to hide their tears to say nothing of how we nearly choked on those lumps in our throats? Yes, we can surely remember a lot and be proud to be a part of Fordson, . . . AS WE ARE. MARY LEE BAXTER NEVA LOU BEACH JOE BEAUSHAW ROSE MARIE BERCZEL Choirg Blue Chapter Y-Teens, Girls' Bowling Club RUDY R. BERNICK Tennis ROBERT BERNS 9, lk we-f A g A Q A I ,Rb ,alfiyi EILEEN R. BERRY . at ,W A' JTM BERRY Swimming QATZ , jg PATRICIA A. BIERMAN -:mf 6 DOROTHA BLANEY 2 aj Cheerleader, Junior class officer, treasurer, G.A.A. .I Lypui 3' I 5 r fr A A -f RAY BLANEY Af'- Science club " 1 ' ew' ROBERT BOHN by Basketball, captain, Track f M nj f .5 ai y , A ' fi ll a A A if I -145- 5 f Q at , 'N ,ww 1 -,W S 0 X , 13 Q :sv ERN ' 121 'ff' ,, T, O ' 'ef f 1 I .1 Q Q- li' , 1- 5 -.-, 2531,-5 .. ' ifff' 'F ' 17, ' f 1'f'QgA"' to ,. mlm? , I 4. I Willis 5 if Y .',. of fa ,, -rw, .fag I A " Qi , , ,,m, V ' ' 'W J ' ,, ' 4 aj ' ' ,"f Tvif A ' "f?f'5fZf'f , W fr H-'rf . , A ',,'.,e V '-" Av, ff fa 5 ,1 g ,.,, rf . , .',.. , ,2 41 .,k, rl V , Am any E, Fl? 4, ws 1 an 'sw , , LV' W W A 1 .N 5 X Y 'X 2 zf li X 5 I 1 xy A M , 'J 'wma' ' X GERALD J. BOJAS Tennis,co-captaing Boys' Bowling clubg Varsity club GLADYS BOND IE Choir RAY BOROTA Footballg Varsity club LOUIS BOSSIO BARBARA BRAWNER White Chapter Y-Teens BARBARA BROWN Girls' Bowling clubg Debate JOE BROWN Student Council, treasurerg music TOM BRUCE Trackg Tower Chapter Hi-Y MARY ANN BRUNO Ensemble clubg Choirg Trio DE LORES BRZYS Camera club .TUNE BUCK Future Teachers' club, vice- G.A.A. ALBERT P. BULLERI Debate club JOSEPH A. BUNDAS THERESA BUNDAS GLORIA ANN BURTON Service club WILLIAM C . BUTZ LAFF club Tennisg Instrumental presidentg Service club Swimmingg Varsity clubg A11-school plays NANCY BYRNE ANDREW P. CANDE LA Baseball CYNTHIS CARDINAL Service club, presidentg Choir MARY JANE CATAPANO Service club ANN C ELAREK .145. ORLANDO CERRONI DOLORES CESARIO Tower Tribune staff, sports editorg Blue Chapter Y- Teens MARGARET CHEATLE G.A.A.g Girls' Bowling club CYRIL CHERRY LORRAINE CHOBOTAR G.A.A.g Girls' Bowling clubg Blue CAROLINE JO CHURCHES Girls' Bowling club JOYCE FAYE CLARK Choirj Ensemble clubg Trio RICHARD A. CLAY Chapter Y- Teens Camera club, treasurerg Science club VIRGINIA CLEMENT G.A.A.g Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Officials club JEAN COLAIANNI Booster clubg Future Nurses' club ANNE D. COLANTONI Service clubg Usher clubg Frenc LOUISE COLAROSSI Future Nurses' clubg Booster club ROBERT P. COLAROSSI Trackg Art club DONALD B. COLEMAN Rifle club, executive officer ADA COLETTA Booster club ARGIA COLETTA Booster club DENNIS CONNOLLY Baseball MARY J. CONTI G.A.A.g Girls' Bowling club DONNA LEE CRYSLER Art clubg Voice of Christian Youth JANET CUNNINGHAM HENRY E. CZERWICK h club, treasurer Wk ffvfiffi ' m f, fp f ' N X O . x A X9 Q S X f 1: A W ,,.. . ,h K 4 X xv Q I 5 is gmif 2 A, lb WVYW' W 9 -1 'G-Q 1 Zi , 1 f I , K iz' 7 ... ..,,,,, av ' f jen fm, A 'WM' , " 'A mfg if 1 .M f 1 f K R f .,.,,,! " , 00 I X 3 ,av M , " V ' .- , gg! 412' ff Q wr 6 X' ,Ng X, f ff , , V H, . y ' ,f I izri fl av W' I I Z 'T - W ...., , V ':3:1.5J M1 1 1 ,j-. ,i5fifff?i'f1 f i" '1' G, 3-Z. ,gg A M625 fi , ymgzah I , 1 V' 5' fi?-:5'E1:"' 4 1 x ' f -7, '. a 1 - . ' , ' Wwff, -1 ,. ' ..1"7'Lf24 " I . ' 7- VSZEQYVW 5 f f- 5 ,I ,. .71 may -5 "fl V - . ,. .- A .. ,f ,f 2.-W I 2 Q M tffwagw ' 12.721 yr I , I, 54, I ,, --'Il 43? C3 'K CT' .,.A,. , -A ,,A:.:q , ,I -nv 'ii ug. ,gy rug, Ax, 1 Z I , A5 , 9945 , 7' M Y ' 5 Aw 3 3, , .. .w w if - X K V , .,,, ,. '9' I A- X . X 1 ,, A - ,- I a an 4 .i yi ' Z ' Q 1g,11,,Q E L..-4' f I fe If 1?-'iff I W' I . 4 f, EN N3 ,,. Y Q JV .f-., I -,V.:.u q t PAUL DAY DORIS DEAN Girls' Bowling clubg Booster club PATRICIA ADRIANN DEC Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Science club GAY LEE DE LESTIENNE LORETTA DEMBOWSKI Vocal music accompanistg Future Teachers' club WILLIAM S. DOMINO RAY DOMZALSKI CAROL DORAN LARRY DOUGHERTY Basketballg Baseball STELLA DREWNO LOUISE DUREN Usher clubg G.A.A.g Blue Chapter Y-Teens DALE C. EDWARDS Conservation clubg Science club BARBARA A. ESKI Usher club, presidentg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Tennis club DENNIS FASSETT Footballg Track LENO FAVERO Football TONY FERA ROSEMARY A. FERRISE .TOE FETCHEL PAT FLETCHER Tower Tribune staff, associate editorg Fleur de Lis staff, sports editorg Student Council JOAN FOBAR Modern Dance club FANNIE FORD -148- STEPHEN W. FORDE LL iwilvivimingg Ensemble club, president, Blue Chapter 1- FAYE FORGE ELAINE FORTIN BILL M. FOSTER WILLIAM J. FRASER SANDRA FRECKELTON Blue Chapter Y-Teens, Art club, vice-president, G.A.A. RUTH ELAINE FREDERICKSON Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Future Teachers' club, Girls' Bowling club JOE FUNDARO Band, executive board, Orchestra STEPHANIE GABORSKI Cheerleader, Modern Dance club BEATRICE. GAJEWSKI Fleur de Lis staff, editor-in-chief, Tower Tribune staff, second page editorg Blue Chapter Y-Teens ELEANORE GALLINA Future Nurses' club SHIRLEY ANN GALLUCCI Girls' Bowling club MARY GANDOLFO Tower Tribune staff, copy editor, Fleur de Lis staif, underclassmen editorg Spanish club BLANCHE A. GARCIA PATRICIA GARCIA KEN GEST Student Council, presidentg Swimmingg Blue Chapter Hi-Y, secretary FRED GIANNANGE LI WALTER H. GIBSON, IR. Tennis GENE W. GIGNAC Track, captaing Varsity club, president, Choir ROBERT MICHAEL GILLIGAN Tower Hi-Y ANNA M. GIOMMI 126, V 7 , M, , 7' 1 , L , . if ',', " 4 14 V'-f' ,,,, 4 ' .J L nf 5 V I, p , , A ' ' . 2' Z ' , , ' ,'f', I I 'la gl, ,, ' 'fl M ff . - my V, ,f ., , 1, ., Z . Z ff A 9 it uv 0' 'fa 4 If , f f W 2, , -ifzff ,. . ffl' 5 f If fy , J ti N he I limi f I . an as rs ' , x E if , . is '19s-2.1, R ,R I ak A rf W.. x ,,,.rlfkQl,. xg x 4 A-, .A vz RM f f 1-if V QAAI n M .,,,.,,,.,,. I f ,J X .,.. V 7 X ,A . , K 5, - .7 145 f f 'W ' - . ' 1 ww Q44 ' 3 , G ,,VV Q , 44,17 Z' A .J , ga gf, X J, fl , A ' , . ' I 1- I-QQ 1.3 f AJ' 1" ' V fr V .nk . vi. 4 I J ,, V V fr f A I ,W i A Li 'f f ' 3 , -+ fre, J T7 1 , , f f .f I ff SHIRLEY MAY GOLDSMITH ROBERT L. GOODRICH Rifle club, presidentg Science club JOHN F. GORSKI Track SHIRLEY M. GOSLOW Bandg Latin clubp Blue Chapter Y-Teens ROGER J. GREGORY BARBARA GROSS Girls' Bowling club DANIEL J. GUBKA Camera club FRANCES GUIDO G.A.A.g Service clubg Future Teachers' club GENE S. GULLY ELIZABETH IRENE GURNEY G.A.A.g Future Teachers' club, treasurerg Officials club RONALD GURTA JOSEPH HADDAD JAMES HADDEN SHARON ETHEL HANGST Booster club CYNTHIS HARBOWY G.A.A.g Blue Chapter Y-Teensp Usher club DON HARKINS Bandg Orchestra PATRICIA ANNE HAYEK Modern Dance clubg Drama clubg Future Nurses' club LESLIE E. HAYS THOMAS R. HENSTOCK Orchestra CONNELL NICK HERTLEIN JUNE E. HEWITT GIAJA., presidentg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Officials c u 150 - GERALD HILL SUZANNE C. HLASNEY Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling club GERALD HOLLINGER CHARLES J. HOUSE GRAYDON HUFF BARBARA ANN HUNTER PERRY A. HURD MARJORIE J. HUSTON VIRGIL J'. IANNI MARY GRACE IAQUANIELLO FRANK P. IAQUINTO Tower Tribune mechanical staff WILLIAM H. JENSEN Blue Chapter Hi-Y, treasurerg Boys' Bowling clubg Swimming JEAN JOHNSON Choirg Concert Ensembleg Blue Chapter Y-Teens ROBERT A. JONES All-school playg Drama club MARIANNE C. KACENA JOE KAPANOSKE Boys' Bowling clubg Track OPHELIA KARAPETIAN Choirg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service club KAREN LOUISE KARLOVETZ G.A.A.g Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service club ELAINE MARY KASHKIN Band Council, secretaryg French clubg Drama club GEORGIA KATSAKIS Blue Chapter Y-Teens SOPHIE S. KAZAROFF White Chapter Y-Teens my-.6 , 'I Mr-I' x, A if "Ja L, If . I i W 1. Q . ..- Zls I N m in Mft Q., H Zh 6 Z fv- "-'16 ja A J A R , " at "' 6' 6 i ,z 1 is 3' if is i me M 'P Jw. ,IW -,,,, Q ,J A 39 'if wk? W Q ,f 1-of . , 2 ' 1,1 1 A Q 1 nv X X pt Q f ,Q 6' .40 1 1 gh at XE u 1 I r . x 'N T? ' 1 R, Q2 f 'Q 3 A .'.- H? 11 . r . ,I eine is . I ' N so 1 W I N' -s, X-my L A me it w as ' -' ,Q 35- K1 6 "' Y S- A V me-I QW X I -.. .1 'VW Ev. fs! V. :mga 4 A I I 6 HAM fwfr' My I 7' I 54 . , ,, fi ,X ff, Q, ,f , jg, ,. w K,- wfwf ,ow-g -W44? ' 1 JL, L ' A '33 ..,, ,,f,, I 3. A X' ' ' Y U 7 f ' . ff 33 fx JV! I if -Hr ,vm 3 ROERT KAZAROFF Football CAROL SUE KEARNEY Spanish club, secretary-treasurerg Service clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teens GLEN KENDALL Track KENNETH KERR NANCY KEY Choir MARY KILROY Service clubg Girls' Bowling club GENE P. KING .TOE KIRKESZNER MARY GRACE KLRWAN Library club, treasurer LEONARD KLESZCA BETTY MAY KLOPCIC Blue Chapter Y-Teens, vice presidentg Usher clubg Spanish club BILL KL OVSKI Band NANCY JANE KLUWE Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling clubg Choir BERNARD KOKOSINSKI All-school play VALERIE JEAN KOLPACKE Service clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling club BURT KONCZAL SYLVIA KONWINSKI Drama clubg Usher clubg White Chapter Y-teens GEORGE KORTE Tower Chapter Hi-Y, treasurerg Science clubg Track RONALD KOVE LL VALERIE KOWALYSHYN Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service club STANLEY KRAMARZ BETTY JANE KRISTOFF Choirg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Usher club MARY ANN KUBRAK Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Usher clubg Service club ANNE LOUISE KUCZIN Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Usher clubg G.A.A. ERNEST F. KUHARY Tower Chapter Hi-Y HELEN V. KUPRASHUK Usher clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Art club GERRY A. KURDSIEL Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Tower Tribune staifg Science club THOMAS A. KWASNEY Swimming, captaing Blue Chapter Hi-Y, presidentg Student Council GRACE ANNE LAMARAND Choirg Service clubg White Chapter Y-teens SHIRLEY M. LANGE Usher clubg Future Nurses' clubg Future Teachers' club DIANE LAPINSKI JEANNE LAUTH PARVIN LEE Track FRANK W. LEHMAN ELLEN RAY LIPKA Debate cfubg Service club FRANCES MAUREEN LOCKE Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Service clubg Tower Tribune staif, editor-in-chief JAMES S. LONGRIDGE ALBERT J. LOOS, IR. MARION G. LOVACHY Cheerleaderg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Usher club CAROL M. LUTTERMOSER Girls' Bowling clubg Usher club JAMES F. LYNCH DAVID W. MC BRIDE Art club V 4 y ' AI , I h f , j p f,.,Z .M -.., 1 5 Z. 1 I A A Q7 1 fi , r Q ,J 4 ff? +A' wear, 1 W' ' -Q- Nl' N-ev riff 2 Q2 1 XL! rg . f, Q13 E ,rf 'V 74, 4' - ' - A f' f ,mf I A- Y 'f .gr I '45, an , , f I tfwf' ' . , fi it I eivrv ffl 1 X 'V V 1 5112 " X3 .Aw gains: I MZ' ff , ,.,,,. 'H JL' can I 4,.-A W f ,W -f 9' ff A , V , A fyj , f 1 . - 'ff vw f " JW ff l f .- ' f ' fy' f 1 A' JI 1:11 ,gf ,Wm .,,,,, WV-17' 'W 6 ff! .av pf' A f ..,, V I -01, Z M fl, ,Mimi 'W 71- 5 . W lar wkf I f , f ' yrs' " " 11 ,Ayn , 7 , jf.,f ' -'fy,j'fi9 I , 17,5 , X4-,fy I 1 ,A Z , 1,115 1 ., I I ff 1 j f f f I f XZ ac. V 'frm nw' ,, ., if ,f 'a 1 I f la X fm DOROTHY JEAN MC CALLION Officials clubg Girls' Bowling club, president G A A RONALD MC COMB KENNETH MC GARVEY Choirg All-school playg Ensemble club GORDON MC GRUTHER French club, presidentg Rifle club, vice-president DONALD MC KENZIE Band JEAN MC LACHLAN Choir ELSA B. MC LEOD BEVERLY J. MC NAMEE CAROLE MC NULTY TOM MADDOCK Band JEANNETTE ANN MANCE Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Drama RONALD C. MASSECAR Bandg Art club DAVID R. MASSEY JOHN H. MATUSIAK Golf RICHARD DAVID MEGAHAN SHIRLEY E. MEIER Service clubg Orchestra MARILYN CECILIA MELEGA Conservation club LEO MICEK JOANNE MICHALOWICZ Blue Chapter Y-Teens LEONARD R. MIDDLETON Footballg Baseball DOLORES MIHELSIC -154- clubg Choir ,ur 4A I ., W A2 M., ALBERT THOMAS MILAUSKAS A 2 Alf AUDREY MILES gk,-u at F6 A 3, A JO ANN MILES M .. y I V521 W 74 ' JANET M. MILLER MARY ANN MILLER I, 4 1 2 . L DELL D. MONAHAN 45 'life W Band A I - VM . A STANLEY MORANIEC All-school playg Boys' Bowling club, secretaryg Tower Chapter Hi-Y U ,, n TOM MORCOM ' 3 A ,, Choirg Golf E 'T' GILBERT D. MORENO I L Science clubg Boys' Bowling club. 9 , - , . 1 Q. 1 A PATRICIA MOTLEY BEVERLY MULZER If Usher clubg Service clubg Blue Chapter Y-Teens VASILE B. MURESAN I il T? THERESA LOUISE MUSCILLO DON W. MYERS MARY LOU MYSHOCK . f, ,. EUGENE R. NADAI ROBERT O. NELSON, IR. , .TOANNE N. NERO ' ' Future Nurses' club L f . gif, lg ...ul J 1 us . A , VC.X.W,,' I. I X . ROSE MARIE NOWLIN ,. Future Nurses' clubg White Chapter Y-Teens If -' '! ,g.31. L W I f , I DH SALLY O'HARE an 4 ia 12' Ji CHARLOTTE A. OHSOWSKI I U 'A ."" Service clubg Girls' Bowling clubg Booster club 1.3 W 'tag . :A v,,. - 155 rl 2 ff' .,, V f a f' lv, '99 hr X. f f X I . .... .1 , . " , I 'I I ,,. nf 4 255317 ...ff an -1-M-vr V, M, 223 5- .,,,,, , M Y -' "Q ' if , f I ff f g f p ,X 1 , 1 I ff .lj ,',' ' '33 X :- ' . , . J tw- -we 1 W' A if wi A Zi, Q ' I , 1 Q. 'CPP "' .K wgawf r ff' 4 4 f I . ' f QV... 5' I U 4,21 755 VZ? ' , ' 'Q "" 7 if ' Pi' If IW iff ' ' f ? ' . .-: X A ..... IM' I I I rw 'R ' 5 7 'W V5 1' " I A 2' " fa ir ? f , f V7-'23 .L I 457 ff 7' . , 4 I , Ekfff 4 I .4 5, nggiwirl, F7 ,, 17,3 5 , 1. Wa. 1 ,mv 1 V f I v W' f ' A .fw ix t 1 . is A ' W - 2573? 4' mf? I" f fi W" "f ' I .4271 1' Z 4 ' , If 1 V- SHIRLEY ANN O'KRAY SHIRLEY M. OLAH Library club TED W. OLSZTYN DICK M. ONYSKIN GERLAD W. ORR JOSEPH E. OSSO Tower Chapter Hi-Y, p class officer, president MARY PAPALIA BYRON PARKER VIRGINIA M. PARUCH White Chapter Y-Teensg ALLAN PATTERSON Footballg Track MARJORIE A. PAUCH Service clubg Usher DE LIA PERELLI ROBERT J. PETIPREN THOMAS P. PETISH JEAN PIERCE RAYMOND T. PIKE LIS residentg Baseballg Junior Future Nurses' club clubg Tower Chapter Hi-YQ Band RICHARD PIURKOWSKI TED J. PLISKA Latin Clubg Conservation club EUGENE PODKOSCIE LNY Tower Chapter Hi-Y MARY POLICICCHIO Usher clubg Booster club LEONARD L. POLIDORI Boys' Bowling clubg Tower Ch 3.1'l'I1S -156- Girls' Bowling club apter Hi-Y, sergeant at ANN MARIE POLLARD Girls' Bowling club ELAINE POLOWAY Usher club, treasurer, Spanish clubg Blue Chapter Y- Teens DONALD H. POND Fleur de Lis staff, seni or associate editorg Tower Tribune staff, sports editorg Student Council CHRISTINA POOLE Camera club. secretarv EDWARD POSA Tower Tribune mechanic al staff DANIEL JAMES PROVINE Football ALFRED E. PTAK THOMAS V. PUZZUOLI Junior class officer, vic Hi-Y, vice-president KATHLEEN QUINN LARRY H. QUINTERO Band BERTHA RADAKOVIC H WALTER G. RANEY Tennisg Baseballg Towe e-presidentg Tower Chapter r Chapter Hi-Y NELDA KATHERINE REED JOAN A. REMSNYDER RICHARD RENKO NANCY SOPHIE RENUK NORBERT A. REUTER JEANETTE REWITZER Future Teachers' club, Bowling club, secretary JACK A. RICE Science club CLINTON ROBERTS Science clubg Rifle club MARY ANN ROBERTS presidentg G.A.A.g Girls' -157- . is xxx If W in . 4 sm ! , V .,,,Z'.- ,. -- 2 1 4 4 2 ,, 1. , A 7 'f9f'f , 1 I , sf .Qc A A I 2 . A A I 'fl ' :Mi 1 .SV Q 3- V , -5: W 4,7 -..- . 57 I ,A W' . wr ' f T, ' 3 I . .1 . an V V53 A, x J ,. E 5' ' if f K 5 . 1. I A 'J' f-We ' f in 2 ,ea gf fn f ff , , f A A "3 fm? -fo A 4 ' 9 . wwf X ,f I A A H I- f ,W H 'ra 3 .4 if J ,.,7 ' -'-i , f, .1,, ,, E .,-3 . ,ERE 'X mor .. f Ji I " J' S' A 1 A C 'V M ' 3 J fmik.. E K " A 52 1 K Qi?" f an-Wi 1 .,..- W 'V' '37' 4' Hb. 'v E3 wr' ,aww ry 1' 3 fv r 47 9 X gi " Sw-1 qw- 6' ' 4 vm' It v Y ,, , 3 'P A ,sv QU +92 Q WL? H I A ' 1,5 ' f ww 'lr- ,af- LN DALE ROBINSON IDA ROCHELEAU JEROME S. ROGACZEWSKI Boys' Bowling club .TO ANN ROPETA Choir, secretaryg Latin club, presidentg Blue Chapter Y-teens E. LEE ROSAR ROBERT J. ROSBURY RICHARD ROWE Swimmingg Blue Chapter Hi-Y ARTHUR W. ROWLAND Concert Ensemble, treasurerg A.V,I.g Camera club BEVER LY ANN RUBIKAS FRANK RUCINSKI CAROL ANN RUCKI SHIRLEY L. RUONAVAR PATRICIA RUPPERT G.A.A., intramural headg Future Teachers' club, secretaryg Girls' Bowling club, treasurer IRENE MAE RUSKO JAMES RUTH Science club RITA SALINA MARIE F. SALVATORE Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling club DOROTHY SAMPLES G.A.A.g Usher clubg White Chapter Y-Teens GENEVIEVE SANSON G.A.A.g Usher club, secretaryg Science club DONALD S. SARNA Camera club, vice-presidentg Science clubg Boys' Bowling club ALBERT SCAPPATICCI Tower Chapter Hi-Y, sergeant-at-armsg Football BARBARA L. SCHENK JANICE LEE SCHUETT Bandg Girls Bowling club' , . ,Q .V f' . , an Y' , Y , , in I PAT SCHULTZ f ff Girls' Bowling clubg French club, treasurer ,2?ff9f2 ROBERTA SCOTT X ANGELINE SEBASTIANI www' Future Nurses' club V fav X , ,..,,,,, ff We ' ROBERT SELWA Tennis club, presidentg Varsity clubg Tennis MICHAEL SHAGAN Bandg Track KAY SHEREN G.A.A., treasurerg Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Officials club WILLIAM JOSEPH SIDELKO Baseballg Tower Chapter Hi-Y, secretaryg Science , i, , f rf , 1 , G, , H ,715 445 H4 Q, 'K'1'9 Z iff club MATHEW PAUL SIEROTA Basketballg Baseballg Tower Chapter Hi-Y VM MARY ANN SIMON Girls' Bowling club .TOHN ROBERT SKAISGIR BERNARD S . SKOLARUS FREDRICK B. SLOVINSKI Baseball RAYMOND E. SMITH CAROL .TEAN SNIDER Tower Tribune staff, exchange editorg Debate club, presidentg French club THOMAS L. SNYDER Baseballg Tower Chapter Hi-Y EARL R. SOBECK Bandg Tennisg Orchestra MARGARET .TEAN SQUIRES Majoretteg All-school playsg KENNETH STAMM LRENE DONNA STEFANKO Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls Drama club, president ' Bowling club YPK .w ...v f f 'W' . ,F V 1" ra in K, Al 1 9 4 "' ? ,X ,,.. , 1 4' ,,, V! I M I K fx: W? J, .W --' ,w Qi X' I I X' ff ff ie 4-' ' 'I-This -.4 'W ry, f 3 .1 : A . V ' D li '29 5' in f , , l f 15, ,, , X, W 'fu I ,Y ' ff. , ,A Nt V 1 f B ' . 5 'W .ff fg ' ,, , 1 ' 2 X' tff Z Iv 321 . 1 Y Q ' , , , ,, . ff, v':,zrww- ,ffm I , - H rf 04 W 2' I, of 'V ff wire. I-.1 lt Q ' L " 4' "' rr W ff-.. L QW' 1 -1 Z Y I6 if pm ,.. .. W.. 1 ' 0 Ax , ,f f ' 10,5 X 1 "' 9 w .A 6 f Y fi 44 5 1- , f- 1, 0 BARBARA JEAN STEGGLES Service club MARY LOU STETZ Choir MARILYN STEVENSON Choirg Ensemble club GEORGE J. STOJANOVICH Swimmingg Varsity clubg Blue Chapter Hi-Y, vice- president DAN STOYANOFF Band BEVERLY ANN STRAYER Cheerleaderg Tower Tribune staffg White Chapter Y-Teens CAROL STROBLE JOHN RUSHTON STRONGMAN Boys' Bowling clubg Choir BARBARA ANN STUDDERS MARION EVELYN SULEK BOB SWAIN JOAN SWICK WILFRED SYCAMORE JOSEPH TAFFANHART Baseballg Boys' Bowling club JONATHAN THOMSON All-school playsg Spanish C1ub,president3 Debate club, treasurer ARTHUR TOM LAWRENCE A. TOMASSI ANITA TONRISTE Booster club ELAINE MARY TOPOLEWSKI Choir VICKIE TOSTO G.A.A.g Service clubg Future Nurses, club DOROTHY A. TRABALKA Girls' Bowling club KATHY TRAUTZ Usher Club ITH ELAINE TUDOR . J gjghestrag Debate club, secretaryg Girls' Bowling ya ' club PAULINE UNGARO I Majoretteg Blue Chapter Y-Teens, treasurer: G.A.A. ?"" ' 7 41 1, TOM UTSMAN V I Science club, presidentg Swimming. nianagerg Booster V, V, club LAUREL VAN TIL Ensemble clubg Choir: Blue Chapter Y-Teens PATRICIA ANN VENCELOV Majoretteg Girls' Bowling club 21 , 4 f 1 1 JESSIE MARIE VENTRO JERALD vErou'IcH Hall captain MICKEY VILLE LLA .f--1 MARCIA R. VITICK MARILYN JEAN WAGNER ,V I Drama clubg Art club: Service club " " ' WILLIAM WAGNER Baseballg Tennisg Coriservation club " GLORIA JOY WALDEN G.A.A.g Girls' Bowling clubg Maiorette LESTER W. WALKER Science club, vice-president DORIS WANDERSKI G.A.A.g Officials clubg Girls' Bowling club RONALD M. WANTUCK x HELEN WARZECHA Drama clubg Girls' Bowling club V ,,,,. FRANCES B. WASSEL I Blue Chapter Y-Teensg Girls' Bowling club -,W , 7 -1. I 17 Q i 4574 1 7 ff' 432 f -.. fgf f 1 gf W I I WALLY WEBER LL " Golf I ft 3 , ' 6' . -M DONNIE LEE WEBSTER Q 4:3 52 fi Spanish clubg Girls' Bowling club 'V PAUL D' WEBSTER fl! 3:25, . .,.,,. , sig- an ,- Baseballg Football VV '1' V I 4 I V ,gli V gif .- il I I A A -161- M iam in rillx M 5 at Ink!-'7 I ' ON I' tt' W K 3 "ii-Zi ' , A 3 .LIAIIP a. M , 5 -fr- ? l : l-1f , 'Q A , + D lr ""' A 1 ....1,:::: z S X gag 1: ""' ff ' HAROLD LEE WEDLICK MARLENE R. WEISHUHN Service club ROBERT S. WENSKO RAD FORD WHITEMAN Swimmingg Blue Chapter Hi-Yg Conservation club ROBERT WIONCEK Tennis DONALD WOJACK French clubg Tower DONALD YELEN RICHARD YOUNGS Chapter Hi-Yg Science club Science club, treasurerg Booster clubg Camera club NAZAR ZAIN IRENE M. ZASUWA Blue Chapter Y-Teensg ALVIRA ZORATTI Blue Chapter Y-Teensg ROCCO ZUCCARO 162 - Girls' Bowling club Drama clubg Camera club WE ENTER THE DOOR 0F THE FUTURE .ii it , f I Sf S - X xg X N' eg ' cs 1 e 1 N 1 -I z f i-A . Q T i 5 Ne. f I , ,- News 5 il ,. ,, , . i, 1. ,. ,U M - XHWUMJ Q, - .,,., , . V, ff f The open door to the auditorium is symbolic for these happiness or sorrow, wealth or poverty, these are the goals January graduates. It is the passage to their futures as for which we can aim or to which we can revert. On this well as to ours. We work constantly to develop our minds side of the door, we are protected from storms. But on the enough to pass through that gateway. Success or failure, other side, we must be prepared to carry our own umbrellas. -163- A VARIETY OF SPORTS R is gk 'Wim irq . , Barbara Richards and Lillian Renko, Tennis can be strenuous. as well as 10B's, show just how much fun field hockey can be. Here they are starting the game with the bully. h,,,.,, ,.,,,i , -4 'W 1 'ii .,,f, , e ff , , 7 .MV ' ' 4'40.?Y,,' ' N X - if X N X xx N NV X xx 3. 5 XXXQX xW XX X X Q XM k 4? fiffiflfaz? f 1 - -. 'L . . ff-gm . N at . ,y.f'.f: . ' ' . ,. ,Q-' ,W-.Q,.:- ,- " - ' 1' - 2 ,, - - , " f N. "Lf '4ffU't- 'ff' , . ' . .3 ' n 2'-an . Q - wzrfzz., V. , 3, ,y - 'Q-if -wr. E5 Aafb'3f7i:.'7-- 4 ' I N 4 flu. 1.1 A my ' F 'J V -4? 5,.' .JA T54 '- W, -5 , ," ' V e ' .. ,. ' -44' r. li y V . V ' AA . 2,5 ,,., .f 1 j ' gly- , I, I. V U ff' , V . "' JR' '- . T. .5 f Y' W - 7: 1 J' --L, ' ,f ' '4 "'f-1.1, , 1 .- -. 4 'fu . , ' ' 'fix -ww-Q. ' N! vm ' -'?44f , 4" , ,, I 123211, ,.., ,W7 , V ,affmmzr I :V 157:51 M . . -.V Joyce Dlugosz gives Marilyn Leasure a hint as to how and where to hit the next pitch. Both girls are 10B's. - 164 relaxing. A beautiful backhand shot scores another point for Barbara Reaurne, 12B. KEEPS US ACTIVE ALL YEAR Whoops! There goes the ball. Yvonne Hayward and Sonja Evanoff, lOB's, challenge each other to see what they can do for their speedball team, but somehow the ball seems to have got away from both. wr. -X? H 5 in N we A N f - -, 4 . Q I . ,l 1,77 W -Gs E - V . fx- ? V, -A ... , r -' J -,Ib ' ' -,..: ,, , - V I 'L V 5 "'?gx M: " ' I '- A 1- , ' " 'I ' , - A . ,. x ,, ', ' N--Q ' .7 .T . N - ' Y ' I - gan: vs- ' n It ,4 4' ' . jg 4 . - L Q Nj? x 11. ,A I Ao., - 4- - 165 .- ,fy W gmt, .N QR., l'f1jw,i'" Smiling proudly, the basketball champs show their enthusiasm over their victory. The girls are Kathy Ninkovich, Carol Najpaver, Mary Mansfield, Dolores Krikorian, Theresa Gallog Sally Miller, Ellen Panzoff, Addie Meland, Nancy Brozovichg Elizabeth Nowak, and Nancy Sivori, all l1A's. George? 4 Emily?" :Have al! ice cr OUR SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS 1 " 4+ x . Z ,. , fl f Director. . . . Dr. Gibbs . . . .Toe Crowell .... Howie Newsome. Mrs. Gibbs .... Mrs. Webb . . George Gibbs. . . Rebecca Gibbs . . X Wally Webb. . . . , 1 ,. ,, . i ff , . 5 Professor Willard r g 5 1 , J f, , 6, eam soda with m , i 2 E 2 Stage Manager . . . Emily Webb ...... OUR TOWN Emily: "Do people realize life while they live it -- every, every minute?" -166- Mr. Eugene K. Baker . .Jonathan Thomson ......Pau1Day .. . . .Ted Brown . . Stanley Moraniec . . . . . . .Sue Sossi . . Joanne Sienkaniec . Larry Fehrenbaker , . . . Virginia Morle . . .George Yacup . . . Violet Miksys . . . Roger Watkins N SPRING ALL-SCHOOL PLAY BY THORNTON WILDER Student Director .... Mr. Webb .... ........ Woman in the Auditorium. . . Man in the Auditorium .... Lady in the Auditorium . . . Simon Stimson ....... Mrs. Soames ..... Constable Warren .... Si Cromwell ..... Sam Craig .... J oe Stoddard .......... Assistant Stage Managers ..... Stage Manager: "The Webb family lives across the street from our doctor's family." . .Frances Bush . . Bob .Tones ...... Sally Pesda . . . . .Terry Hollinger . . .Rose Mary Skolarus . . . . . Calvin Cullen . . .Dolores Krikorian ...... Bob Nelson . . . . . Joe DelGuidice . . .Malcolm MacDonald . . . . . . . . . .William Hebel .Tack Cooper, Bob Pusylo .aw X V' ! as-,L 'W 5 fum, I ' 5 v 6 ,W '4 Y' Stage Manager 15 'Our Tow 1 ,, ' The name I1 saw of this play .iff .167- .Way Stage Manager: "This is our doctor's family -- the Gibbs family." 9' FACULTY R ETAINS CHAMPIONSHIP Mr. Bill Young, Social Science instructor, accepts the trophy from Eugene Osso, 12A, who looks at it enviously. An ex-Fordsonite, Ted Kukawaka, exte d ' lations. 'AA study in modern dance -- oops, wrong page!" Mr. Alliert May, rommercial teacher, and Eugene Osso, IZA, wail for the ball while Bill Sidelko, also a 12A, gazes into Space. n S his congratu- 2 I X N.,-1 -168- O A snappy quintet toot on their horns, helping to build morale and furnish a little enterta' student-lac lt ' iiiment at our annual u y bat-ketball game. IN ANNU AL BLCOMER BOY GAME Tom Bruce, l2A, tries to give Mr. John Dunn, English to the basket. We Forsonites teacher, a gentle boost up resp ect our elders! xl 1 Jim Dimofi, 11A, and Mr. Matthew Dotson, industrial instructor, yell, "It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's Mr. Dunn flying by alter his gentle boost from Tom Bruce. t- S ith social scienceinstructonlooks star b uncing with ex- Mr. Kenneth rn , led as the ball he is perched on starts 0 citement. -169- SURROUND US EVERYWHERE .r4:llf This is our Mercury at 3:25, ready and posed to .jf- "N T f 1 1 F - fn-...,,,, T"-4"-1 J- "On1y twelfth graders can sip of my sweet nectar," says our magniiicent senior fountain. M0 -V -171- direct the on-flow of Fordson traffic. E WITH A NOSE FOR NEWS 6 4 x 3 Xiff 9 7 2 5 9 r 4 FALL TOWER TRIBUNE STAFF Top row: Miss Anne White, adviserg Pat Irish, Marsha Spruill, Nancy Vermullen, Rosie Merlino, Felicia Minni, Jim Bowen, Dottie Sherick, Carol Gazarek. Linda Mallory, Gerald Johnson, Ken Budny. Middle row: Shirley Renko, Carol Oppat, Gloria Liko, Gerry Kurdsiel, Carol Snider, Anne 1 , J as Todor, Barbara Rydholm, Darlene Rouse, Beatrice Gajewski, Sally Miller, Danilla Masset. Front row: Roberta Carothers, Leslie Piskitel, Dee Cesario, Pat Dahlen, Pat Fletcher, Pat Szymczyk, editor-in-chiefg Frances Locke, Denise Scanlon, Don Pond, Sue Sossi, Mary Gandolfo. fi l"6 1 SPRING TOWER TRIBUNE STAFF Top POWI Midge Slavik, Evelyn Schorling, Janice Schuett, Gerry Kurdsiel, Anita Nix, Mary Jurmo, Beatrice Gajewski. Middle row: Felicia Minni, Marsha Spruill, Dee Cesario, Ray Bird, Don Pond. Ann Tudor, Jim Bowen, Miss Anne White, adviser. Front row: Darlene Roose, Rosie Merlino, Pat Dahlen, Pat Fletcher, Frances Locke, editor-in chiefg Denise Scanlon, Dottie Sherick, Nancy Ver mullen, Mary Gandolfo. -172- WE PUBLISH OUR PAPER W ,gl TOWER TRIBUNE MECHANICAL STAFF Q' 5 wt. - l Pat Dahlen, Anne Todor and Denise Scanlon, l2Bs, give out with ohls and ah's, as they watch fellow journalists open up their Christmas gifts. ls! Top row: Bill Gutzka, Ronald Nettenstrom, Gary Campbell. Bottom row: Ed Posa, Mr. Leonard Stolfo, adviserg Don Goulet QQ C' Frances Locke 12A munches on a piece of While Sue Sossi also a senior gives up ' cake I ,I , , with her fork and resorts to the 'tfingersn tactics. - 173 - X fs ww 1 . . .5 .MZ ,gf , 1' 2? -.,, I WE'RE Beatrice Gajewski Editor-in-chief YEARBOOK ENTHUSIASTS Wvfy' Miss Anne White Adviser A Senior Associate Editor, Don Pond, IZA, gives helpful advice to Junior Associate Editors, Nancy Vermullen and Darlene Roose, 11A's, who are training for the job of editor-in-chief on the 1955 Fleur de Lis. uf ,, ! f x , ,,, 5 sl- ' wsu I I K Less ...i , i 1 ' . hum Mr, William Watson, photographer, stresses an emphatic point while his assistant, Ray Bird, 12B, listens. Fatigue-stricken copy editors, Denise Scanlon, 12B, and Dottie Sherick, 1lA, look over the copy they have written. 174 - Seniors, 'Pat Fletcher and Fran Locke share a chuckle while taking a breather from their duties as activities editors. WE RECORD SCHOOL MEMORIES I l 1 I 1 : V Q' l I . X-f,,, X, Qi ' X .. Sly little fantasies fill the minds of 11A's, Felicia Minni and Jim Bowen, as they help plan the pub- licity. Seated are January graduate, PatSzymczykg 12A, Sue Sossig and Pat Irish, 11A, who are also busily engrossed in their publicity ideas. f 5' .. i " -F-Q-L 5, X . 4 .I 5 -4, W S-1 N 0 Happily joking as they prepare their agenda are the January and June editors, Roberta Carothers. January graduate and l2B's Pat Dahlen and Anne Todor. Carol Gazarek, llA, and Barbara Rydholm, January J " N graduate, standing. who are also class editors get a charge out of the V antics too. E' , y v , 'A ' . X , kv x . V 4 , 1 me-We-V C17 25 l ,A I 1 X Carol Snider, Mary Gandolfo, 12A'S, and LGS PiSkii91, -T3-HUHFY Club editors, Rosie Merlino and Marsha Spruill, 1lA,doa1ittle graduate, rest their tired tonsils and resort to grinning because Of over-the-shoulder looking as Shirley Renko, 12B, girls' sports editor, slight cases of laryngitis from shouting orders. All three Students are concentrates on her section. underclassmen editors. - 175 - - wi lllll Y Typical Fordsonites, this fellow and gal, portray us, looking forward to the horizon of life that lies.beyond. We will work for our goals in that future life, in the same way we are working for similar goals in high school. Perhaps, because we are preparing to enter into many different occupations, we want to remember, most of all, our days at Fordson, AS WE ARE. The American Printing Company, Detroit, printed the 1954 Fleur de Lis. Angelo Arella, 1113, assisted the regular Fleur de Lis photographers. The Fordson principals and teachers allowed the staff time during the school day for most of the pictures. Edith Muscillo, IOA, designed the cover. - 176 - x333fa3f,gmA'13-wi 1 f 2 w,u-Q19 ,- WS-,.gm ,,,,, . W W -ff LL-xawu.-Q 5.11311-2-:t4fv-1-A .H w,pfv.g.w3.34' '!- . ,f- fl E " '-Elini 'H',JW,'. 2 -X -. : ,1g....1 zu - ,uJ.3 5 1 W Q, We X, 'vqj,,.',i, Q' s.,1 .X xi, Q.-if 1-, , ,A ' VL-,, . Vg4.,,'w ,, Q , gr. i C X , Y I .,V:,l.,,mgi .ix ' Nrm. ' J . -,q,..2Q!,, riff " l."" 354' gm ' .??f7x.'zl1CZ 5 HSM.-u?a 1?-'R Cm 'T"5f4'T1 ,V , -4 .L ,f i I ,H,bx . 5.45.-,,1-,V ,,,,W4,2,.,. ,WM 1. "I f a' 11' S511 W f-QW ,,1,wf'11Jg1 ep-1 ' wf.f'1'," ' , u Lf: fy, A . ' 3 . f g,,:- - N Gia K ,. Hr'-V ,rs +L . , ,-ups.-vyf-4 ,4e:i.',1-wr.."'. WWWmHv" wwmwwww 2f'if:fff'.. g'v , .1wpmgx:s..,'-.Yiwrfags 1 w ,,-,L My .MM-,w,wg5i:,,.1,. 1... 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Suggestions in the Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) collection:

Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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