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WBLXSHED BY O USON HXGH SCHOOL UEPRBORN MXCHXC-1 PN aww ex- nssven Aggafldzb BEWVHA mme?- ,,,.u4f'-Y gyufvfy MERDA x-RENURMQSON ASNES noBao1-Asn un55g,,,,f1.5077"' LIFKPK THOMAS NADA scones LEJ4A.FUDCIR4vO A UP-CKE5 guiw DORTH seams wares 3411116 Cabin me o covmeu. 50,127 ww CLARENCE ooh Gwhjfrifbdfv MARGARET s d7yg,m1'w wsu. SHOWF- s DOLORES GROVE YOLANDIN smsonsm Awww - ,,,, ,---, ' ' ' IIT!! ,,,-- I ? L O ffffflf Cjkndblihiikla indplf-i?1illi ' ' 'Y YNFJUNWHI U ' xsnn ,, ,,.. -- l4'l-4.41-',4,41a1 ' S B I -12444414 ww kwa 'In your strong hands, in your eager minds, in your valiant souls. lien our destiny. Each generation of you carries the torch forward u little farther on the long and bitter road of progress toward the distant horizon of Ultimate fruition.'- --Y ---- - ---'- General Douglas MacArthur F'ORIJSON AND THE WAR FORDSON HAS GONE TO WAR Realizing that young America as it has taken and maxntaxne effo ts pla without the fanfare and bravado which usually accompany c mplete change such as has occurred at Fords n as maintained 1ts place quxetly and determinedly that Fordso ha ins e and o owed o ram W1 one o in min al victo y u a the rest of the student body watching but a program which everyone participates Everyone and everything as d t e students the teac ers t e c asses t e or anxzations even t e building which as gon n y indus ria trainin asses being carried on throughout the night stead of writing articles giving speeches and makxn estions for others to carry out Fordson has made t e stggestions to itself and followed them Knowing that th g o one tha cou Fordson has e on ndless itt a u to m e on he endless t a u and ma e the big Jobs possible T is past sc ool ear a momentous one at at has wi nessed a preview of Fordson s achievements and is a pledge futu e accomplishments s then wit the upm pleasure that the 1943 FLEUR DE LIS presenting a pictorxal factual account of the school s war effor is dedica e to the former students and teachers who are so nobly servxng eir ountry and n g s Fordson h a big stake in victory, ' ' ' d its place in the war rt. It has taken i ce a o o . It h . . . . . ' It is with this same quiet air n s ' ti- tut d f 11 a pr g 'th g al ' ' d-- fin ' r . It isn't a program carried o t by few with ' , in . . . U . h entere into it: h , h , h 1 , h g . . -- h . . ' . h e o twent -four hour duty with ' t ' 1 ' ' g cl ' ' ' . In . . . , . . y . g sugg ' ' . h 1 ' ' . ' e bi things are't the nly s t nt, tak e 1' le jobs that dd p a tak t . ltttle jobs hat dd p to k h' h y , th , 'r- Q . , . . of r ' . It i ' h ost of and . ' C, ' ' C Cl th ' C i doin so best exemplify the pirit of -ing FEHTUHE 'bl' Q31 .Jn ,X x r.?'e I'-Q 55 2' Qi' ,- ,vu ,fn ',o 1 .,!' . V-f'H3i,1,?w1fs L A . . K . ..',A,s,,!' A.- -vfi.-ffi , . - -27 ,f ws Mc Yi 'Iii Q M5 L . 'N '- iif N x0 -Ox U rig Y-J r dy . -5. X , ' M -f 4,4-,.A.,r -0' A rf' .,, ,. 'Q -fc. L .'- . ,n - n He is Feature Edito O ex pe rlexxce whe Editor of the Wood wo rtli 'TiC-Toc- PROLOGUE: On the seventh of December, nineteen hundred and forty-one, the forces of ag- gression obened war on the United States, thus indirectly affecting every citizen of that country, and therefore, each and every pupil of Fordson High School. Has Fordson answered the call to arms? Has our school co-operated with the government, with the beetle of Ameri- ca, and with our fighting forces? On the following oages, we give you the answer, in the form of a compendium of Fordson's personal contribution to the war effort. LEE O'CONNELL 11A of 1943 Fleur-de-lis and recei.ved his he wa s F ea tu re INDUSTRIAL DEPARTMENT The industrial unit has been adjusting students to wartime needs by stressing various courses that will fit these pupils for better positions in the armed forces -r in defense plants. This has been done by placing emphasis on different aspects of the regular subject matter.. For some time the ordinary day program of the in- dustrial classes had been meeting the needs of the industrial students. or boys in trade-training, by furnishing classes stressing such subjects as aeronautics. radio. code, welding, and an improved class in machine-tool operation. as well as the long- ra ge course in machine tool and die. Industrial Arts. one of the regular classes. offers to general and college preparatory students such studies as bench work, hand tool operation, woodworking. welding, blueprint reading. metal trades, and elemen- tary plating. A fairly new subject. offset printing. gives instruction to those wishing to become photographers in any branch of the service. while general main- tenance of different types of vehicles taught in auto-shop enables students to re- ceive experience which will benefit them in the Motor Transport Corps. 4Such cour- ses as motor-mechanics for boys and girls, aero-mechanics for girls. and othersof the same type. will be described in the section on war courses. as they are classes specifically prepared to give pupils pre-induction training. and are part of the newxwar training program E: Ufrdscn , it 1 KZ: lv MST 9 'Q J , f 5 " an i fi.-M, , K K , A 3 W , vi f I 4 Q, Q 1 4 14' 1 2 4 . K., iv X " , . :,v , ..., I 3.3 X11 ,. 1 J 33 ,.,. , ., W ,..,, 4. .-Aiigf'-Gaz: ' 'TWZQ aw,,EiaEQa3 ff: Q X 3 f, - , 9 vi giigm, ::f:.' x W' LQ x 125: gi? ' S 2 x xg' wg-xg, -A new mxma 352, 1 S0527 . Ah 'lil 'W ' V-A 0 1 me A ii 3 ., s M 4 4-u...... 1 , l Q x . v aiuiigg Q E ,s 'Q gif ig ww Q f" cf 1 ff 3 ' vi 'QR x l kia . .am 3 , SEWING CLASSES Girls in the sewing classes determined to do their 'bit', by such projects as knitting sweaters for servicemen, selling handmade gifts and giving the returns to the Red Cross. etc. From normal peace- time pursuits, these girls were quickuto turn to the harder. but much more grati- fying task of aiding a worthy cause. WAR CCUBSES As more and more Fordson boys became members of the armed forcel. pre-induction, or war courses, were offered to twelfth-grade lfldlllln to be taken instead of. or in addition to. the regular clallel and electives, and these proved to be immensely popular. i i V Foremost among the semi-industrial classes was Radio, which gave boys. iand girlsl, an oppor- tunity to delve into the mysteries of this modern form of magic. Girls, too. were given technical instruction in such timely sub- jects an aero-mech- anics, which would enable them to see cure better poli- ti ons in ciefense work. Classes in camouflage were just started this semester, the object being to develop a creative ability and keen lense of color. Miss Eleanor Heth, art department head. thought it would be a help to those about to enter the armed forces. li... Seventeen girls and one boy are taking the new var shorthand course. taught by Misa Hunsicker. When they have finished, these students will be able to take die tation at 60 words per minute, and tran- scribe with 95 per cent accuracy. CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES In the everyday classrooms of Fordson. discussion groups were formed. current events were thoroughly studied. and the students in general became interested in the problems of the wartime and postwar world. Out of discussions like this. conclusions were drawn which better enabled the pupils to see what lay 'behind the DCIS'- Boys and girls in the different social science classes were encouraged to contribute clip- pings and photographs pretain- ing to current events and were then tested on the contents of their bulletin boards. VICTORY GARDENS od Wlll W n the ew gan t an o t eme came popular at Fordson as the government announced that the great er part of the c1v1l1an food supply would come from private gardens A far cry from old fashloned methods of agrx cu ture was this sclentx xc farmxng prac ced ln Fordson s Hortxculture Class Such work as planting seed flats was part of the classroom preparations for the outdoor gardens 'Fo ' i War', a n slo wi h ld h . be 1 . . . .f. . . - ti ' ' ' es. A ,196 ,Q A X 4' va' ic , '-Q K kg E My at .4 B' 1 3? 2 f' Q 55 . f 3 jww 23' I A' E 4 Q HT s 5 ,, 5 5 Si. '23 a ga ' gg. gr , by 7 if 's:iZ... ....- EE' , f gf XX u ,b. ' 4 FIRST AID One of the unique classes being offered at Fordson High is irst 'd whic althou i consis s only of one homr instruction a day for four weeks offers a detailed knowledge how to act and what to do in any emergenc Experiments such as this enable students to Scene of accidents etc Although taking only a small amount of ti e from the student s school day training li e this is bound to be worthwhile Y Ai , h, gh t t 's of Y- give a good account of themselves at the l ' ' m . . - - tk qgpzlogue. es or Son 1. nt I 1. n t e ocal prolects e esks o n c and teachers who were known and llked throuqhom Fordson became va cant as the struggle Hragged on Fxus we galned per nal take rn hxs mlghtv War wurvnvnl n f e orts o ever one at our sc ool re oubled xnsure that eventual victory To a rdson Hxgh is glvlng the orld mx Il nmol of patrlotlc altruism ow future 1nterrut1onal or J ons w1ll r e se wh le t ey may be st ssuve w ace m una raid etermlned 1 txn o the la Y , F d H'gh we LO 'ar. In add tio to h L ' , th d F st afuis - both ' .rt , - BO B ' t ' A of Q' ' G d b ef- f f y h d , to ' ug ' . d y. more than ever before, FQ ' ' ' ' w a :gr flzent Q0 .A e ' ' ' . H ' 1 :.1d'- ti ' affect us emains to b en, but c ver h . re a d that we ill f the , - f ' . 5 ' , and f'qh ' q t st. FX -dx-TX 3 K ig? A fjex Z Z ? x VW 4 VX 93 I I wz'D 1.1141-: You 'ro MEET I f I Dean C. Tate. principal of Fordson High School. Mr. Tate was flrmerly the Assistant Principai and for many years the Elementary Supervisor. By his con- sideration of the students views and opinions, he has gained the respect and admiration of the entire student body. i' , 1 Harry H. Huller took over the 'duties of assistant principal last year when Mr. Tate became principal. HE does advisory work and has been head of the science department for many years. Ralph J. Wonders, assistant principal. has been a member of the Fordson staff for fourteen years. Formerly of the commercial depart- ment, he now has charge of attend- unce and discipline. 20 A bright spot in the lives of the alumni in service is furnished by receiving The Fordson Parade. with news of their Alma Mater. This is a bulletin sent out by a group of industrious faculty members. The members of this committee are. read- ing from left to right: Miss Barrett. Miss Zang. Miss Beach, Mrs. Kelly. Mrs. Green. Mr. Beddow. and Miss Claucherty. FIRST ROW - Chester I. Ackerman: Industrial. Albert M Ammerman Social Science. Frances G. Barrett: English. Theodore C Barton Mathematics and Industrial. Clara Mae Beach: Commercial and English john W. Beauchamp: Commercial. SECOND ROW - Mary F. Beauchamp: English. Herbert I. Beddow Vat e matics. Walter E. Billiet: Industrial. Robert K. Bills: Industrial Jessie M. Bodle: Library. Carl H. Brawley: Industrial. THIRD ROW ' Byron A. Brown: Social Science. Catherine P Butcher English. Leo R. Callahan: Science. Elmer E. Carlson: Industra English. Leo R. Callahan: Science. Elmer E. Carlson: Industria Edith D. Carpenter: Industrial. Russell D. Catherman Physical Education. 'WW wiv , VZ! f Us I Harrison V. Chase! lnglisn and Science. Wanda Chrobakt Commercial and Lanquage. Irma Cilley: Lnqlish. Gladys Clark: Social ?cience and Vomemakina. Elizabeth Clauchertyg Commercial Cecil Coedy: Music Jesse L. Crippsi Commercial. Elden Cross: Commercial, Reginald I. Davies: Speech and inglisn William F. Davis: "athe..atii-s. Nelle A. Driese: Hnqlish. Fred K. Eshelman: Fhairman of Mathematics Department Marion D. Fisher: English. T. P. Godfrey: Music. Norma G. Green: Commercial. C. Edward Grlpton: Director of Tuidance and Placement. Waino Gustafson: Social Science. Hella Evelyn Harr: Language and English. Before Coach Mac Whalen linsetl left for the Army. the coaching staff of Fordnon put on a skit. 'Khe Life of Mac Whalen,' In one of the scenes of the skit, Coach Walter Janik gave his version of Ford- son'l athletic director by appearing with shaving brush in one hand. paddle in the other. his face covefed with shaving loan, and then put on a dem- onltration of the Whalen technique of teaching gyn. FIRST ROW - Mary E. Heth: Chairman o Art Department Hilda Horny First Aid, English and Language. rthur G Hu es Social cience and Tournalism. Marion Hunsicker commercial Caroline E Hunted Library Walter J. janik: Physical Vducation SECOND ROW - Ray F. Jennings: Science aul H ones D rector o t e Horticultural Gardens. Wilma W Jonescue Homemakin Ivan C Kaufman: Commercial. Joseph E az usky Physical Educat o Berdnice H. Kelly: Chairman of English and Language Department THIRD HOW - Ann Kopp: Commercial awrence M oster Lng is Kenneth B. Leisenring: Mathematics erris E evis Chairman o Social Science Department. Henry S ewis lndustria Merwin Lewis: Study Hall. Alice M. Locklin: Mathematics. Mildred J. Lyndn: Art. Dorothy Lynch: Supervising Nurse. Margaret MacMillan: Language and English. Harold G. Manchester: First Aid and Science. Helen E. Martin: First Aid and English. R. Vard Martin: Director of Industrial Education. Ivan B. McCarbery: Science. Almarine Montgolery: Commercial. Gladys Lake Moore: English. Dr. William R. Mulcrone: School Health Service. Max Musner: Science. Ann Nelson Burger: Physical Education Harold G. Odqern: Chairman of Safet Education. Stanley P. 0'Neill: First Aid and Science Raymond F. Parker: Social Science Karl Place: Science. Glenn B. Purdham: Industrial. The faculty advisors give helpful advice to the students, and aid,the students in the selection of their classes through- out high school. FIRST ROI - Bessie Baths: English. Charles A. Rldley: Science. Jah, H, Rlngelepaughz Industrial. Esther S. Romance: Physical Education. llchael Savage: Social Science. Clark J. Schwadererg English and Industrial. SECOND ROW - Henry C. Seekamp: Industrial. Beatrice C. Slssons: Com- mercial and Language. Harvey A. Smlth: Industrial. Josephine A. Smlth: Library. Marguerite B. Smith: Dental Hygienist. Stanley B. Smith: Science. THIRD ROV - Stanley S. Smlth: Chairman of Commercial Department. Wade Smith: Connercial. I. I. Stallard: Social Science. Elizabeth J. Thayer: Honemaking. Samuel Vaslu: Industrial. Ernest A. Venk: Industrial. Irene Vogt: Library. Leslie E. Wagner: Industrial. Lucille Walsh: Director of Libraries. Annah P. Weaver: Music. Harrison E. Welsh: English. Mac F. Whalen: Director' of Physical Educatian. Lyle G. lines: Industrial. Charlotte S. Wolfe: Pnysical Education. Edward R. Toads: Industrial. u Murrill K. Woalford: Eosial Science. Lila Zanq: English ani Crzmatics. Elizabeth Boodakianz junior ilerk. Mary Chungo Don: Junior Clerk. Mary Famboy: Iunior Clerk, Horticulture Department. Mary B. Garing: Senior Clerk. Industrial Department. Nettie George: Record Clerk. Eunice Hoglln: Junior Clerk. Gene McKinnie: Junior Clerk. left December. 1942. ALICE My Moons: senior Clerk: Guidance and Placement. NORMA M. SCHRAM: Jun- ior'C1ork: Clinic. Engligh and Soiial Science Departments. FACULTY MEMBERS WITHOUT PICTURES LORRAINE BEEBE: Physical Education. ADELINE DICKIE: Physical Education. DR. B. DORNIAK: School Health Service. PHILIP W. EDMONSON: Mathematics. NORVAL F. FELL: Science and Industrial. DR. JOSEPH GARDNER: School Health Service JEAN L. GRACE. Social Science. NAN NULF: School Health Service. MICHAEL ORLOVICH: Social Science. RUSHTON B. STRONGMAN: Industrial. PHYLLIS ANDERSON: Junior Clerk. Many faculty members are no longer at Fordnon due to their enlistment or conscription into the various branches of the armed forces. Following is a list of these former Fordson High School teachers. GE RALIJ MCGCJWAN KI RK RIDIDERI NG Jo HN P. ROMANOW LE O I. GARIJNER IO HN VI SSA B. CLIFFORD SHIPLEY SA MUEI. KCDPP THOMAS S. HEYWOOD LEONARD A. STOLFO ED WARD IL MOSHER SA MU EL D. KPJOX KENNETH M. MacLEOD DO RBTAN W. ARDI S HAROLD B. HOFFENBACHER MA C F. WHAl.EN MICHAEL. ORLOVICH STANLEY P "v"Lh y Y EW 9 ffl 4 -W. 2 Wi. x '1 Qwxxf -T X :sk , if lf .il 1: 2 "3 9 '56 5 1 'B' Ax 2' I , ,,..?3' ,sk . Q w ygfsqw. , , V W f Simi cn." X 2 x. J BULL KW-F. Chess attracts Bertha Nunez. IZBL associate-editor and charge of the Junior Col.lege section. THE WAR REACHES JUNIOR COLLEGE The present demand for manpower is reaching ln to the Fordson Junior C9l1'9' calling many Jaycees from their books into military service. Of all the many branches of service, most Jaycees have chosen the Naval Reserves. V-1, V-5. V-7. Before going into service the boys take preparatory courses to better equip themselves. The Civil Aeronautics Authority War Training Service Program at Kristport, Farminaton. is sponsored by the Fordson Junior College. This train- ing program was organized for those boys who could not quite meet the qualifi- cations necessary for combat pilots. The trainees are enlisted in the Army Air Corp reserves. The classes being offered nov are proving to be of great value to the boys 90139 into the armed forces. Chemist d th b helpful for later use. ry an e asic sciences are extremely The girls. too. are doing their share in the var program. Although their bit isn t as spectatular as that of the boys, nevertheless. it gonggibut,. to the war effort. Among other things, they have made afghans and sponsored drives for discarded silk or nylon hosiery. The war has taken many away, but when all is over and victory is OUII. they'll be back to finish their chosen careers. v. , both old and new Jaycees. NIU! COUZER orncsns Of fl ce rs of th e junior College are Ja les Gi llaimd, Pr es id ent : Mcxry Coral, Secretary: Jules Ford. Trea- surer. Vice-Pres- id e nt I ll li an Behrondt had left fo r tho A rmy at the tile this pic- turo was takeim. Occasionally eval Iunlof College students must look over their lessons for the day. iv 55 A' LUCY RRZOIAN ROBERT RAUGH IILLIAI BEHRENDT ELIZABETH BOODAKIAI IRRYACORSI HENRY DQIAAR IAIES FORD IAIES GILLAND GERRLDINE ICCAIION SIDNEY ICKENNL COSTE IUSCI EUGENE BALLS HARY URDEA awww Mwfwwfwww ww' V9 M1ss Harr s JUD10I ww College French XXXII class students about the France that was wk wi 465' Studylng under the watchfull eye of the Dlscus Thrower vf.w.'f:.,'ff QA f-1.--:::-.:iafriIz ..., U ,Q 2 : , xg gb E 2 f 'f A .Lkggf ,.,.,,.. .- ,.., - . -. :N EQ: :'QQffQI,. ..j-s5:": '1'-"':' X-NV , ,..:,., :.. A ,.:-. ' " ww A.1:: ' --'- f ""' ' QQ?ii,gf1"f , TW 1-' Q' ' ,QQ Evx Q ay dj E Q? . iii ikwumwyh Ei S as S Q ,. ,, . f s 4 521' M x an 1,3 A ? W if W, M, 5 f N 1 nw ."'l" Q Y 'fi .,,.. i -E iql' gi? , SEHIIIRS OBLE l"l FATHER JANUARY GRADUATING CLASS PRESIDENT: Jack Sullivan SPONSORS? lr. Ackerman and Hrs. Fisher SECRETARY: Alla Fdllitt YICE-PRESIDENT: Waltnr Vunderburg TREASURER: laltor Koltcroff DIRECTORS: Robert Vick. 'Inoue Ford. Rancid CarnpbelL JANUARY SENIOR EDITORS: Verde Hendrickson and V Agnes Dobronlkl iw AW 43: High school football games. like other ,.,, sports, will be sadly missed after grad uatlon. At every game the seniors were there helping to cheer Fordson on victory. wyg FIRST ROI - Mary Chernus: N. . ., reasurer: Girl Reserves, Vice ' President: Tower Tribune. Larry R. Chevalier. Mike Chlmka. John Clarkolskl. Florence Clhnlnskl. elma Clark: N.H.S. Homeroom Representative: Glee Club, Treasurer. SECOND ROW Q Ar ine Cole: irl Reserves: Service: Glee Clu . Evelyn Cook: Tower Tribune. Barbara Leone Cook: Girl Reserves: Glee Club. Carmel Marie Corsi. George Costage. Russell Wade Cote, THIRD ROW - lilllas B. Cozzaqlie: F.C.A.g Service. Joseph Criscrnti. Herny Czajkowskl. Genevieve Csaplicka: Girl Reservesg Intramural Sports: G.A.A. Irene Daniszevskl: Girl Reserves: G.A.A.g Intramural Sports. William Deacon: F.C.A. -me 3 1 K' Mi, 1 Q .. Stella Ann Bielen: Glee Club. Billy Bishop: Service. Ella Lorraine Boatwright: Dramatic Club: All-school Play: Glee Club. Irene Boiczuk: G.A.A.: N.H.S. Robert F. Borck. Robert Boyd: Service. Mary Boyle: Forensics: Girl Reserves: G.A.A. Harold Brawley: F.C.A. Ollie Brenda: Girl Reserves: Organ Class Emily Broda: Girl Reserves: Vaudeville: Glee Club: G.A.A.: Tap Club. Helene Bryll: C.A.A.: Intramural Sports. Dorothy M. Burton: Service. Marie Bynum. Betty Jean Cain: Girl Reserves: Service Glee Club. Alex Calaluca: Orchestra. Ronald Campbell: Senior Class. Director Ralph H. Cann. Jr. . Earl J. Chappelle: F.C.A. On the following pages. through a series or informal pictures, we hope to present g9'g to you. the senior. These girls. though proud of being seniors? remain loyal to Fbrdson High School. First row: MARY ALLEN. ROSE AMATO. TESSIE ANASTOS, GEORGE APKARIAN, TED APKARIAN. Second row: CARMEN J. AWAD. BEN BAGOZZI. GENEVIEVE BAILEY, MARIORIE BAKER LOUIS BAKI, JERRY BALAKA. Third row: JOHN BALICKY. SIMON BANDA. DONALD BECKER. DORA ISABELLE MAE BELLAM. MARTHA LOUISE BERGSTROM, HELEN BIANCHI. , 'Ft' safe? QM 'i AW' Q...- W can ,A C sa- lv- Ann Denaro. Adeline Dlvetta. Alice L. Dnytrow: Girl Reserves: N.H.S Agnes M. Dobronskl: N.H.S.: Fleur-de-lis. Senior and Faculty Editor: Service. Mark Doran: Student Council President: Homeroom Representative: N.H.S.: Tennis: Varsity Club: Hi-Y. President: Glee Club 701136 Dudzlnski. Nick Dukas: Homeroon Representative: N.H.S. Knowlton Dunn: Senior Play: Cadet Corps: Service. A , .A Chester Eaton: Glee Club: Operatta. Jack Edo. Alice Evans. Philip Fanco: Basketball. Alla Fassett: N.H.S., Vice-President: Girl Reserves: Tower Tribune. Co-Editor: All- school Play and Senior Play Committees. Elllabetb Fault. Margaret Fenger: Service. June M. Fllblnger: Girl Reserves: Glee Club: G.A.A.: Intramural Sports. Bob B. Fisher. Illbert T. Fltsslsnons. These upperclassmen did their utmost to support They arrived safe and sound, as you can see but only after a long, hard journey. the team at an out-of-town game. 3 if FIRST RO' - Winona Ford: Service. Co-Cavtaln of Grouvt Girl Reserves. Vice-President: Senior Play. George Janes Foster. Frank Gallucci: N.H.S.: Band: Orchestra. Jil Gauthier: F.C.A.: Service. Marcel Gauthier. Lillian Genoa. SECOND ROW - Herb George: Art Club. President. Mary Elizabeth Gilmore: N.H.S.. Secretary: Library Club, Vice-President. William Godette: Hi-Y: Forensics. Kenneth Goerke: N.H.S.g Hi-Y. Vice-President: Glee Club: Tennis: Varsity Club: Senior Play. Helen Grandsko. Elaine D. Green: Service. THIRD ROW - Fred Gregoricht N.H.S.: Forensics: Debate Squadh Annie Grigorian. Helen Lois Gross. Anthony I. Guaetella: Dramatic Club: Baseball. Manager: Varsity Club: Hoieroom Representatlve.' Clara Gubachy: Girl Reserves: Service. June A. Gntoeaky: G.A.A. ' if We ff swlkggggfw ,A VX I 21-. lx ,a . , , 4 - 71 v. . f s 5',ggW,, Jaya 1 3 L 3. ,. J.. - 1 4x"Pf L bT" 4 t'i:cvo,,, max ew" Dm,d,fL CT ' if 1, Qs . ,4 . . 0111: N H011 cw" Co' 15, O .1 7'-. f ,Q N " , U, W.. .v .J Dorothy larllyn Harcourt Servlce Ruth Harris: Glrl Reserves May Harry. George Hart. Ieane Hain: Hoseroos Representative Vsrda Hendrlckson: N H S Fleur do lls Junlor and Senior Editor Girl Reserves Honeroon Representatlve Audrey I. Hill. Dolorel Anne Hill. Shlrlee Jean Hill Service. Muriel Ruth Hoqlln. Harold J. Huber. Phillp F. Isqro: Servlce Charles Jcses: Hi-Y Neal Wllllas fohnson N H Varsity Club: Tennis. Captain Betty Jean Jones: Girl Reserves Tower Trlbune. avi' TP .LL .nu XQU The upperclassmen elect class officers to take charge of the senior dances and activities. When election time draws near numerous campaign signs are seen around the school announcing the various candidates. FIRSTROW- Virginia Jones: Girl Reserves Service Evelyn Kachaturoff Helen Kaliha. Olga Karabatoff. Irie V eau aroly N e Kajganick: Cadet Corps, Sergeant. SECOND HOW- Kenneth E. Kemp: Student Council ennis Hi Robert Kieffer. Marion Killgore. Lloyd Kirkpatrick H Y Irene Kish Dorothy Kivela: Dramatic Clubg Girl Reserves G A A THIRD ROW - Joe Kocis: Service.' Gus I Kokas Glee Club All school Play Committee: Service. Lula A. Kokae Service Walter Kostaroff Senior Class, Treasurerg Service. Robert L Kozma Student Council Track: Basketball. Edward Krawczyk: N H S Tower Tribune Service Swimming. Manager. wx- 'M ,Yi my 4 9 m A . 7 'ru Q Virginia Langis. William J. Langlois: Hi-Y. Elaine Larsh. Gloria Lavine. Virginia S. Ldvine- John G. Lawrence: Homeroom Representative Service: Football. June E. Layton: Forensics: Girl Reserves G.A.A.: Senior Play Committee. Leo Lazaruk: Dramatic Club: Hi-Y F C A Glee Club. Mary Leedyg N.H.S.: Girl Reserves Senior Play: All-school Play Lorraine Marie Lellis Guido Anthony Letizio. Allan Linton. Dorothy Linville . Mildred Lippert. joe Liss. Louis Longobardi. Betty L. Loukota. Kathleen Mae Lowery. lee Club When the need for workers arose. the students were an aid to the businessmen in this area. Many seniors took jobs as sales clerks in stores throughout the city FIRST ROW - Gloria Patricia Lynch: N.H.S.: Tower Tribune. Marjorie Machskill. William MacKay. Noraa Manson: N.H.S.: Serviceg Library Club, President: Girl Reserves. Bruno Martinelli. Dorothy Nell Matthews: Service. SECOND ROW - Virginia Mclntrye. Thomas W. McLaughlin. Sadie McRae: Service. Don Meehan: Service. Jean Mialke: Intramural Sports: Ser- vice. Fay Marian Miller: N.H.S.: Library Club, Secretary. THIRD ROW - Fredrick Walter Muller. Berniece Elaine Milligan. Donald Mitchell: Student Council: Varsity Club: Track: Senior Play: Dramatic Club: HI-Y: Band. Dolphins D. Moniuszko: N.H.S.: Forensicsg Girl Reserves. Armando Morgan. Mary Alice Morse: Art Club: Forensics. Sylvia Edith Morse: Forensics. Patricia Murray: G.A.A.: Service. lary M. Musci. Emil Nagel: F.C.A. Helen Ndqyz N.H.S.: Service Henry Naun: Varsity Club: Football: Track: Basketball: Service. Virginia Neal. Arlene Virginia Nichols Victoria Nicora: G.A.A. Robert L. Nolodvorski: Tower Tribune and Fleur-de-lis. Photographer: Band: Dance Band: Orchestra. Victoria Okopnyz Service. Irma Orr. Frances Osepoff: Girl Reserves. Robert Clarence Oz: N.H.S.: Fleur-de-lis Mechanical Staff Donald R. Page: Service: Glee Club. Wilbur Papke. Ellsworth Pearson: Tennis: Art Club. J. Charles Peck. Other students accepted jobs in offices, as typists. file clerks. etc. About 70? of the senior class. a larger number than ever before, held part-time jobs 'ir previous to graduation. FIRST ROW - Evont Pervu: F.C.A. George Piper: N.H.S.: Student Council. Vice-President: Hi-Y: Service. Mitchell Posh. Robert Priebe: N.H.S.: F.C.A. Esther Pulveruacher: Library Club, President and Secretary: Girl Reserves. Luella Pauline Quinn: N.H,S.: Homeroom Representative: G.A.A.: Service. SECOND ROW - Frank Raidl: Baseball: Swimming: Varsity Club. Ruth Ramsey. Lois H. Ratzlaff: N.H.S.: School Organist. Bernardine Reed: N.H.S.: Girl Reserves, Secretary: Forensics: G.A.A. Betty Lee Reed: N.H.S.: Art Club: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves, President. Beverly Retz: Girl Reserves: Service. THIRD ROW - Louis Ribel: Service. June Rickerman: Service: Library Club. Elaine Rigby: Service: Homeroom Representative. Victoria Romano. Goldina Rossi. Jenny Rossi. Bert Rowe: N.H.S.g Cadet Curpsg Service. Edward H. Rutkowski. Francis Salucci Christine Sarkesian. Vivian Schauppner Fred Schweikhart Mary C. Scibilia. Robert Seeley: N.H.S.3 Junior Class, Presidentg Hi-Y5 Dro utic Clubg Senior Playg All-school Ployj Serviceg Football. Ray Semplici: Senior Play Committeeg Service. Olga Senkevich. Juanita Shiflet. Leroy Shumcm: Football . Virginia B. Sills. Margaret Simoni: N,H,S, Ruth Sintay: N.H.S.j Girl Reservesj Service. Al Snabes. Russell B. Snow Edward Solowayg Swimming, Coptoinj Varsity Clubg Band. The Senior Prom is the last event of Vander Weele seem to enjoy the prom of every graeuation. The graduates. how- ever, are not the only ones who look forward to it. Bill Napier and Eleanor last Ianuary. FIRST ROW - Betty Spanberger. jack Sullivan: Senior Class. President: Student Council. Councilman-at-large: Dramatic Club: All-school Play? Senior Playg Hi-Y.'President and Vice-President: Glee Club: Service. John Svejcar: F.C.A.3 Baseball. Patricia Svick. Bob Tanquay: Tower Tribune. Linotype Foreman: Fleur-de-lis, Mechanical Staff. Georg, C, Theodoran: Vaudevilleg Cadet Corps, Corporal and Color Guard. SECOVD ROW - Anna Toth. Joe Tow: F.C.A. Joanne Lee Treele: Silver Ouilje Girl Re:-even. Eugenia Tripepi: G.A.A. Janes Tripoli: Band: Service: Debate Squad. Frank Turchan: Varsity Clung Track: Service. THIRD ROW - 'alter C. Vanderburg: Senior Class, Vice-President: Varsity' Club: Football: Service. Bev: ly Jean Voiles: N.H.S.: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves: Service. Robert Calvin Waxuer. Doris M. Sallet.' Shirley Weaver: Majorette. Irene Iendrick: Vaudeville: Tap Club. me? CT., v u Z Q. qi. I .. M" ' - M, hr' uw' ' ia is Y-TJ' 'lvl Edward A. Weltiund. Charles D. White. Ir. Guy White: Service. John Wilson: F.C.A.: Service. Margaret Winters. .x Mary Ann Yagniszczak: G.A.A.. Vice-Pres ident: Homeroom Representative. Carnella M. Yamna: Glee Club. Julia Yasenchak. Loren Yatzeck. GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES NINA GRIGORIAN ROBERT RABUS ROBERT WICK JUNE GRADUATIONG CLASS 'f - v 3 .r -. PRESIDENT: Jil MacKenzie 91 SMR 3 '5 TazAs6aEa:, Beulah Brake J DIRECTORS: , P 5 c A . 'A l 1'-. X. 1 1 '- 'G' .L T' '54 X: ,1 1 3 - x V 4 1 , . .n , -,i ,K u. .- . .,u-M, 4 --ef A I O' .E Q ,-9 " '- I. ' Vw ' 5: 'z 4'W ' Z , A A 'gt W Ton Russo, Harriet labor. Jqqg R,di ' EA MJVICE-PRESIDENT: Joh. w.h.f JUNE SENIOR EDITORS: Nada Goorql Gnd Zifka Thomas SECRETARY: Ora Loo Schrieder .5 ' f. f' Lohan KEMP ALANIVA. noqmvr Amznmxn. PRUL Anunnson. IEANETTE ANTAILLIA: Service. ANGELO G. ANTONELLI. ALEXANDER D. ARCHACKA. CHARLES BAGWELL. JR.: Tower Tribune- Mechanical Staff. HENRY BANASg Football. Captain: Varsity Clubp Presicient: homeroom representa- tive. GEORGE BARBAZ: Service- IOHN ROBERT BARRON. IR.: Service. FLORA NELL BARTON: Orchestra: Girl Reserves. EDMUND BASSICK. HELEN MARIE BECKES. DON BEDELL: Cadet Corps, Lt. Col.: Track Team. CLARA BELCIKg Service, Assistant Captain: Senior Play: Dramatic Club. DESIRE BERTOUILLE: Vdrsity Club: Baseball. Manager: Cheerleader. LORETTA MARIE BIALCZYKY C.A.A.: Girls GLORIA JAY BIANCHI: G.A.A. Rands are not the main attraction of this candid snapshot. Rings are the main feature. Because of the war situa- tion the seniors were willing to accept a simplier ring and they also received them earlier than Previous years. First Row - GERALDINE BIERWIRTH: Girl reserves. BETTY BINDER: Service: Girl Reserves. DAVID A. BLANEY. JACK G. BLOW: Glee Club: Service: Senior Play: Stage Crew: Hi-Y- IESSIE M. BOATH. HAMBERSON BOGOSIAN: Band: Orchestra: Dance Orchestra. Second Row - ERNIE W. BONE: F.C.A.: Homeroom Representative: Class officer. BOB BOOMER: Glee Club. MARILYN RUTH BOOS: G.A.A. BETTY E. BORCK. ROBERTA E. BORROR. MARY BORUCH: Dramatic Club: Art Club! Library Club: Service. Third Row - LORRAINE BOWE: Girl Reserves: Dramatic Club: G.A.A.: Polar Bear Club. ARMEN BOYAGIAN: Glee Club. CHARLES H. BOYD. RICHARD F. BOYER. BEULAH BRAKE: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves, Vice-Presi- dent: Class Officer. Treasurer. BETTY BRAND: G.A.A.: Girls Cadet Corps. 'ltr' 4- ,Talib H .Ss I ' 1 -Q 1 .ull Qs rW+ ' T as 5 1 W T3 'ffi 416 2 Y K P' QC 1 2 3' 1' . -fm.-.. 5,9 2 0' 5' ,Q f 1 13? ' W Q 3 46 W ' 'ff ig 6, wig? or ,Si A 'EM A2 ty R3 2 T rig. gr. 5... 3 rf Y 24? M? T N? "' Wfii. LABEBTA BREDBENNER I Orchestra. BETTY Basrz. Jos T. BBITT. EMIL BRONDELL DON BROWN: Golf Team. WANDA BROWNFIELD: Girl Reserves: G.A.A.: Polar Bear Club. HENRY BUCHNER: Service BILL BUCKEYNE: Band, Orchestra: Dance Orchestra. KEN BUELOW: Class Officer, Vice-President. ANDY J. BUNDAS. GERARD BURESH Orchestra OWEN BURK GLENN BURKE. HARREL BURKLOW. ALLAN BURROWS. BILL S. BUTEUX. and: Orchestra: Dance SYLVIA BUTKOWSKI: Girl Reserves: G.A.A.: Intramural Sports. CHARLOTTE CALDWELL: G.A.A.: Glee Club. Another event which all seniors look forward to is the taking of the gradua- tion pictures. Some seniors have to do a little planning and budgeting ahead of time. This senior ll typical of the rest of his classmates. FIRQT ROW - VICTOR CAMARDESE. ESTHER M. CAMPBELL. JANET CAMPBELL. JUNE CANINE. ANTONETTE CAPRARO. MARY W. CAREY: Service: Clee Club SECOVU ROW - WILLIAM K. CASLER: Rana: Orchestra. CLARA D. CHAVDARIAN. BETTY RUTH CHINNECK. BERNICE I. CHMIEL: Service: C-A-A. VORVA CHRISTEN: Cirl Reserves: '.A.A.g Polar Rear Club, Nanager. WILBUR CHURCH. TVIRL ROW - SYLVIA CIERNICK: Girl Reserves: Forensics, Vice-President: Debate Fquadg Tower Tribune, Co-Editor and Managing Editor: N.H.S. DONALD CIESLAK. HARRY Es CLARK: Dano: Orchestra. ARTHUR COLE- DENNIS A. CONSTABLE: Clee Club. MYRTLE CORDTS. This is a typical example of what each 12A is being taught. War times certain- ly has changed the schedule of a senior. First Aid is G required 4 week course which is actually a necessity to any high school student. FIRST ROW - CLARENCE DOBRONSKIg Tower Tribune, Sports Editor: Fleur-de- iis, Sports Editor: Student Council. 12th Grade Representative: N.H.s.. Treasurer. nonznr DOERR. SANUEL DONABEDIAN. JULIA DOHNOFF. SYLVIA DOROBANT: Girl Reserves: Forensics: Service OLENA ELAINE 'DOlNS. SECOND RO' - GERILDINE DHEYINSKI: Glee Club: LibrarY Club. BETTY DUNN- CITHERINE L. DUHANTE: G.A.A-: Hostess Club. BONNIE I. DURFEE: Lib- rary Club: Fleur-de-lis. Organization Editor: .H.S. BLANCHE.DVORlK: Girl Rpserves. ' , r fitnn adv - nonasiT'j5iu nzsuxo. sunnsou rnnnx susan: Service. rnvs r D. ECKBRT. IARJOHIE BDENFIBLD. SHIRLEY EIBLER: Girl Reserves: -Nfower Tribune: G.AlA.: N.H.s. ARVELLA ENGELGAN: Girl Reserves:HSer- FRED ENGLAND: Band. JENNY ERRANTE. DORIS FISHBECK: Service: Dramatic Club: N.H.S.: Forensic Club: Polar Bear Club. ANNA FLADZINXKI. PETER.FLEEs. HENRY PLESHER: Homeroom Representative. MARY FORAN. NANCY FORD: Service: G.A.A. DELPHINE FORD: Senior Play Committee. EDWARD FORYSTEK: Fordson Aero-Club. Pres- ident. JEAN FOUCART. DONALD FRASER. HUGH FREENAN: Glee Club- LENA FRANCES FUHRIERK. JAMES GANDOLFOg Fordson Aero Club. THOMAS GARDNER. ORLOI GARRETTg Art Club. Treasurer: Glee Club. President. JEAN GARWOOD: Girl Reserves: G.A.A. All seniors who have the ability to act get a chance to show their talent at the annual Senlor Play. This year. a very comical play. 'Problem Father.' was put on by the seniors. K 1 Q , . W A. L , ya 'YQ rv f 1 T 1 .,V,X 1 . aiu' A FIRST ROW V ALEX GARZANITI. NADA GEORGE: G.A.A.: Service: N.H.S.: Fluer-de-lls. Senior Editor: Honeroon Representative: Intramural Sports. VIRGINIA GISKA: Glee Club. IRENE GIZICKI: G.A.A.: N.H.S. STEPHANIE GLAVANOVICH. PHYLLIS GOODRICH: G.A.A. SECOND ROW - NARY GOSTYNSKI: G.A.A. CHRISTINE GRAHAM: G.A.A: Fluer-de- lil. PAUL GRANSKO. FRANCES GREEN. PAY GREER. HENRY GRELL. THHID ROW - DORIS GBIGSBY1 Girl Reserves: N.H.S.: Forensics: Tower Tribune. CHESTER GRONACKI. ALICE HAGOPIAN. SARKIS HALEBIAN. MARIAN HALL: Service: Cadet Corps. PATRICIA HALL: Dramatic Club: G.A.A. QFK Z' I ....., 'ff I L- ua- V, V, ,pe-,..A 7 'Q 7513 W 43" .nf in P LEONARD HALSTED: Track. DOROTHY HARMER: Service: Fleur-de-lis Orguniaztion Editor: N.H,S, WILLIAM HARP. BERNICE HARRIS: Service: G-A.A. IILBUR HASKIN. CHARLES HAVENER. IDA HELM: G.A.A.: Service. TWILA HENDRICKSON: Glee Club: Girl Reserves: Fluer-de-lis: N.H.S.: Service JOHN HENNESSEY. DORTHY HENRY. WILLIAM HENSON: Service. GEORGE HERDA. KARL HILGER. NonMAN HILL: P.A. system. DONALD HINKEL: Golf Team: Service. NORMA HIRST. ROYAL HOCKING: Art Club: N.H.S. JANET HOENSHEL: Girl Reserves: Service. A composite of senior pictures is left to the school eacn semester. These are placed in various locations of the building. The two seniors are looking over a composite anc are thinking of the day when their pictures will be there. FIRST ROW - GLORIA HOFF: Girl Reserves: G.A.A.: Forensics: Tore Tribune. VIRGINIA HOLATO- SHIRLEY HOLMES: N.H.S.: Girl Reserves President: Art Club. Treasurer: Dramatic Club: llth Grade Represent ative. VIRGINIA HOROSZY. GORDON HOULE: Tower Tribune: Service IURIS HOVERMALE. SECOND ROW - LARAYNE HUCKABONE: Service. BILL JAMES: Band: Hi-Y. Pres ident. ANTHONY JANKS. EMIL JAWOROWSKI. ODETTE JEAN: Orchestra 10th Grade Representative. BETTY JOHNSON: Service. THIRD ROW - EDITH JOHNSON: Service: Girl Reserves. MAX JOHNSON: Hi-Y Basketball: Varsity Club: Service, Captain. GAIL JOINER: Service JOHN JUDASZEWSKI. JOHN KAHLES. MARY KALIN. 6.3K 1 AR MARY KANE. ABRAHAM KARAPETIAN: Service: Fordson Aero Club. President: F.C.A. LEONOA KARTIE: Service. FRANK KATONA: Football. JACK KAUFMAN: Homeroom Representative. DOROTHY KAZNIN: Service. RAY KEIM. ROBERT KENPA: Hi-Yi Fordson Aero Club. DOYLE KENDRICK. HELHA KERNQ ROBERT KILLGORE. JOHN KIMPTON. NANCY KING: Service: Girl Reserves: Cadet Corps: Tap Club. BOB KIRK: Hi-Y: Basketball: Service. DELORES KLANN. FRED KLETT N H S ' Hi-Y Vice-President: Dramatic Club Treasurer' Fleur-de4lis: Service ELINOR KLOTZ. Glee Club' Service N.H.S. as'-'H 'Sl xx . Ig ,,.... - 'Qs Q . . I z ,ru Q S Cnr. KOCIS. Trlack . a9i82 Q ig This shows us that graduation is several weeks in the future. Measuring for caps and gowns takes place and it is just another one of those anxious moments in the doings of a graduate. FIRST ROW - DORIS KOLPACKY: DfUlUfiC Club: Forensics: Polar Bear Club, Service, CaPfGiD2 G-A-A- EMILY KONONCHUK. LEONA ESTELLE KOPUS: Girl Reserves: Service: Cadet Corps, Top Sergeant. YVONNE KOUNSg Girl Reserves: Glee Club, Treasurer. IARY KOZACHUK: Art Club, Secre- tary: Cadet Corps. IRENE M, KRASKIg Dramatic Club: Service. SECOND ROW - GLORIA M. KREBIEHL. LUCILLE A. KREPT: Dralatic Club: G.A.A. ANSELMA T. KROCHMAN: Glee Club. MARTIN KUBASKY: Tower Trib- une. Mechanical Staff: Swimming Teal. IRENE KURMANIAKg Tower Trib- une: Service: G.A.A.: N.H.S.' PAULINE KUTEBON: Service: G.A.A. THIRD ROI - HARY LABICK. ROSE LALA. BUBNETT LANGSTON: Swimming TOGI- DONALD LANTZ: Service: Varsity Club: Glee Club: Hi-Y: Base- ball: Fovtbdll. ALICE E. LARRY: Girl Reserves, Vice-President: Service. 'ALTER EUIL LASKOISKI: Cadet Carpe. Major: Honeroon Repre- sentative: F.C.A.: N.H.S. WMQ FN VU, .1 8. E -ew in in ,. ,-f.QQ VS 'iv gee QUN ,ai '9 f' w. www? a SK ,JS '2 . M ?v'93:'S2SQ' 'M x ff 'M 'K ,sf 52 Sift Q Fc., A 'Q' . E R3 K:.. 1 :.:1x:- I ,Q Q. .. ' 41. x . .1.- ' ."'fx :fr ,. xxx . - .- , We ' if 1-ns..-W , K' , -.::-.-: ..-?."5f5f:ff' 5 fe 'Q ,- :JS '...,'-5-225 .. 'L ff-3 ','ZI,,' ' 121' ,- t. S HEDIIG LATOSKY. HENRY LAINICKI. IEANNE LEGAULT. BERNADINE U. LEGENZA: Service. Captain: N.H.S. RITAVLENARDON: Art Club. Secretary 6 Vlce-President. STELLA A. LESNOISKI. ETHEL IONE LESTER: N.H.S., Vice-Presi- dent: Girl Reserves: Honeroon Repre- sentative: Fleur-de-lis. Edltor-in- Chief. RAY LESZAK: Band: Dance Orchestra: Hi-Y: Fordson Aero Club. GEORGE LESZCZYNSKI. PEARL LEIANDOSKY: Service: Cadet Corps. Top Sergeant: N.H.S. MARGARET C. LEWIS: Glee Club. Vice- Presldent: Senior Play: Dramatic Club: Intramural Sports: G.A.A.: N.H.S.: Fleur-de-lis. Girls Sports Editor. BILL LEWIS ROBERT LINDMAN. RUTH ANN LINTUR: Girl Reserves. LEONA LISKE: Girl Reserves. CAESAR LOMBARDI: Tower Tribune. Mechan- lcal Staff. ETHEL MAE LONSER. EMERY LORENTE: Varsity Club: Basketball. Captain. A A student's scholarship record is kept throughout his high school years and if he his attained a high record. he will receive an honor pin. Mr. Huller is shosn presenting the pins to some of the honor graduates in the January class. F1351 307 - IILLIAM LOVE: Swimming Team. VIRGINIA LUSH: Service: N,H,S,: G,A,A,: Intramural Sports, Captain.A LILLIAN LYNCH. 'INI- FRED HCCARTHY. WAYNE HCCARTY. NORMA MCCLAIN: Girl HQBOIVGS- SECOND RO' - HELEN MCCLURE: Orchestra: N.H.S.Z Service- MARION MCGUIHE. LOUELLA MCHBNEY: Service. JAMES MacKENZIE: Senior Class. President: Hi-Y. President: All School Play: Senior Pluyi Dramatic Club. Director: Service: Tower Tribune: N.H.S. MONICA MCNA. SYLVIA MAGUREAN: Glee Club. THIRD ROW ' BOYD MARTIN: Service: Honeroom Representative. JEAN MARIE MARTIN: Class Officer. Secretary: Service: G.A.A. DOUGLAS MARTIN: Hi-Y: Glee Club: Cadet Corps, lst Lt. FRANCES MARUSAK. HENRY MATECKI. HELEN MATTHEWS: Drum Majorette. ' ' W 'E 9 fs K Wi' -fn 6-x ug, ff,-new fir- ' abit in R L SYLVIA MAXIM. CLARENCE MAYNARD. MARIE MAYVILLE. TED MAZUR. JOHN MECH: Band: Orchestra: Dramatlc Club EDWARD MENDYIL LOIS E. MEYER: Organ: Glee Club LUCILLE MICHON: Service: Cadet Corps STEPHANIE MICHURA: G.A.A.: Servlce Drama tic Clubg Senior Play, Commlttee All school Play. Committee. ISABELLE MIKITAROFF: Service. LOUISE MILLER: Glee Club., AGNES IHENE MILLS. MADELINE MINAUDO: Glee Club- BETTY MITCHELL. PEGGIE ANN MITCHELL: Service VIVIAN MITCHELL: Service: G LUCILLE MONGEAU: SerViCe- WILLIAM EDWIN MOORE: Service Several days before the graduation exer- cises take place, an Honor Assembly is held. Different types of honors are given to the outstanding graduates. Mr. 'oolford is giving Tessie Anastos her award. I First row: ROBERT MORAHAN. PHYLLIS N. MORAY. EDWARD MORDARSKI. ROBERT CARL MORGAN. ELIZABETH V. MOTYKA JEAN .MOUROT. Second row: GENEVIEVE MUCHA. JEAN MUIR. IOE L. MULKITEN. BETTY JANE MUNSON, VIRGINIA MURRAY. CHARLES C. NAESSENS. Thlrd row: ERNEST NAGY, BILL NAPIER. SAM NATOLI. I0 ANN NAYLOR. LORETTA NEARY. ANDREW NEDWIG. 9 462 415 MARY CATHERINE NICKOLS. EDIARD NOGAFSKY. BARBARA IEAN NORTHRUP: Cheerleader: Serv ice. NEIL NOVICKA. NORBERT EDWARD NOWICKI: Track. Captain Varsity: F.C.A., Secretary S Director Band: Dance Orchestra. BERTHA NUNEZ: Fleur-de-lis. Associate Editor: Dramatic Club: Senior Play, Com mittee: Glee Club: Homeroom Representa tive: N.H.S. JOHN NUZNOV: Football: Basketball: Base ball. GORDON E. OAKES. JACK O'CONNOR. KATHLEEN O'CONNOR. HENRY OESTREICH: Cadet Corps. lst Lt. Football. BOB OSTROSKI. FRANK A. PACION. IILLIAM R. PADDEN: Swimming Team, Captain: Varsity: Band: Orchestra. BOB PAGE: Band: Dance Orchestra. FLORENCE PALIS. RALPH PALIS. JEAN PALISZEWSKI. PATRICIA POWELL: Homeroom Representative: Cadet COYPSI 2nd Lf-3 G.A.A.: Seriice. HAROLD PRIEBE. MARY PRITCHARD: Servlce. PLORA PROVENCE. LEO PRZYBYLSKI. MADELINE LUCILLE PULFORD. MARGARET PUTZ: Senior play: Dramatic Club: G.A.A. EDWIN RALPH RAMM. NORMAN R. RAVENSCROFT. ALICE HAYL: Cadet Corps. NORMA ESTHER RECHLIN. JEAN T. REDIGAN: Art Club: Girl Reserves. Secretary: Class Officer,'Director. VIRGINIA REED: Tower Tribune, Co-Editor: Debate Squad: Girl Reserves: Polar Bear Club? N.H.S. HOIARD RENAS: Glee Club: Debate Squad N.H.S. ' ELEANOR P. RICE. GERALD RICE. I WILLIAM RIDDLE: ServiCe- GILBERT H. RIVETTE: Band. Ntiimoggg, It has been a custom for the past years ' to give the seniors the privilege of a Wxgggggggwgmz mg .5l,Mgm,, Eiq ,A,. fhe,eMwK Skip-Day. The bout trip which they take is to Put-in-Bay and lasts a whole school day. Both l2B's and l2A's attend this senior affair. rms: new - EVELYN aocuou, JACK nocKr:PEL1.ow: Glee Club. LAURA ROLAND: Hosl-: ROMANELLI: Tower Tribune: pour Bear club, Manager: Senior Play: Intramural Sports: N.n.s. KENDALL Ross: Bqskerbail. MILDHED ROSS: Tower Tribune: Girl Reserves. Secretary: Forensics: G.A.A.: Intra- mural Sports. Second Row - ALEXANDER ROZYCKI. THOMAS A. HUSSO: F00tbGll: Bdsebdlli Varsity Club: Class Officer, Director. xJOSEPH RYMARZ. BERNICE SABAUGH: Glee Club: Polar Bear Club: Cadet Corps: G.A.A.: N.H.S. ELSIE VIOLET SABO: Service. JOHN M. SABOL. Third Row - ROSE MARIE SAMA. YOLANDA SAMBORSKI: Dramatic Club: Art Club? Fleur-de-lis, Art Editor: Student Council. Vice- President N.H.S.: SALVATOHE SANTILLI. VIRGINIA CLARA SAVOY. JEAN LORRAINE SCHAEFER. NANCY SCHAFFER: Service. my 'V ,qua fl? W5 671 .491-N., 495 ROBERT F. STEPHENS: Fordson Aero Club- DOROTHY MARIE STEVENS: Service. JEAN STEWART: Orchestra. EVA STOUT. ANTOINETTE RITA SURAGEN: Glee Club. ANDREW W. SURMA. BETTY SWEENEYg Glee Club: Cadet Corps: G.A.A. RUSS SWINDLEHURST. DOLOBES P. SZEWSKT: Senior Play: Service! Dramatic Club: Vaudeville: Cheerleader: G.A.A. JACK TANELIAN. ANDREW TARNOWSKI. MURIEL M. TAYLOR. ROBERT G. TESSMER: Hi-Y: Dramatic Club: Cadet Corps: N.H.S. ARLENE C. THEUER. ZIFKA THOMAS: Intramural Sports: Polar Rear Club: G.A.A.2 Uomeroom Represent- ative: Service: Fleur-de-lis. Senior Editor: N.H.S., Secretary. KENNETH BROOKS THOMPSON: Service. EDDIE TOFIL. JOHN CHARLES TOWN: Hi-Y: Senior PIGY5 Service: Glee Club: Cadet Corps. Before the boat ls docked ve see this beautiful tover at Put-in-Rui. After a day's amusement several seniors stop for a cool and refreshlng drink. -This alll remain in his mind as dibfhdr one of the senior's actlvlties. FIRST ROW - BEATRICE SKURDAN: Servrce ELSIE SLUPECKI CLARA SMITH Service, Captain of Captains Forenslcs Secretary Cadet Corps Drill Sergeant: G A.A.: Intramural Sports Fleur de 11s CLIFTON SIITH. ELIZABETH SIITH. NORALEE SMTTH SECOND now - VIRGINIA IOSEPHINE snrra cadet Corps BsA'raIcf: snoox FRANCES SPADAFORA: Service PATRICIA A SPALDIWG Cadet Corps CASIKER svuzcosxrz service. moss MAME SPIGARELLI THIRD HOW JOSEPHINL: STANEK Tower 'rubune STANLEY STANKEWICZ cxsrusn s'rEc ETHEL STEELE LARIE s'rzr'I-'sms ELAINE M STEMII-ga Orchestra Organ Service ROBERT F. STEPHENS: Fordson Aero Club- DOROTHY MARIE STEVENS: Service- JEAN STEIART: Orchestra. EVA STOUT. ANTOINETTE RITA SURAGEN: Glee Club. ANDREI I. SURMA. BETTY SYEENEY: Glee Club: Cadet Corps: G.A.A. RUSS SWINDLEHURST. DOLQBES P. SZEISKI: Senior Play: Service: Dramatic Club: Vaudeville: Cheerleader: G.A.A. JACK TANELIAN. ANDREW TARNOWSKI. MURIEL M. TAYLOR. ROBERT G. TESSMER: Hi-Y: Dramatic Club: Cadet Corps: N.H.S. ARLENE C. THEUER. ZIFKA THOMAS: Intramural Sports: Polar Bear Club: G.A.A.: uomeroom Represent- ative: Service: Fleur-de-lis. Senior Editor: N.H.S., Secretary. KENNETH BROOKS THOMPSON: Service. EDDIE TOFIL. JOHN CHARLES TOWN: Hi-Y: Senior PlaY3 Service: Glee Club: Cadet Corps. Every year in the month of June we see the seniors practicing for their gradu- ation exerclles. In theme pictures we see the seniors getting in groups and marching across the fleld for the last time. V rsit Club. ROBERT FIRST ROW - GEORGE TRUDEAU: Truck: Swimming: 0 Y TRUXTON: Hi-Y. Treusurerg Service, THERESA URBANSKI: Service. IRENE VAFAKOS: G.A.A.: Art Club. ANTOINETTE VAKOLIUCK. VIRGINIA VALLIE- SECOND ROW - HENRIETTE VunAGTMAEL. ELEANOR VANDER WEELE: Girl- Reserves. Secretary. MARY VAN OSTEN1'G.A.A.2 Glee Club. MARY LOU VARTY. JOHN VARVARI: Tower Tribune, 'fehcniccl Chief: Dance Orchesf tfdi Band. FLORENCE VECCHIONE: Fe X'vL.,t. , THIRD ROW - DELEPHINE VIGGIANELLI: Fenlor Plov: Service: Girl Reserves Homeroom Representative. HENRY VINCENT: 9Wimminq TSFN- JOHN VIN' CENT, MILDRED VOGELg Service. IEANNE WARMER: Girl Reserves. LEONA WARHEN: Orchestra: G.A.A.g Service, Qnytuing Vcudevilleg Cadet Corps. Sergeant. WW wp- JH? RICHARD WASILEWSKI. IRENE WATKINS: Glee Club. JAMES WATSON. MILDRED WAYTAS. HARRIET WEBER: G.A.A.5 Service: Dramatic Club: Senior Play: Cheerleader: Class Officer, Director. JOHN WEBER: Class Officer, Vice-President: N.H.S.g HimY. Vice-President' Service: Dramatic Club. Directory Cadet Corps. Sergeant. HARRY WEBSTER. JANICE WELCH: Glee Club- CHESTER WIACEK: Football, C0-Captain: Baseball: Pasketball: Service: Varsity Club: Cadet Corps. LEWIS WIDENER: Service. Hi-Y: Glee Club! Cadet Corps. ADFREDA WIECZOREK. EDWARD WILAMOWSKI: Band: Dance Orchestra: Forensics, President: Service. ELIZABETH WILHELM: Service. IEANE WILLENBORG: Girl Reserves. RUTH WILLIAMS. JEAN WILSON: Library Club. Treasurer: N.H.S.g Dramatic Club: Service: Senior Play. DOROTHY WISNIEWSKI. ELEANOR WOOD: Girl Reserves: Service. vefiig M 4 .O 5 , w ,fm , 1 if kg 4' eg 2? , ,A 3 ima fe f x 3 me Q m m A-we R of Y M' A if lagiww JACK IOOTTON: Hi-Y, Sergeant-at-Arms: Glee Club H Homeroom Representative. LILLIAN WRIGHT: Glee Club MARY WYATT Glee Club 'ALTER IYKES. LEONARD WRYSOCKI. JOYCE YAUCH Service SECOND BOW GEORGE YORK: Service: Art Club: Cddef COYPS PETER YUHASZ Band Dance Orchestra: Orchestra: F.C.A. ELAYNE ZAPPER LEONARD ZELEK. THOMAS CANTERBURY: TOWGY Tribune. Mechanical Stuff GRADUATES WITHOUT PICTURES Paul Bayoff Louis Block Rena Cornish Virginia Lee Evans james Esman John Golich Adelyne Hedge David Klotz Edward Lulek Robert Lyons Margaret McKay Jack Melczek DeWitt Michlap Roman Traskos Orion Wheeler Evelyn Wymond Gfll' 901 ciao ar ap alizi t e sen t e history as t at it to laugh each of Finally :S E strains 0WlY H9 the schoo proa hed e lightni ke fashion ng that the nd r 1 oo a s wa u on w ior turned towar e iniscin The happenings ew ears ady seem ke ancie asketball and football games wer er tudents of Fordson Our memor ies went back ,Z rings a e r rought o e senior the past Hops and Pro USG US hurried o k sCh ll e very o ed high schoo was here e ridiculed garb of gra duation suddenly became Important our ina wee as many classes e re us ad one too our Skip Day excursion to ut In Bay nals In our c ass n and ultimately t e Pomp and Clrcumstance began the Commencement Exercise OIG we YE Ulf? CIWGYE O W G G elle ef9 we WSIS 1 lomain hand Fordson alumni y the in Senior Prom now and our high school days were over e war was truly upon Our friends and relatives were eply involved in 1 oon we too e c ass woul e trying our full share of the bur o confident and doubt in serene and a tri e hesitant we left bhhind our high schoo 9 h en of the rain ow Tim Mackenzie Sl 1 year began and then as the end of l Ye - th days slipped by in ' 'ng-li ' . He ' A e of ou h'gh sch l d y s p us, e, h ' . d ',m' ' ' g. I ' of h pas? f Y algo ed L li ' nt ' . T' e ov for us s . - ' to the acquiring of senior ' nd f th th ill h ' b , t' th ' play, to ms. and the countless small happenings that had ca d to Our last days were full. In the imminence of graduation us ' t drin in all that he could of ool 'fe. ' th last of ur ucation in ' l - 13" Th . . . Igiiim . In f l k we, r b - f .F fo h d . k P - I,,l - . ri 1 the , ' h il of ' A ' . Bef we q ' f h t h pp d th . d'p- ' , '. Onl fi al ' Th us. ' ' de ' ' 't. S , , th l of'43 d b CG h den. S , ' - ' g. 'fl ' , ' ' 1 lif to searc for the pot of gold at the d ' b . TIME MARCHES ON WITH THE SENIOHS OF 1943 The Past e past resents e even ears o work gain an education ars intermingled wit ot pleasure an t ery o da ly lesso e senior h tto ining more d w the yea ent The nde arten paved e 0 Whe P read n Ati arit metic arious subje we e taught throu h the successive grades en the futu senior van the gh school where he d ea er h selec n su ec cou c oose e w ic e a bes suited though he probably did not e is the ast contained unlimited advantages for under our if .21 dem ratic system government ever individua as 2- equal pportunity l p h b l e the E??gT. X fullest possible extent Q The Present ent w a na ar w ich is a clo a h s ead igh h lo u his lower Cla na th an attitude of superiori He almost completely doninated udent morale and determined standards that inspired emula 9 e er graduatio receives his c ass ring as school yearbo e end semester brin T nor sse y nor m ers t e graduatin cla is assem departmen a ward e giv ents w hav done outsta ing work t nh- various departments scholors ip awards servi f lllll awards athletic awar s d va ous e p sentations are made Shortly before graduation the senior wear cap a aown ove goin to gradua Graduation time arrives 1 lomas are resented an t e senior although hap uctantly sees his ol an e The happiest ars of o wi ore e s en o cat his breath The Future e enior en ves ool e n e to co uer the wor ny students w n ue t e education going on to colle e er g aduates ll obtain jo 1 t e business wor d which today has greater opportunities t an ever before at e w ri me te ut t e aduates of me their alma master Fordson High School Th of a senior rep l y f ing to ' ' 5 ye ' ' ' h b h . d he drudg f i ns. Th ' started at t e bo m, atta' ' an, more kno ledge as rs w, by. . ki rg th way to the grade sch ol rs i g. wr' 'ng, ' h ' , and v ' other '.cts r g ' . Th re ' , uP to hi ha, a gr t . liberty in t e . tio of his bj ts, and ld h th. course for 'h' h h W s t ' . Al ' realiz it, Egl P - e , I - -5- oc ' of y ' ' ' l h , Xe K an o ' to deve o is a i lti,s to 'vL'X55 At pres the senior if in his t elfth nd fi l ye ' h' ' all too soon drawing to , se.- As senior e held hi h h' wit pride and oked down pon '. ssl n wi ' ' 'ty. .. . 5 st . ' ' ' . tion. The senior year is made up of small incidents which make it on to be remember d long aft , n. we ' .. ' l ' , and h his picture taken for the A ok. Th . of the ' gs the io 's A.. m- ' H bl , to no emb of h, ' g ss. l At th' bly, t l a s ar, ' en H to stud ho e , nd' ' ln he I A 2 h' N, . 'ce Alvr , , d , an ri : oth r Are- nw T T ' ' s his nd 1 to pr to all that he is ' g te. ' ' ' - d'e P . d h A - pr. rel ' scho life come t0 nd. ' ye his life ver 'th, bef h ha ev time t ch Th s ' th lea high sch with a feeling of b i g abl nq ld. Ma , 'ill Co tin h ir ' . ' g . Oth r wi A ' bs 'n h ' l , ' ' ' h Wh th future ill b 'ng. only fi will llf b , h gr 1943 will always have a place in their ,mory for Y . "A, -i Xxx X X X K iii P -,. ., Wxi NX xx Q' J wx Q -8' , w lily. l",'- 1 ,rxx 'X 'I YN if 1 1 1 1 F I X-,fn x ' x .E xx fx Q. X. ,A XX X N Qx N XX NM vmfv-i ff , U IYAHYTJ HTML'- Fv-:'?1c H MGND. Areta Licckes IIA. Lena Rocchio 115--Class Editors. Tdey received their experience Qt the Woodworth Iunier High School where fhvy were members of the Tic-Toc staff. ZACAR, IRENE URCHECK. EVELYN WY- 'WAIKOWSKI. VICTORIA STEPHENS. Seukil gcL vY.., , GRES ZUZACK. LUCILLE STATTON. ROSE SCAHISLLI. H6fLLi? 1 bwwAGENE O'BRIAN, HELEN PIETRAS. Thini zc'i f'- "fT E VA BIEGNER, BILLIE SHULTZ. BETTY SEN- KEWiTi s LY WULETIC, MARY ZDUNICH. LILLIAN ZADuQf1hw, 7225 Qin'-LYOST gb, '.,,. .. MR. LAWRENCE KOSTER 12B First row: VAL VENTRO. JAMES WESTBY, REGINALD TYE. JOE WEST. JAMES SNELL. ROMAN TRASKOS. DAVID IHITCOMBE. JAMES POLIDORI. Second row: ED SIKORA. ED SIMPSON, HENRY SUKUP. KENNETH RAY. MR. LAWRENCE KOSTER. EUGENE SIKORA. JAMES RAY. MILTON VANLON. JOE TISON. Third roi: TOMMY TOM. GORDAN RATTRAY. FLETCHER VROTEN, BEN TOM. CHARLES ST. JACQUES, RALPH SALUCCI. IBAN URBONOYICH, LEO WARD. MRS. GLADYS MOORE 12B First row: JODY CROCE, MARGIE BARBATI. MAXINE GRIFFIN. PHYLLIS DUNCAN, JOYCE BOWYER, ROSE GUERRIO. MARY COSTA. Second row: MARY COWLEY, HARRIET CLARK. JEAN GIANDOMENICO, ANN ANTONELLI. ROSE HAGOPIAN. ANNIE GONZALES. JOAN FRANK. Third row: FRANCES ANASTOS, OLGA HLADY. DELPHINE COLLINS. DOROTHY FINA, TWILA HENDRICKSON, MARY ANN CHICLES, SHIRLEY COLE. Fourth row: MRS. GLADYS MOORE, AMELIA GOLLES. MARGARET HAYS. GRACE DELANEY. ANN DOYLE, EVELYN GRUCELLA. MARY DEPOLIS. MR. RAY PARKER 12B First rov: JOHN BAPPERT, CASIMER BURY, DERIO do VINCENT. MR. RAY PARKER. JOE RASIAGA, QUINTON BUSTETTER, EARL CHEYBOGAN. Second row: IAMES CARUSO. CHARLES BRADLEY, CHARLES BOYD, MEL FERSTLE, REMUS CRISON, ERNIE CLOUTIER, LEO CAMAROISE. Third row: JOHN ARIZONIAN. BUD FINNEGAN, ALEX BILANO, HAROLD CLARK. EUGENE ARNOLD, ED BILECKI, HUBERT CALDWELL . EDWARD CYREK. MR. RUSHTON STRONGMAN 12B First row: HARRY HILDERBRANDT. HARRY KEOLIAN. BUDDY HILD MR. RUSHTON STRONGMAN. PAUL GOSMER, ZIGMOND KOIAL. JOHN GOLICH. Second row: ART HELM, CLAIR KOEBE, WILLIAM IULIAN, ED KAKO. ED HERRING. WILLIAM GREGORICH, NICK KRESUK. Third row: ED KUHARY, BILL HENSHAW. HENRY KOIALESKI. JOE GOMEZ. DON HALLER. BILL JAMES. HOHN LACATIS. Fourth row: LEON KOWALSKI. FRED KASPRIAK. DAVID KLOTZ. KEONARD KRAHS, FLOYD GRUCELLA. HUGH FREEMAN. 55522 4 Y. MR. HARRISON CHASE 11A First row: GLEN FISHBECKQ IAYNE GEORGE. FRANK CZACH, ARTHUR FLETCHER, WHITNEY ANDERSON. ROBERT DRAKE, RAY FRITZ. Second row: DICK GABSDYL. RALPH ROWLER. IRVIN CZAIKONSKI. HARRY CORPOLONGO, BILLY GANDOLFO, BILL GERNAEY. Third row: ROCCO GARRITONO. WALTER DEMUSIOK. JACK DEGROAT, DON ELWOOD, LEONARD GAWRONSKI. IACK FIERK. JOHN DUROCHER. Fourth row: MARVIN COOK. EUGENE CZARNECKI, TED FOSTER. MIKE CZARNECKI, MIKE CRAVER, ROBERT FISHER. Fifth row: RAY EDWARDS, ALBIN DUCHER. ADAM DUCHER, IIMMY DESIM- MONE. MRS. ANN BURGER 11A First row: DAISY BRADLEY, HELEN BETEN, SARAH ADRAY, MONITA ATKINS, ANTOINETTE BRUZAS. ELEANORE BONDIE, JEAN CLOUGH. GLORIA BURCH. Second row: VIRGINIA BIESTEK. DARLYNE COOPER, SHIRLEY CHEVRETTE. SHOPHIE CHAUCHOFF. OLGA BALAKA, KATHERINE BENIO, HELEN BEERNAERT. GWEN COLEMAN. Third row: BETTY CHRISTIE. ELSIE BOIK, VIRGINIA BARAMSKI. MARGARET BENNETT, PAYE ABRAHAM, DOROTHY BEERYMAN, GWEN BRADY. IRENE BIEN. Fourth row: JOYCE CHURCH- EVA BARBIAUX, IUNE COLLIER, ELEEN BLOOM. ARLEEN CAMPBELL. DORIS BROWN. BARBARA BROOKS, MARGARET CONDRA. MISS WANDA CHROBAK 11A First row: ELFREDA WEISS. IEANETTE WOYSO ROSE TOROSIAN, MISS WANDA CHROBAK, NOELLA VANDORP, RUTH WHITE. EDITH VALENTINO. Second row: MARY TAYLOR. FLORENCE URENN. MARILYN YOUNG, ELIZABETH TOIE. ALICE WYATT. ESTHER VOLK ALICE ZOHN. HELEN WINEK, INGRID WIERMAA, MARIAN WATKINS. Third row: DORIS WIMMER, DONNA JEAN ZINK. YVUNNE VIVES, GERTRUDE UNDERWOOD, NANCY WOOD. PHYLLIS WARNOCK. PAULA WALTERS, ESTHER ZIEMBA, ISABLE THOMAS, VIRGINIA WANTUCK. Fourth row: DELORES WIACEK, JUNE WILCOX. NORMA WOLYNCEW. GERALDINE WARD, MARY WHITE, JEAN TONER, WANDA URBAN, MARIQRIE WANDERSKI, VERNA VALENTINE. LEONE VAN OAST. MISS IRMA CILLEY IIA LAYBL Low: NAOMI ROSS, NORMA SAMEL. BEATRICE scRwAB, THERESA SHERRY. CARMEN Rosy. LENA RoccRIo, PAT SMITH, GRACE SRULL. second row: MARY ROSSI. MARY SPIRO, RUTH RYBSKI, VIRGINIA EIRELEICKI, AGNES RYDER. ROSE MARIE sULLIvAN, DOROTHY SRERLETRQ IDA ROSSI. Third row: SHIRLEY sAcKsoN. AGATHA scAvo. SUE SMILEY. LEODA RYAN, DELORES REEDY, ASPASIA STEVE. MARGARET SHERRY. Eoafrh row: HELEN STASEVICH. GRACE SCODA, RUGR sEAsOcK. EDITH SRARPE, KATHLEEN SMITR. LOUISE SUSMAK. EIIIL row: MARY SMITH. ROSEMARY SCRENK. DOROLENE SMITH. MISS IRMA CILLEY, GOLDIE sABo, BETTY STANDAPER. coLLEEN ROBERTS. MR. ELDEN CROSS 11A First row: RAYMOND RUTHERFORD, CLIFFORD ZENZ. TOM TURCHAN, DOM- INIC TATARANOWICY, JOHN SPURGEON. LAWRENCE YOUNG. LAVERNE WESTERLAND. Second row: DON SUTTON, GEORGE SZABO. DAVID TOMLINSON, SPURGEON TUCKER. HARRY SMITH. HARRY STRAUSS. HAROLD STEVENS. EUGENE WOLGAMOTT. Third row: FRANKLIN SNOW, ED WILLIAMS, MIKE WASKUL, MYRON URDEA. WALTER THLUTKI, LEO SZABIA. FRANKIE ST. MARY. ROBERT SMITH, AL WORTH. Fourth row: BILL WELLS, JIM SPEIGHT, LAWRENCE THRUDEAU, DON YEA- GER, HAROLD WALKER. ED VANCE, ELWIN STRAIGHT, RICHARD IROBLEWSKI. WALTER WIDAK. HENRY TUCKER. MR. PHILIP EDMUNDSON IIA First Howg DON CHRISTIE, ALRERT GIESLA, ROY CARNES, LEO BOODAKI AN, LOUIS BIELOW, ROBERT CASLEY. second Row: DAVID ANTHONY, RUBOLPR CALDERON. RICHARD BRAND- GEORGE BURNS. BERT CONDRON.-ROBERT BARR. ER Third Row: EDWARD RAGDON. ROBERT ANDREWS. LAWRENCE BUCHN . RAY CHAISSON. GEORGE BURTON. CHARLES BELL. O . Fourth Row: JACK APOBTOL. GEORGE BRUBNA. BERNARD BUTT. J HN BYERS, JOHN BRURNS, ALBO BONRMECI. TED BERGE. TAME3 CAMERON- MISS NORMA GREEN 11A First row: DOROTHY ODELL. VIRGINIA NICKON. JOAN READING. MISS NORMA GREEN. KATHERINE REAM. SHIRLEY POBURSKY. MARGARET MOVSESIAN Second row: ANGELINE RENDA. LOIS.PARKS. RUTH MULLALLY. FRANCES MURACA, CLAIRE MORHAN. HELEN PREISS. OLGA RAIDL, DOLORES PISULA. Third row: IRENE PASAN, VIRGINIA PARR. LOTTIE PARDO. EFFIE RA- GAY. VIVIAN PLOUGHMAN. JOSPHINE PATTERSON. MARGARET PEARSON. JEAN MONASHKO. PATRICIA RAE. Fourth row: SHIRLEY PETERS. MARION NARI. JOYCE PALMER, SHIRLEY NEWELL. MARTHA PLECHA. JESSIE PEOTROWSKI. VIRGINIA PIECZONTKA. HELEN POPPELREITER. JEAN MILSOM. Fifth row: MARY PIGNANELLI. VERNA LOU MILLER. VERNA MONTAVON. MARGARET NAPOLEON. JUSTINE NECHOLLS. MAUREEN RADGENS. ALICE CHANIAN. RUTH NIELSON. MARILYN ORR. JANE PARSONS. MRS. ANN KOPP 11A First row: DOLORES LESNER. VERONICA MCCALLION, VIVIAN MCEWEN. MRS. ANN KOPP GERTRUDE KUHN, DONA MARTIN. NAOMI KEPPEN. Second row: BARBARA MATTESON, ELIZABETH MARKARKAN. MARGY MCNA- MARA. RITA LAZARUK, DOROTHY MECHALKO. JEANETTE MALZAHN. THERESA MIEDLER. Third row: SHIRLEY MELLIN. JOSEPHINE MCKENNA, FRANCES MICELI. SHIRLEY MARSHALL, DOROTHY KIDON, AUDREY MARSHALL. LOIS LECHEL, MAHY KMET. GLADYS ANN KOZE. Fourth row: CHRISTINE LONGRIDGE. MURIEL MCFADDEN. MARGARET MART- ENS. LILLIAN LAVINE. MARGARET KOVALCHIK. RUTH MIKSYS, GWENDOLYN MCDANIEL. DOREEN LGGRAVE. MARGARET KETELHUT. Fifth row: ELEANOR KROLL, LOIS KOESTER, MARGARET MCMILLIAN. ADA KOHOUT. EVELYN KINSKE, ARETA KIACKES. EUGENIA LINZMAIER. MARY JANE MAGLOCCI. BETTY KRAUSE. MRS. MARGARET MGCMILLAN 11A First row: PATRICIA JOLLY, LILLIAN JURASEK. JEAN HENDERSON. SHIRLEY GRAHAM, JANE HAWKINS, HELEN HANNA, ELLA HELM. Second row: MARIAN JOHNS. JEAN JAJE. BERTHA JENDERS. LORRAINE HOROZY, LOUISE KATONA, VIRGINIA HARPER. PATRICIA HALES. HELEN HOWEL. Third row: MARY KANDILIAN. JANE JAGODZINSKI, MADELYN HARTMAN. IRENE GRAY, THELMA HAMBY. VIOLETTE KONEN. EMILY GROMADZINSKI. Fourth row: MARGIE HAUPT, HELEN HEINE, FRANCES JENKIN. LOUISE KAMASIN, SHIRLEY HARRIS. RUTH HERBEY, VIRGINIA INHOFE, RITA LEGAULT. Fifth row: ETHEL KARAGAS, KATHLEEN KELLY, JANET KAMECKA, ANNE IRELAND. ANNA MAE GRAY. LORENE JACKSON. BETTY JASBINSEK. MR. CHARLES RIDLEY 11A First row: FRANK JUDASZEWSKI, HENRY HAAG. ED KAZANOWSKI, WILLIAM HARRIS, BOB GRIFFKE, ROBERT HILL. LOUIS GUIDO. NICK KARAGAS. Second row: MR. CHARLES RIDLEY. KALMAN KATONA. LAWRENCE GROVES. E.J. HUTSON, LEONARD KIDON, ED HOSCELO, CHARLES KISH, ROBERT KLUWE, JOE HANKINSON. Third row: FRANK HILL, WILLIAM KACHATUROFF. LAWRENCE GROEN. HAROLD HARRISON. ART KEELER. JOHN KISSELL, JOE KLOS, JACK GRI GORIAN, CHARLES KODIEK. ED KOSLOW, VAUGHAN GRAHAM. Fourth rol: MICKEY HAMILTON. HENRY KARMAN. ED GRABOWSKI. RAY GRZESKOWIAK, MERRILL HILDERBRANDT. ART KOBERG. TON KEELING, HAR- OLD GIBBONS. VARUSHIAN KACHADURIAN. ARTHUR KIERNAN. 91. MR. HENRY SEEKAMP 11A First row: ART LeBLANC, DON MQCMULLAN, PAT LUCAS, MR. HENRY SEE- KAMP, EDWARD MCLAUGHLIN, FRANK MOORE, ART LAMBERT Second row: ALVIN LINDSEY. STANLEY MARCH, PHIL MCNULTY, ART NEL- SON. GEORGE MARAK. JACK LAMB, JOHN MILLER, LARRY MARTA. Third row: HAROLD MacDONALD, JOHN MATOSH, LAMIEUX JACQUES. ALBERT LLOYD. EDWARD LATWINSKI. JOE KURMAS, ANTHONY MIGLIO, BOB LGPORTE. Fourth row: MARINO MASSETTI, RAY MARTIN, RICHARD MARCYAN, JOHN LINDQUIST. JOHN MERNA, DONALD MUELLER JOHN LONGO, GORDON MCCAR- THY. MRS. ANNAH WEAVER 11A First row: ALICE GABRIEL, BETTY EIGHOLTZ, RITA DUFRESNE, MILDRED FENSKE, CORNELIA GRABOWSKI. ANNA MARIE DOYGHER. VIRGINIA DARABAN7 Second row: BETTY ELLIOTT, BETTY GLANT. ANNA DONALDSON, VIOLA DELANOIS, LILLAAN GAZAREK, JOYCE FOLLEY, MARY GARBO. JOAN FISHER. Third row! DOROTHY EMEOTT. BETTY GOOD, VIOLA CUMMER, GLORIA FARRUGIA, GEORGETTA EMPSON, BETTY DEMEK. VIOLET DANIELS, SOPHIE ELPOULOS, JOSEPHINE DIPAOLA. A VOuffh YOWZ JOESPHINE FUNDARA, ADA GARRISOY, ELEANOR FEBBO. ELAINE DRYS. DELORES DYSARZ. BETTY FAITEL, CHARLOTTE FELTZ. BILLIE DILLINGHAM, ERSILIA DI PIETRO, ROSE VARY DIPAOLA. Fifth row: JUNE FELLWOCK, PHYLLIS ENGLEHART, SAVANNAH DAY. DELORES DICKERSON, VICTORIA GHETIA, BETTY EDWARLS, ALMA DALKE. BARBARA GIVSON, DELORES ESPER. MR. THEODORE BARTON 11B First row: LESTER SWAIN YOUNGQUIST, PHILIP UCZENIWEZ. RONALD ZIEHM. JOHN WHITCOMBE. REN YOUNG. EUGENE TYLER. JIM . EUGENE SOVIAK, LEONARD WURSTER. VIKAR Second row: JOHN VECCHIONE, VAR SPENCE. LEONARD SIEMAXZ. ALEX SMAIL. BOB IOLFE. VICH. DONALD STOYCHOFF. JOE Third row: AUREL URSA. DAN STASE VENCELOR. MIKE YUSKOIETZ. PAUL SINGLETON. Fourth row! MR. THEODORE BARTON, BILL SPRENGEL. BILL STRACHAN. LEONARD SUTKUS. WALTER WAGNER. EDWARD SKROUPA. MR. HARRISON WELSH 11A First row: ANDY PARK, BARRETT SNYDER MR. HARRISON RICHARD PIETRAZYK. Second row: CHESTER ROSOL. EDWIN RICE. LOUIS RENDA. FRED NORTON. ZANE RUSINOWSKI. JOE POMA. TED SCHROEDER. CEO SAMCKI. LEE O'CONNEL, ROY ROBERTSON. ASKE, WILSON SONCRANT Third row: KENNETH SAIICKI. ARTHUR POL . ON RAY. RAY POLIDORI. RAY PARUCH. ANTHONY . RAYMOND SISKO. AL PORTO. WELSH. GRANT SCHARF. JOHN SEILER. OLIVER ROSE. RUSSEL PEAKE. GUINT PULTORAK. NEIL SMITH, JULIUS SHARPY. Fourth row: DICK SHAKARIAN. GUS PLOCH. JOE PELLEGRINO. TOM ER. HAYDEN NOVACHEFF. LOUIE PAVEL. JACK SIMONTON. DON SCHOEM . SMITH. GERALD SHANNON. GORDAN RIDDLE. ROY SHANNON. MR. ROBERT BILLS 11B First row: GEORGE NICHOLS. HUSTON PATERSON, TONY sANGEORzAN. DON RIDDLE. EDWIN ROLAND. CALVIN RYAN. KENNETH RICHARDS. second row: FRANK MAY. CHARLES MACHACEK, HOWARD RIZNER. CURTIS MccLENAGRAN. EDWARD SEKUTOWSKI, DONALD SANDBROOK. CLEM RILEY. TED MARTIN. Third T012 ANTONIO NADEAU, EDWARD PIETRS, JOHN NAOY. ROBERT NAPPE, LAURENCE PARKOFF. ROBERT SANPLES, ROBERT PAVELICH. FRED MATLE. V MISS ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY 11B First row: DOREEN BALDWIN, MARY BAIN. MAUREEN DOBSON, LOIS DENSMORE. JOYCE DOBBS, DORIS ANDRUS, BETTY COX. Second row: JESSIE CHIMENTI. LOUISE DEPA, GRACE ARSENAULT. MARGARET BAZANSKI, ROSE BOYAGIAN. ALICE BAILEY. ANN BARBAZ. Third IOWZ MARY ANDREWS, VIRGENE BUCK. JOAN BINDER, MARION BARTON. JANE DIEBOLD. ELEANOR COTTRELL. SARAH CURCURU, LAURA ALEXANDER. Fourth row: RUTH DINGFELDT. DOROTHY BOOMER. MARGARET CALHOUN. JOYCE DENECKE, PAY DUBY. JERRY BLOETSHER. MARY BANDA. ..,1. ? Mas. WILMA Jorl'Es,ACUs 1 First row: JUNE REA? JONESCUE. THELMA PAT'L Second row: ANGELIY BARBARA RETZ. MARY YL ORTA. Third row: BERNICF SAWCHUK. MARTHA RICOVf Fourth row: LILLIAm POLYDORAS. HELEN PFW CATHERINE RUSH. MISS ALMERENE MONTC' First row: HELEN F PEARL FIORINI. ANN GUSTAFERRO. Second row: ELEANOR GAUTHIER, VIRGINIA E MAGIL. Third row: GERALDII VIOLET KOVAC. SHIBL Fourth row: VIRGINT- UCE, DOROTHY HAAG, ' L X ROM, MILDRED ROULO. MRS. WILMA VATIENCE. HELEN RAJDA. L 2 1WITA OSWALT, FLORENCE MOTIU. MAXIUM. VINCIE SAVINE. HELENA "qf' HHDIGAN, BETTY SAVAGE, SOPHIE , MARION PARKER SHIRLEY PAUL. A NORI. EDYTHE PAGE. ANGELINE R NICKITUK. MARILYN OGLESBEE. :wa FUCINARIV. SHIRLEY LISTER. MCBETH, Louis:-: rosrsa. MARY .L MAHNKE MILDRED LEWIS. MARIE WVTES VILLA JOHNSTON. IENNIE If HALLIGAN, FRIEDA FIMBINGER. 'TH HAWTHORNE. EILEEN IARVIS. WORM LAIRD. VIRGINIA MARIN- f LQRIVIERE. MISS BESSIE RATHS IIB First row: DOROTHY WHITE, MAXINE ZILZ. MARY SURDU. DORA SPINOZZI, DORIS USANNAZ, BETTY SWARTZ. MILDRED SIEGELS Second row: MARIAN WIELAND . BERNADETTE SKALMOWSKI DOLORES STANISLOI. ESTHER TREMBA. MARIAN SEHRA. HARRIET SEPPALA. PEARL SHEBILIA. MURIEL SCRUTTAN. Third row: GERALDINE SWEET. HELEN WHEATON. BETTY WATKINS, VIRGINIA WILEY, BARBARA IILLARD. FRANCES TAYLORT DORIS WILLIAMS. Fourth rol: VERNA TATARANOWICZ, DOROTHY TIDWELL. LUELLA SCHOENRATH, VIRGINIA SHEPTOSKI, MARY VAFAKOS, PATTY SWANEY. ANN STADNIK ALICE TURRIGIANO. MR. IADE SMITH IIB First row: SIDNEY ABED. Lou1E CORPOLONGO. SAM APKARIAN. JAMES BERRY. BOB cRIsoN. CHRIS CAZORLA. GERALD AGIN. Second row: JOE DYCIO. FELIX CASSILEAS. BERT BRAYMOND, BILL BRINES. LOUIE CAPATINA. ALEX DAGALLA. Third row: JOHN CIPILONE. FRED DELANEY. DONALD DOUGHER. JERRY BARTOESEACR. JOE BEELER,GORDON ALLBRIGHT. JACK coRNiLLAuD. Fourth rol: DONALD BURKOWSKI, JOHN BAIA, GERALD EDWARDS, GERALD BROWN. MAXFIELD ARNEY. MR. LYLE WINES IIB First row: DONALD FELLOWS, HOWARD FREDETTE. ARTHUR HABBEL, LEON- ARDLIEDTKE. MIKE LOUKAS, ERNEST GILBERT. W Second row: JERRY FAMILARI, LUTHER KLECKNER, PETER KINDLINGER. DAVID HARVEY, PERE ISGRO. JOHN FAWCO. ROBERT GROWE. Thirdrow: LEO GUTUSHEK, PAUL KERY, WILLIAM KANAI. HOWARD MCCAM- MON. HORACE KING. FRANK KVICALA. Fourth row: LEONARD LEWANDOWSKI, ERNEST FOZEKAS, WILLIAM LAMKIN. ROBERT HILL. EDWARD ESKIE. MISS GLADYS CLARK 10A First row: LENA PROKIPCHUK. MARIE M YER. ROSALINA PEREIVA. ANN! PERVA, DOROTHY NADROSKA. FRANCES NATOLI. OLGA PANICK, LUCILLE PARCELL ' Second roi: ANN PARALUCK. SHIRLEY NAPIER, BETTY OWSLEY. MARGAY NICKOLLS. ROSEMARIE PRIEBE. ROSANN PROVENCE. MARY NUNEZ. Third row: AUDRA MORGAN. BETTY POBURSKY, FRANCES PIETROBONA. HELEN MOTI. MARY MATICE. BETTY RECKIN. Fourth row: LILLIAN NECKEL, ELEANOR MURAWSKI, BECKY RADER. BETTY PECK, BERNADETTE NOLL, LORRAINE REDMAN, DOLORES NAGEL. Fifth row: MISS GLADYS CLARK. JANE PHETTEPLACE. SHIRLEY MURAT- ZKI. JANE PICARD. MISS CLARA MAE BEACH 10A First row: IOESPHINE HELISEK. MARGIE HARGROVE. BETTY KATONA. MISS CLARA MAE BEACH. MARIAN GRANT. BETTY HARRY. MARILYN GRANDY. Second row: ANGELINE GUASTELLA. MAYA HOF. ROSEMARY GROEN. FLO- RENCE GUIDO. DONNA FULKERSON. CHARLOTTE HARPER. GLADYS HILL. IAN HERRICK. Third row: ALICE HASSEN. LaCLAIRE GREER. MARY ANN FRIEDRICK. HELEN KARMEN. DOROTHY HERMAN. DORIS HORBAL. DORIS JOHNS, HANNE- LORE GUTHEIM. JUNE GOTTS. Fourth row: GLORIA HAVLATKA. IEANE FRISCH. EVELYN KAMBATH. MARIORIE GENIK. PATRICIA HOULE. FLORENCE ILOIE. CHERIE KACEMA. DOROTHY GUSHEL. DOLORES GRAHAM. ROSEMARIE GALLER. MR. HERBERT BEDDOY 10A First row: MIKE PETLICHKOFF ALVIN NORGIEL. DOUGLAS PORCH, DON- ALD NOLPF, AL PERARDI,WILLIAM PACESKY. GORDON PHAIL. CHESTER PIREK. Second row: MR. HERBERT BEDDOW. BILL PAPINEAU. CHARLES PERARDI. GEORGE PANZOFF. WALTER OLKUWSKI, DICK NORDSTROM, FRANK PIECZON- TKE. NORMAN NAZOROFF. JOE OLSAVSKY. WALTER MORDARSKI. RICHARD PULICE. Third row: BILL PRICE. TED PUDLO. IOHN NETOR. BOB MOSS. MICHREL QUINN. CHESTER RAKOWICZ, TOMPETFERSON' TOM QUINN, HENRY PIELECKA. PERRY PARK, DONALD NOWKA. MR. WILLIAM DAVIS 10A M, A N F'fD LAND. WALTER MAIDA. EARL Eirst row: RAY LINDER. SAM MANJ. FI LUTEY, IOHN KOSINSKI, ROBERT MCRAL, FRANK MADDEN. geconf: Row: MH. WILLIAM DAVIS, +"Hr,STER MAZUREK, JAMES MURPHY. VICTOR LUCAS, DONALD LAST, CHARLES KRTEK, IOHN LITOVCHIK, ED- MUND LGSOTA, JOHN MATOIN, CHESTER LVLEK. . Third row: GEORGE MCLAUGHLIN, IGH KENDZIERSKI, GORDON KELLER, ROBERT LAB. PETER KOLOMIETZ. IIM KUBAT WK' Fourth row: MIKE KINDLINGER, LEC V LEY MIETA. FRANK MINOLLI, CALVIN MALEC, HONH MILES, JACK MACKEY, MR. WAINO GUSTAESON IOA First row: GLENN KARTIEI TOR -N GUSTAESON, EUGENE HEINLEINE, CLARLY Second row: FRANK GOLICH. RORERI GLRASON. RONALD HILL, WESLEY GLL Third row: GEORGE KOSEK, IACK ERWIN HENSCHEL, EILL GRECO. MICK Fourth row: EDWARD GLAMR I. HARRISON. FRED IACKMAN. TERRY IANIGA. R, N MICHON, KENNETH KING. ALTON KRAMER. NEIL MARSHALL. GORDON IAM LLYOD. 3IEWSKI, DAN MAYVILLE, STAN- KIRK. IOE MEINHARD. ROBERT HHRRON. BILL HORTON. MR. WAINO fb HAVENER, BILL HEIN. YACKSON. PHILIP HAMPEL, EUGENE Y HH KATGANICH. TONY GUTSEN. ' MIKE HEALY, RICHARD IANKS, HALL. 'IiYLILEPI. TOM IOYSEY. AWRETT, EDWARD HARKLESS, JOEL ' fZKI, HUGH HARRIE, IEROME W fi L if MR ARTHUR HUGHES 10A First Row GEORGE FORD FRANK coccmlcuo HAROLD CURRY PAT DEL IA PAUL EBERHART GEORGE COLE ARMEN DEMERGINE BOB COLARD Second Row JAMES DICKEY ARVID ERICKSON HAROLD GARRET DICK DELSEL JOE ERANTEE BOB FOBAR AUGUST CONSTANT Thxrd Row PASQUALE DESIMONE PAT COCELI TOM CONDRA FRANK DUDEK GEORGE FINN JOHN GABRYS JIM FILECCIE Fourth Rol JOHN CRAFTS RICHARD DULIMBA JACK DIENES GEORGE EWACUK BOB DAVENPORT BOB CURTIS WALTER SELZSKI Fxfth Row MR ARTHUR HUGHES RAYMOND GUAGE FLOYD DONESKE FRANK FUJA CARL EDWARDS MISS MARION HUNSICKER 10A HQNI First Row. FATIMA ESMAN DOROTHY FARRUGIA JACQUELINE FRASIER.w MISS MARION HUNSICKER, JESSIE DONKLDSON. RUBY ESHLEMAN, MAE FISHER. Second Row: AGATENA DENARO. MARY DENARO. CAROL EVERETT. JEAN FLEMING, MARQUITA DIEBOLD. MARY COSENGA. NACCY FERRANTINO. BEULAH EMMONS. Third Row: EVELYN DEALL VECCHIA, DOLORES FERMENTO, SADIE FLORIN- SKI. JOYCE CRAMPTON. VIRGINIA ENGEL. BETTY FAIRMAN, DORIS DAN- IELS, YVONNE FLUEGGE. DELFHINE DRAIN. Fourth Row: PATRICIA CURTIS. LUCILLE ENRIGHT. JEAN ERKFITS. ANN CUNNINGHAM. DORIS D'AGUANNE, SHIRLEY DALTON. GERTRUDE ELGEAR. MARJORIE FILSON. VIOLA EVANS. PEARL FERRANTE. MR. MERWIN LEWIS 10A First row: RAYMOND CHARTIER. RICHARD CIESLA. EUGENE BODOH. MIKE CAURDY. NICK BANDESEU. JOHN CRAMPTON. HAROLD BURTON. HUBERT BOYD. Second row: SAM CAURDY. WALTER BOICZUK. HENRY BASIAGA. CHARLES ALDERMAN. MICHAEL BOUSHEE. NORMAN BIALEK. IAMES BROWN. MELVIN ANTHONY. Third row: DONALD BEEBE. ED BORYSKI. FRANK CARMICHAEL. RICHARD COAKLEY. MALCOM ANTHONY. TOM BOWMAN. GABRIEL CIFOR. - Fourth row: MR. MERWIN LEWIS. JOHN BEEGLE. MATTHEW BURZYECK. ROBERT BOLUCH. WALTER BAKER. CLARENCE BERGERON. MRS. ALICE LOCKLIN 10A First row: SALLY WILLIAMS. STELLA VAKOLIVCK. DELORES WUSEK. CHARLOTTE ZEGLAND. ROSE YAGNISZCZAK. MARIE TARANTINO. ELLA TROUPE. EVANGELINE WARD. Second row: ANN VETIE, MARION VETTER. IEAN TEST, LOIS WILLIAMS. LORETTA THOMAS. RUTH ZAVISA. DELORES WOLFE. Third row: MARJORY WERNAR. BETTY JANE WALTERS. DIAMOND THEODO- RAN, JANE WILLIAMS. PHYLLIS WITERSHEIM. VIRGINIA WILSON. JUNE THOMPSON, IRENE SWEEZY. Fourth row: ANN THOMAS, AUDREY SWEET. ROSE YUSKOWITZ. ELINOR TOTSKE. MARION TURK. VERA SWANSON. DOROTHY YACKELL. ' Fifth row: MRS. ALICE LOCKLIN. DOROTHY WHITE. MARJORY WARD, DORIS WEIS. WWKQZ, 101 MRS. MILDRED LYMAN 10A First row: VALERIA BUBLAUSKY. JOSEPHINE ANTONELL. MARGARET BOE- CLER GENEVIEVE CHEVALIER, MRS. MILDRED LYMAN, ALMA CHAKMAKIAN. VIVIAN BAGOZZI, PATSY CAPE. LILLIAN COLLARD. Second row: ROSE MARIE CHERUP, SKINEY ASSAD. VIRGINIA BOYAGIAN. GLADYCE BOARDMAN. VIOLET ALISH. SOPHIE ANDRUSIEWICZ. AGNES BOG- OSIAN, VIRGINIA BIGOS. FLORENCE ASPETI, RUTH COBB. Third row: HALINA CENTKIEWICZ. DORIS BROWN, AUDRY LOU CLEMENTS. RUTH BLANEY. ZELMA BROWN, VALENTINE CAPRA. JEAN BELL, ANNA MAY BLAY. Fourth row: JEAN BRILL, FRANCES COLE. LUCILLE CADDEN. MARY CAP- RARO, DOLORES BLAVAT. KATHERINE ABRAHAM, SONYA CART, PHYLISS CICHOCK. MRS. BEATRICE SIMMONS 10A First row: PHYLLIS LANDGRAS, JEANETTE MAY. WILLADENE LEWIS. BETTY MCGRATH, NAOMI KERCHEFF. IRENE KEMPA. STELLA MALISH. RUTH KLECHA. Second row: DELPHINE KRUKOWSKI. RUTH KOHOUT. MARY ANNE MERRIMAN. HELEN LIS. CAROLINE KUKLER. RITA KECHA, SHIRLEY LESLIS. DOROTHY LEGENZA. Third row: MARY MCGINTY, DELORES KLOS. ELSIE LAMBKA. BEVERLY KOUNS. JOANNE KETTIMAN. PEARL MAISNER. PAULINE KURMANIAK. Fourth row: ANGELINE LANCI. SHIRLEY LEWENDON. GLORIA MEEHAN. JANET MCCALLUM, BARBARA MAINS. LORRAINE LYCAS, MARY MGCDONALD. Fifth row: MARY MCNAMARA. DELORES KERONSKI. DARLENE MCDERMICH. LILLIAN MALANIAK. ROSEMARY KUHN. LORAINE KROLL. MISS FRANCES BARRETT IOB VirQt rwwi CLARINE BERNOLA, NORETTA DUNSWORTH, FLORENCE BRE DA, FRANCES CESARIO, HELGA CHRISTEN, JOANNE CHRISTENSEN, NOR MA CATERBURY, OLGA CHIMKA. Second row: GLENORA DeSANTIS, MILDRED FIMBINGER, SHIRLEY DIF- FANBAUGH, ETHEL CONDRON, RUTH ANN EICHNER, REBECCA DROGAS, GERALDINE BAFS. Tni rd rw--' MARGUREETE BEELER, RITA BULLION, MARY DAMIAN, EL EANOR CHUNGO, WINIFRED CHRISTIE, JULIA EVANOVICH. Fnurtu rom: MILDRED BARNOWSKI, BEATRICE ALLEN, FRANCES CAM- ERON, CAROLYN CANN, JEANNETTE CIARKOWSKI, SHIRLEY BETTERDDGE. Fifth rom- MARGARET DARRAUGH, MARION BAAR, DELORES FISHER. BETTY CHRONISTER, THELMA CORNS, BARBARA BEASLEY. MR. SAM VASIU 10A First row: PHIL WOOD. BOB WEIDNER. PAUL WAGNER. NORMAN THOMAS. LUCIAN TORNATORE. ROSS TURNER. ROBERT TAP. Second Y0'f IOE IYLA. HENRY WONDOLOWSKI. CARL VOGEL. HENRY VAN DORP. VERNON TEEPLE. DICK THOMAS. Third row: EDWARD YELLIKY. KENNETH T TOMKOI. BILL ULRICH. PAUL VINCI. HARRY WULETICH. GEORGE IALLES. Fourth row: RICHARD IAGERSON. ED IELEK. JAMES TERNES. DICK TOL- LEFSON. KENNETH WIRLTH. TOM WILSON. JAMES WOOTAN. LEE YOODRUFF, TEOTZSL WTIHELM. AYLOR. ARNOLD VANZO. LEO 103 104 'i"wQP"" IR. IURRILL IOOLFORD 10A hm- Firlt row: JOE ROSOL. LARRY ROGERS. CLARENCE SMITH. ROBERT SCH- IARTZ. IANES SABOUGH. YILLIAN SUTHERLAND. NORBERT SIITLEY. IIL3 LIAN SANBRONE. Second row: SHUEREC HASSAN. WILLIAM RUSHING. JOHN STANCIU. HERALD SHIRLEY. EARL STAN. ARTHUR SAWICKI. HAROLD RUEHINGER. NICK SPADAPORA. Third row: ALVIN SKINNER. EUGENE SIROSKEY, DONALD STEWART. GENE SHEPHERD, GLEN REED. NEAL SCHULTZ1 ALVIN ROLAND. TOMMY SASS. Fourth rol: EVERETT ROIE, BUFORD SINGLETON. CALVIN RICE. JACK SISCO. DEAN STEWART. CLEMENT SIMCIK. JOHN STEWART. Fifth row: ALFIO ROSCINI. GEORGE SLARADZINSKI, SETTINUS DIMONE. DOMINIC SNABES. NORBERT STRZALKOWSKI. ROSS STEGGLES. TED SITAR- SKI. MISS MARY LILA ZANG 10A First row: SALLY SMITH. LILLIAN SHVMEIE, PETTY SUNDSTRON. MISS MARY LILA ZANG. LORRAINE ROBERTS f'CT T EUFF, HELORES ROMANO. Second row: MANI ROMANELLi, . YQAHE DORIS RYBSKI. DOROTHY RUSSI. CAROLYN ROSS, Rv, A - 'E, ADELE STACKMAN. ALICE RosoL. Third row: GEORGINA srsox. CATHEMINY smwa, MARY RILEY. HELEN RYNASZEISKI, BARBARA STEVENS. EILEEN LTFARHAN, DORIS ROUTZAHN. LUCILLE STIGLEMAN. DELORES RUTKOWSKI. Fourth row: JEAN SMITH, FRANCES SIRACUEE. RLGA SLOBODIN. IUANITA SPRATT. BARBARA ROIEN. oLcA SAIBGCK. MARION SHAW. MARION sinus. MR. ELMER CARLSON 10B . First Row: IOHN HALOWATY. IOESPH HUERTA. IACK FRANK, RAY IAN- IGA, PAUL JONES, EUGENE FISHWICK, DAVID HOWELLS. Secona Row: PAUL GENTENBERG, LARRY FAITEL, ROBERT GILLAND, PHILIP HOLATO, RICHARD DYSARZ, EDWARD HUBER, EMILIO GUIDO, TONY GRECO. Third Row: ALAN HOGLIN. HUGH HOWE. DAVID GREENE. EARL DUNIEK. ROBERT IRELAND, WILLIAM JEFFRIES, CHARLES EVANS. Fourth Bow: ROBERT DREWINSKI, HOWARD GIROUX, ROBERT HAMZEY, DAN HORBACHEWSKI, JAMES HALE. BILL FASULO. JOHN EWING. BILL HEURION. MISS JEAN GRACE 10B First Row: OLGA SEPULUEDA. DORIS TOOHEY. MINNIE SHAMEY. HEL- ENE WERGELY, ELSIE TOTH, ALENE STANLEY. RUTH WILLIAMS, BRUNA SAVINI. second Row: DIANNE VAUGHN. RENRIETTA STEWART, soPRIE sEMoN, VIRGINIA VELLA, MARIORIE WAUN, MARGARET wIAcEK, VIRGINIA SULEUSKI. Third Row: ROSE VISHIN, ELEANOR TAPPEN, DOROTHY STRAUBE, POTA STRATTON IEWELL WENZEL, LORETTA ZIELINSKI, TESSIE sAwKA. Fourth Row: CATHERINE woLE, EVANGELINE.SASANAS, ROSINA WITH- ERS, DORIS wENsINc. ELAINE WAGNER. MARIORIE STIEUE, EVANGELINE WARD. A Fifth Rowi ROSENARY SCANLON, RAE SOMMERVILLE. DOLORES szABo. MARY SENKEUICR, MARILYN SUTTER, LORAINE SUNDSTROM. Sixrkr Row: MISS JEAN GRACE. JOHANNA SOWKIN. DONNA STOYCHOFF. l06 MR. EVERETT HASSE 10B First Row: ROBERT BOYER. SALVATORE DeGRAZIA, ROALND BONAMICI. EDDY CALDWELL. JACK COTE, EDWARD CASSAR. WALTER CIHMINSKI MAURICE DAMIANO. second Row: DAVID GLENENIS. FIORE DIGICCO. LUOIEN BEERNAERT. JERRY DILLON. DONALD DAVISON. JAMES CLOUGR, DANTE DelGROSSE. EUGENE BURKETT. Third Row: LIVID BURZA, EUGENE ANIDON, RILARY BANKS, LeROY ANGER. KEITH ARCHER, GORDON ARNOTT. GEORGE CARYSAKIS. Fourth Row: DICK cLEvELAND, BILL BARTLETT. FRED CERNUTO, WIL- LIAM CRAFTS. HENRY BARTOSIK, AUGUSTINE DIFAZIO. Fifth Row: MR. EVERETT RAssE. BILL CREATE. JACK BROWN- WILLIAM DALOR. BOB DEMPSEY. JAMES DAVIS, ROBERT CURROWS- MR. IVAN MCCARBERY 10B First Row: GORDON MITCHELL, CHARLES KASPARIAN, STEVE NOR0- SULSKI, DONALD LAVINE. JOHN KAYS. CLAUDE MCCAMMON, TONY LESH- KEVICK, WILLIAM KATYK. Second Row: JOHN MEDEAN, RAY LOBODA. JOHN KILROY. FRED MONG- EAU. CALVIN MATLE. CHARLES ORDUS, JOE NAGEY. Thrid Row: TED DAVENPORT. LEONARD KEUHNIL. DAVE MCPHERSON. JOE NERON. AL KOCHAROFF. RUDY LAWOLVEL. JOHN LEONETTI. Fourth Row: WALTER LAZARSKI, HENRY KOSTOUNY. RICHARD KOERS, TOM NICHOLS. ROBERT LAHUILLERS, PETE 'KALIN RUDY LAWRENCE. Fifth Row: WALTER KONONCHUK, EDWARD OZ, RAYMOND KECK. ED KIEDA. NORMAN LOGON, JOHN LATIN. EUGENE MYGALSKI. Sixth Row: TOM McKAY, ALBERT LEIDEKER. MR. MAX MUSSER 10B First How? JAMES RAY. ROBERT RANDALL ROBERT REEDS, ED SANA- VAG. JOE PINTO, CHARLES ROBERTS, JOHN PAULLEN. Second Row: TED POLOWAY. DICK WALKER, JACK SHEPARD. MICHAEL TOMKOW, RICHARD PARPART,jIM SIMSON ELLIS PORERFIELD. Third Row: GERALD USHER. ROBERT STAUDO. ELMER SOSALL, TOMMY TOMS, LEX WUITON, ERNEST TOMASZEWSKI. Fourth Row: CHARLES UNGER, ERIC SCHADE, BILL SUIDA, ROBERT SMITH, BERT WELLS. DON WHITE. Fifth Row: LOUIS PLAGINS. BOB PARR, JOE SZALEY. GEORGE SAL- EGAN. BOB PARPART. MRS. ESTHER ROMANOW IDB First Row: ELIZABETH HAGOPIAN. DONNA HARDACRE. ANGELINE GUER- RIERO, BEVERLY HOPE. MARGARET GRIGSBY EVELYN LIVINGSTONE, MARY KEELER. Second Row: SHIRLEY LAIN. RUTH KIEFFER, JEAN GENTHENBERG, VIR- GINIA KALINSKI, MARJORIE GOOD, ELEANOR KAWNICKI, NORMA LOGAN. GERTRUDE KRIKORIAN. Third How. MRS. ESTHER ROMANOW, STEPHANIE KOWNS, HELEN JOHN- STON. PHYLLIS GRUENWALD, JEAN GILMOUR, DORIS HAYES. SOPHIE LA- MERATO, JULIE GOSTYNSKI. Fourth Row: MELBA KENNEDY, IRENE KOLOMIETZ, ELSIE KARGELA. FLORENCE KAPATA, BETTY GIASKWICH, PEARL KRAMER. MEREDITH HULL. 107 UB. MRS. ELIZABETH THAYER 10B First row: VIVIAN MONIUSZKO. EVA RICE. MARY JUNE PASAN, BETTY MOORE. PEARL PORTO. PHYLLIS PEACHEY. LILLIAN ROSOL. Second row: SHIRLSY PADDEN. EI,IZABETH JEAN MILNE. ELEANOR RUSS. FREDA MOORE. ERNESTINE MENEES. LAURA MOYESKY. IRENE ROM' ANUK. SHIRLEY MCQUEEN. Third row: SHIRLEY PECK. THERESA PARRELLY. ROSE PERPICK. ELI- ZABETH MARTIN. BEATRICE PREZIOS, DOROTHY NAUM. BETTY PRITEHARD. Fourth row: BETTY PIOTROWSKI, ROSE PETIX MARY LOU RAFTERY. GERALDINE MILKOWSKI. JOSEPHINE PASSERI. NORMA PAGNINI. Fifth row: ELEANOR RAUTIO, THELMA ROWETT. JUDY MITCHELL. FORDSON AT WAR In this section we have shown you the students in their hOmBr00m qroups. The groups are directly aiding the war effort by the purchases of War Bonds and Stamps, and bythe Various drives. including the scrap drive. book drive, record drive, hosiery drive. Red Cross drive, jeep drive. and many others. These various activities shows what the Fordson students can do at a time when their is a great need for cooperation, Recently the student council sponsored a jeep drive. The goal was set for 513,500.00 in War Stamps and Bonds. The students and faculty of Fordson High School not only reached the goal but also exceeded it. Congratulations. students and faculty of Fordson High School. We are proud of you. , ,, "PROBLEM FATHER" B1 Covad Srila ,X,.,,v.,,, .x,,,. A h1AI4l- FIFTEENTH ANNUAL SENIOR PLAY 1-1111,1c1T1' DIRECTED M m...A..1 L1............-Y 11.... raw.. MANY UM 2-'WG A1...1., ml.. Gloria 111.11 FORDSON HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM l':..Irr1 No.-...uber 20, 15142 1'..1....1. -....1.....1. , 1..1... 1,1...1- 11..1. cm... 11.-1.. 11...- -1- . 11.11 s1. L 1 s T shddon Tum, Wemwnh A V E ,Mm Mukmit I4-una L.-1. V 1,...a1... 11... . 1.1.1. 1.1..1... - T..11. 11....1.1.1..... Emi., w,,,.m,,,1, , , , f,,, M,,,,, x1.1....c..rr... - Ira1.R1-.i.gn11 . Beulah 11.11. Ken Wentworth - f Ruben Seeley Alia L.1m - un... Kopus B..1.... vle..1..-11.11. - . Winona rm.: George Wenxwonh . - Knuulmn Dunn 1 . . Zur. Bywuler - . . Lai. H011 :TWH J:h:nQ PUQHA 'I , beam s1.g..51.....g... - 1..1... 1....1.,...... cm... s...1.. p.,.1lgr1..,,,,: .0 . . g,,,,,,,,, 0,,,,,,, Sleclrgnns . . x.......... 11.11. lla. s.-...,.1..-. n.. ...fy '... W... . V 1.1.1 Sullivan ook skiers Maxg-1rf1I.-1.1. f....1....1. 11.-1.1.1. f.1..1 s1........ M...1'....m . - - Dolores Szfusln 51.4. 1'...,....1.f - 11.-1.,1..... 1'....1, 11.......... ln... "WP "" ' - lm" WNW" Hand P.........1.. . . -1...1.. 11..1....-. 1.....1..11. - - . nf1..1..... 1'a5.....11. F ,I , J I H, I, L I A In H 1, I X ' 11....1 Y... , Rmkommm ,........., . ..... ,......., V ..-...R I....1. s.....1.1... Club Ladies ....... .. . Mn, Tum., , , , , T.,,,,M UM. 11.1.-..,. . 11....1..-.. .1 11..- 1-11. v..,1......... 1.11.-. Mn. anfggfuve - - cm... Belczik Sl:-se CM' - 11..1. xx..-L, 11.1 111.... 1..-L 1...-.. 11... '11 - A 11.11 B......1 Mm Wnhersponn . . .11...,...J s1.....,. Mm 1.1..w1w1.11. . . 11......... Inf... 1' M... 11......11.1a . . no... x..1,....1.. 2111 Bff,',1L,i ,' 1 "f"j,,ff"f5:ff r.1......1 x.....1..-.. 1.. .1.. 11.11. r.1.....1 1...1..,... M., W,1k.,,. , . . g,.,1.,, .y,,,,E: T, P. 1j...I1.f.. 1.....l1..1... 5 'I' SYNUPSIS OF SCIQYI-IS 11.. ....... ....11.... oi 11.. P1., 11.1.1 ,.1.,.. 1.. 11... li.' Q 1 mom uf lhe Wemworxh home in 11 .null Kuhn TIME: The Presem. Am- 1.--11... ..... s.1....1.. .n........g. A.. II. sm.. 1...'r.... .1.... 11... 11.....1.. an........... A111 IL Sum: Il: -M.-ndav 11111-rnonn, nm- hour lam, Am III: -- Thr f1.Il1ming nfl.-rnmnn, nboul f..1n-xhin... l'rru1ur1-.1 by Wmkzl nrmngrmmf nah Dnzmalivlx Plan Seww - 4PPRlCl1Tl0X5 Mn, M, rm... .....1 M... H. 1l...... .....1 11... cf. uf... 11 H...1... 1... ........g...g 11.-1.1 ...IH lu.. 1. 11. c...11...- 1... ........- 11... L1 1'1....... .....1 1............1...1 .1.,.f.......-..., I R1-wr.-.fs fm u.1l.r.1.1p. 11... 11. 1,........ .....1 ...1 .1.,.........-... .... ,......-... NJXA., -JXAJVQJVVVNAJ Vvvvx, .JV-..-N,.A,.v.,wvvx,..,Nf A A -..- M46 , f fi fffffyk, 2 WZ "df, Wg Q , Q69 ' 2 4 f 4 "' f I V5 ,,,,, . 5 fywwz ' Vwfzy Q- :if f ' ffw Wy- ,. W, ,. W My -7 9, s ? if If 'www ? ,,f f ,A 4 if :Q - 1-sa, K . N ,..., ,, ,, 5 Q ff W gk Iv H5 fb W 4, rf 2 2 9 WW , WX I Q 15 i KX 'U R Qs" ' ,K 4 A 2 I v 5 wg., MQWM . 43 as .f Q36- Y .559 f Q' M x NWA' .. iiwv. H , , - ge.. X ,.. , af as w 7 5 is ww ,Q ' 3L".,?'jf 5' f 6 Y X ?, We Q N., wi ,Q Wu ix Ss, f. sg HMM Q 'W' fa gg I , X., wif - ' 1: - vw., - wtf- v4 I is f -2 f .:.:a:-...s:,M-:1,:5e-. '-.jg-7 gg.. V1E,.,A ,,V:E Q . , -5,20 Q 'M' f 3 N' 59 L S' 1 1 Q.. " 1. 3 5 'W ef , lt 6 , 1, 3,2 'Z , ri gf me -5 psf 'Z iq., v C, Zz. .. fm' 1, ' Q 7 Mn . .V - A ., jig? fe 4 1 7 7 kr 94 A Y 0 :uv 7' if W My -ny J ,kb fa 5 I -9 'Wg-Q, 1 A yi 1 x 6 Q wif 42 if f 'T il 1. l 7 , J Z ff A ' ,X Xi 1 1, ff 1 ? 4, is W 1. ' 1, A' ' ' , 3 f 9, f . !a. ., , ,, fa, ff 'Q ' ' 'Wm x , . pf 1 4Q73 Right: Th e bo y wi th t he 'million-dollar snile', Jack Sullivan. poses politely for the camera. This is beginning to sound like an ad for Colgate. F-IETIVITIES '5 228 -v 1.-1" -,,. ,,. ----'--':,",-1 .ii-1-,.,.-Q ..-n-1-1" --f""'-'-, - """""' ,,,...-f-----"""7 -f---'.."':'.'L- """"' -'- MQ. Aw Dorothy Harmer and Bonnie Durfee: organization editors. In this section of the Fleur-de-Lie we have attempted to present a clear and realistic picture of the organizations throughout the school. This year there has been a marked change in the activities of many of the clubs. The programs of the clubs have been Changed so that they night aid to a greater extent in the war effort. Many of these clubs have taken on a new significance during this year of war. From left to right: James Gilland, councilman-at-large: Bill Behrendt, councilman-at-large: Sid McKenna, President: Bob Bough, Vice-President: Mary Corsi, secretary. The Fordson Junior College is governe- by the I. C. Council. The body is elected by the student body for a period of one year. It is the duty of this organization to plan the I.c. activities in both the business and social line. . The council has not been as active during the past year as it has been in previous years, for the number of students attending Junior College has been uncertain. Many of the men have been inducted into the armed forces and many more are expected to leave in the near future. This situation has made plans for activities difficult. 117 First F0Wf JOHN LAIRD. ROBERT STEVENS. HAY PITLLK. EDWARD FOHYSTEK. ABE KAHPETIAN. Second row: JACK MILES. EDWARD KUHARY. TOM KEELING. ERNEST NAGY. RICHARD RINKE. Aeronautzcs Glub The Aeronautics Club sponsored a model airplane contest in which all the junior High Schools in the Fordson district participated. A trophy was presented to the winning school and was purchased out of the club treasury. Some of winning planes and others which made by the Aero Club members disolayed in the Industrial h The members made a gas model plane which will be used to t future Aero Club boys to fly. club is sponsored by Mr. Wines. tl"l'0 were were all. air- each The ' :JFFI CEFS President Edward Forystek V. President Abe Karapetian Secretary Treasurer Two interested students stop to examine the lhol case in lover E corridor prepared by the Aeronau- tics club and containing models built by their members. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Herbert George V-President Yolanda Samborski Secretary Rita Lenardon Treasurer Orlow Garrett SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President john Locatis V-President Rita Lenardon Secretary Mary Kozqchuk Treasurer Shirley Holmes First row: Dolores Reedy. Rita Lenardon, Mary Vafakos. Mrs. L man, Shirle Holmes, Mary Kozachuk, Irene Vafakos Y Y - Second row: John Locatis, Ellsworth Pearson. Herbert George, Ro al Hocking, Orlow Garrett, Frank Gallinat y . Third row: Betty Lee Reed, Yolanda Samborski, Jean Redigan. Art Slab The assignments of the Art Club during the past year included the making of two alumni scrapbooks. One was placed in the high school office for the registering of service men when they visit Fordson, and the other was a collection of clippings, pictures and newsprints about Fordson's men in the armed forces, which was placed in the library. The club has made many defense posters and done a great deal of display work for l0Cdl merchants and our own Industrial Department. Also in their debt is the Army. Navy, and Marine Corps, because the club members did a wonderful iob of decorat- ing the Christmas tree for the Dearborn Canteen and making menu covers for the Merchant Marines Christmas dinner. Their work is inspired by their sponsor and friend. Mrs. Lyman. Royal Hocking, Yolanda Samborski, Jean Redigan. Shirley Holmes. and Herbert George, members of Royak Hocking. John Locatis, and Jac the Art Club trim the Christmas tree at the Morden Put the finishihq touches 0 Dearborn Canteen their war posters. 600 nt he gf. c1nQ A C0uPle St-uae A o Sore 9 5 i T. QD . Councxl dances' 90" Above, reading from left to right: ED KOSLOW llth grade representative LEN HENSCHALL 10th grade representative LILLIAN MCLAREN Councilman-at-Large MR. WOOLFORD Sponsor GEORGE SINKO President YOLANDA SAMBORSKI V-President JOHN LINDQUIST Councilman-at-Large CLARENCE DOBRONSKT n 12th grade representative DOLORES WIACEK SecretarY F324 This year's Student Council sponsored a drive that will Q0 down in Fordson's history as one of the outstanding 9CC0mD1ishments of the student body. It started out to be a drive to buy one jeep through the sale of war bonds and stamps. The students responded so enthusiastically that in a short time enough money was raised to buy fifteen jeeps. When the Fordson Board of Education contributed 337.500, the Council decided to reorganize the drive and to purchase a pursuit plane. Besides this unusual and praiseworthy success, the Council has carried on the governmental affairs of the school in such a way that the students, faculty and their sponsor, Mr- Murrill Woolford, are very proud of them C irldgadet Cfozfps The Fordson Girls' Cadet Corps was organized in October. 1942 under the leadership of Mrs. Ann Burger. It is a voluntary organization for secondary school girls with a purpose to promote instruction and training for useful pursuits and services critically needed in wartime. The corps has three objectives: ill Physical fitness l2l Military drill KBJ School and community service Since its organization, the corps is living up to its objectives has been doing its part in the war effort. In collaboration With the Poys' Cadet Corps they have marched to the Dearborn Canneen to see the droftees off. and have sold defense stamps. The girls have also sewed baby blankets for Britain. aided the Red Cross in bandage rolling and sponge making. and served dinner to 200 service men at the Canteen. This your the corps is commanded by Colonel Dorothy Boomer 11B. , w. - A l SYlvia Cler' L K Seated: I,E,.EL O'ij-'- - IOANNE TREESE. BERNADINE REED. 5tGT1illU'3j' , TINTAY, VIRGINIA REED5 JAMES THIPOLI . DOLw:'ii F-t Ari, SYLVIA CIERNICK IOL . ran! V 1mP0f affairs' 'flebalte Squad Due to transportation difficulties. 'B the Debate Squad has found it necessary to limit their activities greatly this sol- ester. It was decided that one debate should be held which would include the Border City League schools: Mount Clemens, Wyandotte. Royal Oak, Monroe. Gross Point, and Fordson. ' The debate was held on November 19. 1942 in the Rackham Building in Detroit, lming as the subject, Resolved: 'That There Shall Be a World Federation After the War'. One affirmative Fordson team and one negative team debated three rounds each. The fourth round was a cooperative debate with one representative from each school. -FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Joyce folley Treasurer Alex Rozycki Directors Gus Kokas Jim MacKenzie SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Harriet Weber V-President Harold Harrison Secretary Pat Rae Treasurer Fred Klett Directors John Lindquist Jim Nackenzie John Weber First row: MARBARET LEWIS, DORIS KOLPACKY. GUS KOKAS. MISS MARY LILA ZANG, JOYCE FOLLEY, JIM MacKENZIE. STEPHANIE MICHURA. Second row: MARIAN GRANT. JOHN WEBER. FRED KLETT. KENNETH GOERKE, JOHN LINDQUIST, GEORGE SINKO. ROBERT TESSMER. RAY SEM LICI. MARGARET HAYES. Third row:tSHIRLEY GILBERT. DOROTHY LEGENZA. IRENE URCHECK MARIAN NORI, NAOMI KEPPEN. HARRIET WEBER, YOLANDA SAMBORSKI DORIS FISHBECK, JOAN SCHAFFER. Fourth row: DOLORES SZEWSKI. CAROLINE KUKLER, PHYLLIS SUTTON. IANET KAMICKI. BILLIE SCHULTZ. BETTY PARK. BERTHA NUNEZ HARRIET CLARK. KATHLEEN SMITH. qlramatic Club The first play presented this year by the Dramatic Club was entitled Problem Father and was very well handled by the students in the cast. An all school play was scheduled for this year but the members and their director, Miss Lila Zang, decided to sponsor the annual vaudeville The purpose of the club is to bring out the dramatic ability of the students and to teach them the correct way to speak from a stage to an The gidqe audience. It also gives the students confidence in themselves when they are speaking to any stranger. At the end of each semester. Miss Zang gives a party in her home for the graduating members. . A SC Esther ene from .pr bl m o oble em Father s of 'PY ore' 123 First row: VIRGINIA DAHABAW, AGYES BOGOSIAN. MARGE WIACEK. SYLVIA CIEHWICK. THRESA MIEDLAH, HOSEMARY GROEH. Second row: MES GLADYS MOOR, MARION BARTON. DELORES WIACEK. FAY DUBE, BILLIE SCHULTZ, MARILYN JOHN. ELFREDA WIESS. Third row: DORIS GRIGSBY, JOYCE DENEKE. BERT ROWE. ED WILAMOWSKI. CLARA SMITH, LEE O'CONMELL. GLORIA HOFF. FOFENSIC CLUE Topics for discussion by the Forensic Club range from our Fordson Student Council to the International Councils. This year the opening topic was 'How the Student Council Can Help The School', and the closing one was 'Post War Plan', Many problems of equal interest to high school students and the public were discussed very ably by the club. Their sponsor is Mrs. Gladys Moore. During the past years the Society met with other Border City League Schools to discuss their problems, but because of transportation difficulties, this semester's program was con- fined to panels and forums held in the school and broadcast over the public address syst OFFICERS President Ed Wilamowski Vice-President Sylvia Ciernick Secretary Ioyce Uenecke Treasurer Victoria Stephan A group of members looking over a new problem they will soon discuss. First row: EVONT PERVA, ROBERT PRIEBE. ABE KARPETIAN. TED APKARIAN, ALEX CALALUCA. Secone row: HAROLD BRAWLEY, BILL DEACON, JERRY BALAKA, JAMES TRIPOLI, LOUIS BAKI. Third row: NORBERT NOWICKI, HENRY NAUM, BEN BOGAZZIO, EARL CHAPELLE, EARNEST NAGY. qoutzzre C?V6lffSl'lfZQIfL of ,!4Z7fZQViC6l This year more than ever, the Future Craftsmen of America occupy an important position as one of Fordson's organizations. Dedicated to promote better citizenship through the encourage- ment of haro work and to increase industrial knowledge. This Club is really rloing its share in the preparation of future specialists. The membership is maoe up of students form the print shop, the machine shop. the electric shop and the drafting shop. Any boy in trade training who maintains at least a 'C' average is eligible, and the club welcomes new members. The organization is unoer the leadership of Mr. Harvey Smith. First row: MRS. KARIAN FISHER, HARILYN ALLEN. ROSE SCARCELLI. MARY CHEHNUS. LILLIAN MCLAREN. NORMA MANZON. MISS HILDA HORNY. Second row: DELPHINE MONIUSKO, DORIS MONBERG. JUNE LAYTON, RINONA FORD. PHYLLIS SUTTON. VERDA HENDRICKSON. RUTH SINTAY. Third r0wZ ALICE DMYTROW, MARY BOYLE, BETTY JONES, JOANNI TREESE, ALMA FASSET, BERNADINE REED. Fourth row! MARY ELIZABETH GILMORE, MAPJORIE BAKER, MARGARET HAYES, HELEN HAMBY, ANN DOYLE, JEAN ANDERSON, RUTH HARRIS. girl qifeserues Q51-Bliley .. I s The Blue Chapter of the Girl Reserves, under the sponsorship of lil! Hilda Horney and Mrs. Marion Fisher, joined the other chapters in Iakllg the Junior Red Cross afghan. and contributing money for the station vagon. Besides these activities. the girls made cross-word puzzles and cartoon scrapbooks, put on a hosiery drive, and cooperated with the Library Club in the Victory Book Campaign. S Margaret Hayes and Doris Monberg knitt- ing afagan squares for the Red Cross. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Rlndhd FOIJ Vice President Alma Fassott Secretary Bornadino Rood Treasurer Alice Dylotro SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS president Ioan Reading Vice President Shirley Eibley Secretary Dolores liacok Treasurer Doris lillor x Girl Reserves making sandwiches for the Dearborn canteen. Below: Shirley Holmes writing a letter to a man in the service. Service, both to the school and the community, has been the theme of the Girl Reserves during the past year. The White Chapter has rendered many services in keeping with this theme. The members made sandwiches for the Dearborn Canteen, combined forces,with the Blue Chapter in making a green and brown afghan for the Junior Red Cross, and contributed money for a station wagon which the various organizations of Dearborn are buying for Red Cross workers. Feeling that they were not able to contribute enough from their treasury. they made special plans to raise the necessary money. Under the sponsorship of Miss Catherine Futcher, work, play, and the health program was combined and the girls hiked once a month to the home of some member for a pot-luck supper. These meet- in s were held on the first Monday of every month Q . A and were especially for those girls who were work- ing after school. girl Cllfeserues fflailnzffy First row: EDITH JOHNSON, FEAN GARWOOD, VIRGINIA REED, ETHEL LESTER, NORMA MCLAIN, FLORA NELL BARTON, AWTOINETTE BRUZAS. Second row: MISS CATHERINE BUTCHER, JODY CROCQ, MARGIE BARBATI. JEAN WARNER, ALICE LARRY, BETTY BINDER, MILURED ROSS, WANDA BROWNFIELD, RUTH LINTUR. Third row: SHIRLEY COLE, BETTY PARK, ELEADJR WOOD, JANET HOENSHEL, SHIRLEY HOLMES, YVONNE KOUNS, LORRAINE BOWE, TWILA HENDRICKSON. Fourth row: MARY SILLETTO, SYLVIA CIERNICK, DORIS GRIGSBY, DOLORES CROWE, BLANCHE DVORAK, BEULAH BRAKE, LEONA KOPUS. JEAN REDIGAN. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Shirley Holm Vice-President Peulah Prak Secretary Jean Redig Treasurer Mary Sillett Inter-Club Counsellor Ethel Leste SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Shrilev Homl Vice-President Reuluh B202 Secretary Jean Redig Treasurer Mary Sillett Inter-Club Counsellor Ethel Leste 127 FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Joan Reading Vice-President Ada Kohout Secretary Dolores Wiacek Treasurer Shirley Saxton SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Joan Reading Vice-President Shriley Eibler Secretary Dolores Wiacek Treasurer Doris Wimmer ir! qfeserues Q41-lady To begin the year, the Red Chapter of the Girl Reserves made utility bags for the armed forces. Later ln the year, when their sponsor, Miss Gladys Clark, was transferred to Lowrey School, the Red and Blue Chapters combined. The first official act of the combined club was to elect their officers for the last semester. Even with the new ruling. made by the Y. W. C. A. that only the offices of the graduating members should be filled, s complete new organisation was necessary. The program decided upon included work fof the Rationing Board, Dearborn Canteen. Blood Donor Station, lnd tho Red Cross. First Rev: Marilyn Young, Gwen Colssaa. Marlon Barton. Mlss Gladys Clark. Marian Zahara. Modsllao Honke. Elfroda 'Illia Second Row: Laura Alexander, Pat Salth, Bedtrloe Schwab, Marilyn lelland. Barbara Rell. Fora Colleld. Grace Stull. Third Ros: Ada Kohout. Dorothy lhlto. Dolores Ileoek. Ilia Tonner, Patricia Jenner, Gwen Brody. Fourth Res: Derls Winner. Jane Hawkins, lllla Johnsen. Joan Reading. Shirley Saxton. Therese Needle!- FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President james MacKenzie Vice-President Ken Goerke Secretary Harold Harrison Treasury John Lindquist SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Harold Harrisgn Vice-President Fred Klett SeCf9fUfY Tohn Lindquist Treasurer Edward Kozio Mr. W. F. Davis and some of the members the club at an informal meeting. T issue seems to be music. Wi- qf fqyuej The Hi-Y is a high school branch of the Young Men's Christian Association. Christioan character is the out Standing theme of the organization. The members take Gctive parts in the Shoool and community service. recreastion. discussions, and devotions. Mr. W. F: Davis is the sponsor of the Blue Chapter. First row: DONALD MITCHELL. ROBERT TESSMER, FRED KLETT JAMES MACKENZIE, HAROLD HARRISON. MR. W. F. DAVIS Secona row: DOUGLAS MARTIN, JOHN LINDQUIST, KENNETH GOERK TED FOSTER. he chief E President Mark Doran V-President George Sinko Secretary Clarence Schultz A Treasurer Bill James SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Q President Bill Iames V-President Iohn Weber Secretary Ralph Salucci Treasurer James Westby 130 First row! JOHN WEBER. LLOYD KIRKPATRICK, R SALUCCI. JAMES WESTBY, MR. KENNETH LEISENR Second row: BILL GODETTE. CLARENCE SCHULTZ, JAMES. BOB TRUTON. JOHN BLOW. Third row: MARK DORAN. IACK TOWN. MAX Jo+us, GEORGE SINKO. Fourth row: BOB GRIFFKE. GEORGE PIPER. JACK SULL A S7-fi-C17 ffrahctorj Clean living. clean athletics, clean speech, ship. and christian character are the 5 c's form. Its aim is to maintain and extend high 'fr of th AIPU INK.. --LL I,AN. ean Scholar- e Hi-Y plat- al standards throughout the school and community. Members :x cnosen on the 5 c's basis and his scholastic record. Nr. Car. 'ce has taken over the sponsorship since Mr. Kenneth Leiserring left. A group of Hi-Y :z of their discussi: FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS n the midst of one ef Standing: JEAN WILSON. GERALDINE SIEET, NORMA MANZON. LUELLA SCHOENRATH. ESTHER PULVERMACHER. MARY ELIZABETH GILMORE, Seated: JUNE HICKERMAN, ELEANOR HOLMNIAK. OLGA H ADY. MBS IRENE VOGT. tfibrary Glub The members of the Library Club revised their constitution and in so doing have made the club more essential. During the past year they sponsored a book drive for the U. S. O. The books were qiven to the men of our armed forces. Articles and pictures were clipped out of old books and put into use for students desiring them. holders were made for yearly issues of magazines. library books mended, newspapers clipped and filed. and old card catalogue cards replaced. The club functions under the leadership of Mrs. Irene Vogt. ELEANOR HOLMNIAK, GERADDINE DHEWINSKI and BONNIE DURFEE, Members of the Library Club, pack books received from their book drive. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Esther Pulvermacher V-President Mary E. Gilmore Secretary Fay Miller Treasurer Jean Wilson SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President Luella Schoenrath V-President Boba Lee Holmes Secretary Jean Wilson Treasurer Geraldine Sweet Treasurer Geraldine Sweet 13 112 The Fordeon High School band has had U full P1'09xan during the past Year. It played at the Dearborn Canteen. for departing drafteee. at the bond drive. at all the school athletic functions. in the annual Hndeon paraqe, at the All American Day celebration. at the Memorial Day nervlce. and at the Graduation exercises. It did a very fine job and ee Fordeonltee are very proud of the lelbere and their eponeor. Mr. 'Pep' Godfrey. gg gf CS q3a,nd P1cco1o Hamberson Bogoslan Ol1ver Rose E Flat C1ar1net Ross Turner Oboe Peter Yuhasz Charles Unger Flat C1ar1net B111 Buckeyne George Burns Walter Bo1czyk Harry Elark Fred England B111 Gandolfo Clayton Me11n John Mech Alan Meeker James Pol1dora A1 Parardi Charles Parard1 Ed S1mpson Eugene Sacora G11bert Revette Ed K1eda George Eavasuk Dante Grosso Soprano Saxophone Anthony Plnko Coronet Aldo Bonam1c1 B111 James Fred Land Eugene Pa11s Ralph Pa11s W1ll1am Pac1sky Iobn Teevan Paul Wagner R1ChGYd Wagerson French Horns B111 Kasler Glen F1shbeck Harold McHammond L1v1er Burza B111 Padden Trombone Ierry Buresh John Krafts Jack Morden Franc1s Perry John Stenc1o old Winkler Base Bob iyqe Myron Urdea Iohn Be1g1e Sam Apkar1an Drum RQ, X, r c er B111 Grecho Bob H111 Ed S1kOYG Jack ' W11amowsk1 9 O U B- ' . ' . . ' . Baratone. Norbert Norwicki, Louis Pavel, Paul Singleton, Har . r Kg, .. tins. I . T 'f' t h u 1 1 1 u 1 f Tfnr1-p. .n, Va . ' '- F fNX 7 X F fe j lwf X CT SH QS Qrchestra Plrst xlOl1H detre leon Sum Petex Vurqcret Grlgsby Ldward ret W ollns O ette leon Sum Petex Margaret Grxgsby Edward Hdrkles wen Brady Flora Nell Barton Henry Koweleskl Loretta Mdllm Lvelyn Kxnskl Doreen Baldwin Second Vlollne Mary Votlu Ellzabeth Hugoplan August Constun Cello Kas rin uno Flute posoo rst P Sefon ref Leona Warren Helen McClure Norma Pcgnlnl Prlsclllc ZGFO 9 n Base F0ldlP SQ 0 Tenn Tonner Elfreda Weis F orence Koi u ogosxun Huber ldrlne Clayton Nelln Worry Cla k ClOflU Mec an Lcronf I n llwo d oro Fred Lon Plchurd Wugerson l n F chbe Hut FFGHCLS Parry G vtuclt Druf lolcnd Poncmlcl Ray Llnder 173 . Q rf? f F X N . . . -, ,, . S: it AVA . ' 1.4 . I . Fi . fi ' . d L , . .. ' . : ff. I A u . ,' . . St ' 2 J ',, b , . . . Pi 5 Q f '.s: l . A i - ' 'Q Tom E .' . Ohoeg 5eter Yuhosz, 3 Fd. ,,, Fi C'. ti f J. A . S core ClHTll9lj U ' r , 1 ' ,, h . First W ft: lo I o . . 4 fi new T H. . ' . - F 7'11lO...1 C e ,l ck. Tr: ,,ne5 Tuck V son, ' ' . T--m.Qn,S, 1, n 5' z. Ks. 1 I ' '. ' . x13 ffl 0?- ADVANCED clans' cuts cLuB FIRST sz-:Mssrzn orricsns President Helen Hamby V-President Dora Bellamy Treasurer Thelma Clark his , . BOYS' GLEE CLUB Prosidcnt Orlov Gqryggg ay'-'2 . TENTH GRADE GIRLS' GLEE 999 J The Fordson vocal department ADVANCED GIRLS' GLEE CLUB SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Prelident Betty Par V-President Margar t Levi Treasurer Yvon' Koune l I l J A O lee, Clubs is members and contains only twentyv C0'P0'9d of the Glfls' C199 Club. seven boys this semesten Boys' Glee Club and the Mixed Chorus. The Mixed Chorus is made up under the direct lon Gif Mrs' Anna of the combined Boys' and Girls' Glee 'eqvfr and Mr' Lecfl LOfdY' In Clubs. This group has presented previous years the Girls' Glee Club programs G number of times this Year- has been divided into two sections They have .uhg for the Rotary Club that were known as the Advanced and commencement exercises and have Tenth Grade Glee Clubs, This sen- elter they have been merged in one 'ith 104 lembers. In keeping with the times. the Boys' Glee Club has specialized patriotic songs. Due to var IO the club has lost several if i given a program at the Nardin Park' Methodist Church. Glee Club is not all play and- no lork. In order to present their to in annual Spring and Christmas Concerts. rk the students must put in many hours ts of hard practice. MIXED CHORUS X ditora Showers and Dolore FIRST SEMESTER STAFF Sponsor ------- Arthur G. Hughes Co-Editors Sylvia Ciernick ------ Alma Fassett Associated Editor ----- Doris Grigshy News Editor ------- Mary Silletto Sports Editor - - - Clarence Dobronski Organizations Editor - - Virginia Reed Copy Editor ------- Shirley Eibler Exchange Editor ----- Gloria Hoff Alumni Editor ----- Phillis Duncan Staff Photographer - Bob Nowodworski Reporters Marge Baker ,Helen Clayton, Jean Cole. Gloria Lynch, Betty Jones, Rose Roma- nelli, Mildred Ross, Billie Schultz, Jo Stanek, Marion Zehara. Mechanical Staff Advisor ------- Glenn B. Purdhain Mechanical Chief ----- Don Becker Assistant, Mech. Chief - - John Varvari Linotype Forman ----- Bob Tanguay Bob VVasilewski, Bill Ladd, Martin Ku- basky, Tom Canterbury, Caesar Lom- bardi, Paul Disinger, Sarkis Halebian, jacob Faust. Dave Blaney, Charles Bag- well, Bob Lyons. SECOND SEMESTER STAFF Sponsor - - -------- Arthur G. Hugh gg CO-EDITORS Virginia Reed -------- - Mary Silletto Managing Editor --------- Silvia Cierniek. Exchange and Alumni Editor - - - Marian Zehru Sports Editor - ------ Clarence Dobronski Assistant Sports Editor ----- Alex Bilanow Staff Photograper -------- Thomas Russo REPORTERS Rose Romanelli, Gordon Houle, Shirley Eibler, Jim Mackenzie, Mildred Ross. MECHANICAL STAFF Adviser ---------- Glen B. Purdham Mechanical,Chief - - - - - John Varvari Assist. Mech. Chief - - - - Caesar Lombardi Lirotype Foreman -------- Tom Canterbury On Product-ion - Charles Bagwell, Martin Ku- baski, Louis Shoeb, Bob Lyons, Sarkis Halebian. 'IUWER TRIBUNE STAFF Second semester editors. Ncry Silletto and Virginia Reed, discussing the coming issue. The Tower Tribune. our school paper. edited and printed entirely by the stude of the Fordson High School. It is publis bi-weekly, and distributed free of char In l933, the school paper changed name from the Tractor to the Tower Tribu The Tower Tribune is under the dire ion of Mr. Arthur G. Hughes. Mildred Ross. T i III he ge. it ne ct ower Tribune news commentator broadcasting the weekly news of the schoo over Fordson's Public Address 5Y5fem' 137 Redding from left to right: CAESAR LOMRARD1, DAVID BLANEY. DON BECKER, sARK1s HALEBIAN, CHARLES RACWELL, GLENN E. PURDHAM, THOMAS CANTERBURY. MARTIN KUBASKY. Standing in Lront. JOHN VABVARI. ELEUR-DE-us MECHANICAL STAFF First row: Gail IQINER. Helen CZAJKQWSKI' Rose HAGOPIAN, Chiisfi-he GRAHAM, Isvbelle MURRAY. Second row: Mr. Samuel VASIU' Don CHRISTE. Jack GRIGORIAN. Harold MCDONALD' Eugene ARNOLD' Louis SCHOEBl Robert LYONS' Caesar LOMBAHI Harry STRAUSS, Marco MARCHELLETTA. wpupgu.gA,wRA,Awfw'w a ,. A, RA -5 ,E N , E Q I I 1 1 Fifst row: BERNICE SABAUGH. DELPHINE MONIVSKO. YOLANDA SAMBORSKI. MARY SILLETTO, DORIS FISHBACK. MARY CHERNUS, RUTH CRIPPS. NORMA MANSON, MRS. MARY BEAUCHAMP. Second Row: DORIS GRIGSBY, ANGES DOBRONSKI, VERDA HENDRICKSON. ALMA FASSETT, FAY MILLER. MARY E. GILMORE. IARIORIE BAKER. THELMA CLARK. Thrid row: SYLVIA CIERNICK. ZIFKA THOMAS, VIRGINIA LUSH. ROSE ROMANELLI, VIRGINIA REED, HELEN MCCLURE, FREE GREGORICH. Fourth row: NEAL JOHNSON. WALTER LASKOWSIK, ENGLEBERT ROWE. ROBERT PRIEBE. CLARENCE SCHULTZ, HOWARD RENAS. IIM MACKENZIE. Fifth row: CLARENCE DOBRONSKI. ROBERT SEELEY. SHIRLEY HOLMES. LOIS RATZLOFF. ETHEL LESTER FRANCIS PERRY. The National Honor Society is just what its name states. A national organization with students who have done the most for their school as its members. This year. under the leadership of Mrs. Mary Beauchamp. the society has aided in giving vision tests. X-rays. and various other duties of merit for the school and community. JANUARY INITIATES FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President Robert Seeley Vice-President Alma Fassett Secretary Mary E. Gilmore Treasurer Mary Chernus SECOND SEMSETER OFFICERS President Clarence Schultz Vice-President Ethel Lester Secretary Zifka Thomas Treasurer Clarence Dobronskie 139 ervice Squad 'The Army of the Halls' as it is affectionately called by Mr. Murrill. Woolford sponsor of the Service Group, is truly deserving of this title. It has been the duty of this organ- ization to supervise the halls during school hours by keeping them quiet. tidyQ and free from unnecessary traffic. The members vol- unteer their services during their free hour and receive at the end of the W semester service bars or shields as their reward. CAPTAINS OF FIRST SEMESTER Co-Captains Winona Ford of Captains Clara Smith Tessie Anastos Richard Denny Bob Boyd Louis Baki Don Meehan Dorothy Nell Matthews Ruth Sintay CAPTAINS OF SECOND SEMESTER Captain of Captains Clara Smith Leona Warren Gordon Houle Doris Kolpacki Max Johnson Edna Schultheiss Dorothy Harmer Bernardine Legenza F1rst row J L1ndqu1st H Banos S Czarnicki, M. Lorentl Second row H Hoag T Rector E Kozamowski, R. Noope M Johnson E Solcway Mr Russell Catherman, sponsor. Thlrd row E Mordafskl T Berce K Goerke, W. Vanderberg azur onlon Bu on N Nowicki, B. Pad en fourth row D 1 c ell en ro Bayoff, D. Luntz 1 th row I Westby I Clouthler M Massetti, R. Paruc Cvarsztq Cglub All Varsxty Club members are men who have earned a letter 1n football asketball basebdll sw1mm1ng trac enn1s, or golf. Besxdes being sportsmen the members are actxve LD servxce to the school and are always ger to e p wuz-never tnev neo. e- D r1ng the pnst semester a new e has been ut e ec an now no dent is permi e to wear Varsxtv Club members axded rn sellxng candy at xmportant OFFICERS r Vandenberg Bob Kozma Henry Banas Jim Westby OFFICERS Henry Banas Max Johnson Max Lorenti fldoys' Cjadet Gorps HI pledge myself. if accepted for membership, to strive to be worthy of wearing the general insignia of the Fordson Cadet Corps. I will efficiently perform any community war services within the limits of my ability and experience: and I will diligently seek to prepare myself for future service whether in the armed forces, in war production,or in essential civilian occupa- tions.H The above Cadet Corps Oath illustrates the Objectives of this organization. The Cadet Corps was organized in the Spring of 1942 and since then has performed many duties of service for the welfare of the school and community. They have collected scrap. sold defense stamps. marched to the canteen to send the draftees off. and have done odd jobs around the canteen such as waxing the floor and mending furniture. The corps is commanded by Acting Major Jack O'Connor. BUYS SPDRTS eil 0' '7aQfs- B 4 0 W rm: Yun IN spoars K gbxm Wim YotdS0uLeague liqilgiorw 'Www Swimmers Won 3 Out of 8 Meets League Elxyxxiiilionsmps During the past school year the war-brought many changes into high school athletic pro- grams. Fordson's was no ex- ception! The emphasis was placed on the national physical fitness plan to put every American in the best possible physical condition and not just have a few interscholastic activities Although Fordson di' Lough- en up its students in health classes the interscholastic sports program managed to con- tinue. However. there were numerous changes in this. The Border Cities Conference. of which Fordson is a member. decided to abolish champion- ships for the duration but the Border Cities schools still continued to meet each other on a sports basis. Some schools were forced to drop from Fordson's athletic schedules because they found difficulty in transporting their teams to Fordson. Some of Fordson's away engagements also had 'to be canceled for the sane reason. Nevertheless interscholastic sports managed to carry on. As you go through this sec- tion of your yearbook you will recall the various highlights of the past school year in sports. TRIBUNE. 0 gb 'beg ?J2f5' 3135 'fe ,Z e Res Hiiineil t Dmn In eil Veg rbom mfs im A T52 ?fe"e's ' egionals Here In March Q F rdson outswims Pzllfldcl Clarence Dobronski 125. is the ' Boys' Sports Editor of the 1943 PLEUR-DE-LIS. He has had valuable experience in his work with the DEABBQRN INDEPENDENT and the TOWER 1943 FOHDSON FOOTBALL TEAM BACK ROW lleft to rightl - George Stasevich. Walter Vandenburg. Len Mazur, .ohn Golich. Ernie Clouthier. Paul Bayoff, Stanley Czarnecke Ed B d . ag on. Gus Pboch. Ted Berce, MIDDLE ROW - Coach Mac Whalen. Principal Dean C. Tate. Frank Katona, Tully fector. Henry Haag, Chester Wiacek. Henry Banas, Charles Schebor. Coach Walter 'anik. FRONT HOW - Don Lantz, Ehomas Russo. Val Ventro, Bob LaPorte, Chester Lulek, Harry Corpolonqo. Iim Restby. Ray Paruch and Dan Stasevich were ngt in the picture. 'He flies thro' the air with greatest of ease' Chet Wiace in a ballet pose. 1942 VAPSITY FDCTBALL SCOPES FORDSON OPPONENTS Y 36 Monroe ----------'-'- -"- 6 12 Saginaw Arthur Hill-- ---30 12 Muekegon Heights--- ---7 I9 Mt. Clemens ----- ---0 19 Royal Oak------ ---5 28 Grosse Pointe- ----- ---6 0 Wyandotte.- --------- ---6 d 'd s --- --- W -ZQ- Gran Rapi s outh --Q- 146 61 .Wig . 4 At right Fordxon kicks-off 'o Mt. Clemens. Henry Banas does the booting while his - feb . , :A 1223! W- A . 5 ' 4 .fmll Ev: .5 , 4 r ' ' ' ' . V' , . lm 455 A - 9 , , . Q9 igi 2 teammates latch from the sidelines. wg , wi..-fq' ' . f X 4 A N e"- 2, -.fl 15-4 '81 5+ 2 wwanumnu W Players alt qulelty on the bench but Coaches lac Whalen and 'alter junlk pace up and doin in front the bench plannlnq some strateglcal move left four ly '33 ,iff dotte tacklorn swarm ver W U Q picks up Ydfdd for Fordson ul 'F-V, '5-I 3,5-.g?'f?fT -I -4 ,Q lm it 31. 'us A 'Ww- diff, 1 Af ' L 3. iv- -Ja ff -w 7 n 1 , M Y , 3, V' li L x if V' I 1 ,F QM.. Az x wa ' fy I 3? , ' X A ,E Q V gn e we an af l ex- 1 M af h ,J ., ' " i ' o J 1 m e l t b y I A 1 5 X ,,.6A. . U , f QV A . W h so 1. J .fi , ' K 'f , , 2. v ' ' if f ff ?fzf- f N4 ,A - ff' k Nj, f , , ' ' 'N ff. gg! L ?,,, . i X ,. 71,1 A My If 'uf 4 ' . f -'lf 3 in-'M fn "7 fbi " I .Wh ,QV-QI., 'Y L up R, ' K-v ' ' ' Ml -4-'21 l 'U , ' .l L' f "'-ig. 1 rl, A-" 'X N : 1 Q.-in .. , - , . .uf , V.. if .. L04 , , qi' , - I ' vqv ,J-'fig m,4",. , - - . .- .3 ,b 2- "' 2. , ' '4 1 , ." 'Yi . ' , ' fi-H' I' 1..3.TiI" l Eli! ML' ,,n" is Q ff ' nz :Z , K we .Q. 3:k,,..l v 55: i X .XNJL 6, , I' his ' gf: . lv vi If 54,4 - in - Q . . ' 5' t a ' I 3- " 5 .'. F ' of , , I 1 ,' X ' AA ' 'nv 311 , 1 - A ' , ff T gn - ' ' 5" if . . " .fm-' , Q' f" F in ,vi vs' 'xl rv, Q. . 5 gf LV - .1-,atv 2 ,, kit' X ' A 3 :tau , ,,3 - ,' 5 1 '11, . I y 5 E, 4 g,QsLu nf., qs 4. ' , ., - Jug. ' , ' ,' ' ,, N.,-7' fj . ,. . ' H ,.5 1 'Q . ' It w aw, ' 5 Q- ,' va" V Ziff' ,wtf-' 5, 1? ' ., f - yfi " i - 433 " ,.,'7f'fl'1,-': I" lu? ' AV 5 245' , 'x A, 9'fIf"" ff 4219-45 A' 4 Mig wg.. 31 SEASON SUMMARY Although Fordson played one of the toughest hlgh school football schedules ln the state durlng the 1942 season the Tractor grldders were able o 'Ln slx of the1r elght games Starting the season off Fordson conquered the Monroe Trojans 36 6 aglnaw Arthur Hlll took e x gam :naw by a 30 12 count er a travel txred Trac tor eleven rdson then t ok fo r straight gam The Tractors turned back Muskegon Heights 12 7 then emens followe b Hoya Oa b a Wyandotte trlpped the Tractor eleven and took e B rder Cltxes Conference t tle h 0 wln a ame a Wyan ot snappln Fordson s four game streak Grand Raplds South went down wlthout too much trouble Ln the season flnale a Grand Raplds 20 0 Below Chester Wlacek rounds the nd wlth Ted Berce clearxng the way LD the Wyandotte game liacek gained 20 yards on the play a . . t S ' ' th ne t e at Sag' - ov - ' - Fo o u A es. Mt. Cl , 18-U. d y l k y 19-6 count and last Grosse Pointe by a 28-B score. th o ' ' i wit a 6- ' in g t d te, ' g ' ' ' I A ' . - . E A K D VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Seated. left to right: COACH RUSSEL CATHERMAN. BOB KIRK. BOB KOZMA, MAX LORENTE. MARINO MASSETTI, MAX JOHNSON. MANAG- ER JOHN LINDQUIST. Standing: KENDALL ROSS, TED BERCE. PAUL BAYOFF. LEN MAZUR. BOB WOLFF. ALDO BONAMICCI. Although Pordson's varsity basketball team lost eight of its 14 games during the regular 1842-43 season the Tract- ors were able to score a total of 393 points to their oppon- ent! 353 during the regular season. 1942-43 VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Fordson Jackson Fordfon Saginaw Eastern Fordson Grosse Pointe Fordson Monroe Fordson Wyandotte Fordson Royal Oak Fordson River Rouge Fordson Lincoln Park Fordson Grosse Pointe Fordson Monroe Fordson Royal Oak Fordoon Wyandotte Fordnon DeLaSalle Fordlon Lincoln Park 149 50 RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM Seated. left to right: COACH RUSSEL CATHERMAN. GUS PLOCH. JOHN BAIA, BOB SCHEBOR. TOM MCLAUGHLIN. RAY CHAISSON. MANAGER RAYMOND FRITZ. Standing: IOE KLOS. VAL VENTRO. HENRY HAAG. IIM CAMERON, ED KAZANOWSKI, HARRY CORPOLONGO Fordson's reserve basketball team came through the 1942-43 campaign unde- feated. The reserves scored six victor- ies over the reserve team! of other ies over the reserve teams of other schools plus several others over local teGlIlS. I 1942-43 RESERVE BASKETBALL SCORES Fordson 17 Wyandotte 14 Fordson 30 River Rouge 16 Fordson 29 Lincoln Park 3 Fordson 16 Wyandotte 13 Fordson 46 DeLaSalle 6 Fordson 32 Lincoln Park 16 ri' ,524 A 97' iF W' "Ugg, XA ig' 1 1 U5 35241- QS .sw ik Q , ,..-Q . 159 SWIMMING TEAM Front rov. left to right: Matthev Burcxyk. Jie Sabaugh Bob Schaefer. Kenneth Richard. Ervin Henechel ger. Vernon Teeple. Ed Solovay. Second rov: Bob Kramer. Vlkar Youngqulet. Davld Whltconbe Leonard Wureter. Dlnty Moore. Ronald Calpbe Lavrence Trudeau, Bob Noppe. Mllton Vanlan Burnett Langston. Don Last. Bill Love. George Fordeon Fordeon Fordeon Fordeon 'ordeon Fordeon Fcrdeon Fordeon 1942-43 SWIMMING SCORES 48 Ypsilanti Central 38 Royal Oak 37 Wyandotte 41 Ypellantl Central 52 Pontiac 34 Monroe 29 Grosse Polnte 48 Rlver Rouge . Peter Klndlln Blll Padden . Howard Ternee ll. Thlrd rov . Charles Kleh Trudeau. 36 46 47 43 32 50 55 32 Above George Trud- eau gets set to dive into the water and swinx part of the ZOO-yard free style rel ay as one his teammates docks. Other teammates look on and furnish the needed encourage- ment. Larry Trudeau awaits his turn in line behind brother George. At right David Whitcombe starts his part of the medley relay as Bob Morgan finishes his leg of the events and grabs edge of pool. f .LSL 154 JUNIOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Unable to get games with other junl c lege basketball teams ln the state Fordson s Iunlor College team entered Dearborn s Class A recreation league The Jaycees won three of thelr league mes and also e I game serles wrth Highland Park Junlor College he ure e ftop row James Wllllam Nelson Henry Yaklma 4Fron row! Coach Walter JGh1k James Glll an Frank Zack Leonard Wlodarczyk and Eugene Yagnl ak were other wxn rs but we not n the plctu . . .or ol ' ga brok even in a wo- In t pict ar D - Ford, james Selby. Robert Matherly. ' I 1 I . l d. . , Q 'S- cz letter " ne re i A- ' re. ' f xl gg-1.!l'?g, 1 ' I ' J' M I , I Y 'TU A 0, , V lp -I . fv ' O5 M3 'F 'A x fag f Q f E':A EQ,Q?W 1 wig? R OO Q f , 3 O, Y, ,Q ?: . : gg A Y if r z 5 , A 1 I I 5 E 'Y' Y A " OZYWUVA M 1843 FORDSON EASEE ALL TEAM BACK ROW Cleft to riuhti - JOE NERONI, LOUIS RENDA, CARL RADA, FRED KENT, LOUIS COHPOLONGO, FRED MAHINUCCI, HARRY CORPOLONGO. THIRD ROW - COACH RUSSELL CATHERMAN, BOB WOLFF, JOHN DUROCHER, GUS PLOCH, PAUL JANIK, MARINO MASSETTI, PAUL BAYOFF, TED BERCE, MIKE CRAVER, ED MORDARSK, SAM SANTILLI, HENRY NAAO. SECOND Row - SONNY WESTERLUND, JOHN NUZNOV . BILL JULIAN, GEORGE FINN. DON LANTZ, JOHN GOLICH, MANAGER DAVID CLEMENT. FRONT ROW - MANAGER RON BONAMICI, RAY LEZSAK, AL PORTO, JOE POMA, GEORGE- PANZOFF. 156 1943 FORDSCN TRACK TEAM Back row Kloft to right, - lllan Burrows, Roll Steqqlee. Joe Wojtovlcz. Georqe Skargyekl, Bill Napier. Gordon Oakes. Donlnle Snahee. Al Perardl. Leonard Kido-n.-Robert Smlth. Mlddle row - Jack Fierk. Bob Truxton. Jim Yeetby. Roy Anger. Ray Paruch. Keith Archer. Jack Apostle. Iohn Arsolan. Alex Small. Quentin Budetetter. Front row - Arthur Sawickl. Henry Korman. Leonard Halstead. Calvln Ryan. Robert Ireland. Fred Vanlo. Jack Lamb, Norbert Nowlckl. John Radeon. Richard Denny. - Since Pearl Harbor the schools of the nation have changed their attitude toward the physical fitness program. The schools have shown a tendency to change their pro- gram to include all of the students and put them in the best possible physical condition. Later the Army or Navy will find the boys without further need of physical training. Calisthenics have taken a major part in this program and. as shown in the above picture. Fordson's gym classes con- stantly got their share of the drills. Above Coach Catherman is putting the boys through their paces. 157 W-nf" ,f-am 'Vu . t Tests in chinning. push- ups, ana jumping also have played a major role in the physical training program at Fordson. Above four boys share the bar and practice for their chin- ninq testa 'Touqrenxnc the boys up' was the main objective in the gym classesr Yany times the boys went to it during their free time. Af 5- ' fcur bfvg engage ,. rls-for all- l'XO'hOl5S-. ' WL?-11 boxinc Q, 1 gn waz GIRLS SHIRTS ff, YT X-5 P S N T -O Fil? Hey f f I I X! ,W I7 1 2 Margaret C. Lewis IZA Girls' Sport Editor 4 V . X VICTORY THROUGH PHYSICAL FITNESS H- li, - Since the war has begun the status of the girls' gym classes has taken a new step forward. Physical fitness has become the all-important theme in the wartime program. Previously the classes consisted of a few games and exercises. with D0 definite aim. Now, however, new rules have been formulated. with one ourpose in mind--a physical fitness program that would aid the war effort by producing healthy and sound bodies. Gym classes must not give the impression of being all work and no play, however, since it is still primarily an hour of leisure. With all this going on, you can see that both the gym instructors h ' al fitne and the students are going all out for victory through p ysic Ev -jr SS. A ' . FP ,- my ! I v. u . .5. ,. 4 W It is said that the most graceful person is the person in swimming as these pictures show swimming class can be u lot of fun for the girls too. besides being u clean healthy sport. " , 5 1. ,W m Res QXVSTZS --AND 0'ER SHE SOARS Grace taken a perfect julp over the buck ready for a three-Dolnt landing. No need for those girls epandlng there to help her. OOPS! STEADY THERE Muriel HacFadden takee a deep-knee bend on the balance beans. just one of the lan! activities the girls take part in. H LD TIGHT GIRLS One of the most challengi activities is the ladder Some of the girls can g across ten or eleven times c some are lucky to do it half way. SHOTS HERE AND THERE The changing of seasons never means any stoppage of sports for girls--they just change their activities to suit the weather. In the winter they use the gym and play basketball, volley balli chinese soccer, and also dancing and exercising. When spring comes they just move outdoors. where there sports are not limited. They include baseball, tennis, hockey. soccer, track, and many others. All these sports are included in the all-out physical fitness program. Www -L4

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