Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1942

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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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ww., NN X N. ,5 3 V jf XJ Ei. x nu , Q fi? Y- J , Q' ii Q TVX ' 3 5 1 5 Eg Q N. 3 :Wi 3, : 1 , ' 'wtf ' .X M... . fliig , QQ1 5' xv. xxx sw- , , 'xv " -, 1 a f ,,-,J 2 '1-- '-A ff - 1 - r ,.- . . ws , A Q ,. W uw . ?-5 f'?ffiliif1i"fS'ffWfffifl 1fmvfif'ffffS 1 . A -K ,W . , - X -. -- X 12 M - 5 X.. -- HW N ,Y-' -' W A1 '33 4' " " w ' ' ' A ' Y ' 4 V ' V ' ' H ' t V' H Q I 3 -il , W suit . fm , 42' ' 1, . OUR AMERICA il: PHS is your Qarboolmmub- UShCd by you, dzdicamcj To- you and as The story of your life as o student of Gordson O-lioh School..... x Gror 'rhz s1udzn'rs and faculfy oF nj" if . N , - g.......4iLT. , X W t , 7, . ,,1. X H up ww., ., in 'M,.Q""" W A . Q u., 3 W , F ,hr A'x"M i Q Pj M ..,x - ...,:.. x , x..k.,X., . In i. X Q- , .. 'NN x .... - ' W VL , - Aw '- -- . -i PM ' . " H W A , E , Gordsonq-liqh Scl1oolfDcarbornfMlch 33431. i 4. . I 55 - f1f'yf5'ff"" if Wg . Ny f ii 1f4ts ,'.u wx X , -1113 -'lx 9 ' ' xl Q ,fi A 1 . , S A , gg! qufipw 'xx f M., A ,1 , - Q ,E 0 , pw! fm ya Q 2 . sr - f fi . N .x ,Y aliu Q. 3 0 A , 5 i 4 gi A iw E -NJ li 2 rlhe Grlzur dz Lis prcsznfs fEduca'rion for a sironcpzr :America W-45 pg, ,gf 9 Ni JE ,A P-ji! . A 'N .. '., 'E'A Q 4 if iixv NB SES fix xx Q sk ,,'Q' Ex wx Z, W xy, Y XX " I S ' 4 . by 4 , ,, " 1 Q , . 1 1 ' ' C X s N sv A Q' PM gmt , " 'A 4. 4 ' -X..v M.y- W, - -. . ---4 - , .... :.. . Q QM, ig E4 X z .f S -- '- + 1 8?X'S f N Sm 4 cg:-:,.,:I:'E:5:kE:::.:.:f:::-q::.,,.:::. -'-2:-" g,,:g:g. 'Q '-If -Q . '- -' .259 z- m , N I . 3 R .,- IS' -q.:x.,.,, Q A v.,M,?M.w .A.:, ,tk . 1: M, .,.-W,xq.w:wiX?X,fx.ff,. 4 ,,, Q , n A xi H:-: ' A. . V. ,gn on The campus EDUCATION FOR A STRONGER AMERICA We, the students of Fordson High School, have borrowed the slogan of American Education Week for the theme of our annual because it is well worth remembering in these troubled times. nEducation for a stronger America !n In peace these words meant much to us as citizens of the United States, but now that we are at war they hold even a deeper significance. It has often been said that ueducation is the first line of defenselu Leaders, as well as the people, have come to realize that only by educating the massess can a true democracy exist. Only through education can the people of a nation learn tolerance, sportsmanship, cooperation and understanding-- qualities lacking in the agressive dictator countries today. Fordson High School has done much to teach the youth of omr community the very ideals our nation is striving for. The classrooms of Pordson are operated on a democratic basis. The students are permitted to learn a trade of their own choosing or prepare for college. They learn to respect the ideas and opinions of others. In the clubs that they join they learn to cooperate with their fellow members. On the athletic field the students learn sports- manship besides cooperation. The student government is composed of students who have a keen understanding of their fellow classmates. But, most important of all, Fordson High School is training young men and women to go out into the world and take their places in society as well- rounded, intelligent citizens. Thus, the efforts of Fordson High School and other schools of the nation are aimed at one goal-- keepingnone nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for a1l.U We know that these efforts will not be in vain. and in the class room. M I , I Harvey H. Lowrey Ervin HOWGTd Herbert S. Mitchell Suherzntendent 4SS1Stant bMbEV1HtBHd8Ht Buszness Manager BOARD OF EDUCATION 1 1 N N 1 John E. Alewxundor Walter lums . Norman F' Edwards Homer C. Beudl e , , becretar resz ned Januar 1 , IVVESIJEVIL hte-Iresuient Y' g Y ' Treasurer after election to Czty Council SPOTQS E. 5fGdY Fred Beard George T. Martin SIGHT 5- BUTHS ustee, elected secretary lfrustee Trustee f45"'0H1f2d to Office after' N25 trr the reszgnatzon of 1EHHf10H of Norman Edwards rman Ejwurds .. -. I . x-. -u.. 5 ' ,-fs 1' fl N Wff r 1 "' 'wif f "' lx , I f' 4 A 1' 6 I i :X -Q 1 Ur'- V Q L JF. .- Q 1 S xl X , , ., I, ' r".yh,.' 2, 7 Q 'Q J um. I 1' Af N' N J I U I ,.. -J' i, ,V NNXX I . + wk N ,mm " ' I ' mv IJ? N C 1"d'f-SFQIYM Ga tam I! My 'W 1 K, rl 'X lg J 7rK Fxvu NR' :qu 5 5 fx, I I x xl, 1' nn p , JZu632 I I .I x -I-'-I". ,-IQI' -- '- I'Q."k-1'A"QII-.'.":'.-I:1,-,f'I.I'I . . III I. : I II I I- II, I,.- 25- .I- -IIIII.ILQLIQI:-ifiv:'j-I-2:3-II:4,, !m'K.-I: uf N.-:,.:'.I:I .Is . I I - II., I,,LI,'.-.-- , ..--.X-N, I , . I,I:- NII -x,I.. . ..A, - .,: .-,w,.:',g, .rant f- "r ,,, -., ?-MP .- .- I , Ig II-I-.I. .I. -- I . I NI' III 5,-I, ,I II,Il. I I . .- 1 I,:,,II.I .-,f r-,. Q .t--' " " ' '.-. L-: -- ,. ,px I..x. - I, ..II.,I- I Q13 .I ' - 2 'j.'II 15" F f' x .I ', Qc -2- I 6 f ' . '- ' X T . Qi? fy, .-,- K 1 5 u M I. -.I I - I. " - I '4, I I ,.. -. .. -f' fe. . f - Y 'WX 4 47-- ' . A s I, , , 4 , I. - 1 'lx lvl' 'lv' 5 I,'1 f 'x fl 5 I ' is ,'.- j , x Elf . -- f X ,In , gr . 1 , I P' N, ' ' 0 Y 'l. I -' . '. -, ' , . ,, ',- 1' ,f ' ', '11 jj I. ,-I 1 -J' ,-. 4 I If I y z,-'xg . I,-1 11: ' I I f, ,, Q, f A I ggi: II .1 -V ' ' - .a ,.r' ' 4 --P - f " L' - 4 K-'-f Q" . . ' J X I 4, " -"' 4 I-4. 1-,:.I ' , ,, ., I: v-.- ,z .--' 53-1 ",I ,. , .. . Q- 1' ' .1-' ffmf- .ef-y..'.w N 5.'-:.-v.ffrf",-.-" ' 4 . Nj, ' 6 ' 'U' -Ku''-.-I' '-ft.:-Y " ' w ' -'. 1-,' . .I, L k , Hx II II . . I.I , fm J 5 Q, 4 4I.,N,,-.. ...A ,A -.- . ,v- I :sf 31, t ,0 I gt .I -I . - - I . 3 : I ' -':g-,wi I . ' . - -I 4 - - ' - ?'II If I , gI.,?ItI,.?I , II- I. . - .-. 'f x jf 1 '-1 "..'1-- '.Lo - I I 'I ' X , - 'ff ': -1.r.j--'A ' Q'-.r 1- -5 ".- '. ..' - - ,-,Z-,L .' . I Z ,I ' -J fI-,.-' ,"",:'.'Z'i-.g'r,3.'J' ", '-:lg-,,:QI.'. z - - - . ...-1'-v'. ' 4 -' f Q,, r 44" yQ" ft 'Kz'. . . . . I ,,--I . -2.0. 4- ,I I 9 Y .L I:fy-,-f, -5 - ' A , -- -- A .N . 'N 'af.,. 1 IIE-:Y I- 1' I 'jg S-'I'II I' . x-Q - , ' . , J Z Sw.-- -. - 1. ,- ,- I7 ,zz-wg, . Q- in'f'?1' x , ' : 1' i 'f -11.-If, . - .Ji "' f .1 ' I I""'-'-, .. L. A ' .,.. , ll I-. I, . ,gf W . JM-,. .- - . ... X f I -if ,,-- Tv: - I -1: - - rf fm' ., ,f f f- .I ', . , "' .'.', , lu - "Iy- ".-'.- .' -5-Q. 'lp N ff ' 1 " RSV-Q."'z5 5: ' 1 1 I D' V :1.lI'- 5'-'Q' is :'-' - . ..-, . - ' ' z. , 4' u-.,..Ix- . -, . I wg 1 ...Iv ., . .- J- I II I.. 41, . .. ,.' 1 -. I, I I In I 4 1'- '-2.3 5-3' 0 ,. ... -.J -IIi,'.! " - ' ,, - I. ,I Q-1 - 'ix' ' . I xl' I,I,gQ..I I -I.31- J- Lf III III.,f?I:- , ., 95 Y. -IILJII I II I.I v. 1 I. . ..I ,I . ,I . .1 , I, x .., .- I I , .'-gi' - -' "III'7 -- - -'I ' "IQ 'x -'kg 1 ff' 1 ff -px . . o ' 'l -u ,'- . ' ' ' :- 'QV .. .A,v'-,.' , . ' ' . +!f ' "ITP 2 oflff-I,',g. ' ' ' ' , . - - A ' . s ' 'Q' "' -' 1 N '-:.r '--- ,--" I . 'H' - . .. " f.. . . , g --f f-- f ' 'v X.. .-.-'.fQ-,C,C."'- ,-, . t , 'PN I. --X r- f-'A 4 174- - . I 1.'-AI-I-,, a.- ., ,I', ,I s 7-ff',.f'v.,":-,'fI1."-6--- .': .. ,..,I -. 5 NI. - ,I ,t.f.p-,-,....I,1Iv 'I-5,-I-I.:I -, ,-I-I .-3.'.- . -- H "."f..' 5' Tai- 1.01 3' g'Lf,1fv'- -"x .' "-Y -' ' " ' ' II I II .-.1.bIgII,I.:II-II ,I , 3 IIIIII5 .I-I. I-I I, I.-I. I.: I- , . , . I .',, ,,. I I - ...I I: .. , - - - ' I- - -I -.' .' v ' . KENNETH M. MACLEOD, Principal B. S., M. A., Graduate Work HULLER, Assistant Principal DEAN C. TATE, Assistant Principal ' A. B., M. A., Graduate work B. S., M. A. Chester J. Ackerman: B. S.. H. A., Smith- Hughes, Trade and Industry - Industrial Albert M. Ammerman: A. B., M. A. - Social Science Dorman W. Ardia: A. B., H. A. - Mathe- matics Frances G. Barrett: A. B., M. A. - English Clara Mae Beach: A. B. H. A. - Commercial and English John H. Beauchamp: B. S. - Commercial Mary F. Beauchamp: A. B. - English Herbert I. Beddow: A. B., Graduate Work - Mathematics walter E. Billiet: A. B. - Industrial Robert K. Bills: B. S. - Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry - Industrial Jessie M. Bodle: B. S. - Library Lila Z. Bottoff: A. B., M. A. - English and Dramatics Carl H. Brawley: B. S., Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry - Industrial Byron A. Brown: A. B., Graduate Work - Social Science Catherine P. Butcher: A. B., Graduate Work - English Leo F. Callahan: A. B., M. A. - Science Elmer E. Carlson: B. S., Graduate Work, Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry - In- dustrial Edith D, Carpenter: B. S., M. S., Smith- Hughes, General Continuation - Indus- trial Russell D. Catherman: A. B. - Physical Education and Social Science Harrison V. Chase: A. B., H. A., Graduate Work - English Irma Cilley: A. B., H. A. - English Elizabeth Claucherty: B. S., M. S. Commerical Jesse L. Cripps: A, B.. H. A. - Commercial and Study Hall Elden Cross: B. S., M. A. - Commercial Cora Cummings: Library Training, Director of Libraries Reginald J. Davies: A. B., M. A. - speech and English William F. Davis: A. B., B. S. E. IC. E.l, M. A. - Mathematics Nelle A.Dri ese A. B. - English abeth S. Edwards: R. N., Public Health rtificate - Suteruising Nurse .K. Eshelman: A. B., H. A. - Chairman 'Mathematics Department on D. Fisher: A. B., N. A. - English , Predeen: A. B. - Science J. Gardner: B. S., Smith-Hughes, Trade d Industry - Industrial . Godfrey: B. S. - Instrumental Music .a G. Green: B. S. Graduate Work- mmercial :award Gripzon: B. S., M. A.. Smith- ghes, Trade and Industrey- Director of idance and Placement o V. Gustafson: A. B., M. A. - Social ience a Evelyn Hurrg A. B., H- A. - French ' Eleanor Hath: B. S., M. A. - Chairman ' Art Department las S. Heywood: A. B., M. A. - Com- :rcial ld B. Hoffenb1cher: B. S., M. A.. aduate Work - Social Science .a Horny: A. B., M. A. - English and rman ur G. Hughes: A. H., H. A. - Social ience and Journalism on Hunsicker: B. S., H. A. - Com- rcial line E. Husted: A. B.. H. A. - Library er J. Junik: B. S. - Physical ucation F. Jennings: B, S. - Science H. Jones: B. S., H. A. - Director of c Horticultural Gardens C. Kaufman: 3. S., M. S. - Com- rcial ph E. Kazlusky: B. S., M. A. - Physi- l Education and Mathematics nice H. Kelly: A. H., M. A. - Chair- n of English and Language Department el Kopp: B. S. - Commercial ence M. Koster: A. B., Graduate Work - glish, Latin and Music eth B. Leisenrinq: A. B., M. A., Grad- te Work - Mathematics is E. Lewis: A. B.. H. A., Graduate rk - Chairman of Social Science bartment , y S. Lewis: B. S. - Industrial Merwin A. Lewis: A. B., H. A. - Social Science Reva F. Lipp: B. S., N. S. - Homemakinf Alice M. Locklin: B. S. - Mathematics Everett Luoma: B. S., H. Ed. - Industrial Mildred J. Lyman: 3. S., M. A. - Art Margaret MacMillan: A. B., H. A. - Lang- uage Harold G. Manchester: B. S. - Science Helen E. Martin: A. B., H. A., Graduate York - English R. Vard Martin: B. S., H. A., Smith- Hughes, Trude and Industrial Education - Director of Industrial Education Gladys Lake Moore: B. S., M. A. - English Edward D. Mosher: A. B., M. A. - Chairman of Music Debartment Dr. William R. Mulcrone: D. D. S., B. S. - School Health Service Max Musser: B. S., H. S. - Science Ann Nelson: B. S. - Physical Education Harold G. Odgers: B. S., H. A. - Chairman of Safety Education Stanley P. O'Nei11: B. S., H. S. - Science Raymond F. Parker: A. B., M. A. - Social Science Karl Place: A. B., M. A. - Science Glenn B. Purdham: A. B., N. A., Smith- Hughes, Trade and Industry - Industrial Bessie Hatha: A. B. - English Kirk Ridderinq: A. B., H. S. - Science Charles A. Ridley: A. B.. M. A. - Science John H. Ringelspaugh: B. S., Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry, Graduate Work - Industrial Esther 8. Romanow: A. B. - Physical Education John P. Romanow: A. B., H. A. - English Michael Savage: B. S., Graduate Work - Social Science Dr. Heroic K. schiiiinqer: A. B., H. D. - School Health Service Clark J. Schwaderer: A. B., M. A. - Eng- lish and Social Science - i5 y C. Seekomp: A. H., Graduate Work - iustrial Arts .ifford Shipley: B. S., M. A. - lmercial rice C. Simmons: B. S., Graduate 'k - Commercial and Sbanzsh ay A. Smith: B. S., H. A., Smith- yhes, Trade and Industry -Industrial rhine A. Smith: A. B., H. A. - rary nerite B. Smith: D. H. - Dental 'iene ey B. Smith: A. B. - Science ey S. Smith: H. S., H. S. - mercial L. Smith: A. B., M. S. - Commercial Stallord - H. S., M. A. - Social ence :beth Thayer: B. S. - Homemaking st Venk: B. S., Smith-Hughes, Trade l Industry - Industrial : Vogt: A. B., M. A. - Library .e E. Wagner: B. S., M. A., Graduate 'k, Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry - Iustrial le Walsh: A. B., V. A. - Library ence i P. Weaver: B. S. - Vusic son E. welsh: A. B., M. A. - English '. Whalen: B. S., M. S. - Director of 'sical Education G. wines: B. S., Graduate Work, th-Hughes, Trade and Industry - ,ustrial Lotte Mills Wolfe: B. S. - Physical cation i J. Wonders: 5. S., V. S. - Com- 'cial 'd R. woods: E. S., M. A., Smith- fhes, Trade and Industry - Industrial 11 K. woolford: A. B., M. A. - Social ence Chungo - Junior Clerk B. Garing - Senior Clerk, Industrial iartment e George - Record Clerk Marie Harrison Junior Clerk ie Hess - Junior Clerk, Horticulture artment Olga Hortiw - Junior Clerk Placement Beatrice Ryan - Senior Clerk Edna Sullivan - Junior Clerk ' Never before in the history of Fordson High School have so many changes been made in the faculty, as during the past year. Moet of them were due di- rectly to the enlistment or conscription of various teachers into the armed forces. The first faculty member to leave for the service was Mr. Kirk Riddering, science teacher, who is now stationed in Wichita Falls, Texas, as a Civilian Instructor. This vacancy brought on a series of changes. Mr. Hans Fredeen came here from Salina Junior High School to replace Mr. Riddering. At the end of last semester, Mr. Fredeen left and his position was taken over by Mr. John Vissa. A short time later Mr. Vissa was drafted into the army and is now sta- tioned at Camp Grant, Illinois. At this time the position is being filled by Mr. Ivan McCarbery. Another faculty member now in the navy is Mr. John Romanow, English teacher At the time of this writing he is stationed at the Navy Service School in Dear- born with the rank of a Storekeeper, Third Class. Mr. Clark Schwaderer t0Ok over Mr. Romanow's classes and Mr. Michael Orlovich, who came here from Salina Junior High School, replaced Mr. Schwaderer in the social science department. During the month of April, three more teachers left to ioin the navy, Mr. Leo Gardner, industrial teacher, Mr. Clifford B. Shipley, and Mr. Samuel Kopp, commercial teachers. Mr. Thomas S. Heywood, commercial teacher, also enlisted the first week in May. Mr. Gardner is an instructor at the Navy Service School in the Detroit Naval Armory. Mr. Shipley and Mr. Heywood both hold the rank of a Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Mr. Shipley is stationed at the Navy Training School in South Boston, Massachusetts, and Mr. Heywood at New York. Mr. Kopp is an .Ensign at Fort Schuyler, New York. He was replaced by Mrs. Kopp, who came here from Lowrey Junior High School. However, not all the changes were due to teachers leaving for the services, many new members were added to the faculty. Among these was Miss Dorothy Lynch, a nurse, who was added to the school health service. Lt Samuel D. Knox, another new faculty member came here to teach science and to advise the train- ing of the newly-formed Fordsan Cadet Corps. In January, Mr. Glenn Purdham was granted a leave of absence because of illness and his position as print shop teacher is now being filled by Mr. Leonard A. Stolfo. Mr. Edward Mosher, Chair- man of the Music Department, also was not able to return for the opening of the school year in September because of illness. He was granted a leave of absence and Mr. Ray Kooi was transferred from Salina Junior High School to teach music and direct the boys' glee clubs. when Mrs. Reva Lipp, homemaking teacher, left for Richmond, Virginia, she was replace by Mrs. Donald Knight. Another new member of the teaching staff is Mrs. Emmalow Pine, who took Miss Helen Green's place in the homemaking depart- ment. Miss Green is now teaching commercial classes. At the end of last semester Mrs. Jessie Hess, clerk of the horticulture department, Miss Anna Marie Harrison, and Miss Edna Sullivan, clerks in the high school office resigned, and were replaced by Miss Mary Famboy, Miss Norma Schrqm and Miss Elizabeth Boodakian. We have tried to include all changes in the faculty up to the beginning of MUYJ h0W9V6r. many more will probably have taken place before june 19, and still others before school begins next semester. Alice Moore - Senior Clerk - Guidance and Left: A very familiar figure at all football games is Mr. T. P. InPepHJ Godfrey in the elegance of his band uniform. Most often he is seen leading the band in some martial Q music, thereby giving Aw' Q ' more life and added excitement to Pordson QGVVRGS. Right: Fordson's aero- nautical-minded facul- ty member, Nr. Ernest Venk, is giving in- structions to one of the students. A group of faculty members looking in MT- John 390'-lchcmp Gnd MY- BYTOU Brown S ilent reverence at the nainting which Ufe dee? Ul 5G'f10Uf5 thought CUtCh1flQ'JP was presented by the senior class of ON the C'-lffgflf QVQNTS of the dGY- i94O-4i in memory of Miss Martha Butler, former Girls' advisor and mathematics teacney i Left: Smiling from the front seat of his car is Yr. Michael Savage, social science teacher and former student of Fordson. Right: These two happy faces belong to Nr. Arthur Hughe3 who is beaming with pride, and to his daughter, Ereta Ann. Nr. Ansell Harvey, one of the iani- tor's of Yordson High, who is seen about the school daily, posed nor this pictupe with a smila Believe it or not this is J Stanley B. Smith, Scion tearhwr. H3ut why all t fanry clothQs,H you ask. was all drvssod up for t aood tiwv he had at the Sad 3 awk ins ilay Laricv la S ewwofzt sr. L ce hw Ho ho ae st oft: This stronc broad- houldvraa yauna man is nach Miss:-'ll Qathrfrman hah ha was G wwmbwr of is col fGAlv too tball 90171. iahtz Yo' Dmbar the rass VIS wo-iarsri iicis la OTH TTI' ala' his ,in . . anfst. X-1 . ,rolhtl, Q ig! i ion fy , r. 1 out -r-iclffii N br .1i., tts f1Caltx uf ' Uv tiaiahtc I ',r. Paul Jones, horticulture tea- Cher, willingly posed for this pictura while Gn- joyinq the great out-doors Though it looked like a cold day outside, these three fac- ulty members seemed to be enjoying it. Reading from left to right they are Mr. Lyle Wines, Mr. R. Vard Martin, and Mr. Kenneth MacLeod. Mr. Stanley S. Smith in complete relaxa- tian as he cools off from the affects of a hot summer sun. Mr. Leo Callahan, Mr. Murrill Waolford, and Mr. Ray Parker are busily end gaged in taking tickets at an all-school party. Lett: Mr. Mac Whalen was snap- ped during a close football game while giving some advice to his players on correct flpotball tactics. Right: This handsome lad is Mr. Murrill Woolford as he looked in his younger days. This gentlemen with the not-a-care-in- the-world attitude is Mr. Ivan Kaufman. L.--f X SECOND YEAR JUNIOR COLLEGE OFFICERS President-B11 I Alsoht 2 Directors-George Oswoff. Irene Non Vice-President-Tom McKenna Secretory-Treasurer-Elsie Erkfitz is ,, ,egg SQ Q Rfw ge t Q5 E 3 william J. Allsoppz Student Cabinet, Pres- sdentf Sensor Class Pressdentp Basketball, Bowlsng Team: C,P,T, Anna Barson Carl Chakmakian thy Duncan: C.P.T. Gordon Elliott: Tennss Team, Cahtainp Student Cabsnetp Eowlsng Team, Cahtasng Saslzetballf Golf. Elsie Erkfitz: Sensor Class Secretary- llreasurer. Eugene Forfa Willard Spenser Sarwood: Tennis. Ferol Rose Hendrickson Kenneth Raymond Kasper Earl George Kieffer Albert S. Lando Robert Lam Mains Harry R. Martin, Jr.: Basketball: Bowling Team: C. P. T. Thomas J. McKenna: Sensor Class Vice-Pres nient: Student Cabinet, Secretary-Treas- urer. John Barton Moore, Jr.: 50Sl2C!bGll. Norris Homer Moore, Jr. Irene Noriz Sensor Class Dsrector. George Osipoff: Sensor Class Directory C.P.T. Henry Ostrega Alexander Oz, Jr. Graham O. Porter Glenn Birdsall Purdham, Jr. Pobert F. Shields: Baszetoalli C.P.T. Constance Southart Josephine A. Stular THIRD SEMESTER JUNIOR COLLEGE SEOOND SEMESTER JUNIOR COLEEGE First Row: Jeane Mitchel, Lois Betteridge, Geraldine McCammon. Second Row: Tony Kazanowski, Gene Schlaak, Willard Garwood. First Row: Shirley Comte, Lorraine Green, Eleanor Romanuk, June Mart. Second Row: Myrna Uavey, Lucy Cote, Norma Lowther, Betty Downing, Mary Urdea, Elaine Jhar. Ihzrd Row: Fred Lush, Louie Wilson, Molly McCarty, Kenneth Ray, Jim Gilland. Ill! First Row: Pat Patee, Wilma Stevens, Judy Yinger, Mary Corsi, Ruby Patience. Second Row: Michael Kuish, Frank Zack, Stanley Slazinski, Kieth Ray, Louis Berger Third Row: Gene Rawls, Robert Baugh, John Biel, Bill Behrendt, George Sheffield, William Diefenbach. FIRST SEMESTER JUNIOR COLLEGE First Row: James Speers, Rudolph Spigarelli, Dan Tanelian, George Parigian, Donald German. Second How: Olimpiu Carstea, Bob Sutherin, Leonard wlodarczyk, Don Traver, George Chakmakian. Third Row: Helen Wenek, Bois Mellin, Marilyn Rogers, Ruth Smith, Gabrielle Witherspoon, Delores Sawicki. FORDSON JUNIOR COLLEGE The Fordson Junior College was opened in September, 1955 following the approval of the electors of the Pordson School District. The graduating class this year is the third group of student to complete this two year course. Pordson has tried to develope something more than the older type of Junior College. Although training for trans- ference to higher institutions is offered to those who want it, many of the college programs are terminal in nature in that they are complete in themselves. The Junior College of- fers training in business, industrial, technical, artistic, anc cultural fields sufficient to give an educational back- ground decidedly superior to that of a high school graduate. The Junior College has membership in the State Association of Junior Colleges and associate membership in the American Association of Junior Colleges. It also has athletic and debating teams which are in competition with other junior college teams. The high standard of its achievements is one evidence of the importance of the educational place it is assuming in the community. Above! In the speech class, Ruth Smith makes a recording of her voice while Leonard Wlodarczyk handles the controls. Right: In the men's lounge, checkers is a popular pastime. Here, Jim Ford, Paul Anderson, Roh Sutherin, and Don Traver indulge in a quiet Dame. Left: Earl Kiefer and Josephine Stular take advantape of one of the conference rooms in the library for quiet study. Below: ln the womau's lounge, Connie Southart, Alma Dalmar, -lean Mitchel, Lois Nellin, and Shirley Cbmte take time out for relaxation and study. K-4 ..- f.- GX' f--..:.1"! ll 'X SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President: Ken Bulge Vice:-wPresident: Betty Bell Secretory: Mae Sruu Treasurer: Dorothy O'Hara Directors: Clarence Smith Sponsors: Nr. Arthur G. Hughes Dorothy Laurence Hrs. Mary Beauchamb Charles Ezmzrhan Leonard William Abrams: F.C.A. William George Ahrens Dorothy Joyce Aichlerz National Honor Society: Art Club. Anna Alabakoff Helen Pauline Bagdon Kenneth Earl Bulge: Senior Class Presl- dentg Varsity Club, Vice-President: Football: Basketballg Baseball.N.H.S. Delores Marie Baron Andren Baxter: National Honor Society, Secretaryf Tower Tribune, Publicity Board: Silver Quill. Joseph Bazanski Mary I. Beck Gloria Constance Belfry: G.A.A.p Polar Bear Club. Betty Jean Bell: Senior Class Vice-Presi- dent: Junlor Class Secretary: Service Squad: Homeroom Rebresentatzve. Fannie Beniog Glee Club: vaudeville. Henry Bernardell Edward Burke Bilbrey Alfred Bernard Blachaz Varsity Club: Bas- ketballp Baseball. Robert L. Black Donald G. Blaney Benjamin Blaze: 0rchestra.N.H.S. Marjorie Ruth Blok: Senior Play Committee Robert J. Blok: H1-Y Earl P. Boggs Arthur E. Bondie Elaine Katherine Boas Pearl Marie Bouchard Betty Marguerite Bower Patricia Mary Bowyer: Senior Play Comm:- ttee. James Briglio ginia Brown: Orchestra. ma I. Bunse: Girl Reserves, Secretary .A.A. rence R. Burton: hard Butler Service Squad. ille Marie Camilleryg Dramatic Club raine Dorothy Carlson: Senior Play ommzttee. nette J. Carman: para Lou Carson: mpia N. Carstea holas Carstea, Service Squadg G.A.A G.A.A. - Jr.: Tower Tribune, He hanical Chief: F.C.A. rqe Edward Chakmakian ihie Chamulak: Senior Play Committee rew Jules Champam: Varsity Club: Swim ing Team.N.H.S. liam Wesley Chirota: Varsity Club: ootballg Baseball. eph Chobot: Varsity Club: Footballg rack. N.H.S. ne Clark: Service Squad: Senior Play ommittea ry Jane Coleman: Glee Club. er M. Corsi: Service Squad, Caotain omeroom Rehresentatice. en Eleanor Czarnecki: G.A.A.g Band. y C. Dalia Vecchia: National Honor So ietyp Girl Reserves, Treasurer. field Day qaret L. Dean anor DeGourse y Delichz Fleur- her J. Dinqfeldt: CC. de-lis.N.H.S. Senior Play Commit e Jacqueline Dorman: Gite Club. ria Draqueecu aldine Clara Drys: Service Squad. g t . 51 -f VRS? A A . Nz ,gym - W ...Q X X , Q aw. are W xii is NX x. W X X N agk Sa S r . ' I 'h:.':E: x- ll. an Q :' wt. .,, . , in X. E .' xx . 5 x Kg X X N N Q t Q E .Vs S tr A E . gg 1 .wseigy as an xg .W ??55M'wl A D ' Q X vt. . .. sg X, W .ge QE v . sf is Q is ggi mg, , N air . A ' , . fr? NE ex X QA 'kai N ge ,ww .Dim zzz 2 N .. Zz., f- ,,e?r 2 www... "f iw . M ra 2 ,grit W Egg we 5 eww W ' fy ? Q5 'Se if Qi, ,:, T ff, L Midway Wggggwi eqmw ,.gww rn? 4R02 ,Q. im. ,. . 53 ef? .avi gg, W5-- ss9i wS2.e1 i ' KWH mx etyreqcef .wir si? llmr Awgki - eu sarees ' '. -- , m - ... .I-:Q Virginia E1 eanor Ducher Henry J. Dudzinski Ann Kathryn Dycio: G.A.A.f Service Squad. N.H.S. Alfredo Rae Eckert Ruth Delores Egloff Charles Garbed Ezmirliang Dramat1c Club: Sensor Class Director.N.H.S. Mary Famboy: Glee Club. Joseph Jonathon Feher Ruth E. Fenner Bernard John Fisher Virginia Paula Fortuna: Servzce Squad. Leo Foucart June Elisabeth Fraser Joan C. Galfanoz Service Squad. Raymond Gaskell: F.C.A. Robert A. Gow: Tower Tribune, Vechanxcal Staff. Delphine K. George Armin Geragosian Donald J. German: Varsrty Clubf Track: Tractor H1-Y Antoinette E. Giandomenico: Glee Club. Leon Gollesg Tower Trrbune, Mechanical Staff. Harold H. Sowing: Varsity Clubf Tennssg Basketball. Norman Stanley Green: F.C.A.: Baseball. Mary Rose Gregorian Mary Guerriero: Serv1ce Squad Loretta Clara Hagerty Edwin Ray Hardy Anna Jean Hartman: Seru1ce Squad: Fleur- de-lrs, Gzrls Shorts Edztor, 1940-41. ces Ann Helieek N.H.S. ard Charles Hespen: National Honor ciety, President: Tower Tribune, Pub- city Board: Ochestra: Dramatic ub: Homeroom Rebresentative. .rd Paul Holmes: Dance Orchestra: Or- estra: Band. n Frances Holmniakz Glee Club. d Hom: F.C.A.: Track. erik Race Hoxey, Jr. iam R. Hughes ur Hugo Ioconelli La Lee Jachym: Senior Play Committee meroom Representative. Jonki: Service Squad. 'ed Gordon Jones: F.C.A.,' Track. y Jean Jory: National Honor Society t Club: Glee Club: Silver Quill: meroom Rebresentative. :e Kachaturoff: Girl Reserves: De ting.N.H.S. Kalin: Varsity Club: Football ne Keeny ,eth M. Kinerg Student Council, 12A presentative: Service Squad: Hi-Y eur-de-lis. y George Kirkpatrick N.H.S. dare M. Klucjasz ur Kocharoff .Katherine Kopeikin: Service Squad. lk Kotyk la Delores Kowal 'les Chester Kowalski N.H.S. in Kowaleaki : Kroitor: F.C.A. ion Emma Kroll in Labick: Girl Reserves: G.A.A. 'ence B. Lacatis: Girl Reserves, ce- President: Service Squad.N.H.S. eb wmwv. H, W .. , .. v. f.Sw QFF 2 QQ gi?g5gpnw,3gi E .mgwm X QW R.. ie S W X is xii ttf Tfkx me Emma Ruth Langston: Service Squad. Virginia Ruth Lanphar: Glee Club. Virginia Jeanne LaVoie Dorothy Elaine Lawrence: All-School Play: Dramatic Club, President: Vaudevilles: Senior Class Director: Senior Play. N.H.S. Kennedy Lewis Layton, Jr.: Service Squad: Hi-Y. Marvin V. Lefansg Forensics: Tennis: Service Squad: Dramatic Club. Martin Loftus Kay Francis Lopetrone: National Honor Society: Service Squad, Cabtain: Glee Club. I Justine Lenore Love Dramatic Club: Tower Tribune: Play Committees. Willis Lutz John V. MacKay Barbara Jean McCammon: Girl Reserves: Tower Tribune, Co-Editor.N.H.S. V Muriel Eleanore McCarty: National Honor Society: Tower Tribune, Co- Editor: Girl Reserves. Raymond D. McDonald Theo N. McDonald Eleanor Blanche McDonough Marilyn M. McHaney: Glee Club, Presi- dent: Bach Choir. Geraldine McKinnie: Service Squad, Cabtain: Cheer Leader. Walter Malizewski Michela T. Mantini: Service Squad. Geraldine Rose Marinelli Bernard Francis Martin Emil Paul Mortinelli: Crchestra: Hi-Y. Graydon H. Matteson, Jr.: Football: Swimming: Track: Varsity Club. Delphine Marie Moyers: National Honor Society: Art Club. Gladys J. Maynard Lois Leotta Mellin: National Honor So- ciety, Treasurer: Tower Tribune, Asso ciate Editor: Girl Reserves. Helen Frances Melnik: Service Squad: Glee Club. nas Meyer: Football: Basketballg lseball. :ph Ted Mialki: Service Squad. ton Joseph Mikolis: F.C.A. Liam T. Milyz FootbalL I Mitchell ' lma Ruth Montavon: Glee Club. me Ann Mrkva NJH.S. 2 Napol eon rlene Neal: National Honor Societyp rchestro. madine Rita Nephew dred Evelyn Neumann: National Honor xciety: Girl Reserves. othy Belle Newmxrch :inia Vallie Oglesbee: G.A.A. :thy Marion O'Hara: Senior Class Di- :ctorp Junior Class Director. Wniwomwnmxnvoi .nxns,,k .,,g . " s l , ,...... A - ow? ,wa bw nog ggi Qi 1:33 " Ziff .. '1 Qi' Qglng .-iii? H i39F?Q.lK EE? .,... 1 21. Q. 5. ,.. ..:..sf- :- . -- 2 aix:?s:a::s:sz. vmhygonownfmiinm. . , :-:-.:::::::5:"-:-: I I v ' : "3 gy'fmwqhnnQQ3g S' '2N:E:f:: '. 5311.5-. rS' .'f: ""' 'uk f ,ex -wgzg2s:2g:z,1g.1g.2s5e., - ::.:: E-521325EE::E'2EEE1'25:'iE:.,.. awww-to anmny ggfmkf--M Qwwmg ff . , welii- ' , A. - '-53:l5l:l5lE15:5':P53552 ry. Olsen xley J. Ormandy: Service Squad. :rd Oatrom aph M. Pollotti rqe K..Pariqian: Hi-Yp F.C.A. N.H.S. :ard Perrin :el Petliehoffz Varsity Clubg Foot ill: Track: Basketball. N,H,S, ry Hyde Phillips: Varsity Club: Swim- ing Team: Track. lon Olive Phillips: Service Squadg leer Leader. ro Poniovozik: Dramatic Club, Secre- xryp Senior Play: All-School Play. .H.S :ris Delphine Popowitzg National Honor :cietyg Orchestraf ion C1 are Prentice 1 Ivan Prepolecg National Honor Socie- rp Service Squad. a Rabchuk: National Honor Society: De- lte Squad: Tower Tribune: Forensicsg leur-de-lis, Feature Editor. yes , .' " " ' - if ,g ig-in A : 3 5 5,9 Q -fx' 'Pr ,v 3 ":??EIiIESE2EP 53.5 .,,:.n.:.-. .,.,,.: . Wwfmf . naw: :.. .z2 -fr v 8.393 , .:x:5::i.. , - 3 W .f,-:-.-- I el? Minions ,fowvg 533 iY?go5 NES? Q. K , s. We XX Xp N53 - S .fs-'Elm X... N. was . 3X X Q X s Nz X Q QSQSF xfxkg ff Q P4 s. t. 6 , . N , , :gif x Q NQQS K X :SQ Q35 h . wx' g K . ,- Y. XX X-XX fe--Mtv,X . ,www , .:--::f:: gB,-.--:- or-1-vt W r s . .X.. . .s . :QSEf'S l- xiigmw K .. ,-,. - I :- y, J - t 25 ,:5:33:.:::q,- SLT 5' ogre Ar- - .r f X F' sg, l V 5 E' J NX ' , 55: 5 ',g K nd.tgXg1fxX 'Q 1535 . 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A PLNSQQN X 1" M N Q Q 3 Fix gigs Q X x Sq Q5 5x X X lb . ,, no gibgygyi 4 eng ,, ' ' L :,,,3.,, '. . f zz: :Q 4 N e Q 4 Q M gx , Qijv f. af 5 gi' " ' J 'X Egis X X Q? ggi? pf sy, y 5-in ,'r.5Qx H?fnf 5lXQ kf3Qi'- .469 :arf ' 'iv'-,J 4. A? fig + 'U' his Q ig 'U 6 5 M X 2 the sw 5 .Xi .,. .,, in X, ,, W , ,,,,. nw :-:Z 251 ...X ,,,...g SW' "ln ---- QS M of n..fnn ff! A , ,MMVUW , owe snare-or gef , in .. i?SlF.s L 'W' I sm .'o,?wzi,f . ,, i5S'f'Q5 SQA WW' ,FS REQ Y ,gan , fmtff Glen Earl Ramsey Martin Joseph Rediqan Betty Jane Reneker Elma M. Rennie william Charles Riewe: Orchestraf Band. John Roberts Patricia Robertson Marilyn Jeanne Rogers: Girl Reserves, President: Councilman-at-large: Va- tional Honor Society: Junior Class Director: Glee Club, Vice-President. Edward James Rovsek: Varsity Clubg Baseballg Dramatic Club Lorraine Rybski Stephanie T. Rymorz Samuel Sabaugh Violet Sonqster: G.A.A. Dolores Sowicki: Debate Squad: U,A,Ag Tower Tribune Ronald Marshall Scott: Student Cnunczlg Dramatic Club. Helene Martha Seiter: Vational Honor Society: Tower Trioune, News Editorg Service Squadp Organistg Acconfvanist. John Lloyd Shannon Donald M. Sheppard Morris M. Silver: F.C.A. John Matthew Sirosky Clarence A. Smith: Varsity Club: Ser- vice Squad: Football: 7"'4Cki SCMOY' Class Director. Eleanor Mae Smith: Service Squad, Cap- tain. Ruth Ann Smith Theodore Johnson Smolyz National Honor Society: F.C.A. James A. Speers Boris Robert Spiro Welland Walter Sprague Mae F. Srull: National Honor Society: Senior Class Secretary, Girl Reserves: Service Squad, Cabtain: Intramural Shorts. ael Stacko, Jr. us A. Stephens: Golf Team: Senior ay: Varsity Club: Service Squad. ie Sue Stephens: ' an Harry Strong ian Mary Sukup: National Honor So- ety: Orchestra. s Aubrey Summers: Track: Boys Glee uh rt Lewis Sutherin: Student Council ce-President: Hi-Y.: Service Squad: imming. aine Sweet ' olino Taiariol Morrison Taylor :is Joseph Terns y Richard Timm Bt E. Toth Sinibaldo Tozzi: Band: Orchestra. ld E. Traver: Dramatic Club: All- hool Play: Forensics: Debate Squad: rvice Squad. n Katherine Tulliusz National Honor ciety: G,A.A,, Secretary: Intra- ral Sports. ence Tunesi Paul Urbiscio: Band: Orchestra: nce Orchestra. a Lee Vowellz Service Squad. ara Walker: Service Squad. rinia Ruth Waller :ld David Ward: Track: Football: rvice Squad. la J. Wdowiak: Service Squad. ,rt Wegela ard Stanley Wicha: Varsity Club. ' winqo: Service Squad.N.H.S. 'ielle Valerie Witherspoon: 'lational rnor Society: Debate Squad: Silver ill: Glee Club. an W. wnekg Dramatic Club: Senior ay Committee. ::...:.:5:QM3:,, , ..... .... Mei? ee' we " 7294 .::,:,, , v::,IE5: Q Q , .... , .... . . r wX,..w, -1 K sweWHM.ed 5F gep,qwweQ'ewgy wniheemwrwkkr gy. ?QQEig?gg? gg THEN vwwmu gy .':'e2a2a2sa2as:: L 206. , ..,, S-1s:: , ,. 1 - -ff -lf. .1-::'5E: 'Ei -1:-:SP 'I Xdaeenvr H 1 . . 5. 4, ..,- .... 1 ,,,,. , Q H I N weeig-: fi 4 33. 2. i W ?i5HEF3Q2?S W -S5355 3' 'if' .,. .. .Ze2i':-'f:"" 542- . , :zIsi5aaQ5:- -ff' .. 11... ,.f:.. '::f-::::-33355555 ,: AA , Lawrence Albert Hood, Swimming. Raymond Yeo Irene Younqquist: National Honor Society, Vice-President: Fleur-de-lis, January Senior Editor and Art snuff: Tower Tri- bune: Girl Reservesp Art Club: Home- room Representative. Stella Mary Zokosky Florentine Zoviaa John Zukoff, Jr. P1-Q-3idQnr-John Oleaszewslu Directors-Hill l,1v'ervnn1'e, Zubel Kachadoorzan, Murray Wznfzeld. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Secretary-June Rm LLB' Vi ce-Presi dent-Joe Wvrwrler TIGGSUYQT-D0 T1 S Off' Eileen Abernathy: Glee Club: Service: Vaudeville: Oberetta: Bach Choir. Siqrid Adolph: Glee Club: Service Squad Cabtain: V.H.S. Donald Alabakoff: Football: Future Craftsmen of America. Jeannette Mary Allen: N.H.S. Aurelia Almasan Robert M. Alt: Tennis Team., George Glenn Anderson Stella Anderson: Glee Club: President: M.H.S.: Fleur-de-Lis Senior Editor: Dra- matic Club, Director: Senior Play: Forenw sics: Homeroom Reb. Gerry Antailliaz Archery. Frank Aquino: N.H.S. Barney Aronson: Tennis Team Jeanne Delores Austin Lois Mae Baer: Tower Tribune: Service: forensics. Peggy Gene Ballard: Service. Irene J. Baramsky: Service: G.A.A. Delores June Barbati: Service Vickie Barbaza: Hus Monitor. William Barbazo Katherine Bridget Barraca Margaret Barson: M.H.S.: Glee Club: For- ensics, President: Girl Reserves: Fleur- de-Lis Senior Editor: Senior Play Commit- tee: Oberetta. Jack R. Bartle: Basketball: Track: Ser- vice. Betty Jeanne Bastian Marie Lucille Bauer: Service Squad Cab- tain: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves: Fleur-de-Lis Staff Photographer RUBB911 Martin Bauers: Irack. Lawrence J. Beebe Mary Margaret Bell Leo Theodore Bemben Robert Thomas Biggers: Track: Football: Basketball: Varsity Club. a Pauline Bilyeu a Rose Blanchard :hone Blatnik esa H. Bledowski: Service: Senior Committee. y Bogosian: Track: Orchestrag Hy-Y, -Pf0S1d0Hfi Vaudeville. ian Boksa: Servzce Squad Cabtain. 1 Phillip Lourcier: Track: Hi-Y: Dra- :sp School Play. Bova . June Bower: Orchestra. E. Bowman a C. Brakhop mh Steve Brezinski: Yrack. r E. Brissman on Bryant ces Alxce Bryzek I ley Ann Buck: Fleur-de-Lis C0-hd1tOff :ry Club: V.H.S. Lyn Doyle Burton y Ann Busch: Glee Club, Secretaryg icef Bach Choir: Swrmmlng ChambpVaude- ,n ley Rose Bushaw: G.A.A.g Glee Clubg tingp Dramatzc Clubg rorensicsf Oter- 1 Butkowski 1 Margaret Canfield Anerie Caurdy: Service: Tower Tr1- I. Chisnell 7 Ciccarelli Ann Cieslak Clark anne Clemente D. Cleveland onyx w 122 Lee Forost Collins wtichael uicvolus Colucvlli Elizabeth Marei Constantine Joyce Counis: v.4.4. Dorothy Leona Uousineau: ales Club: Vatzon al donor Society. Vesta Murine Coward: Stuicnt Council Pre- siient: vlee Club freus.: ioweronm Rea.: 'iirl Teserves: Service Squad Cabt. Elvira A. Crisan Andrew fohn Crocker Betty Cultis Mary Llizabeth Csepreqe: Service: 6.4.4. Iosenhine Sue Cazach Alganice Ukasian Lana D'Alleva lean L. Damon: qzrl Heserves: Library Club ffPflSl1T'27'. ieorge Roger Lanielson: Jlee Club. George Daraban: Sw1mmrnq'12dm: band. Ilervin Fred Dart Olga A Daeko Charlps Pierce Davey: Tennis Ikam. John Leo Davey Leon F, Day: Service: N.H.S. Agnes Elizabeth Dean: Service: G.A.A. Anna Demergian: U.A.A.: Service. Shirley Marie Demmons: Forensics: Service. Luca Denaro: Band: Track: Dance Orchestra. Elia marie Dengell: Service. rlarvella Alice De Roche Katherine Patricia Devlin: N.H.S. , Treasl ure: Fleur-de-Lis Co-Editor: Service: d.A. 39 nas Marie Dienee: Service. ,ck L. Dobbs th.Gloria Dobson: Service: National Hon- Society. ank Donner: Golf. rry J. Dougher 1a Grace Doyle ward Anthony Drab: Future Craftsmen of erica. irley Alice Dresser: Servzce: domeroom wresentative. Jrles W. Drys. 1ice Elaine Drys ine Doris Dufresne ane Theresa Dulimba: L9..4.f1..' Tab Club: 'vice. 'othy Louise Dunn rnelia Nellie Dura .eria Vera Dura: Servlcei Crafts. xncis Anthony Dysarz ue Delores Eddy: k.1.b.: 5.A.A.: HfUWUtlC b. dred I. Edwards:'.S.,' alee Cluo. ricia Jean Elliot: ij.A.A..' tfzrl Reserves -School Play: Servzce. mces Irene Ellis: I-orewszcs. 'illa Ernestine Elickson 'ry Richard Euqster mert William Evans: Half. .on Holister Everett: Service: qWlmm1Hf m.' Varszty Club. ert M. Faitel ty Jane Farnum on M. Farnyk: Football: basket ball: eball: Vars1ty Club. 'y E. Febbo: Service: homeroom Hen. Donald Ray Ferriem: dz-Y: ,lee Club. Phyllis Jean Fetzer Ewile L. Fimbinqer Thomas Arthuxe Fisher Barbara Jane Folleyz Dramatic Club, Vice- Pres1dent: ulee Club: Senior and All- School Play. Barbara Jean Foster Victor Foster:Homeroow kerresenfatiue. Jack n. Frank: Servwe Lrlc 'iviun Freya ..4.4.: Yenror Play Com- V1flPPf larvnslcs. 'lmzgaxem Cathnxxne Vulkerson John A. lulton Toxzrno fzzy Furiat Irene ixch: hnnernor hehreventatlua wrvkolus jwina lulure Craftsmen of Amer LUIS Homer lrzbunr. frgu 5'1ay: L.l.J. fir T. iurdolfm Bob ADlh0HY Sanzak Joe Jerome Qardyrik Shirley Ann Sarlinqhouse Edward Steve Gaskewecz John Jack Geftos: Basketball: Football: Iracb: larczty Club. Ar1nO Cecilia Silardi Joe David George Jean Elizabeth Shrist Vivian Irene Gibbons william Endleman Gilbert: Orchestra: Hand Dance Orchestra. Anna Glavanovich: o.A.A.: Service. Betty Louis Graham: Glee Club 41 Q Irene Graham, Intra-Mural Swzmming e M. Greeb: Dramatic Club: Natzonal Soczety. nnu Jeone Green: Service: Cheer Lea- ieve Margaret Grell: Glee Club: Nat4 Honor Soclety. dine Louise Gravengood Griffen on Theresa S. Grudzien Ann Grzynowiczg Servlce: G.A.A. Senzor Committee: Intra-Mural Shorts. 1 T. Gucfgg Senxor Flay Cummzltee. on suerru ey Joun Sunther s Lutvic fnqopinn: UOYtlCUltUfC Asszs Seru1ce. Cin Louise A011 Luo Homond: V.n.9.: Servzce: Student Ll: lleur-Je Lzs. Jcsenh UGlTiS John Hcxtmen: Seruzce. nm Hartman 1 Joan iexveyg Jlee Club: Serv1ce. ie I, Aeuexz Maud: Tennis Team. 'n Katherine louser: Jlee Club. Drama' flub. Qlic Aedgmnndg Archery Club: f.C.A.: zliegyi lolko Ieun Helm: V.1.3.: Uzrl Reserves: Tren f:Ileur-Jeukzx Assoczate Ei1tur Ser- ' n.A.4. iam .enlyz Lutzonal vonor Soc1ety: but fraftsmen c! American. Henschell 11 E. Herman no Loraine 'odkowsk1: SEVUICC. Num Mary Amelia Hoover: Forensic: G.A.A.: Glee C lub Dramatic Club: Debate Team. Helen Hartiw: Vational Honor Society, Sec: 6.11. A. Victor G. Horvath Josephine Lenore Huerta Virginia Merriam Hul1:Ulee Club. Neva I.G. Hunt: Debate Team: Forensic: Ser- vice. Joseph John Isaia: Band: Dance Orchestra: Concert Orchestra- Margarer Ellen Ivanyi: Glee Club: Girl ke- serves: Bach Choir. Al J. Jackowski Helen Jaje Mary Catherine Jakubiek Helen Janik Mary Ann Janki Herb S. Johnson:domeroom Reb.: Dramatics Football: Future Craftsmen of America: Senior Play. Mary Ann Johnson: N.H.S.: Art Club, Treo.: Fleur-de-Lis Art Staff: Service Russell Johnson: Swimming. Roy E. Jolliffez Clee Club- Charles J. Jones Frank Thomas Jonas: Clee Club. Frank Jurinici: Future Craftsmen of Amer- 1CG. Zubel John Kachaaoorian: Art Club: Drama- tics: N.H.S., Pres.: Hameroom Reb.: Senior Class Officer: Fleur-de-Lis Art Staff. Alfred Nelson Kampf: Band. Band Frank A.Karo1y:.Tower Tribune. william Francis Kayka: Future Craftsmen of America. Frank John Kazanowski: Tennis: Football- Basketball: Athletic Club: Service. Edna Mae Kazmin ' Elizabeth B. Keim: G.A.A.: Service. Richard D. Kendzieraki 43 Joseph Kiernon d J. Kieturg Fleur-de-lis nd KinggFuture Craftsmen of America. Walter Kinsman xerite Klettg Dramatic Clubg Senior chool Play. W A. Kliemonng Fleur-de-Lis Sborts-ed- G.A.A., Pres: N.H.S.: Service ea Ronald Klinkman: Dramatic Club: Se Play. 1 C. Koebbe t M. Koebbe 't L. Kolorikz Future Craftsmen of ca. ew F. Koppinger 1 w, Kosinski: Future Craftsmen Of cat Archery Club: Fire Warden. Kostrybog National Honor Society. .nic E. Kot:Tower Tribune: Dramatic Senior Play Committee. Kovcch ,ore Kozochuk: National Honor Society. er Edward Koziol oe Kozlnw y Krause e Charlotte Krenz: National Honor Soc Krikorion e Sonia Kresuk w Joseph Kroll nic Krukowski ey Kuehnelg Homeroom Rebresentatiue. mr William Kuhn in J. Kurezewski Kuriluk 7Z1t:t5Q4:14:LA! "' 'Miki 'Q Ya Q? Fi 5 2 K, A e exif, 4 1 Q X22 si QYQT X My K :sal S, f ,4 , as X' 3 , 22' Xs""'s X if-' mf .Hplfxf "u3 'Y Ye K Scsi A N X .5 Q as .1- 5 S? in 8 4 5? ye-sf ,..-,, -Q -,4 ,, ,i y, .. .,,.-. r :F . 'Q M25 u'ee ,'w . yy we Q Q' l y i a : Y a qllb Q Fu' Qu w y .xjg vi' Q 'FAQ 35 ,ws ,K .,, ,er X 58 N . M uryiqsg, F'ERQ5ewgq l A NAA f 3 3353 Mshi -3 ' A -,ri ggf ji. ,,, Q K ai. A 3. ss Q v - Ks W! ::,, , ' Q U. l 22 M 2 g XA S 3 N Q x AZ, Y Sally Laqerstrom: Dramatic club: Intra- mural shorts: d.A.A.f Swimming Chamh. Agapy Lagos: Orchestra. Edna Mae Lamb kgM5tH.LmMM ff f . fLPpkLj5by.,7wff' Dorothy Mae Landgraf: Library Club: u.J.4.: Darmatzc Club: Serunce: Intra- mural shorts. Elsie Louise Lapanya Vaughn L. Lakowe: Jlee Club George Lcslo Pauline Laslo: Polar Bear Club: Tab Club Girl Reserves Wilma Frances Lawrence Loretta Sylvia Legualtz Glee Club. Ernest Lemerande: H1-Y: Senior Play. Flora R. Lenordon Helen Mary Lesniowski: d.A.A.p Intra- mural shorts. Caroline Stella Letizia Angeline Rajda Shirley Jane Lewalter: Forensic: Service, Cabtazm Arthur Lewandowski Benny Licari: Tower Trzbune Staff. Irma Helen Liebeck Grace Viola Linder: Glee Club: Dramatic Club: Bach Choir: Oheretta: Vaudeville. Theodore Lis Basil Benjamin Liske: Tower Tribune. Bernice J. Litwin: Service. William Robert Livermore: Ndiivndl Honor Sacnetyg Class Drrectorg Dramatic Club, President. Helen Lizon Frances Marie Loranqer: N.H.S.: Glee Club Wanda Tekla Lukawski: G.A.A. 45 lion Marie Lundquist: Service ald A. Lupp: Band, Orchestra te Maiers: Basketballf Hockeyp mming. ve T. Malaniak: Archery Club. ry Ann Mellow: Glee Club: Oberettaj devzlleg Bach Choxrg Servlcep Hockey. n Jim Manta: Ulee Cluh co N. Marchelletta: Tower lr1bune, ur-de-lzsg F.S.A. s Jacqueline Narkley: Homeroom heh entat1veg Yenror Play Commzttee. 'is Martin nert Paul Matherly vin D. Matheson: Sen1or Play: H1-Y. on Natuszewski: G1rl heservesg u.A.A.g ate Squad: forensics: Shorts. fy mggvillyg U.A.A.g Polar Hear Club: ieroow wC5T6SCHtdt1UCf Servzca inne M. Mcfaddenz Dramatzc Club: 'vrceg Smlmmzng Clubg Servlcep VaudeA la kph A. Wcfaddenz Glee Clubg Dramat1c lb: V.H.S.g Ftudedf Counczlp Homeroom -rcsentat1ve. Ty P. Wcdrewz G.A.A.f Senior Play. rcella N, Hclntosh :mas Patrick McLaughlin: Basketball. Jert Donald McLennan nnnotts AcNabb: Vaudeville. wevieve Mendyk: Servlce. lvin H, Wetsa: Tower lrzbone, Co-Ed1- rf Vnllonal Honor foczety. bert Ernest Meyer: Future Craftsmen of rrlca. in Leo Hachalak ia L. Michlap: Pramntlc Club: ill- Hool Play. an Mierzwa win Mieszrzur lured Dolores Mitchell: Jlee Clwbf A.A.: Intramural Shnrtsg Servzce. -uqnqu Aloysius R. I-lizqalski Michael James Molloy: Future Crafts- men of America. James Milton Montgomery Marguerite Lucille Moody: National Honor Society: Service. ' Chester Joseph Mordarski Elizabeth Moti Chester V. Motyka: Baseball. Joan M. Mucha Lawrence Agustu-s Mucinski: Tower Tribune: Future Craftsmen of America. Aurel Henry Muntean: Ser'u1ce,' homeroom lmelvresentatiue. Mildred 5. Naessens Anna Nagy Annie Ledia Neborslfy william A. Nelson william E. Newell V Lqurene Marie Nickituk Q4""lfv?fvN..3 . 'g Ornell Nori: Senior Play. Helen E. Nowka: dlee Clubg G.A.A.f Ofverettag Service: Shorts. Ann N. Nuznov wqnda T. Ogar: Service. John A. Dleaszewski: Senior Class, Presxdentg 111-Yp Service. Helen Olejnik Stanley Joseph Olesko Doris May Orr: 'Vational Honor Society: Jumor and Senior Class Treasurer. Marie Virginia Pachankis Mildred Agnes Paliszewski Goldeen Paras 47 nic Mary Poruszczuk Jane Parker: Vatzonal Honor ty. e Adelaide Parker: 'Soczetyg Orchestra: Qzlver Puzllf ry Club. ore Sylvia Porport 'Vational ph Par rel 1 y Cecilia Patterson Leonard Punch CJ Ilelphine "Gul Frnn-ves Pavel xch: u. .4. A. ,' Intramural C nd kldwurd Potux: Sf'f'UlCC'- 'entelicimkz rover rrzbfmej Mxtzunal 'qOClP?tj',' f'1fruwn'al Sforts. Hfurie We-rzin: 1'ztrn"'ural ShortS. - 'PIP-n Petlirlz ine I-etruif I.1-:incl ?"91lfjC1'L 'eq 's'1f"V'x1lli3'S . ., ,- s Ficmqu Mctildd Vinbcocyz I.: Service. Y'1G!'lE' Plccens Ex ekyfiflgtzc lforenszcsg Ser' 'jdaune fJheerI,end1ng:, l".C.'.1,,' f 9 Polar iiear Club: 1' f ,Af f - - 121. ,rv A' ., ff I , 5 X f , Podzius nor Patricia Pckrywkc:U.f4..4.,' S8f'b1C8,' :mural Shorts: Polar Hear Hub. ,e Polkowski M. Popie-1: Service. rtn Joyce Porter: iilee Clubg Seruzce. Porto Ln Pratt: Central Comm-zttee lfeh- ltatrve. ,ce Model ine Prokoff ' . :::E"z2W 1Yif? ' N r sp:-.L IT 32 , ,,:. ---1 1 :,,. .. e , , - - iii' up V -,ff ,g r ' Q 1 n Q-,X Q 1 6 , -.-5 ' Q . Y Q.: z -.-,ES L 9 " .Aff A : :.-'F' 1+ 2. ,Y .:,,..::'-. H "'j'fEQ'1E NE5 1: 5 ' fl H X 135 ,I :::?5f5:a . - fffffiif 1. ,Q " " .arf . QM if V Q '29 "" : i'1:-'f':'.fSi"S ef-- f2:"'V? ' -225. " is-A ' ' ft, fsa:.':':f'1?ZQ K'-41 "i l '5EfS:4. , 'F 2' - -am , 2 - '- 2:5 1:5 .es Loretta Lucille Prezios Eugene Przybylskig Future Craftsmen of A 'nerr ca. Steve Pyszniak: Alice Frances Rada: Rosemary Randazzo: M.H.S.p Ulee Club: G.A.A.: Senior Play Committee: Debate. Vincent Jim Ravenna: Tower Tribune: Band: Fleur-deWLisg F.C.A.: Dance Orchestra: Robert Michael Reed June Drucilla Reilly: Senior Class. secretary. William Charles Reiter: 4rchery Club. Nancy Lee Reno Bernice Retz: Service. I. Doris Richards: Service. Laura Louise Rider Rosemary Katherine Rimel Margaret La Jean Roby: Service. Dolores Mary Rhoem Irene A. Rosbicki Charles Frederick Ross: Tower Tribune. N ancy Rossi: 5-4-4- Veora Mae Ryan: Svwica Ilene Rymaszewski Tayi Sackash Eleanor Salaqan: Service- Betty Loraine Samel: Service. william James Sass Catherine M. Savage Dorothy Jane Schaefer: Glee Club: Student Council: Girl Reserves: Fleur-de-Lisp Homeroom Rebresentatzveg Junior Class, Vice-President. Charles Schleutker: Future Craftsman of America. 49 iam Henry Schuster: National Honor ety, Vice-President: Dramatic Club 'com Refresentative. s Ralph Selby s Georae Senaoli :el G. Sepulveda: Service. Marie Sheen ialine Catherine Sherman: G.A.A.j ice: Forensics. . :nor June Shirley: Homeroom Reb- ntatiuef Glee Clubf Ooerettaf Vaude- P: Each Choir: Service. Marie Shermur: Service. iori e !4ari e Srnuttl e aret Jane Sisco 1 Katherine Sivanov: G.A.A.: Senior Committee. C. Skinner xldine Ruth Sloan ian Slota: Tower Tribune-Co-Editorg ,S.: Service: Senior Play Committee. ird George Smohay ert Smalis: Service: Glee Club. rueline B. Smith jorie P. Smith: G.A.A.f Homeroom resentativeg All-School Playg Jirl ervesg Tower Tribune, Dramatic Club: lice. ' Ramona Smith na Pauline Snyder: N.H.A.f Servicef natic Club. ne F. Sobotka: Dramatic Clubg Debate .A.g Service: Forensics, Treasurer. ce H. Soos: G.A.A.: Girl Reservesg ar Hear Club. rles W. Spratt: di-Yg Varsity Clubj thallg Swimming. .ephine Elizabeth Squires: Library b. .dys Standen ax Stando: Vational Honor Society. .n Stanek ! Emil Steele June Barbara Stiglemanz Serviceg Vatzonal Honor Society. Edward J. Strahota Ruth 5. Stretke Irene Dorothy Strzempko: G.A.A.: Dance Club: Haseballp Basketballp Hostess Club. Mary Margaret Stump Eileen Ruth Sullivan Virginia H. Swiecicki: National Honor Socretyg Serurceg Forensics: G.A.A.: Intramural Sbortsf Vaudeuzlle. Pose Marie Sych: Glee Club: Oheretta. Joseph Szewc: Future Craftsmen of Amer- rca. Bette Delores Tafoya Clarence B. Tamoor Roy J. Tanske: H1-Y. Lucille Birdson Tarry George J. Tasco Anne Taylor: Gtr! Reservesg Service. James E. Teevin: FLCUV-d9'Li5i Hi-Y: Senzor Playg Art Club, Vrce-President. Guy R. Thieleman Anna Tifrea Maynard Joseph Toutant: Glee Club. Patricia Altattritz Dorothy Tryon: Servrceg G.A.A., Secre- tary and Treasurerg Homercom Refresent- a true. Roy Fredrick: Tyev Angeline Helen 'ry1ucui: N.H.S.: Hostess Clubg Fab Club: d.A.A.g Shorts. Robert C. Tyner Virginia Mae Tyner Richard William Urenn Julio R. Valentino 54 a Elizabeth Vance L Allan Vandercook e V, Vangoff. Orchestra: Archery tt Vanlon: Hi-X Ann Vartanion: Dramatic Club: Service Varvari: Tower Tribune, Mechanical Vaughan y er Edward Velett: Service: Student il: Vice-President: Vaisity Club: ty Basketball. E. Venk arzecka elores Waun R. Webb :beth M. Werner: School Organistt Club: Vice-President: Oberetta. rt L, Werth: Track: Varsity Club: tic Club: Senior Play. e Ivey White: Tower Tribune. art William wilczak: Homeroom Reh- tative. e A. Will iams nret Beary Williamson Elaine wilson: Glee Club: Dramatic Cabtain of Service Squads. ch C. wimmer: Hi-Y: Senior Class: -President: Senior Play: Dramatic Director. my Winfield: Senior Class: Director. whine Catherine Wisniewski .ne Wisniewski: National Honor ity: Dramatic Club: Service. ge Russell Wittersheim: Swimming a J. wittman: Senior Play: Dramatic V. Wojtcwicz: Hajorette: Service. iam J. wolehang Glee Club: Hi-Y: zville. l ie Edwin Wondolowski F' il Winifred Gordon Worthington: Art Club." Service. Jacqueline Nora Ways James V. Wright: Glee Club. Marcell John Wroblewaki: Hi-Y. Jack Gordon Watson: Hand: '0rchestra: Dance Orchestra. Walton Young Jr: Senior Play: Track. George Zagracks: Fleur-dt-Lis. Adoloh Joseph Zalenski Walter Consfant Zatzer Fred Zeglen Catherine B. Zyla GRADUATES WITYHOUT PICTURES , f' 1 I, Raymond Bazanski Liv" -'I' !,"' '- ,W ' Eugene Cetnar M Tamara Dubin James R. Garrett Clifford LaPever A1 demore Joseph LaVigne Guida Letizia Virginia Jeane Longo Aurelia Palage Joseph Eugene Papp Alma Grace Parrett George Donald Siebel Arthur Joseph Slazinski 8 53 1 COMMENCEMENT PMN" V AW 'M .. ii. 1 i is s M d usir in eti s To the chords of the traditional "Pomp and Circumstanceu each year o new group of young people march for the last time as a high school student. Since the country's sta- tus has changed within the last half year many of the boys enter into the services of the United States fight- ing forces. A majority of the students becomes another part in the wheel of industry' and business while as few have the opportunity of continuing their education. In these group lie the future and destiny of a notion and the school endeavors to shape the right beginnings of these future citizens. ME' mkfkmf -,,.p Q32 iRADUATE NEXT SEMESTER--WE HOPE Mrs. Marion Fisher IZB First Row: Marie Bynum, Dorothy Carroll, Florence Cikminski, Tessie Anastos, Betty Cain, Thelma Clark, Carmen Awad, Jean Anderson, Irene Boiczuk Second Row: Stella Bielen, Helen Bianchi, Arline Cole, Emily Broda,, Lorraine Boatwright, Dorothy Barron, Mary Boyle, Jean Damon Th1rd Row: Joanne Dannesberger, Jean Cole, Mary Chernus, Marilyn Allen, Mary Colatta, Irene Daniszewski, Rose Amato, Marjorie Baker Fourth Row: Genevieve Baily, Genevieve Czaplicka, Ollie Brenda, Dora Bellamy, Barbara Cook V Mr. John Romanow I2B First Row: Don Becker, Earl Chanelle, Russel Cote, Bob Borck, Larry Chevalier, John Brown, Bill Deacon, Ralph Curcuru, John Balicky Second Row: Bob Boyd, Bill Cozzaqlio, Mike Chimka, Ted Apkarian, Henry Czaskow- ski, George Apkarian, Simion Banda, Tony Coccimiqlio, Mr. John Romanow Third Row: Mark Doran, Jack Bender, Ben Boqazzio, Bill Bishop, John Ciarkowski, Louis Baki, Jerry Balako, Ronald Campbell Miss Frances Barrett I2B First Row: Winona Ford, Jean Hawn, Lois Hall, Audrey Hill, Wanda Duzinski, Alma Fasset, Virginia Jones, Shirley Hill, Elaine Green Second Row: Helen Gross, Alive Kvans, Lillian Genoa, Helen Grandeko, Muriel Hog- lin, Alice Dmytrow, Verda Hendrickson, Betty Jones, Delores Hill, Helen Kulina Third Row: Elizabeth Faust, May Harry, Helen Hamby, Ruth Harris, Margaret Fenqer Adeline Divetta, Dorothy Harcourt, Clara Gubachy, Ann Denaro, Agnes Dobronaki, June Gutowskv, June Fimbinqer, Dorothy Kowalski Mr. Henry Lewis IZB First How: James Foster, Dill Sist, Jack Edo, Knowlton Dunn, Henry purer, wil- but Pitsimmons, N901 Johnson, Mickey Gasatella Second How: Prank Sallucci, Narcel 5authier, Fred Gregorian, nicharl frenty Bill Henson, Gus Kokas, Ken Seorke, Chester Eaton, Nick Eukas Th1rd Row: Joe Kocis, Don Hall, Herbert George, Don Terrier, Hill Eodaette, Harrison Finnegan, Eeorge Hart Mrs. Ester Romanowg IZB First Row: Sadie McRae, Betty Loucota, Elaine Larsh, Sylvia Morse, Virginia Lnvine, Fay Miller, Marjorie Macaskill Second Row: Mary Morse, Lorraine Lellis, Gloria Lavxne, Ester Pulvermacher Mrs. Esther Romanow, Victoria Nicora, Virginia Neak, Jean Lampher, Jean Mourot Third Fow: Gloria Lynch, Virginia Langis, June Layton, Helen Nagy, Arlene Nichols, Mary Musci, Dorothy Nell Matthews, Norma Manzon, Bernice Milligam Delphine Moniusko Fourth Row. Dorothy Kivela, Victoria Okopny, Irene Kish, Jean Mialki, Kathleen Lowrey, Pat Murray, Marion Killgore, Frances Osipoff, Lula Kokas Mr. Hans Fredeen: l2B Fzrst Row: Bob Nowodroski, Don Mitchell, wilber Papke, Joe Liss, Evont Perva, Gordon Marawski, Armando Morgan, Jack Peacock Second Row: Charles Peck, Tom McLaughlin, A1 Mistecki, Emil Nagel, Bob Lyons, Bob Oz, Ellsworth Pearson, George Laslo Third Row: Bob Kozma, Walter Kostaroff, Bub Piper, Ed Krawczyk, Henry Naum Mitchell Posh, Don Page Mrs. Elizabeth Thayer I2B First Row: Virginia Sills, Betty Lee Reid, Anna Toth, Ruth Sintay, Louella Warren, Doris Wallet, Beverly Retz, Margaret Simoni Second Row: Victoria Romano, Beverly Voiles, Irene wendrick, Ruth weimer, Julia Yasenchak, Vivian Schauppner, Betty Spanberger Third Row: Margaret Winters, La Verne Davis, Christine Sarkeaian, Patsv Swick, Mary Yagnisczak, Elaine Rigby, Bernardine Reed, June Rickerman Fourth Row: Olga Sivanov, Olga Senkevich, Shirley Weaver, Lois Ratzloff, Pauline Quinn, Joanne Treese, Mrs. Elizabeth Thayer Mr. Chester Ackerman IZB First Row: Leroy Shaman, Steve Pyszniak, william Shuell, James Tripoli, Engle- bert Rowe, Louis Ribel, Ea Soloway, Robert Priebe Second Row: Frank Raidl, Walter Vanderburg, Robert Wick, Eugene Wilk, Ed West- lund, Russel Snow, Charles White, Francis Salucci Third Row: Robert Seeley, Ray Semplici, Ed Rutkowski, Robert Walker, Andrew Tarnowski, George Theordan, Fred Schweikert Fourth Row: Jack Sullivan, Frank Turchan, Loren Yatzek, John wilson, Henry Vin- cent, George Santo, John Svejcar, Joe Tow Junior Class Officers President-Robert Seely Sponsors- Mrs. Fisher, Mr. Heywood Vice-PrPsident- Konnvth Rueiow SQcrQtory4JQGn Martin Directors-Ernie BonQ,5i11 Adgmg Virginia Reed. Treasurer-Beulah Broke Miss Eleanor Heth IIA Fxrst ROW: Mary Baruch, Virginia Adams, Gloria Bianchi, Antonette Caprara, Bernice Chmiel, Helene Brylle Second Row: Yloranell Barton, Phyllis Braymon, Irene Baillie, Helen Beckes, Misa Heth, Jeanette Brudna, Betty Borck, Alexandria Archaka Third ROW: Phyllis Brick, Rose Mary Blay, Lorraine Bowe, Marilyn Boos, Betty Branc, Beulah Brake, Charlotte Caldwell, Ruth Alexander, Sylvia Ciernick,Mary Carey Fourth Row: Helen Burton, Janet Campbell, Loretta Bialcyzk, Lois Alsman, Betty Chinneck, Wanda Brownfield, Jeanette Antaellia, Louise Bergstrom, Jessie Booth K.,,:,. l f :F Eg uf sgw. 5 r in ei-6 Q Nun, ,gl '10, 'Dt' ig 390' 'F E Q Mr. Thomas Heywood IIA Flfiff H01-U.' Jim Blair, Bill Adtmi, Kill Biickeyne, Don Be-dell, Henry Euchner, Jack Blow, NCNAO Berarai Second How: Paul Amunlrsar, Ew-ir 1 A.:-iniznian, john Fsoqoai-nr, liave blaney, Mr. Thomas Heywood, Allan Burzowo, gitrlws Bagweil, Jeorae Alxota, Jack nennett Third Row: Emil Efrondf-ll, llsnill Prog-y, i-iclmirti Boyer, lahn Baron, Bud Bartoe ville, Angelo Antonelli, Victai Uwnirdesse, Loren Alaniva, Jae Britt Fourth FOWJ Robert Amefvann, Halter wuiklow, Don Brown, gvarzv Blay, Wamheison Boqosian, Charles Buren, Robert Ecover, -icharJ Arndt lwfth Huh? Gerard Byrne, Bill Auetin. Yloyc Bastien, George Farbav, Ken Buelow, Edmund Bassick, Jerry Buresh, elenn Burke, Arwen gnyagzen 61 Mrs. Bernice Kelly IIA First Row: Christine Graham, Phyllis Goodrich, Geraldine Drewinski, Frances Green, Virginia Durbin, Elsie Francescutti, Alice Downing, Delphine Ford, Bonnie Durfee Second Row: Eileen Dyment, Myrtle Cortis, Lillian Drummond, Irene Gizicki, Catherine Durante, Betty Dunn, Margene Preer, Olena Downs, Ruth Czapf, Bonnie Dawson Third Row: Roberta Geer, Virginia Coloff, Dolores Crowe, Jean Garwood, Rena Cornish, Jennie Errante, Nancy Ford, Marjorie Edenfield, Ester Corsi, Ann Golen G1 adys Gardner Fourth Row: Virginia Giska, Nada George, Arvella Englegau, Hallie Fletcher, Stephania Glavanovich, Shirley Eibler, Doris Fishbeck, Jean Foucart, Ruth Cripps Lena Fuhrwerk Mr. Clifford Shipley IIA First Row: Tom Canterbury, Mac Dragg, Paul Disinger, Giulio De Santis, JQCOD Faust, Jim Denaro, Norbert Dzenko, Clarence Dobronski, Arthur Cole Second Row: Mr. Clifford Shipley, Ray Dougher, Hubert Dawdy, Jim Covell, Robert Collins, Gilbert Cosenza, George Czarnecki, Don Feltz, Calvin Cruzen Third Row: Don Cieslak, Emerson Ebere, Jack Dagg, Nick Candea, Thomas Cooper, Louis Corpolongo, Ted Czubik, Nick Colucelli Fourth Row: John De Loge, Horry Clark, Alvin Dalke, Chester Covetz, San Donabed- ian, Peter Plees, William Casler Fifth Row: Fred England, Earl Cinnamon, Richard Cox, Wilbur Church iggix Miss Catherine Butcher IIA F1fSf RON? Mary Kalink, Louise Hiltbrxner, Anna Kamensack, Elder Hemphill, Leona Kartje, Virginia Horoszy, Sail Joiner, Lorie 5rigsby, Halma Kern SCCUHJ NON? plinor Klotz, Norma Hirst, joy mantle, Jloiia Hott, Alicp Hogopian, Miss Catherine Butcher, Dorothy Srissom, Virginia Holato, Dortha Henry, Bernice Harris, Betty Johnson fiifd Haw: Lucille Kreft, Dorothy Kazmin, Lorraine Huckabone, Dolores Klann, iary Kane, Mary Kozachuck, Beatrice Kohns, Adelyne Hedge, Uaette jean, Mary Jeainak Fourth How: Virginia Gheiia, Pat Hall, Nancy Kina, Pao Klowak, raa Helm, Doro- thy Harmer, Doris Kolpacky, Bettly Lola Hopton, Shirley Holmes, Marian Hall, Gloria Krebiehl, Cgfmgl Keeney IW x w ii fx + S Q9 r"X FN: f ,X ' evra una, 'Q' pix: P " 3 3 2,05 2 .asv Mr. Harold Manchester IIA First Row: Phillip Isqro, Peter garaner, Joseph gondolia, Robert Kretchmer, George HGIJQ, Abraham Karpetian, Tohn Hennessy Second Row: Aubrey Hamilton, Joseph Harris, Chester Gromacki, Charles Havener, Frank Katana, Joseph Housel, Edward lorystek, william HOT? fhird Row: John Judaszewski, William Jackson, Norwan Hill, Wilbur HOSk1U5, JGCR Kaufman, Gordon Hoare, max Johnean, Paul iran Fourth Row: Richard Hendrickson, John 5ouqhran, Juris Hovernale, Karl Hi1QPU Don Fraser, John Kahles, Ray Goqolin, Anthony Janks dsko, 5nrkis Halebian, Henry Grell. Mrs. Nelle Driese IIA First Hour Lois Meyer, Marcello McGrew, Ethel Lester, Margaret Lewis, Hedwig Lotosky, Virginia Kahn Second Hnwg Norma McClain, Winifred McCarthy, Jeanne Leaault, Pauline Kuteron, Mrs. Nellw Drieso, Irene Kuiraniak, Virainia Lash, kita Lonardon, Bernardine LQQPNTG Inzrd noni Pearl Lewanaasky, Jylvin Maqurecn, Alice Larry, Margaret vcKay, Jean Martin, hath Kruger, Marion Mciaire, Lillian Lynch, Leona Liske fourth hnuw Monica Mcwa, Margaret Maddock, Path Lintur, Sylvia Maxim, Mary Labirk, Mario Mayville, Lucille Michon, Margaret Lashbrook, Ethel Lenser, Stella Lesnawski Mr. Karl Place IIA First Row! Ray Keim, Ray Leszak, Robert Kempa, Don Lantz, Walter Loskowski, Bob Lindman, Jack M91CZUki Fred Klett - Second How: Mr. Karl Place, wayne McCarty, Edward Mordarski, William Mara, Rob- ert Killgore, Doyle Kendrick, Henry Matecki, Ed Menydk Third Row: William Love,Henry Lawnicki, Edward Leonard, Clarence Maynard, John Kimpton, John Mech, Boyd Martin, Jim Mackenzie Fourth Row: Bob Kirk, Emery Lorente, Doug Martin, Henry Mulkiten, Burnett Langs- ton, George Lesczyusky, Leonard Konarski, Carl Kocis, Caesar Lombardi -fm, ?.3 we ,.., Q Miss Evelyn Marr IIA First How: Harriet Peters, Mary Nichols, Phyllis yaray, Wanda Peden, Vivian Mitchell, Loretta Neary, Helen NcClure Second Row: Mary Pascoe, Margaret Putz, Peqqis Mitchell, Betty Munson, Miss Evelyn Harr, Stephanie Michura, Evelyn Murphy, Betty Park, Bertha Nunez Thzrd Row: Madeline iinauda, Patricia Powell, Florence Palis, Louise Paquet te Sally Patterson, Violet Natzel, Barbara Horthrup, Ednw Peterdon, Lucille Mon- 5ean, Betty Powell Fourth hiv: Senevieve Mucha, Evelyn Murpjy, hose Mary Petrobono, Gloria Pau Jean Muir Emily Portertield, winifred Pope, Mary Nadraska, Elizabeth Motyka, Agnes Mills log Mr. Albert Ammerman ill Flrit Raw: chris Naule, Francis larry, Ed Nogafcly, John Noreiko, Edwin Hamm, lne Mulkiten, Prank Jlivita, Merry Jvstresch, Ralph Palia, Jardnn jakes, Neil Navicka Second How: walter Pirek, Sam Natali, 3am Petix, Lea Przylylski, Ernest Nagy, Charles Naessens, Rahert kabus, Aenrie Paquc, Harold Priebe, Frank Pacman, Robe ert Page Thzrd han? Fred Pinstan, Jae Pazzanese, william MOOIH, Jae Pielicha, Bill Perich, Jerald Norton, Norman kavenscruet, Ancy Nedwin 65 Mrs. Helen Martin IIA First Row: Pat Spalding, Alice Schoen, Barbara Shebelia, Jeanne Peters, Marie Stevens, Nancy Schaffer, Beatrice Skurdon, Dorothy Snider, Betty Smith, Frances Spadatora Second Row: Laura Roland, Margaret Spinx, Jean Redigan, Rose Singleton, Edna Schultheiss, Eleanor Rice, Madeline Pulford, Rose Romanelli, Mary Srlletto, ROSS Soma, Mary Shobelia Third Row: Elsie Sobo, Sybil Showers, Beatrice Snook, Norma Rechlin, Dorothy Schultz, Yolanda Samhorski, Antoinette Suragen, Virginia Savoy Fourth Row: Josephine Stanek, Virginia Reed, Clara Smith, Nora Lee Smithf Marie Steffens, Elaine Stemle, Mary Pritchard, Ora Lee Schreider Hr. Michael Savage IIA First Rowf John Sabol, Clarence Schultz, Robert Sink, Earnest Shartell, Alex- ander Rozycki, Casmir Spiegoski, Edwin Shaffer Second How: Gordon Stevens, Carl Stanton, Bill Riddle, Fred Sutter, Arthur Shoperd, Eddie Shreider, Casmir Stec, Richard Denny fhird Ruud Henry Surma, Robert Richmond, John Rygcil, Phil Scavo, Joe Raulo, Clifton Smith, Joe Rymarz, Jack Stoctz, Clifford Rayl Fourth Rowf Charles Ross, Joe Siracuse, George Sinko, Jack Rockefellow, Louis Schoeb, Gerald Rice, Charles Shebor Fifth Howl Mr. Michael Savage, Thomas Sheptaski, Henry Riberas, Gilbert Riv- ette, Ed Siedlik, Eddie Rantzohn, Bob Schram I Mr. Clark Schwaderer IIA First Row: mary Von Osten, Precio Wieczorek, 'fiildrei Vogel, Betty Sweeney, JOBS! Yossek, Virginia Vallee, Janice Welsh, Muriel Taylor S2C0VlCi ROW! Arlene Theuer, Virginia Srritli, Irene Watkins, Hcrriet Weber, Hen fieffp VON AQUNOGI, Irene Vofokos, Elizabeth Wilhelm, Florence Vecchione, Antoinette Vckoliuch, Jean Wilson, Theresa Urbnnski, Kleiner Wood, "11lvir4 4 Way tos fhlfd H0103 .Tenn Stewert, Ethel S-il-zxipclluk, '-lzry LN: Yalrty, Eluxr-' Ziff-II, VISIIHG wensko. Jeun Werner. Lvo Stout, Leona warren, lrvlrihine Vicdionnlll 1+ s - i ,- -ww -i J ani, l- -..P :Mu - ,EXKMF N 2 X . ws 1 ,Q r ,AIX J.. ol ull' 1,- Alwg, it Us Mr. J. W. Stallard IIA First f1'Oh'.' Ifihnny Weber, jmck Ton--lion, Robert Frrixtfin, Pict?-1 Vuccfm, l.1:'wn-1 Zalewukl, Russel Swxndlrfhurstj yfwlrnny Y-irvtiri, Eiiwnr-t 'w'lfud0rr1'yk, V-L+-nneth Th imp :son 3660711 fwlvf Hurry v-erster, Arthur kltibrkrz, I-rrhcrd Wcisielewskl, Peter Ywtwwv John Vincent, JGCWf"f'1l1lllS, vfvbvrt Teszamwr, Vrmstwr wif: t'-- Lt, '-'1. !.'w, .'f'lil1Il Tfl1Y'dfl'0k'.' Jeiun Zullclm, 'fuk Twwn, luck Manton, Charles vwtzfvl, Robert wlifvill-w.v1 Ed-lie 'Yntil ,Volts 'ffxzilf Fourth how: E-iwurtl wilrimowski, Lenrurll Zelvk, Tor'-vs Tutt, Snlvritnre -147I'rf1l11. Jeorge l'ru.ivf1'x, Hubert Vriwf-ls Frffh Now: Walter wykes, Senrfre York, Eilwci-1 Jclruciln, llwfwn Zivlm., I.,-lwzs wzrienl r, C1 yde West 'lv :QA 'xrnv' ' Mrs. Gladys Moore IIB First Row: Anno Antonelli, Mary Harrower, Betty Hassel, Rose Hagopian, Mrs. Moore, Shirley Dalton, Frances Dubas, Jean Giandomenico, Harrietta Clark Second Row: Mary Costa, Marjorie Barbati, Josephine Croce, Helen Czajkowski, Joyce Bowyer, Phyllis Duncan, Angeline Gutcen, Maxine Griffin, Shirley Gilberp Third Row: Josephine Bova, Alice Alley, Betty Daniel, Sylvia Dorobant, Martha Gyerman, Grace Delaney, Anne Doyle, Mary Chicles, Margaret Hayes, Julia Hendrick- son, Dorothy Pina, Amelia Golles Fourth Row: Mary De Paplis, Evelyn Srucella, Anne Gonzalez, Joan Frank, Fran- ces Anastos, Dorothy Bush, Olga Hlady, Angel Dakasian, Carol Jean Cowager, Vera Burton, Audrey Burton, Shirley Cole Mr. Ray Parker IIB First Row: Harold Clark, Earle Chorbaaian, Vincent de Vario, Mel Ferstle, Alex Bilunow, John Bappert, Walter Balukonis, Hubert Caldwell, Ed Cyrek Second Row: Eugene Arnold, Don Fletcher, Joe Basiaqa, Gordon Finnigan, John Cioma, Norm Dupell, Charles Cifor, Ernest Cloutier, Joe Bonnano, William Andrews paul Bayoff Third Rau: Casimer Bury, Richard Devor, Charles Bondie, Remus Crisan, Chuck Bradley, Leo Camardese, Charles Boyd Mrs. Charlotte Wolfe First Row: Isabelle Murray, Alice Meyer, June McLeod, Eleanor Homniak, CTS. Charlotte Wolfe, Evelyn Narancich, Helen Kocharotf, Gina Manfreli, Mary Ruth LaRowe. Second Now: Mary Lizon, Eleanor Krol, Madeline McSurn, Blanche Karuzis, Mary Moll, Gloria Love, Betty Larsh, Patsy Isom, Rose Isaia, Ann Jensen Thlrd konw Boba Lee Holmes, Mary Montgomery, Irene Jac son, Aileen Lohr, Geral- dine Maiera, Peggy Kindred, Lillian McLaren, Theresa Klemar, Betty Mann, Helen Kowalske, Margaret Nehasil Fourth Row: Eleanor Karu7is, ruth Martin, Doris monberq, Justine Nichole, Helen Meadus, Eleanor Kieronske, Grace Nichols, Nancy McCabe, Mary Morone, Jean Worn- all, Irene Jensen Mr. Everett Luomd IIB First Row: Paul Janik, Edward Kownicki, Fred Kent, Floyd Srucella, Zyqmund Kowal John Golich, Don Haller, Hugh Freeman, Harry Hildebrandt Second Row: Arthur Helm, Frank Galliant, Edward Kowaleski, Robert Hamilton, Nic Kresuk, Clair Koebbe Third Rtw: Donald Frisch, Kazmer Kurek, Harold Hupman, Louis Horde, Andrew Hild Harry Kealeian, John Grecu, William James, William Julian, Leon Kulakowskl Fourth Row: Luke Kremer, David Kloyz, Leonard Krahs, Fred Kaspriak, Donald Horanoff Miss Hilda Horny IIB First Row: Jenny Romanzenko, Nancy Pashian, Mary Zogar, Isabel Orlicki, Alice Scarcelli, Rose Swiantek, Lottie Wdowiak, Rose Pacesky, Luceil Stratton Second Row: Mary Temple, Mary Rose Swaid, Irene Urcheck, Jean Parker, Barbara Swantek, Shirley Parsell, Bette Swajkowski, Mary Sepulveda, Mary Stanciu, Vic- toria Stephan Third Row:Helen Pietras, Phyllis Sutton, Marie Wrighter, Viola Reigner, Betty Reber, Lillian Zadoorian, Doris Porter, Emmagene 3'Brien, Dolores Zuzack Fourth Row: Gloria Polic, Betty Phillp, Mary Zdunich, Doris Walker, Betty Jean Senkewitz, Virginia Szramsky, Mary Jane Rice, Betty Weaver, Billie Schultr Dorothy wuierick Hr. Edward Hoods IIB First Row: Frank Pieczynski, Bruce Lennox, Fred Muttersbach, Dewitt Michlap, Len Mazur, Jack Morden Second Row: Bob Morency, Alan Meeker, Yroslaw Pitlak, Ted Mazur, John Lemon, Norbert Melnik, Bob Pettit Third How: Alex Pietras, Mike Panik, Dick Oppat, Donald Lewis, Sam Morris, Art Pohutsky, James Loukota, Anthony Pinko, Richard Nowicke Fourth Row: Benny Mrkva, Cleighton Melin, Fred Marinucci, John Laird, Louis Patrick Mr. Lawrence Koster IIB F1fSf How: John Stun, David White, Georqn Zubeck, James Rudke, Henry Sukup, Milton Vunk Second Huw: Clair koftery, Frank Wor, gichm ence Koster, Roman Troskos, Val Ventrn, Joe T fkira How: Leo Sulesky, Rulpr Saluccz, Tn Euqene Sikoio, James witke, Fletcher wroten, Fourth how: Joe West, Reginald Tye, James John Smith, Don Schweikhurt, Ben Tow, Ed Sikc itnsnvici OD vi kinke, uzsfw, r." rwy 'YGW, Leo ward Snell, J IG i, kohert Wollenwober, Nic Inmee pnkidoii, nnwth Buy Janna Wesfhy, Kd STGNUO mnes hay, Chcrl es Wallace Mr. Harold Hoffenbacher-IOA First Nnuw Robert Lnsler, Lester Beebe, 5-rqli Christie, rwiph Brinnon, Vo' nnrr, Louis Eivlmw, mvbert Bates, Donoli Vhiisiio fecowd Hnwf Frank Ciccn, Bert Cwndrwn, Jincunt Album, Mwrt Qivnls, rwiwlp Cnldernn, Leo Boodnkiun, deorqe Burns, pill nrinvs, Clrmvnts Awww fhiri Hvwf dordon Albright, James Ccneiwn, Charles Ewnwfi-lf, .hewdoiv Yoz'e Robert Andrews, John Bruhns, Aldo Bonnmiri, hay Qin nser, Auixwi rurivn Fnu1tH Now: Charles Bell, Jack Kpostol, Fohn Pvwrs, dvrnwrt gnnwnom, Fwrnii Hutt, Seorqw Brudno, Lawrence Buchner, Christ Mullin Fr. Lowr Mr. Samuel KODP' 'OA First Row: Irene Mierzwa, Elizabeth Narkarian, Theresa yi9d1qr, Dorothy Mec- halko, Frances Lebert, Betty Krause, lrene Kubic, Lillian Lavine, Barbara Ma- tteson Second How: Ruth Lapham, Qwendolyn McDanile, Dolores Lesner, Jeanette Malzahn, Margaret Martens, Shirley Klein, Margaret Kovalchik, Helen Koltun Third how: Doreen LaGrave, Loma Klinker, Gertrude Kuhn, Ruth Miksys, Margaret McMillan, Naomi Keppen, Margaret Ketelhut, Muriel McFadden, Christine Longridge Fourth Row: Rita Lazaruk, Eugenia Linzmaier, Ada Kohout, Marianne Pupini, Margy McNamara, Veronica McCa1lion, Dona Martin, Genevieve Makowski Fifth Row: Frances Miceli, Shirley Mellin, Josephine McKenna, Vivian McEwen, Eleanor Kroll, Virginia Mervich, Betty Miller, Areta Liackis, Evelyn Kinske Sixth Row: Audrey Marshall, Mary Kmet, Shirley Marshall, Dorothy Kidon, Gladys Koze Mr. Elden Cross-IOA Fzrst Row: Charles Temple, Jim Speight, Edward Vance, LaVerne Westerlund, Myron Urdea, Donald Yeager, James Trudeau, Bob Smith, Michael waskul, Harry Strauss Second Row: Russel Thieleman, Bill wells, George Uczeniwcz, Frankie St. Mary, Leo Szabla, Elden Cross, Howard Torns, Franklin Snow, Harry Smith, George Szabo, Theodore Tront fhtrd How: Eugene Spanski, boy Snell, Robert Young, Bobby Wilkes, Daniel Steinke, Harry Waleer, Albert worth, Ted Tilicea, Don Sutton, Harold Stevens Leo Suda Fourth Row: Dan Wagner, Orrin Utley, Joe Tebbe, John Pemesan, Tom Turchan, Ed Stoll, Robert Taylor, Lawrence Young, Dominic Tataronowicz, Richard Wroblewski, walter widak, Clifford Zenz, nick Stratton Miss Irma Cilley-IOA First Row: Ruth Smith, Shirley Sculley, Joan Schaffer, Theresa Sherry, Lucille Stephens, Margaret Straub, Helen Strong, Aurelia Straza Second How: Margaret Schwolgin, Kathlyn Smith, Sue Smiley, Ruth Rybski, Joan Sedgewick, Grace Scoda, Tiss Irma Cilley, Grace Srull, Lois Smith, Colleen Roberts, hosemary Shenk . Third Row: Patricia Smith, Ruth Schultz, Marry sosi, Ida Rossi, Dorothy Sker- letz, Beatrice Schwab, Lena hocchio, Carmen roby, Thelma Springer, Sophie, Rekos, Aspasia Steve Fourth Row: Leoda kyan, Goldie Saba, Shirley Sackson, Betty Standafer, Jean Sobieck, Louise Susmak, Jeannette Reichlin, Ruth Seasock, June Schlief Fifth Row: Rose Marie Sullivan, Margaret Sherry, Agnes Pyder, Lois Smith, Delores Reedy, Mary Spiro, Virginia Strelbicki, Jeanette Siano Mr. Harrison Chase-IOA First Row: George Dwyer, Rocco Sarritano, Jcmes Donovan, lack Fierk, Mike Czarnecki, Art Forman, Finn haqle, Marvin Cook Second Row: Cass Damian, John Durocher, Ted Foster, Leonard iawranski, Dick Gabsdyl, Don Elwood, Harry Corpolongo, Bill Gandolto, Ralph lowler Third Row: Glen Fishbeck, Irvin Czajkowski, Bill Gernaey, Frank iagarek, Arthur Fletcher, Fred Gadowski, Dan Baki, Louis Dobry, Wilmer Ford, Ray Ffitl Fourth Row: Albin Ducher, Bob Fisher. hav Edwards. Franklin Davidson. Euaene Czarnecki, Tom DiPietro, James DeSimone, James Fancher, Walter Demusiak, Mike Craver, Adam Ducher Mrs. Margaret MacMillan-IOA First Rout Jean Joie, Virginia Harper, Vary Earbo, Shirley Graham, Lorraine Horof-vy, Margaret Haunt, Ella Helm, Patricia Hales, Marian Johns Second Hnwg Bertha Joniers, Patricia Jolly, Victoria Ghetia, Lillian Gozarek, Jean Henderson, Anna Msy Gray, Cornelia Grabowski, Josephine 6-luvanovich, Helen Heine, Helen Hanna third Howf Louise Hamasin, Ado hath garrison, Jane Hawkins, Mary Kandilian, Shirley Harris, Virainia Inhofe, Lsther Johns, Janet Kamecka, Rita Hintzke Fourth How: Fern Horde, Phyllis Hoskins, Ethel Karagas, Betty Jasbinsek, Kathleen Kelly, Ruth Herbey, Alberta Kelley, Anne Ireland, Lorraine Jozwick, Loraine Jackson Fifth Nozug Betty Good, Jane Jagodzinski, Irene Gray, Madelyn Hartman, Thelma Hamby, Helen oojewgki, Emily Groma-izinski Mr. Harrison Helah IOA First Row: Lee 0'Connel, Kenneth Sawicki, Fred Paqac, Richard Pietryzk, Richard Schram, Fred Norton, George Sawicki, Eugene Nozewski, Chester Rosol Second Row:Bruce Shoemaker, Edwin Rice, Ted Schroeder, Nick Perva, Edward Pietras, Anthony Pultorak, John Rocchietti, Quinten Ray, Dick Shakarian, Stanley Piestrak Third Row: Tom Navacheff, Alfred Porta, Raymond Parpart, Richard Skinner, Andrew Park, Russel Peake, Grant Scharf, John Seiler, Art Polaske, Ray Paruch, Roy Shannon Fourth Row: Harold Scheerer, Louis Pavel, Gordon Riddle, Joe Pellegrino, Joe Ooinski, Gus Ploch, Tully Rector, George Schleif, Raymond Polidori, Ray Sisco, Jack Noppe .fi,Han- J., ..zy . ,, J in y, v, Mlm: Ann lollon-IOA First Row: Joan Fisher, Eleanor Bondie, Antoinette Bruzas, Rosemary DiPoolo, Sarah Adray, Daisy Bradley, Elaine Croley, Jean Clough, Louise Ansell Second Row: Gwen Coleman, Helen Beten, Anna Donaldson, Virginia Darabqn, Eunice Cannellas, Sophie Chauchotf, Rose Ciccarelli, Mary Casha, Jean Dekette, Shirley De Rosia, Rita DuFresne Third Row: Miss Ann Nelson. Betty Faitel, Virginia Fustukian, Eleanor Bute, Elaine Drys, Betty Crouse, Eleanor Pebbo, Constance Gallagher, Darlyne Cooper, Shirley Chevrette, Virginia Biestek, Dolores Dysarz, Katherine Benio Fourth Row: Stella Gach, Doris Brown, Billie Dillingham, Elizabeth Christie, Helen Beernaert, Bettie Eicholtz, Dorothy Berryman, Alice Gabriel, Virginia Baramski, Josephine DiPoola, Mildred Penske, Joyce Folley, Gwendolyn Brady, Margaret Bach Fifth Row: Helen Clayton, Irene Bien, Violet Daniels, Barbara Brooks, Ileen Bloom, Joyce Church, Margaret Davey, Doris Anderson, Jo Fundaro, Eatima Abraham, June Fellwock, Elsie Boik, Georgetta Empson Sixth Now: Virginia Drazba, Viola Cummer, Margaret Condra, Eva Barbiaux, Lois Brownfield, Betty Edwards, Geialdine Esper, Dolores Dickerson, Margaret Boehm, Margaret Bennett, Claiter Downs, Jeanette Allan, Geraldine Ciesla Mr. Henry Seekanp-IOA First Row: Ray Martin, Tom Malec, Kenneth McCauley, Dale Morris, Ed Latwinski, Mr. Henry Seekamp, Stanley Markowski, Edward McLaughlin, Art Nelson, Jim Naylor, Patrick Lucas Second Row: Robert LaPorte, Louis Nagy, Jack Lamb, Art Lambert, George Marek, Paul Muraca, Anthoney Miglio, Philip McNulty, Wilford Miles, Alex Leskevich Third Row: John Merna, John McFarland, Bill Mitchell, Marino Massetti, Phil Mitchell, Richard Marcyan, Ray Markowski, David Nephew, John Lindquist, John Matosh, Paul Meinhard Fourth Row: Frank Leight, Lawrence Marta, Dinty Moore, Stanley March, Albert Lloyd, Art LeBlanc, Ray Larsen, John Longo, Donald Lonser, Joe Kurmas, Gordon McCarty Mr. Stanley B. Smith-IOA first Row: Marjorie Wanderski, Marie Taylor, Marion Watkins, Jean Toner, MY- 5T0U19Y B- Smith, MGTY Taylor, Verna Valentine, Mary White, June Wilcox Second Row: lnqrid Wierimaa, Elizabeth Tale, Virginia Wantuck, Donna Jean Zink, Doris Wimmefi Esther Volkl Vifiinia Walv, Gloria Talamante, Marilyn Young, Helen Winek Third Row! Isabel Thomas, Nancy Wood, Kathryn Tudjek, Edith Valentino, Noella Van Dorp, Sabina Zalewiski, Paula Waliers, Eltreda Weiss, Jennie Yomma Fourth Row: Rose Torosian, Dolores Wiacek, Lillian Vincent, Florence Zeqlen, Alice Thure, Wanda Urban, Esther Ziemba, Phyllis Warnock, Leone Vanoast, Violet Westland Mr. Charles Rldlsy-IOA First Row: Raymond Grzeskowiak, Gerald Kelley, John Gerogosian, Nick Karagaa, William Harris, Jim Harris, Harold Gibbons Second Row: Ronald Helme, Joe Klos, Alex Kolody, Lawrence Groen, Mr. Charles Ridley Nick Gilbert, Harold Harrison, Steve Kendzierski, Henry Korman J Third Row: Felix Jaroslawski, William Kachaturoff, Vaughan Graham, Tom Keeler, Richard Klaport, Jack Grigorian, Mickey Hamilton, Edward Kozlow, Art Kiernan, Frank Hill Fourth Row: Louis Guido E. J. Hutson, Edward Kazanowski, Edwin Hoscelo, Joe J Hankinson, Len Kidon, Bob Griffke, Kalman Katana, Marvin Gutzka, B111 Holbird Fifth Row: Ted Gomolak, Varushian Kachadorian, John Kissel, Bob Hill, Charles Kish, Merrill Hildebrandt, Frank Judaszewski, Tom Keller, George Kalovits,Henry Haag Mi ss Norma Green Mrs Mary ueauchamn IO Mrs. Lotus Knight I0-B Mr. Lyle Hines: I0-B M P 5 iss Bessie Raths: LVQI :1-Jun' 'ii'.'1'1r1 Qtty ijwcztv. IO-3 ifllrl P1 r, 1-5bert'1'T'1Tw1r, lmris '7SGTXI'lCZJ Thlrlrrfi 5116111115 i'11'..' 111111 krkoe-rr Th, Ez1.11f1tt1 ..r111112, Dfvrothy Tiuwell, rl Vqtxkfusj '11,1111tc1 W1-:VI Awws ll , I'Ff,l .,LC'.11L11n:, S1'i1'1QN1' Wfafmiurn, '1'Qy1f11. I funi g1'.1'1',' 111111. 1 11111, wus: 1111111 1: ,1 1 1111111 .jf'.11h, Qs-rnldir 1' Al1v1'1 'f'0rri11111z1w, " 11111 1, x11"1TI 1 1111+ , -'1:.11 .31 11i111L:, 1111111-1 ,1 ,1 I X11111111 T111 111111fvwis'1 5.111111 .,T11':'- 1, pix? . .11 ,c.. I-1111111 1f111I1'.' 1-wtly w111:1'1:1, lztrf-TIQ 811111, L.l11::1nr .21.7?11'i1it, DOIl .1 1 1, I4 4111- 51111111 111, IT1 141-7 ' L1 f' nw,-1 'TlI'1 .1.-11111113 '!'f I '11-4' 1 1 y I-11111 f'111'1l1 1, Hs- -Kr: .T11' -'11, W-,1:11' 111 1.11. Miss Elizabeth Clauchertyz I0-E First Rowf Doris Andrus, Virgene Buck, Grace Arsenault, Doris Gross, Joyce Dobbs. ' Second Row: Alice Bailey, Betty Brenda, Maureen Dobson, Mary Lou Cochell, Cherrie Cahill, Mazy Banda. Third Row: Lois Densmore, Bea Barraco, Rose Boyagian, Margaret Bazanaki, Verna Czaph, Marion Barton, Doreen Baldwin, Louise Depa. Fourth Row: Melva Bower, Elinor Cottrell, E-etty Cox, Fern Sofield, Dorothy Boomer, Marion Farrugia, Margaret Calhoun. Fifth Row: Jessie Chimenti, Geraldine Bloctscher, Faye Duby, Joyce Denecke, Ruth Dingfeldt, Joan Binder, Marv Andrews. Laura Alexander. Mr. Robert K. Eiilsz IO-F First Row: Don Riddle, Huston Paterson, Charles McC1enaghan, Roman Serbay, Joe McFarland. Second Row: Ed Pietnas, Nuleon Miles, Robert Schultz, Bob Noppe, Bob Schebor, Laurence Profoff, Alex Martin, John Nagy. Third Row: Charles Machacek, George Nichols, John Morgan, Calvin Ryan, Kenneth Richard, Curtis Maynard, Ed Sekutowski, Clement Miley. Fourth Row: Tony Sangeorgan, Robert Pavelich, Fred Matle, Antonio Nadeau, Russel Myers, Howard Shoemaker, Frank May, Mark Rochon, Gordon Sheets, Don Sambrook, Ted Martin, Howard Rizner. Mr. Reginald Davies: Mr. Wade Smith: 10-13 I' zrit '1'111u.' 1301111111 1101111111-1', 'fm' A'i'1'11':1'111, A1'11i11r'k. 3115111111 i111111.' M1119 1Hi11f11, 111111 1'-1111, 311111 1'OT'1G11i f'1111'1IFJW5K1, rch 1211-1:',1, iwbf-'rt A111111 ffllfd 110L.'.' E-.11y !1f1vce'1vy, 11111111 1"1p1lt1v-'1, 1111r1-1, hay lwvwt tm, Tr-11x Lvlffilli-'19, 1,111.1 11.1111-1311 I1-HM V117--1 11111c1r1w',', 1-11V 11f111r1-- V11 111-s1f111111111s1, ihfiney Abc,-11, 1111 L1y11'1, If 6111111 11, i1o1c1111 AQ111. 101111 12091 wr, lorry Bo11t113Qk, Pete 1',11w111df3, Sernl-1 ?91f'-wn, Inhn P11115 IL-'11 1--ffrxyy, Tunes barry, 'ac'-1 COIN f1ph'111.1r1, Wollcnw E'11yP11, E-9111 fl-YIAYTGT1, ,MGX Lwwfgiollo, A117911 113 CoIpC1lm1qo, 10:1 Uirsonl LT11:i5 fx V L,4efw.Lf1..f'f-f-J ln the following section of the Fleur-de-Lis, we, the editors, hope to pre- sent through a series of pictures and write-ups a complete list of the club mem- bership that is offered to Fordson students. The first is the Art Club which is the youngest organization at Fordson and was designed for the students interested in arm The next is the Dramatic Club which is for those students interested in pre- senting plays and other activities connected with drama. After that is a complete cast of the All-School Play and of the Senior Play with scenes from the plays and pictures of the members of the committees. Following that are the Girl Reserve pages, giving a write-up and pictures with a complete list of the members of both clubs. In the same manner, the Hi-Yi pages follow. They include pictures of all the members of boch chapters, and a combined write-up for both chapters with a list of the officers. The next is the Forensics Club which was recently organized. This organ- ization is for those students interested in debating, discussions, and other fo- rms of public speaking. After that is the Library Club which was reorganized this year for the stud ents interested in library work. Next is the Future Craftsmen of America for the boys who are interested in a trade. Following that are the Student Council and Service Squad which are closely allied. That is, to make the rules and to enforce them. The National Honor Society is a national organization of which only chosen people are members The following pages are devoted to the Girls' Athletic Association and the Varsity Club which are athletic clubs t-r the Jirls and boys. Next is the Fleur-de-Lis page which includes pictures of the staff. After that is the Mechanical Staff of the Fleur-de-Lis Two pages are devoted to the Tower Tribune which is the paper of the School. The last several pages are devoted to the music organi1ati6ns of Fordson namely: Orchestra, Band and Glee Club. JUNIOR COLLEGE CLUBS JUNIOR COLLEGE CAMERA CLUB 1Qn.0s- Fzrst row: Robert Bough, Wilma Stevens, Stanley Slazinski, Dolly McCarty, Michael Kuish. Second fowl Elaine Jahr, Myrna Davey, A1 Londa, Shirley Comte, Eleanor Romanuk. JUNIOR COLLEGE CABINET Se ated: Thomas McKenna, Dolly McCarty. Standing: Kenneth Ray, Bill Allsopp, Mi dtey Elliot. 2, ,YY,e 4 OFFICERS President James Teevzn V-President Zubel Kachadoorzan Secretary Yolanda Samborski Treasurer John Lacatts F1rst row: Mrs. Lyman, John Lacatis, Yolanda Samborski, Irene Youngquiat, Jean Redigan, Betty Reed, Betty Jory, Second row: Marianne Johnson, Shirley Holmes, Dorothy Aichler, Winifred Worthington, Mary Morse, Delphine Meyers. Thard row: Zabel Kachadoorian, Ed Strahota, Royal Hocking, Jim Teevin, Edmund Zalewski. J ones Teevin, Zubel Kachadoorian, and Marianne Johnson, members of the Art Club are doing the art work on the Fleur de Lis. V This club, the youngest organ- ization at Fordson, was formed to give the students Q chance to ex- press their thoughts through the medium of art. During the semester the members are given an opportun- ity to do this by taking up varied types of art work. It is sponsored by Mrs. Mildred Lyman. x . IK 'Nw fx Q . Ya Q. xl DRAMATIC cLuB lg l I ly l 1 5? . K if President V-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS W1llzam Lulermore Barbara Pulley Zubel lx'acHadoor1an Lorrame Hoatnght For KMQ studwnts mntwrwstud in thv production of plays, wwwhwrship in tho Drcmutxr Club ls mftvrvn. Rich Somvstor an opportunity to tryout li QIVQN. Wow- evwg thw wojnrity cl thw mcviurs are the Students who tukv putt ix thn All School Play and the Senior Play. The club is SQORSOTQJ by M155 Mary Lilo Zang. ff- - l-. IOR PLAY Committees Promptors "EVER SIHUEEVF' In MRS. CLOVEP .... JOHNNY CLOVER.. MR. CLOVER .... SPUD ERWIN... SUSAN BLAKE .... BETSY ERWIN .... MARTHA WILLiAPD nsnnv QUINN .... LUCYBELLE LEE.. PRESTON HUGHES. CAST Order of Auneara HCS - ................ Dorothy Lawrence . ...... B111 Llvermora Wzllzam Schuster ....Charlex Alznkman . .... Barbara Polley .. .... Marquerzte Alett ... ...Stella Anderson OFFICEP SAMMONS... ....... Joe Wzmmer ..Fergus Stehhen Laura Pon1eUoz1k ....Herb Johnson FOOTBALL PLAYERS ..... Jzm Vchenna, Steven W1ttman Ernest Lem1rande, Mzck Hartman Walton Young ALL-SCHOOL PLAY XI.I2N.-XNIDIQR NORRIS I'OI.I,Y IIICCKER . , MRS. GRIMM , . I'IIII.IP NORRIS . XXIY NORRIS MRS. NORRIS . MR. NORRIS . , , 'IIOOTSIIC NORRIS IQRANIIIYX IfLTI,I.IiIl MISS SPICNCICR . . MISS SIOCUNI . MORGAN MAXWICLI. JAKE RICHARDS . PIZNNY PALMER . CAST . Rulvcrl Nvluy --rrnvur I!-vuwrigln KI:Il'jIvx'Iv Smith -Iznm-X NI:u'IuxwiI- Ivmx Xwlql'--+n I' nrIv'u"I IwfIIu , -I,u'Ix 5uIIIx:u: , . XIJIV5 I.--1115 IIvII I vu umnv . IzrIu:u I,:unIw Klnrglm-rilv KIUH zxrj. .Num-Iizx Ilmnz-1' . In-Im Cndry Calvin Cruzvn Iidna Michlap IL RESERVES-PLUE CHAPTER First row: Florence Lacatis, Verda Hen- drickson, Mary Chernus, Mary Della Vee- chie, Ann Taylor, Marilyn Rogers, Shirley Eibler, Betty Reed. Second row: Norma Bunse, Irene Youngquist, Roberta Geer, Pat- ricia Elliott, Mae Srull, Dorothy Schaeffer Fay Helm. Third row! Mildred Neuman, Ruth Alexander, Marjorie Smith, Esther Pulverma- cher, Barbara McCammon, Marjorie Baker, Helen Matuszewski. Fourth row: Margaret Barson, Stella Anderson, Vesta Coward, Marie Bauer, Helen Labick, Joanne Treese, Muriel McCarty, Betty Ann Bush, Lois Mel- lin. 'irst row: Betty Lee Reed, Ruth Sintay, Iary Chernus, Mary Yagniszak, Alma Fas- aett, Marjorie Baker, Fay Helm, Marilyn 41191-1, Second row: Ollie Brenda, Del- lhire Moniuslo, Genevieve Bailey, Bar- wara Cook, Shirley Eibler, Helen Matuszew- iki, Anne Taylor, Clara Gubachy. Third 'ow: Mary Boyle, Winona Ford, Marjorie lmith, Ruth Alexander, Roberta Geer, Verda lendrickson, June Layton, Mrs. Fisher. 'ourth row: Marie Bauer, Bernadine Reed, ,everly Voiles, Jean Damon, Alice Dymtrow, rorothy Kivela, Path Harris. Fifth fOw.' esta Coward, Jean Anderson, Francis Osipe iff, June Fimbinger, Virginia Jones, Joan- e Treese, Betty Jones, Margaret Barson. lib! -v 0 t OFFICERS President. ..... .Jlarjorie Baker V-President... .... 41 ary Chernus Secretary ...... ...Alma Fassett Treasurer... ...Fay Jean Helm I l GIRL RESERVES - WHITE CHAPTER 5 Q I first row: Arvella Englegau, Wanda Brown- field, Jeane Warner, Ruth Lintur, Betty Krause, Louise Bergstrom, Delphine Viggianelli, Maxine Griffin. Second row: Miss Butcher, Beulah Brake, Alice Larry, Betty Binder, Helen Kacharoff, Sylvia Ciernick, Jean Garwood, Jean Rediqflfh Norma Christen. Hurd row: Leona Liske, Jeane willenborg, Twila Hendrickson, Dolores Crowe, Doris Grigsby, Mary Sil- leto, Mildred Ross, Gloria Hoff. Fourth row: Virginia Reed, JoAnn Naylor, Betty Park, Sylvia Dorogant, Shirley Cole, Eleanor Holmaniak, Lorraine Bowe. Fifth row: Eleanor wood, Vivian Mitchell, Ethel Lester, Shirley Holmes, Sylvia Butkowskr Eleanor Vonderlvlheele, FIOTU N911 BOUGH- The aim of the Girl Reserves is to prevail upon girls to become interested in helping other people, and to help them to form lasting friend- ships. The Girl Reserves are constantly helping the students and faculty of Fordson. They usher at the plays and concerts, and at the Michigan Theater for Good Friday Services. They obtain candy concessions for the games, they attend parties at the Y. W. C. A. and attend a State Conference twice yearly. The club is sponsored by Mrs. Fisher and Miss Horny of the Blue "ln gQDv Mr. Hughes gets initiated into the Girl Reserves as an honorary member. Chapter and Miss Butcher and Miss Paths of the White Chapter. President ..... ...Ethel Lester V-President... ............ Alice Larry Secretary ..... ...Eleanor VantierWl1eeLe Treasurer.. ......... Mildred Ross Y BLUE CHAPTER First row: Francis Parry, Bill Wooton, Ernest bemirande, William Livermore, John Oledszewski. Second row: Mr. W. F. Davis, Harry Boqosian, Calvin Nathewson, James Teevin, Ray Tanske, Daniel Pavluk, James McKenzie, Nar- cell wrobloski. Third row: Don Mit- chell, Kenneth Qoerke, John Linkquist, Everett Vanlon, Cyril Bourcier, David Blaney, Frank Aquino, Joe Wimmer. This organization is a high school branch of the Y. M. C. A. here are two chapters at Fordson, but with one endeavor, to recte, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community iqh standards ot Christian character. The five C's of its latform are clean living, clean athletics, clean speech, clean cholarship, and Christian character. The Tractor chapter is ponsored by Er. Charles Ridley and Nr. W. F. Davis sponsors he Blue chapter. H N w S at ,ge " M 9-r J,eiQf N M "T" few V -?' ,a -ew ' y"i-rv if J. i ,i KF ,-t Q ' was 1 'Y L-N" ', si .ii +:J,Wu , ie. HI-Y TRACTOR CHAPTER OFFICERS OF President .... V-President. . . Secretary. . . Treasurer. . . BLUE CHAPTER 1, ' 'sf:':'T3 l ...Donald Vztchell h" . . .Harry Jogcszan . . . .fiarold .:"arr1 son ...John Ljndqiust 8 rf., ' ' e a . l.l 5 I A A 5 T OFFICERS OF TRACTOR CHAPTER President... ...Jack Sull11'an V-President.. ..... Varla Doran Secretary.. Treasurer. . . .Hueorge Smko , ,.,, Hob Trurton ....-...--w F1 rst row: Kennedy Layton, Lloyd Kirk- patrick, Charles James, Robert Truxton, Ken Kiner. Second row: Ewil Iartenelli, George Parigian, Donald Sermon, Henry Czajkowski, Tfiax Johnson. 1:11 ral row: Ridley, Bill Langlois, Robert iiutherin, Mark Doran, George Sinko, I-ay Ierrier. 91 ENSICS OFFICERS President .... ..,Wargaret darson - VfPresi-lent... ...Swlifla Lfzermcb Se cretary... .. Ularn Qm1tH .if-h , .. . V me Y Tr easurer... ...Irvnv Snuntka , A x'i' . "N-S.. Q g', M- s'1.fYs Q 1 'xx . 1 Q5 f mrst row: Fred Gregorich, Jean Henderson, Harriet Clark, Stella Anderson, Virginia Swiecicki, Irene Sobotka, Doris Kolpacki. SPCOHJ VOMJ Fill livermore, Doris Crisqby, Ethel Lzter, Shirley Eibler, Gloria Hoff, Delores Wiacek, Alfredo Weiss, Jane Hawkins. Third row! Sylvia Ciernick, Magdeline Sherman, Lila Frey, Sylvia Morse, Margaret Barson, Sylvia Dorobant, Doris Fishbeck, Billie Schultz. fourth row: Mrs. Moore, Lee O'Conne1l, Bill Sadette, Jack Sullivan, Jack Platz, Lois Baer, Frances Ellis, Shirley Lewalter, Aubrey Hamilton, Alexander Roczyecki, Helen Matuszewski. This semester the former Forensics group was oraanized into a club, whose purpose it is to promote unity between the different schools in the forums and raunJ table uiscussions. Mrs. liladys Moore is the sponsor at the club. LIBRARY CLUB Standing: Jean Damon, Vary Elizabeth Gilmore, Esther Pulvermacher, Jean Wilson. Seated: Vlss Luc1lle Walsh, Josehhzne Squzres, Dorothy Landgraf, Vorma Vanzon, Eleanor Holmaniak, Olga Hlady, Shirley luck, Fay Vtllerf and Boba Lee Holmes. Presidenh OFFICERS Vice-President... Secretary Treasuren VW' .......Vorma Manzon Hobo Lmdolmes .Esther Pulvermacher ..........lean Damon SECOND SEMESTER President... ...... . . ...... .. ..... . Vice-Pres Esther Pulvermacher ident... .......... Fay Hiller Secretary.,.,U Treasurer... The Library Club was reorganized in October, 1941. It is a club for the students interested in library work. To become a member of the club, you must have taken library training for one semester with a mark of HB0 or above. Its aim is to promote an exchange of ideas about books between members and to extend these ideas to other students. The club is sponsored by Miss Lucille Walsh. ....JOSCfh1HC Squires June kickerman Miss Walsh and Fay Miller work at the desk in the library. 93 V I CE SGJAD 'i fp ,K . X? lk ' 9l'iff?7 I f Ilia' 5 I I - fag! 2 fig' 'K-'g': ps N..,,w he ,-..,...f CAPTAINS OF THE SERVICE SQIAD MEWERS OF THE SERVICE SOJAD The entire Service Squad is made up of volunteers with the exception of the chief captain who is appointed by Mr. Woolford. There are no awards given except at the end of the semester when each member receives a service pin for loyal efforts. The Service Squad is sponsored by Mr. Murrill Woolford. FUTURE GMFTSMEN OF MERICA V All of the archery tackle is made by the students themselves. Archery tackle includes bow, strings, arrows, finger stalls, quiver, bracer, and target. V ss ,r it l The aim of the Future Crafts- men ot America is to promote better citizenship through the encourag- ment of hard work, and to increase industrial knowledge. The members include students from the print shop, the machine shop, the elec- tric shop, and the draftinq shop. Included within these major de- partments are various smaller sec- tions All boys in trade traininq who maintain at least a HCM oven aqe at all times are eligible for membership. The cluh is run by the members themselves with the advice ot Hr. Harvey Smith and Fr. Leo Sardner, the sponsors at the Club. This picture shows a bow in the making. The bow is Cut down to size with a spoke share, scraper and sandpaper until the Hdrawu is correct. IDENT COUNCIL Pcading from lett to right, the council members are: Lillian 'cUlaren, Fark Doran, Fary Lee wammnnd, Robert Sutherin, Vesta coward, ir. Woolford, Farilyn Rogers, Charles Schebor, and Ken Kiner. The Student Council was or- ganized to govern the students in a democratic and practical manner. The Council has the power to grant club charterq conduct school elections, super- vise clubs, give candy concess- ions, and take charge of school affairs. At the nic-semester chester Vellett, Dorothy Schae- ffer, and Jack Sullivan were elected to take over the duties ot Robert Sutherin, Kenneth Kiner, and Marilyn Rogers, grad- uating Council members. The Student Council is sponsored by Nr. Murrill Woolford. At one of the All School Parties spone sored by the Student Council. mid ,R 5' 53? ,. A Vyvl v Ti' .Q SSG ,, -x1?,,- if "' ff -11efi'i ' ' t i-'t"' , TQ 1 A E Une of the dances sponsored by the Student Council was the Sadie Hawkins' dance. Here is Marryin' Sam in full dress. N ATI ONAL HONOR SOCIETY omcsns 4 .. , Ania., V-President... ...Wll1a'n.ic1ius er i ul Secretary... ..... Helen flortzw jo f 7 f 4 'il 5 N X President... ..Zubel Ifachczdaorzart ' f 1 ' t Treasurer... ...1'aLr1cu1 Devlin ' January graduates of the National Honor Society :Xi Members of the National Honor Society As its name signifies, this chapter is a national group. It is made up of students who have done the most for their' school in scholarship, readership, character, and service. The members of this society are the outstanding students of the school. It is sponsored by Mrs. Mary Beauchamp. S' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS President V-President Secretary Treasurer Several members of the G. A. A. confer about the future activities. Marjorie Klieman Mary Yaghiszak Dorothy Tryon Dorothy Tryon The purpose of the Girls Athletic Association is to promote athletics, camaraderie, and sportsmanship among the girls of Fordson. This organization sponsors many tournaments, activities, and social events during the course of a year. Each semester awards are given to the championship team in each major sport tournament, and letters are awarded to the five outstanding girls in G. A. A. activities. VARSITY CLUB vrrtcrms President Vlke 'qIUj' V-President 505 5155975 Secretary John 'feftos Treasurer Hob linzma of football, basketball track, tennis, and golf. the school in any way to Ken Bulge receives his letter from Mr. Cather- Mr. Russell Catherman. man at the Honors Assembly. institution of learning The Fordson High School Varsity Club was organized for the purpose of creating aood fellowship among all of the letter winners swimming, baseball, Its aim is to assist make Fordson a better It is sponsored by UR DE LIS D important processes in the editing of the Fluer De Lis re developed in the industrial unit. Several of these re voritvpe composition, running the press, plate developing, hotoqrophinqJ adjusting meosurments, Stripping, and burn- ng the plate. The Fleur De Lis is one of the very few un- utils that is yrodiceii entirely within the school itself. FLEUR DE LIS Standing: Patricia Devlin, Co-Editorg ..r. Arthur duihes, Sponsor, Shirley Buck, Co-Editor. Seated is Fay Jean Helm, Associate Editor. f Standing are Bob Nowdorski and Ralph Venk, Staff Photographers and Margaret Barson, June Senior Editor. Seated is Irene Youngquist, January Senior Editor. Ken Kiner, Art Staff, Rose Rabchuck, Feature Editorg Verda Hendrickson, Junior Edi tor, Twila Hendrickson. Standing: Ed Kietur and George Zagra- Chas, Sports Editors. Seated: Marge Klieman, Girls' sports Editor, Agnes Dobronski, Faculty Editor, and Dorothy Schaefer, Organizations Editor. 4.0 ER TRIBUNE TOWER TRIBUNE The Tower Tribune is Edited and Printed Entirely hy Students of the Fordson High School, Dearborn, Michigan. It is published Bi-Weekly and Distributed Free of Charge. EDITORIAI. BOARD Snuiisorn-ltlr. Arthur G. Hughes Cu-litlitors ---- Barbara MeCammon Muriel McCarty Associate Editor . - - - - Lois Mcllin News liclitor - - - - - - Helene Sciter Sports Iirlitor - - - - - Frank Karoly Girls' Sports Ilditnr - - - - Doris Orr Copy Iitlitor - - - - - - Lillian Slota Exchange Editor- - - Rose Romanell: Statf Photographers - - Ralvh Venk l Rmb Nmvdorski Mechanical Chief - - - - Nirk Carstea jr. STA R R ICIHORTICRS Virginia Kot, Melvin Metsa, Ann Pentelichuk, Marjorie Smith, Jean Cole, Mary Caurdy, Alina lfaxwtt, llt-tty limes, Virginia Reed. CUB RICPORTERS Luis Baer, Antlrenc Baxter, Sylvia Ciernick, Richard Ili-Qpeii. ,lustine Lnve, Gloria Lynch, Rose Ralmcliuk, Irene Youngquist, Delores Sawicki, :intl Irene Klll'lllHlll3R Xlifl'llJXNICAl, STAFF Meelizinirzll Atlvisnr - - - Mr. Glenn Purrlham jim Cicrnrelli lid Parrott Toni Meyer Nick Gaina 'lack Platz Tavi Sackash Bryce- Ytlzithie Lawrence Muitinski Mike Stacho Leon Grilles Vincent Ravenna Nick Varvari Herb vlolimnn Marco Marchelletta Bob Gaw Setting the type lvlechanical chief Mr. Hughes confers with the Editorial Board. Running the paper off the press TOWER TRIBUNE A Sponsor Arthur G Hughes Editors Melvin Mvstsa Lillian Slota Associated Editor Frank Karoly rx r ,YT , TOWER TRIBUNE W W - . Az "f CO- ' . , I V.. -i 1" - - ,' ' .Q . -'--'- 'Nw N , M' . x, ,. , News Editor ---- Ann Pentehchuk Sports Editor - - - Clarence Dobronski Girls' Sports ------- Doris Orr Copy Editor ----- Marjorie Smith Exchanges and Circulation - - Doris Orr Stal? Photographers - - - Ralph Venk Bob Nowodworski Star Reporters Lois Baer, Sylvia Ciernick, jean Cole, Alma Fassett, Betty jones, Virginia Kot. Irene Kurmaniak, Gloria Lynch, Virginia Reed, Rose Romanelli, Josephine Stanek Cub Reporters Phyllis Duncan, Shirley Eibler, Doris Grigsby. Gloria Hoff, Mary Silletto Mechanical Staff Advisor ------- L. A. Stolfo Mechanical Chief - - - Jim Ciccarelli Linotype Foreman - - - Herb Johnson Proof Readers - - - Lee Collins Don Becker John Varvari Lawrence Muscinski, ,lack Platz, Nick Varvari, Vincent Ravenna, Bob Lyons, Benny Lacari, Basil Liske, Bob Tanguay, Bob Lamkin I xfvx lx...- The "Cubs" look with pride at their first issue. Stor Reporters of the Linotype foreman first semester sto 105 ESTRA 1926 was the beginning of the orchestra. lt too was forced to go through many hardships and like the band, it has con- tinued to climb. At the present time, the orchestra consists of fourteen first violins, six second violins, three violas, four cellos, three basses and a number of other instruments that are necessary to complete an impressive orchestra. It too is sponsored by Mr. T. P. Godfrey. THE MEMBERS OF THE ORCHESTRA ARE: tarol Bower, Cello, Gwen Brady, Violin, Donna Bald in, Violin, 'fowberson Bogosian, Flute, Harry Bogosian, Biolin, Marion hoiton, Piano, Laura Barton, Violin, William Buckeyne, Violin, Alex Calaluca, Violin, Ted Gomalak, Violin, William Gilbert, 'Jiolin, Odette Jean, Violin, Ted ly Kinske, Violin, Henry Kowalski, Violin, Ed Lulek, Violin, Cleighton Melin, Clarinep lonzld Lupp, Clarinet, Agapy Lagos, Violin and Viola, Helen acglure, Cello, Florence Motiw, Piano, Loretta Maxim, Violin, San Peter, Violin, Adelaide Parker, Clarinet, Angeline Raido, 'Jio1o, lean Stewart, Tympanay and Bells, Goldie Sabo, Bass, lean Toner, Bass, Alfredo Welis, Piano, Jack Watson, Trombone, Joe lsai, Trombone, Leona warren, Cello, Leonard Seinosz, Voilin, Jerry Buresh, Trombone, Charles Drys, Bassoon, Don- ald Elwood, Coronet, Palph Kowarsick, Coronet, Howard Mc- Cammon, French Horn, Bill Padden, French Horn, Bob Page, Bass, Ed Sikora, Drums. BAND The band of Fordson today was started in 1926, has ione throuqh many difficulties and is now at the height of its suv Cess. We owe much to the cooperation and thouahttulness -t the members and sponsor ot the band, Mr. T. P. Godtr-v, novo Shown us. Besides offering the fun and experience that can be gained, the band also provide musical instruction :nd cocc: ina which often times proves helpful to students. THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND ARE: Sam Apharian, Bass, George Burns, Clrriretg Aldo Bonamici Coronetg Tom Boaosipn, Flute, Jerry Suresh, Trowboneg R111 Buckeyne, Clarinetg Ray Chaisson, Drums, harry Clark, ClGTlDfI: Bill Cassler, French Horn, George Darabin, oaritoneg Ln:u Demara, Drums, Giulio De Sancis, Clarinetg Derio Devincrnt, Clarinetg Charles Drys, Bassoon, Lon Elwood, Coronet, Arthur Fletcher, Drums, Glen Fishbeck, French worn, william Giltwit Clarinet, Bill Gondolfo, Clarinet, Frank Sallucci, Coroneq Carl Heastand, Alto Clarinet: Andrew Held, Drums, Toe lsnza, Trombone, Bill James, Coronet, Ralph Kowarsick, Caronetg Al Kampf, Boss Saxophone, John Lonao, Coronet, Donald Lwpp, Clarinet, Ray Leszak, Alto Saxophone, Allen weaker, Clarinnt5 Cleighton Melin, Clarinet, Joe Mikesko, Coronetg Jack Marten, Trombone, Donald Mitchell, uoronet, Howard Wccammon, Frorrh Horng Norbert Nowicki, Baritoneg Eob Towdnrski, Cornneg Ralph Palis, Coronet, Bill Padden, French Horn, Bot Iago, Bass, Raymond Misarasi, Clarinet, Francis Perry, Trowbonvg Louie Pavel, Baritone, James Poledori, Clarinet, Anthony Pinko, Baritone Saxophone, Vincent havenna, Clarinet, :ilbert Rivetta, Clarinet, Ed Soloway, Frercr worn, Ev Sikarc, trans, Eugene Sikora, Clarinetg Henry Sukup, Coronet, Ed Simpson, Tenor Saxophone, James Tripoli, Clarinet, John Teevin, uoraneg Robert Tyner, Bass Clarinetg Jack Tanelian, Drums, Peter Yoahasz, Oboe, John Varvari, Drumsg Ed Wilamoski,Tympanay3 Jack watson, Trombone, John Mech, Clarinet, Nick Perva, Barb tone. CLUB ADVANCED GIRLS' GLEE CLUB iii GQ-9 L A Wifi pg, - IOTH GRADE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB 10 suse CLUB 9 N f , 1 eovs' sues cLufz ' " 2 1 ur 1 'J Q a 2 1 Il a in Wu 5 ,X ,L ff-Ee fwf MIXED CHORUS M51 Y W fi f X U 107 Students of the organ class receive instructions from their teacher, Mr. Wuerth. 'X 09 o 4 e Q9 e9 . x x if to xo evo .soogooo X2 U .0 af 6 Time: An afternoon in May One of the various activities Place: Football field of the orchestra is to play at Event: Band practice special assemblies. W QBHQ X 4 wiv X X Eg 2 :7"mf lx, M porfa:-. I ,ttf ,Z 'uf 'H-Q14 fw, ' .ff 5. :QV 1, 1 f wi! af J 'Q 1., fx 53 M T HX . w x fm 2 a .X N Xu- x N If ,Y VV SUMMARY OF THE ION! FOOTBALL SEASON The seventeenth annual football ust officially closed the 1941 ootball season. This was the gr- atest season in Fordson's history, or it marked its first undefeated eason in their history. Pordson took the opening game of he season from Chadsey, 39-O. The ractors staged a very successful assing attack against the Chadsey ridders. After two Fordson touch- owns the opposing team was power- ess to prevent Fordson from piling p a 39 point lead. The next tilt at Monroe was Ford- on's only nicht came of the season na that ended in a 13-7 victory or the Tractors, despite costly enalties. As in the Chadsey game he Farnyk and Balge combination oised havoc with the Monroe team. arnyk went over for all four of he Tractor touchdowns of which nly two were good. Despite'a heavy rain which pre- oiled throughout the next game at aginaw, Fordson managed to defeat ts opponents 14-6. Farnyk and amos went over for the two touch- owns. The next home game was with rand Rapids South whom Fordson wamped with a 20-O victory. Again he Tractors passing attack was ev- d ent. Mt. Clemens proved almost as easy ictims as Grand Rapids South for hey were.handed a neat defeat by ordson, who won 19-O. The Pordson eleven were handed heir first setback of the season hen they fought a greatly under- stimated Royal Oak team to a 710 ie.- Wiacek make the only score in his hard fought game on a pass mmbmgm Quickly recovering from this set- ack, however, Fordson journeyed to rosse Pointe where they handed heir opponents a 37-O defeat. ' The Tractor eleven ended its i941 ootball season by defeating Wyan- otte 51-O to clinch the Border ities League championship. The ottes were passed dizzy by a Ford- 'on air offensive in this last hrilling contest. Thus Pordson's eighteen year jinx as broken by an undefeated season. oach Whalen and Coach Janik de- erve great credit for building o winning combination trom comparat- ively inexperienced recruits. Throughout the season most of Ford- son's wins were centered around a good passing offensive which was made possible by a strong forward wall. The Board of Strategy made up of Mike Farnyk, Ken Bulge, Joe Chabot, and Haldane Matteson deserve spe- cial recognition for their fine work during the season. The 1942 football team next fall will miss such veterans as Bob Big- gers, Don Alabakoff, Bill Chirota, John Kalin, John Geftos, Clarence Smith and others who contributed to Pordson's great season. A May Coach Whalen's next football team be able to duplicate this year's accompkishmentm Coach Janik and Coach Whalen anxiously watching the outcome of the thrilling Royal Jak game. RESULTS OF THE IQUI FOOTBALL SEASON Fardson Fordson Fordsan Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Iordson Chadsey Monroe Saginaw Grand Rapids Mt. Clemens Raya! Oak Gr. Pointe Myandatic FORDSON BOARD OF STRATEGY Joe Chabot, Mike Farnyk, Ken Bulge, Haldane Aatteson. iii VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: Don Alobukoff, Henry Nclum, Wally Vondenberq, Mike Fornyk, .Tim Westby, Clarence Smith, Tully Rector, Bill Willey, Frank KC1ZC1IlOWSki, Chester Wiqcek, Ed Kozclnowski, Haldane Matteson, Ed Tofil- Second Row: John Geftos, Robert Biqgers, Henry menus, Ken Bulge, isill Chiroto, Joe Chobot, Stanley Czornecki, Mciurino lvlossetti, Charles Schebor, George Stczse- vich, John Colon, Sus Flock, Roy Fritz. 115 i RESERVE FOOTEALL TEAM l"1rSi f0u'.' Holry ajcrpwlongo, Johr' Arznin, f-le-X HIIUYIFA, Allcn i'.-1rx'wws, "awry Ostrich, Henry kibflros, fI"3TIY"lH 1111, ffflyrvonw Ynwxcrvj "nb With, Hfhif' +,T!m1tie1', Tom Rusos, Ycb Loifortw, E-i. fgovul. Standing: imrold 4'1'I11J Inu 'Tvvvel Larry Ni-urn, .Tnhw L,pLn-fir-, Ili ,2twn!, Louis widdnvr, flerbwrt LI'-Y-zwcll, lmonurd Mnzur, Iovini Whit-1, Henry Fnufl, 'vV'11"nt1no Ventro, Jir' Boqdenj flvllo Smwwli. X ... 'I 1 pn-nuns di, My if A-. igk Jael ' .. 4 1 I ,R . M7 Cagers Clinch Border Cities Title 0 With Win Over Royal Oak Quintet te lg, S 10 . Q! Zhlz QQ' A 0"4v,?f"' 0 G+ Zh' Zt1" Q' -PQ 9 C4 Sv - Zi aaewib 'It 7-WI' 110 KW . 0 1-18 2 , Sc. JV 3? O1-6 00. 15 'I Erbs' " dw fs Q2 Z 2-Q Wyandotte, Ecorse Win Cage Regionals Fordson Eliminated by De La Salle Iwo Vklorles Om Wyandotte Team Breaks ke For Fordson Helier: aXXQ,u9fiea1g 'o -5 Q05 Q0 ggxaxeaaeieaxea 0 30 Q09 anna mm: and Mr. cum me Opponents on Fordson Grid Sdledule J! ii 5 is wee x xl Ko o 0 OX xl We XX 5191 we C oe- eo X 1 WPXCO 126 x0 Q . 19659 X -5 Q Koi- 4 x 5 Ki To 001 Ox ww Swimming spl ash parties are fun ki C00 WC! 096 x 5 wie Our modern facilities enable girls WON, to swim the whole year around. ,bv 0x 0 'BCXNOO x KX 05 OO 'OSX QCXX X .xoiw ici' K 096 opxgoiuw sie xxmxwxxeix. im -2-, ' eg, x Ciorg Uwe - 'xoqqnen awe Wwe. K X av OX K 'T xx Q X QW em QNX 606 x o Howl vie 6210 'vei Xxvn xcw-noob 'W 'xvwlxon vxmbeia, GXSXQ xo xwfmvfx Ko faqoxw, 121 To keep up with the next one airls simply must be active in sports. The girls have voted basketball their favorite sport. Many would be satisfied to spend their ent- ire year on basketball alone. Pina pong, shuttle board, deck tennis, badminton and other indoor sports take the sting from the chilly winds. This sport gives girls an opp- ortunity to referee, and take s core for like this enjoyable ed air of them selves. A task makes the sport more and erases the forc- school. af 1 . ,. MAXAQK VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Fzrst Row: Chester Vellett, Sam Pettlicoff, Tom Meyer, Ken Balge, Jack Battle, John Gettos, Bob Biggers, Mike Farnyk. Second Row: Coach Catherman, Frank Kazanowski, Max Lorente, Marino Mussetti, Bob Kazina, Henry Noum, Al Mistecki, John Lindquist. Thi rd Row: Sam Santelli, Bob Kirk, Charles Schebor, Max Johnsons, Gus Mania, Ted Berce, Gus Ploch, Tully Rector, Louis Corpolongo. REGIONAL TOURNAMENT RESULTS Lincoln Park-21 F ord T rade School- 19 Wyandotte-21 Catholic Centra sonosa cm LEAGUE scusnute a. Resuus wymomq, Fordson 215 Saginaw Eastern 27 Lincoln Pork- 2C Fordson 34 River Rouge 29 Fordson 28 Monroe 25 Forcison 39 Detroit, Northern 15 Forclson 20 Grosse Point 15 Fordson 52 Mt. Clemens 24 Fordson 31 Wyandotte 26 Fordson 37 Royal Oak 19 Fordson 59 Monroe 18 Fordson 34 Wyandotte Z6 Fordson 18 Grosse Pointe 26 Fordaon 31 Lansing Eastern 58 Fordson 32 Royal Oak 26 Fordsan 59 Mt. Clemens 22 1-18 FINALS Hyandotta19 De LaSalle-17 De LaSal1 e-32 River Rouge-50 Fo rdson-27 Dearbo rn- 20 De LaSa11 p27 Fordson-18 1.23 n JUNIOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Harry Martin, Bob Schields, Mickey Elliott, Ed Zack, Harry Todichini. Second Row: Bill Damien, Bill Allsopp, Bill Moore, Roman Micalucean, Coach Jonik. MICHIGAN JUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SCHEDU Fordson Pordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson Fordson LE AN 13 26 34 32 25 29 28 40 29 39 39 41 52 35 D RESULTS Highland Park Muskegon Jrand Rapids Port Huron Bay City Bay City Grand Rapids Port Huron Flint J. C. Jackson Jackson Flirt Highland Park Muskegon 12 SEASON SUMMARY VARSITY BASKETBALL Fordson won the Border cities League Championship for the seventh time in eight years, by winning ii out of 14 games. Our prospects for next year are very poor because we lose our whole varsity. Senior letter winners were Mike Farnyk, Bob Biggers, Jack Bartle, Frank Kazanowski, Chester Velett, Bob Kuzma, Al Mistecki and Henry Naum. Junior letter winners were Marino Musetti, Max Lorente and Max Johnson. Three big men graduated in January. They were Tom Meyers, high scoring center, Ken Balge, big for- ward, and Sam Petlickoff, guard. SEASON SUBMARY J. C. BASKETBALL The 1941-42 season was an important one for the Junior College. The first seven games were lost and then the team began to click. Of the six remaining games, five were won. The Petter winners werq Bill Allsopp, Bobby Shields, Mickey Elliott,Harry Martin, Frank Zach, Bill Miley, and John Moore. Bill Allsopp and Bobby Shields were named on the Detroit Free Press Junior College Team, both receiving honorable mention. The only letter winners returning next fall are Frank Zach and Bill Miley. -QT-1-f-5 --I'Y'l"l-. .-A.------. 'rr -g-- .. 4 --V. . - . 'W V F'-, I -xv-H' , .ft -in -vi wfqqgy-vu-,-wg--were--r ,, , . ,,, .,,,.,,,. ,,,,-rqw, SUMMARY OF THE SWIMMING SEASON In December the season's outlook was not too dim for the Fordson tan- kers. Several veterans were return- ing to the team from last yearfs squadg namely: Nason Everett, Hal- dane Matteson, Burnett Langston, Ru- ssell Bochur, George Trudeau, Law- rence wood, and Andy Chapman. Geor- ge Daraban and Ed Soloway, his un- derstudy, were also returning to take over the diving duties. In the first meet of the season at western High School, the Tractors suffered their worst defeat, 25-SO. After this defeat the Tractors re- covered to trim a powerful Ypsilanti Central team 48-56. The first home meet of the season with Ann Arbor University High re- sulted in a final score of 54-26 in Fordson's favor. The Ann Arbor boys were never a serious threat to the Tractors once the meet was underway. The first opponent of the new year was also Pordson's toughest Border Cities League opponent, Mt. Clems. However, the Tractors came through in great style and won by an over- whelming score of 65-20. Then the consistently strong Jack- son High team gave Fordson its sec- ond defeat of the season. Although the Tankers managed to keep ahead at the start, Jackson soon came through with a 52-52 victory. The Tractors came back after the Jackson defeat to win from Grosse Pointe the closest meet of the sea- son, 45-41. Victory was not assur- ed until the last event was over. Fordson lost the next meet with Monroe 57-47, but the Tankers came back as strong as ever to eke out a 47-57 victory over Ypsilanti. They also won over Pontiac 58-26, and Royal Oak 46-58. SWIMMING TEAM First row: Ed Soloway, George Turchin, Gordon McCarty, William Padden, Frank Raidle, Bob Smith, George Daraban. Second VOWJ Jim Westby, Russell Bochur, Lawrence Trudeau, Andy Chapman, Norman Hill, David Whitcomb, Mason Everett, Law- rence woods. Third row: Milton Vanlon, Robert Morgan, Harold Sheerer, Henry Vincent, Burnett Langston, George Trudeau, William Love. Tied for first place with wyan- dotte, Fordson put them out of the race with a 52-52 victory in their next meet to capture the Border Cit- ies League championship. River Rouge, Pordson's final opponent, proved an easy victory for Fordson who won 56-28. In the annual Regional swimming meet the Fordson Tractors captured the Regional championship by the narrow margin of three points when they outswam the runner-up Grosse Pointe team, 57-54. From there, the Tractors went on to the State meet at Ann Arbor to tie Kalamazoo and share fifth place. This ended a spectacular season for Fordson in which they won nine meets and lost three, excluding the Regionals and the State meet. Divers: Lawrence Woods, QUJQ ahahwan, and Nussell Hochur. 127 SULTS OF THE SWIM 'INS WESTERN ......... YPSILANTI ..... ANN ARBOR 'IZ-YIV. . MT. CLENENS. . . JACKSON ....... GROSSE POINTE. . . MONROE ........ YPSILANTI. . . PONTIAC. . . ROYAL OAK .... WYANDOTTE .... RIVER ROUGE. . . SEASON ZS- SO 48- BB 54- 26 63-20 32-5 2 43-41 57-47 47- 37 SB- 26 46- 38 52- 32 56- 28 : uuxuuuu vnu EU Oulu.-ul, yu diving practice to pose for the CGW ED SOLOWAY Q is better know as Hr. T. P. 'Peb' Godfrey's flob french hom Mayer. He blows sweet notes at the girls going bust the Band room and blows sour notes at nPebn when hractzczng. ED. SOLOWAY BACK D IVE He 15 so small t the Earls still th1nk he IS just a 6th grader. It's that WOLF I of Feb S trying to reach hzgh MCH above the staff. 129 BASEBALL TEAM I-1rst .'x'ow.' Chester Moytka, Albert vlisteciqi, John Golich, A1 Jelson John SvejCO1', Bob Wcsilewski, Boi: Wolfe, Henry Haag, Mike Fcxrnyk, Second Yom: Don Lontz, Tom Russo, Mike Yuskewitz, Frank f'lGiii1E', James Covill, Antonio Nodecu, Leo Szubly, A1 Porto. TNT-1 HORN' Ed Mordorski, Guy Thielznen, .'-Torino Mossitti, Mitchell, Charles, Schebor, Ted Berce, Chester Wirfif-914, Ed Arnnosiun. rourth h'0u'.' Couch R. D. Cuthermcxn, Westerlund, John Plocn, John ilazcmowski, Gutzskcz, John Nuznov, John Oqinski. 'Y' if ' -Q i-V. H-. . . W., Svejcar Hurls No-Hitter But Two Score On Errors Victories. number 17, 18, and 19 were added on to Fordson's string of consecutive games won on the diamond during the last two weeks. This win- ning streak extends from the third game of last season up to tht present time. The wins were over Grosse Pointe, Royal 0ak,a.nd Monroe. The most outstanding game of these three was John Sveicar's no-hit game against Royal Oak No Acorn batter got a hit and only three walked but two Royal Oak men were able to score mainly due to errors. Frou Scoring Game The Grosse Pointe game was a sco- ring battle and demite the fact that Bill Nelson hit rather xreely me Tnctors won easily, 17-4. Nelmn gave up trfree runs and four hits in five innings. CharlesSchebor was sub- stituted in the fifth and gave up ano- ther nan and mother hit. Fordson scored eightgnms in the seventh inning when fourteen men bat- ted. Chester Motyka and Milne Far- nyk led the Tractors in individual batting peformances, each getting four hits and scoring twice. Motyln had a double and triple among his four hits. Royal Oak's pitching proved somewhat harder to hit, neverthe- less Fordson won, 4-2.The Acorn: scored their two runs in the second inning on the errors and two walks to mometarily go into the lead. Tractors Soon Four The Tractors came right back in the third when Svejcar was safe on an error, Motyka singled, and Wolff walked to fill the bases Then came the deciding play of the game- Farnyk grounded to third but in trying to get Svejcar at home the Royal Oak cat- cher missed the plate. Then in a futile attempt to get Farnyk at first he threw into right and Motyka and Wolf soampered home. Farnyk scored on the next play and Fordson had the game won. Bob Wasilewski got one-half of the game's hits, a single and double, but neither figured in the scoring. The other two, both singles, went to Svej- oar and Motylm. Lfantz Trots to third q3ob Cwasilewski bn BASEBALL April 17-River Rouge 21-Mt. Clemens 24-Grosse Pointe 28-Royal Oak 30-Mon roe May S- Wy ando t t e 8-Mt . Clemens 18- Royal Oak 2i-Jack son 22-Wyandotte 26- Ford Trade June 2-River Rouge here- O -Fordson-ii here- 1- " 2 there- 4 " 17 here- 2 4 there? 1 2 there- 4. 5 there- 4 3 there- 3 " 4 here- 4 7 here here there In centerfield we have these graduating- jmke 'ffarnyk lfiiqger Srjnnj Quote-The only player that takes games seriously-Unquote re 15 no great history about Mtize that at be exhlazned. " C?hQSfGl' jffotyka "Better lznoum as, tordson's remembered 1Q42 shortstoh.n reward-when Chet came Fordson in Sept. 1959, he was ly a rookie at baseball, basketball, ci football, Dwi today is favfwzsly rfwr, and never will bv forgotten at fo rdson . THAT SMILING SHORT- STOP 'EXXSQQ Xl Gio 1 Q9 CXQXQ, 1-,il-11:- 4 - X x X fffff SX MHHV 4 EE 5. gif -7 - ?'s-ggfimg F-SP' ' J Ruuume - LEFT TREF E- Roy Poruch n-zgs.. -5 Jim Westby "'-f-5-- Z2 Z- Z- MW ,A-S. il la. -n-sf E WHERE 15 HENRY? I-IGN RH' NQUN! -... -1. -..., ., ..-. ..- .- 2' 1. T Frank Turchon 2 Ken McCou1 ey ' - THE V-990516 U-389 - 1 131 an GUESS WHO? NORBERT wawrcx HPole Boldern It's that Baritone Wolf of I. P. Gvdfffy, UPehN trygng to reach high WCW above the staff. Nvaybe not yours, but surely my favorite track tcamsters.H UDN'T STRAIN YOURSELVES BOYSH TRACK Although the track meets arn't complete it is expected that Fordson will place particularly high in the State meet to be held first part of June. Fordson finished fourteenth in a field of twenty schools in the class A competition of the Wayne Relays last Satur- day with 20 poin s. Southeastern High of Detroit was first in this class witn 64 points. Fordson was represented by only three l5GmS, thus explain- ing the rather low point total. The 440 yard relay team was second in its section, and the half mile team of Ken Mc- Cauley, Jim westby, Frank Turchan, and hay Paruch finished first in its section in the time of i:37.4. Other teams, that have met or will meet Fordson in track this year, to score points were Dearborn with 21 and Royal Oak, 28. Birmingham High School won the Class B competition. 134 . . 1 . . E I L? M we TRACK TEAM Ptrst Row: Donald Alabakoff, willion Gregorich, Ernest Shartell, Jim westby, Bob Werth, Anthony Miglio, Leonard Holsted, Ray Paruch, Ken McCavley, George Nichol s, Second Row: George Stasevich, Joe Brezinski, Ariel Burton, Tulley Rector, Bill Holbird, Sam Stantili, Dan Stosevich, John Arzoion, George Keller, Norbert Nowicki, Henry Karmen, Chet Couetz. Third Row: Mike Orlovich Coach, Jock Fierek, Ernest Fazekos, John Lindquist, Jock Johnson, Don Mitchell, Bob Kozma, Frank Turchan, Karl Kocis, Mike Carver, John Geftos, Fred Kaspriok, Mike Savage Coach, Joe Kozlusky Coach. TENNIS TEAM Fi rst Row: Leslie Hauer, Ellsworth Pea- rson, Robert Alt, Chas. Davies. Second Row: Mr. Herbert Beddow, Kenneth Kemp, Herbert vowels, Mark Doran, Jack Noppe. Fl 5 In this section ot the Fleurede-Lis, we, editors, hope to give you some idea of the classes which Eordson Otters he will start with English since it is considered the most basic subject. 'Phen we will present the language classes, electives, mathenatics, social sci- ence, industrial, honemaking, gymnastics, science, classes of avocationai inter- ests, and connercial classes. Fhese classes ore taken by the average students and include preparation for every type of work in the future. There are several courses open to the students upon G'ntIGnCQ K0 hiflh 5-ChOO1 such as: college preparatory, commercial, industrial, general, homemakina, and combinations of these For all those who wish to enter college after graduation the colleae pre- paratory course is essential. It includes training in the fundamentals of math- ematics, English, social science, science, and all other subjects necessary for college entrance. The commercial course is for those who are interested in entering the busi- ness world after graduation. Che industrial course is open mainly to boys but since the war, many girls are tokino industrioltraininq- The general course is for any student who is not sure what he wishes to do after graduation, and the homemaking course is open tc anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of keeping 0 home. with these classes to choose from the students of Fordson can prepare for any future they would like to undertake. was .ww .M 3 N L M' fi-1j4f7 51 F9 :bl xxx f"9"Q' -W-wage, f, Ar 41" aiil ,yy Mfr..-gqM0,!x -- 323' 62-49 " v' G' in Ee M 51 Bnnnnmnnvw' A V S55 if N 'ff' N I 1-1 I ill- Cm Q Rf' dhfhx f . J 'WE.".'M'!, , M 9 Z .5 fgmfmffnl X x AH. M519 5 'ex M 1 - fans MM X! :.- Q --3 W Q N, ' ' ' 5. 14.5. g,-27.19. rl.-M f.n"'5-xff " '. ' ' V -- 1, ,1 V h- -w 7' -1' V ,sux 1 , fw f N . ..,s4,.f I 4 Y .U . , A N ' A I E K. ' 125'-I X' f ii .ULAX - "'. . ' - . f'-: - ' ' ' X ' Fi?-L :.1 . fi" 'Wx sf" I--'Nia -11'-W . 2 V. . .. ""- 'f 2-' I 4,-,fy U' . .1 l .v -1' I M .- , N4 .a'I..1,wg. ----- . ..+".f-1 x, ,lf .. -. -in ',' ,. 1. 1 - xj if '. ' .gs , , ,Sf . ', f x vz :E--v , - I6 ' . Q-w f'!.z. :-b I- iz' :L-V, V-, I " .7 I V- "vt G.. . .Q .- :if ki 1,3 . i .. Vg , - .i 7- , gg- , ,g X- . ,f' , y .,. : .-.- " 1- ,ff "n ' - .1 'wrwvrwy' ' - 255: . Q 3 7.4, 4 Isl? XS, ,',5, , y -4 I Jr., .. ff- F f if 435 rg". 'flux'-+',':' f' ..-:j2p",Li' - A my -5 ,, --13, -N. - , --f wfg.. . V I ff: feb df -- ' -4? 1 VT J GT' -' '31 ""' ...f -""' Q " 7 QQ 4' ,- ' -I-MJ Q' ,I f 'JV 1-f 95. fl ,M . 'ETX L, ' . - . 5:9 I Vg., ,n-. . I - . v v , ,Av I ' 2 -5, -H ,' i. ' 1 z... - ' 1 Vi..-L-Q-V . . f A 5 V f '- fi' - S1 . f , " - -"Lv, at -' if . -.v -v.r-'.- .. v: -If Q, .- - ' 1 1 vl.,- -. ' - ' - -1" , fw '. - W 2 . A-' ' .Q V Q, ' , ,-ji., -.ig .R ., - , ' I, .- L .X . H- .. . fs? A ii 'ff' N 052 -. "' M1,.--- V. A .JJ .,, . ,, ,".,'.v , . -W -q Q S .. rw ,. ' .ti-' " a N ,. ' 1 , ..-.Ag S ' 'r 1, . : -fr - - -' ff"' X --132-"N" 1. . ' . " A :JJ Q ' ' ' -- :x .J " .- , . . ff' - hy '."w-' . PIX?---4511" sd 0 7-Q' ' s . +5 ' . ' Q .. 1. -. 1' . .1 P ' A oC,ff . V. h ,gh . JE, KL. 4 , :I I A .. . 1 .'lr.. lt. N' ,' 'J .- . 4 - 4 ' ff x Ah' . I . 1' '.'. ' - '. 6- .." . If QI., 'nllffp 3pG'.A, 'QE ,,,:,,,-1... M ' 14- .f v -1-ff' w --wa - . -. .- Q -- H- ,,,-,MQ G ,I - -3. -P --, y :wa 'J ' ...-y -. ... "- Q- '1:T'i1f'-f.:.G?3 -' '7 9 , " - 'f ... .4 .' -- .. .1 1" 3' v- '."", .' .-, W fi ,- P . 'f 3. 1 '-,Er x -- 4.1 ' 1 -,J ,ur 3. -. , Q, LL Y - "'- - ,jfj-. p ., Ta 1 ' v' , . ' ' -x- . ,. . .l L lr A A C u I.. Q V? 24 .,,j' Q-lc is interested Ancient history 1 world history Social science is one of the major courses offered at Fordson. It includes a course in ancient history, one in world history, one in American history, one in American politics, one in civics, and one in economics The first semester, ancient history, starts the story of man, and carries it through to the time of the Crusades. The second semester, world history, takes up the story of civilization at this point and carries it through to the discovery of America. At this point the third semester studies begin, and the story develops into American history and carries it through to the world war. The next semester is a course which offers various points of study. lt includes politics, World War history, some economics, and a study of the possessions of the United States,. The next is a study of civics. It includes , state, national, county, township, and city government. The last semester covers the four elements of economics -- production, exchange, distribution, and consumption. In each semester Current events are woven in with the course of study. ln this way the field of sociao science is well covered. in his fellowmzn. i M X American history Current events Territories of United States United States government 13 Q-lc knows his lanouaoe. The basic principles of grammar Composing a theme Background of English literature From the time the student enters the high school until he is graduated, he is required to take English. This subject is considered the most impor- tant one at Fordson Since it is a requisite for all types of work in future life. The field of English is thoroughly covered since one course of grammar, two courses of English literature, and one course of composition are offered. me is intzrestzd in the lanouaqes of other people. t G F i r A F o O a s Q At the present time there are hree modern languages -- Spanish, erman, and French -- taught at ordson. Spanish has been newly ntroduces this year due to the ise of interest in the Pan merican countries. Two years of rench and German are offered while nly one year of Spanish can be btained. In these classes voc- bulary, grammar, and reading are tressed with a general back- round of the country included. Through the study of Latin a pupil develops some desirable knowledge and habits of work which will contribute to his success in life after high school. Then, too, Latin helps a student to work more efficiently in his other classes such as English and world history, and also Latin gives a general background for other languages. Latin is found to be essential in various vocations and therefore four semesters of Latin with varies fields of study are offered in Fordsan. 141 Library training There are several subjects offered which are elective courses and which are aids to English. These are journalism, play production, public speaking, and library training. Each of these, in some way, proves helpful to the student in his English courses. The first, journalism, gives the student o chance to write and to use his knowledge of English grammar. Play production and public speaking give him an opportunity to show his knowledge of correct usage and speaking abilities. The last, library training, is, perhaps, the most useful. It provides opportunity to write correctly, to use correct grammar, and also to show knowledge of literature courses offered in English. Through these four classes students are given an oppor- tunity to show progress made in English. Play production Public speaking ,...j'A+v.' ...g 'Hz prepares his multiplication tables. Since mathematics is now a requirement for joining many divisions of the armed forces, it has become very important in the high school. Themathematics curriculum includes courses in plane gemetry, solid geometry, advanced al- gebra, and trigonometry. Then, too, there is a course in social mathematics for those students on a commercial course. In the plane geometry course, the students learn the fundamentals of singular dimension problems. In solid geometry, the student is carried into the problems con- cerning more than one dimension. Trigonometry is an advanced study of geometry, while advan- ced algebra is a further study of elementary algebra. Through these courses in mathematics, the student is able to prepare himself in this field for anything to come in the future. SOCIAL MATHEMATICS TRIGONOMETRY PLANE GEOMETRY 143 Cl-lc is curious Why? Blow? What? Will it? Can we? would thot? Could we? If so? Maybe? Try this? Vow about? Where? When? B IOLOGY HORTI CULTURE CHEMISTRY PHYSICS Science is the search for truth. In high School we are introduced to the basic and simple cornerstones on which all scientific accomplishments are based. This study is obtained through the science classes. Included in these classes are two semesters of biology, two sem- esters of horticulture, two semesters of chemistry, and two semesters of physics. In the biology course, the student learns the structure of all animals and receives a thorough study of this subject. Plant and animal life is the general subject matter of a course in biology. Chemistry teaches students the essentials of scientific reasoning. It presents an insight into the composition of everyday things and the reason why they work. Physics is the study of physical propertieg of matter resulting in the development of basic principles, Horticulture is an applied biological science usually considered as a division of agriculture. It gives an appreciation of the science of living things to the students. This course has become extremely important in the school life of the indiviauaL 145 6 i f t d e s i t t i Cl G t I S m b i T f I I Q-la przparcs himself Since we are now at war and the call or industrial workers is even greater han in normal times, the industrial epartment at Fordson has been greatly nlarged. The industrial department has many hops but before a job can be undertaken t must be completely planned. This akes place in the drafting shop. From hese plans blueprints are made and the nstructions on these patterns in wood re made. In the machine shop metal Castings re made from these patterns. In the general shop the opportuni- ies are excellent for obtaining indus- rial experience. In the electrical shop the boys tudy electrical repairs and adjust- ents on automobiles. Then for those oys interested in aeronatics there s the opportunity to help build them. hese mentioned are only some shops or the students are given every oppor- unity to learn a trade in the lndus- rial Department of their own chasing. AEKNAUTICS ELECTRIC SHOP for a iradz M ETAL LAB 148 Q-le prepares for Today in this present waild war crisis, needs for commercial trained students have risen. Because of this fact, Fordson has many more students on a commercial course. And this provides a necessity for building up the commerical curriculum so that more can be offered. At the present time Fordson offers typing classes, office practice, office appliance, retail selling, shorthand classes, comp- tometer, and math and English classes that tie up with commercial training. Thus after a student has satisfactorily passes all of these Classes in commercial training, he can go out and successfully undertake any position in the commercial world. Tvvina Office appliance Retail sellinq The Business world Comptometer Shorthand Q-le develops healthy body He is able to develop a healthy body through his gym classes. These classes include such recreations as football, field hockey, basketball, volley ball, basketball, tennis, bad- minton, ping pong, deck tennia shuffle board, track, swimming, and dancing. The boys are able to participate in interscholastic sports while the girls enter into intramural sports. Throughout the entire year there is some sport, either individual or group, that is sponsored in the classes. Good posture, clean sportsmanship, and hygiene are stressed in these classes. W GIRLS' DINCING CLASS BASKETBALL PRACTICE GIRLS' SWIPMING CLAS She learns how 'ro catch her man Due to the efforts of the Homemaking classes she learns how to catch her man. These classes are essential in every girls' curriculum. The classes include cooking, sewing, personal appearance, and hostess training. By taking these classes any girl can learn the basic things nec- essary for keeping a home of her own. Then, too, because of the present war situation, it is practical that the girls should learn how to conserve on cost of clothing, cooking, and managing the personal budget. These classes are now being stressed in the girls' education. as CLDKI NG SEWING PERSGML APPEARANCE fl-lc develops vocational interest Avocational interests include dramatics, art, and music. Fordson offers a play production class, and each semester students are given an opportunity to join the Dramatic Club. Then, too, for those interested in dramatics, there is the annual vaudeville show, the All School Play, and the Senior Play. There are various art classes offered as well as membership in the Art Club. In the line of music there are the orchestra, the band, and the dance orchestra. At Fordson students are given many opportunities to develop avocational interests. ART YORK' OKZHESTRA SENIOR PLAY Through the pictures in this section of the Fleur-de-Lis, you have been able to see the students at work in the classroom. You have seen them in the English classrooms, making Projects, composing themes, and reciting on daily work You have seen them in the language classes, in Spanish and in Latin. In the elective courses you have seen them in play production, in Library training, and in public speaking. You have seen how the students trace the history of civilization from the pre-historic man to the modern present-day economic and political structures. You have seen them in science, experimenting, studying in the laboratory, and in the class. You have seen students on a commercial course in their classrooms, typing, taking shorthand, filing, retail selling, working in office practice and office appliance, and studying commercial law. In the industrial course you have seen the students who are preparing for a trade in one of the various shops in the industrial department of Fordson. In the math classes you have seen students in geometry, in trigonometry, and in social math, and you have learned how essential math has become. Through the homemaking classes you have seen how she learns to catch her man with cooking, clothing, personal appearance, and hostess training In the gym you have seen how he develops a healthy body by taking part in the various sports that are offered the year round. Finally you nave seen how he develops avocational interests through art and music classes that are offered. In conclusion you have seen how well-rounded an education an individual may obtain at Fordson. SENIOR YEAR HIGHLIGHTS on't push --- in line, please - l want the plain design --- ral and white, please --- no ie stone? --- well, make it an yx then --- and so on while eyling Bros.' representatives asure seniors' fingers for ng size. The struggle comes ter you have your little yel- v stub and try to barge through e waiting seniors to breathe me aiL senior pictures, rings and Caps and gowns Hair up - make-up disappears - slicked down and combed hair - new suits and dresses -- -- all indicate that Crane's have started taking the senior pictures in the rear of the auditorium. The proofs are called ro- gue's gallery photos but everyone changes their minds after they catch a glimpse of the large colored pictures. dwemwfw lly, the day arrives or class rings are and i2A's and i2B's .our to the publica- s office to be among first to show off the rings. e's too large --- Oh! sh I had ordered one a stone --- I like coral and white nowu but among their praise comments is a deep ing ot please as their as ring sparkles on r hand. 7199 HONOR ASSEMBLY eld in honor of the grad- ASevera1 days before graduation an assembly is h uating esniors. Awards are given to seniors who have shown outstanding work in their classes. The principle awards which are given to the se- nior best in that particular subject are the art, commercial, 5C19nC9, social science, English and language, service, mathematical, music, or- chestral, debating, and athletics. Other awards are journalism, Fleur- de-Lis, athletic letters, swimming letters, debating letters, and the gold and silver 'F' pins for scholarship. . g - lanuflw 16' an en19T1n U19 h . onorinq circle club awards ..n Commercial awards P X Qnvinfl for gold and silver 'F' pins the 105' time 155 iTi.i?Z,1Z fjjf A mmm? fwfyi W f.42Z"q!,-f,cXfaLf- fvzawffwv ,,, f I Q , ,JJ M4146 far'-gffzgp, ff!" J dna .4o22a,4.41f-Oro, ,140 ml!! 'yiww " fkc4,:.4..w,4L raw do ,dwzgf zffng! ffzclzu' affix, fZ'4.if 42 ff-3-5' 'flf"' 'J f" 32 ' lj. , ,, - u .,-,wr A-?,4.,.l.! gelpww ,Wpiuf ,W fait", 1424, 35' 4 Lfdwf? .1 KN! 'J' ff!!-Q-77AUf 9,164-'Lf" , 4 A-ff' - ,9',ewJ Attlfjifff' 'l f ', ff zz,-an izffvfrgy .m .fflf-L' ffnvnfw 271. 1 Wfrnv J, 41: 1 ZA' . Q 22111-I ry Q . .fa 7?f6lL7Z6 fav? 541- gall' A 5 ,Af af,La:4f "M 5,41 fi 974- mm-, -'4"7f011- Wa ,,a4b474fc zum! 157 158 9 VX oo ide 9 K e Ooxyxgxoii Kve X9 X QVXXJ do: imq00xgQY QX XVQ sexi MQ wt biw- G0 CX Q L59 rx 1 We greet you, soldiers of the Fordson alumni! Of course, we haven't heard from all of the boys that are in the service, but we have heard from several hundfed of you. We wish to point out to our readers that you are represented in olmost every branch of the armed forces of the United States. We are sorry that we cannot print pictures of all the servicemen, but we do want you to know that we are proud of you! 2 1 Private Frank Sheets seems to be enjoying the tradition- 'olly hated K.P. duty. Maybe he feels at home? Private Edward Morgan, also on K.P. duty, approaches his job from a different angle. .,,, VKX er ie W QQO Y Qi 1 'W' MQWQX gegdarixv 'X wbX xl 0 OXQ, O 50 4,01 ov' ofm ,,,,-,,,,,..,.-.......-1...- -v--,. Jim Lambe and his fellowmen are proudly displaying the sym- bols of their naval training school. izlus Aichler, U.S. Navy, stops on Q stroll iivv us o glimpse of that flashing smile. walter Moen seams to have taken odvuntoqe of the opportunities off- ered by the ormy of qo- inq into technical work. x ILL F011 N001 is ' fini: Dwi SOH- ' wrmy life 159 , -.1 AUTOG RA PHS Printed by Students in the Offset Printxng Defartment Industrial Department. Pordson High School, Dearbarn, Mzchugan Marco Machellettc--Foreman roy Chisnell Pete Brisaman Vincent Ravenna John Varvari Tom Canterbary Louis Shoeb Bill Ladd Emery Lorente Charles Bagwell Don Becker I v v -A Q ' -if C 4. ' 'a , M4 2, Y Z, ,?. n ' yy , s, 2-. , .UH xx Q Q N xc x 43 , 15 hi I f S55 5' Q, ? .4 iff ff' !f if . fi? 1 i. .X X N Q-Q X I X K K. g4 X , f K X 0, T4 . JI! U Aux Y I iff, nfl' 05 yn, 13 'V 'J' 1 Ax' QC ya 1,1 ff I , I 55 X. - x 5 X QQ if :N a A ulf W' .f ff f. gf, ,gf f flip! r af 4 ni., ,..

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