Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1941

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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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, . f '. Q, . 4 : Y , 1 Y 5 a , 1 1 , I F i , r A, "fl I 15 r 'ivxv ,jg-g, ga' E fl Q 'gil is -fI'?'-'EETQI O x - 'H' v 'S PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS OF FORDSON HIGH SCHOOL DEARBORN, MICHIGAN June, 1941 MAUREEA NOLL edztor-ln-ch1ef WILMA STEVENS assoclate edztor RUTH SANTANDER assoczate edztor 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 PART V Faculty Sohhomores PART 11 PART V1 ' Junzor College 0rgan1zat1ons PART 111 PART V11 Senzors Boys' Shorts PART 1V PART V111 Junzors Gzrls' Shorts THE FLEUR DE LIS PRESENTS: A CITIZEN' ll THE MAKING At one tzme an the hzstory of Amerzcan schools the teachzng of the three R's was the begtnning and the end of educatzon. Today we realzze that readzng, wr1t1ng, and arxthmetzc are merely useful tools to helb us become worthwhzle c1t1zens zn a democracy. Where do we learn the mean1ng of cztzzenshzb? Obviously, in the bublzc schools' Cztzzenshzb means more today than at any other time rn Amertcan hzstory. W1th foreign thrones crumbling and other systems totterzng, we clzng desebrately to a triv- lege that we have taken for granted. Students realzze that th1s czttzenshzb IS a gxve and take ffOfOS1t1OH, that those who take all and g1ve nothzng rebresent the greatest dangers to our way of life. The schools of today are develotzng their trograms to meet the changzng needs of our democratic soczety. To helb students brefare themselves to make constructzve con- tr1but1ons to the1r communzty and natzon, the schools try to helh them discover thezr ab1l1t1es and znterests. Truly, tt 15 the zndzvzduals who take advantage of the offertngs of the school who develob into the valuable cstzzens of tomorrow. W1th these ideas 1n mtnd, the Fleur de Lxs bresents for your atbroval HA C1t1zen zn the Maklngn. It IS the hobe of the edztors that 1n these bages you may find a Dzctorzal story that w1ll brzng back fond memorzes in future years and more 1mportant, bortray the stzrxt of Fordson High School today. kQgl,.i'a.vt 'W 7- 1 . ggcgslsswawifv : '- A X 'RXQC W Q WWQXL' ww .X v . :li-.' ,QXXQLQ ,X :Ji X . ix.: M X .m.-V-:mm X X . X V .mxwwmsfx X .. .Q-R+-X .Qs-MH fwwffwq, ff. X -- Nw -' :XX .+L ' fiw-H1W'2v?'fx..'. XS - . .WX X ff 1, X 5 w X' 'N A ' '. X . X X . X ,BXX-f,,-max:--',' .Z 3 35? X.. . X wX.X'.Qv-MTN x vw ,X "0 Q53 5 C., f 5: ,,,,.5,,,5,X,fg,-gQ,wwX3f,fw 9 ' X ffm? L x Xa... .. ix.. X . .,3,3i3wQ5 if X xg f 'rg smi gm :XX lrf f vf " 'X wr .X X NS Tiff' X X' V- " ' X Q.. f ,. Q N, 1: ,XX aa Oz mqags My W Qwxvwgifggg,55,Qv9g1s,g.w,v,X:woSS XXQQXQ ., K -,pw N31 M" ' X he Sw-.xxHsswyvgwfw"'f 'Q X X12-X 95: ww-fvxwxim ' X .. .eww . X Q X. Y .ww wx 1. , ,. .,, ...... :.:.-,...:..:Rk- giMxNA3,QXX.qg-1,vmQS5K aw xA-Qwwixwxiimgif wwf., . 1,3 vw M - M .. Q 3 . 1 X .,.,. , SM? . N. X N X ,X X. xxx . ,X , X H , XXXXX bw 539533 jf. 1 W 'X wgawavfmigmggsggkggqqgemgfiz , XM: x Xe' QMpmfYxMX- xv-Q' N X .X Q N X ' Q X, .,:?g5:,.mag.:-w::::5:::i5g:-.4 lx wg: x X- .g Swv Xfng 2:'- , ' X H 1. if .N sf 'Y ' A ' Q- Q -AWE X X Q ' ' - 'WRQQES Y? - X X A .::2sa: v- - ---- X x . gi-, 3 Q Q ' M xg - X- A f bw' .N X gas 15. 1 is X x is :X wwaXx . i ' S 5 E 3. . Y X Q9 ' ilk X' YQ? 12? "-'age ' Q.. a 2 1 ":Esi ki':Qf :g 3 If fs S x X l - X , b " X . '-1.-:,.:. 1 X .g:g:, ,..:5-:.,,,., ..,",s5.,z5sg:-sg5.s:: me 5.1. ,. i ..g51,55,,-. . ' fi Q X iw A 5 Sl ' :+I-'Q':'.1 i' 2525555 -1-'5E5E-53551535525513E""' 'IEEE 5551555 Efrirf' E14 221' Ev .-.. ' ' :E: ' '55 "5i4'7"4.'L'Y-El.'.1..','IE::,g, X 9' 'Xx Y' X 5 I-giiif' .X :W f if X 5 3' H . .e:efe2:f:522f. if Rs' Q 55 .XM X W X Q! ,wigs ll ' - K XX . .... X . -- -4'-25.5.5-I-ff " ,..,::f-5:1 : :QI z:a:s'::z:is::21:::a 35:14 215. 'fl N 5 X fp X fs -.:z:A-: -:X-. gl-1:5-2:-2ff:::. -X QB 5 3 ' NF if ,X ef .. , S ' 'Q iwigii 1 E .X f X - x Q 1 KK MW Ni' 'ff X ? V ' ' ' XX X. -ff' , -' ! f , x A '35 ae -is X ,XX - 5 f . .55 xv X XX we Q A-, A x Q - x. A Q ' we - XMNXX Swim ' -,a. ' X :sa5sg5sgsgagagsg3s,rgaz :ssl we i :ai W' . X ' ' - W 4. .. Neg-gf ' " if f x X, V w ' 3? I gg NM-rx 93' .. .3:'23'2 X QQ fi Y f " ' 2:I':fff' 3 X. 5. 3 W ,A Q QWYXZQ 3 N S 5 nik 3 x 1 Q 2 AWE XX 1 ga f A-Q Q. 1 A w Random shots about the cambus er to Le,1rrz,' go forth to HARVEY H. LOWREY ERVIN HOWARD HERBEPT S. MITCHELL Suberzntendent Ass1stant Suberzntendent Buszness Manager BOARD OF EDUCATION FRED BEARD JOHN E. ALEXANDER WALTER IAMS NORMAN F. EDWARDS President V150 PTC-S'LdC7lt Secfefafy Tfeasufef' GEORGE T. MARTIN GEORGE E. BRADY ROMER C. BEADLE Trustee Trustee Trustee wi WM. A Ill Www- x f s,.: , . 2535 xi' X5 KENNETH M. MACLEOD, PRINCIPAL A. B., M. A., Graduate Work I I HARRY HULLER, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL DEAN C. TATE, ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL A. Is., M. A. A. B., M. A. CHESTER J. ACRERMAN: B. S., M. Aw Smith-Hughes, Trade and Industry. Industrzal. ALBERT M. AMMERMAN: A. B., M. A. Soc1aL Science. UORMAN W. AROIS: A. B. M. A., Mathe- mat1cs. FRANCES G. BARRETT: A. B., Graduate Work Englxsh. CLARA MAE BEACH: A. B., M. A. Commerczal and Englzsh. JOHN W. BEAUCHAMP: B. S., Commerc1aL MARY F. BEAucHAMR: B. S., Englmsh. HERBERT I. BEDDOW: A. B., Mathemat1cs. ROBERT K. BILLS: B. S., Industrzal. LILA Z. BOTTOEE: A. S., M. A. Englzsh and Dramat1cs. JESSW M. BODLEI B. S., Library. CARL H. URAWLEYI B. S., Sm1thEHughes, Trade and Industry. IHdUStf1UL BYRON A. BROWN: A. B., Graduate Work. Social Sczence. CATHERINE P. BUTOHER: A. B., EngL1sh. LEO F. CALLAHAN: A. B., M. A., Sczence. ELMER E. CARLSON: B. S., Sm1th-Hughes, Trade and Industry, Graduate Work. Industrzal. EDITH D. CARPENTER: B. S., M. S., Smrthw Hughes, Related Subjects. Industr1al. RUSSELL D. CATHERMAN: A. B., Phys1caL Educat1on and Social Science HARRISON V. CHASE: A. B., M. A., Englzsh. ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY: B. S., M. S. Comm- erczal. IRMA CnLLEY: A. B., M. S., EngL1sh. BERNICE H. CORNELL: A. B., M. A., Cha1r- man of English and Language Debartment. JESSE L. CRIPPS: A. B., M. A., Study Hall and Englzsh. ELDEN CROSS: B. S., M. A., Commerczal CORA CUMMINGS: Lzbrary Tra1n1ng, Dzrector of Librarzes. REGINALD J. DAvuES: A. B., M. A., Englzsh and Soeech. WILLIAM F. DAVIES: A. B., M. A., B. S. E. IC. E.J Mathematzcs. MARY ALICE DIYON: B. S. Physzcal Edu catzon. HAROLD B. HOEEENBEACHER: B. S., M. A., Graduate Work, Soczal Sczence. HILDA HORNY! A. B., M. A., Englzsh and German. ARTHUR G. HUGHES! A. B., M. A., Social Science and Journalism. MARION HuNsIcxER: B. S., M. A., Com- merczal. CAROLINE E. HOSTEO: A. B., M. A., LI- brary. , WALTER J. JANIN: A. B., Physzcal Ed- ucatzon and Geograbhy. RAY F. JENNINGS: B. S., Sclence. PAUL H. JONES: B. S., M. S., Superf vlsor of Hortzculture Department. lvAN C. KAUEMAN: B. S., M. S., Com- merczal. JGSEPH E. KAzLusxv: B. S., M. A., Phy- szcal Educatzon. LAWRENCE M. KOSTER: A. B., Graduate Work Englzsh, Lat1n and Muswc. KENNETH B. LEISENRING: A. B., M. A., Graduate Work, Mathematlcs. FERRIS E. LEwIs: A. B., M. A., Graduate Work. Chazrman Of Soczal Sczence Department. MERVIN A. LEWIS: A. B., M. A., Social Sczence. REVA F.LIPP2B. S., M. S.,Homemak1ng. EVERETT LuoMA:B. S., M. Ed., Industrial. L2 NELLE A. DRIESE: A. B., Engllsh. ELIZABETH S. EOwARos: R. N., Publzc Health Cert1f1cate Suberv1s1ng Nurse. FRED K. ESHLEMAN: A. B., V. A., Chazr- man of Mathematzcs lkharmwnt MARION D. FISHER: A. B., M. B., Englzsh. LEC J. GARDNER: B. S., Sm1th-Hughes, Industrzal. T. P. GODFPEYI A. B., Instrumental Muslc. NORMA G. GREEN: B. S., Graduate Work, Commerczal. C. EOWARO GPIFTIN: B. S. Sm1th4Mughes, SUWCTUISOT of Guldance and Placement. WAINO B. GUSTAESON: A. B., M. A., Soczal Sczence. RELLA EVELYN HARR: A. B., M. A., Englzsh and French. MARY ELEANOR HETH: B. S., M. A., Chalr- man of Art Defartment. THOMAS S. HEvwOOO: A. B., M. A., Com- merczal. MILDRED J. LYMAN: B. S., M. A., Arh MARGARET MACMILLAN: A. B., M. A., Lan- guage HAROLD G. MANCHESTER: B. S., Soc1al Sczence. HELEN E. MARTIN: A. B., M. A., Graduate Work., Englzsh. R. VARD MARTIN: B. S., V. A., Smith- Hughes, Trade and Industry., Dlrector of Industrlal Education HELEN M. MCCLURE: B. S., M. S., Home- making. SOPHIA MITCHELL! A. B., M. A.. Soczal Science and Commercxah GLADYS LAKE MDDRE: B. S., M. A., Englzsh. EDWARD U. MDSRER: A. B., M. A., Chazrman of Muszc Dehartment. WILLIAM R. MDLCRDNE: D. D. S., B. S., School Health Servzce. MAX MUSSERI B. S., M. S., Chemzstry. HAROLD O. ODGERS2 B. S., M. A., Chairman of Safety Educatzon. STANLEY P. O'NEILL: B. S., M. S., Sclence RAYMOND F. PARKER: A. B., M. A.. Socta Science. KARL PLACE: A. B., M. A., Sczence. GLENN B. PURDHAM: A. B., M. A., Smith- Hughes, Trade and Industry., Industrial. BESSIE RATRS: A: B., Englzsh. KIRK RIDDERING: A. B., M. S., Chem1stry. CHARLES A. RIDLEY: A. B., M. A., Sctence. JOHN H. RINGELSPAUGR: A. B., M. A., Industrlal. ESTRER S. RoMANow: A. B., Physical Educatlon. JOHN P. ROMANOWZ A. B., Graduate Work.. Engl1sh. MICHAEL SAVAGE: B. S., Graduate Work.. Soczal Sctence. , DR. HAROLD K. SCHELLINGER: A. B., M. D., Health Servzce. CLARK J. SCHWADERER: A. B., M. A., Englzsh and Soc1al Sczence. HENRY C. SEEKAMP: A. B., Graduate Work., Industrial Arts. B. CLIFFORD SHIRLEY: B. S., M. A., Comm- erczal. BEATRICE C. SIMMONS: B. S.. Commerctal. I3 LUCILLE WALSH: A. B., M. A. L1brary. ANNAH P. WEAVER: B. S. Muslc and Gtrls Advzsor. HARRISON E. WELSH: A. B., M. A. Emglzsh. MAC F. WHALEH: B. S., M. S. Dlrector of Physzcal Education. GERALD McGowAN: A. B. Mzchtgan State Normal College., Englzsh, Soczal Science. LYLE G. WINES! B. S., Graduate Work, Smrth-Hughes, Trade and'Industry. Industrial. CHARLOTTE MILLS WOLEE: B. S. Physzcal Educatton. RALPH J. WQHDERS: B. S., M. S. Com- merczal. EDWAPD R. Wooos: B. S., M. A., Smzth- Hughes, Trade and Industry. Industrzah MURRILL K. WOOLEORD: A. B., Graduate Work. Soczal Sczence. MARY B. GARING: Senlor Clerk. In- Dustrzal Departments. NETTIE GEORGE: Record Clerk. OLGA HoRTIw: Juntor Clerk. WILBUR KLEIN: Junzar Clerk. ROMAN KOZAI Mult1l1th Junzor Clerk. ELEANORE M. HAUBNER: Juntor Clerk. IM HARVEY A. SMITH: B. S., M. A., Smath- Hughes, Trade and Industry. Industrial. UOSEPHINE A. SMITH: A. B., M. A. L1brary MARGUERITE B. SMITH: D. H. Dental Hygience. STANLEY B. SMITH: A. B. Science. STANELY S. SMITH: B. S., M. S. Com- mercial. WADE L. SMITH: A. B., M. S. Commercual. J. W. STALLARD: B. S., M. A. Soc1aL Sczence. ELIZABETH THAYER: B. S. Momemaktng. ERNEST A. VENK: B. S., Smsth-Hughes, Trade and Industry. Industrial. IRENE VOGTZ E. S., M. A. Lzbrary. LESLIE E. WAGHER: B. S., M. A., Graduate Work, Sm1th-Hughes, Trade and Industry. Industrzal. ALICE M. WAIT: B. S. Mathemat1cs. l ,L articul- 1dance. rk. k. Www p.?.b4.A.. M917 15. ' fwzibkx w!f0f- fl WE rdf-I X VQLQMJQ, 1 ' UWM"""""""'A'j dxf., A W - i ' U I , Q Q 'ff ww Q . , 1-4.40.1 N ,f.........f,0W4J-0 'MZ-ZW'wv:Z!W Z4,4.,..,..,Jf . ZMJQ-M! , ' ' SM... Lung.- C7 WWA! 651 WJ ffwfd wlizwjyifww What's cookin'? When you've come to the end of a berfect meal JY, MR. KENNETH MACLEOD MQ. MAURICE RAMSEY MISS ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY, Mass IRMA CILLEY Miss BERENICE CORNELL , DRINK AND BE MERRY .. wx , ,. Tlmmw YW ORDER, PLEASE Love as BLIND Mn. QILL KLINE MRS. ELEANORE HAUBNER I6 GEORGE MASKENY: Camera Club YVONNE JANE MCLEOD CURTIS W. MOORE: Camera Club. JACK MDTCN HAROLD J. CLEASZEWSNI: Class Offrcer, Vice-Presxdent. OOLLY PESH ROBERT JOHN PETERSON JOSEPH DELPHUS PICARDZ Basketball: Golf: Tennzs, Cabtazn. LAWRENCE PIZIZALI NORMA SCHRAM EETTY MAE SHUMANI Class Offzcer, Secre- tary and Treasurerf W.A.A. CCQMELL 5. SIMON! Camera Club. WILLIAM SINATRA ALPHONSE PAUL SNYDER JOSEPH A. SOLSBURG JEAN SUTTER I8 E. ELSIE BILANOWZ Camera Club, Preszdent PHYLLIS MARION CHMARA: Class Offlcef Class Rebresentatzve, W.A.A. BARBARA MAE CRIPRS KURT RICHARD GERSTENDERCER BETTY A. HARTMAN: W.A.A. EARL F. HOGUE ANNE KELLENBEROER: Camera Club, W.A.A. Treasurer. MERTON EILLIAM LINCOLN: Student Cab1net JEAN R. LOWTHERI Student Cablnet, Presz dentf W.A.A., Presldent. RUDOLPH J. LULEN: Class Offlcer, Pres1 dent. RICHARD LYMAN ELIZABETH ELSIE MASKALEN: Camera Club i59ESQiSV fQ5f5f?l gk f xi'5f- 4 gi. N i , . 1' X NW'wfk ' .Q V9 Rxvkkgggfu THONA' pAMlME" WITHEP5Pf Z Camera Klub f 5 A o ee .JN ' STANLFY VRANK WOJTOWICZ FORDSON JUNIOR COLLEGE The Fordson Junzor College, conszst1ng of the 13th and 14th grades, was obened for the f1rst tzme in Sebtember, IQQ8, following action of the Fordson Board of Educatlon after aobroval of such act1on had been shown by the electors of the Fordson School District ln the prevzous annual school electzon. Zhe graduatlng class of this June ts the second group of young oeofle to comblete the work zn this unat of the Fordson School System. The Fordson Jun1or College, from zts beg1nn1ng, has trzed to be more to the communzty than the older type of junior college. It has never had for :ts sole burbose the tralnzng of students for trans- fer to higher znstztutlons, although thzs tyte of tra1n1ng 1S offered to all that feel they want zt and wwll bfOf1t from tt. Many of the college trograms are of a termznal nature in that they are comtlete zn themselves, gxvzng the student the beneflt of two addztzonal years of tralnzng zn the buszness, zndustrzal, technrcal, artlstic, and cultural fields. Educators, bus1ness men, and 1ndustr1al1sts have been pleased wzth the broducts of these termznal courses, for wlth two years of be- yond hwgh school traznzng the junzor college graduate can offer hzs embloyer an educational background deczdedly subertor to that of the hzgh school graduate. . As a traznlng ground for future college work the junzor col- lege as a great money saver. Here two years of regular college work may be taken while the student contlnues to llve at home. Wzthout a large expenditure he has a stlendzd ottortunzty to fznd out in which lines he as most likely to succeed. The Fordson Junzor College has shown a steady growth from the time of its foundzng and as the years bass lt w1ll surely become a v1tal agency in the educatlonal, cultural, commerczal and 1ndustr1al activzties of the communwty. JUNIOR COLLEGE F1rst row: ANNE DARSON, RUTH ROSE, ELSIE ERKFITZ, MARJORIE FEIN, MILDRED HELVESTON, LEONA SHANDRO, VIVIAN MATHESON. Second row: LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, BOD SHIELDS, THOMAS MCCORMICK, EDWIN, FILIPCZAK, QICHARD FERRELL, TED YAGNISCZAK, HARRY TODESCHJNI, QICHARD WATSON, ThIrd row: QERALD FITCH, WILLARD GARWOOD, JOHN BOYLE,HAMMED ADRAY, OORIS KRUCHEN, DONALD TABENSKE, KENNETH CASPER, HARRY MARTIN. Fourth row: Standzng: JOHN MCORE, EUGENE FORFA, GARY MICALACEAN, CHARLES REGGIATORE, MICKEY ELLOIT, IRENE NORI. JUNIOR COLLEGE F1rst row: GENEvIEvE BEIN, DOLOPES SPANBERGER, DOLLY MAE SHIRLEY, LUCY, ARZOIAN, ANN MERNA, GLORIA ALLEN, OLGA PECHAR. Second row: MARLYN SEABUPY, EBELYN DOBSON, NETA QLSEN, VIRGINIA MEASURE, PAUL GEIR, JEAN CHEVALIER, MARGARET PREEMAN, GERALDINE STABENOW. Th1rd row: ANN SPEIRS, VIRGINIA COLATTA, MARY CHUNGO, ROSE NOVACHEF, MARY TRICK, JERRY MALZAHN, GEORGE DONALDSON, FRED D'NEILL. Fourth row:THEADORE CRAMRTON, ROBERT HYRKAS, ALMA DALMER, HELENE WALKER, DON PERRY, HENRY DEMARR, HAROLD HAGG, SAMUEL CARBIN. Fzfth row: Standzng: JOHN JANICA, JOHN DUDECK, LOIS BETTERIDGE, CLIFFORD SMITH, ED CZEKAJ, ANNA MARIE HARRISON, LEONARD DICKINSON, JEAN MITCHELL, JOHN KUZARA. JUNIOR COLLEGE Fzrst row: MARY ALICE MAYS, FRANK SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH BOODAKIAN, FRANCES TETER, CNALIE HIVETTE, MARY LANDA, PAUL ANDERSON. Second row: JACK MURRAY, JOHN BRADY, CARL CHAKMAKIAN, ROBERT MAINS, GEORGE OS- IPOEE, JAMES SPAULDING, FEROL HENDPICKSON, DOROTHY KAROLY. Th1rd row: WILLIAM ALLSOPP, MORRIS MOORE, HARVEY SPILUS, JOE THOMAS, GRAHAM PORTER, ALBERT LANDA, LYNN SMITH, FRANK QUIROZ. Fourth row: Standzng: JAMES DALTON, TOM MCKENNA, EUGENE SCHLAACK, WARREN DOUGHTY JUNIOR COLLEGE Fzrst row: PHYLIS CHMARA, JEAN LOWTHER, BETTY SHUMAN, BARBARA CRIPPS, DOLLY PESH, ANNE KELLENBEBGER, YVONNE MCLEOD. Second row: EARL HOGUE, ELLWYN TABENSKE, WILLIAM SINATRA, STANLEY WOGTOWICZ, ALBERT ANDREWS, TOM WITHERSPOON, KURT GERSTENDERGER. ELIZABETH MOSKALEK. Thzrd row: GEORGE MASKENY, JACK MUTCH, MERTON LINCOLN, CHARLES WATSON, RICHARD LYMAN, ROBERT PETERSON, CURTIS MOORE, AL SNIDER. Fourth row: StandIng: HAROLD CLEASZEWSKI, CORNELL SIMON, RUDLOPH LULEK. Ambttzous J. C. Students study a flyer as tart of thezr Czvzlzan Pilot Traznzng Course. Above: Eyes are skyward, lookzng, looktng-gfor a shoe. Yes, these J. C. Hktdsn are havlng another btcnzc, and thzs tzme they are havzng a shoe kzckzng contest. Nzght: A strong look of determznatzon comes over these boys as .hey fdftlC- :hate LN a medzczne ball game. We hohe they won. The gzrls Drehare for a htl arzous game of HCoeu's Fo Hacen at one of the many J. L bzcnzcs. l - .23 Treasurer: SHELDON ZINK Secretary: GEVELY REILLY Class D1rectors: PETER McLAuenL1N MARGARET FREEMAN ANTHONY ALIOTO JANUARY CLASS OFFICERS 1 .,x wg Vzce Preszdent: UOHN MAbUREAN Freszdentf FRANcss O'nARA Yi NICK Ll. ABBONIZIO LOUIS P. ALCAZAR: Servlce Groupp Trackg Football. AUDREY FRANCES ALEXANDER: Natzonal Honor Socletyf Servrce Groub: G.A.A. ANTHONY ALIOTO: Football, Managerg Track: Senzor Class Dzrector: VarsIty Club. GLORIA LEE ALLEN: Hatzonal Honor SocIety, Preszdentp dzrl Reserves: Intravhural Basketballg S8fU1C8 Qrouh: G.A.A HELEN MARIE ALT OLENE M. ARNOLD! ulee Club. LUCY ARZOIAN2 Vatzonal Honor Society. WANETA ASRCRAET: G.4.A. NICHOLAS SARBU MARIE BARRACO DEVERN W. SATEMAN: Sen1or Play: Servzce Grout. NETTIE A. OAYOEE: G.A.A JAMES EDMUND BEARO: Tennzs, Captazng NatIonal Honor Soczetyg Varszty Clubf Home Room Hehresentative. HARVEY A. BEEPNAERT PETE BENIO: Serv1ce Uroub. ANTHONY BERNAROELLI: F.C.A. LOIS VIRGINIA BETTERIOGE: Servzce Grout: G.A.A. WALTER OILANOW: Tower TrIbune, MechanIcaL Staffg Natlonal Honor Soczety: F.C.A. PEARL R. BILYEU: G.A.A. DOLORES S. BLOETSCHER ROBERT BYRON BOOOH: Hz-Y, Preszdent NUt10HQl Honor Soc1ety: Varszty Club Track, Captazn. ALICE BOOOSIAN ANNA BOOR JUNE ALEXANORA OOwYER: Servzce Group Intro-Vural Basketballg G,A,A, ERNEST GERALD BRAKHOP JOHN ROBERT BRONDELL FRED HENRY BURKOWSKI 25 VlRGINlA A. COLATTA: Glee Club. DALE ARTHUR CoLLlNs: Art Club. LUCILLE MARY COTE: Seru1ce Group. CHARLES EDWARD CRISPIN Joe CUMMING E0 M. CZEKAJ: Track Team: Varszty Club. ALMA R. DALMER1 Natronal Honor Soczety, Secretaryf Girl Reserves. VERA KATHLEEN DAY! Nat1onal HonorSoc1ety, Glee Club: Servzce Grout: G,A,A, EUGENE DEMBICKIZ Glee Club: H1-Y. ROBERT WESLEY DENECKE WALTER REED UENSMORE CHARLES DIFOEF EvELvN WINIFRED DoasoN: G.A.A. GEORGE DONALDSON MARY DORASH: Glee Club. PAUL PETER DRAB, JR.: F.C.A. 26 Teo BURY HELEN S. BusLAwsKl: Glee Club: G,A,A RUSSELL GILBERT BYERS: F,C.A, BERNADTNE CAMPBELL ALEx TOM CHAusHoEE: Seruace Groub. HARRY CHERNUSZ Orchestra. JEAN KAVTHYN CHEVALTERZ Servzce Groub PAUL ALBERT CHORBAEIAN: Servace Grout Senzor Play, Stage Crew. MARY CHUNGO HELEN A. CxHM4NsK1: Servmce Groub. VIOLET YvoNNE CLARK: Servzce Gfoub. EVELYN COFFER i DERNARD JOHN UUBASI Dramatzc Club: Art Club. HELEN A. DUDEKZ G1rl Reserves. RITA U. JULAZ Uzrl Reserves: G,A,A, EDWARD OZENROB dI-Yg F,C,4 MELBOURNE NRRERT LCRERT: bani. MARY ANN :IULERZ Xatzonal Honor Soc1etyf Gzrl Reserves: Q,A,A JACK ELLIOTT HELEN EVANS JOHN U. LVANS RUTH MARIE FERENCZ G.A L MARGARET J. FREEMAN: NatIonal Honor Soczelyp Sen1or Class Uzrectorp Gzrl Reserves. WALTER UALLINATY JR.: Orchestra: F,C,A,j Cheerleader W , I 7 "7-Y""3T'F 7' -7 'H PAUL FREUPICK GEIER: SWIMMIHE Team: Servzce Grouf, Caftaznf F,C,4, LENORA QINSJERE ALFRED GEORGE GOODISON EDWARD A. GRUDZIEN ANENES ROSE aoA5TELLAZ Qzrl Reservesg NGt1OHUl Honor Soczetyi G,A,A, THELMA MAY QLRYZ Glee Club. DEN NAOWIN ANN HALEBIAN: Servlce Grout. ANNA MARIE NARRISON: Glee Club DOLORES INEZE HARRISON DEVERLY EUNICE HEATH: G.A.A. MARJORIE ANN HOFFMAN MARTIN HORNYAK VERA MARIE HORVATR JOSEPHINE I. HRYSZKIEWICZ HELEN CAROLINE HUNGER 27 ADELORE GERALD KING SYLVIA E. KOLODXZ Natzonal Honor Soc1etyj Fleurvde-L1s, Senior Edztory G,A,A,, Asszstant Manager. JIM KOSTOEE: BasebalL HENRY JOSEPH KOWALEKI: Art Club: F,C,A, WALTER KRIVOSHEYEF: Servzce Groub. THEODORE R. KURILUKZ Natlonal Honor Soczetyf Football: Basketballf F,C,A, JOHN RAYMOND KUZARA: H1+Yf Dramatlc Club: Sen1or Play: Natzonal Honor Socletyf Home Room Rebresentative. JAMES PATRICK LAMEE GLADYS H. LANDRYI Nat1onal Honor Soczety. GEORGE RAYMOND LELLI5 JACK H. LINOSEY TONY LORENTE JOHN LOUIS LUCAS: Tower Tf1bune,Mgchgn1C- al Staff. OLGA LYSHAKI Fleur-de-Lzs, Senlor Edztorg National Honor Soc1etyg Servlce Grout: G,A,A,p Home Room Rebresentatzve. JOHN IN. MAGUREANI Natzonal Honor Soczetyy Fleur-de-L1s, Short Edztorg Senlor Class Vzce Preszdentf Servzce Grout: F,C,A, JERRY FREDRICK MALZARN 28 ROBERT WILLIAM HYRNAS IRENE IEzzI CHRISTINE M. lLLER WANOA M. JACKMAN FLORENCE GERTRUDE JACKSON: Art Club LOTTIE ANN JAKUBIEC WALLACE M. JOHNSON: H1-Y, Sergeant-at Arms. PAT SAM JULIAN: Servlce Grout. LEONA MAY KAPELANSKI , ROBERT KEITH KAY: Vars1ty Club: Art Club Seru1ce Grout. GORDEN LYLE KEELER HENRY JOSEPH KIBITLEWSKI TULIO MANERED1: F.C.A. MARGARET V. MARAH IRENE MARION MARKOWSKI 5ILL J. MAYH VIRGINIA T. MALDR: Tab Clubg Banquet Clubg Intra-Mural Sborts JOHN EDWARD MCLLAIN NANCY J. MCDONALD: Seruzce Groub. CHARLES MCGREOORZ Track BRUCE MOINTOSHZ Vars1tv Clubg Bond. PETE MCLAUGHLINZ Vars1ty Club: Football Track, Vanagerf Senzor Class Dzrector. CARL WILLIAM MEADUSC Tower Trzbune Nechanzcal Staff. ANN MERNAZ Natzonal Honor Soc1ety Serv1ce Uroub. N , S ' 'E ' - L AR., - A AQ '3 do , X, A A Q Q ss. 5 ' ' xsivx A Y N 9 K Suk Qi r T i T If T - .3 .ss . -' . : PHILLIP ANDREW MucHoN: Tower Tr1bune, Hechanzcal Staff: H1-Yg F,C.A, X VIOLET MABLE MTDA: Glee Clubg G,,4,A, yvx JEAN ANN MITCHELL: Gzrl Reserves: Servzce Rf Groubi G.A,A. X H' HAROLD MONDERGZ Servzce Groub. MINEFVA ELLEN MOORE: Tab Clubg G,A,A,g ervzce Grout: Glee Club: Operetta. APY MOTI: Glee Club. OLGA J. MOVESKY TER NICORAZ Vars1ty Club: Swzmmxng Teamp Track: F,C,A, - S Eggizh M A P 5 BERNARD NIGHTENGALE HENRY NIKKELI Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety: Servuce Groubf Student Councxl: F,C,A,, State Presldent: TowerTr1bune,Mechan1cal Staff Chlef. ROSE MARY NINII Home Room Rebresentatzve. EDWARD ROBERT Nazlo ROSE M. NOVACHEEE: Intro-Mural Shorts: G.A.A. RAYMOND NICK NOWICKIZ Natronal Honor Soc1ety: F.C.A., Central Committee President. ' LAWERNCE A. OAKESZ Fleur-de-L1s, Sport Edztorg F,C,A,g Pr1nt Shop, Presrdentf Art Club. JOE O'6RlEN: Varsity Club. 29 ELEANOR VIRGINIA PASCUZ Servzce Groubg Cahtaznf Natlonal Honor Soczetyg Home Room Rebresentatzve. HELEN P. PAVACH ALPINE ADAIR PEACOCK OLQA ALMIRA PECRAR JOSEPH PERRIN RAYMOND FRANKLIN PESH: Junlor Class Treasurerg Natzonal Honor Socletyg Machzne Shob, Preszdentf F,C,A, FORREST PHILLIPS CHESTER PLOUGHMANI Tower Tr1bune and Fleur-de-Lls, Photograbher. FREDERICK PDLENA: F,C.A, NORMA JANE PDYTER: Intra-Mural Baseball. GENENIEVE N. PUDLO ALEX QADCHUK: Natzonal Honor Soc1.etyq Varszty Club: Track. BEVELY D. REILLYZ Senzor Class Secretaryg Servlce Grouh QOHN MICHAEL RUSIECK GEDRDINA ANY RUSSELL: Dramat1c Clubf Senzor Playg G,A,A,f Natzonal Honor Soczety. DAN SANGEORZAN 30 EMMA MILDRED OCHENASI Glee Club: G,A,A, RAY H. O'DANlELSZ Hz-Yg Natzonal Honor Soczety. SHIRLEY GENE OGLESBEEI Glee Club. AGAVNE OHANNES10N FRANCIS RAYMOND OVHARAI Vars1ty Club: Junzor and Senzor Class Preszdent FRED JOHN O'NEILL: Track. EDWARD J. PACHANKIA HELEN ELIZABETH PADAN: Servzce Grouh' Intra-Mural Volleyball and Basketball 1 ANNE PALAQEZ Serv1ce Groubp Intra-Mural Volleyball and BasketbalL ELLA M. PANIKZ Intra-Mural Hasketbalh MARY DOROTHY PARAS LED SANFORD PARRY DAVID SARKESIAN RICHARD WAYNE SCANLON: Natlonal Honor Socletyg Baseballf Football: Varszty Clubf Student Counc1l. VERNELL SCOTT: Gzrl Reserves, Preszdentf Natzonal Honor Socletyg Service Group. GERALDINE SHAFFER. UOLLY MAE SHIRLEY STANLEY MIKE SIEDLIR: Tower Trlbunm Mechan1cal Staff. JOE SIMONI HENRIETTA MAREUERITE SKALMOWSHI: Intra-Mural Sborts. JEANETTE D. SMALLEY: Intro-Mural HasebalL CLIFFORD STANLEY SMITH GERALDINE MARIE SMITH: G.A.A. JOYCE G. SMITH: Servzce Grout. s - KI I.. I.-.v,- . -f::',1I.q.9g5:4D: O I I I DOLORES ALICE SPANDERGER: Senzor Play: G.A.A. ANN SREIRS: Glee Club. L ROBERT CHARLES SRDLL WALLACE ST.ONGE LEO STONISQ Student Counczlg FootbalL GRACE STRACHEN: G.A.A. BETTY VIVIAN STRONG PEGGY SULLIVAN PAULINE TABERZ Intra-Mural Baseball and Volleyballf G,A,A, BROOKS THOMAS: Dramatzc Clubg Sen1or Playg Vaudvllle. ATORA ISADORE TODESCHINI MARY TRICK: G.A.A. DONALD MICHAEL TUCKER DORIS TUFFIELD: Natlonal Honor Soc1etyf G.A.A. EDWARD C. URBANOWSKI ARWILDA M. VANDETTE: Servzce Grout. 3I No Pzcture HENRY BARANOWSKI ROBERT DOLAN PAUL HARVAT VIVIAN ADEL HORVATH ALDONA KOSTECKI JAY MCFADDEN ROBERT O. NELSON HERBERT OZARK HELEN VESELENAK: Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety G.A.A. ALEXANDER WADOWSKI ROBERT F. WARD! H1-Y: Dramatzc Club: All-School Play: Sen1or Play: Oberetta: Glee Club. CHARLES HARRY WATKINS: Orchestra Band: Tennzsp MARION WEISMULLER RICHARD ALLEN WENSING BETTIE LEE WHITEMAN HARLEY H. WOOD: Tennxs. O'dRlEN WROTEN: Baseball: Varsity Club: Art Club. SHELDON W. ZINK: H:-Y: Sen1or Class Treasurer: National Honor Society. PETER ZUBECK: Art Club. JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Secr RAY Sfons MR etary! KOC5 Treasurer: M ARILYN M OfSI 5. DIXON MR . PARKER AUDER Pre ED D1rectors: SHIRLEY COMTE DON WARREN MARY LOUISE s1dent: Peck Vzce-President: MARY MOSSAR ADAMS 33 WALLACE ARCNACRI: Track MARY ARZONIAN' Art Cla GEORGE DAAR JOHN J. DADALDTZ: football. HELEN LUCILLE ADAMS MARY LOUISE ADAMS: Seruzce Groubq Intra- mural basketball: Senzro Class Dzrecton JANE H. ADAMS: Tower Tribune: Servzce Group. PAY ADRAY: Serv1ce Grout. MARY ALBAS VIOLET JEAN ALDERMAN: Oberettap Glee Club LERDY ALBERT ALLINOTDN: HIAL DONALD Louxs AMERMAN: HI-K NORMAN JAMES ANASTOS: Hana: F.C.A.g Tower Trzbune, Vechanzcal Staff. IRENE ANN ANDERSON: Servzce Groub. JUNE AGNES ANDERSON: Glfl Reserves. MARION L. ANDRDS: G.A.A.g Innra-mural tennzs. Q X fs DOLORES L. DAQDZZI: olrl Reserves. BERNARD EEADDIEN ALICE MARY DEERNAERT: Servzce Groupg Intra-mural hockey and basketbalh JAMES BEGIAN 2 Band: Orchestrag Dance Orchestra. WILLIAM E. DENRENDT: Glee Club: Dra- matic Club: H1-Y: NGt1OHGl Honor Soc- zetyg Oberettag Senzor, All School Plays. MARIE FRANCES BENCNICRZ SeruIce Grout. RICHARD GRAHAM BENNETT DOROTHY LINNEA BERGSTROMI Glee Club: GIrl Reserves. EMIL DIEN: Art Club FRANK LEWIS BIESTEK AL BILYK DODDLAS DITNER: Band. 34 CARL O. BLOETSCHER ETHEL G. BLOOMI Glee Club, Vzce Pres- Identg Oberetta: Bach Chozr. DONNA JEAN BDDARY: Glee Club: 0f6f6ttdf National Honor Soclety. ROBERT HERMAN BOEDLER: F.C.A.g HI-I, Secretary. HELEN BOGOSIAN IRENE F. DOLESKII Glee Club: Intra-mural sborts. MARY GLADYS BONHAM: Glee Club HILDA BOCKERI Intro-mural shorts. JAMES R. B005 DONALD EDWARD BQRGIS DORIS BORRDR: Natzonal Honor SocIety Szlver Qu1llf Fleur-de-Lzs, Coby Edztorg Servzce Groub. ROBERT B. BOWL: Homeroom Rehresentatzve: Tower Trrbune, Mechonzcal Stuff: F.C.A. YVONNE M. E. BDWERS: Natzonal Honor Soc1ety: Szlver Quzll: G1rl Reserves. KATHLYN VIOLA BOYD ROBERT DAVID BRACKNEY GEORGE WILLIAM BRADLEY JOHN J. BRAIZJI Cheer Leader ARTHUR F. J. BRAKHOP LILLIE JULIA BRENDA MARQUERITE ETHEL BRENDA MARJORIE E. BRAYMAN: Serv1ce Groub. WILLIAM W. BRDWNEIELD PHYLLIS MARILYN BRYANT: G.A.A.: Seruwce Group. ELAINE J. BUCHANAN: G.A.A.p Serv1ce Grout. HILDA H. BURTON TOM BUTLER: F.C.A. RAY CADRY: Band: Orchestra. CHARLOTTE ELLEN CAIN: G.A.A.q Glee Club: Servzce Group. 35 I 4 HELEN lReNe CHRISTNER EMIL ANTHONY CICAN JENNIE Joserre CICCARELLI GeNevIeve L. CIesLA: G.A.A.g Serv1ce Groti. OLGA CILC STANLEY R. CISEK MILDRED Reeves CLARK MARILYN CQCNQAN VIVIAN J. VOFFEY: Natlonal Honor Soc1ety: Forenszcsp Intra-mural basketball. CLAQA CCLCHESKI HeNRIeTTA COLLIER ROSALIE COMPTON! Dramat1c Clubf G.A.A.g Glee Club. SHIRLEY COMTE2 Senzor Class Directory Gzrl Reserves: Dramatzc Club: Forenszcs: Servlce Groubf G.A.A. PANL FPANK CONDPA GERTQUDE ELIZABETH COOPERSMITHI Servzce Group. JOHN CORNEA 36 IRVIN L. CAMENZ F.C.A.f Tower Tribune Mechan1cal Staff: Homeroom Representatnve JEANETTE CAMPBELL HARRlET JULIA CANELL JEAN ANN CAPLAZ Majoreftep Girl Reserves Servzce Groub: G.A.A. HENRY A. CAPRARO: Servzce Group. PATRICIA A. CAREY: Forenszcsg G.A.A. Student Counc1l, Councilman-at-large: Dramatic Club, DlfBCtOff School Plays. EUGENIA M. CARGE HENRY GeNe CAQLoNe: Glee Club: Vaude- ville. MARGARET JEAN CARQAHER SHIRLEY CARSON Tom CHICLES ALICE CHINCHIK I NA MAY ELEANOR Cox JANE LATRICIA COZZAGLIO FLORENCE CRISONZ Servzce Groub. A ei N A SMSQMQQQMAQRQE IRENE E. COUNIS: G.A.A. , SY he lg E Sgyk E .Lil ESTHER LYDIA CROSS: Glee Clubg President: Dramat1c Club: Sennor Playg Oberettag G.A.A. JESSE CROSS ARLENE L. CROSSMAN: Tower Trzbunep Dra- matic Club. CHARLES JOSEPH CRowE STANLEY CzARNoTA: iobtballg Basketball: BaSeballg Vars1ty Club. ALICE DAKASIAN WILLIAM DAMIAN2 Band: Orchestraf Dance Orchestra. FRANK AUGUST DAMIANO: Dramatzc Clubj Art Club. I MARY LOUISE DAMIANO: G.A.A. DORIS J. DAMONI Fleur-de-LiS,Art Staff: Art Club: Service Group. DOLCRES F. DAUCNERTY: Servsce Group. MYRNA ELEANOR DAVEY: G1rL Reserves, Vice Pres1dentg Szlver Quill, Pres1dentg Senior Play: Natvonal Honor Society: Forenszcs: Dramat1c Club. QUTH DAVIS: G.A.A.: Service Groub. MARY H. DAWSON: Homeroom Representative: G.A.A.f Service Groub. QICHARD LINN DENNIS: Nat1onaL Honor Soc- zetyf F.C.A. MARVIN DEYCUNC: Glee Clubg H1-Y. JAMES ARTHUR DIAMOND: F,C.A. AALEEN FRANCES DIBERT: Servzce Grout. ANTOINETTE DIVETTA PETER DOBRA FRANK WESLEY DOBRY ELLA MAY DODDE JENNIE DOMBECK: Dramatic Clubg Senior Play Commzttee. GLADYS MARIE DONNELLY 37 EVELYN I. FAITELZ Servzce Group. ELIZABETH ETHEL FARRAS HAROLD FELSKE TED A. FIJAK ELZEAR JAMES FILLION DAN J. FLEMING: Golf Team. DORA S. FONTEYNZ Homeroom Rebresentatlve: Serv1ce Grout. LOUISE M. FONTEYN TEMPEST M. FRALEIGH: Szlver Quzll, Secre- tary: Girl Reserves: Service Groub. JOE FRANK: F.C.A., Presudent. WALTER GREGAPY FRITZ MARVIN ARNOLD FRITZ ROBERT FRYSINGER: Serv:ce Group, Captazn. WILLIAM HILL FuLTON: HI-Y, Preszdent: Homeroom R8ffCS8UtGt1U8. GINA E. GABRIEL: Glrl Reserves. CARMELLA M. GARZANITI: Natrona! Honor Socxety: Glee Club: Oberetta. 38 GERALDINE MARGARET DORSCH JOSEPH M..DOUGHER! Band Orchestra Dance Orchestra. BETTY JAME DOWNING: S1lver uIll G ee Club: National Honor Soc1ety Dramatic Club: Operetta. ALEX OUCNIN: F.C.A. LAWRENCE MICHAEL DUFF RITA T. DULIMBA WENDELL JOHN DUNN IRENE RUTH DUPLER MARY Eoo SHIRLEY HOPE EMPSON: JOHN ERIDON ALICE ERKFITZ G.A NORMA J. GATES! Szluer Quzllg Natzonal Honor Socrety, Secretary: Seruzce Grout: Girl Reserves. EMILY MONICA GAZARER PEARL LOUISE GENTHENBERG RUTH MARIE GENTHENBERG CARMEN CAROL ANN GEORGE: Dramatzc Club. ANN GIOILEWICH: Tower Trzbune, Edztar- In-chlef: Natzonal Honor Society, V1ce Preszdentg Debatzngq Homeroom Rebresenta- t1ve. JAMES GILLANDQ HI-Y, Treasuren JOHN LEROY GLANT EDWIN O. GOERKE2 Tenn1s: Vars1ty Club: Homeroom Rebresentatzve. . WANOA HELEN GOLEN VIRGINIA RUTH GOOD: Homeroom Representa- tzve: Intra-mural basketbalh JACK CARMAN GRAHAM ' " -HI "PII-7' ' 'W' 'W Y' H "7" W W ' ' ' J. ,I I IAN GRAY LORRAINE GREEN: SILver Qu1llg Glee Club: Servzce Group. BOE GRIEEIN: Student Counczl: President: Tower Trlbune, Sborts Edltori Varszty Club: Footballg Servzce Group, Captain. JACQUELINE JEAN GRIEEITH2 Orchestra JAMES MITCHELL GUBACHY: Baseball: Varszty Club. WILLIAM JOSEPH GUIDARA DONNA JEAN HALL! Nat1onal Honor Soczety' Servzce Group. RICHARD PAUL HAMILL . JUNE FRANCES HART: Seruzce Groub, Cab- tazn: Intra-mural basketball: G.A.A. ROSE A. HART: G.A.A. MICHAEL J. HAUPT VERA E. HAWKES: Forenszcsp G.A.A.: Intra- mural basketbalk JAMES HEALY2 Varszty Club, Presldentf Basketball: Golf Team, Cabtazn. HENRY LEO HEBOA ROBERT CHARLES HECHT: Track: Varszty Club: Band. AUBREY HELVESTON: Natzonal Honor Soczety: H1-Y, Preszdent: Dramatlc Club, Secretary: All School Play. 39 EILEEN FLORENCE HORN ARTHUR N. HOSCELO OoRIs MAE HowELL ARLINE MAE HUNT NAOMI E. JACKSON RUSSELL JACOBS ALICE JAGODZINSKI ELAINE B. JAHR: Service Group. GERTRUDE JANIK NORMA LEONA JECZMYK MARGARET JENDERS: Service Group. BETTY JANE JENKINS IRMGARD JERTZZ Silver Quill: Fleur-de Lis, Associate Feature Editor. JENNIE JEZIERSKI ROBERT DALE JoHNsoN: Football: Basket ball: Varsity Club: Hi-K DON FREDERICK JOHNSON 110 WILLIAM B. HERMANN: National Honor Soci- ety: Hi-Y, President: Dramatic Club, Sec- retary: Senior Play. PETER JOHN HERRON ANN M. HIBLER: Girl Reserves: Secretary: Hostess Club: G.A.A.: Intra-mural basket- ball. JEAN G. HILD: Service Grout. BARBARA HILL! Silver Quill: Intra-aural basketball: G.A.A.: Orchestra. Louis ARTHUR HINNIL: Service Group. DORIS HIRSTZ Intra-mural hockey. CLARE HNATIO! Tower Tribune, News Editor: Girls Reserves: Debating. ALFRED HODGES EARNEST O. HOGLIN: F.C.A.: Homeroom Reo- resentatiye: Student Council, Twelfth Grade Representative. EUNICE ANNE HOGLIN: Service Grout. OLGA JENNIE HOLOWATY HARRIET DOROTHY JONES LEBARON HARTWELL JONES HELEN KAMINSKI DORIS MARION KAMRE: Glee Club: Oberettag Orchestra: Vaudeville. JOHN STANLEY KANIA ANN KARAGAS MARGUERITE MAY KARAVAS: Intra-mural swzm- ming, basketball, and hockey. DOLORES C. KARTJE: Serulce Group. RALPH K. KASPARIAN ALEX MICHAEL KATUZIN ALFRED KEIN NORMA JESSIE KELLY BEATRICE MARIE KLINGER DELPHINE AGNES KLYEWSKI EDWARD J. KNEIR: Fleur-de-Lzs, Buszness Manager. HELEN K. KNEIP: G.A.A. EOWARO E. KOBYLENSKI FRANK JOE KOMINER: Band RAY KOOS2 Glee Clubg Senzor Class Secre- taryf Art Club, Presldentf H1-YQ S1lver Quzll: School Organ1st. NETTIE KORNELUK: Dramutlc Club: Seruzce Groub. RICHARD J. KOSINSKI MARY KOSLOSKY: Natzonal Honor Societyf Fleur'defL1s, Organzzatzon Edztor. JAMES KOSSMAN: Art Club. EOWARO KOvAc: Seruzce Group. ELIZABETH ELLEN KOVALOIK ROBERT HOWARD KREFT: Student Council, Vice-Preszdentf Varszty Club: Footballj Tower Trzbune, Mechanzcal Che1f: Serv1ce Groub. BETTY JEAN KUBAT: Dramatlc Club: Servzce Groubg Intra-mural basketball and basebalb LEO JOSEPH KUBINSKI QI CHARLOTTE MAY LIEDECK: Intra-mural swzm- ing chamb. IRENE LINVILLE VIRGINIA LIvINGGooD: Servzce Group. STELLA ANGELlNE'LOUKAS NORMA D. LOWTHERI National Honor Society: Fleur-de-Las Senzor Co-Edrtorg Service Group. MARGARET A. LUNDQUIST FRED C. LUSH: Homeroom Rebresentative: Tennis. MARILYN EDITH LUTTERMOSER CHARLOTTE LWLLIAN MAcMuLLAN: Nat1onal Honor Socsetyf Glee Club. ALBERT A. MAIER JR.: Service Grout. ALEX MALANCHUR MARY MALISH AILEEN RUTH MANDRICK FREDERICK L. MANzAGoL: Band WALLACE WILLIAM MARQDARDT LEONARD JAMES MARTENRA uz IRENE HELEN KWIECIEN CHARLES M. LADD: F.C.A. JESSIE ANNE LALONDE2 Debatznif Intra- mural basketball chamb. DEAN L. LARUE: F.C.A. GRACE VIRGINIA LARSH Aueusr JOSEPH LASH BOB EUGENE LAUXZ H1-Y: Natxonal Honor Socaety. CHARLES LAWSON BLANCHE LEMIRANDE RICHARD H. LENNox: Tractor H:-Y Pres:- dentg Glee Club: Bach ChoTr: National Honor Soczety. MABEL D. LEWIS: Natzonal Honor Soczetyf Glee Club: G.A.A. RICHARD C. LEWIS v.,..:.,p PAULINE MATHERLY: Servzce Groub: G.A.A. HELEN ELIZABETH MATLE: Art Club, Secre- tary. JUNE ANNETTE MATTHEWS: Natrona! Honor Soc1etyf G.A.A. MARILYN MAUDEPZ Senior Class Treasurerg Fleurfde-L15 Senzor Co-Edztorg Serv1ce Group: Homeroom Rebresentatzve. DOLLY BELLE MCCARTY1 Natzonal Honor SOCI- etyf Forenszcs: Servzce Grout: G.A.A.g Intrafmural basketball chamb. MARJORIE MCCRACREN: G.A.A. LEONA BELLE MOGRATH: G.A.A. EMILY MCGRORY BOD GRAHAM MCLEOD: Serv1ce Grouh. LESLIE EDWARD MCQUEEN STEVEN S. MENDYK RUTH LORRAIN MERTZ me MM I L - " is A . . E+- X, .. A " N- Om Riivai Vg' L N. OMR A N L M. :AR ' '- . . . ,RH .. SI ,ISF Ei 'I NK. eifi.. My S wag , I , . is QLK H! A r 21 if LwW's 'iwswxk A K A 5 it D msg .33 A ogg ' A A A N A g if .L ., ' 5 xx A as QN AN as X Q SY AX 'E' X R: A AI A N 5, SQA S5 NX ,S gb N Q X ki X A AW 'A A v S +'.,,f,. ,. - ibkigglxf A Qi- 1 Q' 5 F A lx '39 A N52 , . Y we ' ROMAN MICALACEAN FRANCES MAE MIEDLAR EDWARD JOSEPH MIzGALsKI: Tower Tr1bane. Mechanlcal Staff. LIONEL B. MOHER MARIE MOLDOVAN JEAN ELEANOR MOORE NORMAN ALLEN MOORE: Varszty Clubf Swzmm- Ing, Co-Caftazn. RICHARD MORONE RAY MORISSETTE: Glee Club. MARY MOSSAR1 Natzonal Honor Soc1ety: Senzor Class Vzce Preszdent: Slluer Quzll- Dramatzcsg G.A.A.g Service Grout Captain. IRENE FRANCIS NAWROCRI ALEX ARTHUR NEMETH AMELIA NESTOR: Art Club. MARCELLINE AURILIA NIM MAUREEN NOLLZ Fleur-defL1s, Edztor-Tn Chzefp Servzce Grout Captaznf G.A.A. ALICE M. NORDSTROM: Gzrl Reserves: G.A.A Intra-mural basketball chamb. 563 DELLA ROSE PAwLlTz: Glee Club. PAUL M. PEARE EDWARD ALAN PECKI Senlor Class Preszdent Varslty Club: Secretary: Football: Base ball: Servzce Group. LILLIE PATR1C1A PELLER: Homeroom Reore S2HtGt1U6f G.A.A. PAT ANTHONY PFLLER EILEEN PETERSON TOM PNIZACRLEA HOWARD PINGSTONI Football: Varzsty Club. MARTANNE JOHANNA PLARPERT: Gzrl Reserves. BETTY JANE PLOTSI Servzce Grout. ESTHER LILLIAN PCIKEY EVELYN JOAN POLRYWRA JOSEPHINE QITA PREBLSRI SAN CHARLES PROKIN: Tower Trzbune, Mec hanucal Staff. JOSEPH LAWRENCE PROROP: Servzce Group. DUNCAN CARL PULEORU: Track. U4 DON O'KOPNY: Tower Trzbune, Mechanical Staff. PAT OL1vER VICTORIA MARIE ORRENEA: Servzce Group. SHIRLEY ORLASRT: Glee Club JOSEPH A. PACICN VALDA lOLA PAONTNT: Natlonal Honor Socz- etyg Gzrl Reserves: G.A.A.: Service Groub. DONALD P. PAPKE MARY R. PAPUTA MARJORIE PARKER: Glrl Reserves: G.A.A RUTH EVELYN PARRART: G.A.A. RUBY lRENE PAT1ENCE: Servace Groupp G.A.A GEORGE PAVACH FRANCIS WINNIE PURDHAM: G.A.A.: Serulce Group: VIRGINIA Puszz Servzce Group. EVADELL RADDATZ EUGENE F. RALLS: Art Club: Tennls. KEITH RAY KENNETH RAY: Band: Orchestra: Dance Orchestra: Natzonal Honor Soczety. HELEN BLANCE REB! G.A.A. JENNY G. REKOS EowARo C. REMBECKI EDNA RENAS MARY ELIZABETH RICHARD! Seruzce Group. VIRGINIA ROGOWSKI EVA EVELYN ROLL: Dramatac Club: Glee Club: Servlce Group: G.A.A. ELEANOR DELLA ROMANUK: Servlce Group: G.A.A. ADOLPH J. ROSOL EVA MARIE ROUSH CASIMER B. ROZYCKI: Servlce Group. EDWARD FRIEDRICH RUNGE: Senlor Play: Dra- matzc Club, Treasurer: All-School Play. VERA RUTH RUSSELL: Servzce Group. DON RYAN! Football: Varlsty Club. GEORGE SACKASH RICHARD E. SANDUSKY RUTH NANCY SANTANDER: Fleur-de-Lls, Ass oclate Edlton STANLEY A. SAPULSKI: Dramatzc Club: All- School Play: Track: Forenslcsi Homeroom Representatzve. NICHOLAS SASU MARCELLINE SATTLER JOHN SAUCEDO WILLIAM H. SAUERZ Senior Play Commzttee. 45' , .V IRIMIE SIMION GEORGE J. SIMON PAULINE SIMON CHARLES WILLIAM SINTAY: Homeroom Repre- sentative. STANLEY JOHN SLAZINSKI WILLIAM SLOTA: Swimmingf F.C.A. JERRY M. SMAHAY MARJORIE MARTHA SMEREKA: Glee Club. BESSIE SMITHY Majoretteg G.A.A.p Intrae mural swimming. JACK JOSEPH SMITH TED SMITH MARTHA JANE SOWELLZ Glee Club, President: Bach Choir: National Honor Society: Home room Rebresentative. EDMUND A. SPANSKI SOPHIE MADELINE STADNIK CARL JOHN STAN: Senior Play Committee RAYMOND D. STANLEY 46 LEONARD E. SAwIcKI: F.C.A.g Tennis. FRANCIS SCHEIIRICH ALFRED BUD SOHLEIE: Football: Track: Var- sity Club. DOLORES MAE SCHULTZ: Tower Tribune, Asso- ciate Editor: Junior Class Directorp For- ensics: Silver Quill: Vice-President: Ser- vice Group. DOROTHY SCHUMANI National Honor Society: Library Club. HAROLD ALBERT ScHwARTz: Service Group GLORIA LEE SCOTT LORRAINE MARIE SEELEY: Service Grout: G.A.A. JEAN CAROLE SELESKY SARKIS M. SHAKAR: Cheer Leader: Vande- ville. MARQUERITE PHOEBE SHOWERS: Silver Quilh VICTOR P. SIENKANIC: Art Club: Service Group Cabtain. JEANNE LORRAINE STEVENS: G.A.A.g Art Club. WILMA JEAN STEVENS: Fleur-de-Lis Asso- czate EdItor: Natzonal Honor Society: G.A.A MYRTLE lRENE STOLL DOROTHY STuoNIcKY: Majoretteg Servzce Groub: Intro-mural basketball. STELLA SYLVIA SUDA ARTHUR EDWARD SWIATKOWSKI CLARA HELEN SZYMANIARZ Sslver Qulll. AURELIA J. TASCA DOYLE E. TASE VIcTcR TATARANowIcz: Football: Basket- ball: Varszty Club. ARTHUR L. TATRO: Baseballg Varsity Club. JEANNETTE TELLIA ROSE THOMAS AUREL GEORGE TILICEA JOHN TOJE WILLIAM TOMASHEKI Dramatzc Club. JUNE D. Tow: Intra-mural volleyball: G.A.A. BEATRICE JEAN TREvoRRow: Bach Chozrf Glee Club, Treasurer: Oberetta. JENNIE THERESA TRONT: Servlce Group. MARY LOUWSE TUCKERZ Service Grout. LILLIAN T. TYLUTKI2 Intra-mural baseball, basketball. MARY JOANA URDEAZ Natzonal Honor Society: Fleur-de-Lls, Faculty Edztorp Silver Quillg Tower Trzbune. MARY VANGOEE NICKIE VANGOEE: Band: Glee Club. GEORGE VARVARI: Glee Club. MARY VATCA MARY VIRGINIA VELLA: Glee Club. FRANCES BARBARA VETowIcH: G.A.A. 47 ' CARMELLA WILLIAMS: Glee Club. LEWIS J. WILSON: Tractor Hz-Y LEO A. WINALIS TOM WINEK MARNEY MARCELLA WIRTN: Tower Trlbunep Nat1onal Honor Soc1ety: Szlver Quzllf G.A.A. LEONARD WLODAPCZYKI Tennis: Varszty Club. AGNES MAE WOOD JACK J. WOOO5 FRANK L. YAONISZCZAK: F.C.A.: Natzonal Honor Soczety. VIRGINIA YINGER: Student Counczlg Drama- tic Cluby Preszdentf Forenszcsp G.A.A. WINIEREO Loss YOUNG: Nattonal Honor Socz- ety, Pres1dentf Forenstcs, Preszdentf Gzrl Reserves, Treasurer: Dramatic Club. FRANK ZAPARANUK HARRY ANTHONY ZAWACKI CLARA M. ZELUEE: G.A.A. VERONICA ANNA 7IEMaA HAROLD J. ZIMES W8 TONY VITTI BERNICE ANNE VOLK: Gzrl Reserves, Presz- dentf National Honor Soczetyf Forensrcs, Vice Preszdentf Homeroom Representative. JEAN MARTIN WAGNER JANE WALKER! Bach Chozrf Glee Club: Gzrl Reserves. DONALD E. WARREN: Sen1or Class Dsrector. ADELINE FRANCES WAsILEwsKI: Intra-mural baseball, basketbalL LEE A. WATSON LILLIAN AGNAS WEIR: Serv1ce Groub. MARY LOUISE WRITE: Natzonal Honor Socz- ety: Majorettef Dramatzc Clubp Sen1or Play. PHYLLIS LEONA WHITE: Gzrl Reserves: For- enszcs: Servzce Group. CLIFTON WIELANO EDWARD WILLENBORG EDWARD BARSACK JOHN R. BIEL JOHN CONSTANTINE WHLLIAM DYER HARRY FRANK FIELEK BERNICE Louise FOY OLGA LOIS KONDUR GERALD V. MCGLYNN BRUNO WALTER MATECK1 HAROLD W. PETERSON HOMER W. QJCHAROSON VIRGINIA SWEBEL THELMA EVELYN STROUO HAROLO Tw1EOE ZORA JEAN VITAS SUZANNE WESSINGER CLASS HISTORY Time: Three years ago Place: Fordson High School Characters: About 600 very green IOBIS Yes, that was the setting for the first act of our high school careers. It seemed such an immense task to us wobbly-kneed sophomores to tackle. We thought we could never get into the swing of things. However, within five weeks we were ready to Udo or dien for Fordson. At that ime it seemed to us that to be a senior would be the fulfillment or our most ardent dreams. The indescribable excitement which we felt at our first football game will never be forgotten. It opened the gates to a new kind of entertainment, one that was composed of fellow students who made us proud to be behind them. The second act brought us our first independence, the right to elect our own officers, In them we trusted the planning and giving or the traditional J-Hop. We thought the navy was in for that was the theme of the decoration as we marched down the gangplank to the melodies of Gene Owen's orchestra. In our junior year another honor was added to Fordson's many. We saw our basketball team go to the State finals under the competent coaching of MR. CATHERMAN. , As seniors, we reached the grand finals of our entire education. Though we never thought of it before, we began to realize that in a few months we would be out in the world and on our own. We would no longer have the guidance of our teachers who spent so many years polishing off the rough edges and preparing us for future citizenship. And so the curtain falls. Our caps and gowns, symbols of our achievement. are discarded with the determination to go forth and reach the highest goal. To Work We Must Go... MR. GRIPTON, flocement dere ector, zs Ch6Ck1Hg the attlzc- atlons fzlled out by GLORIA ALLEN and EowARo CZEKAJ. Here they are shown maklng an ef- fort to obtazn work so as not to become a burden to soczety. They are but two of the many ffOSb6Ct1T8 graduates who re- alzze the vltal broblem whzch zs fac1ng them, the problem of b6COm1Fg good c1t1zens and of contrlbutlng somethzng worthy to tHE welfare of thezr communzty. A Word From the Wzse IS Suf- f1ceznt... Bos GRIFFIN ts llstenang zn- tens1vely to some sound advlce offered by one of the boy's advzsors, MR. WONDERS. They are strzvzng to establish a concrete ldea of BOb'S future ambltion and the course he w1ll follow to achzeve hzs goal. Hot Off the Press... Absorbed zn the Senzor Edl- t1on of the Tower Trlbune HENQY QAPRARO 15 but one of the students who attreczate the ftne more of the staff Thzrst zs Kzng... Two future cztzzens are tah- zng thezr last drznk from the colorful ttled Senlor Fountazn before they each take a dif- ferent fore zn the road of lzfe. Both Joyce SMITH and OLGA LYSHAK have been fortu- nate to receive such a f1ne educat1on by wh1ch they wzll surely benefit. that edzt the school taten The baber 13 tubllshed solely on the resbonszbzlzty of the students and both the znztza- tzve and the orzgznalzty of the students shows that our system of educatzon 15 helb- 1ng students to understand clearly the meanzng of co- operat1on. Ahoy There Mates .... With the 'toot' of the shib's whistle, the heart of every senzor aboard leated wzth excztement as the crowded boat bulled out slowly from the down- town harbor for its des- t1ny, NPut-In-Bayn. On board the students danced to the sh1b's orchestra with the rock and roll of the boat uton the foamzng waves. After glOT1OUS hours of sail- ing 'land ahead' was heard comzng from the bow of the Shtb every eager eye turned toward the direction of the abbear- ing land. 'fig 8 t dang? n be R10 la rom es l ext ds wx, .sued findubg LOQES are CH rfmegy 0 apte A W fa::wC""Awh'Le E3 Same AHENQY QRLES Mcgameraar to + 5 , ' f f P Sh GRACE of foodxs fed the 09 tdeffef toffkg-L, 6oiGOR ah! o blt RGER r of Seen sit a A bo Spkvgi membe lcs i nd adm is n 1, Down i revle e h 'xbs1te Se In the dzstance the Com- modore Perry Memorial loomed up on the hor1zon and soon sll on board were scurrzng to gather thezr belongxngs before the boat docked. 52 Wzth the last moment of memorable enjoyment ended and with the last Denny stent the mass of tzred souls again gather by the railings and watch, as MR. PARK- ER and ROBERT HvRKA5 are dozng, the hazy green 1sland s1nk slow- ly into the foamzng waters. W. Once on the xsland of Put- In-Bay the students scat- tered 1n every concetvable d1rect1on to enjoy them- selves before the S.S.Put- In-Bay returned to carry them home. W7n Y7VW Y Y Y W V Y VW -Y-ffwv 77- --WY Y-,iw .7,..-v....fY Y Y C sxriwx X we OU 5 Y H cvutdaw an oWd Just a r1ng, but zt brings back all of the hGPb1HCSS we knew in our hzgh-school years. Q50 ANN may wzsh she had ordered more bzctures judgzng by the bhotograbherfs smzle of ap- broval. wil X, 5. ov' H02 10gM RL S Q-,P gm UU fem Mmb mv Sbl I Ove Leq' L1 vvr P QT' ONN cg? RRON1 EXP VSA REQ Pd, Qubwx of GY' 'YQX LL1 gg? 510 Y. WW 2. wx em we uilllfm Shot 5 wi . ng who Nm- VCLOQEH to 30 L00 5x1VI,0fS.d TON ce O 6 g hZ f no if bet 11 My few give ESLLe2 'to 'I ,o IW M STA N S f LA folgold ZZINSKI 6 Cory, H fl! Ones light 9155 S fat to lull 1.95106 and 6 fle,-,S Z If e I setzz e MA5LEC'Zfhe Q " EWIS I of H 6 C 077 any Q1 0 ree,- UQ' s he can be QS Z Ong as a nurse F' 'Xxx 'wr gf 9 ,V - Q 5 5 f E but I 40AMS as Fz' S sfo,-6 'Y fj Us tl, 0 c luzfz 'IF out A05-eh fad if Dr up, be MQJ, Ofc-T5-1 ftp! West OH 'ff 40 Qf Q MARY ARZOIAN has her heart set on be1ng a dress des1gner. Perhaps In years to come we will see her H name attached to 'C many famous cres- tzons. VIRGINIA Gooo certaznly doesn't want to spend all her l1fe answerIng tele- Dhones but It wzll be hart of her job as a sec retary. 54 A l ws, LORRAINE feels she can Hlzch the worldu now, and MR. MACLEOD hopes she w1Ll feel the same way in years ta come. MR. KENNETH MACLEOD LORRAINE SEELEY In future years when we hear the strazns of UPomf and Czr- cumstancesn our mznds will turn back to that nxght of commencement and memorzes of our Alma Mater. Over 600 Seniors assemble for the last tlmep the grand fzn- ale to three exc1t1ng years of hzgh school llfe. Slnglng of the school song by the glee club, graduatzon sbeeches, and f1nally the bresentat1on of dzplomas marks another mllestone tn our lzves. 55 MISS ELIZABETH CLAUCHERTY, I2B F1rst row: ESTHER QINGFELDT, ARENE CLARK, SOPHIE CHAMULAK, LORRAINE CARLSON, DOR- OTHY ATCHLER, DELORE5 BARON, ANNA ALABAKOFF, JEANETTE CARMON. Second rouw SHARTE OFRDERIAN, FLORENCE CRISON, GLORIA BELFRY, BETTY BOYER, MARY DELIOH, PAREIOTA DOWYER. Th1rd row: PEARL SOUNCHARD, HELEN BAGDON, ELEANOR UEGOURSE, FLORENCE BURTON, Luc- ILLE CAMILLERY. ANORENE BAXTER, HELEN CZARNEOK, MARY JANE COLEMAN, MANOELINE CO- LUMBUS, MARUORIE BLOK, MARY DELLA VEEOHTE. fourth row: VIRGlNlA oROwN, MARGARET DEAN, ELAINE dose, BARBARA CARSON. F1fth row: FANNIE 5ENlO, NORMA BANSE. -s,,5 N 409' N 4 1 N N MRS. MARY BEAUCHAMP, I2B F1rst row: MARY QREGORIAN, MARY GUERRIERO, RUTH EGLOFF. Second row: FRANCk5 HELISEK, RUTH FENNER, JOAN GALFANO, HELEN HOMONAR, ANTONET GIANDOMENIEO. Thzrd row: ANN KARAGAS, OELPHINE GEORGE, MARY FANBOY, ANN HIBLER, BETTY JORY. Fourth row: GERALDINE DRY5, VIRGINIA DUOHER, ANN UYCIO, ALFREDA EOKERT, MRS. MARY BEAUCHAMP, WANOA JACHYM, JEAN HARTMAN. Sk i 15 1 mg vi X ' I., . Mi 3 'iF .. QM, v YE M, Y 'F r,:..,,, '5' 'I' :' 'I' 4 .nf fm ww, ii? s Q ,wg A X s an 55 s UQ 31536 S va Y? MTE as,-, SX 1 i 3 fm '56 , Q Qs . 'Z X W , f f f 'il i is . M ,,,,,., 'W SQQSEZE ,. P R Y 2 S W X if x ,S Q, Em Q There are varzous courses that a student may choose from such as: college preparatory, general, commerclal, and 1ndustr1al. After the student has decided ubon which one he desires he takes classes deszgnated for that course and classes of h1s own choosing, called electtves. The feature sectzon rn thls year's annual wzll be found in varzous tarts of the book. Followzng the senior, junlor, and sophomore sectzons pzctures of students show the outstandzng event, troubles, or Occaszons of that class and the subjects that are offered. Subjects bortrayed IH each unzt are not necessarily those taken by students ptctured IH the breceed1ng sectzon. As much a part of the last few days nn hzghschool of a senzor as the cab and gown 18 the camera. Snahshots ln the future wlll recall fa- mzlzar faces and blaces and wzll brrng many hours of enjoyment. The flrst Ulegalu dr1nk from the senzor founta1n marks eleven years of educatzon zn the hast and only one more year of hugh school. This colorful fountaln zs located across the hall from the lzbrary and was donated by the senlor class of 1928. ofq, W . Mx v. no olwvo oo ne, om use 1KN06Yv L5 to we-N, 'Oo fo SMA, YN oovoovw We ex, asa W 'C 'Vo-'f YW GW, ' a 001 Rwool YN mg, xi 6200 sk Km. O 015 M90 nov! moo 'xJo'vs. .8 1 O Of O L X 'ow K www 9 0 oo 'Q vs ow? wosg oem vo cow cM"5'5 Q1 bwbowws woo mweo 'oo uweff oohooe Xwxag oK ooswoss wcnwo good K-fowwq, wo wow,-I oiiwoa, bfookxoz does. Mio! Nw Mmm-05 Mowwo, 'vows nose, owwcfo cow 'owos woow Wm wwe, Neowoo, ooo '00 K'0'xV"f Mba! coomoq, ooo' comm, None-se. og ckooowq, wo. 'Wo exam gobs Mo skwofoo ooo sooo oo-11 vwoxxooomo we so-.ov ooo emo Sw ieowos, oloas oi swung, moe, ooo 'mow wks' xo ooowuwq, MN wwe, wfoomook wmkoo W Voc, 0.4 Xowfv, No Ween, QQ.-Gs. 1 Y MY. zo-'Po M5 JJ rw who o V J' .107 0 Z' J- -r 10 Q 000 7005 3' QJRP1 W 'll' ff 4' 546' c- 40 64751 'P e-04230 on P ff M ov ew Il 06' 414204 IJ' ed' A Offer e c"e+d' 60015 ffeddw lo cfeof- Qaewlzoom ZWQ5 ide we'aQ'e4-2' dobe 4QQj Piywzbw zo- wwe!! Lmfeb 6.11 lbeffli ,Of-QQ'ehs' decomr IJ' Q0 00204 Q' ofomm 4 wc- ve 4 dew' fzoQ' oo 0405 zzwfoafew ffe Q4 J' M cweeod 64, zmteozop lo 4z.r obo bozce. 49e-Zzebzlyeo :fr ffm' Z'4e JXl'4fQ'ei7Z'.r 5424- ?f46f1C' J-AeQ4zo40 0-few' fecofQ' 214 bozvew Qu' Me ,lfzvikf-e 06009 J'4o-ar e0fro2'ed"jp, Qfref Q7 P 7:4045 ffeffofe, ewifwv QJNF 4044 Mey fzp-w-eQ' oe! 015-ffm ffzpoboweffy, oo QQQ eb? cfoov lb 'aQ54e0yQ!zc.s-, zo Z'Q4N eff f'4Qe'415sP M0 Q'-e zcybfwy M odjecz' Q7-2' nf! .42-ododfy com z' 441040 ze' IQ 5442215 QQ'Z'Q0C'9Q' fi of el '- A hart of the many thzngs done zn hlay troductzon IS learnzng how to abply make-uh. BILL MERMAN zs the vxctzm whzle Lo Homes, ooo WARD, ANC AL PASIUK go to work with the cold cream and the cheese cloth. Horticulture zs an lnterestzng class but zt becomes more 1nter est1ng when fT1hS can be taken as was done by these students who hosed w1th the tractors. The students of the art dehartment subfly the school wzth bosters for advertzszng var1ous dances and other events that may occur through- out the school yean MRS. ELIZBETH hDWARD5, the school nurse, helbs students zn so many ways. Here she is checkzng the eye szght of a student, who may fail to realize that she 15 tn need of glasses. 65 J UNIOR CL A F 53 CE mswdem Wm Bmez 005 Q C' o ex TH 10 7' r es SC zq, H4 eq fp r 519 Off he S Se ora. '4 Bax, 'Y OQQ Q fs 6' 7' Owe ofs Qww Qoewe, XBOQOWN NW X'Nxx,?,x4 YNO91 W' MQ Mp . S 4 '-V25 . Apr 0,1 x4 HU 6- Dy xp Ur 5 H x E UG 4 H UC 58 1-1 'qw 0 XM Oxxfww, AIMA i X was-sung mwxwmv x wx ,gm A ww A 4 k ik X .wav rg S' 3 f ..,., V - ws x ,w,xsr,g ,- me b if X . A, QQ S Q' mv- " W 4 5 0 S ,Q W A V -Q Q X we W' K Sa A Q A A' W X ' V K A .Q X 1 - sr is , N Q x QW V six? ses , 3 , wi' Qt Ns A, x WJ' Q xyi W X X X xx X A A Xxx Y N, X X A K K X 3" xw Q Sx ii? Q23 w S SQNK N XX X Sviw- qw ,. Yiiwkxg W .V mf' J Ag ,Q E .-,III-':s:i":'-fs ?1: :-: N ,X Xi , 61i,:.ZXx 'ang S 1 www S H WK MISS MARION HUNSICKER. IIA F1rst row: BARBARA POSTER, AENE5 GUCFA, CARRIE GORDON. Second row: CLARA GRIFFEN, SHIRLEY GUNTHER, GENEVIEVE GARDNER, VIVLAN OIBBONS LILLIAN GUERRA, ANNA MELARDI. Thzrd row: GEPALDINE PARKAS, LORRAINE PURIAT, MARY ANNA GRZYNONIOE, UUANITA PIL LION, WANDA GONSEY, JACODELIN FLORY, JOYCE GRAHAM, BETTY ANN FARNAM. Fourth row: SHIRLEY GARLINGHOUSE, MARTHA HARTFORD, BETTE JANE HARvEY, ANNA ULAVA NOVICH, LILA FREY, BETTY FLEMING. Fnfth row: MARY FEBBO, GENEVIEVE GRELL, BETTY GRAHAM, OLGA GALAY. Sixth row: MISS MARION HuNslcKER, JUNE FILLION, MARION GREEN, MARY LEE HAMMOND PATRICIA HALL. MARGARET FULKERTON. JEAN GHRIST. GERALDINE GREVENGOOD. MRS. BEATRICE SIMMONS IIA Fzrst row: VIRGINIA LOT, IAY HELM, RUTH LATHERS, ANN HELRO, ANNA MAR LIZLOW, JOS- ERHINE HUERTA, SHIRLEY KUEHNAL, VIRGINIA KRDRONSRI. Second row: MARY JANKI, IHEIMA HODKOWSKI, NEVA HUNT, MARJORIE KLIEMAN, IRENE HEGYI, HELELN HORTIW, EUNA KAZMIN. Th1rd row: GERALDINE KOZORER, EILEENE LOOMIS ELIZABETH KEIM, EDNA LAMBE, MAR' GARET IVANYI, ELLA LOVACH, ANITA KRENZ, HELEN JOAJE. Fourth row: LORETTA LEEAULT, PPANCES LORAIVGER IRMA LIEBECR MARGDERITE KLETT AUDPEY KRAUSE, VIROINIA NULL, ILORA LENARDON. FIfth row: WILMA LAWRENCE, AGAPY LAGGS, NANCY JONES, HELEN JANIK, MARY ANN JOHN- ! Y Y SDN, HELEN LOSTRYBA, SALLY LAGERSCPOM, ANNA KRIKORIAN, MARY JAKUBIEC, MARY AM- ELIO HOOVER. Jr' A-M -- MR. JOHN RINGELSPAUGH. IIA F1rst Row: LEE COLLINS, EDDIE BIELOW, LOUIS OYBERT, BOB BIGGERS, VINCENT BURTON, ROY CHISNELL, GLIMPEA CARSTEA. Second Row: MR. JOHN RINGELSRAUGH, RUSSELL BAUER5, LAWRENCE BEEBE, RAY BAZANSKI, GORDON BYRANT, EUGENE CETNAR, MANFORO BODAH, HARRY BOGOSIAN, ROBERT ALT, JOE BRE- ZENSKI. Third Row: CYRIL BOURCIER, FRANK AQUINO, PETER BRISSMAN, JOHN AMUNDSON, JACK BAR- TLE, HOWARD OEWERNITZ, GEORGE ANDERSON, DON ALABAKOFF, JACK CLEVELAND. MR. DORMAN H. ARDIS. IIA F1rst row: WESLEY DENISON, MERVIN UARR, JIM GANDOLFO, NICK GAINA, CHARLES DAvEY, GEORGE GALLINAT, LUCA DENARO, CHARLES URYS. Second row GEORGE DARABAN, JOHN FULTON, TOM FISHER, DOB EVANS, LEON DRY, PETE DUOEK, BOS FAITEL. ThIrd row: JOHN UAVEY, JACK Doses, JACK GIRARDIN, JERRY DOUGHER, FRANK DONNER, SMEAINE DARwISH, MASON EVERETT, ROGER UANIELSON. Fourth row: MR. DORMAN W. AROIS, EO DRAG, EMIL FIMBINGER, EUGENE GRIFFIN, JOE GEORGE, JAMES DIPAOLA, BOB FORTIN, ANDY CROGKER. Fifth row: BILL GILBER, VIC FOSTER, JOHN GEFTOS, HENRY GRETZNER, BILL FOSTER, BOB GANZAK. MR. HERBERT I. BEDDOH. IIA F1rst Row: CLIFFORD LAFEVER, FELIX KOSINSKI, ARTHUR KUHN, EDWARD KIETUR, EVAN HENSCHELL, ARTHUR HERMAN, RAYMOND KING, MR. HERBERT 1. BEDDOW. Second Row: DUANE KOEBBE, ALFRED KAMPF, NICK HARTMAN, FRANK JONES, JACK HAGAN, CHARLES JONES, JACK KINSMAN, ALLEN LINTON. Third Row: THEODORE KOZACHUK, BILL HENRY, RICHARD KENDIERSKI, WILLIAM KAYKO, ANDY KROLL, VICTOR HORVATH, WALTER KIELB, FRANK JURINCIC. Fourth Row: FRANK KAZANOWSKI, CARL HEDSTRAND, STEVEN JENDERS, ROBERT LAMKIN, CHESTER KOZIOL, CHARLES KLINKMAN. FIfth Row: ROBERT HAYNES, BOB KOLARIK, MATHEW KIPPINGER, MARION KORCZWESKI, GEORGE KOY, ZUBEL KACHADOORIAN, ROBERT KOEBBE, HERBERT JOHNSON. MR. WILLIAM F. DAVIS. IIA Fzrst Row: ROBERT MEYER, BENNY LICARI, MELMIN METSA, JOHN MICHALAK, CALVIN MATH- ESON, ROBERT MATHERLY, CHESTER MOTYKA, MR. WILLIAM F. DAVIS. Second Row: PAUL NASTOFF, EDMOND MIESZCZUR, ERNEST LEMIRANDE, LOUIS LONGOBARDI, JAMES MONTGOMERY, ALOYSIU5 MIZGALSKI, LAWRENCE MUCINSKI, HENRY PAUCH, ORNELL NORI Thzrd How: STEVE MALANIAK, QUITO LETIZIO, BASIL LISKE, ALDEMORE LEVIGNE, ERNEST METZ, MARCO MARCHELLETTA, DONALD LURP, WILLIAM NELSON, JOSEPH PARRELLY. Fourth How: WILLIAM NEWELL, JOSEPH PAPP, JOHN MIERZWA, STANLEY OLESKO, ARTHUR LEWANDOWSKI, BENNIE LEWIS, AUREL MUNTEAN. Fzfth Row: RALPH MCFADDEN, WILLIAM LIVERMORE, DONALD MCLENNAN, JOHN MANTA, TOM MCLAUGHLIN, ALDO LOMBARDI, VAUGHN LAROWE, MICHAEL MOLLOY, RAYMOND PAZUR. MR. HAIIO V. GUSTAFSON. IIA First row: JAMES PERRY, WILLIAM SCHUELL, LEROY STOWELL, GEORGE SIEBEL, JOSEPH SUDA, JAMES SELBY, FRED SCHOENRATH, PAUL SRINNER. Second row: WILLIAM SASS, MELVIN PRATT, EMIL PODZIUS, NELLO SENSOLI, JOHN SAYLES, GUV THIELEMAN, JAMES THORNTON, VINCENT RAVENNA, MR. WAINO V. GUSTAFSON. Th1rd row: CHARLES ROSS, EUGENE PRZYBYLSKI, CHARLES SCHLEUTRER, EO STRAHOTA, EO- WARD REEVES, GEORGE PROKIN, JAMES SPEERS, ALPHONSUS SNABES. Fourth row: EDWARD PAULES, CHARLES SPRATT, EDWARD SMAHAY, WILLIAM SCHUSTER, WILL- IAM REITER, WILFRED SHARP, ROBERT REED. fifth row: EMIL SUKURCHAK, ARTHUR SLAZINSKI, JACK PLATZ. MR. ARTHUR G. HUGHES. IIA First Row: EDSALL VANOERCOOR, RICHARD URENN, GEORGE IASCA, RAY TANSRI, ROBERT WERTH, BILL SWARTOUT, EUGENE WOOOCOCK, BILL WOLOHAN, GEORGE VANGOFF. Second Row: JAMES TEEVIN, CLARENCE TAMOOR, GUY WHITE, MARCEL WROBLEWSKI, JACK WATSON. NICK VARVARI, ALBERT WEGELA. FRED TYE. Th1rd Row: VICTOR TROMBETTA, NORBERT WILCZAK, JOE WIMMER, MURRAY WINFIELD, MAY- NARD TOUTANT, WALTON YOUNG, JOE SZEWE. Fourth Row: FRED ZEGLEN, ADOLE ZALENSKI, EUGENE WONOOLOWSRI, STEVE WITTMAN, FRANK IUREK, ROBERT TYNER, GEORGE WITTERSHEIM. F1fth Row: JAMES VAUGHN, RALPH VENR, EDWARD Woz, EVERETT VANLON, MARTIN WERNER. S1xth Row: JULIO VALENTINO, CHESTER VELETT, VICTOR VOSS, JAMES WRIGHT, MR. ARTHUR G. HUGHES- sim MRS. LILA ZANG BOTTOFF. IIA F1rst rowg MARY ANN MALLow, SHIRLEY LEWALTER MILORED NAESSENS GLORIA PAUL I 1 7 HELEN DLEJNIK, BETTY JANE PARKER, MARCELLA MCINTOSH, HELEN MATUSZEWSKI, MARY, MCEVILLY. Second roam ELEANOR PARPART, ANNA NAGV, ELIZABETH MOTI, BETTY MILLER, VIOLET MACIAG, MILOREO MILLER, VIVIAN PARKER, IRENE PARKER. Th1rd row: RUTH PLAGENS, ANNIE NEBORSKY, MARY MACHACEK, EDNA MICHLAP, ANGELINE PETROEE, AURELIA PALAGE, MARY MCGREW, WANDA LuKAwsI, BETTY PETTYJOHN,, HELEN PA VELICK, MARIE PACHANKIS, MRS. LILA ZANG BOTTOFF. Fourth rowg JEANETTE MCNABB, DORIS PIANGA, WANOA OGAR, LOUIS MARKLEY, GENEVIEVE MENOYK, HELEN LESNOWSKI, MARY PARow. Awww ..., .. MRS. LILA ZANG BOTTOFF. IIA Fzrst row: DOROTHY LANDGRAF, LILLIAN LUNOQUIST, LORRAINE NICKITUK, VIRGINIA LON- GO, LOUISE LAPANYA, CATHERINE PAZYMIES, MARGUERITE MOODY, HELEN NOWKA. Secnod row: JOAN MOCHA, JEAN MCFADDEN, ALMA PARROTT,VIRGINIA PARASZCZUK, MILDRED MITCHELL, ELEANOP POKRYWKA, ANN NUZNOV, JEAN POPIEL, RITA PERRIN, BETTY,JANE MOR- GAN, MRS. LILA ZANG BOTTOFF. Thurd row: CATHERINE MARINELLI, PAULINE LASLO, BETTY MAIERS, GOLDEEN PARAS, CAROH LINE LETIZIA, ANNE PENTELICHUK, DOLORES LLEWELLYN. Fourth row: DORIS ORR, ROSIE PETRICK, HELEN LIZON, DORIS MARTIN, OLGA PINKOCY, GRACE LINDER. 4 w MRS. ESTHER ROMANOH. IIA Fzrst row: VIRGINIA MCINTYPE, BETTY LOUCOTA, MARJORIE MACASKILL, LULA KOKAS, VIR GINIA LAVINE, GLORIA LAVINE, JEAN LAMPHAR, VIRGINIA NEAL, JUNE LAYTON. Second row: MARY MUSCI, DOROTHY MATTHEWS, NORMA MANSON, DOROTHY LINVILLE, DEL- RHINE MONIUSZKO, GLORIA LYNCH, LORRAINE LELLIS, MARY MORSE, VICTORIA OKOPNY, VIC TORIA NICORA. Thlrd row: MRS. ESTHER ROMANOW, ARLINE NICOLS, VIRGINIA LANGIS, HELEN NAGY, ELIZ ABETH MESECHOFE, MAISIE MCCONNELL, JEAN MOUROT. Fourth row: KATHLEEN LOWERY, IRMA ORR, JEAN MIALKI, PATRICIA MURRAY, MARION KILL GORE, DOROTHY KIVELA, SADIE MCROE, SYLVIA MORSE, FAY MILLER, ESTHER PULVERMACRER MISS FRANCES G. BARRETT. IIB Pzrst row: IRIS KAROLY, PAYE DOSS, FRIEDA DRURY, WANDA DUDZINSKI, SETTY JONES, ELAINE GREEN, ELIZABETH FAUST, SHIRLEE HILL, DOLORES HILL. Second row: JUNE GUTOWSKY, AGNES DOBRONSKI, AUOREY HILL, ALICE DMYTROW, DOROTHY HARCOURT, CLARA GUdACHY, MARY GILMORE, VERDA HENORICKSON, JEAN HAWN, VIRGINIA JONES, ALMA FASSETT, WINONA FORD, LOIS HALL. Th1rd row: LILLIAN GENOA, ANNA DENARO, HELEN KALINA, ADELINE DIVETTA, LOIS GROSS, MARGARET FENGER, BETTY DES AUTEL, AGNES DROZDOWSKI, JUNE FIMBINGER, HELEN HAMdY MILDRED EDWARDS, RUTH HARRIS, MAY HARRY. 1 l E 3 -. MR. CHESTER ACKERMAN. IIB IIVSZ VUMf IHANK RUSSAKY, MEOHGE THEOUORAN, RICHARD Ron H, ANDREW IAHNQWJKI, IEIL MENMIF, NQQLRT WALKER. Svuun4 rum: RAYMOND SEMPLICI, RQHFRT QEELEY, SAM STQIKA, QHARLE5 WHITE, :mJLEuLRT XOWE, LJHIL HIDEL, QAHL IoLocco, QAVIO JAMPLES, EDWARD QOLOWAY, RO:ERT PRILJI, MR. LHEGTFW ACKLRMAN. Ihlfl ruff HIQHARU STETZ, WILLIAM VARQO, IREJ SCHWEIKHART, JAQK 5bLLIVAN, Joe Tow, JOHN SVEJCAR, LOREN YATZEK, HENRY VINCENT, JOHN WILSON. fvurth ruw: IRANK HAIDLE, ELTON TY50N, RJSSLL SNOW, LEPCY JMUVAN, RQQLRI NICK, HRANQIS .ALUCCI, UUHN TYLER, qrsvs PYSZNIAK. MR. JOHN P. ROMANOH. IIB first IN ..I. ' IJNY LJQIIMIJLIJ, Log LOLLINb, JOHN JHQKN, LQLIQ UAKI, LILL 'IInHFY. ALIW ILHLHHL, JIURJL APKARIAN, IPD APKARIAN. iccuui rum: HLLK ILALALHQA, JQN DFCKEH, HAROLD JRAHLEY, :ILL JEACQN, QIvH fun fJNKI, .JL JOHLK, NIKE VHIMKA, IVIL JRVDA, MR. JOHN P, HQMANJH. Ihlru Ivy: QAVES JONELSON, JACK SENDER, GEORGE COSTAGE, JAML5 QLAIR, 'LNRI JzAb KOWJKI. ',-I ILL QULZAJLIO, JERRY DALAKA. gurtw rHA: JEN OAGOZYI, A, J, DALTON, MARK OORAN, SILL BISHOP, JILL ABRAHAM, 76 HALPH QANN, LLI UACILLA. u,, L, 5-y,I'I,.V"""'. A- '. MR. KENNETH B. LEISENRING. IIB FIrst row: JAMES FOSTER, MICKEY GUASTELLA, NEAL JOHNSON, VRED QREBORICHY KNOWLTON DDNN, WILJERT PITZIMMON5, MAREL GADTHIER, BELL HENSON, MR. KENNETH O. LEIOENRING. Second row! DOOERI KIEFFER, JOE KOCI5, GHARLES JAMES, PAUL GOSMEQ, LLOYD KIRKN PATRIOR, KOMDALO QOMOLOWICZ FRANCIb DYEARZ, JOE KAMENSAH, HAY UOYLE. Th1ra row: NICK KAJGANIOH, JAOR EDO, GEORGE HART, KENNETH QOERKE, VARRISON FINNI- CAN, GERALD JILMORE, RICHARD HENDRICKGON, OOD JOHNSON, QHESTER EATON. Fourth row: JAMES QARRETT, KENNETH KEMPy PHILIP FANCO, Gus KOKAS, DILL GIST, HILL GODETTE, RICHARD VRENTZ, ROBERT FRASIER, ERANK SALUCCI. fIfth row: FEPBERT GEORGE. MR. KIRK RIDDERlNG.ll8 Fzrst row: ARMANDO MORGAN WILDER PAPKE, EVANT PERVA, DOG NOWORDOWSKI, PETE PAN- Icx, JOE Llss, GORDON MAROWSKI, JACK PEACOCK. Second row: TOM MCLAUGHLIN, ROBERT LYON5, BRUCE MASTON, ELLSWORTH PEARGON, DON PAGE, BRUNO MARTINELLI, ROBERT Oz. ' Thzrd row: BILL LANGLOI5, HENRY NAUM, JOHN KUREK, TONY MAUREY, GEORGE PREOLJER, JOHN ORDDS, LEO LAZARUK, WALTER KOSTECKI, EMIL NAGEL. Fourth row: ED KRAWCZYK, BROWNISLAW KOWALCZYK, CHARLES PECK, WALTER KOSTAROFF, BOD KOZMA, DON MITCHELL, GEORGE PIPER, DONALD MEEHAN. H 0 M E R O O M D I S C U S S I O N S EFFECTS OF NARCOTICS AND LIOUOR Our b1ology defvartment ts showzng c1t1zens of tomorrow the dangers of alcoholzc beverages and narcotzcs to one's future health and to the welfare of others. From charts of the znternal body structure the students see the effects on zmbortant barts of the body from the use of drunk and narcotzcs. SAFETY FIRST HOW TO STUDY The safewzirzvzng class under the Students tallzzng to thezr fellow d1rect1on of MR. OOUERS strzves to classmates, studyzng the mural, become future slulled drmzers. or dozngf thezr asmgnments are the with beffef' i7'L'lJCY'5 the roads wzll results of 1,ngir-uctgons on how to be safer. study. WHAT TO WEAR WHEN ---- Exciting plays and the home team scorlng a touchdown are enjoyed more when one ss warm and well-dressed as FERGUS STEPHEN and ESTHER DINGFELDT who are shown above. AMID THE CHRISTMAS WRAPPINGS MIND YOUR MANNERS BETTY LEE REED, BETTY JANE JORY, IRENE KRAHS, and MARY ANN Jonwsow, art stu- dents, demonstrated how to wraf Chr1st- mas bresents when the homeroom dzscus- sion on Chr1stmas Wrabb1ngs and Buy1ng was bresented. Good manners are essential to all. Af- ter hau1ng been znstructed JENNIE TRONT, RAY PESH, PEGGY SULLIVAN, EMERY LORENTE, ALFREDA ECKERT, and RAY Aovlwsxl but what they learned znto PfGCt1C8 1n the dinzng room of the homemakzng apartment. JUNIOR AND SOPHOMORE HOMEROOM REPRESENTATIVES Fzrst row: DQRQTHY TRYQN, UORIS DQR, UENEVTLVE :AwLEv, Loss ALL PAULINL Junwm. MELEN VOHTIW, IRENE Q Fecfmi row: SHTQLEY DRESSER, BETTY ANN 5u5cH, ELEANORE 5-,QLEY, MDE KAgHAQOUQTAN, PRED QCMUENRATH, VAUGnN LAROWE, RODERT SEELEY- Pzrst row: AwwA JOLEN, QLARA :ELclcK, QERTRA Nunez, Josevnwxe Roof QRA LEE QLRQENULR, PAT5v MCLOQNICK. Sfcowi row: uohw QAUQHRAM, Loman HAMM, QOHN QMTTM, LQNALD fwf LIDFTTE JEAN. THE 'smrwoow AFPRESENTATTVES , A UROUP or BTLDFNTS Com FFL-,FU OF DNF FIFPRFQFNTATIVF rngw LALw RQMEROOM, THE DUTY OF THIS UROHP ISL TO QRTNG TO Thi ATTENTTON or Tue SCHOOL TJTAS OK' T:-4F STUDENT UODY. ALSO TAKES ORDERS :OSI T F TLEUR us Lis AMD A551515 TN AIDTNQ TRP QTMUFRT ff mfx uATmEP OPTNTOMS, fCQmpL P AND WORK QUT IDEAL :QQ A C RUCTIVE PHOJRAN' Si STQLENT ACTTVITlEb. Pencils glzde along the notebook as dzctatzon 15 gzven IH shorthand. Thls class has a bract1- cal value as the commer- cial student can use lt in the work he berhabs wlll be dozng zn the future. A Jun1or's dream come true, he zs tak1ng hus best gurl to the J-Hop, sbonsored by h1s own class. Thzs event is zmport- ant for it leaves the warmest glow 1U the heart of the stu' dents memories as a junzon H1gh school students should be well znformed about cond- 1t1ons abroad and 11 thezr own country. One hour of the soc1al sczence class IS devoted to readlng the Amer lcan Observer, a baber that rev1ews the news and grves other information. Knowzng houvto make her own clothes rs on asset to any gzrl. After mahzng her housecoat OLGA UASKO calls on her classmate, JOPOTHY SCHULTZ, to helt her but uf the hem. Vany olfferent tyhes of clothes are made zn the sewing classes. ANNE GIDlLEWlCH seems to be try- ing to say somethzng dzffzculh but zt's only the szwtle worm Hno.H Students zn fubllc steaknng classes have awhle ofhortunztzes to get uf LH front of heoble and talk. Bezng able to do thls. zt may trove valuable to students some day. Students zn art classes enjoy the work they do, because 1t zs a class of thezr own chooszng. The bosters shown IH thls tzcture were tainted for a dzshlay held durzng Amer1can Educatzon Week, an event whzch comes once a year. The Purpose of 1t 13 to let the farents come to the school and see uhat the1r ch1l4 dren are dozng. Dzfferent tybes of charts and graphs were bezng studzed at the tzme when thzs bzcture was taken. Not only do students learn about charts and graphs 1U thzs soc1al mathematzcs class but also many 1nterest1ng facts. Englrsh courses at Fordson conslst of grammar and llterature. Pzctured here are students who are do1ng drzlls from an Engl1sh bank. Amerz- can and Englzsh lzterature when zt 1S taught obens many new fzelds of readzng and sburs the students on znto readzng better lzterature. Not only are students taught how to dr1ue zn a safe drzv1ng course but also how to meet Jzffzcultzes that always habben. The automobtle that the students learn to drzue in IS all whzte and has dual con- trols zs f1CtUf8d here w1th the three g1rls that are tryzng to jack uh the car. FORDSON'S TONER TELLS THE FACTS 1 I'm just a tower on Fordson Hzgh School. Sznce the buzldzng was ded1cated ln 1Q28 l've stood here and watched. From where I'm situated I can easzly see the 16.58 acres of Fordson's campus. For almost 200 days of the year I watch 2,600 students come from all dzrectzons to thzs 32,625,666 structure whzch IS buzlt of Brxar Hall ltmestone and IS styled after the law buzldzngs at the Unzversz- tzes of Mzchlgan and Yale. Thzs Englzsh Renazssance buzld1ng zs beaut1f1ed by 525,000 worth of beautzful landscaf1ng and shrubbery. These students walk through the halls and enter Uh dzfferent classrooms on whose walls hang 17Q fzctures. They sit on 4,013 chazrs and use 060 tables. They study ln two large halls and a beauttful lzbrary ubon whose shelves are blaced 16,000 books. Alto gether they use and enjoy over S415,00 worth of equlbment, and every year an addztzonal 82,000 zs stent for new textbooks. To my left 15 the large audztzorzum whzch seats 1,250 students who come here to enjoy themselves at assembl1es. Here brograms are bresented by the student body, muszc and dramatzc debartments, and outszde sbeakers. On weekends when no students go to school, I often look to see what's tn back of me. The green football fzeld stretches out to meet the x125,000 stadzum whzch seats 3,500 beetle. It's so much fun to watch cally sound forth flzes the many students get exczted at the football games. Practz- all the tzme when the weather zs warm I can hear the muszcal of the tennzs raquets as they hzt the balls thaw fly back and on the eight tennzs courts or the crack of the bat as the ball through the alr over the baseball dzamond. ---41--.-.AM H X Di 5' Q x. 1 by f in 5 5 as ,l - 5 55" S5 'i E 3 li K K 0 pi W gil ff' " 4 ww X N Sv .vm Q 1 ...Q-,.........-...,.,.-....,,..,W A vwrxgw, .N up y Y' H !g x.,. . 'X M- X. - Q mgwk vw jr- -wx - ggagggf, MISS CATHERINE BUTCHER. IOA FIrst rom: MARY KANE, DOROTHY HENRY, ANNIE GRIGORIAN, UOROTHY KAZMIN, STELLA KAMH lN5Kl, NORMA HIRST, OERNICE HARRIS, SETTY LEE KILIAN, HMILY KONONCHDA, LORRAINE HUCKADONE. Second row: ELEANOR KLUTZ, NANCY KIND, DOROTHY OPISSOM, ANNA KAMENSAC, IRENE KO- NAL, AHLNE KRAOKI, PATTE FALL, PEOOY KLOWAK, LEONA KARTJE, LOPOVHY JAHVIS, MARY KALIN, VIRGINIA HOLATO, GAIL JOINEA. ThIrJ row: UORI5 ORIOOHY, JOY UAMBLE, MARY JEDNAT, HELEN VASSEN7 MARY KAZACHUCK, vbANlTA MOOFER, UELORES KLANN, AUELINE NEOGE, EVELYN HARRIS, LUCILLE KREFT, ALICE VAQOPIAN, MISS CATHERINE DDTCHER. fourth rowi HELMA KFRN, KLDER HEMPHILL, IDA HELM, VIRGINIA GHETIA, LALLIAN HAUERY HHIRLFY NELMEH, DOROTHY PARMER, UORI5 KOPACH, 5ETTY LOLA VCPTON, CARMEL KEENEY, VIROINIA OOHOOZY, gal 45" MR. HAROLD MANCHESTER. IOA Fzrst row: GEORGE VEWDA, EDWARD FORGSTEK, ALEX OARLANITI, SARKIS VALE:IAN, JAME5 GANDOLEO, ABRAHAM KARAPETIAN, PILLIRISGRO, JOHN HENNESSEY. Second row: JOSEPH JEAN, GORDON HONLE, QHARLES HAVNER, SILL VARP, QHESTER OROM EQAI, RAY GOGOLIN. ROBERT KRETCHMER, PAUL GRANTSKO, ROHERT FRADETTE, 5lLL JACK' SON, JAME5 GRACE, JAMES HARRI5. Thlfd row: MAY JOHNSON, JOHN KAHLE5, HENRY GRELL, WILHDR HASKIN5, DONALD FRAZER, ANTHONY JANKS, JACK KAUFMAN, CRANK KATONA. Fourth row: JOHN JUDASZENSKI, DILL QROVER, KARL HILGER, JOHN GANGHRKM, JURES HOVEPMALE. ' MISS ELEANOR NETM. IOA I FlfSt rpm: ROEE ALA, LORETTA HIALCZYK, LOI5 ALSMAN, RUTH ALEYANDER, LORRAINE BOWE, DUELAH DRAKE, CLARA CHAVDOPIAN, LRENE OAILLIE, GERRY BIEWIRTH, VIVIAN CHILDS, NOHMA CHIRSTEN. Secnnd row: OETTY OINOER, LOUISE OERO5TROM, WANOA UROWNFIELD, BETTY CHINNECK MARILYN QALLENS, PHYLLIS ORINSOM, JESSIE BOOTH, JANET CAMPBELL, MARY CAREY, ROE UF RTA OORROR. Th1rJ row: MI55 ELEANOR HETH, JEANETTE BRODNA, BERNICE CHMIEL, SYLVIA BUTKOWSKI ANTONETTE CAPRARO, VIROINIA ADAMS, GENEVIEVE CIESLA, HELEN UECKE5, GENEVA CHURCH HELENE BRYLL, FLOPA NELL BARTON, ALEXANDPIA ARCHACKA, BETTY BORCR, YLONNE CALVIN GLORIA BIANCHID. Fourth row: pHYLLI5 JEAN SRAYMAN, SYLVIA CIERNIR, CLARA BELCIK, CHARLOTTE CALD- WELL, BOBBIE LOO CHAMBERLAIN, ROSE MARY BLAY. MR. KARL M. PLACE. IOA F1fSf row: ROOERT LINDMAN, HAY KEIM, WALLY LASROWSKI, EDWARD MENDYK, HENRYLAW NICKI, QOYLE KENDRICK, FRED KLETT, JACK MELCZEK. Secuni row: WILLIAM LONO, CLARENCE MAYNARU, MARTIN DOYD, MARTIN KUBASKY, ROBERT KILLCORE, RAY LEbZAK, DON LANTZ. YW1ra row: ROBERT KEMRA, CAESAR LOMEAROI, UILLY LEWIS, FRANK KUKLA, LOUIS MAOAY, QIM MACRENZIL, LOKARO MORDARSKI, JOHN MECR. Fourth row: MR. KARL M. PLACE, RICHARD KLEIN, OILL LADD, ROBERT KIRK, LEONARD KONARSRI, WILLIAM LOVE, BILL MOKERNAN. Fzfth row: CEOREE LEszczYNsRI,MARVIN MITORELL, RALPH KWARSICK, HENRY MOLKITEN OURNETT LANQSTON, EMERY LORENTE. MISS EVELYN HARR. IOA Fzrst row: OENEYIEYE MULHA, EEIZAUETA MOTYAA, JOLYA OAYaA:N, AxA1EREO POPE, MANY PRAVUA, MARY KADROSKA, LAURA POVP, EMILY PORYEHEYELO. Yeconi row: YIOEET NATZPL, OLORIA PAULO3, ROSE MARY PICTHOEOAO, MAJELIME MINAOOO, JUANJTA MOATOEO, MAHUAHET POTA, MARY PASCOE. fh1ra row: 15AmEL NIKKTARUFP, EAROAHA ROHTHRUP, PEOOiE MKTCHELL, JETTY MuN5OA, VLOPEACE PAE15, PAULINL PxmEm4AA, VARY VICKOL5, CETTY PARK. Fourth row: LOUISE PAQUETTF, QFAXAA LLNEZ, vwvxAA M1YCAEEE, PHYLLXS VOPAY, WANDA PEDEN, UTEPHANIL MRCHUHA, LOAETTA HFARY, MARAIET PETER5, WANDA PACLKOWSKI. PQ. MR. MICHAEL SAVAGE. IOA F1VSt row: OOO QCMHCQDLH, OYEE RIOOEE, JOAN OABOL, QEAPENCE 5cHuETz, QOE QYMAQZ, 1wJMA3 EUOEO, rARHY AAAEEEA, QTAN QTANKEWICZ. Second row: WOQOON 'rr.rAw, JACK QYOHTJ, JOE ROULO, JOHN RYGIEL, mom SILK, PGWARD qL5vOEE, RAsMEw Orin, V:QwAwO OENAY. Thlfl row: MOQLHT O1EvAEAb, HERALD FICE, 505 SCHRAM, EENQY PNSERAS, JACK QOCKEY FELLEH, AOWAAO HENA5, UOHN wO5OL, MA. MYQHAEE QAVALE. Fourth row: LHARLES Qcm.OOv, VREU SUTTER, ED ROUTZAHN, ROEEQT Rlcwmomo, OOMALU SCHLEIF, EDWARD QKEULIK, AE QCHEWEMELE, JOE SIRACUSE, GEORGE SLNAO, ATTILIO REA. f fi a 'N an QQ 5, i s xx 5 xx K A F L Aw, V E f is-x if ig . , N sw 3 Q Q , xx x K Q 9 s ig ' Qi. 8 ew tg if K we W wg it 3 W 5 si ' 'P ' 3 x .2 zl: X V i i i '-Sai-9 .5 A Q f A , , K ..,: I X ,-.' , ",,.,:, ' X X x Y xx V b Q ,fig X: ,. '- ' VZZA 5 ' h .. b in , H W ...,::.: ,.,. :., S xl Q V. ,,:' X. if 'Q 1"2 2 , WN ' -' "::... ,.:: 3 J P .vzz 5 ' X ji WSL W' X as Q ,mx K M f,f xf 1:",':"'. ig' 2 f K X x"" ...i, -": Q ,,.. .,i:,., F .,5::VE E 994 K x 'SEX . X ,f x Rf dk 1 if X . .13 x K 1 bnznz 4 if 5, Wm X M . X W N "HN A x MISS BERENICE CORNELL. IOA F1rst R V Fmrst row: BONNIE UURFEE, RUTH QHIPPS, NADA GEORGE, VIRGINIA GISKA, :ETTY FOUCART EDNA QOCHENOUN, RENNETTE QAUTHIEN, EILEEN DYMENT. Second row: LENA FUHNWEAK, ARYELLA ENGELGAU, QLADYS OARDNER, ANN ZOLEN, JIRUINIA COLOFF, SHIRLEY EIBLER, NANCY FORD, ANNA FLADZINSKI. Thzrd row: ROOERTA SEER, JENNY ERRANTE, DORIS FISHBECK, IRENE QIZICKI, JEAN JAR WOOD, IONE QREEN, LOTHER LOPSI, PHYLLI5 OOODRICH, OERALDINE DREWINERI. Fourth row: UOLORES CRONE, MARY UOSTYNSKI, STEPHANIA GLAVANOVICK, IHENE LYLSHEN, LILLIAN DRUMMOND, SONNIE JAw5ON, DETTY JUNN, PAY GREEN. Fzfth row: PAY ECKERT, EVELYN OARNALL, RUTH LZAPF, QATHEPINE JURANT, :LANCHE UVORAK, UELRHINE FORD, CATHERINE JOHANEY. MR. THOMAS S. HEYHOOD. IOA F1rst Row: RICHARD BUYER, UON BONIFIELD, CALVIN BARGER, ARMEN OOYAEIEN, EMIL BRONDELL, JOHN BARON, DON BROGE, LOPEN ALANIVA. Second Row: VICTOR CAMARDESE, ANGELO ANTONELLI, JOE BRITT, DAvID BLANEY, JOHN DOGOSIAN, DESIRE BERTOUILLE, FLOYD BASTIEN, ERNEST BONE. Thzrd Row: GEORGE BAREAZ, ANDY BUNDAS, KEN BUELOW, BILL BUCHEYNE, EDMUND JASSICR, HENRY BUCHNER, JACK BLOW. Fourth How: UON BEDELL, GEORGE ALIOTO, CHARLES BAGWELL, HOWARD BEVIS, ROBERT BOOE MER, MICK BUKATCHUK, JACK BENNETT, MR. THOMAS HEYWOOD. Fzfth Row: NANDO BERARDI, JERRY BURESH, DON BROWN, WILLIAM BURTON, HENRY BANAS, HAMBERSON BOGOSIAN, ROBERT AMERMAN, PAUL AMUNDSON, RICHARD ARNDT. MRS. HELEN MARTIN. IOA Fzrst row: QLARA SMITH, NORA LEE SMITH, MARIE STEFFENS, ELAINE STEMLER, VIRGINIA SAVOY, ANN SHERMAN, MARY PRITCHARD. Second row: FRANCES SPADAFORA, EERNICE SILL5, DOROTHY SNIDER, BERNICE SABAUGH, METTY SMITH, BARBARA SHEBILIA, MARIE STEVENS, ROSE ROMANELLI. ThIfJ row: DOSE SAMA, JEAN REDIOAN, EVELYN ROCHQN, MARY SILLETTO, ALICE RAYL. IAURA POLAND, STFLLA SAWCHUCK, ELEANOR RICE. Pourtn roxw OEATRICE SKURDAN, ORA LEE SCHREIDER, YOLANDA SAMDORSKI, IRENE ST. PIERRE, MILDRED HOSE, LLSIE SABO, ROSE SINGLETON, UOROTHYSCHULTZ, VIRGINIA STEP' ANSKY. Fzfth row: JEAN SCHAEFER, NORMAN RECHLIN, BEATRICE SNOOK, ANTOINETTE SURAGEN, JEAN PALISZEWSKI, MARYDHEBILIA HELEN STASEVICH, VIRGINIA REED, JOSEPHINE STAN- EK. MR. JASPER H. STALLARD. IOA FIrst row: JACK TOWN, HUBERT VOWELS, GABRIEL SZALAY, ROEERT WASILEWSKI, EDEIE To- FIL, JOHN ZADCHA, DICK WASIELEWSKI, JAMES WATSON. Second row: JACK TANELIAN, JOHN WEBER, DOD TESSMER, BILLY WOOD, JOHN VINCEAT, IG- NATIUS WALIEORA, JOHN VARVARI, EDWARD WLODARCZYK. Thzrd row: MR. JASPER W. STALLARD, FRANK WILLIAMS, LEONARD ZELEK, EGON ZIEHM, WALTER WYKES, QEORGE YORK, EDWARD SCHUDLO, LEWIS WIDENER, FRANK SZABLA, JACK WOOTTON, EDWARD WILAMOWSKI, CHESTER WIACEK, GEORGE TRUDEAU, JOHN VANK. Fourth row: FREDERICK WATKIN5, KENNETH THOMPSON, JACOB TULLIUS, PETER YDHAEZ, DAN TOMASHEK, ROBERT TRDXTON, EDMUND ZALEWSKI, BERNARD ZONCA. MR. CLARK SCHWADERER. IOA Fzrst row: UOROTHY WISWIEWSKI, JEAN WILSON, JESSIE YASEEK, MARY WYATT, RELEN ZURA VALEC, ELEANOR WOOD, UOROTHY SZEWSKI. Second row: LIEKA THOMAS, LLOPENCE VECCHIONE, ARLENE THEUER, JEANE WILLENGORG, IPENE VAEAKO5, NAROARET STROND, MILDRED VOGEL, FREDA WIECZOREK, NENRIETTE VAN Aef TMAEL, MURIEL TAYLOR, ELEANOR VANDER WEELE. ThIrd row: MARY VAN OOTEN, DELPHINE VIGGIANELLI, JEAN STEWART, ELAYNE ZAFFER, ETREL SUKUPCHAK, IRENE WATKINS, THERESA URBANSKI, JEAN WARNER, JUSTINE WENSKO, MILDRED WAYTOS, bLlZAdETH WILNELM, MR. CLARK SCHWADERER. Fourth raw: JANICE WELCH, BETTY SWEENEY, OLGA ZUKOFF, LILLIAN WRIGRT, FARRIET WEBBER, HUGENIA TRIRERI. MR. CLIFFORD SHIPLEY. IOA F1rst row: PAUL DISINGER, CLARENCE DOBPONSKI, JACOB FAUST, BENNY DENARO, RAY DOUGHER, JIMMY DENARO, MAC URAGG, ARTHUR COLE. Second row: NORBERT DZENKO, QEORGE CZAMECKI, HENRY FAUST, CALVIN CRUZEN, MICHAEL CANFIELD, JOHN UEFA, TOM CANTERBURY. Thzrd row: OUILIO DESANTIS, JIM COVELL, GILBERT QOZENZA, JACK DAGS, HENRY FLESHT ER, TED CZUDIK, NICK QOLUCELLI, RACK CANDEA MR. CLIFFORD SHIRLEY. Fourth row: DENNIS CONSTABLE, HARRY CLARK, EMERSON EBERE, SAM DONABEDHAN, WILBUR QHURCH, WILLIAM CDSLER, WILLIAM CURRAN. F1fth row: LOUIS CORROLONOO, EARL CINAMON, DONALD CIESLAK, RICHARD Cox, STANLEY CZARNECKI, JOHN DELOGE, FRED ENGLAND. MRS. CHARLOTTE NOLFE 10B f11St VUWI Axw JEN ON, NAVY LIION, ncbi IHAIA, MARY .uNTQnMEwY, ILQANOR KRQL, NARI MCLAUQHLIN, PFTTY IARAH. Secuud raw: fTHEL kRwNrvY, PAIQY ISQM, IPENI Vupumhw, QHIRDLY JOHNSON, DLANLWE KAwugIA, wspsw nuwALuuI, VADFLINF mu.uaN, IILIIAN MLLAHFN. Thzrd row: NAQY NwII, IIIgAdsTH KIRKFWNER, YHEPEAA KLEVAR, BETTY ANN MANw, HELEN KOCKAROFF, NILLEN LQHQ, Iwswf LANLO, PEUQY KINORFU, MAHQARET NEHASIL. Fuurtn row: IHAQFLIF MDQRAY, ELFANOR HOMNIAK, UEAN HOFNALL7 HELEN MATVECHLK, MAwv AUTH IAHUWF, NANCY MCDAQE, IRENE UENQON, MRb. LHAQLOTTE WOLFE. Frfih fvwf QUNL MCLEQU, ALICE MEYER, LOHI5 NONUERU, fLlANOR KARUZI5, RUTH MAR' TIN, tLIANoH KlERONbKI, HLLFN MIADUE, HRAQE NICHOLS, QEHALDINE MAIER:. MR. EDWARD WOODS IOB rst row: ANTHQNI Imwc, JOHN LAIRD, MIKE PANIK, WICHARU OPPAT, CARL WICHELS, Los NIKEBKA, 1QmAIo Irwnb, MQQLRT PETTIT. coma :vue wks HAmu5, JACK MORDEN, YROSLAW PITLAK, T50 MAZUR. NEIL Luwcom, VPWITT MICMIAV, 'REU NLTTEQbBACK, nom MQRENQY. lHIva row: Ihgu JIL.Qx, Lew MALUR, HARQLU MLARK, THOVA5 NIKESDA, FRANK PIECZYNSKI ALIX FIITQA5. AIAN MIEKIQ. 93 MRS. GLADYS LAKE MOORE IOB Fzrst row: SHTRLEY OTLDERT, MARY COSTA, MARGIE JAROAT1, JOSEPHANE QROCE, MAXINE ORIEETNO, RUSE QUERlLIERAy HOSE CHEMENTI, PHYLLID DUNCAN. Second row: NELEN LzADROwQNl, ANGLEINE GUTCEN, JOAN QRANK, SHAQLEY SALTON, ANNA ANTONELL1, PHANCLO UDEAS, ENANCEO ANASTOE, DOROTHY DDOH. Th1rd row: ALIOE ALLEY, QEAN QIANDOMINICO, JOYCE TOWFR, NARRIETTE QLARK, VERA ELRTON, AUUREY NURTON, SHIRLEY COLE, AMELIA SOLLEL. Fourth row: OLOA HLADY, ROSE WAGOPIAN, FVELYN ORUCELLA, QONZALEZ, MARY FEQDA, ANOEL DARAZIAN, DOROTHY PINA. Fzfth row: 5tani1ng: MARY OERAOLIO, TW1LA HENORICRSON, CHICLES, BETTY DANIEL, ANN DOYLE, OHACE OELANEY, MARTHA BANT. VIRGANAA ALLEY, LADRA QALLO, MRS. QLADYS MOORE. SETTY HOLSIRD, ANNE MARGARET HAYE5, MAR YEWMAN, SYLVIA UORN Y-Em. I., E MR. RAYMOND PARKER IOB Flrst row: LEO QAMARDESE, RTCHARD UEVOR, CHARLES BONDIE, CLEIGHTON MELIN, QEMUS LRKSAN, JOE EANANNO, JOE Second' row: JOHN LIOMA, QTEOR, fASlM1R DURY, PARLE CHOREAGIAN, HALL DAM4. DIASAOA, LESTER DEEBE. BUDDY PINNEbAN, ERNEST QLOUTIER, NORMAN OUPELL, QHAWLE5 Thxrd row: JOHN DARRERT, LHARLE5 UOYD, MEL PEROTLE, AHURMAN CONOVER, EDWARD CYREK, WALTER DALUKONIS, OOYD UELINE, DERIC DE VINCENT. Fourth row: MR. RAYMOND PARKER, HAROLD CLARK, JOHN ARZOIAN, DON DWYER, EUGENE ARNOLD, PAUL OAYOFT, EDWARD BTELECKT. VN x X XX SL X MW xi b X L., w X X , 9 .S is ff? F .S,' ff X. ,N a, an N wMk,w- . X K X QPR " E: M x X Q ----- H lx X x s' 1.- xflfgs , Zag. X ,zw Q E F 'S X 1, 5 3 N 3 'X 3 5 fx g- x .1 ' 2 as Q F kd Q. w A :Aim S 1- S'S:f",:s..:: 5, if ,,. Si a' 5 BQ Y 3 x 5 ' .,: 35 ' B 'lm -:F is 5 .. . X EA. r- , Q - . - - "F "" - My J Kr-A if-WW Q i Q . ' '. ' "N 2125- seaf- ,W MR. EVERETT LUOMA IOB FIrst row: FRANK GALLINAT, ARTHUR HELM, ARTHUR KOWALCZUK, EDWARD KUHARY, ROBERT HAMILTON, EDWARD HERRINO, 5ULL JAMES, NICK KRESUK. Second row: JOHN LAcATIs, HENRY KOwALESRI, ANDREW WILD, WILLIAM JULIAN, PAUL JANIK, KAZMER KUREK, WILLIAM GREGORICH, JQHN GERCU. Tmrd row: GRED KENT, LEON KULAKOWSKI, ZIGMUNO KOINAL, HARRY KEOLIAN, JOHN GOLICH DONALD HALLER, HUGH FREEMAN, DONALD FRISCH. Fourth row: LUKE KREMER, HARRY HILDEDRANDT,DoNALDHORANOEE, FRED KASPRIAK, DAVID KLOTZ, QAY KENNETH, LEONARD KRAHS. . , .,v A. -. v K . sh .'. JJ ,U 5 'fn S A 105 can usually be sbotted zn the halls because of the bew1l- dared look on hzs face. Ihzs 15 esbeczally true at the beg1nn1ng of each semester when they are unable to fznd thelr class rooms. Th1s sobhomore doesn't seem to benefzt much from the ubberclass- men he asked for help. Upon enterzng the school the sohhomore 15 g1uen a locker the number of wh1ch he carefully wrztes down. Yhen he Proceeds to fznd the locker and he does. Hopeful and confzdent he turns the knob to the left then to the rzght--the locker does- not oben. A smlle on her face a senzor rememberzng her own diff1cult1es, takes bzty and glues careful 1nstruct1ons on how to oben the locker. ' Before trylng to solve any bro- blems the students become ac- quaznted wzth the var1ous zn- struments they w1ll use 1n the future. A lzttle cooterat1on IS necessary as the students examine a protractor 1H thzs geometry class. The zndustr1aL debartment has many shobs but just a few of the many znterestzng ones are shown here. L Y Dfdftxilg bg wlffciluxzd. rllgge. Jae-Ye laigtlerysa blue ,ffezr In - C, 7' Z ' 3ob 5LeteLY Qflntg are 6 Wade' erns Cruz? wood nt, Hr? com Lug E Meg ' Fr rlons b az Casif From these metal castzngs the boys 1n machlne shob are gettzng mach1ne tool 1nstruct1on. Thls boy 15 oneratzng a sylznirzcal grinder as one of the 04 1'Herat1onsA1n machznzng a castzng. 98 These boys are studyzng metals zn the general shob. Th1s shob affords many Obnortunztzes to reczeve flrst hand work1ng 6ID6f16HC8 Ln var1ous indus- trzal act1v1t1es. T05 'PD ang K, Lac' fag aria 0 f G , f- faC' o ,C an fn In 075 bheefv tof b of Q 501,706 air' Q Seff d b 5 u m0 d f tor :je my fy!! on The 116 the ll an . !2Q'j UIQ We b0'f t- febo mn fwfz d 5a 4 Ft Us M are H fe ww wg hob Hg 'fre Hd fn, ev: ce x v1 be f 5 a7d ty 1 Of' Ou cw ,ox WM 15 moths wart S M tflv obo n 0 1,18 Ill: ,ye wfejcmnefumf. of Q ' m 0 r a VH dus ln Students znterested Ln aeronaut1cs are rebu1Ld1ng the wzng of an aero- bLane. The exactness and perfec- t1on of workmanshzf demands sk1LLs in various hand tool operations. Erperzments are not tlze only tnzngs zn bzology that are znx terestzng ana' ercztzng. Fznd- zng out about anzmal ana' plant lzfe covers tbe fzrst sewestef 1061 le .iurzng tbe secona' semes- ter toe students learn about tne naman boay. Tnzs covers generally wnat zs studzea' In tnzs foscznatzng course. To get tne proper rnytnfn In typzng zs 1'nportant,' so stus dents type to fnaszc, lufzzcn s nelpfu! and enjoyable. lsually taken by people on tne cownzerczal course and often by otfzers typzng zs an asset to any student. 100 classes gzrls can belb prepare Me luncbes tnat are sefuea' ln the Cafeterza. Tbzs Dzcture zs a typzcal scene of what tbe gzrls go zzz order to belp tne bzrea' ladzes. f4fter traznzng zn nomefnabzng ART CLUB Fzrst row: SEDA REDIGANY MARY ARZQIAN, ROBERT KAY, ggrry agen, AELEe MAYXEQ Mp MrLuQEu LYMAN. Seconx row: UORQTHY AICHLER, UELPHINE MAY5H:, cEANNk QTEVEN jCPIS QAMON. PQENE KRAHS, FLORENCF JACKSON, MARIANNE Jowwsom, PFTER lwwacx. U' :HAAN WROTEA. lhzri row: RAY Kaos, DERNARD LUBAS, QmnaLeY NULM3, :Mfg sign, JAMES Tesvww, vue 5xENusANmc. Fourth row: JOE pAPD, in QTQAHQTA. LUULNE HALL, nLL5wowTH PEARSQN, DALE Coeewws. Fzfth row: LAWRENCE OAKES, ROYAL nocw4Ac, Zu DEL KACHADOOQKAN. Sznce zts formatzon at the b8g1HH1Hg of thls school year. the 1rt Club ggemg to have done exceed1ng!y neil. YO MRS. MILDQED LYMAN, zts sbonsor, goes our resfect for havzng founded a club zn whzch sthients can gzve 6Tff6SS1OH to thnhghts through the medium of ark The club's actlvztzes are based on what mlght be called a soczal scale slnce there are nu Jefznzte rules to follow ani nu formaZzt1es to contend wlth. Each member selects the tyhe nf work HE wzshes to Jw and them Proceeds w1th zt 1Hd1U1iA unify. Heszgnlng, ha1ntzng, foster mak- zng, and clay moldzng are but a few of the tyres of art work fruvzded for. Weekly gatherlngs, lnformal hartzes, and occaszonal v1s1ts to Art Instltutes hzghlzght the cLub's other actlvltles. I02 JUNI DR COLLEGE CLUBS Junior College Camera Club. Seated: FRED O'NElL, EO CZEKAJ, CORTTSS MOORE, THOMAS WJTHERSPOON. Standlng: DONALD TABENSKE, CARL CHAKMAKIAN, JOHN MOORE, GEORGE MAS' KENY, CORNELL SIMON, CPARLES REGGIATORE. As one may gather from the club's name, Junzor College Camera Club members are photograbhzc enthusi- asts zn every sense of the word. Women's Athletic Assoczatlon. Fwrst Row: ANNE BARSON, ANNE KELLENBERGER, MILOREO HELVESTON. Second Row: BETTY SOHOMAN, GLORIA ALLEN, PHYLLIS CHMARO, EVELYN DOB- SON, JiAN LOWTHER, ANNA MARIE HARRTSCN. Thzrd How: DOROTHY KAOAu, ANNE SRIERS, OLGA PTOARO, Lois BETTERIDGE, YVONNE MAO- LEOD, UOLLY MAE SHIRLEY. I03 DRAMATIC CLUB Junior Co!Iege Dramatic Club. Fzrst row RLTN RQ55, iPENE NONI, ELIZAOETN EOUDAK iAN, VIVIENNE MATnE5ON. Seunni rum EL SIE tNKruTz, QENEVIEVE UIEN. LAWRENLE W1LL1AN5, GRAHAM VOQTER, QEHALUINE OAO INAVM, FRANCES TFTED, YVUNJNE fvClL,EOD, NAR JORIE FEKN. F1rst row: LOWRAINE BOATRuGNT, LUCILLE CAMKLLFQY, MAQY NOOOAQ, JEZPQINA RUSSELL, MAROuEN1Te KLETT, OARRLETT Wedsa, OOOY QANA5. eOsAL1L LONVTON. Second row: Je55lL QREEU, LAURA PONIEVOZLN, NND. KNLA AGTTOFF, 4ONOYNv LAWRENCE. ESTNLN LNOS5, Juuv Y1NOER, PAT HALL, AQLENE LHOQBVAN, MAPY LOL WnhTE, OOO WARD. Th1rd row: RONALD SCOTT, OONN -L4AwA, -HARLE5 igmsw L1AN, JOHN MECN, SNLL L1vEwMORE, BILL HERMANN. LO Nuwge. JILL DEHPENUT, BQOOKS THOMAS, ROY JOLLIFFE, FRANK SZAOLA. IQU SCRIPT READERS ANU PEOPLE TO DO ODD JOBS DRAMATIC CLUB ' DACKSTAGE SCENES ARE VITALLY NECESSARY IN PLAY PRODUCING. STAGE HANDS SEE TO IT THAT PERFECT STAGE EFFECTS ARE ACH EVED. IT TAKES A HUGE AMOUNT OF COLD CREAM TO REMOVE GREASE PAINT. STILL, IT DOE5N'T LOOK A5 THOUbH IT WOULJ dE TOO UNPLEASn PROpER LIGHYING ANT A TASK' HELPS TO CREATE ATMOSPHERE. Dramatic Club membershit is limited to those beoble who have a talent for the type of work that goes into the broduction of a tlay. Usually its membershib is increased through the admittance of teople who tar- take in the producing of the All School Plays and the Senior Plays. How- ever, tryouts for membershib are held annually. MRS. LILA ZANG BOTTOFF sbonsors it activities and directs its plays. I05 A FUTURE CRAFTSMEN OF AMERICA To promote better C1t1Z8HSh1b through the encouragement of hard work, and to zncrease zndustrzal knowledge as the goal toward whzch the Future Craftsmen of Amerzca are work1ng. All boys zn Trade Tra1nzng who maznta1n at least a C average at all tzmes are ellgzble for m6mb6fShlf. Club members are g1ven an oobortunzty to choose the tyre of work they wzsh to be be- cause the club zs dzvided 1HtO'gfOUbS, each couerzng a dEf1H1tC ohase of zndustrlal work. These groubs znclade the orznt shoh, the mach1ne shot, the electr1c shoh, and the draftzng shot. There are also varlous small- er sectzons wzth1n these major dehartmenta The club 15 run wholly by the members alone w1th the adv1ce of MR. HARVEY A. SMITH and MR. LEO J. GARDNER who sbonsor zts act1v1t1es. F1rst Row: JOHN SVEJCAR, RUSSEL BYER5, TULIO MANEREOI, FRED SCHWEIKHART, ANN THONY 5ERNADELLl, TED KMRILUK, EDWARD DRAH, WALTER BILANOW, ROBERT TYNER. Sec- ond Row: LEO BEMBER, MR. GLEEN PUROHAM, MR. CARL BRAWLEY, MR. CHESTER ACKERMAN, MR. HARVEY SMITH, MR. JOHN RINCELSRAUGH, MR. LVERETT LOUMA, PAUL QRIEP. Thlrd Row: RALPH VENK, JOHN MAGUREAN, HENRY KOWALSKI, JACK PLATZ, EO UZENKO, RAY NO- wICKI, FENRY NICKEL, JOE BREZINSKI, RAYMOND PESH, JOE Tow. Fourth Row: ROBERT PRIEBE, RICHARD UREN, ARTHUR IACONELLI, FRED POLENA, FRANK YACNISCZAK, PHILLIP MICHON, ROBERT SRULL, WESLEY DENISON. Fzfth Row: LAWRENCE OAKE5, MARCO MARCH' ELLETTA, LAWRENCE MUCINSKI, DONALD LONG, NICK GAINA, WILLIAM HENRY, PAUL GRAB, LORNEY DUEE, JUNIOR WALKER, JAMES CICCARELLI. Slxth Row: GEORGE JARABAR, NOR- BERT NOwICKI, FRED TYE, PETE NICORA, DEAN LARUE, GEORCE PARICIAN, ROBERT DOEGLER, Lo BARSACK. Seventh Row: WILLIAM LOVE, SAM UOMIAN, ERNEST HOGLIN, LOUIS BAKI, BILL DEACON, LEONARD SAWICKI, THOMAS BUTLER, JASPER UIAMOND. Ezghth Row: JAMES GAUTHIER, AL MALANCHUK, RICHARD DENNIS, MORRIS SILVER, JOHN WILSON, JOHN LRIDON, JOE FRANK, EVERETT VAN LON, MARVIN MITCELL, EMIL NAEER. FLEUR DE LIS Q ig I Assoczate editor, WJLMA STEVENSQ Edztor- 1n-chref, MAUREEN NOLL, Assoc1ate edztor, RUTH SANTANDER. IRENE YOUNGQUIST, Junzor edntorf IRMQARD JERTZ, Assoczate feature edztor: JEAN HARTMAN, Gnrls' shorts edztorf MARY UR- DEA, Faculty ed1torg ROSE RABCHUK, Feat- ure edztor, BOB NOWDORSKI, Photographer: MR. ARTHUR G. HUGHES, sbonsorg MARY Kos- LOSKY, 0rgan1zat1ons' ed1tor. 108 Boys' Shorts edztorsi JOHN MAGUREAN AND LAWRENCE OARES Seated: January Senior ed- ztors, OLGA LYSHAK and SYL- VIA KOLODY. Standzngi June Senzor ed1tors, MARILYN MAUD- ER and NORMA LOWTHER. Photograbher, QALDP VENHQ Coby edztor DQRIS BoRRoRg Photograbher, Fvewerr VANLONQ Buszness Manager, PD KNIEP. FLEUR DE LIS f',.-'2""' 5-iauiili 'W After leavzng the honas of the edztor1al staff all Fleur de L1s co5y goes on to the offset Dehartment in our own 1HdUStTlUl unit. Here 1t undergoes a number of frocesses that are known only to those fam1l1ar wzth the work. Sev- eral of the more zmhortant hrocesses 1nclude varwtybe C0mPDSt1OH, layout, bastew up, bhotografhlng, str1hf1ng, wezghzng chemzcals, coating z1nc blate, hrzntzng, plate develobrng, and fznally running the fznlshed broduct off the fresses. We f the very di t thzs boznt the fact that the Fleur de Lzs ms one o mzght also a a few school annuals that 15 produced entzrely wzthrn the school ztself. GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Front row: MRS ROMANOW, ANN DEMERGIAN, ROSEMARY BLAY, EMILY KONOCHUK, VIRGINIA SWIECICKI, MARY BOYLE, LEONA MOGRATH, MARGE KLIEMAN, ELEANOR POKYRWKA, MARJORPE SMITH, PAT ELLIOT, HELEN TULLIUS, DOLORES SPANBERGER, MARIAN ANDRUS, WANDA LUKWSI, IRENE SABOTKA, NORMA BUNSE. Second row: MRS DIXON, EVELYN HARRIS, IRENE NRKRA, VIOLET MACIAG, HELEN KNEIP NANCY FORD, IRENE DULIMBA, DOROTHY TRYON, IRENE GIZIKI, RUTH PARPART, MARJORIE MCCRACKEN, CATHERINE DURANT, ORA LEE SCHRIEOER, ROSE ROMANELLI, PAULINE MATHERLY HELEN HDRTIW, STELLA LESNOWSKI, HELEN LESNOWSNI. Third row: MRS WOLFE, BEULAH BRAKE, MARGARET PUTZ, GLADYS MAYNARD, IRENE DANISH EMILY BRODA, GENEVIEVE CIESLA, MADELINE COLUMBUS, OLGA LYSHAK, JUNE BOWYER, VERA DAY, DOROTHY LINVILLE, MARILYN ALLEN, JUNE LAYTON, JUSTINE WENSKO, JEAN WARNER RUTH LINTUR. Fourth row: AUDREY ALEXANDER, ELEANOR ROMANUK, FAY JEAN HELM, SHIRLEY KUCHNIL ROSEMARY RANDAZZO, MARY JANE JANKI, EDNA MICHILAP, MARIANNE GRZYNOWICZ, HELEN MATUSzEwSKI, LEONA LISKE, LORRAINE BDwE, CHARLOTTE CALDWELL, SYLVIA BUTKOWSKI RUTH ALEXANDER, LOUISE LEWENDON, WILMA STEVENS, VERA HAWRES. F1fth row: LOIS BETTERIDGE, HELEN NOWKA, JUNE HART, JEAN STEVENS, BETTY HARCOURT JEANE WILLENBORG, MABEL LEWIS, DOLLY MOCARTY, IRENE KURMANIAK, VIRGINIA LUSH MARGARET LEwIS, STEPHAINE MACHURA, HEDwIG LATOWSRI, HELEN MATHEWS, FAY SEER JUNE MATHEwS, FRANCES PURDHAM, JUANITA FILLIN, OLGA GALAY. Saxth row: ANGELINE TYLUTKI, MARY TRICK, MARY McGREw, IRENE BARDMSKY, PAULINE KUTERON, HELEN STASEVICH, CLARA SMITH, JUNE ANDERSON, MARIE PACHANKIS, GENEVIEVE GRELL, DORIS WALLET, OLGA SIVANOV, IRENE BOIZUK, DOROTHY KIVELA, MARY YAGNISZ- CZAK, RITA STANBOWSKI, JUNE FILLION, JUNE EDDY, IRENE WATRINS, PHYLLIS GOODRICH. Seventh row: CHARLOTTE CAIN, HARRIET WEBER, DOLORES SZEWSKI, MARGARET BARSON, MARY AMELIA HoOvER, NEvA HUNT, CAROL BOWER, PAT HALL, EVA ROLL, DONNA HALL, ROSE NOVAOHEFF, HELEN CZARNECKI, EUGENIA TRIPEPA, SHIRLEY COMPTE, RUBY PATIENCE, PAT CAREY, BESSIE SMITH, HELEN PAVELICH, IRENE STREMPTA. T 1 ! ! ! 1 1 1 About the only requIrement necessary for membershIb In the Gzrls' Athletzc AssocIatIon IS a lIkzng for shorts sInce It 18 the club's hurbose to bromote shorts of a varzed tybe. Seasonal shorts are offered weekly, and they Include swzmmzng, basketball, volley ball, badmInton, bIng bong, and numerous others. The club IS run on a fO1Ht system, and members who achIeve a total of 400 or more receIve letters. Informal bETtlCS, weIner roasts, roller skatIng hartIes, and other dIvers1ons helb to hrovIde a varIedbfpgram. GIRL .RESERVES Fzrst row: MYRNA UAVEY, WINIFRED YOUNG, BERNICE VOLR, VERNELL SCOTT, MRS. MAR- ION FISHER, DOLORES BAGOZZI, ANN HIELER, MARY ANN EIBLER, TEMPEST FRALEIGH. Second row: HELEN MATuSzEwSRI, GRACE KATUROFF, FAR HELM, GINA GABIEL, AGNES GUESTELLA, NORMA BUNSE, YVONNE BOWERS, NORMA GATES, EDNA MICHELAC, BETTY REED. Th1rd row: MARILYN ROGERS, MARJORIE SMITH, MARY DELLA VECCA, MARIANNE PLAPPERT, FLORENCE TACOTIS, DOROTHY BERGSTROM, GLORIA ALLEN, VELDA PAGININ, MAE SRULL, BARBARA MCCAMMON. Fourth row: MARGARET FREEMAN, ALICE NORDSTROM, PHYLLIS WHITE, HELEN SABICK, JEAN CAPLA, JUNE ANDERSON, ALMA DALMER, LOIS MELLIN, MILDRED NEU- MAN, JANE WALKER, MURIEL MCCARTHY. Almost everybody seems to thInk that the Gzrl Reserves IS just another club formed for soclal hurhoses. However, there are two underlying factors that make It one of the more Imbortant or- gGH1ZGt1OHS-'Its azm to breva1l ubon gzrls to become znterested In h2tD1Hg other beoble, and to helb them form lastlng frrendshzbs. Wlth these azms In m1nd, we fznd Gzrl Reserves do1ng work whzch somet1mes In- d1rectly a1ds us. Take for examole ush' erzng at school affaIrs. Few of us take note of them, but stlll the fact remo1ns that we would certainly fznd somethzng am1ss If they werenlt there. Other act' 1v1t1es that stand out and add a touch of the unusual Include oartzes at the Y, W. C. A., a State Conference twzce yearly, and ushering at the Michtgan GIRL RESERVES MAKE CANQM SELL- Theoter for Good Frlday Servlces. ING ANOTHER SPECIALTY. MISS HILDA HORNY and MRS. MARION FISHER sponsor the club's act1vIt1es. Fzrst row: JACK SOLLIVAN, TED KIRKPATRICK, AUBREY HELVESTON, BOB BOEOLER, JIM GILLAND, ROMUALD GOMOGOWICZ, KEN KINER, CHARLES JAMES. Second row: MARK OORAN, BOB SUTHERIN, BILL FULTON, MRQ CHARLES RIDLEY, LEwIs WILSON, DALE JOHNSON, EILL BEHRENDT. OTHER MEMBERS wHO wERE ABSENT ARE DICK LEN- Nox, DON AMERMAN, MARVIN DE YOUNG, DON GERMAN, BOB HECT. FIrst row: WALLACE JOHNSON, RALPH VEN, HAY KOO5, FRANK AQUIKO. Seconi row: WILLIAM WOLOHAN, HAPPY OOOOSIAN, JOSEPH WIMMER, QHARLE5 5RRATT,NARf CELL WROHLEWSKI, JOHN KUZAPA, ROBERT BODOH. ThIrJ row: MR. W. F. DAVIS KENNETH GOERKE, ROBERT WARD, WILLIAM LIVERMORE, MARTIN WERNER, MATHEK KOR RINOER, DONALD MICHELL, JACK ELLIOTT. HI-Y ,.uu QS -..' V, M if 'i H1-Y boys make a hablt of gett1ng together for an even1ng'S enterta1nment at home. The Lost and Found Dehartment zs super- vzsed by the H1fY clubs. A junzor branch of the Y.M.C.A., th1s organ1zatzon endeavors to create, ma1n- tazn, and extend, throughout the school and communzty, hzgh standards of Chrzst- ian character. The fzve C's of nts blatform are Clean Llvzng, Clean Athletics, Clean Sbeech, Clean Scholarshzb, and Chr1st1an Character. Its members joln 1H d8UOt1OnS, d1scuss1ons, servzce, and recreatzon. Any candzdate may secure, from any act1ue member, an apbl1cat1on on which he states has reason for w1sh1ng to jozn and secures hzs parents' szgnature. After a conference the sbonsor apbroves the abblzcatzon 1f the boy has a def1n1te buff bose and IS judged worthy of membershzb. MR. CHARLES QIDLEY sponsors the Tractor Chapter, and MR. W. F. DAVIS sponsors the Blue Chabter. lI3 ? 7 RwxwT BOYS' GLEE CLUB F1rst Row: WESLEY DEVISON, CALVIN GPUZEW, JAMES SUMMERS. HENRY CARLONE, JACK HAGON, ARMER SOYAGIAN, GEORGE QRECU, ROBERT HAMILTON. Second Row: BILL WOLO- HAN, DON LANTZ, DON FRISCH, DENNIS CONSTABLE, DON PAEE, CHARLES SOYD, DICK LEN- NOX, NICKIE VANGOEE. Thzrd Row: RAY MORISSETTE, Gus KOKAS, JIM COVELL, JACK ROCKEFELLOW, HOWARD RENAS, ROBERT DOOMER, GEORGE CANAVAN, LRANK AQUINO, DON BEDT ELL, MR. EDWARD MOSHER. Fourth Row: JOHN SIEL, BILL SEHRENDT, JACK BLOW, DON- ALD RAY FEQRIER, JACK NOOTON, DAVID WHITE, BOD MORGAN, DOD QICHMOND, GEORGE SINW KO, HOWARD SEVIS, QAY KOOS. Fzfth Row: DODGLA5 MARTIN, JACK SULLIVAN. JOHN MANTA, A. J. DALTON, MARK DORAN, LOREN YATZECK, DON RYAN, KEN GOERKE, DOA WOLT ENWEDER, CHESTER EATON. IOTH GRADE GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Fzrst How: IRENE URCHKCK, DORIS PORGER, GLORIA POLIC, UOROTHY BUSH, VPANCES ANP ASTAS, LILLIAN MCLAPEW, JEAN GIANDOMENICO, IRMA LIEBECK, MARY MOLL. Second Row: JOSEPHINE CRCCE JEAN PARKER, JOAN FRANK, ELEANOR KROL, SHIRLEY SOLE. MR. LDWARD MODHER, FRANCES DDEAS, MAROIE TOROSIAN, PEGGY SUE KINDRED, DETTE SZWAJKUWSKI, MARGIE EAREATI. Th1rd Row: IRENE JENSEN, MARY RUTH LAROWE, JEAN VOPNALL, VIRM OINIA SZRAMSKI, DORIS WALKER, MARTHA GYERMAN, BETTY JEAN SENKEWITZ, IMMAOENE JIU BRIAN, LORETTA LEGAULT, MARY CHICLES. Fourth How: HARIETTE QLARK, LUCEIL WTRAT TON, ANTOINETTE SDRAOEN, IWILA HENDRICKSON, ALICE MEYER, MARIE QYDEP, LVLLYN NARANICH, MARY HERDA, EMILY DRODA, MADELINE MCQURN. II5 MUSIC II6 The mzxed chorus zs combosed of all the glee clubs and It bartzczfatei 1H great many musical affazrs. It 15 dzrected by MR. EDWAPD MOSHEP and VRS ANNAH PATCH WEAVER. -HM-SINGING l5N'T ALL woRx--- BAND Everybody responds to the stirring rhythms of a band, and so it 1S w1th us and our own Fordson High School Band. In lzeu of that let's give our band the honors rt so rightly deserves, not only for the pleasure zt g1ves us, but also for the opportunztwes It affords zts members. From a very meager begznnlng ln 1926 under the dzrectzon of MR. J. P. GODFPEY the band has rzsen to an envzable pos1t1on. At that t1me a combznatzon of music students from three schools-- Mzller, Salina, and Wzllzam Ford--made up a band of thirty-two pzeces. MR. GODFREY vzszted these schools to rehearse has 1nd1vid- ual groups durzng the week. Then, once a week the whole band was transported by bus to Mtller School for a complete practice. At Salina there was no band room and that presented quzte a problem. However, MR. KENNETH M. MACLEOD, our present br1nC1pal, who taught sczence there was generous enough and 1nterested enough rn the band to Let MR. GODFREY have practzce IH the back of h1s room wh1le he taught sc1ence zn the front. How any sczence was learned or taught IS a wonder. The condztxons at Mzller and Ford were no better, and the boiler room and corrider, respect1vely, were used for rehearsal. Each year there has been a marked zmprovement rn the growth and qual1ty of musxctanshzp in the band. Our band as one of the few zn thzs area that can play sw1ng muszc. MR. GODFREY main- tains that jazz zs just as dzff1cult as any music and IS also benefzczal tn teachzng rhythm and prec1szon to develop fzrst-class muszc1ans. That IS why so many Fordson1tes have won scholarsh1ps at Wayne Un1vers1ty and other schools. At present we have sax- teen muszc students at Wayne Unzversity on Scholarshzps, and there have been many others who were unable to accept. Besldes offering both the fun and experrcence of playing w1th others, the band under the class1f1cat1on of an extra-currzcular actzvtty also provides mus1cal 1nstructzon and coachzng whzch many t1mes proves valuable to students after h1gh school. ORCHESTRA 1926 also marked the beginnzng of the Fordson High School Orchestra, and because the band and orchestra were so closely connected, the same azfficulttes that confronted the band con- fronted zt. One ulollnzst, a szxth grade boy, and a combznatlon of brass and reeds comorzsed that fzrst orchestra. Today there IS a sharb contrast for the orchestra now consists of fourteen first vrollns, s1x second Uiol1ns, three violas, four cellos, three basses, and a number of other znstruments that are nec- essary to complete an 1moress1ue orchestra. At the tresent t1me the orchestra has at its command three standard symphonzes, twelve standard ouertures, ten selections, about twenty waltzes, and a uatzed selectzon of trogram muszc, 1nclud1ng Bacchanale, Dance of the Hours, Dance Macabre, Kam- enoz-Ostrow, Nutcracher's Suite, and a number of other suites, symoonzes, and toems. In its relaxzng moments the orchestra 1ndulges zn lzghter muszc that is better known. Our orchestra has one of the fznest l1brar1es of music in the state. It varzes from BEETHOVEN symthon1es to the modern jazz of GERSHWIN, PORTER, and other tresent day composers. The orchestra's noted abzllty to szght-read muszc zs due to the varzation and frequent changes of music and daily work. Sbeczal1zat1on zn indiuzdual soloists IS not carrzed on here. The orchestra 1S an organizatzon that works together as a unzt 1H order to troduce good orchestral music. This unit rs a combznat1on of four cholrs, strzngs, reeds, brass, and fvreczslon. Only the most advanced members of the band are chosen to hlay ln the orchestra. To these are added the strzngs which are rehearsed dally. Thxs means that the orchestra 18 the better of the two organizations sence the beginners are el1m1- nated, and the strlngs are well trazned. The orchestra just as the band has come a long way since 1ts begznning, so let's hote that 1t, too, contznues to go on ahead untzl it fznally reaches the too. II9 V SILVER OUILL Students who are lnterested zn orig1nal wr1t1ngs have an opbortun1ty to d1s- cuss and crztlczze the1r own products and those of fellow students zn the Stl- ver Quill Organzzatzon. Meetzngs, held each Thursday follow a regular schedule: the first Ln the month IS a buslness meet1ng: the second, mGHUSCf1Pt d1scuss1ong the thzrd, a party: the fourth, manuscribt d1scuss1on. In add1t1on to workzng on manuscrltts of thezr own, Silver Quzll members bub- l1sh an annual booklet, NTHE SILVER QUILLH, whzch contazns the Student body's l1terary attembts. Occaszonally they hold candy concess1ons at footbaIl and basketball games. Flrst How: MARY MQSSAR, MYRNA DAVEY, TEMPEST FRALEIGHT, BAQBARA MCCAMMON, MuRIEL MCCARTY, SAFBARA HILL, ANDRENE SAXTER. Second Row: CLARA SZYMANIAR, MARGUERITE SHOWERS, IRMcARv JERTZ, NORMA GATES, YVONNE SOWERS, NEVA HUNT, LOHRAINE GREEN, ROSE RABCHUCK. Thzrd Row: DORIS ooRRoR, SETTY JORY, UOLORES SCHULTZ, MARY UR- DEA, RAY Koos, JOHN BOWMAN, RICHARD HESPAN, BETTY DOWNING, ANNA MARIE TALCH, GABRIELLE WITHERSROON, MRS. NELLE DRIESE. ALEX ROZYCK1, ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE CLUB WAS ILL AT THE TIME THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN. SERVICE SQUAD Stand1ng: moe GRnFFuN, puwARo Peck, MAUHEEN NOLL, PAUL Quan, MARv Mossna. Seated: ELEANOR PASCU, 5LoRuA ALLEN. Although servzce dutzes seem to cover a wzde range, they are all very much a- lzke. They lnclude checkzng hall ber- mzts, escort1ng strangers through the buzldzng, 1ssue1ng hall f6fmltS to students IH the lzbrary, and keeping general order zn the halls. I22 Contrary to the bellef of many, mem- bers of the servzce squad are not drafted for duty. The entzre quad 1S made uh of volunteers wzth the excebtzon of the ch1ef cabta1n who 15 abboznted by MR. MuRQ4LL WCOLFORD, :ts sponsor. Only at the end of the semester do servzce grouf members rece1ve a re- ward. At th1s tzme the school board gzves a servzce bln to all who have offered 15 weeks of good serv1ce. There are no other awards gzven. How- ever, zn vzew of that fact, we now take zt ubon ourselves to glve to all servzce squad members our congratula- t1ons for thezr unt1rzng work STUDENT COUNCI L First row: VESTA COWARD, RICHARD SCANLON, ALMA UALMER, WILLIAM Lurz, JACK EL- EIOT. Second row: LEO STONIS, MR. MURIEL WOOLFOPD, RALPH MCFADDEN, KENNETH KEMP. Second Semester Student Council: ERN- Junior College Council: BILL ALLSOPP, EST HOGLIN, BILL LuTz, PAT CAREY, Boa MARY ALICE MAYS, DONALD TABENSKE, JEAN GRIFFMN, Boa KREFT, VESTA COWARD. LOWTHER,MERTLjNCQLN, Both the High School Student Council and the Junior College Council are or- ganized along the same lines for the same purpose. That is governing the stu- dent body in a democratic and practical manner. councils are vested legislative and executive powers. That includes and carrying out of rules and regulations. Under these titles they to grant club charters, conduct school elections, supervise clubs, concessions, and take charge of school affairs. Together with these the second semester student council is attempting to promote a cam- paign for more school spirit in all forms. In these the making have power give candy activities Usually the Student Council is thought of as merely a governing body, but, underlying that lies the fact that the Student Council helps to close the gap that sometimes lies between teachers and students because all power is placed in one group. TOWER TRIBU FIRST SEMESTER -:TOWER'HUBUNESTAFFr The lower Tribune is Edited and Printed Entirely by Students of the Forslson lligh School, Dearborn, Michigan. It is l'uhlished Ili-VVcekly and Distributed Free of Charge. lfclitorial Iloard Virginia K1-I Ann Pt-melichuki ' Lois Mt-llin News Editor --f- - Lillian Slota Organization Editor - Helene Seiter Feature Editor - - Muriel McCarty Copy Editor - - Melvin Metsa Exchange Editor - - Dot-i5 On- Staff Photographer V Ralph Venk Mechanical Chief ----- Henry Nikkel ARTHUR G. HUGHES, SPONSOR GLENN B. PURDHAM, MI-ICHANILIXI. ADVISOR Star Reporters Dortliy Aichler, Delphini- Mnyers, Arlene Crossman, Frank Karoly, Marjorie Smith, Myrtle VVhite. Lfnli lqC1lUI'lL'I'S jean Cole, june lfrnser, AnnGidt-lt-wicli, ClaraHnatio, Barbara McCainnion, Delores Schulty, Blarney Wirth. Blcclizniical Stuff VValtur Uilanou, Bob Kraft, Ed Parrott, Irvin Camen, Gerald McGIynn, Norman Anzistos, Harry Fielek, Sam Prokin, Don Okopny, Bob Srull, Herb johnson, ,Iohn Lucas, Phillip Michon, Lawrence Mucinski. JEAN COLE, ANN GiolLEw1cH, MARNEY WIRTH, MARJORIE Snirn, DOLORES SCHULTZ, QLARE HNATIO, MYRTLE WHDTE, JUNE FRASER, DEL- PHINE MEYERS. IZU Seated: HELEN SEITER, FRANK KARoLY,, Downs ORR. Standing: MURIEL MCCARTY, MELVIN METSA, CHESTER PLOUGHMAN, RALPH VENR. SECOND SEMESTER -:TOWER TRIBUNE:- The Tower Tribune is Edited and Printed Entirely by Students of the Fordson High School, Dearborn. Michigan. It is published Bi-VVeekly and Distributed Free of Charge. EDITORIAL BOARD Sponsor-Mr. Arthur G. Hughes Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor News Editor Clare Hnatio Copy Editor Helene Seiter Exchange Editor Melvin Metsa . . Ann Gidilewich . Dolores Schultz Sports Editor Bob Gritin Associate Sports Editor Frank Karoly Photographers Ralph Venk Bob Nowdorski Mechanical Chief .... Bob Kreft Star Reporters Virginia Kot, Lois Mellin, Ann Pentelichuk, Lillian Slota, Murial McCarty, Doris Orr, Marjorie Smith Barbara McCammon, Jean Cole. Cub Reporters Alma Fasset. jane Adams, Virginia Reed, Rose Ro' manelli, Charles Ross, Mary Caurdy, Mary Urdea Betty jones. MECHANICAL STAFF Advisor-Mr. Glenn B. Purdham Sam Prokin Nick Cartsea Acirain Farris Ed Mizgalski Bryce Mathis Herb Johnson ,lack Platz ,lim Ciccarelli Vincent Ravenna Irvin Camen Norman Anastos Hob Howe lid Parrott Marco Marchelletta Lawrence Muchinski Nick Gaina Pete Brissman I I TOWER TRIBUN MR . ARTHUR G. HUGHES, LILLIAN SLOTA ANN PENTELCHUK, VIRGINIA KOT BETTY JONES, VIRGINIA REED, JANE ADAMS, L M Ols ELLIN. ALMA FASSET, MARY COUROY, MARY URDEA Frrst row: WALTER BILANOW, MR. GLENN B. PURDHAM, HENRY NICKEL. Second row: STAN- LEY SIEDLIK, E0 PARROT, LAWRENCE MUCINSKI, MARCO MARCHELLETTA, JOHN MAGUREAN, ROBERT SRULL. Tlurd row: LAWRENCE OAKES, I-IERT JOHNSON, JACK PLATZ, JOHN LUKAS, Boa KREET. BASRBARA MCCAMMON, Boa GRIFFIN VARSITY Flrst row: EDWARD WTCRA, DOD KAY.' Second row: PETE MCLADCRLTN, MR. KENH NETM MCLEOD, STANLEY CZARNOTA, JOE O':RlEN, ALEX RABCHU5, VICTOR TATRANOE wucz, SAM PETTLICHOFF, MR. HUSSELL QATHERMAN, ANTHONY ALLGTA. Thzrd row: ANDY CHAPMAN, NORMAN MOORE, HALDANE MATTESON, DALE JOHNSON, KEN jALGE, :Oa HECHT, DICK SCANLON, TED KDRLICK, ED PECK, JIM BEARD. Fourth row: JIM MEALY, GEORGE UARADAN, O'DRTEN WRDTEN, SUD SCHLIEF, ED QZEKJ, MASON EVER- ETT. DUTCH O'HARA. Varsity members get together wlth COACH CATHERMAN to comhare notes. Any boy who earns a Letter ln football, basketball, swzmmzng, track, baseball, tennzs, or golf may become a member of the Vars1ty Club. The Groub 13 act1ve rn servzce to the school and asszsts at any school functzons where zt may be needed. They have ushered at old fashioned danczng Drograms and graduatzon exerczses. It zs thezr purpose to bromote good sbortsmanshzb throughout the school. I2 If. -. X H 1 PP 4 1' , i ' I ' ' . . . A flzgf: - .. f .gi -15-,gi . 5653 1 -.If .I If -. gg-ig. aw- V. .QI 5-2 ' '- f i:.'4 3 haf ,,:g- -'Q311 5-. -flQ 'f' --. i"'1' 1i:-.-5315 " nf -10-I gf- -'1' ,l . F3253 'f 3I'ff1'l,'g'I'gJI,f'l . y , s -- .a " QI,-1 5 1 iv? I2 T., ' iff 3EqvA'Tl',2xl37?r7' . a 22151 "" 21253 fJi71i'5'-'-5-1 x f , ...14'-Z-'- IQI - Qjg:Q1f,,A,.fgbf-E II .-- 2155- -' V i LI:-"J,-Lf.92gc v A .-ff1-:f1::..':f- 3'g.,f-,:1L- -rz -- u 5121 1,5 'YJ 2 . A :""-Z-- Il.- 1 I II , I - .I- f ,II-ML ,., .I3.I -M .II-:,IH,:,: -1.3.5 -u- . , ,. I I., L1 , c, ,,.1Z,.,. un .I,.,, I ,., gan, gig .I:fQ f'fj1lAf-':f2,'Q,I1g1' I.--4:-1 Ifgsg ' r aff k1fz.5 f-f 1 I ' "iff M411 Qs? ta," 1 ' ' III ll I -fif- . z 322: I 5 ' ' fa : E95 lf' ...M- . 1 sz- . iv -'- f- xi. .----'--""' . P ,e 11.-:il C7 ml --+. ' - -----"--""' , . ' ' iz . I-1 a ... - -.-.-. ...F---U 5-1---f - .4 I.- 515, v-My HI, . ,I.1.:- 1 Q,-1: .,,.,.-...... ,5...,.,--v .I-. 1-, 2 ,K 1 E255 . - '1 X 1 I' 3 : . 1 5 '- ' .G.?31i:- P512 fl Ziff! Q : 1 . Q I s e i sz. ' I Q F141 ki irlg -gif ' . .. w, ' I 1 I E , . fwfr 'L . , .:- F' 1.3. -22.1451 1 .1 f,-1 . 5 .. 5'- ' EIQH I xy S 1 ,I C Q 5 :1:5, '.1.3i i :f:' 315-1 5 Lf I-I E I -. . A . I I,'. ,I , .-7 1. .., :I 1: , -.J I'- H -. V251 .zz 1122 2 , 1.11"-f a :ff gzgi :Q ' 511: M -1'.:l 45 V E I -z:g? :Afg11: I -5'- 1 Igu ,Zigi I '. gfffi' 315: I-..g 59,5 4 ':f: IQI-.22 2 ' ',1,g-5 l ff- -,'IJ-3. , ZI. -'. -Q - 19- 77:5 -' --yi? 11 i Q T' ff-'Ai E 'Z-ff." I -I' 1. 121-gt 47.1-v?.: f rw" lm",Lq. i -'g:f f V3 e - I ':4 I4I.I., I,:- 334 1.511 .' :- " ' - . I -- -' Iii. 1 1 3. ?: fy - f 3 ' f -' - HEQL1' ww.. -. ,II .' za wx j5,:.f1, I ' W-, --15' - 1-gff - , ,- ,.',' 5 g ' - . . L -a1- . ' A - I ' 5751. " liiff- 3" ,-"' 5-U . J' '-J" ff H . I--. V f ', S '53 , - -' X"' P .412 ,W--. I-:f- , .,, ,, 1 -1 . :. ,' .-IW ' px X 5 X ,Q Xa! I,:.-:Ig-.jybh -'I xI-I -, ' , .I,. ' ' " ' 'Nz ' ' W X I A j N ACQ3 g . 44" 'iii' . -ff-f3'f1ff'.Vf' -Y ,X 'NH "J.f..-::::hiiL--"' . . P L-:mwl31.f::y i - 26.26-'-11'-'.i" 3 J ' Tfzjiff' I I ei fi 1 ,f ,., o i ,- ! ! 1! ""5- .,..-,-----fx I .!i"f'-"-:,'s-.jx-N" 5 .:'-sZ,uj'fF.,'z!j.'-1 I E ,,iQ:::1: F .i Ns! . .... gIIfI'. .lg I I VBZJ 4 '-'-' I 1 . "'r1f1f-Ll '. 1 f s f- W-3 . f 1 , If' ,I 9 : - 1 X I W f 'K i ! 7 ' X 1 W -, . . : - I f' Ni ' I - 1 If -qs ,. - g . S , ft'-H.-2. '-'ii ' .1 a , .-,f- J , xr..-. I.,.R -.,,I- S I,..g15 01,913 . I . I.: I5 II I - I . I ' 5 Q ,g xA ,. , . ' 1 . ' , ax, -1.1,,,. 5 " QIQS., ' .. 5,2 Y, - . f I- rf, II- -1- Q. .M ,Vx-I .,,1 1,.f .- gI, -I. , , ,ik-, . II . I., ,,II:,4 IL rw..-. -,--:I I , . -' :I IPI I I 1:-.I.I II . .,I. . I. 1:53 1 A I. ,I..x. ,I - ...:g., -3 , .II I . , I . 4. v- t ' ', I v 1 '4 '. . ff II,TfIII uk1 II.,:-g I, -I ,I -1.2 II E 3 I, I T74 .15 ' .ll , : I -fi: I f fi i1- :.s..1i::-'L- f?:ff1a-r?f:. ,H f ' - '-:' ,f-f' -f' l."3'-'".'. ,, X . lgg , I ,fgn--.,I..A.f I w Y.-'-g.x, I If ' g ,. L54 , 554-g',i3,,.I.Q.yIg ,KI aI -I Ivgnbei ' . -l'.:fi1".' -- . 1 !I 1:1:--- '- . 5. 'v :'EZf.-.'-'-aff'-"2-1. X1 YP ' XX 'N it :-2:21.22 'N Rf F f12-3+1'fffv:fz-:f- if '1 . . R, -. -f?'2-If-1--'L . 5 "f'-F-t-f'i":1 -f "-, ' ff- -QI ' - fs!-' " , .- 5 '62-'xiz-'.P,'5S,f' ' A -"fm" ,X -.. ' 1. ,xy . H--41,14 I,,...f' x gf In - --.-. . - .-.. ,- ---- N . . "N, I .. I "--..,, "' .....,,...l All work and no Dlay--not Fordson! Dur1ng the school year there are many activ1tzes that occuby the tzme to a student. Lzsted on the school calender are the football games, dances assemblies, electlons, and many other events that the stud- ent remembers, Yhe Students of Fordson attend many sborts events throughout the year. Be it at a fo ball game or at a basket ball game, the band and the majorettes are there to entertazn us. The majorette at the left 15 AQVELLA ENGELLAU MR. T.P. GODFREY, the leader of our band zs flctured at the rzght After the game or after school students gather at the corner store for refreshments, to talk over the game, or dzscuss a bit of homework that seems to be troubl1ng them. L ' Camhazgns always breceed elec- tzons, an elect1on here 15 no excebtzon. Many offzces are held by rebresentatzves who are elected by the student body to rebresent them zn the student counczl. Takzng an active hart IH the cambazgn by buttzng ub szgns for thezr favorzte candl- date are ELEANOQ ROMANUK, BILL SOUR, AND AL PASIUK. Electzons are held b1-annually to fzll vacant offzces. Not many peoble zn the world today have the br1v1ledge of exbresszng thezr 0b1H1OHS. but we zn this country do and the students at Fordson take advantage of lt. P1ctured here as ANNE MARNE TALCH drobb1ng a letter IH the letter box which wzll be read by the edztor of the school paper and may be printed zu the Forum, a column ln the Tower Trzbune. Stud- ents may also subm1t thelr 1deas to their governzng body, the student counczl. l W Dances are held both after school and zn the even1ng for those who fznd relaxatzon ln dancing. En- joy1ng each others comhany we fznd JEANETTE CARMON wlTH JACK MUTCH, AND ANNE MARIE TALCH WITH HAROLD OLEASZEWSKI. MAE STRULL warn WILLIAM ALLSOP I' 4'2g,? Left to r1ght: ED RUNGE, JACK ELLIOTT, GEORSINA RUSSELL, DELORES SPANBEPGEQ, FSTHER QFOS5, DOD WARD, DILL MERMAN, SPOOKS THOMAS, JOHN KUZARA, JUDV YINDER, PAT CAREY. BILL EEHRENDT, MYPNA DAVEY, MARY Lou WHITE. "FUUHUUSE" BY LHAQLE5 QUIMUY DURDETTE "I" November 15, 1940 DIRECTED BY LILA YANG BOTTOFF Cast RANDOLPH CUNNINGHAM, MARY'S FRIEND HOPE EARLY, THE SOCIAL wORRER,.. EMILY EARLY, THE MOTHER,. ...... ... RICHARD EARLY, THE EATHER,..... JENNY MALLOY, UICKIS 5WEETHEART,.. JACK MILFORD, A COLLEGE SOPHOMORE,.. Hduzzu DAILY, DoB'S CHUM, ......... MRS. FORESTER, A CRANRY wIDOw,... C' ....W1ll1am Behrendt MIRIAM WALKER, MARY'S ERIEND,... ... OANFOQD WELLES, A YOUNG ATTORNEY,... .nirteenth Annual Senior Play In Order of Appearance MARY EARLY, A DAUGHTER,...............G60fg1HU Russell ,.......Edward Runge UELPHIE, THE MAlD,............,..... ...Patrzcza Carey .....Myrna Davey BOB EARLY, THE YOUNG SON,..................Robert Ward DICK EARLY, SENIOR MEDICAL STUOENT,....W1ll1Gm Hermann ...Mary Lou Whzte Delores Spanberger ......Esther Cross ...Jack Elllott ...Brooks Thomas ...Judy Ylnger ...John Kuzara JACK MILLEORD, A COLLEGE SOPHOMoRE,.. ...Jack ElL1ott ""-ANSNNX W.. 'Wren Y WN I H, L wg yi. -IQIQSQJ Left to RIght: MYRNA DAVEY, LORRAINE BOATRIGHT, LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, BARBARA FOLLEY, MARJORIE SMITH, AUBREY HELVESTON, DON TRAVER, ED RUNGE, BILL LIYERMORE, DOROTHY LAWRENCE, BILL SEHRENDT, LOIS HALL, AND GRAHAM PORTER. "JUllElllHD" BY FLORENCE RYERSON AND COLIN CLEMENTS April 3, l9l4l Thirteenth Annual All School Play SPONSORED BY THE DRAMATIC CLUD DIRECTED BY LILA ZANG BOTTOFF Cast In order of their appearance PENNY WOOD--- ----A , e--'----- --Lorraxne Boatrwght SHIRLEY WENTWORTH RALPH VIENTINORTN-E JULIE HARRIS---W MR. HARRIS -A--A--- - ---- -- -H- LHUCK HARRIS -- --'f ' W f'--nf'---' -------fff Ed Runge MRS. WOOD -NA--- ' f-ff----f--f -7---Jlyrna Davey ELMER TuTTLEv----ff,---A-E ------------BILL Behrendt DOCTOR WOOD ----- - ----f ----------V '--- Don Tfaver LFEIEW- --- --v- ------ -----V V--f--Dorothy Lawrence MILLY LOD- -- - f--f----e Maryorze Smtn G. MERVYN ROBERTS ------ --ff--------v--HIL! Llvermore 'IOOER VAN VLECKT' f- nf-f-ffLuwren'ce Wrllzums Yfiuvrey Helveston ------ --fff--M--hols Hall. ----A-Graham Porter f--------------f-Barbara Fo l L ey pzcture that we w1ll al- ways remember, for RAY o- pened and closed the as- sembl1es that were held bl-monthly. IRENE WENDRICK wa1t1ng her turn to entertazn her fellow students at one of the vaudevzlle shows whzch are held be-annually and are presented entirely by mem- bers from the student body. The clzck of tybewr1ters was heard no more, text books were closed and shoved to the far end of the desk, attentlon was focused to- ward the radzo. Everyone was listening to the World Ser1es games between the Detrolt Tlgers and the Cinc1nnat1 Reds. I32 RAY KOOS at the organ--a One of the many 1nterest- ing assembl1es we had was the one ent1tled "Song Hzts of 1940 !B.C.jH whzch was gzven by JESSE P. RO- BERTSON, who abhears here zn Palesi1n1an costume blaytng the shoulder harp. Of the many flne works of art that meet one's eye as he walks through Fordson's halls the most fam1l1ar to all students IS Flyzng Mercury. He greets us e- very day as we bass the ma1n entrance. When the smell of Dine reaches our noses as we pass the mazn stazrway we know that at 13 Chrzstmas. To add to the Chrlstmas fun of carollng 1H the halls, hav1ng a Sb8C1Gl as- sembly, the H1-Y burchase a large Chrlstmas tree. A scence fam1l1ar t any tnme. Frlend through lzfe. l33 all, the halls at shzbs made zn hzgh school contlnue on Lounging on the grass during the lunch hour is a favorite pastime of the students. They can often be seen relaxing, reading, or studying for the next hour class At the end of C corridor is a tic turesque window seat. Students sit down to study. During the semester usually one or two linger there, but when testing time rolls around you see it as it is pictured here. This picture is just o tart of the large mural thot covers the front wall of west study halh Truly, this fine work of art is studied a great deal. A tybic- al picture is that of o student with his textbook oben before him looking ut at the mural and finding something new each time. 74 A Q, I-f'f'fg,-JVM? Schram VARSITY TENW f1fSl row: CLARENCE QMITN, PGWARD PINQSTEN, DICK SCANLDN, LEC QTCNIS, HALDANE MAYTFSON, FRANK OAZANOWSKI, NON RYAN, RORERT WASiLESKl, RCBERT OIOCERS, MYRON EARNYK, EnESTER WIACEK, OOR QRIEFIN. Second row: MR. MAC WRALEN, MR. MCLEOD, JOHN KALIN, DALE OORNSON, Bur SCHLIEF, KEN UALGE, HAROLD WARD, TOM MEYERS, HENRY DANOS, VICTOR TATARANOWICL, TED KURDLUK, MR. OANIK, MR. SAVAGE. Thzri row: RORERT KREET, EDWARD PECK, STANLEY CZARNOTA, HILL CRIROTA, JOE CHOBOT, SAM PETLICRKOEE, JOHN QEFTOS, EDWARD SIEDLIK, POHEPT KOZMA, ERANCE5 UCUTChH U'PARA. Fourth row: PAUL GRANDSKC, CRANK UZAOLA, QMARLES SRRATT. RESERVE TEAM F1rst row: MR. MAC WHALEN, CHARLES SCHEBOR, STANLEY CZARNECKI, JACK JOHNSON, OILL FOSTER, VICTOR FOSTER, MAX LORENTI, MR. WALTER JANIK, coach. Second row: DILLIE MILLEY, JOHN NATOLI, NELLO SENSOLI, GEORGE ALIOTA, JACK BENN- ETT, LEO LAZARUK, HENRY OESTRLCH. Thzrd row: THOMAS Russo, FRANK KATONA, EMIL PODGES, JOHN LAWRENCE, JIMMY MCKENZIE JOHN NUZNOV, MAX JOHNSON. FORDSON AND BAY CITY TIE, 6-6 Chosen to dedzcate Bay C1ty's new Stadium, Fordson d1d so ln a fash- 1onable manner by holdzng Central's highly-rated team to a t1e. Ford- son's lone score came ln the flrst per1od on an off tackle smash by STAN CZARNOTA, from the ten yard lzne. FORDSON OVERPONERS MONROE, I9-O Fordson acclaimed ztself as a contender for the Border C1t1es League Champzonshzp by trounczng Monroe 1H its f1rst home-showzng game. The Tractors stopped the Monroe Trojans cold 1n the1r tracks as they d1splayed thezr spectacular plays and power. Credzt has to be gzven to TED KURILUA for hzs out- stand1ng and aggresszve play, both on defense and offense. FOROSON EDGES SAGINAW, 7-6 By edgzng out Sagznaw in a close battle on the Tractor's home grounds, Fordson extended lts w1n- nzng streak to two games. NOUTCHU O'HARA, hard plunglng fullback on the Tractor eleven, went over in the flrst quarter for Fordsonls only tally. The place kick after the touchdown proved to be the de- czdxng factor of the game. FORDSON BEATS OUT-STATE OPPONENT Wlth Toledo Catholzc Central seekzng revenge for the set-back handed them by the Tractor eleven a year ago, Fordson gravely d1s- appoznted the h1ghly sp1r1ted Central team by handzng them a hard felt defeat. As usual, STAN CZAR- NOTA dtsplayed hzs football abzl1ty by gazng over for Fordson's only score. W1th vzctory came grlef, wzth the Injury of DICK SCANLONG, star quarterback of the f1rst eleven. MT. CLEMENS HANDS DEFEAT T0 FORDSON The abruzsed and battered Tractor eleven fell vlctlms to the hzghly favored Mt. Clemens team, League Champzons of a year ago. Outplayed and outwezghed heavzly by the Bath! ers, Fordson's hope of victory dzm- lnzshed as the game proceeded. A safety 1n the first quarter proved to be the Tractor's lone tally FORDSON SUFFERS DEFEAT BY ROYAL OAK St1ll recoverzng from the defeat handed them in the prevzous week by Mt. Clemens, the Fordson Tractors were knocked out of the top dsv- 1s1on of the Border Cztzes League by a powerful Royal Oak team. Al- though the Tractor eleven fought desperately in the dyzng mznutes of the game, the1r efforts proved of- no avail. SPIRITED ELEVEN LICKS GROSSE POINTE After suffering two successive defeats, Fordson regazned :ts old wznnzng stride by defeatzng zts batter rzvals, the Mill1ona1res, IQ-O. With cooperatlon of the foreward wall, and consistent line plunges by HBUTCHH O'HARA, the Tractors crashed through for three touchdowns--STAN CZARNOTA scored tw1ce and HOWARD PINGSTON once. BUD SCHLIEF connected for an extra poinh VICTORY REVENGES LAST YEAR'S DEFEAT. The Tractor grld team ended its 1Q4O football season by gavlng Coach WHALEN a farewell gzft--a brlllzant vrctory over the Wyan- dotte Bears, 26ro. The Tractors proved too much for the Bears. Thus ended Fordson's 1Q4O grzd season, wzth a total of five plc torzes, two defeats, and one t1e. SUMMARY OF IQNO FOOTBALL SEASON The offzczal clos1ng of the 1940 football season brought out the 16th annual football bust, whzch featured some of the outstandzng state fzg- ures of the sport worldf such as COACH BACHMAN, of Mzehlgan State. MILO SUKUP, TIPPY LOCKARD, JOHNNY PINGLE, KID MCKOY, and the all-state team selector of The Free Press. Marshall Dan. Members of the team were zntroduced and Letters were awarded. W1th the assistance of MR. WALTER JANIK, former Fordson Alumnus and coach at Sal1na Juntor Hzgh Schooh COACH WHALEN successfully put to- gether an outstandzng team. Although it was not a championship team, It was a hard f1ghtzng eleven whzch came out on top zn fxve of its ezght games. MR. WHALEN couldn't substz- tute freely, however, and most of the heavy burden rested on the shoulders of the fzrst team. GfaduGf10n wzll take a majortty of dependable players from both the first and second teams. Long w1ll be remembered the conslstent line plunges of HBUTCHH O'HARA, the acc- urate bullet-l1ke passlng and punt- lng of STAN CZARNOTA, the stacky, pass-snatchzng f1ngers of HOWARD PINGSTON, the superb szgnal callzng of DICK SCANLON, and the br1ll1ant play of Teo KRUILUK. Through the wtllzngness of these boys, and many others, COACH WHALEN was able to put together a good and powerful team. May he have a better and stronger team next season--a wznnzng comb1nat1on I37 FORDSON BOARD OF STRATEGY Lxne coach, MR. WALTER JANIK and Head coach, MR. MAC WHALEN watch one of the season's games from the bench. l38 ED PECK HOWARD PINGSTON DICK SCANLON TED KURILUK HBUTCHH O'HARA FINAL STANDINGS BORDER CITIES LEAGUE MT. CLEMENS FORDSON ROYAL OAK GROSSE POINT MONROE WYANDOTTE woN LOST 5 O 5 2 5 2 5 2 1 U O 5 CLARENCE SMITH vac TATARANOWICZ MIKE FARNYK ww 55? 'I EOE Cnoeor BOB KREFT KEN SALGE duo SCHLIEF STAN CZARNQTA LEO STONIS DALE JOHNSON DON RYAN ED SIEDLIK Boa GZIFFIN l39 VARSITY BASKETBALL Farst row: JIM HEALY, HAROLD GOWING, STAN CZAPNOTA, TOM MEYER, VIC TATARANCRICZ, AL BLACHA, SAM PETLICHKCCF, MIKE CARNYK. Second row: BOB BICGERS, Boa SCNELOR, JOHN GEFTOS, JACK BARTLE, HESTER VELLE don KOSMO, HeNRv NALM, CHESTER WIACEK. Th1rd row: FRANK KAZANOWSKI, ALBERT MTSTECKI, EMERY LORENTE, FBERT Fourth row: Lo WICHA, COACH RUSSELL CATHERMAN, BILL JACKSON, TOM LANTERBURG BORDER CITIES LEAGUE STANDING Fordson Royal Oak Grosse Poxnte Mounte Clemens WyandQtte Monroe WON LosT PERCENTAGE Q 1 .goo 8 2 .800 7 3 -700 3 7 -?00 2 8 .zoo 1 Q .100 JUN I OR COLLEGE BASKETBALL F1rst row: CARL MOSS, JOE ABOOO, OOO SHIELDS, HARRY MARTIN, HAR TOO c Second row: JERRY MALZAHAN, GEORGE DONALOSON, BILL ALLSOPP, JOHN MOORE, CHARLES WATSON, JOE PICARD, BORIS KRUCHEN, COACH WALTER JANIK FINAL STADINGS MICHIGAN JUNIOR COLLEGE ATHLETIC CONFERENCE TEAM WON Hlghland Park 11 Fl1nt 10 Muskegon Q Grand Rapzds 3 Hay C1ty 3 Jackson 4 Fordson 3 Port Huron 3 LOST PERCENTAGE 3 .786 4 -714 5 -643 6 .571 6 '57l IO .286 11 .214 11 .214 MIKE FARNYK JIM HEALY JOHN GEFTOS HAROLD GOWING TOM MEYER STANLEY CZARNOTA KEN BALGE Vlc TATARANOWICZ SAM PETLICHKOFF AL BLACHA DALE JOHNSON IWZ SEASON SUMMARY J. C. BASKETBALL The 1940-41 basketball season was an zmtortant-one for the Fordson J. C. team--not because of a large number of games won, but because they gazned some- thzng whzch wzll helb them in years to come--exberzence. It was thzs vztal factor that seemed to be lackznglthzs season, but the team succeeded zn defeat zng Grand Ratzds, Flznt, and H1ghland Park, the three utoughest' teams ln the Conference. The Latter fznally won the Conference Tztle. JOE Aoooo, the outstand1ng member of hzs team thzs season, was chosen for the forward tosztzon 1n the all-state Junzor College Conference. He also rated thzrd hzghest an the junior col- lege scorzng race wlth 102 bo1nts. It 15 the hobe of the Junzor Col- lege that, wzth the helt of Coach Janzk they wzll emerge wzth a champzonship team next season. LEAGUE CHAMPS AGAIN Fordson's 1Q41 basketball team closed the season wtth a record of wln- nlng 13 out of 15 games, and the Border C1t1es League champ1onshLp zntact for the szxth t1me 1n seven years. In June graduatzon wlll take four valuable players: STAN CZARNOTA, VIC TATARANOWICZ, J4M.HEALY, and DALE JOHN- SON. TOM MEYER, KEN QALGE, SAM PETLI- CHKOFF, AL BLACHA, and HAROLD GOWING well graduate zn January. Followzng the graduat1on of these two classes, CJACH CATHERMAN wzll be Left wlth only one letter man, MIKE FARNYK. CAPTAIN ToM MEYER scored 130 bcznts during the season zn the fourteen games he played. Th1s is a new school record. He was ticked for the second all state Free Press team. VICTOR TATARNOwlCZwas given honorable mention at the same select1on. SNIMMING TEAM RESULTS NHEN December 3 December 12 January 10 January 14 January 17 January 24 February 3 February 7 February 14 February 18 OPPONENT Western Ybszlantz Royal Oak Jackson Wyandotte Grosse Pointe Pont1ac Mt. Clemens Monroe Rzver Rouge WHERE Here There Here There There There Here There Here Here SCORE 35'49 48-36 50-31 22-62 40'44 90'54 50'?4 58-26 44-40 57-26 SWIMMING TEAM F1rst row: GEORGE DARABIN, JAMES WEST- BY, BILL CODDEN, LAWRENCE Wooos, RUS- SELL BOCHUR, EDDIE SOLOWAY. Second row: GEORGE WITTERSHIM, EUGENE PYSYBYLSKI, ANDY CHAPMAN, MASON EVER- ETT, NORMAN MOORE, ROBERT MORGAN, GEO- RGE TRUDEAU. Th1rd row: HALDANE MATTESON, HARRY PHILLIPS, HENRY VIN- CENT, BENNET LANGS- TON, WILLIAM LovE, FRED OLSON. SUIMMERS SPLASH T0 VICTORY The Fordson Tankers had a tough season ahead of them in December, because of a weak team resulting from the graduation of the strong swimmers of the preceding year, namely BEN HOLMGRAIN, MICKEY ELLIOT, and WALTER GARDNER. The only experi- enced bothers were the veterans ANDY CHAPMAN, HALDANE MATTESON, and MASON EVER- ETT. In the diver's seat, GEORGE DARIBAN did the flips and half-gainers, with EO SOLOWAY as an understudy. In the race for the top breast-stroke was LEONARD MORGANQ MASON EVERETT took over duties of number one back-stroke. The first meet took place at Fordson with Western High. Lack of experience brought defeat for the T07lkCfS,- q5-49. Recovering in time to win the second meet, Fordson beat Ypsilanti in the Ypsi pool, 48-36. GEORGE DARIBAN, the only diver for Fordson, took first place. By taking five firsts and four seconds, the Fordson Tankers victimized the Royal Oak nators, 50-31. HALDANE MATTESON and ANDY CHAPMAN took the majority of firsts. The next three meets spelled defeat for the Fordson tankers, against Jackson, Wyandotte, and Grosse Pointe. Again the swimmers recovered to find victory in the next four meets. Against Pontiac in the Fordson pool, February 3, the score was 50-34. On February 7, Fordson visited Mt. Clemens, and defeated them in their own pool, 58-26. Victory over Nonroe, February 14, moved Fordson up to a deadlock with Grosse Pointe for second place honors in the Border Cities League standings. Taking firsts in nearly every event the blue and gold of Fordson swam to an easy 57-26 triumph over River Rouge, their final aquatic opponents. COACH KAZLUSKY'S tankers placed second in the third annual regional swimming meet held here February 22. The Fordson nators trailed the Wyandotte team, which won the meet. by four points. The Fordson relay team set a new mark of 1:45.2 in their event, bettering the old Fordson record. MASON EVERETT kept up his good work this season by tying the 1:0q.8 mark in the 100 yard back-stroke when he took first in this event. The result of the 40-41 season for the Fordson Tankers was the unnning of six meets out of ten and placing second in the Border Cities League. Junior College divers EUGENE SCHLAACH, HAROLD HAGG, MICHEY PLLIOT ANDY CHAPMAN BURNETT LANGSTON Ns ENE? M47-T xA Es W-50 ON MASON EVERETT sivlashes through to another victory in the backstroke. Z, ,,,. .,: 1.-N - .. .NL,,g ,J .JA-4 D91 -Bw P I I ' as r A V I' Q Af' A 384, I I , ' ,. 2198? Q10 I: -itll, ll ,gr A .. .we W W 1 I .I 'ik 5 N 5 O in -Mrs ' fr A -N S . QRS' A- ' we 4 X R Y E X gg X .QQ 5, .sw X Nm ,H 'xxwifx i , f Q A A 'sf 'xvx .,-ff 'Eg' Q x 'Y Tx: XP'- Fzrst row: CJAXH KAZLUSKY, GEORGE TRUDEAU, WALLACE ARCHACKI, JIM WESTBY, HALD- ANE MAfTESON, SAM PETLICHKOFF, HARRY PHILLIPS, COACH JANIK. Second row: AUCLF ZALENSKI, LUCA DENARO, VRED KASRRIAK, BOB BIGGERS, HAROLD WARU, HENPY RIBERAS, DUNCAN PULFORD. Thlrd row: HAMBEPSON BOGOSIAN, CHESTER COVETZ, DONALD GERMAN, JOHN ARZOIAN, HENRY SUKUR, WILLIAM GREGOVICH, JAMES SUMMERS. Fourth row: JOE SREZINSKI, CYRIL BOURCIER, VINCENT BURTON, ROBERT TRUXTON, JOHN VANK, FENPY NAUM, COACH SAVAGE. F1fth row: JACK JOHNSON, HAROLD CLARK, Q08 WERTH, JOHN GEFTOS. TRACK Although the track season 1sn't combleted, It 15 not expected that Fordson wzll blace tartzcularly h1gh In the state meet. Thzs IS due to the team be1ng made ut almost ent1rely of sohhomores. In sb1te of hzs znexperzenced team, Coach KAZLUSKY has at least two very valuable veterans zn the bersons of BUD SCHLEIF, shot-butter, and SAM PETLICH- KOFF, hurdler. BUD will undoubtedly win the regional meet, held May 17 in Ferndale, and SAM wrll blace hIgh. It w1ll be up to these two boys to ga1n a large number of points for Fordson. 3, 5,3 F Coaches SAVAGE, KAZLUSKY, and JANIK. 2 if . Q ' ,-QQEFTY mam 'P ,AW uI"""" M 5,w .N Q, J nI0""" J' J .,,. , . if 1-li' t H88 . mai Q" . - . .V rpfi-gfQ.L Travfff. Baseball Team Front Row: D. JOHNSON, W. DUNN, S. CZARNOTA, E. PECK, A. TATRO, J. GUBACHY G. LASH. Second Row: COACH CATHERMAN, M. FARNYK, E. ROVESK. F. RYDAL, T MEYER, F. SCHWINHART, B. WASILEWSKI, MR. MCLEOD. Th1rd Row: D. PAPKE B. CHIROTA, C. SQHEBOR, A. Mlsfecxl, C. WIASEK, C. MOTYKA. Fourth Row Outfzeld W. DUNN, G. L MGR. S. NATOLI, J. RUSSQ, R. MCFADDEN, MGR. D. BEROIUILLE CAPTAIN STAN CZAANOTA, COACH CATHERMAN CAPTAIN ART TATRO. I ASH, D. PAPNE, M. FARNYK, E. Rovesx, J. GUBACHY, B. WASILEWSKI. Below: ED PECK, thzrd baseman Infzelders: T. MEYER, A. .ATQQ, . PYDAL, C. MQTYKA Below: DALE JOHNSON. f1fChEf . -, , f' mm, if --L... l50 . it mf Pltchers: S. CZAQNOTA, T. MEYER, E. SCHWEIKHART, D. JOHNSON The Fordson baseball team has been organzzed for seven years and have blayed a total of 184 games. Out of the total they have lost only 2Q games to the bresent data In 1040 a comblete team graduated leavtng only str veterans, STAN CZARNOTA AND ART TATRO, bltchers, JIM GUBACHY, catcher, E0 Pscx, thlrd baseman, AND CHESTER MoTvuA, AND MIKE FARNYK, second basemen. In sbzte of the team bezng almost new the boys as a whole are lookzng excebt1onally well on the fzeld and are exbected to Dlace hlgh in the flnals. 1 J 1 BOB EVANS :f, y 44ff "--r---M..-.N ,Md 5' Q N S , A """"""--'Hu--x...N,.,, 'Q 'K ,- an W. N :X P 9 Q 'rag BARNEY Aw'N4mN. 1 , ,,f ""I' - ' 4 CAVTAlN JIM HLALY l52 FRANK KAZANOWSKI AND MR. Bsooow ghrbnen Among the many and varzed activ1tzes that the gzrls can bartzczpate zn, danczng holds top honors Basketball was orlginated by JAMES NAISMITH ln 1891 and has become a well-known sport with gzrls as well as boys. MARY MORSE, MARY YAGNISIAZAK, SHIRLEY DEMMONS, SYLVIA MORSE, MARY BOYLE, Kzn the too row! and DORQTNY LINVILLE, MARILYN ALLEN, JUNE LAYTON and SERNADINE REED Kin the bottom fOwl, were on the winners zn the consolation tournament. 'xg 'ff -'ww -1,j+fy'r+.':15.3w'r1f:vf"H511, Look out girls, here it comes. ELLEN MURPHY really means business when she gets up to bat while playing the nat- ion's most popular game, 'WF' baseball. LJLLIAN DRUM- as MOND, the pitcher, does- not fool as she Nburns o e in When spring comes these girls are prepared for their opponents Left to right are: HELEN PAVELICH, VIOLET MACIAG, HELEN NowKA, ELEANOR POKYWRKA, ANN PENTELlcHuK and HELEN LESNOWSKI Q me 335 ii . ,M is ws.. .mwwffm QWWM Fwy '.::- ,qw wg ,Q 3.5 . if X Y 3 g' .ig ' if . X N' ze, X wvmy . , ' j ' gil: 'H .-9? M .. ,' ' ' "4fNMlv6n9aQ?w-f- J fx fx: X . 'Ex X-K,Q5ig'3X3?gq Q ., V mi When sbrzng arrzves, many a young coubles thoughts turn to---tennzs. Here ANDRENE BAXTER practices for their next set. IRENE STREMPKA, shows her sk1lL tn a game of bzng- bong. AUTOGRAPHS

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