Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1939

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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 64 of the 1939 volume:

Twenty-Third Echo Published by the Seniors of Forcison High School J 5? W m.,W,,., A I W , 4.4 'J' ezearvwfvtsriwfwwwmwwt FORDSON BOARD OF EDUCATION Reading to the left: John J. Fish, Attorneyg Herbert S. Mitchell, Business Mauagerg Norman F Edwards, Trustee Walter Iams Trusteeg John E. Alexander, Treasurerg George E. Brady, Presidentg Frances E. Rasch, Stenographerg Fred Beard Secretary Homer C Beadle, Trusteeg George T. Martin, Vice-Presidentg and Harvey H. Lowrey, Superintendent. APPRECIATION The Fordson Board of Education fully appreciate the splendid work of the editors of the 23rd Echo. VVe congratulate the management on their success in giving the graduates and interested friends such a Fine review of the membership of the largest class thus far in the history of the high school. Every individual who has an opportuntiy to review the pages of this Echo will be repaid in forming anticipations of what this class ought to do for the good of society. The success of the June class of 1939 will be watched with keen Each one of the seven members of the Board wish the individual members of the class the best of good fortune in all their worthy undertakings and hope that all your ettorts which are worthwhile will be crowned with abundant success. Your ability to do your interest by the Board of Education and every friend of the school. respective jobs in an acceptable manner to society will determine how well you deserve all the honor which you are receiving at this time. May the best of success go with each one of you all through the journey of life. Fordson Board of Education 'GH5' FOREWORD This little book is intended to present to our gradu- ates, as well as to their friends, a memento of their school days, to which they may refer in after years as a keepsake to help them reminisce over the past, renew the acquaintances of high school days, and while away many a happy hour as they wander back through Mem- ory Lane. If it pleases you, if it evokes from you a smile of contentment, if it helps to bring back happy memories of days gone by, if it succeeds in making you live over again our happy school days, then our eiforts will be justly rewarded. www y - i ix l -'ear . - :: : -- 1 ,- ' I I -1.2-2 ,:: 3 g. Q -2 3 4 Z N '- ! 'I M M' ' 5 Amrr :on rue :Aus or nm: run NAM: - .v..-.-..-- --..-- 3- -r ,E',..:.- -.. -:- -- :E: - 255-5 E' "- 4- l - --- V Q Q' ggi' :: 1 ' F :. f .. - 21 , , nn-hw ??'Y- J: - Z T.-- -:,1. :..-:ali -,gg.:g,:5:g,,g-- --g Q I . E31 'zz' , 5- -" - -:' - - rel- . :: - 5 FE"-1EE"""" 4- L J- J- .mg 1- , - . .. . , M- - ' - -..: A y 2' """"' fi Yu.: ron vw I cn-1 .gif ' ,.s 4 -s 4-4! s!--1 1 G- " '- :- w 1- 2-u 1 QE 1 4- ' , 4- J- ' ' , 4 7 , - 5 : , ' ' 7. , 1 1 3 ' ,Ji 2 ii ' fi - ' f ' 1 wmv vw we nom- -mn un . in. an ! pau! 51113:-env, Go-4-SYM? viva ... f.fl..f,lw'm 'F I . r l i, g . 5 . :I , ,- Q 3 ' Fl? I J P 1 nf' 1 1 IG. sus.-at-aj 1 - 2 ' ' --- ...,-1.:-.,.:-.. - - .. G' '- ' ir:-lizzie: : 5555-:: -lzzm : EE? -EE con: on :Su viii-sou ,f :mom ron ' vo W w,-1 Ht, YM wwf Go you nkbsou t I I ..-....:-5..-4-5 4 if I- ' A ' - ' ' Eze: . ia- r 5-. si 2 4- 4- 4. P -- 4- . F ' . E , 'T ' gm 5 S 5 Q 'ff -E mv Ann we vnu. Loy- Ai. gt ... 5' . -E Q . s Q IJARCHMF T Bahia IM. ummm A 2 1 I P. .4 u Newvmnusn VICTORY SONG Come on, you Fordson, Dear maize and blue, Come on, you Fordson High. VVe're here to fight for you, And we will cheer for you VVhen you go down that line. Rah! Rah! Rah! Come on, you Fordson, Fight for victory. Straight for 'the fame of our Go, you Fordson! Win that game! Fight, you Fordson, fight! Fight, you Fordson, fight! Hit 'em high! Hit 'em low! Go, you Fordson, go! fair name, '6H5' SCHOOL School is like a mountain that stretches to the Vast and unconquerable from the bottotn. Slowly we mount, a step at a time, Moving upward. Seemingly impassable barriers loom before us Sometimes by spurts of genius, then by sheer Often we despair, But always a way opens before us. We toil on. Years come, years gog still we work. Halfway up we look around. Still the top is hidden, our surroundings hazy On we go with newly-kindled hope. Times go faster now. Suddenly we see in the distance the top Hidden by the clouds, but faintly there. Swiftly we toil, more eager now With veiled goals revealed, A way to ambitions shown. Then close to the top, a ravine halts us, Too wide to cross, the depth concealed. Back go the workers To Find another way, to struggle on. The shirkers and the laggards stop dismayed, Then start the easy journey downward towa The picked ones strive on and Burst from the mists. Ahead we see the top: We cheer, race madly toward the goal. Beyond-we see new horizons, New worlds and new barriers to conquer. Tom Wy blue, to be overcome drudgery. rd obliteration. mond . . PRESIDENTS ADDRESS Today we reach the end of our pleasant sojourn in the Fordson High Shool and commemorate twelve years of school lite and educa- tion under the guidance of a well trained faculty. I would like to express gratitude and appreciation to our parents who have sacrificed much so that we could come this far in obtaining an education. After having our ears scrubbed and being sent off to school for twelve years, we begin to appreciate the true value of the opportunities that have been ours. Our feeling of security in life is being replaced by a feeling of responsibility. In our school days we gave little thought to our future. Most of our times were spent over school problems. We did not think of the sheltered life we led or consider how well we were protected from economic troubles. But now the challenge of the unknown future is becoming more and more important. WVe are now choosing the occupations we would like to follow. Some of us will practice in the field of mechanics, a few as salesmen, others as apprentices, and a number will further our educations in the universities. Regardless of the activity that we choose, I know that you will join me in wishing the members of this graduating class the best of luck in achieving the goals that we have set for ourselves. May we always aspire to a higher goal and achieve distinctions in our respective fields which will make us a credit to our school and community. I think I am speaking for every member of this graduating class when I sa th t th' ' ' ' y a is commencement is an occasion to whrch we have been looking forward since the day we enrolled as just another group of freshmen. We have been picturing ourselves as majestically march- ing up to the stage to receive our diplomas. At last this eventful day ias arrived. To every fellow graduate I would like to offer my con- gratulations. i l 5 I Y wp ii ? Loranger Hefferman Graham Inskip Ewald Stasevich Pnzwdenvt Vire President Serretary ref Direcfor Dirvrlor Director X Class Oflicers William E. Lol-anger Student Council Harold J. Hefferman Varsity Janet Graham National Honor Society Charles Louis Ewald Service Group Wilma Marie lnskip Dramatic Club, president: Tower Tribuneg Debate Team Alexander Staseviclx Charles Ralph Kalbfleisch Varsity: Senior Hi-Y Bandg National Honor Society Mr. Lowrey Mr, Howard Mr. MacLeod Harvey H. Lowrey Silperilitelidciit of Schools Ervin E. Howard Arsislanf Superintendent Kenneth MacLeod Principal Mr. Tate Faculty Mr. Huller Miss Sellman Mr. Ardis Dean C. Tate Assistant Principal Harry Huller Assistant Principal Esther Sellman C lass Dorman Ardis C lass Sponsor x Vivian Lucille Abba Virginia Julia Alden 'I Dolores Marie Aiclller Echo Staffg National onor Societyg Art Club Helen l. Allingkon Katherine Andruliewicz Glee Club National Honor S ' ty, vice- prcsidentg Sil illg Girl Re- serv ' Joseph 'o - h s Ernie c. Arth Wim.. M.. Asher i Ernest Arvai Future Craftsman g National Honor Society George J. Auonmnelner Anthony D. Azzaro I Mary Ann Anno .X X Girl Reserves i X 'L KC X xg WW se - X Mui. sq.-lm Al.....a.-a. .I-lla. Bhjis ional Honor Societyg Girl Reserves, president: Echo Staff Sarah Marie Bailey National Honor Societyg Girl Reserves Theophil Bniis Arline Winifved Barlnrell National Honor Societyg Girl Reserves, treasurer r Group: GAA M17 Ea. w. Bnrnowalri Many.: B Q CSB 04' ' V3l'Si!y2 Senior Hi-Y GAA: National Honor Society Violet Carol Bening: Girl Reserves: National Honor Society William A. Baynlf Charles Finney Beegle Service Group Wesley Earl Betlwell Glec Cluh LeRoy H. Beeler Margaret E. Belling ervi e Grou 5 Future Crafts- ia Orch stra Henry A, Belcilr ' O .lolm Berce Leo B. Bielecki Varsity: Senior Hi-Y James Basal Stanley Francis Binkowoki Helen Mary Virgin Blaclaa Varsity Margaret Jean Bitner Glee Club: Silver Quill 'XX ai.-Q19-Op' Dolores Black Virginia 'Ruth Blair Girl ReservesQ secretaryg N tional Honor Society Lnewlpreb Bladylxo l in lf! 1 E f VUL Y! i lb Matilda Barbara Bluchik Leonard L. Boresky June E. Boile Jolm R. Boyle Priscilla Brand! National Honor Society Edward Braklmp Elizabeth Bren: Olga Brutus Art Club Lois Mnyre Brannon Service Group W7 X f I X, fflptaw' 1,04 Ellen Margnret Broderick Violet Ann Bryda National Honor Society, secre- taryg Girl Reserves, vice presi- dent Robert D. Broderick Norman P. Brown Dolores Butol Glee Clubg Service Group: Fu- ture Craftsman Josephine Hope Buchgnan Leonard Russell Button Elvin Cacia Glee Club L Byrd Z Phyllis Calnluca Manuel M. Clpilln Violet June Campbell Martin Fred Cnppo Tower Tribune M Doreen Caswell Service Group lf! Lenore Cutelmsovo National Honor Society T. Caraher William Hi-YQ Staff Mary Jo Cathey DeRoy Chase Tower Tribune Doris Clark Joseph H. Clempson Silver Quill, secrctaryg Tower Service Groupg National Honor Tribune, department editor Societyg Tower Tribune Vera Clark Marion H. Collier Mathilda Kanai Corney National Honor Societyg Art Club Freda V. Constantine Service Group N . :il Rose Corpolongo ,xl R Xe-,T Betty H I .K H. .i Mark A. gostage xl 'L ir. Donald George Cox ae Crippa Future Craftsman o Staff, editor-i -chie , a- tional Honor Soci yg Washing- ton Oratory Dorothy Cathryn Craver Vi ' iq Bernard P. Cybul C b Glee Club Winifrnd C. Cryslef Genevieve Elizabeth Czajkowski Walter Czubilc Bandg Tower Tribune Tower Tribune: National Honor Societyg Varsity Bernard Leonard Cmoreslxo Tower Tribune: National Honor Societyg Varsity Eleanor Jane Davis Rose Catrerine Deptula Gladys Eileen Delano ' X Anne Marie Dobra "Slell5 Jean Barbara lllombroski Tower Tribune Roberta Doyle Paul John Dunhill Acro Club: Future Craftsnwn Luau May E. Dry: Bei-niece M. DuK Stanley Dulllk Jewell Camille Duff Roy Dimcux Thema Mu Edwards Service Group Tower Tribune: National Honor Society Leo L. D-.pier hy .leaned Alice Eikenlaerry Chelxon Edward Erickson Varsity Clubg Tower Tribune Frances Elliott Alvin F. Eugster Phyllis Jean Everlon Fillmore Fred Everett Louis Fuulo Virginia Gail Flack Arthur Felske MW Bernice Marie Fon Walter Larry Franks GAAQ National Honor Society Charles Don Frank Orchestra Cathryn Dorothy Fraser Eugene Gash John L. Freckelton John C. Gaddis Nlary Jeanne Garling Service Group Girl Reserves Rose Theresa , hard: 4,1 H QW I C R. Elinheth M. Gilland re smang National nor S 5 Student Council Kurt Richard Gel-ntenhergef John William Gilmour Chester Giiclli Future Craftsman Varsity Norman A. Giroux Future Craftsman Hildegard Goebel France: Gonzalez , Ra QI Goehoro Marvin H. Good Mary Elizabeth Graham Senior Hi-Y Elvera M. Goovers National Honor Society: Service Group! GAA Virginia May Greenwald Margaret Jeanette Gflmll Emily Mary G:-ell National Honor Societyg Glee Clubg GAA Lena Margaret Gnutella Marianne lizabetlx Gutxeit GAA Girl R servesg National nor Socie Rita Marie Gllidara Harold Russell Haag Doris Clara Haclwin Varsity Dramatic Club Patsy lrmaline Habluala Eligbedl V. Hun Virginia Mary Hamilton Glee Club al Earl Hamilton :' 1 My , S' in .1 Emery L. Harrison, Jr. Betty Jane Hartman Virginia F. Harrison Jessie Hayes Geneva Hayes Philip M. Hassan Future Craftsman Dori-ine Grace Hayter Ginlla n H e Myron Heath Senior Hi-Y: National mr Society Louis Hedge Jerry H. Helisek Margaret Hegedus Margie Norma Henderson George H. Henriet Bandg National Honor Societ Future Craftsman Edward H. Henneney Future Craftsman - 1 wil1a.m'Hem1.,x1, Jr. Th n Hagan.. Phillip John Hespen I Orchestra Ruth E. Hizelherger Mary Hohlak Service Group: Tower Tribune Steve Hnatow Helen Hodgson George J. Horvath Bandg Future Craitman Earl Frank Hague Service Group Theresa Marie Huetflnan Burton William Hull GAA Service Group Marjorie Hughes Addison C. Hunt Cecilia M. A. .laje Betty Elsie lller I I Leona Veronica .llkulaiec twilliam R. xon Service Group Lucille M. .laworwski Sherle Lucia Johnston Veda Marguerite Jones Echo Staff Barbara F. Jones John A. Jozwiak J n aravafixrift'-"'9 Varsity ture Craftsman: Service Group Elmer William Kaiser LI Dorothea Anne Kaylro Helen Eva Kimlein Tower Tribune Glee Club Marilla Jane Kent Girl Reserves: GAA James H. Kinsey Marion Ruth Klinger Future Craftsman: Varsity: TOVVCI' Tribune Lillian V. Klemax Dramatic Club John F. Klan Raymond G. Kolep Glee Club: Service Group Future Craftsman: Varsity Helen Knesovic William Konde Stella Slephani Koral Debate Team: National Honor Society: Tower Tribune Robert Konstantine Richard Joseph Kersal: Velma Marie Kava: Lester Victor Koalli Future Craftsman Ethel V. Koy Lila E. Krena Mildred E. Kreft Harriet K aowaki GAA Genevieve D. Krupinslxi Andrew J. K ch National onor S , Future Craftsm N wlialigil St K meld Walter Kurilnk National Honor Societyg Future Craftsman Dorothy H. Kuhn Evelyn Gertrude Langis Elaine Marjorie Larsen Mary Esther Lansing National Honor Society: Service Group: GAA Marjorie Last June Lemire GAA: Dramatic Club Verna Mary Leigh! Edward John Leaniowald Wilfred Linton u.ya w. Lindrnan Helen M, Lintur Library Club: National Honor Society Christina Jean Longridge Mary Lippert I I ff' L HJ f Maw I Richard Lyman Robert Lam Mains Service Group Claz-ice Machaceln Martha M. Macko Margaret A. Maclso GAA GAAg National Honor Society lris Main Library Club Frances B. Majewllzi el A. Maluhn M , Bandg Hi-Y, president ?,W ' Eugene G. Maliuh Varsity Mary K. Mangan Victor T. Mural: GAA Ludovic Manxagol Bernacline F. Marlriewicz Girl Reservesg Glee Club: GAA my R . Mui.. ati onor Societyg Echo Sttf Zigrnund Markowxlxi Varsity: Service Group Rita Marquette James Marshall Glee Club Irvin Martenln Future Craftsman lrene Marguerite Martin Lillian R. Matthews Glee Clubg Dramatic Club Marycltlaerine Martin - 'f if Constance Jean Mulder dy: ldelly cConnell Service G up Carol M. McClennhen Dramatic Club Thomas P. Mclivilly 1 . , McK , J Varsityg Future Craftsman gf' .5 ' Reginald Earl McFadden Glee Club Sidney F. McKenna Margaret Marie McLeod Senior Hi-Y Jessie McLean Mary ld: McLeod Henry J. Mekoski Olga Mekoliavitch Marion J. Michel: Leo Joseph Miedlu Future Craftsmang Orchestra Mary Miclnun James C. Miller Curtin W. Moore Eugene G. Montel D 2 Donald F. Moore Lorraine A. Morey Glee Club Caroline M. Morelle Henry M. Morgan Edward Molson Future Craftsman: Echo Staffg Glee Club Tower Tribune John Mouar Theodore J. Mucha Irene Mae Mundinger Service Group ' Rosemary Mae Mullaly Service Group: Glee Clubg Girl Reserves Christine R. Namee Don Newmalm Frank Layton Navarre Varsity Alice C. Neuson-ie Earl L. Novak National Honor Societyg Varsity Arthur Nikkei National Honor Societyg Student Councilg Varsity Bernard Nozewlki Harold J. Oleuzevnlxi National Honor Societyg Future Craftsman Cakherine M. Nllllbllllfl B a -ohn Oleskn V athleen Orr EI A I L F, , ' ribune f f K Y x R rv' . Osada Mabel Usborn ee Club: Service Group 737 KM Eldon V. Osborn Henry Ostrega , Eugene Oz National Honor Society Juanita Constance Ostroslri George J. Pagan Charles C. Papineau Varsity Y Margaret R. Panter Dramatic Clubg Glee Club Dorothea A. Parker Carolyn Marie Pavelicll Nick Puiuk Doris Paxton Everett Pearson Dramatic Club, treasurer: School Pianist: National Honor Society Rose Pazzanese Girl Reserves Robert J. Peel: Olive Ann Peters Olivia Engrace Pena National Honor Societyq Girl Reserves Georgia Ann Louise Peterson Jack E. Petoskey Varsity Robert J. Peterson Stella Camille Piesurkn Edward A. Pirek GAA Nicholu Pill y, , OJQM-'M Lawrence iziali Vera L. Poburally Varsity Steve Theodore Pliska Varsity Marie L. Posler Robert C. Priebe GAA Helen Postawl GAA Anne Prylhslx Glenn Birclsall Purdharn, Jr GAA Silver Quillg Tower Tribune National Honor Society Jane Frzybyllki rl 1 'Y Bette Jane Pyle Angelin o Service Groupg GAA Servi Virginia B. Quinton GAA Cecilia Agnes Rattny Viviun Marie Ray Sheila Rattray George Rayl Geraldine E. Resume Herman E. Rayl Glee Club, vice-president A Jack Rebentisch Emeit Rellilwfe Future Craftsman Norman E lrene G. Reichlen Florence Audrey Roberts GAA: National Honor Society National Honor Society Agnes H. Rolxerts Library Club: National Honor Society Margaret Ann Roehm Helen L. Ross Library Club: Service Group: National Honor Society Constance C. Ross Jenn Ruth Roy Florence E. M. Rutlcovuky National Honor Society Helen F. Ruchaln Stanley T. Rzacl Julie Frances Slide Arthur F. Sadcson Senior Hi-Y: Varsity John Gregory Samoluk Allaerl P. Sattler, Jr. National Honor Society: Future Silver Quill: Dramatic Club Craftsman Dorothy Elizabeth Santander Willilm Sawkn Jack Schlfer Band: Orchestra: Tower Tribune Mary Ellen Sayles Bertha W. Schlaclt Peter W. Schwab, Jr. Hi-Y Frank R. Schulz Service Group Robert Herman Schwartz Nester Shepitln . Future Craftsmang Varsity Betty Rose Secka National Honor Society Joe Shouse Sihyl Louise Shultz Girl Reservesg GAA Claron D. Shultz National Honor Societyg Future Bet an Cornell S. Simon 'Natio l Honor Society 5 Girl Reserves: Silver Quill QQ Julian Simcilx Future Craftsman William Sinatra Cecilia Mary Sironlney GAA Aetna G. Singleton Glce Club John Francis Skowron Geraldine Marie Skryclci Library Club Helen S kowrnnslti John A. Small Fl0l1'l'lC0 M. Smith National Honor Society Evalin Mu-ie Smith National Honor Society Mary Louise Smith Pauline Genevieve Smith Dramatic Club Muriel K. Smith Dramatic Club: Service Groupv: National Honor Society Ann Smoly James D. Snell Traca Smutel: I 5 I Rita Rose Snider Betty Soon Glee Club National Honor So '- 3 GAA vice-president 3 Girl erves Alphonse Snyder National Honor Society Erma Arline Soucek Ida H. Speer Richard Sowlcin Sophie Spiegoalxi Alice Loving Stagg Violet Srull Girl Reservesg Service Group! Glee Club fi Sigrid Margaret Stun Skid , " fr Library g ational Honor Society Elizlbeth Mary Standen Beatrice Stanek Esther M. Steinman lrene Louise Sterzec GAA yvoyv-fljfgly A Isobel Stewart Peter Strachan Orchestrag School Organist Charles McMurtvie Strachan jVJ Virginia Suchin Betty ee Sullivan Echo Staiig Girl Reservesg Nat- National Honor Societyg GAA ional Honor Society, treasurer Dramatic Club Clarence J. Sulek National Honor Societyg Service Group Frank Sullivan Genevieve D. Sutkus Ethel Mae Sutherland Jean Sutter Kathryn Sw Library Club Glee Club Evelyn V. Sutton Genevieve A. Swiatkowski Elwyn Robert Tabenslxe Glee Club Fred Szalay 1 laine Tanslte Marjorie W. Teevin A , Service Group N Wilma A. Taylor Jack Harmon Temple Eltl-DOI' Clefllle Ten! Orchestra: Varsity Orchestra lgnatiul Tencza 1 - Louise Carol Timm Helen Tomlnliek Viola E. Tome Evelyn Edith Tomlin Helene Townsend Charlotte Totlix QW Donald Thomas nxl lm Charles J. Tricll Future Craftsm A4 National Honor Society D W Myrtle Mae Trevorrow Glee Club Leona Caroline Tucker James Tyson National Honor Society Helen Marie Tut! Service Group WWC Genevieve C. Urban Leco Vnyis Glee Club Vivian E. Van Dromme Tower Tribuneg Service Group Ernest Vencelov MIYY Mlfle VUWQU National Hon S tyg Echo Staff John Veselennlr Violet lrene Walker Wilma M. Wlronil Orville Wellman Future Craftsman, secretary and treasurer Alex Wasilius Jane Watkins Library Club Virginia B. Wukewicz C rlea Euln Louise Weems Service Groupg Library Club Irene Elizabeth Weber Library Club James J. Weishuhn Walter Wensko Future Craftsman Varsity Eileen Ann Wenling lf' W5 Robert A. Went Marjorie Doris While Hi Y, treasurer Frank Robert Westie Tower Tribune, editor-in-chief: Senior Hi-Yg Band Ai FX KX ,- f 555.-Ez. apr ri. Wilder Helm Joy winam. Future Craftsman, vice-president National Honor Societyg Service A .1 Group '--"' il' .1 creargpfr. wine. f -1 '-JV " Future Craftsman Norman B. Williams Thomas C. P. Witherspoon Future Craftsman Edward Joseph Winllis sfiwwigfww-'J Eloise Woolforcl Tll0l'lllf WYNUH National Honor Societyg Echo Staff Helen Wylmwski Eugene C. Yagniszcnk Winifred Yeager Service Group Theodore Yagniszczak Future Craftsman xDuane ln John P. Zagreclns Xicni i- ' owcr Tribuneg Future Craftsman N . r Nellie Constance Yotltoh Service Group Zygmun! Frank Zalenski Genevieve Ann Ziawinslxi Silver Quill Wanda Ciqbui Zebnhxii if ,.Axiv'i 1A"i is l , I, , ,VME Alex Kotimko ChaXlgllgaxgibillgigaggeailglylelitlgiitkalietgulriglrgirain-VicePresident, Gene Allen-Secretary, Alma Dalmer, Clarence Garrett. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council is a clearing house for student opinion and a center for student initiated activities. Paul McKee-President, Katherine AndrusiewiczHVice-President, Ellen Broderick-Secretary, Virginia Suchin-Treasurer. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is an organization composed of a definite percentage of these IIA-12B and IZA students highest in leadership, scholarship, character, and service. This group takes an active part in the social and scholastic activities of the school. One of the chief functions is the annual sale of the official school pin, by which sale all activities of the club are carried on. The N. H. S. sponsors a school movie each year and it serves further by keeping up the weekly bulletin hoard of coming events. 5? L. ..-.,,...,M.,,- ,,-cons.- -vi'-s52.+:1g.a.w S-giiysge T.-1.5 .352 5:-Wi-953: 'E gmiiwmgw -1 .-IE uLr..'CU'CnmEp, "Ex-"" O"5"'m:vx- MBE -Qhzfixrs Enirsi-'i'in3E4m ::?::H:-61. .l,:-gglllgn EE1:iI:E2::E . ::g::I1:HI: u1,:u::i:::n zz:-:g.:g.-: ii'ii'ii'iii sl'Il'In'lln ll:ln'll"'l l1,:11:l'::n ::'.:--:fl-: rl::ve: '::l 4?I:5::5m':: ii'li'lESafD I ::l::I102f:"': ::I::::5"1g5: aziwlzwag..-E' 'l'f5lg' 3,235 Suas.-':.Z'g"5.2 -U ...3::og,,'--mv...,:g8 cc sznuimmcuuh-.Q '55 1-x: 2.5-522.2152-sie ws"w5'g'aesw 041350 M,vE+-mal-1 ESZSEEP-Q""vo --"' 4-f--'33 LL-D-1 C3 cmiflmgg owne as ,,, v 55a'5:'Eg5-'EEQE '453-n::gD1..:ggg 0 I 2M2:!.:!bE'-'S In uliurnl, " 'll"lll' Iilll llIq'l "1'li"'ll' il,1,lIli,,u I'e'1."'1u' "n'n "Ii1' .l,lIl1l,,I, .lin,ilu,,', -'.'.l"14.' 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O 1- O m N 4 N 0 E Aa as E .2 '25 "C 2 E 12 E 2 .-E H E 5 2 U' E N Fi m D an cted ending. s rious W3 ila CVC ryone pected but h the detective y a wh lly With the arrival of la -cw In :: E b. ..- S .2 Ln U 4.- fn bi E 'U N v 'U 'Q Q: 0 .-I 4- I 0 ua? .E 3 VI -E E' - ue su 3 UHCX 0 ered. a surprise finish that gave the p succession, Finally culminating in quick CAST lg .2 U U 2 E N U I I I I I I I I I I 5 4 3 5 U aa Ci f 2 CC .E E .2 lla bi I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I In I.. MI.tNVat1c ,C U7 5 'N I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 O L' T In as D ua u M C .2 u I I E 5 ll! 8 ..I PI : U cn I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E Y-LI SEEEE a E 58 T Iv 6 I I I I I I I I I I I 'E 2 'E D-I C cu D I- O .I as 'L' ea U7 9 O Z 'C N LY-I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I S: O ua N 2 U .42 O 1 8 S U2 3.9 'Mae II. Mme U :Iii EI-" QIE E-1:5 Ill I'I I.. Ill III Ill III I.. I.. Ill Ill ill Ill Ill III III I.. III l'! 55: ii? Eov mi! I. eg-2 ma? I-NU 5222 :Suu EOM? 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Q15 'Uv is '36 :AQ Er: E... :'c 931 C-'rv :Q U Bm I-.: zz.- 3. LHB E 1 Q J., P Y, ,, W 5 K f 2 af asf? E23 T535 'E Iyzff X' Q QS ,bi .2 Q Wi iv Q gxgv 5 1 v ,gg gg 3' r 4552. Q A gwf We an 5 uw 4 5 7 Q 4, 52 ? ff 43 'E 453? james Malzalin-President, Robert l.auxhYiee-President. VVillard Garwoorl-Secretary. Robert XYestf-Trtasurtr. Xlilliain XVooton-Sergeant-at-Arms, VVilliam Chase, Paul Condra, Eugene Dembicki, Edward Dzenko, jack Elliott, Bamey Forstek. Ray Koos, John Kazara, jerry Malzahn, Harry R. Martin, Ray Novinski, Wilbur Paul, Raymond Pesh, Birdsall Purclhani. NX illiain Recter, Peter Schwab, Robert Shields, Charles Strachan, Peter Strachan, Calvin Vtlillscy. FORDSON HI-Y "The function of the Hi-Y is to bring together those boys who are interested in Christian standards for personal living and for school life and to mobilize their efforts in behalf of whatever is needed to put the spirit of Christian tellorvship into every school group and into every school situation. The two basic ideas of the Hi Y are: ill a cohesive group Joined togetlienlry their interest in being or becoming Christian, and C25 a Field of endeavor wherein this group First determines what would tur- ward its purposes and than docs those things. "-The Hi-Y Tool Chest. Bill LorangerwPi-esident, Fred Dalton--VicePresident, Bill McKinnie-Secretary, Benny Holmgrain-Treasurer, Dick Bare. Joe Barnowski, Len Bieleeki, Marvin Good, Owen Geer, Mike Heath, Charles Kalbfleisch, Toni Mclivilly. Sid McKenna. Collin McKenzie, Ralph McNabb, Art Nikkcl, Art Sackson, Ray Summers, ,lack Turner. Frank Westie. Duane Yinger. SENIOR HI-Y The Senior Hi-Y is a service club whose objectives are to serve the general welfare of Fnrdson High and to promote a liigh standard ot citizenship in the home, the school, and the community. V Y , 1 Y x SEPTEMBER 7 - First Semester Begins 30 - All School Party OCTOBER ll - "The Life of Emile Zola" 17 - Marihuana Assembly NOVEMBER 5 - All School Party 9 - Open House Night 10 - Armistice Assembly 16 - Crime Assembly 18 - "The Adorable Spendthriftn - Senior Play 24 - School Closes for Thanksgiving Vacation 28 - School Re-opens DECEMBER l - Musical Program 2 - All School Party 15 - Christmas Concert 23 - Musical Program -- School Closes for Christmas Holidays JANUARY 3 - School Re-opens 13 - Student Entertainment 20 - Honor Assembly 26 - Mid-year Commencement 27 - Senior Prom 30 - Second Semester Begins FEBRUARY 13 - Lincoln Birthday Exercises 17 - All School Party 22 - VVashington Birthday Exercises MARCH 4 - All School Party 31 - M320 College Avenue" - All School Play APRIL 7 - School Closes for Easter Holidays 17 - School Re-opens - Varsity Club Banquet 19 - Burgderfer - Humorist 27 - Grosse Pointe Exchange Assembly 28 - Senior Responsibility Day MAY 2 - Preview of Program Presented at Grosse Pointe 5 - -I-Hop 10 - Mr. Foster jones - Speaker 16 - Preview of Program Presented at Wyandotte 19 - Musical Program 23 - Musical Program 30 - School Closed for Memorial Day JUNE 2 -- All School Party 6 - Dramatic Club Assembly 13 - Vaudeville for all Assembly 16 - Senior Skip Day 19 - Honor Assembly 22 - Commencement Exercises 23 - Senior Prom - End of School Year - L Charles Kalbfleisch-President, Harold Heffernan-Vice-President, Bill Loranger-Secretary, Leo l3iSlECki-TYCBSUFCP VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club is a service club composed ol varsity letter winners and team managers. The past year has seen lthenl-ulslgexglaa various events: graduation exercises, golden gloves boxing show, dance of the nations, school play, Old fashioned dallflmg mg i regional basketball games. Tony Azzaro, Edward Barnowski, Leo Bielecki, Leonard Boresky, Paul Costanzo, Walter Czubilc, George Eicholtz, Donald Freeman, Harry Hagopian, Harold Heffernan, Steve Hnatow, James Hogarth, Leon Jarvis, Charles Kalbfleisch, Del Loranger, William Loranger, Renat Mally, Tim Mangan, Frank Navarre, Joe O'Brien, Nick Pagan, Frank Pallise, Jack Petoskey, Joe Picard, Lawrence Piziali, Robert Presley, Harry Renko, Cambell Richmond, Jewell Ryan, Stanley Stanek, Albert Stephens, Alfred Strilecky, Victor Sundquist, VValter Tofil, Jack Turner, Alex Wasilius A FOOTBALL TEAM , The football team this year won four, lost one, and tied one game in Border Cities Competition, for third place. The Board of Strategy was composed of Charles Kalbfleisch, Del Loranger, Joe Picard, and George Eicholtz. The outstanding game of the season was the annual Hamtramck encounter which turned out in favor of Hamtramck to the tune of 1.2 to 0. Harry Renko-Co-Captain, Colin McKenzie-Co-Captain, Leo Bielicki, Hood Biggers, Ted Kuriluk, VVilliam Loranger. Ted Milozewski, Victor Tatronowicz. - BASKETBALL For the third year in a row the Fordson High Basketball Team has won the Border Cities BasketballChampionship. This go-getting team won 14 out of 16 games. Six letter-men will be hack next year to carry on for the school: Renko, McKenzie, Biggers, 'Milozewski, Kuriluk, and Tatronowiez. Harry Renko and Colin McKenzie were the co'captains for the year 1939-1940, During the first semester George Rebh and Del Loranger were the co-captains and the team lost much of its leadership when these players graduated in january. However, with hard practice and the fighting spirit, it went on to a Border Cities League Championship. Andrew Chapman, Bernard Czeresko, Gordon Elliott, Walter Gardner, Harold Haag, Harold Heffernan, Steve Hnatow, Ben llolmgrain, Martin Hornyak, Ralph McNabb, Steve Pliska, VVill1am Slota, jack Temple, Walter Wensko, Duane Yinger. SWIMMING TEAM This year the swimming team, after tieing with Monroe and Grosse Point for the Border Cities League Championship, went on to win the Regional Swimming Meet held at Royal Oak. -The Final score found Fordson first with 39 points and Monroe second with 29 points. One week later they went into state competition: results, jackson 49, Fordson 30, and Battle Creek 29. Eugene Malisli-CH-Captain, Steve Pliska-Co-Captain, Art Sackson-Co-Captain. BASEBALL TEAM The boys looked very good this season and were predicted to do big things, The biggest problem was to find a good pitching staff. There were letter winners to fill every position on the team this vear. TRACK TEAM Anthony Alioto, Joe Alioto, Wallace Archaikie, Richard Bennett, Bob Bodah, Eugene Burgess, Louis Burton, John Chabot, William Cochrane, Donald Cox, Ed Czekaj, Fillmore Everett, Harry Fielek, Marvin Fritz, Eugene Gach, Ralph Gencur, Earl Gordon, Bob Hecht, Steve Hnatow, Howard Holmes, Frank Januzzi, Gordon jones, john jozwiak, Charles Kalbfleisch, Boris Kruchen, Ed Lesnowski, Tom McEvilly, Jay McFadden, Charles McGregor, Leo McGue, john Melick, George Morelle, Frank Navarre, Pete Nicora, Francis O'Hara, Fred O'Neil, Lawrence Oakes, Harold Oleaszewski, George Osipoif, Chrles Papineau, Sam Petlicholf, Alex Rabchuk, Stanley Rosol, Douglas Ryan, Alfred Schlief, Bob Swantek, VVilliam Tomashek, Jack Turner, Leo Watson, Aram Zazaian. r L , .. Qc.-.-.fx-LL41'29!""4 :L S

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