Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI)

 - Class of 1938

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Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 74 of the 1938 volume:

'-'QL ' ' " ' 1 .f.:",. 'f, .2g,Q.3'if 71" X +4 I y., - ,ng-, ' 'J J , 1 4 + 'A -sif-if iw -A'3Q,iA.f" f fi L f .1 , .- 2.3-. S fs --S .ax , ,.QQ,L.4i:4,.M, . Cfffay TLUEUTLH FIRST ECHO - V '1 1 .-5 - is - V D . , t ' ' ', . ,J N DCDRDCDVXU VTNCE-HGQVW JUNE HIUCTEEH TP-IIRTHJ EIGHT PUB! ISI-ISD BV Tl-IC SEHICDRS CDF FGRDSQU HIGH SCHQOL FOREWORD Life marching ever onward will force slowly back into dim recesses of our minds the now all important present whose lasting record the '38 staff offers in this publication. May it serve to prepetuate the memories of our high school life- the period in which we first tried our wings and rejoiced to find them safe. x 29 1? N53 REMEMBER, FORDSON The shaded walks, the trees, the lawn, The towers spired-tipped and grey stone walls, The slated roof when touched by red'ning dawn, The beauty seen when first the snow Hakes falls Are all of Fordson High. And seniors like to think That we have left a shadow on the walls, And that our echoes ring to form a link Between our class and Fordson's new-filled halls. It fills our dreams, this thought. John Gilbert Hocking COMM ENCEM ENT THOUGHTS Tears? . Perhaps a few- Not real, not deep- For we are youth With new worlds to conquer. Partings? Yes, those too. Heartfelt, but confident Of meeting again. You see, we are youth With new worlds to conquer. Fear? Why not? A man may be afraid. It is when fear halts attempts That he is a coward. So we step fearlessly, bravely forward To conquer new worlds. Disbelief? Yes, but with idealism underneath, For to the world we show A cynic's smile As we are told That it awaits us. Deep down, though, We are youth with worlds to conquer. Dorothy A. Doyle 1 I Mn Bunn: MR. BRADY MR. MARTIN MR. BEARD MR. IAMS Mn. ALExANm:R Mn. Enwzmns President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Trustee Trustee Trustee BOARD OF EDUCATION FORDSON BOARD OF EDUCATION The Board has never failed in maintaining a desire on the part of our citizenship, for what seemed best and most worthwhile in educational opportunities for our youth. This attitude has contributed greatly to the happiness of our entire population. It has been the beacon light to point to more encouraging signs when discouragement seemed ever ready to gain advantage. To recount the milestones in the climb of Fordson's educational system to the present enviable status would take the pages of a sizable im- portant part in this progress. The adoption of definite policies and the appraisal of school activities by the Board in line with modern educational thought and procedure has produced an atmosphere of desired proticiency in the teaching corps and auxiliary employees which accepts nothing short of an approach to per- fection anrl the giving of the best each one possesses. The development of excellent courses of study, fine buildings and equipment establishment of special departments for the physically and mentally handicapped, providing advantages for adults in obtaining citizen- ship papers and opportunity to continue their education, and many other plans to the future advantage of the people of Dearborn have been the dominant factors prompting the activities. The present Board of Education consists of: Homer C. Beadle, President George E. Brady, Vice-President George T. Martin, Secretary Fred Beard, Treasurer WValter Iams, Trustee john E. Alexander, Trustee Norman F. Edwards, Trustee f j X gf-,ff LEX ROGERS ALcoRN ROBERTS BOVILL DOYLE HINTZE ZUNK President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Director Director Director Class Officers Henry Charles Rogers "Magnificent in everything, but a- bove all a leader." Student Council, Presidentg Senior Class, President: Swimming Team. Harry W. Alcorn "E'en .though vanquished, he could Still argue." National Honor Society: Student Council, Vice-President, Senior Hi-Y, President. . Doris E. Roberts "Her popularity indicates her good qualities." Tower Tribune, Associate Editor, Student Council, Secretary: National Honor Society. Jean Bovill Dorothy A. Doyle "So soothes her charming tones that God's own ears listen delighted." Debating: Glee Clubg Tower Tribune Staff. Paul Hintze "Gentle to others, to himself severe." Varsity Club, President: National Honor Society: Football. Betty Ann Zunk "Knowledge is power." 4 Debatingg Tower Tribune, Editor: National Honor Societyg Senior Class, Director. "This maiden, she lived with no other thought, than to love and he loved by all." National Honor Society: Echo Stag: Senior Class, Treasurer. MR LOWERY llllll. HONVARD MR. MACLEOD MR. TAT!-I MR. HULLER MRS. MITCHELL MR. VVONDERS Faculty HARX'EY H. LOVVREY Superintendent of Schools ERVIN E. HONVARD Assistant Suberintendcnt KENNETH MACLEOD Principal RALPH WONDERS Class Sponsor DEAN C. TATE Assistant Principal HARRY HULLER Assistant Principal MRS. SOPHIE MITCHELL Class Sponsor ... v.-. Vv..-.1-f,......, Bob Adams' Merle J. Allen "It is wise not to he wiser than ne- "He has no enemy." cessary " Tower Tribune, Archery Club. Golf. ri 1 X Rose V. Aharonian "Known to few, but prized as far as known." Girl Reserves, Commercial Club. .Mike Antosiewicz Margaret Balazsi "I like music with plenty of swing." "She is full of good meaning and Orchestra. wishes." Catherine Drennan Arndt "One could depend on her to do her part no matter what the task." Glee Club: Dramatic Clubg National Honor Society. Leo Baaiaga Evelyn Beadle "Silence makes no mistake." "A sight to deli in." Bo rs. Rita Batt "She pu her trouble ' the bottom of her eart, and sits n the lid and Emile . ' G. A. A. Lydia Mae Beegle Mary Donna Bell "AI am a firm believer in the power of "Oh, joys! Those big athletic boys." silence." S. T. C.g Boosters: Tower Tribune. Silver Quill. Helen Nancy Belitsky "I shall do my friend no wrong." Reservesg G. A. A.: Chemistry u . Michael Berry . ' Marcia Anna Biggers "Judge a man by his companions." "Full of sincere words." Chemistry Club, Vice-Presidentg Track. Betty Jane Blish' "A merry spirit has she." Service Group. Theresa Marie Blagec May A. Blair "They say she is a worthy lass." "She is a bonnie sweet' thing this classmate of ours." Glee Club, President: Boosters. Joe Blahovvec "By the work one knows the work- man." C Josephine Blaney Evelyn Bloetscher "Not too serious, not too gay." "Good nature is one of the richest Boosters. roots. Marie E. Block " 'Tis noble to he good." Commercial Club. William J. Boike V Edwin Boas "He would do his duty if he saw it." "I like work: it fascinates me." FCA: Tower Tribuneg Asst. Mech- Echo Staff, Co-Editor-g Tower Tribune anical Chief: Ind. Chemistry Club. Silver Quill. Ella Rose Boomer "There is a garden in her face where roses and white lilies grow." Jazz Orchestra: Boostersg Service Group. Albert Bornyaaa Louia A. Boulard "I hate definitions." "Success crowns labor." Art: Bandg Track. French Clubg Debating. Chester T. Boryalri "A sense of justice is a noble fancy." Chemistry Club. Frances Bowe Pauline Braizu "Friendship always benefits." "Life is not so short, but there is also gimgmercial Clubg Boosters: History time for courtesy." ll . George I. Brackney "Oh, how I love my alma mater." Matilda Ruth Broz Vera Butalre "Common sense is the st unco "Stately and tall." mon." Girl Reserves. Lauretta Burlta "Always ready for a good time." Boostersg Tower Tribune: G. A. A. Howard E. Campbell Mary Jenn Carzm "A merrier man I never knew." "The still voice of gratitude." Baseball: Varsity Club. Raymond R. Carmon "Why worry and fret." Florence L. Chencinalri Leone B. Cichewic! "If she has any fault she has left us "A lovely lady garmented in light, in doubt." U from her own beauty." National Honor Society: G. A. A.g Girl Reserves. Florence Church "A penny for your thoughts.' Ann Colatta Jean M. C Q "A quiet girl, in a quiet way." "Ad friendly heart will win many fri- en s." Girl Reserves: S. T. C.g Boosters. Mary Collins "Character must be kept bright, as well as clean." Marvel Coolaaet Frances A. Cox "This honest creature doubtless sees "So quiet that you hardly know she is and knows much more than she un- there." folds." Service Group: Boostersg History Ronald Corpolongo "I say what I think." Service Group. Dorothy D. Crandell William T. Cumming "Her costumes pivot the passerbyf' "Always laugh when you can." Forest Raymond Craver "I've done my duty." . Assistant Service Captain. ' x Robert Garrett "I would consider what you have to say." Stanley F. Gauronaky "We are charmed b person." y the neatness of William Hart Garrison "Tall people are always looked up to." National Honor Orchestra: Golf: Yolanda Giandomenico "Silence does not indicate a lack of wisdom." Glee Club: National Honor Society. Society, Treasurer: Drum Major." Delpbine Gibaaiewicz "An all around good sport." Boosters: G. A. A.: Service Group. E. Arthur Giangrande "The tools to him that can handle them." Future Craftsmen of America, Secret- ary. Gilbert Gillissie Q "Some men were born of great things." Godfrey A. Glomb "Work for some Howard M. Gcvlnl "Still water runs deep." Basketball: Band: Jazz Orchestra. Martin Graeb "Not what you for it." Robert D. Griffith "He was the mildest mannered man." Band: Boosters: Dance Orchestra. Donald C. Gary Ernest Gooding i 1 "Do not stand idly waiting." Boosters: Service Group: Baseball. good." Slsgrund Grotzner " lm and unrutlled as the summmer sea." Football: Baseball: Varsity Club. get, but how you care Kali! A. Guild! "Friendly in all her ways." Girl Reserves: National Honor Society. "Why worry when others will do it for you." Boosters: Glee Club: Future Crafts- men of America. Howard John Halstead Jr. fl never dared to be as funny as can." Richard 1.1-Iampton "Of science and Chemistry Club: Lab. Assistant. Ruth Harris "Silence, beyond all rare." speech, a wisdom Der-ald B. Hatch: "He would stop Albert Hardy "Althou?h I am a pious man I am not the ess a man." logic he chatters." Glee Club: Science Margaret Harlan Healy "Full many a flower is born' to blush unseen." St. Peters roll call to make sarcastic remarks." June Held "As she thinketh in Glee Club. her heart she is." Agnes Hslisek Arlo C. Hasty "All labor is noble." Service Group. "Her quaint dignified manner is charming." Jim Cunningham Wilda Daubenmeyer "F0r'he'a a jolly good fellow." "Live while ye may." Mary Duko "I profess not talking." Charles Daugirda Jem D. Dm. fs' 4 "Modest but not unknown." ' I if . . H: how he Band. A tal ." 3 1 ting: Nat onal Honor Society . atics. Rona Davenport "In books we lose . elves and all our cares." Betty Deaecke Dorothy L. Doyle "Silence is a true friend that never "A simple maid and proper too." betraYs." Glee Clubg Boosters. Service Groupg G. A. A. Frances Ditton "Hair that's best by its own beauty dressed." National Honor Society: Tower Tri- bune StaHg S. T. C. Edward Dragg Staffa Evtushek "As good a athlete as we have, and a "Neither too humble or too sweet fine fellow." Varsity Clubg Footballg Track. George M. Farrell "Anything for a quiet life." "She excels by th Naucy,D. Eddy "You are a well deserving pillar." G. A. A.: Boostersg National Honor Society. Emily Fimbinger hair. " Janice Fidler "Sing again with your dear voice re- vealing a tone, Where music and moonlight and feeling are one." Glee Club. e beauty of hex Jlllll Finch Martha V. Flocker i I "Merry as the day is long." "She finds joy in living and laughing Glee Club. Service Group. Jeanette Fitzgerald "A quiet modest maid is she." Anna Mary Flelaher Jn ck "The mirror of all courtesy." "Quietly she came into our midst.' James R. Ford "Modesty is e becoming ornament to a young man." Golf: Tennis: Boosters. Robert Frank Delphine Mary Furiat "S ech is great er.Be but silence is great- "A friend is a eomfort Daria E. Fraser "Books cannot always please, how- ever good, minds are not forever crav- ing for their food." Glee Clubg G. A. A. of life." John Herhey John Gilbert Hocking "A shining example of good character." "I will maintain it before the world Tower Tribune: Future Craftsmeifaof Tennis, Boosters, Silver Quill. America. Howard Hermenau "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Glee Club, Silver Quill. Geraldine L. Hogue Mona Hotchkiss "We know little of her, but that little "Her sunny locks hang on her tem is good." ples like a golden fleece." Glee Club, Secretary 3 Orchestra National Honor Society. Scott Holmgrain "Time and tide wait Swimming, Student for Holmgrainf' Council, Hi-Y, president. Martha J. lsom Josephine R. Jakuhiec I ' "Human nature craves novelty." "All the world enjoys YOU1' Smile-' Y Art Club, Dramatic Club. Debating, G. A. A., Echo Staff, Lo- editor. Louis Jabour "He is a goodly sort of fellow." Future Craftsmen nf America, Emily Peggy Jaros William Jayne: "Oh, keep me innocent, make Others "Laughter is cheap medicine." great." Booster Club, Vice-President, Banrli History Club, Boosters, Glee Club. Art Club. . Barbara A. Jasinslci 5 l "Who never wins can rare y lose, Who never climbs rarely falls." Library Club. Robert Johnson "A mind of your of your friends." Swimming, Future Craftsmen of Ame- rica. own is worth four Clarene Johnson "Life is not life Andrew Kaiser "He has the ability to do art work." Art Club, Chess Club, National Honor Zona Frances Johnston "She has a smile that would knock the blues out of any day." S. T. C., Boosters, Service Group without delightf, Rudolph Karmann "Think not I am Chess Club . what I appear Socie ty. Deamonda H. Karavas "Play up, play up, and play the game." Orchestra. Viola H. Katuna Elaine Kelly "She often burns the midnight oil, "Be not merely good, be good for hut sad to say, 'tis not for toil." something." U History Club. G. A. ft., Glee Club, History Club. f Margaret Louise Keller I "A young woman of a ion. G. A. A., President, Tower Tribu e, Associate editor, Art Club. Robert J. Kern Edward Kissau "The shortest answer is doing." "Fortune gives her hand to a bolo man." Helen Patricia Kieda "That what will come and must come, shall come well." Elaine R. Klinkman Mildred Kocie "There is no wisdom like franknessf' History Club. , Helen V. Kmet "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." "To bear islto conquer our fate." G. A. A.: History Club. Ursula E. Kocke "All honor does not lie in recognition." Olga Koral Alberta A. Koreek "The blush is beautiful, but it is sometimes inconvenient." History Club. "There's lots of fun in the world if one knows where to find it." Thaddeus K. Kowelczyk "As sure as a gun." Future Craftsmen of America. Quintin T. Kremer "Wearing his wisdom lightly." Stella Estelle Koziteky "A lass with quaint and quiet ways." Alice R. KIDPP "No frown ever made a heart glad." Maria Kruk Cue Krzyzowald "Villain and he Printing Club. be miles asunder." "She with charm and beauty is trea- sured." Art Club: Boosters: National Honor Society. Ruth A. M. Kulmert "A true friend is forever a friend." Boosters. Mary Kukiele "Always calm Francie S. Laczynnki, Jr. "He'll find a way." Helen Lagos Shirley LlBoe 'tThe mildest manners, and the great- est heart." Chemistry Club, Secretary: Echo Staff yo. A. A. not always still." Henry Lelko "A serious look: a quiet nature." Future Craftsmen of America. "Gladly a willing band she will lend, and always to her work sincerely bend." Dramatic Club: G. A.A.: Debating. Clay Langston, Jr. f'A well balanced mind is not want- in " g. Swimming: Service Group. Armond B. Lent: Homer Leehbrook " 'Tis good will, makes intelligence." Tower Tribune, Mechanical Chief: Future Craftsmen of America. "Most content and cheerful." Service Groupg Glee Club. Mama. Lula U , "Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain but what we do." Service Group: Girl Reservesg G.A.A. Ted P. Lelek "What should a merry." ' Robert C. laminar "Not often has anyone regretted sil- ence." man do but be Leonard Lentz Dorothy Lucille Lirneetoll "Why should l study?" "A genial disposition brings its owner Glee Club, many friends." Glee Club. Medan W. Lincoln Margaret J. Lewis "Sincere and very much in earnest in all she does." G. A. A.: Glee Clubg Girl Reserves. Marian J. Linelmn " 'Tis cupid with his little bow." "Oh, this learning, Barbara B. Liske "There is likewise ful silence." Charles A. Under "It's lots of fun to study, I'll bet." Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Hi-Y. Virginia Lonlmate a reward for faith- "Since when wa spectable." Edward A. Uverlnce "As proper a man as one will see in a summer's day." what a thing it is. s genius found re Jack Love Helen Lucas "Oh, that the world was for play and "A maiden's heart in work and will.' nothing else." I Commercial Club. Joan M. Lowery "She is best liked who is alike to all." Rudolph Joseph Lulek Delores A. Luttermour "A good disposition is more valuable "The condition friendship demands is" ability to do without it." Service Group. Glee Club, Silver Quillg Boosters. Q Priscilla Doris Lundgren "Silence is a true friend that never betrays." Glee Club. William J. McGowan Frances MncMulhn "Len' me a nickel?" "Her voice is ever soft, gentle. and Dramatic Club: Swimming. low, an excellent thing in a woman." Art Club. Claudine N. McLeod "The noblest mind fthe best content- ment has." G. A. A.' Ann D. McNamara Florence Madden "Don't try to estimate what there is "An innocent face, but you can never in a quiet person." tell." Lillian .I "The gi ha. oves and laughs must sure e '.. G. . Helen Mu-is Mum Dominick Mancm "A fair exterior is a silent recom- "Life is but ajest." mendationf' Edwin S. Maleeky "Oh, why should life all labor be." Service- Group. Robert F. Mann' Lawrence J. Menzsgol "Valuable to the ladies." "Without envy, without ill-will." Manuel Mums "Study to show thyself." ' Footballg Varsity Club: Boxing. Ed Mary Mershick "Quiet, unassuming and well liked." "Qur content is our best having.' Future Craftsmen of America. Girl Reserves: History Club. Ann Marko "She has the makings of a lady." Girl Reserves. Alma Constance Martin Joseph J. May "A knockdown argument 'tis but a "Friendly and fair-yet to some word not a blow." known." Glee Club: History Club. Irene Maru f'To spend too much time in studies is sloth." Irene H. Mnzur Dorothy E. Meyer "Thank you, for nothing." "Quiet, but still waters run deep. Glee Club. lnez K. Mets! "Better to be small and shine than large and cast a shadow." Girl Reserves. Dorothy M. orency Josephine B. Motykn Qffappiness e made to be shared." "Little said is soon mended." Glee Club. Leslie Mohan "Our most brilliant redhead." Glee Club. Thomas Mulvlhill Fred Nigel' "He who sings frightens away his "I heard in music you have skill. cares." Boosters: Band: Orchestra. , Clyde E. Mundinger "Thought is often bolder than speech." Julia M. Navratil ' '37 . . . . " d but lives," "In maiden meditationvfancy free lee . Fredrick K. Nasser "Who pants for glory finds but short repose." Track: Varsity Club: Chemistry Club. Martha H. Nelson John W. Nickels "Good nature is the very air of good "A friend is the comfort of life." mind," Band. , Clara M. Nicldtuk "Not that I love fun less, but that I love study more." G. A. A.: Chemistry Club: National Honor Sociey, Vice-President. 1 r Florence Pmett "Damtiness is cannot buy." Fred E. Puehln Margaret Ann Purcer a blessing that money "Joys are bubble-like. Burst them too." Virginia Pruainalxi' "VVhy care as long as you're happy." Glee Club.: G, A. A, Mary C. Richards "I am a quiet gentleman." "It is more profitable to be merry and wise. " Boosters Club. Anson W. Reith "Study not, for ingorance is bliss" Tower Tribune: Echo Staff: Chemis- try Club. Milred Ann Richards William K. Riggsby "She is but what she knows." "Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomor row we graduate." Glee Club. Edward C. Riewe, Jr. "Here I am." Orchestrag National Honor Society. Oliver E. Risk Jack Roberts "A good face is a good recommend- "A truly industrious man." ation." Track :Varsity Club. Constance M. Rivette "Ah, thy beautiful auburn hair." Orchestrag Tower Tribune Staffg Silver Quill. Virginia Holmes Roberts Dulcie Marie Rowe "Have something to say, say it and "A very merry, dancing, laughing be done." and unthinking time." Boosters Club: Glee Club: G. A. A. G. A. A. .lim Rooney "A soft answer turneth away wrath." Football 5 Baseball 5 Basketball Pauline M. Rozumiak Stanley A. Rusiecki "Just pin it down, and sew it up." "Men like bullets go farthest when G. A. A. Gladys K. Ryan they are smoothest." ' Ed Ruchala "Irish are not the only ones who possess good humor." Virginia Sauer "Her interests move to pleasure." "A winning smile for all to see." Boosters Clubg Glee Club. Cheerleaderg Boosters Clubg G. A. Mary Salage Seth Schafer "Is it free?" "Nothing is impossible to a winning heart." . Russell Alvin Schneider "Better to wear out than to rust out Monica Jane Schilling "We call it pretty Fanny's ways." Joseph E. Nleknnen "If pleasure and duty clash, let duty go smash." Boostersg Service Group. Elynor C. Nolte "With her eyes ter." Jane E. Nordstrom "It's nice to be natural when you are naturally nice." G. A. A.g Tower Tribune Staff: Ser- ice Group. Nte Q variety of all things forms a plea- sure." in flood with laugh- Leonard 0'Kopny "In company a very pleasant fellow." Band. Genevieve M. Norton "Our manners count for more than our morals." Stanley E.. Olkowski Edward J. Pasternak "Scoffers delight in scoffing." "If I love you, what business is it of Tennis: Dramaticsg Hi-Y, Vice-Pre- sident. yours." Henry A. Olszewski "I am not in the role of common men." Future Craftsmen of America: Tower Tribune, Mechanical Staff. Joe W. Peacock Phillis Lorraine Petrie "His funny-bone - ls him." "She's pretty to walk with and wittv Art Club, Preside vice to talk with." Echo Sta ' if 4' Harold Peck "Some people are nobody's enemies." Footballg Basketballg Varsity Club. Frank E. Petting: ' "For idleness is an appendix to nob- ility." Future Craftsmen of America. Henry P' ch 1 ne w' ' - F Craftsmen Steve Pietraszeweki "A man after his own heart." Vernon Hall Pike John Pietrns "I love tranquil solitude." 1 of America. Mary Pill "Our manners count for m,ore than our morals. " Glee Clubg Girl Reserves. 'fWhy worry about my size, Napoleon was a little man." Dramatic Club: Service Group. Donald: I. Ping "True eloquence is saying all that's necessary and no more." Tower Tribune: Silver Quill: National Honor Society. Edward S. Pisula 'tCan a handsome student?" 0 Q9 Mildred R. Poburslry . "Patience and gentleness is r." Helen P . Potolt Philip Plechu "Beware the fury of the patient man." Senior Hi-Yg Basketballg Varsity Clubg Tennis. man be a good Virginia M. Prokop "Good nature is the mindf' "Youth comes but once in a lifetime." air of a good Ruth Gladys Schuman Charles Shady "Her hair is golden and so are "FfiCHdS, .R0m3U5 mid C0lmU'Ym9l'l, her thoughts." lend me thine notebooks." Phyllis V. Schwemle "Her face, oh call it fair not pale." Herbert H. Schannon Jerry Sherman "He is not dead, hut sleepeth." "Do I wow me?" Silver Quill. Swimming Team, Manager: Hi-Y: Varsity Club. Ruth Markley Shaw "Cunning is the ape of wisdom." Boosters Club. Donna Lee Shumway Genevieve Sienkanic "There is no outward sign of true "Come, give us a taste of your qual- courtesy that does not rest on a deep ity." foundation." Jennie Sidick "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world." Ethel Sintay - Samuel S. Smuk "Well timed silence hath more eloqu- "They say he is a worthy lad." ence than speech." Anne Siroskey "Aways prepared for anything." G. A. A.g Boostersg Girl Reserves. George Spiroff Jr. Olga Gloria Stasevich "Life's too short too hustle." "Peace is always beautiful." Swimming Teamg Hi-Y: Glee Club. Glee Club: Boosters Club. Hilda M. Stanley "And learn the lupcury of doing good." I Glenn Steinman Hattie Ann Strzempka "Work first then rest." "All, who IISYCH, ICBHI-" Service Group. Delores Sugg "Be silent and trays." Jack Templin "Think all you all you think." Echo Staff. Marie E. Setphens "Silence is sweeter than speech." Service Groupg G. A. A.: Boosters Club. - Elayne R. Tatro safe-silence never be- "Nothing can bring you peace but yourself." Booster: Service Group: S. T. C. Thaddeus Swiathowski "The gods are my protector." Edward Thele speak, but speak not "What's the rush." Gerald Terry "lt is impossible to please all the world and one's teachers too." Future Craftsmen of America. 'rr-'rr s l Helen L. Thimm "You have a merry G, A. A. Byron Tower John Tilicea . heart." "Quiet and unassuming." Alice G. Thompson I . "The reward of a thing done is to have it done." Ruby Marie Tnxdeau "The world belongs to him who "Her eyes are as bright and burning works." as a coal." Echo Staii. Publication Staff: Silver Quill. Helen Traskos "A personality as bright as a star and as attractive as a sunflower to a bee." Bruce Turner Paul J. Valentine " 'Tis easy enough to be pleasant." "He most lives who thinks most, feels Echo Staffg Service Group. noblest, acts the best." Clara Van Osten "Good nature is o gifts." Mary Ann Vincent Chemistry Club: Future Craftsmen of America. Doris Marie Valentine "Cheerful by dispositiong friendly by - nature." Boostersg Dramatic Club: G. A.A. . Helen C. Veit ne of the richest "A friend whose very presence gives one joy." Ed Vartanian "He does nothing uncommon." Footballg Future Craftsmen of Amer- icag Tower Tribune, Mechanical Staff. James Walblay "Ambition has no r,est." "He doeth all things well." G. A, A. 0 Virginia Vlaicu "A heart as sunny as her hair." Glee Club: Tower Tribune Staff: G. A. A. Helen Louise Walchik Madeline Watson "The mildest manners and the great- "Nobody but a genius can afford to est heart." Lloyd Weltby "A serious look, a Commercial Clubg waste time." Stella Waronig "Not just a statue." Clifford J. Whitehouse quiet nature." "With a serenity seldom disturbed." G. A. A. Bernice H. White "The faithful are certain of their re- ward." G. A. A. Victor Wieczorek Fred Wilson "He has the ability to do hard work." "The world owes me a living." Future Craftsmen of America. Robert C. Williams "He who laughs first is sure of his laugh." Helen Wisniewslri "Life is short to Harold Waltz "Early to bed ---- ." Bette Wright Dixie M. Wolohan the fortunate. " "She and gloom are no relations." Boosters Club: S. T. C. Cecilia Wojtowicz "A sight to dream of, not to tell. G. A. A. ID rglnia Woodward y's friend." Boosters Club. Myrcel C. Woodcock "There is none of the melancholy ele- ments in her." Bernadine Yagley "A friend to everybody and every "Her very bright remarks have made "A sweet, attractive kind of grace.' sad occasions merry larks." Shelerleader: Boosters Club: Glee u . Rosella Wright "Novelty is the storehouse for plea- sure." ' G. A. A. Peter Yasenchak Margaret racl Y uz "None but himself can be his par- "Makin little nkets of sound on a1le1.'." the piano." I Orchestra: Dramatic Club: Boosters Club. lone Yeager "Athletics are her specialty." National Honor Society: G. A. A. Seniors without pictures John Borovsky Clarence Butenos John Buslawski Edward Sastecke CALENDAR OF EVENTS SEPTEMBER 8-N T m Begins l . 17--G::vAcZiiainted Dance at Lowrey School Cafeteria-Allen Hutchinson 24-First Pep Meeting in the Stadium oc'roBER . H l--Assembly-Mary Morgan-"The Play's the Thing Z5-Assembly-Roy J. Snell texplorer and authorl .27-Assembly-Helen Hiett tliuropean relationsj 30-Varsity Dance at New Fordson Cafeteria-Lee VVorrell's Orchestra NOVEMBER l-Assembly-johnson Brothers Csnake exhibitj 1l-Assembly-International Program 13-Student Council Dance-Joe Caruso's Orchestra 19-Senior Play- "Junior Sees It Through" Z4--Assembly-Movie "The Green Light" Z5-Thanksgiving Vacation Begins 29-School Rcopens DECEMBER 3-Russ Hoogerhyde-Archery Publications Dance-Bill Boell's Orchestra 8-Assembly-Grosse Pointe Exchange 17-Christmas Concert 23-Christmas Vacation Begins JANUARY 3-School Reopens 7-Sunset Dance-High School Novelty Orchestra l7-Assembly-Vaudeville Show Z4-Assembly-Senior Awards Z7-Commencement Exerises 28-First Semester Ends Senior Prom-Bobbie Grayson's Orchestra 3l-Second Semester Begins FEBRUARY 14-Assembly-The Mastersingers 18-All School Party-Novello Brothers Orchestra MARCH l-Assembly--"Rip Van W'inkle" 4-All School Party-The Casa Nova Orchestra 24-Assembly-Covery ta talk on crimej 25-Sunset Dance-High School Novelty Orchestra 29-Assembly-Baily ta talk on alcoholl APRIL 8-All School Play--"Headed For Eden" l3-Assembly-Movie "The Good Earth" 14-Easter Vacation Begins 25-School Reopens Varsity Club Banquet 29-Senior Responsibility Day MAY 5--I-Hop--Benny Kyte's Orchestra 12-Assembly--Cleveland P. Grant-"Birds and Nature" .20-Operetta-"Here I Am" 30-Memorial Day Vacation JUNE 3-All School Party-Music by High School Novelty Orchestra 17-Senior Skip Day Last NVeek-Honors Assembly Z3-Commencement Excerises 24-Senior Prom at Lowrey School Cafeteria End of School Year Girls Glee Club Boys Glee Club 1 i 1 I i 'U 3 S X no f L I 5: IB ior Pl Sen All School Play Dramatic Club National Honor Society Girl Reserves Service Group Chemistry Club Industrial Chemistry Club Commercial Club Silver Quill Senior Hi-Y F ordson Hi-Y Booster Club , 45 ff L5 Swimming Team Track Team Baseball Team Tennis Team SPORTS CALENDAR SEPTEMBER 18-Football-Saginaw tthere! 0-6 25--Football-Grand Rapids there! 6-0 OCTOBER 1-Football-Monroe tthere, night game! Z5-6 9-Football--Ferndale there! 25-0 15-Hamtramck tthere, 500 Fordsonites attend! 7-33 22-Football-Mt. Clemens t there! Z-6 30-Football--Royal Oak there! 13-19 NOVEMBER 6-Football-Grosse Pointe t there ! 13-13 13-Football-Wyandotte there! 18-7 DECEMBER 3-Swimming-Cooley there! 54-30 4-Basketball--Dearborn there! 25-21 7-Swimming--Western there! 51-32 10-Basketball-Monroe tthere! 33-22 15-Basketball-Wayne there! 35-10 17--Swimming-Cooley tthere! 43-41 . JANUARY 7-Swimming-Monroe tthere! 31-49 Basketball- 14-Swimming--Ypsi-Roosevelt tthere! 61 1-2-22 Wyandotte there! 34- 12 1-2 Basketball-Grosse Pointe tthere! 13-11 19-Basketball-Royal Oak there! 21-3 21--Swimming-Grosse Pointe there! 45-39 Basketball-Mt. Clemens there! Z7-17 22-Basketball-Ann Arbor tthere! 18-14 26-Basketball-Jackson tthere! 16-19 29-Swimming--Lansing Eastern tthere? 52-32 FEBRUARY 2-Swimming-Mt. Clemens there! 64-Z0 4-Swimming-Jackson there! 31-53 Basketball-Royal Oak tthere! 24-12 7-Swimming-Pontiac there! 58-20 11-Swimming-Wyandotte there! 52 1-2-31 1-2 12-Basketball-Grosse Pointe there! 32-19 15-Swimming-River Rouge tthere! 48-36 18-Swimming-Royal Oak tthere! 44-40 Basketball-Wyandotte tthere! 26-20 19-Basketball-Mt. Clemens there! 25-10 25-Swimming--Ypsi-Central tthere! 38-45 Basketball-Monroe there! 37-22 MARCH 5-Swimming-Border Cities League Meet at Royal 12-Basketball-Regional Finals there! 18-Basketball-State Semi-Finals at Grand Rapids APRIL 14-Track Meet-Monroe there! 53-51 19-Tennis Match-Monroe there! 22-Tennis Match--Grosse Pointe there! Baseball-Grosse Pointe t-here! 9-3 23-Track Meet-Grosse Pointe tthere! 45-59 26-Track Meet-Dearborn there! 70-34 Baseball--Wyandotte there! 14-5 30-Track Meet-Royal Oak, VVyandotte there! '56 1 MAY 4-Baseball-Melvindale tthere! 12-6 5-Baseball-Royal Oak there! 4-1 7--Track-Central State Relays at Mt. Pleasant 9-Tennis Match-Royal Oak tthere! 11-Tennis Match-Mt. Clemens there! 4-11 Baseball-Hamtramck tthere! 4-3 12-Baseball-Royal Oak tthere 6-3 14-Track Meet-Pontiac there! 17-Baseball-Wyandotte tthere! Tennis Match--Ferndale there! 19-Baseball-Hamtramck there! Tennis Match--Grosse Pointe tthere! 23-Tennis Match-Royal Oak there! 24-Baseball-Jackson tthere! 25-Tennis Match-Mt. Clemens tthere! 28-Track-State Meet at Lansing JUNE 1-Baseball--Ford Trade there! 3-Tennis Match-Ferndale there! 10-Baseball-Jackson there! 14-Baseball-Melvindale there! Fordson scores given first Oak -2-46 1-2-27 x PQ, X f 'W A q 'S AAA j 'NN Shine 'Em Up Andy at Art Next, Please Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou 7 Just Right Station F H S You Wreck 'Em, We Fix 'Em Man o' Mars Start 'Em Rolling Is It Ready ? Sizeady, Now Beans, QN, Peas, 'N Everything D 24' f Wm 'Z ' Q? s 3 3 1 g . M , 1 392113, ,535 fi I X ,, :: ii, .:,, iuzr . 9 -M, 1 A is Q . 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Qqgrfiifgf :nw az ffm,- wmrr was Y sewn, p YXON su-1, .lf ,, , ff .,:,:., .:i:AZ I f A Saf f if 4 5 .. JF gf" ,Q .,.::" x V M fl l v 5, 1 AY 'f fff' 1 A X iff, , I Lx .'!"'l" " ff! P- 4 , Wa g T, wi C X 17" K US- 50" as-Y 4 5' ,,,....-----"""""' 'T---' , CDM 'ab Ulf? an 355' . XM ff1XXNXi, I A is I lf, 1 LJ A -9 : , ,Z 9 If -WW" QW :bf ' 5'-A -...g ..,..........,-.......--.- -7- ---- r .-Y, Y ......fv.w-,........... ,T,,f,..-gf- ay -i --- --Y-Y President's Address Pk :sf ac Fellow-Members of theplass of '38: Q Upon graduation day, june 24, 1938, we will have completed our high school careers. We will no longer be active membersof the school which we regarded with such great respect at students. We will no longer be able to support Fordson as stud- ents, but only as alumni. Let us remain loyal supporters of F ordson High as alumni and not return and try to relive our high school days. Let us go forward to the goal which we are determined to reach. Let us keep our mem- ories of Fordson locked forever in our hearts and serve our school by traveling on, paying tribute to what she has done for us by accomplishing some- thing of which she may be proud. In conclusion I wish you, my friends, all the success in the world, and I hope you will arrive at the goal which you have set out to attain, ' May the memory of the graduation'class of june, 1938, remain forever' bright-. in the annals of Fordson High School. vs. ,y Senior Class .. ' Sincerely, , . ' Henry Rogers, President 5 er., r ' M-1,1 . 5:-. . ! -4. ? w, v 5 X 4 15' 4 I XWW' J K ' V ' fyqfygdg, .4 .y isp X " A I 5 AUTOGRLQM 1 L4 Q ' UM P H S g gf?,2ff . Q ' f .' 1" V ffcfaf, ' ' . Q Q 1 5 ,M l LLL' 1 .. ' 4' ,f 54,1 Q , . Q I- -W .. 'bi' xvemnxqxu f e-.444 1 V- ' I A B17 Shit' ,gijrz W af" X yi . N ljf1,,,4 jygyj I K Q as RQ!! P VA I. f " q "Q 'Il 9 Q F, Q , JG. wjf K ang Q . 1 vf Q J, NAA . ' ,,Jj W Wa! W ,f 'W ,,,Q1'H I 1 Z Q , v 4 A 'M' I MN If f , 1'-asv ' W ' ' Wil a . 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Suggestions in the Fordson High School - Fleur de Lis Yearbook (Dearborn, MI) collection:

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