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L, N-A R X MU q , ,w fm , f, A r 'DS U 7f'C fl 1Qr'? X, if Q5 66 XX xl! X 'X .Xp I ML a E Da lr 7 XP " x TQ Ln., if X 1 J 5 xwx , Nag. 55' W ij Y N 1. 4 5 I ,X .Za ,121 , . K Q M ' X 1 , Q X Tdsllxl 11 E X " r , xi -He. if .N fu, fxffx X Ev fx N xi N X L f Q Q.. V K ,Ax 49 ENXAQZB x N-REQ gt 5lfmXN MW 4-QS V E Ah' .A-nL,.,.-.., N. d?" 3,-an--f FTW' in-rf luT.""'Y N FW '43 H-fv-- T-'ff ,W X hc- 3 .F Y MK? ,Q X xii X-'dw VL L 'W 'VCU V Qdffqffvl MXAEN7 X f ' QQ N52 W 17' WQYW rv-XL JE, E53-J M, J Lf C' I 'K Q 'VX ' I ' ' pid. XL! .1 I I ' ,fx u 'I ' ,fir X f N 1 Ii S.: , x, r W ,, ,,f t as., ,lf Q I . I Kf Ev' ,fx . g, N I X KQ XJ1 I I I i f 4 5 f . ,ag-Pfv .1 , - , 73 i UE -g,. -f x 'gf ' "M 'Tw ay, 3 A NXFET Afih-4 4 ,.l rife," 'U' kzf ' ,,-5:11, , . QL,,., Q ---i'4?f'f +- ' Ifff .wx- g f ,gf X' f A , L5 , f I XQ5 Q- V., x ,ills 5 2 fx? W ff F W V xx- 1 it C' N, ' ' 'X' ,F .. W A' ,4 N , Y ' f H,,'s N ,, Fry : K Z lflixu R v' if 'Veg ' A I ' in i f fx? Q Lglgf 2 v " Er fa I ' A '- - 4 5, , "QNX MW ' Kg fl 'x, Kg ' XA V f 5, VR , V 1 W' M K '4 K' , U X 7' J . - . Y' fx I 5 i X I V I 7' ,S fl I f X 3 J X' f fax ,I-I ! ' . 1 x 'S lux - . 1' f v 7 Q . m - K1 W , M 5 L. f ks. ef ki 1 Lf 4 A Yr X' Q y Xl x I 5 AXAX Xf:,Q3vf'FN il' -.V K, I F nl 9 rj X ww' 74 'N , . , 'LN . 1 XI it 60- f y E L' Q1 A '. - W I5 :I 51am 1 1 I xx' T , 1 Y 'Q 1. 'I7 -2 V' 1 V Q '--2 A .4 ' . ' n - ACW' Cww .- -3a:!a-x f- iyx - 9 ,.. Q L f' j , L 1 4 f x ur' Leif Ill ll SCIIOUL ACULTY MRS RUTH LINN English Home Economics 55555 UITTIAH A KIMB RTING Social Studies H TYMAL MOGNCY 'lusic L K FNYART Commerce Math RAY HAGEN Science Physical Education I L.'E. M1LiER: Rg51cuitura TUBE UNCIL Row I Doris bcvurray, Carolyn Lea, Norma Smith, Charles NcN1sh, Cecelia Rotzinger, and nancy Lea Row Sponsor Lex Enyart, Charles Stone, Freddy Swearengin, Steve Stone, and James Rose ANNUAL S AFF 0 Row I Nancy Lanphier, Norma Smith, Flo Criger, Christine Baker, Ida uae Greene, and Carolyn Lea. Row II Teacher: Vr. Lex Envart, Steve Stone, Vary Frances white, Carol Swearenzin, ano Rickard Rose. . 5421 .. A 511- f A , fe., . .A , 92 , js SH' . .yi S. I ,jisweav ,i-ww My H .5 ew f' , 1. ' 24191 za . A A . A fr M t 'hz 'lx' I 'Q ai C , A 8 E30 A , - . x . 1 . V V n . . K i . I V+ Q . H I II ' . I , f ,M QR? ' are I I A E 6 .2 K . l 9' . If " ' g , . ' E V S . I X Q K I. .a L .K ' V L V . A, , , ,Ji .ji' 4r GOLDIU MARIE BARTON Glee Club 2 Librarian Eagle Staff BOB BRIGGS Basketball 2 3 Softball 2 Vice President Studemt Council Plays Glee Club Track LL FLOYD BURKS Basketball Softball Plays secretary Student Council Jlee Club DJ I-'U-I E 3 51 OJ 53 Vi U7 vm3Q pen wrJ cm eo 'ir-'00 m o Q w m wcnrnv mrr:fC 3 mo U +14 wc U n m I un I Lf Sponsor MR KIMBERLINP President JAHZS ROS Vice President MRY WHITR Secretary Treasurer IDA WAR GRE WR Reporter CAROLYN LEA Representatives WORAA SMITH STEJ STOVE CFRISTINE BAVHR Glee Club Band Mixed Chorus Cheer Leader Trumpet Trio School Buqler Sextette Plays Drama Award speech Festival Carnival Queen eagle Staff Volleyball Uperetta 42 DORIS JLAWNU CIOUSL Cleo Club 2 - Mixed Chorus - Plays IDA MAE GREENE Glee Club l-2 Softball Wixed Chorus Secretary onglish Contest Eagle Staff Plays L rrwrrwb LEONA HOLLOWAY I Glee Club l-2-3-h Mixed Chorus Queen Candidate CAROLYN LEA President Student Council Student o V Pres Band Pres Iixed Chorus Sextette Trio R Octette Plays Cheerleader Softball Volleyball agle Staff 1+ TON IIHMU Basketball Softball Track King Candidate Vice President Student Council Glee Club DAVID CONLEY Basketball l-2-3-M Softball 1-3-h Track 3 Plays 3-M King Candidate 2 President 3 Vice-President l Student Council l-3 Secretary 2 FLO CRIGER Reporter Glee Club Band V.Pres Mixed Chorus Sextette Trio 3 Octette Plays Cheerleader Clarinet Trio Volleyball Softball Majorette Eagle Staff operetta LAI-' MJLMMJI-'DJ kukukn sq!- KIETH KELLEY Glee Club 2 Mixed Chorus NANCY LANPHIER Glee Club Softball Volleyball Eagle Staff Librarian Commerce Award Service Cheerleader Mixed Chorus I-'MJMJ R - T"c3 4 ' P-' Q . " 0 Cl C. ' I-' C 0- 1 l I . I I-'P' I I F? T V? Y?T? YY?Y T FfF'N5TFT5'F1?FTF?5Tr' ,G . P' W '4 KA , A ,. J 2 1 L11 Y YY NFWFF' gg H I I -F'-F' D-" I A " I-' N lv., I I bl N W N be I I g I I -Fw 4:" W F' RICHARD ROSE Eagle Staff Senior Play Representative Ung Contest DONALD ROSE Basketball Softball Mixed Chorus Operetta Glee Club Plays NOMM 95TH Class Pres Vollevball Softball Cheerleader Sr Play ulee Club Eagle Staff S C Vice Pres Student Body Pres Home Coming Queen Service EILEEN WARREN Glee Club Mixed Chorus Octette Sextette Volleyball Music Letter Sr. Play 'p'F'fF"F'-F'-F'-F" STEVE STONE Glee Club 2 3 L 2 Track Mixed Chorus Operetta MARY FRANC Q WHITE Accompanlst Jr Play Band Flute Solo - Music Letter Softball Volleyball Band Sec. Scholarship Award Declamation Award Egglg Staff Class Vice-Pres. St. Music Contest Citizen Award 'PY' u xpL1F1fnnnr+FTfFWuFfua JAMUS RO E Softball Student Hanavor Plays Operetta Carnival King flee Club Class Pres Repo ter Student Council 4ixed Chorus w-P'4?-1"w- wc' 3h CAROL SWLARCNGIW Plays lee Club Hand Vocal Solo Mixed Chorus Sextette Vocal Trio Clarinet Trio Octette Volleyball Soft Ball Eng Contest maple Staff Music Letters CLASS HISTORY 1952-1956 The first dayg September 6, 1952, we were about to become the Freshman Class of 1952 53 Looking back we see ourselves in a state of confusion, filling out enrollment cards, scheduling classes and making new acoualntances. The second week of school our class consisting of 36 members held its first class meeting to elect officers, they were, Carolyn Lea president, David Conley vice president, Nancy Ph'lpott secretary and treasurer, Flo Banks reporter In October wechose Lucille Stone and Tommy Pirtle as our candidates for carnival king and oueen Much to our disappointment we came in third Miss Nadine Tucker, our class sponsor, helped us plan our class parties and saw us through to our sophomore year. The following year the Seniors ceased to call us green freshmen and we gahud the new title, silly sophomores We were a little older and a little wiser. counted noses and found that we had lost 6 and gained 3 Our class officers were Norma Smith president, Bob Briggs vice president, David Conley secretary and treas urer, and Flo Banks reporter We elected Mr. Robert Sullivan as ou sponsor, Our main social event of the year was a Suppresssd Desire Party Our Carn'val kin and queen candidates were Shirley Lawson and David Conley, We came in second. 195k We became Jolly Juniors, a name that fitted us very well 26 of remained from the previous year, By this time we were really getting into the swing of things, Our social events began with the hair raising production of Hobgoblin House, our class play. On April 27 we sponsored the traditional Junior and Senior Banquet. The theme of the banquet was Hawiaian, and was carried out by decorating with colorful flowers, wh'le Hswiaian music was provided for entertainment For our Junior year we elected Mr William Klmberling as our class sponsor. Our class officers were David Conley president, Tommy Pirtle vice president, Floyd Burke secretary and treasurer, James Rose reporter Norma Smith and Richard Rose were class representatives Leona Holloway and Steve Stone were carnival king and Queen candidates. We didn't succeed however, our candidates were second. At last, Our long awaited senior year with Mr. William Kimberling as our sponsor we began by electing class officers. James Rose president, Mary White vice president, Ida Mae ureen secretary and treasurer and Carolyn Lea reporter. This year our candidates Christine Baker and James Rose, were crowned king and nueen of the high school carnival By this time most of us had begun ta plan our future and to realize that soon we would be going our separate ways. Je wish t thank the teachers and parents who have done so much for us. V 1 i N k fw ...f- X Stn :P f' I Q X X , as ' e e wa ' A B ' e n e 1 1 l ' Y 0 X ,,, G: Lgi5 X " 4' " V rs-f-T?iii- kjl -'-" 7. 5 ff' I -. j Q. 1 h"Qs U, X K . , ' -'xff' 5 9' Q5 7, IIIIIIIIIIIIL.. -illllllll , swasnff f A P H E I made my first trip into town since the class of 56 graduated Thar' was a extree special reason fer that trip My boy Victor Timothidus Tickbottom was a graduatinl You all know about him They caught him runnin' a still down about Finley, and I ain't seen hide ner' hair of him since Back to my trip to town I got ole Nellie tied to the pole in front of ole Jennings store Its run by a couple of ole maids now what was them gals names? Now, I remember Missy Doris Clouse an Missy Eileen Warren Missy Eileen was gonna be a sec cre tairie, but I see she settled to raisen' cats That Iissy Doris an Mr Donald Rose had quiet a little flame burnin' in 56 as I pecgll I suppose she got tard' a waitin' fer him to get out of the National Guard and blew it out I read sometime ago, a year to be exact Cwe get thepaper every New Years Day, thats why I'm here now, to get the paper I was sayin' I read that boy Donald Rose after 19 years was promoted from Buck Private to Pri vate First Class I always did think that boy had a lotta' zip read the Tilford Whites announced the comin' marriage of their daughter Mary White, to Prince Loller McSnort of Sonaco That was sometime last year let's see she was about 37, now I think she was a bit young I walked down a little wa and there was a big new bu1ld1n', an the rock a stickin' in the corner said donated by William Kimberling after many successful years as Warden at Sing Sing I peeped in the winder an there was Missy Ida Mae Greene a tuckin' books away jest as happy as a lark, an handin' her books was Missy Leona Holloway I heard tell she was married to that boy she run a round with when she was in school an they was raisen' several youngins I read Kthat rock in the corner of that buildin' reminded mel that Tom Pirtle was transferred from Fordland Juvenile Detention Room fthe office? to Sing Sing an was still under the same supervision What was that name? Oh yes! Kimber ling I really read up all that paper I guess I'd best git the new one well, I got the new paper an what do you think was the first thing I saw Mr David Conely successful lawyer wins Sth divorce case free of alimony You know h'ed hafta' be purty dogone smart and successful to, do that Look, a column in the paper Says Miss Goldie Sarton writ it Now who would a thought it, an a gossip column at that Here in her column says Miss Carol Swearengin hottest Blues singer in New York, opens at the Top Hat tonight sorta had her figured for the lullabye type Here's a little note about Miss Yvgnne Burks She'll be preimerein' her Steve Stone writ it I always figured he'd write some slow movin' story This sure a1n't slow movin' anyhow I wouldn't be a movin' slow with Bloodhounds followerin' me Here's a column says sports, well, dig out mu Sunday Britches, Richard Rose has done up an become a sports writer His column says somethin' about his brother James Rose Iet's see, hes a boxer now Whats this he went S rounds with the Tiger Kid before a slam bam knock out Let's see who go knocked out OH' Bob Briggs is a pitchin' for the Dogers You know I can't remember as they've won the pennat since 55 I reckon I'll look at the adds, there always a mite lnterestin' Norma Smith owner of a 10,000 acre ranch in the panhandle of Oklahoma, needs cowhands Heres the nualifications 6'h" Dark Handsome Male Single 30 no To bad I'm losln' my hair, cause I'd have me a job Here's another, Mr Floyd Burks a askin' if anybodv seen his wife when he last saw her she was 5'3 , Black hair, brown eyes, an warin' a green dress N0 REWARD I reckon as how he don't hardly want her back much, cause now days people won't do nothin' unless they get paid for it Miss Carolyn Lea invites all to her new dancin' classes on Peach Tree Ave Mambo, Congo, Rumba, Samba, an the Jitterbug Nary a word about the waltz. I tell you things is a movin' too fast these days Mrs Flo Criger, needs a baby sitter Reckon as how she must be desperate as she's a advertlsln' Let me read a little further Say's l2 children need capable hand I reckon as after all she is just a nite desperate I heard down at the Post Office Mrs Nancy Lamphier was a livin' in two of the houses out at that there Air Base Reckon one won't hold the kids I heard that Christine Baker was a nurse in a big horse pit al That never surprised me a mite My boy Victor Timothidus always said he figured as how she'd be a nurse, cause when WWF KIND T0 DUMB ANIMALS WEEKN rolled around, she was always kindest to people Well, I reckon I better git gonin' an get the paper to Plum Hill a for dark Com'on git 1 up Nellie C L S S P R O C Y I i . nl O K . I latest picture BLO0DHOUNDS FOLLOW ME tomorrow night at the Palace. Says Mr. O O a l D 0 . X 1 ,f .f . f' X Que L 1 H TUNE Os ISTURY V falls 'LEW KEVIQE D R595 ,fun . My - A X, OF . 4 S.. --NH. XX is . 'QT Q STS xfsxx. x 'v gfxf V AX Ni. S' Qi xM4"'5 .u,?,Q 5' PH STDnNT,Charl s lcklsh VICE PRmSID'NT,Jack Dennis S'CRBLAHY,LOu1se McDonald mREASLWER,J1m Burr SPONSOR,Yr RWPORTER Mona Shea REPRESENTATIVE, Charkn Stone PAUL BARTON V BWAKE J D BLHKS sat ZF' TJ - R PE -f '4' DPLVIE D JI JA K magj EDWARD ,OP'LAJD JA!I'E FULTON Haden .lUNl0R CLASS JIM BURR DALLAD CCRILLIJCN RUTH uH1FrIN DEAN HARVEY We 'xv- CHARLES MCNISH CLARPWCE ROBINSON RUQERT bTWNE VE'ITA HARVEY ALICE INCE 1 si EK in mn r .ex uiuv nn RANONA N MOENTNISH NORWA MUQRAY LYLE SCHIUER NOVA SHEA ri DA9w2LL T'RFILL DEVZIL WRIGHT LOLISE ICDONALD LYMAN PECK .-ag 5 XIII I CHARLLS STUNE JAHEY W1IuHT 4? 4 -8 I 5 f b, ' 1 iQ i5 'K ggi - YK' NA . 55?- iff ff' . , A ,ci AK My :V .1 A ,nk .. 'L Q - . jg .Me-s A4,' I -", f , 'X A - W "'- i"'ia f f 1 4 2 , Q' ., T 4 J A' . 4 i 4-Lf. 2:21123 :aa .Q Q, A I f . 13' ' F . V, 'M' i Q 1 , 515 T .4 x - .4 , ' .LN 14 , h 'r - or ' - Q . 4, 2 X Q - A :K .4 Q ' x see? iifm' -fiiisf A ,E -.gil 1' 5?f:7grfsf'w ,Aff ' f A ,U A V - - PRESIDENT, Doris McMurray: VICE-PRESIDENT, Jim Shea: 0PHOMORE CLASS SECRETARY, Don Day: TREASURER, Jerry Carpenter: SPONSOR, Nr. Hiller: REPORTER, Cecelia Rotzinger: REPRESENTATIVE, Freddy Swearengin. Sv DIAINA APPLEBY BERNICE BURKS VARY BURKS ff edf' BARBARA BURR LOP TTA CATL JLRRY CARPENTER 49 1 x,, my M 4 vx ,JN ' fvvvwvvvx JIV ORAELIQFA WAYNE FFWE DON DAY TOTWY BIRKS an DEW'Y ONLEY K, I AAROLYV EDDINFS I . M I . VV,. 4 A , xg , 3 X ' A Q 5 Q . , v I .E R !i.j .Y .H' C . Z - Q g 1 , L Y 4Ei 'U I A ,. if in ' A A 'if . ' F ,, 'A ig, ' H , w 1 XP' -3 Q A ' M nhl w.dffsX 1 C 4' . ' ' Y C L g -A J , h U I ,-3-A Yi EQ LfWELL HARVEY JOE FCDONALD KAY MACK SUSIE MITCHELL JOHN NICHOIS CECELIA RCTZINGER LARRY SCHUDER L . PAT NCHAFFIE DORIS NCMURRAY WANDA ROBINSON JIN SHEA AP-'I 'iw 1 PAT ROSE DCNAID TERRILL .44 JACK SFIDnR FR'DDY SW'ARE1GI! BPB TRIVITT WILNA WILLIAMS M PRESIDENT, Nancy Lon VICE PRESIDElT, Delbert Iurrey sw' EWARY, Joyce Felkner "TREASURER, Jon Hale REPORTER, Phyllis Corveliaon EPCNUOR, Mrs Lynn FRE HMA CLASS ALICE BENCH JADES BRAKE PHYLIIS CORNELISON JANDA DAVIS DELORIS BURKS JUICE FELKNER NANO! Blhhb 'GN 9k 4 3' ff 9 f 1 DAVID rLCYD 9 A v Q Y , - , J I JCYCE GAULIER DILL GREENE GdhLDlNE GRBELE RCSHAAH' GRIFFIN In K I X Q WL .5 W! , f in ,.k.g 2 -, 1 7' . LKLV g l l E D r J A Nb lCfl F A 'ui Sf 1 Ai W Wm Y ' mil, 61 X V , '55 ir sy Digg, A. JON HALm NANCY JUDY MOSLVY AGN S STINNWTT ANNA INCF CHARIA MCDONALD -F DELBVRT MURRAY LINCOLN STONE 51 i950-157' KAR N KELLEY IMOGENE MINCKS Qvx lk- 1Q, i LOR NE ROBERSON VEOTET A TUCKER LOUEAN KINCANNUN LARRY MORRIS RONNIE SCHULTZ PAT WILLIAMS 15? U U Y 5 Q 'K , - V. sr I f A , Q xx: K . I A I' A L Q LEA . I , , I - 7 g y A A L f, r A" 1 , , fn ' Q? E333 T N , . ,fff 32 L A I - - 1. fi' A ! ai ,I 3, W A X o. Q' A 6 Y Q X ? F s s?lf R, 5 iff ' ' I gh! L In 'KA um q,r 0 ir t an second Fades MD5 VE TA DUTK'L rifth and Sixth Grades IISS NUR'A SWhARnM3IN ihird and Fourth Grades MRQ LDITH QBSSR Seventh and Ei hth Jrades FIR T GR DE RUSSELL HARGIS JAIXICE HE VIJH SI-TAAROT NINE' .af :nn-A JV!-'r V I cART1"LR 'Q ff 32 V1 P-'I un :D I' V-4 'W x '1 T0 'V RFB? UO ,. L ' Q .-J . .I r ' Q Y. w P A ' ff V X 4 . 1 V A -4 ' 4 -2 fffxxeff ,-,' Q atv ' ' ' za ,411 : x 'Z 3 ,L Yl Q N Tx f I. .'h -4 - A Q r. fy ' - ? N i ' ,I wg f ' ' ., 1 I w '52, an U1 4 'N ,. A T LJ H, Lu , ff' 'A " X 51 6' - ,' ,. I Lu A A A. H V 4 ' - , 'J .3 4 " , ' v ' 4 ' N zu KYLF TAJ ARD JCL? Y TILLER JLD' BR NTLIT ER .JAP 3 D YWIS BOWERS JACKIE CHIGIIR RONALD HAMMOND EFDIE BURKS DIANE cLoUsE JANICE DALTON ,Wvl Viwm' if Ftruzzz' noNALD HENNIOH DIANA SCHULTZ ANNETTA UC'-ITMAN KAREN DU N KEL Q. ,iw fig? " gf cfmon MARTIN Y' JIWMIE UCHTMAN THIRD GR DE JUDY HADEN L D SARTIN JUDITH WRI HT 4 x Jf 4 Wk K 1 5 55 D - f FQ!! If .A . 'A Q 9' l:-,14' 1. . rA -M04 . Q Y . .QD D -, Ty? Q . " V ' :i f Y' :J A ,,-VAM s'36',' ' D- Eg 'zi' 5if?1A www A J I I i .6 y L- Q . 5 n glam. Q Q4 1 in f D . . G BARRY BENDA F0 HTH R DE JANICE BROOKS JACK FRANTZ JANES DUNKEL A-ri' Wir 41" 51 KENNITH KELLEY GENEVIEVE ROBINSON JAUKIE Km CM NON EDD1 E KINDALL RONNIE SIMS DAVID WITLIAMS j JOHN BRENTIINGER ALBERT HARVEY a YE? 459' DANNY LEA KAY YARBROUGH . 4! A ' 2 A , , RAL ,' 4 17 V5 ', i . ll , V' - ,4 f' A 1 3 V E Y I -sw., " ga V fr V 7 - I 3 I' "f-ws 't' f' " Q R is 4, V Z ,I 'I , 2 V: '. . X Q V g H- A A 3 5 V , f L SL-is f' Y 7 .LL IL if 1 . M , . . WILMA ROBIB SON DAVID SCHL LTZ IRENE. HIL! IM S FIFTH GR DE X' DIANE BARTON Q EVP BnNDA RONNIE BURKS JACKIE FARVEY JEIHI DAVIS LEON CRUX-JE J. D. VAGGARD VARY SLE TURNER BONNIE SAGEIRSLR -9 X . N Q I A IID , , - ' ,Q I"lE if Iilii PQI ' 5 bfi .I " A Q ag 1 , 1 , D "D. I A v A,,V 9 CHARLFY ATKTNS BARBARA BURKS DTWJAYNL BYTRKS WSH? W GARY BURR YJ! .fl 6 Ill' ll' I -.- 'll nnlill JERRY DALTON qi I KATHRYN LRE TROY I ARRY CROWE CARPUNTRR CORN' LI SON Q6 KARRN DAY PLAZLT DUNKLL LROKI HOLLOWAY I ROBIE KINCANNON JIVNIE KIRK PA TY "IL1ER BOBBIE FAY RWPHWORD I A All 1 SEVE TH GRADE 1, xx, S Qfvwff S J' 1.1 'V' !! Yfif . 51 GH' Z A "",:' DAL BA-K 'T BENCH LANA COLLTNS JEAN CONLEY NOHMA CONLEY FMU DALTON DUSTY FALKNVR BILTY ULOYD BARBARA HALE DORTHY HARVEY SHIRLRY LEMMINJS PATSY JO MAO ARD DAVID McNISH LEO METCALF BOBTY MOSLEV PATSY MOSLWY JUNTOR ROBINSON CAROLE ROTZINGER EIGHTH GRADE 11525 -55 WILHA SAGERSER LARRY SHERROW DIANNE SNAPV' JUDY YAR BR OID H SCOTT WILLIAMS EULA ANN BROWN HOWAR D BUR KS ANI TA CROWE DONALD DAVI S MIKE FRANTZ LARRY GRE NE DELNA KI RK ANNA PAYE MARTI N ALBFRTA SWEAREMJI N SAM SWEARU- NGI N SAWNY SWEAREIBI N DAVID WHITE .I 9' V N.- - -v Mixed Octet Left to 'iight E4 leon rar-ren, Carol Sweareng n Iianist tary White, Flo Criger, Christine Baker, Carolyn Lea, and Janice Fulton Musical Activities Row I Row II Row III Ronald Schultz, Jon Hale, Steve Stone, Jack Dennis, J D Burke, John licbols, Delbert 'urray, a.d r Vooney, Director David rloyd, Iincoln Stone, Dallas Gornelison, Edward opeland, Jim Shea, Keith Kelley, and Glen Carpenter Gharles Stone, Norman Murray, Jack Snider, Donald Rose, Iyle Schuder, Iarry Scbuder, and Joe lcDonald Row Row Row Row 'cDona1d, N Lea, L Tucker, L Kincannon, W Davie, N Burke, bclurray, L McDonald, J Fosley, P Cornelison NcFaffie, A Bench, M Shea, C Eddings, D Clouso, Y Burke, . Fulton, P. Rose, R. Griffin, G. Greene, M. White. . Burke, K. Kelley, B. Burr, J. Felkner, B. Burke, F. Criger, . Lanphier, E. Warren, L. Robinson, J. Gardner. . Nincks, C. Rotzinger, W. Robinson, A. Stinnett, I. Greene, C. Lea, C. Baker, C. Swearengin, S. Vitchell, K. Mack, D. Appleby. I Co 0 0 0 0 u Da ' Q o .1 c 0 II Po . . o Fo - o u a J III N N IV I n I Q 7 f M a -1 4, f-.4 .4 Q XJ , ku Qnd 3 Fzagtiil y I ,sexi , 9 Row Row Row Row Majorette Flo Criger, FHPO1 Martin, Kay Vgrbrouzh, Carolyn Tgg, Christine Baker, Kay Mack, Cecelia Rotzinger, Mary white, Diana Patti Miller, Delbert Murray, Nancy Lea, Anna Faye Martin, Charlie Atkins, Larry Sherrow, and 'avid McNish David White, Eula Brown, Nancy Burks, Barbara Burr, J D Burks, Jerry Carpenter, Howard Burks, LeeT oy Cornelison, and Mr Vooney, Director Jim Burr, Charles HcNish, Ronald Schultz, carol Swearenvin, Norman Murray, Larry Morris, and 'usty Faulkner. Flo Criger "3 MAJURETTE fl E31 A 1' N2 fi 55 'I A 4 x 1 W 'ES ' 1 " 1 4 .1 f ' as 8 f If x ,px Ly dy M 1 Us 9 I : 1 , M l M M Schultz, and Cherry Phillips. II . . C III -. A 4 . ' . . IV ' -l f' A , a, a 'ig yy if Jai.. fy -,, A ?ul'!k 4 u 2, W 5' in 4 .Ji Z' Y 1 ix'-vi iv v1' fx ' V . fi 9 'K L T0 R COACH RAY HADEN, CHARLES MCINISH, D NNY CONLEY, FLOYD BURKS, DELVIE DANIELS, FREDDIE SWEARUNGIN, DENZIL WRIGHT, JIM BLRR, JIM ROSE MANAGER, BOB BRIGGS CAPTAIN, DON ROSE, TOM PIRTLE, JACK DE' NIS L TO R COACH HADEN, CHRISTINE BAKER, LOUISE' ICDONALD, FANCY BLRKS, CAROL SWEARENGIL, F'LO CRIGER, PARY WHILE, CAPOLYN LEA, WANDA ROBI' SO , NORNA SNITH CAPTAIL, BARBARA BLRR Y H Y E Y Y .J A4 .L WANDA DAVIS, AGNES STINETT, VARY BURNS, JANICE FULTON, QSIEE MITCHELL, VOLLEYBALL TEAM L TO R COACH RAY HADEN, CHRIS BAKER, PLO CRIGER, KAY MACK, EILEHJ WARREN, BARBARA BURR, MARY BURKS, LOUISE MGDONALD, MARY WHITE, CAROLYN LEA CAPTAIN, JANICE FULTON, BRRNICE BURKS IUNIOR HIGH TEAM L TO R COACH RAY HADEN, HOWARD BURKS, DONALD DAVIS, RONALD SCHU'TZ, LARRY GREENE, LARRY MORRIS, DUSTY FAULKNER, DAVID WHITE, JON HALE, DAVID HCNISH CAPTAIN W DIANNA APPLEBY, WANDA ROBINSON, CAROL SWEARENGIN, NORMA SMITH, ' B" BASKETBALL SQUAD L TC R CACF RAY HADEN, RONNIE SCF' LLZ, JAPK DAN! IS, HXRLJLS 'cTTSH, and JON HALE " H CHEERLEADER IAWFY LEA, Jcffu. FPIKT LR, MLARLA lcnc um, aw JLDY OALQY 1 ' ' Emmiiwcs ROBINSON, I5ON".LD Rosa, DENZIL wizicH'r,JD5r:Lv1s z5Ar'fiELs, BASKETBALL TEAM L to R COACHR HADEN, J KENNIS, C NCNISH, B EPIC S, B TRIVITT "A" CHEERLEADERS 1 'O oo . . . . . . . . . G . T. PIRTLE, D. CCNLEY, F. BURKS,CAP'I'AIN2 J. FEUYR, D. ROSE, F'. SWEARENGIN Y Y, vwrrf y , - FH HDVEHTISIHB 1 K ' 'fy' 5 5 Q., S' Q " S XQR 'Q X . xi ? ,QS X m L. 1 N A k .L X . . q J X K , xFJ iam A 1 mx iw: ' H W -xi X -S' ' K' if X xx il L flffw K X, ,P 5? N 1 lax' Q X V x, f NI , X g -X Iwxx X .!,A5l GOMPLIMENTS OF' BANK OF FORDLAND SU S5 5' MNC, CAPITAL sfrocx 525,000.00 6 S"w'4Ng-6 0 as ' 5 0 - Q, .2 9 SURPLUS 810, 000.00 gl 9 4 osposns 2 4 oepesnrs 2 ULEJSBEDIBEIB ULEIBQDEGEIPJ Q MEMBER OF' FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION DEPOSITS INSURED TO 510,000 OO FORDLAND MI SSOURI PHONE 2 3573 HOOVER ' S BRENTLINGER GARAGE MARSHALL AUTO STORE MUSIC dc BOOK STORE I i SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI DIAMOND TIRES PAUL HOOVER FORDLAND MISSO URI COMPLIMENT S HOWARD GOODS SUNDRIES GOODS DRUGS OPAL GOOD OWNER 60005 ND SSOUR FORDLA MI I ATHLETIC GOODS CO PHONE 2 9551 230 2 w McDAINEL STRRET SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI COMPLIMENTS CF C OVPLIMFNT S FF RORDLAND BEAUTY SHOP RIDDLE BARBER SHOP FORDLAND MISSOURI FORYL AND VIISSOURI Q ' mum 3 ' mum 3 3 1' 6 2 5 9 Q. V 2 ev I ---i, 8: 316 SOUTH AVENUE . V Sm OF 81: Q L O Y COVPT IV.'ENT'T'S WORDLAND PARENT TEACHER ASSOCIAT 'OR 'DLA 'D ION MISSOURI YOUR FRIENDLY STORE FULUPIP FEEDS A G A G E RORDLANID " ?N0 1' iff' 54, ft x'sgq-1ll'11':. 4155 1 T O MISSOURI COMPLIVENTS OF TWIN PINES CAFE HOME COOKFO FOODS VEIDA TI LLMAN OWNER OPERATOR HI SSOURI RCXJERSVILIE COMPLINENT S OP DEEP ROCK l DOMESYIC ,Uno SLIM SNAPE RELIABLE SEQVT CE EORDLAND NYTSSOURI UNDERWOOD -nlefef' 7 POCERSVILLE our Future MOTOR CO XL WIS SUURI OP T U t r-Fx N- - A 'S fl s , ,L 22 . . xJ,7'QQ4-lay,-.?vg.:t.:,t.q. - R N ' S N E R A L S R E A U WN , I 7 Il in Y FERN LEA COMPLIPENTS OF' LEA'S A.G. MARKET IRA LEA FEATURIIG PINE FOODS IN FQRDLAND at o X N' 4 'x in o as 5 9 'l"::xX A W -V '1' QW -ev I af LQWQ4 gf" Wfx ,nv s. - RIDDLE ' S WOOTJNORKS COMPLIMENTS c H U L tr , FORDLAND MISSOURI FORDLAND CABINETS WI NDOWS ND P L' WBI IU MISSOURI FORDLAND FARMERS EXCHAIGE COMPLIMENTS MARKET VOR WARM PRODUCTS JENNINGS DRY GOODS FEEDS GROCVRIES SE FDS FERTI LIZER Trade at home where your dollar has more sense! M Pix z.' FORDLAND MISSOURI WORDLAND 'k'k'k ll 'IISSOURI FOR DLAND COHPLIMENTS OF' FRANCES CARUJELL VI SSOURI . FORDLAND COMPLIITENTS OF' CITIES SERVICE MISSOURI to I 5. q""01n u 'SQ OF ,4 A. R. S Z D. O. 5 Il ,I A I , 'X I I A OF' c. E. A O ,I I l we ' --3, , I 1 ilflizailxl COHPLIMENTS OF' DR. GEORGE J. MELTON D. D. S. MARS?-'FIELD VISSWURI THE WEBST R COUNTY CITIZEN SOLICITS YOUR PATRONAGE we ape 91u1I,p6C,- to h8l"!d16 ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS Our job printing shop is up to date PHONE 57 SEYMOUR FOR THE "BEST" IN FOOT WEAR SHOP AT PIERCE' S SHOE STORE SEYMOUR MISSOURI HELP YOURSELF LAUNDRY OWNED 8: OPERATED BY MR 8: MRS ARTHUR BRINGLE X"7"V"-iim ,1- gi SEYMOUR MISSOURI COVPLIWTENTS OF' THOMPSON FURNITURE COWPANY 1 , 5 X4 -f T I I South Side of Square in MARSHFIELD MISSOURI C OMPLIMENTS OF JARRATT'S MEN 8: BOYS STORE 'Everything For Dad 8c Lad' VTARSHFIELD, MISSOURI DRIBS Prescriptions our specialty THE SHIELDS PHARMACY :K Earl T DRUG R obt V We st STORE REG PHARMACISTS WIARSHFIELD Phone M6 'TISSD URI BRIDWELL INSURANCE T HAT RE ALLY INSURES INSURANCE 222 PHONES 2 2 MARSHFIELD MISS? URI BRENT LINGER HAR UNARE FORDLANTJ MIS SO URI COMPLIMENTS OF' PINNELL ' S GROCERY ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI COMPLIMENTS OF' MARSHALUS CAFE ROGFIRSVILLE Route 2 MISSOURI I - 8, I I A - - 5 NX 4 Y 5 -ri. ' 'E' COMPLIMENTS OF' E Q fl ""' x C OTTPLII'-TENTS A FRIEND OF F' H ROBERT F LEA MARSHFIELD COHPI ITWNTS THE CITIZENS STATE BA 'K MARSHFI ELD, TI SSOURI ' e webs er County Ban H DEPOSITS INSUR D IO 310,000 O0 MEMBER MISSOURI FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURAIN CE CORPORATICN Bottle Gas "Your" PHILGAS DIST MAR SHFIELD PHONE M51 Tank Gas MISSOURI fn 9hvPP"'9d3 of ruff NWA? COWIPLINIDNTS THE MAR SFFI BLD HAI L MARSLIFIEID MISS? URI C OT TP LI MENTS OLCAEDWELL DDS MAESUFI 'PLD MISSOURI IF IT'S HOMIE FURNISHINGS YOU NEED SHOP NITH BROOKS FURNITURE STORE CHARLES DIHMON 'LHAD HAETLEY IIARSHFIELD MISSOLRI COMPLIWIENTS OF' COMPLINENTS OF KASTALLOY AND CO INC TELLQIS TQARKET ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI op oF . .s. ov 'Th t k oF WEBSTER GAS co. , 3 Q4 In ER OF OF DR. . . . CONTPLIHENTS ow COHPLIV W5 WHITE DEPARTIFIT STORE EJZRYTHI JG FOR MVERYBODY UNDER ONE BEHGHAN MILLLIR ROO F" CHAS H WHITE DAVE DERUYTHER BRYAN HERTI PHONE 58 BEE Wm -ZI"".,r,,,,-mw- a lrnflrll in SEYMOUR MI SSOURI SEYMOUR PHO 'E P40 FUNERAL HO TES MANSFI :LID PHONE So C OMPLI HUITS DR LOUIS TOCHEN VPTERI NARIAN SEYMOUR , MI SSOURI COMPLI MRNTS OE THE SEYMOUR BANK 045034 55000 f .::E-.Z 55101564 MEMHVR ow F' D I SEYIIOJR MISSOURI COMPLIMENTS OF' BURQNER BOWMAN MATTHEWS LBR CO OFFICE HOME PHONE 55 PHONE 12 PHONE 1S2M COHPLIMENTS CHUCKJAS SEVMUUH vm MISSOURI CARTER APYLIANHE CO WESIERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE PHONE 17 BULK 5: BOT IE GAS GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCES SEYMQUR MISSOURI CHUCK J. CARTER SEYMOUR PAUL M HUNTER, OWN'R WIEARO APPLIANCES TRUE TONE T.V. PHONE 106 MISSOURI COXTPLFTENTS OP' SPUR CAFE WIARSHFI ELD HI SSOURI SEYMOUR COMPLIHENTS OF' SEARCH HATCHERY MISSOURI . -., . . .EA ' -T .. 05' ww rxg, .' ' .,- '. I I Q -1 153 XQK4 fx. XX ?NKm ,YK Ax'3 i1,XL . 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E - Gooow1::?uusRAL szavrcn, 1 c. 1' sPHmsFIELD,r-11sso1:a1 A HI VE co 'rs OF KELLEY PERRELL Q5 L If-:I ' PN ROGERSVI LLE PHONE 178 X! FUNERAL HOMES AMBULANCE SERVICE XJ Mowmmwrs PORDLAND MARE. RS SEYMOUR HANSPIEHJ PHONE 98 PHONE 89 PHONE 2 BAKER LOCKE2 AND GROCERY M07 CUSTOM SLAIBRTERIN3 S PHONE I41 fr i-ik WE STRIVE T0 PLEASE PQRDLAND, Mlseounr EORDLAND FORDLAND TELEPHONE COMPANY C E HALE, MANAGER WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE MISSOURI WELL S R . . ' ADIC AWD T V ELSA'S GIFT SHOP SERVICE A11 work 8: parts guaranteed for 90 days ON HIGHWAY 60, 2 MILES WEST CF FORDIAND CERAMICS 8: GIFTS FULL LINE OF GROCERIES FREE FAMILY STM PS Home Phone - Rogersville 2068 COME IN AND GET ACQUAINTED FORDIAND MISSOURI 'Ilia qt? 'I ' sn., S CQ " at N X' I x ' X A L - S .- Z, -- h I n-.J 'WG . 1 '? . I 5.2 INTER CULLEGIATE PRESS Knnsusflty Fvbluxbel: EovevMum!nz1ure's Boo: Bndev, flfTORY HOME Ufflff XML, MA bf-v N X IM uk 'I R X JW NN Xgxxq P J fL'L'J7,?T4f 'xxx ff Nr K- K AN Lx I IU f ll? AM ubw ,X J f"N c x xx r Q Q Xi LN Tm N1 Wi ww 5 W if N 1 XJ Z' 'tu E 5 5 ' F X 9? K F' 1 . A Mu h n Mg . 5 A X NJ K 'IX C , ' 2 My if lj fm -H A , 9 ' i,xqxNfgfX X 'Q E 'I 15 fax 'fgw ,JK ' 7 ! . la f ' x lj ' l 'f -.V I 5 ' 1 Q7 id N, I W fn fi!! Ula 'W' 1 ,xx J Nl fr its 1 1 Q, 0' Se . ff-1 ,Q ' iq L4 , ,-Tr Q A P 'gwidf ' Q X1 3 i J J l 'A-M fi. TJ 5 s Xuan.. " - Q I :IV N-2 lx I wf v if ,.fL'k.,,,m., 'YE' A f D J by Mx . , , A A , Y ij X V, I !1r1N53,X 1 -5 fl ,IAA-"5.,,N I 1 - 2 'W 0 . 2 . Q:-f. Q 6 f 1 .lx 1 ,N luv -K, QQLILX E., 5 , A ,V 0 1 CR ? 1 H Q 'f X41 I ll ' via! ffmxflf Q 'I ' 3!'X fn . I ,jg ml,-N lu, ,,...4.L. In xr 6, ' sf f S YL Nflgtf! A 4 x X ll 4 l l ' ' K 40 K 1' 52 af X 4 ff i x jx N xA,, X lg JA 2 K " 1 X LJXXJI -- --- S 9' ? .1 R' lv F t wx M-fx 'f sw-hw, :MJ 'V fi " N ' I Q XX u VH! n Y, Q X x X i X, M s JUN, 4,-1.-,,.y" ,Q L-,'. ,wb-I tim..-fa-,.,.L-ml-0' L F--' 41 P., aff---' WW m-rf u1"""' S WW FW 41 Q mf c mwkfy ml M ffl? Q1 Vw M X N1 Lff NN LL N ' V15 Bw wb 'X 1 L MJIXR XM LA., gsfx WX fjfxliggj fl A N fpvfwgtll auger, N2 jxwsfsvf-I QL L1 2 J pf C 1 xx' '12 WW LMXJX 1 1 X Rf' 8 f L Rf X J X XJ ' I f , 1 I 1' V J I sr. gf I THX X72 ET? ' Neff? ' WV fy f- 4- - ID' E -.,. A W- , hm , rn. .. S 1 -' I Y X ' V51 LQ: X- Am' t Dv- 'x-x'f4.L: .Vdv-:Tia-- L1 ,g 7 "---f' if - f 75' lli::xT""' Il,-I., Ti-- 7 I f' ' IX Y gf X f! SAE- ? f'-Xi, 'jx' VR' rv -A " in , j I ' J ,. f f ' ' 'N .F A " 4 ,fl LFP Fi? X 3,5 X! 'if ' f Y A, '. K N 1 I I U in X S-J' ,uv 5 -A 5 gh 9 i,7i'7 t h I TQ 4. X - M W 'V' rl L Q-Ji, Q ', FS- ki' ' I Qf Q 'A 2- aL ' '-P-63 A f? 1'X ff f 4 1+ g , Qu w v J ll' Er ily I ' , -' A w "AN- r Hi Kg I!! JIU ' xx XA W xv' ai' fy P7 X X ' 1, 'ry f xi! f x' X f X f N I 5 f -'- ' 1' 7 f A ' ' Y 1 ' f ' X X 1 f V KKK 1' nl L ' l xiilry I X' fx 4' qt K ' 1 2 ' Xw fx H, fi f ly " af L Twfzsi G7 ' X . Lg 1 X g ,' 'lxl W' wwf XV ? ' Xl Q x ' 5 N X s X"'5 VXf'Q3v fr: 54. 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Suggestions in the Fordland High School - Eagle Yearbook (Fordland, MO) collection:

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