Fordland High School - Eagle Yearbook (Fordland, MO)

 - Class of 1955

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Fordland High School - Eagle Yearbook (Fordland, MO) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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f F S I z Q E I I f"'N fb TRXHO Aifff 1--.5 N R x f 'qw---Mn, any----.............,,.,. ., g. xx Y . 95. 11 I ' -.5 0349 STANDING L Tn R SEATED L TP R QARTIN, B BTRKS D CONLEY, STINECIPHER, L PECK DANIELS, P VCYATFIE, L ROTZINGER, CORNELISON, J FULTON fs...---v"" STANDINC L TO R NR ENYART INSTRICTCR, S DANIELS, L LEA ROTZIN ER, W 'ORNELISON, SEATED L TO F PIRTLE, E RENNER, T COOK, A BO WILLIAMS NOT PRESENT L STONE, M HARCIS, S HOAGLAND, M INCE, HATTEN, L BURKS, C CROWE I , f . L -- I G. . '. 1 , f C. . . I : S. . , ' . . W. , . . . I v an! K , K X . Q , . Sv , ,. Y 2 n I o s g L. G . U . .: S. . . . YER, N. . X ?,,i,J,,Qg -2... - W , -X , M 1' 16' w 7 'Zi A JN +11 4" ug f" 'r' ,Ae 4' .ax SE IDR ,mv v av '14 ,M ,ff an-'r"""" ,.,..-.--' ff? ,,- x..-.4 f-4... .4 ""-f-Mn-..,,,.L....,. """"lUQ+sm,,. """""-1-1-..., RX XX ,. ,,..f-xx Wal' X s X I tx X Vx N x X i is Sponsor Nr. Enyart President Carl Stinecipher Vice-President Lavona Rotzinger Secretary Mavis Hargis Reporter Neva williams Representative Shirley Daniels Representative Wilda Cornelison ALICE BOYER CECIL CROWE Softball 2 3 Glee Club Volleyball Glee Club Service Eagle Staff Cheerleader LOUISE BURKS Softball Volleyball Glee Club Service DON CLOUSE Softball Basketball - Band - 2-3 M Service Eagle Staff TREBA COOK Glee Club Service Eagle Staff nHollywood WILDA CORNELISON Softball Volleyball Glee Club Service Eagle Staff Student Council President Cheerleader 231+ KAUJKM MJ ill 0 E. O -1 Q DJ vs ua -F'fF'4?' fF"4-:JT-F7-F' FF' SHIRLEY DANIELS Glee Club 1 2 3 Service Eagle Staff Student Council Hollywood Class President Beauty Queen MARY INCE Glee Club 3 Service Eagle scarf 'Hollywood SUE HATTEN Softball Athletic Award 3 Glee Club Service Eagle Staff Student Council Beauty Queen Senior Play Junior Play MAVIS HARGIS Softball Volleyball 3 Glee Club 2 3 Service Wagla Staff Senior Play Junior Play H 9-'4:4:-4?-ll' 4-T'41'F' N MJ -F' k.o-v'l'NlA,p- Lp4rlr:f:r:rlr SHARON HOAGLAND Volleyball 2 3 M Glee Club l 2 3 M Service Eagle Staff Senior Play Junior Play SCOTT LANBORN Softball 2 3 h Basketball 2 3 h Track Athletic Award 3 Prince Charming 3 Senior Play Junior Play LINDA LEA Softball Glee Club 2 Service Eagle Staff Senior Play bajorette OTIS KINCANNOL Senior Play Junior Play Carnival King h - - -M ' - - M M W N ul 3 A l-2- - A - - -2:3 " u M 3 ' - - 3-ln Volleyball 2-3-M Volleyball 2-3-A 'U 1' '3'b 2-3-M M 3-M M M 2 3-M 3- T U 2- - 3 GLEN MARTIN SHIRLEY PIRTLE Softball Volleyball 2 3 h Glee Club 2 3 M Service Eagle Staff ALVIN RAGAN Junior Play Senior Play EMOGENE RENNER Glee Club 1 2 3 M Hollywood Service Eagle Staff M LAVONA ROTZINGER Glee Club 1 2 3 M Service Eagle Staff Student Council Senior Play Junior Play u:-I1'41'F"4:- ' 2 :J l"' e vs Du . P4 e 3 W I" I I I I 'xp 4:-s:-' 4:-uv 4: ' 'E- 'E F5 e vs ve F' so '4 n n u T u u l N bl , 0 l I l 4111- 4:-lr mu: 41-41- CARL STINECIPHER Softball l 2 3 Basketball Clase President M Student Council Senior Play Prince Charming LELA STONE Glee Club 1 2 3 M Service Eagle Staff IBVA WILLIAMS Glee Club Service Eagle Staff Cheer Leader Carnival Queen h 6 95 Cfafyv V600 4 0 - , 7 4 -Q, - ' A H E Ten years ago I lived in the little town of Fordland and today as I went through there this is what I saw First of all I saw Mr wayne Hargis and his ranch with his 12 kids, 20 cooker spaniels, 200 beef cattle and his faithful little wife Mavis, who now weights about 190 pounds Neva williams is still enrolled at Fordland High Maybe if she sticks around he will reach the age limit and they will kick her out wilda Cornelison is now an airline hostess for American Airlines Shirle Pirtle is now singing on Slim Wilson's TV program She seems to be Boing Fine, But Jeanne Sheppard seems to be giving her a bit of competition. L nda Lea is now in cahoots with CC williford predicting the W E A T H E R S ormy or clear this week end Lynda9 Treba Cook is still milking cows and baby sitting with Joan and Feman's By Seems she'll never have any of her own Lela Stone is :alll playlng the lonely hearts club Her beau is to arrive from Korea today Emo ene Renner is now the famous hair dresser for Otis nL1berace' Kincannon Keep those waves waging, Emogene Mar Ince is now head nurse in the Old Folds Home fa' Wheel Chair Patients n't seem to get her in one Lavona Rotzinger is still carrying the fordland mall as a past time She does E e a steady Job now, baby sitting and feeding pigs for Floyd and Bonnie Alice B er is still on a farm at the edge of Fordland, still an old maid B E Easnif lost all faith in the male race Louise Burke still an old maid and still resides in Burks Hollow But the n from the air base seem to be keeping the road busy Carl Stinecipher is now running a beauty shop for wrestlers Seems to be a very prosperous business Alvin Alvln Ra an is still there in Ragan's General Store Now he has a lovely Ife and family, 7 children Scott Lamborn is still laylng in the shade waiting for Sue and the Pay Check H and Mr Klmberllng are considering becoming a hulla dancing team Cecil Prowe has still got those 20 women chasing him He must have decided t settle down because he sure has slowed down Otis Kincannon is now taking Liberace's place playing the piano on TV That Ile wlth that sexy wink really makes the girls melt Shirley Daniels is now back with Jerry Nash we guess Anyway the party line out t at way has sure been busy lately Donnie Plouse is now drifing one of Chuck Carter's trucks Although he Ea en't married Sue yet, Chuck still has his fingers crossed Sue Hatten is now working for a living for Scott, also raising a family in Her spare time Sharon Hoa land is trying to keep up with Mavis but she only has 9 kids but It Is a close race Instead of a ranch they live at the rear d' Biederman's Mr Enyart is now a repair man in a broken down typewriter shop Most of the typewr ers come from FHS Maybe that is the reason he is working there. C L S S P R O P S Y S e ba . . I . ey ca A e . BV . e U. o me o . wa. L ' e G e ' ' e O 4.1 . . Sm 1 . S Q . 0 e 1 R 'NY Q Junior Class SPONSER ------ -NR. KIHBERLINO PRESIDENT ------ --DAVID CONLEY SECRETARY-TREASIRER FLOYD BlHKS CHRISTINE BAKER FLO BANKS GGLDIE BARTON BOB BFIGGS FIOYD BURKS IDA FR WNE Z VVO NE BIRKS DURIQ CLOISE DAVID CONLEY lllll NANFY HALE LEOWA HOLLOWAY GAROLYN LEA I , Nil TOM PIRTLE DONALD ROSE NORNA SNITH LUCILLE STONE VARY WHITE JAMES ROSE STEVE STONE RICHARD ROSE CAROL SWEARENGEN JERRY HATNEY EARNEST MURRAY NANCY PHILPOTT MANCEL PICKETT 5 ME' Aer Jn-"K 33353 511-' f UPH UMD RE ,,f! Y . , ,, I' VX' fxff ' ,f ,Q ,eq , Vw. 1 gf: t V K'-.5 ,f xx R 1 0 0lll0l'l' S 5 ' 1 SPONSER -'-'-"-" MR . CRFCKER PRESIDENT------JANICE FULTON SECRETARV-TREASURER DENZIL WRIGHT VI E PREQIDENVI' LYNAN PECK PAUL BARTON JOHN D BURKS JIM BURR BENN IE CARPENTER DALLI S CORNE LI SON 4-film GLEN CARPENTER EDWARD COPELAND ALICE COOK DELVIE DANIELS JANICE FULTON RIT!-I GRIFFIN Q - N A --..-- h N C wr ,W I 'C . R 1 i, IV: It " .. Y . u f, 1 f, , W I A ,, gfffff f , , ' , If I f , I - in 'f 1 f "' ' , 1 . 4 153 My V 'Mfg ft, -, -, In A . I A V, V , T DEAN HARVEY 1 a.? .4 lu " ':, E:.SiZfeg::2Q5 ' " ":i?:I:E:..'f' ' PH ARLES VCN ISH CLARENCE ROBINSON 1,4 Q VENITA HARVEY 'Y PAN' I A NOENTNISH ii LVLR SCHT. DER 'EM 4 ff ' ' v " K mf 1 '14 ' 'lla "1 - A I ,LQU , RPBFIFT STONE DERAID TERRILL AI ICE INCE LOUISE P'C'D0b ALD 2 M7 If NOR? AN FURRAY IYNAN PECK MONA ShI:.A CHAHLLS STCNE ' 1 DENZIL WRIGHT JAMEY NRIGRT FRE 'x H HM' 44" 'iw 1' ,,..r"""' ,qx fn 'S 'L'4'7' BERNICE BURKS LORETTA CALL JIN CORNELI SON MARY BURKS 4' 4 4 W JERRY CARPENTER WAYNE CROWE I 1 v at G1 BURKS DENNY CONLEY fs DON DAY Fre hmen Class SPONSER- MR CONDREN PRESIDENT GILBERT SARTIN VICE PRESIDENT PAT VCHAFFIE SECRETARY TREASURER ROSALIND PHILPOTT Freddy Swearengin BAR BARA KI RR BETTY C 00K "T CAROLYN EDING T Y 0 .. f., x I W .fx .r ,: . k if ,mkrf . LS: 5 h .f g ,A A A I 555- -If 3 6 A, 4 " ch IA A x A if 1 t A 4 -N - '41 . ' K N 2a ? , I .fn ifiyg VA V , , ' x ,N al gi x -f 'Y . Z , ' I W I '17 BARBARA EVANS KAY MACK PATRIFIA ROSE 4- L- 3 LOIA FELIX DORIS MCMURRAY FECELIA ROTZINGER LAVhRN HALL IOWELL H RVEY WANDA MCNISH WANDA ROBINSON LARRY SCHUDER JIM SHEA JOE MCDONALD FRED SWEARENGIN xsi A A DONALD TERRILL Grades HOWARD BURKS NANCY BURKS ALICE BENCH WANDA DAVIS BILLY GREENE JON HALE NANCY LEA SHIRLEE LEWINKIND JUDY MOSLEY LORENE ROBINSON RONALD SCHUI TZ LINCOLN STONE. VEOLETTA TUCKER EULA ANN BRUOIN ANITA CROWE DONALD DAVIS NIKE FRANTZ LARRY GREENE DELNA KIRK ANNA FAYE MARTIN JOHN MINKS CLIFFORD MORGAN ALBERTA SWEARENGIN DAVID WHITE SCOTT WILLIAMS i . I . R X Y I fx- .ma A ff L X AEE Grades ,Quin 3. R411 mlWf""'3 p- B J L BLNCH JORYA CONLEY EVERY DALTO LOUIS D VILLLR BARBARA iALE DOROTHY HARVEY SHIRLEY LLYING uRACE LRWIDKIND LO S CIR M DAVID TCWISP BARBARA VOSLEY PATRIPIA 'OSIHY WAIDA PI Nm JR ROHINSOD FArCL ROTZTNGER WILNA SAGEPSLR LARRY SHLRFOW DIANE SNAPE JUDY YARBROUGH ARS RVSLR FAROL BOYER BARBARA BUHKS DWAYTL BLRKS CAPRY BURR KATHLRYT ARPENTER LETROY CORNELISON LARRY RC4m JERRY DALTCN KA N DAY LLDX HOLLOJAY JI HY FIRK PATTY TILLLR SANDRA WI KS MAYKL ROBINSON WII'A ROwI'SON DAVID S FLLTZ IRLN WITVIA4S AIIEN NILSOI 6 ade BARRY BENDA JERRY BRADSHAW JOHN BRENTLINGER JANICE BROOKS JACKIE FRANTZ ALBERT HARVEY EDDIE KENDALL DANNY LEA GAIL ROBINSON GENEVIEVE ROBINSON DAVID WILLIANS KAY YARBRO GH BRIAN AUSTIN BRENT BENDA RONNIE BURKS LEON CROWE JERRY DAVIS LLOYD HARGIS JACKIE HARVEY LARRY FCGREW BONNIE SAGERSER RICHARD THELANDER MARY TURNER MR PHILPOTT ,Y 1 lbw WWE SQ- evade ,fi A 34? LINDA BREEDLOVE JOYCE BURKS LINDA CURTIS JOHNNIE CURTIS GARY DAVIS BONNETA GREEN KEITH HAMMON RUSSELL HARGIS SAMMY KINDALL PATRICIA MARTIN THELMA MCNISH JANICE RAGAN JACKIE UCHTMAN MRS VON RENTZELL 'PRL-,rm DENNIS BOWERS EDDIE BURKS JACKEY CRIGER JANICE DALTON JUDY ANN HADEN RONALD TAMMON YICHEL HUNT CAROL MARTIN L D SARTIN ANNETTA UCHTVAN JIMMIE UCHTMAN JUDITH WRIGHT I A Qf I'1'VI,fl'I ES . ,P 4,1 , lf l, Q . 43 , s v airs Q I 'lt' J f F A g 5 3' ' " .Ji :, 1 400140 547,-1 Ziff' pf 'xvffi' 'ZARKS cram rome. SECOND FIRST BILL SCOTT Tig? llgllest MGH Align . Zf : YJ FEI!! at-P99 ,QQ 'R 'ELO ROW I MR MOONEY DIREOTOF, P ROSE, P VCHAFFIE, C ROTZINGER, C BAKER, N BURKS, K MACK, L ROTZINGER, M WHITE, S DANIELS, D FcM1RRAY, R PHILPOTT ROW II B BURKS, D CLOUSE, L HOLLOWAY, HATTEN, N SNITH, C LEA, L STONE, A BOYER, B BURR, M INCE, T COOK, J FULTON ROW III Y BURKS, F BANKS, G BARTON, I GREEN, L STONE, C SWEARENGIN, L LEA, N HALE, E RENNER W CORNELISON, S PIRTLE, N WILLIAMS STONE, J BTRR, D C'F' LISON, MR POONEY DIR TOR ROW II ARFEXTER, J FARPETTER, J 'cDONALD, G SARTIN D ROSE J ROSE F QWEAYEA IN J BIRVC VCNISH Row 1 G. CAH-'1-zmfrza, s. sforrm, E, commwn, E. many, N. wnnu, c. . A . ,. . ' : as B. c J . V : . . . ., . , . . .541 .., . ...,, G. LAL ROW I ROWIII LEA, HAJORETTE L SHARROW, D VFNISH, L CORNELIQON, WHITE, D FALLKNEH, R SCHULTZ, N LEA, A MARTIN, MOONEY DIRECTOR NAFK, N BURKS, B BIRR, M WFITE, BURR, C MCNISH, S SWEARENGIN, N MURRAY E MURRAY, QWEARE'GIN, U BROWN, J BURKS, J CARPENTER NEVA WILLIAFS WIIDA 'OPNETISON SHIRLEY PIRTIE NA FY HALE wg? L. ,qw Vkx.. . L. , . . . - . . D. . I . - . . L. . ROW II D. KIRK, F. BANKS, C. LEA, C. ROTZINGER, C. BAKER, K. A U . I . ' . A J. . . . . C. . J I . . ., . . TI-ILETIG ,f X -1 ff 1,5 'T l 3 ,f .L k ' ' XX 3 x E 5,,,24. Q mf' C 4 lax 'W - Km 3 x 33 ix ,Y .4 A r ' K f X V ., ' I A "kk lj' if ' ' N' 'N rf Z . " 1 ,z A 3 4 , W 5- L fro R s LIOAGIAND, L IEA, N HAIE, F BANKS, w CORNLLISON s Uwww, LEA L SMTH, A BOYER, BURR L Mcnomxnn ROSATA D ITIP EARQAVA 7 WP 5' IIIA ROTZI PR I , 1 Q .1 I A J I J O J l I ' ,q v . . ...1 J. . . . B. Y . A ,. . vw TU nm J - . Y XL f' 3 l'f' 1.44 . J.. L CONDREN COACH, S LAVBORN, D TERRILL, L PECK, J BURR, F SWEARINGEN, J BURKS ROW 2 B BRIGGS, D CLOUSE, C STINECIPHER, D COUIEY, D ROSE, F BURKS, G SAFTIR An 1RUT1 N. SVIGH, c. LEA, C. SWEARINGEN, L. LEA, s. HATTEN, w. CORNELIQON, ROW 2 B. URR, F. BANKS, N. HALE, A. ROYER, J. FULTON. COACH CONDREN. . , b .F ,,. v ' ,- ' 4 Q A AR . . , n . . u . 0 o Q .- . . . . , N V . , T . . . Q c McNISH, F SWEARENGIN, F mmxs, c STINECIPHER, D CONLEYJ D CLOUSE, B BRIGGS, J Bum, s Lmaomr ROW I G FARPENTER, D DAY, F SWEARENGIN, C MCNISH ROW II COA"H ONDREN, F' BURKS, D ROSE, J BURR, G SARTIN ' coAcH CONDREN, TEAY IJIANAGER-JAMES ROSE: ROW I D DAY, F SWEARENFIN, G SARTIN, T BLRKS, G CARPENTER H BURKS, VR HADEN FOACH AT A DOY DAVID RCW HL: STONE,'J. HALE, RQ SHDLTZ, J. MCBONALD, D..WE-IITE, I Z , , ff' .f- 1 35:15-" ,4 .-f""' 1' ,f-f",- 444 ,f-ff ,fs ,,,.-f M .4- ,4-rv' ,.nv"" .ff ,.,.v0""' M,,.1..f-A ,,.-ff -4 Vx N ,r K k 'J ,., - X 1 -,4 sd' H, 4- '-' 'J , dw . A , . ' ' ' , 4 V , I .L ' 1 ,J .Uv ' T Av , f 4 I -Y -Jw--' ' ,V 3 n 5 , 3 ' ,, A Q - 1 ,.- Y A..-W 3 ., 'Wk , ,W "" ,. . .+- FORDLAND TELEPHONE CO'PANY 2 Q E HALL, mm va WE ARE AT YOUR SERVIf'::. FORDLAND COMPLINENTS A' A R FERN LEA S' FEATURING FIYXE FOODS IN FORDLAWD Q 4lun ug! 4 sl'W94N COVPLIMEIA TS OF BAAK DF Fommmtn il PGSITS v CAPITAL STOCK 525,000 SURPDLS 810,000 oo AS PROVIDED IN Tl-If W- MISSOURI IRA LEA 8 Q I 0'4" wr I lqiwkfly Q. 'I' BANKING ACT OF ISI! OSIT INSURAW' CORPORATION member of FEDERAL DEP DEPOSITS IINFREID TO 310,000 OO Fm DLAND BAKER LOCKAR and GROCERY CUSTOM SLA! GLITERING PHO 'E M1 MISSOURI A WE STRIVI-. TO PLEASE f""Y X 2 FORDLAND , lv L Y NISSOURI 5 A -1 N . va a - Ju OF L E S A. G. M K E T 'tg n ' 444: .I I "4-fcgm-02:4 . . U S5 atv 5 5 .n R- -5'- 2 Y-9,01-' M, ,,-9 ,fs .m V-- -Awww fe Q . do - QL -I .. 0 3 I X I: . I . nam , Q, a I 1 . 9 I I F' YA 1 . X ' K - 1 I A . X ' VI L 1 . I .... I -Q2 COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES RATHBLRN HARDWARE RADIO k T V SALES AND SERVICE SPARTA 5 i. MISSOURI COMPLIMENTS OUSLEY TOBAF O STORE FOR YOUR NEEDS IN SPORTING GOODS 5 MILE wmscv OF FORDLAND HIG fwn 60 FORDLAND MISSOURI GOODS SUNDAES PATENT MEDICINES VETERINARY SUPPLIES OPAL M GOOD plJRE5 DRUGS if Dnggpi FORDLAMD SERVICE BRE'DING ASSOC CHESTER UTCH AN FORDIAND MISSOURI MISSOURI ,,s .1 MARTIN VARIETY STORE A 'WATCH REPAIR ,.--v-.,, X NOVELITIES ul? I BUS DEPOT' sofa 40 ID K, qx 'llnal' FORDLAND MISSOURI RAGAN PENERAL STORE GROCERIES FEED DRY GOODS APPLIANCES PHONE 78 ELMER RAGAN AGNES V RAGAN fi-1.. 'VL S rx x 3 azgga 1-Ab w w -.335-4r41!e Q 4 -' -2W+voZvZ"' 5 Sl 00009, 5 FORDLAND MISSOURI FORDLAND FARMERS EXCHANGE MARKET FOR FARM PRODUCTS FEEDS GROCERIES SEFDS FERTILIZER iii ll. 4113? FORDLAND MISSOURI DEEP ROCK l DOMESTIC IIFRIII FUELOILS SLIM SNAPE RELIABLE SERVICE FORDLAND MISSOURI . . 7 ' tff'iiNx TZIHIIIN Y I I xxx. 'I,' w N I I flu 221. 1 ' - . 59 33 I ' 1 . , K V a I : 1 7 1 , 'E , ss 413i 'fav N I X :L OF N f 1, - M - .. 4 , , 'N . :gh :I-V .gills K . I ' T I - -II: ' j'- V' A QS ."' I ti ... I A, H ,, .. N -1,1 -.O"'?' X 'I ef 13? I Q' ' T 'A-0-fx x ii' -, ' s 5 I V M. F. A. j ,1 If ' ' N 'N J X 1 ' ' COMPLIMENTS FUNERAL FORDLAND PHONE 89 f Mrssomu L Y 'E' KELLEY FERRELL HOMES AMBULANCE SERVICE MONUM NTS AND MARKERS ROGERSVILLE FORDLAND PHONE 178 PHONE 98 SEYMOUR MANSFIELD PHONE 2 EFL --I' 445 COMTLIM NTS OF RIDDLE'S WOODWORKS BRENTLINGER GARAGE PHONE u9"lm FG DLAND AIN- 1:::q5 Saga-'Q' v- FOX'S CAFE if CABINETS WINDOWS ND PLUMBING MISSOURI FORDIAND MISSOURI COMPLIM NTS GRAND VIEW MARKET l M g g gi WV Wi X HOME coomzn MEALS V R t HOME MADE PIES 2,9 MALTS-MILKSHAKES-SUNDAES FORDLAND MISSOURI JACK MORRIS DIGGINS OF A. R. SCHULTZ, D. o. gg five . -W I Ax 71+ I I' f A , 1 5 OF Rf! Ak X COMPLINENTS OF COIN PLIMENTS WHITE DEPARTMENT STORE "EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY UNDER ONE BERGMAN MILLER ROOF" FLNERAL HOMES CHAS H WHITE DAVE DERUYTER BRYAN BERTI PHONE 58 SEYMOUR l"ANSF'IELD PHONE LO PHONE 50 SEYMOUR MISSOURI N H CHUFKGAS WHERE SEYMOUR AND WEBSTER COUNTY SAVE AND VARIETY STORE SUPER MARKET CARTER APPLIM CE C0 w1LLIS AND BILL WILLIAMS PHONE 17 BULK dc BOTTLE GAS GAS AND EIE CTRIO APPLIANCES CHLCK J CARTER PHONE SEYNOUR MISSOURI SEYMOUR, MISSOURI OR g r COM PLQQEWS WILLIAMS ST ORE nusgs W THE DUCKIE'S CAFE N PLA'tE TO EAT k NRS CLYDE B TILLVAN COMPLIMENTS OF CITIZEN BANK INSMQ 05009 nunuq van ng. annum. Mae' MEMBER OF F D I C ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI WESTERN AUTO ASSOPIATE STORE PAUL M HUNTER, OWNER WIZARD APPIIANCES TRIE TONE T V PHONE 106 SEYPOUR MISSOURI SEYMOUR HELP YOURSELF LAUNDRY OWNED R OPERATED BY MR k MRS ARTHUR BRINFLE l 6111 ,-n S SEYMOUR FISSOLRI I Rlhihm COMPLINENTS OF AUDREYS BEAUTY SHOP J:s - GUARANTEED PERNANENT'S an EXPERT HAIR CUTTING PHONE 151 COMPLIMENTS OF WEBSTER COUNTY CITIZEN HYOUR HOME TOWN COUNTY NEWSPAPER' THE LARGEST CIR ULATION IN THE SEYMOUR TRADE AREA THE NEWSPAPER THAT HAS KEPT UP TO DATE WITH NEWS AND PICTURES THE NEWSPAPER THAT IS PRINTED FOR YOU! PHONE 57 MISSOURI FOR THE HBEST' IN FOOT WEAR SHOP AT BAY'S SHOE STORE SEYMO R MISSOURI COMPLIMENTS OF DR TOCHEN VETERINARIAN SEYMOUR MISSOURI SEYMOUR MISSOURI I ' A .uinnuq , NR. . . . . . We ' ac ' - '- Y .A Q 0 A AJ XX s 0 A vm f 1 ' Q ff ""' X 5:1 17' M ...... , . 7 . .9- Yg': ' f THOMPSON FURNITURE OMPANY MARSHFIELD CLEANERS DAY PHONE 66 Fl RNI TURB KNEW AND USED, 4 X. LINOLEW lll NIGHT PHONE 201J FOR QUALITY CLEANING k PRESSING THE RETEX WAY NDOW SHADES X 4 IYSILLPAPER A V x 1' MR k NRS ORS MISSOURI Mlbuu TI NAP MARSHEIELD CO PLIM NTS OF WEBSTER COUNTY TRACTOR AND IMPLEMENT CO FARM EQUIPMENT ROBEPT JAMESON MFRSHFIELD GAS AND OIL KNIGHT OIL COMPANY ZELVA CABIRS CERAMICS k GIFTS BRIDWELL INSURANCE THAN INSURANCE REALLY INSURES 22 PHONES 2 2 MISSOURI MISSOURI MARSHFIELD E. There s a ll WIN fllfllfe' CAFE MOTOR CO UNDERWOOD EVERETT MARSHALL MISSOURI ROGRRSVILLE MISSOURI ROJERSVILLE CONULIMENTS OF COWPLIMENTS CHARLES DENNIS PRINE BARBER SHOP GENERAL MERCHANDISE ML' xv W! yfx ROGERSVILLE ROGERSVILLE MISSOURI PHONE 1-M6 H ,1i15gJ fl-' . A J VWLRM ' , f4f wear f3lifiQS --'- X x I' N, X . . . DAN BROOKS, PROPRIET I A Y .A 'xqugw q .saplgwi Qgllililllliif S. . V2 5 , . if . . . . , .L, I . I . I f X1 F' ' .R OF H IP Ifrvs XX HMEIWWUTIM6 Pow NEP. "iq H SHOP l IDP WITH ll. l BROOKS FURNITT Rh. STORE CHARLES DIHMON THAD HARTLEY MARSHFIELD MISSOURI MARSHFIELD COUPLIMENTS DR O L CARDWELL COMPLINENTS THE NAR ST-TPI ELD MAI L NISSOU RI CCMPLIIVEI TS A FRIEND OF F H S ROBERT F LEA MARSHFIELD MISSQIRI NARSHFIELD MISSOURI OFFICE PHOTE 6 0510 BURKS BAG COVPAWY DEALER IN BURLAP AND COTTON BAGS FRED CBOUGHT 8: SOLD, DYE GENERAL NERCHANDI SE HOT-'E OF' YELLOW BONNET FOODS 28OLg wEsT RIWAY 66 DALE BUPKS, PROP. soon PPICES PAID SPARTA MISSOURI SPRINGFI ELD MISSOURI S NR : N Z 3 -N , ' 5 wg ' wwwx xUxQl!.X.Q . Y ir-if E , MQQXA r' H ' OF 'A OF OF D. D. s. 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