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J, mr in ww If E ww-vi. f '! H' 4 ,MQ - a .Nr rm , 55 1 I, ix ll ' GABRIEL F. CUCOLO Edifor-in-Chief THOMAS W. MADDEN Business Manager REV. L. A. WALSH. S.J. Faculfy Moderaror THE I939 MAROON This odifion has been planned wifh a predominafing fhoughf . . . fo comple+ely depicf fhe Fordham Scene, borh The sfage and fhe players. Wi+h picfures and wifh words we have fried fo capfure Life af Fordham. COPYRIGHT, 1939 W 1 b THE f K NINETEEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY NINE PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF F- O R D H A M C O L L E FORDHAM UNIVERSITY o 'NEW YORK. YI XACTLY one hundred years ago, Louis Daguerre gave +o Jrhe world +he firsi praciicai meihod for exacr visual reproducfions of scenes and obiecrs by mechano-chemical Processes. From +he firsi crude daguerreoiype 'ro 'rhe sparkographs of modern phorographic iechnique, inven+ive genius has been ai work improving upon Jrhe Frenchman's momen- ious coniriburion +o ihe graphic aris. As we a+'remp+ in This volume of The MAROON 'ro presen+ an auiheniic and com- ple're piciorial cross-sec+ion of Fordham coilegiaie life. we do ii wiih a nod of respeci +o Jfhe memory of Jrhe man who. more Jrhan any orher, has made +he piclrure book a realify. REVEREND CHARLES J. DEANE, Vice-Presidenl and Secrelary General of 'rhe Universily, is dedicaled This edilion oi lhe MAROON. During our iirsl' lhree years ai Fordham, while Dean of Sludies. he endeared himself +o +he members of +he Senior Class by his sincere in+eres+ in The s+uden+s and his abilify +o under- sland +heir individual problems. As a friend, adviser and as a priesr, he has sym- bolized Fordham. Wilh his elevalion lo Jrhe posl ol: Vice-Presideni and Secrelary General, Fa+her Deane has s+ill found lime To encourage and advise each of us. vm .I ff x YOUR CONVENIENCE THIS EDITION I-IAS BEEN DIVIDED INTO FOUR MAJOR SEC- TIONS PICTURED AND LISTED BELOW. ADMINISTRATION Page I7 CLASSES Page 29 ACTIVITIES Page I8I ATHLETICS Page zzI 'il fy . -. ' ' ,. vu 1" ,- . 5 r . 4 - ' 9 K dl . 1 lm ' wi 5, "1'L. v 1, , 1 arflp yqz y ? xi A , ,il , 342 1 1 3 . 5 Y ., I 1' E' ,4 ' rlzuh, X.Hl,. V, 25, N -A-. . - 'f 3 x 4 R- al. -4 'V i , ' Q W '., '..! 1 ' 'R .Q , ,... I .V , , ,, 3 ,VJ 1 ,1 . , : -11, ' x-UL -X Q11 ' 'ff ,Mi ' 1 gg ' ' QM' if f' , "L if . . ' .QQ adn '? 35 A 5 H "UI , 2,3 Y r R iv ,.iJ,,j-,f-fav. 3, .EE ,V Fm' Af r W., M' si' ' -- 'I -A. ,N ' Y' 75. f 5 . '. .. f -.L Q fs' ,-' 575-'x 4, ,, - -, 'nf' , L 1 , I '35 ' :jf Ku. ' ' ' MT 1 ul, 'w '15, ' "Mihai A :'J3?i!:!S wg. 'YH' 3?-'M 4. fn J IW? wif A1 .2123 '-gggw ,--39,2 1-11 1-5 w-1 ,5 ffm :fai n 4 fm.. 'JI-' 1 --'f'1'k 'J -SU ian 5,1 V 1- -My ' :fs 'W' Y "i?,1?N,,14fQ' if -5.1 'T' T: ui 1'.'f' - ,Hip-,,Yw '- ab,-',L1T: M .1 4 . f:1L+ea,z www - . A Y ,' ' ,V- A P ff,::w A WI, , fm, ug :xiii iw 1 ffm. ,,f'f:1,, -I "'f'JX,1 wfafw: Mx' M 1211431 ,fum ..g4.f,3.i,..-,I -gV,1f',:,4,D gag ,, 1,-2g,13w1 P-.ffff3"Ei 5521 'ffl -' 4,5y,,,L,i. ,539-.51 q ,xg or-Sh'-'M 1+ W ' W'52?'i aff' - ' ,J ,xg ' M... . :vu ' , P : Xgiisafi, 1.-me Q5 ,ff w ff Q , "Q , , 4- . K -...--....,....,,. , I-Slrlzfawm, I' ELL. here is where mosl of I 'rhe Fordham noise orig- mdies. You see lhis is Collins Audiforium which was buill in 1904. lfs lower floor rooms fhe Sopho- more classes, bu+ lhaf is noi lhe only Source of +he +umul+. The loud Commands re-echo when +he R.O.T.C. is holding i+s weekly Wednesday reviews, or when lhe mile learn is pracficing on +he lfncle- The Band also blares for+h Wrfhin Hs walls and The Glee Club fha-nfs +here foo. Bu? as 'rhe name 'nClIf2a+es, +he building houses fhe filldlforium which resounds wirh +he fesonanf Tones of lhe aclorsf' - .gQ .IMD as M-...L....g r N , 'T-.1,..' r gms fs. - .ELA 1 . y 'P ' ' ,vi ' T ,I 1 MTM 1' J " ,. ,-is ,,, fm .X -ff, A . 1, 4,', .. ,bww . 4- 1 ' ""' I lflx qi it ' , .' U 5 ' A . ' -, 'if T . . T. 1. , 4' e- 'M -v A r 1 A 0, , . ' 7 '37 .-,- . 1 ' 3 ,-ff Q k " . 4.1 I ' pn., fs.: ' 8 1 3. 1 r ,,.. ,, Qi, P5 'vu W-Al-ff 151 X. .. , t """""'-'f's"'f"l7' Vg " -H ..g' 'lr '- mf- . , ' f I 'f fm , f W " ' T ' , My 'V - f . N f I, .. K 'iz M my . 'V-1-21 . ,Q ' S :far -A .sal 1 ? f'A T f ,X ,, 1 ff sy D I . v ,Q is V ,- 3 1' . gg., I il, ,V i' V Tiff' . I 'dui' ,fiiivfg f:5ff'ig'fh'Uq , ""5fr2f.' ' fi. 1 Y- i - , 4 T- . My In 1-1., . -fur . 'A-1 3 ff ' me Nw 'W . , s A i. V 1f.E,r,.w,1Qf:: -'W NW 'T 31 , 3.31 5- A 'W A JW: Via , ,syyva T ,WQWR 5. 1 W A 7141! l A ' is J 1 1 la- c T :fm we Q if V 5. I ,A 0 ., 4' 'V .12',.Ti.,g.i if if , 'ai h V : T , W K, k ,e ,, v,+-MM., .1 ,X A M19-flax . D va11L . QN':n-1 'MH ,, Y.-vii. f 'iw' j T u A 'Q Tl Q.:-A 312sQ,fT' if 'T-f2fig,'1.f T1 .1 T. 5- A 3 . - T A- fi '- 1 H' .Ji I5'L t"i ,Ly V. fr , ' ,ijt r-rfivlh"'j Biff' ., , .xzdvaif " if " ' 4 f"kif'? "h 5 , ' Am.. ' X29 ' J 4-' 'T fr mi. L -,l?iM'2". . '- , "'H.f2'in"Ln1'H ...wil la uf? ll HIS is a scene which all Fordham men eagerly awaiT each year. The long, winding paTh over which They Trudge. grudgingly every oTher morning becomes a Thing oT beauTy and inspiraTion when covered wiTh a blanlaeT oT whiTe. The sTaTely elms, shorn oT Their green adornmem' by The brisk auTumn winds, once again reach Their maiesTic heighTs when The TluTTering snow Tlalces Tall genTly on Their limbs, guide our men inTo The warmTh and comTorT of Dealy Hall, where are Tound The Freshman classes and The Rec Room. Dealy Hall was builT in I867 and Tor many years conTained The oTTicers, classrooms, sTudy halls and dormiTories oT The college. lT now conTains The Sacred l-learT Chapel, The Dean oT Disciplines Office, The STudenT Counsellors OTfice, The Dean oT Freshman's Office and The Teachers' Room." ' 'THIS is our chapel. our place of refuge and solace in our spirilual liie. The Cljlapeli Whose ivy-covered walls, and mag- niiiceni inferior have provided a filling place for almosi a hundred years of Ford- l1Gm's hisiory as a place of worship. Com- in I845. if served as a chapel for pleled Seminarians and as a parish church for ihe surrounding 'rerriiory uniil IBS9 when ihe parish of Our Lady of Mercy was esiab- l'5l19d in Fordham. Since +hen, if has been f1SSCl exclusively by Jrhe siudenis. ln I929, 'i WGS enlarged by exiending ihe main building and adding The iwo iransepis and solemnly dedicaied by His Eminence Pdirick Cardinal Hayes, Archbishop of New York, in April of ihai year. The resi- fleni sfudenls' daily mass. monihly devo- "OHS, Mass oi The l-loly Ghost and reireais GFS held here." 1 l1 an 6.1 IITHIS building is The one around which mosT of Fordham's oTTicial acTiviTy cenTers. The AdminisTraTion Building houses The adminisTraTive oTTices of The College. Originally The building was known as The Rose Hill Manor House when iT was erecTed in I838. In I87O, norTh and souTh wings were added which served as living quarTers Tor The TaculTy and as a dining room and chapel Tor The sTudenTs. ln i924 The Building was re- modeled and modernized and since ThaT Time iT has housed The OTFices oT The Dean oT STudies, The Treasurer, The RecTor, and The RegisTrar. During The pasT summer. The new wing was builT. Here are Tound The Offices oT The Dean oT STudies, The Personnel DirecTor and The Alumni fxssociaTion. This air view OT Fordham's campus shows The beauTy of Rose Hill's sevenTy acres. The FronT Campus sTreTching along Fordham Road is crescenT shaped by The Duane Library, Larkin Hall, Col- lins AudiTorium. The Chapel and ST. John's Hall. The Quadrangle, behind fXdminisTraTion Building is bounded on The oTher Two sides by Hughes Hall and Dealy Hall. Behind The Quadrangle is The EasT Campus which is bound by KeaTing Hall, The Gymnasium, and Free- 7 ' -Q? rr' man Hall. The Park Campus includes lhe The Building was solemnly blessed by The 'rennis courfs, S+. John's l-lall and Jrhe Lale Cardinal Hayes on December 6, Chapel. I936. Here lhe Junior and Senior classes Finally we come 'ro lhe mosf recen+ meer. The Gradua+e School was perma- addilion To lhe campus, Kealing l-lall, nenlly moved info This building in I937." ii EARLY in 'rhe summer of I84l, Jrhe Righl Reverend John Hughes formally opened S+. John's College. Five years laler, ii was raised by 'rhe legisla'rure lo +he digni+y of a universiry and placed by Bishop Hughes under lhe direclion of +he Jesuils who had come from S+. Mary's, Kenruclcy. a+ his invi+a+ion and had purchased +he college properly. The lirsf Jesuil presidenf was +he Reverend Auguslus Thebaud. Since his presidency in i846 +here have been +wen+y-one presidenls under whom +he college has grown in'ro a universily wilh Hs several depar+men+s, and from scarcely a hun- dred sfudenls +o nearly ren Jrhousand, +he larges+ Calrholic educa- Jrional ins+il'ul'ion in lhe Uniled Slales. ln +he opening seclion we have piclrured 'rhe beau+ies of Jrhe Fordham campus as i+ is loday. while in succeeding pages are rhe por+rai+s of Jrhose adminisiering lhe policies of lhis progressive inslilulion ol higher learning. MHMHSNEMSWHUW Lt mmm., ist!! an .oh , H, + X ,BY x 7 1 Q un sx"' ' ' an " X ...lf . Mn" ni . Q! n ,v cl' sl psi' at ,os 5 , on' gn ' nv . 0 ,cull .0 u pw" as 1 Y ab' 3, D' ' I g O ' , x 1 , ,f 1 1 "tual" - 2: an 1 x' ' N, gun H . .ta . al ' " -. mn ' X.,.- :.,. I . o gn ,, , 1 xgmnn 00" ',. Ol!! 9 human ,, menu ln! on ox 4 :W gtiiln D Q . 1 so s ' 2 ? vs' 1 0 I1 F' ' 5 in 1 KI! ' 1. ,R. u or '1 P - 1 n 3 A ixvrn of masons. -p,f mxunu -4,. t ., Z: Xsn Q, n A r 1 - ,, 4. :Qi ts - f h,, ." zggaaw- fs: J H,, , , .. li 4 3 ' I1 ' 4 A ix, . .x, . .Y,4 -1 . faux: M, ,.mv- , 1 f nn' ,na :Wa , a I v ,wr MN' JW :Z f- mal 05 ,v ,nn . lf' en' gb mr if ,us xx 0 'N W ' N -. M, , N - N 112' N S x xx R es ,. grid ai'2f'3 , vp, M33 Q2Wf MN' Q gwu 3 QQMQ Zgyfqg iw? 1. 5 Q... ,TM ww-e 54 L.4.. I in ' Q 4 5 lx ,N n nu- i i, Fiqksvgy-. , ,j 7553 :M 2 X. win 'N 5 X L fm! , wk ' 1- 5,1 was-f mffT?Qf,' wgffv '11g""7 ..:f' V g.'xf fgvg 8nw5,M- if wwgj W. M I ' . X Q, fm A is A .N Q shi ' 'L Q? j ,gl '45 ' . yu S if 6 M lim af ,QSM Q 5 'lx if fi A Q Q, yn ,g ip Jap, .SK as 'lk Na A CENTURY IN WISDOM'S CATHEDRAL by James J. McGlynn I'-low eloquenl lhe silenl speech ol halls. Ol whal lond wisdom. ancienl and yel new, Your sloried Golhic lells, ol beaulies lrue, Ol slarlled lhoughls in slalely hallowed walls. Those lesser lrulhs by grealer lrulhs made lrue And reaching slcyward, alrnosl hid lrom view, lls splendor and irnmensily enlhralls. l-low lilled is old Golhic lor your slyle, Unchanged, unclaunled by lhe shades ol lime, Whose casemenls wide, enrich and purily As rays llood in: al nighl wilh lighl you smile Upon a dreary world, and blooming, climb, A llower made ol slone, up lo lhe slcy. REVEREND ROBERT I. GANNON, S.J. BA., MA. fCan+ab.j S.T.D.. LIH. D., Ll..D Presidenlr of The Ur1iversi+y REVEREND LAWRENCE A. WALSH, S.J. BA., MA. Woodsrock College: Pl'1.D. Gregorian Unlversify Dean of Forcllwam College REVEREND CHARLES J. DEANE, S.J. Vice-Presidem' and Secrelrary General of Jrlwe Universily BA., MA. Wooclslock College: Pl1.D. Gregorian Universily FATHER MOORE FATHER ANABLE FATHER TYNAN REVEREND THOMAS H. MOORE, S.J. Associale Professor of Religion and Sluclenl Counsellor B.A., M.A. Woodslock College: S.T.D. Gregorian Universily REVEREND RAYMOND H. ANABLE. S.J. Assislanl Professor ol Philosophy B.A., M.A. Boslon College: Ph.D. Gregorian Universily REVEREND JOHN W. TYNAN, S.J. Dean of Discipline, Forclham College: Universily Direclor of Alhlelics B.A. S+. Peler's College: M.A. Gonzaga Universily FATHER RYAN FATHER COX FATHER HUGHES REVEREND ROBERT L. RYAN, S.J. lnslrruclor in Religion and Sludenl Counsellor B.A., M.A. Woodslock College: STD. Gregorian Universily REVEREND IGNATIUS W. COX, S.J. Professor ol Philosophy B.A., M.A. Woodsloclc College: Ph.D. Gregorian Uni- versily ancl Fordham Universily REVEREND THOMAS C. HUGHES, S.J. Assislanl Dean, in Charge ol Freshmen B.A., M.A. Wooolslock College: Ph.D. Gregorian Universily DANIEL J. AHEARN, JR. Assisfanf Professor of Economics B.A.. L.L.B. Fordham Universifyg J,S.D. New York Universifyq M.A.. Cand. Ph.D. Columbia Universify REVEREND LAWRENCE S. ATHERTON. S.J. Assisfanf Professor of Classics B.A., M,A. Bosfon College EDMUND F. BOWEN Assisfanf Professor of Accounfing C.P.A. JAMES F. BRADY. JR.. lnsfrucfor in Classics BA., M.A. Fordham Universify REVEREND JOHN J. CONIFF, S.J. lnsfrucfor in Philosophy and Religion BA. Loyola College: M.A. Bosfon College JOHN V. CONNORTON lnsfrucfor in Hisfory B.A., M.A., Cand. Ph.D. Fordham Universify 24 REVEREND JOSEPH ASSMUTH, S.J. y Professor of Biology and Head of Deparfmenf Ph.D. Universify of Berlin WALTER L. BATTEN lnsfrucfor in Philosophy BA., L.L.B. Fordham Universify REVEREND TERENCE J. BOYLE. S.J. Assisfanf Professor of Religion l3.A. Fordham Universifyg MA. Woodsfoclc College F. KENNETH BRASTED lnsfrucfor in Speech BA. Uniyersify of Florida: M.A. Columbia Universify FRANCIS X. CONNOLLY Associafe Professor of English B.A., MA., Ph.D. Fordham Universify WILLIAM J. CONWAY Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry B.S. Universify of Nofre Dame: M.A. Columbia Universifyy Ph.D. Fordham Universify DAVID J. CROMBIE Assisfanf lnsfrucfor in Philosophy BA. Fordham Universify REVEREND FRANCIS T. DAY, S.J. lnsfrucfor in Philosophy and Religion BA-. MA. Woodsfoclc College: Ph.D. Gregorian Universify REVEREND THEODORE T. FARLEY, S.J. Associafe Professor of Philosophy and Religion B-A-. MA. Woodsfoclg College: Ph.D. Gregorian Universify JAMES FORBES lnsfrucfor in Biology B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. Fordham Universify WALTER A. HYNES Associafe Professor of Chemisfry B-A-. M.S., Sc.D. Fordham Universify GABRIEL M. LIEGEY Assisfanf Professor of English B-A-. MA., LL.B., Fordham Universify REVEREND DAVID C. CRONIN, S.J Professor of Philosophy and Religion BA., MA. Dublin Universify: Ph.D.. Gregorian Universify JOHN C. DUFFY Assisfanf Professor of Classics BA. Fordham Universify: MA. Columbia Universify WILLIAM T. FARLEY lnsfrucfor in Philosophy BA, Fordham Universify RICHARD J. FOY lnsfrucfor in Hisfory BA. Fordham Universify GEORGE H. LEONARD lnsfrucfor in English 1 BA., LL.B. Fordham Universify REVEREND J. JOSEPH LYNCH. S.J Associafe Professor of Physics and Head of Deparfmenf BA., MA. Woodsfock College: Cand. Ph.D. New York Universify 25 WILLIAM F. LYNCH. S.J. lnsiruclor in Classics BA. Fordham College JOHN F. MAHONEY Professor of Accouniing B.S. Cooper Union College: C.PA. New York and Connec+icu+ GUIDO E. MAZZEO lnslruclor in Spanish BA. College of 'rhe Cily ol New Yorlcq MA. Columbia Universily JAMES V. MULLANEY Assislanl lnslrucior in Philosophy B.A. Boslon College REVEREND HAROLD MULQUEEN, S.J. Associale Professor ol Philosophy and Religion BA. Fordham Universiiy: MA. Woodsloclc College: PhD. Gregorian Universily MARIO J. NARDELLI Assislani Professor of Ma+hema+ics B.S. Fordham Universiiy: MA. Columbia Universily REVEREND JOSEPH A. O'CONNOR, S.J. lnsfruclor in Classics BA.. MA. Woodsioclc College 26 JAMES H. McCABE lnslruclor in English BA. Fordham Universiiy FRANK S. MARTIN lnslruclor in Chemislry B.S. Kansas Slale College: Ph.D. Iowa Slaie College REVEREND JOSEPH B. MUENZEN, S.J. Associale Professor of Chemislry and Head of Deparlmenl BA.. MA. Woodslock College: Ph.D. Fordham Universily JAMES A. MULLEN Assislani Professor of Biology B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Fordham Universiiy JOSEPH s. MURPHY Assislanl Professor ol Lalin BA., MA. Cand. Ph.D. Fordham Universily REVEREND JOSEPH E. NOLAN, S.J. lnsiruclor in Lalin and Religion BA. S+. Francis Xavier College: MA. Woodslock College JOHN G. O'HARA lns+ruc+or in Philosophy BA., MA. Cand. Ph.D. Fordham Universify JOSEPH V. O'NEIL Assisfanf Professor of Business Law B A. Holy Cross Collecxeg LL.B. Fordham Universify WILLIAM M. PARTLAN insfrucfor in Mafhemafics MA. Fordham Universify1Cand. Ph.D. Columbia Universify DONALD J. RYAN lnsfrucfor in English B A. Fordham Universifyg M.A. Columbia Universify WILLIAM T. SHIELDS Assisfanf Professor of Economics B.A. Holy Cross College WILLIAM K. TRIVETT. S.J. lnsfrucfor in English B.A., M.A. Loyola Universify JULIUS M. WINSLOW Assisfanf Professor of Educafion B A. Kansas Sfafe Teachers Collegei M.A. Kansas Cifv College: Ph.D. Columbia Universify THOMAS A. REILLY Regisfrar of Fordham College Y B.A., LL.B. Fordham Universif EDMUND V. O'SULLIVAN Insfrucfor in French B.A. Fordham Universify REVEREND FRANCIS W. POWER, S.J. Associafe Professor of Chemisfry l3.A. Holy Cross College: M.A. Clark Universifyg SCD. Fordham Universify PAUL T. SAYERS lnsfrucfor in Philosophy B.A. Fordham Universify SAMUEL F. TELFAIR, JR. Assisfanf Professor of I-lisfory B.A. Norfh Carolina: M.A. Fordham Universify Cand. Ph.D. Columbia Universify REVEREND GERALD G. WALSH, S.J. Professor of Hisfory B.A. lLond.l, M.A. lOxon.l, Ph.D. Gregorian Universify LEO K. YANOWSKI Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry, B.S., MS., Ph.D. Fordham Universify MAURICE L. AHERN Pulolicify Direcfor B.A., LL.B. Fordham Universify: M.A. Canisius College 27 Tl-lE educa+ional sysiem ol: Fordham is +he syslem found in Jrhe Ra+io S+udiorum of The Socieiy of Jesus. ln lhe undersianding of +ha'r sys+em, educa+ion is defined as Jrhe full and harmonious de- velopmenl of +he inielleciual, moral and physical powers of man. Cullure is i+s aim and purpose. +he slrudy of language and science. +he means which will mos+ eFFec+ively a++ain +ha+ purpose. Through +his developmen'r +he college aims 'ro send forlrh from i+s halls men of sound judgment of acu+e and well-rounded in+ellec+. of uprigh+ and manly characier. In our camera-iza+ion ofundergraduaie life, we have endeavor- ed 'ro por'l'ray +he means employed in Jrhe ailainmeni ol: lhe Jesuil aims in addi+ion io a comple+e pic+uriza+ion of +he s+uden+ body. 85938885 Q , . W1.v!". 1 . 'f '., ff" ' A A Q . . 'ZA 1 52 ' X ' fr . A ' ,Q , 33 V,-f,xr4. ww' W' - '+ K if W Vw' - Q, - - f 2 . A , . ,MM Q -1 .., nv M ' :Q , 1 F Q3 X 'X M Q 4 Q M 'J L2 1+ ng we eq M x NSQY' s ' I , 1 .nf 5 up ., ,C 4 i .H M A Q Q k x 4- ' ' . W .PJ-Q , .Q,. ,Z sf 'W pw' - 1 Wg. .W yi N W V- 1 ' Q13 g af Y' i A- , W , g , - W W , vw 1 , 'TA fig 'E+ 14,gfT:Q. 5'..f!w ' 7zL132lwE5,S-55,3 w m Q y ,J yy griiie Hifi. t ' 1'1s':.:Q ffm -xfwi' , 1,4,,aw :gf Xa V ,g'm?2g W 'V , A TW' 5241 . - X ,M Q ir, rw, ff' K I J en! vi! kw- bf' in 'M X ll. . TSM R il .4 ,,,::,, , gf ,.-1 A'f""" ,J f 'gg , Lf vi Q" , ' ' , . in w A, ' - ' , rx, - 1 - . - Q' . ' V' ff' , mr" 'lf 5 QQ .f.1..fY .- I 'M ' gb fi 'Z S 7 .. 5? -"-5' , Y: ,Q 1 - 4 ,,-'nv '. -f fr - ' 1 4 W , .q'5'3y. 4 Ag , J' 5 L, 1, , 4 v, w w ,J vvgm. -, 5.2. Qmfw V ,. L Wx-.1f.fv" W' fn P 'A 'I J ' J. V215 'p ' fy R .g-. " G 1?2: A v ' ' 'his ,N .. ,f Y 'Q' ails.. 1 WE GO IN SILENCE by Frank R. Gere+y, Jr. The feeling held loy Fordham men Will mock 'rhe words of 'rhis farewell, For +hese are +hough+s nor for +he pen Bur ralrher for lhe hearl ro +ell. There is loo much upon us now, The willing voice finds deepsprung rears l-lave welled loo high above lhe vow To "sing +hy glory Through +he years." The singing we will leave 'ro youlhs Who follow us. We know loo well They +oo will masque 'rhe ioys, Jrhe Jrrurhs Behind +he simple word - farewell. I 'Q HI TURY UF THF. CLASS UF 1939 ROBERT V. HASSMILLER PresidenT MID-SEPTEMBER. I935 - In our TirsT day on Rose Hill we are herded inTo Collins AudiTorium, The old building on The campus . . . ThaT "big Teeling" we had on enTering soon vanishes and we know ThaT we are noT abouT To Take The place by sTorm . . . Our morTal enemies, The VigilanTes . . . maroon Ties. caps and buTTons . . . Class oTFicers. Gallico is PresidenT: Murphy, Vice-PresidenT: MclnTyre, SecreTary and Hassmiller. Treasurer . . . Hardly are we in The swing oT Things buT The year's already gone . . . We are Sophs. Wish we had a car Tor a Freshman To polish . . . exams upon us, and chem. lab . . . GuThrie chosen PresidenT: Dempsey, Vice-PresidenTq MclnTyre, SecreTary and Hass- miller, Treasurer . . . Marks and a vacaTion during which we dream oT The easy liTe oT a Junior . . . DisillusionmenT wiTh phil . . . Are Told ThaT iT is noT a blind man wandering in a dark room To find someThing ThaT is noT There . . . buT ThaT is how we see iT anyway . . . Now Hassmiller is PresidenT wiTh Keavey Vice-PresidenT: Madden, SecreTary: Gallico, Treasurer . . . Orals and Ten Terrible minuTes gone before we know iT . . . VacaTion and wishing we are back as The Top men of The college . . . We are back again . , . Find The lasT mile is The hardesT. and ThaT we are swamped wiTh club work . . . The STudenT Council becomes headed by ArThur Dooley: The SoclaliTy by John Eriksen: The Mimes by James Lyons. ChesTer Glassen . . . FooTball begins iTs "successful season" wiTh Mike Kochel 34 and Harry Jacunslci as Co-CapTains and wiTh Milce Hearn, Jim Hayes... No scoreless Tie wiTh PiTT3 buT The rally and The Trip and The STaTue oT LiberTy were "someThing" . . . I3aslceTball Tollows and CapTain Hassmiller sTars wiTh Jack GuThrie, AI Brassel . . . Then baseball, Mike Hearn, CapTain . . . Senior oTiicers, PresidenT RoberT Hassmiller: Vice-PresidenT John Morris: SecreTary William Mulligan: Treasurer George Gallico . . . STaTe clubs and Their dances . . . B.L.l. led by Donald Robinson, WesTchesTer by William Bave, ConnecTicuT by Edmund Eossbender, New Jersey by Thomas Coyle, UpsTaTe by RoberT Dempsey, Pennsylvania by James Adonizio, MassachuseTTs by KenneTh O'Brien . . . Language clubs wiTh VicTor FingerhuT in Spanish, Louis Miccio in ITalian, MarTin Conneely in German and Gerard Durr in French . . . Council oT DebaTe and William DoTy and William Hogan . . . Ram wiTh John Keavey and RoberT Johnson . . . MonThIy wirh John Donohue and Joseph Dolan . . . The Maroon wiTh Gabriel Cucolo and Thomas Madden . . . Senior week sTill To come wiTh William Mulligan as Chairman and John Warren heading The Prom aT The Commodore . . . More exams and Then The orals . . . STill more work, Then graduaTion ThaT SepTember oT '35 again insTead oT This May Already we are beginning To wish ThaT This was oT '39. 3 GEORGE G. GALLICO ROBERT V. HASSMILLER JOHN D. MORRIS WILLIAM H. MULLIGAN Treasurer . Presidenl Vice-Presidem' SecreTary 35 H, g 1 ,, f IQQZLCTWZQ W i HUGH J. ADDONIZIO, B.S. S+. Benedic'r's Prep "Ugh" hails from Jrhalr slaie on The olher side of lhe river which srare made Jrhe mosquilo famous. He acied as one of Jim Crowley's "li+ile generals", and yel, despiie his rremendous enrhusiasm when in aclion, he always remained cool as Jrhe proverbial cucumber. "The Brain" solved many a problem for his colleagues. New Jersey Club ll, Z, 3, 4l: Foofball ll, 2, 3, 41: Soclalify ii, 2, 3, 4i. JAMES A. Anonizio, Bs. Wyoming Seminary Jim's hearfy laughler which so ohlen rocked S+. John's Hall will be missed by all who fhere made Jrheir abode. He was indubir- ably a Jrrue Fordhamile, never failing To allrend a Maroon luncrion. He led lhe Pennsylvanians and his aclivily in ihe Parlhenian Sodalily was appreciaied. Jim iniends lo conrinue his siudies in Med. School. Pennsylvania Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. Hi: Sodaliiy ll, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y l4l: lnframural Afhle+ics l2, 3, 4l. nn...- FRANCIS x. Amoizoso, Bs. 'ii All Hallows High School A group of smiling friends could al- , ways be found a+ Frank's lable in rhe Cafe for he is an inimilable raconleur whose hum- orous experiences cannor fail 'ro rouse 'ro laughler 'rhe mosl discouraged soul before or afrer a Jrri- mes'rer. His humor was no'r incisive and even Farher Assmurh laughed wi+h Frank. Franlc's success wirh +he sciences ar Fordham indicaie success in Medicine. Mendel Club I3, 4l: Sodalify l3l: lfalian Club THE 193 HERMAN D. AUDINO, A.B. S+. Augus+ine's High School Somewhere, sorneiime Herm musl have discovered +he formula for coniinued happiness. Conversaiion leaped and whirled under lhe rapid lashes of his glib longue. A True sludeni and lighr-hearled companion, Herm filled boih Specilicalions. ln Sophomore and Junior years he filled 'rhe responsible posi ol"beadle" in line fashion. B.L.l. Club l2, 3, 41: Harvesier Club l2, 3, 4l: Sodaliiy l3. 4l: Halian Club l4l: ln+ramural Aihleiics il, 2, 3, 4l. LEONARD E. BAKER, B.S. Wyonwing Seminary l-OVW was one ol 'rhose brawny gianis relicenl and reliring who do noi make much of a cornmolion buf concenlraie iheir energies in lheir work. His work was chiefly loolball. For lour years Len worked wiih 'rhe Crowleymen and his work al guard gave Fordham added slrenglh in lhe cenier ol The line. Sirong, and silenl Len was above all and in all, ehficienl. Sodallll' ll. 2, 3, 4l: Foo+ball ll, 2, 3, 4lg Upsfafe Club li, 2, 3, 41. CHARLES L. BARDWELL, B.S. Roosevell High School "The Admiral" unlorlunalely was un- able +0 lake parl in many campus G-Cliviiies because ol The ouiside demands on his lime. A skilled hockey player, Charlie coached We undelealed Rooseveli High School 'ream of WGSlches+er. He derived his marine sobriguel lrom his membership in Jrhe Naval Reserve. Fordham men are proud of his record in olher fields. Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3,1 Business Forum l3, 41. MAROON THOMAS P. BARKEY, B.S. James Monroe High School Tom has been a scholaslic model for his enlire college career. His sincere and serious allilude lend him lhe mien of a lrue sludenl. Modesl and unassuming he prefers lo remain as inconspicuous as possible. We feel con- lidenl Jrhal in Tom we have a loyal Calholic leader, lor he is inlelligenl, perservering and capable. Business Forum ll, Zlg lnlramural Afhlefics l2, 3lg Soclalily l3ly Chemisls' Club ALBERT E. BAUER, A.B. Fordham Prep Quiet friendly, and serious, Al, is quile a clubman. He holds member- ship in no less lhan four campus clubs. His aclivily as a Sodalisi gave added balance: and from his calm, innale sense ol values and warm-hearledness, ralher lhan over-enlhusiaslic imaginalion will come success. German Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily l3, 4l7 Chemisls' Club l2l: Physics Club l3, 4l: Press Club l4lq lnframural A+hle+ics ll, 2, 3, 4,- WILLIAM H. BAVE, A.B. Fordham Prep From nearby Yonkers comes popular Bill, whose shrewd glance and descrip- live lirades evidence an aclive mind. His exacling salires of whalever lo his eyes deserves censure lceeps his circle of lisieners in a conlinuous up- roar ol laughler. Bill ranlqs as a fine philosopher. Mimes and Mummers ll, 2, 3l: Freshman Forum ill: Hughes Deberlinq l2lg Weslchesler Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. l4lq French Club ill: Classical Club ll, Zl: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 21. THE 19 JOHN L. BEALE, B.S. Fori Edward High School Quiet unobirusive, John has an en- viable record, being +he only mem- ber of his class +0 serve on Three major aihleiic squads. Add +0 ihis Jrhe iaci Thai John has his scholarly momenlrs and you have our idea of a well- rounded Fordham man. He has endeared himself TO many of his classmales and admiring friends. Upsiaie Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: Foo+ball ll. 2, 3, 49, Baseball ii, 2, 3,411 Baskeiball ii, 2, 3, 4i. PAUL l.. BEREZNEY, Dickinson High School Paul was known as Jrhe "Mad Scieniish' iOr every free momeni found him work- ing in ihe chemical laboraiories. His inieresr in ihe sciences oiien proved irking To Jim Crowley when Paul was laie for praciice due To some lab Work. His leais on lhe gridiron are known io all bul only Fordham men mei ihe siudious, friendly Paul. Physics Club, Pres. lil: Chemisis' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Foofball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Mendel Club l3, 41: Sodaliiy l3, 4l. FRANK A. BERNACKI, B.S. lvlorris High School Frank majored in science bui unlike rnosi l3ordham's "men in while" he did noi choose Chemislry or Biology bui he delved inio lhe iniricacies oi Physics. The many labora- iOFy hours demanded by ihis sludy did no+ keep Frank from arlending meelings of rhe Hisiory and Che-misjrs' Clubs ai which he look an aclive pari. Pl1YSics Club ll, 3, 4l: Chsmisfs' Club ll, 2, 3lg His+ory Club 13,411 s0daia+y i4i. MAnooN JOHN F. BERRIGAN, A.B. Evander Childs High School John's ruddy counlenance, wellfrail- ored clorhes, and lal'es+ model car are dislinclly noi of lhe slums, bul his ambilion is io enier social work on graduaiion. This proves Thai solid bedrock underlies his liking 'lor swing music, sporls, and +he cinema. Wiih Jrhe keys ol perseverence and iniegrily, John seems a cerlrainly io sjrrelch his lisi of happy successes. Sodalify l4l: His+ory Club DONALD E. BINTZ, B.S. Waierlown High School "Tuffy" is Jrhe appellafion of Jrhis ad- mirable genlleman who served Fordham so well on 'rhe gridiron, lor lhe pasl four years. "Tuffy," bui nor lough, Don is one ol Jrhe mosi popular men ai Fordham. We know Jrhe memory ol him as a friend will long oullive even his gridiron foals. Conlinued plugging will assure his success. Foofball ll, 2, 3, 41: Baskefball lil: Baseball lllg Upsfafe Club ll, 2, 3, 41. FRANK J. BIONDO, B.S. T3 Roosevell. High School Due lo his proven pugilislic prowess, Frank has been aplrly dubbed The "Champ". The anlics and unsophislricaled speech of Jrhis lively person who donned a beard in a Sophomore Class while playing Polonius were ever enlerlaining, Alhlele and iounlain of merri- menf, Frank passes from our elm-lined palhs wi+h Jrhe assurance ol a happy and prosperous lulure. Chemisfs' Club l2l: Mendel Club l2l: Halian Club THE 19 PHILIP J. BISCEGLIA, B.S. Long Beach l-ligh School Universally known by lhe name of "S+re+ch", Jrhis mighiy mire has won +he hearfs of all Fordham men by his pleasanl personal- i+y and his ever preseni smile. This ianarical fol- lower of Ram Jreams will pursue ihe career of bar- risler ai Harvard Law alier receiving his sheepskin. Spanish Club ll, 21: Sodali+y l3, 41: S+. Vincenf de Paul Socie+y l2, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: M'g'r. Swim- ming Team Q41: Golf lI1: lnframural Aihlelics l2, 31. EDWARD M. BLACKBURN, B.S. Georgeiown Prep Ed is a blending of many varied, and even conlrary qualilies. Serious in imporranr mailers. ye+ willy in all olher lhings, quiel when he has noihing +o say, yer eloquenr when he has an imporiani idea, reserved ai iirsr meel- lmq. yei mosr friendly To Jrhose he knows well, Ed gave a cerlain charm and subsiance io lhe class which we could noi easily have done wiihoui. Business Forum l21: French Club l2, 3, 41: lnlramurals EDWARD T. BLAUTH, B.S. Easlchesler High School Ed is one of Those persons who likes noihing beller lhan "inside informa- +ion." Eager +o enioy Fordham's a+hle+ic evenls and Social lunciions, he lhus rounded our his col- lege lile. Ed goes aboul his daily Tasks wilh an admirable air of nonchalance, allaining a seemingly 'diSpropor+iona+e degree oi success in everylhing. Chemist' Club li, 2, 31: Camera Club i411 Wasfchesler Club ll, 21: Golf iI1: lnlramural A+hle+ics ll, 3, 41. MAnooN SYLVESTER J. BLISH, B.S. Loyola Academy Awciable, TalenTed and Triendly Syl. aTTer only Two years aT Fordham was re- warded ior his Tine spiriT, abiliTy and populariTy wiTh The capTaincy oT The swimming Team. ln This capaciTy, he had ample opporTuniTy To display his greaT leadership qualiTies. An apT sTudenT, Syl was well-lilced and respecTed by Fordham men. Swimming l3, 4l, Cap'T. l4l: Sodalily l4l: lnTramural A+hIe+ics l2, 3, 4l1 WesTchesTer Club l2, 3, 4l: Press Club THOMAS A. BRADLEY, A.B. Loyola High School 'lom's Triends lcnew him as a quieT Tellow. CharacTerisTically, a ThoughTTul, mediTaTing expression usually claims his counTenance. His acquainTances are as varied as Types can be since They are legion. Tom is mosT noTed in his oTT campus posiTion as a high-goal polo player wiTh The N.Y.A.C. Team. His TaciTurniTy made his rare remarks all The more appreciaTed. Ass'T. Foofball Manager WILLIAM J. BRADY, B.S. DeWiTT ClinTon High School In manner, in personaliTy, and in ap- pearance, "Handsome Bill" personi- Ties The Fordham GenTleman. 'Tis rumored Trom The mosT reliable sources ThaT he is a "HarT, SchaTTner and Marx" Tan. Always cheerTul. his Triends have Tound in him a ready helpmaTe and an undersTanding person. Never obTrusive, quieT, and respecTed, Bill leaves wiTh our esTeem. Sodalify l3, 4l: Business Forum l3lg lniramurals ll, 2, 3. 4l. THE 1939 ALFRED L. BRASSEL, B.S. FarraguT Academy Perhaps one oT Fordham's mosT under- rafed aThleTes, Al's personaliTy was never hurT by seTbacl4s he received buT raTher improved as he wenT Through To each oT his aims. Mainly, Through his eTTorTs, The OTTicers' Club rose Trom a nominal organizaTion To one oT The mosT acTive organizaTions on The campus. New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Officers' Club l3, 4l, Pres. l4l: Baskefball ll, 2, 3, 41: Baseball lil: FooTball RALPH A. BRIGLIO, B.S. Evander Childs High School ThroughouT his Tour years, Ralph has always seemed gay in spiTe oT The Te- dium oT sTudies. His even disposiiion and ThaT rare abiliTy To mix sTudy wiTh play have won him a place as a real Triend in The hearTs oT his Tellow classmaTes, V'!e wish him, in parTing, The success his smile and work will win Tor him. Business Forum l2, 3, 4l: SodaliTy lil: lnTramural Afhlefics I3. 4l. WILLIAM R. BROWN, B.S. Fordham Prep Here was one oT Fordham's more so- phisTicaTed sons, Debonair William has always been one oT The Ram Tashion plaTes. His Terpsichorean abiliTy has won much praise Tor him aT Fordham. His large Trame and even TemperamenT made Bill a capable Tennis player in Freshman buT he devoTed his Time To sTuclies in subsequenT years. Tennis Cap'T. ill: Mendel Club l3lg MAROON Sfaff l4l: Foofball MAnooN JOHN V. BROWNE, A.B. Fordham Prep Tall, and bespeclacled, John was one of +he mosf respeclred men in +he class. Long limbs and powerful biceps made him an excellenl baskeiball player. On +he inlelleclual side, John look deep inieresl in currenl polifical and inlernalrional problems. He gave frequeni lallcs before parish groups on These same Topics. Council of Debafe l2, 3, 41, Lecfure Commiffee l3, 41: Sodeli+y ll, 2, 3, 41. A EDMUND C. BURKE, A.B. Evander Childs High School Ed, logelher wilh "Dave" Dzubinski, rang The angelus bell on Top of rhe chapel each day al noon. He has been aciive in olher unusual ways such as being a member of The commiliee ol The Orienfal Conference. One who can perceive line disiinclions, Ed is eager +o discuss. Freshman Forum lI1g Hughes Debafing l21: Spanish Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. I41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41: Hisfory Club l3, 41: Mimes and Mummers ll, 2, 3, 41. EDMUND W. BURKE, B.S. Manual Training High School Ed is probably besl lcnown for his reserved mien. Ed was ai all limes willing lo indulge in recrealional aclivily, whelher il be golf, baskelball, or simply a comradery galhering of Jrhe lads, in a bil of frolic and banier. His worlc for The MAROON, lilce all else was accomplished wilh an all consuming ease. Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 31: B.L.l. Club l41: Sodalily l41: MAROON Slaff l41g lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41. THE19 WILLIAM H. BURKE, A.B. Fordham Prep Here is a red-headed Irishman. Wilh a perpeiual boyish smile on his Hibern- ian counlenance, Bill gives Ihe appearance ol a Iruly happy individual. A sporls lanalic, he glories in lhe leals of Ihe Yankees and Donald Buclge. When Ihe world seems mosl upside down you will find in The modesl and unsophislicaled Bill, Ihe answer Io Schopenhauer. He is our perpelual gloom-chasor. Sodalily JOHN P BYRAM BS . . . WI I B 'i Dickinson High School i A well-buill man, and possessed ol G slenlorian voice Ihal carries his Opinions wilh Ihe irreiulable label on Them. To say Ihe leasl, Jack is always convincing and his argu- menls sound. Hence, here is a very good man Io have as your ally - be il from The dais or in informal sessions ol "pro and con" ai a lable in Ihe Cale. New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Spanish Club Ill: InIramural A+hIe+ics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodelify DANIEL R. CAHILL, B.S. ' Meriden High School "Spook" is a capable sludeni despile 'rhe iacl Ihal he views serious slucly wilh apparenl unconcern, He has earned Ihe dis- Iinclion of being Ihe iaslesl worker in Ihe Chem laboralory. He and his pal, Ed Greaney, may ollen be heard aulhorilalively expressing lheir opinions oi The relalive rnerils of popular dance orcheslras. Connecficul Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Band ll, 2, 3l: Chemisis' Club Ill: Sodalily I3, 4l: Inframural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l. MAnooN JOSEPH A. CALAMARI, A.B. Regis High School Loolc aT The varied Tields oT Joe's TalenTs. As an exemplar oT The RaTio STudiorum he is amongsT The ToremosT. An indus- Trious sTudenT in every Tield, his deTerminaTion To acquire lcnowledge is limiTless. IT iT is True ThaT hard work is The Tormula Tor success, he surely will noT miss. noT when his sunny disposiTion balances sTudiousness. lfalian Club l3l: RAM Sfaff l3, 4l: Business Forum l4l: Sodalify ll, 2, 3l: ChemisTs' Club l2l: lnframurals ll, 2, 3l. ARTHUR E. CALLAHAN, A.B. John Adams High School ArT is prooT ThaT a Truly brillianT sTudenT can be a normal, well-rounded personage. You have iusT To menTion BeeThoven's TiTTh or Dizzy Dean's TwenTy-TirsT, Evan's Hamlel or Spencer Tracy's laTesT and you will Tind ThaT ArT is an inTormed and TluenT conversaTionalisT. He has a lceen sense oT humor. Remember his "Ode To a Cow"? Sodalify l2, 3, 4l: Hisfory Club l3, 4l: German Club ll, 2, 31: Council of Debaie l3, 4l. RAYMOND T. CAREY, A.B. Schuylerville High School A reTreshingly sincere individual, is an approprialre descripTion oT Ray. Four years ago Ray enTered Fordham possessed oT a True inurbaniTy ThaT loroughT him a hosT oT Triends. Four years laTer he is The same Ray, - a liTTle older, a Ii++le wiser and possessing many new Triends. None oT your dusT-laden sophisTicaTion Tor him. Ray was an ardenT sporT devoTee as The boarders will aTTesT. UpsTeTe Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalify l3, 41: lnTramurals l3, 4l. THE 19 PETER A. CAWLEY, B.S. Brislol High School Pele was one ol lhe mosl popular boys on rhe campus. Quiel in his ways, Pele demanded allenlion whenever he spolce. He could be lound al lhe swilchboard aller school hours and il is a remarkable leal lhal Pele was as aclive as he was in exlra-curricular aclivilies. Pele was an able nalalor and won several inlerclass honors. Conneclicul Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily l3lg Chemisls' Club ll, 2l: lr1lrarnuralAlhlelics ll, 21. FRANCIS X. CLARK, A.B. Regis High School As soon as we lhinlc ol Frank, we im- medialely lhinlc ol lhal long, broad grin and lhal resounding laughler which bellowed lorlh in lhe Cale, and lhe classroom. One ol Franlcs assels was his abilily lo recounl mililary lales in a lashion which was bolh absorbing and amusing. In lhe classroom, Frank was inclined lo be guiel and allenlive. He was a serious sludenl. Sodalily JOHN F. CLARK, A.B. Regis High School John is happy-go-luclcy al all limes. There is nolhing which can dislurb lhe exlerior calm wilh which he meels all dillicullies. An invaluable member ol lhe RAM Slall, a Sodalisl, and a Press Club devolee, he warmed lhem wilh his Irish wil and poinled sallies, His spiril and pleas- and disposilion were admired by all Forclhamiles. Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. l2l: RAM Slall l2, 3, 4lg Press Club MAnooN EDWARD R. CLEARY, B.S. D9 Xavier High School Good-naiured, lilceable and personable, Ed has a greai ambiiion 'ro be a Gen- eral or ai leasi a Capiain. Much of his iime was speni in The R.O.T.C. The sole drawback in Ed's career al Rose l'lill was ihai his work aiier school hours did noi leave him a greai deal oi iime for par- iicipaiion in exira-curricular affairs on campus Chemisis' Club ll, 2, 3l: Physics Club ' JOHN M. CLINTON, A.B. 'Cd Fordham Prep Jack is an observing and ihoughilul iellow, bui he does noi lay down any mandaies or ulier any pronouncemenis which are io be consirued as dogmaiic, for he is noi oi ihe mind of ihe supercilious pedani. Raiher, he has ihai consideraiion which is Jrruly characierisiic of a Fordham genileman. Thai is why we admire John. Sodalify I3, 4l: German Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l4l: Chemisfs' Club l2, 31. EUGENE J. COATES, A.B. Calhedral High School Gene is primarily a sfudeni and a good one. He has ihai calmness ihai comes from wiihin and his ways are quiei and genilemenly. Alihough he comes from over by The Gowanus, he has noi adopied ihe "wai+-iill-nexi-year" aili- iude. l-le believes in doing ihings now and doing Them well, and making nexi year ialce care oi iiself. Sodalify l3. 4l: Council Debaio l4l: Classical Club l4l: Halian Club THE 19 HAROLD W. COLLIER, A.B. Fordham Prep A glance af Hal's exfra-curricular record shows amazing acfivify in Fresh- man and Sophmore. During his lasf fwo years he worked a fhirfy hour weelc in fhe library, which did noi prevenf his acfing as a physics insfruclor. A unique person, he combined brilliance wifh fellowship. Freshman Forum ill: Hughes Debaling i2l: Classical Club il. 2lI Soclalify il, 21: RAM Sfaff ill: Chemisls' Club l2l: Physics Club i2l: Hislory Club VICTOR F. CONDELLO, A.B. S+. John's Prep To Speak of confidence as a personified qualify is lo spealc of Vic. Sure of him- self and his ideas, Vic's abilify fo rafionalize is clear from his success in philosophy. Humor wifh him is a foil and fhe sharp fhrusf of his wif was felf by all in ifs scope. A well-rounded life gave Vic bofh knowledge and supplemenfary confacfs. B.L.l. Club ll. 2, 3, 4l: Swimming ill: Harvesfer Club l3, 41: lnframural Alhlelics f3l: Business Forum JOHN W. CONDON Fordham Prep John has been giffed by nafure wifh G Tremendous physical frame fhaf Crowley offen visioned in a Maroon uniform, buf he has declined fo give nighfmares fo Pi'rf's "Dream Baclcfieldu. So he has inferesfed himself in Sodalify, Hisfory and Chernisfs' Clubs, and fo inferclass aihlefics. Bul oh! Whal a faclcle he would make! Sodalify l4l: lnlramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41: Hislory Club l2lg Chemisfs' Club MAnooN Till' MARTIN J. CONNEELY, B.S. Xavier High School lviarly seems purposely To have gone our ol his way ro prove lhe noiion lrue Thai The lrish and lhe Germans make a happy com- binaiion. His record wilh lhe German Club and wiih +he PENDEL would do credii io any son of Erin. His gay nalure made German Club meerings a Jrreai. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4l: German Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Sec'y l3l, Pres. l4l: PENDEL l2, 417 B.l..l. Club l2, 3, 41: Sodaliiy ll, 2, 3, 41: lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41. DOMINIC V. COSTA, B.S. De Will Clinlon High School The burning desire lo know which pos- sessed DaVinci likewise molivales Dom. His favorile sludies are scieniific, and in ihese courses he became ouisianding by ever doing more Than The required amounl of work. Dom gave venl 'ro his scieniilic benr by dabbling in Taxidermy. He was accepled info ihe Universily ol Rome Medical buf may coniinue his siudies here. Halian Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisfs' Club ill: Mendel Club ll, 2, 31. DONALD T. COUPE, A.B. Fordham Prep Reserved, lhough lar from shy, friendly Though never allecledly so, Don had many friends and his sincere alriiude in all rhings while af Fordham augur well for coniinued suc- cesses and a happy and peaceful life. Don worked, wilh resulis, on +he Ad siaff of lhis book. Harves+er Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: German Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Sodal- ify ll, 2, 3, 4l: Council of Deba+e l41gMAROON Sfaff l4l: Chemisfs' Club THE 1939 THOMAS M. COYLE, B.S. Dickinson l-ligh School The lasl of a lamily whose alhleiic achievemenis ar Fordham are known +0 all who are conversanl wilh Fordham alhlelics. ln accord wilh family Tradilion, Meade has upheld ITS presiige for lhree years on Jrhe diamond. Meade has also been a prominenl figure in Maroon social circles. ln Senior he was Presidenf of +he Jersey Club. Baseball ll. 2. 3l: lnframural Afhlefics l'Z, 3l: New Jersey Club ll. 2. 3. 41, Sec'y l3l, Pres. l4lg Baskefball ill: Busi- ness Forum ll. 21. CORNELIUS G. CRONIN, A.B. La Salle Academy This lillle man of serious visage gives an impression of amloiiion and pur- POse +ha+ is nor denied even when he lold his "irish s+ories." l-le hides if well buf we discovered lWlS weakness. Afler a quielr Sunday, he dofls his disguise and rolls, sfomps and shags io 'rhe lalesl POpular swing melodies. ll's lhe irulh, so help us. French Club ill: FORDHAM FRANCE Sfalf ill: Sodelily l3, 4l: Harvesler Club JOSEPH R. CROWLEY, A.B. Calhedral Prep For one of Jrhe mosl sleepy indi- Vlduals on rhe campus, he has one ol lhe mosl wide awake minds exianr, and Joe's wif is G malrer ol common knowledge and agreement Speaking in a Fordham vein. Socially he gained V9COgni+ion as a commillee man for ihe Wesrchesler Club Dance, which proved his capacily for work. Wesfchesfer Club l4lg Harvesler Club Hi: Council of De- loale l4l: Sodalify l4l7 Mimes and Mummers MAROON CX' GABRIEL F. CUCOLO, B.S. ST. Francis Prep The "Pope's exTra-curricular acTivi- Ties presenT such an imposing array ThaT They clearly show his unusual abiliTy. Popular, indusTrious, and inIluenTial iT was noT surpris- ing ThaT he was voTed "Done lvIosT Tor Class." MAROON, EcIiTor in Chief: RAM II, 2, 3, 4I: B.L.I. Club II, 2, 3, 4I: Ifalian Club III: Mendel Club I4I: SodaIiTy I4Ig ChemisTs' Club II, 2, 3, 4I: Press Club II, 2, 3, 4I: Camera Club I4I5 Inframural Afhlefics II, 2, 3, 4I7 L'ARIETE Sfaff I4l: RETORT, Managing EdiTor l4Ig Tennis ROBERT E. CURRAN, A.B. Fordham Prep Bolo's characTerisTic drawl and ges- TicuIaTing Torefinger signalized many a KeaTing "bull session". His TavoriTe sTudy is I'Iis- Tory and inTerpreTing Irish legends has been The resuIT of a recenT Trip To Ireland. I-Iis long hours spenT working in The Library did noT prevenT him from joining TraTernaI company ailer hours. Hisfory Club I3, 4I: Sodalify I2, 3, 4I: German Club GEORGE B. CURTIS, B.S. PaTchogue I-Iigh School CurT, simple and dry adequaTely de- scribe George's Anglo-Saxon naTure and his sense oi humor. I-lis was The placid Tempera- menT and loving disposiTion ThaT is mighT. While oThers ranTed and raved George mainTained his equanimiTy under The mosT Trying circumsTances. I-Iis wiT unconsciously enlivened The conversaTion. Chemisis' Club III: B.L.I. Club I3, 41: Officers' Club I3, 41: InTramuraI Afhleiics II, 2, 3, 4I. THE 1939 SALVATORE V. DALLIO, B.S. Hackensack High School ma Sal is lruly unique. ln his humor, in his mode of sfudy, as well as in his very oufloolc upon life, fhere abides individualify. This assiduous Jerseyife was elecfed Treasurer of The lvlendel Club in Senior. Sal manifesfed an unselfish spirif of friendliness, which was coupled wifh an incom arable Fordham school spirif p . Mendel Club l3, 4l, Treas. l4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 4l: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3. 4l: Sodalily l3. 4l- JACK R. DAVIDSON, B.S. Roosevelf High School A famous Vicforian aufhor once re- lx marked "Observe fhe quief man, for his QOlV1q and coming are seldom heeded." This remark fifs Jaclc for he was one of our unoblrusive seniors. In Spife of his seemingly placid mood, he was accomplishing and efficienf. Socially, Jack was one of l:ordham's really oulsfanding ferpsichoreans and he never missed a Fordham formal dance. German Club ll,2l: Business Forum l2l: Chemisls' Club l2l: Wesfchesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l. JOHN F. DAVIS, B.S. Bloomfield High School ll is seldom 'rhaf a science man is able l? be as acfive in campus organiza- lions as Jack, and yef nof have his scholasfic ranlc- 'HCJ affecfed. ln addifion fo his parlicipafion in Gxfra-curricular aclivifies, Jaclcs scholarship made his admission lo Georgefown Medical very easy. Cheer Leader ll, 2, 3, 4l, Co-Capf. l4l: Mendel Club l2, 3' 4lI Chemisfs' Club l2, 3lg New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Sod'5lllY l3. 4l: Baslxefball M'g'r. l4lg lnframurals ll, 2, 3, 4l. MAROON CONSTANT A. DEBANY, B.S. S+. Michaels High School Deb's friends, and lhere were many al Fordham, knew him lo be an amusing, likeable chap devoled lo Fordham and her alhlelic leams. Deb did much lor lhe Maroon in sporls and his perseverance and willingness To work will nol be lorgollen by eilher Fordham or lhe sludenls. B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Harvesler Club ll, 21, Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: French Club ll, 21: Business Forum 12, 3, 415 Ass'+ Foolbell M'g'r. ll, 21: Ass'f. Baseball M'g'r. ll, 2, 31, M'g'r. 141. B ANTONIO J. DE FALco, B.S. Eh Seward Park High School Tony was a quiel, persevering sludenl who devoled mosl of his lime while al Fordham lo pursuing his sludie., especially 'lhe sciences. The long, ledious hours consumed in The Chemislry and Biology laboralo ies le-ll him lillle lime lor aclive parficipalion in campus organiza- lions. However, 'rhis is one case where class work was commensurale To any exl a-curricular work. Soclalify ll, 41. THOMAS E. DEL GIORNO, B.S. James Madison High School Remarkable lor his abilily lo imilale a wide variely ol characlers, Tom gave cause lo be raled on lhe campus as one ol lhe mosl versalile men. Ever ready lo learn and lo iesl, he is experl in bolh, and coupled wilh lhis convivialily, is an oulslanding scholaslic record. Tom will apply himself in all sericusness lo medicine. Mimes and Mummers ll, 3, 41: German Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. 141: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Mendel Club 12, 31: Sodalify 13, 41. THE 193 ROBERT T. DEMPSEY, B.S. SM Kingsley School Conservarive Bob held many execulive poslrs lor his fine guiding hand was recognized by his fellow sludenrs. In Sophomore Year he was elecred Vice-Presidenr of rhe Class. He also held The same posirion in rhe Upslare Club and larer became Jrhe Presidenr of ihis club. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: Upsfafe Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice- Pres. l31, Pres. 141: Sf. Vincenf de Paul l2, 3, 41, Pres. l3, 41: Sodalify l3, 41: Baske+baII l31: Class Vice-Pres. l21g lnira- mural Afhlefics ll, 21. JEREMIAH J. DESMOND, B.S. New Haven High School Here is a happy characrer who blirhe- ly quores 'rhe irnmorlral bards even under lhe rwosl frying circumslances. A+ Fordham, Jerry pur h's hearlr info swimming and devolred srrenuous hor 5 ro pracricing and rallying for rhe lvlaroon merrr- en. During his lirsl Two years, he well fulfilled his d ries as Assisranr Foofball Manager. Swimming ll, 2, 3, 41: Ass'+ Fooiball Mgr. ll, 21: Sodaliiy l31: Inframural 1 l'1le+ics ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisfs' Club lI1: Mendel Club FREDERICK J. DI CARLO, B.S. Evander Childs High School Fred was one of rhe mos'r prominenr in undergraduare chemislry, and Jrhe usually somewhal odorous hall of 'rhe aforemen- iioned deparrmenr, will indeed miss Fred's scholar- ly presence. His well-rounded, and complere inler- esrs embraced arhleric and lilerary fields, loo. Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y l41, Ass'+. Ecliior RETORT l31: Business M'g'r. l41: Ass'+. Edifor-in-Chief, MAROON l41: French Club lI1: Physics Club U17 Sodaliiy l41: Tennis Team 141: Camera Club l41: Mendel Club l41: lniramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41: Quill Club AROON AMERIGO G. DI IORIO, B.S. De WiTT ClinTon High School Rumored To be a masTer oT The billeT- doux "Max" is indisposed To exerTion. Here was a Tun-loving characTer who has acquired The lcnack oT obTaining saTisTacTory resulTs wiTh The minimum amounT oT eTTorT. Coniining his eTForTs mainly To inTerclass sporTs and OTT campus relaxa- Tions, "Max" was recognized as one oT The Triend- liesT and mosT amiable men in The Senior Class. Business Forum ll, 2l: InTramural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 4l. RAYMOND W. DILLION, B.S. ST. Simon SToclc High School One oT numerous inTeresTs, Ray was acTive in aThleTic, musical and social spheres ol endeavor aT Fordham. His work wiTh The Tennis Team and MAROON were parTicularly praiseworThy. His sincere eTiorTs and vibranT per- sonaliTy won him The plaudiTs oT his many Triends. WesTchosTer Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Ass'T Mgr. Tennis ll, 2, 3l, Mgr. l4l: Cl1emisTs' Club lll: Business Forum l3, 4l: MAROON STaTF l4lg Band ll, 2, 3l: lnframurals ll. 2l. EDWARD DI MEZZA, B.S. AmsTerdam High School "STumpy" devoTed much oT his Time in The pasT Two years as Jake Weber's righT-hand man. He displayed exTraordinary abiliTy as a Trainer Tor our aThleTic Teams, in Jal4e's ab- sence. His love Tor swing bands, law and Ram Teams is lcnown by all who have meT him. His per- suasive manner should loe an aid in his sTudy of law. ParThenian SodaliTy l2, 3, 4l: ST. VincenT de Paul SocieTy l3, 4l: Business Forum ll, 21: Ass'T. FooTball M'g'r. lll: UpsTaTe Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: lnTramural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 4,l: Ass'T. Trainer THE 193 JOSEPH V. DOLAN, A.B. Regis High School Anyone who happened during The pasf year To drop info The MONTHLY office, was cerfain To see an infellecfual young man pounding away af a Typewrifer, wrifing an analyfical arficle for The MONTH LY, a forceful debafe for The Council or a succincf wrifeup for The MAROON. Joe is infelligenf, arficulafe and friendly. Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4lg MONTHLY Sfaff l2, 3, 4l: Council of Debale l3, 4l, Lecfure Commiffee l4l: MAROON Assoc. Edifor JOHN W. DONOHUE. A.B. lona Prep When The enfries, submiTTed To The , lVlONTl-lLY'S Freshman liferary confesf under noms de plume, were judged and when The Three prizes were awarded, all were asfounded To find ThaT one, John Donohue, had won Them all. Since Then he has nof missed a single publicafion. MONTHLY ll, 2, 3, 4l, Edilor-in-chief l4l: Quill Club llll Hislory Club lll: Hughes Debalring ll, Zlg French Club ll, 2, 3lg Physics Club l3l: Soclalify ll, 2, 3, 4l. ARTHUR E. DOOLEY, A.B. All Hallows High School l-Oyal sodalisf, clever legislafor, able and, forceful speaker. possessing a friendly nafure ArT's naTural zesf and inifiafive gained him many friends. His acfivify in The Council was insTrumenTal in malcing changes in The organiza- fion of exfra-curricular acfivifies where many abuses fhaf formerl had exisfed were correcfed y . Harvesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Glee Club l2, 3, 4l: Council of DebaTe ll, 2,l: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l: STudenT Council l3, 4l. Pres. MAnooN MATTHEW J. DOONEY, A.B. Regis High School MaTT's Thorough knowledge oT cold sTaTisTics, which is indeed exTensive, sTood him in good sTead when he Tools parT in many heaTed argumenTs in The Council OT DebaTe chambers and in The Hughes DebaTing SocieTy. ln The laTTer, he assumed The rank oT PresidenT in Sophomore Year. Hughes DebaTing SocieTy ll, 21, Pres. i213 RAM STaFT ll, 2, 31: Physics Club l3, 41: HisTory Club l3, 41: SodaliTy il, 2, 3, 41: HarvesTer Club TZ, 3, 41: Council of DebaTe T3. 41: French Club ll, 21: Freshman Forum WILLIAM L. DOTY, A.B. CollegiaTe School All ThaT college life has To oTTer men is embodied in Bill. Debonair, well-inTorm- ed, inscruTable-auThor, acTor, debaTor--above all and always The sTudenT. His classmaTes showed Their respecT Tor Bill by voTing him MosT RepresenTaTive, and The BesT Speaker in Their Senior PreTerences. Council of DebaTe l3, 41, Pres. l41: Hughes DebeTing il, 21, Mimes and Mummers il, 2, 3, 41: MONTHLY STaTf T3, 41: STudenT Council T41: HisTory Club l41: SoclaliTy T3, 41. JAMES A. DCUVRES, B.S. De WiTT ClinTon High School Jim is a man oT many praiseworThy qualiTies, noT The leasT OT which is an abiliTy To do hard work. DespiTe The TacT ThaT he held an exhausTive posiTion aTTer school, Jim was an ouTsTanding scholar. His dependabiliTy and re- sourceTulness have made him respecTed among his classmaTes. Jim was noT OT The opinionaTed Type buT when he spolce his words demanded aTTenTion. lnTramural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 41: French Club THE 19 WILLIAM J. DOWD, B.S. Sl. Francis Xavier High School Even lempered, willy, popular are The adieclives besl filled lo describe Bill. ln lhe classroom or on The alhlelic field, Bill is ad- mired and respecled. A fine arhlele and a line lellow Bill leaves lillle lo be desired. Men who have known him well are proud lo call him "friend" and Fordham is proud lo have him as a son. Business Forum I3, 4l: Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3lq Soclalily l4l: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4lg Baseball ROBERT W. DOWLING, B.S. Chaminade High School Bob's genial, friendly nalure made il a pleasure lo be associaled wilh him al Fordham. An experl on golf and polo, Bob de- voled his spare lime lo following lhese diver- sions al The Meadowbrook Club on lhe lslancl. His lacilurnily made his rare remarks all The more apprecialed. His friendship was worlh having. Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3lg German Club ll, Zlq Camera Club l4l. HARRISON s. DOWNS, A.B. 'l Fordham Prep The besl descriplion ol Harry seems more aplly pul in lhe words of lhe poel who said, "a man so various lhal he seemed lo be nor one, bul all mankind's epilomef' His keen mind was manilesled in many Ram debales. Hughes Debaling Sociely lllg German Club ill: Glee Club iz. 3, 4l: Business Forum l3l: Classical Club l2lg Sodali+y ll. 2, 3, 4l, Ass'l. Prefecl l2, 3, 4l: Mimes and Mummers l2, 4l: Hislory Club l3, 4l, Treas. l4l: Council of Debale l4l: Officers' Club l3, 4lq Quill Club MAnooN JOHN H. DOYLE, B.S. HempsTead High School Chosen by his classmaTes as The "BesT Dancer", John was versaTiliTy per- sonified. ScholasTically capable, aThleTically promi- nenT, John's Tour years have been boTh TruiTTul and enjoyable. His exploiTs on The quadrangle, The dance Tloor and in The class room have lcepT him ever acTive during his collegiaTe career. Business Forum l3, 4lg Baseball ill: Chemisfs' Club l2, 31: InTramural AThlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l. EDWARD J. DUFFY, B.S. Crosby High School Ed was indubiTably one of The ouT- sTanding scholars of The college. Dur- ing his sTay aT Rose Hill he gained several gold medals and numerous scholasTic awards. All who lcnew Ed were Tamiliar wiTh his worrying naTure. IT seemed sTrange To his Triends ThaT a man who fared so well in his sTudies should TreT so much abouT such Trivial Things as exams, TrimesTers eT al, Baseball ill: ChemisTs' Club ll, 2, 31: Sodalify ALBERT A. DUNN, B.S. ST. Agnes High School A prominenT member oT The Riile Team, AI held several execuTive posTs in The organizaTion. His quieT, reTiring aTTiTude drew many Triends To him in The Officers' Club. Al's inTeresT in The Mendel Club evenTually caused him To make Medical School his nexT goal. His Tine scho- lasTic record made admission comparaTively simple. Rifle Team fl, 2, 3, 41, M'g'r. l3l, Cap'f. l4lg B.L.l. Club l4l: OFFicers' Club l3, 4l: ChemisTs' Club ll, Zl. THE 1939 EDWIN J. DUNN, A.B. Fordham Prep Ed was a "Rec Room" fan and when lhe ledium of The day's sludies was over Ed would wend his way lo lhe mosl popular Spol on The campus where he wiled away lhe hours wilh a game or lwo of billiards al which he was quile prolicienl. Scholaslically, Ed shone in phi- losophy quiz groups wilh many puzzling queslions. lnframural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 41: Soclalify l3, 41: Press Club l41. .1osEPH e. DUNNE, A.B. Brooklyn Prep Widely recognized as a slaunch, loyal upholder of lhal Paradise beyond lhe Easl River where lhe Brooklyn Dodgers gambol, Joe is as parlisan lo Fordham as he is To his nalive bailiwick. Every game and dance draws his likeable and enlhusiaslic presence . . . Yes, Joe is small, buf so is a dynamile cap. So you'cl beller beware! B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Harvesler Club l2, 3, 41: Council of Debale l41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41. JOSEPH A. DUNNIGAN, A.B. Fordham Prep Though he has been wilh us only since Sophomore, Joe has been one of us in every sense of lhe word. ln spile ol +he lac? fha? he is quiel' lo all oulward appearances, lhose lorfunale enough 'ro share his inlimale friendship knew him +o possess lhe mosl rollicking sense of humor in 'rhe class. Joe was a keen philosopher and ollen indulged in melaphysical discussions. Sodalily 141: History Club MAROON UIGIM 'Ll' GERARD C. DURR, A.B. Bryani High School "French Wiihour Tears" is Jerry's molro. As Presidenl of Jrhe French Club, he inevirably presided wilh wi+ and good humor. His siudy of French is rellecfed in 'Phe logic of his Jrhinlcing, lhe poiniedness of his commenrs, and +he praclicalily of his opinions. French Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Pres. I41: FORDHAMIFRANCE ll, 2, 3, 41, Circ. M'g'r. ll, 2, 31: Council of Debaie l31: Soclalify 13, 41: LE RAYON Edilor JOHN P. DZUBINSKI, A.B. Roosevelr High School Dave is nafurally an energelic and ambilious person. ln Senior, This facf proved beneficial +o Dave for all he did was +o leach Spanish in De Will Clinion High School, parlicipale in several campus clubs, and mainlain a good scho- lasric record simullaneously. Cerrainly, no mean leaf! Spanish Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice Pres. l31: Freshman Forum ll1: ln+ramural A+hle+ics ll, 31: Sodalily l3, 41: Mimes and Mum- mers ll, 41: Ass'i'. Business M'q'r. FREDERICK W. EGGERT, B.S. Evander Childs High School Fred subscribed +o rhe belief +ha'r a college man should be bolh a leader and a genlleman. His subdued and well-mannered ways were recognized as Jrhe epiiome of genlleman- liness. His work in The Council, Officers' Club and on 'lhe MARCON Slafl is proof of his capabiliiy. Hughes Debafing Sociefy li, 21: Council of Debafe l41: Harvesfer Club l41: Sodalily 141: Business Forum l21: Hisfory Club I41: Officers' Club 141: MAROON S+aff l41: lnframural Afhlefics l2, 31. THE 1939 LOUIS N. ELLRODT, B.S. A.B. Davis High School A qualified Depuiy Sheriff and a card manipulalor of no mean abiliiy, Louis won The admiraiion and respec+ ol many of his classmaies boih in Jrhe field oi social acliviiies and during leisure hours. Suave, sell-assured yel' likable, l.ou's presence Jrhrough four years of Fordham life was bolh a sieadying and reassuring influence. Business Forum 13, 41: Wesfchesier Club. l2, 3, 41: ln+ra- mural Aihlefics ll, 2, 3, 41. JOHN A. ERIKSEN, A.B. Q Fordham Prep John is one of ihe oulsianding fellows ol Senior year. Bui if was noi only on accouni of lhe many acliviiies in which he par- Ticipaled and helped lead, buf because of his care- free, sincere ways which lorighienecl up some of Jrhose dull spois lhal occur even during college days. Glee Club 13, 41, Board of Direciors 141: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41, Prefeci l41: Mendel Club l41: Wesfchesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Mimes and Mummers ll, 21. SALVATGRE J. ESPOSITO, A.B. Fordham Prep Here is a boy wilh an unusual diver- sion. For four years he has "slapped" his bass for lhe Fordham college orchesira. His afiempls al ioining Jrhe Maroon Band, however, have always been iuiile, for as Capl. Hopi says, G band wi+h a bass is s+ric+ly uneihical. Now Sal has Jrurned his eye 'ro lhe medical profession. Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41: Orchesha ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisis' Club l3, 41: Wes+ches+er Club 13, 41: Mendel Club MAROON CHESTER W. EVANS, A.B. Trinify School Napoleon was a mife of a man and Chef follows in fhis fradifion. The anfi- fhesis of warlike, he hasn'f lef size prevenf him from filling a sizeable niche on fhe sfage of Col- lins. Since Freshman year, Chef has been one of Fordham's capable 'rhespians and characfer acfors. Mimes and Mummers il, 2, 3, 41: Glee Club il, 2, 3, 41: Inframural Afhlefics il, 21: Business Forum l3, 41: Council of Debafe l3, 41, Co-Rep. Sfudenf Council Hackensack Hugh School Mosf of Joes free fume has been devofed fo local polifics. for Joe is one of Mr. Farley's faifhful couriers. Those of us who have enjoyed fhe German Club banquefs appreciafe his work which was insfrumenfal in fhe success of fhese affairs. lnclined fo be placid Joe's even femperamenf won him many friends. German Club ll, 2, 3, 41: New Jersey Club il, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH c. FALLON. B.s. BRENDAN T. FARLEY, A.B. Fordham Prep Universally known as "Bren", fhis easy-going genfleman has acquired a hosf of friends by virfue of his sfraighf-forward manner. Three years of baseball have made him a familiar figure on fhose sunny days of diamond encounfers. l-le affended bofh college and prep and fhus fhe campus has long echoed his familiar fread. Baseball ll, 2, 31: Harvesfer Club l3, 41: Wesfchesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum l3, 41. THE 19 MICHAEL J. FAUGNO, B.S. Sli? New Haven High School Of raiher serious and worrisome na- 'rure Mike was rumored ro have ex- perienced wild nighrmares on rhe eve of imporranr exams. He is even said To have been heard running Jrhrough a philosophic proof while in Jrhe deprhs of slumber. You need nor fear, lvlilce! Sodalily 13, 41: Connec'ricu+ Club 1I, 2, 3, 41: lnframural Alhleiics 12, 3, 41: French Club 121: Hisfory Club 131: lfalian Club 141: Sf. Vincen+ De Paul Sociefy 1I, 2, 3, 41. George Washingion High School Randys lorle, as anyone who has 'rhe slighresl acquainrance wi+h him lcnows, is Spanish. Vic has held high offices in every Spanish organizarion on Jrhe campus. His avid inreresr in 'rhis subiecr has exlended +o orher colleges and he has been successful a+ every rum. Spanish Club 1I. 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. 121, Pres. 13, 41: LA FORDHAMENSE 12, 3, 41, Ass'+ Eclifor: FRATERNHJAD- HISPANA, Edifor-in-Chief 141: Mimes and Mummers 1I, 21: Sodalify 1l, 41: Business Forum 131: Press Club VICTOR R. FINGERHUT, A.B. ROBERT J. FITZGERALD, B.S. Regis High School Hard-working and earnesl Bob chose science ar Fordham. His inrelligence and abiliry in +his parlicular field of endeavor were evidenced by his line work on 'rhe CABMUTH and RETORT Slafls. Serious buf nor sombre, Bob was always a welcome addirion +o any srudenl group. Chemisfs' Club 1l. 2, 3, 41: Mendel Club 1l, 2. 3. 41: CABMUTH Sfaff 13, 41: Sodalify 141: Harvesfer Club 141: French Club MAROON v MU' 4-df! FRANCIS W. FITZPATRICK, B.S. D5 DeWi++ Clinlon High School Molivaled by a spiril of True scholar- ' ship, Frank evidenced his keen iniellec- lual powers by winning lhree medals in compelilion wi+h Fordham's mosl brillianl Sludenls. A willy, well- inlormed conversalionalisr , he is unrivalled in abilily +o dash in+o class seconds before lhe clanging ol 'rhe final bell, for in four long years he was never lare. German Club ll, 2l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club lil: lnframural Alhlefics l2, 3l. 'C RAYMOND FITZPATRICK, B.s. S+. Agnes High School Ray's clear, Jrenor voice has oll been heard a+Glee Club performances hilher and yon. He was an honor sludenl for four years. In Senior year he donned The while ol a Biology assislanl besides lending lo The edilorial respon- sibililies of lhe Biology organ, Jrhe CABMUTH. Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Mendel Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Chemisls' Club ll, Zl: Physics Club lil: Sodaliiy l2, 3, 4l: CABMUTH Sheff l3l, Edifor-in-Chief l4l: Harvesler Club I3, 4-l. JOHN H. FLAHERTY, B.S. Soulh Porlland High School He came from "Down East" True 'ro +radi+ion he is a genlleman and a scholar. Quiel bul' noi shy Jack prefers lo lislen rafher lhan speak bul when il comes 'ro aclion he is always ready. Jack was honored lor his eicleclive work by being elecied an officer in Jrhe S+. Vincenl dePaul Sociely. Lei us hope Maine can replace him. Business Forum ll, Zl: S+. Vincenl de Paul ll, 2, 3, 4l, Sec'y. l3l, Trans. l4l: Sodalify l3, 4lg lnframurals ll, 2. 3, 41. THE 19 JAMES F. FLYNN, A.B. Regis l-ligh School Shorjr, broad-shouldered Jimmy has Jrhajr sense of humor and warm-hearledness peculiar 'ro Jrhe lrish sloclc. Conservalive in every- Jrhing, he confined his aclivilies lo Sodalily and Sporlsg bul his eleclion as class represenlalive gives True leslamenr ol his popularily. ln sporls Jim has won respecl in handball and on lhe lraclc. Sodalify l3l, Track ill: Class Represen+a+ive lllg lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l. JOSEPH T. FLYNN, A.B. Evander Childs l-ligh School Some pundil once said Jrhaf picrures never lie, bur Joe's MAROON pholo cerlainly does. For Joe's pipe is missing, and Jrhal in any piclure ol him will spoil ils veracily. Besides good Jrobacco. he has a penchanl for currenl evenis On which he olren disserlaled in Jrhe Council. Hisfory Club l3, 4l, Pres. l4l: Council of Deba+e l3, 4l: Sodaliiy l2, 3, 4lg Harvesler Club l4l: lnframural Afhlefics l2l: Physics Club EDMUND W. FOSSBENDER, B.S. Sill' Crosby High School Here was one of +he favorile sons of The Nulmeg Siale. For four years, "l:ossie" gave added spiril To The Conneclicul Club meelings. ln lhe end his pleasanl manner, and ex- S-culive abilify was recognized and he was elecled Presidenl ol lhe Club. Hs success is his leslimonial. Connecficuf Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l3l, Pres. l4l: Mimes and Mummers ll, 21: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l: Chemisls' Club ll. 2. 3, 4l: Mendel Club ll, 213 lnframurals l I, Zl: S+.Vinceni' de Paul ll, 2, 3, 4l: RAM Sfarf lll: French Club ll, 2, 3, 4l. AROON JOSEPH l.. FURTNETT, A.B. Fordham Prep Joe's chief claim To lame while al Ford- ham has probably been his speed in lnlramural sporls. He has been a slar in lhe fool- ball lournamenls for four years, due To his uncanny shilliness and lighlness of fool. Bul il is nor sporls alone in which he has parlicipaled. Joe has been a lairhlul Sodalisl and member of various clubs. French Club ll1: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisls' Club ll, 21: Harvesler Club ll, 21: lnframural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club HUGH P. GAFFNEY, B.S. Xavier High School A Xavier boy and a Fordham genlle- man. Hugh loolced and acled every bil lhe lraining he received in bolh schools. Slow in running bases on l'he "Quad" and slow in giving opinions, Hugh deliberaled well before acling or opining and as a consequence losl a few runs buf gained many friends. Dependable and likeable, Hugh will be a living credil To his Alma lvlaler. Chemisls' Club ll, 21: ln+ramural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3, 41. JOHN F. GALLAGHER, A.B. S+. Rose High School Brain and brawn are compounded Wilh- in Jaclc's ample frame +o unusual advan- Jrage. Agilily and power made him a lirsl rale alh- le+e and his lowering heighl broughl dignily 'lo his scholarly ullerances. Despile an easy going nalure, he successfully scaled scholaslic summils. Business Forum 13, 41, Vice-Pres. l41: lnlramural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3, 41: Baslcelball U11 Council of Debafe 13, 41: Physics Club i411 Hisiory Club I3, 41: Classical Club K3, 41. THE 19 THOMAS V. G-ALLAGH ER, A.B. Fordham Prep Tom is anoTher oT Fordham's Tamous clubmen, belonging To no less Than six while aT college. The Gallagher man is also a Terror in lnTramural TooTball, Track and basl4eTball. To Top iT OTT he is a Tour-year member oT The Sodal- iTy. Such acTiviTy Tells oT The energy ThaT is his. Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: Classical Club l2, 3, 41: HarvesTer Club Ill: Physics Club l3l: HisTory Club l4l: lnTramural AThleTics l3, 4lg ChemisTs' Club l2l: Press Club GEORGE G. GALLICO, A.B. Fordham Prep OT all The acTive men on Fordham's campus, George is perhaps The mosT versaTile. Bearing ouT This sTaTemenT, he was noTed in Senior preferences as The man worThy oT iusT ThaT TiTle. IT is also To his crediT ThaT he won The TirsT prize in Two one-acT play conTesTs. Track ll, 2, 3, 4l: Pres. Freshman Class: Class Treasurer l3, 4l: SodaliTy ll, 2, 3, 41, PrefecT l2l: HarvesTer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: RAM STaFf l4l: Mimes and Mummers ll, 3, 4l: Business Forum WILLIAM R. GEELAN, A.B. Fordham Prep l'lere is a man wiTh a golden voice and dulceT Tones ThaT even a RoosevelT mighf envy. Bill lcepT himselT busy by aTTending The regular meeTings oT The many clubs To which he belonged. On The aThleTics side, he parTicipaTed in The inTramural sporTs. Bill made his mark here. Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4T: HarvesTer Club l3, 41: WesTchesTer Club l2, 3, 4lg lnTramuraI AThleTics l2, 3, 41: Council of DebaTe l4-lg Class RepresenTaTive AROON WILLIAM R. GEILER, A.B. Xavier High School Bill early adopled lhe maxim lhal a smile a day keeps The doclor away and his robusl heallh and wide circle ol friends among lhe Fordham sludenl body, proved ils wis- dom. Il pleasanl alzlabilily is lhe lirsl encounlered lacel ol his characler, his way ol always linishing a laslq wilhoul undue buslle is surely anolher. Olilicers' Club l3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l. FRANK R. GERETY, B.S. 4 Sl. Simon Sloclc Poels are generally supposed lo have long, slringy hair, lies flapping in lhe wind, and a peculiar lar away loolc in lheir eyes. Frank, allhough rnosl cerlainly a poel ol dislinc- lion, has none ol lhe physical allribules ol a poel. being meal and well-groomed in appearance, wilh a glinl in his eye spelling common sense. MONTHLY Sla'Fl l3, 4l: Council of Debale l3l: Business Forum l2, 31: French Club lll: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l. CHESTER E. C5-LASSEN, B.S. Princelon Prep Acling and soldiering are lhe lerms lhal lirsl come lo mind in consider- ing "Chel". The lribule paid 'ro him by lhe col- lege was lhe recognilion ol his line performances in lhe varsily plays, lor he was a very capable aclor. He was also inslrumenlal in forming lhe Sophisl Club and was chosen as ils presidenl. Mimes and Mummnrs l3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l7 Olificers' Club l3. 4l: Council of Dehale l4lg B.L.l. l2, 3. 4lg Sophisl Club l3l, Pres. l3l: Hughes Debaling THE 193 ROBERT W. GLEASON. A.B. Fordham Prep Here's a young man who can discourse TluenTly, To his lisTeners's amazemenT on subiecTs Trom Pirandello and lVlaupassanT To lVlarTinelli and GaTTi'Casazza. An experT linguisT, Bob speaks TluenTly French, lTalian and German. Hail To The classicisT RoloerT Gleason oT Senior! French Club ll, 2, 31: FORDHAM-FRANCE Sfaff ll, 2, 317 Assoc. EdiTor l41: MONTHLY STaTf l41g German Club U13 lTalian Club l41: Classical Club THOMAS J. GLEASON, A.B. Holy TriniTy High School Tom's counTenance loespealcs a lcindly and Triendly naTure. OTTen The TargeT oT eThicians' puns, Tommy and his resplendenT shirTs, caused many a pleasanT diversion Trom The someTimes proTound and absTruse eThical discus- sions, ThaT Tool: place in Senior Class lecTures. German Club l3, 41: Cross CounTry 131: B.L.l. Club 13, 41: Physics Club 131: SoclaliTy l3, 41. WILLIAM J. e-LENNON, A.B. .wg Fordham Prep His humor was inTecTious, his execu- Tive abiliTy was respecTed and above all his Triendship was prized. His Triends Trom The WesTchesTer Club will aTTirm The TirsT. The success OT The recenT Tormal TesTiTies To The second and every man oT senior year nods agreemenT To The lasT. Baseball ll, 21: WesTchesTer Club ll, 2. 3, 41: Chairmen of Wesfchesfer Dance l41g French Club lI1: ChemisTs' Club l21g Physics Club AROON fx EDWARD J. e-om, B.S. Fordham Prep Probably no ofher man on The campus had more responsible iobs enTrusTed To him Than Ed. YeT The RETORTS conTinued success, The improved RAM pages and The I939 PENDEL are living memorials OT The TalenT OT hardworking Ed. His marlcs won Ed several medals Tor he is a scholar. RAM sfsff ii, 2, 3, 41, Mgr. Ea. 141, Rerom sm ia, -ii, Edifor l4l: German Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: PENDEL Edifor l4lg ChemisTs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Physics Club ll, 3l: SodaliTy l3, 4l: Press Club ll, 2, 3, 4,1 MAROON Associafe Eclifor lflf WILLIAM S. GRADY, B.S. ST. Ann's Academy STan selecTed The Business Course and he maniTesTed his inTeresT noT only in class buT as a member oT The Business Forum. The B.L.l. was The cenTer OT his social endeavors during his Junior and Senior years. Possessed of a fine sense oT humor, his wiTTicisms have gained many laughs and Triends Trom his Tellow-classmaTes. Sodalify l4l: B.L.l. Club T3, 4l: lnframural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l3, 4l. JOSEPH A. GRANSKI, B.S. New BriTain l-ligh School Known and respecTed The counTry over as a Tine TooTloall player, Joe is ad- mired by his Tellow sTudenTs as a line sTudenT and a True Triend. lvlodesT wiThouT being shy, Triendly and wiTTy, Joe is a man To inspire respecT no maTTer whaT he Turns his hand To. LeT us hope ThaT The NuT- meg STaTe sends us more like Joe. Crowley agrees. Business Forum ll, Zlg Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: Baseball l2l: Foofball ll, 2, 3l: Freshman Coach l4l7 ConnecTicuT Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: lnframural Aihlefics l2, 3, 4l. THE 1939 EDWARD lvl. GREANEY, B.S. Slamiord High School Ed was The Bob Taylor of Rose Hill, lor There is an indubilable resem- blance belween Ed and Hollywood's gill' lo lhe screen. Disproving lhe popular conceplion of a sfudenl, Ed was an experr dancer, a follower of dance bands and a True sludenl ol Fordham. Conneclicuf Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 21: Mendel Club l2l: Sodalify l3, 41: lniramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l. RALPH J. GROSSO, B.S. All Hallows High School Ralph is polenlially an oufsfanding baseball srar. Due lo unavoidable mislorfune, his hurling sparlcled only in Freshman and Senior years. OFF lhe diamond, he is well liked for his modesl and jovial disposilion. Ralph anlicipales a big league career. . .as well he should, and leaves Fordham wilh a number ol real friends. Baseball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Chemisls' Club ll, Zlg Halian Club l4l: Infremural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l. BLAISE A. GUELLA, B.S. Boys High School 'Q His eyes reflecled his aclivilies in class. Mirrored in Them were his vivid, unreslrained and somewhal boislerous man- nerisms 'rha+ were bo'rh The delighf and despair of bo+h professors and friends. Flippanl bu+ likeable, Blaise enjoyed himself immensely while preparing for a Medical career al' Fordham. Officers' Club l3, 4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Halian Club ll, 4l: Mendel Club l2, 3l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: French Club ll MAnooN .'4"' Q5 15" X N JOHN T. GUTl'lRlE, B.S. Calhedral High School Jack reversed Horace Greeley's advice and came Easl and for lhal Fordham is grareful. So arlable and amiable was Jaclc 'rhal' even unruly Rameses became genlle in his hands. Jack sloocl oul on lhe baslcelball courl, in The classroom and in club life buf even more as a Fordham genlle- man. The men of Senior agree. Jack will be missed. Sodalify l3, 4lg Class Pres. l2l: Sludenl Council l2lq Baslxef- ball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Baseball lllp Business Forum l3, 4l. FRANCIS J. HAMMER, A.B. S+. Michaels High School Always alerr +o iosh leachers. and lo iibe al queslionable queslioners. Franlc plays lhe role ol a minor Pixie in class. Oulside he is always alfable, and quiclc lo ioin in jovial company. Exleriorly a cynic. his disguise is easily pierced only by Those who know he cloalcs his beliefs for lhe salce of a laugh. Sodalify l3, 4l: Cross Counfry l3l: German Club l3l: B.L.l. Club l3, 4l. JOHN H. HANLON, A.B. Evander Childs High School Here was bolh a good scholar and a line chap. Exlra-curricular aclivilies al Fordham did noi suffer for laclc of his parlicipalion. When Johnny had any leisure lime he could be found in The Gym Trying some new selshol. He played in 'rhe lnlramural Baslcelball League lor four years, lrequenlly enlivenecl Spanish club meelings. Soclaliiy l3, 4l: Spanish Club ll, 3l: lnframural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Wesichesfer Club l4l: MAROON Slafl THE I9 THOMAS M. HARVEY, B.S. Boys High School Tom is carefree and has always been one ol our happy-go-lucky sludenls. Troubles or obslacles ol any kind never lazed lhis smiling son of Fordham and he was always ready wilh a smarl relorl or humorous remark. His amia- bilily endeared him lo his classmales who appre- cialed his happy nalure, his loyally and sincerily. Chemisls' Club l2l: Business Forum l2l: lnlramural Alhlelics 12, 3, 41: s.L.l. Club ii, 2, si. WILLIAM J. HASEY, A.B. wif Regis High School Persislenl Bill has The qualifies lhal are essenlial lor success. He persever- ed successfully in his sludies. ln The exlra-curricular lield Bill was a prominenl parlicipanl. His ambi- lion is lo become a denlisl of lhe painless variely. Those al Fordham wish him conlinued success! Sodali+y lI,2,3,4lgWes+cl1es+er Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Harvesler Club l3,4l:Cl1emis+s' Club l3, 41: Mendel Club l4l: Clas- sical Club ll, Zlg French Club ill: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, ROBERT HASSMILLER, B.S. Bayonne High School An immorlal in Fordham's alhlelic and social hislory, Bob's engaging personal- ily, bolh on lhe baskelball courl and oil, will nol be lorgollen quickly. Oulslanding alhlele and genlle- man, pleasanl and reassuring, he leaves behind him a record for lulure Fordham men lo emulale. Baslcelball ll 2 3 4l Ca l l4l Baseball ll 2 3 4l New l I r I P - i v I 1 i Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg German Club lll: Class Pres. l3, 4l: Class Treas. ll, 2l. AROON apr- 'N' wiLuAM J. HATTON, A.B. Xavier High School One oT Those very rare and invaluable people who can sTraighTen you ouT on a physics experimenT or exTricaTe you Trom a phi- losophical maze, Bill is boTh agreeable and helpTul. He garnered a miliTary air Trom Xavier Prep and Trom Two acTive years in The R.O.T.C.: buT Tor- TunaTely Tailed To acquire The celebraTed mili- Tary brusqueness ThaT someTimes accompanies This. Sodalify l3, 4lg Business Forum l3, 417 B.L.l. Club JAMES J. HAYES, A.B. Chaminade High School "Hayeso" oTTen succumbed To The de- lighT oT sleeping a Ii++Ie laTe in The morning, so much so ThaT iT was oTTen a concession To come To aTTernoon classes: buT when he sTeppecl ouT onTo gridiron This "halT-block OT graniTe", as he was lcnown Tor sharing The guard posiTion in The Tamous "seven blocks" when only a Junior, showed alerTness and TighT. P.S. He won a shag conTesT. FooTball lI,2,3,4l: Sodalify lI,2,3,4lg InTramurals lI,2,3,4l. JOHN W. HAYES, A.B. ST. Mary's High School Here is one person who hopes Tor an improved qualiTy OT American liTera- Ture in The TuTure. Johnny was a member OT The Ram sTaTT Tor The pasT Three years, The lasT Two in The capaciTy of a columnisT. His liTerary aspiraTions have led him To membership in The Quill Club oT which he became secreTary, and To The MONTHLY. RAM S+afiF IZ, 3, 4l: MONTHLY, Assoc. EcliTor I3, 4l: Quill Club l2, 3, 4l, Sec'y. I3, 4l: Press Club l2, 3, 41: SodaliTy 12, 3, 41. THE 19 EDWIN J. HEANEY, B.S. ST. PeTer's High School Ed has mildly Terrorized his Tellow classmaTes by packing his candid carn- era wiTh him wherever he roamed over The Fordham campus. His purpose Tor Thus sTalking abouT was To obTain inTimaTe shoTs Tor The MAROON. An ardenT R.O.T.C. man, summer-camp service aT The end oT Junior, gave him his happiesT momenTs. lnTramural Afhlelics T3, 4l: Officers' Club T3, 4l: MAROON Slalif l4l: Camera Club l4l: Physics Club lllq Chemisls' Club li, 2, 3, 43. MICHAEL J. HEARN, B.S. ST. Be-nedicT's Prep Because oT The way lvlike enTered inTo TooTball, baseball and Track, he was righTlully chosen by his Tellow classmen as The besT aThleTe in Senior year. This worThwhile TribuTe he mosT cerTainly deserved: and his accomplishmenTs, gained by his Tine spiriT and abiliTy, will noT be TorgoTTen by anyone who was inTeresTed in sporTs. New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily l4l: ST. Vincenl de Paul Sociely l2, 3, 4l: FooTball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Track ll, 21: Baseball ll, 2, 3, 4l. FRANK M. HINES A.B Grealr Neck High School . . Eg ' - The plea so oTTen made by various members oT The TaculTy ThaT added To scholasTic proliciency, The sTudenT should enTer inTo exTra-curricular acTiviTies cerTainly Tell on TerTile soil in Hines' case. He showed his popu- lariTy by being made PresidenT oT The HarvesTer. Sludenf Council l4l: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: Cheerleader l2, 3. 41: Business Forum l3lg Harvesler Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Sec'y l3l, Pres. l4l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4lq Officers' Club l3, 4l: lnlramural Alhlelics l2, 3, 4l. AROON CHARLES J. HOGAN, B.S. A. B. Davis High School Jeff possesses a slrong alzfinily for a ball and a ner. He has been a slellar performer for lhe Rams lennis feam during his four years al Fordham: and was caplain of Rose Hill's rackel men as a Junior in l938. ln Ping Pong, loo, he was by no means mediocre for, in I938, he won lhrough +0 The College Championship. Business Forum 1l, 2, 3, 41: Wes+ches+er Club 1l, 2. 3, 41: Tennis 1I, 2, 3, 41, Capf. 131: lnframural Afhlefics 1l, 2, 31. WILLIAM T. HOGAN, B.S. James Monroe High School Bill is an ambirious lad wi+h a love for sludying. His fondness and apri- lude for debare have made him a prominenlr char- acfer in campus circles, and if is lruly said he has ease and eloquence worlhy of a Macaulay. S+udenf Council 141: Sodelify 1l. 2, 3, 41: Ass'+. Prefecf 141: Freshman Forum 1I1: Hughes Debafing 121: Council of Debafe 13, 41: Lecfure Commi++ee, Chairman 141: Business Forum 13, 41: Harves+er Club ALDER HOLBROOK, A.B. All Hallows High School On inleresling occasions Alder has puf in his presence ar lhree formal dances in as many conseculive nighls. An admirable versalilily complerely unsuspeclecl even by his more inlimale acquainlances was evidenced from The exlraordinary spor where he spenf his oul- side worlcing hours: Macy's Toy Deparlmenl. Glee Club 12, 3, 41: Harvesfer Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Sodalify qi. 2. 3.41. THE 193 PATRICK J. HORAN, B.S. S+. Michaels High School, Union Ciiy The exieni ol Pars aciiviiy can readily be ascerlained loy a glance al' his record. Possessed of a quiclc mind and ex- pressive longue, he was a leading laclor in many informal de-bales and classroom coniroversies. Sell- assuredness has loeen Pa+'s chief sioclc in irade. New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: Officers' Club l3. 4l: Harvesfer Club f2, 3l: Business Forum l2, 3, 4l, Treas. l4l: Soclaliiy l2, 3, 4l7 lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3l. JOHN P. HUGHES, A.B. Fordham Prep ln a senior poll, John easily won Jrhe iilles "lv1os+ Brillian+" and "Bes+ Siu- den+". Anolher of his achievemenls following from his avidily for learning was his romping olll wilh lhe prize 'for 'rhe highesf Laiin, Greek average in his firsf rwo years. John also rales as a play- wrighl of belrer +han iusl average abiliiy. Sodaliiy ll, 2, 3, 4l: Freshman One Acfs: Classical Club l3, 4l: Chemisls' Club BERNARD A. HYDE, B.S. Sealile College High School Barney claims he came easi as a repre- senrarive of SeaHle's chamber of commerce. If ihis is irue we musi complimeni lhose genllemen for lheir line choice. Add lhis To a Typical Weslern friendly and amiable disposirion and you have a 'rrue piclure of our Barney. Business Forum l3, 4l: Sodalify l2. 3, 4l: Foofball ll, 2, 3, 4lg Baseball lil: Baslrelball lil: Inframural Aihleiics ll, 2. 3, 4l: Class Represe nfalive I3 AROON WALLACE J. IZZO, B.S. James Madison High School Wally had a personalily which inspires friendship. Genial, humorous, and lranlc, he filled in equally well in lhe "bull ses- sions" in The Cale, The MAROON Office or 'rhe Council Chambers. Aller lhree years he escaped Chem lab and devoled his lime lo debaling and arls. B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Council of Debaie l4l: Sodaliiy l4lg MAROON Slaff l4l, Sfalif Typisi: Chemisfs' Club ll, 21: lnframural Afhlelics ll, 2, 4l. HARRY A. JACUNSKI, B.S. New Brilain High School Quiel and easy-going. Harry was one of lhe besl-liked men of lhe Class ol '39. His lame on lhe gridiron never allecled Harry. Friendly and sensible, Harry was lhe Firsl Assislanl ol The Parlhenian Sodalily, a line bridge player, and an excellenl sludenl. ln Senior, he was selecled as Co-Caplain ol 'rhe Crowleymen. Foolboll ll, 2, 3, 4l, Co-Capt l4l: Sodaliiy l2, 3, 4l, Firsl Ass'f. l4l: Baskeiball ill: Business Forum HENRY E. JAEGER, B.S. DeWiH Clinion High School A Fordham man lo 'rhe core, Henry gives evidence ol: a well-rounded four years. Caplain of The 'rennis Team in his Senior year, he was a prominenl inlramural alhleie. His reslrained amiabilily and refreshing popularily were apprecialed by his fellow members in 'rhe Spanish Club, Tennis Team, Sodaliiy and lhe Business Forum. Tennis ll, 3, 4l, Capl. l4l: Spanish Club lil: lnframural Afhleiics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodgglylull, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum THE I9 ROBERT J. JOHNSTON, A.B. Xavier High School If anyone aslcs you why The Saiurday Evening Posf was voled The lavorile magazine of ihe Class of '39, 'rhe answer is Bob. He is a super-salesman and was ihe mosi successful business manager The RAM possessed in years. ln laci Bob procured so many ads ihal ihe RAM edilors were forced io increase The number ol pages. Freshman Forum ill: Press Club ll, 2, 3, 41: RAM ll, 2, 3, 4l. Business Mgr. l4l: Physics Club l3l: Chemisls' Club l2l: Mimes and Mummers ll, Zl: lnframural Alhlelics ll, Zl. JAMES J. KANE, A.B. Q Oswego High School Kane "of Chemical lame," alier 'four years of Lalin could find a quoiaiion from Horace lhal would be applicable for any occasion. The puns and good nalured laugh of Jrhis social Iighf and honor siudenl were oflen heard ai Slellings' and ofher noled places. "Sugar" was aclive in The Upsiaie Club, and in lhe Glee Club. French Club lll: Soclalify l3, 4l: Glen Club l3, 4l7 Upsfafe Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2l. JOSEPH E. KANE, A.B. lona Prep Fr. Cox disiinguished Joe from his classmale, Jim, by labeling him "Mr. Eihical Kane". Joe proved ihai he was worlhy of lhe +i+le by The way he enlered info many class- room dispules. Joe mixed his philosophy wilh sporis and seasoned ii wiih his line sense of sociabilily. Wesfchesler Club fl, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. l4l: Business Forum l3. 4lg Swimming l2, 3lg lnframural Afhlefics l3, 41: French Club ll, Zl: Council of Debate AROON 1 DONALD l.. KEARNEY, A.B. Fordham Prep The lremendous enfhusiasm and inler- esr 'rhe "Coach" has for radio and sporls found expression when Don became +he an- nouncer over lhe public address sysrem a+ lhe fool- ball games and sporls commenlalor over a local sialion. Fordham vofed Don mosr likely +0 succeed. Press Club 1I, 2, 3, 41: Ass'+ Foo+ball Mgr. 1l, 21: RAM, Reference Mgr. 13, 41: Mimes and Mummers 13, 41: Sodalify 13. 41: Inframural Afhlefics 1I, 2, 3, 41: Quill Club 1I1: S+. John Berchman's Sociefy 12, 3, 41. 5 Joi-IN M. KEAVEY, A.B. Xavier l-ligh School The lisl of aclivilies below is an im- pressive one, buf if fails 'ro even ap- proximale The descriplion of ihis very remarkable man. ln his quiei, sincere, and modesl' way, John has done everyihing worih doing on Fordham Campus. RAM Sfaff 1I, 2, 3, 41, Edifor-in-Chief 141: Council of De- bafe Leclure CommiHee 131: Hughes Debaling Sociely 121, Vice-Pres. 121: Vice-Pres. Junior Class: Siudenf Council 131, Vice-Pres. 141: Physics Club 131: Press Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Sec'y 141: Sodalify 12, 31: Mimes and Mummers 141: Public Rela- 'rions Direc+or, MAROON RICHARD E. KELAHER, B.S. Brooklyn Prep Dick was noi a very voluble person buf inclined ro be quiel and reliring. ln his unoslenlaiious manner he made many friends al Fordham. ln his iirsl' lwo years, Dick showed greal promise as a high jumper in ihe iniramural meeis and in Senior was a member oi rhe linesr Ram rrack aggregarion in 'rhe hisfory of Fordham. B.L.l. Club 13, 41: Chemis+s' Club 1I, 21: Sodali+y 141: lnframural Aihlefics 1l, 21: Track THE 19 FRANCIS J. KELLY, A.B. ST. BenedicT's Prep Frank is one of Those rare Fordham men who has been boTh a "boarder" and a "day-hop". His easy-going, lively personaliTy have made him popular in boTh groups. Amusing, wiTTy and having an unresTrainable Tendency Toward pracTical iolces, neiTher Frank nor his enTerTaining anTics will soon be TorgoTTen by Fordham men. New Jersey Club f2, 3, 4lq Physics Club l3l: Hisfory Club l3l: French Club l2l: Sodalify l3, 4l: Inframural Afhlefics fi, 2, 3, 49. JOSEPH P. KELLY, A.B. Brooklyn Prep For Three years Joe was Torn beTween Two loves, day-hopping and boarding. ln his lasT year he became a boarder. We will re- member Joe chiefly Tor his forensic abiliTy. His eTiecTive debaTing eTforTs were rewarded Tor he was chosen Vice-PresiclenT of The Council of DebaTe. Freshman Forum lil: Hughes Debaiing l2l: Council of Debafe I3, 4l, Vice-Pres. Hi: Sodalily l4l: Sl. Vincenl' de Paul Sociefy ll, 21: B.L.l. Club l4l: Physics Club ROBERT D. KELLY, A.B. Cairhedral Boys High School Bob is a "big Tellow", boTh in sTaTure and in inTelligence. He is The pos- Sessor ol a sound power of reasoning which was To his advanTage when persuading The crowd Trom The plaTTorm. His guieT Tones and genTlemanly con- ClucT seT him oTT from The maioriTy and will serve him in good sTead in years To come, aTTer graduaTion. Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: Hughes DebaTing Sociefy lil: Mimes and Mummers lllg Physics Club AROON VINCENT A. KELLY, B.S. 'Des While Plains High School This commuler lrom While Plains goes aboul his daily laslcs in a quiel persevering fashion-a mode ol aclivily characler- islic ol lhose who oblain lrue success. No lanlare ol lrumpels lor Vin, only cool, earnesl, endeavor blanlceling his burning ambilion. Oul ol 'rhe lec- lure hall, he was a iovial companion and a dyed-in-The wool lover of Maroon alhlelics. Soclalily l3, 413 Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3, 41. VINCENT E. KELLY, B.S. Crosby High School Vinny nor only swung an accurale driver lor lhe Maroon golf leam bul swung a mean slep al pracrically every dance lhal Fordham conducled bolh on lhe campus and oil since he has been in College. ln spring when nol on lhe linlcs Vinny could be seen on lhe handball courls. Golf ll, 2, 3, 417 Connecficul Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. l41: Mimes and Mummers ll1: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 21: lnlramural Alhlelics 141, Sl. Vincenf cle Paul l2, 3, 41. JAMES P. KENNEDY, A.B. Power Memorial Academy Red-headed, lreckled-laced, hale and hearly . . . Jim has all lhe amiable qualifies allribuled lo one ol his appearance. Mosl any allernoon aller class, Jim could be found lossing around a baskelball in lhe gym. His iovialily, his amiabilily and his more lhan iusl average alhlelic abilily won a place lor him on lhe Hill. Business Forum l3, 41: Harvesler Club 12, 3, 41, Classical Club l41: Sodalify l3, 41: lnlramurel Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 41. THE 19 LAWRENCE C. KING, B.S. Grover Cleveland High School 4 Larry is perhaps lhe mosl aloof and sell-reslrained Senior on Ihe camp- us. Ordinarily aboul as silenl as a sphinx, Ihe mere sound oi his voice comes as a pleasing sur- prise. Siudious ancl reiiring, he neverlheless was an aclive member ol many campus organizalions. Physics Club I3I: Hughes Debaling Sociely III: Chemisls' Club I2l: French Club III: Sodalify I3, 4lg Business Forum I2Iq Inlramural Alhlalics ROBERT J. KING, A.B. 'i All Hallows High School When you speak oi a man as uprighi, people are prone Io suspecl Ihai he rnusl be inclined Io be ol a boring person. Bur alihough Bob has a iine moral characler, he ranks high socially, possessing a line sense ol humor. Glee Club Il, 2, 3, 4l: MONTHLY Slafi I4l: Harvesler Club II, 2, 3, 4l: Mimes and Mummers II, Zi: Physics Club I3, 4l: Freshman Forum: MAROON Slafl I4l: French Club I2l: Sluclenf Council I4I: Chemisfs' Club IZI: Officers' Club I3, 4,1 Sodaliiy II, 2, 3, 4l, Ass'I' Prefecf I4I: Business Forum WILLIAM J. KING, A.B. Hackensack High School Self resirained and serious, BiIl's abilily compensales for any lack of boislerous aclivily. Quiei, Though engaging, his clelerminalion backed by his slerling cap- abiliiies gained for him Ihe respecled posi- lion of Secreiary ol The Council ol Debaie. Hughes Debaling Sociely Ill: Sodalily II, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club I3, 4I: Council of Debale I3, 4I. Sec'y. I4l: Hislory Club IBI: Chemisls' Club 123: Business Forum I3, 4l: New Jersey Club II, 2, 3, 4I: Harvesfer Club AROON JOSEPH D. KIRBY, B.S. Medford High School Brillianr, amiable, Joe was rewarded by ihe boarders wiih +he Presidency of lhe Residenr Srudenls. Joe was one of rhe real leaders of rhe Class of '39. We know rhar Joe will win rhe same admira+ion and respeci in his chosen field of Medicine as he has gained al Rose Hill. lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodelify l2, 3, 4l: Siudeni' Council I4-lg MassachuseHs Club l2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l3l: S+. Vincenf de Paul Socie+y l2, 3, 4l: Press Club ROBERT M. KLEIN, B.S. De Wifi Clinron High School Ambiiious, buoyanl, and endowed wiih compefirive spiril, "Chuck" coniinu- ally reaped scholasric honors. Cool in argument he is unhesilaiing in his almosi condescending manner, of communicaling his seemingly inexhausi- able slore of sporls iniormaiion io receplive ears. Physics Club lil: Chemis+s' Club ll, 21: Mendel Club l3, 41: German Club ill: MAROON Sfaff l4l: CABMUTH Staff l4l: ln+ramural Afhlefics ll, Zl. MICHAEL J. KOCHEL, B.S. Bloomfield High School To rhe rhousands of complimenrary words wriiren abour Mike by The na- +ion's sporiswrilers we express complele agreemenf. This modesr, inspiralional co-leader of rhe '38 Crow- leymen won a place in ihe hearis of all Fordham men. Fordham has had slellar linemen before and probably will conlrinue To buf she'll never forger Mike, Foofball ll, 2, 3, 4l, Co-Capf. l4l: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodali+y l3, 4lg Business Forum I3, 4l. T H E 1 9 CSCAR E. KUMMER, B.S. Sefon Hall Prep Never a voluble chap, Oscar won a greaf deal of admiralion from his classmafes by his infrequenf buf neverfheless infel- ligenl remarlcs. ln Freshman, he displayed pofenfial foofball grealness buf in lafer years af Rose Hill, Oscar devofed his lime fo sfudies wifh grafifying resulfs, while confinuing in lnframural Afhlefics. Business Forum ll, 21: Foofbell ll1: lnframurnl Alhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisls' Club LEONARD J. LALLY, B.S. Jamaica High School An able sfudenf. Len was af fhe same lime endowed wifh a friendly nafure which won for him The friendship of many of fhe Seniors. He was an honor sludenf in each of his four years and he garnered several medals for his proficiency in successfully pursuing each course. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41: Hughes Debaling Sociely ll, 21: Council of Debale 141: Harvesler Club l41: French Club l3, 41: Press Club l3, 41: lnframural Alhlelics l3, 41. FRANCIS S. LANTIER, B.S. De Will Clinfon High School Frank was one of our more acfive Seniors, parlicipafing in bofh exfra- curricular and inframural acfivifies. He was an oulsfanding member of fhe Glee Club in his final fwo years and also was an imporfanf cog in fhe Harvesler Club and Business Forum. His ping-pong abilify was known fo all lhe habilues of lhe "Recer." Glee Club l3, 41: Sodalify l3, 41: Business Forum ll, 21: Infra- mural Afhlelics ll, 2, 31: Chemisfs' Club l21: French Club ll AROON JOHN F. LARKIN, B.S. Brewsier High School Jack obiains Jrhe proper varieiy by following conceniraied siudy wiih relaxaiion ai lhe various siaie clubs' lormals. Jaclcs sirong love for sporis has led him To en- lhusiasiic pariicipaiion in iniramural games, be- sides The spiriied following of ihe Rams in all sporis, showing a school spiril unparalleled on Rose I-lill. Sodaliiy 13, 41: Upsfafe Club 1l, 2, 3, 4: Business Forum 141: lnframural A+hle+ics 1l. 21: Press Club 141: Chemisis' Club WILLIAM F. LATZ, A.B. Fordham Prep Easy-going, pleasani - This describes Bill io us raiher well. l-le has an admirable evenness of +emperamen'r and a warmih aboul him ihai would sei even a periecf siranger ai ease. An aciive and well lcnown campus person- alily Bill is a popular member of ihe RAM. RAM Sfaff 13, 41: Press Club 13, 41: Sodalify 1I, 2, 3.41: Council of Debaie 13, 41: lnframural Afhleiics 1I, 21: Business Forum 141: Chemisis' Club GEORGE E. LEARY, B.S. Manchesrer High School "Jiggs" ran his hearf info 'rhe hearis of all Ram 'rraclc followers by his line exhibilions on +he boards and won his way in all our hearis wiih his engaging smile and his allable nafure. Fordham's loss will be greai when George graduaies for men like him are hard io replace. Track 1l. 2, 3, 41: Cross Coun+ry 1I, 2, 3, 41: Soclalify 1I, 2, 3, 41: Conneciicuf Club 1I, 2, 3, 41, Recording Sec'y. 141: lniramural Aihlefics 12, 3. 41. THE 19 DERWOOD H. LEWIS, B.S. Kingsion High School Suave and nonchalanl "Doc" was one of lhe popular ligures around The Rose Hill campus. Whelher on Ihe gridiron or in lhe classroom, he won The respecl of his lellow classmales by his insaliable enlhusiasm and his will +o win. His inleresl in ihe aclivily ol lhe Pennsylvania Club won him Iwo execulive posilions. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, I: Pensylvania Club ll, 2, 3, 4I, Sec'y. l3l, Vice Pres. I4I: Foolball ll, 2, 3, 4I: Inlramural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3I. WILLIAM E. LISSY, B.S. De Will Clinlon High School Bill's oulslanding accomplishmenl is doubllessly his abilily +o wresile high grades from lhe recalcilranl and highly imperson- al subiecls ol The Fordham's curriculum. This occu- palion never assumed proporlions lhal caused Bill an an uish or revenlecl him lrom enioying himself. Y Q P Harvesler Club IZ, 3, 41: Officers' Club I3, 4I: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: Soclalily l3, 4I: MAROON Slaff l4I: Inlramural Alhlelics ll, Zi. GUIDO M. LOMETTI, A.B. Fordham Prep Guido was familiar wilh Fordham ancl her ways before enlering Jrhe college. for he was a Prep man. His imposing lisl of aclivi- lies signifies lhal he caughl her spiril. Always a hard worlcer. he plans lo conlinue his sluclies in prepara- 'lion for The denial profession ailer he leaves us. German Club II, 2I: Chemisls' Club IZI: Track ll, 2, 3, 4I: Inframural Aihlelics II, 2, 3l: Ifalian Club I3, 4l: L'ARIETE SI-:FF l4Ip Sodalily IZ, 3.41. MAROON Nia.. 'N- TK BERNARD J. LOUGHLIN, A.B. Fordham Prep Barney is one oT The quieT Type and an exempliTicaTion oT The old pro- verb "sTill waTers run deep." A TesT oT his ouT- calm will reveal his inner depTh. Having his Prep school days on The campus, he is sTeeped in Fordham lore. Having considerable arTisTic TalenT much oT his Time was consumed illusTraTing arTicles and shorT sTories Tor The Fordham MONTHLY. Monihly 13, 41: SodaliTy 1417 Business Forum JOHN B. LOUGHRAN, A.B. KingsTon High School Here was The man whose counTenance was always indicaTive oT complele saT- isTacTion. By naTure careTree, Jack neverTheless held several responsible posTs especially as Vice-PresidenT oT The UpsTaTe Club. This ineilfaceable equanimiTy proved parTicularly advanTageous To The "Judge," Tor iT cemenTed many Triendships Tormed in TirsT year. UpsT-:Te Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. 141: Sodalify 141: lnframural AThle+ics ll, 2, 31: Track 12, 3, 41. JOSEPH R. LUPO. B.S. Us BryanT High School Joe was a sTudenT oT science. Unob- Trusive, his recess was a ChemisTry LaboraTory where he spenT many hours dexTerously handling apparaTus Tamiliar only To The scienTiTic- ally-iniTiaTed. Eager To parTicipaTe in Quadrangle aThleTics and To assisT less compeTenT men in The Lab, Joe's companionship is desired by many. Chemisfs' Club TI, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club TI1: Sodalify 131: lnframural Afhlefics 12, 31. TyHE19 JAMES J. LYONS. A.B. S+. Nicholas of Tolenline H. S. Bronx Jim was a leading figure in lhe exira-curricular iield. Presidenl ol lhe unusually aclive Mimes and Mummers, iurning our RAMBLINGS columns, an aclive legislalor in lhe Council he was an agilalor and a parliameniarian. His is ihe creolir for The Press Club's rebirlh. Mimes and Mummers fl, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. l4l: RAM S+aFf ll, 2, 3, 4lg Press Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. i4lq S+uden'r Council l4lg Council of Debaie l4l, Lecfure Commiifee l4l: Hughes Debafing Socieiy ll, Zl: French Club ll, Zl. PETER J. McBREEN, A.B. Xavier High School Capable Pele was willing lo admif 'rhai everyone came lo him for advice. In his good nalure he could laugh off mosl any- rhing, buf slill he had a reserved and pleasani graviiy. His admirable record in sfudies and his pleasanr personalily have won for him a posiiion as iuior afier he leaves our midsi in June. MAROON Shah' l4l: Sodalify f4l: ln+ramural Afhlefics fl, Zi: Tennis JOHN F. McCABE, A.B. Roosevelr High School The quiel "Doc" was one oi lhe few Bachelor of Arrs siudenis who look rhe pre-medical course. This necessiiaied many exlra hours of laboraiory worlc boih in Junior and Senior years. The balance which came To Jack as a resull of bolh scienlific and classical sludy will undoubiedly prove beneficial 'ro him in laier life. Mendel Club l4l: Chemisfs' Club l3l: Sodeli+y Ml: French Club MARODN FRANCIS J. McCAFFREY, B.S. Fordham Prep For four years Frank amused his class- mafes wi+h his droll siories. Yer he was more Than iusi a humoris'r. ln his more serious momenis he showed a keen mind and his opinion was always soughi in impor+an'r mailers. lvlosi any ailernoon would find Frank holding cour+ in +he caieieria where a hosl of friends galhered. His boy- ish smile and lrish humor will cerlainly be missed. Sodalify l4l: Focfball ll, 2,5 MAROON Sfaff Fordham Prep The Senaior as he is called by his friends, is a jolly, happy-go-lucky sfudenf, buf never such lhai he cannof find Jrime io s'rudy. He has poured his surplus energy inio many diverse channels, and some day we'd like +o see The Senafor live up To his nickname. Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4lq Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: lniramural A+hle+ics ll, 2, 3, 4lg Hisfory Club l3, 4l: Physics Club DoNALD e. McCALLlON, A.B. 6 'Q EDWARD H. MCCOY, A.B. Brooklyn Prep Ed broughr a lone of ma'ruri'ry when he came lo Rose Hill and his capabilify and knowledge broughf a good-nalured, sobering noie To any session lhai he aliended. He also gave some hini of his abiliiy when he piiched during Sophomore year. His uniorfunale Jrhai business oflen deprived us of Ed's enlerlaining company. Well- dressed and handsome Fd Typiiied a college man. Baseball ll, 21. THE 1939 MATTHEW C. McCUE, B.S. Sf. Benedicivs Prep MaH's freshness and genuine enihus- iasm have made him a siimulaiing per- sonaliiy. A malure wif and ready smile have added 'ro his populariiy. Mail embodies all qualifies lor a 'lull personalily and is equally ai ease in lhe class room and al The various Fordham social funclions, especially 'rhe Jersey Club dances. German Club II1: Chemisis' Club ll, 21: Sodalify 141: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: MAROON Sfaffg lniramural Afhleiics ll, 2, 3, 41. EUGENE McDONOUGH, A.B. Xavier High School Gene, more commonly known as "Red," was ever a quife, and unassuming chap. His relicence, however, concealed a keen and refenfive mind and a+ odd rnomenis his dry care' fully direcied humor would brealc lorlh. Sincere, dependable and indusirious Gene was 'rhaf 'rype of man who inspire long and lasfing friendships. Business Forum 131: Sodalify 141: Physics Club 131: Infra- mural Aihlefics ll, 2, 3, 41. JOHN B. McGETRICK, B.S. S+. Nicholas ol Tolenfine H. S. Mac is a humorisi wiih a flair for ihe "Bunyanesque." Even some of lhe more asiuie members of The class were oiien de- ceived by his feigned naiveie and his subile sense of humor. His circle of acquainfances was exlen- sive. Those who have been inieresied in The infer- class baskelball iourneys will remember Mac's long, angling figure and his accuraie sei' shoi. French Club 121: Iniramuiral A+hlpfics ll, 2, 3, 41: Sodalify 2, 3, 4 . MAROON ill: JOSEPH M. MCGINLEY, B.S. CaThedral Boy's High School Joe was lcnown and respecTed by his classmares as a serious, reserved and Thoroughly likeable person, who devoTed much ol his Time To The Band. For This endeavor he was rewarded wiTh a co-managership in The Band, a seaT on The Council and a place in The hearTs of Fordham men. B.L.l. Club ll, 4l: SodaliTy l4l: Ass'T Mgr. Band l2, 3l, Co- Manager l4l: PaTronage Ed. MAROON l4l: STudenT Council l4l: Chemisls' Club l2, 3, 4l. JOSEPH A. McGINNIS, A.B. ST. Joseph's High School Non-commiTTal is The word which TiT- Tingly describes Joe. He was a brilIianT conversaTionalisT as per The deTiniTion concerning a good lisTener, and he would absorb all unTil some poinT, needing correcTion, would compel him To be- come vocal. For all This TaciTurniTy, he could say in one senTence whaT would Talce oThers an hour. Cheer Leader l2, 3, 4l: SodaliTy l4l: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Inframural Afhlefics l2, 3lg Chemisls' Club JAMES J. McGLYNN, A.B. Fordham Prep The "Boa's" liTerary procliviTies led him To a recognized posiTion in The realm of campus poesy and composiTion. Serious oT demeanor, his ThoughTTul observaTions are well considered in conversaTional circles. lnTeresTed in philosophy, his raTing is one To be envied. Sodalify l3, 4l: MAROON, Ass"r Edifor l4lg Press Club l3, 4l: Business Forum l2, 3l: Quill Club l4l: Council of Debale l4l, Leclure CommifTee l4lg lnframural Alhlefics l2, 3, 4l. THE 19 WILLIAM J. McGOOKIN, A.B. Xavier High School A IoT of "CooIcie's" Time was spenT aT "R.O." where Mac's capabiliTies were maniTesTed on The Rifle Range and in The band. BuT his acTiviTies were by no means resTricTed by his in- Tense enThusiasm Tor The sword and drum. He ended by acTing as CirculaTion Manager of The IVIAROON. Bancl II, 2, 3, 41: Board of Gov. I3, 41: Rifle Team II, 2, 3, 41: Spanish Club II, 21: MAROON Circ. Manager I41: Officers' Club I3, 41: Inframural AThIeTics II, 2, 3. 41. JOSEPH T. McGOWAN, A.B. Regis High School Joe's Triends know him as ThaT in- Tense Type oT an Irishman whose very doggedness abouT Things commands respecT Trom all who know him. True To a poinT, he will Tollow iT To The biTTer end. IT Joe's deTerminaTion To be a policeman maTerializes These quaIiTies he posesses will cerTainly sTand him in good sTead. SodaliTy II, 2, 3, 41: Inframural AThleTics II, 2, 3, 41: Press Club I41: Business Forum I3, 41: Council of DebaTe I41: ChemisTs' Club THOMAS F. McGUIRE, A.B. S115 Regis High School Every Thoughi' well considered, and refined before appIicaTion is The way Tom's mind TuncTions. His hairline concepTions have enlivened many philosophy classes. He has always enjoyed a Triendly argumenT which can be aTTribuTed To his SophisT Club experience. Council of DebaTe I41: B.L.I. Club I3, 41: SocIaliTy II, 2, 3, 41: Harvesfer Club I31: InTramural AThleTics II, 2, 31: Chemisfs' Club I21: Press Club MAROON JOHN L. McINTYRE, B.S. Fordham Prep 2 ll you've ever gone +o +he Polo Grounds on a Salurday in November, you've noiiced Jrhis smiling, chubby red-haired cheer- leader. Good-nalured Red has been a four year Wesicheslerile and his aciiviiy and abiliiy earned for him The coveied posilions oi Secy. and Treas. Cheer Leader ll, 2, 3, 41: Wesfchesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Trees. l3l, Sec'y Ml: Business Forum l3l: lnlramurel Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41: Tennis lil: Chemisfs' Club l2l: Harvesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l. VINCENT H. McKIERNAN, A.B. Regis High School Vinny could be called, approprialely "The Laughing Boy" if The indian cus- +om of making names lil' personalilies were in vogue. Rourine dullness never Jrarnished his perperually happy counlenance. A keen srudeni, 'rrue sodalisl, aciive lhespian, as well as an invereraie inlra- mural pariicipanr - Vinny is a man +o remember. Mimes and Mummers lil: Soclalify l4l: lniramural Afhleiics fl, 2, 31. WILLIAM G. McKONE, B.S. Sanford High School Life lo Bill is replele wifh ioy. Any siluaiion has a lighler side for him, and if none can be found, he is noi averse 'ro in- iecling humor himselll. lnspiie of BiII's "lack" games, which bolhered unsuspecling classmales. he was well-liked lor his affabiliiy and humor, which oHen allevialed +he scholasfic Jrension. Harvesler Club fl, 2, 3,7 Business Forum l4l: Sodalify l4l: lnframural Afhlefics i2, 31. THE 1939 THOMAS McLAUGHLlN, A.B. Fordham Prep Tom was one OT The mosT hard-hiTTing, ouTspoken sporTs ediTors ThaT The RAM has had in many a year. Tall and Thin oT Trame, he was a Typical sporTs ediTor. Endowed wiTh a causTic wiT and an' analyTical mind in Things- aThleTic Tom acTed and behaved like Fordham's own Jimmy Powers whom he inTends To join in June. RAM STaTT ll, 2, 3, 4l, Ass'T SporTs Ed. l3l, SporTs EdiTor l4l: Press Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club l3. 4lq MAROON SporTs Ed. JOHN A. MCNAIR, B.S. Flushing High School Jack supplied his own biography by his consTanT use oT a word, "sTeady." UnobTrusive, unassuming in The classroom, Jaclc was'a TluenT conversaTionalisT and humorisT in The many sessions aTTer class. In Freshman, Jack was a luminary on The Baseball Team buT a chipped elbow ended his baseball aspiraTions. Baseball ill: ChemisTs' Club ll, 2, 31: B.L.l. ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum THOMAS MCPARTLAND, A.B. Regis High School N A more energeTic FordhamiTe could scarcely be Tound. Tom was a cheer- leader Tor Tour years and his eTTorTs were rewarded wiTh The squad co-capTaincy. Tom's agreeable and enTerTaining personaliTy so well displayed when he was leading cheers was also maniTesTed and appreciaTed by The many Triends he made here. Cheerleader ll, 2, 3, 4l, Co-Capfein l4l: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: lnframural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 4l: MAROON STaTT MAROON WILLIAM J. McPEAK, A.B. Fordham Prep Willie is 'rhe easy going Type who never gels upset His hobby is read- ing, and from his perusals of The masiers musl come his lranquiliiy of mind. ln his sludies he does well and in 'lhe exlra-curricular field, he has per- 'ricipaled in Sodalily. lhe RAM, Quill Club, Allar Socieiy, dramalics as well as lniramural Alhleiics. Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4,3 RAM Slaff ill: lnlramurnl Afhleiics l2. 43: Quill Club mi MAROON sisfr 441. SM ARTHUR B. MCSWEENEY, B.S. Bryanl High School Ari chose a business course a+ Rose l'lill and he complemenled his class work wilh aciiviiy in lhe Business Forum for his final +wo years. Ar+'s iudgmeni was respecied as being reliable and lrusiworlhy. l'lis inleresling opin- ions enlivened many B.l..l. and l-larvesler meelings. Business Forum l3, 4ig Sodalily l4l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4.1: lnframural Aihlelics ll. 2, 3. 41: Chemisfs' Club l2l: Harvesf- er Club l3, 41: French Club GEORGE W. McSWEENEY, A.B. Fordham Prep Ahler having prepped ai Fordham, George slepped in+o our A.B. course. l-lis decision lo slucly medicine ensued 'from lhe focusing ol: his alienlion on Chemislry and Biology. l-le masiered ihese as easily as he had conquered olhers. Soil-spoken, confideni George encounlered bul li++le diiliicully enlering Medical school. Chemisls' Club i2, 3, 4i: Physics Club I3, 4lg Business Forum Ui: Harvesier Club l2, 3. 4l: lnframural Aihlefics Ty H E 1 9 9 THOMAS W. MADDEN, A.B. Regis High School Tom's happy allilude is apparenl whelher he holds his courl in lhe Cale, lhe "Racer," or any oi The olher places lhe "Chief" visils. ll has helped win him many honors and, as a lasl lesiimony of his organizing abilily, he was chosen Business Manager of lhe presenl MAROON. MAROON Business Mgr. l4lg Class Sec'v l3lg Class Repre- senfafive ll, 2, Blg Spanish Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Trees. l3, 4l: Council of Debafo l4l, Lecfure Commilfee l4l: RAM Slaff l4l: Camera Club l4l: Business Forum l4l: Press Club l4l: Soclalily l3, 4l. ROBERT F. MAGUIRE, A.B. Newlown High School The "Mouse" is anolher boy who is always in a hurry. He was a charler member of lhe 8:59 club and boasls lhal he was never in lime lo don a gown for The iirsl period. Oul ol class, if he was noi rushing around lrying lo persuade olhers lo appear for inlrarnural evenls he would be found invariably in lhe Rec Room. French Club l3, 4l: FORDHAM FRANCE, Ass'f Ediior l4l: Inframural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4lg Sodelily l4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, Zl: Ass'f Baslcefball Mgr. ll, 2l. WALTER J. MAHER, A.B. Fordham Prep Reliable, consislenl, ellicienl - lhis was Waller. Anolher eighl-year man on The campus by his four year preparalory worlc done al The Prep. More learned, more educaled afler his college course bul siill possessing lhese fine qualilies which we knew him by since Freshman days. Harvesler Club l3, 41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4,1 Hisfory Club l4l: Inhamural Alhleiics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Chemisfs' Club l2l: Council of Debafe MAROON 6 JosEPi-1 A. MANGANARO, B.S. 4-5 Xavier High School Joe was The soul oT sinceriTy, a qualiTy which he lenT To The lTalian Club, oT which he was SecreTary in his Tinal year. and The B.L.I. IT was in acTiviTy oT scienTiTic benT, however, ThaT Joe excelled. His careTree, gay disposiTion was recognized by all who knew him as his ouTsTanding characTerisTic. Halian Club l3, 4l. Sec'y. l4l: Mendel Club l2, 3l: Chemisfs' Club l2l: B.L.l. Club l2, 3, 4l: lniramural AThleTics ll, Zl. GERARD F. MARKEY, A.B. lona Prep Jerry's sole vice is To be groomed immaculaTely aT all Times. His aTTire is invariably ahead OT The Tashion plaTes, and his unassuming charm is mosT assuredly The cyno- sure oT The TairesT. mosT exacTing debuTanTes in any oT GoTham's Tamous social lairs. Band ll, 2l: Swimming ll, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club l2, 3l: SodaliTy l3, 4l: Mimes and Mummers l4lg Council of Debafe l4lg Press Club l4lp lnframural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 4l: MAROON STa'FT CARL MARKOW, B.S. Dickinson High School Carl noT only ranked high scholasTic- ally louT also in Those rare qualiTies ThaT consTiTuTe comradeship. Endowed wiTh invig- oraTing humor he was a reTreshing conversaTionalisT. Well-inTormed, he parTicipaTed in lively discus- sions concerning poliTical, social, and inTernaTion- al Topics. Never one To bask in The social lime- lighT he was neverTheless a True Fordham man. Physics Club l4l: SodaliTy THE 19 JOHN G. MASON. B.S. Dean Academy When you are feeling parlicularly glum and in need of cheer, see Gil for he is Fordham's laugh-malcer. He has always been an exponenl of a well-balanced program of worlc and recrealion. His amusing anlics have been a conslanl source of joy especially lo Those in Sl. John's dorms. Massachuselfs Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y. l4l: Sodalify l3, 417 lnframural Afhlefics ll, Zlg Press Club l4lq S+. Vincenf De Paul Sociely ll, 2, 3, 4l. JOSEPH C. MATERA, A.B. Xavier High School ln Senior, Joe, for lhe lirsl lime an- swered Jrhe call of lhe loollighls and he played a lealured role in "The Silenl Woman." The llalian Club wilhoul him would be uniquely a club wilhoul a vicespresidenl. Joe's inguisilive nafure was apparenl al many of lhe science club meelings. Mimes and Mummers l4l: llalian Club l3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: lnframural Afhlelics l2, 3l: Chemisfs' Club l3, 4l: Physics Club l3, 417 Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l. PAT MAXWELL, B.S. Fordham Prep TDP' Bearing lhe dislincrion ol being Jrhe youngesl man in lhe class, Pal has been a remarkable sludenl during his college career. Since Freshman Year Pal has garnered scholaslic honors. This big boy was wonr lo pull on his unusually large pipe while engaging in an in- felleclual barlle al chess. The inrricacies of lhe advanced Physics course proved rounline lo Par. Chemisfs' Club ll, Zlg Physics Club ll, 2lq German Club lI,2l. MAROON EUGENE A. MAZZA, B.S. Union Hill High School This persisTenT sTudenT chose Chem- isTry and could oTTen be Tound in his TavoriTe haunT, The ChemisTry LaboraTory, hurriedly yeT eTTicienTly handling inTricaTe chemical appa- raTus. Gene was a loyal New Jersey Club member, prominenT in The club's acTiviTy. ln Junior year, Gene showed unsuspecTed abiliTy in a Tennis Tourney. Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: InTramural AThleTics 13, 41: Sodalify 141: Halian Club JOSEPH M. MEEHAN, B.S. iCanTerbury School A person who has a seaT on The STock Exchange and a seaT in The Senior class aT The same such a one, Tor in newspapers carried a member oT The culTured, charming assuring Tigure in Time is indeed rare. Joe was March oT his Senior year The The sTory ThaT he had become Wall STreeT TraTerniTy. QuieT, Joe will be a calm and re- The maelsTrom oT Ticker-Tape. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: SodaliTy JOSEPH J. MELLY, B.S. RoosevelT High School Unassuming and held in high esTeem by FordhamiTes, Joe was an inTeresTing conversaTionalisT and an acTive member of several organizaTions. Joe was one oT The Tew men who laid claim To a Tour-year membership in Two campus Clubs. He was sure To go where wenT The Ram. WesTchesTer Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: SodaliTy 13, 41: French Club lI1: Physics Club 131: lnTra- murals ll, 2, 3, 41. 1',l-is 19 PAUL E. MEMMO, A.B. Fordham Prep Serious, pleasanf Paul had perhaps as rich a knowledge and as keep apprecia- fion of fine music as any Fordham sfudenf. He could be proud of fhe facf fhaf he has missed very few operas during fhe currenf season. He can defend his posifion on various fypes of opera. French Club fl, 2, 3, 4l: FORDHAM FRANCE Edifor l3, 4,1 Quill Club l2l: Sodalify l4lg Mimes and Mummers A B Davis High School Since Freshman, Lou has been a faifhful member of fhe band. As a freshman fhey gave him a frombone, in Sophomore a big drum, in Junior fhe cymbals. ln Senior, he would nof forsake his cymbals. Besides being an officer of fhe R.O.T.C. he has held almosf every lfalian Club office. LOUIS Micclo, A.B. Band ll, 2, 3, 4l: Officers' Club l3, 41: lfalian Club ll, 7, 3, 41, Treas. l2l, Sec'y. f3l, Pres. JOSEPH K. MIKITA, B.S. Gorfon High School The name of lvlikifa meanf one fhing fo members of The RAM sporfs sfaff . . . golf. Joe has been one of fhe Ram luminaries on fhe links. However, lesf fhe wrong impression be conveyed Joe's acfivify was nof limifed fo golf, Gay and debonair, Joe was an acfive Fordham man. Golf ll, 2, 3. 4l, Cap'f. l4l: Glee Club l2, 3, 41: Officers' Club l3, 4l: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4l: Spanish Club ll, 21: Harvesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalify. MAROON MICHAEL MONAGHAN, B.S. Hawley High School A Mike will long be remembered musi- cally, socially and aihlelically. The iuba man in ihe band, he was preseni ai every social iunciion in his four years al Fordham. His abiliiy ai ping-pong will be confirmed by Jrhe long lis+ ol men who had io give way before capablelvlilce. Glee Club ll, 2, 3l: Band ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l2, 3, 4l: Chemisls' Club l2l: Physics Club l3l: Camera Club l4l: Orches+ra ll, 2l: Scclalify RUSSELL V. MONICA, B.S. l S+. Benedic+'s Prep Here was a lemperamenial, argumenla- live son of Fordham. Wherever "Pappa Russ," was, +here was aclrivify. The fooiball field found Monica holding down a guard posl for which Sleepy Jim is graielul. His pleasing personaliiy made Russ many 'friends in The Rec Room, on ihe aihleiic field or in any dorm ol S+. John's Hall. Foofbell ll. 2, 3, 4l: Sodelify l3, 41: Baseball ll, 2, 3l: Iialian Club l4l: ln+ramural A+hle+ics l3, 4l. JOHN J. MOONEY, A.B. Fordham Prep . Jaclcs ouisianding characlerisiicsarehis earneslness and sincerily. An analysis of Jack reveals he is a ihoroughly analysi, be ihe sub- iecf looiball mouse Traps, efhical problems, or governmenial policies, His opinions are usually sound and respecied. Added +o his in+ellec'rual per- spicaciiy is a iolly good humor, and 'rhe resulf is a well-rounded, well-informed Fordham genileman. Sodalify l4l: lnframurals ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum Ty H E 1 9 3 9 WILLIAM J. MOORE, A.B. Fordham Prep Here was The personificaiion of all These qualiTies which are soughT in a college man. We will recall his happy laugh, his infecfious smile and his hearT-warming friendship. "Boffer" was always one To avoid noTorieTy on The campus buT There were fewer men who were more respecfed and more admired Than This same Willie. Business Forum l2, 3, 4-lg Sodalify l3, 41: Physics Club MORTIMER D. MORIARTY, B.S. De WiTT ClinTon High School Morfy is a quieT, unassuming genTleman wiTh a flair for philosophy. His in- Teresfing, wiTTy, yeT ofTen serious conversaTion made him popular among his class maTes, who see in him The virTues and qualifies of a True Fordham man. These qualiTies assure him of gaining ThaT success wiThouT which he will noT be conTenT. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 417 RAM STaFf ll, 21, Physics Club l3l: Sodalify ll, 2, 4l: Harvesfer Club ll, 2, 3l: Press Club ll, Zl. GEORGE J. MORIO. A.B. Xavier High School George is one of The few Xavier boys who did noT ioin The R.O.T.C. while aT Rose Hill. ln Junior he enfered The oraTorical con- TesT and he meT greaf success. His secrefly nursed ambiTions concern Themselves wiTh The German Club. He has been a member since Sophomore and has frequenfly conTribuTed arTicles To iTs publicafions, which drew praise from all Those on The campus. German Club l2, 3, 4l: SodaliTy I3, 4l. MAROON EDWARD J. MORONEY, A.B. Fordham Prep Willicisms emanale from Ed lilse rays of lighl from lhe sun. He has a posi- lively uncanny knack of making poinled sallies and is a masler of reparlee, in which field he slands alone. A humorous companion, he was always a desired parlicipanl of any Cafe "bull session." Mimes ancl Mummers ll, 2, 3, 41: RAM Sl-aff l3, 41, Ass'+. Circ. M'gr. l41: Soclalily l41: Press Club l3, 41: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 21: Council of Debale JOHN D. MORRIS, B.S. Regis High School One lrail Thar all collegians aim al is versalilily. John possessed This frail' lo a remarkable degree. He was a fine Science siudenl, acling as a Biology assisianl. He was a Ram lraclc luminary for 'rhree years: he was promi- nenl in lhe R.O.T.C. He commanded our respecl. Vice-Pres. of Senior Class: Track l2, 3, 41: German Club l2, 3, 41: Mendel Club l3, 41: Officers' Club I3, 41: Physics Club lI1: Chemisfs' Club ll1: Sl. John's Berchman l2, 3, 41: Class Represen+a+ive 12, 31: Sodalily Brooklyn Prep Combine a high scholasllc average, a long lisl of exrra-curricular aclivilies and a pleasing personalily and lhe resull would be HAI." His hours of daily lravel lo reach lhe Hill serve as a glimpse ol lhe serious way in which he is pur- suing his educalion which will end wilh him a doclor. German Club ll, 21: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: llalian Club l31: Physics Club l31: Chemisls' Club l2, 31: lnframural Alhlelics ll, 21. ALFRED R. MOYSELLO, A.B. 'rl-1:19 RAYMOND R. MOZZER, B.S. Manchesler High School Ray is a nalural humorisl. His imila- lions enlivened many an olherwise gruelling foofball praclice session. Ever enlhusi- aslic and blessed wilh a iovial disposifion Ray broughl These gills 'ro several Maroon organiza- lions. Happily The MAROON was one ol lhese. Business Forum ll, 21: Sodaliiy ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisls' Club 121: Connec+icu+ Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Foofball ll, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club 131: MAROON Slaff 141: lnframural Afhlefics ll, 21. MITCHELL MULHOLLAND, A.B. Regis High School Mifch is nol al' all whal one would call ordinary. He is noled by a whimsicalily +ha+ is confusing lo one who does nol lcnow him. He is an excellenf arlisl' and a lucralive business wails him in lhe carloon- ing field should he embrace il. His sense ol humor is refreshing and is reflecled in 'rhe cari- calures which he manages lo do so well, Sodalify 141: MONTHLY Sfaff l41: Olificers' Club 13, 41. LAWRENCE MULLARKEY, B.S. S+. Ann's Academy Larry became lhe lirsl man ever lo represenl Fordham on Jrhe Undergradu- ale Board ol Direclors of The l.C.44A., a board consisling of Jrwelve members lhroughouf The coun- lry. As Track Manager for four years he had fhe personal responsibilily ol everyfhing perlaining +o The Fordham lraclc leam excepr coaching. Track Manager ll, 2, 3, 417 Sodaliiy l3, 41: Business Forum l21g lnframural Ailnleiics ll, 21: Hughes Debafing MAROON X 2vaiQzf"-'Q utr, i V 'HQ ARTHUR A. MULLIGAN, A.B. Xavier High School Perhaps you have seen fhe "Dude" wearing all of his fiffeen medals and you mighf have remarked "How well he wears fhemf' He won fhem for his marksmanship and holds records bofh af Fordham and New Rochelle. Ari also has a passion for good music and bridge. MAROON Ass'f. Bus. M'gr. 141: Rifle Team ll, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y. 131: Officers' Club 13, 41: Sodalify l3, 41: Spanish Club ll, 2, 3, 411 Council of Debafe T41. Lecfure Commiffee 141. WILLIAM H. MULLIGAN, A.B. Cafhedral Prep When Bill was elecfed chairman of Senior Week. The New York Times un- earfhed fhe facf fhaf he was relafed fo Archbishop Hughes, Fordham's founder. This viloranf and influ- enfial campus characfer is one of The very few Ramsfaffers who can quofe fhe immorfal Horace. Chairman of Senior Week: Class Sec'y. 141: RAM Sfaff fl, 2, 3, 41, Ass'f. Sporfs Edifor 141: Sfudenf Council T41: MAROON Co-Sporfs Edifor T41: Press Club 12, 3, 41: Infra- mural Afhlefics ll, 215 Hughes Debafing Sociefy ALFRED L. MURPHY, B.S. Fordham Prep AI is indeed a well rounded person- alify. Good humored, he has a falenf for seeing fhe brighf side, nof in fhe manner of fhe cynical wif, buf in fhe way of fhe genfle humor- isf. This is fhe qualify fhaf won him so many friends. His acfivify lisf speaks for his versafilify. B,L.l. Club l3, 41: Harvesfer Club T3, 41: Business Forum ll, 21: Sodalify T411 lnframural Afhleiics TI, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club T315 Council of Debafe THE 1939 CHARLES F. MURPHY, A.B. All Hallows High School l-lore is a reprosenlaliye Fordham man, il lhere ever was one. Chucks aclivilies are cerlainly numerous and he enlered lhem wilh greal spiril. His abililies are mani- lold, and his lricnds are legion. Al leasl lo lhis any ol his classmales would amply leslily. RAM Slalf ll, 211 Harvesler Club lil: Sodalily ll, 3, 417 Council of Debale ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l3l: Class Represenlalive ll, 2, 317 Leclure Commillee l3, 4l: Tennis ll, 3, 4lg MAROON Slalif l4l: Class Vice-Pres. FRANK J. MURPHY, A.B. Fordham Prep Frank is one ol lhe oulslanding slu- denls ol lhe Class ol '39. I-le has a seemingly inexhauslible appelile lor knowledge and a capacily lor deep lhoughl. Many ol lhe highesl scholaslic honors ol lhe college wenl lo Frank and his classmales will agree lhal he is nol only a superb scholar bul an amiable lriend. French Club l ll: Sodelily ll,2, 3,4l:Council ol'Debale l3, 4l. FRANCIS X. MURPHY, A.B. All Hallows High School Were lhere a poll lor lhe mosl cheer- lul sludenl on lhe campus, surely Frank would gel lhe nominalion. To him nolhing is ever so bad lhal il could nol be worse. A line sludenl, a line lriend, a line Calho- lic - all describe Frank, and yel lall shorl. Sodalily l3, 4l: Business Forum l3, 4l: Council ol Debale l4l: MAROON Slall l4l: Chemisls' Club l3lg Harvesler Club l2, 3, 4lg lnlramural Alhlelics l2, 3, 4-l. MAROON JOHN A. MURRAY, B.S. Glens Falls High School Many men are recognized by Their Vnames, oThers by Their deeds. "Jake" is known Tor boTh. Among his various nicknames are "Jake" and "Porkie," while among his more Tamous deeds are his anTics aT The WesTchesTer and B.L.l. dances. "Jake" was a member and lenT much gaieTy and laughTer To The UpsTaTe Club. ST. VincenT De Paul SocieTy l3l: Business Forum ll, Zi: Council of DebaTe l4l: French Club lll: Golf lil: UpsTaTe Club l2, 3l. EDMUND P. NACCASH, B.S. Lawrence High School From Freshman year Ed maniTesTed an inTeresT in The scienTiTic. His quieT, persisTenT naTure made The drudgery oT labora- Tory work an easy progression To a goal. His se- lecTion as presidenT oT Two campus organiza- Tions reveals The capabiliTy oT This science man. Cl'1emisTs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. l4lg Pres. Camera Club l4l: RAM STaff ill: RETORT l3, 41, Ass'T Ed. l4lI Mendel Club l2. 41: Physics Club lil: Ass'T Track Mgr. lllg MARooN s+sff 1-ii. ORLANDO NERO, B.S. A. B. Davis High School When 'Lando leaves Fordham he shall be leaving behind a scholasTic record ThaT is inlrequenTly aTTained and one which gives hearT To The mosT pessimisTic oi professors. ATTer peneTraTing his superficial solemniTy, we discover a cordial and pleasanT chap oT sparkling wiT, and sincere good humor. Good Tellowship sTrikes us as being This scholar's sTrongesT love. Business Forum ll, 217 lnTramural A+hle+ics ll, 2, 3, 4l. THE 19 JOSEPH A. NIGRO, B.S. Chaminade High School To mosi people ai Fordham Joe seems +o have remained secluded and sileni while on fhe campus of his alma maier. His rare words were mainly ihose broughi 'iorih by class- room necessify. As a boarder, he kepf himself almosi eniirely our of Jrhe company of "day hops." Bul in his close circle of -pals, however, Joe sieps our of Jrhis role and reveals his personalily. Sodalify JOSEPH S. NOLAN, A.B. S+. John's Prep Fr. Tynan's "Peclc's Bad Boy" is a mas- rer ai doing The unexpecied, ihough afier four years wiih him one should anlicipaie his coming oui wiih someihing dilrfereni, Passionaiely ar- guing philosophy "Joe" oiien makes a siaiemenf which poiniedly sirikes a'r The hearl of ihe lopic. l+'s been exiremly difficull lo deiermine whal roomy Joe would have and iusf how long he would have him. Sodalify l2, 3, 4l. ALFRED V. NORTON, B.S. La Salle Miliiary Academy Faiher Tynan has designaied Al as Jrhe exemplar io be followed by rhose who cannoi enjoy Themselves wifhour keeping oui of lrouble. Try as Jrhey did, few of his fellow board- ers could emulaie This disiinguished genlleman. AI owed his exiensive populariiy io his aleri, lively naiure and his capaciiy for forming lasring friendships even among lhe non-resideni siudenis. Sodaliiy l2, 3, 41: Sf. Vincen+ de Paul Sociefy l2, 3, 41. MAROON W:- is 'S 'ke QQ KENNETH J. O'BRlEN, B.S. Norlhamplon l-ligh School Ken was one Fordham man who won bolh boarders' and dayhops' respecl. Aflable always, Ken was slill a good sludenl. Blessed wilh a ready wil Ken enlivened many a drab lab allernoon wilh his limely quips. ln Senior, he served as Presidenl ol lhe Massachusells Club. Massachuseffs Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Pres. i4l: CABMUTH Sfaff i2l: Chemisfs' Club lil: ln+ramural Afhlefics il, 2l: Sodalily Ml: Class Represenfalive ll, 2l. Sl Ann s Academy Good common sense and a sense of re- VINCENT M. O'BRIEN, B.S. sponsibilily have been lwo of Vin's oulsfanding characierislics during his slay on lhe Fordham campus. Never inclined lo be in lhe lime- lighl, Vinny quielly buf ehficienlly lended To his scholaslic dulies. l-lis business Training made him an inleresled member of The Business Forum. Spanish Club fl, 21: Sodaliiy I3, 4l: Inlramural Afhlefics l3lg Business Forum 13.41. JOHN J. O'CONNOR, A.B. Power Memorial Academy Graaf is his nalural abilily and greal is his size. Towering over his immediale classmaies, Jrhere slill was none more genlle, or genllemanly lhan John. Paradoxically, he spoke more sollly, more lhoughllully and more calmly lhan lhe meresl miie of a fellow man. Harves+er Club i4l: Soclalify K3, 4l: His+ory Club i3l: Business Forum l3l: lnframural Alhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l7 Council of Debaie THE 19 JOHN J. O'CONNOR. JR.. A.B. Fordham Prep Jack 'fried his hand in almosi very organizalion on rhe campus and was an inlegral pari ol each. Sariorially resplendeni, sincere, and possessing an ever-preseni smile Jack had a hosl ol friends on The campus. ln all his work Jaclc displayed execulive capaciiy. RAM Sfaff ll, 2, 3, 4lg Circ. M'g'r. l3, 4l: Press Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Mimes and Mummers ll, 3l: Council of Debaie l4l. Lecfure Commifiee l4lg MAROON Adv'+. M'g'r. l4lI BUSl- ness Forum CHARLES R. O'DONNELL, B.S. Boys High School A hearly and sincere noie of lhanks is cerfainly due io Charlie for his unsiini- ing worlc as Phoiography Edilor for ihe MAROON. These pages will bear fhis oul. Rumor has ir rhai said labors were conducied ai some expense io his splendid Falsiaifian frame, buf he can afford ii. Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3,2 Spanish Club l4l: Business Forum l4l: B.L.l. Club l2, 3, 4l: Iniramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Freshman Foofbell: Swimming l2, 3lg MAROON Sfaff l4lg Camera Club l4lp Mendel Club DANIEL F. O'DONOHUE, B.S. Darien High School A casual acquainiance is amazed by Jrhe grave and sombre nalure of fhis senior. Close companionship wirh Dan, however, makes one oblivious of These characierisfics. Eifher on or off 'rhe campus, one ihen considers him 'ro be a regular fellow, in an inielligeni way. lnvariably pleasanl, his was ihe oil-used symparheiic ear. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily l3, 41: Connecficuf Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg Harvesier Club l3, 41. MAROON VINCENT F. O'HARA, A.B. SI. Agnes High School 'A member of lhe Sodaliry, he pursued his inleresr wirh praclical worlcs in ihe Harvesler Club. His inreresi in business broughl him io The Forum, while his conscious desire for Irue balance led him io iniramural aih- lelics. A fine srucleni, socially successful, humor- ous yer serious . . . versaiile is Ihe word for Vinny. Harves+er Club I2, 3, 41: Sodalify I3, 4I: Business Forum I3I: Inframural A+hle+ics II, 2, 3, 41. JAMES F. ow-IAYER, A.B. Iona Prep Jim fired of living on a iorlorn Massa- chuserrs hill ar The end of Sophomore year, and so he rransierred from Holy Cross 'ro Ford- ham ior his lasl and besr Iwo years. Wilh a bizarre sense of humor, he oiren dumbiouncled fellow class- mares. Especially noiable was Jrhe lime he asked a Iriend Io malce a carbon copy for him when falc- ing nores in one of The less inleresling classes. French Club I4I: Weshzhesfer Club I4I: Sodalify Q eREeoRY w. o'KEEFE, A.B. Broolclyn Prep Greg will be remembered pre-emi- nenily for his fine worlc as a member oi +he Glee Club for he was one oi Jrhe Iew ro remain for four years.Always argumenfalively inclined, Greg Iillecl Jrhe halls ol Hughes debaring wilh his haran- gues, and was never missing ai any of B.L.I. affairs. Glee Club Il, 2, 3, 41: Freshman Forum II I: Hughes Debar- ing q2y1MARooN Sfaff I4I: B.L.I. Club II, 2, 3, 41: Inha- mural A+hIe+ics I2, 3I: SocIaIi+y I4I: French Club THE 1939 JOHN C. OLSAVSKY, B.S. Warren Harding High School John was one ol lhe finesf alhleles ever lo malriculale al Fordham, buf his desire lo pursue his sludies were so slrong as lo overcome his alhlefic ambilions excepf in inlramural sporfs. As a resulf John made a line record in 'rhe scholaslic and non-varsily alhlelic field. Baskefball 131: lnframural A+l1lefics 1I, 2, 3, 41: Connec+icul Club 1I, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y 141: Sodalily 13, 41: Business Forum 1I, 21: S+. Vinceni de Paul Sociefy 13, 41. GEORGE L. O'MALl.EY, A.B. Q Holy Family High School X This likeable represenlalive of New England was one of The more popular men a+ Fordham. George played a prominenl parf in lhe exlra-curricular field. He was known chiefly for his abilily lo play lhe lalesl popular swing songs on lhe old mahogany piano in lhe Rec Room. lnlramural Afhlefics 11, 2, 3, 41: French Club 11, 2, 3, 41: Soddlify 11. 2. 3, 41: Massachusells Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Sf. Jol'1n's Berchman 11, 2, 3, 41: Sl. Vincenf de Paul Socie+y fi, 2, 3, 41: FORDHAM FRANCE Sheff 141. GEORGE J. O'NEIL, B.S. Brooklyn Prep George was one ol lhe mosf ardenf Ram alhlelic fanalics in lhe school. Prolicienf on lhe baslcelball courl, George was an inferesled speclalor al loofball and baseball con- lesls. George played a prominenl parf in 'rhe affairs ol +he Broolclyn-Long Island Club and served on lhe commillee for several of The club's lormals. Basiefball 11, 21: B.L.l. Club 1I, 2, 3, 41: Soclalify 13, 41: Business Forum 1I, 21: lnlramural Afhlefics 13, 41. MAROON l lHoMAs J. o'RouRKE, A.B. Sl. Ann's Academy The biological phenomenon, laughler, resulls in a sudden llow ol blood lo lhe cheeks and lorehead in parlicular. Tom's cheeks are very red, and . . . Righl you are. He is a leading candidale lor lhe class' merriesl. His oulbursls ol humming and whislling al limes occurrocl during leclures and surprised leachers as well as some ol lhe classmen who were nol loo la- miliar wilh his ways, inlo oulrighl slupelaclion. Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily Sill JOHN T. OUSEY, B.S. Chaminade High School Willy, lriendly, John cerlainly knows how lo win lriends and inlluence people. ll John had done only lhis al Fordham we could well be proud ol him, bul he wenl even lur- lher and loolc an aclive inleresl in many varied aclivilies. He served Fordham well during his slay here and will leave a gap lhal will be hard lo lill. Harvesler ll, 2, 3, 4l, Treas. l2l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalily ll, 4lg lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l: French Club ll, Zl. JAMES J. PALACK, B.S. Demaresl High School Jim's characlerislics are lhose ol a genuine cosmopolile. A smoolh dresser wilh a suave pleasanl manner, his poise is cerlainly desirable lor any polilician or more approprialely, any public ligure. ln lhe manner ol loyal Jerseyiles, Jim has been an aclive par- licipanl ol lhe Jersey Club's varied aclivilies. Business Forum l3, 4l: Hughes Debalinq l2lg New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4lg lnlramuralAll1lelics THE 129 ALDO N. PALMISANO, B.S. Xavier High School ln Freshman, Al linked himseli wiTh boTh FaTher Mulqueen and The Band. Three years oT TaiThTul service Tinally broughl him The co-managership of The Band. His aggres- sive, naTure marked him as one of The more dependable workers in Fordham acTiviTies. Band ll, 2, 3, 41, Co-Manager 141: Mendel Club 12, 3, 41, Sec'y. 12, 315 German Club ll, 2, 31: ChemisTs' Club ll, 21: Halian Club 141: lnframural AThlefics ll, 21: Officers' Club 13, 41. JOSEPH A. PASKEVICH, B.S. MT. Carmel High School Joe is a serious, conscienTious lad who is admired by Fordham men Tor his honesT Tranlcness. A real aThleTe, he played TooTball hard and was a member of The Track squad. Good- naTured Joe was iusTly popular among his classmaTes. Fordham needs more oT These guieT diligenT men like Joe who can Tackle a Tough iob and conquer iT. Foofball ll, 2, 3, 41: Track 13, 41: Soclalify 13, 41: Penn- sylvania Club l2. 3, 41. JOHN A. PATERACKI, A.B. Fordham Prep Perhaps you don'T immediaTely recog- nize him, buT if you've seen a Fordham TooTball game you've seen him. He was The man wiTh The haughTy sTruT who led The band aT The halffime inTermission. He is The personilicafion oT sarTorial elegance and The Seniors voTed him The "BesT Dressed" member of The class. Track 1I,21g Band Drum Maier 12, 41: MAROON Sheff 141: Council of Debafe 141: Sodalify MAROON 1 THOMAS A. PATTEN, B.S. Sl. Mary's High School Tom was a busy lad, adding humor and zesl lo whalever aclivily he en- lered. ln his final 'rwo years he gave The Glee Club lhe mosl allenlion and his lenor voice was appre- cialed. We know lhal whalever Tom does aller gradualion will be pervaded by his cheerlulness. New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Soclalify 13, 41: Glee Club l3, 41: Harvesler Club 141: Press Club 141, lnlramural Afhleiics 12, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 215 French Club lI1: Hughes Debaling Sociely RICHARD J. PETERSON, A.B. Brooklyn Prep Scholaslically, Dick has always ranked very close lo lhe lop, buf lhis did nor prevenl him from being a four-year member of The Cross Counlry squad. His successful ellorls over hill and dale won him lhe Team caplaincy in his senior year. Slighl ol frame, Dick is a bundle ol energy, No lask seemed lo dillicull' lor Dick. B.L.l. Club 141: Olificers' Club 13, 41: Cross Counlry ll, 2, 3.41, Caplain 141: Soclalily ll, 41. JOHN F. PHILLIPS, B.S. Power Memorial High School Here was a lrue Fordham man. He never missed a loolball game, a swim- ming meel, a concerl or any Maroon aclivily. His sincerily was apprecialed by all lhose who mel John inlimalely and lhal lorlunalely represenled almosl lhe enlire Sludenl body. An ardenl cager and swim- mer. John's allernoons were spenl on lhe campus. Mendel Club 121: Sodalily 141: Harvesler Club 141: Chemisls' Club lI1: lnlramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41. THE19 9 LEONARD F. PINTO, A.B. Evander Childs High School Here was one of ihe scholaslic lumin- aries ol lhe Senior Class. By nalure Len was inclined lo be quiel and laconic. Never- lheless he was possessed of a line sense of humor and his sublle remarks broughl lrequenl laughs lo his circle ol friends. A lalenled Spanish sludeni, Len inlends 'ro conlinue his siudies in Med School. S anish Club ll Zl' Chemisls' Club Mendel Club l3l: P i I 1 Soclalily ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l2,3l: Harvesler Club ROBERT J. PITCHELL, A.B. iiii' De Will Clinlon High School The ever conservalive "Bugs" has lravelecl lo all Fordham's looiball games: and il is one of his ambilions lo visil ihe garden spols oi lhe world. He spenl mosl ol his free hours in ihe "Rec" room buf he found lime lo engage in The complicalecl and highly special- ized business oi colleciing and selling siamps. Spanish Club ll, Zl: lnlramural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3l: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l3, 4l. WILLIAM E. PORTER, B.S. Broolclyn Prep The asluieness, and 'rhe sincerily oi Bill are evideni lo even lhe mosl casual observer, He chose Science as his maior al Fordham and his nalive abilily plus hard work have gained him many honors and friends on The Hill. Fordham men have learned lo respecl lhe man wilh The even voice and mililary gail and he'll be missed. Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3lg Physics Club lil: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Business Forum l3, 4l: Officers' Club l3, 4l: Mendel Club izi. MAROON ANT:-ioNY POSTERARO, A.B. Xavier High School Candid phoTography, inTramural sporTs and The language clubs held Tony mosT consisTenTly in Their opposed demesnes. The German Club seemed To curry mosT Tavor wiTh him, and when one adequaTely considers The annual Ger- man BanqueT This is cerTainly noT aT all surprising. German Club ll, 2, 3, 41: SodaliTy ll, 2, 3, 41: ChemisTs' Club T215 lTalian Club 12, 317 lnTramural AThleTics ll, 2, 31: Mendel Club FELIX B. POTERA, A.B. La Salle Academy Like his broTher PeTer who leTT our hal- lowed halls a Tew years back, Felix's TirsT love is music. Rumor has iT ThaT PoTeras will give The Dorsey BroThers plenTy oT compeTiTion in The swing kingdom. NOT only did Felix play in The OrchesTra and Band buT he was an ardenT scienTisT, belonging To The Mendel and ChemisTs' Clubs. FooTball TI1: Band T213 German Club T41: ChemisTs' Club 141: Sodalify 12, 3, 41: OrchesTra l41: Mendel Club JOSEPH F. POWERS, A.B. Xavier High School The ever ready smile oT Joe would Tlash on aT even Those darkesT mo- menTs which someTimes cloud even The skies oT college youThs. ln his way he could dispel pessimism, and have you ready To lisTen To anoTher one oT Those sTories ThaT only Long Island seems To breed. Needless To say, he was a TaiThTul and acTive member oT The B.l..l., where his presence was appreciaTed. S0dal1lY l3. 41: lnframural AThleTics ll, 2, 3, 41: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41. THE 1939 WILLIAM T. PRIDAY, A.B. Manual Training High School And immediaTely we Thinlc oi Fordham's piano virTuoso The maesTro of The lcey- board. OTTen during a dull aflernoon The sTrains oi Bill's music have resounded in The Rec Room. ThaT Bill, also a composer of considerable TalenT, didn'T conTine himself To music is evidenced by his membershi in The Physics, and Spanish Clubs. P Spanish Club l2, 3, 4l: Soclalify l3, 4lg B.L.l. Club l2, 3, 4lI ChemisTs' Club l2l: Physics Club GERARD A. PUSCH, B.S. George WashingTon High School Jerry Pusch, The Glee Club and The Band were pracTically correlaTive Terms ThroughouT Jerry's Tour years aT Fordham. BuT he showed an acTive inTeresT in all college ac- TiviTies and never hesiTaTed To express a poinled opinion on any imporTanT quesTion which arose. He had a uni ue s oT in an exTremely versaTile class. CT p Glee Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Band ll, 2, 3, 4l: OrchesTra lil: ChemisTs' Club ll, Zl: Physics Club lil: InTramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: SodaliTy JOHN A. REILLY, B.S. Fordham Prep When John graduaTes he will have Tar more Than The TradiTional sheep- skin. His clockwork regulariTy, efficiency and his leasanT perserverance which he has never P I losT in his eighT years on The Fordham campus have reaped many pleasanT rewards on various com- miTTees. He has obTained all The TruiTs oT hard labor Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4l: Harvesfer Club l2. 3, 4l: Officers Club l3, 41: Sodalify l2, 3, 4l. MAROON 'M i '63 UQ' N' -.LTA ,f mi! PHILIP C. REILLY, B.S. All Hallows High School The air ol lhe clilellanle is Phil's usual pose. Keen ol wil and always ready wilh an opinion, he is known for his arlable com- panionship. His principles are sound and his ideals fixed in a slubborn lrish inlelligence lhal refuses lransgression or serious modilicalion. He has all lhe requisiles for lhe rigorous medical profession. Chemisls' Club ll, Zl: Sodalily l3, 4l7 lnframural Afhlelics iz, 3, 41: MAROON S+aHi Q-ii. PETER l.. RENDA, B.S. 'Of' Boys High School Pele's serious srudy invariably lell him suliicienl lime lo manilesl his ardenl school spiril. As a well-balanced scholar he evolced deep regard from his lellow sludenls. His amiabilily, clear nolions, and revolulionary inslincl render Pele an ideal adversary in one ol lhe Typically complex philosophical "bull sessions." Mendel Club l2, 4l: llalian Club l3, 4lg B.L.l. Club l4l: Chemisls' Club ll, 2l: Harvesle. Club THOMAS J. RENISON, B.S. Weslbury High School Tommy is a member of lhe school Thai believes in 'rhe 'rheory Thar in lile 'rhere never should be a dull momenl. Along 'rhese lines Tom was The source ol many an amusing episode wilh his slories, pranlcs and praclical iolces. His name recalls a non-playing drumsliclc. Band l2, 3, 41: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 417 Physics Club lil: MAROON Slalil l4l: Inlramural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3l: B.L.l. Club l3, 4l: Sodalily THE 1939 CHARLES C. ROBINSON, B.S. S+. Michaels i-ligh School By naiure Charlie was never inclined +o be boisierous. In his capable ye+ unpublicized manner Charlie was insfrumenial in bringing a new spori To Fordham, fencing. Coach, manager, and purveyor of Jrhis sporr a+ Rose I-lill, Charlie deserves The credii for Hs recogniiion by Jrhe aulhoriiies as anoiher of ihe Ram ieams. Fencing l4l, Cap'+. l4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, Zl: MAROON Sfaff l4l: lnframural A+hle+ics l3l: B.L.I. Club l3, 4l. DONALD E. RoBlNsoN, A.B. Brooklyn Prep Four years of work in mission aciivi- lies, a year oi sharpening in debaie, four years in iniramural afhleiics and in ihe B.L.I. won him friendship and respeci. While salrisiied ihe friends he made was reward suiiicieni, in his Senior year his abililry was iuriher recognized wiih The presidency of ihe Brooklyn-Long island Club. Council of Debafe l3l: Harvesfer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Pres. l4lg lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: WILLIAM V. ROONEY, A.B. Caihedral Boys High School Primarily a siudeni, Bill did noi con- fine his siudies wiihin 'rhe field limiied by binder's boards, bui expressing equal infer- es+ in his fellows won Jrheir good will and respeci. Seriously inclined, his inieresis in exlra-curricular aciiviiies were seriously pursued as a valuable adiunci 'ro his siudy, and were leavened by spori. Harvesfer Club l3, 4l1 Sodaliiy il, 2, 3, 4l: lnframural A+hle+ics l4l: Business Forum l3, 41. MAROON is 4, ,fran-V A , , I www, N R g 1 ROBERT D. RUSSO, B.S. Bridgeporl High School Bob followed his brolher's loolsleps lo Rose Hill and compiled a record which compared favorably wi+h his predecessors His inreresl in loolball made Jrhe managerial laslns more lhan iusl rouline. His pre-medical worlc served as a preparalion for furlher sludy. Foofball M'g'r. l4l, Ass'+. Fooiball M'g'r. ll, 2, 31: Chemisfs' Club ll, Zlg Mendel Club ll, Zlg Connedicuf Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4l: French Club GEORGE P. SACCO, B.S. James Monroe High School George came To Rose Hill al +he be- ginning ol Junior year, and since, his charming and aflable manner has endeared him To all. He soon won acclamalion as a brillianl and 'lhorough scholar. The secrefarial dulies of lhe Mendel Club became his in Senior. While an excep- rional sludenl in all his subiecls, il is known To each and every one, lhar George is lops in philosophy. Mendel Club l3, 4l, Sec'y l4l:Sodali+y l4lg Inframurals l3,4l. DONALD A. SAVAGE, A.B. Fordham Prep Don's four years al "Prep" broughl him lo Jrhe college wilh a well eslablished group of friends. Augmenling lhis group consider- ably by his happy disposilion and keen good humor, his populari+y broughl him Jrhe Chairmanship of lhe Harvesier Club Dance in Senior year. Harves+er Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Sodali+y ll, 2, 3, 4l, Ass'f. Prefecf l2l: lnlramural A+hle+ics THE 19 WILLIAM F. SCHOEFFLER, A.B. Regis High School Big Bill has a sincere deierminaiion io lcnow principles and lacis, parlicu- larly s+a+is+ics and novel praciical ideas. How- ever in Junior year he lei his idealism and heari run away wiih him when his grocery siore iailed due io exiending credil To "fly by nigh? consum- ers." His individualisiic iendencies and appreciaiion oi good iolces have always added To his popularily. Sodalily l3, 41: lniramural Alhleiics il, 2, 3, 4l. SALVATORE J. SCOPPA, B.S. Roosevell High School Sal is a baseball player oi greai abiliiy, and big league scouis have focused iheir alieniion on Sal's diamond ac+ivi- iies. For The pasi four years he has been groom- ing himseli on ihe varsiiy, and we all hope io see him holding his own in ihe Majors. Sal will nexl go To fhal insiiiuiion on fhe olher side oi ihe Bronx where he will Jralce physical iraining. Baseball ll, 2, 3, 4l: Inframural Alhlefics il, 2, 3, 4l. ALDO c. scoRzA, A.B. Xavier High School Al, iogeiher wiih Joe lvlaiera and Lou lvliccio form Jrhe l+alian Club Jrriurn- viraie. For The energy he expended in behalf oi ihe club for four years, he was rewarded by being chosen iis Treasurer. His aclriviiies and inieresi in Jrhe Chem- isis' Club speak of success in a medical career. Harvesier Club l4l: B.L.l. Club l4l: Chemisfs' Club IZ, 3, 4l: Sodaliiy l4l: lfalian Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Trees. l4l: Infra- mural A+l1le+ics l2, 3l. MAROON ROBERT J. SEALY, A.B. All Hallows High School ln Bob you will iind The happy wedding of superior scholarship wiih a massive record of exira-curricular acriviiies which exiend io all fields. The lisi speaks 'lor iiseli and inas- much as any aiiempi io elabora+e would only de- +rac+ from ii, we will allow Jrhe lis+ 'ro speak for us. Mimes and Mummers ll, 2, 3, 41: Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 41: FORDHAM FRANCE ll, 2, 3, 41: French Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club 13, 41, Sec'y. l31, Pres. 141: Hisiory Club l2, 3, 417 Harvesier Club 13, 41: Freshman Forum ll1: Hughes Debafing 121: Council 13, 41. HERM ES SECONDARI, A.B. Xavier High School "The Alexander Woolco++" of ihe class, Hermes implemenied varied and color- ful coniinenial experiences wiih a marvelously ieriile imaginaiion io The unceasing delighi of his lisieners. Hearing him read Laiin was Jrhe highlighi of ihe class. He made ample use of his resounding voice by eniering oraiorical coniesis Mimes and Mummers ll, 2, 3, 41: Halien Club ll, 2, 3, 41' German Club 12, 31. CHARLES A. SEIZ, A.B. Fordham Prep A well-founded populariiy has lol- lowed Buddy ihrough four years. Tesii- mony ol This is ihai his classrnaies selecied him Rep for lhree years. His business acumen was evi- deni in handling of Jrhe responsibiliiies as a member ihe Ring Commiiiee during his Junior year. Sodaliiy ll, 3, 41: Business Forum 131: Class Represenfafive ll, 2, 31: Harves+er Club ll, 2, 3, 41: lniramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 41: Ring CommiHee 1'l-1:1939 VINCENT F. SEYFRIED, A.B. iw ST. AugusTine's High School The uieT and unassuming Vinny has q always been an excellenT scholar. The classics have been his TorTe, and because oT This inTeresT he was chosen PresidenT oT The Classical Club. He holds The disTincTion OT being one oT The very Tew To succeed in Their aTTempTs To decipher The inscripTions on The walls oT KeaTing Hall. Classical Club il, 2, 3, 41, Pres. l4l: German Club l4l: 4 Physics Club l2l: ChemisTs' Club l2ig SodaliTy i3, EDWARD P. SHANAHAN, B.S. Xavier High School The TradiTion oT Xavier's sons To be prominenT in exTra-curricudar acTivi- Ties aT Fordham has been carried on by Ed. for noTable are his accomplishmenTs as a member of The Dance CommiTTees oT The HarvesTer Club and Forum. The Tormer owes much oT The success oT iTs drive To his work as Treasurer oT This club. Harvesfer Club i2l, Trans. i3, 41: Sodalify i3, 4l: Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41: lnframural AThleTics ll, 2,1 Ass'T. M'g'r. of Baskefball ll, 21. RICHARD B. SHEAHAN, A.B. Xavier High School The Track Team held Diclc's aTTenTion Tor his TirsT Three years, and in equal- ly Tree sTrides he carried himselT Through The aca- demic side oT college liTe To esTablish an enviable seT oT grades Tor himselT. A member OT The SophisT Club in Junior year, Dick also wroTe, Tacilely and capably, Tor The club's magazine "The SophisT." Sodalify ll, 2, 3, 4lg Track ll, 2, 31: Press Club l4l: Infra- mural AThleTics il, 2l. MAROON JOHN W. SHEEHAN, A.B. John BapsT High School Bud came a long way To aTTend Ford- ham Trom The VacaTion Land oT Maine. Considering his diTiiculT pre-denTal course, The long hours spenT in lab and The Time aT The various clubs To which he belonged, iT seems ThaT he Trav- eled Trom a vacaTion land To The land oT Travail. French Club lll: ChemisTs' Club l2, 3l: ST. VincenT de Paul Sociely l2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: Mendel Club l4l: SodaliTy l4l: lnlramural Alhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l. FRANCIS G. SLATER, B.S. Abraham Lincoln High School Frank Truly combines numerous quali- Ties Tor which Those who know him admire him. BuT To Those ouTside This group, he is Tamous Tor making Track records. Frank was rewarded by being unanimously chosen capTain oT Fordham's ace Track Team oT This year. Spanish Club ill: Soc.laliTy I3, 4l: Track ll, 2.3, 4l, Capt l4l: RAM STaFf l2l5 B.L.l. ll, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club l3l: ST. VincenT de Paul SocieTy l2, 3, 4l. GERALD J. SMALDONE, A.B. Xavier High School Jerry was one oT The mosT respecTed men on The campus. Reserved. yeT pos- sessing a keen sense oT humor, his company was always soughT. His acTiviTy spread To many Tields and he was leader in each. Jerry worked on every sTaTl of This MAROON, Tor which we are Thankful. MAROON STaff l4l: HisTory Club l4l: Chemisls' Club l2l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: SoclaliTy l3, 4l: Classical Club l3, 4l: lTalian Club l4l: lnframural AThleTics l2, 3l: Physics Club 'THE 19 GREGORY A. soLANTo, B.S. Ei lvll. S+. Michaels Academy "' Greg has Jrhe dislinclion ol having com- piled a line scholaslic record while simullaneously having worked in an oulside business enlerprise. Here is a hard worker who managed lo belong lo lwo science clubs, and lhe llalian Club in his spare momenls. Greg found scienlrilic sludies To his liking and inlends +0 sludy medicine. Physics Club 1I1: Halian Club 1l1: Chemisis' Club 1I, 21: Mendel Club 12, 3, 41: Sodalify FRANK G. SOTTILE, B.S. Emerson l-ligh School Frank was one ol rhe men ol '39 who shone in scienlilic endeavor. Noi salrislied wilh his classroom labors in lhe sciences, Frank was a member of all Jrhree science clubs a+ Fordham. In his Senior year, Frank was elecled Vice-Presidenlr of Jrhe Mendel Club. Ass'+. Foofball M'g'r. 1I, 21: Chemisfs' Club 1I, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club 1I1: Mendel Club 12, 3, 41: New Jersey Club 12, 31: CABMUTH sisff 13, 41: s.-,danny 141. BENJAMIN J. STABILE, A.B. Fordham Prep For four years Ben has managed +o mainrain a quiel and reserved air in his affairs on rhe campus. ln his unosrenrarious manner he has proven +o be an ellicienf worker and one who has The qualifies lor success allrer he has lell Fordham. l-lis sincerily and consciensciousness have made for him a hosl of real friends on +he campus. Sodaliiy 1I, 2, 3, 41: Harvesler Club 1l, 2, 3, 41: Council of Debafe 131: Hughes Debafing Socieiy 121: Quill Club 121: lnframural Afhlelics 1I, 2, 31. MAROON RICHARD A. STABILE, B.S. PorTchesTer High School Dick has a namesake ol some imporT in The music world whom he uncon- sciously mimics. He has all The virTues usually al- Tached To a popular band leader, namely an engag- ing smile, a genial clisposiTion and even The aloiliTy To play a musical insTrumenT. More Than ThaT he has a sinceriTy which mosT band leaders lack. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 4l: Bancl ll, 2, 3l: French Club lll: Sodalify WILBUR F. STANTON, B.S. Malden High School Whenever The Fordham eleven needed a poinT or Three, Bill was senT in To use his educaTed Toe which olTen spelled vic- Tory lor The gridders. His Timely Tield goal was The margin of vicTory over ST. lvlary's in I938. An Economics sTudenT. Bill plans To Teach The sub- iecT in all iTs inTricacies, To The lads aT home. Foofball ll. 2, 3, 41: MAROON Slalil lil: lnlrnmural Afhle- Tics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Massachusefls Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Business Forum ll, 2l7 Physics Club M Joi-IN STEINMULLER, B.S. HempsTead High School Many are The men who speak oTTen buT say noThing: Too Tew are Those who seldom speak bul say much. John is one OT This group. Quiet serious John prelerred silence To empTy chaTTer. Around him There was an aura ol maiesTic inscruTabiliTy. His boasT is ThaT his daily Trek To school equaled Two Trips around The EquaTor. Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3l: B.L.l. Club ll. 2, 3, 4l: lnfremural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l. 'rl-1:19 ROBERT A. STRAIN, A.B. Xavier High School While slill an underclassman, Bob's malure dignily lrequenlly caused him lo be mislaken lor a Senior. He mighl even be lermed lhe quinlessence ol an upperclassman in manner, and speech. A Bronxville background and considerable lraveling experience combine lo make him an able, congenial and poised socialile. Class Treas. lil: lnlramural Afhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Physics Club l3l: Harvesler Club l3, 4l: Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 4l. CQRNEUUS J. SULLIVAN, B.S. Evander Childs High School Q A Sullivan al Fordham is no greal rarily lor lhey are as common as speculalors before big loolball games buf a Connie is as rare as a perlecl mark on a lrimesler examina- lion. He was known chiefly as a presevering worker. His scienlilic sludies demanded a greal deal of his lime buf even 'rhis did nol keep him inaclive. Sodalily ll, 2, 3, 41: Chemisls' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Mendel Club l2, 3l, Treas. l3l: French Club lllg Physics Club lil: CABMUTH Sfafl: DANIEL J. SULLIVAN, B.S. Fairlield High School Danny's lively wil enables him lo lwisl ordinarily serious mailer inlo humor- ously inleresling lorm. Loved and admired lor his bouyanl spiril, he hearlily enjoys rendering serious mailer humorous and walching il pale inlo insignilicance. For lour years Dan has daily made lhe long lrek from Soulhporl, Conneclicul. Chemisls' Club ll, 2lg Mendel Club l2, 3, 41, Vice-Pres. l3l: Sodalify l2. 3, 4l: Council of Dabale l3l: French Club MAROON MARTIN F. SULLIVAN, A.B. Xavier High School Handsome MarTy was one oT The mosT acTive members OT The Senior Class. His acTiviTies lisT bears TesTimony oT This TacT. ln addiTion To This MarTy held down The posT oT SwiTchboard operaTor aT nighT. MarTy's rallies will be missed. RAM Slalil IZ, 3, 4l: ST. John's Berchman's l2, 3, 4lq Hughes DebaTing l2l: Council of Debafe I3, 4l: French Club ll, Zl: FORDHAM FRANCE l2l: Press Club IZ, 3, 4l, Vice Pres. l4l: Officers' Club l3, 4l, Treas. l4l: Mimes and Mummers l4Ig B.L.I. IZ, 3, 4lg Rally Chairman l4l: MAROON Pub. EdiTor mf TIMOTHY J. SULLIVAN, A.B. Regis High School Tim was lcnown To all Fordham men by his glib Tongue and his giTT Tor reparTee. In The Senior PreTerences, Tim was seIecTed as The wiTTiesT member OT The class. He demonsTraTed his Tlair Tor The dramaTic by appearing in The play presenTed by The Mimes as a Junior. A conTirmed WesTchesTeriTe, Tim was an imporTanT club member. Mimes and Mummers I3, 4l: WesTchesTer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: lnframural A+hIe+ics ll, 2, 3, 4l: Spanish Club MICHAEL F. SULZYCKI, B.S. Warren Harding High School A zealous sTudenT and an enThusiasTic member oT The Mendel Club, Mike rose To The Presidency of This organizaTion in Senior. Keen inTeresT in sTudies, club-liTe, and Ram aTh- leTic conTesTs make Milne The proTicienT lad ThaT Medical School auThoriTies so prornpTly accep-Ted. Mendel Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Pres. l4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Conneclicul Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: German Club Ill: Infra- mural AThIeTics II, 2, 3l. THE 1939 JAMES T. SUTTER, A.B. Townsend l-larris l-lall Willingness To work and versaTiliTy have made Jim one oT TinesT men in our class. Jim's hard worlc has earned him coveTed places in The lviimes and The Council oi DebaTe. l-le displayed This yersaTiliTy oi his by clevoTing his lasT Two years To The more serious acTiviTies aTTer maioring in aThleTics in his TirsT Two years. Mirnes and Mummers 13, 41, Board of Direc+ors 141: Council of Debafe l41: Classical Club l21: Tennis lI1: Glee Club i313 Inframural AThleTics ll, 21. T ANeELo 5. TARANTO, B.s. Norwich l-ligh School l-lere was The exempli'iicaTion oi The age-old buT True adage ThaT all good enTiTies come in small porTions. SlighT oi build, Angelo was one Science sTudenT who Tound Time Tor The arTs. ln his Tinal Two years he sang in The Glee club. l-lis capaciTy Tor work was appreciaTed by The UpsTaTe Club ThaT elecTed him Treasurer. Mendel Club 12, 41: ChemisTs' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Glee Club 13, 41: SodaliTy 13, 41: UpsTaTe Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Pres. ROBERT C. TARPEY, B.S. Fordham Prep l-le chose Science. ln The physical sci- ences he expressed his inTeresT by mem- bership in every scienTiTic organizaTion on The campus. He was rewarded in Senior by The posT oi STudenT AssisTanT in Biology. His zeal in The R.O.T.C. was recognized wiTh The posT oT STudenT com- mander in his lasT year as a member oi The uniT. Mendel Club l2, 3, 41: ChemisTs' Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Physics Club lI1: Olificers' Club 13, 41, Sec'y. l41: lnlramural Afhlefics il, 2, 3, 41: Swimming ll, 31: RETORT STaff MAROON CIRO S. TARTAGLIONE, B.S. EasTside High School Ciro was ever The serious biologisT. His inTeresT in The sciences spread To Taxidermy wiTh The resulT ThaT much oT Ciro's Time was spenT in The basemenT oT The Bio. Building. Many a sTuTled specimen was exhibiTed To The members OT The Mendel Club as The resulT oT Ciro's labors. Med School specimens now awaiT him. ChemisTs' Club ll, Zl: Mendel Club l2, 3, 4l: lTalian Club l2, 3, 4l: New Jersey Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: lnTramurals l2, 3l. JOSEPH W. TAYLOR, B.S. Evanoler Childs High School Joe's run-ins wiTh Fr. Mulqueen have everlasTingly secured Tor him The TaceTi- ous TiTle oT "DrumsTiclcs" Taylor. WiTh his unguench- able sense ol humor he has oTTen broughT clown upon his head The mosT TradiTional oT Fordham's puni- Tive measures. A scienTisT Tor all This, Joe has worlc- ed very hard These pasT Tour years in lab and class. lnTramural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3, 4l: French Club lllg Chemlsfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Physics Club lll: WesTchesTer Club CHARLES H. THOMPSON, A.B. Fordham Prep He used The besT oT The Business Forum Technique To The beneTiT oT The Har- vesTer Club drives, aided by a wiT as sharp as' his hair is red. For some unTaThomable reason The sobriqueT "ArThur" idenTiTies him To mosT oT his inTimaTes. Quick oT mind, glib oT Tongue, his Triendli- ness, and abiliTy won Tor him applause oT his Tellows. Business Forum l3l: HarvesTer Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: Sodali+y l2,3lgln+ramuralA+l1leTics ll, 2, 3l. THE 193 Yonkers High School Tony was one oT The TriendliesT men ANTHONY J. Tocco, B.S. on The campus. His one weakness seem- ed To be TraTTic cops. OuTside oT his Tendency To pass red lighTs. Tony was never one To geT inTo Trouble. His Triendly naTure made knowing him a pleasure. All The men oT Senior will remember Tony Tor his quieT, capable manner and his amiabiliTy. German Club fl, 21: WesTchesTer Club ll, 21: ChemisTs' Club ll, 21: Physics Club ALFRED J. TROSCINSKI, B.S. Dickinson High School D5 During a single year's membership in The Mendel Club. Al won The con- Tidence oT his Tellow members, resulTing in his elec- Tion as Treasurer. AppreciaTion oT This promising scholar's abiliTy and persevering ways may be gleaned Trom his ready accepTance inTo Med School. German Club ll, 21: Physics Club ll1: ChemisTs' Club il. 2, 3, 41: Mendel Club 12, 3, 41, Treas. 131: Camera Club l41q SoclaliTy i2, 3, 41. ANIELLO V. TUCCT, B.S. A. B. Davis High School 'ET There was a wisTTul sympaThy in ThaT smile, bespeaking a genTle kindliness ThaT even Their more solemn momenTs Tailed To dispel. We wondered aT This TervenT display oT benevolence unTil we discovered ThaT Neil pos- sessed a TervenT concern Tor The world's ills and a keen inclinaTion Tor The sTudy oT medicine. ChemisTs' Club il, 2, 3, 411 Mendel Club l2, 3. 412 'nifi- mural AThleTics ll, 2, 31: French Club ll1: Physics Club MAROON A??'fil"""T' VVQ MARCEL A. VOC-EEL, B.S. Evander Childs High School "S+ill walrer runs deep" goes an old proverb which suifably applies +0 friend, Marcel, for allhough nor loquacious, his efiorls in scienliiic pursuils are indicalive of a pro- found mind and a will To worlc. His consislenl aclivi- lies revealed much perseverance, efiorl and abilily. Sodalily l2, 3, 4l: Chemisfs' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l, Assoc. Edifor RETORT l4lg Physics Club ll, 2, 3l: Mendel Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Camera Club l4lg ln+ramural A+hlelics JOSEPH F. WALDORF, A.B. DeWiH Clinlon High School ln his quiel, humorous way Joe man- aged a greal diversify of inleresls. His leaning foward lhe scieniilic is plain from his worlc in bolrh Jrhe Physics and Chemislrry Clubs. In lhe former he was rewarded wilh Jrhe posilion of Secre- lary in Senior year. Joe was one of Jrhe beller pholographers raking piclures aboul Jrhe campus. His slills of The campus were among +he besl Jralcen. Sodalily l3, 4l: Physics Club l3, 4l, Sec'y. l4l: Chemisiry Club LOUIS J. WALDORF, B.S. DeWiJr+ Clinlon High School Lou is blessed wiih a lively sense of 1 humor and a lighi-hearied spiril Thai have oil unburdened discouraged classmales. Talc- ing his sludies in a leisurely slride, he did re- marlcably well. His amusingly unprepared speeches in Mr. Cregan's class won him +he presidency of Falrher Ivlulqueen's seclrion in his Junior Year. Chemis+s' Club ll, 2, 3, 4l: Mendel Club l2l: Class Repre- senfafive l3l: German Club ll, 4l. TI-lE193 ARTHUR J. WALLACE, B.S. All Hallows High School We may lruly say Thai Ari is one ol lhe pioneers of Geology al Fordham. He is one ol lhe seven members ol lhe newly lound- ed class and a+ presenl enierlains high hopes of slriving onward in his chosen work in Soulrh America. Arl has done a lillle "receiving work" lor Jack Colley's squad as well as lor a few oulside clubs during his pleasanl years on our campus. Sodalify l3, 4l: Business Forum lllg Hughes Debaling FRANK G. WALSH, A.B. Regis High School Franlcs malure appearance earned for him lhe nickname, "Pop" as soon as he iirsl slepped onlo lhe Fordham campus. Be- ing more serious lhan mosl fellows he could ollen acl as a sane influence when any of The 'foo boisier- ous sludenrs ser on some escapade. None lhe less Frank was never loalhe To enler info real lun. Business Forum l3, 4lg Sodalily l4l: Hervesler Club l4l: lnframural Alhlelics ll, 2, 3, 4l. THOMAS J. WALSH, B.S. All Hallows High School Laclcadaisical by nalure, Tom always manages To enioy lile +0 lhe lullesl ex+en+. I+ is apparenl +ha+ he is noi worried loy any silualion, regardless of ils gravily. This ac- counls lor his ever preseni grin and humorous lighi-hearied oulloolc on life. Were il nolr for his scholaslic aloilily, we would Think Tom uncaring. Harvesier Club ll, 21, Business Forum l4lg Sodalily l4l: Hughes Debafing Sociely MAROON JAMES S. WARREN, A.B. Dobbs Ferry High School Jim is Tied up wiTh The press. Known as The "Campus Newsboy" because he was The TIMES represenTaTive on The campus, Jim was also EdiTor of The FORDHAM FRANCE. He is a diligenT worker and an excellenT sTudenT who has won The respecT oT his maTes by dinT oT hard worlc. French Club ll, 3, 41: FORDHAM FRANCE STa'FF l31, EdiTor I41: LE RAYON STaFf 13, 41: Sodaliiy l3, 41: Mimes and Mummers l2, 3, 41: STudenT Council l41: lnTramurals JOHN L. WARREN, B.S. Xavier High School The Business Forum has seen some oi iTs lorighTesT days Through John's un- sTinTing eTlorTs. He served consecuTively as secre- Tary, president and as member oT The dance com- miTTees. His exTra-curricular acTiviTy Through Tour years never aTFecTed his high scholasTic sTanding. Business Forum ll, 2, 3, 41, Sec'y. l31, Pres. I41: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41: Sodaliiy 13, 41: Harvesfer Club l2, 3, 41: Golf M'g'r. l41: lnlramural AThleTics l2, 3, 41. ROBERT J. WATSON, A.B. WashingTon Irving High School DeTerrnined and able, "Bob", has made his sojourn aT Fordham someThing oT which he may well be proud. Because he won recog- niTion ThroughouT an exTremely broad Tield OT acTivi- Ties and because oT his accomplishing way, The MAROON had a capable, eTficienT worker in Bob. SodaliTy ll, 2, 3.41: Council of Debafe l3, 41, Leclure Com- miT+ea 141: WesTchesTer Club ll, 2, 3, 41: lnTramural AThleTics ll, 31: Band ll, 2, 3, 41: Mimes and Mummers ll, 21: Officers' Club l3, 41: Physics Club l31: MAROQN, OrganizaTion EdiTor 141: French Club. THE 19 JOSEPH WEIDENHEIMER. B.S. Regis High School 'DS Joe balanced his scholasTic pur- suiTs wiTh inTramural sporTs, "bull sessions", and Chem Clulo acTiviTies. A versaTile chap, he disposed OT all sorTs oT courses wiTh apparenT TaciliTy. ln a conTesT of unique experi- ences we'd selecT Joe regardless of The species or mulTipliciTy oT compeTiTors, seniors or oThers. Chemisis' Club ll, 2, 3, 41: German Club ll1: Physics Club ll1: lnframural ATl1leTics ll, 2, 3, 41. THOMAS A. WELSTEAD, A.B. sw: Broolclyn Prep Tom, Tar from being a conserva- Tive Tellow when iT came To exTra-curricular acTiviTies, showed he did noT go inTo Things in a lukewarm manner. He engaged in religious, inTellecTual and social organizaTions and compleTely rounded ouT The lis+ by being The a+hle+e and scholar as well as a clubman. B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3.41: Sodalify 13, 41: Harvesfer Club 141: Press Club 141: German Club ll1: Mimes and Mummers EDWIN T. WESTFIELD, A.B. 5111 ST. John's Prep Ed was a moving spiriT in The Ford- ham's social whirl, and more recenTly of New Rochelle. His TalenT Tor creaTive wriT- ing has made him an indispensable TacTor in The preparaTion of The MAROON. Ed will enTer law and we know he has The requiremenTs Tor success. B.L.l. Club fl, 2, 3, 41: MAROON Liierary Edifor 141: Council of DebaTe 141, Leciure CommiTTee 141: SodaIi+y 13, 41: RAM Sfaff 141: Press Club 141: Spanish Club ll1: Business Forum MAROON Broolclyn Prep The lilceable and willy Francis X. cer- Jrainly played a prominenl parr in 'rhe acriviiies ai Fordham. Franlcs ready wif was Jrhe subiecf oi many a caieieria discussion or Jrhe source ol much glee a+ Jrhe B.L.l. meerings. Fordham men are glad +ha+ he made +he long 'rrip from Bay Ridge. Sodalify l3, 41: Mimes and Mummers ll, Zlg French Club ll, 2, 3, 4,1 FORDHAM FRANCE Sfaff l3, 4l: B.L.l. Club ll, 2, 3, 41, Harvesfer Club Hi: lnframural Afhlefics ll, 2, 3. 41: Press Club FRANCIS x. WHELAN, A.B. 1 R Roaeizr w. wi-ine, B.s. 'Ek Milford High School Here was a man of diversified inieresis. As a Freshman, Bob found Jrime only for +he Chemisrs' Club buf wirh his advance io Sophomore he found Jrime for addifional acrivily. His dramaric +alen'r led him +o The Mimes and Mum- mers and his inieresf in science found him ai fre- quef mee+ings of bo+h ihe Chem and Mendel Clubs. Chemisfs' Club ill: Mimes and Mummers l2, 3, 41: CAB- .AUTH Sfaff l2, 3l7 Mendel Club l2, 3l: MAROON S+-aff l4l DONALD C. WILSON, A.B. Fordham Prep Don has foiled long and diligenily in Jrhe world of make-believe, being in rhe cas+ of every play rhar has been presenred during his years al Fordham. ln rhe Senior Poll, Don was voled +he "Bes+ Ac+or", an honor which he deserved. I+ is a long +ime since fhe Fordham srage has produced such a Talenied performer. Mimes and Mummers ll, 2, 3, 4l, Vice-Pres. l4l: Council of Debafe l3, 41: Hughes Debafing Sociefy l2l: Wesfchesier Club qi, 2, 3.41. THE 19 JAMES J. WOODS, B.S. De Will Clinfon High School Jim was deslined since birlh To become lilerally a 'son of Fordham. Born in The neighboring shadows of Kearing Hall, he grew up engulfed by lhe spirir of rhe campus. His childhood ambilions were realized when +his son of Fordham became a Fordham man. His chief inleresls have been in lhe Business Forum and in Debaling. Business Forum 141: Sodaliiy 141: Hughes Debafing Sociefy 121- A. F. WUESTENHOEFER, B.S. A. B. Davis High School Al is a cordial, well-dressed chap who invariably greels his friends wilh a broad smile. ln Quiz Clubs, he insisled of in- slruclors Thai lhey slrip lhe leclures ol Their high-sounding philosophical lerminology and re- veal fheir bashlul Trurhs. Coniidenl, allhough modesl, AI was well-lilced even by lhe inslrruclors. Sodalify 141: ln+ramural A+hle'rics 1I, 2, 3, 41: Hughes Debafing Socieiy MICHAEL J. YORKE, A.B. Calhedral Boys High School Big Mike is one of 'rhose rare individ- uals who is willy wirhour becoming obvious. His droll humor was recognized and ap- preciafed by all Those who mei him in +he Caleleria and olher iavorile campus haunls. Mikes love lor 'lhe ancienl broughl him lo lhe Classical Club. French Club 1l, 2, 31: Council of Debale 1I, 2, 41: Sodalify 13, 41: Classical Club 12, 3, 41, Sec'y. 141: Hisfory Club 141: lnlramural Alhlelics 1l, 2, 31. MAROON 1-5 ls! Hlllhh every socie+y is quick +o mark cerlain of irs members as oulsranding -wherher Jrhe norm be appearance, knowledge or abili+y +o succeed in special endeavor-Jrhe Senior Class hereby designafes Jrhese men. Did lvlosf for Class Mosf Likely 'ro Succeed lvlosf Popular lvlosf Respecfed Mosl Versa+ile Mosf Represenrarive Besl Aihlele lv1os+Brillian'r Besf Polilician Bes+ Wrirer Besr Poer Besl Aclor Besl Dresser Wi++ies+ Bes+ Dancer lvlos+ Handsome Bes'r Speaker Besl Sludenf Besf Playwrighl Gabriel F. Cucolo Donald L. Kearney Roberlr V. Hassmiller Arlhur E. Dooley George G. Gallico William L. Dofy Michael J. Hearn John P. Hughes Thomas W. Madden John W. Donohue Frank R. Gerefy Donald C. Wilson John A. Paleracki Timolhy J. Sullivan John H. Doyle James J. Kane William L. Do1'y John P. Hughes George G. Gallico N A r I YESTERDAYS by Edwin T. Wes+l:ield The dearesr friends in memory's shadows lie The swee+es'r songs are hardesl 'ro recall: A face grows sof+er, fairer, 'nealht +he pall Of ileeled lime and reminiscenl sigh. A Tree, a word, a 'rhoughf +ha'r passed away, ln deepesl reaches of a lonely mind, Relurn +o haun+ Jrhe par+ of man enshrined Againsl all 'rime - Jrhe ghosl' of yeslerday. ln lhese, 'fhy arbored lanes and bullrressed walls, I see 'romorrow's pasl as if lo-dayp Such parling ages memories ere +ime, And o'er my hearl a leng+hened shadow falls, As liasi 'rhe day approaches when we say. Farewell, dear Fordham, shrouded pas+ sublime JUNIO HI TURY UF THE CLASS UF l940 RICHARD L. BREEN Presidenl AS in a lcind of dream our Jrhoughfs wander back! fo lhe evenls of lhe pasl year and calch scalfered glimpses of some of +he imporlanf happenings which characlerized our junior year a+ Fordham . . . +he mad season is on . . . Ruddiclc, Yudy, l-laggerly, Forlunalo and Carlesimo assis+ Mr. Crowley in gridiron sporfs . . . loolloall season al' heighl . . . Pi+'r rally . . . largesl piece of mass hys+eria in inlercollegiale hislory . . . Pill lrip . . . largesi demons+ra'rion of organized hysleria in collegiafe hislory . . . Cooney, Slaler, Bennell, Schnibbe, Reilly, McCar+hy and Kelly . . . benealh +he Tower oi Learning . . . class officers . . . Breen, Reynolds, Heffernan and Slaniord . . debale pariners . . . firsl' dinner club meeling . . . Coughlin. Langley, Lewis, Reilly and lilerary royally a++end . . .Junior Prom . . . +he greai collegiafe enigma . . . Coyle, Carlesimo, Barnwell, O++erson and vas+ promolrional crew promoie ihem- selves in'ro a dance . . . lou+ nor oui . . . midsl' of "Silen+ Women' '... Reynolds, Schnibbe, Kelmer, Keloba. Collins, Breen, Callahan . . . performing mulely . . . Ram hi+s 'rop slride form wi+h Schnibbe. Barnell, Carney, Barnwell,.Fi+zgerald, Kvalden, Breen, Kroppy, Callahan, Reilly, Ward, Smiih. Murphy. Carey, Sla'r+ery, Gaughan al semi-circle . . , Malrlhews asluunds scienlilic world wilh wirepholo discoverey . . . I48 I asiounds Iviafihews also. . . McManus and Flick organize new college orchesira +o iear oil dead limb and plani' redwood . . . Town Hall concer+ wi+h DeRiso Turning in 'rhe finesi +hroa+ work in decades... Breen Takes varsiry oralrorical prize . . . Carney 'rouring Jrhe provinces wi'rh symposium speech . . . favoriie iopic, marriage . . . New Jersey club dance . . . Howe on promoiion end, McGovern, Coyle, Barnwell, Wallace, Heffernan, Buckley in 'rerpsichore . . . ivionihly life swells wi+h Firnsiein, Reynolds, O'Leary, Johnson and Lewis carrying merrily on . . . Junior debafers go +hrough wi+hou+ deiea+ . . . Reynolds, Heffernan, Breen, Langley and Guess in 'rhe Trenches . . . Symposium wi'rh lv1cCool, eic .... iennis feam opens wi+h familiar DeRiso, Gilmarfin, Johnson combinafion . . . golf holds on +o valuables . . . Grady and Conaiy . . . Weil elecied capiain of baskeiball . . . nexi year's iooiball hopeful wi+h capirain Krywicki . . . McCool, Aylward, Guess, Coughlin, S+ark, Frieda corral incorrigilole 90's . . . Wes Wallace breaks world's record in "500' '... One-ac+ coniesl' . . . Dreamslayers . . . lauded by downiown criiics . .. Langley, lvicCar+hy, O'Leary, McGovern, lvicCrann, Collins, Kebba, Kelmar, Schnibbe, Callahan, Reilly, Gaughan al iheir besi , . . varied rollicking year. JOSEPH J, HEFFERNAN RlCHARD L. BREEN THOMAS A. REYNOLDS ROBERT W. STANFORD Secre+ary Presideni Vice-Presidenl Treasurer I49 FRANCIS ALLIEGRO CHARLES ANKNER . PHILIP ARCURI . . FRANCIS AULETA . KEVIN AYLWARD . GEORGE BANTON . ALBERT BARILE . . HAROLD BARNETT . JAMES BARNETT . . WILLIAM BARNWELL JOSEPH BARONE. . ARTHUR BARRETT. . JOHN BARRY . . . EDMOND BELANGER JAY BELSERENE . . JAMES BENNETT . . RICHARD BIRRER. . JOHN BLANCATO . VINCENT BOLLER. . WILLIAM BOMBA. . ANDREW BOPP . HENRY BOROWY. . JOHN BOWDEN . RICHARD BREEN . JOHN BROWN . . JOHN BUCKLEY . HARRY BURKE. . WILLIAM BURNS . . HERBERT S. BURR. . JOHN R. BUSKO . JOSEPH A. BYRNE . . ANTHONY CACCHIOTTI . . JOSEPH J. CAHILL . GERALD J. CALLAHAN PETER CAMMARANO I-IARRY E. CAMPBELL WILLIAM CAMPION PETER CAMPO . . JACK CANAVAN . JOHN CAPUTO . JUSTIN CAREY. . . PETER CARLESIMO . GEORGE CARLEVARO GERARD CARNEY . . FRANCIS CARR . WILLIAM CARR . JOSEPH CASEY . . ARTHUR CASSIDY . PHILIP CATOGGIO . CHARLES CAVALIERE . AII Hallows H. S. , . New Rochelle H. S. . . Sluyvesanl H. S. . Rye Neck H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . . Evander Childs H. S. . . New Haven H. S. . . . Iona Prep . . .Reqis H. S. . SI. Agnes H. S. . Immaculala H. S. . . . . .Brewsler H. S. , . . De Will Clinfon H. S. . . . .Barkeley H.S. . Tuckahoe H. S . All Hallaws H. S. . SI. Luke's H. S. . . Porlchesler H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . Hawley H. S. . . SI. Agnes H. S. . . Bloomfield H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . .Classen H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . . . . XavierH.S. . . Power Memorial H. S. De Wifi Clinlon H. S. . . N. Y. Tuloring H. S. . . . . Lincoln H. S. . All Hallows H. S. . .Forl Lee H. S. . . . . . Iona Prep . . . .Fordham Prep Paferson Easf Side H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . . . . Brooklyn Prep . Evancler Childs H. S. . . . . Darien H. S. . Harnilion lnsfifule . . .SI. Ann's H. S. . .SL Benedicfs H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . Crosby H. S. . . . Vincenlian H. S. . SI. AugusIine's H. S. . . . . . Regis H. S. Benjamin Franklin H. S. . De Wifi Clinlon H. S. VICTOR CICHANOWICZ . . . . . Don Bosco Prep CORNELIUS COLLINS . . .... Chaminade H. S. ARTHUR CONATY . . . . Yonkers Rocsevell H. S. MAURICE CONNIFF. . . . . .Danbury H. S. ROBERT CONNOLLY. . .... Flushing H. S. CLIFFORD CONWAY . JAMES COONEY . . . JAMES CORCORAN. . CORNELIUS COUGHLAN RAYMOND COUNCELL JAMES COURNEEN . . HENRY COVINGTON . JAMES COYLE .... THOMAS CREGAN . ALBERT CUCURELLA . MARIO LOUIS CUPO . JOHN CURRAN . . . NORBERT CURRAN . . REMO D'ALATRI . . EDWARD DALE. . JAMES DALTON . ARTHUR DALY . . JOSEPH DALY . . KENNETH DALY . LAURENCE DALY . JOHN DE GAETANO . VICTOR DE LUCCIA. . ANTHONY DE MAIO . RICHARD J. DEMPSEY . STANLEY DE NISCO. . EDWIN DE POLO . . VICTOR A. DE RISO. . HAMILCAR DI CARLO JOHN C. DILLON . . MICHAEL DOLAN . THOMAS J. DONOHUE JAMES DOUGLAS . . GEORGE A. DOYLE . . CHARLES L. DRAZ . JOHN J. DRUCKER . . JOSEPH D. DUFFY . THOMAS DUFFY . . NEIL J. ELSASSER . JOHN EMERICH . BARTLEY A. FAHEY . JAMES FARRELL JOSEPH R. FAY. . J. HAROLD FELTER . . RICHARD FENNELLY . FREDERICK R. FENNING DONAL FIRNSTEIN . . EDWIN J. FITGERALD . JAMES FITZGERALD . . PATRICK FLANAGAN . ROBERT FLETCHER . , RICHARD FLICK . . . CHARLES J. FLORIO . J. FOSTER FOLEY . . PHILIP J. FORAN. . . ANGELO FORTUNATO . . .Fordham Prep . . . . . Fordham Prep Power Memorial Academy . . . . .Fordham Prep . . De La Salle Inslifule . .Far Rockaway l"I. S. . . .Fordham Prop . . Brooklyn Prep . . Sl. Polers Prop . . While Plains H. S. . . SI. Ann's H. S. . . . . S+. Agnes H. S. George Washinqlon H. S. . . . . . Xavier H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . . . . . Iona Prep . .Townsend Harris l'l. S. . . . . . Regis H. S. . . Evander Childs H. S. . . . .Fordham Prep . . . Texlile H. S. . . . . SI. Ann's I-I. S. .Alexander Hamillon H. S. . . AII I-Iallows FI. S. . . Evander Childs H. S. . . . .La Salle H. S. . . . Weehawken I-I. S. . De Will Clinron I-I. S. . Raquelfe Lake H. S. . De La Salle H. S. . .Chaminacle I-I. S. . SI. Ann's H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Iona Prep . . Xavier I-I. S. . . . . . Xavier I'l. S. . Calhedral College I'I. S. . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . .Commerce H. S. . . Slamford I'I. S. . . Jamaica I'I. S. . . Monfclair H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Brooklyn Prep . . Iona Prep .Sr. Vincenl de Paul H. S. . . . . Xavier H. S. . . . . Brooklyn Prep . . . . . Ceniral H.S. . Yonkers Roosevell H. S. . Alloona Calholic H. S. . . . .Clinlon I-I. S. . Teaneck H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . Monlclair H. S. NICHOLAS FORTUNATO JOSEPH FRANCISCONO RALPH FRIEDGEN . . . FRANCIS B. FROEHLICH . . BORIS FRYDA ..... JOHN GALIONE ..... FREDERICK GALLAGHER . . NOUBAR J. GARABEDIAN AUSTIN J. GARVEY .... FRANK GAUGHAN . . . ARTHUR J. GEIRINGER . RAYMOND F. GIBNEY . . FREDERICK D. GILL. . JOSEPH GILLEN . . ROGER GILMARTIN . ANTHONY GLENNON . . JOHN J. GOETT . . . WM. C. GOODWINE . JAMES E. GORDON. . EDWARD G. GORMAN. . GEORGE L. GOULD. GEORGE V. GRADY . IRVIN R. GRANT . . JOSEPH GREALY . . . DONALD GRIBBON . GEORGE GUESS . . . FRANK GUIDA ..... THEODORE HAGENJOS . WM. D. HAGER .... JAMES HAGGERTY . . JOHN HALEY .... JOHN T. HALLINAN. . JAMES P. HAMILL . . JOSEPH F. HANRAHAN . JOHN J. HART .... JAMES HAYES . . . JAMES HEALY .... JOSEPH HEFFERNAN . GILBERT P. HENNESSY. . R. ROBERT HENNIG. . VINCENT P. HERLIHY . THOMAS HESLIN. . . PAUL HODIERNE . ALEX HOFSTETTER . . PETER HOLOVAK . . JOHN F. HOLIAN . OSCAR W. HOLTZ . . JOHN HOWE .... ANTHONY INFANTINO . JOHN JASKIEWICZ. . HAROLD JASMINE . . GERALD JOHNSON . . STEPHEN KAZLO . . WM. A. KEBBA. . CHARLES KELLY . . .Drake Prop . Newiown H. S. . Harrison H. S. . .Chaminade H. S. . . Newiown H. S. . . Wesl New York H. S. . . Wesi Piilsfon H. S. . Long Beach H. S. . . . . Woburn H. S. . . SI. Simon Slock H. S. . . De Wifi Clinlon H. S. . . . . . Fordham Prep . . . Si. Francis Prep . . . . . Reqis H. S. . Easi Hampion H. S. . . Power Memorial H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . .SL Agnes H. S. . . . . Iona Prep . La Salle Academy SI. Nicholas oi Tolenfine H. S. . . . . . Slamford H. S. . . . . . Naugaiuck H. S. . .SL Agnes H. S. . . Xavier l-l. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . James Monroe H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . Haldane H. S. . . Kinqslon H. S. SI. Nicholas of Toleniine H. S. . . . . . . Xavier H. S. . . . . . .Fordham Prep . Power Memorial Academy . . . . . Xavier H. S. . . . . . Drake Prep . . Evander Childs H. S. . . . .Flushing H. S. . . . . Flushing H. S. . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . . . . . Xavier H. S. . . James Monroe H. S. . London Souih Collegiaie . . . Lansiorcl H. S. . . Hawley H. S. . . Sluyvesanl H. S. . . SI. Peier's Prep . . Newiown H. S. . Texiile H. S. . .Thomas Jefferson H. S. . . S+. Thomas Seminary . Washinqlon Irving H. S. . . . . Newporf H. S. . . New Ulrechl' H. S. JOHN J. KELLY . JOSEPH F. KELLY . . LEON KELMER . . . FRANK KENEALLY . . RAYMOND KENNEDY . JOHN KIELY . . . VINCENT KLEIN . . JOSEPH F. KROPPY . . WILLIAM KRYWICKI . GUSTAVE KVALDEN . . ROBERT LAMOUR . . GEORGE J. LANGLEY . JOSEPH A. LANZONE . CHARLES A. LA VERDI . WILLIAM F. LAWLOR . ALBERT F. LEBOFFE . . FRANCIS X. LEE . . JAMES E. LEGOTT . . GEORGE D. LEWIS . JAMES LONG . . FRANCIS J. LOPERFIDO JOHN R. LYNCH . . . JOSEPH A. MADEO . . MICHAEL R. MAIESE . ANTHONY MALGIERI . JOHN F. MALONEY . . . ALEX. F. MARICONDA . . RALPH MARTORELLI . ANTONIO MASCATELLO MARTIN F. MASTERSON WILLIAM MAXOY . THOMAS J. MAY . . . THOMAS E. McCARTHY . GERALD A. McCOOL . . FRANCIS J. McCRANN. . JAMES G. McELROY . . JAMES McENTEE .... THOMAS J. MCGANN . . DONALD H. McGANNON . . JAMES T. McGEE. . . DANIEL McGlLLICUDDY . GEORGE T. McGOVERN . JAMES F. McGRATH . . . JAMES F. McGRATH . . JAMES K. McGUlRE . . THOMAS E. McGUIRE . . BERNARD J. McMAHON . FRANCIS W. McMAHON JAMES McMAHON . . . GEORGE T. MCMANUS . . EDMUND MEAGHER . DONALD F. MENAGH . JOHN MEYN . . . GABRIEL MICCIO . . BERNARD MILLER. . . . . . . . . Fordham Prep . . Calhedral College H. S. . . . Erasmus Hall H. S. . All Hallows H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . . Sl. Agnes H. S. . . Bryanl H. S. . . . Regis H. S. . . Coughlin H. S. . . Sluyvesanl H. S. . . Newlown H. S. . All Hallows H. S. . . .lmmaculala H. S. . Evander Childs H. S. . . Porlchesler H. S. . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . Calhedral Prep . . . De Sales H. S. . . . Fordham Prep . . Sl. Michael's H. S. . . . . . .Fordham Prep Sl. Nicholas ol Tolenline H. S. . . . . . . Brooklyn Prep . . .Manual Training H. S. . . James Monroe H. S. . . . . . . Regis H. S. . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . . . Lincoln H. S. . . . . . Brooklyn Prep . . De Will Clinlon H. S. . . . Sl. Mary's H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . New Haven H. S. . . Calhedral College H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . . . . Calhedral Prep . Power Memorial Academy . . . . Commerce H. S. . Sl. Mary's Academy . . . . Regis H. S. . . Crosby H. S. . . . Regis H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . . .Fordham Prep . . Bishop Louqhlin H. S. . . . . . . . Regis H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . . . Sl. Ann's Academy . . .New Rochelle H. S. . .Theodore Roosevell H. S. . . . . Sluyvesanl H. S. . . . . A. B. Davis H S. . Hicksville H. S. DONATO P. MIRRA . . JAMES MOONEY. . FRANK R. MORAN . JOSEPH C. MORATH . JOSEPH J. MOTTLEY . ALFIERI MURANO . . ANTHONY MURATORI. P. GERARD MURPHY . JOHN S. A. MURRAY . ANDREW MYERS . . . RICHARD J. NARDI . . DOMINIC NARDONE . WALTER J. NEUFELD. . HENRY C. NIEWENHOUS EUGENE J. O'BRIEN . . GEORGE V. O'BRIEN . . JOHN P. O'BRIEN. . . RAYMOND F. O'BRIEN. WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN . . WILLIAM J. O'BRIEN . HERMAN J. OCCI . JOSEPH O'GARA . . JOHN O'HARE. . . MICHAEL O'LEARY . . SAMUEL L. OLYNCIW . WILLIAM B. O'NEILL . FRANK J. O'REILLY . . DONALD OTTERSON . NICHOLAS PALUMBO . HARRY V. PAOLICCHI . JOHN J. PARET . . ALFRED PERRONE . . PATRICK A. PETRINO . MARTIN PETROSKAS . . PHILIP PLA-NGEMANN VINCENT B. PLUTINO . STANLEY POHLIDAL. . FREDERICK W. PRATT . DOMINIC PRINCIPE. . ROBERT PUGLIESE . FRANCIS S. OUINN. . JOHN J. OUINN. . . RICHARD P. OUINN . WALTER F. OUINN . . RAYMOND J. RAFFAELI JAMES REAP . . JAMES REILLY . . JOHN T. REILLY . . PHILIP J. REILLY. . THOMAS P. REILLY . DAN P. REIMER . . . THOMAS A. REYNOLDS HENRY RICCIUTI . . . EDWARD RICE .... RAYMOND RIDDICK . . . . . Immaculara H. S. George Washingion H. S. . . . SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . Fordham Prep . HoIy Trinify H. S. . . SI. Agnes H. S. . Chaminade H. S. . . Kingsfon H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . Xavier H. S. . Beniamin Franklin H. S. . . . ImmacuIaI'a H. S. . . SI. John's Prep . . . LoyoIa H. S. . . RichfieId Park H. S. . . Caihedral Boys H. S. . . Caihedral Boys H. S. . . . . Fordham Prep . . . . Xavier H. S. . . James Monroe H. S. . . . Porf Jervis H. S. . . De WIH CIinIon H. S. . . De Wifi CIinIon H. S. . . . . Fordham Prep . . New Uirechf I-I. S. Power Memorial Academy . . . . Jamaica H. S. . . . . AIIIeIooro H. S. . . New Rochelle I-I. S. . Soufh Side H. S. . . . . Xavier H. S. . . Evander Childs H. S. . . Sfuyvesani H. S. . . . . Luzerne H. S. . . New Brunswick H. S. . . De WiH CIin+on H. S. . . De WIII' CIin'Ion H. S. . . . .Rumforr H. S. . . . BrocIcIon H. S. . . De Wiif CIinI'on H. S. . . PeIham H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Regis H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . Gorfon H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . . S+. Agnes H. S. . . Richmond Hill H. S. . . SI. GabrieI's H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . Rooseveli H. S. . . Loyola H. S. . . Crosby H. S. . . Morris H. S. . . LoweII H. S. ALBERT RIZZO . LEWIS C. ROCHE . . HENRY L. ROFINOT. . EDWARD N. ROGERS . . EDWARD W. ROKETZKI . VINCENT J. ROMEO. . HUGH J. ROONEY . . . JOSEPH A. ROPER . . . HOWARD J. ROSENBAUER THOMAS F. ROSS . . . WILLIAM ROTHAMEL . . BERTRAM C. RUSHER . . FRANCIS M. RUSSO-ALESI VICTOR SANTOMASSIMO WILLIAM J. SAVAGE . . HARRY C. SCHNIBBE . . JOHN J. SHAPIRO . . . DONALD J. SLATTERY . . HENRY J. SMITH . . . ROBERT W. STANFORD. . RONALD M. STARK . MICHAEL STECYK . . LEONARD R. STRAUB . . JOHN L. SULLIVAN . . BERNARD SWEENEY . . NATHANIEL B. TEPP . . LOUIS TERMINELLO . . JOHN V. TORRISI . . . THOMAS TRAYNOR . . . MAURICE TROJANOWSKI ANTHONY TURIANO . . JOHN H. VAIL ..... FRANCIS J. VAN DAMM . GENE VANDERBILT . . . JOHN F. L. VAUGHAN . JOHN L. VIGORITA . . JOHN E. VITKA .... GIACOMO VITUCCI . . JOSEPH VOLLMERHAUSEN KENNETH WALDIE . . . WESLEY WALLACE . WILLIAM D. WARD . . ROBERT WARING . . . FREDERICK WARNECKE . RICHARD WEIGANG . . HOWARD WEIL . . . EDWARD S. WERNER . EDMOND J. WHITE . EDWARD J. WHITE . FRANCIS E. WILDE . STANLEY WINNIS . . . ALEXANDER YUDIKAITIS . JOSEPH A. YURAVIC . ROBERT ZITO ..... CHARLES A. ZUMPANO . . SI. Ann's Academy Harfford Pubiic H. S. . LouisviIIe Academy Wesf New Yoric H. S. DeWiI+ Clinion H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . . .Fordham Prep DeWiI'I Clinion H. S. . SI. CeceIia's H. S. . SI. Augusiine H. S. . . . . Regis H. S. . SI. GabrieI's H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. DQWIII Clinfon H. S. . . . Brooklyn Prep . . SI. John's Prep . . Brooklyn Prep . . Xavier H. S. . . . Fordham Prep James Madison H. S. . SI. BenedicI's Prep . . SI. BasiI's Prep Power Memorial Academy . . . . Manuai Training . .Fordham Prep . . . Hamiifon H.S. DeWiII CIinIon H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . SI. Augusiine H. S. Bridgepori' Academy . . . Salesian H. S. . . Lynbrook H. S. Power Memorial Academy . . Siuyvesani' H. S. . All HaIIows H. S. . Seward Paric H. S. Warren Harding H. S. . Seward Park H. S. . . . BrooIcIyn Prep . S+. Ann's Academy . . Sfuyvesani' H. S. . Immacuiaia H. S. . . . Flushing H. S. Richmond HiII H. S. . . Newiown H. S. . . . Fordham Prep . . Lyndhursf H. S. . SI. Ann's Academy . . SI. Agnes H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . Johnson Ciiy H. S. . Wesi' Haven H. S. James Madison H. S. . . . Texiile H. S. vi' EWINTER TROUBLE I Wx. I Fug. Q' .I-M I. I Iv- ff-1 I IEW in Nix JUNIOR PR I Q :S I A-:ff-flf 3 w iA A A '-L I O Q 61. pl ,. ......-Q.-.nwauilr-'A--M""""'N . 1 ,., , n 4 . . E, Q I V "A' 1. I , 4 !,-if A ., V :N in - M y L W , X 4 3521 I QYKII I - 2 I .,Z., , ' A 1- If ' " sr 'QGLEEFUL HARMONY SPLASHES AGAIN! , i i ., , . , vii. E Qfwwfff - W-f My J1,,v', -f niglligfl IX Nj' , CONSIDERATION - . I : Ii l THEORY AND DANCES PRACTICE ,Iwn 1II I af: I' , I I X .. ,. I WES WALLACE , 'eff' .11 . ri. K, , 1 Q I- B .-'uk PENSIVE PROFESSOR 1 SDF surnnmunf HI TURY UF THF. CLASS UF 1941 GEORGE E. WHALEN PresidenT THE Jubilee Class of l94I. desTinecl To be graduaTed on The hundredTh anniversary oT Fordha n UniversiTy, submissively reTurned To "These hallowed halls" when The mulTi-colored and brillianT leaves were beginning To Tall in SepTember. WiTh presidenT George Whalen as VigilanTe ChieT. The oTher oTTicers, Brennan, vice-presidenT and Schieffer. secreTary-Treasurer and a well drilled corps of "V" men, The Treshmen were properly inTroduced To Fordham and given The Fordham sTamp oT approval. The red leaves began To drop off one by one, and TooTball was in The air. A Tine squad which achieved an enviable record represenTed Rose Hill This year and saw EshmonT flash his way To campus and naTionaI aTTenTion. Kuzman and De Fillippo were oTher ouTsTanding members oT The varsiTy. ln The Tielcl of wriTing Campbell. Hannon. Ford and Grace ground ouT arTicles weekly Tor The Ram while Ford and MacDonald graced The pages of The MonThly. DebaTing lThe Hughes SocieTyl aTTracTed some ThirTy Cicero's lor Dale Carnegie'sl and The SocieTy engaged in several imporTanT public debaTes. including Two Trips away. one To BosTon College and one To GeorgeTown. The SodaliTy, oT course, was aTTendecl by many OT The sTudenTs and 'Followed an exTensive program oT lecTures aT iTs meeTings. l6O Wiih all 'rhe red leaves gone and 'rhe 'frees guiie bare. baskeiball came in 'ro lceep The sludenis indoors, lvlcGurlc, Murphy, Rappori. Carr and Lewis upheld rhe honor of '4I in +ha+ field and righ'r well. loo. Track found S+. Pierre Benne++ and Cary racing around for +he Ram. The annual play, "The Silenl Woman". was casi wi+h Jrhree sophs, Carlora, Ford and Lynch. Then +he annual Oraiorical Con+es+ came along and Campbell, Hannon and Brennan were rhree of +he eighf conlesianis. On Jrhe swim- ming +eam were lo be found Boyd and Mallon: ihe rifle leam had Weber, lacovo and O'l-lea: and Dugan, Coffey, Thomas, O'Reilly. Joslyn, Callahan. Bosna and McGuire sang along wilh ihe Glee Club. i Once again 'rhe leaves Jrhreaiened +o bursl Torlh and spring came +o Fordham bringing wilh il 'lhe baseball ieam, 'rhe Varsily One-Acrs and some warm weaiher. On lhe baseball squad McGurl4. Murphy, l-learn lJacl4l and Groh bailed lhem our and scooped +hem up. ln +he One-Acfs Dugan's play won second prize and he was chosen as The besr ac+or. Many ol his fellow classmaies also ac'red and aided 'rhe produciion as pari of rhe siage crew. And 'rhen Thai feeling of spring came over all of us and ailer managing 'ro go Jrhrough lhe examinafions we realized Thar we were no longer iusl' sophomores. JOHN T. DUGAN GEORGE E. WHALEN VINCENT BRENNAN Secrefary-Treasurer Presidenf ViCe.Pre5iden+ Ibl Firsf Row: NICHOLAS R. AMBROSIANO, Fordham Prep: JOSEPH F. APUZZO, Fordham Prep: JOHN W. AYERS, Jamaica H. S.: WILLIAM M. BALDWIN, Regis H. S.: THOMAS L. BARR, Piffsburqh Ceniral Cafholic: EDWARD G. BARRETT, S+. AuqusIine's H. S.: JOHN V. BARRY, Far Roclcaway H. S.: JACK V. BARTON: Befhany-Lincoln H. S.: JOSEPH A. BENENATI, Erasmus Hall H. S.: THOMAS W. BENHAM, Immaculafe Conceplion H. S. Second Row: HUGH F. BENNETT, Sf. BonedicI's H. S.: FRANCIS E. BENT, Bishop Louqhlin H. S.: GEORGE A. BERLITSKY, Richmond Hill H. S.: CELESTINO BERNARDO, Gorfon H. S.: WILLIAM R. BERNHARD, All I-Iallows H. S.: VICTOR J. BOCCHICCHIO, Alexander Hamillon H. S.: VINCENT J. BORGESE, Regis H. S.: ALEXANDER A. BOSNA, Fordham Prep: CHARLES E. BOYD. Broolclyn Prep: GEORGE H. BRADFORD, Loyola H. S. Third Row: THOMAS P. BRADY, Power Memorial Academy: WILLIAM E. BRADY, Ossininq H. S.: JOSEPH P. BREE. Fordham Prop: VINCENT P. BRENNAN. Xavier H. S.: JOSEPH P. BROGAN. Kinqslon H. S.: JOHN J. BROOKS, Xavior H. S.: PETER R. BUECHLER, Fordham Prep: BERNARD A. BUGE, Sfuyvosanl H. S.: VINCENT J. CAHILL, Fordham Prep: JAMES T. CALLAHAN, Fordham Prep. Fourfh Row: JAMES K. CAMPBELL, Xavier H. S.: RALPH W. CAMPBELL, Glouceslcr H. S.: EDWARD S. CANNING, Georqe Washinqlon H. S.: ANTHONY J. CANTORE, New Ufrechl H. S.: ANGELO R CAPASSO, Bridqeporf H. S.: BERNARD P. CAPONERA, Beniamin Franklin H. S.: ERASMO I.. CARFORA, Xavier H. S.: EDWARD W. CARLUCCI, Rochesfer H. S.: JAMES J. CARROLL, Fordham Prep: ENRICO M. CARUSO, Pleasaniville H. S. Fiffh Row: WALTER A. CARY, Sf. Bc-nedicI's H. S.: JOSEPH D. CASOLARO, Fordham Prep: MARTIN B. CAVANAGH, De Wifi' Clinion H. S.: JOHN J. CAWLEY, Gorion H. S.: JOHN W. CLAUSS. Richmond Hill H. S.: RICHARD E. COFFEY, Fordham Prep: WALTER T. COLEMAN. Fordham Prep: MICHAEL T. COLONNA, Immaculafe Concopiion H. S.: PAUL R. CONNERY. Norwalk H. S.: FRANCIS M. COSTELLO, Fordham Prep. l62 Firsl Row: JAMES R. COSTELLO, Selon Hall Prep: WILLIAM W. COX, Brewsler H. S.: EDWARD J. CUNNINGHAM, Sl. Charles H. S.: LAWRENCE P. CURRY, Fordham Prep: EDWARD M. DALTON. Newlown H. S.: DONALD C. DALY, Providence H. S.: WILLIAM N. DALY, La Salle Academy: SISTO D. DIAMBROSO, Walerbury H. S.: CHARLES J. DANIELE, Poughkeepsie H. S.: GEORGE N. DEANE, New Haven H. S. Second Row: LOUIS P. DE FILIPPO, Easl Haven H. S.: THEODORE J. DE FRANCO. Fordham Prep: FRANCIS P. DE LUCA, Chaminade H. S.: VINCENT P. DENNERY, Dickinson H. S.: LOUIS T. DE NIGRIS, Regis H. S.: VINCENT P. DE VENOGE, Newlown H. S.: ROBERT W. DINEEN. Brooklyn Prep: GERALD T. DONAHUE, Bridgeporl H. S.: THOMAS F. DOYLE, Fordham Prep: NICHOLAS J. DROHAN, Sl. GabrieI's H. S. . Third Row: FRANCIS T. DUFFY, Fordham Prep: JOHN T. DUGAN, Regis H. S.: THEODORE DYKE. Brooklyn Prep: LEONARD C. ESHMONT, Allas H. S.: EDWARD J. FAGAN. Fordham Prep: WILLIAM J. FAGAN. Boys H. S.: ROBERT F. FAGNONI, Evander Childs H. S.: JOSEPH W. FALCONE, Boys H. S.: FRANCIS M. FALLON. While Plains H. S.: JOHN H. FARRELL, Xavier H. S. Fourlh Row: EDWARD P. FITZGERALD, Crosby H. S.: EDWARD A. FLECKENSTEIN, Sl. Peler's Prep: THOMAS J. FLEMING, Fordham Prep: FRANK P. FORD. Regis H. S.: CORNELIUS A. FORSTER, Calhedral H. S.: NICHOLAS T. FRANKI. La Salle Academy: GEORGE J. GALLOW. Ml. Sl. Michael's H. S.: ALVARO F. GALVAN, Loyola H. S.: THOMAS A. GANNON, Ml. Carmel H. S.: THOMAS J. GANNON, Fordham Prep. Fillh Row: WILLIAM J. GAVIGAN, All Hallows H. S.: ROBERT J. GEISSLER, Sl. Ann's Academy? JOHN A. GENTAKES, Sl. Ann's Academy: ROBERT W. GENTLEMEN, Englewood H. S.: CHARLES H. GEORGI, Bayside H. S.: NICHOLAS G. GEORGIADE, Jamaica H. S.: ROBERT N. GIAIMO, New Haven H. S.: WILLIAM H. GIDNEY, Babylon H. S.: GERARD A. GILBRIDE, Xavier H. S.: ANTONIO R. GINORIO, Cayey H. S. I I63 Firsf Row: ALBERT A. GLEN, De WiI'r Clinfon H. S.: RICHARD H. GRACE, Kearny H. S.: JOSEPH K. GRAINGER. Brooklyn Prep: ROBERT D. GREENIER, Pearl River H. S.: JAMES H. GRIMLEY, Bayside H. S.: ALBERT D. GROH, Fordham Prep: ENRICO GRUFFI, Sluyvesanl H. S.: THOMAS C. HADDEN, Roosevell' H. S.: WILLIAM H. HAGEDORN. Fordham Prep: JOHN V. HALL, Bishop Loughlin H. S. Second Row: JOHN J. HANLON, Fordham Prep: ALFRED J. HANNON. All Hallows H, S.: EDWARD F. HART. Fordham Prep: RICHARD A. HAYDEN, Brooklyn Prep: THOMAS P. HAYES, New Brilon H. S.: JOHN P. HEARN, New Brunswick H. S.: JOHN J. HEDDERSON, Brooklyn Prep: WILLIAM P. HEELAN, Xavier H. S.: VINCENT T. HEFFERNAN, Woodhaven H. S.: DONALD F. HENNESSY, Bishop Loughlin H. S. I Third Row: CHARLES G. HERBERMANN, Fordham Prep: SIDNEY C. HIGGINS, Whife Plains H. S.: WILLIAM F. HILL, Morris H. S.: MICHAEL F. HORGAN. Evander Childs H. S.: JOHN R. HORN. ING, Iona Prep: JOHN J. HYLAND, Torienville H. S.: JOSEPH F. IACOVO, Slaniord H. S.: THOMAS N. IZZO, While Plains H. S.: OWEN W. JAEGER, S+. Nicholas of Toleniine H. S.: GERARD D. JONES. Brooklyn Prep. Fourfh Row: FREDERIC M. JOSLYN. Brooklyn Prep: THOMAS F. KANE, Manual Training H. S.: FRANCIS X. KELLEHER, Gorton H. S.: CHARLES G. KELLY, Fordham Prep: WARREN F. KELLY. Fordham Prep: ROBERT F. KERR, De Wifi Clinfon H. S.: JOHN D. KESSLER, Peekskill H. S.: GEORGE J. KIMMERLING. Xavier H. S.: PAUL K. KOWALSKA. Ulica Free Academy: EDWARD W. KRUMMEL, Rooseveli H. S. Fiffh Row: JOHN KUZMAN, Coaldale H. S.: JOHN V. LAFFERTY. Richmond Hill H. S.: JOHN J, LAGATT. Regis H. S.: JOSEPH J. LAMBERT, Richmond Hill H. S.: WARREN S. LAMOUR, Newfown H. S.: KENNETH W. LANG. De Will Clinlon H. S.: JAMES D. LAWLER, Universiiy School: EDWARD B. LEAHEY, Fordham Prep: JOHN T. LEAHY, Benningfon H. S.: VINCENT J. LEBONITTE, James Monroe H. S. I64 Firsl Row: CHUNG J. LEE, Theodore Roosevell H. S.: HAROLD J. LEIDER. La Salle M. A.: EDWARD S. LEIGHTON. Sl. Augusline's H. S.: JOHN J. LEONARD, Fordham Prep: J. J. B. LEONARD. Regis H. S.: STANLEY A. LEWCZYK. Shenandoah H. S.: CARLO J. LEWIS, Far Rockaway H. S.: JOHN M. Ll MANDRI, Beniamin Franklin H. S.: VICTOR S. LIUZZO. Ml. Sl. Michael's H. S.: JOHN F. LOONAM, Regis H. S. Second Row: JOSEPH P. LUCAS, Bloomfield H. S.: THOMAS E. LYNCH. Xavier H. S.: JAMES J. LYONS, Wappingers Falls H. S.: JOSEPH F. LYONS, Wappingers Falls H. S.: MARTIN F. LYONS. All Hallows H. S.: THOMAS H. MAC DOUGALL. Melrose H. S.: JOHN D. MALARKEY. Milford H. S.: EDWARD F. MALLAHAN. Fordham Prep: JEROME T. MALLIET. Wesl Harllord H. S.: THOMAS F. MALLON, Xaxier H. S. Third Row: SAVIOUR J. MANCUSO. Hendrick Hudson H. S.: JOHN F. MANNING. Xavier H. S.: FRANCIS J. MARA, Raasevalf H. S.: EDMUND D. MARINUCCI, All Hallows H. S.: GERALD J. MARONEY. Commerce H. S.: ALBERT R. MARTIN, Sayville H. S.: HARRY T. MQCABE, All Hallows H. S.: HENRY V. McCADDlN. Regis H. S.: RAYMOND L. MCCARTHY. Sl. Peler's Prep: JOHN M. MCCAULEY. All Hallows H. S. Fourlh Row: WILLIAM J. MCCLEARY, Sl. Nicholas ol' Tolenline H. S.: THOMAS F. McDERMOTT, Wesl Haven H. S.: JAMES A. MQDONALD, Xavier H. S.: JOHN J. MCDONALD, Sl. John's H. S.: EDWARD J. MCFARLANE, Fordham Prep: JOSEPH V. MCGINN, Porlchesler H. S.: E. GERARD MCG-OVERN, Sl. Cecilia H. S.: JOHN J. MCGOVERN. Fordham Prep: JOHN F. MCGUINNESS. Bayside H. S.: FRANCIS A. MCGUIRE, Sl. Michael's H. S. Fifth Row: JOHN J. MCGURK. Fordham Prep: FRANCIS S. McKAY. Sl. Mary's H. S.: RICHARD G. MCMANUS, Iona Prep: JOHN P. MCNAMARA, De Will Clinlon H. S.: RUSSELL J. MCVEIGH. Fordham Prep: JOHN G. MENAPACE. Ml. Carmel H. S.: ANGELO MEROLA, Evander Childs H. S.: STEPHAN F. MOCARSKI, De Will Clinlon H. S.: FRANCIS J. MOLONEY, Bishop Loughlin H. S.: VICTOR P. MONGEAU. Assumplion College H. S. l65 Firsl Row: JOHN J. MORAN, Brooklyn Prep: EDWARD F. MURPHY, La Salle Academy: EDWARD P. MURPHY, De Will Clinlon: EUGENE R. MURPHY, Sl. Ann's Academy: JOHN J. MURPHY, Ml. Sl. Michael's H. S.: RALPH J. MURPHY, De Will Clinlon H. S.: WILLIAM G. MYLAN, Ml. Sl. Michael's H. S.: CHARLES F. NAEGELE, Regis H. S.: THOMAS J. NEVILLE, Xavier H. S.: JOSEPH A. NEW- COMB, Sl. Nicholas ol Tolenline H. S. Second Row: BENJAMIN NICOTRI, Theodore Roosevell H. S.: FRANK J. O'BRlEN, Merriden H. S.: GEORGE F. O'BRlEN, Xavier H. S.: CHESTER OBUCHOWSKI. Manchesler H. S.: JOHN A. O'DONOHUE, James Madison H. S.: JOHN T. O'HEA, Fordham Prep: JOHN A. O'HERN, While Plains H. S.: LOUIS J. OLIVIERI. Regis H. S.: EDWARD J. O'NElLL, New Haven H. S.: TERENCE J. O'NElLL, Fordham Prep. Third Row: PHILIP J. O'RElLLY, Brooklyn Prep: DANTE J. PALLANTE, Newlown H. S. VINCENT A. PALUMBO, Xavier H. S.: ROBERT D. PARNSON, Evander Childs H. S.: THOMAS F. PATTERSON, Brooklyn Prep: PETER C. PELLEGRINO, Beniamin Franklin H. S.: P. EDWARD PERRONE, Bryanl H. S.: GREGORY D. PICONE. Gorlon H. S.: JOHN J. PILEGGI. Ossining H. S.: ANTHONY V. PISCIOTTA. Franklin H. S. ' Fourlh Row: CHARLES J. PORTALUPPI, Sl. Ann's Academy: WILLIAM G. PRAHL. Sl. Nicholas ol Tolenline H. S.: ARMAND J. PRISCO. Morris H. S.: MILTON A. PTASIENSKI, Don Bosco Prep: JAMES E. RAPPORT, Sluyvesanl H. S.: GEORGE M. REDLING. De Will Clinlon H. S.: JAMES S. REGAN, Brooklyn Prep: JOHN A. REGAN, Brooklyn Prep: JOHN F. REHERMANN, Roosevell H. S.: JOSEPH A. REIDY. Power Memorial H. S. i A Fillh Row: CHARLES J. REILLY, Brooklyn Prep: JOHN A. REILLY, Evander Childs H. S.: PATRICK H. REYNOLDS. Benjamin Franklin H. S.: BENJAMIN F. ROBERTACCIO. De Will Clinlon H. S.: EUGENE P. ROGERS. Power Memorial Academy: FRANCIS X. ROUTHIER, Brooklyn Prep: CHARLES ROY. Mamaroneck H. S.: FRANCIS X. ROYAL, Fordham Prep: JAMES T. RYAN, Power Memorial Academy. , I66 Firsf Row: JOHN T. P. RYAN, Power Memorial Academy: WILLIAM D. ST. PAUL. Jusi'r H. S.: RALPH A. ST. PIERRE, Glens Falls H. S.: VINCENT J. SANTARE, Brooklyn Prep: WALTER J. SARAD. Ludlow H. S.: EUGENE W. SARNO, Dickinson H. S.: VINICIO SAVOIA. John Adams H. S.: 'ALBERT R. SCAFURI, Benjamin Franklin H. S.: WILLIAM F. SCHIEFFER. Fordham Prep: MARK J. SCHLAGETER, Ridgewood H. S. Second Row: HENRY S. SCHNEIDER, Tenaily H. S.: HAROLD W. SCHWAB, Fordham Prep: ROBERT T. SCOTT, Soufh Hills H. S.: WILLIAM T. SHIELDS, Fordham Prep: CARMINE A. SICONOFFI. Brooklyn Prep: ARTHUR L. SMITH, Honesdale H. S.: PAUL C. SMITH. Bishop Louqhlin H. S.: TIMOTHY V. SMITH, Xavier H. S.: WILLIAM D. SPAIN, Fordham Prep: RALPH H. STANLEY, Power Memorial Academy. Third Row: MARK U. STEPHENS, Monlclair H. S.: DONALD E. SULLIVAN, Fordham Prep: JEREMIAH E. SULLIVAN. MI. SI. Charles Academy: JOHN J. SULLIVAN, Sl. Simon Slock H. S.: JOSEPH A. SWEENEY, Summerville H. S.: JOSEPH E. SWEENEY, Bosfon College H. S.: STEPHEN J. SZOT. Garfield H. S.: FRANK S. TAMBERELLI. Hackensack H. S.: VIRGIL P. TAMPONE, De Will Clinlon H. S.: EDWARD A. TAYLOR, Mamaroneck H. S. Four'Il'1 Row: ROBERT E. TE CARR. Washinglon Irving H. S.: ROBERT J. THOMAS. Fordham Prep: JOHN J. TOBIN, Fordham Prep: JOSEPH G. TROISI, Boys H. S.: JOSEPH UNGERER, Beihlehem HV. S.: JOHN W. UZMANN. SI. John's Prep: RAYMOND J. VISCARDI. Brooklyn Prep: FLETCHER R. VREDENBURGH, Roosevell H. S.: PATRICK F. WALKER. Bulkeley H. S.: JOSEPH M. WALSH. Regis H. S. Fiffh Row: THOMAS M. WALSH, Regis H. S.: JOHN M. WATSON, Richmond Hill H. S.: JAMES J. WEBER, Fordham Prep: GEORGE E. WHALEN, Dover Plains H. S.: ROSS O. WHITE, Porlsmoulh H. S.: ROBERT J. WINN, Whilehall H. S.: VINCENT G. WINO, Fordham Prep: VINCENT A. ZALECKAS, Bayonne H. S.: HARRY ZARIK, Scranlon Cenlral H. S. I67 SDF RESHMA HI 'TURY UF THE CLAS UF 1942 PETER F. CALLERY Presidenl' ASSEMBLING in a body lorlhe 1cirs'r+ime on Seplember l2, 400 freshmen inauguraled a year of marked success and unusual brilliance in all fields of endeavor. ln class. on 'lhe alhlelic 'field and in all exlra-curricular acliviles uniform excellence proved +o be Jrhe rule rarher fhan +he exceplion and so. much is expecled oi lhe class of '42 in The lufure. A Aller 'rrouncing 'rhe sophs in +he lradilional lug-ol-war +he lrosh wenl on lo break records and sel precedenls wilh careless abandon. An all Time high was se? for our sodalily wi+h an enrollmenl of over 'three hundred members. A Freshman Council was organized for lhe firsl' lime and +he class made hislory by sponsoring a Freshman class dance. and a successful one foo. Moreover lhe men presenled a gifl' of a bronze plaque commemoraling 'rhe Firsf Rose Hill Manor. ln debaling The Freshman Forum whipped up an unbealable combinalion wi+h Ward. Borden, Pasquarelli, Bar+le+'r and Bechlold sailing 'through an undefeared season. While Slewarl, Colfer. Mulligan, and Schmidlein 'found a place for 'rheir liferary abilify in 'rhe Ram. Helm won a berlh in 'the Monlhly. Thespians abounded in lhe class, and prominenl' paris in 'rhe Varsily Play were given 'lo Burgi. Yon, Sleward and Brooks. The One-Aol' Play Conlesl' produced a weallh of superla+ive plays wi+h Burgi ,Co+'rer, Johnson and While excelling. Then I70 Too, The classical languages were delved inTo by The Greek and Vergil Academies and The IaTTer spon- sored a successTuI AcTus. Success in aThIeTics also meT The Trosh. The yearling TooTball Team Trounced N.Y.U.'s Treshmen I9-O. BlumensTock, Lambeau and Reis shone on The oTTensive while The enTire Team was superb on The deTenso. AlThough They did drop Their oTher game To The Army Plebes, BIumensTock and Reis came TorTh as sensaTionaI. The Frosh Track men also came Through wiTh Tlying colors. The Mile Relay composed oT Fal- lon, Callery, Shine and Dorland capTured The IvleTropoIiTan Freshman TiTle in The N.Y.A.C. nneeT, and smashed The record. Schmidlein esTabIished himseIT as a greaT disTance prospecT. Then Too, a baskeTbaII Team compiled an enviable record Tor iTseIT as iT Took over mosT of The oTher colleges in This area. Carroll led The scorers wiTh one hundred TiTTy poinTs and sTerIing play was exhibiTed by QuanTriIle, FiTz- gerald, Rizzo and Leonard. Thus we see ThaT The achievemenTs oT The class really were exTraordinary. AT The ouTseT The class of '42 was called The besT uniTed and organized one To enTer Fordham in many years: and ThroughouT The year we have shown The TruTh oT ThaT sTaTemenT, and hope our TuTure will conTinue To do likewise. VINCENT D. REILLY PETER F. CALLERY EDWARD F. MALONEY WILLIAM A. I-IANRAI-IAN SecreTary PresidenT Treasurer SecreTary I7I EDWARD J. AINSLEY . EDWARD F. ALEX .... NICHOLAS J. ALICINO . . ROBERT L. ANDERSON. . . MARIO P. ANNECCHIARICO HARRY L. ANSTEY . . FRANCIS I. APICELLA . . . ROBERT J. BAIN ..... ALBERT C. BARGE lDeceasedI HAROLD P. BARKAS. . . JEREMIAH J. BARKIE . . EDWARD J. BARNES. . JAMES F. BARNES . THOMAS J. BARRY . . . GEORGE W. BARTELS . . ALBERT L. BARTLETT . . NICHOLAS M. BASILE. . HERMAN BASTO .... ALBERT J. BAZIS .... FREDERICK W. BECHTOLD . JOSEPH J. BELL . . LOUIS J. BELLE .... THOMAS E. BENNETT . . CHARLES B. BEROUIST. . LEONARD F. BLACK. . LOUIS BLANCATO . . . HENRY J. BLOSSY ..... JAMES A. BLUMENSTOCK . . JOHN F. BOLTON . . . ALFRED R. BORDEN . . PHILIP L. BRADY . . JOHN R. BRANDI .... ROBERT T. BRANGAN . . DENNIS M. BREEN . . WILLIAM J. BROGAN . . JOHN N. BROOKS . . . ROBERT F. BUCKMAN . . CHARLES F. BUCHNAM . XAVIER J. BUDNICKI . RICHARD T. BURGI . . JAMES J. BURNS. . MICHAEL J. CAHIR. . EDWARD A. CAIN . . JOHN D. CALAMARI . . FRANK J. CALDERON . . JAMES CALI .... PETER F.CALLERY . . . EDWARD J. CANAVAN . . JOSEPH E. CARBALLEIRA. . JOHN J. CARROLL . . . JOHN W. CARROLL. . ARTHUR J. CASE. . JOHN J. CASEY . . ROBERT E. CASEY . . . JOSEPH CASTORINA . . . . . .Fordham Prep . . . .J.W. Cooper H.S. SI. Nicholas of Tolenline H. S. . . . . . Cranford H. S. . Xavier H. S. . . . . . . Brooklyn Prep . Power Memorial Academy . . . Long Beach. H. S. . . . Newfown H. S. . DeWiH' Clinlon H. S. . . . . Brooklyn Prep . . . . . SI. John's Prep . Alexander Hamillon H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . . . .New Rochelle H. S. . . Tollenville H. S. . . . Fordham Prep . . Sfuyvesanf H. S. . .cenfral H. S. . Regis H. S. . DeWiII Clinlon H. S. . Thomas Jefferson H. S. . . . . .Ansonia H. S. . .Manual Training H. S. . DQWIII Clinfon H. S. . Benjamin Franklin H. S. . . Mamaroneck H. S. . . . Rulherlford H. S. . . SI. Simon Slock H. S. . . . SI. Agnes H. S. . . Red Bank Cafholic H. S. . . .Chaminade H. S. . . .Sfaalsburq H. S. . Bishop Loughlin H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . DeWiI+ Clinron H. S. . James Monroe H. S. . . . . . Iona Prep . . Perrh Amboy H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . Evander Childs H. S. . DeWiII Clinlon H. S. . De La Salle Inslilufe . . . . .Regis H. S. . SI. Simon Slock H. S. . .Theodore Roosevelf H. S. . . . . .Brooklyn Prep . . . . Darien H.S. . De La Salle Inslilule . .Xavier High School . . . . Newlown H. S . .Haldane Cenlral H. S. . . . Roosevelr H. S. . . New Rochelle H. S. . . Seward Park H. S. ALAN G. CATERSON . JOSEPH L. CAULFIELD . . RALPH L. CAVALLI . . ANG-ELO L. CIPRIANO. . BERNARD F. CLARK. . JOHN COCOZZA . FRANK J. COFFEY . ROBERT D. COLE . . . JAMES J. CONDON. . GEORGE W. CONK . . ROBERT J. CONNOLLY. . THOMAS P. CONNOLLY . RAYMOND F. CONVEY. . ANG-ELO W. CORNACHIO JOSEPH V. COTTER . . . THOMAS P. COTTER . . JOHN J. COURTNEY . VINCENT A. CRACCO . . THOMAS J. CRAWFORD . EDWARD J. CRONIN . . MARTIN J. CUFFE . EDWARD J. CULLOM . PAUL A. CUOMO . JOHN J. CURRAN . THOMAS J. CURRY . . LAWRENCE X. CUSACK . JOHN R. DALEY .... LEONARD A. DALY . . LOUIS N. D'ASCOLI . . JOHN J. DAVEY . . JOHN H. DAVIES . . DELBERT B DAVIS . . WILLIAM B. DECKER . ROBERT C. DE LELLIS . . JOSEPH F. DE NATALE. . FRED D. DE PALMA . . CHARLES A. DI FALCO . . CHARLES P. DILLON . JOHN F. DILLON . K. . . ANTHONY J. DI SALVO . ROBERT W. DOHERTY . . JOHN J. DOLAN. . . DONALD G. DONAHUE . HENRY E. DONESKY. . FRANCIS W. DONVAN. . JAMES F. DOTY .... MARTIN T. DOUGHERTY . JOHN J. DOWD .... THOMAS F. DUNN . . THOMAS J. DUNNE. . JOHN B. DWYER . . ALBERT J. EUSEBI . . . DONALD 6. FAHY . . . RAYMOND J. FALLON . . PASOUALE W. FANELLI . . . . . . . Iona Prep George Washinqion H. S. . . . . . Bryan? H. S. . Evander Childs H. S. . . . .Fordham Prep . Evander ChiIds H. S. . . . . Fordham Prop . .Jamaica H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . Seward Park H. S. . . Chaminade H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . . .Fordham Prep . . AII Hallows H. S. . . . . Xavier H. S. . DeWiH Clinfon H. S. . . Immaculafa H. S. . . AII Hallows H. S. . . .NorwaIIc H. S. . . S+uyvesanI H. S. . . New Haven H. S. . DeWiI'rCIin+or1 H. S. . . . . Regis H. S. . . SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . Regis H. S. . . A. B. Davis H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . Gorion H. S. . . S+. John's Prep . . . . Darien H.S. . . . . . CouqhIin H. S. Alexander Hamilion H. S. Beniamin FranIcIin H. S. . . . .Fordham Prep . . . Yonkers H. S. . . .Yonkers H. S. . De La Salle Insfiiuie . . . SI. Agnes H. S. . DeWiH Clinion H. S. . .Flushing H. S. . . Darien H. S. . . Sf. John's Prep . . New Haven H. S. . James Monroe H. S. . . . Amcnia H. S. . . SI. BenedicI's Prep . . . . . Regis H. S. . DeWiH CIinIon H. S. . . SI. Ann's Academy . . . Xavier H. S. . . New Ufrechi H. S. . Bridqehampfon H. S. . . . . Lincoln H. S. . . S+. Augusiine H. S. FRANCIS J. FANNON . . JOSEPH S. FARANDA . . FELIX A. FARENGA . . JOHN L. FARRAND . . EDWARD J. FARRELL . . FRANK E. FARRELL . MILES L. FAY ..... JOHN J. FELLINGHAM. . MICHAEL J. FEMENELLA . DANIEL J. FENNELLY . . ARTHUR P. FENSORE . . JOSEPH J. FERRARI . . JOSEPH C. FISCELLA . RICHARD FITZGERALD . . PAUL FITZSIMMONS . FRANCIS E. FOLEY . JOHN P. FORD ..... JAMES T. FOX ..... EDWARD W. FREDERICKS JOHN J. FREY ..... ALOYSIUS F. FRIEDLMEIER DAVID W. FURTNETT . . ALFRED J.GAHAN . . JOHN J. GALLAGHER. . CHARLES A. GARDELLA . WILLIAM E. GARAFOLO . THOMAS D. GARRUBBO . GEORGE T. GEAGAN . . FRANK J. GENTILE . . JOSEPH J. GERDON . . FREDERICK GESSNER . JOHN C. GILHOOLY . . BERNARD B. GILLIGAN. . WILLIAM F. GLEESON . . JOHN J. GOLDEN . EMANUEL GOMEZ . . . EDWARD M. GOROSZEWSKI DANIEL G. GRIFFIN. . . FRANCIS J. HAFEY . . . DONALD E. HANNIGAN . JOHN A. HANNON. . . WILLIAM A. HANRAHAN. MATTHEW A. HANRATTY ROBERT J. HARDART . . BERNARD V. HARRIS . . BRYAN T. HASTINGS . . STEPHEN J. HAVELOCK . JOHN J. HAYDEN . . . CARROLL W. HAYES . JOHN J. HAYES . . CHARLES R. HECKER . ROBERT P. HEITHOFF . ALBERT E. HELM . . JOHN L. HELM . . DONALD J. HENRY . . . . Xavier H. S. . . Rooseveli H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . . . Tafr School . . New UIrechI' H. S. . . .NorwaIIc H. S. . . New Bedford H. S. . . . BrooIcIyn Prep . . ToH'enviIIe I'I. S. . . McDurIee H. S. . . .CenIraI H. S, . . .Soufh Side H. S. . . James Monroe I-I. S. . . Newfown I-I. S. . . Rippowan H. S. . . AII Hallows I'I. S. . .MI. SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . . Fordham Prep . . . . Bayside H. S. . . SI. AugusIine's I'I. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . . .Fordham Prep . .Cafholic Boys H. S. . . . . SI. John's Prep . . Grover Cleveland H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . Easf Orange H. S. . . . . . . .Regis H. S. .... . . .RegisH.S. Sr. Nir:hoIas of ToIenIine H. S. . . . . MiddIeI'own H. S. . Power Memorial Academy . . . . .Fordham Prep . . . . . BrooIcIyn Prep . . Xavier H. S. . . MI'. SI. Joseph's H. S. . . .Haaron H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . SI. John's Prep . . Xavier H. S. . .Wesr Orange I-I. S. . . . New Haven H. S. . . MI. SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . . . Iona Prep . . Xavier H. S. . . . Regis H. S. . . . . Brooklyn Prep . . Lynn Classical SchooI . . De La Salle InsIiIuIe . . . Fordham Prep . . DeWiH CIinIon H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . . . . . Fordham Prep . . . SI. Thomas Academy SI. Nicholas of ToIenIine H. S. ROSS A. HIBBERT . JAMES J. HORAN . . STEPHEN L. HUDACEK . WALTER J. HUGHES . . ROBERT F. HYMES . ANTHONY F. IMPERIALE ANDREW J. ISEMAN . PATRICK T. IZZO . . KENNETH W. JAMES . JOSEPH JEMSKI . . NORMAN J. JOHNSON PAUL F. JONES . . . JOHN B. JUDGE . . JAMES J. KANE . . . MATTHEW F. KANE . . VINCENT F. KANE . WOOLSEY M. KANE. . JOHN KARPINOL . . THOMAS P. KEARNEY . EMANUEL GOMEZ . . LORENZO KEENAN . JOHN E. KENNARD. . JAMES V. KEOGH . JAMES J. KERRIGAN . GEORGE F. KESSLER. . JOHN J. KINNEY. . . FRANK J. KLIMASZEWSKI ERIC P. KLINKEN . . . FRANCIS X. KOSCH . . ROBERT J. LA BOLITTA. JOSEPH P. LA FLARE . DONALD E. LAMBEAU . JOHN R. LAU .... EDWARD G. LAWKINS. EDWARD F. LEDDY . . RUSSELL K. LEINHARD. EDWARD J. LEONARD . GEORGE C. LEWNES . THOMAS J. LINTER . ANGELO W. LIZZA . JOSEPH S. LOCKEY . . RAYMOND J. LOFTUS . JOSEPH A. LOMBARDI . LOUIS J. LOSCALZO . HENRY A. LOUGHRAN ANDREW J. LOVAS . . VINCENT E. LUCANO . WILLIAM F. LUNDGREN FRANCIS X. LYNCH. . WALTER A. LYNCH . . EDWARD A. LYON . . JAMES J. LYONS. . . THOMAS C. MADIGAN JAMES E. MAGUIRE. . JOSEPH P. MAHONEY . . .Fordham Pup . . . .ReqisH.S. . . . . . Piymoufh H. S. . . Evander Childs H. S. . . SI. IvIicI'1aeI's H. S. . . DeWiH Clinfon H. S. . . Monfalembui H. S. . Whife Piains H. S. . Greenburqh H. S. . . Sfuyvesani H. S. . La SaIIe Academy . . . . SI. Aqnes H. S. . . De La SaIIe Insfifuie . . . . Xavier H. S. . . DeWiII Clinion H. S. . . SI. PeIer's Prep . . Iviamaronecic H. S. . . . Couqhiin H. S. . . . SI. Ceceiia H. S. . MI. Sr. Joseph's H. S. . . Rooseveli H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . . . Xavier H. S. . . . . . .Regis H.S. . Ufica Cafholic Academy . . . . . . Regis H. S. . Beniarnin Franklin H. S. . . . Rusiore Academy . . . Sf. LuIce's H. S. . . SI. Vinceni Prep . Chaminade H. S. . . . . Easi H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Bayside H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Pompfon Lakes H. S. . . . . All Hallaws H. S. . . . . . Brooiciyn Prep George Washingion H. S. . . . . Demaresi H. S. . . Beihieham H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . Davis H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . Lenox H. S. . . Newfown H. S. . New Ufrechi H. S. . . Bryani H. S. . .Fordham Prep . .Fordham Prep . . Rooseveif H. S. . . Newiown H. S. . . . Reqis H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Regis H. S. LAWRENCE J, MAHONEY. RITO M. MALDONADO . CHARLES B. MALLON . EDWARD F. MALONEY. . ROBERT D. MANGAN . WILLIAM F. MANGAN . . PETER J. MANNIELLO . . GERALD R. MARCHER. . FRANCIS J. MARTELLOTTO JOHN R. MAY .... ALBERT MAZZEO .... THOMAS F. MAZZIOTTA . JOSEPH P. MCCANN . . WILLIAM J. McCARTHY . FRANCIS J. MCCLOSKEY . GERALD E. MCCLOSKEY . ROBERT F. MQCORMICK . DONALD F. MCCULLOCH JOHN J. McDONOUGH . MICHAEL J. MCGOVERN . LAURENCE J. McGOWAN MARTIN F. MCGOWAN . JAMES J. McGRATH. . ROBERT T. MCGRATH . JAMES R. McGUINNESS . THOMAS F. MCGUIRE . THOMAS J. MCGUIRE . . ARTHUR I. McGURTY . . FREDERICK J. MCLORN. . GEORGE J. MCMANUS . BERNARD J. McSHERRY . EDWARD F. MEANY. . . RAYMOND R. METRULIS . LEOPOLDO A. MICCO . . ALFONSE R. MIELE . . SALVATORE M. MILANO . FRANK A. MINA .... DOMINICK A. MIRALDI . FRANCIS X. MOFFITT . . CHARLES J. MOLNAR . . GERALD E. MONAGHAN JAMES MOORE .... JOHN G. MOORE . . ROBERT A. MOORE . . . RICHARD F. MULCAHY . EDWARD F. MULLANEY . JEROME V. MULLANEY . JOSEPH F. MULLIGAN . . THOMAS J. MURRAY . . JOHN W. MURPHY. . MICHAEL H. MURPHY. WILLIAM J. MURPHY . JAMES A. NEEDHAM . ALLAN J. NEVINS . , ROBERT E. NICHOLSON . . Xavier H. S. . . . Ponce H. S. . . . Xavier H. S. . Whife PIains H. S. . .EasIchesIcr H. S. . New BriIain H. S. . Sfuyvesanf H. S. . Siuyvesanf H. S. . . . Salesian H. S. . Leavenworrh H. S. . Newburgh Academy . . La SaIIe Academy MI. S+. MichaeI's H. S. . Bishop Loughlin H. S. . SI. AugusI'ine's H. S. . . HawIer H. S. . .SI2 GaIorieI H. S. . SI. Agnes H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . .Fordham Prep . Fond SchooI . . . . . Regis H. S. . . . . . Regis H. S. MI. SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . CaIhedraI H. S. . Dunmore H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . SI. Agnes H. S. . . . Iona Prep . . . Regis H. S. . Sea Cliff H. S. . Shenandoah H. S. . Oneonfa H. S. . Power MemoriaI . Lynbrook H. S. . Tuckahoe H. S. . . Curfis H. 5. . . Regis H. S. . . Bassick H. S. . . . . HawIey H. S. . MI. Sf. MIChaeI's H. S. . DeWiH CIinIon H. S. . . . . Regis H. S. . . Fordham Prep . HoIy FamiIy H. S. . . .Fordham Prep . . . .Fordham Prep . Bishop Laughlin H. S. . . . Classical H. S. . .Fordham Prop . .Maynard H. S. . BronxviIIe H. S. . SI. John's Prop . Cafhedral Prep JAMES V. NOBLE .... WALTER F. NOLAN .... WILLIAM J. NOTARIANNI ESMONDE F. O'BRIEN . . . FRANCIS G. O'BRIEN . JOHN R. O'BRIEN . . MORTIMER C. O'BRIEN . STANTON T. O'BRlEN . . . OWEN J. O'CALLAGHAN EDMUND R. O'DONNELL. DENNIS J. O'LEARY. . . DONALD J.O'LEARY . , . EDWARD F. O'LOUGHLIN BERNARD J. O'MALLEY .... MALCOLM G. O'RElLLY .... DENNIS P. O'SULLIVAN . . BRIAN C. PALMER . . . JOHN T. PANEBIANCO . . JOHN F. PARSONS . . . BLAISE A. PASOUARELLI . DANIEL J. PATRISSY. . . GEORGE W. PELEBECKY . EFREN PEREZ SUAREZ . . FRANK A. PEZZELLA . JAMES J. PFEIFER . . WILLIAM C. PFEIFER . . CLAUDE D. PIECULEWICZ ANTHONY G. PONIATOWSKIE . HENRY R. POSTERARO . THEODORE B. PRICE . . JOSEPH V. PRINCIPE . . CLINTON A. OUANTRILLE ANTHONY J. RASSULO . THOMAS F. REDDINGTON STANTON F. REDICK . . FRANK J. REILLY . . JAMES E. REILLY . . VINCENT D. REILLY . . HENRY J. REIS . . . DONALD J RICH . EDWARD R. ROEMKE . HENRY C. ROSS . . . MARTIN D. ROSS . LOUIS RUSSO .... MICHAEL A. RUSSO . HARRY P. RYAN . . . GERARD N. SAGGESE . . ALEXANDER SANTILLI . . LAWRENCE M. SARTORI . JOSEPH M. SASSANO . . ORESTES J. SATRIALE . . R. MacCORMAC SAYERS . BENEDICT M. SCAFIDI . . EUGENE F. SCHADE . . THOMAS F. SCHIMPF . . . . Easlon H. S. . . Hamden H. S. . . . Cenlral H. S. . . Newman H. S. . . .Regis H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . . . Iona Prep . . Calhodral H. S. . . .SL Ivlary's H. 5. . . DCWIII Clinlon H. S. . lmmaculala H. S. . . .Walerbury H. S. . . . SI. Mary's Academy . . . . . .Fordham Prep lmmaculale ConcepIion H. S. . . . . . Xavier H. S. . . SI. Simon Sloclc H. S. . . SI. Ann's Academy . . . . Iona Prep . .Fordham Prep . . Xavier H. S. . . Boys H. S. . . Isabella H. S. . Easlchesler H. S. . . SI. Francis Prep . . SI. Cecelia H. S. . . Soulh Boslon H. S. . . F. D. Roosevelr H. S. . . Manhassel' H. S. . . Richmond H. S. . Broclclen H. S. . . . Easlern H. S. . . . . Tuclcahoe H. S. Power Memorial Academy Chrislian Brelhers Academy Chrislian Brolhers Academy . . . . . . Regis H. S. . . . S+. Augusline H. S. . . Ridgefield H. S. . .Teaneclc H. S. . . . . . S+. PeIer's . . . .Fordham Prep . . Holy Family Academy . . . .Fordham Prep . . . Jellerson H. S. . . Xavier H. S. . . Fordham Prep . . . Everell H. S. . . Shenandoah H. S. . . Roosevell H. S. . DeWiII Clinlon H. S. . . .SL Cecelia H. S. . Evander Childs H. S. . . . SI. Agnes H. S. . . All Hallows H. S. ARTHUR J. SCHMIDLEIN. . ROBERT A. SCHMIDLEIN . . ROBERT W. SCHMITT . . JOHN J. SECCO .... ALBERT J. SEMANEK . . FRANK D. SENERCHIA. . ANTHONY D. SERPE . . HAROLD F. SERVEN . . DONALD B. SHEA . ROBERT P. SHERRY . . JOHN SHEYKA . JOHN J. SHIEL . . EDWARD A. SHINE. . JOHN A.SHRADER . . . FREDERICK W.SKILLIN. . WILLIAM P. SKOBLISKI . JAMES J. SLATTERY . . . LOUIS R. SMUNK . FRANCIS S. SOTER . . JOHN C. STAPLETON . . FRANCIS W. STENGLE . . ROBERT T. STEWART. . ROBERT J. STIMPFLE . JOHN R. STRACHAN . . WILLIAM J. STRACHAN . JOHN F. SULLIVAN . . THOMAS V. SULLIVAN . . ROBERT F. SWEENEY . VINCENT R. TAURONE. . NATALE TEDONE . . . RALPH T. TELLA . . . ANDREW TESSITORE . . WILLIAM D. THURSTON . GUY T. TOZZOLI .... JOSEPH S. TREU . . . RALPH TUCCILLO . . . FRANCIS A. TWOMEY . . CHARLES F. ULMER. . GEORGE G. VAIRO . . . RAYMOND G. VALERIO . WILLIAM P. VANDER LINDEN . . WILLIAM J. VAN VOOREN CHARLES L. VAUGHN . . CARL A. VERGARI . . . WILLIAM J. VITALE . DENNIS A. WAGNER . JOHN J. WARD . . THOMAS L. WEBB . . . HENRY C. WEHDE . . . FERDINAND C. WEHRMAN CORNELIUS J. WENTHEN JAMES B. WHITE .... RICHARD A. WHITE. . . MARIO C. YON . . . WILLIAM N. YOUNG . . SI. Agnes H. S. . SI. Agnes H. S. . . Pelham H. S. . SI. John's Prep . SwoyeviIIe, Pa. . .Fordham Prep . . Pelham H. S. . . . . Fordham Prep . DeWiII CIinIon H. S. . . N. TarryIown H. S. . . . BIoomIieId H. S. . De La Saiie InsIiIuIe . . . .Kearney H. S. . . . . NorwaIIc H. S. . . So. PorIIand H. S. . CenIraI High SchooI . . . Fordham Prep . .Fordham Prep . .Ansonia H. S. . . Brooklyn Prep . .Fordham Prep . . . .Fordham Prep . . . . .Fordham Prep . MI. SI. MichaeI's H. S. . MI. SI. MichaeI's H. S. . . . . BrooIcIyn Prep . SI. Simon SIocIc H. S. . . . . Peiham H. S. . Xavier H. S. . . Boys H. S. . . . SIamIord H. S. . . New UIrechI H. S. . .NauqaIucIc H. S. . . . SI. PeIer's Prep . SI. Simon SIock H. S. . . Scarsdaie H. S. . . . Riverside H.S. . . . . . Regis H. S. . DeWiII CIinIon H. S. . . . . Regis H. S. . . BrooIcIyn Prop . . SI. Mary's H. S. . .Fordham Prep . .Yonkers H. S. . .Fordham Prep . .Fordham Prep . . Regis H. S. . . BrooIcIyn Prep . .Fordham Prep . Evander Childs . . Xavier H. S. . .Fordham Prep . . . SI. PeIer's Prep .. . . . . LoyoIaH.S. ChrisIia n BroIhe rs Academy We have here paid parTicular homage To The memory OT Rev. James A. TaaTfe, S.J., Tormer Head OT The English DeparTmenT oT The College and William J. FiTzpaTriclc. a member oT our class. We also wish here To noTe wilh regreT The passing oT several mem bers OT The TaculTy, sTudenTs and relaTives oT The sTudenTs. Especially do we here oTTer condolences To Those members OT The Class oT NineTeen ThirTy- Nine whose parenTs will noT see The culminaTion OT Their desires and eTForTs. lT was Their sacrifices ThaT made This CommencemenT Day possible Tor many oT The Seniors. Their absence aT The exercises will cer- Tainly noT signiTy ThaT Their parT in educaTion oi Fordham men has been TorgoTTen. REVEREND JAMES A. TAAFFE, S.J. On Sunday morning. January I5, I939, The Reverend James A. TaaTTe, S.J. died aT Fordham in his sixTy-TiTTh year: Thus ended an associaTion ThaT wenT deeper Than mere Teaching service. For FaTher TaaTle, mosT youThTul in his enThusiasm and menTal vigor, was idenTiTied wiTh much oT Fordham's pasT. WILLIAM J. FITZPATRICK Fordham's happiesT day has a sad aspecT Tor all oT us, Tor one oT our own is noT wiTh us. Bill, a Tine sTudenT, an ouTsTanding aThleTe and a sincere Triend was Taken To a higher reward Than we aTTain on Com- mencemenT Day when God saw TiT To Take him Trom us aTTer Two all Too shorT years. -lil-IE world expecls lhe college man 'ro be well-Jrrained, well- equipped and cul+ured. I+ expecls him lo be a leader in civic, religious and social ac'rivi+ies. Noi all Jrhese charac+eris+ics are ob+ained in The classroom. Exrra-curricular acliviries, Jrhough secondary +o classworlc, are slill an imporlanr fac+or in college +raining and in prepararion for life afier college days are over. Fordham offers a varie+y ol such exlra-curricular ac+ivi+ies, a varieiy 'ro sui+ +he aplilude and desires of all. As far as possible, all +he organizarions on 'rhe campus are self-governing, loul' subiecl' in all ma++ers 'lo lhe approval of a Facully Moderaror. Availing ourselves of lhe progress ol phorography. we have here picrured lhese aclivilies no+ only in Jrhe usual porlrairs and groups, bul in a phoro monlrage of candids and special angle shols. amwawfuwums " . .. A -I w-Z... .nyv , ga Qi -9.5. 2 43 Q xk ,' , Q , 4 1 an 4' x , ' W... J -,wx -f X Q , if aw, P Wm , A Rf, ' Y! f Ay S- 'i' A V A 5 Y .QQ , ,La . ' ,N f In 'tx + f' 40s ,wa '- Q5 .. Ar- 1 '-1 ' 'g-'las NI ali fi gs 1 5 5 , "Q 1 www. 4 ' ,X ,Q , Q X ks. , f w-'E , s A . . -,. wr, Q M? Y f, Q -f 'Q F' , Ns .Luk ,Z K am .57 . L18 Q , 5 III. in .QW any , 1 x 5 x Wil .ml f GOLDEN YEARS by George D. Lewis, Jr. I remember shouls of Iaughler, Time ol only lender Tears, Songs and loves and pain Ihereafler- I remember golden years. Before +he c-hill of Iale December, My sighs will come al momenls when I remember golden years. I remember shouls and laughler, Endless days and brealhless nighls, Songs and loves and pain Iherealler- Shallow deplhs and soaring heighfs. When I am Iwo score years and len, And wail 'rhe snow of Lile's December, Sighs will come al momenls when . . . I remember UUE T CUU CTL ARTHUR E. DOOLEY RICHARD l.. BREEN JOHN M. KEAVEY Presidenf Secrelary VFCO-Pr9Sid9I'Ii i Top Row: Callery, Evans. Whalen, Mulligan. Hines. Hogan, Donohue. Boffom Row: Doiy, King, Keavey lVice-Pres.l, Dooley lPres.l. Breen lSec'y.i, McGinley. Palmisano THE Srudenf Council dedicaied Hs program 'ro make 'rhe s+uden'rs more conscious of +he various ac- 'rivHies abouf Jrhem. H also sough+ To esiablish +he Council in Hs righhful posHion, as 'rhe cenfer of campus life. Since +he sociefy was relaiively unknown 'ro fhe average sfudenr. 'Phe obsfacles facing H were numer- ous. The Council deiinirely needed presiige, for wHhou'r rhe focus of a+'ren'rion, Hs policies could have no influence on rhe Sludenf body. Thai ihe program succeeded is beyond quesfion. The Sfudenf Coun- cil has earned 'rhe respect and +he confidence of all ihe s'ruden1's. A program of dance supervision was enacfed, from which emanaied Jrhe demand for financial re- poris from all +he s+udeni dances. Fordham saw 'rhe innovafion of dale nigh'rs a'r 'rhe baskefball games. The merH syslem was revised and "The Annual S'ruden'r Council Repor+" became a new +radHion. New gym equipmenr was also insfalled a+ 'rhe behes+ of Jrhe Council, and a Calholic demonsfrafion for "Peace and Americanism" was conducied under Hs auspices. The Council was also largely responsible for The firsr Junior Prom on 'rhe campus. Added 'ro 'rhese rouiine acfivilies, were ihe dufies of arranging dance schedules, and supervising campus elecfions. Thus did 'rhe S+uden'r Council rise from obscurHy To a posifion of eminence on old Rose l-lill. l85 UD LITY THE PARTHENIAN SODALITY, parTicularly designaTed Tor The residenT sTu- denTs of The College, began iTs year under The guidance oT The Rev. John ConniTT. S.J. As in The pasT, The SodaliTy conTined iT- selT To spiriTuaI and mission endeavors. WiTh more Than Two hundred boarders acTive parTicipanTs, The year was more Than successTuI. In addiTion To The Thrice-weekly meeTings in chapel, a large porTion oT The membership does caTecheTical work in The Negro and PuerTo-Rican quarjrers oT The ciTy. As in Tormer years, The ParThenian Sodal- iTy sponsored a successTul campus dance. AlmosT Tour hundred couples Thoroughly enjoyed Themselves, under The magic spell oT Bill Keeshan's melodies. OTTicers Tor The year were: R. Hassmiller, '39, PreTecTg I-I. Jacunski, '39, FirsT AssT. PreTecTg J. Addonizio, '39, SecreTary. THE IMMACULATE CONCEP- despiTe The TacT ThaT iT convenes parTly during The lunch period, had a weekly average oT over Two hundred and TiTTy Junior and Senior non- residenT sTudenTs. ThaT speaks well of The sTudenTs' devoTion To Mary. In The SodaIiTy The members also have an opporTuniTy To consider seriously whaT Their aTTiTude should be on maTerial as well as spiriTuaI Things. For in The meeTings, aTTer a hymn and a brieT prayer The speaker Tor ThaT day is inTroduced and usually Talks on some Topic oT currenT inTeresT, buT always wiTh an eye Tor iTs subiecTive imporT To The members. This speaker is on aITernaTe weeks a member oT The SodaliTy and a member of The TacuITy or some ouTsicIe auThoriTy who speaks as a guesT. ATTer a prayer The meeTing is broughT To a close: in addiTion There are many ouTside acTiviTies oT The SodaliTy. I86 PARTHENIAN SODALITY OFFICERS REV. JOHN J. ROBERT V. HARRY A. JOSEPH A. JAMES A. CONNIFF, S.J. HASSMILLER JACUNSKI GRANSKI ADONIZIO ModeraTor PreTecT FirsT Ass'T. Second Ass'T. SecreTary IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SODALITY OFFICERS REV. ROBERT L. JOHN A. ROBERT J. HARRISON S. WILLIAM T RYAN, S.J. ERIKSEN KING DOWNS HOGAN Moderafor PreTecT FirsT Ass'T. SecreTary Treasurer - HOLY ROSARY SODALITY OFFICERS REV. FRANCIS F. JOHN A. FRANK P. JOHN T. DAY, S.J. GENTAKES FORD LOONAM Moderafor Prefecf Firsf Ass'I'. Second Ass'+. MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES OFFICERS HREV- THOMAS ALFRED L. ALFONSE R. WILLIAM F. LAWRENCE J. ' MOORE. S.J. BARTLETT MIELE GLEESON McGOWAN Moderafor Prefecf Firsf Ass'f. Second Ass'f. Treasurer THE HOLY ROSARY SODAL- ITY, fhe Sophomore Sodalify of fhe Blessed Virgin, under fhe direcfion of ifs moderafor, Rev. Francis Day, S.J., planned a rafher elaborafe program fo be carried ouf fhis year. If had fhree worlcing unifs, fhe lecfure, cafechefical and liferafure com- miffees. The program of speeches given by fhe lecfure group included pracfical fopics freafing social and anfi-religious problems. The cafechefisfs deserve special menfion for fheir work among fhe Spanish and Negro boys af fhe Casifa Maria. If was fhe obiecf of fhe liferafure commiffee 'ro arouse fhe inferesf of fhe sodalisf in Cafholic lifera- fure. To sfimulafe fhis consciousness of Cafholic novels, such boolcs were reviewed by sodalisfs. The fallcs given by Fr. Gerald Walsh, S.J., Dr. Francis Connolly and Dr. O'Meara, will be remembered for fheir inferesf and for fheir poinfed value fo all who heard. THE MEDIATRIX OF ALL under fhe able fufelage of Rev. Thomas Moore, S. J., reached a pin- nacle of acfivify fhis year and fhe one hundred odd members formally received info if on May I7'rh have each given indi- cafion 'rhaf fhey are sfriving Io perfecf fhemselves according fo fhe purpose of fhis and all Cafholic sodalifies, namely, fhe abundanf developmenf of personal sancfi- ficafion so fhaf if mighf overflow info fhe sancfificafion of ofhers. Ivlosf of fhe fime af each meefing was devofecl fo fallcs offered by guesf speakers or sodalisfs. Fr. Feeney and Dr. Connolly discussed Cafholic acfion and Spain, and fhe efhics of social quesfions was fouched by sfudenfs. How- ever, mosf of The acfivify was carried on by individuals oufside The meefings and fhese men faughf cafechefical classes, gov- erned boys' clubs, supervised afhlefics and ofher such faslcs bringing glory fo God. I87 C THULTC CTIU Tounded by a JesuiT missionary in l865, and inTro- duced To Fordham abouT I889, has risen To a new prominence This year in The campus acTiviTies under The capable leadership oT iTs presidenT, John Dillon, '40, The SocieTy consisTs oT boTh residenT and non- residenT sTudenTs whose duTies are To serve The priesTs and assisT aT all religious services, including Solemn High Masses. BenedicTion, The Novena oT Grace, FirsT Fridays and STaTions oT The Cross. When The resT of The ciTy is sTill deep in dreams. The alTar-boys are making The campus look like Grand CenTral Terminal, hurrying To The various chapels wiTh a proficiency born oT long agiliTy. IT was said of ST. John Berchmans, The paTron sainT oT The SocieTy, ThaT iT was his cusTom To arise early and serve Two or Three Masses wiTh The greaTesT Tervor. wiThouT even giving uTTerance To The slighTesT com- plainT. Fr. May, S.J., The lvloderaTor oT The SocieTy. will Tell you ThaT in This respecT aT leasT The members are ST. John Berchmans in embryo, especially because oT The way his disciples spring Trom Their beds on cold winTer mornings. lT would seem ThaT The SocieTy has adopTed The saying oT Their paTron, which he voiced when a sTudenT aT college, "Obedience can never be Troublesome . . . especially when iT gives one The privilege oT serving aT The Holy SacriTice oT The Mass." ST, This year overshadowed all previous eTTorTs and achieved greaT success. ConTrary To campus opinion. The real TuncTion oT The Fordham ChapTer is noT primarily To visiT The sick, buT raTher To acquainT The members wiTh The TuncTions OT The SocieTy and prepare Them To assisT Their parish chapTers aTTer leaving college. All The work done This year was inTended To bring abouT This end. Fr. McGowan. S.J., The ModeraTor, insTilled new liTe inTo The meeTings by speaking on The origin oT The SocieTy by Frederic Ozanan in IS33, The liTe oT ST. VincenT de Paul, The hisTory and 'inTernal organizaTion oT The SocieTy and The various indulgences granTed To The mem- bers. During The year readings Trom leTTers oT ST. VincenT were also discussed aT The meeTings. Scarcely a Sunday wenT by ThaT members oT The SocieTy did noT visiT Fordham HospiTal To chaT wiTh The sick and disTribuTe magazines and religious arTicles. Several oT The members aTTended The Communion BreakTasT held by The ParTicular Council oT The Bronx. The Annual ChrisTmas collecTion sur- passed ThaT of oTher years, and ThaT, and The cloThes collecTed by The SocieTy. was disTribuTed among poor Tamilies and To needy cases. The acTive members received valuable Training in The work oT The SocieTy and The ModeraTor is conTidenT ThaT Their enThusiasm will conTinue aTTer They have leTT Ford- ham, and will inspire oTher sTudenTs To ioin The organizaTion nexT year. in order To TulTill iTs purpose oT "harvesTing" souls. began The scholas- Tic year under The lvloderaTion oT FaTher Cronin, S.J., wiTh a program which promised To provide The nec- essary supporT Tor properly aiding JesuiT Missions in The Philipines. This program consisTed oT plans Tor various social acTiviTies as well as Tor collecTing sTamps. magazines and cloThing. The TirsT social acTiviTy was The annual auTumn inTormal held in KeaTing Hall on ArmisTice Eve and This dance proved To be The ouTsTanding campus evenT oT The social season wiTh a new high in decora- Tions and music. Raffles were nexT on The program wiTh drawings Tor bids To The Junior Prom and The B.L.l., and This was Tollowed by a drive Tor magazines. old cloThes and Toys To be disTribuTed To needy Tamilies Tor ChrisTmas. On February IZ. a Tea dance was held aT ManhaTTanville wiTh The unique idea of having admission on The basis oT blind daTes. The climax of The years acTiviTy came Sunday, May 14, when The TirsT campus communion breakTasT oT a college organizaTion was held in Dealy Hall. lT Tollowed a mass celebraTed in The UniversiTy Chapel and aTTer eaTing, The club members reTired To The quadrangle Tor a Tield day. This ended The Club's acTiviTy Tor The year, The resulT oT which was a greaT spiriTual and financial assisTance To Toreign missions Tor aid in The arduous work oT "harvesTing" souls. I88 EDWARD M. MAY, S.J. Moderafor REV. GEORGE P. MCGOWAN. S.J. Modercdor REV. DAVID C. CRONIN. S.J. Moderafor ST. JOHN BERCHMAN'S OFFICERS JOHN C. JOHN D. JOSEPH A. MARTIN F DILLON MORRIS PASKEVICH SULLIVAN Presidenf Vice-Presidenf SGCFBIMV MOSISI gf Ceremonies ST. VINCENT DE PAUL OFFICERS ROBERT T. JOHN W. JOHN H. ALFRED V DEMPSEY NORTON Presiden+ Treasurer FRANCIS M. CHARLES H. JOSEPH F. JOHN J. HINES THOMPSON HANRAHAN EMERICH presidenf Vice-Presidenf Secrefcry Treasurer MIME A D MUMMEP. THE MIMES AND MUMMERS, paradoxi- cally combining The old wiTh The new in whaT mighT be called a True ChesTerTonian manner, concluded a more Than moderaTely successful season This year. Young Mr. Orson Welles, who capiTalizes so aTTluenTly on his perversiTy, recenTly pronounced The demise of The drama as a living arT-buT Fordham's Mimes and Mummers would noT lisTen. Aided by The enfhusiasm and zeal of a new lv1oderaTor, The college TheaTrical or- ganizaTion underTook a program parT of which was To feaTure The rebirTh of The classical TradiTions of The drama. WiTh This renaissance in mind The Board of DirecTors, afTer much deliberaTion and debaTe, selecT- ed Ben Jonson's farce comedy, "Epicoene, The SilenT Woman" as The varsiTy produc- Tion. Coming on The heels of Sidney How- ard's ulTra modern version of "Yellow Jack," lasT year's offering, This selecTion was as daring from a commercial poinT of view, as iT was ambiTious from an arTisTic one. l-lowever, The play did succeed commer- cially and in This regard exceeded The expec- TaTions of The mosT opTimisTic member of The business sTaf'f, For This happy sTaTe of affairs The eTforTs of FaTher Joseph Nolan, S.J., who served as business manager on raTher shorT noTice, are To be commended. l-low well The players fared arTisTically is a mooT quesTion. There were Those who gave Their approval and Those who did noT: buT The maioriTy reporT was one of qualified admiraTion. lviosf held To The opinion of Mr. James McCabe, Professor of Modern Drama aT Fordham, who reviewed The pro- ducTion for "The Ram": "On Friday nighT They lThe lviimesl made a reasonably good approach To The spiriT of The comedy." DisTinguished among casT members were Seniors Don Wilson, Joe MaTera, ChesTer Evans and Bob WhiTe. lviosT of The players were chosen from The younger elemenT in The Mimes: and for The firsT Time in iTs his- Tory, a freshman played The TiTle role: The TradiTion breaking honor going To Burgi. l90 L44 So much for The old. The new was ushered in, in The guise of The ExperimenTal TheaTer, a uniT of The Mimes engaged in The produc- Tion of boTh original and professional one- acT plays. This subsidiary group had long been discussed, buT iT never became a realiTy aT Fordham unTil iT was placed This year under The more Than capable leader- ship of vice-presidenT, ChesTer Glassen. By early March, Lady Gregory's "Rising of The Moon," Lord Dunsany's "NighT aT an lnn" and William DoTy's "Tragedy in A FlaT" had been produced, and half a dozen more plays were pending. AT ThaT Time several audiTions were also under way on local radio sTaTions: and iT is possible ThaT, even as you read These lines, The lvlimes may be heard over your loudspeaker. The annual varsiTy One-AcT Play ConTesT was given The lasT nighT of March. The plays selecTed were George J. Gallico's "Guns Make Noise," Richard L. Breen's "The Dreamslayers," Michael J. O'Leary's "An lncidenT in MarkeT Square," William L. DoTy's "Record Run" and John T. Dugan's "Anagni OuTrage." We exTend our sincere appreciaTion To The men behind The scenes who labored un- Tiringly wiTh no more recogniTion Than a cursory program menTion. To Them and To all who helped make This a successful year, we give our unreserved Thanks. llo Righf: James J. Lyons, Pre-sidcnT: James T. SuTTcr, Harry C. Schnibbe, Mr, TriveTT, S.J., Moderalorg Richard L. Breen, ChosTcr E. Glassen. Vice-President Thomas A. Reynolds, SocroTary. URCHE TH HE ORCHESTRA in I939 was under The paTienT direcTion oT Rev. Edward B.Berry, SJ., under whose guidance iT made QreaT advancemenT in TurThering The arT Ol Music aT Fordham. Harry Campbell '40 was The PresidenT lOr The pasT year. AlThough The orchesTra is One oT The more modesT and less heralded ecTiviTIes on The Fordham campus, iTs high sTanclard oT musical achievemenT wiTh The GddiTion This year of many modern Tunes lW'3S made iT an indispensable adiuncT aT many college TuncTions such as The One- ACT Plays and OraTorical ConTesT. Top Row: PoTera, Fliclc, RicciuTi, Cunezza. Middle Row: McManus, O'Brien. Lyons, Glen. BoTTom Row: HarTncTT, Lyon, Fr. Edward Berry, S.J. lModeraTorl. BorliTeslfy, Campbell. l9I GLEE CLUB THE GLEE CLUB. endowed by pasT clubs wiTh a Tine heriTage oT culTure and a musical repuTaTion, resumed iTs eTForTs To conTinue sTriving Tor a beTTer organizaTion when iT reorganized in IaTe SepTember. Under The direcTion oT Dr. Frederic Joslyn, The group Took Torm: and The schedule oT concerTs began Tor The year. The TirsT appearance oT The singers was aT The Mass oT The Holy C-hosT, which oTTicially opened and dedicaTed The coming schoIasTic year To The guiding lighT oT The Holy SpiriT. The organizaTion, as in previous years appeared aT many young women's colleges. This series oT combined concerTs and supper dances, which provide a delighTTuI social aspecT, began wiTh an appearance aT Georgian CourT, and included Trips To Good Councel, NoTre Dame and LadycliTT. These concerTs have come To be regarded as a TradiTional parT oT The Glee Club's program. The ChrisTmas season saw The Club again inviTed To sing aT The AIumni's Ivlid- nighT Mass. In April The members oT The Club journeyed To RochesTer and in ThaT ciTy, Tamous Tor iTs musical repuTaTion, gave a concerT under The auspices oT Bishop Kearney. Then The group made a successTul Trip To New Haven. The Town Hall ConcerT, The Tocal poinT oT all The eTTorTs oT The organizaTion, climaxed a splendid and saTisTying season Tor The club. The solo-worlc and The piano rendiTions were parTicularly delighTTul and pleasurable TeaTures. The splendid insTrucTion and direcTion oT Dr. Frederic Joslyn has aided considerably To The success oT The organizaTion. Then, Too, FaTher Theodore T. Farley, S.J.. has exerTed much eTTorT To place The Glee Club among The leading acTiviTies oT The campus and To malce iT The mosT represenTaTive group oT The college. To The ModeraTor and DirecTor, The Chairman oT The Board oT DirecTors and his Board, The enTire Club owes a sincere expression oT Thanks Tor Their splendid guidance. REVEREND THEODORE T. FARLEY, S.J., ModeraTor FREDERICK JOSLYN, DirecTor BOARD OF DIRECTORS: ROBERT J. KING, JOHN A. ERIKSEN JOSEPH J. BUKEY FRANCIS R. MORAN Chairman ALDER HOLBROOK JOSEPH A. CASEY JOHN T. DUGAN I92 THE beaT oT drums, The blasT oT TrumpeTs, The mellow sound of saxaphones, The sweeT shrill oT clarineTs and The deep bellow oT basses will recall To The Fordham men oT '39 Tond memories oT a greaT Fordham Band. ThoughTs oT hard ToughT TooTball sTruggles are immediaTely conjured up in The words "Fordham Band." The well drilled TormaTions oT Maroon and WhiTe performed aT The half, The sTirring rendiTion oT The "Bells oT ST. Mary's"g The gleeTul playing oT "Fordham Had a LiTTle Ram," and The hushed momenTs oT reverence while sTrains oT The "Alma MaTer" Tilled The sTadium, all consTiTuTe a huge debT ThaT is owed To The one hundred sTalwarT musicians. WiTh The conclusion oT The gridiron classics The musical serenaders conTinued To gain laurels Tor The College. RepresenTed aT Freshman Day, Holy Name parades, TheaTre appearances. The Jogues Memorial games, and The ST. PaTriclc's Day parade, The Band aTTracTed public approval and gained Tor iTselT inTiniTe presTige. To climax Their glorious season, The musical cohorTs venTured inTo an unprecedenTed underTalcing. A memorial concerT in honor oT John Phillips Sousa was conducTed in Carnegie Hall. and was excepTionally well received by sTudenT and criTic alike. Many Tamous celebriTies Took parT in The Carnegie Hall concerT including, B. A. Rolfe, Yasha Bunchulc, ArThur Pryor, and several musical arTisTs who made Their TirsT appearance on The musical sTage. One oT These, Carlo Ferro. eighT-year old violin virTuoso. was one oT The loesT-received performers oT The evening. This concerT was The TirsT ThaT was ever conducTed by a college or universiTy band in Carnegie Hall's hisTory. The Band will lose many oT iTs imporTanT members wiTh The passing oT The I939 Class Trom The Fordham scene including, Joseph M. McGinley and Aldo N. Palmisano, Co-Managers: Thomas J. Renison, William J. McGookin. RoberT J. WaTson. Michael J. Monaghan, Gerald A. Pusch, SalvaTore J. EsposiTo, and Richard A. STabile. REVEREND HAROLD MULOUEEN. S.J., ModeraTor ERNEST A. HOPE, DirecTor JOSEPH M. McGlNLEY ALDO N. PALMISANO JAMES J, HAYES Manager Manager Ass'T. Manager GEORGE T. McMANUS JOHN A. PATERACKI Librarian Drum Maior IU3 DBTE THE COUNCIL OF DEBATE, in ils eighly-Iilih year, has enjoyed an ex- Iremely successful season. The 'iuncjrions oi 'rhe Council are Ihreeloldz il holds infra- Council debafes which give praciice Io Ihe pariicipaiing members: i+ holds iniercol- legiafe debajres in which The more seasoned speakers are given Ihe opporiuniiy To up- hold Ihe name ol: Fordham: and if sponsors a Iecfure commillee which sends oui lec- Iurers who speak on such varying Topics as Communism and Ihe Caiholic Theaire +o various polilical, social, religious and Ira- Iernal organizalions Ihrough Ihe ciiy and environs. In addiiion Io Ihese Ihree main Iunciions, Ihe Council sends speakers Io represeni Fordham a+ conferences and con- veniions on peace, racial problems, poliiical 'ropics and relaied subiecis. In Ihe pasl year Ihe Council of Debafe was acI'ive in all These fields, and in addiiion originaied Iwo disiincr innovaiions al' Ford- ham, Iirsi Ihe holding of a conference of eighi colleges aI Keaiing I-Iall Io discuss Jrhe naiional debaiing Iopic for Ihe year, and second Ihe eslablishing of a new policy by having debalres wiIh women's colleges. Forensic baI+Ies were held wiih New Ro- chelle, Ivlarymouni and Ivlouni S+. Vincem' in esfablishing Ihis precedenl. The highlighis of Ihe debaiing season were engagemenis wilh Piiisburgh, wilh an Ausiralian Ieam and wiIh Columbia, and a Jrrip Ihrough Ihe Souih Io deba+e Cafholic Universiiy and I-Iampden-SidneyCoIIege. In addiiion radio debaies were held wi+h New York Universi+y and Rufgers. In all. more 'Ihan I'hir+y debaies were held, mos+ of which were vicfories for Fordham. Moreover, The Lecfure Commi'r+ee sponsored approximafe- Iy one hundred Iec'rure engagemen+s, and Ihe Council sen+ represeniaiives Io 'rhe Cafholic S'ruden+ Peace Federa+ion, +o Ihe Conference of Jews and Chrislians, 'ro Ihe Model Senafe Conven'rion and Io 'rhe New York SIa+e Debaiing Convenfion. I94 COUNCIL OF DEBATE OFFICERS WILLIAM L. DOTY JOSEPH P. KELLY WILLIAM J. KING WILLIAM T.HOGAN Presidenf Vice-Presidenl Secrehary Chairman, Lecfure Commiflee , REV. ERNEST P. HARTNETT, s.J ModeraTor REV. JOSEPH A. O'CoNNoR.s.J ModeraTor HUGHES DEBATING OFFICERS GERARD D. WILLIAM F. JOHN T. JONES SCI-IIEFFER DUGAN Presidenl' Vice-PresidenT SecreTary FRESHMAN FORUM OFFICERS WILLIAM F. JOHN J. WILLIAM D. LYNCH, S.J. WARD Tl-IURSTON Ass'T. ModeraTor Presideni' FirsT Vice-Pres. GERARD A. GILBRIDE Manager ROBERT T. STEWART Second Vice- Pres. HUGHES DEBATING SOCIETY welcomed more Than TiTTy Sophomores aT iTs TirsT meeTing oT The year. BuT as many oT Them, who aT The beginning oT The year were blissfully unaware oT The labors in- volved in passing Through second year, advanced in knowledge and assignmenTs ac- cumulaTed iT became apparenT To The more maThemaTicaIly minded ThaT The aTTendance dropped in inverse proporTion To The num- ber oT reporTs and examinaTions. The Club Tinally resolved iTselT To a hardy TiTTeen members: buT This was in The eyes oT The ModeraTor The desideraTum, Tor These mem- bers showed Their deTerminaTion by Their conTinued aTTendance. The weekly meeTings OT The SocieTy saw all The members parTici- paTing in aT IeasT Two debaTes beiore The expiraTion of The Torensic year. The ques- Tions discussed were The usual "many and varied" and included among Them were such "old chesTnuTs" as socialized medicine and The Anglo-American alliance. In The inTer-caIIegia+e debaTes, Too, The Hughes debaTers displayed Their Torensic abiliTy. THE FRESHMAN FORUM enjoy- ed such a remarkable inTeresT This year ThaT iT is evidenT ThaT Fordham's repuTaTion Tor debaTing will be upheld Tor The nexT Three years. Over one hundred TiTTy candidaTes Thronged The inaugural meeTing, necessiTa- Ting The TormaTion oT Three secTions. In order To TaciliTaTe The governing oT These secTions Three groups oT oTTicers were chosen: SecTion I under Fr. O'Connor, S.J., Il under Fr. Conillf, S.J., and Ill under Mr. Lynch, S.J. The Freshman had won all Their inTer-collegiaTe debaTes up To The beginning oT The EasTer Holidays, buT aT The Time of wriTing There are sTiIl some worThy Toes To meeT. In The weekly meeTings oT The Three secTions There was exhibiTed a keen enThu- siasm and iT seems cerTain ThaT The Forum's main obiecTive. ThaT each member acquire an ease oT Thinking and speaking before an audience, will be accomplished. IT seems ap- parenT ThaT The debaTing Tame oT which Fordham may iusTly be proud, will conTinue and will perhaps be enhanced by The Coun- cil oT DebaTe's TuTure members. I95 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS, The ald- esf of ihe language Clubs al' Fordham, has enioyed iis mos+ successful season of receni years. Besides i+s regular weekly meerings fhe Cercle has held several deieuners a+ which gues+ speakers were presenied and musical and dramaiic en'rer'rainmen+ was provided. The annual Thealre pariy was held in March a+ The Theaire des Quaire Saisons, where a performance of Beaumarchais' "Le Barbier de Seville" was aHended. Following this a supper pariy was held ai 'rhe Gasion a la Bonne Soupe. Under +he moderaiion of Dr. Basil D'Oualcil, 'rhis Club has published again i+s monihly newspaper, FORDHAM FRANCE, which paper has earned a wide- spread and enviable repu+a+ion. Moreover fhe Cercle is preseniing This year iis annual RAYON, which has been dedicaied This season +o a srudy and preseniarion of The French lilerarure of Louisiana. THE GERMAN CLUB has as HS aim The los+ering of inferesi in The German language and culiure, and Jrhe promoiing of friendliness among members. The Club en- deavors +o inlroduce German phrases ai 'rhe meeiings unlil a fair command of The lan- guage is had by all. A+ each session a mem- ber delivers a speech relaiive io Germany and all pariicipaie in ihe discussion which follows. Throughoui 'rhe year German songs were sung, banqueis held, German ships and shows visiied, and social affairs ai various nearby colleges were aiiended. The spiri+ of fhe Club has ever been +ha'r of good fellow- ship: and wi+h This feeling i'r has gained i+s main purpose of promoiing a knowledge of German. The Club is proud of iis liierary achievement +he DEUTSCHER PENDEL. This German annual, wriHen and published by Jrhe s+uden+s, was well received. I96 X , A 45. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS BASILE GERARD C. EDMUND V. D'OUAKIL, Ph.D. DURR O'SULLlVAN Moderaior Presidenf Ass'+. Moderafor GERMAN CLUB Top Row: Ross, Mulligan, Mirra, Mallahan. Fliclcensrein, Kvalden. Boffom Row: Goefi, Coupe, Conneely lPres.l, Duffy, Gleason. Top Row: Leary, Dooley, Hogan, G. Miccio, Jaeger, Johnson. Ho MIC-idle Row: Grosso, Dillon, Naccash, Murphy, Renda. GilmarTin. O'Donnell. in ROW TarTaglione, Palmisano, Manganaro lTreas.l, L. Miccio lPres.l, Maiese, Guella. CosTa. ow Garrubbo Lundgren, Lovas, Canavan, Madden lTreas.l, WesTTield, O'Donnell, O'Connor Ryan. Hom RMlCldle Row Ginorio, BasTo, Bain, Farrell, Carballeira, Priday, Shine, Hennessey. OW Sassano lSec'y.l. Basile G. D'Ouakil, Ph.D. lModeraTorl, Fingerhui' lPres.l, Guido E. Mazzeo. MA. lAss'T. ModeraTorl. Klinken lVice-Pres.l. THE ITALIAN CLUB, under The leadership OT Mr. Leonardi, iTs enThusiasTic Club moderaTor, conTinued iTs culTural and social acTiviTies. Besides The weekly meeTings Tor which lecTures were provided. a banqueT was held aT Luigino's, New York's rendez- vous oT The lTalian colony. The Club was represenTed aT a dance given by The lTalian Club oT HunTer and aT a lecTure sponsored by The lTalian club oT New Rochelle College. The Rev. Gerald Walsh, S.J.. spoke aT This laTTer aTFair. This year saw The Club publish- ing The TirsT lTalian wriTTen magazine ever appearing on The campus. IT was called L'ArieTe and iTs arTicles were conTribuTed exclusively by members oT The Club. Ford- ham Takes iusT pride in This enThusiasTic and ever growing associaTion, whose varied ac- complishmenTs seT a sTandard Tor TuTure members To emulaTe. THE SPANISH CLUB wiTh Basil G. D'Ouakil and Guido Mazzeo as moderaTor and assisTanT moderaTor respecTively, con- ducTed The mosT Thorough and ambiTious program ever carried ouT during iTs long exisTence aT Fordham. The weekly meeTings, held in The STudenT's Lounge in KeaTing Hall, were conTinually well aTTended, in all probabiliTy because oT The inTeresTing and varied programs. The peak oT These meeT- ings was aT The guesTs' Talks such as Those oT Rico y Fraga's and Jose de Omis'. Dur- ing The year The Club made Two imporTanT liTerary eTTorTs, one being The monThly pro- ducTion, La Fordhamensa and The oTher, The publicaTion oT iTs yearly acTiviTies, FraTer- nidad Hispania. On The social side, The Club had several luncheons wiTh New Rochelle's Spanish club: and The zeniTh was reached aT EI Chico where Spanish aTmosphere and moTion picTures oT The Civil War were seen. I97 PUBLTCITY saw aT Ieasf Two irnporTanT changes This year. one TorTunaTe, The oTher someThing oT deep regreT. ln The laTTer regard The Club wiTnessed The passing oT The one who had Tounded and nurTured The organizaTion, The laTe Rev. James A. TaaTTe, S.J. ATTer The misTorTune oT The sudden illness and deaTh oT our beloved moderaTor, The Club was presided over by Mr. Gabriel lvl. Liegey. lv1.A.. LL.D. However, due To oTher acTiviTies, iT Tinally became impossible Tor him .To devoTe his Time To The SCRIVENERS. AT This poinT lvlr. George H. Leonard became The permanenT moderaTor oT The socieTy. The TorTunaTe change was one oT policy. This Freshman group which has acTed as a preliminary To The Quill Club, The VarsiTy organizaTion, had unTil recenTly cenTered all iTs aTTenTion To a considera- Tion oT The shorT sTory. FrequenTly professional or classic shorT sTories were read aT The meeTings, and The members would sTudy Them Tor Their parTicular TeaTures which caused Them To be chosen. AT oTher Times Those wriTTen by The sTudenT members were criTicized and discussed Tor Their Technique. However wiTh The iniTiaTion oT This new plan, The scope oT The Club's acTiviTies was broadened To include any Torm oT liTerary work aT which The member Teels himselT besT suiTed. In This way, in spiTe oT The unTorTunaTe occurrences, The producTion oT wriTing was acTually increased. Tounded Three years ago aT The whim oT an ingenious ediTor To meeT The exigencies oT an approaching deadline, This season really came inTo iTs own. Originally closed To The members oT The campus publicaTion sTaTTs, iTs scope was widened To include any undergraduaTe who exhibiTed a sincere inTeresT in Things iournalisTic. "ProminenT speakers were inviTed To address The Club Trom Time To Time" is probably The mosT abused yearbook cliche, buT in The case oT The Press Club, They were noT only inviTed, They came- more oTTen Than noT. FaTher Leonard Feeney, S.J., liTerary ediTor oT "America," Dr. Francis X. Con- nolly, ediTor oT "Spain," PaTrick Scanlon, ediTor oT "The TableT" and James Powers, sporTs ediTor of The "Daily News" were buT a Tew oT The ouTsTanding speakers To address The collegiaTe iournalisTs. Aside from The valuable poinTers which These auThoriTies gave, Tours were conducTed To several meTro- poliTan dailies where The mechanical side oT newspaper business was demonsTraTed. By Tar The mosT inTormal oT exTra-curricular acTiviTies, The Press Club has sTriven againsT The overwhelming odds oT conTlicTing Time schedules and problems oT reorganizaTion, To do iTs biT, how- ever small. "To uphold The besT TradiTions oT Fordham and oT The press." Time alone will Tell wheTher or noT iT has succeeded, buT Trom indicaTions This year iT appears ThaT iT has. are perhaps The mosT maligned and lampooned individuals on The campus. The Tlashy halfback, The slugging TirsT baseman, The accuraTe pop-shoTTer, The clever debaTer. The brillianT saTirisT-all have The esTeem oT The college heaped upon Them. BuT The cheerleader has a diTTerenT Task. His is The job oT insTilling spiriT and enThusiasm inTo The sTudenT body so ThaT Their desire To win will communicaTe iTselT To The Team and encourage Them in Their eTTorTs. However an insignifi- canT cog he may seem, The cheerleader is noneTheless a necessary one, and Fordham's I939 sTaTT was Top-noTch as headed by co-capTains Tom McParTland and Jack Davis. The cheerleading habiTaT was a varied one, changing Trom The lush green sward oT Randall's Island To The bumpy TurT oT The Polo Grounds and The Trozen ground oT The Yankee STadium, and The climax was reached ThaT sunny day in The PiTT STadium when The roof Tell in shorTly beTore supperTime. On ThaT memorable aTTernoon There were no less Than six of The corps on duTy and some oT The lads made The Trip aT Their own expense. Polo Ground clienTs will perhaps remember besT The carTwheeling of Downs and Perrone and The unTorgeTTable Big-Appleing oT Bosna and Kelly, The Kampus Kids, who inTroduced swing inTo big Time TooTball. Remember you will see Them again nexT year when The cheerleaders again do Their iob. I98 Q .Q A Q Top Row: Helm, Colfer. Barllell, Johnson, M. Kane. Bo++om Row: Moore, McGrafl1, Beclwlolcl. Top Row: Marlcey, Murphy, Sclwnibbe, Fanning, Blisln, Carney, Kroppy, G-auqlnan, Grace. Boffom Row: Jolmnsfon. Keavey lSec'y.l, Lyons lPres.l, Sullivan lVica-Pres.l, Lewis, Madden Arnbrosiano, Daly, Davis lCo4CapT.l, McPar+land lCo-Captl, Mclnlyre, l-lines. CL SSIC L began This year by changing iTs name Trom The l'lisTory Club. The Club has as iTs purpose The providing of opporTuniTy Tor sTudenTs inTeresTed in hisTory To sTudy counTries noT included in regular college hisTory courses. The success oT This plan is aTTesTed To by The large number oT sTudenTs who aTTended The meeTings. "PorTugal and iTs Colonies," 'Furnished The background Tor discussions during This year. This proved To be an inTeresTing Topic since This naTion, while small in area, has had a very greaT inTluence on world hisTory. The members oT The Club, under The direcTion oT ivlr. TelTair. Took up each phase oT The poliTical, culTural, social, economic and religious liTe oT The people oT This empire, and reporTs were read by The sTudenTs on boTh medieval and modern PorTugal, down,To The presenT governmenT oT Premier Salazar. India, Brazil and The Tormer Island Empire also received consideraTion. FuTure plans oT The Club include The publicaTion oT papers TreaTing The various aspecTs oT This subiecT. This bound volume will serve as a lasTing evidence oT The work done by The hisTory sTudenTs oT Fordham College. IT is also planned To award a cash prize To The sTudenT doing The besT hisTorical re- search work during The Terms. Finally This year crowded wiTh acTiviTy Tor The l'lisTory Club was broughT To a close wiTh The annual banqueT. enThusiasTic inauguraTion oT acTiviTies argued well Tor a year oT unsurpassed achievemenTs, nor was The iniTial hope To be disappoinTed. Bi-monThly insTead oT monThly meeTings were adopTed and The policy oT presenTing someThing oT rare inTeresT aT each meeT- ing drew new members To The Club. Among The various iTems which conTribuTed To The revival oT inTeresT may be sighTed The inTeresTing subiecTs covered by Fr. Gerald Walsh, S.J., and Fr. Arbes- man, O.S.A., recognized as unexcelled auThoriTies in Their respecTive Tields. n Among The innovaTions in The acTiviTies oT The Academy This year was The esTablishmenT oT spe- cial groups open To all The inTeresTed men in The college. These groups were cenTers Tor The discussion oT varied phases oT classical subiecTs. The reporTs on philosophy and esTheTics were parTicularly well received. The Classical Survey, an inquiry inTo The sTaTus oT The classics in The secondary schools oT The meTropoliTan area, which had been iniTiaTed lasT year, was conTinued This season. By The hard work oT an inTeresTed and TaiThTul Tew The records are gradually approaching compleTion. IT is expecTed ThaT The Tinal TabulaTion oT resulTs will have been Tinished so as To permiT publicaTion nexT year oT a well rounded survey. under The guidance oT Rev. Lawrence ATherTon, S.J.. iTs Tounder, enTered iTs second year oT exisTence. The Academy has rapidly become one oT The mosT popular Clubs on The campus as iTs membership This year iumped Trom ThirTy-Tive To TiTTy candidaTes and as There was a corresponding increase oT inTeresT on The parT oT The members. The purpose oT The socieTy is To acquainT sTudenTs, genuinely inTeresTed in classical sTudies, wiTh The less known TacTs abouT Vergil--his background. philosophy and influence on The hisTory oT The world. To This end The club underTakes a sTudy oT as many works oT The greaT poeT as possible. A deTailed sTudy oT The Bucolics, The Georgics and The Aeneid Turnish mosT oT The work Tor The Vergilians. These wriTings are discussed and commenTed upon by The members, and Fr. ATherTon aids The sTu- denTs and gives TurTher inTormaTion on The parTicular Topic The individual chooses. The Club direcTs iTs main eTTorT Towards a Vergilian AcTus aT The end oT The year. This is The goal oT all The members, and since only Twelve are chosen To Take parT in The AcTus, The compeTiTion is keen and The men are eager and enThusiasTic in Their sTudy. The judges Tor The evenT comprise several oT The well-known classical auThoriTies in This area. The group oT judges is usually composed oT Two or Three Fordham professors and several ouTside experTs. ZOO L SAMUEL F. TELFAIR. M.A. Moderafor JOHN C. DUFFY. M.A. Moderafor REV. LAWRENCE S. ATHERTON. S.J. Moderafor THE BOLLANDISTS' OFFICERS JOSEPH T. JOHN W. HARRISON S FLYNN DONOHUE DOWNS Presidenf Socrofary Presidenf CLASSICAL ACADEMY OFFICERS VINCENT F. MICHAEL J. MICHAELJ SEYFRIED O'LEARY YORKE Presidenf Vice-PresidenI Secrefary VERGIL ACADEMY OFFICERS PETER F. FREDERICK W. WILLIAM F. ALAN G. CALLERY BECHTOLD GLEESON CATERSON Presidem' Vice-Presidenf Secretary Librarian CTE C CLUBwas Tounded in The spring oT I93I Tor The TwoTold purpose oT enabling sTudenTs oT science To become more Tamiliar wiTh The inTeresTing science oT chemisTry Than was oTher- wise possible, and secondly oT presenTing To The sTudenT oT The arTs a means by which he mighT become acquainTed wiTh The engrossing aspecTs oT chemisTry. The ChernisTs' Club has so meT This dual require- menT ThaT iT may be considered Today To be one oT Fordham's indispensable acTiviTies. Always exTremely TorTunaTe in securing renowned chemisTs as lecTurers, This organizaTion has been enabled To give iTs members an insighT inTo many of The Tar Tlung ramiTicaTions oT The science. Lec- Tures. Too, were oTTen given by members oT The club: and Trom The response To such meeTings aT which The sTudenTs spoke, iT was apparenT ThaT anyThing which The sTudenTs may have lacked as repuTable scienTisTs. was more Than compensaTed by The personal elemenT They iniecTed. Members have been allowed To engage in research preparaTory To The presenTaTion oT Their Talks. Such procedure has proven beneTicial boTh To The sTudenT lecTurers and The audience. MosT imporTanT oT all, however. Trom The viewpoinT oT many, have been The excursions To imporTanT laboraTories and manuTacTuring planTs. by means oT which, The members have come To realize how cornpleTely chemisTry pervades every phase oT modern liTe and aided in scienTiTic advancemenT. organized eleven years ago, has as iTs purpose The TosTering oT biological sTudy. Where The classroom Tinds iTselT resTricTed in nurTuring laTenT inTeresTs and personal iniTiaTive. The Mendel Club gives These Torces The opporTuniTy Tor Tull developmenT in biology. BuT The Club is noT merely a gloriTied classroom. AT The weekly meeTings disserTaTions lusually presenTed by sTudenT membersl and general discussions animaTe mere TexT-book TacTs, and are broughT inTo closer relaTionship. During The pasT year The Club prided iTselT on iTs selT-suTTiciency Tor iT relied on volunTeer presenTaTions raTher Than soliciTed speakers. ln This way each member became a more acTive parTicipanT oT The Club. Like oTher organizaTions oT iTs kind, The Mendel Club has an ohficial monThly organ, The "CabmuTh." This is a supplemenT oT Club acTiviTies and gives Those members who are liTerarily inclined, an oppor- TuniTy To wriTe on inTeresTing biological subiecTs. - However, Club acTiviTy is noT resTricTed To purely inTellecTual lines, buT There has been an endeavor To seek a balance beTween social TuncTions and scienTiTic sTudies. ThroughouT The year There were occasional social aTTairs, and The year culminaTes in The annual banqueT. has iusT Tinished The TourTh year of iTs career and iT now bids Tarewell To iTs Tounding Freshmen now deparTing in The seniorial digniTy of gowns. ln The shorT span oT iTs exisTence The Club has been increasingly acTive and has engaged beTTer known and more inTeresTing speakers as Time wenT by. This year's TirsT meeTing oTFered an undergraduaTe as iTs TirsT speaker. Thomas McLaughlin, '39, l-lis Topic was "Volcanos." NeverTheless his Talk was more concerned wiTh earThquakes: buT This did noT have The hoped Tor eTTecT oT having FaTher Lynch allow Club members To visiT The Seismological STaTion. AT anoTher session. Richard Slauer, DisTricT Engineer oT The WesTinghouse ElecTric Co., gave a demon- sTraTed lecTure on The laTesT developmenT in elecTric lighTing, TluorescenT bulbs. The crowning success oT The year was The illusTraTed lecTure by LT. Commander O'Brien oT The Brooklyn Navy Yard, on sub- marines. The Club members oT '39 leave Their brain-child in The care oT Those who Take Their place. Paul Berezney. Edward GoeTT, Edward Heaney and Gregory SelanTo deserve praise Tor having conceived The idea oT The Club. Sincere appreciaTion is also expressed To Those who conTribuTed in making The Club someThing oT value and inTeresT, especially To The ModeraTor, ProTessor W. T. McNiTT. 202 REV. JOSEPH B MUENZEN, S.J Mod-ara+or REV. JOSEPH ASSMUTH. S.J Moderafor DORF WILLIAM T MCNIFF MA ROBERT J SEALY JOSEPH F WM BU I ESS FORUM THE BUSINESS FORUM, Tounded Tive years ago by a small group oT sTudenTs Taking Business AdminisTraTion, now has on iTs books one hundred and TiTTy charTer members and many more who are noT yeT Tull fledged. From iTs original small discus- sion group. The Forum has gradually en- larged iTs scope so ThaT iTs acTiviTies now include addresses by prominenT business men, Tours Through planTs and oTTices of naTionally known manuTacTuring concerns, and moTion picTures depicTing scienTiTic ad- vances in indusTry. This year saw The inauguraTion oT a "TirsT-aid clinic" Tor The deTicienT under- graduaTe members wiTh Seniors graTuiTously donaTing Their services To TuTor Those mem- bers. The closing oT The scholasTic year's acTiviTies saw The compleTion oT The plans Tor a round Table discussion group, wherein sTudenTs will aT sTaTed Times render original reporTs on accounTing and economic Topics and problems. ln order ThaT This work mighT be TaciliTaTed a plan Tor a small reTerence library To conTain business volumes and Senior Theses was puT inTo operaTion. AlThough primarily engaged along These inTellecTual lines, The Forum has neverTheless noT neglecTed a social side. This year on ST. PaTrick's nighT, iT held iTs Third annual dance, and esTablished a precedenT among in- Tormal Fordham dances by presenTing The 'fs' , , X. young ladies wiTh Fordham braceleTs. BuT ' noT To be ouTdone, even by iTs own dance, The TourTh annual banqueT, held May I7, saw The TirsT ediTion oT The Business Forum BUSINESS FORUM OFFICERS Follies, a humorous and enTerTaining show JOHN L. JOHN F. ROBERT FREDERICK given by Club members and having as one WARREN GM-LAGHER STANFORD ell-L oT iTs TeaTures, The caricaTuring oT various Pfesiclefii VlCe'Pfe5- SeCVeia"Y Treasurer proTessors. EnThusiasTically Then, does The Business Forum look Torward To nexT year, and hope Tor a conTinuance, even an en- largening and perTecTing, of These diversi- Tied social and inTellecTual TuncTions. 204 OFFICER THE OFFICERS' CLUB, during The six monThs of rigorous miliTary Training in The summer camp elecTed Their represenTaTives and aT The very ouTseT oT The college year a meeTing was called in order To make The Club one oT The ouTsTanding associaTions on The campus. AT This laTTer meeTing plans were TormulaTed Tor a diversiTied lisT oT TuncTions and TenTaTive arrangemenTs Tor The TirsT annual miliTary ball were discussed. As a Token of respecT, The OTFicers' Club sponsored a beer parTy Tor The beneTiT oT The R.O.T.C. TaculTy and The alumni. Repre- senTaTive alumni as Tar back as The class of '28 were presenT, in surprisingly large num- bers, and when The plans oT The ball were revealed They signiTied Their approval and assured members oT The Club oT Their en- ThusiasTic supporT. This and The Tine spiriT in The club made The evenT a success. CAMERA THE CAMERA CLUB was organized To show ThaT Fordham, Too. was conscious ThaT The camera has become an inTegral parT oT American liTe. IT seemed only naTural ThaT There should be a marT where Those in- TeresTed in This TascinaTing subiecT could exchange ideas and learn many oT The inTri- cacies abouT Their hobby. especially on a campus which oTFered such varied sub- iecTs. So in December. l938. The Club was formed by a group oT sTudenTs who desired To sTir up new inTeresT in phoTography aT Fordham and also help Those acTively en- grossed in This subiecT. Fr. Lynch gave The members permission To use The "dark" room connecTed wiTh his deparTmenT and a room in The Physics building was provided as a meeTing place. Our TirsT guesT speaker was Dr. Yanowski oT The ChemisTry depraTmenT. We look Torward To having our inTanT Club rank high among The college's organizaTions. 205 T TE CLUB THE STaTe Clubs were organized wiTh The purpose oT TosTering among The sTudenTs oT The same localiTy a greaTer Teeling oT Triendship and a greaTer union Than would oTherwise be possible. lT aims aT promoTing a spiriT OT loyalTy Tor Fordham, even aTTer The passing oT The college days. lT also encourages inTeresT among The men oT The Maroon Tor The various sTaTes represenTed in The college and inTeresT Tor Rose Hill in These sTaTes. To do This, The clubs have boTh Tormal and inTormal meeTings ThroughouT The year. They sponsor dances and, when iT is possible, arrange Tor Them To Talce place in The sTaTe The parTicular club represenTs. EncouragemenT is moreover given To boTh The sTudenTs and The graduaTes aT various dinners held during The year. THE UPSTATE CLUB, always G SO cial leader among The sTaTe organizaTions, was by no means an excepTion This year. Under The able leadership oT iTs co-chair- men, The Club sponsored iTs annual ChrisT- mas dance aT The HoTel Ten Eyclc in Albany. As usual The aTTair was noT exacTly whaT one would call a sTupendous Tinancial suc- cess: buT Trom a social viewpoinT, and The obiecT oT The Club is a social one. iT was unsurpassed. Some Traveled over a hundred miles To aTTend The social, and many oT Them were men who had won recogniTion because oT Their accomplishmenTs in various Tields. For The UpsTaTe Club has had as members such TooTball players as John Beale, Paul Kawalslca, Donald BinTz, Leonard Baker and STeve Kazlo and such a baslceTball Tosser as Dan McGillicudy. Having such men To Torm a TradiTion Tor The Club, we hope ThaT The plans TormulaTed aT The annual spring banqueT will resulT in a larger and more acTive uniT nexT year, and ThaT The ChrisTmas dance nexT year will be a Tinan- cial as well as a social success. 206 JOHN B. ANGELO S. ROBERT T. RAYMOND JOHN L. LOUGHRAN TARANTO DEMPSEY CAREY BEALE Vice-PresidenT Treasurer PresidenT SecreTary Rec. Sec'y Q QTTETELQY OEOROE E. EDMUND w. JOHN C, Treasurer LEARY FOSSBENDER OLSAVSKY SeC"eTf'fY PresidenT Corres. Scc'y. C KTg.'g'ETgfq J. AUSTIN JOHN e. pr A OARVEY MASON esldenf SecreTary Treasurer VINCENT E. KELLY Vice-Pres, WILBUR F. STANTON Vice-Pres. THE CONNECTICUT CLUB, The oldesT STaTe organizaTion under The sTand- ards OT The Maroon, is proud ThaT iT had The largesr enrollmenT This year OT acTive mem- bers since iTs ToundaTion in l925. Under The direcTion OT iTs energeTic oTTicers and TaculTy moderaTor, The Club Sponsored a WinTer Formal aT The New Haven Lawn Club on December TwenTy-ninTh which proved To be The epiTome OT group enioymenT boTh Tor The sTaTe alumni and The sTaTe guesTs. The COnnecTicuT Club also TurThered iTS social acTiviTies by parTal4ing in a well planned banqueT which was held exclusively Tor Club members. The primary purpose OT This ban- gueT, and ThaT OT The Club iTselT, was To TOsTer a broTherhoOd spiriT among men Trom ConnecTicuT, and iT can assuredly be said ThaT This purpose was accomplished. The meeTings were held in The Club's privaTe chamber in Dealy l-lall and were cOnducTed in Their characTerisTic Tormal manner under The gavel OT iTs presidenT and able assis- TanTs. The Club in all reporTs a mosT Tavor- able year OT Triendship and club acTiviTy. THE MASSACHUSETTS CLUB, organized in l929 by a group OT undergrad- uaTes residing aT The college, was Tounded To TosTer a spiriT OT comradeship among sTudenTs Trom MassachuseTTs. So ThaT They mighT conTinue This Triendship iT was in- Tended ThaT all members, aTTer graduaTion were To be reTained as honorary members during Their liTeTime. Because OT This uniTy beTween The MassachuseTTs' sTudenTS and alumni, numerous successTul socials have been held aT various parTs OT The STaTe. However, because The members OT The Club have been so widely disTribuTed, iT has OTTen been diTTiculT Tor many To aTTend dances held in MassachuseTTs, and iT is hoped ThaT TuTure socials will Take place in New York. Many OT The club members were ouTsTand- ing men aT Fordham. Among Them was The beloved "Connie" Murphy who died as a resulT OT iniuries incurred in The Buclcnell game OT T93 l . And having behind iTselT such a disTinguished TradiTion, and an increased enrollmenT, we OT '39 look Torward To Our Club's conTinuing in TTS preSenT high posiTion. 207 THE NEW JERSEY CLUB wiTh G rich and colorTul heriTage oT eleven years behind iT. conTinued iTs TuncTions oT holding consisTenTly socially successTul dances and oT promoTing a greaTer uniTy and Triendship among The men oT Fordham who came Trom Jersey. BuT This year's achievemenTs ouT- ranked Those oT oTher seasons. The spring dance sTarTled The sTudenTs by iTs exTrava- gance in decoraTion and enTerTainmenT and yeT mysTiTied Them by giving The lowesT priced bids in all Fordham's hisTory Tor a Tormal dance. They wenT To The spacious club Meadowbrook, danced To The Tunes oT Glenn Miller's orchesTra and were enTer- Tained by such celebriTies as KaTe SmiTh and Jimmy Crowley. and even parTicipaTed in a WABC radio broadcasT. The young ladies received expensive silver necklaces oT Fordham design and The sTudenTs availed Themselves oT The many conveniences oTTer- ed in regards To "daTes." corsages, Trans- porTaTion and "Tails," All This was accom- plished Through The capable leadership and acTualizaTion oT a highly imaginaTive plan. THE PENNSYLVANIA CLUB was TirsT organized in The Tall oT I927 by a group oT sTudenTs deTermined To have The "KeysTone STaTe" represenTed by a socieTy. STarTing wiTh only a handful of members iT has increased in size and inTeresT unTil iT now boasTs oT a membership oT TwenTy-eighT men. The Club is noT as acTive as The larger meTropoliTan organizaTions aT Ford- ham, buT iT has been popular wiTh iTs mem- bers due To The inTormaliTy which characTer- izes iTs meeTings. This organizaTion, com- posed Tor The mosT parT oT boys Trom Wyoming Valley in The hearT oT The anThra- ciTe region, is a purely social one. and purporTs To beTTer acquainT The "KeysTon- ers" aT Fordham wiTh one anoTher and wiTh The alumni. Because iT has gained This ob- iecTive The Club can poinT To more loyal adherenTs among iTs alumni Than many oT iTs larger broTher organizaTions. An air oT Tra- Ternal congenialiTy always pervades when- ever one oT The TrequenT meeTings is held in The HoTel STerIing aT Wilkes-Barre, Penn. 208 ,, ' 'gif F? JOHN A. HOWE THOMAS M. COYLE JOHN F. DAVIS Chairman oT Dance PresidenT Vice-PresidenT DERWOOD H. LEWIS JAMES A. ADONIZIO JAMES J. HAGGERTY Vice-PresidenT PresidenT SSCFGTGFY A 1 l ROBERT DONALD E FRANK R JOSEPH D STANFORD ROBINSON A MORAN' DUFFY ' FSBSUFGF PresidenT Vice-PresidenT SecreTary VCTQELIAM J. JOSEPH J. WILLIAM H. JOHN L. Da ENNON cAHiLL BAVE MEINTYRE Use Chairman Treasurer PresidenT SecreTary l THE BROOKLYN-LONG lS- cOnTinued iTs TradiTion by cOnducTing a successTul dance aT The l-loTel RoOsevelT. This year as always The men OT Fordham Tound The B.L.l. a mosT pleasanT way TO end examinaTion worries. WiTh Bill McCune and his orchesTra supplying The music, all ThoughT OT TrimesTers. condiTions and Theses disappeared like reservaTion cards Trom The Table. The Club submiTTed a "blue-ink" reporT and was able To make a donaTion To The HarvesTer Club. For This The OrganizaTiOn owes iTs Thanks To iTs hard working leaders. Then The members OT The B.L.l. aided Fr. Gannon in his work OT "push- ing The inTellecTual TronTiers" back sTill Tur- Ther. RepresenTaTives were senT To high schools on Long Island Tor The purpose OT showing whaT Fordham oTTers. We hope ThaT This excellenT work will conTinue and The good resulTs will even be more numerous. Finally The spring acTiviTies OT The Brooklyn- Long lsland Club were broughT To a close wiTh The annual ouTing and beeTsTeak dinner aT Keyser Island. THE WESTCHESTER CLUB has OuTsTrided The expecTaTions OT iTs Tounclers, Tor alThough The youngesT secTional Club aT Fordham, iT has made rapid sTrides in aTTain- ing a new peak OT pOpulariTy among The sTudenTs. lTs dances have aided considerably in TOsTering new Triendships among The sTu- denTs Themselves and among members OT The alumni. As ever The club This year pro- gressed, and is rapidly nearing iTs main obiecTive. The providing OT Fordham wiTh The besT dance in iTs hisTory. The WesT- chesTer Club has also sponsored many beeT- sTeak dinners, which have been immensely enjoyed by all Those who aTTended Them. These aTTairs. plus The ever more popular Tormal dances. have done more Than Their share in keeping viTal ThaT air OT Triendliness which has always pervaded Fordham's Rose Hill. IT is The desire OT all OT us who belong To The WesTchesTer Club, ThaT iT will carry on in The TuTure. as iT mosT assuredly has in The pasT. TO serve iTs purpose OT promOTing comradeship--and To serve iTs excellenT purpose well. 209 FORDHAM has many and varied publications. There is +he RAM. which is The college weekly newspaper. Herein is found +he +imely, significanl and appealing news of +he Universi+y. The MONTHLY serves as an ou+le'r for +hose who excel in +he field of li+era+ure. The MAROON which is published by The Senior Class serves as a record of s'ruden+ ac+ivi+ies during Jrhe Tour years. The college has +wo scien+iTic publicalions, The RETORT and Jrhe CABMUTH, respec+ively +he chemisfry and biology organs which reporl ac+ivi'ry in 'rhe sciences bo+h a+ Fordham and off Jrhe campus. The French Club edi+s +he FORDHAM FRANCE, a news- paper wri++en complelely in French. The o+her language publi- calions published a+ Fordham are La Prensa Fordhamensa, L'Arie+e and +he Deulcher Pendel, which are ediled by members of The Spanish Club, llalian Club and German Club. -.X ,x PUBLICATIONS FREDERICK J. JAMES J. JOHN DI CARLO McGLYNN PETER Ass'I. Ed. Ass'I. Ed. ArI Ed. JOHN J. ARTHUR A. CHARLES R. O'CONNOR MULLIGAN O'DONNELL Adv"r. Mgr. Ass'I. Bus. Mgr. Phofog. Ed. 2I2 EDWIN T. WESTFIELD LII. Ed. WILLIAM J. McGOOKIN Circ. Mgr. MARCO Edifor-in-Chief GABRIEL F. CUCOLO Business Manager THOMAS W. MADDEN THOMAS F. McLAUGHLIN Sporis Ed. ROBERT W. WATSON Org. Ed. WILLIAM H MULLIGAN Sporfs Ed. JOSEPH M. MCGINLEY Pafron. Mgr EDITORIAL STAFF Gabriel F. Cucolo, Ediior: James J. McGlynn, Assisiani Ediiorg Frederick J. Di Carlo, Assis+an+ Ediforp Edwin T. Wesfiield, Lilerary Edifor: Roberi T. Wa+son, Organizalion: Charles R. O'Donnell. Pholographyz Gerald J. Srnaldone, Fealure Ediforg Edmund W. Burke, Rewriie Ediior: Thomas F. McLaughlin. Sporls Ediior: William H. Mulligan. Sporls Ediior: Joseph V. Dolan. Associafe Edilorp Roberf J. King, Associa+e Edi+or: Edward J. GoeH', Associale Edilorg Marlin F. Sullivan, Publicaiions Edilor: Ediforial Board: William L. Doiy, John H. Hanlon, Raymond R. Mozzer, Thomas M. F. McPar+- lancl. Jeremiah J. Desmond, Wallace J. Izzo, Raymond W. Dillon, Frederick W. Eggerlg Sporis S+aFF: James Barnwell, Donald L. Kearney, James Filzgerald, Pe+er Callery. BUSINESS STAFF Thomas W. Madden, Business Manager: Arlhur A. Mulligan, Assisiani Business Man- ager: John J. O'Connor. Adverfising Manager: Joseph M. McGinley, Palronageg William J. McGookin, Circulafionz Adverlising Siails Donald T. Coupe, Peler McBreen, Frank J. McCaT'frey, Philip C. Reilly, Maiihew C. McCue, Sylvesler J. Blish: Circulafion Sraiiz Raymond C. Kennedy, Leon C. Kelmer, William H. Kelba: Organiza+ion Slaliiz William C. Lissy. Francis X. Murphy, John L. Warren, Joseph E. Sweeney, Roberl Tecarr. Frank Wilde: Palronage Slaici: Thomas J. Renison, Roberir M. Klein, Charles C. Robinson, Charles F. Murphy, Roberl W. While. Top Row: Smaldone. Desmond, Keavey, Dolan, lzzo, McPar'rland, O'Donnell, Eggerl, Klein, Hanlon. BoH'om Row: Dillon, Weslfield, McGlynn lAss'+. Ed.i, Gabriel F. Cucolo lEdi+orl, Di Carlo lAss'+. Ed.l, Wafson. Top Row: F. Murphy, Kennedy, Coupe, Robinson. McBreen, McCue, Renison, While. Boflom Row: Reilly. C. Murphy. McGookin, Thomas W. Madden lBus. M'g'r.l. O'Connor lAdv'i' M'g'r.l, McGinley. 2I3 Edifor-in-Chief JOHN M. KEAVEY Business Manager ROBERT J. JOHNSTON EDWARD J. G-OETT THOMAS F. MCLAUGHLIN JOHN J. O'CONNOR DONALD L. KEARNEY Managing Eclifor Sporfs Edifor Circulafion Mgr. Reference Mgr. DURING lhe pasl year lhe RAM lurned oul more issues lhan in any previous year. Somelhing in lhe way ol an innovalion was realized when lhe Freshman Class on enlering Fordham was greeled by a special Freshman Issue. Twenly-eighl issues followed. The slall lhis year was headed by John M. Keavey, Edilor-in-Chief, Roberl J. Johnslon, Business Manager, Edward J. Goell, Managing Edilor, and Thomas F. Mc- Laughlin, Sporls Edilor. The Circulalion Manager was John J. O'Connor assisled by Joseph A. Calamari, Thomas W. Madden, John F. Clark, William F. Lalz, Edward J. Moroney, Edwin T. Wesllield, William Murphy and Donald O'Leary. The ever-popular "Ramblings" column was wrillen by James J. Lyons while John W. Hayes wrole "OFF Campus" and George D. Lewis handled "The Review." Sporls Edilor, Thomas McLaugh- lin and Bill Mulligan wrole "Looking Them Over" and "Sporlshols" respeclively. The alerl, lively and complele coverage ol lhe Fordham scene necessilaled a large slall. The News Board comprised Marlin F. Sullivan, '39, while lrom lhe Junior Class lhe Board members were: James C. Barnell, Henry C. Schnibbe, Richard L. Breen, and Gerard J. Carney. William l'l. Mulligan was Assislanl Sporls Edilor. Reler- ence Manager was Donald Kearney, '39 assisled by Frank Gaughan, '40 and Theodore Price, '4O. The Ram arlisls were Donald J. Slallery, '40 and George Gallico, '39. The pholography was laken care ol by John Malhews, '4O. The Sporls Slall comprised Gabriel F. Cucolo, '39, James Barnwell, '40, James R. Filzgerald, '40, John J. Fledder- son, '4l, Vincenl J. Cahill, '40, Roberl Slewarl, '42, Roberl Schmidlein, '42 and Arlhur McGurly, '42. News Slallers were: John T. Dugan, Richard J. Grace, Francis Ford, Allred J. Hannon, and James K. Campbell ol Sophomore. Freshmen members were: Blaise A. Pasquarelli, Joseph V. Coller, Lawrence X. Cusack, Richard Burgi, Frank Foley, Ralph Cavalli, Owen O'Callaghan, Alan Calersom, and Richard While. Business Slallers were: Guslave Kvalden, '40, Roberl Dineen, '4I, John Brooks, '42, and Pasquale W. Fanelli, '42 who assislecl Roberl J. Johnslon, lhe Manager. ,.f' MONTHLY THE FORDHAM MONTHLY founded in 1882 is fhe oldesf of campus publicafions. This year pre- paring for fhe college's cenfennial in l94l, THE MONTHLY published a number of papers, nof primarily hisforical buf concerned wifh fhe anecdofal side of Fordham's hisfory. The MONTHLY began fhe academic year under fhe guidance of fhe Rev. James A. Taaffe, S.J. who died on January fiffeenfh affer a long illness. The Rev. Glen E. Walsh, S.J. succeeded fo fhe posf of moderafor and under his direcfion fhe work has suc- cessfully confinued. The March issue was a memorial fo Rev. Taaffe and included arficles by Rev. Roberf I. Gannon, S.J. and fhe Rev. Charles J. Deane, S.J., Presidenf and Vice-Presidenf respecfively of Ford- ham Universify and Rev. Wilfrid Parsons, S.J., former edifor of AMERlCA. THE MONTHLY was edifed fhis year by John W. Donohue '39, ably assisfed by a large sfaff. Joseph V. Dolan '39, William L. Dofy '39 in fhe essay: John W. Hayes '39, Michael J. O'Leary '40 in fhe shorf sforyq and Frank R. Gerefy, Jr. '39, Gerald J. Johnson '40 and George D. Lewis '40 in verse were especially nofable, Thomas A. Reynolds '40 con- ducfed fhe "Aisle Seaf." Ofher confribufors were Roberf J. King '39, Mifchell J. Mulholland '39, John P. Hughes '39, Frank P. Ford '4I, Alberf E. Helm '42, Roberf W. Gleason '39 and James J. McGlynn. Ed for-in-Chief-JOHN W. DONOHUE Thomas Reynolds Frank Gerefy Michael OLeary Roberf Kung, Frank Ford, Alberf Helm, William Dofy, Joseph Dolan, John Donohue lEdiforl, John Hayes THE CABMUTH, The OTTicial Organ oT The Mendel Club enjoyed an exTremely acTive year under The ediTorship OT Raymond J. FiTzpaTrick. This magazine endeavors TO en- hance The Turfherance OT biological knowl- edge and inTeresT wiThin The sTudenT body. Biological subiecTs ThaT are Too Technical or scienTiTic are persisTenTly avoided, and The general Tenor OT The papers is made such +haT each sTudenT may gain some inTer- esTing biological knowledge and aT The same Time some pleasure and enjoymenT. ln view OT The TacT ThaT many OT The CAB- MUTH readers cOnTemplaTe enTering The Medical proTession, The publicaTion adopTed The policy OT presenTing arTicles in each issue which TreaTed OT subiecTs allied wiTh The Tield OT Medicine. The sTaTT was composed OT The Tollow- ing members: Joseph A. BenenaTi '4l, Henry W. CovingTon '40, RoberT J. FiTz- gerald '39, AlberT A. Glen '41, RoberT M. Klein '39, Frank LOperTidO '40, Lewis C. Roche '40 and Frank G. SoTTile '39. The TaculTy moderaTor was James Forbes, Ph.D. A TeaTure oT The Magazine was The column called "Mendellums." THE RETORT is one OT The very Tew chemical magazines published exclusively by undergraduaTe college sTudenTs. EighT issues rounded ouT The busiesT year in iTs sixTh year hisTory. Under The ediTorship OT Edward J. GoeTT '39 and The Managing EdiTOrship OT Gabriel F. Cucolo '39 many improvemenTs were incOrpOraTed inTo This year's magazines. For The TirsT Time The personal Touch OT Thumbnail picTures OT The auThors broughT The magazine down Trom coldly scienTiTic levels and enlivened The pages OT The RETORT To a greaT exTenT. ln The laTTer parT OT The year, inTerviews wiTh many OT The chemisTry proTessOrs on The campus were published in order To bring Their splendid work inTo The Tocus OT sTudenT aTTenTiOn. In general The arTicles Showed a decided inclinaTion Towards The popular and more readable maTTer so abundanT in The world OT chemisTry. lnTer- esTing arTicles were submiTTed by ROberT Hennig '40, Joseph C. MoraTh '40, Wil- liam C. Goodwine '40. Frederick Di Carlo '39 acTed as Business Manager while Ed- mund P. Naccash was assisTanT To The EdiTor. Top Row: Glenn, BonenaTi, Loperfido, COvingTOn, FiTzgerald. BoTTom Row: SoTTile, James Forbes. Ph.D. lModoraTorl, FiTzpaTrick lEdiTOrl, Klein Raymond J. FiTzpaTrick Edward J. GoeTT EdiTor, CABMUTH Edifor, RETORT Top Row: Goodwine, Hennig, MOraTh, J. GoeTT, Vail, Mariconda. BoTTom Row: Di Carlo lBusinass M'g'r.l, E. GoeTT lEdiTOrl, Cucolo lM'g'r. Ed.l. 2I7 Top Row: Vander Linden, Porfaluppi, McGuire, Whelan. Middle Row: Casey, Paref, Sealy, Rolinof, Memmo. Boffom Row: Blackburn, Edmund O'Sullivan lAss'l. Moderalorl, James S. Warren llfdilorl, Basile G-. D'Oualcil lModera+orl, Durr. i i 1 . James S. Warren Edward J. Goelf Edilor. FORDHAM FRANCE Edifor, PENDEL Top Row: Fleckenslein, Duffy, Mallahan. Boffom Row: Gleason, E. Goelf lEdi+orl, Coupe lAss'+. Ediforl, Conneely. 2I8 FORDHAM FRANCE, af ils inceplion nine years ago, was +he only college monlhly newspaper in lhe Uniled S'ra+es published enrirely in French. Since +hen, however, several olher colleges have inauguraled 'rhis fealure. During 'rhe pasl year under lhe edilor- ship of James S. Warren, learuring 'rhe e'Flor+s of Roberr J. Sealy and Gerard C. Durr, lhe Theme originally sei was main- lained 'rhroughoul lhe year. Cullural in 'rhe main, rhe journal slrove lo incorporaie inlo ils sludenl-aulhored-arlicles an up-+o-l'he- minure limeliness as well as scholarly docu- menlarion. ll did noi neglecl sporrs, and humor always found an imporlanr posilion in lhe pages oi +he newspaper. I+ was lhis synchronizalion ol aims which resulred in l'he journal Jrhal really was well worlhy of represenling Fordham. I+ was a publicalion which has in lhepasl served, and which will conlinue +o serve, as a linlc in lhe slrong chain of friendship binding us +o our democraric and cullural neighbors in Modern Europe and lhroughoulr 'rhe resl of lhe Thinking world. A DEUTCHER PENDEL is one ol Jrhe mos? unusual publicalions ol any college in Jrhe Unired S+a+es, for il is wrirlen complelely in German. ll is an annual publicalion ediled by sludenls al Fordham inleresled in German and puls aside all queslions per- 'raining To currenl polilical and inlernalional issues. lf deals exclusively wilh nalional heroes and monumenls renowned lhrough- our Jrhe world. Thai This policy has been well received is shown by lhe many lellers of congralula- lion and praise from European and'Arner- ican Universilies. Among lhe many line arlicles already received for Jrhis year's annual, which will appear early in June, is a beaulilul descriplion of lhe famous Oberammergau Passion Play conlribuled by Guslave Kvalden. The arlicle deals wilh Jrhe plof of +he play and gives enlighfen- men+ as +o how lhe acfors are selecfed for if each year. Olher conrribulions include +hose of Fleckenslein, John Goell, Alexander Hof- s're++er and Marlin Conneely. Edward J. Goeh' is Edilor-in-Chief while Donald T. Coupe is acring in 'rhe capacify of Manag- ing Edi'ror. L'ARlETE The lTalian Club annual will be issued Tor The TirsT Time during The TirsT week oT June. WiTh The coming oT The school year, members oT The lTalian Club decided ThaT similar To oTher language clubs aT Fordham an oTFicial publicaTion would be represenTa- Tive oT The club's ideals. plans and acTiviTy. As a resulT The lTalian annual has been iniTiaTed under The guidance oT Mr. Leonardi as moderaTor. Louis lvliccio, PresidenT oT The lTalian Club was chosen Tor The Taxing posT oT EdiTor oT The TirsT issue. AssisTing lvliccio in The publicaTion OT The TirsT L'ARlETE are Hermes Secondari, who is The AssisTanT EdiTor. Aldo C. Scorza. Gerald J. Smaldone, Joseph C. MaTera, Joseph Manganaro, Gabriel F. Cucolo and Dominic V. CosTa. This capable sTaTT has been working dili- genTly Tor The pasT Tew monThs in an en- deavor To puT ouT an issue worThy oT emulaTion by succeeding L'ARlETE sTaTTs. The TirsT publicaTion oT This kind is sched- uled To appear abouT June The TirsT. LA PRENSA FORDHAMENSA is The news- paper which serves as The liTerary ouTleT Tor The Spanish Club. The oTher Spanish Club publicaTion, FRATERNIDAD HIS- PANA is The annual. The Spanish news- paper was under The guidance oT Francis A. Canavan who served in The capaciTy oT EdiTor-in-ChieT. The paper covered a large Tield encompassing The world scene wiTh a Fordham viewpoinT and a Spanish prose sTyle ThaT wenT unrivalled ThroughouT The counTry. The work covered reviews, analyses. and commenTs oT liTeraTure, arTs and sci- ences, and evenTs oT The changing world. CulminaTion and rounding ouT The eTTorTs oT The Club. The annual, FRATERNIDAD HISPANA reviewed The year's acTiviTies and more parTicularly concenTraTes on The reporTing oT The social Theories oT The Club's work. Basile G. D'Ouakil, Ph.D. is The moderaTor oT boTh The publicaTions. ArTicles were submiTTed ThroughouT The year by VicTor FingerhuT, AnTonio Ginorio, John Dzubinski and oTher members oT The Spanish Club. These Two publicaTions rank wiTh The besT college publicaTions oT Their kind. Top Row: Secondari, Cucolo, Smaldone. Nardi. BoTTom Row: Scorza, MaTera, Miccio lEdiTorl. Louis Miccio VicTor R. FingerhuT EdiTor. L'ARlETE EdiTor, FRATERNIDAD HISPANA Top Row: Farrell, Carballeira, Sassano, Loyas. Shine, Klinken. BoTTom Row: FingerhuT lEdiTor of Annuall, Guido E. Mazzeo, MA, lMOdera1Or Canavan lEdiTor of Paperl, Ginorio, 2l9 -l-HE recenl advances made in ihe phoiographic ar+s such as +he Jrelefolo lens. more sensi+ive fine-grained films permi++inq clear reproduclrions of minu+ely-spli+-second ac+ion, and +he scienrific approach of +he cameraman himself have enabled us +o more adequarely show +he parallel progress of afhleiics on Rose l-lill. The +ransi+ion from 'rhe days when Fordham's a+hle+ic represenfa- 'rives encounrered local clubs +o rhe preseni day array of in+er- sec'rional conlresls wi+h Jreams represenring colleges and universi- 'ries from all sec+ors of +he coun+ry, has been a narural one. The role of a+hle+ics in Jrhe physical developmeni' of Jrhe srudenlr has received due recogni+ion in 'rhe Jesuilr educalional sysfem which has espoused during i+s hislrory, "mens sana in corpore sano." aixafa-'eaaeaeaeusea W...- wi gg. , FYR QS 2 'K 5 ' 'f u 1 yn . ii!- S il, lf? V I s A ig. x w. x .ww is xx ,RX .Q - ez QUE' 5 , ,Q g f' Ss 5 'EY . ii: ' Ivy Q if ,- 3 'Q gr, Ur +4kxX , 12' J fy Hg? v if - 5 1 5, : H- R M' LJ: ff 6 V ,RA4 X. ,L A gr :. W' I Q5p ?hsaiv K ,f , tl WNW . " ,:. a -Q gyfw V 5 I' af U xp 'M .., 4' m,',x SPARTANS by Gerald Johnson This is The whip and The surge oT young blood Racing Through muscle and sinew and Thewq This is The sTrain and The sTrengTh and The hearT OT men. This is The eye and The limb running in This is The balance oT books and The body And The clean hard curve oT The muscle, Arm againsT arm, sTrengTh againsT sTrengTh And The long sTeep hills oT eTTorT. WhaT Though The muscle Turn waTer And The eye lose iTs sighT? S-Till sTays in memory The speed and The mighT STill sTays The vicTory The wreaTh and The crown. The sun ii' llhli who Through 'rheir ellloris in guiding ihe various spori organizaiions boih in ad- minisiraiion and in coaching are cer- iainly deserving of greai praise for +he manner in which They fashioned ihe various 'reams which represenied Rose Hill during The year. All realize +ha+ The success won in sporls is due +o a large exieni io Jrhe uniiring endeavors and ihe 'rruly fine spiri+ of 'rhese men. Their co- operaiion among ihemselves and wiih The aulhoriiies aided in This regard. ED KELLEHER Baslcefball Coach REVEREND JOHN W. TYNAN. S.J. JOHN COFFEY Universify Direcfor of Afhleiics Graduaie Manager of Aihleiics TIM COHANE JACK COFFEY Sporfs Publicily Direclor Baseball Coach l i EARL WALSH Baclclield Coach JlM CROWLEY JAKE WEBER Foofball Coach Trainer 225 MAJOR . PORT MIKE KOCHEL-HARRY JACUNSKl-were Fordham's firsf foofball co-capfains. The leaders of fhe Ram gridiron successes were among fhe oufsfanding linemen in fhe counfry. Harry af end, and Mike af guard were fwo of fhe original "Blocks of 6ranife" fhaf enemy backs found so indesfrucfible in fheir affempfs fo pierce fhe Ram forward wall. Renowned especially as a defensive player, Harry splif fhe vaunfed affacks of Piff, Sf. Mary's and ofher nafionally-renowned feams. Mike gave one of fhe rnosf courageous demonsfrafions when he played in fhe Piff game wifh an iniured nose. MIKE HEARN was chosen as fhe besf afhlefe in fhe Senior Class. He has been Ford- ham's mosf versafile afhlefic performer during fhe pasf fhree years, alfhough he has been oufsfanding af his firsf love, baseball. Varsify cenferfielder, red-headed "irish" Mike has played a prominenf parf in Maroon successes in baseball, on fhe gridiron as a fine defensive back, and as a member of 'rhe Maroon frack feam. His forfe has been his speed afoof. A member of fhe relay feam in Soph, Mike has fransmiffed fhis speed fo fhe basepafhs where he has been a verifable Mercury. BOB HASSMILLER guided fhe desfinies of Fordham's baskefball feam for fhe I938-39 season. Vofed as fhe rnosf popular man in Senior Year, Bob is perhaps fhe greafesf baskefball player Rose Hill has ever seen since fhe Wonder Team of 28-29. A genfle- man af all fimes, on fhe courf and off, fhe leader of fhe courf feam has been fhe axis on which fhe Maroon feam has been builf for fhe pasf fhree years. He placed in fhe firsf five scorers in Mef circles besides playing a fine defensive game. FRANK SLATER acfed as capfain of fhe mosf successful frack feam in Rose Hill's hisfory. A Brooklyn boy, Frank was a sfar af Lincoln High and confinued fo shine in more brillianf fashion fhroughouf his career af Fordham. A consisfenf poinf-geffer and compefifor in dual meefs, The Maroon capfain has been oufsfanding in all of fhe Fordham friumphs in fhe One and Two-Mile Relays. Among his fifles are: The Nafional IOOO Mefer Championship in Junior Year, l.C.4A. IOOO Yard Championship. He was a member of fhe relay feam fhaf broke fhe world's record af Darfmoufh. Top Row-Kuzman, Principe, Kazlo, Krywiclci, Yuraviclw, Unqerer, Lewczylc, Yudalcilis, Hermann, Donnery, Riddick. Third Row--Lewis, Hyde, Szor, Zarilc, Carlosimo, Friedgen, Garvey, MacDougall, Kowalslca, Slanlcy. Troianowslci, Russo llvlanagerl. Second Row-l-lolovalc, Addonizio, Balmer, Hayes, Monica Koclwel lCo-Cap'l.l, Jacunslci lCo-Capllhl, Slanlon, Mena pace, Do Filippo, Borezney, Sarno. BoHom Row-Paslccevicln, Mozzor, Polroslras, Hearn, Beale, Planqomann, Haqqerly, Eslwmonl, Binlz, Greeley lAss'l. Manaqorl. Top Row-MCC-Sovern, O'Donolwe, Cahill, Grolw, Grosso. McGee. Middle Row-Colley lCoacl'1l, Principe, Murphy, McGil- licuddy, lv1cGurlf, Leighfon, Dillon, Bowe. Boifom Row-De Gaelano, Hassrniller, Polrino, Scoppa, Beale, l-learn, Borowy, Dobany lManaqerl. Top Row-Murphy lAss'l. Manaqerl, Davis lManagerl, Brassel, McGurlc, Burns, Coach Kelleher. Middle Row-Mc6illicuddy, Weil, l-lassmiller lCap+ainl, Lewis, Ciclnanowicz, O'Brien. Bcffom Row-Gullwrie, Murphy, J. Hearn. Rapport Caruso Top Row-Pelerson, Curran, O'Neil, Cary, Gillaridc, Fay, Gallico, Dolan. Middle Row-Sl. Pierre, Slalor lCaplainl, Gioqonqaclr lcoachl, Vifallacc, Leary, Mullarlcey lManaqerl. Boffom Row-Bennell, Glen, Belsorc-ne, Fiizqerald, Winn Barnwoll, THE TiTTieTh year of Fordham TooTball goT OTT To a specTacular sTarT aT The new Triborough STaclium. Ranclall's lsland, when The Rose Hill Rams flashed again and again across Upsala's none Too sTrongly defended goal line To score a smashing 47-O Triumph. Play- ing only conservaTive TooTball. and using buT a Tew plays. The Team marched almosT aT will To Tally seven Times in The iniTial Three periods and Then added anoTher Two poinTs via a saTeTy in The Tinal quarTer. Many oT The Maroon supporTers saw Tor Their TirsT Time The lorillianT running oT Len EshmonT who sTood ouT in The aTTack wiTh a scinTillaTing Third period Touchdown dash ol: sevenTy-Two yards. "0A'0,11,,,,, WW ENG-AGING in a final fune-up before 'raking on fhe fougher Teams, 'rhe Maroon eleven ran roughshod over fhe far weaker Waynes- burg feam. The final fally was 53-O as 'rhe Rams pushed over eighf fouchdowns. Dom Principe led fhe affack, scoring fwice and also bear- ing fhe brunf of fhe defensive work. Moreover, fhe Fordham defense was well-nigh perfecf for Waynesburg nof only did nof score a firsf down, buf had a nef loss of sevenfeen yards for ifs affernoon's work. Taking fhis info considerafion, along wifh fhe facl' 'rhaf fhe hard-running Maroon backs piled up 490 yards would indicafe fhaf 'rhe Ram feam was one of fhe besf balanced unils in many years. h...wc - ' 4 ,- ,un-w.f'iL..m -nn GN OcTober IS. Fordham Took on The TirsT major rival of The campaign aT The Polo Grounds. 32,000 specTaTors wiTnessed The TiTTh Polo Grounds appearance of The famed Boilermakers oT Purdue UniversiTy. One of The mosT consisTenT Teams in The WesTern Con- ference, The Black and Gold had conquered The Rams Twice. and had Twice meT deTeaT. When The game was over There was sTill no choice as iT was a 6-6 Tie. IA For Fordham, however, lhe day was nol a lolal loss: il delinilely eslablished Len Eshmonl as one ol lhe linesl running backs in lhe counlry. l-lis 50 yard dash in lhe lhird quarler lor lhe only Maroon score was a gem ol broken lield running and augured well lor lulure Crowley leams. The besl lhing Purdue had lo oller was one Lou Brock who lived up lo every advance nolice wilh regard lo kicking, passing and running . . . ol which he did plenly, all allernoon. Wilh his running male Jack Brown, he headed lhe Purdue lourlh quarler allack lhal ended on lhe business side ol lhe Fordham goal line. Mr. Brock scored himsell, and lhroughoul lhe allernoon held lhe vaunled Fordham allack al bay wilh his booming punls and smashing lackles. Aller Johnny Beale. playing his lirsl game al righl hallback. lumbled and recovered lhe opening kickoll, lhe Fordham allack slarled slowly. Kazlo punled and on lheir lirsl lwo plays Purdue gained nine yards. Mike Kochel sel Fordham hearls al resl, however, by slopping lhe Midweslerners al lhe oppor- lune lime. Bolh leams look lheir chances wilh lhe ball, bul neilher could make any appreciable gain. When lhe lirsl period was almosl over, Brock punled lo lhe Ram, and lhe Maroon iuggernaul began lo move. Beale ran lor a lirsl down, and lhen Dom Principe cracked lhrough lhe Boilermaker line and was slopped only by lhe brillianl lackle ol Ted I-lennis lhe Purdue salely man. Early in lhe second hall, however, Len Eshmonl again broke inlo lhe open, and lhis lime lhere was no slopping him. The Alias Anlelope sped 50 yards lor a louchdown. l-lolovak's allempled conver- sion was no good and Fordham led 6-O. The lhird quarler dragged on, bolh leams now playing wary loolball. Purdue punled and wailed lor a break. ll came in lhe lourlh quarler and lhe Boilermakers were quick lo capilalize on il. Harry Jacunski, a lower ol delense in lhe Ram line all day, dropped Brown as he allempled lo pass. and lhis seemed lo raise lhe spiril ol lhe game bul lo no avail. QBRWW t FORDI-lAM'S foofball 'ream coniinued ifs winning ways on Oclober 22, conquering +he vaunfed Universily of Oregon Webfeef by a 26-0 counl before 35,000 highly excifed fans. I+ was lhe fines+ per- formance given by The Rams all season. The running game funclioned as perfeclly as could be desired, and fhe defense had The Weslerners under conlrol a+ all Times. And The Webleel were noi soil by any means, eilher. Before appearing ai The Polo Grounds 'rhey had de- -:III-111.211 TeaTed boTh WashingTon STaTe and U.C.l..A. lT was ThereTore someThing in The naTure oT a surprise when, less Than Three minuTes aTTer The opening kickoTT, seven poinTs were showing on The Fordham scoreboard. PeTe Holovak was responsible Tor The TirsT marker. He inTercepTed a long Oregon pass, giving Fordham a TirsT down on Their own TwenTy yard line. He Then proceeded To run eighTy yards on The nexT play, drawing TirsT blood Tor The Maroon. Wilbur STanTon added The exTra poinT. The Oregon boys Tried To come back aTTer This shock: They goT To The 40 yard line buT There The advance ended and The Ramblin' Rams Trom Rose Hill Took over. ThroughouT The remainder oT The TirsT halT, and well Through The Third quarTer Fordham did noT score, buT They were in conTrol oT The siTuaTion all The Time, and in conTrol oT The ball mosT oT The Time. In The second quarTer Jim Crowley slipped his Ace ouT on The gridiron and Two plays laTer his sTyle was evidenT. Len EshmonT was superb: and Then on his second play in The game he Taked a kick and laTer Tossed a ThirTy yard pass To BuTch ForTunaTo. For The resT oT The halT no scoring punch was in evidence buT every Time Esh- monT goT The ball he was a real ThreaT. Once he dashed 50 yards behind Red HaggerTy's magniTicenT down Tield blocking. A shorT Time laTer The Ram righT Tackle, Paul Berezney, blocked a WebTooT punT and anoTher Fordham score was narrowly averTed by Jay Graybeal's TorTunaTe inTercepTion oT an EshmonT pass. In The Third quarTer and Tor The resT oT The game Tor ThaT maTTer, The Fordham scoring plays were eye caTching exhibiTions oT hipper-dipper decepTion wiTh sound down Tield blocking and coordinaTed play. The sTandouT player in The Maroon line was inimiTable Paul Berezney who blocked Two WebTooT punTs and was a demon on deTense. The Tinal score oT The one sided Tracas was 26-O. 'WIANADA . Z WK 'ml QW QNX' A FIGHTING Fordham eleven suffered ifs only loss of fhe season. when fhey fell before fhe onslaughfs of a powerful Piffsburgh feam. They sfragqled off fhe gridiron on fhe shorf end of a 24-I3 counf, buf They gave fhe overflow crowd, 75,000 specfafors, an exhi- bifion 'rhaf will occupy Their minds in many years 'ro come. Affer fhree years of scoreless deadloclcs fhe dam bursf and fhe resulf was a scoring oufbursf fhaf fhrilled fhe crowded sfands. Unforfunafely 'Q Three of The Touchdowns were recorded by The devasTaTing power oT The Golden PanThers. AlThough The Rams didn'T Take The ball game They did, however, have The disTincTion oT scoring The very TirsT Touchdown in Maroon-PanTher hisTory. ATTer Bill Daddio loTTed one beTween The up- righTs Tor a Three-poinT lead in The TirsT quarTer, Mike Hearn Tallied The TirsT legiTimaTe Touchdown early in The second sTanza on a buck laTeral. The play was perTecT and boTh Dom Principe and Bill Krywicki handled The ball beTore Mike Turned Fordham's leTT side and scored wiThouT a PiTT man near enough To even Touch him. Bad breaks seT The sTage Tor The TirsT PITT score. ATTer an exchange oT punTs, Fordham found iTselT on iTs own ThirTeen yard line. Here Kazlo goT oTT a bad punT and six plays laTer, Daddio dumped his Tield goal over The bar. Soon aTTer This LighTning Len EshmonT enTered The game and The complexion oT The whole aTTair Took on a decided change. WiTh The aid oT a TiTTeen yard penalTy Tor roughing, and The ancienT STaTue oT LiberTy play, EshmonT ran ThirTy yards and The Rams sTruck pay dirT. Len was knocked ouT oT bounds on The one yard sTripe and The Terrible PanTher held. Krywicki dragged The buck laTeral ouT oT The bag oT Tricks, and Trom The halT yard line Principe smashed Toward The cenTer oT The line, slipped The ball To Krywicki who laTeraled To Hearn Tor The poinTs. Wilbur STanTon came in Tor his specialTy and booTed The exTra poinT. The Maroon, baTTling TooTh and nail. in a glorious inspired TighT hung on To This margin Tor Three periods. BuT PITT reserves were making iT Tougher and The Rams were slowly weakening Trom The TerriTic sTrain. AT The end oT The Third period, PiTT had pushed iTs way To The Fordham 22. Here under The combined aTTack oT Goldberg, Cassiano, STebbins and Daddio The hereToTore sTubborn Ram began To give. The Ram aTTack spurTed in The TourTh period again buT iT was noT enough, Len EshmonT hurled a shorT pass To BuTch ForTunaTo who scampered 66 yards Tor The Tinal Touchdown. SX .lim ATALL scholarly looking boy wilh number I3 on his uniform siep- ped on lhe Coogan's Bluff field during 'rhe ailernoon of Novem- ber 5. swung his +rus+y foo+ 'rowards 'rhe ball . . . if sped slraighf and rrue be+ween +he uprighis . . . and once again Wilbur Sianion had saved 'rhe day for Fordham. There were 45.000 people in Tim Mara's Tenlh Avenue Tech +o see fhe sevenih meeiing of +he Ramblin' Rams from Rose I-lill, and 'rhe Gallopin' Gaels Trom The Moraga Valley. And They weren'T disappoinTed when They leTT The huge sTadium. They saw only one scoring play, STanTon's kick, buT They saw some amazing gridiron TacTics . . . The kind ThaT's always on Tap when These Two greaT Teams meeT. Since l93O when The rivals TirsT meT. They've been classics Tor real TooTball. The Madigan Team oT T938 was perhaps The mosT un- deraTed combinaTion To come To Town during The season. ThaT TacT. combined wiTh The Terrific physical beaTing The Rams Took Trom PiTTsburgh The week beTore, was The reason Tor The low score. From The opening whisTle To The Tinal gun, wiTh The Tew excepTions. The game resolved iTselT inTo a kicking duel beTween Jerry Dowd, The ST. Mary's cenTer who dropped back ouT oT The line To punT, and Fordham's Eshmoni' and Kazlo. The Tormer was injured iusT beTore The TirsT halT ended, suTTering a recurrence oi The leg ailmenT suTTered in The Oregon game. Kazlo carried on. buT Dowd was The superior in kicking endeavor and Turned in a brillianT deTensive game as well. The Fordham Team didn'T geT pasT Their own 37 yard line during The whole TirsT period, due To penalTies and CapT. Dowd. Early in The second quarTer EshmonT quick kicked 60 yards, and Then The Gaels made Their big push. Two passes Trom Their righT halTback, Ed l-leTTernan To Perrie and Cramp- Ton neTTed 35 yards. PenalTies again proved cosTly To The Rams, and They Tound Themselves in The ToughesT spoT oT The aTTernoon. ln The "cluTch" Paul Berezney, The Senior Tackle. Tresh Trom his Triumph in PiTTsburgh, rose To The occasion and sTopped The ST. Mary's aTTack single handed. STanTon won The game by his beauTiTul booT, buT To anoTher sTerling Fordham man and TooT- baller goes The disTincT honor oT saving The game and puTTing iT on "ice," so To speak. Once in The Tinal quarTer Herb SmiTh, Gael Tullback, inTercepTed a Kazlo pass and seemed To be headed Tor a Touchdown. buT Jimmy Hayes ThwarTed his eTTorTs, in The very nick oT Time. m11n1nu nuurn...u.,4, QWYSW km yy Skim TWENTY-SIX rhousand fans filled +he Polo Grounds on November I2 'ro see a 'Furious scoreless sialemaie loefween +he Norrh Carolinas Tarheels and The Rams. Wi+h loofh learns playing greair defensively, even 'rhe slippery Eshmonf and Srirnweiss were unable +o pene+ra're 'rhe +wen+y yard lines. Laie in +he lasr period afrer l-learn and Principe had carried deep inio Dixieland, Bill Sfanlron airernpied his favoriie ouidoor exercise, bur +he field goal a++emp'r wenr wide. La+er alier a beaulriful foriy yard Toss from Kazlo +0 Jacunslci, The Ram found 'rhemselves in scoring +erri'rory, bu+ again The field goal arrempi. 'rhis 'rime loy Kazlo, wen+ awry. This was +he lasi real +hrea'r of +he day. -Sf JIM CROWLEY'S Rams found 'rhe Gamecock highly palaialole in Their smashing viciory over ihe Soulherners in lhe wors+ rain and sleef slorms +ha'r ever flooded ihe Polo Grounds. Despile Jrhe ankle deep mire Dom Principe slarled lhings off in lhe iirslr period wil'h a sixiy-five yard sprinl on a reverse play which was periecily execuled. ln The fhird quarler Mike Kochel personally accoun+ed for anolher 'rouchclown when in +rue "Block oi Grani+e" sfyle he blocked a quick kick of Ed Clary. When Clary alrlempiecl +o recover. and +hen fumbled behind his own goal line Mike promplly recovered for The lirsl and lasl Jrouchdown he was To make for his Alma Maier. -h:.1ux.n.sruliuvmw vrinn.c 't0f0H,4h 54f?01W A 0 4: Qu? gfl ,W - .--4. THERE were 50.000 speclafors in 'rhe Yankee Sradium when The Maroon and 'rhe Violel +oolc fhe field for The +wen'rie'rh game in Jrheir series which began in I889. Thal day was all Fordham, 'rhe Rams winning by a 34-7 score. Again in I938 lhe Rose l-lillians were no'rice- ably superior, winning fhis 'rime by a 25-O count Sparking +he a++ack were Sophomore Len Eshmonr ancl fullback Dominic Principe. The la++er won Jrhe Madow Trophy for 1938, an annual award for +he be-5+ performance in The BaTTle OT The Bronx. Fordham's Team Turned in The TinesT perTormance oT The season: The running game TuncTioning in high gear all aTTernoon, The passing was more Than adequaTe, and The Torward wall yielded The VioleTs a grand ToTal OT minus Tour yards Tor Their aTTernoon's endeavor. Only once did The Hall oT Famers ThreaTen. and ThaT in The Third quarTer by virTue of Ed Boell's accuraTe passing. The Ram secondary was also accuraTe in pass deTense, however, and The game ended wiTh a huge cipher in The N.Y.U. scoring sloT. The Rams goT oTT To an early sTarT on The Trozen gridiron, scoring Two markers in The TirsT period. The TirsT march Traveled 55 yards and ended in The VioleT end zone wiTh DynamiTe Dom Principe hugging The ball. And so The game wenT To Fordham Tor The Tour quarTers. ln The Tinal period The VioleTs losT hope compleTely. and Harry Jacunslci climaxed a brillianT career by scoring on one oT The mosT complex plays ever seen. "lcehouse" Friedgen. replacing Principe aT Tullbaclc Toolc The ball on whaT was osTensibly a simple line-buck. buT whaT Transpired was as complicaTed as any blackboard diagram, To say The leasT. As Friedgen reached The line oT scrimmage he handed The pigslcin To The waiTing Krywiclci, quarTerbaclc who in Turn Tossed a laTeral pass To Len "Eel" EshmonT. He in Turn began circling The righT end . . . Then suddenly sTopped and Threw a perTecT Torward pass To Co-capTain Harry Jacunski who caughT The ball in The end zone much To The chagrin oT The violenT VioleTs. And so iT was wiTh Jacunslci. Kochel, Monica. Berezney, and Hearn ending Their brillianT VarsiTy careers. Fordham Turned back Rose HiIl's TradiTional rivals Trom The oTher side oT The Con- course. Also playing Their lasT game in Maroon uniTorms were The brillianT Bill STanTon, Johnny Beale. ' ' Q . A- " "' "' ' Ray Mozzer. Doc Lewis, Joe Paslcevich, Don BinTz, Hugh Addonizio, Lennie Baker, and' Barney Hyde. H BA .HETBALL F-ORDHAM did nof have a greaf baslcef- ball feam during fhe i938-39 season, buf neifher did if have a poor one. Capfained by Bobby Hassmiller, one of fhe mosf spec- facular leaders Rose Hill has seen perform since fhe year of fhe Ram "Wonder Five" in l928, fhe Maroon ouffif lacked a scoring punch af fhe decisive momenfs and many a close one was losf in fhe final splif seconds. Ed Kelleher, The reinsfafed Ram coach masferminding for fhe firsf fime on Rose Hill since I934, is no sfranger fo Fordham baslcefball followers. When he held fhe coaching reins before, lvlr. Kelleher esfab- lished an enviable record and fhe regref fhaf Fordham felf af his deparfure was sur- passed only by fhe delighf af his refurn. Buf despife fhe dilzficulfies surrounding fhe insfallafion of a new coaching regime fhe Ram courfmen finished fhe season wifh fhe respecfable percenfage of over .555, having won fen and losf eighf. Affer fwo monfhs of sfrenuous pracfice Kelleher's five, composed in fhe main of Capfain Bobby Hassmiller, capfain-elecf for fhe '39-'40 season, "Dufch" Weil, Carl Lewis, Bill O'Brien, Dan McGillicuddy, Vic Cichanowicz and Al Brassel, swepf fhrough ifs opening games like wildfire. A sfrong alumni feam, New Jersey Sfafe Teachers, Sf. Lawrence and Columbia fell before fheir co-ordinafed play. ln fhe Sf. Lawrence confesf, lvlcGillicuddy fhe high scorer, was a prominenf facfor in fhe friunnph. The Columbia game was a nip and fuck baffle all fhe way wifh Weil and Hassmiller grasping fhe vicfory for Fordham by a 39-37 score. Sf. Francis proved foo hard a nuf fo craclc and fhe Maroon courfmen fasfed fheir firsf defeaf when fhey losf fo fhe Terriers 27-38. However, far from dishearf- ened, fhe Rams came baclc wifh a bang in fhe firsf game of a disasfrous Norfhern frip fo frounce a fair Colgafe feam 55-44. The second and lasf confesf of fhe oufing found fhe Rose Hill gladiafors in fheir pooresf form of fhe season, absorbing a 55-27 defeaf from Syracuse. The nexf fwo losses were hearfbrealcers. Overcome in fhe lasf guarfer by a superior ST. John's Team, The Rams in Their nexT showing losT a Tough one To The CrescenT A. C. in The Tinal seconds oT play. The conTesT wiTh ST. John's however served iTs purpose in providing a backdrop Tor The sparkling play oT l-lassmiller. CapTain Bobby Tallied 20 poinTs in his courageous eTTorTs To snap The Ram losing sTreak. A powerTul GeorgeTown QuinTeT was The nexT To invade Rose l-lill's spacious courT and an aroused Ram ouTTiT led by Lewis Turned back The FasTern ConTerence TiTle- holders by a score 43-34. FighTing desperaTely againsT The Lav- ender oT C.C.N.Y., Fordham ran inTo iTs proverbial Garden "iinx" and Tailed To Triumph. AT This poinT Coach Kelleher re- vamped The Team and his eTTorTs were more Than TruiTTul since The Maroon squad Turned in a lop-sided 72-36 vicTory over Canisius and a 48-37 clean cuT decision over a scrappy Rider Team. Then came The climax oT The year Tor Fordham, The game wiTh N.Y.U., The Ram's TradiTional rival. IT Took some brillianT play by The VioleTs To down The Rose T-Till Tive 4I-39. Fordham osTablished a new scoring record 'Tor Garden l3askeTball in This game, Tallying eighT poinTs in one minuTe oT play. NexT The PiTT PanThers TogeTher wiTh The ever-presenT Garden hoodoo, downed The Kellehermen once more, To The Tune oT 34-40. In a spiriTed TighT ThaT saw The lead change hands Time aTTer Time, Fordham dropped a biTTerly close conTesT To The Kelly Greens OT lVlanhal'Tan 39-4l. From a close analysis oT The season on Rose l-lill, iT is no'I'iced ThaT all oT The Ram's losses wiTh a lone excepTion, came in groups oT Three. Once They dropped a game They could noT seem To geT back inTo Their winning sTride. IT was This plus a good many bad breaks ThaT prevenTed Kelleher's Tive Trom being one oT The TopnoTchers in The Easl. BuT The '39-'40 season, despiTe a heavy schedule should Tell a diTTerenT Tale. Al- Though Brassel and l-lassmiller, valuable men, are losT by graduaTion, This deTiciency should be more Than compensaTed by The addilion oT one oT The besT yearling squads seen on Rose T-Till in many a day. Experi- ence and youTh will weld a poTenT Tive To be on hand nexT season To greeT Fordham's courT enemies, boTh ciTy, and oTherwise. 1 , 'gn ff' LL COACH JACK COFFEY'S I939 baseball Team, The eighTeenTh ThaT he has coached while aT Rose Hill, shapes up as one oT The mosT Tormidable aggregaTions in EasTern circles. .ln midseason, The CoTFeymen have regisTered nine wins and bowed only on Two occasions. The Rams opened The season auspiciously by capTuring six consecu- Tive vicTories beTore being upseT by BosTon College. Hank Borowy, Ram mound ace, sTarTed on The hill Tor The Maroon in The curTain'raiser againsT Navy and hurled six hiTless and runless innings before reTiring. The Rams won The game 6- I. The Midshipmen scored in The eighTh when They puT Three hiTs TogeTher Tor Their lone run oT The day. Gene Bowe hurled The lasT Three Trames Tor Fordham and allowed only Three bingles and one run. On April TirsT, The Rams made Their TirsT appearance on Rose Hill when They Trounced ST. PeTer's 14-O, capiTalizing on Ten hiTs and numerous Peacock misplays. V The piTching duTies Tell To Borowy, Grosso and Bowe wiTh The inimiTable Hank chalking up his second sTraighT Triumph. Murphy homered Tor The Rams. The TirsT MeT vicTory came againsT Brooklyn To The Tune oT I4-3. The hard-hiTTing Rams garnered I4 blows To make The conTesT decidedly one-sided. Gene Bowe sTarTed on The hill Tor The Rams buT was replaced by Hank Borowy. The nexT Fordham vicTim was The MonTclair STaTe Teachers nine which bowed l7-I. The peerless blonde righT-hander piTched six scoreless inning beTore giving way To Bowe, and Grosso who Toiled The resT oT The way. PrinceTon was The TiTTh consecuTive vicTim. Bowe and Borowy held The Tigers To nine hiTs and beaT The Orange and Black, 7-2. RuTgers proved easy Tor The Maroon and bowed I2-l geTTing only Three hiTs OTT Borowy who Tanned TourTeen baTTers. BosTon College broke The Maroon sTring when They beaT Fordham I2-7 aT BosTon. ATTer Hank had beaTen Holy Cross To puT The Maroon back in The winning column, ST. John's handed The Rams a 7-2 licking, Their second deTeaT. Borowy again shone on The mound when, he held N.Y.U. To Two hiTs, beaTing Them 5-O. Seniors on The I939 Team are Sal Scoppa, iniielder, Ralph Grosso. piTcher, Johnny Beale, caTcher. Bob Hassmiller, ouTTielder and CapTain Mike Hearn, sTar Ram CenTerTielder. The Team promises To be one oT The conTenders Tor EasTern honors iT They can mainTain Their presenT pace ThroughouT The remaining games. A.-7' 7 -' , -'I' IN I887 There was a Track meeT on Rose Hill. Since Then There have been greaT Track Teams and greaT runners aT Fordham Tor over Tive decades. The counTry's board and cinder paThs have rung wiTh cheers Tor The Ram as McClusky, Gibson eT al, ToughT Their way To world's records, Olympic Tri- umphs, and NaTional Championships. BuT never in The hisTory oT The college has a spiked-shoe squad perTormed as gallanTly and as successTully as This season's Maroon- shirTed sTars. Then Too This was accomplished wiTh a new coach aT The helm Tor wiTh The sTrain oT Too many jobs aT lasT proving Too much, The veTeran menTor, Jake Weber, Tinally had To give up his TirsT love, Track: and The reins Tell To The capable Bob Giegengack. Coach Giegengack proceeded To manipu- laTe good maTerial aT his disposal in such an eTTecTive way ThaT The Team realized To The TullesT exTenT iTs scoring poTenTialiTies in every meeT. Like a shelT oT Tine masTerpieces The Ram winTer campaign wiTh iTs TwenTy meeTs makes Tor boTh exciTing and memorable reading. BuT iusT as such works need appro- priaTe book ends To seT Them OTT, so The season Tor Coach Giegengack's boys was begun dramaTically by Wesley Wallace esTablishing a world's record aT SOO meTers and Then climaxed mosT auspiciously by The shaTTering oT The universal criTerion aT one mile by The crack relay oT Ralph ST. Pierre, George Leary, Frank SlaTer, and Wesley Wallace. CapTain SlaTer's ThirTeen varsiTy runners ToTaled one hundred and TiTTy-nine poinTs during The indoor season buT iT was The qual- iTy oT The accomplishmenTs ThaT highlighTs a consisTenTly ouTsTanding year: The seizure oT a Team TiTle in The lnTercollegiaTes Tor The TirsT Time, winning The Team TiTle, The Junior lv1eTropoliTan also Tor The TirsT Time, and var- ious oTher world records-smashing accom- plishmenTs and TiTle-crowning endeavors. Wes Wallace, wiTh six maior "600" vic- Tories To his crediT, led The Team scoring. Tollowed closely by SlaTer.iWalTer Cary, and Leary. TT was The relays, however, ThaT proved To be Fordham's sTrongesT TorTe. ShorTly aTTer Wallace's world mark oT g l.O4:4 Tor The 500 meTers in The Brooklyn K. oT C. meeT, The mile Team oT Hugh BenneTT, subbing Tor a bed-ridden ST. Pierre, was Timed in 3.2 I :2 aT The Dickinson meeT, The TasTesT clocking on a TlaT indoor Track since I92O when an all-BuTTalo Team was caughT in 3.2l TlaT. ATTer losing a close race To a crack in- vading Ohio STaTe mile Toursome in which many yards were sacriTiced by The Fordham men Tor poor sTickwork, The Ram mile Team oT ST. Pierre, Wallace, Leary and SlaTer seT a new record OT 3.23 in The BosTon AA. Games and conTinued Their sTarTling per- Tormances wiTh a 3.2l Triumph aT The N.Y.A.C. meeT in The eighT Turlong evenT. lT was in The laTTer meeT ThaT The Maroon Took on iTs mosT brillianT hue, scoring an unprecedenTed sweep oT The VarsiTy Mile, Freshman Mile and VarsiTy Two-Mile relays, seTTing new meeT marks in The Two laTTer evenTs. The unveiling oT Coach Giegen- gack's Two-Mile Team oT Cary, Fay, Wallace and SlaTer asTounded The Track world as They Tore oTT The disTance in 7.44:6, The closesT anyone has come To GeorgeTown's nine year old record oT 7.4-1:6 in quiTe some Time. The Rams showed Their Team sTrengTh by a Third place in The lnTercollegiaTes and a TirsT place in The Junior MeTropoliTans. ln The l.C.4As. SlaTer, Cary, Wallace and The Two-Mile relay did all The scoring. The Junior MeTs was a closely conTesTed aTTair wiTh Fordham ouT in TronT by only one poinT over N.Y.A.C. The Tallying oT Cary, Dolan, Glen, Gallico, Schmidlein, Pieculewicz won This Tor The Rams. WalTer Cary, The Maroon smooTh-sTriding sophomore gave SlaTer a close TighT Tor second place scoring honors. Showing a vasT improvemenT over his Freshman year, The Tall well-builT Ram powerhouse was seldom headed in The numerous handicap halT-miles and Thousands ThaT he compeTed in. AT Top Torm Tor The lnTercollegiaTes, Cary was buT inches behind SlaTer in The Thousand Yard Race. BuT The mosT unsung and one oT The mosT imporTanT oT The new coach's charges Turned ouT To be George Leary, who came Through wiTh a big year in Senior. The workhorse oT The Mile relay, George made The Two-Mile Team laTe in The year and proved his meTTle aT The halT as well. IT is wiTh buT liTTle TrepidaTion ThaT Coach Gie- gengack looks To a Tull ouTdoor schedule, TorTiTied by a squad oT seasoned campaign- ers and world-record holders To work wiTh. TENNIS-The loss oT several regulars Trom lasT year's squad made The iniTial meeT- ings oT The i939 neTmen Tar Trom auspicious. WiTh only one pracTice session under Their belfs, The Maroon neTmen Traveled To Hoboken and Tell before STevens Tech. ln Their Tollowing Two engagemenTs againsT BosTon College and ManhaTTan, The Ford- ham Tennis players displayed a noTable im- provemenT and alThough boTh oT These engagemenTs wenT To The opponenTs The scores oT 6-3 showed ThaT margin was close in boTh insTances. CapTain l-lenny Jaeger. aT This wriTing has been playing well and should improve as The season progresses. JeTT l-logan, Charlie Murphy, Gabe Cucolo, Jerry John- son, Roger GilmarTin, Vic De Riso and AnTonio Ginorio are The oTher members oT The Fordham Tennis squad. GOLF-ATTer opening Their I939 cam- paign wiTh a disappoinTing deTeaT, The Ram golfers began To jusTiTy Their early pracTice promise. CapTain Joseph MikiTa '39 Teeing OTT Tor Fordham in a Tlurry ol: snowTlakes dropped his maTch on The 2lsT hole To RoberT Jack- son, DarTmouTh capTain. The Maroon man- aged To garner one vicTory in The besT ball maTches buT Tinally losT ouT Tor The aTTer- noon, 7-2. Two days laTer. however, The Rams gained Their sTride and in a crushing reversal oT The DarTmouTh score, Trampled The N.Y.U. VioleTs on The Gedney Farms links. MikiTa and ConaTy scored in Their individual maTches and Then Teamed To win The besT ball TilT. ln anoTher besT ball engagemenT Burke and Fiore noTched anoTher vicTory Tor The Rams. ConTinuing This Torm The I939 Team promises To have a greaT season. CROSS COUNTRY- Alihaiigh Coach Giegengack expecTed no more Than a mediocre season, The Rams '38 season achieved more Than Bob had hoped Tor. The Maroon harriers averaged .500 Tor The season, bowing To Army and PiTT on The road and deTeaTing CiTy College and SeTon Hall on The Van CorTlanclT Course. Seven Maroon runners Tinished The CiTy run in a dead heaT Tor TirsT place. Coach Giegengack's runners were par- Ticularly eTTecTive in The MeTropoliTan championships. Fordham Tinished second behind ManhaTTan, placing ahead oT N.Y.U., CiTy and Columbia. CapTain Dick PeTersen, Frank SlaTer, George Leary, WalT Carey, Joe Fay, and Mike Dolan were ouT- sTanding. 248 rf' f' .' ""- i F-. , - ., 'L' , x . Top Row: Cucolo. De Riso, Gilmarfin, Dillon lM'g'r'.l, Johnson. BoTTom Row: Hogan, Jaeger lCap'T.l, Murphy. Kelly, Grady, Burke, Warren lM'g'r.l. MikiTa lCap'T.l, ConaTy Top Row: Mullarkey lM'g'r.l, SlaTer, Fay, Cary. WhiTe lAss'T. M'g'r.l, Giegengaclf ' lCoachl. BoTTom Row: Georgi, PeTerson lCap'T.l, Leary, Dolan. Top Row: Bisceqlia lM'g'r.l, Conde-llo, Kelly, Desmond, Shelley, Boyd, MarTin, SmiTh, Coach Giosen. BoTTom Row: Coleman, Prahl, Waldie, Lyons, McKay, Blish lCap'T.l, Fennolly, Hagedorn, Mallon. Bosna, Brady, Robinson lCap'T.l, Anlcner, Bugo. Top Row: O'Hea, Iacovo, Manning. Middle Row: Sullivan, Cap'T. Vxfilson lDirecTorl, McGoolrin, Mulligan, Serg. Smilh lCoachl, Mallcn. l3oTTom Row: La BoliTTa, Porronc, Dunn lCap'T.l, FelTor lM'g'r.l, RaTTaeli, Weber, ,G Handicapped by The dearTh oT maTerial, The Maroon was Torced To concede Too much To iTs opponenTs in all her meeTs. The records show ThaT The Fordham mermen neTTed Three vicTories againsT eighT deToaTs. The Giesenmen goT OTT To a poor sTarT wiTh a duo oT losses To CiTy College and Williams. ATTer The ChrisTmas holidays, The Rams overwhelmed SeTon T-Tall, 64-I I. Temple and ManhaTTan also Tell beTore The Fordham naTaTors. Temple was nosed ouT by The margin oT a single poinT while ManhaTTan was beaTen 47-28. Syl Blish, CapTain, Jerry Desmond, back-sTrolcer, Diclc Prahl, Tree-sTyler, Charlie Kelly and Ken Waldie, divers, T-Tagedorn, breasT-sTrolcer were among The Ram's mosT consisTenT poinT-geTTers during The pasT season. FENCING-Under The capable direc- Tion oT Charlie Robinson '39, Fordham's TirsT Tencing Team enTered collegiafe com- peTiTion This year. WiThouT The beneTiT of coaches The Tencers managed To win sev- eral maTches in Their TirsT year. AnoTher obsTacle which The Team had To Tace was The scarciTy oT maTerial. Few men reporTed as candidaTes and Those ThaT did reporT had liTTle previous experience. ln Their TirsT engagemenT The Tencers bowed To L.l.U. Showing conTinued improvemenT as The resulT OT consTanT pracTice The Maroon Tencers scored The TirsT Tencing vicTory in Ram hisTory over Loyola oT BalTimore. Traveling To Jersey The Rams bowed To SeTon T-Tall, The besT Tencing Team in The EasT, alThough Robinson won his maTches. RIFLE-Thanks in greaT parT To ArThur Mulligan, consisTenT high-scorer Tor The Ram nimrods, CapTain AI Dunn, Bill McGoolcin oT '39, Fordham's riTle Team enjoyed a suc- cessTul season. Coach SmiTh's men com- pleTed The winTer secTion oT Their schedule wiTh nine vicTories and six deTeaTs in dual meeTs. SergeanT SmiTh was especially pleased wiTh The showing made by The squad in win- ning The T'TearsT Corps Area Championship, The Third Time ThaT The Maroon shooTers have garnered This coveTed Trophy. The Rams also placed second in The 69Th ln- TanTry lnTercollegiaTe lnviTaTion MaTch com' peTing againsT many crack Teams. Much oT The Team's success was due To The work oT FelTer '4O: Al Perrone '4O: and Sullivan '4I. 249 FREN MAN UU D SINCE early OcTober The Freshman Class has been prominenT in aThIeTic aTFairs. The RamleTs grid squad showed abiliTy which made Fordham rooTers remember The immorTal Frosh oT I934 even when iT bowed To The Army plebes. In The annual Fordham- N.Y.U. Trosh baTTle The RamleTs emerged The vicTors 19-O in a game in which Jimmy BlumensTock showed ThaT he was a genuine Triple-ThreaT man. OTher members oT The Kosky-Granski enTourage which Tigured in The loackTield were Pieculewicz, Davis, Lam- beau, Reis, Principe and McGuire. The line was composed oT Bazis and Hannon aT The ends, wiTh LeinharT, Serpi, PoniaTowski, O'Loughlin and BenneTT sandwiched in beTween Them. Bazis, BlumensTock. LeinharT, and O'Loughlin especially broughT smiles To The counTenance oT Jim Crowley who is Thinking oT The Terrific schedule arranged Tor his eleven nexT year. Johnny l-layes' baskeTball squad closed The season wiTh a sTring oT ThirTeen sTraighT wins. The Freshman Tive has been dubbed The Second Wonder Five. Johnny Rizzo. diminuTive NewTown sTar sTood ouT as a play-maker and passer while Johnny Carroll led The scorers wiTh I5O poinTs. The Tall QuanTrille, Frank Klimaszewski. and FiTzgerald rounded ouT The TirsT Team. Among Their vicTims were lv1anhaTTan and N.Y.U. The Trosh losT buT Two games. Track also saw The Freshman acTive. Under The asTuTe guidance of Bob Giegengack The RamleTs began early Tall pracTice across hill and dale. The Frosh deTeaTed a sTrong SeTon Hall Team 34-2l. ArTie Schmidlein, MilT Clarke and Frank l-laTey all showed promise. Indoors The Ram relays oT Shine, Dorland, Fallon, Callery sTood ouT. This quarTeT climaxed The season wiTh a vicTory in The K. of C. meeT. AT This wriTing The Freshman nine is assiduously working under The shrewd eyes or Vinny Clancy who has compiled an amazing record wiTh The TirsT year nines in The pasT. gg, FORDHAM UNIVERSITY New YORK CITY Founded in l84l Conducied by +he Jesuiis A+ Fordham Road, Bronx, New York Cify Fordham College. A Boarding and Day College on 70 acre Campus College of Pharmacy Gradua+e School Summer School A+ Woolworfh Building, 233 Broadway, New York Cify Fordham College. Manhalian Division School of Social Service School of Business School of Educa+ion School of Law Ca+alogues of Each Deparimeni Sen+ on Requesi 1 PATRONS AND PATRONESSES MOST REV. JAMES E. KEARNEY, D.D. RIGHT REV. MONSIGNOR M. J. LAVELLE REV. ROBERT I. GANNON, S.J. REV. CHARLES J. DEANE, S.J. REV. LAWRENCE A. WALSH. S.J. REV. THOMAS C. HUGHES. S.J. REV. JOHN W. TYNAN, S.J. THOMAS A. REILLY EDWARD P. GILLER ROBERT J. CARROLL FORDHAM UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Adonizio Peler Francis Amoroso. M.D. Mr. William Harold Bave Mr. and Mrs. Alberr Beale Mrs. Mary F. Berrigan Mr. and Mrs. R. Bisceglia Mrs. E. J. Blackburn Mr. and Mrs. Sylvesler Blish Mr. Thomas A. Bradley Mr. and Mrs. William A. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Burke Mr. Bernard F. Clarlr Mr. and Mrs. James Clinlon Mr. John J. Collins Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Condello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Condon Mrs. Cafherine Crosson Mrs. Elvira Cucolo Mr. T. Adrian Curris Mr. and Mrs. John Davis, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Roberr Dempsey Mr. and Mrs. Hamilcar Di Carlo Mr. Mallhew Mrs. George Dooney, Sr. E. Doly Mrs. Maurice J. Dunn Mr. ancl Mrs. Charles J. Dunne Mr. and Mrs. John J. Dunnigan Mr. and Mrs. C. J. A. Durr Mr. and Mrs. F. Wm. Eggerr Mr. and Mrs. John Erilcsen Mr. and Mrs. Maurice E. A. Filzgerald Mrs. Clara C. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. George Gallico, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Gerery Mr. and Mrs. William J. Glennon Miss Florence E. Gulhrie Rev. Henry F. Hammer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hearn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. B. Hyde Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Jaeger Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J. Kelaher Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Kelly Mr. Roberl J. King Mr. Leo T. Kissam Mr. and Mrs. Waller P. Kummer Mr. ancl Mrs. Thomas W. Lewis Hon. John T. Loughran Mr. John B. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. James J. Lyons Mr. Paul J. McCauley Mr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence McCoy Mr. and Mrs. James S. McGIynn Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. AN and Mrs. William R. McGooIcin and Mrs. James J. Mclnlyre and Mrs. Terence McKiernan John J. McLaughlin Thomas F. McParIIand and Mrs. Edward J. McPeak Michael S. McPhiIIips and Mrs. George McSweeney and Mrs. William P. Madden and Mrs. Waller J. Maher William F. Mangan. Jr. Henry Mannix and Mrs. George W. Marlcey and Mrs. Pal' Maxwell and Mrs. Michael J. Meehan and Mrs. Paul Memmo and Mrs. Emidio Miccio and Mrs. Michael J. Monaghan . Daniel Moriarly George Morio, Sr. and Mrs. John Moroney and Mrs.,John Morris and Mrs. Thomas F. Mulholland and Mrs. Arlhur G. Mulligan .Julie Murphy and Mrs. Joseph Nigro and Mrs. Allred V. Norlon Francis E. O'Brien Raymond D. O'ConnelI and Mrs. John J. O'Connor Charles F. O'DonneIl and Mrs. Richard L. O'Hara and Mrs. Joseph M. Olsavsky Vilo Palmisano .Agalha Palmisano lDeceasedI and Mrs. John A. Paleraclci Mr. ancl Mrs. Joseph L. Pifchell Mr. and Mrs. Vincenl J. Posleraro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Powers Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale M. Russo Dr. Salvarore R. Scorza Dr. ancl Mrs. E. Secondari Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Seiz Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Slaler Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Smaldone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. John W. Suller Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Tarpey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Waldorf Mrs. Lummis Warren Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Wesllield Mr. and Mrs. William While SENIOR DIRECTORY ADDONIZIO. HUGH J., 9 Cliff S+., Newark, N. J. ADONIZIO, JAMES A., 29I William S+., Pi++s+on, Pa. AMOROSO, FRANCIS X., 3I5 E. II6+I1 S+., New York, N. Y. AUDINO. HERMAN D.. 4552 I94+h S+., Flushing, N. Y. BAKER. LEONARD E., I5 Bur+on Ave., Bingham+on, N. Y. BARDWELL, CHARLES L., 94 Hollywood Ave., Cres+wood, N. Y. BARKEY, THOMAS P., I67 Alexander Ave., New York, N. Y. BAUER, ALBERT E., 2420 Grand Ave., New York, N. Y. BAVE, WILLIAM H., I43 Haw+I1orne Ave.. Yonkers, N. Y. BEALE, JOHN L., 5 Oak S+., For+ Edward. N. Y. BEREZNEY, PAUL L., I47 Ches+nu+ Ave., Jersey Ci+y, N. J. BERNACKI, FRANK A., l790 CIin+on Ave., Bronx,, N. Y. BERRIGAN. JOHN F., I23O E. Tremon+ Ave., Bronx. N. Y. BINTZ, DONALD E., Ci+y Hall Ap+., Wa+er+own, N. Y. BIONDO, FRANK J., 508 Ba+hga+e Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. BISCEGLIA. PHILIP J., 97 Arizona Ave., Long Beach. N. Y. BLACKBURN, EDWARD M., P.O. Box 8I, Ardsley, N. Y. BLAUTH, EDWARD T., I55 Park Drive, Tuckahoe, N. Y. 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Y. CLINTON, JOHN M., Il50 Vyse Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. COATES, EUGENE J., 98 Dean S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. COLLIER. HAROLD W., 2608 Briggs Ave., Bronx, N. Y. CONDELLO, VICTOR F., 40I4 Sea Ga+e Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. CONDON, JOHN W., 302i Briggs Ave., Bronx, N. Y. CONNEELY, MARTIN J., 3524-92nd S+., Jackson He'igh+s, L. I. COSTA, DOMINIC V., 2282 Beaumon+ Ave., Bronx, N. Y. COUPE, DONALD T., 77 Wes+ I8Is+ S+., Bronx, N. Y. COYLE, THOMAS M., I33 Co++aqe S+., Jersey Ci+y, N. J. CRONIN, CORNELIUS G., i305 Leland Ave., Bronx, N. Y. CROWLEY, JOSEPH R., 53 Clark S+., Yonkers, N. Y. CUCOLO, GABRIEL F., 523-66+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. CURRAN, ROBERT E., 27IO Bainbridge Ave., Bronx, N. Y. CURTIS. GEORGE B.. 55 E. 76+h S+.. New York. N. Y. DALLIO, SALVATORE V., I Wes+ Lane, Lodi, N. J. DAVIDSON, JACK R., 25 Beechmon+ Ave., Bronxville, N. Y. DAVIS, JOHN F., I6 Orange S+., Bloomfield, N. J. DEBANY, CONSTANT A., 57I 9+h S+., Brooklyn, N. Y. DE FALCO, ANTONIO J., II9 Mo++ S+., New York, N. Y. 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GUELLA, BLAISE A., 729 Washing+on Ave., Brooklyn. N. Y. GUTHRIE, JOHN T., 60 Nor+h Is+ Wes+ 3, Sail' Lake Ci+y. U+ah HANLON, JOHN H., 4343 Carpen+er Ave., Bronx, N. Y. HARKINS, ARTHUR F., 9+h S+., Verplanck, N. Y. HARVEY, THOMAS M., 728 Halsey S+.. Brooklyn. N. Y. HASEY, WILLIAM J., I46 Osawanpum S+., Whi+e Plains, N. Y. HASSMILLER, ROBERT V., IO0 Wes+ 33rd S+., Bayonne. N. J. HATTON, VVILLIAM J., I7-43 I49+h S+., Whi+es+one, Queens HAYES, JAMES J., I04-OI 2II+h Place, Bellaire. N. Y. HAYES, JOHN W., 544 E. I9Is+ S+., Bronx, N. Y. HEANEY, EDWIN J.. 90 EIder+s Lane, Brooklyn, N. Y. HEARN, MICHAEL J., I2 Nassau S+., New Brunswick, N. J. HINES. FRANCIS M., II Church S+., Grea+ Neck, L. I. HOGAN. CHARLES J., 33I McClellan Ave., M+. Vernon, N. Y. HOGAN, WILLIAM T., 2 Maple Ave., Bronx, N. Y. HOLBROOK, ALDER, Box 267. Roway+on, Conn. HORAN, PATRICK J.. 29 Willow Terrace, Hoboken, N. J. HUGHES, JOHN P., 329 E. l97+I'1 S+., Bronx, N. Y. HYDE, BERNARD A., 844 E. 56+h S+.. Sea++Ie. Wash. 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FRANCIS J.. 2I70 Universi+y Ave., Bronx. N. Y. McCALLION. DONALD G., 430 Wes+ II8+h S+.. New York. N. Y. MCGOWAN. JOSEPH T.. 2700 Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, N. Y. McCOY, EDWARD H.. I84 Lincoln Road. Brooklyn. N. Y. McCUE. MATTHEW CORNELIUS. 3I9 Murray S+.. Elizabefh. N. J. McDONOUGH. EUGENE M.. 503 Wes+ I22nd S+.. New York. N. Y. MCGETRICK. JOHN B.. 2l5 Kimball Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y. MCGINLEY. JOSEPH M.. 4336 247+h S+.. Li++le Neck, L. I. McGINNlS. JOSEPH, 779 Eas+ 24+h S+.. Pa+erson. N. J. MCGLYNN. JAMES J.. 268 Van Cor+Iand+ Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. McGOOKIN. WILLIAM J.. 224 E. 67+h S+., New York. N. Y. MCGUIRE, THOMAS F., 9l-20 50+h Ave.. Elmhurs+, Queens MclNTYRE, JOHN L.. 4 Hea+heco+e Rd.. Scarsdale. N. Y. McKIERNAN. VINCENT H.. 3070 Perry Ave., Bronx. N. Y. MCKONE, WILLIAM G.. 700 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS F.. 2405 Grand Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. MCNAIR, JACK A.. 40-02 223rd S+.. Bayside. L. I. MCPARTLAND. THOMAS F.. 485 E. I78+h S+.. Bronx. N. Y. MCPEAK. WILLIAM JAMES. 3525 Deca+ur Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MCSWEENEY, ARTHUR B., 25-49 37+I'1 S+.. Long Island Ci+y. N. Y. MCSWEENEY. GEORGE W.. 2I74 Ba+hga+e Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MADDEN, THOMAS W.. 432 Wes+ 43rd S+.. New York. N. Y. MAGUIRE. ROBERT F., 34-49 88+h S+., Jackson Heigh+s, L. I. MAHER. WALTER J.. 23II Tenbroick Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MANGANARO. JOSEPH A.. I7l5 48+h S+.. Brooklyn. N. Y. MARKOW. CARL. 2698 Bailey Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MARKEY. GERARD F., 2I6 Su+herlane S+.. Ci+y Island. Bronx. N. Y. MASON, JOHN G., IOI Dover S+.. Wes+ Medford, Mass. MATERA. JOSEPH CARL. 506 Garden S+.. Hoboken, N. J. MAXWELL. PAT. 453 E. I78+h S+., Bronx, N. Y. MAZZA. EUGENE A.. 229 Roosevelf S+.. Union Ci+y. N. J. MEEHAN. JOSEPH M.. 2 E. 67+h S+.. New York. N. Y. MELLY. JOSEPH J.. 298 Mile Square Rd., Yonkers, N. Y. MEMMO. PAUL E.. 53 Holmes Ave.. Har+sdaIe. N. Y. MICCIO. LOUIS. 347 Tecumseh Ave.. M+. Vernon, N. Y. MIKITA. JOSEPH K.. 336 Ashbur+on Ave.. Yonkers. N. Y. MONAGHAN. MICHAEL J., 3l3 Ches+nu+ Ave.. Hawley. Pa. MONICA. RUSSELL V.. 26I Hurlbu+ S+., Orange. N. J. MOONEY, JOHN J., 2964 Perry Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MOORE, WILLIAM J.. 577' Isham S+.. New York. N. Y. MORIARTY. MORTIMER D., 3II Eas+ 5Is+ S+., New York, N. Y. MORIO, GEORGE J.. 3434 Tibbe++ Ave., Riverdale. N. Y. MORONEY. EDWARD J., lII8 Crosby Ave., Bronx. N. Y. MORRIS. JOHN D.. 367 Eas+ I87+h S+.. Bronx. N. Y. MOYSELLO, ALFRED R.. II4I E. 26+h S+.. Brooklyn. N. Y. MOZZER. RAYMOND R.. 24I Spruce S+.. Manches+er. Conn. MUI-EOLLAXIND, MITCHELL J.. 5I-OI 39+h Ave.. Long Island i+y. . Y. MULLARKEY. LAWRENCE J., 329 E. I97+h S+.. Bronx. N. Y. MULLIGAN. ARTHUR J.. I72O Universi+y Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MULLIGAN. WILLIAM H., 2630 Marion Ave., Bronx, N. Y. MURPHY, ALFRED L., I06 Bellmore Ave., Poin+ Lookou+. L. I. MURPHY. CHARLES F.. I7I Wes+ l79+h S+.. Bronx, N. Y. MURPHY, FRANCIS X., l338 Clay Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. MURPHY. FRANK J.. 7 Oneida Ave.. M+. Vernon. N. Y. MURRAY. JOHN A.. 33 Orville S+.. Glens Falls. N. Y. 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THOMPSON, CHARLES H.. 2485 Morris Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. TOCCO. ANTHONY J.. I8l Linden S+.. Yonkers. N. Y. TROSCINSKI. ALFRED J.. 257 Eigh+h S+.. Jersey Ci+y. N. J. TUCCI. ANIELLO V.. I46 So. Six+h Ave.. M+. Vernon. N. Y. VOGEL. MARCEL A., 4006 Rombou+s Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. WALDORF. JOSEPH F., 2738 Marion Ave.. Bronx, N. Y. WALDORF. LOUIS J.. 336 Eas+ 86+h S+.. N. Y. C. WALLACE, ARTHUR J.. 952 Gran+ Ave.. N. Y. C. WALSH, FRANCIS G., 32I Eas+ I96+h S+.. Bronx, N. Y. WALSH. THOMAS J.. I930 Loring Place. Bronx. N. Y. WARREN. JAMES S., 58 Bellewood Ave.. Dobbs Ferry. N. Y. WARREN. JOHN L.. I73-05 Il3+h Ave.. S+. Albans, L. I. WATSON. ROBERT J.. 27 Neperan Road. Tarry+own, N. Y. WEIDENHEIMER. JOSEPH F.. 2200 Glebe Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. WELSTEAD. THOMAS A.. 99-03 Herrick Ave.. Fores+ Hills, L. I. WESTFIELD, EDWIN T., 8727 87+h S+., Woodhaven. L. l. WHELAN. FRANCIS X.. I3I-89+h S+.. Brooklyn. N. Y. WHITE. ROBERT W., 2440 VaIen+ine Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. WILSON, DONALD C.. I27 Oumsey Road. Yonkers. N. Y. WOODS, JAMES J.. 3I66 Deca+ur Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. WUESTENHOEFER. ALBERT F.. 3939 Whi+e Plains Ave.. Bronx. N. Y. YORKE. MICHAEL J.. IO3 Eas+ I22nd S+.. N. Y. C. 255 JUNIOR PROM This dance was one oT The social highlighTs oT The school year. ATTer many years oT planning and bickering The Juniors Tinally goT Their long- awaifed Prom and iT had The added disTincTion of being The TirsT Tormal ever held on The campus. The gymnasium, beau- HTully-decoraTed in The moTiT oT a modern dance Tloor was The scene oT The dance. 'Chairman PeTer Carlesimo assisTed by a large commiTTee succeed- ed in giving The Class of '40 The TirsT Junior Prom in Fordham's hisTory. The music Tor The occa- sion was supplied by Larry ClinTon and His Orches- Tra. Three hundred couples Tound The induce- menT oT The campus seT- Ting and The old Dipsy Doodler's Music incenTive enough. One oT The high- lighTs oT The evening was The singing oT Jim Mooney oT The Junior Class. The inirial success oT The Junior Prom in- sured iTs conTinuance in TuTure years. Members oT The com- miTTee were: VicTor De Riso, Donald OTTerson, Tom Reynolds, Joseph DuTTy, Jim Barnwell, Rich- ard Breen, Vic Cichan- owicz, and RoberT STan- Tord. FRANK HABECK CO. Plumbinq and Healing Confracfors 2479 ELM PLACE Bronx, New York Telephones: RAymond 9-7270-727I E. MacI1Ie++ and Son ESI. I897 Scienlific Glassware 81 Apparafus Laboralory Supplies 220 EAST 23rd STREET New Yorlr, N. Y. d"'fI EIMER 8: AME X 'P ND Q A If" LABORATORY APPARATUS ' CHEMICALS AND DRUGS WM-I. x I , IQW nos 223 Tuma Avenue uewvonx Fordham Universily food is prepared and served on equipmenf supplied by Na+han Sfraus-Duparque+, Inc. 6+h Avenue, I8+h fo I9+I1 Sfreefs New York Ciiy ESTABLISHED T885 TEL. CIRCLE 6-8050-I-2 O'NEILL MILK and CREAM CO., Inc. 6I7-62I ELEVENTH AVENUE, N. Y. C. WHOLESALERS IN MILK PRODUCTS SC I-IOOLS. HOSPITALS, STEAMSHIPS SUPPLIED Besf Wishes for Ihe Fu1'ure! :3E525.rE5' 5155:E2f5:j:5:535E5E52:, 4.5" I-'P'"""'1'-':1'2EfE5E5E215:3EE55::1., ..::E?' ,.1:11"" :EfE1::E1E1Er E:irE1E1ErRE14'-' i1E252ErEr:2 ':21'1rEfEE2E1:--E1- ,.:1E2E2E - -'-2:-:-fr:-.-,-:-:-fl: .-:':- f.:-:+I-:' -::.1:::::f:5 N:::g:g:3:.,:3.. 5:19:55 : .-: :f-:- :-: :-:-:- .c-:-'-: -:':-:-:-:4:- I:-1-:rr-:Aa :-:-::7:-:"- w:-:-'w:':-: g 5:1155-N . :g:5:y.1,:- :5::::: ,:.1:.3:::::g, 1:5g:g:g: ' :g:::::1::::' g.5.g.:.:.1.g .g::isg:g. g::::3::g:f:, 5151125-3'. .-ErE'5rE1' .511-Ir? 1.E:ErE:E:ErE 525155551 5E5E5:5E5E5E5 :i:5:E:E:5:E: 535:52 'Q:5:5:5:5:5:5g., 55:3-555532 -iff' -2555553551 E5Ef53::E:E EIEIEFEE1. .-12255251 i3fQfff':?f57 32513353551 -W' -:5:i:7:f.i: 2:5:7:5:5:I: :':1:T:5:' .5:2:f:5:5:?:- -S:7:1:-:f:1 5:41-: :f:7:-1-:I S5y:g:4:r:g:::-. 7:3:f:Y:f:4: . -5IE:7.':3:1: 4E1,?f1E?' ziflfifiiiffiiff. zffffififfflf- 55fEfE5f5:1:4 3:1:-:+L-:lx-:-:-1-'+ ' 1-:f:l:1:5:I: '5:1:5?:7:3:3:f?: :5f?rZf-:ia 2:5-32:-. 115122515232-. .:E:3,-' 1:5:EfE'E1E:1:1rE.. 2152512-E25-z 252225251221 ErErEfE1E1E1EriEr1'f' 5:5:3:5:3:3:7 225112:-. S:1s.1:1:1:1:r ,... ...,. -..-, . 4...-.-.. . - ., , ......-. :.,:.:.,. -.:.-.,.,.:.1. ,.:.,.,.,.1. --...... :.g,,.:,:., ,,.,.,.:4.,., ,.:..,.4.:.- '-:-:4:-z-:-:-:-. -' .5 - l .L:.:.'.- ':1:-:-::- '-1-:-:-:rm-.v. --:::g:::g::!1::.:, 4 "-':-:-:-:::-:-:':-::.. x :.g.f4.:.5. .,.:.:.,:3: 'tm.,N,:,,, ,I...,3.:f FORDHAM ROAD and The Inlimale and Oualily Deparfmenr Sfore of The Bronx - WEBSTER AVEN UE Since I 867 PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE Civil Service Courses PATROLMAN FIREMRN VocaTionaI Courses Air CondiTioning - Diesel Engines CompTomeTry - FingerprinTing SwiTchboard OperaTor - File Clerk RecepTionisT SecreTariaI Courses ShorThand -TypewriTing Business English- SecreTariaI Training GN4M'D THE DELEHANTY INSTITUTE II5 EAST I5Th STREET New York CiTy STuyvesanT 9-6900 'ATTend The School which has a Back- ground oT Over 300,000 SaTisTied STudenTs" SENIOR POLL On earlier pages oT The IVIAROON will be Tound The men ThaT were seIecTed by The members oT The Class oT I939 as The ouT- sTanding members oT Their class. As in previous years and Tollowing TradiTion The MAROON included queries on The quesTion- aire which perTained To exTra-campus per- sonaIiTies and aTTairs. This year The EdiTors oT The MAROON To- geTher wiTh Mr. Maurice Ahern ouTIined a raTher comprehensive seT oT quesTions Tor The Seniors To answer. The Seniors aroused commenT over The enTire counTry by Their seIecTion oT girls as The "PeT Aversion". Numerous leTTers were senT To The EdiTors of The IVIAROON wanTing To know whaT The reason Tor The choice had been. Remarkably inconsisTenT, The men of '39 decided ThaT The girls oT New Rochelle were Their choices and hence New Rochelle was seIecTed as The "FavoriTe Girls College." Jim Hagen was al- mosT unanimously chosen The "PeT Campus CharacTer." "The Raven" where all imporTanT Fordhammen gaTher, was designaTecI as The "FavoriTe Fordham SpoT." FooTbaII was The FavoriTe SporT To WaTch while BaskeTbaII was chosen aT The FavoriTe SporT To Play. Regarding personaIiTies OTF The campus The Fordhamen oT '39 had several inTeresTing seIecTions. Swing may rule The land buT The Seniors chose Sammy Kaye oT Swing and Sway Tame as Their TavoriTe dance band. Spencer Tracy was seIecTed as The TavoriTe acTor. RoberT Browning is The FavoriTe PoeT. Pope Pius XII was The choice as The BesT- Liked Man in The World while Adolph I-IiTIer won The raTher dubious TiTIe oT The MosT- Disliked Man in The World. Bing Crosby's I-Iour received The greaTesT number oT voTes Tor The FavoriTe Radio Program while Bing. himselT was chosen as The BesT Singer. Fred Allen is The TavoriTe comedian oT The Seniors. WhaT parTicuIarIy caused commenT over radio neTworks and in The press were several quesTions perTaining To currenT evenTs. The men oT '39 were expIiciT in sTaTing ThaT RooseveIT should noT run Tor a Third Term - ThaT Dewey will noT make a Tormidable candi- daTe in I94O - ThaT real Treedom oT The press does noT exisT - war in I939-I94O would noT break ouT. ' ongmtulations, orcllwzm '39 For many years The Sun has seen classes of Fordham men graduate into alumni of a great university and useful citizens of a great city. To Fordham's Class of '39 go The Sun's best wishes for success. May you achieve the same high places in business, the professions and public life as the Fordham men of other years. The Sun values your friendship. As a newspaper that always tries to serve intelligently and honestly the best interests of its community and its readers, The Sun's sincere wish is to remain the newspaper you will always prefer. Nil . ' N -1, ,Vai N-., B 'T 'ilmilf - ff-,1L"v24,,,a-rxf.-X NEW YORK 9 Your Fordham UniversiTy HaTTer AT 27 EAST FORDl'lAM ROAD Thanks The sTudenTs and TaculTy ef Fordham Universify and College for Their paTronage. 3I STores in GraaTer New York Largesi ReTailers of STeTson Hafs 55 and RAymond 9'4l3l LIDO-RIVIERA Fordham's FinesT RESTAURANT Priva Te Ba nqueT Room 3I3 EAST KINGSBRIDGE ROAD Corner Fordham Road Adioining Windsor Thcalrc FORDHAM'S MUSICAL TASTES ln a year +ha+ saw swing music reach a new peak in universal populariTy, Fordham seniors reTused To be swayed, and as indicaTed in Their Senior Poll clung To TradiTion and came ouT sTrong Tor The sweeT, unusual rhyThmic arrangemenTs oT Sammy Kaye's OrchesTra. ln Tormer years, iT has been l-lal Kemp or, Guy Lombardo buT ineviTably sweeT and noT "iive" has been The Fordham TasTe. OTT campus The sTanding oT The mosT Tavored orchesTras Tell quiTe a diTTerenT sTory. Swing reigns unchallenged as The naTion's TavoriTe. Where The change has Taken place, however, is in The preTerred exponenTs oT This modern music ThaT really is an evoluTion of The jazz era. In I938, Benny Goodman was The unchallenged leader as revealed in several naTionwide musical populariTy polls. BuT The public is Tickle and in less Than a year ArTie Shaw, wiTh a slighTly diTFerenT Type of swing aggregaTion Took over The crown and is now heralded Tar and wide as The un- dispuTed king oT swing. BuT Tor how long? Young bands like Those of Jan SaviTT, Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, and Larry ClinTon are rapidly gaining recogniTion and iT would appear ThaT The presenT king's crown is already TilTing precariously. Meanwhile good sweeT bands while noT aTTaining The Temporarily sensaTional popu- lari,Ty of swing uniTs neverrheless reTain a goodly number oT Tollowers who have re- mained TaiThTul Through The years, Fordham seniors among Them. Guy Lombardo, Wayne King, Sammy Kaye, Will Osborne. Horace l'leidT and Russ Morgan are among The many such musical organizaTions who mainTain Their populariTy year in and year ouT, providing, melodic, soTT rhyThms. There have been some orchesTras who have kepT Their places aT The head of The parade despiTe The many changes in The sTyles of modern dance music. included among These are such old TavoriTes as Leo Reisman, Ben Bernie, VincenT Lopez and lsham Jones. And lesT we TorgeT Tha'r age old TavoriTe, Tormerly King oT Jazz, now considered among The besT providers oT modern music, Paul WhiTeman, To whose genuine musical abiliTy and enTer- TainmenT value Fordham gives Tormal recogni- Tion This year. CompIImen+s of JAMES W. O'CONNOR JAMES F. DELANY GWQYD ARCHITECTS FOR ST. MARY'S HALL AND PROPOSED ADDITION TO ST. JOHN'S HALL FORDHAM UNIVERSITY Bfonx, New York B. L. I. DANCE Coming on Hue lueels of Hue Firsl Semesler Exams, Hue B,L.l. found over ZOO couples eager +o relax auculer Hue firing grind of examinalions. Tlue Holel Roosevell was Hue scene of Hue co- uillion. Bill lvlcCune sup- plied luis Slaccalo-slyled rluyHums for Hue occasion. Year afler year, Hue B.L.l. formal luas lueld ils place as Hue Fordluam leader in Hue dance field. Tluis year Frank l-lines, Cluairman, ably assisied by a commirlee composed of William Geiler, George O'Neill Al Moy- sello, Joseplu Duffy, Frank Moran, Ricluard Hayden, Joseplu Dunne, Roberl Sfanlord and Club Presi- den+, Don Robinson, made Hue affair boHu a financial and social success. Bill lv1cCune's arrange- menl of Hue "Fordham Ram" was one ol Hue mosl novel, danceable arrange- menls yer lueard. A quin- leu of former B.L.l. mem- bers wluo luad vocal ex- perience in Hue Glee Club sang several songs and were well received by Hue large crowd. Socially Hue I939 B.L.l. dance will long be remem- bered as one of Hue oul- sfanding dances in Maroon luislory. For a weallh of Sunshine Vilamin D cIrInI4 The TurI'on Co., Inc. B O R D E N ' S jg Builders GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL New York Irradialed Vi'I'amin D Milk Telephone Borden's-Wlkllcer 5-7300 TO THE CLASS OF '39 The Direc+or and Slaff of 'rhe Boolcslore Exlencl Iheir Congralulalions and besl wishes for Success FORDHAM UNIVERSITY BOOKSTGRE THE members of 'rhe Class of I939 gladly lake 'rlwis oppor- 'runify +o offer +l1eir sincere Hrianlcs +o all +l'1e members of +l'1e facully, llwe adminis+ra+ion. members of +l1e under classes and finally +o all Those who combined +o make our s'ray a+ Rose Hill a pleasanf one, and parling a 'rlning of regrel. FORDHAM RALLIES Early lasT fall afTer Fordham's iniTial win on The gridiron. "BeaT PiTT" fasT became The Rams' war cry. Deep in The confines of ST. John's Hall, in Fordham's foundry of journalis- Tic Jargon. The Ram Office. lvlarTin F. Sullivan. and Dick Breen planned a giganfic celebra- Tion which capifalized This spiriT. The efforfs resulTed in a monsTer collegiaTe rally which lefT Fordham breaThless as I0.000 people iammed The gymnasium on The nighT of Ocfober Twen- Ty-sixTh To send The Team off To PiTTsburgh. WiTh five separafe bands. sporfs ediTors of all New York papers. and members of The varsify squads aided and abeTTed by figures from The enTerTainmenT world,combined voices of l0,000 raised in Fordham's own songs. climaxed by an enormous bonfire . . . hisTory was made ThaT nighT. Liferarilly hanging from The raffers every available inch of space in Fordham's huge gymnasium was Taken by The crowd. The immense Throng roared iTs approval and en- ThusiasTic acclaim of The Honorable James J. Lyons, Presidenf of The Borough of The Bronx: James J. Braddock, ex-l-leavyweighT Cham- pion: KaTe Smifh. noTed Radio Singer and enTerTainer: Frank Graham, SporTs Edifor of The N. Y. Sun: John Kieran. SporTs Edifor of The N. Y. Times: Buddy HasseTT. Bees' ouT- fielder: Sfan Lomax, Sporfs wriTer for The Journal-American: Dan Parker, Sporfs Edifor of The Mirror: Frank Wallace, magazine wriTer: Nick Kenny. Eddie Dooley. Dick Fishel. Arf Daley, Johnnie. Callboy for Philip Morris. and Fordham's adopfed son. Jimmy Crowley. The second rally which was planned by The same commiTTeemen wiTh The aid of Harry Schnibbe. Frank Gaughan and several oThers was The N.Y.U. Rally. This affair was held in The Collins Audiforium before some l.4OO wild- ly enThusiasTic Fordham sTudenTs who were confidenf ThaT Jim Crowley's gridders would annihilaTe The VioleTs lwhich They did To The Tune of 25-Ol. GuesTs from The l'leighTs in- cluded Coach Mal Sfevens, Phil Swiodon. N.Y.U. Capfain. and several of The SporTs Edifors of The N.Y.U. newspaper. Tony Siano. Johnny Del lsola. Two former Fordham grid immorTals addressed The large gafhering. The foofball players were called To make a shorT address. M A R L O W' S WINE 81 LIOUOR STORE 309 EAST FORDHAM ROAD aT Kingsbridge Road LargesT Assorfmcnf aT Lowesf Prices WE DEl-IVER FO. 7-9339 S K E L L Y ' S Prescripfion Pharmacy 2556 DECATUR AVENUE NEW YORK Req. 3876 Esf. T876 SEdqwick 3-2I43 THE RAVEN Vofed "Fordham's FavoriTe SpoT" ' by Class of IQ39 LUNCI-TES CATERING Cor. WebsTor Ave. and l93rd Slroof Complimenfs from Devofional Publishing Co. 75 BARCLAY STREET New York Cify Publishers of Callnolic Liferafure and PicTurcs BLOSSOM FLOWER SHOP WESTCHESTER CLUB DANCE On May fifth at the Hotel Roosevelt, to the danceable strains of Dick Gasparre and his famed society orchestra, the Westchester Club of Fordham University held its annual Spring formal. Fun and hilarity reached a new peak at this affair, and those who attended have testified it will hold a permanent spot in their memories of Fordham. Telephones: RAymond 9-8848 FOrdham 4-8749 Quality Flowers Much of the success of-the dance can be attributed to the unstinting work of the Com- mittee that provided the entertainment. To Joseph Kane, John lvlclntyre, Robert Watson, Joseph Cahill. William Bave, Joseph Crowley, Timothy Sullivan and Raymond Dillon and the Chairman for the evening William Glennon. Fordham dance-goers owe a vote of grateful thanks. Wirh Gasparre furnishing iust the right music, with the Roosevelt iust the right atmos- phere, with congeniality and conviviality the keynote, the Westchester Club could not help but take a foremost place among the successful dances of the year. INCORPORATED THOMAS KEGAN Member F.T.D. Flowers Delivered Everywhere 2539 WEBSTER AVEN UE N. W. Corner Fordham Road Bronx, N. Y. "THE BEST LOCATED HOTEL IN NEW YORK" For Supremely C f comfortable om ort outside Convenien moms ' ' Ce all with bath . .and Economy THE COMMODORE f""" O Ideally located for banquets, meetings and conventions, RIGHT AT as well as for individual comfort and time-saving. Four GRANIJ up-to-the-minute restaurants with high quality meals at CENTRAL In the bear! of New York aclivitics attractive prices. Excellent music for dinner and supper dancing. Courteous, friendly service. Frank J. Crohon, Pres 266 JAIN-SAX CLCTHES Tailoring Tells +l1e Tale Ready-Made S20 Made-fo-Orcler S25 8I7 BROADWAY af I2+h S+ree+ znd FLOOR ST. 9-1928 Tallack-Hellman, Inc. Coniracling Eleclrical Engineers 220 WEST 42nd STREET New York Molloy-Made-CoversProduced in a Planl' De- volecl Exclusively 'Io Embossed and Decoraled Producfs by an Organizalion of Cover Special- isfs - Represenf The Highesr S+andard in Yearbook Worlc. Specify "MolIoy." lfs your Assurance of Ihe Besl. The David J. Molloy Planl' 2857 NORTH WESTERN AVENUE Chicago. Illinois Complimenls THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION NEW JERSEY DANCE Some Three hundred and TiTTy couples Traveled over TiTTy miles To The Meadowbrook in Cedar Grove, New Jersey To The mosT successTul dance in The hisTory oi ThaT sTaTe club. ATTer monThs oT im- aginaTive and careTul planning The Chairman Jack Howe announced ThaT he had secured Glenn Miller and His Or- chesTra Tor The gala aTTair. The music was one oT The sensaTions OT The year. Glenn lv1iller's own ar- rangemenT OT "Cuckoo in The Clock" and "Begin The Beguine" were played over and over again be- cause oT The many re- quesTs. During The eve- ning The music was broad- casT over an NBC wire. The moTiT Tor The eve- ning was The World's Fair and in aclclifion To loeauTi- Tul leaTher programs, The dancers received kazoos in The Tamiliar shape of Trylon and perisphere. Marian HuTTon and Ray Eberle were The vocalisTs Tor The evening and They were enThusiasTically re- ceived. Jack Howe acTecl as Chairman and he was as- sisTed by: Meade Coyle, PresidenT oT The club, Tom PaTTen, Jack Davis, VicTor De Riso, PeTer Carlesimo, Henry Borowy, PaTrick Horan and R. Francis Foley. ,- ESI. I872 Tcl. BRyanI' 9-2449-2450 Chas. Chrisdie Co., Inc. Theafrical Coslumes 4I WEST 47+h STREET Coslumes Made Io Order Coslumes for Sale or Renlal We Supply Everylhing for Amafeur Thoalricals Bal Masque and Pageanfs For an Inexpensive Lunch, Soda and Some Sweeis. Pay Us a Visif HARTLEB 8: HAACK Formerly Kuch's Confecfionery Luncheonelle FOrcIham 4--8733 387 EAST FORDHAM ROAD Cox Sons and Vining INCORPORATED I3I-I33 EAST 23rd STREET New York Makers of Academic Cosfumes 'For All Degrees GUNST'S DELICATESSEN 2769 Websfer Ave.-Cor. I9OIh S+. FULL LINE FANCY GROCERY and DELICATESSEN Specialize in Sandwiches G E N E R A L elecfrically operafed FLOOR MACHINES Single and Twin brush models are made for homes. schools, hospiials, churches, convenls, slores, elc. Designed for low cosi, ewcficieni opera- Iion To mainfain every Iype of floor in saniiary, well-lcepl condiiion. Used by leading insliiuiions all over The world. FREE demonsfrafion or Trial on your own floors on request manufaclured by General FIoorcraH, Inc. 333 Sixfh Avenue N. Y. C.. N. Y. wmkans 9-5350 ' Sold in Your School Sold in Your Neighborhood" ' . egg' I amrays ICE CREAM BREYER ICE CREAM CO., Inc. 34+h STREET and QUEENS BLVD. Long Island Ci+y, N. Y. STillweIl 4-500 RUSSELL 81 McGOWAN 0 OPTOMETRISTS 0 OPTICIANS 2483 GRAND CONCOURSE SEdgwick 3-3039 STELLING'S Soda and Luncheonelle Candies and Ice Cream 2543 Websler Ave.-367 Easl' 204lh Slreel Telephone 4-9392 SENIOR WEEK The Senior Week Commillee is now busily al work preparing acliviiies for +he annual week of feslivilies which begin This year wiih an innovalion-solemn benediciion on fhe campus on Sunday ailernoon, June l l'rh. The Glee Club will sing vespers for lhe liirsl lime clad in cassock and surplice. Among 'rhe choir will be iifleen Seniors. The social highlighl' of Senior Week will be 'lhe annual Senior Ball under lhe chairman- ship o'l John Warren. The world famous Paul Whileman and His Orcheslra will provide music for +he dance which will be held al 'rhe Holel Commodore, on Friday nighl. Whi+e- man's Orcheslra will feaiure beauliful Joan Edwards and Clark Dennis. The Modernaires will also provide enrerlainmenl' for which 'rhe Whileman lroupe is noled. Members of The dance commillee include Charles Seiz, Don Kearney, Joseph McGowan, William Lissy, Joseph Miki+a, and Edward Shanahan. Baskelball slar. Al Brassel, will acl as Chair- man oli lhe Senior Banquei which will be held MEN OF I939! As Alumni, You'Il Need THE FORDHAM MONTHLY io keep you in louch wiih FORDHAM OCTOBER 'ro JUNE-NlNE ISSUES lwo dollars The year on Monday nighr of graduaiion week. Ac- cording ro preseni' plans rhe 'rhree hundred odd Seniors will banquer on sreak and lager in Kearing Hall. The Senior Banquer has always been The scene of good cheer and convivialiry wirh rhe many men garhered 'ro- gerher for 'rhe lasr rime before graduaiion. Senior Day will be Iearured by an a+'remp'r 'ro s'rar'r a new Jrradirion ar Fordham. li' is planned according 'ro Pai I-loran and Bill Bave. ro give a play in Collins Audirorium which will be a 'rravesry on The Seniors' lasl year in school. Informal singing by members of The Glee Club and a sofrball game on rhe Quadrangle will also be included in 'rhe day's acliviries. A buffer supper and an informal dance will round our The Class Day for I939. Senior Day ploHers are: Crowley, O'Keeie, Sullivan, Dowd and Reilly. In an elecrion in which 'The eniire Senior Class vored William I-I. Mulligan was elecied Chairman of Senior Week over Charles Murphy, George Gallico, John Warren. and John Davis. KlNG'S RESTAURANT 373 E. FORDHAM ROAD New Yorlr Cily STUDENT LUNCH 25c Special Dinner 35c-5 Courses Chinese and American Food Special Service Io Siudenls ROSENHAIN'S Fordham Road a+ Cres+on Avenue LUNCFIEON DINNER A LA CARTE CATERING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION - NEVER CLOSED - Complimenrs of A FRIEND Smarl Slyle Ahead A Milo! HOWARD CLOTHES "For Genllemon of Good Tasle ALL ONE PRICE-522.50 NEW YORK - BROOKLYN Complimenis of Kea+ing Hall Cafeferia JAMAICA For your Dances and Proms. see HARRY To hire Tuxedos and Full Dress Suifs. Reducfion To Fordham Sfudenls. of course. OCEAN and VOORHIES AVENUES Diclc Mansfield and his NBC Orch. Arlhur Davey and His Orch. Shloepshead 3-8000 Also cus+om 'railored and ready-made suirs. Harry Harris Tailoring Co., Inc. 387 Fordham Rd., N. W. cor. Webs+er Ave. lover Wl1elan's Drug Sforel Bronx, N. Y. SE. 3-4853 Presenrarion of The MADOW TROPHY 'ro DOMINIC PRINCIPE by PAUL T. O'KEEFE Presidenl of Fordham Alumni Associafion for Sfellar performance in 'rhe FORDHAM - N.Y.U. GAME M A D O W ' S Jewelers Since I908 263 E. FORDHAM ROAD Bronx, N. Y. CHIDNOFF e OFFICIAL PI-IOTOGRAPI-IER IorII1e I939 MAROON CHIDNOFF STUDIO 550 FIFTH AVENUE New York BEF LEBTIUIIS ot' you and your classmates upon your school lite achieve immortality in a careliully planned and executed yearbook. From the arid desert ol: Arizona, and the sultry green island ol: Puerto Rico, to the snow-blanketed slopes ol: Northern New England, we have traveled, happy and proud to have been an instrument in the translating into print, the humor pathos, excitement, and sentiment Found in the campus life ot' over seventy-Five colleges and preparatory schools. As Former members ol: yearbook staffs in our school days, we bring into our professional duties a real understanding ol: the many problems confronting each yearbook editor. MEMBER OF COLLEGE ANNUAL PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION AND AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF GRAPHIC ART ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The EdiTor and The STaTT graTeTuIIy acknowledge The cooperaTion oT REVEREND LAWRENCE A. WALSH, S.J. ModeraTor oT The MAROON Tor advice and encouragemem MISS ALICE HAYES and MR. JOHN MAHONEY and The swiTchIooard personnel THE CHIDNOFF STUDIO Tor Their phojography and cooperaTion MR. ROBERT W. KELLY, MR. THOMAS J. MCLAUGHLIN, MR. FRED FUCHS. MR. CHARLES ALLEN of The RoberT W. Keiiy Publishing CorporaTion Tor Their unTaiIing inTeresT and cooperaTion MR. CHARLES JOHNSON and MR. JOHN SHERMAN oT The Horan Engraving Co. Tor Their sincere inTeresT MR. SEYMOUR ZEE Tor his Tine group picTures and candids MR. MAURICE AHERN, PubIici+y DirecTor Tor his advice and Tor The Ioan of many picTures MR. JOHN M. KEAVEY '39, EdiTor of The RAM and MR. HENRY J. SMITH '40, oT The STaTT oT The RAM L Tor The generous pubIiciTy which They gave The I939 MAROON W FAIRCHILD AERIAL SURVEYS. INC., Tor Their fine air view oT The Fordham Campus qw x ' v 1. ,su Q I it 'j' X A - "j'i'.. 1 ' f I ,,. gg- ijw A 1 1,45 l Ol 1 0 4 '4 v i Q .- ww ya A W 4 ,Wm ., J

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