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5' , : A . ,I -f:G:E,,. X .A I 1.: 5 ,QKI E '35 'QVVA A . ' .':"'A:"' , U .:'- :Z "-r-. - U I X Gs QW 'M x, 4'5ZZ2gQ'E"Qz-Q32 fv?2ff.?0qfQ?Q1'Q0f QQ Q QQ? I? . 1L4: Qialz QQ f f 'Yi , Q86 x i.:.E.:.: 641, QQ QQ Wax XX fab O .'.:5:?:2:'5':f:'5j iizlx :'.-3 i Af' I I '33?:5'55 ' M The Senior Class of n PVKIKHIJ CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF William j. Collins CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF joseph F. Realini EDITORIAL STAFF Guy M. Adami Robert F. Burlinson john C. Calhoun Robert M. Callagy William A. Carr Bernard j. Comaskey THE RAMKIN STAFF Vincent j. Conlan Richard D. Cusati Thomas F. Dinan Terrence R. Douglas Edward T. Dowling Walter A. Franck Paul M. Frank Harvey G. Hertzman Harry D. Lambert james G. McElligott john F. McGuiness Roger P. McIntyre M. Vincent Mikolainis Henry A. Miller-jones Thomas Palmieri Vincent J. Pasrore David C. Purpi john F. Sheeran Peter N. Smith Michael K. Tierney Thomas H. Trimarco BUSINESS MANAGER Karl A. Bauer TYPIST joseph R. Pisani ART Andrew R. Bolmann Richard D. Cusati Paul F. Held Roger P. Mclntyre PHOTOGRAPHY Michael J. Casey Richard C. Corcoran Robert H. Nenninger Thomas W. Overhulse Robert B. Schneider 'ff L1 Hz' E . A A 1 I ' 5 5 1' i ...x 1 ' 1 1. 1! Qu' B U lx If K VH F A Ep mt :' mx P, is 2 If , . 's f Y 'Fi-' 3 YJ 5 'Li v ,, .- ,,1"'f9 ,"'1 H f '11 Mix: ,Qu I fix EM: 11 '-11.-144' FORDHAM PREPARATORY SCHOOL Bronx, New York S To Saint Ignatius Loyola, the soldier-saint and founder of the Society of Jesus, we gratefully dedicate this book. It was his foresight and wisdom under the inspiration of God which led to the foundation of the Jesuit System of Education. Under the guidance of his devoted followers we have matured in wisdom and in grace, and, following the principles which he set down for us, we will lead the lives of exemplary Catholics in our pursuit of excellence. maliub o o a .q.4, f+ ff' I-5 ,rye 91,121-sk ffgzyfl :Q-?wvi,'x'qm ,vfiijyf 515 4 Z5 FF... I . - I -""' 313411 A gf?-ffl ,Tie 'D s f fx 3' 1513! I an A 'J ' F45 f 2955! "ffm 2, U, lfgfrf f Mig IQELQI :fill IMI Qc' sg--tw f ,qilli Il SOUR 2' ' "9 od o WH I W1 1551 Q5 " FIJI l,igl,,,l-M "my,-gg :W LJ. a nf ""' '75f?"2 r 4 Q Iwi' , ppgq lffgllq f 'IW a ' I 1 A: A is .4 vi' lem 'm'll'7i'1l ,trip-:fe " 21253. Milli. '.5IL,fi'1I - . L V, ITL 'I .5 0 xw-"Q" 7- TF-'.favQ ga lfrisil 'Lf' -9"i.5'W ,"x. -M "iii J' .'e'-.rar "",1'.'fE- BV-ii'-Vl fVf"Tl' f 1 'b lfjfll FACULTY SEN IORS S. As, from our positions in later life, we look back on these days full of memories, we will recall the many people who have led us through our four years at the Prep: the faculty, our classmates, and our fellow students, The ability which many of them have shown in the various aspects of Prep life offers great promise of their leadership in the future. However, since memo- ries are apt to be faulty, we offer you this book so that you may gaze down the time-honoured halls and recall the many passages, some clif- ficult, some happy, some solemn, but all memorable, down which we have travelled all these years. X 4 UNDERCLASSMEN SPORTS ACTIVITIES The members of the Prep Faculty have had a great influence on our lives, not only by the inspiring example of their dedicated lives, but by the enthusiastic encouragement and sup- port they have given to all our youthful en- terprises. MP1 it - Wx Jffx fa ,tif Y MQ. W- ! r an x N sw if f, 3 Q gg , T M , 3 in X fx Q I wwf- f :Q ,i m-df . .. E ,ag-1' Q 1. ' 1 A X fl , Qggg,,,.,s,....+,:iv- 3,1 If any individual person characterizes the spirit and leadership of the Prep, that man is Rev. Arthur V. Shea, SJ. For not only in our four years at Fordham but through the last three decades Father Shea, SJ. has guided the way of Prepmen as Prefect of Discipline. Of all the memories of the graduates of the Prep none is more outstanding than that of Father Shea, SJ. Father Thomas C. Hennessy, S.-I. be- came the Student Counselor of the Prep four years ago and since then has advised the students in their studies, difficulties and all phases of their lives. Besides this important guidance Father is Director of the Prep Sodalities and Moderator of the Campion Debating Society. -4- J. 1 Yl- I Father Thomas E. Griffin, SJ. has served as Director of Athletics for six years. During this time he helped the Prep's teams rise from almost nothing to the strong position they now hold in all sports. Besides this post Father Grifiin, is also head of the French Depart- ment at the Prep. The three Latin teachers discus- The "Dean of the Prep," Mr. Patrick J. Shea has taught at Fordham for 54 years. At the present time his main interest is teaching Physics and moderating the Physics Club. Mr. William Moriarty has divided his time between teaching German and Eng- lish and acting as Moderator of the Rifle Team since its founding. Mr. Cornelius F. Hurley, SJ. and Mr. james L. Dullaghan are teaching this year for the first time at the Prep. Mr. Hurley teaches Latin and English and is the Mod- erator of the junior Sodality and Assistant Moderator of the Magazineg Mr. Dullaghan teaches most of the Freshman English classes. sing their favorite subject are Fr. George B. Hoch, SJ., Mt. Albert T. Kirchner and Fr. Thomas Crowley, SJ. Besides Latin, Fr. Hoch teaches English and Religion and is the Moderator of the Fresh- man Sodalityg Mr. Kirchner teaches Mathematics and coaches j.V. Base- ballg Fr. Crowley teaches English and Religion in addition to coach- ing the very successful Caesar Latin Sight Team. ln the capacity of Graduate Manager of Athletics, Mr. limund j. McHugh has been greatly aided by Mr. John F. Talbot, SJ. Mr. McHugh also teaches Senior and junior linglish while Mr. Talbot, in addition to teaching English and Latin, coaches .I.V. Basketball, supervises intramurals, and di- rects the School dances. K i Former classmates at the Prep, Mr. Charles W. DaParma and Mr. Francis X. Holbrook have taught here since beginning their teaching careers. Mr. DaParma presently teaches Latin to the three upper years, and Mr. Holbrook teaches History and English. The Moderator and Assistant Moderator of the Dramatic Society, respectively, Fr. John Leonard, SJ. and Mr. Joseph V. Hamilton, SJ. have been responsible for the fine plays presnted at the Prep in the last few years. On the scholastic side Fr. Leonard teaches Latin, English and Mathematics while Mr. Hamilton teaches History and is the Assistant Moderator of the Rampart. 16 Mr. Mallick Fitzpatrick, SJ. and Fr. William E. 11 654. ff'-'D I Although he has taught at the Prep for only two years Fr. Francis A. Fahey, SJ. is one of the most popular teachers in the school. In addition to teaching Latin, English and Religion to the Freshmen, Fr. Fahey, SJ. has also found time to manage the bookstore and moderate the Patdow Debating Society, Boyle, SJ. teach most of the Greek students at the Prep. Mr. Fitzpatrick, SJ. furthermore teaches Latin and English, coaches Freshman Basketball and is Mod- erator of the Senior Sodality and of the Yearbook. Fr. Boyle, SJ. in addition to Greek teaches Latin and is the coach of all Prep Orators. Two of the mainstays of the Mathematics Department, Mr. Wlilliam Herrmann and Mr. Edward M. Pickett, SJ. both play an important part in Prep life. Mr. Herrmann teaches Freshman Algebra and Social Studies and is Moderator of the newspaper. Mr. Pickett, SJ. in addition to teaching Algebra moderates the Sanctuary Society and Sopho- more Sodality and is the Assistant Moderator of the Debating Society. Longstanding members of the Fordham Faculty are Fr. Adrian L. Bona, SJ. and Fr. justin J. Reimondo, SJ. Fr. Bona, S.j. teaches Religion to all the Senior and junior classes and Fr. Reimondo along with Re- ligion teaches Social Studies. Mr. joseph P. Fox is the only Hygiene teacher in the Prep and also a teacher of History. By his fine coaching he has long upheld the Prep's reputation for having good track teams. Mr. Sullivan, a familiar figure in the A.C. Oflice, has added to his accomplish- ments as a Latin teacher a two year span as Varsity Basketball Coach. Mr. Lawrence A. Cascio has completed his third year as instructor of junior and Senior French. Mr. j. Francis Stroud, S.j. teaching for the first time at the Prep, has devoted his time to junior Latin and linglish and to the direction of the Choir-Glee Club. Mr. john W. Lyttle and Mr. joseph J. Ososki com- prise a good part of the Athletic Association. Mr. Lyttle is the Varsity Swimming Coach and an Instruc- tor of Mathematics and Physical Educationg Mr. Ososki is the Varsity Football and Baseball Coach and an Instructor of Social Studies and Physical Ed- ducation. The "Masters of the Math" at the Prep, Mr. james P. Melican and Mr. Harry L. McDonough have to- gether taught here at Fordham for over 25 years. Though teaching all forms of Math through the years, Mr. Melican's specialty has been Trigonometry and Mr. McDonough's has been Geometry. While Mr. William H. Ward, SJ. has lust begun teaching at Fordham, Mr. Rudolph L. Hanish has become a familiar figure at the Prep. Primarily Mr. Hanish is head of the German department, but he also directs the German choristers. Mr. Ward, SJ. is a Mathematics and Chemistry teacher and Modera- tor of the Magazine and Assistant Moderator of Debating. Qvv:n1rv,,'L,- 1 ssaqv +mf1frlQ15 "". 38 Mr. Hugh C. Fallon has been advancing the intellectual development of his Algebra and Social Studies students and in his spare time has been moderating the Chess Club. Fr. George D. McAnaney, S.-I., the Freshman Counselor, begins to mold the character of future Prep leaders. Wlic-ii the Prep student moves on to Sophomore year, he has the benefit of Fr. Ernest P. Hartnett, SJ., instructor of Latin and English. Mrs. Irene R. Cozzarin has served in the important position of Assistant Librarian for three years. Besides these duties Mrs. Cozza- rin teaches Library Science to all the Fresh- man classes. 1. fa The people behind the scenes who perform the set retarial duties are Mrs. Cecilia V. jegle and Miss Mary Ann llrennan. Mrs. jegle is the Registrar and F" ,ay Miss lirennan the Secretary. if I 1 We salute the leaders of the Senior Class who have, in word and action, shown the stu- dent body the full meaning of Prep spirit and initiative. easlorb 4gA' s G' 4 5 A ' y54Qfa:l-mo QV 'hid' Pnfect of the Senior Sodalizfy G. FRANK O'BRIEN Fubxy Sod. 1,2,3,4g Prefect 3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 2,4g Class Oflicer 4g Phys. Club 4g Debating 1,33 School Or- atoty 1,2, lst Place lg Oratory 1,255 Dance Comm. 4g Swimming 1,2,3,4, Captain 43 Intramurals 1,4. Preyzklent of the Senior Counczl HENRY R. HEALEY Hawk Sod. 45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 1,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 4g Class Officer 2,35 Germ. Club 4g Phys. Club 4g J.V. Football lg Vars. Football 2,3,4g Frosh. Basketball lg J.V. Basketball 2g J.V. Baseball 1,2g Vars. Baseball 3,4g Intra- murals 1,2,3,4g Lou Gehrig Award 4g All-Cath. Hon. Ment. 4. G UY M. ADAMI Hutch Sod. 1,23 Aux. Lat. lg Counc. Disc. 5,4g Achl. Counc. 3,43 Class Officer l,2,5Q Yearbook 45 Germ. Club 25. fig Chem. Club SQ Phys. Club 43 Track 1,253 lnrramunls l,2,5,4, Honey, do you have four friends? JOHN J. AFIONIAN Af Counc. Disc. 3,43 Class Ofhcer 31 Lib. Staff 2g Phys. Club 4g Frosh Basketball lg Vars. Baseball 3,4g In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. 23 LOUIS R. AIDALA Louie Sod. 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Gold Medal lg Class Pres. lg Yearbook 4g Phys. Club 45 Photography Club 3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Cheerlead- er 5. EUGENE H. ARRIERI GEORGE L. ARESI GW G Sod. 1,2g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Germ. gorge Club 3,4g Intramurals 1,2. K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 4g Phys. Club 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Dance Comm. 4. JAMES J. BANDURA Jim K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. 55 Class Pres. 32 Class Officer 4g Chem. Club 3g J.V. Football 1,2, Captain 23 J.V. FP JOSEPH P. BARATTA I oe Sod. 15 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 2g Phys. Club 4g Debating lg Dance Comm. 4g J.V. Football lg Track lg Intramurals 1,2,5,4. You want me, Father? Baseball 1,2g Vars. Baseball 5,4g Intramurals 1,2,5,4. 24 JOHN J. BARCH Jack Sod. 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Class Ofhcer lg Germ. Club 3,4g Chem. Club 35 Phys. Club 43 Frosh. Basketball lg j.V. Basket- ball 2g j.V. Baseball lg Intramurals 1,2,5,4. Iv V My C 'I tif yf'I nj'-4 ' p 'is 'MIX-31 'IQ 's .X -, 0 J. 1.4 FRANK A. BELLANTESE Frangi K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Athl. Counc. 43 Class Ofhcer 25 Phys. Club 4g J.V Baseball lg Vars. Baseball 2,5,4g In- tramurals 1,2,3,4g Dance Comm. 4. EDWARD M. BELECK Ed K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 2g Germ. Club 3,4g Chess Club 2. KARL A. BAUER Karl Sod. 1,2,5,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Aux. Lat. 3g Ram- part 4g Yearbook Bus. Mgr. 4g Germ. Club 3,4g Phys. Club 4g Pos- ter Club 4g Debating 1. Hey, that tickles! Says you! THOMAS J. BOWES Tom Sod. l,2g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Germ. Club 5,4g Chem. Club 3g Phys. Club 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4. ANDREW R. BOLMANN Andy Sod. 2,3,4g Silver Medal 1,35 Aux. Lat. l,2,3g Cath. Class. Sight 2.3, Hon. Ment. 2g N.Y.U. Sight 25. Hon. Ment. 2g Class Officer 4g Year- book 4g Verg. Acad. 4g Poster Club l,3,4, Pres. 4g Chess Club 2,3,4g Intramurals 2,3. JOHN A. BERTRAND Bert K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g j.V. Football 1,2g Frosh Basketball lg .I.V. Basketball 2. THOMAS A. BRENNAN Tom Sod. l,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. Usher 4g Senior Council Vice Pres. 4g Counc. Disc. 45 Class Pres. 23 Class Officer 3g Phys. Club 4g Vars. Football l,2,5,4g Swimming 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g All Schol. 2nd team 3g A11 Met. 5rd team 33 All Schol. 5rd team 43 Cath. High Scorer 3. 26 3' JOSEPH P. BROWN j.B. K.B.S. 3,4g Glee Club 4g Phys. Club 4. FP ROBERT F. BURLINSON Bud Sod. 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Ofhcer 33 Silver Medal lg Aux. Lat. 3g Cath. Class Sight 23 N.Y.U. Sight 2g Play Bus. Staff 4g Yearbook 4g Glee Club lg Phys. Club 4g Debating 1,2,3,4g Oratory 45 Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2. l la. PATRICK J. BUCKLEY Pat K.B.S. 4g Magazine 3g Track 35 Tennis lg Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 27 He should see us now! RICHARD S. CAGAN Richie Sod. 15 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Officer lg Dram. Soc. 45 Germ. Club 5,4g Chem. Club 53 Phys. Club 4g Chess Club 3,45 Debating lg Cross-Coun- try lg Track 1,2,5,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 1 JOHN C. CALHOUN john C. Sod. 1,2,3,4, Oflicer 43 K.B.S. 1,2,3, 4g Guard of Honor 2,3,4, Oflicer 53 Stud. Couns. Comm. 43 Silver Medal 33 Aux. Lat. 2,33 Yearbook 4g Germ. Club 3,43 Phys. Club 4g Debating 1,2,3,43 Oratory 23 Track 2,3. ROBERT M. CALLAGY Bob Sod. 1,2,3,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Guard of Honor 4g K.B.S. Usher 43 Athl. Counc. 33 Play Bus. Staff 43 Ram- part 3,43 Yearbook 43 Phys. Club 43 Debating l,3,43 School Oratory 13 Oratory l,3,43 Dance Comm. 4g Tennis l,2,33 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. BRIAN H. CANNING CARMINE CAMPANELLA Brian Campy K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Athl. Counc. 3,4Q K.B.S. 12 3 4. Aux. Lat. 3. Phys' Dram. Soc. 2g Phys. Club 43 Dance Club 42 football 25 Trazk 2,35 Comm. 4g Gen'l Chairman 4g Vars. Intramurals l,2,3,4. Baseball 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Wc'll never make the circus. - fl I Q'? -J WILLIAM A. CARR Bill K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 45 Class Officer 2g Yearbook 4g Germ. Club 3,4g Phys. Club 4g Dance Comm. 4g Cross-Country Ig Track Ig j.V. Baseball 23 Vars. Baseball 5,4g In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. 1 9 X. ROBERT V. COLONNELL Bob K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 5, 4g Class Pres. 2g Dram. Soc. 4g Glee Club 5g Chem. Club 4g j.V. Foot- ball lg Vars. Football 2g Intramurals l,2,3. WILLIAM COLLINS Red K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 3g Year book 4, Co-Editor 45 Phys. Club 4 Debating 1,2,5,4g School Oratory 2 l Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2, ANDREW T. COFFEY Art K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Pres. 2g Class Officer 1,3,4g Vars. Football 25,43 Frosh Basketbal Ig j.V. Basketball 25 j.V. Baseball lg Intramurals 1, 3,4. Hurry up, nobody's coming tl.. 3,4. lla s With Christ . Food for the body and the soul: Prepmen eat while listening to spiritual reading, Fr. john Magan, SJ. imparts his blessing at the end of the Retreat. By prayer and meditation we came to know Christ better. It is to this mountain Retreat House of Gon- zaga that Prep Seniors come to spend their four most important days at the Prep. Leaving be- hind the noise and cares of the world, they meditate here under the direction of their re- treat master, on their past lives, on the plans God has for them after graduation, and they seek His graces and guidance for the future. 30 'bf The Cross of Christ dominates both f the scene and our thoughts. uf H rl i 4-Q' , " fi ' 14 ' Y - In ,.. -.V ' P ra ll 5. ul 7- xflw 1 Ai E1 F i JT. , Y' -LQ X We also found time for recreation. -1 IA H I i rl I a Fifteen minutes . . . just Christ and you! I I1 I ,Z lil nfl lil v . XB!- Milli!- in,-..1uQ iii x , 31 Read them and weep. VINCENT J. CON LAN Ed Sod. 1,4g K.B.S. l,2,4g Rampart 35 Yearbook 4g Phys. Club 4g Tennis 1,2,3,4, Co-Capt. 4. BERNARD J. COMASKEY Bernie Sod. 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Silver Medal lg Aux. Lat. 1,3g Yearbook THOMAS J. COMACK Tom K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Oflicer 1,2g Phys. Club 4g Swimming 2,4g In- tramurals 1,2,5,4. ffm? gli l' -P 1. ,Q . iee eueo eeel eaaee J 4g Debating 1,2,3,4g Oratory 1,2,5,4g Track 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 32 JAMES F. CORCORAN Corky K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 45 In tramurals 1,2,3,4. ELLIOT A. CRISTANTELLO Blige K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Ofhcer lg Phys. Club fig Intramurals 1,2. FP CARL O. CUTRONE Fritz K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Phys. Club 4g School Oratory lg j.V. Football 23 Track 3g J.V. Baseball 2g Intramurals 1,2,4. RICHARD D. CUSATI Cu Sod. 2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Offi- cer 5,4g Rampart 45 Magazine 4g Yearbook 4g Lib. Stall 23 Phys. Club 45 Poster Club 3,43 Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Harmony? DAVID V. DELLO MONACO Dell K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Phys. Club 4g J.V Football 2g Vars. Football 3,4g In- tramurals 1,2,5,4. 33 MICHAEL T. DENNEHY Mike Sod. I,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Stud. Couns. Comm. 4g Aux. Lat. 2g Play Bus. Staff 3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Ofhcer 4g Germ. Club 3,4g Chem. Club 5g Phys. Club 4g Poster Club lg School Oratory 15 Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2. 'Elk' ...ig .. PAUL P. DESIMONE Defi K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. Ig Class Officer 1g Chem Club 33 Phys. Club 4. THOMAS F. DINAN Tom Sod. 1,2,3,-45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard JAMES P' DE STEFANO of Honor 4g Counc. Disc. 5,4g Stud. Duffy Couns. Comm. 4g Play Bus. Staff 3, Sod. lg K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Phys. Club 4s Yearbook 4: Glee Club 125,44 43 Inn-a1nufa151,2,3,4. Phys. Club 4g Debating lg Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2. Spare the bucks! 1f mu , .11 34 H , 0 v THOMAS A. DOLAN Tom K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Sanc. Soc. 35 Dram. Soc. 3,45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Lib. Staff 2,3,45 Phys. Club 45 Poster Club 1, 3,4, Officer 45 Oratory 15 Dance Comm. 45 Cross Country 15 Track lg Intramurals 2,4. W lu Sl I lvwkiri - -h Vt .1 gvxft' "ff '4 ' 2,5 "'l5g",, d, v TERRENCE R. DOUGLAS Terry Sod. 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. 3,45 Guard of Honor 3,45 Senior Council Assistant 45 Counc. Disc. 45 Class Pres. 1,55 Class Officer 25 Rampart 25,45 Yearbook 45 Phys. Club 45 Dance Comm. 3,45 Gen'l Chairman 45 Cross-Country 15 In- tramurals l,2,5,45 Cheerleader 3. WILLARD E. DOUGHTY Bill Sod. 15 K.B.S. 1,25 Poster Club 1,25 Intramurals 15 Rifle Team 2,3,4, Capt. 2,3,4. MICHAEL G. DORLIGO Mike Sod. 1,2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Guard of Honor 3,45 Phys. Club 45 Poster Club 45 Debating 1,2,3,45 Oflicer 45 School Oratory 1,25 Oratory 1,2, 3,45 Marian Year Cont. lst Place 25 Dance Comm. 45 Intramurals 1,2. Who put that in ,the paper? That word's "DEsert" not "deSERT." ROBERT T. FARRELL Bob K.B.S. 1,4g Class Officer 1,43 Glee Club 1,2,5,4g Pres. 5,4g Phys. Club ig Debating 1g Rifle Team 2. ' Q gg, ALBERT DURYEA Skip Sod. 1,25 K.B.S. 1,2g Athl. Coun. 3 43 Play Bus. Staff 4, Phys. Club 4 EDWARD T. DOWLING Ed Sod. 1,2,3,4, Officer 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1, 2,5,4g Guard of Honor 2,3,4, Pre- fect 5g Gold Medal 55 Cath. Class Sight 2,3, Silver Medal 2g N.Y.U. Sight 2, Hon. Mem. 2g Class Officer 4, Play Bus. Staff 4, Yearbook 4g Phys. Club 4g Virg. Acad. 49 School Orarory 1, Gold Trophy 15 Orarory 43 Dance Comm. 4, Cheerleader 4g Swimming 1,2,5,4g Silv. Medal Nov. City Champs 5. ANTHONY J. F IORELLA Tony Sod. 1,2,5,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Usher 43 Athl. Counc. 4g Class Officer 1,2g Glee Club 3g Phys. Club 45 J.V. Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2,3, 4g Rifle Team 3,4, Ofhcer 4. 36 Football li Vars. Football 2,3,4g All-Scol. Hon. Ment. 3, All-City Hon. Ment. 43 All-Met. Hon. Menr. 4g All-Prep Hon. Ment. 45 j.V. Baseball 1. 'Y RICHARD M. FITZGIBBON Fitz K.B.S. I,2,4g Athl. Counc. 4g Frosh Basketball lg j.V. Basketball 25 In- tramurals 1,2,3,4g Dance Comm. 4. FP THOMAS A. FLANAGAN Rigor K.B.S. lg Aux. Lat. 1,2g Class Offi- cer 2g Dance Comm. 5,4, Gen'1 Chairman 45 J.V. Football lg Intra- murals I,2,3,4. "7 xv ' JAMES K. FITZPATRICK Fitz Sod. 2,3,4g K.B.S. 2,44 Silver Medal lg Rampart 1,2,5,4g Assoc. Editor 3, Co-Editor 43 Yearbook Photog. 2g Germ. Club 3,-4g Chem. Club 53 Phys. Club 4g Radio Club lg Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals I,2,5,4. I didn't mean it, boys. WALTER A. FRANCK Wall Sod, 45 K.B.S. 4g Guard of Honor 49 Magazine 43 Yearbook 4g Phys. Club 4. l 37 ge nd Halloween dan UE .tches I0 a - nd W' i. ,esist S0bh?i4zati0B Hal Prepmen :ax ROOM O in me Mu The College Gymnasium transformed infn n Q1-nic: hqmlnf M N Among the many popular social func- tions of the Prep are the unforgetable dances which are held frequently in the College Gymnasium and in the various lounges on the campus throughout the year. Whether it is a Halloween Dance in the Mural Room of Keating Hall, a Victory Dance in Reidy Hall, or even the Swiss Chalet in the College Gym- nasium, all who attend never forget these nights when Prep spirit and cor- diality are at their peak. Java? Us 52? 'Q ' v F fa, .Jlsq. .. f ' I ry, + f 38 1, TU HE BER "She-iks and their Princesses" attend the Arabian Nights festivities. E.- 'vi' ,v J" 7 ' , f ,v Nev' 59, X ,1 L ' l A ,LQ ' x Q Q , LSO. xX . o 4-'efq X Successful football season presents an occasion for another Reidy Hall dance. PAUL M. FRANK Paul Sodality 1,2,5,4, Ollicer 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Gold Medal 15 Silver Medal 25 Aux. Lat. 1,2555 Senior Council Secretary 45 Class Officer 1, 55 Dram. Soc. 55 Play Bus. Staff 2, 45 Rampart 15 Yearbook 45 Phys. Club 45 Debating 1,2,5,4, Pres. 45 School Oratory 1, Gold Medal 15 Oratory 1,2,5,45 Dance Comm. 45 Cheerleader 5,45 Basketball Mgr. 5, 4. WILLIAM F. GALVIN Willy K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Guard of Honor. 2, 45 Athl. Counc. 45 Phys. Club 45 J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football , THOMAS R. GAINES Young Tom K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Aux. Lat. 1,55 Class Pres. 25 Rampart 5,45 Chem. Club 45 Tennis 1,2,5,45 Intramurals 1,25 5,4. FP FRANK M. GANNON Frank Sodality 1,2,5,4, Prefect 2, Ofhcer 1,55 K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Sanc. Soc. 5,45 Guard of Honor 5,45 Athl. Counc. 5,45 Germ. Club 5,45 Chem. Club 55 Dance Comm. 45 Cross-Country 1,2,5,4, Track 1,2,5,45 Intramurals l,2,5,4. There is nothing like the Ritz! 5,45 Intramurals 1,2,5,4. 40 K 'Ji WILLIAM A. GARRITY Bull K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Athl. Counc. 45 Class Pres. 2, Class Offlcer 33 Phys. Club 45 j.V. Football 25 Varsity Football 4, Captain 45 All-City lst Team 45 All-Schol. Hon. Mem. 45 All-Met. 3rd Team 45 j.V. Baseball 1,25 Var- sity Baseball 3,45 Intramurals l,2, 3,4. l to 1 5 FRANK K. GRADT Pee Wee K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Class Officer 3,45 Germ. Club 3,45 Phys. Club 45 Dance Comm. 45 Cross-Country l,2, 3,4, Capt. 45 Track l,2,3,45 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL W. GIORGIO Saleh Sodality l,2,3,45 Sanc. Soc. 45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 45 Athl. Counc. 3,45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Rampart 25 Germ. Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 35 Phys. Club 45 Chess Club 2,3,4, Pres. 45 Dance Comm. EUGENE S. GAUDIO Gene K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Aux. Lat. 1,35 Ram- part 15 Phys. Club 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Yeah, I'm going alone. 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Ha! Ha! We sold him, a raw hot-dog. JOHN R. HEFELE john Sod. 3,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Athl. Counc. 43 Play Bus. Staff 43 Germ. Club 5,43 Phys. Club 43 Radio Club 13 Intramurals 1,2,3. MICHAEL J. HAYES Mike Sod. 1,2,3,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Guard of Honor I254' Ph s Club 4' 6 DON H. GUIDOTTI Don Sod. 2,3,43 K.B.S. l,2,3,43 Aux. Lat. 23 Play Bus. Staff 43 Glee Club 1,2, 3,43 School Organist 1,2,3,43 Germ. Club 3,43 Chem. Club 33 Phys. Club 43 Stud. Couns. Comm. 4. ' 'O x 'R PAUL F. HELD A ce ! 7 7 ! Y ' 7 Cross-Country 1,23 Intramurals 1,2, 3,4 42 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Dram. Soc. 13 Mag- azine 2,3,43 Yearbook 2,3,43 Phys. Club 43 Poster Club 43 Dance Comm. 1,2,3,43 Gen'l Chairman 43 Tennis 1. ' L HARVEY G. HERTZMAN Haw Counc. Disc. 4, Athl. Counc. 3,4 Class Officer 2,33 Dram. Soc. 2,3,4 Yearbook 4, Germ. Club 5,45 De baring, 2,3,4, Officer 4, School Ora tory lst Place 1, Oratory 1,3,4 j.V. Basketball 2, Intramurals 1,21 34 FP DAVID E. HUGHES Dave Sod. 3,4, Germ. Club 3,4g School Oratory lg Cross-Country 1,3,4, W.P.P.A.A. lst place 43 Track 1,2, 3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 'Qi .15 DAVID S. HIGGINS Dave Sod. 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 2,3,4, Officer 3, Athl. Counc. 3,45 Dram. Soc. 3,4, Pres. 4, 2nd prize 3,4g Rampart 4, Advert. Direct. 4, Magazine 4, Lib. Staff 2, Phys. Club 45 Poster Club 4, Chess Club 2, Radio Club lg Debating 1, 2,3,4g Oratory l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Dance Comm. 4. 43 We must have goofed! EDWARD J. HUGHES jack K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Counc. Disc. 4, Athl. Counc. 3, Class Pres. lg Magazine 3,4, Editor 43 Chem. Club 4, Dance Comm. 4, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JAMES J. HUGHES fm , GERARD M. KEANE Jim K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Rampart 45 Phys. Club 4g Track lg Intramurals 1,2, Sod. 2,5,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. 3,4 2,3g Rampart 1,2,3,4g Germ. Club 5,4g Phys. Club 45 Swimming 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4. FP 5 A JOHN T KEANE STEPHEN F. KEANE john Steve U . K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. 3,4g Mag- io5i5Q5g1fe?'EfSG1l'if3'i'f Tlgioiof' azine 5,45 J.V. Football lg Intra- 2,3,4g Debating 1,2,5,-45 School Ora- murals 1'2'3'4' Do you mean you shot that? tory 1:2- 44 , C lil JAMES F. KEARNEY lim Sod. 1,2,3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Guard Of Honor 1,3,45 Aux. Lat. 15 Counc. Disc. 45 Class Pres. 45 Rampart l,2, 5,4, Sports Editor 3, Co-Editor 45 Glee Club 15 Germ. Club 2,3,45 Radio Club 15 School Oratory 15 Dance Comm. 45 Intramurals 1,2, 35 Rifle Team 2,3. I 44 nl'-sd ft, .1 .f K 24, AIA 'K ,lf V ,. . ,. -djx-"'f..,b-5 Q! PAUL J. KINDERMAN Kindy K.B.S. 1,2,45 Class Officer 1,25 Germ. Club 3,45 Cross-Country 15 Track 1,25 J.V. Baseball 15 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. JOHN C. KENNEY jack Sod. 15 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Aux. Lat. 2, 35 Germ. Club-25,45 Chem. Club 35 Phys. Club 45 Radio Club 15 ' LAWRENCE J. KELLY Larry Sod. 2,3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 K.B.S. Usher 45 Germ. Club 3,45 Chem. Club 35 Phys. Club 45 Cross-Coun- try 152,35 Track 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 41. Track 15 Swimming 1,25 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. Ready, Aim, . . . I. FHUTTING I 5 lull ,fi ,QA A What, no Senior Tables left? JOHN P. KIRK john K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Class Pres. 25 Class Oflicer 45 Frosh Basketball 15 j.V. Basketball 25 J.V. Baseball 1,25 Vars. Baseball 3,45 Dance Comm. 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. THOMAS J. KIERNAN Tom Sod. 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 3,45 Athl. Counc. 45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Rampart 45 Lib. Staff 2,33 Phys. Club 45 Poster Club 15 Dance Comm. 45 Intramurals 152, 34 JOHN F. KIFFER johnny K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Aux. Lat. 15 Rampart 7 45 Phys. Club 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ROBERT E- IXRAIG Whitey K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Germ. Club 3,45 Dance Comm. 45 Track 2,35 Intra- murals 1,2,3. All WILLIAM W. KRANTZ Willy K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 45 Germ. Club 2,3,4g Phys. Club 4g J.V. Football 25 Vars. Football 4. FP HENRY D. LAMBERT Hurry ' Sod. l,2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Gold Medal 23 Aux. Lat. Zg Stage Crew lg Magazine 43 Yearbook 45 Germ. Club 5,4g Chem. Club 55 Dance Comm. 4g Track 33 lntramurals 1, 2.14. MILTON E. LACKEY Mil: K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Athl. Counc. 3,4g Class Officer 1 Germ. Club 3,4g Phys. Club 42 School Oratory lg j.V. Baseball 1,2g Intramurals l,2,3,4. 49 I take no chances. JAMES M. LEWIS jimmy K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 4 Phys. Club 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. f RAYMOND J. LUDWIG Ray K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Class Pres. lg Cross- Country 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,5,4g In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. O MARIO R. MANNARINO Mao KBS 1254' Sanc Soc 4' Chem THOMAS P. MAGINN IS Mugt Sod. lg K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Class Officer 2g German Club 3,4g Chem. Club 4g Dance Comm. 4g Tennis 1,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4. FP JOSEPH R. MANNIX joe . . . , , , , . . , . , . k 2 . I - Club 4g Poster Club lg Intramurals Sod' 1' KBS' 1'2'3' Trac 5, H tramurals 1,2,5,4. 1,2,3,4g Football Mgr. 2. What an interesting 4th Period! DANIEL T. MARE UMW EUGENE J. MCCARTHY K.B.S. l,2g Aux. Lat. Ig Phys. Club Gino 4g Intramurals 2. I .2 . JAMES G. MCELLIGOTT Mac Sod. 25,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Of- hcer 44 Stage Crew 5,4, Stage Mgr, 4g Rampart 3,4g Magazine 4g Year- book 4g Germ. Club 3,4g Phys. Club 4g Debating l,2,3,4g Oratory 1,2, 3,41 Dance Comm. 5,-4, Gen'l Chairman 44 Swimming I,2,3,4g Cheerleader 3,43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. LAWRENCE K. MCCOY Larry K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4g Phys. Club 4g Vars. Baseball 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,5,4. K.B.S. I,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 43 Class Ofhcer 25 Chem. Club 43 Cross- Country 2g Tennis Ig Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Don't Mambo on the basketball cou I 1 AL This one isn't co-ed. JOHN F. MCGUINESS Mac Sod. 4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Silver Medal lg Aux. Lat. 2g Rampart l,2,5,4g Yearbook 4g Germ. Club 2,3,4g Phys. Club 45 Radio Club lg Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. KENNETH W. MCGOVERN K enn Sod. l,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 1,2g Rampart 3g Germ. Club 3,45 Phys. Club 4g Radio Club lg Debating 1,2,5,4g School Oratory 1,24 Oratory 1,2g Dance Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2. il ' 'gf Q ' .' A HENRY J. MCGOLDRICK Mac K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 2g Athl. Counc. 3,4g Chem. Club 4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4. ' -9 'R ALBERT T. MCHUGH Bert Sod. 1,23 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Counc. Disc. 4g Athl. Counc. 4g Class Oli- cer 2g Phys. Club 45 J.V. Football lg Vars. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2, 3,4g j.V. Baseball 1,2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 52 Q I ,. 4' ROGER P. MCINTYRE Mac Sod. 5,4g K.B.S. 1Q2,3,4g Guard of Honor lg Dram. Soc. 3,4, 2nd Place 4g Play Bus. Staff 2g Rampart 2g Magazine 4g Yearbook 4g Glee Club Ig Lib. Staff 2g Phys. Club 4g Poster Club 2,3,4g Chess Club 25 School Oratory 1. FP EDWARD F. MEANY N ed K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Aux. Lat. 1,25 Counc. Disc. 4g Germ. Club 4g Phys. Club 4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4. "Well, the last time we saw the book . . WALTER MCQUADE Walt Sod. 2,5,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 2,45 Aux. Lat. 3g Phys. Club 45 Swimming 2,3,4g Intramurals 1, 2,3,4g Swimming Mgr. 4g Rifle Team 3,4 53 EDWIN R. MELLETT Ed Sod. lg K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Counc. Disc 4g Arhl. Counc. A45 Class Pres. 4, Class Officer 1,2,3g Yearbook 4, Phys. Club 4g j.V. Football lg Var- sity Football 2,3,4g j.V. Baseball 2, Intramurals 1,2,3,4. X Q., , u R 1,13 YT ,, W 'N , IMT M' Vs if Q 5 5555 1 Q' ,1 , .. -emi? 1 al, N 711 Q: . A f' WV 'Q eg, ff E ,' in x ix- V! X it ,,,f MX! KlJA K I Y WW " ww , Mmm ' win. J' 'Msn . A,g,?"L,A EY ' X" ww, 1 V " ,A MM, ,M ,WA Jw 'Www A ' .- H ,-Q AW , 7. wh E. M' W M, M 1 . j"gxw..., , , f W W W..n3fw M, W ,W 1 ' Z M "' K xv" ' um .N "fi ww' ,ft Jr ,XX um Av M , X M ,, ,4 f' WN U 'jgw,Wv f N. yy-f' VINCENT M. MIKOLAINIS Vinnie Sod. 3,43 K.B.S. 5,4g Aux. Lat. 35 Yearbook 4, Phys. Club 49 Virgil Acad. 4. JOSEPH P. MITCHELL f HENRY A. MILLER-JONES Miller Sod. 1, K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Rampart 3, 4, Yearbook 4g Germ. Club 3,45 Chem. Club 33 Phys. Club 4g Radio Club lg Dance Comm. 4g Tennis 1g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. FP joe THOMAS D. MORIARTY sod. 4, K.B.s. 1,2,3,4g Arhl. counc. Tom 3, Germ. Club 3,4g Cross-Country Ph .Cl b4.I 1 4 3,45 Track 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2, YS u ' mramuras 5' ' ising to the heights of the Prep. 'f I 3,4. so Aw WALTER J. MORRIS Buzzy K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Counc. Disc. 4g Athl. Counc. 4g Class Pres. 4g j.V. Foot- ball lg Vars. Football 2,3,4, Co- Captain 3g Frosh Basketball lg In- tramurals 1,2,3,4g All-Cath. 2nd Team 3g All-Met. I-Ion. Ment. 5g All-Schol. 2nd Team 5g All-Cath. I-Ion. Ment. 4g All-Schol. Hon. Ment. 4g All-Met. Hon. Ment. 4. llwilb .va .1 q xp! iff K ' FI? --'jx-"-,l,KJ" X41 RICHARD MURTHA sam JOHN W. MURRAY sodamy 24 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class of. Mn ficer 2g Rampart 2g Phys. Club 45 KBS' 12,3143 PhY5- Club 45 Imra- Track 2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. murals 1,213- JOHN MULHOLLAND Mu! Sodality 1,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Athl. Counc. 45 Track ' 15 J.V. Baseball lg Intramurals l,2, Prepmen at Cinerama Holiday Give them zip! JAMES E. O'CONNELL Okie Sod. 4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Counc. Disc. 4g Athl. Counc. 4g Class Oflicer 2,4g Phys. Club 4g j.V. Football 1,2 Vars. Football 4g Intramurals 1,2,3 4. 1 THOMAS J. O'BRIEN 0'B K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Class Ofhcer 1,2,3,4g J.V. Football 25 Intramurals l,2,5, 45 Phys. Club 4. 58 5 ' WALTER P. NEGVESKY Wally K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. lg Germ. Club 4g j.V. Football 25 Intramurals l,2,3,4. JAMES T. O'CONNOR Blackie K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 35 Cath. Class Sight 35 N.Y.U. Sight 39 Athl. Counc. 45 Phys. Club 4g Chess Club 3g Swimming 1,2g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL W. O'CONNOR Moure K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Phys. Club 4g Frosh Basketball lg Intramurals 1,2,3,4. FP THOMAS J. PALMIERI Tom Sod. 1,2,5,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Athl. Counc. 3,4g Class Officer 45 Dram. Soc. Officer 4g Play Bus. Staff 1,2,5,4, Bus. Mgr. 4g I don't care if he never comes. A . VINENT PASTORE GEORGE P OGREN Vinny ' Yearbook 4g Phys. Club 4g Poster George Club 1g Cross-Country 4g Track 1, K.B.S. 1,2g Class Officer 33 Phys. 25,45Imr21fHUr21lS1,2,3,4- Rampart 2,5,4, Bus. Dir. 4g Year- book 4g Germ. Club 3,43 Chem. Club 3g Phys. Club 45 Radio Club lg Dance Comm. 4g Tennis lg In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. N l f 2 M11 ffl Club 45 Frosh Basketball lg Vars. Basketball 45 Intramurals 2,3. 59 AUGUSTINE L. PERROTTA Augie K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 2g Glee Club 4g Chem. Club 4g Poster Club 1g Intramurals 1,2,5,4g Rifle Team 2. r I ANDREW P. PINTO ROBERT J. PHILLIPS Bob K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. l,2g Dram. Soc. 4, lst Place 45 Glee Club 1,2g Chess Club 1,25 School Oratory 1,2, 3,45 Oratory 1,2,3,4g Hearst Med. 1 2,34 Am. Leg. 1,2,3, Ny. sr. Final: ist 35 C.F.L. Grand Finalist 2g N.F.L. Grand Finalist 25 Tennis 1 2,5,4. JOSEPH R. PISANI A 4 Joe n y K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. lg Ram- K-B'S- 1:21149 Chem- Club 43 IU' part 4g Yearbook 4g Vars. Baseball tramurals 1,2,3,4. 5,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Deal me in! 1 U I PAUL F. POSOLI Z eke Sod. 1, Ofhcer lg K.B.S. l,2,5,4Q Athl. Counc. 43 Phys. Club 43 Ora- tory 13 Dance Comm. 4g J.V. Base- ball lg Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Y 2 HARRY A. REESE Harry Socl. l,2,3,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Guard of Honor 4g Silver Meal 13 Aux. Lat. 33 Phys. Club 43 Debating 13 Orarory 2,33 Tennis 2,3,43 Intra- murals 1,2,3,43 Baseball Mgr. 1. in I JOSEPH F. REALINI foe Sod. 3,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Usher 43 Athl. Counc. 43 Play Bus. Staff 43 Yearbook 4, Co-Editor 43 Germ. Club 34' Ph s. Club 4' Dance 9 DAVID C. PURPI Dave Sod. 2,3,43 K.B.S. 3,43 Rampart 1 43 Yearbook 4g Germ. Club 3,4 Phys. Club 43 Dance Comm. 4g In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. P I y I Comm. 4g Intramurals 1,2,5,4. C Do you sell Mad Comics? SE IUH SET Most Likely to Succeed: PAUL FRANK Most Popular HANK HEALEY Best Speaker BOB PHILLIPS Most Handsome TOM GAINES Hey, I can't hear myself thinking. DONALD C. RIVIELLO Don KEVIN P. REILLY K.B.S. 1,2,5,4. suvef Mean 14 In- Kev tramurals 1,2,3,4. K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4 Aux. Lat. 35 Class Pres. 2,5,4g Physl io JAMES A. REILLY Ri! K.B.S. l,2g Phys. Club 4g Frosh Basketball lg j.V. Basketball 2g In- tramurals 1,2,5,4. ' -0 X 'R SALVATORE N. ROSA Sal Sod. 3,45 K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 5,4g K.B.S. Usher 45 Athl. Club 4g Dance Comm. 4. 3 2 64 Counc. 5,4g Germ. Club 3,45 Chem. Club 3g Dance Comm. 4g Cross- Country 4g Track 1,2,5,4g Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. ROGER J. SALZMAN Roge K.B.S. l,2g3,4g Aux. Lat. 53 Phys. Club 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Rifle Team 2,3,4. FP He wore a Xavier button! WALTER J. SCHMARJE Walt K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 33 Class THOMAS L' SAVARESE Pres. 33 Class Ollicer 1,2,4g Phys. Tom Club 45 J.V. Basketball 2g Intra- K.B.s. 1,2,3,4g Arm. comm. 4g Phys. murals 125,4- THOMAS G. SCHELLER Tom K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Poster Club lg In- tramurals l,2,3,-4. Club 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 65 JOSEPH L. SCHWEITZER foe K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Class Olhcer l Germ. Club 3,45 Phys. Club 45 Ini tramurals 1,2 ,4. JOHN F. SHEERAN Johnny Sod. l,2,3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Gold Medal 15 Aux. Lat. 1,25 Class Offl- cer 15 Rampart 5,45 Magazine 3,45 7 ' ia. THOMAS P. SHEA Tom Sod. 15 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Gold Medal 35 Aux. Lat. l,2,55 Stage Crew 55 Germ. Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 35 Phys. Club 45 j.V. Baseball 1,25 Varsity Baseball 3,45 Dance Comm. 35 Intramurals l. FP GEORGE P. SIOR George Class Oflicer 15 Chess Club 45 j.V. Baseball 2 5Inrmarurals 1,2,5,4. Big Bob shows them how. Yearbook 45 Debating 1,2,3,4, Offi- cer 45 School Orarory 1,55 Orarory 2,5,45 Dance Comm. 45 Cross-Coun- try 15 Track 15 Intramurals 1. I x PETER N. SMITH Pete Sod. 3,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Gold Medal 3g Aux. Lat. 35 Athl. Counc. 3,4g Class Officer 4g Rampart lg Year- book 4g Phys. Club 4g Radio Club lg Dance Comm. 4g Cross-Country lg Track lg Swimming 2,3,4, Co- Capt. 4g Vars. Baseball 3,4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4. . .i4,:'-53131 A A 'Q L, f-Jw JAMES R. STEPHENS lim K.B.S. 1,2,3,4, Usher 43 Senior Council Assistant 4g Class Pres. 5g Class' Officer 2,4g Chem. Club 43 Frosh Basketball lg J.V. Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 3,4, Co-Capt. 4g Tennis l,2,3,4, Co-Capt. 4g In- tramurals l,2,3,4. HENRY STADELMANN Hank Sod. 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor l,3,4g Gold Medal 1,5g Aux. Lat. l,2,3g Athl. Counc. 5,4g Dram. Soc. 4, Oflicer 4g Stage Crew I KENNETH E. SNYDER Duke K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class OHicer 14 Phys. Club 4g Frosh Basketball 1 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 3,4g Germ. Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 3g Phys. Club 4g Dance Comm. 3, 4g j.V. Baseball 2g Intramurals 1, 2,3,4. Five rings to enter? Is that a literal translation? RICHARD P. TAMBERINO Dick K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Phys. Club 45 School Oratory lg j.V. Football 2g Track JOHN J. SWEENEY junk 35 Intramurals l,2,3,-4. K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g 1 I f GERALD M. SULLIVAN Sully K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sod. 1,2,3,4, Prefect l, Ofhcer 2g Athl. Counc. 4g Year- book 4g Phys. Club 45 Vars. Foot- ball 4g Cross-Country lg Track 1g Intramurals l,2,3,4. ALBERT TANGREDI Dinny K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Sanc. Soc. 4g Class Phys. Club 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4. 68 Officer lg Rampart lg Chem. Club 4g Poster Club lg Track l,2,3g j.V. Baseball lg Vars. Baseball 2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Mgr. J.V. Foot- ball 2. C MICHAEI. K. TIERNEY Mike Sod. l,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Athl. Counc. fig Yearbook 4g Glee Club 1,23 Germ. Club 3,4g Chem. Club 55 PhY5- Clllb 43 Dance Comm. 3,4g j.V. Football 25 Track 2g Intramurals l,2,5,4g Cheer- leader 3. FP LEONARD TIMPONE Timpy Sod. l,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 49 Play Bus. Staff 3,45 Rampart 5,43 Magazine 43 Glee Club 2,3,4g Germ. Club 3,45 Phys. Club 4g Dance Comm. 4g Intra- murals 1,2. . l ROBERT TIGHE Bob K.B.S. 2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Class Officer 25 Dram. Soc. 4g Phys. Club 45 Intramurals 4. 69 Held!! HENRY j. TRAVERS Henry Sod. 1,2,3g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 2,35 Gold Medal lg Class Officer lg Play Bus. Staff 2,5g Mag- azine 3,4. THOMAS H. TRIMARCO ,lore Sod. 1,3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 3,45 Silver Medal 1,33 Aux. Lat. 1,2535 Athl. Counc. 3,45 Class Pres. 45 Class Officer 15 Yearbook 45 Germ. Club 3,45 Chem. Club 3g Phys. Club 45 Dance Comm. 45 j.V. Football 1,25 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. Swing your partners. JAMES D. WHAMOND hm K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Class Pres. 25 Class Officer 35 j.V. Football 25 J.V. Base- ball 1,25 Vars. Baseball 3,45 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. LAURENCE G. VERAS Larry K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 25 Germ. Club 3,45 Cross-Country 15 Track 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. FP THOMAS M. WHELAN Tom K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Athl. Counc. 45 Germ. Club 3,45 Frosh Basketball 15 J.V. Basketball 2, Captain 25 Vars. Basketball 3,4, Co-Capt. 45 J.V. Baseball 25 Vars. Baseball 3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 70 Q PAUI. D. Wll.l,IAMS wfzfly K.l5.S. I,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 41 Phys. Club 4g Cross-Country I Truck lg Intramurals l,2,3,4. '45, JP A gs Z 55, v 1 ,Q 3 H 2 f I 'A ""'f'f""4V Vo" 'hid' I i 1 TEOFILO M. ZANCHELLI Teo K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Athl. Counc. 3,4g Chem. Club 45 Dance Comm. 4. X F . JOHN E. WOODS UV00d.rie K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Officer 14 Phys. Club 4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4 71 Top Row: E. ,Meany, R. Callagy, M. Mikolainis, J. Schweitzer, J. Kearney, H. Reese, T. Douglas. Third Row: J. Keane, E. Dowling, J. Afionian, W. Krantz, V. Conlan, R. Burlinson, P. Williams, P. Desimone, W. Negvesky. Second Row: V. Pastore, W. Franck, H. 2 is Q 1. , .Q ,'.. .,.-- ,Twig .,l J, i 3 s, ' ii . J, X f I Miller-Jones, J. Mclilligott, R. Cusati, P. Frank, L. Veras, J. Pisani, A. Bolmann. First Row: L. Aidala, B. Comas- key, E. Gaudio, H. Travers, Fr. W. Boyle, S.J., T. Gaines, G. Keane, J. Sheeran, H. Stadelmann. President-James Kearney Treasurer-Edward Dowling Vice-President-James McElligott 4 I l Secretary-Richard Cusati ll ass FRESHMAN YEAR On a wing and a prayer we glided up the path to the Halls of lvy Here two hundred little fellas were lined up in size positions We went below to the murky depths and mar veled at the quamtness of our locker room antique For the next three days a notsy silence descended over the Freshman Retreat We soon had the dubious distinction of meeting out teachers and it wasnt long before Mr Herr mann s two toned Constitution became quite the style on the fourth floor At the end of the first marking period we all gathered in Keating Hall Lecture Room for Fr Principals talk and a Glee Club performance We then retired to the Prep building to face more music This was not our year for football but we wanted for xt dutifully sometimes patiently but mostly des pairingly The Prep first nighters laughed their Hlslnry way through a yvonderful presentation of The Rivals and a short while later the Beau Brum mels of Rose Hill escorted their dates to thenr htst dance at Fordham along The Road to R10 After the exams we missed several who had failed to condition themselves to the Prep way of llfe Flying saucers became popular in Math classes after lunch and that winter t e Father Son Nights were begun The AC de clded to Say lt with Music and Prepsters roared as Erwin ad libbed on the right bus 1Whoever practices for the Senior play any way'J In the calm before the storm we went sailing up the Hudson on the speedy stream lined upto date SS SLO MO SHUN LIIl Then came the storm the much dreaded Pros mces but tt passed quickly and peace was re stored to Hughes Hall Thus wise nn the ways of Rose Hill after a full ten months here we 1 I V ' H I' l l.. .., ' . I., v . . , A4 I V ' I , h .J 5 - . 5 1 , . . -. ' f ' g Q - if . fr h P- -P 1 ' g tm, A-1 x'i 1. ,. 1? x :V if wa- I N. L Top Row T. Bowes. D. Hughes, T. Palmieri. G. Adami, F. Gradt, M. Tierney, J. Kenney, M. Lackey, D Guidotri H llcrtzmin, L. Kelly. Third Row: R. Cagan, M. Den- H. Lambert, M. Giorgio, F. Gannon. First Row T nc-hy K McGovern, T. Maginnis, P. Kindcrmztn, T. Whclztn, J. Barth. J. Kirk, R. Kraig, Fr. J. Lcontrcl SJ Pf651dLIlf Thom is Trim irco Secretary John Kirk Vue Premlcnt fimcs Bfmdura Treasurer Frank Grfndt looked forward to the coming year with the Sophomores ease and self assurance and espe cially his sense of complete superiority over Freshmen anywhere any time SOPHOMORE YEAR September found us back at a bigger and better Prep building: ample room had been found in our cavernous Prep gym for three classrooms, and a "speak-easy" was installed in all the rooms. That fall, Collins Auditorium echoed with the roar of B-17s of "Command Decision," and Prepmen and their dates mam- boed at "La Vie en Rose," The Rampart was employing an expanded format, and when the "Golden Temple" opened for P.T. classes, we all tiptoed in with non-smudge, non-mark, white- soled sneakers. Hughes Hall looked radical, different in a new coat of paint and other im- provements which suddenly appeared for rhe inspection of the Prep This year Mr Fox instituted his Track Watchers Association and his Shot Put Roller Backers Fr Crowley S came to Fordham and had no trouble at all setting records for Mission Drive donations Our basketball victory over Xavier took some of the sting out of our Thanksgiving Day de- feat from the Kaydets, and served as an omen for the next year. Wednesdays, we kept time with the College ROTC drills, and, as we fol- lowed Xenophon and the l0,000 Greeks to the sea, wished they, and their records, had never returned. Mr. Hebron told us the last of his sea stories, and Mr, Ososki took a step up the ladder from the College Frosh to coach Prep baseball and send out notice of spring practice for prospective gridders. The "Mardi Gras" dance kept up the social side of Prep activities, ll , - - 4 Shtrt J MtGuiness, S. Rosa. Second Row: J. Bandura, T. Trimarco, J. Mitchell, D. Purpi, J. Fitzpatrick , , ' , ' - - ' . . , 'W 2 s A Fr Q s z K i.: Top Row R. Tighe, T. Kiernan, K. Snyder, W. Morris, Quade, T. O'Brien, J. Woods. First Row: G. Aresi, F. Kiffer E Cristantello, R. Fitzgibbon, J. Murray, W. Mc- T. Dolan, T. Brennan. Absent: A. Coffey President Walter Morris Secretary Thomas O Brien Vice President Andrew Coffey Treasurer Kenneth Snyder and for both major dances the girls from St Catherines showed up en mane for dancing classes bent on making sure that all the Prep men knew how to lmdy and had a date too The May Talks were concluded on the Boat Ride which was the last trip to delightful Indian Point, where the Seniors again beat the Faculty on the beautiful, well-kept ballfield. The year came to a fine close when Fordham posted an outstanding mark in the final exams to lead the New York Province. JUNIOR YEAR When we happily returned to school, the news from the grapevine hinted of a new-look football team. After a few prolonged footbull sessions with our well-informed English teacher, we were assured of this fact. Chemistry Lab proved to be a big BANG to 3 B's young chem- - , , ists ln early November The Wolves howled in Collins while on Thanksgiving Day Mr Ososkis Rams rampaged ar Coffey Field in an I8 12 victory over the Xavier boys This marked the first undefeated season since the Prep was founded. Caesar, our first Principal, would have been most proud. Even though we were forbidden to wear our wooden shoes on the newly-consecrated Gym floor, we did re- ceive permission to dance on it from the Gym Guard, which made "Da Klompen Dans" most enjoyable. During this term many a Fordham "Bud" was planted by Mr. Hanish, our German school-gardener. While "Singing in the Rain," we accompanied our dates to the first junior dance. Mr. Fitzpatrick, SJ., the promoter of the Rose Hill Ice-Revue, led hi- .toupe to Central Park where "Gallant Gwendolyn" rescued the Fordham Gay Blades in their first venture on A-1 M ' 1 i sl A Duryea B. Canning, A. McHugh. Second Row: J. Bellantese, R. Salzman, Mr. J. Talbot, S.-I., D. Higgins, Top Row: J. Reilly, G. Sullivan, G. Ogren, R. Farrell L. McCoy, J. O'Connell, S. Keane, P. Posoli. Third Row , R. Ludwig, P. Buckley, M. O'Connor, J. Mulholland : W. Doughty. First Row: W. Galvin, W. Garrity J J. Sweeney, T. Schcller, W. Collins, A. Fiorella, E. Mel- Brown, G. O'Brien, Mr. L. Cascio, D. Mare, R Murtha lett, R. Mclntyrc, J. Lewis, T. Flanagan, J. De Stefano. Second Row: J. O'Connor, C. Cutrone, C. Campanella T. Savarese, T. Moriarty. President-Edwin Mellett Secretary-Robert Farrell Vice-Prerident-James O'Connell Treasurer-Gerald O'Brien thin ice Slowly but surely the term drew to 1 close and soon after we were breezmg through our midterm quizzes After listening to the windy Prep speakers for three consecutive years the Grand Tournament trophy retired to our trophy case Mr Sullnvans hoopsters continued the school s winning ways by copping the West chester Tournament trophy The vocationxl talks proved to be very profitable to the stu dents and there was quite a letdown after Mr Teuccis talk The end of April found Washington DC completely overwhelmed by the Preps first invasion of that historic city During the month of Mary we held out May talks and devotions on Edwards Parade Arab lan Nights was never so beautifully portrayed as on Rose Hull s oasis Hysterics again prevailed at the Senior Show Ivy ungle and at the end of May instead of dtsembarltmg at the reservation we sojourned farther up the Hud son to Bear Mountain One oddity which 'was completely unprecedented and probably will never be witnessed again was the Faculrys victory over the Varsity We reached the pm nacle of success by leading the Province for the second straight year This brought to a close one of the most successful years in Prep history SENIOR YEAR When the last 55 graduate had received his diploma we officially became Seniors However celved our Solid Gold Rings Because we were senile Seniors who were inconvemenced by stairs our offices were located on the first floor of Hughes Hall We were the matinee idols of the envious under classmen With great expectations we withdrew to the quiet . . . . Q I . . - r L ' i 4 'i ' ' ' ' , we didti't quite feel like Seniors until we re: l , i 6 .- , ... - ' v - . - ,R f ,A 1 . Q V Top Row E Hughes H Healy J Hefele T Comaclt P Held Fourth Row J Corcoran H McGoldrick T Dinan G Sior, J Stephens E McCarthy J Bertrand R Phillips D Riviello Third Row R Colonnell J Realini M Hayes K Reilly W Schmarje E Beleck Prexzdent Kevin Reilly Vzce Premient James Stephens halls of Gonzaga where the second great Re formation took place After three profitable days we returned to the concrete and asphalt jungle called New York. Our Ramlets provided us with another successful season. In early Nov- ember, a packed house witnessed poor Caesar "murdered" by the Dramatic Society, and a week later, there wasn't a vacancy at "The Swiss Chalet." With the German Club's "Weihnzichts- lieder" and our upperclassmen dance we began our Christmas vacation. The "room of many keys" was ollicially unlocked by Father Shea, l S.J. as a Christmas present. For our New Year's - i resolution we all resolved not to join Mr. Shea's 'l "forty-niners of l955." we succeeded, and we H all whipped through the mid-terms unscarred. Upon the return of the College Board marks, 4 if , M -f 3 'H-ee ,ft M s:?T'. 't R el ily' x D Dello Monaco, L Timpone Second Row K Bauer, A Pinto T Zanchelli A Tangredi J Baratta J Cal- houn J Mannix A Perrotta First Row M Mannarino J Whamond P Smith W Carr Mr R Hanish M. Dorligo R Tamberino E Arrieri J Hughes Treasurer Peter Smith we stealthily planned means to obtain them utquxquam Fulhlling our threat We shall re turn we agun invided the Capitol Father Talbot, S.J. spent two sleepless nights prevent- ing-potential AWOLS. ln April we danced under a Western setting at the A.C. dance, while I a week later the Senior Show was a "big joke," 1 to use a popular Prep saying. We cruised up the River for the last time, and a few days later our old nemesis, the Provinces, was added to our collection of triumphs at the Prep. The Command Performance of our four'act play under the direction of the Faculty was enacted at the University Gym, and the follow- ing evening at the Grand Finale we toasted to our success and future. Finally, ne curtain came l down. Q il l v i ni ' e L1 -, - '- ' , i .Six Q on llfllff U'll5 t rl UCLQFQH L R' f alll' 01' a I ...1Q..-Q. 5 ' ' 1g ,..- Lf THAT is all! 77 Even as they ambition the prestige and privileges of a senior, the students of the lower years are forming in themselves the same image of the true Prep man. From their earnest response to teaching and ex- ample springs their own genuine contribu- tion to the spirit and life of the school. mgercpabbmem 'X Top Row: K. Smith, G. Storck, J. Strong, T. Carroll, Second Row: E. Greene, H. Connolly, J. Collins, J. J. Boland. Fourth Row: E. Costello, R. McGovern, R. Reich, R. Schneider, J. Reilly. First Row: G. Bianchi, T. Ladau, J. Leonard, R. Carroll. Third Row: P. Turrise, Overhulse, A. Apicelli, Mr. M. Fitzpatrick, S.J., L. Reilly, M. Casey, J. Lane, W. Engels, A. Marotti, R. Nenninger. M. Moran, D. Retoske. Absent: E. McAnaney. . Larry just needed a little help. "ln case you were wondering, we are here." Prefident-Thomas Carroll Vice-Prefidem-Raymond McGovern Secretary-Edward MCAUHHQY Treamrer-Harold Connolly uwhat did they ask last yearw, Top Row: C. lnfosino, J. Kelly, L. Rissone, G. Cleary A. Ricbeschl, ll. Laubis, j. McCann, A. Preisser, J. Tuc- ciaronc. Third Row: R. Van de Kieft, R. Hourahan, R Frost, R. Ambcrger, T. Villamana, T. Cavey, G. Keane, D. Carrigan, R. Hames. Second Row: W. Duffy, R Hankc, R. Cryan, W. Schroeder, W. Takacs, V. Mancuso E. Gallagher, J. Power, J. Cregan, F. jonke. First Row T. Amrhein, D. Koch, W. Carroll, T. Healy, Mr. W Ward, SJ., G. Morton, P. Cerro, W. Skehan, R. Oswald 3B "Vater unser . . "White Chrisrmassn Prexideni-Robert Oswald Vice-PreJizlc'11t-William Skehfin Serrelary-Thomas Villam 1I'l"l H3505 UP Your homewofkv Treamrer-joseph McCann One of those days. Top Row: R. O'Connell M. Wilhelm . Hoe M. Mor s 1 J y ' reale. Fourth Row: J. David, C. Glennon, Ji Cerame, H. Slane, A. McBride, M. Perrin, W. La Monica, C Collins. Third Row: R. Shannon, J. Dertinger, R. Cori coran, D. Gorman, C. Keating, K. Doyle, D. Bates, P Ward, P. Funigiello. Second Row: T. Perrin, E. Fays R. Burns, V. Albrecht, J. Murphy, P. Colangelo, G. Low E. Markey. First Row: J. Mulholland, J. Cutney, P Byrne, P. Neuda, Mr. J. Stroud, SJ., T. Harrington W. Curran, W. Blewett, E. Burke. Absent: G. Hughes R. Iaia. The Big "5" meets again. "I thought I knew it." President-Paul Byrne Vice-Prexident-William La Monica Secretary-Edward Fays Trearurer-Harold Slane 9 rt anlczll-Ricllurd Timothy tt rt lalfj'-l.1lWfCI1CC Sterniolo 1 1 L, Top Row: E. Hogan, L. Sturniolo, W. Kloepfer, W. MC- Grath. Fourth Row: L. Fischer, j. Sullivan, J. Maguire, 'll jcnnings, R. Daly, D. Kelleher, K. Donoghue. Third Row: li. Perry, T. Burns, T. Murray, G. Rinn, R. Gor- man, M. Scarpclli, j. Kenny, J. Pero, L. Doyle. Second Row: B. Muller-Thym, R. Iachetta, P. Lutz, R. Reilly E. Lutz, J. Del Savio, B. O'Hare, W. Landry, W. Wein- crt. First Row: M. Englehardt, A. Russo, R. Timothy G. joiner, Mr. E. McHugh, J. Butitta, W. Brick, B Gehan, G. Quinn. Absent: E. Boucher, T. McKee. A late slip? What's that? nt l,fC',lfClL'77l-WLllIC'f McGrath 1L.1afm'r-'lhoinals Murray "And so yesterday . . . we re- ported at 8:30 A.M." This is basketball? Top Row: J. Ponzi, C. Delaney, T. Twomey. J. O'Brien Fourth Row: G. Lutz, W. Kroepke, K. Gazzola, R. Wurtz, R. Putlock, R. Wade, P. Travers. Third Row E. Ruggiero, W. Franklin, T. Krantz, T. Shea, B. Walsh, J. Weisman, J. Connelly, G. Clark. Second Row: R. Quinn, J. Tesar, M. Waters, D. Berberich, S. Crispinelli R. Gilbert, J. Wilson, J. Kirk, I. Plechavicius, E. Mc- Laughlin, J. McLoughlin. First Row: B. Meehan, R Crimi, R. Cotter, B. McGuire, V. Farina, Mr. J. Melican R. Dobeck, W. McKeon, T. Halloran, B. Mergardt. 3E Prexidem-Charles Delaney Treayurer-William Kroepke "Are you challenging me?" All students paying rapt attention . . . Fordham's answer to the teacher shortage Vice-Prefidevzt-Richard Mclntyre .S'w'rctf1ry-jcJscph Strchlc Top Row: l.. Manzionc, J. Strehle, J. Black, V. Lynch, j. llalpin. Fourth Row: J. Callaghan, P. Branca, R. ffahunita, li. Barton, P. Gelinas. Third Row: W. Cana van, lf. Donnelly, j. Walsh, P. Schneidcrs, A. Callaghan j. llotts, M. Hoag, P. Mongan. Second Row: J. Sullivan R. Uhrlass, G. Cantarella, D. Zink, R. Gilmartin R. Farrelly, F. Brunner, J. Rowan. First Row: Guire, R. Costanzo, G. Fegan, L. O'Brien, Mr. C. Perotti, D. Tevlin, J. Busa, L. Bolognese. V. Gray. I're.mlcnl-l'ctcr Gclinas Vice'-l're.uizlc'r1t-Willizlm Canzxvun TfL'zll'll7'L'f'l,LlIl'lClC Mongun "I can ring it anytime I want!" . G. Lee, A. Mc- J. Fox, Absent: E!-l J l ,mg 54,15 -' llc iust wants to do some cxtra reading. 85 He Cary! 1-eagh, I . 'I .. . . ' K 1' Top Row: P. Skiko, D. Lyons, J. Brubaker, R. Meehan, burger, A. Peraino, J. Dio Guardi, R. Curran, C. Lance- J. O'Keane. Fourth Row: R. Robbins, J. Melican, R. lot, E. Egan, J. Ontra, S. Hammond. First Row: E. Sar- Fitzgerald, M. Tully, J. Jordan, R. Conte. Third Row: tore, G. Annar, L. Stubenvoll, W. Brooks, Fr. G. Hoch, F. Sullivan, B. Gibbons, G. Campbell, T. Werdann, J. S.J., L. Ricciardi, J. O'Reilly, J. Scanlon, B. Higgins. Trautlein, C. Healy, T. Woods. Second Row: F. Ham- Up! Up! and in? Tackling the Eternal Triangle. Prefident-John Brubaker Vice-Prefident-Lawrence Ricciardi Secretary-Joseph Trautlein Treaxurer-Fredrick Hamburger , 7 I . Top Row: M. Quinn, C. Filipponc. R. Quigley. R. La Row: C. Butler, J. Freaney, E. Weisman, G. Koester, Fond. Fourth Row: R. Rosctti, S. Bizzari, P. Mendclis, A. Raia, J. Natali, J. Blenkle, J. Maloney. First Row: R. Salvatorelli, W. Gaines, Pardon, S. Amoretty. A. Ostuni, A. Macchia, H. Graf, J. Fitzpatrick, Fr. T. Third Row: A. Burke, W. Doyle, P. Johnson, V. Mur- Crowley, S.J., W. Smith, M. Takacs, J. Yepes, F. Murphy. ray, J. Comeau, J. Rytell, A. Spohr, V. Picarello. Second HC Ir's imperative! Interrupted Melody. The 2C Mite box! Prefident-William Gaines Vice-Prefident-Anthony Spohr Treaxurer-Peter Mendelis 87 Top Row: A. Tubertini, H. Lodes, J. Murtaugh, W. Savoy, M. Bakkenist, R. Conners. Fourth Row: C. De Maio, R. Renz, D. Angiello, J. Kilcullen, J. O'Keefe, E. Fischer, V. Zeoli. Third Row: E. Slattery, R. Curnen, J. Alloca, J. Kilgus, L. Booker, J. Toner, J. Colasante. Second Row: H. Richr, J. White, E. Smith, J..Nugem, J. Ingrassia, D. Campbell, J. Bayreuther, R. Bertrand, J. Hopkin. First Row: M. Egan, N. Marino, M. Naugh- ton, A. McKeon, Mr. F. Holbrook, J. Mottola, J. Lux, M. Glynn, R. Farrell. It's not that hard." It gets a little hard to read What did he say? Prefident-Michael Bakkenist Vice-Preyident-Anthony McKeon sometimes . I U Secretary-Arthur Tubertini Treafurer-John Kilcullen ,lLlflIC'U1' -Ronntltl cl1llCAlgIll Top Row: G. Manning, G. Freihcrg, R. DeFelice, P. Toomey. Fourth Row: j. Larkin, R. Sahatelli, j. Con- nors, li. Coffey, j. McTernan, G. Lash, C. Dekeyser. Third Row: R. Calcugni, -I. Hoffman, M. Conroy, N. Guarnicri, W. Murphy, F. Padrone, P. Daly. Second Row: T. Farley, J. Lyttle, R. Mallery, P. Gannon, T Fceley, F. Suozzi, -I. Denneen, A. Kirchner, D. Prisciotta First Row: G. Capozzo, L. Della Cava, A. Beedenbender M. McDonough, Fr. E. Hartnett, SJ., W. Doyle, W. Ray mond, P. Brule, J. Cosgrove. Absent: J. Krueger. I can't help it, l lost my trot." V144 PV!!lflltflll--'l.ll0lI111S Feelcy , S , . Somedays they wouldn't lift urcmry-l etcr Cmnnon a anger. lrmizzrw'-Williiini Raymond ,S ji! The new look in teaching Top Row: J. Viertl, B. Bott, J. Cowen, T. Finneran A. Pisani, C. Aybar. Third Row: M. Sawyer, H. English, R. Ambrose, W. O'Rourke, J. Tramantano, G. Poulos, C. Adams, P. MacI.aren. Second Row: A. La Mura, T. Delaney, J. Campion, H. O'Donnell, J. Keogh, G. Man- gan, J. Duffy, W. Collins, R. Cantales. First Row: T Hedgecock, E. Carroll, G. Heegan, J. Gibbons, Mr. A Kirchner, W. Bergin, W. McGarty, J. Morkan, B. Ra- hilly. Absent: J. Best. Premienz-Caesar Adams Vice-Prefidenl-Bruce Bott Secretary-William Bergin "ZS years ago they were Freshmen." 8:55 A.M.! 90 "Now dig this!" Top Row: J. Broderick, J. Barkaus, E. Brady, G. Pavar- O'Connell, R. La Bue, J. McGoldrick, D. Larkin, J ini, R. Forte, M. Collins. Third Row: P. Degen, J. Hor- Eagen, D. Keefe, E. Ventrice, J. Halligan, W. Wilkinson gan, J. Buckman, V. Buffa, R. De Santis, G. Artis, J. First Row: W. Frank, J. Jones, J. Foley, R. Kelly, Mr McSweeney, H. Zehner, P. Sheridan. Second Row: W. Sullivan, J. Duffy, F. Reysen, D. Cummings, R. Micheri Prefident-David Keefe Vice-Prefident-William Frank Treamrer-John Eagan Now let him go! 1 Who taught you Latin? 91 What goes up must come down. Top Row: M. Savage, K. Harper, J. McMahon, C. Dacey, A. Guida, J. Dolan, J. Carroll, C. Serra. First Row: C J. Larkin, T. Perdisatt, R. Higgins. Third Row: M. Lanzano, E. Curcio, P. Forney, H. Rivera, Mr. N. Hur- Thomas, J. Lopez, J. Jetzt, A. Laquidara, M. Kelly, J. ley, S.J., G. McLaughlin, R. Legeckis, K. Humphries O'C0nnell, J. O'Callaghan, B. Icobelli. Second Row: R. W. Jones. Scully, J. Lazzari, W.-Daly, W. McGee, R. D'Angelo, No more, please! Gee, my name isn'r there! Prefidem-John Jerzr Vice-Prexident-Richard Legeckis Secretary-Carl Lanzano Treamrer-Jose Lopez The Great Pretenders. f'fY'!'1w YIHVZHHY vi ri V W V W H .531 X Top Row: H. Sioka, F. McCallon, K. Burke, K. Voltz, M. Hair, A. Gonzalez. Third Row: W. Sabtini, R. Nich olls, C. Danker, F. Sweeney, F. Radl, M. Mullen F. Rear don, J. Tierney. Second Row: M. Foley, J. lilealy, R! Perrotta, M. Bozzone, E. Dempsey, A. Riccardi, T. Smith, - K. O'Sullivan, J. Acampora. First Row: M. Seckendorf, R. Scarpelli, J. Oriolo, D. Portfolio, Mr. Dullaghan, P. Bottiglieri, P. Brady, R. Carlton, W. Considine. Wake up, he's calling you!" Presto! Guess what time! Prefidem-Kenneth Burke Vice-Preficlwzt-john Acampori Treamref-Riclmard Scarpelli Top Row: J. Nuclerio, J. Miller, P. Joyce, O. Kehoe, Domas, J. Brunner, J. Fallon. First Row: F. Tubridy, W. Twohig, J. Wilstxn. Third Row: C. Grzanka, J. M. Wolfe, G. Doherty, R. Grassi, Mr. Pickett, S.J., E. liernnuer, J. Sweeney, F. Kirby, R. Sartore, H. Curley, Horgan, M. Garvey, J. Fay, K. Casper. Absent: R. Mc- W. Nihan, M. Conway. Second Row: J. McGirl, W. Loughlin, R. Pratt. Hardy, C. Lane, T. Maher, M. Ryan, J. Donohue, M. A huir-raiser! l'L',lfllL'lllvMlCllilCl Conway 'inc-I'rwiflwll-Robert Grussi "Whats the joke?" 'rem 141'4'r'-Willizitn Nilmn IF Divided attention Top Row: J. Fiorillo, R. Maher, J. Bolster, V. Taormina, L. Lalli, J. Holland. Third Row: J. Del Negro, J. Bar- rett, P. Philbin, J. Sweeney, T. Hubschman, A. Stan china, J. Cunningham, R. Hackett. Second Row: R. Ap- pleton, W. Caspary, R. Armbruster, D. O'Connor, B. McGrath, D. Cleary, G. Griffiths, R. Ferris, T. Imperato. First Row: J. McCarroll, J. Callahan, E. Li Volsi, C. Packowski, Mr. W. Herrmann, J. Phelan, C. Di Gio- vanni, K. McNally, R. Pregiato. IB Prerident-John Del Negro Vice-Prexident-John Cunningham Secretary-Raoul Ferris Treamrer-Richard Maher Mr. Herrmann adds a new touch to his teaching. x F 4 Taxation Without Representation. 96 'KWC PaSSCd!" THE HAY PUB US TDD? In an effort to develop into the "full man" whom Saint Ignatius envisioned, the Prep student participates in an extensive and varied extracurricular program while he furthers his spiritual, intellectual and social growth. United in a common effort under the One Great Leader, he strengthens his own character and helps enrich the daily lives of his classmates. c lvuieb Cusati, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Hughes, P. Smith. Fourth Row: SE lllll SUDALITY Back Row: M. Mikolainis, P. Frank, J. Kearney, L. Tim- pone, E. Dowling, M. Dennehy, D. Guidotti, T. Dinan Fifth Row: H. Staclelmann, J. Sheeran, R. McIntyre, R A. Bolmann, R. Burlinson, W. Franck, G. OiBrien, J. Realini, L. Kelly, H. Lambert, L. Aidala. Third Row H. Reese, T. Trimarco, K. McGovern, R. Callagy, G. Sullivan, A. Fiorella, B. Comaskey, J. McElligott. Second Row: M. Dorligo, W. McQuade, T. Kiernan, J. Hefele, J. Calhoun, K. Bauer, J. O'Connell, T. Douglas. First Row: D. Purpi, J. Barch, D. Higgins, T. Palmieri, S. Rosa, F. Gannon, D. Hughes. Kp is N Secretary Dowling, Prefect O'Brien, Moderator Mr. Fitz- patrick, S,J., Vice-Prefect Frank and Treasurer Calhoun plan the year's program. 100 Getting a warm reception! llur Weekly Visit lu Kennedy Hume Sodalists in combat. l ,, , Packing it in! E THIJLIII IITIU "Hey, they're pulling my leg!" Guidotti, Dennehy, Calhoun and Dinan Senior members of the Student Counselor's Commit- ICC. P. Lutz and T. Villamana keep Prep- men in good reading. G. Campbell, Vice-Prefectg A. Spohr, Prefectg Mr. E. Pickett, S.J., Modera- tor, M. Egan, Vice-Prefect. Front Row: M. Hoag, P. Gannon, J. Denneen, L. Ric- ciardi. Second Row: E. Barton, C. Perotti, M. Tully, J. O'Keane, P. Mongan. Third Row: V. Gray, F. Sullivan, J. Toner, G. Capozzo, G. Campbell. Fourth Row: D. Tevlin, R. Meehan, P.,Skiko, A. Spohr, J. Melican. Fifth Row: B. Gibbons, C. Healy, M. Takacs, R. Quig ley, P. Branca. Last Row: R. La Fond, R. Mallory, A Raia, R. Farrelly. Left Row: T. Brennan, H. Healey, J. McGuiness, Mr. J. Talbot S.J. Third Row: J. Dio Guardi, T. Feeley, J. Trautlein, M. Wil helm, T. Villamana, A. Callaghan. Second Row: J. Dertinger, V Conlan, G. Coffey, J. McCann, P. Gelinas, G. Fegan. Right Row L. Doyle, J. Mitchell, M. Tierney, J. Lane. PHUBATIIJN!-lHY SIQIPHIIMIIHE Seated: Left Row: W. Curran, A. Apicelli, T. Harrington, W. Duffy. Third Row: G. Quinn, J. Murphy, T. Carroll, J. Tuc- ciarone, A. Prcisser. Second Row: G. Clark, D. Berberich, M. Casey, C. Collins. First Row: P. Lutz, G. Bianchi, R. Schneider, li. Lutz. Standing: J. Maguire, J. O'Brien, E. Gallagher, R. Ladau, J. Strong, E. Greene, J. Leonard, A. Marotti, W. Weinert. JUNIUH FHESHMAN Mr. N. Hurley, S.J. discusses Sodality Rules with Vice-Prefects P. Lutz, R. Schneider, and Prefect J. Reilly. R. Grassi, Secretary, R. Strait, Vice- Prefectg Fr. G. Hoch, S.J., Moderator, C. Adams, Prefect. Front Row: K. Humphries, W. Twohig, J. Fay, J. Fallon G. Doherty, P. Maffei, R. Strait, B. Mitscherlich, P. Brooks, R. Lo Cascio, D. Heathwood, L. Lolli. Second Row: C. Grzanka, M. Domas, J. Brunner, W. Frank, W. Hardy, M. Conway, C. Adams, J. Charde, J. Hopkins, B. Rahilly, R. De Santis. Third Row: R. Sartore, F. Kirby, M. Collins, R. Grassi, W. Babilot, B. Carroll, R. Romer, E. Tucker, J. Kelly, G. McLoughlin, H. Ri- vera, R. De Laurentis. Fourth Row: W. Considine, D. O'Connor, J. Callaghan, W. O'Connell, R. Kelly, F. Radl, T. Hubschman, M. Wolfe, J. Gibbons, C. Lane, P. Degan, M. Kelly. Fifth Row: B. Cross, W. Wilkinson, J. Phelan, R. Armbruster, C. Danker. 9 Back Row: E. Egan, P. Lutz, G. Fegan, M. Egan, C. Lanzano, A. Marotti, F. Gannon, T. Douglas. Front Row: M. Bozzone, H. Rivera, j. Denneen, J. Reilly, J. Hop- K F nymlfi ix A kins, M. Hoag, P. Gelinas, B. Gibbons. ANETUAHY SIJIIIETY President J. Keane helps to vest Fr. Hennessy, S.J. for Mass. Ii.B.5. SHEHS Back Row: A. Tangredi, M. Mannarino, P. Skiko, V. Gray, D Tevlin, B. Gehan, M. Collins. Front Row: A. Spohr, A. McKeon G. Capozzo, A. Macchia, R. Kelly, R. Farrelly, W. Daly. L. to R.: L. Kelly, J. Realini, R. Callagy, S. Rosa, A. Fiorella, T. Brennan. Absent: J. Stephens. ,i 3 noi EY' 01's The weekly Mass in the Blue Chapel. Prepmen pray for success in their studies and activities U!-lllll nf HU UH EHUIH-ELEE III. B I'he Maestro, Mr. j. Stroud, S.j., leads the Glee Club. Third Row: J. llcegun, R. Higgins, M. Kelly, J. Fiorillo, j. Brown, L. Booker J. Mallery, j. Toner, R. Grassi, R. Scully. Second Row: J. Tesari l. Sahatelli, D. Guidotti, M. Dennehy, L. Timpone, T. Dinan l. Latlau, A. Pisani, W. Daly. First Row: A. Guida, T. Maher . Eagan, D. Larkin, R. Perrotta, H. Rivera. The Moderator gives a pointer to pianist Gui- dotti, as Secretary Dennehy and President Far- rell look on. 31512152 SWG' AT SPOTLITE 'tfigi' Page 2 Yol. T T YT DFT-JRITPTAMYTR-EPARATORY SDZOOIJ, iwiiw ,Tin ii Parents of Freshmen Junior Sodolity To ' . Meet Faculty Tonight Discuss Mystical Body SWISS Chalef 0n CUFUPUS, Tonight, October 28th, the parents of the Freshmen will meet their sons' teachers, thus getting this year's Parent-Teacher meetings un- der way. The Sophomore Parents' Night will be held on Monday, October 31st. The Junior and Seni- or Parents' Night will be held Nov- ember 7th. All meetings will be at 7:45 in Hughes Hall. The main purpose of these meet- ings is to acquaint the parents with their sons' teachers and to discuss ways and means to improve school work. A better understanding of the pupil by the teacher can also be gained. The pupil's shortcomings will be discussed not with the in- tent to embarass anyone but to help in his improvement and thus to find the best way for him to use all his talents. Every Monday the Junior Sodal- ity holds its weekly meeting. Mr. Hurley, S.J., has drawn up a pro- gram of talks to be given during the semester. These talks are divided into three topics, the first being the Mystical Body, the second, Worship and Liturgy, and the third, Social Apostleship. The Sodalists will visit various hospitals, exercis- ing and developing their socially directed ideas. As an intra-school activity, they are investigating the needs of the Prep and are interested particularly in upper-class reaction to important proposals. Asked for a quote which would describe the works of the Sodality most aptly, Mr. Hurley said "The Sodalists will strive, as best they can, to hand on their ideas to others," Caesar To Be Slain Again: Brutus Does Honors Nov. 4, 5 On November -llli and Sth, the Fordham Prep Drainatic Society under thc direction ol' Mr. Vaughn llccring will stage its 26th pro duction, Sliakcspc.irc's "Julius Caesar." hlr. Dccriiig. who has bccn coaching thc College plays .ind has himself been an actor in "Julius Caesar" is preparing owr fifty Prepincn for their roles in the classic Shake- Prep Housewarms Nov. ll A Member ' 1 on hack. drops fi Co-Editor J. Kearney, Assoc. Editor B. Merg- tl lo rl ardt and Co-Editor J. Fitzpatrick plan next issue Cl: ' 'rx' alionl that, since l'UI'Llll1lll'l is llflllglllg bwiwerlnntl to you on Nov. ll' .it the "Swiss Ch.ilet" Mission llince. This d.incc should he .is successful as any preceeding d.incc, lior in .addition to llill lXlcCartliy's Urclicstiui, .Mix llilhor, SJ., has .urmnued to have television backdrops from .1 major are Pai lives helping others in these pagan areas, it shouliln't be too much ulh strain for every I're-pster to nohly contribute four hours ol' his time at the dance, 8:30 to 121:io, to such strenuous tasks as dancing with the one-and-only in the smooth rhythm of a first-class band, and gliding around a floor, surrounded by con- vincing vistas of the snowy Alps. This combination of beautiful girl, soft rhythmic music, picturesque Om -crt , surroundings and romantic atmos- mg phere may require moral courage- to put up with, hut the true Prvpman will he willing to do anything for the benefit of so good gt cause, Skating Party Draws 140 Couples On Friday, October Zlst., the Prep sponsored a skating party at the Palace Skating Rink, Jerome Avenue at 191 St. The rink was rented exclusively for the Prepmen and their guests, the girls of St. Cathe- ing rine's. Jer, The idea of this party carrie from Brooklyn Prep, which ran several of them within the past year with great success. Top Row: L. Bolognese, J. McCann, D. Retoske, T. Douglas, J. Melican, J. Trautlein, H. Miller-Jones, R. Callagy, J. Strong, G. Keane. Middle Row: J. Pisani, T. Jennings, D. Tevlin, M. Casey, V. Gray, R. Nenninger, L. Timpone, K. Bauer, D. Purpi, W. Landry, J. McGuiness, J. Hughes, J. Sheeran, R. Gilbert, R. Cusati. Bottom Row: J. Rowan, R. Schneider, T. Pal- mieri, D. Higgins. Approximately 140 men from the Prep were present, while a large number of girls from St. Catherine's attended. That afternoon the rink lCont'd on page 21 Page 4 j. Sheeran writes feature - as others supply ideas? FORDHAM PREPARATORY SCHOOL, BRONX 58. N. Y. cake". the Oct. 28, 1955 l time for all troubled spirits :aking tliesc spirits are im' fllhl festivities had their ln earlier stages it picked ia, ollcring fruits and nuts ' crops so that the Romans lien they spent several days ly the forerunner of "trick llowe'en moved on to Scot- dess, the Scots fought off i was that on one night of ts roamed about the world that the spirits of darkness 'rc ol spooks and candle-lit 'Prepster' Abolished The word "l'repster" has been of- ficially abolished from the Rampart. ln a dramatic announcement by the Editors, it was revealed that this word would no longer appear in the school newspaper. Its place would be taken by reputable words, such as "Prep students", "l'repmen," etc. During recent years this disreput- able noun has crept into the vocab- ulary of Prepst . . ., er, Prepmen, to a dangerous extent. lts exact origin is unknown. However, most authorities agree that the most likely source is from the Latin. prepuni, a prison or dungeon, and steri, to be shackled or placed in chains. Anyone having further in- formation on this subject is asked to contact the Editors. Hic Est Enim Calix .... child:-:Z Tllll effort is living marlc to olrtain a clmlice and ostcnxorium in DUN-uk0s.,f keeping with tltc lwrnrty of the University Cliurcli. They are lu he a was Bum, pruvnurual to thcrpmt mul prlescnr slmlenls :md staff. ll! limes, families mu' Jr-wt-lry wlixcli is vm! living iiseil fllltl llicr wtmlzl lie nleased to hm? Urder in IUZSZ. 'lha-n the training began that nas to develop a man into a priest. lt was many years of unsclfish study and toil, but many happy years. Father spent the first phase of liis training at Werners- ville Novitiate in l'4-nnsylvania. After four years of study, hc be- gan Philosophy at West liaden, ln- fliana . Faith:-i' Griffin was awarded an A. M. in Classics by Loyola, Chicago, in 1940, and Canisius High School iii Buffalo soon received a touching scholastic in the person of Mr. 'fhonias l'l. Griffin, S.J. There he taught Latin, Greek, anal English. 'l'he niost blessed day of his life arrived when in NMS, after complet- ing three yr-ars of Theology at Woodstock 'l'heologatr', Thomas Grif- fin was ordained to the Holy Priest- hoorl. Father Griffin says that at the Prep he has been constantly plagued by "second place." As an active track inan,at Fordham Prep back in lfl28, when hr- ln-gan high school, ,....,.... .o. ...... .,..... ln the past few years, has been revived among lies in Boston, when have replaced Soul-cake Now that we have i school, it should be soaped windows, flat tir filled socks are below it in a. positive wayi a lowc'en thought on the nr-ar-saints who prof Church can do more go ing if the neighbors l tience ol' saints. SPOKTLITN fCont'd from pa The "little man" hz record of attendance at and is a Meistersinger an Club. Although he has no rf t about college yet, he has hopes of attending Villanova. Best of luck of gold. rl. Father si. piril with two years 'cmcndous 'irh that." iinders to mal flops. ontribute. nl has no ,,..--- 'REP nuct QIYF s S 5 5 i to tht- littlo "winamp" Gaines and Keane find flaws in Doug- las' article. f H I if iv 1 's ' Q 1 - 1 5 I . - 4, X' X lil 1 alll- M "1 5 'init , -g 14. wwvlw g t uivvmuvmr yi-nfl" ll X I A MADE ,fy '.k ' v, ,' rg-,,- fyvvxi Ll li' f H E R E By Leo Bolognese THE RAMPART Fordham Preparatory School NEW YORK ss, NEW YORK co EDITORS-IN-CHll'II" JIM KEARNEY st .nM FITZPATRICK l ASSOCIATE EDITOR . . BARRY MERGARIYI' News Staff: Joe Trautlein, Jim Hughes, Rob Gilbert, John Strong, Tom Gaines, Gerry Keane, Rob Callagy, John Sheersn, Jim Melican Sports Staff.: John Mcfluiness, Bill Landry, Hank Miller-Jones, Terry Doug- lor the Pat Boone. 1.5, ,hm M,-Humor, Hlc U - Pm B""?L'N Photographers: Bill Landry, Paul Byrne, Dick Corcoran, Bill Schneider ment Moderators make last minute check 'HW' r""1'- Arlwlr L00 H0101-tneee VYl"',l' of copy. 'ik fifmiiifl Typists: Tom Palmieri, Len Timpone, Karl Bauer, Joe Piaani, Dan Tet-lin SWF 10' Business Manager: Tom Palmieri - Asst. Dave Higgins The H!-K EIN Maqa ine Xx N As the deadline approaches . . . Back Row: J. Jetzt, E. Greene, R. Mc Imyre, A. Marotri, J. Strong, J. Meli can, R. Ladau, V. Picarello, M. Do mas. Front Row: L. Timpone, Mr. W Ward, SJ., E. Hughes, Mr. N. Hurley, S.-I., P. Held. i IQ They worked through the night. UHATUHY M FIRST SEMESTER Omtory and Debate Team Pfizer Debating .................................... First and Second Place Extcmpore and Declamation ............... Second Place Dramatics and Freshman Oratory ...... Third Place Extempore and Original Oratory ............ First Place Qflhaminade Tourneyj Second Place Fr. Boyle coaches Freshman Oratory winners Fil? R. Phillips brings home another trophy. Successful Prep Speakers: M. Tully, J. Trautlein, P. Skiko, M. Dorligo, J. Sheeran, D. Higgins, j. Fallon, R. Phillips, J. Butitta. PIU - DEHATINB ,..fv,., - . M.. '5"'f'7""ff2-'.1'f'i . T Mag- - : ,I I ,iii Left Row: J. Trautlein, J. Dio Guardi, J. Strong, W. 54' Brick, E. Greene. Middle Row: J. Freaney, J. Melican, wx I." I g s" P. Skiko, W. Duffy, A. Marotti. Right Row: R. Farrelly, 'N' -' M. Tully, J. O'Keane, J. Butitta, R. Ladau. Ir was a BIG trophy this time. Standing: J. Calhoun, J. Strong, R Burlinson, B. Comaskey, K. McGov ern, R. Callagy, D. Higgins W Col lins, J. McE1ligorr. Seated: Illertzj man, Vice-Presidentg M. Dorligo, Sec- retaryg P. Frank, Presidentg J. Shee- ran, Treasurer. X1 rotti, Comaskey, Burlinson, Sheeran, and Harvey Hertzman briefs Sophomores. ,gins prepare for a tournament. r' f i Mike Dorligo, Chairman of Student Forum. sh debaters get some hints from veteran Mclilligott cross-questions Calhoun as Collins, nl Frank. P Strong and Callagy wait their turns. DEBATING .--"" M V First Row: W. Babilot, D. Keefc, J. Fallon, J. Armbruster, P. Maffei, J. Buck- man. Second Row: V. Taormina, T. Imperato, H. Rivera, D. Reilly, J. Charde, R. Strait. Third Row: R. Appleton, J. Duffy, C. Lane, R. De Santis, S. Mc- Gcady, J. Carroll. Fourth Row: A. Stanchina, J. Hopkins, J. Lazzari, G Pavarini, B. Cross. Fifth Row: Fr. F. Fahey, S.J., G. Doherty, W. Reidy. 'l'l1 The Dramatic Snlziet presents Back Row: W. La Monica, R. Daly, T. Healy, T. Twomey, R. Hourahan, P. Gelinas, P. Skiko, T. Dolan, R. Colonnell, W. Curran, P. Ward, R. Salvatorelli, W. Duffy, J. Hoey. Front Row: E. Hogan, D. Higgins, J. Butitta, R. Ladau, R. McIntyre, J. Pero, R. Tighe, R. Phillips, H. Hertzman, T. Jennings, P. Branca. Vice-President Stage Manager A, ,MQ ,I , .. Z ,, 4. D ci. ... f i r 'M gi i f-fi K' f 3' P giiaffsg 5 . ' f' .g 321 w gig I 'P ,E H. Sradelmann X X J. Mclilligort Prexident K Q D. Higgins Sec.-Treas. ,,,, J 1 E Q.. 5' ii M . Ii J E2 . . A 2 fi T. Palmieri gil l Production Mgr R. Wade X. Producer 6 Moderator Y 7 7 The CUT-UPS: Background: Stadelmann, McElligott, Takacs Foreground: Tucciarone, Morton, Preisser. Fr. J. Leonard, SJ. l Stage hands: V. Farina, H. Stadelmann, P. Travers, and G. Morton wait for R. Wade's signal. Business Staff: Standing: E. Greene, A. Apicelli, T. Dolan, M. Dennehy, J. Strong, M. Giorgio, R. Callagy, T. Dinan, D. Gui- dotti, L. Doyle, R. Schneider. Seated: P. Frank, T. Kiernan, T. Palmieri. L. Timoone. R. Burlinson. As.v't. Moderator Mr. J. Hamilton, SJ. ST UE T IIIJUNIIIL Standing: H. Healey, T. Brennan, P. Frank, T. Douglas. Seated: First Row: E. Mel- lctt, T. Trimarco, P. Byrne, R. Timothy. Second Row: K. Reilly, J. Kearney, J. Bru- baker, W. Morris. Third Row: T. Carroll, W. Gaines, W. Marrin, K. Burke. Fourth Row: R. Oswald, D. Keefe, J. Jetzt. Back Row: M. Conway, J. Del Negro, C. De- laney. Absent: P. Gelinas, M. Bakkenist, R. Calcagni, C. Adams, J. Stephens. Enunlzil nf Discipline Left Row: T. Brennan, E. Mellett, T. Douglas G. Adami. Middle Row: A. McHugh, J. O'Con- nell, E. Hughes, H. Hertzman. Right Row: J Afionian, W. Morris, E. Meany, J. Kearney. Library Staff T. Dolan, G. Glennon, T. Harrington, J. Lane, J. Jetzt, J. Strong. H5 Seated: Left Row: R. Cusati, T. Douglas, P. Frank, J. McElligott. Second Row: J. Fitzpatrick, M. Dennehy, M. Mikolainis, W. Franck, J. Kenney, G. Adami, M. Tierney. Third Row: E. 'Dowl- ng, R. Burlinson, T. Shea, M. Lackey, R. Kraig, J. Afionian, V. Ionian. Fourth Row: T. Maginnis, J. Kearney, R. Cagan, J. Mc- Suiness, R. Callagy, D. Purpi. Standing: K. McGovern, H. Reese, L. Kelly, T. Bowes, T. Trimarco, V. Pastore, F. Gradt, H. Stadel- nann, H. Miller-Jones, T. Palmieri, J. Keane. Physi Left Row: T. Kiernan, J. Calhoun, P. Held, R. McIntyre, Smith. Second Row: M. Dorligo, G. O'Brien, T. Brennan, . Fitzgibbon, T. Comack, G. Adami, R. Salzman. Third Row: l Healey, T. Dinan, W. Schmarje, M. Giorgio, J. Realini, B. Can ing, W. Carr. Fourth Row: K. Bauer, L. Timpone, J. Woods, 1 Aresi, D. Higgins, J. Hughes. Standing: A. Duryea, A. Mel-iugli cs Eluh Virqil Academy "Sunt lacrimae rerum" -- you ask Bolmann, Dowling, Mikolainis or Mr. Talbot, S.J. what it means! Chess liluh Hallin liluh Standing: J. Jetzt, G. McLaughlin, M. Kelly, R. Higgins, J. Laz- E. Sartore, J. Jetzt, G. Bianchi, C. Glennon, G. Manning, zari, C. Lanzano, J. Strong, J. Fay, M. Domas, J. Bernauer, J. Strong, F. Brunner, D. Mallery, J. Reich. Fallon. Seated: C. Glennon, R. Cagan, M. Giorgio, President, A. Bolmann. PUSTEH EL B ML.. L. Bolognese, R. Mclntyre, M. Dorligo, D. Higgins, T. Villamana, T. Dolap, K. Bauer, R. Cusati get a criticism of their work from President A. Bolmann. AMER ELiB R. Ncnningcr, R. Schneider and R. Pictures coming off the dryer - M. Corcoran print their 1000rh photo. Casey and T. Overhulse inspect their 117 WO1'k. AMB 1 3 T, Pa m . - Smaff15ea'1qcElhS0"' Edlioflal las, J' . .11 D005 ing- Editors J. Realini and W. Collins and Moderator Mr F. . . . . 118 itzpatrick, SJ. straighten out picture problems. Stand' sheefan- . n, 3. emma R- Bufhsrl? Caff- . 3,11 Fl Cusatl, co, . d W Franck, TiT:'elx2gI Mglntyre, V. Pastore, J. McGuiness, D. Purpi, V. Conlan, E. Dowl ing, and P. Smith insuring sports coverage. YE ...J Another part of Editorial Staff: Seated: H. M'll r-j 312351. Slianding: M. Mikolainis, j. Calhoun I G ones . ran . HHBUUH , W. CoU'ns, B. C , T. Dinan, M. Tierzi om askey, H. Hertz- ey, R. Callagy, G. Adami, K. nv . ' A, Bolnjan fan, E plganl- R' L0rC0 1-, ,C..Scy, l PhnroK'aP3y Smndlf1f-7- M . Q., Arr 21f11MLr.P. Hd ' auslntuw l. css f-y . Huw' iaUU" if-I e! ould agre ' rs never C Moderator and edxto Ncnflingcr' lsfs. R' . Ovgrhu Qdcf. 'I' 1. Schni' 119 The Prep student not only distinguishes himself in the classroom but on the far flung sport fields of the Prep. Here he improves his physical powers and heightens his com- petitive spirit as he learns needed self-con- trol, sportsmanship and teamwork. Here too, the captains fire the players' spirit and organize their efforts while they lead their teams to victory. l lQpe.lices FIJIQITB LI. jack Kenny Tony calls the play Ed Mellett ? Steve Amoretty Tony Fio Jim O'Connell Willy Galvin Buzzy Morris Tom Brennan 122 Jim Kelly Ed Riebesehl Dave Dello Monaco Dick La Fond Bert McHugh i -N- Werner Kloepfer Starting Lineup: Linemen: Hea- ley, Dello Monaco, Galvin, Mellen, Garriry, Kelly, O'Con- nell. Backs: Oswald, Brennan, Fiorella, Amoretty. Hank Healey Captain Bill Garrity Bob Oswald . 5k 1 M Back Row: J. Kilgus, M. Hair, J. Cerame, S. Amoretty, R. La Fond, R. Rosetti, A. Tubertini, J. Trautlein, J. Strehle, H. Slane, R. Oswald, E. Perry, F. Jonke. Middle Row: R. Timothy, Mgr., R. Putlock, C. Grzanka, M. Conway, W. McGrath, J. Kenny, J. Kelly, W. Kloepfer, Coach Joe Ososki explains the "26 Drive." T. Krantz, W. Galvin, G. Clark, R. Calcagni, W. Skehan. Front Row: A. Fiorella, A. McHugh, H. Healey, W. Morris, T. Brennan, W. Galvin, E. Mellett, D. Dello Monaco, J. O'Connell, G. Sullivan, W. Krantz. Absent: A. Coffey, T. McKee, E. Riebesehl, D. Kelleher. THE 1955 SEASON E E rr In the Prep's second year under the guid- ance of Coach Joe Ososki, their winning streak of nine games was increased to ten if in the Alumni game before it was snapped by a heavy and powerful Brooklyn Prep ggi eleven. Despite injuries to Coffey, Brennan and Morris, the Prep ran up a streak of five games as they passed and drove over Mon- roe, Cardinal Farley, La Salle, Blessed Sacra- ment and St. Agnes. With a 6-1 record the 12235 . . f Prep anxiously looked forward to their toughest game of the season. Against Xavier gig the fast-improving Prep line turned in its i peak performance. Still the powerful Kaydets l get were not to be stopped, as they swept to a 20-6 victory. The year was highlighted by . the development of a strong line, spear- 55 headed by the outstanding playing of Cap- .. l. L, 2 tain Garrity, Healey and Riebesehl. Besides as a F his aggressive defensive play, Tony Fiorella proved himself an excellent runner as well as a fine T-formation quarterback. The team's leading ground-gainer, Bob Oswald, often brought the crowd to its feet by his fleet and deceptive runs through the oppon- ent's line. When not hampered by injury, Tom Brennan was the man who plunged for those last needed yards. The hard running of Steve Amoretty and the consistently fine line-backing of Bert McHugh were the extra features in our backfield play which ensured another successful season. W., . ag HHDHAM PREP-19 LUMNI-ll The 1955 edition of Fordham ep's football team opened its tson with a 19-0 win over the umni. The Rami were sparked Oswald'si18-yard cruise into pay- rt and two Fiorella passes to ealy and Brennan for touchdowns. orris made good one of three con- rsions. The Prep Varsity out-ran .d out-defensed the seasoned re- rnees. wald brought down :er long gain. Tony sweeps left end. ns is as far as you go! llli' agp' -' ', f, . -- rf , ' Oswald snags pass all alone . . . BHIJIIHLYN PREP-13 FUHHHAM PREP-1-7 9i'ligv.,g4. . . Fordharrfs Rams suffered their first defeat in two seasons at the hands of a Heet-footed. Brooklyn Prep team before a 'large crowd. The lone Prep tally was registered by Tom Brennan on a two-yard plunge in the opening quarter. Buzzy Morris made the extra point. Late in the second period Andy Coffey suffered a badly sprained ankle dimming the future hopes of the Rams. 'J ri! QSriQ'5-llfiz' fin ff? Alumni stopped cold. FllHllHZllVIwPHEP-li Mnitmllla-n B -- Due to the brilliant quagterback- ing of Tony Fiorella and ruining of Bob Oswald, the Rams ilefeated Monroe 12-0 inpMonroe,3' "Dust Bowl." Fiorellpi scored his first touchdown ofthe season on a three- yard plunge and the scoring was capped early in the third period on Steve Amoretty's first varsity T.D. The hefty Ram line spearheaded by Captain Garrity twice contained the Monroe onslaught on their four- inch line. Bringing the ball out of danger. Hank Healey ready to pull in a long one. FIJHIIHAM PREP-111 LA 51-lLLE lVI.!-l.- Thqrrlvrafbaii iii5iif6atsw,,, win number four bygupsettinithe highly favoredggadgts 14- on the losgaffslhomes iorelgla btirlgegfgavefrfzsftme initial nam core'He then fii to S , PP? l-Ianlq Healey for thefigjxtra pointer gal- loped from the twelve-yfilrclifiltine in the third quarter, and Tony ploughed over with the extra point. The Rarnlets' tight defense then held OE a determined last minute drive by La Salle. 7 FUHIJHAM PREP-14 Ilfllllllllllfll. FAHLEY-U The Ososkimen registered their third shutout a of the season assfrtbgifgeifeated the upstate,,aC isli14-0. Thisypygf was Oswafdiswday of glory asf he scarnpfred for a 55-yard' touchdqivn early thewgmrd quarrer,?QwMHm6 s pass for the exiiiifwfbint. Late in the 4th period, Fiorella bar- relled through the Farley de- fense for 25 yards and the Prep's second touchdown. La- Fond carried for the extra point. Bert McHugh breaks away. Hank cross-cuts for a last-minute pass. Tony goes up and over lob Oswald Sprints all the way gain. PUTHDHAM PREP-4u BLESSED SAIZHEMBNT climax the Prepmen's success. Brennan breaks the vicious circ The men of' awhitewashed the luckless Cardiigaisiibof New Roefiflle 40 0 The Maroonfdefense remained gd through out the loifsided contest, e Cardinals never appr pimated iii' The Preps six scores cami3'i?iWTUfis by Brennan, Fiorella and Oswald, Amoretty's two breakaway dashes, and a Fiorella to Healey aerial to .11 ' fmt' Q' "V ' H' XJJW ' , Us Rf: cc. 'f " ln Tv'Q ,Q f 'YAa"5V'sl Q-1453 4 R- 'FN - .L 'WW 4' idffw' V A ' f pgs 5- mi A 5,1 v ,un-K, V0 , K . .- ff,-4251 V -,if 'gk pq' Ralf- .Nagar 'Q Y X I xx. K. V t I - r ' I' 'A H, e' . V' HL -?2x.+:'1 W J s.- H,-4'-' 4ffM1f,fgn,-7 ,-Ugg, 4' ' ,i 1 1 .4 1 'Hunt .F-1' - :wwf .1 A F 1,,,,f:3,q4:r,! wg - I Q , AQ 1 vu if -ls if .J s 4 L , .-wg,-.-u q-ga--uu4as ,1 . . ,+A .4 .wg AN' I . I' t F I 1 f ., 4 1, I fun, 1 ff . f 7' I. MA . .F nk , " 1 '. F 1 4' . 'fad I . 'Who . . sg, v . ig 'Q 1, if Q r UNIIJHJV Hsin PUUTBALL Fordham punts on fourth down. w . ,Q ' f'6'f"'1' VW, V. . V. Back Row: V. Gray, E. Brady, R. Renz, R. Quigley, J. Collins, J. Naclerio, E. Pardon. Middle Row: J. Barkaus, P. Brule, L. Bolognese, J. Del Negro, A. Burke, A. Keller, J. Burke, W. Twohig. Front Row: J. Lyttle, L. Stubenvoll, J. McGirl, F. Brunner, J. Phelan, M. Mc- Donough, J. Kelly, M. Egan. V HSITY B SHETH LL Back Row: R. McGovern, L. Manzione, j. Stephens, L. Sturniolo, j. Brubaker, T. Whelan. Front Row: j. Power, D. Walsh, J. Cregan, W. Canavan, M. Scarlgelli. Coach J. Sullivan. Coach Sullivan leads team in prayer for victory. Mr. Sullivan, in his second year as coach of varsity basketball at the Prep, was forced to settle for a .500 season, splitting 22 games. The fiery mentor was hampered in his eHforts by the sparse supply of seasoned and proven players. The team, how- ever, gradually attained the full confidence of a varsity five, and often electrified its rooters by its spirited rallies. A really eye-opening performance was turned in by the team's leading scorer Don Walsh, a Sophomore, when he blazed 50 markers through the nets at Xavier in a losing cause. Of course the team's zenith was reached when the Ramlets lashed back at Xavier in their final home game and defeated the Kaydets 62-61 in a five minute overtime period. Everyone went home hoarse for the second time that week. For this upset was preceded by the Prep's stunning victory over Regis on the night the Senior and junior Booster clubs went into full swing. Against a back- ground of "hats" and straining faces, Larry Manzione banged in a jumper with two seconds remaining to hand the Red Raiders a 55-51 setback. No one will forget Ray McGovern's work-horse efforts in the Mt. St. Michael's series and his hustling play all season. Despite some illness, playmaker and Co-Captain Tom Whelan played an outstanding floor game and frequently hit with his deadly set-shots. The team's ace rebounder, Co-Captain jim Stephens turned in many sparkling performances before be- ing sidelined by a broken ankle with six games to go. Most memorable was his 14-point first quarter splurge against La Salle M.A. It was only a great team effort and air-tight defense which humbled the unbeaten Scranton five 42-38. A fine first half against the Mount in the Westchester County Championships was the closest our young team could come in continuing their late-season successes. I o Lapmm Tom Whelan The Party s gettmg rough! VARSITY SCORING TOTALS Pts. 328 250 228 134 108 87 75 Avg. 14.9 1 1.4 14.3 6.7 4.9 4.4 4.7 f, W2 R l - X! 1 L Q Ni 5,1 K is I Nv u.f Q 1 -J Qi, A W ,., W, ...., , WN M NA, A Sw ,iv-""W M' 2 iv of 'L .l., ff? ff X Qi x I FHESHM N B SHETB LL Barrett in close for an easy two-pointer. The barnstorming Freshman team successfully completed a gruelling 27-game schedule with I4 wins. They more than offset a serious height disadvantage by their hustling spirit, their fast and well co-ordinated attack and varied defenses. Half of the games were decided in the hnal minute, live of them by l point. The features of the season were the llrooklyn Prep rally M2-412, the St. Agnes Std quarter Q25 pts.D, the two Xavier wins 149-44, 52-469, the high-scoring Regis games C62-58g 60-412, the BS. upset 649-462, Stepinac thriller C48-47D and the Kennedy spree 170-607. liven in losing, the team surprised powerful hdanhatnui and hdount and alniost upset llayes C50-559. Clul Lanzano, who paced the scorers with 299 pts. mostly from the pivot spot,,also excelled in rebounding. Captain liill Frank, besides being a tireless ball- hawk and setting up his mates with deft passes, poured in 253 pts. Rich Scarpelli showed a hne jump shot and led the fast break to score 222. jim l5arrett's smooth hall-handling and feeding was matched by a slick set shot and jump, as he netted 193. Bruce Bott steadily improved as a rebounder and scorer from outside and underneath, ending up with 186 pts. Under the tutelage of Mr. Fitzpatrick, SJ., these five became a well- balanced unit which will continue to play exciting and winning basketball for Fordham. The reserves also deserve much praise for the team's success, especially jim McMahon and Bill Collins for their "clutch" playing. Lanzano scores on his favorite left handed hook. Back Row: J. Barrett, C. Lanzano, R. Maher, G. Pavarini, J. McMahon, B. Bott, J. Buckman, Mr. M. Fitzpatrick, SJ., Coach. Front Row: R. Scarpelli, J. Tierney, J. Acampora, W. Frank, Capt., M. Bozzone, R. Lo Cascio, W. Collins. ENIORS: J. Mitchell, R. Ludwig, D. Hughes, F. Gradt, A. McHugh, F. rannon, S. Rosa, V. Pastore, L. Kelly. The track team, under the inimitable coaching of Mr. Fox, turned in another splendid season even though handi- capped with injuries. Several school records were cracked open by the "Foxmen" this indoor season. Among them was the 1,000 yard run when Tom Carroll captured second place in the National Interscholastic Championships, while Ray Finneran broke the Freshmen shotput record and Don- ald O'Connor the Freshmen mile. The B.M.W. Champion- ship saw the always powerful junior-Midget team run 05 with the second place trophy. Another triumph came X1 ff, , is 1 JUNIORS: Back Row: T. McKee, L. Doyle, G. Rinn, W. Curran, A. Apicelli, J. Murphy, j. Cerame. Middle Row: J. Cutney, F. Jonke, W. Landry, D. Berberich, L. Reilly, B. McGuire, M. Waters, J. Kelly. Front Row J. Maguire, Mgr., E. Markey, J. Weisman, J. Leonard, L. Rissone, T Carroll. .f 'hx' ' 'nf Q- Our Track Captains: Sal Rosa and Dave Hughes. ... ' 172' Coach Fox notes the time as he puts squad through "time trials." SOPHOMORES: Back Row: M. Takacs, D. Angiello, M. Bakkenist, I Toomey, F. Donnelly, P. Schneiders, J. Halpin. Middle Row: P. Gannol J. Denneen, J. Maloney, A. Kirchner, H. Richt, M. Conroy, R. La Font Front Row: M.,Hoag, J. Ontra, R. Costanzo, P. Mongan, N. Guernier R. Uhrlass. when Tom Carroll captured the 880 yard run in the C.H.S.A.A. Championships setting another school record. Again the Junior-Midgets were victorious as they retired the second place trophy in the C.H.S.A.A. Championships at the Garden by breaking city records in the Sub-Midget and Midget Relays. According to the outlook and general appearance of the team, the outdoor season again will see the Prep's track squad, with the help of such runners as Dave Hughes, Sal Rosa and others, prove itself as one of the city powers. FRESHMEN: Back Row: B. Rahilly, J. Fay, W. Considine, J. Miller, ' Finneran, K. Voltz, M. Conway, R. Grassi, J. Bernauer. Middle Row: l McKenna, R. Ferris, J. Donohue, R. Kelly, M. Ryan, M. Domas, 1 Griffiths, J. Eagen, T. Carrillo, D. O'Connor. Front Row: J. Tramontan J. Callahan, D. Cleary, K. Burke, V. Bulfa, A. Keller, B. Mitscherich. Uhrlass pours it on in the Midget Relay. Doyle leads the chain gang. O'Connor and Ryan about to finish off a neat stick-pass to break the C.H.S.A.A. Sub-Midget rec- ord at the Garden. . 1: .aw A '- 'I36 Kirchner hands off an early lead to O'Connor. Weisman passes oif to Gannon in the six lap relay at the Prep Relays. R I ,,,,., 1 fig". , "'fF'fit',l-'- S: . A . ' h line- Click sneaks to che fmls and PHsug2f"b"'a'f0'1, Mu h gunna! 'P .Y ' H! Qgt.i,s Pikz Berberich and Rinn warm up on a cold day. 'P' their workout seriously. Winning stick Pass' Carroll holds off his oppon- ent in the Two Mile Relay. bw:- .,.., if v Rissone and the boys take Ryan and Landry 36' 05 a EHUS5 J. Mitchell, T. Carroll, D. Berberich, D. Hughes, J. Maloney, A Apicelli, F. Gradt, G, Rinn. J. Halpin, L. Rissone, J. Weisman, J. Ontra, F. Donnelly, D. Angi- ello, J. Denneen, M. Waters, J. Leonard, A. Kirchner, J. Murphy, L. Reilly, P. Mongan, R. Uhrlass, F. Gannon, L. Doyle, H. Richt, V. Pastore, M. Hoag, P. Toomey, S. Rosa. V. Buffa, R. Kelly, J. Callahan, B. Mitscherlich, R. Considine, R. Grassi, M. Domas, J. Eagen, J. Donohue, D. O'Connor, G. Gridiths. Captain Frank "Pee Wee" Grad! can-ou tries To hold his eal'lY lead. Dave Hughes, who set a new cross-country record. O'Connor wins Frosh race. Berberich sets the pace. Mitchell and Rinn near Hnish line. ,Y-af' 4 w Q :Y k I ' fx 5471, A ix. gf J?" , r QV. 'U ' F, ,e:" A -Wray ' Wmrfwmw, ,eva ' av WQVRGEKW9 ,,,,, A Q .5 2 . ,gs-W Q? 'Qi' ,W 4.-my gf -W -, I f-5 C0960 E. wa' T' gxxgia s-W' Gallons' - . I - .4 X go M' - " ' S swag' P Q. 'V 5 Gxbbon l 1 Q 3 SAW! am Co-Captains P. Smith, F. O'Bricn. Brennan, P. Gclinas, T. Comack. Y XJBQI1 cisoxwao' Backstrokers: E. Lutz, J. McCann, J. Sullivan, E. Mc- Ananey. Y . Y . Bianca' Breasrsrrokers: E. Dowling J. Hughes. I. Medley Relay: J. Sullivan comes in as Hughes gets set to gog Dowling and Smith wait third and fourth legs SWIMMING The Swimming Team this year had a .500 season. The Swimming powers of the city found the Prep a rough opponent but nevertheless managed to squeeze out some close meets. The Prep meanwhile defeated all of the teams in its own class and made a favorable showing in the City Championships and the Private School Championships. Outstanding among the ac- complishments were the individual showings of Frank O'Brien in the 100 yard freestyle and jay McCann in the 100 yard backstroke. J. McCann and F. O'Brxen discuss victories. J. Whamond, J. Bandura, I.. Ris- sonc, R. Van de Kieft, and W. Engels taking early spring warm-up. Captain Bill Garrity set to give it a ride! Back Row: M. Scarpelli, F. Bellantese, W. Engels, R. Van de Kieft, K. Gaz- zola, L. Rissone, J. Whamond, -J. Ban dura, Mr. J. Ososki, Coach. Front Row E. Riebesehl W Garrit P. B rne T. 3 ' yi y 7 Shea, J. Pisani, J. Pero, P. Certo, A Tangredi. ' f'.f'rL'.l1' ' ' vt 5- 459. lr... .if A ill. Y. W. .M ,. -x 4 ,. , .4 'V ' 1 .. V . A ' - I Q ' . 'l ':.,',, 'u ,, 5 an ' .,i--'- aiu . 5 , I Us 1-fy:- -, 4 A s , in, ,, .,.'g-,- .1 , .Jr I ,Q g, , :,,p,gij-.,-- J, . , Q I '.f.., -' A. P, git.- '- ' -. " 7':-:wg 3 , 5. 41V 'gh r ,gm -,:2:,.::,-u ff' . - " FTW if Pitcher Ed Riebesehl ready for another big season. 'frm arsil Baseball Frank Bellantese sets the target. Pete Cerro stretches for the toss. TE Varsity Coach Mr. John J. Rooney Co-Captain Vin Conlan arsil Back Row: W. Marrin. Second Row: W. Curran, V. Con- lan, H. Connolly. First Row: W. Landry, R. Pratt, D. Gorman. 144 Our leading doubles team: Hank Connolly and Denny Gorman. IS Juninr arsil . . . Back Row: E. Barton, J. Miller, W G. Lee. . . . Freshman Back Row: R. Legeckis, W. Marrin, J. Miller, M. Savage, R. Grassi, J. Fay, W. Frank, Mr. W. Herrmann. Front Row: H. O'Donnell, E. Tucker, T. Carrillo, W. Babilot, P. Cucchi, H. Zehner, D. Heathwood, C. Lane. 145 Marrin, J. Strong, C. DeMaio, C. Glen- non, J. Lane, B. Gibbons, Mr. W. Herr- mann. Front Row: R. Pratt, D. Zink, G. Cantarella, C. Lancelot, J. Fay, W. Frank, T. Harrington, H. O'Donnell, 1HLE'llll -7'-P , SJ.. U' "" 115, 1' " ' . Row: MY' J' iilpoli. Healey' Ellglleml' W' 3222221 Bilzkmi H- McGglldEhrtl1Y W' Castle Reaum, M6'Connell, a Q c ' e , ' - . - gl Sullivan, . Corcoran. ltlxlor' Front Ring W, Galvm. . . 5 O 0 Me dl ROW J- h, E- ??f..f.0:1an2.Jaex:z.., MCM H. Stade ma ' CDU EIL Standjn , T. Zan E' Firzgibb Trimargoelg' S- Rosa, rg' Lackey D , Afmet- '. - Smith, F ' anmng ' -.Huggins IC Drrecfol. . Bellzmte 1 M. Glor . , T. Kie . se, Seated. 1510, F, Gannon-nan ' ns T r. T, Grimm, SJ, Basketball Managers: J.V., L. Bologneseg Vars., R. O'Connellg Frosh, W. Bergin. Cheer- leaders: J. McElligott, P. Frank, A. Preisser. Absent: E. Dowl- ing. RIFLE TEAM Top Row: P. johnson, G. Lash, P. MacLaren, A. Ostuni, G. Annar. Bottom Row: W. Doughty, R. Salzman, A. Dur- yea, E. Egan. ll ,,,VM., 'eq .3-. A, -"3 l, ' Q ' R is . ,A K I Ei 5 5 . McKeon beats out Sullivan in the Novice 280. L A 3 , M . dar' U lvl sh m swf W A, H , 1 Mig A ., lf I. l C . K5 Senior Basketball Champs - im 4E: Second Row: M. Mannnr- ino, W. Carr, E. McCarthy. First Row: A. Tangredi, W. Schmarie. , ,f 's- SA displays its radical "spread" for- IDRYIOIL W. Considine leads J. Donohue around the turn as Track vet- erans look on. 9-'ll ,. J' -mv .Pg U AJ --wb" sw,-. Frank of IB circles end for good gain. EIINEHATULATIIJNS TU THE GRADUATES EHUM THE UNDEHELASSMEN john j. Acampora Caesar B. Adams john H. Alloca Richard F. Ambrose Stephen j. Amoretty Thomas j. Amrhein Dominick M. Angiello Gary L. Annar Albert A. Apicelli Richard N. Appleton Robert j. Armbruster Richard L. Arvedlund Gerald j. Artis Carlos E. Aybar Warren G. Babilot Michael A. Bakkenist john P. Barkaus james P. Barrett Edmund C. Barton Dennis W. Bates james E. Bayreuther Allan S. Beedenbender Dennis E. Berberich William j. Bergin john j. Bernauer Robert W. Bertrand joseph S. Best james j. Black john j. Blenkle William j. Blewett joseph P. Boland Leon A. Bolognese john E. Bolster Lawrence A. Booker - Bruce G. Bott Pasquale j. Bottiglieri john C. Botts Michael j. Bozzone Eugene A. Brady Peter F. Brady Paul A. Branca William j. Breitling William R. Brick john j. Broderick William C. Brooks john W. Brubaker Philip K. Brule Frederick j. Brunner joseph A. Brunner john B. Buckman Vito M. Buffa Andrew S. Burke Edmund Burke Kenneth F. Burke Robert G. Burns Thomas G. Burns john G. Busa james F. Butitta Charles E. Butler Paul G. Byrne Ronald N. Calamita Robert L. Calcagni Andrew Callaghan john C. Callaghan james M. Callahan Donald P. Campbell George W. Campbell james I. Campion William A. Canavan Robert M. Cantales Giovanni P. Cantarello Guy j. Capozzo Robert W. Carlton Douglas W. Carrigan Tomas Carrillo Bernard j. Carroll 148 Eugene P. Carroll john P. Carroll Thomas j. Carroll William j. Carroll Michael j. Casey Kenneth P. Casperi Thomas j. Cavey jose E. Cerame Peter W. Cerro john P. Charde Dennis j. Cleary Gerard P. Cleary Gerald F. Clark Eugene F. Coffey Patrick A. Colangelo james S. Colasante Cornelius F. Collins john H. Collins Michael j. Collins William T. Collins jerome A. Comeau joseph S. Connelly Harold X. Connolly james R. Connors Matthew j. Conroy William F. Considine Roger G. Conte Michael j. Conway Richard C. Corcoran james S. Cosgrove Robert E. Costanzo Edward j. Costello Richard P. Cotter Dennis j. Cowen john C. Cregan Sebastian N. Crispinelli Brian j. Cross Robert E. Cryan Paolo M. Cucchi Douglas E. Cummings john Cunningham Edward P. Curcio Hugh F. Curley Robert E. Curnen Robert T. Curran William Curran john M. Cutney Patrick j. Daly Richard E. Daly William j. Daly john C. David Richard j. DeFelice Peter j. Degen Claude A. Dekeyser Charles T. Delaney Thomas j. Delaney Robert H. DeLaurentes Louis j. Della Cava john A. Del Negro joseph D. Del Savio Cordell H. DeMaio Edward C. Dempsey john P. Denneen joseph E. Dertinger Ralph F. DeSantis Charles B. DiGiovanni joseph j. DioGuardi Michael j. Domas Francis j. Donnelly Kevin Donoghue joseph F. Donohue Lawrence F. Doyle Lawrence j. Doyle William j. Doyle john B. Duffy john D. Duffy W. Leslie Duffy john j. Eagan Edward Egan Michael E. Egan Martin B. Englehardt Howard L. English joseph A. Fallon Vincent F. Farina Thomas M. Farley Ray Farrelly james S. Fay Edward j. Fays Thomas M. Feeley Gerald E. Fegan Raoul j. Ferris Thomas j. Finneran julius X. Fiorillo Edward A. Fischer Leonard G. Fischer U Raymond H. Fitzgerald john M. Fitzpatrick james L. Foley Michael T. Foley Richard R. Forte William P. Frank john T. Freaney George j. Freiberg Ronald j. Frost Philip Funigiello William P. Gaines Eugene j. Gallagher Peter A. Gannon Michael j. Garvey Kenneth E. Gazzola Bernard j. Gehan Peter j. Gelinas Brian P. Gibbons john A. Gibbons Robert E. Gilbert john j. Gillick Richard j. Gilmartin Clifford j. Glennon Michael O. Glynn Anthony P. Gonzalez Dennis j. Gorman Robert E. Gorman Herbert R. Graf Victor S. Gray Robert M. Grassi Edward P. Greene Gerald G. Grilliths Chester T. Grzanka 149 Nunzio j. Guarnieri Anthony C. Guida Roger j. Hackett Malcolm E. Hair john T. Halligan Terrence Halloran john P. Halpin Fredrick G. Hamburger Stephen R. Hammond Robert G. Hames Robert E. Hartke Willimn C. Hardy Timothy R. Harrington Vincent C. Hayes Charles C. Healy john j. Healy Thomas j. Healy Desmond j. Heathwood Thomas A. Hedgecock Gerald E. Heegan Peter j. Hendricks Barry M. Higgins Robert A. Higgins Michael R. Hoag john j. Hoey john P. Hoffman Edward F. Hogan john P. Hopkins Edward j. Horgan john K. Horgan Thomas j. Hubschman Geoffrey S. Hughes Kenneth P. Humphries Richard N . Iachetta Brian P. Icobelli james M. Ingrassia Thomas j. Imperato Charles j. Infosino Thomas j. jennings john j. jetzt Peter A. johnson George F. joiner john M. jones Frank j. jonke james M. jordan Paul T. joyce George M. Keane Christopher j. Keating David E. Keefe Owen j. Kehoe Daniel j. Kelleher Anthony j. Keller james A. Kelly john E. Kelly Martin C. Kelly Richard P. Kelly john T. Kenny john W. Keogh john j. KilCullen john H. Kilgus Albert j. Kirchner Werner A. Kloepfer Douglas V. Koch Gerald E. Koester William H. Kroepke john A. Dreuger Richard A. LaBue Robert F. Ladau Richard Q. LaFond Louis M. Lalli William j. LaMonica Anthony E. LaMura Charles j. Lancelot William E. Landry john Lane Christopher Lane Carlo T. Lanzano Anthony T. Laquidzm Donald P. Larkin john A. Larkin john P. Larkin Harry C. Lash Hubert A. Laubis john B. Lazzari Gregory A. Lee Richard P. Legeckis john M. Leonard Edward j. LiVolsi Richard W. Locascio Harry C. Lodes vrjyuqa 1 -f, qv.. jose F. Lopez Edward S. Lutz Peter S. Lutz joseph W. Lux Valentine F. Lynch Donald F. Lyons john W. Lyttle Angelo P. Macchia Philip j. Maclaren Paul P. Maffei james P. Maguire Richard j. Maher Thomas R. Maher john C. Maloney Richard D. Mallery Vincent j. Mancuso Gerald P. Mangan George G. Manning Lawrence A. Manzione Nino D. Marino ' Edward Markey Arthur F. Marotti Wilfred E. Martin Francis B. McCallon joseph j. McCann john C. McCarvall Michael A. McDonough Warren P. McGarty Stephen j. McGeady William j. McGee john T. McGirl Raymond L. McGovern john B. McGrath Walter j. McGrath Andrew T. McGuire john P. McGoldrick Terence McKee Daniel McKenna Anthony R. McKeon William McKeon Gerald j. McLaughlin Edward j. McLaughlin Robert E. McLoughlin james j. McMahon Kevin S. McNally 150 -. ..-v-. -w 11- -:.. -5 'sm--,Q james P. McTernan Richard j. Meehan Bernard N. Meehan james P. Melican Peter S. Mendelis Richard L. Micheri john j. Miller Bernard Mitscherlich Patrick j. Mongan joel P. Morkan Gary V. Morton Michael V. Morreale joseph E. Mottola james j. Mulholland Myles j. Mullen Bernard E. Muller-Thym Francis j. Murphy jerome S. Murphy William P. Murphy Thomas Murray Vincent P. Murray joseph M. Murtaugh john E. Naclerio john A. Natali Michael j. Naughton Robert H. Nenninger Richard M. Neville Richard A. Nicholls William j. Nihan james A. Nugent joseph D. O'Brien Lawrence j. O'Brien james W. O'Callaghan john F. O'Connell Robert F. O'Connell William R. O'Connell Donald O'Connor Hugh K. O'Donnell Brian j. O'Hare joseph O'Keane john P. O'KeefTe joseph A. Ontra john A. O'Reilly joseph D. Oriolo William P. O'Rourke John F. O'Sullivan Kenneth E. O'Sullivan Anthony M. Osruni Robert A. Oswald Thomas W. Overhulse Charles H. Packowski Edward R. Pardon Frank J. Padrone George F. Pavarini Albert R. Peraino Thomas F. Perdisatt John F. Pero Richard C. Perrotta Charles E. Perotti Edward J. Perry John J. Phelan Paul A. Philbin Vincent J. Picarello Anthony R. Pisani Joseph J. Ponzi Donald J. Portfolio George N. Poulos John S. Power Richard M. Pratt Richard A. Pregiato Alfonse J. Preisser Daniel A. Prisciotta Robert J. Putlock Robert C. Quigley George R. Quinn Michael W. Quinn Frederick J. Radl Bartholomew C. Rahilly Alfred A. Raia William J. Raymond William J. Reidy Denis J. Reilly John F. Reilly Richard W. Reilly Robert F. Renz Denis W. Retoske Frank J. Reysen Alfred J. Riccardi Lawrence R. Ricciardi Harvey F. Richt Frank M. Richter Edgar R. Riebesehl Gregory F. Rinn Louis D. Rissone Henry M. Rivera Richard L. Robbins Richard V. Romer Joseph G. Rowan Anthony Russo Michael R. Ryan Robert V. Sabatelli William A. Sabatini Richard T. Salvatorelli Richard G. Sartore Edward Sartore Michael J. Savage Michael F. Sawyer James P. Scanlon Michael J. Scarpelli Richard G. Scarpelli Robert E. Schneider William H. Schroeder Robert L. Scully Michael J. Seckendorf Charles A. Serra Richard T. Shannon Timothy J. Shea Peter J. Sheridan William M. Skehan Peter P. Skiko Harold C. Slane Edward J. Smith Kenneth R. Smith Thomas F. Smith Walter Smith Helmut E. Soika Anthony P. Spohr Arthur J. Stanchina Ross W. Strait Joseph C. Strehle John V. Strong Louis G. Stubenvoll Lawrence R. Sturniolo Francis P. Sullivan John K. Sullivan 151 Joseph G. Sullivan William E. Sullivan Francis X. Suozzi Frank J. Sweeney James G. Sweeney John P. Sweeney Michael J. Takacs William O. Takacs Vincent J. Taormina Joseph Tesar Daniel L. Tevlin James C. Tierney Richard M. Timothy James P. Toner John P. Tramontano Joseph J. Trautlein Paul A. Travers Arthur J. Tubertini Francis J. Tubridy John P. Tucciarone Edward J. Tucker Michael J. Tully William Twohig Timothy F. Twomey Richard D. Uhrlass Robert M. Van de Kieft John M. Viertl Thomas E. Villamana Paul J. Visconte Kevin W. Voltz Robert T. Wade Joseph D. Walsh Walter J. Weinert Eugene P. Weisman James P. Weisman Theodore D. Werdann James J. White Michael E. Wilhelm John J. Wilson Michael A. Wolfe Thomas E. Woods Robert A. Wurtz James L. Yepes Harold V. Zehner Victor A. Zeoli Mr. 8: Mrs. John Acampora Vincent L. Adami 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Yeremia Afionian Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Aidala J. T. Amrhein Anthony Apicelli Anthony Aresi Mr. 8: Mrs. Geo. E. Armbruster Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter L. Babilot Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. James Bandura Peter Baratta George Bauer Stephen M. Beleck Mr. 8: Mrs. Renato Bellantese Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel J. Berberich Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Bernauer Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Germain Bianchi' James Black Herbert Blenkle Mr. 8: Mrs. William Bolster Mr. Leonard W. Booker Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas R. Bowes Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Brady Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter Brady Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Breitling Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. Brennan Mr. 8: Mrs. William R. Brick Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Buckley Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick G. Brunner Dr. 8: Mrs. Peter Buffa Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis J. Burke Mr. 8: Mrs. Alexander C. Burlinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas G. Burns Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Busa PATHU S Mr. 8: Mrs. Jose R. Cerame Mrs. Peter Certo Mr. 8: Mrs. Luke M. Charde Mr. 8: Mrs. M. E. Coffey Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony T. Colangelo Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael J. Collins Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Collins Mr. 8: Mrs. William V. Collins Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Colonnell Thomas J. Comack Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Comaskey The Comeau Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent F. Conlan Dr. 8: Mrs. Harold X. Connolly Mr. 8: Mrs. John E. Connors Mr. James Conway Mr. James V. Corcoran Mr. 8: Mrs. James S. Cosgrove Mr. 8: Mrs. Ezio Costanzo Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Costello Mr. 8: Mrs. Angelo E. Cristantello Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Cryan Mr. 8: Mrs. Hugh F. Curley Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Curran Mr. 8: Mrs. Mario J. Cusati Mr. 8: Mrs. John Cutney Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E. Daly Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony D'Angelo Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry DeLaurentis Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Dello Monaco Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael T. Dennehy Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Dertinger Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul J. Desimone J. DiGiovanni V. J. Butitta Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Byrne Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Calcagni Mr. 8: Mrs. John C. Calhoun Mr. 8: Mrs. Thos. F. Callahan The Campbell Family Keith Higgins Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph J. Canavan Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin C. Canning Mr. 8: Mrs. Capozzo 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. William Carr Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Carroll Mr. 8: Mrs. John F. Casey, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Casey Mr. John F. Casper Mr. 8: Mrs. T. J. Dinan Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Donnelly The Dorligo Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Willard Doughty Mr. 8: Mrs. David George Douglas Dr. 8: Mrs. Edward T. Dowling Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. Leslie Duffy Mr. John W. Duffy Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Duryea Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Farina Mr. Raymond D. Farrell Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Fays Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. Feeley Mr. 8: Mrs. Americo Filippone 'I52 Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony J. Fiorella, Sr The Fischer Family The Fitzgibbon Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Matthew Fitzpatrick T. A. Flanagan Victor Forte August Franck Otto H. Frank Thomas P. Gaines Eugene J. Gallagher James J. Gannon John A. Garrity Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Gaudio, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond F. Gehan Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester C. Gelinas Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph G. Gibbons Mr. 8: Mrs. Morgan Gibbons Mr. 8: Mrs. William Giorgio Mr. 8: Mrs. Matthew W. Glennon Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael O. Glynn Mr. 8: Mrs. D. J. Gorman Mr. Edward Gorman Mr. 8: Mrs. H. A. Graf Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor Gray Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Paul Greene Mr. 8: Mrs. Chester Grzanka Mr. 8: Mrs. John Guarnieri Dr. 8: Mrs. F. P. Guidotti Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry E. Hair Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Halligan Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick J. Halloran Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Hanke Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Cosmo F. Hardy Michael J. Hayes Louis A. Healey Thomas Healy E. T. Heegan Mr. 8: Mrs. John R. Hefele Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto P. Held Mr. 8: Mrs. Irving Hertzman Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Higgins Mr. 8: Mrs. N. C. Hoag Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Hoey Mr. 8: Mrs. John L. Hoffman Mr. Edward Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. James Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerard Pinto "'-www ""f'1nngluylll' .. .- .r"f'vav1rpIrw'j:f1pwqllw?I!grgln1lv!fp!sP'w':r-v'!Fl""' 1-rf-wvmyr gig- Mr. 8: Mrs. Phil lngrassia Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas F. Jennings Mr. 8: Mrs. George Joiner Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Jordan 8: Son Mr. 8: Mrs. John T. Keane, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael J. Keane Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen Keane Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Kearney Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony J. Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles A. Kelly Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Kelly Mr. 8: Mrs. George Kloepfer Mr. 8: Mrs. William W. Krantz Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold A. Kroepke Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Lackey Mr. 8: Mrs. A. R. Ladau Mr. 8: Mrs. H. G. Lambert Mrs. Phyllis La Monica Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph F. La Mura Mr. 8: Mrs. John Lane Mr. 8: Mrs. J. D. Landry Mr. John J. Larkin Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Laubis Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter A. Leonard Mrs. Philip M. Lindemann Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Li Volsi Mr. 8: Mrs. Jose Lopez Mr. 8: Mrs. John Ludwig Mr. 8: Mrs. W. J. Lutz Mrs. Alice Lynch Miss Julia Lynch Mr. 8: Mrs. Austin Lyons Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas C. Maginnis Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick Mangan Mannarino Anthony Manzione Edward Markey Francis A. McAnaney John McCarthy James J. McCoy Mr. 8: Mrs. James P. McElligott Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph W. McGovern Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm .F. McGovern Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter J. McGrath Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank McGuiness Mr. 8: Mrs. Stephen J. McHugh Mr. 8: Mrs. James McIntyre Mr. Raymond T. McKee Mr. 8: Mrs. Ed. B. McLaughlin Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter J. McQuade Mr. Morgan McSweeney Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward F. Meany, Jr. Mr. R. Meehan Mr. 8: Mrs. E. J. Mellett Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph P. Mitchell Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Moriarty Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter J. Morris Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Morton Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Mulholland Mr. 8: Mrs. B. J. Muller-Thym Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Murray Mr. Thomas J. Murray Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Murtha Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter P. Negvesky, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Gtto Nenninger Mr. 8: Mrs. John O'Brien Mrs. Edward C. O'Brien Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . Lawrence J. O'Brien Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. . Buddy Ontra . Donald A. O'Sullivan James O'Conne1l Michael O'Connor Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony J. Oswald Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs .C. Packowski Mr. 8: Mrs. . Louis Palmieri Mr. 8: Mrs. . George F. Pavarini Frank Padrone Vincent Pastore Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Perdisatt Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred A. Pero Augustine V. Perrotta Mr. 8: Mrs. E. J. Perry, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Phillips Mr. 8: Mrs. Dominic Pisani Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Paul Posoli . G. R. Pratt Mr. Patrick Pregiato Mr, 8: Mrs. David Purpi Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Putlock Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick Radl Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph F. Realini Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent L. Reardon Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry A. Reese Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice V. Reidy Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Reilly Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Reilly Mr. 8: Mrs. Aloys Renz Mr. 8: Mrs. Roger F. Rinn Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Rissone John J. Rivera C. Riviello 153 Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Rosa Mr. 8: Mrs. Pat Rosetti Dr. William A. Sabatini Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Savarese Mr. 8: Mrs. Alphonse Scarpelli Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Scarpelli Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Schmarje Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Schweitzer Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles F. Sheeran The Sior Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Skiko Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold C. Slane Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Smith Mrs. Orville F. Smith Dr. 8: Mrs. Walter J. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. T. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Snyder Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Stadelrnann Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Sturniolo Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Sullivan Mr. 8: Mis. Patrick Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Takacs Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto Takacs Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip C. Tamberino Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Tangredi Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Taormina Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Tesar Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Tierney Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael J. Tighe Mr. 8: Mrs. Hubert J. Timothy Mr. 8: Mrs. Sal Timpone Mr. John P. Tramontano, Sr. Mr. E. C. Trautlein 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry J. Travers ' Mt. 8: Mrs. Gerard B. Trimarco Mr. 8: Mrs. Tucker Mr. John Twohig Mr. Lawrence M. Uhrlass Mr. 8: Mrs. Perry G. Veras Mrs. Cecilia R. Villamana Mr. 8: Mrs. George J. Wade Mr. 8: Mrs. M. J. Waters Mr. 8: Mrs. John S. Weisman Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. J. Whamond Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Wilson Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Witkus 8: M. Vincent Mikolainis Mr. 8: Mrs. Gene N. Zanchelli, Sr Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor Zeoli 101'-0271? fG0"0K01 x 1853 OVER ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF EDUCATINC5 YOUTH 1956 Q MANHATTAN COLLEGE An opportunity to attend one ot Americas most distinguished Catholic Colleges For Men Courses leading to a e Bachelor of Civil Engineering a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering o Bachelor of Business Administration o Bachelor of Science, Teacher Training in Physical Education 0 Bachelor of Arts o Bachelor of Science IPure Sciences, Pre-Medical, Social Science, Etc.I Q ALL STUDENTS MAY JOIN AIR FORCE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING UNIT Resident and Day Students Accepted Q For turther intormation write: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS MANHATTAN COLLEGE Riverdale 71, New York COLLEGE OF THE HOLY CROSS WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 1843 - 1956 Conducted by the Jesuits DEGREES, A.B., B.S. BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HISTORY, SOCIAL SCIENCE AND EDUCATION NROTC - AFROTC Entrance by Examination Bulletin ot lntormation on Request Address DEAN OF ADMISSIONS College of the Holy Cross Worcester, Mass. S X00'0Ws0v00000w0' 0'0000vW200000010'00 It 154 40n0w0n0n0n0w0w0x0n0w040H0v-0102 ffllma Mater Forllzam C ongratalates ber Class of '56 and trans that in the year: that are to be Thif C lam will be as true to Fordham University as F ordbam will be to '56 !g Congrafulafions +0 1'he . . . NEW MEMBERS offhe Fordham Prep Alumni Ass'n THE CLASS OF 1956 FREDERICK J. GOLLE '27 ..............,.,...,,,.,.................. ...,.........,..,,,,,..,,.,.........................,........................ P residenf REV. ANTHONY BRYCE '40 ....a.a....... ,.......,...... E xecuiive Vice-Presidem' HOWARD WEIL '33 .........,..,............... .................................. V ice Presidenf JOSEPH DOSCHER '52 ................ .a.........., C orresponding Secrefary JOSEPH FOX '29 .............,,a.,.................. ............... E xecufive Secrefary V. JAMES CANNAVO '47 .............. ............,...........,......,.......... T reasurer ALBERT T. KIRCHNER '26 ..,,,,...... ................. B oard of Direc'rors JOHN N. SULLIVAN '45 ........................... ................ B oard of Direcfors GEORGE H. ROHRS '29 ....,.....,.....,.,,..........,.. ................. B card of Direcfors DR. JOHN J. DOLCE '29 .,,,,..........,,,,,..,....,..,........ ................. B oard of Direcfors REV. THOMAS C. HENNESSY. S.J ............. ..............,,,.,............. M oderafor 155 -6"0110 "NGS in design PINS s crahsmansll p RMS CUPS LAQUES OPIIIES cl quality IIWELERS OR YOUR CLASS RINGS MANUFACFUIING n I I li I s 8 nlZajl1willS I llilll 0 u 0"0'G05k7N7'40Y -0'f01'05'-0'C0'40' 01040"0k0-'JBC IJYJHJ 9w.f 40v1?0 0'0'f010K00f'01G00' C g +I+i + +h 1956 GRADUATES WHITE STUDIO 26 WEST 58 STREET NEW YORK. N Y. PL I l955 Official Photographer for the 1956 RAMKIN BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF '56 MILLS FORMAL WEAR 47I EAST TREMONT AVENUE CYpress 4-2930 0'G0"0"?'?10v?'0f0401f0'100"020W20w0'H0' l0'0'6 I 0'f'0K0'0K 0K0'40f0K0K-010'0"'0f 0"0N0' 0N0K0f' X?"-0'w0v SE IUH IIIHEETUHY Adami, Guy M., 2431 Webster Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Alionian, John J., 2569 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Aidala, Louis R., 2860 Buhre Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y, Aresi, George L., 343 East 55 St., New York 22, N. Y. Arrieri, Eugene A., 1131 East 211 St., Bronx 69, N. Y. Bandura, James J., 276 Harrison St., Haworth, N. J. Baratta, Joseph P., 1957 Gleason Ave., Bronx 72, N. Y. 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Giorgio, Michael W., 3050 Grand Concourse, Bronx 58, N. Y. Gradt, Frank H., 4 Laurel Drive, Packanack Lake, N. J. Guidotti, Don H., 340 East 57 St., New York 22, N. Y. Hayes, Michael J., 370 Garden Ave., Mount Vernon, N. Y. Healey, Henry R., 43 Clifford Ave., Pelham, N. Y. Hefele, John R., 83 Dunwoodie St., Yonkers 4, N. Y. Held, Paul F., 1367 Merry Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Hertzman, Harvey G., 812 Surburban Place, Bronx 60, N. Y. Higgins, David S., 535 West 113 St., New York 25, N. Y. Hughes, David E., 83-12 35 Ave., Jackson Heights 72, N. Y. Hughes, Edward J., 19 Browndale Place, Port Chester, N. Y. Hughes, James J., 3120 Buhre Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Keane, Gerard M., 560 West 175 St., New York 33, N. Y. Keane, John T., 2516 Hollers Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. Keane, Stephen F., 2835 Heath Ave., Bronx 63, N. Y. Kearney, James F., 3234 Schley Ave., Bronx 65, N. Y. Kelly, Lawrence J., 26 Summit Ave., Westwood, N. J. Kenney, John C., 1466 Beach Ave., Bronx 60, N. Y. 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Tamberino, Richard P., 104-29 49 Ave., Corona 68, Queens Tangredi, Albert J., 3090 Decatur Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Tierney, Michael K., 481 Fletcher Place, Bronx 57, N. Y. Tighe, Robert J., 35-29 156 St., Flushing 54, N. Y. Timpone, Leonard J., 1137 East Tremont Ave., Bronx 60, N. Y. Travers, Henry J., 2090 East Tremont Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Trimarco, Thomas H., 3560 Olinville Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Veras, Laurence G., 2053 McGraw Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Whamond, James D., 80 Wheeler Ave., Westwood, N. J. Whelan, Thomas M., 364 East 209 St., Bronx 67, N. Y. Williams, Paul D., 708 West 171 St., New York 32, N. Y. Woods, John E., 23-05 Cambridge Road, Fairlawn, N. J. Zanchelli, Teofilo M., 566 Cortlandt Ave., Bronx 51, N. Y. Y. THE PREP In the years to come, a quick glance through these pages will bring to mind many mem- Yet For l. " . ories about the persons and events that made our years at Fordham so meaningful. all our memories will be identified with the one image of Hughes Hall, or, as it is known to all of us, THE PREP. here it was that for the past four years our lives were centered and where our Jesuit training formed us into the Ignatian ideal - at once men of obedience and initiative, men of the intellect and the spirit. 160 ."7' ., '. ,nf , Wa :.,l,,,,:, I: , , ,t t h 'A . ' ,if 3' -1 E" . . V 4 I . '- , - .-L fnw, I 1 b-.:' 'W 'fdfv 5 ' H --,mi A , AEP i . '4.., ' 4 y .. ,Ev .El 5 5 . 1 ,i-,L - ' - '. " V ' 1 I t 1 .5 if vi., 'ff' 1 buf, ' -T'- IQ- -I . . - N3 " I M W K 4' -A F31 . 1 4 N. ' V iw. .3 .. " TTS '.A1' T' '1' '..:'. ...W Y,q...,.. V V ' -'-f'2"".a-- . 11,1 , - . .L 'Ti ,,v-j 'Fhf- "2 1' V1-fi' 'JL gm , a. ., , l .. . '. 1, , alk 'I ,, , H ff M w ff. J .- xv J. ,gJ,Qg 4 X L ' 91 'Y ' , 'v L x I 217 lp,-" J . ,1 Tl' vs. A ., j ,',. Q . , -1 Zyl, T W . , , 2. ,I ' " 5 lv' M1 V I 1. ' - 5. 'w e. .' -if-W V-rv :L-, , . ftL315?f1.14g,- 4. ,N I s t 1 . . B, V - ,au , . 5. 1.-. - V1 V in N i V sv: .JV '- Q4 j.f . ' va g5'Fi,Y,!-g", iff ' 4 ' m,5,.- L A . . - W N f- -f .. fn. f A "' ,. - . 'G' gt. u. LL L' sw 1 '7 .', 1 V A bi? - , .fl . . ' cw .fi ' nali- x 'Q A A. :gm . du- ' 'A' ' -a 'X .4 , v "1 J fx. ' ,Q . .,. ii m 1- ki- '4- -Habgl ,- 1 T Lv 2 Wx .y 'I . 5, 4,juf,., I If 11 , .4 1 . 5 1-.zum M 5 ii. fif 51' ' w--.- , K .vf ir. Q. .V , . fra-.' it g, F i, ,gf - 1. TW, . , 1-5,f-sr, .1 ,, ' '.5.. '.:5': h :':'22':5' .511 g.:r::-1: - 'l V 4:5271 0: - ,. f 4 593:-g,.-. ,1- ' .-.E'.f.':?g'.i','5.4 ,g:-:5-:::'-- , ,:: .g - . .1 .. -.-.. .mn-ff. - --mn. -..1. 1 4, 0 X fx, 6' W Qqt'1gZ'CQZ?2g9'qZ?Q3g55 WQQQWQQQQ 'QQ ay X ' " .'jf:g:E55:5:35q:g.,.. V h ' :-.:: ' :'Ez1:E -A ' " "" f FFS. " 'K Q ' . . '- 'Q ":f5:::f??':':5 6 .QQ gb in Q J '2':' iz .yqbqfgffgqbx Xx . ... , ,l.: 32 : f '. ''1f:j5:L!:E:?f,1:Ijziizgi:-E::.-1fififi -:eggzgzggg g::-q:gggg5:.::5:::-:5.' 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Suggestions in the Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) collection:

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