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we Jenior 4:6155 of feen LUHJFBJ 611161 y'hU0 preaen fa EBSQ CHOCP EDITORIAL STAFF john L. Amandolare john J. Delamer Allan P. Boticelli Thomas Kenneth F. Brooks Robert Robert T. Callahan Gary E. Thomas M. Comerford john P. Michael J. Cormican Patrick J. Prunty Richard B. Shust PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Richard J. Bryden Robert J. Steinberger Peter M. Quast john V. Toal F -- ,, ' " Ax-ZA A -Q " 1? -. A .... 4 l ... 'N -I ji V . 1 ffl - fl. "'- .-if 1 1. A ,A K , ,,, . ,I , I sniff 17? .W , 1 , , sn h 1 , 1 g k rf- A .K 'X lat A I 3 f -V if 4.1 A , ., gn X- QBQ: ' ,4 iw: rf W -TQ -1' "' i f'-1 1. 1' fl mi, TS- , xr " ' ' ' ' ,, X ' ,- -. " S I ,," 4 .1 ,-4-, , 5.55 '. Eff ' A ' 'L I ' i- f ' -'f H ' '- 5 , - 1 ' 1 f .. I 1' 3fT'n,.g-,' Xjfflf r if A Q31 V a f 1.2, g . K ' I i . .gf f 'I -:YA L A U , -.71 -in r , -5 ,uf.f" y J- g r,. A D , ,-A . qx-I N ' , x , . X4 .. : g :'Q.'. J' '- 1 f.- 'wr , f ' , , ' , fi - ' ' i:l'fA.5.gL ' 1' , X 's '- Q, h ' ' ' -3-A'-1: 5" A 'Ir , 2, I 'L 7 4115" ': 'ff K R ' .. ' Q. 7. '11 Jw' V I ' - A 1' if 4 1 -W ' ' ,531 Q 'y',.,,3 A ' .' sv' 1 'Q fy, , L 7'-Lfz ' yu L , -, r ' ' '3..,..-,..,,.. w. 'V , 3 7 A -11 fl 14-,-,Ljnff-,Lg . fl 4,. 'A I z 1 L ,i ""'f, "f' "I, s - - .. Q ' " A .1 'V ff-A-. ' -inf ' , 43 t ' Q . ' A A L:-sy' l -' -. : V-5 1 ' 1 I 4 3.4 1 . Ae. , . BKX ' -1 'fix , if . L ,x ' T 5 frf-,L A ' 5 ' if 4 ' 5' 4 2' gl, Q sl ' Q .a , 0, 'V X Y y -f' - 4' :y-ff, K -ig' Li ' " ,- v9 J- I 'N' - ,. ' - ':'.,v,'.1 A F7 1 "' --1. ,, , X' L ' KN ' - " ' ik 'a.1:1'f- i , -N N 1 A Rf A I - ", - . Q, K ,v R 5 , , , f 3 ' 1 ' - ' 1 Q- Luigi' Q L 'N g,,,Q., .,....M- " 5 , FORDHAM PREPARATORY SCHOOL Bronx New York .fdve el ,Und maria O Guiding Light of Fordham Prep lWhose love illumed the ohscure step Your son, devoted in study and prayer has pursuedf O Mystical Rose whose fragrance of grace Has kept this school a holy place, As a family, with loyalty, kindness, love imbued, 0 Mother mine who heard the plea Of a son in need and answered me: I thank you in parting and pray thee Mary again, That the truth and love of Fordham Prep Ahide with me through every step Of the narrow and difficult passage to Heaven. Amen. v-john Amandolarc '5 5 1, LW Apu! S l "4 , . g . I K . if i . ,' 4 lx . ,. gw , x YK N x- . , I 'X 2 x 1 S 4' 2 A 1 Ufaf: , .,. '- . " 9 4, - J ' . 43. . xv 4 . -. . M 1. as ',-.7 Q.. ,- ku. f f 3, 4- K 559' LN". '.' '. gh"-.f" 'a' ."',.5,, 'ax ve-im 'V ,1 .,,y,,, m v. , 9.-Arn. 315111 X "gg, .,-5M.Qg.,,. ,W M N 1-33.1. ' .A R -.-' . I whim A 'f -,LN ' " v 1 - N -N Q Z ,y:.-5"'1- sf F . . gs .. lt . ln , ,nik , , "nv 1 ,op . L 3. .4 ' V , ... - ' - - ' ' .-- f if-P , Ng. ' "' . Q. -U. x'E Q ' ""'- J xx' ' 39 1?'h4"' " 7" """'- '1 '- 0- ' 9, .. . In Q ,, , I s.-A g 1 -1 1. vt' x fn?-4 f.."-,-.. si w xv, Q. .4-.5 .yfyfx .-.0 'Zan . .fb -1,'j7v-'I--4vQ'E,,Y-rpwff,--,f,av s,j'f'f,"f'.A' f. yu '- . .-"n',x-by--,--, ' 'tcvsun flw.-fix' .'.,:J.4g.31'-gg--.,f.,' 03:23 .3 41 T491 ' ' V ' ' 5: 'Iii-f:,-s'o 'V ' ' fg,2.'.-'.':f.?c 20111:-gjt,'Pv' " 'f' - .1 ., . I y Qnwl ff., T ff- .V-,f-5. 'U.-1.11. "'A..514 -3'-he Win, N' .H., ar, N .wx W,-.lx . H., ..,,, -Lit fx X, '.-'1 , ' ...I ig... .y ., 'r .sg j,,.XQ, Ar' 4 .QI N 1.1-.,3-gjml -,fy -H N 'Q v ' , -. -.R-A A wr-,g ,,, g ' -,V ' ' ' ' H-' ' . ,.". , . -" , If ..- ', .-. A 1 - f . .q.J'r- gf-fsJ+,uf .,+f-,fm - '. 1 . .- .- A --'--u A-4-frm---'a' .I it--2 " ' . - Q ' 2' ,'-Tk' ' 1-Q,.1f.A'..,."'f1 ' ' va' if ' ' ' .1 ' ,fs J- "" 'rs' Y, -" -5 . 'sl , 0 v ' 'x ' 'YKM ' 'l . .,. .,.,v.. .M-Q, ,. . . . . . X ,,. ,:f:,.. .. "la -:Q .f ' :. ' 1 ' ' 'N K Q . ' , - -.- ,X uri- PN- fi-'!'?"' - -' -f A- --P- -C . I". 5.74 xfn:-:tty-1."W f-N'-' ' YJ: .' Qs "v1., .1 '- -' - , 4- - 7 3 Q' Q . ' - f , . 1- . 4- . V qu 4 . lh . x . .3 , v ,IQ-,Kg ,- .-. Q., Q. ,gpg . Q x ,V 1 . Q-.-. vvgrv. 1 ' X I., . hx , x ,u n l.,-n .A. J ' Q JA- v, . ' . . , " I 4 sv - , 3.3. . . : .N ' '91 . A . "3 1 Y. ' .a' " -' - , ' xv ' .1 1, I -' .xqtrq .54 ,ang 'N 5, . - 3-1 K. . - ' - f..a-,1,,f..nig-- . s . b .- t ' WN " - , .'.' - - -J. '4, .. ' ...s LK 5 l.q':n.'s 'Q-' if WH P a .-r 'V 'F .- Vimn Q K.. " :tl 2 hi' lrbz -L A XX 'Q ' , x- Ax' 144,-. X, '. , ' N. .hx 'As .,,..- ,, K 4-Q .N ' , ' 1, . ' 1, '.. A , .-. ' ' 5- X. .5 . , X X Q .P , Q X k Jew- V Q 1 ' X", v s Q x 1 K N 0, . , X :sf :.", x -, . Q . ' Q- 'f 's P 1 ' K Y 4 A fl' 'f -11 - 'X-Eff -. A ,, , . Q . .- -. N., .,.. -' 5. 'sr' "' J' ," N " 3 'Q' . ,. s 1 it ' i 2-if Throughout these pages appears the seal of Fordham Prep-a multipartite symbol of the many facets that happily combine in the wonderful unity that is our "Alma Materf' That we may always he united in her mem- ory and spirit, we present these pages. ,saab Con len ls FACULTY GRADUATES UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ,, Y,..,,- mfr HB5 D Cl-ICCX' The crest of Loyola is a heraldic symbol expressing generosity and loyalty. A fitting emblem for the Society of jesus and its teachers, re- ligous and laymen, who have so erously devoted to our their learning and their .N ut' - ., 1 Q . Q, 'xx- ,v Y 'll Q S XV if P 8' cr 3.5 fl ? ' 0, S 4 C li CYL' I'L'i1ll XX lllhllll xl. l'.ll'l'lL'liL' l'ri11fifmf Ai .4 fi JS Rev. Arthur V. Shea, SJ. Prefer! of Discipline R Rev. Thomas E. Griffin, SJ. Director of Athletics Y rid 5 1 Rev. Thomas C. Hbmiessy, SJ Student Cbunsellor ' x 'ik'-L-- ?"""1n-vm-...... V, an ff. 'MJF V r . Rogilg to 9 Rev. Adrian L. Bona, SJ. Religion Richard C. Braun, SJ. , , Latin, English Rev. Wlllxam E. Boyle, SJ. Latin, Greek Lawrence A. Cascio, M.A French Charles W. DaParmn, M.A. 5 Latin N: K Rev. Thomas J. Crowley, SJ. H . t Latin, English, Religion "I!'s nghl hers m Texas." rw., Q 8 '0mi,, Rev. Francis A. Fahey, SJ. Latin. English Mallick Fitzpatrick, SJ. Latin, Greek Hugh C. Fallon, B.S. Physics, Chemistry, Math. A good listener Joseph V. Hamilton, SJ. Latin, English 15 9 UP. joseph P. Fox, M.A. History, Hygiene, Phys. Ed Rudolph L. Hanish, M.A German Rev. Ernest P. Hartnett, SJ. Latin, English, Religion Francis X. Holbrook, M.A. History I , jf' William Herrmann, M.S. Rev- GC0I'gC B- Hoch, S-J Mathematics, His-tory Latin, English, Religion - K , 5 A serious P"'bl'm' lf Rev. john W. Kelly, SJ. Albert T. Kirchner, M.A. Latin Latin, Mathematics Rev. john j. Leonard, SJ. john W. Lyttle, M.S. Latin, Mathematics Mathematics, Phys. Ed. A 'IUPPY qnswer' .5 Harry L. McDonough, M.A. Robert A. McGuire, SJ. Mathematicr Latin, English Rev. George D. McAnaney Religion Edmund J. McHugh, M.A. English Ro'-"M james P. Melican, M.A Mathematics ' 1 john J. O'I-Iara, A.B. English William J. Moriarty, B.A. German, English u ose h Ososki B.S. J P J' 1 History, Phys. Ed. Rev. justin j. Reimondo, SJ. Religion, History Edward M. Pickett, s. . Mgfbgmagipg J 18 Thinking of boofrido. I gh 0 Quupfon 0 f 1 V h' 'fsarp Patrick 1. Shea, M.A. Physics Xt John F. Talbot, s. 1. 2 Q Latin, English Mrs. Irene R. Cozarin, B.L.S., M.A J h N S ui A B Assistant Librarian o n . u ivan, . . Latin, English Miss Mary Ann Brennan Secretary 19 Mrs. Cecilia V. Jegle Uvdfidins- Registrar Y EFLE ,Q X--Z CHQOX' The lofty flight of the eagle, de- picted on our seal, reminds us as we leave the Prep, that we "are born for higher things," that we have a duty to expand the vision given us, of xlife's meaning and our goal. www SE'-PTE-INHBER FRI SAT MON UE WEB SUN THU Good mornmg, peasants" Sandy Scarcella 1 Ui I, fl 6 fxyb at "-5 You mean th y e adually wear thas el "Mon Popular 13 is C' AX "Who wall -,H our ieachor be lad l'?j to be back. L V oow-caan sum m THU F 'rs ,. .FH W1 9 hmfggifh' ffl? "" Follo w g th y C.D. buff I - YQ gh! The Wolves" 23 Prefect of the Senior Sodality THOMAS F. DENNY Sodality 2,3,45 Prefect 45 K.B.S. 1,2, 3,45 Sanc. Soc. 45 Guard of Honor 4, Pres. 45 Gold Medal 15 Aux. Lat. 1,35 Coun. Disc. 3,45 Dram. Soc. 3,45 Medal 45 Play Bus. Stall 15 Yearbook Editor 45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 History Club 2. President of the Senior Council PATRICK O. BURNS Sodality 1,2,3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Sen. Coun. Pres. 45 Class Off. 1,2,35 Dram. Soc. 25 Rampart 1,2,3,45 Elec. Cnrsr. 15 Debating 1,2,3,45 V. Pres. 45 Press Club 3,45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Track 15 Cross-Country 15 N.Y.S. Debate Champ 35 lst Place Gannon Tourn. 25 Chairman Mirror Forum 45 C.F.L. Ex- temp 2nd Place 4. F f V, Q President of the Athletic Council JOSEPH P. CRISTIANO Ath. Coun. Pres. 45 Rampart 3,4 Cross-Country 15 Track 1,25 Intramur als 1,2,3,4. 24 EW Senior Council takes ouih of office. K! 'sl x Senior Council President speaks Senior Sodalily Prefecl gives his views. Qi A.C. President boosts season's pass soles. JOHN L. AMANDOLARE Sodality l,2,54, Sec. 45 K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Aux. Lat. 25 Magazine 45 Yearbook Editor 45 Intramurals l,2,5,45 Guard of Honor 45 Dance Com. 45 Sanc. Soc. 4. EDWARD A. ARINIELLO K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Aux. Lat. 3: Class Off. l5 Physics Club 45 J.V. Foot- ball 25 Var. Football 3,45 Track l,2,545 Intramurals I,2,3,4. 5 sun NWO E stlifm-JN T RANDALL W. BELL K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Sanc. Soc. l,2,3,45 Guard of Honor l,2,5,45 Aux. Lat. l,2,35 Class OH. 25 Dram. Soc. 2,3, 45 Rampart l,2,5,45 Glee Club 1,25 German Club 2,3545 Chemistry Club 55 Press Club 152,59 Eluc. Cntst. l,2,5, Medal 1,35 C.F.L. l,2, 35 Cross-Country 1,25 Track 1,25 Intramurals l,2,5,45 Virgil Acad. 4. b . ...I CARL R. BELLO K.B.S. l,2,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Class OH. 2,45 Intramurals l,2,3,4. 26 EDWARD R. BIONDI K.B.S. 1,2,35 Physics Club 45 Baseball 1,2,45 Tennis 15 Intra- muarls 1,2,4. EN! EPT D oG"' 4-1 ,4 SAT FRI SAT "Wo walled Ohms yours for 9hisl" O RONALD A. BREITLING K.B.S. l,Z,3,4Q Radio Club l, Lib. Staff 13 Physics Club 43 Foot- ball, J.V. 13 Intramurals l,2,3. ALLAN P. BOTTICELLI Sodality 3,43 K.B.S. 2,3,43 Sanc. Soc .43 Guard of Honor 4, lst Asst., Ath. Coun. 43 Yearbook Edi- tor 43 Press Club 43 Intramurals 23,43 Camera Club 43 Dance Com. PETER R. BOZZO Sodality l,2Q K.B.S. 1,2333 Gold Medal 13 Aux. Lat. 1,2333 German Club 23 Cross-Country l3 Basket- ball j.V. 23 Intramurals l,2,3,4. THOMAS M. BRENNAN Sodality 3,43 K.B.S. l,2,5,4 Guard of Honor 43 Class Off. 1,2 Cross-Country 3,43 Track 3,4 Baseball, J.V. 23 Intramurals 1,22 3,4. 27 JOHN J. BRESLIN K.B.S. l,2,5,43 Sant. SOC. 23 Guard of Honor 23 Class Off. 2,5, 43 Physics Club 43 Eloc. Cntst. I3 Football 43 Basketball J.V. 23 Base- ball 43 Intramurals l,2,3,4. O , ' . ...J -L1 KENNETH F. BROOKS Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4, Sanc. Soc. 4, Guard of Honor 3,45 Ath. Coun. 43 Stage Crew 2,3,4g Rampart 2,3,4g Yearbook Editor 4g Glee Club 3,4g French Club 3, Oratorical Cntst. lg Track 2, Ten- nis l,2,3,4, Captain 4, Intramurals l,2,3,4g Dance Com. 3,4. THOMAS H. BUNNELL K.B.S. 1,23 Physics Club 4, Foot- ball l,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3. 1 RICHARD J. BRYDEN Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,4: Class Off. 3g Rampart 45 Yearbook Editor 4g German Club 3,4g Cross- Country 35 Swimming 1,2,3,4, Captain 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Camera Club 4, Swimming Mgr. 3,-4. ROBERT T. CALLAHAN Sodality 3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Yearbook, Editor 43 German Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 5: Physics Club 4g Cross-Country 2,33 Track 2,3,4, Intramurals l,2,3,4. 28 E,P'E.E 5 N'-ruE. WED QC SUN NMC SU MON MICHAEL J. CAMPBELL Sodality ,3: K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Officer 2, Dramatic Society 2,35 Magazine 33 Physics Club 45 Cheer Leader 1,2,33 Varsity Football 43 Intramurals l,2,3,4. R, SAT .fe-'Rx SAT ,, "Honest, I'm innocent." THOMAS M. CARROLL K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Physics Club 43 Intramurals l,2,3,4. CHARLES A. CAPRA K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 5,4. iil CLYDE A. CARTER K.B.S. l,2,5,4, Usher 45 Guard of Honor lg Ath. Coun. 45 Class Ofhcer 35 Chem. Club 5g Cross Country lg Intramurals l,2,5,4. 29 GERALD R. CARROLL K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Gold Medal 5: Aux. Lat. 23 j.V. Football 2g Cap- tain 2g Varsity Football 3,43 In- tramurals l,2,3,4. RONALD J. CASEY K.B.S. l,2,3g Coun. Disc. 3,4 Physics Club 4g Intramurals 1.4. 1 l RICHARD V. CEA K.B.S. l,2,5: Physics Club 43 Varsity Football 2,5,4g Intramurals l,2,5g All-City, Honorable Mcn- tion, Football 4. SEP-rg!-'V' Tue. WED oG"' mow . . gf E ROBERT J. CLANCY Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. 2,59 Class Off. Z,5,4g Germ. Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 5: Physics Club 4, Cross-Country lg Track l,Z,5,4g Intramurals l,3,4g Chess Club 43 Virgil Academy 4. 1 sur-X MON TU THOMAS M. COMERFORD Sodality 2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4, Yearbook Edi- tor 4, Germ. Club 5.4, Physics Club 43 Cross Country lg Track 5, 45 Intramurals 25,43 History Club X...-A MICHAEL J. CORMICAN Sodality 25,43 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Ath. Coun. 4, Class Off. 1,43 Ram- part 3g Yearbook Editor 45 Germ. Club Z,3,4g Track Ig In- tramurals l,2,5,4g Dance Comm. 45 Aux. Lat. 3. 30 JOSEPH S. CORPINA K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class Officer 3,4g J.V. Football 23 Varsity Football 3,44 Varsity Basketball 3, J.V. Baseball 1,23 Varsity Baseball 3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. ..f"' ,,. F 'Tho Wolves"-"checking" coats. K t 5.41 FRANCIS J. COSTELLO K.B.S. 1,23 J.V. Football lg Var- sity Football 2,5,4g First Teams: All Catholic, All Met., All Scho- lastic: Lou Gehrig Awardg Madow Trophyg C.H.S.A.A. Hon. Ment. 3: Second Team 4g Hon. Ment. News All Star Teamg Basketball l,2,4g Intramurals l,2,5. ,,A JAMES j. COSTIGAN Sodality l,2,5g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Sane. Soc. l,2,5,4: Guard of Honor l,2,3,4g Class Oflicer 1.2: German Club 3,45 Cross-Country 2,5g Track 2,3,4. CARMINE D'ANGELO Sodality 43 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Senior Coun. 4g Class Off. l,3g Intra- murals l,2,3.4. ROBERT j. CRONE sodamy 2,3,4g K.B.s. 1,z,5,4g ' German Club 3,45 Track 2.5.4g Intramurals I2 34 Footbal n , ,. . a l M11 - ager 1,23 Baseball Manager I. WALTER J' CULVER K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 5.4 Class Officer 2g Chemistry Club Press Club 45 Intramurals I.2,5,4g Chess Club 3,4. 31 I 'r fi V - -4 ix g ' N NO NIBE VE wan 'rn-mu Fm MON T o Klompen D GHS NON er Cha rme , g, , ' 602 S A ' I 'W Frank Costello Bes gets MV P oword. DEC MON TUE EIVIBER wan 'rl-au rn px.. 1:-N qlk I SA l. JOSEPH C. DE FIORE Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Usher 4, Guard of Honor l,2,3,4g Gold Medal Z5 Silver Medal 3: Aux. Lat. l,2,3g Cath. Class Assoc. 3: N.Y.U. Latin Cont. 34 Ath. Coun. 4g Play Business Staff 4g Rampart 45 Mag. 3,4g German Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 3. Press Club 2,3,4, Pres. 4g Intramurals l,2,3,4g Virg. Acad. 45 Chess Club 3,43 Class Acad. 3, Pres. 3g Glee Club 1. JOHN J. DELAMER Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4g Class Off. l,2,3,4g Yearbook Editor 43 Intramurals l,2,3,4g Dance Committee 4. NOV,E-4 N TUE DEG E SUN MON TU RICHARD A. DE LORENZO Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. l,Z,3,4g Var- sity Football 3g Cross-Country l,4g Track l,3,4g Intramurals l,Z,3,4. RONALD R. DE RUBEIS K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 2,33 Phys. Club 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 34 VINCENT J. DE SIMONE K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Silver Medal lg Class Off. 1,23 Rampart 1,44 Bas- ketball Zg Baseball 1,2,3,4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4. Nl WED o sun N' E A SAT if 'E-'Eu SAT Dancers"-duh-wailing. 1 4- DOUGLAS H. DIAMOND Sodality 3,4: K.B.S. l,Z,3,4: Usher 4: Silver Medal l: Aux. Lat. l,2,3: Cath. Class. 3: N.Y.U. Lat. Cont. 35 Class Off. 1,25 Rampart l: Glee Club 1: German Club 2, 5,4: Chem. Club 5: Phys. Club 4: Cross-Country 2: Track l,2,5,4: In- tramurals l,2,3,4: Class Adad. 3: Chess Club 3,4. THOMAS D. DOH ERTY K.B.S. l,2,5,4: Phys. Club 4: In- tramurals l,2,3,4. FRANCIS T. DONOHUE K.B.S. l.2,3,4: Guard of Honor 4: Coun. Disc. 5,49 Rampart l,4: Debating 4: Physics Club 4: In- tramurals l,2: Class Off. I. 35 JOSEPH A. DIDIO Sodality l,2,3,4: Treas. 4: K.B.S. l,2,5,4: Guard of Honor l,5,4: Aux. Lat. Z: Ath. Coun. 4: Radio Club 2: Glee Club l,3,4: German Club 2,3,4: Chem. Club 5: Phys. Club 4: Press Club 3.4: Chess Club 3.4: Dance Comm. 4: Class Acad. 3. FRANCIS L. EVANS Sodality l,2,5,4: K.B.S. l,2,3,4: Sanc. Soc. 2,3,4: Guard of Honor 4: Aux. Lat. 3: Class Off. l: Bus. Staff Ply 3,4: Glee Club 5,4: Lib. Staff l,2: German Club 2.3.4: Physics Club 4: Hist. Cfub 2: Poster Club 4: Intramurals I,2,5,4. l WILLIAM P. FAY Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,4g Usher 45 Sanc. Soc. l,2,5,4g Pres. 4g Guard of Honor l,2,5,4g Coun. Disc. 4, Pres. 4g Class Off. l.2,5,4g Radio Club lg German Club 2,3, 43 Physics Club 4g Cross-Country 1,45 Track 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 1, 2,3,4. RICHARD E. FERRARA K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Off. 1,25 Intramurals l,Z,3,4. ,,,-v' SAT F9 SXT tho! line, hold fha! line . ROBERT B. FRASCA Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 2g Radio Club l,2g Ger- man Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club SQ Intramurals 1,2,3,4g j.V. Football 2. O Q JOHN F. GABRIEL Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Sane. Soc. lg Aux. Lat. 5: Dram. Soc. l,2,4g Medal 2,49 Debating l,4g School Eloc. Con. l,2,3,4g Regional Champ. lg Grand Cit Freshman Y i Holy Name Tourn.g Humorous Interp. 2,3g Tennis lg Intramurals l,2,5,4. ' A I FRANK s. GALAss1 Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Ath. Coun. 45 Dramatic Soc. 45 Glee Club 1,2,3,4. - QM Y' ' ROBERT A. GAZZOLA Sodality 2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4 Guard of Honor 5,45 Aux. Lat. 2,3 Ath. Coun. 45 Lib. Staff l.2,5,4g Geri man Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 3 Intramurals l,2,3,4g Chess Club 3 4, Pres. 3,45 History Club 2. 37 THOMAS P. GERAGHTY Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4. . 4 1 ARTHUR J. GHELARDUCCI Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,43 Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. WILLIAM G. GIBBONS K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 43 Aux. Lat. 23 Class Off. 25 Var- sity Swimming 1,2,5,4g Intra- murals 1. WILLIAM F. GIBBONS K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 2,4g Coun. Disc. 4, Class Off. 2,5g German Club 2,3,4g Physics Club 4, Cross Country 45 Track 3,43 Intramurals l,2,3,4. ov EN' Pl TUE WED UE 5uN MON T .Q -I. ROGER GUILFOYLE Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Sanc. Soc. Z,5,4g Play Bus. Staff l,3,4g Glee Club 3,4g Lib. Staff 1,24 De- bating 2,3,4, German Club 2,3,4g History Club 2, Intramurals l,2 38 3 O 1 8. l A.-. ROBERT B. HAHNEN sodalny 3,49 K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4g Coun. Disc. 5, 4, Rampart 43 Yearbook Editor 45 German Club 2,3,4g Cross Coun- try 3g Track lg Varsity Swimming 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Pho- tography Club 4. N -"" SU E T ,,,.-0' ggi, SAT ,,, PETER J. HARDY Score: IB-I2 Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. I,2,5,4g Silver Medal 1: Aux. Lat. l,2g Ath. Coun. 4: Class OIT. lg Play Bus. Staff 2.5.4, Manager 4: Glee Club 1,25 French Club 43 Track 5,44 Intra- murals I,2. a PHILIP L. HEINRICH Sodality 4g K.B.S. l,Z,3,4g Class OIT. 2,53 German Club 43 Physics Club 43 Varsity Football 5: Intra- murals l,2,5,4. RAYMOND J. HENNESSY sodamy l,2.5g K.B.s. 1.z,3,4g g M I 1 JOHN R. HUGH ES 5!K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2 .,4. Ath. Coun. 43 Physics Club 45 j.V. Baseball I,2g Intramurals I,2,5,4. ROBERT E. HILDNER Sodality lg K.B.S. I,2,3,4g Radio Club lg German Club 23 Cross- Country lg Intramurals l.2,3,4. 39 v GERARD J. HUNT K.B.S. l,2,3.43 Dram. Soc. 23 Ath. Coun. 43 Intramurals l,2. FRANK J. ILARDI Sodality 43 K.B.S. 43 Sanc. Soc. 43 Guard of Honor 43 Physics Club 4. Earl! 1?Lf3lf71:a6 TU N MON SU E Q50 suu MON TUE WALTER T. KAYOTA Sodality 13 K.B.S. 13 Athletic Council 43 Physics Club 4. WILLIAM J. KEGAN K.B.S. 1,2,5,43 Silver Medal 33 Aux. Lat. 1,22 Class Officer I,2,3Q Basketball l,2,3,4, Co-Capt. 2,43 Intramurals 1,2,5,4. SHAWN J. KENNEDY K.B.S. 13 Class Ofhcer 1,43 Cross-Country 43 Track 3,43 In- tramurals 1,2,5,4. 40 'llLfMW. .JJI l 'EAT R "Merry Christmas, Mister." TIMOTHY P. KILCULLEN K.B.S. 43 Coun. Disc. 3,4g Ath. Coun. 4g Class OIT. 2,55 Chem. Club 3g Basketball l,2,3g Baseball l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2,3,4. 6 WILLIAM V. KLING ENBERG K.B.S. 1,235 Aux. Lat. lg Cer man Club 25,43 Intramurals l,2 3,4. ROBERT N. KOPPEL K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. ZJQ Basketball l,2g Intramurals l,Z,5,4. FRANK T. KOELBLE Sodality l,2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,5g Aux. Lat. SQ Ath. Coun. 4g Class Oliicer 3g Rampart 35 Yearbook 33 Intramurals l,2,5.4g Press Club 4. FRANCIS J. KOMORNIK K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Cross-Country Track 1,z,3,4g Football Mgr. l,2T 41 - 6 JOHN F. LAGAN K.B.s. 1,z,5,-4: Am. Colm. 4g Physics Club 45 Intramurals I. THOMAS F. LEAHY Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor lg Class OH. 1,23 Radio Club lg German Club 2,52 Chem. Club Sp Football 23,43 Cross-Coun- try lg Intramurals l,2,5,4. 'ag'-AT ll's o tio clasp. AUSTIN j. LYONS Sodality l,2,5,4, Officer 33 K.B.S. l,2,5,43 Ath. Coun. Sec. 43 Stage Crew 43 German Club 235,43 Chem. Club gl Physics Club 43 In- tramurals l,Z,5,43 llance Comm. 4. JOIIN F. LYONS Sodality I,Z,3,4, Vice-Pref. 3 K.B.S. l,2,5,43 Sanc. Soc. 1,233.43 Aux. Lat. I.Z3 Play Bus. Staff 33 Rampart I.Z,3,4. Editor 43 Mag 53 Debating I3 Cross-Country l,Z 53 Track l,2,53 Intramurals l,2,3,4 JEROME F. MACK Sodality I3 K.B.S. l,Z,5,43 Aux Lat. 2,5343 Ath. Coun. 43 Class Off 2' Glee Club IZ' Debatin I , . - 8 I French Club 33 Physics Club 4, Intramurals l,2,5,43 Baseball Mgr. WILLIAM F. MAHONEY K.B.S. l,2,3,43 Aux. Lat. IJ Intramurals 132,53-4. 43 FRANK O. MALANGA Sodality 1,235.43 K.B.S. l,Z.3,43 Aux. Lat. l,2,53 Cath. Class. I3 Ath. Coun. 43 Class OH. 53 Dram. Soc. 43 Rampart 5.43 Mag. 2,5343 Glec Club I,Z,33 German Club 2, 3,43 Chem. Club 33 Physics Club 43 Press Club 3,43 Class Acad. 5. i, ' + Q, Qi MX galil!! 'K N X X X ad? u -E L.-5 Q ,4 Vi In M LA , Wbvy , W,,. , -Ms V PEER LJARY SUN Ellliil SAT A Valenti ne from 'he 'leper Col Pa f Burns lMos9 sch I oo spirilj. Ge Urge slept here l1's up ond good LOUIS M. MARINELLI Sodality 2g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 1,2,5,4g Lib. Staff 23 Debating lg French Club 3,49 Physics Club 43 Swimming 3,45 Intramurals l,2,3,4. JOSEPH P. MARTIN K.B.S. lg Physics Club 4. 1 e PASQUALE V. MAROLDA Intramurals 1. JE.,-A M ON A YJD TUE WE sus N' gg? N MON E TU SU LAWRENCE P. MARTIN K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. 2,33 Ath. Coun. 45 Chem. Club 53 Physics Club 45 Chess Club 3,45 Intramurals 4. 46 PAUL G. MARTIN K.B.S. l,2,3g Aux. Lat. 3g Arh. Coun. 4g Debating 25 Physics Club 4g Track 3,45 Intramurals l,2,3,4. 1414 SAT ear SAT Talting the "College Board." JOSEPH D. MASTROIANNI K.B.S. l,2,3,-45 Ath. Coun. 43 Class Off. l,2g Glee Club 2,5,4: Physics Club 43 Intramurals l,2, 5.4. DAVID C. MCAULEY K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Aux. Lat. 2, Cross-Country lg Track lg Basket- ball 3,4g Tennis lg Intramurals I, 25,4 DAVID J. MCCARTHY K.B.S. l,2,3,4g German Club 3: Physics Club 49 Football 4g In- tramurals l,2,3,4. 47 , 5:- GARY E. MAZZA Sodality l,2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 43 Aux. Lat. 2g Ath, Coun. 45 Dram. Soc. l,4, Bus. Staff 35 Rampart l.2,3.4g Mag. l,2g Yearbook 1,45 Glee Club l,2,3,4g Physics Club 4g Press Club lg Hist. Club 23 Tennis 1,23 Intramurals l, 2,3g Class Off. 2. JAMES G. MCGINTY Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 33 Cheerleader 2,5g Cross-Country 2,3, Capt. 43 Track 25,41 Intra- murals l,2,3,4g Dance Comm. 4. I 4 .3 0 JOHN P. MCGREEVY Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Ath. Coun. 45 Yearbook, Editor 49 Glee Club 3,4g History Club 2g Dance Committee 4. QA JOHN E. MCLAUGLIN Sodality l,2,5,4, Vice-Pref. 4: K.B.S. l,2,5,4, Usher 4g Guard of Honor 3,43 Sen. Coun. Sec. 45 Class Off. l,2,33 Football 3: Basketball l,2,5,4, Co-Captain 4g Baseball 1, 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,4g Football Mgr. Ig Basketball Mgr. l. JA!! D sum MON B wi FE, aff' SN MON MARIO J. MENTRASTI K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Aux. Lat. 1,23 Class OIT. lg Intramurals l,Z,3,4. 5, 4. 'Qt MICHAEL J. MINITER Sodality l,4g K.B.S. l.2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. 1.2.5,-41 Guard of Honor 3,45 Coun. Disc. 4g Class OH. 13,43 Radio Club lg Physics Club 41 Cross-Country 4g Track 3, 43 Basketball lg Intramurals 1.2, I 48 DONALD W. MIRRO K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4: Ath. Coun. 4: Class Off. 3: Physics Club 4g J.V. Football 2: Cross-Country lg Track lg Intra- murals l,2. aff? aw SAT F I can remember is the Virgil Exam." JOHN J. MOHAN K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 3.4- JOHN F. MOONEY K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Sant. Soc. lg Guard of Honor lg German Club 4g Physics Club 4. . 4. PAUL M. MORRISSEY Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. I,2,3,4g Class Off. 1,23 Physics Club 4g In- tramurals l,2g Football Mgr. l,Z,4. PASQUALE P. MUCCIGROSSO Sodality 3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4 Guard of Honor 43 Ath. Coun. 45 Magazine 4g Swimming Capt. 41 Intramurals l,2,5. 49 PHILIP G. MULLALY K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Radio Club lg Physics Club 4g Track 3,4g Intra- murals l,2,3,4g Football Mgr. 4. JOSEPH R. MURPHY KBS 1234 Ph sics Club 4 - - - n 1 y S Y 5 j.V. Football 29 Intramurals l,2,4. GERARD F. NORTON Sodality 2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4 Silver Medal lg Ath. Coun. 4 Stage Crew 43 Rampart 4g Mag azine 4g Glee Club 3,45 Tennis 1 2g Intramurals l,Z,5,4. Mgr- Q.-.1 DANIEL J. O'NEILL l il SAT FR, sm' bs Snow Rurries BERNARD J. O'CONNOR Sodality 2,3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,4 Guard of Honor 45 Lib. Stal? 23,45 French Club 3,45 Physics Club 4, Track 2,3,45 Dance Committee 4, Intramurals 4. JOSEPH J. o'KoBRlcK K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Silver Medal 1 Aux. Lat. 1,25 German Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 35 Physics Club 45 Cross-Country 1,25 Track 1,25 In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. Sodality 1,2,3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Sanc. Soc. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 2,35 Aux. Lat. 2,55 Coun. Disc. 3,4, Sec. 45 Ath. Coun. 45 Class Off. 1, 25 Rampart l,2,3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 3: Basketball 2, E:,g53jiV. Baseball 1,25 Intramurals 'Qi MICHAEL D. O'KEEFFE K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1. VINCENT T. O'NEILL K.B.S. 3,45 Magazine 45 Physics Club 4. K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor CARL A. ONOFRIETTI K.B.S. 1,Z,3,4g Freshman Basket- ball lg Intramurals l,2,3,4. JOSEPH E. PAGANUS K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Radio Club lg Press Club 4g Eloc. Cntst. lg Ora- torical Contest lg Football 4g In- tramurals l,2,3,4. ADOLPH F. OPFINGER Sodality 1,2,5,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4, Usher 43 Coun. Disc. 3,4g Class Off. 3g German Club 2,3,4g Physics Club 45 Varsity Football 5,4g Track 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4. JAIZLELA Wow TUE WED suN FE-B UE Smffwfh T FRANK J. PAOLITTO 4g Silver Medal l,2,3g Aux. Lat. 1,25 Ath. Coun. 4g Class Off. 1,2, 3,43 Dram. Soc. 3,43 Stage Mgr. 49 Chem. Club 3, Pres. 33 Cross- Country lg Basketball lg Intra- murals 1,2,3,4. 52 PAUL L. PETROCELLI Sodality l,2g K.B.S. 1,23 Ath Coun. 4g German Club 2,3,4 Chem. Club 35 Press Club 3,4. ,1 -,ff SAT R, SAT There must be some mistake. RICHARD S. PISCOPO K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Class OIT. 3g Ram- part 2g Physics Club 43 Intra- murals l,2,4g Poster Club 3. JAMES K. PICCIANO K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Radio Club 2g German Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 3: Physics Club 43 Cross-Country 1 Track lg Intramurals 1,2. 5 bg v' ' ANTHONY V. PONTECORVO K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 3,4. 53 JOHN F. PIPIA Sodality lg K.B.S. l,2,4g Gold Medal lg Aux. Lat. 2.33 Ath. Coun. 4g Radio Club 25 German Club 2g 2,45 Intramurals l,2,3,4g Class Off. RICHARD R. PORTANTE K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Gold Medal lg Silver Medal Zg Aux. Lat. l,2g Class Off. l,2,35 Intramurals l,2, 3,45 Latin Comes: 1. ' 4 I LOZELLE L. PRATT Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Radio Club 25 German Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 35 Physics Cliub 45 Press Club 35 Chess Club 3, . PATRICK J. PRUNTY Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Dram. Soc. 35 Yearbook Editor 45 German Club 2,3,45 Chem. Club 35 Physics Club 45 Track 25 Intramurals l,2,3,45 Dance Comm. 3,45 V. Pres. Ath. Coun. 45 Class Off. 3. RICHARD L. PRIORE K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Cross-Country 15 Track 1,25 In- tramurals 1,2,3,4. PETER M. QUAST K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Coun. Disc. 3,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Rampart 45 Intra- murals l,2,5,45 Photography Club 45 Yearbook 45 Dance Comm. 4. 54 JAN! - TUE wen QEWN UE SUN MON T DONALD F. QUIGLEY sodamy l,Z,5,45 K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Class Off. 1,25 Physics Club '45 Cross-Country 15 Track l,2,3,45 Intramurals l,2,5,45 Chess Club 55 History Club 25 Photography Club 45 Dance Comm. 45 Radio Club 1. A F599 ,v-""',-C , , ppl SAT, if JOHN P. QUINN K.B.S. 1,2,3,44 Sodality 1,2,3,43 Class Off. 23 Physics Club 43 Cross- Country lg Track l,2,5,43 Intra- Groundhog day' murals l,2,3,43 History Club 2. THOMAS J. REILLY Sodality 1,23 K.B.S. I,2,3Q Sen. Coun. 43 Ath. Coun. 4g Class Off. 1,53 Stage Crew 5,43 German Club , 233,43 Physics Club 43 Track 23 JAMES F' RICHARDS ""'1'f"U'a'S "2-54 sodamy 5,4g K.B.S. 1,z,5,4g Guard of Honor 3,43 French Club 5,43 Physics Club 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. 55 RICHARD C. RADI K.B.S. l,2,3,43 Rampart I3 Press Club 53 Cheerleaders 1,23 Track I3 Intramurals I,2,53 Rifle Team Sec. 5,43 Dance Committee 4. CARL B. RIFINO Sotlalit I 7' K IIS I2 34' Y t-. . . . v t. t t Rampart 43 Cross-Country l,43 Track l,5,43 Intramurals l,2,5,43 Track Mgr. 53 History Club 2. MON NIAQGPI Tue: wan u TH if ' V A P RI sum Mow 'ru L. A9 elo gets sp g WED THU ,L X olhy R pl Fl men EWE TU SALVATORE J. ROSATO Sodality 1,2,3,43 K-B-S 1,2,3,4: Aux. Lat. 1,2,33 Glee Club 5,45 Lib. Staff 25 Physics Club 45 In- tramurals l,2,3,4. ' Q JOSEPH A. ROSSANO Sodality 25 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Phys- ics Club 45 Intramurals 1,2,3. SU A P ,,.f-"fine SUN MON DOVILIO J. ROSSO Sodality 5,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Radio Club 15 Chem Club 55 Physics Club 45 Intra murals 1,2,5,45 History Club 2. THOMAS E. ROWE K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Class Oflicer 3. 58 JOSEPH F. RYAN K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Usher 45 Sanc. Soc. 1,25 Silver Medal 15 Aux. Lat. 2,55 Class Off. 35 Dram. Soc. 3,45 Pres. 45 Magazine 2,45 Debating 45 C.F.L. Grand Tourn. Dram. Ingerp. 5rd Placeg Intramurals l,2, 3, . ,M ,,.4- SAT .4e-"" FH 5 March Mambo. ROBERT C. RYBICKI j.V. Football l,2, Capt. 2g Varsity Football 3,4g Baseball 2,3,4g Pho- tography Club 45 Hon. Ment. All City 3g Hon. Ment. Journal Amer. 49 Hon. Ment. World Telegram 44 All City Cath. 45 All Met. Prep 4g All Scholastic Team 4g Camera Club 4. o LLOYD M. SAMOUR ' X K.B.S. 1,2,3,44 Am. coun. 4g 5 . 4 Stage Crew 2,3,4g Radio Club lg Illhgjsgcs Club 45 Tennis l,2,3g Aux. GERARD L. SARACENI K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 2, Physics Club 4g Intramurals l,2,4. 59 !"iL AL CHARLES B. SALMON Sodality 2,5,4g K.B.S. l,Z,3,4g Sanc. Soc. 2.3.4, Pres. 55 Guard of Honor 2.5,4g Aux. Lat. 5: Cath. Class 35 Play Bus. Staff 5,41 Ram- part 3,4g Magazine 3.4, Co-Editor 45 Debating l,2,5,4, Sec. 43 Chem. Club 33 Class Acad. 3: Virg. Acad. 4g History Club 2: N.F.L. 2,3,4g C.F.L. 2.3.43 German Club 2.3.4. RAYMOND M. SAUMELL K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Off. 43 Physics Club 4g Intramurals l,2. . I 1 . ,, 4 . T A THOMAS A. SAVIGNANO Sodality 2,3,4, Sec. 3g K.B.S. 1, 2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4g Gold Medal l,2,5g Aux. Lat. 1,2,3g Cath. Class. 25 N.Y.U. Latin Contest 2, 3: Magazine 3,4, Editor 3: German Club 2,3,4g Chem. Club 35 Press Club 3,45 Glee Club 1. KENNETH J. SCHAFFNER Sodality 13 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor lg Class OH. 25 Vars. Swimming 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2, 3,4. SANTO C. SCARCELLA K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Aux. Lat. 3: Ath. Coun. 45 Class Off. l,2,3,4g Basket- ball 43 Baseball 3,45 Intramurals 1,325,4- mei' W A ut-4 MON TUE 4-v"""T 9 i I . , A ANTHONY S. SCHUBERT Sodality 3,4g K.B.S. 5,-4g Silver Medal 2g Cath. Class. 2g Dram. Soc. 43 Mag. 4g Glee Club 5,45 German Club 25.43 Chem. Club 23 Press Club 5.43 Guard of Honor 60 PASQUALE A. SERVODIDIO Sodality lg K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. l,2,5g Rampart 1,23 Cross- Country 1,29 Track 1,25 Intra- murals l,2,3,4. SAT R, 'ERT Extracurricular ccliviiy. CORNELIUS W. SHEA K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Class Off. 23 Phys- ics Club 43 Track 2,3,43 Intra- murals l,2,3,4. 6 ANTHONY R. SQUEGLIA K.B.S. 1,23 Library Staff 23 Track l,2,3. THOMAS J. SHALVEY Sodality 23,43 K.B.S. l,2,5,43 Sanc. Soc. 5,43 Guard of Honor 3,4, Vice-Pres. 43 Gold Medal I, 2,33 Aux. 'Lat. 1,21 Coun. Disc. 43 Class Off. 13 Play Bus. Staff 4, Mgr. 43 Mag. 1,2,3,4, Co-Editor 5,43 De- bating 2,3,4, Pres. 4g Rampart 1,23 5,43 School Eloc. Cntst. 2,3, Medal 53 Marian Year Contst., lst Prizeg Pres. Cath. Forensic League Stu- dent CODSICSSQ State Debate Champ. N.F.L. Grand Finalist 19543 C.F.L. Grand Tourn. 19543 C.F.L. Extemp. Speak. Champ.3 Gannon, Peacock Tourn. 1954. h 1 RICHARD B. SHUST Sodality 1,2, Sec. 13 K.B.S. 1,2, 5,43 Yearbook Editor 43 Lib. Staff 1,23 School Eloc. Contest 13 His- tory Club 23 Intramurals 1,2,3. 61 MICHAEL A. SIANO K.B.S. I,2,5Q Class Off. 2,43 j.V. Football 2, Co-Capt.3 Varsity Foot- ball 3,43 Co-Capt.3 Baseball l,2,3, 43 Intramurals 1,2,3,43 Hon. Ment. All City-All Scholastic 19543 All Met. Prep-1954. R AF,-vi!! BPWED GERARD J. SMITH Sodality 15 K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Ath. Coun. 45 Physics Club 45 Intra- murals 1. ROBERT J. STEINBERGER sodaliry 2,3,4, K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Sanc. Soc. 2,45 Play Bus. Staff 45 Rampart 45 Yearbook 45 Cross- Country 2,55 Track 2,3,45 Intra- murals l,2,3,45 Photography Club 45 Dance Comm. 4. N 'TUE SUN MO If MON T E U SUN tw O ROBERT A. SQUILLANTE K.B.S. 1,25 Class Off. 2,45 Radio Club 15 J.V. Baseball 25 Varsity Baseball 5,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. . JAMES F. SUTLIFF Sodalit 1234 KBS 1234 if y s s 9 i - ' - v 9 9 I Ath. Coun. 45 Play Bus. Stall 25 Stage Crew 3,45 Rampart l,2,35 Ra- LAURENCE B' STOREY dio Club 15 Debating 25 Physics . - . Club 45 Cross-Country 1,25 Track In5::airak2'3'i'4'PhySlc5 Club 4' 1,25 Intramurals l,2,3,4. 62 .4-A ,, SAT .--""'-ragga' PRX SAT won'0 be in school today. E RONALD S. TAMOSCHAT K.B.S. 1,25 Class OE. 23 Radio Club lg Intramurals l,2,5,4. JOHN V. TOAL Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4, Usher 4g Guard of Honor 5,4g Sil- ver Medal 5g Ath. Coun. 45 Class Off. 2,43 Rampart 4g German Club 2,5,4g Frosh Oratoryg Photography Club 43 Intramurals l,2,3,4g Year- book 41 Dance Comm. 4. WILLIAM M. TORTORTELLA Sodalit 1234 KBS 1234 y 1 1 9 I - - - 1 1-y Q Glee Club 3,45 Physics Club 45 Intramurals 1,2. 63 PAUL F. TAYLOR Ath. Coun. 44 Rifle Team 5,4 Manager 5,4g Intramurals 2,4. THOMAS P. VAHEY K.B.S. l,2,53 Aux. Lat. l.2g Dc- bating 1,24 j.V. Football, Co-Capt. 23 Varsity Football 5,43 Baseball l,2,4g Intramurals l,2,5,4. 0 J , A ROBERT F. VIVONA K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g' Silver Medal 1: Aux. Lat. l,2,3: Ath. Coun. 4: Physics Club 43 Varsity Swimming 3g4j.V. Baseball Zg Intramurals l,2, 5, . FRANCIS A. VOLINO K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Vice-President Physics Club 43 Track 33 Intra- murals l,2,5,4. Wi, A rue Suu M IE' GEORGE J. WADE Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 3,4g Gold Medal lg Aux. Lat. l,3g Class Off. 23 Dram. Soc. 3,4g Mag. 45 Lib. Staff 2g Debating l,2,3,4, Off. 45 St. Peter's Coll. Debate Champ. 25 N. Y. State Debate Champs. 33 Track l,2g Intramurals l,2,3,4. ' A JOHN F. WALLACE K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Class Off. 2,45 J.V. Football 25 Intramurals l,2, 3,4. 64 PATRICK J. WALLACE K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Intramurals 1,Z, 3,4. A SAT FRY SAT ROBERT F. WETJEN K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Coun. Disc. 5g Cross-Country 3, 4g Track 1,2,3,4g Intramurals l,2, 'If's n lilrle loo Neo-Classical. 3 4. PIERCE B. WILKINSON ' K.B.S. 1,z,3,4, Coun. Disc. sg WX 1 Glee Club 2,5,4g Varsity Swim- R1:Epag,4i,4.Intramurals 1,2,3,4g JOHN T' WILLIAMS K.B.S. 1,Z,5,4g Aux. Lat. 2 Class Off. 1,2,5,4g German Club 2 3,43 Chem. Club 39 Football l,2,3g Intramurals l,2,3,4. 65 JOSEPH T. WHALEN K.B.S. lg J.V. Football 23 In- tramurals 1,Z,3,4. ROBERT C. ZAK Sodaliry 1,25 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Sanc. Soc. l,2,5,4g Guard of Honor lg Radio Club lg German Club 2, 3,4g Cross-Country lg Track 1,23 Intramurals I,2. - AL.: 153555 s himwn imc 5 ' 1,-A V wa! Epi .ff 7 Q ,N . 4 ,, .S A U .N scifi Y Q K ,Ara I ' - f ' 'L -V s fx F' F 'lv If , ,K .., I Va 2,7 ' 1. .x, u M. A mf "it-a. 595 uf:-3"" .w wav-H fri? J LJ N Mow Tun: ws D 12, 3 4? I rr I J lyqnl I G- wud Ke ' olco n ll' G'!5:' J MG k I dy R' M M' S K " 0 ry dal re T Ilu s. 5 "' P- M rin G Ng Y J Ryl ' 0 f s . o n I To hw: . . Amd! . Ill V DeSim0"" J UC' ' Q li ' an - 0.0 .lAcAuIoY' A' some ' ,' on ' a. 0 C""' FRESHMAN YEAR june 16 1955 the termination of our high school careers and the reward of four years of persistent effort as arrived. Now those four years are just me mories but ones that the passage of time will never erase. It seems only yeste day that we opened the door of ughes Hall. During the first assembl Prep gym we lined up to size position and met Father S mold us into Fordham Prep gentleme to t e first declension ' first y in the hea, who n. Rising a b' in Latin and report card was soon to it, we were soon introduced algebra s painful un nowns. Then came our and the voice of Father Matthews saying There is no substitute for study. Football blew in with the fall winds but neither rain nor storm dampened out spirits. In mid-October "The Fleet s In dance found some of our ips sinking, with the parent-teacher meeting scheduled for the same evening anuary soon followed and with it the mid-terms. Out ranks slimmed and we gan the second semester with a new sense of belonging, for we had proved our wort . Wearing out the gym floor we experienced that infamous event called "recess jug," while at the assemblies in Collins we wore out our hands while learning that "There is only one type of applause. . That February, on the eve 'nl'- of Washington 's birthday, we patriotically danced to the brass of "The Spirit of '76." During May we dedicated ourselves to the Blessed Mother while also petitioning sunny skies for the boatride, the big event for us as well as the upper- classmen. june found us meeting the challenge of the Province Exa 4 zs 26 27 28 29 3010 i lip 2 3 -'. s 9 1 14 '5 'il 2 ms by burn- 30 53 In ' I, ' 0 c I ' PP I.. ll - ' a - vivv""' " M ' Rosllw' R' e " ' rellu, ' honey, S' I-",w.".',w.M' i c ce ' Frvlgr g:'w5,J-I FZZZIVOY' . , nf , - , ' : - " - d UR wi . bei: 74. Iluorinaih' Absen . P 5, n .swim ur' Thll n R. D,Rud Row: T' D. SIR'-'hw' Irqeeni, w' lgggainie Seton . J Plkhards-i nl-lh.y' sui9I'055g R . r. H""'Y' ' bl P - X 2 S' 0 F K L Y., , -4 I , , ll ,i s za 1 l'- H A E J , 28 29 11 ' If 5- U I H C sh . T ., be - h :Miz :::nt:'::cJ, Dofioy, T I. :YUn'9, inn, R. caIia:ilgUll.n' P datum, A. g:'i'Yon,' D. R31 Tp,5,d 31301101 F. Po i lolql R. Belrbfn, 1. DLT, R. Fray: G. Hum Olfrnol D. Di ' - Pi - "'y. "" T- L ' '50vi " ""'f I-. M f"'nd "hy, n 9"""', W- Kr gn' Rgw, . QIN , Ing. n, C' salm - J, wha' alll, R. Clam Wboyg, C our J, 01K sul' R. lugngg w' G, Gi'bE'PYa' R, C 'lc Cm ' - Pi - UI V., . ob ki I' g. J Gglanorw Maluulsu- fun Row 'I V l. , . Gillboml' :J.'F:.l:ii' .., - Y- ll Y 1-lr. toni: J. wil: T' od Ein ing the midnight oii ieyerishiy. Thus we turn the page oi our hrst year at the 2 Prep. SOPHOMORE. YEAR 9 I With a year behind us, we are now an accepted part oi the Prep. No ionger 16 1 were we iow men on the totem poie. We greeted the oid iamiiiar iaces and were 23 promptiy introduced to the new ones. Pather Parricker had repiaced Pather F E Matthews as Principai and ciass i-H had disappeared. Some oi us took to ioiiow- ing Xenephon in the mountains, whiie others ioined the ranks with Mr. Shieis E in German, and that year Mr. Keiiy, SJ. gave us a dramatic interpretation oi 6 7 5 "Letter from a Stranger." Then we dusted off our sombreros and attended our 13 first dance as sophomores, "The Road to Rio." Lydia and Lucy made the head- W 14 15 20 21 iines in "The Riyaisf' whiie at Christmastime some oi us ioined Mr. Hanish's 2 7 2 2 choristers in singing the beautiiui German "W eihnachtsiieder When the mid- 25 29 terms ended for the second time in our career, the ranks were trimmed again and M A R C the five honor ciasses had merged into three. That year aiso Pr. Hennessey succeeded Pr. Pteynoids as Student Cpunseiior. We saiied the seven seas with 6 7 6 Mr. Hebron at the heim, whiie Mr. Hoibrook stiii insisted "The South wiii rise 13 14 9 again." Pr. Hoch ioined the Prep iacuity aiter returning from the Phiiippines, 20 15 16 and we were giad to see Mr. Meiican return. Those were the days when aii stu- Zl 22 23 2 dents everywhere were deepiy indebted to Mike Quiii for the short ciasses and 27 25 29 3 4 7 that extra hour's sieep in the mornings. That year the Prep instituted the first O 31 K D "Father and Son Night' which became an immediate success. in May we 8 2 9 30 51 r with our reeks no ng rough Odysseus J Magna Car . 1.05 -w . .-J. ' R . .0 TP ' . . U .fo M wu ' bk HYR Y oR MC lu' d o kk er0 'FITAGH eo X watched Erwin ' in his gallant but fruitless quest for the right bus in the So a ity Play. Then came the second boatride and another wonderful time and soon we said goodbye to geometric theorems and left Caesar and his legions on t e other side of the Rubicon as we headed for a well-earned vacation JUNIOR YEAR junior year found us wandering through a newly altered Prep with hal ur gym converted into classrooms for the seniors. With a new P.A. system installed soon discovered that the walls had ears. Some of us knuckled down to - earning French with Mr. Cascio' or vice versa. 3-Bs scientists donned their a rons to do those ever intriguing chemistry experiments with Mr. Fallon. All 0 us were introduced to the golden-tongued Cicero and Catiline, the audacious one. This was the year we thought our football team had it, but for the third straig t year we bowed in t e wake of the 16th Street Cadets. "Command De cisi was a big success, holding the audience spellboundxas well as snow bound. That year, under Mr. McGuire, S. j., our sodality visited several hospitals during the Christmas vacation. We ushered in the new semeste Mass in honor of St. Ignatius. Soon after, the G mountain air, still found breathi a fellow named third , w weary of the thin , as they took to the engulhng sea with , the unhappy wanderer. Mr. McHugh signed the ta dispensing with English notebooks, while many a math class and ended with Mr. Melican saying, "Get awn to yourself" ' ll! alla ERIE . lllll' i'i'6'ii A began 1 Social-In ' 1 2 9 20 2 inded onc 20 930 27282 42526 Q2 o 22 93031 27202 'TC TNF, 225 31 ' fiinr Il, 'ia' '- J C05"9a Sq G9 ,h new a-, A sm" ' J G E Bw" 'Pina' G' T Bwnnnn' r nl Rawrroll, B. co R Hayman, T Carre sl., G, Ca P Delumeff Tulbof - Brooki. J Mfsmiit H giemghw' Mr. . Mohan' K Taylvfv F h i J. Ros' J. logon. wiv-v Im, , C D' . R ' RQ lr 0 'W G'-""9" wuenf ' rf f -n, ' " ""'nlird R"Y': R' Hi? ""' D' .i I? W: F' U . Clanrv- K ,,,,.fm I grams. S " x x Ax- sql! r ' . e it 5 . lan, C' 9 , - In d l , 1 h , . . 15 29 J , f o , 3 We 0 l , ' ' P f , h h - on" - fl Q i i To F glow: T, Flon Row: ian" A, po':?"", w, Ku . ComPbeIlf'?.'vgL:yi 2331: Lzffogchml A e, J. Pogognol J- su'ym0pf3nger U" M- C. '-s"0nJ squill rmlcgn F ame, R ' R' f"RfZ:v5 FQ ,flag R. Gum -I 9 emberger, k'Fe::ll:o:g3?':'T.Jhefiriniano P 5 A .I I . Bryden' gig, F, gong fra.-,Ida .., -4-'Y' it ' iq- 1 r, B ' 3- l ?-ZZ 4-I' J - 'Ylo J i' ee Ein again ,we aiso sponsored a new junior dance in addition to the annuai feature, the A.C. dance.When the time came ior us to be measured for our senior rings, 2 we reaiized that iunior year was neatiy over and we wouid soon be kings oi the 9 I roost. in May came the traditionai devotions and boatride to indian Point. As 16 I june approached, and with it the hnai exams, we put aside what a young man's 93 . ianc usuaii turns to in the spring to concentrate on getting by unbiemished. . M Y Y Soon afterwards the senior rings started hashing and there ioiiowed an ever Br i weicome respite for the weary, a thing caiied a three month vacation. With three 5 years behind us, the home stretch was iust beyond those sunbathed summer 8 6 7 6 months. 13 1 4 15 SENKOR YEAR Zo 21 22 K "The beginning and the end oi every human endeavorf' as Father Matthews 27 28 29 once said, "is most interesting." We had iong since seen the beginning and were M A R now rounding the iast turn'oi our iour year career at the Prep. Aiter dreaming Kim- tor three iong years or the day that we couid caii outseives seniors, it had come 6 at iast. As the hnai year was begun with the Mass or the Hoiy Ghost we ptoudiy 7 6 9 took our piaces in the iront oi the University Chapei. When the schooi year 13 14 15 16 itseii got underway we noticed severai significant changes in the curricuium as 20 21 2 2 2 weii as in the boys themseives. in reiigion, for one, we dispensed with the usuai 27 28 2 3 24 2 memory work and were now iearning to " Answer Wiseiy Our introduction to 9 30 31 CC D hysics as not quite so bright, and we soon saw that simpie machines couid be O 41- 25 26 Elm O 51 . R. MUSi"""' lsS0Yf J Musfroiallnif P' Mor' . E. Ngriolh ' R. B'-""" . . sz. Pimp" M. Mll1lfQfr w, FUYI R. CaS!Yf . P. Q""" RoW- TOP h R . - h R, Fo""""" mtl: . . .. P- :f-:::1...,. R. Swm,n,'o. QJ...i:I:Phyl ,,tQ::"x.,,, J, me-ary. l V. ofNeiII, R. Row.'T. Comerford, , nw.. rtff4IQj"g'f'f. v0'i""5,.'.fZ SJ" R' ner, R. H,n""'gf Lheau R.J mgrrpinol Ser0"'d K. Zfrezml L slfzginnl J- Mm-nn, . 5 gikeefie, P' wllk i it x x ,X very complicatedxor was it that our complicated minds could be very simple? Now where was the old gang meeting? Why in the senior room, of course . . . a true oasis, cool, green, and aromatic. As Autumn's glitter invaded the country- I side, we took time out from class to turn our minds to God in a four day retreat at Gonzaga. November rolled around and "The Wolves" made their stand in A 15 Collins, while in the sports world, Mr. Ososlci led his fabulous "Little Ramsv J through an unbeaten and untied season, conquering the Cadets in the annual I Turkey-day tilt. The closing days of November found us claclfing our wooden 28 29 shoes at "Da Klompen Dans." Later we put aside those confusing college appli- . - cations and our worries over the C.E.E.B. exams to prepare for the mid-terms. llig Now we were in the home stretch and aware that graduation was almost just "- 4 around the corner. Superlative was the word for our basketball team as they 0 11 12 turned in a winning season under the new coach, Mr. Sullivan. As the days hur- 7 18 lg ried by they became more and more meaningful to us, each one drawing us 24 25 26 nearer to the big day. In April the Senior Sodality play once again left us roaring in the aisles, but this year it was our play, our night, and our success. May was a big month for us, with the May talks, the boatride, and our last Prep dance, R El under a picturesque "Arabian Nights" setting. Then graduation in june and we 53 were no longer Prepsters but Alumni. The next night at the Prom we bade a 7 8 9 Hnal, regretful goodbye to the Prep. Thus for four years we had "advanced in 16 17 wisdom, age, and grace before God and men." 14 15 24 'Torfafz el bare 011221 meminirfe yrzzffzbiz. U 9 20 21 22 25 7 25 29 30 31 4 25 26 2 zo 2 G IIE 2 30 31 27 25 29 During the paft four yearf, nzany fine teaeherf hare, hy word and example, influenced our lizw and infpired zu with lofty amhitionf. Wfe look hack with gratitude on the Prep and those who have placed their great eonfidenee in af. May we alwayf he true to the high .nlanrlardy they have Jet. 73 PRE,o S 17 62 Q 94 awk-'Qw 0 s M xv ffilllxsx Y CHQCDX' Since the first freshman class in 1841 began its climb to senior year, the underclassmen have been trained in the finest Jesuit tradition to meet the multiple horizon of graduation and the years beyond. 1841 umfwmww Sizin- IM Af' , N w W 2 4 X FEV! f F' 519' 'Sf J A 2. :VQ H,, 3, f QQSQ 6 x 4' fi r ,- . ,... - E5 Top Row: T. Douglas, R. Callagy, E. Meany, J. Kearney, J. Alionian. Third Row: l. Aidala, E. Dowling, Mr. Fitzpatfiflff 5-J J. Keane, H. Travers, J. Schweitzer, H. Reese, V. Mikelainis, W. Negvesky, P. Desimone, W. Krantz. Second Row: G. Keane, E. Gaudio, V. Conlan, P. Williams, T. Gaines, H. Stadelmann, R. Burlinxon, J. Sheeran. Front Row: H. Miller-Jones, R. Cusati, J. Mcilligott, A. Bolmann, J. Pisani, B. Comaslry, P. Franlt, l. Veral, V. Pastore. Top Row: P. Kinderman, D. Hughes, S. Rosa, T. Bowes, G. Adami, T. Palmieri, M. Dennehy, I.. Kelly, K. McGovern, R. Cagan, T. McGinnis. Second Row: H. Lambert, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Kirk, T. Whelan, T. Shea, D. Purpi, R. Kraig, T. McGuiness, J. Barch, J. Bandura. Front Row: F. Gradt, M. lackey, J. Mitchell, F. Gan- Mr McHugh non, T. Trimarco, M. Giorgio, D. Guidotti, J. Kenney, M. Tierney. Absent: H. Hertzman. 'Q ' . ' E 'S an Eg , ' ' ,Lh,. T. V A3144 K - f'j"f7,, Q Q' Q. 'f f ' ' :Q H 5 V YN , ' - Q4 5 .---. 'rg r I iff Vy! . N r' 4 f Q 'vzmwmu 5 'aff f sg Q ff ' ' 8.33 Tig,-I 'Q' fx' 1 ' 'fa' X-if 'Y' Myk, ,L y I , ' :KE-YL' I Q! N W . iz , V 4 Q 'X 5 Y? ,QVz'l?5' Q Q gi SNK. IQ :gg fi.-f 'W - Q, as F a K 'X r Q.: 'Ro W? ig frm ,YY 'ff-WJ... ffynj 4 .4 - I B 'z M fi 9 Top Row: J. Keaiing, H. Healey, W. Morris, P. Held, T. Comaclx, W. Schmarie. Third Row: E. Beleclr, M. Hayes, T. Moriarty, G. Sior, J. Hefele, E. McCarthy, D. Rivisllo, J. Realini, R. Mclnlyre. Second Row: M. Moriull, M. Monnurino, D. Dello Monuro, E. Arrieri, J. Whamond, l. Timpone, W. Carr, T. Savureso, A. Pinro. from Row: A. Perrolia, J. Calhoun, J. Hughes, K. Bauer, J. Mulholland, J. O'Connor, J. Boraiia, P. Mur- phy, J. Munnix. Absent: T. O'Brien. Mr. DaPurma 1-l lv We -A . 3 4 H A X 9 af fr ' if is ,ph L N is if v ,fm 4-:nk A7 , E Y S .5 A 5 Mr. McDonough Top Row: R. ladau, G. Hughes, G. Storck, J. Strong, E. Costello, K. Smith, T. Carroll, J. Boland, A. Apicelli, R. Menninger, G. Bianchi. Second Row: M. Moran, T. Overhulse, M. Englehardt, M. Casey, A. Marotti, D. Retoslce, J. leonarcl,- E. Greene, L. Reilly, W. Engels. Front Row: J. Collins, R. Schneider, P. Turrise, J. Reilly, H. Connolly, R. Carroll, J. lane, J. Reich, E. McAnaney. Absent: R. McGovern. Top Row: J. Tucciarone, C. lnfosino, T. Villamana, G. Cleary, A. Riebesehl, H. laubis, J. McCann, J. Kelly, .L Rissone. Third Row: J. Amrhein, W. Skehan, D. Carrigan, T. Healy, R. Hames, R. Hourahan, R. Amber- ger, A. Preixser, T. Cavey, G. Keane. Second Row: W. Carroll, l. Duffy, R. Oswald, R. Frost, G. Morton, R. Dulfy, P. Certo, F. Jonlre, R. Van de Kieft, R. Cryan. Front Row: E. Gallagher, V. Mancuso, E. Ricca, W. Schroeder, R. Hanlme, J. Cregan, J. Power, D. Koch, W. Takacs. Fr- Huh, 5,1- ff FV- CWWICYI SJ- Top Row: J. Derfinger, J. Ponzi, W. Franklin, R. Mclynn, M. Wilhelm, W. Kloepfer, l. Sfurniolo, R. Shan non, l. Fischer, P. Travers. Second Row: J. Cufney, W. Curran, E. Ruggiero, B. Mergardl, D. Berborich J. Cerame, F. Padrone, C. Collins, W. Brick, J. Mulholland, P. Ward. fron! Row: R. Gilbert, R. Quinn P. Neuda, R. Adams, V. Broico, R. Colfer, P. Byrne, V. Albrechi, J. Colarusso. Top Row: T. Jennings, J. Devine, W. McGrath, J. Maguire. Third Row: E. lun, J. Pero, D. Kelleher, E. Gil- marfin, J. Smith, J. Weisman, J. O'Brien, J. Sullivan, R. Wade. Second Row: G. Joiner, B. McGuire, R. Tim- ofhy, H. Slane, T. Halloran, A. Russo, R Dobeck, W. Bleweh, T. Shea. Fronl Row: W. Weinerf, E. Burke, J. Gilmour, J. Tesor, R. Iacheifo, P. Luiz, B. Muller-Thym, G. Koester, W. Landry. Absent: M. Waters. Mr. Holbrook ,X .gf.,fm flgiiigii ,Q .3 .5, a.ig1,5 , . 5-5?QigQsfQ,f - m fif31sf:'Z.. iw? fi' 'ff f S3 sr Nw b 1 ,S gi? ,131 A 1'a.: -mg -,,:.'.- 2 X I 5.. A N . . ' 3 ff ,mg .xghv , '. V f ' ,W , .4 . : :I 'V V Bi' W, Q :gui , , 8 .. .V ,ggsba Y -.c, i 1:3 L vig. , px., ' ' 3314.1 f 2, ,f , 4 .551 Eff ' X .. X-W3 5, kd., SF- as 31' . 1. gy A fix P- em? W ig f .aw -df M X ti. SX ,- ' i as ,nv - W w f f if eg 5 A Kwlss 0? Q Y, -v. ,gil Q .mf 1-Ai! "Q ii ' A - - . ' w A9 W Wy v 2, V 'W Q fi gk. I1 F .Q sw , P I -H W " ,,A:.4 . 5, , gl, 'Gifs , , .-,M . -xxfwwilldihdk W -my fi, .M , ..,, My - Y fi ,gf gy ff . 155, f Q . . Sl ' gza 2, - 1' f ,ws E. .'e"'J1L V' 1 I Mg, X , 4 rx' S .KR Qi ' ,P K S' A Q xiii Q A. ' .,, Q! fl S' 1 , P, .Y 1 ,W 'z, n ii... 9 "I gf... L 4 if s - 1 ' V 5 -. '- 1 . 'Q ., Efiifvff X 1 "f f ' W.. ' ' . U 4 6- -M sf A KMQV .N f' " xl wxyi 'E 1 N . -M. . ,fe . my lik' -- 8 A Af 4 1' ff -I I 1, 1 11: Top Row: P. Branca, R. Fitzgerald, R. Quigley, S. Binarri, P. Mendelis. Third Row: V. Murray, R. Salva- lorelli, R. Calamifa, G. Hohmann, L. Duffy, R. Curnen, R. Connerx, R. Johnson, F. Donnelly, M. Taltacs. Second Row: A. Burke, J. Comeau, A. Ostuni, A. Raia, A. Spohr, J. Yepes, F. Murphy, J. Jordan, A. Mac- chia, R. Cosianzo, M. Egan. Fran! Raw: C. Lancelot, J. Maloney, R. Farrell, J. Rowan, J. Scanlon, J. King, C. Buller, R. Gilmarfin, A. Kirchner. Q P- Mr. Kirchner Mr. Sullivan Top Row: R. Rosetti, H. lodes, A. Tuberfini, R. Renz, V. Zeoli, P. Slxilco. Third Row: R. Robbins, L. Della Cava, J. Toner, J. 0'KeeHe, C. Healy, F. Sullivan, E. Slattery, W. Murphy, J. Melican, B. Perez. Second Row: W. Doyle, R. Uhrlass, J. Callaghan, P. Daly, A. McKeon, A. McGuire, M. Naughlon, J. Mollola, P. Schneiderx, J. Colasante. Front Row: J. Dio Guardi, G. Lee, J. Freaney, J. Hopkin, J. White, C. Peroli, J. Cosgrove, S. Hammond, J. Denneen. 'nf mi i K? T L , Q 3, L L 2 ,g , M f ,A 2 21 5 e an 5 i H, 5 . ,,, ,. :Z f - 9365 - ' :W', ' -J: . ' ' A x'W' '- vvfvws . in . Q- 515225: , ' ' , . 5 5 ' k K Q an Rag- n -E ,- - 'WYVL A g V . -L A , ' ,V mpg V A f A? U Q J ,I kw fg - : V W 1, ifrli.. :Lk y y , A 5 ' . ,. :-' K I 3' Kiwi I yn 5 , .- , ' i K 7 W., . ,, ,"' "W ,.,,. W. ., "" W - ff' xg , ' . A , 1, K 2-7? . V ..'L: " K.., 5 15. ,Q 1 k 4, X, Q V-f x ' . " 3535 - v- HK 'iixiuit ,km ,. 'gf ,, gan: 5 I .M k , "" gy A -" X3 " ij ' 2 ' 'L 5 vi? ff " V A A zw- ' 5152? 14 4 - m V - '2 XL - m , s jg , , .'VL NI - ' ' :rv r if: .. "TL -f "wa 5 A R' ,' W' 'T Z' aA'5QQ --' 11 I f W m y , gl .Q, if ifif N L ,VIL W R "AA. 54 14 A I Bi M, r I My ,3 . K 2, j W ,xxx-W,,. L.. .x,, A vi --QQ 3 X Q ai fa L, 5 Q ' Q 3 Sw . -K1-W. ii l :nw vs, M wif my if Q . f ' ,X,L :N . , 5. X 25 we-O 4. Top Row: G. Freiberg, R. DeFelice, J. Meehan, G. Campbell, V. Gray. Third Row: J. McTernan, G. Annar, M" Plfkenf 5-1- G. lash, K. Hopkins, R. Conte, T. Woods, J. larltin, C. DeKeyser, J. O'Neill, V. Flood. Second Row: G. Fegan, J. Sullivan, I.. Ricciardi, R. Marane, L. Sfubenvoll, J. Walsh, P. Brule, J. 0'ReiIly, D. Tevlin, A. Beedenlaender. Fronr Row: R. Prati, T. Feeley, R. Colletfi, E. Egan, T. Farley, R. Miller-Jones, D. Prisciotia, R. Molinari F. Suoui. Mr. Fallon Q' . l -Q' Top Row: E. Flynn, E. Danowski, L. Manzione, V. lynch, G. Manning, R. Sabalelli. Third Row: E. Colfey M. Hoag, I.. Booker, R. Meehan, J. Krueger, N. Guarnieri, J. Hoffman, P. Toomey, J. Connors. Second Row G. Capouo, W. Raymond, T. Werdan, M. McDonough, J. Both, R. Calcagni, P. Mongan, M. Conroy, J Busa, l. 0'Brien. Front Row: R. Curran, R. Farrelly, J. Ontra, J. lytile, D. Monaghan, F. Brunner, R. Mal- lery, P. Gannon, A. Peraino. PF?E,o Y' S- i s ef Q E p f, 55 I A 10: AKQV -s fw- ff,.9gx5s SCI-'QCD The cross is a reminder that we are followers of Christ, the perfectly developed Man. To imitate Him as perfectly developed men is the spirit- ual and intellectual goal of one of us in all our activities Prep. .. W.. ..m.,......,. .NVQ J-.-w-rv: ,..,.,--.av V... K :lj mm M L -APY! I I, 4419493 Ushers Qfrontj Opfinger, Toal, Carter ibackl Diamond, De Fnore McLaughlin SANCTUARY FRONT ROW il to rl: Denneen, Macchia, E. Egan, M. Egan, Farrelly, E. Lutz. SECOND ROW il to ri: S. Keane, P. Lutz, J. Keane, Bell, llardi, Amandolare, Sullivan, Marotti, Capozzo. BACK ROW il to rl: Sxeinberger, Lyons, Evans, Brooks, Guilfoyle, Shalvey, Salmon, ?'N?ill, Botticelli, Miniter. ABSENT: Zak, Shust, Fegan, Brunner, Freiberg, Richt, Gray, ev nn. W 1 , , 4, I - , 3 4, E Q.-J. : f' O ,ff--',., I A RD OF ,, H0 OR 7 f 1' , 7- w :V 83' J., ' i.931 i M-4 -J, Nr: Guard of Honor officers: Cseat- edb Pres. Denny, Moderator Fr. Hennessyg fstandingb V. Pres. Shalvey, Assistant Botticelli. OCIETY Lf. , Y 4 ! YT t I President Fay and Vice-President Denny instruct would-be servers in the rubrics. 91 IOR FRONT ROW il. to r.J McGreevy, Botticelli, Brooks, Comerford, Salmon, De Fiore. SECOND ROW fl. to r.D Luongo, Evans, Muccigrosso, Malanga, Mazza, Ilardi. THIRD ROW Cl. to :J O'Connell, Amandolare, Burns, Wade, Toal, Tortorella. BACK ROW il. to r.J Denny, Shu- bert, Savignano, Quigley, Rosato, Di Dio. sf ,Y Qi 'xi 4. I A moment for Spiritual Reading Prefect Denny and Vice-Prefect Di- Dio confer with Mr. McGuire, SJ. ODAL IT FRONT ROW il to rl Steinberger, Cormican, Sutliff, Halmen, O'Neill, Bryden, J. Lyons. SECOND ROW il to rj Opfinger, Shalvey, McGinty, O'Connot, McLaughlin, Richards, A. Lyons. THIRD ROW il to rj Crone, Callahan, Gazzola, Brennan, Prunty, Diamond. BACK ROW fl to rl Pratt, Rosso, Norton, Clancy, Galassi. Stamp Collecting Secretary Amandolare takes attendance UNIOR ODALITY sa- ri ' , .....-v' X fl to rl Treas. Dowling, Sec , Gannon, V. Prefect Frank Moderator Mr. Hamilton, S.J. and Prefect O'Brien. ROW 1-Calhoun, Kelly, Lambert, Gannon, Keane. ROW 2-Mclilligott, Bol- mann, Hughes, Sheeran, Palmieri. ROW 5-McQuade, Aidala, Bauer, Mikolainis, Sullivan, Burlinson. ROW 4-Dowling, Kearney, Reese, McGovern, Dinan. ROW 5-O'Brien, Cusati, Dennehy, Timpone, Comasky. ll I0 fl Pl'Cf0Cl De LOFCHZO- ROW: Kiernan, Hefele, Rosa, Barch, Mclntyre, De Lorenzo. BACK PROB TIONARY SOD LITY FRONT ROW ll to rl: Collins, Baberich, Carroll, Marotti, Apicelli, T SECOND ROW: Smith, Realini, Trimarco, Leonard, Guidotti, D'Angelo. Vice-Prefect Stadelman, and Stadelman, O'Brien, Weinert, McGuire. Mr. Talbot, SJ. 94 1 g , Q KM' 4? x -j' , ,ggi . 1 ,, Y. Q2 as Q Q S ,V U S 3: Q lg 3' -f Q 1 ,gg 'fg Q"N"5aW ?x.,,'f5 .ff V ' 1 'A We new 1' ,' Q g - ,. K. ,L 6 'NSY 1 - 1-,Qis ihfji 1 -xgzff' X. 1 . ffm 5 ,agwf Q , , q 5 , J' 4 1 . . iw xx Z' f if if Q : X 42 rf? RQ, 'Q Q " .ya Y Xa Qr'3' Q' 'Q M x 'F V - 5' ' S x -x 4 Q X1 xg v W X 335 -Q j '5 gg . -P A V s K ,Q h Q Q E X Sf? ag N-5 V? 5' r , y 5 1 QP if A 'Q I f Th RAMPART More and Better This Year RAMPART PRESENTS FACTS This year the Rampart has continued to bring ac- curate, first hand accounts of Prep activities to the students. Wtih john Lyons as Editor-in-Chief, jim Fitzpatrick, Associate Edi- tor ,and jim Kearney, Sports Editor, the paper has come to be known and relied upon for facts. During the football sea- son the paper in its new size came out every two weeks. The paper this year has continued all its pop- ular columns in addition to special features. From September on- ward the sports coverage of all varsity and non-var- sity sports was excellent. The sports staff of the paper kept the school well informed on the happen- ings of the winning foot- ball team, tennis, track, swimming, basketball and baseball as well as com- plete coverage of the in- tramural programs. The general reporting staff was busy throughout the school year reporting the accomplishments of all the activities of the Prep. The editorials were often critical, but well taken and quite often stim- ulated the sometimes dor- mant school spirit. Even more noticeable than in previous years was the fact that the glossy edi- tion of the paper had a great many more pictures. The paper this past year has proven that good writ- ing and a careful layout is vital for a successful paper. Mr. Herrmann and Mr. Hamilton, SJ., mindful of Continued on Page 97 f if Editors, Fitzpatrick, Lyons, Kearney. ' FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT A large staff of eager underclassmen has gath- ered the news of Prep do- ings over the past year. Their inquisitive search has produced up-to-minute reporting on the latest events in the classroom and the 'campus-wide ac- tivities program. In the next few years, this exper- ienced staff will maintain the high standard of 1954- 1955-reporting news of interest to all. Moderators, Mr. Hamilton, S.-I. and Mr. Hermann. Seated: Mr. Hamilton. S.-I., Mr. Hermann, Editor, Standing: Mergardt, Kearney, Quast, Toal, Bryden. Loo sv .gl i Continued from Page 96 the future, have taken steps to insure capable writers for the coming years. The editors can be proud of the paper for the past school year and the numerous, capable, and willing reporters can smile with satisfaction because they have helped write some of the brightest pages in the history of the Rampart. . ll SENIOR STAFF MEMBERS: Seated: Bell, Shalvey, Salmon, Sutliff, Brooks, Standing: Norton, Bryden, Toal, Steinberger, Mazza, Quast, Malanga. Absent: Burns, Hahnen. STAFF flf 'hJG' 'll J : e t to rig t aines, Mr er- ones, Douglas, McElli- o Str ng, Hughes, Callagy, Schneider, Flood, Byrne, Fitzpatrick, Trautlein, SENIORS- BACKBONE OF STAFF Forming the backbone of the Rampart staff in all departments this year were the seniors. Among the class of '55 comprising the day men of the news staff Palmieri, Landry, Mergardt, Thompson. Gerry Norton, Tom Shal- vey, Bob Hahnen and Pat Burns, the general and feature assignment re- porters. Dick Bryden, Pete Quast and jack Toal took and developed the photos which added so much to the format. were Charles Salmon, ,Xanga THE RAMPART , Fordham Preparatory School 3- .AL NEW YORK 58, NEW YORK EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . JOHN LYUNS ASSOCIATE EDITOR .... .JIM I-'ITZI'ATRIf'K SPORTS EDITOR . JIM KEARNEY News Staff: Pat Burns, Terry Douglas, Jim Hughes, Bill Landry, Jim McElligott, Barry Merlnrdt, Gerry Norton, Charles Salmon, Roh Schneider, Tom Shavey. John Strong. Sports Staff: Bob Callalyy Tom Gaines, Bob Hahnen. Jay Mc-Cann, John MeGuinQ-ss. Photography: Dick Bryden, Paul Byrne, Peter Quast, Jack Toal. Typists: Frank Malanga. Tom Palmieri. Buaineaa: Randy Bell. Tom Palmieri. PRODUCTION EXCELLS To Mr. Willittm Herrmann, moderator, Mr. joseph Hamil- ton, SJ., assistant moderator, and john Lyons, Rampart Edi- tor-in-Chief and a competent staff goes the 'credit for the high quality of the Rampart. For the first time in Prep history, an introductory fresh- man edition was published. The material had been gathered, written and edited by the edi- torial staff during their vacation. interest was high among the Freshmen as a result. As the year went by, the in- terest did not wane. Moderators and editors somehow managed to meet the ever impending deadlines. X-gl THE FORDHAM PREP Dramatic Society presents "THE W0lVES" by Romain Rolland f i jj E. DRAMATIC UCIETY Moderator, Fr. Leonard, SJ., confers with Coach Mr. V Deering. "Wolw'es" Mclntyre, Wade, Frank, Denny, Schubert, Galassi, Gabriel, Malanga. G ab rie l receiv ln 3 a Wa 1' d 0190 , SAX. xkecu X9-Gao, YW '60, V0 ilxg mek so cis so 1'xg,'mN Xxxggxns ,YXewLq0fao. KX Y-1 an .92 001 , in 'Abe , yhcknvq me , Exams, 99 puck no gkgxwx up kocegcooobw Bak, Swim. kSvaocYmg,N sq ne, yMXaoy,'a., 41 fade, vhamw, Ocho, Yvwk SCN! 960 bets. Ns PM 1s'w,, L 'Q Juli X URW it S ,ffm qrxbf wx,-'JIQQ Skqxu L., I t Q XB... Xt Q- lj A G X V! L9 "AVL 'xx 4 QM ' N ,x 2: ' A ' gl 5 X Lq:: , A L-Q 23 S4 Q n LQ SP5 IH fy 0 ft: E 'S fkN,x 5' mf I 5 5:5 55 "' : x4 V N Sf" INS: 35 . FY, Ugg r S ..-D , f if 5- k -.l 45 , K. K Rl P Business stall at work. L. to r.: iSittingJ: Schnider, Palmieri. lStandingJ: Dennehy, Dinan, Mr. Hamilton, S.j., Timpone. sf s 12 t Mr. Hamilton, SJ., gives last minute instructions The Senior play writers look over a script. L. to r. Christiano to the ushers. L. to r.: Donohue, DeFiore, Salmon, O'Neill, Norton. Shalvey. 'X 'fc' ,fig 1 , Q ',.,f 1 lqfili . M IV' ,IMI ,yr www' wr- 5' f 1 on-1 ff' Q L ' in Y 'X YJ! ID "ff 100 ,.c,-ff Tlie Stage Crew in. action. L. to r.: lKneelingJ: Reilly, Sutliff, Stadelman 1Standingl Norton, Samour, Wade, Brooks The Business staff checks the searing arrangements. QSittingJ Shalvey, Hardy, Burns. iStandingl Guilfoyle, Steinberger, Evans. , The play writers ask Fr. Leonard, S.-I., for his opinion. L. to r.: The hoys in the control booth. KL. to r.l Blewett, Gabriel, Norton, Fr. Leonard, SJ., Mastroianni. Wade, RNMCIE fe . iii W Eff -,if . a i -Ikfrit is The stage crew makes ready the sets. L. to r.: Prcisser, Stadel- man, Anner, Lyons. Sutlilf, Reilly, Brooks, Shea. l K--1 Varsity Debaters: T. Shalvey, P. Burns. lins, Calhoun, Callagy. Seated: asky. 102 Corridor Preparation. F. Donohue, J. Ryan. - 'A' 1 Georgetown trophy: Moderators, Fr. Henessy and Mr. Pickett, SJ Debate Strategy. Standing. W. Last September the Campion Debate team was described as having "great potential." This potential was more than realized in the ensuing months. The first two Catholic Forensic League Tournaments saw the Campionites gain the second and first place trophies. As the months slid by the Prep speakers maintained their victorious pace. Their efforts bore fruit in the Georgetown and Catholic Forensic League Tournaments gaining first place trophies in both. The Prepsters also competed with much success in the St. Peter's Prep, New York State District, and Forensic League Tournaments. As we go to press the Campionites are eager- ly working towards bringing more distiction both to them- selves and to the Prep in the year's remaining contests. Sophomore Debaters. 1L. to r.J Ladau. Greene, Buttita, Strong, Marotti. junior Debaters. QL. to r.l Dorligo, Hertzman, Mclilligott, Burlinson, Sheeran, Keane Varsity Debnters: Wade, Salmon, O'Con nell. ,f ,,,.. r..sre.WWW WW. it bb b 5 H . L m,,,,,r,,,, , ,M Ax.X , ,Flirt AL.. -...,-,,..r,.. -A-WN 5 X we N5 We M We -.. Ffmur-M'---fw, mN..e-.s M Q-N , , MA-frfzwf hw Q ' .r slZ.-. "N'sf"Mf'-'vf1v- . . N ff lm X,., , ,W fwfr' ..,..,t.. A . wr: Q 2 N M 3 was 2 S S X - " ww "--'- 2 MQ r f- was s it af 3 55242 5 2 iw "' Q- V-"':Vl?f4f5 7k" :QPR-ia 1 XX W" AU X 5 X Q SS: Efvffaii? Q 'L if t X W X.-www K fw- ' -""""-" g 5 gig ' 5 -W la 3,5 W..-,,, RN E X Q me 3 sg s Q' ' ,os -' -,-- ws '14 i A - lm X -N53 2' -Y--W ' 4--f -M 'WW ' W N' new Q WWE M--W.., is ff mu W "" Wwmwwi g.f,.,,W.wm, ----532555-N wwf ,W ,W ' r- W-in ------ no M -5 1 . , is . at my 'Ig Fr. Boyle, SJ. Freshmen finalists: Skiko, Connors, Fr. Farricker, S.-I., with Freshmen Moderator O'Keane,Gelinas. tourney winners: Ingrassia, P and Kirchner. The Prep's Oratory Trophy Winners. Standing fl. to r.7: Higgins, Frank, Comasky, Hertzman, O'ConnelI, Gabriel. Seated fl. to r.J: Dorligo, Burns, Phillips lHearst Oratorical Finalistl, Wade, Shalvey. erez, l The RAMKI Ma azine THE RAMKIN STAFF Co-Editor: Thomas Shalvey, '55 Charles B. Salmon, '55 Literary Slap' Frank Malanga, '55 Thomas Savignano, '55 joseph De Firoe, '55 Anthony Schubert, '55 john Sheeran, '56 Henry Travers, '56 Contribulorr Joseph Ryan, '55 john Amandolare, '55 George Wade, '55 Patrick Buckley, '56 Pasquale Muccigrosso, '55 Stephen Keane, '56 Edward Hughes, '56 Thomas Moriarty, '56 Artiflf Paul Held, '56 Randall Bell, '55 Pbolograpben and Slay? Paul Byrne, '57 Richard Bryden, '55 " Harvey Richt, '58 Eugene Gallagher, '57 Peter Quast, '55 Robert Steinberger, '55 john Toal, '55 Magazine Editors Shalvey and Salmon check layout. w9"' Literary Staff: Savignano, Shubert, De Fiore, and Malanga. Moderator Mr. McGuire, SJ. ABSENT: Sheeran and Travers. odalit and German Choirs i P . Q SODALITY CHOIR: Bottom Roux' Guidotti, McGrecvy, Wilkinson, Evans, R0sato,Colonnell, ii O'Brien. Middle Row: Mr. McGuire, SJ., 1ModerarorD, Brooks, Galassi, Callaghan, Mas- troianni, Dinan, Di Dio, Dennchy, Booker, Mazza, Timpone, Guilfoyle iSecretaryP. Schubert. Top Raw: Pcrorri, Daly, Mallery, Tortorella, Perez, Rios, Farrell 4PresidenIJ absent. 7 I-H l - gb - - Mr. Hamsh gives the note. "Stille Nacht, . . . 1 ,f gf. iff' , a a W", 4.0 1 1. '10 .GJ CHESS CL B LIBR RY TAFF Seated lijlockwiselz Fitzpatrick, Pratt, Diamond, Clancy, Luongo, Glennon, Gazznla, DiDio. Standing ll. to r.7: DiFiore, Culver, L. Martin, Lane, Strong. Natale, Peraino, Higgins. Hidden from camera: Bohman, Georgio, Harrington, Thompson. ll ,.- wV",'JTr- go , ,,r rf' uv", aff' pt-N" af-J, VIRGIL ACADE Y x iii" YW Xxmlllg 108 1' x X 1 2 Q 4Left to right! Harrington, Strong, O'Connor, Dolan, Glcnnon, Kiernan. lLeft to rightb Clancy, Di Fiore, Luongo, Salmon, Schubert, Savignano, Ball, Diamond, Moderator Mr. Talbot, SJ. Mr. Patrick Shea, Moderator TOP PICTURE: Left to right: Petro- celli, Donohue, Mooney, Malanga Tortorella, Di Dio, Doherty, Vivona Rosato, De Lorenzo, Shea, P. Martin MIDDLE PICTURE' Left to ri ht - 8 Mazza, Rossano, Comerford, Hen- nessy, Breitling, Casey, O'Kobrick Heinrich, Evans, O'Connor, L. Martin BOTTOM PICTURE: Front Row- Left to right: DeRubeis, Biondi, Sut- liff, Ilardi, Rybicki, Richards, Clancy Back Row-Left to right: Saraceni Ariniello, Opfinger, Fay, Miniter Diamond. 9 PO .T VLH? 5 H 2 K ,4 b ,4 ' Schub K I M. Campbell di Y . .J U I. XII Z Q! Borricelli L, W d I .J -J Tucciamne QLL Coos Kmcor Sxekobergei kb Nkiamoo, 5.8. 0 Q1 ii A00 Ofnkto S mx wosowvw O' 'po 'mb YA odvg VMS Coccosan, GaXXzg,'oex , Y xekssec , La Xfxci KOKK Q06 X ' l I Xiu. M, Bryden and Hahnen crop photos. vw ww ' .. 355-H55 Steinberger, Quasl and Toal End a funny one. li 'Q ax J l ' Emi Prunty and Callahan look for ideas. Dea fo 'He I meet if Den J' Gf6e'.y, CO fl '61-. D ca gf 1 es Prmwdoyb . me" awe 1,00 ,Y wks swf" ? 1 Moderator, Mr. Braun, SJ., and '56 successor Mr. Fitzpatrick, SJ. f .,-ZS! '22 Council of Discipline X X fx Wasil? Q5 f , sv ll l ll 'A' .. f" 'l X x ,fr 'f' .li x xx'k .., .J-,l +,' I by if -- . M H .L - -N 4.12.4 3' 5 . ., . i -Av I" " 4 'Non "W y'xg -1 . 'Lx 1.1 f ix .I ' ' . v ' 1 'u . f-. ' N ., f,-, X Lx - .. ,- 3- x,. --f 3 -X .- ,VI ww f "g f , .,, . ex - - .,- ., lk '- 'Pat' ' c 4 iv .11-' 5 . .Air -, ' , I., f A with ,Sig-55, ,V of 1' . K., ' j . . x 'xx 7 ' " .a f nf .N gy, li if nc! II, -X' E.: l I if, ,I of fi 4 X , -4-ff, 1 ll QFirst row, I. to r.b Dono hue, Denny, O'Neill, Casey, Brooks, Gibbons. 4Second row, l. to r.J Fay, Miniter, Opfinger, Shal- vey, Fioriro, Quast. "!f'2-ff '53 FR. SHEA, SJ Moderator ,-ng' Kilcullen and Hahnen keep order on the stairs. tudent Council 9 x :film Senior Council Pres. Burns and V. Pres. O'Connell. fl Aux if-'Ilia 'ir ,4 ia F1 .Q i, 2 f' I 'V tx , Ni ,ff K 1. .- .L. X-, " 1 -L? if 7.. f -., :H L Q-. 4 :' 1 y "'-X' A " ,., K 1 I -sk x - - S wi- , ,Ht s R Y V 7 if I lf . ' l Q. EiT"'c"l-'iq -i A' ' iii l 'ic W' - if 1-'-1 . ,i 'K ' I . . , V ' ii R l - If 5 i ' . , ' K f f Ngxx ' X x 4 I. , S'-ix' a-, " lu 'rxf x Q .. Senior Council Officers. Qi' 'A DAngelo, Reilly, and McLaughlin. Top il to rj: Stephens, Delaney, Douglas, Scar- cella. 4th row: Camp- bell, LaMonica, Man- zione, Carroll. 5rd row: Paolitto, Bandura, Squil- lante, Schmarje. 2nd row: Corpina, Oswald, Sanches, Reilly. lst row: Raia, Canavan, Iachetta. Robbins. ?RE,o 'T Sv f ef cr 'MQ X o nf?"-' SCI-IQOX' Q. 1 daniel I 7 X Q .1 5 Q' A x O ' Q ' S W 0 I in F i The Olympic victory symbol, the olive branch, reminds us of the goal the Prep has taught us to seek every athletic encounter and lives-to strive fairly to do to win, to rejoice in defeat graciously. SPM .U Q " ,Q ' W 4 ii! A M ,,w Aa, .X Q Le 4 k.k? , 40' F' i' 4? ii si qi if as f x? f X, .,..v-"""'-ff- ------.55 X at . ., . ,wi , 2 'j -K' . , 5 if Q ' ,v x , 0' N!! op?" Ditk Timothy Guard Pd Mcllct Cunter Gerry Carroll llalfback E R QV WMM .gs x . ,N N LA, K l t Xu 1 W X vs , 'o X lloh Oswald Halfback K , ff x 'Iony Piortlla Quarterback - All-Scholas- tic, Honorable Mention Bob Rybicki Guard - All-Scholastic llonorablc Mention lst Team, All-Metropolitan, E Zjm ENT SCHOO Q 4 ' i I A 1. Bi Frank Costello End Q All-Catholit' All- Amcrican, 2nd Team: All- Scholastic, lst Team: All- Mctropolitan, lst Teamg Madow Trophy Winner: Leading N. Y. Catholic Pass Receiver. ff Q8 v PX ,,. K -S sf Q . fx , S52 ? , KAL :igfffvir QQ X. Hank Healey En 3 Halfback Andy Coffey '. .f.f'-wwf WE 1 Ama-S 1 is gl5:",'g, ,H 3, 0 :M W 'We f Wx ff' sw? Ya: eoow .5 is ff . W V vw "ax, ev W, M4 'f'41, 5 9' QI 'A 015 XX thu C900 6: "' -su., 4 GN ..' 'Q 'x tw C .os AX we 'Q I oi? eq g,t'm '5'AXXc oig. X01 Ami XX fbm Cb Maw 'Y os Nic XC?-M. 'ANI sw.xX 'O 6: ookw 02 'Oi sei C C9 KVA S 69 1.0! oA XX cb fa' Noocoe obciczs YE Kose L. ,, ,1 A ,, 1 A Inf, kk wk! X F, ' Y Sl , at Q' A sz -2 'W , .W 1 5 it , 5- Hwdsw-www WMW' N... z! A A I . 5 ffm ,, 3:1 A 'li' SS., 'W if 'D 'iffy af ar ff fr at il at :uw Q Sl +1-Qf2b 1'Q N .ff .,,., .- -..vw ,amwnwa-.fn yw.fgnpnwwmv wmxf 1- , F? QW 3 ES . A N fl Q A Q K ' Xg,7, X ipk sk - in Q 4-ww '.l"'5f f ' . . as W K km 5 'sw . A t . , H u ' 1 - . ,ssfagwi-Q . W. Q x. L yi 7 "ggi -5 , 1 Ha, vf A gk, 5 L11 , as V3 if mlfff L,-:xx f. lfpmgig A 3 'if w S ai fm V! S I wsu? W W in if ,3 ix fu X15 ,, , A. X if . VAR ITY BASKETB LL . f- A ?.f,,6,7 n I V4 Paw' ,fre 1 V 'X , 2 , qifir- Www' If X .1 :fl .6 . Jas.. .,6,' 1 I-1 .Nik .69-' 9,22 ll to r.J Iaia, McGovern, Stephens, Costello, Co-Capt. Kegan, Coach John Sullivan, Co-Capt. Mclaughlin, Scarcella, O'Neill, Whelan. Westchester Tourney Winners! ll. to r.J Co-Capt. Bill Kegan, Coach john Sulli- 125 van, Co-Capt. Jack McLaughlin, fAll-Scholastic 3rd Team, Jesuit Tourney All-Star Team! A new coach, Mr. jack Sullivan, and several seasoned ball players combined to make the bas- ketball season a very successful one. In the face of a rugged schedule that featured many CHSAA teams and several road trips, the Ramlets chalked up a creditable 16-7 record. jack McLaughlin led the way in scoring with a 20 pt.-per-game aver- age, including a record-breaking 35 pt. perform- ance against Brooklyn Prep. Ray McGovern was right behind in scoring, whgi1e'Biii Kegan and Tom Whelan set up the plays, and jim Stephens and Frank Costello did yeomau work off the boards. As a climax to a successful season the Prepsters triumphed in theifitml round of the Westchester Tournament to bring home the first place trophy. McLaughlin from underneath! Prep Rice ...................................... Prep Iona ...............,....,..........,....,...,,,........... ..... Prep Mt. Saint Michael ........................ Prep Xavier ...................................................... Prep Sr. Peter'siPrep .........,................. Prep Blessed Sacrament .............,......... Prep Bishop Dubois ................................. Prep Mt. Saint Michael ....................... Prep Manhattan Prep ........................... Prep Cardinal Farley ....................... ...... Prep Brooklyn Prep ............... ........... Kegan for two! "Mac" with a hook in record-setting performance! McGovern on the end of a fast break! 9:1311 1542 if 126 - . we Qlfff.-i'..Q gi P k .z , Jin .N,., K K kkkkkk L:VN.W,,.k:J -X.. Q Xk.k 5 . AVF - .Ai.,L., ,,k, ,Qi. i i.4:: ,.., ..-7 ,Q.,3::. Q ifs 1 v.f.,,- Ye, .Q.X.X Q ,NK 5 6 1163 X47 We'h3rfiSii9f Q P119 C2 5 f 103 Ke f 402 8 7 5.9 7.3 f Prep Prep Prep. ' :- .. ,, 'fsxf-A-gglllixi. 555552 .ggi :,V.s,k.E:g:y ii kv, E: Wfhelam scores on an drivcf .fm -qff..r:1-X -ff.- ,,-- - W --i -' -- X- - e X W -um-.wmv ---------- r --1-"r2,Sesw'.f?K' . K' ' ' - .S L -if L Q L P X- 1 . K -.1-s.p..+Q--w.,..g............ .. ....... ' P ffiiiig fl um-..w.. ... --... ......... eerr - ..-...qv-.....v........ P P P 245-i S255 .jig-.E if i:': Q ffii-ill! fi 27 :lu S?" S- rr -- -Q ' . Prep P rep ,A kr Jigge-3,4ii'if,ggg-gii-:se ' . ' 2--::f:'g':f 52--2-:yr-q f f.Qf?E,,-1-1: - . :gg , .K X -ri.. X - K . Q9 Qmwm.-mn.. ........ . . 59 58 50 ii 57 60 52 SZ 58 48 -4.9 IUNIGR VA ITY THE TEAM: Top Row, l. to r.: Power, Walsh, Mancuso, Cregan Kab- sent Gazzolab. Middle Row: Hames, Pero, Delaney, Hogan, Sturniolo 1Capt.J. Front Row: Curran, Smith, Manzione, Scarpelli. THE RECORD A small but scrappy j.V. team, composed exclusively of Sophs and Frosh, began its season slowly. An emphasized quick break and fast offense netted 4 straight wins in midseason, only to meet with 3 close losses at the conclusion of the season. Boardman Larry Sturniolo fCapt.J and Larry Manzione Chigh scorerj, and john Power, john Pero, Mike Scarpelli, and Don Willslm gained experience and showed poise and promise that bode well for the varsities of the H56-'58 seasons. .pf .t Presentation of Father-Son Nighty Trophy: l. to r., Coach, Mr. Talbot, SJ.. Power, Sturniolo, Fr. Kelly, SJ. FRE THE TEAM: Top Row, l. to r.: Spohr, Slattery, Brooks, Bertrand. Middle Row: McGuire, Busa, Lyons, Canavan, De Felice. Bottom Row: Murtaugh, Brubaker, Danowski, Black. THE RECORD This year's Freshmen gained an even split of 22 games played against strong opposition, Captain Don W1ilsh's 20 points a game sparked the early victories, before he was promoted to the V.g and the fine shooting and drive of Co- Captains Bill Canavan and Andy McGuire led the team to all its triumphs. johnny Brubaker, Ed Danowski and Gene Slattery pro- vided the rebounding and hustle needed for a winning season. This spirited team has the talent to en- sure many future Fordham suc- cesses. Brubaker lays it up as Slattery follows ip L. to R. Co-Captain Andy Mcfluireg Coach Mr, Fitzpatrick, S.j.g Co-Captain Bill Canavan. L. to r.: Front row: Brennan, Fay, Quinn, Clancy, Luciano, Mc- Gimy, Crone, Rihno, Hardy. Back row: Kennedy, Quigley, Wex- ien, Opfinger, Diamond, Minitcr, Martin, Callahan, Shea, Arin- iello. Komornik. L. to r.: Albrecht, W. Carroll, Collins, Markey, R. Carroll, Tim- othy, Murphy, McGuire, McAnaney, Moran, Reilly. Back row: Harrington, Apicelli, Leonard, Weisnmann, Boucher, T. Carroll, Kelly, Rissone, Rinn, Clark, Doyle, Engles, Berberich, Schneider. CK '6 C0'CHPf- Luciano. X'C0Ul1ffY L. to r.: Gradt, Luciano, Brennan, Kennedy, T. Carroll, Wetjen, McGinty, Ludwig. . D TEAMS L. to r.: Front row: Mitchell, Pastore, Tangredi, McHugh, Gradt, Comaskey, Buckley, Cutrone, Veras. L. to r.: Back row: Ludwig, Gannon, Kelly, Rosa, Adami, Kraig, Lambert, Calhoun. he 5- X L. to r.: Front row: Kirchner, Costanzo, Conroy, Schneiders, f Maloney, Gannon, Ontra, Ricciardi, Mongan, Donnelly. Back- row: Uhrlass, Stubenvol, McDonough, Halpin, Connors, Bakken- C08Ch, MF- J059Ph Fox ist, Pardon, Toomey, Guarineri, Raymond. L. to r.: Front row: Komornik, Miniter, Fay, Kelly, Gannon. L. to r.: 2nd row: Clark, Murphy, Rissone, Mitchell, Rinn, Apicelli, Markey, Rifino, Berberich, Doyle. L. to r.: Back row: Gannon, Raymond, Schneiders, Conroy, Stubenvol, Toomey, Donnelly, Halpin, Mongan, Costanzo, Ricciardi, Ontra, Kirchner. Co-Capt. McGinty, X-Country 131 Ii. FRESHMEN RELAY: Left to Right-Sartore, Bakkenist, Toomey, Guarnieri. Once more under the leadership and excel- lent coaching of Mr. joseph Fox the track team excelled as one of the city's top powers. The Preps "Harriers of the Van Courtland: Hills" attained a spendid cross-country record. The varsity five captured the Hrst place trophy in the Fordham U. Interscholastic Champion- ships and the runnerup honors for the B.M.W. Championships. Imitating the varsity spirit the j.V. and Frosh copped the first place trophies in the Jesuit Cross Country meet. The indoor season saw the addition of eight more trophies to the track tearn's huge collec- tion. For the third straight year the team gained lirst place honors in the Novice Championships. 2 MIDGET RELAY: Left to Right-Costanzo, Halpin, Gradt, Pas tore. 2 Truck Co-Capt.-Bob Wetjen Track C0-Capt.-Tom Brennan '-'3' fi . ' ,S ,, ' Field Co-Capt.-Ed Ariniello Field Co-Capt.-Bill Fay , A! ,, , 13 L ' li X fitir JUNIOR RELAY: Left to RightvO'Connor, Apicclli, Ludwig, Gannon. if The B.M.W. meet saw the varsity and junior midgets finish with second place laurels, At the Prep relay carnival the shot-putters set a new meet record and the high-jumpers and sub-midget relay teams also retired trophies. In the Cl-l.S.A.A. meet at the Garden the maroon was well representedg the varsity two- mile relay team won the Marist Brothers' Me- morial trophy, while the sub-midget relay team's new record enabled the Prep to take second place in the junior-Midget division. Though no record can be entered here, the out- door season promises to bring its share of Prep track victories and honors. SUB-MIDGET RELAY: Left to Right-Collins, Carroll, Markey Maloney. FXEU3 Ha ndoff to Hardy. MUSCKC ment Ovfmg er Anmc no Muff-U Kennedy Hnishcs lip. crbcrich breaks the tape. Diamond runs on air. QUTDU Mr. Fox cimeS M Rosa GR cGiniY and L to Miniter. uciano fbi' V. " W , CROSS C0 UNTRY -Aix? X' -M' -4 .ef- .vga A Shea to Hughes. W '-fltn ullndtmmtd opponent A Omormk RI n fl Clancy on the strurqh. Flying hi 8h:ffur1-Ona nd Brennan -'s C. fvif Boucher strides in. Quiglcy and McHugh warm up on cinders. Ofonnor in an all out mush . '-,V 1 ,z.,,y, - Y I 'lar 'tra U X ,i K b Y -:?i?1v4?'A - 1 I , If Top row ll. to r.b Pero, Siano, Shea, O'Neill, Alionian, McLaughlin, Scarcella, Kilcullen Whamond, Healey. Second row: Vahey, Riebesehl, Smith, Kirk, Squillame, Garriry, Oswald Whelan, Scarpelli. Bottom row: Bryne, Tangredi, Bandura, Desimone, Biondi, Mack. I 2 I 1 , I ' C, J ' X X sf t fy I 5 I X I . ' T. Kilcullen winds up. X 1 X l36 X Z I X Captain V. De Simone f Z K 3 Shortstop j. Corpina 2 Z ,f- Nf- ff! ell fl Coach, Mr. joseph Ososki S. Scarcella delivers e R C. Fielder, M. Siano 137 First Baseman, J. McLaughlin VARSITY TENNIS: QL. to r.b 4Top row! Stephens, Gaines, Reese, Brooks. lBottom row? Gorman, Connelly, Curran, Conlan, Botts. Capt. Ken Brooks C.H.S,A.A. Doubles Champs. Dennis Gorman, Harold Connelly. X I F I 3 1- , A L L 4 L A L L l .a ll W 4 ,v-Q lg -5 IIY Q? L TE Ms 7 1-IH7' V 1 ' i l FRESHMEN TENNIS: QI.. to RJ lTop Row!-DeMaio, Cantarella, Barton, W. Gaines, Bizzarri, Ingrassia. 1Bottoml-Zink, Lee, Lancelot, Kirchner, Pratt, Natali, Gibbons. The Fall of 1954 brought success to the Prep's Tennis Teams. The varsity won 4 out of 4 and copped the C.H.S.A.A. Doubles Championships. Among the teams that fell to the Ramlets were Loyola, Xavier, Stepinac, and the Fordham Col- lege Freshmen. The j.V. won their only match against our traditional rival, Xavier by a score of 8 to 2. Although the Fall season is only a training period for the freshmen, they had two matches. They beat the Xavier Frosh and losr to Stepinac. JUNIOR VARSITY TENNIS: QL. to RJ 1Top Row!-Reilly, Moderator, Rev. john Kelly, SJ., and Coach Callagy, Strong. 1BortomJ-Harrington, Maginnis, Daly, Landry. Mr. john Rooney. 139 W 3 ne Coach, Mr. john Lyttlc instructs Gibbons. Joy at Fieldstone Victory. gn Medley Relay Team. ll.. to r.J Brennan, Dowling, McCann. - VARSITY .Y L. to 15551 'L-304 5 Fqlfl ".-'l.l'l I Top row: Smith, Hahnen, Bryden. Middle row: O'Brien Gibbons, Brennan. Bottom rrmz' Connelly, E. Lutz, la chetta. x . -,....,. . ssl ., ..... ,, .-. . V2 I i 5 - vo. WI MIC Top rnux' Muccigrosso, Mclilligott, Marinelli. Middle 3:1112 Co-captains, Muccigrosso and Bryden. mir: Schuffncr, Dowling, McCann. Bottom row: P. Lutz, Gclinus, MLiQllilliL'. unusu- un-can "Five more laps?" Freestyle Relay Team fl. to r.J Schaffner, O'Brien, Hahnen Smith. 'Mlm 1 fa- ,V , N1 x V nf -f ,,...1i-v- RIFLE TEAM Standing: QL. to r.J Salzman, Duryea, Burke. Kneeling: Taylor, johnson, Doughty. Mr. Moriarty, Moderator. Capt. Doughty, and Coach, Sgt. J. Burke. Standing: Doyle and Sgt. Burke. Kneeling: Smith, Egan, McQuade 'QC' C00 49 7351, 41 if ..-i' , 7 if s'Q.:.kSj,2:,, , .951 12:34 f 94529 f il .ffg L 'fi il: Standing tl. to r.J Muccigrosso. Brooks, Botticclli, I.. Martin, Petro- celli, Hardy. Mazza. Sitting: Rosso. Gelassi, McGrcevy, Director, Mr. Mc- Hugh, SutliFl, Taylor. Left center: Managers Neuda and Melican. Right center: A. C. Spring cleaning ll. to r.b Hunt, Paolitto, Di Dio, DeFiore, Malanga. Bottom: A. C. Moderators. Assist. Moderators, Mr. McHugh, and Mr. Talbot, SJ., Moderator, Fr. Griflin, S.j. COUNCIL --I 1 Standing fl. to r.7 Gazzolu, Pipiu Mack, Bello, Quust, Norton, 0'Ncil Sitting: Pratt, Prunty, Cristiuno Lyons. Cormicun. I fl 5 -T s'. t 1353 . - sig, li, 'N' is, P 'S TI, .1 'JEEP , 2955 I . 'l ' Left Center: Cheerleaders, Ponzi Aidala, Douglas, Frank. Absent: Mc: Elligott. Right Center: Dugout Duty: Frasca, Petrocelli, Pratt. Bottom: A.C. Officers: KL. to r.1 V. Pres. Prunty Secretary Norton, President Cristiano, Treasurer Muccigrosso. 1 3 Q X . Jn, .t 'i TJ ongrafufafionfi fo flue gm uafed Guy M. Adami Ronald J. Adams John Afionian Louis R. Aidala Vincent J. Albrecht Stephen J. Amoretty Thomas J. Amrhein Garry L. Annar Albert A. Apicelli George L. Aresi Eugene A. Arrieri Michael A. Bakkenist Frank A. Ballantese James J. Bandura John J. Batch Edmund C. Barton Karl A. Bauer James E. Bayreuther Allan S. Beedenbender Dennis E. Berberich John A. Bertrand Robert W. Bertrand Stephen Bizzarri John J. Blenkle William J. Blewett Andrew R. Bolmann Leon A. Bolognese Lawrence A. Booker Edward F. Boucher Thomas J. Bowes Vincent F. Braico Thomas A. Brennan William R. Brick Paul A. Branca Joseph P. Brown John W. Brubaker Philip K. Brule Frederick Brunner Patrick Buckley Edmund J. Burke Robert F. Burlinson Robert G. Burns Thomas G. Burns John G. Busa Charles E. Butler Paul G. Byrne Richard S. Cagan Ronald N. Calamita Ronald L. Calcagni John C. Calhoun Andrew J. Callaghan John C. Callaghan Robert M. Callagy George W. Campbell William A. Canavan Brian H. Canning Guy J. Capozzo Giovanni P. Cantarella Douglas W. Carrigan Thomas J. Carroll Jose E. Cerame Peter W. Certo Gerald F. Clark Gerard P. Cleary Andrew J. Coffey Eugene M. Coffey Patrick A. Colangelo John J. Colarusso James S. Colasante Cornelius F. Collins William J. Collins Robert N. Colletti Robert V. Colonnell Thomas J. Comack Bernard Comasky Jerome A. Comeau Vincent J. Conlan Harold X. Connolly James R. Connors Robert E. Costanzo Roger G. Conte James S. Cosgrove Richard P. Cotter Elliot A. Cristantello Robert E. Cryan, Robert T. Curran William Curran Richard D. Cusati John M. Cutney Patrick J. Daly Richard E. Daly Edward A. Danowski John C. David Richard J. DeFelice Claude A. Dekeyser Charles T. Delaney Louis J. Della Cava David V. Della Monaco Cordell H. DeMaio John P. Denneen Michael T. Dennehy Joseph E. Dertinger Paul P. Desimone John D. Devine l"0l4'l ik? UHCJQPCKCIJJHQQIQ Thomas F. Dinan Joseph J. Dio Guardi Richard H. Dobeck Thomas A. Dolan Francis J. Donnelly Michael G. Dorligo Williard E. Doughty Terence R. Douglas Edward T. Dowling Kevin M. Doyle Lawrence F. Doyle Laurence J. Doyle William J. Doyle Laurence E. Duffy Leslie W. Duffy Albert Duryea Edward J. Egan Michael E. Egan Martin B. Englehardt Thomas M. Farley Richard J. Farrell Robert T. Farrell Thomas M. Feeley Gerard E. Fegan Charles A. Filippone Anthony Fiorella Edward A. Fischer Leonard G. Fischer Richard M. Fitzgibbon James K. Fitzpatrick John M. Fitzpatrick Vincent de P. Flood Paul M. Frank William P. Franklin John T. Freaney George J. Frieberg Philip Funigiello Thomas R. Gaines William P. Gaines Eugene J. Gallagher William F. Galvin Frank H. Gannon Peter A. Gannon William A. Garrity Eugene S. Gaudio Peter J. Gelinas Brian P. Gibbons Robert E. Gilbert Michael W. Giorgio Michael O. Glynn Dennis J. Gorman Robert E. Gorman Frank H. Gradt Herbert R. Graf Victor S. Gray Edward P. Greene Nunzio J. Guarnieri Don H. Guidotti Terence F. Halloran Robert G. Hames Stephen R. Hammond Robert E. Hanke Timothy R. Harrington Harvey G. Hertzman Michael J. Hayes Henry J. Healey Charles C. Healy John R. Hefele Paul F. Held Barry M. Higgins David S. Higgins Michael R. Hoag John Hoey Edward F. Hogan John R. Hopkin Kenneth W. Hopkins Robert M. Hourahan David E. Hughes Geoffrey S. Hughes James J. Hughes Richard N. Iachetta Robert J. Iaia Charles J. Infosino James M. Ingrassia Thomas F. Jennings Peter A. Johnson George F. Joiner Frank J. Jonke James M. Jordan George M. Keane Gerard M. Keane John T. Keane James F. Kearney Daniel J. Kelleher James A. Kelly l.awrence J. Kelly John C. Kenney John T. Kenny Thomas Kiernan John F. Kiffer Paul J. Kinderman Albert J. Kirchner John P. Kirk Joseph A. Kirk ongrafufafiond fo fke gm uafed Werner A. Kloepfer Gerald E. Koester Douglass V. Koch Robert E. Kraig Thomas A. Krantz William W. Krantz William H. Kroepke John A. Krueger Milton E. Lackey Robert F. Ladau Richard Q. LaFond Harry 'D. Lambert William J. La Monica Charles J. Lancelot William E. Landry John Lane John P. Larkin James V. Larkin Garry G. Lash Hubert A. Laubis Gregory A. Lee John M. Leonard Harry C. Lodes George W. Low Raymond X. Ludwig Edward S. Lutz George J. Lutz Peter S. Lutz Joseph W. Lux Joseph C. Lynch Donald F. Lyons Thomas P. Maginnis James P. Maguire Richard D. Mallery Mario R. Mannarino George G. Manning Lawrence A. Manzione Nino D. Marino Edward J. Markey Arthur F. Marotti Joseph J. McCann Eugene J. McCarthy Lawrence K. McCoy James G. McElligott Henry J. McGoldrick Kenneth W. McGovern Raymond L. McGovern Walter McGrath Andrew T. McGuire John F. McGuiness Bernard R .McGuire Roger P. McIntyre Anthony R. McKeon William McKeon James P. McTernan Walter J. McQuade Edward F. Meany John F. Meehan Richard J. Meehan James P. Melican Peter S. Mendelis Barry C. Mergardt Vinnie M. Mikolainis Henry A. Miller-Jones Joseph P. Mitchell Patrick J. Mongan Michael V. Morreale Walter J. Morris Gary W. Morton Joseph E. Mottola James J. Mulholland Bernard E. Muller-Thym Francis J. Murphy Jerome S. Murphy William P. Murphy John A. Natali Michael J. Naughton Walter P. Negvesky Robert H. Nenninger Paul R. Neuda James A. Nugent Gerald F. O'Brien Joseph B. O'Brien Lawrence O'Brien James E. O'Connell Robert E. O'Connell James T. O'Connor Brian J. O'Hare Joseph J. 0'Keane John P. O'Keefe John P. O'Leary John J. O'Neill Joseph A. Ontra John P. O'Rei1ly Robert A. Oswald Thomas W. Overhulse Frank J. Padrone Thomas J. Palmieri Edward R. Pardon Vincent'J. Pastore Basilio G. Perez John F. Pero Charles E. Perotti Michael W. Perrin l"0l'l'l Theodore E. Perrin Edward Perry Vincent J. Picarello Joseph R. Pisani Joseph J. Ponzi Richard M. Pratt Alphonse J. Preisser Daniel A. Prisciotta David G. Purpi George R. Quinn Michael W. Quinn Robert E. Quinn Alfred J. Raia William T. Raymond Joseph Realini Robert F. Renz Harry A. Reese Lawrence R. Ricciardi Gregory F. Rinn Ernest S. Rios Louis D. Rissone Donald C. Riviello Richard L. Robbins Salvatore N. Rosa Richard P. Rosetti Joseph G. Rowan Edward M. Ruggiero Anthony Russo John J. Ryan Joseph Rytell Roger Salzman Joseph A. Sanches Edward G. Sartore Thomas L. Savarese William M. Savoy Michael J. Scarpelli Thomas G. Scheller Walter Schmarje Robert B. Schneider Paul A. Schneiders Joseph L. Schweitzer Richard J. Shannon Thomas P. Shea Timothy J. Shea John F. Sheeran George F. Sior William M. Skehan Peter P. Skiko Harold C. Slane Eugene T. Slattery Edward Smith Peter N. Smith tk? ?l'l6!eI"C!a65l'l'l2I'l Walter J. Smith Anthony P. Spohr Henry J. Stadelmann Louis G. Stubenvoll Francis P. Sullivan John K. Sullivan Joseph G. Sullivan Francis X. Suozzi John J. Sweeney Joseph C. Strehle Lawrence C. Sturniolo Gerald M. Sullivan Michael J. Takacs William O. Takacs Richard P. Tamberino Albert Tangredi Joseph F. Tesar Daniel L. Tevlin George A. Thompson Michael K. Tierney Robert J. Tighe Richard M. Timothy Leonard Timpone James P. Toner Joseph J. Trautlein Henry J. Travers Paul A. Travers Thomas H. Trimarco Arthur J. Tubertini John P. Tucciarone Michael Tully Richard D. Uhrlass Robert M. Van de Kieft Thomas E. Villamana Robert Wade Joseph D. Walsh Thomas M. Walsh Patrick C. Ward Martin J. Waters Walter J. Weenert James P. Weisman Theodore D. Werdann Thomas N. Whelan James J. White Michael E. Wilhelm Paul D. Williams Thomas E. Woods Robert A. Wurtz Teofilo M. Zanchelli Victor A. Zeoli Donald J. Zink Mr. Arthur Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. The Annar Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. James Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. I - - . FL - ' - M +t 1 H - . +4 3, t'ffe-Hwy-awwls iiwg9, M Aidala L. Amandolare John T. Amrhein J. Angiello Family Anthony Aresi P. F. Ariniello James Bandura Germain Bianchi Emil Biondi Black Herbert Blenkle William Blewett L. Bocticelli Mr. Thomas R. Bowes Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Breitling Wm. G. Brennan Edward F. Breslin Joseph F. Brooks Mr. 8: Mrs. Frederick G. Brunner Mr. 8: Mrs. T. E. Bryden Mr. 8: Mrs. Alexander C. Burlinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. Joseph Henry I. Bunnell Edward D. Burns Thomas G. Burns Busa Mr. V. J. Butitta Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Byrne Frank P. Calamita Patrick Callaghan Thos. F. Callahan Michael Campbell The Campbells Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mrs. Peter Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Canavan John Capozzo 8: Family Gerard L. Carroll Clyde L. Carter Nicholas S. Cea Jose R. Cerame Cerro Peter A. Clancy Mr. Matthew E. Coffey Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Colangelo Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. John Colarusso N. E. Colleti Mr. 8: Mrs. William V. Collins pafrond Mrs. Thomas P. Comerford Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent F. Conlan Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold X. Connolly John T. Conners, Jr. John E. Connors Ezio Constanzo 8: Family P. Cormican Edward J. Costello James J. Costigan Louis Cristiano Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Crone Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. John J. Cryan Seely F. Culver William J. Curran Mario J. Cusati John Cutney R. E. Daly Joseph C. De Fiore Mrs. B. Delamer Dr. 8: Mrs. D. R. De Lorenzo Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph De Maio Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Denny Joseph E. Dertinger Umberto De Rubeis Mr. 8: Mrs. C. DeSimone Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul J. Desimone Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Di Dio 8: Son Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas J. Dinan Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Donnelly Francis S. Donohue Mr. 8: Mrs. Willard Doughty Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward T. Dowling Gerard J. Doyle John J. Doyle Maurice J. Duffy Wm. Leslie Duffy Albert A. Duryea Francis L. Evans, Jr. Frank Farina F. Federici Thomas A. Feeley Americo F ilippone Patrick S. Finneran C. F iorito The Fischer Family Mrs. Agnes Fitzgerald 'I50 Miss Eileen J. Fitzgibbon Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Flanagan Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto H. Frank Dr. 8: Mrs. William R. Frasca Dr. 8: Mrs. Thomas P. Gaines Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Galassi Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Gallagher Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Gannon Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. Garrity Mrs. Nettie Ghelarducci Mr. 8: Mrs. John U. Gibbons Mr. 8: Mrs. Morgan Gibbons Mr. 8: Mrs. Matthew W. Glennon Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael O. Glynn Mr. 8: Mrs. D. J. Gorman Mr. 8: Mrs. H. A. Graf Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor Gray Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward P. Greene Mr. 8: Mrs. John Guarnieri Mr. 8: Mrs. John F. Guilfoyle Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Hahnen Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Hanke Mr. 8: Mrs. C. F. Hardy Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis A. Healey Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip Heinrich Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto P. Held Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Hennessy Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Hoey Mr. 8: Mrs. F. C. Hildner Mrs. Anna Hohmann Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas A. Hourahan Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Hughes Mr. 8: Mrs. Phil Ingrassia Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas F. Jennings Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. Jordon Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Kegan Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Kennedy Mr. 8: Mrs. M. T. Klingenberg Mr. 8: Mrs. F. P. Koelble Mr. 8: Mrs. George Kloepfer Mr. 8: Mrs. S. Komornik Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold A. Kroepke Mr. 8: Mrs. John W. Krueger Mr. 8: Mrs. A. R. Ladau Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard F. Lafond l 4 -P f P'-:ul-L' Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph W. McGovern Mr. 8: Mrs. E. Mirro Mrs. M. Lagan Mr. 8: Mrs. J. D. Landry Mr. 8: Mrs. John Lane Mr. 8: Mrs. James V. Larkin Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Laubis Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Leahy Mr. 8: Mrs. Peter A. Leonard Mrs. Philip Lindemann Mr. 8: Mrs. John Ludwig Mr. 8: Mrs. Stanislas Luongo Mr. 8: Mrs. C. J. Lynch Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Austin Lyons Jerome F. Mack Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Mahoney Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Mannarino George Manning Mr. 8: Mrs. Anthony Manzione Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Marinelli T. Martin Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Markey Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Mastroianni Oreste Mazza Mr. 8: Mrs. James J. McCoy Mr. 8: Mrs. Wm. McGovern Mr. 8: Mrs. W. McGrath Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin McGreevy Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank McGuiness Edward McLaughlin Walter McLaughlin James Mclntyre Walter J. McQuade Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin J. Mellet Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph P. Mitchell Mr. 8: Mrs. John F. Mooney Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. William Morton John G. Muccigrosso R. J. Mulholland Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip Mullaly Mr. 8: Mrs. Bernard Muller-Thym Mr. Joseph R. Murphy Mr. Thomas J. Murray Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul A. Murtaugh John A. Natali Gerard F. Norton John E. O'Brien, Jr. pa from Mr. 8: Mrs. L. O'Brien Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph O'Connell Mr. 8: Mrs. Timothy O'Connor Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel O'Neill Mrs. Kathryn O'Neill Mr. 8: Mrs. B. A. Ontra Mr. A. J. Opfinger Mr. 8: Mrs. F. Padrone Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Shust, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Siano Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Skiko Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold C. Slane Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Smith Mrs. J. E. Smith Dr. Walter J. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward J. Paganus Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis Palmieri Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Pastore Mr. 8: Mrs. Manuel Perez Mr. 8: Mrs. Augustine V. Perrotta Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Perry Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul A. Petrocelli R. J. Phillips Mr. 8: Mrs. James R. Picciano Dr. Frank P. Pipia, M.D. Mr. 8: Mrs. M. Piscopo Mr. 8: Mrs. Domenic Pisani Mr. 8: Mrs. S. O. Pratt Mr. 8: Mrs. Patrick J. Prunty Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter H. Quast Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Quigley Mr. Patrick J. Quinn Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry A. Reese Mr. 8: Mrs. John M. Reilly Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Renz Mr. 8: Mrs. Roger F. Rinn Mr. Ernest S. Rios Mr. 8: Mrs. L. Rissone Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Rosa Mr. 8: Mrs. G. Rosato Mr. 8: Mrs. V. Rosso Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Stadelmann Mr. 8: Mrs. H. Steinberger Mr. 8: Mrs. Storey Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Sturniolo Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank P. Sullivan Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Sutliif Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto Takacs Mr. 8: Mrs. Philip C. Tamebrino Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Tangredi Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred H. Taylor Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Tesar Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph E. Tierney Mr. 8: Mrs. Hubert J. Timothy Mr. 8: Mrs. Sal Timpone Mr. 8: Mrs. Terence Toal Mr. 8: Mrs. William Tortorella Mrs. Minnie Rossano Mr. 8: Mrs. John Ryan Mrs. Joseph F. Ryan Mrs. Dorothy H. Rybicki Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles B. Salmon Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Samour Miss Laura Saraceni Mr. 8: Mrs. Alphonse Scarpelli Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . Harold R. Schaffner Walter Schmarje Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil S. Schubert Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph A. Sgueglia Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas J. Shalvey 151 Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry J. Travers Mr. 8: Mrs. G. B. Trimarco Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence M. Uhrlass Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas P. Vahey Dr. 8: Mrs. L. A. Volino Mrs. Cecilia R. Villamana Mr. 8: Mrs. George J. Wade Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Walsh Mr. 8: Mrs. M. J. Waters Mr. 8: Mrs. John S. Weisman Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert F. Wetjen Mrs. Mary Whalen Mr. 8: Mrs. James White Mr. 8: Mrs. Sam Wilkinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. John J. Williams Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph P. Wilson The Witkus Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Sasimir P. Zak Mr. 8: Mrs. Gene N. Zanchelli, Sr Mr. 8: Mrs. Victor Zeoli I' I I 1011?40PY 40"01W1 GEUHGETUWN , IIULLESE ' THE OLDEST CATHOLIC COLLEGE IN AMERICA IN WASHINGTON THE MOST IMPORTANT CITY IN THE WORLD IIIILLEBE UP THE HIILY ERUS5 WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS 1843 - 1955 Entrance by Certificate or by Examination Conducted by the .Iesuits DEGREES, A.B., B.S. BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION HISTORY, SOCIAL SCIENCE AND EDUCATION NROTC -- AFROTC Bulletin of Information on Request Address DEAN OF ADMISSIONS College of the Holy Cross Worcester, Mass 152 Qqima Mater 1F0r3ham C ongratztlatef her C lan of '55 - and trmtf that in the years that are to he 5 This C lays 5 will he as true to Fordham U niverfity at 5 Fordham will he to '55 Congratulations to the . . . NEW MEMBERS 5 of the Fordham Prep Alumni I-lss'n THE CLASS OF 1955 ALBERT T. KIRCHNER '26 ............................................................. ....... .. M ....... .. ......... .. ..... ..... ............ President JOSEPH P. FOX '29.... ....................... ...... - .....Executive Vice President GEORGE THEOBALD '44 ..................... ..... .. ... ...... .. ....... .........V ice President VIRGINIO J. CANNAVO '47 ....... . ........ ................... .... ........... ...... Treasurer JOHN N. SULLIVAN '45 .......................... ..-...........Executi11e Secretary SALVATORE FRANCO '33 .... .. ........... ...... ., ...Recording Secretary GEORGE H. ROHRS '29 ................... ...... .. ........ .. Board of Directors DR. JOHN J. DOLCE '29 ....................... ....... ...... ....Board of Directors REV. JOHN W. KELLY, SJ ............ ......... .,,, .................. M oderator 6 7"0"'0"'-n?N0N0" 0"0"0'5'Z"-0'0"0"0"055N0'5"6x 153 X9"'0K0"-01'-0201101-040110202016N0'201'0'4710110110f0'l7f026N0N0K011?0f0'10Y040"01'0Y0lZX J01 -'J -201 R02 0101 '01'-061 40D 401000 3 5 9 9 Q i 3 5 9 s 5 3 5 Q 9 Q 5 5 Q Q 3 9 9 3 1353 oven om: HUNDRED YEARS OF EDUCATING YOUTH 1955 MANHATTAN IIULLEGE offers An opportunity to attend one of Americais most distinguished Catholic Colleges for Men Courses leading to n o Bachelor of Civil Engineering o Bachelor of Electrical Engineering o Bachelor of Business Administration o Bachelor of Science, Teacher Training in Physical Education o Bachelor of Arts 0 Bachelor of Science ll'ure Sciences. Pre-Medical, Social Science, Etc.l ALL STUDENTS MAY JOIN AIR FORCE RESERVE OFFICERS TRAINING UNIT Resident and Day Sludents Accepted For further information write: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS MANHATTAN EULLEEE Riverdale 71, New York "Weslchester,s College for Menu IIJNA EULLEBE S Summer 1955 Term-July 5 to August 12 A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE WITH DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS Degrees in ARTS . . . SCIENCE . . . BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Conducted by CHRISTIAN BROTHERS OF IRELAND 154 G?'05Q7h0'40f'0f1?10f01'7'0'G710F1040'f0"? 20'01740'0 C g zlz' z she... 1955 GRADUATES WHITE STUIIIU 26 WEST 58 STREET NEW YORK, N Y. PLaza 1-1955 3 Ujfficial Photographer for the 1955 HI-XMHIN BEST WISHES T0 0K0v'0v'-0f0'-0'6X 'QWK0' -' 0'-0' 5 THE CLASS OF 955 MILLS FURMAL WEAR 471 EAST TREMONT AVENUE CYp 4 2930 - '-9611710210101 47"0'0l0"?"?'f05l746'5'G0"-75547'0"0' '0'K?1-0N0N-0'61'0K0P17G-71040'6'10110'10N?Q0240N4 ' ' N 6 S in design crahsmansllip J quality IEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS u s lEWElElS 8 ll l ll S I nun - 17 llllll STREET. IEW YUIIK 8.I.l. - noun -0N0Y6x x9'g0"'0" 0-:away en ior tibirecforg Amandolare, John L., 206 Kneeland Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Ariniello, Edward A., 921 East 211 St., Bronx 69, N. Y. Bell, Randall W., 2325 University Ave., Bronx 68, N. Y. Bello, Carl R., 915 Elsmere Place, Bronx 60, N. Y. Biondi, Edward R., 33-53 172 St., Flushing, N. Y. Botticelli, Allan P., 205 E. 238 St., Bronx 70, N. Y. Bozzo, Peter R., 1810 Barnes Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Breitling, Ronald A., 2632 Marion Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Brennan, Thomas M., 35-28 153 St., Flushing, N. Y. Breslin, John J., 306 Mosholu Pkwy., Bronx 58, N. Y. Brooks, Kenneth F., 308 East 209 St., Bronx 67, N. Y. Bryden, Richard J., 3238 Oxford Ave., Bronx 63, N. Y. Bunnell, Thomas H., 3215 Netherland Ave., Bronx 63, N. Y. Burns, Patrick O., 4703 Iselin Ave., Riverdale 71, N. Y. Callahan, Robert T ., 262 East 237 St., Bronx 70, N. Y. Campbell, Michael J., 1594 Metropolitan Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Capra, Charles A., 1942 Williamsbridge Rd., Bronx 61, N. Y. Carroll, Gerald R., Greendale Farm, South Salem, N. Y. Carroll, Thomas M., 1 14 West Hartsdale Ave., Hartsdale, N. Y. Carter, Clyde A., 705 West 170 St., Manhattan, N. Y. Casey, Ronald J., 1598 Unionport Rd., Bronx 62, N. Y. Cea, Richard J., 1037 Peace St., Pelham Manor, N. Y. Clancy, Robert J., 3282 Campbell Drive, New York 65, N. Y. Comerford, Thomas M., 690 Academy St., Manhattan 34, N. Y. Cormican, Michael J., 130 West 228 St., New York 63, N. Y. Corpina, Joseph B., 1938 Gleason Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Costello, Frank J., 455 Jackson Ave., Bronx 55, N. Y. Costigan, James J., 255 East 237 St., Bronx 70, N. Y. Cristiano, Joseph P., 1131 Fteley Ave., New York, N. Y. Crone, Robert J., 29-27 168 St., Flushing, N. Y. Culver, Walter J., 2883 Harding Ave., Bronx 65, N. Y. D'Angelo, Carmine, 734 East 228 St., Bronx 66, N. Y. DeFiore, Joseph C., 1721 Montgomery Place, Bronx 61, N. Y. Delamer, John J., 2420 Webster Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. DeLorenzo, Richard A., 108 McLean Ave., Yonkers 5, N. Y. Denny, Thomas F., 1127 East 179 St., Bronx 60, N. Y. DeRubeis, Ronald R., 2140 Crotona Ave., Bronx, N. Y. DeSimone, Vincent J., 3039 Colden Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. Diamond, Douglas H., 73-20 184 St., Flushing, N. Y. DiDio, Joseph A., 1723 St. Peter's Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Doherty, Thomas D., 4559 Richardson Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Donohue, Francis T., 15 East 199 St., Bronx 68, N. Y. Evans, Francis L., 3225 Parkside Place, Bronx 67, N. Y. Fay, William P., 1570 Haight Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Federici, Ronald R., Oak Drive, Yorktown Heights, N. Y. Ferrara, Richard E., 11 Burns St., Hartsdale, N. Y. Fioriro, Louis G., 4585 Park Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Flanagan, Thomas A., 150 East 83 St., New York, N. Y. Frasca, Robert B., 1089 Queen Ann Road, Teaneck, N. J. Gabriel, John F., 1946 Cruger Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Galassi, Frank S., 375 E. 205 St., Bronx 67, N. Y. Gazzola, Robert A., 1841 Matthews Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Geraghty, Thomas P., 603 E. 140 St., Bronx, N. Y. Ghelarducci, Arthur J., 1862 Holland Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Gibbons, William F., 596 Beech Terrace, Bronx, N. Y. Gibbons, William G., 228 Valley Road, River Edge, N. J. Guilfoyle, J. Roger, 3640 Johnson Ave., New York 63, N. Y. Hahnen, Robert B., 5915 Post Road, Bronx 71, N. Y. 'I57 -.fl enior ibirecfory Hardy, Peter J., 626 King Ave., Bronx 64, N. Y. Heinrich, Philip L., 1700 Metropolitan Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Hennessy, Raymond J., 2463 Valentine Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Hildner, Robert E., 357 E. 201 St., Bronx 58, N. Y. Hughes, John B., 480 Audubon Ave., New York 40, N. Y. Hunt, Gerard J., 2927 Valentine Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. llardi, Frank J., 2509 Hoffman St., Bronx 58, N. Y. Kayota, Walter T., 149-12 5th Ave., Whitestone, N. Y. Kegan, William J., 739 East 221 St., New York, N. Y. Kennedy, Shawn J., Druid Lane, Riverside, Conn. Kilcullen, Timothy V., 3217 Decatur Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Klingenberg, William V., 123 East 236 St., Bronx 70, N. Y. Koelble, Frank T., 50 Tier St., City Island, N. Y. Komornik, Francis J., 17-33 150 St., Whitestone 57, Queens, N. Y. Koppel, Robert N., 4318 Matilda Ave., New York 66, N. Y. Lagan, John F., 89 Woodlawn Ave., Yonkers 4, N. Y. Lanza, Gene A., 197 Sterling Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Leahy, Thomas F., 3166 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Luciano, Frank L., 338 Ashford St., Brooklyn 7, N. Y. Luongo, Alexander F., 570 West 191 St., New York 40, N. Y. Lyons, Austin J., 346 East 205 St., New York 67, N. Y. Lyons, John F., 254 East 238 St., Bronx,,N. Y. Mack, Jerome F., 1730 Wallace Ave., Bronx 62, N. Y. Mahoney, William F., 1898 Daly Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Malanga, Frank O., 2213 Woodhull Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. Marinelli, Louis M., 3042 Grand Concourse, Bronx, N. Y. Marolda, Pasquale V., 1139 Fteley Ave., Bronx 72, N. Y. Martin, Joseph P., 114-50 201 St., St. Albans 12, N. Y. Martin, Lawrence P., 55 East 237 St., Bronx 70, N. Y. Martin, Paul G., 4672 Broadway, New York 40, N. Y. Mastroianni, Joseph D., 3213 Seymour Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. Mazza, Gary E., 3120 Wilkinson Ave., New York 61, N. Y. McAuley, David C., 193 Harmon Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. McCarthy, David J., 135 West 238 St., Bronx 63, N. Y. McGinty, James G., 2615 Jerome Ave., Bronx, N. Y. McGreevy, John P., 2675 Valentine Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. McLaughlin, John E., 4380 Katonah Ave., Bronx 70, N. Y. Mentrasti, Mario J., 2915 Holland Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Miniter, Michael J., 1215 Van-Nest Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Mirro, Donald W., 1524 Overing Street, Bronx 61, N. Y. Mohan, John J., 101 West 77 St., Manhattan, N. Y. Mooney, John F., 3528 Wayne Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Morrissey, Paul J., 54 First St., Yonkers, N. Y. Muccigrosso, Pasquale P., 9 Seminary Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Mullaly, Philip G., 519 East 144 St., Bronx 54, N. Y. Murphy, Joseph R., 238 Ft. Washington Ave., Manhattan, N. Y. Norton, Edward C., 2440 Fenton Ave., Bronx 69, N. Y. Norton, Gerard F., 100 Warwick Road, Bronxville 8, N. Y. O'Brien, John E., 1510 Archer Rd., Bronx 62, N. Y. O'Connell, Ralph A., 19 Maple Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. O'Connor, Bernard J., 260 East 176 St., Bronx 57, N. Y. O'KeelTe, Michael D., 74 Sunset Trail, Bronx 65, N. Y. O'Kobrick, Joseph J., 2245 Webster Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. O'Neill, Daniel J., 6140 Liebig Ave., New York 71, N. Y. O'Neill, Vincent T., 1063 Park Ave., New York 28, N. Y. Onofrietti, Carl A., 3195 Decatur Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Ophnger, Adolph F., 100 Bennett Ave., New York 33, N. Y. Paganus, Joseph E., 1734 Van Buren St., Bronx 60, N. Y. 158 en ior irecfory Paolitto, Frank J., 1135 N. Pelham Parkway, Bronx, N. Y. Petrocelli, Paul L., 2863 Briggs Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Picciano, James K., 1549 Central Park Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Pipia, John F., 35-20 89 St., Jackson Heights, Queens, N. Y. Piscopo, Richard S., 2104 Crotona Ave., Bronx 57, N. Y. Pontecorvo, Anthony V., 375 East 188 St., Bronx, N. Y. Portante, Richard R., 1782 Edenwald Ave., Bronx 66, N. Y. Pratt, Lozelle L., 6 Gilbert Park, Ossining, N. Y. Priore, Richard L., 1673 Barnes Ave., Bronx, N. Y. Prunty, Patrick J., 2 Adrian Ave., Manhattan 63, N. Y. Quast, Peter M., 70 Marble Hill Ave., New York 63, N. Y. Quigley, Donald F., 21-57 33 St., Astoria 5, N. Y. Quinn, John P., 2460 University Ave., Bronx 68, N. Y. Radi, Richard C., 1957 Lurting Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Reilly, Thomas J., 3525 Hull Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. - Richards, James F., 567 West 173 St., New York 32, N. Y. Rifino, Carl B., 1663 East Gun Hill Road, Bronx 69, N. Y. 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Shust, Richard B., 3148 Decatur Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Siano, Michael A., 1821 Park View Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Smith, Gerard J., 14 King Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. Squillante, Robert R., 2135 Edenwald Ave., New York 66, N. Y. Steinberger, Robert J., 236 East 17 6St., Bronx 57, N. Y. Storey, Laurence B., 153 West 98 St., New York 25, N. Y. Sutliff, James F., 330 East 196 St., Bronx 58, N. Y. Tamoschat, Ronald S., 1743 Hobart Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. Taylor, Paul F., 1238 Pinchot Place, Bronx 61, N. Y. Toal, John V., 350 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Tortorella, William M.. 3811 Carpenter Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Vahey, Thomas P., 78 Thayer St., Manhattan, N. Y. Vivona, Robert F., 1728 Jarvis Ave., New York 61. N. Y. Volino, Francis A., 385 Kimball Ave., Yonkers 4, N. Y. Wade, George J., 60 Oak Ave., Tenafly, N. J. Wallace, John F., 246 Prentiss Ave., Bronx 65, N. Y. Wallace, Patrick J., 1837 Amethyst St., Bronx 60. N. Y. Wetjen, Robert F., 453 East 183 St., Bronx 58, N. Y. Whalen, Joseph T.. 229 East Kingsbridge Road, New York, N. Y. Wilkinson, Pierce B., 270 Seaman Ave., New York 34, N. Y. Williams, John T., 34-44 82 St., Jackson Heights, N. Y. Zak, Robert C., 1953 Tomlinson Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y. 159 . ,..,, , ... , z 'TF T VREQ Q if '55 O 1313. PZ?h1f..f-P Tb was it t tbzs bo k s W gk com x fffahlf 5? P May dy o t e 'UV' D we have W' IQ t ese 0 mted o A Y f K ul t xy vflgggfws HOOX' 12 H! 1 ,. 160 E1 1 V 'If ,Y Y 1- ., A x Q yi b iffy' 5 . 1 X J Q QSM flf j' my U?QVxN . X If ! XL 5 if fm 5 QS f , .,, 55 Eg fir Y -uf jx ,MAJ Q X? ,ff-' 4 if ,, , 5 -E 1 A A, li! 'JA QQQSQ, KM fig A W 7 ll ffiflwfg fem! Q L C54 QYX 5 lim X K Cjl fm !

Suggestions in the Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) collection:

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Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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