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fix I 5 1 't' J Q 4 .- J - .. XA new 2 ' .1 PM 3 3 . TLA. '1.:" - . 'Y dv. 4.' f . 1 1. B SF' I 14 ,.- 4 1 'Eff' N F, .wr 5 V5 L: . .'l., -. . . I Z 1 . la.. 4 ji. 1' .lm . , , ,, ' .. 7 . .-.. g, . 1 i 1 i, 4 ' n' . A l I 5 J - 1 P6 1 ,-- ,y - - 1 , 4 A V' Ai I n - I A 1 'lr v lL 5' W 1 I er .1 Wx -. u , I X uf L: w 4 1 v u I I. :C I . I :la 5 . . - - 2' M. JP. , 1 'Sal - 14, 5: .,,. w . it-Q . .. 1 Q Q.. ,.1., K.. A., ,,f' ij ,if 3- . P r. A ki Ea! Q il ' 'E -if ,A :gl if ...Q ... LE! 4 1: 'w '.i .'r 'E Q -.rj I sf A 4 ' 1 55. .W iv 'iii' ' AV 'fa 5 I . 'I i-If P . I' .L "ji 'W ., -' ll, 'Q 9'5" a all The Seninr Blass nf '51 presents QW mf-.uw li mal 3? M the lil 1951 jmdham, phfpmffmflf School New York City , ., ,yn xi elle a RICK SHE JAMES MEL1 R HARRY n NOUGH MR ALBERT IRCHNER MR JOHN TTLE MR RU LPH HA -I 142 years ef teaehinq at Fordham Prep ' To the six Catholicfgentlemen who hailenidontributedyf so much to our four years at Fordham. They have given ugiiganeducation we could never acquire by merely reading textbooks or assignments. For through their classroom instructionvand le they have shown us the ideal of a richer enkindlhtllfip a deeper love and respect for H Slfr lj To you six men, whozft beiy lffffordham University honored with the Bene Merenti medal for meritorious our yearbook is humbly dedicated, that we our deep gratitude and appreciation for all i l 5 4 Umm gmdhwa Ummm? WUA4, C13 V' ,T 'x THE FUHDHH AMPUS in September, December and May . . W 1? I is if b It ihsfsf? 3 Hughes Hall, Prep Buxldmg viewed from the -X19 11.17 .I-.-A, . 1' 'h' i ,. 4.5 p,:y1,.,.-," U . 41 ws M1 viii, 1 1 0121? ,Pb . 4 s .ai mr' X? bv QWQSQX Q xggx Q A K :V f , j X, ff uf: I ' 5 . NY. 1 ,,,L , , I -,h, M . fx 1 . nw- wg, as f-iw, uf' i Ji- 0.,,, S : - f'1-,f1,..fI'.5.X'f- 4 x 4 1 If Q-nag. Q -' 5,1 way , .. M. ,, Mask- a ' 'i ..:1.f.:,.QR i??'KgfsE.' I I K , -rw W , X au :fg:Q?iV,503gk ,535 5 Yi iff 4 , 1 I Q4 ,xx Q , ,Q g ' ' . X 5 ff H "5 x , Q A i ' K Q ff -4'-3r'r:mD2H1 :Zh 'TID' 15 REV. LAURENCE J. MCGINLEY, SJ Rector, Fordham University REV. CHARLES A. MATTHEWS, SJ Principal REV. ARTHUR V. SHEA, SJ Prefecr of Discipline REV. ANTHONY F. LaBAU, SJ. Student Counsellor REV. THOMAS E. GRIFFIN, S.j Director of Athletics FACULTY REV. WILLIAM E. BOYLE, s.J. Instructor in Latin and Greek JAMES A. DALY, SJ. CHARLES W. DePARMA, B.A. JOSEPH P. FOX, M.A. Instructor in Latin and English Instructor in Latin and English Instructor History, Hygiene Mr. Holbrook, Mr. McHugh and Mr. Helly at 8:40. and Physical Education 1 8 REV. RAYMOND E. GIBSON, SJ. RUDOLPH L. HANISH, M.A. RICHARD G. HANLEY, M.A. Instructor in Latin, English Instructor in German Instructor in Mathematics and Religion VICTOR J. HELLY, SJ. REV. THOMAS C. HENNESSY, SJ. Instructor in Latin and English Instructor in Latin and English f J -v "4 .Mi I7 CHARLES A. S. HICKEY, M.A. Instructor in History FRANCIS X. HOLBROOK,, B.A. REV. JOHN W. KELLY, SJ. Instructor in History 111-fl1'1lCl01' in ldfifl ALBERT T. KIRCHNER, M.A. Instructor in English, Latin and Matbematicsf Coach of Junior Varsity Baseball Then it was 540 402 now it's the 38th parallel. HARRY L. MCDONOUGH, M.S Instructor in Mathematics JOHN W. LYTTLE, M.A. LOUIS S. MAURO, B.S. EDWARD F. MCINNIS, B.S. Instructor in Mathematicsp Instructor in Historyg Coach of Varsity and junior Coach of Swimming Coach of Football Varsity Basketball . ,S EDMUND J. MCHUGH, B.S. REV. GEORGE D. MCANANEY, S.J. JAMES P. MELICAN, M.A. Instructor in English Instructor in Latin, English Instructor in Mathematics and Public, Speaking gnd Religign Fr. Griiiin arranges the schedule. WILLIAM J. MURPHY, B.S. EUGENE J. O'BRIEN, SJ. REV. DeROSS B. O'CONNOR, SJ Instructor in History Instructor in Latin and English Instructor in Latin, History and Religion STEPHEN J. MORRISSEY, M.S. Instructor in Chemistry, Latin and Public Speaking 20 Fr. O'Connor and Fr. McAnaney out for an afternoon walk. 1 A 'ffr' rw f f I M. DONALD ZEWE, SJ. Instructor in Latin and English A f PATRICK J. SI-IEA, M.A. WALTER E. SULLIVAN Imtructor in Physics Instructor in English REV. WILLIAM T. TALLON, SJ Instructor in Religion and Greek Mr. O'Brien recruits another chorister. 'flgiiz-2 12 B 1 If 11 'gr ' f-uwfzgfw ppb' 0 awe +09 I' . Q H2 a' 1 f 5' f ' ish 3 1 if iff ff' W2 3- , 'L b,fQ sgj,?,f,'wfii' ' an A f ,. 54 ry fir:-WAA E iffglji, p "L iwfggsgfiygji . 2 JE My ' 5' wg. saffs iz! , ya T . f1'r.' Q. fjf if 15 21 f'f,f2ffs 5gQ,: Y5 as pg if 1 Q IQ 'M 5. If I., H?-4-fi me A we if? 1' 2. 0 is? .f 2 y 3 3 S, 3 F R If 41. , .-,Z-'ji-. :gf .., ,, Mig, MW, .?3k1" f3f1 '05 A PQ X 'Mt uw MWEQE I A 1-fa, QR v v1,,,' W. 34 ,. .,.,,.x,.l1 u ,A I: . 3 -3-.: , iq -f Q k g , ,. H JR! 5.5, . AFS? 2 , .4e+:Q,X,3A 5 F4 1. X, 1 2 W X i A ga' Lk xx mi I-eu, z U, w?T53"w55 ,1. ,film 3 ?'?f5?iE,.f'Yi?N 2 '?g'gQwr'fQq 'f 'swu- Z . qfikq ,R:'5r1,g3xg.-4' xy!"-: QQ . gwhjgf- ,Ls Q.-.ini RT Skzssm L3 'xifikffl' 4-5 25,1 gQI1Q'1?9Q35F " :UT- "f'sQg1Qf'f'45 Y 4815" 1' Pig .L ,F ng.,- A E3 . , L., fi 1 , Sr Fsggfasif Af ?Qfg'pr2x2E'5fQf2, 3? is 33:5-y .MEM is ?:zi2i?w . , H A is ..,. J x?gi-.H ' , .. , ff' fr uf" X , s R ek 3 f f I A .1 . A! ,S wiv .MQ fix? ,f,ff,, , ff fe' f . S vi 51, 5' j up fw' ,L 2x f, sw 9 af wr' fs" . gf I 2 aff? ffigfqziifffrf if Q iexxmffw .wg af? wffw 5 ,- 'H XY ifki 1' pm M? 3 F 3 K Q 5533 'Q 5 jg " 9 5 Q Q + f A S ' 15g 4555 - - U A gi 'Q 5 , 152 -, 'f' vw 1 f v,k'5ue VE'tiFiI ,.1 1 1Q lQ".-M1 Zi- GQIKX' IL!-1d2lUlil'1.I' llti Here we go again." www --an 1 DONALD CAMERON Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanc- tuary Society lg Athletic Council 4g Dramatic Society 1,2g Radio Club 25 Physics Club 4g Cheer Leaders 2, Captain 3,4g Track 2,3,4g Cross Country 3,4. DONALD BATTLE Sodality 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Coun- cil of Discipline 45 Dramatic So- ciety 4g Physics Club 4g Minims Basketball lg j.V. Baseball 1,25 Var- sity Baseball 3,4. GERARD CANAVAN K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Council of Discipline 4g Class Officer 3g Radio Club 4g Physics Club 4g Chemistry Club 39 J.V. Football 1, Captain 2g Varsity Football 3,4g Minims Basketball lg j.V. Baseball 2g Varsity Baseball 4. JOHN BLESSINGTON Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Grand Knight 3g Athletic Council President 4g Class Officer 1,33 Dra- matic Society 1,2,3g Business Staff 45 Rampart 1,2,3,4g Press Club 4g Radio Club 2,3,4g French Club 33 Debating 2g Track 3,45 Cross Coun- try 4. PATRICK CARROLL Sodality 1,2g Silver Medal lg Sen- ior Council 4g Council of Discipline 4g Physics Club 49 German Club 2, 3,45 J.V. Football 2g Varsity Foot- ball 3, Co-Captain 4g Minims Bas- ketball lg Varsity Basketball 3,4' Track 3. 7 RICHARD BRITO Sodality 2,3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Grand Knight 35 Guard of Honor 45 Ram- part 45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Radio Club 45 Physics Club 45 Chemistry Club 35 German Club 2,3,45 Freshman Swimming 15 Varsity Swimming 2, 3,45 Track 3,4. I F- WILLIAM CARUSO Sodality 2,3,45 K.B.S. 1,45 Dramatic Society 35 Rampart 3,45 Radio Club 2,3,45 Physics Club 45 French Club 35 Debating 25 Cheer Leaders 2,3. 'f- ng, DONALD BROWN Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Dra- matic Society Business Staff 4. "Here's one for you fel lows," suggest: Mr. Helly Conway and Kish seem rn terested. STEPHEN CONNOLLY Sodality 2,35 Council 3, Vice- President 45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Sanctu- ary Society 1,2,3,4, Secretary 45 Guard of Honor 45 Usher 45 Class Officer 3,45 Dramatic Society 3,45 Radio Club 2,45 Physics Club 45 German Club 2,145 Prom Com- mittee 45 Freshman Swimming 1- Varsity Swimming 2,3,4. s FRANK CONDREN Sodality 2,3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Ra dio Club 45 Physics Club 45 Get man Club 3,4. JAMES CONWAY Sodality 1,2,3,4, K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Council of Discipline 4, Dramatic Society 3,4, Silver Medal 4, Glee Club 2, Radio Club 3,4, Physics Club 4, German Club 4, Library Staff 1, Debating 1,2,3,4, Gold Medal Senior Elocution 3, j.V. Football 1. Reardon tells Porter and Garrity "All I need ir a feu' more points for an exemp- tion." THOMAS DELANEY Sodaliry 4, K.B.S. 3,4, Stage Crew 3,4, Physics Club 4, Varsity Foot- ball 4, Freshman Swimming 1, Varsity Swimming 2,3,4, Track 4. VINCENT DUMINUCO Sodality l,2,3, Ass't Prefect 4, K.B. S. l,2,3,4, Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,4, Guard of Honor 4, Gold Medal l,2, Silver 33 Athletic Council 4, Class Ofiicer 3, Dramatic Society 3,4, Rampart 1,2,3, Editor 4, Glee Club 1,2,3, Radio Club l,2,3g Physics Club 4, French Club 3,4, Debating 1,2,3,4, Cheer Leader 3,4, J.V. Base- ball Mgr. 1. Ei LOUIS DE ROSE K.B.S. 1,2,3,4, Class Officer 4, Phys- ics Club 4, Chemistry Club 3, French Club 3,4, Library Staff lg Track 2,4. JOHN DUNN K.B.S. 1,2,3,4, Class Officer 1,2g Physics Club 4, French Club 4, Minims Basketball 1, Track l,2,3,4. I BRIAN DILLON K.B.S. 3,43 Athletic Council Secre- tary 43 Dramatic Society 43 Ram- part 4g Ramkin 5,43 Radio Club 3, 43 Physics Club 4: French Club 33 Press Club President 43 Varsity Swimming 3,4. MICHAEL DURSO K.B.S. 1,2,3,4Q Class Officer 43 Phys- ics Club 43 Varsity Football 2,3,43 Track l,2,3,4. FRANK DREHWING Sodality 1,2,3,43 Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,43 Class Officer 2,33 Dramatic Society 33 Rampart 2,3,43 Physics Club 43 Chemistry Club 34 Ger- man Club 3,43 Debating 33 j.V. Football 2g Varsity Football 43 Minims Basketball 13 j.V. Basket- ball 23 j.V. Baseball 1,23 Track 2, 3,4. ADOLPH EHBRECHT K.B.S. 1,2,3,43 Class Oflicet 31 Ra- dio Club 43 Physics Club President 43 Chemistry Club 33 German Club 2,3,43 Debating l,2,3,4, Secretary 2. 27 "Look at those Freshmen practice," Gervais my I DeRo.te. FREDERICK F EY K.B.S. 3,43 J.V. Football 23 Var sity Football 3,43 Track 3. MATTHEW FITZGIBBON Sodality 1,2,3, Asst. Prefect 43 Council 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Guard of Honor 4g Gold Medal 1,2,5g Auxilium Latinum Scroll 1,2g Hon- orable Mention in N.Y.U. Latin Sightg Senior Council 4g Council of Discipline 45 Usher 43 Class Officer 1,2,4g Dramatic Society 4g Minims Basketball 1, J. V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3,4. Rodger tells Shea and Flagg, The frst answer is C 5X9 fF-32J." THOMAS F LAGG Sodality 2,33 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Athletic Council 43 Physics Club 45 Press Club 4g Glee Club lg Track 1. ROBERT GERVAIS . K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Sanctuary Society 23 Radio Club 43 Physics Club 4g Chemistry Club 35 French Club 2, 3g Varsity Football 4g Varsity Swim- ming 3. 28 RICHARD FLOOD Sodality 2,3g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Physics Club 4g French Club 35 Debating 1. MICHAEL GORGES Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Physics Club 4g German Club 25 Track 4. l . WALTER FRICKER Ramkin Business Staff 45 Physics Club 45 German Club 554. ' EV 1 RICHARD GARDNER K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 45 Council of Discipline 45 President's Council 45 Class Officer 45 Stage Crew 45 Physics Club 45 French Club 2,35 Prom Committee 45 j.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 5, "All-City Team" Honorable Men- tio 45 Minims Basketball 15 Var- sity Basketball 4. JAMES GRIFFIN Sodality 5,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Senior Council 45 Athletic Council 45 Class Oflicer 55 Physics Club 45 German Club 25 Prom Committee 45 Var- sity Football 2,3, "All City and All Metropolitan Team" Honorable Mention 45 j.V. Baseball 1,25 Var- sity Baseball 3,45 Track 1,2,3. RICHARD GROGAN Sodality 1,2,5,45 K.B.S. 1,2,5,45 Sil- ver Medal 2,55 Auxilium Latinum Honorable Mention 1,35 Athletic Council 45 Radio Club 45 Physics Club 45 German Club 25,45 J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 5,45 Track 2,3,4. 29 l , JOHN GARRITY Sodality 1,25 K.B.S. l,2,5,45 Council of Discipline 45 j.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 3,45 Minims Bas- ketball 1. Gardner looks at the ram era, while Griffin and Hmll smile., Leckey informs Tomicki, She says 'No'."' Shea waits hrs turn. JAMES HEWITT Sodality 35 K.B.S. l,2,3, Guard of Honor 4g Council of Discipline 4g Glee Club l,2,3g Varsity Basketball 3,45 Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. EDWIN HANISH Soclality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Council of Discipline 4g Athletic Council 43 Class Oflicer 25 Dramatic Society 35 Physics Club 4g German Club 2,3,4g J.V. Football l,2, Var- sity Football 3,4g Varsity Track 4. EUGENE HUNT Sodality 3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Athle- tic Council 4g Ramkin 25 French Club 3g J.V. Football 1, Varsity Football 2,3,4g Minims Basketball 1, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Bas- ketball 3,4g J.V. Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3,4. 30 JOHN HARDIMAN Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Physics Club 4g Chemistry Club 33 Library Staff l,2g Freshman Track lg Varsity Track 4. JOHN JORDAN Sodality 1,2,3g K.B.S. l,2,4g Silver Medal 1. JOHN HARTIGAN K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanctuary Society lg Physics Club 45 German Club 3,43 Freshman Swimming lg Varsity Swimming 2,3,4g Varsity Track 4. WILLIAM KENNEDY Sodality 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Class Officer lg Dramatic Society 3g Ram- kin Yearbook 5, Editor 4g Senior Elocution Contest Silver Medal 35 Radio Club 45 Physics Club 43 Ger- man Club 2,3,4g J.V. Football 2. MICHAEL HAYES Sodality 1,2,3,4g Sodality Council 3g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Rampart Photographer 3,4g Ram- kin Photographer 3,4g Physics Club 4g German Club 2,3g Debating 1. ROBERT KERBY Sodality 1,2,3,4, Sodality Council 3: K.B.S. 1,2,5,4, Grand Knight 31 Usher 4g Auxilium Latinum Scroll 3g Dramatic Society Business Staff 3,43 Ramkin 5, Editor 43 Physics Club 49 German Club 4g Library Staff lg Varsity Swimming 5g Var- sity Baseball 5. JEROME HEALY K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Gold Medal lg Fresh- man Swimming Ig J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 5, Captain 45 J.V. Baseball 1, Varsity Baseball 2, 3,45 Varsity Track 4. J. McGrath and Muscohno reading between the lmes Big bigger, ,Iigg6Il-MlIlf- len Stripling, and Carroll. THOMAS LANGAN K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Class Officer 4, Ram- kin Business Staff 4, Radio Club 3, Physics Club 4. JOSEPH KIRSCH K.B.S. l,4, Athletic Council, Vice President 4, Class Oflicer 4, Dra- matics Business Staff 4, j.V. Foot- ball 2, Varsity Football 3,41 Minims Basketball l, J.V. Basketball 2, Var- sity Basketball 3,4, J.V. Baseball 1, Varsity Baseball 2,3,4. JOHN LANTZ K.B,S. 1,2,3,4, Guard of Honor 4, Council of Discipline 4, Class Officer 2,3,4, Radio Club 4, Phys- ics Club 4, Chemistry Club 3, French Club 3, j.V. Football 2, Var- sity Football 4, Track 3,4. 32 GEORGE KISH Sodality l,2,3,4, K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,4, Guard of Honor 4, Gold Medal 3, Auxilium Latinum 3, Rampart 3, Editor-in- Chief 4, Radio Club 1,2,3,4, Physics Club 4, Chemistry Club 3, German Club 3,4, j.V. Baseball Manager 3,4. THOMAS LECKEY Sodality l,2,4, K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Sanc- tuary Society 1,2,3,4, Gold Medal 1, Athletic Council 4, Rampart 3, Sports Editor 4, Press Club Vice- President 4, Library Staff 2, Phys- ics Club 4, Debating 2,3,4, Varsity Football Manager 3,4, Minims Bas- ketball Manager l, j.V. Baseball Manager 1. FREDRIC KLINK Class Oficer 15 Radio Club 45 Phys- ics Club 45 Chemistry Club 3: French Club 3,45 J.V. Football 1,25 Varsity Football 3,45 Minims Bas- ketball 15 Track 1,4. ld-f. DANIEL LOWERY Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Physics Club 45 j.V. Foot- ball Manager 2. lg 55 x 6 . W CONRAD KOHRS Sodality 2,5,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Sil- ver Medal 15 Dramatics Society 1.3. Dramatics Business Staff 45 Ram- part 1,2,5,45 Radio Club 1,2,3,4g Debating 1,2,5,45 Varsity Football 45 Freshman Swimming 1, Varsity Swimming 2,3,4. ROBERT HAVEKOTTE K.B.S. 1,25 Glee Club 25 Dramatic Sbciety 2,45 German Club 25 Radio Club 2,45 j.V. Football Manager 2. 33 FRANCIS LAMOTTE K.B.S. 2,3,45 Dramatic Society 3,45 Radio Club 3,45 Physics Club 45 French Club 35 Press Club 45 Track 2. Prior, Roche and Dunn after a track workout HH v The ring looks good," Stanton comments to Fitz- gzbbon and Rucci. "Won- der when I can get mine?" FRANCIS MCLOUGHLIN K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Senior Council 4, Council of Discipline 4, Athletic Council 4, Class Officer 2,45 Physics Club 4g Varsity Football 3, Co-Cap- tain 4, Honorable Mention, All-City Team 4. THOMAS MARTIN K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Library Staff 1,23 Physics Club 4g j.V. Track 1,2. PHILIP MEEHAN Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Glee Club 2,34 Radio Club 3,4g Physics Club 49 German Club 2,3,4g Press Club 4g Freshman Track 1. 34 JOHN MCGRATH Sodality l,2g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4, Physics Club 43 Track 2. GUY MORSE Sodality 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Ath- letic Council 4g Dramatic Society 3g Ramkin 4g Glee Club l,2, Ra- dio Club 1,2,4g Physics Club 4g German Club 5,4g Cheer Leaders 33 J.V. Football Manager 2. TERENCE MCGRATH Sodality 1,2,3,43 K.B.S. l,2,3,43 Ath- letic Council 43 Class Officer lg Dramatic Society Business Staff 43 Ramkin Yearbook 43 Physics Club 43 French Club 33 Freshman Swim- ming lg Varsity Swimming 2,3,41 'l.V. Baseball 2, Varsity Baseball 3,4. , Q , J .3 yn. f 'ight ,js JAMES MULLEN Usher 43 Ramkin Business Staff 43 Physics Club 43 German Club 2,33 Debating lg Cheer Leaders lg Cross Country 13 Track 1,43 Varsity Foot- ball Manager 132. f xi S an 1 - rsssee 1 ROBERT MCKENNA Sodality 1,23 K.B.S. l,2,3,4Q Physics Club 43 German Club 3,4. THOMAS MURPHY K.B.S. l,2,3,4Q Honorable Mention N.Y.U. Latin Eight3 Auxilium La- tinum Scroll 1,33 Physics Club 43 Chemistry Club 33 German Club 3,43 Track 1,2,3. .35 Kennedy tells Fricker "It's easy when you do it at home." Martin seem amused. .ply JOHN MUSCOLINO Sodality l,2,3,43 K.B.S. l,2,3,43 Guard of Honor 43 Class Ofiicer 23 Ramkin 43 Physics Club 43 Varsity Baseball 43 j.V. Track 1. JOSEPH NEILSON K.B.S. 1,4g Guard of Honor 4g Hon- orable Mention N.Y.U. Latin Sight 2: Class Officer lg Track lg Cross Country l. Mr. Zewe points out, "Here's how it will be this year," to Condren, Tbonges and Ebbrecbt. JOHN OGORMAN Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanctuary Society 39 Organist 3,4g Scholastic Honors Silver Medal lg Class Oiiicer lg Dramatic Societ acrt Q14 GERARD O'HARE Y sodauf 1234' KBS 1234- 3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3g Radio Club 4g S Y 3 i ' Physics Club 43 German Club 2,3,4g anctuary Ocletl' ' ' .uar O Varsity Swimming 4, Track 1. Honor 4g AIhlCClC.COUHCll 4g Ra- ' dio Club 3,45 Physics Club 4g Ger- WILLIAM PF EIFF ER Sodality 2,3,4, Council 3g K.B.S. 1, 2,3,4g Radio Club 4g German Club 3,4. 36 man Club 2g Glee Club 1. LEONARD PICCOLI Sodality 1,25 K.B.S. 1,2,3g Scholas- tic Honors Gold Medal l,3Q Athle- tic Council 4g Dramatic Society Business Staff 3, Business Manager 43 Rampart 2,3,4g Radio Club 2,3, 4g Debating 2. FRANK PETROCELLI Physics Club 4g j.V. Baseball 2. WILLIAM PORTER Athletic Council 4g Glee Club 24 Physics Club 4g French Club 35 Varsity Basketball 3,43 Track 5. L 5 OWEN PETTIT Sodality 1,2g K.B.S. I,2g Council of Discipline 5, President 4g Radio Club 4g Physics Club 4g Library Staff 1. "And be careful with Tomicki, Piccoli and Dillon insist from the dugout. Brfto has his back to camera. wi 'ug' '- -1 V . JAMES PRIOR Sodality 1,2,5,4, Council 3g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanctuary Society 1,2,3, President 4g Class Oflicer 1,4g Ram- part 1,2,3,4g Ramkin 4g Radio Club l,2,3,4g German Club 2,3,4g Debat- ing 4g Cross Country Freshman 1, j.V. 2, Varsity 5,45 Track Freshman 1, Varsity 2,3,4. WILLIAM QUIRK Sodality 2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Dra- matic Society Business Staff 4g Li- brary Staff 1,2g French Club 33 Var- sity Swimming 3,4. VINCENT REARDON K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2g Ger- man Club 2,5g J.V. Baseball l, Var- sity Baseball 2,3,4g Track 1. Outside 4-C, Kobrx, Weber, OHare and Ryan wait for Mr O'Brien. ROBERT ROCHE Sodality 4g K.B.S. l,2,5,4g Glee Club lg Physics Club 43 Chemistry Club 34 German Club 2,5,4g Track 1,2,3, 4g .I.V. Cross Country 2g Varsity Cross Country 331. THOMAS SHEA Sodality 1,2,3, Secretary 45 Sodality Council 35 K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Senior Council 4g Athletic Council 4g Dra- matic Society 5g Radio Club 2,3,4g Physics Club 4g Debating 2,4, Ofic- er 1,3g Varsity Football Manager 3,43 Track 2g Elocution Contest 1, 25 Jesuit Elocution Contest 3. VINCENT RODGER Sodality 1,25 K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Guard of Honor 4g Dramatic Society 4g Radio Club 4g Physics Club 43 Chemistry Club 3g German Club 2, 3,4g Varsity Football 4g Track 2,4. I JOHN SHEEHAN Sodality 1,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4g Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,4g Ramkin Yearbook 3g German Club 2,34 Glee Club 5g Track 2,3,4. ALPHONSO RUCCI Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. l,2,3,4, Guard of Honor 4g Ramkin 3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3g Physics Club 4g German Club 25.43 j.V. Baseball 2g j.V. Track 2. i ' . RAYMOND SHEERIN K.B.S. 1,2,5,4g Athletic Council 4g Radio Club 1,23 Physics Club 4g German Club 2,3,4g Debating 1,23 j.V. 'Football 2g Varsity Football 4. A CHARLES RYAN Sodality 5,4g K.B.S. 5,4g Sanctuary Society 4g Radio Club 33 Physics Club 4. WALTER STANTON Sodality 1,2,3, Prefect 4g K.B.S. 1, 2,3,4g Guard of Honor 45 Sanctuary Society 1,2,5,4g Senior Council Vice-President 4g Rampart 43 De- bating 2,3,4g Ramkin 2,3,4g French Club 2g Freshman Swimming lg Track 1,2,3,4g Cross Country 2,5. Captain 4. STEPHEN SCHWARZ Sodality 3,4g K.B.S. 2,3,4g Sanctuary Society 25,45 Dramatic Society 33 Glee Club 2g Radio Club 29 Phys- ics Club 43 French Club 3g Debat- ting 2,3,4g Tennis 4g Track 2,3. In the A.C. OHice Cameron T. McGrath and Porter wonder as Blexsington asks "Now, bow much is lbrx going to cost?" I BURNELL STRIPLING Class Officer 35 Glee Club 39 Phys- ics Club 45 French Club 35 Fresh- men Swimming 15 Varsity Swim- ming 2,3,45 Minims Basketball 15 j.V. Baseball 25 Cross Country 4. PAUL TWOMEY Sodality 2,3,45 K.B.S. l,2,3,45 Class Officer 45 Physics Club 45 Chemis- try Club 35 German Club 35 Var- sity Football 45 Varsity Track 4, ANTON THONGES Sodality 1,2,55 K.B.S. 15 Sanctuary Society 1,2,35 j.V. Basketball 1,25 j.V. Track 25 Varsity Track 3,4. Joi-IN ToM1cK1 Sodality 45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Athletic Council 45 Dramatic Society 1,2,3, 45 Rampart 1,2,3,45 Radio Club 3,45 French Club 35 Debating 1,25 Cheer Leader 35 Varsity Swimming 3,45 Freshman Track 15 Varsity Track 25 Library Staff 2. JOSEPH TISCH Sodality 1,2,3,45 Sodality Council 2,35 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Guard of Honor 45 Usher 3,45 Rampart 1,2,3,45 Ramkin 45 Radio Club 25 Physics Club 45 French Club 2,35 Press Club 45 Debating 1,2,3, Vice-President LAN GDON TOLAND Sodality 3,45 K.B.S. 1,2,3,45 Senior Council President 45 Athletic Coun- cil 45 Class Ofiicer 1,2,35 Dramatic Society Gold Medal 3,45 Silver Medals in the St. john's, National Forensic League and Bronx Holy Name Society Oratorical Contestsg German Club 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 Varsity Football 35 Varsity Baseball 3,4. Lati n and Physics. D 9 ,,,., ..,,, ,,, f luff -Sw. 5 :Q L 1 WILLIAM WELLS Sodality l,2,3,4g K.B.S. 1,2,3,4g Sanctuary Society 1,2,3,-4g Ramkin Yearbook Business Staff 3, Busi- ness Manager 4g Physics Club 43 French Club 3. Taking a breather between 4-A "Say, Chip, by the looks of these proofs this will be a fine yearbook." "Maybe that's because its our yearbook, Len, but I feel the same way about it. By the way, will you write the Senior history?" "Sure, but what kind of a write-up should it be?" "Well, we want a record of happenings, activities, the things we want to remember, like . . . after gram- mar school the summer of dreaming what we were going to do at Fordham, and then the surprise and uneasiness in every Freshman's mind the first day we assembled in September, 1947 .... "Read the bulletin board." "There's a lot of grass around here-keep off it." . . . porta, portae, portae, and in Algebra x, for- ever unknown . . . Parents' Night, when Mom and Dad met the teachers . . . "three hours a night" . . . we learned fast: "Take jug." "Pick up papers." "Goof!" . . . that first honor card, what a feeling . . . Career Angel, "gosh! those guys go to the Prep." . . . DeRose, Treasurer, and Wagner, President .wwf bowing to Xavier we learned what the Prep-Xavier rivalry meant . . . Mid-year Exams, and two new words were added to our vocabularies: condition and tutor . . . the Mermen won the National Catholic Championship . . . how we looked up to those Seniors . . . in April the hopeless muddle of Latin conjuga- tions began to clear up. .,,',,, . KIUIIL luw. 11. wa5ucL, u. nxmu, 4. rvuwuan, J. vvva...n.., --yv. U ........- ..-,-v W. Pfeiffer, J. Muscolino, B. Dillion, L. DeRose. Second row: R. Roche, V. Rodger P. Twomey, T. Murphy, A. Ehbrecht, G. Morse, M. Hayes, J. Conway, W. Caruso Third row: F. Klink, G. Gerveis, F. Drehwing, E. Hanish, J. Lantz, J. Hardiman T. McGrath, J. Healy. Fourth row: L. Piccoli, O. Pettit, R. Brito, T. Delaney F. Condren, G. Canavan. Absent: R. Grogan. . . . Indian Point, a fine ending to our first year at the Prep. Next September the anxious faces of a year ago took on "I know-the-ropes" expressions . . . J.V. foot- ball stars second only to Davis and Blanchard . . . Julius Caesar and his military campaigns . . . the "Thousand Word Club," with an exclusively Sopho- Connolly, President, and Fitzgibbon, Vice-President. - all at the Valentine Hop, some self-conhdent and smooth, some bashful . . . our second round with the Provence exams. When we gathered in Collins for our third Jcloola brevir our viewpoint had changed to the center aisle . . . fresh paint adds the "new look" everywhere . . . Iuliux Caesar a smash hit, never to be forgotten . . . a football team that had "It" on Thanksgiving Day . . . stamp drives, a Halloween party and Christmas cards for the Missions . . . the impressive ceremonies in the big gym venerating the arm of St. Francis Xavier . . . another sunny cruise to Bear Mountain, sorry, misprint . . . final exams and a summer of freedom. more membership . . . 25 inches of "candore nivali" gave us a white Christmas-indoors . . . the great menace Television began to threaten our lives . . . Korea intervened in the summer between our Junior and Senior years. At hrst we dismissed it as only a police action, but it cast a lengthening v - T . .6 .X S ,, N Front row: T. Leckey, M. Gorges, J. Prior, J. Jordan, Mr. Helly, S.J., J. Sheehan, W. Wells, D. Cameron, A. Rucci. Second row: T. Shea, D. Battle, W. Kennedy, J. Dunn, R. Kerby, W. Stanton, B. Stripling, J. Hartigan, M. Fitzgibbon. Third row: S. Connolly, V. Duminuco, S. Schwarz, L. Toland, J. Hewitt, P. Carroll, J. Tisch, F. I.aMotte. Absent: J. Neilson. Gardner, President, and McLoughlin, Vice-President shadow across our Senior year . . . the beaming faces of 4-A's class officers when Fr. LaBau handed them the keys to a new Senior room . . . famous first words: "Close all books. A half sheet of paper." "Just a short quiz I mimeographed this morning." Arma virumque Cano didn't hurt too much. Maybe we're beginning to get this stuff . . . the Dramatic Society clicks again with The Taming of the Shrew . . . air raid drills . . . the Senior rings-if there was any kill you a million times." . . . to pass or not to pass . . . and then Graduation . . . it was all over and maybe we were a little sorry. You know, Virgil wasn't such a bad fellow after all . . . "That's the general scheme, Len, and conclude by expressing our thanks to all those fine men who taught and guided us at Fordham Prep." modesty in us, it died that day . . . highlight of the year was the Senior Retreat at Manresa with Fr. Mc- Carthy . . . Who said? "By the grace of God and . . "But Lee only lost a couple of thousand men!" "l'll Front row: F. Petrocelli, V. Reardon, R. McKenna, J. Kirsch, Mr. O'Brien, S.J. C. Ryan, T. Flagg, T. Langan, J. McGrath. Second row: W. Fricker, J. Tomicki J. Annesi, G. O'Hare, E. Hunt, R. Gardner, M. Durso, R. Sheerin, J. Blessington Third row: D. Lowrey, J. Keneally, C. Kohrs, T. Martin, J. Griffin, A. Thonges H. Weber, F. Fey. Fourth row: D. Brown, F. McLoughlin, J. Garrity, W. Quirk R. Flood, W. Porter. Absent: J. Mullen. I QENIOR PERLATIVES Most Likely to Succeed ........... ........... F irzgibbon Did Most for the Prep ............ .............. T oland Most Loyal ................................. .......... C ameron Best Athlete ......... ......... ............... .......... C a r roll Best Speaker ......... .......................................................... T oland Best Promoter ............ .............. P iccoli, Cameron, Ex Aequo Wittieft ...................... ................................................ B lessington Mort Precixe ........... .............. T isch, Ehbrech, Ex Aequo Beit Dresrer ........... ............ ................................................. G r iffin Fartext Talker ...n.. ..... ... .......... ........... R eardon .............Ne11son Mon Diplomatic ......... .............. T isch Quietext ............................. jolliext ...................... .......... C ameron Most Carefree ........... ........... S tripling Most Likeable .......... ............... H ewitt Hardext Worker ............ ............ D uminuco Most Uripredictable ........ ............. F lood Bert Dancer ..................... ........... G riiiin Moxt Talkative ....................... ................. W ells Favorite College .......................... ............... F ordham Favorite Spot on Campus .......... .......... S enior Room Favorite Spot of Campux .......... ..................... H . and H. Favorite Teacher .............................. ..................... M r. O'Brien, SJ. Favorite Televixiorz Program ........ ........... B roadway Open House Favorite Baiirl ............................... ......................... G uy Lombardo Favorite Girl'.v School ......... .............. S acred Heart of Mary Q5 45 3 V . , n ' . G. XA 4 S 4 32 ,N , X 1 X 'W Q 5 . 1 f . v 1' J, I '5"X s W , 'zw-Elf" ,, . .,. , . ff,g,Qm Ngwgjfir ,S ,L 5 9 .N 1 A Rwimq ,- Q55 ff! r-1n':.:rv1:Z: Zmgcnmii -11 , E, LOHDUHJY r . C coran, n xvsen Lnn From gow: W. Flyqgardon, Second row. Ja if E' 015,169 F N110 is G Fame F Sherry Lyaon, C- D"5'Qlgm 3, Doscherl 3oLa:tY,L.Shanal1an P R0 e' . Rella, W' u , W. Nickel, - 0 . , r 2YNeill, R' Amandfljlassh Absent: S. Cegelskli J- Maye . er - R. Rankmv R' San September and we were upperclassmen at last! A group of new teachers greeted us. We discarded Caesar books for Ciceros, the angles of a triangle for its sines and cosinesg French and German began. We hoped that life would be different now, for in our own little way we were in the ar-istocratic half of the student body. Although we did not enjoy the prestige of be- ing seniors, we felt that we had learned the 48 ways of life at the Prep. As juniors we could play a more impressive role in varsity sports and school activities. We will remember the myriad of class elec- tions in Septemb er, the 242 ballots counted in one class, the live elections held in another . . . Mr. Sullivan takes over Mr. MoHat's English classes . . . Cornachio's appendix and Monta- gue's everything hurt the football team . . . the Arrieri and Baldauf get the joke but Cangialosi is more in- tent on the camera. ny' E, Gray, ' J, Donne h , . Mr. Murphi' V. MCGrat 1 W Keane A. Arrieri, Raqigetg DeGeorg6, T' f:se::i:,D White, J- . bn- ' z.R0f'S " i, "- M. From liillxniiefond Img Third fowl ioliirth r0W1 E- Mcvmgh' KLOC '. ' C0nn0llYv W' a 12 Guilf0Yle, P' T. Shaw- W. carhn, P' me, 5 caiiahan, ' . . . Hengaf 9 ' ' Garvin, -l' HOCKOi'v ' D Pirro, C' R Baldauf, P. Havekotte. Absem- E 1 Drew, - W 3-B ium of the first Square doughnuts and pandemon Dance . . . "Easy Ed" McVeigh's winning a first-string berth on the basketball team . . . unidentified junior taking a shower before P.T. because he had no time after . . . 3-C winning the intramural football league . . . this time Ed ' ' ame . . . 'B ' n had the siren at the Xavier g O r1e if we thought Cicero was hard, Ovid's vocabu- lary made our heads whirl . . . Dick O'Brien's fine performance in The Taming of the Shrew The pause that refreshes. F!'0nf row . 2 W. Bre rmgton, E. MCG . rlnan, A. Riccomini G. Rae, M. Gateiuff. Second row: Mr Mamvn, P. Farrell J- Min Y' G- 5P0hr ' orflssey O 5 ' D' Carew R ogue, Kifkef K C ' W' Buysee, R. Fei, ' PHIIICI, C. Nou T1 ,. Ktatky, Har I - rowe, J- Snee, R. Deli? O. Vanoni, J' OjCo110Malley, R. Casey' ey, P. Hahn. Ab Q nor, gw. Hoiifngen' s ent. j, Quinn. 3-I: 50 3-D Front row . f J. D Fanning K Guilgnne, G.Camil1uCci, D Malon K e Schaefer, B ' era. Second ' ' - Harah row: Mr ' ' Sfherzi G. an, C. - D 1 , Hger, D. , McCabe, P. Gubir T"0maS,1-spfegeifky cgi Ciimafhfo, xv. Mesilieafy, G. onfda J . u , na, M G 9 . osef A- Tracy K 8 1 , . Koh 0- Third . . C rs, F. Walker, J. Caserow. J. Fitzgerald, T. Ifgleglli . . . Father Kelly's fine class nights and excur- sions . . . Daily exercise for the 2:40 Club Cadmittance by invitation onlyl . . . budding stars on the athletic teams . . . Mr. Hanish say- ing "the fact of the matter is" . . . the lunch trap Havekotte set for 3-B's lunchnappers . . . Mr. Zewe's "Let there be silence." . . . Fr. Grif- fin's "Rankin, what are you doing now?" . . . "Gittin' a mawk" from Mr. Melican. Mr. Mor- rissey's "What about that, Farrell?" . . . Fr. 51 Y, L. Rambusch, A serious moment S. is A- Ellioti, W Hillmer Mf' Zewe, I , McNiff, ' lm0, ' j. Dunne' R' - d G, Guglle . R. Lundofh u Sullivan, R RosekranS C Gm: geconcl r0Wi M' Mdgszf McGrath, J' Fan-eu, jMCCarrhY- Front IOWT Maguire A Carrozzlxrh d row: D. Crucianlt .3 1- M. O'Sullivan, J- A !-Yne A Cecala lr hr-an, N' Koep e 7 Carney W. LOUB W Baffl' T Kelly's "Woe is you, dear, you're not in your it on the first bounce," from Fr. Boyle . . . Mr Lyttle and Mr Shea suhhing at mid-term during Mr Melican's illness. The fine time we had on the boatride. This year brought a lot of work with cosines 9 "reading for appreciation" and passive peri- phrastics, seasoned with fun and frolic. We en- joyed Junior year, but we are waiting 'til sum- mer is over - then we'll be Seniors. seat." . . . and "Get The Romans believed in two worlds, an up- per world or land of the living and a lower world, where the dead souls dwell. As we leave Sophomore year behind and prepare to ascend to the loftier world of Upperclassmen, we look forward to spending the next two years in the land of good living. Since it is customary on such an occasion to dispose of our under-world possessions, we must make our last will and testament. Many things Preparing for Fr. McAlcer's classes - E. Farrell, McAleer D- Bwdle' 1 ff- ' Hey, R' Ege ' , 5, Coyle, ' , N, Ke hler j. Larkin, L. Delanteiler D. Cerom, C' Fwvn P. Schmidt, A. Kelwf W1 K. Koe , d row: E, Wh? 1 D ick M. Duhlgq From to V ClarkS0U- Secon Third row: T. Flfzpatr ' t, - n. 2 lffilfson, E- FW, T' WEEE.. 1. MCGOVM' J: Redmond, J, Kearney. LJ' OP 53 sf 1 It's more interesting than a Latin book. we must leave behind, many things we shall bring with us. Being in sane mind, we the Sophomore Class, on the tenth of May, 1951, hereby be- uccessors omner tref panes Gal- four invincible Roman legions herein. The Caesar texts we shall S tember at slightly reduced queath to our s Ziae and the prices. To anyon ' k queath those green monsters, our history boo s Front I OW' G Dun can j 'lofi C- Luiz . ' 'MCGrazh j 0- - V. . i . Preisser, T' . ' - Brien, E' F . Thll:n:f:vi1'.v?'Igefe, W' Ma::lTl1:.PSe-icy: row: Fiff Mglderig, V. Wahn N O,C Gallagher . ouglagg, G. F 'I - a ot,j. 51-anlo F Y, J., F. Garvey If ' on- 1 -Mui-ra reehlu, V. F'11' U' ' CaPHSso R t . Courtne erford N Co Y, R. Davidson 1 ipone B B , .Noonan .Y, 1 . , D . , ' Cfge , G. 1 J. Ma T. Quinn, 0ney, F. Meyler, W. Brensavznlilzg-lfourth row: RI Suyfcfann, E. Grifiiiuusl ' - ogala. Absent' om, A. Skikg J , ' 3 V. Conti E , - Com- , . DeGennaro 2-B M that dwell t put on sale next ep e who will have them we be- Front row. M . r McHugh D D if Daly M Ken . 1 . u , . nedy, M. M ! Y, j. Murphy, F nane, K. Kinsder, E. F onanan. Second row: W - Banton A Cunnm h Third row: W MCK ernandez, P- Kilban I -Walsh E Com-oy Lf am I Costello 1: Murphy C M' eough, J. O'B,.i ef - Magee A K Ruggiei-1 H G ' ' ' fcaffhy, H. e",J- O'Drfs ll aeh" R R Cul' uire T Scanlon R Momforman, P. Fitzge,-a1ioFLf:dyeimann E Burngvgralacii Garvin row A Madden 0 enek M 5 Pratt E P. Begley, I.. Solitllerle' no, 1. Delehamy, J. Core oran E Lmneman Absent I O Mc C0nnor The two-dimensional world of angles and tri- angles, together with Mr. McDonough's stories, we bequeath to next year's geometricians. Eng- lish we hope to explore more fully next year. Our Greek books and Latin grammars, together with a head full of declensions, verb endings and strange Greek words, we shall also want. Out habit of attending K.B.S. will come too. Our window seats in the gym we won't be needing, when we mo ve over to the other Duffy thinks the bigger they are the 55 harder they fall 2-D , Cal- Fr O'Conn0I SJ W James! ' a . ., - Phelan, V. DeL0renz0, Po P K, Corbett, I C -M ray, J- Fox, l R sco, I- P ' . , 11, Curtin, - Front roW1D'Na5h,J Blicoe. Second tow' G' O?l?hird IOWZ A' Llquore 1- B. Denglef' one, ,l. 0'GradV' J' roll, L. Fitzsfmmfms' u 11, M. Burke. Absen ' der ff 12 Mcshane, 3' CM J Pfeiffer J- KWWL g J, Roc C, ' kley j. Callahan, ' ' Shetmanv T- BM ' After all, an army Ita l side as juniors. Title l to e even starting berths on the J.V. football squad we leave to our f reshmen teammates. Out j.V. stars in all sports we shall bring with us into varsity competition. -D leaves behind and With great pleasure 2 bequeathes to no one its Latin study periods. intangible thing, two years of education and e With us we take an p rsonal development, growth in wisdom, age, and strength. .It's our most ' ' prized possession, our ticket of entry-into the upper classmen's world. Perhaps you can ve s on its stomach. "CHEESE" see best what we mean by comparing us with what we were as entering Freshmen. To next year's Sophomore we leave the wish that their second year at Fordham will be as happy and fruitful as ours was, and the hope that they enjoy it as much as we did. To them we leave the Faculty, the work and the laughter that made it such a fine experience. Having thus disposed of much of our lower- worldly possessions, we prepare to pass on to the more lordly state of Upperclassmen. Valentine, J- Mauro L- P . - Lewis, Mr' l R Cordless . 7 L, Dmelll, T' 1' L. Lenn0X? ' mantle lfl. Madlgan D Walsh, J' Frank M: W Schmldls J' Hulbert . , F ' 1 - , - Front row. R re Reilly. Second row Third row: T. Mar h G. Powell. l, D- , . , Burke, T. Farr-el Au IV Collins, R. ,lattlfjnwi Absent: K, McGtat .4 1- jfs rr.-...s " '-1 '51 57 E-E 1-fl l C ey, P' bcnnuw, P., , O'Shea, J- bcanwu' T' 'h' d row: E. ljam' Front IOWZ M' Kefyajiinintham. Secondgtcirzorlfe G. Bratti, R' Brl2:ngtTjf:hn, C. Nafdlv . t , e , . , . , Grath, J. Dernco, hY R' Prior, N. Sheridan, W' Gdson, S ingfeilow, P- Curia D Schweitzer, Dgiucinzaxez, P- Flynn' RG o'Neai, J- Daw' R' tr '. .1 ' Milveyi ' mica, F- Medan 1 J. Doyle, R- ims: C. se - ' Dear Diary, It was early in September, 1950, when I first walked into Hughes' Hall with about 150 other new students .... First impression - the trophy case in the front hall showed it was not all work and no play . . . Briefed on school regula- tions - seemed simple enough to follow . . . Mighty proud of that first reportg all 90's. Why, there's nothing to it . . . Mom and Pop met the teachers at Freshman night. I've had to work a bit more at home since then . . . Mr. Lyttle and Mr. Fox began vieing for our talents . . . Prep- But it says here . . . Bull Session ' Xavier game stirred up a fervorg only disap- pointment afterwards . . . You know, Novem- b ' ' ' as good as it's fore- , and we saw the tradi- sign, dated ever ers report didnt look runners . . . It got cold tional "Put on coats" y year since '45, posted . . . Christmas vacation, two k wee s of cramming, and then the axe fell. We did all right, though. We started the new term with a more m 3- ture outlook on high school life . . . Although some of the teachers' schedules had been changed, it was pretty much the same routine S '3, C. M DiGennaro J Buchanan, L- OSC' W ner 1 ' Ren- a ' . , Garland, w- M Russillo, V' Talgcitlltitlina 3 Seton-Haffls' J' Mooney Eront1'0 ' ' d w MI 1 ' d fowl . Minogue' Thu - . ' T. Keough, D' . . SherrYw Sci J, Russo. Sec0nR fgolxgh J- Gmen, C, Clemente, T- Leo R, DICOSIBDZOQ J . i 0'Brief1- ' l lngera D' hes G. Rossano, ' Ab C R D White A Keller G Hug ' , . P. Zahn- Se" ' , . ' .' Colgan, D. Guerriefh W' Lee' R. rumen, - . C W- il, D van stfy. Fourth row- 1- on Callahan, T- Mcshane' 59 1-B lb Eager beavers . . . Our Freshman basketball team may have started slowly, but by February our victories had little in the way of opposition . . . Latin began to mean more than a jumbled mess of verb endings and vocabulary words - now there were adverbs, purpose clauses and passive in- finitives thrown in . . . Some of us came down on March 10th to look over the prospective September 1951 freshmen - Oh, well! . . . Easter already? Years seem to go by so quickly here . . . May lst came and went, and with it Front row. A - -Burk I- Hand p - . e'R-Bllrchell E I. 0rNeH 'gl0fI0, O. Mallon, L, 1i0Kel1y',W. Glass, W. Trezze k Third rosy: J' clgzgfllews, R. Andi-evffaxg'-Second row: A' Cgii-f"r.McAnany,S.j,,j Scafur. Gore D C I Hen, D. Bruno P 3 l oWneY M I one'-I' Miano ' . 1' - - , . F ' - Heh . y J. T L Vicens' ooney. Fourth row: P. M eY, T. Cerna, T. 3 .efra, E. Timmons, R. ucc'lf0, . , M CQ", 1- CGM. 1. D.,'l'i'?.1Ct9affn1g, A. p.....i'ffa2" ' i-1- f - if 1-ll -is Front row : Sa D. R varese, T. W, W. Snirloud, R. Glorioso S iifd, R. Betrix, lj. C1 F H ith, M. Mjgnogna Second row: Mr H. keary, 1. Doyle F M Sh ' Carn,G.M . ' - Ullivan R .' 'C ey, E B ' ' 'J ang M C Kefleally F uulgan' J- Kane , I Hudfffbrand P . euchen' E- Pel' 3 I 1""Pbeu, B ' Ourth ro g ' J- O'Ne-L D 1 - Mascgl , T. lsson, G, H arnes, W. Murph 'Ig D. Pender, A, Le I J Br-WY, J. Weiss F0 Buonoeore. Thi d um' Vw -Natale. amardf R- Tucci G, I Ctommie R D'Mr row: ' -Frank R 'Q 1 icelli x , T J J. came the reviewing for the exams. Back to 2X -l- ZX fe 4X, I think. Soon some Seniors and a Faculty member began plugging the boat ride, and around the end of May we found ourselves going "up the river." . . . The boat rocked and rocked and exams! I felt better on r turned out well, and as I look ar my Hnal report card, I realize I am a Sophomore, an upper- classman . . . Four years is a long time, but the rocked . . . Province he boat . . . But it all first quarter is successfully over. Always prepared Ulfe. Absfnr: W. 'l Y I eiiffkp i k ' - . A 1 ki i ' if-lr' Q ' 'W X 1 'W ,vw va Q. -,x N.. 4,1 N-. y x Was x We 0: I V v. gl 'X 7 Y W i 'x ' x- 'QQ 1 ,w y . . k'Y-Q I ,' I I K-5 r ge az Q, v 5,2 ,,. 'Wu- '. w N Q " , x Q A .f Xu ,Q . 122 f,.l- Midi .QL X 31, QA? 1 Q: 1 I . af" F Q oi -..,,.1-' .4- I L ill! n sf- ,, I S yyss ,1 . C Vx . .A V ' S jx A il E f Q 1 if S 4? E ,Z my 1 T' . H 'J . ,,. Ai, x. , 4 NWN! 1 to hui W -4- The Knights of the Blessed Sacrament attend Mass and receive Holy Communion every Friday in the University Chapel at 8: 15. By giving Prepsters an opportunity for frequent reception of the sacra- ments, K. B. S. fosters a greater love and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament. Right: Father Gibson distributes Holy Communion. ' .P ANIITUAHY t SUEIETY f One of the faithful Mass- servers, jim Prior. it Above: Callahan, Connolly, Schwarz, Talbot and O'l-lare put on the white cassocks. At Benediction Prior, Camil- lucci, Connolly, Stanton, Kish and Lyne carry the thurifer and torches, while Schaefer is acolyte. 67 SUD LITY The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary has grown into one of the most representative and successful activities at the Prep. Under the guidance of Father LaBau, SJ., the moderator, two separate Sodalities have been initiated: the Gonzaga for third and fourth years, and the Berchmans for first and second years. The Committee system has been embodied in the twin Sodality program. Members of the Catechetical Committee travel to Harlem each week to instruct youngsters in the foundations of Catholicism. The Dance Committee's work was well compensated when both square dances proved remarkable successes. This committee and the Stamp Com- mittee were instituted primarily to assist the work of the Philippine Mission. T he Big Four discuss Sodality policy Every Wednesday morning . . . A '1 'ill Berchmans officers McKeon, P. Schmidt, Fitzpatrick. Q3 - gihwa P1-ep ba '1 1 s dogma of th e Assn mpfion More stamps for the Missions. The Cat echetical Comm Sfeneg lite ' who d 'E men behind h Below: Amandolare, Brown, Fr. LaBau and Hengartner pre- pare for . . . Right: The Big Moment. e serve a great deal f t e 0 Credit F he Sodalists Among the other projects which t minent was the have undertaken the most pro Novena of Rosaries in thanksgiving for the declaration of the Dogma o f the Assumption. In addition to these committee projects, the Sodality has continued its regu ingsg one of the most interesting speakers of the year was Fr. Schiffer, SJ., a survivor of the atomic attack on Hiroshima. lar weekly meet- 6 Guard nf Hnnnr l h Blue Chapel of Keating Hall where they attend Members of the Guard of Honor in t e , Mass and receive Holy Communion every Thursday morning before classes. PE v p 'sw If Q- fi 7 ,of 'WS - me 'w c ON 'Q N-I V-17 wx ' Y 55 4 H00 FORDHAM PREP ANNUAL SCHOOL RETREAT R ev. Lawrence B. Hin Retreat Mane ' SJ. 1' In Chapel for one of the Conferences of the Retreat. '- g ' ,gp Q5 N' ' rg . gf , I Q gf ' ' , gf' 7 U ,w4f ' 'ff f 1 , A gf mfg f 5 K, an ,J 8, gg X xl 3 X ' 5, . w" , 2 ' Yv 5 .Q , v I n IP , f A Q f Q. .x.b. .S ' 5 9 if . , 4 X 3 ...- 4 anlnw'-W 7 , K' ' 3515? 1 ww, fi ' i :Ni Q 1 g Q M f : 1 K K K J M A , ,. ! '- y 'iv' -W gang-,Q ,-4 A! f -R- Athletic Council-the men behind the scene at every Prep sports activity. You see them during lunch and after school in the dugout, or making plans for an- other dance in honor of a Varsity team. They handle tickets at every football and basketball game, and even referee the intramural games. Reading from left to right: Tomicki, Shea, Blessington, Hanish Qpartly obscuredj, Grillin, Cameron, Porter Cpartly obscuredj, Hunt, Flagg, Klink, Toland, Dillon, Grogan, Piccoli, McLoughlin and T. McGrath Qseatedj. Athletic Council i f Right: Fr. Griffin, SJ., Athletic Council Moderator, checks the bills, while Piccoli, Mr. Helly, SJ., and T. McGrath plan the Winter dance. 73 H IIIII III. B During the past year, under the able direction of Mr. Helly, SJ., the Prep Radio Club has emerged as a major activity. Its initial appear- ance on WFUV was a polished presentation of "Dr. Manette's Manu- script", and the subsequent productions have earned the praise of the director and members of the Fordham University Radio Staff. Stand by . . . The Prep hits the air-waves. You're on the air William Shakespeare wrote a play about a shrew her father and her lover. He then forgot about it, but the world didn't. You who witnessed it last Fall know why it is remembered. But what of the hours of toil put in by the actors and those behind the scenes? A play by no means is a success because of the playwright, even in Shakespeares caseg take a look . . . to Collins . . . green paper . . . 3 . . . and still trying to marry 06 the aloof Ceroni, after rehearsal moved . . . while the business crew works with the more substantial kind of Qt: 'ff .JP 155' xx, Z"- iw I YJ - . . ' gh uld be done ' ' ' " at Toland telling how It S 0 lfman'S gentleman the Shrew and the gem L l , at . . . and finally ar the very tired but very proud players, as they bid you goodbye till the nexr producrion. 77 lUx1 I ll my jullN 4llOMIk'Kl X. .Xlllrly VI. lllumngmn. ll. llrim, ll. Farrell, I. C.lll.ll.m, -I. lFowlwl'. ll. Il.llm. ll. f.ylll'lL'll lll'SlNl'Q.4F PllO'l'OCLllAPllY V. Lnllllvl Nl, llavcf. " THE RAMPART Fordlxanr Prvp, llrunx 55, Nvw York City Yum lm llllX1lNlIi'K7fXNl1fllUlllLl' linen ' x Q , . , 'Ol'Llll'1 null l.l 'lvl' Copy lgclltm' t YFXYS S l .Xl l- VI. L.ux111, l. Crux, l. Ullilluylv, bl. llaml, XX Xluxlwllx, ll. Yylxmlclt. l. llluulli, Vldif' Xl Smnrlm. Sl'Oll IS S lfXl'l' l llI'I1Yl'. l. ll.lIlll7llNL'll. 'lf Sclmcllcr. I. yg,,.,.. li. Kimllur 'K 3- Alil -I. llClXj.I.lI'IllCI' ll.-.-l.. .ffr....r. .raving llll lllll'll'P lfzallll-l' uw-vzlllfwl tllv lmsiv quvs, "XXl1y llid Gull jllllit' llv lll-ulzln-ll that upon lion. Mv'."' ilu- lmsiv quvsliml ul' liIlUWlllg', loving' :ami svrviv lmsv our llll- lm wlrlll. lllllhl llurmu llw swcuml day, lfzxtlwl' ul ll--zxllm, tlu- Lust .llulgnu-fll 3 mul lin- vtvzwml Pllllllllllxlll . A 5 - .n ' ' 1: '1 ' ' ll'K'SlllNk , Y . . ' i - U. , V , 1 - lxs :ll g, 3 I4-A I x 2- ', I 1 lass 1 ' ll'A 'o owing, that W' 1 'WW .' 313 : .1 -' A .z , , cz uv 1 ' ' z 1 J ill' :mr S Uk ying tl v . 5 "NSY ' 14 - 'lll'4.'. -5 V7 clwol, ,M en Pfrty 1 Uvloluvl' Zfmlll, IEP Half Hou N K O af, - ' IO ,pox Top Brass Seated Knsh Dumrnuco 4 Lllilltlllfl lwmw fl lu Us u mg' l ' Tl, 'Eff lilfi PARENTS NIGHT 1 cw 101 L1 Pnl.: l. M., m fnllms ,-Xudllm'ium, lin- zumuzrl and Tomrckn Standing Mr Daly SJ Moderator, Pnor and Lackey 1" " I lullllllllf ' "" l'JIl'f?!llrQ Night will ln:- ln-ld for lllv mntlmors :xml Men who gather and W . ,H Y HA . I ' t. H to piccoli BI h rite the news. From ro ' l.11,1mf of In nm us. , ' essmgron, Prior, Mr D I W' Hand, Xylll' vluss-ls. A1 l'zm'n1s K"'5'lefv Garvin, Schaefer A I' ay' SJ- Second row: Nlgllu tlu- l,01u'ln-is :mel Heflgartner. Schmidt F l then' O'Brien. Last rowa pzwvnts ol' Un: buys will - Bfito. , arreu' Hahn, Rambusch and 1 lliswlss ilu- pn-wglwss of l ilu- l"rvslmwn :xml ll1"illlS l ui' nlntninzing lu-tim' rw-f . - W - V-. 1 sullf in llw lllllll'ol, lm' 11111-rfzdqV1-ll-1-li-.1 Nm ljmlllmllvxllxc-ll wwuigmhvlvg MM nw N ,,,,mm1 lc,-,,Sg,m,,,, Ilmgz, rrllilill I 'rn Rlv1'l.l1l,"vlKiIl lt I ml Hkmly AKIWIHNNLV L fum, ,1 xx ull .llil Ullllx. 'N l -if 'f"' l' 5" ' 'l - -W' w plzlvv fm lli11'4llll:4 Nljflll. Rub lizxulmlmxl, bvcrolzxry, l 0 ..,illIL lm mkm lu :HI g 1' ml uf.. . W , , 1 'Q ' ' ' 1 flu 11 '-VNV' 'U' ' lmisllwsy sw' 'L. ' -Aus 'Q 501' Q: . ,:S . '- I' .U 'Y V. , w Q l Q 'l'Lll" 1 lt fo: '1' 5 I Y 4 , A, 2, , I , . ll , . 'nl 1 1 ' - . - j':1 'r H S uw l 'wlu lf.: y- A fl . . .- '- ' .," M. ,C . my ' "sf, ' 'I ' v vi g ' c 'nm ,. x :V i I X: . t I A Lb. XV 2 .Y . fr, . X moi, X, vpn' "s l."CzL' " 'A " 2' X as 'llltiy ss 1. "xv 2 "1 o '1 v' r - ,-,'- - Y - - , avr .' amd 3214? for l'f'tu1'ns. This :x'x'Lll' llwix' will ln- U Svlizlldlf- wlitmw, frm- llul' tl IllIlgI'IiZlll0 :xml um- for ilu' yea hook. "L'l'1ip" livmwrly is umlitil lthl- lll2lf.l'IlZlll4', with liuh Kefrl mliliew tlw yvzlrlumli. llfvwevs lllf llll tz'l null such cl sz -' S 1 . '. " 1 4 '1 :mlv wvllwrs als llilllj' Xvllgllt Y A ' ll lbl'l2l!l llullfm :xml l,S'll will lmwlm. xvlll xmrli lllll llmll pu llivzxlllms, Y 'l'l'.- 'ful lf'Ill'l71mli XXlll lvwwlw- l:l!'+-rmrrl :xml lmvv S0111 'wlxzal nwrv spam- llwvoiurl lumlf-lm-lzlssmf41, lt will in wrlrxpll-tw l'1c'u1'1l wi' :ull svlu l21L'llVlllc'S ol' ilk' lfloll-Sl yvi , Hx SP Sneak Preview. One .H N :A Seated, left to right: Associate Editor Duminuco, Magazine Editor Kerby, Yearbook Editor Kennedy, LaMotte. Standing: Dillon, Rambusch, Mr. Zewe, SJ., Tisch, T. McGrath, and Muscolino. . Pl more page to go. Under the coaching of Fr. Hennessey, SJ., the Campion Debating Society has completed a successful season. Together with a very favorable dual debate record, the team scored significant victories, taking third place in the Catholic Foren- sic League city-wide Tournament and securing second place in the Father Gannon Tourney. The Camplonites with Fr Hennessey Seated, left to right: Ehbrecht, Schwarz, P. Schmidt, Prior Standing McKeough E OBrien Kearney, Gorman, J. Farrell, Gray, Flynn. Ill nament prize winners: Conway, Tisch, boldner, 'W Guilfoyle Baldauf, Duminuco. I LIBRARY STAFF Kish seems to ' ' Bflldlev Henga . he books: Arrierh The men behind I leY1 Hollinger, BUY55ev Farrell' be getting a charge from electronics but Grogan, Ehbrecht and Gorges are ogling the opti- cal instruments. rtner, UMM' Muscolino, Tisch, Gervais and J. McGrath seem intent on the experiment, while Mr, Shea and McLoughlin are more interested in the camera. PHYSICS CLUB R. Kratky, J. Blessington and J. Hengartner add the finishing touches to another poster, backing Prep activities. Mr. O'Brien leads the Choir with John OGorman accompanying at the organ. Spotlighting the Press Club, which does so much to publicize Prep activities and sports in the metropoli- tan newspapers. Front row: Kelly and Lee. Second row: Renoud, W. Brennan, Dillon, President, Leckey, Vice- president, Flagg, DeCostanzo, Seton-Harris. Back row: J. Sherry, McCabe, Meehan, Arrieri fin front of Mee- hanb, J. Farrell, Cameron, Schaefer, Toland fin front of Schaeferb, McLoughlin. Absent: Baldauf. 5 r ' 83 I Wilt W1 Y gp sb figs. 2.,u i.-. fy PREP xx ii H55 manly Q, " 1 in ,pl -.' ,- 1-" , ,- uv. .L rf . .,- y . 7 QA M, Mm . .- ,, 1 K 1 L K ,1e.,a., -f,:.,f-fa .uv .J- .41 q-NA. ,L ,Im iw HW N -JA Ama- -'Ziff' Q' '- VARSITY Griffin crashes over for a T.D. against St. Luke's. Front row: Rodger, Twomey, Rae, Schaefer, Jeselson, Sheerin, Andre, Casey, Lantz. Second row: Lock, Donnelly, Sullivan, White, Montague, McLoughlin, P. Carroll, Klink, Gardner, Griflin, Hunt, Durso, Farrell, Mgr. Third row: Weber, Kohrs, Delaney, Nickel, Garrity, Fey, Drehwing, Hanish, Crowe, Connolly, Head Coach Mauro, Ass't. Coach McCafl'ery. Top row: j. Carroll, Kirsch, Cangialosi, Hahn, Kilker, Drew, Gervais, Flynn, Sinton, Hoctor. B6 A FCDTBALL FORDHAM PREP 13 SETON HALL 14 Opening its '50 football season the Prep fell vic- tim to jittery nerves and lost the decision by the touch of a toe. Seton Hall capitalized on poor team play in the first half and placed two quick T.D.'s on the scoreboard. In the second half Don Cruciani and Jim Griffin scored and Jack Garrity got the extra point, making the final score 14-13, Prep on the short end, Good blocking and Griffin breaks into the clear. Mr. Lou Mauro, Head Coach. Co-captains Carroll and McLoughlin await the toss at the Queen of Peace game. FORDHAM PREP 0 CLINTON, MASS. 59 This game was part of the town of C1inton's celebration of its 100 anniversay, and the Prep enjoyed the old-fashioned New England hospitality during their stay. Little can be said for the game. The Prep played poor football, threatening to score only once. Clinton, able to put eleven sprinters on the Held at once, scored easily, making the final 39-0. Four Cadets converge on Grillin. FORDHAM PREP 13 BROOKLYN PREP 25 Two weeks later the Prep again went on the road to play Brooklyn Prep in the rain. In the first quarter the Prep played dismal football, losing the ball twice on fumbles, Brooklyn converted both into touchdowns. Again Fordham dominated the play in the second half but never overcame that two touchdown lead. Final score was 25-13, with the Prep on the short end. J. Carroll stopped by two Queen of Peace tacklers. FORDHAM PREP 25 ST. LUKE'S 7 Ten days later the Prep came home, conquered heroes, to play their first game at home meeting St. Luke's on a sun-swept field. On home ground the Prep showed the spark of victory and rolled unhampered over the weak and undermanned St. Luke's team. St. Luke's scored their one T.D., when four Fordham players tackled a helmet and the ball carrier scampered for a score. Final score, Prep 25, St. Luke's 7. FORDHAM PREP 13 QUEEN OF PEACE 19 The Prep met Queen of Peace in its second home game and played the most exciting game of the season. The lead seesawed back and forth throughout the game. Play was sharp and precise. In the last twenty seconds of play a Queen of Peace back whizzed over the last chalk line to score the winning points. The Prep lost a very good game, 19-13. FORDI-IAM PREP 7 ST. MICHAEL'S 0 On the following Sunday the Prep journeyed to Union City to meet St. Michael's in what turned out to be a rough game. jim Griffin accounted for the only score on a 95 yard return of an inter- cepted pass. Final: Prep 7, St. Michael's 0. FORDHAM PREP 0 MAMARONECK 40 Prep, again on the road, was crushed by a fast and exactly-drilled Mamaroneck aggregation. Ma- maroneck scored at will on wide end sweeps and rolled to a 40 to 0 victory, and an unbeaten season. H I ' X Touchdown against Xavier Flynn breaks through for a first down Mr. Dick McCaffrey, Assistant Coach. FORDHAM PREP 6 XAVIER 60 In the final game the Prep played its traditional Thanksgiving Day rival from 16th Street. Xavier, seeking satisfaction for last year's defeat, overwhelmed the Prep and became the first Xavier team to finish an unbeaten season. The only Prep score came in the first quarter. V HSITY X h ESM I ' I j The Prep's six high scorers of the year are lockwisejz Eiczgibbon, Porter, Healy, h and Carroll. Kc Hewitt, McVeig Mr. E d MCInnis, Head C Oach. Xiwfflrlf f XV -. .,. jf! 7 90 5 1 I '-1' Pfx 1 B SHETB LI. I ' 1 ' I I I I ff ll I I I X I' ll X X l I I . I l 4 -. P XQRN-Vx N X K Q EX s 3. Rx B i-. P X I Kneeling, left to right: Hillmer, Sanderson, Sullivan, Healy, Fitzgibbon, Doscher. Standing: Koepfler, Carroll, Hunt, Hewitt, Porter, McCabe, McVeigh, Mgr. Duhig. PREP 50 MT. ST. MICHAEL 44 Porter C18 pointj, Healy C159 and Fitzgibbon C129 star in Prep's first win of the season over the "Mount" PREP 69 DU BOIS 67 Healy C265 and Porter C195 pace Ramlets to an overtime victory. PREP 38 REGIS 58 Prep outmanned by a good opponentg Healy, Fitz- gibbon and McVeigh lead Prep scorin. PREP 49 XAVIER 65 Cjesuit Tournarnentb-Hewitt C201 and McVeigh play well at St. Peter's. PREP 32 DU BOIS 59 Carroll, Fitzgibbon and Porter play good ball in PYCP loss. PREP 50 POWER 61 Prep bows to a strong "Power Five" despite the scor- ing of Porter and McVeigh. PREP 56 IONA 50 Healy, Hewitt and Carroll bring home another win. PREP 42 BROOKLYN PREP 55 Healy C16J and Fitz 1125 impres- sive in game against Brooklynites. PREP 44 CARDINAL FARLEY 59 Healy, Porter and Carroll return Prep to winning ways. PREP 55 MT. ST. MICHAEL 62 "Mounties" avenge earlier defeatg Carroll, Healy and Porter combine to score forty points. PREP 45 IONA 48 Prep loses a heartbreaker in return match with Iona. PREP 54 CARDINAL FARLEY 55 Ramlet quintet plays well in season finaleg an overtime victory over Cardinal Farley. 92 PREP 52 XAVIER 54 "Kaydets" edge Rams as Healy sets season mark with twenty seven points. PREP 55 MANHATTAN 50 Prep quintet downs a strong oppo- nentg Healy's twenty seven points again led scoring. Good'cause to smile with that record. SWIMMI -.'-'-' ' nfl' I ' an, Dmon' -.-H'-'-'- Schegilflg 'III' I l'n'n'n'l'l' l 'I -l.'-'-'-"" .-.-P-'-'fl4f-'if . h Sun' d Hartigah wan for S e er an Madmg Jack Callahan, one more stroke to go. 93 Front row, left to right: Scherzinger, Dillon, Connolly, Stripling, Harrigan, Tomicki, Ram- busch, Madigan. Back row: Mgr. K. McGrath, T. McGrath, Delaney, Brito, Quirk, Kohrs, Schmidt, Buysse, and Kilbane. Missing: Callahan. Hula I n fu 'bl' ,'l'l, 1 I I lg'l'nlll'l 'sl lp'n'l"" , , y 'ff""'f Two star freestyers, Kohrs and Dillon. 94 SWIMMI B With a virtual five year victory record behind them, the Mermen plunged into the waters this year beside swimmers from such schools as Cardinal Hayes, Brooklyn Prep and St. johns. Backstrokers Jack Harrigan and Len Rambusch made a habit of reaching the finish line first, while breaststrokers john Tomicki and jack Callahan added many a point to our win- ning tallies. The veteran diver Kevin Scherzinger, and his new disciple, Harry Madigan, pulled us way out in front many times. And, of course, the freestylers like Steve Connolly, Con Kohrs, Dick Brito, Bill Buysse, Brian Dillon, Burnie Strip- ling and Terry McGrath played a great part in putting the Prep in the win col- umn meet after meet. TT' Q -2 WJ at ,YJ 7 :LN- ,wqh f . -.1 -.E ---Sw sf-iL..i:7' 385158 JN E. meal: nw: 1 bun". We 5 ,, y, JK, , A t 'Q Q is The Prince of Foxes. X0 .60 60 C5 SQ59 996 vb Q-01. go wb' oi? 09 Clbgells we 0239! 90000 Qogeoo ,506 eaev Qc, veg. 'SW 00065995 rbov Gog s- . Q Q89 V K9 O0-i 'Ngo 06 ga. 'sk ko SO' 6 Xefvsxog 9 96 neeling, left to right: Rankin, Fitzsimmons, nida, Scanlon. Standing: Rodriguez, Egel, McCarthy, McNiff, Stripling, and Noll. The Sub-Midget Relay, the City and Bronx-Manhattan Westchester Champs: Scanlon, Har-d, Ward and Pirrone IQ.. O' '0 JV. '52 A70 'ef iff 1 r C0 one ro Digi 15 Q-2,10 ,QW Q11 .Q 4? C912 001 S69 get le 866 1-,og ta. 6 01- 'L -fra C60 6?-rl, 009. 'lar 0 04725 Q. O fl 0 9 OW Qc '77 , C660 CQ 126 all Oo 97 wx? 4 W Us M..,.,,,,,,,w it .Q , PR W4 Q iff PN' Ns x Q Q f x 'll :- I , Ni 5? Q is My X Q QQ S A G -i 1 GVDH-4,4 f'Ss L. X Wh . ,, A, i wtwx "" 1 , .P ' 'Q' ' EHUSSLUUNTHY The team of Roche, Stanton, Guglielmo, and Wheeler started the season off with two first places in dual meets against Manhattan Prep and DuBois. Jimmy Prior and Don Cameron were steady assetsg the team ended with three wins and three losses and a second place in the Jesuit Championship Meet. TRACK Captain jack Dunn, Bob Roche and Skippy Manion were the main sparkplugs of the indoor season. january twentieth was a big day for Coach Fox and for Fordham Prep, for it ushered in the "Fordham Prep Relays". The relays, which attracted fifteen schools to Rose Hill, will be an annual event. The Prep really set the mark for its com- petitors by a final victory of twenty-six and a half points. The Prepsters turned their trophy over to Brooklyn Prep, the runner-up. The junior Midget team made a name for itself the day it capped second place in the Bronx-Manhattan-Westchester Meet. Ed Wheeler took first place in the junior half-mile, and Jack Sheehan broke the record in the junior 220. The final honors of the season were carried off by the junior Midgets in the City Championships at the Garden. The sub-midgets, Hand, Ward, Scanlon and Pirrone took first place, joe Popp took second in the Junior shot-put and Griffith second in the high jump. That night the Senior Six-Lap Relay CToland, Dunn, Manion and Nollj broke the school record and took second place behind Power Memorial. The team and Prep in general realize that the victories and successes of this season are largely due to the interest, work and inspiration of Coach Fox. Popp goes the shot The Midgets: S. jesselson, Carozza, Iachetta and J. McGrath Mr. John Hebron, Head Coach. Q Jerry Healy, star second base- Klan. Calling the pitches, Gerry Canavan. Mr. john Hebron, who took over the coaching reins at the Prep this season, greeted the prospective team with high hopes. The return of last year's veterans, together with many newcomers from the junior Varsity, helped to confirm these hopes. As the season got under way, any- one who frequented the ball field saw Coach Hebron mould his hope- ful players into a fine starting nine. This Spring saw Vin Reardon re- turn to the outheld where he put in a fine season. jim Hewitt, also a veteran of last year, took his stand again at first base and played his , it EK: t X. Front row, left to right: Garrity. Hunt, Rucci, Koehler. Second row: Fey, Durso, V. Reardon, Healy, Bat- tle, Hewitt, Wells, Canavan. Third row: Fr. Griflin, SJ., Andre, Men- X-4 LL Garrity and Hunt limbcr up in pre-season workout. W X n 1' a fy..-A. we ., . K Xw X xc, Ygjlf!! nona, Walker, Meyer, McCabe: Gubi- tose, T. McGrath, J. Donnelly, Mgr., Coach Hebron. Back row: J. Rear- don, Kratky, Cornachio, R. Casey, Spohr, Connolly, O'Neill, E. Flynn. usual winning ball. Rounding out the infield were jerry Healy at sec- ond, Don Battle at shortstop, and Bill Mennona at third. With this veteran infield tighten- ing the inner defense, Coach Heb- ron, who stressed the importance of good pitching in high school ball, sent Lefty joe Kirsch to the mound. Kirsch, who was also a starter last year, was backed up on the mound by newcomers Fred Walker and Bill Nickel. And on the receiving end were Al Cornachio and Jerry Canavan behind the mask. J. V. FUUTB LI. Prep Prep Prep Another first down. Prep Prep Prep 15 .........Horace Mann 15 ............A1l Hallow's 31' ..........Cardinal Hayes 9 ..........Brook1yn Prep 6 ......................Xavier 6 Mr. John Nowak, Coach. Front row: Franklin, Freehill, Burns, Flynn, Co-captains Farrell and Lennox, Kane, Kilbane, Capasso. Second row: O'Connor, Brudie, Timmons, O'Keefe, Pender, Koehler, Noonan, Rivera, O'.Brien, Roche. Third row: Coach Nowak, Guerrieri, Bohenek, Scanlon, Corcoran, Hickey, Redmond, Magee, Weimann, Linneman, McShane, McCall. Absent: McGrath and Zahn. - .L V. BASKETBALL Hrzparrick, Momano, ELEC-g:,I2.:L1,nn, McKe0n, Ceroni. Standing. Freemu LmU..4?E'5!! . , I , PBESHMAN BASKETBALL Front row: Garland, Barnes, E. Pelisson, Mr. Nowak, Schweitzer. Back row: Mul- ligan, Zahn, Donahue, Frank, Downey. PATHUNS Mr. and Mrs. L. Amandolare Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Durso Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Andre Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Ehbrecht Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Baldauf Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Elliot Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Barry Mr. and Mrs. James J. Farrell, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George A. Blessington Mr. and Mrs. William Fey, Jr. Mrs. John Bohenek Mr. and Mrs. John M. Finnen Mr. and Mrs. John Bray Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Fitzgibbon Mr. and Mrs. J. Briscoe Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brito Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Fitzsimmons John W. Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Flood Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Burchell Mr. John G. Franklin, Sr. Francis R. Burke Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fricker Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Burns Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. John A. Garrity Mr. and Mrs. Mario Camillucci Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo Gonzalez Mr. and Mrs. Frank Canavan Mrs. Michael J. Gorgas Mrs. Thomas F. Carney Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Griffin Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Griffith Mr. and Mrs. James J. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. John D. Grogan Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Carrozza Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Gubitose Arthur A. Cecala Mr. and Mrs. Francis P. Guidera Mr. Arthur J. Clemente Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Collins Mr. and Mrs. John Hand Mr. and Mrs. Clement Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Hardiman Mr. and Mrs. James Conway Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harrigan Mr. and Mrs. James J. Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Jerome F. Healy, Jr. Mr. Charles H. Cordes Mrs. John Hearn Mr. and Mrs. H. Cruciani Mr. William H. Hewitt Mr. and Mrs. James Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hickey Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Curtin Mr. and Mrs. Percy C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Delaney Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kane Mr. and Mrs. Theobald Dengler Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Keary Mr. James Derrico, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Philip Diorio Mr. Thomas Keogh Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Doscher Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. L. Kerby Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Duhig Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kinstler Mr. and Mrs. James F. Duhig Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Kirsch Mrs. C. Drehwing Mr. and Mrs. John J. Kish Mrs. Mary Duffy Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kohrs Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Duminuco Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Leahy 104 Mr. and Mrs. Thpmas F. Leckey Mr. and Mrs. William F. Quirk Mr. and Mrs. Leo Lennox Mr. and Mrs. A. Riccomini Mr. Maurice M. Leo Mr. G. V. Rosasco Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Lowery Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lyne Mr. Paul L. Rodger Mr. Harold J. Madigan Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Roche Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso Rucci Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L. Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose V. McCall Mr. and Mrs. John J. Schaefer Mr. john J. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey P. Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. McGrath Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shanahan Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. McShane Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Shea Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Minogue Mrs. john Sheehan Mrs. Elizabeth H. Morse Mr. and Mrs. john Sheerin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Bernard M. Sheridan Mr. and Mrs. William J. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Sinton Mrs. joseph Neilson Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Skiko Mr. and Mrs. William J. O'Connor Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Soldner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. O'Gara Mr. and Mrs.. Vincent F. Soscia Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 1. O Gorman Mr. Valentine Spiegel Mr. and Mrs. James H. O'Grady Major Gen. and Mrs. Walter X. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. joseph A. O'Hare Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. St. john Mr. and Mrs. Denis O'Leary Mr. and Mrs. William P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. George W. O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Maurice C. O'Shea Mr. and Mrs. Victor A. Thompson Mr. Anthony Pascucci Mr. and Mrs. Anton Thonges, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Pettit Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Tisch, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. F. X. Pfeiffer Mr. and Mrs. John T. Tomicki Dr. and Mrs. Leonard J. Piccoli Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Toland Mr. and Mrs. james J. Prior Mr. and Mrs. William J. Trezenka Mr. and Mrs. john J. Quinn Raymond J. Tuite Mr. and Mrs. Felix A. Quinn Capt. 8c Mrs. J. J. Twomey, USN Mt. and Mrs. Charles Valentine Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Wagner, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Ward Mr. and Mrs. George H. Weber Mr. Marvin H. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Dana White, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. George A. J. Zahn, Sr. 105 WC Quik E? morfafz 32 BROADWAY NEW YORK 4 NEW YORK 106 FORDHAM UNIVERSITY NEW YORK 58, N. Y. FORDI-IAM CAMPUS DIVISION FORDI-IAM ROAD BRONX 58 N Y Lnberal Arfs Graduafe and Undergraduafe Pharmacy Busuness CITY HALL DIVISION 302 BROADWAY NEW YORK 7 N Y Educahon Law Buslness AduI'r Educahon SOCIAL SERVICE I34 EAST 39'rh STREET NEW YORK I6 N Y Catalogues of Each School Sen'I' on Requesf GEURGETUWN BIIIIEGE The oldesf Cafholuc CoIlege un Amenca OfFers Courses Leading To A B B S Pure Scmence and B s seeel se.enee Degrees wlth Malors .n English HISTOFY Economics PoInIlcaISc1ence Mafhemahcs Chemusfry Physics and Biology Locafed an Washnngfon 'Ihe Mosi' Imporfani' Cuiy In fhe World ' I lv mi. . l I L 107 COLLEC-E OF THE HOLY CROSS WORCESTER MASSACHUSETTS Founded I843 A Jesuul College Courses offered BACHELOR OF ARTS BACHELOR OF SCIENCE an Buoloqy Clwemlslry Mallwemallcs Physics Buslness Admlmslrahon Husfory Socnal Sciences and Eclucalnon MASTER OF SCIENCE In Chemns+ry Officer Trammg Program A FOUR YEAR NAVAL ROTC COURSE LEADING TO A COMMISSION AS Address all Commumcahons +o Director of Aclmlsslons College of lhe Holy Cross Worcesler 3 Massacl1use'H's REclor 2 3764 You ve Trled 'lhe Resl Now Try 'lhe Besl MAYFAIR RESTAURANT 423 EAST FORD!-IAM ROAD HUMBERT DE MATTEI CLERICAL ROBES SEdgw1clc 3 ZI43 Esl 76 53 PARK PLACE NEW YORK CITY SKELLY S Prescrlphon Pharmacy Reg 3876 2556 DECATUR AVENUE New York, N Y ENSIGN, U. S. NAVY, OR SECOND LIEUTENANT, U. S. MARINE CORPS - Esl. I9I5 " ' ' , ' - . I8 I 108 CONGRATULATIONS Io+I1e CLASS OF 1951 THANK YOU FOR YOUR CORDIAL PATRONAGE YOUR NEGATIVES ARE ON FILE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE IN RE ORDERING Swv Porfralfs ESI I 875 520 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK N Y MUrray Hull 2 1933 109 For the Best in Clothes forthe Clergy All l0O'X, Wool Maferials HARRY REYN 40 EAST 49+h STREET NEW YORK I7 N Y Corner Madison Avenue Telephone PLaza 3 036I Tel TR 2 9807 The Place Io Meel' The Place Io a I CORAL INN Formerly Pancrazl Specnaluzes m lfahan and Amerlcan Dushes Pune Pnes +o lake ou+ L M DeROSE J RAGUSA I76I UNIVERSITY AVENUE Opposlle Park Plaza Thealre FOrdham 78848 Thomas Kegan BLOSSOM FLOWER SHOP Inc QUALITY FLOWERS 2539 WEBSTER AVENUE N W Cor Fordham Road BRONX 58 N Y I ' I . E+. T 'J , . f.. . y I ' I 'IIO 9704 mzceflmwe. . . in design cra tsmans 1 nfl quallty RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS CUPS PLAQUES TROPHIES .IEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS ,4j?V MANUFACTURING W IUSTUI PROVIDENCE 1 1,',, nlr1:fsIMlclusI ' 17 IUHN STREET, NEW YURK 8,N.Y. - HI Established 1892 Publishers of Fine Yearbooks me 4,-ul! V' , ....-,,,W sh. ., ..,... 11 ,i .. s. A . ,. NASH.. , 5 L P, is gl. Y, ...:,.J E 'Til i,,., -wg ' i 1, iiiii - Q .,.. " ' biiii .L:L- A ffgqggk ,, L:,.,: -jg 41,, W g. .rik A - 'f'b ' i , e E Q. W I S, I s s .Q s 599 Q - X 3 ab Ong i F i -fo s s - ,Q 1.0 t W A4915 i f AB an i if ' m, .U s L ' if A K i i,-:T---""-" Q X 5 i 4 s ii 'ii 2 ii i 1 1 gal M 'ie ii -Ei f s Si JG 0 Yearbooks by Offset v Quality Craftsmanship ' Dependabl THE MARK OF INDIVIDUALITY IS 4 BY T. O'TOOLE 8: SONS, NC. 3I IEFFERSO ' AMFORD, CONNECTICUT sumrono TEL.4'9226 N EW YORK TEL MELR e Facilities A YEARBOOK OSE 5'4II2 :je jar- marfing yournafv Reporls from "Helly's Kil'chen." June I4, l965: Jack Dunn and Pal Carroll, lwo former sfar high school and college alhleles. are re- porfed close To a discovery of lhe one-eyed African Sheep Dog . . . Bob Kerby, Ediior of lhe "Slars and Bars," in lown for a shorl slay . . . Lang Toland, beaming afler Academy Award Presenlalion . . . Don Ballle io replace Howdy Doody on T.V .... Congrals lo Sieve Schwarz, on his invenlion of The hydraulic mouse-lrap and lo Coach Don Cameron of Accidenlal College on sweeping lhe IC4A Track Crown . . . Bernie Slripling pul in charge of vasl Ungar deposils in Bangor, Maine . . . Tom Shea is a prosperous psychialrisl wilh fhree couches . . . William "Chip" Kennedy. Union head. says no aufomobile slrike . . . General James Hewill and Admiral John Harligan were once classmales . . . Recom- mended: Fr. Tisch's book on Alheislic Com- munism and Fr. Neilson's besl seller, "Tales of Ancienl Greece" . . . Fr. Duminuco has been pul in ihe capacily of head lchlhyologisl ol lhe goldfish pond on Fordham Campus . . . Disc Jockey Jimmy Prior reporls lhal Al Rucci's plaller "l'r's Raining Again" is num- ber one for The iourleenlh slraighf week . . . Physicisl Michael Gorges recenlly signed a liielime conlracl wilh DuPon'r Laboralories . . . Broadway bookies say 4-l lhal Slanlon will be again elecled Dogcalcher. Comedian Willy Wells. slar of "The Corn is Green." and John Sheehan are being considered by lhe Shuberls for lheir new musical . . . Thomas Leckey has iusl wrillen a new book. "Sleep and Live Longer" . . . John Jordan. archae- ologisl. has found 'rhe remains of Epyaxa in an Egyplian lomb . . . Frank LaMoHe's forly dollar coal is slill unlouched by human hands . . . Mally Filzgibbon received his M.D.. mak- ing him eligible 'ro lesl cigarelrles . . . Sieve Connolly will have fhe lille role in "Tarzan and lhe Missing Links" . .. Sincerely, 4B T suufnfnw, 152 1 f fl c 49 V J: - 3 mm " . S' sl 0 5 u .i L. SME 5 ii-ri 53.2 , 5 t . I4 t C A L 0 4 gimme. f satis Q .- ' " A 'E RRQ d R x,,G.K9QeR C C HYIP!!! 113 '7 1:1135 INTRAMUQAL FOOTBALL ,. A CHAMPS W' V, idx Gi fx Bn culer new 0 V yin I- ,ivx :C b EAGLE M'G-UiRE vv,qUCHN " Mmocue M , Ui' ' 3 C ff was -.. 2, -ing. 3 Gigxx Geheinrrmisvob OY' QXQER0 X 9' .B f CJJ-fl! X Shy, O X250 F I mrssfef .5 ff i Eff Q EAW! TRAQI4 , x Mk ,fy X- EQ L . MEN 3 ', 4 M 42 NOLL L , IX,"l1 '-.5 SP1-'men - QUQNN CHEM LHB Riccommg 'v'F""'O"' WTH GATELY RJ4 Anonaws GOING THROUGH ggsggnon FIRST YEAR Q A K QBSEEELL TOGETHER X 7 CERNA 1 .4 f clRlNcloNE X-Q62 1 COONEY gf' 'f DIORIO f- X sw . , , xr'-x W, X V 0 Y ' x KW' 1, W FEY I f N rf V Q ff Zggj, GLASS ' "Q I 7 Z' 'f HAND ' fad, fi, LfEEH5TTA L f4fT! . 451 bi: L Ly ' f Q Sl, 3 NAU-ON Z f MANYIQEIE f-i f ,MA HWS -2 f , f, ,JL , 5.2. MIANO ff' " "7II!51W" v"" 'HBV' f mf ggnwu V 2 f f .R' Tnomrson -TIMMONS - Tasz ENKH - 0 GAM TUCCILLE' vncENs- PASCUCCI SCHFURI I .oOvlNEu.ev .. 3.06.6 . 59-SHN. 1,-' -9 to 1 Snmvh 'IK QFLDFUF-.. QL? 8 :jn,,,onnl4r::fM mam' 6,92 .0-amen., it 95,15 F ,W 3 2 5 2 fm Q. f 5 4 Q LU IA 6 1 . 5' in 5 Y ' " 1 2. " " '25 in is 5 mi Sequin 5'0'- Nina, 5 - -v 'a A , ,. J' "'a,,...l.,,,m-'b Q C yi EQ oi-0 .01 -J. a' N 3' '- 9'-usuaw' ""40xaAun 'ma E ' :A 8 N' Sf : 4 'ig 5? 5? 'Z-1 g E as 1 3, vs? 3 : E fo 19 E a .IX QP 'w.l"nv ?""" Nfunnvnel m" BRUCE BERGER FRANK CAPASSO EUGENE FERRICK PETE GALLAGHER JAMES MAGUIRE JOHN MURPHY TI'IOMAS PIRONE WILLIAM DOUGLASS EDWARD GRIFFITH GEORGE MCGANN l JAMES DRISCOLL ZI'o'I4As KFEF5 WILLIAM BRENNAN FRANCIS GARVEY WILLIAM MANNING JAMES 0'BRIEN ANDREW SKIKO NICHOLAS COONEY JOHN DOWNING VINCENT FILLIPPONE KEVIN KINSTLER JOHN MC GRATH WALTER PREISSER THOMAS COURTNEY Joym SCANLQN Geoaaf ouNcAn Lutz Fiizfff vlcrorz Mmso I 'll mmcx TALBOT FR'-NC 5 vmcznr WAHN MEYLFR ill- N eY eszgfcfg PERCIV fsO GRfGnNef U Q ORPHINKVYIC er JODY EN Higgs YOWN C . E3 I etvo ER L 'S'.v?fj2NoI-Ie CHI5' B09 Cex 5 UN-t I OU R I-EFS: 'N . aYe aY' I7 MOP' 0 SKIPPQQI IAEQJILYS B a.NCvaN Mrk, DUKE R IYSCA SHORT? G96 516- Glu. E TE. S N Email" Biieeih 5, M353 N 7??,fVIIC.I?I E T0 5,I'I'I:5g'V LCM.-ve,Y'I' aYT'1Z-7, o"PPen om "' P6449 'qhafvesx OE I: Y " X. I d 3' 'N 1 r ' Q 191 Cl, P'N'i,XHCdf1fQ 1 I IQSEPPE Power R 'Y N Eli I 1 H G lbs alv' 'G , ' 4 . II6 J JE f7RZEMf.S1I Anon: J. cusnheno 6. SHIRT H. U1on1'Asuf R. jf MLP-5 H ARP! Q. I Unouu n. H UF R. . 1 , Lvnooa n. PPG TH f 1 Gs.v.aoT A iosixkmus Q. Pacman... Hnsuinrl T. L ,, uaueyn uve:-IRAN u. Z czcALA A. xoevnem maui 'L ' ' ch um A. o's..n'.vM ra. , H I L L 1 1 w. H 4 - Y F. pf S 3 zz M. gg ' 1' 3? x ,ix f-N" -- D- 'N g V YYY Y V V Y Y i ', F, W fn 0 i VV Q QPXQ, Av T kg 'p ff'-2 4 xr QQ' O X QNQXWW QV 5 xlfu ,v 5 gf XQX, bex D INDIAN QX mi s M ----X530 I, 'X """' 72'Lzom-rn YZ., , ff N .1 fog-bi X 1 iii' v F w i W H I WWI' 6 F IW' I lflv 'fx' ' if Iuoum -Ggpm TE' f ff! ,4 GOoo -ro Know vou 'Hts' " 4 - .. Q' X5 Seninr Directory Battle, Donald Lucius, 3300 Baily Avenue, Bronx 63, N. Y. Blessington, john Patrick, 5410 Netherland Avenue, Bronx 71, N. Y. Brito, Richard Kenneth, 10 Marston Place, Yonkers 4, N. Y. Brown, Donald Francis, 1224 Puritan Avenue, Bronx 61, N. Y. Cameron, Donald James, 117 West 85th Street, New York 24, N. Y. Canavan, Gerard Franklin, 100 Mosholu Parkway, Bronx 58, N. Y. Carroll, Patrick john, 507 South 1st Avenue, Mount Vernon, N. Y. Caruso, William joseph, 3239 johnson Avenue, Bronx 63, N. Y. Condren, Frank Michael, 1925 University Avenue, Bronx 53, N. Y. Connolly, Clement Stephen, 2964 Perry Avenue, Bronx 58, N. Y. Conway, james Arthur, 5928 Fieldston Road, New York 63, N. Y. Delaney, Thomas Patrick, 1252 Beach Avenue, Bronx 60, N. Y. DeRose, Louis Peter, 296 West 236th Street, New York 63, N. Y. Dillon, j. Brian, 1175 Park Avenue, New York 28, N. Y. Drehwing, Frank john, 1243 Taylor Avenue, Bronx 60, N. Y. Duminuco, Vincent joseph, 685 East 183rd Street, Bronx 57, N. Y. Dunn, John Donald, 37-60 88th Street, Jackson Heights, N. Y. Durso, Michael joseph, 839 Morris Park Avenue, Bronx 60, N. Y. Ehbrecht, Adolph Eduard, 65 Laurel Place, New Rochelle, N. Y. Fey, Fredrick William, 1574 Leland Avenue, Bronx 60, N. Y. Fitzgibbon, Matthew joseph, 2431 Webster Avenue, Bronx 58, N. Y. Flagg, Thomas Acquinas, 87 Alta Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. Flood, Richard Peter, 9 Glover Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. Fricker, Walter Raymond, 32 Empire Street, Yonkers 5, N. Y. Gardner, Richard john, 37-22 80th Street, jackson Heights, N. Y. Garrity, john Alexander, 3080 Hull Avenue, New York 67, N. Y. Gervais, Robert Lawrence, 4357 Vireo Avenue, Bronx 70, N. Y. Gorges, Michael joseph, 3801 Review Place, New York 63, N. Y. Griflin, james Bernard, 1064 Nelson Avenue, Bronx 52, N. Y. Grogan, Richard Lawrence, 2728 Webb Avenue, Bronx 63, N. Y. Hanish, Edwin joseph, 5737 Faraday Avenue, New York 71, N. Y. Hardiman, john Patrick, 1870 Narragansett Avenue, New York 61, N Y Harrigan, john joseph, 558 Minneford Avenue, New York 64, N. Y Havekotte, Robert Bruse, 41-14 Hampdon Street, Elmhurst, L. I. Hayes, Michael Augustine, 219 Bronx River Road, Yonkers, N. Y. Healy, Jerome Francis, 468 King Avenue, New York 64, N. Y. Hewitt, james Thomas, 2147 Hermany Avenue, New York 61, N. Y. Hunt, Eugene Clement, 1065 Nelson Avenue, Bronx 52, N. Y. jordan, john Patrick, 587 West 177th Street, New York, N. Y. Kennedy, William Edward, 541 Bronx River Road, Yonkers 4, N. Y. Kerby, Robert Lee, 152 Hyatt Avenue, Yonkers 4, N. Y. Kirsch, Joseph Richmond, 470 Concord Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. Kish, George Robert, 3215 Hull Avenue, Bronx 67, N. Y. Klink, Frederic' J., 1239 Pawnee Place, Bronx 61, N. Y. Senior Directory Kohrs, Conrad Robert, 1872 University Avenue, Bronx 61, N. Y. La Motte, Francis john, 1670 Metropolitan Avenue, New York, N. Y. Langan, Thomas joseph, 30 Post Avenue, New York 34, N. Y. Lantz, john Francis, 160 East 85th Street, New York 28, N. Y. Leckey, Thomas Philip, 1715 Yates Avenue, New York 61, N. Y. Lowery, Daniel Howard, 561 West 175th Street, New York 33, N. Y. Martin, Thomas joseph, 55 East 237th Street, Bronx 66, N. Y. McGrath, John joseph, 541 West 14-4th Street, New York 31, N. Y. McGrath, Terence james, 1260 Stadium Avenue, New York 61, N. Y. McKenna, Robert Edward, 136 Delhi Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. McLoughlin, Francis Anthony, 176 East 85th Street, New York 28, N. Y Meehan, Philip john, 2126 Tiebout Avenue, Bronx 57, N. Y. Morse, Guy Peter, 72 Penfield Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson, N. Y. Mullen, James Francis, 549 East 234th Street, New York 66, N. Y. Murphy, Thomas Charles, 1519 Metropolitan Avenue, New York, N. Y. Muscolino, john Vincent, 5497 Fieldston Road, Bronx 71, N. Y. Neilson, joseph Andrew, 1253 St. Nicholas Avenue, New York 32, N. Y OGorman, john Martin, 91 First Street, Yonkers 4, N. Y. O'Hare, Gerard Anthony, 2324 University Avenue, New York 53, N. Y Petrocelli, Frank john, 140-42 Poplar Avenue, Flushing, N. Y. Pettit, Owen Francis, 158 East 8-4th Street, New York 28, N. Y. Pfeiffer, William Anthony, 9-39 College Place, College Point, N. Y. Piccoli, Leonard Ralph, 88 East 208th Street, New York 67, N. Y. Porter, William joseph, 45-15 156th Street, Flushing, N. Y. Prior, James Allan, 2305 Sedgwick Avenue, New York 58, N. Y. Quirk, William Francis, 1920 McGraw Avenue, New York 62, N. Y. Reardon, Vincent Loyola, 2408 Frisby Avenue, Bronx 61, N. Y. Roche, Robert Thomas, 51-62 48th Street, Woodside, N. Y. Rodger, Vincent Paul, 85 Bronx River Road, Yonkers, N. Y. Rucci, Alphonso james, 280 East 162nd Street, Bronx 56, N. Y. Ryan, Charles joseph, 2483 University Avenue, Bronx 63, N. Y. Schwarz, Stephen Dietrich, 448 Central Park West, New York 25, N. Y. Shea, Thomas Duross, 5675 Mosholu Avenue, Riverdale, N. Y. Sheehan, john James, 2860 Decatur Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. Sheerin, Raymond Thomas, 19 Holly Place, Bronx 61, N. Y. Stanton, Walter Xavier, 5442 Post Road, New York 71, N., Y. Stripling, Burnell Donald, 1036 Logan Avenue, New York 61, N. Y. Thonges, Anton john, 15 Webster Road, Scarsdale, N. Y. Tisch, joseph Francis, 315 East 240th Street, Bronx 70, N. Y. Toland, Howard Langdon, 97 Arden Street, New York 34, N. Y. Tomicki, john Theodore, 246 Dewey Place, Teaneck, N. J. Twomey, Paul Barry, 187 5th Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y. Wagner, Harry Lewis, 2737 Kingsbridge Terrace, New York 63, N. Y. Weber, Henry George, 411 East 237th Street, New York 70, N. Y. Wells, William Thomas, 391 Mosholu Parkway, New York 67, N. Y. ,911 .xdlaloreciafion The Clan of 1951 realizes tlaat this Yearbook if the product of the work, idear, and generoxity of many people. There few Zine: are a token of our .fincere gratitude and appreciation to: Rev. Charles A. Matthews, SJ. Rev. Arthur V. Shea, SJ. Rev. Anthony F. LaBau, SJ. Rev. Thomas E. Griflin, SJ. The Coaches of the Athletic Teams The Moderators of Activities The Prep Faculty Mr. Dexter White and White Studios , Mr. John McGuire of O'Toole and Sons, Inc. V Mr. Allis of Molloy Cover Co. Mr. Douglas Seitz, Prep '49 Mr. Donald Zewe, SJ. Mr. Richard A. Hill, SJ. Mr. Eugene J. O'Brien, SJ. The Patrons and Advertisers 120

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Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Fordham Preparatory School - Ramkin Yearbook (Bronx, NY) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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