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Text from Pages 1 - 80 of the 1947 volume:

' Vx E, i .,f"""'? 'mv is gy '4 s --.f:5qp:::-:,.::::-liar: -- . A, EI: - Q i s '1:r:5:5:5151: 9:5-4 rgfgigy 2- , ' Yil:3SIESEiIE2E2:253f 'iklclzf ' Assss:r:1:r4:r:f:1:r:si: .rzzr 1 . fi Q .- W , fa, 5. .cvgpj , , 7iZ3EIR33f55f531f5EiE-' . 99 , 7 4 , 4 K3 I 1 . I e R I .' A"1f.,.f :- pl. 5. z! wE:5?i2?:5.23f:.:iEff2i'fI?EiQ WL. ,iiE:E?'fEf f::Qg5gjjA -.V N' . :Qi-f'f:Z.t3, Eq--1' gg, WFNQ -r. I I gs... -, -.1.,g.,EEE:,1. 1:11-:::E5:,g5, 3. , . ' ,. H -. 11- . . -12:2 I' , 'f'1Z3t5:?3:3:3:':3:Tt71' 552' .- -,-14E2:i2?' f515:::2?4i:fS:2i'f-525111-'1-.-, .. '2f13Ei2'83E1f2: , E-E, -f:f21'9'3ok:'Zx ' P. ,:,1-:'5f:::,1.:.:-: :gg-5,5,1,3f -, Q f, . -. Af: . 4.:,:1::,:::.,.. AA .. . :.1,:... , if 5 om V WWW q3'3Qw :Q fa ' - 1ffziEe212z2: J If QM! , QQ 4 ,,, W f M 0 , 'H Q' 9 , .......,.. . ,a.. .v s . ., , - - -:gg-:,::1:::,:f" ::s4:-1-:fx-::f:' 1-99935 4 ,,:, -IDE' -'-15' , V -:z - 3235 2 an ' W "" 3214- 51 ,1 2 g 3 5. .. 3. pe' 3 Q 3' gf s Q 4 N 'K' f 3 ' ,, ,. 414 , f.. . AR' ff' . -A-- ' 1 N-f -9 THE FIIHIIIA Ulf 1947 'A . ' 1 ' I ' - , l m sg x ' 1 .4 - l X. H .1 1' wi ' mf QS? X 'Y-3 .i .5 gs. xx N g . 4. N , X Q 55.113 ,sy Tift . 'Q' LN? YQ. '. Ak - ,rf "Tk ab .- --1 ' QP - - qw I . x ,. , . xx.: ' . - ,, My Q .-lrsx 35 4' S .M xx 'X -. ,wx 3- -55 xv, N Prmen ted Ky i Y The Senior Class ?of-4 High School Wattmlille, S oath Carolina D Foreword Thi! Kool: QA l:liAto1-1, made Ky The ?ootprintA Of many S'lweA 144 Tfou Turn TlaeAe l7ageA, 'lfou Will See Walking In Review The ?aculty C'IaueA 146 fil7ifie.6 Spa:-M ?eatureA 14 ma lllater Heres to thee, our Alma Mater, lllay you ever live. To the hearts of thy own children Strength and honor give. CHORUS May thy name live on forever, Till all time doth fail. llail to thee, our Alma llflaterl Dear old Ford lligh, hail! May we ever keep thy standards Faithful, lrrave and true. Always holding high the banner Of the gold and hlue. As we journey on life's pathway, ln our hearts will live Memories of our Alma Mater, Love remaining still. ikikvfrikilvvfk bedication IN HUMBLE GRATITUDE, AND VVITII DEEP AFFECTION, NVE DEDICATE TIIIS VOLUME TO THE MEMORY OF TIIE SONS OF FORD IEIIGH SCHOOL VVHO MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE IN VVORLD VVAR ll. "Greater love Imtlz no 1111111 than tlzisg llmt he lay down his life for his fricmfsf' ikikikifkikikiifikik ikvikik wikilvvfkikvfkikikikik Roll o Honor RUMSLEY BENNETT JCE E. CARLTON TOMMY COGDILL E. G. HEVVITT, IR. FRED McKEE LUTHER PRATIIER HASTINGS STEVVART BRUCE TOLLESON CHARLES TURNER EDWARD WATTS HERMAN MULLIGAN "Peaceful they rest in everlasting glory." Sfkvfkikikikikikil? dmini tration Xiu. ll. li. Form, S1rpcri11ta11f1w1t Kean! Uf 7ruA teeA . BRUNVNILI' NIR. cil.AUDlQ P,x'1'1'uw Nln. T. P. luwxsl N11 Nln. C. li. Pm liVlH11Il Sccv'U!ur'x I High Schnul Falzull Mn. ll. C. .luims Principal llugiisli Mn. A. E1.Mom-. Assistmzt Principal Scicizcc' and Athletics Xli N Cidxms Si I vi NSON Miss HAM' lhixn I nglislz :tml Itistmji' ixItlfiIUIlIlIfiL'S Miss XIIRGINIA SENN I ight!! filmtv SUl'C'IIfll Crmlm' Klns. LAURA Klfl,IiIillS Cfonznivrcv Miss Burn' Bi,,xKisl.x' Sexwitii Urrniv RX Q. Miss liuissiii juxrs Hmm' Ifconouiica Miss EVIZLYN liimwm Sl'L'l'C'I'lll',V On The 0 Vol' AL. L. .gl ifllliL' AII55 crilli illlli lll1Yk'IiS 7Ol'll"lll ' I ' ul' Sllpl. ll. licml All k'UINI11CI1L'Ql11 I9-Nm. Yiii1L' l1lACSL'IllLllilll1 lllls Illlltik' ily' Miss Belly c1lAAIil1C on imcllllll' ul' till' CIAISSCS ul N45 gllui 1946 :llul Misa DICLIIWCHL' xXi1liixL'l' klL'L'Cl3IL'Ci il lim' tllc sclmlli. Miss IDOIAIS l'mll'1'. l3liCSlCiK'I1l ul till' lmlrcl lllgil llclgl Cilllm lllllllllllslws tilt' ullll lu new Il1Cl11iX'I'5. VUIL' ivlH'l1li'i ii2lli1iL'Cl1. Clcl1l'gc'. .Xllll limi iillllllik' iiilfl' calllglll lll Llll illlclvslllw I1llblllL'I1l during till' ullltcsl xxllicll llll' 'lllllilll' iiUl11L'lllLlixCl'S spollwlm-ll lo SCiCCl ilu clllvxl girl Lllltl till- most p Opllilll i505 I i1L'.iLllliOI'S vlllcllllill lllc Sulliuls, April W-16. The Seniol-A Marcin dwaq ?l'0M I I I I I I I z I I I I Classes Seniors I The Head llf The Line Class l'lou'ur: CYARNATION Class Colors: l3L1ua AND YV111'r12 Vice P!'CSlLlL'IIl lJI'L'SlllL'!Il Svcrctzzrj' rI4l'L'tlS1ll Ll 'lolxmn' Cox Doms l3os'1'ER BILL Lum .4rv1 Senior Most Popular l3If'I'IY ANN S'I'EXV.'UlT, JACK RIIODES Best Looking AIAINQA Most Talented DOIIIS FOQTEII, LLIIOY COX Cuiesl. EI IzAIIIa1II IJIQSIIIEIDS, JACK NIIODE Host Athletic PI'I:c:v IIAYHRICK, JACK IKIIUDES Quietest MAIICAIIET LYONS, LEROY COX R0stAll-R01Im1 IIIa'I' VVII NON, NIARVIN BIIIIDIQTTE S l3Ic'I"I'v ANN STEXVART, BILL LONG Most II1defvc'11deIIf P1I,lZAHl1TII LINDLIIY, BILL LONG Most Talkutive PIic:I:x' IIAMRICK, TKJMMY COX Most Likely to Succeed DOIIIN Fosrun, BILL LONG 1 DORIS FOS'l'Ifl1 "gl'ur11 to good LICCUIHIY 1110 mn1111'11t that f7l'L'SL'l1fS itsulf only mzcvf TOMMY COX Hlluppy lllll Ig fmnz 1-1111 Ivlll "Y'L'C! U'l1j' 11rv11't fllfj 1111 CUIIICIIYLWI like uw?" MARVIN I3UHlJl5,'lUl'lf "A silent 1111d1'1'ss is 1110 gL'HlIH1C' ClULf1lL'lIL'L' of xirz- cer1tj'." LFROY COX "Sf111liQ11s of 011511, 111111 fuml of 11117111718 !l1i11gs.' lil,lZAI3IlTIl Ik-Sl IIIQLIJS HSilIt'l'Vifj' is the lmsis of 1111 true sllccvm. ' BETTY GXVIN N Hfrflllftlgt' 111111 SL'I'1'iC'L' 111'c 1110 fmcsi tests Of cl1111'11ctc1'.' PEGGY IIAMIHCK "Mau is the 01111 L'VL'll1fl'l' U11 mfozrml with U10 power' of It1llgIlfCl'." Senior C'laAA 13111, IONC "U'11,1' 5111111111 ll'l' 11111 1111' 1u'sI 11fp11ms11111s - l111'1'?" MRS. Gl,,,Xl JYS XY. S'I'l5YI7XSOX SL'H1lJI' Sp1111s111' LOUISIQ IIANVEY "Si11ca1'1fV1' ix 1111 Ul7t'Il1l1LQ uf f11c 11c'111'!. UQ' 111111 it 111 fan' 1PL'O171U.u EIJXVIN IIAZIZL "Mo11esIy is IIU11l'41' 1111 Icxs 1111111 1'i1'1111'." lfl lZ1X1HQ'l ll LINIJLEY "If is 111111 1111111 11'r11'1c 111111 111111111 1'ex1111'1' 111111 11cco111 3111511 1111114111115 t1L'L't1X. MARY LONG "Seek to 111' 101111. 11111 111111 111 .21 ,I Ire gw111. MAl1G1XlHf'I' IXOXS 1151101160 Sll't't'1L'Y' is 1111171 S27L'L'L'1l. NFl.I,F. LINDLEY li ix ll f1'1UHlHj' 11111111 111111 lmx PIUIIYII' of f1'1c111fs." jliAN ORB Small ill sf'11111rU, large 111 . 1, p1'1's1111 - 111111133 IJONOTIIY POVVEH "A L'l1Ul'l','1ll fV1L'lILI. 11110111111 ing ill u'i1f' S IZOIZBIE PLILLEY "Her l'Uil'L' was ever sufl, gentle 111111 Iowg an excellent tlzing 111 llOH1LI11.', NIHTS PULLEY "I11I17I7.1"ALflIIllL'Ilj' - 11011111113 51111110 s11111cti111Cs." ,max 11111111155 "A 1111111 111 l'tl1'lIlZSf f11111's 111c111zs.' CIMA ARTHUR SELF "Good nature is strmzgcr tlmn fUIlHllIl1'Li'lC.S.l RE'l"l'Y ANN STEVVARYI' "Sho always acts in sucl1 cz way as to secure tlze love of lzer 71Blgl1l70l'.N ELSIE TUMBLIN "Silence is golden." HAROLD TURNER mlllzc cmlfiozls selzlom err." RETTY JEAN XVADDELL "A laugh is wortlz a lzundred groans in any market. ' MARGARET VVILSON Nllllc wildest manners mul tlze gentlest l1ea1't.l' -..-F,-.y----.rv ---- - . , f, M bykr v,,v-rw 1 C AA WI Upon behalf of my client, the Class of 1947 of Ford High School, of the City of VVattsville, State of South Caro lina, U. S. A., I now write her last will and testament and in her last moments bestow upon her friends a few gifts from her dying hand. May there be no frantic pleading and scrambling among her friends for this or that coveted glory, for she has tried to be just and impartial and to distribute wisely the talents that have served her so faithfully these four years. These are her decisions, at last definitely arrived at through very deliberate consideration. Such things as Zh? has, she hereby gives into your possession, praying that you will accept them as a sacred trust from one who has gone e ore. This, then, is the document duly drawn up and sworn to: We, the Class of 1947, being about to pass out of this sphere of education, do make and publish this. our last will and testament, hereby makin void all former wills or promises by us at any time heretofore made, or mayhap, carelessly spoken, one to the other, as tfie thoughtless wish of an idle hour. As to such estate as it has pleased the fates and our own strong hands and brains to win for us, we do dispose of the same as follows: Item I - We give and bequeath to our beloved Superintendent, Mr. J. E. Ford, in partial payment for all that he has done for us during our long years at Ford High, our sincere adection and our heartfelt gratitude. We hope he will accept for himself the praise for each success that we may achieve in the arena of the world. Item II - We give and bequeath to the faculty, who have done their duty so nobly in instructing us, a well-earned rest. No longer need they get wrinkled brows worrying over whether this one, or that one, will get a passing grade. Item III - To the Junior Class we leave as souvenirs all our note books, well filled, which testify to our long career of studiousness. VVe leave also our ability to make any action we saw fit to commit, seem perfectly justifiable and proper, in fact the only thing to do. In addition, we leave our seats in the classrooms, including the "doodling" on top and the cuds of gum underneath. Last. but not least, we leave our Senior dignity. May they uphold it forever with due seriousness and ravity. Item IV - The follhwing are not really trifling be uests for they have been valuable assets to usg therefore we hope you will receive them as a reminder of the generosity of heart displayed in our free and full bestowal: lst. To Mrs. Stevenson, our home room teacher, we leave our ever-enduring friendship, together with the echo of our voices which we hope will keep her company for years to come. We warn that these echoes may be faint as we have proven our ability to keep quiet on all occasions. 2nd. To Mr. Elmore. we leave an additional algebra answer book in which is contained the answers arrived at by our own solution. Ma he and his pupils be able to find examples somewhere to fit these answers. 3rd. To Mrs. Keflers, we leave a pair of glasses especially designed to make the characters in shorthand change to the right shape and direction when she looks at them. How we wish she'd had such glasses this year! Item V -- Each article herein described is bequeathed severally to the below mentioned individuals according to the terms of this will and testament: lst. I, Doris Foster. leave all my problems as class president to Bobbie ,lean Taylor. 2nd. I, Elizabeth DeShields, leave to Margie Bond and Geraldine King my rumble-seat technique. 3rd. I, Tommy Cox, leave to Harold Outley my wavv hair, hoping his will be waved "permanently". 4th. I, Margaret Lyons, leave tb Omega Knight and Wyladene Cooper my musical talent to sing Salvation Army To Whom It lNlay Concern: h s. bynglgtgi. I, Jack Rhodes, leave to lake Arnold and Kenneth Adams my ability to get up at 8:30 and to get to school y '6rli. I, Elsie Tumblin, leave to Trudelle Leopard and Mildred King my ability to draw a crowd of eager listeners by reading picked lines from my diary. 7th. I, Niles Pulley. leave to George Lyles and jimmy Beane all the slightly used gum under seat number 2 in the front row of room 12. This gift I make at a great sacrifice, since chewing gum has been unusually scarce. 8th. I, Betty jean VVaddell, leave to Virginia Hill and Wilma Harkins my musical gifts. "Music hath charms to soothe the savage beasts." May it have the desired effect. 9th. I, Bill Long, leave to George Babb and David Wardell my technique in finding the "One and Only". May they be convinced that One is better than Many. 10th. I, Dorothy Power, leave to Blanche Parsons and Sara Frances Taylor my appetite for popcorn and candy. llth. I, Leroy Cox, leave to Nelson Moss my artistic ability and to Colon Mattison my absences from school. May his mother not be as quick to catch on as mine was. 12th. I, Betty Gwinn, leave to Dorothy Craig and Harriett Taylor my olfice as "song starter" for the class. Here's hoping they will be able to hit the right key every time. 13th. I, Edwin Hazel, leave to Alva McAlister my secret passion for the ladies and to Thomas Childress my well known affection for algebra. 14th. I, Peggy Hamrick, leave to Mildred Craine my love letters. She may have these Published after my marriage. 15th. I, Margaret Wilson, leave to Dorothy Culbertson and Wales Burdette my pleasant smile and quiet manner. 16th. I, Arthur Self, leave to Douglas Stevens and Curtis Davis my ability to play the great lover. May they have the desired success with the ladies. 17th. I, Louise Hanvey, leave to Dorothy Burke my habit tif sleeping in first period class. May her slumbers be quiet and eaceful and free from snores. 18th. Il, lean Orr, leave to Betty Fuller the red glints in my hair and the freckles on my face. 19th. I, Bobbie Pulley, leave to Martha johnson and Jean Garrett my boisterous manner. 20th. I, Marvin Burdette, leave to Ioe Edwards and Billy Joe Lunsford mv masculine handsomeness. 21st. I, Nelle Lyndley. leave to Betty Baber my popularity with the male population. l 22nd. I. Harold Turner. leave to Claudell Davis my secret desire to be a second Clark Gable. 23rd. I. Elizabeth Lindley, leave to Julia King my sunny disposition. 24th. I, Mary Long, leave to Betty Snow my seat by the radiator and the suggestion that red socks will do the rest toward keeping her feet warm. V 25th. 1. Betty Anne Stewart, leave to Catherine Gallman and Margaret Sprouse my left-over aspirin tablets. May they prove effective just before every examination. We do hereby constitute and appoint our principal, Mr. Johnson, sole executor of our last will and testament. In witness whereof, wc, the Class of 1947, have to this our will, set our hands and seal. MAR. SONG, Testator for Class of 1947. v ... Y ...W ' -' . t .W-z Pl-oplcec Listen, ye youths and maidens, all ye members of the Class of 1947 of Ford High School, listen to the words of wisdom from the lips of your prophet who now speakerh unto you what hath been revealed unto her, even as it hath been decreed by the powers that be. For it has come to pass that the veil of the future hath been rent in twain and the Spirit of Prophec' hath descended from the spheres to envelop my soul with her mystic powers. Aye, I say unto you, youths and maidens, it hath been given unto me as the chosen one of this great and good people, the Class of 1947, to dream strange dreams, and to see strange visions of the glories of the years yet to be. Now it so happened when it was decreed that the future of the Class of 1947 was to be given into the hands of this, your Erophet, to do with even as I listed, that the fair and lovely spirit of Prophecy, lo, with her mystic touch did roll back t e curtain of the dim beyond from before my prophetic vision and did permit me to gaze at will down the long vista of things yet to be. As 1 look into the land of the future, I can discern among the dim shadows of the dpeoples yet to be, the familiar shapes of those fair and radiant beings who were once my classmates, now changed an transformed into citizens of the world outside, even as they had long hoped so to be. I can see our attractive and beloved Class President, Doris Foster, boarding a plane to New York where some fashion designers from Paris are to consult with her about some of the latest creations in styles for women. One of Doris' most recent accomplishments is the designing of costumes to be worn by an old classmate, Betty Anne Stewart, who is now a popular actress in Hollywood. No doubt you remember the interest of your Vice-President, Tommy Cox, in a magazine sale which the class con- ducted in your senior year. As a result of this, Tommy chose to be a representative for a large publishing company and he is now promoting sales with much success. As I look into professional circles, I see sitting in a large office among many men of many minds a prosperous lawyer, Bill Long, the boy who in high school days had not yet learned to say a word that could be untruly interpreted. I find myself gazing on the inside of a large church where a dignified lady is pouring forth words of inspired in- struction. Verily, it is Louise I-Ianvey herself, who has entered into the work of the church. A door of a home swings open before my vision and I find therein a household made happy by a wife who has found her greatest ambition in the highest of all worldly vocation - the keeper of the home. My soul rejoices to see that this is none other than Dorothy Power. Sweet strains of music reach my ear and hold my soul entranced by the beauty and perfection of their harmonies, and as I look to learn from whence they come, behold, I find Betty Gwinn, who has become a noted composer as well as musician. Jean is to appear soon in Grand Opera and Betty Jean delights audiences throughout the country as a gifted pianist. A change comes over me as the Spirit of Prophecy conducts me to a bachelor girls' apartment in New York City where Peggy Hamrick, Bobbie Pulley, and Mary Long sit talking of the past. Peggy an Bobbie have become nurses and they serve on the staff of one of the largest hospitals in the United States. Mary Long owns a chain of beauty salons and spends most of her time travelingp however, when she is in New York she enjoys living with her old class- mates, Peggy and Bobbie. I hear Mary bragging that she has just secured her classmate, Margaret VVilson, to manage one of her largest beauty shops. Behold. I see circling overhead an aeroplane! In it, I am told, is a rich man - a banker - who wears diamonds and counts his money. I-lis name? Jack Rhodes. As I look again I see a lecturer pouring forth in a strong, determined manner her idea of woman's independence of men. This woman, so bold and brave, is Margaret Lyons who used to sit on the front seat in school and seldom uttered a word aloud. The Spirit of Prophecy takes me again over a peculiar route and I see inside a circus tent a lady doing a daring trapeze act. As I look closely, I recognize her to be - yes. Elsie Tumblin. of the Class of 1947. Entering the tent is Edwin Hazel, the famous lion tamer. He is accompanied by his attractive lady helper whom he has just married. As I look into the political circles of our great country, I see two important figipres. Nelle Lindley has just won a seat in the United States Senate from her state, and her cousin, Elizabeth Lindley, as become her private secretary. The Spirit of Prophecy sometimes leads into surgrising places for I find myself gazing at some of the latest millinery creations and I learn that the designer is Marvin Bur ett. Marvin's artistic tendencies have made him so famous that his hats command fabulous prices and astonish the world. I see that Elizabeth DeShields is the only one of the Class of 1947 who was willing to cast her lot as a school teacher. We are not surprised that she is successful in her work and that her pupils are devoted to her. The celebrated traveler who has just returned from his second trip around the world is Arthur Self. He expects to be married soon and he and his bride will take a third trip together. The Spirit of Prophecy leads me next into an art studio where the famous artist is having a public showing of his pictures. His name? Leroy Cox! Leroy boasts that among the distinguished guests are two of his former classmates. Niles Pulley and Harold Turner. Niles, a famous author no'v. has just completed and sent to the publishers another book entitled. "Bugs and Worms"! Harold is a wealthy farmer, the most sought after bachelor for miles around. I marvelled as I beheld these scenes the Spirit of Prophecy caused to pass before my eyes, thinking, "Aye, even so shall it straightway come to pass with each and all of us." I tum my back to the things that are, sure that only good- ness and truth shall follow all the days that are to come to-the fair and talented members of the Class of 1947. Errzansm LINDLEY - Class Prophet. univr Houma .IRAN 'l'Avl,on PfL'XidL'Ilf VK'A1.l:s BllllDli'l"I'Ii Vice Presizfwzf TnumaL1,x3 I.1zo1-Ann Sccretaryffreaszzrer BETTY BAUER -IIN1lX1Y BIQANIQ Tnmxms Q:IllLIJlllfSS VVYIADIQNIZ CTOOPEIK D0noTnY Cnmca AIILDRED CZIRAINIQ 4 fi Claw xlAR'l'IlA IIOHNSON juufx Kim: Xlumuan Kim: B1Ll,.x' JOIT LUNSFORD Comm Nl,x'r'l'1soN ALVA 1XliTAI.IS'l'lZlK NEI soN Moss l31.,xN4:u1i P,xnsoNs I,11oN.-mn Pfxnscms 'fv C' rl 'T Q' ,, e, AIARGAIIIST SPROUSIQ Douc:1,As STEVENS IIAIQRIETT TAYLOH Sum F. Nl4.,n'Lun Fonm2s'r ,YOVVNSEND lhvm VVARDELI. s. lmlrm I- ki-1.1 I ne Sponsor mu. W . r -r 3.14.1 ,.., , " .' 4-"" .' ' ju.. - y Q .,.f Nliss FLoss1E JONES, Sponsor Seated, left to right: llelen Fowler, Alice Ruth Cogclill, Evelyn llcrlmert, Constance lylayluen, Miss jones, Frances Fowler, Peggy Lyncla, Lucile Gregory. Stumling: Eunice Lyon, Virginia Moore, Louise Tucker, Kathleen vVillCll'C1J, Bonnie Fay Lelnmons, Ann Laugllriclgc, Audrey Owens, liyu Mae llanyey, Gloria llerlvert, Nancy Childers. 4 0 Wm tl: Kay Mrss MARY BABE. Sponsor Seated, left to riglzt: Sum Parsons, jack Tumhlin. Gary Allen, Deane Lyles, Melvin Lindley, Manley Forrester, Bobby Lyons, Arnold Tumblin. Smmling: George Payne, ,loe Chaney, Bert Sumerel, lX0l'll1ill'I jones, George Bnhh, Miss Babb, Ben Lnnforrl, Kenneth Hughes, Royce Robertson, llL'BXYAll'll Burton, Kenneth Wmmrcl, Charles Euluunlys, Charles Orr. H . y ,, V I -.,,, 1 - In ,,, ... 495' .Y ..-,I ,ig 4.4-fyvi J .- - , O 1' . '- """M?f."'1'f' . r . . " A Q-.'.X'l-""'-" W J, :afjvs - W ' Q -,.-- .-gg-33: r-f .U -,g .. 1 Q "' ' 1 'Ya . , -f K., ' nf""-S..- -. V- - " im.. ' - . 5 Qglc tl: grade ...L ' "'3'f' 7" ""f1' fr , -.. 'fbi :,'L15,L- T-.1 . if' S61 3. - -Q-':"lI"' -' '14 ., -- - .' D . Q Q , .. , -1. -, -'.,. . gf- 1- , -' '. -' . ' , A .. lf . t . , . ...uv lv f . , . . -. . 1,4 -I... f "7 .. lv .,,. .Q J' ll . H' K I - U '- . .4-'-'., ..,. ,. - 1 Mus. Colm C. l7ii'1'i1.izslaN. Sponsor Bottom rout, left to right: Kcnnctb Owens, Cbancey Smitb, llouston llible. Mitchell Mattison, jack Childers. Second row: Sara Craig, lXlarjorie Carrett, Sara Cox, Patsy Caine, Mrs. Petersen, Bobbie Vvarclell, blarccllc ljxcvis, -lunc Poole, Shirley Pearson, Betty ,lean Cox. Third row: joe Carrett, R. ll. Coats, Virginia llester, Mclba Dt-inpaey, llobbie Fuller, Loyd Oliver, Cenc Braclley, Cuynelle Price, lk-tty Cook, 'lerlync Long, Ceralcline Stewart. Top row: Lila Casey, Frances Cibson, Mary Ann Poole, Roy llugbes, Ralph Evans, Earle ifimmerman, Billy llester, jimmy DcSl1ielcls, Eclclie Fullbrigbt, jalm-5 Mattison. Seven tl: grade SEVEN Afehlrss BETTY BLAKELY, Sponsor First row, left to right: Vvallaee Riddle, Tommy Lee Dorn, Gus Bennett. Second row: Dorothy Dorn, Esther Lyons, Betty jo Childress, Nancy Lyles, lone Arnold, Miss Blakely, Ruby Culbertson, Charles Rush, Gerald Self, Darrel llazle. Third row: Sadie Ruth Parker, Dorothy Moore. Shirley Roberts, Mae Moss, mllllllkl Roberts, Alice Guy, Albert Fullbright, Charles Taylor, Don Spires, E. B. Ford. f 4"A , - fn k . ' - sl . ' . N, . ,Q K K. . Q , Q . - N... . .1 L. gn' '. .- , . -.- as ,, -Q. e entln gl- de ,-.----V -V - SEVFN Bfhiiss VIRGINIA SENN, Sponsor Seated, left to riglztg Betty Owens, Patricia Lindley, Evelyn Lyon. ,Ieralcline Owens, hliss Senn, Faye fox. Charles King, Wlillie Faye Cwinn. Kent Coolv Charles Carlton. Sfumlingg C XV. Pennington, Annett King, Sara Lawson, Evelyn Davis, Betty Buth Craig, Earl Moore, Billy llarclin, Billy VVheeler, llowarcl Laiaghridge, Billy Smith, Billy llellamm. Banclall Baher, Paul Pulley, David Childress Cno pieturel. dt Work find P ay 11.1113 H. A. 1r1c'L'ls. The little folk learn to rvmf Ally Jay at 10515. RL'L't'S9ff'l7 171111, ll 11111, mmf frm 14 Ui if with Wee grade , n Q gf Now we can renal! Smry ll01H'fSL'CUIIL1gl't1l1L'. Nuuzlwr work can Inc fun! Sung fast in Miws Cmznmfx mon: If grammar School ?aculty Six!!! Clnulc. I ifilz Grazia. . l'vUIll'fI1 Grade bl'11i1'd Grade. Sccmzrf Grade' l7irst Crude. . Mus. XV. P. IQIIOMASON, Mlss nlI'IIl XV,u1.xc'l- . .... Miss AIATIIE LEE Rllnnuf, Mns. lQx'E1.x'N U. KNIKGIH ........... Mus. AIAUDE M. XUITIZ, Mlss l,llCll.F Owvxs .. .... Mlss MYRTLE CZIKIFFIN CYANNON. Mlss VIRGINIA Cl.-xunE1'I' . . . . ......., Miss ANNIE LUE CURRY, Mus. Cllmctlf ll. Ufxulf Mus. AI.-XRCJIERITE II. l3ENsoN, Miss .Iul.1,x lllaNmansoN Sixth gf-adeA MISS VVALL,XL'L'S Skillliik MRS. THOMASONS SECTION Yi th gradeA MRS. KNICI I'l"S SILCVION MISS RIDDLIJS SIQCIION ?ourtln gf-adm 'Vial MRS. NOFFZS SECTION 1' 1-:,. -, , 4 , ,k .-sf' .. 5 - ' ' -,,.,--.15 44 4 ,.',-2 - 1 - ' - ' - ' T., L.- ,, 1 3 l", ' MISS OVVEN5' SliL1I 1ON l r ? I H-Wi. J 77me Uut ?or anal: 'lClzow" line and another good meal. 'lilmt satisfied look! Spotlight on the faculty. Cnc lmppy familyl The Parade Con tinueA 0atAide 0 f C'laAAe.4 With ?un 14nd Activities ?ol-didn Staff 1.1. Editor-in-Chief .... .,..... D mms Fosulen junior Editor .... .. .ciATlIERINE GtxLm1AN Feature Editor.. ........, iX1ARY LONG Snapshot Editor .... . , .PEGQLY I lfxlxmlcu Art Editor ........ ....... L Euov Cox Business Manager ......... . . .AIARVIN BLlRlJE'l4'l'E Assistant Business Manager. . . . . .ELIZABETH LINDLEY Circulation Manager ..... ................ B ETTY CIVVINN Faculty Advisors ..... . . .Mn joumsow, Mus. STEVENSON iflfili fee!! 22222 121 90 4 1411. gfaff Co-lfcfitors ,...... Business Mamrgurs. . . Sports Ifditnrs .... jnkv ffzfitors. . . Sociviy lfditors. . . Art Editors. . . Hcpartcrs: Scvcrztlz A. .. Scwlztlz H. .. lfiglztlz.. Ninth. .. 'IiL'lIfl1. .. Iflurclztll. .. Typists. . . Spmlsors. . . . .BETTY ANN STEXVART, l'.,x'1'nusn1N1a UA1.1,m,xN . . .MARY LONG. lRlllDliI.I. l.15uv,xnn ..Al,-XRTIIA hlolmsow, .IA-wk lhlonrs . .'l'0MMx' Cox, XVINVORIJ fox .. . . .. . . . . . .NELLE l.INIJI.EY, l3H'1"l'v l!,xman ...LEnm' fox, Vmc:1N1.x lllu., rXlII.Dlll5D KING . . . .Gus l31aNNlf'1"1 . .Cl1en.,xLn1Nu CDXVIZNS ......,....... f:IiRAI.lJlNli S'r1aw,fxn': ...FRANCES Fowuzn, IYANCY CTllll, ...AIILIJRFD Klwcz, fXl,vA lXlcwX1,ls'rliu ... ... .... ................ I Dlzczczv I l,fxMnlc'k Doms FOSTER, M,xnc:,xnET VVILSON, liI,lZAI3l5'lll l3l1Sllllf,l.ns ..Mns. KI11 mans, Mn. 'IUIINSON '5 up Kata C7116 President .... ...4.. D oms FOSTER Vice President .. .. liiE'l"l'Y ANN STEWART Secretary .... . . . ELIZABETH LINDLEY Treasurer . .. . . TOMMY Cox Reporter .. .. BILL Loma Wziles Burdette, Leroy Cox, Claudell Davis, Betty Mae Fuller, Catherine Cullf man Bettv Gwinn, Pevvv lhunriek, Louise Hanvev, Edwin llzizel, Virvinia llill, 7 1 30, f 5 Trudell Leopard, Blury Long, Billy Jo Lunsford, Nelle Lindley, llolvlmy Nell Pulley, Jack Rhodes, lXlurgaret Sprouse, l lurriet Taylor. , B l 'C Q ' 5 S '4 se' FHARACTEP ' .J vgsg . iii ki.. :vs een n School 501, Fatro .ax In. I. lf. lfunxu, lliwctrnr lmlmx' Cox, Clzpruizl lint rrzuw pl-lll?IllllS Clxilclrcss, cllllllf- lhxix, Mr. llml, lflvxmrwtlm XVurql, llilly .Inc IllI1SllUI'll. Svunzml wmv: ciliHlKlL'll lluvis. -limmy lk-um-, llmill XxvJlI'lll'll, Cluulgc' llallmln, l.L'I'Hy Cox. a o o ruxillurzf KA'Illl.l1lfN xv.-Xl,DllUl' Yin' l'rc,si1lw1l Alllml-:Y Owl-1Ns St'L'l'L'fLlV1 mul lruuxzawr' l'lmNc'l5s l'owl.1in lh'pfu'1ur lllnnllx lll-.Rlllill'l' Nancy flmilnlrcss, ,Kline llutll fngsnlill, llclcn l'mmlc1', lucillc cll'L'jllDl4j', lim Klan' llgxlxxvy. lvvlyn llc1'luL'rI, Ann l.alL1glN'iclg0. llunuil' lay l,k'llllllxll1S, llcggy lflifll, liunigc l,y1mnS. cvllllSI.ll1L'U luylwn, luuisc ll llL'lx0l'. Mix lllussic lunvs. Sl7UlI.x0l'. 2 N 'f ii ,wg as I 351 l -XXL!!! . .. ' i Mg i xim- i "-F351 -F 5 3 lk, -'Q flee 611164 A1188 MYRTL11 CQIHIJFIN CQANNON, Direcmr Mn. Il. C. JOHNSON, Director ?rem September To May, We Hearted 701' Uur Teanw In Sports W ' my ketball First row: Virginia llill, Trudelle Leopard, Bobbie ,lean liaylor, Mildred King 'leanne Garrett, Captaing Martha johnson, Nelle Lindley, Dorothy Power. Second row: Dot Craig, Manager: Patsy Cain, Geraldine Stewart, Omega Knight lletty Haber, Mary Long, llonnie Fay Lemmons, Frances Fowler, Miss Blakely, Coach Miss l3u'rTv l7lI.AKEI.Y, CY,-fit-li YN- . Koyf KaAlzet6all Xln. ,I. A. IQLMUIIIZ, fJU.IL'l1 7' .-JZ! f"i1'sI row: Kenneth Xvurcl, Billy .loc l,.Lll15l.Ol'Ll. Clcurgc lylcs. IVUIDIUB' fox Xrll1u1'5clI', Mr. Elmore, Coach. SL'L'UlIt11 row: Kcnncth rXdz1lns, Uwrgc PLIYHC. Uzlxinl XY.lrcIcll. IIALL' .Xrnola nncth llughcs. ?ord High 14 1947-194 ?oot6aIl Team Kneeling, left to right: Billy llardin, Kenneth Hughes, jake Arnold, George Lyles, Niles Pulley, George Babb, llarold Outley, Harold Turner, Tommy Cox. Standing: Wales Burdette, Manager, Edwards, Kenneth Adams, Arthur Self, David Wartlell, George Payne, Billy Smith, Fred Garrett, Douglas Stevens, Glaudell Davis, jimmy Beane, Goaeh Shetley. 901-d High Stein Uut With yu Features : Keautiefi joa fer annie jay od l4hC,l0l'A Jweigla O". 9 w"Y' "RU ULL fat," CHRISTMAS 1946-FORD HIGH LAUNCHES THE VV S S GOODWILL AND WINS BLUE RIBBON IN TIIE SANTA CLAUS PARADE. Uncle Sam - INIANLEY FORRESTER MEMBERS OF THE CREVV DIIINIINIY BEAN13 DAVID VVARDELL KENNETH WORD BILLY joe LUNSFORD I 1 Compliments of W A T T S M I L L S DIVISION OF J. P. STEVENS ac co., INC K ,4444A.4.44.+A.r BELK'S For Everything Call 586 LAURENS, SOUTH CAROLINA A ---A AAAA HERBERT L. ROPER AND CCMPANY Lumber and Building Material Paints and Oil - Glass Plumbing Supplies - Builders' Hardware g WE HAVE IN OUR SCHOOL A Flash-a-Call "All-Purpose" Sound System which provides us with Inter-Communication, Public Address, Paging, Music and Entertainment, Radio and Record broadcasting, as well as Fire Drills and Emergency Warning, to every room and location in our school, either individually or collectively. THERE IS A FLASl'l-A-CALL made for cvcry purposcg oflices, stores, manufacturing plants, and private homes. In sizes from ONE to SIXTY Stations. XVrite for illustrated literature and prices. FLASH-A-CALL INTERCOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS 75 Hunter Street, S. W. P. O. Box 817 ATLANTA, GEORGIA - ---y444444J-xL44nAx444444444- LANCE, INC. Peaunt Butter Sandwiches and Salty Peanuts EICHELBERGER BROS. 46 Years Satisfactory Service COAL -WOOD Phone 826 LAUREN S PASTEURIZIN G PLANT Grade A Dairy Products Phone 21721 A. P. WALKER'S MIDWAY SERVICE Groceries That Are Fresh At Reasonable Prices Always N. HARPER ST. LAURENS, S. C. We Deliver Phone 622 NACO FARM SUPPLY STORE Sales and Service FARM MACHINERY Phone 852 E. Main St Laruens, S. C. MAXWELL BROS. 86 KINARD FURNITURE "Good to the last stickn Telephone 613 THE ART AND GIFT SHOPPE Established 1812 Art and Giftware of Quality Laurens, S. C.-Opposite the Bus Station Congratulations To The Graduate SEARS, ROEBUCK 86 CO Telephone 431 n ,xfvvvwx HARPER BRGTHERS, INC. Oflice Machines and Equipment Typewriters Adding Machines Mimeographs Calculators Desks, Chairs Files, Supplies GREENVILLE - ANDERSON - GREENWOOD SPARTANBURG NwAAAA,fA STEPHENS Dry Cleaners and Laundry One Aim, One Claim: "Cleanliness" Compliments of LAURENS GLASS WORKS See what you buy-buy in glass V-vvxfxfvvVVvVxAA,x, AANV,vVwAAfmC, f . C,-C, CA A, .fff ,VCANCVW Southern Scale 86 Refrigerator Company A Complete Line of Equipment for HOTELS, RESTAURANTS AND SCHOOL LUNCHROOMS 1010 Gervais St. Phone 9749 Columbia, 8, South Carolina THE MEN'S SHOP, Inc. Men's Wear of Quality LAURENS. SOUTH CAROLINA -------Avy--vAAm-- 22695 COCA-COLA BOTTLIN G CO of Laurens THE UNITED AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Auto Financing L. C. Barksdale, Mgr. W. C. Barksdale. Asst. Mgr Phone 777 v,AW PALMETTO BUILDING 86 LCAN ASSOCIATICN Home Financing- Home Building L. G. Balle, Pres. L. C. Barksdale. Sec'y Phone 777 AA4.4.444.4.r-A-AAn4444.4.4.44fA-g44.fA-4.4.-f- AAAA,f ANvvw Compliments of KENNEDY MORTUARY SEAWRIGHT-SI-IEARER MORTUARY 836 S. Harper St. Phone 540 AMBULANCE SERVICE AwwwmA A ,VV-Vx -X Compliments of PALMETTO BANK School Lunch Room Equipment and Supplies Commercial n Refrigeration BOND EQUIPMENT CO. 1220 Lincoln St. Columbia, S. C. AAAv Compliments of DIXIE-HOME SUPER MARKET 125 Laurens St. Laurens, S. C. Your Ford Dealer Since 1939 CLARY-HUNT MOTOR CO. Phone 484 mAA Laurens Tire and Recapping Co. Guaranteed S.S.S. Recapping-Expert Vulcanizing 215 E. Main Street Phone 515 Laurens, South Carolina POWE DRUG CO. Prescription Druggist Phones 404 and 485 A wvvvvm KASH and KARRY Fresh Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 658 wANvA WATTSVILLE FURNITURE Bendix Automatic Home Laundry Leonard Refrigerators Majestic Refrigerators Phone 658 m DENDY'S GROCERIES FRESH MEATS AND GRocERIEs Wye Deliver Phones 4-67 and 686 vvVwA THE LEADER DRY GOODS AND NUTIUNS Laurens, S. C. PALMETTO HARDWARE CO. Hardware B.P.S. Paints Plumbing Supplies Paint Your Home With Good Paint HENRY BALDWIN Contractor General Contractor and Remodeling Let us figure that all-metal weather-strip job for you Laurens, S. C. Phone 3162 For Newer and Better Things to Wear- Shop At THE GARBER CO. Compliments of LAURENS HARDWARE PIEDMONT SERVICE STATION Ed Crews, Dealer TEXACO PRODUCTS Youire Welcome At Our Station Dial 723 STAR CLEANERS Telephone 440 Laurens, S. C. SMITH BROTHERS Groceries - General Merchandise Fresh Meats Waits Mills Phone 3088 ,N,AwVVvx WM. T. KNOTT CG. Laurens, S. C. "Where Quality Costs Less" 444 Fleming Street Phone 807 McDANIEL VULCANIZIN G WORKS STANDARD GASOLINE OIL AND ACCESSORIES GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FISHING SUPPLIES JOHNSON OUTBOARD MOTORS The Station Servtcv Built 107 S Harper St Phone 711 - I ' , i . . A I I ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires, Tubes l and Accessories f . Hotpoint Appliances THE PEOPLES CO OPERATIVE STORE Wans Mills S C ONE PRICE FAIR DEALINGS A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE Dine at the WATTSVILLE CAFE i for the best of food Owner - John G. Catlin vxAAf.AfvvvVvN,v,A AwxAAA,ACvmNvvvxm ROYAL CROWN COLA "Best by Taste Testn NEHI BOTTLING CO. Laurens, S. C. 1844 1947 SCHOOL SUPPLIES-VISUAL AIDS ANNUALS W INVITATIQNS THE R. L. BRYAN COMPANY Columbia So. Carolina RANDALL CHEVROLET COMPANY Laurens, S. C. fc H EVROLEJQZ Y North Harper St. Phone 528 ROYAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY 918-20 Walker St. Augusta, Ga. Complete Line of janitor Supplies and Floor Maintenance Materials For Stores, Oflice Buildings, Hotels, Schools, Colleges, Theatres, Hospitals, Etc. The House That Treats You Royal 4 - -- mAAwxvAANv .A.A.,-vvN,vVvv- EADDY BLAKE DRUG CO. Dorothy Gray and Tussy Cosmetiques Phones 604 86 804 JO'S SHOPPE Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Laurens, S. C. R. M. BROWN STORE Staple 62 Fancy Groceries Phone 803 E. Main St. Laurens, S. C. N THE EUREKA DRUG STORE Prescription Service! A Complete Line of Supplies for the Sick Room vfwNvwNvvvvC PERF ECTION CLEANERS A Distinctive Dry-Cleaning Service Phone 21671 LAURENS FEED AND SEED STORE Feeds, Seeds and Flour Baby Chicks 81 Supplies Phone 424 EASTSIDE GREEN HOUSES Phone 420 GEORGE MOTOR CO. DeSoto - Plymouth GMC Trucks Laurens, S. C. fxfvvvvxfxfvvvvvvxfxfve CAPITOL THEATRE Operating Capltol and Fcho Theatres Good Pactures Always A I MASON Laurens S C FLEMING BROS Jewelers 46 Years Laurens S C BEIERS CREWS COMPANY M usacal Merchandzse W Laurens St Phone 490 O LANGDON LONG Attorney and Counselor at Law Palmetto Bank Bldg Laurens S C PATRONIZE YOUR FORDIAN ADVERTISERS . . .Juqi J 55 - 99 . - . . . . , O I O I . , I O , . ' NW 141641111 of lllemoriu ffWf0Zf1?,qf'vb'Ji'2'k'??""M""f"'A Z 47 4Wd7,,,f,jw WMMAVMWMJ 14161011 of lllemol-ieA KIYU PRINYING CO.. OIIIINYILLI. I. C. L-qui fwf- sw N. f Mm,-"""" , V- , :2zj.1':g4-5-555.--1' - J 4 N s x 9 at . A..A.: A -. -'-" 14 , 3 ? W 3 ao -- :f.... . ..-...-.. +1 ---"' :f: "f ---' ' ""A"' 255.51 x .-,. ' L W .' 3 ,- ff .A,. - . f , -'b'1':3.f::f-'3 -" 4:-. .f - 5 W , , g I. :-: " J. - 'V ?1322.Z2if-Zi sw -KEY.

Suggestions in the Ford High School - Fordian Yearbook (Laurens, SC) collection:

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Ford High School - Fordian Yearbook (Laurens, SC) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 31

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