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IHI IME FUHHIHN FORD HIGH S Wattsville, South IHH lg riff -ri ' ln. -. 1 , , ' F FHH IME ini""ii I N f V--'79,-rvv-V' -V HlMH MHHH llere'5 to thee, our Alma Mater, May you ever live. To the hearts of thy own children Strength and honor give. CHORUS May thy name live on forever, Till all time vloth fail. llail to thee, our Alma Mater! Dear olzi Ford High, hail! May we ever keep thy standards Faithful, lirave and true. Always holding high the lianner Of the gold and laliie. As we journey on life's pathway. ln our hearts will live Memories of our Alma Mater. Love remaining still. ' 1-v -wr -v ga IHUIEHIIUN TO MISS IEANETTE VVALKER, In gratitude for her deep 1u'1derstanc1i11g, her spirit of f1eIpf11lm'ss, and her sinceritj' of purpose, we dedicate this 1101111119 of The FrmIin11. , .I fig' L -2-final xrrww--M W -:nw fgqu-rf 4--'V - Mn. UI. E. FORD, Szapcrintvmfent TRUSTEES MR. T. BROWNLEE Mu. CLAUDE P.x'rToN Mn. C. B. POWER Mn. T. P. TOWNSEND Chairman Secretary HIHH SHHUIH FHEUHY Nws Al: ,xN12'1'Tlf NVALKER Priuuipul und Ijlnmrimz Nlns. C1 ,uns S'll.VliNSON Hismrm Mlss AIARIAN VV1x1.KEn CNUIIIHIUVLI' Miss IJRLICILLA l3AL1,NTlN1f Home Fcwmmics Mass AIARY Bfxms A Iutlzemulics Nllsu XIAIKLLIEIIVIIL Coomfn fnglish Miss XIIRGINIA SLNN Svrwztlz Crude Miss ELLA Louisa CXARR Svxwxtlz Grunlvz Mxss EVIQLYN l3nowNL1arQ Secretary to S1lpL'l'il1IL'lIL18lIf Mn. A. ELMQRE SL'iL'HL'L' and Atlllctics fx 50' 43-5 'WW fn? ".,.W' lf?- fav ."" 'W ,4 fi 9' --ff 1' Q1 i -xg EIHSSIS CLASS COLORS ALXROON AND SILVER CLASS FLOWER RED Ross CLASS OFFICERS President l3E'1'1'Y CTRAINE Vice President Dom LEA jomss Secretary l3E'1"1'v SAWYER CLASS MOTTO "To Iw, l'l11l1L'l' llmu seem to lm" SPONSOR Mus. G1,Am's W. STEVENSUN Q 4. 'QV' -fu, '99 SENIOR FK I limoiin l3ixuT0N Vlllzo ix liizppy let him lveg tliurv is :milling certain ulmzit in morrow." LOREN BROWN Hc:ll'f' me true frienzls and nimic, find life will lm n pleiism-e." IJURAND Cl0ATS Lv! mv fiil in trying to do souivlliiizg, rntliei' tlmn in sit still and do nothing. ' Sixniui Cons Coizsistwicv? l never clmngcd my mind wlzicli is, will always will lac, to live fit ease." BETTY ciRAINE 'llilfii to goml ficcrmnt flu: moment wliiclr prexvnis itself lm! mzcef' Cxzcm IJAVIS "l,is1ci1 to cverylvoiljfs mlrice, mul 410 as you please." BOBBY JOHNSON "lie true 4 serveg . w . ,, Ilwii your reward will lie wlmr you rleserve. CLASS fha emimt muy to win an urgmuwzt is to keep quiet." IDORA L,EA10NliQ HS1lL'CL'XS is the rumml of service." NV11.A1A Kmc: "Fur mc, my lzeart is free. For I low not llim wlzo forex not mu. XIIRCINIA Lrmc: 'Our clmruclcr ix our will, for ll'l1Af we will uw' nzrvf' PEARL LYNCH 'WVU can sorrow if need Im touzorruux Hut today is the tune to live." ,- CLRACE LYUN NAOINII LYON Cowl things are generally put up in sumll puckugcf' L1L1,1E IYIAE Moline "Tix lwftcr In lmve U0 Ie womler wlmt 1'0u'1l saw, than u'mn1vr P , , 1l'lI41' you said it." 4 SENIOR 'lA11E1.m,x M1111 lil! Uglll' H 11111fx 1110 1114111 t11i11q 1111110111 11Ui11g 10111. V111c:1N1A KJVVENS "1 181' 5111116 511111115 11111 11t1171f11llL'xS -- 11cr frie1111s 1lL'I' 17U171111l'11j'.H 11AT'1'1E 1X1AE P1111'E M1411 111' good rr1f11cr 1111111 to 111' 1'11115pi1'io11s." EDNA 1711110101: 1.01 1o111e 1111111 111111, I'II11f1 111-1' best." BETTY Lou Ro1zE11'1 SON 110117 111' Ll 1111it11:r1 If you Cl1l1i1 110 first, try 1110 11lIl'L1C1' to 1113 11 good sec111111. ' BE'1"lY SAWYER Give Io 1110 11'or111 11111 best 111111 311111 11111'c 111111 1110 best 11'i11 1111110 imck to jun." V1111:1N1,x SELF HSIICCCII is great, 17111 si1e11ce is gl'L't71C7'.M CLASS iii- x 'H .gg Doms SIIXIPSON "Consider the lilies of the Held, they toil not, neither do they spinfl NELL SPENCER "Courage and service are the finest tests of character." lXlARY JEAN THOMAS "Smile ,md the world greets you with a smile." IDE 'TIINIIXIERIXIAN "Ill he merry, l'll be free l'll he sad for nobody." lVlARCELLE WEEKS "To thine own self be true and then thou canst not he false to any man." ,J -- ZX, rr'-Ir -,.,,.-,. veg- - -V ...- 'K'- SENIOR SUPERLATIVES MOST POPULAR .... BEST LOOKING ..... MOST TALENTED. . . N EATEST .......... WITTIEST ..... CUTEST ........... MOST ATI ILETIC .,.. QIIIETEST ........... BEST-ALL-AROUND. . FRIENDLIEST ........ BIGGEST FLIPYT ...... MOST INDEPENDENT . . . . . .BETTY SAXVYER, BOBBY JOIINSON . . . . .BETTY SAWYER, HAROLD BARTON . . . . .IDORA LEA JONES, IDURAND QIOATS . , . .VIRGINIA LONG, JOE FTIIXIINIEIHNIAN . . .VIRGINIA LJWENS, JOE PI-IINIIXIERINIAN BETTY LOU ROBERTSON, LOREN BROWN . . . . . .BETTY QJRAINE, BOBBY JOIINSON . . . . .VIRGINIA SELF, DURAND COATS . . .EIEHELIXIA IXIILLER, IIAROLD BARTON . . . .WILAIA KING, JOE TIMIYIERMAN . . . .PEARL LYNCH, JOE TIIINIIVIERIVIAN . . . . .EDNA PROGTOR, DIIRAND COATS o-0' :wl- ARMH D THERE H E R E A N First row-left to right: Second row: 'lllzirfl row: 1. Diguified senior lioys. 1. Careers with Uncle Saul. 1. lion' zlid tlzis lmppcn? 2. 'let it snow, let it snowfi 2. Lmiclz time llllG'1l17. 2. Cliilflren will lic children 3 Senior fuzotlzer mul Zml grade son. 3. Hliloy I carry your books, Mnrgzirctf' 3. 12 o'clock Cl1O'll' line. 1111.' Goocll 4. just posing. 4. VVc'll miss you, girls. 4. Ummnzu CLASS WILL To whom it may concern: We, the class of 1946 of Ford High School, of the town of Wattsville, State of South Carolina, U. S. A., being about to ass out of this sphere of education, in full possession of a crammed mind and an overworked memory, do make and publish this our last will and testament. We are arranging our worldly effects and consigning to our lawful and natural heirs all our worldly goods and chattels, leavin to each one the peculiar property seeming best fitted to his or her needs. We want it dis- tinctly understood Siat if an one of the beneficiaries of this will shall attempt to dispute or in any way change the items of this document, he, or she, must be immediately cut off wholly and entirely from any and all of its provisions. Item I. We give and bequeath to our beloved Supt. J. E. Ford our sincere and deepest gratitude for all he has done for us during our years at Ford High. We feel that he will have an interest in each victory, each suc- cless, and each honor that we may achieve in the arena of the world because it will be due to his faithful leader- s ip. Item II. We give and bequeath to the Faculty all the patience, forbearance, lon -suffering, and self-sacri- fice we ever possessed on the principle that "To him that hath shall be given." We aio give to the Faculty all the amazing information and startling knowledge that we have furnished them from time to time in our various examination papers. These bits of wisdom may be new to the teachers, but if they see fit, they can use them for the enlightenment of the classes to come after us. Item III. We ive and bequeath to the junior Class the following list of entailed estates, to which we declare them the reaf and rightful successors: li. Our seats in the classroom. May they endeavor to fill them as faithfully, promptly, and advantageously as we ave. Znd. Our Senior wisdom and dignity. May they uphold it forever with seriousness and gravity in spite of their natural lightmindedness and irresponsibility. 3rd. Any stubs of pencils, cracker crumbs, and wads of gum we have left in our desks or in any likely or unlikely places. We also leave our echoes in the halls and our secret spots for love making. May they keep the latter a profound secret from the Faculty. Item IV. The following may seem but trifling bequests, but we hope they may be accepted, not as worth- less things lavishly thrown away because we can no longer keep them, but as valuable assets to those who may receive t em and a constant reminder of the generosity of heart displayed in our free and full bestowal: lst. To Elsie Tumblin, Pearl Lynch's eternal search for a boy friend who will stick. 2nd. To Edwin Hazel, Joe Timmermanls baggy trousers. 3rd. To Niles Pulley, Harold Barton's ability to drum all day on his desk with a pencil. 4th. To Faye Thompson, Dora Lea Jones' front seat in class, along with her interested expression. 5th. To Bill Long, Betty Craine's success in attending to all class business during history class. 6th. To Ernest Satterfield, Durand Coats' desire to go into business. What business? No matter, but to go into business! 7th. To Peggy Hamrick, Naomi Lyonis art of hiding behind the classmate in front of her during class. Sth. To Dorothy Power, Virginia Self's boisterous and talkative manner. 9th. To Leon Hedgepath, Bobby Iohnson's even temper and smooth manner with the teachers. 10th. To Arthur Self, Cecil Davis' self-claimed right to be absent from school every Monday and to Jack Rhodes, all Cecil's unsolved algebra problems. llth. To Doris Foster, Virginia Owens' ability to crack a joke in every situation whether it be serious or amusing. 12th. To Bettie Anne Stewart, Sarah Coats' nonchalant entrance into school ten minutes late. 13th. To Iean Orr, Wilma King's "crush,' on the senior who dropped out of school. 14th. To Mary Long, Grace Lyon's erroneous mistakes in typing. 15th. To Buth Wilson, Virginia Long's Hirty looks and coy ways. 16th. To Elizabeth Lindley, Lillie Mae McKee's self-claimed right "to be different." 17th. To Janette Buckner, Edna Proctor's preciseness of manner and neatness of appearance. 18th. To Louise Hanvey, Marcelle Weeks' sore throat acquired by her being a hard-to-beat cheerleader. 19th. To Nell Lindley, Betty Lou Bobertson's natural curls which keep that permanent wave look. 20th. To Margaret Lyons, Mary Iean Thomas' school girl complexion which surrounds that winning smile. Zlst. To Harold Turner, some of Thelma Millers good grades so he can get a diploma next year. 22nd. To Tommy Cox, Loren Brown's ability to empty the school room in five minutes by singing in his very best and up-to-date style. 23rd. To Bettie Gwinn, Nell Spencer's pretty blue eyes, hoping they'll save her from the fate of an old maid. 24th. To Betty Jean Waddell, the added lights in Doris Simpson's hair with her freckles thrown in for good measure. 25th. To Leroy Cox, Hattie Mae Price's discarded chewing gum CEstimate-100 poundsD. 26th. To Rachel Broome, Betty Sawyer's sweet temper and even disposition. 27th. To Marvin Burdette, Harold Barton's neatness so that he will still hold the title of the best-dressed senior boy. 28th. To Bobbie Pulley, Edna Proctor's ability to keep every one on his toes. Here unto have I set my hand and seal. HCLASS OF 1946." '1'P"'l"" ' Y ' Il' vii! ' CLASS PROPHECY Seniors, it is a Well-known saying that "coming events cast their shadows before." Therefore, it is not as hard as many people su pose for one who takes the trouble to study the comings and goin s of his fellow crea- tures, to be something of a prophet, and to form some idea, more or less correct, of what tfieir future course of action will be. Having for some time been possessed with a strong ambition for the brilliant career of a detective, I have, as a means of reparation, ke t a sharp eye on all of you, when perhaps you were unaware you were being ob- servedg so I feel-,that I can judage with some degree of accuracy the lives into which your personal characteristics and inclinations will lead you in the years that are to come. Seeing so clearly what is in store for you and feeling that you long to know what lies before you in order that you may prepare for the honors and duties that are to be yours, I have taken time to put down in writing your uture as it appears to me. As I look into the land of the future, I can see our beloved President, Betty Craine, has become one of the most famous basketball coaches in the South. Sfie is taking her noted team on a tour. They will play in several of the largest cities in the United States and will continue to Hollvwood where a moving icture will be made of them. While in Hollywood Coach Craine and her team will be entertained by her old, classmate, Artist Dora Lea Jones. Dora Lea has been an artist on Walt Disney's staff for several years. Besides drawing for the screen, her special job is to care for Minnie Mouse's eyelashes- a secret ambition since hi h school days. As I look again, I see inside a large circus tent a black haired lady dressed in brilliant red sfacks. This is Wilma King who snaps a whip and issues her commands in a clear shrill voice as the large tiger performs. She married an animal trainer and is equal to her husband in the art of handling animals. Wilma is the only one in the world who can put these animals through their paces. I see a copy of the Chicago Tribune dated 1964 which carries the headline "Mystery Crime Wave Solved and Ten of Gang Jailed." The article says the detective given credit for the solution is none other than Joe Timmer- irnan wlgo serves with the F. B. l. Joe is famous in hunting down criminals, but he hasn't succeeded in his hunt or a wi e. You remember Bobby Johnson alwavs wanted to 'be a business man. He has realized his ambition for I see he is active on Wall Street, and he and his attractive wife are amon the social elite of the Big City. I see now on the street in the citv of Palooka a large sign with ie words "Expert Photography." This is the studio of Mary Jean Thomas who has won many customers with her pleasant smile. She is asked to take pictures of all the celebrities who come to town and of all the large social functions. Her husband is her able assistant. As I look into the future once more, I see Betty Sawyer in a trim black skirt and a crisp white blouse sitting in the private office of a famous business man. She is his efficient secretary and, to tell the truth, many people say she is the brains of the business. I see Betty Lou Robertson has opened the B. L. R. Beauty Shoppe and that her new hair styles are attract- ing the attention of all the ladies. She has a number of men customers who prefer her hair cuts to the barber's because she gives a "quiet" cut without the usual chatter. Betty Lou's chief competition is Sarah Coats who has opened a modernistic beauty shop only a block away. So far. the competition is friendly. As you know. Harold Barton was always "up in the air" in his high school days, this is really where he is today because he has become a pilot on a transcontinenral plane. Many attractive ladies seem to be interested in Harold, however he remains unmarried. I see only two girls of the class of l946 have chosen to be old fashioned housewives. Lillie Mae McKee is one, and she is noted in her communitv for her neat housekeeping and her good cake baking. Thelma Nllgler is the other and her husband says she still lives up to her motto, "she does what is right without being to . In the amphitheatre of one of our large southern colleges, I see in progress a play. On inquiry, I find that Shakespeare's "As You Like It" is being produced by the Senior Class and that thedirector is Edna Proctor. Edna's love for dramatics has won for her a prominent place among the dramatic directors in the south and since high school days Shakespeare has been her favorite author. I see Pearl Lynch has won fame on the stage as the leading black face comedienne in the current hit "Jemima" by Jessel T. Bedill. When her make-up comes off after the show and she is ready to leave the theatre, several stage door Johnnys are always waiting to ask to take her to the night spots. Doris Simpson has succeeded in landing the very wealthy bachelor who has come to her town. His past is not well known: his age is uncertain, and his wealth cannot be estimated: but he makt-?S D0flS very happy by making her allowance all that can be desired. Lo and behold. can this be two doctors from the class of 1946? Loren Brown is an old fashioned family physician who is liked by the mothers especially, because when the baby refuses to go to sleep Dr. Brown is called in. If his medicine doesn't have a soothing effect. he gets results by singing to the baby in his hum-drum voice. CicilhI?avis, the other doctor, is a nerve specialist and is popular with all the maiden ladies because he is still a ac eor. Isee Virginia Long has inherited from a wealthy uncle, a chain of department stores and they are being operated under her own supervision. One reason for her success is that she has employed several of her old class- mates for keynote positions in her stores. Grace Lyon is Virginia's private secretary, and Marcelle Weeks is the most attractive model in the whole chain of stores. Nell Spencer. who has iust comDlCfCCl her business CCIUCH- tion, has been employed by Virginia as advertising manager of the stores. Hattie Mae Price was employed as manager of one of the store's large delicatessens, but I learn that she eloped last week with the good looking head waiter. The voice of that well-known comedienne you hear over the radio on the 'iSaturday Night Special" is that of Virginia Owens. She started her radio career by contributing a small part on the program, however she made such a hit with the radio fans that she has replaced the leading lady. Virginia Self produces the sound effects on this lsame program. She is so efficient that her imitation of a mocking bird is equally as good as that of a roaring ion. I see Naomi Lyon, after serving four years as White House Cook, and becoming acquainted with all state secrets is considering running for president next term. In the little office on the corner of Main Street I see seated at his typewriter, Durand Coats, piled high on his desk are letters, some of which are announcing his agency for the sale of new products, and some are bills which he is trying to collect for goods already sold. Durand is still the salesman and his line is anything from chew- ing gum to washing machines. Seniors, since I have revealed to you your future as I see it, I hope each of you will play faithfully your part so you will be the glorious success I see you will be. "THE SECRET Pnormar or 1946" ,4, 1. 1 X' l'rusidvuI Blu. Lowa: x7iL'L"Pl'L'5ifiCl1i Drums FOSTER JUNIOR ,. ., .zz 1-, .I iyfv! ' 'lr lo., i.. rn . TH Rachel Broome Marvin Burdette Janette Buckner Leroy Cox Bettie Gwinn Peggy I lamrick Louise Ilanvey liciwin Hazel Loon I ledgepath Elizabeth Lindley in L- NL-llc Lindley Mary Long Margaret Lyons Jen n Uri' CLASS Seei'cturj mill lireusirrer lcmmx' Cox Spmlsor Miss M,xn1ixN XfN',xi,iuan 'YB is T- S... 1, F 1: Wlillium Outley llorotlly Power llululaie Pulley Niles Pullex' Juelg Rliocleg Q'- llrnest Saitterlielcl Arthur Sell' Bettie .Mme Stem. Faye 'lilminpson klsie lumlvlin l lairoltl 'liurner llettx' lean VVuclclell irt llutli lYilwn l-eil.i Gillespie CNU picture? I I I A ,am A A 1-' W,- S yl5O'f 7BABB,Spo .Q MMG . Mtv Numb. xYS1XLE'l . . Dv,uCll'l" M95 First row: james Thompson, Thomas Childress, Curtis Davis, Leonard Meflill, Claudelle Davis, Xvinlord Cox, Billie Joe Lunsford. Second row: Truedelle Leopard, Dorothy Burke, Martha Iohnson, VVyladene Cooper, Margie Bonds, Bettie Mae Fuller, julia King, Rosa Lee Rogers, Harriette Taylor. Third row: llohhy lean Taylor, Dorothy Finley. Cecile Revis, Alva MeAlister, Mildred King, Osborne VVillard, Catherine Galhnan, Dorothy Craig. Fourth row: Margaret Sprouse, Qmega Knight, Jean Garrett, Jimmy Beane, horrest Townsend, Kenneth Adams, Edward Rohinson, Dorothy Culbertson. Fifth row: Miss llalentine, Jewel Roherts, Luther Tucker, Joe Edwards, Douglas Stevenson, Betty Snow, Betty Baher, Nliss Bahh. Sixth row: Virginia Hill, Fred Garrett, Harold Outley, David Wardell, Jake Arnold. l 1 X IWISS A X 14 , RCU ERITE N Q' C oo,,En S ,mx , V . 110 ,Iyar 'Qs FRESHMAN CLASS First row: Bobby Lyon, WillICf Baine, Franees Fowler, Melvin Lindley, Charles Orr, Kenneth Word, Gary Allen, Lueile Gregory, llelen Fowler. Second row: Jack Tumhlin, Evelyn llerhert, Peggy Lynch, Eva lxlae llanrey, Constance Mayhin, Virginia Moore. huniee Lyon, lleywarcl llarton, Royee Robertson. Third row: Manley Forrester, A1111 Laughriclge, lifmnie liay l.ennnons, Audrey Cwens, Nancy Childers, Carol West, Edith Marler, Bohhy llaine, Gloria llcrhert. Fourth row: Elbert Riddle, Louise Tuelter, George Lylt-s, Loree lleclgepath, Norman Jones, Ray Culbertson, Charles Euhanlxs, Miss Marguerite Cooper. Fifth row: Charles Huitt, Bert SLll11CI'Cl, George Balnlm, leanette Satterhelcl, Ben Lanforcl. SEVENTH GRADE , ' Q' Mlss V1uc:1N1A SENN, Miss ELLA LOUISE CARR, Sponsors liirst row: Mary Davis, hlary Anne Poole, Eclclie Fullhright, Charles O'Sl1iclcls, Kenneth Owens, james lxlattison, Billy llester, Ariail Leopard, Betty lean Cox, Shirley Pearson. Sccoml row: Sara Cox, june Poole, lack Cliilclcrs, Billy loc Carrctt, lerlyne 5 5 Long, lnetty Cook, lmohhy Fuller, W. T. hlurry. Third row: Marjorie Garrett, R. ll. Ceats, Roy llughes, Ralph Evans, Virginia Ann llester, Guynell Price, Doris Ollryant, Lewis Garrett, Earl limmerman. Fourth row: Chaneey Smith, lX'larcelle Revis, Melha Dempsey, Shirley Gibson. Loyd Oliver, ean Bradley, Frances Gibson, Patsy Rae Cain, Miss Virvinia Senn. 1 - , F7 Fifth row: Lila Casey, XV. D. Brown, Bobbie VVarclell, Geraldine Stewart, Sara Craig, Clyde Lamb. -fn .251 5, 4 K. .v-yu GRAMMAR SCHOOL FACULTY 1511? faux SiXflIc:l'tll11'. fifth Cirmlv. IOIIVYII Cfnnlv Tfzinl Clrmlc. Swxnnl Clrmlc liirsf ffrflrlv. . SW'- ....Mns. XV. P. FIQHOMASON, Miss RLITH XVALI ,wi .. ..........,,.. Miss M,x1"l'1E Lula lX1lm1.1f. Mus. Cl, R, lllfl,kl'l .... Mus. M.xum- M, Nolflfz. A1158 l.lllTIl li Uwlinls Quo l5iL'llll4CxN Miss Mx'm'u- CQn11f1f1N CANNUN, Miss XVIRLZINIA cl.-XllRli'I'l Mass ,-XNME, Luxe Cunnv, Mus. Clufxcixa RICYIAIHDSUN XX'.xm . ...Mlm M,xm:llm:1'll1 ll. BENSON, Mlsw .lui 1.-x I IIZNDIZRSUN SIXTH GRADES FIFTH GRADES FOURTH GRADES THIRD GRADES SECOND GRADES FIRST GRADES b4""vv I W . aXSuWN'5 'mg xxxmt- A lg Xxzfsk '1."..'J- lwop ron . Bottom row: 1. Fonfs float gets the Irlzw rilulvon. l. Ford cxztcrtnius I'arlu'r. 2. Those efficient typists. 2. Cir!! Hrrsketlnlll mm: poses. Y ax 1 .A""""' FORDIAN STAFF lh5'l"1'x' SAwYmz. . . . . .fftiitor itz Chief lDOn1s lfosuin. . . . . .junior Editor iilJNA Pl!0C'I'Oll. . . . .Literary Editor Uomsx' jOuNsON. .. ........ Bzzsiucss Mamzgvr iil5'I"l'Y CQRAINIL. . . . . .Assistant Busiizcss Mmtngvr IJURAND ci0A'l'S .... ...... C 3i1'C1lIf1fi0lI Mmmgcr V1l:c:1N1A UWENS. . .. .Stmpsltot Editor MAnc:1z1t1,E VVEEKS. . . . . .Feature Editor IJORA LEA IONES ...................................,.. .... A rt Hziitor ciRACE LYON, IXIARY JEAN FI-HOIXIAS, l3E'1"1'Y LOU RO1znn'rsON. . . . . .Typists Mus. STEVENSON, BIISSES COCJPEIX, BALENTINE, M. XRHXLKER, XNALKER ................ .. .Faculty Advisers l 'FX A Rf W' N 9-L -P, 'Y' X "iii "TA- Presiolezzt . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . , Treasurer . . . Beporter . . . Sponsor . . Loren Brown Durand Coats Leroy Cox Tommy Cox Betty Craine Doris Poster Bettie Cwinn BETA CLUB Louise l lanvey Peggy l lamriek Edwin llazel Bobby Johnson Dora Lea Jones Elizabeth Lindley Nelle Lindley Bill Long Mary Long Virginia Long Craee Lyon .. BETTY SAWYER . . . . . . . THELMA TVIILLER BETTY Lou ROBERTSON . . . . BOBBY JOHNSON . . . . . . . . BETTY CTRAINE Miss JEANETTE WALKER Jack Rhodes Betty Lou Robertson Betty Sawyer Bettie Anne Stewart Thelma Miller Mary lean Thomas Bobbie Pulley Edna Proctor Faye Thompson Marcelle VVeelis v- --al- 15 :iii Q SCHOOL BOY PATROL NIH. bl, I,. Ifmmlm, Dirucrm' Ilmsm' DIOIINSON, cNlI17ItIIII lirxi l'rlll'. XIIL I'm'cI. llulvlmy 'lc1I1l1wn. XI'inI'urcI fox. VIQIIUINLIS fllilclrcss. Curtis I7.1x is. llilly -Im' I,umIm'LI. SUCUIHI rmv. ,loc I II11l1lL'l'lNLlll, .Iimmy Ilcnnc, I'rccI CQzu'rctt. Clril Ilglxis. Osluurlmc XX'ilI41rcI. fluuclcllc Iluxib. llzinl mux Ilammld I3zn'ton, Iommx' fox, llnxinl XXLIIOCICII. AILHTII1 Ilurclcttu. Clcurgg- Ilallmlu, I3iII Long. IIUIIVIII row, Iqcrog' Q. wx. I um IICQIALLCDLIIII. I.LlIIlCI' FIYLICIXCII Ernest Snttcrllclnl. 1 UN IOR HOMEMAKERS Ilnmllmy IIlIl'IxC, XVyIL1cIL'11c Cooper. Ilctlic Maw IILIIICI1 Caxlllcrim' Clnllmam, Vin' gginigx llill. MQIVIIM1 llulmsun, IILIIILI Ixing, NIiIcIrcLI Ixing, LJINCQH knight, IruccIcIIc I l'UlXlI'LI. IIQIII Slumg Margaret Sprmlsc, .Iran Cl11rl'ctI. Ilumtlmy CILIIIUCITSOII, Ilalrricl I-IIIUI. M155 IDRllC'll,I..X I3Ix1.15N'l INIE, S1-mum' f' T .DC LQl.J...I GIRLS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB Xllss NIYRTLE CQRIFFIN CLANNON, Direcfc I' a lf 'I rf? if il FORD HIGH NEWS PAPER STAFF EDNA PIIOCTOR, BETTY SAVVYER ........ Co-Editors BOBBY JOIINSONI.. ...... Business Manager BETTY Lou ROBERTSON. . .Assistant Business Mgr. VIRGINIA CJVVENS .... ..,Sports Editor IVIARCELLE WEEKs .... .,.. S ocial Editor DORA LEA JONES. .. .... Art Editor LOREN BROVVN. . . . . .joke Editor LTLASS BEIIORTERS: Scrcutlr ...... BIELBA IJENPSEY, SARA QNRAIG Eiglztlz. . .KENNETII XNJORD, EVA BIAE IIANVEY Nintlz .,.. VI-RUDELLE LEOIIARIJ. QTURTIS IDAVIS 'Iqcntlz ..................... IDORIS FOSTER EIL'l'L'lIl,1 ................. VIRGINIA LONG Typisis. .. .... JOE TIBIBIERIXIIXN, BETTY CRAINE, QLRACE LYON, NIARY 'IEAN 1 IIOINIAS Sponsors. .. ........ IVIISS BLXRIAN WALKEII, NIISS 1XlARGUERITE COOPER CHEERLEADERS Lonmx Bnowx, Mrxruwutru VVEEKS, Doms FOSTER, JIMMY BEANE GIRLS' BASKETBALL TEAM Miss IJRUCILLA BALENTINE, Conch Vmc:1N1A OWENS, Captain BETTY CTRAINE, Co-Captain Luft to right: Janette Buckner, Dorothy Craig, Bobby jenn Taylor, llalttie Mun 7 I riee, M.irti1n Ioiumm, Virginia Owens. Rosa Lee Rogers, Betty Crziine, Faye Thomp son, Dorothy Culbertson, Betty Barber, Jean Garrett. BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM 1 y - . Mn, X 11-11111 lx. 1-1 1'x11xc:, C 11111111 lnirst 1'm1': I111111115' fox, ,lun Al1l11l11L'I'l11LlI1. l,.1'1111 l1u1gvp11tl1, 131111111 A'l1l1l1SUl1 I1IlL'lIl .XclL1111s. 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Our friend-A'Miss Betty." 3. Cflroup ol' -U: 4. Leon-relaxed. Cul Beta initiatimz again. 5. junior girls. Club l1i.' Yo! Silver! CCD llriumllylmmlclasp. Cdl Ullzx so serious, Bill? MORE SNAPSHOTS first row: 'FIM' Alfditorimn. 2 VVUHS fwills. Conlumnity Bzrildizzg. SL Loud row: "IW fiss jay VVz11kcr. " That good cook! Wflzzztf Again? Cell N111IIl7CY1H'1kH01l7H 1,0451 Show. Sll5iL'lYllt1,A1H7l1. 'ou': CHD C Miss C rm Urx QYLILIISOH IS pcfpm CIO 1.1111 CCI' C215 Cb? 503 C113 gf 2 X X W if 2 ? TE gs fig 35555173 Q wig I Q-1YWzfL+mmFM.Lw,J,ZWVwW O' . TWH-ga-J70Aj?X:M4..ffz8.JJa'0Z 7,W14'r14fW0' . BOCSTERS Compliments of WATTS MILLS B E L K ' S for everything Call 586 LAUREN S, SOUTH CAROLINA f i Southern Scale 86 Refrigerator Company McCray Refrigeration Equipment and Supplies for School Lunch Rooms l0l0 Gervais St. Phone 9749 C0l,UMlilfX. 8. SOUTH CAHULINA dllI'CIl 3 Compliments of DIXIE-HOME SUPER MARKET V xAAAAAAAA,XA,vxAA,x MVN, VVvX,N,vXfvVVx,fvVVXAfVvVxAAA,N,VxAAAAA,x STEPHENS Dry Cleaners and Laundry One Aim, One Claim:-Q"Cleanliness" 19 1 s St. Laurens 5 l Compliments of LAURENS GLASS WCRKS Laurens, S. C. See what you buy-buy in glass THE MEN'S SHOP, Inc. Menss Wear of Quality Laurens, South Carolina SEAWRIGHT FUNERAL HOME AMHUIANCE SERVICE Phone 540 vNVNN v COCA-CQLA BOTTLING CU. of Lauren A fefvv-vvvx,vxAfveAA,vV THE MODERN SHOE SHOP Latest Model Machinery All Work Up-to-Date and Guaranteed M. J. STRANGE G. C. TAYLOR Compliments of PALMETTO BANK Owners v vvvv HERBERT L. ROPER 86 CCMPANY Lumlier and Building Material Paints anal Oils, Glass Plumbing Supplies. Builders' Hardware Your Ford dealer since 1939 CLARY-HUNT MOTQR CO. Phone 4844 CRAINE'S Community Grocery and Service Station North Harper St. Phone 593 N vvvVvx,NAAAA,VX,xA,VvVXA,vt, V, r, r, coco cf-cfxfvxfvvvvvvvvvvvvvc LAURENS TIRE 86 RECAPPING CO. Kelly Taeee Guaranteed Reeapping-Expert Vulcanizing 215 E. Mein sr. Phone 515 Laurens, South Carolina wv THE ART AND GIFT SHOPPE Established 1912 Art and Giftware of Quality That Always Pays Laurens, S. C. -Opposite the Bus Station THE UNITED AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds Auto Financing L. C. Barksdale, Mgr. W. C. Barksdale, Asst. Mgr PHONE 777 Palmetto Building 86 Loan Assn. HOME FINANCING- HOME BUILDING L. G. Balle, Pres. L. C. Barksdale, Sec'y. PHONE 777 NxMVwAwmmmAA,Vx Dine at the WATTSVILLE CAFE for the best of food Owner We John C. Catlin vwWWvAwxAANv.AAAAAwV x POWE DRUG CO. Prescription Druggist Phones 404 and 485 f Compliments of LIB'S BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 470 Mrs. William Hlulgens. Owner ROYAL MANUFACTURING CO. 105 8th St. Augusta, Ga. "The House That Treats You Royalii JVVw ,a,,,, I , KASH 86 KARRY Fresh Meats and Groceries WI12 Deliver Phone 658 Xwm AA AAAAAJVJVV wfXAmXA WATTSVILLE FURNITURE CO Bendix Automatic Home Laundry Leonard Refrigerators Majestic Radios Pl lcvllc 2 658 ,wN -tfVvxA,AfVxfcAAAAfvafVx AMm DEN DY'S GROCERIES Fresh Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phones 467 S1 686 XA AA THE LEADER Dry Goods and Notions Laurens, S. C. PALMETTO HARDWARE CO. "Hardware on the Square" Laurens. S. C. VAAANVw,VxfwwvwNvwvCm,fvwf-sfs . . -if ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich Tires, Tubes and Accessories Hotpoint Appliances HENRY BALDWIN Contractor General Contracting and Renmtic-ling Let us figure that all-metal weather strip job for you Laurens, S. C. Phone 3162 nAAAm-,fJmAA,x,vxfx.Na.NAAA,xA,vx.X,XA,xfC ...Vx ,. ,X Af-, For Newer and Better Things to Wear- Shop at THE GARBER CO. Vx,VvvVwCfVCfVVVVCA,XAAfVVvvXA,XA,xfC MVC ,VXA x X LAUREN S HARDWARE CO. Laurens, S. C. VA ROYAL. UWN HBest by Taste Testv NEHI BOTTLING CO. Laurens, S. C. PIEDMONT SERVICE STATION Ed Crews, Dealer AMx,VVmAAV Texaco Products YlIll,l'l? Wulcorne at Our Station Dial 723 Compliments of KENNEDY MORTUARY V-VVVVXAAAA NAAAAAA A, Compliments of EADDY-BLAKE DRUG CO CUT RATE DRUGS Laurens, South Carolina You save Money and Enjoy Quality at SUMEREL'S Laurens, S. C. wAf, N,-. X 'X' XAAAA,VvvxAA THE LITTLE HAT SHOP Exclusive Millinery Laurens, South Ca 1'1m lina Miss Bess Crews Mrs. Thos. D. Downey XAAAA, XA,XAfvxfVVVVx,VxfX.K am -VV, fx A A A -.f,,V,A,,-,KA X Cmnplinwnts of EASTSIDE GREENHOUSE Phone 420 R. M. BROWN STORE i A. P. WALKER'S Staple and Fancy Groceries Phone 803 E. Main St. Laurens, S. C. LANCE, INC. Peanut Butter Sandwiches and Salty Peanuts MIDWAY SERVICE Groceries That Are Fresh At Reasonable Prices Always N. HARPER ST. LAURENS, S. C. mAV xfx,xf,fvvX.x VV, X N FLEMING BROS. Jewelers 45 Years Laurens, S. C. ,V-VVVVXA,-V Vvx.-xAAA,VxA, VXA. VXA, VVvvv STAR CLEANERS Telephone 440 Laurens, S. C. GEORGE MOTOR CO. DeSoto - Plymouth GMC Trucks Laurens, S. C. vwA,VvAxAAA,ww. THE R. W. WILLIS STORE ,lolm H. Inman, Prop. Furniture 61 Musical Merchandise GENERAL ELECTRIC Stoves - Radios - Refrigerators f CAA,-VVVVVXAA CAPITOL THEATRE Operating Capitol and Echo Theatres --cena Pictures Always" A. I. MASON Laurens, S. C. X,-,,vxA,C,vVvX MIKE'S RADIO 86 RECORD SHOP Sheer Music Telephone 490 - W. Laurens St Laurens. S. C. EICHELBERGER BROS. 45 Years Satisfactory Service COAL -A WOOD Phone 826 A DR. FELDER SMITH Opw rrlff trist Laurens, S. C. Phone 794 fer Appointment w O. LANGDON LONG Attorney and Counselor at Law Palmetto Bank Bldg. Laurens, S. C. CITY ICE CO. ICE, COAL 81 WOOD Phone 446 vvvx ,vvvvAvvvv MAXWELL BROS. 86 KINARD Furniture "C00d to the last Sticky Telephone 613 NvmAAANv THE EUREKA DRUG STORE Prescription Service! Sundry Drug Items! A Complete Line of Supplies for the Sick Room! AwwAwmNv HARPER ST. FILLING STATION I. A. Taylor, Mgr. Laurens, S. C. Dial 474 WELLS CLARDY CO. Your Shoe Store Un the Square Compliments of NU-IDEA SCHOOL SUPPLY CO. Sumter. S. C. School Equipment Sz Supplies NACO FARM SUPPLY STORE FARM MACHINERY Sales and Service Phone 852 E. Main Laurens, S. C. B O Y D ' S Ladies, QQ' M vnis R 1'a11y-tr:-Wfffrr St N314 Autographs WW wi TJ 94,31-If' gb, AMQX WW pfcf. xf ' X s1gs.v-MQ QQQJTWN AA! Mf,w.WzwWLZZwff1 J wi V my T' Wifjj . WML wb WM Aafograplzs Jawa, wc-ffgy M4 PG on Wjffff HW wgiggvagyywj gYfbs W3 symsgggyj 055075 qw ifwiq W WMM A if A W MW M WM W V LV K, Wow' Q, mm ., ,Q pbfgma U! f MSM AX ' Wwfwf UMA? is E5 1 flufograpbs .,. o w

Suggestions in the Ford High School - Fordian Yearbook (Laurens, SC) collection:

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