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■: v ' . PERSIAN GUEiMilSi 1987-88 " • ! j-.-y: ' i U.S.S.R Mongolian Republic o. XV . - " China % pal ,KisXan • " Arabia India »= ' ARABIAN SEA Equator BAY OF BENGAL C0L0MBC31 Golden Shellback GUAM Realm of the 0» SEYCHELLES DIEGO GARCIA 7rop c of Capricorn INDIAN PERTH Tasmania Kerfu«l«n Itland This cruise book is dedicated to thie memory of PATRICK OSBORNE FORD wtiose courage and tenacity in ttie face of the enemy never faltered, and to all crew members, past and present, who have helped instill those same qualities within the hull and upon the decks of the USS FORD. PATRICK OSBORNE FORD was born in San Francisco, California, on 2 May 1942. At the age of 15 he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he attended Camelback and North High School. Shortly after graduation, Ford enlisted in the Navy on 24 July 1959. He completed basic training at the Naval Training Center, San Diego, California, and received orders to report to the Naval Station, Adak, Alaska. On 12 February 1961, he reported aboard the destroyer JAMES E. KYES (DD-787) where he served as a Gunner ' s Mate until the end of his enlistment on 25 April 1963. Petty Officer Ford reenlisted on 11 February 1965 and served at the Naval Station, Long Beach, California. On 4 March 1966, he was transferred to the Naval Support Activity, Danang, Republic of Vietnam, where he was ordered to report aboard the USS GEORGE K. MACKENZIE (DD-836). Following completion of his tour aboard the MACKENZIE, Ford was subsequently transferred to the USS HENDERSON (DD-785) where he remained until the end of his second enlistment on 30 August 1967. Ford reenlisted for a second time at the Naval Receiving Station, San Francisco on 15 September 1967. He was ordered to the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California, for River Patrol Craft Training. On 2 February 1968, Petty Officer Ford was directed to report to the Naval Support Activity, Saigon, Republic of Vietnam. He was assigned to Task Force 116 (OPERATION GAME WARDEN), River Squadron Five on 18 February 1968. For the next five months, he served as a patrol river boat (PBR) sailor, monitoring the traffic of the many rivers and coastal waterways of the area. On June 21, 1968, GMG2 Ford was serving as the after gunner aboard PBR-750 as part of a two boat patrol operating in the upper My Tho River near the town of Cai Be. The boats were maneuvering down the river when they spotted a sampan fleeing into a nearby canal. PBR-750 gave chase and captured the sampan one hundred meters further up the canal. As the patrol boat returned to the river with a Viet Cong suspect and the captured sampan in tow, it was ambushed by a Viet Cong patrol who unleashed an overwhelming barrage of heavy machine gun fire and rockets. Two explosive B-40 rockets struck PBR-750 immediately killing the patrol leader, Lieutenant William E. Dennis and the boat coxswain, Boatswain ' s Mate First Class Scott C. Delph. Within seconds the patrol boat was ablaze and out of control, heading directly for the Viet Cong positions. As the PBR veered toward the river bank, at least four additional rockets struck the craft. Ford, being seriously wounded in the initial barrage, tenaciously maintained a steady volume of return fire from his aft machine gun station until he perceived that the boat was out of control. In the face of enemy gunfire and with his clothes on fire. Ford assisted three seriously wounded shipmates from the PBR into the water. Only after insuring that all surviving crew members had left the boat did Ford make his way into the water. He was the last man alive to leave what was left of PBR-750. Soon after Petty Officer Ford entered the water, he was killed by a burst of enemy machine gun fire. However, as a result of his fearless devotion to duty, he saved the lives of two of his shipmates. For his " extraordinary heroism " in battle on 21 June 1968 and in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Navy, Petty Officer Ford was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross. COMMANDER JOHN D. PRICE CAPT. USS FORD (FFG 54) Commander Price is a native of Elkhart, Indiana, and received his commission in August 1968 after complet- ing Officer Candidate school in Newport, Rhode Island. He has served in Operations, Engineering, and Executive Officer Billets in USS GEARING (DD 710), USS OUELLET (FF 1077), and USS WADDELL (DDG 24). Additional sea duty assignments include Aide and Flag Lieutenant for Commander Amphibious Group Two and Chief Staff Officer for Commander Destroyer Squadron Seventeen. Commander Price ' s assignments ashore included duties on the Commander in Chief Pacific Fleet ' s staff as an inspector for the 1 200 PSI Propulsion Ex- amining Board and as Head of the Combat Systems Support System Branch, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Washington, D.C. Commander Price holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Indiana University, a Master of Science Degree from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, and is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Washington, D.C. He has been awarded the Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star in lieu of a second award, and the Navy Achievement Medal. LCDR PAUL DANKS, EXECUTIVE OFFICER, ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT DEPARTMENT HEADS LT PETZRICK COMBAT SYSTEMS LCDR OTTUM ENGINEERING LT GIBSON SUPPLY CPO FCCS TATRO ETC COTE GMC WOLF CPO GSMC JENSEN CMC SYLVIA KC CATABOG EMC MALARI STGC KUHL FCC PEREZ remember iT ir J . ' H8r i -i;.;«; .„■l ;■f ; ' ■ ' i- :-•■ ' . 6, •■:.:• i ' 5? j ' » ' ». -i r i -cr %•- -ij i « .,v •» ■ J ' «- ' «r- M " ■»- . ■ « il • i ■ ■►Jw • i rv X 1 - IL ' -. iTt -T 5Pt i: K DEPARTURE! ..lSS!ti With tensions mounting amid the Persian Gulf and the threat to free shipping a painful thorn in the side of oil dependent nations, the USS FORD was called upon to aid in America ' s support of free trade upon the sea. Her weapons were to add muscle to our Naval show of strength in the Middle East, a show to lessen the aggressiveness and hostilities among those coun- tries of a huge economic concern. As duty called, so answered the crew of the Ford, preparing gear, guns, and hull for her maiden cruise. Haze, grey and underway with " sister-ship " USS THACH COMBAT SYSTEMS CS-1 DIVISION OSC MOLLIS, JERRY 0S1 SMITH, TIM 0S1 REIKOWSKI, THOMAS )S1 HEAD, WILLIAM 0S2 WILLARD, RICHARD 0S2 HAWKINS, TIMOTHY 0S2 KERSHAW, ERIK 0S2 KRUG, MICHAEL OSS WILKERSON, JEFF OSSN RAEL, DANNY EW2 GAINES, MIKE 11 CS-2 DIVISION ENS. BRUENING, JOSEPH A STGC KUHL, DANIEL 12 STG2 MERRILL, LUKE STG3 ARRENDALE, VANCE STG3 BiEBERiTZ, BRIAN TM2 SZERSZEN, JOHN TMSN DUMAWAL, WILLIAM 13 ENS. MCCABE, PATRICK M. CS-3 DIVISION CMC WOLF, GUY L. GMM2 BUSTAMANTE, MANUEL 14 FC2 MCCLAIN, JOSEPH FC2 SNEED, RORY A. FC2 PHILLIPS, DWAIN S. FC2 PAREDES, PAUL R. FC2 KURCZODYNA, SHANE FC3 HIPP, BRIAN D. FC3 MENDEZ, ANDREW GMG2 FRAGODT, KENDALL GMGSN GOWER, WAYNE A. 15 1 - [ 1 1 ; l I ' 1 .■■J ' ' H t 1 va - 1 j CW02 SCHLEIS, MICHAEL R. DS1 GANZER, DAVID W. ET1 MEANS, JACK CS-4 DIVISION 16 ET2 EARWOOD, ALAN ET2 MCCARTHY, CARL ET2 WATSON, JEFFREY ET3 WALLACE, ADAM ET3 ALKIRE, GREGORY IC2 MARTINEZ, JOSE IC3 GORDON, STEPHEN ICFN THOMPSON, MIKEAL DS2 LANGWORTHY, PETER 17 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT GSE2 SMITH, MIKE GSE2 LEBERT GSM3 RODRIGUEZ E-1 DIVISION LT HEMMEN, JOHN M. GSM1 ALOG, WILFREDO GSE2 SCHMIDT, DANIEL T. 20 GSE2 CHAVEZ, HECTOR GSM3 LACLAIR, RUSSELL R. GSMC JENSEN, DAVID N. GSM3 BARKER, SCOTT N. GSM3 CRITES, BRICE 21 E-2 DIVISION EN1 KOZLOWSKI, RICHARD CW02 KILLMAN, LACE EMC MALLARi, EFREN 22 EM2 FREEMAN, JOHN D. EMS VANNIEUWENHOVEN, CHRIS J. EMFN AROMIN, HERMENIGILDO 23 HT1 NEWTON, TERRY L. E-3 DIVISION 24 ENS. CHRISTENSON, TODD HT2 FLETCHER, JOHN MR2 SINSEL, SCOTT L. HT3 GYVES, GARRETT A. HT3 STEVENS, MICHAEL HT3 FRAZIER, JOHN B. FN CUCULLU, STEPHEN 25 DEPARTMENT 27 S-1 DIVISION SKC CATABOG, RESTIE SK2 LAGO, MICHAEL SK2 SABAL, KEITH 28 S-2 DIVISION MS1 TRIPPE, BRIAN MSSN SHEPPARD, MICHAEL MS2 FAULK, EDWARD MSC NOWICKI, KENNETH MS3 MORENO, NILO 29 LTJG STEFANSSON, MICHAEL S-3 DIVISION 30 SHI LONDOW, JOHN DK2 MCCAULEY, MICHAEL SH3 MILLS, VERNON SH3 ATKINS, KEITH SHSN INGEBRETSON, RICHARD 31 4- . u A t " " SHIPS CONTROL DEPARTMENT i - 34 QM1 SINCLAIR, FREDRICK QMS WILLIAMS, ROBERT 35 ENS. VOBORIL, JOSEPH SC-2 DIVISION RM1 LOPEZ, LORENZO 36 RM2 CHANEY, JAMES RM2 POETZMAN, THOMAS RMS ROCKS, CHARLES RMSN PANIS, KENNETH RMSN HILLMON, WILLIE RMSN WILLIAMS, DAVID 37 SM2 EDWARDS, ERIC SM2 ROMERO, CARLOS SM2 REYNA, ALFONSO SMS BROOKS, CHAD 38 BMC SIMON, ALBERT SC-3 DIVISION BM1 NOE, STEPHEN BM1 BESSMAN, DON BM3 GODFREY, KEN BM2 ROOK, RANDALL BM3 POTTS, JOHN BM3 EBERT, RAYMOND SN JACKSON, BILLIE SN VILLARREAL, DALE SN BOWNES, GERALD 40 SN CUNNINGHAM, HENRY SN HENSON, ERROL SN WARNKEN, TRAVIS SN HANSKEN, TROY SN BROWN, THOMAS SN KENNEDY, JOHN SN CARROLL, JASON 41 ADMINISTRATION A I DEPARTMENT 42 HMC THIELEN, GEORGE X DIVISION PNC DELIMA, MARK EMC SANTOS, MANOLITO ENC FERRER, BERNARDO PC2 BENNETT, BRAD PC2 FOSTER, LAWRENCE HN BROWN, KEVIN YN3 PRITCHETT, MARVIN YNSN COLLIER, BRIAN 44 HELO DETACHMENT THE USS FORD WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE CREW MEMBERS OF " LONEWOLF " 42 AND 45 WHO CONTRIBUTED SO MUCH BOTH IN AND OUT OF THE PERSIAN GULF. THEIR WORK AND DEDICATION PROVED INVALU- ABLE FOR A SUCCESSFUL FIRST CRUISE. 47 I 5H d DOB COqC BEAUTIFUL WAIKIKI, HOME OF BOTH SQUIDS AND TOURISTS. [THE FORD WAS NO STRANG- OUR SOLEMN REMINDER AND TRIBUTE gm TO LIVES LOST IN SERVICE OF FREE- DOM AND COUNTRY PHILIPPINES 52 p 3 c3 P 3 C3 57 BAHRAINIAN BAGPIPES, PERHAPS? wami aamEKtm ; jS !SE2t .j . ' ' - GOING SiSSSTv,;. iU. ' ' S :. aWM wg g gMKgiK?;igKaBKa GOING GONE! HONG KONG ■•■i THE Persian gulf WESTPAC WARRIORS ARNOLD, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! " RAMBO " DON ' T WORRY, HE ' S NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT IT. •: ll . k:C1 HOSTILE DHOW COUNTER-MEASURES ' MINE-MASTER " VANCE AND HIS SIDEKICK ' BUG MAN " MAKES YOU WANNA STAND UP AND SALUTE. A BOY AND HIS GUN 67 BBOI zzzzzzz RUTHLESS STINGER, DET . . . FEARLESS KEEPERS OF CONSTANT VIGIL, ALWAYS IN SEARCH OF THE ENEMY THE WATCH EARNEST WILL A Gallant Warrior in armor rides To bloodied lands of zealot pride. Within a scabbard weapons hide. Stay he prays, " To arms! " they cry. 70 ., STEEL BEACH PICNIC 11 1 i- j ' aasii 71 ready PULL! -3 ilM ' k 72 UNREP ' jjf f v. . .« j£ HEAVE AROUND! 73 WHAT DOES ONE DO IN THE GULF. . . ? FAULK ATE SZERSZEN GREASED HIS TUBE AND THE OOD LOST HIS COOKIES Some people expanded their minds Some expanded their income SomeONE expanded his waistline This guy looked for surface ships, This one looked for planes. Several looked for floating mines while Baby-Doc looked for brains! ALL-IN-ALL IT WAS A FUN, LEARNING EXPERIENCE, RIGHT! 74 HOLIDA Y ROUTINE 75 ON THE JOB 76 77 Thus ends our Persian Gulf expedition. Through long, hot hours and harm ' s way the crew of the USS FORD steamed with pride. We had come to do a job which required skill, and tact, and of course, courage on a daily basis. Well, we exhibited these virtues and more while not only doing our job amid foreign ships in hostile waters, but doing that job, tenaciously. 78 BBM LITTLE KNOWN " FACTS " compiled by Petty Officer J. ISUZU KURTZ TOTAL MILES TRAVELED less than registered on LUKE MERRILL ' S ten speed. TOTAL DFM CONSUMED BY TWO LM 2500 ' S less than the MOJO consumed in Olongapo TOTAL MINES DESTROYED BY HELO DET 2 TOTAL ROUNDS EXPENDED ON MINES BY HELO DET 2,000,000,000 TOTAL COOKIES MADE 32,058 TOTAL COOKIES EATEN 29,712 TOTAL COOKIES TOSSED 28,895 NUMBER OF MISSILES FIRED AT THE USS FORD NUMBER OF TIMES CHAFF WAS LAUNCHED TWICE [WAY TO GO MR. P.] NUMBER OF TIMES 0S1 CRONIN ASKED TO HAVE HIS PICTURE IN THE CRUISE BOOK I LOST COUNT NUMBER OF TIMES 0S1 CRONIN ' S PICTURE IS IN THE CRUISE BOOK ' ONCE " 79 ■Mn CRUISE BOOK STAFF i : I, ■ Mil " ir ' ' jfcwiliiT ' " EDITOR RICHARD KURTZ PHOTORAPHER RICHARD KURTZ LAYOUT DESIGN RICHARD KURTZ WRITER RICHARD KURTZ ARTIST RICHARD KURTZ TYPIST TOM REIKOWSKI, RICHARD KURTZ 9 80 % Arabia Kenya ts . U.S.S.R SE ] 0KHC5 Mongolian Republic «¥ ixv ' .c ' . China Afc paKisWi ' ' z India f M Taiwan " W (•kaohsiung . KONG - ARABIAN SEA Equator BAY OF BENGAL Si » subic, cl (7 ' Philipines GUAH( Golden Shellback SEYCHELLES DIEGO GARCIA S i Tropic of Capricorn INDIAN PERTH Tasmania Kerguelen 7 H J x i BERING SEA V NORTH PACIFIC of Cancer lOlden Dragon % Christmas Island I (Lcfuator % h Phoenix , Islands ' . « 4e o Fiji Islands V » O I Samoa Islands Oo. ' « ! . ' « . ' « . Tahiti •oi SOUTH PACIFIC SYDNEY iiS WELLINGTON United States LONG BEACliff | lEGOT %,. % Equator TRACK MAP OF USS FORD (FFG-54) PERSIAN GULF CRUISE 1987-88

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