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M Q 85- A6 IV A2145 Xfownvacwow NU fa I X H Q. H 5. Q xy W5 ?5UV2,yXJAW'VJ jj QF! .WJ3 fylfxfy Ny dy Wi fgwmfyb WO U J 3 MWXIGLYQ XS- jyjirfffftjfg M, QU' By wmv Clif ffvwj XV! J ly X PQ NXM3Vy,7 I ik q X XJ W' ,"' XR ' A' gg .' ,: : -' i' ' ' 1 ,K v gg' 'Z' 9 i Af 3 71?-R h A If . 5 -fl-f ', , 91' JY-4..fru.-og,2..4,4, 0-f , w'1,Q, .Di lvwsa A i sl cw NQQXX ffaynjy gffyfqfy Q1 W ff'4c""'C"Q Q it 55, . ficifp,-7, MU 44,1 4 ,ag Wim' f l f, JJJMX W,q,,,w . W ,Q 'V 'w ! .1 P H an Y -.fl J 5 , l It 16 is ,f 1 1 '-'J gg, . fi WW W ' ' 'l""+ V my z':f5.,s':,""91, .4953 5 l.ui3?:. mv- vig. E gm--:ns 'vgqvqqw 5' , fm' 1. 'H :f" f fn"-' ,R , , ve.-4-Qi5::..A1 J., ...-1H3gk'5'fp- - ' 5 " - 4 ' ' -Q -4 .Esqi -4.1. 1- W -':. '.- 'v- -. , ?b ' ' L, f 1 X ' 3 ', , H' , K L I 1 I u B 1 1 77' NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY EIGHT Published By The Senior Class Of gy FORD CITY HIGH SCHCOL CJ Ford City, Pennsylvania K 'If Co-Edito rs Janet Salankiewic z - Helenmarie Palombo Business Mana er J g Ma.ri1ynT k J A ' Harl S -1 -1-qi, L. . 5'- S ,Lg S if 1 L, , , my A Y L L k m f . 1 .Q If www? f 1 L L 1.x,, . ,f ,X L 5 . 1 3 154 4 ,L , L V' M' .' H g T L Q' L L,- VL , iq, W , LLLL K if LQSVW Tfifffv-53: ff 7 - i. i il Q A T53 gmfxf,-L33 ff N . : -,5L.- iw- x I - H, all LL , f el x:L,,WL-, R M M ff 1 S-sr ei: - M:x,.LLLL-K.-N ,L f.-F.,-fwws-4 12 V . i A Lf 'ff 11 .W-M L v if -Tv 262 Q 1 ,- i f " 'f-.www-H.-,, 'pf .f,4M,,VW,m jf'4'.s.': L.-li z . ww - .mf FOREWORD e passed, years of joy, small troubles, and beautiful memories. Now we are seniors d , an a new life is beckoning to us. No more will we enter the sheltering doors of Ford Cit H' h y ig School. We're on our owng we trust We're ready. Twelve years hav Your editors and staff hope that in some small way we have compiled a book of remembrances that will be read and treasured for a lifetime. CONTENTS Administration and Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Music Activities Sports Student Life Ads 4 qs A xfkw VQMWQ, 'S 4 ww ffl:',, U a 4:21250 .J if, ,i .i .gag DEDICATION Our s e ni or English te ac he r , Miss Joan Puhala, has shown leadership, perseverance, and understanding. Every senior English student feels that he has received individual instruction during classes. She has never been too busy to answe r anyone's question. We feel we have received from her a lasting foundation for the future. May this book serve as a lasting mem ory of a class that will never forget her. We, the class of 1958, are proud to dedicate our Trireme to you, Miss Joan Puhala. 6 IN MEMGRY OF Ruth Marie Ludwick was born June 25, 1940 and was taken from us on March 15, 1955. She will always be remembered and loved by her old friends from St. Mary's and her new friends from Ford Cityl-Iigh. We, the Class of 1958, hope that in some small way this yearbook will serve as a lasting memorium to a very deserving person. PQ Q i 7 Wm' J.. 2253 ...M fiffg Mflzf mfs: slr?-gig E ES -Z I.??5,i W fs 15 fm? ' E S 51 'sqfgvf " ff-ff'hT J 1:5 eg z ge. Q WM, ww, 3435. L., J H ,Q gg U53 5:9 .1 V 575 5 W-wwfmgggsg ' X 1 'K' f- 4 fps? ., + - I . ' 1. 1513: K5 1-13 ff- , 3,1 W in , 3 A A 51 .i 2 My 2,5 V' ifliktg Q, ffl ' , if K1-fgigs. JIQML . , f' Li pl 5 5 sms x . ggi 5 . fix wifQ3fM K 'Y ..f" ,T if fy-4 msn , 1 we M X .- if ig ..,, 'iz 55? sf? -, 3' ,1 f' fr if 'hi 'X 2 ,s 2 XE? fax X sf 1 3 e if 9? ,f ,QS S gg N . Q , Weir X' 1555 1 via, .w'1lN4x., 1 55 sf? ,sl 3 fs 'e 1 L sf e'swr" 9 .S of -- my 3 ,gs 1 r.N5'im g fl! if - --AJ 5 5 w xi My ' . . N ' f - 'Xl' V New 3 F Q T 5 2 gl' .g ,Q A , . Q -,twzir-f ug 4 :QQ ff ff f' fl: t f"f.Zff :pa ff fy SI-5, 2 ffiiffu zu U fgl' f ! .If Wig i sa imp: he ff- .31 . Flew me Q E! 7 i n fm Q 14 'uf """ , Wy, I as 4"' sg nz 5 R 5, IfL W s t 5?'h ng,! ,Ei aff ,fm gi: gi nz 5 -4 5 s in Q X341 S 5 J FACULTY 9 Willis Baum Superintendent of Schools ADMINISTRATION To the Senior Class of 1958. Your entranc e into the High School some years ago marked a significant milestone in your personal achievement. Again, you have met ob- stacles, accepted opportunities, and gained ac- complishment. Now you have come to anothe r signpost marking the way of life. What you have done as individuals and as groups in classrooms, on the stage, gymnasium and athletic field has become a part of the his- tory of Ford City High School. Now, we hope, too, that you have caught here inspiration that will give you courage to face difficulties, mental power that will direct your energies to helpful purposes, and faith in the essential rightness of mankind. Raymond E. Miller 10 To the Seniors of the Class of 1958. Graduation from high school is a delightful occasion for you. I know from experience that for years to come you will think of your days at Ford City High Scnool. You should remember that until you have done the best you can do in whatever you undertake, you have not done well enough. Itis the hope of your superintendent that your school has helped you develop your talents and has helped to recognize your capabilities. I also hope that you have been inspired to seek your goal to the best of your ability. As you go forth from Ford City High School, remember that you will have certain obstacles to overcome, oppor- tunities to be accepted or rejected. Sometimes the thing to be accomplished might seem impos- sible, but by combining constant interest, un- tiring work, and great determination, that goal called SUCCESS will be reached. Willis Baum Raymond E. Miller High School Principal -JM Back Row: Samuel Yount, William Emmonds, William Thornton, D, L. Duff, Albert R., Pechan. Front Row: Andrew F. Shaul. John Mclntosh, W. T. Allison, Floyd DeLong, Margaret Mongavin, BCARD OF EDUCATION Miss Mongavin Secretary of Board ll .,,. ' 1- R Robert Adams Mechanical Drawing B.S. M. Ed. California S.T.C, Univ. of Pittsburgh Lewis Buyers Science B.S. Indiana S, T. C. Margaret Aubrey Paul Caruso U.S. History Mathematics B.S. B.S. M. Ed. Duquesne University Clarion S, T, C. Sara Ethel Baker Walter Charley Social Studies Driver Training Civics B.A. B. S. Westminster College Indiana S,T,C. Estelle Beckwith John J. Christy Music Penmanship Health Physical Education B.S. M. Ed. B.A. Univ. of Pittsburgh Flow College lZ li' XL SYSTEM ' 1 ti ' K W-.. Y'fk A M' 'J' gh. .Ja ' oi I Y N Margaret Claypool Guidance Counselor B.S. M. Ed. Indiana S,T.C. Univ. of Pittsburgh Henry Dietz Home and School Visitor B.S. M, Ed. Indiana S,T,C. Univ. of Pittsburgh Elizabeth C. Cogley English B.-A. Westminster College George Dupierreux Wood Shop Univ. of Pittsburgh 5' gfwid Ann Davenport Math. English B.A. Thiel College Thomas Lowell Dean Science Biology B.S. Indiana S. T.C. Besse Ekis Civics Clarion S.T.C. VN X I , Nuff 4 Juliana Gardill English Spanish B.S. Lock Haven S,T.C. 1 5 ef' me K.. it i lt Q George Glarner Alfr ed S. LoAlbo Mathematics Bookkeeping Health Physical Education W' f g B S B S C I K A C Indiana S, T. C. o n Slippery Rock S, T,C 'Sly 39 . A Q ,eww ,ggi Q ' 55 as : if if 3 - E 'fi 'yi ' i ,, '-'i f L Lois B. Green Mathematics Typing Anna Longweu B.S. Temple University Charles E. Gregory Mathematics B.S. M, Ed. Grove City College Univ. of Pittsburgh Sewing Gloria Mc Cleary Librarian B.S. Clarion S. T. C. ks, p 12" Chester Gurski Kathleen Mc Coy Hi story Mathematic s glaghematics B.S. MJ-J' ' .' Indiana S T C Ind S.T.C. ' ' ' lam Univ. of Pittsburgh , 14 I fililaf- Qfhiia ' , I Se Josephine Myers History Indiana S, T, C. Suzanne Myers English Speech B.A. Grove City Martha Painter English B.A. Univ. of Pittsburgh Michael Petronchek Instrumental Music B.S. M, Ed. Indiana S.T.C. Penn State Univ. Joan Puhal a English B.S. M, Ed Indiana S, T, C. Univ. of Pittsburgh 1 X Jesse Rhines Geography Clarion S. T. C. ! Vi 1 W ,-Q14 -J W, I, xx' 1 i 4 Hubert Rupert Biology Health B.S. M. A. ' Univ. of Illinois Univ. of Pittsburgh Stanley Scanlon English B.S. Indiana S. T.C. Claire Schaffer School Nurse R, N. Allegheny General Hospital f 7"WZi1dred schau :J Georgraphy Arithmetic Indiana S, T.C. Frank Shaffer Art B.S. Indiana S,T.C. M ZM9 QMS M527 Theodore Shakley Mathematics B.S. Indiana S,T.C. Q 9' A 1 g, 1 Univ. of lllinoi s -N I Margaret Shubert Commercial Univ. of Pittsburgh lk ro ,...,,. fu I lj 4 " I ,, Av -. luring--v,L4,.. we ' L s John Simmons Physical Education B.S. MN-lv? . f' A cfif-bwf'-flf 4 Georgiann Smith Home Economics X r B.S. Indiana S. T.C. fx if A1 Harold Sowers Science B.S. M. Ed. Bethany College Univ. of Pittsburgh 4 KRS 'iv Alice Steiner ' sn VLLVV Latin World History C f i B,A, M.A, '.,, Ei Univ. of Pittsburgh JL-'5, Columbia University ia Q A. I ii? ,P H W t,.' 1 1 Martin Thompson Choral Music B.M.Ed. Illinois Wesleyan Univ. . X If 1 dna Tylinski Reading j ,J Indiana S,T.C. Indiana S T C Glenna Ward George Martucci English Geography Ind13,n3, S. 'I'.C. Indiana S T C if "Wadi-W' Richard White Student Teacher S I ecretary Ind1ana S, T, C. Mrs. Klingensmith Secretary Janet Mechling Mrs. Kettl Secretary it Mrs. Helgren .xx ' U S . Q, pg c Y4, c vflff' V115 c ' 1 I First row: Mr. Renaldo, Mr. Emery. Second row: Mr. Flick, Mr. Bowser, Mr. Frick. ...J More bounce to the ounce! 19 I A Ill Gene Lazaroff Janet Salankiewicz President Vice President CLASS OFFICERS OF 1958 Rosalie Dragan C31'01 BTOWR Secretary T1'63.Sl11'e1' Q 20 :V gif, MQ Y N ,Z Q i A 7 Q S N f cs ? X' I X s IV! f v I QL f V? ' pl- 7 SE IORS , - . APN, -- wi.. Senior Horneroorn Chairmen Left to Right: Rnbert Senior Class Advisors fs y Y .0.. Yount, Helene Cesare, Lewis Bosco, 0 ,Elf i ia.. 9 .ii O George Rovnyak Left to Right: Mr. Glam-ner, Mr. Adams, Miss Puhala, Mr. Sowers. ,pn-W ""'-vnu... JAMES ASAY - "Ace" Tops as tackle on Varsity foot- ba11...Favorite subject---Girls! !! Service bound...Loves to have his picture taken...Can be found with Deadeye, Neut, Catch, and Gump... Neat dancer. MICHAELENE BLONDEAUX "Duchess" Vibrant alto voice,..Loafs in that '57 Ford...Life of the party... Takes pains in doing her Book- keeping...Librarian for Chorus... Best friends are: Janet, Diane, and Nuggets. 'fb- iz ' ..fz g ,, '+R if DONNA KAY BERGH - "Donna" Marion Center's loss our gain... Misses cheerleading...Blue eyes with sweeping lashes qualify her for prettiest eyes...V.P, of Gregg Club...Plans business course at college...Nice to know. SENIOR CLASS JAMES BAKER - "Bones" Cruises around in the blue Pontiac with Jiffy, Hollywood, and Russ... Loafs at the Ford City Dairy Cen- ter...Always cutting up in study halls...Will he enter the Air Force? PAUL AUGUSTINE - "Basil" One of our Intel1ects...Favorite subject is Trig...Member of the Slide Rule Club...Future--College ...Another sportsman who enjoys hunting and fishing...Buddies are Dave, Charley, and Lew. JANET BOARTS - "F1uter" Will take up History at I.S.T.C .... Always "Rush"ing around.,.Merry girl whom we have selected our "Most Talented",..Hauls Patsy, Bette, Nancy, Marilyn, Sandy, and Donna around in her "jewel". . 2, K t gj y A 'Ihr 15 . BARBARA BOGUSLAWSKI "Barb" Quiet but nice...Neve r re st s in Gym class...Can be found behind the counter at Murphey's...Pals with Pat, Mary, Sue, and Ronnie... Mad Trireme typist. 6.0 JACK BOARTS - "Ripper" Just loves hunting and boat riding Seen with Ed, Bill, Ross, and Joe ...Says his favorite subject is Art . ..Fortunate member of the all boys homeroom...Friend to all. mm ARNOLD BLYSTONE - "Bly" Hails from ff309...One of the quiet- est boys in our class...Plans to be a mechaniC...Favorite pastime is hunting...A whiz in mathematics... Has no special heart interest. ROSA LEE BRANDSTETTER IlROSeyll Aspires to be a Nurse ...One of F.C.'s famous triplets...Usually seen walking to school with Pat... One of Kling 's crew...Loves to cook...Writes letters to that special SOTYICOHC . JOAN BONETTI - "Joanie" Prettiest hair and flashing eye make up this attractive lass...In- separable with Carol and Dottie.. Has a friendly smile for all.. Hopes to be an Airline hostess. THE 1958 LEWIS BOSCO - "Bosco" Will make the trip to l.S.T.C. nexi fall...Works at Andy's Market.. Good Joe...Active member oi Student Council...Enjoys hunting and fishing...Friend to all. ARTHUR BREUER - "Spider" Looks neat in that D rum Major uniform...Always c rui s ing with Gene, Chuck, Rich, and Nick in the Big Chrysler...Couldn't wait until' ba sketb all season rolled around...Chorus member. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT BUCK - "Bob" Member of Vocal department and Toastmasters Club...Likes swim- ming, boating, and driving...His- tory rates his favorite subject... Pals are Jim and John...Wants tc, join the Coast Guards. ggi". CAROL BROWN - "Brownie" Treasurer of Senior Class...Al- ways writing letters to Ohio... Never seenwithout Joan and Dottie ...Princess of Jr.-Sr. Prom... Takes great pains in fixing her hair...Nice! !! DIANE BUFFONE - "Diane" Plans to enter nurses' training...A mostpleasant and agreeable gal... One of our snappy rnajorettes.J. Can be found in the company of "Nuggets", "Duchess" and Janet. Wi' EDWARD BRYANT - "Ed" Everyone 'S friend. . .Forever help- ing others with their Math...Teams with Johnny for the best Student Council ever...College bound stu- dent...Seldom seen without lim, Norm, Bill, John, and Gene. JOHN CACURAK - "Chach" Agood contribution to our football squad...Makes the sawdust fly in woodwork...Thatwavy hair will do wonders in those Navy blues...En- joys hunting...Jokes around witlr Gump, Ficky, Deadeye, and Ace. S ilu- S WAYNE CARBERRY - "Wayne" This attractive, talented lad adds to the F.C. band and the Thunder- ers...College bound...Gets blisters fromour newfast cadence...Livens up any study hall ...Pals with Larry, Bob, and Larry. C' JUDY CRAWFORD - "Juge" Forever writing letters to Harvey ...Runs around with Nancy, Carol, Bid, and Ronnie...Neat dresser... Types up a storm in ff315..Likes to Roller Skate. 5 .1 5 2 HELENE CESARE - "Cesare" Gifted withawonderful alto voice... Claims Cadogan will someday be a g r e a t metropolis...Hopes to put her commercial subjects to use... Pals with Kathy, Barb, Patricia, and Pinky. LARRY CULP - "Larry" Will make a good army man... Humorous at the wrong times... Has a fobia for muddy roads Marches in front of the Band as a Color Guaz-d...Nice! DALE CLOAK - "Silas" This tall fellow likes to hunt and fish...Plans after graduation-- U.S. Marines...Loafs at B y e r ' s Esso with Lefty, Bubbles, and Simon... Plays e x C elle nt trumpet in the Orchestra. THEl951 PATRICIA CUNNINGHAM - "Pat' Writes letters to a certain sailor... Wonder Who? 7 '?NeVer seen with- out Shirley, Jean, and Carole.., Thinks Bookkeeping is tops! ! ! Re- ports for the Glass-Ip...Trireme salesgirl. ri 3 Q E 3 . qw MTW wx DAVE DAUGHERTY - "Doc" F riendly to all...Car washer at Brightmeyei-'s...One of our more athletic Senior-s...Hard worker for Junior Class Play...One of our hill- toppers.,.Thinks Marilyn is tops. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT EMMONDS - "Bubbles" A real handsome fella who was rightfully cho s e n our "Most at- :ractive"...Loafs with Lefty, Silas , and Simon at Byer's...Familiar face on the Prom Court...One of :ur mighty football players. BRENDA JOYCE DAVIES - "Pinky' Much fun when Pink's around... Well deserved of the title "Most Hurr1orous"...Hopes to be a beauti- cian...Pals with Carole, Jean, and J'im...Collects recoi-ds...Totedtwo heads in the Junior Class Play. FAYE DAVIS - "Faye" Apencil and her hand make mira- Cles...Co-Editor of the Glass-Ip... Keeps that wavy hair neat...calm, cool, and collected ...Pals with Nancy, Sue, Mary and Bunny. NORMAN EDWARDS "Long Daddy" Familiar fa c e on the basketball court...Comes to school from the lower-end with Spike, Beans, and Fat-mar1...Active in all sports... Adds much to that tenor section. NORMAN FAIR - "Duke" Atrue Sportsman who likes to hunt and fish...Travels to school on that "well-behaved" Cadogan bu s ! ! ! Alway s seen at dances...Keeps company with Gainor and Bosco. r .K 1 if CAROL DOMS - "Carol" Plans to be an X- Ray Technician... Sharp looking cheerleader ...G.A.A. t r e a. su r e r ...Enjoys working at Kling ' s ...Neve r seen without Helenmarie , Pat, Elaine, and Jes se ...Makes frequent trips around the 600 block. ED FICTHORN - "Bub" Familiar face in room 1543O3...Pals with Chachy, Gump, Jack, Cuggles ...Can't wait until hunting season rolls around...Has high hopes of joining the Navy...Quiet but very friendly. JERRY FERGUSON - "Deadeye" This small but "mighty" lad quali- fies for our "Most Athletic" ...Al- ways seen in that green and white "pick-up"...Able captain of our football team...Tops in water sports...Friend to all. NANCY EMMONDS - "Nance" Constantly writing letters--who's the lucky guy? ? ?Always trying to convince us that she delivers pa- pers...One of the chosen fewwho have Bookkeeping II...Well liked by all. 1 ,. Q1 ji ROSALIE DRAGAN - "R.osie" D y n a mic head cheerleader fe basketball s e a s o n ...Sweet, nee and spirited...Composes our "Mc Attractive" girl...Familiar face Prom and Snowball courts...Se ior Class secretary...Usually se cruising in the "Olds", THE 195 DONALD FOX - "Foxy" Thinks typing class is tops! notworking at the A 81 P can ' found loafing at the Dairy Cent! with Chuck, Ted, Joe, Nick, T01 Rich at Mo. RICHARD GAINOR - "Dick" Always at 511 Fith Avenue...Really works wonde r s in Woodwork... Claims his hobby is loafing'?'?'? Jokes around with Joe, Vic, 81 Jack ...Put many hard working hours in the band! ! ! SENIOR CLASS CLYDE GIBSON - "Gib" .ikes the peaceful like of walking hrough the woods...Alwa.ys seen vith Bob, Don, and Reed...A real lard worker for the F.T.A...One rf our contributions to I.S.T.C... lice. 1-his-. A 4 Sli: 1 A 55? A if z ' , yr 7, , ,f eff Q 9 I f i BARBARA ERKENS -"Barb" Makes frequent t rip s to 5314... Recording Secretary of the Gregg Club...Keeps her love-life to he r- self...Herbest friend is Marlene... Enjoys d rivin g that green Ply- mouth around the Cadet. CAROL FAIR - "Carol" Attends out of town dances with Bid, Ronnie, Judy, Mary, and Marge...E nj o y S rollerskating... A pioneer of Cadogan...Quietuntil you get her s ta rted ...Took the Commercial Course. 1123? BOB GARBARINO - "Garbo" Can be found behind the counter at the Ford City A 8: P...Buddies are: Wayne, Larry, Doc,and Tim requent visitor at Betty's house...Tuffa.rtist...A real cut-up in classes. NORMAN GOLDINGER - "Goldie" Usually seen with "Little John," "Russo," and Buriak at the Cadet in the "T" Bird...Tuff on the Grid- iron...Active memberof the Tum- bling Club...Works at Heilman and Bailey's. I I? 5 5. S RONALD GRANTZ - "Ron" Pals with "Neut, George and Bill ...Claims his favorite subject is Speech...Likes writing letters... Honors our Chorus by being a baritone soloist...Neat dancer. N K' BETTY FISCUS - "Bettsy" Hails from 15f303...Favorite sub- jects--Bookkeeping and sewing... Car-hop at Cieply's Drive-ln... Enjoys driving that new car! !! Member of F,H,A, and sewing club ...Friends are Loretta and Mary. JOYCE FARESTER - "Joyce" Can never be seen without Jacquie ...enjoys driving that big "Merc" ...Ambitious student council sec- retary...Future Business Admin- istration student at I,S,T.C .... Aids the clarinet section in the band... Nice to know. JONATHAN GRINDER "Little John" Great Sportsman...L0a-fS with Russo, Buriak, Wayne and Goldie ...Marine enthusiast...Claims his favorite subject is girls!! !Very able on the gridiron...Ready when hunting season comes...Pleasant classmate. I l RICHARD GREER - "Dick" Diligent worker at "Kling's Dru! Store...Proud of his woodworl projects...Enjoys his hobbies o collection model cars, stamps and coins...Seen with Luxy, Bill Maice, Dick and Joe. THE 1951 PATSY GLESK - "Pats" This very active and aggressiv lass claims the title "Most Lead ership"...An asset to any gather ing...Pals with Fluter, Marilyn and Nance...Nea.t dancer...F,N,A president...Future lady in white. 5 5 Y r i J. if NANCY GUTHRIE - "Nance" Oneof Mr. Charley's mad drivers .. .Seldomseen without Belle, Rose, or Carolyn...Always goes skating at the rollercade...Enjoys baby-sitting.,.Member of photo- graphy club...Future--unknown. SENIOR CLASS ROBERT HEILMAN - "Bob" Future Perry Mason! ! !Can be seen at Carley's or driving around in his Car...One of our more in- tellectual members...Ed, Gene, Jack and Ron are his pals. Muni, MERWYN GUTHRIE - "Goose" Very talented musician...Keen sense of humor...Physics rates high with him...College bound... Buddies are Jim, Ed, and John... Appears to be quiet...Tall lad and friendly, too. SANDRA HILEMAN - "Sandy" The sho r t e s t girl in the Senior class...AlWays writing letters to Ron...Seldom seen without Mari- lyn, Nancy, Shirley and Mary Ann ...A cute gal who is nice to know. HELEN HEASLEY - "Blondie" Hopes to put her commercial sub- jects to use...A nice girl that gets things done promptly...Confides in Ruth and Deanna..."Attentive" in c1ass...Not as shy as she pre-- tends to be. C' GEORGE HILTY - "George" Art and he are best friends...Will go into mechanic s after graduation ...Competition for William Tell... Ac tiv e on Noontime Recreation Committee and Gymnastics Club... Once his friend always his friend, 'Wd' .- :z 5:g1g::1..Z!"Q11's:3wi ,, Q :fi :Q Q X, sc, i A ' p E - , .-.. w : x ,. ..e:m"f?..2:w-f ' ' , -:. . is 5 'Ha . ,. c. .. A . - V, . if -' , , 5 1 . .. s- , f. ,. i- - c ' gf g: x ' 1 f t l s . ..,. i Q, f ' - .iii '31 fi gf , Q - 5 gas. .. ye , . 325 fs ' S' j 'eff . 'X - H12 li, E WILLIAM HILTY - "Will Ed, Vic, and Tom are usually near this smiling senior...Spends his spare time woodcarving...His am- bition is just to graduate...Swell to know. JOHN HOWLETT - "Hilow" Diligent F,'I',A, worker...He'd be happy if his only subject were Physics...Two ofhis favorite pas- times are gardening and science... Friends are Ron, Bill, and Keith... Future--I.S.T,C, NANETTE HROMADIK - "Bunny" Home Ec. rates as her favorite subject...Has a host of friends... Aspires to be an X-ray technician ...Upholds a wonderful disposition ...Best friends are Mary, Donna, and Nancy...Nice to know. VIRGINIAHYNICK - "Ginnie Mae" Claims her f av o r it e subject is Typing...Hopes to become a Tele- phone operator after graduation... Hobbies are dancing and writing letters...Can usually be seen with Lois and Rose...Quiet but nice. TOM HOLIZNA - "Hozo" Will do justice to Air Force blue ...Spends spare time with Carol. Beams all over with personality. Chosen "Best Dressed" boy i senior class...Ask him about hi fourth Christmas. THE 1958 WILLIAM HULINGS - "Bill" This friendly lad can be sei working behind the c ount e r lsaly's...One ofour intellectuals I-Iails from Manorville...A whiz mathernatics...Will make an e: cellent Air Force Recruit! !! ' -iw irlle ' . sz J ,QB 1 ROSEMARIE JANKOWSKI "Rosie" r smiling face can always be en behind the counter at the tional Bake ry...C1aims her fav- lte subject is "Boys"...Occa- mally found with Gladys, Meda lle, and Nancy...Nice to know. SENIOR CLASS CHARLES .TANOVSKY - "Chuck" Averyfriendly lad who aspires to go to college or the Armed Forces ...Dependable employee of the A Sr P...Those laughing eyes can brighten anyone's day...Liked by all. PATRICIA KLIMKOWIC Z "Joe" "Wisha" Hopes to attend college after grad- Small but dynamic...Plans to be a 1ation...A regular outdoorsman Who beautician after high school...Often enjoys hunting and fishing...Mem- :er of the all boys homeroom... Thinks History is tops...Buddies are Vic and Dick...Quiet. V seen at Gary's with Judy and Eileen...Active member of Girls' lntramurals..Mad Trireme sales- girl...Friend to all. IRENE JOHNSON - "Mousie" Claims her favo r it e subject is Eng1ish...Plans to be a beautician ...Loves dancing...Loafs at Dinty Moore's with Kathy, Judy, and Shirley...Usual1y seen driving her dad's car. K' FRANCIS KARL - "Butch" Walks to school with Bill, Ted, and Jirn...Holds a prominent position in the towns scouting program... Responsible for many pictures in Trireme...A regular outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing. he ,.. ,. I I tif JOHN KERR - "Pinhead" Ambition and dependability gave himthe title "Most Leadership".,, Aspires to go to college...Year round athlete...Thinks Typing is topS...Always willing to lend a helping hand,..Ab1e Student Coun- cil president. VERONICA KRIZMAN - "Ron" Dependable clerk at Keystone Shoe Store...Says her favorite subject is Sammy ? '? ?Pals are Punkie, Smitty, and Judy...Mad typist for the T ri r e m e ...Swell girl with a sharp sense of humor. SONJA KLINGENSMITH llsandyll Joyce andBarb are always near this smiling Senior.,.Active mem- ber of G,A,A...Claimsher favorite subjectis English? 7 '?Good work- er for Trireme...Has high hopes of becoming a typist. ROBERT KLINGENSMITH llGurnpVl Ambition is just to graduate... Quiet when girls are around...Sel- dom s e en without Chach, Ace, Fick, and Huffy...Often seen driv- ing his Ford,..Plans to enter the service...Nice to know. f RONALD KING - "Ron" Hails from ff309...Typing rate high as his favorite subject...O1 ten seen loafing at Risher' s...Bes fr i end s are Gerald and Fred. Member of Slide-rule club...Qui1 and nice to know. THE 195 KATHRYN KUNKLE - "Kathy" The lucky man that gets her for secretary! ! !Personality ju shines in her eyes...Shadows ai Helene, Dee, and Francie... member of Future Homemakei of America...Nice Smile. 'MP if . ' J ' 'rlsrr . ...T A +'wsweQ'f-:ii - -. F7 . - , ps 1551 , Y . if si f- JS:'Iin-1is'!.?.L1fist?-'21 , 3 J. f -as ' :ff -an A ff RICHARD KUBATKO - "Rich" This good-looking lad can be seen driving around the Cadet in his Mercg..I-Iailsfromf1f3OZ...Business staff member...College bound... Collects jazz records...Knows the way to 700 block blind-folded. SENIOR CLASS JOHN LEVRIO - "Butch" Those big brown eyes won for the title "Prettiest Eyes"...Depend- able clerk at the Kittanning Kroger Store...State s his hobby as just riding around in the Big Chrysler ...Nice. LORETTA KUNST - "Loretta" Hails from Ridge Avenue...Best friends are Betsy, and Betty Kay ...Says her favorite subject is study hall! I !ls contented just loaf- ing athome...Lovesto cook.,.Quiet and nice. CAROLE LAUGHNER - "Caro1e" Vocation is nursing...Neat with a swell personality...Loafs at F,C, Dairy Center with Jean and Pinky ...One ofourhigh-stepping major- ettes...English andHome-Ee. rate high with her. EUGENE LAZAROFF - "Gene" Afriendly disposition won him the title "Most Popular"...Smooth on basketball court...Reigned as King of the Freshman Prom...Excels in sports...Senior Class president... Really nice to know. CP WILLIAM LUX - "Luxy" Would like to go to college Well deserves the title "Most Talented" ...Plays piano for the "Mello Tones" and organ in his church... A friend to a1l...A real riot!!! JOYCE YOUNT - "Joyce" Barb, Sandy, and She make a threesome...Has highhopes of be- coming a beautician...l-lard work- ing staff member...Home-Ec. is her favorite subject...Active member of G,A,A, and F.H.A. SHIRLEY MCJUNKIN - "Shirl" Attended Beautician School last summe 1' ...Will wear a wedding band soon...Neat dresser ! ! ! Sandy, Marilyn, Nancy and she are a foursome...Cashier at State The- ater...Likes to sew. GLADYS MCGUIRE - "Gladys" Senior Miss from if309...Kept bu sy with two jobs...Says her favorite subjectis Gym...Faithful member of F,H,A, and sewing club. Loafs with Rose, Nancy, Dolly and Mabel. Quiet and nice. MERLE MCKELVEY - "Moke" An army enthusiast...Ambition is just to graduate...Favorite sub- ject? ? ?Study Hall! ...Found loaf- ing at Wrays with John, Jack, Ink, and Sam...Ev e r yo n e enjoys his keen sense of humor. ' 4 - jfs. i, JOHN MCELWAIN - "Macky" This lad can be found working Croyle's...Well deserves the tit "Most Hu mo 1-ou s "...Played lf part well as the butler in the Juni Clas s Play...Everyone is lt friend. THE 1951 MARY MCKERNAN - "Bid" Keeps everyone laughing with f Sharp Sayings...Usually seer the Cadet with Carol, Mary, Ma.rgie...An1bitionisto be a be, tiCiE1H...Never rests in Gym cl, ...Nice to know. S Q . - ' ,, .. -- ,, ' 1 lffififgg t -P 11 -1 4? K 3 .. , -'raw ,-.l . z.-1, , ,i f ORVILLE MINTEER - "Heavy" BETTE MILLER - "Bets" gf' N LYNN MYERS - "Pappy" Came to us from Mars this year... Pals with Nancy, Carol, Fluter, Goes to town in woodwork class.. Main il'-f61'eBt is raCerS...SpendS and Bunny...Ourhead Cheerleader Dynamic member of gymnastics his spare time with Clyde, Bob, for football season...Plans to club...Will do justice to the Navy Reed and Rich...Faithful member marry Ron...Ac tiv e in sports... Blues...Can usually be found with of Future Farmers of America. Q Mad Trireme salesgirl...The cute Kenny, Cecil, Gary, and Jim.. SENIOR CLASS DAVID NEUTRELLE - "Neut" Always found in the gr e en and white pick-up with Ace and Dead- eye...Bookkeeping r at e s high as his favorite subject...Claims his hobbies are cars and women--We wonder! !! Our "Best Dancer". WA f president of G,A,A. PATRICIA MILLIGAN - "Pat" Will make a cute secretary after graduation...Can be seen with B a rb, Mary, Su e, and Nancy... Rates health as her favorite sub- ject--We wonder why! ! ! ! Really a nice girl to know. Really nice. JIM NEUTRELLE -- "Neut" September will see him at I.S,T,C. ...Keen sense of Humor! !-! Always with Ro g g e r and Ron...Sparkles with personality! ! ! Vice- Presi- dent of Chorus and Modern Music Masters...A smile for all. JOSEPH NICKLEACH - "Nick" Has highhopes of entering college ...Often seenbehind the counter at theA 81 P...Says his favorite sub- ject is T1'ig...Seen at the Cadet with "the gang"...Nice to know. RAYMOND ONOFREY - "Rim" U nd e c id e d about the future...A regular outdooi-sman...Loafs at Aldo ' s Pool Plac e with Dave, Moss, and Hozo...Claims his fav- orite subject is Senior science... Quiet until you get him started. .rlgimfw .TACQUIE MINTEER - "Sleepy" Joyce and she are inseparable... Enjoys driving that new Plymouth ...Real neat dancer!! !Future is college...One of our snappy major- ettes...Loafs at WrayS...Swell kid to know...Yearbook staff member. BARBARA MOORE - "Barb" Joyce, Sandy, and she are a three- some...Whiz in Bookkeeping and typi11g...V.P. of G,A,A,..Is a real person to know!!!Officework after graduation...Too busy to loaf. ROBERT YOUNT - "Bob" This friendly, good-looking lad may be found in the company oi Chuck , Gene, and Bob...Worthy president of N.H.S...Future Col- lege...Too active to loaf...One oi our intellects. THE 1955 WADE PATSUE - "Wade" Usually seen loafing in Wrays... Supported Bass section of Chorus for four years...County Chorus re- presentative...Health rates as his fav o r i t e subject...l-lobbies are model planes and women! ! ! 'Ns s 2 , WILLIAM PENDLETON - "Spike" Will probably get a scholarship for basketba1I...Best friends are Norm, Ed and Beans...Has a mil- lion dollar smile...Keeps that Tenor section lively...Favorite subject--Bookkeeping...Personal- ity plus. SENIOR CLASS EILEEN NOULLET - "Nuggets" Another contribution from F,C. I-I.S, to I,S,T.C...Ourhigh-stepping head majorette...Best friends are Janet, Duchess, and Diane...Loafs in Duchess's '57 Fo rd...Sweet, neat, and spirited...Sharp dresser PAT MORVIK - "Slugger" Danc e s up a storm...Wi11 enter Business School after graduation ...Fizzes sodas at the Pharmacy... Writesletters...Constantly carry- ing on! ! !Likes the typewriter.. Swell friend to know...Lively sense of humor. JAMES PORTERFIELD - "Port" Builds electronic gadgets...Plans to take up Physics at college...Oh! Those eyes! ! !Nice personality... Pals with Eddy and Goose...Con- tributes his talents to the Band... Is Nancy's steady. if-an-P RICHARD PETRUS - "Pete" Really works up a storm in wood- shop...Plans to get a job at the P.P.G, after graduation...I-Iappily married...Palswith Dick, Pig, and John...Nice to know. HELENMARIE PALOMBO "I-Ielenmai-ie" Hard-working editor of Trireme ...Her winning smile gave her the title "Nicest Smile"...Has a very pleasing personality..Wonderwhy shelikesfootball? '? ?Pledged four years to chorus. ws MARY PLANTS - "Mary" A high jumping cheerleader...One of Miss Shubert's girls...Claims her hobby is talking ...Favorite subject--H e alth ...Pals are Sue, Bunny, Pat, Donna and Barb. JAMES RICKET - "Jim" Friendly with a swell personality ...Will do justice to Navy Blue... Talented a.rtist...Buddies are Don and Smitty...Real neat dancer... Favorite loafing places are Wray'S. Gary' s and Cadet. EDWARD REITLER - "Ed" Very dependable and hard working s to ck boy at Aiidy' s ...Physics rates as his favo rit e subject... Future college student...Keeps all those grades right up at the top... Friend to all. JEAN RICE - "Jeanie" This tall and friendly miss can be found with Carol e, Pinky, and Slugger...C1aims her hobbies are swimming and dancing Guess what her favorite food is '? - - Pizza, naturally! I !Nice to know. CAROLE SUE REEFER - "Sue" Hails from 3303.-.Mary and sh are inseparable...Peache s an cream complexion...Co-editor c Gl a s s -Ip...States her hobby i "Making trouble"! ! !Futu r e LE T.C, student...Pledged two year to the Gregg Club. THE 1952 ARTHUR RIGGLE - "Peanut" Says his ambition is to be a bacl elor...A most quiet and friendf Senior...Enjoys hunting and fi shii ...Best friends are Ed, Georg Gene, and Torn...K.H.S. lossy ai gain. 19' ,,,, -'SS ROGER ROBINSON - "Butch" Talented artist...Keeps all amused with his remarks...States his hob- by is "just livin"...Bu ddie s are Earn, Joe, Dick, and Ji1'r1...Likes woodwork class...Easy going and swell boy to know. SENIOR CLASS MEDA BELLE ROUSH - "Belle" Member of G,A,A,, Library and Photography clubs...Says her hob- by is driving her Plymouth...Best friends are Nancy, Rose and Peach ...Part time job is baby-sitting... Claims her f av o r it e subject is Joe ? ? ?Nice. , 'mi NANCY RIGGLE "Nanc" Plans to put her commercial sub- jects to use...SWeet girl with a sparkling personality...Fortunate member ofN.H,S.,.G1'egg Club and Tri-Hi-Y memb e r ...Pal s are Pats, Judy, Jean and Faye. SAMUEL SCHRECENGOST "Sam" Gary, Jack, and Butch are usually near this smiling Senior..,Favor- ite hobby is cars...Drives around the truck for Woodie's,..Will do ju stic e to the Air Force blue... Friendly. GEORGE ROVNYAK - "Rogger" Seldom seen without Neut and Ron ...A real brain! ! !Supported Bari- tone s ection of chorus for four years...Will someday make a fine do c to r ...Ambitious president of Tri M...Pleasa.nt classmate. JANET SALANKIEWICZ - "Jan" A ready smile and pleasing per- sonality c ompo s e s ou r "Most Popular" girl...Putherheartinto her work as Trireme Co-editorand Senior clas s Veep...Always willing to lend a helping hand. is ROBERTA SANOBA - "Bobbie" Usually seen with Marilyn and Barb ...One of our quieter members ? ... Says her favorite subject is Eng- lish, but we know better!! !Future Secretary...Typist for the editor- ial staff. gr WILLIAM SI-IAFFER - "Pee Wee" Student manager for all sports... Friend to all...One of the loafers at Senopole's store...States typing as his favorite subj e c t ...Quiet , unfil you get him started. JAMES SENOPOLE - "Cess" Another college-bound student... Would be happy if his only class were Trigonometry...Works athis father's sto r e ...Loafs with Pee Wee, Buck, Go o s e , and Shake... Really tops in basketball...Nice. KAY SILVIS - "Zippy" Hails from Cadogan...Future se- cretary...Has an infectious per- sonality...N e v e r s e e n Without Wanda, Ronnie, or Sammy...Mem- ber of Gregg Club...A more petite member of our class. KATHLEEN SHAFFER - "Shafey Will rnake a real cute Air Lir HostesS...L0afs at Dinty Moore with Mousie and Marty...Will px her Home Economics to justic someday...Rightfully our "Mo Athletic." THE 1958 JOE SHIRING - "Joe" Basketball manager for four yea ...Active in Intrarnurals...Alwa with Nick, Ted, Rich, Chuck, Foxy...Quiet, but friendly...A.not er of our sportsmen who like hur ing and golfing. -illllh 'mf s .OBERT SIMMONS - "Lonesome" roy with the nicest smile...Fun to e with...Wants to go to college... Iember of F,T,A,,,Thinks typing s swel1...Runs around with Joe, lhuck, Don. SENIOR CLASS PATRICIA VALASEK "Pat" :oops ice cream at the Pharmacy .Plans to be a secretary...Loves talk...Totes all her troubles to elen Marie, Carol, Elaine, and :ssee...Favorite subject is horus. MARILYN LOUISE TURKO "Marilyn" Ourhard working Business Mana- ger...Fa.vorite subject is Trig ? '? ? ...Voted our Mo st Intellectual... Plants to take up teaching at col- lege,..Seen with B o bb i e, Patsy, Fluter, Barb, and Faye. VERNON THOMAS - "Sideburns" Always with Hank and Bob... Likes studyhalls ? '? '?Setsup pins at Mc- Cutcheon's Bowling All e y ...En- gaged...One of the more quieter boys of our class...Likes to hunt. CHARLES STUMP - "Chuck" Claims typing and speech are his favorite subjects--wonder why'??'? ...One of our faithful statisticians ...Hobby '? '? '? --Riding around with Elaine! ...S e en with Gene, Bob, Deadeye, Mo, Ace, or Shaffer. BARBARA LEE WADE - "Barb" Future Clara Barton...Rightfully deserves the title "Most Likely to Succeed"..'.Sec tion leader in Varsity Chorus...Likes to read... Tops in our Junior Class Play... Walks to school with Marilyn and Bobbie. EDWARD TREECE - "Tweedy" Plans to enter the Army...Active in Intrarnurals and tumbling club... Likes PhysicS...Friend to every- one...One of our mad outdoorsrnen ...Sparkling blue eyes...Makes fre- quent trips to Elderton. RUTH WILLIAMS - "Ruth" Pledged four years to the Tri-Hi-Y ...Plans to attend nursing school at But1e1'...One of the two Senior girls that has Physic s ...Best friends are Hel en and Dennia... Nice. JUDITH WAKEFIELD - "Judy" One of our peppy cheerleaders Aspires to be an X-ray technician ...T ake s frequent trips to Mary- land!! !Nice person to know...Good friends with Wisha and Eileen... One ofour more attractive lasses. JAMES WINGATE - "Beans" Will either go to college or trade- school...Areal pro on the basket- ball court...Make s the 8:29 H2 with Norm, Ed, and Spike...Makes the tenor section go to town...Per- sonality plus. 32 Ti E RICHARD VENT - "Dick" Will wear Navyblues...Areal live wire...Loafs with But c h , Jerry Dave, George...Favorite subjec Senior Science ? '? '?Enjoys huntin andfishing season...Always read for fun. THE 1951 FAY WOODSIDE - "Fay" Best friends are Sandy and Ina. Will enter business school...Bool keeping rates highest among h4 school subjects ... Hobbies--co lecting stamps and writing lette' ...Quiet in class. Vinum. . ' ,K Vlki .V K JUDY FREROTTE - "Judy" Claims her favorite subject is bookkeeping...P1ans after gradua- tion...secretaria1w ork ...C an be found loafing in Kittanning with Bernie, Joan, and ChriS...Co11ects pictures as a hobby...Member of library club. JUDITH WYANT - "Judy" Trudges to room 14314 dai1y...P1ans to make her commercial subjects usefu1...A very dependable clerk at the 5 and 1O...Has an infectious gigg1e...Best friends are Helen and Judy...Friend1y! 4' I Q , K2 . " ' B' alex MOST LIKELY TO SUCEED Barbara Wade George Rovnyak MOST HUMOROUS Pinky Davies John McE1wain IVXOST LEADERSHIP Patsy Ole sk John Kerr :Qs J MOST INTELLECTUAL Marilyn Turko Bob Hileman Bob Yount 46 SENIOI BEST DANCERS Pat Morvik Dave Ne utrelle I' MOST ATHLETIC Kathy Shaffer .Terry Ferguson MOST TALENTED Janet Boarts Bill Lux PERSONALITIES 4 A --.Ng ,fund l K- 49-M- PRETTIEST EYES Donna Bergh John Lcvrio MOST POPULAR Janet Salankiewicz Gene Lazaroff BEST DRESSED Shirley McJu,nkin Tom Holizna NICEST SMILE Helenmarie Palombo Bob Simmons PRETTIEST HAIR Joan Bonctti John Cacurak MOST ATTRACTIVE Rosalie Dragon Bob Emmonds 47 MOST PERSONALITY ' Mary Plants Chuck Stump SENIOR INDEX DONNA BERGH - Red Cross Representative: Cheerleader: Prom Committee: Junior Play: Christmas Play: Style Show: Centerama Staff: Camera Club: lMarion Center: Gregg Club: Trireme Editorial Staff. MICHAELENE BLONDEAUX - C h o r u s -l-Z-3-4: Trireme Business Staff: Junior Play Cast: Snow Ball Entertainment. JANET BOARTS - Band-l-Z-3-4: M.M.M.-2-3-4: G.A.A.-Z- 3-4: Orchestra-l-4: D r a m ati c s Club-3: F.T.A.-4: Sewing Club-4:Intramurals-l-2-3-4: Junior Play Crew: Freshman Chorus: Trireme Editorial Staff. BARBARA BOGUSLAWSKI - Freshman Chorus: Intramurals: F.A.A.: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Trireme Editorial Staff: Jr. Play Crew. JOAN BONETTI - Freshman Chorus: Ensemble and Octet: Sophomore Chorus: Maj or e tte s -l-Z: Penn Ford Jr. His- torians: Intramurals-1: Student Council 4. ROSA LEE BRANDSTETTER - Freshman Chorus: Orchestra -1-2-3-4: M.M.M.: F.N.A. CAROL BROWN - Chorus-l-Z-3-4:Girls' Ensemble-Z: F.T. A.-2-4: M.M.M.-4: Student Council-3-4: Senior Class Treas- urer. DIANE BUFFONE - Chorus-l-2: Majorette-Z-3-4: F.N.A.- 4: Jr. Play Prompter: Trireme Business Staff. HELENE CESARE - Chorus-l-Z-3-4: Girls' Ensemble-1-2: Girls' Octet-1: Harmond Club-4: M.M.M.-3-4: Gregg Club: G.A.A.-4: Intramurals-3-4: Stude nt Council-4: Snow Ball Entertainment. JUDY CRAWFORD - Chorus-l-Z: G.A.A.-4: Intramurals-4: Jr. Play Crew: PennFord Jr. Historians: Trireme Editorial Staff. PAT CUNNINGI-IAM - F r e s h m an Chorus: G.A.A.-2-3-4: Tumbling Club-4: Trireme Business Staff. BRENDA DAVIES - Chorus-l-Z: Tri-Hi-Y-2: Library Clul F.H.A.-4: Trireme Business Staff: Jr. Play Cast. FAYE DAVIS - Glass-Ip-1-Z-3-4,Co-Editor-4: Chorus Tri-Hi-Y-2-3. CAROL DOMS - Chorus-l-2: Cheerleader-1-2-3-4: G.A.A. Z-3-4, Treasurer-4: Jr. Play Crew: Trireme Business Staff. ROSALIE DRAGAN - Chor us -l: Che e rle ade r-1-Z-3-4: Tumbling Club-4: Student Council-l-4: Sec. Senior Class: Jr. Play Cast: Gregg Club: Intramurals-l-Z-3-4. NANCY EMMONDS - Chorus-I-2: Int r a m ur als: Jr. Play Crew." BARBARA ERKENS - Chorus-1-Z-3-4:Greg Club-4:Sec.-4. CAROL FAIR - Freshman Chorus: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Intramurals: G.A.A.-4: Trireme Business Staff. JOYCE FARESTER - Orchestra-1-2: Band-1-Z-3-4: Glass- Ip Staff-l-Z:Freshman Chorus:Student Council-2-4: Sec.-4: M.M.M.-2-3-4: G.A.A.-2-3-4: F.T.A.-4: Intramurals-2-3: Jr. Play Crew: Tumbling Club-4: Trireme Editorial Staff. BETTY FISCUS - Pe nn F or d Jr. Historians: F.H.A.-3-4: Sewing Club-4. PATSY GLESK - Chorus-l-2: Orchestra-1: Band-l-Z-3-4: Clarinet Ensemble-l-2-3-4: Freshman Play: M.M.M.-2-3-4: Glass-Ip-1-Z: Intramurals-l-2-3-4: G.A.A.-2-3-4: National Honor Society-3-4: F.N.A.-4: Trireme Editorial Staff: Jr. Play Crew: Student Council-Z-3-4, Soph.-Sec.-Treas., Jr.- Sec. NANCY GUTHRIE - Freshman Chorus: Photography Club-4. HELEN HEASLEY - Freshman Chorus: Penn Ford Jr. His- torians: Gregg Club. SANDY HILEMAN - Freshman Chorus: Band-1: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Student Council-1: F.T.A.-4: Speech Masters- 4: Jr. Play Crew: Trireme Business Staff. NANETTE HROMADIK - Ch or us -1: Intramurals: Jr. Play Crew. VIRGINIA HYNICK - Penn Ford Jr. Historians. ROSEMARIE JANKOWSKI - Ch or u s -1-Z: Intramurals-l: F.H.A.-4: Jr. Play Crew. IRENE JOHNSON - PATRICIA KLIMKOWICZ - Chorus-l-Z: Intramurals-1-Z-4: G.A.A.-4: Dramatics Club -3: Tumbling Club-4: F.H.A.-4: Trireme Business Staff. SONJA KLINGENSMITI-I - Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Fresh- 48 man Chorus: G.A.A.-2-3-4: Intramurals-1-2-3-4: Dramatics Club-3: Jr. Play Crew: Trireme Editorial Staff. VERONICA KRIZMAN - F re shman Chorus: Intramurals: F.H.A.-4: Trireme Editorial Staff. KATHRYN KUNKLE - Fre shman Chorus: Glass-Ip-1-Z: F.H.A.-4: Intramurals: Trireme Editorial Staff. LORETTA KUNST - Freshman Chorus: Intramurals-l. CAROLE LAUGHNER - Chorus-1-2: Penn Ford Historians: Majorette-1-2-3-4: F.N.A.-4: Library Ass't: Trireme Bus- iness Staff. GLADYS MCGUIRE - Chorus-l-Z: F.H.A.-4. SHIRLEY MCJUNKIN - Trireme Business Staff: Freshman Play: Student Director: Sewing Club-4:F.H.A.-3-4: Chorus- l-2: Penn Ford Jr. Historians. MARY MCKERNAN - Intramurals: G.A.A.-4. BETTE MILLER - Student Council-1: Chorus-l: Cheer- leader-1-Z-3-4:G.A.A.-Z-3-4:Intramurals-1-2-3:Cheering Club-Z-3-4: Gregg Club-4: Trireme Business Staff. PATRICIA MILLIGAN - Freshman Chorus: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Gregg Club. JACQUIE MINTEER - Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Chorus-l- Z.-3-4: Majorette-I-Z-3-4: Home Planning Club-3: F.T.A.-4: Tumbling Club-4: Jr. Play Cast: Trireme Editorial Staff. BARBARA MOORE - Orchestra-l-Z-3: Chorus-l-3: M.M.M. -Z-3-4: G.A.A.-Z-3-4: Girls' Ensemble-3: Student Council- 2-3: Jr. Play Crew: Tumbling Club-4: Intram urals -2-4: Trireme Editorial Staff. PAT MORVIK - EILEEN NOULLET - Ch or us -l-2-3-4: Sec.-T re as .-4: Girls' Ensemble-1: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: M.M.M.-4: Sewing Club-4: Majorette-1-Z-3-4: F.T.A.-4, Sec.-4: Tri- reme Editorial Staff. HELENMARIE PALOMBO - Chorus-l-2-3-4: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: St ude nt C ouncil -3, Sec.-3: M.M.M,-2-3-4: National Honor Society-3-4: Debate Club-4, Sec.-4: Gregg Club-4: Jr. Play Crew: Trireme Co- editor. MARY PLANTS - Cheerleader-l-2-3-4: Glass-Ip-l-2-3-4: Tri-Hi-Y-Z-3: Jr. Play Cast: G.A.A.-4: Gregg Club. SUE REEFER - Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Glass-Ip-l-2-3- 4: Tri-Hi.-Y-2: Gregg Club-4. JEAN RICE - Majorette-1-2-3: Penn Ford Jr, Historians-1. NANCY RIGGLE - Chorus-l-Z-3: Tri-Hi-Y-Z-3: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Gregg Club-4: National Honor Society-3-4. MEDA BELLE ROUSH - Freshman Chorus: G.A.A.-Z-3-4: Photography Club-4. JANET SALANKIEWICZ - Chorus-l-Z-3-4: Penn Ford Jr. Historians: Majorette-l-2-3-4: Student Council-3-4: Jr. Sr. Class V-Pres.: M.M.M.-4: F.T.A.-4: Trireme Co-editor. ROBERTA SANOBA - Student Council-l-Z: Orchestra-l-2- 3-4: Chorus-l-Z: Intramurals-1-2-3: G.A.A.-Z-3-4: M.M. M.-3-4: Gregg Club-4, Cores. Sec.-4: T ri reme Editorial Staff. KATHLEEN SHAFFER - Freshman C h o r u s : Intramurals: Library Ass't. KAY SILVIS - Freshman Chorus: Dramatics Club-3: Gregg Club-4: Intramurals-4: Jr. Play Cast. MARILYN TURKO - Fre shman Chorus: Band-1-2-3-4: Orchestra-l-3: En s e mble -1-Z-3-4: Intramurals-1-Z-3-4: G.A.A.-2-3-4: Freshman Play: Jr. Play Crew: Glass-Ip-2: M-M-M--2-3-4: Speech Masters-4: F.T.S.-4: Student Council- l-3: Business Manager of Trireme. PAT VALASEK - Chorus-l-2-3-4: PennFord Jr. Historians: F.H.A.-4. BARBARA WADE - Ch o r u s -l-Z-3-4: Girls' Ensemble-l: Intramurals-1: Student Council-Z: Speech Group-2: G.A.A. -2-3-43 Jr. Play Cast: F.N.A.-4: Trireme Editorial Staff. JUDITH WAKEFIELD - Freshman Chorus: Cheerleader-1-Z -3-4: G-A-A-'2'3-4iF.T.A.-Z-3:StudentCouncil-1-Z:Glass- gp-3 Jr. Play Crew: Intramurals-1-Z-3-4: Trireme Business ta . RUTH WILLIAMS - Chorus -Z: Tri-Hi-Y-Z-3: Slide Rule Club-4: F.N.A.-4. FAY WOODSIDE - F.H.A.-3-4: Sewing Club-4. SENIOR INDEX JUDITH WYANT - Chorus-1-25Glass-Ip-l-25G.A.A.-2-3-4g Debate Club-45 Gregg Club-43 Dramatics Club-3. JOYCE YOUNT - Chorus -1-Z5 Penn Ford Jr. Historiansg Intramurals-l-2-3-4g Jr. Play Crewg F.T.A.-35 F.H.A.-43 Tumbling Club-45 G.A.A.-Z-3-43 Student Council-23 Trireme Editorial Staff. JAMES ASAY - Football-l-2-3-45Basketball-l-Z: Tumbling -3-4. PAUL AUGUSTINE - Student Council-lg Intramurals-1-2-L 43 Slide Rule Club-3-4. JAMES BAKER - Intramurals-4. ARNOLD BLYSTONE - JACK BOARTS - LEWIS BOSCO - Student Council-3-45 Jr. Class Tres.g F.T. A., President-4. ARTHUR BREUER - Chorus-1-Z-3-4: Band-3-4gBasketbal1- l-2-3-43 Student Council-3. EDWARD BRYANT - Band-lg Orchestra-25 Ch or u s -lp In- tramurals-1-2-4g Slide Rule Club-3-49 Debate Club-41 Stu- dent Council, V-Pres.-4g Trireme Editorial Staff. ROBERT BUCK - Chor us -3-4g Boys Octet-3g F.T.A.-33 Speech Masters-4. JOHN CACURAK - Football-l-Z-3-45 Dramatics Club-3. WAYNE CARBERRY - Band-1-2-3-45 Orchestra-l-2-3-4g Jr. Play Cast. DALE CLOAK - Basketball-l-2-3-45 Or c h e s t r a -l-2-3-43 Band-l-2-3-4. LARRY CULP - Basketball-lg Intramurals-45 Baseball-Z5 Jr. Class Play Cast. DAVE DAUGHERTY - Student C ouncil -lg Football-1-Z-33 Baseball-3-4g Junior Play Crewg Tumbling-33 Intramurals- 3-4g Chorus-1-2. NORMAN EDWARDS - Basketball-l-Z-3-43 Football-2-3-49 Chorus-1-Z-3-43 Baseball-3. ROBERT EMMONDS - Football-I-2-3-43 Intramurals-1-2g Tumbling-35 Jr. Play Crew. NORMAN FAIR - Football-lg Chorus-l-Z-3-4g Intramurals- lg Tumbling Club-3-4. JERRY FERGUSON - Penn Ford Jr. Historians, Presg Stu- ient Council. V-Pres.-Z3 Tumbling-l-Zg Football-l-2-3-4g Baseball-l-Z-3-43 Chorus-2-3. EDWARD FICTHORN - Intramurals-2-3-4. DONALDFOX - Band-2-33Chorus-l-2-3-45 Intramurals-3- 4. RICHARD GAINOR - Band-I-2-3-4g Intramurals-l-3-4. ROBERT GARBARINO - Chor us -1-Z5 Intramurals-45 Jr. Play Crewg Band-2-3. CLYDE GIBSON - Penn Ford Jr. Historiansg F.T.S.-4: Slide Rule Club-3. NORMAN GOLDINGER - Jr. Play Crewg Basketball-lg Football-l-Z-3-4g Gymnastic Club-3-4. RONALD GRANTZ - Chorus-1-Z-3-45 M.M.M.-49 F.T.A.-4g Speech Masters Club-4g Snowball Entertainmentg Trireme Business Staff. RICHARD GREER - Chorus-l-2-3-4. JONATHAN GRINDER - Football-1-2-3-45 Tumbling Club-3. MERWYN GUTHRIE - Band-l-Z-3-43 Orchestra-1-Z-3-45 M.M.M.-3-43 Slide Rule Club-3-4. ROBERT HEILMAN - Intramurals-l-2-43 Debate Club-49 Speech Masters Club-41 Slide Rule Club-3g Student Council- Z5 Trireme Business Staff. GEORGE HILTY - Noon-Time Recreation Chairman-2-3-4g Intramurals. WILLIAM HILTY - Tumbling Team-3-4. THOMAS HOLIZNA - Intramurals-4. JOHN HOWLETT - F.T.A.-41 Slide Rule Club-3-4. WILLIAM HULINGS - CHARLES JANOVSKY - Football-lg Basketball-l-3-4g Base- ball-Z. JOE KAMMERDIENER - Science Club-27 Archery Club-33 CRedbank Valleylg Intramurals-4. FRANCIS KARL - Band-1-2-3-43Orchestra-1-2-3gGlass-Ip -35 Slide Rule Club-49 Intramurals -l-4g Jr. Play Castg Trireme Editorial Staff. JOHN KERR - Student Council. V-Pres.-3. Pres.-43 M.M.M. -3-43 Football-Z-3-43 National Honor Society-3-4g Basket- ball-1-2-3gGlass-Ip-I-2-3-43Slide Rule Club-3-45 Chorus- I-2-3g Debate Club-45 Baseball-1-Z-3-4. RONALD KING - Chorus-Z3 Slide Rule Club 4. ROBERT KINGENSMITH - Intramurals-4. RICHARD KUBATKO - Football-l-Z-3-43 Intramurals-3-4: Jr. Play Crew: I:".T.A.-4. EUGENE LAZAROFF - National Honor Society-3-49 M.M.M. -3-4g Basketball-1-Z-3-43 Baseball-Z-3-41 Debate Club-45 Clas s President-Z-3-45 Slide Rule Club-3-45 Chorus-Z-35 Jr. Play Producer. JOHN LEVRIO - Intramurals-3-45 Tumbling Club 3. WILLIAM LUX - Chorus Accompanist-1-Z-3-43 M.M.M.-Z- 3-4Q V. Pres.-35 Jr. Clas s Play, Student Directorg Debate Club-43 Trireme Editorial Staff. JOHN MCELWAIN - Jr. Play Castg Intramurals-3-4g Foot- ball-l-2: Tumbling Club-3 MERLE MCKELVEY - F ootball -lg Chorus-lg Tumbling Club-35 Intramurals-2-3-4. ORVILLE MINTEER - Band-1 F.F.A.-1-Z-3. High Schooll. LYNN MYERS - Tumbling Club-3. DAVID NEUTRELLE - Chorus-I-2-3. JAMES NEUTRELLE - Chorus-l-2-3-4, V. Pres.-45 Boys' Chorus-Z3 Boys' Octet-33 Glass-Ip-lg Intramurals-lg Fresh- man Play Castg Jr.Play Crewg F.T.A.-45 Treas.-43 M.M.M. -4, V. Pres.-4g Trireme Editorial Staff. JOSEPH NICKLEACH - Chor us -1-2-3-4: Basketball-1-25 Baseball-Zg Student C ouncil-31 Intramurals-3-49 Jr. Play Crew. RAYMOND ONOFREY - Intramurals-4: Dramatic! Club-3. WADE PATSUE - Chorus-l-Z-3-4. WILLIAM PENDLETON - Chorus-1-2-3-4: Band-1-2-3-4g Basketball- 1-2-3-4g Football-4. RICHARD PETRUS - Intramurals-Z-35 Football-Z-3. JIM PORTERFIELD - Band-1-2-3-45 Intramurals-l-Z-3-45 Slide Rule Club-3-45 Trireme Editorial Staff. EDWARD REITLER - Chorus-l-2-35 Boys' Octet-39 M.M. M.-3-4: Slide Rule Club-3-4: National Honor Society-3-43 Debate Club-4. JAMES RICKET - Intramurals-3-4. ARTHUR RIGGLE - Intramurals-1-25 F ootball-1-Z, QKit- tanningl Noon Recreation Co-chairman-4. ROGER ROBINSON - GEORGE ROVNYAK - Chorus-1-Z-3-43 Basketball-l-25 Boys' Chorus-Z5 Boys' Octet-35 Slide Rule Club-3-45 Jr. Play Crewg Student Council-45 National Honor Society-3-43 M.M.M.-3-4, Pres.-43 Debate Club-43 Intramurals-43 Tri- reme Business Staff. SAM SCHRECENGOST - Hobby Club-lg Tumbling Club-31 Photography Club-3-4. JAMESSENOPOLE - Band-l-2-3-49 Or che str a -1-Z-3-43 Chorus-lg Basketball-1-Z-3-43 Stamp Club: M.M.M.-3-4. WILLIAM SI-IAFFER - Basketball Manager-l-2-3-4g Foot- ball Manager-4g B a s e b all -2-3-4g Chorus-Z3 Intramurals -l-2-3-4. JOSEPH SHIRING - B a s ke tb all Manager-l-Z-3-4: Intra- murals-1-Z-3-4. ROBERT SIMMONS - Chorus-l-2: Basketball-13 Intramur- als-Z-3-4g Glass-Ip-2-3-4: F.T.A.-4. WILLIAM STUMP - Chorus-l-2-3-43 Student Council -1-Z-3g Intramurals-1-Z-3-41 Basketball Statistician-3-4. VERNON THOMAS - EDWARD TREECE - Tumbling Club-3-4g Football-l-Z. RICHARD VENT - Freshman Play Cast: Dramatics Club-31 Intramurals-4. JAMES WINGATE - Band-1-2-3-49 Orchestra-1-25 Basket- ball-I-Z-'S-43 Chorus-1-Z-3-4. ROBERT YOUNT - Chorus -l-2-3-45 Slide Rule Club-3-43 Debate Club-45 Student C o un cil -45 M.M.M.-3-43 NHNODBI Honor Society-3-4g Pres-43 Intramurals-1-2-3-45 Jr. Play Cast: Trireme Editorial Staff. JR. CLASS SPONSORS Standing -- Miss Shubert, Miss Green, Mr. Gregory, Mrs. Wood. Sitting -- Mrs. Longwell, Mrs. Baker, Miss Steiner. JR. CLASS OFFICERS Barbara Bordick, Mary Jo Gallo, Elaine Palornbo, Eleanor Space. 50 JR. CLASS HOMEROOM CHAIRMAN Harry Russo, Dave Brown, Helen Moffit, E i 1 e e n Pepper, Betty Gladys, Daphne Luchesa, Clare Zimmerman. 1 0 0 A Q - ii ff Z A ,Z ilk' V 'Tr UNDEBULASSMEN ffkg, Y' Y x.. xx' eereen G .,1...w., .0 .Wy 'Af Y We ,, Y' A -K SQ! , se EK -2 , Q FP, dfgiiield A54 Ma, xo. W' RYQJ hw v . '- 1' , LQ it nf. JE, X1 A M 5 2?-7 I in-A. ' N. Q efsffi -Q L B ' gi X , S3 if X mv I xx Ja, . ' fa? P 1 .. .Q X fiiw , qubv i ,,,V , F I N ' QQ , I .,M,,,, YG Q' 5 n r Q S W g'.A ,,L ,L,L 1 ,"' :" ' - : -Q-al: 'fr ww z S ' W V'.- , r r 7 3 .T 'f'- A rf fkhl A ,. -- ,rf ,- - A 6 ew I 5 E rr, - f 'K 'L'- H 'Q.f1-- Qf ,. ig m e . ,, ,f'VfX . .f I X? Rr, if . V i-"GN" , . 'SF' ' -' 'V 1 ' X-:IWW . 1 515' rm X n X! f h. 1 ff' - gi f Tgpfs., L V , A 'W 9,?5g'.'PQf'f fr A fn H fi lf , Q"'+w:f. - ' A M G 6 2 ' ,, S ,, . ik A 5 A 4 xg , t.. i i Y f Q f WL 1. it ,sglf i M . 5255 f x in .,,. -NF' rf K , , Aix 9 5559, J 'gi if 21 vii? v awe., as w ae ,f QM ,. x, G - V ff ffm. sf .5 ' 1' ' .r r , Eff,-'f,E f 1' Tug! 1, ,W -W, .i ef 3 's . ,yrs 2 Z af- Y dx W '. ., Y' W S ' ' 1 yawn? E l N Wi 1, 47' Q1 , 5355? n 3iA , 52 , -3g:,g..5,f?k . in . ,Ag.w,,, 1 if' 4 + 11 , f o ,,V. Q 7 1. .,.f il y 'fVk"ff . -5541125559 iffix- ' G L K ,E P., . - gl, 'S . fx agyfxe' Q , ,fr-.0 wi... xx Mais I ,C ini f ,gm X ,f-mf. Aite S Allensworth Angher Anthony Beck Beck Beck Bicanovsky Bicanovsky Bielski Bordick Bowser Bow ser Boyd Brandeburg A. Brandon Brown Brown Bryan Burdette Cacurak Cacurak Capizzi Charney Chirnka Cieply Crofutt Croyle Cujus Danoff Gladys Girt Gibson Gelacek Geiger J. Gallo Flickinger Fi scus Fennell Fare ste r Eakins Evans Dodds Dittmer Daniels Davis De Long De lp K' .Q -.6 . d.. ef.. lf. Q-- .ag G fx ' a v fx i 1 ,A 5 H sk r K '?"' gy x ml 7 gk E I JY. As. .xx 9 . -' 'M -...QQ ,H ef. Mi, X. Xi wx 1' ,PN . ag, 'QW' N , Q? .,, X , B wg X s. .. Q A if 1 . if , or an 4... be liiigi. .I 'Q 3 f' is lb, it R , , em.. .W .Q 5 Qg. Qixf' 5 X 1 X , . JM, wmv M :ix is W -.-. 2, M ... S. R- 1 B Q 1,. .LLKY Q. E .4 .T .. To X ' "H, ,f MX x dll. :X K . gl J' H 1 1?1+' ggjxf "'-ix,,.J J J 1 ' 'f 5 A r a f ix or J x, fi - . ' a. rv . . - 'ff K ik 1 .OX of . . I M .ln N Y L S. K 2 1 1 f in. . -L.. L W N 4. nf' '-3 S ... ,L , if +1 , an 14 vlh Q59 .J t nr K I Q. Q Q J , S vs.- 2 , 2 in NR x ' Q. Q.. Q 'ev if ii X 5 fe. - . . M 'V . ' " X 'Z iii ' V 'Z' Qi fi Q U S' 4 ' , E' T7 . ' ' 4. -1 xr X is In I 4 Y X ' fa N" ,. , . L lx, X ,, 'Q RE 1 5' . 7 x Q5 . X S24 R31-s ll '23-J. ii 7 ...gx - y Qi. 'V' ...A ' 3 A 1 I 'anighxmxi 1 53' J. M R. J. K. M M G. J. J. J. F. F. S. A. D. R E G. R. L. C. T. T. K. G. B. P. D. L. S. L. A. G. L. J. D. H. J. H. T. M B. B. B. R. M D. Gangola Gre en Green Hans otte Hartman He ld Hill Hopper Hornyak Hubbard Hus ar Jaco Jaco Jank ow ski Kahat Kerr Kijow ski King King King Kline Knatlek Knight Kornasiewie z Kuchta Lang Lemmon Lloyd Luchesa Ludwick Lukehart Lux Lysakowski Lysakow ski Leard Manensky Mansfield Mansfield Mansfield Mar cinek Machowski Marks Matter Maxeiner McC1ymonds McKelvey Miller Milz xl iw . . X v , rv- 'iw x E , 5, . i .... ., V ix .NN w.,-., i I K 1 K' 3' A Zi , ,X Qs' ? Hxw. , ,fi iiiiimi .. . ., xx? Pk S. x A X 2 wif up D aw :JA fE.':,.- . Lsx . We, , 355, ix ,175 QQNQTSP M W, B gc ' 1 Q , X. 5 S Q ve- SQ- f, i, ,,,.z ., . we H i it ffl ' .NWQ 1 f, . 'W Ei"?-,At Q g Q4 If -xi? u ' 'I' if X : ff I as '05 t iff-f Q3 ge . fm , X-4 ,.: Q if 4:31 Q , vm... 42: X fa x , wf- x NE' Jag, N, 6 X H u,Lb.,.7. fu., Y, .Q-K ' K4 Sh' S S Q sf H 'P' ei Q is X -1 V--.4 , A ,'.,'-' 15,1 I . , gap 'xg X . ez ..:. in ...M ..,, ,- S X. lx 'N 'S fiwii 'EQ 'S-ig 4: we ,low RIN 'S f Sig E L K N S x l -H1"'f' f Q S M R, p in - Q V W In 515 ,xsg ' N in ,wk he 4 .1 gi , Sigrf--' v X ,, , w, 31. ,.,. . - . Jww ggffi Q X Q Q may X Q ,S ,... Q s X I' , ? 5 . - 6 K wi ,L 2, S M is S N . S K , , , , ikyii swf , . Q T A Y X S if 54 52:45 S fa, NNW ly, X N ' N E ww Sm is g I K' my M ., ,S sg, . 7:7 ,W ,q v X 5:1- 70 S S iiiwte' ig? fms'!sE'e1?:s KW Ki wi, -2 1 Li- ik Q z vs! if W. Minarcin Minteer Moffit Mohr Monaco Myers Mraz Nathanel Odrey Onofrey Onofrey Paine Palmobo Paul Pella Pepper Petrus Petrosky Pie r s anti Pepper Porter Pratts Re arick Ree se man Reitler Riggle Rupert Rupert Rupert Russo Ryals Saloum Salsgiver Schaeffer Schnitzler Schiffgens Schiffgens Seniow Senopole Serene She affer Shaffer Shoop Slovensky Smith Smulik South Space Q .- . as 5. f X 1' I an-Q T Y . 71 A M .. f ee -. N ev Q f . ..- --...Q I fm... 'X I Q I Q f l N 1 Q., ' . gf 32" - if 3 Rfk. fx rc:- ,, K- J x T N P '5 Q is .W We 4.. . X' -Y X 9 f x . ' , .. . Wx h:s:,:. ' if WN 5 ., . . W M. , jg . ,9!1e5s,f . . Ns , gf gg 2 1. X I ' :Elk in 'ik V ,X-I A if . 9 ' Kfm ' k - 2 -- ,L1, ' 41 . few.: Y V X Q1 V' ' 2 S X - ma FK. t. H. Spang R. Starr J. Stewart R. Stewart R. Sweitzer M. Szul M. Thompson D. Tehanovich A. Thomas M. Toy R. Turko K. Vent P. Wakefield S. Walker D. Watterson M. Waugaman C . Weis B. Wheat F. White H. Winslow M. Wolfe I. Woodside R. Woyton R. Wyant S. Yassem K. Yount P. Zablocki T. Zablocki M. Zahrandnik P. Zahrandnik M. Zermane C. Zeybekian C. Zimmerman P. Dietz T. Rupert Absentees H. Russo J. Repak W. Heilman P. Marcinek SOPH. CLASS SPONSORS Standing - Mr. Dean, Mr. Charley, Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Christy. Sitting - Miss Smith, Mrs. Aubrey, Mrs. Cogley. SOPH. CLASS OFFICERS Virginia Burdett, James Bobby, Rosalie Fennel. SOPH. CLASS HOMEROOM CHAIRMAN Zigmund Charney, Dave Feldman, Victor Ce sare , Bill Burdett, Janet Virostek, Linda Crissman, Pat Cook. mf Qtr. tk! . wr: Jig- A . 'Jaya fc: L X . f Q -. . Nw ' A f? Q wx 1 8.4 1 :im 4 xt. 1 '56 X Y ,Y Q. -Q-,. FV efgx M so W s - C .S Q rw H W Q15 Y? 'X 1 L .31 '54 I ,... 42. L 5 1.,i x g . r CCW' . I , . X iff, , .xg Y 1117 i 5,5 XA l - if 7 ,,4 ,,1' ' ., ,X,. A ' C ., 59 'Q E Q my ,PH wr if ' - fi ,,Q, 1 -s..." ' Ng 5 "'k LQ vw Ki W, if . Aix M' f f K in f gvgfw--1 K 1 'N 1 1' , M . L , . , ,Z 1, VK Q - 5335 Qgx, Q 'f?ab'm'5v g i :,.. . , , gg A-1 , KN ss! ? Y r ' ,Eg'ffQ?Ev, A X9 ' f. ye C 4 1 ... ssbr " , . ff- if -2 - Ng xv .i-2.-g . if Q A 92 , K 6 Q ix X ' A , im. Ng' S.. M gs bil I Q ' 'Tx ff? l'??!r .- Lxxm Pf -Ss 2 B r -155 1 C Q :1 f 57 ff 'K e C fmxexrmw Q pr fi WXX-v f 4 Sk. :Sn 5 1 ' , Xifw fig.. f ,ew V, J X1 ok ig.. fi' Y-mf' 'fm' , 'Nj kfkkgk X 1, i H. Ande r s on Bartolovic Beck Be ck Bee re Bellotte Benner V. Benninger Blonde aux Boarts Boback Bobby Boguslawski Benner Bordick Bower Bowser Bowser Bowser Bowser Brandstetter Brandstetter Brandstetter Buhite Bunta Burdett Burdett Burford J. Burford Buriak Campbell Carley Cechvala Cesare Charney Charney Chestnut Chimka Christodules Cibik Cobb Cogley Cogley Coleman Cook Crawford Crissman Crossman ,S we-fx fl' ft, ' , ' L'.- ' f Mi? .... ?f e C ., .r n M I . 1, -.3 1 J Q1-.x 1 4 ,un vw ii 45.45 KA! 3 M . . . , ' 5 W 551: ul .L QS. . .11- 'b,,, , 1 , S. 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Earley M. Emigh G. Ernrnonds L. Erkens M. Ewing M. Fallone S. Farester D. Feldman E. Fennell R. Fennell W. Ferris J. Ficthorn E. Fickes J. Fiscus M. Fox R. Frick M. Fundyga R. V. D. B. J. J. N. M. T. G. B. C. S. M. D. L. J. E. Fundyga Garay Garmong Golab Goodgasell Graft on Graham Grantz Gray Gregg Halas Har osky Hawthorne Heilman Hobaugh Howlett Hr ornadik Hume ni ck , 4- be ,V ,M ,, 3"'-GT as 3? Lx .-X ,Q N :Xxx X and Klfii R QC . 5: ' M, :si 1 : 'QAII iv X ks ?.mi W NNN. ,. b 5 41' T4 1 1 gt Fl? -inf .1-,H . . , V., .. , . M ev n M . K -:fog-ggfz - , , A b , i-:ij-111,135 ,S W M . n, Q f fa. ,,, q A - ,'KN"i f , xl gg.. ig M M V A M X5 ws ' M a l HT Vs ,. 1: 5 L n . sse "' 4. .. ,X . 5 fi .iv As 1 X-i n 25 in if ,- :pb-,, Q5-1 Q E 1 ' w.. K ':1..r A X 1 f .X 1 W.: -xx T. ' .. .3 ' 'X .kj .K Wi .Y 5 I f i,,,,K :x is f K 2' .. , wil K N. 1 -GF., 0 'Q if g .0 P S. S. N. n 1 f iqxk L. f- A ' l we wi, -'ew M L Q . J' X.. s . f". A ...xg V' ' if .... L' ee s 5, :MQ , ,. A ,. e k - . 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'li vi . Y WW if i Qui? , . , , S H53 . -Sy .Q if 41 .sw . .3 W at M Q Q fn- ' '. 11 A ' D. Wyant ...,. A J. Zanetti M. Zubick SOPHOMORES Walker Waltenbaugh Ware Welton Wheat White Wilcox Wilson Wilson Wingate Niser Wojton S. Sybert I. Christy H. Spang F, Zboran 61 B. Cobbett F. Berry E. Dixon G. Lobar D. Donigian Absentees, Grade 7 Absentees, Grade 8 Kenneth Bowser, Steven McMunn, Kathleen Berry, Barbara Sweitzer, Cathy Chestnut, Sherry Davis Kenneth Heilman, Randell Stivason Stanford Thompson, Sam Buccieri, Glenn Woodside, Jack Dunrnire P - fy 1 Absentees, Grade 11 Bob Hazen, .Tim Sicheri, Jack Brown, George South, Joan Cogley 62 -' ' - A A f, V ' , f, 5 . 1' ? 'W 3 ' . - , YR fi 2 ,.k. L 'fw' , TV' -5 4 is -'Q A QM Va . 5 it LQ g we X 1? M i, Q ik? nv wi, 'ix .1 X W4 N Q if 23' 1 ,tx M w 4 fwif S, B X R.: 1 GL ,- 72 I ur: fx qi. ESE Q X Ab k . as , ' RQ f 1 1'-ff. RL 3' - wk E X N MPL fp. yi f "'g 'FP' E X, - N R S. 9 ! X , oils f l X'f -4, vs ,W 'WS XX' sl. 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Grinder G. Guthrie T. Hartzell S. Hawk J. Heilman W. Hleilrnan L. Heinrich J. Hepler M. Herbst M. Hetrich C. Hileman R. Hilliard P. Hnatiow J. Hodak H. Holland R. Hooks R. Hrabovsky S. Hudak W. Ingram D. Jackson P. Jakola R. Janovsky C. Kaczor J. Kammerdiener E. Kania F. Kendra G. Kerr N. Kerr A. King E. King J. King S -,,. CK, g al. . ve, L,, ..,, . XAAX zgswg F31 'Q' '1 - . Q. 3. ' 5. ,, A in L'u"e'e ' .'z.'r.' , A A 5 fi.X. ill A l x 1 ,. :iz-lulllillz i gk Ev PQ Q p l LAX 5 hx Q Tir VME. ij'i+"s 4. ' ' sr AQ Sip - Qia- yzf it , a. f 9 .4 'ew 5-as -. i 1 . il -152. f A-WG... y T M, . .4 of . 2' f, ,egg . Q. C gh .. 1- ' v I . gal . .-. . g Q562.'5k:iA ..-in 2 " I W .ha . W4 3 4' X V ...xl V5 ' A 1 MLA ,Zh aA k'-., H'-'Lf .V ' f llfif. N Ni: E MM. .RL gn, . an All fx Q9 A I . 4- . A M .N ... ll We . To .ei A ' - 's .1 - i. 7VLA kkni h ff My . 9 ' f 0 Q J 'RFQ all . wr -X . hlpiiiif xiii ., 1 We 1... ' .Fwy . V, pl' 'X ? f' S.. 65 .1 G34 il ma' T fy ,XX M? -I. im K 1 XX X, A Q, X V.: Y -Eff! Q. be A Uv Nw .T Q 5 Q. Q1 ...S ix I ' - 4 . A Q E' "Wm .nk K m X 3 N R C P C T D A J. N T ci R. T. L. R. F. J. R. C. M. J. J. T. B. R. V. D. T. J. R S. W. D. S. F A. J. R. J. C. R S. W A. D. M R. P. M P. H. B. E. A. King Kirch Klaput Knepshield Kornasiewicz Kovalousky Kunst Lang Lettrich Lias Lloyd Lloyd Lloyd Longwell Lunz Marcinek Mar cinek Marks Martin Martin Matthews Maxeiner McCullough McGuire McGuire McNe11y Me als on Mikula Miller Miller Minteer Mohr Moore Moore Mores Morvik Myers Nall Neer Nirnerosky Omasta Palczer Paroli Pendergrass Penn Pepper Pepper Pere sie Perry Peters Pierce Pinkerton Polka Placek X . is M A Ami! A ,L H wi ip' S. gg. A X .K N . .. K " MXN. A J A Q .V55 . R1 Y 'J g 1 Q XY 13. g X rv Jsoi.s ' A i 5" A ' 'li " I f V 'Q V ex. v ' 7 Y , ..1rV '-ix il A ' ii . . L? 'SYS' . K rise? Vkky I. , xv ,V : . K:- i A I mx M. R kk, L . ., 1 l Q, v a - ,.. , A ff' V.. 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Skubel V. Skukalek R. Slabon C. Slanicka B. Slaverio I. Smeltzer J. Smeltzer A. Smith N. Smith R. Smith J. Space K. Spence R. Solak C. Stanko M. Stephens D. Stepp G. Stivason L. Stivason S. Stivason J. Svantner E. Swartz D. Swigart R.. Szalankiewicz R. Szyrnanski J. Tinant J. Thomiswick D. Toy R. Trop B. Thomas R. Thomas E. Troutman 5. N299- or 1 , Q X n V A 5? 'D Pj 5 A .WB it J h A. gf ,. 'W NW qetn A do x sLf'1'h' . Af - fe. W H ., 'R , L. A ,. '- Mfg' K iz , Y or jg , Q... if I 1A - V Q. X iff! uw K . . ' -Qt 'W' f 'rf Whgwggq X X, 1--"u v , - - N QQx X365 Q - N. J X 9 . X K 1 ai ,QM Riff? f 3 3 1 M , 1 . LNi,t , Q, gn X I vw 67 ggi' .4 , km .KN .Q- V V, K K .-. i fx . ,H X 1 ,Iwi S .1 wx. X ABSENTEES J. Bernot R. Warchalak R. Scripps L. Rupert S. Bowser N. Aites R. Silvis Troutman Troutman Turko Utley Valasek Vacula Valek Verschuren Wagner Wagner Walbert Walker Walker Walker Waltenbaugh Ware Waugaman Westwood Wheat Williams Wise Wolfe Yanoff YaPP Yount Yount Zablocky Zahradnik Zanetti Zion I -wg my F We ' K. fu- I ,8 ki .gi ,.g'- ik- 'ls-sy' E Q. '5- M f S is i W J 5. ZEN, BQ ii 5 ...Q L e - N, s 2 'X T 'Q -.V ,,,, 5 Q f 17 wywiv i. ir , 7 A wb' . M we A1 B" VH, I ., HQ. 1, Y J 1 1 A 'K fy! - . Q S! ' Q. N, L., y gy 'K -3 ' K s ' Q me eg, , .f bfy ' 2 I I il '1 . . . xii., ' Tl 4 f Xxx fi-" . .sp Aw li K Aks. g. . K 3 N A X X . 9 ' l ' ffl? 'iii ' k"- ffiff ff, 5 ilk 1 I-4 ' , ww, I .. Sf, 1 -iff V Ci .... ,R A y W ' Yi y A Nw l F: is M NJ-s x X X X , K ' "K U, if .- +X-. -, . ,MA LA :is sm 4 .. - 7 - ' ., GL. . . "L 5 J , Q i H+- Q L-, ip W M ' 57 ' zfxiifxw I -.f , K 1 I 3 -. X! X M xxx ,,, A Q' X ' X ,Z ,fi ' .J ' .:- .Q '-if ' is 'KI 9 2. y Q 1 4 32. 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' E R' .fl xgl k " I V, L3 . 1 fm - R , A wat H ' A-5' f ' I 3 -wx, fx Af , 4 AA n , . is YN' .2 A ,""l 4X Rs, li - K 5 'R uf if 5' W, -wr' af' k 'fi it X x. 3 Fix 1 R9 -'R' ,Ai ' ,, :M Khwxdt i L Q. 1 it , I , I xc K ' , .ex ,W . V 3" Wk? 'lla na W'-k X195 5l,ff,:f'r ' 8,5 ANI, ,, ,Nl Yi mf Q K.,f x iq! K Y. .. g .RM wi Q- ANN, ,vw yu, sb. '- A K X? in . , N gx is - 'rw K xk i ' 1 I . V t iw. at . -Nr ,, ,ua, 'x Lp- , aa- Q N K., ' V-.. t. YA" fx wi fn-. l it , L- A -... E i' '2 nl fl X' it R em f LL,L g , 5 3 l fixivfif e ffankmx . -f.L . ' Q wg in gi R jk'-I W'-N' ' as M R 'f 'X ' L mf X A i" + W l V ci' N, R in R S' X ,, like , .- it -534 'I wi . lf lp., Q X M :X 1 4 ' 2 Wx ' J g I ' x Mi Q xi 7,3 3 lx R 'f::r1m.Q ,V Q , g, , 2x J ax. Q J.. 1... 1 'f' ' Q ' f X xx A Q In R. . " Q lggw, :ug YE 59532. Jw :miie -fi ' -1 1 Q-Q. , K 7 ' "H-aw 1 K ,. 'if . X ,Y fix? gm . 1 ,W 5 -, ,. ,. L l i M AQ, Q ' X ' Kai A X A , , l ' X' 'K 2, A R ' H 1 XR V x x 4 X e 5 ,'.k E a Q 69 Hammerly Hancock Hartman He ilman He nde r s on Henry Hill Hnatiow Hudek Hynick Ise man Jackson Kamer Kyow ski King Kirch Knepshield Kunkle Lazaz-off Live ngood Lloyd Long Mansfield Markby . McNutt Miller Miller Milz Mitchell Molnan Morhac Ne utrelle Painter Pentleton Pe rpich Petrie Pe trosky Petrus Ranger Reich Reitler Repak Rice Rice Ricket Ride out Riggle Robins on Rosenberger Roudybush Roush Rupp Rupert Russell s " ' ' ' 1 k,,., f .V- . W 'Ll' l- - W' r 3 W Y 5 S , S ' x mv' S if - f ff 1 - "Q ' - 'k.', 919 'A Y K Z gb x at 9 Y nie W S in M f E' Q, L ,-lv ,fi it 5' if 'il M. ' " - sf:kw.i,. Y W W " V 1 S a W- S5 ' 2 Y '- . if ' S S if 'a -2 limi. fc? is W f' -ill Y W 'ff ' Y lf wi ... , Et a: . , W ,AW :V K xx 1, Lg 1 PWS tii m , ea? W ' N Q SV A :g W W tw? 'f , fir f at 5 Q' s - M M- Q:-7-X F ,Zi - V 33, eww r, , A 1.,f L V I , , g ' W M 'W u-QQ ,Q , , . ,Y , , . , .. , 3 ,,., E 5 . FF .. Ak .QM K M Q 'N vg,A,.M,' if Q A L ' A Q, 4 L... W kf.k rr. ' ,si ' V V V A S - " X ,,.A W Y X S S . A fx ff -5 X -W ei? A Li M59 M - seg, -' V' QW? 'Ti Q., rp 5. f Ni so Q-so ' , " W N .,., 'T W' ' , 1 . ,.f2f:5Is. I ' X if K ' K ' img 3,3339 M ffl. A 1 x Y. we I V - I Li 2, .il Jw H Qgxi S.. ml .,,f, , A xl K 3 1 J , . . i A A .f N 53: 55", ,f ' 1 3 ' . . Q M.. ' f , if V . '- ' ' 1 ,ffm r - F .fy f vii. Y xigsf 53, If X, is Q X in -me - X f n N X Q 33513 'ggxjg X- X f .R -M. X, L1 A Q, rw' "" -.-, A an, V. Q, L Q, fir' E fr 'L if .. xg his . Xi 'fx A A xx t . 70 Saloum Salsgiver Sanoba Schaeffer Schrecengosh Schuey Shaffe r She affer Smith Smith Smolen Smolen Snyde r South Spang Spang Spe che r . Still Stivason Stivas on Stivens on Stupka Swartz Swartzlander Snigarh Taladay Tesone Thompson Toy Tregaske s Troup Tr outman Tr outman , Vargo Ve ck Walker Walker White Wilson Wilson Wingate Wiser Wolfe Yapp Young Y ount Y ount Yount Yunga Ze rmane Zukas - -U... Q.. Q. ' M- 4 x J " , K we in ' ,. J:--'f xl ' A . Q.. . xr 1- kg rx 1 5 ' MH K' K in N. ,, iv. QWNRJA gg.. -229 - -W -3, 2' " 'Y X - K 'K .,, 1l'. ' ...K L- .!, I - ,T L .wi , mi-,Q wh. My L ' ki X ' K J E' X fu. 'Z' ,X I , NN a i f?xjQV53L,g9. Q f ' . N. w I 4 hw gg with ,Mg 0. . N A-. ' ' . 5, ' ' Q A 4 Y.. 5 4 X CX I I ' . K... L .1 " ,ji ' Q 3. L ff.. " 0 " ' 735.2 if 2 .FEE J' 'ii X - A .,,,h,. , H G.. V, ,lziwx Q: ,qv my -s, Q., . S4 ,gg -..J W .1 IR . -21 v, Q K . M! J J R iff.. . x1 , Q N N., 52 ,, NL .1' , ...ii Q11 sa I Qi., CVWXJTSTXXQQX V x I 'plYFafx'?-x - ?...Q7,ifg. XX ' .vi X . K X, V 5 ,x 1. . Q7 g' 5i'vjQ...? ry I -gg . .TQ ttyl. . . gg, bg , Yiwwh 1. QL K .xr F ' l S , If S ,. , 4 1 ..... ,b K my Q X I I yr' 71 .kg Q ff Z -ff, mi. :S+ I 4Q'. . fs., Qs bl! N N? 1-. . "' U. 1. 921 Z' Y X 'VY sv. . x 4 .A X... -Y S. i , y I I r M' fa '43, 1 .-. VI wi. war B. Allen V. Allensworth R. Anthony A. Armstrong M. Baker M. Ball R. Beck R. Birch N. Boarts C. Bonetti J. Bowser R. Bowser S. Boyd M. Bryan J. Bryant R. Burdett R. Burdett F. Bush J. Butler B. Chimka S. Clark S. Claybaugh K. Claypool J. Clever M. Cravener V. Decker R. Deemer B. Dinus T. Dodds D. Dunn P. Evans P. Evans M. Ewing D. Fare ster P. Farester G. Faulx C. Faykosh D. Fickes D. Fiscus J. Flockinger D. Gaddy L. Galanis R. Garmong B. George S. Girt D. Goldinger D. Goldinger R. Grantz J. Gregg D. Grinder J. Haney C. Hansotte J. Hartman M. Hartman of '93 t gg., V ,ki S. fwr way it -1' wr " x , I I 51 M d""5 h R ., E 7.x J, X N -N X. ' Q ,T i k.,. is N s va-M. J S saw J V'-' .,, N51 '33-s 'fff77TM-' f N ' ls A 'V ' QV ,JJ A l S war: L " if 372. ' Q? . W , - t M f f, ,w w f ,, R b ' in R ' K 5 j W , I 1 ' "kim", -5 33, 4,-4 M M1 , 1 +1 ' ee rf "-Y. ,lax ix Q use f Q 15 , Y t wa .3 N M X M J V. l x M K 'x ' x Q, ,Q Nxt? 441, -, 1 '5 . . fm: M' x r .. 1 , . 'f""Z- .7 , V. ., .Q t "WM ., it 4- f' fp. W W V' Q fu Nw 5 'E Q 91 M '1 M 57 X? es Q 1 lame, W x . 3, A v ,J ff K as 4,5 xy 10 'xl 11. ,ww - S W! 'wr Sw 5, X M , la F X we E ,D f, f, W Q sw, Q' a w-w 2152, F eil I ,Q 1 , msd t f ,Wg 1 tm. 5 .Q if X s 5 59 f"le9r9xf'k 'x tr fr ft. .ee NV ' 4 st f V Msg 5 K 1 'bww .xg X W t. , Q3-x x ' i R, J vw-M, rs . . M, -'zafez 1 X x 1' P' v ri I L.kL I is ykwmk if Q ,if J, w. gl! me ese t Q2-,ta ' 'Nj fzaiw M tk A all E A A Q. Y he Nl g v l " Tl i 1 'iv , A I X X Y X' 'xl 1 , ., I xr , lx M- -. l w- 2, Q "3 i.- W ' 1f , CLI- , 'M' e 5- E wg ' M f' 72 Hartman Heilrnan Heilman Hetrick Hileman Hileman Hileman Hobaugh Hockenberry Hodak Hohl Hornyak Hynick Iseman Jacks on Johns Johnston Klingensmith Lee Lemmon Live ng ood Lys ak ow ski Masters McElfre sh McMunn Miller Minteer Minteer Mitchell . Moffitt Mraz Nathaniel Nelson Noullet Olinger Opalka Patrick Patton Paul Pendleton Penn Petras Petrosky Ramsey Reddinger Reefer Repak Rice Riffer Riggle Riggle . Riggle Robertson Rupert -5. ,,, ,.. . Q, x., it ' 1 . ,V E t-gi N' xg. 5 x ' 'Xen tx. x -My x -'H -. J' " 3f"'v M A 9 ' 2' if .'.ai. E Lge ,t .... .. L , f. xx 1 X. x 1 iff. .5 fi S 1 ,M Q W. 2. ,E N S ily, 1.51 3.4 ' , ff s... it X . L Q ,... .51-2.4 , 'Z ' 5. 'X W 'ft' . " t' :L R.. a A, N ,jUw.iEyEx-1 "-4. sl 'iyb Q. , . .. -. . . , . W 'f' V 3 2 sl , 'f 556' . .. X X M Q fx X X E A S. J, x - ' a .M Q . 'QQ ik .AN is . Y .Ig it if 7-J Q. gi i g.,, Q Mi J A -7 . we Wj.Xk A: , 1 gfgv X X .X ' f-. Nz... .5 Q.. ... .. 21 A "' . J N T n .V fi.. 4. ...LM x ,sm . 3. DWF:- .gang . if , ' 3 i. .vii 1 T fkdff 3. Nw sg gl . 4. I 'VTMPH' Lf',.,A ,, M '91 .vv ff WT - Q. so -A 1: "A K ' A '- N... - y ,, ' X 'XY . A Q., 1 . uv.-, ,X -..- ' -T wr i we - . W. - -1 .K- J X ' ' . Hmm. f 1. Q. .5 S at 'iv -' 73 E. Rupert S. Russel J. Say D. Schall P. Schreckengost M. Seniow D. Shaw L. Shaw D. Sheldon C. Shoop J. Smart K. Smeltzer E. Snyder A. Southworth L. Steffey P. Stephens A. Stephens R. Stevenson J. Stitt L. Stitt F. Stivason L. Stivason S. Stone V. Summerville J. Svantner C. Sybert G. Szul J. Szul M. Taleff C. Troup L. Troutman J. Vause L. Vergari P. Wade P. Walker D. Waltenbaugh M. Waltenbaugn A. Ware J. Wendell J. Westwood H. Wingard V. Winter B. Wolfe M. Woodside S. Wright B. Wynkoop S. Yoakum N. Yount S. Yurga L. Zablocki P. Zacharias T. Zanetti OFFICERS CHORUS OFFICERS Pres. - Bill Lux V. Pres. - .Tim Neutrelle Sec. Treas. - Eileen Noullet Historian - Barb Bordick Pres. - Dale Cloak V. Pres. - Max Kamer Sec. Treas. - Shirley Lazaroff BAND Pres. - V. Pres, Sec. - Treas. - SS ii ,is fi OFFICERS Janet Boarts - Bob Stewart Patsy Cxle sk Marilyn Turko rdk-. I 6 ii-, SJN ,G- r 6,0 12 The Spring Concert this year, under the musical direction of Mr. Thompson and choreography done by Mr. John Yelland, was a musical trip around the world, with dances and s c e ne r y fr om the various countries. This was a new step in the chor us routine but a successful choir always trys for some- thing new. Mrs. Nancy Gallagher, Mr. Glenn Thomp- son and Miss T oni Carr were the student teachers from I.S.T.C.who helpedthe chorus very much. We hope that when this yearbook is read the Chorus of '58 will rank among the many fine choirs that have been under the excellent guidance of Mr. Thompson. The Varsity "Concert Choir," under the direction of Mr. Martin E. T h omp s o n , al- though unable to present a Christmas Pro- gram be c au se of illne s s ofthe director, concludedthe 1957-58 school year with a very good record. Three exchange concerts were given in Vande r g rift , Apollo, and Butler, respectively, and these thre e schools pre- sented their programs in our auditorium. We sponsored "Kids Day," and pla c e d some of this money in a fund for the obtainment of an organ for the High School. We also entered County, District, and State Forensic in the hopes of furthering our record of a champion chorus. VARSITN DISTRICT CHOR COUNTY CHORUS STUDENT TEACHERS f .- fh..,,,,-r 1 T T R 2 si W E" I , X 1 ,f 4 G R O 5 ' Q5 X ' K n , X k 1 Y 1 COLOR GUARDS ORCHESTRA 78 , .,.. . A 1 Q - GIRLS' ENSEMBLE -f-Q7 BOYS' QUINTET + ONE ACCOMPANISTS 79 ""'X ,L 5 He e arne d a Master Degree in Music Education from Pennsylvania University in the s umme r of 1952. His teaching experiences started in the West Lee chb urg School. Mr. Petronchek is als o the Director of the men's chorus at the St. Michae1's Ukranian Chur ch. As a pass-time Mr. Petronchek plays with a dance band that has trave le d around the country. A great deal of experience in television and radio broadcasting was gained by playing with the orchestra. Mr. Petronchek attends as many of the music conventions as possible throughout the state. Mr. Petronchek is a g r a duate of Ford City High School where he playe d in the Band, Orchestra,and ensembles. He en- tered the Military Se rv i c e in 1943 and was discharged in 1946, After his tour of duty for the Air Force, Mr. Petronchek entered Indiana State Teachers C ollege where he earned a Bachlor of Science degree. He was a mem- ber of the Phi Alpha Zeta Fraternity While at Indiana and held office as vice-president for this group. He was also in charge of the marching band in his Senior year. VARSIT , ,, .... L ,,..,, , , 'NZ " H X:-.Ez f' "fin l k,,,L A-A.. 1 115. .., , , g g-- -QM:-z .H.. mil gg, A K Ea. , Sig 55536 'H X 5 Si-FH Www 2:5121 UEQWW x 1 . -. , ., .. ...M V7 '---W--W-- ' ' xv, 6' ini fir. -,Af V - W 1. 2.52.1 -. Quai, Hi' -li' 1- Agn. Qi 92,5 , 'gf wg-'gr .. Q QM g-1,5-ff, .2721 T2 A-'nel' rf'-f-wi - ' 5 - 'PF: .i2Qv:,i,ii -5 vzfikf t -2 ' " ' 5 3" Q... . M: -K ff K -f m If - ,Q -- 1. .f . A we -sag. - 2 M H X f 12' ' I I . '- " A h ' f- ' ' fl 9. .W i .Elf fi 'Q . f . - H- M :Q ' 0 "" . I . . " 5k':,ff' . -:T A I , i'S K ff' f 3 I 'ffl , - ,Q A ' Q .1 M , jfh S' I' 77 Rf. , G ' 'n . 'liiffr' Q N . 1. A ak. ik .. . . Us I J M , ,I in Q 'Lg' M A A Q :i lk ' 'Wg-IR.. i s Xa :, Z . 1 tn ' f ' 2, ' 5, ,. x ,. ,n .X , , v . ll , xo Q k vw - fix. 52' 3- ' u- i af Y 5 k - 7 - 1. 5, ,- ' 5 ,W f , f , 4 ,nf ,W Mx f ' 'T Xu, 1 , . . . c,, , "' 'yeh ig EE 1 I ' ' ' 5' 12 X. m Y , .33 . V , in Y- lf. A A W- ,. ,gj,.fm?7!' 3 E ' if . M' vc' ggff 3 5 I ' , J - ..A....: ' : if - 1 . , 2 3 E A g ' X. NAARCHING BAND DISTRICT BAND Janet Salankiewicz Eileen Noullet Head Majorette Jacquie Minteer Carole Laughner Diane Buffone Ted Breuer 82 BATON CLUB MODERN MUSIC MASTERS Mr. Charley Head Football Coach Mr. Rupert Head Basketball Coach 'ro-"5"'ff""!'F5f'?'f"f'Nf'? -- . rata.: A Mr. Gur ski Mr. Glarner nv-Chu WU! Mr. Shaffer Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach Ass't Football Coach Ass't Football Coach Mr. Christy 5 Jr. High Basketball and F ootb all coach Baseball Coach ,-1 5 555 52 Ji ,.hkk Qi K at Mr. Lomb 0 . ,!ffjQ i A A A J 1' . High F ootb all C oach V , , :A ms .,.' f ,ff' ' 1 .Wi 'iw-' f '- Qt,te to tthla hoet t . 84 9 L" A-f-wr-.L A.,, vw- - VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES F. C. Opponents 6 Freeport 13 6 Homer City 6 7 Leechburg 13 25 West Deer 13 Canceled Tarentum Game Canceled Arnold Game 12 Vandergrift 19 0 Springdale 0 32 Kittanning 0 JR. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES F. C. Opponents 21 Kittanning 7 13 Freeport 0 Canceled Shannock Valley Game Canceled Leechburg Game Canceled Vandergrift Game 6 Springdale 25 FOOTBALL De s pite the fact that Ford City didn't have a winning season, they did have an interesting season. Ford City won two games, one being a 32-0 vict ory over Kittanning, lost three games, all by one touchdown, and tied two. One of the ties was with Springdale, who was heavily favored to beat us. 86 FOOTBALL MANAGERS Top Row: B. Shaffer 8: K. Carley Second Row: M. Renaldo 81 F. Jaco , ,, . A.,,,A. ,I ,fm M , K, ,Q I ,, s ,,q,,.4 .W ,,, LL.. 4. . -M -- up LQ JR. HIGH FOOTBALL PLAYERS SENIOR LETTERMEN Jerry Ferguson Bob Emmonds Joh 1 L R . 5419 Jim Asay John Grinder John Cacurak Norm Edwards Bill Pendleton Rich Kubatko Norm Goldinger 88 Gene Laz ar off SENIOR Spike Pe ndleton Ted Bremer Dale Cloak Ji W' t m mga e Norm Edwards 89 LETTERMEN .Tim Senopole VARSITY BASKETBALL PLAYERS F. C. Opponent 59 Home stead 76 Central Catholic 89 Tarentum 73 Johnstown 71 Clairton 57 Westinghouse 68 New Castle 66 Aliquippa 52 Greensburg '9'71 Kittanning 'VIS Har-Brack 565 Butler 'FSB Arnold f-474 Vandergrift 466 New Kensington V77 Kittanning 'Y75 Har-Brack 'Y48 Farrell 552 Butler 584 Arnold V72 Vandergrift 472 New Kensington This year Ford City had one of the finest basketball teams in its school history. The team compiled a record of Z3 wins and Z losses. The Glassers won their first 20 games in a row before losing to Butler ina very close game. After winning the section, Ford City playe d Uni ont ow n at Pittsburgh. The Gla s s e r s trailed most of the game, but in the final quarter staged a tremendous comeback and almost pulled the game out of the fire. Even though the Glassers lost, they had nothing to be ashamed of as they played good basketball all season long. 90 MANAGERS E. Smith 81 R. Burdette B. Shaffer 8: J'. Shiring R. Janovsky 8: C. Stivason JV F. 29 30 55 29 43 38 53 33 22 58 31 62 25 57 30 52 45 40 52 52 44 62 . Scores C. JR. VARSITY PLAYERS Homestead Central Catholic Tarenturn Johnstown Clairton Westinghouse New Castle Aliquippa Greensburg Kittanning Har-Brack Butler Arnold Vande rgrift New Kensington Kittanning Har-Brack Farrell Butler Arnold Vandergrift New Kensington Opp one nt 45 29 51 44 50 47 67 47 17 50 40 57 39 67 33 54 48 62 58 40 43 41 JR. F. 16 19 35 51 34 28 27 31 38 22 29 45 23 43 44 25 21 HIGH SCORES C. Opponent Har-Brack Butler Freeport Butler Vandergrift Hyde Park Kittanning Vandergrift Hyde Park Kittanning Freeport Vandergrift Hyde Park Kittanning Vandergrift Hyde Park Kittanning JR. HIGH BASKETBALL PLAYERS 5 A-A L 1" 1-2 if zmyf-'im if 9? A LW A Seiya VARSITY BASEBALL A 5 N 92 g Carol Doms Mary Plants SENIOR Judy Wakefield CHEERLEADERS 93 SNOWBALL 1957 ,YTR5 kWfIl?f' xklk ' 7 JY' 1 115 N I nf I my ACTIVITIES K 7 If p 1 SR. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS P s John Kerr, Sec. Joyce Farester V Pre Treas. Pat Dietz. -4 SENIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL 96 w FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA STAMP CLUB TV RADIO CLUB DEBATE CLUB 98 GREGG CLUB SPEECH MASTERS PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB I FUTURE TEACHER OF AMERICA SEWING CLUB TRI-HI-Y i UTURE NURSES OF AMERICA OO SLIDE RULE CLUB LIBRARY CLUB LATIN CLUB 2 GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION ART CLUB A CO-EDITORS GLASS-IP STAFF PENN FORD JUNIOR HISTORIANS CHEERLEADING CLUB I s, 5, I f.,, 595 Diane Buffone Rich Kubatko Duchess Blondeaux Pat Klimkowicz George Rovnyak Pat Cunningham fx viii .XE 'T - TRIREME STAFF BUSINESS AND EDITORIAL Bob He' m 11 an Shirley McJur1kin Carol Fair Carole Laughner Pinky Davies Bette Miller Judy Wakefield Carol Doms 106 Ruth Williams Ron Grantz Sandy Heilman Senior Write-ups 8: Pictures Jim Neutrelle Donna Bergh Patsy Gle sk Eileen Noullet Mr. Sowers - Advisor Sports Tb w ' X Q 3 Typists Bobbie Sanoba Barb Boguslawski Judy Crawford Kathy Kunkle Faculty Ed Bryant Jim Porte rfield Co-Editors A And Business Mgr. Marilyn Turko Helenmarie Palombo Janet Salankiewicz Barb Wade Jacquie Minteer Music Janet Boarts Bill Lux Joyce Fare ster Activities Butch Karl Bob Yount 107 Underclas smen Sonja Klingensmith Joyce Yount Barb Moore THE 1958 Rosalie Dragan Helenrnarie Palombo KING--Gene Lazaroff Janet Salankiewicz 'Ulf YQ QUEEN--Carol Brown Bob Emmonds John Kerr 108 HR' John Levri o PROM COURT Q 'auf' V Eleanor Space Linda P 'N-of PRINCE - - T om Cie Ply 'rn' V A Harry Russo Bill Mohr 109 W . K r YL Q iper Joann Mansfield PRINCESS - - Barbara Bor dick George Brandenburg N SR. HIGH TUMBLING CLUB JR. HIGH TUMBLING CLUB STATISTICIANS I in ' H ' if . s i A x ' 110 f We humans tend to be somewhat reluctant to ac- knowledge o ur own birthdays as the succeeding years ad- vance upon us, because with them comes an inevitable sap- ping of vitality and energy, dimming of mental faculties, and dulling of ambition. Fortunately, a successful corporation improves with age. So PPG is happy to meet its 75th birthday, proud of the important contributions it has made with its products forafullerlife, and anawareness of the continuing responsi- bilities towa rds shareholders, workers and the public to improve manufacturing, sales, research and development wherever possible. Our Ford City plants have been a vital part of the company for most of these years. P ITTS B U RG H PLATE GLASS COMPANY .1 v-cf-. A, vwftf trio in Q Z5 f SYMBOL OF SERVICE FOR SEvENTv-ENE YEARS INNIHFURY GI ts l5BI'W5R l EXECUTIVE BOARD President - Samuel Salourn Recording Sec. - Karl J. Miller Vice Pres. W4 - John Ganzlemar Financial Sec. - Edmund Kijowski Vice Pres. if6 - John Pavlik Inner Guard - George Bator Chairman - Francis McCabe Trustees - Peter Bernot Vice Chair. - Floyd DeLong Robert B. Mechling Francis Quartz United Glass and Ceramic Workers of North America AFL - CIO - CLC FURIJ CITY LUBAL I4 62- 1 131 624-630 Third Avenue F ord City Pennsylvania EDDY BUICK 00. SALES -- SERVICE -- PARTS Complete Body and Fender Work Phone 62-2251 1 Oth Street Ford City Pennsylvania Quality Applianc e s Ranges Refrigerators Automatic Washers and Dryers THOMAS L FLYNN COMPANY 62-1121 Ford Street Pennsylvania SHOEMAKER LUMBER CGMPANY snve 'MUCH-WAMPUIN? 1 . ,,,, 1 62-1571 Route 66 South of We have a Complete stock of: Plywood Roofing and Building Materials. Ford City Pennsylvania 2 1 Style s . , 1 as modern as tomorrow Complete line of Furniture, Floor Coverings, and Appliances. GREENBAUM'S FURNITURE STORE corner of Ford St. and Fourth Ave. Ford City Pennsylvania TEDROE HEILMAN Bus SERVICE Why Fuss? Go By Bus! Charter Service Anywhere Low Rates and F riendly Service Phone 62-1931 1509 Fourth Ave. Ford City Pennsylvania l.l. LIVENGOOD For a complete Food-Market with Free-Delivery Shop at LIVENGOOD'S GROCERY 62-3221 Manor-ville, Pennsylvania v ,X ,A 1-rf l , . A cg - V X ,La X ji CADET DRIVE-IN "Home of the Poor-Boy!" For the Comfort of your own Car, and the best food, ear at the CAD1-:T DRNE-IN. King. 43-8961 Route 422 Greeting Cards, Magazines, Stationery, and Hobby Equipment are available at FORD CITY NEWS 62-8701 316 Ford Street FRUITLAND SUPERETTE GROCERIES FRUIT PRODUCE Route 66 McGrann Ford City Intersectmn VVAITER BAll'S JEWELRY Carries a large selection of rings, watches, and gift items that will please OPEN the door to loveliness by calling for an appointment. BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON all. A N D Jewelry Repair - Photo Supplies GI S H 0 P 62.-8071 62-3161 908 5th Ave. 826-7th Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania Ford City, Pennsylvania "Service With a Smile" at BRIGHTMEYER'S SERVICE STATION Car Washing Expert Lubrication - Accessories lm gum N lf' -fe.,-M ,. . , 4 - N - y.r,tw,a9agmy1 . - 4, W, W A, .- COFFMAN STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography Custom Picture Framing Photography in this book done by C. Q. COFFMAN Farmers Bank Bldg. Kittanning, Pennsylvania McNUTT AGENCY,INC Complete Ins urance Service Fire - Life - Casualty - Bonds 62-1381 900 Fourth Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania CROYlE'S REFRIGERATION Complete line of Appliances Ranges - Refrigerators T. V. - Radio 62-3121 904 Fourth Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania "Center of Teenage society" Soda Fountain Service FORD CITY DAIRY CENTER 62-5294 Ford Street Ford City, Pennsylvania Visit our store for the best in Women and Children's apparel F R I E N D l A N D S "Where style meets thrift" 62-2621 Ford Street Ford City, Pennsylvania DEMITRY'S MEN'S STORE for the tops in Men's fashions, and tuxedo rental 62-7591 908 Fourth Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania For complete Insurance protection, consult D. L. Duff and J. Kenneth Duff D.l. DUFF AGENCY 62-4661 PETROLEUM SAlES Ceramics, novelties, toys, and art supplies can be purchased at PETROLEUM SALES 62.-3201 825 Fifth Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania ANDY'S MARKET Get better for less two locations Hansotte Plan 62-1021 408 Ninth Street Ford City, Pennsylvania For fountain service of finest quality and prescriptions filled accurately, FORD CITY PHARMACY 62-2611 Ford St. Ford City, Pennsylvania HEILMAN 8. BAILEY Shoes for all the family and for all occasions 62-2181 Ford Street Ford City, Pennsylvania HEILMAN S BSSLEY rpg? fffwwf Visit our Soda Fountain And Lunch Counter Sandwiches - Sundaes - Sodas CARlEY'S VARIETY STORE 62-6293 Ford City, Pennsylvania 0.K. HEILMAN, INC To solve your trucking and Delivery problems and For pick-up and delivery Service, see O. K. Heilman Motor Freight. 62-1911 Fourth Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania .t1"f-QM, - awk K , M'-fi ,K A good place to buy flowers for your wedding. Let Us Furnish Flowers For Whatever The Occasion may be. ARNER'S Fl0WERS 62-2591 5th Ave. Ford City, Pennsylvania KllNGENSMlTH'S DRUG STORE "Prescriptions of Qua1ity" Fountain Service Cosmetic Counter 62-1101 Ford St. Ford City, Pennsylvania Slam mm Hour r,15,, ,105 we ,lo P . as I JM- 'E MAXlNE'S APPAREL Fashion Center for the Fashionable Miss 132 Market Street Kittanning, Pennsylvania EDDIE KANIA GROCERY STORE pop - candy - ice cream A popular spot among the High School Crowd 62- 7111 Eleventh Street Ford City, Pennsylvania ,,,--j..- V -- - Lumber Millwork Builder's Supply For your building needs TIRES Sales and Service New and Used Electric Capping Full Caps Top Caps MIl0 HILEMAN see KERR LUMBER CO. Phone 62-3241 62-2541 McGrann Ford City, Pennsylvania Ford City, Pennsylvania For the best Quality in Home Appliances and Automotive needs see CENTRAL LSERVICE Parts T une -Up Wheel Alignment Brake Adjustment Inspection Everything 62-3171 5th Ave. 8: 9th St. Ford City, Pennsylvania JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Director and Frien Happy Anniversary They're the "Most" It' Pony Express 123 d Love is Blind Lovely One s Their Fault Tea For Two 8' 4 A.A. A. Club of Armstrong County American Slovak Store Armstrong County Building and Loan Association Baurn's Plumbing and Heating Burdette Lumber Caruso Brothers Coach 'N Four Motel Dr. Paul Opalka Dr. M. Rarnbach Dr. H. Schaffer Dr. Paul Watson Dr. R. W. Weber, D. C. Einstein and Campbell Elwood's Clover Farm Store E 8: R Television Folchik's Service Station Ford City Electric Company Ford City National Bakery Foreman's Hardware Foulis Dry Cleaning Gallo' s Service Station George W. Goddard Insurance Agency Howard's Flowers Hutchison's Jewelry Store Ira. M. Henry Jackson's Variety Store Jageman' s Heating and Roofing J. J. Poplis' Store Julius Steiner Agency Kilgore's Beauty Salon La Moda Shop Lefkofsky's Men's Store Mauck's Jewelry Mateer's Furniture Store, Inc. Mateer's Shoe Shop Mi11er's Hoagies M. 8: M. Service Station Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Nathaniel Obade Candy Company Paul's Auto Parts Pechan's Pastry Shop Pollock Cigar and Candy Company Royale Motel, Inc. Shurnaker Chevrolet Space's Fruit Market Tri-County Typewriter Company Vision Radio and Television Service Welch's Funeral Home Young's Barber Shop 'I A 1 ffmif'-fx KL?-'wt-. ' 1 'X vm ," 4 - v - - 4 . 1, J - .I 1" -- ' x ' .pp ',.:.f. -3,4 ' '.' :-5 312 ,, I, U H I nfs -'.-4 1- fl- .' ,. Qnx.:.a-', 5-"w .1 ' ' ' ' '?.U."' 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Suggestions in the Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) collection:

Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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