Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA)

 - Class of 1955

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J A. A fam fidf W 1 MQ arf, W pf V, 312 QW ' fW2MX 7'Z "ff . Jzwd 3 ' J ' W fi L "' 25 Q! lDP,,fl.fUy?1VZchyU bug! A 3 W Mn L Mg, QW Nfffdf Qqifuu Q2 UQAZL W Qxkffwjfx, WM ,dug Em J 1 Q V N, ,, my X O ' 1 ,. E Jjjw Q .Md WAS kffk M MZ fu, xfswg kiwi ,MPM M, 32 jx . Q ,QM O0 "' sp J t Z ,fjljjiilfywff ww 2, E' 14+ Zflyfffffm? fm Jw - -' A24 f 'XZ MW 6' ' QQ R. '1AA 3 'Why . ,WJ . IQZUWWJ M Nufx f ' ' UQQHQLWU 'Up-0 Aj fuk! -fxzaiy 1 F , G+'-wfifmx fffflg 1 dvi MQ m U Q W W W W Qfbyiwivq fmw F A Wk QW M1 Ui WE ff A ,,,.,Ym , ,, , , , . ,.W,,..,M .. ,, . 4 ,fx 2 fl' Q A Wff Qmgjgffggzff if QmWMQMWf?WdKLl Amfwgmmlmwoza jMQZ?myWmMTZW , , J n ,,Lu-'Q-J' 'fri-50 0 0 ., ,f7 V,V, ' U jila . , f .7 4' n f ,, f -I - , V 457' A 1" - W x jf 5 ' 55. Aidvf ,I ,690 fynwfbfi .1710 ww'-ZW 'Q' 'W ff, 0 A if 746 OC ff ,205 Um? 5 ma-Q ,fffvvrrwfa fwrwa ,MS 0 X, X, , ' I 4 J af" I Lf Q' 0 ' V 7 if Q ,cj I VYXQ -fd'-'RJVQ' VM!!! 5 X A, fflfff'Q7!Lf' ' I by 4 M if L N f 1 if f H X -jfa AJiwjMWZ?WQM jjffnfgm 9 WWAWMKQWMML HMZQA 0 W Jwjiijwwmv j JWZMM W, fg',:,f':f ,,,-f- ' ygwwmj ff M ,H ,A 5... H .. WW , QHVLL2 f ,LfULi Wwjzi D! V91 Vx- 5 X Wi , " cl HNF? 7b yy AWN 'JV r Q aff L74 M Q J , M an , 'EMA W ig, , qjy U91 Vg My fi 1 , ' UV? X5 NJ my my V QW 'E LLIJLJ W gg 1 I K! My ,HU H.. 3 X , E j X MIV4 . . '4-. . I. X I ,Q I 1 Maj: -f" J ,f W W h 'ff ,X ,gf ,ffz"f"'N5- 1104: 3 , Tf, 4 ff ff' W W-A -fa we ,j .V 2,9 ??.ZH,, b I ' "'- ,w 2 ' , W 1 Q ' V ,Q 33 ,B 1 A ' , ' V M M V M .Q 'M 4 W A W Q 'Whig ' J , i 2 ab 'VL ' ff' ld 'MM 'X A 1 U ' 77 'F A , ' A J X rw kj N 7 f EF 71 Lift!! Jil 1, 'LV E 6 I lf -V an , J wg- U,1J,fv f l f j, ij f ',1, - v" X ,f X WU, fx fi' - H' fJJVVNo A J AV X MM W MW . mf 1 'I 5 fn Q f ' 1 V ' N ,V . f ug W' 1 J' W .1 J- M E, W f,, ,f 4,1 fgiff ' M W' , Mfbry ,QI 1 jw V f g,,W.,' UA U ' l XA gif ,- 1 011: N f ' JMX , MAIL f NL 'I Jw W W W W V' ff U KJ. Jfffl' V-V7 F. dw iff A 1 -'UU fin WV' - jf Qyt 7 WCW fr 4, ,fx ff ,W A ,ff W ,J TJ 0 :l,fJ'LJL U 'NV V- 1 l J bxgx D ,VW MW . , I IJ .1 -- f1,.d"1"fV Q ILL 'MM' f -M A L 551 W Ll ff L + ff 6, my f -lv Mx 'My ffm! 'm llylgf W al' X - QL 'B t XE? ex J' ' 1, 7 ,, 5 ,, K 'J f ulfwwfylw ' JL W0 VL 5 ILQJ-HQU2 7 J UL X W 1 , f KW-w 35 ' W I, M LD XUDHJXI ml'YN6f XQIUQJ A QW ,mf f ,Luv - ,f ffi 'aQk W WI, -vm 9 ,W W j , ' S! fgwgfxfufwcfyg v vfrwfmmw 'W g FORD CITY W Q ' ffl' 1, 5 im + K , ,A ,f x- , , ff W f ki? x 'J I! ! 1 ' W XM Mm l A 1 f lwqwlff g ll Hi S fn gl 'fl QE ? dig-,1 24 ff' : ,,, 5- : Q 1 1 HIGH SCHCCL Eg ,Lg FORD CITY 5 PENNSYLVANI Ta :J . .W J W5 5 AL "av "' l if is H3 fl: f w f a M if Wg - Dar E32 -- 2 X e f fly, ielt ff if Q lg? p if ,f JKJ I W W f X ,rl - N ' I ,fi ' ffl f Q If X f ,Q JW if alley? f f K ,jf M l l , f ix, ' y is yy , - ff , W yy Q fu . ff ' 'Si J if I ' 1, I X r gf' ' if , - i , 'J , , f .J, fi 1 ,fu MM' k J x lf' if: JJ J WJ W . f" ' in , , 1 ,y y y I I :J l 'gl li, JV' It J! ' 1,111 I Vt! ' ff 4 I If 'f i " 5 i fi if , fl' 'X . X ,I 1 , f W jl ,ff Z! f jf J 7, ff, Ti 5-J r X ! V 4 f In ,' ' - K 'S' " f -f I if ft 1' l V jf if This is your program of the play "School Daysf, For this production we are indebted to the editorial staff who served as its playwrights, the business staff who supported it financially, the faculty and administration ' who were the directors, and to the seniors who might he called its stars. All the people who co-operated with the staffs to make this yearbook possible were the producers fig 1 d , th st d nt b d , mad the s ort'n ' ',,':f-fagff igstgygol sit ebach ind eiiijory thisejcldht prodlillcijionloi 'gig 6 fly JI HQ? "School Days? On with the play for, "The play's the if A so Q ,Hg 6 .Vj H -"f Klein! 52,2 lg 49 s 9 4 N F SP! A R AV fi ?Z3 -if - x',W, rs I J X .. sq X,,2 ,gifs , 4, A '. hifi' , ' . S ,f ,Q , .2 ?, ff, ,Ag nb ' AJA. .L . fr' 1 . V ' fa '-L, "7 1 Rial, ELAN lfifl,ffif!fifHjif,jQ 4 t Wyfjfm, iffy " . ' V 1 3 ,J ab if Q ,Q 5, r - . V.,-, V, 'ff' . ff' i V' y 4' 12: K -r fl ' 42 . D ,,Q 25,1 ni ,fl LJ 1 , 19.4" '- wif, QSM MW 01" 6 , Xiwffhffwy M 1 4 Y i o ' ' ' f W-Wi V W W 7 Y age XN'YEODUC'YXONfYn0x,ocnn A Comenxs I jp Dnnxcpmon Ky ,S A 3 36 P-Yvnecnmon J X f Q A ACT X Onn Exnncwon-5 , MJLXL' 7 JJ" 8-X X 1 Scene X. Bnnfxnxettaf I 1 ' XUQ Scene 2. Eacnkxj V f 2 Q S ACT XX S'innen1Bon1 fjwgffy X 34119,-63 Scene X. Undetdassxnen E XS-'5 Scene 2. Senxots I 2 6 f Scene S. Senxot Yetsondxixee ,N A 'I-69 W Scene A. Dances W 1 L, 69 new xn Mnufmcs Wav C, .1 ,pp Scene X. EasebaXX t f X E Q Scene 2. EooKbaXX J 68-'H aff Scene 5. EaeketbaXX , ' 'I -'M -pjflfw 1 , Scene lk. Snnxoc Hxgh Snow 9 3 - X J Scene 5. Cnceneanets l jj Tl A ,MJ K lk CT XI Scene 6. Cannxd-5-Acixon o OJ I J . Ss wl if I W ff pi A X Sce1ic2wXS1i3ent Conn ' S ,hy S' ' ff' I - Scenei. Clube M' Xez A nf -4- - 1 M Scene '5. Ghxssln - '65 QLJQ! ff! MJ 1' V19 if I l lj Scene AQ. 'YtKte1neStaEi5 6-'Xl yy , yy I j f 1 9 'V Scene 5. Snnxoxt and Senxo: Ybge 88-'69 X fy NJA! ,jf ACT YI Mn-sxc 99-99 jj!! JZ!! 2, Scene X. Xn-ettn1nentXNXn5xc 92-96 J Nd 1 f 9 Scene 2. VocaX Mnsxc 91-99 l 7, u 9 ' EXNP-EE Snpxenowf- X00-X03 111' PJ " Q W' Ty EYXEOC-UE Semen X6-neue XM-X06 6 J!! fi li 1 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS P-nvnnusxnc X91-X20 ,M I V J ' 7 M 'ff V ,- fy 'fi W1 'ypj i J J A ,Lv jjj, " de . 6 P ,W ' 6 Fl' 6 'fl -fy, J 'V J if 5 , 7' I A-WV V4 - 4 N?,,.f.' X., 1' JfM,,.f7' u nf" . L! ,fr K K J- .. Af' 6 1 P ' "' j rf-9 '11 I u f' si! V .V A" ,J 9 N DEDFCATICN II "Men of few words are the best men" . . . Shakespeare. Behind the scenes of every great theatrical production there is one vitally important person upon whom the success of the entire play rests. Yet the tremendous work of this individual may go unnoticed. unheralded in the critics' columns. Such a person is Mr. Harold Sowers. He has been the key man in the Senior Class productions whether it was the senior play, the prom, or the yearbook. His firm, calm, guidance was a steady- ing influence when we faltered in trivialities and inde- cisions. We have known him as a respected teacher, a wise ad- viser, and as a sincere friend who followed up his words with deeds. For these reasons, we, the graduating class of 1955, wish to dedicate this yearbook to you, Mr. Sowers, for being our chief prompter. HAROLD SOWERS og A gf 1 'I1ME.5.C.H.QQL. Elldllfl I I3-I 8 F- so i EIEI s 1EAQ.liLiBi.- fl ff ',,' -'G 2' i Q 23 vw ' - l Q ga U :W :I-'5 K APPR CIATION l 7 1 ll! vm ll As seniors, our adolescent days are almost over. Our success in the future depends upon our own efforts. Some of us will go to college, some will get jobs, but all of us will have innumerable opportunities to succeed. Perhaps our senior boys have a greater task-that of keeping our country free. As we follow our chosen pro- fessions, the aims which you, our parents, and you, our teachers, have instilled in us will spur us on to greater achievements. Through your teachings and knowledge. we have begun to climb tl1e ladder of life and educa- tion. Now that we have reached the point where we will no longer be able to rely solely upon your advice, we realize that we owe you more than we can ever repay. All tl1e understanding and patience which you possess was sorely tried many times, yet you managed to give us the guidance we needed. To you both we extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation. 5 '13 W gwfir gk ' 7 K . ,fr-M 1, 'Tp -Q.. ,K I . wt ' 1 1 -,ev " it H 2 QE' fi Ba P 3 , S A 1. ' V 2" a 'W 3 sl l I 5 M: f K , K' i q 'K 1 J F fl i 2 Qi X f . 5 1 9 l aa ,MA Q29 FX, F '-'I 2 if K f f L... ff XQWEVSV Q sq ,J - 5? C3 C' ., 8 '- 1 K 6? F? X Q f' ' ' t ,- T 3 if , 2' E' "' E 5 5 l 'uf E f A 2 XX 'ix- ' 1 1' ,,, ADMINISTRATION B5 'Q' 235 V" if' 'ti X Paul N. Marsh Mr. Marsli is the Superintendent of the newly organized Ford City Union School District. Ile has the tremendous task of co-ordinating the educational programs of seven different schools into a harmonious, workable organization. The Superintendenfs Message to the Graduating Class: "This class of 1955 appears to be the first, for a number of years to be graduated into a world not torn by war. This offers a challenge to each and every one of you to continue to improve this condition. "I believe each of you has a potential job to do. It is my wish that you may soon locate your particular responsibility and devote to it 7 our best effor ls.' , y Slncerebf, PAUL N. MARSH HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL F Keeping our high school op- erating smoothly has been Mr. Milleris responsibility for the past five years. He has met the individual prob- lems of 1100 students with fairness and competency. Raymond E. Miller 10 BGARD OF EDUCATION In July of 1954 the Ford City Union School District was formally organized. School communities entering into this union were Ford Cliff, Bellwood Gardens, Manorvillc, Garretts Run, Pleasant View, and Ford City. Through the cooperative effort of the citizens of these groups, better educational facilities will be pro- vided for the students of our schools. '16 eq eo 1, 1,90 Nl 11 Ford City Union School Board: Seated: Ross McGregor, John P. Badura, Andrew F. Shaul, Dr. A. R. Pechan, Miss Margaret Mongavin, John McIntosh, Dr. Charles "'l'ed', Rupert, Dr. Paul Opalka. Standing: Walter Ki- jowski, E. A. Lonherger, Raymond Troutman, John Slagle, Wil- liam Thornton, Louis Goldman, D. L. Duff, Samuel Yount, Ray Cowan, O. R. Swartzlander. Absent zbhen picture was taken: Albert Klingensmith, William Emmonds, Clyde Ewing, Calvin Bowser, Charles Boarts. Secretary -Margaret Mongavin FAC U LTY Robert Adams MATHEMATICS, Seated: Charles Gregory, Theodore Shakley, WOQDWQRKI Paul Caruso, John Wilson. George Dupierreux HOME ECONOMICS: Patricia Lieb, Anna Longwell GIRL'S PHYS. ED.: HEALTH: John Simmons Nancy Rust HOME 81 SCHOOL VISITOR: HIGH SCHOOL ART: Henry Dietz 12 Jean Black MECHANICAL DRAWING: SE fs As, tx SOCIAL STUDIES, Seated: Josephine My- ers, Jessie Rhines, Sara Baker, Margaret Aub- rey. Standing: Mildred Schall, Kathleen Mc- Coy, Besse Ekis. SCIENCE: Harold Sowers, Robert Black, Lewis A. Buyers,- Jarnes Davis, Hubert B. Rupert. Q L-4 sf' " ' ,..... E -1, A 7' .yu C ",giN1l,LQ"5 ,Q an QW, ' KT H . it Aw ' . V , K ai 1 :W ,,,,...-f . . ,f.. ...W if w HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC: Estelle Beckwith, Lola LaVerne .N Bevmgton, Martin E. Thomp- son. LANGUAGES. Mary Nypaver Alice Steiner. 13 FAC U LTY -if Q , x SECRETARIESZ Shirley ISC- man, Janet Mechling, Barbara ff Gregory. X 14 x X.. 1 VX. 'NF Pffirgfime i X A gfZ31.'.5qt-LGS. ENGLISH, Seated: Mattie Painter, Donald Wall, Janice Parsons. Standing: Glenna Wood, Elmira Brodhead, Elizabeth Cogley, Anne Lesser. Q55 . , , Q:13f:i'i:l:5?gZ-:+:E:Qq2:., , :Q:':4l:fKI J, W. 43,-,,'..,X,-4. 4.,1,5fr2x QI 225 GUIDANCE: John Connors Q ff ff- X55 QS 4,-73,:3fg.43r1'j'?e2Zx,"' .' Z 'lf 5' 1 X Nqrgmaxxqff ffm sf, . ,gag-., 1 age - . K, . tx 1123535 ASQ .'-xgiqzzghiygl Ae..'-'w.i'vv,g-rfqifsggigt - xg 'Tiff Q X 4, ,N Wx: x .xg- ' ,l Viiwy A I , MZQQ akfffizf I-,ig i Li m 2 5 9, A M... 5: . Q Q , , cn an l Jr G sa E E D- ff M ei U2 K2 Q3 " ax ' gm, , ygifrmab QT ' l. LIBRARIAN: Ray Duff 65" 33-rf" K READING: Edna Tylinski QFD' COMMERCIAL, Seated: Margaret Shubert, George Baltic, Lois Green. CUSTODIANS, Front Row: Mr. Frick, Mr. Renaldo, Mrs. Hel- gren, Mrs. Kovach. Second Row: Mr. Umbaugh, Mr. Cogley, Mr. Frick. Third Row: Mr. McElhaney, Mr. Easley. 15 ELEMENTARY FACULTY Willis A. Baum Mr. Baum is busier than ever this year, for he is the M.. NK tl! MEN ELEMENTARY MUSIC: Barbara Boueh FORD CITY, Seated: Elizabeth Whitman, Celeste Weaver. Standing: Roberta Bruner, Lillian Reichart, Katherine Gleason. Elementary Principal for the Ford City Union School District. All of the grade schools-Ford City, Manor- villc, Garretts Run, Ford Cliff, Pleasant View, and Bellwood Gardens-are under his capable jurisdiction. E "N-N , 'mf " FORD CITY, Seated: Madge Weber, Dorothy Bryan. Standing: Ardena Wolfe, Marion Weaver. ELEM ENTARY ART Luella Heineman MY! BELLWOOD GARDENS: Geraldine Rosen- CARRETTS RUN, Front Row: Louise Burns, berger, Margaret Shaffer., Moss Clever. Mildred McClune, Mildred Livengood. Second Row: Martha Sehall, Marian Stroud, Annie MeElwain. PLEASANT VIEW, Front Row: Beulah Hey mers, Verna Bennett, Dorene Boyer, Helen Dietz Second Row: Jessie Angehr, Rosina Anderson Mary Kelly. FORD CLIFF: Rowena Bouch, John Renaldo, MANORVILLE: Blargaret Maxeiner, Henrietta Elsie Ward, Dietz, Ruth Whittaker, Helen King. f, fd2.i2i5' Q' h x- gl l UNDERCLASSMEN I,-,Af ,ff I 5223? KTA Q L f ! fg , lg1 g 4 Y I' 5: Q ' I - ff. f f x 'lg U fy XPQES Ig. 5 ff .K 1 Z r .,, 18 - -- SEVENTH GRADE HOMEROOM 5-Back Row: Nlary A. Kendra, Catherine Heffellinger, Sandra Hawthorne, Patricia Kunkle, Janet Johns, Harold Heekman, Merle Gam- ble, David Feldman, Mark Funckfga. 3rd Row: Martha Grantz, Judy err, Susan Heilman, Winnifred Kunkle, Roy Grantz, Beverly Hutchison, Jane Leitch, Nancy Graham, Carole Haroskgf, Carol Kolakowski. 2nd Row: Mr. liakley, Malcolm Hileman, Donald llobaug 1, Thomas Gray, James Fiseus, Raymond Fundyga, Kingsley Henderson, Joseph Fichthorn. Ist Row: Percy Fiscus, Donald Garmong, Shirley Lazaroff, Elsie Hunieniek, Carole Law, Patridia Heny, Norma Johnson. 20 Mmm! HOMEROONI 1-Back Row: George Bailey, Betty Burdett, Joan Cogley, Connie Beck, Rodney Aiello, Laird Bruner, Roger Blondeaux, Ronald Buhite. 3rd Row: Virginia Burdett, Wanda Boarts, Virginia Campbell, Edna Burford, John Beck, James Arm- strong, George Beere, Lavonne Ben- ninger. 2nd Row: Mrs. Sehall, Rhetta Coleman, Gloria Beck, Shirley Cogley, Barbara Bowser, Ila Christy, William Burdett, Robert Buriak. lst Row: Shir- ley Cla poole, Edna Burford, James Bobb , Jiienneth Carley, Hugh Bonner, Paul Eoback, Carol Anderson. HOMEROONI 2-Back Row: Pat Cook, Linda Crissman., Judy Goodgasell, Ken Crytzer, Gerald Cogley, George Chest- nut, Joseph Claypoole, Robin Evans. 3rd Raw: Mary Fallone, Jeanne Graf- ton, Evelyn Fennell, Violet Fiscus, Gary Emmonds, Larry Croyle, Rose- mary Dinus, Richard Cobb, Neil Davis. 2nd How: Mrs. Myers, RiCllH1'd Crossman, Robert Cunningham, Joseph Didds, Rosalie Fennell, Donna Croyle, Marilyn Ewing, Sandy Dunn. Ist Row: Janet Dowling, Carol Czapor, Judith Dunn, Judith Crawford, Shirley Fare- ster, Richard Chirnka, Douglas Doni- gian, Donald Crytzer. 'r HOMEROOM 208-Back Row: Mel- vin Wolfe, John W'yant, Bob Vlfolfe, Esther Welton, Mabel Walbert, Ruth Waltenbaugh, Barb Wyant, Helen Wiser. 3rd Row: Shirle Walker, Ev- elyn Wiser, Samuel VIWIOIIIPSUII, Jim Walbcrt, Jim Toy, Russel Wilson, Lois Thompson, lNlary Zuhick. Zml Row: Miss Rhines, Carolyn Wfoj ton, Garnet Walker, Kathy Vllilcox, Carol W'albert, Pat Stump, Judith Wingate, William Wliitc, Herbert Toy. lst Row: Sam Sybert, Albert Swartz, Ruth A. Walker, Janet Virostek, Geraldine Wyant, Warren Ware, John Wilson, Charles Yapp, Joe Zanetti. 21 HOMEROOM 106-Back Row: Charles Martin, Bob King, Theodore Rearick, Burl Neer, Barb Russell, Myrtle Rosen- berger, Margaret Rosenberger, Toni Pendleton. 3rd Row: Louise Petras, Elsie Mcliain, Judy Reitler, Larry Howlett, Cary Lobur., John Poehan, Torn llughan, John MoHitt. 2nd Row: Mr. lllaek, Denise Renaldo, Gerald Odrey, ,lim McKee, Don Reich, Max Kamer., Shirley Miller, Nancy Mclea- son. lst Row: Judy llliller, Darletta Riggle, Bonnie lN1itchcll, Betty Riffer, Nancy lN1cMunn, llob Hynick, Dennis Minich. HON l'iR0OlN'I 107-Back Rauf: Sally Stepp, Eugene Repak, liarry Steim, Pat Srnolik, Gar Southworth, Ed Sini- mons, Toni Syniolen. 3rd Row: Eugene Smith, Gerald Rupert, Randolph Spen- cer, Charles Shaeffer, Joe Riskosky, Carole Smith, Alberta Sinail, lN'1ayburn Stephens. 2nd Row: Miss Nypaver, Pat Stopansky, Mary Solida, Helen Spang, Carl Stupka, Dick Siar, Carl Stiff . Ist Row: Janet Sellers, Laird Shotts, lgean Schall, Betty Sadeski, Nancy Stitt, Betty L. Schall, Betty Say. EIGHTH GRADE HOMEROOM 209-Back Row: James Blondeaux, Robert Chestnut, John Buriak, Jim Bruce, Bob Bailey, Joan Cogley, Rosemary Beuth, Jean Croyle, Jody Anthony. 3rd Row: Norma J. Bowser, Pat Chimka, Helen Angchr, Edith Bloom, Tom Bo d, Tom Bielski, Robert Cujas, David Caldwell, Ronald K. Burdett. 2nd Row: Miss McCoy, David Brown, Larry Beck, Tom Ciep- ly, Ronald W. Burdett, Eugene Capiz- zi, Jack Brown, Richard Brown, Milton Beck, George Brandeburg. lst Row: Theresa Bieanovsky, Judy Davis, Tom Crofutt, Deanna Beck, Karen Beck, Pat Crownover, Sally A. Bryan, Don- ald Bowser, Dorothy Bruner, Pat Aites. HOMEROOM 210+Back Row: Ray Dunmire, Alfred Harris, Bob Green, Donald George, Jim Evans, Bill Hollo- baugh, Jim Gelacek, Emmett Fickcs. 3rd Row: Jim Gongola, Carl Heffel- fmger, Ed Flanders, Betty DeLong, Kathleen Hileman, Carol Fiseus, Char- lotte Geiger, Margaret Hill. 2n1l Row: Mrs. Tylinski, Jim Hansotte, Wesley Heilman, Patty Gibson, Susan Eakins, Marian Held, Jocelyn Gonano, Kay Girt, Carolyn Flickinger, Linda George. 1st Row: Jack Hubbard, Ken Hartman, George Dodds, Fred Fennell, Bob Hazen, David Dunn, Dalton Farester, Mary J. Gallo, Victoria Garay, Betty Gladys. HOMEROOM 211-Back Row: Bob King, John Johnson, Ron Paine, Fred McKinney, Karl Matthews, Michael Odreehowski, Robert Blattu, Howard Mansfield. 3rd Row: Pat Lloyd, Daphne Luchesa, Joann Mansfield, Graee Lang, Catherine McGuire, Betty MeCly- monds, Donna Mansfield, Jack Jage- man, Lewis Kline. 2nd Row: Miss Beck- with, Judy Hornyak, Darlene Johnston, Sonja Lukehart, Marjorie Marks, Katherine Kuehta, Judy Miller, Dick Klingensmith, Gerald King, Rodney McKelvey. lst Row: Dale Kerr, Ken Iseman, Ray Kijowski, Wm. Mohr, Anthony Machowski, Larry Laird, Bob Maxeiner, Tom Kornasiewicz, Anas- tasia Lysakowski, Gail Hopper. QQ HOMl'lROOlNI 212-Bark Row: Gus Ruffaner, Tim Rupert, Ken Schaeffer, John llepek, .loan Schaeffer, Olga Seniow, Lois Sehiffgens, Shirley Nloore, Charlotte Myers. 3rd Row: Barbara Salsgiver, Betty Rupert, Darlene Milz, Virginia Schull, Judith Reiller, Joan Nathaniel, Margaret Miller, llelen Moflitt, Linda Piper. 2nd Row: Mr. Caruso, Howard Srneltzer, Bill Rees- man, Andrew Polka, David Petrovsky, Jim Sicheri, Palmer Ransom, Don Serene, Phil Rupert, Reed Schaeffer. Ist Row: Larry Sehiffgens, Samuel Reariek, Victor Shaeffer, Carl Petrus, Jim Riggle, Earl Porter, Samuel Sa- loum, Betty Raymer, Don Rupert, Joseph Shaffer. HOMl'lliU0lNI 2l3vBack Rott: Jim Snyder, Darl Stivason, .lim Stewart, Gary Stivason, Sandra Yassem, Doro- thy Slovansky, Anna M. Zermane, Eleanor Space, Dolores Tihanovich. 3rd Razr: wayne South, Fred Sweitzer, Ardell Thomas, Wlillard W'alker, Bob Stewart, Russell Smith, lloh Vllyant, Phyllis Zahloeki, Judy Shoop. 2nd Row: Mrs. Painter, Donna Wattmersfmri, Faye Wliittr, Clare Zimmerman, Mary Toy, Pamela Shumaker, Shelvy Vlfalker, Nlarilyn Szul, Ina Wfoodside, Chris Weis. Ist Row: lllanifered Wxmlfe, Ron Vfoyton, George South, Wlalter Stew- art, Larry Toy, lllarlin Yvaugaman, Harry Spang, Roberta Smith, Kathleen Yount. Don t burn lt' Changing bLLLldlJlgS FRESHMEN HOMEROOM CHAIRMEN: Bette Miller, Paul Augustine, Rosalie Dragon, John Kerr, Marilyn Turko, Jerry Ferguson, Roberta Sanoba. Ouchl The colony was first named Penrfs Woods. Through all kmds of CLASS SPONSORS, Seated: Besse Ekis, Anne Lesser, Jean Black, Janice Parsons. Standing: Martin E. Thompson., Lewis Buyers, John Wil- son. weather HOMEROUM 117-Back Row: John Howlett, Covert Knepshield, Francis Karl, Robert Klingensinith, Richard Kubatko, Charles Janovsky, Ronald King. 3rd Row: Eugene Lazaroff, John Kerr, Delmar Klingensinith, John Lev- rio, Carl Lefchik, Florence lNIeGuire, Carol Laughncr. 2nd Row: Mr. Buyers, Loretta Kunst, Sonja Klingensmith, Ruth Ludwick, Veronica Krizman, Nancy Latini, William Lux, George Lysakowski. lst Row: Patricia Klim- kowiez, Judy Luchesa, Thomas Holiz- na, Rose M. Jankowski, Irene Johnson. HOMEROONI 118-Back Row: Lynn blyers., Charles Orton, Kenneth Mit- chell, David Neutrelle, Merle McKel- vey, Paul Marcinek, Richard Petras, Raymond Cnofre . 3rd Row: Wade Patsue, Richard Betrus, Carl Petras, Theresa Perry, Shirley McJunkin, Pat hlorvik, Gladys lWcGuire, Jacquie Blin- teer. 2nd Row: Eileen Noullct, William Pendleton, Joe Niekleach, Barbara Moore, Helen M. Palombo, Bette Miller,Sue Reefer. Ist Row: Miss Par- sons, Patricia Milligan, Mary MeKer- nan, Diary Plants, John Ondo, Jim Neutrelle, John lNIcElwain. AbS6Tll5 John blathers, Donald hliller. 25 HOMEROOM 116-Back Row: Leo Haky, Edward Fich thorn, Merwyn Guthrie, Donald Fox, Hugh Guthrie, Charles Hartzell, Robert Garbarino, Norman Goldinger. 3rd Row: Richard Greer, Ronald Grantz, George Hilty, Norman Fair, Jonathan Grinder, Robert Heilman, Clyde Gibson, Gerald Fergu- son. 2nd Row: Miss Ekis, Sally Fiekes, Nanette Hromadik, Patsy Glesk, Carol Fair, Betty Fiscus, Lynne Faith, Vir- ginia llynick. lst Row: Richard Gainor, William Hilty, Judith Frerotte, Nancy Guthrie, Joyce Farester., Juanita James., Helen Heasley, Patti Gallo. as-ri, -fr ns! 'Wi ,fe ' -' Nm HOMEROOM 201-Back Row: Mel- vin Anthony, Louis Bluek, Janet Boarts, Allen Boarts, .lim Asay, Lewis Bosco, Arnold Blystone. 3rd Row: Diane Buffone, Jim Baker, Tom Aiello, Ray Blondeaux, Jim Bloom, Bill An- ehondo, Michaleen Blondeaux. 2nd Row: Mrs. Black, Barbara Boguslaw- ski, Pat Allensworth, Don Bowser, Carol Brown, Joan Cacurak, Helen Cesare. 1stRow: Joan Bonetti, Mary D. Asay, Claire Barger, Keith Beck, Dean Barger, Paul Augustine, Jack Boarts. 26 J, in v-A -.ta -"X W' af '- ,, t yy A , N 'few ' IIOMEROOM 119ABack Row: Jim Senopole, Ed Reitler, Roger Robinson, Joe Shiring, George Rovnyak, Bill Shaffer, Ron Sherry. 3rd Row: Don Sherry, Janet Salankiewicz, Jean Rice, Carol Sanders, Nancy Riggle, Nlcda B. Roush, Kathleen Schall, Ron Pratt. 2nd Raw: Miss Lesser, Kathleen Shaffer, Henry Reitlcr, Gladys Sinail, Betty L. Repck, Daisy M. Robinson, Roberta Sanoha, Kay Silvis. lst Row: Jim Silvis, Jim Rieket, Bob Simmons, Jim Porteriield, Sam Sehreecngost. IlOlVlliROOlVI 120-Back Row: Tim Stitt, Bill Westwood, Bill Stnm 1, Her- bert Slama, Ken Vause, Bob JYount, Jim Wingate. 3rd Row: Vernon Thorn- as, Steven Steiner, Wayne Steffey, Jerome Zanoli, Theodore Zabloeki, Richard Vent. 2nd Row: Mr. Wilson, Pat Valasek, Barbara Wade, Judith WakeHeld, Joyce Yount, lVlarilyn L. Turko, Shirley Wilson, Judith Wyalit. Ist Row: Edith Taylor, Fd Trecee, Charles Wagner, Fay Xvoodsidc, Linnie Woodside, Linda L. Stitt, Prieilla South, Celia Toy. Absent: Jim Zion. lv IIOMIQROONT 20211111019 Row: Clair llulz, John Bowser, Gabriel Diliek, Arthur Breuer, Norman Edwards, Dale Cloak, John Caeurak, Dean Cowan. 3rd Row: Bob linnmmds, Merle Davis, Brenda Davies, Pilll,lTlIl,,Il1dilll Craw- ford, David Dauglierl , Vlfayne Cun- ningham, Lawrence Cllllim. 2nd Row: lVlr. Tlimnpson, w'Hy'Il0 Carberry, Robert Buck, Ed Bryant, Don Croyle, .lilyfl Davis, Mickey Davies, Nancy Em- monds. Ist Row: Bonnie Edinger, Norma J. Edinger, Pat Cunningham, Rosalie Dragon, Carol Doms, Barb Erkens, Lois Jane Dunmire, Arlene Mae Crytzer. Q? lil -an airs fi 'QP' xl Q ,ii,,,, "i'ra L ., About that broken desk . . . Our ' 'superv Super. ay,E,,,,,, .,,. 1, WM, W . . . now if she studied more . . . Ohhhh, Hermann' - - eff!-, - - f7.4-. 2 " .. We , . s SCPHCMCRES CLASS SPONSORS, Seated: Patricia Lieb, Nancy Rust, Elmira Brodhead. Standing: John Simmons, Elizabeth Cogley, Anna Longwell, Robert Adams. All together now. ,v A J W N. A A, CLASS OFFICERS: Rosemary Faykosh, Secre- tary-Treasurerg Mike Hnaitow, Presidenlg Dian Delong, Vice-President. Mudpies! Rag mop. Hurry! The bell rang! IIOBJEROOM ll0-Hack Row: Jerry Slavka., Allen Harringer, Ernest Davies, Sam Kunkle, Jerry Klingensmith, James Moore, Homer Allcnsworth, Williaxn Heihnan. 3rd Row: Shirley King, Patricia Miller, Frances Peltz, Nancy Schaffer, Edward lllalc, George Boguslawski, Oliver Pore. 2nd Row: Mrs. Brodhead, Leonard Hyniek, Caro- lyn Caldwell, Ethel McElwain, Doro- thy Rower, Sandra Spenser, Jean Fear. Ist Row: Neva Anderson, Ruth Jage- man., Rarhara Galanis, lllarianne Ro- galski, Joyce Shakley, Patricia Dosch. HOMEROOM 204fBack Rou':,Don- ald Baker, Frank Garmong, Joe Hna- tiow, Regis Chechvala, Richard Schaff- hauser, Dean Smith, Ronald Klingen- smith, Harold Mansfield. 3r4l Row: Frances Round, Jim Reitlcr, lllartha Schiffgens, Ronald Lasher, .Barbara Barlolovic, Eunyce Johnson, Joyce Levrio, lNIarlene Perl. 2nd Row: lVlr. Simmons, Delores Cogley, Glenna Bon- ner, ,lack Edinger, Jim Jackson, San- ford Peters, Marilyn lVIcKee, Lois Necr. lst Row: Bill Nall, Paul Hart- man, Ken Thompson, Shirley Stilt, Billie Cunningham, Mary Ann Skuka- lek, Rosemary Faykosh. is . ff. 'mg -'mx'-5 IIOMEROOM 206-wlluck Row: Paul Birch, Harry Grinder, Joe Kovalovsky, Ray Lerner, Richard lN1ichaux, illerle llutehison, John Fallone, Robert Vi- danoff. 3111 Row: Richard Hellman, John Popolis, Don Colrhett., Evelyn Fennell, Margie Marsh, Patricia Szul, Jim Kerr. 2nd Row: Mrs. Cogley, Deanna M ichaux, Gerald Stump, Steve Seniow, Peggy lieere, Mary Ann Sla- niclia, Sandy llockenherry. Ist Row: Janet Bowser, Nancy Kamody, Mary Ellen Sanoha., Connie Crawford, Doris Davis, Janice Presensky, Paula Painter, Delores Scripps. 29 Q! r-whiff ZH 5 Ni. HOMEROOMS 301-310-Back Row: Keith Mitchell, Don Cook, Ken Pore, Charles Kunkle, Jim Swartz, Jim Lit- tek, Jim Fox, Norman Gaggini, Diek Huchinson, Bob Wolverton. 3rd Row: Orpha Fox, Dorothy Bernot, Margaret llumenik, Gloria Zahradnik, Marilyn Bower, Carole Walker, Dixie Smith, Norma Wolke, Marian Walker, Dianne DeLong, Joanne Martinez. 2nd Row: lV1r. Adams, Joe Blondeaux, Albert Bemis, Lawrence Hagofsky., George Stiffey, Tom lleilman, John Penn, Jim Slagle, Jim Waugaman, Mrs. Lieh. lst How: Penny Vent, Gloria Miller, Catherine Tregaskas, Carolyn Say, hlary A. Ware, Phyllis Kijowski, Lois Shaeffer, Carol Beitler, Barbara Go- lab, Joanne Thevenin. 30 lm HONIEROOM 205-Back Row: Tom Lasher, Earl Heasley., Ron Neutrelle, David Greer, Darrell Stivason, Albert Johnson, Roger Schrecengost. 3rd Row: Betty Bauwin, Eleanor Fennell, Joanne Prazenica, Sandra Meades, Charles Bargerstock, Joanne Kahat, Evelyn Schultz. 2nd Row: Mrs. Aubrey, Ann Russo, Carolyn Stivason, Barbara Novak, Betty Good, Sam Toy, Mary A. Slabon, Ron Ricket. Ist Row: Christine Lindell, Jim Chorvat, John Enchler, Ray lNIcArdle, Bob Kornasiewicz., Marlene Livengood, Janet Danhof. HOMEROOM 112-Bark Row: Dick Pytel, Frank Bucko, Charles Thomas, Dick Klingensmith, Gary Hartman, Dick Myers, Joe Labutka, Andre Volek. 3rd Row: Ron Dinus, Paul Bail- lie, Bill Salsgiver, Delbert Smeltzer, Juliet Dunmire, Ann Ca tlos, Carol Cul- leiton, Joanne Sehall. 211,11 Row: Miss Rust, Beverly Jakola, Betty Gibson, Andrey Augustine, Pat Pepper, Carol Round, Carol Stitt. lst Row: Ruth Simmons, Carol lNIcGregor, Beverly Myers, Genevieve Klimkowicz, Bob Ingram, Michael Herbst. .IUNIORS CLASS OFFICERS: Victor Zimmerman, Presi- dent, Nancy Goodyear, Treasurer, Sara Perpich, Secretary, Bill Emmonds, Vice-President. CLASS SPONSORS, Seated: Margaret Shubert, Glenna Wood. Standing: Charles Gregory, Lois Green, Alice Steiner. Whafs a noun clause, Nancy? Don't come back until you can behave! But I didn? do it! HOMEROOM 313- Back Row: Bob Ware, Michael Gowetski, Albert Pella, Tom Lonberger, Joe Stewart, Jim Hopper, Bob Schnitzler, Craig Rosen- berger, Bill Heilman. 3rd Row: Harold Myers, Tom Eakins, Lawrence Smith, Dick Byron, Joey Novak, Jack Dowl- ing, Alfred Booth, Ed Meleason, Galin Blorrison, Frank Liperote. 2nd Row: Mrs. Wood, Odessa Dillard, Jean Fichthorn, Carol Danhof, Sally Welch, Joyce Baars, Roberta Silvis, Janet Stitt, Joan Brown. lst Row: Leon Sher- ry, Don Holland, Rose Remis, An- toinette Schmaus, Marilyn Erkens, Carolyn King, Joan Landon. 32 HOMEROOM 304-Back Row: Carl Cook, Ron Beck, Eugene Szul, John Valasek, Larry Shedwick, Richard Liv- engood, Jerris Robinson, Don Han- sotte. 3rd Row: Sherwood King, Mi- chael Gallo, Emil Paul, Bill Rearick, Russell Rugh, Bob Dragon, Paul Kovacik, Peter McGuire. 2nd Row: Miss Steiner, Barbara Caldwell, Ruth Hileman, Antoinette Pacuch, Dolores Chorvat, Janet Cowan, Harriet Utlcy, Donna McElfresh. Ist Row: Lillian Ritchey, Joyce Buhite, Svea Henry, Florence Szybka, Gail Schrccengost, Mar L. Monroe, Ruth Iseman, Rose M. Slolak. HOMEROOM 308-Back Row: Matt Pfeil, Jim Scripps, Gordon King, Joe Onofrey, Henry Tenerowicz, Jim Cous- ins, Albert Zermane, Louis Zahradnik, Jan Valek, Robert Knell. 3rd Row: Fred McGuire, Jack Bryan, Dean Yount, Jerry Feldman, Matt Lazaroff, Adam Boguslawski, Dick Bowser, Dick Aites, Dave Spencer, Joe Szalankie- wicz. 2nd Row: Mr. Gregory, Marlene Stolar, Joyce Zahradnik, Judy Young, Joanne Peltz, Eileen Moore, Marion Miller, Marlene Mazurek, Mildred Huston, Margie Schmaus. Ist Row: Helen Smeltzcr, Ruth Walker, Judy Toussaint, Betty Ransom, Maxine Yassem, Joan Zanetti, Pat Ritchey, Helen Woodside, Valjean Klingen- smith, Ilene Jaworski. IIONIEROONI 3l4+Back Row: Floyd Jones, Blorlon Cooper, Jim Shoemaker, Jim Rovynak, Danny Berdell, Bill Kendra, Yiclor Zimmerman, Gaylord Bowser. 3rd Row: Joe Dunmire, Tom Schiffgens, Joe Erkins, Carole Schaffer, Gloria Greene, Eleanor Dunmire, Joyce Clever, Janet Bargerstock. 2nd Row: Miss Shubert., Mildred Delp, Nancy Henderson, Nancy Goodyear, Lucinda kline, Wayxie Klingensmilll, John Brandehurg, Sam Ford, Lois Klingen- Slllllll. lst Row: lllary Ellen illorasco, Belly Kunkle, Esther Ileasley, Doris Heffelfinger, Nancy Bruner, Irma llerbsl., Kay Cawley, Judy Ingram. Q W! K so P 'ZW 1 'ffiiff Wx CI? 'U-6 E' '5 owen' 1 314231 iso? 6 fa 5.49. in . HOMEROOBI 3l5-Buck Row: Bon- ald Burdette, W'ayne Stewart, llill Elnmonds, Richard Say, Bernard Smu- lik, Richard lludelx, Craig Bryan, Frank Mazurek, Ronald Fuksa. 3r1l Row: Jeanne Heilman, Barbara Bernot, Connie Dinus, Donna Shoop, Bose- Inary Peppler, Joan Dunmire, Boll Parisi, Lawrence Kamas, Cliesler El- wood, Andrew Husar. 21111 Row: Miss Green, Florence Markhy, Barbara Ilepler, Sandra Emmonds, Helen Kane, Rose Marie Haponsky, Dorothy Kling- ensmilll, Pat Graff, Joseph Lellrich. Ist Row: Pat Eek, Carolyn Coulter, Ada llilernan, Sara Perpich, Lorella Sperl, Kalhleen Colonna, Nlargaret Delp, Nancy Blikula, Peggy Ruston, Eleanor Bowser. FIRST SEMESTER Robert Scanga Daniel Sagramoso Joseph Kleka STUDENT TEACHERS: eil 2 s ii ' :f,..ap One minute til curtain time. J W x N 1 , M ,f"' a WMV l WMM 1 V W P A 1 I i ??:XCl5WJ-cQP A Q Q ' ,g Q Q 2 ,Q 5, 2 5 ff' . 3 3 s xXx ' 1' J U x X X U Wh 1fHXXx SENICRS 7, ii' fm ' fx. Q is VD Y X ff 2 gf ? K 5 U K 5 Q X af f 22,3 CN Q ff 2 Q ,?2j? . f' ,Q Q 6 ,f , f f ,li Enffhf EQ... ff ,, ,,,. J Yxlr. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT--Bob Brown VICE PRESIDENT-Anna Marie Butko QQ-7 - R M A, SS.S SS H 'rdf CLASS SPONSORS Harold Sowers, Sara Baker, Donald Wall, George Baltlo SECRETARY-Mary Ann Labutka TREASURERFSue Cawley 36 l W MARY ALICE ANDRA-lllary Alice-'A petite lass witl1 a contagious smile . . . ambition is to be a Private Secretary . . . always on the go. JAMES ANGEHR-,IimQsOur most intellectual . . . plans entering MIT after graduation . . . brightens up any classroom . . . plus brains he is endowed with a witty sense of humor. 614'z1Ef ,mfs OFAUCK mf ffwf fafzmf 746' 6' fwcf KID. H If UGXII JOHN AUGUSTINE-Auigie-Wants to join the Navy . . . likes collecting stamps . . . favorite phrase, "What a happy thought". . . looks forward to hunting season. CAMILLE BECK-Camille-Petite lass who will make a fine secretary . . . spends most of her time with Jim . . . has a fine soprano voice . . . infectious giggle. SHELVA JEAN BIRCH-Shelvy-Can usually be seen with Bernie in Kittanning . . . is taking the Com- mercial Course . . . enjoys cowboy music . . . ambition is to travel. ADRIENNE BLONDEAUX-A. J.-Plans to take Home Economies Course at I.S.T.C .... she and Sheila are always seen together at the llollo . . . enjoys swim- ming and dancing. ELNORA BOOTH-Ellie-One of the lVIurphy girls . . . a future teacher . . . likes summer because of the "Sonny" days . . . pals with Sally, Janis, Elaine, and Marion. GEORGE BOWSER-Gaylord-Ambition to join the Navy . . . one of our best football players . . . always seen walking to the Lower End . . . member of Al,s Poolroomii V "'-'UF' -M-' . V, . V S 37 I lV,f'fg2cffg,g,5cm A . , 10" ,. as ,, 'WL is .... R' ,iw F EDWARD BRIGHTMEYER-wPerk-One of the IIill- toppers . . . four year member of our football team . . . part time job at Dad,s service station . . . hobby is women. ROBERT BROWN-Bob-Hopes to be a major league baseball player . . . rightfully named the boy with the most personality . . . will enter Penn State . . . prefers blondes. 4' a n ff bv' .07 7 -Z LAB "M f 4, 38 ye ' 1 .H 5.151311 5 , . . , AE.: . , . ffl ET S o ' as ii a. i yy lnt p YQSQHQY' ,A ,,bV Lth,zA a i 2 l S VA ' T , RR KENNETH BRYANT-wKenny-An outstanding foot- ball and basketball player . . . rightfully elected most athletic . . . wants to join the Marines . . . loves to play baseball. PHILIP BUSCH-Phil-One from Kelly Station . . . Seen with Jack Cogley . . . wants to be a mechanic . . . I7 likes stocic car races. lj Lqlxil I I I 4--I'+?fr!'YT-X Hx f V lbfwb ANNA MARIE BUTKO-Butch-High-stepping ma- jorette . . . plans to be a secretary . . . Senior Class Veep . . . likes riding Chevcys . . . fun anywhere . . . a good friend of all. MARGARET BYERS-Peggy-Arrives on the bus from Stitt Hollow each morning . . . hobby is keeping scrapbooks . . . taking the Commercial Course . . . very capable. JOSEPH CAPIZZI+Dcuce-Wants to be a "big wheel" in whatever he does . . . a great fan of the Cleve- land Indians . . . says his hobby is girls. ELAINE CARBERRY-Elaine-College bound gal . . . ambition is to play in a symphony orchestra . . . seen quite often walking to 114 . . . pals with Carol. ss... 'X i '.'- z l V i , y it . t o W er gs ,Q id! . in ci ali . f ' , in ,QW 1 izaiswasalszgvi it CARULYN SUE CAVVLEYfSuefCruises in tl1e Buick . . . Business Manager of the Trireme . . . would like to live on a farm with Don . . . pals witl1 Janet. DAVID L. CHAUVAUX-Da1'efVarsity football 4 years . . . ambition is to be a good Marine . . . pals around with Hun . . . always seen at Brightmeyer's Station . . . shy? ? ? MARIJQNE Cl,ARKfClarkiefW'ould like to be a Public Health Nurse . . . can be found with Max . . . a tiny gal . . . pretty, curly hair . . . likes music. CLYDE CLljVl'lRACly'de-Conics to us from Kelly Station . . . loafing place is home . . . pals with Gus . . . will join Navy when out of school . . . likes driving. JACK COCLEY-Jack-Spends l1is time hunting, driving his car, and working at Petroleum Sales . . . member of National Guard . . . "attentive" in class . . . those blue eyes! LEONARD COOKfCookiefPlans to study engineer- ing at Notre Dame . . . says his hobbies are girls and playing pool . . . a great fan of tl1e Cleveland Indians. y r if um.. 3 'is' 1 -rw WV' F K 'li --W, of F , -, ili ATE' , , iz ,y oaofii 2 lga ' Wir if 5: gi mx --an , f-e ,C svsa - if was-jffl' -.Lvv LUICLLA COULTICR-Suzie-Loves to square dance . . . a Brick Church import . . . always laughing . . . never a dull moment around hcr . . . will make a good homemaker. BUNNIE CROSSMAN-Borlnie-One of our tiny misses . . . whiz in bookkeeping . . . likes to baby-sit as a hobby . . . well chosen as our most bashful girl, yet possesses a quiet charm. ,mi YN. TOM CROSSMAN-Tom-Hails from Edgewood . . . works "hard" at the Sparkle Market . . . wants to own a new Ford convertible . . . likes to roller skate. DEAN NA DAVIES-Dee-One of our tall girls from Cadogan . . . plans to be a "woman-in-white" . . . "Lucille" in the senior play . . . always laughing. DONALD DEADRICK-Don--Loafs on the certain corner . . . likes food in general . . . one of "Hube's" boys . . . enjoys teasing . . . always trying to get out of something. FRED S. DELP-Captain Video-Wants to get out of school and make something of himself . . . his hobby is Mbumrningl' around . . . rabid baseball fan, avid reader. MARION L. DINUS-Ruby-Ambition is to be a nurse and Christian worker . . . enjoys her study halls . . . favorite food is french fries . . . seen with Jo. SHEILA DUFF-Duffy-Spends a lot of time at the Hollo with A. J .... would like to be a nurse . . . well deserves her title of best dancer. CARL J. ECK-Cutty-One of our "Cadoganites" . . . a pioneer of 830 Fifth Avenue . . . plans to enter college . . . says physics is his favorite subject. GERALD ECK-Lockhart-Ambition is to get out of school . . . enjoys driving . . . always seen at Edls Pool- room . . . has baseball on his mind. , , ga Q33 X 9 MQ ,,s I isa J ACK E. F ELTON-Tex-Deserving holder of title most talkative . . . a Navy enthusiast . . . enjoys hunting and cowboys . . . always seen at the movies or Wray's. WAYNE H. FENNELL-Wayne-Red headed lad from Pattonville . . . likes french fries and cherry pie . . . favorite expression "don't hardly seem fair" . . . likes tinkering with the Hudson. :V W I f""" gjip. fx 'UU JAMES F ICHT ORN-Jumbo-Ambition is to be a husband . . . four year member of football team . . . spends spare time at Carley's . . . seen with "Perk" and "Foggie.,' CAROL LEE FORD-Carol-Claims her hobby is tall men . . . the gal with the most leadership . . . ambition is to marry a millionaire . . . plays the clarinet. X df 'Zi L -f'L it ,, -clk J f Al ' u fvwfk ,A AAC io, KATHLEEN F ULTON-Kathy-Looking forward to going to Washington, D. C .... pleasant classmate . . . pretends to be shy??? . . . she and Mady are a twosome. PATRICK GAINOR-Pat-One of our nicest senior boys . . . plans to be a professional photographer . . . works at Apple's part time . . . a whiz in bookkeeping. MOLLY ANN GARBARINO-Molly-Took the aca- demic course . . . fizzes sodas at the Pharmacy . . . ex- pressive brown eyes . . . loves to sew . . . a good girl Friday. CHARLES GOLDINGER-Choo-Choo-Three-let r man in Varsity football . . . spends spare ti atm I- meyer's Station . . . favorites ' ct-wo L Ebe fa butchEEQ J J' 2 'Iggy' Q1 WILLIAM GRAFF-Bill-Likes to hunt and fish . . . considers an inch-thick steak heaven . . . took General Course . . . enjoys school . . . better half is Jim. ALICE GRACE GRAFTON-Alu-QuietC?j . . . Likes to baby-sit and crochet . . . loafs at her sister's . . . would like to be a missionary . . . a real red head. 'K 11. E Y . 9961 119 ll 'U W -f T if I - Vxwlxillsllil ' 'W is F cr-'wr 11 War I IW! 's STANLEY GRAFTON-Stan-Ambition is to be a millionaire . . . hobby is hunting and fishing . . . always says "Bless your buckskin breechesn . . . loafs with Jack and Phil. BERYLE GREER-Beryle-'One of our Hilltoppers . . . says she likes to write letters-especially to a soldier . seen square dancing at Shay . . . friend to all. BENEDICT IIAGOFSKY-BenwHails from 302 . . . an avid golfer . . . Ken and Bob are his best buddies . considers physics tops . . . our most bashful boy. ETHEL IIAGOFSKY-Pete-Arrives on Caclogan bus each morning . . . quietf?D . . . "Oh, shucksf' is her pet phrase . . . claims she is Zoe's body guard Cpoor kidb. BERNADINE HALAS-Hooch-Is always on the go . . . hopes to own half of the Owl's Nest someday . . . pet phrase-"You poor soul" . . . usually seen with Pinky. MARCO IIANNER-Margo-Grey eyes with sweep- ing lashes qualify her for prettiest eyes . . . took Aca- demic Course . . . favorite food is cheese . . . enjoys movies. 'Ski li 3 1 MARY HASSA-Mary-Walks to school from the Lower End . . . a Murphy girl . . . her hobby is driving the Dodge . . . staunch supporter of F. C. ZOE ANN HAZLETT-Zoe-Well deserves the title of most humorous . . . would like to study nursing at Tarentum . . . Hue voice . . . idolizes Liberaee . . . seen with Lil. JAMES HEILMAN-Jim-Everyone's friend . . . well on his way to become a dairy farmer . . . likes hunt- ing and bowling . . . Butch and he are a twosome. JOSEPH HERBST-Foggie-Three year letter man in football . . . would like to go to college . . . active mem- ber of the National Guard . . . pals with J mbo and Pak' gg M me a it ' T' il. X 1 BARBARA HILEMAN-Barb-Quiet lass who hails from Burrell . . . favorite subject is Home Economics . . . always seen with Camille . . . we all envy her pretty long hair. RUTH ELIZABETH HILTY-Ruthie-Another one of our square dancing fans . . . favorite subject is book- keeping .Lmseen with ,Ioyce,Sis, and Lou . L .imother quiet CU senior. , yrk, ve . V xX 1- N ..,. EM, L L, e ar KENNETH HOLIZNA-Hozo-Hunting and fishing are his loves . . . a frequent visitor at Aldo's . . . never a quiet moment around him . . . pals with Russo and Yosko. DELORES HORNYAK-Dee-A MeCrann import . . . has a deceptive sleepy look . . . enjoys meeting people . . . always ion the go . . . anfasset to any gatherl ing . . . fun. if im' 'C' AW!! 'Y shaft'-as 43 M. x, N0 cf M I Sweeny Wants to be another fly OI - el l . . . will study speech at Penn State . . . voted most leadership . . . works at Chau uqua . . . loafs at A Wraysvj , t V ' ml S Ma Walks from Manor ing a ysical Ed tion teacher . . . enjoys w rki at e Owl's N fr W X lbpp th IZ11 'L . . . has aspirations of ec . . - . . Q1 W nf . yt . 4 M f y Wwe lfiftl NWWK WILFORD JACKSON-Jack-Ambition is to be a C.P.A .... a basketball and football player . . . likes his lemon pie . . . pals with Ken, Bob, Sher, and Don. DONNA JAGEMAN-Donna-One of the "shorter,' set . . . ambition is to graduate . . . makes her millions working at Tastee Freeze . . . has a pleasing personality. JOHN B. JONES-,fonsey-Came to us from West Virginia last year . . . took General Course . . . wants to be an airplane mechanic . . . always seen with Smitty. SALLY LEE KAMER-Sally-Ambition is to be a lady-in-white . . . one of Murphy's girls . . . likes to drive that Plymouth . . . always saying "Hey you." DORIS KAMMERDIENER-Doris-Arrives from Cadogan each morning . . . ambition is to be an X-ray technician . . . enjoys her noon hour, but likes "Mid- night" better. BARBARA KIENE-Barb-Sweet, neat, and spirited . . . can usually be found with Janet . . . enjoys writing letters to Notre Dame . . . avid movie fan . . . friendly to all. V S fwfr r i 1 -f ima: . 'Q 1' ai , J 455' K Y wi f ,i:. Jr pa: Q J tr, . , - 4 Q H "' W , " ,A , n""' va? 'Q' . ,f,. v p gg - - .. Lrty , J K ff 1. 5 , ' ,iii-. W -.cj 44 '-' 234'-:'Tf ' fi? v- ..l,, l1- .HH I X 'Fl Q if , MM x ii Q., 'H 'QQ' 5 n 1. CMD 1 gd R i' 5 f,J.,... JS 45 HELEN KIJOWSKI-Pooch-Is forever writing let- ters . . . one of our "shorter,' gals . . . would love to learn to water ski . . . usually seen with her sisters. JANE KLINE-Janie-Claims she's the girl with the most troubles . . . has part time job at Wray's . . . spends most of her time at skating rink. MARLENE KLINGENSMITH-Stink-The tiniest girl in the senior class . . . we can almost see her on that football field . . . Joan, Carrie, and she are inseparable. MARTHA KRIZMAN-Martie-Has a wonderful hobby of meeting people . . . can make herself at home anywhere . . . enjoys letter writing . . . pals with Bernie and Geri. PAUL KRUKAR-Pete-Our most popular boy . . . the tall, blond, athletic type . . . ambition is to be an engineer . . . always seen at Aldois with the "gang" ROBERT KUDELKA-Hooks-Makes frequent trips to Ada's . . . ambition is to settle down-with whom? . . . part time job at Eddie"s shoe shop . . . likes wood shop. GERALDINE KUNST-Geri-Is planning to put her Home Economics course in action . . . one of the smaller set . . . pals with Martie and Bernie . . . engaged. JOANNE MARIE Ridge Avenue gal . 1. . can be seenftxludging to school8+29 each morning fr . . . loafs at Wray's with Paulette . . . good in class. 1 5 I MARY ANN LABUTKA-Mimi-Tall miss . . . well liked by all . . . favorite color is ambition is to be a secretary . . . active secretary of senior class. ROBERT LAUGHNER-Louse-Only senior with a Pilotis License . . . claims Jim's hands are the coldest things on earth . . . always smiling . . . seen with Joe and Dick. ww C. ref-W fi .1 LAB 0 ilw " V' 97' A Q Q 774151 f 46 JOHN L. LAW+johnny-Ambition is to get his diploma . . . favorite food is onions . . . best friends are the Hilltoppers . . . can be found at Brightmeyefs Service Station. JAMES LIBERTO-Jim-Has part time job working at Tastee Freeze . . . will enter Penn State to study engineering . . . smarter than he acts . . . pals with Gus. DAWN LUCHESA-Dawn-Lives in the beautiful country . . . is planning to attend Robert Morris Busi- ness School . . . spends her time daydreaming . . . youngest in senior class. KATHLEEN LUNZ-Kathy-Tall dynamic blonde . . . adds a lot as our drum majorctte . . . hobby is "Gardner',ing . . . our most athletic girl . . . a future housewife. ALFRED LUX-AwewAmbition is to be another "Rosy Rosewell" . . . likes bowling . . . can be seen at any Ford City game . . . pals with Jack and Tero. PATRICIA MANSFIELD-Pat-Walks from Sixth Avenue each morning . . . her hobby is collecting souve- nirs . . . favorite song is "Oh, Johnny" . . . friend to everyone. ....... . HH' i 7 X j,JX3XQf i r we Q K ,1,,,V ,, EEZK: li Aw L as so rw y DAVE MARTINEZ-Marti-Aspires to be an engi- neer after the Navy . . . chosen our best dancer . . . en- joys swimming . . . loafs at Aldo's . . . tall and dark . . . flashing eyes. ROBERT MCALLISTER-Bob-Always seen riding his motorcycle . . . wants to be a mechanic in the Air Force . . . lik? working at Andy's Market. ,jf " ,-- 5, .,,.-1 4 1 ' ' ,X L ! i ' ' I . - 4 , ,. V, . i I fx JACK MCCARTHY-Denny-Aiways seen at Aldo's with the "gang" . . . one of our good-looking lads . . . pals around with Marti and Gus. MARLENE MCGRECOR-Red-One of Murphyis girls . . . would like to be a telephone operator . . . always smiling . . . quietQ?D . . . loafs with Eleanor, Carol, and Marion. SHERWOOD MEADES-Stroller-A friend to all . . . a great asset to our basketball team . . . wants to go to college . . . iikes Miss Green,s typing class best. KENNETH R. MECIILING-Meek-Boy with the nicest smile . . . ambition is to catch a deer . . . likes girls next to hunting . . . that wavy red hair! K L M , i - 1- - 1 i ff ' ii ' f' -' ' fi ' i'ii L QQQH if Q 5 5 4, 2 5 If, 2 Q 2 , fr MQ ev ' ' " tisa A ' ' ',, 1 W ,- A a s R , f ' A it 'Q 'Q' ""i.., MARGARET MEINZ-SisvA Hilltopper . . . Tali- ing Commercial Course . . . usually seen in Kittanning with Sally . . . quietf?D . . . enjoys Miss Shubert's classes . . . football is her favorite sport. LOUIS A. MICIIAUX--Red-Will join the Navy after graduation . . . favorite expression is "Indubitably,' . . . notice that curly red hair . . . chosen best dressed boy in senior class. Y E V 1 ' we rg my ,if !.W L mio Q , ,,,.ia.,,f--. I , we W? JANET MILLER-Bunny-kPretty blonde with spark- ling eyes . . . always seen Ntravelingp' to and from Miss Shubert's room . . . has a great sense of humor. MELVIN MILLER-Hun-Part time job at service station . . . heading for the Marines when out of school . . . Hilltop gang . . . nice smile . . . loafs at Bright- meyer's. P i 3 LUX ,A1 A L,,,,t,,,,Q lg as-f'4s!i -"Jn-'A - will Els ,Q-.Ml J,-, ,,j6,W,,qiJj4g.4.3. I L f V ' L' fl H li-4dl.fv- BONALD MILLER-Ron-Ambition is to become a pilot . . . enjoys plane geometry the most . . . likes to play football . . . painting is his hobby . . . fun. JGHN MIN TEER-John-Wants to be a mechanical engineer . . . plans on studying this at college . . . ready when hunting season comes . . . intelligent . . . pals with Bob. f Tr' f Nil L 4if1,'f"A BETTY JEAN MYERS-MBetty-Came to us this year from Aliquippa . . . tall senior with a ready smile . . . hopes to put her commercial subjects to use. JOSEPH NAMECHE-Weasel-President of Varsity Chorus . . . plans working with television . . . spends summers working at Chautauqua . . . faithful member of our basketball team . . . seen with Whitey. DAVID NEEB-Dave-One of the few from Bosston . . . is very interested in engineering . . . a future Air Force member . . . enjoys hunting and school. JAMES PECHAN-Jim-Rides his motorcycle most of the time . . . a commercial student . . . good shot in Jr. Rifle Club . . . always seen with Ron and Jim. E f a - .J me ' i A ,JZ 'K 5503 QE Q1-J-its 11: w f ffiiib,-Qr,Q,e9.. ff I! 'Q y X Jgf S J ig? as 7X RITA PENDLETON-Reesie-Makes a last minute dash to school each morning . . . comes up with "Honey Hush!" . . . proud of that new Buick . . . friend of all. JEAN PETERS-Jeannie-Future-undecided . . . enjoys writing letters . . . likes to talk . . . seen driving the Dodge in Kittanning . . . pals with Pat and Bernie. RAYMOND A. PETRUS-Pete-Rides those many miles from Lower End in his Dodge . . . true mechanic at heart Cthat poor Dodgej . . . works at bowling alley. MATT PF EIL-Red-Loafs at Helm,s Service Sta- tion . . . will go into that line of work . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . has fiery red hair. LILLIAN PLAZAK-Lil-"Dig men is her favorite phrase . . . enjoys writing letters and watching TV . . . our most talkative girl . . . pals with Pat, Shirl, and Zoe. DOROTHY ANN BECNY-Dottie-Well deserves title of best dressed . . . cool . . . would like to attend business school . . . likes to drive . . . Bill holds her heart. JOANNE BEICH-Joey-Small but cute blonde . . . is forever talking her way out of things . . . frequently visits West Point . . . Why? . . . likes her gum . . . peppy cheerleader. f- U,'f'f:LLf MARY KAY RETZER-Kay-The girl with the 4 fy ' ' Q ,- ,.:y,2most personality . . . an energetic cheerleader . . . the .,,,,L4'j'y V l,fsiL"'f "life,' of the party . . . small and cute . . . well liked -' fy" . 'f , fr by au. 1 'VJ ' V Ai J, .. yi. , fff' I Mfg:-:Lfff by 5 LVMML I f 4 J jw, V .:r JJ v' X - L+ ' fel' fx fbjtl. 1 M In lily ly I fm Qt M ,fp X! MARTHA RICE-Mart-Comes from Garrett's Run . . . took the General Course . . . appears to be shy, but we know! . . . seen with Jane and Nancy. GLORIA RIGHI-Clor-Girl with the prettiest hair one of thc small Cadogan girls . . . cute majorette . . . scoops ice cream at Kling's . . . Miss Shubert's problem child. QQ 1' mill W THOMAS RISHER-Fishy-Will enter I.S.T.C. next fall to study music . . . rightly chosen most talented boy . . . . took the Academic Course . . . enjoys playing in band. ,IANIS ROBERTS-Jan-Would like to be a farmer's wife . . . an asset to our band . . . enjoys knitting and riding horses . . . friendly gal . . . loves study halls. GAIL MARY ROSENBERGER-Sadie-One half of the Roscnberger twins . . . our most talented . . . really looks cute when she's cheering . . . small but powerful head cheerleader. GARY ROSENBERGER-ButchgMember of the band and orchestra . . . plans to be a veterinarian . . . entering Penn State next fall . . . other half of the Rosenbergcr twins. WILLIAM RUFFNER-Bill-Four year letter man in football . . . can be seen driving his station wagon . . . ambition is to be an electrical engineer . . . works for Dad. JUDITH RUPERT-Judy-College bound . . . can really play her violin, also toots the Hute . . . works for her Dad at Tastee Freeze . . . loves driving the Buick. fm. f 3 NX A Y C3 BERNARD RUPP-Bernie-A future accountant . . . 7 always seen in the Buick . . . works for his Dad . . . ,di-f' ambition is to get married . . . favorite pastime is eating. Vo' f' ' ' lf' v JOHN RUSSO-Scooter-Ambition is to be a news- paper reportcr . . . the girls like that dark wavy hair . . . pastimefsleeping . . . always seen with Hozo and Vasek. MARYANN RUSTONfRusly-Curly black hair and brown eyes combine to make our most attractive girl . . . snappy head cheerleader . . . personality plus . . . friendly to all. CAROLE LEE RYANAPinky-Claims she has "or- angev hair . . . is forever writing letters to Wayne . . . has unusual hobby of getting into trouble . . . Com- mercial Course . . . engaged. LOIS SCHAEFFER-Lo-Says her ambition is to own a car and a house . . . likes to eat ice cream . . . Algebra II was her classQ?D . . . dances at Shay. MAXINE SCHALL-lVIax+Comes to us from Stitt Hollow . . . can usually be found at Sis' house . . . is for- ever saying, "Oh, boylv . . . a future secretary. A pr. f are fat., y K i ,,.,.-fi..f- '1:',."" JANET SCHIFFGENS-Janet-Our most intellectual . . . has part time job at lVIurphy,s . . . hopes to attend college . . . spends all her time on chemistry . . . seen with Carol. ANNA SENIOWWHiin,kflIails from Kelly Station . . . ambition is to visit the Taj lNlahal . . . always calm . . a good listener . . . pals with Ginny, Barb, and Ann. g ,A 'f', , 3, 52?- . ' ' -Q iq NANCY SHELDON-Nancy-A pencil and her hand make miracles . . . an outstanding contralto in chorus . . . those laughing eyes and ready smile can brighten anyone's day. JOANNE SIAR-fo-Wants to be a "woman-in- white" . . . claims her hobby is men . . . endowed with personality plus . . . no better friend. SHIRLEY ANN SIMMONS-Shirl-Ambition is to get married . . . chances are good . . . has part time job at Ford City News . . . pals with Lil, Pat, and Zoe. BERNADIN E SLABON-Bernie-Ambition is to see this wonderful world . . . quiet until she gets started . ,. . loafs in Kittanning with Shelva . . . wavy hair. ' MARIE SLAVIERO-Marie-Snapping black eyes and shining black hair describes our most popular gal . . . striking head nrajorette of F. C .... loves to talk. EDWARD SLOVENSKY-Ed-Favorite pastime is fishing . . . ambition is to land a good job . . . took a General Course . . . likes Economics QD . . . a little shy. ROBERT SMITH-Smithy-Hopes someday to be a mechanic . . . likes to hunt . . . thinks "vegetable soup" is tops . . . loafs on Ford Street . . . likes to drive. GLENN R. SN YDER-Glenn-Owes his height to eating hoagies . . . boat building is his hobby . . . plays the sax in band . . . likes fishing and hunting. 2,1-1:11.45 g , ' ' ' A I if 'Y Q . , ' . f ' - A , or , '.-wr-L-:ss 2 f- - , EWU.. :. . .. V ri K s:.sf-mf af ' lgallffl ., , .,,'fg:',1 : Vg , 9 -., ,flex ' ' ibjigilii ,-it , ftilljg f2TS5fV+-RQ: ',:- 1. i ' Z "W-1,25 - I, H ' , f -- if ,,,::, A . ' ,fam 13- 15, , U s-, :g ffsslgig .:e,.:4:s:-we fzwfzffwi- Sr" f A , -' f-f- -59? ' 'IE ::E'f:1i".'E: . f , 'T.:?E'?i.- :K-g :f'l45f H' 3' 'gay i.se11g:a:w1'f:, , . ws " 'iftlw lssisfftiiliff t f fy 'sS2..'f-Sissesxli'-1 .ff , ,, t., , A, .. ,,.. r..,. . is . If wer -ss . .1 -v-v1s?Qs2:1w.,-asf was x - , ,. ' t , - e-fg.1fz.fsgsgt " . , -'rf . f. 'wf.s:2:.w1gz -vm- Jsgggfisfr -, ,, A "'..!:f:1,.' -2: ss- ,U i . :." -- fvss?-sw, -:Q-Qvargsg ' . Y - 'wfffsfsfw L V S ,F 1 : ' L.. I .gs L 14, V. - f 1 as-.:,. vii!! 49, 11 ,..,.,,,,,, il I . ' . I . -V 951-5iXg2E55iisi'if'5iiif21. ' 757152 Win' 'seas 92122. , 9 fix, - ' 0 G M. f e 1 f l f , , , W3 .. .ls 53 VIRGINIA SOUTH-Ginny-Rides the bus from Kelly Station . . . would like to be a missionary . . . will make someone a good housewife . . . seen with Ann and Bonnie. DARYL down the field carrying our flag high . . . those big blue eyes won him the title of prettiest eyes . . . will join the Navy. f Q dy,Q,,,,Qz.fA-,.M4vL,25 .f.eWeMM+4fffM' g AW- w-v-JQ, 'Q""'A"e"0"M Q I il RUTH EVELYN STIVENSON-Sis-Another of our "quiet,, seniors . . . her favorite pastime is square dancin at Sha . . . usuall seen with Ruth and Jo ce S Y Y Y . . . . nice friend. RAY STOTLER-Donkey-One of our "speedy,' students . . . wants "just to liven . . . took the General Course . . . daily trods down the path from the hill. PAUL SZALANKIEWICZwNuggets-Ambition is "to find seeurityn . . . can be found behind the counter at Aldo,s . . . enjoys hunting and driving . . . seen with Pete . . . nice. PAULETTE MARIE TARNEK-Paulie-Ridge Ave- nue girl . . . "Holy Skatsv is her favorite expression . . . loafs at Wray's with ,Io . . . fun to knowsespecially in study halls. JEAN TODOROFF-Jeanie-"With the light brown hair" and oh so curly . . . willing and able miss who edited our yearbook . . . always full of good ideas. JEROME TOUSSAINT-"Zen-A tall wavy haired lad . . . everyone is his friend . . . enjoys the big out- doors . . . carried the Commercial course . . . very skilled carpenter. OP . , 'sf f.fQ1.,55:VyM..r3 L I . . ,Q i m e - I ,id ,, ., M W K M I 4 .QE I . M,,p.',1 f .. ,ll g, L . If 1 N w -Z... . ,fs 1 . f 1 XRQ1-ky' r as ' M. f 'K we 1 A me or .Q QW J A as r ,W I may r A 1 ' ' '1f?1i'f' Ak" 'fi K 5 , ",- If ? .- if f i afi x'?Q21:'f,.. V :i'.f:fV -5 ' " , f""'i T.-iefi I Q l , . f ,f.M.,... i it h ' J at . ,..'g FRED TREGASKAS-Fred-Hails from Edgewood . . . presently associated with the National Guard . . . later hopes to become a Marine Paratrooper . . .pet peeve is giving speeches. BERNARD TROUTMAN-Fuzzy-Ambition is to re- tire on a pension . . . loafs at the Armory . . . favorite pastimes are golfing and bowling . . . works at the bowl- ing alley. if qi' ,Agnus-D-Q J . ,,, .fi fi? I VL,r with Vyiil gig , .,., RICHARD VALEK-Dickie-Former Navy man . . . cruises around in his black Cadillac . . . will make some lucky girl a good cook . . . cut-up in class . . . unpre- dietable. ROBERT VANDERKALL-Futz-Wants to be a mechanic . . . part-time job at Gulf Service Station . . . hangs out at Aldp's . . . airplanes are his ,llggbby . . good looking. A 'jf ,pw ,F ,LJM ff ,fri fr jar . ANNA MARIE VARCO-Annie-The girl with the million-dollar smile . . . plans to take a course in Surgi- cal Nursing at Jefferson . . . capable worker . . . nice personality. JOSEPH VASEK-Yosko-A regular outdoors man . . . ambition is to join the service . . . hobby is tying flies . . . enjoys Woodshop the most . . . pals with Kenny and Russo. WILLIAM VERSHUREN-Sundance+Ambition to be an engineer . . . favorite hobby--hot rods . . . faithful three-year chorus member . . . spends spare timfp at K ,- I Re0nY'S- i lf X14 Jvfm A fl LVVWX i-'Q I PAUL M. VIROSTEK-P,qulQAQlKEllly Station ima port... asa ound..J oiunt s .., Aikb pgs tlfgfifffih MM pals around with Russ . 'fr alysal atV?'lidmpsoXI1Ei5 ll Garage. Ifywx yi' if ,if ll y .... ....- ao 1 XJ if 'MJ 3 . fn J JANET WAINE-Janet-One of our well-liked seniors . . . has a droll sense of humor . . . seldom seen without Barb . . . a diligent worker on Trireme . . . fun! MELVIN WALKER-Melvin-Ambition is to own a motorcycle . . . enjoys hunting season . . . favorite pastime is photography . . . snaps pictures for Trireme . . . . friendly to all. 1, ft it V i lmidx KRW? f, Jlrv MERLE WEBSTER-Web-Always on his motor- cycle . . . eats anything put in front of him . . . ambition is to be a state policeman . . . works at father's store. RAYMOND WENDELL-Rayme-'Plans to be a me- chanic . . . says his most common expression is "Mama, buy me thatu . . . hobby is raising dogs . . . pals with Web, EDGAR WHITE-Ed-Rides the long road from Manorville . . . would like to get a wild turkey just once . . . always seen with Web, Stivy, and Wolhe. ROBERT WOODSIDE-Woodv-Smaller set . . . calls McGrann home . . . a future Navy man . . . has job at bowling alley . . . looks studious . . . a wonderful boy to know. 7 1 D ...X YLAB is o f' inf' li ,07 0 I MQ1 77115 Zig! l ELIZABETH WRAY-Betty-One half of the Wray twins . . . likes horses . . . future undecided . . . appears to be shy . . . a whiz in class . . . friendly to all. KENNETH C. WRAY-Casey-The other half of the twins . . . ambition is to visit Tahiti . . . adept at drawing . . . took the Academic Course . . . pals with Ron. gy jst. f: HY? 4m"""' PATRICIA A. WRIGHT-Angel-A cute girl from Manorville . . . enjoys roller skating . . . plans a career as a stenographer . . . "Dig that" . . . pals with Lil and Shirl. KARL YODUSHOCK-Karl-Will study horticul- ture at Penn State . ,. . a lover of baseball . . . favorite food is "pirogi" . . . good tenor voice . . . pals with Red and John. RAYMOND ZAHRADNIK-Heinie-Ambition is to fly a jet . . . good looks and brains combined . . . most attractive in senior class . . . enjoys movies and base- ball . . . sigh! I AUGUST ZANOLI-Gus-Future Navy material . . . well chosen most humorous . . . black curly hair . . . good sport and quite an actor . . . nice guy to know. JOHN ZBORAN-Beetle-Uses most of his spending money on gas . . . Wants to be a "GH man . . . took General Course . . . pals with Red, Karl, and Augie. MARIAN ZERMANE-Bill-Plans to be a nurse . . . has a part time job at Murphy's . . . spaghetti is her favorite food . . . a cut-up in gym class. Size 7M Mortar Board! C5 l ysys TWE gooo 01.9 Days Q .- s F DL 1 SENIOR Blast Attractive: Liaryann Ruston and Raymond Zahradnik PERSONALITIES Best Dancers: Sheila Duff and David Martinez Most Humorous: Zoe Hazlelt and Gus Zanoli 57 Most Popular: Marie Slaviero and Pete Krukar Most Talkative: Lillian Plazak and Jack Felton SENICR Most Bashful: Bonnie Crosslnan and Ben Hafofsky Ctoo bashful to appearj Most Talented: Gail Rosenberger and Tom Risher Most I ntellectual: Janet Schilfgens and James Angehr Kathleen Lunz and Kenneth Bryant 58 Best Dressed: Dorothy Recny and Louis Michaux Blast Leadership: Carol Ford and John Hronladik Prettiest Eyes: Margo Hanner and Daryl Stitt Prettiest Smile: Anna Marie Vargo and Kenneth Nfechling PERSONALITIES Prettiest Hair: Gloria Righi and John Russo 59 Nlost Personality: Mary Kay Rctzcr and Robert Brown 'asf Smile "Count Your Blessings Thanks For The Memory" " Young at Heartw "Unforgettable,' "I Need You Noww 60 DIM DIM THE LIGHTS" HSHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL,' NBUMBLE BOOGIE" 1 v NMELODY OF LOVE" "TWEEDLE DEE DEE" "MR, SANDMAN 61 C JUNIOR-SENICR PROM , 1954 ' 'Wh K Hawaii was the setting for our Junior- Scnior Prom of 1954. The girls of the prom court carried out the Hawaiian theme by holding leis. Mary Ann Ruston and Bob Brown were chosen Prince and 5- Q 4 Princess. -52"-" NX? 1st Row: Mary Jane White, Julia Nycz, Carol Fulton, Mary Ann Ruston, Bernard Lysakowski, Bob Brown, Marie Slaviero, Janet Miller, Kathleen Lunz. 2nd Row: Bob Onofrey, Bob Mohr, Hyatt Hawk, Betty Ann Volek, Ed White, I oe Nameche., Paul Krukar. Q id Prince and Princess x ul' W WNNN I erey, ete B Q 62 V, a F3 1,,,,, K, , X k in ,.:: Q 3 J 'V 'V 1-. 'MQ Kathy Colonna and Carl Eck Bill Vershuren and Dottie Recny Bob Vonderkall aml Sheila Dug -fn O . um. Maxine Schull Wayne Fennel and Janet M illcr Don Deaderick and Betty Ransom Intermission 63 ,Q 1-l..-1---w ,,---:-.-- ,,::'.S:' L-i J7- hi Q Qu- "f :qw an Ms' d rf A f", W' F1 , . X . ,fre Jlassers Impresslve 111 QQILSSFRS VIE FOR LEAD , '4-Ji ' '-I Q5 . A 58 ' .-Xk:.,l:1 iimifs Yuan' Fnrd City IM Butler and the 'Xwxxzuims " O ,L,il'Il'!l 4:11 mar d in Section On easy time ben xg, '1':mfutz1ar Qing, Wiih 1 agua games undue on was the muh 0 mf Lime! Th N ' di bn-it th this season, ih that bm.-zzz ffgrw' ' 1 'YM T, 17 luuk fC1f?'WEiI'd to the iifugh offs-me is Ce:mc1'L,-d gxrmzmi N---0 I Zggumw ahead xvizh Arnold, Butler, Juhu Cirxsfmxsz. Ruziur haw su ofa cszy Qusnfsmkzesnzgh- sono Jumon HIGH IN im Km Hi- Sf-NYS Wk ff Q fm M ff- ' Hurt and Clvurgc Kiutgxac .ming Kensterz wam Tre- wm oven rnssvom' mendous Defensive Effort: --.-- Li FORD C -Ford Ciizv Junicrl I , Un :luv opening dfay of the season City had a x'u5gged time defeat- .y- 1 'nag sm., arch rivals, Kittanning. 1huug,h they has? ul K1-rx HL. is pmbably the imxghi-st amz' feciiuu fm lhcir Imam' Umar, Lon is First for Raiders High school X- .h a 'fm with? Win? in Nw Wigdcavs Cmckepbox -, A, N hy , , , ,, ,mmm gvandergrift .. Iam mhi 33-H1 x-mf aa f dicap far the pimp a za? t mmm- Awww.: FGRD CITY N. Ken H118 pei,fect?WPIAL Juni K 11 by- Q?i,iSFt,I,5y 3, ' ted Kiitan, 51112311 f'1L'JL,wI' Ulpyi Shy. ,ww in gecuon Om, was brukenidowgnmgwlhe X f, N eg- NW 35-4 1 pt with Z2 ziaifrxxume fzwfzmtes an ring ga: ,straight whens, por, e ' K fe a , -'Q 1 ' 4- 3-. gf-g M1--5 I Fwd Guy K3-2 standing i Y Ate ' - rm-, v. X ? for Fwd PfL'bfLfWL,fZfIf? A :Hip 3 ed Rmder5a58-4T I The lineups ev' V sr-ww: Kim S for Kit- Lldmg- ln an RLQIUQMX :,. orders' court. As Ford Cif5""'27 TI' alarming. T L me POS' Ford CNY h Q 'lmmng H9593 Giga,-fefzs 38 Q, Cent, ,FM ,V dm I3:'l':55i'x ' ?'R?eew Q" 3 2- 5 iiitzrmning aim ixutscmed them fi' 'Lu' L 5 fe and ofthe . 5 Q- 1 za fiffd 50815, 1-Sf-13. 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KQV, g F, VW,- Q. ,,,,. 3 'ff 3' '--f"'r-2:11 fL?:fsffwnW1iwwf:3u- wi' W -Xgixv cifufe- re' -A-pf' .14 . L., wma -Ami. WELL- . Q '94, 33,3 -f ' Q -f L. 3 ,gg Q--1 3 -A vi 1-4 Q Q ,Ev iv Z x 'QQ' 60 my' V .MZ . T' 430 if-ug - A A -M ,ff .,,, Q2 "' ,., 3.-A 2-1 ,f M, - iv f' H , -"vw ww ,lj M .ziggzp were-ri sa jimi gmjk 'lg jg, S 5 M 35:5 E in :F-3 ,,. 5 Kiwi-,HE E Jwsg. ,gfsgvisi ZQQQKEQ 4?-27 52'-g,5,5-1S.'5,xi? ' A 2 ,, A ,A W, g-,f ,WM ,U - - XC' ,vw-f' 'ff f. -N "-' f, ' W M , ' ,fx ,fs L R L- -- iw -fffw 5-'viii aw-is: Jswk 12- "lf if if H IS 2: il-5 ff. 5 '3 5 gn Qi '55-9 cb cs gi .2 Y-II I 324 69' 'CQ' Qi QW W S52 gif? Af" 3: IL LL T4 :J '1- Q mm- wwf.-Q. 'v,....,-..x.- ut ?""M"""u'k"'W"""'W"'A"'W"7''NWWV'A"m"W"" Mi',Q .1601 if v Q54 :AS 45 .fig -1 ' W 7 BASEBALL TEAM 1st Row: E. Kijowski, K. Yodushock, K. Bryant, H. Olinger, K. Klingensmith, B. Lysakowski, F. Booth, W. Stewart, S. Steiner. Back Row: Coach Simmons, G. Waugaman, F. Pavlik, A. Lux, S. Kovach, H. Tenerowicz, M. Miller, B. Brown, I. Kahat, K. Mechling, L. Schrecengost, N. Geiger. Although baseball is in its infancy at Ford City, Mr. Simmons has produced teams that well represent the school's ath- letic program. This past season's squad has kept up the Ford City tradition of ending among the top teams. Such hard- working, high-spirited baseball teams are rapidly gaining a following among our students and towns-people. We salute this increasingly important division of our high school sports program. :Lai 1 i QCO QV 4. 40 fl' ..., ,A .. ' .gn f . f' 5, V we K ' V a 'f 61' sum 'I' fo 2 so 6 il..- "Here she comes! .' ! !" 67 FOOTBALL Ist Row: C. Kunkle, N. Fair, I. Brandeburg, D. Chaveaux, W. Stewart, B. Ware, J. Moore, C. Goldinger, I. Shoemaker. 2nd Row: B. Laughner, K. Mechling, H. Tenerowicz, D. Hutchison, R. Petrus, E. Brightmeyer, J. Fichthorn, J. Herbst, B. Ruffaner, J. Robinson, R. Miller, M. Gowetski. Back Row: Coach Charley, H. Grinder, E. White, M. Webster, W. Jackson, K. Bryant, L. Haky, R. Rugh, J. Feldman, G. Bowser, B. Verschuren, B. Emmonds. FORD CITY DOWNS FREEPORT 6-0, IN RAIN. GLASSERS WIN OVER PLUM TOWNSHIP 20-7. LEECHBURG A 25-0 VICTIM OF F. C. H. S. FORD CITY NIPS WEST DEER 19-13 IN CLOSING SECONDS. HURRICANE ROLLS OVER TARENTUM 27-6. COACHES-J. SIMMONS, W. CHARLEY, F. C. IMPRESSIVE IN 32-7 WIN OVER ARNOLD. H' RUPERT, B- BLACK' D C O .q GLASSERS DROP FIRST TO SPRING-DALE 27-14. P' HURRICANE ROMPS OVER RIVAL KITTANNING 43-0. 11,41 vid as PLENTY OF ACTION I oe Herbst, back Playing for the first time under their new coach, Walter Charley, the Purple Hurri- cane ended their season with an impres- sive 7 and 1 record. Their loss to Spring- dale put the Glassers out of the Class A running. This past season's team has been one of the best Ford City has ever pro- duced. The coaching staff and team are to be congratulated for their combined effort which resulted in a successful season. SENIOR LETTERMEN Charlie Goldinger, back fx Kenny Bryant, back Bob Laughner, line 69 Wilford Jackson, back Ed Brightmeyer, line Gus Bowser, line Ron Miller, line Ray Petrus, back SENIOR LETTERMEN Af..-LQ.-. - : X Q sam Q -E X af , y ef , Merle Webster, line Dave Chaveaux, line Bill Verschuren, line '70 B33 ' 5 . elel l. ,',, Jim Ficllthorn, line Ken Mechling, line A JA gy .267 'IR ff ,FHQW ,ir Bll u agxefc 'lp It . -., ' B , ,, ,.,: , K - :Vg f ,. B fir 1 f Ed White, back , ! xv vb' ' if JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Back Row: Emmonds, Jackson, Remis, Boguslawski, Fair, Bucko, Hutchison, Daugherty, Lerner, Heilman, Birch, Edinger, Coach Black, Front Row: Emmonds, Gowetski, Kunkle, Tenerowicz, Grinder, Feldman, Moore, Wolverton, Shumaker, Aiello, Hutchison, Zermane. in ,gist The team getting half-time instructions. Mr. Black has done a fine job again in preparing the boys for varsity competition. During the past season the team has picked up valuable "know hown which will aid them in their remaining years in high school competi- tion. The coaching staff in the years to come will truly have a squad of spirited boys to uphold the Ford City tradition. Ford City Ford City Ford City Ford City Ford City Junior Varsity Scores 12 20 14 26 6 Freeport 6 Vandergrift 7 Leechburg 6 Redhank Valley 14 Kittanning 7 End run for a long gain! iF.'1"9.'3.. .. .. .... ... LEIEBMEN -' -I Wilford Jackson Kenneth Bryant fff 4fZ,4fL4f' J I I I I I I "-'31 Paul Krukar I I I I fl J K Joseph Nameche David Martinez l I I I I - iy John Hromadik., Student IIWI I . i n Manager .". 2' g I III I I I X I I 1 ee f I Donald Deaderick Sherwood Meades -----1-xl-11-su-V - f-V - ' nv- 1 l""""-9-'?"" 72 .TEN Ist Row: P. Krukar, S. Meades, W. Jackson, J. Namache, K. Bryant, D. Martinez, D. Deaderick, 2nd Row: M. Lazaroff, 1. Rovnyak, J. Stewart, R. Burdette, R. Livengood, B. Emmonds, R. Ware, R. Hudek, Coach Rupert. - we F E, 'ff 39 E ,.., :. . Coach Hubert Rupert. F0111 City Oppgnent 44 Central Catholic 48 57 Tarentum 53 70 Westinghouse 45 61 New Castle 50 43 Leechburg 37 40 Sharon 4.9 50 Aliquippa 51 47 Monesson 56 55 Kittanning 46 79 Har-Brack 40 53 North Catholic 55 57 Butler 65 52 Arnold 4.8 73 Vandergrift 38 58 New Kensington 47 69 Monongahela 56 60 Kittanning 41 68 Har-Brack 4-3 53 Butler 46 48 Arnold 50 69 Vandergrift 4.1 69 New Kensington 60 H 56 Butler 49 ik 60 Scottdale 41 if 51 McKeesport 63 ik W.P.1.A.L. Eliminations V Section Playoff 73 , J?" ,,.. -ff i s S., 'ni!'?' 1:1 .Ii:::. The 1955 "Rupertmen,, made it the 25th anniversary for the Section 1 championship. After a rough and rugged start, the Ford City basketball quintet came up with a team that sur- prised each and every fan. The Glassers found themselves in a desperate situation after losing to a spirited Arnold team and having to play Ken Hi, on the latter,s court. The winner was to advance to a section tie with Butler. As in past years the Glassers showed their ability when the pressure was great. After defeating New Kensington 69-60, they followed through by downing Butler 56-49, at the Pitt Field House. Ford Cityis next victim was Scottdale, who was eliminated from the quarter finals by a score of 60-41. Ford City then put its eyes on the number one favored tournament team, McKees- port. Neenie Campbellis "Tigers,' were just a bit too much for the never quitting Hurricane. McKeesport's "big menv outlasted Ford City 63-51. This year will be considered one of the greatest basketball years because of the excellent coaching of Mr. Rupert and Mr. Black, along with the hard-working enthusiastic team. Congratulations for a most memorable season: esfsgm' i 3 ,,1. ai , ,K W . I. -'f ri kk S If S A fit? A: K . SL , -' :,. f X 1 Q w 6 E 1 5 24 23 ' 7 2 2' iv , ' Y Y' Q' xi on X ' r " A 7 W.. g, ' E. . V 9 I -4, A, Y X jfwk X . -Q .9 7 . l K 1 . V . . In .,,... .,,.fi.- F ,nt xi if ' ee.. X 1 ' ' Q. f" . Q ' .1 . , -, me Q A , . .f" . SECTION I CHAMPS 6 ,. ,,, W- 4 .h H A,.'L, 'V ' A ' , i',- N' L .. ,, ., ,tt it umm -1 S wk W? . fs f V' 'i f '- Sy' .-rf?-EA 1 'ii fi' , H - ' viii 7'-'- K K , we MANAGERS Jim Moore Ronald Ricket John Hromadik Tom Eakins This yearls Junior Varsity squad is per- haps the youngest ever to play on the Ford City hardwood. Despite their youth, the team came up with playing ability which would match any opposition. Con- gratulations to the team and to Mr. Black who put in his every effort and was repaid with a spirited and a fighting team. STATISTICIANS Jerry Feldman John Russo I Mr. Black-Coach Front Row: Bill Pendleton, Al Remis, Homer Allensworth, Jim Wingate, Gene Jaazarolf. Blwk Row: Steve Steiner, Richard Micheaux, Coach Black, Norman Edwards, David Daugherty. Absent: Ronald Neulrelle, John Kerr. l 1 Lim A V S I T Y 1. A R FOOTBALL-Ist Row: Sherry, Pacuch, Boy d, McKelvey, Holizna, Lysakowski Brandeburg, Hubbard, Rupert, King. 2nd Row: Manager-Lazaroif, Grinder D. Sherry, Ferguson, Petrus, Bowser, Bielski, Davis, Stewart, Petrus, Mc Elwain, Kerr, Manager-Edwards. 3rd Row: Assistant Coach-R. Stewart, Kabutko, Janovsky, McKelvey, Dunmire, Zablocki, Steiner, Stump, Reitler, Garbarino Fox, Assistant Coach-Deadrick, Coach Simmons. JUNIOR HIGH Q5 a fs. 2 I 5 'L' Q ' .,,, r . , ie:,i,g,, 9 9 1 The athletic program for Junior High has been most- ly basketball, but last year and this year Junior High football has become a part of this program. The boys did not play very many games this year but next year the football team is ex- pected to have more games on schedule. Since football is just get- ting a start in Junior High sports, naturally, basket- ball is more organized. The basketball team is in Sec- tion XI, and the players have made a good record for themselves. This year the team had a record of 12 and 6. SPORTS BASKETBALL-Ist Row: Nickleach, Brandeburg, Woyton, Thomas, Cieply, Mohr, Rupert. 2nd Row: Petrovsky, Caeurak, Asay, Goldinger, Janovsky, Rov- nyak, Simmons. 3rd Row: Garbarino, Cloak, Breuer, Senapole, Fox, Culp, Coach Coach Simmons Simmons. 75 Anxious moment! X Watch him, Kenny! Sweet smile of victory! Where,s the ball? Neal tackle. Get that rebound! Q Yi nf N, fm. Tl sg. Eli 9 is awww .., ,fEiEf'?-P e 41,-93 ,bd 'LW fg-""' i Wye' xwvaeo 565 -Lv ' s Q' U 'Z p-iffy-J. 13144, V r fp-1. 11,15 an ,Q nn.,- -" .r .FI , 1-K5 f 46' FCH CHEERLEADERS n 06 026 Voebova ,gb ,Q0 ' e 90 YJ 0990 v,.f1.. Q31 a.: A v H v.. -u-:A-4... 1 I 1 I Q I i N 41:15-I: N "-iq ? W A 7 4 .4 C, LI-".. Wg ,- 1 , ' i X V" LQ! r t L A Cf 5 r o M , VV .-W 32 V, it ,V - K -, .V 4, N iv ul" .M-'Er ' A L V -,. at o .-4.. f'sassg ,?33x3'WEgbk Mr. Wall Sponsor Award Committee Hand Book Committee Noon Recreation Snow Ball Committee "May I help you?,' u -fu guhnl-ai 1 wax mm: 1 1 H -fra ----.J put SENIOR HIGH HOMEROOM CHAIRMAN: Standing: James Rovnyak, John Hromadik, Carol Ford. Seated, Back Row: Robert Brown, Victor Zimmerman, Carole Schaffer. 4th Row: Maryann Ruston, Norman Gaggini, Mike Hnatiow, Joe Stewart. 3rd Row: Kathleen Fulton, Joe Kovalosky, Barbara Golab, Ronald Burdette. 2nd Row: Anna Marie Vargo, Barbara Novak, Dorothy Bower, Richard Livengood. Ist Row: Barbara Kiene, Martha Schiffgens, Jerry Feldman. STUDENT COUNCIL JUNIOR HIGH HOMEROOM CHAIRMAN: Front Row: Roberta Sanoba, Rosalie Dragon, Bette Miller, Nancy Meleason, Virginia Bur- dette, Janet Sellers, Eleanor Space, Helen Mofiit, Sally Bryan. 2nd Row: Marilyn Turko, Grace Lang, Judy Wakefield, Neil Davis., Patricia Cook, Betta Coleman, Mary Plants, Janet Salan- kiewicz. 3rd Row: Warren Ware, Tim Rupert, Wesley Heilman, David Feldman, Raymond Blondeaux, Barry Stiem, Malcolm Hileman, Marlin Waugaman, George Brandeburg. 4th Row: Larry Laird, James Gongola, David Daugherty, VIC E Gail Rosenberger Secretary James Rovnyak Vice-President John Hromadik Presidfmt Carol Ford Treasurer cr A John Kerr, Robert Barbarino, Eugene Lazaroff, Jerry Ferguson, Paul Augustine, Thomas Hughan. 81 Har' NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated: Camille Beck, Carol Ford, Mary Ann Labutka, James Angher. Standing: Janet Schiffgens, Elaine Carberry, Beryle Greer, Jean Todoroff, Louis Micheaux, Mr. Sowers, Mr. Miller, Miss Nypaver, Maryann Ruston, Miss Steiner. X, 5 ' x vugq PATROL BOYS Ist Row: Joe Riskosky, John Ondo, Keith Beck, Gary Ernmonds, James Gongola, Tom Cieply, James Porterfield, Mr. Miller. 2nd Row: Michael Gallo, Jerome Zanoli, David Brown, David Neutrelle, Merwyn Guthrie, Gene Smith. 3rd Row: Merle Davis, Richard' Hudek, Dean Barger. 4th Row: Albert Zermane, James Senopole, Dean Cowan, Norman Edwards, Donald Fox. 89 lil' BATON CLUB lst Row: Gloria Righi, Paula Jo Painter, Carol Ann Reitler. 2nd Row: Marie Slaviero, Genevieve Klimkowicz, Carrie Coulter. 3rd Row: Anna lllarie Butko, Barbara Galanis, Betty Ransom. 4th Row: Rita Pendleton, Irma Hcrhst, Betsy Good. Sth Row: Kathleen Lunz, Joyce Baars, Diane DeLong. Y TRI-HI-Y Front Row: Carol McGregor, Donna McElfresh, Janice Roberts, Jane Kline, Maxine Schall, Helen Kijowski, Marion N-...J Zermane, Connie Crawford, Kathleen Fulton. 2nd Row: Margaret Byers, Martha Rice, Molly Garbarino, Belly Gibson, CHEERLEADERS CLUB Front Row: Marlene Klingensmilh, Barbara Golab, Carol Culleiton, Delores Scripps. 2nd Row: Maryann Ruston, Joyce Shakley. 3rd Row: Patricia Eck, Patricia Ritchey. 4th Row: Mary Kay Retzer, Sarah Perpick, Joan Landon, Peggy Ruston. 5th Row: Mary L. Monroe, Barbara Novak, Rosemary Faykosh. H191- 'Am 0 'TMJ Janet Cowan, Janet Stitt, Doris Heffellinger, Janet Bargerstock, Eleanor Bowser, Nancy Kamody. 3rd Row: Nancy Bruner, Joyce Buhite, Dorothy Klingensmith, Joanne Martinez, Neva Anderson, Marlene Pert, Patricia Szul, Joan Dunmire, Mrs. Baker. 4th Row: Evelyn Schultz, Lois Klingensmith, Lucinda Kline, Patricia Miller, Eunyce Johnson. TYPING II CLUB Seated: Mary Kay Retzer, Marlene Klingensmith, Bernadine Halas, Kathleen Lunz, Adrienne Blondeaux, Bonnie Crossman. 2nd Row: Wilford Jackson, Bernard Rupp Dorothy Recny, August Zanoh Sherwood Mendes, Marie Slaviero, Raymond Petrus, Carol Ford, James Pechan, Anna Marie Vargo, Joanne Reich, Pat Gainor, Sheila Duff, Fred Delp Helen Kijowski, Margo Hanner Ethel Hagofsky, Evelyn Stivenson, Deanna Davies, Shirley Simmons, Miss Green LIBRARY CLUB Seated: Sandra Yassem, Charlotte Geiger, Rosmarie Solak, Gail Schrecengost, Judy Ingram, Joan Brown, Florence Szyhka, Nancy Kamody. Standing: Darlene Johnson, Eunyce Johnson, Audrey Augustine, Marlene Pert, Madeline Hulings, Margaret Bevington, Toni Pacuch, Mrs. Q27 f F. T. A. CLUB lst Row: Miss Nypaver, Madaline Hulings, Billie Cunningham, Carolyn King, Carolyn Stivason, Miss Lesser. 2nd Row: Carol Danhof, Rita Pendelton, Marlene Pert, Kathleen Fulton, Elnora Booth Florence Szyhka. 3rd Row: Matthew Lazaroff, James Angher, Glenn Snyder. Duff, Barbara Bernot. if GREGG CLUB Seated: Delores Hornyak, Camille Beck, Carole Ryan, Barbara Kiene, Beryle Greer. Standing: Janet Miller, Maxine Schall, Margaret Buyers, Jane Kline, Mary Alice Andre, Anna Marie Butko, Sue Cawley, Dawn Luchesa, Maryann Ruston, Miss Shubert, Gloria Righi. 3rd Row: Lillian Plazak, Pat Wright, Marian Zermane, Betty Myers, Margaret Meinz, Mary Ann Labutka, Janet Waine, Kathy Fulton. 84 Meet that deadline! ! ! I SCHOOL NEWS AND SCHOOL VIEWS Seated: Dawn Luchesa Editor-in-chief Standing: Janet Danhof Exchange Editor Craig Rosenberger Feature Editor Joe Stewart Sports Editor Mary L. Monroe News Editor Victor Zimmerman Assistant Editor Donald Hansotte Photography Editor Miss Janice Parson Sponsor Beryle Greer Business Manager Marilyn Erkens Copy and Make-up Editor Vi f,,.. f' 1 Kneeling: Judy Wyant, Mary Plants, Sally Bryan, Mary Jo Gallo, Judy Toussaint, Daphne Luchesa. 2nd Row: Sue Reefer, Marian Zermane, Janet Danhof, Marilyn Erkens. Seated: Dawn Luchesa. Standing: Neil Davis, Beryle Greer, Miss Janice Par- son, Mary L. Monroe, Jackie Minteer, Patsy Glesk, Theresa Perry, Carol Fair, Joanne Mar- tinez, Pat Gallo, Rosemary Fay- kosh, Carol Smith. 2nd Row: Craig Rosenberger, Victor Zim- merman, Jim Neutrelle, Joe Stewart, Don Hansotte, Betty Gibson, Judy Wakefield, Kath- leen Kunkle, David Greer. 85 aw! BUSINESS Front Row: Sue Cawley., Kaye Cawley., Pat Wright, Molly Garba- rino. 2nd Row: Madeline Hulings, Marian Zermane, Beryle Greer, Evelyn Stivenson. 3rd Row: Sheila Duff, ,lane Kline, Mary Kay Retzer, Marie Slaverio. 4th Row: Shirley Simmons, Adrienne Blondeaux, Marlene Klingensmith. Standing: Wilford Jackson, Mr. Sowers, Pat Gainor, Gerald Eek. 'z Kaye Cawley Assistant Business Manager Mr. Sowers Business Adviser Sue Cawley Business Manager K "How many sales did you make?,' X if Best Sellers 'A cy She N aD. Machaux L HHS k Csaxnme Bee Ediwf Art Fdiwr Laywt J ' r Kilim COPY Edtw EDITORIAL Jean Todoroff Editor Mrs. Duff Editorial Adviser dd DM so '5Y0Y'igiNKarf"'e'L E ameche 6 f W ACTIVITIES: Shirley Simmons Lillian Plazak UATDE RCL AMa'Yann 1? SSME A5 11118 Marie 'gin go W1 Y J 013 Y-P' i Q11 S- ve04ff9iiX1Iii 87 Vw., 559 159' gall 990 hel- HBH! Gfllfldmflw Ist Row: D. Davis, J. Liherto, K. Holizna, C. Eck, J. Roberts 2nd Row: M. Labutka, B. Brown, B. Wray, C. Ford, I. Siar, B Greer, R. Pendleton, J. Riech, L. Plazak, I. Hielman., L. Mich: aux, K. Wray. THAT BREVVSTER BCTY Ist Row: E. White, J. Riecll, G. Zanoli, A. Blondeaux, M. Hu- lings, M. Hanner, W. Fennell. 2nd Row: M. Zermane, C. Eck, C. Beck, J. Liberto, J. Rupert. 3rd Row: J. Hromadik, J. Miller, M. Walker, E. Booth, R. Pendleton, B. Greer, J. Hielman, Mr. Miller, D. Jageman, D. Recny, L. Michaux. Stage Crew "Now listen here, ojicer . . ." 88 P. Tarnek, G. Zanoli, Z. Hazlett, J. Miller, D. Recny, J. Rupert, "Darling . . . D. Davies, R. Brown, L. Michaux, C. Ford, J. Felton, B. Ver- shuren, J. Liberto, C. Eck. ONE MAD NIGHT "Just a wild turkeyw Stage C,-ew "0ui! Oui! Mademoiselle.' 89 BJ Y MUSIC N75 1,1 .Z x , INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC Hidden in the pit of this great theater is a very important part of our cast, the or- chestra. Under the capable direction of Miss Bevington, this group of musicians have come a long way since the day when they played that first shaky note. They have advanced so far as to be represented at State Orchestra. In January they were host to the Central Western District Or- chestra and in the spring they held their annual concert. Yes, we can indeed he proud of our music makers. Lola LaVerne Bevington SENIOR ORCHESTRA: Ist Row: J. Rupert, J. Reitler, B. Novak, M. Schiffgens, E. Carherry, R. Heilman. 2nd Row: S. Kamer, E. Booth, E. Bowser, S. Welsh, C. Reitler, P. Painter, F. Markhy E. Meleason, J. Sehiffgens, H. Myers, C. Stivason, R. Knell, T. Lonberger, N. Bruner. 3rd Row: B. Rupp, K. Wray, W. Rearick, T. Risher, D. DeLong, S. Meades, M. Sanoba. 4th Row: B. Kiene, M. Hnatiow, T. Dumnire, P. Kovacik, G. Bowser., R. Hutchison, J. Slagle, J. Baars, D. Mc- Elfresh, Miss Bevington. 5th Row: B. Caldwell, A. Booth, M. Meinz, D. Hansotte, M. Clark, J. Roberts, J. Hopper, J. Chorvat. p .. , Ik., Q fi---1 ...M 92 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA: Ist Row: R. Sanoba, B. Moore, M. Guthrie, G. Hopper, L. Schiffgens, D. Feldman, J. Miller, J. Sellers. 2nd Row: P. Stopansky, R. Brandstetter, J. F arester, P. Glesk, M. Turko. 3rd Row: A. Lysakowski, M. C. Zimmerman, C. Smith, D. Stafford, V. Burdette, N. Meleason, S. Eakins. 4th Row, Standing: J. Miller, Miss Bevington. Seated: D. Cloak, R. Hazen, J. Bloom, R. Stewart, D. Rupert, K. Kuchta, J. Boarts, F. Karl, J. Nathaniel, T. Cieply. Standing: H. C. Moflitt. 5th Row: C. Sanders, B. Steim, J. Moflitt, C. Harosky, R. Woyton, W. Carberry, J. Wingate. 5 'qt 5 ... I H if Here in the Junior High Orchestra, or ap- K . 7 prentice shop, is where musicians are I made. Miss Bevington tries her utmost to Y train these music students so that some- day they may no longer be under-studies but the chief performers. These young musicians obtain most of their experience ii' by playing for Junior High Assemblies. SAX TRIO: Tom Eakins, sherwooa Meades, Tom Lonberger. Q Q ...F F2 X1 . f 1'-' 1 fy-,,,,. r an .9932 , X Fl,-'rf ' ., .J J e .. S 1 -1 S ' K zip ' f W ' .. Q, ,Q -- Q ,W-, 7 cf , - , N- 4- ' 5 Q fs, inf? 6: "f, J f p M . ... A i CLARINET QUARTET: Elaine Carberry, Carol Ford, Beryl THE HUNGRY FIVE: James Slagle, Ed Meleason, Don Han- Greer, Janet Schiffgens, sotte, Tom Risher, Ron Lasher. 93 GQ 0 "Marching Along Togetherl' QCD SENIOR BAND Left side: Ist Row: J. Shiffgens, C. Ford, E. Carberry, B. Greer, C. Shaffer, E. Meleason. 2nd Row: G. Kunst, J. Bowser, D. J. Heffelfinger, F. Markby, C. Sanders, M. Guthrie, J. Cl1orvat, W. Pendelton, J. Wingate, J. Hopper. 3rd Row: M. Clark, J. Roberts, T. Cipley, W. Hellman, T. Lonberger, S. Welch, N. Bruner, T. Eakins. 4th Row: J. Boarls, F. Karl, D. McElfresh, R. Knell, M. Meinz, J. Kerr, A. Booth, D. Hansotte. 5th Row: D. Stitl, R. Heilman, C. A. Reitler, C. Coulter, B. Ransom, G. Klimkowicz, D. DeLong, G. Righi, A. M. Butko, B. A. Szalankiewiez, K. Lunz. Right side: Ist Row: R. Woyton, T. Machowski, C. Caldwell, M. Bevington, P. Clesk, M. Turko, M. Walker. 2nd Row: H. Myers, G. Hopper, L. Schiffgens, C Stivason. 3rd Row: Standing: Miss Bevington, J. Farester, J. Slagle. 4th Row: J. Bloom, D. Cloak, R. McArdle, J. Waugaxnan, P. Hartman, R. Stewart, D. Rupert., R. Hazen. 5th Row: S. Kamer, J. Dunmire, P. Kovacik, M. Hnatiow, D. Berclell, J. Brandeburg, G. Bowser, T. Risher. 6th Row: B. Steim, J. Senopole, M. Krizman, E. Male, B. Caldwell, R. Lasher. 7th Row: R. Pendelton, G. Lazaroif, M. Slaviero, B. Good, J. Baars, I. Herbst, B. Galanis, R. J. Painter, D. Spencer, B. Rupp. 94 Oo UO GO GO QQ 000 "American Patroll, -4... is Q. W, 0000 "Stars and Stripes F oreverv' O QQQO OO A SENIOR MAJORETTES f, i !S x , - W A 'lfff' N..- o ' K 812.9 an 065 4 Q P011 609 , ,f dletolz , ---, ,Q .. iff? I n l A f 'X X-,ff S1 It 7 wwf-1 Head Majorette-Marie Slaviero Drum Maj0rette-Kath1een Lunz G1 Oria Righi JUNIOR BAND: Ist Row: Miss Bevington, M. Guthrie, C. Sanders, P. Glesk, J. Farester, M. Turko, R. Robinson, M. Kamer, L. Croyle, R. Pratt, R. A. Walker, K. Kuchta. 2nd Row: M. C Zuhick, S. Eakins, V. Burdette, N. Meleason, B. McClyn1onds, D. Luchesa, R. Hazen, S. Saloum R. Gainor, G. Brandehurg, D. Rupert, J. Porterfield. 3rd Row: S. Lazaroff, M. Odrechowski D. Stafford, R. Crossman, L. Schiffgens, G. Hopper, J. Boarts, R. Karl, J. Wilson, I. Nathaniel, J. Bloom, R. Stewart. 4th Row: R. Green, M. Waugaman, K. Wilcox, T. Bielski, J. Moflitt, B. Steim, J. Senopole, C. Harosky, T. Machowski, E. Bryant, D. Caldwell, I. Hansotte, L. Leard, R. Cobb. 9 1 E VOCAL MUSIC The vocal music department has experienced an ex- tremely active and profitable year under the competent guidance of their genial director, Mr. Thompson. The Varsity Chorus was well-represented at County and District Chorus. In December after long hours of prac- tice, thesc singers presented an inspiring Christmas pro- gram of Handels' "Messiah." Musical programs were given in the spring at other high schools in the state. An operetta was also presented by the members of the chorus. Joe Novak was chosen to be in the state chorus this year. FRESHMAN CHORUS: Ist Row: B. Lux, J. Neutrelle, E. Bryant, W. Schaffer T. Aiello, M. McKelvey, J. Wingate, J. Asay, D. Neutrelle, S. Steiner, J. Kerr E. Lazaroff, B. Yount, C. Stump, J. Zanoli, J. Fergurson, S. Niehleach, B. Sim mons. 2nd Row: N. Edinger, B. Erkens, B. Moore, S. McJunkin, R. Greer G. Rovnyak, B. Garbarino, D. Fox, A. Breuer, N. Edwards, D. Daugherty, M Davis, J. Wakeheld, N. Latini, F. Woodside, E. Taylor, L. Stitt, R. Sanoba 3rd Row: P. Milligan, T. Perry, J. Yount, H. Ceasare, B. Boguslawski, H. Heasley C. Doms, R. Brandsetter, F. Davis, P. Allensworth, P. Cunningham, C. Brown J. Bonetti, Janet Salankiewiez, D. Buffone, M. Blondeaux, J. Farcster, S. Kling- ensmith, P. Glesk, C. Laughner, M. Turko. 4th Row: P. Valasek, L. Faith, L. Kunst, B. Nliller, J. Frerotte, P. Morvik, J. Wyant, M. Roush, S. Sanders, J. Luehesa, K. Kunkle, B. Davies, J. Boarts, K. Shaffer, V. Krizman, L. Woodside, C. Fair, N. Guthrie, C. Barger. 5th Row: I. Johnson, S. Heilman, P. Klimkowiez, K. Silvis, D. Robinson, N. Riggle, G. McGuire, F. McGuire, B. Wade, J. Minteer, P. Gallo, H. Palombo, J. James, L. Dunmire, E. Noulette, R. Dragon. EBM F9 A .,,. . . v. A 1 VARSITY CHORUS if ',:, g U 6 -. , , 5.1 --oz..-I -lu.. I - . v .. "H -lg VARSITY CHORUS Ist Row: C. Beck, L. Plazak, C. Walker, M. Huston, C. King, J. Shakely, J. Riech, D. Recny, S. Simmons, J. Todoroff, D. Davis, N. Sheldon, M. Ruston, M. K. Retzer M. A. Andra, M. Hanner, R. Simmons, P. Painter. 2nd Row: M Erkins, A. M. Vargo, B. Galanis, B. Good, R. Bonetti, D Luchesa, D. Hornyak, J. Danoff., S. Meades, B. Novak, R Faykosh, C. Cullieton, C. Danoff, P. Wright., G. Green, N. Walk er, R. Silvis, C. Reitler. 3rd Row: C. Yodushock, A. Remis, .L 9 Liherto, R. Burdette, P. Virostek, M. Lazaroff, J. Nameche, D. Deaderick, K. Lunz, Z. Hazlett, M. Lahutko, R. Pendleton J. Novak, C. Elwood, J. Slavka, C. Klingensruith, B. Kendra 4th Row: J. Feldman, R. Vidanoff, J. Rovnyak, B. Emmonds, N. Gaggini, S. Meades, B. Verschuren, L. Michaux, J. Toussaint, J. Kovalosky, R. Livengood, R. Fuksa, R. Klingensmith, J. Lettrick, B. Ingram, E. Male. 9 OFFICERS Sec-Treas. Camille Beck, Pres. Joe Nameche, Vice-Pres. Kathy Lunz. SECTION LEADERS Ist Row: Camille Beck, Lillian Plazak, Kathleen Lunz, Zoe Hazlett, Chester Elwood, Barbara Novak, Margo Hanner, Gloria Greene, Nancy Sheldon. 2nd Row: Joseph Novak., Matt Lazaroff, James Rovynak, Louis Michaux, Donald Deaderick. ACCOMPANIST Gail Rosenherger. BOY'S ENSEMBLE Front Row: Jim Rovynak, Matt Lazaroff, Joe Novak, Chester Elwood. Back Row: Louis Michaux, Bill Verschuren, Joe Nameche, Jerry Slavka, Dick Byron. Joe Nov ak-Soloist FRESHMAN GIRL'S ENSEMBLE Joan Bonetti, Rosalie Dragon, Jackie Minteer, Patsy Glesk, Carol Brown, Carol Laughner, Barbara llloore. THURSDAY MORNING CHORUS Ist Row: P. Valasek, L. Faith, J. Wyant, P. Morvick, M. Rorish, K. N. Riggle, B. Wade, P. Gallo, H. Palombo, K. Shaffer, E. Noulett, R. Dragon. 2nd Row: H. Cesare, H. Heasley, C. Doms, F. Davis, Brown, J. Bonetti, J. Minleer, J. Salankiewicz, D. Buffone, M. Blondeaux, J. Vlfakefield, C. Barger, S. Klingensmith, C. Laugh- Silvis, D. Robinson, J. James, B. Davis, T. Perry, J. Yount, P. Cunningham, C. . fa' . CQ . S, x. lx, 'if' as X. 'J "Now all togetherlw ner. 3rd Row: N. Edinger, B. Erkens, S. McJunkin, R. Greer G. Rovnyak, R. Garbarino, D. Fox, A. Breuer, N. Edwards, D Daugherty, M. Davis. 4th Row: W. Lux, J. Neutrelle, E. Bryant W. Shaffer, T. Aiello, M. lNIcNelvey, J. Asay, D. Neutrelle, S Steiner, J. Kerr, E. Lazorolf, R. Yount, C. Stump, J. Zanoli, J Ferguson, J. Nichleach. Q5 Ps. Y K---...f . Y' 9 .--"' e'Thc population of Lucinda, Pennsylvania, is 2207 "H0ld Still, Jim!" "How tall are you, Ed?" "It weighs . . ." STUDENT TEACHERS-SECOND SEMESTER: ,f"' 100 Larry Lapham Tom Milliron OUR EX-GPS: Jerry Morda, Dick Valek, King Woodside Jack Bryan, Johnny Zanoli. r-,,,,...-- Beauty and the Beasts. "Hipf Hip! Hooray!" ff . , .1 X x 13 1 . s in K ...M if ,W I Q5 5 ' Balloon Dance. .vs L: ' 5? .. K Q Vl'g M i i gi "Howdy, Hermanfw Sweet intermission. e ' i Wmzsszoe I 2 3 4 5.57 ?ii0U1213f" ik e 4' M , H in o o 4- , ,f t za, , kr k g 1 i A K its XM' 5 4 s soo l eeos A o e it 'K T7 . , lg, "X Q 5 'K X335 V' . ,oees , i A . ,," 1 Yea' 5 ' fW ses' "Ten below this morning." "Ford City's Univacsf, ' 101 'nn nmiw 'Wm r..:r-AE.-1"' """?1':F"'--- r . WWW, A WM' S 'Wwe 'S "It might as well be spring." "Hey! Bellboyn Pretty pink pedal pushers plus pulchritude, Experienced equestrienne Time-3:45yz p.m. -wel "Well, here we areln Hi! Ho! Silver! fWlzich one's Tonto?J Th,-ee little maids 102 ve . J ali Qi N NFS V . swf ,S w 1, 'IS l 1 'ef Look at the Btrdle An "engaging" girl 2 a.m. Hot Dogs "In the Good Old Summertimew Wray and Wray w at muh., Ti i 4 Amit M ,, 1 ,V ,, wan' V JR' kd s Ford City's District Orchestra Representatives B. P. CBefore Practicej 103 " The Pajama Came" J' .W Mm. Y? K. 1 ? E LS? INDEX OF SENIOR ACTIVITIES ANDRA, MARY ALICE-Chorus l-2-3-4, Gregg Club 4, Tri- reme Bus. 4. ANGEHR, JAMES-Band 2-3-4, Latin,Club 1-2, Student Coun- cil 1, National Honor Society 3-4, F.T.A., Pres. 4. AUGUSTINE, JOHN-Stamp Club 3, Student Council. BECK, CAMILLE-Chorus 1-2-3-4, Sec.-Treas. 4, Gregg Club, Treas. 4, Trireme Editorial Staff, Copy Editor 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club 1, Jr. Class Play. BIRCH, SHELVA JEAN-Gregg Club 4. BLONDEAUX, ADRIENNE-Typing II Club 4, Chorus 1-2, Trireme Bus. 4. BOOTH, ELEANOR-Orchestra 2-3-4, Spanish Club 3, F.T.A. 4. BOWSER, GEORGE-J.V. Football 2, Varsity Football 3-4. BRIGHTMEYER, EDWARD-J.V. Football l, Varsity Foot- ball 2-3-4. BROWN, ROBERT-Varsity Baseball 3-4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Sr. Class President. BRYANT, KENNETHKJIV. Football 1, Varsity Football 2-3-4, J.V. Basketball 1, Varsity Basketball 2-3-4, Baseball l-3-4. BUSCH, PHILIP-J.V. Football 1-2, Chorus 1-2. BUTKO, ANNA MARIE-Spanish Club, Sec. 3, Baton Club 2-3-4, Student Council 2, Gregg Club 4, Jr. Class Treas., Sr. Class Vice-President. BYERS, MARGARET-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, Freshman Chorus, Gregg Club 4. CAPIZZI, JOSEPH CARBERRY, ELAINE-Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Latin Club 1-2-3-4, National Honor So- ciety 3-4. CAWLEY, SUE-Chorus 1-2, Student Council 2-3, Gregg Club 4, Class Treas. 4, Bus. Manager, Trireme 4. CHAUVAUX, DAVID-J.V. Football 1-2, Varsity Football 3-4. CLARK, MARLENE-Band 3-4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Latin Club 1-2-3. CLEVER, CLYDE COOK, LEONARD-Student Council l. COULTER, LUELLA-Freshman Chorus. CROSSMAN, BONNIE-Tri-Hi-Y' 2-3-4, Typing II Club 4. CROSSMAN, TOM-Freshman Chorus. DAVIES, DEANNA-Trireme Bus. 4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Typing II Club 4, Sr. Class Play. DEADRICK, DONALD-J.H. Basketball 1, J.V. Basketball 2, V. Basketball 3-4, Football 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4. DELP, FRED DINUS, MARION-Freshman Chorus, Girls Chorus 2, Trireme Bus. 4, Typing II Club 4. DUFF, SHELIA-Cheerleader 2-3-4, Cheerleading Club, Pres., Freshman Chorus, Typing II Club. ECK, CARL-Glass-Ip 1-2, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Class President 3. ECK, GERALD FELTON, JACK-Glass-lp Staff.l-2-3-4, Sr. Class Play. FENNELL, WAYNE-Band 1-2-3, Hobby Club 3. FICHTHORN, JAMESQJ.V. Football 1-2, Varsity Football 3-4, Co-Captain 4. FORD, CAROL-Student Council 2-3-4, Treasurer 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3, Spanish Club 3-4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Freshman Chorus, Typing II Club 4. FULTON , KATHLEEN-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Gregg Club 4, Fresh- man Chorus, Student Council 2-3-4. GAINOR, PATRICK-Safety Patrol 2, Trireme Bus. 4. GARBARINO, MOLLY-Freshman Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4. GOLDINGER, CHARLES-Varsity Football 2-3-4, Co-Cap- tain 4. GRAFF, WILLIAM GRAFTON, ALICE-Girls Chorus 2. GRAFTON, STANLEY GREER, BERYLE-Band 1-2-3-4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Trireme Bus. 4, Glass-lp 3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Gregg Club, Jr. Class Play, Student Director. HAGOFSKY, BENEDICT HAGOFSKY, ETHEL-Tri-Hi-Y 2, Typing H Club 4, Chorus 1. HALAS, BERNARDINE-Girls Chorus 2, Chorus 1-2, Typing II Club 4. HANNER, MARGO-Chorus l-2-3 -4, Typing II Club, Orchestra 1, Library Assistant 3, Trireme Editorial Staff. HASSA, MARY HAZELET, ZOE ANN-Student Council 2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Sr. Class Play- HEILMAN, JAMES-Jr. Class Play. HERBST., JOSEPH-J.V. Football 1, Varsity Football 2-3-4, Class President 2. HILEMAN, BARBARA HILTY, RUTH-Freshman Chorus. HOLIZNA, KENNY HORNYAK, DELORES-Gregg Club 4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Tri- reme Editorial Staff. HROMADIK, JOHN-Student Council 3-4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Basketball manager 1-2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Spanish Club 2. HULINGS, MADELINE-Trireme Bus. 4, F.T.A. 4, Freshman Chorus, Girls Chorus 2. JACKSON, WILFORD-J.H. Basketball l, J.V. Basketball 2, V. Basketball 3-4, Freshman Chorus, Band 1-2-3-4, Varsity Chorus 2, Varsity Football 4, Trireme Bus. 4, Typing II Club 4. JONES, JOHN KAMER, SALLY-Orchestra l-2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, Latin Club 1-2-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4. KAMMERDIENER, DORIS-Freshman Chorus, Latin Club 1-2-3, Sec.-Treas. 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2. KIENE, BARBARA-Gregg Club 4, Orchestra 2-3-4, Student Council 4, Freshman Chorus, Hobby Club 3. KIJOWSKI, HELEN-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, Treasurer 3-4. KLINE, JANE-Gregg Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3-4, President 4, Tri- reme Bus. 4. KLINGENSMITH, MARLENE-Cheerleader 2-3-4, Trireme Bus. 4. KRIZMAN, MARTHA-Band 2-3-4. KRUKAR, PAUL-Freshman Chorus, J.H. Basketball 1, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3-4. KUDELKA, ROBERT-Safety Patrol 3. KUNST, GERALDINE-Band 1-2-3-4, Freshman Chorus. KUNST, JOANNE LABUTKA, MARY ANN-Gregg Club 4, Varsity Chorus 2-3- 4, National Honor Society 3-4, Class Secretary 3-4, Jr. Class Play. LAUGHNER, ROBERT-Spanish Club 2-3, Varsity Football 3-4. LAW, JOHN-Hobby Club 3. LIBERTO, JAMES-Band 2, Orchestra 1-2, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Freshman Play, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Trireme Jr. Editor 3, Glass-lp 2, Student Council l. INDEX OF SENIOR ACTIVITIES LUCHESA, DAWN-Chorus I-2-3-4, Glass-Ip 2-3-4, Editor 4, Gregg Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2. LUNZ, KATHLEEN-Spanish Club 2-3, President 3, Baton Club 2-3-4, Drum-majorette 2-3-4, Chorus I-2-3-4, Vice Pres. 4, Student Council 1, Jr. Class Play, Crew, Latin Club 1, Typing II Club 4. LUX, ALFRED-Football Manager 1-2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Crew, Pres., Trireme Staff 3, J.H. Basketball, score keeper. MANSFIELD, PATRICIA-Girls Chorus 2, Chorus 1-2. MARTINEZ, DAVID-J.H. Basketball 1, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Spanish Club 2, Student Council 2, Jr. Class Vice-President, Freshman Chorus, Trireme Edi- torial StaH, Sports Editor 4. MCALLISTER, ROBERT MCCARTHY, JACK-Freshman Chorus. MCGREGOR, MARLENE MEADES, SIIERWOOD-Orchestra 1, Band 1-2-3-4, J.V. Bas- ketball 1-2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Chorus I-2-3-4. MECHLING, KENNETH-Baseball 3-4, Varsity Football 4. MEINZ, MARGARET-Band 2-3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Glass-Ip 4, Gregg Club 4. MICHAUX, LOUIS- Vice-president 23 National Honor So- ciety 3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Trireme Editorial Staff, Layout Editor 4. MILLER, JANET-Freshman Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y 2, Gregg Club 4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. MILLER, MELVIN-J.V. Football 1, Varsity Football 2-3. MILLER, RONALD-J.V. Football 2, Varsity Football 4. MINTEER, JOHN-Transferred. MYERS, BETTY-Gregg Club 4. NAMECHE, JOSEPH-Class President 1, Student Council 2-3, J.H. Basketball 1, J.V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Trireme Staff, Sports Editor 4. NEER, DAVID PECHAN, JAMES-Typing II Club 4. PENDLETON, RITA-Tri-Hi-Y 2, Baton Club 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-3-4, Spanish Club 3-4, Latin Club 1-2-4, Jr. Class Play. PETERS, JEAN-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, Freshman Chorus. PETRUS, RAYMOND-Freshman Chorus, Varsity Football 3-4. PFEIL, MATT PLAZAK, LILLIAN-Gregg Club 4, Jr. Class Play, Chorus 1- 2-3 -4, Trireme Editorial Staff 4, Noon Recreation Committee 4. RECNY, DOROTHY-Student Council 2, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Typ- ing II Club 4, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play. REICH, JOANNE-Cheerleader 2-3-4, Typing II Club 4, Chorus 1-2-3-4. RETZER, MARY KAY-Trireme Bus. Staff 4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Cheerleader 2-3-4, Typing II Club 4. RICE, MARTHA-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, Hobby Club 3. RIGHI, GLORIA-Baton Club 2-3-43 Gregg Club 4, Chorus 1-2, Majorette 2-3-4. RISHER, THOMAS-Band 1-2-3-4, Pres. 4, Orchestra 1-2-3-4,, President. ROBERTS, JANICE-Chorus 1, Glass-Ip 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, Jr. Class Play, Penn Ford Historians 1-2-3-4, Art Club 2, Band 3-4, Orchestra 4. ROSENBERGER, GAIL-Student Council 3-4, Sec. 4, Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 2-3, Vice Pres. 3, Glass-Ip 1-2, Class Play 1, Orchestra 1, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Accompanist 3-4. ROSENBERGER, GARYQSpanish Club 3, Orchestra 1, Freshman Chorus, Band 1-2-3-4, Safety Patrol 2. RUFFANER, WILLIAM-J.V. Football 1, Varsity Football 2-3-4, Penn Ford Historians 3, Student Council. RUPERT, JUDITII-Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Band 2-3-4, Stamp Club 3, Jr. Class Play, Sr. Class Play, Chorus 1. RUPP, BERNARD-Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Band 1-2-3-4, Fresh- man Chorus, Typing II Club 4. RUSSO, JOHN-J.V. Football 1, Chorus 1-2-3, Basketball Stat- istician 3-4. RUSTON, MARYANN-Cheerleader 2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Gregg Club 4,'Trireme Editorial Staff, Student Council 2-3-4, Treas. 3. RYAN, CAROLE-Gregg Club 4, President, Chorus 1. SCHAEFFER, LOIS-Freshman Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Penn Ford Junior Historians. SCHALL, INIAXINE-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, Sec. 3, Chorus 1, Gregg Club 4. SCHIFFGENS, JANET-Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1, Band 1-2-3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Latin Club 1-2, Hobby Club 3. SENIOW, ANNE-Chorus 1. SHELDON, NANCY-Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 2-3, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Soloist in Messiah, Glass-Ip Staff 1, Art Editor, Tri- reme Editorial Staff 4. SIAR, JOANNE-Freshman Class Play, Glass-Ip Staff 1-2, Latin Club I-2, Jr. Class Play, Band 2, Orchestra 2. SIMMONS, SHIRLEY-Chorus I-2-3-4, Penn Ford Historians 3, Library Assistant 3, Trireme Editorial Staff 4, Typing II Club 4. SLABON, BERNADINE SLAVIERO, MARIE-Baton Club, Sec. Head lllajorette 4, Chorus 1, Typing II Club 4. SLOVENSKY, EDWARD SMITH, ROBERT SNYDER, GLENN-Band 2-3-4, Orchestra. SOUTH, VIRGINIA-Orchestra 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1, Spanish Club 2-3. STITT, DARYL-Band 2-3-4. STIVENSON, EVELYN-Chorus 1, Penn Ford Junior Histo- rians, Trireme Bus. Staff 4. STOTLER, RAYMOND-Chorus 1. SZALANKIEWICZ, PAUL-Chorus, Safety Patrol. TARNEK, PAULETTE-Spanish Club, Chorus 1, Latin Club, Sr. Class Play. TODOROFF, JEAN-Class Play 1, Latin Club 1-2, Chorus 1-2-3-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Trireme Editor-in- chief 4, F.T.A. 4. TOUSSAINT, JEROME-Chorus 1-2-3-4. TREGASKAS, FRED-Safety Patrol 2-3. TROUTMAN, BERNARD-Chorus 1. VALEK, RICHARD . VANDERKALL, ROBERT-J.H. Basketball 1, J.V. Basket- ball 2, Varsity Basketball 4, J.V. Football 1-2. VARGO, ANNA MARIE-Student Council 1-2-3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Typing II Club 4, Trireme Editorial Stall' 4. VASEK, JOSEPH--Hobby Club,3. VERSHUREN, WILLIAM-J.V. Football 1-2, Varsity Foot- ball 3-4, Chorus 1-2-3-4, Trireme Jr. Editor 3, Student Council 1. VIROSTEK, PAUL-Chorus 1-2-3-4. INDEX OF SENIOR ACTIVITIES WAINE, JANET+-Student Council 2g Chorus lg Gregg Club 45 Library Assistant 1-2g Hobby Club Sec.-Treas. 3g Trireme Editorial Staff 4. WALKER, MELVIN-Jr. Class Playg Hobby Club 3-4g Tri- remc Editorial Staff 4. WEBSTER, IVIERLE-Chorus 13 Hobby Club 35 J.V. Football 2. WENDELL, RAYMOND WHITE, EDGARMLV. Football 1-23 Varsity Football 3-43 Chorus 13 Jr. Class Play. WOODSIDE, ROBERT-Chorus 1-2. WRAY, ELIZABETH-Orchestra 1-2-3-4g Spanish Club 2-35 Jr. Class Play. WRAY, KENNETH-Orchestra 1-2-3-45 Art Club 2g Hobby Club 3g Jr. Class'Play. WRIGHT, PATRICIA-Gregg Club 45 Chorus 1-2-3-4g Trircme Bus. Staff 4. YODUSHOCK, KARLhChorus 1-2-3-4g Baseball 1-3-4. ZAHRADNIK, RAYIVIOND-Transferred from Notre Dame. ZANOLI, AUGUST-Chorus 1-29 Safely Patrol 2g Typing II Club, Pres. 43 Sr. Class Play. ZBORAN, JOHN ZERMANE, MARION-Tri-Hi-Y 2-3.44 Glass-Ip 45 Chorus 13 Jr- Class Playa Gregg Club 43 Trircmc Bus. Staff 4. Nl. 2 af!! f W t- 5' I .. C i v To X .MI if--I S' THIS y I yl fr THAT V 'MG F7 'E 4 -IIA I . w Q - -X-Z,X Q is D VE R q C22 ,, 311, ? J- Now sm-fownmcs TMFQEWIE QDVERWWSING, I .X M !3?'6'0'0'0'6'6'YC' ., 'f'ff2fmf'fM A fx Seated at the above table are officers of the Ford City Union. They are, left to right: Floyd DeLong, Secretaryg Carl J. Miller, Recording Secretaryg Francis McCabe, Chairmang and Sam Saloum, Job Description Study. F ederaiion of Glass Ceramic and Silica Sandworkers of America 108 These members of the class of 1967 will some day have big things to do, just as you now have. May every one of your sieps be in the direction of real well-being for yourselves, and for all the wonderful kids everywhere who will be looking at your backs. H PLATE GLASS COMPA A THUUSA gms snow W sv OF ND MILES rm We 4 GREEN BAUM'S FURNITURE STORE Ford Street Ford City, Pa. Rose Marie Kamas is displaying some new furniture which has just arrived. Shop at GREENBAUM'S where the prices are made to fit your pocketbook. When you think of pictures, think of LEISTER'S. All the photographs for this book were taken by Ralph. LElSTER'S STUDIO 127 N. McKean St. Kittanning, Pa. 110 FRIEDLAND'S Leader Store Ford Street Ford City ...lfq Mr. Friedland is showing Carol Culleiton, "Duchess," and Mary Ann Skukalek the new V-neck sweater. For the latest fashions shop at Friedland's Leader Store. Mr. Weaver is showing Mr. Sowers and Marion Zermane the newest in electric ranges. This is among the large selection of electrical appliances found at FLYNN'S. WE A 5 ff-f-MT til The 1 1 is Z "'7flNG Thomas Flynn Company Mr. Shumaker is pointing out all the new features of the "l955" Chevrolet to Kay Cawley. Stop at SHUMAKER'S for all your automotive needs. Call on RUPP'S for all your excavation, grading, foundations, cellars and asphalt driveways. We have equipment for rental. "Saks" Demitry is measuring Bill Kruetzer for a new suit. For the latest in men's fashions, shop at DEMITRY'S. When you want prompt, courteous, and efficient service, let the friendly cashiers at PEOPI.E'S BANK take care of your financial problems. After football and basketball games meet the crowd at WRAY'S DAIRY STORE for a dish of Wray's home-made ice cream. The high school crowd likes to go to KANIA'S where they can get candy, pop, and Meadow Gold Ice Cream. For fine furniture, carpets and rugs .NC .W shop . 'WW 1 X 10 fly, we we Ma W ai, wwf ,Zj'T'i1e,l-!ious'epf!S9ficeL5,f "X fyvpziillfpt ul! gf!!! 5 a .Jjf ff-j Et:MI!,!f -X QA! , :fc If" '1f!2LP'df Iliff' ' jg, all ,JXJJW yjjyifg 4 It's 4:00 and refreshment time at the FORD CITY PHARMACY! Joe is enjoying the "pause that refreshes." I n.,,.i..,i.v' wp ,grew QFGBGBCP A, ,f McNUTT AGENCY INC. For friendly and courteous service buy your groceries at Complete insurance service. , ,eff LIVENGO0D'S MARKET y A If !,L'i2:,J!Lg,f'! Fire-Life-Qasualgyilfonds. 'JJ I yf i,i. L MANORVILLE, PA. -Vp XUAMA ' fkjfj X' IQ cf 7,c-fx! , 'W Ffh, CA7 ' "" 'VIH I 5 f s"'!LVb! X Q xy.. XJJW In yy jay rj!!! 1 cfifk ,rfygif i if I ,,,, ' 1' ,j.,, , 'I ' Pr 1 ,.cf'C'Agx I L M X! A L F, wh! O , L U , ig ,cw Z ff weft Q lf' ffl! .M f" f Z' The people of Ford Cliff find You will find all your everyday needs at cowqn,s Market American Slovak General Merchandising Co. a very friendly place to shop. . SIXTH AVENUE FORD CITY PA. Why don't you try zt? ' ' 114 'QW' 7' 'Z' Go to Piper's for new power and happy motoring Pleasure can be yours when you buy that new T.V. at CroyIe's. Get better for less. Shop at Andy's Market. of u gf . MJ ,sw 1 WM, .,,. E W,,,W, W uevenousmrv Kay can be sure of the best when she goes to BalI's for the latest fashions in jewelry. ,t UU if:Ul'5l E. G. MILLER You don't know how delicious a sandwich can be until you have tried a "I-Ioagief' Large and junior sizes made to your individual taste. For the finest meals at moderate cost eat at the PALM RESTAURANT, Fifth Ave., Ford City. If you have a trucking or delivery problem, stop in and see 0. K. HEILMAN. Pick-up and delivery service to all points in this area. If you are shopping for a ring for your best gal's finger, a watch, or any variety of fine jewelry, be sure and stop at FlTZGERALD'S ARNER'S A good place to buy flowers for your wedding or dances. Ferns, palms and shefller as decorations -- our specialty. You get service with a smile if you buy at Ford City News. The place to do your banking is at Mellon National Bank and Trust Company of Ford City. Courteous service is their by-word. It VV X , M, A A -' -Q 1?i2?,i1fZ?M'Hf , -Sg t,-2 it A it ' if H , 215 iii- , 8 ' ' , " ' - . , CTV H -f-- 5 1 xl -- For quick and courteous service bring your clothes to AItman's Dry Cleaners. OUR Adam's Jewelers A.A.A. of Kittanning Andy Peltz's Service Station Armstrong County Building Sc Loan Assoc. Brody's Brown's Boot Shop Cascino's Market Charles Sander's Market Clover Farm Store Dean P. Wyant, Taxi Service Dorothy's Beauty Shop Dr. James Allison Dr. Leo S. Clug, Optometrist Dr. Paul Opalka Dr. M. Rambach Dr. H. W. Shaffer Dr. C. W. Thompson Dr. Paul Watson Dr. Robert Yockey Dunmire Motors Father Francis S. Lizik First Baptist Church Firestone Store of Kittanning Folcik's Service Station Ford City Electric Ford City National Bakery Foreman's Hardware Foulis Dry Cleaners G. C. Murphy Co. of Ford City PATRCNS Gruskin's Hazel's Beauty Salon Hutchison's Jewelry Store Irene's Beauty Shop Julius Steiner Agency Kamer's Auto Body Shop Kerr Lumber Company Kendrick-Walker Motor Company Kittanning Sandwich Shop Kittanning Tire gc Recapping La Moda Shop Leikosky's Men's and Boy's Clothing Store Maxine's McAfoose Taxi Service V McHenry Sc Painter, Inc. Meadow Gold Dairies, Inc. Merchant's National Bank of Kittanning Obade Candy Company Paul's Auto Parts Rev. Fred H. Daubenspeck Rev. Martin O'Toole Richard Culp, Trucking Sc Excavating Sam Kettering Space's Fruit Market Tat Shoppe Tri-County Typewriter 'Company Webster's Jewelry Zigmond Cipley 120 This book printed by Velvatone, a special process of lithographic printing. Sole producers: Wm. J. Keller Inc., Buffalo, N. Y. No other printing firm is authorized to use the Velvatone method vxgiwgj Jw wM7J kffimafv .yvqffif x.,jJ,J-Ad-ff LZ!! Vgggvfyg 7,7 hgh! MMC M 'if 4124, ,Mm ,QMWQ .,,f6f,ffff-,c--1 ' M71 AJJ olfflfpc, ,fig ,J J y5fz,afr3?,.Q 1,1441-1141 KZ ,Q 47,5 4,1 K Zh, .iff-Lf ,fi 5, zg47f Z 41154 61.41144 f' f Eff ,MAJU 4,?,6,CLf xfwrf-2.4-LLAKMLLZJ A741 797591 . 73' ,f,f,M MMM, fMwQMf f XMZQA fllfwf 74?'i 1 ffgaufffffcf ,A J 41144141 amf1Zf,7,Q,,,Q,f -ff-l4bC' ' CJ-L4.g",4M f..2, 66 J fx" ,f2f4v2L?. . J ,,..V,,4,4f KAJ, Q xfwwf M ff feff df XL4, L.-L -4 . CL' ,,41,cf'-ff1!"aL .fvblfi 4-f bf ,,!La.fZ,,L - '!7'FvLN, A ,vifld f- D J ALA' QQ 1 - UV!!! ,ata-ff! Lf -7'v"L7ff .f!Z4f? , q,,e,f-fJ.fLfGfawCG-Q , ,,f 4,44 f .a44f,fff L4-1-f-1'2ffff'i'f f'j' ,dfffbf I .,,,.,1.ff , 'ffz4f1 e4,f .fc 1504 f"5f" Z4 3 "GC ' '47 GV, f,ffL v jQ,aff.L4:w' Lffv 14,461 4f'1fHf4 Lf :ya fe. L, sjf ' 1" - - 11,5 fc- -47M, J fu 424' C. ,ity YfLj4,,L'.1,, if X451-fig, , 4,.,,QbV,f ,jlfziiij Ju'-4 fy rucfcd -1+ 1-fafflu g CQJHJCQJ

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