Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA)

 - Class of 1953

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Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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A 1 -135 ""'??75U..F I-I P 21 ffvdif --. 231 4- ' .. 4"'41-1 ' - Sfafmfffaqi--3 '!:!EtEfi"'.' ll!-1.-4?-'fi' , if s ' ,G " ".g.lEE:?i-.' ,, ' Y- ' ' 9' ' A Liidli' ' ,J , ,. iw:,mQr.4jng 5 5' F A Q 4 V 4 5 15111 lElIlnfIlGIf'5':'f-"'H -1 11 ff df ,E QW g W gf gg Hamm., 3 Q - L+ L gn E H 1 r ? , V '- iw:- x2 L5iV z-1 T,,::,,,-rg f ik A-l1YiHFx?viR T ,' r .h I - L ii I i Efi E T ! 4 X.-,K it X , 1 5 I .S 4,5 Xu MX 5 .- l T54 ,M S X V' 7- A 'iff 1 - ' ' ff , ..g. -f NX wx fx 5 L5 4" f "f ' " QE , j-3 A f '-Sri. ,Af fy 1 N , f La ff' ix 1 ' ff 'lwnf?SQ: Xi f. -L R ,QA-- f r Yiir W xxi xxxn-ix ' - 'X Z? wir, X 5-R' S 5:2 4 2. A YH. r w. 3-5 "'A A Qa vqw , -f , , Q f ' ' 'i::":'. I' Y 'A " rj ' , , - ' glwen oar! 1 -H 'u Q ff - 1 -X , - g '5-' f , Q-452 lQ i"' f ' . - fl' -'AL ' 'N ' ' "gb ks' J 'Y ,--1 '- jmawmd This year another Senior Class was graduated from Ford City High School. As we left our Alma Mater, we carried with us our Trireme-A Treasure Chest of Memories. Through the years we can open our "Chest" and relive our school days. It is filled with memories, starting at the top with our biggest year of all-our Senior year. It is, therefore, that we present this our T953 Trireme, trusting that it will bring "memories of happiness" to everyone. Pwr- 4 :VX 'fy HEX Qt ,.".XU ,VVS Pegg ,X N fgg QQ X , ,,1-W ,fir ' W QW 'Q X W x , fWz'.. X 5 , WJ? Www w we V www fX Xf Y W y K w ff-5 xx N 0 , f 1' Q M 1 N f 34 fvfvjv l01Pa8es Y Pages , I VVS XA A sffto X to 5327! A Nr" SENWRS Jr' N ,.. SKA MINISTRATIDN ACIIVQITIEXS 8Pagest A A X ,wry XX EADWOODg V A M ,,Q A A M 25 Pages SPURT GRA M Ji! , M Lgxk LLL ! VM THE DXLETIO 64 'VAS-Q O lmrii 7 of N I Qdic ' We sincerely dedicate this edition ot the Trireme to the Mothers and Fathers ot the class of 1953. lt was our parents who first started us up the ladder ot school education. Now that we have reached the top, we begin to realize the grati- tude that is due to them. lt has been they who have had the most patience, understanding, love, and devotion, and who have always been more than willing to give us some ot their time or lend a helping hand. To those two people who have done the most to make our lives a success, we oFFer this "Treas- ure Chest ot Memories" as a small token ot love and thanks. 6 6yl"Q9?3,'.9fjQf K WV' pf?" fM?'fJjffwf'7ff fX55fffVf,Q,yfC7mjgfL A ,VP 'J as J 2, fy Wy KJ . O 0 Q J J P of a R X J L . I ' w gxf P X 4 I . - XxX-xx I I xSSNxv.. J - N3XQNf'PQW1wQ 0 - T -W-Nxwx uw frllfr f 'xx . J M, fx f N 052--fs.: ,ffru . 5.-1-1. X my X ,uf--' zz- :N fQ4f -M ' 1 f ' ' - 1'--A'-WEN xx X f ff! " J- X X iv .f ' ' N v 'few -N-33-S' X' NV- - - ' - 71" f gg X' X A 0 -'7 - fl V P65 wk Qu- "'Mx',-.x:.-,-i ,H N .r,l"' 'vSg',7.f' L.-ali-X , 7 K' x"f'vZ 5 529955 X"A w X f'i1'-zf3'f:1, 'f ' --ff:',u !s ' 'K 21 -f if b. f"vff'KQQ xv-Q1 -I - gf:-495:-.Q -.V-,-AIX.:-still, if'AH4:y:-3'.:.g:': ,f, ..:-:Q 'f ,, 'Q K? M xQgiW fi . , Xb :4,'jf4,f:-Q X ,0 'I f NW.: aj X A 'f W J 7 Sgggfjgs, v .JL Q SX Q45 W nfs !!-f' f af H., 1 , X . 3 wi A Q Q'fFii'?j'r i:z. m 5 ,417 2 K ' Wweuu X' 7" X gif:-. X QM16 ' '5f,if1 15 4' A X N Qi' W .um - - " 3 ' vim -A -ix 3 XX iz., QM ' ' "f"'-9 rg X 'L 'ld ix A - MQ 'Q -V x f 5 : K X N Xff if f ' 0 U W Zfi ff ,- 'X SX o 1 v Xa ,fiifffl f ' - Q B 1 '-rig. 1 .ff . X5 f f fy! K J il'- f M K , 7 'f , , K- 24 X X ,ff 3 4 Q l l ff X X 1 azgzmqv. X f f , . ' K 6 X . l X X 1 0 4 X f A I- Q" 93 , ' X ,f f X X ' f 4- X A 11,1 XS, , ff rsh x Hug 1 N 1 X f f f lim- f ' 'Ri X s ' ff X ,V xx .ff f KW X 0 K 5 fl ff X , H L , xb Rl x arp qt 1 f Umm Cfgv-.r.ra.?yvlf X O J 0 'fvy!vMJ,f M A W 5'ffffQ'fjF5fijf f? MF QP' Q Dfyf A,-X fwijjv Wxgby vm N W w ff 11 1 '5 Q Q Q' fs ,W x 8 jf If I ll 0 ,f',l-0111 rf" J T-.'!l?17vlfa W If Lf 406 ,iff S E s , f lifllll 7 55 5111 20,55 NAI .I 5 W any 411 lllllul sac if, f f 1 111' Ury, A91 ' - W If I fm, 9 3 5 ,fo 2 , ill 1,111 1111, if ze iff, I Q16 41114 Q- ' , S Q 9 ,. . 5 N Q Q 9 119, fg 3211" Af, UTS X R jj? L y's.c . ?7 74 2 4-v q U rl fix . 'il 'ju ' , jnifi 11 ai 1 W lx X 1 I ' M XZ! Zz ff r! f M E 1 I 4 1' 5 E11 ul F lim E ' , w A ,M F .,,,, JS f1 , 7 , ?h. , X X X X w X Bvwwl MR. DeLONG President f MR. PECHAN MR. McINTOSH Vice-Presideni Treasurer MR. BADURA MR. GOLDMAN DR. OPALKA DR. RUPERT 'IO ,ichonlm MR. PAUL N. MARSH Superiniendeni Mr. Marsh dictating u letter to Miss Mongcavin ' 'I Y MR- MILLER, Principal MR. BAUM, Assisicmf Principal Mr. Miller cmd Mr. Baum discussing one of Iheir many problems. 12 12 ' ' Lina DeHout Margaret Shubert Lola Bevington Martin Thompson Bookkeeping and Shorthand and Office Instrumental Music Vocal Music Comm. Math. Practice Margaret Aubrey United States History Jfmlllflif Sora Boker 5 ' Social Studies Besse Elcis Civics Kathleen McCoy Josephine Myers Jessie Rhines Mildred Schull History History Geography Geography 13 i 12, Elmira Broclhead Elizabeth Cogley Agnes Muller Speech English II ' Englishl Alice Steiner Latin Jfwflffff ffmllfllfff Donald Wall Janet Ward Elizabeth Weaver English lll English IV English l Robert Black Biology and Gen. Science Lewis Buyers Gen. Science and Comm. Math. and ' f 944. f., I Paul Caruso V ' Mathematitsfji James Davis Physical Ed. and Biology Charles Gregory Hubert Rupert Theodore Shakley Harold Sowers Mathematics Physical Ed. and Mathematics Chemistry and Biology Physics 14 0 2 XX A L . 4 1 i,V View Wlcmbmm, 121, 7953 4 William Abraham Driver Training Robert Adams Mechanical Drawing Estelle Beckwith Music and Penmanship George Dupierreux Woodshop Anna Longwell Home Economics Martha Mitchell Librarian Claire Schaffer School Nurse Patricia Strittmatter Home Economics Edna Tylinski Reading 3 John Connors Guidance Counsellor Grace McMillen Imogene Eakins English and Spanish English 047 C me Jean Portz Art Nancy Rust Physical Education Edith Shrenslty Typing f John Simmons Y F I Health John Wilson Mathematics fax -v 6 J Miss Brunner Mrs. Bryan Mrs. Thompson Miss C. Weaver I Mrs. Gleeson Miss Reichert Miss M. Weaver Miss Weber jiudeni Qarlwm, Miss Dunmlre Mechllng Mr. Gurski Mr. Hensel Mr. Moore Mr. Pancella Mr. Simcinu Mr. Smiih 16 fuaiadzkznn, Front Row-Mrs. Kovoch, Mrs. Helgren, Mr. Ren uldo. Buck Row-Mr. McElhunney, Mr. Cogley Mr. Umbaugh, and Mrs Frick. Mr. Simmons Talking io on visiior at "Op:n House" . . . Mr. thanks . . , ls ii interesiing, Miss DeHouf? . . . Mrs. Aubrey Connors reviewing ihe results of our Tests . . . "lsthis1rc1ns- and Miss Ekis discussing on American Observer iesi. lcdion correct, Miss Eolkins?" . . . Miss Word accepting our 'I7 Mr. Sowers explaining one of the many laboratory experiments conducted ir Physics. 1 Miss Bevington rehearsing the band for one of its many performances. Learning the location of A S D F G H J K Lg under the guidance of Miss Shrensky. By use of models and charts, today's les- son in Biology is presented by Mr, Black. 18 rl'-1 4" N ,lf O A V' I Lg XN' Xi 1 ,ff 5, j IDI' 1 fr ' -f Jr qfn N J' ill! f O X f, ff 1, O x X ' I X 14, 1' 1' I I 441 ' J" ll 5-4' A S-,ii ,f'x.f 'S-4 ' -- 'Z,T X - Cfx A--F vxx 'f X O CEN, , K 7 fiv- -FSXYQ gi' ' ' "Li 'V i 1 S fs v 5 f ,ff Y fr - ,... gr X - ,- X X',ff7f,i,N-f '--'Q 'S'-' i 'li "-gg' 1 ff ' 'ifx vi- L-'Y A--V I -Q " 1'f,! I ' ,-S?,2-Ns"-" 'K "A b U ii: -QQSQQJI 1 'X 4542 , A If ,f X- X?-A J -1? 1? 3 N '?i'X 15 -fi? l f .--Y -I W " ir X I -5 - V .A ..f-- Q-P""gL f' '1E-.? p E21 l-if-X X' -xfx -XXX 4" XP' ' X ', T 7 X ff X ' - X. , -Y. Xi Q- MQ 2 1 - 4'Z vi ' -1: ,Pix ,. ', l , . f ,k, Y f"N.' 0 Jug, 1,37 21 4, A - 52N Lf y ..- xg-'fl' X 7-fx I 2 lu : ff'!'fFf1-' w B , gh ' K If X l i 5 ' ygln Ax ' A X: P gi .'j A-,G- f V 1 'T YW Xi sf. . XX V ,i' " E 2 f viiQ X A CW -nf 5 ' QQ Qsffil f og-FSQ V W .7K wf AY .zsxe KW! , 0 f-f Q Rx x J, . 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'17 ,ff -1 ' Nb' 5. 3 1 4 V5 -47 4 ff' 3 Q R 1 f- flf ggxlfid if- 5 j , ff , QS- -1, xxfff . ,fl . , ' ff-'E' af-vs 4125?-g e: -H -' i ' 6 ' 4 55165. ,Q ',, 'r L-fx 1' S1544 Q 'D' ' 'A' Ji, 'as-f-9, 1 gk -igfr eg, W T , rex -fn' -' " Q ff " 5- Q " KWYI ""'?"' , 4' - . ,, . . X ' ':. - . ' ., ,- , , f ,- f ,qv 1 .P , '. 4. 5-, - ff i, f , ': V. 1 , x F ' f Q ' hzswf '31--iwzg.-an x x --J: Q 4- fn A . ., 1 f? 213' E x- ,' x -qff - --1 J A V . ,,- T, 4 - , r A blk' : , 'f f 'gn i' .-3.3 ,:.-:-- , E' 1 I xi -,ag gh ,V Q -,gf 451, E Q, ,7 YQ L'-'5'4'f T'Qli-w" x4g" Q 13-5,:44':1f-..--Q 4 f- 3 - B ....:.'.-h A.-5 f,V ,x I , - Y A ,P I-Q ,, kk fi in vi A: 1 02 ,gf -f A new 5-fqism' , -X 4 Qyvi-all 4-,-L ut ' Klum Ufldcefza, and Spwmom Seated-Joyce Luchesa, Don Hrabovsky, Glen Thornburg, June Baker. Standing-Mrs. Baker, Mr. Sowers, Miss DeHout, Miss Ward. The time has come for the class of "'l953" to leave Ford City High. This year ended the most enioyable one of our high school careers. Let us review our high school days and remember some of the most important events. We shall always remember our Freshman Prom, the trip to Kennywood, our Sophomore year, the big Junior-Senior Prom, and "Blithe Spirit", our Junior Class Play. Then came our Senior year. At last we reached the goal we had been striv- ing toward these busy years. Our Senior Class Play "Family Circle", our Junior- Senior Prom, the banquet, Baccalaureate, and finally Commencement were all in- cluded, along with many other events in that busy year. When we received our diplomas we realized that this was not iust another sheet ot paper, we had worked hard for this and we deserved it. This opened new doors and we were proud. Yes, on looking back over our high school career we see an enioyable as well as a profitable one. It is with pride and some regret that we leave our Alma Mater, Ford City High School. "The Senior Class" 20 RAFFAELA ARCO "Jeri" Our Spanish beauty .. spends all her time at the Ford ambition to study home economics . . . Treas- urer ot Spanish Club one of the ten. FRANK ARNOLD "Frank" George's twin member of Mixed Chorus for 3 years . . . Busi- ness staff of Trireme quite a sense of humor . . . a friend to all .. . plans to ioin the Air Force. VIVIAN ASAY IIMOHYII Business staFf of Trireme . . . one of our high stepping maiorettes . .. participated in Girls Intramurals . . . greatest ambition is to learn to drive a "Hot Rod". MARGARET BAILLIE uMargn Short and sweet member of Gregg Club Girls' Chorus and Mixed Chorus 3 yrs. Editorial Staff of Trireme looks at the funny side of life . . . always seen with Arleen and lbt. MARY ANN BARTOLOVIC uMarYu Played girls' intramural basket- ball ambition is to be gradu- ated often seen driving a green Pontiac lots of fun to know. 2 21 THOMAS ARMSTRONG "Mr. Tastee-Free!" Member of boys and Mixed Cho ruses 2 years well-informei' young man ambition is to be a manager of a store likes ti watch T. V. seen with Gene. GEORGE ARNOLD uspinu Frank's twin . . . Mixed Chorus- Junior year ... Intramurals 4 year: ... stage hand for Jr. Play and Sr Play one of tl-ie S'xth Avenue gang enioys hunting and fish ing. SHIRLEY BAILEY "ShirI" Member of Tri-Hi-Y for three years Treasurer Jr. and Sr. years very active in girls' in- tramurals . . . pretty brunette . . . possessing a nice sense of humor .. . always in the library 6th p':r- iod. SARA JUNE BAKER ".lune" Dark haired girl liked by all member of L. H.V. .. . Girls' Cho- rus 2 yrs. Editorial Staff, Tri- reme ... Business Manager of S-n- ior Play future Florence N'ght- ingale. BERNADETTE BENO "Bernie" Voted most attractive Senior girl ambition to see the world usually seen making "Hot Fudge" sundaes at the Pharmacy one of the ten. EDWARD BISH uEdu One of our smaller boys in- terested in sports active in in- tramurals for 4 yrs, ... stage crew for Senior Play future unde- cided. MARILEN RUTH BOWSER "Marilen Ruth" Band, Orchestra for 5 years good supporting performances in both the Junior and Senior Plays . . . Student Council representative 2 years Editorial Staff Trireme Tri-Hi-Y 2 years charter member L. H,V. .llMMY BYRON nAIexn A friend to all . . . efficient foot- ball manager for 5 years, baseball 4 years ambition is to work with crippled children every- thing is "alrighty" with Jim. NORMA CANIL uliggsu Enjoys the lighter side of life . . . nice girl to know Treasurer of Gregg Club . . . member of Tri-Hi-Y ... Girls' Intramural Basketball... ambition to be a good secretary. HELEN CATLOS "Helen" One of the more quiet members of the class member of Gregg Club voted most athletic active in Girls' Intramurals...Prin- cess for Junior 81 Senior Prom. 22 'sr HARRIET BOWSER "Betty" One of our petite lasses . . . head maiorette member of Girls' Chorus 3 years ... Baton Club , .. Spanish Club voted best dan- cer ... one of the ten. "Junior" 5' , .. ... W' Most personality . . . played Jun- ior Varsity and Varsity Football for 4 years . . . member of Mixed Cho- rus for 1 year. . ALBERT CALLAHAN nAlu Orchestra, Band 4 years . . . Hun' gry five Dr. Bradman in the Junior Play Editor of Glass-Ip Senior year photographer for Trireme Golf Team Sophomore year ... Spanish Club Junior year. HARRIET CASSEL "Brown Eyes" Tri-Hi-Y and Spanish Club pledged 2 years to Girls' Chorus Art Club I year dribbles the basketball in Girls' Intramurals . . . walks to school with Elnora. MA'.Y CEC HVALA uchugn Friendly has an infectious giggle ... Tri-Hi-Y 3 years ... Chorus Sophomore year Busi- ness Staff Trireme can be found at the Hollo with Adele, Shir- ley, and Jiggs ambition is to drive her father's car. CATHERINE CHRIST "Cush" Full of fun and pep voted most humorous very friendly original with those new ex- pressions . .. enioys a good movie and "Sky". JAMES CLARK ujirnu Comes from out Stitt Hollow way hopes to join the Navy soon likes lunch hour best???? doesn't give the rabbits much chance on Nov. I. BEVERLY COCHRAN uaevu Loyal member of the band and chorus for 5 years attended' State band 3 years .. . stage man- ager for Junior Play Editorial Staff, Trireme, Gregg Club . . . most leadership. DEAN COUSINS uoeunn One of the strong silent boys from the country . . . likes fishing and hunting played football and baseball 2 years usually seen with Bill around school. MARGARET JUNE CUNNINGHAM "June" Short, sweet girl with sparkling eyes plans to be a stenograph- er always willing to lend a helping hand . .. Gregg Club Business Manager of Trireme National Honor Society. 23 ff "t""".i Mn" .ff DOROTHY CHURCHILL nbotn Witty and full of fun mem ber of the Gregg Club Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 3 years Junior and Senior Ensembles Editorial Staff, Trireme. DAVID CLAYPOOL "Dave" Member of Noon Recreation Com- mittee. ..Baseboll pitcher for Rock- ville likes athletics plans to study "electrical engineering". . . would like to own a new Pontiac "Catalina". NORMA JEAN COOPER ncoupu Neat has a lot of fun in home room . . . admires her broth- er's convertible one of the gang often seen with her faith- ful shadow .. . Pat. SHIRLEY CRAMER "Rusty" Sang in Girls' Chorus library assistant for 2 years hobby is collecting church programs has shining red hair one cf the engaged set. HELEN LOUISE CYPHERS "Louie" Member of F. H. A. capable library assistant sang in Girls' Chorus 2 years 'Found behind the soda fountafn at the Central Drug Store ambition is to be- come a secretary. SARA DILL "Sally" Played in band and orchestra. . . member of Gregg Club Tri- Hi-Y Girls' Chorus and Mixed Chorus 4 years Abby in the senior play plans to attend Duff's Business College, FRANCIS DUFF "Mike" A very friendly person . , . well- liked by all who know him ... will be a good mechanic thinks girls are rather nice doesn't believe in working hard. DONALD ERD LEY nDonu Hails from Brick Church ... liked farming so well it is his hobby liked brunettes never quiet. JOHN EWING "Johnny" Can not decide whether to be a farmer or a mechanic likes to hunt, fish and swim . . . has a nice smile loves his Ford V-8 on the quiet side. ROBERT FICHTHORN "Casey" Friendly 'Fellow ... plans to be a mechanic in the Navy another hunting and fishing enthusiast . . . always asking Miss DeHout ques- tions enioyed Magic Chefs. 24 WILLIAM DILLICK usillu Vandergrift's loss-our gain quiet and well liked spends his spare time in the wood shop and driving the green Mercury. ANN CAMDEN EAKINS uNuncyu Co-editor of the Trireme. . ,good performance in both Junior and Senior plays participated in Girls' and Mixed Chorus . . . played flute in band and orchestra 'For 4 years. . .charter member of L. V. H. Club. NANCY EVERETT "Nantz" Member ofthe chorus for 3 years Gregg Club-chairman of the Social Committee cheerleader for 3 years always has some- thing to say one of our en- gaged girls. GLORIA EILEEN FAIR "Gloria" Comes to us from Cadogan one cf our high stepping maiorettes ... member ofthe Baton Club ... F. H. A. Club plans to be atyp- ist very sweet girl. WILLIAM FICHTHORN nBiIIu One of the more quiet members of our class walks the McGrann road to school in all kinds of weath- er ... usually misses some school in November nice boy to know. MARLENE FOREMAN "Snook" Pianist for Junior and Senior En- sembles faithful to the Orches- tra for 6 years Editorial Staff Trireme member of Tri-Hi-Y 7 years .. .would like to be a teach er. RICHARE5 GARDNER "nick" l' j V Active member of Hfand for 7 years and Orchestra fpr 4 years.. . William in Senior Play .mf knows the way to Ri gf Avenue jblind- folded ... bum lrous ... weil liked by all. it CHARLES GOODYEAR "Chuck" Makes the trip from Cadogan every day . . . one of the short for- wards in Intramurals . . . interested in airplanes. ..enioys hunting and fishing wants to be a rugged individualist. EARL GENE GRANTZ "Grantzie" Dark wavy-haired lad from Bethel ... sang in Mixed and Boys' Choruses for 3 years plans to attend college to study pharma- cology often seen with Tom. ETI-iEL GUTHRIE "Archie" Constitutional Committee of Gregg Club Business Staff of Trireme droll sense of humor would like to be a secretary in a law firm likes horseback rid- Ing. R DEAN l. GALANIS ul-eon Everybody's friend ... supported Bass section of Chorus for 4 years Garden in Senior Play . . . has hard time keeping quiet ambi- tion is to ioin the Air Force. JOHN GOLDINGER "Goldie" Would like to be a draftsman . . . lots of fun nice boy to call your friend can be found with "Livey" flying model airplanes . . . likes Physics class. STANLEY GOWETSKI "Stan" Played Varsity football 3 years was Charlie in the Senior Play enioyed Physics class plans to study engineering at Penn State tall, dark and handsome always smiling. JOSEPH GREGORY lljoell One ofthe boys from the hill... quiet??? . . . enioys collecting coins as a hobby ... often seen with Andy or Herb or at the service sta- tion ambftfon is undecided. MARY ANN GUTHRIE "Marianne" Gregg Club member one cf our future secretaries enioys her ride to school on the bus favorite pastime- square dancing at Shay and driving the Ford. 25 FRANK HALAS "Frutz" Voted best looking boy in the Sr. Class worked beh'nd the scenes for the Jr. and Sr. plays ... played JV basketball often seen with "Rogger" and "Spin". WILLIAM HARRIGER "Willie" Faithful member of the Mixed and Boys' Choruses for three years Junior play stage crew photographer for the Trireme hopes to be a Murphy Man. PAUL W. HASSA npaulu Varsity basketball manager 3 years . . . intramurals 3 years . . . ambition is to ioin the Armed Forces . . . enioys fishing . . . often seen with Hank and Harry. BARBARA ANN HILEMAN "Barbie" Cute blond from McGrann friendly . . . enioys stock car races has a smile for everyone pretends to be quiet. VIOLA MAXINE HILTY livin Cimes from Kelly Station member of the Gregg Club senior ycar Girls' Chorus for 2 years ambition is to be a secretary enioys dancing. 26 KATHRYN JANE HAROSKY nKu,hyu One of our high stepping ma- iorettes . . . ambition to live in 1200 block of 6th Avenue enjoys chewing gum constantly seen with Mary Ann. ALICE HARTMAN ul-an Hails from the hill ... Chorus Sophomore year Tri-Hi-Y three years. . .Business Stal? Trireme. .. intramurals ,.. one of the engaged girls. HENRY HERBST uHunku One of our shy seniors, . .friend to all who know him would rather hunt or fish than go to school often found with "Herky" in the "lower end." JAMES HILEMAN ulimu Wants to be a truck farmer . . . rides to school on the Burrell Town. ship bus ... builds model airplanes in his spare time likes typing class. JOSEPH HORNYAK nJoeu Hails from McGrann voted most likely to succeed Junior Varsity football Sophomore year ... basketball intramurals ... served on Student Council member of Freshman Prom Court. DON HRABOVSKY nnonu Senior class vice-president played on Junior Varsity football team .. . active in intramural sports . . . always seen with Frenchie and Larry stage crew for Jr. play. JANET ELAINE HUFHAND "Janie" Girls' Chorus 2 yrs. F. H.A. ...dependable library assistant. .. concocts sodas at the Central Drug Store in Kittanning cute gfrl with a pleasing sense of humor can be seen with Helen and Elva in Kittanning. MARY ELLEN HULINGS "Mary EIIen" Charter member of L. H. V. .. . member of Tri-Hi-Y and Girls' Cho- rus I yr. business manager of Senior play editorial staff of Trireme ambition is to be a Home Economics teacher. ROSE MARIE KAMAS "Rose Marie" Raven haired beauty hopes to be a ballerina . . . most talented Gregg Club, Tri-Hi-Y and Li- brary Club . .. Junior and Senior play Mr. Thompson's faithful soprano one of the ten. ADELE JOANNE KARL "DeIie" Member of the Gregg Club Tri-Hi-Y ... Girls' Chorus 2 yrs. ... chic member of our class. . .usually seen driving a green Chevy. 27 PAUL HROMADIK "Romeo" One of the Seventh Ave. gang ... always with "Tombo" ... am- bition to ioin the Navy tinkers with cars at Andy's a "quiet" senior. LARRY HUFHAND "Larry" One of our cut-ups his eyes are always full of mischief. . .sings in Boys' and Mixed Chorus. . .likes to work cross word puzzles in Sen- ior Scholastic. SARA ELIZABETH IRWIN usallyu Trireme co-editor faithful to Orchestra for 5 yrs. ... and Chorus 2 yrs. . . . attended state orchestra 2 yrs. . . . voted most likely to suc- ceed ... Freshman May Queen .. ticket committee for Jr. play .. Gregg Club. ARLEEN KANE "ArIeen" Member of the Gregg Club ambition to be a secretary . . . likes to crochet.. .always driving Chevys . .. never seen without Dot and Marg. ESTHER KARL uEsu True friend to all . . . will be an efficient secretary member of Gregg Club . .. Band and Orches- tra 4 yrs. stage crew for Jr. play . . . never seen without Bev. ELIZABETH MARIE KIJOWSKI "Betty" Tri-Hi-Y senior year one of our peppy cheerleaders ambi- tion to be a nurse . . . likes to drive her car. BERNICE KLINGENSMITH "Bernie" Never worries. . .the maid in the Junior Play student director of Senior Play ... faithful member of the Tri-Hi-Y Girls' Chorus charter member of L. H. V. . .. edi- torial staff, Trireme. HARRY M. KOLAKOWSKI uHerku Quiet lad.. .plans to be a chem- ist. . .his second home is anywhere in the Pennsylvania hills. . .usually walks in to school lust as the last bell is ringing. HELEN KUBATKO "Kubie" Cheerleader for 4 years. . .mem- ber of Girls' Chorus business staff, Trireme active in intra- murals has a wonderful dis- position one of the ten. GARY LIGENFELTER "Cooper" Took the General Course .. col- lects books and stamps likes to read in his spare time ... would have us believe his ambition is to loaf. 28 JOHNNY KLIMKOWICZ "Yush" . Hails from the lower end man of few words ... enioys hunt- ing and ice-skating ... plays base- ball for the P. N. A. cruises in a big Buick. RONALD KLINGENSMITH "KIing-E" Comes from Ford Cliff. . .played Junior Varsity 'Football for 3 years quarterback on Varsity team for 2 years. . .ran 99 yards against West Deere. EUGENIA ANN KRIZMAN "Jeanie" Member of orchestra and band 3 years .. . attended county band for 3 years and district 2 years ... charter member of L. H. V. MARIAN LAW "Marian" Friendly hill topper member of Tri-Hi-Y ... active in intramurals one of our engaged girls. WILLIAM LIVENGOOD ulivyu Handsome member of the class Varsity Chorus art staff Trireme Henry in the Senior play spends spare time flying model airplanes plans to at- tend Penn State. JOYCE LUCHESA ujoyceu Petite most popular Senior girl.. .peppy cheerleader. . .Gregg Club secretary of Senior Class . .. mixes sodas at Kling's . . . am- bition is to learn to drive one of the ten. MARION LYSAKOWSKI "Mudiyan" Member of Orchestra 1 yr. Hobby Club Art Club art staff of Trireme stamp collect- ing enthusiast . . . ambition to be a commercial artist. JOHN MANNING "Moses" Quiet lad ... looking forward to ioining the Navy ... known for his quaint sketches . .. enioys stock car racesllll. . . thoroughly enioyed the Magic Chefs. BETTY MARK BY "Betty" Sweet girl who travels down the hill daily' played clarinet in the band for 3 yrs. --- Gregg Club historian nice girl to know likes to drive a Chevy. CATHRYN MEINZ "Catie" Five foot two bundle of energy ... editor ofthe Glass-lp Sr. yr.. .. student director of the Junior play member of orchestra 3 yrs. ... voted most intellectual. ALBERT LUX "Luxie" Faithful varsity basketball and football statistician for 3 years . , , active in Intramural Basketball for 7 yrs. ambition is to bowl 300. DORIS McGUIRE "Doris" Girls' Chorus for two years Tri-Hi-Y ambition is to be a nurse one of our hill toppers ... seen with Betty and Mary Ann. BERNICE JOANN MANSFIELD "Bernice" One of our engaged seniors plan- ning to use her home economics knowledge .. . member of Girls' Chorus 4 years .. . would like to learn to drive a Chevy. DORIS LAVAUGHN MARKS "Groucho" Comes to us from West Virginia plans to return to study music at West Virginia U. ... member of Band 3 yrs., secretary Sr. year orchestra 2 yrs. property man- ager for Senior play. RAYMOND MILLER URGYH Vice-President and President of Student Council member of Band, Orchestra, and Chorus, 3 yrs. Varsity football, 3 yrs. Basketball, Jr. Varsity, 2 yrs. Varsity, 3 yrs. voted most tal- ented. 29 SHIRLEY ANN MOHR "ShirI" One ot our attractive, snappy maiorettes, 3 years ambition to be a secretary iust loves her afternoon classes!!! thinks "Kenny" is tops nice smile business staff, Trireme one ot the ten. .JENNIE LEE MORGAN "Jennie" Typist for Senior play busi- ness staft, Trireme ticket com- mittee tor Junior play ... twinkling brown eyes. . .hobby is talking... future bookkeeper. ANNE NOVAK "Tootsie" One of our maiorettes for 3 years ...prompter in Junior play. . .edi- torial stalif, Trireme future Flcr- ence Nightingale ... one of the ten. PAUL ONDRUSEK UGUYH One of the Sixth Avenue boys... an enthusiastic philatelist. . .played intramural basketball seldom seen without a smile plans to ioin the Navy. EUGENE PLAZAK IIKBHYII Handsome lad 'From Dime, Pa. ...interested in airplanes and auto- mobiles.. .plans to follow a career in aviation. . .played Varsity 'Foot- ball for 2 Vears. 30 WILLIAM MORDA "WiIIie" Faithful member of Mixed Chorus for 4 years...spent six years run- ning to catch the Ford Clif? bus ... 'Favorite topic is "Irene" . . . reads all of the magazines in the library . . . 'Favorite saying is "What's your excuse?" JOHN MYSCHISIN "Michigan" A future architect sang in the Mixed Chorus was center on Varsity 'Football team par- ticipated in intramural basketball 4 years voted most humorous. ELIZABETH NOVAK "Betts" Noted for her coughing spells. .. plans to become a woman in white loves to drill with Sokals band 4 years orchestra 3 years . . gir's intramurals. SYLVIA PELLA "Sylvia" Lovely red hair . . . did her parts well in both Junior and Senior plays . . . President of Gregg Club Girls' Chorus for 3 years Mixed Chorus senior year. MARY ANN PRAZENICA "Mary Ann" Hopes to find an interesting iob keeps the mailman busy be- tween Ford City and New Mexico would like to travel never seen without Kathryn. PEGGY PROCIOUS "Precious" Vivacious blonde. . .snappy ma- iorette for 5 years orchestra pianist 4 years supported so- prano section of choruses for 4 years . . . Business Staff of Trireme. ELIZABETH JANE RALKO IIB- J.ll Cute blonde a loyal member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 3 years.. .Girls' Chorus for 2 years is mighty proud of that diamond pals with Jackie. JACQUELINE RITCHEY "Jackie" A friendly lass Tri-Hi-Y for 3 years Business Staff of Tri- reme "Grace" in senior class play wants to join the W. A. F. S. RICHARD ROVNYAK "Rogger" Varsity Basketball 4 years Baseball 2 years voted most athletic likes to be with the gang on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Thirteenth Street ambition is to ioin the Air Force. CLIFFORD SANDERS llc HEI! Business Staff of Trireme played intramural basketball Mixed Chorus for I yr. and Boys' Chorus for 2 yrs. plans to at- tend Duquesne to study iournalism 31 ANDREW PYTEL nAndyn Veteran of Orchestra and Band 4 years .. . string and brass ensem- bles 2 years a dangerous man on the intramural court Editor- ial Staff of Trireme . .. ambition- Penn State. MARTHA REMIS "Marcie" Friendly girl with a pleasant smile ... plans to be a stenographer ... member of the Gregg Club ... dotes on writing shorthand. . .seen with Helen. RICHARD JAMES ROBERTS ubinou A 3 year letterman in football. .. Varsity basketball for 2 years voted best dancer ... Business Staff of Trireme . . . ambition is to be an accountant. MARIE RUSTON "Marie" A petite lass from Cadogan very friendly to all who know her ... Tri-Hi-Y ... Girls' Chorus ... advertising committee of Senior Play, . .often seen with Gloria and Peep. HARRY SCHAEFFER uHan,yu Quiet well-liked longs for the first day of hunting season . . . 'Favorite subiect, Woodshop . .. ambition is to work in steel mills. ROBERTA ELLEN SC HAFFER "Bertie" A pretty blonde, friend to all. .. enioys her bus rides to school Gregg Club Business Staff of Trireme ambition is to own a driver's license. JUNE SCHALL njuneu Very quiet girl .. . faithful mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y chaplain Sen- ior year Girls' Chorus 4 yrs. Library Club 2 yrs. always seen with Phyllis and Janet. DON SCOTT "Scottie" One of our class athletes played iunior varsity football for 2 yrs. varsity football 4 yrs. active in intramurals hob- by is boxing fdoes quite well, tool. RUTH A. R. SHEASLEY uRu'hu Member of the Library Club and Tri-Hi-Y for 3 yrs. Ticket Com- mittee for Junior play interg ested in girls' intramurals Busi- ness Staff, Trireme. HENRY ALLEN SHEVCHUK "Russian" Hails from Cadogan wants to be an airplane mechanic...can be seen driving his sister's gray Packard belongs to the rifle club. 32 GEORGE O. SCHALL "Georgie" Lives near Crooked Creek Dam good friend to have .. . plans to be a farmer played intra- mural basketball 3 yrs. on baseball team for 4 yrs. CAROLYN C. SCHRECENGOST "Carolyn" Friendly, quiet girl from 309 often seen with Joyce one of our engaged girls rides bus from Ford Clilf every morning Girls' Chorus sophomore year. KENNETH SHAFFER "Kenny" A loyal member of the band and orchestra 4 yrs.. . .one of the "Hun- gry Five" baseball 3 yrs. Jr. V. Basketball 2 yrs. GAIL SHERRY uGaiIu A pert, blue-eyed blonde from Cadogon one of our engaged girls faithful Gregg Club mem- ber future housewife .. . one of the ten. DONALD SIMMONS uKingu Hails from Crooked Creek rather quiet till you know him seen with Bob, Ray, and Jerry ambition to visit Hawaii likes hunting and golfing. CHARLES SITCH "Chuck" Member of the Band and Orches- tra for 2 years Varsity basket- ball ... Treasurer of Student Coun- cil. , .usually seen with Herk, Hank, and Paul. JANET SMITH "Janet" Comes to us from Worthington her Junior year-our gain, their loss Recording Secretary for Gregg Club Glass-Ip Business Manager Business Staff of Tri- I'eYT1e. JOANNE SMITHE njou A friend to everyone iust manages to make it to school on time. . . voted most personality. . . enioys writing letters wants to go to Detroit. ROBERT STEWART "Stue" Active in basketball 4 years and football 4 years voted most popular . . . one of the Chautauqua boys. . .plans to attend Penn State to study Forestry. MARION STIVASON nsnvyu A cute little blond with rosy cheeks maiorette for 3 years ...participates in Girls Intramurals Library Club Varsity Cho- rus for 3 years. JOHN SLAGLE ubizzn Faithful member of Band, Or- chestra and Sax Quartet for 4 years member of Boys' Chorus played intramural basketball 4 years J. V. Football favor- ite song, "Patricia". wiLuAM smm-I "smarty" Hails from Skinall ... one of our cut-ups played Junior Varsity 2 years Varsity Football I year enioys wood shop pals with Dean and Gene. ESTHER SMULIK "Esther" Member of Gregg Club ... Busi- ness Staff of Trireme. . .pretty head cheerleader . . . known for her in- decision .. . usually seen at the Hollo . . . one of the ten. HERBERT STITT uHerbu Had honor of being the tirst sec- retary of the Student Council president of Magic Chefs . .. Edi- torial Staff, Trireme hopes to own a farm. SHIRLEY SWAST "ShirI" Pledged 3 years to the Tri-Hi-Y supported alto section of Girls Chorus for 2 yrs. a cute red- head . .. has a friendly smile for everyone. 33 ELSIE MAE THOMPSON HEI11 Member of band and orchestra 3 years ... played hit-pin baseball in girls' intramurals iust loves to talk and be happy likes to drive the Packard. HELEN LOUISE TIHANOVICH "Helen" Nice girl to know business staff of Trireme ticket com- mittee tor Sr. play .. . always seen with Marcie and Loretta. HELEN JOANNE TOUSSAINT npinkyn Ambition to be a commercial artist favorite pastime, art work Jr. class treasurer played in girls' intramurals Gregg Club business manager of Trireme. BERNARD VALEK nsenu Played intramural basketball 4 years a Magic Chef nice person to know always has a comment 'for everything that is said another Willie Hoppe, ELIZABETH MARIE WALVBERT uBeHyu One of our petite girls ... mem- ber ot Tri-Hi-Y for 2 years ... Girls' Chorus I year was "Amy" in Senior ,play ... business stat? of Trireme. ' 34 GLEN THORNBURG "Frenchie" Class president Jr. and Sr. years orchestra and band 4 years "Hungry Five" male lead in Jr. and Sr. plays keen sense of humor friend of all. ELIZABETH TIRA "Betty" Enjoyed playing clarinet for 3 years in band and orchestra rides bus from Bethel Township . .. Gregg Club sweet and petite. DOROTHY ULISKY uDo,u Vice-president of the Gregg Club . . . girls' basketball and volleyball intramurals would like to be a secretary known for shining brown hair, sparkling eyes, sweet smile. JOSEPHINE VISNOVSKY "Josie" Girls' Chorus 2 years. . .business staff Trireme . . . very friendly girl full of pep and vitality wants to learn to drive a black Ford. PHYLLIS WALKER "Fizzle" Has a peaches and cream com- plexion Parliamentarian of Gregg Club active in all girls' intramurals very neat and effi- cient likes the Navy. W. ALLEN WELCH "Digger" In Orchestra 'For 2 yrs. and Band 4 yrs. member of Sax Quartet played in Intramural basketball for 2 yrs. trying to find a short cut to Indianapolis. JOE WILSON nJoeu A friendly fellow with a nice per- sonality ambition is to make money Mixed and Boys' Cho- ruses 3 yrs. editorial staff of Trireme. PATRICIA WISER uPa'n Very attractive brunette en- vied for her naturally curly hair neat dresser spends her spare time eating and talking to Norma. ALBERTA JOHNS ZABLOCKI "Bertie" One of our "quiet" gals 'For- ever going on diets has beauti- ful black wavy hair Gregg Club and Library Club ... capable President of the Tri-Hi-Y .. . Edi- torial staff of Trireme. BEVERLEY A. WHITE nsevu One of our energetic cheerlead- ers member of Junior and Sen- ior girls ensemble Girls' and Mixed Chorus 3 yrs. editorial staFf of Trireme personality plus. ROBERT WINGARD "Wingie" Played tackle position on foot- ball team, Junior and Senior Var- sity for 4 yrs. favorite pastime is eating often seen at Wrays . .. nice person to know. JAMES WOODSIDE lllimir Quiet lad ambition is to be a mechanic .. . likes to see Novem- ber 'I come swings a mean hammer in woodwork usually seen near 313. THOMAS ZANOLI ' "Tombo" Popular lad from 309 . . . activs in intramurals for 4 years has a mischievous gleam in his eyes enioys driving l?J a car ambition is to ioin the Navy. MOST POPULAR Joyce Luchesa Robert Stewart MOST ATTRACTIVE Bernadette Beno Frank Halas MOST TALENTED Rosemarie Kamas Raymond Miller MOST ATHLETIC Helen Catlos Richard Rovnyak J I I MOST PERSONALITY Joanne Smith Sandy Bryant MOST LEADERSHIP Beverly Cochran Charles Sitch BEST DANCERS Harriet Bowser James Roberts MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST HUMOROUS Catherine Christ John Myschisin Sally Irwin Joseph Hornyak MOST INTELLECTUAL Catherine Meinz Andrew Pytel I gm war MARILEN BOWSER leaves her band uniform to the next person who is chosen "to pound" the bells. JACKIE RITCHEY wills her frequent troubles to her aunt, Luby. ALICE HARTMAN wills her driver's license to Nora Jo Holland. JOHN MYSCHISIN wills his girl troubles to Jerry Kunst. ARLEEN KANE wills her driving ability to Dee G. MARION LYSAKOWSKI leaves his 8:29 dash to Beon, Neutz, and Stan. JOHN EWING leaves his cooking ability to all the girls. SYLVIA PELLA wills her shorthand pen and play books to fu- ture seniors. GEORGE SCHALL wills his privately owned Crooked Creek Dam to Phil Busch for skating. NANCY EVERETT is leaving ..... at Iastllll BOB FICHTHORN leaves his cooking ability to Roy Long. JUNE SCHALL wills all her worries to her sister, Maxine. BOB STEWART leaves the presidency of the "SeIects" to "Hoss" Ollinger. PAT WISER is iust glad to be leaving. BETTY MARKBY wills her worn out typing eraser to her sister, Florence. ELSIE THOMPSON wills her back seat on the bus to Paul Viras- teck. ANN EAKINS bequeaths the Kittanning road to Judy Rupert. RICHARD GARDNER wills his book "How to Drive Teachers Crazy in Ten Easy Lessons" to Pete Piper. MARIAN STIVASON wills her giggle to Pat Hulings and takes all memories of F. C. H. S. with her. ESTHER KARL wills her French Horn to Butch. KLING-E leaves his tackling ability to Kenny Bryant. BETTY WALBERT wills her phrase "all Nervoused up" to Mr. Wall. BILL SMITH wills his ability to loaf to anyone lazy enough to use it. MARY ELLEN HULINGS wills her letter writing to Lucinda. ADELE KARL AND SHIRLEY SWAST will their ability to get to school at 8:29V2 to anyone who thinks he can do it. MARY ANN GUTHRIE wills her worn-out shoes from Shay to Louise Rupert. JEANIE KRIZMAN wills her cornet in the band and orchestra to Sally Kamer. HARRIET CASSEL leaves her seat in Spanish class to Elnora Booth. RUTH SHEASLEY bequeaths her ability to get up at 6 o'clock every morning to anyone healthy enough to take it. ESTHER SMULIK wills all her troubles to anyone who thinks he can handle them, SALLY DILL wills her contralto voice to anyone who can reach that low. DORIS McGUIRE wills her seat on the Ford Cliff bus to anyone lucky enough to get it. JIM BYRON wills his job as a manager to anyone who eats Wheaties--you'II need them. WILLIAM MORDA wills his height to anyone big enough to take it. BERNICE MANSFIELD wills her seat on the Burrell bus to her sister, Donna. MARCIE REMIS wills all her pleasant memories at F. C. H. S. to the on-coming Remises. BEN VALEK wills the Magic Chefs to any boy who .thinks he has a cast iron stomach. CLIFF SANDERS wills next year's trip to Swissvale to Huckle, Hozo, and Jackie. SPIN ARNOLD wills his ability to sing and dance to Richard Hudek. BETTS NOVAK leaves her cough to anyone with the ambition to catch it. ROBERTA SCHAFFER and JUNE CUNNINGHAM will their ability to take showers without getting wet to Lillian Plazak and Janet Yount. THE ANGEL FAMILY OF 303-Grandpa-Glen Thornburg, Dad -Dick Gardner, Mom-Betty Novak, Son-Ron Klingen- smith, Daughter-Beverley White leave Miss Ward with a quiet home room next year. FRANK ARNOLD wills his good times in Chorus to John "Scoot- er" Russo. JOE WILCOX wills his slow driving to anyone who needs a pastime. NORMA CANIL wills her weakness for sailors to anyone shrewd enough to get them. JIM CLARK wills his high ability in Solid to his sister, Marlene. JOE GREGORY leaves everything to Ken and Buck. CHUCK SITCH wills his 8:29 clash to anyone with long legs. DOROTHY CHURCHILL wills the Navy to anyone who likes to write letters. PAUL HASSA leaves the gym to Joe Frick. BETTY TIRA wills all her Leechburg troubles to anyone brave enough to worry about them. JUNE BAKER wills her Physics book and all the experiments to anyone who can do them. FRANK SCHAFFER leaves his long walk from the lower end to Petey and Thirby. HELEN TIHANOVICH leaves her Junior and Senior high school days to her sister, Dolores. JOHN SLAGLE wills his broken sax reed to Sherwood Meades. ALLEN WELCH leaves his seat on the band bus to anyone who has a girl on the same bus. ROSEMARIE KAMAS wills her dancing and singing ability to whoever likes work! HELEN CATLOS wills her athletic ability to her sister, Ann. BETTY KIJOWSKI wills her ability to play football to Tank Boarts IPep Meetingl. MARGARET BAILLIE wills Marlene Skukalek the gang's long walk home. BEVERLY COCHRAN wills her band trousers to anyone with a sturdy belt to hold them up! CAROLYN SCHRECENGOST wills all the Home Ec classes to Shirley, hoping she can learn to knit better. JOANNE TOUSSAINT wills all her pleasant memories from F. C. H. S. to Jerry, Judy, Joanne and Pat. JOE HORNYAK wills his broken home room seat in 309 to any- one who wants to fix it. . TOM ZANOLI iust leaves. GLORIA FAIR wills her maiorette uniform to Gloria Righi. JIM W. wills his seat on the Burrell Township bus to Shirley S. JENNIE LEE MORGAN leaves her seat in P. O. D. to Janice Roberts. JUNE CUNNINGHAM wills her "too tight" gym suit to Zoe Ann Hazlett. AL CALLAHAN returns his place at the microphone to Mr. Miller. LARRY HUFHAND leaves his art talent to Miss Portz. BETTY BOWSER leaves .... taking all her memories with her. SHIRLEY CRAMER wills her skeleton to Mr. Simmons. CATHERINE CHRIST wills her quietness to Joanne Frerotte. ETHEL GUTHRIE leaves her seat on the bus to a certain fresh- man boy. JOSEPHINE VISNOVSKY wills her brother, Joe, a losing Kit- tanning football team. MARY ANN BARTOLOVIC wills her parking space in school to whoever gets it. VIVIAN ASAY wills her frequent heart troubles to Jane Bowser. SALLY IRWIN wills five subiects and all extra-curricular activi- ties to anyone willing to take them. BETTY JANE RALKO wills her seat in Home Ec to Mimi. BARBARA HILEMAN wills her muddy walks to school to Evelyn Shiring. BERNICE KLINGENSMITH leaves those noon disagreements on the Ford Cliff bus to Sharon Crusan. PEGGY "PRECIOUS" wills her place in Mixed Chorus to any soprano with the lungs to take care of it. FRANK HALAS wills his daily walks to and from school to Joe Vasek and Rich Hudek. ' ,7!l0LQI'l'I,Q, fnwzf, at Wif i 5 z.: 5. l ' .f g it is K ffif E l ii , ce, ,K A ,. S it 5 . , e Q ,sa . 5 5,5 K : 2,5 , I-,wwf ' , :J its 'K . 53223 Front Row-Kathleen Shaffer, seventh grade, Doris Hegelfinger, freshman. Bock Row4Gail Rosenber- ger, sophomore, Jacqueline Ritchey, senior, Reggy Procious, Miss Trireme, Luby Kotyk, junior, Paula Jo Painter, eighth grade. The title of "Miss Trireme of 1953" was be- stowed upon Peggy Procious following a special assembly which was presented as a combined beauty show and talent contest. The Trireme Business Stat? produced the show as a part of their sales campaign. The purchasers of the first six hundred copies of the Trireme were entitled to vote for Miss Trireme and her court. One girl was selected from each class to serve as attend- ant. Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth grade attend- ants were chosen by the Junior High students and Sophomore, Junior and Senior attendants were selected by the Senior High student body. Miss Lina DeHout, Business Manager of the Trireme, directed the program, Al Callahan was Master of Ceremonies, and Mrs. Esther Burton, the accompanist. CAROL REITLER lUBY KITYK Eighth Grade Junior PEGGY PROCIOUS PAULA JO PAINTER Senior and CAROL REITLER Eighth Grade I 3-,Sw , ff, H? ,ww - 1 CS,wuhq, jmiivaL 7952 I Z HMA, Klum, 5,0 I and Ufgicmm. Front Row-M, Waugaman, S. Schafter, R. Salankiewicz, P. Liberto. Buck Row-Mr. Wall, Miss Schubert, Mr, Gregory, Miss Steiner, Miss Shrensky. One more year and we will be Seniors! Let us-look back at all the things we have accom- plished this year. We sponsored the annual Vic- tory Dance. Everyone there had a wonderful time. As a class project candy bars, potato chips, and gum were sold at all home basketball games. Remember the Junior Play? It was sensational! The year was brought to a fitting climax with the Junior-Senior Prom. The pleasant memories of our Junior year will never be forgotten. Front Row-M. Waugaman, N. Holland, P. Liberto, V. Aites, J. McKernan, J. Swartzlander. Second Row-Miss Steiner, S. King, A. Yassem, l.. Rupert, G. Rich, G. Early, M. Skukalek, J. Morda, J. Gainor. Third Row-E. Mechling, R. Filson, P. Hazen, M. Bloom, R. Baker, E. Hileman, B. Crawford, G. Waugaman. Back Row-L. Petrovsky, B. Shumaker, L. Pendleton, L. Sanoba, P. Bozzo, G. Nameche, K. Klingensmith, F. Booth. Front Row: L. Kotyk, D. Miller, I. Bowser, C. Sanoba, H. Smith, S. Swett, R, Edwards, D. Allenworth. Second Row: Mr. Gregory, A Liperote, N. Myers, B. Heasley, J. Riggle, D. Green, C. Horan, M. Pacuch, S. Wess. Third Row: W. Baker, E. Smeltzer, R, Mohr, W Hileman, R. Ewing, J. Davis, H. Schaeffer. Back Row: R. Grabiec, S. Kovach, M. Wheeler, R, Neutrelle, J. Petrovsky, R. Booth, R Crytzer. Front Row: I. Younf, P. Hulings, M. Szymanski, L. Heasley, S. Myers, P. Paup. Second Row: Mr. Wall, J. Hrabovsky, C. Greene, S. Schaffer, A. Westwood, D, Cowan, C. Bailey, J. Lefever. Third Row: L. Davis, J. Monroe, N. Wilsoncrofl, P. Smith, R. Milligan, S. Evans, N. Rodgers, J. Martin. Back Row: R. Graden, M. Barger, S. Schaffer, J. Kunst, C. Bowers, J. Ollinger, B. Fair, H. Pierce. 41 Front Row: M. Reole, B. Crissmon, R. Beck, R. Milfz, M. White, J. Kiiowski, T. Bowser, L. Lessire. Second Row: Miss Shubert, B. Fuler- ion, C. Dunn, H. Woyton, D, Robinson, B. Onofrey, J. Siiif, L. Volesok. Third Row: N. Fuller, B, Zonefii, J. Schmous, M. Molfivo, L. Novak, E. Rovnyolk, S. Hilemoln, B. Gregory. Back Row: B. Lysokowski, A. Myers, E. Biconovski, H. Hawk, J. Koholi, l.. Schrecengosf, R. Thomoswick. Front Row: V. Relich, J. Nycz, D. Heilmon, J. Vorgo, E. Shiring, C. Fulfon. Second Row: Miss Shrensky, B. McKoin, B. Rummel, S. Wyonf, J, Groves, N. Stump, R. Blondeoux. Third Row: l. Zion, S. Dillord, G. Morkilinski, F. Pcxvlik, B. Herbst, J. Levcik, D. King. Buck Row: B. Solonkiewicz, J. Wycm1,A R. Boorfs, D. Scoff, B. Myers, N. Geiger, B. Kommerdiener, B. Elwood. 42 it 1 " ff- 1 gms Ugficvm, wr jp Front Row-L. Micheaux, J. Herbst, C. Lunz. Back Row-Mr. Simmons, Mrs. Brodhead, Mrs. Aubrey, Mrs. Cogley, Mrs. Longwell, Miss Strittmatter, Mr. Thompson. Not present when picture was taken: Mr. Adams. Minus some of our Freshmen shyness, we began with great expectation our first year of Senior High School. We undertook and carried through several successful plans for fund raising activities. At the conclusion of our Sophomore year, we had an exciting day amid the thrills of Kennywood Park. We are eagerly looking forward to our next two years in school. Svpfw 6 lam, 43 V 7 i Front Row: J. Sicr, E. Hagof sky, M. Ruston, J. Bowser, R. Hilty, L. Livengood, L. Coulter. Second Row: Mrs. Brodhead H Ki'owski M Retzer P . I , . f - Wright, B. Miller, M. Zermcne, P. Tornek. Third Row: G. Bow ser, P. Virostek, J. Zoboron, C Sirwell, J. Pechcm, B. Hogof sky, K. Wray. Buck Row: J Law, G. Rosenberger, J. Ca pizzi, B. Juworski, R. Stitt, L Michcux, J. Toussuint. Front Row: D. Jogemun, M. Andrea, C. Beck, M. Dinus, M. Scholl, M. Buyers, M. Klingen- smith. Second Row: M. Thomp- son, J. Roberts, J. Peters, M. Hanner, M. Krissrnon, L. Gor- mong, M. Husscl, B. Slobon Third Row: P. Mansfield J Wuine, D. Davies, F. Delp,' M: Webster, R. Miller, B. Trout- mon, J. McCarthy, C. Clever. Back Row: J. Fichthorn, B Rupp, R. Long, R. Smith, H Piper, W. Stivclson, H. Kline, J. Herbst. Front Row: L. Plozak, S. Gib- son, N. Wilson, M. Hulings, M Solverio, S. Duff, G. Righi Second Row: Mr. Simmons, S Simmons, G. Kunst, J. Schiff- gens, E. Corberry, S. Kamer, R. Stotler. Third Row: K. Hol- izno, S. Birch, Z. Hozlett, K Lunz, P. Goinor, F. McGuire E. White. Back Row: J. Russo R. Vunderkclll, J. Numcche, J Clever, A. Lux, P. Krukor, G Snyder. 'E 1 Svphv 44 -ivlffw 45 Front Row: B. Kiene, J. Reich, C. Ford, M. Clark, E. Stivenson, M. Hilliard, P. Wright. Second Row: Mrs. Cogley, A. Zanoli, R. Laughner, E, Booth, M. La- butka, N. Sheldon, M. Meinz, B. Greer. Third Row: L. Cook, D. Stitt, K. Blondenux, T. Rish- er, T. Sherry, E. Zanetti, J. Ru- pert, G. Eck. Buck Row: S. Grafton, D. Matthews, K. Mech- ling, W. Jackson, W. Verschur- enk P. Szalankiewicz, L. Ore- slc . Front Row: D. Luchesa, B. Crossmnn, S. Silvas, A. Klin- gensmith, P. Zerney, A. Butko, J. Miller, A. Vargo. Second Row: Miss Stritmatter, E. Bau- win, R. Petrus, R. Aites, F. Tregaskes, W. Stitt, J. Libertc, M. Rice, Mr. Adams. Third Row: J. Ciccone, R. Toy, M. Miller, D. Anderson, J. Heil- man, F. Burger, M. Walker, W. Fennel. Fourth Row: C. Fulton, M. Garberino, D. Hornyak, C. Ryan, B. Halas, J. Toderoli, R. Pendelton, D. Wynkoop, L. Schaeffer. Back Row: E. Kiiow- ski, B, Brown, J. Angler, R. McAllister, D. Deaderick, E. Slovinski, K. Bryant, W. Roof- ner, E. Brightmeyer. Front Row: D. Kammerdiener, M. Ferguson, S. Cowley, A. Blondeaux, B. Hileman, S. Roudybush. Second Row: Mrs Aubrey, J. Kunst, D. Recny, M. McGregor, A. Seniow, V. Sourt, B. Wray, A. Grafton Third Row: J. Shaffer, J. Vasek R. Kudelka, J. Hromadik, K Yodushock, K. Eck, J. Augus- tine, D. Neer. Back Row: A. Stepp, R. Busch, E. Wolfe, S. Meades, D. Stuben, C. Gold- inger, J. Dogley, D. Martinez. 1 Clam, IL Home Room Chairmen and Sponsors Front Row-C. Rosenberger, B. Ware, M. Yassem, C. Coulter, J, Bargerstock, E. Szul. Second Row-Mr Wilson, Mr. Black, E. Meleason, Miss Ekis, B. Emmonds, Miss Weaver, Miss Portz, R. Hudek, S. Ford, Mrs Muller, Mr. Davis, Mr. Buyers. Freshmen at last! lt was the first year at Ford City High for many of us. We learned the intricacies of high school schedules and various permits. We had fun meeting new students and making friends at the tea dances. Yes, too, there was that happy day when we attended our first real prom. All this was fittingly concluded with the Ninth Grade Commencement in June. 46 ,hs Front Row: J. Buhite, G. Bow- ser, E. Bowser, J. Bczars, K. Cowley. Second Row: Miss Portz, J. Brondeburg, G. Bow- ser, J. Blondeoux, E. Boqus- lowski, J. Borgerstock, R. Bowser. Third Row: D. Ber- dell, R. Cechvala, R. Beck, A. Boquslawski, A. Booth, R. Byron. Bock Row: C. Bryon, B. Bernot, B. Coldwell, R. Bur- dette, A. Biconovsky, D. Chou- vaux. Absent when picture was taken: J. Brown. Front Row: D. Holland, M. Gallo, J. Erkens, R. Fuksa, S. Ford, J. Euchler. Second Row: Mr. Davis, S. Emmonds, D. Heffeltinger, P. Eck, A. Har- riger, C, Fox, M, Erkens, W. Hilemon. Third Row: G. Green, N. Henderson, S. Edinger, E. Heasley, R. Haponsky, P. Graff, J. Duris, L. Gladys. Back Row: J. Feldman, J. Hopper, N. Goodyear, J. Fichthorn, J. Hile- man, R. Henry, D. Honsotte, M. Gowetski. Absent when pictu'e was taken: F. Harkleroad, E. Horkleroad. Front Row: D. Crytzer, M. Delo, C. Coulter, D. Cobbett, C. EI- woocl, T. Eakins, W. Cook. Second Row: Mr. Black, J. Dunmire, G. Corbett, J. Clever, J. Dunmire, M. Delp, C. Cook Third Row: C. Dinus, O. Dil lord, S. Cricks, J. Cowan, E. Dunmire, C. Donhof, D. Chor- vat. Buck Row: E. Cousins, M. Cooper, J. Cousins, D. Coul- ter, R. Drogon, J. Dowling, W Emmoncls. Front Row: L. Ritchey, M. Rus- ton, P. Ritchey, S. Perpich, M. MiIIiron, B. Ransom, C. Poup. Second Row: Miss Weaver, R. Schnitzler, R. Remis, M. Mar- usco, J. Peltz, M. Monroe, R. Peppler, T. Shiffgens. Third Row: J. Rice, R. Rugh, W. Reorick, E. Moore, A. Posuch, C. Rosenberger, J. Robinson, J Scripps. Buck Row: L. Ruff- clner, R. Schrecengost, R. Say. D. Rupert, M. Pfeil, T. Rum- barger, J. Rovnyuk. Front Row: E. Paul, F. Liperote, B. Parisi, C. King, N. Mikulo, V. Kiingensmith, J. London, E. Meloson. Second Row: Mr. Buyers, P. McGuire, F. Muz- urek. G. Morrison. H. Myers, S. Peters, D. Lingenfelter, D. Klingensmith. Third Row: L. Kline, D. McEIfrosh, A. King, M. Miller, M. Mozurek, E. Kunkle, F. Morkby, L. Klingen- smith. Buck Row: R. Liven- good, J. Littek, T. Lonburger, R. Livengood, P. Moore, A. PeIIo, J. Onofrey. Front Row: W. Klingensmith, P. Kovacik, M. Lczzoroff, J. Lettrik, A. H i I e m cx n, J. In- gram. Second Row: Miss Ekis, I. Herbst, M. Huston, H. Kane, I. Joworski, R. Iseman, M. Hutchison, L. Hynik. Third Row: A. Hilemun, S. Henry, B. Hepler, B. Kendra, R. Hudok, A. Husor, L. Kamos. Back Rowi R. Hilemcan, S. King, J. Klingen- smith, G. King, B. KneII, E. Huthond, G. Hockenberry. 3 Front Row: J. Szalankiewicz, L. Sherry, R. Solak, L. Schaeffer, H. Smeltzer, G. Smail, D. Spencer. Second Row Mrs. Muller, B. Smulik, L. Sperl, J. Stitt, A. Schmczus, M. Schmaus, M. Stolar, M. Scott. Third Row: J. Stewart W. Stewart, D. Shoop, C. Schaffer, G. Schrecengost, J. Shoemaker, S. Sirwell. Buck Row: W. Sweitzer, E. Szul L. Shedwick, F. Spachtholz, L. Smith, D. Smith, R. Skulundi. Front Row: J. Zonetti, M. Yassem, D. Yount, R. Walker, J. Yount, L. Zcahrodnik, J. Zion. Second Row: Mr. Wilson, F. Szybka, B. Vurgo, J. Younq, R. Toy, J. Toussoint, C. Tregaskes. Third Row: R. Wendell, W. Walker, S. Welch, J. Zahradnik, H. Utley, V. Zimmerman, J. Wright. Back Row: J. Valasek, R. Ware, H. Tenerowicz, S. Toy, J. Vczlek, C. Wolters, A. Zermone, G. Toy. Absent when picture was taken: J. Toy, H. Woodside. 49 Lglzih, Front Row: J. Kerr, R. Myers, E. Johnson, M. Livengood, P. Kiiowski, G. Klimkowicz, J. Manning, A. Kornasiewicz. Second Row: Miss Beckwith, M. McKee, R. Jageman, D. McCoIlough, H. Mansfield, J. Jackson, E. Malc. Third Row: C. Klingensmith, R. Klingensmilh, A. Johnson, R. Klingensmith, J. Kovclovsky, F, McGuire, G. Miller. Buck Row: S. Meades, S. King, T. Lasher, S. Kunkle, K. Mitchell, B. Good, M. Marsh. Fronl' Row: ' C. Say, P. Painfer, M. Sanoba, R. Ricketts, B. Nall, W. Solsgiver, O. Pore, C. Poop. Second Row: Mr Caruso, H. Rupert, R. Schaffhauser, T. Rosenberger, L. Neer, M, Reiller, B. Meyers, C. Round. Third Row: J. Reitler R. Neurrelle, R. Pytel, J. Scholl, N. Schaefer, M. Schiffgens, F. Feliz, B. Novak. Back Row: P. Miller, E. Schultz D. Rosenberger, K. Pore, S. Owen, J. Roudybush, F. Perl, C. Rosenberger. 50 Front Row: P. Baillie, N, Em- manuel, C. Ellenberger, G. Bon- ner, M, Anderson, G. Bennett. Second Row: Miss McCoy, C. Baroerstook, M. Anthony, W. Crytzer, D. Baker, M. Bowser, N. Anderson, J. Bowser. Third Row: J. Bonnetf, R. Buyers, M. Beere, L. Barr, D. Cogley, J. Folone, H. Allensworth, J. Baker. Buck Row: C, Cald- well, B. Barr, A. Catlos, T. Bruner, E. Barr, D. Cook, J. Cogley, P. Birch. Front Row: D. Smeltzer, K. Thompson, J. Slagle, C. Toy, S. Seniow, R. Stepp, J. Waugu- man. Second Row: Mrs. McMillan, J. Shakley, R. Sim- mons, C. Stitt, S. Stitt, M. Ware, N. Wolfe, C. Zinn. Third Row: R. VidanoFf, K. Vause, D. Smith, C. Siivclson, P. Szul, M. Walker, C. Walker. Back Row: D. Swartz, G. Stump, W. Westwood, D. Stivason, B. Wolverton, M. Wiser, A. Shorts, J. Swartz. Front Row: R. Ingram, P. Hart- man, F. Garmong, B. Fuller- ton, B. Cunningham, P. Dosch, D. Davis, S. Crusan. Second Row: Mrs. Tylinski, K. Crue san, R. Hutchison, J. Hnatiow, G. Hartman, T. Heilman, R. Heilman, R. Faykosh. Third Row: B. Galanis, D. Delonq, E. Fennell, E. Heasley, D. Greer, W. Giron, H. Guthrie, J. Heckman. Buck Row: B. Gibson, E. Fennell, J. Fox, B. Heilman, M. Hnatiow, H. Grinder, R. Gearharf, J. Dun- mire. ,Slwznih Front Row: J. Boarts, J. Forester, R. Bailey, R. Burolette, P. Cunningham, F. Davis, C. Barger, A. Crytzer. Second Row: Mrs. Scholl, M. Asciy, D. Borto, J. Bloom, G. Emanuel, K. Beck, N. Emmonds, W. Anchondo, D. Bowser. Third Row: D. Cloak, D. Cowan, A. Blystone, W. Carberry, E. Bryant, D. Buffone, P. Allensworth, D. Burger. Back Row: J. Buriak, J. Asoy, J. Bowser, S. Fickes, J. Boarts, C. Butz, A. Boarts, C. Brown. Front Row: W. Hilty, S. Reefer, E, Noullet, M. Plants, S. Riffer, R. Heilman, B. Miller. Second Row: Mr. Shakley E. Lozaroff, J. Kerr, G. Lysakowski, D. Klingensmith, J. Minteer, C, Laughner, G. McGuire. Third Row: R. Lloyd R. Klingensmith, G. Hilty ,C. Knepshield, J. Leitch, S. Mclunkin, B. Linclfors. Bock Row: D. Johns, J. Helfferick l. King, W. Kramer, W. Hollobuugh, J. Howlett, R. King. 52 .iwmfhy 53 Front Row: J. Dickey, M. Davis, N, Goldinger, J. Grind- er, J. Crawford, R. Emrnonds, G. Ferguson. Second Row: Mrs. Myers, H. Heasley, I. Johnson, S. Heilman, W. Cunningham, P. Klimkowicz, L. Culp, R. Greer. Third Row: S. Klingen- smith, P. Glesk, B. Fiscus, N. Hromadik, N. Guthrie, J. Klin- gensmith, M. Griffin. Back Row: C. Gibson, E. Fichthorn, M. Guthrie, A. Harris, N. Ed- wards, D. Croyle, R. Grantz. Front Row: W. Pacuch, H. Reitler, R. Sanoba, D. Robin- son, J. Portertield, J. Ricket, W. Ruffner. Second Row: Miss Rhines, C. Petrus, H. Rumbar- ger, M. McKelvey, R. Petrus, W. Pendleton, G. Ruffaner. Third Row: R. Robinson, J. Mathers, E. Reitler, M. Rosen- berger, B. Repak, l. Schull, N. Riggle. Back Row: K. Scholl, J. Rice, J. Salankiewicz, L. Myers, K. Mitchell, D. Riggle, C. Sanders, M. Roush. Front Row: S. Schrecengost, E. Treece, P. South, M. Smith, L. Woodside, M. Turko, l.. Stitt. Second Row: Miss Eakins, J. Yount, K. ShaHer, S. Wilson, B. Wade, G. Smail, F. Wood- side. Third Row: R. Yount, S. Steiner, J. Wyant, R. Wuyunt, T. Zablocki, T. Stitt, J. Wyn- koop. Buck Row: J. Wingate, W. Stump, D. Stivuson, T. Wolters, W. Shaffer, T. Rupp, L. Rybarick. FE3F1'l,E-135 .fb 1. "Good skating, boys." . . . 2. F. C. representatives attending State Student Council meeting at Forty Fort. . . . 3. Smile at the birdie.. . . . 4. Usherettes at open house. . . . 5. May I have this dance? . . . 6.Surprise! . . . 7. Pert Peg. . . . 8. "The pause that refreshes." . . . 9. Yea team! Hit them hard. . , . 10. Swing your partner, . . . 11. Just leave it on for tomorrow night. 54 FROST IPLING X N Uf,J2?b,XX W 195 CUM C753 f... QV. 6. i ww , X f QWXXNXNW wx MENCEMENT Q N Y, - S, 'L ' M 4W WWW f7En2Qg4Nygkf'l f I ' - lfq f ana na ll! I 1 X I' Q 4 0 'Q " 9 0. I - 4' .O 'llclll Y 4 0 9 1 0 P ' Q 1' M ! 0' Den! 'Q 6 fa' O", V" 4 A o I .Q ., I s.,o' 01 ' " ' MH 5 . The trumpets blare a fanfare, drums roll, and the band marches on to the field in a spec- tacular entrance. But behind this polished per- formance, there were many long hours of prac- tice. Under the capable direction of Miss Lola Bevington, the band performed at nine of our football games. Besides the football games, the band also made many other public appearances-the Labor Day Parade, two benefit football games, pep rallies, the Halloween Parade, and the Ar- mistice Day Parade. After football season, the band prepared for its annual Spring Concert and the approach- ing band festivals. Band At the end of the year, the graduating mem- bers of the band were presented with sweaters by the Band Boosters Club in recognition of par- ticipation in the band. The Band Officers for 1952-T953 were: President .. ...,......,.,..., Albert Callahan Vice President .,.. Richard Gardner Secretary ..,..,. ..............., D oris Marks Assistant Secretary .,.. Betty Markby Treasurer .,...,,........ ...,., A ndy Pytel Librarians .,.,. ...,. A llan Welch Harry Piper Sherwood Meades Front Row: M. A. Szymanski, R. Edwards, I. Herbst, J. Barrs, P. Liberto, P. J. Painter. Second Row: Miss Bevington, P. Procious, B. A. Salankiewicz, A. Novak, H. Myers, C. Stivason, C. Ford, E. Carberry, A. Eakins, J. Rupert, S. Owens, R. Gardner, H. Piper, G. Rosenberger. Third Row: G. Fair, S, Mohr, A. Kornasiewicz, E. Meleason, F. Markby, B. Markby, N. Fuller, S. Wyant, B. Greer, J. Shiffgens, E. M. Thompson, B. Tira. Fourth Row: E. Malc, A. Booth, J. Grove, G. Waugaman, H. Woyton, M. Meinz, M. Krizman, B. Caldwell, A. Pytel. Back Row: B. Cochran, A. Myers, A. Callahan, D. Hansotte, D. Spencer, B. Rupp. J f ' , .agancl You would go To Missouri! Glenn Thornburg Front Row: P. J. Pointer, J. Nycz, C. Coulter, B. Ransom, L. Kolyk, R, Pendleton, J. Lazarofi, B. Bowser. Second Row: M. Bowser, R. Burdefle, J. Hopper, F. Shalifer, T. Risher, D. Still, E. Krizman, E. Hellman, B. Rummel, T. Dunmire, K. Lunz, V. Asay. Third Row: M. Hnaiiow, W. Jackson, W. Fennel, S. Heilrnan, G, Bowser, D. Berdell, D. Heliielfinger, S. Welch, C. Schaffer, G. Kunst, M. Stivason Fourfh Row: A. Welch, J. Slagle, S. Meades, J. Angher, D, McElfresh, G. Snyder, T. Lonberger, D. Marks, T. Eakins, K. Harosky Back Row: B. Liberio, l.. Kamas, E. Karl, B. Novak, J. Bowser, J. Siar. Y',Xfiv' X Qi". -.. if ,. - K 57 if 'Band Front Row: J. Boors, D. Heffelfinger, S. Welch, F. Markby, H, Myers, C. Stivoson, P. J. Painter, R, Greer, S. Cunningham. Second Row: M. Turko, C. Sanders, P. Glesk, C. Coldwell, J. Bocrts, D. McElfresh, T. Lonoberger, W. Hilemun. Third Row: M. Guthrie, J. Slcxgle, R. Hutchison. Bock Row: J. Bowser, M, Walker, D. Greer, J. Forster, J. Brcmdeburg, W. Emmonds, J. Porterfield, G. Bowser, D. Berdell, M. Hnotiow, T. Dunmire, M. Pert, R. Fullerton, D. Cloak, J. Bloom, B. Hilemon, T. Lasher, J. Kerr, A. Booth. Standing: L. Kcxmos, D. Hcnsotte, Miss Bevington, D. Bowser, W. Pendleton, W. Anchondo, C. Poup, P. Kiiowski, J. Wingate, J. Young, E. Molc, A. Korcznsiewicz, C. Butts, B. Coldwell. jfwfrzpaf, Quafriai jaxophvna Quafziai Left to right: G. Bowser, D. Burdell, W. Emmonds, Left' to right: J. Angher, S. Mendes, J. Slogle J. Brondeburg. A. Welch. 58 J 5Q1ub'LU Front Row: A. Pytel, J. Rupert, A. Eokins, M. Foreman. Second Row: S. Hiiemon, L. Petroovsky, B. Wray, J. Liberto. Third Row: S. Myers, E. Booth, S. Kumer, P. Hozen, C. Shiffgens, B, Greer, B. Tiro, E. M. Thompson, A. Myers, E. Karl, J. Bowser, J. Siur, E. Novak, A. Welch, J. Slogle. Bock Row: R. Beck, V. South, K. Wray, B. Rupp, C. Ford, E. Curberry, M. Bowser, S. Irwin, B. Kiene, D. Marks, E. Krizmon, T. Risher, G. Thornberg, G. Wciugomon, H. Woyton. Front Row: J. Reitler, B. Novak, M. Guthrie. Second Row: M. Front Row: H. Myers, C. Stivoson. Second Row: J. Bocirts, F Shiffgens, S. Mecides, E. Bowser, S. Welch. Third Row: C, Morkby, E. Melecison, C. Schaffer. Third Row: T. Dunmire, G Reitler, R. Buyers, R. Sonobo. Buck Row: M. Sonobu, P. J. Morrison, M. Turko, S. Sanders, J. M. Boors. Fourth Row: J Pointer, D. DeLong, B. Reoeick, D. Honsotte, B. Emmonds, J. Heilmon, M. Hnotiow, G. Bowser, A. Booth, D. McElfresh, T Brondeburg. Standing: Miss Bevington. Loncxberger, T. Ecxkins. Back Row: R. Wore, A. Kornusiewicz R. Lasher, B. Coldwell. Standing: J. Bowser, J. Hopper, R Burdette, J. Young. ' 0 6' Front Row: P. Proscious, S. Pella, R. Kamas, D. Churchill, S. lrwin,W. Jackson, D. Galanis, J. Ollinger, E. Nameche, B. White, B. Cochran, S, Dill, L. Novak, J. Levcik. Second Row: C. Beck, J. Reich, B. Halas, D, Recny, L. Plazak, S. Simmons, R. Onofrey, S. Meodes, J. Toussaint, W. Elwood, E. Becanovsky, S. Wess, J. Martin, D. Green, S. Schaeffer, A. Blondeaux. Third Row: M. Slaviero, A. M. Vargo, D. Hornyak, M. Labutka, M. Klingensmith, M. Skukalek, G. Early, R. Boarts, L. Petrovsky, J. Russo, W. Harriger, F. Arnold, M. K. Retzer, M. A. Andra, P. Wright, G. Righi, P. Liberto, M. A. Ruston. Back Row: K. Lunz, Z. A. Hazlett, G. Rosenberger, D. Luchesa, P. Mansfield, S. Myers, P. Hulings, J. Nycz, J. Goldinger, W. Livengood, J. Wilcox, L. Hufhand, D. Robinson, L. Michaux, J. Myschisin, S. Hileman, A. M. Butko, J. Todoroff, M, Hanner, D. Jageman, D. Davis. Unad, ' Another successful year of vocal music by the various groups under the able direction of Mr. Thompson was enioyed by everyone. These groups included the Varsity Mixed Chorus, the Boys' Chorus, the Girls' Chorus, and the Senior and Junior Ensembles. With all of these groups working separately and together, there was always "music in the air". In December, all voices were blended as once again the Christmas Story was related in song. Providing the background tor the Christ- mas program was a mural painted by the Art Club under the direction of Miss Portz. QQ The most active group in the vocal music department was the Varsity Mixed Chorus. All eighty-five members of this group worked to- ward the production of the operetta, "Fortune Teller". This depicted gypsy life in Livonia, a small European kingdom. In addition to this, the chorus sang in programs presented in other schools. Some of these were: Vandergritt, Kit- tanning, and Indiana. The following oFFicers presided last year: President . ..... ,. Raymond Miller Business Manager .... Peggy Proscious Librarian .. .,... ,. Beverly White 9,311.43 grim... Front Row-P. Procious, S. Pella, R. Kamcxs, D. Churchill, L. Plozok, S. Simmons, P. Hulings, K. Lunz, B. White, D. Hornyak, M. Slaverio, S Wess, S. Dill, A. Seniow, P. Mansfield, A, Blondeaux. Second Row-C. Beck, J. Reich, B. Halas, D. Recny, J. Roberts, Z, Hazlett, G. Rosenber ger, C. Sanoba, A. Vargo, M. Lclbutka, M. Retzer, M. Andre, J, Martin, S. Shaffer, J. Visnovsky, J. Schall. Third Row-S, Cramer, M, Pacuch, E. Shiring, B. McKain, B. Rummel, B. Herbst, H, Cyphers, J, Hufhand,M. Szymanski, R. Milz, S. Heilman, B. Gregory, A. Butko, J. Todorofif G. Righi, M. Ruston, M, Garvarino. Back Row-M. McKernan, C. Greene, J. Stitt, B. Mansfield, A. Karl, M. Hulings, M. Klingensmith, L Shaffer, A. Grafton, S. Roudybush, L, Vcllasek, M. Smith, J. Schmaus, M, Honner, D. Jageman, D. Davies, S. Cawley, D. Cowan. .S'flc left to Right-P. Precious, R. Kamas, B. White, D. Churchill, S. Irwin, A, Eakins, B. Cochran, S. Dill. Seated-M. Foreman, 61 STRINGS-Fronf Row: A. Pytel, J. Rupert, M. Foreman. Second Row: S. Hileman, L. Peirovsky, B. Wray J. Liberio. Third Row: S. Myers, E. Boofh, S. Kamer. Buck Row: R. Beck, V. Soufh, K. Wray, B. Rupp C, Ford, E. Carberry, S. Irwin, M. Bowser, D. Marks, Standing: Miss Bevington, A. Callahan, B. Kiene TRUMPET QUARTET-E. I'III'en'1an, F. Schaffer, T. RisI1er, E. Krizman. CLARINET QUARTET--C. Ford, E Carberry, B. Greer, J, SI1iHgens. JUNIOR ENSEMBLE-B, Herbsi, G. Early, J. Nycz, M. Skukalek, S Myers, L. Novak, J. Levcik, P. Hulings, P. Liberia. 62 canal Student Council Ofticers-left to Right--Gene Nameche, Vice-President, Mr. Wall, Sponsor, .lon Martin, Secretary, Raymond Miller, President, Charles Sitch, Treasurer. Our Student Council received its charter in 1949-1950. Every year it has made great strides, although this year has been its best. Think ot all the Student Council accomplishments. It approved the constitution of our clubs, provided noon recreation dances in the girl's gym, sponsored movies in the auditorium for those who ate lunch in the school building. Student government was promoted through election of the Student Council otticiers, class officers, and homeroom chairmen. These people strive to plan projects to make our school year more enjoyable. This year the Student Council undertook the great task of selling re- freshments at the home football games. Through the co-operation of the students and the faculty this proved to be a success. Four delegates were also sent to the Student Council State Convention which was held at Forty-Fort. No one can for- get the third annual "Snow Ball." It was the highlight ot the season. We watched the progress of the Student Council from the day of its installation to the present date. As this year is brought to a close, all will agree it has been a suc- cessful one tor the Student Council-our own governing body. 'ia Front Row-E. Bryant, T. Zablocki, J. Kerr, J, Waugamari, E. Meleason, S. Ford, R. Hudek, R. Neutrelle, G. Rosenberger, B. Galanis, N. Ander- son, W. Emmonds. Second Row-W. Ruffaner, J. Nameche, A. Butko, C, Sitch, G. Nameche, R, Miller, J. Martin, Mr. Wall, C. Meinz, D. Hettle- finger, M. Ruston. Buck Row-M. Yassem, J. Bargerstock, J. Vargo, J. Rice, P. Glush, M. Bowser, B. Salankiewicz, G. Thornburg, A. Pytel, B. Ware, S. Gowetski, L. Novak, C, Schrecengost, D. Green, G. Earley, P. Smith, C. Ford. 64 9, -fp. Glass-Ip-Stclff-Front Row-J. Siar, G, Nameche, G. Thornburg, A. Callahan, C. Meinz, M. Bloom, S. Wess, M. Smith, G, Rosenber- ger. Buck Row-Mrs. Muller, C. Rosenberger, C. Eck, J. Felton,J. Smith, A. Westwood, D. Luchesa, S. Heilman, M. J. White, J. Roberts, D. Churchill, J. Liberto, B. Harriger, J. Hopper. The Glass-lp, while retaining its old name, took on a new appearance and many stat? mem- bers this year. Changing from a mimeographed paper, the Glass-lp became a printed one pub- lished monthly. Subscription drives were held at the beginning of each semester to finance the cost of the editions. Added to the paper were pictures of teach- ers, students, and their activities, and current news and extra features. The staff, having been enlarged, was di- s vided into three main groups-editorial, busi- ness, and art staffs. The staffs met frequently to work out assignments and to prepare them for a monthly deadline. Certain members had spe- cific iobs while others helped in a variety of tasks, the editors supervising all work. Co-editors ..., .. Albert Callahan Cathryn Meinz Art editor ...,.,. ., , ,. Carl Eck Business Manager .. Janet Smith .,.............-, Glass-lp Officers and Sponsor-left to Right-G. Nameche, A. Callahan, C. Meinz, M. Bloom Mrs. Muller, S. Wess. GREGG CLUB-Front Row-G. Sherry, E. Smulik, R. Kamas, S. lrwin, M. Baillie, J. Cunningham, N. Everett, J. Toussaint, B. Tira. Second Row-P. Walker, J. Smith, S. Dill, S. Pella, N. Canil, D. Ulisky, B. Markby. Back Row-A. Johns, J. Luchesa, S. Mohr, A. Kane, D. Churchill, B. Cochran, M. A. Guthrie, A. Karl, E. Karl, E. Guthrie, R. Schaeffer, H. Catlos, V. Hilty, Miss Shubert, M. Remis. eo cp LIBRARY ASSISTANTS-Front Row-R. Simmons, M. Klingensmith, J. Buhite, J. Zanetti, S. Crusan, K. Crusan. Second Row- P. Doush, J. Hufhand, R. Kamas, J. Groves, G. Korbit, H. Cyphers, E. Hufhand, P. Smith, M. McGregor, R. Buyers. Back Row- B. Miller, M. Stiveson, A. Hartman, R. Sheasly, G. Rich, J. Brown, R. Heilman, M. Monroe, D. Green, S. Heilman, S. Meades, C. Rounds, N. Anderson, B, Galanis, R. Faykosh, P. Kiiowski, Miss Mitchell. JILL- '- The Tri-Hi-Y, one ofthe first clubs ofthe high school, is composed of sophomore, iunior, and senior girls. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Ethel Baker, the Tri-Hi-Y has been an active service club. ln place of the annual Christmas Party, the club donated money to the Salvation Army. The club also took part in the model U. N. Assem- bly at Harrisburg in March. Two delegates were chosen to attend through a competitive examina- tion. They were Mary Bloom and Bernice Klin- gensmith. Among the other activities were the presenting devotional exercises each Friday morning over the Public Address System and a bake sale. A mother and daughter banquet was held at the close of the year. The olificers of the club were: President ,.,,.. Alberta Johns Zablocki Secretary ..... ,.....,.. ,,.., R u th Edwards Treasurer . .. ., Shirley Bailey Sponsor .. ., . . Mrs. Ethel Baker Since the organization of the Gregg Club in l933, the obiective has remained constant under the capable direction of Miss Shubert. That is, to aid its members in preparing for their future business careers. At the bi-monthly meetings, formally con- ducted according to parliamentary procedure, in- formative talks were given by supervisors of the various places of employment in the Ford City area. The necessary requirements for securing efibfzafzy, What is an Oedagodium? Where will I find the Code of Hammurabi? Can you suggest an interesting non-fiction book? These are a few of the many questions presented daily to the library assistants. In addition to answering these queries, they slip, shelve, charge, and repair books, sign per- Klub positions were given by these guest speakers. The girls performed many clerical services for community organizations as well as typing and mimeographing for members of the faculty. The officers were: President ............ ....... S ylvia Pella Vice-President ......... .. Dorothy Ulisky Recording Secretary .,.. Janet Smith Corresponding Secretary ....,. Sally Dill Treasurer .,.,.,.......,.....,,.,. Norma Canil mits, write overdues, take circulation, and check mail. These girls give their time in order that the faculty and student body may be served more efficiently. Their helpful service is under the di- rection of Miss Mitchell, our librarian. TRI-HI-Y-Front Row-A. Johns, J. Ritchey, H, Kubatko, B. Kiiowski, J. L. Morgan, R. Kamas, R. Arco, B. Bowser, A. Hartman, N. Holland. Second Row-D. Luchesa, M. Schall, P. Buyers, S. Silvis, A. Klingensmith, B. Crissman, B. Crossman, D. Ulisky, S. Mohr, B. Tira, H. Catlos, J. Baker, E. Smulik, B. Klingensmith, Third Row-l. Bowser, M. Waugaman, D. Kommerdeiner, S. Irwin, N. Canil, M. Cechvala, E. Hagofsky, H. Smith, C. Fulton, M. Clark. Fourth Row-D. Allensworth, G. Rich, J. Peters, M. Zermane, J. Miller, B. Miller, M. Rice, H. Kiiowski, B. Rummel. Fifth Row-E. Guthrie, J. Schall, J. Todorolf, J. Stitt, L. Valasek, A. Yassem, J. Smith, S. Sweatt, S. Dillard, R. Edwards. Sixth Row-M. Bowser, A. Karl, S. Swast, R. Pendleton, K. Fulton, S. Evans, N. Rodgers, B. McKain, D. McGuire, M. Law. Bock Row-S. Bailey, N. Cooper, M, Bloom, S. Birch, S. Dill, L. Shaffer, Mrs. Baker, P. Hazen, M. Foreman, G. Fair. PM -Jffwl The Penn-Ford Junior Historians Club is a member of the Pennsylvania Federation of Jun- ior Historians. The purpose for this organization is to further the study of state and local history. The activities closely followed the purpose of the club. During the meetings as a group, they worked on a proiect concerned with the his- torical background of a particular area in this vicinity. Individual proiects relating to the his- tory of a member's township, church or a trail now a state highway were also undertaken by The district convention at Indiana was at- tended inthe Fall. At this time, Sonya Myers had the honor to be elected Vice-President of the Cen- tral Western District. The officers for this year were: President . ,.......,............. Alfred Myers Vice-President .,.,.,........., Bernard Rupp 2nd, Vice-President ..,... Lois Schaeffer Corr. Secretary ...,.,..., ..,.. J anet Grove Rec. Secretary .,...,.. Shirley Roudybush this group. Guest speakers were invited to the Treasurer ......... ,.,.,..... S onya Myers meetings. Chaplain ,,,., ..... S ally Hileman I . I Pw- This group met every other Thursday in Miss McCoy's room. This active organization, com- posed of interested Junior High School members, listened attentively to reports given by members or guest speakers on Pennsylvania personali- ties. Members were sent to the District meeting in Indiana where they presented a skit on the manu- facturing of glass. Representatives were also sent to the State Convention at Harrisburg. rot f.',IHI'i f QI' . . , GEOGRAPHY CLUB-Front Row-W. Hilty, K. Beck, J. Grinder, M. Davis, J. Boarts, J. Ricket, L. Culp, C. Petras, W. Pacuch, G. Ferguson, W. Ruffner. Second Row-Mrs. Schall, F. Davis, A. Crytzer, M. Plnats, S. Heilmun, I. Johnson, C. Barger, S. Reefer, M. Asay, S. Riffer, B. Fiscus, R. Sanoba, B. Miller, P. Klimkowicz, L. Stitt, P, Cunningham. Third Row-P. Allensworth, G. McGuire, C, Laughner, J. Yount, E. Noulett, J. Mateer, C. Brown, N. Hromadik, N. Emmonds, M. Griffin. Fourth Row-R, Robinson, E. Bryant, S. Steiner, E. Lazaroff, W. Carberry, E, Reitler, G. Ruffaner, R. Petrus, J. Mathers. Fifth Row-M, Roush, J. Rice, S. Klingensmith, S. Mclunkin, S. Fickes, J. Salankiewicz, D. Buffone, B, Wade, C. Shaffer. Back Row-N. Goldinger, E. Fichthorn, A. Boarts, D. Cowan, C, Gibson, A. Harris, R. Klingensmith, N. Edwards. PENN-FORD JUNIOR HISTORIANS-Front Row-S. Heilman, S. Myers, J. Grove, A. Myers, S. Roudybush, W. Fullerton, M. Wheeler, E. Beconovsky. Back Row-R. Beck, S. Wyant, I. Bowser, Miss Ekis, N. Stump, L. Shaffer, B. Rupp, W. Myers. 0.258 if ,gngytvenw llgQgiQElliS I PENN JUNIOR HISTORIANS-Front Row-D, Yount, M. Gallo, R. Rickers, W. Nall, J. Dowling. Second Row-Miss McCoy, N. Anderson, R. M. Fakosh, B. Galanis, J. Feldman, C. Klingensmith, E. Moore, M. A. Ware. Ewqhaphff 6116 The purpose of the Geography club is to en- courage interest in geography and to develop a better understanding of the peoples of the world. ln the few months this organization has been in existence, much progress has been made in furthering this purpose. Under their direction, a CARE package was sent to one of the foreign countries. Also, a year's subscription to the geography magazine, "World Today", was given to the school library. Guest speakers, films and slides were sources of information used by the club for material for their meetings. Later in the year, a field trip was made to the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh to attend the Geography Show. This club was under the efficient supervision of Mrs. Schall. The officers were: President .... . .. . . ....,...., E. Lazaroff Vice-President , . . . L. Culp Secretary . .. . . J. Szalankiewicz Treasurer , . .. . . C. Brown HOBBY CLUB Melvin Walker, Fred McGuire, Henry Shevchuck, Bill Clever, Stanley Schafter, Bill Morda, Marion Lysakowski, Roy Graden, Mr. Adams. L. H. V. Seated-A. Welch, S. Myers. Standing-D. Marks, E. Thompson, G, Nameche, J. Todoroff, S. Kamer, R. Pendleton, G. Waugaman, J. Shitifgens, D. Kammerdiener, E. Carberry, M. Clark, J. Angehr, R. Beck, Miss Steiner, J. Siar. . l The Spanish Club is composed of members of both the Spanish l and ll classes. Under the guidance of Miss Eakins, the mem- bers have completed a very interesting and en- ioyable year. ln the biweekly meetings gay Spanish songs and South American and Mexican games were played. The newspaper, La Lux, was translated into English and the many articles explaining Klub customs and happenings in South America were discussed. Numerous tape recordings and records added to the informal study of the Spanish lan- guage. The officers were: President-Andy Pytel, Vice-president-Bob Szalankiewicz, Secreta ry- Anna Marie Yassemg Treasurer-Betty Bowser. Mui. 6111.6 The two year old hobby club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Adams, pursues many worth- while hobbies. Some of the proiects undertaken were basket weaving, building model cars and wagons, metal bracelets and all types of leather work. oi. JL. These second year and first year Latin stu- dents, having the necessary qualifications at the end of the first semester, meet every two weeks. During these meetings proiects for Latin week were planned. These were to be placed in competition with those of other schools also par- ticipating in the Latin Week Exhibit. In February, The group meets the third period every Tuesday. They feel that their time was spent in a very profitable manner. The officers of the hobby club were: President-Stanley SchaHier, Vice-president-William Crawford, Secretary- Treasurer--William Morda. li the group made the annual trip with their spon- sor, Miss Steiner, to the Latin Exhibit held at the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh. The members have found Latin to be a liv- ing language as well as one that is interesting. President-Allen Welch, Secretary-Treasur- er-Sonia Myers, Advisor-Miss Steiner. SPANISH CLUB Front Row: A. Butko, N. Sheldon, D. Luchesa, J. Martin, B. Klingensmith, M. Ruston, N. Holland, B. Kunkle. Second Row: G. Rosenberger, D. Galanis, A. Pytel, R. Boarts, R. Salankiewicz, A. Yassem, B. Bowser, A. Eakins, P. Graff. Third Row: K. Lunz, H. Cassel, S. Hileman, P. Tarnik, P. Hazen, B. Wray, S. Bailey 1 R. Arco, R. Hileman, Miss Eakins. Buck Row: C. Rosenberger, M. Barger, J. Hromadik, J. Herbst, D. Mar- tinez, M. Weeler, A. Myers, G. Markilenski, R. Laugher. X2 z as 9? T5 353 my its jim, This newly organized club of twenty-five Senior boys interested in learning the art of cook- ing was under the capable direction of Miss Strett- matter, our home economics teacher. Although there were many other boys who wished to be a . 'ULQIIL ' and making pancakes, the boys learned the prop- er ways to set a table, good grooming habits, and the proper dress for various occasions. These things were studied and thoroughly discussed. The officers of this club are: member of this club, only the Senior boys were President ,..,...........,.,.....,..,,.. Herb Stitt fortunate enough to be eligible. lt is hoped that Vice-President ...., .... T om Armstrong this will be a regular class in future years. In Secretary ........ ....,... G ene Grantz addition to baking cookies, biscuits, cakes, pies, Treasurer ...... Harry Kolakowski Il ' K U Il The patrol system of Ford City High School, under the leadership of Mr. Miller, contributes o great deal in attempting to keep our safety re- cord spotless. They accept the responsibility of directing the students in crossing the street to and from classes in the Grade Building. This group is to be commended for the very fine job they did. BATON CLUB-Front Row-K. Lunz, A. Novak, G. Fair, S. Mohr, K. Harosky, M, Stivason, V. Asay, P. Procious, B. Bowser. Second Row-C. A. Reitler, P. Liberto, J. M. Barrs, I. Herbst, R. Edwards, M. A. Szymanski. Third Row-R. J. Painter, J. Nycz, C. Coulter, B. Ransome, L. Kotyk, R. Pendleton. Back Row-Miss Bevington, A. M. Butko, M. Slaverio, G. Righi, B. Good, B. Galanis. l MAGIC CHEFS-Left to Right-T, Armstrong, G. Arnold, E. Plazak, H. Stitt, B. Valek, D, Simmons, G. Schall, F. Halas, J. Hlle man, J. Ewing, J. Woodside, H. Kolokowski, J. Hornyak, J. Manning, E. Bish, G. Lingenfelter, P. Hassa, G. Grantz, Miss Strltt matter, J. Clark, J, Kilmkowicz, P. Ondrusek, B. Fichthorn. PATROL BOYS-J. Kline, F. Tregaskes, Mr, Miller, R. Woodside, G. Eck, C. Eck, A. Zanoli. Baton Klub When the maiorettes get together it's usually in the form ofthe Baton Club. All maiorettes are members of this club. Each month they meet at the member's homes for a business meeting and a good time. One of their jobs was to discuss the problems of new maiorettes which they had helped Miss Bevington choose. They held a bake sale in February, the proceeds of which are go- ing to send a couple of their members to malor ette camp this summer. The oFficers of our baton President .., M Vice-President ,. .. ., Secretary ,. ... .. ., Treasurer twirlers are: ,. Ann Novak Shirley Mohr Ruth Edwards Phyllis Liberto NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-Front Row-June Cummingham, Ann Eakins, Sally Irwin, Cathryn Meinz. Back Row-Mr. Sowers, Miss Steiner, Mr. Miller, Miss Weaver, Mrs. McMillan, Miss Shrensky, Beverly Cochran, Rosemarie Kamas, Andy Pytel, Richard Rovynak. tkeywib E s A N iE5.s!1WH1w P RADIO CLUB-Front Row-B. Szalankiewicz, B. Onofrey. Second Row-Mrs. Broclhead, P. Hazen, D. Green, S. Wess, M. Pa- cuch, G. Early, J. Monroe, P. Liberto, L. Valasek, P. Smith, Miss Shrensky. Third Row-G, Nameche, M. Bloom, W. Elwood, D. Robinson, D. King, B. Heasley, J. Riggle, L. Novak, Back Row-C. Fulton, M. Waugaman, B. Neutrelle, J. Nycz, V, Relich, B. Volek. The Art Club, under the direction of our new art teacher, Miss Portz, has completed a very active year. This group is outstanding in that they give of their talents to others. The main activity ofthe club was painting the lovely mural backdrop for the Christmas Cantata. They also helped with the decorations and made the at- tractive programs for the Student Council's an- nual Christmas dance, "The Snow Ball." They Klub made posters for this dance, the Junior and Sen- ior plays and many other activities during the school year, also helping out on the Glass-Ip sta'FF. This spring they worked on the murals in the girls gym. The officers of this service club were: President ...,.,. ..........,..,., R obert Booth Vice-President ..,....,...... Larry Hufhand Secretary-Treasurer ,.,. ., Janis Roberts . why The Ford City chapter ofthe National Honor Society became an active organization this year. The members of the society were chosen their Junior year on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. They repre- sent the upper fifth of the graduation class. The objectives of this organization are to create enthusiasm 'For scholarship, to promote worthwhile leadership, to encourage character development in the student body of Ford City The purpose of the Radio Club, newly formed in 1952, is to provide entertainment for the student body by presenting or sponsoring a group of programs for assembly. Students who completed the tenth year Speech class and who had a special interest in dramatics and speech were urged to try out for membership in the club. The limited number of members for this year were selected by the spon- sors, on the basis of speech ability, acting, poise, and co-operativeness. A temporary constitution was prepared to High School, and to render what possible service tothe school and community they can. The oFFicers for this year were: I President ,. . , . . . Andy Pytel Vice-President ., . Beverly Cochran Secretary-Treasurer . .. Sally Irwin The 'Faculty advisors were: Mr. Raymond Mil- ler, principal, Mrs. Grace McMillen, Miss Edith Shrensky, Mr. Harold Sowers, Miss Alice Steiner, and Miss Elizabeth Weaver. Klub be presented to Student Council for approval. Upon gaining this approval, the club elected a president, vice-president, and secretary-treasurer. Officers will be elected at the beginning of each semester. Some of the activities planned for the Radio Club were: radio skits, one-act plays for assem- blies, public address announcements, teen news for Station WACB. There are thirty members in the club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Elmira Brodhead and Miss Edith Shrensky. Ilia anna lllltddnu llll VFNH hbinhdn' '-'t K hlnhinu as.-ua'-jr' :minus "" ART CLUB-Front Row-L, Hufhand, M. J. White, S. Cramer,M. Lysakowski. Second Row--H. Cassel, K. Wray, W. Liven- good, J. Goldinger. Back Row-J. Roberts, E. Rovynak, R. Booth, Miss Portz. Ann Eakins Associate Editor Sally lrwin Associate Editor Jane Cunningham Associate Business Manager Joanne Toussaint Associate Business Manager William Livengood Art Editor Jim JM gm, j ' - 7953 Miss Martha Mitchell Miss Lina DeHout Editorial Advisor Business Advisor We never knew how much work and effort was necessary to produce a successful year- book. From the time we selected our theme we were busy checking appointments, taking pictures, cropping, pasting, and meeting and not meeting deadlines. Filling your treasure chest full of the memories that you will treasure was not an easy task. While this has been a responsible iob it has been a most interesting experience. We hope you will enioy our eFForts. Arnold, business Asay, business Baillee, editorial Baker, editorial Bowser, editorial Callahan, gusiness Canil, business Cechvala, business Churchill, editorial Cochran, editorial Foreman, editorial Guthrie, business . Harriger, editorial Hartman, business Hromadik, business Hufhond, business G. Hulings, editorial Kamas, business Klingensmith, editorial Kubatko, business Lux, business Lysakowski, editorial McGuire, business Mohr, business L. Morgan, business Novak, editorial Prosciaus, business Pytel, editorial J. Ralko, business Ritchey, business Roberts, business Sanders, business Schaffer, business Sheasley, business Smulik, business Stitt, editorial Stivason, business Smith, business Thornburg, editorial Tihanovich, business Visnovsky, business Walbert, business White, editorial Wilcox, editorial J. Zablocki, editorial Zanoli, business :-1,,12m1i,1w- s1?i?4'ESgZaEi 7 151 W ASW' Wgweffs ,fgsmmsgg get :?ii'isi.5S55'f'5n: wiiiiifiiifliiii Y jnnjrfz, PW, Uanfulq, gn 5 ll 6910111-, iw E 'Eg c 0,1 CD .p!w. Left to Right-Albert Callahan, Marilen Bowser, Bernice Klingensmifh, Sylvia Pella, Rosemarie Kamas Glenn Thornberg, Ann Eakins. 78 .4 gym 0,4 1953 79 "I-well-maybe if's a lillle loo soon to osk you, but---" "Just where are you go- ing?" "Make if look real" "Grrr" "She's o dying swan, Mr. Skinner." "No, Daphne, don't do Tlwf. dear, you're hurting me" "Thc1t's right-quite right" "l1's only Q slight sproin, you know." Our faithful crews. I. l1's cold ouisicle. . . . 2. Our sea-worihy seniors. . . . 3. "Find your places, please. . . . 4. We make no bones abou? if. . . . 5. Eloquen? Charles addressing Kiwanis. . . . 6. Our men of music af Counly Chorus. . . . 7. Our high stepping maiorettes. . . . 8. Anno Marie. . . . 9. "Hass"- upside down. . . , 10. Ray makes a superb waifer. . . . 11. Beautiful snow. . . . 12. Leap Frog? 13. "Smile, Dick", . . . 14. Panel discussion in English class. . . . 15. Grade School pe? show. . . . 16. Miss Mechling. SO f .1 Q? JY C Z' 7 iiP4f2 f ,f ff' , 2 fffii: ii:3'Wv 1 f, if ff 77,4 ,f Xi ,f X , ,X 1 ts'l., 'Ili H. I . K ' fa 'll' fly! qi W. t q.!. 450 fffa ul' III llffl I 5.4 ggi llN'1 x., J oiuhb I wzailfq, Jfwtlvall, -7 Front Row: J. Ollinger, R. Wingard, R. Boarts, R. Thomaswick, S. Shaffer, M. Miller, C. Goldinger, J. Herbst L Ruffaner R Klm gensmith. Second Row: R. Stitt, D. Scott, P. Bazzo, K. Bryant, R. Booth, W. Ruffaner, E. Brightmeyer, D. Fair L Schrecengost B Lysakowski. Back Row: J. Myschisin, D, Dederick, R. Stewart, R. Ware, R. Miller, J. Roberts, S. Gowetskl J Kahat S Bryant L Pendleton, L. Oresik, D. Anderson. foachea, A new addition to our athletic staff this year was Coach "Bill" Abraham. He took the brawn and the brain of eleven boys and molded a determined football team. The Glasser's record of three wins, one tie, five losses, and one forfeit showed the team's strong desire to win. Left to Right: Mr. Rupert, Mr. Caruso, Mr. Black, Mr. Simmons, and Mr. Abraham. K 82 FREEPORT C7-Oi Playing for the first time under their new coach, Mr. Abraham, the Glassers dropped the season's opener to a spirited Freeport eleven on the lat- ter's turf. Although our defensive unit was out- standing, the boys' unfamiliarity to their new offensive system withheld them from scoring. Aside from the Yellow Jackets second quarter score, the game was played on very even terms. L. Rybarik, J. Byron, and A. Lux. BUTLER C43-Oi Joe Cappazuti's Golden Tornadoes ripped and roared through the Ford City forward wall with ease as they chalked up a very decisive victory. The Double A squad's ground attack picked up an amazing 400 yards, while their defensive team had little trouble stopping the yet inexperi- enced Forder offense. Butler halfback, Roger Hathaway, contributed greatly to the Tornado victory. ' Uwwitq. j1wtl2n.lL A Q Front Row: D. Stivason, J. Littek, J. McCarthy, P. Busch, T. Bowser, C. Eck, F. Spachtholz, W, Emmonds, G. Bowser, E. White. Second Row: J. Fichthorn, J. Russo, M .Webster, J. Valek, W. Verschuren, R. Wolverton, J. Kovalovsky, J. Moore, D. Byron, G. Feldman. Back Row: G. Toy, B. Vanderkoll, W. Stewart, H. Grinder, D. Cook, J. Shoemaker, R. Miller, R. Neutrelle, W. Toy. Left to right: J. Augustine, E. Paul Mr. Abraham Sandy Bryant Leechburg C19-'l3l Under the lights at the Hilltop Field for the first time, the determined Glassers initiated the home campaign by throwing a real scare into the Blue Devils from Leechburg. A crowd of more than 3000 spectators witnessed a 90 yard pass play from Quarterback Bozzo to lanky End Ray Miller. Sending the Glassers ahead of the undefeated Blue Devils for the first time in four years. Dick Hunter, Leechburg speedster, turned in his usual sensational game. Tarentum H2-20l Holding oFf until the second half, the Ford City aggregation came out in the third quarter to overcome a twelve point deficit and win their first victory of the season. Lorenzo Pendleton led the Zephyrs offense, while Don Scott and Bob Wingard played an exceptionally rough defen- sive game. Coach Abraham's emphatic half- time pep talk inspired our boys for that second- half spurt. Stanley Gowetski Ronald Klingensmith Raymond Miller West Deer K0-6l Ron Klingensmith intercepted a West Deer aerial on the Forder three yard line and raced the re- maining 97 markers for a touchdown, enabling Ford City to mark up its second successive vic- tory. Outstanding defensive line play by Jim Roberts and Leo Oresick also figured greatly in the victory., Swissvale C14-141 '. Although victory was near as Ford City was driving into Swissvale territory when the gun sounded, the Glassers remained undefeated for the third consecutive week, and they settled for a tie with a fast down river team from Swissvale. Kenny Bryant, Lorenzo Pendleton, and Ray Miller were outstanding as they matched wits with Swissvale's triple threat, Paul Krist. John Ollin- ger converted both Glasser extra points. A., .J ., John Myschisin James Roberts Donald Scott New Brighton C24-61 Suffering from their first attack of fumblitis, the Glassers were defeated at home by the defend- ing Class A champs from New Brighton. Kenny Bryant was the only bright spot for the Glassers as he averaged ll yards a try carrying the pig- skin. The powerful New Brighton's ground and aerial attack combined to penetrate the Forder defense and account for the victory. Arnold C14-331 Ford City played their best game of the season at Arnold as they topped the Tigers by a con- vincing 33-l4 score. Lorenzo Pendleton scored on the first play from scrimmage, and within a minute Leo Oresick had picked up an Arnold fumble and raced into pay dirt. From there it was the Glassers all the way as Ford City picked up 20 more points for good measure. Don Deaderick turned in a standout game as quar- terback for the Zephyrs. HF Vandergrift U9-71 Vandergrift's Blue Lancers invaded Ford City and bestowed upon the Glassers their fifth set- back of the year. There was no stopping the big powerful Double A outfit as they led all the way. In winning the Lancers injured "Tank" Boarts and Don Deaderick, thus handicapping the Glassers for the season's finale. Kittanning K2-Ol Forfeit game. Robert Stewart Robert Wingurd The 1952-53 basketball team will go down in Ford City history as one of the finest ever pro- duced. Although the team did not fare so well in their terrific December schedule, they later became renowned for their outstanding play. Lacking height and showing only one hold-over regular, along with three lettermen, the team featured teamwork with no outstanding scorer. After winning the Section I crown the Glassers upset three W.P.I.A.L. tournament entries, and were not eliminated until the W.P.l.A.L. final. Pictured at left: Mr. Black and Mr. Rupert The Rupertmen were appropriately termed the "Giant-Killers" and "Mighty Midgets" by district sportswriters. Upon returning home from Pittsburgh after being defeated by the powerful Sharon Tigers the Forders were greeted by the band and hun- dreds of ardent fans, a heartwarming display of appreciation that will long be remembered. When asked to comment, Coach Rupert complied by saying "This is the best little town in the state, and we have the best little team in the state!" VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM-Front row: Robert Salankiewicz, Robert Stewart, Raymond Miller, Charles Sitch, Richard Rovnyak. Back row: Lorenzo Pendleton, Kenneth Bryant, Mr. Rupert, John Ollinger, Edward Kiiowski. 2. Ford City-36 A AA A A Tarentum A AA A AA 30 Ford City-53 AA ..,. A A Central Catholic AA A A 46 Ford City-25 A AA AA Sharon AAAA A AAAA 37 Ford City-48 AAAAAA ,A Westinghouse AA AA 30 Ford City-44 A AA AA Uohnstown A A A 43 Ford City-30 AAAAAAA AA A Arnold AAAAA AAAA 2 3 Ford City-31 A AA AA AA Duquesne AAA 33 Ford City-36 AAAAA AA Aliquippa AA A 4'I Ford City-27 AA A A Monessen A AAAAA AA37 Ford City-40 AAAAAA AA Har-Brock A AAAAAA 20 Ford City-43 AAAAA A Butler AAAAAAA AAAAAA 5 3 Ford City-49 AA AAA Kittanning 21 STATISTICIANS Ford City-47A A AA A AAAA Vandergrift AAAAAA AAAAAAA 3 5 Alben Lux end Gene Nemeehe. Ford City-50 AA AA AA New Kensington AA A 35 Ford City-30 A AAAA AAAA R anlcin AAAAA A AAAAAA AAAAAA 2 8 Ford City-48 AA Har-Brack 33 Ford City-60 A AAAA A A A Vandergrift 40 Ford City-42 A A Butler AAAAAAA38 Ford City-50 AAAA A A Kittanning AAAAAAAA AAAAAAA 2 3 Ford City-5'l A AAAA New Kensington A AAAAA 28 'Double Overtime JUNIOR VARSITY-Front Row-Paul Krukar, Joseph Nameche, Robert Ware, Earl Wolfe, Wilford Jackson Back Row-Sherwood Meades, Donald Deadrick, Mr. Black, Robert Vanderkoll, and David Martinez RICHARD ROVNYAK ROBERT STEWART Guard Guard RAYMOND MILLER CHARLES SITCH Forward Forward 88 Ford City--75 Tarentum-37 The 1952-1953 hardwood campaign officially began for Ford City as the Glassers started on the right foot and de- feated a rangy Redcat team at Tarentum. With exceptional shooting Pendleton, Salankiewicz, Rovnyak, and Sitch all hit the two figure scoring column. Ford City-55 Central Catholic-57 Although the Glassers overcame a 10 point deficit, the Central Catholic Vikings managed to score four points in the last 10 seconds of the game and cop the victory. Lorenzo Pendleton came through with 11 points besides playing on outstanding floor game. Ford City-39 Sharon-52 At the third consecutive road game, there was no stopping an Atterholt-McHugh combination that clicked for 30 Sharon markers. Sitch and Salankiewicz were high men for the Zephyrs. Ford City-58 Westinghouse-49 At home for the first time, the Glassers gave the fans a real treat as they whipped a tough Westinghouse aggregation. Sitch. Miller, and Salankiewicz were the main threats to the Pittsburgh champs. Ford City-44 Johnstown-55 The undefeated Johnstown Troians came to town and put on a magnificent shooting display as they hit for 552 of their shots. The District Six team averaged 6'2" in height along with being fast and aggressive. Lorenzo Pendleton chalked up 15 points for the Glassers. Ford City-49 Arnold-52 Traveling to Arnold our boys grabbed an 11 point lead in the first quarter but when the final gun had sounded Arnold had won by a three point margin. Pendleton was leading scorer for the Glassers, Kenny Bryant was our top rebounder. Moses and Tom Saska tallied 18 and 17 points respectively for the Lions. Ford City-46 Duquesne-32 Returning home Ford City got back on the winning trail as they defeated the "Little Dukes". The Dukes were unim- pressive in their sixth outing, thus Sitch and Salankiewicz by scoring and Miller and Bryant by controlling the backboards, took advantage of them. Ford City-54 Aliquippa-56 ln a game almost identical to the Ford City-Aliquippa game of a year ago, the Glassers once again overcame a 10 point disadvantage only to find themselves behind when the final gun sounded. Ford City-25 Monessen-26 ln the final exhibition game before section play began, Monessen's Greyhounds came here to face the Glassers in a battle of defenses. Both teams were off on their field goal and free throw attempts, thus the scoring was limited. Five foot seven Rich Rovnyak did the impossible by being top re- bound man for the night. Ford City-46 Har-Brack-43 Ford City had a shaky start in Section l as they edged Har-Brack Tigers on our home court. Har-Brack's outside shooting was sensational, but it was oFfset by excessive foul- ing. Ford City-58 Butler-50 The Glassers took a big step toward the Section l Flag as they defeated Butler in the Tornado crackerbox. Trailing into the final period, the Forders depended on some timely and accurate outside shooting from Rovnyak and Salankiewicz, Ford City-67 Kittanning-39 The Rupertmen made it three in a row as they knocked off the Kittanning Wildcats on our home court. Miller, Sitch, Bryant, Salankiewicz, and Pendleton, all hit the two figure column for the Glassers. "Grampa" Adams was high for the Wildcats. Ford City--69 Vandergrift-45 The Forders had no trouble defeating the Section ll leaders in an exhibition tussle on our hardwood. Salankiewicz, Pen- dleton, and Miller had remarkable shooting percentages, while "Potshot" also controlled the boards. Ford City-36 Rankin-27 The Glassers staged a second-half comeback to defeat Rankin in another exhibition fray. The relatively low score was due to poor shooting from the field. Ford City-45 New Kensington-41 The Forders successfully completed the first-half of league play by downing New Kensington on the latter's fioor. Sitch and Salankiewicz led the scoring parade, while Bryant con- tributed a fine fioor game. Ford City-73 Har-Brack-51 Traveling to Har-Brack, the Glassers really caught fire and made a fine start in the Section l second-half race. Although the Tigers again were deadly from the outside, Ford City's teamwork dominated the game. Ford City-65 Vandergrift-52 Although Vandergrift shot 56? in the first-half and led the Glassers by 15 points at halftime, the Forders rallied to outscore the rangy Lancer Quint. A second-half all-court press by Ford City proved disastrous to the Section ll champs. Ford City-61 Butler-38 The high-riding Glassers continued their league sweep bv trouncing the second place Butler Golden Tornadoes. A full house of 1,600 ardent Ford City fans watched Bryant, Salankiewicz, and Pendleton, lead the Forders scoring and Ray Miller control the boards. Ford City-72 Kittanning-47 Ford City annexed its twenty-fourth Sectional Champion- ship by whipping Kittanning Wildcats in a foul shooting ex- hibition. Ray Miller, who hit eight for eight free throws, led the Glassers as they connected for 36 out of 51 charity tosses. Ford City-62 New Kensington-26 Only as a matter of formality, the Glassers downed New Kensington and thus posted Ford City's thirtieth consecutive league win. Senior, Bob Stewart, ioined the two figure club as he dropped in ten points. ON TO THE FIELD HOUSE! 'Ford City-73 German Township-35 Underdogs, the Glassers baffled the experts as they wal- loped a towering German Township five. Outstanding was Ford'City's 432 shooting percentage, Kenny Bryant's defen- sive work on 6'9" Ed Frimmel, and the over-all teamplay of the Forders. 'Ford City-61 Charleroi--56 Heavier underdogs than before the Glassers became known as "Giant-killers" when they won a W.P.l.A.L. quarter-final decision over the highly touted Charleroi Cougers. Rich Rovn- yak iced the game in the late minutes by sinking nine out of ten free throws. 'Ford City-58 Greensburg-49 Ford City valiantly fought its way into the W.P.l.A.L. finals as they defeated Kalbfus, Cavanaugh and company. Sport- ing an incomparable shooting average of 45'7s, the Rupert "midgets" gained the admiration of all Western Pennsylvania basketball fans. 'Ford City-41 Sharon-49 Battling for the W.P.l.A.L. Crown, Ford City was out- classed but not outfought by a sensational Sharon five. The Glasser fourteen game win streak was halted by Sharon's impregnable 2-3 zone. Because of a definite height advantage, Sharon controlled our boards, thus setting up the speedy Tiger fast break. HATS OFF TO FORD CITY FOR A TERRIFIC SEASON, "W.P.l.A.L. Tournament Games Front Row-Joycemary Baars, Carol Reitler, Phyllis Liberto, Paula Jo Painter, Julia Nycz, Carolyn Coulter Back Row-Rita Pendelton, Irma Herbst, Betty Ransom, Ruthie Edwards, Mary Ann Szymanski, Luby Kotyk Ann Novak Peggy Procious Gloria Fair Marian Stivason Kathryn Hczrosky Shirley Mohr Betty Bowser Vivian Asay 90 Joan Muriin, Carolyn Sonobcx, Rose Marie Milz, Vera Relich, Doroihy Allensworlh, Loreita Novak Esther Smulik Belly Kijowski Beverley White Joyce Luchescl Helen Kubcxfko 91 FEDERATION OF GLASS CERAMIC and SILICA SANDWORKERS OF AMERICA If you have a desire To succed beyond The normal then put in more Than average Time, pu? out more than normal effort, give if more than average thought. Unless you are a genius-or a natural, as we say in athletics- There is no other way To do if on your own. PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 93 KITTANNING GPTIMIST INC ARMSTRONG RACEWAY BETWEEN KITTANNING AND FORD CITY Compliments of MATEER'S FURNITURE STORE "The House of Service" SIX FLOORS OF COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS 200 Morket Street KITTANNING, PENNSYLVANIA KLINGENSMITH MOTOR SALES C. A. KLINGENSMITH Soles DESOTO 81 PLYMOUTH Service DUMONT - MOTOROLA TELEVISION 3rd Ave. 8x 7th Street FORD CITY, PA. Phone 62-2231 95 To the Class of T953 Congratulations and our sincere wishes for your success in your efforts from here on THOMAS FLYNN CO. Department Store Compliments of H.E ARNER LUMBER DEALER 8. FLORIST HARDWARE, PLUMBING 81 HEATING Ford St. and Fifth Ave. REED Sales Service Authorized Dealer For FOREIGN CARS "The World's Finest Quality Cars" Ford City 62-3163 825-7TH AVE. FORD CITY, PA Compliments of ANNE'S FLOWER AND GIFT SHOPPE FLOWERS AND FIFTH AVENUE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS FORD CITY, PA. Phone 62-4152 ANNE BALL, Mgr. FRANCIS MINARCIN, Prop. Telegraph Delivery Service - Bonded Florist We Telegraph Everywhere BETTY'S BEAUTY SALON "Opens the Door to LoveIiness" OFFers the Solution to Your Hair, Face and Figure Problems 826 SEVENTH AVE., FORD CITY Ford cafy, PQ. 62-3161 Compliments of CHARLES SANDER'S GROCERY STORE FREE DELIVERY 1238 5th Avenue Phone 62-1771 97 COMPLIMENTS OF GREENBAUIWS Hardware ancl Furniture Store Compliments of RISHER'S MARKET Pattonville is i ms Rf echa? WALTER BALL "J EWELER" HAMILTON - ELGIN - BULOVA 908 - 5th Ave. FORD CITY Congratulations To Class of T953 DOSCH'S DARI-DELL Lunches Sandwiches Fountain Service Market St. Kittanning CENTRAL SERVICE Bear Wheel Alignment Brake and Carburetor Service Everything for the Automobile Corner 51h Ave. and 9th St. 1 Phone 62-3171 THE NATIONAL BANK OF FORD CITY Klust cz Sound, Conservative and Friendly Bankv Member Federal Reserve System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation CARLEY'S VARIETY STORE MCGRANN Phone 62-6293 Compliments of LEO GALANIS FORD THEATRE FORD CITY, PA. PETROLEUM SALES COMPANY C. F. REITLER - J. K. REITLER TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES DISTRIBUTOR OF PENNZOIL PRODUCTS 825 Fifth Avenue FORD CITY, PA. DIAL 62-3201 I01 GLASS cltY HOTEL CO"'P'ime"'S of I Specializes in GODDARD AND GOODHART Spaghetti cmd Meatballs Insurance of all kinds 2 H S ' 4 O U I e I V I C e Dayton Phone 22R-3 FINE FOODS FORD CITY Ford Sf- Ford City Day 62-31 11 Night 62-4444 GREENLAWN NURSERY JAMES E. EMMONDS, Prop. Evergreens Shrubs Roses Fruit Trees MANOR CHURCH AND ROSSTON ROAD Ford City R. D. 2 Phone 62-5933 THE RAY F. YOUNT CO., INC. CONTRACTOR ROAD CONSTRUCTION - EXCAVATION GRADING - DRIVEWAY PAVING - CRANE SERVICE HAULING - TRENCHING Sales and Installation Office and Equipment Base Located on Route 66 Between Kittanning and Ford City Phone-Kittanning 42-1851 In 57 " IA E "REQ I I X f- d ..."l',,i.g I02 AMERICAN SLOVAK GENERAL MERCHANDISE CO. Groceries - Meats - Produce DuPon1' Points FREE DELIVERY I I 7OI Sixth Avenue FORD CITY, PA. PHONE 62-2361 C pI SHUMAKER f CHEVROLET CO. A Complete Service ASHE PRINTING CO. U 'I O R I ANYTHING ON ANY AUTOMOBILE FORD CITY PENNA Ph T hS dFfhA 621971 FdCyP Mr. Caruso gives his ver on PELTZ GULF SERVICE STATION CANDY PELTZ, Prop.1 Lubrication - Washing - Simonizing Tires - Batteries - Accessories 5th 8.1Oth Dic1l62-9131 Compliments of ORR 8. KING GROCERY Groceries - Mecits Produce - Frozen Foods KITTANNING SANDWICH SHOP Open 24 Hours Kittonning, Po. Compliments of SCHEEREN and MEREDITH La MODA SHOPPE Smart Apparel for Ladies ond Children FORD CUFF Phone 62-6122 Free Delivery Phone 62-2111 Compliments THE I.. C. FLICK STORE f Sherwin-Williams Points cmd Vornishes o BURDETTE LUMBER South McGrc1nn P. O. Box 289 Ford City, Pc: Phone 62-8091 Compliments Undergroducites ond Alumni of 1-:eve Preferred HAZEL'S BEAUTY SALON APPLE'S CLOTHES Kmennang 251 Arch Street Phone 43-0221 For 45 Yew Compliments Compliments of KAPLAN'S CENTRAL MEAT MARKET KAMP'S SHOE STORE Quglify Mer,-115 'fsheee of distinction" 135 South Jefferson sr. Ph. 42 3691 Kittonning Penno. Karrennang, Pe, ELDRED CHURCHILL Compliments General Contractor of Phone 62-6142 Ford City, Po. Old Floors Mode Like New New Floors Surfoced To Perfection Deoler in PEASEWAY HOMES Kittonning EINSTEIN 8r CAMPBELL try, Compliments of KAMER'S BODY SHOP 1210 Third Ave. Phone 62-6153 Improving your I. Q.? ' s ,f S3 ff Mt 105 MERIDITH'S SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Tires Batteries 1 Garrets Run Road P Kittanning R. D. I Phone 42-6226 Our Student Teacher asks, "Is it Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?" Compnmems CLARENCE HEILMAN LUMBER Builders' Supplies Hardware ELWOOD'S CLOVER FARM STORE Palms Codogvn. PG- R. D. 2 Ford City, Pu. THE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY Everything Photographic KITTANNING, PA. PHONE 42-3321 106 Complimenfs of KITTANNING NEW CAR and TRUCK DEALERS ASSOCIATION C pI WELCH'S f FUNERAL HOME V. ELLSWORTH BECK AMBULANCE SERVICE EXCAVATING CONTRACTOR 1032 4TH AVE FORD CITY R D I KELLY STATION Ph Ph 62 2041 v d gf 1170A Concentratlng on one of Miss DeHout's Bookkeeping problems. Best Wishes to the Class of 53 BOWSERS JEWELRY STORE Ford St. Ford City Compliments of GRUSKIN'S MISSION BEVERAGES Mission Orange "Naturally Good" Ford City Penncl. CRAVENER'S GUN SHOP Hunting and Fishing License GUNS - AMMUNITION - ACCESSORIES FARMERS NATIONAL BANK Kittanning, Pa. ESTABLISHED 1884 Member Of Federal Reserve System BOX MCGrOnnf PCI- Member Of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Newspaper . Compliments M . agazlnes of Greeting Cards SIUTIOHGFY PECHAN'S BAKERY FORD CITY NEWS Home of Ener-Jee "THE HOLLO" Dairy Bar-B-Q Open Sat.-4:30 P. M. to 2 A. M. Open Sun.-12:00 A. M. to 1 A. M. Open Week Days-4:30 P. M. to 1 A.M, Intersection of Ford City and Leechburg Rd. TRIANGLE SERVICE STATION Quantity Quality Steam Cleaning CARUSO BROS. Ot MCGmnn McGrann, Pa. Phone 62-7413 ROHRER'S DRUG STORE Compnmems "Accurate Prescription Service" of F- V- 5'-OANI PVOP- SPIC-N-SPAN DRY CLEANERS Kmcnning' PG' Ford City Kittonning Cor. Market 8. Jetterson Sts. 62-2631 43-2261 McHENRY 8. PAINTER, INC. INSURANCE AND BONDS 236 Market St. Kittonning Phone 42-2311 JOSEPH VALEK'S MARKET Fresh Meats and Produce 1201 Sixth Avenue Phone 62-6425 Ford City, Pa. FREE DELIVERY Compliments HEILMAN AND BAILEY of FORD CITY, PA. JUDGE'S USED CARS Nunn Bush and Phone 42-9982 Kittanning Florsheim Shoes Ford Street Phone 62-2181 Compliments McNUTT AGENCY, INC. of J. E. WOLFE, Mgr. Complete INSURANCE Service L. L. LIVENGOOD McNutt Building Ford City Manorville Pennsylvania Phone FOULIS DRY CLEANING CO. "Home of Blue Ribbon Dry CIeaning" Kittanning Ford City JACKSON'S VARIETY STORE Ford Street FORD CITY JOHNSTON PLUMBING AND HEATING Coleman Heating Custom Kitchens Elier Fixtures Deming Pumps Hot Water Heaters Congratulations Graduates For your Office and Business Machines P a t r o n i z e TRI-COUNTY TYPEWRITER CO. Phone 42-6543 We Sell, Service and Install 34I Market St. Kittanning GOOD LUCK Compliments WEBSTER'S JEWELRY of 313 Market Street Alexander Hotel Kittanning Pennsylvania M. N. ADELSON AND SONS INC. B R O D Y ' S Specialists in Ladies' Apparel Reynolds Block Market St Kittanning, Penna. WRAY'S DAIRY "Where the Gang Meets to Eat after the Games" Delicious SUNDAES SODAS SANDWICHES T-w o-IL, C, 0 I6 or JOHNSTON PLUMBING AND HEATING Coleman Heating Custom Kitchens Elier Fixtures Deming Pumps Hot Water Heaters We sell, service, and install Compliments of LIBERTO'S BEVERAGE Ford City , Pennsylvania CROYLES' COMPLIMENTS OF GENERAL ELECTRIC RANGES WASHERS REWGERATOR5 MELLON NATIONAL BANK ZENITH RADIOS TELEVISION 904 41h Ave. KITTANNING, PA. Phone 62-3121 Compliments of MARY'S CLOVER FARM STORE W. J, RUFFANER Prop, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S CLOTHING Ford City Pennsylvoniol FORD CITY, PA. Compliments of 1239-c-III Avenue BYERS-Y-SERVICE Junction Route 66 8. AII. 66 phone 62-2541 Phone 62-5815 112 ELJER co. Makers of Fine Plumbing Fixtures Since 1904 Factories at 'SALEM, OHIO FORD CITY, PA. MARYSVILLE, OHIO Electric Contracting Compliments Appliances of PHONES JOE'S ARMY AND NAVY STORE Kittanning 42-3141 Ford City 62-3141 FORD CITY ELECTRIC CO. SCHIFFGENS ELECTRIC PEERLESS LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING In Business Over 70 Years Kittanning Phone 43-1541 "It It's Work or Dress Clothes We Have It." 115 S. Jefferson St. Kittanning Compliments of MAXlN E'S "Fashion Center For The Fashionable Miss." KITTANNING COWAN'S MARKET Groceries - Meats - Produce THE TOT SHOPPE New Location Next to Wroy's Dairy Across from the Football Field Phone 62-3903 Clothes for Children, Teens, and LADIES Ford CIiFF FITZGERALD'S JEWELRY Silver, Diamonds, Watches, Stemware Class Rings "FIRST WITH THE LATEST" Phone 62-1011 Ford City, Pa ,D db., P, ,, BRIGHTMEYER'S epen a nity us CRGSSROAD Q' SERVICE STATION FoRD CITY PHARMACY ROW66 FORD CITY, PA. PRESCRIPTIONS HAGAN ICE CREAM Phone 62-3461 Yours for Happy Motoring 114 Compliments of FORD CITY NATIONAL BAKERY MICHAEL LUKOWSKY, Prop. I H . 821 5th Ave. Phone 62-5444 "How's my boy behaving in your classes?" I.ENZI'S MODERN I-EFKQFSKY'S DRY CLEANERS AND TAILORS Plant Me'1'S Wea' 354 Vine sf. Phone 43-7471 Downtown Store Ford Sffeef Ford CNY 105 N. Jefferson sf, Phone 42-8361 KITTANNING FOREMAN'S HARDWARE Compliments Hardware - Appliances Sporting Goods of F o r R e n t Floor Sander Wallpaper Remover A A A Phone 62-7641 928 Fifth Ave. Ford City POLLOCK CLAYPOOI.E'S Candy and Cigar MEAT MARKET Company Kittanning, Pa. 924 Fifth Avenue Phone 62-2261 Ford City ijlldlflk, Qjvu, J The class of T953 wishes to express its appreciation to all who in any way have helped to till our "Treasure Chest" so full of pleasant memories. Thank you Mr. Wyant of Kurtz Bros., our printers, Mr. Hipp 5 and Mr. Trautt of Erie Engraving Company, MrL Leister our pho- tographer, Miss Mitchell and Miss DeHout for their time and pa- tience, and the merchants and business houses who with their financial aid have made this yearbook possible. Thanks also to those who helped with or participated in the "Miss Trireme" talent show. Through your help, all of you, we were able to pro- duce this Trireme-Our Treasure Chest of Memories. CAMILLE BECK DOROTHY CHURCHILL MARLENE SKUKALEK KATHLEEN LUNZ Sophomore Senior Junior Sophomore 116 I , A .Y.,v.,,,-,,,, , , W ---. V ...V ,K , ,, ,,, U Y. ,W , - 1 9 1 Mdfizmja Qffffff W5,gf,,fZZM ifwfgfffyw ,fam Qwiglgggjggk MMLZAZ Z2-TMM J,4.,1f,A mwwfwf AMW Wifi-Q5 7 w 4,01 ' 3

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