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1. xx, .- , -E , F , rv' 1- U K r' ' , A . xi F' ZA w - 4, " 'wk TE, ff ,gx ' 1, I, it . x I xg, g ' . J - Tw' f- -ff' in , 'jifijfsy 1 M16 .. X A . S . Vx, - , . '-:-.-vi . . ,Hr yn, ,sf -. ,'a1.'3'x aff! .. -f' X ' . g ,. 1 P' W " 1 , 5 . ,V ,Lf ,-f V 1 A l.. , ' X ,K ,fly kj. yi' "' " , V' 2 , . I 'V , ,' - Mx NA .I ., q ' fi. -4 ,- , A XJ X..f.I--,, 5 jf 'Hvffg A .-Q1 . f'W ww "K ,- V, 'rm F T .43 FFP , W I .bf f vi - pf . ,f 'ff ,,f i, . , W , x 2 :irf., -J - -1 - . -f '- .rv '-'K '- 'fx 2' W. l 1 Y Hu, Ll ,..':1 . -A PUT ' A .fu - l1,'1.,.,x , 11. ,1,.4e ,, " ,yr 1 MK. x'-. f,., s I a 4 fl-'.7i.l'wQU C TJe.,w- +14 J A ' 55,2 -f .. ' ,. 3,11-fg A A- 'fy .- f-,KI . .V ,xx . V1 'Xu fr. . . , lv 'Ly '- 2 w " .K I . x N, -1- ,1 1.1,- V 2 gg ' :J 1 ,KL J" ' J' I . H ,Vt ' , fj A rf, M .1-'N .4 ' :L ' 1 A s x , 1 , 1 . X f. ,,- J. , xi - 9 hm ' , ,kWff',..,.A '- fn' .f' -v 'Qi 'S .Vg 9X,,i:A', 1 " 1791" , 1 - . The 70rd City High Sclwvl Studio PreAen tA serv? MPW' sv P-M F 11115 ww .Y-' ..-W,-.,..-f 4-"M .A,,,,-,,,,..-H-'- . 3 , , ff .2 :-' K x ' M' ' fv - X V A -A 5 ,, M ' .. " , xt . ,,....-,A 4 0' ,A ,,.-,..w,,.., . , ...un-1 N4 K ' - " "" an, ..-...4-sg .. ...ww ...ov ' V 'W , mn' . ww-wir 4 M ,ww-wx gw-ffvslw gMV4gQ,,,,,f,. KVM. 1 ,vu , W .M ff V 'T?lf'F'?l K 1 1 e Q '7 7 K "W A ' www- "iw - 'vip ., :iw , f , -' 9' 353 2 1275: 'vw ...,. " -Sifwju71.-:.J-:-f1sZ5r2f:- my -M H , plz, ,. ,A my 3453545-. I ifglf W TQLW 'L N'3iW'QQ'7 'ff L , CMMWT, iw - . -Q-, Af y-f'-' , , ,:... -- f V t11lN -TWT LJ - ' f ,Q ' IIE! Q gs O It is the hope of The staff thot, in the future, the 1948 edition of the Trireme will serve you os on screen upon which may be focused pleosoni memories of your high school dclys. n 4 Q 4 S I it I lx Q -'Y 0 1' S I Q -W l t " 0' "r f x - l 0 g S if ' ' w'f' x I I v , ,, il ' 1 "H ' 1' - i l' s I t ff - X ' N I , --H .E-, ss .4 C 5 up 4 41 ,1 Section FOREWORD , I SCENE OF ACTION DEDICATION I , ., ,,,.A. I I. , BOARD OF EDUCATION , ADMINISTRATION .. FACULTY ..II... ..... IIII SENIOR ..I.........,, JUNIOR .....,...,,I..I...... . SOPHOMORE .. , .I FRESHMAN . EIGHTH GRADE I. SEVENTH GRADE ACTIVITIES . I ,..,, ,. SPORTS ....,.. I.II I.... ..IIIII ADVERTISEMENTS .... , Q! 4' '- Page I. .. .. 4 .. .I... .9 IO-II . ....... I4-31 32-35 36-39 40-42 . .. .... . 43 44-45 I .... .. 47-60 ,...,..I 61-71 . ....... 72-79 1, Q A mx X ,S fs W I X WI N t r f S Wnu' 4 ' aa I ' I X . S I Q x 4.0.1, lf' R --f ,' , 7' 5 1 Z- 0 xti U 'O 5 s, ff o 5 O , F f WWW 010' Scene vf Nation Many happy moments h b en spent working and playing on the vario sets of this, ur "studio lot' Y , J I I v li, i 6 lb edication S -ff Because we feel that our homes have been a decidedly important factor in developing our personalities and in fitting us for the roles we shall play in life, we gratefully dedicate this 1948 edition of the Trireme to OUR HOMES 7 MR. JOHN BADURA President MR. EARL ARTMAN Treasurer DR. JAMES ALLISON 010' Koa:-d of fducation To the members of our board of education, to Mr. Vincent, our superintendent of schools, to Mr. Marsh, our principal, and to the members of our faculty, we wish to express our thanks for the splendid direction we have received during our school years. DR. A. R. PECHAN Vice-president MR. JOHN McINTOSH MR. J. P. FRICK MR. FLOYD DeLONG 8 14 miniA tration MR. P. N. MARSH Principal MR. Q. G. VINCENT Superintendent of Schools Kathleen McCoy Raymond E. Miller Margaret Mongavin Fred Ortman Lillian Reichart Jessie Rhines Dorothy Roessing Hubert Rupert Margaret Shubert Edna Shearer Daniel K. Shirey Dorothy Shumalcer Helen Smart Harold Sowers Alice Steiner Marian Thompson Edna F. Tylinski Celeste Weaver Elizabeth Weaver Marion Weaver yafcaltly U In the following pages we introduce our players, the students of Ford City Junior-Senior High School. We are proud of their accomplishments in the classroom, in athletics, and in their other school activities. fc : 'f W' 4 vm9..- -P , .. U O G 4 .liinlil Ploy so softly, class room breeze Fingers on books of life's long keys Glide ever so lightly: gently you blow Leoving the class whispering low. -Anitcl Mo rtinez Senior RAY MARSHALL CHARLES DOVERSPIKE President Vice-president As freshmen on the first rung on the ladder to graduation, we were somewhat awed by the ease and assurance with which the upperclass- men went through the school routine. Would we ever be able to walk along the third fioor hall without feeling self-conscious? A tea dance at Christmas, a skate, and several other dances en- abled us to become better acquainted with fellow freshmen and to put off the feeling of uneasiness. We were important in our own right at the freshmen prom for which Tony Krozly's orchestra was engaged and of course we were the center of attention that memorable night in May when we received the certificates which entitled us to call ourselves members of Ford City Senior High School. As we reached the second step to our ulti- mate goal, we headed our class with the follow- ing capable officers: President, Stanley Glady- siewski, Vice-president, Robert Stepp, Secretary, Jackie Darrall, and Treasurer, Charles Stroud. Under their leadership, we sponsored several dances, but of course the big event was the Sophomore Prom, at which we entertained the Juniors and Seniors. As we grew older, we became better prepared to take our place in school activities. BEVERLY HOY HELEN FOLCIK Secretary Treasurer This was perhaps the most successful year in our school history. Through the efforts of our officers-President, Ray Marshall, Vice-President, Pat Ryan, Secretary, Beverly Hoy, and Treasurer, Charles Stroud, and our class chairmen, we made this a big year financially. Our Junior Play, "A Credit to the Family," made a hit with all our friends. As a fitting end for such a year, one spring night the new gym was transformed into a South Sea island paradise as we enter- tained the Seniors at the Junior-Senior Prom. At last we reached the top-seniors! How important we felt as we went about the tasks associated with sponsoring dances and putting on our play, "The Whole Town's Talking." As a climax to our social season we ioined with the juniors in sponsoring a combined Junior-Senior Prom. With Ray Marshall, Charles Doverspike, Helen Folcik, and Beverly Hoy as our officers, we made our last year a happy one. As the end approached, we were caught in a whirl which in- cluded our prom, our banquet, baccalaureate and, of course, the big night when we received our diplomas. It was with a feeling of sadness that we realized that our high school days were over. NICHOLAS BALAZIK "Nick "..... pals with Cork ,,., quar- terback on the football team... . can really throw a football .,... builds model airplanes in his spare time .....when he has some time,...,. wants to teach physical education .. . Trireme Staff. LOIS MAE BECK "Lois "..... quiet, but oh! so nice travels all the way from Campbell Hollow ...... wears that Sheasley boy's ring .,., that lucky guy!!.. looks cute behind the wheel of her model "A" .future looks bright artist on Trireme Stott. THAD BIELSKI "Tudge" papa's boy because he works at night in the store likes to eat meat when he waits on peo- ple a real .labonie in a '40 tan Chrysler a member of Mixerl Chorus good radio voice. MARY BISH "Meme" .. .from Kelly Station . a pleasant smile ,pals with Lola and Imogene has no trouble making her chewing gum crack ,. lights up when she hears you men- tion Apollo ,, uses her study halls wisely?? radiates charm and ex- pression through twinkling blue eyes. NELSON BISH "Nellie" from way down in Ross- ton ,. spends his spare time work- ing at Lasher's garage hobby is tinting pictures ,..also water dog of Rosston . main interest lies in Yellowdog .... but where there's a girl, there's Nellie plans to be a mechanic. I5 DOROTHY ANN BRISKY "Dot". ,Upals with Fran, Lorraine, and Hallie ,..., ask her about Van- dergrift or should hear her giggle!! lucky girl who leaves school at 3 o'clock Gregg Club ...... ambition-housewife ...,.. boy, can she cook!! JAMES BRUMBAUGH "Archie ".. ,. starts many a heart aflutter ,,,, dynamite on a basket- ball floor ,... magnetic personality .., accomplished pin ball "Til- ter" .. yearns to don a navy uni- form Cyumj... very well liked by fellow students ..,... .loafs with "Germ." JULIA BRYANT "Tabitha" a faithful rooter of Elite ,..has love interest in Penn State ,..oh, that whistle ..... loves art .... hopes to become a fashion designer ,. haunts Carneys ',..., Tri- reme Staff. FRANCES CANIL "Fran" .. swell sense of humor! full of vitality plays a good game of basketball and volleyball pals with Hallie and Lorraine ....not interested in the opposite sex?? .oh, those dimples! ..,, likes Fords wonder why? ATTILIO CHEMELLI "Smoky ",.... why does Smoky al- ways spend his leisure time on Sixth Avenue?? .,., worked in Mc- Henry supply company .... his ambi- tion is to work in a coal mine ..,,. likes woodwork, because he never does anything .,.. called G. F. A. by his friends. DARA LEE CHESTNUT "Dee" small and very striking . .. will make someone an attractive and efficient secretary maybe traveling to school on foot from McGrann helps "Dee" keep that slim figure ...a staunch and loyal member of the Gregg Club. .. Tri- reme Staff. PETE CHRIST "Pete ",.. .works for Mace Levy .. drives his little motor bike.. seen with Bob and Andy ..,, wants to become a mechanic or truck driver . has wavy black hair . cruises in his uncle's Packard. . hails from "Seldom-Seen." ALBERT CIPPEL "Mooney" ,..... lives on Chestnut Street .played R. G. and L. E. on the varsity eleven .... two whole years.. .captain 1947... . likes to swim and wants to do the two and a half forward flip . .very much in- terested in a nurse in Pittsburgh his saying, "Bend over, George." ANN MARIE COSTANZA "'Annie" ..puts "oomph" in the cheers ,. likes dancing, converti- bles, and Gene! member of the Coke Club favorite expression "Oom-Oom" .future-iust passed likes Leechburg boys... follow- ing brother's footsteps keeps up with the latest styles. BRADY COUSINS "Brad". you'll never find him in school during hunting season . one of our bashful boys . . did you ever notice the light in his eyes when he's talking to a certain Freshman? . ., Esther, maybe. REGINA CSIR "Reggie" .. plays a mean game of basketball.. .a member of our short set.. .. regular listener to foot- ball games .. never without Geor- gia and Gladys has a quiet sense of humor. EDWARD CURREN "Muff".. from Gorretts Run. .. wants to become a great electrician likes sports ..."This here and that there" ..thinks all the girls are angels Ubelongs in a class all his own .... likes to cruise around in a black Chrysler. RICHARD DANIEL "Dunnie" . .... quiet type ..... taking scientific course . collects stamps for a hobby.. . main ambition is to go to college .... one of Ace-Hi's basketball stars. .. can't be beaten as a Sokol Gymnast .whiz in Latin lll. JACQUELINE DARRALL "Jackie" our "Personality Kid" , .. has an utterly gargantuous ap- petite, except when under Mary's influence... really friendly .... head cheerleader ..... able mankiller, "l'd say" . . it's those big liquid eyes that "gits" ya! .. Trireme Staff . always in some sort of trouble. RALPH DIGREGORIO "Ralph ".. . member of the "lower- end" gang has a good fob in the newstand reads the funny papers all day long . quiet and well-behaved . frequents Nick's Pool Room mischievous dark eyes. 16 RICHARD DODE "Rich ",.. ...small but potent .,.., prac- tically lives at the Ford City roller rink where he is ass't. manager ...... when not skating, he is playing basketball ...... uses his study halls for nothing but study ,...4 future un- decided. CHARLES DOVERSPIKE "'Chuck" ..,.. stands out in any crowd ..... claims to be girl shy 4..., friend of two of our maiorettes ....., plenty smooth on the dance floor .....-definitely a "swell kid".,,,was exciting as the hero in our Jr. play .,...,well dressed. ANDY DURIS "Shiner "... .. one of the motor-scoot- er boys .,.. likes to dance ,, always with'.Bob and Pete ..,. working for Sergeant in the National Guard ..... also plays basketball for Co. C. U' WILLIAM ENGLERT "Goat "..... Manorville's protege on the basketball floor ..... a whiz on long shots ..,... tall, dark, and hand- some ..,., claims to be a woman hat- er, but we know different played baseball for Garretts Run plans to be an electrical engineer, LORRAINE ESPOSITO "Vinegar "...... she's the lucky girl who won all the money at the "Ford ",.... always seen with Francie and Helen ...., member of the Tri- Hi-Y ..,.. only ambition is to get out of school ..... dimples enhance her smile. I7 HELEN FOLCIK "Hallie' '..,.. definitely a friend to everyone ...,. her casual charm in- creases interest ...... wants to sing with a band .... one of those senti- mental gals .... pretty green eyes ...... wonder why they get that certain gleam when Leechburg and a cer- tain "you know who" is men- tioned. MARY ELIZABETH FRAED "Maribeth" ,..... wows 'em with her "genyooine" Texas accent ,.., ., perpetually dieting, except when under .lackie's influence ...,. one of Shirey's problem babies ..., has a clear sweet voice ..... quite imagina- tive. LEWIS FREROTTE "Luke "..... one of the seldom-seen boys .,., scared the opponents on the gridiron ..... one of Pechans' boys .,.. ask him about the donuts ....,,has nothing special planned for the future. KATHLEEN FRISINA "Kay "....., favorite sports are bas- ketball and football ...,. sings sop- rano in Mixed Chorus ..,.. pals with Tootie ..,,,. would like to travel ..... member of the Gregg Club and Trireme Staff has only nice things to say about Leechburg .,,. loves ex- citement. JOE GAGGINI "Joe' '..,.. leader of the Cadogan- ites ..... his chief ambition is to work in the coal mines ..,. plans to get married soon after he leaves school ..... runs around in '36 Ford ..,...was Miss Bottlander's headache. LLOYD GEER "Gig" . drives a little Willys around .... played varsity football two years ,Hfootball iniury hos- pitalized him for two weeks ,, chorus member , has a nice tenor voice ..... likes to hunt ...,.. future plans uncertain well dressed .. likes L. B. from Kittanning. STANLEY GLADYSIEWSKI "Stush". sets all the girls' hearts pulsating . .. popular with the fel- lows.. ,.drives a big, blue DeSoto ......wants to be a big league base- ball stare. smooth dancer .... one of the sharpest dressers in senior class .. wonderful personality. . . Trireme Staff. DONALD GROSMAN "Don" likes a certain Sophomore a member of County Chorus spends all his spare time working in his dad's store friendly with everyone ,likes to swim, dance, and drive on Sixth wants to be a businessman. JOHN GURSKI "Gurgle" ,. one of the Chestnut Street boys. ,can really rip them if he wants to . pals with "Stush" and "Mohawk" . a basketball star , hopes to teach English in later Iife???,. .no present heart throb .wears his crew cut well Csight. EDWARD HALAS "Hula", ,drives a big blue DeSoto .. likes basketball .played J. V. for 2 years and Varsity for 2 years .. wants to become an office work- er . .doesn't like girls or parties??? ,, has a build that can stand plen- ty of action. DONALD HANEY "Pug". .. short, dark, and wavy hairedn. took part in Junior and Senior Playsmlikes to play bas- ketball and drive a car...,well aware of the opposite sex .. ambi- tion is to be a good electrician Trireme Staff. GEORGIA HASINGER "Georgie ",.. plans to enter college enioys a good game of baseball ...Wlikes to study?? .. always will- ing to give a person a helping hand .....,very neatm much is concealed beneath her engaging smile. SHIRLEY HEFFLEFINGER "Shirl", .iust as cute as she is small .,.. never bores anyone with her troubles ..boys up at Penn State still remember "Shirl ".. .tries to cover up a sentimental nature , meets everything and everybody with a smile .... claims her best friend is her "Mom." BETTY HEILMAN "Betts "..... her man of the hour is "Jerry ".. .. need an orator??.. cull on Betts she's tops her pleas- ant nature will receive due award idle chatter displeases her . rates applause for her solo in the cantata ..,... very neat ..,,. business manager of the Trireme. EVELYN HEILMAN "Pinky" her mother's problem child likes to give parties, why?? ,. plays tackle on the Bunker Hill football team seen at Murphy's on Saturday main headache ,... men ,.... ambiton-to live alone with her dog. 18 SALLY LEE HILEMAN "Duchess ".... can always see her dimples ..., who makes life ne' cessary? ...,.. forever, Moody!! .Lila in Senior Play ..... wants to be a wo- man in white ...likes to drive puts heart in cheering .... witty on Trireme Staff. . can take a joke. BEULAH HOAK "Boots" .... from Bellwood Gardens drives her brother's Olds .... thinks Tom M. is really O. K. seen with Willie and Kay ...member of the Tri-Hi-Y ..... Mixed Chorus .... likes to go ice skating, sled riding, swime ming, and?? THOMAS HOUSEMAN "Tom "...., always with Mike. .. travels by way of Seventh Avenue ......iust to walk up the steps? . what about that girls?? .... likes to spend his leisure time reading .. ambition-to be a metallurgical en- gineer ,.... editorial stafif of Trireme . ...county chorus. BEVERLY HOY "Bever ".. ..."Bev" one ofthe bus- iest girls in the senior class .... has a cute giggle to go with those dim- ples .... loves to pound on her piano and sing ...... developed a passion for horseback riding last summer? wans to study music ...Trireme Stal'T. OLGA HUNIA "Hunya "..,.., lives on Bunker Hill Road ...plays a swell game of football-ftackle, that isl. .fre- quents Voleks '...... loves to attend weinie roasts, we wonder??... dispensable to G. C. Murphy . seen with Mary Ann ...ask her about the "dark clouds." 19 LOIS JACKSON "Lois". small and 'Friendly has an established quota of friends.. goes steady with? .. rather skate than eat Hglad to get out of school. NICK KIBUK "Pups" .. .. hails from "Dobe" .. likes to tinker with automobiles ...... cruises in his blue Pontiac .. hobby is blondes and he really pursues his hobby... .member of Mixed Chorus for two years .future un- decided. STELLA KIJOWSKI "Stel". a tall, willowy blonde with a peaches and cream complex- ion .... will make a wonderful sec- retary .... a speed demon when driv- ing the Green "Olds" . pours out her heart troubles??? to Tessie likes men over 6 ft.-upper Sixth .Gregg Club ,. Trireme Staff. LOUISE KLINGENSMITH "Peg" .tall, blonde, and pretty . .likes to walk the Rosston Road on a moonlit night .. collects light bulbs.. .especially from museums ....would be lost without gum. keeps the library in an uproar .... likes New Bethlehem ..easy to look at . seen with "Stel." KATH RYN KOOMAN "Kay ".. .. steady passenger of Penn Transit ..always has a pleasant smile. ...from Applewold, but still prefers Ford City seen with Boots, Pat, and Willie ..heart in- terest??? .. plays in band. BILL KOVACIK "Measles ".. .. scientific wizard in school .. . plays a mean trumpet in band.,.,very active in all school proiects .... wants to go to M. l. T. and become a research physicist his heartbeat is a drum maiorette , .Trireme Staff. ROSE ELLEN KOVALOVSKY "Tootie" .can be seen driving in her dad's grey Chevy ,.hopes to become a woman in white. .on Trireme Staff .... gets along fine with out-of-town boys ,..enioys dancing ,. pleasant smile ,.... likes basketball and swimming ...out for fun. DOLORES KRINGS "Kris". .a hank of beautiful red hair, vivacious smile, and twinkling green eyes make up "Kris" im- agine her arguing a case in court- wow!! .. .heroine ofthe Senior Play , .future holds a promise of suc- cess . ,.,. neat dresser . ,.,, Trireme Staff. ROBERT KRON EN "Bob" .. , comes from Manorville.. ., works for Greens' Service Station .seen with Andy and Pete, or driving his red scooter with M. A. H. on the back , thinks she's all right .. wants to become a mech- anic ,, nice personality-plus smile. CARL LORENCE "T-bone", .. .if boys could be cute, "T-bone" would be .. proud pos- sessor of the nicest hair in the sen- ior class ..sits in study hall and flirts with all the pretty gals .. every boy's friend, .helps Tudge run the store , ., claims to be a junk man.. ...who knows!! ROBERT LUNGRIK "Cimba "... ,. active in sports ..... one of the comedians of the senior class ......smooth on the dance fioor.. ,. a strange interest in Mitzy B. ,. keeps girls guessing ,. kept the audience laughing in iunior and senior plays . ,. makes the accordion keys talk. LOLA MANSFIELD "Lolly" ., . pals with Imogene and Mary wonder what she talks about in study hall .member of Gregg Club Mixed Chorus ..... swings a mean partner at a square dance. .Trireme Staff ,..from Kel- ly Station .. . snappy photographer . .. frequent boy trouble. LLOYD MANSFIELD "Soup" .,.., Kelly Station man...... likes to hunt?, . attended the State Farm Show this year. plans to be a farmer ..,., often seen with "Nel- lie ".,... drives Dad's Ford ..,.. visits Brick Church often. RAY MARSHALL "Ray". . class president, iunior and senior years ,. "Shields" in the Senior Play.. . participates in all school activities . . plays tennis and pounds the ivories ., pals with Chuck, Fred, and Bob ,, future in law .drives a Chrysler , ., droll sense of humor. ANITA MARTINEZ "Neda ",. well dressed and beau- tiful aspires to write a novel popular gal .. cut out to be a mod- el ...,.. petite maiorette ,.... Kittan- ning's Sam is top man ,.,. devoted to "Essie ",.... eyes of an imp baby of the Senior class, 1165... Literary Chairman of Trireme. 20 MICHAEL MARTINEZ "Mike "... dressed boy in sen- ior class ,... has a had habit of go- ing to Hobson Drive-reasons un- known .... outdoor basketball star .. Tom and he inseparable ..... as- sistant Trireme editor ,... tends to be bashful??? DONALD McCARTHY "Duckie ".. ...a shortie of the class who doesn't have to comb his curly hair ..., usually seen with Slats and the gang in Al's tioats around in a '41 Pontiac .,., likes the girls from Kittanning ...... favorite pastimes- hunting, sleeping. RICHARD McNEELY "Dick" ., everyone heartily agrees he's swell ...4 came to us in Novem- ber, fresh out of the service.. n vast knowledge of the every day things of life keeps audience on the edge of their seats of the best dressed boys in circulation. ROBERT MECHLING "Todd ".... . hails from Pattonville boats around in '36 Chevy ,... can always be 'Found at "Ripples' Con- fectionery, Hardware, and Cloth- ing Store. ",, .not interested in op- posite sex .... loves woodwork and the teacher ...,. interested in hunting. LOIS MEEK "Lois ",. .ambitious?? I'll say!! .. always has an armful of books .. in county chorus Senior Play . has pretty auburn hair.. nursing is her choice can't make up her heart .... loves football, popcorn, and walking in the rain. 21 PAUL MELEASON "Spike" ...... likes to hunt and fish ff besides playing basketball for Ace Hi ....,. good Sokol gymnast ....,. one of our quiet lads. WILLANNA MILLEN "Willie' '..... has sparkling brown eyes that look ahead to a career in home economics .... plays piano for orchestra ..,,,, makes frequent trips to the mountains ,.... picnics and camping are her specialties ....., faithful Tri-Hi-Y member ,..,.. likes her Latin. WILLIAM MILZ "Atlas "..... comes from upper Sixth Avenue ,,.... seen with Walt and Ed .,,..wants to ioin the Navy. small but dynamite!!! ROBERT MOODY "Bob" ,.., really lives up to his name ......can't be beaten on the dance tioor ,... partial to dimples .... a neat dresser ...... willing to lend a helping hand ..,. a hard worker ...I a win- ning smile and devilish eyes. .wit- ty ...... usuolly 'Found at Solly's. MIKE MOYTA "Mooch" ..... works in dod's shoe shop ..."The Russian Cobbler ".. wants to go into the shoe business likes the great outdoors .. member of the chorus a real comedian ...... likes to ride around in his dad's new Chevy. JERRY JEAN NAMECHE "J. J." often seen in May courts excellent secretary material but "Jody" has the answer to Jerry's future .. an accomplished pianist and artist, .was delightful as "Helen" in Junior Play. beautiful brown eyes ., attractive.. Gregg Club Vice President .. Trireme Staff. PATRICIA NELSON "Pat". . sweet and attractive . .. we "Grant" you she's that way for a special reason .. flowery airs . .."brains" but no "brown", .. one of those lucky IOO TB. gals ..,.. member of the Tri-Hi-Y .... wants to be o Florence Nightingale follower ., ..Trireme Staff. DOROTHY OLSHESKI "Dot". the girl with the voice. . is very much puzzled over her "men" .proud of her newly ac- quired driver's license .yields- with the publicity for the Gregg Club .. May Queen, Freshman year . .has the best parties . well liked by all. .Trireme Staff. DOLORES PARISI "Dee" .... very stuclious ,.plans to enter business school will make o wonderful secretary for whom does her heart beat? pretty hair librarian for the Gregg Club ., on the Trireme Staff. EDWARD PETRAS "Ed" .. pals with Chippy. .always looking for a good time, especially in Kittanning admits his hobby is chasing girls.. .fixes his wavy hair to have that careless look future plans are uncertain. JOHN PORTASIK "Porky ",..,. likes to talk. .. is bash' ful???.. , builds model airplanes.. , played varsity football and basket- ball 4 years ...., wants to go to col' lege .,... tenor in chorus . seen with "Measles" and "Skuky ".... loves the letter "l.". .,on the Trireme Staff. JEAN RAY "Jeanie". ..Jeanie with the beau- tiful brown hair . gentle Gnd Soft spoken .. travels all the way from Kelly Station....who knows what lurks behind those big brown eyes will make an efficient 0FfiCe worker. DOROTHY ANN REISGEN "Dot" .. ..our Trireme editor one of the taller set .swings a mean tennis racquet on any court ..,i plans to study home ec. at Beaver -hummll .. . oh, those big blue eyes , ,. lots of fun anywhere and ar1Y' time.. .. interested in all school ac- tivities. EUGENE REVAY "Gene" Oh! that curly hair. .. one of our ex-G. l.'s ,. thinks girls are mighty swell .... our "cut up" in the library . . very modest??? . pals with "Ralph ".. .friendly. MAUREEN ROGAN "Red" .. . got that nickname in the most "novel" way. .. utterly stun- ning in that beautiful shade of aqua she wears frequently .. could live on the dance floor ..May Queen, sophomore year Hdreamy eyed ,... Rosie's other half-better? worse??? 22 PAT RYAN "Buster' ',.... could pose for a tooth- paste ad with that smile... has a huge shadow which answers to the name "Smitty" ,, . will go far in any field of art .... a good listener .4,,.. happy cheerleader dynamic per- sonality ..,,. easily influenced Qahemi . , Trireme Staff. VALENTINE SCHMAUS "OId Spice" .... always seen with "Cinnie, Hooser, and Pode". ,. likes to read books and swim played two years of varsity football ..,... an- other chorus member ...wants to become a sailor .... has a girl for every day of the week. IRENE SEREDA "I ",..... the girl who really helped the cast of the Senior Play ,..... very efficient ...... seen with Lorraine and the gang ,... lives for basketball season ..... always ready to join in the fun member of the Tri-Hi-Y .....Gregg Club ..Tireme StaFf,..,. future banker. MARJORIE SH EASLEY "Margie", has a long ride to school ...... cute in a hula skirt ,..... al- ways with Lois .... has frequent boy trouble ...... favorite subiect is study hall ,.... plays basketball... .likes the country. ROSE SHEVCHUK "Rosie ",..... blonde menace ..... mem- ber of the Trireme Staff, Coke and Gregg Club ..,. gets a golden tan in summer ,,,.. likes her noon hours ...Hwonder why???..,.. good dancer plans to pound a typewriter wants to travel. 23 HAZEN SIMMONS "Chippy" ..... a hilltopper ..... always seen with Ed and driving one of his brother's cars ,.., likes to hunt, but for what?? ..,,, played for the hilltopper five basketball team ...,,. greets you with a smile at Central Service. BERNICE SMATH ERS "Bernice "...... member of the Gregg Club ,..... would make a good secre- tary ...... enthusiastic over basketball quiet...,, her friendship we prize ...,..on Trireme Staff. JAMES H. SOLIDA "Slats "...... o bowling alley habitue . has a cute laugh ...... ask him about it ...,. likes to go for long bus trips?? ..... plays basketball and baseball .... what a curve! ....,, fishes and hunts ,,... ambition-to get out of school. PHYLLIS SPANG "Phil "...,. Miss Guided Missel .,... be- longs on the cover of a magazine loyal member of the "Pots"..,.,. loves swimming and the autumn season ..... get in touch with her next September in New York ..... has high hopes for her future .,.. blonde and attractive .... Trireme Staff. MARGARET STANKO "Margie" ..... likes to roller skate...... wants to become a beautician ....., usually seen with Fran, Hallie, and Lorraine ...,. member of the Mixed Chorus ...... undecided about the fu- ture ...... on Trireme Staff. ROBERT STEPP "Bob ".... ..the "lturbi" of the senior class ..can really play the piano . ..., good student ..pals with Ed and Walter ..., plans to study music ....."Robert" in Junior Play. smooth dancer on Trireme Staff. JAMES STIVASON "Stivy" . ,... sportsminded .. de- pendable back on our football team ...wants to be a good baseball player in the Major Leagues ..... "Ralph Kiner" on the Garretts Run team ..... drives Manorville gang to school every day in his dad's Pon- tiac .. sports editor for Trireme. CHARLOTTE STOTLER "Peaches" ..., rides the Penn Transit bus the wittiest girl in the senior class.. ..wants to be an artist Tri-Hi-Y member . Trireme Staff ..... has the prettiest pair of brown eyes .... basketball fiend .... toll men are her pet weakness .. pals with Min .Mixed Chorus. CHARLES STROUD "Chuck ".. ., the "fleetfooted-mighty- mite" on the backfield of our foot- ball team treasurer of our class in Fresh., Soph., Jr. years .. "Ches- ter" in Senior Play ..... cruises around in a maroon "Studie ".. .. all- round good fellow. JACK SZAFRAN "Germ" .a swell kid everyone likes ..pulls the best jokes with- out even trying .... plays a good game of basketball.. .hasn't had much interest in women lately ..... doesn't give much thought to his curly hair. pals with "Stush" and "Archie." ELEANOR TENEROWICZ "Nocha ".. ..what's in the park that's so interesting? .... we know privacy member of the "Coke Club "..... not as bashful as she pretends to be .. peaches and cream complexion .. a Falcon Queen .... wonder who latest heart interest is. WALTER TIHANOVICH "Wald' '..... gives the impression of being shy, but we wonder?? ...... drives the girls mad by his indiffer- ence .... a shack builder, of the "big men" on the gridiron... . usually wears a teasing smile .. Trireme Staff. JAMES VALASEK "Buck "..... you can find him on a basketball floor anytime of the day Ace-Hi's champ! blushes when g-i-r-I-s appear.. ., caddies 'For Al ...., who's "Hot Rock," Buck?,. his friendship is worth working for . . pals with Mooney. ESTH ER VALEK "Sis" ..... there is humor planted deep in our Sissie ,... was lovable as "Mary Ann" in the Jr. Play .... .. all were glad to see her back on the cheering squad.. . hasn't much use for men.. .. best swimmer in F. C. H. S. ..... Trireme Staff. GLADYS VERES "Gladys "... her favorite hobby is looting .. one of the Gregg Club members.. quiet?? .... Miss Shu- bert's headache wants to travel .. one of our tall girls .... keeps her hair well-groomed .... pleasant personality .... pals with Georgie and Reggie. .. Trireme Stalt. 24 MARY ANN VISNOVSKY "Mary Ann "4,... ambition is to be- come a bookkeeper .. spends Sat- urdays working for G. C. Murphy lives out on Bunker Hill thinks parties are wonderful . why? . . has a pleasant personality loafs out at Voleks'. DOROTHY VOLEK "Dot", dainty and petite .... seen a lot with Dolores.. .plans to be a woman in white .. friend to all . .. o regular movie goer .,.. enioys talk- ing about her brothers and sisters . . has a cute laugh. DONALD WAUGAMAN "Duck" ,. walks to school from Campbell's Hollow .one of the shorties of the class ,, plays trom- bone in the band and orchestra ,..,, no interest in girls likes horses and hopes to be a veterinarian .. always willing to help someone. ALAN WEAVER "Alan "... ,there is only one Alan Weaver ,, menace to all the teach- ers .. an individualist. ,. rare sense of humor never without a smile . .hmm .lives for the present says the future takes care of itself. FRED WHITTAKER "Fred" .taking college prepara- tory course in school , plans to join Navy on graduation .plays guard on DeMolay basketball team .a handy man at Thomas Flynn's .. pals with "Bob", "Ray," and "Chuck," avid tennis fan. 25 ELIZABETH ANN WIELOBOB "Izzie iust loves English Grr! .. has nice black hair. , crazy about "white" cars ...... gets a charge out of anything member of the Art Club. .. who is her heart beat? loves most any sport but prefers basketball .. . future beau- tician. Trireme Staff. ROBERTA WILLIAMS "Twee "... ...never a dull moment with Twee ..appreciates a good laugh ...,, main headache is English Class.,.causes a riot in the Li- brary, 5th period. all round swell kid . , future, who knows? ..,.. . always seen in a Kaiser. LILA WILLS "Tex "... pride and joy is horse, "Spike" .... adds snap and color at the head of F. C. H. S.'s band ...... big blue eyes and a pug nose ,,,,A, "Oh, Johnny" is No. l on her hit parade ...., future... .airline hostess . .. Trireme Staff .. chorus. JOHN WINTGENS "Pete", ...thinks Clinton is a pretty nice place and has good reasons stands like a stone wall on the football team .... never seems to be in a hurry a good skater.. .. am- bition in life is to be successful. PATRICIA WRIGHT "Pat". one of those iolly gals..,.,. never seen without her sister Becky ......tries to keep a straight face, whatever the situation .... ioins the fun in P. O. D. .... not a care in the world ,..... no interest in the male species ..... pretty black hair. MARY WYANT "Mary ".... ..main interest is Jesse. treasurer of the Gregg Club ..... member of the Trireme Staff and Coke Club ...,.. not hard to look at ,....,friendly toward all.,...enioys going ice-skating and to the movies with Jesse ,... helps Rosie with her art. CLYDE YATES "Clyde" of the few boys who don't have a nickname ,,.,. is an inordinate baseball fan ..... iust ask himy you'll find out... fqotball and basketball manager.. .. plays a mean game of basketball. TERESA ZBORAN "Treas" ...... shortest, cutest little "Kid" around ,... always with Punk .....wants to be an old maid fiokel ...faithful member of the Gregg Club ..... vitality shines in her eyes-that's not all . .. regular "clam" swimmer ..... loves out-of- town people .... boys, natch Tri- reme Staff. 26 CORTLANDT BYRON "Bud "....,. has dark wavy hair ..... . ex-sailor .... the girl that snatches him will be lucky .... personality plus .... swell guy helps his fath- er deliver milk .,.. fun and fancy free ,... iust loves English grr!!! ELMA KLINGENSMITH "Elma "... ...has lovely dark eyes fringed by beautiful brown eye- lashes .... claims her heart's all her own ....,. never misses a word Mr. Shirey says ...,.. travels back and forth with Clara and Jean .. a nice girl ...... quiet ..... loves to cook. X . ZZ 'IW ...-..-. Q-Q . M Q, ,mr as W 0 h .J fm ,, 1, , . G?!Ei?f6Xi3' . A M g,53g?'- K 'ifffsifx vm -, f We W, sr- A? f- Lweif' w .1 5-2-,M amyg- yfjim at .gf rf . kg i 3-' ag! , wi, 'L' 'f24fi.v k - . N' f ,,g5?'jigz?J , .Ms -K, W 'Q N I W, 11' 525113 .3 25 I gg A 5 -: Eff- kiwi" S, ,EJ -w N 721 P . K ' 'F wr 3 if A 7 f 3. cs. 5 gg, E B5 , .v,.W.4.. ' 5 2 A544 , x X1 ,-i M Q qw it -ywi' - f K , . -W 40 ag r ,. X-Mez Es , ,fy M- Saw -,Q 12 'v J Q5 W X' k Q W Y Q :f , .v.'V'Hg . ,iz-'ff 155-7 "Nz . "-5ifi .f's-Q32f5,gg4s 521335 A- ' - ,A . igfzflfif-fav gm' ,j i . ga ug v A v M N :ya K X . X sy QQL X- 1 ri fm as v T .N S -,,. 5 gs Q LQ , Q ,Q " 'fm .Z, S If M x , K 1 f , A M V A' f 5 ,tar X gig aim gl f 3. h K Q' wud I Q ,- H . , :mfy 5 ' .K ' -Q4 , , 2 f if ,J H ' jg-gr' I - ,A, .,3f 32 F Z M gg 1, , . :swf A Els, 391525 'i .f . nf1'Lm- . mf, ., 1 Y V W,,:,,M, -"2Yf?fifff2S, We 'ii Q H -1Jwsgg,m:3,i ,M - .fm V 1.3 Tm- . 'ff f- , iQiig,f,, A Hb. K iv 2111-afw' R f . Ji- ,K 1. FSL -ag , -f:+4m.m.., My 'Si .. , , ff, bv , 51 N V , -WS Q ,,:,:. , ,,.X,. -,,:f:,?: 41 4 P w ,,,, Y 7333 Jig wwf 121 1 ' .XM , ah -iw ,f .llwu K 92: C1444 Will We, the class of nineteen hundred and forty-eight, realizing that we shall soon ioin the ranks of those who are striving to build a new and better world, have ordered that certain of our possessions be left to those underclassmen who will prove worthy of our trust, as remem- brances and tokens of our regard. Therefore, we, the aforementioned class of nineteen and forty-eight, being of sound mind and body, do hereby proclaim this document to be our last will and testament. Willie Millen leaves her coat hanger in Mr. Shi- rey's room-the one that she doesn't have! Phil Spang leaves Mr. Sowers to his wife-at last! Mary Bish bestows her seat in Home-Ec on who- ever can carry on a conversation. "Porky" wills his broad fyum!!! shoulders to "Wolfie." Peg Klingensmith leaves her tall---ness to Helen Coleman. Pete Wintgens iust leaves-for Clinton!! Andy Duris wills anything he has to anyone who wants it. Joanne, what about that?? Bob Kronen bestows his parking space in front of the school on Bob Helm. Bob Stepp wills Mr. Shirey to the Junior Class. Bill Englert leaves his "solid seat" to Junior Woy- TOD. Brady Cousins endows Frank King with his lov- able?? whiskers. Dotty Olsheski wills her pleasant speaking-voice to Lois Malc. Anita Martinez wills her lovely figure and per- fect posture to Donnie Barbour. Sally Hileman leaves her sophisticated profile to June Fox. Till Chemelli leaves his hot basketball shooting to Bill Stover. "Evie" Heilman leaves her mischievous eyes to Rose Marie Baculik. Dara Lee Chestnut leaves her seat in English class to Peggy Edwards. Mary Wyant leaves with Jesse. Rose Shevchuck wills her blue "specs" to Rose Marie Bucko. Beverly Hoy leaves her dimples to Virginia Walker. Anna Marie Costanza leaves her friendliness to Betty Kendra. Dolores Parisi leaves her seat on the Cadogan bus to Joann Kane. Walter Tihanovich wills his voice and title, "Mumbles", to Donald Wolfe. Lloyd Mansfield leaves his trips to Vandegrift??? to Dick Clever. "Luke" Frerotte wills his left guard position on the squad to Dick Heigley. Bill Milz leaves his poker playing ability to Lynn Patchin. Ed Halas wills his tall frame to Jerry Slagle. Charles Doverspike leaves his classy clothes to Joey Cippel. Donald Waugaman bestows his great store of intelligence on Paul Malagari. "Arch" Brumbaugh wills his "dirty face" to Jim Lerner, hoping his humor amuses Karol in 303. "Boots" Hoak leaves her colorful saddle shoes to whoever can wear them. "Twee" Williams wills her skating ability to Jean Protz. Val Schmaus bestows on Dick Duff his "Como" tenor. "Mooney" Cippel leaves his position as guard on the football team to "Clubhouse" Vonder- kall. Stella Kiiowski leaves the '47 Green Olds to Tessie Levcik. Bette Heilman wills her place in Shorthand 2 class to Lila Lee Lhote. "Peaches" Stotler leaves her quiet nature????? to Min Duff??? "Fran" Canil endows "Bebe" Valek with her merry sense of humor. Maureen Rogan wills her red hair and all its prestige to Myrtle Mack. "Treas" Zboran leaves her delightful smile to "Punky" Tirpak. "Margie" Stanko wills her honey colored hair to "Honey" Kiiowski. . ,,- ...-p-1-. -., -..- - ..,. - Pat Ryan leaves school with the most handsome boy in Har-Brac! "Sissy" Valek bestows her smooth dancing abil- ity on Lonnie Kania. J. J. Nameche leaves her attractiveness and en- gaged state to Patty McMeans. Lois Meek wills her place on the ladder of suc- cess to Peggy Kracht. Mary Fraed wills her "oh-riginal" system of mak- ing English speeches to anyone daring to claim it. Johnny Gurski leaves Joe Krukar in the clutches of "Hub!" Pat Wright leaves her seat "of honor" on the Ford Cliff bus to Kit Johnston. Bill Kovacik leaves-Lois awfully, awfully lone- some. "Cimba" wills his mischievous sense of humor to Johnny Rudosky. "Shirl" Heffelfinger leaves her petiteness to Clara Klingensmith. Richard Dode bestows all of his knowledge of chemical science on Bill Lucian. Gene Revay wills his "real" wavy hair to Wal- ter Kissick. "Chippy" Simmons leaves his friendly smile to Bud Zerick. LLoyd Geer wills Doctor Steel, the surgeon??, to "Chicken." Margie Sheasley leaves her cute giggle to Anna Marie Beck. Dot Reisgen leaves her fiddle playing to who- ever can stand it. Jean Ray leaves her English 4 book to whoever is unlucky enough to get it. lt's iinxed! Olga Hunia wills her good longshot basketball technique to Bernice Campbell. Jackie Darrall wills her everlasting appetite to Charlaine Schwab. Mary Ann Visnovsky leaves her bookkeeping ability to Rose Morvik. "l" Sereda wills her directing fof playsj technique to anyone worthy of it. 4-H-Member CO. H., J. D., M. A., V. E. HJ leave their Sunday "Excursions" to anyone who dare risk them. Lorraine Esposito wills her luck at the Ford to Hope Arnold. Lila Wills bestows her riding ability on Marilyn Yingst. Richard Daniel wills his wealth of ebony tresses to "Crash" Patsue. Don Grossman leaves his ability to wear yellow to Dick Mechling. Gladys Veres wills Miss Shubert to the future Gregg Club. Ray Marshall bestows his "gems of wisdom" on Jiggs Stroud. Lola Mansfield wills her square dancing ability to Carrie Miller. Ed Petras leaves his daringness to play hooky to Scrub Helm. Don Haney wills his great acting ability to who- ever can meet his standard??? T-Bone Lorence leaves his woodworking ability and bright red suspenders lbuttons missingl to John Falsetti. Mike Moyta wills his sharpness at the pool table to George Todoroff. Bob Moody leaves his "Murray" style of dancing to Victor Arco. Clyde Yates wills his nice red hair to Jack Ryan. Ed Curren leaves his sweet women and "this here" and "that there" to Karl Stollenwerk. Tom Houseman leaves his reckless driving to Bill Jansen. Mike Martinez leaves his neckties and Miss Aur- and to his cousin, Victor Arco. Julie Bryant leaves her love of English fgrrrrll to June Tolliver. "lzzie" Wielobob bestows her beautician tech- nique on "Bebe" Valek. Tudge Bielski wills his very neat and plain???, handwriting to any scribbler. Stush Gladys leaves all his love lahhhhlj to Betty Lou. "Red" Krings wills her control over the wheel at the speed of eighty-five to Pat Fester. The Gang leave their thanks to Mrs. Cogley and Mr. Sowers for being such swell people. This will is signed, sealed, published, and de- clared valid by the above named Class of nine- teen hundred and forty-eight as our last Will and Testament. Ray Marshall, Class President Valentine Woyton, Junior Class President First Witness William Byron, Sophomore Class President Second Witness univr Seated: Valentine Woyton, President, Eileen Beck, Secretary. Standing: William Turicik, Vice-president, Beatrice Valek, Treasurer Entering the basement floor as green freshmen, we were readily welcomed and swept up in the activities of the year. Our initial year was climaxed by our first prom and the Promotional Exercises, after which we left our title as "greenies" to the incoming group. Having been promoted to the second floor, we spent a peaceful year under the watchful eye of the office. A well-attended prom marked our progression up the next step of the ladder. We passed into our Junior year, well-prepared, except in financial matters. We soon rallied, however, through dances, skates, and our own Junior Play, II ' Il Tish. By popular vote it was decided to combine the Junior and Senior Proms and have one big dance for both the Juniors and Seniors. Thus we pass the third rung of the ladder, looking forward to the top. 32 Back Row-William Jansen, Valentine Woyton, Leo Placha, Walter Kissick, Gerard Slagle, Domenic Cesare Third Row-James Thomaswick, Dean Doverspike, Richard Passmore, Robert Helm, Earl Cooper Second Row-Anabel McJunkin, Eileen Beck, William Lucian, Eugene Revay, Edward Germy, Donald Roberts, Miss Bottlander Front Row-Marilyn Duff, Jean Protz, Joanne Kane, Martha Greene, Doris Hindes, Elma Klingensmith, Vera Carney, June Tolliver 33 Back Row-Frank Gariglio, George Todoroff, James Liptow, John Skukalek, Franklin King Third Row-Stanley Wilson, Charles Hutchison, Bud Byron, Ben Cook, Marilyn Yingst, Joan Carberry Second Row-Charles Milligan, William Retzger, Richard Hand, Joan Jageman, Joan Gowetski, Frankie Jean Hepler, Lois ,lane Malc, Miss Beamon Front Row-Clara Klingensmith, Gladys Sipe, Donetta Barbour, Lorraine Thiry, Patricia Fester, Doris Priester, Delores Czapcr Back Row--Angelo Scopel, Robert Maus, Kenneth Lettrich, George Fitzgerald, John Stroud Third Row--Helen Coleman, Charlaine Schwab, Verle Coleman, Henry Dietz, Joseph Bureau, Anthony Remis Second Row-Joseph Hagofsky, James Waugaman, Lila Lhote, Betty Lou Tongue, Rose Marie Baculik, Joseph Kiiowski, Frank Hribik, Miss Roessing Front Row--Lois Jackson, Gloria Capizzi, Eloise Wiser, Rose Morvik, Agnes Harriger, Louise Good, Elizabeth Kiiowski Back Row-Francis Churchill, James Hohl, Grant Daugherty, John Varholla, William Stover, Joe Krukar Third Row-Lee Ray Green, Richard Karabin, James Bowser, John Falsetti, John Rudosky, Kenneth Reitler Second Row-Beverly Miller, Lillian Kral, Hope Arnold, Bernice Campbell, Virginia Walker, Robert Ortmann, Paul Malagari, Miss Steiner Front Row-Rita Rupert, Joan Gross, Elizabeth Cippel, Helen Szalankiewicz, Elizabeth Kendra, Nancy Gold- man, Jean Holizna, Peggy Edwards Back Row-William Roberls, Karl Sfollenwerlc, Roberi Hileman, Howard Zerick, Vicior Arco Third Row-Walter Cryfzer, William T Ilk Ed d L Ed J h J k R l ur'c' , war unz, son 0 nsion, ac eit er Second Row-Georgia Cassel, Paul Klacka, James Novak, Richard Duff, Leona Kama, Beairice Valek, Margie D S unmire, Mr. owers f J X, , , W ff ff J f QT J J 1 127: if 5.1222 ii gf 57" fvig-f' 'li-ll-.ln ,MZ27 ff" '::::-rea , ff ii f 1 . X f ffl! X 1 I 777! f Z Soyzlwmv eA William Byron President June Fox Vice-president Mary Ann Colonna Secretary-Treasurer After a busy freshman year which was climaxed by our freshman prom and the presentation of an operetta for our promotional exercises, we reached our present status. As sophomores we have had many activities, the most out- standing being our sleighing party and our trip to Kennywood in May. Back Row-Donald Cowan, Albert Walleck, Frank Kreutzer, Donald Henderson, Wayne Sherry, Roy Swank, Robert Jackson Third RowfFrank Yaskula, Richard Valek, Frances Bartek, Mary Jane Vensel, James Manes, Fred Gaggini, Rudolph Durec, Tom Relich Second Row'-Betty Shotts, Jean Goodyear, Betty Bryant, John Chclrney, Margaret Rich, Clara Klingensmith, Enrico Papurrello, Mr. Kyle Front Row-Isabelle Rothwell, Mary Ann Colonna, Druselia Dowling, Aida Orton, Marcella Hufhand, Vivian Lungrik, Leatrice Miller Back Row-Charles Kamer, Russell Crissman, Charles Beck, Donald Swartz, Lynn Patchin Third Row-Harvey Martin, Charles Himes, John Mysliwiec, John Vargo, Donald Shotts, Wilbert Euchler, Edward Chauvaux Second Row-Dorothy Rupert, Anna Marie Beck, Judith Green, Geraldine Parisi, Ann Irwin, Geraldine Minarcin, Donald Rupert, Mrs. Aubrey Front Row-Rose Marie Butko, Delores Fair, Barbara Wilsoncroft, Genevieve Kolylc, Harry Gauker, Mary Jane Reich, Marcella Slculxalek, Myrtle Maclx Back Row--John Gongola, Paul Shumaker, Albert Hribik, Marvin Russell, Lee Gregg, Donald Wolfe, James Swartzlander Third Row-Jack Lenahan, James Karl, Alice Lee Campbell, Allen Fair, Clair Culp, Patricia Binder, Isabelle Krukar Second Row-Olga Magdy, Frances Remis, John Volek, George Blondeaux, Mildred Crownover, Samuel Nelson, Joseph Cippel, Mrs. Cogley Front Row-Joyce Stitt, Reatha Schall, Helen Payo, Carrie Johnston, June Fox, Patricia Wolfe, Thelma Hart- man, Betty Mohr. 37 Back Row-William Byon, Ronald Temsik, Richard Mechling, Richard Asay, Robert Yassem Frederick Fox Third Row-Helen Barber, Virginia Brown, Dale Orton, William Lindeman, William Scott Thomas Stroud Richard Walker Second Row-Jo Ann Reed, Patricia Kiene, Doris Miller, Theresa Ondruselc, Martin Yantos James Heffelfinger Betty Shakley, Mr. Ortman First Row-Diana Ritchey, Dona Clever, Bernadine Tirpak, Marie Hromadilc, Teresa Levcllc Jack lseman Clair Klingensmith, Jack Ray Back Row-Charles Temsik, James Guthrie, Lamberson Olinger, Herbert Vonderkall, James Lerner, Richard Humes Third Row-Kenneth McCollim, Carl Folcik, Walter Kiiowski, William South, Carrie Miller, Mary Ann Olinger Frances Putz Second Row-Carl Bowser, Richard Clever, Lucille Leque, Phyllis Sellers, Marion Baillie, Delores Rimmel Eleanor Kane, Donald Wyant, Miss Shumalxer Front Row+Howard Ryan, Janet Holizna, Joanne Thompson, Patricia Chauvaux, Palricia Czapor, Barbara Bouch, Magdalen Gayda, Salvatore Quattrone Bock Row-Cecilia Labutko, Ronald Pendleton, Sully Bish, Sully Scheeren, Mary Louise Go M I McCarthy s FdIR -sway c h I J A M 9 M GI s Phyu z k M F Ry-MyA HI J Cyl Ed Jh M Ryld DI z K 5 f 4 M 'I ,,X'iRq," 'ji X r , A 4 ,. - .- MQFMQW ,404 'llg!552.lx!Q!? 4, 4 -P '- y' Q' Q M sv " 'v l', Ofiag j E X' 4"'4 QW, I "aJ.!,,g0 .ix : X v , f' 'M M sv H . f ' 494 'D 4 B 5 ,anal i 9-" 'Q " - QA! Av 5.4, Q.... sg 5 -I-I.. .illlly ull Q 5 f QQ Q nl ' 4 Aw 'iiin' 39 Back Row-John Tripp, William Simpson, Dean Spencer, James Stivenson, Robert Stivason James Thomas Edward Shaffer Third Row-Violet Sipe, Bernice Vensel, Douglas Wingard Joanne Waugaman, Mary Ellen Thevenm Dorothy Smith, Doris Jean Smith, Alvin Sellers Second Row-JoAnn Semmens, Phyllis Turney, Max Seckinger, Eleanor Troup, Robert Vargo Lillian Sheasley Elizabeth Turicik, Rose Tedeski, Miss Smart Front Row-Katherine Tremont, Harold Thevenin, Mary Louise Shakley, Doris Thiry, Richard Vudanoff Lowell Simmons, George Yaskula, Patricia Wolfe ?reAlamen Back Row-Mary Jo Pytel, Leonard Miller, Donald Paffrath, James Schmaus, Joe Reitinger, James Ireland Robert Meek, William Schwab, Janet McJunkin Third Row-Anthony Riskosky, Jack O'Brien, Salem Moore, Theresa Prazenica, Virginia Schaefer, Hazel McCil- Iim, Patti Schwab, Randall Schrecongost Second Row-Joseph Retzer, Eileen Raypush, Teddy Perdos, Doothy Preslco, Norma Jean Reich, William Ortman Jacob Miltz, Mr. Buyers Front Row-Irene Pella, Martha Odrechowski, Loretta Parisi, Fortune Michaux, Esther Morelli, Wayne Rupert, Mary Catherine Petrovsky, Carmen Miller, John Minarcin I I Back Row-Robert Kunst, Leo Liberto, John Lux, Henry Livengood, Edward Leord, Roger Klingensmith, Jay Kline, Edward Matus Third Row-Jerry Liptow, Janet Klingensmith, Julia Ann King, Carole Karl, Josephine Klucior, Rose Kudelko, John Kanzlmar, Robert Kendra, Helen Mauthe Second Row-Ernest Klingensmith, Glenna Lou Lewis, Victoria Krizman, Clara Kiiowslci, Patricia Kiiowslci, Olga Kuchta, Cecilia Kiiowski, Mary Klaput, Annette Kerr, Miss Weaver Front Row-George Liperote, Edward Lenohan, Dean Klingensmith, Robert Klingensmith, Richard Luchesa, James Law, James Kentfield Back Row-Gust Frerotte, John Herbst, Edward Hutchison, Coralee Fichthorn, Eleanor Harrison, Mary Louise Germy Third Row-Janet Gordon, Patricia Emmonds, Jack Hatfield, Paul Humenik, Edward Hribik, Mary Guthrie, Mary Heilman, Gene Gregory Second Row-Evelyn Heicle, Elmira Hooks, Theresa Hooks, Jeanne Heilman, Florence Fox, Mildred Frantz, Donna Jean Henry, Stanley Henry, Mr. Miller Front Row-Lois Fiscus, Catherine Hrabovsky, Doris Fair, Martha Fox, Howard Himes, Robert Hagofsky, Louis Hribik, James Erdley 41 Bock Row-Robert Bruuers, John Cippel, Mark Campbell, John Bodum, John Czekunslxi, Ray Crissntun, Thomas h, ,,,, , y, h hhh h f ff 'gf N ff f 7 f I Z, Xf fjf Z wx 9 0 Z Q 42 Back Raw Jimmy Stroud Dick Mc Guore Bobby Martin Robert Petras Russell Brumbaugh Edward Walten baugh Tommy Schrecengost Third Row Shirley Iseman Sally Fair Julia Malc Beverly Rupert Beverly Walker Patty Fichthorn Eileen McKann Janet Mechlnng Second Row Harry Lessire Bobby Fr . Kovalovsky Wi iam Wray I Bowser, Delores Hartman, Shirley Bernauer, Mary Alice Campbell, Mrs. Kinley ont Row-Marilyn Beck, Lillian Payo, Betty Bowser, Helen Priester, Wen- dell Hartman, Jimmy Allison, John Waugarnan 991: tl: gr de Back Row-James Good, Thomas Em- monds, Lenore Schafer, Doris Jean Wright, Katherine Peters, Earl Smith, James Pendleton, John Wain Third Row-Vivian Pendleton, Ronald Baker, Shirley Blondeaux, Shirley Swartz, James Herbst, ldella Davis, Donald Contrael Second Raw-Erla Westwood, William Rebarick, Betty Cypher, Junior Woodside, William Cunningham, Norma Hawk, Robert Gibson, Miss McCoy Front Row-Shirley Smathers, Sandra McCarthy, Richard Chauvaux, Cora Mae Zurney, James Dunmire, Rus- sel Anderson, Sam Spencer, Lois Dowling 43 Back Row George Davenport Doro thy Smith Edward Schnell Robert Bowser Ray Watterson John Stutt Third Row-Paul Jackson Keith Wil- son John Rosenberger Ernest Jack- son, Samuel Given, Jean Fickes Barbara Neale Second Row-Jean Boarts, Shirley Crawford, Annabelle Griffith, Bern- ard Haney, Amil Briskey, Florence Camp, Hazel Bish, Donna McCol- lim, Mr. Baum Front Row-William Rosenberger, Eu- gene Miller, Patricia Ferguson, Sally Haney, James Hilliard, Delores Spen- cer, Elder Fennell, Lowell Mill .......,, .vw Se en tl: gr de Back Row-John Klimkowicz, Frank Arnold, Helen Tihanovich, Carolyn Schrecengost, Kathryn Harosky, Donald Hrabovsky Third Row-Marion Lysakowski, Alberta John, Ann Novak, Catherine Christ, Mary Ann Guthrie, Dorothy Chur- chill, Betty Kiiowski Second Row-Ethel Guthrie, Edward Burdett, John Myschisin, Robert Fichthorn, John Slagle, Charles Lutter- bach, Shirley Bailey, Miss Barlett Front Row-George Arnold, Betty Markby, Patty Wiser, William Livengood, Larry Hufhand, John Manning, Betty Walbert, Lois Jean Woodside Back Row-Charles Sitch, Raymond Miller, Bob Stewart, James Roberts, Joseph Gregory, Stanley Gowetski, Richard Gardner Third Row-Bernice Klingensmith, Beverly Cochran, Sally Dill, Peggy Procious, Marlene Foreman, Marilyn Ruth Bowser, Sally Irwin, Phyllis Walker Second Row-Nancy Everett, Margaret Baillie, Harry Kolakowski, William Fichthorn, Andy Pytel, Walter Kuchta, Allen Welch, Miss Rhines Front Row+Joe Wilcox, Herbert Stitt, Frank Shaffer, Janet Hufhand, Jennie Lee Morgan, Ann Eakins, Beverly White, Jimmy Clark, Betty Bowser 44 Back Row-William Anthony, Donald Petras, Joanne Hooks, Joanne Smith, Martha Crissman, Norma Vonder- koll Third Row-Sandy Bryant, June Schall, Joyce Lefever, James Mechling, James Crossman, Doris Crownover Second Row-Alvin Stepp, Glenn Neale, Jimmy Bryon, Richard Chestnut, Steve Humenik, Agnes Goodgasell, Helen Cyphers, Mrs. Tylinski Front Row-Edward Bish, John Goldinger, Lucinda Livengood, Florence Orton, Edward Schaffhauser, Virgil Aites, Barbara Hileman Back Row-Richard Goodgasell, Wilbur Stitt, James Szymanski, Dale McCullough, George Zurney, Donald Hollo- baugh Third Row-Grace Guthrie, Norma Cooper, Doris McGuire, Rose Blusk, William Harriger, Peggy Hollobough, Mrs. King 'I Second Row-Harriet Cassel, William Morda, Ernest Sklandi, Betty Blusk, John Smith, Leroy Bowser Front Row-William Orton, Donald Scott, Patrica Heflielfinger, Alice Hartman, Marion Stivason, Jack Corbett 45 e entla gr de a 5? X, A raw I Q . Mx A 3, 3, 5 ex 5 V ., MIX. .- an J' 5 L? L 5 1 W y Qt FQ' f . 1 1 ws., X , f if was 55 5 .,,, Q v ' M' wx Q y'A'X' W iv N uffxsv "r f if Qf ,H J I :W 'Q ,R 0? kg , Q., v' 1 ,X f., Q .1 '4- 4, A fb Q f , K , ,M x af f "x Uur Kam! ll The Ford City High School Band under the baton of Mr. Kyle has been more than an asset to the school and to the community. The band has gone to every football game this season, not only to perform, but also to cheer for the team. The band has also gladly taken part in community functions. With thirty-five players, six smart maiorettes and four color guards, the band presents a colorful spectacle when it is on parade. The band also has a reserve of eight iunior maiorettes. Besides participating in county and district festivals, the band rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday from four to five-thirty, preparing for concerts, parades or football games. Its spring concert is an annual event. Maiorettes-Lila Wills, Patty McMeans, Anita Martinez, Betty Lou Tague, Lois Malc, Lonnie Kania Color Beavers-Bobby Gibson, Jim Stewart, Paul Arner, Sam Spencer Clurinels-Dolores Zimmerman, Kathryn Kooman, Charlaine Schwab, Patricia Binder, Mary Ann Olinger, William Lindeman, Beverly Walker, Marilyn Yingst, Al Callahan Flute-Patricia Fester Saxophone-Victoria Krizman Comets-William Kovacik, Dick McGuire, .lack 0'Brien, Barbara Bouch, Eleanor Harrison, Douglas Wingard, Leonard Davis French Horns-John Stroud, Virginia Protz, James Stroud Baritone-Lee Ray Green Trombone-Charles Doverspike, Donald Waugaman, Tom Schrecen- gost, Raymond Miller Bass-Donald Cowan Drums-Cortland Byron, Charles Sitch, Stanley Henry, William Simp- son, Donald Paffrath, Richard Gardner . W Senior 0 clue tr Back Row-Lee Ray Green, Peggy Kracht, Charlaine Schwab, Bob Lungrik, Bud Byron, Robert Stepp, Ray Marshall, Willanna Millen Frances Bartek, Mr. George Kyle, Director " Second Row-Marilyn Yingst, Barbara Bouch, Leona Kania, Francis Churchill, John Stroud, Jean Protz, Donald Waugaman, Wilbert Euch ler, Charles Stroud, Bill Kovacik Front Row-Beverly Hoy, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Lila Wills, Pat Fester, Pat Binder, Mary Ann Olinger, Delores Zimmerman Our Senior Orchestra, with its peppy marches speeding up assembly en- trances and'exits, is a well-known organization. The orchestra plays at other high school affairs-class plays, commencement, and baccalaureate, as well as for town functions. This year the orchestra was' represented by thirteen members at the County Orchestra Festival held at Kittanning in January. Eight members of the orchestra attended the Central-Western District Orchestra Festival at Winclber in February. ,. The orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Kyle. 1 ,, 11, "-'IQ 49 univ 0 clue t a Violins--Sally Fair, Mary Lou Germy, Andy Pytel, Patty Bowser, Marion Lysakowski Clurinets-Beverly Walker, Shirley Bernauer Saxophone-Victoria Krizman Horn-James Stroud Comets-Carmen Miller, Jack O'Brien, Eleanor Harrison, Frank Shaffer, Sally Dill, Gene Gregory, Alvin Sellers, Douglas Wingard Trombones-Tommy Schrecengost, Raymond Miller Drums-Stanley Henry, Bill Simpson, Richard Gardner, James Allison Piano-Sally Irwin, Peggy Procious, Marlene Foreman, Ann Eallins, Bernice Klingensmith The Junior Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Kyle, is composed of a group of young musicians-the future senior orchestra. This group practices diligently to attain group consciousness andmastery of their instruments. They play for iunior high assemblies, the Freshman Promotional Exercises, and occa- sionally combine with the Senior Orchestra for special events. dA Sextet Charles Stroud, Bill Kovacik, John Stroud, Charles Doverspike, Donald Waugaman, Lee Ray Green Mi ed Clwra Back Row-John Charney, Lloyd Mansfield, John Stroud, Lynn Patchin, Thad Bielski, John Gurski, Jim Guthrie, Val Schmaus Eighth Row-Jack Szafran, Carl Lorence, Albert Cippel, Mike Moyta, Jim Brumbough, Jim Stivason, Allan Fair, Charles Doverspike, Bill Kreutzer Sevegh Row-Virginia Brown Sally Scheeren, Mary Ann Olinger, Salvatore Quattrone, Lloyd Geer, Lee Ray Green, Roy Marshall, Tom Housman, Joe aggini Sixth Row?Abnn Marie Costanla, Kathleen Frisina, Irene Seredo, Pat Ryan, Dolores Krings, Esther Valek, Charlaine Schwab, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Joan ar erry Fifth Row-Lolo Mansfield, Olga Hunia, Beulah Hook, Willanna Millen, Lois Meek, Eileen Beck, Louise Good, Jerry Jean Nameche, Dorothy Olsheski, Miss Thompson Fourth Row--Betty Lou Tague, Leona Kania, Patricia Binder, Charlotte Statler, Betty Heilman, Lorraine Thiry, Doris Priester, Vera Carney, Peggy Kracht, Beverly Hoy, Janet Holizna Third Row-Lois Jane Malc, Jean Roy, Patricia McMeans, Lilo Lhote, Patricia Fester, Mary Jane Reich, June Fox, Mary Ann Colonna, Mary Elizabeth Fraed, Barbara Bouch, Shirley Cechvala Second :ow-Marion Baillie, Betty Kendra, Jane Holizna, Jean Holizna, Myrtle Mack, Theresa Zboran, Jean Protz, June Tolliver, Joan Gross, Arlene Ant ony Front Row-Robert Stepp, John Portasik, Robert Lungrik, Donald Grossman, Cortland Byron, Nick Kibuk, William Kovacik, Stanley Gladysiewski, Richard Duff, James Thomaswick, Jack Ryan Uvcal bepartment The Vocal Department of the high school, under the direction of Miss Marian Thompson, presented three outstanding programs during 1947-1948. The first choral activity was the sponsoring of county chorus, November fifteenth and six- teenth in Ford City. One hundred and thirty students from neighboring schools in Armstrong County combined with twenty Ford City students to present a con- cert under the direction of Mr. Duft, choral conductor of New Castle High School. On December 18, 1947, the annual Christmas Concert was presented. "Christmas in Song and Story" made up the first part of the concert, a carol sing ending with a snow scene concluded the program. On March 19 the operetta "Once in a Blue Moon" was presented. Students having roles in the operetta were Mary Elizabeth Fraed, Beverly Hoy, Lois Jane Malc, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Marjorie Dunmire, Carrie Johnston, Willanna Millen, John Portasik, Bill Kovacik, Val Schmaus, Dick Duff, Lloyd Mansfield, Charles Doverspike, and Ray Marshall. Well-trained choral groups, interesting dance routines, and colorful sets also helped make the operetta a huge success. Providing music for the baccalaureate and commencement exercises con- cluded the activities ot the department. 51 g y Senior Q14 ' Clio cw , -M.-. Last Row-Phyllis Spang, Sally Hileman, Pat Ryan, Lila Wills, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Esther Valek, Dolores Krings Third Row-Kathleen Frisina, Ann Marie Costanza, Dorothy Olsheski, Jerry Jean Nameche, Beverly Hoy, Jackie Darrall, Lois Meek, Beulah Hoak Second Row-Betty Heilman, Mary Ann Visnovsky, Irene Sereda, Lola Mansfield, Roberta Williams, Imogene Miller, Willanna Millen, Evelyn Heilman, Miss Thompson Front Row-Theresa Zboran, Shirley Heffeltinger, Margaret Stanko, Mary Elizabeth Fraecl, Olga Hunia, Jean Ray, Anita Martinez, Char- univr Q1-IA' Ch onw Back Row-Beverly Miller, Eileen Beck, Bernice Campbell, Marlene McCarthy, Georgia Lou Cassel, Charlaine Schwab, Marilyn Yingst, Louise Good, June Tolliver, Vera Carney Third Row-Lorraine Thiry, Beatrice Valek, Anabel McJunkin, Joan Carberry, Virginia Walker, Helen Coleman, Donetta Barbour, Rose Marie Buculik, Leona Kania, Betty Lou Tague Second Row-Joan Jageman, Margie Dunmire, Doris Hindes, Joan Gross, Arleen Anthony, Betty Kendra, Mary Catherine Rich, Lois Jane Malc, Hope Arnold, Doris Priester, Miss Thompson Front RowiJean Protz, Joanne Kane, Jane Holizna, Jean Holizna, Marilyn Duff, Viola Goldinger, Martha Greene, Patty Fester, Lila Lee Lhote, Peggy Kracht lotte Stotler M-4... S gf 15 .1 mg fl' ,, ww, . 55" A K vii, I-. gp, we W Q 2 gg, 2 vgk .V ki ,. I S ,A K W 3 ,L L m A Q lf 5' Q i 1 , 5 5? , L' H 1 1' , Rx ' 'Ir up Q x I 3, f x 1 V! 4. xi ' B -v. 1 1 v 1' z .aw , I may ? -fx , 1 'fp xW, 2 It an Q 'X Q, ,f -Q nik K ,K iii i M V , 'HF .if iff W 1? 1.1 2,34 E2 - , ffl ei iw.. I L R-. iil f I 'I af . -, , 5 Vw 1 . A W 1 'XM ww S9 f 7, ww 'Y Q W . . iw, yhgflw , ., My. Y. ' P2 'fw"v.Y'f .wg " B M559 , 'f W r ' . m , ' 2 ' ' f X A Q vi Nw 'Vg f 4, ' 5 rf 'f " Wu 'K '4 , -ff Aww , f i f H , , ,i S59 'i f- M -1 N sr 1 Ya f "i . 3 f - T V A g sf f "Q pf -I wif fwf'.. 5' . f' K , Q " Y- Y' v Q W I 3 fi wg , . -- Q - 5 ,- , .+-'f ,. A . 1 325: gg gtk -I fp., 6 'h L Q 4, K' 5 K ..A- f ' fax M f' '5 W F ' gf if 53 1 S 233x'2""?1iWf S ,rj rv V- ?: Vj' . r I .. K. I WN , .F V K. 15,53 35:7 1 ir 1. ,' - V - Q dw, - ' 1 E +555 'ff Q 1 W A A f f +5 ., py' - Y J ' vw 25 f Y e E .-s W ? -we WU. .. Q, ig? ,, 'fig' My 3 4 .ff 1' S lim '51 jg qv ,Q 1 ggv ww QQ' -.,i- ir 3 Q 5 'Kgs f Q A 5 X 15 5 2 my , Q34 if 'i S ,M 3 . s +50 1 , , ff , 4 'F U A , w 1 X 1 ., w L., , .U ' fr .02 Q - :fs 5' .W FW ' 'Vi ' f f f a3 Hvww ww ws aF ?' ' f Mi 2 W ,X f K ,. If W-4, ' 1,59 ky x f s K I I f ' , A - . ' W' ? 'FHQ 3 :Q ll' 'ffi EQ? 1f5m, ' L,. 2 f QL? w,f 4 . wi f ' Xi R Q H ,, Q W . f f f 'U 11 .- f--"" , A mi Q. - ,,,4 ' I " K AK , , K k k ga X35 X MMA 5 f l " fl ,3' ai ,R gq Vxf?n It f 1,ff Y 3 . ' i at ' nw, F in W' ,Q Q Q F Q MAQ. fa wx V 34 3 'I' i ff " lm XI :-. if 2 Sf? ,Q '54 gg xy i Arwm 534 -aww v :JA QS6 Tri-HL lf Back Row-Sally Scheeren, Ann Irwin, Marilyn Yingst, Betty Shakley, Charlaine Schwab, Marilyn Dui? Seventh Row-Marcella Hufhand, Betty Bryant, Bernice Campbell, Doris Priester, Irene Sereda, Agnes Har- riger, Lorraine Esposito Sixth Row-Patricia Kiene, Lois Meek, Betty Heilman, Hope Arnold, Margie Dunmire Fifth Row-Pat Nelson, Helen Barber, Jo Ann Reed Fourth Row-Joan Carberry, Reatha Schall, Arlene An- thony, Joyce Stitt, Annabelle McJunkin Third Row-Beulah Hoak, Evelyn Heilman, Theresa Ond rusek, Marie Hromadik, Barbara Bouch, Beverly Hoy, Dorothy Ann Reisgen Second Row-Patricia Fester, Willanna Millen, Betty Kendra, Jean Holizna, Jane Holizna, Mary Fraed, Phyllis Sellers, Shirley Hefteltinger First Row-Jeannine Axton, Gloria Capizzi, Maxine Reynolds, Charlotte Statler, Joanne Thompson, Teresa Zboran, Esther Blondeaux OFFICERS President , , . Dorothy Ann Reisgen Vice-President ,. . Hope Arnold Secretary . Doris Priester Treasurer ..,, Beverly Hoy Sponsor ...,,,..,...........,.,.......... .,.....,. . .... . Mrs. Goodhart Tri-Hi-Y Purpose: To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and the community high standards of Christian character. The members ofthe Tri-Hi-Y strive in all their activities to carry out the pur- pose ofthe organization. During I947-48 speakers were engaged for almost every meeting, and one meeting of each month was devoted to a talk by one of the local ministers. Each Friday the girls conducted the devotional exercises for the entire school over the intercommunicating system. During the year several civic proiects were undertaken by the girls. They canvassed the town for the infantile Paralysis drive and collected clothing which was sent to a needy family in the South. "Teen Topics Il," a course in personal development set up by the national Y. M. C. A. organization, was presented to the girls, as was a course in etiquette and personal grooming. Under the leadership of the sponsor, Mrs. Goodhart, and its officers, the organization has contributed much to its members and to the school. 57 Tri eme Bottom Row: Anita Matinez, Literary Chairman, Stella Kiiowski, Chief Secretary and Accountant, Patricia Ryan, Art Chairman, Ray Marshall, Advertising Chairman Top Row-Nicholas Balazik Cel, Lois Mae Beck Cal, Nelson Bish Cal, Dorothy Brisky Cbl, Julia Bryant Cal, Dara Lee Chestnut Cbl, Jackie Darrall Cbl Third Row-Charles Doverspike Cel, Helen Folcik Cbl, Mary Fraed Cal, Kathleen Frisina Cbl, Donald Haney Cel, Stanley Gladysiewslci Cel, Evelyn Heilman Cal Second Row-Sally Heilman Cel, Tom Houseman Cel, Beverly Hoy Cbl, Bill Kovacik Cel, Rose Kovalovsky Cel, Dolores Krings Cel, Bob Lungrik Cel Ca, artg ad, advertising, b, businessg e, editoriall Miss Smart Dorothy Ann Reisgen Michael Martinez Miss Weaver Art Advisor Editor Ass't Editor Editorial Advisor 58 fwfr Bottom Row-James Stivason, Sports Chairmanp Willanna Millen, Club Chairman: Lila Wills, Music Chair- man, Mary Wyant, Finance Chairman Top Row-Lola Mansfield Cbl, Donald McCarthy Cel, Lois Meek Cel, Patricia Nelson Cadl, Dorothy Olsheski Cbl, Dolores Parisi Chl, John Portasik Cel Third Row-Jean Ray Chl, Maureen Rogan Cel, Irene Sereda Cbl, Rose Shevchuk Chl, Bernice Smathers Chl, Phyllis Spang Cadl, Margaret Stanko Cel Second Row-Robert Stepp Cel, Charlotte Stotler Cal, Walter Tihanovich Cel, Esther Valek Cal, Gladys Veres Cbl, Elizabeth Wielohob Cal, Teresa Zboran Chl Ca, arty ad, advertisingp h, businessp e, editoriall Miss Shubert Betty Heilman Jerry Jean Nameche Miss Aurand Business Advisor Business Manager Ass't Business Manager Advertising Advisor 59 Standing-Dara Lee Chestnut, Irene Sereda, Stella Kiiowski, Bernice Smathers, Kathleen Frisina, Teresa Zboran, Gladys Veres, Dorothy Olsheski, Rose Shevchuk, Dolores Parisi, Lola Mansfield, Jean Ray. Seated-Jackie Darrall, Beverly Hoy, Jerry Jean Nameche, Mary Wyant, Betty Heilman. Q egg 61116 The Gregg Secretarial Club, active since 1932, is made up of advanced short- hand students and has I9 members. The purposes of the organization are to assist its members to prepare for positions in business, to acquaint them with business problems, and to stimulate their interest in secretarial work. The bi- monthly meetings of the club are held in the high school. At the meetings prom- inent local and out-of-town speakers are presented. The members also receive practical office experience by doing work for various organizations such as the V. F. W., the Tuberculosis League, etc., as well as by doing work forthe teachers. The members of the club this year have had the unique experience of combining business with pleasure for they have had several social affairs. The main project this year was taking over the entire business management of the Trireme. ln a week's campaign the girls went over the top in the sales ofthe Annual. The club membership consists of: OFFICERS President ,. , . . , . .. ,. .,,... ,, .. Beverly Hoy Vice-President , . Jerry Nameche Recording Secretary . . Jackie Darrall Corresponding Secretary ,. , , Helen Folcik Treasurer . . . . . Mary Wyant Parliamentarian ,. . , Betty Heilman Librarian . ,. . . Dolores Parisi Sponsor . . ,. , . ...,.. , . . . Miss Shubert Other members: Dorothy Brisky, Dara Lee Chestnut, Kathleen Frisina, Stella Kiiowski, Lola Mansfield, Dorothy Olsheski, Dolores Parisi, Jean Ray, Irene Sereda, Rose Shevchuk, Bernice Smathers, Gladys Veres, Teresa Zboran. 60 R T 5 :fp Un Aitq Slew tba!! Team Back Row-Mr. Rupert, Charles Stroud, Grant Daugherty, Donald Wolfe, Valentine Schmaus, Domenic Cesare, George Todoroff, Mr. Davis Second RowiKenne1h Lettrich, Valentine Woyton, Richard Asay, Frank Gariglio, Richard Mechling, Donald Roberts, Lloyd Geer, William Byron Clyde Yates Front Row-Albert Cippel, John Wint gens, Lewis Frerotte, John Portasik, Vlalter Tihanovich, James Stivason, Nicholas Balazik, Robert Lungrik 4 JAMES DAVIS CLYDE YATES Coach Manager Q r .- Senior lettermen JOHN PORTASIK Porky . fullback loves the game , made good use of his helmet JIM STIVASON Stivy halfback 2 letters . can really tear up the turf BOB LUNGRIK Cim sub halfback . ., clown of the team likes to run the ball WALTER TIHANOVICH Wald end . , tall . ,. good on defense puts his heart in the game VAL SCHMAUS Val sub end always pulled through in a pinch ALBERT CIPPEL , Moody ,. end .. 2 letters . captain . can catch a pass anywhere JOHN WINTGENS Pete guard .. good de- fense man likes to be the first one down the field LLOYD GEER . . Gig . sub tackle good line blocker . ,.,. sings while he plays LEWIS FREROTTE . Luke .. , guard . ..,. small .. . . submarine specialist , ask him about the guard reverse CHARLES STROUD Chuck . halfback , 2 let- ters . Tiny Tim of the team can throw a wicked block NICK BALAZIK Nick ,. quarterback can really pass A stops anything when on defense Uamitq ganna SEPTEMBER 5 Ford City-0 Vandergrift-38 Lack of experience was a factor as Ford City lost to a powerful Lancer eleven. After holding the Vans for the first four downs, the Glassers were no match for them. SEPTEMBER 12 Ford City-0 North Huntingdon-28 Playing their first class "A" game, the Glass- ers tried valiantly but just couldn't get started against the boys from North Huntingdon. dlfjitq gvdme ccominueda SEPTEMBER 'I8 Ford City-7 Har Brac 34 Playing at home for the third straight week, the team was completely outclassed by the Tig- ers. Ford City's only score came as Jim Stiva- son streaked 97 yards for a touchdown on the kickoff. The blocking on this run was excellent as Stroud threw the key lock and not one player laid a hand on Stivason. Al Cippel split the up- rights and the score was Ford City 7-Har Brac 34. SEPTEMBER 25 Ford City-0 Swissvale-25 Traveling to Swissvale for their first away game, the Glassers went down to their fourth straight defeat and second in class "A." OCTOBER 3 Ford City-6 Tarentum-26 Playing at Tarentum, Ford City scored once again. Portasik went off tackle and cut back for a 45 yard sprint and a touchdown. Al Cippel tried for the extra point but it was no good. OCTOBER I0 Ford City-0 Leechburg-'I9 After holding Leechburg to a 6-0 lead at half time, the Glassers let them score 13 more in the last half. Ford City wasn't able to take advantage of the breaks they had in the game. OCTOBER 18 Ford City-0 Springdale-34 Ford City traveled to Springdale and was blitzed by a one man scoring act. Left halfback Alex Kozma scored 32 of Springdale's 34 points. The team lust couldn't stop him. OCTOBER 24 Ford City-0 Arnold-25 Playing at home once again, the Forders lost their eighth game. The team improved some- what, but not enough. OCTOBER 31 Ford City-0 Punxsutawney-41 The Woodchucks handed Ford City their worst licking in nine games. lt was also the Glasser's ninth straight loss. NOVEMBER Il Ford City-7 Kittanning-0 Coach Davis' protegee's finally won a game. The field was a sea of mud. Portasik cracked off tackle and cut back for a 38 yard iaunt and the game's only touchdown. Al Cippel booted the slippery pigskin through the uprights to make the score Ford City 7-Kittanning 0. The Wild- cats never made a serious scoring threat. n 'or Um-Aitq Q00 Mall Yeam Back Row-John Lux, Mgr., Mr. Zilla, Joseph Cippel, Randall Schrecongost, Robert Stivason, Enrico Papurello, William Schwab, Mr. Ortman Coach, John Badura, Mgr. Second Row-.lack Ryan, Mgr., John Herbst, Robert Meek, Robert Kendra, Ronald Temsik, Carl Folcik, James Guthrie, James Manes, James Karl, Richard Heighley, Deon Bowser, Mgr. Front Row-John Charney, Leo Liberto, Wilbert Euchler, Edward Hribik, Donald Rupert, Donald Shotts, Tom Booth, Donald Henderson William Orfman We tern Regional Kulzetball Cham iam! Back Row-Clyde Yates, Manager, Jerry Slagle, Richard Asay, Val Woyton, Bob Stivason, William Jansen, Joe Krukar, Don Wolfe John Skukalek, Harold Sowers, faculty manager of athletics Front Row-James Davis, intramural coach, Hubert Rupert, head coach, John Portasik, guard, John Gurski, forward, Ed Halas, center Bill Englert, forward, Howard Zerick, guard, Fred Ortman and Leo Zilla, assistant coaches HUBERT RUPERT Coach The stupendous Glassers' basketball team under the tutelage of Coach Rupert has traveled farther on the path of fame and glory than any other team in the annals of the school. Emerging victorious through a tough sectional battle and trampling their opponents in the Western Regional rounds, the Glassers earned the trip to Philadelphia for a chance at the state championship. Despite its defeat by Norristown in the state finals, the team has established a record for fine playing and good sportsmanship. In the tournament games the fans who followed the team so faithfully were well rewarded. They saw big Ed Halas, a dangerous man under the basket, drop them in against the best defenses, they saw the miraculous shooting of John Portasik from the outer court, they saw John Gurski, the best defensive player this side of the Rockies, keep the scoring of the opponents down, aided by Bill Englert, who always came through in a tight spot, they saw Bud Zerick, a boy who opened the fans' eyes with his brand of playing. The Glassers had powerful subs in Junior Woyton, Joe Krukar, and Bob Stivason and a helpful second team in John Skukalek, Richard Asay, Bill Jansen, Donald Wolfe, and Jerry Slagle. To these boys, to Mr. Rupert, coach, Mr. Ortman and Mr. Zilla, his assistants, Mr. James Davis, intramural coach, and to Mr. Harold Sowers, faculty manager of athletics, the Trireme extends its congratulations. 65 Section Une Champ Back Row-Mr. Rupert, Gerard Slagle, William Jansen, Francis Churchill, Howard Zeriek, John Skukalek, Clyde Yates, Mgr Front Row-Joe Krukar, William Englert, John Gurski, Edward Halas, Jim Brumbaugh, John Portusik, Valentine Woyton Senior ettermen JAMES BRUMBAUGH A Archie A , guard . 2 letters good one hand shot specialist ., handles the ball well JOHN PORTASIK ., Porky , guard long shot specialist fouls are his meat EDWARD HALAS , J Hula . . Center . , 2 letters tall likes to shoot from the center WILLIAM ENGLERT , , , Goat A . ., forward , expert on the side shots , pivots to either side ' JOHN GURSKI A Gurgle forward . 2 letters tall huge hands .. likes the delayed shot Um' ity, game 1. December 2-Brentwood 29-Ford City 37 A rebuilt Glasser squad started ol? the season in fine form. they defeated an almost all veteran Brentwood squad decisively. Big Ed Halas took scoring honors with 14 points as John Gurski racked up 9 points to take second place. 2. December 5-Farrell 31-Ford City 53 Playing their first home game of the season, the Forders trounced Farrell. Again Halas shone as he tossed in 18 points to take the evening's scoring honors. Gurski and Brumbaugh each had 10 points to take runner-up honors. 3. December 9-Brookville 19-Ford City 46 Ford City traveled to Brookville and humbled an outclassed Brookville 5. The Glassers had too much height for the small Brookville squad. Halas led the scoring parade again by dump- ing in 12 points while Gurski followed with 10 points. 4. December 12-Indiana 28-Ford City 39 Taveling to Indiana, the Ford City five defeated the Indians after a hard tussle in the first three periods. Brumbaugh and Gurski led the scoring with 11 and 10 points respectively. 5. December 19-Beaver Falls 31-Ford City 34 After trailing for 3 quarters of play the Glassers came on strong in the 4th and final quarter to beat Beaver Falls. Again Gurski and Brumbaugh took scoring honors with 11 and 10 points each. 6. December 23-McKeesport 33-Ford City 44 Ford City gains revenge for previous defeats at the hands of McKeesport. They had a fairly easy game as they defeated the Tubers. Halas topped the scorers with 15 points and Brumbaugh had 10. John Gurski iniured his ankle and isn't expected to play for at least two games. 7. December 26-Turtle Creek 37-Ford City 51 The Glassers took the Creekers into camp for their seventh straight win. Halas had 14 points and Englert scored 12 for the Glassers. Ford City led the whole game from start to finish. 8. December 30-New Castle 33-Ford City 30 Ford City suffered its first defeat of the season after having led the whole way up to the last quarter. The team surely missed Gurski after the second game in a row. Halas dumped in 18 points to take scoring honors. 9. January 6-New Kensington 26-Ford City 36 Ford City came on in the last half of the first section game and held the Kenman scoreless in the 4th period, while scoring 11 to win. Brumbaugh and Englert led the scorers with 10 and 9 points each. 10. January 9-Vandergrift 21-Ford City 24 ln a low scoring game, the Forders barely squeezed through to win, being outscored in the last quarter 9 to 4. Scoring was well distributed as the Glassers played a below par ball game. 11. January 13-Kittanning 30-Ford City 59 With Portasik hooping 16 points and Halas and Gurski scor- ing 12 and 10 points each, the orders drubbed their neighborhood rivals. The Glassers played a good brand of basketball this game. 12. January 16-Har-Brac 21-Ford City 23 Making a comeback after trailing at half time, the Glassers finally came on to win. Englert and Halas each had 8 points to lead the scorers. 67 -1--Jwf. f I U ftq Back Row-Mr. Zilla, James Stroud, James Thomas, Tonjvstroud, John Lux, Russell Brumbaugh, James Early, Dean Bowser, Mgr., Mr. Ortman Front Row-Carl Folcik, Albert Walleck, Richard Asay, Donald Wolfe, lynn Patchin, Marvin Russell, John Heibst, Bob Stivason QVARSITY GAMES continuedj 13. .lanuary 20-Arnold 37-Ford City 35 Ford City tasted defeat for the first time in Section I play as the Arnold Lions surprised them. Portasik with 12 and Gurski with 10 points led in the scoring for the evening. 14. January 23-Butler 25-Ford City 37 The Forders had an easy time as they beat the Golden Tor- nado, with the score evenly distributed as Halas led with 9 points. Portasik and Gurski came next with 8 points apiece. 15. January 27-Central Catholic 24-Ford City 34 In an exhibition game the Glassers took the measure of the team from this large all boys' high school. Scoring honors were taken by Portasik with 9 points while Brumbaugh and Gurski came next with 8 and 7 points each. 16. February 3-New Kensington 28-Ford City 49 After the first quarter, the Forders had it all their own way. Ed Halas tossed in 8 fielders and two fouls for a total of 18 points and scoring honors for the night. 17. February 6-Vandergrift 33-Ford City 47 Ford City got off to a fast start and outdistanced the Lancers for their fourth win in a row. Halas had 16 points to lead the scorers while Englert and Portasik had 11 and 10 points respec- tively. 18. February 10-Kittanning 22-Ford City 50 . The Forders went ahead early in the game and stayed ahead throughout. The Forder reserves got in some valuable experience against the Cats. Halas dumped in 15 points and Englert had 10 for the Glassers. 19. February 13-Har-Brac 27-Ford City 37 After a low scoring first half, the Forders came on fast in the last half to beat the Tigers. Halas had 13 points while Portasik had 10 for the winners. 20. February 17-Arnold 30-Ford City 48 After trailing at the end of the first half, the Glassers went point happy in the last quarter, scoring 22 points. Halas led with 14 markers while Englert and Portasik had 12 and 10 points apiece. 21. February 20-Butler 34-Ford City 29 clinched the Section l crown the game before, Rupert decided to give his reserves some valuable experience. They played the whole second quarter. Brumbaugh hooped 7 points while Halas and Portasik had 6 and 5 points each. it Having 22. February 27-Sharon 51-Ford City 30 Playing a post season exhibition game, the Forders lost by a large margin. With Portasik out of the lineup and Gurski and Halas going out on fouls early in the game, they lost control of the bankboards. Zerick topped the scorers with 8 points while Englert and Halas had 7 and 6 points respectively. 23. March 4-Brentwood 40-Ford City 58 After a slow first half in which they only led by 5 points, the Glassers went on a scoring spree to smash the Spartans. Halas was high scorer in this quarter final W.P.I.A.L. game, racking up 22 points. 24. March 9-Wilkinsburg 40-Ford City 47 Successfully stopping a speedy Tiger team, the Forders won their semi-final W.P.I.A.L. game. Control of the bankboards by Ford City led to Wilkinsburg's downfall. Halas again led the scoring parade with 13 points. 25. March 15-McKeesport 30-Ford City 41 Getting off to an early start, the sharpshooting wizards of Section One outclassed McKeesport. Playing "heads-up" ball in the second half, the Glassers won their third W.P.I.A.L. title. Por- tasik and Halas tied for high scoring honors with 13 points apiece. 26. March 23-Conemaugh 33-Ford City 51 The Forders ripped the Iron Horses of Conemaugh wide open. They got off to an early lead in their Western Regional semi- final elimination game and widened their margin throughout the game. Outstanding was Gurslti's defense on Conemaugh's star. Portasik with 19 and Halas with 18 points led the scorers. 27. March 30-Westinghouse 29-Ford City 37 In the Western Regional final the Glassers defeated Westing- house in a very rough game. The Glassers had a tough battle but came through victorious. Again Gurski's great defensive play- ing was outstanding. Halas led the scoring with 11 points. 28. April 3-Norristown 30-Ford City 23 Playing in the state championship game at the Palestra in Philadelphia, the Forders were masters of everything but the shoot- ing, which dropped from a tournament average of 35'X1 to 18? in the final game. Portasilx led the scorers with 6 points. univ Uheerleader SENIORS JUNIORS .lane Holizna, Jean Holizno, Peggy Krczcht, Lila Lee Lhote, Betty Kendra, Rose Marie Boculik, Esiher Vulek 69 Ann Marie Costcxnzu Jackie Darrell Sully Hilemon Pot Ryan if Er .Y Miss Dorothy Shurncker Couch SOPHOMORES Sully Scheeren, Mcury Jane Reich, Phyllis Sellers, Bcnrburo Wilsoncrcft Shirley Cechvulci, Myrtle Muck 3 1 .1 if FRESHMEN :ck Row-Norma Jean Reich, Bernice Vensel, Theresa Prazenicu, Joan Ccurpen, Carmen Miller, Moiry Caiherine Petrovsky, Janet Gordon ont Row-Annette Kerr, Ruth Bryon, Katherine Tremont, Elizabeth Turicik, Catherine Hrobovsky brum Maja ette Anita Martinez, Leona Konica, Lila Wills, Lois June Mulc, Betty Lou Tugue, Pot McMeczns 70 9714 ' Spar-tA In their bi-weekly gym classes and intramural activities, the girls too have an opportunity to shine athletically. Under the direction of Miss Shumaker, teams from the various classes are chosen to compete in such sports as basketball, volleyball, bad- minton, table tennis, and shuftleboard. ln the junior high school the girls learn ballroom dancing, and all classes enjoy square dances and the Virginia reel. Pictured above is the iunior basketball team, triumphant in intramural basketball. Seated are Beverly Miller, Bernice Campbell, and Eileen Beck, standing are Beatrice Valek, June Tolliver, Miss Shumaker, Vera Carney, and Jean Protz. 71 THE LEADER FORD CITY Ladies' and Children's Wearing Apparel Undergraduates and Alumni have preferred APPLE'S CLOTHES for 41 years COFFMAN STUDIOS Quality Portrait and Commercial Photography Farmer's Bank Bldg. KITTANNING Phone 1053 Best of Luck to the Class of '48 from CENTRAL SERVICE FOREMAN'S HARDWARE Hardware - Electrical Appliances Sporting Goods Hotpoint Stoves - Refrigerators - General Electric Radios FORD CITY, PA. Compliments of HEILMAN LUMBER COMPANY Everything with which to Build KLINGENSMITH DRUGS Rexall Store 401 Ford St. Cor. Fourth Ave. FORD CITY, PA. Rieck's Ice Cream Phone 23 We Deliver SPACE'S NEW FRUIT MARKET FRESH FRUIT DAILY Open to 9 p. m. every night Ford St. Ford City Wherever your path lends you upon Graduating, you will End EL-J ER CO. FORD CITY, PA. SALEM, OHIO LOS ANGELES, CAI.IF. I "MY BANK" Compliments of I To over 8,000 I Armstrong Countions l THE NATIONAL BANK HARDWARE or FORD CITY ' and Member Federal Reserve System FURNITURE Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 73 RINGOLD STORE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Keystone Building KITTANNING Compliments of H. E. ARNE R LUMBER DEALER 8. FLORIST "THE HOLI.O" Dairy Bar-B-Q Open II A. M. to IA.M. intersection of Ford City and Leechburg Rd. at McGrann Compliments of FORD CITY BOWLING ALLEYS Armstrong County's Most Beautiful Thea tre! ROXY THEATRE FORD CITY Cashiers Eleanor Kane Phyllis Spang Dolore Lois Male Betty Fundyga Ushers Dolores Zimmerman Lois Malc Esther Valek Jim Chief Operator Harold Foster Candy Girls Phyllis Spang s Zimmerman Esther Volek Doormen Joe Bureau Ken Lettrick Thomoswick The Photographs for this book were made by LEISTER KITTANNING, Everything STUDIOS PENNA. Photographic DIAMONDS, WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, SILVERWARE FITZGERALD'S JEWELRY "First With the Latest" Phone 2 FORD CITY, PA. PRESCRIPTIONS "DependabiIity PIus" at the FORD CITY PHARMACY WALTER BALI. "JeweIer" Elgin - Boulevard Watches 908-5th Ave. Ford City 75 WRAY'S DAIRY STORE Ice Cream Dairy Products Tasty Sandwiches CROYLE'S REFRIGERATION Sales Service Appliances Ford Street Ford City CHAS. H. CROYLE Compliments Compliments of of ZANETTl'S MEAT MARKET FORD CITY NEWS CO. WENDELL A. WELCH Funeral Home Phone 40 Ford City, Pa. Compliments of O. K. HEILMAN MISSION BEVERAGES Ford City, MISSION ORANGE "Naturally Good" S Pa. Compliments of REV. S. F. ANUSKIEWICZ T. FRANCIS DE PAUL R. C. Ford City, Pa. 76 THOMAS FLYNN CO. DepI.SIore Ford City, Pa. wool?-35 Phone 342 'C i v , , II' 1 'L-1" I Q 'ki 5 2 4,44 fd N f' 6' E O few. Q if M... 92 W, 3 Jie E 5 ' s' A YK v 'Vo ' Cv P W E "' E' Roo 'cf V X +9 -1, ,591 is X2 S f 4 1 4 I 3 A 4 P 4, sq? A25 9 if ws 44.2 A 1 3 E 1 E Y gi' S I " V gi -R v. A: xi, ff 4 Af ' 9 4 Xe A 3' A s 1 5? 4 9 x Q 9 2 G f 49 I 'ms 1 4 Zz '85 5 E Y s J x 9' ga .. 3.94, . ., ,,,. . A X . Q- an c, ' ,vs 5 3' 4.5 'Z 5, gs 4 'a 4 is 2 2 X P E C f ,Q Cs? , A Easy Io hang SHADY NOOK AWNINGS Easy Io Take down Yes, they will make a big difference in the appearance and comfort of your home. We have in stock standard sizes ready to hang, and facilities Io supply custom-mode awnings in an assoriment of bright painted and woven stripes. PROMPT SERVICE See us for Glider Cushions, Glider Raincoats, Chair Pads, Lawn Chairs and Accessories. sERvEL GAS REFRIGERATORS PEOPLES BANK cizosiev ELECTRC REFRIGERATORS OF FORD CITY, PA. ESTATE RANGES DEEPFREEZE THOR WASHERS FORD UTY' PENN5YLVAN'A AMERICAN a. TRACY KITCHENS P I, EFF' 'en1, Courteous, romp 'E' FORD CITY HARDWARE Complete Banking Service and FURNITURE CO. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporahon 405 Ford Sf. Phone 28 L S 1 l 1 Z I 77 PRINTING v BINDING fs COVERS QQ omyoife Qinfing eruice Hundreds of customers like the time-saving factor of working with one establishment that provides a complete effective edition printing service. Kurtz Bros. gives you the best in service, experience, materials, and craftsmanship. PHONE ooo LLIJZ fI. CLEARFIELD, PA. EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR FOR CRAFTCO COVERS - SCREEN CREDITS - There are many people behind the scenes in the production of a yearbook. Included in this group are Mr. Vincent and Mr. Marsh, who have given us their full cooperation, Mr. Traut and Mr. Wyant from the engravers and printers, who have given us helpful advice, Mr. Leister, our photographer, who answered our every call, all persons who aided in the production of the Variety Show and other money-making enterprises, the individuals and firms who contributed to the support of the yearbook through advertising, and lastly the faculty members and the student body, without whose genuine cooperation it would have been impossible to present the 1948 Trireme. All these and many more have aided in the production of this yearbook, and the staff hopes that the recognition given here will in some measure express its appreciation. TRIREME STAFF 78 To the members of the graouating rlass of jforo itfitp Zliaigb brhool Bon are notp fateo with the inost iniportant oetision of pour Iife 1 2 choosing a rareer. igefore pon make your final tboite, it tpoulo pap pon to look into the tponoerful opportunities that are before pon in the Qiiniteo btates Qrrnp ano ' Mniteo States Qir Jforre MlSgf John P. Dobcla 8. SfSgt John C. Cullinan POST OFFICE BUILDING KITTANNING PENNA Nutogr ,elm Engraving by Erie Engraving Co Erie, Pu. Printing by Kurtz Bros. Clearfield, Pa. Photography by Leisters Studio Kitfanning, Pu. 'XL ,. 'Viz .V 1 .' Fo-. , ,I if Q " 'Yifk , :Qin , ,P im: gif: ' , .,4. 4-H.-,. U ,.w. . 331' ,,-71':.!' Q iff:- ,, .5 ,ww f ,wr . -1 'sh-711 vi,-f. 1. . 1 ,n ..-.X L., .. K ,- 1 ,1 ,gay-,,..3-f-,A , :gy I-, , --. 1.5. , ,- 1 kg. .. ., .y ',-' fl.,-kin! ' 1 -1-, K 2 L,-. 'Ulu , -4,-1,,, xr,-, ,11 - 'A'.!'1-', .F 4 -fi :bf ' -.-. , LJ -.' 'J - , . 4',,::x-., W , P v ,I 7 1, '., g X I -1' k'.:Hf1'V.,',v 1 ,a Q ,fff g.f'v-"Q ,Pr 1 .-,,, 31,1 Lf ,"' 1 .. 11'-J' 1 Y . . , ,.1 fJj,.-Tv, .,.b ,, '1 Qgk, , , 1.-Xin, 1. A., F 1- vw x f 1 . ,A . . .1 , 1 Lf 'nth ,,x,'L 1 Q- - Q K 11, 'f 'J 1, , J, 1' 1 Q, ,hs v -, ,I ,,.l ,.-fw V wx 1 -, , 1 , his -ft .M , , 1. , X K, 1' f u ' , 3 .,.,, , x-r - , , ,Q ,, , . . ' X ,., 'W' 1, --: ' 1 sw, 1 , -' ,, ,' 3'.,1,,111't,- R , , .Q 1 ax, as-,1 ,a 7 r g ,M -111 U V 4, M' j ,QW 1 f- 1 ,f f -f 1 1531 A Y f ,- . , ,,.,4,,1r,-' L -J I 2 X ,rx,.,. , wi ,wg 11 ,fx f ., W , f , J, , ,. -,Q ,sg .W kj. 1. E15 gf, , N -14" 'w X L N . ,xg 1, ? I . . 1 ' J 1 1 .1134 ':- ,fl - . 1 " V J- . . ., h 4 NLT,-llfj, rr, 1 , . 4 , f ,W , J H. ,W Y. T5 I, ,,.,, A.. - - , , 1 x ,A 'g f ,- ,V ,AV ,- 1,25 , 33 f- '1 11,1 - , 1, , , , J -' ,I , , ,, 1'-aj, ' -I, Q 51 .1 T-'11 ,,+..f- E X , x H '74 An. , , 1, 5. 1.-3 .,1,.1uf . .1 MF, xx i 1. . 1 W , - H .-1 ,',1g,f,. . ,,. w K J it I. , V,-fr 3,-1 - ,- .li 4 J J, 3- rf, , 7 ,ff ' - ' 11 yi.-V 1 Ki r , , ' X -", 4, vv- .X , k ', 1 I 2,1 vy, 1' n' '-- ' , 11 , , iff 1.55 .,1VZ.l1 1' , ,, ., . ,ry-,, , .. 1 1. wr. X 1 ,A A , 1 - X ,, 1 Vs- -1 1 5 , 1,2 , , K N . Mk. 1- x Y - , A T',' J' , , 1 1 K ' .'1 1 5 - ,-. ,0 N . , - 3- . - - 1-1,11 I 1 '-ti,-', 1 1. ' . ,1 1 ',' 1 - vj , x I", V , T- " ,QQ ,, g3..1 - ' xv, V- . - '1'-iw." 1 ' 'f-L. ' 1 , 1 1' 1-12' 'Q V ff ' A E5 lui' ' A L ,H f ,tx -V 1 1 ' - T11 .- " . 2212-, f.1..:'g1 X. b, V 7 A 'x f , . . 'L M "71:. 'V K "JT 1' - ', 1.4 ., Ep 1 1 A-,:, 1' S., ' U1 , 1 1',,,- f, 1 3 , M., 1.,,. IL., U, . I x L - ,f 1 I ,,g+'Af,,.,W,l KI, , . -V1 I . ,- ,1 K ,M 1, 1 .1 .Q 2' f' -1, 311' ' 11, . ,J:1f,:1-,1. 1 1, ,- 1 .., J ,, .N .-L, V, A' f-- . , ,j' --1 ,, ,gtk 11 ' x NN ' .P ' ' 1.1.5 J - 1117. 'fi '91 fi. U, L, 5 'L U I Q,.,l.-11,75 1 1 , f' " ' 5,4 . H , ,., -. ff Qu- nv 4 4 K LV f Y , Vx ,,,1,.,.' ,Z ,N , , - 1 1. 1 ' 1, ff, 1' .A-51. X -, ,. A V, - . QV. ., . k -. .V 1 Q ' 1 P' . l ,f 'N - Q-Y: , 4' ' J X f ' ' ', ' , uf f J i ' -1 , ,Q gygffi X-xg.,-A x " 1 H, yr A ,MX 1 Y , 1 Q, D J '1 . ' s-., ' ' 11' 1- ' , in 1 . ,,A, 1, ,, L, ,ez : ,.,, 'QLD 11 q 1 4 Vlffnz. .4 .f , H H , , A 1 5 ,L --N I I Y, ,, 1 ,f., X 1 1. + K S Q! R X .-'f -I -..,, , 1 -fv, Wh ,,. 1 I , ,, I K A, y I I I Q fe C 'Amr rf S" "Ni ' 1 , 1 nf W ' 5 -x ,I' .zz lieu '.,, 'Tn' ,rx 1 1 ,I ,-+V I' --Jw. . N rw. ,fr if . . ,br ,1 fu ., ,ff l?.,rL1,I i 4' 1, , 'H' 1- 5 V Q. ,i7 ,M,,.,i .A ,A -4f-51, I- 9 .1 x ., ff, ff, 6 , ,,1, 1 .,-fu, QL- J me -'Q ' . .A , ,w',Jt!4 . . L. x. l ' Q , ,ff . , ,1 f , - ng., Y-1 1 ! XJ ., f :kg ,, .. f, f 1- ,J ,- ,- ' ' 1, ,f:"'fi uf, 5, X, ff 1 1 , 1 1 V '1 ', If .4 5. rj 5 '1'f1.l, 11,5 g., .,.1i,,, "Lv-' ., 1-1 ,1 .1 -11 4 '1 'L ' . 'W'-Iv '- 1-, f 11' ,lw-:N ', 'Li ., zz,-1'..,. .f'w.1.n -, I ,iw ' , Q 1' X 1 5 pm A, .-1? 'gg ,465 -fi KR 1 W ,X A 1. , ., , I.-'?f11g I lr ' faq, -,pn K ,fr'4.1.'V, 237' ,, A f ,- D :f.,' 41 ,, , k' ,X 111, ., . K, , -3. N ,f.',-,Sv by I-is wx vw- 45, V-,-, , ,waz J, 1, - K 'j,,,:aQ1 :-14, . 1 A-71i53f"7-P.i-' 1 uf- ' "f,,fgf L,. 1'y,1,, .7-. x,,. , ,-4 '- ' 'T 11 'ff' 1 ,VK -', ff " 'i " 'Q 5-X 1 . . fr ,fx A 1 yl I "J, ' . 115 , -" '11 'f ,M '1 "f 1 -Hg..-4 ,, V., U A, ,. , . ,, . A--, pe' +.,. 3 .3 1 X ,.:-" ,Az-L4ff1"','f-,LM "5"77C3't 1' 5, -1!Acgs'.2 ,,,'-, M, .4:,,,.1-,a',. 13? 1:1Vi'Y4z -'73, 'KJ'-,-7' - I1' f"4"3f.,:, I :.j'7 . vw: V'-1--1 A , ,- , --. 1..,, 1w- ,U 4, 497 -1 1 v,1,,.,.

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Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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