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 - Class of 1947

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Y X Q ., 1 - -- - , - .. - ---3 . .pw -Aw .1-rg, uv-Lf,--'f I- 1,-I 3ggg,:,L!l,,:f:Lg-. -gyfgfgff L.-,'jjy,1,31W,,1 1-4.57.32-',:-,11'.J'!,i,Q,y ,,51J7U4p5"fjq. 5,59 13,fg:,.ij.4:f i I. , ' x .,..,, 7 1. 1. 1 - J 1 I 1 I x I 57, p f A -1, 1 xx N .. M ,H ,, M' 4" M5 """9" ff-ffffffm 'f'L!"1'f1Q':'i-1'..'-Nfl .-. 21 1 tif 1 'fr I f ... N N-X R, W -. ff' f-ffl ,lf iilbff 1Q.'2"-Zhi,-'.t'-'T'-,,Tm 1-' "' :N-."'f-..1'L'Q 4N,X'N.,,, ag. ,x nf, . , lf' - -uw: YvfP".'-f,3-,mv--1isf:1':4:i9ief2ie-1..: M Q4 - L- .- W V1 -,....,,,, . . . ,, ., . . , ' f ,I-5:14 5 . ' - ++- T'-ig:-2444.-2-:g'.4'Af .t,,:ey- 'xg-Wsf:2fxzq,,'f.',M max.grzzgefwfcfze-e.f2.f 1.1,4.i:w" f-':"! 42r1'1"14'.-vii' ff3rf, . 'ww ' 1 ,, -1 ' I r 1 :H x bf I Q WM' W--5, mines ii ge S .vu QA --ug-Q, WW A WITH PLEASURE WE PRESENT TO YOU THE 1947 TRIREME, FILLED WITH VIVID MEMORIES OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL DAYS. rf-,F NIE AVL f P -1 U Incl.ufS'Cr 1 'Q if ,-E v 3 , . Q 39 A I tu. 8711 5 Q, Section Page FORWARD ....,...,,,.......,... DEDICATION ,,....,..,..,,,....4.. BOARD OF EDUCATION ..,.... ADMINISTRATION ,..,.,....,. FACULTY ..,,....,..,...,....... SENIOR .,..,........ J UNIOR .I,..,......... SOPHOMORE ....... FRESHMEN ..,...,.... EIGHTH GRADE ..I....... SEVENTH GRADE ........ KINDERGARTEN ,,..., MUSIC ..,.....I........ PRODUCTIONS .,... CLUBS .,..,,,...A.... SPORTS ....,, awdchfs I-71 cfusfr Cblqf ...,...,'l0 'II ......,.'I4-30 .,....,.34 37 ...4,...38 41 ........42 44 ........45 .,......46 47 ......,.48 4..I....50-56 ........57 ........58 62 ........63-72 L- ! rfflt Q v f!?f A . ti H. L xy Uur Scene vf lation ff x Dedication WITH GRATEFUL APPRECIATION FOR THE OPPORTUNI- TIES OF EDUCATION, WORK, AND RECREATION OFFERED TO US BY OUR COMMUNITY, WE DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO Uur Town - Yard City Our Kvard of fducation Bock Row: J. P. Frick-President, John Budura, John Mclntosh-Treasurer Fronf Row: Earl Artman, J. George Brown, Dr. J. G. Allison Eighl G S d 1 14dminiA tration NCENT N IAA SH I af , , .nz AN Q., f A , , 7 as f fs f K f QL 'S' sis S Y A K M231 4 NX" ' 1 wi , x . K K ' L ,K A 7521 x I - ' 1' x 1- , 1 'lffjgiffpa v x W' Qs: fu r -P - 9 if R fl, A .,., NA Nga, ' ,z ,sms .g-1, -0 4'- If BACK ROW-Roberta Brunner, Dorothy Bryan, Lewis Buyers, Helen Carey, Elizabeth Cogley, James Davis THIRD ROW-Charles Gregory, Mildred Heighley, Alice John, Olive King, Kathleen McCoy, Raymond Miller SECOND ROW--Daniel Shirey, Margaret Shubert, Dorothy Shumaker, Helen Smart, Harold Sowers, Alice Steiner FRONT ROW-Elizabeth Weaver, Marion Weaver, Madge Weber, Ardena Wolfe, Albert Zimmer ?acultq 1' 1 if . 2 K Wi ...Q ww-""""" zfwffdvw 4 ' if f ' x fl' fl' igfwvamf in E. ., V wwglig S 3' 4- Q' . M' ,M Q ,X 1' .2- T W. S. 5 F 7 ALBERT KOVAR Treasurer MIKE KOTYK President MARY LOUISE ORTMAN Secretu ry BLAIR GREEN Vice President Fourteen Senior BETTY ALISON "Bets Has a smile for every- one Personality shines in her eyes . Beauti- ful hair ln band and orchestra . , Can't keep her dates straight Junior class secretary. PAULINE BACULIK "Polly" . . faithful member of the "Cootie" club , slaves at the five and dime on Saturdays and jerks sodas at Klings on Sundays A always ready for a good laugh Nice to know thinks a certain somebody from Cresson is all right. WILLIAM BAIR , "Bill" ., Hilltopper Popular . Has that Tarzan build , Brainy . A Father in Junior Class Play . , Tackle on the football team . .. Likes to hunt , . Drives his Dad's 47 Stude. RONALD BANKS ,, "Ronnie" . . Comes to us from Florida Pink is his favorite color .. Can't stay out of trouble , Seldom seen without "Duke" , Friendly and talkative. ELINOR BELLAS "Alnee" Attractive good student Oh, that nice long hair , Jackie's shadow. Wonder why she's always seen in Kit- tentown?? We know iust loves school??? JOSEPHINE BENTLEY "Josie" faithful Tri-Hi-Y member loves her gum attrac- tive rarely seen without her shadow "Popeye" friendly with everyone and well liked always enioys a good laugh. Fifteen JAMES BLACK , "Blackie" . . One of the nicest boys in the Senior class ., , Loafs with J. T. .. Likes to play basketball A, a "shortie" of the class . Quiet and always smiling. GENE BOUCH Gene One of the hill- toppers . good studentand friend drives around in a big Buick nice looking , pals with "Ron" and "Jess" , very quiet member of Boys' Octette. LUCILLE BOWSER . "Speedy" .,.. one of the short gals in the Senior class . . always wedrs a grin cute enioys her solid class fwe wonder why??J ..i, heart interest undecided I ,. pleasing personality. BARBARA CARBERRY . "Barby" . President of the Tri-Hi-Y .. . throws a lot of parties . ., a hilltopper .... member of the Girls' Ensemble I good alto voice , . just bursting with witty say- ings .,.. cute giggle. VIRGINIA BOWSER .. Hails from Skinall Small blonde. Gregg Club member .,.. Very quiet ..,. Has no interest in the opposite sex!! Nice girl and very friendly. RONALD BRYAN , , "Ron" Descends from the hilltop every morning! Pals with Blair and Jess noted bass in the mixed chorus?! ,,.. A friend of everyone ,.,. plays a mean bass!! ELIZABETH DeBARR .... "Betty" . .. Quiet ..,. has a head of black wavy hair . . works at Gallclghers makes wonderful sundaes nice person to know. THOMAS BYRON .. "Tom" ,... Center on the football team for three years ,.,. plays basket- ball . ,. spends his spare time clerking in Mama's store . swell kid life of any party. Sixteen MARY LOUISE CARPEN "Beans" , Spends most of her time at the roller rink Always has something to say Laughs at anything , , Likes to hunt Favorite subject, study hall. MIKE CARUSO "Mussy" Tackle on the football team for three years Really the life of a party An expert at imitations for "that crowd" Ask him about the "tunnel" A swell kid to know. JUNE CLEVER ,. "Daisy June" . Never seen without Thelma and Phil . . Hobbies are skating and knitting ., Heart throb in Maryland!?! The girl with the ready smile!!! HALLIE CROYLE , Hallie ., One of our peppy cheerleaders , ,. Look at those dim- ples . Likes Ford Clif? or maybe iust "Flick" . Always willing to lend a helping hand ln Junior Class Play. ROSE DE GREGARIO Rose Likes to dance Works at Pechan's Pals with Dorca . . Plans to work out of town Walks miles for school Favorite drink is cokes. FRANCIS DlNGA "Prink" A lover of sports Plays basketball for Ace-Hi Likes to shoot pool Wants to be a law- yer A ioker of the Senior Class Likes IIDIII ROBERT EDDY . . Bob . ,. Another deer hunter Just let him tell you a story Likes math and science ,... Conscious ofthe opposite sex . Enioys arguing about guns. Seventeen DEAN ELIAS Dean The sheik of the Senior Class . Really knows his clothes Smooth on the dance floor Favorite say- ing, "Contact Art" A real pool shark Nice friend to have. BEATRICE ENGLEN . "Bea" .,., cute kid ..A. often seen with Alma and Jennye ,,., likes "ChuckIes" .. . a member of the "Cootie Club" ..,. nice dresser favorite subiect, chemistry???? .... beats the bell by seconds. PATRICIA ANN GREEN .i.. "Pat" .. . member of the band for six years .... in the orchestra .... friendly .... a good sport ..,. quite a student ,t.. in junior class play ,... ambition, to be a woman in white. AILENE FITZGERALD ., "Tootie" .,.. tall, dark, and a lot of fun . rides the bus to school favorite hobby is reading .... partial to tall blondes!!! Oh! those big brown eyes. DONALD GARDNER ..,, "Duck" ., one of those kids who lives five seconds away from the school seen with "Duke", chasing the girls "blue- beard" of the senior class .... raises a rumpus in any study hall. ANDREW HOLIZNA ,. "Hotches" .,.. slyest kid in F. C. H. S. . can be found in Kittanning with Ninie and Kopie anytime .... one of PauI's steady customers .. considered a wolf in sheep's cloth- ing handsome. BLAIR GREEN .... pals with "Al" . . likes hunting for deer . always arguing with Bob , ,. claims he is a girl hater, but we know different .... good student ..., vice-president of the senior class. Eighteen ROBERT GROSS "Bob" likes tennis and JACQUELYN HALLMAN . "Jackie" . , a tall, bowling faithful paper boy on Sunday neat girl ..,. enjoys a good joke . quiet and never seen without Ray or Fred . , nice dresser always smiling . plans to go to college M , a good tenor voice , , sings in Boy's Octette. good Art student. CHESTER GURSKI , "Ches" captain of MAURICE HOBAUGH . , "Duke" .. Harry the basketball team , visits Hunka quite James the second draws cartoons .. often Played football , One of the plays in band and orchestra . , full of iokes Ridge Avenue boys Is an honor student ,. walks the hall during study period. Quiet but a nice friend to have. ANNE HRIBIK "Hunka" Goes to all football JENNYE KANIA , . Jennye . .. Cute cheerleader and basketball games, wonder why?? ., Beats ,i., Nice personality , , Member of the "Cootie" the bell by seconds ., one of the winners of the club ..,. Good dancer . . Ask her "how much" . Big 6 in basketball . . Member of the short set. Loafs with Alma and Bea . .. Vice President of Gregg Club. ALBERT KALMAR . "Tootsie" . .. Likes his MARY THERESA KARL . ., "Teesy" . . pleas- solid?? Spends most of his time in Leech- ing personality pals with Jane .,., Keeps burg Loafs with Warren . . Don't we the mailman very busy Loves to whisper love that wavy hair , , A good worker. in English class . .. Future bookkeeper. Nineteen JUDITH KERN .... "Judy" .... ushers at the Ford thinks Bill is tops in football and basketball has the touch of Lauren Bacall .... plans to take up beauty culture ,. . "Oh! those high heels." GIARTH KLINGENSMITH ..., "Jug" ..., Hails from Rosston .,.. Rackboy at Nick's .,., What would the Sea Scouts do without him? .... Favorite sports are swimming and ice skating ,.,. quiet but friendly. RUTH KING .... Hails from Doby .... Mostly seen in a crowd .,.. Lover of sports, enioys ice-skating most, is it the crowd or the sport? ..,. Has many hobbies .... Works for Mr. Schmidt .... Ambition- become a surgeon. FLORYAN KLIMKOWICZ .,.. "Jabo" .... Ice-skating Champion .... Pals with Pee Wee .t.. Usually talk- ing to girls in the evenings .... swell person to know ,... Quiet and refined??? STEVE KUVIK .... "Copie' .,.. Likes 308 so well you can usually find him there until 5 P. M. ,... Played football ,... can't ever seem to find his books in the library ,... Hopes to teach Economics??? BERTHA KLINGENSMITH .... "Birdie" .... Always has a smile for everyone .,., Loafs with Peggy .... Has frequent boy trouble ..,. Peaches and cream complexion ..., Would rather sleep than come to school. Twenty KEITH KLINGENSMITH . "Bus" . "Manager" of the Clover Farm storelll Smooth dancer ..., neat dresser hails from Rosston Wonder why "Margie" is his favorite song?? MIKE KOTYK "Mike" .i,i class president for the past two years ..., always ready to lend a helping hand , , "Uke" member of "Ace Hi" . figured in Junior Play . ,. has a pleasing personality. ALBERT KOVAR "Al" .... Always cheerful, good sense of humor .... found behind counter at Apple's ,... head drummer in band .,.. chums with Blair .,., smooth dancer .... good student, sport, and friend. DELORES KRACHT ,... "Dolly" nice kid, good student .,.. member of the famous "Cootie Club" ..,. lucky number-31 .... always ready to ioin in the fun .,.. well liked by all. MARY LAZAROFF , "Mud" .. Plays clarinet in LILA JEAN LIVENGOOD . "Flash" Comes band and orchestra Business Manager of Tri- from Manorville, sings in Mixed Chorus an reme loves English fGrrJ . Gregg Club Treas- atomic blonde . .. a twirl on the Kittanning skat- urer seen with Betty and Gen . in Junior ing floor likes to travel out of town-espe- Class Play Often seen in halls. cially Apollo. MITCHELL LLOYD .,., "Skip" .... quarterback RICHARD l.ETTRlCH "Dick" .. One of those on the football team .... Bashful t?J ..., knows hilltoppers and proud of it played foot- all about brown-eyed nurses . ,. "Marta" ball usually seen with "Swartzy" and in the operetta . .. pastime is talking in study "Tessie" always looking for a girl. hall .,,. pet headache in library. Twenty-one MORRIS LYCZAK , , "Morris" . high seas .... Swell guy .,., ,. A veteran of the A "whiz" in most classes ..,. Loves to argue Runs races with the bell ,.,. Plans to enter college. ETHEL MAUTHE "Ethel" ..,. a red headed dem- on of 308 .... well liked by all ,... whenever there's fun and excitement there's Ethel-pals with Olga and Mary Ann. GEORGE MADZY .... "Crip" football team .... one of the casualties of our last football season .. . plain clothesman in the Jun- ior Play ,... a real friend. JENNIE MAGDY "Jennie" possesses a broad smile ..i. enioys skating, basketball, vol- ley ball, and typing .,,. hails works at G. C. Murphy Store. captain of the from lower end .... WILLIAM NATHANIEL "Bill" ..,. Class of "47's" future doctor!!! .... member of the band and or- chestra .... loves English lGr-rl ..,. has ability but doesn't choose to wear it out. DOROTHY MAUS .. "Mousie" .,.. a well man- nered and neat girl ..,. giggling constantly ..., pals with Henrietta .,.. a rea always works hard in study Twenty-two l friend to have .,.. halls??? RICHARD MEIXELBERGER "Lefty" A A likes any kind of "cubes" A even "Kubie" A very quiet?? drives a '40 Chevy to school A hails from the hilltop wavy blonde hair. ALMA MILITO Alma one of our cheer- leaders A personality A has a smile for everyone smooth dancer A member of the "Cootie Club" neat dresser AA right up to the minute in style A cute kid. LOUISE MOORE small, blonde, and sweet has a smile for everybody always willing to help A ,A intends to go to college-later teach kin- dergarten AA A lots of luck, Louise. JACQUELYN NAMECHE A A "Jackie" A AA soph- omore may queen .... loads of fun A AA fre- quents Kittanning with Phil and Elinor A A really enioys keeping house?? A A "Joan" in the iunior play AA A Gregg Club and Ensem- ble member A attractive. THELMA NELSON "Baby Face" AA spends her time roller skating pals with June A smiling and friendly heart interest in F. C. A New Bethlehem's loss is our gain. ANDREW OPALKA A "Troshka" A A can be found at Betty's anytime A played basket- ball for three years plays for Kling M0- tors now a whiz at it would like to go to college smooth looking always smiling. JOE ORESIK A, A "Letch" A bashful A A a former basketball and football star AA A says he wants to live in his purple sweater AAAA plays basketball for Kling Motors AAAA wants to go to college. ROBERT ORTON ,AAA "Bob" A AA one of our hill- toppers A A cruises around in a '41 Olds .A not interested in the opposite sex quiet and friendly. twenty-three MARY LOUISE ORTMAN .... "Dizz" .... head cheer- leader .,., swell personality .,., very popular .... has frequent boy trouble member of the "cootie" club .,.. Secretary of the Senior class. JANE PLANOSKY ..,. "Janie" .... charming per- sonality .... pals with "Teesy" .... enioys skating has no heart interest???? would make a wonderful wife aspires to be a private secre- tary. JOHN PAYO ,... "Johnny" .... roars at his own jokes ..., hobbies, hunting and fishing ,... mem- ber of Ace-Hi .. . cuts up in Geometry class heart beats for "Daisy", his LIBORIA PERRY .... "Borie" ..,. short but so sweet good natured always smiling pals with Milly .... member of Polish sports of every kind .... future????? EVELYN PETERS .... "Pete" .... dog .... quiet type. Falcons enjoys LlLLlAN QUATTRONE ,... "Lil" .,., works at the Ford .... pals with "Teesy" and Jane .,.. has no heart interest, as yet .... can't wait until she gets in Spanish class fgr-rl .... personality oh, those brown slacksllll - pals with Louise .. quiet and one of our more industrious girls ,,.. a dependable member of the Tri-Hi-Y .... likes Home-Ec ..., a future woman in white! Twenty-four VIVIAN PORTERFIELD "Viv" member of the Tri-Hi-Y good soprano voice personality caters to Kittanning always full of pep never seen without Betty or Dot future un- decided. AGNES PRAZENICA "Aggie" swell person to know captain of winning bas- ketball team enioys sports of any kind in favor of discontinuing all homework a friend of everyone future housewife. ALBERT PRAZENICA "Squeeny" works at Ford Theater ., walks to school with Ridge Avenue gang , indoor type blushes when girls talk to him played football. DELORES PROTZ "Dorca" likes all sports , pals with Rose and Lilly a iit- terbug plays a mellophone in the band and orchestra a shortie of the class always ready to crack a joke peppy girl. MARY REALE "Mary" cute kid comes from Smoky City sweet personality , secre- tary of Gregg Club Trireme Staff Oh! those dimples enioys a good musical??? nice voice. JEAN RENALDO "Jeanie with the light brown hair" pianist-orchestra, ensem- ble, octette Gregg Club President ass't business manager of Trireme member of "Cootie" club classes are dull when she's absent always smiling. HENRIETTA RETZER quiet never seen with- out "Mousie" . good natured would make a wonderful wife for some lucky man inter- ested in automobiles , giggles a lot. Twenty-five BETTY JEAN ROBERTS . "B. J." chums with Lois Tri-Hi-Y treasurer likes Eng- lish, dancing, ice-skating and Bing Crosby!! , ., sense of humor , member of the short set , heart interest??? WILLIAM SACIK .. , "BiII" ..., One of the Chestnut Street boys .... Always seen with Judy .... Triple threat man on the gridiron .... Played halfback on the football team .... Good basketball player ,,. Well liked by all. THOMAS SCOTT ..,. "Scotty" .... An ex-service man i.., Played football for Ford City before en- tering the Navy ..,. Loves to argue in economics class Married a little secretary of the employ- ment oFfice. SHIRLEY SAKULSKY . .. "ShirI" .,.. little but gets around .... one of the neat dressers .... has a long way to be walked home ..., learned to drive her dad's new Buick .. . never serious. GEORGE SALOUM ,,.. "ChaI" ,.., very popular .... best dancer in the Senior class ,.., Likes to dance with E. V. lWonder whyj .,., Mr. Dupierreux's main headache .. , Can wear those casual clothes. I ROBERT SWARTZLANDER .,.. "Swartzy" ..., A member of the hilltop gang Loves to get into trouble .... Pals with Duck .,.. Did his best on the gridiron .,., Has no plans forthe future. CLARA SANOBA ,. Clara never seen without Jack classy clothes .... spends her spare time at "Monkey Wards" .t.. pals with Dolly-nice kid to know . .. likes "Cook-ing". Twenty-six JOE SCRIPS "Pep" Guard on the football team and OH, what a guard . , A real friend to all frequents Kittanning . , sharp dresser . . drives his dad's car and we don't mean alone!! ROBERT SIMENSKY .. , "Sputser" . . Always feuding with Johnny and Slats .. J. F.'s headache in the poolroom . sly as a fox on basketball floor . one of the shorties of the class keeps 308 in an uproar. LAWRENCE SMITH , ,, "Smitty" A "coal crack- er" and proud of it , played fullback on the football team and can really tote that pigskin . well liked by everyone main interest-a cer- tain member of the Junior class. ROVENA STEPP .,.t "Beanie" Has that certain something .... pretty curly hair ,. travels in a Ford with J. T. .... pals with Esther .... friendly runs races with the tardy bell. LEO SZYMANSKI , "Sonny" . One of the "Lower End" gang has a mania for getting that nice, curly hair shaved off every summer , . star basketball player .. has frequent heart trouble over a certain majorette. RUTH TAGUE , "Ruthie" ., One of our cheerleaders . , cute kid , always has a smile for everyone . really enjoys a good laugh member of the "Cootie Club" , likes Grove City College , wonder why??? JAMES TALLIERE , . "Mouse" Miss Shubert's right hand man .. , always ready to pull a trick on someone .... usually seen with Sputser ,.., regu- lar pool shark . a future businessman. ,. an- other sly one. JACQUELYN TARNEK .,.. "Jackie" with the nice black hair tall spends her spare time at Murphy's . pals with Jeri . plans to go to Washington this summer. Twenty-seven JOSEPH TESSITORE ,.., "Tessy" .... hails from the hilltop .... speeds around in a cream colored Chrysler ..., did a swell iob in the past football season . ., has an undecided future ,... MATH is his meat. GERALDINE VALEK ..,. "Jeri" .... full of pep cmd vigor , A always ready to pull a joke "LOVES" School-lGr-rl .l.. Magnetic personality ,... adver- tises butcher shop .... member of Polish Falcons Gregg Club Trireme Staff ,... Tri-Hi-Y. ARLISS THOMASWICK ,. Arliss .... pleasing per- sonality .... every hair in place .... classy dresser good in shorthand and typing likes Gar- retts Run, I wonder why????? .... art student on Trireme Staff. MILDRED THOMASWICK ..,. "Milly" ,.,. a good' student .,.. likes Math ..,. a practical joker .... swell personality . . pals with "Borie" .... handles Falcons ..,. wants to be a psychiatrist. a basketball like a pro ,.., member of the Polish R X 1 CARRIE LEE WIMMS .... "Carrie" .,., usually seen at the Armory on Wednesday night . . Faithful rooter of Elites .. . Loafs with the Lower End Gang loves Vandergrift always willing to lend a helping hand. ALEXANDER TROYAN .... "J. J." . ,. Gave up a career with Uncle Sam for a high school educa- tion .... plans to return to Europe .... Can usually be found in Nick's poolroom. Twenty-eight JAMES VULGAN "Fat" Also known as "Big Jim" Loafs with Mike and Tom . ask him about "Darlene" and the New Year's Eve Party cruises around in a blue Plymouth. BETTY WALTENBAUGH . "Betty" hails from the hill tries to drive her dad's car OH, that red hair! likes to shop at the Acme Market, or is it to see that certain tall blonde?? NANCY WATT , ., "Nana" . . plays in the band and orchestra peppy and always smiling . .. pals with Peaches , wonder whose ring she's wearing . loves Economics??? PAUL WAUGAMAN "Paul" , , A small, ten carat kid , , hails from McGrann ,. belongs to Mike's gang .. just loves typ- ing??? ., plays poker with "Shipe" and "Lefty." BILL WOODSIDE "Woody" hails from NATHANIEL ZACOUR .... "Ninie" t A football McGrann a little wildcat swell guy. sets star always seen cruising round in a '40 pins at the local bowling alley Future??? Chrysler , ., takes "Hotches" with him on dates has wavy black hair intends to ioin the army. CLEASON WYANT A "Clease" A quiet and good natured doesn't like girls rides the bus to school usually seen with his brother couldn't do without the English Class. Twenty-nine FRANCIS BAUER ,, "Francis" .. Enioys his typing class because he is surrounded by girls - One of our veterans - Frequents Cadogan-Wonder why??? Likes to argue. LEE KAMER ..,. "Lee" .... hails from Garrets Run Never seen without "Hub" Can usually be found at Brud's Hobby Hub ..,. Nice kid to know. MIKE WALSONOVICH ,... "Mike" .... One of our ex-service men Can be heard tramping through the halls any hour of the day .... usually seen with Baldy Cruises around in a Black Ford. JOHN NOVAK ,.,. "Trapper Crow" ..., Prefers trapping and crow hunting to anything else ,... Ceven womenl .... Can usually be found loafing on Slovak Store corner with the gang .... future- Game Commissioner. WARREN SHUMAKER .,,. "Figs" .... hails from Kelly Station . . Star baseball player for Martin's Garage .... Usually seen with Albert .... Often found in Leechburg .,.. Nice kid to know. RICHARD YOUNT .. , "Dick" .... One of the quiet boys of the Class . Spends most of his time fish- ing and hunting .... Usually seen with Bob and Bill .... Nice friend to have. STEVE TURKO ..,, "Skip" .,.. Manager of Ford City's swankiest bowling alley ,... An ex-swabbie that carries love in his back pocket .... Pals with Baldy, Koke, and Peanuts .... Jeweler is his fu- ture intention. Thirty H yiif' mwifnaf, v' P an win -A 1,- Wan... -4 .1 s I gym! G CS -v 1 L 4 f I lm 4 ' QR 11 . Y ff .5 ay 'ig' Q' ." .lx ' XX X X ,f ?f 7' azlqk -an M v Y ting , Mya K ,. ,T ...1-.- is f x 2 xl. .5 fy. , gf 3 w ,ln nv 29,1 0 2 J ,f ,X age. V! 1? I 3 wp, ms: Q if Qi ,,3g CIMA Will The gates have opened and we must pass through the sacred Portals of Learning into the maze of Life's Hallways. Being sound in mind and body, we, the class of 1947, do hereby proclaim this document to be our last will and testament. Bear well in mind, ye wise successors, the honor and dis- tinction with which you have been endowed, uphold them to the best of your ability. Mike Caruso wills his football toe to Jim Stivison. Dean Elias wills his pool shooting capacity to "Spider" Moyta. Pat Green wills her first chair in the band to Delores Zimmer- man. Ruth Tague wills her characteristics of Old Ireland to Pat Ryan. Mary lazaroi leaves her ability to handle financial affairs to Frances Canil. Jean Ronaldo wills her piano bench in the orchestra to Whil- anna Millen. "Pep" Scrips wills his frequent trips to Kittanning to Lloyd Geer. Betty Waltenbaugh wills her red hair to Maureen Rogan. Lucille leaves her shortness to Theresa Zboran. "Dorca" Protz leaves her skating ability to Lila Wills. "Din" Ortman wills her "all day" swimming sessions to Esther Valek. Jackie Hallman leaves her love of playing baseball to Pat Ryan. Chester Gurski leaves his physique to Eddie Halas. Judy Kern leaves her blond hair to Shirley Heffelfinger. Maurice Hobaugh wills his trumpet, sans blast, to Bill Kovacik. Nancy Watt leaves her chewing gum to "Peaches" Stotler. Lila Livengood leaves her big feet to Stella Kiiowski. Elinor Bellas leaves her responsibility of keeping the altos on pitch to Delores Krings. "Sputs" wills his tricky handling of the basketball to Johnny Gurski. Rose DeGregorio leaves her ability to clerk to Eleanor Tener- owicz. Betty Allison leaves her hair to Evelyn Hileman. Jackie Tarnek leaves her ability to type and chew gum to Pearl Cardinal. "Chal" wills his place on the dance floor to Bob Moody. The senior football players will their gala coke parties at Paul's to the members of next year's team. "Millie" and Lucille will their seats in "Trig" to Dorothy Ann and Lois. Mitchell Lloyd leaves his No. 17 football iersey to Richard Mechling. Bill Bair leaves his iob as chauffeur of the '47 Studebaker to Chuck Stroud. "Ninie" Zacour wills his guard position on Ford City's "eleven" to "Luke" Ferotte. Ailene Fitzgerald leaves her ushering job at the Ford Theatre to Bob Lungrik. Betty DeBarr leaves her mighty soda ierking to anyone who wants it. Alma Milito wills her dancing ability to Anita Martinez. Lillian Quattrone leaves her Spanish ability to Gladys Veres. "Aggie" Prazenica wills her athletic ability to Frances Canil. Shirley Sakulsky wills her dimples to "Margy" Zerney. Mary Reale leaves her seat in the school bus to Mary Wyant. Ruth King leaves her seat in Mr. Shirey's room to Dorothy Volek. Vivian Porterfield wills her pug nose to Lila Wills. Bill Sacik iust leaves. Ann Hribik leaves her height to Marilyn Duff. Beatrice Engelen wills her ability as a typist to Jerry Jean Nameche. Steve Kuvik wills his hair to Andy Duris. Thelma Nelson leaves her capacity as a man hater to Roberta Williams. Louise Moore wills her blond hair to Beulah Hoak. Jennie Kania wills her cheering uniform to Ann Marie Costanza. Evelyn Peters wills Mr. Shirey to the iunior class. Mary Theresa Karl wills her bookkeeping ability to Olga Hunia. Dorothy Maus leaves her ability as a seamstress to Bonnie Crownover. Carrie Wimms leaves her seat in the Penn Transit Bus to Shirley Heffelfinger. "Prink" Dinga leaves his mischievous eyes to Bill Roberts. Jackie Nameche leaves her attractiveness to Jerry Nameche. This will is signed, sealed, published and declared valid by the above named "Class of '47" as their last Will and Testament. Ray Marshall, Junior President First Witness Mike Kotyk, Class President Paul Malagari, Sophomore President Second Witness Thirty-th ree unio Ray Marshall .... President Beverly Hoy .,., .....r.,.. S ecretary Patricia Ryan ,.... Vice President Charles Stroud ..... Treasurer Back Row-John Portasilc, Michael Martinez, Thomas Houseman, Thaddeus Bielski, Pete Christ, Robert Kronen, Kenneth Gray Second Row-Miss Dorothy Roessing, Steve Turlco, William Englert, John Wintgens, Hazen Simmons, Patricia Wright, Phyllis Spang Front Row-Lois Jackson, Elizabeth Scott, Jean Hileman, Georgia Hasinger, Dorothy Ann Brislcy, Lola Mansfield, Imogene Miller, Dorothy Volelx Thirty-four T lliere Donald Dornan, Richard Yount, Robert Mechling, 12 -isi-. -' r-f- Robert Stepp, John Gurslxi, Bock Row--Robert a , James Brumbaugh, Betty Varholla, John Novak Second Row--Nick Kibulm, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Bonnie Crownover, Roberta Williams, Joseph Gcuggini, Helen Folcik, Marjorie Sheasley, Brady Cousins, Beulah Hoak, Miss Annabel Bottlander Front Row-Teresa Zboran, Don Waugaman, Shirley Heftelfinger, Lois May, Robert Lungrik, Rose Koval- ovnky, Charlotte Stotler, Patricia Nelson, Francis Canil "Informc11ities" Alley basket - Outdoors "The Last Mile Love Comradeship Back Row-Mike Wolsonovich, Harry Campbell, Edward Hallas, Walter Tihanovich, Valentine Schmaus, Nicholas Balazik, Lloyd Geenr Third Row-Edward Curren, Paul Meleason, James Solida, James Stivason, Charles Doverspilre, Lloyd Mansfield, Alan Weaver, Mr. Harold Sowers Second Row-Lilo Wills, Beverly Hoy, Gladys Veres, Eleanor Tenerowicz, Rose Shevchuk, Maureen Rogan, Lois Meek, Stella Kiiowski Front Row-fPearle Cardinal, Elizabeth Heilman, Margaret Zurney, Regina Csir, Dolores Krings, Dorothy Olsheski, Lois Mae Beck Bock Row-Anthony Remis, Carl Lorence, Albert Cippel, Mike Moyta, James Valasek, Nelson Bish, Kathryn Kooman, Lorraine Esposito, Irene Seredo Second Row-Clyde Yates, Donald McCarthy, Jock Szafran, Ralph DiGregorio, Lewis Frerotte, Donald Grossman, Anita Martinez, Miss Beamon Front Row-Martha Hallas, Margaret Stanlco, Ann Marie Costanza, Mary Wyant, Elizabeth Wielobob, Jean Ray, Jerry Jean Nameche, Esther Valek, Sally Hilernan Thirty-six Back Row-Ray Marshall, Andy Duris, Fred Wiffalcer, William Kovacilx, Richard Daniel, Affilio Chemelli, George Trnavslmy, Edward Petras, Francis Bauer Second Rowflouise Klingensmifh, Pairicia Ryan, Mary Ann Visnovsky, Dara lee Chestnut, Rose Kromlca, Willanna Millen, Patricia Wingard, Evelyn Heilman, Olga Hunia, Miss Steiner Front Row--Bill Miliz, Stanley Gladysiewski, Donald Haney, Charles Siroud, Kafhleen Frisina, Delores Parisi, Mary Bish, Bernice Smafhers, Jackie Darrell Days We vvon't forget! il' l fx vik-. x . We had lots of fun, too. xv!! 4-uw--5. I' 7- - mwsmwlfla 1.115 Paul Molcgari Lila Lee Lhote John Stroud PRESIDENT SECRETARY TREASURER Soplwmv e J-f Back Row-Verle Coleman, George Todoroff, Gerard Slagle, James Lerner, Walter Kissick, Frank Gariglio. Third Row-- Stanley Minteer, Walter Crytzer, Marilyn Yingst, Eileen Beck, Beverly Miller, Richard Karabin Angelo Scopel Second Row --Lois Crownover, Louise Good, Vera Carney, William Retzer, Paul Malagari, Robert Ortmann Richard Hand, Frank Hribik, Mrs. Elizabeth Cogley Front Row- Peggy Edwards, Barbara Slagle, Peggy Kracht, Virginia Protz, Jane Holizna, Leona Kania, Lois Jane Male, Pauline Gerboc, Marianna Minarcin Back Row-'John Stroud, Howard Zerick, Frank King, John Skukalek, Earl Cooper, Joe Bureau, George Fitzgerald Third Row- Albert Hribik, Richard Clever, Elma Klingensmith, Joan Carberry, Margaret Cooper, Stanley Wilson, John Ruclosky, Edward Lunz, William Kunst Second Row-Gladys Sipe, Patty McMeans, Lila Lee Lhote, Doris Priester, Doris Hindes, Lorraine Thiry, Margie Dunmire, Martha Green, Mrs. M. Aubrey Front Row- Jim Waugaman, Joan Fox, JoAnne Kane, Aldo Orton, Donnetta Barbour, Jack Reitler, Charles Milligan, Joe Dinko, Jim Novak Thirty-nine I f -.--l.. -1-i-- ,M 'I ...wa Illfl Back Row-David Patsue, Dean Doverspike, Grant Daugherty, Kenneth Lettrich, Robert Helm, Valentine Woyton, Charles Hutchison Third Row-Beatrice Valek, Rose Morelli, Jean Elder, Georgia Lou Cassel, Lillian Kral, Joseph Markilinski, Domenic Cesare, James Tomaswick Second Row-Katherine Smith, Viola Goldinger, Delores Czapor, Mary Catherine Rich, Elizabeth Kendra, Joan Gross, Edward Germy, Gerald Sloan, Miss Shumaker Front Row-Arlene Anthony, Wanda Zydonik, Jean Holizna, Georgia May, Esther Blondeaux, Kenneth Reitler, George Morda, Joseph Kiiowski, Paul Klacha Back Row-Leo Kiiowslci, William Jansen, Donald Roberts, Robert Heilman, James Liptow, Dean Davis Third Row-Sophie Krukar, Bernice Campbell, Elizabeth Kiiowski, Robert Maus, Lee Ray Green, Marlene McCarthy, Bill Turicik, Karl Stollenwerk Second Row-Nancy Goldman, Joan Jageman, Rita Rupert, Victor Arco, Joe Piersanti, James Morvilx, Ben Cook, Virginia Walker, Mr. Fred Ortman Front Row-Helen Szalanlxiewicz, Betty Cippel, Agnes Harriger, Rose Morvik, Hope Arnold, Patricia Fester, Richard Duff, Clair Klingensmith gs.. Forty . .-T. -r'- T-......... 1-mf? Back Row-Francis Churchill, Jack Cook, Richard King, John Falsetti, Joe Krukar, Richard Mechling, James Hohl, William Roberts Third Row-Joseph Hagofsky, Leo Plocha, William Lucian, John Varholla, James Bowser, Edson Johnston, Henry Dietz, Albert Moyta, William Stover Second Row f--Betty Lou Tague, Rose Marie Baculik, Frankie Jean Hepler, Betty Mansfield, Anabel McJunlrin, Helen Coleman, Charlaine Schwab, C. E. Gregory Front Row-Margaret Kudelda, Eloise Wiser, Gloria Capizzi, Clara Klingensmith, Marilyn Duft, Joan C-owetski, JanetJohns, Betty Fickes There was another side to life, Memories linger forever! l l l-t'rlluQn1rru lemma '-w ' Back Rom--Charles Temsik, Ronald Temsik, James Wilson, Donald Swartz, Albert Walleck, Robert Yassem, John Zion, Donald Wolfe Third Row-Marcella Skukalek, Mary Jane Vensel, Herbert Vanderkall, Donald Wyant, Cyrus Walten- baugh, John Vargo, James Swartzlander, Ray Swank, Richard Walker Second Row-Gloria Swanson, William South, James Stiveson, Tom Stroud, Richard Valek, Minnie Smith, Alberta Vause, Joyce Sfitt, Miss Ekis Front Row-Joanne Thompson, Delores Zimmerman, Bernadine Tirpak, Phyllis Zerick, Barbara Wilson- croft, Patricia Wolfe, Martin Yantos, John Volek, e lumen Back Row-f-Jack Adams, Charles Beck, Richard Asay, Donald Cowan, James A. Bowser, Larry Cousins, Eugene Burdette Third Row--Herbert Adams, Danny Barto, Alice Lee Campbell, Virginia Brown, Marion Baillie, Patricia Binder, William Acerni, Edward Chauvaux, John Charney Second Row-Mary Ann Colonna, William Byron, Joseph Cippel, George Blondeaux, Helen Barber, Sally Bish, Elsie Busch, Anna Marie Beck, Miss Smart Front Row-Shirley Chechvala, Dona Clever, Patricia Chauvaux, Jeannine Axton, Barbara Bouch, Rose- mary Butko, Carl Bowser, Paul Blanier Forty-two Back Row-Paul Shumalser, Marvin Russell, Lynn Patchin, Donald Paffrath, Donald Shotts, William Placilx, Wayne Sherry Thiry Row-JoAnn Reed, Sally Scheeren, Margaret Rich, Betty Shotts, Frances Putz, Theresa Ondruseln, William Scott, Geraldine Parise, Frances Remis Second Row-Dorothy Rupert, Dale Orton, Betty Shalxley, Mary Jane Reich, Tommy Relich, Howard Shiclc, Reatha Schall, Enrico Papurello, Jack Ray, Mr. Miller Front Row-Howard Ryan, Isabelle Rothwell, Diana Ritchey, Maxine Reynolds, Delores Rimmel, Salvatore Quattrone, Helen Payo, Phyllis Sellers, Donald Rupert Back Row-Olga Magdy, Myrtle Mack, Eleanor Kane, Lucille Leque, Doris Miller, Mary Ann Olinger, Clara Klingensmith, Lamberson Olinger, Charles Kamer Third Row-Geraldine Minarcin, Isabelle Krukar, Patricia Kiene, Carrie Miller, Vivian Lungrik, Frank Kreutzer, Jack Lenahan, John Mysliewiecz, Harvey Martin Recond RowfCecilia Labutka, Carrie Johnston, Teresa Levcilc, Betty Mohr, Margaret Moore, Leatrice Miller, James Manes, James Karl, Robert Jackson, Miss Weaver Front Row-Lorna Matthews, Lois Miller, Genevieve Kotylc, Edna Johnston, Samuel Nelson, Kenneth McCollum, William Lincleman, Walter Kiiowslri, William May, Jack lseman Forty-three +:'.Q :: f- Q-4.-7 X lp ,iam in Lfwm' W 0 is 2321? Q if 1 Back Row Richard Heighlcy, Donald Reeb, Joseph Reitinger, Robert Stiva' son, Jack O'Brien, Eleanor Harrison, Mary Pytel, Mary Germy, Rose Helen Lawrence Second Row William Schwab, Leon- ard Miller, Jacob Miltz, Dean Spun- cer, Lauiseen Colosimo, Ruth Bryan, Clara Kiiowski, Martha Baney, Janet Mdunkin, Miss McCoy Front Rowffpaul Arner, Naomi Um- buugh, Mary Kloput, Max Seckin- ger, Virginia Dade, Norman Camp- bell, Shirley Deemer, Janet Blonf dc-aux Back RawfDon Haddon, John Tripp, Claire Wolfe, Mark Campbell, Ray Crissman, Merle Guthrie, Cecil Spencer, Virgil Schafer Third Row-Evelyn Swartz, Ruth Bur- dett, Barbara Boarts, George Tirpak, Edward Matus, Joan Carpen, Mary Guthrie, Jeanne Heilman Second RowfBernice Vensel, Phyllis Turney, Anna Cantrael, Raymond Peters, Hazel Mccollim, Eleanor Troup, Henry Livengood, Scott Heil- man, Mr. Baum Front Row--'Stanley Henry, Lloyd Bish, Harold Kline, James Hilliard, Doris lhiry, Kathryn Hindes, Delores Spen- cer, Patricia Wolfe Back Raw -'Nancy Reeb, JoAnn Sein- mens, Carmen Miller, Patti Schwab, Billy Simpson, Torn Booth, John Czekanski, Robert Meek Third Row-Gene Gregory, .lack Hat- field, Alvin Sellers, Julia Ann King, Mary Hr.-ilrnan, Edward Leard, Doug- las Wingard Second Row- Donna Jean Henry, Nor- ma Jean Reich, Katherine Tremont, Annette Kerr, Joanne Waugaman, Cecelia Kyowski, Olga Kuchta, Norma Churchill, Miss Vogt Front Row'--Martha Odrechowski, Mil- dred Frantz, Mary Alice Butlm-r, Ernest Klingensrnith, Richard Vid- anofl, Robert Kendra, Dean Bowser, Robert Klingensmith, Mary Louise Shakley Forty-five Qgli tl: grade Back Row-Robert Bowser, Paul Jackson, Ernest Jackson, Shirley lseman, Robert Petras, Donald Decock, Samuel Given, Donald Contrael Second Row-Edward Schnell, Keith Wilson, Junior Woodside, Barbara Neale, Shirley Swartz, Jean Boarts, Betty Jean Cyphers, Eugene Miller, Lowell Milz, Mrs. Tylinski Front Row--Elder Fennell, ldella Davis, Sandra McCarthy, William Rebarick, June Schall, Shirley Walters, Florence Camp, Earla Westwood, Shirley Smathers e entln Back Row-Jean Fickes, Doris Wright, Dorothy Smith, Edward Waltenbaugh, John Woin, George Daven- port, Thomas Emmond, James Good, James Dunmire Second Row-Delores Hartman, Eileen McKain, James Herbert, Shirley Blandeaux, Norma Hawk, Sally Haney, Carrie Boney, Beverly Paup, Miss Eloise Barlett Front Row-Ronald Stitt, William Wray, Richard Chauvaux, Wendell Hartman, Amil Brisky, Robert Gibson, Samuel Spencer, William Cunningham Forty-six Back RowvWilliam Hilliard, Dale McCullough, Wilba Spencer, Grace Guthrie, Carole Klingensmith, John Rosenberger, Doyle Heilman, Bernard Haney Second Row--Ray Watterson, Lenore Schafer, Anna Louise Runco, Inez Bass, Earl Smith, George Zurney, Katherine Peters, Mrs. Olive King Front Row- Russell Anderson, Patricia Ferguson, Donna McCoIlin1, Annabelle Griftith, Hazel Bish, Cora Mae Zurney, William Rosenberger grade Back Row-Janice Rupert, Shirley Bernaur, Sally Fair, Bobby Martin, Russell Brumbaugh, Thomas Schrecengost, Beverly Rupert, Madge Rihn Second Row- Julia Malc, Richard McGuire, Shirley Lettrich, Lillian Payo, Harry Lessire, Janet Mechling, Marilyn Beck, Miss Rhines Front Row-Bill Bowser, John Waugaman, Beverly Walker, Helen Priestcr, Patty Bowser, James Stroud, James Allison, Bobby Kovalovslcy Forty-seven Kinda af ten Back Row-Ronald Burdette, Larry Leard, Cammy Hall, Carol Knottek, Lois Schiffgens, Judy Dvorslxy, Carol Cochran, Norma Jean Bowser, Harry Winslow, Margielou Hill, Anastasia Lysakowski Second Row-Tim Rupert, John Wolsonovich, Stanley Zydonik, Tony Joe Machowski, Charlotte Geiger, Theresa Bicanovsky, Eleanore Space, Darlene Milz, Patty Chimka, Penny Evans, Karl Vent, Barry Leard Front Row-Max Kamer, Larry Ludwick, Larry Schittgens, Janet Dowling, Susan Eakins, Gail Hopper, Patsy Wakefield, Eileen Pepper, George Mraz, Susan Dittmer, Samuel Saloum, Grace Lang ef QbE1":9gfyf fi Q, lp fyf?jnUZyfQl.3 g ? QQXXX xx ll Forty-eight .dill !!!!!!i!!! Ili'-HW Iiillil Wifi ,anna im 0lll' land Back Row-William Nathaniel, William Kovacik, Ronald Bryan, Second Row-Carmen Miller, Patricia Binder, Thelma Nelson, Patricia Albert Kovar, Mr. Zimmer Green, Mary Lazaroff, Katherine Kooman, Nancy Watt, Agnes Fourth Row-Lee Ray Green, William Schwab, William Simpson, Harringer Richard Humes, Donald Cowan, Fred Whittaker, Wilbur Euchler, Front Row-Robert Kendra, Edmund Stofega, Patricia Fester, Betty Maurice Hobaugh Allison, Shirley Bernauer, Beverly Walker, Delores Zimmerman, Third Row-William Lindeman, John Stroud, Thomas Schrecengost, Delores Protz, Raymond Miller, James Stroud Charlaine Schwab, Mary Ann Olinger, Thomas Stroud, Lamber- Maiorettes-Leona Kanio, Lois Malc, Lila Wills, Betty Lou Tague, son Olinger, Donald Waugaman, James Karl Patricia McMeans, Anita Martinez The Ford City High School Band is one of the most prominent organizations of the school. With its forty players, six snappy drum maiorettes and four color bearers, the band did well its part in the football games this past season. The band has always shown itself willing to do its bit in all community activities. This year four members Pat Fester, Pat Green, Lee Ray Green, and John Stroud were chosen to represent our school at the Central Western District Band Festival held at Meyersdale. Fifteen members also attended the County Band Festival at Dayton. After long hours of work, patience, and cooperation the annual spring concert was presented in May. Under the direction of Mr. Zimmer the band rehearses every Tuesday and Thursday evening after school. WEYEZ President . , .. Secretary ,. Librarian .,.. Manager .. ,. Fifty Ofticers for the 1946-47 school term .. Albert Kovar Betty Allison Lee Ray Green Ronald Bryan Senior High Urclae tra f'fs Back Row--William Nathaniel, Ronald Bryan, Alan Weaver, Albert Kovar, Mr. Zimmer Third Row--Charles Stroud, Lee Ray Green, Lila Wills, Dorothy Reisgan, Marilyn Yingst, John Stroud, Maurice Hobaugh Second Row-Mary Lazaroft, Thelma Nelson, Charlaine Schwab, Patricia Green, Willanna Millen, Nancy Watt, Beverly Hoy front Row- Peggy Kracht, Leona Kania, Patricia Fester, Betty Allison, Delores Protz, Jean Renaldo, Agnes Harrigef The Senior High School Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Zimmer normally receives less publicity than doe: the school band and the choruses. This year, however, for the orchestra, things were difterent. This year for the first time our school was represented by five members, Beverly Hoy, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Lee Ray Green, John Stroud, and Albert Kovar at the Our ofticers for the 1946-47 school term were: President Ronald Bryan Secretary Pat Green librarian Albert Kovar Manager lllair Green Central Western District Orchestra held at Som- erset. Fifteen members represented our groups at the County Orchestra Festival at Freeport. Our orchestra also was converted this year into a concert orchestra. Throughout the year we played for the regular senior high assemblies and in the spring we gave a concert. Fifty-one .-...,.... Back Row-Mr. Albert Zimmer, William Simpson Third Row-Thomas Stroud, Clair Culp, Richard Humes, Donald Cowan, Lawrence Eucler, Douglas Wingard, William Lindeman Second Row-James Karl, James Allison, Mary Ann Colonna, Mary Ann Olinger, Carmen Miller, James Stroud, Thomas Schrecengost Front Row-Louise Germy, Patricia Binder, Delores Zimmerman, Shirley Bernauer, Beverly Walker, Madge Rihn, Barbara Bouch, Sally Fair The Junior High rclaeA tra The Junior High Orchestra is proud that it tra in several selections in the annual spring con- can contribute to the school by preparing its mem- cert and in the orchegtrial music accompanying bers for a position in the Senior High Orchestra. the Christmas Cantata, The archegtra appreci- The crowning event in our year's activities is that ates the opportunities provided our group under of providing the music for the Freshmen Com- the Qble diregtign at Mr, Zimmer, mencement. We also assisted the senior orches- Fifty-two Our olticers for the 1946- Wefel President .. .. . Secretary Librarian ,, ., Manager . 47 school term , Tom Stroud Barbara Bouch Richard Humes James Manes Lett to Right, Front Row-Julio Bryant, Charlotte Statler, Rose Kavalavsky, Jacqueline Hallman, Vivien Portertield, Bertha Klingen- smith, Betty Waltenbaugh, Jean Renaldo, Beverly Hoy, Lila Wills, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Betty Jean Roberts, Peggy Kracht, Barbara Carberry, Betty Allison, Elinor Bellas, Mary Louise Ortman, Patricia Green, Pauline Baculik, Patricia Fester, Miss Thompson Row IlfTheresa Zboran, Betty Lou Tague, Lila Livengood, Nancy Watt, Ailene Fitzgerald, Dolores Protz, Albert Kovar, Lee Ray Green, Bill Bair, John Stroud, John Portasik, Stanley Gladysiewski, Lloyd Gcer, Robert Gross, Leona Kania, Juanita Tolliver, Mary Louise Pendleton, June Tolliver, Jean Holizna, Jane Holizna Row lllfJean Ray, Elizabeth Heilman, Jane Planovsky, Mary Therese Karl, Dolly Kracht, Donald Grossman, Ronald Bryan, Gene ied One of the outstanding musical productions of the year was the Sacred Christmas concert presented by the Mixed Chorus under the direc- tion of Miss Thompson. The program consisted of Christmas carols sung by the entire chorus and by selected groups. Solos were rendered by John Portasik, Beverly Hoy, Jean Renaldo and Rose Kovalosky. Our Mixed Chorus was represented at the District Festival at Kittanning and the County Festival at Apollo. All of the senior high choruses under the direction of Miss Thompson gave a colorful spring concert in March. The brass sextet played sev- eral numbers during the program. Maurice Ho- baugh, accompanied by Lee Ray Green at the piano, played the cornet solo "Palms". Bouch, Bill Kovacik, Blair Green, Ray Mashall, Bob Lungrik, Tom Byron, Verle Coleman, Liboria Perry, Lillian Quattrone, Jennie Kania, Mary La1arotT, Margaret Stanko Row lV--Willanna Millen, Thelma Nelson, Dorothy Maus, Kath- leen Frisina, Ruth Tague, Clara Sanobo, Frank Yaslnula, Nick Kibull, Mitchell Lloyd, Charles Doverspike, Giarth Klingensmith, Jim Thomas- wick, George Saloum, Val Schmaus, Jim Black, Alma Milito, Patricia Ryan, Lois Meek, Ann Marie Costanza, Judy Kern Back Row-Charlaine Schwab, Lola Manstield, Lois Jane Malc, Lila Lee Lhote, Patricia McMeans, Carrie Wimms, Josephine Bentley, Beatrice Engelen, Jim Stivason, Jim Vulgan, Carl Lorence, Richard Duff, Edward Germy, Rose De Gregorio, Eileen Beck, Beula Hoalc, Doris Priester, Rose Marie Baculik, Dolores Krings Clio a Vocal solos were sung by Jean Renaldo, Betty Jean Roberts, Lee Ray Green, William Kovocilc, and William Bair. Groups from the mixed chorus presented numbers in Commencement and Baccalaureate Services. The mixed chorus did its work this year under the leadership of the following officers: President Tom Byron Secretary Mary Louise Ortman Soprano Section Leader Beverly Hoy Alto Section Leader Jennie Kania Tenor Section Leader James Brumbaugh Bass Section Leader William Kovacik Era A Sextet . Charles Stroud, Maurice Hobaugh, Bill Kovacilr, John Stroud, Donald Waugaman, Lee Ray Green Fifty-three Senior Q14 Cla cram Back Row-Mildred Thomaswiclc, Mary Lazarolt, Jacqueline Tarnek, Jacqueline Hallman, Jacqueline Nameche, Elinor Bellas, Vivian Portertield, Carrie Wimms, Jane Planovsky Third Row--Dorothy Maus, Henrietta Retzer, Thelma Nelson, Mary Teresa Karl, Liboria Perry, Lila Jean Livengood, Ethel Mauthe, Jennie Magdy, Delores Kracht, Patricia Green, Barbara Carberry, Miss Marian Thompson Second RowvJune Clever, Clara Sanoba, Pauline Baculik, Beatrice Engelen, Betty Waltenbaugh, Josephine Bentley, Ailene Fitzgerald, Bertha Klingensmiih, Ruth Tague, Evelyn Peters, Betty Jean Roberts Front Row-Jennie Kania, Alma Milito, Jean Renaldo, Judith Kern, Rose DeGregorio, Nancy Watt, Mary Louise Ortman, Lillian Quattrone, Delores Protz, Mary Reale, Betty Allison, Louise Moore univr girl Cleo u 'QV' Back Row-Beaulah Hoak, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Irene Serecla, Lois Meek, Evelyn Heilman, Roberta Williams, Charlotte Statler, Miss Marian Thompson Third Row-Beverly Hoy, Lila Wills, Willanna Millen, Delores Parisi, Olga Hunia, Juanita Tolliver, Mary L. Pendleton, Julia Bryant Second Rov--Imogene Miller, Lois May, Rose Kovalovsky, Kathleen Frisina, Dorothy Olsheski, Phyllis Spang, Patricia Ryan, Sally Heilman, Margaret Stanko Front Row-Elizabeth Heilman, Lola Mansfield, Mary Ann Visnovsky, Ann Marie Costanza, Jerry Jean Nameche, Delores Krings, Esther Ann Valek, Theresa Zboran Fifty-four Sepia more Q14 Cleo uA ,, tio, ...,, -- Back Row-Pat Fester, Lois Malc, Betty Tague, Georgia Cassel, Charlaine Schwab, Eileen Beck, Patty McMeans, Rose Baculik, Leona Kania Third Row-Louise Good, Virginia Walker, Annabel McJunkin, Janet Johns, Vera Carney, June Tolliver, Beatrice Volek, Miss Marion Thompson Second Rowe-Mary Catherine Rich, Peggy Kracht, Hope Arnold, Doris Priester, Joan Gross, Viola Goldingcr, Betty Kendra, Joan Gowetski, Georgia May Front Row- Clara Klingensrnith, Wanda Zydonik, Lila Lee lhote, Virginia Protz, Gloria Cappizzi, Aldo WHA fnAem6le '9- 13" ,35- back Row-Mary Louise Ortman, Elinor Bellas, Jacqueline Hallman, Dorothy Ann Betty Allison Second Row -Betty Waltenbaugh, Barbara Carberry, Miss Marian Thompson, Patricia Green Front Row-Betty Jean Roberts, Jean Renalclo, Nancy Watt Fifty-five Reisgen, Beverly Hoy Jucquelyn Nameche 501,46 Cleo u A-fMr"" M..- We Back Row-Ronald B ryan, James Stivason, Mitchell Lloyd, Albert Kovar, Blair Green, Robert Lungrik, James Brumbaugh, Thomas Byron Third Row-Miss Thompson, Dean Davis, Nick Kibuk, Bill Bair, George Saloum, Gene Bouch, Valentine Schmaus, James Vulgan Second Row-James Black, Charles Doverspike, Ray Marshall, Lloyd Geer, Nicholas Blazik, John Stroud, John Portasik, Verle Coleman Front Row-'Stanley Gladysiewski, Robert Gross, Lee Ray Green, William Kovacilc, Nelson Bish, Giarth Klingensmith, Stanley Wilson, James Thomaswiclc, Edward Germy, Albert Hribik 501,46 tette Back Row-Ray Marshall, Gene Bouch, John Portasik, Lloyd Geer Front Row-L R ee ay Green, Robert Gross, Bill Bair, William Kovacik Fifty-six unior P my "A Credit to the F ami1y" Standing, Lefl to Right--Esther Valek, William Kovacik, Stella Kiiowslxi, Thaddeus Bielski, Miss Beamon Roberi Slepp, Sally Hileman, Charles Doverspilxe, Donald Haney Sealed---Pat Nelson, Pearle Cardinal, Theresa Zboran, Lila Wills, Jerry Jean Nameche, Phyllis Spang Delores Krings Uperettd . . . HHANSEL AND GRETEL' Presenied by Elementary Grades his im' ': as 6?4.':w'jgi.21c ,. Studen tA and Yndu try Within our classrooms we have been oFfered numerous opportunities which might help us to fit into this great industrial program which all of us are facing. In our home economics classes our girls are learning how to meet the impor- tant problems with which the homemaker is faced. Through our science department we have been ushered into that great unknown field by which much of the world's marvelous achievements have been reached. Recognizing too that the economic prosperity of a people is dependent to a degree upon their knowledge of business principles and skills, our school prepares us by instruction and practice in the commercial field. Realizing that without art and the things of beauty our life would be drab and colorless, the art department endeavors to open for us that gate of self- expression. - s ss. Left to Right, Front Row-Jean Protz, Betty Heilmon, Charlotte Stotler, Bertha Klingensmith, Shirley Hefelfinger, Lucille Bowser, Betty Kendra, Patty Fester, Evelyn Peters Second Row-Ruth Thiry, Margie Dunmire, Doris Hincles, Helen Coleman, Arlene Anthony, Joan Gowetski, Betsy Scott, Hope Arnold, Beulah Hook Third Row-Donetta Barbour, Sally Hileman, Betty Jean Roberts, Vivian Portertield, Jackie Dorrall, Bonnie Crownover, Doris Priester, Gloria Capizzi, Beatrice Valek Fourth Row-Joan Carberry, Patricia Nelson, Willanna Millen, Dorothy Ann Reisgen, Josephine Bentley, Bernice Campbell, Irene Sereda, Lorraine Esposito Back Row-Margaret Cooper, Evelyn Heilman, Barbara Carberry, Marilyn Duff, Nancy Goldman, Rita Rupert, Martha Green, Annabel Mclunkin, Miss Thompson 71.6 mftf. If The purpose of the Tri-Hi-Y is to create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian Character. It was a busy and successful year for the club. Besides the usual events in the program of the organization they sold refreshments at the home football games and sponsored a "Tag Day" for the March of Dimes. Other events of the year were a Christmas Party for the first and second grade pupils and "clean- up week" for the school. The newest service which the Tri-Hi-Y added to their already long list is the impressive Friday morning devotional exercises which were broadcast throughout the building over our public address system. The Tri-Hi-Y may well appreciate the guidance and help which Miss Thomp- son has given them. The Trireme Staff congratulates the Tri-Hi-Y for its services in our school and community. The Club leaders were: President ,. . Barbara Carberry Vice President Dorothy Ann Reisgen Secretary . , . . , Jacqueline Darrell Treasurer . ., . .. , Betty Jean Roberts Faculty Sponsor Miss Marion Thompson is L , 1 Back Rowe-Betty Allison, Pauline Baculik, Ronald Banks, Elinor Bellas, James Black, Gene Bouch, Lucille Bowser Fifth Row-Virginia Bowser, Tom Byron, Mary Louise Carpen, Mike Caruso, Hallie Croyle, Rose DeGregorio, Beatrice Engelen Fourth Row-Ailene Fitzgerald, Patricia Green, Chester Gurski, Albert Kalmer, Jennye Kania, Mary Theresa Karl, Judy Kern Third Row-Ruth King, Floryan Klimkowicz, Dorothy Maus, Ethel Mauthe, Alma Milito, Jackie Nomeche, William Nathaniel Second Row-Mary Louise Ortman, Liboria Perry, Evelyn Peters, .lane Planovsky, Vivian Porterfield, Delores Protz, Mary Reale, George Saloum Front Row-Joseph Scrips, Ruth Tague, Joseph Tessitore, Arliss Thomaswick, Mildred Thomaswick, Geraldine Valek, Betty Waltenbaugh, Carrie Lee Wimms Sixty I 94 7 71-iremef fwfr BARBARA CARBERRY Editor JEAN RENALDO Ass'I Business Manager MISS MARGARET B. SHUBERT Business Advisor MISS MILDRED STOCKDALE Sixty-one Editorial Advisor BILL BAIR Assistant Editor MARY LAZAROFF Business Manager MISS HELEN SMART Ari Advisor Top, left to right-Jennye Kania, Jackie Nameche, Elinor Bellas, Jeri Valek, Arliss Tl-iomaswick, Jean Renaldo, Miss Shubert Inset, left to right-Mary Louise Carpen, Jane Planovsky, Mary Lazaroff, Ruth King, Virginia Bowser, Mary Reale greg? Secretarial 6,116 OFFICERS President .,i,, . . . .. . ,.,.,,.,. , Jean Renaldo Vice-President ...., . ,. Jennye Kania Recording Secretary .. , .... Mary Reale Corresponding Secretary .... ,..., . . Geri Valek Treasurer i.,,.,., .,...,.. . , , , ,. . .. Mary Lazaroft Parliamentarian .... ,.,.. Jane Planovsky Historian ..,.. . .... . .. Arliss Thomaswick Sponsor . ,.,.,..,. .......i....,,. .,...... . . ., . Miss Shubert Since the Gregg Secretarial Club was organized in 1933, it is one ofthe most active clubs in the school. It is composed of advanced students in shorthand and this year has l2 members. Meetings are held regularly every two weeks. lts primary purpose is to conduct business meetings in accordance with parliamen- tary law, to secure actual secretarial training, and promote a friendly spirit among the fellow members. The biggest proiect undertaken by the club was the business management ofthe Trireme. The members sold 615 yearbooks in one week's time. On the lighter side-the club had several parties and skates. As is the :ustom each year, an outing in Pittsburgh will be enioyed by the members at the end of the school term. The heads of various committees are as follows: Program Committee . ..,.......,,...,,, . .. , Jackie Nameche Social Committee ,..,,,,i. Ruth King Publicity Committee , . .. .. Elinor Bellas Cheer-up Committee .. .. .. . Mary L. Carpen Librarian .. , . Virginia Bowser Sixty-two I 1 A L g O o 5 W Q J! u' Q . 5' ' sf Q- ' 25 Q F 5 A , xf 'N 'P' X s iw S S xxx f sf I! Q ' xv I XQ X XX I " its X .. xx .W '3'xx1', ii -, V! X i.,,?Ne:5 k . ,,. , 4515 -. Q Q! PM 4 W , 'L ,I Wf 2 1' K N if f 1 , ,. A 4 f i R A Tk 4 fy E M "N 4 T76 R " K "1 Back Row-Dorolhy Olsheski, Sally Hellman, Jackie Darrell Fronf Row-Esther Valek, Ann Marie Costanza, Pal Ryan Jennie Kunia Ruth Tague Alma Milito MISS DOROTHY SHUMAKER Coach ,ff , 1 Ui -.- Hallie Croyle Mary Louise Orfman Sixty-four Back Row-Betiy Kendra, Rose Marie Baculik, Lila Lee Lhote Front Row-Jane Holizna, Peggy Kracht, Jean Holizna ?reAlemen Cla eel-leader Bock Row, left to rightAeTl1ereso Levcilx, Myrtle Mciclx, Phyllis Sellers, Sally Scheeren, June Fox, Rose Mory Lobutlnu, Shirley Checlwvczlu Front Row-Barbara Wilsoncroft, Joan Croyle, Genevieve Kotylr, Janet Hiliznu, Maxine Reynolds Roh! Rcuh! Rah! Roh! Rey! Rey! Rey! Rey! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! 4. -Q .- itt 1 Lula Wills Lois Mclc Leona Konici, Betty Tcgue, Anita Martinez, Patricia McMeons , JL 6 5 Q , K,.', 'Q - A 'gi U. A V 54' vm- W . 4 K I Q Ili N. 'Uh Su, Wi., Q Q X 1 f 1 jx 4 , 14, Li K 'l fit? Wm. if " W AIK. .3 -. ,. ' wfzgg R' ,ik ,. gg, ww wk, . Mag: t . , x W + 1 ff' .L :A-, K 1 gan' ., 61 XL sf wa K ri A 'gm as 1. , 235, S igksim .f , X P 2 5 , ,ga ,Q , 1 9' N , .mn ggi 3 K H, ,gin ff,"', W if , ., h 4 ' . I why, 'W H 'Q iw.. I 7 9, , M l..,.g .g .,f my 4: Q . A, g Q 4 fs. 32 :N ' lf' ' X g , Q WY YUM" X A haf Front Row fSeatedI-Andrew Holizna, James Stivason, William Sacilr, Charles Stroud. Second Row KSeatedJ-Jack Ryan, mgr. Valentine Schmaus, John Gurski, Mike Caruso, Nathaniel Zacour, Tom Byron, Steve Kuvik, William Bair, Chester Gurski, Dean Bowser mgr. Third Row lStandingl-Mr. Davis, Coach, George Saloum, mgr., James Vulgan, Albert Cippel, Joseph Scripps, Mitchell Lloyd Albert Prozenica, John Portosik, Joseph Tessitore, Lawrence Smith, Joseph Krukar, mgr. Fourth Row IStanding5-Earl Cooper, mgr. Luke Frerotte, Robert Lungrlk, George Madzy, Nick Bolazik, Robert Swartzlander, Frank Gariglio, Richard Lettrich, Domenic Cesare i ANDY HOLIZNA-"Hotches"--Sub end-Tall-Always needed when the going was tough. JIM VULGAN-"Fat"--Sub tackle-Just as indicated-A tighter in defense-Good line replacement. BILL BAIR-"Bill"-Tackle-Big fellow-Played 3 years at center-Can really get rough. STEVE KUVIK-"Steve"-Guard--Husky-A whiz on defense-2 letters-Cracks the line. GEORGE MADZY-"Crip"-Halfback-Hard-running back-A line cracker-Captain of the year. ALBERT PRAZENICA-"Squeeny"-Sub tackle--Tall, heavy-First year with squad-Good replacement. BILL SACIK-"Bill"-Halfback-Mercury of the team-2 letters-Excellent open field runner. CHESTER GURSKI--"Chet"-End-Tall-Started the season with the Evans City game-Good in defense. V George Saloum NATHANIEL ZACOUR-"Ninie"-Guard-Husky-Played 4 years-Earned 3 letters-A blocker-real Manager interference. ROBERT SWARTZLANDER-"Swartz"-Sub end-Tall-First year on the team-Makes the game all the rougher. MITCHELL LLOYD-"Skip"-Quarterback-Brain of the team-Field general for 2 years-Good punter. JOE SCRIPS-"Pep"-HGuard-SmalI-Gave opponents trouble-Strong on defense--2 letters. JOE TESSITORE-"Tessie"-Sub tackle-Biggest man on the squad-Second year with the team. DICK LETTRICH--"Dick"-Sub-Quarterback-Mode the squad in Junior year-Good passer. MIKE CARUSO-"Milne"-Tackle-Squad for 4 years-3 letters-Block-kick specialist-Likes offense. LAWRENCE SMITH-"Smitty"-FulIback-Husky-A hard runner-Cracks the line. TOM BYRON-"Tom"-Center-Husky-Excellent on defense and offense-3 letters-backs up line- tough. Sixty-seven ..,. v ....-..- ..-.- ......- ' .,....,-- ..,i- .4-4-n ...-- T...-.4 .,..-.4 FM' 'W Www-'11 . V F. .....,f A- V Mwwu,A,v,,,-.... ,....,-..M..-- N h K . . H M- A Back Row-Mr. Hubert Rupert, Richard Heighley, Dominic Cesare, Lynn Patchin, Donald Wolfe, Kenneth Lettrich, Howard Zerick, Charles Karner, James Liptow, Walter Crytzer, Herbert Vanderkall, John Czekanski. Second Row-Edson Johnson, William Byron, John Charney, Richard Mechling, Valentine Woyton, Richard Asay, Frank Hribik, Frank Gariglio. Front Row- Jacky Ryan, Richard Hand, Donald Shotts, Enrico Papurello, Jack Ray, William Jansen, Joseph Bureau, Robert Maus. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Sept. 7 Ford City 0-Vandergrift 22 A big experienced "Lancer" eleven, as usual, beat us in our opener. Bair's defensive play was tops but even that was not enough. Maybe next year?? Sept. 'I4 Ford City 'I9-Evans City 0 Playing under lights for the first time in the history of the school, we beat a tough Evans City team. Madzy, Stivason, and Caruso scored touchdowns and Caruso split the upright for the extra point. Sept. 'I9 Ford City 0-Har Brock I2 Playing in a drizzle throughout the game, we suffered our second setback of the campaign. Penetrating Har Brack's terri- tory all evening, we were unable to push over a tally. Madzy's flashy running and Kuvic's brilliant line play were the stand- outs of the evening. Sept. 26 Ford City 27-Swissvale 0 Spirited by the pile-driving of Larry Smith, we rolled to victory over a big Swissvale team. Sacik, C. Gurski, Lloyd, and Stivason scored touchdowns with Caruso adding the extra points. This made us possible class "A" contenders. Oct. 5 Ford City 9-Tarentum 0 Seconds before the intermission Caruso lifted a 25 yard place kick through the uprights to give us a 3-0 lead at half- time. The passing of Sacik and receiving of "Chet" Gurski not only were the standouts of the game but also set the ball on the 2 yard line from where Smith plunged it over. Oct. 12 Ford City 'I4-Leechburg 7 Overconfident, we almost suffered our first defeat in class "A", After Gurski scored on the fifth play of the game, we were stopped cold by a determined Leechburg team. They tied the game in the final period but Smith tallied to put us ahead once more. Only time saved us as Leechburg was on the 5 yard line at the whistle. Caruso added the extra points. Oct. 'I9 Ford City 6--Springdale 19 We were eliminated from class "A" by a strong, fast Springdale eleven. "Chet" Gurski scored our only touchdown on a 20 yard pass. "Ninie" Zacour and Byron showed good line play. Oct. 24 Ford City 6-Amold 20 We played spiritless ball at Arnold after being eliminated by Springdale. "Skip" Lloyd's passing gave us our only score as he flipped one to Madzy in the end zone. Zacour again showed great line play as he stopped the Arnold attack time after time. Nov. 1 Ford City 13-Punxsutawney 0 Finding ourselves again, we bounced back to win our fifth game of the year. Madzy, running beautifully, scored both touchdowns with Caruso adding the extra point, Scripps and Holizna played superb ball. Nov. 8 Ford City 19-Kittanning 0 We made it, the 8th straight victory over the "Kats." Byron blocked 3 kicks to set up 2 of the touchdowns. Madzy carried from the two, Smith galloped 30 yards, and Cippel raced 40 yards after stealing the ball. Beating our closest rival made the season a success. Sixty-eight Back Row, Left to RightfMr. Miller fFac. Mgr.l, Mike Caruso CMgr.J, Robert Lungrik, James Valaselm, Bill Englert, John Portasik, Albert Cippel, Mr. Rupert lCoachl Front Row, Left to Right-'Ed Halas, Bill Sucik, John Gurski, Chester Gurski, Leo Szymunslri, James Brumbaugh, Tom Byron Mike Caruso Mr. Rupert Manager Coach BILL SACIK-"Bill", Guard-Sure shot from outside-Plays good oftense. One letter LEO SZYMANSKI-"Leo", Forward-A good shot from the side iFighter on rebounds. Sure foul-shot. One letter TOM BYRON-"Tom", Sub guard-There when we need him the most. Smart man. Good ball-handler. One letter CHESTER GURSKI-"Chet", Center-Tall-3 letters-Excellent pivot mon-Point getter-Controls the boards. Sixty-nine .613 I5 ,- 4, 5 . 91 f f 1-- .1 , 15 X 'Q V! M 'Z i. Xe., 5 Q .S-, ,, 2, 'jg 3 ' 3,1 W 'I 'ff-" A 4 , mi ,,,, 5.5 ., . Y ' wi. 'Q' sy H'-5 E J U ' W Q -R 'w e' ., F H aj 4 M f - lk' E gk ga ,gk 15 ,W up ses, -. A t 1,5 'Q I 'g ,,.V1 - -Y , X, 'V Q ? 1 ..,. ' 54 X ,Q V A f Y . " H lk . vw-fs 5 ' N S If Q air i , if h mvf,-sxxxfge 53' A L Rm A by the column W, P. I lt played tet by Front Row Cseatedl Left to Right-Frances Churchill, Donald Wolfe, Gerard Slagle, Lynn Patchin, Joseph Krukar, Kenneth Lettrich, Howard Zerick, Albert Walleck Standing, Left to Right-George TodoroH, Valentine Woyton, Richard Asay, Grant Daugherty, William Jansen, Mr. Ortman fCoachD, Marvin Russell, .lohn Rudosky, John Skukalek, John Charney, Clyde Yates January 10 Kittanning 21-Ford City-41 scrappy Kittanning five was thrashed by the Glassers score of 41-21. Gurslci with 20 points led the scoring as the Forders battled for first place position in the A. L January 14 Mars 20-Ford City 62 was Hallas's night to shine as the Ford City reserves most of the game to drub an overpowered Mars quin- the largest score of the season, 62-20. Second honors went to Leo Szymanski who had 11 points. January 17 Freeport 13-Ford City 34 Ford City's tight defense proved too much for the Free- port tive as they were downed by the Glassers by the score of 34-13. With "Chet" Gurski hitting 12 points, the Forders were never in any danger. ln January 21 Sharon 42-Ford City 33 a last-quarter spurt the Sharon Tigers defeated the hard-fighting Glassers by the score of 42-33. Without the aid of "Chet" Gurski, who was ill, the Forders were overpowered in the final stanza to take their third loss of the season. January 24 leechburg 22-Ford City 41 Again the scrapping power of the Ford City five was out- standing as they downed Leechburg on the latter's court by the score of 41-22. Leo Szymanski with 16 points led the Hurri- canes to the win which made a deadlock tie with Butler for Section l champs. January 31 Butler 19-Ford City 34 By making most of rebounds and playing heads-up ball, the Ford City quintet downed the Butler squad to become Sec- tion l leaders. "Chet" Gurski was the most consistent scorer as he dropped in 17 points to lead the Glassers to a 34-19 decision over the maior contenders for Section l supremacy. February 7 Vandergrift 22-Ford City 47 The Ford City quintet came one notch higher on the Sec- tion ladder by downing the Vandergrift Blue Devils by the score of 47-22. Scoring honors went to Bill Sacik as he paced the Purple Hurricane with 13 points. February 11 Kittanning 32-Ford City 35 A "hepped up" Wildcat squad gave the Section l leadezs quite a scare till they were finally downed in the final stanza by a desperate Ford City five. It was a below-par game whfch the Glassers played but they could not be denied. John G.rski led scoring with 12 points. February 14 Mars 14-Ford City 73 What is believed to be the highest scholastic score in Alle- gheny Valley was chalked up by Ford City as they downed a below-class Mars squad. Again Hallas shone as he sank 18 points to take the evening's scoring honors. Mr. Fred Ortman Coach February 18 Freeport 32-Ford City 55 The Ford City Purple Hurricane gave a demonstration of why they are section leaders when they downed a game Free- port five by the score of 55-32. John Gurski took scoring honors with 14 points. February 21 Leechburg 18-Ford City 18 Hallas with 17 points and Sacik and Brumbaugh with 11 each were the scoring threats of the thrashing that the Glassers gave to the Leechburg quintet. Unable to penetrate the Ford- ers defense, the down-river foes had to be content with the few long shots they could take from the outer coast. February 25 Butler 36-Ford City 31 An indilterent Ford City five, who already had the Section clinched, were thrown for a loss by the Butlerites by the score of 35-31. There was not much spirit or fight in the game but it would have been nice to have a clean slate. March 3 New Brighton 36-Ford City 61 The Ford City Glassers, Section I champs, hammered New Brighton to defeat in the Quarter-Finals at Pitt Stadium by the score of 61-36. The Gurslri brothers shone as they scored 32 together. Chet had 17: John, 15. What a thriller to open the playoltsl March B Monessen 34-Ford City 36 Pitt Stadium rocked with the roar of Ford City fans as Eddie Hallas sank the last second field goal which brought the Glassers a Quarter-Final win over a fiashy Monessen five. Chet Gurski with 16 points took scoring honors with Eddie Hallas who had 10. March 11 Aliquippa 39-Ford City 37 In a heart-breaking semi-final game a Quip sub sank a field goal in the closing seconds to eliminate the Forders by the score of 39-37. After trailing the entire game, the Glassers came up strong in the final stanza to overcome the Indians but that fatal shot shattered the hopes as the gun went off. Seventy-one v-.M -. if sf ---' H, if .S":efff'j': 2g W L, Pf 2 f f: 1 ,1,M5,w ,V Q , ww ww ww ' I :fig - 25 if '-Fifi 7 1 Y K k lf' 'VT ' U ,M fy, Hg J A , fy-wwf J ,nw fx., W2 A fi MM WT 131. I. k , , .. ,. N Y .W WSW qi. MM , f .. 1 4,,.4Q - .V V- ,,. ,VMW5 W my , wg? 1 Aws iziw -fi - w',wBr-V' ,wwsaw-4 m W ..,, if ,mmf :fl - . 'l ,F me ,.4k.-Nw WF' Awww - ,a3f,5p,,,.1hq, .si53'f,ggxV,,fMff,.ggfSV,.i.-- ' 'Nw' 2, mwsw - K' My 'T' xww., H 1 i . K K Q L 1 I w r . ! I 5 n i 5 I i F 5 A 1 1 I l F 1 i l 5 5 I un ' 'mmf ' nun!!! . . -,f L.: gm. -' mm f . , ,m -:,.,., ' 1-- 1-, . . ., f , . ' fp. .. ,J 5.- ,..,:k . . Hn , , ,-f f-:.f1:N,r4fX . 4 --f11?.xf--','fe:::fT? A1-:fx aw Vx'-x3,l'x1,"5J,w1a'?f'w 4 12--'H 2.311 Y -:pf Qm, Mu? wiv- fi mfg L.ylgrlk-.1'i.aY,-gfjfi. ,151-f!"i"'f f:ff'Ufff,' mia !1'!"j wg: ff-H,fl---'f,:wL.f:'-1Aw7gf.r":A -:ff N -fl 'g'm1'r:1-1-iw-' V .. " ' ' Q-L45j,"lt1, wx: - , 3 L, 1, EQYZQ' . N. 'kf,-EAT! 1 '-,V frm.: xv ,Xa '. ' r 1. 'ilu xi. mf yi. '.4:4l,l,,' ,n .X-,1,-1.45 A-',f""I ' ',f,','.f'1l,.",'N' ':,1 'J 'J' 1 -+",:j"- yQg. """'- .Ifii ,gf :" "fT.vJ.., 51171 'f,f'.- .six 1- 53- 1: 4 f.:Q-1 f'P3- 1'-f'ng:sQn',3:!f,1,11g 'f11uXwxQ:l 11,11 1, LA xg- f,.1?s.A:15f QQKJM HM ,rr 1.4 X' .. '. ' pi-ffvfffi ,if fy 4EY:4f::.ff.. f4.,.1:Q-T:-BQ -:gpg-1-1,-, ea! ' I .N 'x w x: 'um f X N ns rf-,v v il 4-'f fwiagfyfff' 317 'ffffffrfrv frm' -' ' H" M .,. ' N-xigg "'L,1'Lg, N.3fW'j'bf"-l'1'Q': 'Q l K NL, V, wr.. M4-e ' 6' , .. , . , 4 : ' 1 iljfjmx if 5 X35 2.5, Aj: f,- leg fig-f':'f I , w W , .,, I WI. "' flu , Iliff 1 rv r Q -1 Q E',Q1 ,: 1 ,, 2'V1,,' igklfffi 'z3,,f'9 3121532- -ij 'flffi 1: gtifg '.-. ' 2 .- 165171: 1,f.QiH,., Q"6'5f.f -1-'EAU' 11:3 ,ff 5.0:-, Q.-1,-5 A WIRES i?ff'?f'?A Wqflx? 4' ul' Qllfyh -1 5 J' mf, r Wm -rr, Ifivfm ffzil-ei? Eve, ','. 'L ' :i1"f'. us, , gllfil-I Yffysif 11-af: gh .fw- ..-, V . .' , 11.1 f . Aff ?'A:'ii,!I1,:v 'iifl-Q ,. .V-.Mu 7 59:15 '1 li I ifliff PV? iii: , MQ. f-1- Eff., fl., ,gl ,,, K fi'2f1:i?' I. - ,-:.v1:, Mg f '?j,,gt,u 3, jfjf, ?2"J!,1'? 55' 1' J Tf51,:1,' 492. .11 tw f.?f.4f w xiilifivs .2 ww-, I ma NRM S' N, :EN '. xx x .5".v1T-J Wslcxz' Kg? X N ,I X X-Qitfii: iz .f 2.4. . + 1. ?H',.4.iQ. ' 1 gui gp ."".12f7 . .,-1, 'U 'X X- X 'X X N '9 ff gf ,0, , fjdhl in grvf ff .91 -S X- --..., Hx

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