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Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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dfifgfi, W I jluwuqlz fha ,ieazmna U1 the J THE SENIOR PUBLICATION OF FORD CITY HIGH SCHOOL FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA VOLUME IV MAY 1942 ,- at 1 -- ' I 1 4 , , , HOLD BACK THE DAWN To gave an accurate pncture of the student lute and actlvltles at Ford Cnty Hugh IS the purpose ofthe Trlreme ln publashlng thus book we have attempted to make thus 1942 Trlreme enturely new and different Thus year we offer a novel arrangement ot the Sensors including larger plctures and novelty wrlte ups the sports sections This book has meant long hours of hard work but we are sure the students appreciate our eftort and wlll long remember their student life at Ford Cnty Any complaints or suggestions tor Improvements should be handed nn before the last day of school so that they may be applied to the next publlcatlon It as wnth speclal prude that we present to you your treasure house ot memories ofthe class of 1942 Stanley Blelskl Editor m chuet I adefinite theme, and an entirely new arrangement of I I I TABLE OF CONTENTS OUR AIM o o o DEDICATION oo o WINTER The Board and Faculty Dlvrslon oo o SPRING The Semor Duvuslon SUMMER The .Iumor Dlvnslon o o o FALL e Sophomore DIVISION o o o ATHLETICS o o o ACTIVITIES o o o ADVERTISERS AND PATRONS ooo ...Th To MR. Q G VINCENT In the twelve years that we Sensors have spent an school we have never known Mr Vnncent to refuse has assustance to any student We shall probably remember hum durung the biggest occasions of the school term He has been outstand :ng not only as Superintendent of the Ford Cnty School Dlstrnct but also as a clvlc leader an the com munity Page Four I best as being master of ceremonies I Page Fr e To MR PAUL N MARSH Servung the Ford Cnty School Das trnct for twenty two years making every eftort to better our educa terests above all else these are the undellble lmpresslons Mr Marsh has stamped ln our memories He has helped us choose our courses throughout our hugh school years and through has efforts and sug gestuons we have proflted greatly - I . tional facilities, placing our in- 'v lem QM 90165614 xmle Jaw S XX AX ...."'i-1-' ....'-: A1-i R : xsq 'S 5910! '-"...':'.-1-2-.:r aww, lv-11-Qi ' '-:T ' X-...E i' w N " 'fffjaf ' i-+3 Q :: x X 5 X X XX X XHll'3S-T:l-'5- J Ax s x Avi! ' -Q 4 A- ' , ii'--.. ..: '34--in ' X I - Q egii-1 : K - xx N is N 'I lf'- S iqzif-"1 ' 'aff 1 st 14,- '4 ND FACULTY THE BOARD OF EDUCATION p-vs. 5,4 Q N4 -I Earl Artmon J George Brown W A Frederick J P Frm k Henry Holley John Mclntosh A R Pechan OFFICERS President J P Fr Vuce Presndent Henry Holley Treasurer Julnus Stemer Secretary Margaret Mongcvm Messrs Stemer Artmon Brown Mclntosh Mnss Mongovnn Messrs Fuck Vnncent Pechon Frederuck Holley Page Eight -B rv Q1 A . S' f ' ' - x ,4 4.1 ,I T T , . , . . ' , . . 'c ' ........... . ick -9 'KK' K. THE FACULTY fs T' SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE TEACHERS .T Muss Ekus Mlss Pulombo Mass Rhlnes Q 'Y Mr Kose Mass Vogt Mlss Kerr NINTH GRADE HOME ROOM TEACHERS Mlss Bowser Mr Buyers Mnss Hoffman 4'4- Mrs Pamfer Mlss Smart Muss Weaver VX xv 5.1 T" Page Nlne SOPHOMORE HOME ROOM TEACHERS Mrs Cogley Mrs Hammond Mass Shumuker Mr Rupert Muss Steiner ...- ' Nr sf ' J 1 Y .... -v- ri . """' 1 4 Xb' I A ' :v g -, - 'iff ,SQL A ' 4' - , ' , ' ,Q ... 8' ' .L 4' ,A G ' U l u QC L7 , sfk :f' Q . . . I ' Q I ' I 2' he 1e SENIOR HOME ROOM TEACHERS Mrs Apple Mr Henry Mr Marshall Mlss Shuberl Mass Sullivan THE FACULTY JUNIOR HOME ROOM TEACHERS ,.. Mass Boftlander Mass Gessler Mlss Mack Muss Nicholas Mr Peters 54' 'FW i -1.4.5, -Q-7 SPECIAL DEPARTMENT TEACHERS Mrs Buerkamper Mr Campbell Miss Colonna Mr Dupuerreux Mr Orfman Mass Peironchek Mr Huber? Rupert Page Ten GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Svcndmg Mnss Bruner Mlss Bngulrc: Mnss Shccru Mvss Guorvh Mnss Weber Mrs Whllrnon Mass Reuchcn Mlss Butler Sealed Mlss Weaver Mass Corey Mlss Folcuk Mass Llberfo DOROTHY MILLER BRYAN Orfhogemc Class Gczduoved from lndlono Store Teach rs College Urwversny of Plffsburgh RELIGIOUS EDUCATION FACULTY Page Eleven Rev. Theodore Rcob, Rev. Anthony Hardy, Rev, James W. Gladden, Rev. Paul M, Scholl. Rev, W. A. Wuenstel, Rev. Jos. A. Mifsch. -annv THE HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY AND EDITH GRUSKIN APPLE Pennsylvanua College for Women B Western Reserve College G A BARNETT Penn State B S Unlverslty of Pittsburgh ANNABEL BOTTLANDER Unnversuty of Pittsburgh GRACE BOWSER Thuel College B S Indiana State Teachers College LEWIS A BUYERS Indlana State Teachers College B Penn State JEAN B BIERKAMPER Thlel College B A Penn State Library Certlflcatuon C P CAMPBELL Slippery Rock ST College B S Duquesne Unlverslty ELIZABETH CAMPBELL COGLEY Westmunster B A Penn State MARGARET COLONNA Indlana State Teachers College GEORGE DUPIERREUX Umversnty of Pxttsburgh BESSE EKIS Clarion S T College .Ir Hugh Dmploma Grove Cnty College ELIZABETH A GESSLER Indlana State Teachers College B S In Publuc School Music ERLA HOFFMAN HAMILTON Slippery Rock S T College Graduated Thle MRS OLIVEL HAMMOND Umversuty of Puttsburgh B A M A West Chester Teachers College ALBERT L HENRY Clarlon State Teachers College B S Penn State M Ed GEORGE KASE Duquesne B S an E Unnversuty of Ptttsburgh EDNA KERR lnclnana S T College Graduated Wooster Umverslty THEIR ALMA MATERS VIRGINIA MACK Westmlnster College B A Untversuty of Puttsburgh MILLER Indiana S T College B Unlversxty of Plttsburgh JANE NICHOLAS Indiana S T College B Penn State M Ed FRED ORTMAN Slippery Rock S T College Unlverslty of Pittsburgh VIOLA PALOMBO Penn State B A MATTIE W PAINTER Umverslty ofP1ttsburgh B A MERLE A PETERS Unlversxty of Illunols B S Ed PAULINE PETRONCHEK West Penn Hospital R N JESSIE RHINES Slippery Rock State Teachers College CHARLES A RUPERT Unlverslty of Illinois B S Penn State HUBERT B RUPERT Unlversuty of lllunoxs B S Allegheny MARGARET SHUBERT Umverslty of Pittsburgh DOROTHY SHUMAKER Sllppery Rock S T College B S HELEN SMART Edmboro State Teachers College B Unlverslty of Southern Calufornla ALICE STEINER Unlverslty of Pittsburgh B A WISCONSIN University CLARA C SULLIVAN Grove Cnty College B S In C Duquesne ELLA M VOGT Sluppery Rock S T College Graduated University of Pennsylvania ELIZABETH WEAVER Indlana State Teachers College B S Columbua Umversnty Page Twelve ' , . A. ' , . . H U R. E. . l ' . . , . S, - - ' - ' ' ' ,M. Ed. . . . I B. S. . . , .S. '. , - - ' . . , B. S. I ' ' ' Clarion S. T. College, Graduated 1 I . . . . f 1211- e'f"0 CLASS oF X42 Q SENIGRS . CLASS OF 1942 r 1 I . '44 ,Ar ,- V Y' 'ff j ' OFFICERS 1,,'f'f , fr" 1-f' ' ,lr 1 'C N7 Edward Bellas Alma Wells Esther Burden Evelyn Schrecengost Presldent Edward Bellas Vnce Presndent Alma Wells Secretary Esther Burdett Treasurer , Evelyn Schrecengost THE COUNCIL Sfandung Mr Bougllman Mrs Apple Duck Renler Muss Sulluvan Slanley Blelslu MussShuber1 Mr Henry Seated VIYQIHIO Goddard Joan Granson Eslher Burden Edward Bellas Evelyn Sthrecengosf Alma Wells Duck Wlnigens Page Fourteen 5 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - - 1 1 1 1 1 NATHAN APPLE . . , "Nuts" . . athletic . . can be found in any alley stadium . , allergic to opposite sex fespeciolly from Kittanningj . . simply refuses to grow . . witty . . quite a poet . . hates to study . . likes to dance . . future is unknown, but promising. ELIZABETH AUGUSTINE . . , "Libby" . . casual, indifferent, unimpres- sed by most things . . personality, serious and rugged . . activities are books, motoring, sports . . reliability is A-I, in an emergency only . . holds a nursing candle and hopes to light it soon. . fi , ,of K f"f""' ll' ' . WILLIAM AUPKE . . . "Bill" . . A whiz at speeding around in a black DeSoto . , awfully quiet . . likes drawing airplanes while he should be listening to his teachers . .wants to ioin the Air Corps. CAROLINE BACULIK . . . "Cary" . . Crazy about swimming, hiking and dancing . . heart interest lies in Pittsburgh . . always seen with Margie . . keen about sport clothes . .wants to be a singer with a name band. ALLENE BARBER . . . "Mark" . . Very sociable . . quite witty . . claims that long walk from McGronn develops the figure . . seen frequently in a green Ford . . feminine basketball star . . wants to be a stenog- ropher. .I 1 b-J' I EMIL BARTO . . . "Tank" . . One of the Kellyvitation boys!! can be found at Mary's when wanted . . Alabamffbowyf . . Mes to study . . drives a tractor in the summertime a grid bloildlng fullback . . .. plenty fast on his feet. X- ,I i J . rf! I v 4' J, EDWARD BELLAS . . . "Eddie" . . Beats the hides . . class president . . has frequent interests in Cadogan . . quite witty . . just won't keep quiet in some classes . . hopes to lead his own band some day. LUCY BENESKI . . . "Lucy" . . Likeable, charming and a friend of all . . whiz at Square Dancing . , here's your chance boys if you like beautiful blondes , . her specialties are chewing gum and playing basketball . , member of the winning team. IRENE BENIGNI . . . "Irene" . . Main interest lies in a certain boy . . thinks that a tan Oldsmobile is just the thing . , is Miss Shubert's right-hand woman . , Cadoganite . . small and dainty. FRANK BERDELL . . . "Birdie" . . Varsity cager . . a quiet red-head . . enjoys dodging the tardy bell by about two seconds . . really gets hep when he hears swing . . heart intere tllhliittannin . o real sport. " I .N-Sy," M fc f 'J l.. ON ' , . f Page Fifteed 4-7 'k ' ij ' , Su 7-Q ,fx is tv-fp Q 'T Y' va. get fi -. ' K. bv' fs 'D I :E K, S. L-,. Ywlww at fvj fi WY F1 iki Q 19" W-v .26 STANLEY BIELSKI . . . "Stas" . . Swell kid . . our Trireme editor . . possessor of a new Royal typewriter Clucky guyl . . spends part of spare time working in "Popa's store" . . drives a blue Plymouth . . a Demon in room 315. BETTY BLASER Bebe A scholar if there ever was one athlete and all around swell kid one of Mr Barnett s headaches Scotty s gal often seen with Butch always willing to help a friend PAUL BOROMIS Emo the Lion Killer likes to hunt ay vi" hooky and fool around In school one of Pattonvllle s pranksters loafs with Tomer and Gull future WPA worker MIKE BRISKY Mike Shoots pool at the local pool rooms sets puns at Bulls Bowling Alleys spends all has money on pun ball machines has no definite plans for the future Q7 K5 27 a,o!1.4,+.4.f '-""f""' EMM R Freddy possesses a mean set of vocal chords .,br'V J s e ee I me corny lokes are his specla ty J, yvxffbkf ,- toots clarinet !cHes r unusual laugh speed demon d likes elngc e wecfd-gf, ESTHER BURDETT Quite a whiz at basketball holds down first base IH mushball quiet studlous makes a habit of hiding other people s gym clothes petite lass fA,tAful,dMfL W wow' ff' JOSEPH NE BUR ON Josie Can demonstrate the world s sweetest facial expression loves cooktng piano singing and Ken she thinks likes to read books hums to herself In the future ,q- pects to be a model wife thas all the essentualst BETTY CAMPBELL One of the sweet little farm maidens from Campbell Hollow prefers college men and 27 Fords pals with Fannie has a habit of giggling planning to be a school marm gay charming likeable and frvendly BETTY CHALOUPKA Betty sits and looks pretty in the Ford Theater ticket box neat as a pun smooth dancer especially with the out of town boys wants to be a traveler to Vandergrtft Leech burg and back EDWARD CHARNEY Doc Broad minded and handsome writes 2 or 3 outlines on a single line for homework changes seats In class to et different an les of urls tall a would 9 9 9 answer many a maidens prayer soda lerkers 'ob awaits him at Kling s Page Sixteen JEAN CHAUVAUX Beezxe Frequents the skatung rank fav orute color blue to match her eyes Economics as her et dreams of rraroon conver bes wants to pound away her future at o typewruter BILLY CEIPLY Kostan Studnous cheerful always wears a smrle fine baske ball player keeps the nenghbors awake proc tzczng a saxophone fine sense of humor lukes to play mushball future unknown but hrs hopes are brrght -ai PAULINE CIEPLY Dusty Seen around with Mary Ann knows her clothes a real lltterbug ask her where she sp nds he nights sure can puck the good lookmg boys intends to go to Floruda after graduation GRANT COCHRAN Cocky Comes from Kelly loves lelsure tume and sleeping good frlend of Archre and Ralph lakes all the gurls good natured fellow frxendly and a good sport looks for ward to the day when summer vacation begins IE Cookle er basketball ace from 309 he wlll clerk no future ln gettlng married roll skating an IC g occupy her tume Mauss steady pal also Paul s RAY CROYLE Beeb The llfe of Solrd Geometry class pendable lack of all trades good un woodworking short decorator of renown tells corny lokes CLAIR CRYTZER Crytz Athletic everyone agrees he us the best bullt boy In Ford Cnty Hugh captain of F C H S Football team made the W P I A L tea enloys hrs Saturday nights es tuned to be a V M l student and football star JULIA CULP Julia Quuet but a fruend of everyone pals with Dorothy Interested rn Leechburg favornte hobbues are nut rung and drlvmg secretary of the 4 H club and loves her work MARTHA DIETZ Duetzle Likes to play the piano one of the the people who are nuts about typing a very quiet gurl but nice reserved a luttle shy a comblnatlon of many good traits ook her up sometume when you need a real fruend ANNA DINKO Annle Has a genuine lnterest an her school work walks to school wlth Francey roller skates occaslonolly possesses an engaglng smule lakes to cook ndes her bake dunng vacatnons enloys playmg basketball tn gym class Page Seventeen in.- 2 Us 9 Z Lx vf":K7 uv, "X if in-is 'CD 9-4,2 6'1" T1 'T XI New K ox 'X Y Q I 444, JAMES DODDS Jummue lukeable exceptuonally wutty haunts the fountaun unterests are football and Betty Jane Hash un Bookkeepung Il and Economucs enuoys all types of sports a handsome laddue class cut up MARY DOLENC Vutamuns Has a completely dusarmung ever so charmung smule ut gets us all quuet scared stuff of boys delughts un lutterbuggung future IS unsettled as she us not ready for an unstututnon such as marruage AGNES DURIS Aggue one of the Staurway to the Stars Clumbers most always seen wuth Jean attractuve lukes her shorthand and typung quute a lutterbug guggles constantly heart Interest 7 'P 'P FLORINE EDWARDS o A member of the 3 P s favorite sports are basketball and mushball favorute past tume lust plaun old Duke plans for future are quute undefinute ALIENE FAULX Has a cunnung luttle nuckname ox comes from Pattonvulle pals around wuth Betty o very studuous ur belueves un stuckung up for her rughts lukes Kuttannmg boys gu gles a lot good conversatuonalust chews gum LOIS FISCUS Tuny Lakes commercual work spends a lot of her tume wuth Charles comes to school wuth Dorothy lukes to talk to Fanny guggles a lot wull do a lot for a fruend BETTY FORRINGER Quuet bashful gurl from Cadogan pals wuth Betty Huleman enloys goung to the movues the early burd of the class LILA JEAN FREDERICK Freddie A real worker athletuc Muss Shumaker s gurl Fnday keeps a duary frequently seen at the skatung runk pals with Jeannie often seen wuth Duck short and peppy wants to be a deaconess ANTHONY FRISINA Foose burns a hole un any dance floor an ardent skate fan does a good uob of tucklung the uvorues oftlcual whustler un the lubrary staunch cdmnrer of P S and we dont mean Post Scrupt VERA FULLER Vucky fruendly and has a good word or everyone notuce to all Interested good cook' ambutuon as to be come a stenographer lukes to druve an Oldsmobule pals wuth Theresa Page Eughteen t FRANK GALLO . 4.1 That flash of a,bc!sketball player from Cadogan W . . hoppqtp A great bbsebql 'pitcher . . flddles around with pho- togragthifctgicals . . can be seen mostly at the theatre following Q his favor te serial. f FRANK GANZLMAR . . . "Custard" . . Mr. Baughman's problem child . . spouts off like Old Faithful . . one of our long rangers, about six feet never fails to give you a hard pat on the back when he sees you MARY JANE GAUKER Jane comes from Kelly blushes ix easily IS a very quiet gurl who keeps her thoughts to herself fast typnst Clukes ntl interested In male blcnds " VIRGINIA GERMY Honey Bunch a nice gurl roller skates always wlllmg to help a friend a perfect Virgil student e loys playing basketball firsj class Glrl Scout hikes swims Wie f JV JOSEPH GLEESON fre ue M rann a drummer the band has a pass o-Zodl I' g up to his lnher last years Class Will I P PAT GLEESON Gleeson fond of curves In Solid Geometry Cwe wonder 7 7 91 can be found In Klttannlng Saturday mghts dances drummer Ih F C H S Band accompllshed pianist K9 7 'fl shares the family auto with Joe future 7 hopes to attend college VIRGINIA GODDARD Jeanne seen around with the gang hates to work except In Papa s office we Imagine shes well nn .N sured very active in Trl Hn Y for she s the head woman wants JOAN GRANSON Gretch has such bug blue eyes' struts to school every morning with Mum laughs so hard she cries one of our Book Clu pet diversion is collecting letters fahemj CHARLES GREEN Chuck plays the piccolo and the flute the lone ranger in Shorthand Il and an the Gregg Club loyal mem ber of S M Y O would like to fork In an oil field IN Oklaho a , A R' "' or Texas may b MQL,-Zlfv NORMA GREEN Torchy spends her spare time working at uncle s service station loves to dance roller skate and ace skate Interests are In black hatred boys detests tests and textbooks wants to be a ste grapher member of the Gr g Club I 'llrdo-x, x Kalhy -I I JI v' 'E NU Page Ninete at in H H H U - - H JG I I ff f 1 f I' 1 . r , . 1 , . f ... e" .. q .. in of .. ' o o an . yn . , . A , .w L J . jr!! I. J y H H . . 4 Il ll ' '- ... .. .. V- ,- I - 1, , H I. - - , - - 4, E, to be an aviatrix so she can really ride high. - N f R' If H ' - fi rs m . , . . . s 'J " ' X, H H - J, . 1 .f J g ,, ,, . . 'T f , . . . . . , , fr . - 5 , v .i.- um- - visa' 4 'AXIS l If X InN A " -'J luyll A 'J ' I I 1 J I 1 A - ' I 1 J MAI. 'za :J ' - ,1 I1 , V .ts P- gt AVI L ,M A X, . , N C '77 YQ. A-lu. 111 fUb Nu- r AU' L... -'D 'CYQ 24-7 if DOROTHY GUTHRIE If there is anyone looking for the quiet type that s Dorothy likes to talk to Betty in gym class a 'Faithful Latin student cooks and sews too MILDRED HANKEY Hankey Calls herself army widow comes to us from Dayton Pa member of the Gregg Club very dignified in classes MILDRED HEGAR Millie Dark hair dark eyes knows all the latest boogie woogies her heart beats only for Donk wastes her tablet writing notes keeps up with the latest lokes is sure to succeed DOROTHY HEIGHLEY Halls from Leechburg came to us for her Sophomore year from New Kensington pals with Julia Culp likes to collect soap from different hotels also is a lover of books SYBIL HENRY Billie Has an infectious giggle hot on her feet has the knack of getting into trouble main headache is chemlstty pers all y plus rolls those pretty blue eyes effect Ive UI. ETRICK Distinct blond from Leechburg boards in Ford C y goes about her work as if she has a purpose behind it neat and smooth BEYTY HILEMAN . . . Pals around with Aliene . . enioys chatting in gym class with Dorothy Guthrie . . little girl from Pattonville who comes down every day . . used to like history but now Home Econ- omics lespecially the cookingl . . io y . . good natured . . sense of humor. JOHANNA HORNYAK . . . Hornie . . Quite a chatterbox . . ikes football and collecting movie stars pictures . . spends most of her money at the movies . . undecided about the future. AGNES HRABOVSKY . . . "Fifi" . . One of our hill-toppers . . a whiz in Bookkeeping . . pleasing personality . . cheerful and mischievous . . always knows the latest ioke . . dependable . . pals with Dot . . dre,arny eyes. lilly? l'LRlBiK . . . "Reet" . . blond hair, blue eyes . . seen with Wilma U quitwlind ofthe army . . helpful at home . .willing to do a favor or 'anybne . . will succeed at anything she undertakes. N Page Twenty ,Q . I PAUL HUMENIK Pauly grfted wrth a lot of patrence especrally rn Latrn ll actrvrtres are sports and motorrng habrts are comrng late to school and keeprng out of the publrcs eye loves brcyclrng wants to be crn electrrcuan fwrll probably get a shock out of ntl MARTHA LEE HUSTON Teaka blasts a hrgh C rn the band and orches ra a happy soul has a laugh for every occasron especrally rnterested rn football lwonder why'9l hobby rs bath rng Haxrless Joe wrth a gas mask on GO ON HUTCHINSON Hutch Wonderful soda slrnger mathematrcal genrus remember Junror Class Play Dear Prof our hero wants to be a certrfled publrc accountant JAMES JACK Jrmmre A whrz at Mathematrcs fond of hrs studres lrves between Cadogan and Slate Lrck pals wrth Blarr Gree favorrte sport rs to watch the baseball games of hrs home all 3? tem BETTY JANE JACKSON Betty Jolly good natured pa s wrth Eleanor spends most of her spare trme wrth Jrm lrkes to draw land she can tool wants to take up rnterror decoratrng enloys wrnter sports never mrsses a Trr Hr Y meetrng JAMES JAGEMAN Jaggers lrtterbug de luxe short and cheerful lrkes to attend dances rn Krttannrng fwonder why'7J spends hrs trme sellrng grocerres and keeprng hrs grrls rn lrne loads of fun loafs at Smrtty s future rs uncertarn MILDRED KAHAT Mala Has plenty of Wham Cmodern de srgn loves everyone lrke a brother cheerful grddy marn actrvrty rs gaddrng about town grves vent to sports books clas srcal musrc dancrng dates hopes to advance herself rn the way of cookrng and housekeeprng usrorzcs KANE sweet rr rung ff ,cudfggun Jpdfsem past and future Pj rs jr lrke t a grou of the grrls rn gym class often en wrt Betfyllp at cr hearty laugh good student sport an fr d 'J JOHN KANIA Shrad The sherk o or class drrves the bakery truck for hrs dad Mrs Brrykamp always krddrng Mr Ortman about hrs gray harr M EDITH KARL Quret lrves by the armory enloys spare trme on the farm lrkes to go to shows reads good books asprres to be an artrst Page Twenty One A I- ' lv I .. , .. fl Wi? . . 7 . , .,, . . . . 0 -is ..." ".. , - .. I , .. .. ,, r, -- ., . . rr rr rr rr I 'D.. ' .. , ' .. ' " I I ' , r -- . r- Q -All f' ,'ex-- ev., ,rf .. I ..hs . ..o ' ,' ,dm K . ,r 7-. , I V 3,.vcz'! F.. YL. r . XZ ff 1 17 X ' H ll ' V ' ' .. .' ' t er'n.. .. . . r JOSEPH ASUN oe The quiet type studuous enuoys stuclyung science member of Ace Hu Athletuc Club and Basketball team thumbs to all games away from home allergic to gurls but he looks interesting EDWARD KEELER Eddie Talk about handsome boys gurls here s one a member of the gang from the hull who trots t school daily a whiz when ut comes to gurls especially blonds doesnt care much for school JOHN KING Junue Averages about 20 per cent grade de ductuons each year because of hus huntung trups gifted wuth Intel lugence would walk a mule to muss a gurl spends hus summers hshung enloys history plays center for Bull s Bowling Alley person worth knowing MARY ANN KLIMKOWICZ Klunky Dancung us smooth no a nuck hates the social set gives things a heavy rush then drops them wants to do more than her share untends revolution uzung the world of women s fashions wuth her designing wo'-fvkolll HA!!! All Wfvxe-vxf-'-+-xl CHARLES KLINGENSMITH Chuck Likes uce skatung swum ming and huntung very proud of hus brother who us learning to be an avuator spends noon hours playing basketball wants to be come ruch lutterbuggung with Irene hus selection of shirts socks and ues makes a blinding color flash thats not a rainbow ter a storm wants to enter the gonjrpegual field ,f tt ff fxffkf f" SEPH NHAUSER Babe A great baseball fan whuz at math brauny at everything he undertakes runs the score board at basketball games would sooner study than eat re ular fellow but stull our salutotoruan ANNE KOVALOVSKY Kavy The fauthful type shes woltung for Johnnyu often seen with Marge friendly to talk to swell u cu dustunctuve blond TONY KOZLOSKY Tony A Ford City man often seen In local theaters wants to be an aruumator quuet but he thinks a o the sign printer of the school drew o lot of pictures for t e Trureme good economics student FRANCES KRUKAQ Erances Seen a lot wfth Annie 'utter bugs at Smitty s lu es her gym class" enthuriaxtuc o out basket bal very deroux and gmd natured has chee I ways and a ready ten l r everyone Page Twenty Two X ' ' uyff' Wu 1 s V , . . "J " . . ' . . ' . . ' , ' 4 - H H O ' . . ' ' . . ' f ' . . a . . . H I H . . I i . . Y ' in av , . ' . , ' ' , su wt E '- V ff , l FRANK KNOTTEK . . . "Funta" . , Activities are limited to fishing and .. . . . h . . . V I '. , 1 .u ' ' . u f ' X A ,Ju t :J if ll . U , ,Q 1 x v uf f '4 f fn- W u' - J 5, , r A ff f N ' . . . . g- k'd . . ' ' ' , I 0 , , ' ' , . ' h . . E Q . . N . y ' . . .til H - .. ' . . N - ' , . 'I , , 'Q 'L - 1' . . ' . . ' dp wi 5 . - . X , f N Dx . 1' X . J J sk-Z Jw!!! JOHN KUKUCHAR Nucleus of a one man debatmg team on autos or planes classes are strange wlthout hls questions wants to be an avnotor enloys literature and economlcs has almost no suscep tlbnhty to love surface flutters only FRANCES KUVIK Frana Interest lles an the Leechburg kud wants to enter the St Francis Hospltal as a nurse knows all he latest steps the swung and sway gurl of Seventh Avenue JOHN LUKOWSKY Flash A baker by trade a flrst strlnger on the undefeated eleven keeps his dad broke by donatmg dough nuts to has pals intends to follow a college career mann ambl tlon to kuck held goals WILMA LEVCIK Wlllle 'filw ys gabbu would like to have an exten IV war! lgure for It oo whenever she s blue xgl k ow she s fight wlth Buck future hes m be uma j STEVEN LEVCIK Shlmek Belongs to the Royal Lodge of Hull toppers when Steve and Theodore are out of school something s looks luke a chnld when drnvnng that cream Dodge 3 oclock knd hard to keep In school seniors card shark MELVA LITTEK lethck Pals wxlth Georque cheerful Vl5IfS Smitty s likes to dance gnggleg continuously shuns books frequent heart trouble noted for her tarclmess FANNIE IJVENGOOD Pals with Betty and the rest of the gang from Campbell Hollow has a weakness for one college man named Johnny runs a Remmgton with the greatest of ease has a good word for everyone very dependable too BETTY JANE LLOYD Betts A newcomer last year from Free port seen talking to .lam an the halls small but dlsplays plenty of pep pleasung personality quute the home type wnll make some lucky man happy J J S, s 7 f t ADOLPH LO ENCE Donk One of our forrhgt' basketball champs handsome mdeed enloys dancmg Cespecsally with Mnlhel quiet and bashful at fumes loafs with the gang on the corner FRANK LORENCE Merc Cheerful wltty two letter man In 315 handsome loafs at the Corner Garage allerguc to the fairer sex a born leader shy captam of the Foreigners Page Twenty Three fx Yi 3 'CJ' - an ilu? fin rs. an , 'Vu No YS' 1 -of fr i 1, f ' .CJ , I ll ,IVJMYJ ' 1 ' -M K , ll lei!! .. f rv ' 1 'Q " K , J GENEVIEVE LUNZ . . . "Gen" . . Wants to be a surgical nurse . . early bird . . a second Sonia Henie when it comes tylce skating . . who opens her typewriter everyday? . . good natuhdjgnqehdy, generous -that's "Gen". J MARY MARCINEK Mary Quite a football fan seen fre quently at the movies with Barto thinks the whole team is the full back likes ta dance future nurse or housewife dau! f77M-owe ELGISA MA INO Elgisa A quiet studious gurl loves to cook and sew a loyal member of the Tri Hi Y has that quality of stick to it iveness dependable MARGARET MAUS A swell girl always willing to help a friend in need athletic friend of Allene s and Gen s seen in a blue 41 Chevy wants to be a stenographer or get married mostly mar ned roller skates sings He s in the Army now GEORGE MCCRACKEN George That fellow that spends mos of his dinner hour taking up a certain girl s time in 308 has dreams of becoming a lawyer and a first class politician belongs to the French Cl a real ins :ration Jef rf 45 5 QW, ARCHIE McEl ESH Froggie e found wherever there is mischief usually the ringleader I plagues OB no fem in terest but hefndes gfyvs A94 fprdw arou Garretts Run and AQpl0w!ldp.g4Aqoys :pare time A Mg up on lost sleep ELEANOR MCGUIRE Eleanor Good sport whiz at basket ball prefers the vicinity of Worthington and its occupants enloys school one of the many who come down from the hill winter sports enthusiast pals around with Betty nice to know JAMES MCGUIRE Salty Enloys his study halls spends all his spare time with Dutch not very talkative friend of Sam s spends busy hours at the river former football player likes to attend movnes no heart interest yet JAMES MEINTOSH Mac A big boy with plenty of what t takes full of fun owns a new trombone lplays it too always cheerful and friendly very fond of mischievous pranks varied heart interests participates in class activities GEORGIA MECHLING Georgie Pals with Melva sells poultry feed for Daddy haunts Smitty s corresponds with Leo allergic to textbooks a neat dresser usually wears a broad smile loves her shorthand Grr Page Twenty Four CECILIA MIKULA Ci y Sports bright polish on her claw like fingernails would rather not eat than break one likes block 39 Oldsmobiles nerts about football Stretch and dancing wants to be a good housewife RALPH MILLER Ralph Pals around with Aichie a big shot in the noon time basketball tournament spends spare time with Doris likes to have a lot of fun mischievous good friend to ave good sport Ovxf STEVE MINARCIN Speed A whiz at typing very studious witty friendly good natured has a wide vocabulary and puz zles everyone with it walks in a lackadaisical manner wants to be a novelist or a I'T1LSICQl composer Louis: Mncnsu Mitch A rw pal 5,41 smryd booth in Mi key s hjavuaqlcs- gn clamnetfand plays the pidno dances bowls cmd ice skates favorite color is -Gray 'P 'Pl 9 likes new clothes fllfbfg college fs hopesb MARGARET MORGENSTERN e A sweet girl and OH' that hair likes very much to skate interested in black Fords laughs up the musical scale dainty and neat ANNA MRAZ Anna Stands up for her rights spends a lot of time talking to Carolyn to Home Ec class likes to cook tests public speaking . . has a lot of boy friends . . enloys going out a lot at night . . runs with Bernadine, PAUL OPALKA . . . Pau . . Spends time playing basketball on Sixth Ave. lot . . loafs around with the rest of the Russians from that part of town . . likes to build and attempt to fly model airplanes. MIRIAM ORR . . . Mim ' . . A former Wilkinsburger . . can be found bowling Wednesday nights with the rest of the gang . . intensely in- terested in the Navy lately . . spends much time hunting for articles in the Sun-Telegraph sport section. I 1 I 4 'ffl Hljigl 1 , ,4 ' SAM PANCHIKI. . . 'iSdm" f . U'oesn't like to study . . belongs to the Secret Seven . . hasn't dcore in the world Qmaybel . . stays away from the girls ? . , possesses a hearty laugh . . often seen with "Salty", EDWARD PAVELKOVSKY . . . "Pittle" . . One of the whizzes in Alge- bra ll class . . loafs with the Fourteenth Street gang . . too small to have much of an eye for women . . Csez who?j . . quite o hand with the drawing pencil. f I 1 f' r 3 t J . 5 U ,,.. jc Page Twenty-Five R K X 2 V 'Q' .Ny 'Cl' bt' w-..... ?"'T'ff Q' Y 0' Null' we J i T Y .nl-.. is Nr Wir' ":..1" 50' qn. TONY PELLIGRENO The best bookkeeper there is good student likeable industrious Cadogan s Chamber of Commerce rep resentative goes for the baseball games played by the home team CARRIE PENDLETON Another member of the 3 P s and the fan crest rug cutter of them all occupation and hobby are one and the same swinging out to the swingiest live there is 1 ,Vega FRANCES PERNIK Francy a mischief maker favorite post times are teasing people and reading good books has the cutest smile interested in things outside of school spends o lot of trme in Pittsburgh hopes to take up nursing BETTY PETROVSKY Interested in Pete only good dancer attractive cello player has an artistic ability has had so many ails that she could write a book about them I. C- ood Mid don k' mol-K X-ue nould Y Xko-Q us msxioc DVI. .s 0-'Nu Nlvu- KL-XLLQ ,4- BETTY PLYLER Very good friend of Mildred interested in the truck driving side of the lumber business easy to get along with rather tall MIKE POPRICK Mike Pride and loy of always looks as if he is busy but never does anything one of our many out of town boys always wears a tue BERNADINE PRATTI Bernie the quiet type spends her time trying to work out bookkeeping problems has many heart interests but won t reveal which one is special JANE RANGER . . . eg . . A sweet little hill-topper . . loves to skate and is she good! . . pastime future l?l and hobby: her Jay . . would make a good receptionist . . has a charming smile for every- one . . likes lots of nice clothes. MARTHA REARIC . . . "Marty" , . A swell pal and full of pep . . loves Mexican sundaes . . and Carl . . faithful fan of the football team . . hos a noted laugh . . nuts about typing and bookkeeping . . pals with Dotty . . a whiz at basketball playing. ELVERA MAE REESE . . . "EfTie Mae" . . Ofte een with Germy . one of the r m ru her Latin lll ibut likes itj . . talks c st . . kee air very neat . . wants to take up nur- sing as o career. Page Twenty-Six HENRY REICH Dutch Very very studlous land has report cards show lt taoj a whnz at basketball quiet but lntelllgent spare time IS spent at Rtchfleld Garage pals wnth Salty practrc ally Immune to the opposite sex future seems bright good luck Dutch to you our worthy valedtctoruan ANNA MARIE REITLER Splder Blond menace can ask more questuons' plenty of pep displays omph whlle leading cheers actuve In class actuvntles works for papa In spare moments member of chorus always I bk, fopw to summer vacatnons 7ll-'IJ' jjjfyj rl!! IIUUJJ DOROTHY REITLER Datty Nrce kud to know and really cute chums wnth Marty and Flfn does a lot of walknng collects snapshots of her favorltes a whnz at making clothes nuts about skatnng mam Interest IS a Chevy RICHARD REITLER Duck A member of the undefeated eleven hopes to go ot V, M, I 4 a tonstant mnschuef maker frequently squabbles wnh has avorute girl of the moment uses up hrs father s gas and tures tatlonmg has hut hum hard AGNES RITZIG Aggre A ptterbug of the flrst class re "" vb quenter of Smltty s and Morda s pals wlth Betty ushers at the Ford durmg the evening sarcastlc rf ANGELO RIZZARDD Angelo very nlce chap to know lakes to play basketball- drlves a car that could be used for natuonal de tense hasfno Interest In femmnne appeal ff-ov 0' NED ROBERTS Scum Prnde of Dogtown alwa s has hrs eye on a gurl pals around with Kenth Smzth s p ns at Bowlung Alleys has no definite plans for the future CHARLES RUDOSKY Chuck A really untelllgent student can can be found at 7th Avenue and 9th Street plays intramural bas ketbull for The Forevgners very quiet EUGENE RUPERT Gene A Sensor football manager seen a lot with Jeane Wlngard sets up puns at Bull s Bowlmg Alleys Q Q wants to goto college to qualify for an avlatuon cadet VIVIAN RUPERT Vlvlan Another hull topper and a nlce one doesn't say much but thlnks a lot lrked by all rather shy re served lakes some of the boys Page Twenty Seven K' if amd' .-5 Q' 'D' -my .- N--3' WV -. x H 1, - - 1 1 4 0 H - H - . . ,, ,, . . . . . .. ,, ,, . I . . I V . ' Y . . I I . Y I ' I ' I If". ll fl ' ' A to ll - ll l ' I , . . . . I I l. , . f . . A y Z , X , , it I ,, .. 5 l 'N , 5142? ' H ll ' ' A J l ,y I I W allifx K , , , ll A f . ff rl L ff ' , , , 7 ' . . ' ' ' . . set i Bill's X I ' ' 'Z' H ll ' ' ' A . . ' n . . , . - A 4 . e V 1, -J I 1 '- I I f . - tt - - 1, . - . , , 'I Q 5 I ky N THERESA RYBARIK . . . "Theresa" . . Full of fun and always laugh- ing . . one of Dogtown's good swimmers . . enioys boat riding on the Allegheny . . great pal of Vera's . . always ready to help. RICHARD S SAXON "Saxon" Hnlltopper often seen speeding around town with a gurl from Fourth Avenue mam interests are fishing and building furniture wants to help Uncle Sam by going to the Navy after graduation comes through with some witty say lngs GORDON SHAUL pened his first tooth on a ptgskln slides thr u h cl s al pal witty personality to spare little boy with the golden voice fu of childish pranks JEAN SCHALL Jean Pals with sister Mary Alice comes from Garrets Run likes winter sports keeps her thoughts to her self never says much takes her school work very seriously he type who makes a good friend MARY ALICE SCHALL Mary Alice A speedy typlst has a real Interest in her school work her ambition us to be a stenog rapher some day possesses an amusing chuckle cheerful lkes everyone but particularly a mischievous young man from the hull MARY LOU SCHIFFGENS Butch Often frequents Mr Marsh s office takes onyone up on a dare mam interests are Rex and Puerto Rico neat dresser lust loves her class rings zulu.--llfsk pEVELYN SCHRECENGOST Schreck Shouts a mean alto nn chorus one of our best lltterbugs skates bowls and acts active nn class affairs a blue eyed blond who chums with Pete a swell kld with an indefinite future TROMXS SELLERS Leader Football took up his time loads .of fun good worker always seen with Ed favorite sublect IS study hall where he can dream of Helen blond halr and blue eyes good on skates MARY SELVA Mary A whiz at dancing and drlvnng seen quite frequently at Smlttys Swing Shanty always smiling and showing that flashy dnmple one of our social chatterboxes Rummy IS her date bait GERALD SHANNON Gerry Quiet spends much of his time In noted for has races with the tordy bell aeronautlcs e t le faced Irishman of the Class hopes to fly his own 0 0 C s R Q- Page Twenty Eight ..."AQe" I ' ' ' sEte..t ., ll H ,, . - - U , . H 1, I 1 " s i , J Q.. , , b. ,C Ayr Jil- 411- f . I .'l tl V ' . ,O ' "1 " . ' ,fl I a Yo ' 1 'I ' H ll ' . . H . . , , . . . . . D - tt H V. . V ll II ' ' V Q H H' '- 4 u. s. Q. , . . . H H . . I . . -4' in' to 'g.. ' " -- ' .4 xp I . U , . . qpl ag . I 34 . . L 3 C' . wx new E K ' .- l in N x f WALTER SHBIL Walter Halls from Cadogan one of the very quie onservative types spends most of his time driving his Stu er around town a real blond and nice and toll too delights in talking Polish to Gen in home room JAMES SHEASLEY im A good friend of Archie s and boxes htm in gym class plays a hefty game of basketball likes Chem istry and physics dictates letters in health class to Norma Green LAWRENCE SHIRLEY Junior One of those rare things quiet boy In school likes to Hght for his women especially Betty Jane interested in building radios rides to school on a bike a little shy V BETTY l Betts a lends with everyone e oy rivmg xpleci lly hen g par ersl interested vpzreat ite an artist 0 HELEN SIDORA Pride of Cudzg avorute expres sion is wise up' Ha mistletoe y r ular lltterbug interesting ticket ller t the Cadogan Theatre xpals with Frances DOROTHY SMITH Spends most of her time at the skot ing rink . . c s a too , . one of the tiniest girls in the c ass g od 'end o oits and neat. will M ELIZAEETH SMITH . . . ' Lizzy . . Hails from the metropolis of Cad- ogan . . friendly toward all, particularly Amby . . outstanding person- a ity . . enio dancing . . is a member of the basketball champs of 4. ff 7' . . . "Rose" . . Has a habit of telling you all about a ' . likes to make fudge . . member of both Trireme and Panor- - Staffs , . likes sports and studies . . wants to be a social worker. Y yxau or 'A' LEWIS SOLAK . . . "Lou" . . lhother basketball champ , . the two o'clock shooter . . charges around in the black Plymouth . . dances . . doesn't ride the Fourth Avenue washboard for nothing . . has an in- terest there . . will determine his future later. , -- . THEODORE STANKO . . . "Teeter1' . .' Thinks dui sun rises and sets on Ford Cliff . . distinct blond . . has a gdrage filled with model air- planes and takes them tb Butler meets . . watch his eyes crinkle when he laughs. ' l ' I Page Twenty-Nine NI .1--I I? di 'sf' S1- 010 f leaders o ru f u exercises to keep e e s W4 charmung ersonaluty wants to be a wo un MQ f ROSALIE SURAN Rosue Has a passuon for rudu home Interested un anythung wuth a future gentl f sysbfund four lukes sports and books has fun razgg dpleff guves you that dazed look when she smules W ho wul lump lpn: quick conclusion marriage and so forth 5 WV ESTHER SZYBKA Whuz at basketball practuces one handed shots un gym class took up roller skatung this year often seen wuth Elizabeth lolly and wutty enloys studyung math JESSE THORNHILL ess Patrols all kinds of roads un o green Wullys Pattonvulle Ace often seen wuth Gene Rupert handy wuth the hammer and the saw lukes to build thungs a real blond DOROTHY TRENCHIK ot Loves to swum but only wades un shallow water pals wuth Francie and Anne frequents the washroom to look at her haur always chewung gum dances she and Aldo monopoluze the parlor dancung and what not you know .lENNlE U st history thoro hly acquainted wi tu ested un Nation eense thinks of HUT I1 HCWCIII Whefe Jeflfile II1kS YIUYSES WECY QYUSS SklI'TS n can desire would luke MARGARET WALLECK Marge The gurl that really has some thung especially that captivating smule looks pretty wuth specs us tumud and unsuspectung belueves that a woman s place us home she undoubtedly practuces her preachungs BILL WEBER Gob: Often seen wuth Brownue well known for hus exaggerated storues the bugger the better drummer un the C H S Ba one of the muschuef makers at Band Practuce delughts un bringing home stray dogs wants to goun the Marines EMILY WEBSTER Betty Maun unterest lues un Kuttannung Cadoganute seen at Smitty s with Warren Hedglun pals wuth the gurls from Cadogan detests publuc speakung enloys wunter sports ALMA WELLS Pete Personaluty plus muschuef maker oys all types of sports especually basketball takes actuve part un all actuvutues our noble vice presudent loves to swung out un 'uve fy frequently bothered wuth boy trouble Page Thurty X HEL S . . t . o r ct . . a II r d ' "H . ' g . o o ' ' . , . f f . . . .. I . . I 'E . .ll I ' . , hi S " ' . . JA M .. . V ' .V , , sl , l , ju X fi: If f f . . . I SH . . I . . ' ' . . . "J " . . ' ' . . ambition: get married. , ' si . .- "Je " . . ' ' - ' ' .1 r m. . U - . . . . I . M- A - L .. - 'O .. . . . I X F .... nd . . ' ' ' . . ' ' .. " ..en- V' ' ' ' 1 ff V LAYDEN WILLS Elmer Cheerful has a sense humor usually has a bagful of corny lakes Interested In sports por trayed E Q Hicks to utmost perfection In the operetta future is not clear but there are possibilities he declares JEANNE WINGARD Jeanie Dainty and petite makes typewriter sing cute has a distinctive giggle quute an actress pleasant disposition pals with Mud and often seen with Gene her black hair as nice In any language MM l f' RICHARD WINTGENS Ric Pool shark one of the original skate boys at the rank small but a very good basketball player mam Interest IS sports of an kind jf f! EDWARD WOYTOWISH Spare time is spent driving his Plymouth seen on Saturday nights on the corner of Ford Street with l plans to develop a poultry farm or loin the navy DORIS WRIGHT Dot Assistant editor of the yearbook very industrious enloys playing basketball does the football and basketball games with Ralph mce girl WILLIAM WRIGHT fleet Quwt and reserved one of the real hllltoppers often geen riding qtjund un a Ford friendly well liked by all his pals 'I good sport plays for the Shtump Jumpers a baseball team from the hill HELEN CHARNEY Small without high heeled shoes cute where love IS concerned shes quarantined avoids ardent admirers like a plague for she has a steady talks in the library hits her head with a pencil when worried frowns upon distribution of grades ANNA CROMICK Anne Tall attractive blond flashing blue eyes spends most evenings studying always seen with Frana and Dot expects to take up beauty culture after graduation FRANK DUNCAN Casey Special grease monkey for Kerr Auto Service spends much time in Klttanning with any one of the three girls a wizard at making money and we dont mean with a press KEITH SMITH Smitty Thinks Navy life is the only life for hum . . fond of girls . . especially from Kittanning . . furnace tender at church . . pals with Ned and Earl . . likes to argue in Economics class. QQ, ,Ls-52, ,. v, 3 K, 4 1-If Page Thirty-One l f - ' , , 4, S 4'-sc! V.:- ,Q ii ,uw 13- 4 "Y vf'-J N-f ?'N rv 5?-+ .F F9 x. Qu-'N hw .r" 1 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY 1938 1939 Four short years ago we the Senuor Class of Ford Cuty Hugh School made our debut upon the now famuluar basement floor as umportant newcomers un hugh school determuned to succeed Not to be ugnored because of our under class posutuon we voted for home room chaurmen to guude our f1rst hugh school actuvu tues Sunce the Frosh are not especually actuve we spent most of our tume learn ung to dance by sponsorung several vuctrola dances of our own But alas' The day to whuch every Freshue looks forward f1nally arruved Commencement' Such a gala event' The lassues un theur new long dresses and the laddues sport ung theur best suuts The Commencement Ball for the graduates and theur parents followed ummeduately un the old gym wuth musuc for the occasuon by Joe Bellas and hus Orchestra Havung the dustunctuon of beung the largest Freshman class to be promoted we anxuously awauted the next year 1939 1940 Bug shots now' No more basement floor' We became the members of the Sophomore Class We felt quute umportant as we attended the Senuor Hugh Assemblnes and partucupated un the Senuor Hugh Socual Whurl By electung Alma Wells Presudent Ray Croyle Vuce Presudent Rose Smoluk, Secretary and Esther Burdette Treasurer we really got unto lune and took our turn un sponsorung sev eral dances and a skate Thus was a faurly successful year financucully and we felt as though we were ready to accept the responsubulutues ofa Junuor Class 1940 1941 Our Junuor year started wuth a bang' All students were full of enthusuasm and were determuned to make ut a year worth rememberung Through our class officers Adolph Sadesku Presudent Pat Gleeson Vuce Presudent Vurgunua God dard Secretary and Evelyn Schrecengost Treasurer we sponsored the annual football dance wuth the musuc of Joe Bellas Faced wuth two umportant prouects for the year the class held several dances and skates to rause money The Junuor Play Sprung Fever was unusually successful both f1nancually and un supreme entertaunment The Junuor Senuor Prom the gala event of the year was perhaps the most elaborately decorated prom ever staged un Ford Cuty It us wuth great prude that we pount to our accomplushments durung thus year 1941 1942 Sensors at last' We became the upper classmen no longer feelung tumud and unferuor Class oFlTcers for the year were Edward Bellas Presudent Alma Wells Vuce Presudent Esther Burdette Secretary and Evelyn Schrecengost, Treas urer Among our successful events were the Hallow'en Dance and our publuca tuon of the 1942 Trureme Durung thus year we have also contrubuted to the ath letuc and scholastuc parts of school lufe Our class was well represented un many clubs and took an actuve part un the publushung of the Panorama At the end of the traul everyone was tense wuth excutement as Baccalaureate and Commence ment days arruved Wuth much sorrow we leave our dear Alma Mater and look to the future wuth fond memorues of the successful years of the Class of 1942 I I 1 ' ' I . . . ,, ,, . . . ' I . , . ' ll ' ll ' , . . . . . . . ,, . . H . , . 1 1 1 ' I 1 I I - 1 I I 1 ' I ' 1 I 1 1 , . II ' II ' ' 1 1 - ' 1 1 I ' I - 1 F 1 ' I 1 I ' . , - I . ' I I Page Thirty Two 47' l .........4's,, ES?- E 1 N- Y CILASS or x45 JUNIORS CLASS OF 1943 s 2 ab -'F "" if N51 mfr OFFICERS President Raymond Pechan Vice Presudent Anne Ortman Secretary Meade Klnngensmuth Treasurer Madelnne Hnahow THE COUNCIL Standing MISS Bofilander John Uhl Seih Fisher Mr Barneh Dale Amer Meade Klnngensmnh Mr Peiers Mass Muck Sea9ed Howard Hobaugh Glona Cook Madalnne Hnahow Raymond Pechan Olga Lukowsky Vucior labuika Anne Orlman Page Thlrfy Four . O I y ' C5 I P I , C' . Nfl ' . ri ,I QSC' e ' S , if f Raymond Pechan Anne Ortman Meade Klingensmifh Madeline Hnafiow JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY Led by home room chaurmen and advused by teachers our freshman class of 1940 began uts unutual round of makung school hustory We felt rather tumud un the presence of the seemungly superuor upper classmen Our first socual actuvuty was a dance held especually for ourselves so that we could become better ucquaunted wuth our new classmates and teachers Tume passed and before we knew ut the school term was comung to an end We wull always remember our Junuor Hugh Promotuonal Exercuse A queer sen satuon filled us as we walked row by row to receuve our cherushed duplomas the gurls un theur first long gowns the boys un theur new suuts The evenung came to a clumax as we danced tothe musuc of Bull Dodds and hus Orchestra We opened the Sophomore year wuth new vugor and enthusuasm October 1940 found our class anxuously awautung the Hallowe en Dance sponsored by the senuors After enuoyung a skate and four more dances sponsored by the Senuor Hugh Classes we closed that year wuth our most successful formal dance, the Sophomore Hop We were undebted to our Sophomore officers Presudent Anne Ortman Vuce Presudent Raymond Pechan Treasurer Robert Holley, and Secre tary Delores Sanko for theur tureless efforts and splendud leadershup durung that year Our Junuor year proved to be the eventful year although we were late un organuzung Our first dance was the Vuctory Dance wuth Francus Patt and hus Orchestra Everyone had a wonderful tume celebratung our undefeated football season We held several other dances our Valentune Dance and Junuor Senuor Prom beung the most outstandung Our Junuor Play wull long be remembered for the financual success that ut was Everyone enuoyed the eFforts of the cast under the capable durectuon of Muss Mack Our oFficers for the year were Presudent Raymond Pechan Vuce Presudent Anne Ortman Secretary Meade Klungensmuth and Treasurer Madelune Hnatuow Durung these years we have made many contrubutuons to the Junuor Varsuty and Varsuty basketball and football teams The scholastuc fields also find us un there doung our but Our class us very well represented un many, many clubs French Club Book Club Tru Hu Y, Gurls Chorus Boys Glee Club Panorama all these take many hours of our tume and effort, but we love ut lust the same Our gurls have partucupated un badmunton deck tennus and basketball Madelune Hnatuow, Irene Kovac Olga Lukowsky and Anne Ortman four peppy gurls are our cheerleaders Our vouces and appearances are not so chuldush and at last we have grown up We hope our Senuor year wull prove as pleasant and as successful as the prevuous three years have proven to be 'Yi 1 1 1 , . I I 4 , . - 1 . . . , 1 1 - 1 1 F ' 1 I 1 ' ' 1 1 . , ' ' 1 1 ' 1 7 1 I , . . . . , , 1 I ' ' I I 1 1 1 - I 1 "' 1 1 1 1 Page Thirty-Five +V' tfiff' ef' Q N.- 19 ,4 .,"' ' an uv lv"'Yl w.. J 'Wi er 1 At QQ 9 1 P6 mf K vm, fs W 'r-' "' UV i 1- ffl! Top Row Raw Row Row Row Row Row 7 Lawrence Alden, Benkovic Martha Beno. Sadie Antosek Dale Ar ,vs 1 Ax le. ner, Emil Baron, James Bauwin Ethel Barto Simon Mary Jane Blangeaux, Evelyn Mae Booth, Lois Boyd, Robert Brown, Marian Campbell, Mildred Campbell Jennie Canil, Edward Capizza. Margaret Casey, Mike Cheer, Rose Chemelli Betty Chestnut, Frank Connell, Gloria Cook John Cooper, Agnes Cramer. Leona Czopor, Anna Daniel Dorothy Dybas, Helen Erickson Frank Fair Freda Fennell, Seth Fisher Silvio Frieri, Mary Fundyga, Charles Gregory, James Gregory, Marguerite Greenthaner Marie Hagovsky, Victoria Halas, Edith Haney Annabelle Hawk, Jane Hellman Robert Holley Teddy Jablonski Charles Johnston Jean Johnston, Bob Kamer John Kanzlmar Frank Kendra. Paul Kiene Evelyn King Alice Klingensmith Bill Klingensmith, Milos Kluciar Paul Kotyk Irene Kovac Elizabeth Kromka. Page Thirty-Six f op Row Row Row Row Row Raw Row Pete Lazaroff Mlldred Leard Ralph Lundsay Mary Luperotn Mary L Luvengood Luculle Logsdon Olga Lulcowsky Margaret Lungrnk Marcella Lux Francls Marlulnnslu George Muchaux Mllce Muka Jeane Muller Martha Mnller Albert Mohney Jean McCollum Martha Mcflfresh Norma McGeary Jean McGregor Lorranne McKay lla McNuchoI Anna Odrechowslu Jennle Oznmma Sadue Payo Georguo Pendleton Joe Perry Lows Poundstone Agnes Raduc Frank Recny Josephnne Recny Chrlshne Reed Jack Roberts Frances Rogan Muchoel Rosol Helen Samay Helen Schafthauser Agnes Sanoba Mary Ellen Scott Lois Shlrley Kenneth Shumaker Margaret Sndora Edna Smuth Lots Jean Stepp Stella Suwala Ruth Swank Albert Thomas wack John Uhl Paul Ursuak Loss Jane Utley John Veres Frances Volek James Walker Raymond Wlntgens Russel Wrlght Gladys Wyant HBA' if " 'Im' I'-1 WM ik '5,4'usb ll Page Thnrty Seven .L 4 ' I , I, A J , ' , , ' , 6 I ' ,I ' , ' A , , , - 7 ' I I, If , , ' , ' , . - ' A or ' ' " .1 2 X , 0 V 9 J ,J Xen .J A l 4 . I , " ' ' , ,- ly A full' ' ' ff lr, ,f J X 7 J ,, 'f , f I lr I A ,R 2 ,1 Q I , 2 "3 9 4 - ' , A ' . , 4 ' . 'g k - Q 6 Q ' Av ' ll . r 75 S , ,V :L r . ' wr J A D A ' Y , K Ax f I . Q r '5 ' , M t h : ,f I' 0 J N J, 52 3 X LN ' 11. , 57 ' I . will , 4? f- ' A A uni" . I: .4 Q M V' .gel . . if 'i fl X' if I , 1 - '3 . . , VP by J . M Yi A . , , , , , ' 31 , , THE DIPSY-DOODLE OUR HIT PARADE Daddy Mr Barnett Rose O Day Blues In the Night Miss Mack Remember P9c'l Hc'b0' In a Little Dutch Garden Mrs Blerlzarnper can she Bake G Cherry ple, Sunrise Serenade Mr Marshall He 5 1 A In The Army and He 5 A The Flight of the Bumblebee Moss Shubert ln Our Hearts Miss Sullivan Ortman Miss Nicholas 1 Mr Peters Page Thirty Eight ' ' V' Mr. . . High On o Windy Hill Miss Shurnclcer T I ,Y 1 Y , iv 1 ! " .-. Y' .'l 1 Q 1 , :I .44 -f'., -A I V -. S J - , -dit' 5-1:50 ' L' 3 .-6 ' g-Q -4- I ' - ix,-.155 Q- "'-'s -. f-V -5 - - . ,z - ' -: , " " -A -,' ' --,. 4'-f. f .,, 1 , . ,. f A A. - ..-.- - - -' A -- A 'NC' 4 f". 9. --'2-'f 9 ' 'Q 1 I- 1 NH C- N .J'..,'-, ad., 4 PL, his-Q, -N .. 1 .7 0 A -' 7 7 1- . ' -pi V' "VY v ' s -- f--, W -P, T 'uv -3-Ari 1. I, - cs "'.'-- 7' A' 'y- Q tax' 1 ',:, , ...J 44 - .---f Y w . r . I f I 1 5 2 CLASS 4 I f 'I 1 v SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1944 El 3 Robert Cleply Charles Sporney Ruta Beuth Helen Zoszak OFFICERS Presndent Robert Cueply Vnce Presldent Charles Sporney Treasurer Helen Zoszak THE COUNCIL Sfandmg Mr Rupert Irene Pavelkovsky Elda Maruno Marnlyn Marshall Junuor Elger Juannfa Snyder Evelyn Walleck Mlss Sfenner Mr Muller Sealed Mrs Ccgley Charles Sporney Rna Beulh Rober! Cneply Helen Zoszak Jack Hensley Mnss Shumaker Page Forty Secretary ........ Rita Beuth SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY SEPTEMBER T940 A group of strange fruendly students each one eager to find out what hugh school was really all about entered the doors of Ford Cuty Hugh School s lower reguon They plodded along from class to class un a half dazed condutuon and before they knew ut the flrst semester had ended Sunce the class was not per mutted to have any socual affaurs untul after the second semester began theur flrst dance was really here' A few more socual affaurs were held before the Com mencement Dance several days before the Commencement exercuses Then the bug day came the day on whuch the honored students were guven duplomas We saw many smulung faces on happy students that day but stall there were sad deuected ones who had not earned the rught to take part un the exercuses and doggedly dragged one foot after the other through the halls But the fortunate student feelung proud wuth hus duploma began to consuder what next year would have un store for hum SEPTEMBER, 'I 941 The same group enterung senuor hugh from the lower reguons stumbled up the staurs and arruved parutung on the thurd floor a more sophustucated group than we saw last year At the begunnung of the second semester class officers Presu dent Robert Cueply Vuce Presudent Charles Sporney Secretary Ruta Beuth and Treasurer Helen Zoszak and home room chaurmen were elected Our first dance whuch was very successful was held for Junuors and Senuors as well as for Sophomores The Sophomores started to loan clubs and began makung fruends wuth senuor hugh students and flndung them encouragung thought school wasnt so bad after alll We hope that September T942 wull be the begunnung of another progres suve year for the Class of T944 and that you wull hear from us un next years TRlREME , . . . 1 1 . . , I - - : r ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . I I 1 I ' 1 I 1 1 1 ri ' I I 1 1 1 I I I - . . . , 1 Page Forty-one HRW Q' Q hr-1 AA OP Row Row Row Row Row Row Row OW 2 8 N-v If vi 1 1 filv as Beulah Abraham Lounse Arco Mary Margaret Barnett Danlel Bemgnl John Berdell Allan Boyd Rose Bryant Bernardlne Bucko Elva Jean Burdette June Burdette Robert Corpen Katherine Chaloupka Raymond Chauvaux Robert Chauvaux Helen Claypoole James Cono way Ernest Cousms Vlrglnua Crum Edwln Culp Charlotte Cunningham Anno Debarr Wnlllam Decock Betty Jane Duetz John Dodds Loulse Dodge Donald Dornan Anna Drabovsky Patrncla Duff Rose Duns Junuor Elger Genevueve Englert Robert Fnckes Bertha Folta Helen Folta Betty Ellen Frantz Carl Frederuck Anthony Guardlna Loss Green Michael Gregory Phulomena Habanetz Frank Hagovsky John Heasley Harold Hellman Kenth Hellman Clyde Helm Mary Hook Russel Hoak Helen Jean Hobaugh Dorothy Hohl John Hollzna Paul Hooks Joseph Hrlbnk Charles Humennck James Hutchison Louis Jackson Robert Jageman James Johnson Frances Kama John Kasan Margaret Kasun James Kellar Ruth Klene Eleanor KIIOWSKI Frank Kllowskn Imogene Kung Jesse Kung Margie Kung Richard Kung Goldue Kllngensmuth Phyllus Klnngensmuth Wllma Klungensmlth John Kochman Wllllam Kral Katy Krukar Josephme Kubatko Albma Kuvuk Connle Leard Mary Levclk Mildred Levcuk Walter Lewns Henry Lhote James Livengood Vurguma Longwell John Lukowsky Morris Lyszak Mary Magdy Elda Marino Helen Marsh '3 Page Forty Two .. 2 V W., ,, f,,.- Z l g 3 - , I 6 Nh , t V if 1 xi A Q, . f- - " , Ek J 'ii 3 . . 1 Q. 4 ' 1 .Q .l cb' ' 3 at Mr 1: 1 ffl . I ' -, an ' Q Y ' A L. V I ' ' Y NY 'I r f Z- . I 4 - - 5 9 -' V. s A - ' 1 y ' J f. waz. DEQ gg ' 'F Y , ' J S . I My if I- 1 y .,Y E ,A 1 u ' l . x .J X l I 7: "-, af h- Q ' - - . 1' 4- or " e " A H A X ' -ff .A j ' qu 5:2 .,,- ' m A Q H, 'Q A W 'V Q you A, l 1 - F V J' , .. J I , , f .n - -W: I wr 1 K, A f b ' 5 " 4 ' f ' , , su Q 1 Hx: , X s I A W J -td 2, -,r . 5 55. C Q v i ' 3. gs, iv Y' rf, ' 2, Q ,7 8 4 Q X , A f - 1 A' Qi 1' 'J' Q 1 , ' gg J m e . if' fy V' I F' nl ,, bb 4 1,2 A, I If ' ' ' il' - 5 :5 K f 'wig -lf -1 h .ax l xi uf I ,' t 1, W3 iq f X. ' 4 'J Fl at x . V, V ,. V , ,A kdm L T R I . I I . . .I I A I I . I . . I . i . , 5 , . U , , I , , l , 6 n I .. . I -. . 4 I . I 1 I I op Row Row Row Row Row Row Row Marilyn Marshall Davud Marvllr Martha Maus Glorla Mazzantl Grace McCollum Mary Ellen Mclntosh Karl Mlchallk Charles Muller Lawrence Mlloser Kenneth Mlnarcln Loretta Mohr Mary Ann Moore Dorothy Myschlsln Esther Nameche Beatrice Neale Lewis Nlcoda Mary Panchuk Mike Panchlk Irene Pavlekovsky Helen Jean Peters Margaret Placell Helen Plocha Paulnne Podesva Delores Pontuous Mary Popolls Alblna Prazennca Josephme Prazenuca Gertrude Reach Wrlluam Rerner Mary Rosol Geraldme Rupert Richard Rupert Agatha Russell Elma Saloum Emily Sam Paulnne Sanoba Fred Say Rose Mane Scrlpps Edward Sellers Elsle Sellers Helen Shevchuk Wllllam Simmons Josephlne Slavlca Belle Smathers Ruth Smeltzer Jessie Smlth Phllnp Smith Anne Smollk Juanrta Snyder Daniel Spencer Lucille Spencer Dons Stewart Betty Stltt Dora Strtt Gilbert Stltt Jean Stlvason Martha Stockdlll Helen Stollenwerk Vrrglnla Stovall Marshall Sweatt Eugene Szafron Leonard Szymanslu John Tague Elsie Thornhlll Eleanor Trop Martha Troyan Charles Turko Jack Valentine Edward Volna Evelyn Walleck Helen Warcholak Mulce Wolson ovlch Nick Wolsonovnch Edward Yapp Genevueve Yount Helen Zacour Elizabeth Zilla ,Q in L, l"w if in Q 'V I. -4 ,sf T . I . . I I . .I I 3 ' , ' , ' , v ' , ' ' , 6 . I . I - I .. . . i I 7 ' . ' . ' . ' I D . A Y1""l' , ' ' , V Qi ,v -, ' aj? - ' ap f ' A wi V. ZA R. ' , x J y le. 4 J , A I , - - hrvw A .. Q . , Q ,X , 2- Vv,. A .-t' -ij, V 9 Q l ffl ' 4 : 2 ' ' 3 " ' X Q., Y'-, l ' if H M V 'V , , 1- 'Q Aw 1 5 5 - ,Q ,A n 3 rf ' J' R -' ' A Fel ll , E tv ,J JJ .f -t - if fig A X if 'P K, I -,X 1 ,A H a We 'll ht V' 1' 5 .- r '15 41, , P I V 5 s 4 F "K Q mf 5 4 M I ' I I . if ,V Kt V an Elk- M an I I 595. - ' B 1 3 Q5 .5 " S4 L T' 4 A' ,'- 5 fl A-0'-' if it ' J t ' ' -:t, f tl' L ' X . in rv' 5 I ' I V Q 1, , ' 5 - 2 U E , 5 f 1 . f- :V , J 1 . ' We 553 ,I ,., qu M E v ,,, g ,Q ' I ., . A :V V . A O i, :EL f wi f ,I S v 1 fel' ' Q' , . at v - N. ' '59 , J , ,, J t Xi A gf M A w N ' V 4 . 1 ', ,. 9. X ' Q M RQ, Page Forty Three QQ? lil me Wiodemm' l x fn, -1 4-I ,Adil Q- 0, 1 5 JEEP Tuny tuft ond te-rruflc luke Dot Smuvh Ircnr Benugnu or Jeone Wungord TANK Browny brcve und bump proof o hw Qlcgont spccumens beung Flosh Borto ond Sellers FLYING CADETS Annu Morm Re-utler ond Mcury Lou Schuftgens who how rccully tolun off Ihr bpouuu BLACKOUT Morgorot Mous Vhunks uf us o woo putchu s dglught BOMB Helen Sudoru plus o lutvle oomph' Thot s o rncul gxplosuonl YOEMAN Jummy Dodds chcusung the soup around the bathtub Ah thot s real noyugovung skull AIR RAID SHELTER A cozy luvtle publuc port where- Crytzer buds fcurewell to hus foncee whule the fomuly us luvung 'hrough cu storm A SUICIDE SQUAD LEADER One who tempts lute to throw the swutch vvuth Agnes Hrobovsky beung our most recent oddutuon SERGEANY Some of the men teachers ore sour gents some-fumes RATIONING lt dudnt hut Duck R utler but ut dud Mr Morsh Also Helen Eruckson us clwoys Roy shun nung WOLF Any fellow wuth o cor hoyung cu good ture ond c dume s worth of gos out lookung for sugar Page Forty Four ly Lumen 0 V A ON THE SEA-wuuoopu WHQOPPH WHCOPPP!!! 5 X X X QL W I f 'hh' W' 5571 ! fl 1 ' g' M , A f f Q -' K f f J f f ff ff ff K f f G-GB :gf ffl 1 iflbxf ffl f f ffjfn F VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Row Pechan Knene Fonr Kamer H Fnlal Crytzer Snnnawskn Sellers Rentler Veres Cooper Row 2 Mgr Rupert Shcul Suron John Dodds Cheer Srnnth Putz Kasun Cneply Lukowsky Row 3 A Fnlal Jnrrn Dodds Klnngensmnth Hellgren Hook Buff Stnvason Hobaugh Row 4 Coaches Campbell Kose Rupert AN OPEN LETTER Dear Boys Congratulatnons to your team members and coaches who fought agannst many odds to produce Ford Cnty Hngh School s first undefeated and untned foot ball season Thns good work deserves many words of commendatnon, but our weak vonces could hardly be heard nn the dnn of comment aroused by thns feat We were proud of you on all occasnons Our snncere hope ns that you may meet all future problems as capably as you have met these weekly ones And thanks too for all the hours spent nn practncnng, for taknng the on h f h d hen a boner was ulled for all the sore muscles suffered slaug ts 0 t e crow w p uncornplannnngly these are but a few of the facts for whnch we wnsh to take thns means of thanknng your self made nuggernaut that demanded vnctnms from Sep tember 9 untnl November 'II ssrrenvnnsenz s sono cnrv 6 scorr o Ford Cnty wnns opener' Moe Shaul s kncknng passnng and ball carrynng played a great part nn determnnnng the vnctory The game was won nn the second pernod on Barto s touchdown plunge a play set up as a result of an aernal assault featunnng Shaul and Crytzer as bombadners Our nnexpennenced Inne held up well under fire Enght thousand spectators the largest crowd ever to see o Ford Cnty football team play were on hand at the North Braddock field to see our team mark up nts nnntnal vnctory Wnth snncere cndmnratnon, THE STUDENT BODY SEPTEMBER 13 FORD CITY 7 VANDERGRIFT 0 The first opponent met that used the nevnsed and trncky T formatnon Benng outplayed the first half our team came back strongly to emerge the vnctors Defensnve lnne play on the part of Lukowsky Sellers and Crytzer brought about thns second AA vnctary Barto scored Speedy shnfty offensnve and defensnve work was requnred before thns Double A foe was brought nnto camp on thns hot afternoon Page Forty Snx n 5 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : , , . . . , . 1 1 1 D . , . . - - - - 1 1 , - 11 11 - - 1 ,. ' , . . . 1 1 , - 11 11 4 I , . . . . ' I 1 - - 11 11 SEPTEMBER 20 FORD CITY 26 ARNOLD 0 Arnold unvaded our town but was qulckly repulsed Ford Cxty strlkmg twrce on blocked kncks resultlng touchdowns wrthln three mnnutes spelled defeat for a good Arnold team Slmawskls sensational defenslve playsng arded Kamer In the recovery of these two kicks Crytzer and Babe Fatal also scored The Invaders had a crack forward wall whtch forced our boys to take to the alr most of the afternoon OCTOBER 3 FORD CITY 20 HAR BRAC 7 The boys knew that the fans were behund them for they were told so and shown how much so at a real pep rally the nrght before the game On the beautlful green but soggy and slippery field the long awarted vlctory was brought about by Jimmy Dodds 80 yard run on the flrst play nn the second half Wlth perfect bloclung and a gaprng hole through Slnlawskl and Crytzer Dodds broke a 7 7 deadlock to chalk up Ford downs we had 7 Thxs was the flrst time slnce l935 that Ford Cnty had won the annual classxc from t ns team OCTOBER I0 FORD CITY I3 TARENTUM 6 Emil Barto duplrcated Dodds feat In the prececlrng game on the same play to sew up the fifth game The llne was outstandlng nn stopping Fullback Woods pass mg attack The sllppery grass and greasy oval were more detrimental to our foe s passing attack than to our power plays Over confldence nearly lost thus game and could have wrecked our season Tarentums de fense kept our boys guessing for the flrst part of the game OCTOBER 25 FORD CITY I2 SPRINGDALE 6 Our srxth consecutlve vrctory and against a hrghly publrclzed Spnngdale eleven' Jam Dodds on a reverse snake hrpped hrs way through the entrre Springdale secondary for 27 yards and a touchdown Babe Fnlal plunged from the one unch lane Good defensrve play helped us a lot wlth Sellers Pechon Slnrawslu and Rertler standing out We had to take the offensive through power plays Basulone Springdale ace was the most outstandmg back met all season The lrghts not only bothered the boys most of the evenrng but also the large delegatron of local fans who followed the team Our Band was very much rn evldence NOVEMBER I FORD CITY 27 CORAOPOLIS IQ Hank Fllal scored the flrst touchdown on a pass from Shaul A great comeback rn the last two periods en abled Ford Cnty to chalk up her seventh vlctory after the score was tued at I4 all Shaul got off a 90 yard punt ond scored on a sucker play through tackle Bartos last quarter 27 yard broken field dash turned the trde uncarked a neat assortment of tricky passrng and run nrng plays but our boys handled the sltuatron as great team should have Nuce work' NOVEMBER I'l FORD CTY 38 KITTANNING 0 Everyone keyed to the highest patch' The s age was set wnth 2300 mum bedecked spectators freezlng windy blnzzard swept bleachers Our boys had every thang to garn or to lose for Kuttannxng our bltterest enemy was the only remaxnung foe to be taken over this season Lukowsky attempted a huddle brube as Pechan Barto Shaul and Hank Fllol carried the plgskln Into pay dnrt territory We won more than a game that memorable afternoon for Ford Cnty had lust con cluded her flrst undefeated and untred football season a worthy clrmax to a spectacular year JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL Front Kasun, Rogan, Stltt, Clppel Scott Wolsonovrch, Yapp Relrch Rupert Smerrck Back Odrechowskl, Hellman Szafron Holrxna, Krlowskr, Slrochman Zublc Decock Karl Page Forty Seven ' I ' ' ' ' ' in ' ' ' - ' t . .. . . - I I - ' 'I ' . ' I I ' I City's fourth straight victory. Har-Brac had 'I2 first in the most spectacular game of the year. Coraopolis . , h, . I l . . O . . . . l - I . I I U . I Q I V - . VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row Pechan Holley Poundstone Folta Znlla Cneply Rench Back Row Coach Campbell Berdell Kamer Tertychny Gregory H Fnlal DECEMBER 5 FORD CITY 25 DUQUESNE 33 Ford Cnty opennng her basketball season lost to last year s WPIAL wnnner Duquesne lou Solak veteran guard took hngh scornng Iaurels wnth nnne ponnts DECEMBER 9 FORD CITY 32 SCOTT 21 Ford Cnty traveled to Scott to engage nn a fast and rough game Although lou Solak was forced out of the lnne up wnth o dnslocated shoulder he led the attack DECEMBER 11 FORD CITY 23 DUQUESNE 31 Playnng her first home game Ford Cnty was agann de SCOYEF DECEMBER 12 FORD CITY 34 EAST PITTSBURGH 19 By wnnnnng over East Pnttsburgh Ford Cnty made nt two wnns and two losses The boys played good ball agannst a relatnvely weak team wnth Bnll Cneply ac countnng for 16 ponnts DECEMBER 16 FORD CITY 34 ALIOUIPPA 35 A case of nntters nn the last mnnute ond a half cost Ford Cnty thns game Alnqunppa scored three times nn the final mnnutes and thus dnd away wnth the tive ponnt lead Ford Cnty had held DECEMBER 19 FORD CITY-41 SCOTT 31 Ford Cnty ogann defeated Scott on our home court Bob Holley usnng hns henght to on advantage rang up I0 ponnts DECEMBER 23 FORD CITY 31 NEW CASTLE 36 Ford Cnty playnng New Castle here lost to a rough and aggressnve team Manager Berdell donned a sunt and led the way wnth 10 ponnts DECEMBER 26 FORD CITY 19 ALIQUIPPA 33 A two day trnp got off to a bad start wnth thns loss In thns game the boys showed how bad a ball team can look What scornng was done was dnvnded equally DECEMBER 27 FORD CITY 28 CHESTER W VA 24 For the first tnme nn the school s hnstory a Ford Cnty athletnc team traveled out of the state to play and nt proved successful Although not playnng up to par the boys won wnth Poundstone and Rench leodnng the way DECEMBER 30 FORD CITY 36 EAST PITTSBURGH 24 On her home floor Ford Cnty paved the way to thns vnctory by a good passnng attack Cneply set the scor nng pace wnth 15 ponnts JANUARY 2 FORD CITY 28 LEECHBURG 25 Pechan rang up 8 ponnts at Leechburg as Ford Cnty won a hard fought game JANUARY 9' FORD CITY 24 NEW KENSINGTON 22 After a week s rest Ford Cnty won a worthy vnctory over nts first Sectnon I opponent Cneply and Pechan shared hngh scornng honors wnth the whole team play mg smooth ball Page Forty Enght I 2 , . . , ' , ' , ' - I I I I r I ' .. ' . I . I . I . I , . . . , - , . - I A I- . I . ' - n s I 1 I feated by the strong Duquesne team, Zilla being high , , , - , . . . ' . . - - 1 1 - 1 JANUARY 16' FORD CITY 25 ARNOLD 21 Playnng host to Arnold Ford Cnty won her second stranght sectnonal game Out of the lnne snnce December 9 Lou Solak returned and led the attack for the locals JANUARY 20 FORD CITY 34 KITTANNING 29 Playnng on the Knttannnng floor Ford Cnty won the game after tranlnng 'l'l 3 at the end of the lirst quarter The boys showed thenr sknll nn ball handlnng wnth Solak agann turr-nng nn some neat work JANUARY 23 FORD CITY 26 HAR BRAC 24 Seventh consecutnve wnn' An extra pernod was re qunred nn order to decnde thns one wnth Poundstone snnk nng the wnnnnng tally Over confidence on our part caused low calnbre playnng for the tirst three quarters JANUARY 27 FORD CITY 22 BUTLER 25 Ford Cnty s poor shownng cnt the foul lnne coupled wnth Butler s accuracy on her home court spelled defeat as Ford Cnty dropped her first sectnonal game FEBRUARY 6 FORD CITY 27 NEW KENSINGTON 31 Agann poor foul shooting caused defeat and forced Ford Cnty to share her lead nn Sectnon I wnth Arnold Cneply and Solak each played exceptnonally good games FEBRUARY I3 FORD CITY I6 ARNOLD 33 losnng her thnrd stranght sectnonal game to Arnold 32 I6 Ford Cnty recenved one of the worst beatnngs of the season The least sand about thns game the better all local followers wnll feel FEBRUARY 17" FORD CITY 32 KITTANNING 22 Now thns ns more lnke nt boys' A good team was de feated when the Glassers provnng thenr nnvnncnbnlnty on thenr home floor took over the Cats FEBRUARY 20 FORD CITY 40 HAR BRAC 18 Ford Cnty dnsplayed some fine basketball art and won nncely controlled most of the rebounds and played bang up ball from the startnng whnstle untnl the final gun FEBRUARY 24 FORD CITY 33 BUTLER 3I Playnng her last game of the year Ford Cnty emerged the vnctor nn the most spectacular game of the home season 3331 wnth Cneply snnknng a shot from mud court nn the last 30 seconds of play The largest crowd of the season packed our gym to wntness thns thrnll packed exhnbntnon of basketball sknll " WPIAL Sectnon I games JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Front Row Mgr Gnardnna, A Fnncnl, Knlowskn, Turko, Lewns, Spence, Mnnarcnn, Mnchalnk, Szafron, Coach Rupert Back Row Lux, Dnnga, Thamaswnck, Buff, Suran, Protz, Smnth, Smernck, Holnzna Page Forty Nnne T i 1 3 I I I . . . I ' . . f 1 T . . . . . - I . I A , - ' . . . , t 1 - 1 Y , - 2 l . l . ' I ' 40-I8. On the enemy's floor, our boys passed the ball . l I I t 1- T . , . . ' ' , if , - . I . I 1 I . . . . . - ,, - - . 4.9 VARSIT A-,.r.. ,r fvfvtt-' . QB' ' as 'mi we if W has Kama 9' Q5 '-Zhi' 55 ' 1-.fy 5, -eva, Page Fifty Y FOOTBALL y. V -na If P 7' 1 4"+v5,iJ4,'I Q I Page Fifty-One ""'vu Y ,499 ff 6 :fa Ji, if? bc! SENIOR CHEERLEADERS Anna Marie Helen Reitler Suhorsky JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Olga Madeline Lukowslcy Hnatiow g Q 5 as J ,, ..- V mf Q32 A VARSITY Page Fifty-Two BASKETBAL X-fl" Page Fifty-Three ' 12,16 ff, Q 'V A K W'.' i f i' V j , " - 1 xx ' ' If E i X x 5, , N 3 ' lx x "1' 4 .L '. I is " JUNIOR CHEERLEADERS Irene Anne Kovcc Ortmon THE CHEERLEADERS Reitler Orfmon Suhorsky Kovoc Lukowsky Hnutiow SCRAMBLED EGGS 59-9 -ee ab? -u ' ' 7 ' X ,44- 'Q Page Ffty Four . I 5 ,ir J. Q l. ' I ' if: ,4 .' 1 Q15-.., ' 1 . jf- . 'r T 'xg 3-4 V ,g 4 i X fd- 1 . A x 1 X 2 . x 6 1' V , 4. . r -1 -4: f Y' sg, Y f? 3 Q . ,. X : iifn. 'fn I . YA Y K 1 , , 1 . X' 1 f E X ' X I -r , N4 'L I 7 iffw 1,1 "V , 2 .A ' 1 ' 7 ' V7 ,C ' in 1' L J! ,-I 1 X Y , il 4-11, V 5 - x .7 . . N XX L. XR 'rf , R X sl x :fa gl I ,sg C22 ' . .t yn ? ,YD 2 :."i'gA 0 . V 4' A NJ. , 'ri 1 i E air 'N Page F1517 S., EM E STA ASSISTANT EDITOR moms WRIGHT LITERARY COMMITTEE ALMA WELLS LOUISE MITCHELL ANNA MARIE REITLER ART COMMITTEE TONY KOZLOSKY ADVERTISING COMMITTEE EDWARD BELLAS RAY CROYLE FRANK LORENCE EDWARD CHARNEY FF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF STANLEY BIELSKI BUSINESS MANAGER TONY PELLIGRENO SUBSCRIPTION COMMITTEE MILDRED HEGAR NORMA GREEN AGNES HRABOVSKY ALLENE BARBER FANNIE LIVENGOOD PHOTOGRAPHY COMMITTEE FRED BROWN SECRETARIAL COMMITTEE MARGARET MAUS EVELYN SCHRECENGOST MARTHA REARIC ROSE SMOLIK FACULTY ADVISOR CLARA C SULLIVAN Page Fifty-Seven THE FGRD CITY HIGH SCHOOL BAND Here Comes the Parade' At the sound ofthe whlstles of drum malors Loss Jane Utley and Mark Gleeson the Ford Cnty Hugh School Band snaps to attentnon' After sux years under Mass Margaret Colonna s durectuon the band has grown and has won a good reputatnon for Itself Its snxty one members are among the busnest students un school The band practuces four hours a week durmg both summer and wmter months so as to make a good showing at football games basketball games parades and concerts Six band members participated un the Mud Western Dnstrlct Band at Kuttanmng In March They were Emnl Boron Evelyn Schrecengost Loulse Mltchell John Lulcowsky James Mclntosh and Charles Green The twenty eight members makmg up the second band and the twenty beginners will eventually flll the places ofthe graduates Upon the fulfillment of certann requurements each band member recenves a purple and gold Iyre at the end of hus Sensor year P ge F fty Eght 1 , . . . , . . 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 G I ' I TRI ,il Christian Service these two words are the foundation upon which the Tri Hi Y is built Any girl in senior high school who is willing to pledge herself to the plat form of Self Improvement Christian Fellowship United Service is eligible for membership Some of the activities of Tri Hn Y this year have been attending church reg ularly conducting devotional exercises in home rooms sponsoring a Clean Up Campaign throughout the classrooms ushering at the Burch program selling re freshments at football games and assisting the American Legion in their annual poppy sales May the years to come prove as successful as this year The interest shown in this organization was due for a large part to the able leadership ofthe follow mg ofticers and sponsors President Virginia Goddard Vice-President Alice Jean Klmgensmuth Secretary . , Mildred Campbell Treasurer Alma Wells Sponsors .. A Miss Bottlander Miss Ekis Miss Shumaker Page Fifty-Nine BOOK CLUB Our forty book worms 'P Oh no' book enthusuasts who had gay tumes buy :ng books and discussing books We collected books to gnve to the students of the rural schools so that they mnght have access to more good stories Our members also helped wuth the Vuctory Book campaugn Our bu monthly meetmgs un the library were enloyed by forty members who sometlme durmg the year contributed to the club program Each member was required to read twenty five books a year and most club members recenved Na tuonal Readnng Certificates for completung theur requured readung Thus year the club made out a questaonnaure whuch the hugh school students answered so that we could see what the students were readmg and their llterary tastes As part of thenr unntnatuon the new members entertained and mformed the club by their book characterlzatuons Many of us enloyed ourselves at our first social event an Ice skatmg party on January 9 and we had many more equally successful soclal functions 1:1 OFFICERS President Anna Mane Rentler Vuce Presndent Fred Brown Secretary Louise Mntchell Treasurer Anthony Frusma Program Chanrman Dale Arner Sponsor Mrs Jean B Buerkamper Page Suxty I? S i l 11 14 - - . , . - . I . 1 , . GREGG SECRETARIAL CLUB Under the gundung eye of Jeane Wungard presndent the Gregg Secretarual Club meets twuce monthly to discuss various problems pertalnmg to secretarual work Meetings are made exceedlngly Interesting and worth whsle by havmg outsude speakers bring In novel topncs for duscusslon The Club has as nts foundation enghteen advanced shorthand and typung students who are aspmng to be secretarnes The asm of all club members ns to develop shorthand and typung to the best of their abnluty and to learn all they possubly can about the busuness world Many socual achvntues are held durmg the year among whlch are a Christmas party a skating party and tea dances OFFICERS President Jeane Wnngard Vice President Margaret Maus Recording Secretary Betty Jane Lloyd Correspondung Secretary Sybsl Henry TfeGSUrer Charles Green Parllamentarnan Joan Grgnson Sponsor Miss Margaret B Shubert Page Sixty One I 1 1 I ' I I I I LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Standing John Uhl Arthur Wolfe Seated M L Huston M J Blongeau Chrrstme Reed James Mclntosh Betty Petrovsky Mrs Apple Mlldred Campbell Also Patty Gregory Tom Cole Make Poprlk Russell Wrnght Le Cercle Francans a group whnch consusts of students studyung French was organnzed nn 1933 under the supervnsaon of Mrs Apple The meetmgs held entirely nn French are held monthly durmg the club period an order to better the conversatuon and to acquaunt the students wnth the cultural slde of France Durmg the year 1941 1942 many social actuvutues were held hugh lnghted by a Mardi Gras held February 17 an occasaon celebrated throughout the world OFFICERS President James Mclntosh Vnce Presndent Martha Lee Huston Secretary Treasurer Muldred Campbell Sponsor Edith Gruskm Apple HIY Because of curcumstances beyond thenr control the Hn Y was not able to accompllsh much durmg the t1rst semester The outlook however us much better for many plans have been set forth for the comnng year Clean speech clean habnts and clean sportsmanshup are the mann :deals they wash to spread throughout the school and community OFFICERS President Bob Holley Vace Presndent Meade Klnngensmnth Secretary Teddy Jablonskn Student Advusors Rnchard Wlntgens Natne Apple Sponsor Mr George Kase Page Sixty Two : , . : . . , . . , , I I ' I ' F I 1 I - I I 1 1 - I - 1 1 - 1 ' I I I ' I I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY MAY I 1942 At the present tume four Senuors have been elected to the hugh honor of membershup un The Natuonal Honor Socuety Those so honored are Vurguma Germy Joseph Konhauser Henry Reuch and Margaret Maus Congratulatuons' More names may be added lt us suggested that un the collectung of autographs members of thus organuzatuon sugn on thus page Electuon to the Natuonal Honor Socuety us one of the hughest honors that can be bestowed upon a hugh school student Only T5 per cent ofthe class us eluguble to belong From the upper half of the class all teachers make nomunatuons These nomunatuons must be passed by a unanumous vote of the electung commut tee composed of appounted teachers The members of thus years class may lustly feel honored un that they were chosen from the lust comprusung the upper half of the class lt us now theur duty as members to promote the oblect of thus chapter ln assumung these responsu bulutues they must feel themselves pledged to create an enthusuasm for scholar shup to stumulate a desure for renderung servuce to promote worthy leadershup School OUILL AND SCROLL Ford Cuty Chapter of Quull and Scroll receuved uts charter on January 3 1939 wuth four Senuors as charter members and Mrs Oluve L Hammond advuser The Chapter us under the auspuces of Northwestern Unuversuty Elugubuluty re quures hugh scholastuc ratung recommendatuon ofthe advuser sanctuon of the hugh school pruncupal and acceptance of work by the lnternatuonal Chapter Quull and Scroll aums to crystalluze unterest un the school paper and by con certed effort to unculcate the seven obgectuves of uournalusm Joe Jum Gleeson us presudent Evelyn Schrecen gost vuce presudent Pat Gleeson treasurer and Anthony Frusuna secretary Those eluguble and approved for unductuon un Aprul are Lula Jean Frederuck Vurgunua Goddard Margaret Maus Bully Weber James Mclntosh and Bob Holley l Page Suxty Three I . . : . . . I . , . . and to encourage the development of character in the pupils of Ford City High GIRLS' SPORTS The gurls of Ford Cuty Hugh School would have ut known that they too have had a wude varuety of recreational actuvutues whuch kept them busy throughout the year The gurls spent much tume after school hours un order to partucupate un theur favorute sports Thus year the program consusted of several excutung tourna ments, pung pong deck tennus badmunton and basketball The basketball tournament was made up of fourteen home room teams un the Senuor Hugh In a serues of games of keen competutuon and clean sportsman shup the defeated teams were elumunated after each game After many hard playung of these games Lula Jean Frederuck kept the time and scores whule Muss Dorothy Shumaker head of our physucal educatuon department, was the referee Alma Wells emerged champuon from a field of twenty three contestants un the badmunton tournament after several hard fought games Betty Luttek, the runner up, proved to be a real opponent un the finals The pung pong tournament us not as entertaunung to most gurls due to the lack of excutement and real competutuon Only eught gurls entered thus tournament and after playung three games un each set the wunner of the most games oust of the three advanced unto the second round and so forth untul the final round was reached Mary Ann Moore and Esther Burdett entered the final round after some keen competutuon wuth the latter beung crowned Pung Pong Champuon for T942 fought battles, a senior home room, 314, emerged as the winners. During the Page Sixty Four THE VARSITY CLUB The Varsuty F Club the first un the hustory of FCHS was founded thus year un February a fittung culmunatuon for a perfect season on the gruduron The club was unaugurated forthe purpose of promotung and fosterung those udeals that are so umportant un sports and un Iufe udeals of faur play fellowshup cooperatuon clear thunkung and clean Iuvung The Varsuty F Club us open to all Those un school who euther held a mauor letter or were awarded one thus year were admutted as charter members The Varsuty F Club hopes to uncorporate unto uts membershup all former hugh school athletes In thus way those un charge hope to foster better sports for the school and to perpetuate the noble udeals that are synonymous wuth sports n Ford Cuty Hugh OFFICERS Presudent Thomas Sellers Vuce Presudent John Lukowsky Secretary Treasurer Henry Reuch Sponsors Mr Kase Mr Campbell THE NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Thus organuzatuon establushed un Ford Cuty Hugh School un T928 has as uts purpose the fosterung of hugh scholarshup among athletes the stumulatuon of the desure for balanced traunung and the development of more outstandung leaders un the secondary schools of the Unuted States T h e membershup consusts enturely of those boys who ea n an athletuc letter and whose scholastuc ave rage for three con secutuve semesters IS hugher than the gen eral average of the school I I Y 1 Z , I 4 Ji 1 9 ' - 11 11 - - - I I , . . . I . 1 1 I . . . . . . ,, ,, . I I ' high school students who have earned a letter in a recognized major sport. I I . ll ll . . . . . . . I , f r Page Sxty-Five Senior Hugh Orchestra The Lass of Llmerlck Town The Boys Glee Club though not as active this year as an previous years has established an enviable reputa tlon as a part of the Mixed Chorus Each member ns trned out at the be gunning of the semester by Mass Gessler and is placed in divisions of first tenor second tenor first bass and second bass This year two of the boys Fred Brown a tenor and Kenneth Shu maker a baritone wall compete in the Pennsylvama Forensic League S The Senior Hugh School Orchestra IS a well known group In thus shool The orchestra under the dtrectton of Miss Elizabeth Gessler is usually pres ent at the hugh school assemblies class plays commencement and baccalaur eate exercises At the end of each year the members receive puns for completing the required work during the year the goal of each member be mg a gold pm which is received at the end ofthe Senior year for three years membership and active participation wlth the group For the first time in nine years an operetta was presented by the music department under the dnrec tion of Mass Elizabeth Gessler as susted by Miss Eltzabeth Weaver and Miss Alice Stemer The members of the cast were Fred Brown Chrnstme Reed Shirley Yates James Mclntosh Evelyn Schrec engost Kenneth Shumaker Lots Jane Utley Josephtne Burton John Uhl Frank Connell Layden Wills Tommy Cole John Lukowsky and James John son The members of the mixed chor us supporting the cast took an important part in the lrnsh peasant and party scenes and greatly pressed the audience with their sung in Boys Glee Club Pge S ty Sx . . 1 I . 1 I . 1 I - - I . . I I . ,Wi I - 1 1 I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 , IFY1- 1 1 I , 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 I lx - l The Junuor Hugh School Orchestra us an organuzatuon drawing uts mem bers from the seventh eughth and nunth grades Thus group practices the first peruod on Thursday after noon What the group lacks un size us made up for by the hard work and enthusiasm of each member The orchestra plays for the Junuou Hugh assemblues and some of the members are used un the Senuor Hugh Orchestra for the Commencement and Baccalaureate Servuces Each mem ber nourishes the hope of becoming tra at the begunnung of hus Sopho more year The seventy boys and gurls of the Muxed Chorus have been busuer un T942 than un any recent year December they participated un the presentatuon of The Lass of Lumeruck Town Durung February they took part un the Ford Cuty town meetung and also sang at the uount meetung of Kuttannungs Junuor and Senior Women s Clubs ln the past few years thus group has gradually become larger and better a step toward the culmination of Miss Gesslers hope-to have a really outstanding Mixed Chorus. Girls Choral Club Page Sixty-Seven Junuor Hugh Orchestra Muxed Chorus Most of the Ford City High School girls look forward to ioining the Girls Choral Club. And why shouldnt they? To them the second period on Tuesday morning is an hour of enjoy- ment. After having a semesters training, the girls are ready to at- tempt some rather difficult pieces. The group did not enter the Penn- sylvania Forensic League this year, but they can still be proud of placing third in the state contest in 1941. a member of the Senior High Orches- ' . In TTT F - 1 HMISTAKES AT THE BLAKESH Tom and Gary Blake two would be lournalnsts are lust wondermg what new excuse to offer thenr bellugerent landlady when Herman Carter appears wuth the startlnng news that they are the recnpuents of an lnherutance from an eccentruc old uncle Tom s share as S50 000 and Gary s share ns Charlue whom they recall as the uncle s fanthful sheep dog Gary thinks Tom has all the luck But when Charlue turns out to be a beau tnful young lady with considerable charm and fortune Tom thanks Gary has all the luck But slnce Tom sees her flrst he offers Gary 55 000 for has share of the unherltance nn other words for Charlle To make the transfer of guardlanshlp seem plausible to Charlue Tom tells her that Gary as mentally uncompetent and to prove hrs polnt he wrutes a letter to a home for feeble minded In the past Tom has used the powers of hus pen on Ducky Lucky and now that he has unher :ted money he flnds hnmself even more desirable to the lady To get Tom out of hus difficulty Gary has told Ducky Lucky that Tom ns mentally incompetent When the attendants from the home for feeble minded arrlve they flnd Tom and Mr Carter dressed for a masquerade party and Gary havmg discovered the truck Tom has played on hum now has the upper hand at last ln return for hns release from the home Tom must consent to Garys marruage wnth Charlne Ducky Lucky reallzmg the futnllty of pursuut has changed her tactucs with Tom and Tom suddenly opens has eyes to her charms and confesses I kind of luke you when you re qulet THE CAST Gary Blake Tom Blake Ducky Lucky Lawson Roberta Sums Herman Carter Bnllnkuns Lawson Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs e Ike Make Perkins Greengas Carter Punkle Nurse Charles Gregory John Uhl Margaret Lungrnk Muldred Campbell Leonard Walleck Robert Holley Anne Ortman Vuctorla Halas Alnce Klnngensmnth Marnan Campbell Mary Fundyga Bully Klmgensmlth Jack Thomaswuck Dnrectress Mlss VlI'gIf1IG Mock Asslstants to the Dnrectress M L Lnvengood John Uhl Page Suxty Enght W 7 , t l I ' 1 1 , . , . . - 1 1 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 1 , . 1 1 1 ' ' 1 I - , . , . ' 1 - 1 1 , . . , . . . , . 1 1 1 . ,, . . 1 1 - ll 11 11 - - . . , IL No yearbook would be complete wtthout some acknowledgment to those not on the staFF who cooperated wtth the students tn pub ltshtng thus annual Not to be forgotten are the Board of Educatton Mr Vincent and Mr Marsh for thetr genunne upport and tnterest Mass Mack who helped us wnth the grammatical constructtons and those fleetnng commas Mr Wtse and Mr Wyant representattves of the engravers and printers respecttvely who answered our beck and call our patrons and advertisers who enabled us tn a Hnan ctal way and whom tn turn we ask you to support and lastly to mg to gave you a book of memortes to wtthstand the ravages of time To all a hearty and sincere Thank You THE STAFF Jkctaona, ir Hellman 8. Barley Shoe Store L P Reartck Dr James F Alltson Andy s Market Baum s Plumbtng 81 Heating Co Frank Hobrat Kerr Contracttng Co Shumaker Chevrolet Co 'k Dr B E Carberry Dr W A Fredertck Jackson s Vartety Store Dr A R Pechan Dr C W Thompson Wendel Welch Dr E C Winters g I I . ' , . t ' ' 2 . ' 5 you, the student body for whom we labored many hard hours, striv- ' ' If ll I 'k 'Jr 'k uk , . Page Slxty Nune ELJER CO FORD CITY MANUFACTURERS FINE PLUMBING FIXTURES Se PA. OF mf, DIRECTIONS Below wull be found some poems or sayungs characterustuc of the names found un the column lettered from a to s Place the letter ofthe unduvudual s name un the parenthesus to the left of the poem or sayung YW I. D .L Y n J A terruble thmg Has come to pass He woke up twuce In Englush class So here me suts To pune and sugh Untul hum do Come back to I Hark to the crues Of pcuun so shrull There s a sut down struke In the old tack mull Natue Rose Sat on a pun Natue Rose The lectures of profs have effects quute pathetuc They act on kuds luke o strong anaesthetuc I luke exams I thunk they re fun l never cram I ver a one I m the teacher Late to bed and early to ruse Bully has curcles under her eyes Vugor vutaluty vum and punch The courage to act on a sudden hunch The nerve to tackle the hardest thmg Wuth feet that clumb and hands that clung And a heart that never forgets to sung That s Pep A fellow that we want to know Is numble gauted Romeo We love to read of hum un books He had that stuff that s more than looks And what he lacked un brauny matter The lad made up un snappy chatter Oh' Come what must come and go what must go But wherefore art thou Romeo? Now I sut me down to sleep The lecture s dry the sublect s deep If teacher should quut before I awake Guve me a punch for goodness sake' If nearly everythung I ve saud to date Has been as you declare a well turned lue Thus much at least has veruty my sweet Thus word us spoken from the heart Goodbye My feathered fruends at 5 P M Who churp theur peep peep peep The Macbeth burds I chrusten them Because they murder sleep C K fl Nathan Apple Stanley Buelsku Fred Brown Claur Crytzer Sybul Henry Huston to Reutler James Jack John Kung The Lubrary lloyd to Dodds Frank Lorence Margaret Maus James McGuure Old maud 3rd Iloor teachers Mr Peters Evelyn Schrecengost Teachers Alma Wells Layden Wells Even a vegetaruan can pull a boner I put my trust and 'Fauth un you I thought I could rely But now I m dusullusuoned I wush that I mught due And so I copued you I should have copued someone e se For now I m flunkung too A gurl can sung A gurl can dance A gurl can play corkay But she can t struke a match On the seat of her pants She s lust not buult that way You never see hum wuth a book He s never home uf you should look Never studues for days and days How oh how does he brung home A s We leave her ragung at the door Me wush she wasnt so quute sore Me go to kuss her but my' oh dec You call me now your pretty plum But all men change theur tune The wrunkled day us sure to come When I shall be your prune'7 The moon was whute the road was dark A perfect place to stop and park I gave a sugh I gave a moan I cursed the fates I was alone Collected from varuous college and hugh school papers and annuals Page Seventy One a 7 I J ' ' a. I bi . . . c. ' d. ' III U I. e, ' . . F. ' . 9- - , h' ' I'I . . a. ' ', k. I. I I ' . m . . .I ni - - ' o. . CTI I. P. . . .u q, r. I I ' I ' I - s. I I ' , . - - I 13. III - 14. l ' - C J . I. .I . V I I ' I I l I I made you my ideal, you see, I I - ' I I I D ' -' .1 '5'IPI 1 'g ' , , 16. cm 'I ' I 1 I ' , ' . 1 I - I ' ' I7.I I ' H - 1 - ' , . rl . 'I I ' . I ' l' 18-IJI . I , 12 I I ' . . 'l9. I ' , COMPLIMENTS OF ARMSTRONG COUNTY BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FORD CITY PENNSYLVANIA T eph d 1925 Zanettfs Meat Market Cholce Cuts Wlthln Your Budget We will help you plan the meat courses for your dnnner the famuly or for guests OUR BUSINESS IS TO SERVE YOU Klmgensmlth Drugs The REXALL Store PRESCRIPTIONS RIECKS ICE CREAM Corner of Ford and Fourth Phone 23 FORD CITY Elger Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE 70I Fourth Avenue FORD CITY PA Crlssman s Greenhouse PUNXSUTAWNFY AND FORD CITY Flowers For All Occaslons d C ty The Vanity Beauty Shoppe YOURS FOR PERSONAL LOVELINESS Not Ford Cnty Leader Store LADIES AND CHILDREN S READY TO WEAR The Funest Store un the Valley FORD CITY PA PgS 'Y ' for I el one II7 Organize ll u I Phone 333 ' l ANYWHERE - ANY PLACE - ANY TIME I I Phone For I I36 ll ' ' ll , . 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F95 COMPLIMENTS OF HEILMAN LUMBER COMPANY Everything with which to Build J COMPLIMENTS OF L C WELSH FUNERAL DIRECTOR Day ancl Nnght Ambulance Servlce FORD CITY Phone O2 Phone 2 FORD CITY THOMAS FLYNN CO FORD CITY PENNA See Us For Awnings Venetian Blinds Curtains ic Broadloom Carpets Linoleum Electrical Appliances WE AIM TO GIVE YOU QUALITY SERVICE AND LOW PRICES 'Y , . ,L . . . . I I I I ,k . . n I I even -F' SINCLAIR STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY 906 Fourth Ave FORD CITY PA P95 WS fu 1-'n Wray Hardware on Furniture Co HARDWARE FOR ALL PURPOSES McGuire Drugs Inc 32I FORD STREET FORD CITY WE DELIVER LUNCHEONETTE HAGAN ICE CREAM Compluments of Petroleum SaIes Co PENNZOIL PRODUCTS BATTERIES AND ACCESSORIES PHONE 285 BETTY S BEAUTY SALON Our Mode COIFTUVE Wms Agcum 8 1h A COMPLIMENTS OF Phone T43 FORD CITY B KENNERDELL COMPLIMENTS ARMORY ROLLER RINK FORD CITY PA KITTANNING PA P g Seventy Seven , . d -Phone 364 FORD C. F. Reifler J. K. Reitler I 26 - Seven ve. of COMPLIMENTS The Ford Theater ond The Rltz Theater Latest Shows and Newsree s FORD CITY PA COMPLIMENTS Bulls Bowlung Alleys FOI'd Street FORD CITY UNDERGRADS AND ALUMNI HAVE PREFERRED Apple s Clothes For 35 Years COMPLIMENTS Central Service Statlon Nmth Street Fufth Avenue Moslener s Dairy Store 423 Ford Street Complete Lune of MEADOW GOLD DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPLIMENTS KITTANNING BLSINESS COLLEGE Morket SI KITTANNING Pg S tyEgh! of of . 1 . g I ot of I n H E ARNER COMPLIMENTS FLORIST 8. SEEDMAN Qualaty Plants Cut Flowers S and Floral Desngns Phone 315 R 2 FORD STREET FORD CITY FORD CITY PA Phone 271 We Appreciate Your Business THE NATIONAL BANK of Ford Cnty FORD CITY PA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS Space s Fruit Market FRESH ROASTED PEAN UTS W Tony Senopole DAILY Phone 292 I4 Open Nights FORD CITY PA FORD ST FORD CITY KURTZ BROS Offers You A COMPLETE SCHOOL ANNUAL SERVICE LAYOUT PRINTING ENGRAVING COVERS BINDING KURTZ BROS Clearfield Pa Page Seventy N ne of . 1 I 1 of FRESH FRUITS AND A ll ll OI' . WVWWWVW'f"W WWWfW Q X L CL r te lv x wt N X N Xt XXX S XX N Q MW xx X f N1 yffff WW X ff X ! W if rw M5 Wx ZZ IW! UYAL always to the cause of better Yearbooks AHN Er' OLLIER NGRAVING CO Makers of Fme Pnntmg Plates for Black and Color Artxsls Photographers WWASHINGTON BLND Flllf' lf0 Page Elghty Tm, ern 4, ,. .. .. .. ..'Ti":r .. .. .'. .. .. .. ,fi.".!.'T. .. .Y. .fir .. -1- 7,.lT.,.I'i-'If-1 -lj -- -k 11'-kg-7374-A-q 1 t MV' +4 ' -Wt. 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Suggestions in the Ford City High School - Trireme Yearbook (Ford City, PA) collection:

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