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w0 W f iw D2 ' tb XQ5 , . u 5 ours mff 6 Ujwaf if a L uf- 0 I L yldxwfqwwfifrf M ,V-H I5-S14 Kwf' 4 'MDW 805 ' W0 bofffvrfl .- 'ffo K f WJ + Erwc QM 'B ,' , V1 B l xo if 2 2 'an ,pf we 0 N WM !7f WW! W N il s 5 Q WCW 'ff4l"JfJV FQVXBX FN W1 4 6 .W-""m ,xiwwwww M Published by SENIOR CLASS Forbes Joint High School Kantner, Pa. ALMA MATER To our Alma Mater dear, She has guided us in leaming, To the one we hold so true, And protected us in right. We, her children, raise our voice We will always share the love In song and praise so rightly due. We bear with thee Forbes High. '? 0 -.?U?,un. 'vu'-v?v ,Q la .makefile Qle ,552 clvchfan, lv allies B emer ELLIS WERNER We, the seniors ot 1959, wish to express our deepest appreciation to Mr. Werner lor his guidance in past years by dedicating our yearbook to him. We are very happy lor this opportunity to thank Mr. Werner lor the solid block he has supplied lor our springboard to success. Through his sincere ettorts, we have come to realize that we all need a strong foundation to grow into strong, reliable citizens. We extend our best wishes and heartiest prayers to you, Mr. Werner. You will always be remembered as a teacher who deserves only happiness and success in the future. Q Two H 4 alcgmfnblfzczffon sw T' Ns. A urns clvcgeem yoinf Qgelovf 5041! rgwuwfewm tv A -,N-.W Aw ' '::""',i" WWII mail STANDING: S. Zimmerman: C. Fisher: R. Shaffer: H. Wentz. SEATED: R. Meyers: M. Schiffhcxuer: F. Lohr: C. Long: M. Spangler: D. Lehman: C. Zufall. ABSENT: E. Custer: O. Custer: D. Drenner: I. Whisker: R. Gindlesperger. President .,..,.,,. ..,,,..,,,.,..,., C HESTER LONG Vice President ,,,,,, .,..,. R OBERT GINDLESPERGER Secretary . .....,. FORREST LOHR Treasurer ,,,,: ,.,.,, M ILTON SPANGLER Four 'Y 'f 7' I we eu ew: DAVID E. LICHLITER , Our supervising principal, Mr. David Lichliter, has found his way into the hearts of many seniors through his helpful impartial guidance. Confidence in a supervisor is a desirable quality, which has been achieved through Mr. Lichliter's unfailing individual assistance and support. The skillful management of our school program is credited to Mr. Lichliter, whose ability to combine both the course of study cmd extra-curricular activities has helped to create a large part of the life of our students. Thus, for all your help and understanding. we thank you, Mr. Lichliter. May your future be even brighter than your past. .f 5, 1 S ' Five M Quzlznf jzfdf A NELLIE SANK We, the-class of 1959, will always remember our principal, Miss Sank, for the many times her honest advice has proved very worthwhile to us. Miss Sank is the person who has done more to improve our moral and social standards than any other person. Through her seemingly inexhaustible perseverance, she has maintained high ideals that are noteworthy not only throughout our school but also throughout other schools of the county and district. She has given much of her time and energy to accomplish this task, but she never expects any praise in retum for her good counsel. We know that through the wisdom you have passed on to us in previous years we will be ready to face the world with confidence and assurance. For all these things, we thank you. Miss Sank. Sixl t Stems? A-fone, STANLEY MISH Indiana State Teachers College Band Director, Music Theory, Elementary Music PAULINE DAVIS Indiana State Teachers College Vocal Music, Elementary IOSEPH SLOVENSKY University of Tampa English, Boys Physical Education, Health ESTELLA LEAF Indiana State Teachers College English KENNETH ADAMS Shippensburg State Teachers College Biology, Chemistry, Health, Physics CHESTER PFEFFER Lock Haven State Teachers College History, Driver Education, Basketball, and Football, Head Coach DOROTHY WISE West Chester S. T. C. State University History, Reading IOHN P. RODGER Bethany College, Duke University Latin, Plane Geometry, Trigonometry CHARLES LAWSON University of Pittsburgh Problems ,ot Democracy, History, Guidance FRANCES TRENT Hood College, Iohn Hopkins University English GLORIA ERICKSON lSubstitutel Indiana State Teachers College IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT University ot Pittsburgh Shorthand, Typing, Business Math IACK DICKEY Iuniata College History, Science, Baseball Coach and Assistant Basketball Coach DEAN BOWMAN California State Teachers College San Antonio College World History, Civics, Geography GENEVA IONES Grove City College University of Pittsburgh Typing, Secretarial Ottice Practice, Bookkeeping, General Business Training SHIRLEY KEAFER University of Pittsburgh School Nurse MIRIAM LEASE Indiana State Teachers College Duke University Homemaking IUNE BOCK Attended Penn State University Girls Physical Education, Health FRED DOYLE Penn State University Columbia University Librarian, History NINA HORNE Indiana State Teachers Art CHARLES G. CLARK Bethany College University of Pittsburgh Geography, Math THOMAS ZIMMERMAN Lebanon Valley College University of Pittsburgh Algebra, Science IOHN WINTERS California State Teachers College University ot Pittsburgh Penn State University Industrial Arts OUR SECRETARIAL STAFF Patsy Fleegle Esther Croyle Ianet Rivera CAFETERIA STAFF Hazel Phillippi Mary Lohr Margaret Boyer Florence Shaver Ianet Croyle IAN ITORIAL STAFF Irene Berkebile Charles Sanders Iacob Zimmerman Thomas McDowell my . 6lfLLO'C.4 Om: Cynipgeas -J President ,......,,.,.. A...,. E DWIN CROYLE Vice President ....,,. .,,.,., F REEMAN WEIBLE Secretary .,....e., ..,.... P ATRICIA KOLESKO Treasurer ,.... ...,... I ANET CORBETT CLASS MOTTO-"Today we follow, tomorrow we lead CLASS SONG-"Halls Of Ivy" CLASS FLOWER-White Hose Bud CLASS COLORS-Light Blue and White BACCALAUREATE-Sunday, May 17, 1959 COMMENCEMENT-Monday, Mfay 18, 1959 CLASS TRIP-Washington, D. C., May 20, 21, 22. Twelve , xm N M Mr. and Miss Senior PETER STRELKO AND IANET CORBETT Thirteen 'vw' f DAWNA ARMAGOST Clerical 5'5", green eyes, light brown hair. Highlights: Chorus, Student Council, Band, Li- brary Club, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs, FHA Club. Ambition - SEC- RETARY . 'L ZA. 'H fa l 'en Wi 2 : if IANET CORBETT Academic 5' 6", hazel eyes, black hair, Highlights: Band, Chorus, Swing Band, Majorette, Forbetts, Fall F e s t i val Queen, Senior Class Treas- urer, Editor of Hillside Ae- rial, "Love ls Too Much '1'roLlble" All Count Cho' , Y ' rus. Ambition - TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE x.J 3 'five we is 1 fx" if li NN DORIS IEAN BRANT 'Clerical 5'2", brown eyes, black hair. Highlights: Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Knitting Club, Iun- ior Chamber of Commerce. Ambition-UNDECIDED GARY CLARK Clerical 5' 10" blue eyes, blond hair. Highlights: Football, Baseball, President of Stu- dent Council. Ambition: UNDECIDED A l LINDA CARBONE Academic 5' 3", brown eyes, black hair. Highlights: Art Editor of Hillside Aerial, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Chorus, Iournalism Club, Class of- ficer, Art Club, Varsity Cheerleader. Ambition - NURSE SANDY CLARK Academic 5' 3", blue eyes, blonde hair. Highlights: Forbian and Aerial Staffs, Chorus, Swing Band, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Journalism Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Ambition - NURSE QW me-Q , , it W C 5,3 N'-W' ' y 7 -Q:-f--..s-3,1-a e:..::sffI h , ' ' '. gil ? A , . if W i ' , Y : ZW ' . ' ,rn , XI 1 f' ' 'Ur xv 1 j we , , Q2 if . X' R sw l - 3, a f., E h 32 xii .- ' . at' ggi .5 V i' 'pt . i 511. l Mis' 'ab .4 5' 113.2 W., I---. a WINONA BASSETT Academic 5' 3", blue-gray eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Vice Pres- ident of Student Council, I-'orbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs, FHA Club, "Love ls Too Much Trouble." Ambi- tion-NURSE AW., I EDWIN CROYLE Academic 5' 11" blue eyes, sandy hair. Highlights: National Honor Society, Chorus, Boys Sextet, All County Chorus, Senior Class President, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Eorbian and Aerial Staffs. Ambition - SCIENCE TEACHER iwt' ' W v' QF' Q IAMES cusrra :s Scientific 3 5' S", hazel eyes, light x 'QF -3 - brown hair, Highlights: kS'i,.,.s Archery Club, "Love ls Too I in Much Trouble." Ambition- N A TO LIVE IN CANADA I 'Wi-si X ik 1 1 ERROLENE HAUPT Academic 5' 5", hazel eyes, blond hair, Highlights: Iunior Varsity cmd Varsity Cheerleader, Radio Club, National Honor Society, Chorus, Forbettes, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Forbian, Maple Queen. Ambition - TO LEAD A SUCCESSFUL LIFE ii L 1 RONALD FULTON General 5' l1", blue eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Archery Club, Chorus, All County Chorus, Dancing Club. Acmbition-IOIN THE SERV- I E EUGENE GREBECK Clerical 5' 10", green eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Varsity Club, Chorus. Ambition - UNDECIDED M -,Ury Q-vu 111 25.2. VAN FULTON General 5' 8", blue eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Chorus, Band Manager, Baseball, Boys Sextet, Archery Club, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Music Club. Ambition -- UN- DECIDED MARY EILEEN GRIFFITH Clerical 5' 4", blue eyes, brown hair. Highlights: "Love is Too Much Troub1e," Chorus, Tri- Hi-Y, Iournalism Club, Stu- dent Council, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs. Ambi- tion - TO BECOME MRS. ROBERT DARR .TS--ff M ., M , fsck! , l l 9 V ' 'G 'l9::r2ff- 4 Q I 'Z 22344 ' 9 Q4 ?FF' -T'i""" . 'i EDWARD DIEHL Clerical blue eyes, brown hair. High- lights: Audio-Visual Club, Archery Club. Ambition - UNDECIDED is-. .. ,: 1 W 'Ll ,ff l r A -.. ,tg A, , mm, if ilffl gl 'N M GEORGIANA HOLPIT General 5' l", green eyes, dark brown hair. Highlights: Art Club, Chorus, FHA Club, Dancing Club.' Ambition - GET A GOOD IOB V4 CAROL HUNTER Secretarial 5' 4", blue eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Iournalism Club, Forbian and Hillside Staffs, Chorus, "Love ls, Too Much Trouble," Commercial Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Ambition -- SEC- RETARY L'-'lb W CQ Em si... AV Q .wa IUDITH LOHR Secretarial 5' G", blue eyes, light brown hair. Highlights: National Honor Society, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Cho- rus, Dancing Club, Iour- nalism Club, Tri-Hi-Y. Ambi- tion-STENOGRAPHER 'Gu 'IW' DONNA KNOPSNYDER Clerical 5' I", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Dancing Club, Chorus. Ambition - IOB AS A CLERICAL WORKER CAROL KOVACK Secretarial 5' Z", blue eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Chorus, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Leaders Club, Class Officer, Tri-Hi-Y, Iunior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleader, Na- tional Honor Society, Radio Club. Ambition-MEDICAL SECRETARY M' l 3' llli 'W f PATRICIA KOLESKO Scientific 5' 3", hazel eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Chorus, Na- tional Honor Society, Band, District Band, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Student Council, Radio Club, Senior Class Secretary, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs. Ambition-MEDICAL TECH- NOLOGIST CARL LOGUE Academic 5' B", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Audio- visual Club, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Football, Basketball, Ambition - TRUCK DRIVER Ny: -qua., was -qv' Judi' X x. IOSEPH IANIDLO Scientific 5' 10", brown eyes, red hair. Highlights: Football, Base- ball, Varsity Club, Student Council. Ambition - COL- LEGE 'UN gist . xl- ,. "i.d' u Ak RUTH MANGES Secretarial 5' 3", hazel eyes, aubum hair. Highlights: Tri-Hi-Y. Iournalisrn Club, Forbiazi and Hillside Aerial Staffs, National Honor Society, Band, Chorus, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Class Of- ficer. Ambition - SEC- RETARY MELDA MCDOWELL Academic 5' 3", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Band, Swing Band, Chorus, Prompter - "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Iournalism Club, All-County Band, Tri- Hi-Y, Hillside Aerial Staff. Forbian Staff. Ambition - NURSE ....,,,,,,, 1 ery mils?" 4 DOR.I.A PEDEN Scientific 5' G", blue eyes, blond hair. Highlights: Radio Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Band, Head Maiorette, Chorus, Forbettes, "Love Is Too Much Trouble," Student Council, Editor of Forbian, Hillside Aerial Staff, All - County Band. Ambition - COLLEGE , 1 'Nun HELEN MINCEK Secretarial 5' 8", green eyes, light brown hair. Highlights: Band, Chorus, Tri-I-Ii-Y, For- bian Stall, Hillside Aerial, Staff, Make-Up-"Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambition- UNDECIDED BENIAMIN MOSTOLLER General 5' 9", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Audio- Visual Club, Archery Club. Ambition-UNDECIDED if LOUISE MOORE Secretarial 5' S", blue eyes, blond hair, Highlights: Dancing Club, National Honor Society, For- bian Staff, Hillside Aerial Staff, Property Manager - "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambition - MEDICAL SEC- RETARY WILLIAM MROGIK Clerical 5' ll", brown eyes, black hair. Highlights: Football, Basketball, Archery Club, Ambition-TRUCK-DRIVER A -vw IAMES MILLER 'General 5', hazel eyes, brown hair Highlights: Sextet, Chorus, Band, Dancing Club, Stage Crew, Archery Club. Ambi- tion-BEEF FARMER 'X ft-nw Nb -.AW 9 5: dl if NORMA PEDEN Scientific 5' 6", blue eyes, blond hair. Highlights: Radio Club, Na- tional Honor Society, Band, Majorette, Chorus, Forbettes. "Love Is Too. Much Trouble," Class Officer, Hillside Aerial Staff, Forbian Stalf, District Band, All - County Bandt Ambition-COLLEGE SALLY RETASSIE General 5' 3", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Leaders Club, Dancing Club Gov- ernment Club, Tri - Hi - Y. Ambition - GET A GOOD IOB N-or 'Qu DALE STOTLER Academic 5' 7", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Archery Club, Audio - Visual Club, Chorus, Production Staff - "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambition - AERONAU- TICAL ENGINEER BARBARA RININGER Clerical 5' l", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Tri- Hi-Y, Iunior Chamber of Com' merce, Chorus. Ambition- BE HAPPY AND SUCCESS' FUL DONNA ROSS General 5' Z". brown eyes, auburn hair. Highlights: Govern- ment Club, Dancing Club, Handicraft Club, Chorus. Ambition - AIRLINE HOST- ESS C X . 'Hx W w , ' 'W . A -t '- 1,6 1 'H Y SALLY RODGER General 5' Z", green eyes, blond hair. Highlights: Handicraft Club, Dancing Club, Chorus. Ambition - TO GET A GOOD IOB GLORIA SHAVER Clerical 5' 7", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Tri-Hi-Y, Dancing Club, Chorus. "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambition - OFFICE WORK .KAN .3 1' if A ,tx .0 M we W was . , I f t i ,ti , W :-1 X .Treaty .- , 3, K X X -ana L K K V 5, 4 ift ' :iii il.: A - Q, ll E 551. fi. . Z? f 1 3 Si El- iffln :ag -,. fgl' E 2 E if I g .ls 5 X 555. 'ef at fl fgixilf. 95 Eg f mi I fix 511 in .Free i2 I iifia A 5 use THOMAS RINGLER Clerical 5' S", blue eyes, light brown hair. Highlights: Band, All- County Band, District Band, Sextet, Radio Club, National Honor Society, All - County Chorus, "Love ls Too Much Trouble," Student Council Iournalism Club, Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs. Ambition - UNDECIDED V we , 5, fir: ' 'Q itll.. U85 IUNE STRELKO Secretarial 5' 5", blue eyes, blond hair. Highlights: Forbian and Hillside Aerial Staffs, F. H. A. Club, Chorus, Student Director - "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambition- STENOGRAPHER uv-- '--'W PETER STRELKO 1Scientiiic 5' l0", blue eyes, blond hair. Highlights: President of Archery Club, Basketball, Production Stall - "Love Is Too Much Trouble." Ambi- tion-AIR FORCE " we A mg a .,,, . 5 ,N 'WN fx l "f."',:""' iii' .fig is-QQ 'M "P .lil Q , l tl f NANCY WALKER NEIL WALKER 'General General 5' Z", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: F. H. A. Club, Dancing Club, Chorus. Ambition - UNDECIDED 5' 9", brown eyes, brown hair. Highlights: Audio- Visual Club, Archery Club. Ambition - GET A GOOD IOB ROBERT TIRKO General 5' 4", blue eyes, black hair. Highlights: Production Staff -"Love Is Too Much Trou- ble," Enjoys Football. Ambi- tion-GET A IOB 94' 'Yff V--i FREE1g'I,feff,,,f.1EIBl'E CHARLES WILSON --- A i-i' 6', hazel eyes, brown hair. 5, 5,, hazeigigzgailond hair M X,-, Highlights: Radio Club, Bas- . '. h ' ' 3 ' , ketball, Baseball, Football, ggggllgjlglj' gfhe'Y Slug' A, Varsity Club, Hillside Aerial 5 ?. ' cms' n ' " l ..,., Y - and Forbian stalls, vice Qgllffggfi EF NQEIQSIAAUL I 45 President ot Senior Class. .HCS ' ""' A gl A Ambition-COLLEGE f - l - K ,L i . X Q lf A l to if Q IN MEMORIAM CHARLOTTE STECKMAN "Suiter the little children to come unto me . . . for ol such is the kingdom of God." iMark l0:l4l as NINTH GRADE ELEVENTH GRADE President ......................................,. Norma Peden President ............................,........... Carol Kovctck Vice President .,.... .....,.. I oseph Ianidlo Vice President ...... ..,,.... I anet Corbett Secretary .......... .v.... D orlcx Peden Secretary ............ ....... R uth Manges Treasurer ...,. ...... I cmet Corbett Treasurer ..... ..,o.. Li nda Ccxrbone TENTH GRADE TWELFTH GRADE President .....,.................,...t............ Norma Peden President ......,..,............t...,....,........ Edwin Croyle Vice President .,..... ....... I cxnet Corbett Vice President ....., .,..... F reeman Weible Secretary .......... ....,.... D onncr Shatter Secretary ......... ,,..,,.... P at Kolesko Treasurer ..... ...... L inda Carbone Treasurer ........ . .i... Icmet Corbett Twenty ,Ar mmfzxze, MOST STUDIOUS Freeman Weible Dorla Peden MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Pat Kolesko Iames Custer CLASS FLIRTS Dawna Armagost Freeman Weible 56 BEST DANCERS Georgiana Holpit Thomas Ringler Q N EATEST MOST TALENTED Thomas Ringl Norma Peden Ronald Fulton Nancy Walker el' wg.-A Y MOST POPULAR Eugene Grebeck Errolene Hcrupt MOST TALKATIVE Sally Rodger William Mrogik l 1 mag BEST CITIZENS Winona Bassett Carl Logue 15 TALLEST Helen Mincek SHORTEST Robert Tirko my mm CRV PERSONALITY PLUS Pat Kolesko Dale Stotler MOST FUN Scmdra Clcxrk Van Fulton 1 33 6l44,6l4fL et rw 614, F47-3 X x,,.., I PL 6736 d.44lflfLZlfl CAM, 0 1960 FOURTH: H. Millerp D. Retassiep M. Zcrpotoskv. l. Tomcikg L. Mcmges. THIRD: I. Frazer: D. Koontzg M. Kolonichg M. Zborovcmcikp T. Tirkog R. Zipfel. SECOND: M. Zapotoskyg H. Barrong L. Kubasp D. Walker: B.'Ho1pitp P. Ferenceg C. Wain. FIRST: I. Petermang G. Retassieg C. Young: S. Mostollerp M. Gindlespergerg I. Vcrrnerg I. Voughtp Mr. Bowman The junior class has reached another goal in their education. This came about through long hours of study and Work which have prepared them for their final year-the long-anticipated senior one. May this coming year be the culmination ol all their dreams and achievements. Twenty Eight X . nnnvw FOURTH: E. Miller: I. Zimmermcmg R. Fusinug I. Gorsuchg R. Hamer: L. Shaffer. THIRD: K. Brueningy A. Emerickg L. Hcxuseg T. Thompsong B. Holsopplep C. Meyers: B. Dixon. SECOND: B. Darrg I. Wirbickg I. Toth: G. Riddellg A. Chisholmg S. Miller. FIRST: I. Shaulisg D. Angelog P. Boyerp E. Leoneg R. Pysnikg E. Fuschinog S. Clcrytonp Miss Elliott MwQ"""""'w--...,,,,, President- TERRY THOMPSON I Vice Presiden t- I THOMAS TIRKO Secretary- EILEEN LEONE A N I 'X Trecxsu rer- IOHN GORSUCH Advisors- DEAN BOWMAN IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT I. Gorsuchp T. Tirkop E. Leonep T. Thompson Twenty Nine Cfau 0 1961 FOURTH: I. O'ROG1'kQ G. Alexanderp T. Miller: E. Shaffer: T. Swank: D. Nagy. THIRD: G. Boyerp V. Long, W. Stutzmang D. Massung: R. Shaver. SECOND: D. Chasar, R. Bassett, L. Eaklep C. Berkebileg D. Stotlerg M. Miller. FIRST: K. Koontz, G. Shaulisp N. Shatter, I. Green: D. Deckerg B. Koontzg Mr. Rodger. The Sophomore Class is the largest in our history and from all indications will be one of the most outstanding. They are alert, industrious, ambitious, and with these qualities should go far. We predict noteworthy accomplishments for them in the ensuing years of their high school careers and we give them our very best wishes. President- ROBERT SHAVER Vice President- DUANE MASSUNG Secretary- PATRICIA STRELKO Treasurer- BRUCE MILLER Advisors- IOHN RODGER FRANCES TRENT CHARLES LAWSON B. Miller, D. Massungg R. Shaver: P. Strelko Thirty 50 AOI4fL0'Ce4 FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: Wentz: A. Fritz: L. Rader: M. Sniecienski: D. Hunter. . Pfeffer: C. Sehn: F. Holsopple: I. Corbett: I. Lawrence: P. Mincek. D. Dora: R. Henry: D. Sehn: D. Bruening: D. Foust. P. Strelko: E. Retassie: N. Phillips: B. Armagost: B. Reed: Mrs. Trent. . Pizer: W. Strelkog B. Emerick: N. Kovack: B. Miller: G. Bentz: C. Sanders. Waltos: D. Alumbaugh: R. MCVicker: R. Murafka: I. Iock: I. Malncn. Charlton: I. Zimmerman: R, Berkebile: A. Shontofski: R. Kovack: I. Naugle: G. Boyer. Carbone: K. Powell: C. Knopsnyder: E. Moldovan: N. Krone: E. Shontofski: C. Kovack Thirty One Clfau 0 196.2 1- 31' t k f , FOURTH: S. Snyderg L. Radarp K. Brown: I. Miller: I. Rinaler: E. Snyder: R. Kolonich: C. Maneerp C. Long. THIRD: H. Shailer, V. Gohnp D. Lohrp M. Berkebilep R. Brown: M. Sajko: I. Mull: B. Snyder. SECOND: V. Stutzmang S. Lehdag I. MCGowang B. Zborovancikg E. Nagyp G. Berkebileg I, Murphyg D. Boyer: M. Lebda. FIRST: I. Dixon: N. Stotlerg M. Grebeckg P. Pugh: K. Keith: R. Shuverg C. Pysnikg D. Croyle: Mr. Zimmerman. High school days are ahead tor the class of 1962. The path that leads to graduation and success may be long and sinuous but, with determination, this class will win through. We, the departing seniors can only hope that the future school years will prove to be as happy and profitable as ours have been. Thirty Two c,'2t6JAfnIZn. FOURTH: R. Muschueg L. Dunmyerg I. Corbettg H. Lecxzierg R. Kroneg D. Dryburgp L. Shaffer, THIRD: W. Blcscog I. Custerg I. Wectklcmdg P. Georqp C. Brant: I, Leverkniqhtg D. Stoner: D. Dinning. SECOND: V, Yoderg M. Keyserg I. Trcmovichp I. Boyerp D. Lcxkep R, Georgg I. Mcmgesg W, Dunmyerg R. Massung FIRST: I, Scellg S. Loguep I. Kennedyg L. Felhuuerg N. Walkerg R. Hcmesp H. Shepleyg G. Gerneyg Mr. Clark. 2 I 1 . 3 I 2 . 3 . g A, Pres1dent- 1 f -1 ' "' VICKI GOHN . I ' .f- Jr Vice Presideni- ' HAROLD SHAFFER I ' " I Secretary- JD DONALD LOHR Treasurer- NANCY STOTLER Advisors- THOMAS ZIMMERMAN CHARLES CLARK V. Gohng H. Shaffer: D. Lohrg N. Stotler. Thirty Three Cdfau 0 1903 FOURTH: D. Koontzg R. Mcxschueg I. Fusincxp S. Zufclly D. Polingg A. Matseg L. Lohr. THIRD: I. MCC1emensg D. Berkebilep S. Zimmermcmg A. Kolonichg I. Koleskog I. Ashbrook. K. Wentz L Meyers SECOND: C. Hamerp L. Boyer: C. Gorsuchg P. Whiskerp G. Mostollerg L. Bultzerp C. Fuschino. FIRST: I. Rosenbaum: T. Yoder: B. Lohrp R. Ioswickp L. Petermcmp D. Mcxrdog R. Icxnidlog Mrs. Leaf. President- LARRY BOYER Vice President- ' LAMONT PETERMAN Secretary- IANET ROSENBAUM Treasurer- CAROL HAMER Advisors- ESTELLA LEAF IACK DICKEY DOROTHY WISE f 3 ' I - .52 . s -.N . . . :: -g. W., .s .5 L. Boyerp L. Petermcmp C. Hcimerg Thirty F our I. Rosenbaum. -es 1'-TLD' iaydfl Qt.: e x, 'if-is FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND FIRST: FOURTH THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: M. D B S D. I. L. Iohnsonp I. MCGowcmp C. Bcxbulonisp F. Corbettg R. Berkebile. L. MCVickerg Roosep A. Dora: D. Mortg I. Griffiihp G. Berkley: I... Zimmermung I... Mcmges. Krouseg G. Benderg R. Carboneg P. Wrightg B. Baker. S. Mcxlnorp I. Terlingop G. Shculis. S. Thompsong Croyleg L. Petermcmg Dunmyerg Swopeg C. G. Kimmelg B. Sehng E. Mcxrstong R. Dryburgp P. Millerg P. Mullg Mr. Dickey. Meyers: C. Croylep R. Fishy D. Paul: D. Emerick. I. Ohlerg L. Hollisg S. Bentzp V. Varnerg E. Leasockg C. Shroyer. N. I-Icxuseg S. Alumbaughg L. Walker: G. Berkebilep D. Veres. I-Icrmerg S. Carboneg S. Pughp I... Custer: C. Betisg Mrs. Wise. Thirty Five assi Fu Clan 0 fQ64 FOURTH: M. Long: R. Alexander: M. Suderg C. Armagost: D. Lichliterp P. Shcxver. THIRD: P. Rinkerg D, Foy: E. Berkey: K. Croyle: E. Lease: R. Lohr: D. Zola. SECOND: C. Muellerg E. Miller: C. Boyer: S. Swintoskyg B. Wuin: G. Valentine. FIRST: D. Miller: A. Rosenbaum: I. Miller: D. Fleegle: C. Berkebile: I. Bloughg G. Mostollerg Mrs. Erickson President- AGNES ROSENBAUM Vice President-f RUTH MILLER Secretary- DEAN MILLER Treasurer- ROBERT LOHR Advisors- GLORIA ERICKSON IUNE BOCK IOSEPH SLOVENSKY D. Miller: R. Miller: R. Lohr: A. Rosenbaum. Thirfy Six s J I -Q , ZV6l'LfA Qtdxd FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIHST: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: Dixong T. Gcxvlakg F. Weible: S. Sorber: S. Sorber: D. Ecrkleg D. Barron. . Meyersp R. Youngg T. Robinson: N. Pepeg I. NCIQY: R. Miller. . Powellp M. Pughg T. Doncxhueg D. Millerg D. Boyerg R. Miller: L. Fetzer. . Shepleyp C. Metzgcrrg I. Roseyg E. Vczlentineg S.Libertyg L. Boyerg B. Pughg Mrs. Bock Swopeg H. Uphouseg R. Potochorg L. Hostetlerg M. Hershbergerg D. Kennedy. Dryburgg D. Hostetlerp R. Hauseg R. Georgg D. Ross. Roseyg M. Dunmyerg R. Fleegleg D. Lecxsockg T. Stutzmang C. Brown. . Shepleyg I. Fuschinog S. Lohr: R. Sehng I. Mincekg R. Hcmesp Mr. Slovensky. Thirty Seven ,.. mcja4Acf.4 01615 vi Zia w sis: gr ! x , K "Qi nt 5004 ob! fnemmsfen 5 I-.LQ ,M ive: STANDING: F. Weible, W. Bassett, M. McDowell. SEATED: C. Logue: E. Croyleg P. Koleskop Miss Elliott: D. Peden, N. Peden, E. Haupt. Editor , ....................... ....... D ORLA PEDEN Senior Editor ...... ....... E RROLENE HAUPT Music Editor ...... ........ M ELDA MCDOWELL Club Editor ........ ......... N ORMA PEDEN Class Editor ....... ...... W INONA BASSETT Sports ....... ....... FR EEMAN WEIBLE Advisor ........., ....... I OSEPHINE ELLIOTT PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS STAFF EdW?:lZ:rjiIESCRIPTz5::olS'iIiiEer Thomas Ringler Neil Walker Carl Logue Iune Strelko Gary Clark Iarnes Custer Pat Kolesko Sandra Clark Advisor ........... ....... C hester Pfeffer TYPING AND PROOFREADING Louise Moore Dawna Armagost Iudith Lohr Mary Eileen Griffith Ruth Manges Carol Kovack Helen Mincek Forty I . Memories of activities and events are retained for years through the publication of a yearbook by the Senior Class of Forbes High School. Because of its pictorial view of the highlights ot the school year, this book will become the link between our school life and our future when we reminisce. This traditional yearbook, The Forbian, was published through the co- operation of many people, including the students, advisors and advertisers. Without your aid which was essential to the success of this project, many stu- dents would have lost forever cr large portion oi their school lite during the passing of years. We, the sponsors of 1959, hope that you will often be carried back to F. H. S. through the memories stored in this edition. '-nag, N. Walker, I. Custer: Mr. Pfefierp T. Ringlerp G. Clark. Forty One SUBSCRIPTION STAFF C. Hunter I. Strelko S. Clark L. Moore: D. Armagost: I. Lohrg M. Griffith: C. Kovcxckp R. Mcngesg H. Mincek. N453 T, .. ut yd! dnt! 64154 0 22712484 STANDING: N. Pedeng C. Clark: D. Pedeny M. I. Miller: E. Hauptg A. Emerickp K. Bruening: G. Boyer: I. O'Roark: Mrs. Iones. SEATED: I. Corbettg S. Clayton: R. Shaver: D, Decker. Keeping the students well informed ot the happenings about our school is the number one job of the Hillside-Aerial. This school newspaper, under the direction of Mrs. Iones, is published monthly by a staff of high school students with the aid of several of the junior high school students. This pub- lication with its dual responsibility keeps the students acquainted with one another and with the activities ot the school. We know that in the future this publication will continue to be a good source of news for all the students, and we wish to thank the staff for their fine past record. Forty Three W. Wan? CS-140151 .WZ ,Af Ciffivzn -Q5 BACK: C. Kovackg L. Carboneg T. Ringlerg C. Hunterg I. Lohrp L. Moore FRONT: H. Mincek: I. Strelko: M. Grifiithg D. Armagost: R. Mcmges. ,...,v-M BACK: P. Koleskog V. Stutzmcmp K. Koontz. FRONT: B. Darrg I. Wirbickp W. Bassett M. McDowell. Forty F our N, LK in a f S R Xu 5 I J HHN' -4-523 .V M Q 3, ,. lim, , -x X455 ,Ag wg Es? E 4? v 'Si if gyms, Q j 1- i 1 ig! W 'K I 11" 1 , , X 'VH "7 .,,- UM CS'f...Zmf l Q 'iiwmvi W' V if yy we A 1' SENIOR STUDENT COUNCIL BACK: I. Naugleg D. Hunter: I. Corbettg D. Walkerg R. Kovackg C. Logue: G. Riddell: G. Clark: D. Stotler. FRONT: W. Bassett: M. Zapotoskyp K. Koontz: C. Meyers: D. Armagost. The Student Council, under the supervision of Mr. Charles Lawson, has been the link between the student body and the faculty of our school. This policy making body has endeavored to maintain pleasant relations not only between our school and other schools, but also between our school and the district. Another beneficial activity is the giving to the needy during the Christmas holiday. They also contributed their help to the annual "Maroon and White" day celebration. We are proud of this organization which we consider worthy of our esteem. President .............. .............. G ARY CLARK Vice President ........ ........ W INONA BASSETT Secretary ........, ........ C AROL MEYERS Treasurer ...... ........ G ARY RIDDELL Advisor ...... .............. ....... M R . LAWSON Forty Six 3 - --- -Y Y' f -- v Y f -1-F qi-' eybfafure IUNIOR STUDENT COUNCIL The Iunior High Student Council may lack experience but certainly not initiative. This was revealed by the tremendous success of their annual mag- azine sale which brought proceeds of over 5500. A portion of this money will be used for records for our high-fidelity phonograph. This group also helped at Christmas by purchasing the Christmas tree and giving aid to the Senior Student Council in the Charity Drive. We wish to congratulate this group for their many worthwhile projects. President ............ ,..,. S HARON LEBDA Vice President ...... ..... I AMES RINGLER Secretary ........ ....., P AT WHISKER Treasurer ..... .,.... S ANDRA BENTZ ff! M. Dunmyerg P. Shaver: P. Whiskerg S. Bentzp S. Lebdag I. Ringlerg Mr. Zimmermang C. Boyerp R. Massungg B. Baker: R. Miller Forty Seven 'tiktjljlly ic? T. Ringlerg C. Kovackp D. Pedeng E. Hauptg E. Croyle, N. Pedeng P. Kolesko. STANDING: E. Croyle, L. I-lausep I. Gorsuchg Miss Elliott: P. Kolesko. SEATED: T. Ringlerp E. Hauptg D. Pedeng N. Pedeng L. Moore, C. Kovack. Forty Eight Uflm Character, scholarship, leader- ship and service are the cardinal principles that constitute the frame- work of the National Honor Society. These are virtues that everyone should strive to develop. This society gives recognition to those who endeavor to build a strong character in themselves, to further the advancement of scholarship, to be ideal leaders, and to serve wherever needed. Those who receive mem- bership in this society are to be a guide and inspiration for others. Along with the honor of being in this select group is the obligation of upholding and practicing its fun- damental ideals. Mala! JWQAW 1' fe- ' ff ' SEVENTH: SIXTH: FIFTH: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: D. Hunter: C. Berkebile: V. Long: G. Shaver: I. Miller: L. Rader: R. Fulton: E. Croyle: H. Mincek: M. Sniecienski: I. Wentz: L. Ecrkle. E .Miller: E. Hcxuptg B. Hosopple: I. Mcrlnar: L. Shaiier: G. Bentz: I. Ringler: I. Zimmerman: B. Miller: D. Butler: I. Corbett: N. Peden: D. Peden. P. Ference: F. Holsopple: A. Emerick: C. Burening: A. Fritz: I. Miller: E. Grebeck: T. Ringler: V. Fulton: R. MCVicker: I. Lohr: I. Strelko: M. Miller: C. Wcxin. I. Lawrence: C. Sehn: M. Gindlesperger: C. Young: I. Limmermcm: C. Wilson: H. Barron: D. Alumbcxugh: G. Riddell: R. Henry: D. Bruening: I. Vcxrner: S. Mostoller: M. Griffith: D. Armagost. I. Wirbick: W. Bassett: B. Pieffer: D. Foust: P, Charlton: S. Retassie: C. Hunter: L. Moore: D. Sehn: C. Meyers: D. Dom: I. Ncxugle: P. Mincek: R. Manges. S. Rodger: B. Armagost: A. Chisholm: I. Petermgm: P. Kolesko: S. Clark: G. Shaulis: N. Phillips: M. McDowell: G. Boyer: B. Darr: L. Ccxrbone: D. Ross: C. Knopsnyder. C. Kovcxck: B. Koontz: E. Shontotski: S. Clayton: B. Rininqer: D. Brant: E. Fuschino: D. Angelo: C. Kovcxck: K. Koontz: K. Powell: N. Krone: B. Reed: D. Knopsnyder Mrs. Davis. Forty Nine -V -T - V -- - -vvqrv--iw--ug SENIOR FORBETTES THIRD: D. Peden SECOND: E. Hczuptg I. Corbett FIRST: N. Peden E fn 3 1 R. Fulton: E. Grebeckg I. Millerp V. Fultong E. Croyle: T. Ringlerp Mrs. Davis. jZA7fAm lfgournena - - - - ... A .. SIXTH: FIFTH: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: Ringlerp V. Longg D. Polingg E. Croyle Corbettp C. Youngg I. Lawrence. WeibIeg W. Bussettg M. McDowell: P N. Walken R. Zipfelg H. Mincekg A. Fritzg I. Millerg I. Gorsuchg I. Zimmermang T. P. Ferencep C. Wilsonp M. Berkebilep K. Brownp C. Longg R. Bcxssetip D. Dinningg I. S. Clcxrkg R. Mcmgesp S. Millerg I. Koleskog M. Millerg D. Lohrg I. Zimmermcmg F. Kolesko. G. Mostollerg D. Deckerg B. Lohrg C. Armagost P. Whiskerg K. Wentzg T. Gcrvlckp M. Longg M. Grebeckg E. Lease. D. Pedeng I. Rosyp A. Rosenbcnxmg C. Boyerg T. Robinsonp L. Boyerg R. Ioswickg S. Clcxytong D. Lohrp T. Yoderg I. Miller Mr. Mish. A. Mcnseg I. Corbeitg N. Pedeng C. Bruening. OUR HIGH STEPPING QUINTETTE Q A. Mcrtsep N. Pedenp D. Pedeng I. Corbett: C. Bruening Fifty One Swing N. Ruth Manges Darla Peden THIRD: D. Dinningg D. Lohr: K. Brown: T. Robinson: A. Rosenbaum. SECOND: T. Ringler: M. Grebeckg A. Fritz: I. Gorsuch: V. Long: S. Clarkp M. McDowell: I. Corbett. FIRST: I. Lawrence: P. Koleskog D. Pedenp N. Pedenp M. Berkebileg M. Longp S. Clayton, ALL-COUNTY BAND ALL-COUNTY CHORUS Marylin Berkebile Dorla Peden Kathy Bruenmg Louise Moore Ronald Fulton Sue CICIYTOTI Norma Peden Norma Peden Pat Kolesko IoAnn Lawrence Iohn Gorsuch Melda McDowell Thomas Ringler Honey Haupt Ianet Corbett Carol Meyers DISTRICT BAND Pat Kolesko Norma Peden Tom Ringler Fifty Two Edwin Croyle Eugene Grebeck Thomas Ringler Iames Miller Van Fulton The school band is one of our most outstanding extra-curricular groups. It develops the students' musical abilities and enables them to participate in a wide variety of activities. Mr. Stanley Mish, the director, has established these as objectives for the band to develop ability to play and march well, to play music suitable for either outdoor or concert work, to develop a sense of organizational pride, to instill a sense of discipline and responsibility, and to build better musicianship. THIRD: E. Croyle: P. Koleskog W. Bassett: S. Clark: N. Walker: H. Mincelz: T. Ringler. SECOND: I. Corbett, D. Pedeng N. Pedenp M. McDowell: I. Miller. FIRST: R. Mcmgesp C. Wilson. 5 ,. min gan! M'CJ0l'ltl!l:fl.64 Fifty Three H-H-H-HOW DO YOU DO? ,.,.. Mm zsv iii Y mai 5 DO YOU THINK HE'LL CRACK "LOVE IS TOO MUCH TROUBLE" WAS PRESENTED ON THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1959 DIRECTOR-MRS. TRENT IS LOVE TOO MUCH TROUBLE? :- fv- u I I' BEHIND THE SCENES OUR CAST AND DIRECTOR W2 W' mwwm ,,gk Un ide G-flat" IUNIOR RADIO CLUB A. Emerickg P. Boyer: R. Fusincxg I. Wirbick: G. Riddell: I. Gorsuch. Q? SENIOR RADIO CLUB SEATED: D. Pedenp C. Kovackg N Peden. STANDING: I. Custerg E. Huuptg T. Ringler F. Weible, P. Kolesko. Fifty Six QQ f-I' Q , si 2 Sfmlmf life I S Q I' I PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY Learning to face the problems of the world. A ,.,' 1 Q. PHYSICS A s ,NM 4 P - o - o - P! fig ffWlll.O ,pw ,E x Q 'wiv' 3, g . if 3. SENIOR TYPING READY - SET --TYPE BIOLOGY Is that cr heart? ,Tig-,,:m1.,1 I, 'iff' fy.,-4 PHYSICAL SCIENCE Yes, Herbert? ENGLISH Must be cm interesting story? , ww, -w I V . .... " , 4.4 W I I , e A I A ' 't'- I Jig? ' M fr- F 2- -W "--1.1 W .4 we cr 1 1 .8 1 A gif V 5,5935 1 8 it Z1 s if' New 'I 1 Q fu A 1" , MW- EL. :serene-se fx. -fc'-.Q , A"'?': an lf- , By A 4 izw ., TRIGONOMETRY 85,9 ww' , Q V if-A M, ' Check those logs again. 4? ul! st V M5554 H ,f- Qfaw End SHOP Instruction in the "do it yourself" technique. Xu Ev iw .f-xx ART Future Rembrandts. N "7: AUDIO-VISUAL President- CARL LOGUE Vice President- IAMES CUSTER Secretary- WILLARD STUTZMAN Treasurer- DALE STOTLER Advisor- MR. ZIMMERMAN fi F. H. A. President- IOANN TOTH Vice President- IDA VARNER Secretary- EILEEN LEONE Treasurer- Advisor Bi U3 ROSE PSYNIK MRS. LEASE IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL CLUB Advisor- MR. DICKEY Q-L .ii- va Q . V As. ff DRAMATICS CLUB President-- KAREN WENTZ Vice President- IAN ET ROSENBAUM Secretary- ANNA MARIE MATSE Treasurer- KAREN CROYLE Advisor- MRS. WISE MUSIC CLUB C. MUELLER: C. ARMAGOSTg M. SUDERp R. GEORGg A d vi sor- MRS. DAVIS STAGE CREW M. ZBOROVANCIK- L. MANGESg L. KUBAS' R. ZIPFEL, H. CUSTER- G. RETASSIEg M. ZAPOTOSKY- B. DIXON. Advisor- MR. ADAMS i GOVERNMENT CLUB President- TOM TIRKO Vice President- MIKE ZAPOTOSKY Secretary- DAISY BUTLER Treasurer- SALLY RETASSIE Reporter- DONNA ROSS Advisor- MR. BOWMAN F' -Q.-I X 'N VARSITY CLUB President- TERRY THOMPSON Secretary- ROBERT FUSINA Treasurer- DONALD KOONTZ Advisor- MR. SLOVENSKY ARCHERY CLUB President PETER STRELKO Secretary- PAT STRELKO Treasurer- DALE STOTLER Advisors- MRS. BOCK MR. WINTERS OUTDOOR CLUB V. VARNER S. ALUMBAUGH H. SHEPLEY Advisor- MR. CLARK CS fwv is-ffsf .-1 1 H v , Y 5 'X . flax-.fx , " fl fn!'JYm' t f'J.f0?'y 1.1 f f"fx lr V , X .. Jrxvmif Y, X k"b,f'3f.f N., ,I J 1-Jmcl-MSWBIQ One of the many memorable occasions in the student life of the '59 graduates was the Iunior- Senior Prom held May 2, 1958. The theme "Stairway to the Stars" was very distinctively presented by a large winding staircase which stood beneath a lowered ceiling of stars. The garden surrounded by a wall covered with evergreen and flowers and the gaily decorated patios with low hanging lanterns added to the romantic atmosphere. This prom will long be remembered as one of the most beautifully decorated dances at our school. I ij I, iw THE GRAND MARCH LOOKING UP THE STAIRWAY TO THE STARS CORONATION OF THE KING AND QUEEN E5 1 G -MWA NANA A,AA W i ., ,,. ,Wu .m...Q.,.. , .N . 2 T GGG,GG GJ -, YZF' 3 .,.,.,..,..,.,.,.. M F ,LWMTM g,.J. DANCING UNDER THE STARS THREE CHARMING COUPLES F If ,J Nr-" 1 X'Hh A Q., 'Q HAVING A GOOD TIME? iw- uf wi' I 2? I I 5 I 3 W M M..-f-I V X f -GM- x E S FALL FESTIVAL QUEEN The annual Somerset County Fall Festival was held in October of this term a feature of Pennsylvania Week. The senior class selected Ianet Corbett to represent our school. Ianet, who has shiny black hair and hazel eyes reigned along with other queens from various schools over such events as a Dutch Dinner, a parade, and a round and square dance. Each queen was presented with two corsages and an engraved compact. Ianet displayed her customary charm and poise throughout the festival and received many compli- ments on her appearance. OUR MAPLE PRINCESS AND QUEEN The faculty and senior, class chose Errolene, lHoneyl, Haupt as our Maple Princess December 12, 1958. Errolene, who has blonde hair and hazel green eyes, was chosen from a group ot four girls. Errolene brought great honor to our school when she won the title ot Queen Maple XII at the Maple Queen Contest held in Cochran Iunior High School, Iohnstown, Feb- ruary ll, 1959. Her magnetic personality was displayed through- out the contest and it brought many compliments. Dressed in a colonial costume, Errolene gave a reading entitled "Diary." Earlier in the program Honey was judged on poise and appearance when she wore a lovely full length white lace gown accented by a blue velvet ribbon below the bodice. l ll 'xy 2214 Se. . .......-an 5 E 0-fill lefzc X B 'E 1 V 'fy , A 5' 2 V- N 1.1-A' in 5 E E x Q Q V'-1!"'1 -ISI? f D 'QV M Aff? Mznfeffe ' f 2 E. Millerp E. Hcxuptp C. Kovcrckg I. Wirbickp B. Holsopple. OUR PEP OF THE IUNIOR HIGH 1 f 4 3 E W Y g : 'NI . 1 . is .K nf E . z 5,4 B. Armagost I- MUFPhY S. Lebda C. PYSnik N. Stotler B. Heed Seventy A241 CQ-01164 FJ il l Ioseph Slovensky, Assistant Coachp Chester Pfefter, Coach . K 7 Q Chester Pfeffer, Coach: Iack Dickey, Assistant Coach Seventy One ou, TSW. l THIRD L Mcmges I Tomclk G Alexander: R. Fusincg F Welble L Rader E Shaffer H Miller SECOND G Grebeck I Icmldlo I Corbeltp W. Strelkog M Kolomch I Mxller G Clark FIRST 'l' Thompson D Nagy R MCV1Ck6fQ R.Mc1ssung D Stotler D Walker R Maschue D Koontz FORBES OPPONENT Boswell . Berlin . Meyersdcrle Franklin . Turkeyfoot Laurel Valley Chestnut Ridge Seventy Two The advent of fall found a band of thirty eager boys preparing to meet the tests ot the gridiron. Prospects for a winning season loomed bright although the team lacked experience and size. With the support of the students and their leaders and the presence ot the band backing the team at the games, the team spirit seemed to rise each week. After losing three hard fought games, the team bounced back and won the next three games. This year the team will lose only four players through graduation and doubtless will be a power to contend with in the future. We sincerely hope that football will retain its high standards at our school, and we wish the best of luck to our coaches and our team. OUR GRIDIRON STARTERS BACKFIELD: H. Miller: D. Walker: I. Ianidlo: G. Grebeckg T. Thompson. LINE: F. Weiblep D. Koontz: R. Fusina: G. Clark: L. Mcmgesg I. Tomcikg M. Kolonich " . 'S-we 3i'?'?1,T., Seventy Three I C H I Y A . 33,513 ii Ioseph Icmidlo . . . senior . . . 5' 10" . . . 145 lbs .... 18 years old . . . No. 27 . . . quarterback . . . magician with football. Seventy F our filly' 'Wf'f" my: .QW K Q' sw ,R 'I U if f M f'L:f:M:i 'il ,pale f, f-wk' ,1- fv it My F' hh f""f'A, P' n n 0 f" f- , fm. f""" fw fv- "' dun 'Q M c 'H' 5 fl ,N ,X 'V 1' . . fry' ,. 'm,,..-5 lv , , M 4 l ,rw 4H,,:0v"",n.,vL 5' 10" Eugene Grebeck . . . senior . . 165 lbs .... 17 years old. . . No. 33 . . . fullback . . . hard charging fullback Gary Clark . . . senior . . . 5' 10" . 175 lbs. . . . 17 yea:rs old . . . No. 34 .. center . . . outstanding blocker . . 1 is " fi an Q H- 'V' '45 vw ex 8 Qqvgyx- FN' K W figs sssgyxpf '53 ,J sf. if " P.':vy,1 Freeman Weible . . . senior . . . B' 163 lbs .... 17 years old . . . No. 36 end . . . impressive pass receiver . L , .-T' I 5 I Seventy Five 0 gddlefgdjf 7641144 STANDING Coach Pleller T Swank I. Ringlorp E. Shaffer: E. Grebeckp D. Walkerp I. O'Roark KNEELING H Leazler I Gorsuch R Fusinag F. Weible. FORBES OPPONENT . Rockwood ............. 52 Berlin 36 Shade 41 Stoneycreek ...... 43 . Salisbury ....., 31 Meyersdale ...... 47 . Turkeyloot ...... 39 I. B. I. 57 Berlin 55 . Somerset .,.... 37 Shade 40 Stoneycreek ...,.. 56 . Rockwood ...... 46 . Salisbury ...... 34 Meyersdale ...... 48 I. B, I. 69 Turkeyfoot .. Seventy Six canceled W. ly I . Eugene Grebeck . . . senior . . . varsity Freeman Weible . . . senior . . . varsity . . . . . two years . . , forward . . , captain one year . . . center . . . No. 34 . . No. 33 . . , excellent play maker. . good rebounder. 34 lifts: X elim Errolene Haupt . . . co-captain . . . varsity Carol Kovack . . . senior . . . captain . . . three years . . . peppy . . . friendly varsity . . . three years . . . pretty cheerleader. blue-eyed cheerleader. Seventy Seven Jufnre gidtd STANDING Coach Dickey W Blascop I. jock.: D. Mclssungg I. Mull: H. Shafferp M. Grebeck KNEELING D Decker G Bentz E Shaffer: T. Millerp I. Ringlerp I. Miller: R. Shaver. FORBES OPPONENTS Rockwood .,.... .......... Z 6 Berlin 35 Shade 53 Stoneycreek ....... ....... 4 4 Salisbury .,.... ....... 2 0 Meyersdale ....... ....... 3 1 Turkeyfoot ...... ....,.. 3 7 .. I. B. I. .... 40 Berlin 50 Somerset ...... ....... 4 6 Shade 41 Stoneycreek ....... ....... 4 3 Rockwood ...... ....... 5 3 Salisbury ...... ....... 2 5 Meyersdale ...o... .......... 2 8 Turkeyfoot cancelled I. B. I. 13 Seventy Eight Our Ciemgx ab! Me iiamon l W I. 4+ - , ,. iagfk STANDING: M. Grebeckg D. Wcxlkerg T. Swunkg G. Bentzg T. Miller: R. Hcrmerg L. Mcngesg R, Kovcxckg Coach Dickey. SITTING: V. 'Fultong E. Grebeckg G. Clcxrkg F. Weibleg I, Iunidlo. an COACHES N Chester Pfeffer ' lack Dickey Ioseph Slovensky ""'-"Owug,,- Seventy Nine X ff A K N iv' sk.-.,F,.a' Eugene Grebeck . . . senior. . . 165 lbs. . . ' --" ' Van Fulton . . . senior . . . 137 lbs. 5'10"... 17 Years old . . . shortstop . . , ' . 5'8" . . . 17 years old. . .second base super all around player. A . . . hard worker. ,ff Gary Clark , . . senior . . , 175 lbs. . . 5' 10" . . . 17 years old . . . catcher . . Q . XX superior catcher. I . , , W X sk VA ge... Q I 5 1 , 1 1 Q' gf' 7 1 3 .1 'V' ' in we 'F' 5, Freeman Weible . . . senior . . . 165 lbs .... lOSGPh lvmidlo - - - Senior - . V 1451bf- . 1 6' . . . 17 years old . . . outfield . . . excellent 5' 10" , . . 18 Years Old - - A Pifche - - fly Chaser, good fastball pitcher. Eighty 1 ,fz..,fe I2 vi ,X 'UN fl A ERROLENE HAUPT Eighty One Clue! fp Edhtemgel , Melda McDowell Doris Brant Pat Kolesko Ronald Fulton Carol Kovack Ianet Corbett Sandra Clark Iirh Custer V Linda Carbone Norma and Dorla Carol Hunter Dawna Armagost Peden 25. Carl Logue 26. Gloria Shaver 27. Ioseph Icmidlo mgmy Two Thomas Ringler Mary Griffith Louise Moore Ruth Manges Pete Strelko Helen Mincek Charles Wilson Iune Strelko Honey Haupt Eugene Grebeck lame: Miller Iudy Lohr . W- J-qw V 33 3 3 3 3 E E 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 E 3 3 3 3 E 3 3 3 3 3 5"-E E 3 EE 3 3 3 5'-E E 3 3 3 333 3333 33333 3 333 33 333333333 3333333333 'JI Ill "1 n. 2 Ill F1 0 IP' 'u 'U 5 '.:: IU s O CD ll! '11 s V1 -.s : a F1 CD 333 33333333333 Daniel Shaffefs Suns 3333 33333 33 3333 33333 FIFTY-EIGHT YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE Q 3333 333 'J-1 O 3 5 S r' E -cs 3' Fe IO 5 -u rn Z Z on F 5 Z 3' 3333333 3 PM E 9-I 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Eighty Four HHHHMMNMNM? F F HHH T? FH HFFWNH3HH33HHHHHENHMMXMMHXMHMMRMHEHEMH :-: sf: -: :-: '-: :-. 5 :SE Q ONE STOP SHOPPING 5 E 55: "C I-I 1: E :E Now You Can Shop For All Your Needs -: :-. Q In Just Une Stop 3 ?Q at 5 :-: 55 :-: :-: :-: :-: Q4 PI 3 I-I 1I'II'2I-C2-'II-Cl-C XHXXYJC See Bee Shopping Center :-: :-: E Including 5 54 E GIANT SUPER MARKET .4 :-: 5 is -c za E 2 QC: +o+ ,E E E 5 NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES AT LOWER PRICES 5 E We Give ScS'cH Green Stamps HI-C +O+ 3335551 IC Phone 2111 ROUTE 53 AT HOOVERSVILLE 5.3:-c:-c:-c :-: :-: :-: :-: ac :-: :-: :-: :-. H ac :-: is :-: F: :-. :wc :-: :-: :-: E :Mc :-: :-: sc x :-: :-: :wa PE E FE 9': :-1. PC :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: nc :-: :-: :-: x x :-: :-: sc PE 1. :-: x :wc :c :-: :c :-: :-: :-: ac Eighty Five 'J' H32 A 3 3? 3 .- :H 5333333 33333333MHHMEHHMMJMHMHHHHMEHEEHMEHEMHHMEMHLMHPE f333333E H. J. SPECHT Gm SON ,, k P 525 0 I gi Hardware I-'urmture Ex losrves P A REFRIGERATION BUILDING gg MINE AND FARM SUPPLIES I. 44P+ F 4 Phone TW 3-3661 STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 3 3 COIIIPLINIENTS 11 4 E x OF 5' :-: 3 3 E4 0 0 PE The First National Bank if PE 3 . +0+ PE E x 3 3 g STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 3 3 3 3 3 E fi :-: 3333E333333H333I3333H3HHHH3333333333333333E3333333EHHEHMHHHEHEREE M EwMySm MEAE AdfdxdhddiddxfAnJK3HHHHHHHH3NMH3EHHAif AIAAFA TdHHHEHHHI3AnfffE hkhdnh 5-El'Cl'Cl'Cl'Cl'CD'CD'C5'IJ'Cl'-3D'CJ'25C "'I"'CI"I-C"'C '12 'HI .EHHHEMHMMHHHHHMMFYW 'CDI'WCDI'HPCEMMEMPCHMEMMRMHKMMMEMHMHDCHE COMPLIMENTS OF Shnflilz Amusement Company O Phone MA 9-2233 Boswell Pennsylvania Boswell Lumber Company Manufacturers and Distributors QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL OAK FLOORING AND TRIM ANDERSEN WINDOWALL COMPLETE WOODWINDOW UNITS Phone MA 9-2781 Boswell Pennsylvania NHHKKHHKHHENHE33333323333333333333HHKHEXHHHHHREXHxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Eighty Seven H bi .JC2'CI'Cl'I HNXFMMMI-C2-C31-CHEM324242432333MFMMYHHMHHHHEMFMYJMMHH 5'CDCJ'CZ'CDC5".J'lDCI'CJ'CJ'CJ'CJ'Z?.D'CJ'CD'C2'ZJ'U'C? RHRKFJCE .3333 -- If' 3 ."' P' -- 3 '-. ". 3 .-' -- ." I-. 3 If I" 3 3 3 3 I" 3 .5 3 F' 3 33' 3333 33 3 3 'CCONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES" Get Set for the '60's :-c : May Liberty and Responsibility Be Your Goal Ei Liberty is the Length of the Leash From the Chosen Stake -, Responsibility is Not a Gift, It Must Be Assumed E Good Citizenship is the Proper Approach 3 +o+ U E ln 33 K. H. WAGNER AGENCY 33 33 3 MFOR SURE INSURANCEU R. D, No. 2 P STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA :-: :F E-5: N :- 3 :I E :- Q TO ALL MY FRIENDS, 31-u. 3332 33333333333333 " " 333333333 E me in :R cn o U S1 5 Z 'SEI ,E 'S ru E 3 53 .4 3 S in me gg + I I 2 :P E Us U rf Q S : E E I-I Q 'U ru mu 'U I 'Q nu :U UD 33333333333333 333333333333 5.33 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 3 5: 3 3 5E 3 5: 3 5: 5: 5: 5: 3 3 3 5E 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 3 3 3 "I 3 3 3 5: 3 3 5: 3 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 5: 5' -'C 5: 3 5: 3 5: 3 3 3 5: 5: 3 3 3 33 E? Q E -4 E? -Q 'EC FWS'-.'-. I-C F? 'H!I"?"-CDH!!-ul "'C"!"C"C I-" I""D"l'Il-DCD-' '-C "C"C". Il' .." Check Save Borrow AT THE BANK WHICH IS YUUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR SUMEHSET TRUST IIUMPANY Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 21f2ofo Interest Paid On Your Savings IIUMMUNITY NHTIUNI-XL BANK BOSWELL HOOVERSVILLE :-. 1-. :-.:-::-::-::-::-::-::h::h::-c::-::-::-c:-::-::-. -H.:-.:-..-:.c1.:h.:-. -1: .-c:-: .-: .-: :-..-::-..-c'-. .f:.-c:-:-: E ghty N .fi "Cal I'II'II-iI'Cl'CI'II'CI'!l'iI'!I'II'II-Cl'CI'iI'Cl'!1 "'F'.r' "'.'I 'h"h' :-':-'-f'-' 'J' D""'I" "C"" 'H"' '-.'-."""J'C"C.-L' "'." "' D'."'I'1."C?J'II'I1"ZI'II'i1'II'!I'!I'IZ"II- 3333333PCDCHMHMHNPC333333333HHHHHH24I-CHHD-1I-CHHDCHDCHPIHMHHHMZQMECHMHEJCH33333331 :-: :-: E CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS R 3 3 E PECPLES STATE BANK . :-: ac :-: :-: :-g E No Service Charge On Checking Accounts R x 3-: :vc Zlfzofo Interest On Savings :-: :-: Iennerstown Pennsylvania If A. D. GRAHAM 8: CO., INC. 5 3 E BEAVER BRAND FERTILIZERS Phone 6565 E Somerset Pennsylvania 'E if 54 Pi 5-: :-: SOMERSET WELDING 8: STEEL CO. E Dump Body and Hydraulic Hoist xxxxxxxxxx TU Q CU o n m. oo HU :- o 5 m -A ua ca -A xxxxxxxxxx For All Size Chassis :-: E South Center Avenue E if Somerset Pennsylvanla 5.5 :-cnc P: 3 H E H 5'- W H I'- H 1'- E :H 3 E H H I'- fi 9'a h ": H H H I'- 3 I'- 3 H 3 H 5'- P: 3 3 I'- H A I'- :': 3 H H H H 5: H :H 3 H 5'- Ii 5'- H l'u 3 :E 52 H I'- Pc -'I :':5':1'::'C 'HH Ninety AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA5 A A F A F A A F A A F A A A A A A A A H 5 A A A A A A 3 5 A H 5 5 5 .4 3 3 33333333333333333333 3333333333335 33 333333333533 33 QAAAAAAA: 3333' STOYSTOWN TANK 8: STEEL CO. "Steel Storage Tanks - Welding and Special Steel Products" Phone TW 3-3167 R. D. No. 3 Stoystown Pennsylvania Compliments Of HIGHLAND TANK MANUFACTURING COMPANY Stoystown Pennsylvania B. J. MAURER MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer for 34 Years Phone MA 9-2751 Boswell Pennsylvania TERRACE CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES and SERVICE CHEVROLET AND OLDSMOBILE Ierome Pennsylvania 43 3 3 '33333333333333333333h 3 3333333333333333333333 Ninety One 3333333333333333333333333333 33333333333333333333333H33333333333H 3 3 3333333 3333333333333333 333 3 3333333333333333333333333333333333333 :-: :fc :-: :-: :-: :vc :-: :-: :-: :-: E4 .-: :-: :-: :-: E4 .-c if .c gc :4 .fc :-: 34 .-c :-: if .-: :-: Eff .-: :-: :-: :-: E4 ,c ff :-: 9: :-: .-: :-: :-: :-: :-: if .-: :-: :fc :-: E4 :': .-: :-: E4 rf .-: :-: :-: :c :-: :-: :-: :-: :-: E L- L- -1 O '11 'JI O I-3 ru L- 3333 H3233 E "Come In and Have a Chat With Hap" DINE and DANCE I-I ": ff Route 30 E Stgystown Pennsylvania 5 E Q :-: E E E COMPLIMEN TS E OF E E FRANK LIBERTY AND FAMILY E Stoystown Pennsylvania E E :lc :-c E AE E CUMPLIMENT5 :E :-: : : OF If-CPC 3-1 zu: :-: E T H E D E A N E R S :-: :-: E Stoystown Pennsylvania E :-: :-: :-: :E E COMPLIMENTS if OF JCHHDC l'Cl'Cl-I 3 ii Q55 THE HITE HOUSE f-IE Stoystown Pennsylvania 33 PI HJC EP! gi. 5'- 7: 7: 5: 5: I'- 7: 5: 5'- :H 5: 5: I'- 7: 5: 5': 5: :H 3 P: ?: U'- 9: :': I'- 7: 7: 7': I'- :": 3 5: 5: :H 3 3 5: :H :'C 7: :H 5: 5: :': :": 5: :': 5'- 5: :" ": 7': 5'- 5: :N 7: 5'- P: 7: 5: 5: U'- E H Ninety Two :-::-::-::-: :g-c :-: rf :-: .-: if .-: E4 :-: .-: :-: :-: E4 .-: x :-: :-: 51: :-: .-: :-: :-: :-: 5-: .-: 5-: rf :-: .-: P4 :4 :-: :-: .-: :-: .-: gc ,c :-: .-: :c :-: :HE 3 ff rl .-: :-: :-: :-: E4 :-: sf .-: :-: 'c E4 .-: :-: :-: :-: :-: '-' V:-CH Qi I-11- Best Wishes From :- :-g :- THE HARRIS-BOYER CO. E 139-149 Fairfield Avenue Iohnstown, Pa. 3 PE Bakers of :-: :-: if BUNNY ENRICHED BREAD WINDBER TRUST COMPANY Windber Pa :-: ' ' :-: I-233 F12-ZH 252, INTEREST PAID ON SAVINGS ACCOUNT IIC 3 HA SAFE PLACE TO HAVE YOUR MONEYU 55 Q SAFE SOUND PRUGRESSIVE E Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 3 E :-: :-E HQOVERSVILLE WATER COMPANY fi EE :kc Hooversville Pennsylvania gg E :c :-: rc :-: 3 5-I 3 3 If :-: 5 'TERLINGO'S ECONOMY STORE EE PE EE Phone 2581 if ii E Hooversville Pennsylvania 312 PE ?' :-::-::'::-::-::-::-::c:-::-::-:x:-c:f::-c:-::-::-::-::-ax:-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-c:c:c:-:w:c:::c:-::-::-::-::-::::c:-::-::-::-::c:-::-::c::::55 DIC Ninety Three F13 3-1 I-23 H PC ' - - . . . . .. . - .- - -.--.--' -:3'f3J'IZ"1I-.D-CI-.I-II-2242-IZ'II-I!-I2-I 'II-I!-22-22-II-Il-224I-I.-12-22-I.-II-22-13.-22-1.-.HH 2.2-522-12-II'l.'II'II-II" "CI I.-22-11-.DIL .. .. . 'HH .24 .-c ?: E E CALLEN Quality 1. Q.: I' Products 51" H E-'E E Since I E Windber, Pa. :lg ii Phone 554 1910 -' ,C :- ,,: 1. ,,: 3 EE P 5: COMPLIIVIENTS 5. OF :-: R U s s 1 C s if Hooversville Pennsylvania N PE 3 :-. Q.: :-: 3 :-: 3 DIC 55 E -E ,E Eg WILBUR COAL MINING COMPANY E 5: if gc: Hoov-ersville Pennsylvania :-: ii 25 3 Compliments of :-: ij I-5 ' , Helple Supply Co. 8: Putt Putt E BUILDERS' SUPPLIES MINIATURE GOLF COURSE E MILLWORK :-: Route 219 - North of Somerset :-: .,. QE Somerset Pennsylvania :-: . :5f:-::-::-::-::-c:-::-c:-c:-::n::1::-::-::-::-: :h. :- -: ':-::-::-::-::-:' .f ::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-cl-'E Ninety F 333333333333333333333333333333I-2333333333331-I3233333333333333333333331 3 .-. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 CD CD I-1 mi W Ill Q- ?0 I-Il 4 9? l'l'.l i fb 0 E' il Q FP 'U 'U ll-'I Ill 'J Q 0 M 3333 3333 :-: :-: E .W O T O R O L A Somerset 5000 Somerset 5098 111 West Union Street 1255 Edgewood Avenue :-: :-: :c :-: E Compliments Of I-I SOMERSET BUS COMPANY if FE Phone 4121 Somerset Pennsylvania :-: :-: 5 E ll E E SELLERS DIN ER BILL BROWN'S E Home Cooked Meals E open 6 A. M. to 12 P. M. E E Jennerstown Pennsylvania E Jennerstown Pennsylvania E E E :-: :-: somznsm' SOMERSET DRY CLEANERS BOQK STQRE Odorless - Deluxe ,' u 24 Hour Service Offwe Sftpplles and Equlpment 33333333 33333333 EE Pressing While You Wait E Phone 5484 Typewriters - Fountain Pens E 267 E. Catherine Street Phone 5950 . 5-.E Somerset pennsylvania Somerset Pennsylvania :-: 5.1 21333333333333333I'C33333f33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 Ninety Five 2'C2'22'2 .2'22'C2'2 2-2 us o 3 cn W Ch cn -Ol 'U cn :s :x Ui 'i 4 n E. n 2'22'22'2 2'22'22'22" 2-2 E5232522'22"2I'22'22'22'22'22'22'22'22'2H2'22'22'22'22'22l'2l2'22'22'22'22"22'22'22'22"22'22'22'22'22"22l'22522'22'22'22'22'22'22'22'22522522l'22'22l'22"22'22'22'22'22'22'22'22'22"22'22'22'22'22g.'2i 2-2 2'2 0'-D FARM GEO. W. SHENCK Home of the Farm Boy and Farm Girl BAR,B,Q For ,411 Your School HOT AND coin sANDw1c1-1Es Clothes SOFT FREEZE ICE CREA.M Somerset Pennsylvania 2-C24 2'2 21-22f22'22r22'122i22-22-122-2 2'22'22'2D'22'C2'22'22'2 SOMERSET DAILY SENTINEL AMERICAN PRINTING CO. :-: :og 2-2 :og 2-2 - . F SOMERSET, PENNA. E Unly Daily Newspaper 0 QE In Somerset County Fine Printing 4136 - Phone - 5755 Phone 5755 :-: Compliments Compliments 2-12 :: gc: of of Q-5 C gg G COAL Vlda B. and :II o :'2 5, MINING CO, Gamer G. Berkeblle E Phone 2261 Phone 2271 :C I Q22 Hooversville Pennsylvania Hooversville Pennsylvania :-: I-I :-: :-: 5.5 1-E 2-C TIRE SERVICE vi E BEAUTY SHOP Largest Tire Retreading Plant :I-:E phone 2705 East of the Mississippi 5.1: : , , Phone 4142 5.5 Hooversville Pennsylvania E-E E Somerset Pennsylvania 3 P2 3 :-: T2"22'C2'Cl-CI-I2-C2-22-22'22'C2rC2'C2-22-22-12D-22'2J'22'C2-I2l-22-2l2'22-C2-22-22-22-22-II-22-C2-C2-122-12!-22-C2-C2C2-221ZDCl'I2'2l-221I2'C2wI2'22-22'Z2-22-C2r2HJ-22-IE2-Z2-CDC2'CD'C2'CU'C2'2I'C Ninety Six 13333333333333333333333333333333333333333333HZ3333333333333333333333 :-: Compliments GRGGERY of LoHR's Kantner Pennsylvania Kumner Pennsylvania Compliments f GARAGE 3 3 5'E . GARDNER PAINTING E Sl'0y5I'0wn Pennsylyqniq Between Sf0ySf0WI'l and Kdnfhel' :EEE :-: 5: ' 'I S Compliments - :-: N . . . of 5 Off1c1a1 AAA Statxon Phone TW 3-9431 JOHN KUONTZ Stoysfown Pennsylvania 5f0YSf0Wn Penn5YIVUni0 ' :-: :': J-I . FORBES TAVERN PS :-: Compliments 333333333 O Nh if LTI IP 5 z E. E Q' 5 O 'S 2 O F11 33333333 :-: H1 '4 0 Q N 2? T H1 l"'.l U :-::-: I-2:33 33333 3 ?: 3 3 9: 7': 9': :": 7: 7': 3 3 59 5: 5: 3 7': 5: 7: 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 1'- 3 3 PE :': 3 3 3 3 3 3 P: 3 3 5: 5': 5: 5: :": 3 3 3 3 5: 3 55 3 5: 3 3 5: 5: 7: 3 3 7: 5- 333 3333 , Kantner Pennsylvania 1 i Ninety Seven 1 3324333333333333 5 Bi 2'- Ei il: :": :H P2 24 Fi :': li ii 2'- 24 Pi 2'- 24 Bi 7: 4: 5: 5: 2'- Pi 5'- ii 5: P. E. 8: F. BERKEBILE COAL CO. Channel Coal 3333333333333333333 Twilight 3-3210 S T E W A R T ' S Hardware - Groceries 33 Electrical Appliances 424243243 Phone MA 9-5788 33332 Jennerstown Pennsylvania 23333333333 I. X. L. CREAMERY INC. 33333333333324333333 Milk Ice Cream Friedens Pennsylvania 33333324 SAM ROGER'S STORE Wallpaper Paint Phone MA 9-3101 311-313 Main Street 3333333332432-2333 Boswell Pennsylvania Compliments Of EARL E. CUSTER Compliments of HILLT OP FLORAL SERVICE Complete Floral Service Friedens Pennsylvania TDS JOE PRONESTI Jewelers Watch and Clock Repairing Boswell Pennsylvania H U N T E R ' S SUPER MARKET 313 Center Street Phone MA 9-2141 5 Boswell Pennsylvania :-::-::-c:-: 5 B. 2 N4 E1 LQ. EL' 333333333333333243333353324333333333332-233333332-232-2332-2332-2333333333333 3 3 ii 2-. 3 i'E P: 9: 2-. 3 ii 24 PE 2'- .4 3 PE 5: 5: 5: 5: 2'. 3 3 3 ii 2- PE 2'- PE P: 7: 9: 333 2'- 243333 24243242-23333333333333332'22432'22-23 224 2433 -2332: 3333 242 2332-23232433324333 332-233333332-2243333333324333333333333332-22-23332' 'U' g-4c:-::-::-::f::-::Hc:-::-::-::-::-::-::-::f-::-::fc:-::-::-::-::-::c::x:-::-::c:-::-c:-::c:-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-:x:-::-c:-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-::-c:c:-c:-::-::-::-c:-::-::-c:-::5 5 Compliments of Shanksville Builders Supply 5' . . BA TZER Z SHANKSVILLE WM SSDI: AUTO co. CONTRACTOR :-: DODGE and PLYMOUTH ' . . . Q Free Estlmates and Delwerzes Sales and Service Phone 3974 :e , , :-: E ShU"'k5V"Ie PGUNSYIVUUW Shanksville Pennsylvania PE Compliments Compliments of C U s T E R s E4 PE DR. FETCHO Clover Farm Store :-: :-: :"i TRENT'S MARKET LOIS ANN SHOPPE :-: :-: 3 ON THE DIAMOND smart Ladies Apparel Phone 5916 Phone 5893 Somerset Pennsylvania S0me"5ef Pe"m5Y'VUniU sk Z5 Compliments B1TTNER's CURB :-::-c 3: 5 CD UI ffl W 4 i O l'.'l'.l :-::-: 1'ZI'CJ'II'C I-12-CPI Home of the "Bit-Burger" and E phone MA 92251 the "Steak Room" 3 U-1 -c E Jennel'5f0Wn PGHNSYIVCYHU Route 219 - North of Somerset 5.3:-::-:ac- P: P: :C P: 7: 7: lk P: 5: 5': 5: :'. 7: ll. 5: 5'- P: 7: :'. 5: ?': 3'- 7: 5: :': :': 5: 5: :'- 3 F: 5: 7': 7'- 3 :": 3 5: P: 95 E'- J: 5: 7': 5: 7': :': 5: 7': ll. 7: 5: J'- :IC :FI :E 5'- P: 55 5: 5: I'- 3 ?E "I 33:4 Ninety Nine IWW HHHHHHEMMHJC33333333333MPC:-IEEHHHEHHHHHHMMHHHHE HHHPIFCHMHEMEPIMEEHMEEE Z-Il'CI-II'CI-ID'II'II'1l'C2'!l-Zl'ID'CJ'!l'1J-C2'II'Il-C332-13IICI-SJCPCIIIIPCI-CI-Il'2J'C!'II'Cl'2l'!5'ZD'II'ZIa'I'Il-Il'CD'ID'I5'Il'!1'Zl'!IfIlnII-11-2545-ID-25-22-II'ID-Z5'II'C?Il-29-2522-Cl-CD-C2'C P233 l'!l4l'I2'lI-19156512-CI-lI'IPCfrII'S1-I 'DCHHHDCFIHD-IPI 5-fl:-Ch Compliments Of LEVY'S O R B A N ' S FOOD MARKET Hooversville Pennsylvania Savoy Theater Shade Theater 333 Wqshingfon Sfreef Hooversville Cairnbrook Johnstown Pennsylvania CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK IN WINDBER "0oer Fifty Years of Friendly BUDD'S GOOD SHOES Somersefs Largest Shoe Store Service" . 1204 Graham Avenue Somerset Pennsylvania Windber Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Compliments Poultry Processing of Corporation Somerset Phone MA 9-2271 Ground Observer Jennerstown Pennsylvania CQIPS Compliments S P E C H T I S of SUPER MARKET Groceries Frozen Foods Fresh Meats BENDER IMPLEMEN T CO. - Somersel Pennsylvania Stoystown Pennsylvania We Deliver I-CI-II-IHII!H2-2DCIICHHMHHHEHEHHRIHHICHHHEHREHl'Cl-'CD-CH!-Ill!!-CI-II-Il-IWEEE!-IHIIII-Z2-I2-CHEESE:-IEE!-CI-:H One Hundred :-:g-: MEYER'S STORE GULF GAS AND OIL Route 53 R. D. No. 2 Stoystown, Penna. 33333333333333 EMERALD PARK RESTAURANT BAR SERVICE STATION Stoystown Penna. 333333333 333 COMPLIMENTS OF SCHRADER'S DRUG STORE Stoystown Penna. 3333333333333333 COMPLIMENTS OF WEAVER'S SERVICE STATION ATLANTIC PRODUCTS Stoystown Penna. 33333333 33333 COMPLIMENTS OF ROSE'S BARBER SHOP Stoystown Pennc. 333333 3333 COMPLIMENTS OF MONG'S ESSO STATION COMPLETE ESSO SERVICE Stoystown Penna. '33333333 33333 BEST W1sHEs PAUL R. BLANSET WHOLESALE STOYSTOWN AUTO WRECKERS R. D. No. 3 Phone: TW 3-2764 333' Stoystown Pen nu . 1333 H. W. WALKER CO. Manufacturer of WALKER SUPREME ICE CREAM Somerset Penna. COMPLIMENTS OF IOE LEONARD'S BARBER SHOP Hooversville Penna. BALTZER'S IEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Compliments to Class of 1959 Hooversville Penna COMPLIMENTS OF SHAFFER 8 EDWARD'S DRUG STORE Hooversville Penna. B E C K E R ' S BARBER SHOP Hooversville Penna. COMPLIMENTS OF SNYDER'S RESTAURANT Main Street Hooversville Penna. 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Somerset Penna. :-: :-g SHAFFER BLOCK WURKS CONGRATULATIONS mom 3 E 5 IKXIFER CAMPANELLA E YSTEM RESTAURANT EE South Edgewood Avenue 3 Johnstown Penna. 5-: EE Somerset Penna. gi B O S VV E L L COMPLIMENTS OF 5 DRUG STORE BURK'S TAVERN E 3 H E Boswell Penne' Hooversville Penna. TALLEY-VVOODS COMPLIACIENTS OF :ii Men's cmd Boy's Wear E Somliiz Famous-Name Brandrfuma SPAGHE.gHNSvv?CgggMARINE ' Holsopple Pennu. :-c :-5 ?-E SOMERSET MILLING co. MITCHELDS GARAGE R :-::-ca: N7 A I O C 2 U7 I'I'I W S n IT1 :-::-ch: M anufccturers of E JUST-RIGHT FOODS I-I E-: Phone 6101 Phone 3231 E I . 3 EE Some,-gef Pennq, Hooversvllle Penna. HHH HMM e COMPLIMENTS OF KAMP'S FAMILY n SANNER GREENHOUSES SHOE STORE Phone 2171 Phone 5706 Hooversville Penna. Somefsef Pennq. R E x BAUMGARDNER SHAFFER TRANSFER 5 33333 H333 MOTORS, INC. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Phone 363 Windber, Pa, Phone 2191 xxx 3 3 3 3 75 H x x 5: H E x 3 x 5: H 3 55 H 3 H 3 :': H 55 H 5: H N 3 3 3 5: E 3 71: H :S 5: H 7: H N x H 9: 5: 5: :W "E 5: H 3 E 3 3 71: 5: 51: 51: H H 55 5Jfx?HfH Hooversville Penna. 5.55:-c:-c 0 El GJ m C. IJ 5 CD Q. "i 2 O '-'f?.':?f 1 .1 1- 3333333333333333333333333333333333332-1333333333333333333333333333331 :-::-c:-::f::-: U2 'U LTI O L' H CD E '-3 UP' E Z '-3 Q O E E E 51 cn O 'wa :-c:-c:lc:l-::f: x PIZZA AND SEA FOOD , , E SPECIALTY MATSE S GARAGE Stoystown Pennsylvania l ON Route 53 3 3 3 - H A 'A 3 3 3 E BEN PETERS B as W HARDWARE E Groceries and Confectionery Ph MA 9 3123 Route 30 at Ralphton Road one - . QQ Phone 2662 Boswell, PQ. Bowel' Pe""sy""""" COMPLIMENTS OF SHEFTICS STYLE SHARP'S CENTER 5 SERVICE STATION CLOTHING AND SHOES Kantner Pennsylvania 300 Center Street Boswell, Pa. E E SHONBERGS BOSWELL NEWS :YE 33 3 3 :lf CLOTHING SHOES PUBLISHERS PRINTERS if E For the Entire Family Phone 2115 E EE 301 Center St. Boswell, Pa. Boswell Pennsylvania E ITE EE Sc :nz :-c X7 5: M' MWJLMQEJMZAJ E E l E :-c J 5: 3 .33333333333 33333333333 3333333 3333 3 3 E il 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 E E l3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333W3333333333333333333333 One Hundred Three 1 ....Jland,0n We, the seniors of 1959, will always remember our days in school with deep appreciation for all those who guided our lives throughout our years at Forbes. We Wish to thank the teachers Who spent hours of additional time to help make our school days successful. We know that we will be better citizens of America through the experience we have gained and the educa- tion we have acquired. We will strive to serve our country as best we can and to leave our communities a better place for future generations. May we always be Worthy of your concern for our futures by making the ideals you have set forth the ideals of our lives. One Hundred Four . 2 'i Iajifqfwia ' -:ffl -- We jj 7501!-QWZXLQ X 4 MC D! SMWJQQ ig www ,gffwmddyfw W! 2 56 Aims :L-'iff AC Jimi!! mK , CLMKDW Gs.

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