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gt . n., . 5 , gf , fw,-X df, , Qi' 'QU ., ,t 5 H ? g 5 if I fa v, , I lv' 5 fu V f kv fv V I ' 1 1, ' ' . . ' v , . ax- . ' " H r " C7 11 , H" if if fi' 'I ' i?'g P Fxkfl' ww H P. 'ff 'J U Vs.. r J. -.nh ,..'s , Hz. ,:, ,. . xl. , .ink . .Vg X ggi: :'1'Q,: , L..., if jg-QW 1 .Mft- '.:12X'X , ':5L:,L' V 'c ,Q ', x n . Y 5 , R g! N' Q' qv iw hu,-E 9?-Q5 ...Y . Wifi' .. W K 3,73 W? I ,vid .L 1' 32. 3 -if ..-fe VL 7 4 , "A px, .fl ., .5 L. Y--, .,,4, 1 A s. H . , , . . It 1, Xi I 4-1 , 3, af? K- , H' ' ':.3'.TC- ,352 : ,mg 1 rv 1 , f ' iii 22555 - 1 V. xv .sb "fiz.,E"g A F N . A. , .byii Yi 2 .122 "Huang 3 I 5- fi U I- . fir I -- "fm Q 7257 Editor-in-Chief ................ Senior Class Club Editor ......,.. Music Editor ..... Editor Underclass Editor...- linda Metzger Hele E n merick Joan McCIemens Constance Gohn Nancy Carbone Sports Editor ........ ..... T homas Gardner Photography Co-Editors ....... Advisor ..... ..... Adam Mostoller Ronald Donahue Mrs. ' Evelyn Bittner 77'ze4enz'ea!5'qz'4eSemafz Jlnnummulln - af 74464 gm my sm! KX . gnbuwhwtzbn 09201212 Kdhletica Q K Jnwnahlgu .- .Sfoqatown CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDING Moy, 1955 - September, 1956 GROUND BREAKING April, 1955 .gli STANDING, Left to Right: C. Miller, R. Meyers, R. Dinning, H. Wentz, R. Gindlesperger, S. Zimmerman, A. Ober, R. Stet- ler, O. Custer. SEATED: C. Long, F. Lohr, M. Spangler, .l. Shaffer, D. Lehman, M. Schiffhauer, E. Custer. To those citizens in the areas embraced by the Forbes Joint School District, and es- pecially to their elected representatives, the Forbes Joint School Board, we extend our warmest gratitude in appreciation for the educational interest and faith in the future citi- zens of our country that has resulted in our having excellent, modern facilities with which to work. The Forbes High School is located on a site of thirty-three acres. lt is a one-story brick structure, built of fire-resistant materials. It contains sixteen classrooms, offices, library, health suite, homemaking department, faculty rooms, guidance room, music rooms, cafe- teria, gymnasium, locker rooms equipped with individual lockers, wood shop, agricultural shop, storage rooms, and individual lockers in the corridors. The gymnasium has a playing court 84 feet by 50 feet and is equipped with six basketball bank boards plus various other gymnastic equipment. Folding bleachers and a large stage provide for a seating capacity of IOOO. F DEDICATION OF BUILDING January, 1957 1"""""""" l :sir 5: as is I I ISN I I8 Zim! yn Jawlflx 52lllblLd m .X wif GREETINGS TO THE CLASS OF l957: lt is a pleasure to have this opportunity of extending a greeting to each of the l957 graduates. You have re- ceived your diploma, and I hope much happiness in life will follow. I am sure it will if you follow a few simple rules. First, you must get along with others. lf you be- come a griper, you not only upset your own happiness but the happiness of all those about you. Lincoln once said: "There was something good that I could learn from the worst man l knew." Next, I would encourage you to develop good personal habits. By doing this you will en- ioy better health. Good health and real happiness go hand in hand. Next in your quest for real happiness you must have the proper relationship to God. People who are truly faithful to God are foreign to thoughts of personal glory or wealth gained at the expense of iniury to others. Their energies are focused upon purposes defined by their Lord. In conclusion I say to you, if you follow the Commandment, love thy neighbor, develop good habits, and have a close fellowship with God you will not only attain real happiness but will spread happiness wherever you are. FWS-. . fm., ,,,,.ff" 1 ,fe-" pg, You are now graduates of a fine school so l urge you to keep in touch with it and support its many activities. DAVID LICHLITER Supervising Principal OUR SECRETARIES Dorothy Wirbick and Janet Fetzer 'tv '--if With your graduation you will be leaving the doors of Forbes High School to enter upon a new, and in many respects, a different way of life. Some of you will be going on to college to continue preparation for your Iife's work, some of you will enter imme- diately into the industrial and agricultural life of our communities, and still others will enter the armed services of our country. But whatever you choose to do, I sincerely hope that you will avail yourselves of the boundless opportunities in this our complex and challenging world to make a better and happier life for yourselves. For surely like all others, you will be trying to find real happiness. ln your search for this happiness, the going will not always be smooth. At times you will be beset with struggles and disappointments. William N. Thomas shows us the way to achieve this happiness when he says: "True happiness comes in giving. The greatest and perhaps the only perfect gift that we can give to the world, is the gift of ourselves at our best, and that means not iust the skill of our hands and the cunning of our brains, but our dreams, our finest resolutions, and most solemn promises to ourselves." l am sure that those of us whom you will be leaving here at Forbes will always be ready to do all in our power to help you achieve the happiness that you desire. MISS SANK Principal 9 Y 1 ,if ,ff L, , K . , F11 . I-I M K. ..M!m SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS KENNETH ADAMS AEVEL ,LL-,LHTTNER M ffl' W .. ,I L, JOSEPHINE ELLIOTT FRED DOYLE ZONA HARE ALICE WITT ESTELLA LEAF NINA HORNE JOHN WINTERS STANLEY MISH MARY CAGLEY SHIRLEY KEAFER HBCU JOHN P. RODGER CHARLES CLARK CHARLES LAWSON FRANCES TRENT ELLIS WERNER THOMAS ZIMMERMAN JACK DICKEY JUNE BOCK STEPHEN STATNICK CHESTER PFEFFER 1 Q Q - y xijsf-i an .Nl 1 zihsh. :ak N4 WW N' .J In 'V' , 5 l x s L l fi. PF' Left to Right: A. Mostoller, R. Donahue, P. Muro, W. Stufft, C. Strasiser. We, the Seniors of Forbes High School, leave behind us the four happiest and most memorable years of our lives. When in later life we review our earlier years, we will find that the moments we spent at Forbes High School were the sweetest we have ever experienced. We remember our first social function during our Freshmen year: a hot dog sale. We also held a .movie that same year to increase our treasury-a trip to Washington after gradua- tion being our final goal. As Sophomores, we finally became upper classmen. We were an ambitious group, bust- ling with a newly-found sense of importance at being in high school. We worked hard at our two money-making events, a skating party and a bake sale. Our Junior year was one of the most memorable of all. It was the year we received our shiny new class rings with the letters "Class of l957" proudly engraved on them. lt was also the year for planning the Prom, the Christmas Dance, the Halloween Dance, the Junior Class Play, a skating party and several bake sales. At last our Senior year arrived. We were especially pleased at being in the new school, we had been looking forward to it for several years. The sporting events held a special in- terest for us as our Senior athletes had a last fling at school sports. They did very well in foot- ball, basketball, and baseball, and several of them received awards. Many of us took part in the Senior Class Play, not only in the acting, but behind the scenes as well. The National Honor Society induction ceremony will long be remembered. The Junior Class honored us with the Sno-Ball Dance at Christmas and the spring Prom, the first big dances in the new gym- nasium. The thrill of ordering name cards and announcements and the excitement of being meas- ured for caps and gowns brought the second semester to an end. As Baccalaureate and Com- mencement drew nearer, we realized that the years spent at Forbes High had been the hap- piest years of our lives. Twelve F Nil '--is was RICHARD LEE ARMAGOST ...Dick...5' 10" ...likes to,eat . .. hamburgers, french fries and pizza rate high . . . . . . took part in Radio, Art, Dancing and Varsity Clubs . . . trumpet player in band for 5 years . . . "Fog Island" and "Al- most Summer" . . . ambi- tion is to be a success. ROBERT J. BERKEBILE . . . Bob or Spatch . . . 5' ll" . . . enioys food and a certain iunior girl . . . Journalism and Dancing Clubs, Stage Crew and Aerial are among his ac- tivities . . . plans to work in Buffalo, then to the Air Force. lwfi DOLORES JOAN BERKE- BILE . . . Tootsie . .. bashful . . . llkes dating, good music and hamburg- ers . . . participated in Art and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs . . . hopes to become an airline hostess. FREDERICK BERKEBILE Burger . . . likes food and sports . . . active in Danclng and Varsity Clubs, Aerial Staff, Business Staff NANCY HELEN CARBONE ...Nan...HonorSo- ciety . . . likes spaghetti and a certain Olds . . . active in Dancing and Journalism Clubs and For- bian Staff . . . good com- mercial student . . . am- bition is to be a good secretary. SHARON LYNN CUSTER 5' l" brown hair and brown eyes . . . driving her car and sew- ing are her favorites . . . participated in Radio and Danclng Clubs, F. H. A., Tri-Hi-Y, mixed and girls' choruses . . . desires to be an airline hostess. RONALD RAY DONAHUE . . . Eagle Scout and Hon- or Society . . . rts, sci- ence, and hillblll: music rate tops . . . member of Radlo and Moth Clubs, Aerial and Forbian Staff and "Fog Island," senior class secretary . . . am- bition ls to be an engi- neer. H L, f' ' A ,' 'A 1,-ff 'W ' 11 ff lg is .M MARY ANN DONITZEN . . . all around commer- cial student . . . takes pleasure in being alone . .. activities include W Q t 1 Q ,, ,,., . . 5 ,-. ' 5. J . ,Q 3 ,wi ix.,-iii xv-nv of Forblan, Stage Crew . . . 3 letters ln football l year of chorus . . . aims to get a iob. Journalism, Trl-Hi-Y, and the Forblan Staff . . . ambition is to become a secretary and later marry. Thirteen MARTIN EAKLE . . . a Forbes member since his freshman year . . . a nice fellow seen but not heard . . . always with Jim . . . likes listening to Mr. Law- son explaining new rules . . . future plans are un- decided. 'wh M5-"R HELEN EMERICK . . . 5' 4" . . . commercial stu- dent . . . enioys POD and ice cream . . . par- ticipated in Dancing and Journalism Clubs, Aerial and Forbian Staff . . . "Almost Summer" and 'fFog lsland" . . . desires to go to Long Island and find a secretarial job. Q kff"i,QJNJiJ-PA WILLIAM RONALD EUTIN Ron... Oh that temper . . . president of the Student Council . . . enioys listening to Fats Domino and dancing . . . a member of Dancing Club and Stage Crew . . . good all around . . . plans to ioin the Air Farce. PATRICIA FLEEGLE Pat or Patsy . . . a pert maiorette . . . enioys be- ing with Gerald . . . ac- tive in Dancing, Tri-Hi-Y, and Knitting Clubs, girls' and mixed choruses . . . desires to become a secre- tary. THOMAS GARDNER . . . Tom . . . a baseball play- er . . . food and baseball rate . . . took part in Journalism and Varsity Clubs, Aerial and Forbian Staffs . . . ambition is to become an industrial art teacher. JOHN WILLIAM GEORG . . . Jack . . . honorable mention in football . . . basketball star . . . be- longed to Dancing, Var- sity, Athletic Clubs and chorus . . . he likes good food . . . ambition is to be a beach comber. CONSTANCE MAE GOHN ...Conni Mae . . . la- vorite pastimes are read- ing, cooking, and music . . . active in band, For- bian and Aerial Staff, Student Council, Radio Club . . . mixed and girls' choruses . . . ambition is to be a teacher. JAMES A. HAHN . . . Frosty . . . a hiphip fire- man . . . likes Linda from Holsopple, Mr. Adams, Mr. Mish, and Miss Elliott, swing band and math . . . activities are Danc- ing Club, Stage Crew and Band . . . aims are fire chief and undertaker. MARY HAUSE . . . 5' 2" . . . Honor Society . . . enioys outdoor sports and chicken . . . active mem- ber in Journalism and Ra- dio Clubs, and Aerial Staff . . . "Almost Sum- mer" and "Fog Island." . . . well liked . . . am- bition is to become a teacher. BETTY LEE HOSTETLER ...Betts...5'6"... "Oh Dear" . . . a mem- ber of Tri-Hi-Y, Knitting, FH. A., band and mixed chorus . . . dislikes con- ceited people . . . likes chocolate milk shakes, sewing, and being with a certain boy . . . ambi- tion is to be a success. DIXIE COLLEEN JOHN- SON Dix or Gix . . . a good dancer and athlete . . . enioys eating spaghetti . . . a member of Dancing and Leaders' Club future is un- decided. WILLIAM JURGEVICH, , , Willy or Bill . Class Historian . . . County All- Star football player . . . participated in Varsity Club, "AImost Summer," and chorus . . . delights in spicy foods, women and music . . . desires to be a success. Fifteen SHIRLEY ANN KEITH . . . Shay . . . soprano voice . . . Maple Princess . . . likes Mike, spaghetti and pizza . . . dislikes oysters . .. active in Tri-Hi-Y, Knitting and Dancing Clubs . . . also mixed and girls' choruses. . . "l almost flipped my lid" .. . ambition is to be somebody. WM LORETTA LEE KENNEDY ...5'2"...eyesot blue . . . enioys being with Dave . . . belongs to Art and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs . . . very quiet . . . look- ing forward to becoming a secretary. .lilly .IOAN KOSTRO . . . short but sweet, and good all around . . . a peppy cheerleader . . . a mem- ber of girls' chorus and Dancing and Leaders' Clubs . . . enioys danc- ing and sports . . . a fu- ture beautician. x DU 'R ukocc ilk JOHN EDWARD LEAZIER . . . peaceful . . . took part in Varsity and Danc- ing Clubs, Business Staft of Forbian, mixed chorus, played 3 years of base- ball and l year of foot- ball . . . food and sports rate high . . . ambition is to obtain a good iob. 1 'il - BARBARA ANN LIBERTY Bobbi 5'5" . . . delights in football games, pizza, and good music . . . member of Journalism and Art Clubs and girls' chorus . . . stu- dent director of both plays . . . ambition is to be a success. wall JERRY S. LOHR . . . voted best county baseball pitch- er in '56 . . . enioys movies, Sandy, and pizza . . . participated in Jour- nalism and Varsity Clubs, Aerial and Forbian Staffs . . . plans to attend Cambria - Rowe Business Sch ol. U Z- X ze :X X 3 JOAN McCLEMENS . . . Honor Society . . . enioys dancing and sports . . . active in Radio and Jour- nalism Clubs, Forbian and Aerial Staffs . . . a cheerleader . . . "Fog ls- land" . . . ambition is to be a success. LINDA METZGAR . . . Lin- da Lou . . . President of the Honor Society . . . food and fun rate high . . . Editor of Forbian . . . member of Journal- ism, Radio, and Dancing Clubs . . . "Fog Island," "Almost Summer" . . . girls' and mixed choruses . . . a future technician. PHYLLIS KAY MILLER . . . 5' . . . Phil . . . listening to the radio, spaghetti, and letters are her favor- ites . . . took part in Tri- Hi-Y, Art, and Dancing Clubs, and chorus hopes to become a good secretary. AADAM MOSTOLLER . . . Honor Society . . . Eagle Scout likes sports and running around . . . member of Radio and Math Clubs, Forbian Staff and mixed chorus "Almost Summer" and "Fog Island" . . . class treasurer . . . ambition is to be an electrical engi- neer. i2!f. 'F VNU' FAYANN MOSTOLLER . . . brown eyes . . . 5' 2" . . . delights in banana splits, swimming, T. V., and dancing . . . came to us from Somerset in her senior year . . . member of Aerial Staff, and Tri- Hi-Y . . . ambition is to be a secretary. PAUL MURO . .. Buck . . . What's it to you? . . . likes Barbara . . . a member of Varsity Club . . . 3 letter man in foot- ball, and senior class vice- president . . . would like to be a fur trapper in Canada. ld 'X f"V -'Sl' 'R C we cs sw. GLORIA M. NAGY . . . attended Shade High un- til her iunior year . . . participated in Dancing, Leaders, Tri-Hi-Y, and Knitting Clubs . . . girls' chorus . . . dancing, eat- ing, and a certain boy rate high . . . ambition -secretary. PATRICIA ANN NEW- COMER . . . Pat . . . Presi- dent of F. H. A., member of Dancing and Leaders' Clubs, mixed and girls' choruses and "Fog lsland" . . . favorites are spa- ghetti, cokes, and lots of friends . . . ambition is a good iob. UW tt,it',".'1 DOLLEY IRENE PETERMAN . . . dark hair and eyes . . . skating and fried chicken are tops . . . member of Dancing, Knit- ting, Journalism, and Tri- Hi-Y Clubs, and both chor- uses . . . ambition is to be a success. DONNA LOU RADER . . . brown eyes and dark hair . . . participated in Danc- ing and Journalism Clubs, girls' and mixed choruses "Almost Summer" and "Fog Island" . . . President of Tri-Hi-Y . . . likes dancing and meet- ing new people . . . am- bition is ta go to a busi- ness college, NORMA JEAN REXROTH Rex . . . a good farmer . . . ground breaker for the new school a member of Journalism and Dancing Clubs, Tri- Hi-Y and mixed chorus . . . likes a '56 Ford and horses . . . wishes to be a success. wcffixx 0,3-1933 SHERTDAN L. RICE . . . quiet and peaceful mem- ber of the class who hails from Reading . . . likes chicken and outdoor sports . . . mixed chorus for 3 years . . . wishes to attend Williamsport Technical School. JOSEPH CLAIR ROSEY . . . Clair . . . an ideal citizen . . . a member of Journalism, Student Coun- cil, and Drivers Ed. Club . . . thumbs down on people who complain . . . good food rates tops . . . wishes to become a missionary. JOANN ROSE SCHO- KORA ...5' 4" Fall Festival Queen . . . likes spaghetti, dancing, baseball, and being with Joe . . . participated in Dancing, Journalism, and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, mixed chorus and Forbian Staff hopes to find a good iob. Seventeen 'fm :gif 4' AIP' l' 1. .Sf-3 X ,X M was .5-'..""' GERALD ALLEN SHAFFER . . . All-District honorable mention in Football . . . likes people with a sense of humor . . . partici- pated in Athletic and Varsity Clubs "Al- most Summer" and "Fog lsland" . . . aims to be- come a doctor. C we xf NANCY JO SHAFFER .. ...Shaf. . .5'6". .. Miss Senior of 1957 . . . enioys dancing and driv- ing a member of Student Council, Journal- ism Clubs . . . girls' and mixed choruses . . . wishes to become a beautician. c NGS:-Mfg' CARL ANTHONY STRA- SISER 6' 3" iust about tops .. . 3 years class president . . . favorite pastimes are sports, running around and eating . . . active on football, basketball, and baseball teams . . . mem- ber of Varsity Club and Forbian Staff . . . desires to get a good iob. CATHERINE RUTH TIRKO ...Katy...5'1"... blue eyed brownette . . . enioys spaghetti, banana splits, dancing, and being with Barry . . . a mem- ber of mixed and girls' choruses and a play ush- er . . . "Ah Honey Hush" . . . future beautician. N --issflxtff,-W Eighteen WILLIAM JAMES TIRKO . . .Turk. . .5'6". . . small but mighty . . . likes sports and food . . . a member of Journalism, Stage Crew, Varsity, and Hillside Aerial . . . also a 2 letter man in football . . . future undecided. CLASS MOTTO- We came, we saw, CLASS SONG- "Beautiful Savior" CLASS FLOWER Pink Rose CLASS COLORS- Pink and Black :L we conquered f ,fb ' ' X Y' ,nf X 155 55 ,u Q' ,I P! J f' il x , 5 ,www I Y' , S 1 s T? '5 5 'N 5-.ft-'Q Q? Q' I , in F W M. A 6 S vb Q 5 ,321 ,W MR. AND MISS SENIOR OF 1957 Carl Sfrcsiser and Nancy Jo Shaffer Sk S 'lt MOST POPULAR Lindo Mefzgcr Paul Muro BEST DANCER AND ATHLETE Dixie Johnson Jock Georg MOST STUDIOUS Mary House Ronald Donohue Ai p2llADIUlliflhd MOST FUN Donna Rader Fred Berkebile BEST CITIZENS Nancy Carbone Clair Rosey MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Connie Gohn Adam Mostoller ,-I ,,. Ea Q X .J 3. ,G-f J xv? 'fi Clam PM The past and present are both full of happy and broadening experiences for the Senior Class of l957. But the future? Well, let's take a look at it. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the year I967 ..... The scene is a large office in downtown Kantner. We are shown in by PHYLLIS MILLER. We also see LORETTA KENNEDY seated near by, busily typing reports. And who's that behind the desk? Why, CARL STRASISERI Mr. Strasiser is now president of the Kantner Airlines Corporation. Carl is having a big reunion to celebrate the lOth anniversary of the graduation of the Class of '57 from Forbes High School. NANCY CARBONE and JAMES TIRKO have been selected because of their excellent reporting ability to find the rest of their classmates. They will be flown here by RICHARD ARMAGOST, a pilot for the Corporation. The stewardess will be DONNA RADER, and SHERIDAN RICE, mechanic, will ac- company us to service the plane. Let's go along and see what our former classmates are doing. The initial stop will be New York, and the first person we see here is JOAN McCLEMENS, fashion consultant. DIXIE JOHNSON is now doing fine as a Powers Model in this big city. While we are here we see HELEN EMERICK, who holds a high position in a law firm on Long Island. Now we will cross the Atlantic to England, where SHIRLEY KEITH is singing a command performance for the Queen. Trav- eling with her is CATHERINE TIRKO, her makeup assistant and secretary. We cross the Channel into France, where we stop in Paris. Here we see JOAN KOSTRO, a beauty consultant recommended to all the models by Christian Dior, What now! Two American soldiers, PAUL MURO and WILLIAM STUFFT, who seem to be enioying the night life of Paris. At the French Riviera we see BETTY HOSTETLER and GLORIA NAGY enioying a dip in the Mediterranean with their husbands. We take to the air again and head for sunny Italy. What's that we see? Why, the Leaning Tower of Pisa isn't leaning any more since ADAM MOSTOLLER and RONALD DONAHUE, two famous engineers, straightened it. Across the sea in the middle of Africa we see CLAIR ROSEY teaching the natives to read and write. On to China now. Are my eyes deceiving .me? I guess not. It really is THOMAS GARDNER and JERRY LOHR, the famous baseball players who are here with their team, the Kantner Krushers, for an exhibition game. They are surely having a rough time trying to eat with chopsticks. We'll turn toward home on the last leg of our iourney. But wait, Richard. We must go back to Hawaii. As we were flying over the island we caught a glimpse of ROBERT BERKEBILE and RONALD EUTIN in their Sailor Suits taking dancing lessons from the native girls. Well, here we are, back in the good old U. S. A. The city? Hollywood, of course, where we are greeted by NANCY JO SHAFFER, a beautician who is very popular with the stars. She takes us to the elaborate office of FRED BERKEBILE, famous producer-director. Also residing in California with her husband is the former FAYANN MOSTOLLER. Ya hooo, Pardnerl We stopped in Wyoming to see NORMA REXROTH, the proud owner of a fine horse ranch. She is being visited at the present time by DOLORES BERKEBILE and SHARON CUSTER, who are on vacation from their secretarial iobs in Washington. They tell us to visit Los Alamos be- cause the famous scientific team, BARBARA LIBERTY and MARY HAUSE, are there working an a top-secret government project. Let's hop down to Denver to visit the exclusive dress shop run by PATRICIA NEWCOMER and JOANN SCHOKORA. We will stop in Texas to see JOHN LEAZIER who is doing very well as an oil tycoon. Once again we are in good old Pennsylvania. To be exact, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We visit the Shaffer Memorial Hospital to see GERALD SHAFFER, head surgeon. LINDA METZGAR has made sev- eral important discoveries during her work as a lab technician. The former PATRICIA FLEEGLE, now mar- ried, also lives in Pittsburgh and does social work here. . Now we will stop in a town even closer to home: Somerset. located here is the office of the President of the Pennsylvania Fireman's Association. And who is the president? JAMES HAHN, of course. His able assistant is MARTIN EAKLE. DOLLEY PETERMAN, tourist guide for the rapidly expanding resort town, invites us to visit the beautiful Lake Somerset. Why, there's JACK GEORG, he's head lifeguard of all the beach. ln a lovely new house along the Stoystown Road we find the former MARY ANN DONITZEN. She tells us happily that her occupation is "housewife." We will return to our starting place, Kantner, to pay a visit to Forbes High School. We are welcomed back by CONNI GOHN, a teacher in her old Alma Mater. The future looks bright indeed, doesn't it? But, like most other peeks into the future, it is all wishful thinking. Only time will tell what is really in store for the optimistic Senior Class of l957. Um flwku TWELFTH GRADE ELEVENTH GRADE Class Officers Class Officers President ......,.... ...... C arl Strasiser President .,...,..., .,..... C arl Strasiser Vice President ...... ...,.,..,. P aul Muro Vice President ..,.. ...... R onald Donahue Secretary ..,..,,,.... .... R onald Donahue Secretary .......... ...,....... J can Kostro Treasurer ,.,.,,.. ..... A dam Mostoller Treasurer ,,..,.. ,.,,,, A dam Mostoller Class Advisors ...... ............,.............. M rs. Bittner Class Advisors ..... ..................... M rs. Bittner Mr. Adams Mr. Adams Student Council ........ Ronald Eutin, Nancy Shaffer Student Council ,,........,. Ronald Eutin, Conni Gohn Conni Gohn, Clair Rosey Nancy Shaffer, B. Knecht TENTH GRADE NINTH GRADE Cl-Ass OFFICERS Class Officers -eeeeeeeeee eeeeee C .......... .tss C ice President ..,..,. ...,. F red Berkebnle Vice President ..A--4 I DAQI Conni Gohn Secretary ......... ..... L inda Metzgar Treasurer .......,.., ,.,.. A dam Mostoller secrelary """' """""' J can Kosho Class Historian ...,.. ....., W illiam Stufft Tfeasufef -'-'--- --'-'- A dam M05l0lle' Class Advisors .,,,.,.,,., ,,...,, Mr. Pfeffer Class Advisors ...... ......... ....... M r . Zimmerman Miss Elliott Mr. Svitchan Student Council ............ Joan Kostro, Ronald Eutin Student Council ........ Helen Emerick, Conni Gohn Nancy Shaffer, James Tirko Nancy Shaffer, James Tirko 4f We, the members of the Senior Class of 1957, express appreciation to Mr. Kenneth Adams, who has been our class visor for the last two years. He has helped us very much in activities and we are proud to have had him help us along way. In that this is Mr. Adams' last year at Forbes, we wish success in the years to come. Twenty Four our ad- our the him eatival Queen The Annual Somerset County Fall Fes- tival was held in October of this term in connection with Pennsylvania Week. The purpose of the Festival was to better ac- quaint the people of Somerset County with the various activities and industries in the area. Each school chose a queen to reign over one event at the Festival, which in- cluded such events as a Parade, a dins ner at Oakhurst Tearoom, a Square Dance, and the Coronation Ball. The queen chosen to represent Forbes High School was Her Maiesty, Joann Schokora. Joann, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, is an attractive member of the senior class. She wore a light green gown, and she made a lovely Fall Festival Queen. ' S . X F E 35 .Q 3 ' A 'fi tile. .t qv ' ' at i "3-in 3 4 Ig? R Queen The Maple Queen of Somerset Coun- ty is chosen each year from contestants representing high schools of the county. These contestants, known as princesses, are selected by methods which vary with the school. The winner this year will be 'Pennsyl- vania's Queen Maple the Tenth, and the two runners-up will become Maids of Honor. All other contestants will become princesses in the Maple Queen's court. Miss Shirley Keith, a blue-eyed blonde, is the Maple Princess from Forbes this year. She was chosen on a basis of personality, appearance, and talent by three outside judges in a contest held on January 4 at our school. Shirley has a lovely soprano voice, and has selected as her talent number the song, "Let My Song Fill Your Heart." TH TOP: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: k I G. Peden, F. Krevetski, J. Leverknight, P. Rice, T. Fyock,' D. Weaklond, J. Anderson, J. Snyder. D Rose P. Dill, A. Evenech, R. Charlton, W. Maneer, M. Henry, R. Jock, C. Keith, S. Ober. R. Croyle, M. Dryburg, D. Ringler, C. Zimmerman, S. Yoder, A. Troutman, J. Zborovancik, W. Gerney. L. Marston, S. Brown, M. Koontz, J. Armagost, R. Lambert, P. Stanko, M. Strelko, S. Zimmerman, Mr. Lawson. Absent: B. Tokar, H. Dom. lwnozmd ws with the pzzom The Seniors of 1958 have proved reliable and dependable as they strive for their goal. You can find them doing everything. For instance, they are well repre- sented on the honor roll, they are outstanding in sportsp and many of them are active in chorus and band. We, the Senior Class of 1957, wish them every success as they take our places next year. President ....,. , WILLIAM MANEER Vice President ,,,,. .,.,.. P ATRICIA DILL Secretary ..,,., . ,...,.,,. BARRY TOKAR Treasurer .... ..... F RANK KREVETSKI Twenty Seven '- t TOP: C. Logue, J. Loncltcnr, W. Mrogik, R. Fulton, P. Strellco, E. Diehl, G. Clark, J. Corbone. THIRD: M. Fleegle, D. Butler, D. Armagost, S. Makay, L. Moore, J. Miller, J. Fleegle, D. Stotler. SECOND: G. Holpit, E. Lisbon, R. Mcnges, M. McDowell, R. Tirko, M, Griffith, C. 'Wilson, C. Hunter. FIRST: Mr. Pfeffer, D. Day, N. Walker, D. Brant, E. Wingord, C. Kovock, D. Ross, S. Clark. 'Me Leif to Right. - D. Shaffer, N. Peden .JJ inn. 4 -.,,,,,.-,-l J. Corbett, R. Mcxnges L. Ccrbone. A A A Ls!!-,.., .,.-A ll .. . -. 4 l l TOP: F. Weible, J. Janidlo, E. Croyle, E. Grebeclr, N. Walker, H. Mincek, T. Ringler G Shaver THIRD: B. Mostoller, J. Strelko, J. Corbett, E. Haupt, D. Peden, N. Peden, A. Rice J Lohr SECOND: D. Koontz, J. Custer, S. Retassie, I. Holley, W. Bassett, B. Reed, I.. Carbone, 8 Shroyer FIRST: P. Kolesko, S. Rodger, D. Shaffer, S. Worsell, G. Putman, B. Rininger, C. Swope D Knopsnyder Miss Elliott. Absent: V. Fulton. 1zA.u1wiv1zdth.u7z Meet the Class of l959. This class will undoubtedly go far in improving our school, and when l959 rolls around, the members will look back on these years with many fond memories. A well-rounded class, this group can look forward to many broadening experiences as they complete their remaining years of school President .,,,,, Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Historian .... Twenty Nine NORMA PEDEN JANET CORBETT DONNA SHAFFER LINDA CARBONE RUTH MANGES 'G-... . he-as ,X - sr Left to Right: G. Riddell, J. Wirbick E. Miller, D. Walker Are you looking for pep? Find the Freshmen. They have it. The Greenies of the school are making a splendid start in preparing for the years ahead. They are enthusiastic over many of the school activities, they are especially interested in sports. They are eagerly awaiting their years as upper classmen and are preparing to meet them with as much pep and energy as they have had in pre- vious years. President ......... ,..,. J ACKIE WIRBICK Vice President .... .... G ARY RIDDELL Secretary ......... ...... E LAINE MILLER Treasurer .... DONALD WALKER TOP: J, Zimmerman, H. Miller, R. Fusina, J. Gorsuch, T. Thompson, L. Manges. SECOND: R. Zipfel, K. Bruening, T. Tirko, L. House, D. Walker, J. Toth, L. Shaffer. FIRST: R. Pysnik, I. Shaulis, B. Dixon, R. Custer, J. Wirbick, P. Newcomer, S. Clayton, J. Vought, Mr. Rodger. J ' J. L. E. D. T. M A. H. Absent F Rose -XX Left to Right: T. Swank, K. Koontz, M. Miller, R. Shaver. President ..,.,, .... R OBERT SHAVER Vice President ..,, .,,,,..... K AY KOONTZ Secretary ,,.. MARY JANE MILLER Treasurer .... .,... T ERRY SWANK TOP: A. Fritz, C. Berkebile, C. Fish, C. Bentz, J. Ashbrook, L. Eakle. THIRD: D. Foust, D. Dora, P. Georg, G. Alexander, J. Corbett, G. Bentz, S. Gindleperger. SECOND: L. Day, D. Alumbaugh, P. Charlton, R. Bassett, L. Dunmeyer, L. Bracken, G. Boyer, G. Boyer FIRST: D. Decker, D. Bruening, S. Carbone, B. Armagost, R. Fish, R. Georg, D. Chasar, Mrs. Leaf. Absent: D. Boyer. ASX . R' L eco Pflvh f-ff.-,N ,.,.-,J I '.-:- fwnll nn ' may 13451 X I W ill.. '-I ,.if"I"'v" 1. s.a-'aJ .L P I I, Q f- S TOP: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: TOP: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: .fvf II J in-1 ill?-X F. Holsopple, J. Malner, B. Miller, T. Miller, N. Kovack, V. Long, D. Nagy, J. Monges. R, McVicker, J. Lawrence, M. J. Miller, S. Peterman, D. Hunter, D. Massung, R. McGowan. K. Koontz, N. House, J. O'Roark, J. Ncugle, R. Krone, P. Mincek, J. Jock, C. Knopsnyder. M. Kennedy, R. Henry, B. Koontz, L. Hoffman, N. Krone, R. Hoffman, R. Kovack, C. Kovcck, Mrs. Bock E. Shaffer, W. Stelko, G. Turner, L. Rader, C. Pizer, W. Stulzman, T. Pugh. T. Swank, C. Shroyer, D. Sfotler, J. Wentz, M. Sniecienski, C. Sehn, E. Waltos, N. Phillips. E. Shontofski, K. Powell, B. Pfeffer, G. Shaulis, S. Peterman,'R. Shaver, E. Retassie. J. Zimmerman, R. Reed, A. Shonlofski, 'P. Strelko, J. Strelko, L. Walker, J. Rosenbaum, J. Swope, Mrs. Hare. s 1 f x. -, ,- ,P x ,IM Q '-- ' K -7 Q.-,Bi q Lv Q if 5 1 . tu. Left to Right: H. Shaffer, H. Leazier, H. Shepiey, C. Pysnik. President .,,,.,., HAROLD SHAFFER Vice President ,,,... .,.. H OMER LEAZIER Secretary ,,.A, ..,.. C AROL PYSNIK Treasurer ..,. HOLLY SHEPLEY TOP: E. Nagy, V. Gohn, J. Boyer, C. Long, V. Varner, M. Berkebile, S. Snyder. THIRD: D. Boyer, R. Brown, B. Zborovancik, W. Dunmeyer, B. Snyder, G. Berkebile, N. Walker, R. Shaver SECOND: J. Dixon, S. Carbone, S. Lebda, J. Murphy, V. Stutzman, P. Pugh, L. Felhauer. FIRST: S. Pugh, M. Lebda, N. Stotler, L. Swope, S. Logue, C. Pysnik, H. Shepley, D. Croyle, Mr. Dickey. Absent: B. Sanders. 6 Afm.t1hqflzanldlbufumq1h!hn1mwArlzon.O TOP. D. Dinning, J. Custer, D. Brant, R. Leasock, H. Leazier, J. Corbett, C. Babalonis, J. Leverknight. SECOND: R. Alexander, C. Birch, C. Brant, K. Brown, J. Haddix, G. Berkebile, J. Lake. FIRST: K. Keith, M. Grebeck, W. Blasco, D, Lohr, L. Emerick, R. Hanes, J. Kennedy, G. Gerney, Mr. Werner. TOP: T. Shaffer, S. Makay, R. Mcschue, J. Ringler, D. Turner, J. Miller, J. Ringler, E, Snyder, SECOND: M. Saiko, T. Rader, J. Weakland, C. Maneer, J. Young, L. Newcomer, R. Stevanus. FIR : ' ST J. McGowan, J. Mull, H. Shaffer, R. Massung, L. Zlmmerman, M. Roose, V. Yoder, D. Rosenbaum Mr. Statnirk. Thirty Five . x--M . r-- ! ,, L mr O I m 'ima EEE X x fs A I' K V, tylbnpnu f" Af FH ixafig 46 'S JW' --+....,M Qtr, x vs.. 'fix Q, if K '7 TN' 'K -' ' A"'v-4 n KTM jun - Qancu - Halma Thirty seven ugh -. Awww .,. M ..,,, .. .W..h,-M-A Q , V- - r I I I I V Tr-Q.. X K W F Thlriy Efghf Jontball 46'zukctball Brumball gfmzwzw i'! WJ g .. K, , TOP: Mr. Pfeffer, T. Fyoclr, R. Fusina, G. Peden, C. Strasiser, W. Stufft, J. Georg, F. Krevetslri, G. Bentz Mr. Stotniclc. SECOND: J. Yerovsek, G. Shaffer, F. Berkebile, J. Potochar, R. Armagost, L. Rader. FIRST: R. Georg, R. Custer, D. Walker, E. Stotler, T. Thompson, J. Leazier, J. Tirko, W. Gerney, C. Bentz. uma, ywwau The Forbes Jets, ably coached by Mr. Pfeffer and Mr. Statnick, contributed a successful schedule this year reflecting a true spirit of sportsmanship ond a real sense of loyalty to our new school. May we always have cause to be proud of the type of athlete that represents Forbes in every phase of its sports program. g COACHES ' Mr. Statnick, Mr. Pfeffer , ,Qi ., .. x L., U! 'zz John Leozier William Sfuffi ca James Tlrko 3 Corl Strasiser S J. McClemens, P. Dill, M. Shaver, J. Kostro Fred Berkebile 'S Richard Armagost Jack Georg 1-uv' a avr Gerald Shaffer 1 O TOP TO BOTTOM: J. Tirko, F. Krevetski, C. Strosiser, E. Stotler, J. Georg W Stufft R Fusmo G Shaffer J Yerovsek J. Pofochcr, F. Berkebile. Jnnfball ,Scalia Boswell Forbes Berlin ,,,,,,,,,, Forbes Meyersdcle Forbes Penns Manor Forbes United Joint Forbes Southmonl .. Forbes laurel Valley Forbes Turkeyfoot , Forbes Ligonier .... Forbes CO-CAPTAINS: F. Krevetski, W. Sluffl Hurry fellowgl H5 game time E X x In nl ii g gl 'QT K Kxv J q' i Yu i v 3 21 w. 5 'll' lil- t I ' l Q I K. xw gl ...JM .. . 7... L""'T TOP: G. Shaffer, F. Weible, J, Lohr, Mr. Dickey, C. Strasiser, F. Krevetski, T. Gardner. BOTTOM: E. Croyle, J. Leozier, J. Henry, D. Rose, E. Grebeck, M, Henry, V. Fulton, D. Walker. Bauzball leam Strike one! Strike two! Strike three! Any player would be'out then, but our team was not out, for we won the co-championship of the district during the 1956 season. Headed by captains. Ron Bowers and Stanley Greybeck, our baseball team per- formed to the credit of our school turning in five victories, one tie and one loss. Graduating letter- men are Carl Strasiser, Tom Gardner, John Leazier, Jerry lohr and Gerald Shaffer. Under the able guidance of coach Jack Dickey, the team is plan- ning for another championship team next year. Turkeyfoot Salisbury ., Northern . Berlin . Rockwood Stonycreek Meyersdale BASEBALL SCORES s , I Forbes ,. .H 4 Forbes . A Forbes . ,. .H 0 Forbes . 5 Forbes, . 0 Forbes. . ,. 6 Forbes , ,l7 5 ,,l5 ,.4 Left to Right: C. Kovack, E. Haupt, J. McClemens, P. Dill, M. Shaver, J. Kostro. Uwuufty leam Left to Right: M. Henry, W. Maneer, D. Weakland, J. Georg, C. Strosiser, G. Peden, F. Krevetski, B, Tokar, E. Stotler, J. Henry, Mr. Pfeffer. Uwrfhampa- Lxbuid5nnd6 Jack Georg VARSITY SCORES Windber ....... 44 Forbes Dale ............ ...... 6 5 Forbes Southmont ....... ......, 6 3 Forbes Dole ,........... ...... 6 4 Forbes Southmont ....... ....... 7 3 Forbes Windber ...... .,..... 6 6 Forbes Somerset ...... ....... 4 9 Forbes Shade Twp. .... 39 Forbes Stonycreek ....... .... 4 0 Forbes Salisbury ......... .... 4 5 Forbes Meyersdale ........ .,.. 2 7 Forbes Chestnut Ridge ..... .... 2 8 Forbes Turkeyfoot Valley ........ 47 Forbes J. B. J. .............,... .... 5 l Forbes Rockwood .... ..,. 73 Forbes Berlin ........ .... 4 7 Forbes Somerset ...... .... 7 7 Forbes Shade Twp. ...., .... 6 8 Forbes Stonycreek ...... .... 4 8 Forbes Salisbury ............... .... 3 9 Forbes Meyersdale .............,.... 35 Forbes Turkeyfoot Valley Chestnut Ridge .. J. B. J. ............. . Rockwood .....,. Berlin ........ Adams ...... Shannock .... 36 Forbes 33 Forbes .... 65 Forbes 78 Forbes 49 Forbes PLAYOFFS 58 Forbes 84 Forbes 43 50 66 74 59 36 6l Sl 66 72 82 65 10 7 80 69 8l 75 70 66 77 76 ll3 100 91 85 62 62 53 'zz Ualuuftq Jmm www 2 .A 111-1? Jing: S STANDING, Left to Right: D. Walker, E. Grebeck, P. Strelko, H. Miller, E. Croyle, F. Weible, Mr. Dickey, R. Fus no J. Gorsuch, M. Zborovoncik, R. Fulton, W. Mrogik. J. Custer. KNEELING: J. O'Roark, R. Custer, C. Logue, G. Retassie, R. Henry. Dale .,,....,. Southmont . . Windber .,., Dale . ..... ,, Southmont . , Windber Somerset .,,, Shade .....,.. Stonycreek ...,. Salisbury ,. .. , Meyersdale Chestnut Ridge .,... , Turkeyfoot Valley J. B. J. ..,...........,..,. Rockwood Berlin .,,... Somerset ..., Shade .,..,.... . Stonycreek ,..,. Salisbury .. ,. , Meyersdale .,.,,,., Turkeyfoot Valley Chestnut Rrdge ............., J. 8. J. .. ,..,,, Rockwood . . Berlin .,.,..,... SCORES Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forty Fi 19 33 13 31 38 20 28 27 33 21 31 32 49 42 22 32 32 38 46 34 43 56 34 33 35 34 ve Carl Strasiser ....,.,a.. COACHES Mr. Dickey and Mr. Pfeffer MANAGERS A. Lake, T. Gardner, R. Berkebile, T. Fyock Come on boys! Let's go. Get that ball! Preparing for action. Prayer Time. it iv1hli.AT .r S He speaks for Democracy Iv's all in knowing how! Ready, set, type. Senior Thespians Learning the business Homemakers of tomorrow 39- L Q5 ,,.4 ill'-" .., ,L -1. .,i I I I I I I X - ----1 'U--.....,M 41' UN! X A ' , . -'JT' w '1 ff 2 K X I QW: A- I Q , -1 S "W" BEST ALL AROUND SENIORS Ronald Eutin and Joan Kostro Forty Eight I. mam, ,N wa . lfki f A 'J Mt"-3" fm . xg Q' an-ii r, .,.- '- ' ' X 5 i Forfy Nine Fublimhbm Qfzwnatzlca flulm EDITORIAL STAFF Left to Right: N. Carbone, R. Donahue, A. Mostoller, L. Metzgar, C. Strasiser, T. Gardner, J. McClemens, H. Emerick C. Gohn. The senior class of 1957 leaves with you a part of themselves. The many people who helped to make this possible leave many memories from the 1956-1957 term through the various pictures and descriptions. Beginning with the front cover, which displays a picture of the beautiful new school from which the class of 1957 has the honor of being the first to graduate, there is a treasure of pictures, teachers, students, and glimpses of real fun that was enioyed by everyone. Last, but not least, we have the advertisers who have been largely responsible for the success of the FORBIAN. We ofthe staff wish to thank all who helped with this 1957 edition of the FORBIAN, and we hope that this edition will help keep the memories of events and stu- dents of Forbes Joint High School with you always. TYPING STAFF Left to Right: ' D. Rader, J. Schokora, F. Mostoller, B. Berkebile, J. Kostro, M. Donitzen. if M57 7-1 BUSINESS STAFF Lefl fo Righf: P. Muro, C. Sirosiser, R. Armagost, F. Berkebile, R. Berkebile, J. Leozier T. Gardner, J. Tirko, G. Shaffer, J. Lohr. Advisor: Mr. Pfeffer. nw: and SUBSCRIPTION STAFF , M. House, M. Donitzen, D. Johnson Let's check it, boys!!! fl -sz IMKEPN 1 5 I R414- X -L ',,-nic . IQ, .M LJ: K A Left to Right: P. Dill, C. Escherich, N. Shaffer, T. Gardner, J. Barnett, J. Dinning, C. Gohn, J. Corbett, W. Moneer. Edntor .,.....,.........,....,,,,,,. . ,..,, CONNI GOHN Associate Editors ...,.,,,.... JUDY DINNING Feature Editor ..,. ....,.. Exchange Editor Sports ,.,,.... JANET CORBETT CAROL ESCHERICH PATRICIA DILL NANCY J. SHAFFER JANET BARNETT THOMAS GARDNER WILLIAM MANEER Alumni ,..,. HELEN EMERICK MARYLIN SHAVER Subscriptions ,.,...........,............. CLAIR ROSEY RONALD DONAHUE, JERRY LOHR Circulation ..........................,... FRED BERKEBILE BARBARA LIBERTY, SHARON CUSTER Fifty Art ., Reporters ROBERT BERKEBILE EDWARD CROYLE NANCY CARBONE MARY HAUSE NOREEN MOSTOLLER MARY KOONTZ ERROLENE HAUPT DORLA PEDEN Typlsts ,,,,., ..... J OAN MCCLEMENS Advisor .... Two JOAN SCHOKORA NORMA REXROTH FAYANN MOSTOLLER ANNA M. EVENICH JOAN KOSTRO MISS ELLIOTT 7 M57 fnwz bi-mo neam mamlolz 359"""2i QQ TYPING STAFF BACK ROW: N. Rexroth, N. Mos- foller, F. Mostoller, N. Peden, E. Houpt. FRONT ROW: J. Kostro, J. Mc- Clemens, S. Custer, B. Liberty. Af ""'!!g A .N I f ' r - , BUSINESS STAFF BACK ROW: M. House, C. Rosey, R. Donohue, R. Berkebile, H. Emerick, J. Lohr, F. Berkebile. FRONT ROW: M. Shaver, E. Croyle, N. Corbone. s, .XM 0 The senior play cast and committees The Junior Class play, "Almost Summer," was presented on April 12, 1956, under the direction of Mrs. Frances Trent. "Almost Summer" was a three-act comedy about the life of a teen age boy his family, and school troubles, written by Christopher Sergel. The cast included: Paul Jones .,,,,, Mrs. Jones ,.A., Mr. Jones .A,.., Junior ,,..,,,.,, Mary .,.... Jack .,,, Jane ,,,,.,,,,,,,.. .. Gerald Shaffer Conni Gohn Dick Armagost Adam Mostoller Helen Emerick Tom Gardner Linda Metzgar Mr. Smudgely ..,.,. . .. ,.... Bill Stufft Anne ....s,,.,,, .. .. ,..,, Mary Hause Lilah Johnson , .,,,,.s...,,,,s, ,,,,,,.,, . . , Donna Rader "Fog Island," under the direction of Mrs. Frances Trent, was presented on November 20, 1956. "Fog Island" was a suspense play in three acts written by E. Clayton McCarty. The cast included: Mrs. Williams ........... Williams ..,...,..,, Jerry Martin ........ Sheriff Doolittle ., Brock ......,........,... Margie O'Laughlin Hazel Summers .... Ann Wickcliffe ...... Maurine Gardner Johannah Green ..... Priscilla Ralston .,.... Connie Gohn Dick Armagost Gerald Shaffer Ronald Donahue Adam Mostoller .. Helen Emerick Joan McCIemens Mary Hause . Linda Metzgar Pat Newcomer Donna Rader Out!! ll D .bland Double-barrelingl ! ! What next? The Stage Crew QW H4 W fl jx Tv LIT tffxlilhlg IS Ill' ...J...s-- -MIA ev- .- I : PIII!! I I -New 'l1.I,l'l' I S.. ' I I I' 'nl' ml .M ' V: . e, , N NL. Q! ,Z SITTING: J. Custer, D. Rose, W. Gerney. M0 STANDING: J. Janidlo, D. Butler, C. Rosey, C, Gohn, M. Shaver, S. Brown, D. Peden, Mr. Law- son, R. Eutin. qnnd Archon .. E. . Council The Student Council, under the guidance of Mr. Charles Lawson, is the student gov- ernment of our school, There are two representatives from each sophomore, iunior, and senior homeroom. These law-makers meet periodically to consider the timely and pressing problems facing the students. The council was very active this year in collecting baskets of food for the needy during the Christmas holiday season, sponsoring the milk and cookie snack after each home basketball game, and initiating the annual "Maroon and White Day" at Forbes. SITTING, Left to Right: N. Walker, L. Bracken, G. Shaulis, I. Varner, Mr. Zimmer- man, B. Holsopple, D. Lohr, J. Mull. M 6 0 STANDING, Left to Riaht: D. Hunter, J. O'Roark, H. Miller. . .01Ll1.Cl.l The Junior High Student Coun cil is composed of twelve mem- . . bers from the iunior-high home- rooms. These underclassmen as- sumed their role of leadership when the outcome of a success- ful magazine drive was an- nounced. This group, under the ...L I ' . 1 sponsorship of Mr. Thomas Zim- merman, also purchased decora- tions for and donated a beautiful tree for the hall of our school during the holiday season. XXX ...- V' President ........ Adam Mostoller Vice President ., Ronald Donahue Secretary .....,...... Linda Metzgar ' Www ' lzyldhiflm ala! 'M its T Left to Right, R. Donahue, L. Metzgar, N. Carbone, M. House, C. Gohn, A. Mostoller, J. McClemens The National Honor Society, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Evelyn Bittner, is this year celebrating its third anniversary at Forbes High School. This group of select students chosen by the faculty on the basis of character, leadership, service, and scholarship is expected to set good examples in all phases of school activity and to carry this "light" to others throughout their lives. The activities for the term included the presentation of an impressive candlelight induc- tion ceremony for new members, the composition of a iunior-senior student activity file, an Honor Society alumni file, and a scrapbook, weekly devotions over the public address system, a tea honoring all honor roll students, a spelling-bee assembly, and the maintaining of the main hall bulletin board. .KM RADIO CLUB I I I 1 E L A X.,1,., . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS President .............. Patricia Newcomer Vice President ............ Aldine Secrest Treasurer . ...... .. Reporter ..... ..... Judy Dinning . Carol Escherich Advisor .... Mrs. Alice Witt ART AND PO President ................ Secretary ....... ,.... Treasurer ....... ..... Advisor ....... .... STER CLUB Richard Armcgos Loretta Kennedy .. Barbara Liberty Mrs. Nina Horn KNITTING CLUB President ..... ...... A nn Troutma Secretary .... ...... S hirley Brow Treasurer ......., ....,........ S hirley Brow Advisor ....... ...... M rs. Frances Tren TRI President ,. ..........,.., Vice President lsecretary. .... ., Treasurer .... Advisor -HI-Y , ....... Donna Rader Gloria Nagy Patricia Fleegle Mary Donitzen Mrs. Evelyn Bittner STAGE CREW President ........... Allen Shaffer 'Vice President .,.... ,..... i... . J ack Henry Secretary ..,.... ........ M elda McDowell -Advisor .... ...... M r. Kenneth Adams SR. JOURNALISM CLUB resident .,.....,..,......... Thomas Gardner ice President ,.,... ecretary ....... Clair Rosey Carol Escherich halrman .... . .,....,.,,... .ludy Dinning dvlsor .... ....... M iss Josephine Elliott .. ,.,,.l,..i-.- 1 ,Vw JSF vn- ll? quad null Fifty Nine 'x XM C' use -4. 4.. AUDIO VISUAL CLUB William Maneer Carl Logue Beniamin Mostoller Terry Thompson Thomas Zimmerman SENIOR LEADERS' CLUB Captains .... Carol Escherich Joan Kostro Co captains .......,. Janet Barnett Patricia Newcomer Advisor ..... Mrs. June Bock DRIVERS EDUCATION CLUB President ,.......... Clair Rosey Vice President Charlotte Zimmerman Secretary .,,,.... Lula Marston Treasurer .... Deanna Ringler Advisor Mr. Chester Pfeffer MATH CLUB President ........,........,.. Adam Mostoller Vice President ........ Ronald Donahue Secretary ......... ......... P atricia Dill Advisor ...,.. .... M r. John Rodger VARSITY CLUB President .......................... James Tirko Vice President .........,,... William Stufft Secretary .......... ......,. C arl Strosiser Treasurer ....... ........., W illiom Moneer Advisor ....... ...... M r. Stephen Statnick J. V. CHEERLEADERS President .,.............. Barbara Holsopple Vice President .........,...... Elaine Miller Setretury ......... .... F lossie Holsopple Treasurer .... Flossie Holsopple Advisor ..... Mr. Jack Dickey + 156 1 ' 2 3 5' ,E . 'S A x , 1 N4 ,, - ssh N -- Q-.. ,.....-- fzwzpp ww" I I I uf X f . X -ali. JUNIOR LEADERS' CLUB Advisor ...................... Mrs. June Bock CAMERA CLUB President ,...., .................. J ohn Gorsuch Vice President .,........ John Rosenbaum Secretary ........ ....... R obert Shaver Treasurer ..... ....... D onna Angelo Advisor ....... ...... M rs. Zona Hare 1 i . A X xv . w?x.uw,1kv1A , , ' Q -- cf f- A , W f L, , QC? it 5, gl, - ,. 45351 " k N " aiu' fd COOKING CLUB Rig, Sv' Advisor ....... Mrs, Alice Witt OUTDOOR CLUB President .............,..,..... Richard Georg Secretary ....... ......,. .I erry Corbett Advisor .,.. .,..... M r. Charles Clark JR. JOURNALISM CLUB President ............. 4. .... Vice President Secretary ....., Treasurer Advisor Alberta Emerick Thomas Tirko Patty Boyer Barbara Darr Mrs. Estella Leaf HANDCRAFT CLUB Advisor ......,.....,....,.. Mr. John Winters LITERATURE CLUB President ................,. Vice President Secretary ...... Treasurer .. Advisor ..... Jerry Zimmerman Linda Eakle Delores Dora Dorothy Foust Mr. Ellis Werner LM oil .TF P . 'ff fel' jl yt V' L, .Q - X.. 1 f' 1 s- M. ,482 X un-Q rv' 'Q H4 fs 7-iv' l 5 Q 4' 33' The senior band, under the baton of Mr. Stanley Mish, has completed another year full of excellent achievements. Joan Wir- bick, heading the group of snap- py maiorettes, led the marching band in several firemen's pa- rades, Memorial Day parades, and at half-time shows during football games. The annual spring concert and the spring band festival were well received. fpenfvnnm nn fanfball ' , INSIDE S Ober C Gohn P Newcomer C Wilson R Manges C Long M Berkebile, H. Mincek, M. Paul, SECOND D Peden N Peden T Gardner D Armagost A Evenech J Gorsuch, D. Shaffer, A. Fritz, D. Dunning D Lohr J Rlnqler V Long D Decker C Zimmerman R Fusina, J. Lawrence, C. Young. S1 - R. s A b-1' 1 1.1 MGI 'fy J K L' 4 'fwflw Y A ra ',,9e, 0099 Q " pP n - . - -. . S : 9 USERS? ' . .. Cl , at v-f5,-.m- - gn 4, - -, . ,, sh- ' an ' 2 'R -I 'N' .g,A.,..-. .t w ..-.A. . '-.-.l' . ,. -gg THE COMBINED CHORUSES TOP: J. Strelko, B. Hostetler, J. Dinning, R. Croyle, D. Johnson, P. Dill, C. Esherick, J. Wirbick, B. Stufft, J. Georg, P. Rice, A. Secrest, H. Mincek, A. Evenich, P. Newcomer, G. Shaver, L. Metzgar, S. Keith. FIFTH: J. Zborovanick, D. Armagost, N. Peden, D. Ringler, D. Peden, E. Haupt, C. Zimmerman, T. Gardner, A. Shaffer, J. Lohr, S. Ober, D. Butler, J. Corbett, J. Lohr, M. Dryburg, J. Mezack, M. Paul. FOURTH: M. Koontz, S. Retassie, P. McGowan, L. Moore, H. Emerick, J. McClemens, A. Troutman, R. Berkebile, T. Fyock, J. Leverknight, F. Berkebile, N. Mostoller, D. Rader, C. Gohn, L. Walker, G. Nagy, I. Holley, C. Hunter. THIRD: J. Armagost, S. Brown, P. Clark, M. McDowell, B. Reed, D. Peterman, D. Rose, D. Armagost, A. Mostoller, B. Berkebile, G. Shaffer, W. Bassett, M. Griffith, G. Holpit, S. Clark, L. Marston, E. Hay. SECOND: D. Ross, P. Stanko, D. Knopsnyder, P. Georg, P. Kolesko, R. Manges, C. Rosey, D. Shaffer, R. Donahue, P. Muro, R. Charleton, T. Ringler, L. Carbone, M. Shaver, J. Barnett, F. Mostoller, S. Custer, S. Rodger. FIRST: Miss Cagley, J. Sheeler, P. Miller, D. Brant, S. Worsell, D. Shaffer, B. Morgan, J. Kostro, A. Rice, J. Leazier B. Miller, C. Wilson, B. Lambert, K. Tirko, M. Strelko, P. Fleegle, C. Kovack, E. Wingard, B. Rininger, S. Zim: merman. D. Armagost, G. Shaffer, J. Lohr, T- Gafdfwff MISS CUQIBY One of the largest departments of F. H. S. is 0 Vocal Department, under the skillful direction of Mi E Mary Cogley. Composed of the mixed chorus, the girl N chorus, the boys' chorus, the iunior Forbettes, and t A girls' ensemble, this department has sung its w Rv through another year of note-worthy accomplishmen ,Al Q by participating in the Christmas program, Dedicati 4' U of our new school, the County Festival at Conemau I 1 A Township, the beautiful annual spring concert, and t A 5 Baccalaureate and Commencement Services. E T .J J V VY- ' fs, Q' . ,df ,. N ' gg Nc 34-,Q , . . t 9. 'X s 3 3 Q . . , w ,X-Mx, R IT A1 Q-'11--M X54 i . -Nr' i ! -4 Ai-..- Hill ' 'MW ll , -' fv'f- .x Niki,-f" 1- - I fag i , 1,- ,.k .-1 They really know how! Getting experience Looking for cz book? Weighty problem! The parking crew Sine, cosine, tangent The Garden of Memories Sixty Eight , , tyau-...V nl ' X' rf Nix 1 0 5 uf "1 1i'6'z. f 1.344 Y l A clean sweep always Our food experts Dependable is the word Just about right! Sweets! 1500 calories! ! ! They protect our safety Sixty Nine f'L1f'9.ff'L4f' l.f'L1f'L1f'l.ff'Lfl"k.1f'L4"L'f'L1f'L4f'LAFL Daniel Shaffefs Suns Hardware Furniture Electrical Appliances +O+ FIFTY-SIX YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE O40 Phone 21 31 HOOVERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA f'L1f".4f'L1f' 94" '.1f'k.1l"I.4f"l.1l"Lff'l.1f'L4' L1f'g1fKk1f' ONE STOP SHOPPING Now You Can Shop For All Your Needs In Just One Stop See Bee Shopping Center Including GIANT SUPER MARKET NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES AT LOWER PRICES W e Give SQH Green Stamps O+O Phone 21 ll ROUTE 53 HOOVERSVILLE .J7,.J"l.J5.J'5,4I'5.J'5.J'5,J'5Y,J5.J"I25 .J'5.J5.J"i.J 2 CQ T 2 ci? 5 2 E2 T Q T 2 52 2 2 2 2 2 T T T 3' Qvc62' Q03 QFD QFD AUSTIN BODY Steel Dump Bodies and Hydraulic Hoists RUGGED CONSTRUCTION I .fweyffmfcwejfweyffeyffmffxey U G 5 'U W 0 Q- '4 N 5 Q- 'JI "4 Q- H N 5 n"-T: Q Cl: O H l ln i FOR ALL SIZE CHASSIS SOMERSET WELDING 2 s. smsl. co. 2 fi P. O. Box 48 Phone 4304 S 2 South Center Avenue 2 SOMERSET PENNA. fb 25 Q 9 G, 25 Q .2 Q 9 Q Q5 6, J G, Q5 42 J G, 25 C2 9 Q Q If Q 9 6, 25 Q 2 9516 5 Q E Compliments K of 2 S 3 .THE WHITE sun Hom. Q li 3 Special S G H 2? 3 S g and Q Banquets 2 2 Cv 2 IENNERSTOWN, PA. S S Q Terrace Chevrolet Company Q GD S SALES and SERVICE A EQ 3 W Q 3 2 S Chevrolet Cars and Trucks 2 E Oldsmobile Cars 5 Q ., it +o+ Holsopple 3211 JEROME PENNSYLVANIA 995QaJ5Q:J3Q x95QQ5Q.J'Qk05Q:J'365'Qk95gDkx9'fQa:95Q:eD3Q:e05QCg COMPLIMENTS OF SKIP and HONEY HAUPT GREEN GABLES - MOUNTAIN PLAYHOUSE Iennerstown, Pa. Banquets - Class Reunions - Dinners - Summer Stock GREEN GABLES NEW STUDIO BARN Unusual Settings for Important Large Dinners BA NQUETS - REUNIQNS - CLUB DINNERS S'TOUGHTON LAKES Swimming and Boating-Ice Skating and Skiing PHONES: BOSWELL 9443 or 3512 2 52 2 ig 2 'Q 2 t2 2 2 2 2 2 Q G5 k054Q k:9"4Ez:9 269353 56340 QKENJVQJ A526556 '4:b::95QkJV:D 3.6 2 2 2 25 2 2 2 2 2 2 J 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 V. R. Paul Coal Company if 32 9 S HOUSE COAL STOKER AND RIM Q 'Y 9 S Stoystown 3676 Stoystown 3835 . 5? S Q Q 2 Q R. D. No. 3 .9 3 Q Q 'Q 3 Stoystown Pennsylvania 2 2 J T 3 S 3 C0MP1,1MENTs C2 OF Q . . 2 gg The First National Bank 3 3 5 Q 409 9 K' Q CD, J S E Q K, Stoystown Pennsylvania Q Q5 Sf' 3 2 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q QD Q 9 Q J Q 2 Q5 Q J Q 9 Q 9 4 Q 5 Q 5 Q 3 Boswell Lumber Company Manufacturers and Distributors Quality Building Material OAK FLOORING AND TRIM ANDERSEN WINDOWALL COMPLETE WOOD WINDOW UNITS Phone MA 9-2781 Boswell Pennsyl COMPLIMENTS UF PEOPLES STATE BANK Jenner 't wn Peuusyl 3 2 Q 5 3 3 ? 3 3 2 3 2 3 Q ff 3 as 2 FEQQQFB Q' .NQVQ 3.6 993 .670 Q:-c6'QQ7sGNb-c?Le1?l Nbs?Qe1?Q:-s?Qe:fNQ7s?b-c6x'Q:e162fQe4.?fQ,sfNQec?Qe4?fL-tGQ J S . S Check Save Borrow 3 . . . f Q At the Bank Whlch Is Your Frlenrlly Nelghbor Q 32 5 5 2 SOMERSET TRUST COMPANY 5 Q 3 S 3 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporat S Z2 T E 'Q 3 Q 3 H. J. SPECHT Gm SON Q , 3 Hardware Furniture Explosives Q S REFRICERATION BUILDING 3 MINE AND FARM SUPPLIES Q - 9 +o+ Phone 3661 Stoystown Pennsylvania wwwmkamwaseakofqkameamkamaemwwkamkwmwmkamwwe I 'E K 'E Q9 CD Q' 52 J! .QD E Q' Q Q' Q Q E K Q K Y K Q Q' LQ Sf 'Q K C2 T C2 Q Q16 fi C I CJ 'C 'Nm Ze 57:1 in U2 rf? Qi I xi EISA SD FE Qa- 'Q Sl: QS P' f? E T5 in BEACON RESTAURANT Q7cG?4Q7cG::4 S Counter and Table Service -f Air Condition-ed E OPEN 24 HUURS gw .6 Q Let the Beacon Be Your Guiding Light S Q5 3 Route 219-lust North of Somerset Somerset 2483 5 E Qzfx' QQ uw o 5 m H UI m I+ I n 1 E : UI o : -I 1 cn a n. 3653 Q .fe :QQ gm Q 9 Q J Q Q5 Q 9 Q J Q 9 Q J Q J Q J Q 9 Q 9 Q 9 Q J Q 9 Q Q5 Q 2 Service, Inc. 'Qs G. H. "Hen" Strong 5255 Edgewood Avenue Somerset, Pa. Phone: 4078 - 4667 o+o HHOME OF THE STEEL TREAD" T Q K Q T CD. J! K' '52 K . Q Q' Q EF LD Q' E T C2 Q' 'Q T LD S Q LD Q G5 .abfezeweygogfmygfhfey so O C -1 l'l'l ro so Z O so -4 I O 11 U5 O Z l'I1 :u U5 I'l'l -1 -u I O Z l'l1 ro ro A A RATSY'S TAVERN SPAGHETTI - PIZZA 6 ROOF GARDEN DRIVE-IN 'sE'njoy Movies Under the Starsv Route 219 , . if-'Q' +12-"- SOMERSET PENNSYLVANIA E652 Compliments Of THE HITE HOUSE sToYsTowN PENNSYLVANIA 3 E. H. S H O C K E Y Clover Farm Stores PHONE 3543 STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 5 Fully Insured PHONE: TW-3-3132 or TW-3-3523 J. MILLARD GARDNER LOCAL AND INTERSTATE MOVING AND STORAGE O90 Stoystown Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Complim ents Of WILLIAM C. ARMAGOST 8: SONS Hoovensvlue PENNSYLVANIA I 52 I Q I Q z I CE K Q T 32 K 52 T 'D Q' I Q' 'Q T 52 Q' C2 Q' T T CD Q' 3 YGDNJVQ Fig9 ei k:9Fi:J94D MOZQQFQ SQ R975 QJVMJVID QYQQFS Q. 9:9Fix:9' 62596 :Q03":D G ' .T 2 r:01vcRA'rU1,AT10Ns 33 J . . T Q Hlgh School Semors! L55 ., Q Q Q GLOSSER BROTHERS extends hearty congratulations S Q to The Forbes Ioint High School Graduating Class of 9 i 3 1957. We sincerely hope that your future will be filled Q with happiness and worthy achievements. "Ill N. 2 O E: 3 In g 3 EA 3 3 I11 vi E Z 2. 2 9 ix " O C5 Q E 'ts 'S Qi . 3 9 Q 'SL M Of Sheftic Amusement Company W o U1 2 rv I:-' 'U :r' o 'J Q 3, so I no so oe oa 'U ro :1 :S U1 'S 4 as E. su 53 2 2 i t 2 2 J 3 5 J Q 9 t ? G J Q 5 Q Qi 3 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '57 from Windber Plumbing Gm Supply Co. 1224 Graham Avenue Windber Pennsylvania P 11 o 1 o g r a p h y C Phone 58442 504 Main Street Iohnstown, Pennsylvania fam Vik-D' 'FD.x:9 3:9 Fi 33 Q35 C9.DV5.wJ'yQu SGRGQFG4 0"Q:e9Vi:J5'Q:-:99QwJ5'Q:J5'Q:eD'Q::95Q::0Vi:JF:D:J,Qr:954D:v MAKE YOUR FUTURE SECURE INSURE WITH ?'b4?'NQ71?N'Qv1fN'L4GA'Q7r?fQnF4b1?R'Q7s?fCs,-r?fb4fNQ,1?4Q:c El T K. H. WAGNER AGENCY Y D. No. 2 Stoystown, Penna. Q "All Types of Insurance" Compliments U Of 5 HOOVERSVILLE NATIONAL BANK 2 5? Hooversville Pennsylvania Compfiaments BEAUTY SHOP lp Ph 2705 SOMERSET one LUMBERING R- D-1 co. Hooversville Pennsylvania Somerset Pennsylvania kJVQG Q ff C2 Cf' T T 2 Q 5? Q' CD C9Q7sG:f 52 K 32 I Q T 'Q K 32 T LD K' Q Q' 52 K 'D Q' 3 Vie? QFD 74D.xQ54b .x9' Compliments of Highland Tank Manufacturing Company EQUIPMENT BUILT T0 ENDURE STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA B. J. MAURER MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer for 32 Years Phone MA-9-2751 BOSWELL PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Of FRANK LIBERTY AND FAMILY STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA C0llg::l?lilLtiOllS H U N T E R , S 1957 Graduates 8: 313 Center Street HOFFMAN Boswell Pennsylvania 'Boswell Pennsyl Q Q1 Q 9 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2 5 95143 QDEA6'i4E462fL:,4GQQ:1?fxQ74?Q:f,?4'Ea?'4Ee62fQ:c?'4L4ffifEMrfhnffb4?SC31G' SCE 45' fb 4670 A A A A Q2 2 5 9 EUREKA srronns S Q If 2 Cr J "A CITY OF SHOPS IN UNE STORE" QD Q 3 fl WINDBER PENNSYLVANIA 9 Q Q 2 2 Quality 9 BAKING ,. . . iw K, I IOIIIU Is 5 CO EL Sinee 3 Windber. Pa. ' Q Phone 554 1910 .3 CD K, G' .5 T Q Gb SZ CONGRATULATIONS T0 THE CLASS OI" 1957 ' . F 3 WINDBER TRUST COMPANY Q, WINDBER, PA. I A if ig HA Safe Place to Hare Your Money" 2 SAFE SOUND PRUCRICSSIVE 2 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 I Q Q C17 3 Cf TERLINGO'S ECONOMY STORE Q PHONE 2581 9 S HoovERsvu.LE PENNsYLvANlA Q 5 5 953.6363636363Q94:vDQ3k:9VikJKDQ3rJV-Yrs!-:DV4DrJFT--f9'593N49""iGD 5 2 COMPLIMENTS OF Qj Q E BITTNER'S CURB SERVICE K2 Home of the '6Bit-burger", 2 5 T O C -I ffl NT 'O Z O Z -I I O 'Tl U5 O Z ffl Z U5 H1 -I SOMERSET PENNSYLVANIA T E COMPLIMENTS OF 2 E Heiple Supply Co. 8: Putt-Putt E E Builders' Supplies Miniature Golf Course Q Millwork E jf nours 219-NORTH or somensm S3 somenser PENNSYLVANIA Qvcfhf :JG gi TRENT's MARKET 5 Q Q5 Q ON THE DIAMOND FQM PHONE 5916 9 S 3, somenssr PENNSYLVANIA S Q QD 2 GOVERNOR THEATER 3 The Beauties of Cinemascope 3 The Wonders of Sterophonic Sound E SOMERSET PENNSYLVANIA 3 S ff GJ9foxyFo.kai-inNewMofakafvkavqwfwkofowgokafgukafgokkofawfgukaegmkoafac? Ef.?'b 3 E 2 Q' 52 S5 ES E, :S ES T '12 Q' Q S K E ?'fQy.G:'fQv6::f OF SOMERSET BUS COMPANY Q7c?:'fQ:7c624Qj, Qi SOMERSET Pennsylvania E ATLAS PRINTING COMPANY E Q Q Book Room Qycfxb 39545 Somersefs Christian Book Store Q BIBLES - BOOKS - GIFT ITEMS 9 530 ANKENY AVENUE Z2 S somensn PeNNsvIvANIA Q b:?fQ,:?f NDYQJVQ .5 5 Q 0 Fl mu W N D- ?O Fl 4 2' U1 i 0 O 'JI' 30 O IP' 'U 'U I'-T! N 5 Q 0 ll! E S 3 MOTOROLA S Sommer 6335 somersee sooo gi 111 WEST UNION ST. 125 S. EDGEWOOD AVENUE 3 S PETE'S HIDEAWAY "The Friendliest Bar in the Country" DANCING EVERY SATURDAY E PIZZA SPAGHETTI ROUTE 53 FRIEDENS, PENNSYLVANIA I 5 I J I 5 I, 2 J I, 2 9 I J I CI I 5 I J i 2 9 I 5 GSW? Q:7s?Qy.?R GBE-162 -.. SPECHT'S SUPER MARKET GROCERIES -- FROZEN FOODS - FRESH MEATS W E DELIVER STOYSTOWN 3532 STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA HILLTOP HOTEL HC0me In and Have a Chat With Hapv DINE and DANCE ROUTE 30 STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Of T H E D E A N E R S A-:fr STOYSTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Of R U S S I C ' S HOOVERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA T 'E is E T E K CD 2 I 'Q Q2 Q E Q K 52 I 'E Q' LQ K 'Q Q' CE K L2 SC 32 K Q Q gifs? k:9f27KEx:9'fiQ94i .Ji . kiyieygb 9 Q' 62'9Q71GAiE7c6'NQ:-s?Q:-s?hfA'bs?fL7s?Q:fs?fSOg'Q7s?NQ:-s63fQvs?Q7s?Q7s?Q,f.?b46:'fbr6'GJ a L- 3' 0 z 5 3' Q 9 Q' O 1- tn 0 -1 -E? O gf M '31 2 3 S z 3 5 S 5. G- O S 6 a - E' nu 5 U 2: 9-1 5 Z Q ru 1' su jj, g E ve 2- 540 XJQ. S T E W A R T I S BILL BROWN'S Hardware 6:49.62 .x99':S.. INN FARM EQUIPMENT 5 5 Q Plwne 3801 Phone- Boswell 3235 ' 3 5 KJ Jennerstown Pennsylvania Bagwell pennsylvania 55 Q T , . 3 3 Compliments of I X L Creamery ig Hilltop Floral Service Inc ' un Complete Floral Service lg Milk Ice Cream cb Friedens Pennsylvania Telegraph Delivery Service Frledens Pennsylvania ,fee l I l Q' J 3 Q Walier's IT1re Service Compliments S IIC. ' Sf' Farm Tractor Tire Retreading of 3 HOUR SPECIALITYV SQMERSET 3 Largest Tire Retreadingl Plant East K, of the Mlsslsslppl 2 sb Phone 4124 Somerset Pennsylvania CD S Somerset Pennsylvania Q Q Circle 219 346' M933 seen' :D "1 :P I '-'I CD Ll 2 U1 I" W '4 SQ K, Steaks Chops Spaghetti Q Dancing Ph 4062 J Saturday Nights and Holidays one g E Phone 3613 Somerset Pennsylvania 3 Somerset Pennsylvania 3 2 Lois ANN sl-IOPPE J, J, KIMMEL K, aQ5Q:Q?ci.e5'Q.6Viae95Q Y ' ' 9 n I Pmfvf Ladies Apparel Nationwide Insurance Phone 5393 Phone 5213 Somerset Pennsylvania Somerset pennsylvania 5 1 5 , SHAFFER S QD Q B U D D S BLOCK wonxs 2 J Cement Blocks S Split Blocks for Veneering an Somerset's Largest Shoe Store Aluminum Willdows E S5 , Phone 5176 E Q Somerset Pennsylvania tb Somerset Pennsylvania S S 3 SOMERSET SOMERSET 3 MILLING co. BOOK STORE 2 E Manufacturer of 0ffiCf? SUPPUCS and T K7 N N Equipment S 5 fU5T RIGHT FEEDS Typewriters Fountain Pens S E Phone 610' Phone 5950 Q E 50me"Sef Pen"'5Y'VC"'iU Somerset Pennsylvania epvwwfmeof-eoeeofmMoifoeofbeeofaowfokniemswgowwuwffokseogmwfosafemkofme GJQ:,cGNQ,-sffb-s?fb4GN Nbs?Q:s?2Q:7s6:Ne?bc?fbc?b-s?Q:7s?Qr,-s63fbs?'Q:-c?b-:GG Q S 5 A. D. GRAHAM AND CO., INC. Q E BEAVER BRAND FERTILIZERS 2 E SOMERSET PENNSYLVANIA E PENNSYLVANIA POULTRY PROCESSING Q CORPORATION .D CQ Buyers - Processors - Sellers and Marketing of 2 High Grade Poultry and Allied Products Q 'M TABLELAND DELUXE TURKEYS P. O. BOX 128 JENNERSTOWN, PA. Q Congratulations from Q BOLDT MACHINERY AND TOOLS i 16 WEST 12th STREET ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA INTEGRITY - SERVICE - SALES Stocking Distributor for Machinery -- Machinery Attachments and Accessorles Q D e R O Y ' S 3 IOHNSTOWN'S LEADING IEWELERS 2 Congratulations to the 1957 Graduates K2 .IEWELERS SINCE 1848 gl 132-138 MARKET STREET PHONE 7-5171 2 39Fi. w9'i.wJ9aO.654D.Q'Q.65Qe9Qe9Q.QfQe3Qh :J':D:Q:DVi:Q9'Q:Q1gDG Q T Q T Q 'WD E 52 Q E Qi E QP 32 if ii Qi 52 Q' 5? Q' T Q' 'E I Q Q3 'Q Q 'Q Q WILLIAMS' Kolesko M0101 GROCERY Sales F o R D it Q Q Phone 3964 SALES and SERVICE 52 5 Phone 2551 S Q Kantner Pennsylvania ' jj Hooversville Pennsylvania S Q ..t--Qv-,A - , - 5 O . O E Complinzents Citizens National Q of Bank IN wmossn Sc? ,QQ Q ' T S H0ver Fifty Years of Q Bar and Restaurant F"w'l'1'y Semcen CC 2 . 1204 Graham Avenue cb Stoystown Pennsylvania Windber Pennsylvania Q -an e Q 5 L M HOHNER Sb ' ' Compliments 3 Phone 3202 of KJ R D N 1 H 'll 9 S5 . . o. ooversvl e S l00'Q Pure Maple Syrup E Steam Empomted Stoystown Pennsylvania E Q E Compliments Q' of BARN ETT'S 56:4 Viaaa' 3 Vida B. and GARAGE E Garner G. Berkebile Body Work Painting Q Phone 2271 -Q Q Between Stoystown and Kantner Q Hooversville Pennsylvania gb' Q Q 39 Q. J Q Q Q J Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q .D if Q CD Q 5 Q, Q 5 9:93 T 1 K 1 Q '32 Q tl It ff' '12 Q' 'Q Q 2 2 il T il Q' 1 Q' 52 Q' 'll T 'Q Q' 12 Q O '-s. Compliments official AAA station of Phone 9931 A . F R I E N D Stoystown Pennsylvania SAM ROGER'S STORE Wall Paper Paint Phone MA 9-3101 311-313 Main Street CARBAUGH'S TAVERN Route 53 Phone 9994 Stoystown, Pennsylvania Boswell Pennsylvania LYTELS FASHION CLEANERS , , W Q JLWLLERQ JOE PRONESTI Your Clothes Best Friend Watch and Clock Phone 4743 RePai'in9 Somerset Pennsylvania Boswell Pennsylvuma Compliments LEVY'S SPORT SHOP 334 Washington Street S P O R T S M A N ' S Johnstown Pennsylvania k5fi.6593'QQ5gi. QQ :JRE Q95 QD J Q J Q Q 5 Q J Q J Q .5 Q .5 Q Al Q 9 Q 5 Q 9 Q Q fl Q Q 3:9943 2 SOMCERSEWT Q5 DRY CLEANERS HERRING MOTOR S Odorless-Deluxe 24 Hour Q Service gl Pressing While You Wait Route 219 267 E. Catherine Street Q Phone 5484 Somerset Pennsylvania g Somerset Pennsylvania E Compliments of Your E Bar-B-Q Big Farm Boy if Hot and Cold Sandwiches S Soft Freeze Ice Cream Phone 6740 E Somerset Pennsylvania Somerset Pennsylvania Q 3 ll-z Compliments of 5 SHANKSVILLE SHANKSVILLE .55 Q AUTQ CO, BUILDERS SUPPLY 5 . S DODGE EZIELIZEIEYMOUTH Complete Line of Building K, C K Material jj Shanksville Pennsylvania if, 5 K, P 5 HQRNER'S WM. G. BALTZER K, 0 8: SON 2 Clothing -1 Furniture - Paint L55 Sporting Goods CONTRACTORS Sb Appliances-Floor Covering Free Estimates and Deliveries S Phone 3464 Q Boswell Pennsylvama Shanksville Pennsylvania GDV-Q C9bt6'NG:s6'NbsGNbsf5fNb-s?fbs?fQ:s?Q::6?'3bs63fQ,sfNb-s63fE-sGNEs?fQvsGNQ:7s?Q:1GQ Qs 5 SNYDER'S B. 8: W. HARDWARE S Po'rA'ro CHIPS Q Plumbing -f Heating 5 Electrical Contracting S Q Paint - All Colors 5 Phone 3123 3 , illlllllllllil? B H P I . S Berlln Pennsylvania oswe ennsl' Vamc' S ELMER SECHLER 1-11-WAY S SUPER MARKETS Auto Wreckers 3 Quality Groceries Phone TW 3-3678 S Q Meats Produce 5 Used Parts Ferrelfon Somerset S Kantner Pennsylvania Central Cify 3 Compliments of Q E H W Compliments Q U U U E 3 Manufacturer of g E Walker's Supreme Ice Cream A Phone 4'l l l F R I E N D S Somerset Pennsylvania 3 WILBUR COAL MINING COMPANY Q HOOVERSVILLE PENNSYLVANIA U 9 5 9D54Dz-J54O:J54DaJ54DsJ5'QQ5:D:e95Q:J5Q:e93':0 N9'4ik k0VQk0540G Ez Q 2 S 2 Q Q 5 Q 3 rg 3 W G b ff' I 'Q 9 4 f" 5 0 4 N 5 5 I n 'J-U Z O S E M 5 if is '-1 " 3 Q N 5 0 Q Q Z Q hi. 5' C U1 2' m 4 Q ru U '-4-. H- N A z m I- U1 14 2 1, E gg 3 1 s 5 2 1, S 0 S 5 cj 3 5? 3 m O 3 bg C: 4 Q 3 Q 9. 3. 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