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'ff fgfggrg-if' E Worner, M. Stutzmcin, D. Clark, I. Bentz, G. Dinning, I. Checchi, E. C. Mille THE FUHBII-lN PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FORBES HIGH SCHOOL Hooversville, Quemahoning Township, Stoystown. Pennsylvania THE FUHBI!-l PHESE T5 . .. AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY A good education is like a new or well-cared-for automobile. Upon completion of their high school careers, it will be the vehicle which will take the senior boys and girls of Forbes High School over the "Road of Life." How far each will travel, and how successful the trip will be, depends a great deal on how well they have charted their course and steered their "Educational Opportunities." lust as an automobile requires constant attention and care to maintain its sparkling appearance and efficient operation, so doesa successful education require determination and initiative if it is to bring satisfaction and happiness in later life. Perhaps you never thought of educaton as a means of transportation--ct mode of travel that ultimately leads to success, happiness and a decent standard of living for those Who take full advantage of what it has to offer. Iourney with us through this Autobiography edi- tion of THE FORBIAN. And as you travel through these pages, remember you are traveling over a road paved by the sacrifices of our parents and by the leadership and tireless efforts of the administration and faculty of Forbes School District. Automobiles Courtesy of: LYNN BARN HART ERNEST SHANK PETE SHOEMAKER BELOW: I. Shaulis, M, Phillippi, P. Krevetski. ..-f sk Q . XXV. ... W Si ' I. Wirbick, S. Nczugle, S. Matse, M. Rexroth, R. Wain I' THE SPUTLIGHT MR. AND Miss SENIOR Richard Wain Marlene Rexroth MOsT STUDIOUS SENIORS Maxine Phillippi Iohn Bentz MOsT FUN lane Shaulis EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Emma Miller 4' ASSISTANT EDITOR Ioanne Checchi EDITORIAL STAFF Dorthea Clark Margaret Stutzman Richard Wain 4 MOST POPULAR SENIORS Iane Wirbick Stanley Naugle BEST SENIOR ATI-ILETES Steve Matse Richard Wain MOsT LIKELY TO SUOCEED Emma Miller lane Wirbick 101111 Benfz Iva Womer Iohn Bentz Gaylon Dinning SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS IANE WIRBICK STANLEY NAUGLE PAT KREVETSKI EMMA MILLER BACK: C. Miller, M. Stutzman, C. Long, R. Dinning, I, Shaffer, F. Lohr, R. Gindlesperger, N. Fyock. FRONT: E. Custer, M. Spangler, O. Custer, M. Schiflhauer, D. Lehman, H. Wentz, A. Ober. MUTIJH . . . FORBES IOINT SCHOOL BOARD OFFICERS President ............. .......................... ........,. I ACK SHAFFER Vice President . .,,, ,,..,.,,..,.,....,.,,,., ..,,,,, M E RLE STUTZMAN Secretary ...... .......... FORREST LOHR Treasurer ...... ...... M ILTON SPANGLER Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Williams Four COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT L. S. Williams, Somerset County Super- intendent of Schools, has earned a Well- deserved reputation for educational lead- ership and achievement. The Forbes School District has been fortunate to have Mr. Williams participate actively in developing the Forbes educa- tional system. His professional guidance and Whole-hearted support have been vital factors in the progress of the Forbes School District under the leadership of the Forbes Ioint School Board. DAVID LICHLITER EE EHATIJH . . . Education in the nineteenth century was conceived largely in terms of imparting knowl- edge and disciplining the mind. Efforts were concentrated on making education universal and publicly supported. By the end of the century, music, art, physical education, hygiene, and even shop work and home economics were beginning to take their place in the school. Instrumental music, courses in mining, agriculture, etc. have been added to the curriculum during the first half of the twentieth century. While this practical educational program had a rough road yet We to- day recognize the futility of an education that does not go farther than mere disciplining of the individual and imparting useful information. Education is a life-long process. It is continuous. We grow as we awaken to the wonder- ful changes that take place about us. Many folks are not cognizant of the fact of so much change. Schools must awaken children to this fundamental change, prepare them to make such adjust- ments as they will need in life. We should love this change and be willing to interpret it as a use- ful article and make it Work for us as it is needed. To fight change is to lose its real value. Grow- ing day by day is a beautiful thing and we must see to it that it helps rather than hinders us in the changing. The effect of this change on young people is most noticeable. The motion pictures, tele- vision, radios, newspapers, magazines, and the tempo of this fast-changing life swirl these in- fluences around them. To ride such a storm unharmed, young people need a dynamic self-drive and a clear sense of direction, yet many find themselves buffeted about rudderless. We see its evidence in unhappy lives, broken homes, and an appalling number of insanities. Youth today has a "wilderness" to conquer no less real than those dangers and adventures that our grandparents love so well to tell about. Youth need not clear the lands, build rude huts, and fight the Indians. They, however, need to brave dangers of unemployment, face the possibil- ity of another War which would see the use of modern devastating weapons and other serious problems we contact daily in this modern world. Our education is more real and more practical than in the days gone by. The schools are playing the game of life in a real sense. What you did in school days will give you real help as you tackle the job that lies ahead. My heartiest congratulations to the Class of 1954. You have accomplished your purpose. lt is my hope and prayer that you serve your community, state, and nation well. My parting words of advice to you are: Follow the instructions of the Master Teacher and you will live and enjoy a full, happy life. DAVID LICHLITER Supervising Principal FUHBES IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT Bookkeeping Commercial Math Typing University ot Pittsburgh ESTELLA LEAF English, Librarian Indiana State Teachers College EVELYN BITTNER Shorthand, Typing l. B. T. Indiana State Teachers College RUTH BRUMBAUGH Girls' Physical Ed. Health Lock Haven State Teachers College IOHN P. RODGER Senior High Principal Algebra Plane Geometry Latin Bethany, Duke University ALICE WITT Home Economics Indiana State Teachers College KENNETH ADAMS Biology, Chemistry Physics University ot Pittsburgh CHARLES LAWSON Problems ot Democracy History, Health, Guidance University of Pittsburgh CHESTER PFEFFER Driver Education History Head Coach Lock Haven State - Teachers College u.THANS FACULTY NELLIE SANK Principal, Iunior High Geography lndiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh NORMA RICHARDS Art Edinboro State Teachers College ELLIS S. WERNER Math, English University of Pittsburgh IOHN A. WINTERS lndustrial Arts California State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh CHARLES G. CLARK Math, Science, Geography Bethany University of Pittsburgh ORION A, WOMER English Otterbein College DONALD DRENNER History, Civics, Assistant Coach University of Pittsburgh GEORGE SVITCHAN Boys' Physical Ed., History Assistant Coach University of Kentucky THOMAS ZIMMERMAN Health, Science, Math Lebanon Valley College, University of Pittsburgh IISSIU ff' 1-wiv U., i134: TSSIUHE Msusirtatg A 22 2324 33 29 30 at 25 EVELYN SHUBIK ROBERT HEIM School Nurse Elementary Music Memorial Hospital Instrumental Music Band Mansfield State Teachers College AUDREY K1-XUFMAN lunior High Secretary GAYNELLE HEIM lunior High Music Elementary Music Senior High Chorus Mansfield State Teachers College DOROTHY WIRBICK Senior High Secretary ,Q- A. Kaufman, N. Sank Eight D. Wirbick, D. Lichliter S. Naugle, E. Miller, P. Krevetski, I. Wirbick SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,.,,. ,.,,.,.......,,4.A,,.,,,,,..,......,..,...A,,,,,.,...... I ANE WIRBICK Vice President .,,,., ..,.,7, P AT KREVETSKI Secretary ,,,.Y,7, .,...7,.7,, E MMA MILLER Treasurer ..... L,,.. S TANLEY NAUGLE ESTELLA LEAF CHARLES LAWSON Advisors ,Y,.... 1954 MIJIJELS . . . THE SENIOR CLASS As we, the Senior Class of l954, reach the climax of our high school careers, we take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the Forbes school administration and to all the teach- ers who have taught us. Their instruction and counseling will guide us wisely as we approach the crossroad of our lives. We feel a special word of gratitude is in order for the many faculty ad- visors who served our class so faithfully since We first entered the junior high school. During this final year, Mrs. Leaf and Mr. Lawson, our senior faculty advisors, have assisted us in our efforts to understand and adjust ourselves to the problems confronting us as we assume our new respon- sibilities. We will long recall the pleasant years spent in Forbes High School. However, gradua- tion represents a great moment in our lives. We will have many decisions to make. Some will continue in the field of higher education or as apprentices in skilled trades. Others will seek im- mediate employment. For many of us, planning for the future will include preparation for homes of our own. All of these tasks will measure the value of the education we have earned at Forbes High School. The Class of 1954 has maintained the leadership characteristic of Forbes seniors. In studies, music, sports, dramatics and other activities, seniors have lead the way. We have developed life-long friendships, an understanding of the value of cooperation, and experienced the thrill that comes through accomplishments. And as We, the Senior Class of 1954, approach a world of new experiences and responsibilities, we accept the challenge implied in our class motto: "Excelsior - Ever Upward!" EMMA MILLER Forbian Editor Nine RONALD C. Asr-mnoox Ronnie . . . blond, wavy hair : . . blue eyes... very easy going . . . favorite pastime is run- ning around with the fel- lows . . . likes music and girls . . . "Kids" . . . dis- likes school and home- work . . . Uncle Sam is planning his future. lor-ru WILLIAM BENTZ Iohnny . . . tall . . . blond . . . member of District Chorus . . . participates in school activities and keeps up with sports . . . likes a certain blonde, math and going places . . . doesn't think much of conceited people . . , ambition to be mechani- cal engineer. RAY EARL BERKEBILL: Ray . . . the shy quiet type . . . spends his time hunting and eating . . . thinks a lot of girls, cars and baseball . . . "Dad- gummit!" . . , doesn't go for school and dentists wants to be an automo- bile body repairman. ADAM I. CLARK A. I .... tall . . . dark wavy hair . . . enjoys riding his motorcycle . . . has a keen interest in music, eating and girls . . . "Oh, I don't know! I never asked him!" . . . doesn't seem to dislike anything . . . future is up to Uncle Sam. SE IUH CLASS Ten Ium: Mmun BENKO Iunie. . . quiet, but friendly . . . can be found reading or watching T.V. . . . hillbilly music and french fries are tops . . . "Gee Whiz!" . . . can't stand stuckup people plans to be a secretary. EMMA IEAN BERKEBILE Ieanne . . . with the light brown hair . . . enjoys T.V., writing letters and sports . . . spaghetti and one boy in particular rate high . . . "Dig that!" . . . doesn't care for Eng- lish a n d red - headed boys . . . plans to be a nurse. Ionmu: Mmm: Cm-:ccr-rr Io...dark hair.,. brown eyes . . . cheery smile . . . pleasant dis- position . . . favorite pas- times are reading, music and sports . . . likes chocolate cake, T.V. and Larry. . . "Boy, you know!" dislikes noise, confusion and formality . . . ambition to become a nurse. DoRrHzA ALENE CLARK Dea . . . high-stepping maiorette . . . 5' 5" . . , brown hair . . . hazel eyes . . . likes sports, cherry pie, Eddie Fisher, and Martin and Lewis . . . "What a ya think it is? . . . Anyhow!" . . . dislikes getting up early . . . future: Criminal re- porter. ELAINE Comsrrr Lainie . . . dark hair . . . blue eyes . . . light complexion. . . enjoys roller skating, music and good books . . . running around with the gang rates high. . ."Dig that!" . . . hates vegetables and quiz programs . . . plans to be a medical secre- tary. GAYLON L. DINNING Elmer . . . brown eyes ...wavy hair... favorite pastime is bak- ing chocolate cakes . . . likes baseball, girls, and spaghetti . . . "Huh!" . . . doesn't have much to say about algebra or school . . . wants to enlist in the Navy. ROBERT LEE Fousr Bob . . . manager of the basketball team . . . en- joys working on the car . . . thinks a lot of music, cars, and trips . . . "Kids" . . . isn't much for getting up early and some girls . . . ambition: join the Air Force. PAULINE LOUISE KOLESKO Shorty . . . petite, but peppy cheerleader . . . sparkling and versatile . . . happy when reading . . . fond of potato chips, T.V., and Ioe . . . thumbs down on riding school buses . . . "I don't know nothing!" . . . hopes to be a nurse. UF 19511 Eleven MARLENE G. DE ARMITT Marlene . . . quiet and serene . . . spends her spare time swimming and sleeping . . . spa- ghetti rates No. 1 on her list . . . "Peachy Keen" . . . is an avid listener of WVSC . . . plans to do church work. WILLIAM BERNARD FINDLEY Bill . . . seems to be for- ever walking home . . . anything connected with hunting and fishing is tops . . . likes sports and certain girls, but s:hool doesn't agree with him . . . "Boy, oh boy" . . . future: undecided. MARLENE LOVEDA GINDLESPERGER Marlene . . . one of the quietest seniors . . . has an interest in taking pic- tures and embroidering . . . delights in music and ice cream, but snobs irritate her . . . "Oh, for Pete's sake!" . . . would like to be a secretary. FREDERICK A. KooN'rz Fred . . . can be seen driving around in a Packard or Chevie . . . thinks a lot of sports, stock car races, and pop- ular music . . . "Do ya think?" . . . detests opera music and road hogs . . . future: work in the mills. PATRICIA Louis: Km:vI:'1's1-:I Pat . . . has a cute, win- ning smile . . . a mem- ber of the cheerleading squad . . . sketching and dancing rate high . . . dislikes people who lack a sense of humor . . . cheerleading and spa- ghetti are favorites . . . wishes only to be happy. ALVIN L. LAUGI-ILIN Pop. . .displaysafriend- ly grin . . . enjoys being with his girl . . . takes a liking to work, girls, and cars . . . "Get Lost!" . . . frowns upon crabby teachers and ignorant people . . . plans to get married. PAUL LEONARD Scrappy . . . tall, dark, and handsome . . . al- ways sports a crew cut . . , thinks stock car rac- ing and polka music are sharp . . . hillbilly music doesn't rate . . . "Beat it!" . . . enjoys driving around . . . plans to be a stock car driver. STEPHEN ADAM MATS: Steve . . . plays basket- ball and football . . . varsity basketball cap- tain . . . content with sports, swimming, and fishing . . . enjoys spa- ghetti, pizza . . . "Let's went already" . . . dis- likes walking . . . future manager of Matse's Gro- cery Store. EXIIELSIIIH Twelve DOROTHY Loui:LLA LAKE Dot . . . tall and slender with long, dark hair and flashing eyes . . . pas- time is watching T.V. . . , delights in banana splits and potato salad . . . "Oh, brother" . . . loathes homework and grouchy teachers . . . wants to be a nurse. CHARLES THOMAS LEASE Charlie . . .tall with dark hair and dark eyes . . . pastime is hanging out with the Peabodys . . . likes races . . . shudders at the thought of wrecks and work . . . wishes to be a farmer. EDWARD MICHAEL MATS!! Ed . . . tall with dark brown hair . . . pastime is sports and running around with the boys . . . thinks steak, women, and music are terrif . . . "Get lost!" . . . detests study- ing, football practice, and getting up early . . . future: up to Uncle Sam. BEN McGn:con Ben . . . tall, blond, and friendly . . . always smil- ing . . . goes for sports, eating, and girls . . . homework doesn't stand a chance . . . pastime is loafing . . . "Take off!" . . . is letting his future up to Uncle Sam. LORRAINE MCVICKER Mickey . . . jolly and full of fun . . . pastime is lis- tening to the radio . . . positively enjoys movies and study halls . . . "Dig that crazy kid!" . . . doesn't relish public speaking or getting up early . . . intends to be- come a secretary. DURELLES IANE MEYERS Durell . . . flashing red hair and freckles are combined in this pert cheerleader . . . swim- ming and sports are fa- vorite pastimes . . . de- lights in spaghetti, milk- shakes, and a "special basketball star . . . "You know it!" . . . dislikes spinach . . . desires to be a secretary. 1. ESTHER IANE MILLER E. I .... friendly and quite dependable . . . favorite pastime is going to the movies and watch- ing T.V .,.. "Holy Cow!" . . . loves music, french tries, and green . . . stuck-up kids and cow- boys annoy her . . . ob- jective: secretary. IAMES EDWARD MORT Iim . . . husky build . . . active . . . class stage hand . . . spends his spare time reading . . . enjoys eating french tries . . . "I don't know" . . . dislikes the idea of studying . . . yearns to become a civil engineer. EVER PW!-Hill ' Thirteen MARTIN FRANK MENSINGER Marty . . . can be seen sporting a '49 Ford, now- adays . . . enjoys hunt- ing and fixing cars . . . interested in stock car races . . . "Too small!" . . . doesn't like school, homework, and silly girls . . . hopes to travel. EMMA CATHERINE MILLER Kathy . . . tall, pleasant blonde . . . editor of the Forbian and secretary of the class . . . enjoys pop- ular music, outdoors, and sports . . , "My eye!" . . . isn't too very enthused when it comes to writing letters . . .intends to go into nursing. IANET ELAINE MILLER Ian . . . red hair . . . blue eyes . . . friendly . . . District - Chorus Member . . . has a special interest in T. V. and the piano . , . movies and food rate high . . . "Nuts" . . . dis- likes being called Red . . . desires to become a nurse. PHILIP MOSTOLLBR Phil . . . quite a grin . . . happy - go - lucky . . . handy with a football . . . spends most of his time sleeping . . . sports rate tops . . . "Beat it" . . , dislikes school in general . . . as for his fu- ture . . . undecided. UNA YVONNE Mos'roLLr:R Una.. .dark hair... brown eyes . . . quiet . . . movies and T.V. cap- ture her spare time . . . likes boys and southern tried chicken . . . "Oh heck" . . . thumbs down on homework and public speaking . . . ambition to join the Waves. NANCY IANE Nr:wcoMsR Nan . . . dark brown hair . . . brown eyes . . . re- served . . spends her time watching T.V .... likes all types of music and sports . . . "Holy buckets" . . . thumbs down on cowboys . . . looks forward to becom- ing a good secretary. IOHN CHARLES PACIFIC Weasel . . . quiet . . . slow . . . carefree . . . pastime is working with cars . . . likes sports, spaghetti and snuff . . . "I don't know" . . . dis- likes homework and cab- bage . . . longs to be a member ot the Air- Force. RICHARD IACK Pizi:R Iack . . . quiet . . . good- natured . . . active play cast member . . . spends his spare time reading . . . delights in Marilyn Monroe and eating steak . . . "Get off my back" . . . dislikes teachers, lemon pie and opera music . . . ambition is Navy. SE IUH IILASS Fourteen STANLEY CLYDE NAUGLE Stan . . . light hair . . . blue eyes .. . class treas- urer . . . spends his time driving around . . . likes chile, steak and swim- ming . . . "Oh man" . . . detests snobbish girls . . . hopes to become a vet- erinarian. DOLLIE IEAN Orr Peanuts . . . teasing brown-eyed brunette . , . enjoys listening to popu- lar music and writing letters . . . likes Home EC. and spaghetti . . . "Dig that crazy kid" . . . has a distaste for Eng- lish . . . ambition: gov- ernment work or a housewife. DOROTHY MAXINE PHILLIPPI Hon. . .dark hair... brown eyes . . . visiting and watching T.V. are favorite pastimes , . . french fries and movies receive recognition . . . "Oh gosh" . . . dislikes getting up early . . . de- sires to be a private secretary. MARLENE Rr:xRo'rH Rexie . . . long hair . , . dark eyes . . . attractive . . . enjoys twirling in her spare time . . . likes spa- ghetti and dancing . . . her heart's in Lock Hav- en . . . "Dig that" . . . thumbs down on snob- bish people and chile . . . plans to become a medi- cal secretary. BARRY A. RININGER Barry . . . tall . . . blue- eyed blond . . . pastime is working on motorcy- cles . . . likes blondes, brunettes cmd red-heads, girls in general . . . "Al- right already" . . . dis- likes to study , . . plans to be a sailor. MARIE LAVERNE SHAFFER Heggy Bo . . . dark hair . . . brown eyes . . . pleasant smile . . . pas- time is running around . . . enjoys basketball and movies . . . "You don't know, do you?" . . . dislikes school . . . hopes to become a pri- vate secretary. KENNETH WAYNE SHAVER Lightning . . . tall . . . lanky . . . quiet type . . . enjoys hunting and run- ning around . . . likes to eat . . . "Holy man" . . . dislikes school in general . . . as for his future plans, it's the Army for Ken. IANE SN1Ec1ENsx1 Daisy. . .blue-eyed blonde . . . friendly . . . spends her time reading . . . likes to travel, eat french fries and french fried chicken . . . "Dumb do-do" . . . dislikes pub- lic speaking . . . desires to become a secretary. UF 1954 Fifteen MARY SABo Mary . . . capable . blue-eyed blonde . . . pastime is reading . . . swoons over Iulius La Rosa and spaghetti . . . "'Big jerk" . . . dislikes public speaking and snobs . . . ambition: be- come a successful secre- tary. IANE ANNA SHAuLxs Sugar.. .blue-eyed brownette . . . sense of humor . . . pastimes are listening to records and movies . . . likes to travel and orange-ade . .. "You bean" . . . detests peo- ple who brag . . . hopes to be a good housewife. GEORGE LEROY SHEELER Cheeta . . . small . . . cooperative . . . manner- ly . . . pastime is running around . . . likes most people and most things . . . "I don't know" . . . is annoyed by noise and llat tires , . . future plan is a good job. DAVID JAMES S'ro'rLER Davy , . . mischievous grin . . . easy to know . . . friendly . . . spends his time fishing, hunting and running around . . . likes girls and stock car racing . , . "Bejabbers" . . . dislikes school and teachers . . . ambition to join the Army. BARBARA SPANGLER Skinny . . . tall . .. brownette . . . sociable . . . favorite pastimes are running around and playing the piano . . . likes movies and food . . . "Knock it off" . . . dislikes homework and sitting at home . . . plans to be a good housewife. ROBERTA Ln: S1'RAs1sr:R Bobbie . . . blue-eyed brownette . . . neat . . . sociable. .. favorite pastimes are twirling and swimming . . . has an eye for sports, food and band . . . "So" . . . dislikes the taste of pep- pers . . . would like to be a nurse. MARION ANGELINE TASSON Angie . . . sparkling blue- eyed blonde . . . soft- spoken . .. enjoys watch- ing T.V. and dancing . . . takes a liking to band . . . "Man-oh-day" . . . thumbs down on as- paragus . . . desires to do government work. LARRY H. VAN Stem.: Horatio , . . friendly smile . . . lead - footed poet . . . enjoys girls and working on cars . . . likes to hear the sound of squealing tires "Ugh" . . . dislikes English and women drivers . . . plans to own an auto-body shop. EXIIELSIUH Sixteen MARDELL SPANGLER Marty . . . blue-eyed blonde. . .Barbards twin . . . pleasant . . . sports and cooking re- ceive her attention . . . likes to eat out and do social work . . . "You know it" . . . dislikes lazy people . . . wants to have a good steady job. MARY MARGARET STUTZMAN Peg . . . short . . . talka- tive . . . pianist for Iazz Band . . . friendly . . . favorite pastimes are reading, playing the pi- ano and listening to the radio . . . has a knack for shorthand and music . . . "What the heck" . . . dislikes meat and football . . . plans to be a nurse. PETER PAUL TOMA Pete . . . good-natured easy going , . . likes to tease . . . spends his time loating . . . enjoys driving around the country . . . "Get off my back" . . . dislikes the thought of school . . . as of yet, his future is un- decided. RICHARD ALLEN WAIN Rich . . . sports editor of Forbian . . . tall . . . co- operative . . . a good sport . . . football cap- tain . . . spends spare time loating . . . likes all kinds of sports.. . "Yeah" . . . dislikes get- ting up early and Mr. Peepers . , . it's college for Rich. . . . EVER PWARII MAE EVELYN WINGARD Mae . . . short . . . friendly . . . always smiling . . . spends her time running around . . . en- joys reading . . . ' . . . detests spinach and con- SARAH IANE Wrmaicic Ianie . . . president of Senior Class . . . all around friend with a winning smile . . . sports rate as a favorite pastime . . . 'Big Deal" enjoys school and likes to eat IVA LBNORA Woivrnn Ive . . . blue-eyed brunette . . . willing worker . . . reading and T.V. are favorites . . . likes working at Newberrys, sports and music . . . "Alright al- d " d' l'k wa hin ceited people . . . looks tor- . . . "What the heck" . . . dis- rea y . . . 1s1 es s g ward to joining the Waves. likes hot-rods . . . plans to be dishes . . . plans to be a a missionary nurse. teacher. SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 PAST OFFICERS IUNIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS President ............... ,,,,, P ATRICIA KREVETSKI President ............... ......... L ARRY VAN SICKLE Vice President ..... r ,..........,,...,..., BARRY CARR Vice President ,..................,.... EMMA MILLER Secretary ,..,,,,, ,,,,,,, A NGELINE TASSON Secretary .................... MARLENE REXROTH Treasurer ......... ..,..,. S TANLEY NAUGLE Treaesurer ........ ........ S TANLEY NAUGLE FRESHMAN CLASS President ......................,...,,.,.. GEORGE MOLCHAK Vice President ,,..... ........... R ICHARD WAIN Secretary .........,.. ..... I OANNE CHECCHI Treasurer ..t., ...... M ARLENE REXROTH Class Class Class Class SENIOR SPECIALS MOIIO-EXCELSIOR-EVER UPWARD Song-MAY 'rr-Ir: GooD LORD BLESS AND KEEP You Flower-AMERICAN BEAUTY Ross COIOIS-BLUE AND GOLD Baccalaureate-SUNDAY, MAY 16, 1954 Commencement-TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1954 Class Trip-To WASHINGTON, D. C.1MAY 20-22, 1954 Seventeen THIRD: R. Dclrr, S. Corbett, L. Dixon, G. Bentz, B. Zelinske, I. Iohnson, F. Kostro, A. Bcxbincscxk, I. Williams. SECON 1: Mr. Adams, E. Bentz, B. Kubcxs, M. A. Iobuck, E. Mcmges, V. Meyers, D, Ritchey, W, Shroyer, 'I'. Mensinger, M. Stern, D, Miller. t"1t1.:1 N. Powell, I. Mostoller, B. Shaffer, L. Riddell, D. Watkins, R. Meholic, I. Icxcobcxccio, R. Wcxin, S. Mezack. n The Junlnr Class OFFICERS President ........ ..................... ....... G E ORGE BENTZ Vice President ..,.. ............ A LLEN CUSTER Secretary ....... ...,.. T ERESA FUSCHINO Treasurer ....... ......... N ANCY POWELL Advisors ..... ....,.. E VELYN BITTNER 1955 MUIIELS Eighteen KENNETH ADAMS elm gm THIRD: I. Shaffer, D. Swank, I. Mrogik, C. Bruening, A. Cusier, I. Gcxvlak, F. Charlton, S. Bender D. Escherich. SECOND: I. Leuzier, A. Gcxvlcxk, A. DeNorcy, Verdecm Meyers, D. Shaver, R. Bender, S. I. Gindlesperger, I. Curbone, S. A. Gindlesperger, C. Mostoller, Mrs. Bittner. FIRST: F. Barron, S. Emerick, I. Fetzer, I. Abrumowich, I. Strelko, V. Chcrsur, W. Secresi, T. Fuschino I. Petermcm. . YI' T. Fuschino, A. Custer, N. Powell, G. Bentz Nineteen gg I THIRD: I. Roberts, B. Fulton, R. Bowers, E. Miller, I. Koontz, R. Croyle, S. Zborovoncik I Tokcxr SECOND' M' s Eli' tt M. Fi dl'n M. K r insk' C. Bru n' B. Paul A S h f A G 1 k M . IS xo, re ie, oz 1, emg, , . career crvo Bossett M Zimmerman , . FIRST: C. Miller, I.. Gindlesperger, B. Berkey, G. Pysnik, D. I. Berkebile, D. M Berkebile R Butler S. Grebeck, I. Icmidlo. The Snphnmnrn Class President ,..,. .,.. Vice President ....... Secretory ...... Treasurer ...... Advisors ........ 1955 MUDEL5 . . . OFFICERS Twenty BARRY FULTON BEVERLY BERKEY MYRNA BASSETT ,. IOHN TOKAR IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT CHESTER PFEFFER THIRD: R. Gorsuch, T. Rice, W. Hahn, I-X. Lease, G. Laughlin, W. Ziplel, F. Waltos, T. Plovish. SECOND: S. Oaks, K. Roose, K. Mort, S. Walker, D. L. Wentz, M. Walters, I. Hoover, R, Shaffer Mr. Pfeffer. FIRST: I. Henry, R. Gerney, Y. Donahue, G. Spangler, M. L. Mostoller, P. Flory, K. Shaffer M. A. Mueller. I. Tokar, M. Bassett, B. Berkey, B. Fulton. Twenly One OX We THIRD: S. Rice, F. Wright, A. Lake, I. Lohr, I. Zclpotosky, E. Kemp, R. Armagost, G. Hollis. SECOND: I. Schokorcr, B. Liberty, H. Emerick, D. Iohnson, I. Georg, L. Metzger, C. Gohn, I. McC1emens M. Donitzen. FIRST: Mr. Zimmerman, R. Eutin, I. Kostro, F. Mostoiler, L. Kennedy, D. Berkebile, N. Rexroth N. Ccrrbone, P. Miller. THIRD: T. Gardner, C. Dunmyer, P. Muro, F. Berks-bile, C. Strcsiser, W. Stuftt, G. Shaffer, I. Lecxzier SECOND: D. Petermcm, S. Keith, D. Donohue, P. Newcomer, N. I. Shatter, R. Morcmduzzo, B. Hostetler R. Lynch, I. Hahn. FIRST: Mr. Svitchcm, E. Kubcxs, E. Moranduzzo, S. Custer, D. Iohnston, C. Tirko, A. Mostoller, I. Tirko B. Knecht, S. Birch, P. Fleeqle. 1957 IVIUIIELS . . . NINTH EH!-IDE vi Q. H ll Ill x aww' 'i F033 THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: 1953 Lil gsm E. Haupt, E. Dunmeyer, C. Escherick, D. Friedline, H. Dom, D. Durst, E. Duppstadt, A. Evenich R. Croyle. S. Brown, I. Dinning, B. Berkebile, T. Fyock, L. Bruening, M. Dryburg, P. Dill, R. Charlton C. Gindlesperger, I. Henry. Mr. Werner, C. Bowser, I. Armagost, P. Georg, E. Hay, P. Clark, M. Durst, I. Barnett I. Borek, W. Gerney. M. Paul, D. Ringler, R. Kapitan, D. Retassie, G. Peden, H. Ravenscraft, S. Ober, F Krevetski. IMrs. Brumbaughl R. Iohnston, M. Henry, I. Mezack, P. McGowan, M. Koontz, I. Potochar, K, Laughlin, D Kovack, M. Rigo, Cf. Rosenbaum, N. Mostoller, B. Morgan, I, Pugh, R. Miller, I. Leverknight, R. Iock, L. Marston D. Rose, R. Lambert. W. Sturtz, R. Stern, D. Shaffer, A. Zimmerman, R. Wright, D. Womer, A. Secrest, I. Weakland C. Zimmerman, M. Zborovancik, C. Wright, B. Tokclr, A. Shaffer, I. Trevarrow, S. Waltos I. Yonlsh. Mrs, Richards, M. Shaver, S. Zimmerman, R. Wright, I. Wirbick, L. Walker, S. Yoder, I Zborovancik, I. Sheeler, M. Strelko, P. Stanko. UIJELS . . . EIGHTH EH!-IDE 4 63 A THIRD: ABSENT: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: lH59 F: ronn im I 9 ' i 'JL' Ianidlo, R. Duppstadt, I. Corbett, M. Fleegle, I. Carbone, M. Gindlesperger, P. Fitzgerald , Diehl. G. Betls and D. Armagost. I. Fleegle, L. Carbone, D. Brant, M. Griffith, G. Clark, E. Haupt, D. Butler, E. Greback, V, Fulton. Mr. Clark, P. Kapitan, C. Holpit, W. Bassett, R. Fulton, S. Clark, E. Croyle, D. Day, I. Custer. R. McGowan, I. Leasock, B. Mostoller, R. Leasock, S. Miller, I. Kemp, L. Moore, H. Mincek, W, Mrogik, L, Lease, P. Mort, N. Peden, D. Peden, M. McDowell, B. Lisbon, C. Logue, I. Miller Mr, Drenner, D. Knopsnyder, G. Putman, T. Pugh, I. Lonchar, R. Manges, P. Kovack, D, Koontz P. Kolesko. M. Shroyer, D, Smith, C. Steckman, D. Shroyer, G. Shaver, F. Weible, M, Ravenscratt, I. Strelko P, Strelko, T, Ringler, B. Reed, S. Retassie, S. Worsell, L. Stern, B, Rininger, B. Shroyer. L. Steckman, Mr. Womer, R, Tirko, S. Rodgers, B. Rosenbaum, C. Sanders, D. Stotler, I. Womer, A. Rice D. Ross, E, Wingarcl, C. Wilson. UHEL5... SEVE TH SHADE I. E I Vice President ......... ! Secretary .,,,,,Y.Y....... 3 D. Peden, I. Corbett, T. Ringler, E. Croyle. Pres1dent ................... Treasurer ...,... ...... Advisors ..... . LIIW GE!-LH... . EDWIN CROYLE DORLA PEDEN THOMAS RINGLER JANET CORBETT MR. CLARK MR. DRENNER MR. WOMEI: Fnrhes .Iuninr High Schnnl Class Uffilzers EIGHTH GRADE NINTH GRADE President -'-'--A-----'A---A'-----,'-'-A'A---'-' ALLAN SHAFFER President .,.......,,......,,......,.,,....,,Y,, CARL STRASISER Vice President ,.,... ........ M ARYLIN SHAVER Vice President CONNIE GOHN Secretary .,......... ...... P ATRICIA STANKO T Secretary ............. ............,. I oAN Kosrao reasurer ....,... ....., I UDITH DINNING A Advisors MRS- BRUMBAUGH Treasurer ...... ....... A DAM Mosroruza MRS. RICHARDS Advisors ,,... ..,... M R. Sv1'rcHAN MR. WERNER MR. ZIMMERMAN SEIIII ll... ...HIGH P. Stctnko, A. Shaffer, M. Shaver, I. Dinning I. Kostro, A. Mostoller, C. Gohn, C. Strusiser Twenty Five THIRD: G. Dinning, R. Wain, C. Lease, S. Maise, I. Bentz, S. Naugle, K. Shaver, D. Stotler. SECOND: I. Benko, I. Womer, I. Sniecienski, E. Miller, I. Mort, R. Berkebile, I. Wirbick, I. Miller, R. Straslser. FIRST: M. Stutzman, M. Rexroth, I. Checchi, D. Clark, L. Van Sickle, D. Meyers, M. Phillippi, P. Kolesko. THE FORBIAN STAFF Editor .,....................................,................. EMMA MILLER Assistant Editor ...... . ...., IOANNE CHECCHI Advisor .................. .... C HARLES LAWSON EDITORIAL STAFF PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Copy A IIIIIIII DORTHEA CLARK IOHN BENTZ IANET MILLER Music I q,,v MARGARET 5-I-UTZMAN PAULINE KOLESKO IAMES MoR'r Sports I A AAAIAIIAAIAA RICHARD WAIN STEVE MATSE STANLEY NAUGLE ,qcgfvmes llll IAWAQ I ANA WIABICK DURELLES MEYERS GEORGE SHEELER Class A A AA---- IVA WOMER ROBERTA STRASISER BUSINESS STAFF SUBSCRIPTION AND TYPING STAFF EVELYN BITTNER, Advisor GAYLON DINNING, Manager KENNETH SHAVER IANE SNIECIENSKI IUNE BENKO RAY BERKEBILE DAVID STOTLER MAXINE PI-IILLIPPI MARY SABO CHARLES LEASE LARRY VAN SICKLE MARLENE GINDLESPERGER IANE SHAULIS FIIHBII-IN SERVICE TEH . . . P' 5 I 5 , gr 3 CLOCKWISE: R. Strasiser, I. Checchi, B. Fulton, D. Shaver, G. Dinning, A. Custer, M. A. Mueller, Miss Elliott, R. Foust, I. Wirbick, W. Secrest, E. Bentz, E. Corbett, M. Phillippi, C. Miller. THE HILLSIDE AERIAL STAFF Editor ,.,,..................,........................,..,,.... IANE WIRBICK Associate Editors ..,.. ...........,..... A LLEN CUSTER CAROLE ANN MILLER Advisors .................................. MIss ELLIOTT REPORTERS Senior-DORTI-IEA CLARK ESTHER MILLER lunior-TERESA FUSCHINO SALLY EMERICK Sophomore-KAREN SHAFFER MARJORIE FRIEDLINE BUSINESS STAFF MR. PFEFFER, Manager GAYLON DINNING DEAN SI-IAVER BARRY FULTON MR. DRENNI-:R CIRCULATION STAFF ELAINE CORBETT WANETTA SECREST EILEEN BENTZ SPORTS STAFF ALLEN LEASE ROBERT FoUsT ALUMNI NEWS STAFF IoANNE CHECCHI ROBERTA STRAsIsEn ANGELINE TAssoN PEGGY STUTZMAN DURELLES MEYERS EXCHANGE STAFF MAXINE PHILLIPPI MARY ANN MUELLER ART STAFF DAVID ESCHERICH DOLLIE OTT NANCY POWELL SUBSCRIPTION STAFF LINDA RIDDELL BEVERLY BERKEY IOANN HoovER TYPISTS PATRICIA KREVETSKI ELAINE CORBETT MARLENE REXROTH IIISTHIB TUB UF SIIHIIUI. EWS Twenty Seven if it 5 .. .. . Q, A no FOURTH: A. Shaffer, N. Newcomer, S. I. Gindlesperger, H. Dom, R. Armagost, P. Worner, C. Bruening. THIRD: Mr. Heim, C. Mostoller, R. Meholic, I. Womer, T. Gardner, N. Shaffer, C. Gohn, S. Ober. SECOND: D. Ott, M. Stutzman, E. Corbett, T. Ringler, G. Rosenbaum, L. Marston, D. Peden, M. McDowell, B. Berkey, D. I. Berkebile. FIRST: N. Powell, M. Rexroth, I. Iacobaccio, D. Clark, S. A. Gindlesperger. FORBES BAND President .......,.. ...,..,,....,,....,.................... I ANE WIHBICK Vice President .. .. .. .. . IVA WOMER Secretory ,,,,,,,,, .. . BEVERLY SHAFFER Treasurer ....... ...... E ILEEN BEN'rz Bond Director ..,.. .. .... ROBERT HEIM This has been an eventful year for the Forbes High School Band. Highlight of the term oc- curred When the Forbes Band previewed the new maroon and grey uniforms in parades in Hoov- ersville, Kantner and Stoystown. During the summer the Forbes Band participated in nine volun- tecr tiremen's parades and was awarded prizes at Berlin and Boswell. The band was also awarded third prize in the County V. F. W. Armistice Day parade. In addition, the band gave outstanding performances at all of the Forbes football games. Among the intricate formations displayed by the band were the following: Compass, Marching Chapel, Pumpkin and Banjo. Rosalie Meholic represented the Forbes Band in the District Band. There were eight repre- sentatives in the All-County Band: Marjorie Friedline, Connie Gohn, Rosalie Meholic, Carol Mill- er, Nancy Powell, Sandra Ober, Mary Sabo, Iohn Tokar and Iane Wirbick. TUNE UP! . . . I K ,sv FOURTH: l. THIRD: B. SECOND: P. M FIRST: R. H174 Tokcrr, G. Pe-den, A. De-Norcy, I. Wirbick, V. Meyers, D. L. Wentz, D, Shaffer. Hostetler, A. Secrest, B. Paul, C. Escherick, M. Friedline, M. Scrbo, S. Grebeck. Flory, D, M. Berkebile, I. Corbett, N. Peden, I. Gorsuch, C. Miller, R. Fulton, B. Spangler, . Spangler, E. Bentz. I Funnies SWI I3 BA ll BACK: I. Tokcxr, S. Grebeck FRONT: P. Stutzmcn, M. Friedline R. Meholic, R. Bowers ff ' Q Twenty Nine ' I ,- - 4 . if . 1 ' 5 .Q -W1 k eg Q X K -rx x 2 ,,,- . A A v FOURTH: S. Grebeck, I. Mort, A. DeNorcy, D. Miller, R. Darr, C. Bruening, A. Custer. THIRD: N. Newcomer, I. Sniecienski, L. McVicker, I. Berkebile, S. Oaks, I. Wirbick, V. Meyers B. Spangler, D. Lake. SECOND: N. Powell, M. Gindlesperger, I. Henry, N. I. Wirbick, D. Clark, I. Womer, R. Strasiser S. Emerick, I. Hoover. FIRST: Mrs. Heim, M. Stutzman, L. Gindlesperger, T. Fuschino, W. Secresl, K. Shaffer, D. Watkins I. Checchi, R. Meholic, D. Ott. THE FORBES MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS President ............. ................... ............. I o HN BENTZ Vice President ..,.. ...... I OANNE CHECCHI Secretary ............ ....... L INDA RIDDELL Treasurer ...... ........ K AREN SHAFPER Director ............ .......... G AYNELLE H1-:IM Accompanist . . .............................. MARY ANN MUELLER ALL-COUNTY CHORUS MEMBERS Iohn Bentz Ianet Miller Daniel Swank Curtis Bruening Barbara Spangler Angeline Tasson Arnold DeNorcey Mardell Spangler Iva Womer Emma Miller Peggy Stutzman DISTRICT CHORUS MEMBERS Ianet Miller Iohn Bentz N M EHHY IJLIJSMUBILE . . . 1 1 K I . gi.. . ii. an EJ' .wig ,3l. Zr I i I E::E:,.,..EiS:--' , ..'A ."' 1 . 5, gm r K Q ..,.. ,. I gram ez Nw is ' we Y L.. FOURTH: I. Williams, I. Bentz, L. Laughlin, I. Leazier, M. Stern, G. Laughlin, B. Kubas. THIRD: S. Corbett, Roberts, S, I. Gincllesperger, E. C. Miller, I. Miller, D. Wentz, E. Miller, V. L. Meyers, B. Paul. SECOND: M. Friedline, E. Bentz, M. Spangler, F. Barron, S. Mezack, D. Meyers, E. Corbett, P. Krevetski, L, Riddell. FIRST: A. Tasson, M. Sabo, M. Rexroth, B, Berkey, B. Shaffer, I. Mostoller, M. A. Mueller, C. Miller, P. Kolesko. THE SE IUH GIRLS E SE BLE SECOND: R. Strasiser, I. Berkebile, E. C. Miller, D. Lake, I .Wirbick, B. Spangler, I. Miller. FIRST: D. Ott, D. Clark, M. Spangler, I. Womer, A. Tasson, M. Stutzman, Mrs. Heim. Thirty One Seniur Hiqh Sehnnl Student Iluuneil K. Roose, G. Laughlin, M. A. Mueller, V. Meyers, A. Tcrsson, Mr. Adams, W, Secrest, A. Custer, P. Stutzmcm, D. M. Berkebile, I. Leazier, I. Be-ntz, S. Matse. OFFICERS President ....... .................. ...........,. A N GELINJ: TASSON Secretary .....,.,., ....,...,........,......... W ANETTA Secnesr Treasurer ..... .....,.... A LLEN CUSTER Advisor ., ,. . ,....,....,,.,........., ,, ., MR. ADAMS l I I I I I I I I I I I .Iuniur High Sehunl Student lluuneil ,f I. Ianidlo, N. Peden, I. Strelko, H. Emerick: President, E. Duppstadt: vice president, Mr Zimmerman: advisor, P. McGowan: secretary, P, Womer, N. I. Shatter: treasurer. Thirty Two STANDING: B. Shaffer, A. Tclsson, I. Fetzer, R. Strczsiser, S. A. Gindlesperger, D, Clcxrk, I. lcxcobaccio, M, Rexroth, N. Powell. KNEELING: E. Bentz Ferhes Cheerleaders and ajeretles . . .1-KIIEELEHATUHS! BACK: V. Meyers, I. Wirbick. CENTER: P. Krevetski, V. Chascr, W. Secresi, I. Pelermcm, D. Meyers. FRONT: P. Kolesko. Thirty Three -.....,.2 Thirty Four EL H FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA CLUB Emma Miller President Mrs. Witt Advisor DANCING CLUB Stanley Ncxugle President Mrs. Bittner Advisor IOURNALISM CLUB Iune Wirbick President Miss Elliott Advisor CHESS ETIVITIES HHIE5 OUTDOORS CLUB Steve Mutse President Mr. Adams Mr. Pfeffer Advisors BOOSTER CLUB Verdean Meyers President Mr. Lawson Advisor THESPIAN CLUB Dorthea Clark President Mrs. Leaf Advisor Viv ELI-ISS SENIOR ENGLISH Public speaking develops poise and confidence Mrs. Leaf Instructor L. Ng ,Y TYPING 'mu Developing a skill ot life-long value Mrs. Bittner Instructor r Silt HOME ECONOMICS Essential training in the art of homemaking Mrs. Witt Instructor APPI I3 Thirty Six AIITI ITIE5 BIOLOGY A better under- standing of the science ot lite Mr. Adams Instructor PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY Facing the chal- lenges which threaten our democratic way of life Mr, Lawson Instructor ALGEBRA Opening the door to the world of math Mr. Rodger Instructor HE WAY 4 Thirty Seven STANDING P Kolesko, E. Corbeti, W. Findley, G, Dinning, Mrs. Houpt, B. Rininger, D. Lake, R. Foust, I Bentz, G. Sheeler, A. Tcxsson SEATED I Checchi, D, Meyers, I. Pizer, D. Clark. Full House SENIOR CLASS PLAY Presented THE CAST DECEMBER 3, 1953 Directed by MRS. HAUPT 'Nw' IOHN BENTZ ....... IOANNE CI-II:ccHI Nicholas King .. . Ottily Howell DORTHEA CLARK ........, .. Miss Winnecker ELAINE CORBETT . GAYLON DINNING ..... WILLIAM FINDLEY ROBERT FOUs'r ,..,. PAULINE KOLESKO DOROTHY LAKE .... DURELLES MEYERS IACK PIZER .....,...., BARRY RININGER GEORGE SI-IEELER ANGELINI: TASSON Mrs. Fleming . .. George Howell Officer Kearney Parks Susie . . .....,... Vera Vernon Daphne Charters Ned Pembroke, Ir. Officer Dougherty Officer Mooney . ........ Mrs. Pembroke fr J- I- MI HI-DHAMATIII' FRONT: Mrs. Holupt, R. Strosiser ' ' ' ' Thirty Eight . . . ILESTIJ E KING NEPTUNE'S BALL While this has been an exciting and happy year for the Senior Class ot 1954, many of its fondest memories go back to the years when they were juniors and sopho- mores. Particularly outstanding was King Neptune's Ball, for it not only brought down the curtain on their junior year, but heralded their arrival as the new senior class -the Senior Class of l954. And now another year has gone by-and another junior-senior prom. For the Senior Class of 1954, high school days are over. But the pleas- ant memories linger on. PPER RIGHT' R. Strasiser, R. Wain ELOW: B. Spangler, E. Miller, N. Newcomer, V, Leaf, I. Bentz, M. ...ri s "gf, Q ':33t"- :' " lx E'..,..J Spangler, L. McVicker g Z H5312 f xy S t 'tt xt in l , fit i . . 4,551 'Q J J , . xx . "'r -up 4 ' f V . Q. . . Q TW wi ' bf Q I 1 ., . an A' V- '. -?'4','....-'-5 .4 x in-nu-IU' The re3ftf0f,GoodCirizen 1 I A' N " -i ,xs C7 K5 yfv' ,tw -ggggupwv-'P S X 3 ' WVR QDUUUDN TERRACE cHfyR0lf1 U0 -onafif ei' Wim HILLSIDE AERIAL PRODUCTION STAFF: BACK: S. Emerick, E. Miller, D. Clark, K. Shaffer, A. Lease, T. Fuschino, M. Friedline, I, Hoover, L. Riddell, D. Escherick, B. Berkey. FRONT: P. Krevetski, A. Tasson, N. Powell, P. Stutzman, D. Ott. I SPEAK FOR DEMOCRACY Dorthea Clark and Iva Womer, Forbes entrants in the annual county contest. Dorthea won third place honors this year! DRIVER EDUCATION George Bentz, Mr. Pleiler, and Dave Escherich review driving records after instruction behind the Wheel. AROUND THE CLOCK From morning until night during the school term Mr. Marshall, our high school janitor, is a busy man with an almost endless array of tasks. DISTRICT CHORUS Iohn Bentz and Ianet Miller, Forbes representatives at District Chorus, spent many hours attaining the per- fection expected of them. SUPER SALES! Rebecca Lambert, Mary lean Paul, and Ioseph Ianidlo were the Iunior High School's leaders in the magazine sales contest which enabled the Iunior High School Student Council to purchase a seven hundred dollar movie projector outiit for the school. A "NEW LOOK" Colorful and attractive window drapes made by the F. H. A. Club gave the Home Economics department of the senior high school a "new look." THIRD: Coach Ptetter, I. Zapatosky, I. Iohnson, S. Matse, E. Matse, C, Strasiser, F. Kostro, I. Mrogik, A. DeNorcy, Manager, SECOND: P. Mostoller, R. Croyle, A. Custer, T, Rice, R. Wain, S. Bender, F. Berkebile, A. Lease, Manager. FIRST: I. Tirko, K. Mort, W. Shroyer, R. Bowers, P Muro, E. Miller, D. Shaver. Coach . . CHET PFEFFER Assistant Coach ..... GEORGE SVITCHAN Team Captain . .. RICHARD WAIN W-IHSITY PUUTBI-ILL HFORBESAMATICH DRIVE! . . . The 1953-54 season was a big test ot the skill and stamina of Somerset County's youngest football powerhouse-the Iets. With three Wins and tour very close defeats, the Forbes Iets served notice that their aim is gridiron leadership. Next year the Iets hope to lead the pig- skin circuit in victories as Well as courage and determination. Richard Wain, team captain, will represent Forbes in the l954 All-Star game. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Matse, P. Mos- toller, Coach Ptefter, R, Wain, E. Matse. ov- Sf 1. im gil -7- vwMmwlP1ll11Ilhu kUdi alhnahnwbi-cannon' -- f fi Si "" I izi W, 25 N2 W is gig QAGQW Ibis.. ' g .a of 8 fs 'Y' A as 'SX J A ' A . 5 V f qv X. , X ff? Ji A. V K ii ni? 4 - B SHETB LI. Coach ,,,,, ,,,,,, C HET PFEFFER Captain ,Y,v,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,AA,,,,,w, STEVE MATSE For the second consecutive year the Forbes varsity basketball team con- tinues to rank among the finest Class B squads in Pennsylvania by retaining the Somerset County and District Five Class B title! The Iets have been the Class B champions three ot the four years since consolidation: l95l, 1953 and now, 1954! Forbes High School has a Winning combination - an expert coach and top-notch athletes who have combined skill, teamwork, courage, de- termination and clean sportsmanship into one of the finest high school records in the State. IUNIOR VARSITY A. DeNorcey, Manager, Coach Pletler, R. Foust, Manager BACK: I. Tokar, I. Shatter, Coach Drenner, C, Strasiser, S. Zborovancik. FRONT: R. Shaffer, P. Muro, F. Berkebile, I. Lohr, S. Grebeck. Iohn Carver Berlin Alumni Somerset Rockwood Meyersdale Stonycreek Salisbury Shade Township I. B. I. Ioini STANDING: S. Matse, A. Custer, R. Wain, I. Hostetler, F. Kostro, I. Armagost. KNEELING: R. Darr, D. Shaver, Coach Pfeffer, G. Dinning, S. Bender. arsity Basketball 38 Forbes 52 Forbes 54 Forbes 53 Forbes 55 Forbes 54 Forbes 55 Forbes 36 Forbes 51 Forbes 41 Forbes SEASONS RESULTS 67 Laurel Valley 59 Somerset 72 Rockwood 49 Meyersdale 7U Stonycreek 40 I. B. I. Ioint 53 Salisbury 72 Shade Township 74 Laurel Valley 48 Berlin EHAMPIIJ SPARK PI. ES .. .. Forty Six Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes ww , :ai ,, . ..Y,.Q.w' BACK: I. Hostetler, A. Lease, D. Shaver, I. Armagost, R. Darr. FRONT: R. Wain, S. Matse, F. Kostro, S. Bender, G. Dinning, Coach Pfetfer. S. Matse, Coach Ptefler, F. Kostro VARSITY PEHSUNALITIES STEVE MATSE . . . senior . . . 5 feet . . . captain . . . holds team together , . . aggressive . . . out- standing underhand shot . . . comes through at the right time . . . clutch player , . . sparkplug . . . 3 year man . . . excellent prospect for county team ...FRANK KOSTRO. . .junior. . . 5 ft. ll in.. .. sharpshooter . . . one of the top scorers in the coun- ty . . . ball hawk . . . a natural . . . aggressive . . . hard Worker . . . 2 year man . . . great all- around player . . . another good prospect tor the County team . . . RICHARD WAIN . . . senior . . . 5 tt. IU in. . . . outstanding rebound artist . . . made greatest improvements . . . exceptionally aggressive . . . top-notch team player . . . 2 year man . . . crafty . . . IERRY ARMAGOST . . . junior . . . 5 tt. 2 in .... tallest player on the squad . . . good re- bounder . . . center . . . 2 year man . . . aggressive . . . vital cog on the 53-54 team . . . ALLEN CUSTER . . junior . . . 5 tt. lU in .,.. clever ball handler . . . the Iets playmaker . . . guard . . . excels at spoiling opponents tast breaks . . . 2 years . . . ag- gressive . . . IAMES HOSTETLER . . , junior . . . 5 ft. 10 in. . . . reliable and aggressive . , . develop- ing rapidly . . . l year. . . versatile. Varsity Basketball Haalilinars! BASKETBALL THRILLER! Forbes G F T Irwin G F T Kostro, f 4 2 10 Good, f 7 0 14 Zimmerman, f I 3 5 Simpson, f 2 2 6 S. Matse, c 2 7 ll Hursh, c 3 I 7 Barnhart, g 3 I 7 Norberg, g 11 6 28 Ierin, g 8 0 16 McFarland, g 2 1 5 E. Matse U I 1 Brewer 0 I I 18 15 51 25 IU 60 Quarters I 2 3 4 Forbes 14 9 I9 9 Irwin 12 12 21 15 'Game played after 1953 yearbook went to press. FORBES vs. STATE CHAMPS!' McKeesport Vocational High School, March 16, 1953-The District 7 champions got past a fight- ing Forbes team scoring its ultimate victory be- cause of a decided height advantage. Until mid- way through the third stanza never more than four points separated the rivals and Irwin was reeling under the pressing Forbes attack. The Iets made up in fight, aggressiveness and determina- tion what they lacked in height. -The Pittsburgh Press With two minutes to go, Forbes trailed 54-51. Irwin's "freezing" tactics forced Forbes to foul in an attempt to gain possession of the ball. Time ran out before the Iets could again take the ot- fensive. After this narrow escape, Irwin easily won its remaining sectional playoffs and became the state champions. SCRAPPY FORBES CAGERS DUMP ADAMS, 52-49, IN DISTRICT 5-6 PLAYOFF Forbes High School's lets outfought, outhustled and outmaneuvered a befuddled Adams quin- tette to upset the District 6 Class B Champions, 52-49, at Iohnstown High School. Coach Chet Pfeffer's scrappy ballhawks there- by qualified to meet the District 7 Irwin team in a PIAA semi-final for the Class B state cham- pionship. The Iet's formula for success was to hound the loftier Adams' Hornets in the back court and then fall into a tight zone defense. Al- though giving away height at practically every position, Forbes players matched Adams' 34 re- bounds and actually attempted 23 more shots. Adams was so harassed in the closing chapter that it was able to attempt just 10 shots in that period. -The Iohnstown Tribune-Democrat Forbes G F T Adams G F T Kostro, f 6 I I3 I. Slonac, f 5 3 13 Wain, f 4 4 12 Gross,f 2 U 4 Armagost, c 0 I I Kitt, c 6 0 I2 Matse. g 4 7 I5 Lazorchak, g 5 1 ll Custer, g 4 3 ll S. Slonac, g U 3 3 Hostetler U 0 U Fern 2 2 6 Darr U U 0 - - - --- 20949 181652 McKeesport Vocational High School, March I9-Irwin, defending Class B State Champions, ended Forbes' bid for state honors in the western P. I. A. A. semi-final by a score of 72-48. Although over- whelmed by the Irwin height advantage, the Iets displayed the teamwork and courage which en- abled the 1954 Forbes cagers to rank among the six top Class B teams in P. I. A. A. competition. MATSE AND KOSTRO COUNTY ALL-STARS Steve Matse and Frank Kostro were selected by Somerset County coaches and sports writers as members of the 1954 County All-Star Basketball Team. Forbes was the only school to place two on the team. Forty Nine Q' 5 K' 2 Q 'E T 'E SC 'Q T 'Q Q' '32 Q' 2 Q SC '12 S Q' 6'Z'f96'2'fQ7sG ?'Q7s?fQerG7 ONE STOP SHOPPING NOW'YIHJCAA7SHOP FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS IN JUST ONE STOP at Sea Bee Shopping Center including GIANT SUPER MARKET O50 Nationally Advertised Lines at Lower Prices Iloute 53 at IIOoversvHle o+o Phone 21 11 F'fy QQ ae:9'ADaJ3gix:9Fiae9943 G-J RJQKOFD :Jai 'f3ae93a:9Vi.6545 QQQZQNQ 3:9345 QED? ae:9'fiaJ'G. Q5 596945 Q94ize9'Fi:J 093 6:26475 2 'Q T Q I 2 Q' 'Q I 'E K' Q Q' 'Q Q' E C2 K' Y K 52 K' Q I CE, K 52 I MGS ff 5 Q I 0 Q Ilamel Shaffefs Suns U 'E Q Hardware Furniture ?E6?"Q:1?'3ESG5?:E5?'EvS?5Q:vi?Q7Q?:'5E6 P-n if '11 "1 T4 Q O '11 EE f rn P4 rn :P no U7 34Dii.JyQQ36Q lagmiiiii Electrical Appliances Q53 f:fbs?fQvsGNQ7s ze974Dx:9 Q F AITHFUL SERVICE 19545 ?4Q:vs6NG: eyikbfi Skt? 3 Q S 2 Q E 9 no Q 2 9 F Q Q QS S 3 lg B S ff g 2 K, Q5 Q S? 1, J S -U Q E 9 5 Ear Fifty One C-D H. J. Specht G. Son Hardware Furniture QM? l'I'.l ISI fb Q llll H Ko Q DJ ISI N953 +O+ F549 .GN Q"4iaeJQae9fi GN O s: av E' -1 4 W E F4 E Z O Z aw -4 rn E aw F' Q Phone 3661 STOYSTOWN PENNA. Boswell Lumber Company Manufacturers and Distributors C5 9 OAK FLOORING AND TRIM Youngstown-Porta-Bilt Custom Built Kitchens ll -5.405- ff' Phone 2781 BOSWELL PENNA. ATFMJ' SEEN 2 5 Q J K, .5 K, 5 K J if, J K, J CS, J Q J G, Q G, 2 5 Fifty Two Q 5 Q Q 2 TERRACE CHEVROLET COMPANY Q SALES AND SERVICE E M 2 K3 52 5 CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS Q 3 OLDSMOBILE CARS S Q G wb OYO Holsopple 2061- 2071 S Davidsville 7R21 S JEROME PENNA. S 5 S 2 Q 3 COMPLIMENTS S OF S S Q' gg E Peoples Stale Bank IENNERSTOWN PENNA. Q35?294QN93":D.s93QQ3Qk95"4Dk9iQ3Q:Q:9V:D.3i:J945:w954Dk252539553539 Fifty Three bs?fbs?QvsGR-'GQGG G1fNLzG,?'Q:c?'Qv:1?f somsnsm' HAWKINSON TREAD SERVICE, INC. G. H. WHEN" STRONG 5255 Edgewood Avenue Somerset, Pa. Phone 4078 - 4667 Q "Home of the Steel Treadv COOK WITH GAS WHEREVER YOU LIVE GOSS GAS OF SOMERSET +O+ Phone 4697 Somerset Penna. a:95'4Q!fiac9V:DG'J e94b:JVia::9FT7vJFi :J3g0k9'Qw:9'RDa:9' 679445 D340QJYQ::JVi:eJ7QsJ5Qk05Q:qD5QN05Q.J5Q:w95gDQiQ9Qkoz9"Q:J3cDQ34Q:J9Q Fifty Four OLn?S1622Ss?fQ:cFNNbs?fQ7s6AfQ:c?fQ:s6AfQ:sGNbs?Rbs?'Qz?fQys?'bsGNQm?fbcGQ 3 3 Compliments of EL 2 Mr. and Mrs. John H. Deaner 5 and Q Charles E 'Q E Compliments of THE HITE HOUSE S1624 G-s?Ec?fQv.CF:?f k97gb:J34baw:954i 55. Q :r: I."' :v z U U! c: 'U 'U I." -4 :v z U Z "fl Q n 9 STOYSTOWN PENNA. tb EQUIPMENT BUILT T0 ENDURE , Manufacturers of 12 Water Pressure Tanks Dura-Electric Water Heaters Dura-Stone Tanks Dura-Filter Water Softeners S STOYSTOWN Phone 3794 PENNA. Q' TERLINGO'S ECONOMY STORE S Q Phone 2581 E HO-OVERSVILLE PENNA. 5 E Fifty Five B. J. MAURER MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer for 29 Years Phone 2751 Q, Boswell Penna. 2? 2 2 BOSWELL CLEANERS E Phone 2123 Q Q ff Boswell Penna. 2 T S PENNSYLVANIA POULTRY PROCESSING CORPORATION 9 J Buyers-Processors-Sellers and Marketing of High Grade S Poultry and Allied Products S S TABLELAND DELUXE TURKEYS g P. O. Box 128 Iennerstown, Pa. Q Compliments Of THE WHITE E STAR HOTEL 2 FINE FOODS Iennerstown Penna. Q F1 S' G Q Q Q Q Q 2 Q Q Q Q Q Q Q 2 Q Q Q Q EQ Q Q Q S QGQJVQD EFS 6345 ggi QQKMQSQ QVWQVQQ' 69333 6543 2974:0af:D5'Q R039 :QFD QFD 53693. MDKMQ M9540 Q 5 HOOVERSVILLE WATER COMPANY CQ .5 S Hooversville Pennsylvania K, Q S WILBUR COAL MINING COMPANY E Hooversville Pennsylvania S S Compliments Kolesko Motor Sales S Vida B. and Garner G. FORD S Berkebile Sales and Service Phone 2271 Phone 2551 Hooversville Pa, Hooversville Pa. J Matse's Grocery Mary's Beauty Shop Phone 2705 Phone 2924 R. D. 1 Hooversville Pa. Hooversvillg Pa, Filfy Sev 90343 siyzb C9Ef:6:P4Q7:?'Q7s?fQ:-:GNPfbc62fEC7Pfbs6:PfQ:s?fQy:?fbcf?'fb4?2Q1.?fQ:4?fQ:-c?bs?5Q1:GC9 .10HNSTOWN'S LEADING JEWELERS Congratulations to the 1954 'Graduates JEWELERS SINCE 1848 CQ 132-138 Market Street Phone 7-5171 HEIPLE SUPPLY COMPANY BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - MILLWORK Q Headquarters for All Kinds of Building Supplies A Post Office Box 607 Phone ms Somerset Penna. S SPECHT MOTOR COMPANY SALES - F 0 R D - SERVICE 52 Phone 5141 119 E. Fairview Street 3 SOMERSET PENNA. FOR HEALTH'S SAKE ROLLER SKATE AT THE CAIRNBROOK RINK REFRESHMENTS Phone - Central City 4193 CAIRNBROOK PENNA. GDFi:JFix9FQazD54ik9Vik9'Qx974Qa:J5QQ5QQ3Q:f954i:g99Q :JfisJFDO Fifty E ight Q76 Q A. D. GRAHAM AND CO., INC. J S BEA VER BRAND FERTILIZERS Q E SOMERSET PENNA. S PAINT TOOLS Q 9 GILMOUR SUPER-SERVICE HARDWARE S Q At the Turnpike Entrance - Somerset, Pa. .5 3 SPORTING GOODS APPLIANCES 3 3 Compliments of the SOMERSET CANNING CORPORATION ll, .5 Somerset, Somerset County S Somerset Roof Garden Tableland Deer Valley Pine Hill Brands of E Sweet Wrinkled Peas - Red Beets -- Early Peas ll, Whole Kernel Golden Corn f- Red Kidney Beans 5 Grown on the Farms of Somerset County Compliments Of SOMERSET BUS COMPANY SOMERSET PENNSYLVANIA Fifty Nin af:9"4YJeVik55ae9'4DG ei 3:93 'Foe Qk9F'T1aw5 Sk! VTJJQQQD QQ 3Q54i.QiQ5Die 36936 953. CDQvc?iQ,s?fQ7s?fQ7r62'4NQ7s?fEf:?Qy:?2Q:7s6:rfQ.s-i?bs?fb:6:nfQ1c?Q7:?fQ7s?Q7s62fQv1GQ Williams Grocery Lohr Feed and Implement Store Phone 3674 Farm and Home Appliances Stores Located at Kantner and Stoystown Kantner Pa. Phone 3673 Phone 3434 Compliments Don Specht Of General Store Humme1's Fresh Meats A- Flour -1 Feed Dry Goods -f Groceries Bar and Restaurant Phone 3532 Stoystown Pa Stoystown Pa. Shank's Garage is Make Your Future Secure Insure With 95 official AAA station K. H. Wagner Agency 2 Phone 9931 R' D' 2 Stoystown Pa. Stoystown Pa' 'iflll Types of Insurance" Compliments of Shanksville Auto Company Dodge and Plymouth Sales Phone Berlin 3462 Shanksville Pa. Spangler Tractor and Equipment Phone -f Berlin 2144 Shanksville Pa. Q GJDVQDQQDKQ:QD94D:e9Vik57Qx95gD.e3gb:z99'Qx95'Q:JFi:e93Q9QN:JViae95Qk9VQ:J5QG Gb:?bc?'Q7s?Q:s?NbsFbs?fEs?fEsfQbs?bc?fQ7s?fQ7a?fQ:s?fS4?GsfNb6Q M, C, RUSSIC Ward B. Miller ' l Quality Beef and Veal Genera Contractor cg 265 W. Main Street Phone 3012 Phone 5212 Hooversville Pa. Somerset Pa. Q Compliments Hilltop Floral co. Irw- Kz Complete Floral Service MILK ICE CREAM FRIEDENS PA. FRIEDENS PA. Telegraph Delivery Service RUFI-"S JEWELERS SPORTSMAN S E 570 Coleman Ave. V lll Market Street Q Phone 912548 h P . I0 nstown a Iohnstown Pa. . I . FORBES VALLEY Mxller s Servlce POTATO CHIPS Q . Manufactured by ' Stanon Custer's Potato Chip Co. lg Groceries and Confectionery KANTNER PA' S Route 30 Stoystownf, Pa. THE STYLE STQRE Q " gpm 7 Days a Week CURTAIN AND YARD GOODS , Phone 5-3201 505-507 Main Street ' 9:00 A.M. 11:30 P.M. IOHNSTOWN' PA. E S ixiy One C9 Czxgvi 'GAF ' ? " Gzfbc?-'Qzvcff cn m Un gn m o . o 'U 2 'E E 5-mn 5 5 elf 5 'P a 2 f' 57" H- Q :s 9+ in cn 2 555 5' 5 Q- ,,, 5 gn -cs 2, 01212, H Gm Q 5 K V' 3 2 5:85 "' 5'-' QE. A U1 Q ,.. 2612-8 'U5 'Hs' i 9, v- T 2 U2 gl m"U ce xx Q O um Q 'U 2 Bl-l :. S. B I-5 H. 9' at cu lu O gay! 2 3 9.1 F " 23 0 tb 5 gmc' H B 'U 'U um X' PU I+ 9' "4 9' 00 va v 'U r-1 '11 U1 U1 U2 ,.. D' o O o o in-1155 5 B 2 B aw B 3 5-224 5- 2: E. o gg Q g 7,2 , Q 4"5 e-r 0 rr rr F-'a.':1,-Q2 -1. sn, O5 ,,, 2? .USO 3 -,2'SQ'..."' 2.5-532 gefz 5-1021 ,Tum 5'-I mg: va 3 2, Q 3 5 -- 'U H- 0 W "3 aw 9: 0 0 5 g525'9,'3 513: .'Z.'.'-'- 3 " 'ff 52.922 wa'glE,,, U, SQQUI-u 21'-1 :Q 5915 52-p--QQ m Q ,-.mi CD 25.3 :ff H F6 8 8 3 3 mx 'QQ'-5 S 5, Q' "' H 5. Q.. H 1u",'T ET 9 '-cs -o 8 fo E, 9' -f Q 0 9' N sv 9' U' a0"fiQV4DaJ'Q AJS 2:53 .5 K 5 K 5 K .b K 25 K .b K 5 K 5 K 5 K 9 K Q5 K, J 4 K, K 5 K K 9514? Sixty Two GGw?fGcFx Q7s?ofQ7c?9GNb4,GNQvs?bs?fbs?fQy,GNGs?fQ7s6Nbc?bcGQ Nw. Hardware HORNEWS 5 PLUMBING -f HEATING ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING PAINT -1 ALL COLORS b:62'fbsGh5b:6:'fbs6: QJVQQQD Clothing -1 Furniture -f Paint Sporting Goods -1 Appliances Floor Covering John J. Walter, Manager bsdzmvwzl W 9. I 2 E :: Kg ga v o SN 523 2 Ulm 8 'fs ru :U nu 9' U3 3 -'E 9 5 5 cu L-QE 51 mxg- Q mi 31 IP 'A 2 FF 'U 9' ae93:D x:93'Q. 67. 3:6545 be ae Q7s?f96:'f 336743 SHEFTIC THEATRES Phone 3363 313 Center Street Boswell Pa. Boswell Pa. Grafx 9 315 W 55' 55 -Q: 29.0 sm 0 5 UI UI :Q 'Ss -1 5. 53 '4 V:Da:995"4DQ3Q Q:-:GN zayiaa Markets Phone - Boswell 3235 F ERRELTON SOMERSET CENTRAL CITY off:-f uv 3 2 2. to 9' 0:c6zfQ:sGNEfr?f aJ5Q:JV:bk55'Q 5 Z 5 O a Q' Q 5 I-1 :r "" fb N Ko Q 5 91 '-5 5 2 D- Cl gg DJ E, E o 2 5, QF fb 5 2 Q, E! 5 F' :1 l" FZ nu Z W ru O 5' 2 Z U2 'U 9' 957Q:J5QQ5Q.QyQ35k55::97":bsQ54iQ5'iQ5efcixwcbkk:95Q99QmOyi.eGGD Sixty Three GQ:-s6:4Qy:?Gs?QMFNQMFQz6NQvsFQfsfNQ:-s?bsGNQz.?Qz632'L7s?Q7s?'Q?c?fbcGQ 5 The Farm Equipment 5 Company Wheel and Track-Type Tractors DUNLOP Founder of the Pneumatic Tire Industry Over 60 Years of Building Power Farm Equipment EXPMCHC2 Motors and Sawmills W' D' WENTZ' Manager 368 E. Main sf. Phone 4348 Phone 5613 SOMERSET, PA. Somerset Pa. ORN R. NEDROW Case Farm Machinery De Laval Equipment Farm Service R. D. 6, Route 31 Phone 3948 Somerset, Penna. 2 Somerset Milling Company Manufacturers of IUST RIGHT FEEDS Phone 6101 Somerset Penna. H Somerset Implement and Tractor Co. Frick Threshers and Sawmills New Holland Grassland Minneapolis Moline , Homelite Chain Saws Phone 3512 Plank Road Somerset, Penna. Baumgardner's, Inc. Road Material and Contracting Phone 4870 Somerset Penna. Compliments Of Somerset Daily American Somerset Penna. Somerset Dry Cleaners Odorless and Deluxe 24 Hour Service Pressing While You Wait Phone 5484 267 E. Catherine Street Somerset Penna G D74:D:e9V:0se93:J'i.x:95AD.Q5ADk95'CDse:99QQik:9yQkDiQ7QxsJ54Dx9KQ G Sixty Fo ur GJQ:c?b-c?fQ:-s6AfQ:7s?4Nbc?2Q7s?Q7:?fQ7s?fQ:f:GNQ7c?Q7sfNQ::s67Nb4,FQ:c?bs?RQ7cGQ S 25 Q I 2 Congratulations Q High School Seniors! 5 E Glosser Brothers extends hearty congratulations to the Forbes Q Ioint High School Graduating Class of 1954. We sincerely J hope that your future will be filled with happiness and worthy achievement. Q G QOHNSTOWN,PA.R 5 3 E RYBODYS STORE Q J at COMPE-JIPMENTS E. H. SHOCKEY THOMAS E, KOONTZ Clow Farm Store ti 5 SON PHONE as-is Q STOYSTOWN PENNA, STOYSTOWN PEN NA. Q COMPLIMENTS COMPEIMENTS S OF F T ga THE FIRQLIQQATIONAL ROSES BARBER SHOP 'D sb STOYSTOWN PENNA. STOYSTOWN PENNA. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF R R 1 WEAVER'S MONGS ESSO STPTTION SERVICE STATION Complete Esso Service Atlantic Products ' STOYSTOWN PENNA. STOYSTOWN PENNA. K, COMPLIMI-:NTS J OF BE A SCHRADER'S DRUG STORE FCRBES BOOSTER STOYSTOWN PEN N A Sixty Five Gbs?'QnGNQ7c6Nbc?Rb4?f QA?fQn?fEnfQ Qfs?fQ,c?fQn69 SHAFFER AND COMP gIf,V1FNTS S HOOVERSVILLE NATIONAL BANK HOOVERSVILLE PA. HOOVERSVILLE PA' BALTZER'S IEWELRY BLANK'S AND GIFT 51-10p GONFECTIONERY Compliments to Class ol '54 PHONE 9331 HOOVERSVILLE PA. HOOVERSVILLE PA. H. C. HAH-N PALAZZFS PLACE , Dine and Dance Groceries ROUTE 53 HOOVERSVILLE PA' HoovERsv1LLE PA. DILL'S suPPLY MARSIN'S TAVERN GENERAL MERCHANDISE . Bak Wm I Dine -f Dance PHSIQE 5121, PHONE 2164 HOOVERSVILLE PA. HOOVERSVILLE PA. COMPLIMENTS sHARP'sOlsERv1cE ReSfa"'a"t ' Cabin STATION Service Station Q KANTNER PA, sToYsTowN PA. 'Q coMPL1MENTs B E C K E R ' S OF BARBER SHOP FYOCK 5 REED HOOVERSVILLE PA. , Compliments of BARNETT S GARAGE ZIMMERMAN,S Body Work - Painting GROCERY Between Stoystowvn and Kantner ROUTE 53"'R' D' 3 STOYSTOWN PA. HILLTQP HQTEL PAUL R. BLANSET Dine and Dance WHOLESALE ROUTE 30 Oil and Grease STQYSTQWN PA' STOYSTOWN PA. Q GyQrJ'QkJ5Q aJF5N95QN09Q:JYQsJ54Yx95QaJ5QDm:97Q.x95gD:J,Q:J3QG Sixty Six , , .: Q Cffigfifggigvfll-flgsgvf 1. E. HERRING Moron . COMPANY fb IGREENHOUSES 1001-09 NORTH CENTER AVE. MELVIN R. CLAYCOMB, Prop. PHONE 4577 DIAL 5104 SOMERSET, PA. SOMERSET PA. tb COMPLIMENTS OF OSCAR MILLER SERMYCSISTIATION E'eCgjlf,j1 iggplies GI'0C2I'i6S and Fresh Meats 510 E. MAIN STREET B 268 STOYSTOWN ROAD SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PA. COMPLIMENTS OF SOMERSET FARM SORBER AND BARCHEY General Merchandise BUREAU SOMERSET WINDBER PHONE 3363 MEYERSDALE FRIEDENS PA. BERKEY'S ESSO SERVICE SNYDER'S 3 Gas-Oil-Accessories POTATO CHIPS Q Washing - Lubrication Q PHONE 2762 Sold at All Food Stores 5 FRIEDENS PA. BERLIN PA. 5 BOSWELL NEWS KUTICHMANS P bl, h P , SINCLAIR SERVICE . u is ers nnters ,Expert Lubrication and Washing gr PHONE 2115 OFFICIAL INSPECTION STATION , O PHONE 9491 Q BOSWELL PA BOSWELL PA. SHEFTICS SHONBERG'S STYLE CENTER Clothing - Shoes Clothing and Shoes For the Entire Family 300 CENTER STREET 301 CENTER STREET BOSWELL PA. BOSWELL PA, SHAIQIPIS SERVICE BOSWELL DRUG STORE ire Capping Gas -1 Fuel 'Oil -1 Kerosene CHAS. R. SPROWLS, Prop. Wh I al BOSWELL, PA. O es e PHONE 9431 BOSWELL PA' S COMPLIMENTS OF STET'S 8 S0NvS K, SHANK S CUT.-RATE GROCERY C5 Patent Medicine . PHONE 9351 Fresh Meats -1 Produce - Notions IENNERSTOWN PA. IENNERS CROSSROADS PA. Sixty Seven 5 S S S S 2 S S S S S S S S 5 k.43'Qa654ia:9Fi::05Q::9KDaf0540 3 :J 96543. N3345k:9:95Q 'Magi 5Qk0 3 Q J 4, J 4, 2 2 J S 5 2 Q 1, 3 Qs 3 2 OQw?'Q:6GN b4?fb1?fb6?f b1?Qbc?fb6?'bsGNQx?fbc?4b6G0 J RATSY'S TAVERN EASTERN 5 Spaghetti -- Pizza MGTLOR SALES 5 ROuTE 219 -g:gJ1:llQI'IZ2?4F SOMERSET Bfoggggg figjcks A SOMERSET PA. L J N ' A Ti 3 STAHL'S JEWELRY GE IE EANIEL SSQDY L SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PA. J PHONE 4251 L Z SOMERSET BROOM CO, SOMERSET SPORT SHOP J Headquarters for Outdoors Men 3 PHONE 6293 150 WEST MAIN STREET L SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PA. J L PALMER AUTO BODY AMOlE:gGgIg?VICE J' SUPPLY J I Z vso-vs-1 N. CENTER AVENUE Gifogclcfiise SOMERSET PA' Tires'-Tubes-Accessories 3 PHCNE 4650 PHONE 3762 ROUTE ss L' COMPLIMENTS J GATEPQVAY ROBERTS AUTO SALES L ' RESTAURANT SOMERSET PA. Q J . is SOMERSET PA. J 1, COMPLIMENTS SUN.WAY J OF S S ' L BENDER ROUTE 219uA1?JB06o1erv1ce R. D. 2 J SHOE COMPANY PHONE 3346 L: SOMERSET PA' H. E. TUNSTALL, Owner J 5 COMPUMENTS MUSSER'S BAKERY Q OF Wedding c1nIc?5Ihdc1y Cakes J MARTIN'S AIR SERVICE PHONE 6162 I- SOMERSET PA. J 5 DUMBQUQJIDCES TIRE RUNNER ICIRIIEIDSMOBILE S R I E 6 5 Pennsylvania and U. S. Royal M EALES ?ND. 255315112 8 L Passenger, Truck and Farm Ti-res a e a PSSNVSQIZ, oc et - SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PA, J O D5QrJ5QxJ5Q xJ74Qk95:Dk9VYaJyQxJ5'Qs:95gDsJ34D 34Qk99QaJyQzw93QO Sixty E ight Kooser 8. Deist Marie's Dress Shoppe Snmersel Chamber nf llelnlneree American Stores A. 8. P. Store Arrow Furniture Baltzer, William Barber's Shoe Repair Barkman Hardware Beerit's, H. C. 81 Son Bender Implement Bender Shoe Company Bittner's Greenhouses Bittner, Dr. Jay R. Blatt Brothers Theatre Bowen Photographic Studio Brant, James L. Budd's Shoe Store CaldwelI's Service Cambria Savings 8. Loan Co. Coffee Shop, The Coffee Springs Farm County Trust Company Critchfield Electric George E. Custer Custer's Motel Dairyland Darr, George A. Decima, Harris DeVilbiss Company Dean Phipps Stores Dosch, William H. Eastern Motor Sales Eisler Express Farm Bureau Insurance Ferner Hotel Fike's Heating 8. Appliance Fluck's Esso Station Fraternal Order of Eagles Friedline, Frank FriedIine's Gateway Texaco Service General Telephone Co. of Penna. Gene's Auto Body Shop Gnagey -Burial Vault Company Gourley, Dr. George P. Harrison, Charles J. Jr. Hauger Funeral Home Hawkinson Tread Service Heiple Supply Company Hershey, Dr. W. O. Hoffman Funeral Home Jarvis, Dr. E. Smedley Johnson, Ernest Josephine's Restaurant Knepper, Charles I. Knepper, James, Insurance Korns, Dr. M. l. Korns, Dr. W. R. Kamps Shoe Store Lichliter, Wilbur Lohr Appliance Company Lohr Service 81 Supply Lois Ann Shoppe Lytle Fashion Cleaners McBride Packard, Inc. McCrory Stores McNelly, John P. Manufacturers Light 8. Heat Co. Matthew, A. M. Menser, W. E. Meyer, John C. Mickle, Dr. Ross T. MiIady's Dress Shoppe MiIIer's Barber Shoppe Miller's Funeral Home Montgomery Ward Company Musser's Bakery Neafach Jewelry Neilan Engineers Newberry, J. J. Company Penn Furniture Company Penney, J. C. Company Penna. Life, Health and Accident Pennsylvania Electric Company Peoples National Bank Picking's Drug Store Polly Jane Shop Poorbaugh, Ralph A. Queer Electric Rhoads, D. W. Sixty Nine Oldsmobile, Runner Inc. S. 8. A. Chevrolet Saylor Motor Company Sears, Roebuck 8. Company Schenck, Geo. W. Company Schrock, John W. Selected Risks Indemnity Co Shaulis, Minnie Shaulis, Roy H. 8. Son Sherwin, Vern Singer Sewing Machine Co Sipe Auto Parts Company Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Somerset Book Store .Bus Company Candy Company County Laundry Daily American Drug Company Farm Bureau Co-op Floral Company Gasoline Company Lincoln 8t Mercury Co Milling Company Somerset Paint 81 Supply Somerset Pine Grille Somerset Shirt 81 Paiama Somerset Thrift Corporation Somerset Trust Company SpangIer's Gift Shop Specht Motor Company Stahl Jewelry State Farm Insurance Straub, Dr. Theo. Sun Drug Store Tiberi's Restaurant Trent's Market WVSC Walker Buick Company Walker, H. W. Co., Inc. Walker, Roy S. Walter's Tire Service, Inc. Whitehill's Feed Company Wilson, John A. Garage Woodrow, I. F. Zarefoss, Dr. A. H. Q:s?f9?'fE46::4C-D K! CCVER STUDIO Photography O Ph 5 8442 504- Main Stre ,t Johnstown, Pa. AUTUGHAPHS 1 7 If S I CD, Q' KE I

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