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1. ., J, 'gjei-L , ,ii P: if . n ' Iii. .1 . ,:. an 7256 - fi' 5.555 ' Qfgji "jg 1 ne , V, A . "-A iii SXSW' - 7325 ' ZF-55' .5-1' fe? if Vi: 1 -1 f-if Q 'ff' k Q! . V , I 551- If ' .1 f MQ . Q2 'Q ,-'11 ' fail 1 E: I JW 31 .6 A 9544 f v ,fm My . i HX, :fi "REQ wtf' ' nl' ,Li ,ff YF 1. V I ,: Q. 1 4 +61- Q "JE-7 ,niiif , 14- ,ui ,gi fn T ITE A31 . x Y - .. N. .- fp, : .11 1 5 rf, .1-ify ' Tm 3 gr, . 'V 1 'r JEL? ' 13.5 . '11, fl iii. mi, Hi . Q ' 1-5,1 ,W . U f aff H S .. . , .:..:E A THE 1953 FUHBII-KN PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FORBES HIGH SCHOOL Hooversville. Quemahoning Twp.. Stoystown Pennsylvania STANDING: Earl Custer, Allan Ober, Chester Long, Noah Fyock, Sr., Ray Dinning, Sr., Richard Stetler Merle Stutzman. SEI-XTED: Milton E. Spangler, Dasie Lehman, Forrest 1-X. Lohr, lack B. Shatter. ABSENT: Robert Gindlesperger, Charles Miller, Iohn Sharp, Ir., Margaret Schifthauer, Harold Wentz First line of defense . . . during the 1952-53 term the Forbes Ioint School Board was actively engaged in study, research and planning to meet build- ing requirements for our ever-growing school population . . . school houses are democracy's line ot fortification . . . Fnrhes Jnint Schunl Bnard President i,.ii.,,,,,. ,c..... I ACK B. SHAFFER Vice President ...... ........ M ERLE STUTZMAN Secretary ........ .....c.. F ORREST A. LOHR Treasurer ..,.. ..... M ILTON E. SPANGLER . . . IIHIEF UF ST!-IFF DAVID E. LICHLITER Supervising Principal It is a rare privilege to have been in the teaching profession for twenty-five years. Serving during these years as an elementary teacher, a high school teacher, an athletic coach, and as a supervising principal, gave me the opportunity to watch the growth and influence of education. This completes the third term for the Forbes Ioint School District. Guiding an institution in its growth and development is like guiding an individual. It is easy to point out material prog- ress. Buildings, beautiful surroundings, physical equipment speak for themselves, but a school system is not just a physical plant. The real school is a spirit that animates-a spirit that perme- ates the faculty, the student body, graduates out in the fox holes, and the one who administers. It is the sum total of its service to youth. I believe it is the cumulative effect of good teaching. good contact between teachers and pupils, between teachers, and between teachers and the principals. We measure success in gaining opportunities for children to grow in stature of addi- tional opportunities for a broader education and it is my earnest hope that the growth and de- velopment of our school district keeps pace with the other school districts of our state and nation. Graduates of our school system had the opportunity to get a broad education. Sometimes for one reason or another a few fail to make the best of their opportunities. However, there are a few things every student should learn before leaving our school. First: Straight thinking. Students must learn to face facts as they are, must not warp or con- tort them to their own advantage. They must learn to pursue a course of thinking to its most logi- cal conclusion. They must not evade the truth at any cost. Second: Students must learn to open their eyes to beauty. They must be encouraged to prize spiritual values. Third: Students must learn to respect the abilities and to consider the rights of others. Stu- dents must learn there is no superiority except through merit, service and achievement. Fourth: Students must be informed. We must make accessible to them all the facts of history. We must create interest in world events but they must learn to formulate their own lines of thinking. Fifth: Students must be guided, not coerced in their search for truth. Every child should make his own decision as to his life's work. It is the only way for him to find happiness. On behalf of myself and the faculty I wish for each graduate lots of success and happiness in the years that lie ahead. DAVID E. LICHLITER ...THE PMI LTY DOROTHY WIRBICK High School Secretary EVELYN SI-IUBIK School nurse Memorial Hospital STANLEY KRUPNIK Biology, chemistry, physics, health West Chester Teachers College FRANK WEAVER History, driver education California State Teachers College ESTELLA LEAF English, librarian Indiana State Teachers College IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT Shorthand, bookkeeping, typing University ot Pittsburgh . IIE EH!-lL STAFF ROSE SKURNER Home Economics Indiana State Teachers ROBERT HEIM Music education, band Mansfield State Teachers College IOHN P. RODGER Senior High Principal, Latin algebra Bethany, Duke University RUTH KALP General Music, chorus Seton Hill College CHARLES LAWSON Problems of Democracy, history 1 b t University of Pittsburgh CHESTER PFEFFER Physical ed., coaching, history Lock Haven State Teachers College ...THE FACULTY N ELLIE SANK Iunior High Principal, geography Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh AUDREY ASHBROOK Iunior High Secretary GLEN BROUGHER, IR. Art education Indiana State Teachers IOSEPHINE MESSINA Typing, physical ed. University of Pittsburgh THOMAS ZIMMERMAN Math. science Lebanon Valley College DONALD DRENNER Penna. History, civics University of Pittsburgh College ..EE EH!-ll. STAFF l ORION A. WOMER Language arts, history Otterbein College ELLIS S. WERNER English, math University of Pittsburgh IOHN A. WINTERS Intlustrial arts, wood shop California State Teachers College CHARLES G. CLARK Math, science, geography Bethany, University oi Pittsburgh The American Snhnnl The next time you pass a school pause a moment to think what that school means to hu- manity. Recall the long dark centuries when the masses were kept in ignorance-when greed and oppression ruled the World with an iron hand. From the very beginning of man's struggle for knowledge, seli-respect, and the recognition ot his inalienable rights, the school has been his greatest ally. We reier to the school as "common" because it belongs to us all. It is our- selves Working together to meet a universal need. But it is a most uncommon institution. It is relatively new. It is democracy's greatest gift to civilization. Throughout the World, among up- ward struggling peoples, Wherever parents share in the aspirations ot their children, the Ameri- can common school is being copied. Let us keep our schools strong and tree. DONALD MERLE BARNETT Smiley . . . a new- comer in the class . . . takes lite with a smile, doesn't let anything get him down . . . pas- time is sleeping and playing the ukulele . . . likes blondes . . . "Take oil!" . . . hates symphony music . . . wants to be an auto mechanic. VELMA BENTZ Velma . . . a tall blonde . . . voted most popular . . . can't resist her sweet smile . . . considers sports as No. l pastime . . . likes music and spaghetti . . . "Watch that stuff" dislikes catty people . . . wants to travel in the future. CLYDE L. BLANSET Penn Blan . . . tall with brown hair and eyes ...travels alot... watches television in spare time . , . likes to go places . . . dislikes lazy people . . . plans to be a farmer. EARL RICHARD BREWER Dick...tall... brown wavy hair . . . brown eyes . . . enjoys all kinds ot sports . . . he also likes girls, movies, and ice skat- ing . . . "lack Frost, get lost" . . . dislikes getting up in the morn- ing . . . ambition . . . undecided. AMERICA YIJ TH Eight DONALD LARRY BARNHART Barnie . . . versatile , . . voted best athlete . . . has a way with women . . . likes to work on Model T . . . . . . loves steaks . . . class president . . . "I don't mess around boy" . . . hates to hur- ry . . . future is un- decided. BETTY IANE BIRCH Sh0fTY - - . live loot two, eyes ot blue . . . pastime is dancing . . . swoons over stuffed PQPPers . . . "Evident- IY' - . . doesn't like snobs . . . wants to get Cf 90061 job in the tu- ture. DORIS IEAN BLANSET Do Do . . . quiet but friendly , , , proud member of All-County Band tor six years , , , music rates high on her list . . , tqkes Q llklng to summer and drawing , , , "MY heavens!" . . . ambition 15 to get CI good job. LILLIAN BR1'rz Lil . . . tall, dark and CI good dancer . . . ott- en seen in a blue '47 DeSota . . . likes south- ern fried chicken . , , "What?" . . . hates snobs . . . hopes to get CI good steady job. MARY KATHRYN BRUENING Kay . . .blue-eyed bru- nette . . . witty??? . . . you guess . . . enjoys music in her spare time . . . goes for good times and lots of fun , . . "Oh, brother!" avoids snobbish people ambition . . . work in a sewing factory. MARGARET DARLRRN CLARK Deen blue eyes and blonde hair . . . enjoys watching tele- vision and eating . . . ccIn't resist fried chick- en and spaghetti . . . "Oh, quit it!" . . . dis- likes smart boys aspires to be a secre- tary for a doctor or a dentist. DWIGHT W. CRoYI.z Bert . . . nice, but tough too . . . football captain . . . likes beau- tiful women . . . "Take off, you're too smal1" says golf is for sissies . . . plans to be "heavy weight champ" some day. PI-IvI.LIs DARR Phil . . . a petite bru- nette with a gleam in her eye . . . likes ma- roon cars . . . pastime is horseback riding . . . "Wanna bet?" . . . loves cheerleading . . . hates catty people . .. wants to be an air-line hostess in the future. VANGUARD UF FHEEDI1 Nine FRANCES CARBONE Fran . . . possesses long brown hair and brown eyes . . . spends spare time listening to hill-billy records contented when talking or eating . . . "Well bully!" . . . irked by quiet study halls and homework . . . plans to join the Wafs or Waves. SHIRLEY LAVERNI: CLARK Shay . . . attractive blue-eyed brownette . . , versatile . . . cheerleader for six years . .. writes let- ters in her spare time . . . likes being year- book editor , . . "How much?" ... doesn't like prejudiced people . . . wants only to be happy. PATRICIA ANN CROYLII Pat . . . has blonde hair and bright eyes . . . enjoys being a spectator at sport events . . . member of All-County Band for six years .... "You said it!" . . . thumbs down on algebra . . . as to Pat's future, who knows? IOHN DONITZEN Iohn . . . has a very pleasing personality if you approach him the right way . . . tele- vision is tops with Iohn likes cars and airplanes . . . "Mess around till you lay around" . . . hates homework and house- work . . . going to the service. ALVIN E. DURST Abe . . . tall red-head and the class wit . . . usually seen working on cars . . . likes tall brunettes . . . can't take bossing . . . hopes to become a mechanic in the future. GLORIA FUSCHINO Corky . . . dark wavy hair and brown eyes . . . favorite pastime is listening to popular records . . . has a taste for ice cream . . . "Get out of here!" . . . ab- hors gym . . . ambition is to get a good steady job. LEONARD IERIN Toad . . . tall . . . lanky . . . excels in basket- ball . . . enjoys sports anytime . . . takes time out from sports to see army movies . . . "Take oft!" , . . sitting in study halls and mushroom soup are disliked by Toad , . . future is undecided. CAROL IEAN LOHR Carol . . . blue-eyed rates tops as a cheerleader . , . enjoys going to basketball games and music . . . French fries rate . . . "Wise-up!" . . . an- noyed by boastful peo- ple and snobs . . . am- bition: get a good steady job. EL 55 UF Ten BARBARA ANN FULTON Barbie depend- able and liked by everyone . . . loves to go to the movies and basketball games . . . hot fudge sundaes rate high with her . . . "Oh, darn it!" loathes getting up early . . . ambition to become a private segretary, ANNABELLE IANIDLO Red pretty hair and blue eyes . . . pastime is spent in writing letters and singing . . . likes mu- sic and typing . . . "Oh, come on" plans to attend Cam- bria Rowe Business College. IEAN LENHART Ieanie . . . has light brown hair too . . . pastime is listening to music and going roller skating . . . likes choc- olate cake . . . "Oh, heck!" . . . All-Coun- ty student . . . can't stand snobbish people . . . Ieanie plans to be a future homemaker. IAMES MASSUNG Tex . . . always smil- ing and reading 'a book . . . likes women . . . "Who knows?" . . . thumbs down on Work . . . as to his tu- ture, plans to be a truck driver. FRANK MAYAK Bim . . . the quiet and reserved boy of the class . . . plays a good game of football . . . likes sports . . . "Why not?" . . . Doesn't like to sit in study hall . . . Bim says his future is up to Uncle Sam. MICHAEL MEzAcK Mike . . . tall, dark and hard to keep up with . . . can be seen driving a new Buick . . . loafs at cabin . . . likes pheasant under glass . . . the class "Veep" . . . hates women . . . plans to enter pre-med school. LARRY GENE MILLER Pete . . . twinkling brown eyes . . . friend- ly smile enjoys hunting . . . excited by Bel Air Sport Coupe, hillbilly music, and dancing "Take off!" . . . wise guys and English are his main dislikes . . . his future looks bright as a farmer. ROBERT SYLVESTER PUTMAN Wesley smiling brown eyes . . . light hair has a yen to tinker with autos . . . fond of eating, hunting and polkas . . . "Yea" . . . de- tests English and raisin pie . . . looking for- ward to becoming a Marine. ...1953 Eleven CHARLES MCCLEMX-:Ns Pat . . . tall . . . lanky . . . quiet blue eyes . . . playing football is cr favorite pastime . . . weakness is art . . . "Dog - gone - it!" . . . shudders at the thought of school, teachers, or girls . . . plans to join the Navy. CHARLES KERRY MILLER Bill natural born football player . . . his spare time Bill heads for Hooversville ... likes hockey games and spaghetti . . . class treasurer for four years . . . in the future, hopes to travel. RAYMOND DWIGHT POWELL Ray...crewcut... devilish grin . . . spends spare time reading . . . consumes all the chili con carne he can find . . . "I've got news for you" . . . loathes staying at home intends to join the Navy. RONALD ROBERT Rica Rice . . . dark blue eyes...redhair... d e e p commanding voice . . . enjoys sports . . . thinks steaks are luscious . . . goes for redheads . . . You're going to get it kid" dislikes tall women objective: U. S. Navy. RICHARD LEE RIDDELL Old Man blond hair .. . mischievous blue eyes plays pingpong in his spare time has an in- terest in fishing, hunt- ing, ice-skating, cmd hotrods . . . "Take off!" . . . detests teacher pets . . . in the Naval Reserves. ANNA SUSAN Roncrx Sue . . . a live wire, vitality itself . . . reads and listens to music . . . "Bean Soup" . . . likes farms . . . hates to ride buses . . .. Sue is eager to be a good cook. IOAN SHAPFER Io . , . Ianet's twin . . . tall, dark, and at- tractive . . . dark wavy hair . . . brown eyes . . . likes to skip classes to decorate the gym . . . thumbs down on work . . . class ar- tist . . . it's college for Io. MARLENE LAURA SHAFFER Shafe . . . cute bru- nette with big brown eyes . . . movies rate as a favorite pastime likes to eat and have a good time . . . "Holy man!" , . . has a dislike for homework . . . hopes to he a sec- retary for F. B. I. I-LMEHIIIA YU TH Twelve RONALD LEROY Rrrcr-Inv Rich . . . good looking . . . brown hair and eyes . . . a favorite pastime is watching television . . . has an eye for brunettes, hunting, and fishing . . . "Gee Whiz" . . . runs from heavy girls . . . plans to join the U. S. Navy. JANET SHAFFER Ian a whiz kid, attractive too . . . blonde hair . . . blue eyes . . . Likes to play the piano . . . pastime is swimming at the "Y" . .. "My heav- ens!" . . . hates hill- billy music . . . wants to be a nurse on a ship and see the world. LEONA MILDRED SHAPFER Leon . . . quiet, reserv- ed girl of the class beautiful dark hair and eyes . . . con- tented when reading or listening to hillbilly music . . . favorites in- clude movies and bas- ketball games . . . dis- likes cold weather . . . desires to work in an office. Barry Smncuznsxi Betty . . . friendly . . . calm blue eyes . . . movies rank as her favorite pastime . . . specialties: good things to eat, basketball games, and World Series . . . "Dumb do- do" . . . dislikes peo- ple that crunch pop- corn in movies . . . yearns to be an in- surance secretary. I I I IACK ALLEN SPANGLER Romeo tall, slim and dark brown eyes . . . enjoys watch- ing television in his spare time . . . thinks driving fast is exciting "See what I mean?" . . . has a spe- cial dislike for cocoa- nut cream pie . .. hopes to drive stock cars. ERMA MARIE Tori-1 Erm . . . she's tall with light hair and dancing dark eyes , . . likes summer, swimming, and picnics . . . drools over spaghetti . . . "No?" . . . hates argu- ments plans to become a mine secre- tary. NANCY ZAPo'rosKY Zeb . . . dark hair and eyes always a cheerful smile . . . bas- ketball and movies are enjoyed by her . . . delights in vanilla ice cream . . . "Are you kidding?" . . . has no particular dislikes . . . hopes to travel. CARL I. ZIMMERMAN Hungry . . . look out girls, he's the quiet type . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . hopes to own a motorcycle . . . doesn't like teachers that give homework ..."Guess who?" . . . plans to join the Navy after graduation. VANGUARD UF FHEEIJUM V Thirteen ISABELL STUTZMAN Liz . . . tall brunette . . . brown eyes . . . loves to read and write letters in her spare time . . . French fries rate . . . "Oh, ba- loney!" dislikes noisy people . . . as for her future, time will tell. EDWARD BURNS WALKER Ed . . . brown hair and blue eyes . . . takes a liking to hunt- ing and fishing delights in graham cracker pie and spa- ghetti . . . "Huh?" . . . thumbs down on so- phisticated people . . . looking forward to a road contractor. PAUL PETER ZBOROVANCIK Tete . . . tall???? . . . you bet-six foot one . . . brown curly hair . . . green eyes . . . hunting and trapping are favorites in his spare time . . . "You know it" . . . dislikes going to bed early . . . ambition is undecided. THOMAS H. ZIMMERMAN Herbie displays friendly grin . . . not hard to get along with . . . a member in good standing at "Maple Hurst Country Club" . . . doesn't hate any- thing . . . when it comes to Herbie's fu- ture, "Let nature take its course." Vice President B. Fulton, K. Miller, L. Barnhart, M. Mezack CLASS MOTTO Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, I-Ind this be our motto "In God is our trust!" HULL II!-ILL SENIOR CLASS OF 1953 On the evening of May 19, 1953, the Forbes Senior Class answered its last roll call in one of America's greatest institutions--its free public schools. In silent and stately dignity each senior accepted the cherished symbol of accomplishment-the diploma. This proud moment represented more than recognition of scholastic achievement. It represented the fulfillment of their parents' fondest hopes and dreams. To the seniors graduation proclaimed the successful climax of one phase and the exciting beginning of a new phase in life's adventure. For democracy it was a great victory. In the years that lie ahead the knowledge and wisdom the Seniors of 1953 have acquired will help in many ways to shape their lives and America's destiny. Fourteen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ...,..., LARRY BARNHART Mxcmu-:L MEZACK Secretary ......., BARBARA FULTON Treasurer ....l....... KERRY MILLER Advisors ...... STANLEY KRUPNIK CHARLES LAWSON STANDING: R. Rice, 'I'. Zimmermcm, L. Barnhcxrt, R. Ritchey, M. Mezcrck SEATED: P. Dczrr, C. Lohr, P. Croyle, S. Rodger, Miss Sunk, S. Clark, B, Fulton, V. Bentz IJUT UP THIS WUHLD LARRY BARNHART ,...,.. VELMA BENTZ ......,... SHIRLEY CLARK .......,.r PATRICIA CROYLE .r,rr, PHYLLIS DARR ..,..r,..,. BARBARA FULTON CAROL LOHR rorrr.oo..... MICHAEL MEZACK ....,. RONALD RICE ,,,,roro,,,,rr RONALD RITCHEY ...r.... SUSAN RODGER .......... THOMAS ZIMMERMAN SENIOR CLASS PLAY Presented DECEMBER 4, 1952 Directed by Miss NELLIE SANK THE CAST Fifteen Glen Willard Myrtle Huff Linda Russell Donna Craig Phebe Atkins Pauline Russell Miss Edith Crest Homer Iudson Otis Kerby Bruce Iudson Iune Bishop Leo Dennis IJ DAY-DRAMA Promising Hnnliies BEST LOOKING Ronald Ritchey Shirley Clark MOST POPULAR Phyllis Darr Larry Barnhart Michael Mezack Velma Bentz MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Barbara Fulton Larry Miller Leona Shaffer WITTIEST BEST ATI-ILETES Kay Bruening Lcrrry Bcirnhcirt Susan Rodger Carol Lohr Alvin Durst Roncrld Rice MOST STUDIOUS Seventeen Frank Mcrycxk SEED IJ I EU MA ll The Juninr Class The Iunior Class of 1953 has reached the threshold of a world of new experiences and responsibility unlike any they have ever before experienced. Ahead of them is their final year of high school education. With it will come the excitement and joys of being seniors, first in command. This feeling of exaltation will be tempered with the sobering thoughts that are bound to emerge with the realization that it is their last year under the close guidance and friendly counseling of their teachers, The months seem to go by rapidly in the senior year. There is still the homework and the textbooks, the final days of association with other classmates, important decisions, and plans for the future. It is truly the threshold of a new World. The Senior Class of 1953 extends its sincere best Wishes to the new senior class. IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .... PATRICIA KREVETSKI Vice President ........ BARRY CARR Secretary .... ANGELINE TASSON Treasurer ...... STANLEY NAUGLE Advisors ......... ESTELLA LEAF FRANK WEAVER S. Naugle, A. Tasson, B. Carr, P. Krevetski Eighteen FOURTH THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: FOURTH THIRD: SECOND FIRST: C. Enos, L. Laughlin, B. Rininger, S. Matse, E. Matse, P. Leonard, F. Koontz, B. McGregor N. Newcomer, L. McVicker, I. Pizer, I, Fern, A. I. Clark, P. Mostoller, B. Spanqler, E. Miller, I. Sniecienski Mrs. Leaf, P. Krevetski, M Gindlesperger, E. Corbett, M. Shatter, I. Shaulis, M. Spangler, D. Meyers, I. Benko M. Wingard, U. Mostoller, D. Ott, M. Sabo, M. Phillippi, A. Tasson, M. Rexroth, M. DeArmitt R. Wain, W. Findley, C. Lease, I, Bentz, R. Roose, R. Dunmyer, H. Butler I. Pacific, K. Shaver, B. Carr, M. Mensinger, G. Dinning, W. Hutchinson, R. Berkebile, D. Stotler Mr. Weaver, G. Sheeler, D. Lake, R. Foust, R. Ashbrook, I. Mort, P. Toma, E. C. Miller, I. Wirbick, L. VanSickle P. Kolesko, I, Checchi, D. Clark, I. Berkebile, I. Miller, R. Strasiser, I. Womer, M. Stutzman l I l Nineteen UNIUHS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,, .. ..... .. . ALLAN CUSTER Vice President A.,,.,,, ,,,,,,,..,,...,. D EAN SHAVER Secretary ...,,,,, . . ,..,,, TERESSA FUSCHINO Treasurer ,,.,,,.. NANCY POWELL Advisors ..... IOSEPHINE ELLIOTT IOSEPHINE MESSIE-IA T. Fuschino, A. Custer, N. Powell, D. Shaver The Snphnmnre Class For the sophomores this has been a year of expectation and adjustment. It is the year in which the past seems so far behind and the future appears so far ahead. And in the Sophomores there was a natural desire to hold on to both the past and future. However, the period of expectation and adjust- ment has given way to the feeling of confidence as the sophomore class steps forward .to assume the role of second in command. In the term ahead it may be expected that they will take the initiative and develop leadership, not being content to rely upon others when faced with challenges. The Senior Class of 1953 extends its sincere best wishes to the new junior class. E!-XHIGTHEFHIJTLIE... Twenty Gi! FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: I. Leazier, F. Charlton, O. Durst, I. Williams, I. Armagost, A. Babincsak, I. Iohnson, F. Kostro Miss Elliott, S. A. Gindlesperger, R. Bender, W. Shroyer, T. Mensinger, R. Darr, D. Enos, A. Gcrvlak, V. Meyers, E. Manges C. Mostoller, I. Koontz, S. Emerick, I. Fetzer, I. Carbone, M. A. Ioback, R. Wain, R. Meholic I. Peterman, V. Chasar, I. Schokora, E. Bentz, I. Iacobaccio, I. Strelko, I. Knopsnyder I. Abramowich, B. Shaffer S. Corbett, S. Bender, G. Bentz, D. Swank, I. D. Shaffer, I. Gavlak, I. Hostetler, B. Zelinske M. Stern, A. Custer, C. Fern, I. Mrogik, T Strelko, I.. Dixon, D. Escherich, C. Bruening, V. Meyers Miss Messina, B. Kubas, R. Yuschick, D. Miller, S. I. Gindlesperger, D. Berkebile, D. Ritchey, D. Shaver, S. Mezack I. Mostoller, T. Fuschino, I... Riddell, D. Watkins, F. Barron, I. Manges, W. Secrest, N. Powell . . . SUPHU UHE5 3 FOURTH: D. Hostetler, W. Hahn, B. Bruening, R. Croyle, R. Gorsuch, I. Koontz THIRD: G. Laughlin, M. Korzinski, M. Friedline, W. Birch, M. Bassett, C. Bruening, G. Buchanan SECOND: I. Ianidlo, S. Kimmel, I. Hoover, B. Fulton, D. M. Berkebile, B. Berkey, I. Henry FIRST: Mr. Womer, L. Gindlesperger, A. Gavlak, Y. Donahue, D. I. Berkebile, P. Flory, R. Gerney, R. Butler ABSENT: I. Fish, S. Grabeck THIRD: M. Zimmerman, I. Roberts, K. Mort, I. Tokar, T. Rice, E. Miller, T. Plovish SECOND: R. Shaffer, A. Lease, M. Walters, S. Walker, A. Schaefer D. L. Wentz, S. Oaks, B. Paul, F. Waltos FIRST: Mr. Brougher, C. Miller, K. Roose, M. L. Mostoller, G. Spangler, G. Pysnik, K. Shaffer, I. Wir- bick, M. A. Mueller . . . PUHT UF E BAHHATIU . . . PHESHMEN Twenty Two FOURTH THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: ABSENT: FOURTH THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: ABSENT: ...B C. Dunmyer, W. Day, R. Armagost, R. Hay, F. Berkebile, I. Lohr, A. Lake A. Leasock, S. Keith, H. Emerick, I. Leazier, W. Hutchinson, D. Iohnson, B. Hostetler, I. Georg S. Custer, D. Berkebile, T. Gardner, B. Liberty, M. A. Donitzen, R. Iohnston, N. Carbone Mr. Clark, E. Kubas, R. Berkebile, P. Fleegle, S. Birch, L. Kennedy, I. Kostro, R. Donahue, R. Eutin D. Berkebile, C. Gohn, I. Hahn, D. Iohnston S. Smith, L. Metzgar, W. Turner, C. Strasiser, I. Zapatosky, P. Muro, B. Vandergrift W. Stutit, D. Peterman, N. I. Shaller, E. Miller, I. McClemens, P, Newcomer A. Mostoller, C. Tirko, G. Shaffer, R. Moranduzzo, F. Wright, C. Rosey, N. Rexroth Mr. Werner, E. Morancluzzo, I. Tirko, I. Schokora, S. Rice, D. Mitchell, P. Miller I. Spangler, A. Spangler, R. Ott SIE TRAINING . . . EIGHTH EH IIE FOURTH THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: ABSENT: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND FIRST: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND FIRST: M1'. Pfeffer, C. Gindlesperger, C. Eschrick, D. Friedline, H. Dom, A. M. Evenich, M. I. Dryburg E. Duppstadt, Miss Kalp B. Buchanan, I. Anderson, M. Durst, E. Dunmyer, T. Fyock, R. Croyle, I. Dinning, P. Clark I. Borek, P. Georg, G. Carr, S. Brown, L. Bruening, P. Dill, I. Armagost C. Bowser, M. Henry, I. Henry, E, I. Hay, B. Berkebile, R. Charlton, E. Haupt, W. Gerney I. Barnett, P. Fleegle, D. Durst M. L. Koontz, F. Krevetski, G. Peden, P. Rice, H. Ravenscratt, D. Retassie, S. Oher K. McLaughlin, F. Lantz, M. Rigo, M. I, Paul, P. McGowan, I. Potochar I. Mezack, I. Pugh, D. Kovack, I. Leverknight, T. Oaks, B. Morgan, N. Mostoller Mr. Drenner, R. Lambert, L. Marston, N. Kimmel, R. Miller, R. Iock, C. Keith D. Ringler, D. Shaffer, P. Womer, A. Zimmerman, R. Wright, D. Vandergrift, T. Trevarrow A. Shaffer, C. Shepley, W. Sturtz, A. Secrest, C. Zimmerman, I. Yonish, C. Wright, B. Tokar L. Walker, D. Rose, D. Weaklancl, E. Stotler, S. Waltos, I. A. Wirbick, I. Zborovancik Mr. Zimmerman, P. Stanko, I. Sheeler, R. Wright, M. A. Strelko, S. Zimmerman, M. Shaver Recruitment For Ilemnlzrae . . . Seventh Grade Twenty Four CLOCKWISE: Mr. Zimmerman, B. Fulton, R. Shaffer, C. Keith, E. Duppsicxdi, N. I. Shcxffer, 4 M. Shaver, H. Emerick Student Council FORBES IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL OFFICERS President ..,.,..,. ,.,,............,....,.....,.,.. H ELEN EMERICK Vice President ...,., ,,.,... B many FULTON Secretary .....,.. .....,.. M ARYLIN SHAVER Treasurer .....,., ........ N ANCY Io SHAFFER . . . HHIEFI G SESSIU SEI-XTED: D. Ott, R. Brewer, L. Britz, I. Lecxzier, B. Curr, S. Rodger, E. Miller, W S rest D Shaver V. Meyers, S. Mcxtse STANDING: M. Mezctck, Mr. Krupnik Student Enuncil FORBES SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL OFFICERS Presldent .......... ............................ Vice President ....... Secretary ......... Treasurer ..... Advisor ....... . MICHAEL MEZACK SUSAN RODGER EMMA MILLER BARRY CARR STANLEY KRUPNIK W. ll. L .... T WUHH ll LEEISI. TIIJ Twenty Six SEATED P. Croyle, S. Rodger, S. Clark, L. Shatter, G. Fuschino, B. S!l1eCle1'lSkl STANDING: K. Miller, M. Mezack, T. Zimmerman, L. Barnhart, Mr. Lawson The Fnrhian Staff Editor .................... Assistant Editor ..... Feature Editor .... Sports Ed1 tor .,............ Photography Editor Business Statt ........... Publicity Director ...... Subscription S tat! Typing S tatt ..... SHIRLEY CLARK LEONA SHAEEER PATSY CROYLE TOM ZIMMERMAN MICHAEL MEZACK LARRY BARNHART KERRY MILLER MICHAEL MEZACK TOM ZIMMERMAN SUSAN RODCER GLORIA FUSCHINO BETTY SNIECIENSKI Miss ELLIOTT VELMA BENTZ DORIs..BLANsET FRANCES CAREONE DARLEEN CLARK BARBARA FULTON CAROL LOHR ERMA TOTH Yearbook Advisor .... ...... Twenty Seven CHARLES LAWSON APPI I3 STRATEGY SEATED: E. Corbett, I. Checchi, I. Wirbick, B. Fulton, A. Custer, B. Carr STANDING: D. Ott, D. Shaver, P. Croyle, P. Stutzman, L. Barnhart, W. Secrest V B nt M Me ack Miss Elliott, G. Dinning The Aerial Editor ....................... Associate Editors ...... Feature Editor ............ ..,.......... Business Assistants .... ...... Circulation ..... Exchange .......,. Alumni News ..... Sports ............ ..... Subscription .......... Business Manager .... Advisors ................... Staff BARBARA FULTON IANE WIRBICK ALLEN CUSTER BARRY CARR LARRY BARNHART GAYLON DINNING DEAN SHAVER VELMA BENTZ ELAINE CORBETT WANETTA. SEcREsT PEGGY STUTZMAN IOANNE CHECCHI MICHAEL MEzAcK PATSY CROYLE DOLLIE OTT MR. WEAVER Miss ELLIOTT MR. DRENNER .IIJUHNALISTIII MANEUVEH5 Twenty Eight SPEIII I. SER IEEE . . . EL BS 000980066 F. H. A. President VELMA BENTZ Sponsor MRS. SKURNER IOURNALISM CLUB President BARBARA FULTON Sponsor MISS W' ELLIOTT TRI-HI-Y President PEGGY STUTZMAN Sponsor MRS. LEAF Twenty Nine Thirty I. Wirbick, N. Newcomer Tokcr, V. Bentz, C. Bruening, ghlin, I. Lau ndlesperger, B. Blcmset, I. Mrogik, L. B. Pcrul, S. I. Gi FOURTH 5 .Q o ui si O Q ni 'ai E O 5 n-2 ni .E E GJ -:. I-I-1 2 1-I .2 CD U .-CI U U2 4 6 E .E bf: A 2 si .-C O U L5 :J G3 E S nl si .2 U .-G' U1 d :S E IL' r- Berkebile, C. Mostoller, C. Gindlesperger, P. Dart, D. M. P. Croyle, Berkey, I. Berkehile, B. I. Anderson, D. .-. 'Ea' 3 o D-4 T, Z Mille I: 3 rn 5 C. D1 KD 0, ab orbett, M. S Ott, E. C S E an CE E 5 E '5 gler, D. li P. St Li B. Span R. Meho D: CON SE I. Fetzer, A. Tctsson, B. Shaffer S. A. Gindlesperger, D. Clark, Strcrsiser, Bentz, R. E. I. Iczcobaccio, M. Rexroth, FIRST: ROBERT HEIM, Director I v-1 Eli TllEI'H,S Snmethinq fllhnut Fnrlms Hand This has been a momentous year in the history of the Forbes High School Band. After months of tedious practice and drill the Forbes Band has de- veloped into a top-notch musical organization. Under the capable direc- tion of Robert Heim the band has made great strides in the development of confidence and skill. The 1952-53 term marked the opening of the band uniform drive. The faculty and student organizations warmly supported the new uniform drive. This Whole-hearted response reflects the confidence that Forbes has in its marching band. Eight members of the Forbes Band participated in the All-County Band Concert. They were: Doris Blanset, Patsy Croyle, Marjorie Friedline, Rosalie Meholic, Carol Miller, Mary Sabo, Iohn Tokar, and Iane Wirbick. The Forbes Spring Festival in March highlighted the many public ap- pearances made by the band during the l952-53 term. lt put in its appear- ance at the Forbes football games and promoted school spirit. Under the skilled leadership of Mr. Heim and with the prospects of new band uniforms in the near future the Forbes band holds promise of becoming a colorful and talented group of ambassadors of good music of which We may all be proud. Thirty One FIFTH: I. Shaiier, N. Newcomer, E. Miller, C. Lohr, A. Gavlak, D. Lake, S. Corbett, V. Bentz, I. Williams, M. Meza-k, L. Barnhart FOURTH: D. Clark, R. Strasiser, E. Manges, V. Meyers, E, Corbett, B. Fulton, I. Shaffer, R. Wain, R. Roose, B. Rininger THIRD: M. Gindlesperger, D. Meyers, L. Shaffer, E. Toth, K. Bruening, B. Sniecienski, A. Ianidlo, S. Ernerick, G. Bentz, W. Putman, R. Rice SECOND: Miss Kalp, P. Croyle, D. Ott, F. Barron, B. Birch, M. Sabo, R. Meholic, W. Secrest, I. Mort, R. Powell, I. Leazier FIRST: P. Stutzman, I. Mostoller, S. Rodger, P. Darr, R. Wain, M. Rexroth, L. Riddell, B. Kubas, D. Miller, M. Stern MI EH EHIIH S Forbes High School has built an enviable record of accomplishments in the field oi vocal music during recent years. And the 1952-53 term was no exception. Under the capable and en- thusiastic direction of Miss Ruth Kalp, the Girls' Chorus, the Mixed Chorus cmd the Boys' Octette demonstrated that they were capable of maintaining the high standards established by pre- vious Forbes Chorus groups. Among the many programs in which the various chorus groups have participated have been the WVSC radio programs, the senior class play, the Forbes music tes- tival in March and Christmas caroling throughout the Forbes district. The following chorus members represented Forbes at the All-County Chorus: Iean Lenhart, Carol Lohr, Ianet Miller, Ray Powell, Ronald Rice, Lee Riddell, Ronald Ritchey, Ioan Shaffer, Barbara Spangler, Iack Spangler, and Iva Womer. GIRLS' CHORUS MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS OFFICERS P 'd ........... .......................... President ........ ..,.. V ELMA BENTZ tesl ent JANET SHAFPER Vice President .... ....... P HYLLIS DARR Vice President ..... ...... S USAN RODGER Secretary IOANNE CHECCHI Secretary-Treasurer .... ...... B ARBARA FULTON Treasurer ..... VERDEAN MEYERS ...UFTHEEWESIE FIFTH: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: I. Shaffer, T. Zimmerman, D. Swank, B. Zelinski, I. Stutzman, B. Spangler, E. Miller, L. McVick- er, I. Sniecienski, I. Wirbick, I. Shaulis I. Bentz, L. Laughlin, L, Miller, S, I. Gindlesperger, S. A. Gindlesperger, M. Shaffer, V. Meyers, I. Miller, I. Berkebile, M. Spangler L. Riddell, I. Spangler, A. Custer, I. Womer, M. Shaffer, I. Fetzer, N. Zapotosky, S. Clark, P. Krevetski, M. A. Iohack, R. Yuschick B. Carr, R. Darr, R. Ritchey, E. Bentz, Checchi, A. Tasson, S. Mezclck, Abramowich, D. Watkins, V. Chasar C. Bruening, A. Ashbrook, D. Shaver, I. Lenhart, B. Shaffer, I. Manges, T. Fuschino, I. Peter- man, N. Powell, P. Kolesko The Boys Octette Thirty Three BACK: F. Krevetski, I. Wirbick, V. Meyers, D. Meyers, V. Chasar MIDDLE: C. Lohr, W. Secrest, I. Peterman, S. Clark FRONT: P. Kolesko FUHBES EHEEHLEHIJEHS The 1952-53 term has been an eventful one for the Forbes Varsity Cheerleaders. This year's squad, under the direction of Miss Messina, and led by co-captains Shirley Clark and Carol Lohr, achieved third place honors in the annual Somerset-Cambria Cheerleading Contest held at Ferndale High, Wednesday, November 26, 1952, before a capacity crowd of avid fans. Fifteen teams Were eliminated before the judges selected Forbes Cheerleaders to receive the gold meg- aphone award. A combination of pep, beauty, and precision timing has had a great deal to do with the sparkling performances of the Varsity Cheerleaders at football and basketball games. Two members of the squad have had six years of cheerleading experience. They are the seniors: Shirley Clark and Carol Lohr. Phyllis Darr, another senior, served as a cheerleader dur- ing the basketball season due to the illness of one of the regular members. The 1952-53 Forbes Varsity Cheerleaders are destined to be remembered as one of the finest squads in Forbes history. . . . SIJUND IJEE! , if-A g BACK: L. Riddell, K. Miller, L. Bccrnhart, R. Brewer, L. Ierin FRONT: R, Rice, F. Mayak, T. Zimmerman ABSENT: D. Croyle Seninr Athletes LARRY BARNHART Basketball . . . 4 years Co-captain . . . 1952-53 Football . . . 3 years Right haltback, fullback RICHARD BREWER Basketball . . . 3 years Football . . . 3 years Right and left halfback DWIGHT CROYLE Football . . . 2 years Captain . . . 1952-53 Tackle LEONARD IERIN Basketball . . . 4 years Co-captain . . . 1952-53 Football . . . 2 years Quarterback Thirty Five FRANK MAYAK Football . . . 2 years Right and left end KERRY MILLER Football . . . 3 years Center and guard RONALD RICE Football. . . 3 years Left guard, right tackle LEE RIDDELL Basketball. . . 1 year Football. . .2 years Guard and end ToM ZIMMERMAN Basketball. . .4 years Co-captain . . . 1952-53 ...VET5 THIRD: L. Riddell, S. Grabeck, l. Hostetler, R. Brewer, l. Armagost, l. Shaffer, E. Matse, L. Barnhart, G. Laughlin, D. Croyle SECOND: Coach Pfeffer, W. Shroyer, R. Dunmeyer, F. Mayak, L. lerin, K. Miller, S. Bender, R. Wain, l. lohnson, M. Mensinger, Assistant Coach Krupnik FIRST: B. Fulton, P. Mostoller, F. Kostro, R. Rice, A. Custer, T. Rice, R. Bowers, l. Mort, D. Shaver, A. Lease VARSITY FOOTBALL SEAsoN's RESULTS Berlin 20 Forbes 6 Meyersdale 19 Forbes 13 lohnstown-B 39 Forbes 0 Con. Twp.-B 13 Forbes 33 Boswell-B 0 Forbes 45 Laurel Valley 6 Forbes 20 Confluence 13 Forbes 31 BERLIN DEFEATS FORBES 20-5 Berlin, Sept. 19-The lets held the Moun- taineers to a 6-6 tie at halftime with the help of a 75 yard run by Wain. Barnhart then plunged over from the one yard line to tie the score. In the fourth quarter, with the loss of Wain and Bender, Berlin pushed over two more scores to win by a 20-5 margin. The Golden lets will be handicapped throughout the season with the loss of halfback Hostetler, who is on the sidelines with a broken collar bone. MEYERSDALE SLIPS BY FORBES 19-13 Meyersdale. Sept. 26-The Gold and White took the opening kickoff and drove for the first score. But the Raiders took command, and scored three touchdowns on long runs to ac- count for all 19 of their points in the first half. In the second half Forbes outfought Meyers- dale all the Way with 9 first downs to l, but the clock ran out with the lets able to cross the goal line only once. Forbes is now handi- capped with the loss of Wain for the remainder of the season. FORBES LOSES TO IOHNSTOWN "B" 39-0 lohnstown, Oct. 1-The Golden lets from Forbes traveled to the Garfield lunior High School field where the Class AA "B" team de- feated them by a 39-0 score. It was one of those hot, sultry afternoons when nothing seemed to Click for the lets as they absorbed their third loss of the year. lETS SWAMP CONEMAUGH TWP. B, 33-13 Davidsville, Oct. 9-This game was the turn- ing point for the determined Forbes outfit. They completely outplayed the Townshippers in every respect to nail down their first victory of the season. The offensive attack of the lets completely over ran the opponents throughout the contest. GOLDEN lETS SMASH BOSWELL B 45-0 Boswell, Oct. 14-The lets stormed to their second consecutive victory at the expense of the Boswell B team. The high flying visiting team completely baffled the Bears with their dazzling offensive and defensive maneuvers. The lets built up a 29-0 first quarter lead after which the second team took over and carried on for the remainder of the game. FORBES RAPS LAUREL VALLEY 20-6 Davidsville, Oct. 24-This game provided stiff opposition for the lets the first half. The second half showed the lets pounding away at the visitor's goal line with relentless attacks to smother under the visitors from New Florence. CONFLUENCE POUNDED BY IETS 31-13 Confluence, Oct. 31-The Golden lets closed a successful season with a 31-13 lacing of Confluence. Dick Brewer stormed over for three scores to lead the parade. The Forbes outfit took its fourth consecutive win against three defeats. The bottom fell out of the home team's offense and defense and Forbes took advantage of it. Thirty Six . . . IJESTI I-KTIIJ GU L LI E BACKFIELD: R. Brewer, R. Bowers, L. Ierin, L. Bcxrnhari LINE: F. Mcycrk, R. Rice, I. Mort, K. Miller, L. Riddell, D. Croyle, E. Mctise IUNIOR VARSITY BACK: G. Laughlin, P. Muro, C. Strclsiser, R. Hay, T. Rice, F. Berkebile, R. Bowers FRONT: S, Rice, S. Grcxbeck, I. Yonish, I, Lohr, T. Gardner, F. Krevetski, R. Kcxpitcm, E. Hcupt Thirty Seven BACK: FRONT: Laurel Valley Alumni Berlin Iohn Carver Somerset Stonycreek Boswell Meyersdale Salisbury Shade I. Hostetler, T. Zimmerman, I. Armagost, Coach Pfeffer, E. Matse, S. Matse, L. Barnhart I", Kostro, L. Ierin, D. Shaver, S. Bender, A. Custer 27 Forbes 36 Forbes 63 Forbes 39 Forbes 56 Forbes 45 Forbes 51 Forbes 49 Forbes 34 Forbes 67 Forbes Varsity Basketball 48 54 49 55 66 54 63 63 85 55 . . . READY! I-HM! FIRE! Thirty Eight Rockwood Somerset Stonycreek Boswell Meyersdale Salisbury Shade Rockwood Berlin Laurel Valley Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes . . . ll TU IIITURY . . HE'S OUR MAN Larry Barnhart . . . senior . . . 6 feet . . . top defensive man . . . as a rebound man, one of county's best . . . co-captain, l952-53 . . . 3 year man . . . a fast break spoiler . . . guard . . . intercepts many opponent passes . . . Tom Zimmerman. . .senior. . . 6 feet. . .important role as team player. . . co-captain, l952-53 . . . 4 letter man . . . assists on many scores . . . center or forward . . . hardest worker . . . Leonard Ierin . . . senior . . . 5' 9" . . . the smallest player . . . and the leading scorer . . . Z years . . . guard . . . team speedster . . . ball hawk . . . Steve Matse . . . junior, . . 5' ll" . . . clutch player . . . comes through at the right time . . . good set shot . . . guard or forward . . . Z years . . . a good rebound man . . . aggressive . . . Frank Kostro . . . sophomore . . . 5' 9" . . . forward. . .very good shot. . .all-around play- er . . . kind coach likes to work with . . . bright future in basketball . . . Ierry Armagost . . . sophomore . . . 6' l" . . . tallest player . . . center . . . good on jump shot . , . l year . . . im- proved rapidly during season . . . a good prospect . . . Ed Matse . . . junior . . . 6 feet . . . center . . . l year . . . reliable player . . . fits in most positions . . , spirited . . . good in man- to-man action . . . Richard Brewer . . . senior . . . 5' lU" . . . 2 years . . . guard or forward . . . . . .a team player. . .clever ball passer. . .Richard Wain . . . junior . . . 5' lU" . . . l year . . . guard. . . a capable defensive man . . . covers up the back court . . . Allen Custer . . . sophomore. . .5' 9" . . .guard. . . l year. . .developing . . . shows strong possibilities . . smooth. ball handler. IUNIOR VARSITY BACK: Coach Drenner, S. Zborovancik, I. Tokar, I. Shaffer, I. Williams, I. Gavlak, R. Croyle, R. Foust, Manager FRONT: C. Mosloller, G. Laughlin, R, Darr, E. Miller, R. Shaffer, K. Roose Thirty Nine M. Mezack, Coach Pfeffer, E. Walker ...FL SHES FORBES WINS "B" LEAGUE CROWN-TROUNCES SHADE 60-51 Forbes Pts. Kostro, f 12 Barnhart, f 7 Zimmerman, c 3 Matse, S., g 15 lerin, g 16 Armagost O Brewer '7 Totals GJ SHADE Totals 51 DISTRICT 5 CHAMPIONS Hooversville, February 24 -I The Forbes High lets won their second Somerset County "B" League in three years with a sizz- ling SQ-51 victorgligver its strongest rival, the Shade Township Eanthers. Coach Chet Pfeffer's squad-displayed 'outstanding 'offensive and de- fensive 'tedinwork in notching the League championship. The letfs victory also earned Forbessthe second State District 5 Champion- ship in 'three years. The lets got off to cr fast start with six points by Barnhart and Kostro in less than a minute of play in the first quarter to stun the Shade Panthers. The quarter ended with the lets holding a 15-11 lead. In the second quarter Forbes played a cautious brand of ball with Matse and Zimmerman controling most of the Forty rebounds. lerin, Matse and Kostro, kept tho lets out front by outscoring the Panthers l5-14 to take a commanding 30-25 halftime lead. Shade put on a desporale drive in the third quarter which enabled them to take a narrow lead of 41-39 as the third quarler ended. Forbes took the fourth quarter tip-off and scored three goals before Shade had time to recover. The quarter became a rout with Forbes zooming to a 21-IU final period. Brewer, lerin, Matse and Kostro shared in the final quarter scoring spree. Len lerin was the game's scoring ace with 16 points, followed. by Matse and Kostro with 15 and. 12 points. Co-captains for the 1953 sea- son Were seniors Barnhart, lerin and Zimmer- man. T EASE Mcxjore-Hes . . . Present Arms! Senior Girls Gym . . . Cclisthenics Pep Rally . . . Hail the Conquering heros! ...DU EH BUYS v I M. 5' FORBIAN BUSINESS STAFF TOP: M. Mezcrck, T. Zimmerman, L. Bcxrrrhcrrt, K. Miller HILLSIDE AERIAL REPORTERS AND TYPISTS SEATED: I. Checchi, D. Clark, C. Lohr, I. Armagost, L. Briiz, S. Rodgers, M. Shcrfier, I. Stutzmcm, L. Shaffer, T. Fuschino, E. Miller STANDING: S. Clark, D. Clark, I. Shaffer Forty Two 'S'-.2 SPEED QUEEN POLITICAL SKIRMISH ...Shirley Clark receiving the first SU word typing .. .Barry Carr and Larry Barnhart, Forbes political award ofthe 1952-53 term from Miss Messina. party chairmen in the 1952 election, clasp hands in triendship after a hard-fought campaign, CHAMPIONS OF DEMOCRACY TASK FORCE . . . Dorthea Clark and Iva Womer present their "I Speak for Democracy" orations. Iva won second place . . , Iohn Marshall whose big job is to keep our build- in Somerset County. ing and equipment in order. . . . LI. PHESE T A D EIIUUNTEIJ PUB ITN I , I SO? 4 if I THE CATHEDRAL MIRACLE Presented by the FORBES IUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DECEMBER 18, 1952 Directed by MISS KALP and MISS SANK Folly Five D I H Un Duty Typing Class Home Economics Driver Education Science Lab ...TIMEUT Miss M. Lohr Chow Hounds In Step Forty Seven K. P. Staff Mrs. V. Croyl Miss E, Crcyl Forty Eight 8b:?fQ7:?fQ7s?'5Q1c?Gn?fQysf5fbc6:gQzf:'5EifNb:62fLv:f:'3bi?fGA?G7s?"SiG:C?QE::C7NQf.fNQ7:?fEn?fEs6gf Q7s?fQ:7sfQQ:iG9 35 S X' E Q Q J 9 S S Q E Q5 W E 5 S 2 Q 3 Q O Q pq Q b Q Z QJ M 2. Z N lk L11 Q 9 ,-I 2 2 ' an Q Q M U3 Q Hu 'J H 2 :' E Q I-I Q' Q F' :P F if U' 2' U1 Q 0 9 3 H 5 in G fl o S 'TJ I-U K Q Q Q 2- 9 1 2 Q " Q E - P I:11 sm U 1' W C9 Q Na Q O -U Q O m :. 2 Q VJ Q : O :eh I CE U M 75 I 9 H Q Q gh g -. Q nk O Q K, :rd 9' : Q r' 'U ' Q E 5' 'U In 'Q "' E sr E -1 n an cg Q m S Q Q N-J 0 J 2- 5 S 2 2 5 J Q Q?QvsFQ:-5?Q7sGA'b: fQ7s?'Ex?fQ:s6:NGn?2Efs?b:?fbs6:NQ7r62fQ7:GNQ7:?fQ7s?b1GQ 1 Q Daniel 5llHl:fEI',S Suns 2 Q Q Hardware Furniture Q Electrical Appliances 1 1 11, 5 2 - S 2 i Q FIFTY-TWO YEARS , OF Q FAITHFUL SERVICE Q5 3 3 f 1 1 1 Pho e 2131 1 HOOVERSVILLE PENNA. 1 1 g Q5gDaJ3QQ,Qa:95:D35QsJ5QwJ54DsJ7gD.x99gik95gDwJ5Q63Ql6ViaJFiG F N' H. J. Specht G. Son K, Hardware Furniture Electrical O Ph 3661 STOYSTUWN PENNA. Compliments of MR. AND MRS. JOHN H. DEANER AND CHARLES Compliments Of THE HITE HOUSE STOYSTOWN PENNA. Dfcbrdfcb .eownkofogofowfowgnmeof-aaewnkawnkowq .fy 2 Q Q 3 S S Q Q Q 52 Q Q S Q 12 Q 52 Q Q in S 5363359 33393 :J3ae9'Fi:eD3'Q:Q9Qe'4iaz954D:e0VQ N93 :Jf554D. :JG GQFQ S.G:QS,?Qy.GNQ?c67GJ Enix En? Sn?-'Q:c?f 54? 64555515 www? Qvgfseffseg TERLINGO'S ECONOMY STORE Phone 2581 Hooversville Pennsylvania HOOVERSVILLE WATER COMPANY Hooversville Pennsylvania WILBUR COAL MINING COMPANY Hooversville Pennsylvania Congratulations to the 1953 Graduates JOHNSTOWNS LEADING JEWELERS 132-138 Market Phone 2-124g 993Qx05cDaJVQk03gie5Qe54b::DVQQ5cDk95'Qk534b:J5gDk0FQ kJFik09Q F1 O 2 T 2 2 2 2 2 2 'D 2 T E K' 2 2 Q 2 2 2 LGA Q7c62fEnG'.fNbi?2 bt? 'Enfhf .Ogg 22 52 2 2 2 Z 2,2 Z rv E 53 an mtg 5 E U2 cz Q 55 Om 5' 5 rn Q Q :su Om gl P11 H O 0 3 gr v-11'-I B '-I 2 CD PQ' S 5' 2 rv I 'S Q E S 83 Q C., V, 9, IP' I - 'U' O 0 B' Q 51.1 G O ' U, C5 Q 3 Zu, E, ' 'U O :E '11 5 ua U' ! ml-11 ' gr Q FU ,I 71 'U - H1 " 'V sn :rj W 5 o U2 5 5 S Fi F' SH cn DU - 3 O E E2 2 Q Z PI-I 22. Z 22 2,2 2 -2 U 5 O E 5 2 Q9 H 2 Z "U Q S 3 mm Z Z P' : pq U1 Q 'Hn sr H, w FU 0 Y! lf Q-m EE Q '-u ' P1 Ev F4 B rn 13 Wg Q E E2 E P 33 24 af 9D5gO:Q9QaJ5gD:93gD ac95'iaJViQ3cD 5Qk9Vi:JFQG Fifty Two E 'Q 2 S Q 52 Q' 5 S I 3 5 S 5 2 TERRACE CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE O40 3 CHEVROLET CARS AND TRUCKS OLDSMOBILE CARS o+o 3 if: Holsopple 10 -1 Phones - Davidsville 7-R-21 IEROME PENNA. Q Q9 E BOSWELL LUMBER COMPANY J , S Manufacturers and Distributors Q QUALITY BUILDING MATERIAL 2 OAK FLOORING AND TRIM .5 S Youngstown-Porta-Bilt Custom Built Kitchens g K, . 5 Q' :ge Phone 2781 E BOSWELL PENNA. 5 9D'FDQ5QQ5'Qs::9V:DeVi:JV:D::9V:DsJV:Dk:9V:0::95QQ9':D::!3V:DksJ54DaJV:DQ":DaQ03QS Fifty Three Q, fl 5 CONGRATULATIONS . . . HIGH SCHOOL SENIORSJ .T 'Q Glosser Brothers extends hearty congratulations to fl: the Forbes Ioint High Graduating Class of 1953. We sincerely hope that your future will be filled with happiness and worthy achievement. lf' 3 3 OSSER B T T at JOHNSTOWN PA. if' 3 evemraoovs stone 552564 332673. LD HIGHLAND SUPPLY AND MPG. CO. if ll E Equipment Built TO Endure Manufacturers Of Q OIL STORAGE AND SEPTIC TANKS fb Water Pressure Tanks Dura-Electric Water Heaters L9 S Dura-Stone Tanks Dura-Filter Water Softeners Q Phone 3794 'E STUYSTOWN PENNA. S SF COVER STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Phone 5-8442 Q 5 504 Main Street Iohnstown, Pa. S 321-soKTQQQMWQWMQQQRQQNQQMQNOQMQNQQQMQMQGQQ S C9 Fifty Four OBromGnome-s?9GANEA?'Gfa?fQ4GNQ7sGNQ:sGNQ:c?f9GN'Q:cGo4Q:c?4E,sGQGn6Nb:GQ SAFE QycG":'fQy:C? C5 O 3 'B 34 F a S 2 Z1 cn :QV:DaJ5":0:JVQzQ094D SOMERSET BUS COMANY Q SOMERSET PENNA. 3 Q SPECHT MOTOR COMPANY 52 SALES - F O R D - SERVICE 5 1, Phone 5141 S ci 119 E. Fairview Street Somerset, Pa. SOMERSET BEEF AND PROVISION CO. Q Under New Management Q FG: D C1 :v E' f-1 -4 Z av Z CI 'Ti nv cu A CI as rn as CID R91 J 'Country Sausage, Assorted Bolognas and Loaves E Fresh Pork Line -1 Dressed Beef ' ., Phone 4145 and 4146 SOMERSET, R. D. NO. 1 PENNSYLVANIA E E SOMERSET RURAL ELECTRIC Q COOPERATIVE .9 S OWNED BY THOSE IT SERVES K, Q 127 E. Fairview Street Somerset, Pa. ,Q 3gnQQNasaka1-:egos-:akoQwmkofawmkawwmgowkawkwwokawwmkniacg Fifty Five Fifty Six QE S 5 2 QD S S S S S S 2 S Q5 EGM? ?fQz?4b-:GNQAGAE Q7sGNQ7t62fbt624 EGNQZF fu ua 5 2 2 C5 Z rn 57' rn LE U' 5 9 I 5 P' 5 F11 Us 3 rr! Ib' Q A Q 2 Q Q -1 2 Q 5 m -A - -4 3 G 2 l'l ON E F, U1 U5 U 5 N z 3 F1 'U pk Q N 5' A fn I-"' Q :nv '1 5' O 55 H1 P1 m Q W E' U1 Q 0 3 if Q C-' ' ' UI Da :P :Q N g Q bd 5 E1 Q Q III F I Q K, zo gy rn Q 5 Q tn N 'U 'U A Q 5 .D Q Q -cs -11 3 Q III Q an M4 C' :- rr' 1-1 2 :u 3, Q E H pq pd -S r-1 E v-U gh 1-. 5 f-3 DA ru 55' M '4 IP' Q "'1 5 Q F-' 21 Q Q m H1 Z I H1 Q J 5 Q I 0 E A "' 2 Q 13. U: rn Us O H U S :U ' nr' ik H1 2 3 f-. 5 I 5 " :U su 2 F Z E 0 Z K7 l'-U w 4 L" 'U N O 2 I-I 45 U2 E, 'S .... QE Q lv P1 4 l" U O '1 in DU I." al P-5 cn O Z U3 I-1 Z U 75 L-11 :- : DU M In Q M 3 E pq V4 CE 5 5 N - J rn 'gg 3 fn 'U '11 S 2 5 3 5 S. P P F EE Gaiam SQ Q7s?b:?fbsGGJ 516:54 EFS? Qvsdg- Q7c6'2fQf.?fS 3 S B. J. MAURER MOTOR COMPANY E YOUR FRIENDLY EoRD DEALER EOR 27 YEARS Phone 2751 BOSWELL PENNA. E PENNSYLVANIA POULTRY PROCESSING CORPORATION Processors and Distributors for S PENNSYLVANIA CO-OPERATIVE TURKEY GROWERS S Phone - Boswell 3603 P. O. Box 128 Iennerstown, Pa. BOSWELL CLEANERS Phone 2123 S T BOSWELL PENNA. 1 Compliments THE WHITE STAR HOTEL FINE FOODS 91054?R936ViRJVQQV:D::DVi.Q5'QxJFik:9Fik:994i.k95gDh4J34i::.Q5Q:J5gi:J54D:zD5cbG F'f S 8brGNb:?ebs?ebs?fNQy:?Q::?bs?ebs?eGn?eQn?ebr?eb:?eGc?ebc?br?eE7GQ Q5 Don C- Spechi Compliments Q Kg General Store of Q Fresh Meats-Flour-Feed S C h I 3 d e I ' S Q fb Dry Goods-'Groceries Drug Store 2 Phone 3532 Stoystown Pa. Stoystown Pa. I. X. L. Creamery, Shank's Garage Inc' Official AAA station MILK ICE CREAM Phone 9931 Ffiedens Pa' Stoystown Pa. Compliments I Malse s Grocery Q Vida B. and Garner J. Zi , Ph 2814 5 Berkebxle Hooversville Pa. Hooversville Pa. S Siewanfs 'The Farm Equipment Company Hardware Electrical Appliances Wheel Eflfld ?1rack'TyPe . rac ors Gmeenes Power Farm Equipment Hot Point Zenith Motors and Sawmills General Electric 368 E. Main sf. Phone 4348 T Iennerstown Pa. Q Somerset, Pa. Q 90VQkJ74ie7Q N99Q:J5:DQ54iQ'gDk0'gD 945:JFi:67VizJYQG Fifty Eight GJQ:-c?b:?'Q1:?fE7:fANb.?4Q::?Ez?'Qz?fQ:c?fb4?Qvu?3bi?2b4GNQ:f?' Q Kolesko Motor Sales H 0 I 11 9 I ' S F 0 R D Clothing-Furniture--Paint K, Sporting Goods -f Appliances 15 Sales and Service Floor Covering 13110112 2551 231 Center Street Hooversville Pa. Bgswgll Pa, E Marsin's Tavern H u n 1 e I ' S 2 Dine and Dance Super Market E Phone 2164 313 Center St. Hooversville Pa. Boswell Pa' K3 Mary's Beauty Shop Compliments Q J Phone 2705 Mary Lee and ' Q R, D, 1 Shettic Theatres S Hooversville Pa. Boswell Pa. , B. 8: W. Hardware Green Gables Q Plumbing -- Heating and gi Electrical Contracting Mountain Playhouse 99 P K hone 2123 Q B ll P Iennerstown Pa. OSWC 3. 9 Fifty Nine QC?E492S-:GNb:?fQfs?NbcGNQz6AfQ7cGNEs6A'Qf,?'Q:s?f902'9GNQnFQz?fQn?fQ7:GQ ' Compliments . Of CAIRNBROOH AUTO EXCHANGE if USED CARS AND TRUCKS 2 0 Cairnbrook Penna. FOR HEALTH'S SAKE K2 ROLLER SKATE 'b at the T CAIRNBROOK RINK 'Q Refreshments Cairnbrook Phone Central City 1493 Penna. S Spangler Compliments of Tractor 8: Equipment Shanksville Auto Co. 0 Dodge and Plymouth Sales Phone Berlin 2144 Phone Berlin 3462 S B Shanksviue Pa. Shanksville Pa. Education and Insurance Somerset Both Protect the Future DIY Cleaners Compliments Oclorless and Deluxe 24 Hour Service K' H' Wagner Agency PRESSING WHILE You WAIT FIRE INSURANCE Phone 5484 Sfoystown R, D, No' 2, Pa. 267 E. Catherine Street Somerset Pa. Q 9D52,3:w:9y:DlJ5Qk9,Qk95Q3J33x:9ik:95Qk:97Q35Qk9VQ V:Di,Qk95":Dkf9'Q9 Sixty Gbc?fQa.?fQf,?bcFANbxGNbs?f bi?b1?fQ:1?'Q7:?fQ:i?fQ7s?2bc?fQ,iGQ Q, .5 E Somerset Milling Co. L y t l e ' s Manufacturers of Fashion Cleaners L b C ll d S JUST RIGHT FEEDS a 0Sf,if'r2'31eag?1fgo e Phone 6101 110 North Rosina Ave. Phone 4754 Somerset Pa. Somerset' Pa' Compltiments D u n 1 Q P o K' Founder of the Pneumatic Super Hi-Way Tire Industry Q Markets Over 60EYears .of Building xpenence rg J Ferrelton Somefsff Somerset Phone 5613 Central City V. H. Ingram, Manager G .55 Compliments Ream and Bowlby o f NASH SALES S Somerset S. Center Ave. Somerset pa, Somerset Pa. Compliments Sipe Sales Company o f SALES - SERVICE B e n d e r Implement Co. Phan' 4447 Somerset Pa. Somerset Pa. 994DN9ViQVi:JVi:e9Vi :J5Q xJ,Q 5'Q ::9"Q Sixty One 8be6zfQ7cGQbs6AfQ,-:GN NQy:GNQ7sF56gfbsGNEn?'Q7sfNE,s62fQ7s622Q7:?2bs?2Q7c62fQf:Ci9 G. L. Ruff Company East End Service - ff' Stahon 52 E W ELERS J William Caldwell, Prop. 111 Market Street Phone 5924 '52 Johnstown Pa. Somerset Pa' Waller's Tire Service, Baumgardnerls t ' T e Inc' R d M 1 d C f Farm Tractor Tire Retreading ca a erla an Oncre Our Speclalty Ready Mixed Concrete Largest Tire Retreading Plant East of the Mississippi Phone 4870 Phone 4124 Somerset Pa' Somerset Pa. STUTZMANYS COMPLIMENTS OF SELF-SERVICE MARKET THE FIRST Groceries -- Meat - Produce N ATIQNAL BANK M. A. STUTZMAN, Prop. STOYSTOWN PA STOYSTOWN PA. ' COMPLIMENTS E. H. SHOCKEY OF Clover Farm Store ROSE'S BARBER SHOP PHONE 3543 STOYSTOWN PA. STOYSTOWN PA. CQMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF WEAVER'S MONG'S ESSO STATION SERVICE STATION Complete Esso Service ATLANTIC PRODUCTS STOYSTOWN PA. STOYSTOWN PA. COMPLIMENTS 1 OF HILLTOP HOTEL THOMAS E. KOONTZ DM AND DANCE 5 SQN ROUTE so STQYSTQWN PA. STOYSTOWN PA 995Q samwwkafokafazwwmwwwfmkogasawse Sixty Two ...RE R R S 2 R R A E 5 'Q I Qc E BECKER,S IENNER PINES BARBER SHOP Iennerstown, Pa. HOOVERSVILLE PA' Apartments Cottages H. C. HAHN REID'S HOTEL Groceries Ienner X Roads HOOVERSVILLE PA. Phone 9382 PALAZZI'S PLACE DINE - DANCE FRIEDLINE'S GARAGE PGNTIAC - SALES ROUTE sa PI-IONE 2871 HOOVERSVILLE PA. IRNNERSTOWN PA. BALTZERS IEWELRY SHAQPISC SERVICE AND GIFT SHOP Gas KZZMEWEUQI OI1 COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF '53 WHQLESALE I-IOOVERSVILLE PA. BOSWELL PHONE 9431 PA H U Z S E K ' S SERVICE STATION DgI?gYgI5Ii2E A"Y'h"'iHg'gE 222' Needs cHAs. R. SPROWLS, Prop. I-IOOVERSVILLE PA. BOSWEU' PA' COMPLIMENTS OF S H O N B E R ' S SHANK'S CUT-RATE E. MARIE SHANK, Prop. Clothing - Shoes FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY 301 CENTER STREET PHONE 9326 BOSWET-L PA- SHEFTIC'S BOSWELL NEWS CEZIFER PUBLISHERS PRINTERS 0 111 all OCS soo CEI'?TER STRRET PHONE 3325 BOSWRLL PA. BOSWELI. PA. KuTcHMAN's I SINCLAIR SERVICE B L A N K ' S E rt L h ' ti d W h' OECIAL' IZSZEETTSN STAEISII? CONFECTIONERY PHONE 9491 HOOVERSVILLE PA. BOSWELI. PA. k95cD :J5':D:z99QG Sixty Three OQA63'Q7s62fbr?QycGE'NQ:c63fQ:16:4'Qvs6gfEn?'Er62'fS?19?En?fbs?bs?bs?1Q:sG9 3 BERKEY5 COMPLIMENTS OF K, ESSO SERVICE WA1GNER'S . cj Gas -- Oil -- Accessories SERVICE STATION Wa5hi:1!ASiJoE'EL51gl5iC3fi0H Groceries and Fresh Meats FRIEDENS PA' SOMESETSTOYSTOWN ROAD PA' SOMERSET LINCOLN- COSSQAEXTESOF MERCUSIENSILEFS' INC' AMOCO SERVICE N. Center Avenue R' D' No' 5 SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PHONE 3762 PA COMPLIMENTS RUNNER OLDSMOBILE, OF INC. ,GATEWAY SALES AND SERVICE 12 RESTAURANT Make a Date with the Rocket 8 SOMERSET PA. SOMERSET PHONE 1119 PA ROY H SHALILIS COMQQMENTS ' F 15' SUN SOMERSET FARM Pontiac - International BUREAU SOMERSET PHONE 5111 PA. SOMERSET MEYERSDALE WINIDBER MUSSER'S BAKERY SOMERSET FLOOR INC. COVERING Wedding and Birthday Cakes PHONE 5089 ' PHONE 6162 11-1 W. PATRIOT STREET K SOMERSET PA' SOMERSET PA. 9 GILMOUR AND ONES FIRESTONE DEALER ISTORE RATSY'S TAVERN Q HOm'gua?cI-1 llestgeglrgplies Spaghetti H Pizza PHONE 5156 ROUTE 219-NORTH OF SOMERSET SOMEIINQIEITTH CENTER AVENUE PA. PHONE 2244 51" COMPLIMENTS OF GREENHOUSE B E N D E R MELVIN RbgxIiA2!gfJMB, Prop. SHOE COMPANY SOMERSET PA' SOMERSET PA. OSCAR MILLER COMPEQWENTS E1'j:gfEijff11es OLD FARM ICE CREAM 510 E. MAIN STREET 0 SOMERSET PA- SOMERSET PA. S GQSQSQKD MDFSNQFDHDAQRJJHQNDHQNSDFDRQEQQQQQSQSUO Sixty Four 959237:622Que?Q:s b:fN962fQ:s6:4bSfNQ:s?EfbsGNE-s67x'Qy?Lz?fQ:s6zeQx?fbiGO 3 Compliments Compliments of of - H. W. Walker Company Gmmlg ICE CREAM 0' DAIRY PRODUCTS F R I E D E N S P A Phone 411' Friedens Pa. Somerset Pa' Telegraph Delivery Service LEIB'S BEACON COMPLIMENTS RESTAURANT OF Good Food at Moderate Prices HQiQVERSVILLE UPCH 24 H0115 NATIONAL BANK SOMERSET PHONE 9980 PA' HOOVERSVILLE PA. SORBER AND BARCHEY DUMQQSQPSE TIRE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Pennsylvania and U. S. Royal PHONE 3363 Passenger, Truck and Farm Tires FRIEDENS PA. SOMERSET, PA. NORWALK, OHIO EASTERN MOTOR SALES HENDESS32 AUTO Brockway Trucks DeSota Plymouth PHONE 4574 PHONE 5449 SOMERSET PA. SOMER W, MAIN STREET PA. THE STYLE STORE COMPcf5gYIENTS Curtain and Yard Goods , PHONE 5-3201 S H A R P S 505-507 MAIN STREET SERVICE STATION IOHNSTOWN PA. KANTNER PA. COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIME-'NTS OF H U M M E L ' S Bar and Restaurant S P O R T S M A N y S STOYSTOWN PA. IOHNSTOWN PA, Sixty Five +. .- - .N -.MA . i 1 new . if H Somerset Chamber nf llnmmeree ee . McCrory Stores McNelly, Iohn P. Manufacturers Light 51 Heat Co. Marie's Dress Shoppe Matthew, A. M. Menser, W. E. Meyer, Iohn C. Mickle, Dr. Ross T. Miller's Barber Shop Montgomery Ward Co. Morin's Cleaning Service Musser Bakery Neafach Iewelry Neilan Engineers Newberry, Oehling Drug Store Penn Furniture Company Penny, C., Co. Penna. Life, Health 63 Accident Pennsylvania Electric Co. People National Bank Picking's Drug Store Polly Iane Shoppe Poorbaugh, Ralph A. Queer Electric Rhoads, D. W. Roof Garden Motel Runner Oldsmobile S. 8 A. Chevrolet Saylor Motor Company Schrock, George A. Sears, Roebuck 8 Co. Serluco Barber Shop Schenck, George W. Schrock, Iohn W. Schrock's Printing Plant Shaffer Block Works Shaulis, Minnie Shaulis, Roy H. 63 Son Sherwin, Vern Sipe, Auto Parts Co. Sipe Sales Company Somerset Book Store A Gnagey Burial Vault Co. Gourley, Dr. George P. Sixty, Six 'il I' Lohr Appliance Company Lohr Service and Supply 3 Lois Ann Shoppe Somerset Bus Company .4 Somerset Candy Company Somerset County Laundry Somerset Daily American Somerset Drug Company Somerset Farm Bureau Coaop. Somerset Floral Company Somerset Gasoline Company Somerset Lincoln E1 Mercury Somerset Milling Company Somerset Paint 8 Supply ' Somerset Shirt 6 Pajama Somerset Sport Shop' Q Somerset Thrift Corporatioh Somerset Trust Company Spangler's Gift Shop Specht Motor Company Stahl Iewelry . Straub, Theo. Dr. Tiberi's Restaurant Trent's Market Uniontown Motor Club 'Q Urban Beauty Shoppe Walker Buick Company " H. W. Walker Co., lncl Walker, Roy S. Walter's Tire Service, Inc. Wilson, Iohn A., Garage Woodrow, Rev. I. F. Zarefoss, Dr. Albert H. Gross Iewelry Harrison, Charles I., Ir. V Hauger Funeral Hom e Hawkinson Tread Service Heiple Supply Company A Henderson Auto Sales ' Hershey, Dr. W. O. Hoffman Funeral Home Iohnson, Earnest . Iosephine's Restaurant Knepper, Charles .IQ Korns, Dr. M. I. Korns, Dr. W. R. Lichliter, Wilbur 2 I I .., 4 fir 5 . A - ' V V A- I .. 'v 5"-"Y Q 4- .0 -1- .Q .1 - . . ,. A422-, ,, . , - 1-, I. 4 rm' 1 1. were za 4 551 .22 "f1.v'.,.1:,3 1:? f- Lai . Y.'1'5T 1 -fri' .w ager '- ' e ' ' f.".'0 i... 'f' f.,3. V h V,-,cb-I 1 .Q . W re, ,, ' pi ,I ' he '- ?' as -, . 'g' : ,- V, L- pf Fr' :Q 1-'f r--.. .eff v 1 ' -7. L' - A in P 56 E1 .-1-1 - ,Ji . L51 in U... 1:55. wil- A 'K A HM. 1 L 1:- ,. N 5 g R .3 1'-ef' 56 ., , -Af x . INK . .V ff. fm, , gr L vi.. f Lie Q LT 1 ng -41- 'il' ag- Li .VFX ', 4,, -1 5 Y lib'-T. ' -f, ,Q .V 3-L53 J Q.: - r ,-,,, 'H' kg ' az . -If 14 gg 1 " '54 'FH 5 -, 51 nv 'f J 'X 4, w 1 , X V x 5 x W W GQ W 1 c M I 1 Q I ,. . 6 g ml 'N MH 1 X M ' f A med: 1 g Lf :Y is QQ A 131 L, ia I 1 1. 1, w rf 1 s jx V V ? i. V E7 . if ps. .N r' E'

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