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5 2 2 5 5 i ,J P T I 1 , 1 STN x 4 K F . L' -1, , , N 1 1 1 , 1 x v , T GENERAL FORBES MEMORIAL The 1952 Fnrhian PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS FORBES HIGH SCHOOL DR. A. M. UPHOUSE In recognition of his near three decades of faithful service to his fellow citizens and their children in the field of educational administration, the Senior Class of 1952 of Forbes High School dedicates this edition of the Forbian to Dr. A. M. Uphouse. HMI ISTH Tlll Ifnrhes Jninl Schnnl Board OFFICERS IACK SHAFPER ..,... ...,.,.. P resident MERLE STUTZMAN .... ,..,. V ice President FORREST LOHR ,eeee .... S ecretary MILTON SPANGLER ...... ..... T reasurer STANDING: Merle Stutzman, Allan Ober, Noah Fyock, Sr., Chester Long, Iack Shatter, Robert Gindles- perger, Ray Dinning, Richard Steller. SEATED: Forrest Lohr, Milton Spangler, Iohn Sharp, Margaret Schilthauer, Dasie Lehman, Harold Wentz, Earl Custer. IOHN P. RODGER Principal DAVID E. LICHLITER Supervising Principal DOROTHY WIRBICK Secretary SE IUH HIGH SEHUUI. FACULTY lOSEPHINE ELLIOTT , . . commercial ESTELLA LEAF . . . English ROSE SKURNER . . . home economics IOSEPHINE MESSINA . . . gym, i. b. t., English VIVIAN SHAFFER . . . school nurse IOHN RODGER . . . math., latin RUTH KALP . . . vocal music GLENN BROUGHER . . . art CHARLES LAWSON . . . political science STANLEY KRUPNIK . . . science, health CHESTER PFEFFER' . . . physical education FRANK WEAVER . . . driver education IOSEPH IOHN ABRAMOWICH Ioe . . . has a win- ning smile . . . always riding his motorcycle or visiting his girl . . . forever walking home -wonder why? . , . detests homework . . . "You know" . . . would like to be a carpenter. DWIGHT LEIGHTON Anivmcosr Efiinghan Von Glock- enspiel . . . hard to keep up with . . . en- joys airplanes, carn- eras, and music . . . disapproves of his friends, people with no sense of humor . . . "Curses, foiled again" . . . top desire-pho- tographer. DAVID LYNN BARNHART Barney . . . fighting forward . . . sports, music, girls, and food rate high on his list . . . thumbs down on drug store cowboys and snobbish girls . . . "Holy smoke" . . . looks forward to being a postmaster, Drxrs LEE BERKEBILE Dix . . . Oh, those eyes . . . likes sleeping late and people but know- it-alls irritate her . . . hates mean boys . . . "Oh, for crackin' ice" . . . ambition-a house- wife-Mrs Lloyd Mos- toller. SE- IIJHS Six Brrrv JEAN ANGELO Shorty . . . shortest member ot the class . . . loathes potato salad but delights in French fries , . . favor- ite class-English . . . "I'm tellin' you" . . . chief ambition is to be a secretary. AUDREY LUCILLE Asr-rsnoox Audy , . . Oh, that laugh! . . . enjoys rid- ing a '33 Plymouth and eating fried chicken . . . spare time is spent in writing letters . . . "Oh, yea" . . . future -to become a home- maker. Barry Lou BENTZ Bubbles . . . remember Dodie? . . . wrestling matches on TV and art class rate . . . despises ignorant boys and spa- ghetti . . . spare time is spent in drawing . . . "Ternprachure" . . . would enjoy tint- ing in a studio. IOANNE Louis: Bnnxrnluz Io . . . a peppy cheer- leader . . . approves of good music, danc- ing, and all sports . . . can be found with the old gang anytime . . . "Gee Whiz" . . . future ambition is to get a STEADY job. TERRY VAUGHN BnIucrIaI1.Is Punk . . . inquiring green eyes . . . de- lights in stuffed pep- pers, cars, sports, and hunting . . . has no at- traction for the weak- er sex, loathes typing . . . "Ah! Take off" . . . hopes to become a veterinarian. DAVID ALLAN Bnurzumc Dave . . . Romeo with a convertible . . . de- lights in eating, roller skating and all sports . . . approves of go- ing steady . . . dislikes teachers who assign homework . . . "I don't know" . . . plans to join the Navy. RoBI:n'r IO!-IN DILL Pickles . . . crew cut and infectious grin . . . takes a liking to girls, sports, good food, and swimming . . . school doesn't agree with him . . . "Don't worry about it" . . . hopes to become a me- chanic. EVBLYN MAI: Domi:-IIJI: Ev . . . willing and de- pendable worker . . . has an interest in sports, dancing, and hill-billy music . . . thumbs down on Eng- lish and getting up early . . . "Iumpin' ccct- fish!" . . . wants only to be a success ...ll-152 Seven LIFPORD DEWAYN BIRCH Birch . . . quiet but friendly . . . takes an interest in sports, hunting, and fishing . . . dislikes eating in public . . . "It don't make no difference" . . . ambition-banker or driver . . . unde- cided now. FRANK IosI:PI-I CHAMPANELLA Champ . . . husky tackle for the fighting eleven . . . women top the list, movies and sports follow . . . try to find something he dislikes! . . . "I don't know" , . . arnbition-- a big game hunter. ALAN LEE DINNING Shaky . . . proud mem- ber of Western District Chorus . . . always singing or listening to music . . . pastime loaf- ing at cabin . . . de- tests flighty girls . . . "Holy Cow" . . . aims to be a chef. Roasnr WILLIAM Escx-mc:-x Bob . . . hotrod happy . . . happy when hunt- ing or attending auto races . . . interested in one girl and fast au- tomobiles . . . delights in eating . . . frowns on reckless drivers . . . "What?" . . . future- a farmer. LARRY GEORGE Fvocx Yazzie ...likeable and friendly be- lieves English is a waste of time . . . en- joys the company of nice girls, music, and sports . . . likes foot- ball and basketball . . . "Huh?" . . . aims to be a farmer. ROBERT HARVEY HOSTETLER Curly . . . bashful . . . a n y t h i n g connected with money and girls are tops . . . disgusted by slow cars . . . likes the outdoors . . . "Holy smokes" . . . chief de- sire: cz millionaire play boy. C1-1AR1.oTTE MARIE KNUPP Chocolate . . . dark hair and eyes . . , de- lights in twelve-inch hotdogs, swimming, and boat rides in the moonlight . . . takes a dislike to snobs and mushy couples . . . "Take it easy" . . . top desire-nurse. BETTY Lou MANGES Bets . . . our only red headed Senior... chili, dancing, drive- ins, and a certain man are tops with her . . . dislikes snobs, red hair and freckles . . . "Oh, no!" . . . hopes to get married. Pnuw HD E EH Eight SALVE TREssA HAHN Tre . . . forever read- ing . . . always hep on latest movies . . . loaf- ing and watching tele- vision are her pastimes . . . hobby-taking pic- tures . . . "I didn't want it anyway" . . . plans to be a Waf. RICHARD ALLEN Iocx Mose . . . tall, dark, and personality plus . . . fond of girls, good food, sports, and hunt- ting . . . dislikes Eng- lish and school in gen- eral , . . "Get lost" . . . intends to be a big truck driver. IQAN IVIARGARET LEAZIER Io . . . quiet and se- rene . . . listening to popular music and dancing are favorites . . . has a dislike for snobbish people . . . "Oh, brother" . . . hopes for the future- to be a lawyer's secre- tary. EDITH EILEEN MASSUNG Rocky . . . blonde hair and blue eyes . . . takes a liking to boys and Fords . . . detests people who gossip . . . says school wasn't meant for her . . . "Ah, heck! . . . aims to get married ELEANOR PAYE MILLER Faye . . . quiet with a friendly disposition . . . delights in hill-billy music and basketball games . . , has no par- ticular interest in boys . . . "Oh! my aching back" . . . plans to at- tend Cambria-Rowe. IOSEPHINE IEAN MROGIK Iosie . . . cute and pert . . . relishes hamburg- ers and potato chips . . . reading detective stories is her pastime . . . turns her nose up at English and conceit- ed people . . . "Boy, oh boy!" . . . ambition- policewoman. ELLEN IUNE NEwcoMER Cupid . . . talks all the time . . . has a taste for dill pickles and French fries . . . fond of bashful boys . . . ab- hors boys who tease . . . "That's what you think" . . . ambition- catch a man. RICHARD DEAN PARKER Parker . . . dark wavy hair . . . takes a liking to girls, sports, and spaghetti . . . dislikes work, icy roads, and fair weather friends . , . "It's all your fault" . . . desires to become a sports announcer. B EHW!-lHIl N EVER Nine ZETA GAIL MILLER Slim . . . peppy cheer- leader with teasing blue eyes . . . enjoys parties, sports, and likes to eat . . . has ct distaste for snobs and corny nicknames . . . "Christopher" . . . ambition . . . to do something worthwhile. IoYcE PATRICIA MURPHY Murph . . . small, petite cheerleader . . . enjoys dancing and listening to Harry Iames orches- tra . . . likes perfume and long eyelashes . . . abhors reading . . . "Oh baloney!" . . . future a'r hostess- laler become a house- wife. RICHARD ORION OAKS Rich . . . tallhfriendly, with a catching sm le . . . enjoys hunting, swimming, and steak dinners . . . takes a dislike to people who are too inquisitive . . . "Whadaya soy?" . . . to succeed in whatever he undertakes. PHYLLIS IEAN PHILLIPPI Phil . . . jolly and full ot fun . . . spare time is spent developing pictures and reading . . . likes swimming, hiking, and o good dish of spaghetti . . . "You don't say" . . . plans to work in a studio. MARY PLOVISH Mare . . . one ot the quietest seniors . . . cowboy and polka mu- sic rate . . , television and doing needlework are tops with her . . . "You're tellin' me?" . . . wants to be an as- sistant secretary. LINDSAY POWELL PUTMAN Big Putty . . . thought- ful and well-mannered . . . enjoys art, sports, and typing . . . hunting and traveling are his pastimes . . . abhors English . . . "Tough! I don't have none" . . . desires to get a job. Io:-IN EDGAR S'I'o1'LEa lack . . . wants a gal in every land . . . en- joys hunting, fishing, and most of his friends . . . dislikes teachers, school and homework . . . "Go jump in the lake" . . . ambition- air force cadet. ELIZABETH IANE TAssoN Lizzie. . .liked by everyone . . , movies and television are en- joyed by her . . . dis- likes English and beans . . . football's favorite . . . hamburg- ers and French fries rate . . . "Holy Buc- kets" . . . future, air hostess. SE IUH5 Ten IoI-IN PAUL PLUTA Iohnny . . . just can't seem to avoid trouble . . . takes a liking to sports, hotrods, and science . . . shirks at homework and teach- ers . . . "I don't care" . . . has the desire to become a scientist. VNIARREN HAMER SHAFI-'EH Bussie . . . mischiev- ous? ? ? Warm smile . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . has a taste for pickles . , . claims he dislikes girls . . . "Tell us about it" . . . hopes to become a college graduate. IoI-IN IOSEPH SUDER Sod . . . six foot two -eyes of blue . . . usually quiet and easy-going . . . likes best to play football and basketball . . . de- tests work . . . "Wha- daya say?" . . . wants to be a millionaire hobo. ANNETTA MARIE VALENTINE Pee Wee . . . active member of band . . . regular fan at football games ... enjoys swimming and em- broidering . . . disap- proves of smart people and washing dishes . . . "Dog-gone-it" . . . future store clerk and homemaker. ...l952 ROBERT VICTOR WATKINS ALBERT STEWART WOMER Hawk ... always wise-cracking . . . likes football and nice cloth- es . . . deplores riding the school bus and work . . . "Is that so?" . . . wants to make plenty of money and live the lite of Riley. Albert . . . one of the fortunate to attend Western District Chor- us . . . enjoys sports, music, and likes to ride around in his car . . . . . . dislikes homework . . . "That's logical" . . . desires to major in music. I I Left to Right-E. Donahue, Z. Miller, I. Berkebile, E. Newcomer Eleven IRAN ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN Ieanie . . . dark hair with matching eyes . . . movies and music rate high with her . . . shirks at getting up early. . . "I don't' know" . . . wants only to have an exciting fu- ture. SENIOR OFFICERS President ...,..,.... ...,,. E LLEN NEWCOMER Vice President .,.,,,,.,.., IOANNE BERKEBILE Secretary ...... ,,...,.., Z ETA MILLER Treasurer .....,r ,,.... E VELYN DONAHUE Sponsor ,... CHARLES LAWSON r .A M, in , ,M WZ? Pm., ,J ,Q "'-M-M X, K Q' M "" ' 'X' M 5 .,,f:,.: I z X, 5. M ins.. . M. ' ww. wma My K Lv wwf ,mf QW Senior Class uf 1952 Of all the paradoxical statements that have been made about the Senior Class of 1952, the one that rings most true is: They are able because they think they are able. Self-confidence, tempered with modesty, is the quality that characterizes the prog- ress and accomplishments of the Senior Class. From Abramowich to Zimmerman, in- dividual shortcomings and differences failed to faze the Seniors in their firm resolve to aim higher, work harder and do better. As individuals and as a group theirs is a record of achievement. Ellen Newcomer, Ioanne Berkebile, Zeta Miller and Evelyn Don- ahue provided outstanding leadership proving themselves worthy of the honor their classmates had bestowed upon them. Then, too, there were many outstanding Work- ers in the group, conscientious and underztanding, who rolled up their sleeves and tackled the work to be done. There was Betty Bentz with her paints and brushes, Charlotte Knupp's manage- ment of the Senior store, Lindsay Putman's efficient handling of the complicated yearbook photography problems, Richard I:a:k's and Vilarren Shaffer's capable assist- ance in erecting the permanent stage sets. And still others, working as volunteer groups or committees, added to the record of Senior Class accomplishments. Notable among these were the play cast, the yearbook business staff and the Forbian staff. Senior lead- ership and skill was not limited to class activities alone. Betty Angelo edited the school newspaper. Richard Iock presided over the Student Council. Albert Womer and Alan Dinning were chosen for the Western District Chorus. Seniors were officers in four of the high school clubs. Ioyce Murphy was captain of the cheerleaders. Iohn Suder was captain of the football team. Varsity sports were dominated by the Senior boys. And the Senior Class was always well represented on the scholastic honor roll. On the evening of May 20 the members of the Senior Class of 1952 arrived at the crossroads of their lives-Commencement. On the signpost that points the way to their future are the Words they, themselves, selected: Forward Ever . . . Backward Never. Thirteen THIRD: SECOND FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: I l I D. Blcrnset, C. Blanset, V. Bentz, A. Durst, L. Bcxrnhcrrt D Croyle L Britz L Ierin Miss Elliott, P. Eutin, C. Lohr, F. Ccirbone I Donitzen W Korzinski B Fulton B Fish I-X. Ianidlo. I. Lenhart, S. Clcxrk, K. Bruening, D. Clark, G. Fuschino B Birch P Croyle P Darr F. Mcryok, C. Zimmerman, P. Zborovancik, T Z1mmermc1n M Mezcxck K Miller L Mlller I. Spangler. Mr. Krupnik, R. Rice, R. Powell, R. Ritchey, E Walker W Putman L Riddell I Stutzman I. Shaffer, I. Walker. S. Rodger, L. Shaffer, I. Shatter, M. Shaffer, B Rice E Toth M Morris B Sniecienski UNIUHS Fourteen President .......... ....... L ARRY BARNHART Vice President ........ ........ L EONARD IERIN Secretary ,.... ....... B ARBARA FULTON Treasurer ....... KERRY MILLER Sponsors ........ MISS ELLIOTT IUNIOR OFFICERS MR. KRUPNIK Left to Right-L. Barnhart, B. Fulton, L. Ierin The Juninr Class An old proverb states that behind able men are always other able men. This definitely holds true when speaking of the Iunior Class. This group shows promise of being equal to the task before them. There is hardly a Iunior who hasn't had a part in at least one of the many high school activities-band, chorus, clubs, council, newspaper or whatever appealed to him. As we look at the roster of Iunior names we see among them an endless array of talent -scholars, leaders, athletes, musicians, singers, artists, and scientists. Under the leadership of their capable officers the Iunior Class has demonstrated the teamwork that is so necessary in establishing a record of achievement. The Iunior Class has shown that it is methodical, teeming with energy and cre- ative. The Iunior's Christmas dance was one of the highlights of the school year. Undoubtedly the Iunior-Senior Prom will rank as its greatest achieve- ment. To the group who will soon take our place in Forbes High School, we Seniors of 1952 give our deepest wish for success. Fifteen President .......... ,,,,,,, L ARRY VAN SICKLE Vice President ....... .......... E MMA MILLER Secretary ........ ..,,. M ARLENE REXROTH Treasurer . ........ STANLEY NAUCIE Sponsors .......... MRS. LEAF MR. WEAVER .L SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Lett to Right-M. Rexroth, S. Naugle, L. Van Sickle E Miller The Snphnmnre Class The Sophomore Class is big in size and potentialities. This group, com- posed oi sixty-nine members, has been satisfied to play a minor role this year. However, they have not been idle. This term has been a year of ad- justment and new experience tor the Sophomores. Gradually they will assume a leading role. An eagerness to learn and a Willingness to Work character- izes the Sophomore Class. The Sophomore assembly programs clearly pro- claimed that this group has talent and knows how to use it. They are active in all school activities and in some they have already assumed an active share ot leadership. Present indications are that the Sophomore Class will establish one of the finest records in scholastic achievement. Also Worthy ot mention is the enthusiasm with which the Sophomores demonstrate their school spirit. The Senior Class of 1952 Wishes these promising citizens of Forbes continued success. Sixteen ' FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: FOURTH: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: F. Koontz, D. Shaffer, L. Laughlin, S. Matse, E. Maise, P. Leonard, B. McGregor, C. Hecki, IX. I. Clark. E. Miller, I. Fern, P. Mostoller, B. Rininger, G. Molchak, I. Pizer, B. Spangler, L. McVicker. P. Krevetski, D. Meyers, M. Spangler, D. Ott. Mrs. Leaf, I. Benko, E. Corbett, I. Sniecienski, M. Shaffer, N. Newcomer, I. Shaulis, I. Rice M. Wingard, M. Sabo, M. Phillippi, M. Gindlesperger, A. Tasson, M. Storey, M. Rexroth U. Mostoller, M. DeArmitt. G. Dinning, M. Mensinger, W. Findley, C. Lease, I. Bentz, S. Naugle, R. Dunmyer, I. Pacific. R. Wain, I. Miller, D. Lake, H. Butler, K. Shaver, E. Miller, R. Strasiser. Mr. Weaver, G. Sheeler, R. Berkebile, W. Hutchinson, P. Toma, R. Ashbrook, I. Mort D. Stotler, R. Foust. M. Stutzman, I. Womer, I. Wirbick, L. Van Sickle, D. Clark, I. Checchi, P. Kolesko. . . . SIIPHIIIIVIIJHES .Iuninr High Snlmnl Falzull SECOND: Orion A. Womer, Iohn Winters, Donald W, Drenner, Charles G. Clark. FIRST: Ellir S. Werner, Nellie Sank, Mary Ali,e Iock, Thomas M. Zimmerman. THIRD: I. Leazier, I, Gavlak, I. Hostetler, I. Iohnson, C. Fern, I. Iohnson, D. Enos, F. Kostro. SECOND: T. Mensinger, S. Mezack, S. Gindlesperger, E. Manges, A. Gavlak, V. Meyers, S. Gindles- perger, M. Ioback, I. Fetzer. FIRST: Mr. Werner, C. Mostoller, T. Fuschino, I. Knopsnyder, V. Meyers, D. Miller, Pl. Meholic I. Koontz, B. Kubas. Ei gh teen THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: D. Escherich, S. Bender, I. Armagost, D. Ellis, A. Babincsak, L. Buchanan, O. Durst, G. Bentz. C. Brue-ning, F, Charlton, A. DeNorcey, D. Berkebile, S. Corbett, A. Custer, R. Darr. Mr. Brougher, G. DeNorcey, I. Abramowich, F. Barron, I. Carbone, R. Bender, S. Emerick, E. Bentz, V. Chasser. I, Mrogik, T. Strelko, D. Swank, I. Shatter, I. Williams, B. Zelinski, H. Sturtz, R. Walker. I. Strelko, W. Shroyer, M. Stern, D. Ritchey, R. Yuschick, I. Schokora, D. Watkins. Mr. Drenner, N. Powell, I. Mostoller, L. Riddell, R. Wain, W. Secrest, B. Shatter, D. Shaver, I. Peterman. . . . FHESHMEN Nineteen STANDING: L. Barnhart, W. Shatter, A. Dinning, I. Murphy, E. Donahue, L. Putman, B. Bentz, C. Knupp, E. Newcomer, R. Iock, L. Fyock. SITTING: Z. Miller, B. Manges, I. Berkebile, A. Ashbrook, B. Angelo. FORBIAN Living up to its "Forward Ever" class motto, the Class of 1952 undertook the task ot improving the quality of the high school yearbook. Neither the class nor its advisor had any previous yearbook experience. Spurred on by the belief that "nothing ventured, nothing gained" the Forbian Staff made a number of changes based on recommendations and sug- gestions of students and faculty alike. The yearbook was given a new name-Forbian-by a majority vote of the entire student body. The Forbian Staff contracted with Weigel 51 Bar- ber for a printed yearbook rather than the lithograph process heretofore used. A new cover and cover design was selected along with a good quality paper. More emphasis was placed on photography and each picture was prepared tor the first time tor the yearbook by a special photo-engraving process. Uneasy moments, battling problems, important decisions. deadlines and many weeks ot hard Work were part of the process. The Forbian Staff accepted the challenge willingly and worked diligently in an endeavor to produce a yearbook that would provide enjoyment and lasting memories. Editor JOYCE MURPHY Assistant Editor EVELYN DONAHUE Business Managers LYNN BARNHART LARRY FYOCK ALAN DINNING WARREN SHAFEER Publicity Directors CHARLOTTE KNUPP BETTY MANGES ZETA MILLER ELLEN NEWCOMER Subscription Managers AUDREY AsHBRooK IOANNE BERKERILE Advisor CHARLES LAWSON Photography Editor LINDSAY PUTMAN Art Editor BETTY BENTZ Sports Editor RICHARD Iocic Twenty Class Editor BETTY ANGELO Typing S tatf MARY PLOVISH PHYLLIS PHILLIPPI PAYE MILLER IOSEPHINE MROGIK DAVID BRUENING LARRY FYocK HILLSIDE-AERIAL A new Hillside-Aerial was introduced to the students and faculty oi the Forbes School System last September. Under the guidance of Miss Elliott, Miss Messina, and Reverend Womer the school newspaper slafi made a number of improvements which greatly en- hanced the reading appeal of the Hillside-Aerial. It is now published monthly in magazine form with a distinctive gold cover. Attrac- tive cover designs are the work of Mr. Brougher's art students. In its new form, the newspaper has a senior high school and a junior high school division revealing a variety of well-written news and feature articles. Betty Angelo is the editor. Barbara Fulton and Iane Wirbick are associate editors. The ever-popular sports page is' edited by Barry Carr. Mr. Weaver is business manager with Lindsay Putman, Robert Dill, Barbara Spangler, and Larry Barnhart as his business assistants. Subscriptions were solicited by Patricia Croyle and Susan Rodger. Margaret Stutzman, Velma Bentz, and Edward Walker are circulation managers and Audrey Ash- brook is exchange director. The Hillside-Aerial typists rate a special Commendation for the attractive appearance of the newspaper. Mary Plovish, Iosephine Mrogik, Elizabeth Tasson, Dixie Berkebile, and Ioyce Murphy are on the typing staff. In addition to the vital role the Hillside-Aerial plays in the development of school spirit and an informed student body is the excellent opportunity it provides the youthful journalists of Forbes to gain actual experience in gathering and reporting the news. STANDING: R. Dill, L. Putman, V. Bentz, L. Barnhart, I. Berkebile, M. Phillippi, M. Stutzman, I. Wirbick, Miss Elliott, I. Shaffer, S. Rodger, P. Kolesko, P. Croyle. SECOND: F. Carbone, I. Mrogik, M. Plovish, E. Tasson. FIRST: B. Fulton, D. Berkebile, B. Angelo, I. Murphy, A. Ashbrook. Twenty One STANDING: L. Ierin, S. Matse, R. Iock, R. Dill. SITTING: E. Toth, L. Riddell, V. Bentz, D. Meyers, C. Knupp, B. Manges, P. Kolesko, L. Van Sickle. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of Forbes High School offers the student body a voice in school government. Each senior high school class elects four representatives to serve on the coun- cil during the year. These youthful legislators meet each Week to discuss student and school problems. Meetings are conducted according to parliamentary procedure. The Student Council's organization, powers and duties are clearly defined in a con- stitution Which was prepared by the first Student Council following the consolidation. Its influence is considerable. Recommendations of the group frequently result in added benefits for their constituents and in improvements for the school. Student Council sponsors a number of fund-raising projects and recreational activities during the term. The Student Council of Forbes High School promotes a better understanding of democratic government and in that way prepares today's students to become tomorroW's leaders. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS President ,....,..... ....... R ICHARD IocK Vice President .,.. ............ R OBERT DILL Secretary ........ ....,. P AULINE KOLESKO Treasurer ...... .,...,,,,,,,... V ELMA BENTZ Advisor ...,. ...... C HARLES LAWSON Twenty Two Left to Right-B. Bentz, L. Barnhart, D. Armagost, D. Berkebile, I. Murphy, R. Parker, A. Ashbrook, C. Knupp, A. Womer, A. Dinning, Z. Miller, B. Angelo, L. Fyock, I. Berkebile, I. Mrogik, M. Plovish, P. Phillippi, M. Valentine. SENIOR CLASS PLAY "Alright, let's go through the entire play again." This firm command by Miss Sank, senior play director, sent many an evening rehearsal of "Take Your Medicine" into an over- time session. And what sessions they were! There were many off-moments of fun in spite of the nightly trips in hazardous weather, the long hours of rehearsal, the repetitious practice of difficult scenes, and the cold that penetrated the auditorium during the six weeks of re- hearsal. Lynn Barnhart and Allan Dinning could usually be found quarreling over posses- sion ot the one hospital bed available for rehearsals. No wonder! The loser had to rehearse his part while lying on a lab table without benefit of a mattress. Miss Sank, demonstrating the right and wrong way to play a certain role, had the cast doubled up with laughter. Bet- ty Bentz, the young student nurse in the play, insisted on washing Lynn Barnhart's face at every rehearsal because the script called for it. Audrey Ashbrook, Betty Angelo and Ioanne Berkebile found it difficult to say their lines and look cheerful at the same time. They often appeared on stage with the facial expression that usually accompanies a burp. Charlotte Knupp as the stern head nurse was always good for a laugh when she appeared at prac- tice in her crisp white nurse's uniform, pink anklets, and saddle shoes. These are but a few of the many humorous sidelines and incidents that relieved the tension involved in re- hearsals. On Friday night, November 30, 1951, the big moment arrived. Miss Sank and her able assistants, Evelyn Donahue and Ellen Newcomer had done their part. It was now up to the cast. Each act moved with precision and professional skill. The audience responded with gales of laughter and a wonderful ovation and curtain call. The Senior Class Play of 1952 was over. But for some it will live on as one of the pleasant memories "of the year when we were Seniors." Twenty Three FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA President- Ellen Newcomer Vice President- Charlotte Knupp Secretary Elizabeth Tasson Historian- Mary Plovish Sponsor- Mrs. Skurner MODEL CLUB President- Dwight Armagost Vice President- Robert Eschrich Secretc1ry-Treasurer- Larry Barnhart Sponsor- Mr. Weaver TRI-HI-Y CLUB President- Phyllis Darr Vice President- Ioanne Checchi Secretary- Dorothea Clark Treasurer- Gloria Fuschino Sponsor- Mrs. Leaf Twenty Four Twenty Five CITIZENSHIP CLUB President- Barry Carr Vice President- Albert Womer Secretary- Hcxrry Butler Treasurer- Richcrd Oaks Sponsor- Mr. Lawson DANCE CLUB Sponsor- Mr. Krupnik PRESS AND COMMERCIAL CLUB President- Betty Sniecienski Vice President- Mory Plovish Secretary- Iosephine Mrogik irecrsurer- Angeline Tcxsson Spcnsor- Miss Elliott , . Miss Kalp and the orig- inal Boys' Chorus in a moment of close har- mony .... Mr. Marshall directing the senior carpenters in the process of building stage sets .... Miss Messina's All-Amen ican girls in CI magazine cover pose .... Twenty Six Twenty Seven Mr. Weaver's driver ed- ucation class in ses- sion .... Our friends, the cooks, ready to serve another delicious lunch .... The furnace room, a fav- orite congregating place at lunch time for the male teachers .... THIRD: B. Manges, I. Berkebile, N. Newcomer, I. Mrogik, M. Morris, I. Shatter, E. Miller, B. Spangler, B. Fish, I. Stutzman, V. Bentz. SECOND: Miss Kalp, M. Shaffer, M. Spangler, I. Womer, D. Meyers, I. Benko, M. Gindlesperger, L. Shaffer, R. Strasiser, M. Shaffer, I. Miller, D. Berkebile. FIRST: P. Kolesko, M. Stutzman, I. Murphy, P. Croyle, M. Sabo, M. Storey, A. Tasson, I. Zimmerman, F. Miller, I. Leazier, K. Bruening. Music hath charms and Forbes High School has the Mixed Chorus and Boys' Chorus that can prove it. Under the direction of Miss Ruth Kalp, these groups of fine voices have made this a year to sing about. The Girls' Chorus tabovel has been combined with the Mixed Chorus tbelowl. A top-notch Boys' Chorus composed ot the boys in the Mixed Chorus ranks as the year's number one musical achievement. Their eight-part singing is good. Their a Cappella singing is outstanding. THIRD: I. Walker, I. Stotler, D. Bruening, I... Fyock, W. Shaffer, L. Barnhart, L. Barnhart, T. Zimmerman SECOND: Miss Kalp, I. Wirbick, B. Fish, I, Miller, B. Fulton, N. Newcomer, E. Tasson, C. Lohr, I. Stutz man, V. Bentz. FIRST: P. Darr, I. Lenhart, P. Croyle, A. Tasson, D. Meyers, P. Krevetski, B. Birch, L. Shaffer M. Shaffer. THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: THIRD: Z. Miller, E. Newcomer, C. Lohr, E. Miller, L. McVicker, D. Lake, B. Fulton, I. Shaffer M. Plovish, E. Tasson, E. Donahue. SECOND: B. F. Krevetski, I. Wirbick, D. Clark. Rice, E. Toth, T. Hahn, B, Sniecienski, I. Sniecienski, A. Ianidlo, I. Shaulis, E. Corbett FIRST: S. Clark, I. Checchi, A. Ashbrook, D. Ott, M. Phillippi, M. Rexroth, B. Birch, I. Lenhart P. Darr, S. Rodger. Among the activities that highlight the Chorus Year have been the following programs: Armistice Day, the WVSC radio program, the beautiful Christmas performance entitled "A Vision ol Christmas," the request program for the Somerset County School Directors Convention, the Operetta, the Coun- ty Music Festival and the selection ot Allan Dinning and Albert Womer to the District Chorus. Forbes High School has every right to be proud of Miss Kalp and the group of tine voices that make up our chorus. A. Dinning, R. Iock, R. Dill, L. Laughlin, C. Hecki, Ir., A. Worner, R. Rice, I. Spangler, C. Birch. Z. Miller, E. Newcomer, I. Berkebile, I. Shatter, L. McVicker, D. Lake, M. Morris, R. Strasiser, D. Berkebile. I. Womer, A. Ianidlo, M. Gindlesperger, M. Sabo, S. Clark, M. Rexroth, M. Storey, I. Murphy, S. Rodger. I I I FOURTH: I. Wirbick, B. Bentz, C. Bruening, R. Bowers, B, Tokcrr, C. Hecki, Ir., L. Laughlin. THIRD: SECOND: FIRST: f. Werner, P. Dcrrr, P. Croyle, E. Reed, M. Scrbo S. I. Gincllesperger, B. Paul, Spangler, D. Ott, E. Corbett, M. L. Zupcrncic, C. Shepley, T. Gardner, S. Grebeck, C. Miller D. Shaffer, M. Valentine. Beniz, B. Shczfier, A, Tcxsson, R. Strcrsiser, B. Rice. SECOND: P. Kolesko, P. Kreveiski, B. Fish, I. Wirbick, D. Meyers. FIRST: Z. Miller, I. Murphy, I. Berkebile, S. Clark. ABSENT: C. Lohr. Thirty THIRD: V. Bentz, A. Womer, B. Bruening, H. Sturtz, E. Newcomer, D. Blanset, I. Womer. FOURTH: M. Friedline, C. Gohn, R. Meholic, G. Laughlin, D. M. Berkebile, D. I. Berkebile. SECOND: P. Womer, H. Dom, B. Berkey, C. Mostoller, P Yoder, L. Zupancic, I. Tokar, I. Armagost, M. Stutzman, M. Spangler. FIRST: S. A. Gindlesperger, D. Clark, I. Fetzer, M. Rexroth, I. Peterman, N. Powell. FORBES BAND One of the hardest Working organizations ot our school is the high school band. It has done a very commendable job. Despite disadvantages and handicaps our marching band has improved rapidly. Robert Tilley, the instrumental music director, entered the U. S. Armed Service in November. Ellis Werner, a junior high school instructor, took over temporary lead- ership. In Ianuary, Robert Pohl became instrumental music director. The band, including majorettes and color guard, is composed of fifty-seven members of the senior and junior high schools and the grade school. It meets regularly every Tuesday and Thursday morning tor practice sessions. Band activities for the year have included performances at the Forbes football games, the Armistice Day program and a special performance at the Hooversville Community Cen- ter Fair. Forbes was Well represented at the County Band Festival by the following stu- dents: Doris Blanset, Patricia Croyle, Phyllis Darr, Marjorie Friedline, Carol Miller, Mary Sabo, Iohn Tokar and Albert Womer. Under the skilled and patient direction of Mr. Pohl, and With continued hard work and determination on the part of the band members, the future appears very promising forthe Forbes High School Band. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The perfect combination of beauty, enthusiasm and ability displayed by the Varsity Cheerleaders rates this squad as one of the best in the county. Their demonstration of school spirit at football and basketball games has roused the Forbes fans and sparked the Forbes athletic teams. Those who have seen the Iunior Varsity Cheerleaders in action know that this group will be equal to the task when they become members ot the varsity squad. Miss Messina is cheerleader advisor. Thirty One SECOND: Assistant Coach Drenner, F. Kostro, R. Walker, L. Ierin, F. Mayak, W. Shaffer, D. Bruening, R. Wain, R. Rice, T. Rice, I. Mort, Coach Pleifer. FIRST: B. Fulton, K. Miller, D. Croyle, F. Champanella, R. lock, R. Watkins, I. Suder, L. Barnhart, R. Hostetler, S. Bender, L. Fyock, B. Carr. FOOTBALL This wasn't the best year for the Forbes football team. Nor for Notre Dame or West Point, for that matter. However, a look at the record shows that in the two brief seasons Forbes has played in the pigskin circuit it has outscored its opponents 228 points to 204 points with a seven Win record against six defeats. Two of those defeats were by extra points and one was by a single touchdown. This record is a tribute to Coach Pfeffer and his re- markable team. What they lacked in experience they more than made up in courage and determination. Forbes may well be proud of these boys and the fine sportsmanship they displayed at all times on the playing field. INDIVIDUAL RECORD SEASON'S RESULTS Touchdowns Extra Pts. Pts. Conemqugh Twp. "B" F01-beg Suder 7 5+ 48 Berlin Forbes Watkins 4 2 26 Meyersdale Forbes Fyeek 1 1 7 Iohnstown "B" Forbes Bruening 1 U 5 Barnesboro Forbes Croyle 1 0 6 Conemaugh "B" Forbes Ie,-in 1 U 5 New Florence Forbes Brewer 0 2 2 Confluence Forbes Barnhart 0 I l L. T - Total Total I5 I2 102 " Includes Safety Thirty Two SECOND: R. Wain, L. Barnhart, R. Watkins, I. Suder, L. Ierin. FIRST: D. Bruening, W. Shaffer, F. Champanella, R. Hostetler, R. Iock, K. Miller, D. Croyle, L. Fyock. GRIDIRON PERSON ALITIES IOHN SUDER-Left Halt. Team captain and top scorer. Triple threat and sparkplug of the lets. His athletic ability received recognition in sports columns. ROBERT WATKINS-Full Back. Hard charging ground gainer. He Was especially dependable when a precious yard or two was needed. LARRY FYOCK-Left End. A good ball carrier. Hardest Worker at practice sessions. He was a hard tackler and a top offensive man. RICIIARD IOCK-Center. Dick took his work seriously. Boosted team spirit. He backed up the line on defense. A reliable center and the kind of a boy a coach likes to work with. ROBERT HOSTETLER-Right Guard. Played for keeps. Curly was easy-going until jolted. He Was a tough and rugged sixty minute man. FRANK CHAMPANELLA-Right Tackle. Liked football but not calisthenics. He was fulltime of- fensive player. His job was to open holes for the ball carrier. WARREN SHAFFER-Right End. Best pass receiver. Good defensive man as a tackler. An alert team man, he made great strides in a year. DAVID BRUENING-End. A good man on either end position. A conscientious worker at practice and in games. Handicapped somewhat by knee injury. LARRY BARNHART-Right Half. Hard plunging back. Made steady improvements. Counted on as a blocker. He concentrated on bettering himself. KERRY MILLER-Left Guard. Regular at practice. Eager to play. Has potentialities. He played guard on offensive and line backer on defense. RICHARD WAIN-Quarterback. Small but definitely good. Top-notch blocker and ball handler. A promising future. LEONARD IERIN-Quarterback. Another small package but big in courage. A good ball handler. Thirty Three Left to Right-L. Ie-rin, D. L, Barnhart, L. Barnhart, T. Zimmerman, R. lock, S. Matse, W. Shatter, L. Fyock, C. Birch, Coach Pfetfer. Bolivar Berlin-Brothersvalley Stonycreek Twp. Somerset Twp. Meyersdale Hyndman Salisbury Shade Twp. Rockwood Gallitzin Grantsville Stonycreek Twp, Somerset Twp. VARSITY BASKETBALL Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes Forbes SEASONS RESULTS 24 Grantsville 42 Forbes 48 Meyersdale 39 Forbes 45 Salisbury 46 Forbes 61 Berlin 45 Forbes 50 Shade 65 Forbes 54 Rockwood 47 Forbes 49 Gallitzin 77 Forbes 65 Iohn Carver 51 Forbes 56 Bolivar 37 Forbes 48 Hyndman 34 Forbes 47 28 Total-Opponents Points 26 Total-Forbes Points l2ll Thirty Four 1046 BASKETBALL PERSONALITIES LYNN BARNHART-Senior. Sharp shooting captain of the Iets . . . a four year man . . . one of the county's leading scorers . . . set shot artist . . .a natural. WARREN SHAFFER- Senior. One of the best all around players . . . a two year man . . . made biggest improve- ment . . . top defensive man . . . excellent retriever of rebounds . . . aggressive. TOM ZIM- MERMAN-Iunior. A three year man . . , good on rebounds off both boards . . . one of the hardest-playing . . . made great strides . . . good shot. LARRY BARNHART-Iunior. A two year man . . . floor man of the team . . . spoils opponent's fast break attempts . . . good on re- bounds . . . team player. LEONARD IERIN-Iunior. Fast . . . comes through at the right times . . . developing basketball know-how rapidly . . . good ball handler. CLIFFORD BIRCH- Senior. Very aggressive . . . fastest on the team . . . a good shot . . . reliable when going is tough. RICHARD IOCK-Senior. Fits in most positions . . . one of the hardest Workers . . . capable ball handler . . . likewise on rebounds. LARRY FYOCK-Senior. A team player . . . Works as guard or forward . . . two years of IV experience. STEVE MATSE-Sophomore. A floor man . . . used in different positions . . . spirited . . . shows potentialities. IUNIOR VARSITY STANDING: R. Wain, I. Hostetler, S. Bender, B. McGregor, I. Armagost, E. Matse, Coach Drenner, KNEELING: D, Shaver, F. Kostro, A. Custer, G. Dinning, R. Rininger, R. Foust, Manager. ABSENT: I. Williams, D. Eschrich. Thirty Five 1952 BASKETBALL HIGHLIGHTS Although this article must go to press almost a month before our hardwood heroes complete the season, some interesting facts are available for comparison purposes. Last season the Iets scored a total ot 1,048 point lj their opponents scored 813 points. The Iets played 22 games during that season. The Iels have played ll games thus tar this season with a total point record of 557 as compared with the opponent total ot 485. Top scorer last season was Iohn Suder with a total ol 335 points. Lynn Barnhart is this year's ace with a total of 221 points at the mid-season mark. Iohn's one-game high score was 24 points at Rockwood the night Forbes clinched the "Class B" title. At the moment, Lynn's top score to date is 26 points. Highest game score last season was 60 points. This record has already been broken three times by this year's squad. Last year's team had a ten game win streak and a season record of 16 wins and 5 losses. This includes the hair-raising 47-48 overtime loss to Cresson in the District battle. Other highlights at the mid-season point of this year are: the sizzling 40 point half-time Score the Iets piled up against Shade, the defeat of Rockwood on its own floor tor the second year in a row, and the amazing team work and ball handling displayed by the fighting lets. No doubt, it this article were written at the end ot the season there would be many other highlights to record. Last year's team gave Forbes a Wonderful state-wide reputqtign and the 1952 team, under the skillful coaching of Chet Pfefter, is determined to hold on l31hCIlhC1I'd'eCI1'1'19d glory. SENIOR ATHLETES . .. .11- SECOND: F. Champanella, I. Suder, R. Iock, R. Watkins. FIRST: L. Fyock, W. Shaffer, R. Hostetler, L. Barnhart, C. Birch. Thirty Six Q7:?E7sFQz?EfcG6J OQ7sGB4SG:'2 QM?E4GNb:?'9?NN'bs?fQm?E7s6:N'EzfNQvc?fbs?29?b'.?29.?'Q,4GNQ:-s?9G "ONE STOP SHOPPING" NOW YOU CAN SHOP FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS IN JUST ONE STOP t THE SHOPPING CENTER INCLUDING GIANT SUPER MARKET IT'S NEW IT,S BIG 1T'S BEAUTIFUL AND THE PRICES ARE LOWER O+O Hnuversville Supply Eu ROUTE 53 AT HOOVERSVILLE Phone 2111 'FQLQDVTO VEXJJ QQKDQJ k0'Fi::9' 33950 :JEVFD R933 QQ 356 5 Q 9 E G, 2 2 Q5 3 Q J 3 Q J Q 2 9 Q Q Q 9 Q Q Q 3.9535 T ' S Qu? 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Cover S Of Photography S Super Q Hi-Way Markets 504 Main Street Q5 E Ferrelton Somerset Johnstown Pa' lt 5 a Compllmems Compliments of of Somerset Sportsman's American 570 Coleman Avenue Somerset Pa. Johnstown, Pa' C0mPlim9nt5 Compliments Of of Q S D e R o y ' s Mary Lee and Shettic JEWELERS Theatres j Market St. Iohnstown, Pa. Boswell Pa. Education and Insurance Shank's Garage Both Protect the Future Compliments Official AAA Station E K. H. Wagner Agency Phone 9931 Fire Insurance ' Stoystown, Pa. R. D. 2 Stoystown Pa' 993aDaJ5Q:J5Q :e9Vik954O:Q'Q:e95'Q:Jy5954iz6i99Qk09Qk07giwJyiGg Forty Six f S 2 TERRACE CHEVROLET S COMPANY g Q SALES AND SERVICE Q E Chevrolet Cars and Trucks 5 Oldsmobile Cars g E Pho Holsopple -1 10 Davidsv ll 7 R 21 2 5 IEROME PENNA. S 9 E FOR HEALTHS SAKE Compliments Of S 3 ROLLERSKATE CAIRNBROOK 2 3 at the AUTO EXCHANGE S E CAIRNBROOK USED S Q RINK CARS AND TRUCKS S S REFRESHMENTS IS 3 +o+ S KD C .5 5 Cairnbrook Pa. Cairnbrook Pa. S Gvqwmkawwfmwwwmwwwwwawwkamwwwfowwweawwmg QCP? Q' C12 K C2 Qi Cl SC' Q Q' 52 Q' Q T '52 in Q Q' 32 K Q T ti? Q' 'D Q' Q T LD SC E9 iq: . K Q CUNGRATULATIONS . . . 5 Q HIGH' SCHOOL SENIORS! 2 52 5 Glosser Brothers extends hearty congratulations to S S5 the Forbes Ioint High School Graduating Class of 3 1952. We sincerely hope that your future will be gf K2 filled with happiness and worthy achievement. CQ JJ KD . S lQQ5HS.ERO Q EVERYBODYS s'r RE 5 'Q K, 5 Q a Q 5 il K1 , . STEWART'S g J Compliments E Hardware. . S Somerset Bus Electrical Appligilcgieries jg Company Hotpoint Zenith K, General Electric Q 5 Somerset Penna. Q Iennerstown Penna. EQ 65:-2 ,Q 9 in 3 H ' G. L. Ruff Com an Omer S Q P Y Q EW Clothing -f Furniture -1 Paint Q I ELERS Sporting Goods -1 Appliances 2 5 lll Market Street Floor Covering E 231 Center Street K7 Iohnstown Perma. Boswell Puma. J . 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Blansel's Wholesale Gas -f O11-Accessones S Washing -1 Lulrrication Stoystown Pa, Q K, Phone 2762 Fnedens, Pa. 32 5 Somersef Linggln- Shefiids Style Center Mercury Sales, Inc. CLOTHING AND SHOES E phone 4596 300 Center Street Q K7 N. Center Ave. Somerset, Pa. Boswell Pa. ai 5 l Cupp 3, Mcfjough Shaffer 8: Edwards Servicenter DW9 S1019 . ESSO PRODUCTS Phone 9821 S Somerset Pa. Hooversville Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF CLOTHING - SHOES H0.0VeT5Viue FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Nallonal Bank 301 Center St. Boswell, Pa. Hooversville Pa. 9954Qx:954D:JVQk9V:Dk:97Q::93QQ34DaJVQ:J3aDvJ9Q:Q'3eV:Dk5D3Qefire-954526545GJ! Fifty GQ7f?bc?963fQAG,?QzF963fQ,sGNQ7:63fb-s?NEvs62fQn?fEn622Gs6gf0:s?L7c?EAGQ fy COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF Q The First National M0ng'5 ESSQ Station QD 5 Bank COMPLETE EssO SERVICE T Stoystown Pa. Stoystown Pa. 3 E- H- Sh0CkeY Somerset Sports Shop - CLOVER FARM STORE , Phone 3543 Everythzng tor the Outdoorsman 1, Stoystown Pa. 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D. 1 63 C99,gb69466Fi:e95QzJ3:0::9Zik05Qx95g0aJ3QQ35bsJ5Q:eDVi.x9D7gbQ54D.e5Q:eDFQC9 Fifty One .1 SOMERSET CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEMBERSHIP LIST A. 8 P. Stores American Stores Atlas Printing Co. Arrow Furniture Co. Baltzer, William Barkman's Hardware Bittner, Dr. Iay Bittner's Greenhouse Black Beauty Coal Co. Blatt Bros. Theatre Beerits', H. C. Sons Bender Implement Co. Bowen's Studio Brant, Iames L. Budds Shoe Store Bender Shoe Co. Bell Finance Co. Barbera Shoe Shop Caldwell's Service Station Cornell, I, A. Christner, S. County Trust Co. Critchfield Co. Custer, George E. Coffee Shop DeVilbiss Co. Decima, Harris Dairyland Dean Phipps Stores Darr, George A. Direnzo Bros. Dosch, William H. Dunlop Tire 8 Rubber Co. Dusenberry Drug Store Eastern Motor Sales Eisler Express Friedline's Farm Equipment Co. Ferner Hotel Fike's Heating 8 Appliance First National Bank F1uck's Esso Station Fraternal Order of Eagles Friedline, Frank Friedline 8 Cook Service Sta. Gnagey Burial Vault Co. Gatewav Texaco Station Gene's Aut-obodv Shop Graham, A. D. E3 Co. Griffith's Market Gross, Harvev Gourley, Dr. I. Ross Harrison, C. Hauger Funeral Home Hawkinson Retread Service Heiple Supply Co. Hemminger, Dr. Ross Hershey, Dr. W. O. Hoffman Funeral Home Hurrel Music Shop Iohnson, Ernest Ios'ephine's Restaurant Kamp's Shoe Store King, Roy W. Knepper, Charles I. Kooser-Deist Pharmacy Korns, Dr. M. I. Korns, Dr. William R. Lichliter, Wilbur Lohr Appliance Co. Lohr's Service 8 Supply Lois Ann Shoppe Lytle's Fashion Cleaners Long Service Station Mfg. Light 8 Heat Co. Matthews, A. M. McCrory's Stores Corp. Marie's Dress Shop Menser, Frank Menser, W. E. Meyer, Iohn C. Mickle, Dr. R-oss T. Milady Dress Shop Montgomery Ward Co. Musser's Bakery Miller's Barber Shop Morrin, Thomas Agency McNelly, Iohn P. Neafach Iewelry Neilan Engineers Newberry, I. I. Co. Oehlinq's Pharmacy Pritts, Ralph Poorbaugh, Ralph A, Penn Furniture Co. Penney, I. C. Co. Penna. Life H. 8 A. Ins. Co. Penna. Electric Co. Pickings Drug Store Penna. Telephone Corp . Peoples National Bank Polly Iane Shop PVle's Economy Store Queer's Electric Service Fifty Two Rhoads, D. W. Roof Garden Motel Runner Oldsmobile Inc. S. 8 A. Chevrolet Co. Saylor Motor Co. Schenck, George W. Shaffer, Block Works Shaulis, Minnie Shaulis, Roy H. 8 Son Shoemaker Bros. Sipe Auto Parts Sipe Sales Co. Somerset Book Store Somerset Candy Co. Somerset Farm Bureau Corp. Somerset County Laundry Somerset Daily American Somerset Drug Co. Somerset Floral Co. Serluco Barber Shop Somerset Gasoline Co. Somerset Milling Co. Somerset Paint 8 Supply Co. Somerset Pine Grille Somerset Shirt 8 Pajama Co. Somerset Trust Co. Somerset Lincoln E3 Mercury Somerset Thrift Corporation Spangler's Gift Shop Specht Motor Co. Stahl's Iewelry Straub, Dr. Theo. Somerset Sport Shop Sherwin, Vern Talley-Woods' Tiberi's Restaurant Trent's Market Trimpey Packard Uniontown Motor Club Urban Beauty Shoppe Walker Buick Co. Walker H. W. Co. Walker, Roy S. Walters Tire Service Whitehill Feed Co. Will Inc. Wilson, Iohn A. Woodrow, I. F. Wenqler Iewelrv Shop Zarefoss, Dr. Albert H. 75? 9? w, 3.1 QQ 1' v m 1 f. .f .- .A .1 Y :X .. -X, 1 - if " vm ,,,":- L . I Na, V, .nr ,zt 1 1 M" . . V... ' "wi , ' Fl? .., . .- :Av , 9,52 I .,'. 51" Nm 5. . - Q52 1 1 , .H . :fic Tl -3. -ff ii. . 22 2 fi, 121 15: gifs A, Y sf JE, fi: Q xg fi'-. ff L . . f- " a' 4 1. W 31? gif, ."I -if gg .I . 313.7 i f 3 W1 Z-'S , x .ff ' -54:55 'f', Q5 5 ,535 ' --5. . .1 fm 1:4 -4,1 , P1 vu .L A. Tif' 1 w. EQ-'T' ., "S - ...P ,- fzr' - jugs. ig?-1' 'ef , 'A 'H ' lift' ' I.A.,,y wh' 7. . QTL , ,-Gifs? ' ik?-."i f ' 92.1 -HFML"'4'. ti pg . H A 1 :.f. 'i't'J:'- 3 - 51. ' 2 :Z-1:3 X 453' f.

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