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Ciyyjx ' W f W' 615, J LU Cf 5 50,456 Q DJ 'RQ A QL 0"',17jL5VJ64JJ x 54 L - 3206210 ah Off J fvbgfvcgyfffntp UV IWC jjyfw Nj - If W ' AKC ,go fic X655 WXQNX Q! Q39 Sf C, C fb A 99 '37 if ff ag 63 QF AIM if W W Q 3 ki-KQp3OXkq6C'6fbXCQ'jX 5 6' JSJUDfQJf QYEQGSXQ Jaljgvafcj be XF: Ci X, W ZXQAQJE 09575K Z QA ip J VCU! Swag wwWjkkQ"55! JJ N9 O34 - . 7 - OJNSSBEQMQEQ CX A 1 W UMC Q91 V 'ww ox M9 YW' WQWWWW. S5sNo0fg,oKb MQW L kgs w55'9W Swv w'JX U ,LQXOK pfj' 9WwW5 Sq xjjgvx .W fgmoy - 1 X9 4 fwdgw 0, ,0N 9fQj3JU'JMA,D!lu. Xe J W of M Du JJ ws, Qwjwou i Algplgv 6XrC!sJ5.iUdLL-3 as . -F Q7ffYff6,9'A'f1f'fp :QW Wwyfy T930 .,1'Q,N5N"J.Ujj,af ff M xvfk 45250 QUT 'jr WL W KL 'XICZSULD Quay?-fy My 6 QWQ! - rp f F0 , K Zyl-H fi 6 NUJ Cfgf Nu UQWJK U wp Aff U M of QRS? 05' ?35 495 u Wg OU'iQQ1OX'y my gk? Q f'U fb? 49 X2?xBNC'CDQJ X m A Q' A 1 vi? Wi, -bg? Qigfx Qesfig QPQDGQ T9' Q59 'BME I x QQ N99 4Qfff20Qk53fX9Q? SV Y 05905 536354 Q5Pgn,Q4cLg93fX-Q3 , QW Qagglgjjpx 53 QQDSSX K9 Qjfyxy 0 if 0 SMS? Q9 Q 0' V9 w I 3 l 1 wx QU wif Q Wiz, W UMD Q' 'QQQQSESW wiyw 45553 139 QD fin Zvi X 2QifP0 Kgiwj A 0 W J Q goffiggi W 3 gi? Ziiieigv a iii? 3 km iiiiggieiiig 2 52 2252223 Shield 1988 3264. ,, 5 df ' I I I U 1 Table Cf Cont Introduction Success 6 Individuals 8 Tradition 10 Academics Seniors 16 Juniors 72 Sophomores 86 Freshmen 100 Faculty 112 Activities Homecoming 126 Senior Munch 134 Winter Formal 146 Sadie Hawkins 158 4, 1 1 A 1 l,Qf,fl 4 1 l 5' lib 5 Sl li ix wx C' gf" fix 1 l I 1141. 12 ly 9 iifift 1 i qfl0q'fCjl.ltJSfLfvV1fL,fYUaL.'l 6 , , Sports Water Polo 170 Football 174 Soccer 196 Baseball 202 The football team rallies togeth Clubs Drama 234 Band 244 Journalism 248 OCAD 252 Kenny Chiang, Dong-In Park, and Shi Conclusion Advertisements 260 Index 284 Closing 294 F h wenclgth INTRODUCTION Activating In elementary school, you could play with Bar- bie dolls and Star Wars figures ISkipper versus Darth Vaderl. During recess, it was who could kiss asphalt from higher up on the swings. In junior high it was cool to just stand around and be "social", Dances were awkward with guys on one side and girls on the other, while only the bravest dared to wander into enemy territory. High school offered some serious fun. Where else could you eat breakfast with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Devo at the same table, but at Senior Munch? Dress up days activated our imaginations and kept the kid alive in each one of us. Class competitions united classes together. Dances, with so many of them, any once awk- ward, shy, unsocial teenager could become a cool, dancing dynamo. Homecoming Week al- lowed some of us to become the female mud wrestlers and sumo wrestlers we only dreamed of becoming. Only at Foothill could the ruffians of L.A. meet the barbarians of the prehistoric age. High school may conjure up purely academic images, but with a little creativity, we had man- aged to fit some fun in here and there and make the trip worthwhile. W2 I .arf -4462 Ron Stern, and Jeff Wokurka ask for heavenls help. ' W W Left: Mike McKeever and Scott Ball are hip to the groovy scene. Below left: Foothill cheerleaders support their football team. Below right: Clubs offer another form of activities at the club fair. 0 L INTRODUCTION 0 Success is not something attained instaneously. We must lay a firm foundation, just like any other architect of a prodigious and accomplished work. Tradition and ingenuity help us to attain our posi- tions in life. High school is one of the most impor- tant parts of our lives, because it allows us to find who we really are, therefore allowing us to dis- cover what we really want and need. Unfortu- nately, we could not make a climb upwards with- out taking a step backwards. Sacrifice and hard work often made it difficult to look beyond high Our school. But as we began to realize our potential to take our places in the real world, our friends, family, and teachers were there to push us for- ward. Success is academic, financial, personal, and athletic, but it is never insignificant nor ignorable. Each person's triumph is the most important, as long as he believes in himself and the things he strives for. "Success is not measured by the posi- tion you attain, but by the obstacles you over- come." Davy Jones Above: Ron Scott casually passes the ball. sa- v , A' M.- K Right: Mike Meline ponders on the UC Sys- tem. f Way X, P , Left: Kim Harvey seeks a new perspective. 3? SUCCESS 7 INTRODUCTION Individuals On the surface, one can see high school as a massive herd of people. Going one step beyond and searching for the individual, it becomes ap- parent that Foothill is filled with them. There is the artist with the deft maneuvers of his pen and paint brush. Talent which can hold a person in awe covers the walls of the gallery on campus. The student involved in the ASB, working to represent all individuals of the school, gets in- volved through spirit and determination. The OCAD team member, sacrifices hours and hours to gain further knowledge and to bring his team to victory. Even the "average" student isn't to be glossed over. I-Ie or she adds to the character of the school. One may find little in common with the guy who sits in front of him in Algebra. An athlete and an actor may seem incompatible, when in fact, if one is willing to go beyond the sterotypes and misleading appearances, common interests can be discovered. The one thing we all have in common is our contributions to the exis- tence and strength of the school. Ned Williamson, John Collins, Allan Baker, and Ashby Jones know who's 451. U-Knight Left: Stephanie Schultz, Morgan Ferris, and Traci Baird unite in friendship. Below left: Andrea Berg is busy putting her books away as Dallas Coombs looks on. Below right: Dan Shortall and Kim Powell unite the crowd in spirit. ,W -ff-" INDIVIDUALS INTRODUCTION ot The "thing" wefre speaking of has been around for 25 years. It's what we affectionately call "tradition" Foothill relies heavily on tradi- tional values and viewpoints. If something works, there is no need to change, only to make it better. F.A.K.H.F.A.J. and Springfest are still here. The athletes still strive to be the best. Academics continues to excel. Tradition offers a strong foun- dation on which to build an ever escalating edifice of school unity, progress, and individual growth. This year, we let go of togas for senior dress up and replaced them with the garb of the prehistor- The ic age. Senior pictures were in color in the year- book for the first time. Assemblies were greatly improved and increased in student enthusiasm. At the same time, Foothill was still fighting for the guantlet land got it backl. The OCAD team still refused to succumb to the fierce competition. Foothill still held the respect of schools from all over. After 25 years, Foothill has realized what works and what doesn't. Tradition stands side by side with progress and change. What's good gets better. What's new just may become tradition. 5 if 'xifxx ow iT .Il Yr 5 "'s... Kristin Swanson and Kristin Northcote experience the tradition of Senior Munch. Same Qld Thing Above: Foothill's majorettes and tall flags present its' best. Left: Susan Brown stands solemnly proud. TRADITION Ylolqlg Vdfhl 11953 hard '. CVO muff 111106 Science was tzmonnopomox 50 gg MVCOOK, Wm www Hn me -f in rw via. :ala Care oifcr f6wvr1nwv.xfQU QW SOQOWGCAJ Ham iw -I . 6 our l Love "We attract hearts by the qualities we displayg we retain them by the qualities we possess." Whether it be in romantic love or love between friends, there is always a common bond and un- derstanding which keeps people together. Shar- ing experiences, good and bad, helps us grow closer and to mature. The teenage years are turbulent times when we go through our share of girlfriends and boyfriends or go in search of that one right person. But each relationship gives us more knowledge and foresight into future rela- And tionships. Love hurts, but it also heals. We may not know who we want to spend our whole lives with, but we have begun to realize who we can't spend them with. Friends, some may come and go, but there are those who have stood right beside us. The days may not have always been bright, but our friends were there to give us an encouraging smile and a strong shoulder to cry on. We carry so many cherished memories with us from high school and without friends, they would not have existed. Above: Jeff Berry and Chris Coniglio enjoy each other's intellectual compan Right: escorts Mary Richardson to class. -4. i TRQQX J 4 lfnocplw vw Seem ffw S0 0 lime jifs he-axrw 33932 He? his -Mme I5 mi page wi HL me dummy SUWXZWQLQ way roms: Vf5li7L M Q Vo OLAYV -Q 90+ 'l'O 511799 V66 Y ,Velfz if Cfouk 'fog-Q Ollllfllflf 6MfOl"1OXg2' iuvmgryj-Qlf A, Q Lf K i l-l'5 60 Wywmubvw Q www time X mil i fbZ,0xQJlNeQb Friendship l Denise Fulton, Melanie Madole- and Jen f L give lunch the th bs up. O NDSHIP 1 3 Right: Craig Metcalfe hopes that his experiment doesn't ex- plode. Bottom left: Birte Madsen thinks she might have the wrong locker. Bottom right: Mark Soderwall tries to ease Ricky Robinson's confusion. Z 41" W gl img, 14 4 A M 41-' Z gif I I Y! iQ 11' gig , 11" Building O 71 llggll ACADEMICS Q A Y 'A , e Academics 1,1 it If if if Z lf, fy if 41' ,U ,rf Z 7 3 j In English you voere learning how cruel the real plex sentences You were often the guinea pigs for 1 ' 4' 1 k I world was. At least you weren't diagramming com- No one ever said it would be a bed of roses. But then again, you may have defied them all, by actual- ly enjoying the academic life. At first, it may have seemed like a four year sentence for crimes un- known. Soon enough, you realized it wasn't that bad and that you were actually learning something. You found out that not all your teachers took a course in Perpetual Homework and Student Suffering. your teachers' bad jokes. Controversial subjects, such as AIDS, abortion, and nuclear war were dis- cussed, while viewpoints were exchanged. Students were learning not only the Pythagorean Theorem and the conjugation of Spanish verbs, but about the world outside of Foothill. You say academics and some people may shud- der. In all actuality, academics wasn't just hours of homework, term papers, and tests. Academics was learning, experiencing, questioning, and appreciat- ing all the world had to offer. Above: Sabrina DeNaie can't bear to look. Left: Lou Ann Power is in awe of Pat Librajo's work. ACADEMICS DIVISION Seniors Above: Bryan Hannegan, Mike Fukuda, Mike Her- nandez, Matt Harmon, Todd Brock, Bob Bran- don, Dan Shortall, John McCarty, and Brian Aust get ready to chow down. Left: Nancy Villareal is all too happy to go to her Fic- tion of the Future class. Q' AJ, 1' 0 'til- 1 6 SENIORS Daniel Abel ii i ""' 5 .Hi .5 fs., ,, " V ' 1 ' V' if ri 9 F -2' . .. WP 5 , 3, Bari H. Alpert r Greg M. Anderson Tom J. Adams Sheri Alterman Katherine E. Anderson Dale R. Addy f w.7d'l' .2 2':fw7?5fTw .. Y ' js", x ,- Z , . QW 13 ' 'J i ,jiwmgwww i an .ws , -.559 ' ' " i . - . pw- gem N , usa pr. ,. M.. ww-.. 1 1 5 ,Q M2-Kwai :Jia . ., W . , :i f . - V , W . - V535 f Barbara Anderson Dwayne E. Angebrandt Mike Higgins, Jason Constantine, Kent Ma dole, and Frank Busalacchi find economics fascinating. SENIORS SENIORS The Tijuana taxi hits the road. YQ uv- 4 . 6 , 'W' f tw. 1 Joan Annan Jason T. Anselmo Paul P. Ark Tricia C. Armstrong Brian L. Aust Cynthia L. Babecky Kristina Araujo Q I Q nv 'no' Pamela Ashton Brett J. Bainbridge Traci L. Baird Scott T. Ball Bozo clowns around at breakfast. Greg M. Baker Randy W. Bart , - 'Inav . rf r in 1' VM 1 wiki W MLA 1 W A . , W .1054 1 X X rf vw E WNW W U. r ni on Kristen L. Baker Mathew J. Bear 1' r l A Chris Noble ponders the pressure of band com petition. SENIORS Amy L. Becker Shanyn L. Behn Don M. Berry Jeff A. Berry . , i.,-we :if 2' 1-+R 'Y H Kristina Proctor and Glenn Nichol contemplate their futures. Krista Niven and Veronica Jorgensen share international 20 relations. SENIORS l Brooke Beresford Kristi A. Bevans Christina M Bish I ,ff ,. I- . ,T V in 44 ,gf 1 5 ilfyiilgw J ' iruheg ' M 1. T 4 K' an 5 'i F Q I xgggij- .M V. um -W uw if mg fi? M W. 'W + qs 'M M3 l K , W, 32,253 W- W qw, W5 E, H, M ul" . Biff? 1' , QSGEFQ' Q 1 ,flaw M I 5 . . '11 , i M AWH' 'M at Se X rv A qgw , . mf .,, , ,J 5 W w an as W. Mrs? fa Brooke A Bissin Sheila K. 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X41A11f1X1,111g'iXX1XX5X XXX X'.11',XX1a,X,LXXrX,'C1X1"j'WXXXQXM XXV Chris Oleson, John Reed, Artie Castro, Scott Sedmak and Greg Welch are caught in the act. SENIORS Jennifer J. Bradshaw Robert D. Brandon Julia D. Bremer Jennifer S. Bridge Alicia Brink Michele Brinkman Todd . Brock Dave F. Brooks Susan C. Brown X Q, V E' Q eg X Kimber Bryant Jennifer Cahalan Bob L. Buckner i n n W K 1 W 5 mlatx K 5 , M, , Wu my , ,- W f ... ww 'f ail ag J' Y -sw C . 3 , if Mary E. Campbell Jennifer R Carrig N Arthur Castro Thomas Chou Adam Chambers Il Chung Edward Chang Kenneth Chiang Kristin Clark Kristina Clarke Above: Jennifer Bradshaw and Lisa Rincon are taking a break from instruction. Right: Tina Araujo is putting the finishingtouches on her layout. SENIORS -7 Jeremy Clevenger Christa Cole Korg Combs ,,,. . . 1' "2 . Hilda Cohen John Collins Chris Coniglio Shane Coderre Tim Collins Drew Conrad Left: Tracy Baird, Shirley Wu, and Julie Herr discuss Foothill men. SENIORS Ashley Selman, Kimber Bryant, and Michelle Brinkman give a thumbs-up for their teacher's per- formance. SENIORS Jason Constantine Dallas Coombs Sloan Cooper Bradley Cormier Pennie Crane Scott Crosby "9.'!f" A W lf' li? l 5 Q. + Qi , so if w if -- J le. I X Christine Cuddyre Rex Cunningham Yvette Curiel xxx I Y ,, ,gr-il! X Lowell Dabney Kathleen Dains 2 Tw 112. 5 3 5? al t if og, -I ,l,. K 54-, : il . Wmpw-Aw fn, ,. 4 I' Steve Danon Michael Davis Augie Deangelo Tina Davies Sabrina De Naie vi Af, W - .,,, my V'-' , f-"U", , as ,..f' Rob Dee Above left: Sara Piazza cannot decide whether to use blue or red in the yearbook. Left: Tony Robinson, Dawn Rapaich, and Alex Luckinger are three amigos in the Computer class. SENIORS 49-V1 4 .. ,, :Q X 0-A 'A 1:41, 'ff -mmzg e if ' 5 g ' tri.i,,f7'i, , -15552: . , -a - Q95-7' " 'w . 3vETf'if. , 1 z 25:21 Q 'J 3 1 M, f 1 A 'Q A 'X 65: " g 1 - 1 ' 1: . 'mf' gs we N , Nathan Deering Q Paige Denny Chanaka Desliva Greg Difronzo 1 , s ',.,,w Kari Dokak Brenna Dumerton Above Right: Michelle McCain cannot believe what she just heard. Right: Frank Busalacchi and Chris Tepas relax in class before the Big Test. SENIORS Steve Dunn .V ec we 4 -iff., I 1' 355. , . u?3EWwf'z . John Dunphy ly , , " W HIVEZQ 3355355 A S5226 Q v W uv , , x yi Q W . W A13 , f s f W 3 as 1 Q N M, 33 Wx. g 1' Matt Edman Laura Dutrisac J .1 an 5 ' 1 - ag, 2- insgffji' S . y n ffm -, 4 A- , V Jw ' ' wr Jig? in . Y 1 IZSA s 1 - ' an S' - ' ' 3 413 , A. f . QF? n n lg' w.,,,i,,f ,Q 45 , y , .BU , A ' N a., 91 las ik- 5M Vg' X ' .f Jij Q a- g ,, ,Q M fi, 41.3-i, , MS,. 1.33. 'fy W Coleen Engdahl Sharon Esqueda J n ,K ,Ev Karen Evans Kristi EVBIIS n an 5 Dana Eisenman David Esslinger Morgan Ferris Above left: Cave women Shannon Haymond, Cindy Bakecky, Tina Araujo, Diana Merker, and Tina Sadler enjoy Senior Dress Up Day. SENIORS Right: Brad Paul and Dave Moyle, as the Untouchables, stir up an- other crowd. SENIORS Sean M. Flynn Jolene K. Ford Derek G. Fritts Mike I. hekuda Jill Furry Debbie A. Gallagher .pi V' ,N 'V x , A Q :gy i S Janet M. Francis Kazumi Fukushima Michelle M. Gaw 4 Thomas E. Geideman David M. Gesler s exi " P 'SW-s. 'K .Y. v 1 A f ig? 3 y Q 5' 1 s 'sv s fra - "'17Ef X Msg-My . I was sf I' lx asm 'L .AK 2 55? fm Veg... : X' .N .mimi ' Beth E. Goldberg Maria M. Gomez flwjnm. Above: Do these "chic" senior sheikhs have money in their future? Michael J. Jeff T. Giesea Gonzales Jessica Giraldo Myke L. Gorup SENIORS Colin B. Graham Thomas Gunckel im i ii, is Brittany A. Griffiths Kevin L. Gwinup Darrin Griffitts Dwayne H. Hager Shannon Guarnacci Kristin Hagmann Above: Steve Hardage expresses his dislike for his class., Above: Stephanie Shaw, energetic as usual, rushes to class. 32 SENIORS Adam R. Hairston Bryan J. Hannegan Steven Hardage if fy .. . J fn W nw-x+d?iQ1Fii-.,i,m?L4 I 1 - MW-H ' YM.-..':. - , .1 Wi-S,va4'rZug5'v'f1"3W?,g?x?Q'f'fgQ,-my ,par g , 'ww .wa H 1 M, ,N W .V--+ wqigwfyewh ng? WQGQWQL A if Q 'V 4 ' A 45 M 5 , S 4 .as 5 LT. dwg M V J f y v rf 1, Hg f Monica Hammer Sheri M. Hammes I"- Amy Hanson Matthew R. Harmon Todd M. Haroutunian Debi S. Harris Left: Grandpa feels protected with his two marine body guards. SENIORS a Right: Snow White and herl?D six dwarfs can't wait to get back to their Magical Forest. SENIORS a.1,qsli's,w,,,i: M. H 5 Matthew B. Hauser Allison D. Hayman Shannon Hayrnond .T':?':1r:2'i?fi5,1e.5i., S ' - M me f fn P' - W A F K - my izwvllf- ' fmiezhif "ig I f M Y 'f-.r,lfff:' Mrig,N y . 7 'H ... . Kristi Hayter Shawna M. Head 1 "thin . W! 8 . Earllcia Henderson Michele L. Henson lu. S .gr if ! Pam S. Helfrich Mike Hernandez ' Julie C. Herr Mike A. Higgins I 44216-3. X. +9 ' N XPK JL-V. yggls f M2 R . Q A xA ox r 1 X My Mg 1 ' 4, 0 4 J -. Q, 1 13 ' X v 9 ,X Q-'55 fa 4' va. f 'f 5. Af' ,ij KX f. ' XX 'gamut -fr qw lg K , jf... 5 , kg X .M Mg X, ,rX X L: X X4 X 'Bin au za afia + sig? h ' fn J.. Q 1 V 'lf' 'An 1 M 9.55. 'Ma 'X 1 X ' In 1 . u 4. 'U 'L -,, ,ix c-5,15 'rpm X X"""'mN!" 1 1? WY "We U 1 ' fx Q . 49 H 'X I Alb. Kristen L. Her-tsgaard P vb A Helen Ho Barbara Hicks Jennifer L. Hoff X Above: Shne Coderre and Drew Hibbert look concerned over their assignment. Drew J. Hibbert Mike D. Horton Aaron Horvath SENIORS Lisa l-lorvath Albert Huang Jack Huang Q Cathie l-lupe Michelle I-lurtt Phu Huynh Dan lftiger Michelle Jacobs 5. . . ' s .i. 'R M we , J' i , -S3525 -5 J Above: Pamela Helfrich is very happy to have her picture A . , , I -2,32 E. SENIORS taken. f' . if 'HA l, 'I Right: Krista Niven tries to change her looks. I 55" gmt, 2 if :Q 2 M 2, 4 if 14 161 John Jeltema Eddie Jimenez Mary Johnson Scott Johnson Vivien Johnson Ashby Jones Greg Johnson Shasie Johnson Daniel Jones Heidi Rice makes sure her pictures are just right. SENIORS H. .HS . , ' f 15 ,3 rf f 1-, 457' v , V-wm ww gl M Sf asuaaak gp t v4 1 1. ., wg .5 W Xp sf mira gf 3' , 'gs 3 5' gf- wp. Q 9, vs A ,Q gm , ' ' ' xiii is , P 'gs at 'M Ugg if 252 ,, - 1 f . ,Leaf M i Rm , is -mb , 5 , ,.,. ,- 'gpg ,,,, 2 ,A , , ax. , .,, .V , , 'M P' . " ,V 4. V .e ,,.'- 'i i. 34 ' . 7 '-' ff I A, Lt? W2 221- , 4 Katie Kambestad 1' WSF: ,gfiyffx iw. , 'Y 791- T T Zh 3,1 H L31 ff , ZH N J' M an Eff 1 3 E' Karen Keagy ,X 1 2,51 3 34 . '21 f -. .af.,2. 2-an any 1' wil a , f-f -W. QQ. mc' ., .,. ,,,53q.. K . -W , 1 ,h 1 R f g in Y Wifi w 'nl :,, 71' xv ,, X Q ,ff Q , , . , ,, ,K , ff is ff' 1 1 sb Kathleen Kelty Karey Kenzy Sharit Keuilian 5 H., ,J 'si' w V fy-v-'grxflm , A ,'- M -- , .1 ' l f I L'f:,' A , ,A :I log Helen Kim James King Jeffrey King Alex Kiritschenko 'if an 'if , 1 . 1-Q.. ' 2 Q 3, ,M ., ,y r s A M 3 63 Ziff f f . rg r g ' ' QM' rf. 'K v - . AW? ' M 9 as ea, . D. fag , .,, A MW. J Wi Robyn Kirkendall Kacey Knowles - Ecfsimg,?'fi?i':f:4f'311Sf5'-HW! f- 2 ' f 'fi lwlfir- -, 1 wvJ.Mr-14'?22' , 'Wi' '11 lil? - Y ."' .L " Wi u w' ,Q ." ' V 1 .':'i'iWv' fx ': 'J 'W -215 7, f ,f lsr' 4 fo: ' ' '-TK 'f 'W'Z"Ff: V A K ' r'f1fif: ifM 314' is-Y ' R' iii 233: mg - 41125, 1 048231 ff ' ew S -X on .L-I-'ay , f' 'f' '. 'Nfiif' if , A V' K ' if 2+ '- Q: 'A is - ,A .1 2: P levi . an -1 if as 95 ,32 ' A ' ' " f- - 'lv 3 n :VF a 1 I " , my QM ' R , -t Tw, f - , ' ' . 5 -' ,Rf z , -A 1 . , ' Q ' 1 1, , 3 Q, ,-4' , K by Y , 5553155 ' Cindy Koo Kathryn Kosuth Top: Dan Iftiger is very proud of his grade. While Aaron Horvath has a completely different reaction to his. Left: Tracy Orton and Marianne Williams are proud to be each other's friend. SENIORS F wx 7 A MN 'H N V' 'Q f' 157 ' Mica Kreutz Lisa Kuchera "' ,wrt 'A 'N .WJ ' fi If im: uhm i'i:' L . A Ag fa, Richard Lathrum Jason Leach Above: Greg White and his date have fun together at Homecoming. SENIORS Right: Linda Sachs makes herself at home in her classroom Michael Kuntz Carita Lahti Elise Langlois -Kimberly Larkin 'gi -351464 1, , My 2. :iii . W EE vi? 'M ' ' fl' 'IK W. M- 115 f Q 5? N M si Z A E9 'nf- L EQ 4 ij M . L e Karen Leaman Thomas Lee Noah Lemas Q! N 4 5 : V ' i w gf j-yn. , ' J: ' W' 'Fix N227 uzfw 1 ,W H . I MQ H 7 Q , .X , A ' ' ' ig. 35524: ,Ag MQ , f Y- MN- ' X 3+ W P Q Celina Lemke 'Q V 554.4 if . J fi 'ff W is 4 wif! -1-viD,.,,s. 4 .. . A 'if' ., ,lj fm 5 4 M . up if W' f . W v -7--Q5 "ann ,Na ILA' Ze . 1: ., 6 2:5 V . ' 1:":'1T' 7 ' if Sarah Left wVhVA l: fa? gr' Sabrina Lesueur Dyer Lewis Katie Lewis Matt Lillard- .,v""'In5, . , - 'wc' Q Bob Brandon, Arti Castro, and Jenni Price share a good laugh dur- ing class. SENIORS 7Y,Y Steve Dunn, Mary Montgomery, Michelle Jacobs, Paige Denny, and Christy Hayter say grace before eating. SENIORS fzpg ' , 4:4 gjqfgqi :gi -cigigffgblfqgy-gl 'W , MkSaZEbi42'i""-QW" , Z1iW:3H:'w! 'lv wp , . ' fgiiw f ffviiljxiijlif I SEQ : " 'iwvff f' ,, 71. ,gf .. 4 F.. Q ig ' W Maile Lilly Cindy Lin Helen Lin Horace Lin Daniel C Lindley Kirsten D Lodgard fi!" Brian P Logan Michelle R Lowe M'-me , Alexandia Luckinger "9" I Jenifer A. Luna Michael D' Kent'D. Madole Kara S. Madsen MacKinnon J Laurie J. Manzo Jenifer I.. Marks Mike Marchetti Melanie G. Martin Q John Holmes, Augie Deangelo, Rickey Pinlcerman, and Jay Allan discuss weekend plans. Q gy L - 'I Q If ,, 4 X , 'L M g V , 4 V If-fn .Wh 5, i , xii- I wa K , . xv SENIORS ""'v-ww' Quentin J. McBride MI ' A ,.f 'M A , M ie, Moriah M. McCauley SENIORS 1. - HY l Ni lvlll-'WM .Hl.g,,": I .. uw '15-Q.. f 1 Q' Michele McCain John A. McCarthy Christine McCarty pr I i if il., , if Q Tosha McClintock Michael McKeever Pat McMains Steve Wolfe, Colin Graham, Pat Meany, Scott Crosby and Ned Williamson express their musical taste. Patrick M. Meany "f-....f" Diane M. Merkel' Christina K. Min David Moyle Jim J iiixmwf ' " x Q ' si-fgfmg ggi? M by iw , . Q ww S ,ff fr, 1 ' W , at I iv 1 , .' 32, w 1 W fiwf,-4212 - A : : H-',.2. amgwgyg. ' 4 2 ff V, ff . N ,, f if J 9 qw . X : ' K f W 2 ? Zfgjzb Q v 5, fm ff QW vi . ,X f fm if Q it 2. I is ff? 5 35 9 0 ' :F W '25 WS' I " x J E. W is M ,,. ,S E , M ' wwf? my W Q fy Q 4 Q AM K Q jig ss YJ K. f 2, Rf s . , Meghan R. Myhra , J '53 ' f' -5? W Q ,Q '? Y Vue 2 ,fag if J vzfiggzfgf? X J? li M5 3" W R . SJ' 3 f Y X X xj , Kari A. Newcum M X QI2'i'1122f 1-.21 in Hag cwiie' Wiiinfi ,w:f,wn I V YFTPW :-sw? 4' V JL. i mga Q ei' . , an j Q V J I ,i w M ' ,af . ,, .vm . . , 1.2 ltr mg ,V 2g,, g5,f- 3 , Jackie Nickles Glenn R. Nicol Dina M. Nicolai l Rachel Nitzberg Nadra M. Norton Chris L. Olson V. 7 L ' I an Q? v f-3 P' -ami QR Q 4 1 J . ' 1 A x M Q , if l .L , W' X he N' W L Qs k , .ll N Ml: all W' 'H ,W 4 I Krista M. Niven Christopher J. Noble Kristin L. Northcote 4 WW, i Valerie L. Nozick Jane S. Ojanpera Dina G. Okamoto l 1 Christine McCarthy and Gretchen Scherschel are loyal to the Mickey Mouse Club. SENIORS of the period. 'QWEM John O'Neill Tracy Orton Below: Jason Leach struggles to complete the test before the end Andy Pak ' woody Pak Andrew Palluck . ' fl IPP if ?"'-Qffiibkkgx ' "' MM VJKEEXQ' M He: ' W' , ., ,:-zen -:eff-W, a' M , ,wifi tsl: ' ' i :Mi 11 ' K fqgxrwi ',Q:5,:'w ' ' w - Qifzi-Af M we imliiim :mi'w.:f I fw K W K :Wadi a A ' K '?i,i5I:W:fi'1f T , 11 ' , 'Lg-ee 1 ', ' , 1.1 , N . 1 W Zigi, ff 3 V ' ' -,TL ,gm Iii 'ms 1 ' H U Jiri'--1 25? V ' 12? ,pq , 5, V , fy' QE Above: Shawna Head is excited about her art project. Anna Park SENIORS R FQ ri? . ,.,, W ef 2 E 1 I Jennifer Palmer Dong In Park ,vm W ,N 2.15 m ,. . X Awww. .L 'wi"2 . " 7 W W H mm m: ,, g r Lisa Park H Dawn Peltier --57334 . .'?7'LK3f Robert Phillips Bradford Paul Joe Phillips Jay Photoglou Q Bill Peckham Matthew Phillips A 'Nr 'if " "23z1I.::L Tzjzizit S' i 1 ,I ' ' . A M P .M 5 i Q N X li - Vu 'if f Sara Piazza Left: Kristina Araujo, Tina Sadler, and Mary Johnson are true friends. SENIORS 49 50 Right: Andreae Berg, Carrie Thompson, and Lauralie Stuart have a friendly mo- ment during class. SENIORS Paige Piltz S U S 5 2 z V 4 . V 1 n 4 '. .4 Holly Pohlman ' 2 'if "k'- if :' 'f -ek VL l L ' g .I Q.. 'QLJJ' Kimberly Powell Stephanie Pines 7 AM Y. my M g K w Ji? 5' 53 We wi Q Joelle Pope Jenifer Price "W, t 395595 JW' :NLM lfflfw' - f f , A Aim at to "' 1 we 5 rf fc A f f 6 . Q N as J 'f xr Ahr- lr 'D HP iq Y ,pi M A1 - I-H Q A52 in W Lisa Pirozzi Georgette Poudevigne QWW 4565 a H 5 if? Christina Pritchard Kristina Proctor Dawn Rapaich algx if Q J .H Urrglagssihy T2 N, be v , C :ff EU ee Janese Radford Tami Rainey Penny Rainford Jamie Redding Deanne Raulston Jeffrey Reber -v--w-1... ex-is 4 ibm Q Above: Un-Soo Sung, Editor-in-Chief of the yea!- book, delegates her authority. Left: Shasie Johnson, Bari Alpert, and Kristi Evans, A.K.A. Simon, Alvin, and Theodore. SENIORS i 1 an H A ,M q,i-cw: .,I..,'. W, i W ,W A HJR i 7 fi Q 1 W ,K ,eww s :awe L. J i M555 'jg r ef' 'Q' new gl . I ka me -Q ' Eve. 10. 2 5 ' 1 1 M, A J. W ,, 6 3 ? :rp 2 - fix yi W f , A , -V3 iQ Q f? 'x Y , Q . 2 ra 'fs Geoff Reed John Reed Melissa Reed Linda Regan Robert Reynolds QQN Above: Christina Pritchard studies in the quad during break. W Nw x Above Right: Kathy Anderson admires her furry friend. Heidi Rice Pete Richard Mary Richardson 52 SENIORS I.- Gregory Rieber Lisa Rincon Anthony Robinson Jason Rocco Janette Roy Katherine, Brooke and Dyer chow down in the mess hall. SENIORS Steve Saik Kelly Sawyer Robert Schaefer John Scherbarth i i J. K' I Ml, 5 1 Christi Schroeck John Schutz Jamie Sayles Gretchen Scherschel Anne Schwab .,,r Stephanie Schwartz Scott Sedmak Ashley Selman . v . Peter Scott Tracy Scott Dave looks perplexed and Stephanie Shaw Rob looks a bit confused. Mike Shepard E Corey Scrivens Bill Seller . .1 .ij K Ul f ! fs e ' 'FT N ' ,1 ,nmwyii , - , ,. Michelle Jacobs has a friendly moment with her freshman pal Jennifer Bienne. T.J. High's graduating class of '88! SENIORS Kurt Shipcott Mike Schneider Dan Shortall Jean Shum Chris Tepas decides what to do next in graphic arts. Joan Annan is caught daydreaming in class. ,, ., 1 1 W in ,mffwrrmgiw-wgswas V , ,ww ,Mara-,:,y-QV,ws, Wm. ,5 I K F",1zxi-gi, Remy Shum Jeff Silver Shannon Singer Amy Slazas sEN1oRs Q 1.3 an I 3 A ri f fs ., .mir ti X ' -' 'S iv J 4, Q if gl l we I 3-3? S 1, .-k fsssi. ,X fffribf i fa ' iiix' e ,l w. x,,,Q I f ist "lan 5' 'K ' ' 2 - 14? ki. K. A i iijfi f " Q ,M X. .avr 3 1357 , Q - 'ls' . if I. .. fi, ffm .S 255- jkuflw fp AVA " 1 Jennifer Smith Kurt Smith Stephanie Smith Steve Souter Patrick Spears Randy Spears A 'MW B S VV All V Veronica Spencer Beth Spivack Darren Sprayberry 'J' 1 .gf ... f' 1 f S-sr ew J . X 3 ,f M Y if Ph 3' V . fi, - -1 I ' f 2 . if , 5 f i .W m 4 , , FI 'mr 1 4' QF z W Q 'L Matthew Phillips and Pat Meany spy the candid camera during lunch. SENIORS 57 M 4 .wait , N. A ,,M,,. ,Q ,Wir ,,,,, N ,, ,,,, , W " ' M C J!f'Jf17i7Yi , V Y -, fi- i Hli!i,m5,,M! , ,v ' "f,'.".WW1 'V W 1' , ' siilgiig i i , N N wirizwxiw ' f , , ., m.i,5yfn,i:a, N Q Q, f .f pm,"-V"f g.. ' it Ugg N :.i'f.,g1w,Ly'x'i,,Mi1LM.5, E , ,i N , Lcd. m,.,itWm X . M J Y,iA:l4,.',f-M rirmg,,.,,5g,i5Mf7+5r, , , Y. :K'1li'l'j5v.giQ.f:: 1 1 , Lv ii, H -L 1 we V, ,xfwwgiiijiij , A HQ, i wif-L' V,'L .wff :4iig'ricy"f5i?'13ciZ -f A r, i i.1,',.L,1wM-jQ3:,.l3M5m,' ' -. 5, f,, ,,f7,i,4.ffg.33 i V i haf, K 'i '?9'ww',?fy2fi . , ' 5,553 'wi',g-i if 1 -fl: - I ,Ai L'2piSmge1i ,M , , ,. A ,A 'thaw ' , Jr' V 'f,,.r"'-iw-J,i' ', ,N iffy , ' 'X n f . , i 'f- i 1 11, A 1 waitin , , ' .- f' I rV:ggw,pw i 'vigyfffxf,"qWgmgi.,W. 1 1 1 W i iw' i it I. 'i ,ii-rfvw V ' ' 1 f ' , L ' " f ' ' ..bQ.i,:'i,i'iTLi1L.Will , ' ' 1 'i -fZ's:itfi,:Lt.-MJ N i N Q 1 w ,. M , ,M ,,,,fA,':'-Wg, .r hw N -' KM. V i q . N ' , N , I 2 u wwf, 1 'J-rp' yfirlih, I V i i i 3 p ,r ' ' Y Yip , i .M H v' V ,fr Matt Bear and Pete Richard dili- gently finish their projects. SENIORS Ester Springett Donald Steiner Kimberly Steaffens Ronald Stern Michelle Stenmark Tracy Stiverson Lauralie Stuart Un-Soo Sung Jason Surfas 'Q 1' 4-ee., 1'-1-az' ' '- T r V" 1 ii T I as ,, , 1 Q Kristin Swanson Anne Tanaka Junior Brock Colburn finds his work humorous while senior Paige Denny is more serious about hers. N i , "9" Derek Fritts is enthusiastic about his Donald Duck costume. , W 2 -i Ashley Teague Chris Tepas 'K ,am fu Nw X. Karissa Thomas Rob Telson Michele Terranova Katherine Thomas sEN1oRs Mike Higgins bundles up for his English class. Brenda S. Underwood SENIORS Laurie A. Urbanski Sara V. Valdez V Paula R. Valle , 3 "L . KA,,i , , , 'ri f V f f. 3 if M 5. , . .N . H mm.. M. W fwfr A 3 i V . A Jr 4 .1 1 Ji .ii 1 if s Wm. ,, fav M, wi W ii. f is 9, H' L in 1 is .f Qu . M QW? T4 "" W. . .E H w 'iz I' .. Qian' Y N Q . 1 if it 'i 1 Carrie L. Thompson Paul C. Thornton 1 e 13 5 35 W ,4,. - W 62.32. . l'll'Yw'?7?L2i ' ik, QQ V . Q .. 1, i ,W Qin gw iq?-F'-f,....,:. -ff -if -, i fri? Av .rifglETif1g':'K,'7:-MP7' WL' " 'fi e i , , ' -k JLMUTALW Qqyivf' , D A if A Www QQ te, is my 'f L mg? Q y. Y Ji , A 4 M xv. S.. 5 Y W img: . 5. ,. gl -13 .. mi A ii 34 ' 3. A. Mu A ,ia 1 .f qw A . 4 . M L fi' 1... 13 . ' X55 W' wi 9 W .N . .. 2 'W l . .s i 5 . si ' . H . , . W. . sf? 4' , 5 5 Q55 Q . M' 21 Laura Tundidor Ann Tweedy Mr. Gitthens is swarmed by his affectionate fourth period class Michael R. VanCleave , 1 3' A .am i e . 334,:,gff2v 7. ,gfdgf ,A W A f' 5 fm - Q , ta? :E L .w 5' my Nancy Villarreal 'N M , "1 ' ' r my-,5,u. . ,gf n,l l rf M V9 gf V , Q "M-Z7 f 5-W " . V " .Q:?2?f. In . Q i I . 'X ' 5' 1 , , rl, 'E ' qegf' 'V j I ' , . ,:., 'ig 'A :gg V L Wi 2 Rebecca Watson rx fi -.Wlflf A H as '1 5' Q' yr' qt C co Q o E. n nv 5' C m w .ca 1: cu N 'r' Q q 1 J Q A Q ei L A343354 ix E. he Sig' :SLE "l Aj-f .V , ,Q 2 r 4 , 4 Q i rj K 3 . Q .. 4 w nf' ..,. , A s mf J Christian T. Veje Matthew R. Wallin James M. Wareham I " VF .. W, 1 i f W iii- i as M we - .3 ra, ,.4-r mg gfw fsrf' W1 214, rf-,waxy -x .iii 4 ' ma? xi?-T 1. 1 ' Q 2 2 m 'El an A 4, se 1 K Q2 rt s. f ? Et xl 1 X? ,l Wa 'X ' 4 S 5 .Q . we W Kendall B. Alex Watt Weatherman I Q, V I :J K K lca. W 3 -A V V " . "'V7'!I. SYM V' ,A 1,99 1- Ik, , Q.-. un "'.l.i1L. ' , ' ltv' Jeff Silver, Rob Schaefer, and Jason Anselmo have a relaxing mo- ment in Daddy Bloom's room. SENIORS Ignoring the class discussion, Joe Phillips and Rob Telson have a con- versation of their own. SENIORS Daniel D. Wedemeyer Greg S. Welch Sean Whiteley i i is . M 1, i , Sm . ' A r , , WNW. , iw i,ig:i,uggg:- W., 'i A ' 'ww fi WL 13 A ii M552 , MP .i 15:5 ,e W ' i. ff. f My M9 9, A 1 i -4 Jason A. Weissberg E Chris S. Whitaker Curtis M. Williams Adam Weissman Greg R. White Marianne L. Williams Q?" N 'Vw' -fi Ned R. Williamson Ron Williams John C. Willsie Amy E. Wimbush Jeff B. Wokurka Steven E. Wolfe Brad S. Wosinski wma: , ' A . Nl ar' X ,g ' ,sg 1 ...I g 'll sally will V 1 ,1 ifffrlla rw' ' Brian E. Wright Jolene Ford shows her serious side. Are Bill Seiler and Mike Kuntz really in trouble with the authorities? SENIORS Junior Steve Quinn and senior Shannon Guarnacci examine the nail polish of two underclassmen. SENIORS HR' , A miuwskmih. , M .sm , ,i , f if iw'-Mfiiift.35M4ffZ!i-fuykwkgwg, 5 '- fiwlgi 'v4iW1'5,Qi?:i , Y -54:,yi72 Ji',f UA-'E l wj 'u,fi" AL. SMU , jfy my-W j ' 'Mx L . ,: IW Hi: Ifi ,Milf Ml " '. Wiz W '- 5, i Seth Yakatan Jay V. Wright Shirley Wu Reid Yamashiro Matt P. Yates Philip A. Young Raymond W. Yue Hayley Zaydel Jason P. Zweigle Senior Polls Most Talented - Shirley Wu and Matt Lillard 7 - .. 1, nr 4 , - Ulf -F Best Dressed - Steve Dunn and Bari Alp v ert ' ' is. Wf fg I ,MQ g ei A ' 1 ,fo In . . 2 - . , 1 . e A Q , M47 H I N ii , A f - .iiaulllllfl W ., -er Most Spirited - Jeff Wokurka and Dina Nicolai SENIORS CHEVFIDLET H H Nicest Smiles - Jane Ojanpera and' Adam Hairston All American - Kent Madole and Karen Evans Nicest Eyes - Mike Higgins and Kristina Clarke SENIORS v Most Gullible - Kim Powell and Rob Telson .,, -wg.. ak. KA? -7""" l ,-ryan - ., P-gg '---'nfl' e1..,,, 6 , -. ...., e. g,.,y 'N '. vw? Z iw-X :I V Classiest - John Collins and Kara Madsen Most Athletic - Paul Thornton and Ashley Selman SENIORS sm. My E Q V - .-,, 67 Friendliest - Dave Gesler and Stephanie Schwartz Class Sweethearts - Jeremy Clevenger and Jeni Price SENIORS ' . "fair TN- . , .V min! -.I Aqiwxls '55 's --... .0 Q-1 r if "Pk M w-...., V ., . .W,,As. 515' f f 11 E " iyggifr ff , W ,. iwffaw if Q 'Yiw- w x t ' 1' ., , ir " , , 1 X- ' M ff, ,, i ,vga A 1 1 wg j,,wjH1 , ' .H . 3 e'.w.fg 1 I' ,Wg V D, ,ii f,f1',i:: N ,. Y A , ., ' 'iw f 7' xv S U '- uv " 2, , ' .fy I- fr' H Yi 'i ,V A 'ni f , 3 f ' , I -'f' ,. 1. ,ji , , . A I, I HJ. , l F 1 K 1 v, l , My 1 .J . Most Conservative - Myke Gorup and Dan Wedemeyer -6 fiw Yi?-1 lk P'-1' '-'lv' 5 ' ' ,. . 'M . gspm -- QI , s' 555s , if ...gif i,"'m is if 'V ,f..F':. 3 l-' . i will ., 1- hm llhllllllagi u x A, . K f ii, J fi ,I 1- A Most Uninhibited - Moriah McCauley and Shant Keuilian P - . Y ,--Ay , -A '-vi wi. .. 3 1. . -,..L,, x's",N ' ,.,. , 1 1 ' N' -, -Qi.i',.,4, V in l of Cl I' ,J . .25 Q. , I V 4 k a A .1 if 9 ,. 4 , M: is Ai' . , - f 9'-. X . x. I 1 Best Personalities - Paula Valle and Seth Yakatan "Lui X , .lt Q1 A . IK, . ' we Best Bodies - Paige Denny and Shannon Guarnacci -J , R x 'fl 21? fs ff F, - . f ffl' " "1 . a rf Pi- ' - 4 3 . . lil-lg A 4 , ' 1' IW' Q vaupgvp , iff A Q , i . . .s f 5'-'23, Q r- 'K if X ,Tir , all hwy N X five IX , pk, we JN Class Flirts - Mike Horton and Kristi Evans SENIORS Teachers' Pets - Katie Lewis and Mike Shepard -f 17 J Most Intelligent - Paul Cash and Abby Bridge SENIORS '11 Teachers' Pests - Tim Collins and Kari Newcum Class Clowns - Karen Guzman and Jeff Berry l l Best All Around - Michele McCain and Morgan Ferris Most Likely to Succeed - Elise Langlois and Jason Constantine SENIORS Juniors E R s '- .fi - ,,,,x1, A.. X Q , Left: Andrea Fisher takes over the class. Below: Rebekah Rosen, Suzanne Lyon, Robin Mayemura, Dina Pan, Rich Greene and Kevin Astor show that juniors do it with class. JUNIORS as , . Ms 5 Y . ix rx av .qi Q- xv ,W x is we W .g .N if -is , fa Barton, Scott Bate, Richard Bauer, Elizabeth Abraham, Scott Afrasiabi, Ardavan Aguilar, Andrea Aguilera, Danny Alcaraz, Steven Aljamie, Laura Allen, Leslie Allen, Stacia Althoen, Morgan Alverson, David Amdon, Marc Anderson, Martin Antrim, Lanea Apana, Shannon Arreola, Eddie Asmus, Peter Aster, Kevin Auer, Jason Aust, Eric Bagube, Jeanne Bailey, Amy Bailey, Jim Bain, Cathy Baldwin, Britt Ball, Edward Baren, Steve Barker, Chris Barloewen, Eric Barnes, Kimberly Barrett, Mick hi-at l3""""""'f1wa., ,, 2 Steve Quinn and Matt Stoutenberg have a lot to smile about Corey Parker, Todd Henrotin, and Ed Loonam make some scientific discoveries. JUNIORS Bauer, Scott Bell, Steven Bennett, Jason Beshear. Bob Bevacqua, Natalie Birney, Katie Blackerby, Lori Blaney, David - ' i Blevins, Rachel Boeck, Kristin Bogard, David Bonk, Jodi if 9' A its l Boris, Brian Borrn, Cynthia Bowman, Scott Breen, John Bridenbecker, Bradford Brooks, Joanna Brugman, Laura Bryant, Christa Burns, Karen Lynn Buse, Michele Butcher, Lori Butler, David Calderon, Carlos Calvetti, Roy Campbell, Jeff Cannon, John Carl, Adam Carroll, Jim Mr. Pres . "The junior class is very talented, in both academics and athletics, and will be very suc- cessful," Craig Turk stated. He was very pleased to serve as their President. The biggest project Craig took on this year was the Junior f Senior Prom, but a close second was a fund raiser. I-le planned a fund raiser so the Junior class "will have a lot of money to spend in our senior year." Craig Turk was very active at Foothill. Not only was he the Junior Class President, he also played basketball, ran in track, and competed in OCAD. Next year Craig plans to get involved with the ASB again. After graduation he plans to attend a four-year university, preferably the University of Penn- sylvania. Then he would like to enter a career in politics. 74 JUNIORS ,rr f Y M ,Ya Q. E - 1 L., V-., ti, it K , ' 1 Casey, Kolleen Cast, Crystal Chaix, Stephanie Craig Turk is very happy to be Junior Class President :R Z u . . 'Q W 2, ,, ir I: vat l w i Delnoce, Todd Melanie Hamilton and Trina Eggers are excited to have Craig Turk as their class President. Tyler Jackson dreams of surf- ing pro in Hawaii. Chalamidas, Melisa Charton, Robert Chen, Delbert Chen, Doris Chen, Marian Chen, Susan Chodowski, Brian Chou, Chung-lh Chuang, Deborah Clark, Darrell Clark, Elizabeth Clayton, Michael Connor, Mike Cook, Kristine Cops, Kevin Costanza, Brian Covvdell, Brett Cralley, Ronna Crowell, Michael Cunningham, Brian Curiel, Leticia Curnutt, Jennifer Cutlitf, Cari Danford, Julee Dao, Kim Dapkewicz, Eric Dardashti, Laura Davis, Charles Davis, Robert Decarion, Suzanne Deese, Brett Degroot, Kevin JUNIORS Demarco, Leign Demkin. Stephanie Desilva, Menaka Dettor, Kristin Dore, Tom Dossantos, Michelle .,. Downs, David Duncan, Sharon Dunn, Julie Dunseath, Heather Duran, Michelle Eggers, Trina Ellis, Keith Enriquez, Maria Erickson, Joseph Ernest, Dan Evans, David Evans, Erika Fahs, Jennifer Ferbert, Jada Ferrari, Janett Ferris, Erin Ferry, Peter Ficket, Criag Fischbeck, Brittney Fisher, Andrea Fite, Jennifer Fjeld, Martin Flanagan, Thomas Flower, Brandy Memories It was funny to see all of the status symbols at Foothill this year. The two most important ones, class rings and lettermen jackets, have been seen around campus for 25 years, never changing or going out of style. "They're a good investment because they will always be around to remind you of your high school." Kacey Knowles explained. After two years of waiting, the class of ,89 finally got to slip their rings onto their fingers this year. Although it may not have taken many of the Foothill student body as long to get their Varsity lettermens jackets, they treasured them as much as they treasured their rings. Wearing these items made them feel important and gave them a sense of school and self pride. "Class rings are a lasting memoryf, Sara Valdez, "We can look back in 20 years and be able to remember our exciting high school days." Class rings and lettermens jackets will be around Foothill as long as Foothill is around. 7 JUNIORS Fleur, Fong Foxe, Tanya Fragass, Andrew Kendall Weatherman takes time off to show her spirit. ...s finale' Q' .- V5 Q5 -44- ,..., 4 , ,h . if Q " H B . X -,ak 3' A X Hansen, Kirsten Hanson, Elizabeth Hartnett, Tracy -'f--n,,, ij" Franco, Joe Freeman, Brad Freeman, Valorie Frembdgen, Pamela Gallagher, David Garcia, Eric Garrison, Amy Gaspar, Michael Gates, Kari Gaude, Gordon Gehly, Jason Gess, Brent Gillman, Marco Gilmore, Tom Gilstrap, Jeffry Ginoccio, Noelle Gonzales, Della Gordon, Andy Gourley, Grant Green, Lisa Greene, Richard Haiduc, Matt Hale, Kenneth Hallamor, Mark Ham, Brandon Hamby, Sabrina Hamilton, Melanie Hammett, Amy Hammond, Sandy Hanger, Stephanie 'haf-f wa.- A class ring is a mark of distinction Jeff King worked hard to get his jacket now its time to party. Harvey, Kimberly Haupert, William Hawkins, Thomas f 'i Hayes, Carter , Healy, Daniel , Heath, Joanna :--1 ' i s f ff 2 f tj x , 4' M H l 45 li is w , .. 1' Helffrick, Mary Jo Hellman, Keith Henrotin, Todd Hensley, Shayne Hernandez, Erin Hess, Shawn Hibbard, Julie Hibbert, Andrew Higby, Jennifer S Hildreth, Mari i Hileman, Chris 3 K7 Hill, Kelley J' Hill, Mark Hinojosa, Diane Ho, Shaun Holland, Timothy Hount, Dwayne Hsiaj, Curtis Huang, Joyce Hufnagel, Jeffrey Hume, Douglas Huskey, Aaron Hutton, Jennifer Icenhower, Troy Mr. No1an's plates are historically inclined. '92 Rs . if nxt. T-vi :Qi ,fe at Jensen, Duane Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Dawn Shane Coderre will z-ya later. iiii ff. W .Q , I ,V ,W A, ,grim , 5 , ,R A Z - ...view i Johnson, Debra Jones, Michelle Jones, Mitchell Jorgenson, Veronica Karamardian, Rita Karlsen, Rochelle Katnik, Scott Kaul, Kelly Keating, Jennifer Kellerman, Edward Kelley, Robert Kellogg, William Keyler, Courtney Kieval, Mara Kim, Daniella Kim, Steve Kim, Suzanne Kimes, Patricia Kin, Curtis Kinder, Erica King, Noah King, Westley Kottke, Eric Kowalik, Daryl Kracht, Susan Lacertosa, Brian Lafrance, Elizabeth Landers, Laura Lane, Alison , Larson, Jennifer Classy Plates "They make people notice my car more," ex- plained Chrs Whitaker, "lt,s a great way to show your individualityf, Of course, Chris was talking about his personalized license plates he proudly pronounced "brand new." While cruis- ing through the Foothill parking lot, you were likely to catch a glimpse of several license plates displaying names, hobbies, special dates, or favorite sayings. In the past, students have expressed themselves by displaying objects hung from their rearview mirror, or by plaster- ing bumperstickers to their windows. But why is Fl-lS's latest rage personalized license plates? Is it because nobody can say it better than you can? Well, whatever it is, personal- ized license plates made an impression on Foothill students this year. Have you gotten your personalized license plates yet? Dee's plates say it all. JUNIQRS 80 Dream On You spent the night before doing your home- work and talking on the phone. Now, it's second period, still too early for you to think clearly. But what luck! Today you're watching a film! As soon as the lights go out, your head hits the desk, and you're in lullaby land. All of a sudden, your dream becomes a nightmare. The lights blind you. The class is astir. The film projector is broken! Can't anyone fix it?!? Alas, your world seems to be crumbling. Your teacher feels it is necessary to do something for the next 50 min- utes. He discovers some lecture notes on the mating habits of the Amoeba. Of all days why today? The minutes seem to drag on for hours. The only way to keep your eyes open is to stare wisttully at the clock. Finally, the bell rings. Free- dom! As you rise from your desk, your teacher informs you that you've been docked 10 points for sleeping during the movie. "Oh great," you think. "What a way to start the day!" Lebanoff, Debra Ledford, Tisha Lee, Joanna Leitner, Curtis Lema, Chris Lengle, Ryan Leon, Amber Lerch, Julie Ley, Mark Librojo, Pat Lin, Cheryl Lin, Hubert Lin, Joshua Lin, Karen Lindholm, Timothy Lissner, Maryann Livengood, Paul Lofland, Doug Long, David Loonam, Ed Tom Adams and Katie Birney look on while Rebekah Rosen rejoices to be out of class. 'QF as w r' x ' 2 1 .V ' 'J 1. qt' ' 15 35: T, v r " .ram . ...... . I st , N' 3 st, 5 X Lopez, Sonya Lugo, Audrey Lumang, Nanette Lyon, Suzanne MacDonald, Diana Mackay, Paul Mackintosh, Kathy Macklachlan, Andrew Madsen, Birte Mann, Steve Mann, Valerie Marseilles, Kim Martinez, Joseph Marzo, Justin Matthews, Traci JUNIORS l ,,,, r-- , , s "iiit . Q- Nu' ' v sf- ' s . 1. . i 2 K . Mayemura, Robin Mazurie, Bill McClish, Matthew McDermid, Wendy McHenry, Chad Mead, Gary Mehlberger, Steve Meloni, David Merrell, Janet Mew, Alicia Miller, David Miller, Jonas Molnar, Andre Moon, Ingrid Moore, Thomas Mike Crowell demonstrates what too much boredom can do to a person. ..,,,-mr"""m We'-uma-,W A A When things get slow in the office, Kristin Dettor Patty Kimes, and Lisa Mendoza have a rap session Morgan, Dana Mountain, John Mullen, Peter Murray, Scott Murrieta, James Musch, Adam Near, Julie Newman, Laura Newton, Jason Olson, Kiersten Opittek, Eugene Ortiz, Rebecca Otoole, Tracy Otto, Jeffrey Padilla, Elisa JUNIORS JUNIORS Palo, Daniel Pan, Dina Panthaky, Shireen Parker, Corey Parker, Timothy Parks, Blaine Parsa, Sherwin Parsons, Vanessa Patton, Chris Pedersen, Cinder Perrot, Jennifer Pentney, Lisa Persson, James Peterman, Stephen Pleso, Erik Pluimer, Roman Pollak, Holly Potts, John ,P0,we!L,M21f9v , geefersihhevwe Powers, Joshua Prestinary, Patricia Quinn, Stephen Quirk, Maureen Rainey, Donald Ralston, Scott Randall, Kristen Randell, Devlin Reddy, Kara-Alyn Reed, Jeannette Regan, Cynthia Regan, David Reiche, Lawrence Ressler, Chad Revelle, Karen i kfummnga ! v-,W,...N, V' x X 4 af X X X 1 me I W 5 i f W 5 ,W H I Q ,lll f .... 4 1 V K 2 . i Patty Kimes and Kara Reddy illegally hang out during class. David Butler and Mike Veie use the study buddy meth ri WX Marcy Powell and Elisa Padilla are overcome with joy. .fab .., I s x , Q 3 sir T Y if lx 'Y or 'Ret gf 1 1 .x XT., -Q. W X Kar SS V Ill! Ill! K it 3 N --Q 5 ss, I, David Sampica flashes his "James Dean" smile. Rhodes, Tracey Richardson, Cherie Richardson, Cynthia Robinson, Julianne Rosen, Rebekah Rowe, Brian Rowland, Tessa Roy, Heather Russell, Mike Saik, David Sampica, David Samuelson, Jennifer Sample, Brian Sangermano, Louis Schneider, Joel Schneider, Traci Schuler, Peter Schultz, Stephanie Schwantes, Scott Schwarz, David Scott, Greg Scott, Ron Seaver, Scott Sharp, Theodore Shaw, Sarah Sheng, Susan Sherman, Ryan Shu, Jeff Siebert, Keri Silver, Douglas Simmons, Robert Simpson, Lee JUNIORS Growing Up As a junior in high school, the possibilities for your future seem countless. The only limi- tation for your success is your imagination. "I want to have a hot wife and cute kids to show off to my flashy friends. I want to drive a car that will bring envious glances from all, and give large sums of money to worthy causes so that people will think I'm a nice guy." Joel Schneider "When I grow up I want to be a corporate raider. I would bribe company presidents to give me inside information then I would make billions from the stock market and eventually I would own Wall Street. Clvan Boesky is my idollll' Brian Stern "I want to retreat to a small mountain cabin, grow my own grapenuts, and write poetry about my twelve children." Joanna Brooks "I wanna live a shallow and obtuse life- and LOVE lT!!" Curtis Kin Skjerven, Jill Smarsty, Tricia Smidt, Craig Smith, Bradley Smith, Heidi Smith, Tricia Snow, Wendy Soderwall, Mark Sommerndike, Scott Sommers, Jocelyn Srinath, Arun Stafford, Felicity Stanard, Kimberly Stanfield, Tanya Stankovits, Sid -1 Stanley, Alicia Starnes, Peter Stauffer, Mark Brad Freeman is confident that he will be 731 in his chosen field, but Joe Franco and Suzanne Lyon think differently. t 1 A , n M 1,,, , 1 ye 4 'si X. ff e ---i so ar Steele, Angela Steiner, Earl Stern, Brian Stern, Lana Stevens, Tania Stewart, Lisa Stone, Jonathan Stoops, Jennifer Stoutenburg, Richard Stover, John Strutt, Jason Stewart, Craig 84 JUNIORS ,z , 54, if 1, Q. Sr x sf X t Q sf l ' 'C if I sr -A 'ev , at 3 9 " Heather Roy, Lisa Green, and Jenny Higby dream of a modelin CBYQQY. -Q. 9 Sullivan, Sean Takahashi, Mark Takenaka, Yoko Taylor, Clay if C , ' 5 Ks l ' ,,s,,-issrm, ,Q TK SF Thomas, Jeffrey Thorn, Jon Threshie, David Ting, lsaac Ting, Patricia Tiono, Faye Todd, Carlton Tomasick, Danielle Tran, Kiet Treichler, Karen Tundidor, Jose Turk, Craig Ubl, Terrence Valenta, Robert Vanpelt, Ward Veiga, Melissa Veje, Mike Vigano, Jon Walker, Kristen Wallance, Michael Wallach, Barrie Warner, Ben Waterman, Tony Watson, Eric Watts, Carolyn Webb, Chris Weir, Thomas Werasophon, Sa Westre, Alex Wilcox, Tracy Wiley, Lori Wilhelm, Katrina Williams, Jon Wilson, Daniel Witmor, Sean Womack, Jason Wong, Kevin Wosinski, Jacob Wu, Gloria Yarberry, Alison Yoder, Laura Zindars, Dana ndy JUNIORS Sophomores I I Above: Kerry Lodgard, Hol- ly Clayton, Diana Chuang, and Shelly Gagen are over- joyed by finals week. Left: Jason Salata takes his part in beautifying the cam- pus. SOPHOMOREb Abbott, Zoe Alcumbrac, Kieran Alford, Jeffrey Allen, Lauri Amos, Fredrick Anderson, Amy Anderson, Carl Anderson, Jennifer Andreosky, Nicolas Ark, Peter Arnold, Paul Arnold, Samantha Ash, Jeffrey Austin, Jeffrey Bablot, Marc Baker, Keith Barrett, Laura Barrett, Susan Barron, Cori Bartlet, Jennifer Bauer, Elizabeth Baughman, Selina Bear, Stephen Beneker, Kristin Bernstein, Jennifer Berry Georgi Best Dedra Bletscher, Chad ,grit Q '- ii"' if-fl W.. V -4',',-X n I ff' 71 A A, x Above: Lunchtime is the best time for these sophomores to socialize. Left: Bill Phillips would prefer to be left alone while he eats his last Dorito SOPHOMORES Mr. Pres. Ron McGehee was this yearls sophomore class president. He decided to run for office because he wanted a leadership role and a say in what is going on at Foothill. He was influenced by his sister who was the ASB secretary last year. She told him what goes on in ASB and how they accomplish goals. The only other time Ron has held an office was last year when he was on the Freshman council. The things Ron liked most about Foothill are the teamwork, school spirit, sportsg and, that it is well known academically. He felt FHS would be better if the teachers and administrators would allow changing for the better and the breaking of some old traditions. He felt everyone should be more open minded. Ron wanted the administrators to support and trust FHS students more. This year he and others in ASB worked to change the school's constitu- tion. Ron would liked to have seen more lunch entertainment and school spirit this year. He en- joys sports and played football and participated in track this year. He also used his free time to participate in church programs. Boche, Matt Boer, Shane Borgen, Christopher Borges, Gregory Boseker, Resa Bosko, Michael Bowen, Patricia Brandon, Gregory Brant, Jesse Brown, Matthew Brown, Pamela Buschmann, Heidi Bush, Dana Campbell, Michelle Canale, Joseph Caraccio, Lisa Carmona, Chris Carrig, Melissa Castaneda, Dilva Casteel, Christopher Chang, Susan Ceja, Christopher Chennavasin, John Chiu, David Chizhik, Alexander Choo, Sarah Christy, Stephanie Chuang, Diana 88 SOPHOMORES Chung Pil Sun Clark Gregory Cobb Shelley Cooper Jason Coronado Leroy Correa Jennifer Cotman Daniel Crane Matthew Criss Nicholas Crofton Alexa Crowell, Jim Curtis, Alison Custer, Andrew Dabney, Christian Daveler, Aaron Davis, Douglas Davis, Tyler Dawson, Valerie Dean, Robert Deckert, Juliet Delgado, Rachel Delvaux, Mark Dettor, Kevin Djang, Jennifer Donnelly, Kent Duarte, Jonathan Duckett, Joshua Easlick, Brennan Right: Laura Barrett describes what is under the micro scope. Left: Ingrid Moon is deep in thought Above Right: Tammy Richardson tackles an assignment Ebert, Shannon Ellison, Andrea Ellison, Juanita Elmer, Eric Esqueda, Robert Fanti, Kevin Farney, Patricia Faure, Karine Fenmore, Grant Fischel, Jeffrey Fleurent, Jennifer Flores, Michael Foltz, Lisa Forge, Sean Foster, Michelle Franklin, Matthew Frutos, David Fuchs, Evan Fulton, Denise Furry, Kimberly Gabelsberg, Jason Gagen, James Gagen, Shelly Galey, Brian Garceau, Denise Jon Vigano, Tina Araujo, Diane Merker, Tasha McClintoch having lunch at Lamppost Pizza. lt's Friday night after the big game. "What should we do now?" you ask our best buddies. "'s go to my house and watch 'Top Gun'," someone suggests. "Not again," you moan. "We've already seen that seventeen times!', The obvious solution to this common FHS scenario was to turn to those tried and true Hangouts. Those familiar places, where one could always count on seeing a friendly yet equally bored face - Lamppost, Goldmine Yo- gurt, and Naugles - were the spots to try first. And this year thanks to recent construction, FHS could expand its territory. The Main Place Mall opened, providing a myriad of activities from shopping, indulging in tasty cuisine, and going to the movies. And another popular spot was the new Spoon's restaurant, which was often frequented by FHS students. So the classes of 1987-1988 kept their tradi- tional hangouts yet received a taste of the new. 90 SOPHOMORES we .asa 1, 'am I ? T 'T ,WL ' fx' ' ff , :V 5 , Gardner, Wendy Genova, Jason Gibbs, Trina 5 . 'Q' ii-M , ..... x x X Gilbertson, Erik Gilbreath, Ali Gin, Jennifer Gladwell, Cindy Goldberg, Eliana Goldstein, Amanda Gorup, Dane Grahn, Matthew Gregg, Anna Grissinger, Jeremy Gustauson, Jan Hagland, Robert Hairston, Jason Halevy, Sivana Hallamore, Nicole Hancock, Jim Hansen, Shawna WE Harmon, Heather b'-'fr' Harris, Wendy -1, Hayashi, Daiyu f 1 ' Heard, Kristin Heinisch, Marc Hendricks, Robert Hewett, Bridget 'Nm R W Herr, Nicole Hill, Lawrence Hipsak, Stacy Hoggatt, Gene 'Q Birte Madsen enjoys her pizza at Lamppost. Anna Gregg and Trine Eggers meet at Goldmine for a frozen yogurt. SOPHOMORES 9 1 92 ry tk,"- K fs, Holder, Zachary Homes, John Holley, James Hoover, Randy lrani, Yasrneen Jackson, Richard Jacobs, Darren Janis, Jeffery Jezowski, Broc Joffe, Mike Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Erik Johnson, John Johnson, Melinda Jorgensen, Becki Kane, James Karlsen, Paco Keegan, Amanda Allison Roby and Brett Metzger look up from their studies Sophomore Allison Roby crams before a Driver s Ed test while Paul Karlsen reads on. SOPHOMORES Kelly, Colby Kelly, Kathleen Kent, Erin Kershnar, Rebecca Keuilian, Talin Kim, Stefanie King, Tami Kirn, Kevin Kliese, Kristin Ko, Eileen .arsr.arsr.s1arUi'i'lU""' R' Paul Karlsen just can't figure out how to get the key in the ignition. I I I 1 .tm r :., Crash Course For the sophomores, it is basically a tradition to take drivers training. Although there is that dreadful wait that sophomores must go through between the time that they get their Teen Driver Manual to when they actually get to sit behind-the-wheel for their first driving lessons, the sophomores usually managed to stay on top of things. Once they got their licence, it was only a matter of time before they talked their dad into buying a car for themselves, using the car for a hot date, or taking it to the mall. As to driving itself, some sophomores found it easy to do so. Paul Karlsen said "You just get in your car and go! It's simple!" Other people such as Allison Roby said "I'm STILL in Drivers Ed.!" Some of the sophomores found that driving had great advantages, like Brett Metzger. "I think itIs great cause' I get to take girls out on hot dates!'I, said Brett. Most sophomores found it easy to drive . . . once they got the hang of it. But, every now and then there will be a sophomore and a policeman seen exchanging goodwill on Newport Avenue. Koenig, Jenifer Kontny, Natascha Kosinski, Molly Kovacev, Robert Kubota, Russell Kwan, Yuen Labat, Michelle Lachance, Cheri Larson, Erik Lavidas, Kathy Lawor, Angel Leach, Judd Ledoyen, Geoffrey Lee, Amanda Leitner, Chris Lema, Joey Leong, Laura Leupold, Melissa Liang, Yue-june Lin, Charles Lin, Jack Lindauer, Matthew Little, Nicole Lodgard, Keery Lopez, Juan Lopez, Richard Lu, Jenifer Lu. Yu-Chi SOPHOMORES These freshmen can't wait to be sophomores. Shelly Gagen speaks frankly about sophomorehood. Manzo, Dominic Marcoux, Sionainn Marks, Heather Marlin, Tahlia Marquis, Lisa Ann Martin, Alicia Martin, Kayce Martinez, Adam Mc Cain, Marcie Mc Gee, Joy Mcfadden, Matthew Mcgehee, Ronald Mckittrick, Scott Mckune, Vanessa Mcnatt, Julie Mcnaughton, Tiffany Means, Loren Mecham, Megan Melville, Joeseph Mendez, Gina Mendoza, Claudia Mercado, Brandon Merchant, Leslie Metcalfe, Craig SOPHOMORES Lutz, Robert Madole, Melanie Maeda, Kimberly Malueg, Carley LH J, i w M?i'PWi sr 2 sf, , , ,,,, 5 ',,v .,,, ,., . 3 Ziyi f f , K W as f Wy si sa? V 4 ' K 0 , X ,:,,, , M tr rg -, ZW if dw, 9? .., .,.. Metzger, Brett Meyer, Tara Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Jeremy Millett, Elliot Mitchell, Edie Mitchell Frances Mitchell, Scott Mojarro, Jerry it Montford, Michelle Moussavian, Nella Munoz, Melissa Murphy, Liam Murrieta, Suzanne Myhra, Kris Nabhan, Hema Nakamura, Ryan Naylor, Jason Nick Sanfilippo tries to look innocent. Sophomore Tim Lodgard is satisfied with himself and the Lakers. Nesbitt, Kristine Neville, Todd Newcomb, Jonathan Nichols, Tami Nishiyama, Traci Niu, Katharine Oak, Steve Okeefe, Erin Oliveira, Alison Olson, Sherri SOPHOMORES Ordway, Anne Mary Otoupalik, Bradley Gwen, Samir Padilla, Francisco Paisley, Suzanne Pak, Cecilia Palluck, Bryan Pashley, Michael Patton, Heidi Pearson, Chad Perera, Sanjeeva Pfortmiller, Lisa Phillips, William Photoglou, Mark Pieterse, Joy Pinkerman, Rick Pirozzi, Anna Plumlee, Dale Pope, Sheila Pospisil, Denise Rackliffe, Brandon Ramer, Charles Ramirez, Jessica Randall, Eric Randazzo, Kimberly Rasmussen, Sandi Reamer, Suzan Reback, Daniel A group of hard core surfers speak ani- matedly about their great Hshredsf' The surfers worship their "surf god" be- fore a fun-filled day of hanging ten. SOPHOMORES S ,.,,s Reber, Marrietta Reid, Tracy Ressler, Ashley Reynolds, Catherine Reza, Crystal Rice, Brian Richardson, Tammy Roberts, Kati Robin, Susana Robinson, Ricky Roby, Allison Romero, Paul Ronshausen, Laura Rowe, Barbara Rowe, Jennifer Russell, Nancy Sakamoto, Scott Salata, Jason Sanfilippo, Nicholas Sauls, Brian Schafer, Amy Schwartz, Stephanie Scott, Tyler Serrato, Alfred Shahbazian Roy Shanahan John Shapiro Todd Shields Traci. Surfin' F I-IS "Surfing is like an addiction you just can't stop," explained Dane Gorup. Dane, along with his good friends Tyler Jackson, Joe Melvill, Justin Werth, Jeremy Mill, Jeff Janis, Rik Larson, Greg Clark, and Turtle ia prime example of a surfer name.l, is a well known surfer at Foothill. These guys went surfing before -and sometimes during- school to their favor- ite spots. Two of these favorites were San Clemente T-Street and Black's Beach. Although these surfers differed on the best thing about surfing, either "Pulling out of a 'killer' bar- rell", "Running down a hated boogie boarder", or "Pulling off a move you've never done before", their dreams were all very similar - to go on a surfing safari to Bali or Java with a girlfriend who resembles Miss OP 1987. This dream will never die for these surfers and neither will their search for the perfect wave that they can "totally shredf, SOPHOMORES Shugarman, Lisa Sirota, Naalla Skonezny, Paul Slobodynskyj, Roman Smith, Christen Sodini, Melanie Solera, Gwendolyn Solis, Mary Sousa, Shawn Spencer, Sonia Sprayberry, Dain Stanley, Christy l Steinle, Amy Stomp, Richard Suan, Tara Syrjanen, Heli Tarr, Addison Tarshis, Kristi Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Julianne Thompson, Nicole Thon, Tracy Timassy, Mary Thornton, Creston 'Q Good friends Melanie Madole, Jennifer Lu. Denise Fulton, Ashley Ressler, and Sandi Rasmussen find lunchtime a good time to catch up on gossip. Above Right: Ron McGehee is blinded by the lunchtime sun Right: Vicki Wilhelm spies the candid camera through the crowd 98 SOPHOMORES Todd, Daniel Tovar, David Truban, Joyce Tsai, Karen Turney, Sara Vantuyle, Jennifer Vasquez, Monica Vigna, Carey Warrick, Mark Weir, Richard Werth, Justin Whipple, Virginia Wilhelm, Victoria Wilkinson, Mark Will, Daniel Williams, Richard Williams, Robert Williams, Scott Wimbush, Scott Wingo, Derik Wolff, Shawna Wood, Jeson Wright, Robert Wu, Bernice Yamashiro, Elliot Zachary, Justin Zupka, Adam Clayton, Holly Above: Cecilia Pak admires the handbags of Rebecca Kershnar and Talin Keuilian. Left: Jason Hairston quickly tries to stuff the entire contents of his locker into his bag. SOPHOMORES I ... ... . Freshmen L.,.,... ....... L......., LW Left: and D ave oun t e u timate form of ransportation. Below: James Fleurent salutes you! FRESHMEN l . Ackermann, David Alexander, Ian Alford, Kristen Althoen, Emily Ames, Trey Amos, Sean Amrofell, Greg Anderson, Carly Anderson, Christina Anderson, Craig Arreola, Rubin Ascher, Shane I Ashton, Andrew Astorga, Yesenia Attell, Camille Baharie, Briana Bahna, Jano Baird, Jodie Balief, Cindy Barloewen, Susan Barrett, Kevin Bate, Victoria Beck, Erin R Q XX Beehan, Jennifer --" X Y i f H ip : . , - fs Bigelow, Jennifer Blackman, Ronnie Blake, Lisa Botula, Michael Bower, Clint Bozek, Heather Xa Above: John Maggiano and Greg Amrofell are confident that they can live up to the high standards of freshmen life. ' Left: Jodie Baird enjoys a stimulating lecture. FRESHMEN A Fresh Face Paul Constantine, the freshman class president this year, ran for the distinguished office because he thought he could help promote freshman class spirit and involve- ment in school activities. It was important to him to make every freshman's first year at Foothill a more enjoyable experience. Never before had Paul held a position on Student Government. Busy in extracurricular activities both in and out of school, Paul's hobbies include writing lyrics to songs, acting, and playing basketball. l-le said he likes Foothill not only for it's devoted faculty, but for its avid support- ers, like Robbie Ross, "Who always stands by us when we lose a game, and always congratulates us when we win." lf Paul had the power to, as president, he would like the freshmen to have privileges like seniors, and for all students to have more days off throughout the year to rest their minds. Brizuela, Justin Bruce, Kristen Brugman, Gretchen Brummett, Mark Bruner, Terrence Brunner, Michael Burgos, Jeff Cabarrubia, Josette Cameron, Carrie Caplis, Christine Casey, Karla Castaneda, Sonia Castorena, John-Paul Cataraha, Derek Cerrone, Robert l Chapman, Christopher X Charton, Danny Chen, Helen Chen, Philip Chou, Cheng-Ih Clark, James Cleary, Charles Cohen, Danielle Coniglio, Steven Constantine, Paul 1 FRESHMEN President Paul Constantine wants to promote freshmen class spirit and involvement in school activities. Corner, Brian Cowdell, Bryan Croissant, Bob Crosby, Collin Crummett, Michael Cuddyre, Kelly Cummings, Cindy Cunningham, Wallace Daft, Tracie Danon, Marc Darr, Amy Dean, Michael Dean, Tracie Decarion, Philip Deuning, Karen Dodak, Steven Dorn, Brandi Douglas, Bobby Duffy, Mark Ebert, Chad Ehret, Julia Ellis, Traci Ellison, Laura Erdkamp, John Evans, Jill Farrar, Linda Farwell, Brian Feher, Christine Feingold, Stephanie Feldman, Leeann Figge, William Fischbeck, Jeff Fleurent, James Folson, Brent Forman, Jennifer John McNerny and Daren Taylor think that Paul Con stantine is a down-to-earth guy. FRESHMEN A Change Of Pace All summer they anticipated it. They were entering the big league now . . . HIGH SCHOOL. Although some freshmen flowed into the mainstream quickly, others had a more diffi- cult time adjusting. The homework was piled on, and the grades received now actually went on college transcripts! Thus, the word "responsibility" was introduced to every freshman's vocabulary. But, by the end of the first semester it was evident that the majority of the freshmen class had found his or her own niche in the high school community. The fact that the freshmen were still the punchline of every assembly joke was no longer intimidating or embarrassing, but was looked upon as an established tradition. So, whether or not it was wanted, the freshmen took on their new-found responsibilites, and then they began to con- centrate their efforts on the finer aspects of freshmen life. Foster, Mark Foster, Traci Franco, Gina Frayne, Daniel Fukuda, Erick Fulton, John ' ' Furumi, Sheri Garcia, Neil "--:' ' i ff Garvai, Rachel A ',', Gazzaniga, Andrea A' " 3, S , 5 .. . . c cc x, ss xi X Q5 , Q Q Genetive, Kerry Genova, Jeff George, Jennifer Gerome, Chris Gibbons, Carrie Gibbs, Jacky Gibson, Becky Gjokaj, Jennifer Glaser, Brian Goodman, Jennifer 1 5 '--- Goodman, Matthew Grahovac, Michelle , g Grahovac, Nicole ,I Gfaicher, Thomas 'f:l'i Graziano, Andrew ',,i,, Greek, Samuel ' Gribben, Jessa Grigsby, August Griswold, Scott Groner, Carl 1 FRESHMEN ' its Q 5..,,,..,,,, ,, .g , i 1 -i.. Tracy Kirkham and Cindy Cummings find it easy to have spirit at .. , :: . V . ss, f' -as ai t. . ...,, , i, r'fi:?vt i sg: Q r-' 3, si , TSE gg 5 , X Mg , ,,., , fi Si ti 1 'S XXXQX 1 xisiilw iilllih' XX 4, ' ' ' XrX :5li'i'r1,,. 3 iw, ti i X Wi fi r " WX .X X, ry , i w Xiwgf 'X' J X lX'3lXi2l1iQ X' 'W XM XXX. X "bil 6 , wil W X X ,ll ll X 'Xlfildx is-'rib tv. llllillllllvll X, ,,.. ml 1X"iX2',,c9' X:' Wi " ' 'll ' .3l1f'lXiifi"i' ' HX X mX ':"Xi3X, H , 'Yilii'i'l" X ' V' l'WiW'l'Y ' X5 llhi-'lf' r X rX X XXXi, X, XX V91 an ' W XX XXX X wi' ll i ' Xxi X XM X X WX HM l i X it il lxlllli ' X ,M iX' 'll T 'ill W X iX,X X X, Wi W X X F ',' WX wlllwlglw ,vigrx fl' T' ll, 'l 'x i W l N lx iii XXX ww ii ll X XX x X' l H l l K 'A X Xi X Xl ' ,xl pil W ll' llxlllllrlltk X, Ai, Xl Xl Wlll ,MX-X in ,J ,ffl ' W Xu llwlll l i X lllgii X, Xsgll X i l i ll l JW ll l li l l l i'X i xl' ll' ll llll 5 liillh l X lllgiq WX WX M xr NX lx lx M Wi' " i X ill rl" i X W X its ,lll mal Wi X all H iw ' XX wel ll X Uli i M l i, i i Mx ll hx i lm ,W lp X XX uX' i X ix Xl will li, iX ill X WW: M Q X Wi if W X XX ' qlilllllflfll' ri 'lillil' 'X ' s. 'wry ilX X W XY' ,X., XX .X J' X. 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Mariner, and Russ Stiverson think that being in high school is no big deal Grundstrom, Robert Gurrola, Albert Gustafson, Eric Hager, Lisa Hagland, Jennifer Hansen, Marc Hanson, Chris Hartley, Michael Hauser, Leslie Henson, Kristi Herman, Christine Hernandez, Cecilia Hernandez, Karen Hernandez, Katie Herrick, Michael Hertz, Cameron Hestor, Timothy Hirose, Tara Hoffman, Sarah Hofman, Sean Holdernees, Colleen Hume, Darren Husband, Bryan Huynh, Nhon Isley, Jason Jacobs, Jonathon Joffe, Jeff Johnson, Tracy Jones, Blaine Jones, Craig Doug Lord, Karen Hernandez, Kathy Shortall Mike Herrick, and Cameron Hertz fmd it easy to make friends at F.H.S. Jones, Tara Kanzler, Daniel Kellerman, Elizabeth Kelley, Elizabeth Khoury, Mona Kim, Andrea Kim, Anthony Kiritschenko, Damian Kirkham, Tracy Knox, Melanie Ko, Charles Koh, Duke Konopisos, Nick Kooi, Kara Kramer, Nicholas Krishna, Nina Kruse, Kelly Lang, Evan Larsen, Martha Larson, Michele Layton, Mary Leaman, Kathy Lebanoff, Michelle Lee, Terry Leon, Angela Leon, Scott Lewis, Beth Lillard, Amy Lilly, Lance Liz Kelley canlt believe the latest freshmen gossip. FRESHMEN Wendy Staford enjoys a few minutes of free time during class l Mona Khoury searches for the perfect word for her essay. The Good Life After the first few months of adjusting, most freshmen began to see the benefits that high school has to offer. Besides the sudden increase in responsibility, they realized their social lives were also given a boost. Freshmen could go to those formal dances, like Homecom- ing and Winter Formal, which they had only dreamed about going to in junior high. Sports events, too, were much more fun to attend, for example, at football and basketball games they could choose to sit in the middle of the rowdy FHS crowd! And, if they could work out their transportation prob- lems for the evening, both freshmen guys and gals alike could cruise over to Naugles or Lampost to mingle with the elite upperclassmen! And, maybe, they could even test the waters at an open FHS party! In addition to the weekends, high school during the week also had its advantages. With a school of Foothill's size and diverse student body, FHS always had something to offer. With ASB activities, sports events, clubs, and dances, there was always something around the corner to look forward to. Lin, James Lin, Jane Lin, Jennifer Lin, Steve Lindstrom, Kimberly Lissner, Dale Little, Edina Lodgard, Timothy Logan, Megan Lord, Douglas Lubell, Susan Lumary, Jenny Luong, Khanh Maggiano, Michael Mahru, Kenneth Mariner, James Marlin, Erin Martinez, Christine Martinez, Deborah Masri, Omar McCauley, Douglas Mclin, Gregory McNerney, John Menzl, Adrian Mercado, Adrianna Mergeler, Simone Metzger, Gregory Miller, Kristen Mills, Kristen Mollot, Scott FRESHMENAIO7 Molloy, Daniel Montgomery, Miles Moody, Venus Morrow, Brendon Mottes, Jolene Mygatt, Megan Nation, Traci Noblett, Blaine Norman, Daniel Norquist, Carrie Norton, Lee Oder, Stephanie Ogg, Teresa Ordway, Mary Oshita, Damon Osmond, Suzette Otto, Brian Overn, Michelle Owen, Bobby Padilla, Lenny Painter, Karin Park, David Park, Eleanor Park, Patricia Paulitschek, Jennifer Paul, Jennifer Persson, Jody Peterman, Michelle Peters, Elena Petrillo, Heather A Tight Squeeze Although there were many benefits of freshmanhood, there was one downfall every freshman met upon entering high school - the lockers. Previously, at Hewes Middle School, the freshmen had lockers boasting a size of 2'1O" x 9 V2". High School lockers, meanwhile, are a tight 1'1O" x 9 Va". Where is the justice? Everyone knows that with high school comes more responsibility, with more responsibility comes a heavier workload, and with a heavier workload comes heavier, fatter textbooks! Often, many underclassmen, and especially seniors, could be seen lugging hefty bookbags across the quad to class. And, on a bad-day-turned-sunny many students could be seen wearing buldgy winter coats all day, which could not possible fit into the little blue cubicles. However, some students overlooked the unfortunate locker situation and went on to decorate! Surfers and sports-related themes were prevalent, and other popular motifs included pictures of super-models, like Paulina Porizkova, and heart-throbs, like Charlie Sheen and Tom Cruise. 1 FRESHMEN 'F Q M: ml? -1 -Q. 4 5 - These freshmen guys are confident in their ability to open the lockers. Power, Kellorn Prais, Joey Primrose, Jason Prutsok, Paula Quisling, Brian Randell, Jason Reafsnyder, Monica Reed, Erin Reid, Courtney Rette, Alicia Rios, Maria Ristig, Travis Rojas, Shonn Romero, Daniel Rudie, Kevin Ryu, Monica Saine, Jeremy Sample, Laurie Sanders, Jeffrey Sarfati, Marcel-Jean Saunders, Marvous Scardino, John Schaefer, Bryan Scherbarth, Andrew Schmidt, Donnia Schneider, Heather Scrivens, Beverly Selby, Scott Short, Stephanie Robin Takabayashi doesn't let the cramped space let her down FRESHMEN Getting Around As usual, the freshmen had only a few methods of transporta- tion to and from school: the bus, the bike, and the mother. Unfortunately, sometimes even these modes were undependa- ble. Getting a flat tire, missing the bus, or not having spare change to call Mom made the typical freshman resort to desper- ate measures. For example, Pat Wokurka had to resort to this undesirable measure after the bus left him at home. Although the transportation situation was an unpleasant or- deal to some, others had no problem at all. Dave Ackerman simply stated, "It's cool because a friend takes me to school." But John Erdkamp complained, "lt's such a drag for my mom to have to pick me up." To some freshmen, the idea of unbearable torture was more appealing than the embarassment of having good ol' mom, adorned in curlers, of course, parked outside waiting in the Senior Parking Lot. Some of the lucky freshmen could bum rides off upperclass- men friends, while others could make a barter - for instance, washing the car in exchange for a ride home. i Whether by bus, bike, Mom, or luck, the transportation prob- lem will always be a chronic dilemma for all those unlicensed freshmen. Shortall, Kathy Shu, Cliff Si, Man-Lung Siriani, Susan Sisco, Tara Smartsy, Nichole - 'C Spackman, Greg Spivack, David Springett, Frank Srinath, Sheila Stanford, Wendy Stankovits, Hannah ,, . Steiner, Bill Stern, Jason Stewart, Kristen Stiverson, Russell Stoops, Lisa Sullivan, Jason Surfas, Damon Surfas, Michelle Tabachnik, Eleanor Takabayashi, Robyn Taub, Aaron Taylor, Darin Taylor, Stacy Tepas, Gregory Thompson, Melody Thron, Anna Tibbles, Barbra Todd, Shannon 1 FRESHMEN - - Top: Did Jason Sullivan miss the bus again? Above: Bev Scrivens prefers the wild mode of get- ting around. Zellner, Bryan Tolsma, Steven Treiber, James Tsui, Michelle Underwood, Carol Uyesugi, Steven Valverde, Salina Vandrey, Matthew Vasquez, Jessica Walker, Darin Wallace, Brian Warstler, Dana Waterman, Monica Watson, Christian Webb, Jason Webb, Michelle Wescombe, Natalie Weston, Erica Wiley, Lisa Wilkinson, Jennifer Williams, Charlene Williams, Chris Wilson, Leah Wokurka, Patrick Wong, Susan Wortham, Ryan Zaiss, William Zavala, Dana FRESHMEN Faculty Above: Mr. Munhall is always happy to help his inquiring stu- dents. Left: Mr. Nichols teams up with his fellow scientist, J.P.. FACULTY Principal: J. Ryan S. Adams M. Bowden Assistant Principal: R. Robbins J. Amdon F. Avila B. Boyer R. Boyes Assistant Principal: A. Marzilli Assistant Principal: B. Wagner L. Bath J. Booth C. Bradley S. Briese FACULTY Ryan ln Control James A. Ryan, the new principal this year, is very impressed with Foothill. He likes everything - the students. the parents, the staff, and even the school itself. Previously. Mr. Ryan had been a principal at Indio High School, and prior to that, he was an assistant principal at Miraleste High School. Mr. Ryan, born in L.A., attended Occidental College. He had a military career before he entered education. During the Korean War, he was stationed in Ger- many, and while there, he had the opportunity to visit many European countries. After returning to L.A., he received his first teaching position as a mathematics instructor. Since then, he has taught several other classes, and he has coached basketball, track, and tennis. After teaching for 15 years, he entered administration, in which he has been working for almost 15 years also. Outside of school, Mr. Ryan enjoys backpacking, camping, bike riding, and playing tennis. If possible, Mr Ryan would like to tap resources in the community to get financial support for services that can be used at school. He would like to improve the appearance of the school, although he states, HFHS has a very nice campus." Mr. Ryan would also like to work in curriculum revision to ensure the curriculum will provide the best education system possible. And finally, Mi. Ryan would like to make FHS a more caring school, so students will feel welcome to it, and attending Foothill will be a pleasant experience for all. Above: Mr. Ryan, Foothill's new principal, goes over a report with counselor Mrs. Rose. Right: Mr. Waibel goes over some music with his trombone player. 1 FACULTY J. Brown J. Brumm S. Chang S, Chen D. Cook C. Cutti L. Dean T. De Long R. Ellis A. Espinoza R. Evans P, Feher M. Fisher M. Fletcher S, Frogue M. Fujimoto N. Gaspar E. Gecsey S. Gitthens J. Glasgow Mr. Nichols explains the difference between mitosis and meiosis. Mr. Boyer reveals the beauty of numbers during Algebra 2, FACULTY 1 S. Grey C.Grubbs H. Hummell C. Kazmiecowicz Silver Knights Many teachers have come and gone the twenty-five years that Foothill has been around. But five of the current faculty have been here since the doors first opened in September 1963. These five loyal Hknightsw are Mrs. Booth, Mr. Hummell, Mr. Korich, Mr. Osborne, and Mr. Robbins. Each one of them has had a memorable time at FHS, and Mr. Robbins, originally here as a math teacher, and now an administrator, says what he has found the most special about Foothill is, "The overall desire of the stu- dents to excel both academically and athleticallyf' Mrs. Booth, also here since the beginning, has always found the students most special. 'cl have many memories from the students I have taughtf' she says. FHS, proud of its twenty-five years of excellence, must acknowledge these five loyal knights. Their com- mitment and dedication the last quarter of a century has contributed to making Foothill the most successful school in the district. FACULTY s. Herzog J. Hill J.xHogan fi, Q. ss- . I . J. Kettering G. Koerner G. Korich Mr. Korich displays his familiar smirk. R. Lewis P. Milligan G. Milne L. Minne M. Morgan T. Munhall L. Myers R. Nichols E. Nicolai P. Noble NP QW Mr. Brown and Mr. Lewis take a breather after a day of beautifying the campus. Mr. Ward . . . Foothill's answer to Sigmund Freud. FACULTY 118 Mrs. Reardon ponders Americals economic situation. Behind Bars "What I like most about my job is being around all of the kids," said Mrs. Dean with a smile. Mrs. Dean, peering out from behind the bars at the student store everyday, has been at FI-IS for seventeen years, so she knows almost everything there is to know about running the student store. Because of her experience, Mrs. Dean always has everything under con- trol. She is able to anticipate the busy times of the year, like Homecoming Week, and then throughout the month of Janu- ary and into early February, when things are going slow, she has the opportunity to get everything up to date. Running the student store requires more than just selling sweatshirts, school supplies, and activity tickets. Mrs. Dean's job also demands her time in the evenings. She is usually present at sports events to supervise the candy selling and to monitor student enterance. Mrs. Dean devotes a lot of time and energy in our school, so she deserves much credit for keeping Foothill running smoothly. FACULTY Mrs. Dean happily guards the student store. J. Nolan B. Osborne W. Oster L. Perkov J. Pfitzner C. Poston l. Powell J. Reames M. Reardon B. Rose S. Ruse A. Satterlee M. Sawyer S. Schaumburg A . G. Sedoo - 5. Severson Mr. Korich makes his ideas come alive on the black board. fi .i . B. Schultz J. Severson R. Shaver D. Simcox Far left: Mr. Fisher is unsure if his answer is even correct. Left: Mr. Valenta is amazed by one of his studenfs pa- pers. FACULTY 1 Z. Snell gif Q at 3 Els rp Lei . ' X, I . 1 ,fs 2 -1w..2s.,.,'M. X,.,, ,, - M i'E ' 135 1 in il 2 T 5635 , is Sitfsikl D. Thomas N. Waterman G. Wodinsky H. Woodroffe FACULTY Y C'-N H E. Springs T. Tomlinson J . Weightman - D. Wood B. Zeich Glenn Nicol is overjoyed that Mr. Minne has given him a perfect "5" on his essay. M. Stone D, Stout G. Waibel J. Wallach In physics class, Mr. Gaspar easily ex- plains a difficult problem, Y. Taylor J. Terry W, Ward G. Waterman In civics, Mr. Poston explains the benefits of a democracy. 1 i ' 5 f sk 45 W-t.... XX . ,.,...,...Y!-N 1 XJ Custodians: Ray Shaver tGroundsmanl, Robert Lewis lHead Custodi- anl, and James Brown. Campus Supervisors: Jeanette Munoz, Kevin Benjamin, and Kimberli Cebrun. Food Service Workers: Front Row - R. Welch, R. Benoit, J. Arellano, R. Mokski, M. Hirt. Back Row - B. Boeck, L. Parra, D. Marine, M. Haugen, C. D'Amato, S. Thompson. Daddy Bloom takes it easy in his classroom. my e- ...., . Mrs. Schaumburg advises a student about her French composition. FACULTY 121 122 With each new piece we add to the Building of Tradi- tion, we come one step closer to our zenith of accom- plishment. As with everything else: academics, sports, organizations, etc., activities grow better with age. The fun our predecessors had in the past is not much differ- ent than the fun we constantly seek today. High school is the final realm we are allowed to linger in until we step unto the plateau of reality. It seems a magical place, where anything is possible. Seniors tangle with fantasy and imagination by dressing up as anything they desire magical, classy touch to some of our most memorable evenings. You begin, unsure of where to put the corsage, which foot to move on the dance floor. Then, you gradu- ally Hbuildl' up to a new level of confidence, where you're just as likely to take a friend as well as the girl of our dreams to a dance. Each activity, whether it be Sadies or Springfest, a pep assembly or the Prom, creates a new cherished moment to store away in our fond memories of yesterday. The days when our imaginations ran wild and we were free to for Senior Munch. Juniors turned Tustin into L.A., where dabble in our dreams. 1 1 once innocent, clean cut students became the tough 1' I' inhabitants of the Sunset Strip. I Dances, such as Winter Formal and Prom, added a Z I 1 " E Top left: Jeff Berry, Jason Constantine, Derek Fritts, Adam Hair- 3 f' ston, and Kent Madole each display his own royal trait. l f Top right: Karen Evans experiences the thrill of being 3 1,-' crowned Homecoming Queen as her father looks Ai ,Y on proudly. ,df ,r Middle left: Jennifer Hoff takes 40' f . . out her aggressions on an in- , 1, 17 nocent car. l I. I I 1 1 I I 1 'tt ,Z 1' l 7 7 YT - - 5, A ' l .L ACTIVITIES ,ll if lk l if Q jf An if if lf if if if lf ffl ' 7' U lf' 11" I if A Y Q7 J-P Left: The juniors cheer their class on to victory during Homecoming week. Above left: Scott Crosby, Pat Meany and Dong In Park contemplate their winning ping pong strategy. Above right: Ashley Selman realizes that win- ning can be a dirty job. ACTIVITIES On a crisp fall day, Foothill's Annual Knights Homecoming Feast And Joust celebration had seemed to be enjoyed by all. An assembly was held which contained various class competitions including: drag racing, women's mud wrestling, men's pillow wrestling, and a pie eating contest. Afterwards, the students divided up and ventured to the quad where many took up the art of hula dancing. Others headed down to the cafeteria area where clubs and class councils sold a variety of concessions while some went to the pool area to root their classes on in the innertube water polo competitions. Many Knights had taken a turn at giving a car a whack, which was sponsored by the drama department in order to show the hidden dramatics, inside everyone. Having the students dressed up to their class theme also added fun to the activities. Although the seniors' Toga day was deleted from this year's schedule, most had agreed that F.A.K.H.F.A.J. made up for it, being one of the most successful Feast And Jousts yet. Above: Morgan Ferris and Kristi Evans prepare to take off in the drag race. Top Right: Pete Schuler seeks destruction, perhaps he should seek profession- al help. Right: Ashley Selman and Melanie Madole express the anger they share because they thought they'd be wrestling in chocolate. ve F.A.K.H.F.A.J. ' F A K I-I F A J Fantas1a Left Brett Cowdell and Charlie Ramer try to knock each other s balance as they fnght a Battle of the Bulge Top Jeff Berry and Erm Reed put the1r hula skllls to the es Above Jesslca Glraldo shows her splrnt and dedlcatlon to her class by gorgmg herself with blueberry ple I O O -at - r X 'le , s . , M, ., 4. yr I t I.. Uh What A Knight --.1 Above: Sandy Rasmussen, Glenn Nicol, Jason Constan- tine, Kent Macole, and Holly Pohlman get crazy while dancing together. Top Left: Nicole I-Iallamore and Melissa Leupold practice smiling for our camera before they take their Homecoming picture. Top Right: Randy Bart and his date say cheers before drinking their cokes. Right: Brett Bloom and Karen Evans cuddle next to Brett Bird and his date. HOMECOMING DANCE October 31, a magical night that Foothill students may remember for a very long time. This was the night of the annual Homecoming Dance. This year, the dance was held at one of the spacious, elegant Disneyland Hotel ballrooms. Even though it was Halloween night, that didn't distract the Foothill students from coming to the dance with their dates and having a fun time. Despite the semi-formal tone of the dance, couples came dressed in their best evening outfits. Many of the girls wore pretty, fancy dresses, and many of the guys wore snappy suits, perhaps bought just for this special, exciting occasion. Couples got their pictures taken together, and some people took group pictures and pictures with best friends, as a remembrance of the dance. As the night rolled on, energy filled the ballroom dance floor as the coy couples eventually started to loosen up and dance to the upbeat music being played by the live band, the Scandals. And if they stayed on the dance floor long enough, they could possibly catch a slow dance, giving them a perfect opportunity to dance cheek to cheek. "v ,ag S ,k , Q .X Left: Matt Lillard, Kristin Northcote, Tricia Smarsty, and Rob Dee show their overwhelming enthusiasm. Top Left: Allan Baker and Elise Langlois dance all night long. Above: Dallas Coombs and Paul Bowman slowly dance cheek to cheek. HOMECOMING DANCE X s xi F 'N ff' - rfjys g Above: Looking off into the hazy shade of autumn, Chad McHenry ponders on how he can get out of this tangling situa- tion, while Doris Chen tries to help. Top: Charles Ramer takes a hold of the ever so determined Joel Schneider, and tries to take control. Right: Strong in their own lock, Michelle Buse, and Edie Mitchell fight to the finish. HOMECOMING WEEK 'in-.... 9--"W fs. I ,W A Week To Remember -- wwf! ,WN Throughout our school s 25 years of exns tence there have been several changes for the good and for the not so good Thus year marks a change nn Foothlll hlstory It dealt wlth the whole Homecommg Week The change was the format of how thmgs were run Thls year there were no out of control events only those wrth organnzatlon The week conslsted of a float bunldmg contest famlly feud mght recrea t1on mght twlster matches and class arm wres tlmg Famrly Feud mght d1splayed each class ln therr own class dress The Semors took a joy ous vlctory Rec Nnght provlded the sport nn all of us to go ahead and take a part of the v1c1ous actlon m the gym The twlster and arm wrestlmg competntlons took place durmg the lunch hour blues Even though the thought of heavenly charlots and Roman costumes fnlled the mmds of many that was the thmg of the past for now we must move on To the mmds of many thus week marked a new chapter nn Foothlll s book of tradltrons and lt has been a week to remember Above Showmg her enthusrasm for thus twlstmg event Jem Prlce tries to scramble her way out of this one Left Kara KOOI gets ready to give nt her all as Chrlsta Cole laughs heartrly at her facmg competltxon Avid?- HOMECOMING WEEK :I Expect The Unexpected The brlsk autumn mght was llke that of no other For It was on th1s mght that the crowmng of the Homecomlng Queen was to take place Ea gerly awaltmg were the students alumm and the famnhes to watch the court stroll by m thexr con vertlble sports cars The court was comprlsed of Ashley Selman Mlchelle McCa1n Cmdy Ross and Shasle Johnson Therr porcelam expresslons were sparked wlth exuberance as they rode down the track The court grew nervous as the an nouncement of the 1987 Homecomlng Queen drew near The Queenshlp was presented to Ka ren Evans who was qulte surprlsed Golden llghts were dlsplayed 1n the gray sky At the dance the Homecommg K1ng was announced The court conslsted of Adam Halrston Derek Frrtts Kent Madole and Jason Constantme But the wmner not to many peoples surprlse was the lnfamous Jeff Berry It showed that anyone can w1n the top seat of kmg As the nrght progressed the royal court danced the lummescent mght away to only expect the unexpected Above Ashley Selman eagerly awalts the announcement of the queen Top Rlght Clndy Ross reflects ln her smile how happy she fee s Right Mlchelle McCa1n rs honored to be on the court .. f V gi. 1 if , N Opposite Top The 1987 I-lomecommg Court Top Row Adam Halrston Cmdy Ross Ashley Selman and Wunbhdanliile ottom Row Mrchelle McCa1n Kent Madoe Kmg Jef Berry Queen Karen Evans Derek Frrtts and Shasle Johnson Opposite Far Right K1ng Jeff Berry and Queen Karen Evans dance the mght away fi .4 ,K A 9 7 , , , , . ' 1 7 Y 7 ' 7 , . . . 5 ' M, ' ' ' . I I D I N' - A , ' . . ' - --Mr4i,5f::, 41 ,, ' ' l - , , , I . , . , . HOMECOMING COURT Opposite Right Shasxe Johnson warts patlently for the night to start. HOMECOMIN-23 COURT Above: Amy Stienle, Shelly Gagen, David Frutos, and Kent Donally anxiously await those tropical sandy beaches. Right: Dressed in the ever so popular Ha- waiian garb, Jennifer LU, Melanie Madole, Ashley Russler and Denise Fulton enjoy their lunches while thinking thoughts of Ha- wan. 1 SOPHOMORE RECOGNITION DAY Sophomores I-I1t I-Iawau wig' Frnday October 30 the sophomore class brought the I-Iawanan Islands to Foothlll As sophomores began to ar rlve at school dressed as surfers hula dancers tourlsts and casual beach bums they showed their school Splflt for the festlve day of sophomore dress up Students began to greet themselves wnth the common Aloha and they had vlslons of Waknkl Beach They had not let the shock of summer vacatlon belng so far off bother them Instead they hved nt up and looked forward to the ska season As the days aCtlVltl2S started the sophomores brlghtened up the quad w1th an I-Iawanan band and hula dancers They also added some flowers and troplcal decoratnons to hv en up the mood The sun was shlmng brlght as many students gave It thelr best try to keep up wlth the hula danc ers whnle others declded to slt back and enjoy thelr tropncal drunks and pnzza Wlth the many who partlclpated m the Hawau theme It resulted ln a very successful day for the class of 90 Left Rncky Robinson gets a private hula lesson from a tropxcal Island prmcess Top Left Nancy Russel warts patlently for her Don Ho SOPHOMORE RECOGNITION DAY f ,V , : ' if-new 'Ni M 'f ' -my 'win' 7 ',- :m f ' - , ' 2 1: M ,f if A M 1. -vnq,,.-V ,. 'Q3?W'W'5?ifEZ P - CEWH W! A 2 , , awk, . ,V V , K -, !5'f'- HE' V , 'WMVQ' -Aw. - f if ' . --.721 N. M ' 4- "3 'M 'X ' 'W 'Q H"- 1- " ' HW ,rg-"n' ' ' ' Q. ,. Q4 ' ' N ag-f'72f-2 1 iff, -- 'wa 4, , ,, f ,X W-f..Q,,h,I-wfwxgwgsagqrammwuwwgM , ' . ,, ' - 'i 1 if' V ,X ,:,.uufg-19-,wesag v Hfiwsf , F' " 1" " 'A :J ' ' , - ' ,ffl-' ' Q. ma i" 1 I " x ,- V N P i A 4 ni- i ' pf ': ff L52 ,g Q f K ' '5 . 1, ' "ffA"k A lf V 1 I 'Q - in , 5 Apfwffyg ,M if 1 A ,K .E If .4 5' x s., A ff pw 'H 2, ,, -A j ' ' ' , 1 M A . A W 'NEP Q i? 3Af5T ' A I ,, f , , WW- H ' 'M A -1, A -:Q X ,MX V - I Q., MMA: w i 4 ya g, . Q J' vi . ' fx: V 1 '1' 'MT "' N ' ' ' 'M - ' i ' 'A . wfasiwg WW M nn,3'5f4T htm . ' - . , ,V 'W 1 ,N ,A 1-j, YL 4 n .fy " X ,f ' 'Aww' l ' : ,- we H f 1 ""W""1l'3-" ' V-V 'IQf,Ea:.wV M QL! vw ffw y . -V W2 ' rv , V V W 1 f':':,n ' , .ip "-' ' V 2, if-, 45 , Q Q-My W. a.. b , , A -. A V f 5 .gi , L 1 N - , 'ILS' af 5,21 im"- M' 'i - 'f' '- ' 'l' -if - if V 3 . I kg15r:i'gif 4 Q gif'-L'5 'K 'gi' P . 4.1 . M jx ' ' ' ' - . Y : , ,Q ' A fl J: 12' fr '., 1 ' JQf?9?3'3' "5 , ., M. i?ff'?w ff f 53? ' f 'U' ' V' 555327 ' 1" L M N 1 4 ,Wh 'sv if my wp , ww dw V f- ,X we W J UW 1 , wwf fvjfj , . " w, fn Mfwf-fi? Y 4 ,, ..w5W M 4'-w'w'wfwmww-...www-mm: . 'fl N """"""""Lf - 'if 7' V I R' W 17 -11. - Y ,Q1A.,f.4Q., ::,w-egcgg,-4L:vw vs-ww ' ' M ' '-W 'b" -f - V -'-, .ww-f-M 'A , -----N--wanna W -a..a:...w'Hw" fllllrn- ll hw .M if fi! 'Q ri!" Sfllzawi nl ll ,v 1 'a .MJ l .I .x n nb - R Ae -"' --,,..,..,, 3.1 3 kt -5' '-in I 4 J A j- if R, -can M T "EQ X ' ' P33f':'g,'j?w "' .. 5 X ' f My -ik fN ,ff J I 3:3 Y A V M 3:4 tv s-gf.. is .. 'Q' " fx 5 ' 6 I 5 -..- J. ,3 ,fd . X . ' M : 2' 1 MM ' S ' I aw ay X xr, le. 'ii x af i 1 w Q 1 :'f7', ' 'f"i'Y j' ,X f K 1?'E:Qg li Q - , g l ' ' W i off' ' Wit' Hi ' W- V -K .,, ff? , M..,. gi. i HW! 'U " Q El E Mm: -,-i 5 'A' "'T"?"'H?3' i w W: f Hwmuw' "-"" "nf f"':""" ,um 1 W .. M cmrunnm - M. A ,R 4 5 'TW f""""A' 'Nl-ww ' Y -, 'M W ,swim 15-1 .Q wp- 'fl 'wi M 1,,..,,,.w-r J T any Q Vi X + 5 I .ml H in -Arm-WMANW M :Z hw jr, K 1 , My 3 1 ,MH rw, A N V f 'Www-gf, 5. N ' Q W Mn LW - f W FIM Wim? Q fs XT M .Mag m5"f,B.,7Q,,m:WgM.5w'35:,, . , , , , A HVA' Q , W W.,,..1 RIOGRANDESQUTHESNN 'MW r . . Wamf v. , I ff? RQ- 2' 'E' ? Wu 55-li? .a fl 'Q 3,9 M. I 'X Ag. 1,3-' .N 1- QL if ' -' ' f ig Q av kg, as 1 '-lr 1' Above: Brenna Dumerton and Michele Terranova, partners in crime. Top Left: Frank Busalacchi, Dave Gesler, Seth Yakatan, Mike Shepard, Corey Scrivens, Dan lftiger, Jason Zweigle, and Matt Yates, what an impressive bunch. Right: Michelle Stenmark and Michelle Lowe hang loose in their genie outfits. SENIOR MUNCH Morning Madness to school picture on Shannon Guarnacci s lap about the Munch Bright and early at 7:30 in the morning on October 14th, the weary Foothill Seniors gathered at Knotts Berry Farm for the Senior Munch breakfast as part of the Senior activities this year. Everyone dressed up in various outrageous, colorful, original, humerous cos- tumes. There were many people dressed up as preg- nant nuns escorted by priests, and a lot of Mexicans and other creative outfits. The Munch was held in a popular coffee house at Knotts, where inside was filled with chattering, hungry Seniors anticipating their breakfasts which consisted of scrambled eggs, fresh hot biscuits, potatoes and other tasty breakfast fixins. After breakfast was finished, the entertainment be- gan. This year, a comedian had been hired to put on a show for the Munch crowd. He was very funny and kept everyone laughing through the morning. Then, , after breakfast and entertainment, the big Senior Munch group picture was taken in a selected area of Knotts Soon after the Munch came to an end and eventually everyone made their way hesitatmgly back Left Kari Newcom stops for a second to take a quick Top Left John Collins looking beautiful as Snow White Above Kimber Bryant and Teri Morgan look excited ' v 1 l . . y . , - SENIOR MUNCH Suiplin U IU LIS cn -U ffl Q 3? :- 'U DP O rn For the past 25 years, the journey to become the ultimate Foothill Knight begins during one's freshmen year and continues until the senior year is reached. As depicted from the picture, the lives of everyday freshmen are portrayed by Susie Lu- bell and John Scardino. It is evident that fitting into the high school scene can be very difficult for most fresh- men. Scardino is looking a little bummed at the thought that he could still fit into a trashcan. Perhaps, he wished that he had not slammed into these seniors during his rush to his World Cultures class to beat the tar- dy bell. It also appears that Lubell is confused as she seeks guidance from her library book. Never fear, soon enough these greenhorns will have learned the ropes. Mrs. Fujimoto will have been relieved from her duty of issuing school maps to the lost wan- derers. Just as the school nurse won't have to continually restock the band-aid supplies for those who lose their balance while running through the halls. As these freshmen grow, they will have developed the quali- ties found in the supreme Foothill Knight to get a true feel for the high school scene. Upon entering sophomore year, one has made the second big step of four up the ladder of supremacy. To the right, there is the depiction of sophomores having a glimpse of ex- actly what "responsibility" entails. Alison Olivera and David Frutos en- joy the future aspects presented to them as they enter into a whole new world of experiences including, be- hind-the-wheel, and their first part time job. Here, it is evident that Oli- veira has survived behind-the-wheel and has lived through her permit test. There is a sense of excitement portrayed by Frutos as he "shows offf' his Biology and Health books. Sophomores also have a chance to relive Julius Caesar and The Good Earth in their literature classes. The administration did not waste any time in preparing sophomores for college with the opportunity to take the N.E.D.T. and P.S.A.T. To some, sophomore year is nothing more than a second year of high school. To the rest it is a challenging stepping stone to a successful high school ca- reer. xx A , 'lx Brad Smith and Julie Lerch exhibit the freedom the juniors gained once they be- came upperclassmen. The juniors are now authorized to drive, many with their own cars. Aside from this, the upperclassmen attain the honor of studying to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Brad explains his test taking tips to Lerch while she dreams about her date to the Junior f Sen- ior Prom, which she is now eligible to go to. Juniors took on higher paying jobs like office work, catering, and working for their fathers. Juniors also hit a fashion peak when they have received their per- sonalized class rings. Although these up- perclassmen now have many privileges, they also have many responsibilities. They must start planning for the future and buckle down in classes like Chemistry, History and Algebra 2. Trips to colleges and to universities are done now. This age in high school is basically stable as most juniors have made great achievements in their interests such as sports, clubs, and friends. This lead the juniors closer to becoming the ultimate Knight, having es- tablished many of the characteristics needed. Having finally reached perfection, Ve- ronica Vasquez and Tom Adams are psyched about being seniors. They toast each other to their conquest with their stylishly original senior mugs. They are obviously excited and anxious for gradu- ation as they model their graduation gowns. At this point in high school, the seniors are at their peak. Having senior privileges such as shortened classes and permission to leave school for lunch have certainly helped to ease the shocking blow of attending school. Special Senior Munches and other activities have also added fun to make this year even more bearable. Many Foothill students express their excitement for the future by wearing college sweatshirts. After having exper- ienced four years at Foothill the Knights of the class of 1988 are the finished prod- uct of success. They will be missed by the students, faculty and friends at Foothill, but will never be forgotten. Their prowess will serve as an example to the remaining underclassmen in showing them how to become the ultimate Knight. BUILDING ON A KNIGHT On Junior Recognition Day, Foothill High School's quad gave the students an example of what the streets of Los Angeles looked like. They dressed up and showed us all their class spirit by being dressed up as gangsters all the way to movie stars. They also made it complete with leather pants, chains, and hair nets. Of course we can not forget the ladies as bag ladies all complete with torn clothes, and the shopping carts. Even though the traditional dress up day did not last all week, the juniors gave it their best. The juniors had to wait to show their spirit until Friday. After the juniors devoured their L.A. lunch which consisted of tacos, ice cream, and Cokes, they had walked over to the quad area for some sheer Holly- wood entertainment. The entertainment consisted of a real disc jockey, a water dunking booth, hula dancers, and much more. With the start of the new dress up tradition, the juniors showed their spirit to the fullest. Top Right: Craig Turk is just doing business with Rick Green. Above: Amy Garrison smiles pretty, while Marian Chen just stands cute. Right: Gary Latona, Tom Adams, and Joanna Brooks, all smile with Gary the "Birthday Boy!" JUNIOR RECOGNITION DAY L.A.'s The Place -- 'fs wr Top Jeff Thomas Troy Icenhower Davld Mtlle Jeff Hufnagel Blll Kellogg Kathy MacKmtosh Erlc Kottke and Dave Clayton get mto the spmt of thmgs Above Jenmfer Hutton and Clndn Pedersen dress for the occaslon Left Robert Valenta and Chrls Patton check out the campus while Erm Ferns says somethmg totally blzarre to Julie Near who daydreams 1nto space K i - 2 ' It ,.... ..,. . ' 3 T Y 7 7 Y , Y . , , . ' Y JUNIOR RECOGNITION DAY Semors Get On October 30 1987 the Foothlll semors took thelr clubs m hand to partlcxpate m the annual dress up day festnvntles Contrary to the former tradltnonal toga theme Foothlll guys and gurls put on thelr ragged ammal sklns and roamed among the creatrve props of dmosaurs and folnage creatlng the new pr1m1t1ve theme Most guys resembled Fred Flmtstone and Bam Bam whule the glrls looked luke Pebbles and Wnlma Grrls had bones on them and 1n thelr haxr Guys dls played fashlonable long hanred w1gs and fuzzy footwear To start out th1s new tradn tlon all the students gathered rn the gymna class competntuons Afterwards the semors barbarncally ate thenr lunches whlch could be bought from the various food stands that were set up mn the cafeterla Many students were skeptlcal about the change nn Feast And Joust but after the event was under way enthusnasm could be sensed Senlor dress up day turned out to be a great suc cess Above Mlke MacK1nnon rergns over the rest of the cave clan Top Right Katre Lewls and Tern Morgan splurge on a nutrltlous lunch Right Seth Yakatan and Kelly Sawyer make a charmlng royal couple Pr1m1t1ve 9 7 1 7 i , . . - . . , . , . h sium to cheer on their brave classmates in ' 9 , - 9 ' I r .-,. ft SENIOR RECOGNITION Left: Anne Schwab, Eddie Jimenez, and Jennifer Luna, two cave women for every guy. Below: Randy Spears in thought, what goes through a cave man,s mind? Bottom: Shannon Singer, Cindy Lin, Allison Hayman, Sarah Left, and Esther Springett-the Brontosaurous family. SENIOR RECOGNITION DAY 143 Top: Marc Hansen wants to catch some Baja waves while Neal Garcia and Colin Crosby kick back and enjoy the good life. Right: Showing off her beautiful sombrero, Heather Schneider enjoys the fruits of a good fiesta. FRESHMAN RECOGNITION DAY Arrlba arrlba andele andele y1 y1 yr Speedy Gonzales says Freshman class h1t the border on a beautlful October day we wnll all remember at Foothlll I-hgh School Excltement fxlled the land south of the border known as the quad wnth frnendly senors and senormtas who spent t1me together sharmng thelr fake smokes and orlgmal mexlcan blankets The cool crowd fantaslzed about havnng lowered 67 Chevy s wnth tmted wlndows and fuzzy green dlce hangmg from thenr rearvlew mlrrors The people from Los Angeles I-lawan and even the caves 1o1ned ln the flesta of eatlng dehcnously greasy tacos along wxth other foods sold nn another part of campus Although Julxo Iglesla was not per formxng people appreclated the young DJ s mu slc by dancmg wlldly m the quad Unfortunately thls beautlful day of celebratmg was brought to an end but not the vlsrons of colorful pmatas dark shades and bug sombreros that he 1n the memo rles of the handsome senors and beautlful senorl as Top Jeff Fnshbeck shows enthuslasm to Left Colm Crosby seems very content as he IS taking an afternoon slesta F1esta Tlme For Freshmen -- rr . . , , . . ..,,, as H .' . H D . . H H t. . . .- 7 llllil get working. in the fields. 1 FRESHMAN RECOGNITION DAY A Formal Fantasy At the start of the long awanted Winter Break the 1987 Formal turned out to be qulte a fantasy especlally for 12 young men and women who were selected for the Formal Court due to the excellent servxce they ve glven to Foothlll Hugh The court conslsted of prm cesses Susan Brown Dma NlCOlal Stephanle Schwartz Paula Valle and Shrrley Wu The prmces were Paul Cash John Collms Bryan Hannegan Matt L1llard and Mike Marchettn Each member of the court was full of antxclpa tion and excltement as the kmg and queen of the Foothlll 1987 Wlnter Formal Dance were to be announced Wlth a suspenseful drumroll It was dlscovered that Paula Valle and Paul Cash had captured the crowns In a royal celebration Kung Paul and Queen Paula fulfilled thelr fanta sy by sharxng a romantnc dance whlch wlll be a fond memory forever Above Juhe Dunn Ed Loonam Tom Haw kms and Chrlsta Bryant wonder what Mrke Crowell has been up to Top Right Brlan Costanza and Malle Lxlly are happy to be at a formal together Bottom Right: Queen Paula Valle and Kmg Paul Cash are a ravlshlng royal couple , . D . , . : , . . ., . Y 7 ' y . , . .' ' . , . ' 9 4 its Q WINTER FORMAL COURT Above: The 1987 Winter For- mal Court: Top Row: Matt Lil- lard, John Collins, Mike Ma- chetti and Bryan Hannegan. Bot- tom Row: Shirley Wu, Dina Ni- colai, King Paul Cash, Queen Paula Valle, Susan Brown, and Stephanie Schwartz. Left: Matt Phillips, Sarah Shaw, Tricia Smarsty, Rob Dee, Andy Dabney, Casey Martin, Alison Yarberry, Brian Wright, Matt Bear, and Kim Bairami know what sophistication is all about. WINTER FORMAL COURT 7 p.m. "Mom, Dad, I only need a couple hundred dollarsl, What time is it?, Where is he?, Is he late?, What time do I have to be home?, Where's the tick- ets?, Do I look alright?, Oh gosh . . . there's a run in my nylons! I-IELPV' As signs of rainy weather, snow top mountains and seasonally lit houses appear, girls at Foothill High School begin to get nervous. Especially when that day came to ask that rad babe to the December 19th Winter Formal Dance. This exciting night at the Anaheim Convention Cen- ter served as a fun-filled remembrance before the New Year to come. Some couples enjoyed a romantic even- ing, being driven around in a flashy limousine to dinner and the dance. Others enjoyed a quick bite to eat at Dennys, overloading their cars just to get to the dance and show their stuff on the dance floor. The band, Heirborne, was a smashing hit. 10 a.m. "Mom, Dad, dinner was fabulousl, Didn't my date look great?, The band was outrageous! I can't wait till the next Foothill High Dance!" WINTER FORMAL DANCE fi! Formal F rolics Top left Mxke Sardo and Llsa Rm con are all smiles tomght Top right Lookmg ravlshly Marl anne WllllamS and Cathle Hupe pose for the camera man Left Susan Brown and Jim Alver son Greg Whlte and Cmdy Wagon er slow the speed down for a ro mantlc dance to Helrborne Opposite page top Portraymg Queen Mlke Marchettx looks speechless due to the fact he has so many dates Klrkham Charhe Cleary Cmdy Cummlngs Scott Leon and Greg Amrofell stuff themselves out of thelr hmo sun roof catchmg all of the actxon Opposite page bottom Exhaust ed from dancmg All Gnlbreath Vxr gmla Whlpple Eleanor Tabachmk Joyce Truban Tracy Nlshlyama and Laura Leong take a break to gossxp about thexr dates bottom left 207 Opposite page Who dropped the I if Opposite page middle: Tracy S . WINTER FORMAL DANCE Above: Mrr Ryan, Mr. Githens, and Sheri Alterman rush to get a good seat. Top: Brad Cornier, Laura Dutrisac, Brett Bloom, Glenn Nicole, Jason Constantine and Christine Karcher dig in together. Right: Alex Kiritschenko and John Scherbarth enthusi- astically cheer for their team's horseman. II Medieval F un NIGHTIME SENIOR MUNCH Foothill High School's second Senior Munch this year was held at the unique Medieval Times Restau- rant. Students who went to the munch found themselves having a fantastic time wearing paper crowns, eating their dinners with their fingers, and cheering on the jousters in the huge, sand filled are- na in the middle of the restaurant. The jouster, dressed in Medieval costume, put on a great action filled performance. The King andQueen of Medieval Times did their duty of nobly presiding over the eveningls festivities. After dinner and the show there was dancing and music for everyone to enjoy. Everyone who went to the munch came back to school with good comments for their friends about the fun time they had. gi Above: Sara Valdez, Valerie Nozick and Carrie Thompson are seen having a gay old time. Top: Kari Newcum courageously puts a flag at the end of the horseman's pole. Left: Gretchen Schershel and Holly Pohlman are overwhelmed by their chickens. NIGHTIME SENIOR MUNCH CD "1 f-+ J Q ll cn 'U rn Q :IP 1- 'U 3? Q rn The high school scene added a new slice of life in our Garden Of Delight. It brought the students a chance to expand their dating horizons to better things. High school marked the beginning for some a chance to share their life with someone else, and for others it brought a chance to explore the vast dating field. For most students this social time came much sooner than for others. But like every- one else, these elite few had to have experienced the pros and cons of the "first date" The first date for most people has it's set backs. After hours of careful preparation, some experience a sense of nervousness. Clammy palms, dry throat- and lack of communication drags on as the night pro- gresses. But after the dinner, and movie you feel more at ease with the person. This is not so bad after all, for it was now that the art of dating has been mastered. Right: Carefully preparing for the big night on the town, Juliet Deckart makes sure her impression will last. Middle: That sly guy Gary Latona, makes the old yawning and stretching act, while Juliet Deckart seems a little bit tense. Top Right: Juliet Deckart and Gary Latona enjoy a simple meal at the house for the first date. Top Left: Gary Latona, like any perfect gentleman brings flowers to Juliet Deckart, who is impressed. 1 ll' I ' i f if l . . .. W:,.,azm my f gym fem Ji 'S if P ,ii A X f ,gf X Af' AD' High School couples were a remarkable item of interest. They were the ones who walked comfortable hand in hand down the crowded halls. They were the ones who sneaked a kiss and a hug before class began. Finally, they were the ones who are together forever. Those few couples that were present were utterly inseperable with each other's companionship. The big difference between the steady couple, and the couple that is just started out seeing each other, is the rate of date. The serious couple goes for the cheaper way sometimes, for all they need is each other's presence. As the sun slowly sets into dusk, the couple have planned a night of enchantment, for they were together once again. Top: For a quick meal before seeing a movie, long time couple Eric Kottke, and Kathy Mackintosh prepare to dig in as Scott Murray brings them their meal. Middle: Eric Kottke sweetly serenades his love, Kathy Mackintosh. Bottom: Sharing is the name of the game at mealtime for Kathy Mackintosh and Eric Kottke. DATING Pajama Party lt was a flrst at Foothlll Hngh as the students gathered m the gym for a Pajama Dance on February 12 Students began to arrlve dressed m boxer shorts mght gowns sweats and some dragged along the1r favorlte teddy bear to dance the nlght away At flrst the students seemed a llttle hesxtant about the or1g1nal new theme but once the dance started the enthusx asm lncreased Everyone was out to have fun and they certamly suc ceeded The crowd danced to the sound of the dxsc jockeys untll 12 00 when the dance ended As the mght came to an end It was evldent that a good tlme was had by all who attended It w1ll be ln terestmg to see lf the Pajama Dance w1ll turn mto a Foothlll tra dltlon Above Jason Constantme and Kent Madole woke up to a new dance. Top Erlc Kottke Davld Clayton and Davld Muller know how to dance pajama style Right Kara Madsen llkes to boogle m her P J s -- 1 Q a a ' 1 . , . 1 ' 3 7 Q . . . 7 . PAJAMA DANCE Left: Tracy Stiverson, Sara Valdez, Georgette Poude- vigne, and Kate Kosuth are ready for sweet dreams tonight. Top: Brian Chodowski, Joe Franco, Steve Peterman, Joey Lema, and Matt McFadden wonder who to dance with. Above: Nicole Herr and Pat George are waiting for the next dance. PAJAMA DANCE ,M ki S W if 2 ,iqvfag 4 H ,4 if Z? 3 'Q,,,,fg,gr'rff, My W 'Z 'tx , 'rf-M! rr a aat , .i f i 1' wt Different strokes for different folks, or so they say, Music brought relaxation during hard times for some, for it is a means of escape. Throughout the years our taste of music changes also from disco to punk, to hard rock top 40. Whatever your taste may be, most people idolize a certain rock figure that had brought new depth and dimension in their world. If your idol was Ian Curtis, Rat Scabies, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bry- an Ferry, to Springsteen, Peter Murphy, or Morrissey, the student can relax to the lyr- ics. This past year for music brought back the dance scene and clubs. Whatever you fancy music wise, rock'n'roll is here to stay. Right: Classics from: Queen, Led Zeppelin, AC DC, and the Kinks, the roots of music. Middle: It's trench coat and Vespa time as we look back at the early Mod scene: Greats from Madness, Specials, Selector, The Beat, and Bad Manners. Top: A classic in itself: The Wall from Pink Floyd. ' ,hf'..rf:-- 'f . , 1. ' rf' W fr? ,,, 1 1, 11, j A Mr 0,1 Ay, 3 I ' , Qlflffg O E 1 .axis - . x. H . KX , ig , l - - K I V, ii. - f - . an f - ' 'lf ' -I 'K ....'...:.x .sn ,W ,ws-- fs . . , -sg: .H ,sf , 2- f : in XX, 1.6. Q 7 - ,wx ww., 11 -. - - " wx 5 X Q' X an i 5 1- K ir is V .QMS Q ..q., .. 3 6 r .t ki K is S x i X Nw Q swag X. W X X Q si lsr 1' K gs, 5 is It. A ESR ,N Q X . . Above: Some old Top 40 al- bums Top Right: Early albums that made Oingo Boingo what they are today. Top Left: Classic Rush albums. Middle: The Boss, what more can be said. Left: Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sis- ters Of Mercy, and Tones On Tail, in their heyday. TRADlTlON OF MUSIC Knee Slappln Sadles Above Marrym Sam weds a couple m holy hlll bllly matrxmony Top Mlchelle Webb Cathy Shortall Karen Hernandez and Katle Hernandez pose for a stag plcture Right Frank Busalacchl takes Jemfer PTICQ for a swmg around the dance floor 4 U, R . 9 . . . ' 1 1 v SADIE HAWKINS 15" ,,,4-f On March 12, 1988, all of Foot- hill's Daisy Mays and Joe Bobs turned out for the knee slappin' Sa- die Hawkins Dance in the Foothill gymnasium. The dance was hosted by a video D.J. who set up two big screens for everyone to either dance to the cool music or watch the videos. Among the Sadie Haw- kins court winners were Frank Bu- salacchi and Jenifer Price for the Senior class, Chris Lema and Robin Mayemura for the Junior class, John Shanahan and Melanie Ma- dole for the Sophomore class, and Kristin Miller and Paul Constantine for the Freshman class. Marryin' Sam wed couples, and everyone took pictures with everyone else. Yee Haw. Above: Glen Nicol, behind Mary Richardson and Katie Kambes- tand, still waiting. Top: Collin Crosby, Stephanie Short, Lisa Marquis, and Traci Shields prove that some were having more fun than others. Left: J.P. and Susanne Marietta take a picture for mom and dad. SADIE HAWKINS 1987 was a time to remember the tradition of spirit in our pep assem- blies. This remarkable year brought about a surge of burning energy to participate within the student body. Although our stunt squad performed their acrobatic abilities to perfection, the dedicated ASB made the assem- blies worth watching. ASB planned events that made each class proud of their grade. With the yelling class competitions, and the return of the gauntlet act, came participation from the whole student body. Also the as- semblies were touched by the pres- sence of remarkable basketball and the clever Wish Fairy, who brought joy to all. A great hand of apprecia- tion to the Pep Squad and to ASB, for they brought back the true mean- ing of the word spirit, which is the key to success. Above: Ricky Robinson tries to get down the ladder of stu- dents, in order to participate in the competition. Top: The ever so impressive Junior Varsity Squad finish with flair. Right: Practicing their chorus line, Myke Gorup, and Jane Ojanpera prove the secret to success. PEP ASSEMBLIES A Key To Success Above: Jackie Gibbs and Paul Constantine master the Art of candy cane passing arch of spectacular spirit Left: After completing a rigorous pep routine, Bernice Wu jumps for joy Top: The Varsity Cheer and the Songleaders combine to form an PEP ASSEMBLIES L. O O' eloaclxg ll O SU cn 'U rn Q DP :- 'U 39 CU rn Responsibility comes with the territory through a job. A job usually marked the beginning of your own financial indepen- dance from your parents. Now the student could earn extra spending money or save your earnings for bigger and more promising things. Most students take a job to fulfill their car demands with insurance payments, while others have saved their hard earned money for college. But whatever the student spends his money on, they would have used some skills taught in school. For receptionist work, one perfects their typing and note taking skills. Still others display their public relations skills for profit. Whatever the work, a job can hold many benefits for your future. Right: Brad Wosinski brilliantly displays his joy for work, while wiping that window. Top: Kurt Smith also enjoys his work at a frozen yogurt store. Mr. , ,, ma: 'V H it ' H 5 M. 5 "rf, 3 W 3 W 7 if 5-9. ,M in ,A V , C . WMM, ,WMM riff' J XQRTSH if We - f ,yin ww xt xx 1 5' 35 it K2 5- Above: Filling up the tank to the rim, Brad Wosinski does it with precision. Top Right: Kurt Smith helps the hungry in a delicious way. Top Left: Brad Wosinski gets perturbed at the fact that someone keeps taking silly pictures of him. Left: Kurt Smith loves to pull that yogurt handle. JOBS E. E :s CO Z5 '-1 DJ Ev :h o I3 i100 Pl- 'J' 0 UT C il f-+- ii CU U3 SPECIAL PAGE Tradition and excellence both hold true when referred to Foothill's ability to excel to the high- est in Academics, Clubs, and Athletics. But Ac- tivities this past year mixed old and new ideas and created a promising future for the social atmo- sphere right here at Foothill. During the 25 years of existance, Foothill has maintained the supreme quality in organization for pep assemblies, and dances. ASB and the student body provided what was known as the most energetic assemblies in a long time. The old senior toga concept was gone, and the new night time senior munch was here. For the first 25 years, the Activities tradition burned bright, with a few more sparks here and there. What is in store for activities in the future? Well, until the next chapter, activities will contin- ue with success. . Right: Katie Lewis, and Dina Nicolai lead the crowd in a traditional cheer. Top: Looking artistically dapper, Greg Difronzo ponders on his paintbrush, Above: Looking forward to the weekend, Kristin Herts- gaard is content on her weekend plans. "w.,.mW its X 1 K 2 X 2 g. 5 if X . W This as .X wfx,.,s. Ji ,,. Fifi L"V?:Qi:fff: if 73. -, ' asc r ?k'li"f'Mf"'-TSS' Wifi- 'AQ' i w 2 ww ssswso f H z: at .. -A455 S K K . Q f L an L V X on :W V, g .r Saws!! Q V. A 'N l .i e" ,:. , .Zi:, - 1 ip A - ff . 1, - A f l gif K-it xi ' . Above: A new social scene for many students, the Main Place offers a new experience for shopping. Top: Matt Yates, Mike Shepard, Mike Gonzalez, Dave Gesler, Corey Scrivens, Morgan Ferris, and Chris Veje enjoy themselves at the senior night time munch. Middle: Booging down to the cool disco beat, John Mountain, Scott Barton, and Eric Garcia perfect their moves. Bottom: Melanie Martin and Jill Evans finish up their work in order to go to the dance on Saturday. THEME Right: Bob Lutz perseveres to the finish line. Bottom Left: Kerry Lodgard returns the ball to the opposing side. Bottom right: Michelle McCain takes a stiff position with her opponent. ' ut. , , Y , 1, .Q " Tk: , ' gf nf-'WZLQQ f . ,L yum VV,,,, r,,,, V, kttyk , ,, 4. W Y M , ,. ,, ,Hhs eye' M Y if , f, , , - , J fy' ,V of r A www' ff X W' tl! Mita-a-0 ,ff ,11' 11" If' ,1-' 11' ,IZ I If 1,1 ' Building Q ,, l V ,Z f' I .Z J YT' L . SPORTS Yii' if if lf 11' if if 1' if lf' ll? if . if if 11' l ll! 11" Athletics are a vital part of Foothill's unprecedented reputation. Through hard work and unfaltering dedica- tion, Foothill's athletes strived to reach the pinnacle of success and personal satisfaction. Possessing raw or po- tential talent would not be enough. Working together as a team, practicing hours on end, generating enthusiasm, refining skills, and making sacrifices could only add up the formula of success. Athletes were faced with the challenge this year of living up to the standards embla- zened in 25 years of excellence. With such great talent and incentive to be the best, Foothill refused to disap- point adament supporters. There is a sport for every individual taste. Soccer, water polo, track, and volleyball are only a few of a vast variety offered. One sport should not be considered better than another. Rather, each should be seen as equal, but different, contributing to the strength of the school and teaching individuals to become part of a cooperative team. Sports not only strengthens the body, but also the mind and the human spirit. Left: Randy Kellerman sets up for the pass. ' SPORTS A F HS OPP Garden Grove Katella Tustin Santa Ana Villa Park S.A. Valley Canyon I 3 2 2 3 3 2 1 El Modena 3 3 0 0 3 3 2 1 3 l Right: Varsity: Back Row: S. Schwartz, A. Steinle, D. Nicolai, H. Pollack, T. Foxe, Coach Lesurer. Front Row: T. Sadler, A. Hayman, S. Singer, S. Allen. Bottom: J.V.: K. Lodgard, S. Gagen, J. Ehret, S. Rasmussen, M. Labat, S. Hilsabeck, H. Harmon, C. Cutliff, K. Walker, C. Bryant, J. Beehan, A. Gazzaniga. Bottom Right: FroshfSoph: Top: C. Norquist, T. Kirkham. Middle: K. Shortall, K. Hernandez, K. Alford. Bottom: A. Krofton, C. Reid, T. Reid, M. Webb. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL , ' The Froshf Soph team after a victorious meeting. '7' -Mx Tina Sadler is airborne once again. True Talent As the Volleyball season of '87 came to a close, the teams went out knowing they had a gratifying season. Led by rookie Coach Lesuer, the Varsity Volleyball team had no problem in putting more points on their side than most other teams did. As many a team found out, the volleyball squad of '87 was pretty well up on top. All three teams prac- ticed hard and played hard to give what they could. Tanya Foxe, Tina Sadler, and team- mates put out a strong effort on their part to secure a positive side of the game, as well as the experience. The J.V. team also im- proved as the season prolonged, as so did the Froshf Soph players. Both ending in a fairly normal season and expected to be- come even stronger in the near future. As for the Varsity team, their future looks excit- ing with returning players and new hopefulls that will boost the team even more. Volley- ball is picking up, and each year even better. Sandy Rasmussen flips the ball over the other team. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL I-I O Polo Takes League Foothill continued its winning tradition in waterpolo with another successful season this year. Led by goalie Artie Castro and seven other returning players, the varsity finished with a 19 win and only 9 loss season overall. In Century League action the team was 5 and 0. This undefeated record assured the Knights of winning the league title and gaining a playoff berth. The team made it to the second round of CIF play before losing a tough game to Corona Del Mar. As in the past, Foothill relied on teamwork rather than just one player. "Everyone worked together and the team's scor- ing was pretty much even," said team captain A.J. Palluck. At the beginning of the year the team set a goal to beat archrival Villa Park, and that is exactly what they did, 12 to 9. Along with the Villa Park game, one of the season's highlights was competing in the Stanford tournament, where the team fin- ished with a very respectable 3 and 2 record. This is an important tournament because college coaches watch for prospects. Along with the team's league title, Rob Reynolds received the Century League MVP. Foothill goes for the ball at the start of a period A.J. Palluck and Jason Leach celebrate after a goal. ve, ..rf Varsity goes over the game plan between quarters. Rob Reynolds looks for the open man VARSITY H20 Above: Back Row: Coach Jim Brumm, Pete Schuler, Adam Musch, Brian Cas- tandya, Brett Cowdell, Chris Myhra, Coach Dave Simcox. Middle Row: Greg Welch, Craig Stuart, Jason Leach, Rob Reynolds, Andrew Maclachlam, A.J. Palluck, Chuck Davis. Front Row: Dan Ernst, Joshua Lin, Artie Castro, Todd Brock, Ron Scott, Mitch Jones. Right: Artie Castro makes a diving save. Below: Brian Costanza works for the open shot. may FHS OPP 16 S.A. Valley 7 26 Santa Ana 5 12 Villa Park 9 21 El Modena 2 10 Canyon 7 VARSITY H O The Future Is Bright Foothill's varsity wasn't the only team with a great record in waterpolo this year. The J.V.'s and Froshf Soph carried on where the varsity left off. The J .V. team finished the year with an impressive 12 and 4 record overall. In league the team was 3 and 1. The FroshfSoph team under the guidance of Coach Delong ended the season with a 13 and 6 record overall. In Century League play the Knights were 3 and 1. The team's only league loss came in a close game with Villa Park. As for next year and the future of Foothill waterpolo, things look very good. Next year's varsity team will have several returning players along with excellent personnel moving up from the J.V. and FroshfSoph teams. On next year's team Coach Simcox had this to say, "Next year we have a very good chance to repeat as league champs and even win CIF." E ,f .4 A KJ U Dominique Manzo blocks while Chuck Davis takes aim 6 LQ-L3af"t' W' l xp ji st- 'sf' ., aria. ,L The J.V.'s shoot and score. W s,-' ' Q 'twkailvvf Coach Delong gives the team a few pointers. Brad Otoupalik goes up to block a shot J.V. H20 X f wwf X Above Left: Judd Leach takes aim. Above Right: Coach Delong makes a stand for his team. Left: Back Row: Brad Otoupalik, C. Myrha, Scott Griswold, Coach Tom Delong, Chris Casteel, Zach Holder, Mark Hansen. Middle Row: Jason Salata, Brian Galey, Matt Grahm, Liam Murphy, Dominic Manzo. Front Row: Craig Metcalfe, Collin Crosby, Mark Delvaux, Judd Leach. J.V. H20 4.41 5,2311 vin, ' KJ E, .1 - - ' A SQA! fx M -X ,S . Qi L X V Li - i '1.,glL-x' xg .ao , Q' , ap-fi ' 1 Sir ' 5k , K, r 'Q V Mig in K .. i . Qu , I . R 'S J 1' ir J 3 N x Q QA ' ii, i I V W -.W r : X A . X' fi V53 ' ' o lf, s, 9 ,Q . y W 4' s , . ' ,, V1 , 1 if v ' T U ' 0 W if 5' ' ' ' V XM ,kg , , , ' g W f 5 ' ' , ,X Q K ar . ,.,h , ,,, .. X I ' , X - + ik 2? . ,,. .., V ,, ,A ,,,, T L .Erik ix nw . E . . FHS oPP f 21 Riverside Poly 14 13 Marina 7 . 14 Tustin 0 22 Canyon 6 . 19 Westminster 28 6 Santa Ana 14 ' . John Mountain on his daily run. an Q-sa,g.s..'r's1 - , .f A v r I a . . X ' 5543325 S 'Qi' 'ik r , .ga , 5 rf 3 - . H A A t .F Ir J.-.X fu-v. f -S' ' Back Row:F. Bussalachi, T. Hawkins, D. Todd, S. McCarthur, A. Hairiston, D. Fritts, D. Sprayberry, J. Constantine, M. Newcomb, J. Mountain, R. Schafer, M. Russel, G. Nicol. Fifth Row: J. Hairiston, B. Byrd, D. Gesler, M. Marchetti, M. Higgens, T. Collins, D. Anselmo, E. Garcia, D. Iftiger, C. Schmidt, B. Deeses, J. Bennett. Fourth Row: S. Quinn, C. Keyler, D. Alverson, P. Thorton, S. Seaver, C. Scrivins, S. Ball, M. Shepard, M. Yates, D. Steiner, B. Parks, B. Bloome. Third Row: T. Delnoce, G. Johnson, C. Ressler, M. Veje, D. Butler, M. Horton, P. Richard, W. Van Pelt, G. White, D. Addy, K. Madole. Second Row: A. Fragassi, S. Yakatan, K. Astor, R. Jackson, M. Womack, R. Ross, J. Bennett, S. Barton, K. Cops, A. Chambers, C. Veje. Front Row: B. Bridenbecker, M. Gonzalez, B. Chowdowski, A. Afrasiabi, B. Kellog, J. Reed, R. Telson, R. Kellerman, E. Loonam, D. Healy. VARSITY FOOTBALL i The J.V. defense is ready for action. , M Ardavan Afrasiabi tries to break a tackle. Coach Howell ponders on the teams' future. Spotting a man down field, Randy Kellerman gets ready to throw a bomb. J.V. FOOTBALL Work For Pride With a tough schedule this year in football, the Freshmen and Sophomore football team complet- ed their season amidst the hopes for next year. Close games throughout the year cost both of the teams a winning season and a league champion- ship. But the losses did not detract from their will- ingness to practice hard and to play hard. The Sophomores, led by Ron McGehee and John Shan- ahan, finished their season with a 4-6 record. The Freshmen, led by Sean Saunders and Tim Hester, ended their season with a 3-6-1 record. Next year, the Freshmen and Sophomores will join the ranks of the Varsity, Junior Varsity, or Sophomore foot- ball team. lt is only a matter of time before these dedicated Freshmen and Sophomores will lead Foothill to victory. Sophomore John Shanahan eludes a tackle. Freshman Sean Saunders looks for an opening. .fx Sophomores root their team to victory. :- Sk 41 Freshman running back Bryan Husband plows over the defenders for a first down. 1 FROSHXSOPH FOOTBALL 'he 1987 Freshmen Football Team. Back Row: D. Kiritschenko, M. Mag- iano, J. McNerney, D. Norman, J. Sanders, D. Ackerman. Middle Row: B. lusband, M. Duffy, S. Greek, T. Graichen, J. Brizuela, D. Park, M. Dean. Front low: S. Saunders, D. Hume, D. Schneider, J. Scrdino, L. Kugelman, T. Hester. Freshman Evan Lang fades back to pass. fhe 1987 Sophomore Football Team. Back Row: R. Slobodynsky, J. Alford, L Zupka, J. Grissinger, C. Pearson, F. Amos. Fourth Row: J. Newcomb, K. Jettor, J. Shanahan, N. Sanfilippo, J. Gagen, G. Clark, M. Wilkinson. Third Row: fl. Bosko, D. Sprayberry, J. Mojarro, E. Johnson, C. Thornton, J. Austin. Second low: B. Palluck, S. Sousa, R. McGehee, M. Bablot, A. Martinez, J. Vreeland, S. iakamoto. Front Row: C. Leitner, J. Duarte, R. Nakamura, B. Jezowski, R. Robinson, J. Zachry. Sophomore Ron McGehee loses the defenders. FROSHXSOPH FOOTBALL Sport Cf Love The Varsity, the Junior Varsity, and the FreshmenfSophomore teams showed prominence for the duration of the season. It would have been hard not to with returning Varsity super stars as Michelle Mccain, Laura Dutrisac and Kristin Northcote. Along with them came such newcomers as foreign ex- change student Alex Luckinger from Austria and Shayne Hemsley. Acquired years of experience and team unity were the key factors for the group of eleven girls, as proven with their dura- ble ability that got them to C.I.F. Al- though they lost second round, the win was not given up easily. Both the Junior Varsity and the Freshmenf Sophomore teams had a great season too! No mat- ter how tough a season, it was a learn- ing experience for each of these girls. All in all, it was a triumphant season for the three girls' tennis teams. Congratu- lations! Top Right: Laura Dutrisac and Missy Veiga show that unity and friendship are important. Middle Right: Varsity Back Row: M. McCain, M. Veiga, S. Hemsley, Coach Jim Benish, K. Kooi, J. Huang, K. Kosuth. Front Row: L. Dutrisac, C. Cole, A. Luckinger, K. Northcote, D. Chen. Bottom Right: J f V Back Row: Coach Karen Byrd, K. Lin, K. Bryant, H. Pohlman, M. Leu- pold, M. Powell, K. Knowles, D. Merker. Mid- dle Row: D. Kim, S. Taylor, J. Gin, S. Schwartz, R. Boseker, C. Lin, P. Ting. Back Row: L. Hauser, A. Goldstein, S. Short, C. Cummings, S. Barloewen, S. Furumi. GIRLS' TENNIS -3 Q Left: Kara Kooi gives it her best shot! Above Left: Joyce Huang anxiously waits to see if the ball will really get over the net. Top: Christa Cole is trying to figure out where the net went. Above Right: FXS Back Row: coach Karen Byrd, L. Foltz, K. Alcumbrac, K. Bruce, D. Garceau, R. Takabyashi, A. Roby, J. Lin. Mid- dle Row: J. Bernstein, E. Tabachnik, L. Sam- ple, B. Baharie, J. Deckert, E. Ko, A. Kim, S. Wong. Front row: S. Srinath, L. Merchant, T. Nishiyana, L. Ronhausen, M. Lee, T. Marlin, E. Marlin. GIRLS' TENNIS 1 8 1 Faster Than The Speed Cf Light "Cross country is unlike any other sport on campus. Those who do not participate think those of us who do are crazy. But we gain such a satisfaction whether we finish an eight mile wor- kout or the fastest 3-mile race of our lives. Inten- sity of insanity!" Brian Aust's view of cross coun- try is shared by most of the other runners, hard work and dedication with a great payoff. Practice began for cross country runners soon after the end of school last year. Team members were put through rigorous stretching and running exercises for about two hours everyday. The season began strongly for all three teams but ended quietly due to many injuries and illnesses. Although this year did not turn out quite as well as expected, team members have high hopes about next year's team as only two varsity runners are graduating and the remaining team will consist of seasoned veter- ans. With all the commitment and effort put out by the cross country team, they deserve our high- est respect and admiration. "No matter what happened this year, we all had fun, and that's what cross country's all about!" Top Right: Varsity: Front Row: D. Silver, I-I. Lin, B. Lutz, J. Lema. Back Row: D. Kowalik, B. Aust, J. Franco, C. McHenry, C. Whitaker. Right: FroshfSoph: Front Row: T. Shapiro, D. Oshita F. Springett, S. Leon, D. Hayashi. Middle Row: E. Fu kuda, D. Walker, J. Treiber, M. Lindauer, E. Yamashiro, M Herrick, G. Amrofell. Back Row: M. McFadden, C. Ander son, J. Lema, D. Surfas, A. Ashton, A. Kim D. wingo, D Lord, lan Alexander, E. Millet. Varsity runners can not wait to begin their race BOYS X-COUNTRY 9 FHS OPP 28 Canyon 27 30 Valley 27 Santa Ana El Modena 20 36 25 Villa Park 30 1 5 44 I s Junior Varsity: Front: A. Srinath. Middle: S. Peterman. Back Row: R. Yama- shiro, R. Charton, J. Carroll. yu.. . X' A 1- 1 22 , :,.,. . . - Chad McHenry and Joe Franco take the lead. Joe Franco likes running alone. FroshfSoph runners round the bend. Boys x-COUNTRY 1 Cross The Line Foothill's girls cross country had another year of fun, excitement, and success. Although girl's varsity cross country finished the season with an 0 and 5 record, team members believe that the team was strong but lost their meets because of their challenging league. "The Century League for cross country is one of the most difficult in the state." It is apparent that their record does not speak for the runners' ability, and Foothill's team is talented and very dedicated. They demonstrated this experience and talent at the Sonora Invitational where the varsity and J.V. teams came in first place. Especially strong varsity runners this year were Rebecca Watson, Mary Louise Ordway, Anne Mary Ordway, and Joanna Brooks. Girl's junior varsity and varsity teams have traditionally shown strong performance in competitions, and team members truly feel that they will regain their degree of excellence. "lt was definitely a building year, and not one of our better seasons performance wise." Next year should be one filled with success and victory. 'sm Mary Louise Ordway and Joanna Brooks near the finish. ,. ,,,,. I it ,af A . A vi , in al' f if 1 f Y , gal- ' - hw- L. 'f . iw, , .. .N r s.. f b . ,I ,V,,k i W I It A 4 it L L "ir , . , T rrtr' , 3 ,rw f M wg A. fm Y, , , , ,, if Gretchen Brugman and Ashley Selman race to the finish. Rebecca Watson strides ahead. GIRLS X-COUNTRY MM 4 Practice makes perfect. Top Left: Varsity: Front Row: R. Watson, J Lee, J. Brooks. Back Row: M. Ordway, G. Brug man, J. Reed, A. Ordway. Middle: JV: Front Row: D. Best, J. Reed, K. Deuning, M. Peterman, S. Kim, M. Keegan. Mid- dle Row: B. Bauer, E. Bruner, T. Stevens, K. Maeda, K. Faure, B. Anderson. Back Row: G Franco, V. Wilhelm, M. McCauley, C. Anderson C. Barron, L. wilson, M. Timassy. Corri Barron pushes it to win her race. 33 ' FHS OPP 22 Canyon 32 16 Valley 47 18 Santa Ana 38 A 18 Villa Park 37 25 El Modena 30 I GIRLS XVCOUNTRY t Foothill Battles For League Title The boys varsity team had another very successful season this year. The Knights were 8 and 2 in Century League play. The only two losses came against Santa Ana at Foothill. The two teams were playing for the league championship. Foothill played a terrific game, but it wasn't quite enough and the Knights lost 51 to 40. Coach Reames said that this years' team had the potential to be one of the best ever. After a great summer with a record of 28 and 5, the Knights were ranked fifth in the county. Unfortunately the momentum didn't last and there were some tough losses in pre-season. There were also great wins before league started. The biggest by far was the Knights' 71 to 58 victory over the Tustin Tillers. A highlight of the season was a team trip to Carson City, Nevada. The team spent a week of their Christmas vacation in Nevada, and earned second place in the tournament. This years' team was lead by Co-Captain and high scorer Greg Rieber. While Greg was the top scorer, the team played best when it played together. Coach Reames repeatedly said that there were no outstanding players, and the Knights could only win if everyone worked together. This must have worked, because the Knights finished 15 and 6 with high hopes for CIF. 'N--.t Ned Williamson and Greg Reiber lead Foothill s tough defense Sweet G glides past defenders for an easy basket. "Neddie" Williamson skies over Villa Park. Coach Reames advises his team during a time out. BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL if zu Above: J. Clevenger, R. VanCleave, D. Angebrandt, B. Logan, D. Abel, B. Peckham, J. Willsie, G. Rieber, K. Combs, B. Mazurie, T. I-lenrotin, B. Cormier. Front: N. Williamson, M. Hauser. Qi X -2 'L 3 . -lee. ,E 3 FHS OPP dy 57 50 University 71 Tustin 58 J' 73 SA Valley 69 -l 40 Santa Ana 51 65 Villa Park 51 67 El Modena 53g Sil Wil and Cowboy Bill battle for a defensive rebound. Rusty VanCleve gets a busy signal when he fYi0S to Dial 1- BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL ,ss J .V. Wins League Where the Varsity stopped short, the J.V. team filled in. Guided by their top scorer Todd Henrotin, the Knights were undefeated in Century League action. Their overall record was an equally impressive 17 and 5. A3 xg The FroshfSoph teams were both very successful as -' B s usual. The Sophomores captured the league title with a 9 and 1 record. Freshman Coach Dewy VanCleave said this years' team was the best practice team he has ever were 8 and 2 in league and 15 and 8 overall l had. The hard work paid off, and the Freshman Knights rrif Below. C. Turk, W. VanPelt, M. Crowell, E. Garcia, M. Wilkenson, T. Hawkins, M. Russell, B. I-Iam, D. Donnelly, M. Ferren, R. Jack- son S Ralston Daddy B offers his comments on the team's victory. 5.55- Eric Garcia up for a clear jump shot. Three Pointers are no sweat for Todd Hen- Mark Wilkenson powers up for an easy two. rotin. 1 BOYS J.V. BASKETBALL I it Above: P. Skonezny, L. Mur- phy, J. Melville, J. Gustavson, J. Shanahan, M. Franklin, J. Janis, C. Lin, E. Gilbertson, G. Clark, J. Hancock, J. Fischell, T. Davis, G. Brandon, S. McKittrick. Front: K. Baker, R. Johnson, R. Dean, T, Cooper. Left: Jeff Janis looks upcourt. Far Left: Charles Lin posts up against Tustin. Below: M. Foster, J. Sanders, B. Glaser, E. Lang, A. Taub, N. Konopisis, C. Jones, P. Constan- tine, M. Vandrey, S. Amos, G. Tepas, J. Brizulea. Front: D. Park, J. Scarding, J. Sullivan. BOYS FROSHXSOPHBASKETBALL Lady Knights Win League The 1987-88 season was another successful one in Foothill athletics. This was especially true with the girls varsity basketball team. The Lady Knights, under the direction of Coach Sheila Adams, finished the Century League with a record of 10 and O. The team was led by three year varsity player Ashley Selman. The Knights entered CIF with an excellent record of fifteen wins and only eight losses. This years' team was very young, but that didn't seem to hinder their performance. With only three seniors on the varsity, the Lady Knights were one of the youngest teams in the county. They were also one of the best. The team had very little competition in league, and they crushed rival Santa Ana 56 to 33. The Lady Knights have a very good chance to advance in CIF. Next years' team should be even better, Back: Coach S. Adams, A. Selman, A. Steinle, H. Syrjanen, T. Foxe, S. Rasmussen, Coach S. I-Iilsabeck. Front: K. Walker, S. Allen, J. Lee, F. Mitchell, E. Mitchell, G. Scherschel. GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL .1 "' ss Tanya Foxe pulls up for a jump shot. Left: Dina Nicolai gives a fake to get open. gh... X www . Nfl- fi if Ill V Tanya Foxe shoots for two in the paint. Amy Steinle passes around a defender. il . M,-nf m. 54 SA Valley 56 banta Ana 60 El Modena 37 Canyon 3 61 Villa Park 55 FHS OPP 54 Cypress 46 35 " 33 45 6 38 33 .l Above: Kristy Walker flies in for a layup. Below: Ashley Selman goes up for a shot. I 1--f-""?i V I 0. LV. F ,M f 6 Q., Z1 W GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL Shooting To Win The girls basketball program at Foothill has an excellent reputation. This didn't just happen by chance. It has taken years of work and many successful seasons. After this year, the Lady Knights' image can only improve. The J.V. team was led by its two junior team captains, Amy Bailey and Robin Mayemura. While the team was great this year, its strength is its youth. Next year promises to be even better. Back Row: A. Gazaniga, K. Kooi, N. Russell, Coach L Gibson, A. Ressler, S. Gagen, J. Koenig. Front Row: S Ebert, K. Lodgard, A. Bailey, N. Hallamore, M. Labat, R Mayemura. Back Row: Coach R. Welch, A. Gazaniga, L. Sugerman, S. Gagen, B. Baharie. Middle: E. Goldberg, M. Labat, K. Power. Front: J. Gin, C. Cummings. No rebound is out of reach for Shelly Gagen. GlRLS BASKETBALL Jennifer Koenig shoots a jumper for the J.V. team. Qhnqnug.-N Nicole Hallamore drives for the basket. ww.wmww,vwwW,' V .V H i g i Kerry Lodgard sinks a free throw. Amy Bailey puts up a hook shot in traffic Andrea Gazaniga tries to put a rebound back in I FHS oPP El Modena Villa Park S A Valley Varsity Back Row. R. Lathrum J, King J. Surfas B. Rackliffe C. Kelly. Fro 7 60 17 ' 50 24 . . 51 20 Santa Ana 46 I : 2 ' ' ' ' ' Row N. Huynh R. Cunningham W. Cunningham D. Healy. WRESTLING if f,H,, 5 Steve Coniglio can't wait to begin. Danny Charton expresses his true feelings. Foothill wrestler tries to get back in control. The wrestlers work for position. Working Wonders Foothill's wrestling teams were plagued with inexperience and injur- ies, and their overall team record this season was not that positive. Howev- er, the team shows great promise for the future. This year, the team wel- comed two new coaches, and many members this year were freshmen and sophomores. "We didn't have enough experience on the team" said varsity wrestler Jeff King. Steve Coniglio, Wallace Cunningham, and Danny Charton are three examples of underclassmen who have great promise for the future of Foothill wrestling. "Though the wrestling team was not as strong as we would have liked it to be, we still had many exciting and excellent individual wins." The wrestlers had an exciting, though unsuccessful season. Their dedication and sportsmanship kept their spirits up and their opponents down. "We had plenty of good times and made many close friends." ,wiyqi Win. Steve Coniglio gets ready to pin his opponent down. Brandon Rackliffe does his job. WRESTLING 1 Soccer Makes Its Goals Despite a tough season, the boys Varsity soccer team finished with the respect of their coach as well as their opponents. Under head coach, Gregg Murphy, the team start- ed off fast in the Irvine Tournament where they crushed Newport Harbor, 6-2, in the fifth place game. In Century League play, the soccer team closely battled their oppo- nents until the last minutes of the game. Unfortunately, team mistakes and careless- ness in the last seconds cost the soccer team important victories. Without these miscues, the soccer team would clearly be in conten- tion for the league championship. But they quickly regrouped and bonded together as they barely beat out league's perennial fa- vorite, Santa Ana, 1-0. Bryan Hannegan, winger, best summed up this year's team. "This year's team had a lot of skill, and we did well against some good teams. The atti- tude was a lot better than last year's team, and we maintained a good level of serious- ness about the game. We have a lot of young players, so the seasons to come should be something to watch." John McCarthy and Mike Pashley trip their oppo- nent. VARSITY SOCCER Mike Hernandez takes the ball away while Matt Harmon and John McCarthy watch o' 9 fl s 4 Mike Hernandez watches his fellow teammate fight for the ball. i l i A Q ' a 5 iv 3 Q 5 5 Foothill soccer players go for the ball. swf ie 1987 Boys Varsity Soccer Team: Back Row: Coach Murphy, M. Heinisch, M. nrmon, J. Gabelsberg, C. Lema, D. Shortall, B. Brandon, Asst. Coach Laird. Middle rw: D. Reback, M. Pashley, M. Hernandez, T. Gilmore, W. King, C. I-lileman, P. iornton, J. McCarthy. Front Row: E. Fukuda, M. Fukuda, B. Hannegan, S. Bauer, D. cobs, S. Baren, P. Starnes. ap Left: Foothill battles for the ball. Danny Shortall displays his soccer skills Newport Harbor University Laguna Hills Tustin Santa Ana El Modena 5 FHS Opp 5 Westminster 6 1 , . 3 . 1 . 1 2 I vmisirv soccER JV, Frosh Soph Gain Experience The Junior Varsity boys soccer team had a great season even though many of the players lacked high school playing experience. Many of the members from the FroshfSoph team were elevated to the Junior Varsity team to improve their soccer skills. The FroshfSoph boys soccer team had an exceptionally fine season despite this being the first year of inter-school competi- tion for many of the Freshmen players. The FroshfSoph battled top soccer teams in the Fountain Valley Tournament and throughout Or- ange County. Highly touted soccer teams includ- ing Mater Dei, Edison, and Tustin were all on the Knights schedule. ln the future, Coach Laird and Coach Murphy will surely be able to build a win- ning soccer team with the help of the FroshfSoph team. N rim- qqx Hp, . ,, L ff: f -.2 Us ,ig 2 1 - f , :m ga I my-.ri f 5, ,, rv., in f,,- ' " T c ..," ,r-. -- , , Q w ,,"' -ffww: F p A , , 19 A i. , T ... .. . 'E .W , H . , -.ef rr" ' - . " 'f VV f,.. 'hr ff in A V , . ,,,,.. ,, 'V A ll ' H V if ' I if , V ,L W I Q gi V N 15 ,I ,wth g V1 , ,..,,., I VY ,, . 0 ,N 4, My V 5 , 3 5 Elm to i --..,'.i M 'J VV . if . V- 'nf . we , W af-Y, iff. wars V' K W ..,,.,,t. I 'f ,J vajda RT, A- V E , . , MM Q Pow- ' rilfai' MJ M .J .,,. , p., M .- ' ::'5f ' 52 , 'f?e 'i?WfTLf"'f..wM'iQ "riff , H S' Y' T ' -2 T --rr 5 4 T 1 ,1?,,.,,,,,,.,,--V ,..,wf.u--, ,ru-. ,,m,,,,, U I , AL ., A 7 I I 3 my V-rim, ,ganna .. . , .., V . V.. ...V .i,,,,,,,,...., .. , W H. , M K ,W , . r . .wma ,, - M ., r--, .J ,-.. , Foothill players celebrate their victory while their opponents are in awe Foothill gets ready to score another goal. s 1 Mark Heinisch fights for elbow room. Darin Taylor tries to find the ball BOYS SOCCER Foothill players look up to the soccer ball. 'he 1987 Boys FroshlSoph Soccer Team: Back Row: Coach Strynger, B. Rice, M. leinisch, R. Weir, M. Crane, J. Werth, J. Jacobs, Coach Laird. Middle Row: D. Taylor, '. Lodgard, D. McCauley, M. Maggiano, T. Bruner, J. Miller, D. Lord, R. Hagland, O. 'lasri. Front Row: E. Fukucla, G. Amrofell, J. Mariner, M. Lindauer, M. Brunner, J. laylor, J. Fischbeck, M. Brown. Omar Masri points to victory. PW . Barr' sl env-im. 1 Foothill's opponents play unfairly. BOYS SOCCER J 200 Soccer Sizzles The 1988 girls soccer teams had a year filled with excitement, competition, and sportsman- ship, though very few victories. Girls soccer has only existed at Foothill High School for five years, and in this time the teams have im- proved greatly. Many of the games in which the varsity team lost were very close and Foot- hill only lost by one or two goals. In addition to having many close games, the team tied against Brea, Tustin, and El Modena. The soccer play- ers practiced much throughout the season, per- fecting their passing, ball control, and team- work. As the season progressed, the team real- ized their weaknesses and began to concen- trate on these areas to prepare the team for next year's season. The prospects for next year are extremely positive as five of the varsi- ty soccer players this year were freshmen. With the experience gained this year, they should be able to contribute greatly next sea- son. "Although this year was not that great record-wise we are all looking forward to next year." l l Danielle Tomasick prepares to score. GIRLS SOCCER f Girls Varsity: Back Row: Coach Tino Younger, M. Madole, H. Rice, L. D Marco, V. Jorgenson, K. Shortall, K. Hernandez. Middle Row: M. Webb Takabayashi, J. Lu, M. McCain, J. Ehret, T. Davies. Front Row: D. Fulton, I Tomasick, R. Nitzberg, S. Schwartz L. Tina Davies wants the ball. 1 Demonstration of Foothill's power kick. Three opponents cannot stop Michelle McCain. Heidi Rice sends the ball flying. OPP FHS 1 Canyon O 2 Brea 2 O Tustin O 1 Esperanza 3 2 El Modena 2 I Foothill's winning goal. QIRLS SOCCER FI-IS Hits An HR The varsity Knights began their season in cham- pionship form. In the Newport Elks Tournament, Foothill went all the way to the finals. The team began by destroying Tustin 4 to 1 and then Capo Valley 4 to 3. The Knights beat a strong Don Luego team in the semi-finals before losing a tough game to Mater Dei for the championship. With this excellent finish, the Knights gained respect all over the county. The team will be counting on its excellent pitching staff, and potentially great hitters. "If we are able to hit the ball and if pitching comes through, we will be very competitive," commented Coach Sedoo. The only weakness for the Knights could be their inexperi- ence and youth. Tommy Adams overpowers another batter. . l .i.., 52 Eric Garcia charges from the outfield, Eric Garcia hits one out. Coach Sedoo offers his wisdom to the team. Adam Chambers gives a check swing. VARSITY BASEBALL Lug Top: Back: B. Buckner, A. Jones, Joe Mama, Coach Sedoo, B. Parks, C. Parker, T. Hawkins. Middle: M. Higgins, M. Horton, P. Thorton, R. Ross, K. Donnely, C. Keyler, M. McKinnon, E, Garcia. Front: A. Cham- bers, K. Madole, N. Lemas, D. Downs, T. Delnoce, S. Barton, T. Adams. Above Left: Adam Chambers is safe at first. Left: Tommy Adams shuts down another batter. Middle: Ashby Jones throws it home. Above: Bob Buckner stretches for the out. Below Left: The Knights gather for inspiration before a game. FHS OPP 4 Tustin 1 4 Capo Valley 3 6 Don Luego 5 8 Canyon 6 7- 8 Katella 6 VARSITY BASEBALL Top Left: Back: M. Russell, G. Scott, Coach Rosen, P. Shueller, Coach Gallina, M. Ga- spar, R. Lengall. Middle: T. Henrotin, R. Kellerman, R. Green, C. Schmidt, B. Becker, D. Lofland. Front: B. Palluck, W. King, J. Martinez, M. Lindower, E. Aust. Far Left: Neil Garcia swings away. Left: Keith Baker is ready for action. Below: Back: E. Lang, J. Gustason, N. Gar- cia, Coach Rob, J. Austin, J. Miller, J. Han- cock. Middle: R. Stomp, M. Bablot, J. Scar- dino, B. Jones, K. Baker, D. Wingo. Front: S. Tolsma, R. Dean, C. Blechter, T. Lod- gard, T. Ristick, D. Schneider. FROSHXSOPH BASEBALL W W mn-U-wg. W"'? ,ammnm 6' 7 'UW' ' 4 . ,, WMWMW Wfww -wwsfwfwm.w..N,,,M,,,,,, Wm ww, f f' - wwf. 4' up ' ' .Ll I Z A gm tix 'x AMW - -Nm-.Nw-.Q-V N-'Q X,- new awunuauq 1 2 www KMWNQNX Q ik f W f 55 ' my Hi eff - fix .,m gj A ,Y 1 , 'J ,f , ,YV vfffv-' JL ',,.AA4-N- 914455 P U Mm M L I N I W-...N I M' -., X r Ai ,,V 5 : WK is , , O ,gr Q2 W, W M, W , I , , M f 4, W ' MYIL,.fnIL,--f' Af, Mm, , ,f wammu H 0 K , WAWVQ 2 v Y,-rw' 'A M f f , fm W d'z,3AgiN,Wf,w im lijfilfii M ffm ,, , . , Wig, A V ' , ,m,z,4 V H A Q? W Q, Iwi? ' Z , , ,W ' 'xzizfi fw , i,rCZ::ff,g+zA1-', nfuwfffw M f M Vfdfff vm 5' 1 W 1: W' wg-nf MMMML I W .W X W 'ffff'5Cfgv:2I?'ffvuwvfwgfwn wf 2 Lifiw y ff Cuff! ' ff? ww Www --- M- 1 ' W 11 - 8 s 1 , 1 1 4 vi ,VM 4 L 55 A E ,E "IRM lbw,-,gf UN 5? 'J If A M """ X X ' fl f '67 fy, 'W' ff ' V ' z,'fiiafwfffm,,, , I Wag W, MM ,f K f ' A ': ' H " Q W, 'f-ug K xt, Vi M if ia N 'vm W , 1, 4 vs -1,4-M. ,V -,...,...,M.. .....,w,,,,.4..,,.,.,,,...,,,..,, ,,.,,,.,M,, - I "-hw W .W , 5 2 2 Q. K3 nf? X 33 Q pg Q '-q...,,NM 5 4 M... W ,, ' .-,,,.,, , """"wHM-QW., WN,f,--,- ,., .. . , ., ...WW ' W 1-1 I W.- W. ,, ,--pf. W-. ., W. f wow m WM, .W-M--'W' V Ay, 1 xv r ! x Knights l-Iole Cut The Foothill golf team will once again be a force to be reconciled with this year. With the top three players all returning varsity lettermen, the Knights should win the league with little trouble. Coach Osborne said that "the team would look to the experience of Clevenger and VanCleave for leadership." This season's goals include breaking a team score of 200 at Santa Ana Country Club, and advancing several players to CIF. With the help of a few good rolls, the Knights should do this and much more. Rusty Van Cleave watches his 300 yard drive. Duane Jenson shows the "perfect" swing John Willsie approaches the green. No green is out of reach for Pil Sun Chung. VARSITY GOLF Back: D. Jenson, R. Van Cleave, J. Clevenger, D. Shortall, B. Hannegan, C. Hileman. , ,M W 59 1 h iw l W lf .nib-f f ,Wm "W 1 if. ' V -V 34 M. ,..:4u,,,. J. Willsie. Front: P. Sun Chung, Chris Hileman follows through. Jeremy Clevenger shows his form at Santa Ana. Bunker shots are no problem for Bryan Hanneqan. Dan Shortall prepares to smash his drive. VARSITY GOLF FHS Spikes League Volleyball has only been an official sport at Foothill for two years. In this short time however, FHS has established itself as a power in Orange County. i'The power of winning games came from within our inner selves," said two year varsity player Brian Logan. The Knights play in one of the toughest leagues in the state. Even with their lack of experience, the team finished an excellent second place. The biggest victories of the year were against Corona Del Mar, University, and Tustin. .syy Y . i , Tom Lee follows through on a serve. Q n..,, V ui nfs fxww , T4 , uw: if V , 'im at Q , S W V M. l 'rj 3 ig 4, 1' Brad Comier spikes it with vengeance. Alex Kerchenco is ready for action. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Tom Lee passes the ball forward Back: J. Phillips, B. Cormier, M. Crowell, J. Thorne, C. Tepas, Craig Moothart, J. Reber, B. Logan. Front: J. Janis, T, Lee, C, Kiritschenko, T. Ubl. my ,gumaez 4 V H+ if if J' Wx i fr if Brad Cormier tries for a block. e M W . ' , . l 1 4. - L+ X A v I s Q 3 e 4 , 2 S ' 2 I 1 l Z l 1 4 l l l :TZ 4 qt, M V W I I Jeff Reber hits it past two defenders. Tom Lee bumps the ball up. VARSITY VOLLEYBALL Boys Tennis Ace Opponents The Varsity Boys tennis team destroyed their league opponents despite the presssure of being the defending Century League champs for the past 14 years. During the off season, the players were involved in a difficult conditioning program, lots of running, and intense dou- bles strategy meetings set up by Coach Terry Davis. The off season work helped as tough pre-season matches against top ranked Orange County teams such as New- port, University, and Dana Hills helped prepare the team to defend their title. Senior John Collins said, "The team lost a lot of top notch players due to graduation last year, but there were many great individual efforts such as Jeff Giesea in singles." The Junior Varsity had another superb season as they played consistently as a team. The JV team showed considerable maturity and growth, and there is no doubt that they will propel next year's Varsity team into contention for the Century League title. Dana Eisenman does not want to see his serve Eric Barloewen hopes his return goes over the net. 2 1 2 BOYS TENNIS Coach Zeich leads a volley drill. Brian Stern watches John Collins put away a volley. . Shaun Ho waits as Phillip Chen serves. 5 ati. , ie 1987-88 Boys Varsity Tennis Team: Back Row: M. Harmon, Eisenman, J. Collins, T. Waterman, E. Barloewen, G. Gorley, Coach nvis. Front Row: Coach Beck, J. Giesea, D. Schwarz, B. Stern, J. lstrap, S. Wolfe, J. Stern. Q. tt S ssfa Jeff Giesea rifles a shot back. ,- is The 1987-88 Boys Junior Varsity Tennis Team: Back Row: Coach Zeich, J. Fischel, S. Ho, K. Wong, D. Chen, J. Chou, C. Lin. Front Row: P. Chen, B. Quesling, K. Long, T. Neville, J. Potts, J. Lin, D. Chiu. BOYS TENNIS 213 Future Track Leaders "This team has enormous potential but we need a lot of time and a lot of practice to bring it out." Senior Tom Gunckel, who excels in the onehundred yard clash, be- lieves that the future of Foothill's junior varsity is promising. In pre-season track meets, the team showed respectable poise against extremely tough competi- tion. The froshfsoph track team is ex- tremely good and there are many varsity caliber members. Tvvo exceptional mem- bers of the froshfsoph team are Jason Gabelsberg in the triple and long jumps, and Ron McGehee in the relays, sprints, and jumps. Due to the extraordinary amount of talent contained within the ju- nior varsity and froshfsoph teams, there is a bright future for Foothill's varsity track and field program. Arun Srinath nears the finish. 2 1 6 BOYS JV TRACK l J.V. sprinters prepare to launch. ,P7 D Brian Sample toss defies gravity. '01 f ,,, , Kew' 3004 ' Wvv1l'fi 2 Q J v M a MJ iw M215 2' Jw Q 3 Q Q Q 2, 33 if QMM 3,1 34 Q43 if M yZ '90 "ii if X K '--Fw-".'hi-P ,fllnvn 1 4 Elm 0 218 Girls Track Runs Away Girls' track has traditionally been an excellent team, and this year's team upheld this tradition by having a very successful season. "This year's girls' team has the talent, all they need is the self-confidence and they will be highly successful." Exceptional track mem- bers for this season were Ashley Sel- man who excelled in almost all events, Lisa Henderson in the shot put and discus throw, Anne Mary Ordway in the mile and two mile, Joanna Brooks in the half mile, Jeanette Reed in the quarter mile, and Shannon Singer in the high jump. Ashley, Lisa, and Shannon are all possible CIF contenders. The 1988 girls' track season was memora- ble and exciting. Laurie Sample was born to run. GIRLS TRACK l Girls J. V.: Back Row: S. Lublee, J. Lu, N. Hallamore, M. Hildreth, K. Kooi, J. Leron, K. Kaul, G. Brugman, C. Anderson, G. Franco, C. Lin, J. Lin. Middle Row: K. Maeda, K. Faure, C. Cummings, L. Sample, R. Takabayashi, S. Wang, L. Merchant, N. Sirota, C. Underwood, M. Overn. Bottom Row: M. Keegan, V. Wilhelm, M. Peterman, J. Hagland, D. Morgan, S. Pope, M. Ryu, T. Johnson. Girls Varsity: Back Row: C. Lahti, S. Kim, A. Ordway, J. Brooks, J. Reed, M. Ordway, L. Wilson, K. Deuning, M. Timassy. Middle Row: S. Left, T. Suan, S. Lion, E. Stanley, M. Madole, M. Buse, H. Smith, D. Fulton. Bottom Row: S. Singer, A. Selman, L. Henderson, R. Watson, M. McCauley. 3 X 1 i 4 5 . 1 5' f 'Wi Hwy , way s an gf gy if Va , S-fx, wx' 5-vf 3 as ,, Y V y :Lk 's.r,9L www' 'ith' MS, -.,,xs , as ' f 'il W if N ff. -- W fffffw ' 'W L 'ww i Boys Perfect Swim Stroke Many people have considered the Foot- hill swimming coaches as the most quali- fied in Orange County. So when former Long Beach State assistant coach, Jim Brumm, was hired many people won- dered about this decision. But many of the boys' swimmers on the Varsity level wel- comed the new coach. "Coach Brumm brought new experience to the team. Hav- ing hwo coaches aHowed usto nnprove our stroke technique and helped us indi- vidually." With the extra help, the Boys' Varsity swim team challenged Villa Park for the Century League title. Leading the Knights to victories this season were Rob Reynolds, Jason Leach, and Junior Na- tionalist, Ron Scott. Creston Thornton perfects his butterfly stroke. 377 I ...Z ky Vyrgy wk . My M .V my MM 4 W 0 . "W 1 'IAM' il WI If vi .. f S' I ' TV I. yymy i Welsh 7 , ,, M' . M W M . .. .. ,..,,.,,.....Ms.,sn, . ..,, ...t, ., . L iii, X eww. ...f, -- , ii . " I ' ..t. . s .M "kill 'l'Qww-NX .. RN: " ' .W ,,. .xv Rob Reynolds ponders over his next swim record. 5 . E 1 5- ...... gi. Adam Musch shows off his swan-like dive. The team plans strategy. BOYS VARSITY SWIMMING M-1.-...-W QW dm U f. V 2 N A UM ., .,,,,,,. 4 1'v,. , .,,. M ,Vg , , H12 Q ' Ae l -f ..Kf.f E ,pun Coach DeLong likes what he sees. The 1987-88 Boys Varsity Swim Team: Back Row: A. Palluck, B. Cowclell, A. flusch, B. Costanza, G. Welch, J. Leach. Middle Row: M. Jones, R. Reynolds, R. Scott, I. Thornton. Front Row: A. Maclachlan, B. Bainbridge, A. Castro, K. Myhra, C. Stuart. N... .. . ,yas Nw Q -' ,tt f - gg. gzw. A NSFYXWML W X NS Swimmers impersonate frogs. BOYS VARSITY SWIMMING 222 M, ' ' 41,,..,. ,.,,,,,-..., W, .. Girls Swim 2 2 f ,,,,,,A,11. , ff ,, . , , . . x 2 it Towards Title I 2222 After more than a decade's domination in Century League play, the Girls' Varsity swim team pummeled its opponents once again. Early morning workouts and after- i , ihyyg noon workouts prepared the team for its quest for a record 13th consecutive Century "M ' r,rr League title. Entering the season, Coach De- ' rll y lliy H W' r f vrif . . l, , J lt 'f Long knew the team would outperform any lll lv ll A AA It I 1 1 4 ' I ' li f of his former teams in comparison. It was the best girls' team Foothill had ever had, and DeLong added, "After 23 years, I felt I was rejuvinatedf' Leading the Knights to a winning season this year were Celina Lemke, Heather Marks, and Megan Logan. W .:- .1 if . Hqm, W, ,, ' W Heather Marks swims away from the pack. ii M fi 741 I s -I Both Varsity teams are ready for a tough workout' Coach DeLong is ready to rescue one of the swimmers. GIRLS VARSITY SWIMMING f fl s ' 1 Q sawn X iiiirsii .I 1 - ,i F .gr T 2 i s 3 I ' , . , t - ..f,.s.......... .. . -M. . .... - 1 -1: -- z...w..v..s.f.LL.. :1 'N ' ' " '-L Jive- .V . ,- I .. .. -. ' "W: 'i -51 .. G k..I..:'I .wr "f:1v:, '-3'x.::. . sf? , . . S . . ,.. , as M -f A -,--- - ' . .. .. ., .. R N .. . . .. ,h H N A---, - My . H mem " -W S. , . , I . gf-: ..g4.Q:. .. 4 I..-favs. -:H i W-.. . N s N gg gximgww a 'fs' E l W S5 ' 2 xxx we 'las x NQ XX Xxx Fhe 1987-88 Girls Varsity Swim team: Back Row: C. Lemke, S. Marcoux, L. Ellison, I. Guzman, J. Cahalan, I-I. Marks. Middle Row: T. I-Iirose, C. Watts, M. Gillman, E. Boddy, fl. Logan, S. Chaix, L. Kellerman. Front Row: Coach DeLong, M. Myhra, S. Hanger, N. Iontny, J. Paulitschek, M. Khoury. One of the swimmers asks for advice. Jennifer Cahalan heads for home. GIRLS VARSITY SWIMMING JV Teams Make A Splash The Boys' and Girls' Junior Varsity swim teams 'enjoyed excellent seasons at the ex- pense of their opponents. For many of the new Freshmen, adjusting to the intensity of high school competition was easy since most of them had competed in junior swimming leagues. The friendships formed from tough workouts encouraged the Junior Varsity swim- mers to swim for the glory of Foothill and for personal records. With many of the Varsity swimmers graduating, the Junior Varsity swim- mers will confidently and skillfully replace them next season. Stephanie Feingold dives in for a swim, JV SWIMMING o Marc Hansen finds an easier way to swim. Jessica Vasquez takes a big breath. Brian Galey shows off his buoyancy. X R 226 The world is filled with leaders and followers, joiners and quitters, and doers and thinkers. Foothill on the otherhand, is overflowing with clubs to fulfill the needs of such diverse personalities. For those who wanted a head start on the ladder of success, there was the Young Entrepreneurs' Club. There was the Spirit Club to bring Foothill's enthusiasm and school spirit into a collective group to cheer its' athletes on and rally students together at school activities. There were also the more traditional, but no less popular clubs like Key Club, CSF, and the Thespian Club. vered through membership. Common goals were attained through activities such as fundraisers, outings, and meetings. Students worked hard to perpetuate their club's interests by selling BlowPops, frozen yogurt, snow cones, and especially through participation in Feast and Joust. Clubs teach us to lead, to follow, to serve, to intermingle, to cooperate, and to be a part of a group. Seeking out our identities as individuals is an important part of living and growing up. Each new environment allows us to realize our potential and our needs. Involvement in clubs is another op- portunity to search for what is hidden and to refine what is already possessed. Z 1 Above: Felicity Stafford, Daniella Kim, Anna Park, and Nancy g 3 ,V Miller get into their newest move for Broadway Review. 4 I' .Z f ' 1 I Z 1' .I I Z f 1 I' .1 I' lx 1 1 f 1 Z I' k ' ' al f' , f ui ing 2 7 2 K Y 77 1 CLUBS TT ll Z 1" 11' U' Q 1 lr U H' lf' If If 0 if 1, If X if iff ' 7 ' - ,V 1 ll ,I .1 l Above: Spirit Club's ecstacy and enthusiasm moves through the crowd. Left: Kara Reddy reveals the less glorious side of Yearbook. agp- .rrr I we K .fn . : - f .r CLUBS uad The J.V. cheerleaders are hard at work. VJ-1.1 Top right: Varsity Cheer: M, Montgomery, K. Evans, K. Powell, T. Orton. Above: Varsity Song: Back Row: C. Ross, D, Okamoto, K. Weatherman, S Johnson. Front Row: J. Ojanpera, M. Gorup, K. Sawyer. Right: Mary Montgomery and Steve Dunn cheer for the Knights. PEP SQUAD kbove: Back Row: J. Samuelson, R. Karamardian, I.. 'oder, M. Quirk, D. McDonald, E. Bauer. Front Row: K. Sirney, D. Morgan, R. Rosen, T. Scheider, J. Higby. Right: Pep: R. Mayemura, D. Nicolai, K. Lewis. lelow: Sophomore Cheer: K. Kliese, T. Meyer, B. Wu, I. Vigna. lelow Right: The Varsity Cheerleaders put on a great how. i 'S ka PEP SQUAD X N- LEADERSHIP .-.,.-,.. , - Left: Ashby Jones and Allan Baker are having too much fun doii the announcements. Above: Senior Class Council: M. McCain, T. Morgan, A. Hairstc J. Herr. Below: Sophomore Class Council: R. Weir, M. Montford, R. McC hee, K. Donnelly, S. Rasmussen, R. Stomp, Below Left: Girls Athletic Board: T. Stevens, S. Kim, J. Brooks, Selman, M. Keegan, K. Favre -.nn - Leadership Left: Junior Class Council: H. Lin, D Pan, C. Turk, C. Bryant, T. Sharp, B Cowdell. Below: ASB: Clockwise: M. MacKinnon S. Taylor, R. McGehee, C. Kin, D. Nico lai, J. Brooks, K. Madole, M. Lillard, S Wu, J. Constantine, A. Selman, K. Ship cott, P. Valle, P. Constantine, A. Baker A. Jones, M. McCain, C. Turk. LEADERSHIP 1 Bike Club Top: Club Med: R. Yue, A. Huang, A. Weiss- man, S. Schwartz, R. Kovachev, C. In Chou, C Desilva, M. Desilva, D. Chen, J. Lin, D. In Park K. Chiang, S. Wu, T. Chou, C. Kanno, D. We demeyer, J. Haung, T. Geidman, M. Berry. Above Right: Bike Club: R. Charton, H. Lin C. Webb, S. Barton, B. Cunningham, K. Proc tor, M. Herrick, M. Lindauer, C. Hsia, C. Whi taker, T. Stevens, B. Ausr, J. Brizuela. Right: Mr. Robbins looks after the club arena CLUBS 1 New Life Club Cultural Enrichment Club Top: New Life Club: N. Andriosky, C. Stanley, K. Alford, J. Alford, M Althoen, C. Anderson, B. Aust, J. Austin, P. Asmus, J. Bagube, B. Bauer, C. Bish, D. Wilson, K. Cops, S. Choo, S. Chang, D. Chuang, H. Clayton, P. Constantine, C. Ebert, C. Feher, S. Gagen, S. Ho, C. Hsia, C. Jones, K. Leaman M. Lee, K. Lindsrom, K. Maeda, D. Pab, T. Shapiro, A. Steinly, T. Stiverson, T Stanfield, S. Valdez, C. Webb, K. Wong, E. Yamashiro, S. Turney, J. Reed, J Thompson, S. Cobb, C. Williams, D. MacDonald, S. Williams, J. Brant, J McNatt. Above: Cult. Enrich.: A. Tanaka, P. Cash, C. Desilva, C. Lin, M. Desilva, S Alterman, L. Horvath, S. Left, C. Kanno, H. Ho. S. Short, S. Hoffman, J Francis, R. Yue, T. Suan, J. Liang, I. Moon, D. Chen, H. Lin, A. Huang, K Chiang, V. Nozick, H. Lin, S. Ho, D. In Park, L. Dardashti, D. Ernest. Right: Adopt-A-Grandparent: J. Collins, S. Wu, H. Rice, S. Alterman. Adopt Grandparent CLUBS v . 4' ly 5 Iii iii!!! ilillli Ill!!!l!!!!!iI!!!!5f gmxn an em kT'211'17 211222 'I lQ HF . A :HPWA ii? ,iw Q 3-Qi , . . 1-Li Q Q 3 A , H ,Q N 'W' . ,. -In. ,1 .41 . ,.. -4..u.., A., N. . my T135 . .lmmk ,,!i .gulf -rg. fm Q -sa 3339539553 I fQgf 1 5!iS? 3 3 gffgfgiH +, !Eix?X E E!!! ggi RSSQZSQL Qfm e 5 931111 9 4 it . zfiiliiilt! 5 ! L, L.:. -V K gg. . . Mmm . 'Q' QW .A ? 5 7 i ski A !4.l K J, s Q' 5 - Sf: 3. R N R -, l ' QQQU lk. ' , ., ,A W J KLYZVV4 T A 92 f Mrs. Herzog plays to her class. Above: Madrigalsz Front Row: F. Stafford, S. Johnson, S. Esquda, M. Myhra, A. Park, K. Swanson, S. Chang, S. Wu, D. Kim. Middle Row: J. Robinson, N. Miller, T. Orton, L. Lafrance, G. Schershel, B. Bissen, J. Bennett, C. Kin, S. Duncan, D. Nicolai, J. Deckert. Back Row: J. Lema, B. Coceu, B. Metzger, J. Rainey, K. Combs, G. Nicol, C. McHenry, T. Sharp, J. Jeltama, S. Schwantes, M. MacKinnon. My Top Right: The Broadway Review choreographer, Katherine Duncan, demonstrates the latest dance movement. X K L. 'A ' F OL LJLQ C A f l 'Q F 6 x f I i . E Ni , Q Dow gyfcwf , f CL ,Q ,, , fx Ljljw, Q fvllffxy aafa Goa, E101 L Ld J X. fa-I l I' J CHOIR N2 AJLA A f Left: The 1988 Girls Choir. Below: The class reads along as Mrs. Herzog per- forms a song. Bottom Left: Matt Lil- lard, Jeff King, Adam Carl, and Anna Park listen to the instructions they are given. Bottom: Practice makes perfect , CHOIR Entrepreneurs' Club Left: Entrepreneurs' Club: S. Crosby. P. Meany, M. Bear, N. Williamson, A Jones, J. Collins, A. Baker, S. Wolfe, C Graham, K. Combs, E. Langlois, K. Lew is, T. Baird, M. Fjeld, H. Cohen. Below: Drama Club: A. Olivera, A. Lil lard, A. Tanaka, R. Dee, A. Gazzaniga, B Hoggatt, B. Jones, B. Cerone, B. Smith C. Ebert, D. Frutos, D. Sampica, E. Kent G. LeDoyen, J. Hoff, J. Gabelsberg, K Revelle, K. Wilhelm, M. Williams, M Danon, K. Swanson, M. Lillard, M. Mag giano, R. Blevins, S. Hoffman, S. Haiduc S. Wimbush, S. Yakatan, S. Cobb, S Kim, T. Thon, T. Smarsty, W. Stanford Bottom: Math 81 Science Club: T Baird, E. Chang, A. Chizhik, C. lh Chou J. Chou, D. Chuang, L. Dardashti, J. Erd kamp, B. Hannegan, J. Lin, A. Huang, J Huang, C. Kanno, S. Kim, E. Ko, E. Lang lois, J. Lee, K. Lewis, C. Lin, H. Lin, Kim, R. Kovacev, H. Lin, J. Lin, K. Li J. Lu, M. McCauley, I. Moon, V. Nozic F. Ramming, M. Ryu, S. Selby, P. Ting, Lin. CLUBS Math Sc Science Club Aviation Club Kids-In-Need Above Left: ICC: J. Collins, T. Araujo K. Baker, M. Fjeld, J. Stone, I. Moon, S Brown, B. Aust, M. Kreutz, R. Yue, W Pak, M. Berry, A. Tanaka, T. Baird, B Hannegan, J. Lin, P. Bowman, L. Hen derson, J. Brooks, S. Kershner, G. Nicol P. Cash, T. Stanfield, H. Cohen, S. Wu D. Nicolai, M. MacKinnon, K. Swanson K. Madole, Un-Soo Sung, M. McCain, C Turk, R. MeGhee, P. Constantine, C. Kin. Left: Aviation Club: L. Kardashti, I Moon, S. Flynn, J. Truban, V. Whipple D. In Park, A. Huang, K. Chiang, T Chou, P. Cash, C. Min, M. Berry, K Combs, J. Chou, C. Kanno, J. O'Neill, A Schafer, C. Johnson, J. Lin, C. Hsia, D Chen, H. Lin, W. Pak, H. T. Lin. Below Left: Kids-In-Need Club: L. Allen, S. Alterman, J. Anderson, B. Aust, A. Baker, K. Baker, J. Bernstein, K. Boe- deker, M. Berry, C. Borgen, K. Burns, P. Cash, D. Chen, S. Choo, D. Chuang, H. Clayton, C. Cole, K. Combs, J. Collins, L. Dardashti, M. Davis, J. Deckert, M. De- silva, G. Genmore, S. Flynn, J. Gin, M. Goldstein, K. Guzman, N. Hallamore, C. Harris, Matt Hauser, S. Head, J. Herr, D. Johnson, A. Jones, V. Jorgensen, C. Kanno, E.4Kent, B. Kershnar, S. Kersh- nar, T. Keullian, S. Kim, E. Kinder, E. Langlois, J. Lee, M. Lee, N. Leemos, M. Lillard, J. Lin, S. Marcoux, K. Lewis, T. Marlin, H. Marks, J. Nestor, A. Olivera, R. Nitzberg, J. O'Neill, T. O'Toole, C. Pak, W. Pak, D. In Park, G. Reed, H. Rice, N. Russell, A. Steile, T. Stevens, K. Tarshis, J. Thompson, C. Whittaker, N. Williamson, B. Wu, S. Wu, S. Piazza, S. Schwartz. CLUBS 2 7 EZ fl i CJ I S Above: Senior CSF: K. Araujo, P. Ark, B. Aust, T. Baird, K. Baker, M. Bear, C. Bish, E. Boddy, J. Bridge, A. Brink, E. Bruner, F Busalacci, P. Cash, A. Chambers, E. Chang, T. Chou, H. Cohen, K. Combs, J. Constantine, J. Cooper, C. Desilva, L. Dutrisac, II Eisenman, S. Flynn, K. Fukushima, J. Giesea, B. Goldberg, C. Graham, B. Hannagan, M. Harmon, A. Hayman, J. Herr, H. Ho, A Huang, P. Huynh, J. Jeltema, A. Jones, C. Kanno, S. Kershnar, K. Knowles, K. Kosuth, M. Kreutz, E. Langlois, K. Leaman, S. Lefi K. Lewis, C. Lin, H. Lin. H. T. Lin, P. Meany, D. Merker, C. Min, D. Nicolai, R. Nitzberg, V. Nozick, J. Ojanpera, D. Okamoto, .Q O'Neil, W. Pak, D. In Park, R. Phillips, S. Piazza, J. Reber, H. Rice, C. Ross, S. Saik, S. Schwartz, A. Selman, M. Shepard, E Singer, Un-Soo Sung, A. Tanaka, B. Underwood, S. Valdez, C. Veje, R. Watson, K. Weatherman, D. Wedemeyer, J. Weissberg, P Weissman, G. White, N. Williamson, S. Wolfe, R. Yamashiro, R. Yue. u n i o r s Above: Junior CSF: M. Althoen, D. Alverson, M. Amdon, K. Astor, E. Aust, A. Bailey, S. Baren, K. Birney, D. Blaney, J. Brooks, L. Brugman, M. Buse, J. Carroll, R. Charton, D. Chen, D. Chen, M. Chen, C. lh Chou, D. Chuang, E. Clark, M. Clayton, K. Cops, J. Curnutt, K. Dao, E. Dapkewicz, L. Dardashti, M. Desilva, K. Ellis, M. Enriquez, D. Ernst, T. Foxe, P. Frembgen, A. Garrison, A. Gugasian, D. Healy, J. Hibbard, J. Higby, C. Hileman, S. Ho, J. Huang, D. Hume, T. lcenhower, R. Karamardian, K. Kaul, E. Kellerman, W. Kellogg, D. Kim, S. Kim, C. Kin, W. King, D. Kowalik, C. Larson, J. Lee, C. Lema, H. Lin, J. Lin, K. Lin, S. Lopez, S. Lyon, D. McDonald, A. MacLachlan, R. Mayemura, J. Miller, A. Mew, I. Moon, T. Moore, S. Murray, J. Murrieta, A. Musch, D. Pan, H. Pollak, J. Robinson, J. Samuelson, J. Schneider, D. Schwarz, R. Scott, T. Sharp, S. Sheng, B. Smith, H. Smith, T. Stanfield, A. Steele, B. Stern, J. Stone, Y. Takanaka, P. Ting, C. Turk, W. VanPelt, K. Walker, C. Webb, T. Weir, D. Wilson, K. Wong, G. Wu. 24069 Above: Sophomore CSF: C. Anderson, C. Barron, E. Bauer, J. Bernstein, R. Boseker, M. Carrig, S. Chang, J. O O ffl O I' Chennavasin, D. Chiu, A. Chizhik, S. Choo, D. Chuang, H. Clayton, J. Deckert, J. Djang, K. Donnelly, E. Elmer, K. Q Faure, J. Fischel, L. Foltz, S. Gagen, E. Goldberg, J. Gustavson, H. Harmon, A. Keegan, R. Kershnar, T. Keuilian, N. Kontny, E. Ko, R. Kovacev, Y. Kwan, M. Labat, J. Leach, J. Lema, Yue-June Liang, K. Lodgard, J. Lu, R. Lutz, K. Maeda, D. Manzo, S. Marcoux, H. Marks, J. Melville, L. Merchant, J. Miller, K. Niu, A. Oliveira, B. Otoupalik, S. S Paisley, C. Pak, M. Reber, S. Schwartz, R. Shabazian, L. Shugarman, D. Surfas, N. Sirota, G. Soleran, T. Suan, K Tarshis, K. Tsai, E. Yamashiro. Above: Freshmen CSF: K. Alford, G. Amrofell, C. Anderson, Cr. Anderson, J. Baird, J. Brizuela, P. Chen, C. Ih Chou, C Cummings, S. Feingold, B. Folsom, M. Foster, A. Gazzaniga, C. Herman, K. Hernandez, C. Jones, A. Kim, A. Kim, B. Lewis, A Lillard, J. Lin, S. Lin, S. Lubell, K. Luong, D. McCauley, S. Mollot, B. Noblett, B. Otto, D. Park, M. Reafsnyder, M. Ryu, D Schneider, H. Schneider, S. Selby, W. Stanford, M. Surfas, B. Tibbles, M. Tsui, C. Underwood, S. Wong., CSF Home Economics Left: Home Economics: J. Deck- ert, J. Annan, T. Armstrong, S. Souter, A, Steinle, M. Lee, P. Bow- man. Bottom Left: Mr. Ryan explores the Club signup tables. Bottom: French Club: M. Kreutz, D. Chuang, N. Sirota, N. Villarreal, K. Kaul, L. Brugman, L. Clark, H. Harmon, K. Niu, J. Liang, J. Wu, E. Bocldy, S. Kim, A. Roby, A. Steele, S. Wong, M. Khovvry, C. Lin, J. Lin, A. Mew, D. Chen. CLUBS French Club An 6 H 9 The Astronomy Club Above: Speech gl Debate: C. Bar ron, M. Ferris, J. Lerch, S. Left, I Moon, J. O'Neill, A. Chizhik, B Bauer, T. Baird, C. Lin, S. Alter man, D. Eisenman, E. Langlois, D Ernest, C. Hsin, R. Kovacev, A Roby, C. Cole. Left: Astronomy Club: J. Stone, D Ernst, M. DeSilva, M. Fjeld, C. Tay lor, J. Lin, D. Chen, H. Lin, M. Si. CLUBS Un The Road In Hawaii Spring break. The band went to Hawaii for the second time in its history. The performed in several catagories such as parades, half-time presentations, jazz, stage band, and solo competitions. The overall effort was fantastic. lt's been a fun, and neat year. - S. Schultz - This was the first year the band has done half-time competition shows. While taking their performance to Carson and Norwalk, they won the most second place trophies. "I have had the best organiza- tion this year than any other," Mr. Waibel replied, "and to do the things we have, have been amazing." This years band had patience, pride, and a spirit to keep things moving along. Top Right: The band takes the field. Right: Ron Williams waits patiently to play his drums, Below: The stage band performs at Hewes. Below Right: Tall Flags captivate the audience while moving down the street, 244 BAND f , W SW .am- Above Left: George Waibel practices his own music. Above: Jason, Weissberg, David Blaney, and Paul Livengood prepare for their performance. Left: 1988 Foothill Band: Back Row: G. Baker, D. Regan, C. Noble, K. Ellis, D. Haher, B. Wright, J. Jeltema, R. Stern, D. Hume. Sixth Row: P. McMains, J. Weissburg, J. Wil- liams, M. Crummett, J. Erdkamp, T. Moore, R. Williams, J. Rainey, M. Fry. Fifth Row: D. Miller, D. Blaney, P. Livengood, K. Marhu, C. Borm, B. Metzger, E. Spingette, L. Coronado, K. Kirn. Fourth Row: M. Clarke, A. Hayman, B. Underwood, T. King, D. VanWintle, R. Wo- kurka, S. Behn, B. Cerrone. Third Row: J. Ford, K. Tsai, M. Foster, S. Brown, L. Hager, H. Bushmann, J. Francis, S. Dodak. Second Row: A. Roby, C. Johnson, S. Lopez, J. Robin- son, L. Clarke, K. Kaul, R. Karlsen, P. Bowen, V. Whipple, C. Reed, Front Row: J. Persson, B. Lewis, W. Stanford, J. Truban, T. Baird, S. Schultz, M. Larson, M. Cambell, L. Stuart. Below Left: Foothill begins the parade. Below: S. Schultz, T. Baird, T. Truban. BAND W Top: Eric Dapkewicz is in the middle of an important phone call. Top Right: Editor and chief, Un-Soo Sung wraps things up. Above: Kirsten Lodgard is stunned with her negatives. Right: Jon Vigano and Stephanie Schultz look over their final layouts. YEARBOOK f.,, S f Y M My M W W ' W H 5 Yearbook L o if ,,,, W ,wus , i , ,, fi f i , -Vfwfhfwwl Building A Book The yearbook staff of 88', had their work cut out for themselves this year. To come up with over two hundred pages for their school is no easy task, and to make them as good as they could possibly be is hard work. There was a lot of effort and labor that went into the yearbook. From first choosing the theme, to turning in last page of the deadline puts a lot of pressure on the staff. Yearbook is a laborious, but exciting project. - E. Dapkewicz - Most of the pressure was taken away due to the excitement that was generated inside the classroom. Yearbook had gone through some major changes through the year, and made some areas extremely difficult to overcome. The dedication and teamwork seemed to cast out that problem, and the Foothill yearbook was successfuly completed. ig f 'Z Above: Kacey Knowles and Tina Araujo look for their fa- vorite picture. Left: Year- book: K. Lodgard, K. Reddy, K. Niven, D. Boyes, Advisor, A. Luckinger, M. Gillman, Un-Soo Sung, K. Knowles, D. Merker, M. Fer- ris, T. Araujo, J. Vigano, J. Willsie, T. McClintock, S. Pi- azza, T. Smith, A. Schwab, S. Schultz, B. Madsen, J. Erick- son, E. Dapkewicz Bottom Left: Krista Niven goes over a page with Tricia Smith. Bottom: Mr. Boyes and Eric Dapkewicz look over some amusing pictures. YEARBOOK Journalism S Top: Tina Araujo can't stop working over her story. Top Right: While trying to look over a picture, Brian Stern and Greg Amorfell try to figure out who's in it. Above Right: Sean Flynn stud- ies his finished product. Right: Journalism: Front Row: J. Bernstein, G. Amrofell, J. Stern. Middle Row: K. Araujo, J. Brooks, T. Suan, B. Bauer, D. Okamota, M. Martin. Back Row: B. Stern, C. Hsia, S. Flynn, C. Barron, J. Ehret. JOURNALISM Hot Gff The Press During the year, there's nothing better than to sit down and read one of the monthly issues of Knightlife. For this to be possible, we look toward the journalism class of 88'. A class that produces a paper every month to give its school something to read about. lt's the experience one achieves, that counts. - T. Araujo - Working to create a story is sometimes very difficult, but when these students get into something, they dig into it. Journal- ism is not just another period to ease the time avvay, it's an adventure to take seri- ously. Top: Joanna Brooks gives the class a lecture. M14 Q Z I 1,14 a , ., , 1 ,ff I if if 'W s""Wa.,m g I 5 f ,W Above: Tina Araujo and Sean Flynn work on a rough draft. JOURNALISM CLUBS a 0 1 Q Q S Above Right: Safe Rides: E. Bauer, D. Mc- Donald, J. Leach, D. Lewand, H. Cohen, L. Yoder, C. Ebert, S. Wu, H. Lin, K. Kaul, D. Chuang, F. Stafford, J. Fahs, H. Pollack, D. In Park, B. Deese, J. Baird, M. Kreutz, S. Gagen, C. Smith, B. Wu, D. Schwartz, E. Goldberg, H. Smith, L. Shugarman, C. Kanno, T. Lindholm, L. Brug- man, J. Brooks, B. Aust, R. Yue, J. O'Neill, H. Clayton, Y. Takenaka, A. Ressler, S. Kim, C. Min, R. Kershnar, D. Pan, M. Powell, D. Chuang, C. Lin, J. Truban, L. Henderson, J. Samuelson, S. Lyon, A. Bailey, S. Sheng, R. Mayemura, K. Ko- suth, T. Baird, L. Dardashti, M. Ferris, J. Francis, B. Hannegan, S. Kershnar, C. Kin, J. Leach, I. Moon, R. Reynolds, H. Rice, G. Scherschel, S. Schwarts, A. Selman, B. Stern, A. Tanaka, H. Zadel, S. Schwartz, E. Kellerman, K. Lodgard, D. Eiseman. Left: Alexandra Luckinger, Birte Madsen, Penny Rainford, Carita Lahti, and Veronica Jorgensen are happy to be at Foothill. AFS Club Left: AFS: I Alexander, B. Anderson, K. Araujo, E. Aust, C. Babecky, K. Baker, B. Bauer, P. Crane, J. Herr, L. Kardashti, M. Hallamore, L. Henderson, V. Jorgensen, C. Lin, T. Kirkham, C. Lahti, A.Luckinger, B. Madsen, D. Merker, l. Moon, S. Murray, L. Pentney, P. Rainford, H. Rice, T. Sadler, T. Smith, A. Tweedy, J. Vigano, M. Webb. Bottom Left: Art Club: M. Fjeld, L. Lilly, J. Anderson, M. Bernard, B. Jorgensen, G. Di- fronzo, T. Armstrong, P. Frembgen, J. Stone, B. Bissen, J. Erickson, C. Borgen. Below: Volleyball Club: H. Pollack, B. Han- negan, L. Hill, C. Anderson, C. Borgen, T. Sadler, S. McKittrick, S. Smith, K. Walker, S. Singer. rt Ll Volleyball Club i OCAD nl Top Left: Horace Lin stano proud and tall. Top: John Collins shows the fighting spirit. Left: The 1988 OCAD tean of Foothill. ' 'fm Top: Mr. Minne discusses OCAD at the awards banquet. Top Right: Abby Bridge has that winning look in her eyes. Above: Paul Cash is congratulated for a job well clone. light: Conrad Kanno is overwhelmed by the honor bestowed upon him. OCAD Right: Spanish Club: J. Sameulson, H. Pollak, S. Schwartz, S. Mollot, D. Schwarz, C. Feher, D. Merker, M. Ryu, C. Reynolds, C Stewart, B. Wu, T. Stevens, J. Fischel, K. Leaman, K. Linstrom, D Zavala, C. Williams, J. Gribben, R. Weir, A. Musch, R. Scott, J Herr, E. Elmer, D. Chuang, M. Ferris Below Right: Key Club: R. Yue, A. Huang, K. Leaman, H. Lin, K Chiang, D. Wedemeyer, A. Tanaka, D. Berry, D. In Park, T. Chou C. Kanno, V. Nozick, M. Hauser, H. Ho, R. Yamashiro, C. Min, P Cash, J. Lee, R. Kelly, A. Mew, H. Lin, D. Chen, Y. Tanaka, D Chuang, D. Schwarz, C. Hsia, M. Desilva, J. Samuelson, S. Kim, D Alverson, S. Sheng, J. Brooks, K. Lin, J. Huang, J. Lin, V. Wilhelm S. Schwartz, M. Keegan, D. Chuang, R. Kovacev, A. Crofton, K Faure, H. Clayton, S. Duncan, J. Bernstein, C. Reynolds, D. Chiu, T Suan, R. Chen, A. Kim, S. Uyeseigi, S. Shelby, D. Koh, S. Griswold S. Lin, J. Brizuela, B. Farwell, S. Mollat, D. Kanzler, S. Hoffman, R Greindstrom, E. Lang, J. Lin, E. Johnson. Bottom: JSA Club: L. Henderson, M. Khorry, A. Lillard, J. Lin, S. Lubell, M. Ryu, M. Surfas, S. Wong, A. Hayman. S. Left, G. Poudevigne, A. Weissman, S. Valdez, R. Kovacev, C. lh Chou, K. Cops, M. Brinkman, T. Geideman, L. Horvath, J. Huang, K. Kosuth, M. Kreutz, C. Lin, N. Villarreal, A. Gazzaniga. Key Club 1 Spanish Club CLUBS RED Spirit Club Top: Spirit Club: S. Schwartz, B. Wu, R. Kersh- nar, M. Ryu, T. Keulina, H. Clayton, D. Chuang, J. Brooks, A. Olivera, C. Pak, J. Thompson, K. Tar- shis, C. Reynolds, A. Croften, D. Nicolai, J. Bern- stein, T, Araujo, M. Ferris, J. Lin, V. Jorgensen, K. Baker, M. Khoery, E. Bauer, E. Langlois, A. Goldstein, S. Kim, J. Dunn, W. McDermid, R. Mayemura. Above: Red Cross: E. Boddy, J. Ojanpera, H. Marks, H. Cohen, J. Anderson, S. Gagen, S. Cobb, D. Chuang, A. Olivera, B. Kellogg, D. Wilson, R. Kellerman, T. Lindholm, S. Duncan, L. Brugman, Y. Takenaka, S. Sheng, D. Chuang, H. Harmon, Y. Irani, K. Lodgard, D. Eisenman, B. Farwell, J. Lin, S. Mollot, P. Ting, J. Huang, K. Lin, N. Kontny, T. Stevens, J. Samuelson, S. Kim, J. Lee, S. Hangar, S. Chaix, S. Marcoux, D. Hume, J. Hufnagel, T. Icenhower, T. Reid, S. Schwartz, D. Chen, M. Desilva, T. Suan, J, Bernstein, K. Niu, M. Reber, G. Brugman, J. Thompson, H. Clayton, S. Wu, R. Yue, M. Hauser, E. Kinder. Left: Albert Huang signs up for a promising club. CLUBS The German Club Left: German Club: J. Lin, C. Richard- son, K. Chiang, D. I. Park, D. Chen, K. Lin, S. Lin, E. Johnson, J. Gustavson, C. Herman, J. Huang, T. Chou, M. Desilva, W. Pak, H. Lin, C. Kanno, R. Yue, A. Huang, J. Stone, P. Ting, J. Lee, H. Lin, M. McCauley. Below: Ecology Club: S. Valdez, T. Ste- verson, M. Desilva, I. Moon, L. Dardashti, J. Stone, S. Schwartz, B. Hannagan, P. Cash, D. Ernest, J. Brooks. J. Pfitzner, Below Left: Tom Flannagan signs up for a promising future. I"l Ecology Club Ll CLUBS Sealbearers .."' , Left: Sealbearers: Front Row: H. Lin, H. Ho, B. Aust, S. Wu, C. Ross, M. Kreutz, Un-Soo Sung, K. Knowles. Back Row: D. Eisenman, J. Weiss- kerg, E. Chang, K. Chiang, D. Park, R. Yue, P. Ark, R. Phillips. Top: W. Pak. Below Left: Month Awards: W. Pak, S. Wu, R. Yue, S. Brown. Below: Craig Turk was presented2ncl place in the county spelling competi- 'fi0l'1. Month Awards Ll ACADEMIC AWARDS II ADVERTISEMENTS r W r Sf 1 9? zazif' 'Myra ,.. S? L l L if A V 1 V 0 U Q1 I I sign: O Q 0 ,gg L J K' . CQNCQADQS IQMMY Ibrthose wzth a taste jbrgvfecnf 191220, And Spmfti wr Q11 DDQUD QF YQU COQD IUCK ICVIZ MGM DAD AND NANCY ADVERTISEMENT M40 KAREN LEAMAN Congratulations We are very proud of you. You always have our love, pride and support. I czfjcolayggaa, 51,56 tie Heat, M0112 Dad I , Sz Kathy yry Saw, ,Q Q Dad Congratulations Shasie Linnea You will always be our CONGRATULATIONS little Swedish flower girl! TO OUR Love, Mom Sz Dad FAVORITE KNIGHT Tina, Jarrett, and Erik TOM ADAMS LOVE DAD AND MOM ADVERTISEMENTS YOU ARE A MAN OF MANY TALENTS WHOSE FUTURE IS UNLIMITED OONGRA TULA TI ONS PA TRI OK NA THAN TO OUR SPECIAL SENIOR LOVE FROM MOM Xa DAD MI CAH -ADAM - DEBORAH VER YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF OUR LIVES GO OUT AND LIGHT UP THE WORLD INGRID, MOM DAD GYP and CIGY With memories of all you 've been With pride for all you are, With hope for all you 71 be, And with love for always Congratulations Mike! Love, Mom, DaaL Randy Joelle, 85 Leeann DAVID IT'S BEEN A LONG ROAD. BUT YOU HAVE COME SHINING THROUGH WE ARE S0 PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE. CONGRATULATIONS! ALL OUR LOVE MOM DAD, TON YA At ERIN ADVERTISEMENTS 1 g .Nigga :LM . ,,."!f ,F 5 1' , - Hg 54' f- ?3,w - My K ,I 3 1 pf 1 R ,f,q:X,'. ,, ,- 1 Q -- 1 , E 4. QW. 1 I L W riff? fine LISA MICHELE H OR VA TH ...wil ff ,J 7 I it ADVERTISEMENTS 'AOur Drido and Joy" l'Our Dirty Ammal C,vngralL1l'1Lioms ohuunon N xc you ' more prvud Nl V u. Mom. Dad 'and Nini 'AQur Champion" CONCDM6 MIJA WL KNLW YQL D MAKE lll lho Beal ol luck and aucccm In your lulurd Fma we wlll alwuyaw aupporl you ln all your endeavors' Mm for the auliraul May the Lord be with you Always! ADVERTISEMENTS - . ' i , 1 I S R A 5 ,E - A Akkl H K , - i -:. :EFI Penny our Kiwi daughter and sister Y0u71 always be a part of our family! Love, Mom, Dad Keith, and Kirk. CON GRA TULA TI O TO RACHEL A D CLASS F '88 ' TE VE A D EDIE NITZBERG FROM TOT TO TEEN AND IN BETWEEN RAISING YOU HAS BIFN SO MUCH FUIN YOU'VE BEEN OUR DELIGHT TO KNOW BUT YOUR CHILDHOOD HAS GOW BY SO FAST GENTLE AND PRETTY WITHOUT AND WITHIN. WE'RI PROUD OF YO! AIVD ALL YOU HA VF DONLI WE'VE HAD THE PLEASURE OF WATCHING YOU GROW NOW HIGH SCHOOL WILL BI' IN THF PAST YOU'VE WORKED HARD AT ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS- YOURB A LOVE T0 DAD GREGG AND ML FURST YOUR STUDIES, THEN HONG" AND BALLETQ AND STRONG AND THU? AS A FRIPND BUT YOU DID AND STA YED "ON YOUR TOEST YOUR HIAR7 WIII HOLD ALWA YS THF MFMORY DANCING YOUR WAY THROUGH EACH DAY OF THI FOOTHIIL YEARS THAT SOON END 1 ADVERTISEMENTS I7 Dear Sara . . . Love Mom, Dad and Michael You've caught the ball-now take it and run! The future is yours! Our love and best Wishes for your happiness and success always. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTINE! U WE ARE VERY Paouo OF You LOVE DAD, Mort STEPHANIE oolv a TIM "I Wish you the very best now CON GRA TS REID I WITH LOVE u AND PRIDE Mont DAD AND ELLIOT L and in the future. I love you very much Cathie. Love Mom, " I ADVERTISEMENTS DEAD KDISTIN WITII LOVE, DDIDE AND CQNCDATULATIQNCS MGM. ED, AND DEVON CONCQATULATIQNQS. KIM! Live life to the fullest and meet each new experience with joy and anticipation. We love you. Lotus Blossom! Mom. Dad, Marcie, Keo and Melissa WOW MATT!! YQU MADE IT. . . CSGMQI1 Class Dresiclent CONGDATULATICDN63 DUDE! LQVE. MOM, DAD, AND JACKIE CONCIQATULATION5 MICIIELE Your family loves you very much. We think youre special! ADVERTISEMENTS "1-- AWVQ parts 633-7305 NGE . :11 ,xqtsglfi-2.4, . 5 PARTS C0 FERDIE FRANKLIN 343 S. Tustin Ave. O rfqnge, CaIifornia 92666 MANUFACTURING FURRIERS TO THE PUBLIC Soles - A complefe stock from which To choose - Leoiher-Furoombinohons - Remodeling - Cleoning - Relining - Re-dyeing - Rental - Cold Sforoge WJ fa Gym Ltd. 829 Pine Ave Long Beach 437-3748 or 435-3337 CUNGRATULATIONS CLASS UF '88 ADVERTISEMENTS COKLWWTMLMTIHWS, jfnnffffc 3 v A gf Q Q M We Wvefjou 50 mvwff amd' a1 'pfowvf rfyow. 77vwnkQf1ow,6'wceffiewrfff?o'f H50 11 em if Hwfyimss gjouw Br WV us. Nwyfvoyo W We res fjowr wibi be full and wwwnwgfvf and tha .yew md egtipefiffwve Vt wiffv by wmf awfioipwfiow. Mow Gffff 5yWi'diL't'0 103. QW MMM ami 'bad' l KATIE PROUD OF YOU CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION PENNIE UUE LUVE YOU ARE THE WILL BE W1 TH YUU SUNSHINE IN OUR ALWAYS LIVES YOUR FAMILY WE LOVE EOE MUNL DAD, R TAMMY Dear Jason, awww! In 18 years, you've gone from "Punkin' Boy," to "Jason Dammit," to "What Now?" to "Racin' Jason," to "Jacie Face" and, now, to a man in your own right. You can do and be anything you want. The world is out there - go for it. Our love and congratulations. 1987-88 OO GRA T CLA SS F '88 ADVERTISEMENTS 2 7 O ADVERTISEMENTS CON GRA TULA TI ONS UN -S00 .l WE ARE PROUD OF YOUR FOUR YEARS OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS. LOVE MQM DAD, AND GENE ive each day to the fullest. Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life. Then you can look forward with confidence, and back without regrets. Be yourself-but be your best self. Dare to be different and to follow your own star. And don't be afraid to be happy. Enjoy what is beautiful. Love with all your heart and soul. Believe that those you love, love you. Forget what you have done for your friends, and remember what they have done for you. Disregard what the world owes you, and concentrate on what you owe the world. When you are faced with a decision, make that decision as wisely as possible-then forget it. The moment of absolute certainty never arrives. And above all, remember that God helps those who help themselves. Act as if every- thing depended upon you, and pray as if everything depended upon God. -S. H. PAY:-:n TRACK OONGRATULATIONS! Beginning November 20, 1969. Our best praise is that you are our daughter DAD At MOM To your first day at school, until this day you have made us very proud. We love you very much. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 88 FROM THE YEARBCOK STAFF ADVERTISEMENTS ACCIDE T VICTIMS If you or somebody you lcnow is involved in a serious or fatal accident of any kind, call for information and protect your legal rights. No attorneys fees will be charged unless compensa- tion is received in your case. Olhce hours are 8:GOa.m.-71OOp.m. Emergency calls taken 24 hours Congratulations Class of '88 C7145 835-6990 DHVIARCO and ARAUJC Drolessional Law Corp. lOl5 North Broadway, oanta Ana Ca. 2 7 2 ADVERTISEMENTS CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY CONGRATULATIONS JOHN WE LOVE YOU, MOM AND DANA . You are a very special person! We love you, Mom, Dad and Robin Diane, Congratulations! We are so proud. Mom, Dad, Eric "Let today embrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." Congratulations Jennifer We love you Mom, Dad and Kelly ADVERTISEMENT 3 ITQIS WRITTEN ON THE WALL YFAT ,Civil Tiv H22 E, T0 G ' VER H1535 Esxgbswvsv' 'MAH Tm U- v-., Ab 53.2 X Y' I W -20952 1 gl 1555? T M Dkfppd? W fi- ,.:: 8 A 'L ,Q 09019 fzzlffifmou 025 GPM? "faq, IZ 9 E' AiJ2zNigEE'VxG?zn 6 A632 gi Q' '59 311195 I Dfivgb 'S' '20 WWTRRE ME own' ELEM m-skis, U' ,brim A, M LACK 03? V 591935 LAQTK OF SERVE" ' I9 in hr, 'R Q! ff an 'N haf? 513: Q, W 5 if 41, Q3 ' Q? L3 332 'I " J I in fam as 5 'f Wbffgggg Q ru -.: 2: 1 5 jfgzg, Qs? E E ii' 'U 'Q ' . C ff eff . h Q 1351 g 'F' ,f es., A : E5 0 is CW mv if fv Cf! W 5 47' W4 90? TE Q I Qflhg Q S - 'Sf' QM 9' If fu. 64 4 51 Q T pg IQ S" fic? ff: A mlm- Q 55' 1534 T' TTL wiv V' y A A QI LOVE FROM ADVERTISEMENTS f-I. Advanced Painting No' 393506 Free Estimates Bonded Sensible Pr'ces 171 4I 550-1 242 Oua' 'Y Won' Allen Moser President C7145 544-0818 FRAME AND GALLERY Santa Ana California 92705 RONFERGUSQN ' I . I 3- I ' I 411 . ' r' I It 'Lin ' gc 4 ' I Q if 1636 E. Edingerv Unit U LWZI Newpoit Avo W6 K ' , j Tustin CAf26RO GOOD LUCK MICHELE E Y Like 8 good neighbor, I CI I C' L. R State Farm is there' 0 Fine Art 'Custom Framing BOB MERKER X 'ggi M ' Appraisals 0 Restorations Agent f I i 5 Home 8: Corporate Consulting 1 5 i 2 'U " " " " ' " ' mi iwlxifu ,L I3 A :NEI-lm 17300 St'z'1'II!vw1t1i 5-Itrwf ' Yiistiii, CI1lI'toIIIinU2o8L7 6975 Warner Ave. le h A' A I on Goldenwest 'L t 714 731 5432 HUmif1Qf0f1 Beach' CA 92547 STATE FARM INSURANCE coMPANiEs Fm 'UNIV The AVHSHF j Off.: 17141842-0644 Home OFFICESBLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS LIMPPDST V 'V'f'1 JLJ V WV071 "ai: 'g viva L Jkogn Ent! ,will I z1I5ngZaA3Z!tastej6I,grreft Q' Q . Q 0 ,ck 1ll'L'. 'ill ssS' ul,-1-NN 9? 53' X gl , . 1 GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF '88 ADVERTISEMENTS Ponronfs BV Gory Goblet 171455411-M99 14911 Holt Avenue, Tustin, Colifornio 92680 FAMILY TREE l 5 "serving orange Comfy " ' PHOTOGRAPHY 'T' 7 for over 60 years" Ralph D. Naill C7145 832-3821 l1Hl1CTlC Ccnlu - l7lh and Yorba - 1739012 l7lh, Tuslin, CA 92680 k L, I wjledmy 1' Distinutive Floral U1-sign SL Gifts I Marsha Motsinger 1 17141 544-0177 The Coun Yard, 14941 Holt Ave., Tustin, CA 92680 Roma "Dv Italia Since 1961 ITALIAN RESTAURANT AND PIZZA THE DOMINIC COREA FAMILY Phone 611 El Camino Real Bus. 544-0273 Tustin, CA 92680 Res. 547-5283 I alll? 5 Q COURTYARD gf 11 Booxs, INC. QQ 1172129 pm Pcxt Cook U Jane Conway 149411 Hon Ave., Tusun, CA 92680 C7145 544-7540 :QL Q., Q7141832-9931 asia :Z 0'. 039' Nail Gazebo 635 EastFirs1 St. Tustin, CA 92680 BEST WISHES FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT COAST COAST SAVINGS AND LDAN Coast Savings and Loan Association Ofli as th ghoui California 0 Assets over S5 billio Your Savings Insured to 5100.000 27 6 ADVERTISEMENTS X 5? rw. iq. 58.555 But then, our IOOM pure beef hamburgers are cooked on a remark- N ,ff . M, -.. ti' . N 'f -gpg. is 1- X4 ,,x."., aff' 92? XXX , . able charbroiler that simultaneously sears both sides of the patty This method of charbroiling, invented by Carl's jra back in 1965, seals in the meat juices While impart- ing a delicious open-flame flavor. So try Carlis jr. on for taste. Charbroiling is another reason why what makes us different, makes us better. ADVERTISEMENTS 2 7 7 ES. Donald P'lCGann, DDS., Inc. Qrtrmclcrrwiice ' General Denlrelry TMJ Disorders 2112 N. Main Street, Santa Ana. CA 9270617141835-6677 30100 Crown Valley Pkwy, Laguna Niguel. CA 9267717141495-667 SECURITY CONSULTANTS LOCKS. SAFES. MASTER KEY SYSTEMS '5" 'f ' 0 TUSTI N 'i Sgm gg Lock and Safe sn 1 usr 1 12932 NEWPORT AVENUE TUSTIN CA 92680 BOB LANDRUM C7141 544-8744 WADE 1-ANDRUM 24 HOUR SERVICE C1141 992-1300 JACK CHOU KSSWZE5, Zifaiivf? I 2. I fn ,Winn .y , Afnfvfz .i03.f1n?f11f'f 1900 Camino Loma ' Fullerton, California 92633 QIEFTX 'iggfhy SUPERTRIP TRAVEL SERVICE -gf?" Chew Nin Kim President Teli 12131382-9688 3727 W. 61h S1.,Sui1e 202 12131382-9218 Los Angeles, CA 90020 Telex: 3710412 SUPERTRIP ffijfi 5771 A' lil if ici N W' 71 QQXU' 1 A-K, . V -ff?-2 tl . 1 , if 1 A if , . e 'J ' 0 grip The Body Builder's Mecca CYPRESS' GOLD' GYM 6175 Ball Road Cypress, California 90650 C7151-l 821-GULD ADVERTISEMENTS Angelo's Detailing Menu WORKOUT SPECIAL Includes: Wash, Orbital Polish, Vacuum, Dress Interior, Dress Tires and Windows .....,,.....,... tNeed car from 1 hour to 1 WJ if COMPLETE DETAIL i' Includes: INTERIOR-Shampoo Seats, Shampoo Carpets, Degrease dash 8a Door Panels, Dress complete Interior. EXTERIOR - High Speed Polish, Steam Wheels or Rims, Dress Tires, Dress all Exterior Rubber, Clean Windows, Remove Excess Wax STEAM ENGINE-Steam Engine and Treat Hoses to Protect them. .,.,.S45.00 Package Price ...........,...,..,..,................... from 51000.00 to 3135.00 Depending on condition of car, job's may be done separately, WE ALSO HAVE THE FOLLOWING: EXTRA SERVICES: 0 Oxidation Removal 0 T inting Windows 0 Over Spray Removal 0 Pinstripping ' Teflon tPaint Plating Guaranteed 1 Yearj SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 350 W. Katella Avenue - Anaheim, CA 92802 - 47141 535-2171 17141 535-3268 DARIA BEAFIDEN DANCE STUDIO 120 EAST MAIN STREET, TUSTIN comer ot E1 Camino Real and Main Street 1714, 731-1006 Ballet 0 Tap ' Jazz ' Pas de Deux Regular Performances ADVERTISEMENTS CONGRATULATIONS GLASS OF '88 GOOD LUOK FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE. MAY YOUR MANY DREAMS OOME TRUE. BEST WISHES FROM PRIDE STEEL OOMPANY, INC. ORCH? Thanks these sponsors: Gardner Unocal, Roger's Chevron, O'Neal's Unocal, Dom's Arco, Bent Powell Chevron, Tustin Moble, B8cD Texaco Service, Larson Shell, Volvo Tech, American Automotive Center, Tire Pros, Executive Pontiac GMC, Tustin Dodge, Big O Tires. Front Row: Dean Nguyen, Long Do, Chris Dabney, Samir Owen, Justo Zachary, Alex Miller Back Row: Kevin De Groot, Karen Keagy, Eric High, Bill Kogareff, George Waniss, John Been, Andy Schramm, Shane Boer, Chris End, Carl Richardson, Bob Sharrer FINE C ASS RINGS NN UNCEMENTS W RDS ' DIPLOMAS CAPS 84 GOWNS ' YE RBOOKS H1667-If j PHOTOGRAPHERS ADVERTISEMENTS A Abbott, Zoe A. 87 Abel, Daniel P. 17, 187, 229 Abraham, Scott J. Ackermann, David J. 101, 110, 179 Adams, Tom J. 17, 80, 140, 202, 203 Addy, Dale R. 17, 175 Afrasiabi, Ardavan 175, 177 Aguilar, Andrea N. Alcaraz, Steven M. Alcazar, Richard P. Alcumbrac, Kieran B. 87, 181 Alexander, Ian C. 101, 182, 251, 217 Alford, Jeffrey M. 87, 179, 233, 217 Alford, Kristen M. 101, 168, 233, 241 Aljamie, Laura F. Allen, Amie M. Allen, Jamie D. Allen, Lauri D. 87, 239 Allen, Leslie J. 239, 206 Allen, Stacia H. 168, 190 Alonso, Guillermo Alpert, Bari H. 17, 51, 65 Alterman, Sheri 17, 233, 239, 243 Althoen, Emily J. 101 Althoen, Morgan C. 233, 240 Alverson, David S. 175, 240, 254 Amdon, Marc J. 240 Ames, Kurt C. Ames, Trey D. 101 Amos, Fredrick R. 87, 179 Amos, Sean M. 101, 189, 214 Amrofell, Greg M. 101, 149, 182, 199, 241, 248, 217 Anderson, Amy C. 87 Anderson, Barbara J. 17, 185, 201, 251 Anderson, Carl J. 87, 182, 233, 241, 217, 218 Anderson, Carly A. 101, 185, 241 Anderson, Christina A. 101 Anderson, Craig W. 101, 241, 251 Anderson, Gregory M. 2, 17 Anderson, Jennifer D. 87, 201, 239, 251, 255 Anderson, Katherine 17, 52 Andrade, Nancy Andreosky, Nicholas V. 87, 233 Angebrandt, Dwayne E. 17, 187 Annan, Joan M. 18, 56 Anselmo, Jason T. 18, 61, 175 Antrim, Lanea L. Apana, Shannon G. Araujo, Kristina 18, 24, 29, 49, 90, 239, 240, 247, 249, 251, 294 ' Arreola, Rubin 101 Ark, Paul P. 18, 240, 257 INDEX Ark, Peter P. 87 Arnold, Paul E. 87 Arnold, Samantha J. 82 Ascher, Shane L. 101 Ash, Jeffrey W. 87 Ashton, Andrew R. 101, 182, 217 Ashton, Pamela 18 Astor, Kevin E. 72, 175, 240 Astorga, Yesenia L. 101 Attell, Camille F. 101 Auer, Jason C. 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Beresford, Brooke A. 20, 54 Berg, Andreae M. 9, 20, 50 Bernstein, Jennifer P. 87, 181, 239, 241, 248, 254, 255 Berry, Don M. 20, 45, 232 239, 254 A Berry, Georgi A. 87 Berry, Jeff A. 12, 71, 122, 125, 130, 130 Beshear, Bob B. 74 Best, Dedra 87, 185 Bevacquea, Natalie J. 74 Bevans, Kristi A. 20 Bigelow, Jennifer E. 101 Birney, Katie K. 74, 80, 229, 240 1 Bish, Christina M. 20, 233 240 Bissin, Brooke A. 21, 236, 251 1 Blackerby, Lori S. 21, 74 Blackerby, Sheila K. Blackman, Ronnie T. 101 Blake, Lisa A. 101 Blaney, David C. 74, 240, 245 Bletscher, Chad A. 87, 205 Blevins, Rachel E. 74, 238 Bloom, Brett W. 21, 126, 175, 150 Boche, Matt 88 Boddy, Elizabeth S. 21, 240, 242, 255, 223 Boeck, Kristin E. Boedeker, Kim M. 21, 23, 239 Boer, Shane B. 88 Bogard, David 74 Bonar, Lisa D. Bonk, Gabriel A. 74 Bonk, Jodi M. Borgen, Christopher J. 88, 239, 251 Borges, Daren E. Borges, Gregory J. 88 Boris, Brian C. 74 Borm, Cynthia L. 74 Borm, Lisa-Anne M. 21, 245 Boseker, Resa N. 88, 180, 241 Bosko, Michael P. 88, 179 Botula, Michael S. 101 Boussiacos, Tom A. 21 Bovetas, Vasiliki G. 21 Bowen, Patricia A. 88, 245 Bower, Clint R. 101 Bowman, Paul W. 21, 127, 239 Bowman, Scott C. 74 Bozek, Heather A. 101 Bradshaw, Jennifer J. 22, 24 Brandon, Gregory J. 88, 189 Brandon, Robert D. 22, 41, 197 Brant, Jesse L. 88, 233 Breen, John M. 74 Bremer, Julia D. 22 Bridenbecker, Bradford 74, 175 Bridge, Jennifer A. 22, 70, 240, 253 Brink, Alicia S. 22, 254, 206 Brittain, Nikki L. Brizuela, Justin Z. 102, 179, 189, 232, 241, 254 Brock, Todd A. 22, 171 Brooks, David F. 22 Brooks, Joanna M. 74, 140, 184, 185, 231, 239, 240, 248, 249, 250, 254, 255, 256, 218 Brown, Matthew D. 88, 199 Brown, Pamela S. 88 Brown, Susan C. 11, 22, 147, 149, 239, 245, 257 Bruce, Kristin J. 102, 181 Brugman, Gretchen E. 102, 218 Brugman, Laura K. 74, 184, 240, 242, 250, 255, 225 Brummett, Mark 106 Bruner, Elizabeth 23, 185, 240 Bruner, Terrence W. 102, 199 Brunner, Michael S. 102, 199 Bruns, Sharon L. Bryant, Christa E. 74, 146, 168, 231 Bryant, Kimber L. 23, 239, 180 Buckner, Bobby L. 23, 203 Burgos, Jeff J. 102 Burns, Karen Lynn 74, 239 Busalacchi, Frank A. 17, 23, 28, 136, 175, 240, 158 159 Buschmann, Heidi M. 88, 245 Buse, Michele M. 74, 128, 240, 218 Bush, Dana L. 88 Butcher, Lori L. 74 Butler, David 74, 82, 175 Byrd, Brett W. 23, 126, 175 C Cabarrubia, Josette M. 102 Cahalan, Jennifer L. 23, 223 Calderon, Carlos E. 74 Calderon, Mercedes N. Calvetti, Roy P. 74 Cameron, Carrie M. 102 Campbell, Jeff W. 74 Campbell, Mary E. 23, 245 Campbell, Michelle L. 88 Canale, Joseph A. 88 Cannon, John F. 74 Caplis, Christine S. 102, 225 Caraccio, Lisa F. 88 Carl, Adam 237 Carmona, Chris 88 Carrig, Jennifer R. 23 Carrig, Melissa A. 88, 241 Carroll, Jim P. 74, 240, 214 Casey, Karla L. 102 Casey, Kolleen E. 74 Cash, Paul A. 23, 170, 146, 147, 233, 239, 240, 253, 254, 256 Cast, Crystal J. 74 Castaneda, Dilva 88 Castaneda, Sonia, A. 102 Casteel, Christopher J. 88, 173, 225 Castorena, John-Paul 102, 217 Castro, Arthur A. 22, 24, 41, 171, 221 Cataraha, Derek K. 100, 102 Ceja, Christopher D. 88 Cerrone, Robert P. 102, 238, 245 Chaix, Stephanie l. 74, 255, 223 Chalamidas, Melisa R. 75 Chambers, Adam M. 24, 175, 240, 202, 203 Chambers, Darcee Z. Chang, Edward 24, 238, 240, 257 Chang, Susan E. 88, 233, 236, 241 Chapman, Christopher L. 102 Charton, Danny 102, 194 Charton, Robert B. 75, 232, 240 Chen, Delbert W. 75, 232, 233, 239, 240, 213, 214, 215 Chen, Doris 75, 128, 180 Chen, Helen 102 Chen, Philip 102, 241, 254, 213 Chen, Susan 75 Chennavasin, John S. 88, 241 Chiang, Kenneth T. 3, 24, 232, 233, 239, 254, 256, 257 Chiu, David 88, 241, 254, 213 Chizhik, Alexander 88, 238, 241, 243 Chodowski, Brian D. 75, 175, 155 Choo, Sarah S. 88, 233, 239, 241 Chou, Cheng-lh 102, 238, 241, 254 Chou, Chung-lh J. 75, 238, 239, 240, 213 Chou, Thomas J. 24, 239, 240, 254, 256, 213 Christianson, Valerie T. Christy, Stephanie A. 88 Chuang, Deborah J. 75, 240, 242, 250, 254, 255 Chuang, Diana K. 86, 88, 233, 238, 239, 241, 242, 250, 254, 255 Chung, ll Y. 24 Chung, Pil Sun S. 89, 209, 208 Clark, Elizabeth A. 75, 240, 242, 245 Clark, Gregory D. 89, 179, 188 Clark, James M. 102 Clark, Kristin M. 24, 245 Clarke, Kristina R. 24, 66 Clayton, Heidi A, Clayton, Holly A. 86, 99, 233, 239, 241, 250, 254, 255 Clayton, Michael D. 75, 141, 240, 154 Cleary, Charles J. 102, 149 Clevenger, Jeremy S. 25, 68, 187, 209 Cobb, Shelley A. 89, 233, 238, 255 Coderre, Shane R. 25, 35, 78 Cohen, Danielle S. 102 Cohen, Hilda A. 25, 238, 239, 240, 250, 255 Colburn, Brock B. 59 Cole, Christa M. 25, 129, 180, 181, 239, 243 Collins, John B. 8, 25, 67, 137, 147, 238, 239, 253, 295, 213 Collins, Tim J. 25, 70, 175 Combs, Kory B. 25, 187, 236, 238, 239, 240 Coniflio, Christopher M. 12, 25, 194 Coniglio, Steven C. 102 Connor, Mike J. 75 Conrad, Drew R. 25 Constantine, Jason P. 17, 26, 71, 122, 126, 130, 175, 231, 240, 150, 154 Constantine, Paul A. 102, 103, 61, 189, 231, 233, 239 Cook, Kristine M. 2, 75 Coombs, Dallas 9, 26, 46, 127 Cooper, Jared S. 26, 240 Cooper, Jason T. 89, 189 Cops, Kevin C. 75, 175, 233, 240, 254, 217 Cormier, Bradley R. 26, 187, 150, 210, 211 Corner, Brian H. 103 Coronado, Leroy L. 245 Correa, Jennifer n. 89 Constanza, Brian F. 75, 146, 171, 221 Cotman, Daniel C. 89 Cowdell, Brett M. 75, 125, 171, 231, 221 Cowdell, Bryan M. 103 Cralley, Ronna M. 75 Crane, Matthew J. 89, 199 Crane, Penelope D. 26, 251 Criss, Nicholas C. 89 Crofton, Alexa 89, 254, 255, 207 Croissant, Bob 103 Crosby, Collin S. 103, 144, 145, 173, 159 Crosby, Scott 26, 44, 123, 238 Crowell, Jim R. 89 Crowell, Michael S. 75, 81, 146, 187, 211 Crummett, Michael S. 103, 245 Cuddyre, Christine M. 26 Cuddyre, Kelly L. 103 Cummings, Cindy L. 103, 104, 199, 180, 192, 241, 218 Cunningham, Brian T. 75, 232 Cunningham, Rex W. 26, 194 Cunningham, Wallace H. 103 Curiel, Leticia M. 75 Curiel, Yvette 26 Curnutt, Jennifer D. 75, 240 Curtis, Alison L, 89 Custer, Andrew 89 Cutliff, Cari L. 75, 168 D Dabney, Christian E. 89, 147 Daft, Tracie C. 103 Dains, Kathleen J. 27 Danford, Julee A. 75 Danon, Marc M. 103, 238, 217 Danon, Steven S. 27 Dao, Kim 75, 240 Dapkewicz, Eric D. 75, 240, 246, 247 Dardashti, Laura J. 75, 233, 238, 239, 240, 250, 251, 256 Darr, Amy L. 103 Daveler, Aaron J. 89 Davies, Tina M. 27, 200 Davis, Charles P, 75, 171, 225 Davis, Douglas A. 89 Davis, Michael C. 27, 239 Davis, Robert C. 75 Davis, Tyler 89, 189 Dawson, Valerie L. 89 Deaenlle, Crystal Y. Dean, Michael J. 103, 179 Dean, Robert L. 89, 189, 205 Dean, Tracie S. 103 Deangelo, August A. 27 Decarion, Philip G. 103 Decarion, Suzanne M. 75 Deckert, Juliet K. 89, 181, 236, 239, 241, 242, 152 Dedmon, Dina M. Dee, Robert C. 27, 127, 147, 235, 238 Deering, Nathan A. 28 Deese, Brett P. 75, 175, 250, 217 Degroot, Kevin J. 75 Delgado, Rachel F. 89 Delnoce, Todd C. 75, 203 Delvaux, Mark A. 13, 89, 173, 225 Demara, Tony J. Demarco, Lee R. 76, 200 Demkiw, Stephanie G. 76 Denaie, Sabrina 26 Denny, Paige 28, 42, 59, 69 Desilva, Chanaka 28, 233, 240 Desilva, Menaka N. 76, 232, 233, 239, 240, 243, 254, 255, 256 Dettor, Kevin M. 89, 179 Dettor, Kristin M. 76, 81 Deuning, Karen L. 103, 185, 218 Difronzo, Gregory 28, 251 Djang, Jennifer A. 89, 241 Dodak, Kari A. 28, 206 Dodak, Steven M. 103, 245 Donnelly, Kent J. 89, 133, 188, 230, 241, 203 Dore, Tom P. 76 Dorn, Brandi A. 103 Dossantos, Michelle K. 76 Douglas, Bobby C. 103 Downs, David F. 76, 203 Duarte, Jonathan J. 89, 179 Duckett, Joshua 89 Duff, Jamal E. Duffy, Mark S. 103, 179 Dumerton, Brenna N. 28, 136 Duncan, Sharon L. 76, 236, 254, 255 Dunn, Julie 146, 255 Dunn, Stephen B. 28, 42, 65 Dunphy, John P. 28 Dunseath, Heather K. 76 Duran, Michelle L. Dutrisac, Laura J. 29, 180, 240, 150 E Easlick, Brennan P. 89 Ebert, Chad M. 103, 233, 238, 250 Ebert, Shannon K. 90, 192, 207 Edman, Matthew 29 Eggers, Trina L. 75, 76, 91 Ehret, Julia D. 103, 168, 200, 248 Eisenman, Dana G. 29, 240 243, 250, 255, 257, 212, 213 Ellis, Keith M. 76, 240, 245 Ellis, Traci M. 103 Ellison, Andrea L. 90 Ellison, Juanita 90 Ellison, Laura A. 103, 223 Elmer, Eric S. 90, 241, 254 Engdahl, Coleen L. 29 Enriquez, Maria E. 76, 240 Erdkamp, John D. 103, 110, 238, 245 Erickson, Joseph L. 76, 240, 247, 251 Ernst, Dan 75, 171, 233, 242 256, 217 Esqueda, Robert 90 Esqueda, Sharon 29, 236 Esslinger, David A. 29 Evans, David C. 76 Evans, Erika J. Evans, Jill L. 103, 225, 165 Evans, Karen J. 29, 66, 122, 126, 130, 130, 295 Evans, Kristi D. 29, 51, 69, 124, 228 F Fahs, Jennifer E. 76, 250 Fanti, Kevin 90 Farney, Patricia M. 90 INDEX Ferry, Peter J. 76 Farrar, Linda 103 Farwell, Brian W. 103, 254, 255 Faure, Karine I. 90, 185, 241, 254, 218 Feher, Christine J. 103, 233, 254 Feingold, Stephanie R. 103, 241, 224, 225 Feldman, Leeann S. 103, 225 Fenmore, Grant M. 90, 239 Ferbert, Jad M. 76 Ferrari, Janett Ferris, Erin L. 76, 141 Ferris, Morgan L. 9, 29, 71, 124, 243, 247, 250, 255, 165 Fickett, Craig A. 76 Figge, Allison Figge, William D. 103 Fischbeck, Brittney A. 76 Fischbeck, Jeff S. 103, 145, 199 Fischel, Jeffrey R. 90, 189, 241, 254, 213 Fisher, Andrea M. 72, 76 Fisher, Duane J. Fite, Jennifer R. 76, 225 Fjeld, Martin R. 76, 238, 239, 243, 251 Flanagan, Thomas V. 76, 256 Fleurent, James E. 100, 103 Fleurent, Jennifer L. 90 Flores, Michael C. 90 Flower, Brandy M. 76 Flynn, Sean M. 30, 239, 240, 248, 249 Folsom, Brent A. 103, 241 Foltz, Lisa B. 90, 180, 181, 241 Fong, Fleur D. 76 Ford, Jolene K. 30, 63, 245 Forge, Sean C. 90 Forman, Jennifer L. 103 Foster, Mark E. 104, 189, 241 Foster, Michelle 90, 245 Foster, Traci B. 104 Foxe, Tanya S. 76, 168, 190, 191, 240, 206, 207 Fragassi, Andrew G. 76, 175 Francis, Janet M. 30, 233, 245, 250, 225 Franco, Gina M. 104, 185, 218 Franco, Joe A. 77, 182, 155, 214, 215 Franklin, Matthew A. 90, 189 Frayne, Daniel 104 Freeman, Brad S. 77, 83 Freeman, Valorie L. 77 Frembgen, Pamela A. 77, 240, 251 Fritts, Derek G. 30, 59, 122, 130, 175, 214 Frutos, David S. 90, 133, 235, 238 Fry, Morgan W. 245 Fuchs, Evan D. 90 Fukuda, Erick K. 100, 104, 182, 197, 199 Fukuda, Michael T. 30, 197 Fukushima, Kazumi 30, 240 INDEX Fulton, Denise S. 13, 90, 98, 200 218, 219 Fulton, John A. 104 Furry, Jill S. 30 Furry, Kimberly I. 90 Furumi, Shizuka S. 104 G Gabelsberg, Jason W. 90, 197, 235, 238, 215, 217 Gagen, James P. 90, 179 Gagen, Shelly M. 86, 90, 133, 168 192, 233, 241, 250, 255 206 Galey, 225 ,Brian E. 90, 173, 224, Gallagher, David A. 77 Garceau, Denise 90, 181 Garcia, Eric S. 77, 175, 188, 202, 203, 165, 205 Garcia, Neil B. 104, 144 Gardnel, Wendy 90 Garrison, Amy E. 77, 141 Garvai, Rachel J. 104 Gaspar, Michael L. 77, 205 Gaude, Gordon M. 77 Gaw, Michelle M. 30 Gazzaniga, Andrea M. 104, 168, 192, 193, 238, 241, 254 Gehly, Jason B. 77 Geideman, Thomas E. 31, 45, 232, 254 Genetive, Kerry T. 104 Genova, Jason P. 90 Genova, Jeff V. 104 George, Jennifer M. 104 George, Patrick M. 155 Gerome, Chris S. 104 Gesler, David 31, 68, 136, 175, 295, 165 Gess, Brent E. 77 Gibbons, Carrie L. 104 Gibbs, Jacky L. 104, 161 Gibbs, Trina M. 90 Gibson, Becky A. 104 Giesea, Jeffrey T. 31, 240, 213 Gilbertson, Erik J. 91, 189 Gilbreath, Ali M. 91, 199 Gill, Michael J. Gillman, Margo A. 77, 247, 223 Gilmore, Tom H. 77, 197 Gilstrap, Jeffrey W. 77, 213 Goodman, Jennifer R. 104 Goodman, Matthew R. 104 Gordon, Andy 77 Gorup, Dane B. 91 Gorup, Myke L. 31, 68, 160, 228 Gourley, Gran H. 77, 213 Graham, Colin B. 32, 44, 238, 240 Grahn, Matthew D. 91, 173, 225 Grahovac, Michelle M. 104 Grahovac, Nicole D. 104 Graichen, Thomas W. 104, 179 Graziano, Andrew G. 104, 217 Greek, Samuel R. 104, 179 Green, Lisa 77, 85 Greene, Richard A. 72, 77, 140, 204, 205 Gregg, Anna F. 91 Gribben, Jessa A. 104, 254 Griffiths, Brittany A. 32 Griffitts, Darrin T. 2, 32 Grigsby, August R. 104 Grissinger, Jeremy 91, 179 Griswold, Scott 104, 173, 225 Groner, Carl L. 104 Grundstrom, Robert J. 105 Guarnacci, Shannon 33, 64, 69, 137 Gunckel, Thomas L. 32, 217 Gurrola, Albert N. 105 Gustafson, Eric D. 105 Gustavson, Jan E. 91, 189, 241, 256, 205 Guzman, Karen E. 71, 239, 223 Gwinup, Kevin L. 32 H Hager, Dwayne H. 32,245 Hager, Lisa D. 105, 245' Hagland, Jennifer L. 105, 218 Hagland, Robert L. 91, 199 Hagmann, Kristin J. 32 Haiduc, Matthew S. 77, 238, 217 Hairston, Adam 33, 66, 122, 175 Hairston, Jason M. 91, 99, 130, 175 Hale, Kenneth R. 77 Halevy, Sivana 91 Gin, Jennifer K. 91, 180, 192, Hallamore, Mark R. 77, 251 239 Ginocchio, Noelle T. 77 Hallamore, Nicole C. 91, 126, 192, 193, 239, 217, 218 Giraldo, Jessica M. 31, 125 Halpern, Jeff M. Gjokaj, Jennifer 104 Gladwell, Cindy 91 Glaser, Brian B. 104, 189 Goldberg, Beth E. 31, 240 Goldberg, Eliana K. 91, 241, 250 Ham, Brandon J. 77, 188 Hamby, Sabrina B. 77 Hamilton, Melanie M. 75, 77 Hammer, Monica 33 Hammes, Sheri M. 33 Hammett, Amy G. 77 Goldstein, Amanda S. 91, 180, Hammond, Sandy C. 77 239 Gomez, Maria M. 31 Gonzales, Della P. 77 Gonzalez, Michael J. 31, 175, 176, 165 Hancock, Jim D. 91, 189, 205 Hanger, Stephanie M. 77, 255, 223 Hannegan, Bryan J. 33, 147, 197, 238, 239, 240, 250, 251, 256, 209 Hansen, Kirsten E. 77 Hansen, Marc K. 105, 144, 224, 225 Hansen, Shawna 91 Hanson, Amy 33 Hanson, Chris W. 105 Hanson, Elizabeth 77 Hardage, Steven R. 32, 33 Harper, George T. Harmon, Heather 91, 168, 242, 241, 255 Harmon, Matthew 33, 196, 197, 240, 213 Harouturian, Todd K. 33 Harris, Colleen W. 239 Harris, Debra 33 Harris, Wendy A. 91 Hartley, Michael J. 105 Hartnett, Tracey A. 77 Harvey, Kimberly A. 7, 78 Haupert, William J. 78 Hauser, Leslie E. 105, 180 Hauser, Matthew 34, 187, 239, 254, 203 Hawkins, Thomas R. 78, 146, 174, 175, 188, 203 Hayashi, Daiyu 91, 181, 217 Hayes, Careter E. 78 Hayman, Allison D. 34, 143, 168, 240, 245, 254 Haymond, Shannon 29, 34 Hayter, Cory K. 34 Head, Shawna M. 34, 42, 48, 239 Healy, Daniel T. 78, 175, 194 240 Heard, Kristin R. 91 Heath, Joanna C. 78, 206 Heinisch, Marc A. 91, 197, 198, 199 Helekahi, Lionel Helffrich, Mary Jo 78 Helfrich, Pamela S. 34, 36 Hemsley, Shayne W. 180 Henderson, Earlicia S. 34, 239, 250, 251, 254, 218 Hendren, Amy L. Hendricks, Robert C. 91 Hendricks, Steve M. Henrotin, Todd A. 73, 78, 187, 205 Henson, Kristi L. 105 Henson, Michele L. 34 Herman, Christine A. 105, 241, 256 Hernandez, Cecilia A. 105 Hernandez, Erin K. 78 Hernandez, Karen M. 105, 168, 200, 241, 158, 206, 207 Hernandez, Katie M. 105, 158, 207 Hernandez, Michael J. 34, 196, 197, 214 Herr, Julie C. 25, 35, 239, 240, 251, 254 Herr, Nicole A. 91, 155 Herrick, Michael 105, 182, 232 Hertsgaard, Kristen L. 35 Hertz, Cameron T. 105 Hess, Shawn F. 78 Hester, Timothy J. 105, 179 Hewett, Bridget 91 Hibbard, Julie A. 78, 240 Hibbert, Andrew J. 35, 35, 78 Hicks, Barbara L. 35 Higby, Jennifer L. 78, 85, 229, 240 Higgins, Michael A. 17, 35, 60, 66, 175, 203 Hildreth, Mari S. 78, 218 Hileman, Chris G. 78, 197, 240, 209 Hill, Jeremy D. Hill, Kelley R. 78 Hill, Lawrence D. 91, 251 Hill, Mark 78 Hinojosa, Diane 78 Hipsak, Stacy L. 91 Hirose, Tara A. 105, 223 Ho, Helen C. 34, 233, 240, 254, 257 Ho, Shaun V. 78, 233, 240, 213 Hoelzl, Erik Hoff, Jennifer L. 35, 122, 233, 238 Hoffman, Sarah K. 105, 233, 238, 254 Hofmann, Sean W. 105 Hoggatt, Gene B. 91, 238 Holder, Zachary C. 92, 173, 225 Holdernees, Colleen 105 Holland, Timothy M. 78 Holley, James J. 92 Homes, John 92 Hoover, Randy W. 92 Horton, Mike D. 35, 69, 175, 203 Horvath, Aaron R. 35, 39 Horvath, Lisa M. 36, 233, 254 Hourt, Dwayne A. 78 Hsia, Curtis C. 78, 232, 233, 239, 243, 248, 254, 217 Huang, Albert K. 36, 232, 233, 238, 239, 240, 254, 255, 256, 217 Huang, Jack l. 36, 232, 238, 254 Huang, Joyce C. 78, 180, 181, 240, 155, 256 Hufnagel, Jeffrey W. 78, 141, 255 214 Hume, Darren S. 245, 214 Hume, Douglas R. 78, 179, 240, 255, 214 Hupe, Catherine L. 36, 149 Hurtt, Michelle C. 36 Husband, Bryan D. 105, 178, 179, 217 Huskey, Aaron J. 78 Hussain, Nasreen S. 294 Hutton, Jennifer D. 78, 141 Huynh, Nhon A. 105, 194 Huynh, Phu K. 36, 240 Icenhower, Troy D. 78, 141, 240, 255 Iftiger, Daniel P. 36, 39, 136, 175 Irani, Yasmeen 92, 255 lsley, Jason T. 105 J Jackson, Richard K. 92, 175, 187 Jackson, Tyler T. 75 Jacobs, Darren E. 92, 197, 217 Jacobs, Jonathan D. 105, 199 Jacobs, Michelle A. 36, 42, 55 Jahangiri, Payam Janis, Jeffery J. 92, 189, 211 Jeltema, John C. 4, 37, 236, 240, 245 Jensen, Duane S. 78, 208, 209 Jezowski, Broc E. 92, 179 Jimenez, Eddie M. 37, 143, 295 Joffe, Jeff R. 105 Joffe, Mike M. 92 Johnson, Christopher C. 78, 239 Johnson, Cindy L. 92, 245 Johnson, Dawn C. 78, 239 Johnson, Debra D. 79, 239 Johnson, Erik T. 92, 179, 254, 256 Johnson, Gregory R. 37, 175 Johnson, John E. 92 Johnson, Melinda C. 92 Johnson, Shasie L. 37, 51, 130, 160, 228, 236 Jones, Ashby, E. 8, 37, 229, 23, 238, 239, 240, 202 Jones, Benjamin P. 238, 205 Jones, Blaine K. 105 Jones, Craig E. 105, 189, 233, 241 Jones Daniel J. 37 Jones, Michelle R. 79 Jones, Mitchell A. 79, 71, 221 Jones, Tara L. 106 Jorgensen, Becki A. 92, 251 Jorgensen, Veronica A. 38, 79, 200, 239, 251, 255 Kambestad, Kathryn D. 38, 159 Kane, James P. 92 Kanno, Conrad 38, 45, 232, 233, 238, 239, 240, 250, 253, 254, 256 Kanzler, Daniel J. 106, 254 Karamardian, Rita M. 79, 229, 240 Karcher, Christine L. 38, 150 Karlsen, Paul T. fPacol 92 Karlsen, Rochelle L. 79, 245 Katnik, Scott A. 79 Kaul, Kelly L. 79, 240, 242, 245, 250, 218 Keagy, Karen 38 Keegan, Amanda E. 92, 185, 241, 254, 218 Keeney, Michael J. Kellerman, Edward R. 79, 167, 175, 177, 240, 255, 204, 205 Kellerman, Elizabeth A. 106, 250, 223 Kelley, Elizabeth R. 106 Kelley, Robert 79, 254 Kellogg, William L. 79, 141, 175, 240, 255, 217 Kelly, Colby C. 92, 194 Kelly, Kathleen M. 92 Kelty, Kathleen A. 38 Kent, Erin L. 92, 238, 239, 206 Kenzy, Karey M. 38 Kershnar, Rebecca L. 92, 99, 239, 241, 250, 255 Kershnar, Sara L. 239, 240, 250 Keuilian, Shant 38, 69 Keuilian, Talin V. 92, 99, 239, 241, 255 Keyler, Courtney J. 79, 175, 203 Khoury, Mona S. 106, 107, 242, 254, 255, 223 Kim, Andrea A. 106, 181, 182, 238, 241, 254 Kim, Anthony S. 106, 241 Kim, Daniella A. 79, 180, 226, 236, 240 Kim, Helen J. 39 Kim, Stefanie A. 92, 238, 239, 242, 254, 255 Kim, Steve M. 79 Kim, Suzanne S. 79, 185, 201, 238, 239, 240, 250, 255, 218, 219 Kimes, Patricia H. 79, 81, 82 Kin, Curtis A. 79, 231, 236, 239, 240, 250, 217 Kinder, Erica M. 79, 201, 234, 255 King, James R. 39 King, Jeffrey M. 39, 77, 194, 237 King, Noah M. King, Tamara L. 92, 245, 206 King, Westley H. 79, 197, 240 Kiritschenko, Alex S. 39, 150, 210, 211 Kiritschenko, Damian 106, 179 Kirkendall, Robyn L. 39 Kirkham, Tracy M. 104, 105, 149, 168, 251 Kirn, Kevin N. 92, 245 Kliese, Kristin 92 Knopf, Andrew N. Knowles, Kacey C. 39, 76, 180, 240, 247, 257 Knox, Melanie J. 46, 106 Ko, Charlez J. 106 Ko, Eileen Y. 92, 181, 238, 241 Koenig, Jenifer M. 93, 192, 206 Koh, Duke Y. 106, 254 Konopisos, Nick D. 106, 189 Kontny, Natashc M. 93, 241, 255, 223 Koo, Cindy H. 39 Kooi, Kara L. 106, 129, 180, 181, 192, 193, 218 Kosinski, Molly P. 93 Kosuth, Kathryn V. 39, 180, 240, 250, 254, 155 Kottke, Eric F. 79, 141, 154, 153 Kovacev, Robert J. 93, 232, 238, 241, 243, 254, 214 Kowalik, Daryl G. 79, 182, 240 Kracht, Susan E. 79 Kramer, Nicholas M. 106 Kreutz, Mica E. 40, 239, 240, 242, 250, 254, 259 Krishna, Nina 106 Kruse, Kelly M. 106 Kubota, Russell T. 93 Kuchera, Lisa M. 40 Kugelman, Larry D. 179 Kuntz, Michael G. 40, 63 Kwan, Yuen W. 93, 241 L Labat, Michelle 93, 168, 192, 241 Lacertosa, Brian J. 79 Lachance, Cheri L. 93 Lafrance, Elizabeth A. 79, 236 Lahti, Carita K. 40, 251, 218 Lnaders, Laura M. 79 Lane, Alison M. 79 Lang, Evan B. 106, 179, 189, 254, 205 Langlois, Elise 40, 71, 127, 238, 239, 240, 243 Larkin, Kimberly D. 40 Larsen, Martha A. 106 Larson, Erik T. 93 Larson, Jennifer M. 79, 240 Larson, Michele D. 106, 245 Lathrum, David J. 79 Lathrum, Richard J. 40, 194 Laton, Mary 106 Latona, Gary G. 79, 140, 152 Lavenia, Sean P. 79 Lavidas, Kathy 93 Lawlor, Angel A. 93 Lawson, Wesley A, Layman-Biener, Eva M. Layton, Mary M. Leach, Jason G. 40, 48, 170, 171, 250 Leach, Judd D. 93, 173, 241, 250, 221, 225 Leaman, Karen J. 41, 233, 240, 254 Leaman, Kathy A. 106, 254 Lebanoff, Debra D. 80 Lebanoff, Michelle L. 106 Ledford, James T. Ledford, Tisha 80 Ledoyen, Geoffrey D. 93, 238 Lee, Amanda A. 93, 181, 233, 239 INDEX Lee, Joanne A. 80, 185, 190, 238, 239, 240, 254, 256 Lee, Terry 106 Lee, Thomas K. 41, 210, 211 Left, Sarah 41, 143, 233, 240, 243, 254 Leitner, Chris G. 93, 179 Leitner, Curtis F. 80, 197, 240, 159 Lema, Chris F, 80, 197, 240, 159 Lema, Joey A. 93, 182, 235, 241, 155, 217 Lemas, Noah l. 41, 239, 203 Lemke, Celina N. 41, 223 Lengle, Ryan C. 80, 205 Leon, Amber N. 80, 201 Leon, Angela A. 106 Leon, Scott C. 106, 145, 182, 217 Leong, Laura A. 93, 149 Lerch, Julie K. 80, 243 Lesueur, Sabrina 41 Leupold, Melissa M. 93, 126, 180 Lewand, Danielle A. 250 Lewis, Beth L, 106, 241, 245 Lewis, Cynthia D. Lewis, Dyer 41 Lewis, Katherine E. 41, 70, 142, 229, 238, 239, 240 Ley, Mark R. 80 Liang, Yue-June 93, 233, 241, 242 Librojo, Pat 80 Lillard, Amy L. 106, 228, 241 Lillard, Matthew L. 41, 65, 127, 147, 231, 235, 237, 238, 239, 254 Lilly, Lance W. 106, 25 Lilly, Maile D. 42, 146 Lin, Charles P. 93, 189, 238, 213 Lin, Cheryl C. 80, 180 Lin, Cindy 42, 143, 240, 242, 243, 250, 25, 254, 218 Lin, Helen 42, 233, 240, 254, 256, 257, 218 Lin, Horace T. 42, 182, 233, 238, 239, 240, 252, 254, 256, 214 Lin, Hubert 80, 231, 232, 233, 239, 240, 243, 254, 256, 214 Lin, Jack 93, 254, 213 Lin, James P. 107, 254, 213 Lin, Jane 107, 181, 254, 255, 218 Lin, Jennifer J. 107, 181, 241, 242, 218 Lin, Joshua A. 80, 171, 238, 239, 240, 243, 254, 256, 213 Lin, Karen C. 80, 232, 238, 240, 254, 255, 256 Lin, Steven 107, 238, 241, 254, 256, 217 Lindauer, Matthew A. 93, 182, 199, 232, 205 Linde, Christopher INDEX Lindholm, Timothy P. 80, 250, 255 Lindley, Daniel C. 42 Lindstrom, Kimberly T. 107, 233, 254 Lissner, Dale J. 107 Lissner, Maryann L. 80, 201 Little, Edina K. 107 Little, Nicole A. 93 Livengood, Paul D. 80, 245 Lodgard, Kerry M. 86, 93, 161, 168, 192, 192, 241, 250, 207 Lodgard, Kirsten D. 42, 246, 247, 255 Lodgard, Timothy K. 107, 199 Lofland, Doug 80, 205 Logan, Brian P. 42, 187, 211 Logan, Megan L. 107, 223 Long, David 80 Loonam, Ed F. 73, 80, 146, 175 Lopez, Juan A. 93 Lopez, Richard B. 93 Lopez, Sonya A. 80, 240, 245 Lord, Douglas C. 105, 107, 182, 199, 214 Lowe, Michelle R. 24, 136 Lu, Jennifer R. 13, 93, 98, 200, 238, 241, 217, 218 Lu, Yu-Chi J. 93 Lubell, Susan H. 107, 201, 241, 254, 218 Luckinger, Alexandra M. 27, 42, 180, 247 Lugo, Audray 80, 201, 207 Lumang, Nanette 80 Lumary, Jenny N. 107 Luna, Jennifer A. 143 Luong, Khanh D. 107, 241 Lutz, Robert S. 94, 166, 182, 241, 214 Lyon, Suzanne N. 72, 80, 240, 250, 218 Macdonald, Diana L. 80, 229 233, 240, 250 Mackay, Paul R. 80, 214 v Mackinnon, Michael D. 142, 231, 236, 239 Mackintosh, Kathleen M. 80, 141, 153 Maclachlan, Andrew A. 80, 171, 240, 221 Madole, Kent D. 17, 66, 122, 126, 130, 154, 175, 231, 239, 203 Madole, Melanie J. 13, 94, 98, 124, 200, 158, 218 Madsen, Birte 14, 38, 80, 91, 251, 225 Madsen, Kara S. 67, 247, 154 Maeda, Kimberly Y. 94, 185, 201, 233, 241, 218 Maggiano, Michael J. 101, 107, 179, 199, 238 Mahan, Kimberly L. Mahru, Kenneth S. 107, 245 Malueg, Carley N. 94 Mann, Steve J. 80 Mann, Valerie M. 80 Manzo, Dominic M. 94, 122, 173, 241, 217 Manzo, Laurie J. Marchetti, Michael J. 147, 149, 175, 239 Marcoux, Sionainn D. 94, 241, 255, 223 Marfleet, James B. Mariner, James J. 105, 107, 199 Marks, Heather K. 94, 239, 241, 255, 222, 223 Marks, Jennifer L. Marlin, Erin M. 107, 181 Marlin, Tahlia M. 94, 181, 239 Marquis, Lisa Ann 94, 159 Marseilles, Kimberly A. 80 Martin, Alicia K. 94, 225 Martin, Kayce I. 94, 147 Martin, Kristin A. Martin, Melanie G. 248, 165 Martinez, Adam M. 94, 179 Martinez, Christine 107 Martinez, Deborah C, 107 Martinez, Joseph 80, 205 Marzo, Justin B. 80 Masri, Omar F. 107, 199 Matthews, Traci 80 Mauro, Melissa E. Mayemura, Robin Y. 72, 192, 81, 229, 240, 250, 255, 159 Mazurie, William A. 81, 187 McArthur, Scott R. 175 McBride, Quentin J. 44 McCain, Marcie L. 94 McCain, Michele L. 28, 44, 71, 130, 229, 231, 239 McCarthy, John A. 44, 195, 197, 161, 180, 200, 201 McCarty, Christine E. 44, 47 McCauley, Douglas J. 107, 199, 241, 217 McCauley, Moriah 44, 69, 185, 238, 256, 218 McClintock, Tosha A. 44, 90, 247 McClish, Matthew C. 81 McCue, Heather 201 McDermid, Wendy 81, 255 McFadden, Matthew S. 94, 182, 155 McGee, Joy 94 McGehee, Ronald A. 88, 94, 98, 179, 230, 231, 239 McHenry, Chad M. 81, 128, 182, 236, 215 McKeever, Michael 5, 44, 214 McKittrick, Scott A. 94, 189, 251 McKune, Vanessa 94 McLin, Gregory L. 107 McMains, Patrick D. 44, 245 McNatt, Julie K 94, 233, 225 McNaughton, Tiffany L. 94 McNerney, John T. 103, 107, 179 Mead, Gary G. 81 Means, Loren L. 94 Meany, Patrick M. 44, 45, 57, 123, 238, 240 Mecham, Megan L. 94 Mehlberger, Steve M. 81 Meline, Michael J. 6, 45 Meloni, David A. 81 Melville, Joseph A. 94, 189, 241 Mendoza, Elisa 81 Mendez, Gina M. 94 Mendoza, Claudia 94 Mercado, Adrianna L. 107 Mercado, Brandon A. 94 Merchant, Leslie A. 94, 181, 241, 218 Mergeler, Simone 107 Merker, Diane M. 29, 45, 90, 120, 240, 247, 251, 254, 294 Merrell, Janet O. 81 Metcalfe, Craig S. 14, 94, 173, 225 Metzger, Brett A. 95, 236, 245 Metzger, Gregory L. 107 Mew, Alicia D. 81, 240, 242, 254 Meyer, Tara C. 95 Miller, Dale D. 45, 245, 214 Miller, David, A. 81, 141, 154, 214 Miller Heather M. Miller, Jeffrey R. 94, 199, 241 Miller, Jeremy L. 95 Miller, Jonas B. 81, 240, 205 Miller Kirsten D. 107 225 Mariel, Nancy F. 45,, 226, 236 Millett, Elliott T. 95, 182, 214 Mills, Kristen L. 107 Min, Christine K. 21, 45, 239, 250, 254 Mitchell, Edie R. 95, 128, 190, 240, 207 Mitchell, Frances J. 95, 190, 206, 207 Mitchell, Scott C. 95 Miter, Aaron T. Mojarro, Jerry 95, 179 Mollot, Scott J. 107, 108, 241, 254, 255 Molloy, Daniel R. 108 Molnar, Andre M. 81 Montford, Michele L. 95, 230 Montgomery, Mary B. 42, 45, 228 Montgomery, Miles J. 108 Moody, Venus D. 108 Moon, Ingrid K. 81, 233, 238, 239, 240, 243, 250, 251, 256 Moore, Thomas J. 81, 240, 245 Morbee, Michelle J. Morgan, Dana M. 81, 229, 218 Morgan, Teri L. 45, 137, 142, 229 Morrow, Brendon G. 108 Mottes, Jolene R. 108 Mountain, John E. 81, 175, 176, 165 Moussavian, Nella 95 Moyle, David C. 30, 46 Mullen, Peter D. 81 Mullins, Scott C. 46 Mulroney, Christopher Munoz, Melissa M. 95 Murphy, LiamN. 95, 173, 189, 225 Murray, Scott R. 81, 240, 251 Murrieta, James P. 81, 240 Murrieta, Suzanne N. 95 Musch, J. Adam W. 81, 171, 240, 254, 220, 221 Myers, Jamie M. Mygatt, Megan 108 Myhara, Kris R. 95, 171, 173, 221 Myhra, Meghan R. 46, 236, 223 Nabhan, Hema 95 Nakamura, Ryan B. 95, 179 Nation, Traci J. 108 Naylor, Jason E. 95, 199 Near, Julie K. 81, 141 Nesbitt, Kristine 95 Nestor, James J. 46, 239 Neville, Todd G. 95, 213 Newcomb, Johnathan C. 95, 179 Newcomb, Michael W. 46, 175 Newcum, Kari A. 46, 70, 137, 151 Newton, Jason T. 81 Nichols, Tami A. 95 Nickles, Jackie D. 46 Nicol, Glenn R. 46, 126, 175, 236, 239, 150, 159 Nicolai, Dina M. 46, 65, 147, 168, 190, 229, 231, 239, 240, 255 Nishiyama, Traci F. 95, 149, 181 Nitzberg, Rachel 47, 200, 239, 240 Niu, Katherine 95, 241, 242, 255 Niven, Krista M. 23, 36, 47, 247 Noble, Christopher 47, 245 Noblett, Blaine A. 108 Norman, Daniel E. 108, 179 Norquist, Carrie A. 108, 168 Northcote, Kristin L. 10, 47, 127, 180 Norton, Lee E. 108 Norton, Nadra M. 47 Nosler, Cameron S. Nozick, Valerie L. 47, 233, 238, 240, 254, 151 O Oak, Steve 95 Oder, Stephanie K. 108 Ogg, Teresa L. 108 Ojanpera, Jane S. 47, 160, 228, 240 Okamoto, Dina G. 47, 66, 228, 240, 248, 255 Okeefe, Erin I. 95 Oliveira, Alison L. 95, 238, 239, 241, 255 Olson, Christopher L. 22, 47 Olson, Kiersten M. 81 Olson, Sherri S. 95 Oneill, John C. 48, 239, 240, 243, 250 Opittek, Eugene W. 81 Ordway, Anne Mary 96, 185, 218 Ordway, Mary L. 108, 184, 218 Ortiz, Rebecca L. 81 Orton, Tracy L. 39, 48, 228, 236 Oshita, Damon T. 108, 182, 217 Osmond, Suzette M. 108 Otoole,Tracy P. 81, 239 Otoupalik, Bradley J. 96, 172, 173, 241 Otto, Brian S. 108, 241 Otto, Jeffrey M. 81 Overn, Michelle A. 108, 218 Owen, Bobby S. 108 Owen, Samir H. 96 P Padilla, Elisa M. 81, 83 Padilla, Francisco M. 96 Padilla, Lenny A. 108 Painter, Karin E. 108 Paisley, Suzanne N. 96, 241 Pak, Andy J. 48 Pak, Cecilia L. 96, 99, 239, 240, 256, 257 Palo, Woodrow W. 48, 239, 240, 256, 257 Palluck, Andrew J. 48, 170, 171, 220 Palluck, Bryan C. 96, 179, 204, 205 Palmer, Jennifer L. 48, 295 Palo, Daniel 82 Pan, Dina A. 72, 87, 231, 240, 250 Panthaky, Shireen 82 Park, Anna E. 48, 226, 236, 237 Park, David C. 108, 179, 189, 241 Park, Dong I. 3, 48, 123, 232, 233, 239, 240, 250, 256, 257 Park, Eleanor M. 108 Park, Lisa 21, 49 Park, Patricia Y. 108 Parker, Corey L. 73, 82, 203 Parker, Timothy J. 82 Parks, Blaine 82 Parks, Theodore B. 203 Parsa, Sherwin B. 82 Parsons, Vanessa A. 82 Pashley, Michael A. 96, 196, 197 Patton, Christopher G. 82, 141 Patton, Heidi K. 96 Paul, Bradford C. 30, 49 Paulitschek, Jennifer L. 108, 223 Paull, Jennifer J. 108 Peairs, David E. Pearson, Chad 96, 179 Peckham, William V. 49, 187 Pedersen, Cinder L. 82, 141 Peltier, Dawn M. 49 Pentney, Lisa D. 82 Perera, Sanjeeva E. 96 Perrot, Jennifer D. 82 Persson, James K. 82, 245 Persson, Jody A. 108, 245 Peterman, Michelle J. 108, 185, 218 Peterman, Stephen R. 82, 155, 214 Peters, Elena D. 108 Petrillo, Heather S. 108 Pfortmiller, Lisa M. 96 Phillips, Joseph G. 49, 62, 211 Phillips, Matthew W. 49, 57, 147 Phillips, Robert S. 49, 240, 257 Phillips, William M. 87, 96 Photoglou, Jay 49 Photoglou, Mark C. 96 Piazza, Sara M. 27, 49, 239, 240, 247 Pieterse, Joy A. 96 Piltz, Paige 50 Pines, Stephanie I. 50 Pinkerman, Rick W. 96 Pirozzi, Anna M. 96 Pirozzi, Lisa J. 50 Pleso, Erik J. 82 Pluimer, Roman E. 82 Plumlee, Dale M. 96 Pohlman, Holly R. 50, 126 180, 295, 151 Pollak, Holly J. 82, 168, 201 240, 250, 251, 254 Pope, Joelle K. 50 Pope, Sheila M. 96, 218 Pospisil, Denise E. 96 Potts, John D. 82, 213 Poudevigne, Georgette Y. v 1 50, 254, 155 Powell, Kimberly C. 9, 50, 67, 228 Powell, Marcilyn S. 82, 83, 180 Power, Kellorn K. 109, 192 Powers, Joshua Power, Louann 82 Prais, Joey D. 109, 217 Prestinary, Patricia 82 Price, Jenifer L. 41, 50, 68, 129, 158, 159 Primrose, Jason P. 109 Pritchard, Christina 50, 52 Proctor, Kristina L. 51, 232 Prutsok, Paula J. 109 Q Quinn, Stephen H. 64, 73, 82, 175 Quirk, Maureen L. 82, 229 Quisling, Brian C. 109, 213 R Rackliffe, Brandon W. 96, 194 Radford, Janese 51 Rainey, Donald J. 82, 236, 245 . Rainey, Tamera L. 51 Rainford, Penny M. 51, 251 Ralston, Scott D. 82, 188 Ramer, Charles E. 96, 125, 128 Ramirez, Jessica 96 Ramming, Frank L. 238 Randall, Eric 96 Randall, Kristen D. 82 Randazzo, Kimberly E. 96 Randell, Devlin G. 82 Randell, Jason D. 109 Rapaich, Dawn M. 27, 51 Rasmussen, Sandi 96, 98, 126, 168, 169, 190, 230 Raulston, Deanne M. 51 Reafsnyder, Monica L. 109, 241 Reamer, Suzan 96 Reback, Daniel C. 96, 197, 217 Reber, Jeffrey S. 51, 240, 211 Reber, Marrietta R. 97, 241, 255 Redding, Jamie J. 51 Reddy, Kara-Alyn 82, 227, 247 Reed, Erin C. 109, 125, 225 Reed, Geoff D. 52, 239 Reed, Jeannette N. 82, 185, 218 Reed, John L. 22, 52, 175, 233 Reed, Melissa A. 152 Regan, Cynthia R. 82 Regan, David A. 82, 245 Regan, Linda A. Reich, Lawrence 82 Reid, Courtney A. 109, 168, 245 Reid, Tracy E. 97, 168, 255 Ressler, Ashley R. 97, 98, 192, 250 Ressler, John 82, 175, 214 Rette, Alicia J. 109 Revelle, Karen A. 82, 238 Reynolds, Catherine M. 97, 254, 255 Reynolds, Robert P. 52, 171, 250, 220, 221 Reza, Crystal D. 97, 206 Rheinschild, Gary S. Rhodes, Tracy L. 83 Rice, Brian W. 97, 199 Rice, Heidi K. 37, 52, 200, 201, 239, 240, 250. 251 INDEX Richard, Peter A. 52, 58, 175 Richardson, Cherie L. 83, 256 Richardson, Cynthia J. 83 Richardson, Mary M. 12, 52, 159 Richardson, Tammy M. 89, 97 Rieber, Gregory 53, 186, 187 Rincon, Lisa M. 24, 53, 149 Rids, Maria A. 109 Ristig, Travis C, 105, 109, 205 Roberts, Kati L. 97 Robin, Susana V. 97 Robinson, Anthony 27, 35 Robinson, Julianne 83, 236, 240, 245 Robinson, Ricky D. 14, 97, 160, 179 Roby, Allison H. 97, 181, 242, 243, 245 Rocco, Jason D. 53 Rojas, Shonn M. 109 Romero, Daniel S. 109 Romero, Laura M. Romero, Paul S. 97 Ronshausen, Laura B. 97, 181 Rosen, Rebekah R. 72, 80, 83, 229 Rosenberger, Greg D. 53 Ross, Cynthia M. 53, 130, 228, 240, 257 Rowe, Barbara S. 97 Rowe, Brian G. 83 Rowe, Jennifer M. 97 Rowland, Tessa 83 Roy, Heather K. 83, 85, 207 Roy, Janette C. 53 Ruble, Karen 235 Rudie, Kevin A. 109 Russell, Michael R. 83, 175, 188, 204 Russell, Nancy L. 97, 133, 192, 193, 239, 205 Russie, Douglas E. Ryu, Monica J. 109, 238, 231, 254, 255, 218 S Sachs, Linda M. 40, 53 Sadler, Tina S. 29, 49, 53, 168, 169, 251, 294 Saik, David E. 83 Salk, Steven G. 54, 240 Sakamoto, Scott I. 97, 179 Salata, Jason P. 97, 133, 86, 225 Sampica, David R. 83, 235, 238 Sample, Bryan 83, 216, 217 Sample, Laurie E. 109, 181, 218 Samuelson, Jennifer S. 83, 229, 240, 250, 254, 255 Sanders, Jeffrey S. 109, 179, 189 Sanfilippo, Nicholas G, 97, 179 Sangermano, Louis E. 83 Santo, Joseph A. INDEX Sardo, Mike 149 Sarfati, Marcel-Jean 109 Sauls, Brian F. 97 Saunders, Marvous S. 109, 178, 179 Sawyer, Kelly L. 54, 142, 228 Scardino, John A. 109, 179, 189, 205 Schaefer, Bryan C. Schaefer, Robert L. 54, 61, 175 Schafer, Amy M. 97, 239 Scherbarth, Andrew C. 109 Scherbarth, John A. 54, 150 Scherschel, Gretchen 47, 54, 190, 236, 295, 151 Schmidt, Donnia B. 109 Schneider, Danny S. 109, 179, 241, 205 Schneider, Heather R. 109, 194, 241, 206 Schneider, Joel 83, 128, 240 Schneider, Traci A. 83, 229 Schroeck, Christi A. 54 Schuler, Peter J. 83, 124, 171, 205 Schultz, Stephanie A. 9, 83, 245, 246, 247 Schutz, John C. 54 Schwab, Anne K. 54, 43, 247 Schwantes, Scott 83, 235 Schwartz, Stephanie 55, 147, 168, 200, 232, 239, 240, 250, 254, 255 Schwartz, Stephanie M. 68, 97, 180, 241, 250, 254, 255, 256 Schwarz, David L. 83, 240, 250, 254, 213 Scott, Greg L. 83, 204, 205 Scott, Peter L. 55 Scott, Ron D. 6, 83, 171, 240, 254, 221 Scott, Tracy V. 55 Scott, Tyler N. 97 Scrivens, Beverly L. 109, 111, 225 Scrivens, Corey B. 55, 136, 175, 295, 165 Seaver, Scott J. 83, 175 Sedmak, Scott A. 22, 55 Seiler, William 55 Selby, Scott A. 109, 238, 241 Selman, Ashley M. 55, 67, 123, 124, 130, 184, 190, 240, 250, 218 Serrato, Alfred C. 97 Shahbazian, Roy A. 97, 241 Shanahan, John M. 97, 178, 179, 189, 159 Shapiro, Todd A. 97, 182, 233, 217 Sharp, Theodore D. 83, 231, 236, 240 Sharrer, Robert Shaw, Sarah L. 83, 147 Shaw, Stephanie R. 21, 32, 55 Sheng, Susan T. 83, 240, 250, 254, 255 Sheppard, Michael F. 55, 70, 136, 175, 240, 165 Sherman, Ryan C. 83 Shields, Traci L. 97, 159 Shipcott, Kurt R. 56, 231, 214, 215 Shneider, Michael H. 56 Short, Stephanie L. 109, 180, 159 Shortall, Daniel R. 9, 56, 197, 233, 209 Shortall, Kathy D. 105, 110 168, 200, 158, 207 Shu, Cliff T. 110 Shu, Jeff T. 83 Shugarman, Lisa R. 98, 241, 250 v Shum, Jean Y, 56 Shum, Remy 56 Si, Man-Lung 110, 243 Siebert, Keri C. 83 Silver, Douglas K. 83, 182, 214 Silver, Jeff 56, 61 Simmons, Robert E. 83 Simpson, Lee B. 83 Singer, Shannon R. 56, 143, 168, 240, 251, 218, 219 Siriani, Susan L. 110 Sirota, Naalla D. 98, 241, 242, 219 Sisco, Tara M. 110 Skjerven, Jill L. 84 Skonezny, Paul H. 98, 189 Slazas, Amy L. 56 Slobodynskyj, Roman Y. 98, 179, 217 Smarsty, Nichole R. 110, 206, 207 Smarsty, Tricia E. 84, 127, 147, 238 Smidt, Craig A. 84 Smith, Bradley S. 84, 238, 240 Smith, Christen K. 98 Smith, Heidi L. 84, 201, 240, 250, 218, 219 Smith, Jason T. 12 Smith, Jennifer L. 57 Smith, Kurt A. 57, 163, 162 Smith, Stephanie M. 23, 57, 251 Smtih, Tracie D. 251 Smith, Tricia A. 84, 247, 251, 206, 207 Snow, Wendy L. 84 Soderwall, Mark D. 14, 84 Sodini, Melanie B. 98 Solera, Gwendolyn J. 98, 241 Solis, Mary E. 98 Somerndike, Scott A. 84 Sommers, Jocelyn N. 84 Sousa, Shawn P. 98, 179 Souter, Stephen 57, 242 Spackman, Greg D. 110 Spears, Patrick S. 57 Spears, Randall S. 57, 43 Spencer, Sonia A. 98 Spencer, Veronica A. 57 Spivack, Beth M. 57 Spivack, David N. 110 Sprayberry, Dain M. 98, 179 Sprayberry, Darren J. 57, 175 Springett, Esther V. 58, 143, 245 Springett, Frank B. 110, 182 Srinath, Arun 84, 214, 216 Srinath, Sheila 110, 181 Staford, Wendy Stafford, Felicity J. 84, 226, 236, 250 Stanard, Kimberly J. 84 Stanfield, Tanya T. 84, 233, 239, 240 Stanford, Wendy E. 110, 238, 241, 245 Stankovits, Hannah M. 2, 110 Stankovits, Sid A. 84 Stanley, Alicia 84, 218 Stanley, Christy L. 98, 233, 225 Starnes, Peter A. 84, 197 Stauffer, Mark D. 84 Steaffens, Kimberly S. 58 Steele, Angela D. 84, 240, 242 Steiner, Bill E. 110 Steiner, Donald J. 58, 175 Steinfer, Earl L. 84 Steinle, Amy L. 98, 133, 168, 190, 191, 233, 239, 207 Stenmark, Michelle J. 58, 136 Stern, Brian A. 81, 240, 248, 250, 213 Stern, Jason S. 110, 248, 213 Stern, Lana N. 84 Stern, Ronald 4, 38, 58, 243 Stevens, Tania 84, 185, 232, l 239, 254, 255, 225 Stewart, Kristen A. 110, 254 Stewart, Lisa D. 84 Stiverson, Russell D. 105, 110 Stiverson, Tracy A. 58, 233, 256, 155 Stolte, Rick L. Stomp, Richard R. 98, 230, 205 Stone, Jonathan H. 84, 239, 240, 243 Stoops, Jennifer 84 Stoops, Lisa J. 110 Stoutenburg, Richard M. 73, 84 Stover, John L. 84 Strawn, Frank T. Strutt, Jason 84 Stuart, Craig P. 84, 221 Stuart, Lauralie A. 50, 58, 245 Suan, Tara W. 98, 233, 241, 248, 254, 255, 218, 219 Sullivan, Jason C. 110, 111, 189 Sullivan, Sean P. 85 Sung, Un-Soo 23, 51, 58, 239, 240, 246, 247, 257 Surfas, Damon R. 110, 182, 241, 217 Surfas, Jason M. 58, 194 Surfas, Michelle N. 110, 201, 241, 254 Surowitz, Brian M. Swanson, Kristin D. 10, 59, 236, 238, 239 Sweet, Andy Syrjanen, Heli M. 98, 190 T Tabachnik, Eleanor R. 110, 149, 181 Takabayashi, Robyn M. 109 110, 181, 200, 218 Takahashi, Mark M. 85 Takenaka, Yoko L. 85, 240, 250, 254, 255 Tanaka, Anne M. 59, 233 238, 239, 240, 250, 254 Tarr, Addison R. 98, 217 s v Tarshis, Kristi J. 98, 239, 241, 255 Taub, Aaron 110, 189, 214 Taylor, Clay 85, 243 Taylor, Darin 103, 110, 198, 199 Taylor, Stacy A. 110, 180 Teague, Ashley L. 59 Telson, Robert E. 59, 61, 67, 175 Tepas, Christopher T. 28, 56, 211 Tepas, Gregory L. 110, 189 Terranova, Michele L. 59, 136 Thomas, Jeffrey L. 85, 141 Thomas, Karissa J. 59 Thomas, Katherine M. 59 Thompson, Carrie L. 50, 60, 151 Thompson, Jennifer M. 98 Thompson, Julianne J. 98, 233, 239, 255 Thompson, Melody A. 110 Thompson, Nicole J. 98 Thompson, Todd M. Thon, Tracy L. 98, 238 Thorne, Jon S. 85, 211 Thornton, Creston W. 98, 179, 220, 221 Thornton, Paul C. 60, 67, 175, 197, 203 Threshie, David D. 85 Thron, Anna 110 Tibbles, Barbara M. 110, 241 Timassy, Mary F. 98, 185, 218 Ting, Isaac 85 Ting, Patricia S. 85, 180, 238, 240, 255, 256 Tiono, Faye 85 Todd, Charlton M. 85 Todd, Daniel B. 99, 175 Todd, Shannon L. 110 Tolsma, Steven D. 111, 205 Tomasick, Danielle 85, 200 Tovar, David L. 99 Tran, Kiet V. 85 Treiber, James A. 111, 182, 217 Treichler, Karen A. 85 Truban, Joyce I. 99, 149, 239, 245, 250 Tsai, Karen 99, 241, 245 Tsai, Warren H. Tsui, Michelle W. 111, 241 Tundidor, Jose 85 Tundidor, Laura 60 Turk, Craig D. 74, 75, 85, 140, 231, 240, 257 Turney, Sara E. 99, 188, 233, 225 Tweedy, Ann E. 60, 251 U Ubl, Terrence J. 85, 211 Underwood, Brenda S. 60, 240, 245 Underwood, Carol A. 111, 241, 218 Urbanski, Laurel A. 60 Uyesugi, Steven M. 111, 254 V Valdez, Sara V. 60, 76, 233, 240, 254, 151, 155 Valenta, Robert F. 85, 191 Valle, Paula R. 60, 69, 146, 147, 231, 207 Valverde, Salina A, 111, 256 Vancleave, Michael 61, 187, 208, 209 Vandrey, Matthew D. 111, 189 Vanpelt, Ward G. 85, 175, 188, 240 VAntuyle, Jennifer P. 99 Vanwinkle, Darlene 245 Vasquez, Jessica J. 40, 224, 225 Vasquez, Monica 99 Vasquez, Veronica L. 61 Veiga, Melissa J. 85, 180 Veje, Christian T. 61, 175, 240, 165 Veje, Mike 82, 85, 175 Verburg, Michael L. Vigano, Jon C. 85, 90, 246, 247, 251 Vigna, Carey C. 99 Villarreal, Nancy 61, 242, 254 Vreeland, Jens 179 W Wagner, Cindy 149 Walker, Darin K. 111, 182, 217 Walker, Kristen 83, 168, 190, 191, 240, 251 Wallace, Brian W. 111 Wallace, Michael O. 85 Wallach, Barrie 85 Wallin, Matthew R. 61 Wareham, James M. 61 Warner, Ben H. 85 Warrick, Mark 99 Warstler, Dana C. 111 Warstler, John S. Waterman, Monica R. 111 Waterman, Tony H. 85, 213 Watson, Christian M. 111 Watson, Eric B. 85 Watson, Rebecca 61, 184, 185, 240, 218 Watt, Alex 61 Watts, Carolyn A. 85, 223 Watts, Katherine J. Weatherman, Kendall B. 61, 228, 240 Weaver, Matthew M. 225 Webb, Chris D. 85, 232, 233, 240, 225 Webb, Jason B. 111 Webb, Michelle M. 111, 168, 232, 240, 254 Wedemeyer, Daniel 62, 68, 232, 240, 254 Weir, Richard W. 99, 199, 230, 254 Weir, Thomas J. 85, 240 Weissberg, Jason A. 62, 240, 245, 257 Weissman, Adam 45, 62, 232, 240, 254 Welch, Greg S. 22, 62, 171, 221 Werasophon, Sandy T. 85 Werth, Justin 99, 199 Wescombe, Natalie E. 111 Weston, Erica A. 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This year will definitely be remembered as a year of disillusionment and distrust, as well as a year of new visions. Government officials played a danger- ous game of power, lies, and corruption. Under-the-table deals eventually found their way to Congressional investigative desks. The Iran-Contra Scandal was a prime example. T.V. evangelists received the kind of media coverage they never wanted. The PTI.. was left in shambles due to Jim and Tammy Bakker's evasive use of church funds and Jim Bakker's affair with his sec- retary, Jessica Hahn. Jimmy Swaggart further tainted the T.V. ministry when he confessed to his sinful meetings with pros- titutes. Fear has definitely thrust fear into the hearts of millions of American, as AIDS became an epidemic killing disease. Con- troversy and panic disrupted peace in small towns and public schools. The dis- ease attacked homosexuals, drug users, and recipients of blood transfusions, who were forced to face the grim reality of AIDS. Education was the only cure the Surgeon General could offer. Closer to home, California became the Land of Shake and Bake. California was literally rocked in October when a 6.1 earthquake shook the entire state. Resi- dents were quickly reminded of the immi- nence of the Big One. Through such a diversity of events, we must realize that anything is possible. Now that we have discovered the level of hu- man error, it becomes the responsibility of the future generation to forsee problems before they occur and to regain the sense of human trust so necessary to a progres- sive existence. Top right: The two superpower leaders, Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, met in December of 1987 for a three-day summit meeting and signed a nuclear arms control agreement. Middle right: The U.S. made efforts to protect shipping vessels in the Persian Gulf from Iranian hostilities. Below right: T.V. evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker fell out of the grace of their followers when Jim confessed to an illicit affair with Jessica I-Iahn and Tammy admitted to her drug depen- dancy. CURRENT SCENE S 4 sg -. 5 . ...J ,I nd ff 5 alll Navy H 5 Chili? Vial iii ue0TR,g,,1.0N aims-WAR 903 l Above: Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North became some- thing of a celebrity when he was discovered as a key official in the plan to finance anti-government rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. Top left: A 6.1 earthquake rocked California in Octo- ber of 1987, causing extensive damage, especially in Whittier. Middle left: ln the six years since Americans first heard of AIDS, nearly 25,000 Americans have been killed by the disease. Pres. Reagan has proclaimed the plague "Public Enemy No. lf, Below left: The Dow Jones industrial stock average dropped 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday, October 19. On 'lBlack Mondayu S500 billion was stripped from the market value of U.S. securities. CURRENT SCENE 1 92 Closing The cool summer breeze whispers through the final pages of weary textbooks. The sunlight pierces the hol- low interiors of the faded blue lockers for a final moment. The snow white walls of the confined classrooms will soon be deaf to the excited sounds of gossip-filled con- versation and heated intellectual discussions. College has lured most of the seniors on to their campuses, into a new realm of academic and social progress. Summer has made its' call to all of its' ardent admirers. Foothill must now let go of its' students and wait patiently for the coming fall. Physically, we may have departed from those hal- lowed halls of education. But we actually carry so much with us, in our memories and in our hearts, for the rest of our lives. Those four impressionable years of growth, experience, and human interaction are virtually irrepla- ceable. There are those who will never forget the ner- Above: Tina Araujo, Tina Sadler, and Diane Merker show off their dazzling senior portraits. Right: Nasreen Hussain has mastered the skill of reading with her eyes closed. CLOSING vous hands of their escorts carefully sliding their first corsage on to their wrists. There will be the first date that no one ever forgets. There is the excitement of receiving one's driver's license and running free with that new freedom behind the wheel of a car. Unfortunately, there are also memories of that first speeding ticket and the eternal hours of traffic school. All the novels you thought you read for nothing, now seem to make so much more sense as you enter the real world those authors kept writing about. You will come back years later to visit that one teacher who took the time to care and offer you words of advice to offer him or her your words of thanks. High school was one of the greatest scenes ever played in your scenerio of life. You may be thrilled to leave it now, but when someone asks you what were the best years of your life, "High school." will probably roll off your tongue before you even realize it. K 1. - Left: Holly Pohlman, Jenny Palmer, Gretchen Scherschel, Dave Gesler, Corey Scrivens, and Karen Evans display their courtly comradery. Below right: John Collins has decided to face the future. Bottom left: The school bus heads off into the sunset, not to be seen until next fall. Below left: Eddie Jiminez longs for fine white sand and crystal blue waters. nik l CLOSING 1988 Shield Staff Editor-in-Chief Un-Soo Sung Academics Editor Sara Piazza Activities Editor Krista Niven Sports Editor Eric Dapkevvicz Assistant Sports Editor John Willsie Clubs Editor Eric Dapkevvicz Photo Coordinator Kirsten Lodgard Business Managers Tina Araujo Morgan Ferris Staff Chanaka Desilva Birte Madsen Stephanie Schultz Joe Erickson Tosha McClintock Anne Schwab Margo Gillman Wendy McDermid Tricia Smith Cathie Hupe Diane Merker Jon Vigano Alex Luckinger Kara Reddy Raymond Yue Advisor: Published by Josten's Photographers: Richard Boyes PUbli5hiflQ COTUIDHUV Eobert Charlton enn1 Crane Representative: Steve Kacev KHQWIQS Wagner Paige Piltz Special thanks to Greg Difronzo for his original cover design. STAFF PAG 'LQJ' TACO 'BEI.I.fs Taco Bell, alute the tudent and faculty of Foothill High chool 9 O Ill P 's 5 Q a A Q N -A O 4 0 l ?""f1-?,,L.qn 'miflig I - '3 , - ffff . ,,,,,g,gg:i -:ga A mmlulun TV Wm""":Z3Z 0 1, ,v lmnlmllllnn 0 5' ' ' 4 Mmm, ' , Qin E "U I N. K v Nmxxmkxxx 5' f 5, '. ig! T i msg so XX, a qi Taco um f 5 TT 05 ,, -53.1. l N a """"""'i ,,iliW I ' ' 'ly 'fly 'bfi 1 1 If If 4 1 . fI2'f2"rl'f4 1 f fl' fl 11,110,110 :lf "f3"fl"ff!i ?Lf1fllfg!fI!f' 5 Y i " Til 5 -, 2 , .,, 2 1 6 . Wx, , , .. , . ,1-E, I " E: :E 4-1 iuum..,.,.. mum. ' f 11'1 1111 1,2 y muummmuuununui 'K f'fI'fMff2:fI'2r!-? ' ,, fflflffiflpfaifqfif l 'H--- ,rW,,-- V ,lfl'fW,ff'fllm'-.1 . ' f"'mm,"""v5' ". ' l 5 'I 11 nm If 1 rl mf In 'C 1 "'f'ffvvufIf"'lf"!h4 S i!iI':5'j"' H 0 M , ' 'M ' ii " NW 'H 'UZ ii. V'flflfnwffffjgyfffff gi -' l' 55 " .. 15 gi ,f I Nf 1' , -..:.-2 04 ' i t lg N A. ' - 1 x f Q , p y N llll lllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllv 2 Q -AA-5 g 1 ,, f , Z .- , ,y,,,. , M 'N ,, 2 X' rf W xxx 'Y V72 . 1' 1, I: l T ' , , pi,p f3w?f 'Wf: W0aF MW :gigs Q - - I N Wllll Q 1988 TACO BELL CORP. lm 4 X 4 , 7 C A Ls Q Q! 1 Aa ,A ,dun -LiL.'- x , , Y , TR al' vf fsxc Come say Hello to the great Mexican taste of Taco Bella. Tacos, Burritos, Nachos and Mexican Pizza. All the Way you love them. And fast, too. So even if you're saying goodbye to Foothill High, we hope youill still be saying Hello Taco Bella X 1 U W W 66,60 ff Ur . Us W fyfwwg, Q0 5 Wfvbd wx My W5 GSX ,QQ QW TQU ,QXXCCN L WX Q05 NOX X KKK QQ hw K xg C9 lm L XXDX G Q34 Qy , 4 XiR?fJW QQ KN W , Wwi WWMMM' H MM mmwgfmwxgwk Wffivwwffii? Miiffw M wWWMWKWWW WWQWXQ MW QW W1 M WW QQUW YWW WU 09 ,WV WIC Xwwmmwwjfwblymfxf-XD X fm' M Q M QHQMM wa W Tam 5 SUVNXNNQQ f 9 QW Owwtx YESYATLCQ QSM L,bJCCLmmt Xslcxxfil 2- QMQQN A - Nc lf NKBQXL L ST ? RQN ,X , BML f LM, X KS RQWVQ Egggvf x if ax w, ' u f C1 Suffix Qhga fem Q W NLMGQQQ , 60255 cgrzsvfvk? W EXBJQUGQ. WW Ex :SOX cami be-vm? ini SEQ vo 'scfsrdd uQx1n0.BrN Suoesi-Qs: Jfoag mf KOQNZQSOCA Gsomwf? X 930 JEOOQZW C5556- , MW I ja WqX59W,fWg,fi A E, f I 4 35 , H E ' OVW VM W wi CW U Q E PM aff, we 0 Q" Ofijvcf' W K 5 30,1 D, l Q2 jp , .9 v 's x 0, , MW Gbyf 'I x 15,0 AJ MDX Wig QCA M104 X QCDLC7 ,milf Wa' r XX W I J ffm wb fygbzbgn, ,Col 154 gl, ZW ZWXZDK X 1 70'6L Wagffg 2g75 Q! , f Q7 ZW7 gggjdguf

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