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1987 SHIELD bH % " T f j ' y ' £0 o ir 5 ■.- " . .. ' bV Z ' ' . y ' I , ; • ■ ' » " , l ;n jr J Ji- ShWV MAAx. fOch l vuif fi cm. Mji ( (A i ' ' y j X [CW ' y Rfe Q ' t - ' . s £ n T3 o .« S. o.Vv. t " ., ' .„ k«« " Ip ' f ' t; « r v ' v X ) X N c::i Title Page Spirit 6 Friendship 8 Sports 10 Kristin Northcoat, Kendall Weatherman, and Kari Gregg are happy that Foothill is winning. Academics 14 Seniors 16 Juniors 82 Sophomores 96 Freshmen 110 Faculty 122 Mike Tuchman quickly completes his homework before 5th period. Activities 130 Homecoming 132 Senior Munch 136 Recognition Days 140 Winter Formal 156 Sadie Hawkins 166 Kathy Jennings, Tammy Sterman, Adriene Schuesler, Lisa Kinne, and Lisa Johnson arc out to shoot some love. -s Iff - m Table of Contents Clubs 168 Pep 172 Chorus 180 Band 188 Journalism 192 1 OCAD196 Beverly Elliot and Gretchen Schersel sing in preparation for the winter concert. Athletics 204 Football 208 Basketball 216 Waterpolo 228 Baseball 242 Swimming 248 Chris Fergus is out to win this game. Conclusion 258 Advertisements 260 Index 274 World Events 284 Closing 286 Staff Page 288 As school ends, the campus empties. Table of Contents A on a test, a minor achievement, but to Foothill students it represented more. We saw academics as our chance to the future. A challenge set before us in our everyday lives. Our goal was to take this challenge as far as we could. To make a better life for ourselves. But in order to fulfill our goals required a lot of hard work. Many late nights were spent typing the English paper in order to make the grade. Friday and Saturday nights, when we would have normally been out having fun, were sacrificed in order to study for the big Anatomy test on Monday. Sacrifices were con- stantly being made. Going without lunch was often done in order to look up an article for a research paper. Time, and money, were all given in order to reach our goal. Academics even became more than just grades, but the OCAD represented Foothill in competitions. Our National Merit Scholars made others from other schools look up to Foothill and its academic ways. We saw all of this as getting us into the best of colleges, thus letting us become knowledgeable along with successful. As we see it, academics was our key to the future. f I Academics Theme Page Above: Todd Brock is on the verge of sleep. Above Left: Dan Able does not believe a teacher would actually want him to study! Left: Arty Castro explains the significance of the book to John Dumphy. Academics Theme Page Spirit is usually thought of as cheerleaders at a football game yelling. But at Foothill there was a different image. We saw it as a little more than that. Yes cheerleaders did promote spirit, but they promoted what was already there. Spirit at Foothill was a big part of school life. We saw it as not only going to football games and yelling for the team, but we also saw it as dedication to a sport or club, or extra curricular activity. We saw it as practicing that one song or routine when one could be out having fun. We showed our spirit by dressing up on recognition days and encouraging others to do so also. We showed our spirit through all the things we did. We tried to create an at- mosphere at Foothill that would long be en- joyed. Simply picking up that piece of trash off the ground and putting it in the trash can showed our spirit. In every way we let our spirit show. Then on Friday night all the spirit we had from the previous week would be poured out as the crowds of students would cheer and show their pride in school. As we see it, Spirit is not just cheering about something but it is caring about one ' s school, and having pride in it. Even when it was not the winning team we still had spirit. i r jj « W (8 m ' ! « J k Z 1 ■i « Spirit Theme Page 1 i L . ' Jl.. H l o i ST l ' •v., J % 1» : h cA Top: Cheering and throwing confetti is just one way students show their spirit. Left: Robyn May- amura is excited about the game. Spirit Theme Page I A hug when one was depressed, an excited congratulations when one got an A on their Algebra 2E test, a supporting smile during a big oral report, or just sharing the latest gossip, was how we saw friendship. We saw it not only as someone to eat lunch with, but as an impor- tant part of our lives. A friend was someone who was always there. A person to talk to, cry with or laugh with. Only with them did we share our intermost secrets. And only with them were our good times created. Our friends came in many different sizes and shapes. Each was different, but each was important. Each had their own qualities, and flaws. We learned to appreciate their good points. And we learn- ed to accept their bad points. We saw each one Right: Heidi Hammond and Jennifer Repke share a smile but not a Coke. different. Each required a certain amount of time and effort. Some friendships were strong, and others quickly passed. Some we would hard- ly remember at our ten year reunion. Others we would stay close with for the rest of our lives. Our friends played an important role in our high school career. They helped us ask that certain someone to the dance. We studied with them for the big test, and cried with them when we got it back, and then together we would go out to a movie to forget it until report cards came out. When everything was going right in our lives they were there, and when our lives took a turn for the worse, they were there also. As we see it. Friend- ship was something one could count on, but never take advantage of. Friendship Theme Page Above: Karen Kin and Kristi Wood give each other a good luck hug before they battle the Foothill parking lot. Top: Laura Aljamic, Kristin Dedcrsti, and Kalleen Casey smiles for the camera. Left: Erica Kindar and Artey Castro arc two of a kind. Friendship Theme Page As the clock ran out and we were the winning team, that was how most saw sports. Winning. We saw it as more than simply getting more points than the other team, but as an important building block in our lives. Along with experiencing the thrill of victory, we also gained dedication, the ability to work together as a team, and the value of good sport- smanship. Our practices, helped us to develop dedication towards something. In our lives we would need this kind of dedication to complete the many tasks that will be placed before. As we united as a team, we gained the knowledge of how to work together towards a common goal. We learned that one person can ' t do everything by themselves, just as one person alone can ' t be victorious over an entire team. We knew that if each of us did our part, only then would we win. We saw each member of the team as an impor- tant and valuable member. We saw the impor- tance of sportsmanship. We realized that in order to win one had to play fairly and by the rules not only in games but also in life. As we see it, sports taught the many values needed to succeed, and gave us a chance to be winners. Right: Moriya McCally takes a jog througii the park. Above: Chris Fergus goes for the pass. 10 sports Theme Page Left: Water Polo captain, Chris Almquist is pleased with the team. Below: David Bryant can ' t believe where he threw the ball. Sports Theme Page 11 Activities. What did they mean? What was their purpose? As we see it, they were the fun part of high school. They kept us out of a rut. They were excitement and anticipation. All Foothill students looked forward to the day they, like the seniors could dress up in togas and have a slave for the day. Excitement grew as the homecoming dance approached and people paired off into couples. The hope that the right person, or at least a person would ask one to the dance, gave a solid reason to attend school if not to learn, then at least to give so- meone the chance to get asked to the dance. Activities also gave way to fear. The fear to ask the person to the dance. The fear of reject- tion was also apparent. We also saw activities at the highlights of our four long years in high school. The day we dress- ed up in the most outrageous costume we could possibly think of for the recognition day of our particular class stuck in our memories as the way high school was. Activities consisted not only of dances and dress-up days, but also of class com- petitions, and general fun! As we see it, activities were the fun, spunk, and best of high school. They brought us through the drab and dreary everyday routine of school, and added new mean- ing to it, excitement! iZ Act ivities Theme Page Above: Dana Morgan falls off her inner- tube out of laughter. Above Left: " How " says Jeni Price and Katie Lewis. Left: The junior class is determined to win this tug-of-war. Below Left: Craig Schnider is out to kill. Opposite Page: The Unknown Comic (Bart McHenery) Tinker Bell (Laurie Rauch) and Peter Pan (Tracey Lewis) share a munch. Acriurties Theme Page 13 How do we see our Academia? Do we see it as the best thing in one ' s life? Academics are only as hard or boring as we see it. Academics is what one thinks about when one thinks of high school. But what type of Academics frightened most students? To some the thought that they would have to take two years or more of science was very frightening. The worry of finding two easy science classes was bothersome enough, not to mention taking the class itself. Or how about finding two math classes that would meet college entrance re- quirements. Would Algebra I meet all the re- quirements or did you have to take Geometry. But what struck fear into the heart of every Foothill High student was four years of English. Yes all Foothill students must take four years of English and pass them all. What did you do to Right: Ann Schwab desperately tries to figure out what Mr. Korich is talking about. Opposite Page, Right: Laurie Rauch and Diana Robinson are spellbound with Rob Blaneys piano playing. Opposite Page, Far Right: Jim Casey, enthralled in literature. Opposite Page, Top: Rich Crisontte and Jennifer Furry take a break from " studying. " pass all those classes? First you had to consult your best and closest friends as to which teacher was the easiest in each English class. Then you had to find a way to get into this class when there were five hundred students with the same idea that you had. Once you got in, you found out that your best friend was not going to be taking this class because that teacher was the hardest teacher in this school to date. Now will you be able to get out of this class? Transfer was out of the question, because either your schedule couldn ' t take the move, or the other teacher ' s class was already closed. What a life to lead, trying to survive Academics. Academics is something that most students fear in the beginning, but everyone seems to sur- vive it. Academics Diuision Page Academics Diuision Page SENIORS 16 Seniors Sub-Division Page Melinda Allen William Allen James Alverson Ellen Amiie Shelly Daniels reviews her broadway review music. Mlady All«a-Lean w gr8 mems soph. Kurt- •ongwomanJun 1 D.for V-DAY.p •,.N Y.w - K r I • I I D • c 7 L o v e ya Mild B.F Kilill.Suian.Mlkc SUMR prilt SUMR concrti-lmwyout-a-conlrollSIGTF out-a-her«. 3 mutkalacrs-Mln.Mlke. Stevle ' Loclskl- lngFAJ ' 86HC court, xFrogert 4 lun- ch.TT " Paltrv " Thanx Mom.Dad- " Oh today? " Mickaal AII«B«4IV FBall Luv Ya Moom! IHat a Mistlon UCLA luv The Gang. Ga2. Snork y, PtgLaycock, Mark. Balner.Rat. Joth. Demo n. MrG. Calne.Klng. Copper. Flih. Omt HEI N Bch Boy« chlna? 3 Stoo9i?ROBBIE USCRU LES Sp clal Delevery Boom Bagle Bombln 9 CACIBtot Hucklebee. what 7 poop LuvT h Fam Mom. Dad. Shaun. Kat. Mind.JLH P h I I A d a m a-TS. 64. 62. 30. 23. ♦S. 10. 7. 13; V Football 4-ever. HelniGotBall t. What The Hell. Buleti.Klng. Cane. Rat. Pi 9...,.; Matnoth FrIdgeRedTruck. Van; Eatte 1 85; TheLuck; He« Gunra Poke. You SickPl g; Keep Pumplnlt. Itt M-T, Prom 86; rcamcrsscr eamen THANKS 2 FRIENDS. FAMILY I LOVE YOU MISSY. Blown Knee ' Chack All r«d. Are you a model? 77Sum 86 Hawaii. Thanx Mom, SCUBA MBNDPF.SC By e Triih. ThanxNew M e x, Ariiona. Tuscan S,M,-CllntL M, Toga TLF C,T L,S Just Married Fr lends,Ja, Rl. Ke. DE. Ta. Sh, La.Sh. MlssuM DL CI,B,F CYallllRob CliriaAlmqaiat-H20Polo. »S lsawesome;Hawall 3r d place. Surfing In Waillll the bestljoeat Hambuger M ary ' sl EEPER Cutencss Gooly Scrawny Mo Fatt y OldMan Randong Blobert Aussie; Hi John! S wimming , That ' s Out! Thanx CoachD ; Slmcox yo u ' re the greatestlLv U Kirsten, ThanxMom Dad: of I to Pepperdlne ' UCSB? bye TRU EEP!!! JlmAlvtraoii Hawaii 85 sweepsNY 86w Krew Har vey BLeBeauMecDay Night Mock Trial MockClub To Sharp Supre Dlplomacy3 Key 2 Fall 2 Match Waxe d Ms T! 10 cad Boys Bbali SBonnlesSacrament o 12) BancroH RollsKace Jam KinkodLBIDaKlne The Crippled Onions? StageBroad Brats Por to LA BusOd yssey Susan ' nevermind Score Kirby Set Up Thanks F HS Good Luck ELLENAMUE-BFF JalmeP CUtah84 85 86rlv«r trt ps.2 bledates P S, 85 86 87 Mr Bubblesin the |acui IIJEEPJEEP5FT0T MopedMike Meehanland FudBudDudSHORTLY Llps 501 BunsFRESHMA N . Spence AlO Same Place - Lisa B Buds Wuv yo u Country " FRIENDS " ' Jalm LIsNnnlcole Peg Ste rAnlJjMlsy Scot MatJIl Allca Sue Mlchle»»» SKI Ya Peoples ' Seniors 17 The Greek God, Les Nesbitt, enjoys feast and joust. Christina Annan John Annneus Mike Andreos ky i. Amneu» wedes! nudge-nudge. Ned OHUROSS! Thanx 4 cuerylhlng. 7ft? Radio SlIcnceWEAKI Wheres Ms Horvath?Burgerslams Sisyphus etc. CDs off car; oops! Sorry Tim. SRS-Thanx 4 Sadies more. Mom n Dad-Ttianx luv ya! Alve n ' me K ' 12 we made It. ED. HunER. Mllt.Buck.JIm, Wiebs Football. Missing PERSONS. Will Andernn.The best years H20 polo MV swim- ming Formal S4 ' Luv u always AT-fT JIfer bud IQ«rlmc pays Ulah Big Bear skiing beach PEP? " old man " Goh 4 It? Love and Thanks Mom Dad Luv u SWSW SMV bound? kalo-good luck Mike Andreosky-I ' D RATHER HAVE CANCER THAN BE A DANCER Urn, Um. Urn, Urn. Urn, Urn, Urn, . . SEE, FIND GRIND YOU RASTA RUG MONKEY. PEACE!!! Amen . . . Christy AnnanCarolyn Stakey Tracey MlchelleBes t Buds Frank n Chuck! Tahoe 86WBCNYN.Mammot h 84 - 87 Cornlcethe EZ way dwn sklw cupck LIm aBean Potato Face4 ever Bowie Wkcn 2AUCS Dpi zzavolzStaks Bhous GldmlnygtSadlh6whrsyurdte?4m alw Pat FLUFF! JensenToples Crash! Smug! Vsoc - guys aSharkn Gorilla Whis THAT sup 2mcan? lovU M.D.J Jee« Araujo THNX MOMDAD SIS 5 MO TRANS J OY DIVISIONCONFLICTINGEMOTIONS LWTUAN O CDL TRNG PNT THNX JlAOR WNTR FRMLDA VTX PLUM LIMOCOPA TB SKI TRIP BRK ON TH RU ALFDNHLL PARTY IRV MARR SCENIC ROUT ETHNX DANNA EMANC GHIAABBEY RD THN X DARC LIVE LIFE TOTHE EXTREMEWHILE YO U ' VE GOT THE TIME FLEXYOUR HEAD! TriciaArDiatrong:xmad formal85 PaPaDoo 8 6 AEIOU J.Jim sorry car crash eat dirt dl e yiss music man ballet beattles comix SCP W anabeLDS funky ycABYUmattdad drama GG 1 unch bunch yellow! D D surfer girl GUMBY! RJ-CB-LB-JA-JH-GJ-SW-DF good grades?!? red h alt Older WIserThanx 2U Luv Unana Deen a PeaceLove Granola! Liaa Aah • 5bstbuds ■ ASLJK thearlg4muskateer s frstcarrlnslkwd w AmesPM the Fuzz out of tow n? x4ScrlousTalksSummer of 85 Was Heaven.T.J- c urtain call- how manyx ' s? Shana ' s popspadSSBchbys (ZmchlsntenuOEJ.bybybug Hi! ZomblesAUCI confDT B-Hl! GET SOMESLEEP! Formal 86 Are AIIFIIe Span Ish? Andy. UR The 1! Allen Anatln What ' s Up Reamer Screamers, The Van, Balkl, White, Stern VFOOTBALLSS F.KRUEGER JAS BIRD OINGO BOINGO HALO- WEEN HOMECOMING 86 HEV TURBO THANKS MOM DAD JOSH I ' M GONE,rT ' S BEEN GREAT. HELP YOURSELVES!!! Blilnda Baharie-Hawall 85 summer 86 E.K. Jayne Darlene " The " Wall YC 86 TF ' S 85-86 KSS Chris? Oh Well Togo ' s picked Miss ya Dad Thanks Mom BYU ready or not! Rick Baler-FINALLY MADE IT, FREE AT LAST! 1969 CAMERO, AUTO SHOP BEST FRIENDS, SHAWNSi RICK THANX MOM AND DAD SHELLY BOB LUV U ALL CLIMBD GARGONIAL SCOUTING LOVE YOU CYNDI 7-24-86 Matthew JUaln- Where are theBeez!! Best Pals 4llfe 30 64 7 55 23 Marvolus Thanx 4everythlngM00 NCIF Champs (almost)lPlc-Goodxs-Mex-Skl-21rums -GeneralPubllc-BBallatHeels-PVF srecordwaterskl-fa ke surf-beat theclock-Punk rock-Live fastdleyoung-ILu VUSMH4 Ever UR the best-LaLa I and- BnJ ' s getslle I Luv U mom n pop Thanx BYE FHS! Kim Balraml- KiKlJentNick all the way. I dolLord s DanclnClrProIong Sue Mr HapyShedboyztTamy. 3 2 Rambo crystal hlsldFersI LOVESam. JaytMlkProm tJlmbo. Caryoever Forget.MetALtKD the hand. Pop t oescumFlxSklp Tery SuetKath luv ya.Snowbals And y, Mir, Tan, lance.Jeff, Green BeemRed Burlto love y ou Matt luv yaMOM ' DREAMON! Kent BakerGulrars, Music, Met allica Rulez.Followl n My Instlcts Not ATrend, AntlFashon,Thrash. Semln ary. Ozzy 85. FoothlllBad boysTlmDarrIn Jeff Roman, A S police, Thanx To MyTeachers, Mr Amdon, Emp! oyrs. Friends Lisa Steve keeprockln. Guitar Center.K UCI. Those Who Said I WouldntMake It. ThanxHIIIvle w. Mission Next, Good Luk Krlsten. Mega thanx Lo v Dad Mom Jess Araujo 18 Seniors Tricia Armstrong Belinda Baharie Richard Baier Julie Brouk and Eric Smith are happy to be together at Homecoming. lavid Ball Virginia Ball Seniors 19 Kelly Barnes Lisa Ash and Kristen Unger share a inside joke. Suzanne Banks Jamie Barrett Robert Basile Amy Baren Brian Bartick Joel Beck Kristina Beltran Sheila Bender 20 Seniors Eric Beneker Michael Bernamonti Brandi Bevans Anish Bhimani Andy Bierman Sammy Bank Here ' s to good frIendsT, McClure, Candee. RhondaHq 84jkl wlr Prk 85 Touron-TouriilTohoe 8S-86-PS86 Adrlenn ' j?sumr 86-Thanx 4 good x ' l Denadode-BFF-R i ' s R open whn II lulls us 2 C ' Luv U DLand Buds, esp. JayThanx MomDad ' Oao FHSI Amy Bar n-JKLLS ' Only6?serlous talks DTE Hi! PMWS sh JuslyGET SOME SLEEP! I ' m Carryn tlkwd w lls In Idlwld Its ME LS 4 yr Vrsty soccer Luv U soccer guys Ihnx 4 evrythng Wlnstones WG w B w y Anldwr? Krty Wtrty-thanx AAH . . . HELLO U R ON 2E AIR F l Jan Luv U BILLY Rochet Thanx mom.ddDad.D.E.S.-Luv U! Kally BarnuBBbuds Mammoth 86 87KCRWnvrlorg «r JBPP! Jnr Yr Was Best! Nvr Gret Guest.40fVsShl ate. Alarm 86.Formal 85, Surprise JB,360NWPT,Ma dhat. Lnch Blu CheeslSen.Vr.Was Great! SBJG Good limes. BudsDMSM Watch Out Tree. Mexlcal- Bong- R obo Fun? LernToRoll Kate. 32Rad!JJ times to come! Mom Thanx! It ' stlme It moveon! Bobby Barratt- 1 forgot toremember my senior reme mberances. I had funti!!! Jamla Barratt-Stone.Dodo.Beck thewlnkles- buds4avr SanFran7had2Btheie.Bennys? BIP llveslbobwtre.ouchy B D bash.lnever?tote.rlvcr wild skllhls cenir dldldrhl ollcer PTV® K ' s- oulacontrollK JB F.Sryr-2lun.tTianx mom dad.luvU-luv Chrls2.BgoodSusl.luvy a winkle. CyaFHS Im hist, Bilan Baillck-Europe Summer ' 86w Mr. MInnt. ' ' Alabama ' ' . AmsterdmHIt Mngr. Screwdrivers. -Russia, Eng-n- Mr Juicy. Mark. Joel. Optlmow L.I. Tea.S.Squ ad.Sthpe r.P«p,FoolballGms,wlllA.nthe- |anlol«r@THS NCA Camp 86 L Tahoe-tOf frLovelady Frnds-J B M.G D.K.DTSS.JCTerlLMJessG J.P.Ms Avetta Joel ' s Jacuzzl " Spaslba " Mom+Dad-fBrad- -Belh. Bebatt Baalla- Malden w Vince Mike Brian Mark ' ' The Hoi Duke " Dunn For Count less Memories Tun (l«U During 6 Mark Pedro Blowing speakers wBuffa! oSoldler Pedro Joey In LA Utah SklngMD Rocky Ro ad And Cone V. Football J V s Thanx For A Great Tl ma; Dave Joe Brant Joey SterllngDaren Mike Beth Sa ndra JR Shane Steve Bugerman Pedro Chris Scolt La lerl? Joal Back: The Chei Lary and Arthur Every Detail. 60 sec on Frldays;Led Zeppelin- " Whole Lolta Lov e. " Ac Dc- " BATB " ; Court»10 al THRC; CluvJacuiz I; Going for Sushi In Turbow ' s M.B.; Optlmo ' s w Mar k. Brian, and Du; Tennis Team. The National Boy Sco ut tamboree; J. P.; The PowerLord; the J.B. Proble m by Brian no space That Is a J Kris Baltran- June Vanessa Dantleel Kim Dawn- Th anks for always blenglhere. Bukko I ' ll always love yo u. Tom O. Don ' t let any harm come toyou. May we h ave many more I do It conversations. June. KIm-ye • I cansee! Tyce LImo. The Dead, X, Phil. Be a egg. Thanks TEPPES. Mom. Dad Cindy. Tony- En|oy! MIka Barmamonll Paul- EngB? Porche 4 lunchNodl ceNAnatomy The Coasters Highspeed NIte drive:glA head laaaaugh. . . " gimleAmalkBMW slgnspotageBltl - EERR CRASH!! " What anilcmare No more partle s RestrlcshnSuxMlkc-Ur2 Funny AmigoL.B. Grand PrI X SnClementeDtaleRcars? Grow a braln!-Thanx 2 al I my friends, love Uall! The End N87 (college . . . hel pll Brandi Bev and9thSAH 10th FHS GDlmiw eed. ml Ich. lanea Prince concen2-85 Ulh " CHUD " braces ( nd myluv BJ. Prom BJ eednbrl.BJnmetruluv4ever,4 -29-86member BJ? Sumer86 gd.tmz. Hawaii 12thlhe ednbri. BJnmestill In luv9-86 WHITNEY cnct. " SEN10 RS " flnty made Heed! futurel2-6-87BJnm luvu mom. G G nxt,yrshoo.Jaz2 AndyB F F Aniah BhlmanlBHAW4GWAN! SeeU In Band (Oop s!) Swimming. NYC- Not Your Home Thanx George. J Im Bart Eric Snkbar No More ASharplASB- Coach Fr ank ICC-O CADMInneCawinTawss.BerlBales Lov ely Dog Ruth. MoMmAChen.JPWay. Absurd! LuvU J anet- HCForm86.Me Jim Best Buds. Dave I ago Che rie Trad Tracey Sue Todd Adam Dan Tifflnj- Than X Mom DadAnJu Andy Blannan-See ya Fatman. Be AmanlFLomeOn! PA B. U5D C.almostcaughtNO F,H S S W Driving. 4 land Left Turn PowerRabbit. missing truck. Egg Fig ht. MMammolh ' 84mlsslon to skl.FBSCamaro MR. C.L F, Is the one, 180 G G, Thanks MandD Brian BIrchar-Dawn PatrolMoon-FryParty atmoes?. homeless. Free concerts. PalmSprlngs riot, crash, pla ying tunes. Mextrlps. Damm. Skimammolh. off roadad ventures, the river. So schools out, hear the bell bur n your books and runllke hell: As John Luna says " You have a nice grabbing the microp hone. he isn ' t thinking of Seniors 21 Rob Blaney Heather Blackmore Jennifer Bloyd Harvard Bonin te Mike Gazzaniga, Elizabeth Ordway, Daryl Hein, and Karen Olsen dance the night away. David Boddy Tiffany Boppell Tina Borkowski Giulio Borsari 22 Seniors Robert Braun Elliot Bricker Cauia Blldt all- Thanx M and R Bye squid FHS4e vt Remember Lennonglauea 2nd hands Haircuts and colors Guitar Bowie YB Normal? 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Meghan, Phil, Bart, Bryce, David- BR-4yrs-Jesus Christ, Forest Hoine,Trlnlty,SCMT,Senlor Guys:Dave Lyle,Jason,Scott,Gordon,Lyrm Peck:WF,CouTl,Chrls- tlon Recouding Artist, Westmont. Eyes — Whal?Mom Dad-T)ianks-Amen! ianalfar Bloyd-C-YaF.H.It ' s Been Real . . Real What?l L.Y MarblesSmellyWIdKat PuJ Married F;s J.S.J.S.K.U.L.D Slngle lovln ' lt,Mexw Marnl " The Lost Waekend " Cheers to Romanace R.R.lstlove Worst love YES I AM GOING TO COL LEGE JILL! Thanks Blen I.LY.Let ' s go Dancing R O: Party w D Crue HaivardBonla-BAHSPO the Toy SnIperBcconcertP OGvette34lh SiPunchFBS Walker ' s 86vacatlon Carls bak StInksCBTBYGTBWZDDOOYAH Where Hous e RipoH Crew WRC Pass OulGame I HATE COPSL och NessBat cave Hownted House StaffordiajMustan 9 BTSP ' 86 LADYKILLERand PAT BROWN with JO HNNY SACO Haunted House and Myras ' GateZa m Frls PTom ' 86 andothers Thanxmandd Tlllany Boppall 4yrs,W0AHNELLIE! Amy- 1 Kno Mr how you feel! Keep your hands warm.Loook for bra Ins next tImelFFWhata waste Marcy. 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I LOVE YOU TIM . 8 9 8611! I am happy to be stuck with you. This year ' s been the best. Don ' t forget the bottle opener! Bye FHS Patricia BrnganiDn:sfbl-2yrs.yrbk-2yrs. -Clubs ed.RSRWAKYDPWEMLKLS-frlends forever;Adv Ins. first time seeing JRC-iuv allways — Best Bud- dy:Chrlssy — Thanx-Mom.Dad, Family Never thought I would make III Out Into A mad mad mad world-banana peel! Bye FHS-besI present cverll! Bath Brummett. HlYa! LkeArowhd Frlends4cver S herl Mexlco Arizona Balboa- Lisa! lelsEscape 31 Fla vrs Gall Formal 84 Nook Oh HIVrahw Krisll! TanBu dSongwomen86-87 StudentSenale The Beach Surfing w Amy Sumer864X-lng What a Supriz Milch HrdRc k Cafe LAWhlofFortune! Luv GOD Ray dog The Calv ary Gang . . . Fun Times LuvUall. Thx Mom DadCd Luck Mark See Ya FHS Jamla Bninaklll BF Ellen-JulsAnnMelMlch! Somny Memories! UTA83 5 6 Ptkclylcecrman brnlspgtil Doubledls rvrlrps|lsklng SBtoPSSS w m m! BrknsnkalAJ ' s jucuzlprtyMrBuble! MwkndloPSSS FFGlIlyyurnlwrthltstrwyloHvnl JTlstluvllllsls! 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Watch out world, here I come! Tin Buma-123 BrlanC. Touron-Touilsl SklW.P Hanker-downLcroy! " BURNY " -MlkeA " Halr-o-hollc " - J.Const THE RIVER HC BLINDFOLDED l7lhB- dayCatallna W.F 8S-TP Crammln ' lnlhez Dealhmoblle- CarChase- lft.onred " PsychedellcRhonda " ThanksMr.M.MrsS IL- YMom.Dd.K.Db Est FRS-Jen.Les.Sam Bye FHS!! Amy B«a«:Isllrellglous? Thanx FannyFF.Fgupthwrld. Marce: Whalawasle! Hi Marcus Go FGSISmurflng.4- wheelln Ho-Lo4Smo-Ro? DSP 7:45BR NO Hedachs Watch oul! K J ' s Dl lrashcanz W F 1200 S B w DL! TannlnglB LUV MRVDLDDRDC on well! FHG T F Bye.FHS MissYal LUV YA UGLY Thanx Mom Chrls J«(f Cahalan Finally oulta this place! Good friends and good limes. Tennis with Mr. Z. Europe-summer ' 86 Next year UCLA? UCSD? Thanx Mom and Dad Oh Ya Jenny too. Good luck to all. Bye 4 now PS Joel get a haircut! Pania Caldaron All the G.G parties w Fab. David. Paul " all the Guys " MyTwIn- Metcedes Isl Pal KlmK PholoShoots w Nlcole ' 86- Susle.L.A.Sl Scene. G L J . Disneyland. AMunch- BeslX ' sThanx2 Nicole.Jason Karl I ' m really Blond. Nicole My Friends from the S.S ■ 5 B .L G .M H .H D .K B .MlssU Angela Mom DadLuvU ' aula Caldron Senlon 25 Mindy Allen, Wendy Marsille, Kristen Throckmorton, and Julie De Boer take a rest in between classes. Kevin Campbell Anthony Cangelosi Bryan Cannon Beth Carter Dawn Carter Kyle Carter 26 Seniors KavlB Camplxll Thanks lo all I havn ' l metl Go Dave and Wendy, Supar Sprint, Late to filh, Lampoft, thanks Mom 4- Dad I Love you. My little red toy new friends, LGT D W, LA. marathon 86, Tim Jenn CJ Vesa Wagon Bye Bye. Thanks lo Githens, I O.U. DJBolA TONY CANGELOSI The Remainder TheAverage Asis The Brewster9 " 5weel Sweet money " 5aMM FOMD ELane MlleRelay This Is the place. Hey Fran- co Save Sams Broadway Review 87 Oklahoma. Here comes a Regular. 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Hals Bowie (ZIggyl LuvuMlt. l.9 10w u Van JazzArtPlzzaFoodI KAREN ChrlstlnaSCP-MOM SID ThankuHelen DadBabyColln Sam TheTurtle,MyClownDolls-Catallna P.S.w J. UveU2 4-everJEBI KYLE CARTER THANKS MOM AND DAD- 1 LU V Ul FRIENDS 4EVER.EVAN, GREG,BILL, BRYANI BASKETBALL FOOTBALL GAMES, TP JOBS, PO KER PARTIES.LEATHERBYS. BRUCPAT PART V VIKINGS. TOP GUN, TENNIS, LAKERS, •! 85.D ANCES, GRAND THEFT AUTO, SUMMER 86-LOT SLUVSUPPORT J.B.I LUV U4EVER-JULIE, FRANC ES, TRACY, INJA KIT! GallChamberlaln-Llfelon g Friend . . Nicole Cruise How Will I Know?Torrance SophCheerYellChaslnsLAHume Brian head Mexico R ay Calvary 1 LOve God Small Group Steph BethCheri •THShiends Home Formal Sadies Prom 85 Curtain C all 31 flvrs " Nvr4 get you Darren-SPECI ALLOVE Mike Love Ya John! Mom Dad 1 Love You; SPECIA L FAMILY- Proverbsa 5-6IMSLOboundl TIFF CHANDLER-WANAGOZTHERVER?MXCO? PSJULS,K?NVR4GETTRK84M1KERBYNGTSNEDC 00LIPSURS0SSLUVU2 JUMP 40?YES1 CIFSPRN GSTEEN CNCRTW MIKEURALWYSONMYMNDV ANHLNBSTBUDSJL,SD,NP.CC,CL,DP,BM,LBURZ BSTZMNY FUNXLAF2MCH! ILUVU ALL FLUFFl B UFF? BBALLJMS25ADMSFMLYXC8386RUN4 FU N JEEP JEEP! GOD RULESIS40:27-31ITANXLYLE LUVUMA PASTEFPETEU2 PAUL MYMANSPRII5 5HUBAHC86 WOWI TANXBIGALHI SCOTT.RB.R 0BS0HRD2SAYGDBYEFHSUR»1ALWYS2 ME Scott Chapel Hey buds,SSS withmy bros. Auto shop for ever Nolan you fat head. Paul F. can 1 have a bog It ' s been fun past 4 yrs. Kris Sweson friends In Big Bear helping him more. Good Luck all my bros. Hope to see ya soon Tim ChapeUa I ' m oula here! Thks M P! FTBALL •82 ankle (ouch) Matt S, JeH U,Paul G:(We hed some great times) ELTor,Supr Burg, Burg King, Custom Camper, c.20 vs 9-24, Palm Tree, Angel Games. Never lorget Kim: SP FAC, 8 9 86, Emergency Rm, Disneyland, Chariot, Dances, " Happy to be stuck with you " l LV U KIMI Jim Casey Gail Chamberlain Tiffany Chandler Scott Chape! Tim Chappelle Seniors 27 Joe Caiolan- Genpub B-Ball Soccer Friends Ma mmoth 85 86 P.S.85 86 Jr. Prom Homccomml ng Formal 86 Parties Summcr V-Bail Thank s Mom, Dad Pat Thoms Shawn Scott Jake H ogle Jenny andeveryoneelse Mex,wJ.G.,M.S.,P.B. League Champs- Fr, Soph, Jr Lamppost Beach B oys lOSeconds Jill- 1 Love You, and Allways Will lo ve you. Jim Casey, thanx mom, dad, sklnney one two, P.S. c orvette, Z28 Sports claslc 84, newyearseve 86,chlna, hawali, gambet,olngo 85, bass]ake,l)sag lets party, G. B. warddawdettBonnleb.New years eve 87 large than xdarcy, mJke owes me 5 days, celry egg fIght.J.C. Rul es.UofQhearlcome, CruchonT.C. reamer screamers,r egmotmmell, scrub club.xiepard.gregsvhs.phllswail, th anx dave.n.cntlt Eddie Choi — 9-10. thanks C. Wallace; Jeff wherc ' s Allen and no JSE for you. Im Finally out of here Ultravox Slmple Mlnds AFDS SB ' s for stere, there urill always be someone, somewhere. In the summer- time. Talking grapes and apple-ants with C. Wallace (9-10) Paul Cleary Soccer Jellyncck Jcsy Beny mo Stunt kath Air keed Camino FEBl 10 toes over oash — do not attempt this in your own home SRFN pierre lodgart HC SB Mexican cession complng unstable cliffs- Woa! smanbarrles BBZit LookN4THOs 115in- Cadon 22 Sklnne Tag 2 its a nice place to visit, but Saodrea Cochran-Sou who cares! Hulthegangsuzps 4cojen punpklnmajasmishleohguodel dirtfflbestbudsb eth? Shondrlnabethrlna! out controtlzimexllo 82-86ml ramartocscaryblvhey da rlln! where are we gettoteddea deyenewpartdrafthaugles! flphil? babay! FurrylFFjenn yyeah! 1 rene classic! 86-87 forever!] ' mouta control no wl loveum olate! Cathy Coffey-3yrs.v.x-cttracklyrv. cherr. camp, stu nt s, great squad! funw team! pizza man,naturerun?tac uzi, mammoth,! can ' t skl!jlllstetta,ohnoo,thez!Danre s Thanxs4 everything Jlm!misU!hc86bradur great! luv ya lots karenf f!bstfmds,nlk, tlff(110} sue.Jull ' Umlss yo ulthanx klm great tlmes2 gatherl robbiel lovumom, da d, mike dana, thankst! Caadec Colwcll-best frlendsbev funw brtlsolngo car cHslfonfedcampmelfmzbfoophJw cheerdan awesome pair droplstgmtahoebruisspbkaz love you cuzbirch 86 wenrhoyell ocarcatalina,what? flre?brbraddarcgtsumt amisyajuddbch mlkealvp forma Itpmunchsnapcrklpo plostbev?candcat taktecun whenSwkrsthanx mo m dadl LoveU! 4 years 2 fast! Erich Coru d Venlam, Vldebo, Vlncam. Chiia CowdcUFootball lives forever. Oh, backer, d you want to go on your back? Ga.zzanagoo woody, oms laycoc, all century league. Power groupoms me Cor. easyCheeza. Civics Buddy. JeepNovaDuster al 1 to yotasare Ir.gooinosters class, thanxmoon dadd y.Ratcorbldtakosnorkyflshwlmpy demonemissy than x all memoirs forever, pal! Shawn CoykeodaO — I love you carolyn soccer Is m y life! Best frlendsW Joe carolyn carlos Luvmy s occer buds PAT Lunch w.Jack 2fedllghtsgreen grap e on station wagon thnxmoni love you fritz thnx Robin whe,answr2prsnlamy,just talking dancesw carolyn y eal IGYV! Air- Head- GeekS.K. on a roof? Darren Craun- Prom ' 86 luvyakelllhlwayp trip, sprln gs 86-S7skimmolh freshpwarw scott, Julle missyd e empwdrw sterprtylnw thebuds,c.c,ms,r.c. m.J.8lv rbulletrat brat pack Dancesw marcledbllngw ste r susanblgbluelimoyllow taxi, vlolentfemmespf nAsc ott ' sster ' s hcathcr ' socc ' 87-S.dstate ' 88audios fhl Pa rty bound! Paul Cleary Alessio Cluffoletti Miite Allen and Chris Cowdell go " Heavy Mctal " for the day. Seniors I Darin Madole spies someone taking his picture. 3ill Crane Darren Craun i Seniors 29 Carrie Crawford- Look Glna We Made It Mammot h 84 85 86 river sunrise drive faster 1 have to golSwl mmer? Hardly! AlbatrossPamelamy budjettaHTC His taceyjill wendy Jamie USCNebraska look daddy I mal 1 grown up math llOjhalove those knees June 15sadi es 86 never againt anevenlySthw doc??you ' ve helpe d Scott- love mom dad I love you dragen december Doug Crawford-Polo Hawaii 86 Jims room with ko Tcxy.EEP and the U9s, J crew. Utah 83456 Follow Dave chips run, Jarr. Mark battle of the bowls. Head for trees. Swimming 86 GIF. Thanx D. Simmers. Good job Jimle you made it. coKnighl. P Hill St Blues. ALM I Hope. Thanx Mom.Dad. I ' m outta here. Pat Crawford- VAR baseball85- 86 87; SUCKIN Ih at BABY bottle; HEALY and CARTY vans l;JIMB O hump SPORTjjGOhalos CARRY IN the SUITCAS Eadolph; MERK gay boy HEALS flshPIGhanger GAZ ZcalneKOPER andthe BOSS lets GO toPSarrwhedM ORROWmex EMBASSY toga AT woodies USC;kelK P;LUVULOTSLES;THNXMDC; GREAT friends GRE AT times GREAT fun GREAT life?? Rich Crolaaant- ' 86 BEACH HOUSE RMDCMD CHUCKINBATHPRTY AT C ' s R.O.-i-R.C. SWEETNESS. HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS. LOVE 4 EVER DANCES w R.O. FUN w MY HUN MIKE ' S BCH HOUSE RON FIRES and C and S Brett Curran-HoIown85-CACl-BBSJ-v Football Cen- tury LC — Thanx Moon and Staff-Luv Mom and Dad PSJETTI Greg-WVP Summer 85 2 Much Gambay China Trip Reames-Hawail-Drlvelns-NewYear586 Mexlco86 Greg 2 CIose-Homccomlng 856Formal Thanx Tiff Valps Jeni Francis love allofya To Greg.JIm.Mike.Adam.Mlke.Andy-FF Luvya C.R — Bye Krlatln Cutler- Kris, Jamers. Dodo. Kim. Jos. Joyles s? Gigi. Glrdy. Blp lives! Sanfran bcrn. PartyAKsIN EV ERALWAYS!3xsa charm. Moo!Benny ' sagain?Jlo y.mmom. Thanx4 evrythng mom dad. I luvu both.T C Calh I iuvuDCNJMTheSfrosh 1 luv the most. Sus an my little sis. Dodo I ' ll missu! Take care FHS. I ' ll mi ss the good times. C-YAICIAO! Heather Dall-BLNDIE 1st 2 yrs SAHS-Dnce, ASB. Wnds.Frnds w CM. CF. KP. JR-Fthl wthc out! Chorus.Partles. Cnhcrts. Look what r ya?Eh? 17 B- day got NJ SUMMER ' 86-PARTV!SR-Bst frnds- CF.SE.KD.KP.PC.SS.YS, DDE. Party w GG " the boys " -n-Nwprt Bch dudes-BESTlThnx 4 being there POBlMOM-n- DAD thnx 4 putin up w your PARTY ANIMAL daughter have dmk on moil I made It in •87! Kevin Dart-9,10 Water P. 11th met the group 12th was fun. Thanks Mom and Dadt! Carrie Crawford Doug Crawford Patrick Crawford Richard Croissant Sterling Crook Julie Cummings Brett Curran Marc Curtis seniors Du Lam looks to see if anyone is trying to steal his milk. helly Daniel Kevin Dart i Seniors 31 William Davenport Allison Davis Bill Davenport ' Noiu What? The Soap Opera ' s Ove r! We ' re the future? Changes. Nature Runs! Distanc e Runners Keep It Up Longer! WTH is Jo-burg?I a m Rambo! ISWRV4 Dogs 43rd St. Quicksilver! PS86 PromhIwyGDAT Cycle Europe 86- AlonelOld Frenz Good Times: NcwFrenz More Crimes Sp Lu WC A my-WG GIdmlne ILvGorila Shrk THANX EVRYl e vcn Mom Dad! BIAW Mike Daugherty-Maggot, Grateful Dead Lives, Love You VERA! 107 Special. MckIco-TJ w Matt John! Newport Beach House thanks ver. Matts hooker! Colo. Bound! Rob J.D. FF El.Sfin- dra,Tlm,Bon,Mat,ABT Bocephus! Hank Kool-Ald Bent hell Bound Thanks MStD. Next year AYF Vera Good Luck VERA with DG ' s Allleon Davis- Fmds4 everKlm Kel Jen Jud- Mamm oth TASTY- Cure 86 UTAH 85 KarVanI- Utah 86 Su n luv the snow!SAprt2 much fun- MexNYE Prom85 S terkeUul Rob Derr SHUTUP! KarenFF JudI miss- Sen lor munch 6am- USCOMY- USMCUSC THANX no ra ore Trs. NPB w gangall night long- Klmn Scottvryspc l-2mny memories Thanx MnD.- College? Bye! Dana Davia- ALWYS B HERE4U BrldgetSSmlleSch napB sign The Park DrlvnantenHlywoodArwhd Ho w DidWe Get Home Bruce Photo Parkn lot Ed Crus ePnufsKenRdgr BeachFaIn starSadiWedNagTCRAS HJRNOW DotsGBanksBBBSocTrk MarcyAJAX21M WD THANX4 Everything Talk To Me Wrinkles Pink H, TopMRSLONG In visible Never Surrender Burge r King Always Remember Sue DavIa- So MEXICO?! HS?! missd Ya Melsh.Cln, Garrlty ARIZONA ! Vbafnyman TOM YogalCL 1 851YaHo5e! Get UpS! Polly?Bba CIF FINALS 2x14 a?Snoplowln MAMMOTH! Thx AdmslCorn Big SlsFr ends4ever TC,NP,JL,KP.BM Get Outa Town!ONOIt s The SHOVELMANI FryAFluffll Luv Ya Family! Of f to? Hasia FHS! Craig Day-Low Test Scores, Danger of Failing, Dirt Bikes, off Road, Skiing, NAVY,84YZ250,80 Datsun, Newport Beach, 86 Glamls, Flat Top, Thanx Andrus, Erik, Special Thanx Mom Dad I Luv You Julie DeBoer- Mi5sion2 Arrowhead PartyASHEPSC aptEO Prom 86U Talk2 MuchSter2.5RvrTrpsPSw Ju ILarMlYell85V.Chr86 JakeFtbll Coin Toss»7Heln5Sh epBt Sadie 86 Hom86EmbsyStsFrml 41Jule2MiWen LarKarSuKrMlnShaX.trems Thanx MlssyStnd By Me Crauns TOGABukeThonsHsAI,K,Deb, Jen, Bean, Gr ccGazHus All The GuysF F MlssURal ThanxM D Se cYa InS " LuvU All " Brian DeColte-Mom Dad thanks 4 your support in school sports. Also for being there when I need u. ILuv u both. Glna, u are a very special person to me. Thank You for making this year so special to me. 2 my friends hope we stay in touch. Randy DeGroot-Have a nice day, Cindy, Mo, Ben- ny, Marc, Tony, Shell, Kip, Mart, I always remember you. Kevin bro, good luck. Kev R sorry for whatever. 4 unforgettable years at FHS Chris Johnson too, good luck buddy! Steve my brother, we live under the living joke of life Yvonne Denenny- !? frvr frnds-a.k., p.l.w., r.e.s., r.w., t.b., cm., Hi Allison Econ — Falso — G.H. fall or succeed?-dweeb HMLE JP-perftnpa you remember though I doubt It Como No? TF Thanx Mom and Dad Clao FHS Jennifer DeSalvo- WYLLIGARIE ' I ' M SO JEALOU S SUM84 ' BFFMON ' Ha. 85-NY 86 ' P.O.O.N.W. ' L. A.T.D. F.4EVER-JENTINTRACL0RELEIKATHLIS " Courtw TlnaXAROLYN- GO FISH- WHAT GOE 5 ON? ' MUFFY-CC10 ROOM MATES ' GOODTIMES •H.IIIRELIGBUD-CDRMJMWEWISH-L.G.LUVSU • MOM(L) DAD SISSUELUVUAL L! ' BOWIE RULES • I ' M OUT OF HERE! Craig Davis Dana Davis Sue Davis 32 Seniors Craig Day rian DeCoite Randy Degroot Jim Whilhelm consults his book in order to find the needed information to complete his assignment. Yvonne Denenny mnifer Desalvo Seniors 33 Dawn Dingwell Dard D«xt«r I love you mom dad cass troyBoyI you meec love to C S M ' s P.V. Any boys caU? thanx kel 8t hedo-my bcstcst fincnds mgcmtn newro rasta normal corazonnilce phlusles phonies psychoj pudding? 2bkryglrls mbzbaby flxx dlvlnyls INXSve 86 conflicting Emotions Aussla style-mine someday ClAOl „ , „ , , Li« De Sanlto- The Gang 4evr Debra- Krstn- Jen- J el-10 no? ' sAsked.KLNR-Blt Bm- prayAKlrk ' s-UPn Tr ee Summer 84;SHRN.TruBlU-NoMreRT PSN- Ditch • jET PS MONO- Mrs.S 2nd Mon;Heln-2mch Fun- Pro m- 84-8687?; JOE5 30 86 H2o Nlace- look tuH 5A M-ARWHD. I love UAIways 8e 4EVRIThx-M.D,J,J,- S oon2BLAAI , , . GayanI DaSilva UCI- StacyBJ crlssyTabrl summer s are besl.Jv swim reserve tennlsclevcr! knlghtllje Ito hey carollnefsOct.nvrlvecrmngwdrslckdl P rtynCrrtsnvlly- seeUtherc.Amy AnnKaren Janlneln|aJ ullcallu guys- lets go fishing! ollvlakatherlneurhrsamssi LDC, England.SL.Soogldlts over! This Is the happenln Dawn Dingwell Darcy2Mnythngs2rcmber! In heMd nthrlasushlSi RUNIcarl In theclst thyr HomelShena R pIstcbublAnnt " Bouhva bag4 My hend HEATHER-V HRTLESS BARCAUDA!la viva- the brlde-thccurb dironsunsefive Got It Under Cntrl " robcrt huntmkyr s If AhmlFHS 2000 people 4000facesing etUln the en d; M Dn2 Watch Me! Call Me When Im Rich Famo Pat Dim — ComlngBacktooldfricnds. China trip — gome bul, chile chunks, playing B-Ball Stella; carlsberd daddy B ' s laugh Rosarlta Will never be the same, caj- fcry ' s magic bus ivlth colt 45 ' s Hawaii 86 Kobe, Chi Chi 1 never get enough at lunch Suzanne Boabet BFFJENMICHMELS AND Beth Kl mba Jim bothe gangCrulse 84 Summer 84 thered bu g Ii3carysd2 totedps86AJ ' S! About of control whom c? king the silver bulet Yep balanccthe Cureso man ymemrlc2 much funUr the one Wancn luv U thanx M om Mike mlssU dad Whats Next? Elizabeth Dulebohn:theHarum Photo 16thB-Day 80 Rabbit AFS Dana Pnt.T.P.Toes Luv 2 $X$ Klos ROCKS luv u JonnyVcagusBound?BroknPlnky Alntcrs BstFndsMO.LG.CS.LB.JrFormal Hey ClaytonlKeadConcertl P.E.I. SummerSS ScamlnN- wPrtBch CorkucPosum Expo86PflyW crlk BgoodLlzard.Keags LuvU Mom,Dad C-YAAAAI Stacey Duff- greatfmds kelly christy wendy Jill Ca rrleWkenzAUCSD Pizzavoz hav anotherFLUFFEuro p? Boyfmds? EVER? CodComawok Palm Springs 80 ■87LA Hey BabyMerdadl26phonccalltoVenz SHck le ssons oh Great Pumpkin Math 1 10 Pass? Shark Gol d mine manager?!?TPCThanx Mel Balboa BeachJous e Sadie 86Whrsyudte?4Mal 86 Soccer games Than X Steve Mom Dad CiavtonDiinlap- See you later! Take ite asymaml, le ts go racing John- MG lets go 4 wheellng-Havehml nschoolDaveJmouttahereBecky- don ' t go for such old er menmm- dont break any more collarbones- N.M- ha ve afun time starting your caraugglc- keep on duppln g In class but not on the rugl255 GodBless all Christln Mark Dnnn Ira out, new life. Thanx Foothill. PIm Springs. Tunnels In 6 football GIF big Daddy moon love ya Best Bod RobB. Yescalaugh parth get toted Rush concert do it Foothill glrls(Best Ever) Bad farts 4X4 AAAOOO Love U mom Macho 44 Says " late Michelle Dnval- Camp 84LAIRD; Hoyt Bnch 8 3 ' - Thanx Anne Grtch; Kristl; Gall; Flrpit8;BTSDlX Bch- Soph Cheer Yell; 4-19-85 copps; concerts;TL Kng heads; Deaf DMC; GREG-frndslst; Sades 86 ;17 B C.erlyAbch; loga;P S. Gogus-Reg?; PrtyAShep5;lsp yCaptEo- Disny:Strmtcs;uno;Cmnstrs;F.F. Jule52 Kri si ' or SueWen ' yr?;U of Coast; YALE; ThanxM D Bcv ElUott ILUVU CANDEEdarct ifhonJU2 far awa ySuro ' sabchw yllwpt MikeAlvP BroadRcv ' 86thekls s Thanx capt,4 timesntapses but why me? Still friend s On2 bigger thlng5 ' 4 " BRBRgota paperclip? Mad sks the ZogSophChPcp ASB " Hey MikerH CQ T Wow! luv yaAl Thanx Coach Thanx DaveLuv2Mn On Sis GoodbyeFHS- Hello WESTMONTIl " Chria Eniott- Gr8xSMR85Sk8cvrywhr.86Bros,dobs, freeekman.iud fish,Tak,ratzlvlls,rlsh.ias,tory. ester br ake 86 Bg Bear Ralph McD-sPS.TBrd.Cllf,PFty, HotI, Pzzaman-SMTHS SD MEX.SIdgel.Lts go to the do g pound.Rufc ' sBYC, ByShsie.MStngs, Doggers.Wmn. Prtys.Trike.FTRW Kim Hav FunPG.Mchl.Molaka, L ate FHS NoJuaylU Stay. Patrick Dorn Suzanne Doubet 34 Seniors Stacey Duff Elizabeth Bulebohn Paul Frutos and Randy Brink are God bearing people. everly Elliott Christopher Elliott Senk 35 Bev Elliott and Bryce Robinson stroll to class. Mark Ellis Christopher Elmer 36 Mark Ellto-ALLO! CHEERS 2D GREAT THINGS IN LIFE; WEENIE ROASTS GOOFY HATS THE WALL ROMANCE SUSHI RICHS TRUCK ALL THE DANCES SOURGRASS FRO YO AND DENNY ' S. 2 MY FRIENDS ALL OF THEM ESPECIALLY GIGl L. BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD I LOVE IT ALL(RED SAILS, IKO IKO| I DIS ENDS D GOOD TIMES I AM SAD 4 IT SHUD B ONLY DA BEGINNING Chris Elmer-Why don ' t more people write In rational sentences so that we can understand what It Is that they are trying to write. Tolstoy definitely would not write like the others on this page; it would make his books too short. Having looked at all of the remem- brances 1 can definitely say that Wllhelm ' s Is the best of the rabble. Goodbye Dr. Ross, don ' t start hoping; just because I ' m out of school doesn ' t mean I ' m out of your life. After all, I still live In Tustln. May the Czar molder forever In his officcfor In Moby Dick) Dcbra Evana-Goodbye FHS Hello life. Odalls youve been great U l bestfrlends forever. Thcblgyellowbus AlglB3x. My first TRUE LOVE David! Winter Formal Prom l ll w u! I Love You Babel Heathcr " What R ' Ya " You SV Odalls, Heather, Yvettc, goodbye. Odalls I found Frank. Good luck. Krlaten Farlah-DD c How u R? Jr| CB Bunhifu llvs! " Glrdy? " Joyles n trubl agaln-Bdaze 85 6 Thnx! Did u hear tht? Shes jus amazing! UsemiT Sam 52s- Vestvod? Pza at 2-GGslgn somday-Nuhll-Trshcns? Morg? CstaRcachz-sure Its me . . . Prtyn w Bob- movies again? Prtys at Bulas-GG r u OK? Thnx foIks Lls-Goe GG Thnx 4 all Peggy Famey- Bestimes Jr SryrFlttrrr!Mex- 1st- Ma mmoth 85. Howmny bruises? Nonefrm skiing UtahDB SF Arrowhead. Jamalcabnd Easier 87spf!Gmmes w Il Kcl KImJIANKKP Class of86. Cure 86KelcIbscrds.Dt hbbl.Nauglcs.Capobch. Wheres thechmpgne? Plaster ed car- Bath.l LOVEU4Evr John! Thnx Mom Dad.Gdl kPatl. Im Out! Michael Fart-Big A ' s 83+84 China Gombayl F.B. 1 3yrs. Hoops Prancer Toys R Us T-fF Jumpers Antman Where do we live Tiff? Thnx to all friends Brat Riva BE. In ME Mexico Tijuana Tilly ' s Domino ' s V.P. Jacoo Jag MardI Gras Love Boat Goggles P.S. Com- mittee Genesis M,I kJ Grunlons I Luv u Stranger! UROSS! Erik Felber-NO SURVIVORS Friends Live Forever Hillview Don ' t think so Jim,Heather 3rd 4x4 ' j ATC ' s Rule FrlSat night parties " ! Did What " Glamis 85-85 Fubar Best Buds; Andrus; Paul B,Craig,Jason,Paul A, Ryan, Heather D,Ellz,Ashicy,Amle,Jamle.Jancse R,Outa here Luv Ya Mom Dad C-YAI Klee Felia-FIAT SPY grill band In Hawaii beach par- ty Cruising thanks Bebetly + Beave 4 last year. Riding In 2bits Truck w litman Can ' t driver 2hr3 CarAlarm Vans Nose Knows Breakfeast Club King GENESIS ELP 86 Monrovia Thank everbody LV U mom-Hlad -f an I go. Chria Fergua- FOOTBALL 86 PIG GAY LAYCOC K FATMAR ALLEN SNORKEYBLADEFISHcowdell HISTERbainmerkratHEIN moon Dad Bloom Mammot h 85HPV LawnJob 85 ARROWHEAD TINA Donofri o FLIPOOT TOGA A.M.F. Andrea Fettera-Mrs. Nicolal-concusslons Broadway Review-power failures-Walbel-daddy dcar-heat-raln- blisters-Fire explorers-Gitthens-Waterman oncweek wonders Yakatan Llllardopening night Glasgow Fehcr John dances Fun FROLIC Parents Love ya. Michelle Flduccla- Thanks Mom Dad 4 evrything IL UVU 4yr VARSITY SOCCER86 Century League Ch 1 amps! Homecoming 86w JASON (bllndfolded)IWlnt er Formal 86w ELMO»65 JAMES! F F. TINA, XER XESWalledayrandahalfCOLENN (no guts)! ATCw McCain New Year 86Never forgetu DAVID Rose Par ade 85 HAWAII w LINDA! I LUV L.A. Goodbye FH SHELLO WORLD! Seniors I JL Kim Emanuel Peggy Farney Erik Felber Kristen Parish Michael Farr Klee Felix Stacy Feder Chris Fergus Seniors 37 Melanie T. Fink John M. Fishbeck Paul D. Fisher Below: Carlo Jarmelo attempts to strangle Junior Hoan. Bottom: Chris Lemos, Bev Elliot, Linda Burgos, Candee Col- well, Cathy Coffey, and Bart McHenry relax after a hard day of slave driving Kim R. Ford w0 mm Paul W. Frutos Valerie A. Fryer ' W? ?:j, Jennifer Furry Mark Gablesburg 38 Seniors I Michelle Gabor :Rodolf Gallegos litchell Garrison Scott Galey Jean Gallagher Christine Garboski Chris Tcrhune, Jim Hoffman, and Jeff Law watch the Rain dance from the bleachers. ike Gazzaniga Meluile Fink 4YrsYrbk31767EdlnChlef Busy Man Acadcm Ed3Yrs TFCo 850ip86 2Yrs Dncc ProUSA Cmp; Unfrgtable TK£ ThcLeadWeGOTItHeyDude . We WntTheStckSheHasAZltetcCoulnaClotsStckFigs Undr TheSkrtYoHeUoWakcUpNowJoeamblng The Walls EatMyPlePButlerSiSalsaLoslPuppyTOPGUNS uprSensadonalFlnalislGerbllAhhCocosCrlscoCabage patch MlckeyMoose. conl. MelanleHamllton John FUkbcck KAN EMerk snorky 2 Rals OorkK OP Bainer whlped sPlgDemoneMagnet P.S. Breakd ownFISHCO, Here I Come. CHOWDER. Big DFH S. Been Real. THANKS Mom Dad BrllGood Luc k PS. Brown Derby Kelly.S16mos. Love Yal SanCle m You guys are unreal Blue Van Bch BoysH R Du mb 375 375 ChrlsCalPolyS.I.O.U boat speaker hoi e 12eachgreatsnorkymad fresh. soph ' sJr. ' sSee Ya!!! Paul FUh«T- SAN.TPSLFiOH; Windsurfing at SB- B est Band " SOP " ;NFCMHWGWKM sos.Scott Chap c llsaGF.RsKLand " myBF; " Little Johnny Eric Hutto n, ManygrSmems.Hope Eric gradssoon to Rommle. " NewporttEmbassey. " " Mr. Wlllsadork " .Good Luck t o JA. Thanx to Mr. Gitthens pr.WY. RAMONES AD X.SP.SSiLOWHlC PH4TROYL4 ME! KIpFIdd ' Art Club. Bugey Sprite. FordPretect.Zeph cr.52Talra. Anglla. Consul. Saab96, 57 Vctte, Meir o Madness.62 Crew Crab.356B.912. Rabblt.TBN Aul o Restorations, Love Big Brother. Teacher Strike, Ar t Room Lunch Bunch, Carlson, JP,Ersavas,JG British D,Not Ime to play.KP FK, Scope, Spider Boy (he Pain tcr,CL., Time Capsule, Magic Bus Klia Ford-FB B GAMESUMALAISTANDD Y V S OPHSHAUNEESJ MOVE NV CANEWM M SVJR STEVE. E C1NEMASK1 CLUMSY.JESS,LE ' NEEB EACHW " THE WHITE ONE " - Bum EASTERBUN NY- CUTE PUTT PUTT LATESR- CORONA JEF F TIM JESS " ARE YOU CHRISTIANS " EMBARRAS EDTREE DOGPOORJ FUN CINDY JENN SMAR T ALLECSUBARU DON JOSE TOP GUN- LOVEU MOM GOOD FUTURE Paul Fnittw Nigrllllan, Babe Luv Ya. F B Imports R •p.. Night excursions " Lookln4 Trash " " I said laugh " BMW sign split me, Coosters, Frews, Soccer Kicke d AToo much pressure Brink, Mike Good Times, Viva rln. Custom Handy Man Chariot, Preg. Nun, Alfalfa, T ogas Miml ' s Walkers Mrkt . VolleyballRules. Love yo u all. (See you at Harvard) VaUrU Fryar DEVIOUS problem Child My Nous e? 17BDdoStal Girls Scor More ' TracFdsIniaSOCIA LDYN AMOS sadles formalHCw BHprerSpAFSpedr oVB 4Evet! CJ5th Jr NAT.SC.PCJdreaCaptMVP 86 STEFFESkarch July4 Summers At Newport Dines, W •nMROYKURTLclev GuyBman Bch BoysOlngoGene sis Lamposi SuzlOO 17! BUDS Jill WenHmfmUg Da veyMTglBC Sue Thanks M D! ByeFHS! Mark Gab«lsb«rg-C CAD 9th-12th, team 3 Ist ' s ???,2nd state, Indlv. 9th 2nd 10th 1st, THANKS MINNE ' Varsity TJ, JJU MLS the FBI staff car, Bridgeport, Dufus. Optimos make a great time! Sp(Tr)acey thanks for everything friends forever BYE FROM GABY BABY Mike GazzaDlga let ' s Go It! Snorky, Pig, Mlkey,Dork, NegMag, King, fish, T,Mr.G,Vlnce,Beav,Thlslsnt Porky ' s; P. S. .Ar rowhcad, MexIcoandBee ' sBlngo. TogaatBub- bles.ThcDusterLlvcs. Healy ' sV. Shep ' sBoat HouseiBI-BI Blood. Whatthehell?Box esandRlms; HotelCal, Boss, LovcYaGall Poop, ThanxMomMy Daddy,AlwaysllllhadFun Chria GarboeklNewport locals water fights w Chlp Taylor-86iF F DebNicole Llsa Mr. Boyer your the best YEEIGBB Mammouth-86 Lisa you look great lts not my bra Look out fashton world here comes Garbo In her green PorschclLuv theSmlths Luv MomDad Steve. Jaan GallafheiSum 86whst best-J KAIwys ' UH O Alenl- 1 LUV YOU ANTHONY ThillleEsnprk " Hel loOcifer " EmbsySut HpyBpyAK7C AFF- Hmcmg 85 Dog Me Beach?Frml85 FunW da New Yrs Eve t hnx4th fun guysPrtyw cath Hmclmg 86Sry4lh Hi t A But Oh Well Frml86 FunW A A G Luv You All- JOHTLPITA- Luv YouMScD Cath» Sus Davhng lnlhr.2mryrs- By FHSSLO Bound? Scofl GaleyH20 Polo Christmas Formal 84w Mass ey Mike G ' s CablnPs Toga HealysVanRosalltaTurkGa uBear MassHanger Heals Pig King FishBoTtIf Jim Bo ugSheps Houses Mex Hawaii H20 Polo The Tim e " Homecomming King 86 Loma Visia Gang Still Tog ether The Boss Great Friends Great TimesGreat Parti cs Great School Thanx Mon Dad Love you Heather G ood Luck Little Bro. Mickalla Gaboc Bff Mel Sue Jen Beth Sand the gan gluvyaalt 1st luvSean had fun JlmTJ2 lotedSD out I f control PartyTLCCornawhome DING ' No Im Not a r uglPSABAJ Sink Illle2 much on the town Same place 2 all the guys Itwas real Skunkbdayw DSmmel wcr e alive How?Donl no! Luv ya Page MkhurnextTrac i n 3 Dream Is luv real! Thanx mom mel missed dad I moutHowthat Paal Gaapat-Dad B Ortega 80.82.84,67,65,15,28 Splkc ' Sapphlre Knight Slap soma 5 ' s. Herb. M of Ita- ly Chappy Splits 571 (Valenla-the blrdll Oisldes kick Beach Boys, Genesis Chowder! Gomas,Weasel,Vk le1 Tim Kim Albertsons Wei Iy,you ' re el Luv ya Mom Dad. Mike. Nkk Seniors 39 John Gibson Jessica Gilbreath Adam Gillman Below: Mark Gabels- burg prepares to be i " dunked. Right: Scott Galey Dances wildly at FAKHFAJ Joelle Gonzalez 0 Seniors Kristin Grahn Jordan Gugino linn Gunz Lana Grecnaway Kevin Gregg Jolin Glb«oa-;FHS, Flee the evil desires of youth, an d pursue righteousness, (allh, love andpeace. along wl th those who call on the lord out of pure heart. 2Tini2: 22FH$ lose your life and retain a standard. Ray. Sar a. Christy. Smuri, Gall (esp ), Mitch. Love yal yourbro t her In Christ, JcMica Gllbrtath LifesaversMK Common Bond G od rules Luvu Tonya Kim Cindy Bethany, Jenlffer Jef (, Jeff. Jlm.9thWHSPUNKHume lake the " unexpccte d " Corey Hart Stevie Nlcks4ever Alt nite Bowl skat e Disney next day cantelopesTHX Easier Bunny Jam cstown Village Wishmy friend slove peace happiness I n yrs to come I LUu VK! Adam GUIman-They wer the Bst of tms. they wer the wrst of tms.Lmbds unltel Mo.Far.Brt.lra.Rch.Beav.Kln.Dawg.Gunz Lts hv a 4 fngr nlte! Htl prtys w VP sknky poon Fulr fmds H20 Poloteam Hawaii: the rd 2 nounvhere. Who me a swmr? Kldscab lives! ASB. trdy agn Thnks Mom.Dad.Mike nMahg OO 2 college! Brown. Har- vard. Berkley, or bust. Um Givcna-We made it Qaud! ILuv my family- Thank U everyone. 3-4-Sp€Clar ' K " 4day crushes-So many R ' sFromwhere 2 sit 2 sliding down rails-Lake ParlsP.S.-Flne young men- U know why? YAP- PLE.BIue? " me now " -lt5 everyone around us Qaud- If U Luv someone set them free. Real World?So fzist-By FHS! Jocllc Gonxaica In OutU ofUnxtStp Thnx Mom Da d Mike Sis RandLvU allStfBlRblsJv-v LesterURDBst! RBWfood Dl€iOBOR86AussleLuv? 85 EuropeLstNtB ngYrHd Prty Who Mc?UMnvrgtu! BudsSBKB:NP:Pn ut:CV2Ap9rlGdx sFrdyBlm 44HdlmMtHghPagrtsN( Ntrk ' snmtsMavlsty?SkdnhbXmasFnnt MattNllmo«2b rtBvrHntrsblcnyGrgd! See Ya! Kriatln Gralin- minnlemushmlch-elte! jelalmeElll! Ro xytADol have food In my teeth7WlllUthrouThls away 4 Me?lCE? How comeu dont write me aymore?rus ca redof me? Hey John, nice. socal-N.URhndageo Twi nkles Yes lam- something wild. swlmmlngJV8485v86 87? 3 more yrs MattylluvCWN! But I only Have 5! Lana Graanaway: Hey LuchAlntrsPrtyAtskrIdrsKK KALBCSEDKR: 17thBDayLlmochr IsUrthel. stevePe teLuvU2 MissU mom Dad LuvUK.L. G.NwprtBc hMtrcydeC Rdr What Up ' TP. ToesPatlmlnL.SusMnd sbrthlssF JNY 85 " DcrbSn OnFreBurrUrr MttyCRN N RangerfitDpcchc Jam ' Dead Concert?!FemmsCy a ll2ardBurrWmnkeagslubU3!BubySckp Jim Gui«H20 Polo. Thanx Simcox. Couch " O " . Ha walian tolets.slanford polDl.2.3 beatN.P 7.8.YABBM eyersC.L.Ranchero SpeedtJWendy loveud the rea d man brook, Rivertrlp.G P.. concrtV.P womenR Ho odsUgoug, Polo Goalie Forever Crazy hotel hawall sc ott dougydav.jim thai mom, dad bye- bye Kristin HacncI: Klm.Laur, Erlck Rem Trabuco Cyn ' what Fun! " lo Kim I ' ll Luv U alws! KC U R the grtcsl! RK I luv U forever! Mcl ' I luv U! " Boo Boo 1 could of never md II w oul U! To KB, KC. JH. AP KW, CT, TR. EJ. JB. U R all the grtcst! Mom Dad x2 U R the bst of all 1 LUV U the Mst! Thnx for everything! Hcldl L. Hammond Summer 84- w Da vId Chrls Sister Christ Ian. 359. Its a quesl!HAVASU 86Steve We had a blast!My Tooth!Bad sign Rower guys-hope your happy peach- It at BLYTHE, Henshaw-crawmamas.P-nut.Whal do- lng?Ballcox.DlHl ' s.B R.Ho Lo-Frnds 4evr Diana.Jenn. Linda. Amy Thanx MOM DAD!! LOVE YOU ROBERT! Garrlaon MllchcU-GOD RULES! Thanks Mom. Dad Love you Steph.Amy. Great surf sessions w guys:Boyce, Ham. Gib. Mac. Pk Great friends: Nook fThankyou.l991)?),Sherl.Beth.LlsaB (fun hug). Arizona ' 84. " 86 Mexico ' 84,85. ' 86. Much Thanks, Ray. Surfnskl til we drop! 1 Thcs 4:16- 17, Bye! Malania HamlltoDBreath234 rclaxK.S.S BroomlcDadorunrun N.Y gosslpsesslonSeatOccup- pledKermyTWlSTER!lLUVUJOHNROSEPARADE Frlends:KrlstlntRoxy)Mlchelle(Vonlongname) Nan- cy{Mlnnle)Do I have Food In My Teeth ?Somethlng Wild FrzenBanans Twlnk)esDnces:Prom85W Matt Hmecommlng.WntrFrml.Sadlcsw JohnDoYou Ha- ve AnyGreyPopoun?FcbWmanOfTheMonth Dut- cheu DlMyBabessSeeYaMUSH (Ihenamellveson) Cristin Haenel Heidi Hammond Christine Hampton Senion 41 Tara Packard, Kreg Donahue and Sterling Crook Sing with Gary Headding immense enthusiasm. Brian Healy r Seniors Daryl Heinogseth Tom Heil Christine Hibbard Christopher Hilde iShannon Hill James Hoffman Joesph Herida Janice Hanson- 1 Love You Craig! Feast Jou It 85Xmas 85 Sadies 86 CalallnaFF Decembe r nth 86 ELY! Prom 87 Tall Flags Jr Yr, Tak e The Lead Spaz We Want The Stick we Got ItK ssGRBL Band Goes New York Sgf sonFrtMadsB rodwyRvcw84567 Mexico Cru2 Donut Runsw R eb. In Red TC3Pos! Sum86 1st Real Jobl8B- Da y Got The Green Tank LUVU MOMIXO Byel Jaync Hanson- Hola! Picked 4funyrs Sum me r 85 Dance Festival BYUycHansons Rule Sister s Best Friends ' The Wall " T2Sat Nitc DancesO M McDonalds BIng! Boots? Suspenders? Uh N o! Um I ' m Great! Mustang Mormons! Seminar y. Shannella Luv Ya Mom Dad. Family. Thank s for the Info.Bongabonge! Adlos! Wendy Haadngs- Summer ' 86- " Beach " Chest ei. Furs Bch Boys. Birch-Can RhonValsBch Hs- July 4th " SHARK " Blg Bro- Shawn- Luv ya- Nobbers. Danny. JllldouStack(prty) Thumper , . TwinkicSoch-Atitu deprblmlMerdad " The Pump kin " 4thgear Ha! " Guido " iccblkng- frogsV Cheer iStunt- funlGdIck- Cindy KimlCan laskuprsn I? Jif! Ha! Thann Mom Dad!! Brian HealyS yrs.V Football Plg64.62.4S. 10.23. 13.7.U. 55.58.26,49. 36. 70. 41. 54 the Healy V. 30 awesome Pigs Togas MEXICO JUAN.ENRIQUE.Arrowhead.PALM SPRINGS 25 GUYS? GENOVESE! BEES w guys FOREVER! MAILBOXES HEIN.CRANE.CHlP.2manygood x.MOM.DAD YOU ' RE THE BEST lu been GREAT! LATRE! HELLO HARVARD Darryl Heln-87»1 Fun South o( the border B Coral The Guys Mike G+A Hell Healy Fat Whale Hog Just kidding Woods Vincc Laycock Merit Gaily Demon oms Fish Caine Gorgino Babi King Slocum Rose Copper Craw Mouth Togalng Ar- rowhead doln Bees P.S. Cruzln the Strip Helkj Officer Dessert Walks Thnx ererybody for everything It was Great Jo rt. H20Polo=neg relnfrc- ment. Llvinthctrad. w Flukc. Hus. Pete- MAM- M0TH86w R P buds.J ose.Pepe. Cuer- vo- VANA(30N UVES. XingStreams THEWANG, Gettoled Feasl JoustlSlh, OUTSTANDING TIMESw Fluke. Hus.Mellsca.Walshe.Basil. Beth.Hom Pete GoodLuck!SecYa!Hl ghExpecl aBons.LovcYa.MA.PA.SIstcrs Bro. Shannon Hill- Summer 8SDawnls. Kel. Rob: Ba Iboa BumsOFWW " that night " busted! StangiBO IZT013xOOPS! HunwunbunFF; MIKE- a specia I guy. Soph v. song2xl PreffcredStU;UTAHCAT ALINA85W Mom-Havasuw Pops Formal 85 " D onger " Fake surf wish punkBnJs slllyxs Dec. 13M JB LOVE YOU! NookBFF Hawli 85 Thanx 1 Lu V U- Most of all. thanx momn dad I Luv U. Hi Ro b! Cya FHS! Jim Hoffman-ZBoys If mdChrisT Tux-Slob. Sadies86 D land. Beaver-Farts LNEx- ctmnl KMTL AlltheG Iris YumlCat. TheHam.Safway. Srfn61.Lv2srf. Wavcraz. Freedom.Lunchtlmefun. 4for35.0 ops55. NoHole U2 TheAlarm2 JstFrnds.Balboa.HrtHorse.TheAtitude. SktbrdWi peOut. V- BallScrbClbFendersHC86FBS LmdlotsthksTchers-fmds.MaPa. Dlrk Hoaan 4 years Foothill SOSFHS Soccer CR Comfortably numb-Thanx Joe. Kacg. Johnny. Craig. Paul. Turbs. Miner. Rebs-Hey BUD I love you-fun summers.tong years- Summer 86 ESMC bogus class MMSOM Pink Floyd WGAFPHCOUGH Bye- Bye Jennifer Hogeeth Norway Here I Cotne! 84 B andHCw AI MADONNA4 21 8SB4R2 1 1-8SY0 se Hawaii Sum85 Lets Dance Sadie 86WR tri p Sum 86 Munch Blood 12 ia86 Brace»SF87BF FTAB JEN JENSyrs Counting Stay Sweet Y ou Did Tina ILUVYaG F JENKImLucBonB FA! Ken MikJonJefDavl Luv Thanx DAD MOM F or Support I Luv Ya4ever Blondl 87 Bye FHS Dirk Hogan Jennifer Hogseth Sen on 43 Kimberly Hollander Joseph Horner Above: Dominique Scott shows his pearly white teeth for the camera. . Marni Hove Chris Hull David Husband Kim Hollander lookln good leurtsBIFeverMheh Jjmb Vlrg Jenn Rlcktgang Stay on trait. Trail Shutup Bl g noseyeh thats It lunchw VTGn jamtKim bathe whit e Hon DroopyHehHeh thcbutler did it Quack Some thl nElse OhTLAcheelahTLCAB, Palm Springs 86AJsB rn2 BWlld JudasomdDennyyayHoscrlPoppy my bab y NoSqurlsluvU alwysJoh Thanx Mom Dad Court Iluv U Mftmi Tbve-Latcr FH! The goodx ' sstrtnow.Mexw J J- whatmargis?f- mouth- luv- ya Jen Lost Weekend w Carios Clnlu-luru- Beck Dubbs " Bleah! " CM- ru nnlng thru sprinkcrs CD JJ- toga! MexBM St TD " w heres my wallet? " ATC famllyNur4 al RoddyJSSDM SMG- thnx4 bein friends IVE LOST MY MARBLES-T hnx parentalun Its love youl " Chri» Hull ' " CAINE " .Dirtcye spies. Pigs Toga, Fish k ' s. Prom, MeadSnarky all theB ' sW Chris.MIke Arro w. Whimpy, Dark, Rat, Kop, Pig, Nat, Demoine, Cra w. Galley, the wops. Wehdy, what they don ' t know. 1 1 uv you. Lawn Jons, P.S. Sturk, SCREAMERS, San CI em. Have Fun Kaactn. SECRET, Beach Boy (hit and r unjwas Fun! Thanks " Daddy " " B " for understanding. 13 AWESOME Rommle Huntington — Friends Eric H., Scott C, Paul F., Tom C.Jason L., Mark B., Kris S., Mike W., Mike K. Parties — J.L. ' s House my house, the Moun- tains. Jocks=Yuk! The Plt=Yeh! Gigs with friends. Adicts, Circle Jerks, T.S.O.L., Ramones. Jenny Sims! David Huaband Mommouth 84 father Dabrow Ar- royh cad RtverTrips WSter Mannlon Crook Walshe 1 friends Football 83,84,85Champ5 RedBug DaMaz. da Yellow Banana MellowsMustangs MetsMtm C. Hlb- bard lglrl Boston SlurBul Prtys w DukeMelPepeBazI SkiUtah85 BETH CARTER BEST FRIENDS FOREVER Pat Huaton— Jenn, 87 finally here. Fly GTI, Flow nl the SB ' s Paige, My Bestfriend. Slabb Broken Bol tl TROUBLE starts Here What it Is. Mustang Ireewa y legendsoutalla stand last and ab least but we all ma ke it through. Party! Live Long- Trust Moone Suspec t Every one. Greg Immel-VivaMexico, ChinafGombay), P.S. Jet- ta(Hay Brett); The W.W. B-ball(4yrs) SCRUBS, M.F.(Prancer) B.C.(large). J.C.(?) Everyone; F.yd ' ll bet ya-on dinner!: CACI, IVH C; Dr. E work, S.C. Banquet . . . " good Times " thank Mom Dad, Sec Ya FHSII Xerxei Iran Booger, Cow dirt, were OUTDelts98 I nl Football was good 78 Bench Warmer FHS«1 Dad dyBU HorseWizbang Fred the sledsanfo Howz it go I n buddy Police, Hogan Hell RalsersElsidUmechanica 1 Hound Photo was great Euddachia stay in touch goo d luck Moose Thanks Mom N Dad Krlatln Jackman Thank- youGma Gpa4 EverythI ng, I loveU mom, Rockingw Dokken and David Lee R oth, Cruzin down The Highwayw WILDCAT; I ' LL M lSSYOU,F F Carol, Meg, Chrissy, Cassandra, Angi e I MissU Dad, IT ' S SKI TIME. Tanks Mrs. Watcrma n Demented Disneyland, K.I.T. Julie, Jamie, Gina, Je nny, Carol. LEE- Loving YOU Always And4- EVER, S ilverrado. Led Zeppelin. Carlo Jaramlllo- Thanx2 m y family- 1 loveU all. DK Cheese- UnMen those Girls I n Mex. Arresting Oclffers. Offrad Silverado. Kel, Gan g. Winter formal. 2Than- Buds Till Pa ' Says Yes. Che ese- you die! Sue,Uno ME? Dan- 4 ever young- 1 learn ed. Kim- 1 havent 4 gottenUNPPStCall Me Soroetim e P.S.- somewhete in this fog there must be sun — ME Kathy Jennlnga- BFs Lisas AidTam Carol n Jen Tra cl Homely 1- Ilur Gay NY Hawbakcny Bando Maj85- 7 Im offendedLJseeradmrPG Closet Party Lesa KSI t usk Dealer IccblocknAAH! Plt?9-5 Days Happy Tiled AftrschI top Dave HcwF Stress Torment3ChkSb25 D The Alarmlrv Laww Mood swing Sweet baby min e Sadies 86 LImoLKINSANE Gas Fund I luv MotnesI o Cure Thanx Mom Greg David Jenaen GOIFER Forever Lettered Syears Thanks Mrs Phlomm Santa Ana CC PGA West Plam Springs Rap Forever Run DMC Europ 7 Countrys Remeber midnight Thanks Mom and E)ad For Everything Love Wendy Forever Julia Johnaon- HEY I MADE it-Bff kim Jen Jame s RAE-PS8586Prty Hill 1st PLACE river Rat-O city -LYFdar-KEKEtea In BROOM- JenSfis It norm? lar a FriPlumVan- AIniters-AHaaRAEBAN-skI FOREVE R but CARFUl-PRTYthgrd theGOGOS- Pat B. MOTL Y CREW- 1 miss You Sary- 1 LUV YOU TERRY FOR EVER Luv y a MA PA- Im out of hcte, BELEVE It OR not!! Biga gysDhete I come- CatFrn Kurt Johnaon-BIAW- SplelbergLurasChinngLoun d EycGunzMeyersToodNobsHog Jellyc5-5-10yrBooth I ' ll days dave 16 In KrIstI Walt . . .1 care- SWAK- Just y I- cvertharsAdemonoutthar . . . They Call It The So und Barrier Luv Ya Warns and Krlsti . . . and Bill Joe y Jake Bill LAK Brian Pat-LFTC- LoveMDKenGoh- L uv Ya Bud- Jesus is Coming Goobye Llaa Johneon- luv ya llskathtamaid the Gang Moo d swing RormenTTust InAhht Santa barb Sum 86!Ste mo ' s nite Beach cruze whos In car now? 9 to 5 fun Ac hmely Lisa ' s llmo Easter brk 86Leask ' s-UhMiky?Oing oAlrm CharlyFarly Closet party Jen We luvMRDCJ M L6! JokelDonts lip HonklBIg Foot Loveslavemad s fun happy tlredbrnbomrbranlh wavesa dies 86phl 3 thanx M D Greg Immell Jon Inaba 44 Seniors Xerxes Irani Christin Jackman Antony Jacobs Kristi Wood and Carolyn Larsen are all Smiles and having a good time. j Julia Johnson Kurt Johnson Lisa Johnson Seniors 45 Colin Karcher Jennifer Katnik Above: Mark Dunn can ' t resist stealing a kiss from Kelli Lowe. Garett Jones Matt Jones r H ■n I IH H jHHS ' . V H H Li K " ' T I H M V ' .• L« : ■■■ ' .J. 1 IJ i 1 Jon Jorgensen David Katz Christine Kazarian 46 Seniors Kirk Keegan Avni Khanna Minjung Kim Chuck Keyler Cindy Keys Julie Kiefer Melissa Kim Gu«tt JOBU- thanx2 MA PA m PCX H Bourn an a musical genlu54 the90 ' s- DEAN Jimmy W. t heOCADItes- wheal (MINNE Mn. Chen JP Se vc) ' twas fun- FORMS-aughlMTC calls4 melSlm D re a! world tlm«- JoannaMYS setrntlpe Hemingway t Homecoming miracle shauna- It ' s your loss " Hap piness to the object and design of our existence " Matt Joou: Get HAPPY! 4 years of Partyn ' almostSI CR ASHNTHEPorchew ss PALM SPR1NF4GS 86YA! F URRYS BUGw 100 FRIENDSIOSNEGRO Night W OWI PARTYNATSTERSISRFNW THEBROSbut P ARTYNw THE BUDS! SANOFRE Trip,. ' trcmdli)ltT eslles Bound TEAMC S! PartyNATT Todds EARIN GSIHBSRE PartyTGSI3x4 BLAZE TonylAll 5 mphi CMRTTDBudsl Eric KakOutaSPK, Bati, Alvy.BhaglABBM. Hawal 1 85 NYNC 86T HeeKlnkoLeBo Me Front PacketMcR unw Stan Where ' s AIvy? Liberty 4 who ThanxGe 01 JU.JS.TK.ED.Weebs.LarsonyoSKL Ken. Dave, De an. Rol.Cha. Fresh.G boysyChlckas Diets for? Kanosd Ing That Alnt right! dude 7 crew. Tomom dad Colin Karcliar- MammolhMxw Craig Spring Br k 86 VanDurow Sardo, Tom. Ted. CD.EN.KK Kayl ' B " bch Sum 86 Big Bearw VernsRX4, Alicia, Elle n. Big Ball Kelll Swamp 4x4w PHJFKL Vt Wrsll ng TeamYamaba Team Green Thnx4 Evrythng L uv Ya Mom Dad See Ya JaanlUr Katnlk-WLDKAT. Hava ' n ' a BLAST w allmy BUDSBetta, JJ. PujBrandee. ChrrI t, Wooz Laura. Mexw Carter what a mess, sea mmlngw the DUDES.TZZ ' n ' w My Trbol Kaec h It, WINDBSOon my mind. Thanks2 Fam. Hu m.KATNIPsaysC Ya- BUD! Dav Kata-Boss philosophy for life: Do Camels reallu leave footsteps In the sands of time? There are no empty lot asco sauce bottles. Gel thee to a Nunnery, golTo all my friends, have a good life. And remember: A paltry man atKl poor of mind Is ha who iiM cks at all things. See ya at Standford! Pat Kacf an To My Friends: Bill Bob Bryan Dirk Jak e Joe JonnyJ4 KurttMatt Nabs Paul Scott Shawn SmI tty Weed Amy Christy Kelly Krlstl Thanx4 The Goo d Times Thanx Minne Scoccer-CIF 85-C L. 86Mmth 8 5-87 OnofreOcnsdesSB42 AndMex Sno Barrels Th e Slug 62 Feel The Cub Papa DooFromal LampsI Th anx Mom Dad Sto Chack Kcylar- friendsz boys 435 Istgear Sum 86 P. B, Ditch 6 cops 115 DC. Beach theory CCP Hurl hot se Camaro Carls bad St. Elmo ' bs night 1 20 from H. B. Bamaaarch C.L.F. 12:30 llbray FBS Ml case- Eas ter. Sum 86, WkEnds Krlsty ' s, Lisa ' s WRCN.O. FH 5 Haunted House Megan ' s B-day P.O. toy Beach 8 6 Pack JIm ' sclulser- 19ASU thank ' s Mom Dad by e Cindy Keysva georgetown old town luv u mom da d sister gralchens thanx kim randy tonya Jessica mar k marria Ihals nicole krislln Utah ski action party sprtn g break reunion february 27elghteen at last then page stum AvdI Khanaa Jen Green Peg Rob Ruth Yvon Grea t X 4 yrs. KICK OFFIFootsles, 1 2 Time FBG classe s, paprs videos, pizzascoke, Etc.BFRnds noBFRND S. Drama " MASH Do Moon P J LHA " NICOL A I Love you AllOhl J.P. DIFFICULT HECK NO! HE CK YES! Jalla Klafar- LIIBleef62Ulck:FF: Mom ValpsWenHo gLorMI Kris:Soph Yell Oops Song 8SEM Game 1 Y r Later; 1 I Care;CB TH Luv Y«!;PSw LorMlHo g; SumsANN- Roy Miss Ya;SD8586w Wendy Mex2:S heps;Prom 86 1 SPy; CapEO;XlremHC86;CMnstrs;U noBS; Mlsslon2Arowhead FlashEm SendMs UPSor O SUI I Luv U Dad Mom Bill! Karan Kla- Luv SU4TSWMNAPKC soh? ASB sign s. sigiu more signs, marquees Cathy- Best friends 4 evT Huey Duey Luey Softball B- BallFrank Mmmmm m, Krlstl. Lisa. Jusll, Shan, Amy Bagel Wage Stinky sBksThnxRTMLtwiLstLnlyBBIkJThanxMo m Dad 4 everything Mika ft CurtlsZ Movin ' o n . . , Trojan or Bruin? Karen Kin Seniors 47 1 Above: Mike Carroll, Bill Smith, and Mike Bernamonti see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Below Right: Lisa Schwartz, Shanna Woodruff, Lisa Ash, and Justy Silva arc the three musketeers. Stephen Koehl !S ii i % 4- " ■H t-r--- B } m m Karl Kovac Lenee Kowalik Laura Krantz 48 Seniors Andy Lake Carolyn Larsen David Larson Du Lam Kimberly Lambert Liu KlBB - Bui A TimM Ll a Kath Aid T«m Kris t DavZ Boys! Cloiel Party CCP St. Elmos NlteTlr d Happy9- pits ChucksScam alol? Beach Crusln (Idrl velow Baby Whoa BOB? TORMENT- Alami»i( ' sU2 C ureOB86JBs AU nltcLesakiACHMAYLAYHw Llmol 7 SurprlseSHHCWF 86 g«t together STFESSSnwflak Btr Ry BRAIN WAVES In a fie ld BIfFlsIs Here come s the sun WE MADE IT MOM! Kim Klikpatrick: Kristen say MOO. Keys In car AGAIN? Buds Jen Pete, Luv Yal Bye Safari Sanu. 1st pal Paula. Tl-B notes. GGsumer skool Joy did It Girdy ask me If Im an orange. Qockwork shows. Cin- dy Randy Laura. KrUttn Say 3X1 Big Johns. Luv U Mom Dad. AU Those excluded hereby deemed tncluded- Klm Kirk- new Times with seff luv you old friend ad am lom Jeff missufllen kristan lorl sharonnorco time! t hevangogod promtln bathroomyarlghtrod say whatc h your sokelorl at lakelwaonttelllfyoudontelatbagger p arty longhaunlcetame leather facestronatcab warfarfc arasaysspoosc othcroxashyvano some day party 4 ev erroo lover steff 1. 2. 3 Adam Kline- Quatreameesnoas partlrons flnalemen t! F S Polo:lagilIbeauermogook bad jamleeep fatty th ax to mom, dad, and the best friend Jeff torn, beac h hotel partleselmovlllaparktustln.heeblejeeblcs obser vatory cynical sob FHS swimmlnfparolsmondereel. ca tch ya later see you In space ]asstK nchase,mesamls SctcvKochl- the gusysnorgretretmr.gnegmagkopsan foomardomhogdardamoewop fIshvarF.B . . . P.S. Arr owheadmexlS rims 1 night boxes lawn stoga plgssm WEHATEk e.W WE LOVE moon dadB. I needa? b Ingo Moblel Lets do ItGazl more for the boys WHA T THE? THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOUGUYSA RETH EBESTS B F B. Here we come OCT 26, 86IL KE»4587 let ' s PARTY KA8LK0VAK Lots of love to Kerry THNXFRTHS UPRT Mom n Dad CRUZ 84,870ING085HwrdJnj w UsSKIB UM4EVR9-5Prty at Lisas Bogus 85 At CsldrldnMartb n MovlesMTNSw sg Prom 86CKshouse HubcapBYb artTHNX SImbr PrtyMegnutC S.K.M.E.D KevCHS G Grad trip 87 Havasuew Ker ThnxSB. Its been fu n! L«iie Kowalik UphlllMove 83ea!Worl! Lake For estHoUlzShel Good Oldays. SophlrvHCWF Lost Chic ken pox Queen OwcII. Jr Jess Kim On Beach Over cast? Got Putt Putt On Tlrae?FYhanx Easter Bunny.S rXC friends Good Luck KIdos. No Brae Face. MRY SCRX7HC WF what A BLASTI CanU get To Mr y s House From Anaheim? DARYL good luck KICK TA IL Thanx Mom Dad Luv Ya! Laura Kranta NIceco stume Gayle The BaBaBa ' s hair dyeplcs notes slam b oaks guess who? Pardon?H.C. 85 esklmosB F ' sR K A G JFameDD4- everwstwd dreamsaccentsyogP. S. Wham Concert mcetSB Ps DramaDsnylndG.LN. Z Cliff ' s dancesT.D NRG M BussaladsHrtsemL.A. E ngland twistyprac. Joke Mtv Dong Kopcha- Friday Night Fights The Pizza True k Cleanups»20»l 1 Scout " o " QB,PSw boys China Pr om 86 Good Luck In the Future Men: Hog«7 62 30 23 45 My Good Good Bud 10 MrGa Prom 86 Goo d Luck In the Future Men:Hog ' 7«62 ' 30l23 ' 45 M y Good Good Bud»10MrG 7 Rat»13Heln ll«64 2 6 58«55»54 8 41 J. bird JoeC Spot Chile Peck Ster SantoJCG Lodle»U 64 25 S8 55 54 8 41J- bl rd JoeC Spot Chile Peck Ster SanloJCG Lodlea:Le sJenDutNat JUl BUNCH Nicole Gall Ui Thanx 4 ev erythingReames MoonSedoo Mom DadlHfopcUof A Anoy Lake- Moom Salerno,«7,l 1,13,10,70.30,6 2,64.55,54.45 Daddy B- It was fun- Tape from RA MS.MB.RIMS. Lawns- RIP- 102 on 55- Opps! Sorry S usan B.- Woodles before games- toga- Julie here I com e. you better be ready! Be at Mission In 87! It was a fu n 4 years- Little Bro have fun to o! 41.68, Crawfor d. Sanfo, Hem. Thanks Mom Dad- Bye FHS Kim Lambxrt-nvrfrgtbstfmz: Kel Peg, LlzIL, KarlBst tmsu KeIP.S86RmadaU mclet ' spmp!LKaruha 86Fe bw Peg Julyw Lynetnvrfrgt yalsmr SSElmobar n gang Jef Meger jacuzl. Toga prty guys of th 85Frml85TrsncnPrm 86hmcmng 86 Jef Kel MikAn hmHUtC.Fw CFjnsLynctprty 86Fst Jstmlsya class 8 7 By David LaraoD- Good friends Eric Kenf Jason Jeff Ch rls Kurt Brett Gary Eric Lee Remember fire- extlnguls hers water ballons punkers eggs Rollers Live to ski! M B!!! Psychotic Junior Year- truoble and love Thank G od for my parents, meand my safety FIATt!!! Howa n I Doing? John LarsonMasmmoth Spring Vac ' 84 Frosh Sop h XcountryStrglr. Soph Work Carmel ' s: Jr. Sr. Pro udnordy stock Monkey. Peer AldesW Mike Helen O ndy Adam Ester. French CampW Schaumberg 2n d PIcae! Hendrlx Prof Francals, Never Forget Holleg ' s Joe Sue Diane Jim. Luv Mom Dad Rik Evan. Adlc uFHSI Bottom: Dressing up was one of the highlights at the Senior Munch. John Larson Seniors 49 SENIOR POLLS Best Personalities Darryl Hein and Julie Deboer Teachers ' Pets Larry Samuelson and Linda Burgos Most Uninhibited Mark Dunn and Dawn Dingwell 50 Senior Polls Best Bodies Randy Laycock and Christine Hibbard Most Intelligent Jim Wilhelm and Ann Ryu Most Talented Bart McHenry and Laura Stevens Teachers ' Pests Eric Merker and Nicole Menefee Senior Polls 51 Class Sweethearts Matt Bain and Shannon Hill Class Clowns Jordan Gugino and Beth Carter 52 Senior Polls Most Spirited Danny Stauffer and Beverly Elliott Most Athletic Glen Takabayashi and Sue Davis Friendliest Brian Healy and Valerie Fryer Best All Around Tiffany Chandler and Scott Galey Sen or Polls 53 Most Likely to Succeed Eric Smith and Amy Sheng Most Gullible Steve Slocum and Tracey Oliveira Best Dressed Gary Headding and Jill Ornitz 54 Senior Polls Classiest Russ Watts and Andrea Robinson Best Eyes Doug Kopcha and Justy Sylva All American Todd Miner and Wendy Hastings Most Conservative Steve Schwartz and Katherine Taylor Senior Polk 55 Dv Lmm • I want all things to seem to make some sense, so we all could be happy, yes, Instead of tense. This crazy worid, where everything has sinned, will be destroyed unless something mends the ding. It could be science or religion, byt maybe not, as in America, where it Isn ' t so hot. Perhaps to make up " bes " so that they all fit nice, will also make this sad world a paradise. So therel Jeff Law London,Sean RlchinGecsey, Drunken dayball fights with Rex. Degenerates. UCI. State of confusion. Y4The Dead. Morrison at the Whisky. FRydays made possible by Steve. Love my Choufer Lara. Tennis counts In the act. Instrumental Mishap. Cherle Lawrence H ow ' bout them Dodgers? 30 yr Fro shJP Glasgow Swim cox Robblns Chen Marzllli Doc, T hanx or " ta " as a Kiwi would say. AFSNZ What a yea rIOUau ' vour blacktGold. MDStOluva Anlsh Jamie Be n Raewyn Sam Mike Rebbeccaesp David " good fu n " Lest we Forget. Bandy Uycock-I HATE SCHOOL!!! 55 WHATA ». Woods, Your Man Is 6 ' 5 " 275 lbs. " OhNol " 54 is slow. PS. or " Bu3t. " 58 is whlpped. " Cuantos? " Heln, You Dork! Red Hot Chile Peppers Rule no, Live and Let Die! But Be Mellow Thanx Moon, SalemoBloom Later J.T. So Long FoothiLA.M.F. Cindy Leunc.X4 PlaylMD 2 yrs Luv Va " JULS Ni b Bean NvrFrqtFtbl Gums-N- Old MD partlesHIGG IN Luv AlwysL4 Jason Kurl (MybeSm Day)Bkrs Mrbl ez WldKat Fish TInAuquie Daugle, Fish, Tln,Mtc h Kegs-Gdluk4 ' 88. Rob-n- VlrgpickawnrlCD flame s Langs Carys House Mex run WtsRADnPnchsF. J. — Thnx M and D-WQ-KSTC,DI.SP, luv-u-guys.Gd X ' sahdl Michael LeVinc: FIT Flrealann In Wash.. F.H.S. Dances, V.P.Partles with the CHUDS, VPgirls, Jen ' s house, Ji ll ' s house smoking, Adam ' s crash roll house, H@| POLO ' Hawall, surfing. Vs. School, Sam B.H., F.P.,Movies,etc., Y-|ag Vs.ShDance.WF- Val ' s house Chrl«LeinoaXC4yTS, 3yrs Vars. ThanxTea m Whit. BOOl Mammoth, What a Skier! Yuck Surg eyBrace Skippy, Co-lst Dance, Tiff Luv U Jeep Jee p! " Burgos " LuvUFF Good Times We Had More T Come, Sara UR Great, ALLEN My Best Friend Lu v U AlwaysUBctter Smile, Friday Lunch, Catallna An owhead Prom HmeCommngWntrFrmal, Thanx Mo m Dad Rick I Bed TheeAdicu FHS Michael Leoofi, L4Known as a cyclist, riding Is my Ufe, people say I ' m crazy because That ' s all I do In life. I ride seeking for the goal of being a professiona cyclst. Greg LeMond, Bernard Hinault, Nelson Vails., Phil Anderson, Andy Hampton, and the other riders who made cycling 1 Lee Leather-Buck Godtrip Jeffl DAYJock Jim Trakwhlmp Pat CDu Chris Image Gary Ram l Memories Cuts Edwards Nolan S.S. Bushes To Sara Thanx for Prom86,87 Wnterformal 86, Homecom- lng86,Blology,Art,Dumpster,CholateSyrup,H.L.,And Thank you for always being so Grrll Love you and always wlUI Kevin Lewend-Mex,Mex,Mex, how many tlmes?Mazatton-Summer-86-Girls-Puke-the boyzEarly momitig surf trip.Unexpectedswells.One day Mex trips-Dirtman.Mammoth-X-mas-85 Tahoe.84-Steve. Oh-Ollltas-tastes so good.Chased-Polocia-passed outEnsanasa.Dave,North-Bambl-luckyl Thanx-fam. friends Stan Lewie I J S,Kelly,Rochelle, memories nvr Forgotn.Hawall,NewYork-allnight pokerpartlescoll. 4y r Bando- J oh n D . , Spoo , Jay you are thebestfriendleverhad-Trendies,l isneyland, Allnight. thrashing. Ralphs Is a Joke.Alwaysrembr. U Kristl C ' Yourcool " Alex,skl,Utah85 Bye Tiacey Uwi«.LU,LU,ICnt;THE BUBL;Bando4y; Vscr-3;ThanxUrwhee, MUSH, BART, Nlcllals,TheGRP OttoFrGoTms; Luv ya PAPA GEORGE;TomCrulse;NYNY:HULA;MISYRESS;Pa- rty;HRD ROQ;SCTN LEOR:LTVU PAT; DRT DUDE;PlNK:BNKO SQD;TP sqd;CookyFace;ELP;Huey 87; HRAS SA;TOPGUN;NO ECON; BoogyBoogy;Farwel My hrlends,ll MISS THIS PLACE! Tonya Ley:9MJ!) TBlffiMM JImmyJimmy Knowlwoods Bandit O.MaD TrueBlue 9 30 55 GreenEyes Buick Special SomedaylDoor Expo OMD Nov2 O. Circle DLand RRIWF W Dennis Kymle,HeylLoveYOU4EverJes,Jen,Cin, Laur,Beth,Rob.TLH,Jason MichelleToolLuv U God Ma da ThankslBye Shallow People@FHS Glgi Little Hey well-lunch gro up Anne Scottjoyce Me Ward Mr Detaney Rich ' sTruck sushle singing in parkinglots belnggoofy feelin ' groovy Rocky ' n ' Bullwliik6 Mark-RedSalls the wall drama socks dances sourgrass nothinglefttosay.everythlng everyone thanx 1 Love U Jeaon Loadaman Keep tryn Bryn Now Its Time 4 Al 1 IT BLOS THAT PINK HAIR PUNKS NOT DEA D- ROBE. GIGSMIKEWGRA YARD ROCK- PART Y VANBIG BEAR BEYYEY DEAD THANSK IN HE AD- CARLOS IS BEANS IHATE JAGGBAIBOEtPA LMS meetn stouxieTravisrember Helen- LUVU mom tdadNklole, Aly, Paula, Jenny-FTW-HILARl MIKE M ARY MATT DAVEtcool Skins WHAM- HI real world Right: Scott Primrose views chemistry in awe . . . Opposite Page: Harvard Benin doesn ' t want to be seen with Jim Hoffman and Chris Terhune. Jeff Law Randy Laycock Cynthia LeJenune Mike LeVine Christina Lemos Lee Leather 56 Seniors Lee Leather Tonya Ley Kevin Lewand Stan Lewis June Licata Carrie Lincourt jary Lister Eugina Little Jason Loadsman Seniors 57 Denise Lopez Chris Manzo Kim Lowe Julie Lopez Pamela Lopez Jonathan Lubell Odalis Lopez Kellie Lowe John Luna John Lundgreen Dawn Lunsford 58 Seniors Janine Mahru Derek Mannion Becky Marr Wendy Marsile Omar Martinez Shawn McCann Left: Jennifer Schramm, Milissa Shcilds, and Suzanne Doubet hang around together during lunch. Bridget Long- Dans BeittBud BBall Oancn Beach R «d roses The ParkHlolen seek Botles Cans Popcor r Phone Smash 12-4 Hocky DebHBPomona Pain Bru ce No Pink Hi Tops Mountains? ClovesBLt PIziaFal n star Photos Cold Intense JR Fade Away Is Ther • A lstPer?BlomUSCBNobods Diary Baby lanBhous • Hands MIA Family Dave Lll Bro Porche Minn Wll d Get Togethers D«b1 € Lop€l ' FHS Everyone,Heytlt ' s BeenReall Chris my main Bud4everlDanJohnson ATLJForget- memotlAlly Babe TC ParlylDD Toddcan ' t walt2FreeloadlAutoPhoto Wendy ' sctass gnna mIsslSummer of 65 6MeMorahlelLAParty- PlacelNPB ATCs Mex LuvyaallBro SIs Thanx It ' s Causal ByelMom Dad SurprlsellDid It In 871 Julie Lopai Tll.Nlx.Poo.Lel.Klm.Lem.ln.all- OnlytheBEST.Turky? No, Germany. cows. PSIIuvURalnyDayODIsnylnd. x-c?ME?l Can ' tllx- dumb Notstupld. Lll ' saJoke.HAHA GoodFoodand- llmesLelTll.K? Beatles4ever LuvAkluli NomoSp. Fainted. L8nlles@Nlx. PIckedon. LastTlme. Can ' tBellevelt ' sOver LaterDaze.dude. Odalla Lop«r=Deb luv u2,Best friend forever glad you found Frank, looklng4Greg, Luv Perry [mberlnt- Algx3 notesloGrahm+SupManChllednames, Atex- Olga,llvuMomYuevett«luvU2 + Joegoodbye BethanyluckwlthSlmanhopeUhave4klds Thanks 4 be- ing there. luckJuan,goodbyeFoothllt High, Roscs-r- rcdvlotets are blue to all my friends goodluck2U Kelll Lowe- DebAI Jen BeanMlsyMelKP SAprty 84 ■ Mex 8456 NYEveMTDBLakJapBalcnyBusns Chrch CmpHAI THE CHILDRENArliwrekhavocCnChrldlnr •geNPB52strtoard TexSprgBrk LImow BFslLLUSh aner- PatFR SP Brit 84U mean so much-2 many prty s Jri house- Jensrentadent-JRPromSlerDarJulAt Rob MnysnwynghlsUSCngtmare- Twins 4 ever MIsya Deb X Spec LuvMnD Kim Lowc-BsrfrndsAI Deb Jen Bean MIsy Alicia K P. Chris Les MeDSA party.2 wild- luvualys Patcarlo, Dl PImSp. 85 Deb Carlo Dan Las Vegas Ha- Mex 84 Pat J en-Cure 85 lrvHllton- Iuv2 Jim, Carlo 84- Brit luv u Ne w Yrs- Prom Carlo MISS U DEB- good tmesw CHRIST OPHER thank u AL4 evrythng LUV U — Ariz 85 Luv U Sis Luv UM-n-D John Lubelee V.Polo-surfb4school, Feb l(blg- gestwaveson Earth)Onofre camplng, HankPaulMOE8hnslde,HC SB,plerreLogardiGet Burlesl(IVES?)-UtahMamrooth8iLocal w JRs snowbarrels-Mexslsslon commemtslMonkees dol RoHLouleNugKJPKBorlB,Hawallpolp ' 86 Walkmuch?cha-08. ThnxMaPaAlrSus. ItsBeenFunAn- dAIIBul ... see yat John Lune Surf ' s upl Imoulaherellls- BecnGrcatllLuvYouAndreaSurflngwltheScott. Damla n,B.McClure,Garyyouguysarcgreat,SummcrFun.H20P olow Russ, Dave, etc, seeyaAtD aBeach.ReadyFor- CollegelDon ' tKnow. I ' mgonnabeaDoc- torlhope YouguysAregrea t. Thanks Mom Das. Nate, Chris, Jen Love YaByc. John Lundgrcen-ByeFHSlO- 12,SHS9.BP.S ASCUtah,Mexlw. Lake Powell. Skiing In Sn owbird Alta.Dave to Equador. Scott tolhaho Buck to Europe. BYU Jacuzzing With The GlrlsNext Door, Fun In Clntl The Jeem " Bushman In Mazada " Get Rich With Star Attractions BrentTha nksa lot mom dad. Down Luna(ord:Broad- wayRevlww ' 85, ' 86, ' 87;Wlnt«rFormal 1896, 1987;Mlx edChours 1985:FreshmanChrous 1984 a speclal Thanks to Mr. Amdon Mr Ward, Mrs Wodin Sky Miss Mllllgan: and Special Thanks to my Friends, Cindy Richardson and Crystal Cast, and tomy my Mom and Dad Jenlne Mahni; Don ' t Stress Out Only Few More Week sLeft NowlKnwoThe Scret Of file Meaning OfLlle Wha tAJota ' Member Monkees Mr Tree Respect Sev erson Ism Crulsin In Balboaw Heather 1001 Fun ThI ngs To Do With A Compass And Strait Edge Misse d My Calling As A CheerleadersF F Heather StacyT r Amy AnnleGuyanl OllvlaBJ Kristcnetc Thanks Lo I ' s LUV Mom Dad KenIM Dcrcck Mannion: Mustang Arrowhead, Mels Mount ain Shootoo Kill ya,B. runs,T.T.C.Authoshop Chrlss y " The croud Hus SterMell, Mex 86Rosrlta Kit Bude s, Mlllow cat, 302cl4bbl4spd S M forL C , Forever Ft lends Let ty and Jen Thanx Dee Dee, R. Kirkenda 1, H.Roy, M. McCain Mannlons Rage, Moped, Knott s, McDrvns 86, 87 forever Thanx a Bunch Becky Matr- HOWDY OKLAHOMA TALK»1 TRI NTYPC SUMMER 86 CATALINA 84 85 THAN K YOU DAVELYLE! CHOOSEll STILL LOVE YO U MAMA LULA U WEREVRY SPECIALTHS3 YRS BOO! FOOTHILLYAHIIYR SOFTBALLl YRBBAL L2 YR SOCCER ' l GOALOE JUST CALL METUST IN WEEKENDSw BBNG PUNK ROCK THANX JIL LB ALISAHFRENDZRVY SPECIAL UNOW HOU RCILTS 86 GET OUT OF TOWN ' THNX GOD F AM. LUVUICYA Wendy Marelle-WensGem " 4ever Kris Sue Juls2 Ml ch Scott; PS Amy Beat Time Fun Time Damn 84 To m 85 (Love Busi Chris (Seceret), B day 86 86 Than X Guys; Sumrs At Newport; Dh JGThanksSHEPS 13 TOGA; Pep Pres 86 87; I spy DisnyXtremsHC, F un Always HC Formal Sadie Prom, Concerts " ITw Gl rls " SD5 86w JulsMex2Good Luck Ward Craig ' T hanka Mamo ' Good By FHS ' Omar Mertlne 4 yrs like that Oh Nol Hab FHS Foot ball Moon Salerno Daddy Thxs River Brdge All the gu ys Lift Forever CoweSS All Every Togo Wood PaiDH C MunchSanfols crazy Ten Your TERRIFICForm 8 6 Quieet Can ' t Girls Mikei Chuck Knolts Mom Da d Rob Ren Joe Route? I LuvVallRlt Desert Top Gu n General Pub ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP Bye Seniors 59 Seniors enjoy getting their pictures taken at the Rain Dance. Aaron MacEldery Inja McGehee Natalie Menzl O J Seniors Eric Merker Claudia Carro-Lopp and Lisa Givens do the Tango. Marcy Metzger Todd Meyer Carolyn Miller Kelly Miller LmII McClara Identity Criili. My People. Fsihlona biy Late Smile Winter Formal 3x. Hit Lut?. Meg Dl d The Bell Ring?.! P., Th«nli. M .S Dragon. Thank t Mum Dad Tay For Retpecting My Space. I Luv U ' ' T " Julei.Oaf.Laguna. Sting. Amnetty AmyK S.R.(P D.lSo.NEH the airport? Jaaon McOanixU — Strike (October Revolution). K en Wiedeman (Ma)ter of Deception). George Korlch ( I Am Not Streiied Out). MelanleFink (Where are th a Pagei). Chrli Elmer (I Guesi We Can . . . ). Dick Ro bblni (I Am Truly Sorry), Foothill High hat taught m e to trust no one and to remain on my loci at alt lime s. Cycle Mag 8S-87. To alt myteachera I hope you wll I recover from the mental lllneia (hat I Impoied on yo u. To all my Dead and gone friends 1 hope the ends )u stifled the means and vflsh you all the best. Sec you I n the Canyons. KlngV45. McEldcrry-andJJ Kim Love! Superenvlousx-Trayoul Weanllem. like Bears InHIBERNATIONIIWezartanan Isda kind! So Chill out .hang loose, an stay cooll PRO M2.SADIS, HAWAIIN. HOMECOMING, and WINTE R FORMAL DANCESI Inja McG«hMjJJSSrmenlHar(Kmartplc)Magellan ( That Look) YumYum Luv My BuddyslN6 pack De vious OllveAFJWSB Kyle Julie Twin Ur the BcstI D o Stat Girls Score More? Legs Ovcrall?TPAnllsoclalB reak fast Anyone? JacksonS- 2 Hot! Social Dynamo s New " And So It Goes " ASB minute Me Luv It! LittI e Bro-Touchdown! Mom Dadn Bros LuvU alll Unto th ree O Lord! Ban .McHenrv-ErlcSPKBryceduelsRUbros? HI N YCAlvyBliaglMrRTRorefono Laura Dean MatiP Sou tyoeah Bus FaceMEGHANDCIRab ActTrcorRob Din aSylvFrnt PockctLNCHo lWallMorrlsABBM setupKI NKOsp depT- he SwImPractFlolo Catch Video Exist entlallyNautlous Barts Like llghtlngArteDeBartcLebo MecBev?sUcPlyRsng Dan Find The FishDLego My B ellylZSN.Mcnclcc-LuvU Mom Dad Thanks4 Sup porti Soph Yell GallBF LuvU Cruise 86Torrance B RLaChaslns How Will I Know?Tcklt2 BeachHCS 6SBSL O MIssU! MarkHCSS FormSSRvr HouscPSGRS Time s ThanksJJSBCL HawallShaLuvU! Fonn84 w Beth E ric ShanBF Ray. best!Mcx ArlzRvrRomp Utah85H ume86 The Door ILuv God Prov3!5 6 " MltchelUR B est 1 LuvUR Park Always Dose 1991? Natalie Menal: I LUV U ERIC! Thanks 4 allGr8yTs a nd.BF ' s Julie Laura Allda. NozynltesnopntesSDW E]l en. Hawaii 86 Homcumn 85 86XMASVAC 85 Who ' s VAIN?SklmcFADNCRAUN ' S.Lowcs. Matman Hell HelnKhoelGa2.Mcihcpwecd,DRAMABUDJAS. Sco t MASZCOOL.BgBrgrC- ya Shan CKurlA»49.Ya2 Dpch.PSBRAT.Llvltrlle.GDBY lll ' l ' slts all yours.FID MAWAITS! Eric Mcrkcr The guys Heals Gaz Mr-G Hog Pig WastcrCane Kop Harlen Damon Wop Fish Var.FB P.S. Arrowhead Mcx Juan y Enrique BS Rosallta What the? Bruce Heln Luck Moon Indian Fatslob Genovese Togas PapaDoo Boxes Lawns Rims We hate K.E. El Corral Hagen Healy V Howards Lawn Labatts I spy You guys arc the best! S-B.F-B. Here we come! Dec 13,85 ILCB Marcy NeUgcr-Mark Luv ya Oingo Bolngo , . . us too I ' m sorry E Me I ' m a Dorltas AWIA apples n chopstlxes Toga jeep Navy-J,C, Youngcrmen Conhead-losses Special, homccommlng 85.86 Formal 86fad, lake powel 85 J, J, T.M at trestles with THC batman Hill Summer of 86 Love you JII] Thank you Mom Dad I made It. Carol NiUcr JTURBOKATNIKTOGADAY shrooms Kristin C. TAH-BOOM JUDS JAYJAY let shaveanl- qui I night O h BOY-BOB JACK YO WESTON HAIR HAVE A DRINK ON ME. AC DC KIM H, DEBBIE maynf7slnful Melissa Thanx Mr Manllll ME AND MY PAL WINDSOR HOW about those ski trips Thanx Mr, Turner. Im still loving you Shaun, Judas Priest will live 4 ever thank you daddy I love you Carolyn Nlllcr-John.Ilove you forever! Aprlll9.1992can ' t wait, Thanx for everything George, Hawaii. N ew York David. Istlllmlssyou. Escape the jails, roommates! Breakfast Club par- ties Darlln ' you ' re a geek,BOWIE ' 87- weregolnJcnn,AcarTO DIE! Mom. Dad. Susan, Karen. Bo- Thanks - Cearia loves you, I ' m gone, KllB MUUr- ' Oh! My Go )BstFrnd Carollnedlgnaty sh ower nitc class Burg Kingu do It Kiss gosslpLmboutlu vsadFrds JGATSWKKLRAlm Luv U IstTru Dare PI ayhouse Convert, ParkJuvy Sum 86Elmo vollyball tot umCemetery HolcfenceH C DG ThanksW F Bartllmo slckpudlesexhr3B48 Thanks 4 laughsRL Nice Bad Su rprisel? ThanksMD Sorry 4 troubles Luv U Kelly MlUcr-lm the one whos gonna die when Its tim e for me to die so let me live my life the way I wan t. , , to.Wer The Onlyl ' sHe dol Lov ya Darin??!Darc eDebLP Jarel Pat Ma PaR L- Hawaii 86 Rlvw Bu ger-F Jw C L Hey Gef ' asqbk! L Powell- the ral n WAS the best (thats llle)GRN4 evertC yaBalbo a Tustin- SanFran Cant Wall! Hold On Evcrybod y Here We Gooo . . Chris MlhoB- High School Is a time you want to rem ember or a time you want to forget but truly a time th at never goes unsurpassed in the minds of high schoo I students for the rest of their lives Things Cruising. C uts. Buck God Syndrome. Cowboys. Oilers. Celtics. L ee.Buck. Jeff. Jim. These were my Friends? Todd MIncr-malh physics slngalong Led Zep Door s Royd high five TurbslAnarchySB rapplnOP tree 4 T homas honor? assembly face copies JT loves me Yout h conf Deadly disks ihavng riltcmare SAmer Stinksrc be! grouptess dirt bag strikenoskool screw that lmot to 86 funw MurtPats 1 yr Prophesy DrPrctr Monty Pyt hon forging onward Na|la MItckcU-TwasAG ' day Mate DownNAutsIc L andUSA Rebels Con JesterV086BB2yrsVAdms Twa s FunSB3yrsVThanxSSALJT 4 Evrythng Bernards T waiNXperlence6 20-85Twst N ShoutBcks WaiBstA I MyBuds Fmds4 EvrDenys ' Best Bud Vic Luv U Swe etsl7BcarU ' re Almost FredUR2 Mom Dad Bros ' NSi t ' Luv U Guys So U ' ve Ben Alrite Have U Bye FHS N o Worics Here Comes BIG BIRD! Robert Miner Najla Mitchell Seniors 61 Eva Molnar Kaarin Montgomery Stephanie Moore — Zlners Niners best friends 4- everl True Blue Spyn on Big Al cruzin elthKlm, Walkn @niidnlte Winter Formal, Limo w Bruce Tara . Mike Luv 2 Shawn Thnx 4 Instructions Kerril Marie, Angle, Nancy, Klrsten — Baggies 4 CL — Luv ya 4-ever robby Halloween 86 P.S.w Sher {Jerry). Pizza, cruzin, play- ing twister— Thnx 4 my car MOM DAD!!! Mary MotleyFroshMrchngBnd Soph-SenTwrlr Pep A ssemblys Parades Hawaii 85 SwpstksNwYrk 86JlyMl sLbrty ' FrmlLlmos Xmas 84 Prm 86 7 ' Ski TAHOE 84-7MAMMOTH83-7 YOSEMITE.HIfDme85Awanc Brcbdg Xmas 86 Luv Ya Lorelei Lenec Alwys4 cv er ' ThnxGeorg4 Luv SprtNvr4getThsVrs-GoBro A t use- Luv Va Sony Boy GrzIThnx 4 Caring Mo m Dad Here 1 GO FINNALY!! Paul N Murct-Mr. Murray, BreakfstAnyonelAnn, In], Aim). Todd M,stealanytreeslately?AnnyUCI.ha; Vlctr;mayGeekoidcomedownwlthpermanent larynglt Is.Metalbow-fplayboy or plyby ' »-metow?Where IstheNYer? Alm,[donthaveenoughmoney4you. Devo:8taple+sot.Thanx to:Mlnne,Chen, JP and the beautiful FP. Maybe I ' ll gather my rosebuds at Berkeley llcana Miuo-LUV U WEAVE!; P.S. ' 86;Bentley5; Beach ;CorQna3;X-Mas Forml; Friends4ever, P.E.K.K,K.C,;The Death Bubble;V.stats@M.D.;Mcx- lco;Summers:San Onofre July ' 86 marked for life. Greg Nakamoto-XC4 Yrs Mammoth 84-86 JV Prid e (Oh My Goodness) MldnlteW Llte26.2Ml Odysse y Of Pain Modjeska Nltemare Team Diner Society Kl ngASB{ Move2 Pass AllDlsbrsmnts As Read) KeyCS F Cops: To Protect Serve- Yea, Right. Beatles Doo rs PnkFlyd. Findl In Evry Car What Is YourQst? IJst MkngThs Up. Thnx Mom Dad. Alas, The Music ' s Ove Loxelei Navarro-llttle gIrt ' POP OUT OF NOWHERErGBbuddy ' FORMAL " 83 ' MAINTAlN! " JEFF- ADVENTURESrHl MlkeB,Nlcholes(BCKBNZI,my heroD ' FFE — MARY.JEN ' PR-T NT CHK-O- D! ' HAWAII ' 85,NYC 86!!-KRSL,ANDREW- MOO! ZONA ' 7 SEM. OUT LOVING IT! ' OCC- NTRDM?rSAY " THANK YOU DAVE " MOM ' FHS ...C ' ESTLAVIE!!!... Ua NeabUI-XC Mamm 85 JV pride Fish Off Wonde r Punch Mamm 86Uh 1 Think Our Cabins On Fire S o Sec Ya 356 summer Obsesslon ' one Night Car Gir I Beach The American Dream Does It Ever Happen T wlce? Raug, Cruise On Over EIGrupo MlleMjcuz A SB: Order Live The Fantasy Dean Les: We Did O ur Way WntFrm 86AMcozy AndreaXOXO Find O ne In Every Car, Youll See , . . Kent Nortlicote- Weekends. Dave, Jason, Jeff, Kurt,Chr ls,Eric,Gary;flrextlngulshers, water balloons, water balloon launchers. Lake Powell, houseboats, the beach, Newport, Dana Point, fog, the Jetty off street thirty-one beachhouse, waves, scuba-dlvlng. SanDlego, Tijuana, Rosarlta, lobster, Carta Blanca. Mexican Cops; Tennis Team, Dan, Dave, Jeff, Doug. Gary, Ced, Preston. Jill Doug Noaler hoya dougbrad c-ya later js me and u Y bound. Mammoth bfs wurblast w mltch. bill and trip big bear b ' b hellmvatlme mexico yahoo snow bound k24u B.C. in the wee hour ' s megluvu pam knda momo ' s d and s oh well tahoe havasu 2 killer — mootsy baby and pops ur de brbst sanantonio w do rags mama r. Tracey Ollveiia Best frlendsfrlendsfran Val Christy I n] Mark Larry Kyle AdamMammouthCornlceEzWayD wn TaheoWBCnynhc(20-l) oddsShesYrDtc DoesVar GtmreTPb- ballGry SocksAerobabyTNTBOOMBloDr wrNtsLDC41st H20 BalloonsChemSty Sessions Scruf fySAb- Ball Car CrshBcksonS starGzingAprom Leath erbys Beach Boys Serious Car SingrSC weekend Lu V YaMd Alison Tom Olaen Kim B., The Horns-Those nutty juniors- colln, andy, brian. Jeff, Jim, Dan, Care Unit. Mcflhan OToole— last of8 bye FHS.YCTIWY.MA DSTRiodanDeanUkAItosDuct Better, 16 going 17 fish ywhatsyorSatscore, whos youcounslr, ANKLESJstBt wn Us Mat, Giggles With Karl, Lealles Special. Boug s FunDuneMans SIave4 everlLUBULARS, Peter Pan GostsNncwHope, Luv Alwys Bart. Forma 185 J ACKSO NSMsLang Lets Visit TheWrld2getherXOXO Stephanie More Mary Motley Paul Muret Ileana Muxo Greg Nakamoto Lorelei Navarro 62 Seniors IraoeyOfiveia Tom Olsen Meghan O ' toole Seniors 63 Karen Olsen Alanna O ' Neil Gina Orlando Jill Ornitz Karen OlMn See " ya " FHSINvr4getU Mlchl BEstx ' jC- Loves. cruUn ' Partyln9w th7glRS4LS2;T ' KK YA- RISN ' SUN. MexSRE-CrZy.Colo.RvR 86w Spcn ce4K ' 8. LctsgtmHeeKleD! HappyCmpErs-roStlNwNe esnS«nOnoFRelSpRlnGbReaK ' 86P.S.ngOOdx ' s " So cAlorNocal " TrS Bunny3 ' nwThta Life! Dancing 4-eve r, Luv U Mom, Dad.Nur-Here I Come AUnnaO ' NcU. Im Out TimeFLersLlve Fast ne Yo img Best Friend54-Ever Me St KIm.Fl.Nlnl.Yasl.HosscI n.MaJId.Gumba.Nasrln, Luv Ya All. Mom Dad- Tha nx.LasBrlsas.Zot. Klm-lGGU804.Mctro, Rats T-ShI Tts.Loueww . . . .Abogado.Gigalas. Lasagna Nose. O.J8t?RI- Poopsle.S.C.PMehtlc ' s CafeProntosDepech emode. Spain 87? Brett-Bullfrog. Kent Keep Lonln ' Ll fe. ScottD.-Luv Ya Beaver-DcpccheMode 87? 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Eric Pautsch Its a bird Its a plane Its PINTO MAN Let go Pautschlnt da boys-Vador larson, Kenf ' elk burg " Northcoat.Gary " How much can u drink " Lister, Jason " eat my box " Leach oh how 1 miss those balloon throwln, squid sprayln, pig dltchln, trany destry nltes, UCLA LuvuMomnDad GOD BLESS ANGUS YOUNG Kaarin Montgomery-2BADhARTbYEaNG; 85SMELL; PROM,8586PalmSpringsSTUCK;Olng o.New YeaTs85; Leucadla.lstasemblyOOPS; VCHEER;sEAMONSTER;tl; Mazatlan;VA.GDw L It- tlcBoy 200?!VDAY;GelTotcd!; WlldTlmesW MARY STEVE;Feast Joust;SumersAtNewporl; Candycan e PuddlngiThanksMrs SawyerKel- lyiiLuvUMomDadMaryMllesAnnEUseTHANKSI Elizabeth Ordway Hank Osterkamp Tara Packard Kristin Painter 64 Seniors KLf W fM H t £ 72 ' Wb m H W 1 V ' ■ . V J Btf L ' ' .N JT " --. ' k ii ' ♦ " w ►er V " Yo " , Q« Young-In-Park Michelle Pashley Above: Scott Primrose squints into the sun. Top: Seniors fall asleep after a long day. Above Left: Foothill is invaded by the unknown. Laura Passo Gigi Patera.s Eric Pautsu 1 Seniors 65 Above: Kaarin Mont- gomery and Pat Dorn are 2. Below: Darcy Pinney and Tiffany Bopelle walk to class. Patrick Perkins Amie Perrot Christian Pedersen ■ WESM H mh 1 1 ■ |[ 4!--, : ISui. ' ' 4|L, jl ' 1 v :tl tm tm m Rebecca Phillips Dave Pinkerman Darcy Pinney Nicole Pliner 66 Seniors cott Primrose Cbris P d«r««o: Buck. Dttchlng. Dipping, Teacherf strike, Buck chick. Chicken, God Syndrome, Cocco ' i, D«nny ' ), Baseball? Walker, Houston Sucks, Milton, Welbert, Slatln, Lether. PerklnsDooble Dude You- Me-Flght-Now. Auto-Auburn. Celtics Suck; Rockets are the Best! Bears Superbowl 21 B U C K! I ' m gone Pal Parkin : Lether Cal u football Stud Maybe? BUCK bealingsl Milton Slayton Welbert Good luck! • 79FHS GOLDEN KNIGHT Thanks, Bloom, Moon, 02. Thanks Mom Dad I Love you. Dairdra C. Pataraon: " Thank God It ' s over " Rea-lt was a Blast, too bad. Domlnoes-Stlll delivering?!! Use-thanks The God-Baby!! Ken-make It! Sunday NlghlsDee -f C Larry? Cool Rider, Palm Springs, Ar rowhead -15 bowls — Scott-I Luv ya Todd 1 Love You-Always Court Gregg Meg Ca»s:Mom-l did II. 1 Love you UBSC Here 1 Come! Amia Parrot: Stulfed Bra, Drive Inn KH KB KW TR JH KC KS 1 Luv U w all my hart Sis U R A Brat. 18 B D-Gregg Man(MSI SS I Luv U 2 DuKeylHUH). MOM-DAD 1 LUV U! Thnx. KaUyPatar»oii:TG10!83-84VCTRYTRKIMNMEBK AQTPIE LOLLI POPCLSYFRKSSAKNOTTSERTC CTYGLMRSLIFEALL THOSE ENDLSNTSILUVTH YR1S40 OZ800NWPRTSPRT YOURHR JUICEPRT YTRNSINOCNTGRLKNKBNGNGHDSLEANMEBS TFRNDS 4 VRMNFUNOZ LATENTDNGRSW LEA BYRONTHUCRULONGDSTNCCLSEBONY IVOR YBPYGRNDMA MOM THNX LUV YA GOOD LU K BRl LUV MOl Rabacca Phtlllp :Erlc Handsom Sprechen [ le Deul sch GUYS! Band Beach Parly Josh Love? Jerk? Wll d Ear Sex Amy JohnSuchIng Face Doug Hawaii If Ca mpK SS- Luv Ya Jlm!N.Y Paiges Bottle Lisa Apart ment Lights Out Don ' t Slam ITie Doors! LaurletTrac y Farewell Old Friend May We Meet Again Senior F B Games JanlceMads In Mexico Prom 86 Luvya Lette rs!Im so confused! Darcy Plnnay:l LuvU Alison She! TlffTlf Bev Con B eth Bee Rob John JessNLCevrMadsBRForeit Home J ana Todd Senior WomenRvr Of Life? Ashs Bday M Issle Plugs?! Bass Lake Badger Pass SatTps Session s HerschelsRVRRATSl Fishheads? STrejs? Whats ST ress? Catallna Thanks God Thanks Mom Dad Mich B ye Fhs 1 finally Made It And All the People Said Ame n!! NIkId Plbsar Juls,Tlff,Sue,Cath Urthebesi! 35 sbawl bball T anx Miss A! Pc Klutz Cslck Car- rotlsorry I cant reslst)-OJ In Europe, Down Uner 86 ' , Formal Court, OIngo NcwYrs- WatchOut4 ' nieShovelman! 49ERS " 87 We Made It! No more Rustin In TustIn Luv Ya MOMDADJON GDAY MATES!!! Scott Primrooa Sloe Allen Woody Heals BalnKop Fl shLunaKevlCaboEIMorro Toga Surf n Mex Formal Th ax Mom JS S MlhllaDRWSGFP JakeMrk The Soph C rowellMaiTodChaka BellyGarua Van PellDBUTheBo 01 U CL Abets C VBallofElMortow CrowellGarCra wMerkTurner Embassy Party Missy Friend 4 ever Sc otchW Luna 1 Love Monica WhopRmr«ScrmrsLaycoc kHeIn TIb Prooaoko: Jennifer Schramm-50 ' s J S-- MooseHead-C J-The Pl(-Cook-t wnUnder Revenge Is Sweet J S Blues, W T 205 lbs Max Last But not Least Jennifer I ' ll Always Care For You. Bryan S. Qoick: 4YRSHS 3D1FTSCHS MMAY NCHS THSFHS QSW THEDOORIRAYDOG WKNITEMS MEXCOARIZ NALIVN4DACHAMPION MORNSTUDIES DUDEHUME B HEAD CCTV DANGRZONE FresSect GibbyMlsAsmblyGoDohRun XOsHL LUCKYMAN Econdebts 2FHSGETNEWLIFE SEEKTRUTH! EW JGMGMSBSTFRNDS@FHS TCHANGINTHERE SMILEHEATHER NLUVW . ' MOM DAD R THE BESTi LUV YA! 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" DihisPeachlt " SnB " YesWc ' reWuses " Fak elt Homecoming86 86;ltWa5GrealTL " Dihi8Peachll " SnB " YesWe ' reWuses " Fakelt-Homecomlng86- Za ne=Luv?ThcCarsBonJovl.Luv-ya-Di.Hl,DD.BL-4ever IT WAS A BLAST! Left: Elizabeth Ord- way and Min- dy Allen are true friends. atthew Reback Jennifer Repke Tatciana Rich Seniors 67 Michael Richardson Andrea Robinson Bryce Robinson Diana Robinson Below: Tlie Senior Munch brings out tiie Devil in Andrea Robinson. Andre Robinnii: Where?! Massive Babe, Newport, G ' day Luv, TogB ' 86, " Did you see that Irfegaurd? " Love U Russ . . . mmm, nice seamst a5 ' 85, Jelta, L.A. again? RyanUSC, Tahiti, sunset. Boys of summer, G.G. Thanx www, ' TEEN. I Love you Mom Ryan. Bye F.H.S.! BiyceBovlnaoniBartRUGysBrthrsTumsCousnsRIa td? DuetPrtnrDunemnMOTAnklscxStevens! Miss Mu slcMADSK SPresBR84-7 Doyle AwrdOCYC SCV A Alivys LateTRlordnPpprnI Pizza Tease The Bev St oryLuv Alwys- Bev Who?R WcSllI Fmds Were We F rnds? Talks CarlngAramlsSmthngGdBWTPC Trac k HJGrpSSJATT Juging BasscsGoDcepstPddlngAM ENBaFo Now ARFARF Diana Rovlnaon: 3S9Suni84DavldN ' ChrisBlast.Draglt,WhatDoln?ltEchos.SltNTheTrash. SwImlngPutltOn.SklNIsAGuesl. P-NutI Tan- IngAB.DoesSheHaveAFlnger? LuvMlkcDunn Always. Hava5ue ' 86FlowerGuys,PeachltlnBlyth,Dlhl8,Sn- BJaret.Crawmamas, Balcox. Maypol.LuvHI- JR,GW,AB,TL,MD,JB,MS,MY.ShutUpNLlstenLuvYa Ma Pa Bro Sis. Martin Ro«nblatt: Worrled He :tlc Frantlc ImpaS5lve,Neo-Druld Pan- theism, Challenges. Good Friends. RASTRO. Star- Trck(2.3,4) UCI 30 mllesperday, 3bad food. Murphy strikes again, CTBSNEDTPSATNMSQTAP- SATACHCAPETC, UCSDUCLAUCB? Kevin Rowe: MIsly Mountain Hop w MychelleJul y 4 Stcvic Nicks Starship HearSOth StreetBlstrow Ml chelle Cliff and Lisa-Llmo-FerryBA.Lstn-LovBF afte r PS Thanks MomtDad, MrtMrs C. Thank you MIchell e for being youlLY, Lots to come HI Boo-Boo Casper s All the great times Paul-JlmBlllx2 Lush 4x4 lo ou r place. Greg RaBs:Most people say that I ' m crazy. They sa y I ' m crazy by the way I drive, or that allldolshunt, fis h. Who cares what they say at least I ' m not a stupid J ock like all the other people or the ]erks on the footba 11 team. I want people to remember me as I am WIL D CRAZY. Ann Rya: Its Over? Europe-Unforgettable BamaBrlSuzNeaUeff MrJI OCAD-Well udn Jim! Alv Gabe Laura Gar ' t Dave(lmS4htyr)Hooter Pat Imlssya! PauMrv ' s a drag G ' Nite Shotz. DespEvrthg ErIc Steve URstUl the Best. Thanx Mini MamaC Glas. Best times Best Friends Aimer, GdLk Mon Dave LuvU M DI! SchoollsNOT EVRTHNG Caroline SadlenThanx for 3 qrt. yrsi Best Fmd Kl M; Dlad I talked 2 you! Fmds DS. GD. TP. AR. AT. J G. RNDARds,mv (Soccer Anyone) The Parties The T rouble The Hotel No Car; Sadies HC. WF.-Homy Nib bIcr-Thanx Guys! Whose Turn To Buy?! The Park, W hat Memories! Omar-Grt Legs! The Rlde-Surprlz Kl m! Thanx Mom tDad! Larry Sainuel»on:(Dawg.Pup)WaterPolo ' 83- 86,Hawair86-hot chicks and Prlmo surf. Party With both Adams,Jeff,Cralg,Jlm,Greg,Hey Davld- " It ' s your blrthday. " Foolball and Baseball with Dave. Red Cross- " Bleed for someone " . No commls-Republlcans live. " I ' m on Restriction, so 1 can ' t go. " See ya! Wild Thing. Suaanne Saporita: 100 on 17th Parking Lob Valps Balboa Boys Genesis G ' s Jacuzzi on HC. Happy b- Day Brett! Lots of DOOF!!Chlcago land Cheating Toga Balboa Bars w Val Thank C L!Love ya M DIIJ J support foreverllPeeplng torn LP Too Much Champ ETVBKKBye Cal?! Karen Sclinild-Goodxw goodfrlends- esp.Blll,Stacy,Steph+thewholegang Rnbw nts-H S days H20@HC84 Drvway wrtng w sw-oops!use ef- fort sslJr.float?! Ranbo Bchpaitles talks chlp Dale TheJPway TPjobs-ThxKyle RBW-ugl Nomore Ashlng4merulerwas Dlvlngboardsw Gator Thx- •MSJ).L LLvUalwysBlll BycFHS Kevin Rowe 68 Seniors eff Ruch aroline Sadler usanne Saporito Greg Russ Kathleen Salarano Karen Schmid f Ann Ryu Lawrence Samuelson Left: Mrs. Reardon ' s period 2 Economics class shows their school spirit as they gather for a mass pic- ture on senior slave day. Seniors 69 Right: Jill Ornitz and Inja McGhee wave to the band at the Rain dance. Adrienne Schuessler Brian Schwartz Steve Schwartz 10 Seniors -isa Schwarz m Shank on Shank Dominique Scott Mitch Scott M. SanFUIppo-THE DUSTER LIVESIII DOWNSOU TH-Mexlun American JalU-they cAn ' l hold me!l Jor dan you crazy man, Heln.Oms, Hell, Woody, Qvlcs B ud, everyone. Give me DUSTERS or give me DEAT HII Noonewassafe. SUPERWOPS Me J.G. Than X mom, dad for putting up with all my antlx. Missed F. B. Baby BBI9GS C BYE Vvatte S r( tl:l Luv Joe Welardez: JoeNI Weddin g Aug l:Bst FmdsMcL tsprtySpndxAshs;OLwntstptIk ng;Hdblndynhnnn;debydebndavegl(;Mb]djDvl;TAhvB 9al;MSKwct:AMtiis;JGtKltez;TLbhb; Ashly 4 got; Cl niiiK; CSndsard; URdchly;LGWhrjlhprty;DDnTd;D L;Brkpeewee;Darylandsard; Jeffsdbllrbt; " Marlbor o Country " thepit; Mama;nomrbs; engagement prt y. Mr. Ward; Mr.Wdvryslcntfcvryblgcl;lK«vtthCldrgdl n;Shtatalfrdo;outBscul;gdby4eve;hrcm$lf; married 18 Dooslnlqiie Scott-Thanx Mom Dad Love You A HPSameol ' Sameol ' Mt. High Banzai. Sonlcqub.Kend o BeckyH alScabard saysGetraw.PapadopoIlsPowe r Vehicles Spy Glass Race TrackGuavas, Thanx Phi 1. Mrs. TorrenceAJhasAquestlon For You! PS. Shellsh ot Punklns Blackles Snausages Affirmative posltlvneg atlv.punalabPeari hairnet SAY IT AGAINI 5 snaps 4okB Sckmldt-Frlends that made school go by CM, CP, BS, AA, HT, M. so on w o a f,s would be boiing E needs the trips at SB, Xmas, -fhelped like FL, PS, Bos Mpx how helped also the dances.HC83,SH8S,HC85,F86,HC86,CF85 p86,87. GF also helped like SG,DP,HE,M,C,DB,DD, so on. GL to the friend left behind Thanks Mom Dad for your support. Cralf SckDeldd-VWrestllng PARTYING ELBOW RASTRO-RTMC SW Z San Dlego85 Mexkro 86 Beach The Strike Stealing Test JP Dlsneyland Shell Chevette Qvk: IBM OFF to college thank God No more Rustin In Tustin FHSI Thanks JR DH BW CD ENSeeYal Rkosda SckDaldci " Me Psycho? " Cat84Bumsabaz abas Sum 85bch ]apsplnk car no waylblushrts-nvrwsh agn remember YELLOW car flying bugCnevada.Dea thmble.teepeechse AndrsklSPLTSoopsI PROM 8 6? NB86-I dare forlnchph Bev PSJLY4Elyenla Del MarBJmendrftln-oulHC date huntin " DONT LEA VE ME TAM " NVRTOSMLLUVU MOM DAD Bye F HSello? JcDAlfar Scbramm-Bffsuen Rick somny memrys Sa dies 83 1st luv Marc4evrbabeCruzw Sue Jan 29thbu slmegmKngdTdbm2bwldP.S 86ABAJ5T J 2mchfun w th gang luv yall outacntrlogeod2roledl5thbdayprty w march Jim hows Vannathcnnnllvr?T S associate s SmplyFab Thnx Mom DadgdlukSer Luv u Marcl Adrl«BD« Scli««aalcr-Great Times w Llsax2 Ta mKat h-New YearsTTGD! IM Get Togethers (SmlthsllKrl s A Slds Rlver ' Guys H.C.85(P.F.!) S.H. Breakdow n 85 Formal 86 Llmo LOVE YAJ.L nCralg Jr Nat s 84-Alex BranJen PartyPOW 4 FRESHMAN! than xJR POTATOE Bst. Buds Usa n Carol Luv Ya Coa ch Your the BEST MOM DAD n FAMILYLUV YA! Brian Schwarta: CJ ' sWhIten CheapBarblsbuifSly sa ves tKruegerhelps himself ShadenbakeWO In Wendy s Florida was hot Kurts party had l eerOlngo andDavl d LeerRadPatPGelSnEw truckjas has fake Tolexsey a John Andre Kristen Ed SlatKentleeShug FHS Is Ov Er-AMF Stave Schwaitz: Inquisitive, scary-you grow up the day you have the first real laugh-at yourself.B ogwanlt ' s Set. what ' s Its sign, Shuey, Cable Test. Qiaz, SwapMeet Eve ' s800. Dan your a genius. Remember, Do not take life too seriously. You wlU never get out of It alive. — It ' s Set!! Llaa Schvari: AJKKLSonly6?LuvYMost. RestofGang2 FlakeiCasperFFG IlsMeAmy UCICon fOTBHilKCAshlPARKINGLOTSIPMWP Sklw ShanONolSpUtMy Pants 007-Thanx Gall! Shan s House Always- Serious Talks-Its Another WorlsOut- skleJust.TheCat GET SOME SLEEP! EJ, Logglns FINLAND SUMR86BEST k dfy? CantFlxDumb- ThanxRAR! LUVUMom Dad Bros! Joha Shank: Fly by Night alway from here. The Necromancer Is Dead, and I ' m out of this hole. Din- ners Sorlety, Goose egg alley Rush 83,84,85,86. Get a stock + telecaster. Night of Ligh ts 12m, Gregs party house. ski. tripout.dlsecting barbl. VW Nolbuds FatHead 12oz can.Oscars, money ,LlmeLlght,RedBacetta NIk« Sbmhan: Out of here! San-Ofre trip w Ran. dyChuckTodKatMattDave P.Sprlngsfl hate men In blue) Rob Sarren Holels2am. Rebel Pink Ster OSO- NEGRO one to many. Party Rich ' s condo, July4th twice, crazy at the wedge, carpools. Rat Pac Thanx M D Any Shanf: GreatTlmes-Great Friends Annie Bana nle-FllllrtH StaccIs This The Stect?? MurTay.Wher es My Diamond Watch? Ann. Inj, Paul-Breakfast Any onc7 Senlor Councl No more SATS??? Les-KSR(P D.PD,PDI!) Frito ManACDM Janlne, Guy ,JW Than X Teachers Lovy a Dad, Mom. Sam,Su,!! I ' m Off!!! Darl«BC Shapard: Thanks family you ' re the best. Then again so am I. Oh and Jayne we ' re all Great. Picked — Tbe Wall — Bin Is a goddess — So king Shanny — Freak my brain — This Is so emotional — Oh Boy — Take care everyone Gotta Vamos — AdIosI lichael Sheehan Amy Sheng Darlenc Shepard Seniors 71 Melissa Shields Jay Shneider Kristin Painter doesn ' t know where the ball has gone. Jeffrey Shugarman Eden Slagle Jim Slatin 72 Seniors lohn Slattery iric Smith :van Smith Bob Slattery Steve Slocum Bill Smith MellsM Shield - Bom2B wild! IstLv Jim tasC Lv Rlc k Luv (J 4Ever RkkBF Kim Mich Jim Sue Beth JenS a ndPS 86 outa control AJwhomc?DINGobw Mlke Thn X StevcLvyaFrmal 86TJcrthquakmanprtyaal Scooby f DENNYS we lost tt and left tt mSDw Car I Lvya Tra clUbrat Rick, It wontBlong we ' ll b€2 gethcr 4 everwtc houtwrld here Icum The butler did itKhehThnx mo m dad Hasta! Jay ShDeld«r-626 Oust 117 Santlago lm sick of this Look like Dennys again. WHAT IS THIS ROMPER ROOM! Dlngys.NANS.Hawall with George Lets Break somcthlng Kmarl car.Thanx Rtck.Matt.Klee.Muffy and everyone else. Good luck Mike! Luv U Mom Dad Botanlca here I come. Im Blazln!!! J«ff ShagannaD OBUGER I FEEL NOTHIN COWDELL YOURE OUT KISSIS ! MAIDENFEB17.87 THATSIN ALLALBUMSMENOW XX WHERESALLEN? ED- JSEME 84FHSFOOTBALL TBS POWER- WAGON CORDOBAARETHEBESTCARS OHMS RR GEEF YUK WEEBS ELYONTHESLY GASPARORTEGA JJUFRIENDS FORLIFE HEYALGIVEMEGAMES 4MORETOGO THANX MOM DAD FOR EVERYTHING Hwth Shy-Gdby FHS Good friends Yvonne Peggy Avnl Robin Trlda Eva Bando friends Jeff Paul «tc boyfriend KEVIN . Lv Alwyi Remember? ICB TV, Flags. fibl games. parades. NY Trip.Freezlng- ElMo.Bolllng-NY TBS.Wlenledog.UCI-Math.College App Debate. HadarStJohn Thanx to all-frWnds famlly LcaUa SltbaDd-Aust.86 s-ball.cralg.ongo bloody bngo.Luv ya pat.B.F ' s 4yrs-good x always. K.P.BF.OBOR condo? Thx Max- urriunny. Chile. Joe. well melurdogR E D-D-DDoug BeanBeniexp PBTwIxDletsRBWGorepenhaK n K. Monty-wish yawerche re. miss ya. Edmund. Luv2MJS.Al mst. Import thnxMomnDad! 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Sen tors 73 Heather Smith Jason Smith Randy DeGroot waves good bye to school Heather Smith- " My Aqualnlances are many My friends are few but those who reallu know me are aewer still. Kellu we the only I ' s best soph yr w Darcl.Tom-Btc. are comedy, always late goodbye phonoles gosslp, Rebel, respos 2yr3 noe Rick strange Cat. Quadropphanlac It ' s all a game . . . Jason SnUth-FlnalluOut-byeFNVDDatb- ballgys.Solong FHS Good tlmesFellddad-Easter In Mex.summerlnTahoe. Christmas In Utah. Best Buddies. Brad- DougR-Doug N. Working for " dad " at Shellthe best.Tlme to move on-hopefullyBYU. KDKthconlybearyou ' lleverplnch. d ' s In Sak.90mph on 15-Oh wcU-ByeFHS. ULADVS8 Jennifer Smlth-Jll, Lis, Kris best friends Buds Je n, Kal-HC83w ickylmlrGshbhlcHC84 scary-Gupy-Th e Gang-H20 boysprtysMr house-lOno? 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Good time At 7:42 Indy JonesI Dithc walkers! Angles games w Tlm, Haas. Junior ,Jimbo Humpy-Mamth87!H20 boysStMikeRslThanx M D,LUV YA C-YA! Dan Staulfman-The Great Opfimistllllll D D buds4ever! Melo then Fastlmes@FHS Lets Par- duldon ' t laf it runz LIFENtheHElF- FERSII! RaRaB0T4V clap,clap,clap . . . ASB RBWbratz-uglCHUBBIES Soccer Buds PEPmonsters! LuvVaM D BROSGOD ' S LGVEIBye FOOTHILL " ! LOOK UP — LAUGH — LOVE — AND LIFT. " Tammy Sterman I DID IT! ThnxMomDadPaulWen- dy. Rd83-JS KOCAIm,rcmcm? Sw LarrySdSS- alntblst! WF84-86|THEBESTwtnmudfn-trnsle?) HC86- " Dnt worry Rhon we wny " KSF86- theyraftruslGoodxs w LlsLlsKathAldnguys- thumonhd!JillFF(unmc@SA?!) Cru286FRK Sr.M.- PIP TennJVSyrs Smr86-DMw R-BJM,in ' n ' oulJOHN- 04ILLMISSYALOTS!! Jaaon Stem Reamers Screamers were greatlDances wrer hot. Shlly DeSuttcr is the best girifriend, Whitey Balky, Jas Bird(2) You think your tough Help Yourself. Thanks for everything Mom Ralp ' s the hot- test (PRO) Allen Austln " Whal a friend " Laura Steven«-M0MLBN4MDFSBBRSY0CYClatG aglnScva all steplaysP PLHAYCTIWY,Madsisa41e tterwrd Altos duet better OCADw GodM B Dl V rmb4 ever.BRvew Marshca(!)lsnt thatspcl? Thn X MmDdDnse Dune Man Meg 1 luvuTPCMs. Pres Dra ma Methrl come! Michelle Steward-Ucomlststpopnmomcuzualwyspu tmelstDptsanDegoElrnchMvjolakeRbzHBpierMyKeu hartnlxcasprsSOth St BIstroW clifn Limo Is tihe Kind Arrohed4 thMMHop Luv UrthebstHD what RyaNEwa y Never 4 getU RanDcronaboysAmelTonnTotsmcn E d Sanger 17th thnx KathYoteAmoisleraprePednDukp amtsMokey Is ready Matthew Stotts 67Thanx:MDm DAd,Moom, 02,Boyer,RGams,and BlgDaddy " b " FHS F-Ball FunX ' s w MattR. MichcUePINoTlme For School! RE:Woodles TOGA;Hey Guys B.l.B.Chowder!(80 82Lefs TalWHey Jrs It ' s Classic! It Is time for the new " Dirty Dozen " Byevette Hi 4x4 SC|r. then USC! Oliva Suan-I can ' t! Essays BJ Be Happy! Katn Dios Te Ama Go AWAY S! Let ' s have lunch. " Desks too small Tennis ExcerciseExpo Byebye Birdie! BellydanclngWHAT ' S on my purse?!? Beatles Monkecs and other WEIRD GUYS 1 Wanna be a housewife who ' s gonna read this anyway KIrsten Swenaon- Hapypil today? GerKins Best Bu dsHeath.Fixchest.Crytoweyl remver bus boys in Ou t GWMW Prom 86PG Wam-DIE1LDEWBEAST 1 sll 1 Care ED Shops surf OP— PROrlot EdMurpy-nlt e dlp 10-19-85 1 luv U 4 everHefry Wintformal 85-8 6 308 FOG HC85-86 LV TinsJuwilnvrWin 12-23- 85 10-18 Unlv Bound Thanks Mom-Dad luv U. Jennifer Smith Lisa Snyder Kimberly Solera Jill Spencer 74 Seniors Daniel Stauffer 4ichelle Steward Matthew Stotts Olivia Suan .. : Above: Joe Herida and Russ Watts wait for the Airplane that will take the FHS watcr- fjolo team home from their meet at Stanford. Below: Tammy Ster- man, Kathy Jennings, Lisa Johnson, and Lisa Kinne enjoy the slave day festivities. irsten Swenson Seniors 75 Benedicte T ' Kindt Glenn Takabayashi Mike Bernamontti and Mike Caroll are amaz- ed by tiie amount of ex- pensive cars parked in the senior parking lot. Ali Tajeldin Edward Tak Katherine Taylor Christopher Terhune Andrea Thompson 76 Seniors Heather Thompson Kristin Throckmorton Lucy Tsosie Kelly Thon Mike Thome Sara Thurston Timothy Traver Ed Tak VarXC T SublO-2inl7.Ez. John«B l SwedenrZ Tim GBW Imryr ShAnnon-hahahfll Nok I " Marathonmen " 26.2ml Quut4Paln JV PndeSS Mamoth Nature Run BigWheel Blerman Generous Offer Modjeska Nightmare Dinera Society Be A Man Shankl James Bond Marathon THE DOORS how OLDRU? Berserk Status Les UP Thome CNFllm Ta.MAnI EvUR so SuavelThe Music ' s Over Gtenn TakabayuU- " Rocko " Football w Moon, great times . . . gonna miss ' em Tharut Moon, Adios 55,62,64,7,11,23,58,,26. The DEFENSE! BBall + soccer. MM. A. w the groupleslDCCThanxsec ya Dut, Jan, Ellse)lF. ' l ' .M.C I Go Navyl No Rusdn In Tustin 4 me. Gonna Ry Now! Luv ya III DREW! Bye yaU! Rich TatcUiM My Best Friend DebDrem TPDDCar Member Drlvln putlntrunk MavPHrun-getlntruck . . . Deb-Vlc-tots over Dses Goose out of window Into bush Sum of 84 Deb beach Goose chunks truck Gonzo Juice win will not go up Goose booger Mooner sad Luvya MW KB AD KH AA Luvya mom Daddy Booker I luv Dennis grd Heaven In 87 Tliem Iceman Katherlae Taylor-Te Amo Mama y Papa. Thank yo u for everything FHS ' Drama Friends Always ' Ollvl a. B J , GayanI, Amy. Julie. SlaceBe 2AIIU ' LOO K HOMEWARDANGEL ' LUVYANICOLAI LAUR A PROM 84 85 • FORMAL 85 GOD Bleis ROTC N URSE HERE 1 COME Chria TerkaiM ' ZBoys Bstfrend Jim HTuxnSlob SAD IE 86 Disney BeauFarts Late NltexctmnlKMTLYUM CATfbsVoni Summer 86 Lunch Samsons Aa4r«a pts! Sum " 86 " -Esnhwr PK. ' Houie ' .Partles LOFM Katltembr ioo7HAI Alan Mall 2grtguys Juvy sad x.W F ■■86 ' R- Llmo.SML ThanxM D 4 evrythng. Vette? PLEASE! Frdi SKMRSKTOSSW Snr yr The Best! Haalkei TkoBpeoa Twinkle Llltle Utah the wall.Prom ' 86.DnceDlsnyland Dave ' Jr.Chnge.BYU. baton. Flag Camp Fresh yr. Oice Festival- Youth Conference Mom;Great Friends- Sara Andrea JennlferMltch-tChuckShanon PmLln. da.etc.Camp Sierras Kally TkoD-BesI of Tlmesw Klm. Peg.ll. lls.AB,K,C J.JN. DSpgbrk 86 wet. wild n crary Ramada pro m86 hmecmng 85-86wntrfrml-p.s.w 3tace )acu2zl,rdonlo n, pod partys, papadance-ed-cure8topeg dubscrs, cor onas, naugles, class 86, funzles.clncodemayo fiesta, u meltspmp crashnburn. Lo veyamom. dad. trac e i skye6dlk Tracy I ' M OUTI!! T1lonM llk« Mam wth ShasleLean LetstradeJoe Dave 8hr Nat wlk Jacuz " alwayskln- dallkedyou " loveyouSha8le.JVPrlde wnder punch SSAMPMnameOnXClSgrlFmdsalwysLes.Pokey Isl Time Paul Kevin Andy Pokes Sislers WnF86 ' Hola Julie " 502 Prom cantdrlvehome VBl wth Dave Joe Thanx MomDadPamPat SKI RPM Kriatlo Throckmoitoa-B F SUEfG ' dayBudl.MI.Brl.H.Shep.Wen AlwysAYel Away CouncllStals GG Boal85 ' lil WC HealyVan OurGuys Earjob V-Day PromMetYaB-rom B-day86 thanx guys Toga CamraHapy fmds? SumrConcrts Nwprt Windsrf PS TJ Xtrms KNOBS nothng but the BEST GoodLuk Adam LuvYaFam StormnlTHROCKYIls BYU bound! B«D«dkta T ' KliMll-CWPOST2-8:Nele.MARC.COSTAS.INGEl LUV YA. GEEF DIE KOE NOG EEN BJETE BIRTH- DAY PARTY 27-g VB40-FYC KNOTTS 15-10 AFS CA BEACH. PARTIES? TAHOE BIT CHEN THANKS MUM.DAD.FLIP.DEB.MA.DA.VIRG.MOOS XXX FOREVER. MARC RANDY PAUL MICHELE THE D ' s ALIAS TURKEY MISS YA BELGIUM! SEE U! SALUT! HET WAS CRIMINEEL! Tba Tfavar ASTROtART CLUB BIGBEAR STONEHENGE MAN. THE 100 WATT MOBILE GATEWAY. TRACK HJ TEAM. MENTOR JOHN AMNEUS(7).BRYCE(AL6I.SHAN NAY S-4? WIN KATELLA RELAYS ACK ' BTCFP CALTECH SUMMER CD. OFF CAR DEPRESSING HONDAMOBILE ALLISON TO WF ED NO INFUA TION SHCSSOOGHPT AMM Lkv Teoala-Helk .classOf " 87 " I Fun In 85 at MVHS TamBFw Vangle LorlftJo.They live In Kaven ta.Az.GFw Tlna. Jen.Jen. Jayne.Darlcne.Belln- da Iha Gang SummerOf86 Lake Powell funlHorseback rtdlngtn the summers ThcSummer Job with k)ts of my friends In Az In 85- The Best TInw! Jayne Darlene Are Great (ha hal Good- Luck 2AI My FriendsIC U! ByeBye! Mike Tuchman i Seniors 77 Kristen Unger Monique Van ' t Zelfde Manfred Von Halle Bobert Tanncn On my way to UCLA, no more com- muting to UCI. JcH, Marty. Arlsli. Kaiser Wllhelm- " La practlca hacc maestros, " Telenovelas, ugh! OCCwe ' ll get the last laugh! Mom, dad, amigos muchas graclas para todo. 12- 1 In bowl leag? Words to live by — " You look, but you don ' t see. " Du Taibow Agony EcstasyCIF86-Mlralcstc,RdTrp Oxnard,0jal Yucyp,JII.Dougbar.Jeff,Dave,Hoffyan- dOCGaryH,Kent WE BEAT UNI! Sush w ToddnJoel InTurbs 70+mphCHPIluvU LednFloydwToddln- Shuey ' s All4ycrsclfStcvc Comfortably numb Rml012Eultpunqulz Pros w Els? Stan.Harv OCC? I ' m not gonna g g Luv2ERTH TRAVIS TURNEK LUNCH w wlrgandl lmbauerstriple " T " DaveAndald llaasospedal schrammpleaseleave K.C. and the sun- shine Kid N.B.S.H.RAVIVlncemaryJules Rband VolleyBall R.B.L.C.BR Turner and Schram- mAssoclates Flakeys W J.S. Kelso Party w VlrsAndVlnce. Kriatcn Unflcr-Gang- Deb,II,Jen,JIIIBudsJJ Katfortw Jsty.Itt H20BysPrtys-Hr rr House QQISumr 84 2fun.gremln. Bebs Prty out of control!. Tm out lltes lent see. Pray at kv. Hc84-Scry! TX. 7142 Good X ' s Indy Jones. Dave MPD. Oldomg,Mes«ecat-JonIluvU4 Ever! Ihnx Mom Dad — Luv U-Scc ya FHS! JtH UtMM FBCentLChampsSS WlntFrml85,86Huc- mg85,86 SOScrshCpIrs EdMurphy PG TC MS MG F That S ORTEGADADDY LockOnVeagsw Klrst- Areyou Both21? French234 RBWw MLS R mem brtheaqua vend Mark? 10- 18-86 ThanxforcverythlngMom, Dad, Carrie. 12-23-85 Iluvu4everKlrstenllO-19-85 Manrsd vod Halle ColomblaSSclubcafm- sZboys,Sadlc J.86. Vandalize Carls Bad, BIBr.P-Boat Balboa Pits FBS,SklnnlngtJu- ly-tBeach86Smackokrlstlc BtspsJuan Valsddz Meagans 16faa BtWnlfCodBt,5pdEgl,colHnd Shk,50+mllc Bkrlde,Procrastlnatlon.tabernas,lltrun Thanx M-f D Michelle Von SchlmmellBUia Minnie Roxy MusH. Yes I ' m Scared of you! You ' re lying through your mind! Something Wild. C.s Socr kny Mads. 4 Brdwy. Reviews Why? Slo or Apu? Miss ya Nanch Luv you Mom -f Dad! Chria Walahe-goencrzy be Insane on2bger bttrthn gs beatn the systembymkngd grades while prtylnhrdp rty4 everw mybros the crzy guysmach l.dhusjherjh omphouscelbdovjgugmsnfohojragscamdthebhelchudb wdscerpBcrlrK klowchldfurslgmelkleoasekwht, wa s lstqsllver2ps fball trackshph crashesthng In I2dylnhr beergagles . . . 2begon Jell Warren— Thanx mom Dad.gofen hawall.XMn gulshing H20 ballcomlng. beach scene ' 86w lem s Eroc dave gets a cartrlgw mr. s.Burgman slat BathlsavlngYang.Cowdell Is out. Ellonthesly stemH arass4 ever, mindy your ugly. schart2!4 free? Help yo urself! shakne bake A.M.F. Trad Wataon " Whynot? " Fhs good timesxc track o nly 2 yearslmamoth 84 fisheads Club Med Key Clu b walkathon Eco clubjp hIkeACSG In a Smokebusters Sacrlflced2 Great God of Calc Retrospeck: 2 much St udying? Owellc ' est;avoe:lv2 ' neenbeeJ Buy Heather O llvlaymas-also BB, JC 47-trlo Luv 2 mom dad RRKK -PK2 " Infinite In our flnlty " Bvaael WatU cIndy . . kurtnable robo. halrdochent oughylbdadtomolsen carol baby flowers damme d . . . mazds BMW vw chevy crash waterpoln Hawal 1 slck standford, sanfranssantastreeforsetlonlunaoreg on fishing blllraffing. clearlake water ski . . . esklmo kl sstia forever Infinity ... me tool!! GIna Welaagerber — Mom Dad thanx 4 your support 4 keeping me going when I didn ' t feel good about school other things. I luv ya. thanx 2 Brian, ever since prom ' 86. U mean more 2 me than u ' ll ever know. I hope things don ' s end here. I luv U! 2 friends keep In touch. Steph Wclaaman I can ' t believe my high school yrs r over, they have been the best yrs of my llfet I owe all my grS times 2 my very special friends as well as my family who I love very much! thanx Foothill u ' re a ter - rific school! I ' ll never 4 get these memorable 4 yrs! Michelle Von Schimmelman Chris Walsche 78 Seniors Jrant Walter uss Watts Jeff Warren Traci Watson Jeff Weibert Gina Weissgerber Todd Miner thinks that dressing up like a woman will help him enjoy his Wheat Thins. effrey Uttz Seniors 79 Robin Welch Kim Wesson Phill Wheeler Peggy White Darrin Harlow enjoys strumming his guitar. Heather Weston Maria Widmer 80 Seniors Kristi Wood Shanna Woodruff Brian Woods Jennifer Yeager Trad ValcntalNMERRYOFMOM i Luv U dad iha nx! Good Luck Bobby Cln I luv U tons BBFtt in Yor ih e BST ' EitT Vac 86w Cln A RosBCHIuv iheWKNDS MHStHSfHS. 29 palms? SHORT CUT good 1 Tro y! No MorG ' fTftn.IItheKISS in Conlc»lw BT ' reno w )b The WORST ' bren, The HOTELS? ' Jen Cln -Who can get themosi? " DA YSS at 1 2 OOCC wed mornBRKFSTSMSUMHOWFFpaTtcvrywkndCYA ' !? Robin Welch — Bball 3 yr Vslly " the Baby " CIF85 ' I runer upi 84 SS never 4 gelu AdamsUR ipecia I bud) cornyMalaGarboSucd Spottyuf " l( " 2-3- 86 w hat a nIte Sumr 66tahotrlp so ipeclaldebra thanx KE RRI SOMEDAY ' mAMMOTH 85 86 87FUNONTHE SBPES GOALS SUCCESS HAPPINESS Thanx 4 everything Mom Dad Mike greg tuv you alway 2 425 4 ever cya bye Kim WcHon-Im Out Of Here! THANX Mommy Fo r Everything I Love You Mom And Danny Had A Bla St With My Baby In New York BFF Vanessa And Mit zl. I Love You Both Rod Jeff Grownln ' MoansKelt h Anita Forever. THANXTO-June Kris Mitz I And of Corse Danny Mom THANK YOU For Bein g A Friend. And Now Everyone Your Going To Watc h Me Go Go Go. Heather Weston — Mellet have a drink on me robert com out to play DIG peanuts Vlva the Bride the curb DLR on Sunset ' The Paladium honey. Is that way Mom, PapaJociMr. Nolan. Rambo, Prince, Dig, Lenny Mr e I luvu. " lve go It under control Ishould write a book Fhs 2.000 people 4.000 laces Peggy White: Bandos, Tall Flags.KSS.FnFBG- Pr€gamc.l 2llme-NY July 86.Stoner 2. " The Lunch Club " TBYDAKEMRSRW-Frlcnds always Gaph met you Rich, rmbr DH? I love u 4eveT Wish u were here Kath. love u mom and dad bye bye FHS. USA here 1 come!?! Maria Wldmcr — Hi Mom, tatclan, pink dress, gel a hold of your self, movies all the lime, hog ride, tal ' s truck. Hit and run. oh no, Had fun. Kim. beny, an- drea, andres, andrea, amie, Kathleen, and Clndy. Tats ' n ' me, best friends 4 ever, Senlerhere! FHS 87 ' mom and dad, I love you, Jamca Wllhclm- A Fly Can ' t Blid But a Bird Can Fly The World U Absurd And So Am 1 What Docs It Matter We ' re All Going To Die So Why Should 1 Write Something To Remember Me By. Tood Williams Thank U Moms 6 86 2bornot2batt helopbrldest.RushaToughfemaleacoldS baltpopperon coronaa work throw thatdt hats I Hrend was (un haha hado u bellve I made It? what dahallammlce , . , thatd erprod. Itll work cause that ' s working Mr. Tood MWlll lams Robin Williams-Hows ' your colse? Yeah, right. lt;s Just a flesh would. 1 wanna be a patn tree! RAD- WASW, Oh Nell. Nell. ORANGE PEEL! And there was much rejoicing. U2 " the Ocean " E.B, - " Dream " Platters " My Prayer " A.M. 930 thanks MICKEY luv U Muffin, Ma, Pa, Jon, A little Freep, and very dangerous . . . Erik Wllson-D,U,D.E.,Brlanhead,Mexico.Bike to the Border, Morning Studies, and friends and Ray. Get- ting D ' s F ' s In classes, pa rents yelling at me about it. pictures and video. The best time of my live Marines next year. It be Da ' Best!) KristlWoolc-AJLSLK only 6? Luv U allU 2 soccer g uys!CL)l frlendPVtruclrsi hate boys! SITSWMNAPK Cmmm! LeIaABFbme! Luv U bst sis Ter Mom! AS BLaryVrahw Beth queen MlssUSevI Ita)83Houll Sira w4 ft! SBgangB good Mel Dan DarPrm 86Hlwy2hc pr lncessUCSBpartyAntl h?!GDATfltMLJLHOgmcak e gel some sleep FLAKESsmugDOCmissULldaPAPA DOblawDTBhl! Walt ... 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Runs, no formal 86 ' Blue 9 Power Blues Fest Hottub-colo sadles ' 85pap«r or p lallc the awefor some no superficial trash Espanolten dcr yearsmvT surrthanx mom dad luv ya Academics Editor — I hope you all like the senior section and hope everything was Ok Sorry if you pic lure was missing But you never showed up to have it taken Senior year was Wonderful Jamon MclXon- ncff June Licata focuses the camera Damian Zavala Seniors 81 m JUNIORS 82 Juniors Abel. Daniel Adams, Brian Adams, Tom Addy. Dale Alcazar, Richard Alexander, Christopher Alexander, Mark Alpert, Barl Alterman, Shcrl Ames, Kurt Anderson, Barbara Anderson, Gregory Anderson, Katherine Angerbrandt, Dwanyne Opposite Page, Left: Robert Reynolds hangs ten. Opposite Page, Right: Foothill ' s juniors are all smiles. Opposite Page, Center: Jennifer Luna looks forward to her senior year. Ashton, Pamela Left: Gretchcr Scherschel didn ' t put any accent in her lunch. Aust, Brian Babecl y, Cynthia Bailey. Liz Balnbrldge, Brett Baird, Traci Baker. Allan Baker, Greg Bakey. Kristen Ball, Scott Barnard, Melissa Bart. Randall Bear, Matthew Becker, Amy Bchn, Shanyn Bennett. Jole Beresford, Brooke Berg, Andreae unlors 83 Berry, Mike Berry, Jeff Bevans, Kristi Bish, Christina Bissin, Brooke Blackerby, Sheila Blake, Erik Bloom, Brett Boddy, Elizabeth Borm, Lisa-Anne Boshart, Phillip Botula, Dana Baussiacos, Tom Bovetas, Vasiliki Bowen, Steve Bowman, Paul Boyce, Mark Bradshaw, Jennifer Brandon, Robert Brauer, Barrett Bridge, Jennifer Brink, Alicia Brinkman, Michele Brock, Todd Above left: Debonair Dabney demonstrates his dan- dy deeds. Above right: The punk pit ponders new commandment for care unit bible. Right: Jim Nestor pauses to consider the meaning of life. Opposite Page, Maile Lilly looks lost. Ot " Juni( Stress Out! PSAT ' S, Colleges, SAT ' S, Achievement Tests. These were the things that Juniors had to think about, but wished they didn ' t. The Junior year was the time to start making the important decisions about the fast approaching future. Sandwiched between thoughts of who to take to Sadie Hawkins, and how to ask that special someone to the Prom, the Juniors also had to face these weighty issues. Spending a perfect-beach-weather Satur- day taking the SAT, was no ones idea of a good time, but to those Juniors hop- ing to attend College it was a mandatory sacrifice. The last two years of high school move quickly, and the future all too soon become the present. With these hurdles behind them. Foothill Juniors can have a relaxing summer. Coniglio, Christopher Conrad. Drew Conslantine, Jason Coombs, Dallas Brooks, David Brown. Susan Bruner, Elizabeth Bryant, Kimber Buckner, Bobby Bullock, Andrew Busalacchi, Frank Byrd, Brett Cahalan, Jennifer Carrig, Jennifer Cash, Paul Castro, Arthur Chambers. Adam Chang, Edward Chiang, Kenneth Chou, Thomas Chung, 11 Clark, Kristin Clarke, Kristina Clevenger, Jeremy Coderre, Shane Cohen, Hilda Cole, Christa Juniors 85 Cooper, Jared Cormier, Bradley Crane, Penelope Crosby, Scott Cuddyre, Christine Cunningham, Rex Junior President Paula Valle, as Junior class President, made a great effort to get every junior involved in junior year activities. According to Valle, the junior class was " wild, but kept itself under control. " She hoped that as seniors the junior class would realize that getting in- volved was extremely important and could add a lot to the class spirit. Valle worked exceptionally hard all year on various projects: " Cowboy and Indian Day " for the juniors ' dress-up theme during Homecoming week, class competitions, and the junior-senior prom, which was a great success. Curiel, Yvette Dabney, Andy Dains, Kathleen Danon, Steven Davis, Michael Deangelo, August Dee, Robert Deering, Nathan Denny, Paige Desilva, Chanaka Difronzo, Gregory Dodak, Kari Dumerton, Brenna Dunn, Stephen Dunphy, John Dutrisac, Laura Edman, Matthew Eisenman, Dana Endicott, Christopher Esquda, Sharon Esslinger, David Evans, Karen Evans, Kristi Farmer, Joel Ferris, Morgan Flynn, Sean Francis, Janet Frazier, Anna Fritts, Derek Fujita, Naoyoshi I Paula Valle, Junior Class President 86 Juniors Fukuda. Michael Fukushima. Kazumi Furry, Jill Gallagher. Debbie Galvez, Alicia Gaude. Gordon Gcideman. Thomas Geslcr, David Giesea, Jeffery Gill. Michael Giraldo, Jessica Goldberg. Beth Griffits. Darrin Guarnacci, Shannon Gunckel. Thomas Guzman. Karen Gwinup. Kevin Hager. Dwayne Hagmann, Kristin Hairston. Adam Hamilton. Betty Hammes. Sheri Hannegan. Bryan Hanson. Amy Hardage. Steven Harmon. Matthew Hauser. Matthew Hayman. Allison Haymond. Shannon Haytcr. Cory Heath, Jason Helfrich. Pamela Henderson, Christine Above: Glen Nicol needs his nourishment. Left: Diane Merker, Kaccy Knowles, and Karen Leaman share lunch and friendship. Junion 87 Hoff, Jennifer Horton, Mike Horvath, Aaron Horvath, Lisa Huang, Albert Huang, Jack Hurtt, Michelle Hussain, Nasreen Hutton, Eric Henderson, Earlicia Henson, Michele Hernandez, Devin Hernandez, Michael Herr, Julie Hertsgaard, Kristen Hibbert, Andrew Hicks, Barbara Higgins, Michael Ho, Helen MEims Jeltema, John Jimenez, Eddie Huynh, Phu Iftiger, Daniel Jacobs, Michelle Johnson, Chris Johnson, Gregory Making History To create patriotic citizens, the school decided to subject juniors to the task of studying U.S. History. An endless array of outlines, guidebooks, oral and written exams, essays, cur- rent events, and films were included in this package deal. History teachers guaranteed either a pass or fail at the end of the year, although excitement and interest were not in- cluded. OO Junk HPI l Johnson, LeAndra Johnson, Lisa Johnson, Mary Johnson, Shasle Johnson, Vivian Jones, Ashby Jones, Daniel Josipovich, Michela Judson, Laura Kambestad, Kathryn Kanno, Conrad Karcher, Christine Kavanagh, Stacy Keagy, Karen Kelty, Kathleen Kenzy, Karey Kershnar, Sara Keuilian, Shant Kim, Helen King, James King, Jeffrey Kiritschenko, Alex Kirkendall, Robyn Knowles, Kacey Koo, Cindy Kosuth, Kathryn Kreutz, Mica Kuchera, Lisa Kuntz, Michael Landon, Brian Langlois, Elise Larkin, Kimberly Lathrum, Richard Lau. Kenneth Leach. Jason Leaman, Karen Lee, Thomas Kathleen Kelty, Kim Powell, Jcni Price, and Christine McCarty enjoy Junior- Year friendship. Juniors 89 Left, Sarah Lemas, Noah Lemke, Celina Lesueur. Sabrina Leu and, Danielle Lewis, Dyer Lewis, Katie Lillard, Matthew Lilly, Maile Lin, Cindy Lin, Helen Lin, Horace Lindley, Daniel Livingstion, Kelly Lodgard, Kristen Logan, Brian It ' s Not The Same Old Story After English I and English II, Juniors were faced with an awesome responsibility . . . actually choosing their English class. Choosing? Well, sort of, if one did not count all the classes that were closed after the seniors registered first. A popular, but full class, was Fiction of the Future. Others included Modern American Novel, English and American Literature, and College Composition. Writing courses and literature courses, stories of the past, present, and future, English and American works, all added to the diversity of Junior English selections. Students had to choose whether to be faced with fears of nuclear war, the fall of the tragic hero, or the hopes of the American Dream. Lopex, Kimberii Lowe, Michelle Luna, Jennifer Mackinnon, Mickael Madole, Kent Madsen, Kara Mahan, Kimberly Manzo, Chris Manzo, Laurie Marchetti, Michael Marks, Jennifer Martin, Melanie P _-,. m r rr Mflj i B 1 iPq Martinez, Yvette Mauro, Melissa McCain, Michele McCarty, Christine McCauley. Moriah 90 Juniors McKeever. Michael McMains. Patrick Meany, Patrick Meline. Michael Mendoza, Elisa Merker, Diane Miller. Dale Miller. Joyce Miller. Nancy Min. Christine Montgomery. Mary Morbce. Michelle Morgan. Teri Mullins. Scott Mulroney. Christopher Norausky. Victoria Northcote. Kristin Norton. Nadra Nozick, Valerie Nunley. Sabryna O ' Neill, John Ojanpera. Jane Okamoto, Dina Olson. Christopher Orton. Tracy Pak, Andy Pak, Woodrow Palluck. Andrew Park. Anna Park. Dong Park, Lisa Paul, Bradford Peckham, William Phillips, Joseph Phillips, Matthew Phillips, Robert Plltz. Paige Pirozzi. Lisa Pohlman. Holly Myhra. Meghan Nestor, James Newcomb, Michael Newcum, Kari Nicol, Glenn Nicolai, Dina Left: Meghan Myhra and Sheri Alterman enjoy looking at football players pictures in the program. Opposite page: Adam Chambers, Myke Gorup, Glenn Nicol, and Cin- dy Ross check in at Homecoming. Nitzberg. Rachel Niven, Krista Noble. Christopher Junion 91 Poudevigne, Georgette Powell, Kimberly Price, Jenifer Pritchard, Christina Proctor, Kristina Radford, Janese Rainey, Tamera Ramming, Frank Rapaich, Dawn Raulston, Deanne Reber, Jeffrey Redding, Jamie Reed, Geoff Reed, John Reed, Melissa Regan, Linda Reynolds, Robert Rice, Heidi Richard, Peter Richardson, Mary Rieber, Gregory Rincon, Lisa Robinson, Anthony Rocco, Jason Romero, Laura Rosenberger, Greg Ross, Cynthia Roy, Janette Russie, Douglas Sachs, Linda Sadler, Tina Saik, Steven Sawyer, Kelly Sayles, Jamie Schaefer, Robert Scherbarth, John Special Activities Juniors had many fun things to look forward to as the school year approached. Two special events that were eagerly anticipated were the Junior Senior prom and the arrival of the class rings. Prom was an exceptional dance dedicated to the upperclassmen. It was the greatest dance and the social highlight of the year as a record number of Juniors and Seniors attended. The dance was especially significant to Seniors as it wasi the last dance of their high school years, and for the juniors it symbolized a step- ping stone into a new realm as upperclassmen. Receiving the class rings was always an exciting and long awaited event. Ordered during the Sophomore year, the rings arrived in the middle of the Junioi i year, just in time to be worn proudly by Soon-to-be Seniors. ' Left: Veronica Vasqucz models her new outfit. Opposite Page: Candid camera catches Kellji Sawyer consuming pencil. 92 Juniors Bia im Scherschel, Gretchen Schroeck, ChristI Schuiz, John Schwab. Anne Schwartz, Stephanie Scott, Michael Scxott, Steven Scott, Tracy Scrivens, Corey Sedmak, Scott Seiler, William Selman, Ashley Shaw, Stephanie Shepard, Michael Shipcott, Kurt Shneider, Michael Scortall, Daniel Shum, Jean Shum, Joan Shum, Rcmy Silver, Jeff Singer, Shannon Slattery, W. Daniel Slazas, Amy Smith, Jason Smith, Jennifer Smith, Kurt Smith. Stepanie Sopwith, Helena Souter, Stephen Juniors 93 Spears, Patrick Spears, Randall Sprayberry, Darren Springett, Esther Steaffens, Kimberly Steiner, Donald Stern, Ronald Stiverson, Tracy Stolte, Rick Stuart, Lauralie Sung, Un-Soo Surfas, Jason Swanson, Kristin Swenson, Kristopher Syn, Sumi Tanaka, Anne Tannenbaum, Julie Tanny, Elizabeth Teague, Ashley Telson, Robert Tepas, Christopher Terranova, Michele Thomas, Karissa Thomas, Katherine Thompson, Carrie Thompson, Todd Thornton, Paul Tran, Son Tundidor, Laura Underwood, Brenda Urbanski, Laurie Valdez, Sara Valle, Paula Vancleave, Michael Vanwinkle, Darlene Veje, Christian Villarreal, Nancy Wallin, Matthew Watson, Rebecca Weatherman, Kendall Wedemeyer, Daniel 94 Juniors Weissberg, Jason Weissman. Adam Welch, Greg Westre. Robert Whitaker, Chris White, Allyson White, Greg Whiteley, Sean Williams, Curtis Williams, Marianne Williams, Ronald Williamson, Ned Willis, Shawna Willsie, John Wimbush, Amy Wokurka, Jeffrey Wolfe, Steven Wood, Jared Wosinski, Bradley Wright, Brian Wright, Gerald Wu, Shirley Yakatan, Seth Yamashiro, Reid Yates, Matthew Young, Philip Yuc. Raymond Zaydel, Hayley H2S0- During their junior year many Foothill students had the pleasure of taking one of the favorite classes on campus. Yes folks we are talking about . . . Chemistry!! Those who were enrolled in Chemistry AP with Mr. Pfitzner (alias J. P.) were lucky enough to experience titrations, organic chemistry, and- everyone ' s favorite-molecular geometry. A highlight of the class was the day of the stoichiometry test, when many earned the privilege of using the vogue term " Stoichy " when speaking of this fun topic. Scott Crosby described the chemistry experience as being " totally cool " and, along with classmate John Collins, expressed interest in taking Science Seminar Chemistry during his Senior year, because the ex- periments in chemistry were " So much fun. " Opposite page: Julie Tannenbaum washes beakers; part of the chemistry fun. Left: Dina Nicolai, Scott Crosby, and Allan Baker prepare to blow up the world. Juniors 95 SOPHOMORES 96 Sophomores. Afravasi. Ardavan Aguilar, Andrea Alcaraz, Steven Aljamie, Laura Allen, Leslie Allen, Stacia Alverson, David Abraham, Scott Amdon, Mark Apana, Shannon Arnold, Paul Arsuaga, Susann Astor, Kevin Auer, Jason Aust, Eric Baren, Steve Barker, Chris Barloewen, Eric Barnes, Kimberly Barrett, Jason Barrett, Mick Bottom: Kevin Dlyea gets down and dirty. Center: Foothill Sophomores en- joy the game. Barton, Scott Bate, Richard Bauer, Elizabeth Bauer, Scott Bell, Steven Bennett, Jason Opposite Page Top Left: Sophomores demonstrate their spunk and school spirit. Top Right: Scott Katnik shows his best side for the camera Center: Danny Healy has his pie and eafi it too!! Sophomores 97 j| Bes hear, Bob Bevacqua, Natalie Birney, Katie Blackerby, Lori Blaney, David Blevins, Rachel Boche, Matt Boeck, Kristin Bogard, David Bonk, Jodi Boris, Brian Borm, Cynthia Bowman, Jahme Bowman, Scott Breen, John Bridenbecker, Bradford Brooks, Joanna Brugman, Laura Bryant, Christa Burns, Karen Lynn Buse, Michele Butcher, Lori Butler, David Calvetti, Roy Campbell, Jeff Cannon, John Carl, Adam Carroll, Jim Casey, Kolleen Cast, Crystal Bottom: Curtrs Kin, and Kim Marseilles enjoy sophomore camaraderie. Chaix, Stephanie Chalamidas, Melisa Charton, Robert Chen, Delbert Chen, Doris Chen, Marian 98 Sophomores Chowdowski, Brian Chou, Chung-lh Chuang, Deborah Clark, Elizabeth Claytor), Alena Clayton, Michael Colburn, Brock Conner, Crystal Conner, Michael Cook, Kristlne Cops, Kevin Costanza, Brian Cowdell, Brett Crally. Ronna Crowell, Michael Cunningham, Brian Curiel, Leticia Cutliff, Cari Danford, Julee Dannis, Ethan Dapkewicz, Eric Dardashti, Laura Davis, Charles Davis, Robert De Aenlle, Crystal Decarion, Suzanne Deese, Brett Degroot, Kevin Delnoce, Todd Delyea, Kevin Demkin, Stephanie Desilva, Menaka Dettor, Kristin Dore, Tom Dorono, Venus Sophomores Live it Up. The wheels, the sweet birthdays, well, hey, what more could one ask of life? They knew the ropes-everybody went through the freshman crisis and survived! Revising the accounts of the year Sophomores realized how they had kept their COOL. First, by picking on the freshmen, (general rule), not worrying too much about grades (leave it to the juniors, since they do it best), and the most important fact of all-to keep company with the SENIOR COOL. The young fools definitely took life easy-becoming the prime example that loving life, never killed anyone! Sophomores were like talking heads, telling true stories, about the WILD, WILD LIFE. Sophomores 99 Downs, David Duncan, Sharon Dunn, Julie Dunseath, Heather Duran, Michelle Eggers, Trina Ellis, Keith Enriquez, Maria Erickson, Joseph Ernst, Dan Evans, David Evans, Erika Fahs, Jennifer Ferbert, Jada Ferrari, Janett Ferris, Erin Ferry, Peter Fickett, Craig Fishbeck, Brittney Fisher, Andrea Fisher, Bobbi Fjeld, Martin Flanagan, Tohomas Flower, Brandy Fosse, Kathleen Foxe, Tanya Fragassi, Andrew True Sport Being a sports fan since he was in elemen- tary school, Todd Delnoce, a Sophomore, played on the Varsity Football team, the Baseball team, and the Sophomore Basket- ball team. Delnoce enjoyed playing basketball on the weekends with " the guys on the block, " and throwing around the football. Delnoce planned to go to Ohio State Universi- ty and " Play lots of sports. " Delnoce also said " I enjoyed the competition in sports and de- cided to make it a major part of my life. " After college Delnoce planned to work in the field of architecture. Delonce was a true Foothill sports player. Bottom: Monicee Vasquez smiles sheepishly at the Photographer. Franco, Joe Freeman, Brad Freeman, Valorie Frembgen, Pamela Gallagher, David Garcia, Eric 100 Sophomores Garrison, Amy Caspar. Michael Gates, Karl Gehly, Jason George, Patrick Gess, Brent Gibson, Carol Gillman, Margo Cllmore, Tom Gilstrap, Jeffrey Girard, Stephanie Gonzales, Delia Gordon, Andy Gourley, Grant Green, Lisa Greene, Richard Gugaslan, Arax Hallamore, Mark Ham, Brandon Hamby, Sabrlna Hammond, Sandy Hanger, Stephanie Hansen, Kirsten Hanson. Elizabeth Hartnctt, Tracey Harvey, Kimberly Hawkins, Thomas Hayes, Carter Healy, Daniel Heath, Joanne Kirstan Hanson wanders around during third period. Sophomores 101 Helffrich, Mary Jo Hemsley, Shayne Henrotin, Todd Hernandez, Erin Hess, Shawn Hibbard, Julie Higby, Jennifer Hildreth, Mari Hileman, Chris Hill, Kelley Hill, Mark Hinojosa, Diane Ho, Shaun Holland, Timothy Horrocks, Kellie Huang, Joyce Huerta, Jolynn Hufnagel, Jeffrey Hume, Douglas Hunt, Mary Icenhower, Troy Ivary, Julie-Anne Jackson, Tyler Jensen, Duane Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Dawn Katnik, Scott Karlsen, Rochelle Karlen, Christian Johnson, Debra Kaul, Kelly Kellerman, Edward Kelley, Robert Making the Ascent Uf Sophomore year was a little further up the hill of life. Sophomores were regarded with a lift more tolerance by the reigning upperclassmen. As the cars came along, so did the better social a tivities. Mom or dad were no longer waiting in their station wagons for Dick and Jane. Sixtee became the magic year for many teens to date. It was no longer the group date, but the actual or on one experience. Going to the movies was no longer the popcorn in hand, but the hand in hani Sophomores were slowly making the ascent up and it definitely had its benefits. 102 Sophomores Sophomores 103 Lee, Joanne Leitner, Curtis Lema, Chris Lengle, Ryan Lerch, Julie Ley, Mark Lin, Cheryl Lin, Hubert Lin, Joshua Lin, Karen Lindholm, Timothy Lissner, Maryann Livengood, Paul Lofand, Doug Long, David Loonam, Ed Lopez, Sonya Lugo, Audrey The Excitement Grows Everybody was healthy and safe this year. All the sophomores had to take Health and Safel as a graduation requirement. They all got to learn about the body and how it functions-from hca to toe. The eager students got to learn much about hair follicles and epidermis, but the excitr ment got really going when they got to the respiratory system. Some teachers required a repo on a subject dealing with health. Some finished theirs the night before , by staying up all nigf with 8 cups of coffee There were a couple of guest speakers which they tried to embarrass throughout with " cai did " questions. Seeing how some students were filled with emotion about " The body and how it Works, " thi teachers decided to break to them the news about CPR. Yes, everybody found out it was not profanity but Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation-a method easily learned and perfected with plastic dummy. Above: Todd Delnoce, limbos his life away. 104 Sophomores Lyon, Suzanne Macdonald, Diana Mackay, Paul Mackintosh, Kathleen Maclachlan, Andrew Manely, Shelly Mann, Steve Mann, Valerie Marino, David Marseilles, Kimberly Martinez, Joseph Marzo, Justin Mayemura, Robin Mazurie, William McClish, Matthew McCue, Amy McDermid, Wendy McHenry, Chad Mead. Gary Mehlberger, Steve Meloni, David Merrell, Janet Mew, Alicia Miles, Terrance Miller, David Molnar, Andre Moon, Ingrid Moore, Thomas Morgan, Dana Mountain, John Moussavian, Neela Murray, Scott Musch, Adam J, Near, Julie Ncrmon. Brooks Newton, Jason Above: Brett Cowdell vigorously sherses after the ball. Sophomorei 105 O ' toole, Tracy Olson, Kiersten Opittek, Eugene Ortiz, Rebecca Otto, Jeffrey Padilla, Elisa Pan, Dina Panthaky, Shireen Parker, Corey Parker, Michael Parker, Tinnothy Parks, Theodore Parsons, Vanessa Patton, Christopher Pepin, William Pendersen, Cinder Perrot, Jennifer Persson, James Peterman, Stephen Pleso, Erik Pluimer, Roman Pollak, Holly Potts, John Powell, Marcilyn Prestinary, Patricia Price, Julie Quinn, Stephen Quirk, Maureen Rainey, Donald Ralston, Scott Randall, Kristen Randell, Devlin Reddy, Kara-Alyn Reed, Jeannette Regan, Cynthia Regan, David The Task of Driving. Sophomores had a fun year! There was no reason not to have it. The Freshmen blues were over-that nagging queasiness of walking into a wrong class (filled with seniors, of course) or the humiliation of being " canned " were finally REALLY over. I Among the nicest things that happened was the fact that most everyone was eligible to obtain a drivers licence. One had to pass Drivers Ed. with Mr. V, but other than that getting the pink slip was " cake " . The only thing left after was to give Mr. Roberts, the behind the wheel instructor a couple of good scares and heartattacks before really going to " Santa Ana ' s own " DMV. There they had to take a test where they couldn ' t miss more than seven questions. After passing the infamous test, everybody got a treat! They got to ride with a complete stranger that pronounced right and left the same way-the stranger was not some romantic and alluring kind of stranger, but the DMV tester. The adventure was not yet over. Once the tester gave everybody a 100%, they all proceeded to line up and have their picture taken (which, of course turned many modeling scouts eyebrows, for its artistic value.) 106 Sophomores Ressler. John Revelle, Karen Richardson, Cherie Richardson, Cynthia Robinson, Julianne Rosen, Rebekah Rowe, Brian Roy, Heather Russell, Michael Ryan, Julie Saik, David Sampica, David Samuelson, Jennifer Sangermano, Louis Schlothauer, Christian Schneider, Joel Schneuder, Traci Schuler, Peter Schultz, Stephanie Schwantes, Scott Schvuarz, David Scott, Donna Scott, Greg Scott, Ron Seaver, Scott Shahandeh, Rena Sharp, Theodore Shaw, Julie Shaw, Sarah Sheng, Susan Sherman, Ryan Sicbert, Kerri Silver, Douglas Simmons, Robert Simpson, Lee Skjerven. Jill Bottom: Susan Arsuaga, Andrea Fisher, and Erika Kinker discuss Homecoming Night. Sophomores 107 Smartsy, Tricia Smldt, Craig Smith, Bradley Smith, Heidi Smith, Tricia Snow, Wendy Soderwall, Mark Somerndike, Scott Sommers, Jocelyn Srinath, Arun Stafford, Felicity Stanfield, Tanya Stankovits, Sid Stanley, Alicia Starnes, Peter Stauffer, Mark Steiner, Earl Stern, Brian Stern, Lana Stevens, Tania Stewart, Lisa Stone, Jonathan Stoutenberg, Richard Stover, John Stuart, Craig Sullivan, Sean Summers, Tully Taffolla, Frances Takahashi, Mark Takenaka, Yoko Taylor, Clay Terbush, Anthony Thomas, Jeffrey Thorne, Jon Threshie, David Ting, Patricia Tiono, Faye Todd, Charlton Tomasick, Danielle Treichler, Karen Tucker, Guy Tundidor, Jose Turk, Craig Ubl, Terrence Valenta, Robert Vanpelt, Ward Veiga, Melissa Veje, Mike Walker, Kristen Wallace, Michael Wallach, Barrle Warner, Ben Watson, Eric Watts, Carolyn 108 Sophomores Biology is Life. As a sophomore student sat in his third period Spanish class he thought about his fourth period Biology class, which had him in total awe. As he sat staring at the clock hopelessly waiting for the bell to ring, he wondered what grade he would receive on the day ' s inquiry. He also day dreamed about the day ' s lab experiment. Biology was a class that studied life. Working in the lab gave the Sophomore students a sense of responsibility. They got a chance to work with microscopes, sterile solutions and test tubes, which made them feel important. Learn- ing about chromosomes and mitoisi gave a person a whole new outlook on the rest of the day. Above: Terry Ubl offers the camera a piece of his yummy morsel. Bottom: Jenny Perrots Models for the camera. Webb, Chris Weir, Thomas Werasophon, Sandy Wesfre, Alex Wilcox, Tracy Wiley, Lori Wilhelm, Katrina Williams, James Williams, Jon Willlford, Darrell Wilson, Danny Womack, Jason Wong, Kevin Wosinski. Jacob Wright, Shane Wu, Gloria Yarberry, Alison Yoder, Laura York. Stacey Zindars, Dana Zurn, Jack Sof omores 109 FRESHMEN 110 Sophomores Alcumbrac. Kieran Alford. Jeffery Allen. Lauri Anderson, Amy Anderson, Carl Anderson, Jennifer Andreosky, Nicholas Ark, Peter Arnold, Samantha Ash, Jeffery Austin, Jeffery Bablot, t arc Baker, Keith Barrett, Laura Barrett, Matthew Barrett, Susan Barron, Cori Baur, Elizabeth Opposite Page Top Left: Coyish Cori Barron sits with sophomore Keith Ellis. Opposite Page Top Right: Gregg Clark tells it to his friend, Jim Holley, the way he sees it. Opposite Page Bottom: Mary Timassy demonstrates the winning serve in volleyball. Above Left: Freshman Monica Vasquez grabs sophomore friend Melanie Hamilton to pose for this photo. Below Left: Yiffinay McNaughton and Savana Halevy show their enthusiasm in Drama. Baughman, Selina Bear, Stephan Beneker, Kristen Bennett, Stacey Berman, Vicki Bernstein, Jennifer Berry, Georgi Bletscher, Chad Borgen. Christopher Borges, Gregory Boseker, Resa Bosko, Michael Bowen, Patricia Brandon, Gregory Brant. Jesse Brown, Matthew Brown, Pamela Bullock, Holly Freshmen 111 Buschmann, Heidi Bush, Dana Campbell, Michelle Canale, Joseph Caraccio, Lisa Carrig, Melissa Casteel, Christopher Ceja, Christopher Chang, Susan Chennavasin, John Chiu, David Chizhik, Alexander One Step Beyond. Each freshman had their worries about high school? What would it be like? Would it be nice? Will I like it? Junior high school was just the first step into a freshmens future, but high school was the biggest change that a freshmen goes through. If someone wants to go to col- lege, they ' ll have to go through high school to get there. It was also a way to make new friends, and change ones life. It was fun and exciting. Freshmen really should not have worried about high school; especially since they were going to the best school around! Right: The Foothill Knights were cheered to victory by these lovely ladies who stopped cheering to pose for this freshman photo; (from L to R) Kristen Kliese, An- ii I ' ' i i na Gregg, Jennifer Lu, and Bridget Hewett. Christy, Stephanie Chuang, Diana Chung, Pil Sun Clark, Gregory Clayton, Holly Cobb, Shelley Cooper, Jason Tyler Coronado, Leroy Correa, Jennifer Cotman, Daniel Crane, Matthew Crofton, Alexa 112 Freshmen Crowell, Jim Curtis, Alison Custer, Andrew Czoberek. Kim Dabney. Christian Davis, Douglas Davis, Tyler Dawson, Valerie Dean, Robert Deckert, Juliet Delvaux, Mark Dettor, Kevin Djang, Jennifer Donnelly, Kent Duarte. Jonathan Ebert, Shannon Eckenrod, John Ellison, Andrea Elmer, Eric Fanti, Kevin Farney, Patricia Faure, Karine Fischel, Jeffrey Flores, Michael Foltz, Lisa Ford. Schna Forge, Sean Foster, Michelle Franklin, Matthew Frutos, David Fuchs, Evan Fulton, Denise Furry. Kimberly Gabelsberg, Jason Freshmen 113 Freshman Physical Education. It was the first year in high school and one of the classes that everyone had to take was the dreaded P.E. The sports played through the year were chosen by the special coaching staff at F.H.S. to help keep those young bodies in shape and to perhaps create some in- terest in certain sports. Along with playing soccer, itL-sijafs. - -■ ' i mmm m volleyball, and or softball, there was the dreaded Presidential Physical Fitness Tests. These test had the freshman doing anything from doing a flexibility test to running a timed mile. But before they knew it, the year was over and so was P.E. Top Left: Steven Bare raced to the finish line at the end of a one mile run, Top Right: but Dave Walker decided to talte a nap instead Opposite Page Bottom Alison Oliveira runs to save the play in P.E. Gagen, James Gagen, Shelly Galey, Brian Gandeza, Joel Garceau, Denise Geneva, Jason Gibbs, Trina Gilbertson, Erik Gilbreath, Ali Gin, Jennifer Goldberg, Eliana Goldstein, Amanda Gorup, Dane Grahn, Matthew Gregg, Anna Grissenger, Jeremy Gustavson, Jan Hagland, Robert Hairston, Jason Halevy, Sivana Hallamore, Nicole Hancock, Jim Hansen, Shawna Harmon, Heather 114 Freshmen Harris, Colleen Harris, Wendy Hayashi, Daiyu Heard, Kristin Heinisch, Marc Hendricks, Robert Herr, Nicole Hewett, Bridget Hill, Lawrence Hipsak, Stacy Hoggatt, Gene Holder, Zachary Holley, James Hoover, Randy Irani, Yasmeen Jackson, Catherine Jackson, Richard Jacobs, Darren Janis, Jeffery Jezowski, Broc Joffe, Mike Johnson, Cindy Johnson, Erik Johnson, John Johnson, Melinda Jorgensen, Becki Kaesler, Chrissy Kane, James Karlsen, Paul Keegan, Amanda Kelly, Colby Kent, Erin Kershnar, Rebecca Keuilian, Talin Kim, Stefanie King, Tamara Freshmen 115 Freshman Fears For some of the freshmen, the fears of being stuffed into a locker, deposited into a trash can or tied to a tree was reality; but to most this was just a myth. The real fear came from the new kind of homework. Some might have become frustrated after just a month of school while others found it as a challenge. Well, all that can be said for the frustrated ones is to hang in there ' cause you have just three years to go, and then it will be all over. Watch out for senior jocks, or the myths heard might become reality! Right: Drama was just one of tlie many elective classes to take at FHS. Here, Arrin Kent and John Newcomb act out a scene in a play. Kirn, Kevin Kliese, Kristen Koenig, Jenifer Kontny, Natascha Kovacev, Robert Kubota, Russell Kwan, Yuen Labat, Michelle Lachance, Cheri Larson, Erik Lawlor, Angel Leach, Judd Lee, Amanda Leitner, Chris Lema, Joey Last, Laura Leupold, Melissa Liang, Yue-June Lin, Jack Malueg, Carley Manzo, Dominic Marcoux, Sionainn Marks, Heather 116 Freshmen lii ' UW Left: (from left to right) Senior Darcy Pinncy tells freshman Alidon Olivcira, Shelly Gagen, and (bottom left) Holly Clayton Foothills ' " facts of life. " Marlin, Tahlia Marquis, Lisa Ann Martin, Kayce MEM Martinez. Adann Mc Cain, Marcie Mc Fadden, Matthew Mc Gehee, Ronald Mc Kittrick, Scott Mc Natt, Julie Mc Naughton, Tiffany Means, Loren Mecham, Megan Melville, Joseph Mendez, Gina Merchant, Leslie Metcalfe, Craig Metzger, Brett Metzger, Joelle Meyer, Tara Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Jeremy Millett, Elliott Mitchell, Edie Mitchell, Frances Mojarro, Jerry Montford, Mitchele Murphy, Liam Myhra, Kris Nabhan, Hema Nakamura. Ryan Freshmen 117 Naylor, Jason Nermon, Jeffrey Nesbitt, Kristine Neville, Todd Newcomb, Johnathan Nichols, Tami Nishiyama, Traci Niu, Katherine Nosier, Cameron O ' Keefe, Erin Oak, Steve Odiam, Leslie Oliveira, Alison Olson, Sherri Ordway, Anne Mary Otoupalik, Bradley Two places where all kinds of kids young and old loved to go and spend some time. First, (Opposite Page Center) it ' s to the pizza parlor for dinner, and (Above) then next door for some frozen yogurt for dessert. Pak, Cecilia Palluck, Bryan Pashley, Michael Patton, Heidi Pearson, Chad Perkins, Deanna Pfahler, Travis Pfortmiller, Lisa Phillips, William Photoglou, Mark Pieterse, Joy Pinkerman, Rick 118 Freshmen Pinkerton, Jesse Pope, Sheila Rackliffe. Brandon Ramer, Charles Ramirez, Jessica Randall, Eric Reamer, Suzan Rasmussen, Sandi Randazzo, Kimberly Reback, Daniel Reber, Marrietta Ressler, Ashley The Hang-Outs. Some people might not understand what the word " hang- out " means but it refers to the places where high schoolers can go with their friends to eat, talk, and have fun. Back in the earlier generations, when most kids parents went to high school, they went to places like Angelo ' s where they would meet friends and show off their cars. (Angelo ' s was somewhat like Arnolds in the television series " Happy Days " .) This happened after the " stone age " as some would say. In the 80 ' s it was no longer burgers, fries and a coke but pizza, seltzer water and frozen yogurt. The hang-out may change through the years, but will still be the place where kids meet. Reynolds, Catherine Reza, Crystal Rhcinschild, Gary iA_LM.lM.ul V [iti ,,. V .N» «ff l« ' Rice, Brian Richardson, Tammy y mill Roberts, Kati Robinson, Ricky Roby, Allison Romero. Paul Rowe, Barbara Rowe, Jennifer Russell, Nancy Sakamoto, Scott Salata. Jason Sanfilippo, Nicholas Sauls, Brian Schafer. Amy Schwartz, Stephanie Freshmen 119 Right: Freshman Chris Borgen studies for his next class. Below: Amy Stinlie and Mandy Lee stop to smile for the camera. Scott, Tyler Serrato, Alfred Shahbazian, Roy Shanahan, John Shapiro, Todd Shields, Traci Shugarman, Lisa Silva, Caries Sirota, Naalla Skonezny, Paul Slobodynskyj, Roman Smith, Christen Sodini, Melanie Solera, Gwendolyn Sousa, Shawn Spencer, Sonia Sprayberry, Dain Stanley, Christy Steinle, Amy Stomp, Richard Suan, Tara Syrjanen, Heli Tarr, Addison Tarshis, Kristi Lunch Break. Hanging around the school during lunch was the only thing to do while waiting for 5th period. Some looked forward to lunch as a chance to take a break from the academic strain on the brain. During this time, while the seniors were away, and (also some of those juniors and sophomores who man- aged to sneak out to lunch) the freshmen were left at school to fend for themselves and find something to do. The choices one had were either standing around talking with friends, stu- dying for classes or even take off 5 minutes to scarf down lunch. The year was all in all a great year that included meeting great new friends, getting good grades, and eating good food from the cafeteria . . . well, two out of three wasn ' t bad. 120 Freshmen Turney, Sara VanTuyle, Jennifer Vasquez, Monica Vigna, Carey Left: Chris Dabney and Sid Stanklvic disagree about what they should " • do after school. Below: For Christy Stanley it ' s a quick bite then back to the books. Tehran!, Hassan Thompson, Jennifer Thompson, Julianne Thompson, Nicole Thon, Tracy Thornton, Creston Timassy, Mary Todd, Daniel Tovar, David Tran, ThuThuy Truban, Joyce Tsai, Karen Turknette, Carolyn Vreeland, Jens Weir, Richard Werth, Justin Whipple, Virginia Wilhelm, Victoria Wilkinson, Mark Williams, Fredrick Wimbush, Scott Wingo, Derick Wood, Jeson Wright, Robert Wu, Bernice Freshmen 121 - 5 ? « ' ' milky- ■m ffj mifiii FACULTY 122 Faculty Sub-Diuision J. Bauer B. Benson J. Hanson C. Layton G. Tuchman M. Ross J. Amdon J. Glasgow B. Rose B. Salerno Principal: J. Turner Vice Principal: R. Robbins Opposite Page Left: Mr. Caspar enjoys playing with one of his many dif- ferent science toys. Opposite Page, Right: Mr. Turner on one of his weekly hunts for cutters. Opposite Page, Center: Mr. Korich tries to be patient as he listens to a fellow teacher. Vice Principal: B. Wagner Facuhii 123 !F f S. Briese L. Burchell S. Chen D. Cook C. Cutti IIJI Top Right: Mrs. Watermen smiles for the Birdy. Bottom Left: Mr. Reames tries to compute racketball scores. R. Evans P. Feher L. Dean J. Booth 124 Facu ty S. Gltthens S. Gray C. Grubbs Brock Wagner. Brock Wagner, a graduate form the neighboring school Drange High School, was transferred from Tusting High school to serve as the new assistant Principle in place of Job Lincourt, the previous Assistant Principle of Foothill. 4e served as the assistant Principle at Tusting High jchool for five years but the district decided there was a eed for him at Foothill. The Assistant Principles job consisted of funning the of- ice computer system, and he was in charge of the support services. Also he was responsible for the activities that were held at foothill during the year. Even though Tustin iigh School and Foothill High School are rival Schools in ithletics, academics and other Aspects, Wagner says, ' They both have equal amounts of spirit towards their ichools. " fop: Sherry Sevcrson is excited about her phone conversation. D. Harris S. Herzog J. Hogan K. Haward J. Hill H. Hummel! C. Kazmierowicz J. Kettering G. Korlch Faculty 125 G. Larson G. Milne T. Munhall R, Nichols R Luna P. Milligan L. Minne T. Mullen L. Myers E. Nicolai P. Noble J. Nolan Extended Reading. This year Foothill students under the new extended reading program were required to read four novels each eighteen weeks. This program was approved by the English curriculum committee before the beginning of the new term. Each novel on this program was based on the members of the committee. They were tested every four to five weeks based on the novel they read. The program enabled students to widen their vocabulary, develop writing styles, give them the ability to communicate and a broader experience in literature. V A. Olesen B. Osborne v. Osborne W. Oster L. Perkov J. Pfitzner 126 Faculty G. Sedoo J. Severson S. Severson Top Left: Mr. Githens giving his daily lecture on a exciting topic. Bottom Right: A new sight on Foothills campus Mr. Kazmierowicz. Opposite Page, Far Right: Mrs. Herzog shows the proper octave to sing Rudolph the red nose Reindeer in. Faculty 127 D. Stout D. Thomas C. Tempelton J. Terry T. Tomlinson G. Waibel J. Wallach W. Ward G. Waterman N. Waterman J. Weightman G. Wodinsky D. Wood H. Woodroffe B. Zeich Top Right: Mr. Boycs shows the proper amount of silver nitrite to use to develop a special picture. 128 Facuhi; SiMPUS SUPERVISORS AND COUNSELING TECH. — (RL) Craig Sufficool, Kim Cebruw, Debbie Car- lo. Yolanda Escarzaga. CUSTODIANS — Denver Harris, Celeste Grubbs (Plantforeman), Ray Shaver. i« » i « v ' % ' J si DOD SERVICE WORKERS — Front Row — R. Mokski, R. Benait, L. Parra, M. Hirt. J. Arellans. S. Thompson. Second Row — C. Anato. M Haugen. B Boecl. D Marine, R. Waeker. 129 Dances, senior munches, recognition days, along with others make up what we call ac- tivities. But what did they have? As we see it, Activities were the soul of our high school lives. They are the things that kept us going. Soon we would forget an exam, or a paper we had to turn in, but never would we forget the day we came to school wearing sheets instead of clothes, and lounged around in chariots, while others stuffed our faces with grapes. That big Geometry assignment would soon be forgotten, but an elegant evening on the town wearing tuxedoes and formals, while a limousine drove us to a fine dinner house, then on to the Prom, would not be so easily forgotten. Activities got us through the hard times. Just thinking about the upcoming Papa Do Run Run dance would give us the extra push to get an A on our oral report. Right: Danny Staufer docs his Michael Jackson impres- sion at the senior munch. Opposite Page, Rigiit: Kristi Wood is honored to be on Homecoming court. Opposite Page, Far Right: Kent Nadol is not very sure about Karen Evans egg dropping skills. Opposite Page, Top: Randy Brink, Mike Bernamontti and Paul Frutos are Foothill ' s Little Rascals. We also saw activities as a way to express ourselves. Each imaginative costume we created especially for the recognition day or the Hallo- ween munch showed a side of us even we might not have known about. We used these events as an excuse to bring out our true selves. We also saw activities as friendship builders. The time spent putting together the perfect costume, or deciding where we planned to dine for winter formal created a bond between us that could never be broken. As we see it, activities were the heart and soul of high school. The time we spent towards them, the hopes we made for them, and the bonds that were created through them are the memories of high school we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 130 Activities Diuision Page Actiuities Diuision Page 131 The Homecoming Game was filled with excitement and anticipation. Fall was about to turn into winter, but not un- til Foothill had its new Homecoming Queen. The court consisted of Mindy Allen, Bev Elliot, Tiffany Chandler, Shannon Hill, and Kristi Wood, each girl wondering who would be the one. Each princess was chauffeured in a con- vertible Mercedes past cheering friends and relatives. Given the red carpet treatment onto the field, the girls stood with their supportive fathers, and the tension mounted. Foothill ' s 1986 Homecoming Queen was none other than Tiffany Chandler. The fireworks flew to add sparkle to the night and Queen Tiffany ' s name was in bright lights. The night after, at the Homecoming Dance, the Knights of Foothill: Mark Dunn, Paul Fisher, Scott Galey, Mike Gazzaniga, and Randy Laycock were given their share in the limelight. This time, royalty was handed to Scott Galey. The King and the Queen shared a dance together and everlasting memories had been embronzed. Above: Mindy Allen anxiously waits for the night to begin. Top Right: Shannon Hill smiles brightly. Right: Foothill ' s 1986 Homecoming Court Opposite, top left: Tiffany Chandler gets the royal treatment. Opposite, top right: Tiffany Chandler cries with joy. Opposite, right: Bev Elliot is filled with nervous anticipation. Opposite, far right: Kristi Wood takes royalty in stride. 132 Homecoming Court Homecoming Court, Royally Yours -KM ' S l b ft " t ' ' ■HK f ' W ' PRINCESS Homecoming Court 133 Right: Shanon Singer is surprised that John Amneus would pose without her. Top Right: K. Atkins and N. Vecchione find comfor- table seats on the laps of Devon Hernandez and Pat Spears. Top Left: Holly Polland, Devon McCloud, Brad Cox, and Cathy Coffey fall to the floor after vigorous dancing. Above: Mike Crowell and Scott Primose sing " Walk This Way. " 134 Homecoming Dance Bottom: Veronica Vasquez and J. Russo enjoy slow dancing. Below: Stephanie Schwartz, Heidi Rice, and Hayley Zaydel gossip about who showed up at the dance. I HT " K w i l IS S I BKt " I B I iWm0ili ' ..yi Hit V H V .K U K K r ' ' ■mF ' ! J§, A Truly Endless Knight " Mom, what time do I have to be home? " " Well, since tonight is Homecoming ... I want you home at 2:00 a.m. " " Thanks, Mom. " Sound like a familiar conversation? For some people the " Thanks, " was sincere, but for others it was just something ex- pected of them. Although this was so in previous years, the dance contained a different element. Early on October 26, (the morning after the dance), the clocks were moved back one hour. This gave the knights a truly " Endless Knight, " the theme of the 1986 Homecoming Dance. Magic seemed to be in the air. Not only was the night curiously longer, but the Top 40 music, which was played by Rem brant, wondcrously filled the air. Many couples and groups got their pic- tures taken, and they also danced the night away. The Student Senate did a terrific job planning the yearly event at the Disneyland Hotel. Homecoming Dance 135 ?• ■ V 136 j Senior Munch Picture Senior Murifti Picture JLkJ On October 30, 1986 the seniors at Foothill busily put on costumes and raced through fog and traffic to the Knott ' s Berry Farm Senior Munch. Due to fog and traffic the munch was delayed. The seniors were then faced with a difficult decision, whether to take the senior munch picture or to get the full time of entertain- ment. The seniors wanted to do both and miss fourth period, but the administrators d id not want them to miss it. Breakfast was then served. After eating an ap- petizing feast consisting of scrambled eggs, hashed potatoes, biscuits, sausages, and drinks, they held a contest for the most outrageous costume, and were entertained by Tony Angelo, a hypnotist. The munch was a complete success. In the end, the senior munch picture was taken. Knott ' s administrators stated: " This is the best high school group we have ever had at Knott ' s. " Above: Darryl Hein proves that he is the king of Rock-n-Roli Top: Tiffany Chandler, Sue Davis, Becky Marr " Walk This Way " Above left: Diana Robinson a.k.a. Madonna sings " Like A Virgin ' Darryl Hein and Julie Johnson look on Left: Danny Stauffer tries to restrain from itching you know what as 138 Senior Munch - Seniors Munch Out Above: Scott Galey (Bartles) and Eric Merker (Jaymcs) thank you for your support Top: Meghan Otoole, Bryce Robinson, and Laura Stevens ask: " Is this where we audition for the Sound of Music? " Above left: Mrs. Wallach, Coach Simcox, Brock Wagner, Jim Turner, and Al Marzilli just arrived on the last flight in from Mars Left: Frances Yount, Julie Brouk, Michelle Pashley, Tracey Oliveira, and Inja McGehee sing " ABC it ' s as easy as 123 . . . " Senior Munch 139 Hurrah For Hollywood The theme of ' Hollywood ' for the Senior Class ' s recognition day on October 20, 1986, seemed very similar to the L.A. theme used the previous year by the seniors. This year ' s senior class president. Tiffany Chandler, felt that ' Hollywood ' was a good theme to use due to the variety of submissions for a theme idea. The class of 1987, as in previous years, showed tremendous school spirit. More than half of the class came to school dressed as movie stars, movie characters, directors, prostitutes, bag ladies, and various other creations seen wandering the streets of everyday Hollywood. Many seniors expressed their lik- ing for the theme by saying that they enjoyed the broadness and the tremendous variety of costumes they could create for this theme. They felt that the day " started Homecoming Week with much school spirit, and many seniors wanted to dress up. " However, most seniors felt that quad decorations could have been bet- ter and made to look more exciting. All in all, though, the seniors had a wonderful day and will surely remember their last dress-up day at Foothill for years to come. Right: Diana Robinson enjoys the glamour that goes with being Dolly Parton Top: Scott Galey obviously forgot his lunch money Above: Tiffany Chandler is on the lookout for rival gangs Senior Recognition Da j -BIRDS Above: Karl Kovac sells his merchandise to Becky Klein Top: Randy Brink, Mike Bernamonti, and Paul Frutos are " little rascals " at school Middle: Candee Calwell and Bev Elliott are having a rough day Left: John Shank thinks he ' s a hip dude Senior Recognition Daii 141 Right: Kristi Bevans and cowboy stud Dale Addy make a final peace treaty. Top: The capture of Indian Katie Lewis brings pleasure to Jessica Giraldo, Christine McCarty and Grctchen Scherschcl. Above: Brett Bloom the psychotic cowboy was on the loose. 142 Junior Recognition Dai lelow: Cowpokc Mike Marchetti rounds up the rustler Jeff Silver, as Aatt Lillard watches. }elow Middle: Morgan Ferris fears that A. J. Palluck will destroy his leautiful smile. iottom: Indian squaws Stefanie Schwartz and Heidi Rice wonder ibout Cowgirl Dina Nicolai. iottom Right: Ashley Selman and Paula Valle are Indian sisters orever. Burning skies nestled in the hollow hills of Foothill provided the perfect setting for Junior Recognition Day. Their turn out was enormous, the best in years. Cowboys and Indians marked the theme for the creative Juniors. Walking onto the campus one spotted native, teepees scattered along the congested Quad. Freshly painted cardboard saloons lined the cold, concrete stage. Going across the campus one found cowboys playfully playing the part of unsung heroes. Donning ten gallon hats, Levis, boots and Western style shirts they were ready for anything. The Indians wore suede outfits, headbands and carried tomahawks. Their makeup colorized the gray day. Everyone joked around with their costumed friends. Even though the day did not last forever, they made the most of it. When the sun set under the hollow hills, the cowboys and their friends the Indians hopped on their horses and rode off into the quiet serenity of Orange County. Ride em up ' , ride em out ' , Rawhide. Juniors Round Em ' Up. Junior Recognition Day 143 Sophomores Go Ape To the students of Foothill High it seemed as if they were walking into a remake of a Tarzan movie. On October 22, the Foothill quad was converted into a wild jungle with tribal women and safari explorers. All that was expected now was an African tiger to walk through the quad or to hear an elephant blow its trumpet in the distance. During lunch break they pulled out their rugs to watch the four tribes of Foothill take place in the limbo game. The Sophomore tribe proved their independence by beating all the other tribes and coming out victorious in all other eyes. Right: Christa Bryant is back in civilization quenching iier thirst. Top Right: David Miller goes bananas. Top Left: Laura Yoder takes her turn at limbo. Above: Kara Reddy takes aim at an elephant. 144 Sophomore Recognition Doij Above: Eric Dapkewicz talks to his pet parrot. Top: Carrie Cutliff and Wendy McDcrmid take a lunch break. Left: Mark Soderwall can ' t take any more school. Sophomore Recognition Day 145 Above: Tera Myers hopes she ' s got enough P i sun protection. Top right: Judd Leach and Kristen Herd shoot the breeze while Derek Wingo looks on. Right: Greg Clark dreams of gnarly waves. 146 Freshman Recognition Da Surf ' s Up, But The Surfers Aren ' t It was a cool fall day, 1986, but the freshman class wanted to bring back the summers of the 1960s. " Surfing 60 ' s " lived for a day at Foothill High. Unfortunately, the moon doggies and Gidgets were still at the beach or something. Freshmen usually show the most spirit for high school activities because of their overflowing ex- citement about the new environment. But unless Maui and Sons lived twenty years ago, the surfers were hard to be found. Towels were wrapped around girls ' waists and peace signs were painted on their faces. But what about the guys? They probably couldn ' t part company with their surfboards. Surf City was on the map for a day, but cardboard beaches and one- dimensional waves didn ' t seem to appeal to a generation of California dudes and dudettes who want the real thing. Left: Denise Fulton dons her 50 ' s beachwear for Cecelia Pak. Bottom: Melissa Leapold brings a smile for the unex- cited Joe Franco and Kristi Nesbitt. Freshman Recognition Day 147 : )C xm: Top Left: The skinheads patiently wait for their hair to grow back. Above: Chris Swenson modestly displays his unmodest haircut. Bottom Right: Matt Wallin goes for the layered look. Top Right: Jessica Gilbreath and Caleen Blackman like the black jersey look. 148 Fashion Fashion Statements Fads and fashions come and go, and it ' s a true task to keep up with them. Guys and girls each have their own sense of style and this is seen all over the campus of Foothill. Fall and winter offered prime weather for some hot dressers. Long coats, scarfs, and sweaters were the most popular items to mix and match. Patterns were bold or subtle among both genders. Guys were becoming more fashion conscious. They were starting to button up their shirts, tighten their belts, and look for shoes in any other color besides Nike white. Pants were narrower at the ankles, and most girls chose to adorn their legs in boots, high and low, fringed or buckled, red, white, or black. Silver was the metal to be seen in, from bracelets and earrings to belts and shoes. The look was Vogue, GQ, mod, ska, punk, conservative, surfer, rocker, or something in between. No one fashion statement was predomi- nant, but put together, they created a definite exclamation of self-expression and imagination. Top: Karen Burns, Patricia Prestinary, Leslie Allen, Tracy O ' Toole, Debra Johnson, and Crystal Deanelle show a conglomeration of styles. Left: Dana Zinders poses casually while Jocelyn Sommers opens her locker. Above: Together, Eddie Jiminez and Brad Wosinskcy are ready for winter and fall. Fashion 149 A New Twist To Togas On October 24, 1986, the Foothill High campus witnessed a transformation. Instead of trendy Levi ' s, stir- rups, and oversized shirts and sweaters, the class of 1987 donned Greek-style togas and drove their chariots to school. This facsimile of a frat toga party had become tradition in past years and had been celebrated by " ser- vants " serving their " masters. " A common sight on that day was a servant hand-feedin grapes to his master, along with other fruits, fast food, ani donuts. In 1987 a rare sight was to be seen. With the eri couragement of receiving extra money (points) i economics, boys found themselves servants to femal masters. And thus, a new twist to the toga came to FHS. Bottom: D. Scott luxuriously lies back, waiting for Car- rie Crawford and Shana Woodroffe to feed him. Right: Bryce Robinson enjoys being master over Meghan O ' Toole and Laura Stevens. Above: Kim Bruce, Tiffany Chapelie, Cathy Coffey, and Paul Caspar pose for the camera. 150 Togas Above: Scott Galey, Doug Kopcha, Julie Kiefcr, Wendy Marsilc, and Michelle Duval toast onlookers. Top: Candce Colwell, Bev Elliot, Linda Burgos, and Chris Lemos j share a moment together. Left: Master Les Nesbitt consults with servant Chris Lemos. Togo J. O J. Above left: The Freshmen dash to victory or at least to a rest stop. Top right: Jeff Warren and Darrel Hein compare summer tans. Above right: Allan Baker sits con- tentedly while Pete Richard and Mike Higgins blaze a trail. Right: Brett Cowdell and Adam Kline still haven ' t learned to keep the ball out of the water. |W? SN- " i OfSj- 1 dZ fakhfaj .Jt F.A.K.H.F.A.J.; To Be Or Not To Be? Foothill ' s Annual Knights Homecoming Feast and Joust; to be or not to be? This was definitely the question. Turnout was low and internal pro- blems arose. Over one-hundred early dismissals were issued that Friday and many just left campus in pursuit of other fine fast foods, supporting a multi-million dollar industry instead of beneficial inter-scholastic clubs. The idea of bringing huge coolers tempted some seniors to fill them with refreshments other than Cokes. Now, the above problems may have ruined a coveted senior tradition. It may have been done out of a final defiance or rebellion or just for the sake of " fun, " but even- tually consequences will follow. Faculty members felt that abolishing Feast and Joust or making it non-mandatory, would make some of the problems disappear. Tradition is important to Foothill, but if it cannot be upheld, it may see itself in for some changes. Above right: Scott Bauer didn ' t seem to enjoy the mud bath. Above left: Valeric Fryer and Jim Hoffman tug their senior class to victory. Left: Julie DeBoer enjoys a window seat in the chariot races. FAKHFAJ 153 Above: Terry Ubl gets down and gets funky Top: Eric Aust happily wears his plain wrap. Top Left: Bridget Hewett puts the yolk on him. Above Left: Tiffy Boppell eagerly awaits her whip cream facial 154 Homecoming Week Just Another Week ' op: Nick Sanflippo takes a break from dessert. " op Left: Cathy Bain scrambles Courtney Keyler ' s face. kbove: Laura Yoder masters the art of limboing. So the students thought it was going to be yet another dreaded school week. But wait, this isn ' t another mind boggling trauma filled week, it was the breathtaking Homecoming Week. Yes once again, the Foothill students take part in bizarre rituals to just have fun. The students made the most of their offered ac- tivities, since there was more to choose from last year. Whatever happened to Donkey Basketball and the star studded Air Guitar Assembly? Although these events were not included, it did have events that will last in cluttered minds forever, like the ever so popular " belching " contest, the messy egg drop into the cup, limbo contest, and the pie eating contest. All of the events were successful with the students. They found themselves getting into the school spirit when they par- ticipated. Nighttime provided Recreation Night and the chaotic Movie Night. Even though Movie Night ended in a disaster, the week rounded out with Feast and Joust. This is what Homecoming Week is all about where one indulge in the finest at Foothill. Homecoming Week 155 Top: The 1986 Winter Formal Court: Top Row: Bryce Robinson, Bart McHcnry, Karen Kin, Queen Inja McGehee, King Todd Miner, Paul Cleary, Rob Blaney, and Anish Bhimani. Bottom Row: Valerie Fryer, Nikki Pliner, Laura Stevens, and Sue Davis. Above: Queen Inja McGehee and King Todd Miner pose for a royal portrait. Right: Todd Miner and Inja McGehee dance the first dance. 156 Winter Formal Court Stars For Just One Night The starlit night set the stage for a special group of six girls and six guys. For them, this was a night of reward and recognition. Sue Davis, Laura Stevens, Inja McGehee, Nikki Pliner, Valerie Fryer, and Karen Kin had rightfully earned their places as princesses, but they knew only one among them would become queen. The princes, Anish Bhimani, Rob Blaney, Todd Miner, Bart McHenry, Bryce Robinson, and Paul Cleary were of course much more laid back. Finally the princesses were escorted by their princes for all to sec. Royally yours were Queen Inja McGehee and King Todd Miner. Inja let the tears roll, but only out of joy for her special moment along with the other memories she would have, long after the stars had disappeared and the glit- ter had been put away. Top: Darryi Hein, Brian Healy, and Mike Gazzanlga are speechless, but Laura Passo proves to be tongueless. Above Left: Ashley Selman, Paula Valle, and Laura Dutrlsac laugh as the camera mistakens them for the court. Bottom Left: Juli DeBoer, Julie Keifer, Laura Passo, and Wen- dy Marsile call the lost and found for their dates. Above: Doug Nosier poses with Prince Bryce Robinson and Princess Laura Stevens. Winter Formal Court 157 Right: Mark Ellis enjoys waiting on K. Akion and G. Little Middle: Kevin Madole, Jason Constantine, Brett Byrd, and Adam Harrison always find something to shout about. Top: Steve Franco, Bill Davenport, Amy Baren, Christy Annan, Caroline Larson, Justy Siiva, and Danny Stauffer had a good time at the Formal. Above: Darryl Hein stands out in any crowd. 158 Winter Formal Knights Shine at Winter Formal As December approached, all the students at Foothill were impatiently looking forward to winter vacation. After three months of long, laborous schooldays, everyone was anticipating two weeks of well-deserved rest. However, December also brought another element of ex- citement to the student body. It was time once again for those girls to get up enough nerves to ask that special guy to the Winter Formal at the Anaheim Convention Center. Once they had a date, girls forgot all about Christmas shopping, but instead went roaming the malls and bou- tiques for a festive-looking formal gown. After dinner, many couples were chauffered to the dance in a private li.mousine to make the evening all the more spectacular. At the event, the couples danced to the music of the Lost 45 ' s, and had their pictures taken to hold on to this special moment in their lives. Towards the con- clusion of the dance, Inja McGee and Todd Miner were chosen queen and king, respectively. Aside from Prom, Winter Formal provided the students with memories they will cherish for a long, long time. Above: Ruth Shy and Kevin Gwynup show their affec- tion for each other. Top: Kurt Johnson and Johnny Lubell take time out from dancing. Left: Rommy Huntington is not amused with Andrea Thompson and Caroline Saddler ' s jokes. Winter Formal Dance 159 Fish of Faith Jeff Brown (lead singer), Mike Reafsnyder (guitar), Tom Olsen (drums), and Jim Nestor (bass) are Fish of Faith. And they ' re definitely not another mundane band of the 80 ' s. The band got started in September of 1986 when Jim struck up a conversation with Mike about his Smiths t-shirt. Jim found out Mike played the guitar and Mike found out that Jim played bass and the rest is history. The basic purpose of the band was for self- expression, but Tom wants to see if the existential plane really exists. Fish of Faith ' s music is beyond words. Jim says, " It ' s too intense to describe. " Jeff wants a defini- tion of music itself. Jim feels he can relate to the Smiths, Echo, Chameleons, Dead Milkmen, James, and the Buzzcocks. Jeff relates to Jim Morrison (Doors) and David Byrne. Mike simply relates to the Smiths. Tom feels he can relate to Pete Shelley and Budgie. Pres- ently, the band has been jamming and playing gigs. They hope for a record, a world domination tour, and a con- quering of artistic expression. Jeff finds inspiration with modern art and depression. Mike is inspired by Jeff Brown. Tom is inspired by Jeff Brown ' s depression. And Jim is inspired by Mike ' s cat. Tom feels music should have stopped in 1980 with a few exceptions. Jeff thinks music today has no feeling or human emotion. Jim thinks dark imports are cool, but domestics lag. Mike agrees with the feelings of the three. The band ' s name. Fish of Faith, comes from the little metal fish on the back of cars, usually indicating bad drivers at the wheel. Fish of Faith feels they ' re worthwhile because of the personalities within the band and the fact that they ' re not stagnant, but progressive. 160 Bands As We Hear Them Brewsters Tony Cangelosi and Robert Gallas are The Brewsters. " hey ' re two down to earth musicians condemning finan- lal exploitation and the overflow of technology, but pro- loting fun and enjoyment of clean music. The Fun Zone is leir center stage and the passer-buyers are their ever- hanging audience. The Brewsters ' music is interestingly dewalk rhythm and blues. The two like to play music ' ith good acoustic feeling and their inspirations for lyrics Dme from people walking by or just whatever comes to lind. Tony and Robert would like to move from the eninsula of Balboa to the sidewalks of Venice. They late their music to Bruce Springsteen, The Smithereens, Ind Buddy Holly. Robert definitely feels that there is some iDod music today, but there is too much commercializa- ion. Tony says, " If you can ' t feel the music, it ' s not worth [laying. " Tony and Robert are in Brewsters just to have jm and not money. They play music that sounds good and tat doesn ' t have to live up to the standards of society. The band is Aziz and the music is rock and roll with heart and soul. A. J. Palluck (drums), Damian Zavala (guitar), Tony Cangelosi (bass), and Trigger Gallas (lead singer) are Az-Iz. These four guys evolved in 1984 to have fun and to play at parties. Their music is rock and roll. Each band member has a respectable group of inspira- tions. A. J. relates himself to Phil Collins, Neil Peart (Rush), and Stewart Copland. Stevie Ray Vaughn and Keith Richards are Damians inspirations. Trigger Gallas emulates Bruce Springsteen. Tony is inspired by Chris Stinson. Az-Iz ' s future lies in local bars and pubs. Long- Term hopes lie in the making of an album. Presently the members get together for jam sessions and parties. Aziz feels music today is superficial and played not for music but for money. " Aziz " generated from the fact that the guys come " as is. " They may come Az-Iz " but they play well together. 5fc_L_J_± ■J L ! I r. Left: The Brewsters: Robert Gallas and Tony Cangelosi. Above: Az-iz: Tony Cangelosi, A. J. Palluck, and Damain Zavala. Bands 161 School Spirit in Progress The 1986 Pep Squad did a fabulous job preparing the pep assemblies. Besides see- ing the " practiced to perfection " routines, the audience saw many other entertaining events. The cheerleaders promoted school spirit, acknowledged all the sports teams and their achievements, and put on a good, professional show. They also congratulated the junior senior OCAD team. At the first assembly the school welcom- ed the freshman class by inviting one down onto the gym floor. They proceeded to tie the " fredie " up and forced him to remain in this state throughout the assembly. For being a sport, he was rewarded with a pie in his face. Many similar events could be seen at the rest of the assemblies. Thanks to the outstanding Pep Squad the whole school was able to see school spirit in progress. 162 Right: Jeff Wokurka and Will Anderson hold up Cindy Ross and Wendy Hastings in a spirited fashion. Top: The 1986 Varsity Cheer and Stunt perform during an assembly. Above: Katie Lewis is unsure as to whether Brian Bartick has fallen asleep or not. Pep Assemblies Above: The 1986 Sophomore Cheer squad will put themselves in many interesting positions for school spirit. Top Right: The football team and others watch the festivities. Top Left: Lorelei Navarro twirls her heart out. Left: Danny Staufer looks on while Brian Bartick makes announcements. Pep Assemblies 163 AsWeSeeItAsWeSeeItAsWeSeeItAsWeSe Foothill High School, just like every other high school, does things as they see fit. There has never been one particular mode of life. What we do, what we wear, and where we go tell people who we are. During our teen years, many of us acquire cars. Some students have gotten a taste of the rich life,, in the flavors of BMWs, Porsches, GTls, or Mercedes. Each car tells a story about its owner. How one feels on the inside is ex- pressed in his or her style of dress. We are seen as funky, radical, conservative, content, creative, or compromising. Our friends are people who can relate to us and we can relate to them. Together we can take on the world, or take what comes our way. Either way, it is our view of life which creates our vision of the world. Like all growing boys and girls, food is essential, especially good food. The Ritz and Chez Gary may be out of budget, but Lamp- post and Goldmine get the job of socializing and munching done all in one. The weekdays are for hitting the books, either with the out- side of your head or better yet the grey stuff inside. Weekends are for cutting loose and leaving the hallowed halls behind. Football games actually bring school and fun together along with an energetic group of people. Par- ties, dancing, movies, eating, concerts, and just cruising around are seen as ways of the weekend. Foothill is a kaleidoscope of people, per- sonalities, and ideas. Some will see the sun, others will see the moon. Together we will make the day and take it on together. Top: Goldmine Yogurt, haven for many liungry Foothill students. Middle: Porsche, the name says it all. Bottom: Susan Burch, Kristin Throckmorton, and Brian Healy are happy to be together. J= IE 164 Special Page ItAsWeSeeltAsWeSeeltAsWeSeeltAsW. :;: ;: .:l.V ' . ' ; ' j -rr=-. — r- — ■ — ,: r; 7i :- -r ■ ■• ' •■•■■■• ■ ' - - ' u :._jj]p U t •iL i 4ib.4ji s ia:ia B IZjI Top: Russ Watts shows off Mr. Turner ' s Corvette. Left: Kacey Martin, Karen Keagy, Jason Loadsman, and Chris Hampton kick back in the smoking section. Above: Lamppost Pizza, the place to be after football games. Special Page 165 RIP -RIP MovmcD OANC ■ IN lUMtse i- S. Bare N M stUGS . rRCMA " ' nf ' M Above: Get down and get funky! Top: Francis Yount and Glenn Nicol kick back amongst the dead. Right: AAAAAAaaaaaaaa. 166 Sodie Hawkins Not A ' Square ' Dance l4 i l B lk ' ' k l ' ' ' ' a; . 1 H ■1 The tombstones were scattered. The wanted signs were posted. But the saloon and the general store were closed because on March 14, the dancehall was bustling. It was Sadie Hawkins night. The Poorman from KROQ, along with his date April presided over the wild crowd. This year, the ASB made a radical change in the Sadie Hawkins format by having it at school and having a DJ minus the square dance music. April, for a good cause, offered a kiss to one lucky guy. Eric Merker turned out to be the victor, giving April a kiss that made her want to dump the Poorman. Saline Lemke, on the other hand, won a lunch date with the un- wanted Poorman. Bottom left: April feigns repulsion as Eric Merker goes in for the kill. Middle left: The Sadie Hawkins Court: Cathy Reynolds, Ricky Robin- son, Greg Immell, Kaarin Montgamry, Stephanie Schwartz, Allan Baker, Jenny Higby, and Mike Crowell. Top left: Gitthens??? Marriage??? Top right: Fight!!! k Sadie Hawkins 167 Right: Anish (Bhagwan) Bhimani has converted Traci Olivcira to his band of followers. Below: An average view of the band RAIN at this dance. Bottom: Meghan O ' Toolc and Bart McHenry dance their way back to the sixties with an unknown hippie. Opposite Page, Top: Kathy Jennings and Tammy Sterman dance up a real storm. Opposite Page, Bottom Left: Mark Gabelsberg, Todd Miner, and Joanna Brooks show that the peace movement has not died off. Opposite Page, Bottom Right: Gretchen Scherschel, Dave Bryant, John Lubell, Ashley Selman, and Susan Saporito are trying to start a sit-in in the Gym. 168 RAIN Dance RAIN Returns k yi ' n 1 RAIN returned to the Foothill High Gym this year after a one year absence. The absence seemed to help increase the eagerness of the students to go to this dance; and to say the least enthusiasm was very high. Once the dance started the en- thusiasm only increased in magnitude. This year as in past years the crowd that gathered came ap- propriately dressed for the occa- sion by wearing clothing from the late sixties, with Flower Power used as an unofficial theme for this dance. And dance the crowd did; the dance seemed to last forever with no one wishing for it to stop, but it was inevitable the RAIN would have to end. RAIN Dance When one thought of clubs, they might think that they were something people joined simply to get their picture in the yearbook and to look good on their college application. But to many they were more than that. Clubs were a way to get involved with school. They promoted special interests in people. For example, for those who were interested in helping others of their peer group, there was a peer aid club for them to join. Those people who had a special interest in computers they had the opportunity to join the computer club and assist in the computer dating program at Foothill. Clubs did not only consist of those clubs that one would sign up for on the club day. There were also clubs that were classes and open to only a few who had specific talents. To become Right: The performers in the Drama production of " You Can ' t Take It With You " share in the last supper. Opposite Page, Right: Drum Major, Susan Brown twirls her mace at Magic Mountain. Opposite Page, Far Right: The Senior class council caters fine cuisine during feast and joust. Opposite Page, Top: Jeni Price, Kim Powell, Myke Gourp, and Teri Morgan ask the crowd to " kiss their blackies. " a cheerleader or a tall flag member, one had to try out and be chosen for the squad. A band member needed to know how to play an instru- ment, and a journalism student had to be able to write suitable copy. As we at Foothill saw it clubs represented our hopes and talents that we were unable to ex- press through our regular classes. How many people could display their incredible singing voice in Trigonometry class? And what might the Chemistry instructor say when some started to twirl a baton during a test? As we see it. Clubs provide for the students an opportunity to take their talents and in- terests, one step beyond the normal academic curriculum. 170 Clubs Division Page I Clubs Diulsion Page 171 Below Left: Brian Bartick and Jessica Giraldo say " OK boys and girls, can you say PEP ASSEMBLY? " Below: The sophomore checrleading squad mock the Tustin Tiller hick theme at the pep assembly before the big rival game. Bottom: Yell: J. Price, K. Powell, B. Alpert, K. Evans, S. Johnson, K. Evans, T. Morgan, M. Gorup, J. Giraldo Below Right: Julie Deboer and the rest of the pep squad jump for joy at the end of another winning game. Right: Soph Cheer: back row: R. Rosen, K. Birney, C. Bain, J. Higby, R. Karmardian, R. Mayemura, L. Yodcr, M. Powell, front row: W. Mar- sile, J. Ornitz 172 Spirits Soar As glamorous as it may seem, cheerleading was a lot of hard work. The glorified cheerleaders spent a lot of money and countless hours working to keep the spirits high and Foothill 1. Beginning in the summer with cheerleading camp, the cheerleaders started to " Cheerleading is fun, but a lot more work than people are led to believe. " build the camaraderie necessary to cheer Foothill on to victory. Foothill cheerleaders spent many long hours preparing for pep assemblies and sporting events. They provided school spirit, and learned new cheers to perform at the various sporting events and pep assemblies. The cheerleaders worked hard to boost the morale of the Foothill athletes. They decorated the athletes ' lockers and doorsteps, in addition to making decorative posters and baking cookies for them. There ' s more to cheerleading than RAH, RAH, RAH. Pep Squad bove: Varsity Song back row — B. Brum- 8tt, M. Allen, front row — S. Hill, S. Burch, Ordway bove Right: Varsity Cheer back row — C. »lwell, K. Montgomery, C. Ross, J. Debocr, nt row — C. Coffey, K. Lewis, W. Hastings p Right: back row — Pep Commissioner B. iot front row — Pep Presidents W. Marsile, Ornitz ip: Jeff Wokurka and Susan Burch enjoy ch other ' s friendship while cheering Foothill ' s Jtball team on to another victory. Pep Squad Above: Les Nesbitt and Dean Fienberg present the morning announcements Above Right: Senior Class Council: B. McHenry, B. Davenport, T. Chandler, C. Cowdell Right: Girls Athletic Board: Top Row: T. Chandler, L. Kowalik, L. Dutrisac, V. Fryer, S. Cobb, H. Clayton. Third Row: J. Huang, D. Nicolai, S. Wu, I. McGee, A. Oliveira. Second Row: T. Ting, S. Lin, J. Lee, T. Stephens, C. Annan, G. Scher- shel First Row: S. Kim, A. Mew, D. Chuang, S. Weissman, E. Bruher, M. McCauley 174 Leadership lOiOO Below: Freshmen Class Council Back Row: K. Donnelly, R. McGehee, Ryan Stomp. Front Row: B. Winand, C. Pak. Representation What is a nation without government? And what if the nation were governed unfairly? And what if a school were governed solely by teachers and administrators, without any student representation? Without any student representation the school would be governed unfairly. Luckily, however, there is such a thing called ASB — Associated Student Body. The ASB consists of several subdivisions. These are: the Student Senate, which " This year ' s ASB is the most capable and intelligent we ' ve had; our com- munications commission is great. " sends representatives to the classrooms to present newsworthy items and get opinions from students on different issues and ac- tivities. The four class councils are responsible for organizing ac- tivities allocated to their respective classes, and the Girls Athletic Board is in charge of Winter Formal and sports events. As a whole, the ASB tries to provide the entire student body with fun- filled activities, including Homecoming Week, dances, Springfest, and various other events, to insure that the four years spent in high school will be cherished by the students for a long time after they have moved on in life . . . Top Left: ASB; Top Row; G Clark, D Stauffer. A Bhimani, T Chanler, T. Chandler, L, Nesbitt. Third Row; B, Elliott. C Kin. A Gillman. T. Miner Second Row; M. McCain, I McGee, Marchetti. M Reback Front Row; K. Kin. P. Valle, K. Wood, G Nakamoto, D Simcox Top Right: Freshman Class Council: K. Donal- ly. R McGee, C Clark, B. Wu, K. Pak Above: Junior Class Council: L. Dutrisac. P Valle, A Bridge. A Baker. S Wu, J. Collins Left: Sophomore Class Council; H Lin. C Turk. B Smith. A Garrison. C Kin. E, Ferris Leadership 175 New Life Club Most people saw the New Life Club as a club that has no purpose. Others saw it as a club in which guidelines or examples of ways to cope with life, without having to be left with s truggles of ordinary high school life. Of course there is the third party who did not know what to think. This year the NLC had grown due to opposition to " The NLC ' s purpose was, is, and shall be to have fellowship with student Christians and to learn more about Christ. " having it on campus. For those who don ' t remember, the NLC was threatened by an outside opposition stating that it was unconstitutional. " True or not, the NLC had grown in number, and the already existing members in the club had grown stronger in their rela- tionship in Christ, " said the club ' s president. " The NLC ' s purpose was, is, and shall be to have fellowship with student Christians and learn more about the word of God. " Another important purpose was to give a person with troubles a place to turn to share, discuss and to work out problems within the club. They were willi ng to try to solve them or give advice to where one could find the solution. The help was not just for those in the club, but for all seeking advice. Top: NEW LIFE CLUB: Front row: S. Cobb, J. Palmer. M. Plotoglou, J. Stone, T. Chandler. Middle row: B. Underwood, D. Pinney — Club President, H. Clayton, D. Chung, D. MacDonald, K. Cops. Back row: M. MacKinnon, E. Wilson, P. Ting, C. Lin, D. Kim, F. Padilla, G. Nickle. Middle: Home Economics: Front row: J. Dicano, B. Bevans. Mid- dle row: J, Gilbreath, E. Slagle, K. Bevans. Back row: K. Farish. Right: Ecology: Front row: H. Thompson, A. Bhimani. Back row: T. Watson, G. DeSilva, K. Swenson, B. Pak, O. Suan. 176 Clubs Above: Interested students sign up for the club of their choice. Left: Astronomy Club: Front row: J. Lin, J. Stone, M. Rosenblatt. Middle row: M. Fjeld, J. Wilhelm, W. Ander- son, K. Fjeld. Back row: D. Chen, G. Jones, D. Feinberg. Below: Art Club: B. Bissin, M. Fjeld, J. Licata, K. Fjeld, K. Fukushima. flftl Clubs 177 Drama Dazzles Drama entertained the public, making one forget the vicious cycle of reality for a brief moment. This year ' s production of " You Can ' t Take It With You, " did just that. It made one forget the worries of life and let them enjoy a play with remarkable talent. This comedy por- trayed Alice ' s love for Tony Kirby and the night of their engagement announcement. Luckily, the Sycamores " The outrageousness, and insanity seen on stage was nothing compared to what went on off stage. " made the most of this hilarious evening. The cast includ- ed Brad Smith and Megan O ' Toole as the stars. This year ' s production proved a success. The new director Glenda Waterman and the cast provided a sell out per- formance and an incredible encore. Hats off to Mrs. Waterman and the drama crew, for giving sunshine in the gray, nuclear, January day. This was truly a year to remember. Right: David Sampica shows off his best l night wear. Far Right: A reluctant Gigi Little shys away from eager Matt Lillard. Above Right: Young In Park demonstrates sign language to Laura Steven Top: Bart McHenry lights up Kristin Swanson ' s fire while Megan O ' Toole looks on. 178 Drama Above: Back Row: Y. I. Park, S. Wimbush, T. Armstrong, B. Smith, D. Sampica, R. Dee, M. Lillard Middle Row: M. O ' Toole, T. Smars- ty Front Row: K. Revelle. C. Birdsall, C. Taylor, K. Wilhelm, L. Stevens In Arms: B. McHenry Top: Aiming high is important to Jeff Brown. Left: Megan O ' Toole gazes into Brad Smith ' s alluring eyes. Drama 179 " The Madrigals ' ' " What is the Madrigals? " , " who are they? " , " what did they do? " , are some of the immediate questions asked when the word " Madrigals " is mentioned. Madrigals stands for a group of hard working people who believe in what they do. ( Madrigals is fun, but it takes a lot of time and commitment to make it work. " This year the Madrigals were able to take their talents on the road (actually on the sea) to entertain passengers on a cruise to Mexico, during spring break. They also had over two dozen performances that stretched throughout Orange County, in places such as senior citizen centers, local businesses, and at private parties. Of course one of the highlights of the year was their annual winter concert. This show dazzled everyone who saw their spectacular costumes and wonder- ful singing and dancing. This year the Madrigals outdid themselves. Top: Girls Choir: Front row: C. Cast, B. Fisher, K. Roberts, S. Esqueda, L. Wiley, C. Pedersen. Middle row: J. Ivary, J. Robinson, V. Dawson, M. Campbell, J. Pieterse, S. Johnson, T. Shields. Back row: B. Wallach, H. Patton, M. Chapman, L. Krantz, S. Panthaky, F. Stafford, Mrs. Herzog — Director. Middle: Adam Carl finds out that the pressures created in the Madrigals can turn one into a bear. Right: Mixed Chorus: Front row: S. Cochran, G. Berry, L. Taffola, J. Huerta, M. Reber, C. LaChance, M. McCain, M, Williams. Middle row: H. Perkins, J. Ramirez, J. Furry, O. Lopez, L. Antrim, J. Herr, K. Beneker, J. Fleurent, J. Deckert, P. Bolwen, C. Borm. Back row: B. Bar- rett, K. Doyea, J. Bennett, M. Flores, B. Bissin, R. Crawley, L. Richardson, S. Reamer, S. Duncan, L. Stewart, Mrs. Herzog — Director. 180 Chorus Top: The Madrigals: front row: D. Lansford, L. Stevens, C. Linn, L. Rauch, R. Phillips, L. Johnson, K. Proctol, B. Elliot, T. Packard, V. Ball. 2nd row: B. McHenry, B. Robinson, T. Cangelosi, G. Scherschel, M. Lillard, G. Nicol. 3rd row: K. Mahan, M. OToole. 4th row: P. Wheeler, B. Blair. 5th row: R. Blaney, D. Nocolai, N. Miller. 6th row: C. McHenry, S. Daniel, T. Boppell, S. Esqueda, A. Carl. Back row: M. MacKinnon, J. Rainey, C. Kin. Those not shown are: B. Beresford, C. Birdsall, S. Chang, S. Crook, H. Dall, K. Donnhoe, K. Goh, J. King, B. Marr, D. Pinney, and D. Robinson. Middle left: Mrs. Herzog directed her students with stamina. Above: Adam Carl falls asleep standing while Matt Lillard contemplates. Left: Darcy Pinney, Tiffany Boppell, and Laurie Rauch showed their enthusiasm for this song. Chorus 181 Leukemia Club — top: M. Davis, T. Minor, A. Bridge, G Reed, B. Right, P. Meany, D. Rapaich, K. Corns, H. Rice, S. Schwarts, A. Dabncy, J. Nestor, M. Phillips, T. Gunckel, L. Shugarman, S. Wcissmwn, K. Aurujo, K. Baker, S. Nunley, R. Nitzburg, S. Kershnar, S.Wu Aviation Club — above left: R. Phillips, A. Weissman, S. Flynn, L. Dardashti, P. Arc, M. Berry, J. Surfas, R. Slobodynski, C. Ross, M. Ellis, G. Little, Y. Park, I. Moon Bike Club — top right: M. Leong, C. Hardison, E. Bricker, J. Her- redia, C. Walsh, M. Ferris, B. Davenport, L. Nesbitt, G. Nakomoto, T. Minor, T. Stevens, E. Smith, S. Kim, A. Bierman, B. Aust Peer Aides — middle: C. Richardson, H. Bullock, A. Weissman, S. Weissman 182 Clubs .bove: AFS Club — B. Robinson, C. Aquevequc, L. Samuelson, K. ombs, H. Thompson, S. Schwarts, V. Rryer, S. Saporito, D. Simon, S. Veissman, M. Vantzelfde, B. T ' Kindt, J. Herr, H. Rice K. Baker, K. urjo, J. Lopez op: Adam Klein helps students who are interested in the french club. AFS at FHS Traveling was just one of the dreams a graduating high school student had. For some, their dreams could come true through American Field Service. During the 1986-87 school year there were more than 3000 foreign students, from 62 countries, attending various high schools across America. Four of those students were here at Foothill High School. The requirements " The requirements for this adven- ture were based on interest, more than academics. " for this adventure were based on interest, more than academics. A student must have had at least a " B " average, but if they didn ' t, their interest in the subject helped a lot. A.F.S. gave students a chance to not only travel, but to experience the day by day living of the American culture. Clubs 183 Below: The tall flag team waves goodbye to the judges at the Tustin Tillers Day parade. Bottom: Tall Flag Squad: Back Row: P. Piltz, L. Brugman, A. Roby, V. Johnson, J. Learch, and ! Lopez. Middle Row: P. Bowen, R. Karclsen, K. Kaul, M. Fink, R. Phillips, J. Robinson, and L. Rauci Front Row: L. Clarke, J. Francis, J. Truban, S. Schultz, L. Stuart, and J. VanTuyle. Bottom: Lisa Clarke waters the team after a parade. Below Right: Melanie Fink shows her excitement over receiving the Spirit Stick. 184 Tall Flags Climb The Walls " WE WANT THE STICK " chanted the 7 members of the 1986-87 tall flag team who at- tended camp. And they got it. The tall flag squad started their outstanding season by atten- ding USA camp in August. Along with winning the spirit stick, they also received a superior " The dedication and hard work of all the team members is what made the year go so well. " trophy, and a second plaque for the routine they performed for the entire camp. Camp was not only winning awards, they also learned routines, ate peanut butter and salsa sandwiches and literally climbed the walls. After the return from camp, the actual season began. Led by Captain Melanie Fink, and Co-Captain, Laurie Rauch, the tall flag team worked numerous hours perfecting halftime, pre-game, and parade routines. All the hard work paid off in the end when the team receiv- ed a 1st place trophy at the Tustin Tillers Day parade, another 1st place Trophy at the Lester Oaks Band Review, and a 4th place trophy at the California Band Review, over all the other teams. The season did not end there. The team went on to perform at a basketball half-time show. Many long hours were spent perfecting the Top Gun routine. Along with the regular season, two of the girls, Melanie Fink, and Laura Brugman were accepted into the Rose Parade Honor Parade, where they received the opportunity to march in the Rose Parade on new years day. Overall the Tall Flag Team had a terrific year that all the members will never forget. Tall Flags Above: Julie Lcarch, Joyce Truban, Patty Bowen, Jennifer Van- Tuyle, Janet Francis, Stephanie Schultz, Vivien Johnson, and Allison Roby spell out Foothill for the Magic Mountain characters. Top Right: Laura Brugman, Lisa Kelly Kaul, and Lisa Clarke prac- tice after school for the upcoming half-time show. Above Left: Captain Melanie and Co-Captain Laurie Rauch are climbing the walls. Left: Advisor Lori Spiak, smiles at the thought of eating her peanut- butter and salsa sandwich, while Laurie Rauch looks on hungrily. Tall Flogs 185 Fun Fun Fun!! Being a Foothill majorette wasn ' t easy, but for five girls, it was possible. To make the team, they had to be able to twirl, dance, smile . . . and act a lit- tle crazy. While twirling and dancing were necessary to perform the routines, and smiling was necessary to perform them with style, being able to act a little crazy was necessary to survive. Foothill ' s majorettes logged around 13 hours of practice a week; in addition to performing at football game half-time shows, parades, and a memorable pep assembly. They did well at all the parades they competed in, usually going home with a first- place trophy. While half-time shows were a lot of fun and a time for that special majorette sparkle to come forth, preparing for them was a lot of work. Making up an entire field show in four days, coordinating routines " Where the !$% C? is my baton?!? " with the band and flags was never easy, and sometimes the stress was hard to handle. However, being a majorette meant taking things in stride, and it wasn ' t surprising to see the Foothill twirlers sitting on the football field dur- ing one half-time show, drinking Cokes and relaxing while the band played " Fun Fun Fun. " 186 Majorettes Above: K. Jennings, M. Motley, T. Baird, S. Hammond, and L. Navarro have Fun Fun Fun performing for the crowd. Top Right: T. Baird, M. Motley, S. Hammond, and L. Navarro are exhausted after the Buena Park Parade. Fop Left: Kathy Jennings marches onto the field ready to twirl. jOpposite Page, Top: Sandi Hammond applies extra makeup ko impress the parade judges. Opposite Page, Center: Mary Motley looks around to make sure everyone is as ready as she is. Opposite Page, Far Left: Traci Baird smiles as she waits for the opening exchange. Opposite Page, Left: Back: L. Navarro and T. Baird. Middle: M. Motley and S. Hammond. Front: K. Jennings. Majorettes 187 mi »i»«» WMi M m ( Top Right: Jim Alverson relaxes before the parade. Top Left: Mike Schneider wishes he ' d be the one carrying the toybox instead of the base drum. Center: Top Row: V. Johnson, A. Roby, S. Scott, B. McHenry, J. Jeltima, G. Baker, D. Hume, R. Stern, J. Alverson, L. Brugman, J. Leach Fifth Row; R. Phillips, P. Bowen, K. Ellis, D. Regan, B. Wright, S. Lewis, J. Rainey, P. McMaines, M. Schneider, T. Moore, A. Bhimani, S. Lopez, M. Fink Fourth Row: L. Clarke, R. Karlesen, J. Weisberg, K. Gwinup, K. Kim, R. Blaney, S. Murray, D. Haher, R. Williams, D. Miller, J. Robinson, L. Rauch Third Row; J. VanTuyle, J. Truban, C. Burman, J. Schneider, J, DeSalvo, C. Miller, S. Brown, B. Shank, E. Kakihara, C. DeSilva, P. Livengood, S. Schultz, K. Kaul Second Row: L. Steward, P. Karlsen, B. Underwood, D. VanWinkle, J. Williams, B. Metzger, K. Jennings, R. Lopez, D. Wilson, S. Bain, L. Coronado, J, Frances First Row: M. Motley, L. Navarro, M. Barret, M. Foster, K. Tsai, H. Bushman, D. Gonzales, T. King, T. Lewis, S. Hammond, T. Baird Above: Sue Brown accepts the first place trophy Right: The Band marches in perfect time during parades 188 Band op: Shanyn Bain, Greg Baker, and Dwayne Hager stand at ttention while Leroy Coronado is falling asleep. kbove: George Waibel wants YOU! Band Stays In Tune After a fun-filled week in New York during the sum- mer of 1986, the Foothill Band had no trouble adjusting back to regular practices for the upcoming football and marching season. After scorching heat and humidity in New York, and having to stand at attention for long " Although parades and practices are often strenuous, band is a great experience. " periods of time, often playing an instrument, returning band members had an easier time with practices and competitions. The band had a great year at parades and the band received a second place at the Lester Oaks Band Review, and for the first time ever, placed in the Califor- nia Band Review, coming in fourth. Also during the year, the band was invited to play at Magic Mountain ' s Music Festival. Afterwards, band members were treated to an afternoon enjoying the rides for free. As in past years, members once again proved that be- ing a " bando " brought not only challenges and long hours of hard work, but also lasting memories and life- long friends. Band 189 Below: Un-soo Sung is feeling just a little stressed out. Bottom: Yearbook Staff: Front Row: T. Brugmann, P. White, S. Weissman, T. Baird, M. Fink, J. Licata, C. Carro-Loop, U. Sung, K. Niven, and K. Grahn. Back Row: M. Carroll, R. Watts, J. Luna, J. McDonnell, C. Elmer, B. Quick, and K. Kovac. Right: Pressed for time, Melanie Fink works quietly to complete her layout. Above Right: John Luna makes another of his numerous phone calls to Albert and James Photographers. 190 Yearbook Left: Russ Watts designs the Ads and In- dex in his head. Below: Russ Watts, Un-soo Sung, Melanie Fink, Karal Kovac, and Krista Niven work together to get the drama page done. Bottom: Traci Baird carefully chooses her majorette page pictures. Below Right: Kristin Grahn prepares to crop her pictures. Yearbook Has A Blast Dedication, and hard work, that was what being a yearbook staff member meant. Deadlines had to be met and things had to get done. The year started off with only a handful of returning staff members. " Late nights before deadlines is what yearbook is really all about. ?? The staff started its 1st deadline virtually knowing nothing and by the last one, they were experts, at least some of them. Along with the hard work, there were a lot of fun times. There were celebration pizza parties after a deadline was met, and even one memorable pizza party waiting until late into the night for the publisher to come. Fun times of teasing people about the food they brought into the class made it possible to stick out the late nights. Creating captions that rhymed eased some of the stress of trying to do the entire senior section within two weeks. The entire staff worked together and hard (some of the time) and pro- duced a yearbook as we see it. Yearbook 191 Journalism — Not Just News In the midst of the early morning hours the journalism staff staggers into room 1 13 to put together the KNIGHTLIFE. Although the life of a journalist is often depicted as adven- turesome, some could argue differently. Com- pleting deadlines at the printers is not everyone ' s idea of a good time — for some " This experience has been very enjoyable, I really like the people and the work — call me crazy, but I like it!!! " with weak stomachs . . . But the staff stands the pressures from the administration, ASB, and the community in general to express the Foothill High students voice and creativity. Even with the headaches and the ulcers developed by the staff at the end of the year they had one thing to say — IT WAS WORTH IT!!! 192 Joumohsm Left: Francis Yount expresses her opinion to the whole class. Opposite Page, Bottom: Mr. Korich advises Gayani DeSilva and Brian Stern to get their act together. Opposite Page, Middle: Brian Stern meditates before commencing his work on the Knightlife. Opposite Page, Top: Knightlife staff: Front Row: M. Ber- namonti, G. Rosenberger, T. Adams. Middle Row: E. Little, D. Okamoto, C. Lincourt, N. Menefree, J. Brooks, T. Arau- jo, C. Barron, B. Bauer. Back Row: F. Yount, C. Lin, S. Left, G. Korich, G. DeSilva, J. Reed, M. Gillman. Top Left: Tina Araujo proofreads an article on journalism class. Top Right: Carrie Lincourt thinks about upcoming deadlines. Above: Joanna Brooks diligently works on her next article. Journalism 193 Top: Racquetball Club: Back Row: Y. Park, A. Weissman, T. Flannagen, J. Otto, Front Row: D. Berry, D. Chen, B. Hanncgen, P. Ark, M. McClish, S. Weissman Above: Computer Club Back Row: A. Bhimani, D. Chen, B. Hannagen, Y. Park, D. Berry Front Row: A. Weissman, P. Ark Above Right: Red Cross: Back Row: H. Thompson, L. Samuclson, A. Oliveira, S. Cobb, Middle Row: R. Kovacs, S. Sheng, T. Oliveira, G. DeSilva, V. Fryer Front Row: D. Chuang, Y. Takenaka, H. Clayton, P. Chuang Right: Staying Alive Back Row: D. Simcox, S. Schwartz, H. Rice, A. Bhimani, G. Shcrschel, T. Chandler, B. Hannegan, S. Kershnar, V. Fryer, T. Oliveira, J. Collins. Front Row: H. Zaydel, J. Frances, A. Tanaka, C. Kin, T. Baird, B. Stern, S. Schwartz, K. Tarsuis 194 Clubs WHl ■ FOO H LL m i f )i ,1 I . Ci-i « Computer Dating In this day and age, people rely on computers to solve many of their problems. During the " good ole days, " students labored over their multiplication tables. Nowadays, a few punches on the calculator will solve almost any type of problem. Even Cupid has decided that sometimes a computer can be a helpful aid to make that " perfect match. " " The program will continue as long as Knights are looking for a date. " Since computer dating has become more popular over recent years, the computer club developed a program to match up students on campus. For a small fee, a student was able to fill out a question- naire, which was then entered into the program. A list of ten other students (of the opposite sex, of course) who could be compatible according to the questionnaire, was then provided to that student. From there on, the student was on his own. Top: Tracey Baird and Heather Thompson share the latest gossip, while Jim Aiverson ate a sour grape. Above: Strategist Club: Back Row: E. Bricker, E. Smith, T. Miner, G. Nakamoto, E. Tak. Front Row: B. Cannon, C. Wit- taker. L. Nesbitt. K. Carter Left: Speech and Debate Club: Back Row: J. Aiverson, S. Alterman, B. Hannegan, R. Kovacs Front Row; T. Baird, A. Bhimani CJubs 195 On Top FHS fame does not just come from athletics. Foothill had become well known for academics. The Orange County Academic Decathlon team has put us on the map. " OCAD has been a humorous, worthwhile, and entertaining experience. " For several years the OCAD teams had been placing quite highly in com- petition. Along with winning, there was a tremendous amount of work. This challenge had to be met by the team as well as the individuals. Team work improved through the years. As for the individuals, they had been committed to the team and could be counted on for their best possible. As long as this dedication persists Foothill High will come out on top. Right: Advisor and coach Larry Minnc shows off his suspenders. Above: FHS ' s first place individual win- ners in the Honors and Scholastic divi- sions (Jim Wilhelm and Garett Jones, respectively) congratulate each other. Top: OCAD Team: J. Wilhelm, L. Stevens, D. Bridge, M. Gabelsburg, G. Jones and Advisor Larry Minne. 196 OCAD OCAD 197 Right: The German club recruits new members. Bottom: Auto Club: Front Row: M. SanFillipo, M. Gazzaniga, C. Cowdell, D. Nosier, Second Row: B. Beshear, E. E. Pleso, C. Dabney, J. Johnson, R. Williams, H. Weston, Third Row: S. Carrol, J. Boogerman, D. Silver, A. Molnar, D. Mannion, J. Shank, Fourth Row: J. Nolan, J. Horner, B. Chodowski, M. Richardson, D. Lopez, D. Dingwell, E. Maiden, Back Row: M. Stauffler, P. Houston, C. Elliot, S. McMain, R. Baiser, D. Lofland, S. Chapel, P. Perkins, K. Peters, B. Pedersen, T. Minor, B Cowdell, E. Nymen, J. Campbell, T. Keigwin, B. Birchler, C. Carlin, C. Patten, H. Thompson Middle: Club Med: Front Row: A. Huang, D. Park, J. Lin, D. Chen, J. Huang, T. Geideman, C. DcSilva, Back: A. Weisman, R. Yue, M. Gabelsburg, V. Fryer, G. DeSilva, R. Kovacev, D. Wedemeyer. 198 Clubs sew Talking Tool Everybody loves to talk. If given a choice, most students would rather catch up on gossip than be taught in the classroom. One type of course offered at Foothill offers both a chance to talk and to learn. Foreign languages have been a way for teens to legitimately converse during class. " It ' s real neat to actually use the language I ' m learning in the real world. " Foothill offered Latin, Spanish, French and German during the 1986 87 school year. Three of these languages have clubs for extra- curricular activities. (Latin, being a newly of- fered course, did not have one.) These clubs go to restaurants and movies dealing with their respective language. These activities provide students with culture of country as well as being exposed to the language. Club members receive a well-rounded education with which they can use in the futures. Left: Spanish Club: Front Row: S. Weissman, C. Arau- jo, K. Taylor, B. Pak, Y. Takanaka, Second Row: K. Protok, S. Schwarz, O. Suan, S. Saporito, D. Chuan g, Third Row: S. Wu, K. Knowies, K. Leaman, A. Oliviera, L. Samuelson, Back Row: C. Combs, E. Langlois, T. Oliviera, C. Ross, V. Fryer, D. Zavdia. Top: French Club: Front Row: S. Schaumburg, K. Faure, M. Kreutz, R. Kovacev, G. DeSiiva, T. Oliviera, V. Fryer, C. Hen- drix, Back Row: B. Harmon, J. Thomas, M. Gabelsburg, A Kline. Middle: German Club: Front Row: G. Milne, C. Richard- son, C. Richardson, T. Williams, J. Stone, K. Chang, Back Row: T. Chou, D. Park, J. Chuang, K. Lin, J. Lin, C. Kanno, D. Chen. Clubs 199 200 Above: Katherine Taylor was honored as the outstanding crop stu- dent for the year for her hard work in the field of nursing. Top: Robert Tunnell and Tracy Lewis won the Bank Of America award for the year. Right: CSF Sealbearers: (In Alphabetical Order) C. Almquist J. Alverson J. Beck A. Bhimani D. Bridge P. Brugmann L. Burgos B. Cannon J. Carolan K. Carter T. Chandler D. Chen P. Clearly E. Con- rad C. Cowdell S. Davis Y. Denenny G. Desilva C. Elmer V. Fryer M. Gar- rison J. Gonzalez D. Hogan K. Jenn- ings G. Jones A. Khanna K. Kin L. Kinne D. Lam C. Lemos J. Lubell J. Mahru L. McClure R. Miner P. Muret G. Nakamoto L. Nesbitt B. Pak N. Pliner L. Rauch M. Reback M. Rosenblatt A. Ryu L. Samuleson K. Schid A. Schuessler S. Schwartz L. Schwarz A. Shend R. Shy L. Sigband D. Simon E. Smith E. Smith O. Suan K. Swenson A. Tajeldin K. Taylor H. Thompson R. Tunnell D. Turbo T. Watson J. Wilhelm Academic Awards Awarded For One worked hard all his years at Foothill, or tried to at least and what did he get for it, Awards! Awards came in various shapes and sizes. If one was chosen as young man or woman of the month, they were honored at a luncheon and also give a chance at a scholar- ship. Seal beares were honored at Graduation and became life members of CSF. Bank Of America winners were given plaques and the chance to compete for scholarships. The Girls ' " Being chosen as young women of the month is flat- tering as well as a great honor. " State representative was given the opportunity to go to Sacramento and compete in a mock government. The crop person of the year was honored for outstanding work in the crop pro- gram. In the end, one ' s hard work does pay off. Above: Girls ' State Representative Michelle McCain and alter- nate Elise Langloise Top: Tustin Area Womens Club young women of the month, Kristi Wood, Gayani DeSilva, Melanie Fink, Laura Stevens, Tracy Lewis, and Inja McGhee. Left: Kiwanis young men of the month standing Anish Bhimani, in the tree, Todd Miner, and James Alverson Academic Awards 201 Above: California Scholastic Federation: (in alphabetical order by class) Seniors: C. Almquist, J. Alverson, C. Annan, L. Ash, A. Austin, B. Bartick, J. Beck, A. Bhimani, T. Boppell, G. Borsari, D. Bridge, J. Brouk, B. Brown, P. Brugmann, L. Burgos, J. Cahalan, A. Cangelosi, B. Cannon, J. Carolan, M. Carroll, K. Carter, G. Chamberlain, T. Chandler, T. Chappelle, D. Chen, P. Cleary, E. Conrad, C. Colwcll, C. Cowdell, B. Crane, J. Cummings, S. Davis, R. DeGroot, Y. Denenny, G. DeSiva, C. Elmer, A. Fetters, M. Fiduc- cia, M. Fink, A. Fjeld, V. Fryer, J. Gallagher, M. Gabelsberg, M. Garrison, P. Caspar, M. Gazzaniga, J. Gibson, A. Gillman, J. Gonzalez, J. Hoffman, D. Hogan, R. Huntington, K. Jennings, L. Johnson, G. Jones, J. Jorgensen, P. Keegan, A. Khana, M. Kim, K. Kin, L. Kinne, A. Kline, D. Lam, D. Larson, R. Laycock, C. Lemos, T. Lewis, J. Lopez, C. Lincourt, E. Little, J. Lubell, J. Luna, J. Mahru, O. Martinez, L. McClure, I. McGehee, B. McHenry, T. Miner, N. Mit- chell, E. Molnar, P. Murct, G. Nakamoto, L. Ncsbitt, T. Oliveira, T. Olsen, B. Pak, M. Pashley, C. Pcdersen, D. Pinney, N Pliner, L. Rauch, M. Reback, M Rosenblatt, A. Ryu, L. Samuelson, K Schmid, A. Schuessler, B. Schwartz, S Schwartz, L. Schwarz, J. Shank, A Sheng, D. Shepard, R. Shy, L. Sigband D. Simon, E. Smith, E. Smith, D. Stauf- fer, T. Sterman, O. Suan, K. Swcnson, A Tajeldin, E. Tak, G. Takabayashi, K Taylor, C. Terhune, H. Thompson, R Tunncll, D. Turbow, K. Unger, T. Wat son, S. Weissman, P. White, J. Wilhelm S. Woodruff, M. Yount, Juniors: D. Ad dy, S. Alterman, K. Araujo, P. Ark, B Aust, T. Baird, G. Baker, K. Baker, M. Bear, S. Behn, J. Berry, E. Boddy, S. Bowen, R. Brandon, A. Bridge, A. Brink, S. Brown, E. Bruner, P. Cash, A. Chambers, E. Chang, K. Chiang, T. Chou, K. Combs, J. Costantinc, J. Cooper, S. Crosby, Y. Curie!, C. DeSilva, L. Dutrisac, D. Eisenman, K. Fukushima, T. Geideman, J. Gisela, D. Gesler, B. Goldberg, C. Graham, B. Hannegan, M. Harmon, M. Hauser, A. Hayman, J. Herr, H. Ho, L. Horvath, A. Huang, P. Huynh, A. Jones, C. Kanno S. Kershnar, K. Knowles, K. Kosuth, M. Kruetz, E. Langlois, K. Leaman, T. Lee, S. Left, K. Lewis, C. Lin, H. Lin, H. Lin, P. Meany, D. Merker, T. Morgan, G. Nicol, D. Nicolai, V. Nozick, J. O ' Neil, J. Ojanpcra, D. Okamoto, W. Pak, A. Palluck, D. Park. W. Peckham, R. Philips, F. Raming, J. Reber, H. Rice, C. Ross, S. Saik, S. Schwarz, A. Selman, M. Shepard, U. Sung, A. Tanaka, J. Tan- ncbaum, C. Veje, K. Wheatherman, J. Weissberg, A. Weissman, G. White, N. Williamson, S. Wolfe, S. Wu, R. Yamashiro, M. Yates, R. Yue. Sophomores: S. Allen, D. Alverson, K. Astor, E. Aust, S. Barcn, K. Birney, D. Blancy, J. Brooks, C. Bryant, L. Brugman, M. Buse, R. Charton, D. Chen, M. Chen, C. Chou, D. Chuang, E. Clark, K. Cops, J. Curnutt, M. DeSilva, S. Dun- can, T. Eggers, K. Ellis, D. Ernst, A. Fisher, T. Foxe, J. Franco, P. Frembgen, M. Gillman, A. Gugasian, S. Hemsley, J. Higby, C. Hileman, S. Ho, J. Huang, K. Kaul, D. Kim, S. Kim, C. Kin, D. Kowalik, C. Larson, J. Lee, C. Lema, J. Lerch, C. Lin, H. Lin, J. Lin, K. Lin, S. Lopez, S. Lyon, D. MacDonald, A. MachLachlan, R Mayemura, W. Mazurie, A. Mew, T. Moore, A Musch, K. Olson, D. Pan, C. Parker, H. Pollak, P Prestinary, S. Ralston, J. Reed, J. Samuelson, J Schneider, D. Schwarz, R. Scott, R. Shahandeh T. Sharp, S. Sheng, B. Smith, H. Smith, B. Stern ' Y. Takenaka, P. Ting, G. Tucker, C. Turk, W VanPelt, K. Walker, C. Webb, J. Williams, D Wilson, G. Wu. Freshmen: K. Baker, C. Barron, E. Bauer, J. Bern stein, R. Bosoker, D. Chuang, H. Clayton, A. Crof ton, E. Elmer, J. Fischel, H. Harmon, C. Johnson R. KerShanar, T. Keuilian, N. Konty, J. Lema, Y Liang, M. McFadden, S. Marcoux, H. Marks, A Olivera, K. Niu, B. Otoupalik, C. Pak, M. Reber C. Reynolds, S. Scwartz, L. Shugarman, A. Stei nle, T. Suan, K. Tarshis, E. Yamashiro Right: Dance Production: Front Row: K Weatherman, J. Herr, K. Logman, D. Okamoto Z. Snell. Back Row: E. Langlois, T. Baird, M. Fink L. Rauch. 202 Clubs Math Contests The Math Science club was a very active club this past year. They participated in several, different competitions and planned their own contest. The " The opportunities the Math Science club provides me with are beneficial to my math. " Foothill Math Contest has only been around for two years. The contest consisted of several junior high grades coming to Foothill to compete. This gave the younger students a chance to use their math skills in a productive way. Besides setting up the contest and competing in other contests the club held monthly meetings and raised funds at various school events. This club has been a successful club because of the dedication of the officers and the participation of its members. Left: Math Science club: Front Row: K. Chang, W. Pak, C. Lawrence, Middle Row: P. Muret, A. Ryu, A. Shcng, Y. Takenaka, S. Sheng D. Chuang, V. Nozick, Back Row: C. Kanno, M. DeSilva, H. Lin, S. Ho. H. Lin, H. Lin, J. Wilhelm, A. Bhimani, P. Cash Y. Denenny. Middle: Cultural Enrichment: Front Row: K. Fukushima, H. Lin, S. Altcrman, A. Tanaka, P. Kelly, C. DeSilva, D. Park. Middle Row: H. Ho, M. Miral, S. Wu, K. Chang, Y. Park, J. Lin, A. Huang, M. Fletcher. Back Row: C. Kanno, R. Yuc, T. Chou. Top: Valerie Nozick and Anish Bhimani take part of a math contest. Above: Key Club: Front Row: B. Pak, K. Kovac, J. Mahru. Middle Row: K. Carter, T. Miner, G. Nakamoto, T. Watson, J. Alvcrson, T. Araujo, K. Baker, T. Stevens. Back Row: E. Bricker, E. Smith, R. Williams, P. Ting. Clubs 203 Finishing that extra mile, making that winning basket, or crossing the goal line was one way we saw athletics. To us they were a way to express ourselves. To some, they were their entire lives. Along with winning, Foothill students saw athletics as a challenge. The challenge was not simply to win the game or meet, but to excel, winning or losing, made no difference. We felt that as long as we had done our best, there was no losing. The pride that went along with sports was one factor that kept the Foothill athletes going. Varsity swimmer, Kristin Grahn stated " I con- tinue swimming because when I improve my time I get self satisfaction and 1 am more motivated to stay swimming. It also gives me a lot of pride for Foothill. " This pride was Right: John Fishbcck goes for the touchdown. Opposite Page, Left: Tina Sadler and Valerie Fryer strive to win. Opposite Page, Far Left: Kimber Bryant concen- trates on the ball. Opposite Page, Above: Robert Reynolds tries his hand in the field. observed not only in the athletes but also in th student spectators. " Going to the football game Friday night and cheering on the team helped us t( get into the swing of high school, " commentee freshmen Patty Bowen and Jennifer VanTuyle. Along with the glory of athletics there was a lo of work. Each day many hours were spent practic ing to become the best. The time spent was no alone. Each person had to do their part, but like car, it was necessary that all were present and ii good shape, and working together to make it go. The challenge of sports, along with the prid(j kept Foothill athletes striving for success. Th ; dedication, hard work, and team cooperation wa;; what made the success. As We See It, athletics is j combination of forces, that brings us together as team, to work towards a common goal, excellence.; 204 Athletics Diuision Page I Athletics Division Page 205 Below: Stephanie Schwartz hits the ball to the other side. Bottom: Tina Sadler, Holly PoUak, and Stephanie Schwartz look up to find the ball. Bottom Left: Sandi Rassmussen hits an oncoming ball. Up For Grabs With the season ending in 86 ' , the Varsity Volleyball Team tried another devastating task. They tried to win the California Interscholastic Federation , CIF. With this in mind they went all out to try to win, but unfortunately didn ' t suc- ceed. With great coaching from Sheila Adams, and a fine performance from the Varsity Volleyball Team, they had a remarkable team, with every opportunity up for grabs. The J.V. Volleyball Team also put out a great effort to try to stay on top, with Tanya Foxe, Cari Cutliff, Sandi Rasmussen and friends. Volleyball started to become popular with everyone, especially since boys have started to join into the fun of the game. 86 ' was a promising year, and 87 ' will be an even better one. 206 Varsity Volleyball I Left: JV: Back Row: S. Rasmussen, A. Steinle. C. Bryant, M. Labat, T. Wilcox, N. Russell. Front Row: T. Foxe, H. Harmon, K. Lodgard, H. Rice, S. Gagen, C. Cutliff. Bottom Left: Varsity: Clockwise: T. Sadler, S. Singer, S. LeSeuer, V. Fryer, D. Nicolai, S. Schwartz, A. Haymon, H. Pollak, S. Davis, S. Allen. Below: Tina Sadler is airborne. k Girk Vollevball 207 Right: Tom Heil makes another catch for thd mighty Foothill Knights. Below: Chris Fergus is sprung to the outside by Mike Shepard ' s block. Bottom: Back Row. F. Busallachi, G. Nicol, B. Walter, J. Casey, J. Constantino, A. Hairston, A. Lake, D. Fritts, R. Schaefer, T. Hawkins, M. Gazzaniga. Sixth Row. D. Sprayberry, C. Hull, B. Curran, R. Laycock, M. Allen, J. Ben- nett, M. Newcomb, P. Caspar, B. Byrd. Fifth Row. J. Shugar- man, M. Dunn, M. Bain, S. Koehl, J. Mountain, J. Fischbeck, C. Fergus, B. Woods, X. Irani, P. Perkins. Fourth Row. R. Basile, P. Adams, D. Iftiger, O. Martinez, D. Lam, D. Gesler, D. Addy, G. Johnson. Second Row. A. Horvath, M. Shepard, C. Scrivens, G. Takabayashi, T. Chappelle, C. Veje, T. Heil, C. Cowdell, B. Healy, P. Thornton. Front Row. M. Horton, A. Chambers, S. Quinn, M. Daugherty, S. Yakatan, E. Merker, M. Gonzalez, J. Reed, B. Slattery, B. Telson. 208 Football Another Year of Foothill Football The Knights got off to a rough start this year, but soon vcrcame their apparent weaknesses. The season began ) turn around and Foothill ended up in a great playoff pot. Meeting the El Modena Vanguards after last year ' s vic- ry put the team in a difficult situation. Despite putting up great effort, but due to a last-second field goal by ElMo FHS GPP oothill lost, 10-7. Hopefully, next year will be a different 17 Marina 7 tory, however, and if Foothill wins, the victory will be 6 Tustin 21 jveet. Westminster 7 The first-round CIF game against Los Alamitos was a 26 Canyon 15 ontest which all the players dearly wanted to win. Head 11 S.A. Valley 6 oach Ted Mullen gave an uplifting speech to the players 18 Santa Ana 34 efore the game, and it appears that it did not go entirely 35 Villa Park athout effect, Foothill won 21-0, the only shutout. Mis- 7 El Modena 10 on Viejo took their turn the next week, shutting Foothill 21 Los Alamitos ut, 14-0. This was the third year that the team had Mission Viejo 14 xperienced this disappointing loss to Mission in the sec- nd round of CIF play. 1 Above: Foothill ' s offense is ready to strike. Left: John Fischbeck celebrates in the endzone after a touchdown. Football 209 Sophomores Are Top Notch Once again, the sophomore football team had another outstanding year, with many players having a great season. Hopefully, these outstanding players can go on and continue the tradition on the varsity team in years to come. Their outstanding performance, should prove to the advantage of the Varsity Football team. Working towards the goal of varsity, these sophomores, showed their excellent talents of the sport. Top: Joiin Resler plans his moves. Above: Brian Chodowski attempts to break through. Top Left: Courtney Keyler prepares to block an opponent. 210 Sophomore Footbail Top: The 1986 Sophomore Football team. Back Row: J. Thomas, S. Mann, S. Seaver, E. Garcia, M. Vcje, J. Zurn, R. Valenta, M. Hallamore, M. Russell. Third Row: E. Steiner, B. Parks, C. Keyler, D. Alverson, G. Mead, J. Womack, K. Cops, J. Hufnagel. Second Row: Coach Sufficool, M. Wallace, M. Stoutenburg, A. Fragassi, D. Butler, J. Ressler, coach Zeich. First Row: K. Astor, S. Barton, D. Healy, T. Delnocc, B. Bridenbecker, J. Thome, E. Loonam, E. Kellerman. Seated: J. Schneider, B. Chodowski, W. Kellogg, T. Holland, K. Lamb, A. Afrasiabi, C. Johnson. Left: John Ressler tries to leap over the defense. Below: Brian Bridenbecker goes on the offensive. Sophomore Football 211 Top Right: The 1986 Freshman Football team. Back Row: D. Todd, R. Slobodynskyj, J. Hairston, J. Alford, J. Grissinger, C. Pearson, M. Wilkinson, J. Gabelsberg, J. Duff. Third Row: R. Jackson, J. Shanahan, J. Gagen, J. Wood, D. Tovar, N. San- filippo, A. Zupka, B. Hendrick, D. Sprayberry, J. Austin. Second Row: Coach Valenta, J. Eckenrod, J. Gandeza, J. Kane, C. Thornton, K. Dettor, M. Bosko, J. Genova. First Row: S. Sousa, C. Ramer, M. Flores, M. Bablot, R. Dean, G. Borgcs, J. Vreeland, S. Sakamoto, R. McGchee. Seated: T. Pfahler, J. Duarte, R. Nakamura, S. Robinson, B. Jezowski, J. Zachary, R. Hagland, C. Leitner. Top Left: John Shanahan runs for a touchdown. Above: Ron McGehee avoids the defense. 212 Freshman Football A orking rewards Perfection ' ith the help of players like John Shanahan and Ron McGehee, e freshman football team finished an outstanding year. Things e looking good for next year ' s sophomore team and this group ill be the ones to watch in the years to come. Of course, things eren ' t perfect, but, with a little practice, the team could be of lampionship quality. Top Left: Chad Pearson makes anotiier great kick. Above: John Shanahan makes a pass. Left: Chad Pearson goes for an opponent. Freshman Football 213 Top Left: Kimber Bryant hits with perfection. Top Right: Kristen Painter serves an ace. Above: Varsity Coach Jill Beck, K. Northcoat, K. Cole, H. Blackmore, P. Denny, L. Dutrisac, T. Eggers, M. Vciga, M. McCain, J. Huang, D. Chen. 214 Gir s Tennis 3IF Year In Tennis le girls tennis team did very well this year as returning •terans Kristen Northcoat, Heather Blackmore, and iige Denny lead the team to CIF this year. Coach Jill 3ck did a great job with the girls, and they captured any titles and everyone put forth their best effort. Left: JV: A. Schwab, D. Kim, S. Kim, J. Gin, K. Bryant, K. Thon, H. Pohlman, L. Kim, J. Tanncnbaum, C. Lynn, T. Sterman, K. Kassuth, K. Painter, A. Bullock, D. Pan, D. Merkcr, A. Goldstein. Below: F S Front Row: K. Wei, T. Marlin, S. Shwartz, W. Snow, J. Dunn, M. Leopold, L. Foltz, Y. Takanaka, K. Knowles, K. Leman. Back Row: K. Mcllican, R. Boscker, R. Kirshner, B. Wu, M. Martin, A. Stanley, A. Roby, H. Lin, M. Powell, S. Angere ¥ 9 J: k 1 « V| V V , - V v( FHS 14,6 13,6 17,6 12,6 16,6 13,6 16,6 14,6 15,6 18,6 Villa Park El Modena S.A. Valley Santa Ana El Modena Canyon Santa Ana Villa Park Canyon S.A. Valley OPP 4,0 5,0 1.0 6,0 2,0 5,0 2,0 4,0 3,0 0,0 Giris Tennis 215 Cutting It Close! The 87 season was another great one for the boys varsity basketball team. Coach Reames, along with his team, without a doubt could take his team all the way. They had a very satisfying season, with some great victories. The players themselves performed very well with their skillful plays, thought out strategies, and fine performances from Christian Aqueveque, Bill Peckham, Coach Jim Reames, and all the other great basketball players on the team. This season was an excellent one for the school ' s varsity team, and the school hoped next season would have just as much talent on their team as this one did. Below: Chris Aqueveque jumps as high as he can, to get a shot off. Bottom Right: Bill Peckham shoots the ball over the other team. Right: Greg Richer tries to hang on. Top Right: John Willsie looks down to a falling victim. 216 Boys Uarsifv Basketball F.H.S. 0pp. 46 Mater Dei 55 51 El Toro 50 67 Orange 48 ft 47 Santa Ana 40 51 Tustin 61 48 Canyon 36 75 Villa Park 45 80 El Modena 57 74 S.A.Valley 64 Top: Varsity: Back Row: M. Farr, J. Casey, D. Bridge, D. Abel, B. Peckham, J. Willsie, G. Rieber, J. Hoffman, P. Dorn, B. Curran, R. Van Cleave. Bottom Left: Chris Aqueveque tries to score through the other team. Bottom: Bill Peckham and another player wait for the ball to come down. Boys Varsity Basketball 217 Top: Mike Crowell tries for a lay-up. Above Right: Coach Robbins talks with his sophmore team. Above: Greg Johnson, Jeremy Clevenger, and Ward Van Pelt chase after a loose ball. Top Right: J.V.: Back Row: D. Angebrant, J. Clevenger, T. Henrotin, B. Mazurie, B. Logan, K. Combs, S. Callanan, B. Ham, D. Jones, B. Cornier, N. Williamson. Front Row: M. Hauser, W. Van Pelt, G. Johnson, T. Lee. Right: Sophomore: Back Row: P. George, C. Ressler, D. Kowalik, M. Crowell, B. Deese, M. Hallamore, T. Weir, M. Russell, P. Schuler, E. Garcia, C. Parker T.B. Parks, T. Icenhower, S. Ralston. Front Row: T. Delnoce, S. Hess, Coach S. Robbins, S. Bowman, D. Threshie, C. Turk. 218 Boys Basketball k Girls Are At The Top It was another fantastic season for basketball, and these five Foothill teams gave it all to be at the top. The boys J.V. basketball team was excellent, and went through the season undefeated, as did both the Sophomore and Freshmen teams. The girls J.V. basketball team was ahead ever since the season started. They, like the Frosh Soph team, went undefeated for the season. In all, basketball had a great season at F.H.S., and hopefully it will stay that way for many years into the future. Top Left: Boys Frosh: Back Row: J. Melville, J. Fischel, J. Gustauson, K. Donnelly, G. Clark, C. Pearson, J. Janis, M. Franklin, R. Jackson, J. Kan- cock, J. Shanahan, J. Newcomb. Front Row: S. McKittrick, R. Dean, R. Robinson, J. Crowell. Left: Girls J.V.: Back Row: S. Ebert, J. Koenig, A. Bailey, S. Hipsack, H. Syrjanen, K. Wilhelm, N. Russell, A. Steinle, S. Rasmussen, Coach L. Gib- son. Front Row: S. Kracht, J. Lee, E. Mitchell, H. Pollak, F. Mitchell, K. Lodgard, K. Walker. Bottom Left: Girls Frosh Soph: T. Stevens, J. Reed, N. Hallamore, S. Gagen, A. Ressler, L. Shugarman, A. Curtis, E. Goldberg, S. Lyon, P. Ting. Bottom: Amy Bailey passes the ball to Amy Steinle. Girls Basketball 219 Shooting to Win Picture the last two minutes of the girls basketball game. The score going back and forth between the two teams like a pendulum on a clock. Suddenly, leading point scorer Sue Davis swiftly jumps up and literally places the ball into the basket. This is how the entire season went. Led by top players Tiffany Chandler, Ashley Selman, Najla Mitchell, Sue Davis, and Sheila Bender, the team had an incrdible record of 22 wins and only 4 losses. As to be expected, the girls reached their goal of going to CIF. Unfortunately, they ended the season early when they lost an exceptionally difficult game against Compton. Although the girls did not reach their maximum peak, winning the CIF championship, their enthusiasm, team work, and spirit prevailed and the overall season was superb. Top: Ashley Selman is determined to keep the ball away from h opponent. Above: Back Row: Coach S. Hilsabeck, R. Mayamura, S. Allen, Nicolai, T. Foxe, S. Davis, N. Mitchell, K. Barnes, T. Chandler, Welch, G. Scherschel, Coach S. Adams. Front Row: S. Bender, C. Gi boski, N. Pliner, A. Selman. Left: Najla Mitchell shoots to score. I 220 Girls Varsity Basketball Left: Chris Garboski looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. Below: Sheila Bender tries to score some points. Below Left: Sue Davis grabs the bail 1 FHS OPP 53 Canyon 30 48 Valley 29 72 Santa Ana 36 60 Villa Park 47 60 El Modena 40 54 Canyon 37 55 Santa Ana 25 53 Villa Park 2 6 64 El Modena 43 4 Jim Cirb Varsllv Basketball 221 Above: Hubert Lin and Robert Char- ton lead the pack. Top Right: Joe Franco strides ahead. Right: JV: Front Row: C. Whitaker, B. Aust, M. Thornc. Back Row: G. Nakamoto, A. Bierman, J. Shank, R. Yamashiro, P. Bear. Bottom: F S: Front Row: D. Wingo, C. Hayes, T. Shapiro, D. Hayashi, E. Yamashiro. Middle Row: R. Stomp, D. Silver, J. Lema, A. Srihath. Back Row: J. Carroll, D. Kowalik, R. Weir, R. Charton, H. Lin, J. Franco. Opposite page, right: Varsity: B. Brauer, J. Franco, B. Davenport, A. Bierman, E. Smith, C. McHenry, E. Tak. Opposite page, left: Les Nesbitt looks on in amazement. Opposite page, bottom: Taking a break. 222 Bo )s Cro Country ross Country Has Another Great Year The boys cross country team was a striving success this ear. The JV and Frosh Soph both ended the season with 4-1 record. The team captains Les Nesbitt and Evan mith lead the teams to victory. Mike Thorn and Chris i hitaker were also big helps in times where the team eeded that little extra push. At the Woodbridge Invita- onal the Seniors came in first, and at the Sonora invita- tional they came in third. The girls cross country team this year wasn ' t quite as good. The varsity team did come in third at the Sonora In- vitational, however. The JV girls ended the season 2-3, but came in first at Yuicapa. Both boys and girls teams tried hard and things are already looking good for next year. FHS OPP 18 S.A. Valley 45 36 Villa Park 21 31 El Modena 24 32 Santa Ana 23 28 Canyon 27 Soys Cross Country 223 Top right: Barbie Anderson shows Mandy Keegan the ropes of X-C. Above: Dana Morgan smiles as her in- jury persists. Below right: Front Row: J. Hibbard, E. Kent, C Barron. Second Row: B. Anderson, M. Keegan, J. Reed, T. Suan, E. Brauer, K. Heard. Third Row: T. Stanficld, L. Manzo, K. Ncsbitt, V. Mann, K. Maeda. Back Row: K. Reynolds, J. Lopez, N. Sirota, L. Kowalik, M. McCauley, T. Stevens, E. Bruner. 224 Gir s Cross Country Top: Lisa Caraccio is sitting down as usual. Center Left: Chris Lemos, Rebecca Watson, and Anne Mary Ordvay lead the team to victory. Bottom: J. Brooks, A.M. Ordway, T. Chandler, J. Hibbard, C. Lemos, J. Lee, R. Watson. FHS OPP 30 S.A. Valley 26 24 Villa Park 35 37 El Modena 19 38 Santa Ana 17 50 Canyon 15 Gfris Cross Country 225 Right: Brian Chodowski pins his opponent. Below Left: Allan Baker suc- cessfully makes another pin. Below Right: Bill Phillips is in con- trol of his opponent. 226 Wrestling A Look Into The Future Although nothing spectacular happened in the 1986-1987 wrestl- ing season, the team did place fourth overall in League finals with Jeff King and John Slattery placing second, Craig Davis and Brian DeCoite placing third, and Dan Healy and Mike Tuchman placing fourth. The top varsity members were Allan Baker, Craig Davis, Mike Tuchman, and Brian DeCoite. Some of the junior varsity members improved a lot. Some of those who improved were Jerrett Bell and Chris Leitner. FHS Opposing OPP Score team Score 45 Garden Grove 27 43 Tustin 21 3 Canyon 60 36 Valley 31 28 Santa Ana 35 27 Villa Park 33 8 El Modcna 52 s i " J • " FTIIK • m . ' tWlIU t i 4 1 " " " " ' ly Varsity Wrestling Left: Back row: J. King, M. McCaulcy, Coach Boyer, S. Whitely, Coach Ranee, Coach Bill, C. Kelly. Middle row: B. Decoitc, C. Davis, E. Ball, A. Baker, D. Healy, M. Tuchman. Front row: C. Karcher, C. Leitner, R. Cunningham, J. Slattery. J.V. Wrestling Below left: P. Huston, L. Means, Coach Bill, J. Austin, Coach Ranee, B. Rackliffe, J. Thomas. Middle row: J. Surfase, J. Majarro, B. Chowdowski, C. Fickctt, J. Tundadorc, C. Lathrum. Front row: B. Phillips, J. Kanale, R. Hoover, M. Bablock, J. Bell, Above left: Mark Bablock struggles to succeed and beat his opponent. Above right: Mike Tuchman shakes hands with his opponent at the start of a match. Wrestling 227 ' ■ ' ■■- .■ --;: " aaiMfc-: ' i m ' ' Hard Work Pays Off On Foothill ' s varsity team there was no one star player. The team relied on teamwork, not just on one player. They worked out twice a day, totaling three and a half hours. The work paid off, because the team came in se- cond in league and beat Newport Harbor for the first time in 12 years. Simcox felt that there was a possibility that some team members would play in the NCAA in college. He had several seniors with a lot of talent. Coach Simcox said " as far as teamwork they were the best team that I have ever coached. I have had other teams with more talent, but none with the desire and intelligence of this team. " Top: Goalie Jim Gunz prepares to block the ball. Right: Jeff Ruch looks for a passing possibility. 228 Varsity Waterpolo FHS OPP 10 Villa Park 8 1 University 4 |l8 Canyon 7 |l9 S.A. Valley 6 ' 9 University 10 24 Santa Ana 4 8 Newport 7 4 Villa Park 5 22 El Modena 3 5 Tustin 6 Jght: Artie Castro stretches to blocit the ball. op right: John Lubell poses while coach Simcox ves a pep talk. ibove: Front Row: D. Crawford, C. Almquist. (iddle Row: T. Brock, R. Reynolds, R. Watts, each DeLong, A. Castro, B. Bainbridge, M. evine. Back Row: J. Ruch, J. Gunz, J. Leach, A. illman, Coach Simcox, A.J. Palluck, G. Welch, J. ubell, D. Bryant. I VaisltvWaterpoh 229 Below Left: Pete Schuler successfully blocks the goal. Below Right: 1986 Foothill water polo team shirt. Right: Front Row: L. Murphy, D. Manzo, M. Grahn, J. Leach, M. Delvaugh, B. Galey, M. Jones, J. Lin. Middle Row: T. Jackson, B. Otapalluck, C. Davis, C. Myrha, J. Salata, R. Scott, D. Ernst, Z. Holder, T. Larson. Back Row: T. Williams, A. Musch, C. Barker, B. " Febus " Costanza, Coach Morrow, B. Cowdell, A. Machlachlin, C. Stuart, P. Schuler. ,.v. v.J«J2: .,J t 230 Waterpo o r »- ( Young Strong The ideal water polo player is someone who has great talent, and can do what the coach asks. 1986 was the first year playing water polo for most of the freshmen, but this year ' s frosh soph team was strong. 1987 will be a year of young players, and therefore a year of building, and hopefully they will continue in the great tradition of Foothill. The team ' s strong will to win, made them do so well dur- ing the year. They worked hard together and showed what they were made of. These talents will be very useful as the team members go on to Varsity in 87 and 88. op: Brian Galey attempts to take the bail away from his opponent. bove: Ron Scott makes a great pass. Waterpol( ,o 231 Below: Jon Inaba goes for the ball. Bottom: Dirk Hogan does on the offensive. Bottom Left: Dirk Hogan races for the goal. Below Left: Pat Kcegan waits for the ball. 232 Bovs Soccer FHS 3 3 4 7 3 2 Canyon S.A. Valley Dana Hills Irvine Laguna Hills Santa Ana Villa Park El Modena Canyon OPP 2 1 3 8 4 2 2 2 2 Higher Goal! The year for Boys soccer was to say the least ex- tremely exciting. This year the Boys Varsity soccer team put out an all out effort. The effort was high but the difficulty of this year ' s schedule was too much to overcome by this year ' s high effort output soccer team. Even though the team recorded only two wins, one tie, and six losses, most games that were lost were usually lost only by one or two goals. Over all, the season was outstanding and the boys soccer team proved to be an exceptional combination of talents. Top: Dirk Hogan sends it flying. Middle: Anthnoy Jacobs hits the bail while the other players look on in amazement. Bottom: Eric Smith goes for everything. Bojis Soccei r 233 Top: Joey Lema prepares to score. Above: Danny Stauffer watches the ball fly. Above Right: Andy Gordon runs down the field. Right: Joey Lema tries to steal the ball. 234 JV Frosh Soph Soccer Soccer Scores The JV, Sophomore and Freshmen soccer teams had a great season this year. With the help of some outstanding players, the teams went on to do a great job against the competition. Hopefully next year ' s teams can do as well and if these players go on to var- sity play, soccer should have some league champion- ship teams in the next few years. Above: Matt Lindauer keeps the ball away from his opponents. Left: Joey Lema fights for the ball. Above Left: Kevin Fanti walks the ball downfield as David Downs looks on. JV Frosh Soph Soccer 235 Girls Head Towards GIF The 1986-87 year for Girls Varsit Soccer was quite sucessful. Th season ended with a total of five wins three losses, and one tie for the Girl Varsity Soccer team. With this recon Girls Varsity Soccer went to the CI playoffs and made it to the quarte| finals before being defeated. All in alj the season for the Girls Varsity So cer team was very good, and thi future for Girls Varsity Soccer shoulc be as bright. Girls Varsity Soccer is e winning tradition. Top: Dana Davis gets the bail under heavy pressure. Above: Denise Fulton tries a new defensive move. Above Right: Jennifer Smitli and Trad Lewis get an in- teresting lecture by the Soccer Coach. Right: Michelle Pashley just joined the synchronized ball bouncing team. 236 Giris Varsity Soccer ----- - --- " ' Left: Traci Lewis is about to explore a law of Physics. Below: Danielle Tonasik is searching for new ground to conquer. Bottom: Hayley Zadcl just explored the same law of Physics that Traci is going to. Canyon El Modena Woodbridge Villa Park Irvine Villa Park Canyon El Modena Villa Park OPP 3 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 Girls Varsify itv Soccer %D Above: Pil Sun Chung gets a strike. Right: Dave Jensen tells Pil Sun Chung to move the ball a lit- tle closer while nobody is looking. Below: Rusty Van Cleave, Bryan Cannon, Jeremy Clevenger, Dave Jensen, Duane Jensen, and Pil Sun Chung. 238 Golf FHS OPP 206 Estancia 199 212 Capo Valley 209 196 Corona del Mar 200 204 Santa Ana 250 194 Newport Harbor 216 203 Esperanza 197 211 Canyon 227 216 ElModena 222 208 Villa Park 220 219 Estancia 209 Golf Hits The Greens The 1987 golf team, led by Coach Osborne, had a very successful season. The team was composed of good long-ball hitters and showed their steady hands on the greens. Golf takes a lot of concentra- tion and talent and Foothill ' s golfers definitely demonstrated these skills. This year was a good one and all were hoping that next year would be even better. Top Left: Rusty Van Cleave appears to love his " new high-tech back scratcher. " Middle: Bryan Cannon prepares to hit the ball. Bottom: Duane Jensen wonders who ' s the wise guy that moved the hole. Golf 239 Middle Right: Tiffany Chandler jumps her heart out. Below: Julie Hibbard gives it her all. Bottom: Jeanette Reed runs for her life. Right: Anne Mary Ordway crosses the finish line. 240 en s Track Left: Terry Ubl flies through the air. Below: Joanne Lee achieves a runner ' s high. Bottom: A Foothill runner, is running with the wind. iitt- fi ' .l ■•• - . ' %V. Girls Run To The Top This year ' s track season was filled with a myriad of abysses and triumphs. The team lived up to all its expectations md really showed the quality of the coaching staff. Foothill track reached a new plateau in its quest for a true place in he Foothill High School sports hall of fame. As in previous years the team went to all the major and minor events and )erformed exactly as expected. The team members put out a great amount of effort and enthusiasm was high hroughout the season. Everybody came to the meets with high hopes and in expectation of a big win. This year, as in •revious years, the team really made the competition stand at attention and take notice. Girls Track 241 Below: Ready to catch the pitch, Sterling Crook is ready for it. Below Left: Ashby Jones slides into second base. Bottom: Coaches Sedoo and George discuss a critical play- Bottom Left: Doug Kopcha starts into his pitch. 242 Boys Vollevball Swinging To Victory The 1987 Varsity Baseball team had an excellent season in which the team played their best. Coach Sedoo, and assistant roaches K. Briggs, J. George, and B. Adams really brought 3ut a good team. Mentally and physically this team was unstoppable, although getting many bad calls deciding some d{ the games, they were still the best. Lead by many top players, 1987 ' s Varsity team was one of the best hitting, pitching, and fielding teams to come around in a while. Above Right: Kent Madole waits for the pitch. Below: Adam Chambers hits the pitch. Bottom Right: Varsity: Back Row: Coach Briggs, E. Garcia, B. Curran, T. Hawkins, B. Buckner, A. Jones, L. Lether, M. Higgens, Coach Sedoo. Middle Row: R. Ross, P. Crawford, D. Kopcha, K. Donnelly, B. Woods, P. Thorton, T. Collins, E. Dapkewicz. Front Row: T. Adams, B. Valenta, R. King, S. Crook, G. Takabayashi, K. Madole, M. Horton, A. Chambers. d FHS OPP. 6 S.A. Valley 4 8 El Modena 2 Canyon 1 6 Santa Ana 2 6 S.A. Valley 7 6 Canyon 4 Boys Vollevbdl 243 Striking It Big The J.V. and Frosh Soph Baseball season for Foothill was one of the best it has ever had. J.V. had an impressive season with their offense and defensive plays. Coach Foxe and his crew was on top throughout the entire season. Frosh Soph also had a great year, and one of their best. Coach Valenta and his team was so good that they beat a team 17 to 1, and the other team gave up and left the game when it wasn ' t over. Next year should be something to look forward to. Especially with these two teams that are on top. Top Right: Sean Witmor tries to bunt liis way on. Right: Clay Taylor swings at a curve ball. Bottom Right: Wesley King tries to pick off a runner. Bottom: Frosh Soph.: Back Row: Coach Casio, B. Bridenbecker, R. Greene, C. Smidt, M. Caspar, T. Henrotin, Coach Valenta. Middle Row: J. Shanahan, R. Stomp, C. Taylor, D. Threshie, M. Stauffer, R. Kellerman, S. Witmor. Front Row: M. Babalot, B. Palluck, W. King, E. Aust, M. Parker, R. McGehee. 244 Baseball Left: Tom Hawkins looks for the strike zone. Below: Mike McKinnon and Scott Barton talk to their pitcher. Bottom: David Downs goes for the ball as Todd Delnoce waits for the double play. Below Left: Courtney Keyler in his pitching form. Bottom Left: J.V.: Back Row: Coach Gallas, Coach Fox, G. Scott, M. Russell, B. Ham, Coach Edmisten. Middle Row: D. Jones, T. Parks, J. Scherbarth, M. McKinnen, C. Keyler, A. Knopf. Front Row: S. Barton, T. Delnoce, M. Lofland, N. Lemas, D. Downs. m S S ' I Baseball 245 They Love It Love, that was what tennis was all about. No, not the kind of love one has with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, or even the kind between a mother and child, this was a point scoring system. Although not everyone would understand this terminology, the boys tennis team knew it inside and out. Not only did they learn the scoring system, they also used it to rake in many points through the season. They worked hard and thus did great. Overall, the boys tennis team used their strength and talents to make them do so well and thus they loved the sport. Below: Steve Schwartz yells at the ball to get away. Right: John Collins smashes the ball over the net. Opposite Page, Right: Kent Northcoat concentrates on his swing. Opposite Page, Bottom Right: Boys tennis player gives it his all. Opposite Page, Above Right: Gary Liser looks into the sun. Opposite Page, Top Left: The boys take a lot of time to prac- tice their serve. ■■ I ' B ii rif iiii f Mg I n iig pS ' 246 Boys Tennis I Bovs Tennis T ' Miiiiiii 248 J. v. Girls and Boys Siuimming .. ii »i UlMiltWI I ' • " ' »uU muuu ' i uuiiiUiii ■J " - i ' -AailK " — -iKr i " " " •m " aiUlMUMtUUtUt iautii ' J.V. Teams As the gun shoots and the water splashes, the J.V. Swim Teams start off a great season. Most of the J.V. swimmers were swimming for their first or second year. Even though they were young, they still worked just as hard as the Varsity teams. They like Varsity arrived at school at six am in order to swim in a cold pool. They also swam after school everyday. The young swimmers worked hard as a team, and also equally hard to improve their own times. Their hard work and dedication will most likely pay off when in future years they get the chance to swim on the Varsity team. Above Left: Mark Delveaux strokes ahead. Opposite Page, Far Left: Adam Gillman and Doug CravA ford seek guidance from the Swimming God Oggwa. Opposite Page, Bottom: Artie Castro finds out he ' s halfway to Cataiina. Below Left: Matthew Grahn comes up for a breath of air. I J V Girb and Bo s Swimming 249 Right: Adam Gillman prepares to jump right in. Below: A Varsity Swimmer gives his all for Foothill swimming. Opposite Page, Top: A Varsity Swimmer can ' t wait to get into the action. Opposite Page, Bot- tom: Adam Mush gets in over his head. 250 Boys V. Swimming FHS 0pp. 78 Corona Del Mar 78 111 El Toro 45 83 Edison 73 121 Canyon 34 112 S.A. Valley 44 114 Santa Ana 30 109 Marina 47 82 Villa Park 74 Varsity Boys Dive In The water made an in- credible splash as the boys varsity swim team dove into another stupen- dous season. The hard work and dedication the boys put into their sport really paid off, they did great. But this greatness did not just come from nothing, there was a lot of time and energy behind it. Not many peo- ple would get at 5:00 am in order to get to school by 6:00 am to emerge themselves in a 40 degree pool and begin a strenuous work out. Although morning prac- tices were numerous, they were not the only ones, there was after school everyday for the entire length of the season. The hard work paid off and the team was fabulous. Boys V Swimming 251 • Right: Stephanie Hanger doesn ' t like the chlorine aftertaste or having the sun in her eyes. Top: It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! No, it ' s but- terflyer Celina Lemke in the Medley Relay! Above Left: Backstroker Heather Marks pushes herself during backstroke. Above: Stephanie Chaix is tired and yawns during her freestyle event. l- -sit . . 252 Varsit ; Girls Swimming ♦ ' tX ' tll 7-V .- r ' ' ' ' »- - A Special Type of Family The 1987 Varsity Girls Swimming season was very strong. In the beginning of the season the team was expected to win Century League. Swimmers who qualified for CIF were Adrienne Scheussler, Veronica Vasquez, and Siouxanan Marcoux. Although there was not much com- petition for many of the meets, the swimmers worked to achieve personal bests. Senior Jule Brouk said, " 1 enjoy being in the water. 1 enjoy trying to see how far 1 can push my body, to see if I can reach my limit to achieve my goal. " The workouts were very tough. They were one hour in the morning and two and one half hours in the afternoon. Swimmers spent a lot of their time together. Junior Ellie Boddy said, " I feel a close relationship with many of the swim- mers because of the amount of time we spend together I consider us a special type of family. " Although the workouts are very tough and swimmers often hit a plateau, there are many rewards which make the hard ship worth it. For instance, the satisfaction of improving times, reaching personal bests, keeping in shape, becoming close friends with other swimmers, and mostly feeling good about yourself. 1 r ■ 1 1 sgr B — m FHS 96 Corona Del Mar Opp 58 - s " " S f gtt i E ppl 76 El Toro 52 •hL h L . tf J -_- - 104 Edison 52 l li mbjk; n i ' Jv Mkl 103 Canyon 34 f ' - yrEj Mi p Vtv il jMW " 110 S.A. Valley 14 tk- wd j L V ' « ' ' J3 y M ' I a " 120 Santa Ana 14 k MOi wW fjt kyt %J - 62 Marina 94 iwi gpg Wf m. 117 Villa Park 39 fop: Adrienne Scheussler swiftly glides througli the water. iliddle: Frogger Siouxanan Marcoux swims butterfly. Vbove: Back row: Coach DeLong, J. Brouk, J. Cahalan, H. Marks, S. Marcoux, K. Jrome, M. Myhra, K. Grahn. Third row: K. Hansen, D. Boddy, D. Bryant, A. Musch, ). Crawford, B. Cowdell, B. Costanza, C. Almquist, G. Jones, B. McHenry, V. Vas- jucz. Second row: S. Smith, R. Reynolds, A. J. Palluck, G. Welch, J. Leach, R. Scott, 3. Galey, H. Cohen. Front row: M. Gillman, A. Scheussler, C. Larsen, B. Bainbridge, 5. Chaix, C. Thornton, E. Boddy, J. Fahs, S. Hanger, C. Lcmke, K. Guzman. Vanity Girb Swimming 253 On The Right Track Jumping over high bars, running many times around the track or throwing heavy balls was what the boys track team did. But this was not as easy as it sounds. Each of the boys needs to be in top shape in order for the team to prevail. They have to work together as a team and also as individuals. The 1987 did just that, and had a superb season. They were definitely on the right track. Right: The long jumper is putting his best foot forward. Below: Going above the call of duty, Jeff Workurka makes a successful jump. 254 Boiis Track Below: Back Row: S. Ball, D. Fritz, J. Wokurka, S. Slocum, M. Bain, K. Shipcott, M. McKcvcr. Second Row; M. Thome, R. Caraccio, C. Whitaker, C. McHenry. Third Row: R. Yamashito, G. Nakamoto, E. Brikker, B. Aust. Bottom Row: T. Traver, M. Farr, J. Amneuss, B. Robinson, M. Gablesberg, E. Tak, E. Smith, L. Nesibitt, T. Cangiolosi. Left: Chris Walshe is coming home. Above: Scott Ball ties to get himself up and over. ►Jr.— • . . rJil ' ' T . . A ' r-» xr -, • Boiis Track 255 SOFTBALL BONANZA! Softball really got into the swing of things this year. This year ' s Softball team really blasted the competition right out of the ballpark. With a team filled with offen- sive powerhouse players does not mean that the defense was lacking power at all. The defense plummeted the other teams attempts at rebounding from the offensive punch. Softball was played this year as if the girls were out for blood. This year ' s Softball powerhouse team did not only destroy the competition, but sent the other teams home humiliated to their respective schools. ? . ' »-- Zob Girls Softball Top: Nikki Pliner gets ready to throw a strike. Left: Allison Oliviera contemplates her life. Above: Paula Valle runs onto the field. Grr s Softball 257 The closing of the year was a time to look back on it and remember the good times and the bad times. Some saw it as a stepping stone in life. Something that would give us a boost up the lad- der of life. Others saw it as a time to have fun and relax. The numerous dances that were attended were to let some of the pressures of everyday life ease off a bit. The sporting events we participated in and observed were part of the fun of high school. But other people saw high as a time to learn. We learned from not only the obvious teachers, but we also learned valuable lessons from Right: Michelle McCain announces the last members of the girls basketball team. Opposite Page, Right: Bari Alpert and Kristi Evans realize that the end of their junior year is almost here and they will soon be seniors. Opposite Page, Far Right: Shelia plays her final high school basketball game. Opposite Page, Top: Diana McDonald, Andrea Fisher, and Erica Smith are excited about the idea of becoming up- perclassmen soon. Above: Mr. Robbins, Mrs. Waterman and Mr. Turner watch Sandi Hammond and Stephanie Schultz act out the last scene. our friends and even from our enemies. A time to grow up was how some saw highj school. We were given more responsibility an( trust. Receiving a drivers license was a definit sign of maturing. We were no longer treated ai children like when we were in elementary an( junior high school. Others saw high school as a time to begin to make choices. Although we were all faced with decisions some were more important. The choice of where to go to college and what to do after graduation was put on our shoulders. Other decisions were much less important, but we still had to make them, such as where to go to lunch and what to do Saturday night. As We See It the closing of high school was a time to look back at the past four years Although we saw it as many different things, we all saw it as a time to be young and free. 258 Conclusion Diuision Page ConcliMion Division Page 259 TRVLDR PUBLISHING CDfTlPRNV BOB STEPHENSON REPRESENTATIVE 260 Advertisements f Advanced Painting License No. 316079 Free Estimates Insured Bonded Sensible Prices Page Upon Request Quality Work (714) 550-1242 Allen Moser owner 2110 E. 1st Street Plaza. 124 Santa Ana, California 92705 FAMILY TREE PHOTOGRAPHY " Serving Orange County for over 60 years " Ralph D. Naill (714) 832-3821 Endo-lc Cenio- - IVihandYortM- 17390E 17ih.Tusun,CA 92680 Tustin Trophy Engraving Co. Prompt Service Quality Craftmanship Engraving on the Premises CUSTOM AWARDS • GIFTS • NAME BADGES • SIGNS PERMA PLAQUES • CERTIFICATES • RIBBONS • EMBOSSING (714)838-7113 CARL ARDELLE HILL 12932 Newport Ave., Ste. 14 Tustin, California 92680 DM2iiii(s4k(g BmM Sm ' mm , Mi. 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Below: Mark Gabelesburg competing with Jabba the Hut. Aduertising 269 Bottom row: Young In Park, Rommie Huntington, Marc Sanflippo, Paige Denny, Eric Hsia, Karen Bartlett, Kevin O ' Brien, Mart; Rosenblatt, Tom Olsen. Middle row: Monty Henniger, Dave Jones, Jimmy Alverson, Randy Laycock, Russ Watts, Heather Thompson Mark Gabelsberg, Jason McDonnell. Top row: Les Nesbitt, Stacy Feder, Tina Kahkonen, Amy Sheng, Kelly Miller, Kathryn Stockton, Dar cy Dexter, John Amneus, Chris Palafoutos. Bottom Row; Young In Park, Rommie Huntington, Marc Sanfilippo Kevin O ' Brien, Marty Rosenblatt, Tom Olsen. Middle Row; Anish Bhimani, Jim Alverson, Randy Laycock, Russ Watts, Heather Thompson, Mark Gabelsberg, Jason Mcdonnell. Top row: Les Nesbitt, Stacjj Feder, Amy Sheng, Kelly Miller, Darcy Dexter. Right: Mr. Marshall. 270 Aduertising •«4» i» - « « t ' ff ,(„ ll.lH ' t ' lH! ir-IIMltll,, DO YOU REMEMBER??? Front Row; Youngin Park, Jenny Green, Hank Ostercamp, Monty Henninger, Amy Zuniga, Page Denny, Robert Braun, Todd Miner, Second Row; Kurt Johnson, Tammy Sterman, Marc Sanfilippo, David Bryant, Russell Watts, Jill Ornitz. Third Row; yiatt Reback, Denisc McElroy, Anish Bhimani, Adam Gillman, David Williams, Jan Rice. Fourth Row; Ira Glasky, Kelly Knowl, Francis y ' ount, Mike Hoffman. Back Row; Jim Wilhelm, Dan Turbow, Julie Shilling, Amy Sheng. Teacher; Mrs. Cline. ■ront Row; Eric Smith, Youngin Park, Hank Ostercamp, Todd Miner. Middle " ammy Sterman, Marc Sanfilippo, David Bryant, Russell Watts, Jill Ornitz. few: Matt Reback, Francis Yount. Anish Bhimani, Adam Gillman, Dan Turbow, my Sheng. Advertising 271 Mr. Boyer gets a B+ for his dressing efforts, but gets an in- complete for his finished product. Allen, Stacia H. (10) 97 Allen. Travis P. (12) AUen,WilliamM.(12)17 Allied. Robert C. (12) 17 Almquist. Christopher A. (12) 1 1, 17,281,276 Alpert.BariH. 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(10) 98 Chamberlain, Gail R. (12) 27. 17 Chambers, Adam M. (11) 85, 90 Chandler. TiHany L. (12) 132, 138,53,140,27,17 Chang, Edward (11) 85 Chang, Susan E. (9) 112 Chapel. Scott A. (12) 27, 17 Chapman, Michelle A. (12) Chappelle, Timothy C. (12) 150, 27,17 Charton, Robert B. (10) 98 Chen, David H. (12) 28 Chen, Delbert W. (10)98 Chen, Doris (10) 98 Chen. Marian M. (10) 98 Chennavasin, John S. (9) 1 12 Cherpas, Cristina N. (12) 28 Chiang, Kenneth T. (11)85 Chiu, David(9)112 Chiu. Steve (12) Chizhik, Alexander (9) 112 Chodowski, Brian D. (10) 99 Choi. Edward J. (12) 28 Chou.ChunglhJ. (10)99 Chou, Thomas J. (11)85 Christy, Stephanie A. (9) 112 Chuang, Deborah J. (10) 99 Chuang, Diana K. (9)112 Chung, II Y. (11)85 Chung, Pil Sun S. (9)112 Ciuffoletti, Alessio (12) 28 Clark. Darrell E. (10) Clark, Elizabeth A. (10) 99 Clark. Gregory D. (9) 112, 146 Clark, Kristin M. (11)85 Clarke. KristinaR. (11)85 Clayton, Alena I. (10) 99 Abby Bridge gets caught in the act, but tries to weasel her way out again. Index 273 The Care Unit congregates Clayton, Holly A. (9) 112 Clayton, Michael D. (10) 99 CleaTy,PaulH.(12)28 Clevenger, Jeremy S. (1 1) 85 Cobb, Shelley A. (9) 112 Cochran. Sandra L. (12) 29 Coderre, Shane R. (11)85 Coffey, Cathy (12) 150, 29, 38 Cogswell, David W. (12) Cohen, Hilda A. (11)85 Colburn, Brock B. (10)99 Cole,ChristaM. (11)85 Collins, John B. (11) Collins, Tim J. (11) ColwelI.CandeeS.(12) 141, 151, 29,38 Combs, KoryB. (11) Coniglio, Christopher M. (1 1) 85 Conner, Crystal L. (10)99 Conrad, Drew R. (11)85 Conrad, Erich C. (12) 29 Constantine, Jason P. (1 1) 85 Cook, Kristine M. (10) 99 Coombs, Dallas (11) 85 Cooper, JaredS. (11)86 Cooper, Jason T. (9) 112 Cops, Kevin C. (10)99 for a concise caption. Cormier, Bradley R. (11) 86 Coronado, Leroy L. (9) 1 12 Correa, Jennifer N. (9) 112 Correa, Melissa F. (10) Conrad, Michael (10) 99 Costanza, Brian F. (10) 99 Cotman, Daniel C. (9) 112 Cowdell, Brett M. (10) 99, 152 Cowdell, Christopher J. (12) 28, 29 Coykendall, Shawn W. (12) Cralley, Ronna M. (10) 99 Crane. Bill M. (12) 29 Crane, Matthew J. (9)112 Crane, Penelope D. (1 1) 86 Craun. Darren J. (12) 29 Crawford, Carrie K. (12) 150, 30 Crawford, Doug A. (12) 30 Crawford, Patrick D. (12) 30, 269 Crofton, Alexa(9)112 Croissant, Rich J. (12) 14, 30 Crook, Steriing D. (12) 30, 42 Crosby, Scott (11) 86, 95 Crowell, Jim R. (9)113 Crowell, Michael S. (10) 99 Cuddyre, Christine M. (11) 86 Cummings, Julie K. (12) 30 Cunningham, Brian T. (10) 99 Cunningham, Rex W. (11) 86 Curiel, Leticia M. (10) 99 Curiel,Yvette(ll)86 Curnutt, Jennifer D. (10) Curran.BrettD.(12)31 Curtis, Alison L. (9) 113 Curtis, Marc W. (12) 30 Custer, Andrew (9) 1 13 Cutler, Kristin M. (12) 31 Cutliff, Cari L. (10) 99, 145 Czoberek, Kimberlee N. (9) 1 13 Dabney, Andy L. (1 1) 86, 274, 277 Dabney, Christian E. (9)113 Dains, Kathleen J. (11)86 Dall, Heather A. (12) 31 Danford, JuleeA. (10)99 Daniel, Shelly L. (12) 17, 31 Dannis, Ethan G. (10) 99 Danon, Steven S. (11)86 Dapkewicz, Eric D. (10) 99, 145 Dardashti, Laura J. (10) 99 Dart. Kevin H. (12) 31 Daugherty, Michael P. (12) Davenport, William F. (12) 32 Davis, Allison K. (12) 32 Davis, Charles P. (10)99 Davis, Craig S. (12) 32 Davis, Dana J. (12) 32 Davis, Douglas A. (9) 113 Davis, Michael C. (11)86 Davis, Robert C. (10)99 Davis, Susan A. (12) 138, 53, 32 Davis, Tyler (9) 113 Dawson, Valerie L. (9) 113 Day, Craig S. (12) 32 Deanenlle, Crystal Y. (10) 99 Dean, Robert L. (9) 113 Deangelo, August A. (1 1) 86 Deboer, Julie A. (12) 50, 26, 33 Decarion, Suzanne M, (10) 99 Deckert, Juliet K. (9)113 Decoite. Brian K. (12) 33 Dee, Roberta (11)86 Deering, Nathan A. (1 1) 86 Deese, Brett P. (10) 99 Degroot, Kevin J. (10) 99 Degroot, Randy M. (12) 33, 74 Delnoce, Todd C. (10) 99 Delvaux, Mark A. (9) 113 Delyea, Kevin J. (10) 97, 99 Demkiw, Stephanie G. (10) 99 Denenny, Yvonne D. (12) 33 Denny, Paige (11) 86, 271, 270 Desalvo, Jennifer A. (12) 33 Desantis, Lisa A. (12) 33 Desilva, Chanaka(ll)86 Desilva, Gayani V. (12) 34 Desilva, Menaka N. (10) 99 Dettor, Kevin M. (9)113 Dettor, Kristin M. (10) 99 Dexter, Darcia M. (12) 34, 270 Dicarlo,Joy(12)34 Difronzo, Gregory (1 1) 86 Dingwell, Dawn M. (12) 50, 34 Disarro, Derek B. (12) Djang, Jennifer A. (9) 113 Dodak, KariA. (11)86 Donahue, Kreg 42 Donnelly, Kent J. (9) 113 Dore, Tom P. (10) 99 Dorono, Venus(10)99 Dorn, Patrick W. (12) 34, 66 Doubet, Suzanne L. (12) 34, 59 Downs, David F. (10) 100 Duarte, Jonathan J. (9) 113 Duff, Jamal E. (9) Duff.StaceyL.(12)35 Dulebohn. Elizabeth M. (12) 35 Dumerton, Brenna N. (11)86 Duncan, Sharon L. (10) 100 Dunlap, Clayton A. (12) Dunn, Julie A. (10) 100 Dunn, Mark S. (12) 50, 34, 46 Dunn, Stephens. (11)86 Dunphy, John P. (11)86 Dunseath, Heather K. (10) 100 Duran, Michelle L. (10) 100 Dutrisac, Laura J. (1 1) 86 Duval, Michelle (12) 151, 35 Easlick, BrennanP. (9)113 Ebert, Shannon K. (9)113 Eckenrod, John B. (9)113 Edman, Matthew (1 1) 86 Eggers, Trina L. (10) 100 Eisenman, Dana G. (1 1) 86 Elliott, Beverly G. (12) 3, 132, 53, 141, 151,35,36,38 Elliott, Christopher M. (12) 35 Ellis, Keith M. (10) 100 Ellis. Mark T. (12) 36 Ellison, Andrea L. (9)113 274 Index Elmer, Christopher D. (12) 36 Elmer, Eric S. (9) 113 Endicott, Christopher P. (1 1) 86 Engdahl, Colleen L. (11) Enrlquez, Maria E.( 10) 100 Erickson, Joseph L. (10) 100 Ernst, Dan (10) 100 Esqueda, Robert (9) 113 Esqueda, Sharon (1 1) 86 Esslinger, David A. (11)86 Evans, David C.( 10) 100 Evans.DebraA. (12) Evans, Erika J. (10) 100 Evans, Karen J. (11)86, 130 Evans, KristiD. (1 1)86 Evans. Paul W. (12) Fahs, Jennifer E. (10)100 Fanti, Kevin D. (9) 1 13 Parish. KristenE. (12) 37 Farmer, Joel G. (11)86 Pamey. Margaret C. (12) 37 Farney, Patricia M. (9) 113 Parr. Michael D. (12) 37 Faure, Karinel. (9)113 Feder,StacyL.(12)37,270 Pelber.ErikL.(12)37 Pelix,KleeJ.(12)37 Fenmore, Grant M. (9) Ferbert, Jada M. (10) 100 Pergus. Christopher C. (12) 3, 10, 37 Ferrari, Janett (10) 100 Ferris, Erin L. (10) 100 Ferris, Morgan L. (11)86, 142 Ferry, Peter J. (10)100 Petters. Andrea M. (12) 37 Fickett, CraigA. (10) 100 Piduccia. Michelle P. (12) 37 Pienberg. Dean H. (12) 266 Fink. Melanie T. (12) 38, 269 Fischbeck, Brittney A. (10) 100 Fischbeck. John M. (12) 38 Fischel, Jeffrey R. (9)113 Fisher, Andrea M. (10)100 Fisher, Bobbi J. (10)100 Fisher. Paul D. (12) 38 Fjeld. Arthur K. (12) 37 Fjeld, Martin R. (10)100 Flanagan, Thomas V. (10) 100 Flanary, SeanP (11) Fleurent, Jennifer L. (9) Flores, Michael C. (9) 113 Flower, Brandy M. (10) 100 Flynn. Sean M. (11)86 Foltz, Lisa B. (9) 113 Ford. Kim R. (12) 38 Ford, SchnaM. (9)113 Forge, Sean C. (9) 113 Fosse, Kathleen E. (10)100 Foster, Michelle (9) 113 Foxe, Tanya S. (10) 100 Fragassi. Andrew G. (10) 100 Francis, Janet M. (11)86 Franco, Joe A. (10) 100, 147 Franklin, Matthew A. (9) 113 Frazee. Nicole D. (12) 38 Frazier, AhnaM.(ll)86 Freeman, Brad S. (10) 100 Freeman, Valorie L. (10) 100 Prembgen. Eric E. (12) Frembgen, Pamela A. (10) 100 Fritts, Derek G. (11)86 Frutos, David S. (9) 113 Frutos.Paul W.(12) 130, 141, 35, 38,39 Fryer, Valerie A. (12) 53, 153, 38 Fuchs, Evan D. (9)113 Fujita, Naoyoshi (1 1) 86 Fukuda, Michael T. (11)87 Fukushima, Kazumi (11) 87 Fulton, Denise S. (9) 113, 147 Furry, Jill (11) 87 Furry, Jennifer 14, 38 Furry, Kimberlyl.(9)113 Gabelsberg, Jason W. (9) 1 13 Gabelsberg.Mark L. (12) 38, 269, 270 Gabor. Michelle K. (12) 39 Gagen, James P. (9) 114 Gagen, Shelly M. (9) 114 Galey, Brian E. (9)114 Galey, Scott D. (12) 53, 139, 140, 151,39,269 Gallagher, David A. (10) 100 Gallagher, Debbie A. (11)87 Gallagher,JeanM.(12)39 Gallegos, Rodolfo (12) 39 Galvez, Alicial.(ll)87 Gandeza, Joel (9) 114 Garboski, Chris A. (12) 39 Garceau, [ enise L. (9) 1 14 Garcia, Eric 5.(10)100 Garrison. Amy E (10) 101 Garrison. Mitchell A. (12) 39 Caspar, Michael L. (10) 101 Ga8par,Paul(12) 150,39 Gates, Kari P. (10)101 Gaude, Gordon M. (11)87 Gault.Rex(12) Gaw, Michelle M. (11) Gazzaniga. Michael S. (12) 52, 22,39 Gehly, Jason B. (10)101 Geideman, Thomas E. (1 1) 87 Geneva, Jason P. (9) 114 George, Patrick M. (10) 101 Gesler,David(ll)87 Gess, Brent E. (10) 101 Gibbs,TrinaM.(9)114 Gibson, Carols. (10)101 Gibson, John R. (12) 40 Giesea, Jeffrey T. (11)87 Gilbertson, Erik J. (9)114 Gilbreath,AliM. (9)114 Gilbreath, Jessica A. (12) 40 Gill, Michael J. (11)87 Gillman. Adam J. (12) 40, 281, 271 Gillman, Margo A. (10) 101 Gilmore, Tom H. (10) 101 Gilstrap, Jeffrey W. (10) 101 Gin, Jennifer K. (9)114 Giraldo, Jessica M. (1 1) 87, 143 Girard, Stephanie K. (10) 101 Givens, Lisas. (12)40 Goh, Kenneths. (12) 40 Goldberg, Beth E. (11)87 Goldberg, Eliana K. (9) 114 Goldstein, Amanda S. (9) 114 Gomez, Maria M. (11) Gonzales, Delia P. (10) 101 Gonzalez, JoelleK. (12) 40 Gonzalez, Michael J. (11) 87 Gordon, Andy (10) 101 Gorup. Dane B. (9)114 Gorup.MykeL. (11)87,90 Gourley, Grant H. (10) 101 Graha m, Colin B. (1 1) 87, 274 Grahn. Kristin D. (12) 41, 63 Grahn, Matthew D. (9) 114 Green, Lisa (10) 101 Greenaway.Lana L.(12) 41 Greene, Richard A. (10) 101 Gregg, Anna F. (9) 1 14 Gregg, Karri 5.(1 1)2, 87 Gregg, Kevins. (12) 41 Griffiths, Brittany A. (1 1) 87 Griffits, Darin(ll)87 Grissinger, Jeremy (9) 114 Guarnacci, Shannon (1 1) 87 Jim Nestor swings his sack. Index 275 Chris Almquist relishes the thought of nibbling at the goo under his nail. Gugasian, Arax V. (10) 101 Gugino, Jason C. (12) Gugino, Jordan (12) 52, 41 Gunckel, Thomas L. (11)87 Gunz.JamesF.(12)41,281 Gustavason, Jan E. (9) 1 14 Guzman, Karen E. (1 1) 87 Gwinup, Kevin L. (1 1) 87 Haenel. Kristin M. (12) 41 Hager,DwayncH. (11)87 Hagland, Robert L. (9)114 Hagmann, Kristin J. (11) 87 Hairston, Adam(ll)87 Hairston, Jason M. (9) 114 Halevy, Sivana(9)114 Hallamore,Mari R (10)101 Hallamore, Nicole C. (9) 1 14 Ham, Brandon J. (10) 101 Hamby, SabrinaB. (10) 101 Hamilton, Betty (11) 87 Hamilton, Melanie M. (10) Hammes, SheriM.(ll)87 Hammond, Heidi L. (12) 8, 41 Hammond, Sandy C. (10) 101 Hampton, Christine 41 Hancock, Jim D. (9) 114 Hanger, Stephanie M. (10) 101 Hannegan, Bryan J. (11)87 Hansen, Kirsten E. (10) 101 Hansen, Shawna (9) 114 Hanson, Amy (11)87 Hanson, Elizabeth (10) 101 Hanson, Janice A. (12) 42 Hanson,Jayne(12)42 Hardage, Steven R. (11)87 Hardison, Casey W. (10) 101 Harlow , Darrin ( 1 2) 42 Harmon, Heather (9) 114 Harmon, Matthew (1 1) 87 Harris. Colleen W. (9)115 Harris. DebiS. (11) Harris, Wendy A. (9)115 Hart,KathrynE.(12)42 Hartnett, Tracey A. (10) 101 Harvey, Kimberly A. (10) 101 Hastings, Wendy M. (12) 55, 42 Hauser, Matthew (11) 87 Hawkins, Thomas R. (10) 101 Hayashi, Daiyu (9) 115 Hayes, Carter E. (10) 101 Hayman, Allison D. (11)87 Haymond, Shannon (1 1) 87 Hayter, Cory K. (11)87 Head, Shawna M. (11) Headding, Gary R. (12) 54, 42 Healy,BrianP.(12)53, 42 Healy, Daniel T. (10)101 Heard, Kristin R. (9)115 Heath, Jason L. (11)87 Heath, Joanna C. (10) 101 Heil, Thomas W. (12) 52, 43, 269 Hein, Darryl A. (12) 138, 50, 151, 22,43 Heinisch, Marc A. (9) 115 Helffrlch, Mary Jo (10) 102 Helfrich, Pamelas. (11)87 Hemsley, Shayne W. (10) 102 Henderson, Christine E. (11) 87 Henderson, Earlicia S. (1 1) 88 Hendricks, Robert C. (9) 115 Henrotin. Todd A. (10) 102 Henson,MicheleL. (11)88 Heredia, Joseph R. (12) 43 Hernandez, Devin J. (1 1) 88, 134 Hernandez, Erin K. (10) 102 Hernandez, Michael J. (1 1) 88 Herr, Julie C. (11)88 Herr. Nicole A. (9)115 Hertsgaard, Kristen L. (11) 88 Hess, Shawn F. (10) 102 Hewett, Bridget (9) 115 Hibbard. Christine L. (12) 51, 73, 43 Hibbard, Julie A. (10) 102 Hibbert, Andrew J. (11)88 Hicks, Barbara L. (11)88 Higby, Jennifer L. (10) 102 Higgins, Michael A. (11)88, 152 Hilde, Chris 43 Hildreth,MariS. (10)102 Hileman, Chris G. (10)102 Hill, KelleyR.(10)102 Hill, Lawrence D. (9) 115 Hill, Mark (10) 102 Hill. Shannon M. (12) 132.52,24, 43 Hinojosa, Diane (10) 102 Hipsak, Stacy L. (9)115 Ho, Helen C. (11)88 Ho, Shaun V. (10) 102 Hoff, Jennifer L. (11)88 Hoffman, James E. (12) 39, 43, 56 Hogan,DirkJ.(12)43 Hoggatt. Gene B. (9) 115 Hogseth, Jennifer E. (12) 43 Holder, Zachary C. (9) 115 Holland, Timothy M. (10) 102 I Hollander, Kimberly A. (12) 44 Holley, James J. (9)115 Hoover, Randy W. (9) 102 115 Horner, Joseph P. (12) 44 Horrocks, Kellie M. (10) 102 Horton. Mike D. (11)88 Horvath, Aaron R. (11) 88 Horvath, Lisa M.(l 1)88 House, Justin W. (11) Hove.MarniM.(12)44 Huang, Albert K. (11)88 Huang, Jack L. (11)88 Huang, Joyce C. (10) 102 Huerta, Jolynn M. (10) 102 Hufnagel, Jeffrey W. (10) 102 Hull, Chris R. (12) 44, 269 Hume, Douglas R. (10) 102 Hunt, Mary E. (10) 102 Huntington, Ronald M. (12) 270 Hurtt, Michelle C. (11)88 Husband, David A. (12) 44, 269 Hussain, Nasreen S. (11) 88 Huston, Patrick L. (12) Hutton, Eric(ll)88 Huynh.PhuK. (11)88 Icenhower, Troy D. (10) 102 Iftiger, Daniel P. (11)88 Immell, Gregroy S. (12) 44 lnaba,JonA.(12)44 Irani, Xerxes (12) 45 Irani, Yasmeen (9) 115 Ivary, Julie-Anne K. (10) 102 Jackman, Christin C. (12) 45 Jackson, Catherine A . (9) 115 Jackson. Richard K. (9)115 Jackson, Tyler T. (10) 102 Jacobs, Antony F. (12) 45 Jacobs, Darren E. (9) 115 Jacobs, Michelle A. (11)88 Jahangiri, Payam (10) 102 Janis, Jeffery J. (9) 115 Jaramillo , Carlos A. ( 1 2) 38 Jeltema, John C. (11)88 276 index Jennings. Katherine B. (12) 2, 45 Jensen, David A. (12) 45 Jensen, Duane S. (10) 102 Jereczek, Richard D. (10) Jezowski.BrocE. (9)115 Jimenez. Eddie M. (11)88 Joffe, MikeM.(9)115 Johnson. Christian (1 1) 88 Johnson, Christopher C. (10) 102 Johnson, Cindy L. (9) 115 Johnson, Dawn C. (10)102 Johnson, Debra D. (10) 102 Johnson, Erik T. (9)115 Johnson, Gregory R. (11) 88 Johnson, John E. (9) 115 Johnson. Julia G. (12) 138. 45 Johnson. Kurt A. (12) 45. 271 Johnson, LeandraN.d 1)89 Johnson, Lisa A. (11) 89 Johnson, Lisa M. (12) 2. 45 Johnson. Mary P. (11)89 Johnson. Melinda C. (9) 115 Johnson. Shasie L. (1 1) 89 Johnson. Vivian S. (11)89 Jones, AshbyE. (11)89 Jones, Byron D. (9) Jones, Daniel J. (11)89 Jones, Garett B. (12) 46 Jones, Matthew B. (12) 46 Jones, Michelle R. (10)102 Jones. Mike 2 Jones, Mitchell A. (10)102 Jorgensen, Becki A. (9) 115 Jorgensen, Jon M.(12) 46 Josipovich, Michela(ll)89 Judson, Laura(ll)89 Kaesler, Chrissy (9) 115 Kaimaki8,JohnG.(12) Kakihara,Eric(12)46 Kambestad, Kathryn D. (1 1) | ne.JamesP.(9)115 kanno, Conrad (11) 89 Karamardian, Rita M. (10) 102 Karcher, Christine L. (1 1) 89 Karcher.ColinM.(12)46 Karcher, Christine (11) 89 Karlen, Christian J. (10) 102 Karlscn, Paul T. (9)115 Karlsen,RochelleL. (10)102 Katnik, Jennifer L. (12) 46 Katnik.Scott A. (10) 102 Katz,DavidJ.(12)46 Kaul, Kelly L. (10)102 Kavanagh, Stacy L. (11)89 Kazarian, Christine M. (1 2) 46 Keagy, Karen(ll)89 Keating, Jennifer L. (10) Keegan, Amanda E. (9) 1 15 Keegan, Kirk A. (12) 47, 267 Kellerman. Edward R. (10) 102 Kelley, Robert (10) 102 Kellogg. William L. (10)103 Kelly, Colby C. (9) 115 Kelty. Kathleen A. (11)89 Kent, Erin L. (9) 115 Kenzy,KareyM. (11)89 Kershnar, Rebecca L. (9) 115 Kershnar, Sara L. (11)89 Keuilian, Shant(ll)89 Keuilian,TalinV. (9)115 Keyler.CharlesJ.(12)47 Keyler, Courtney J. (10) 103 Keys, Cynthia J. (12) 47 Khanna,Avni(12)47 Kiefer. Julie D. (12) 151. 73. 47 Kieval, Mara (10) Kim, Daniella A. (10) 103 Kim, Helen J. (11)89 Kim, Melissa J. (12) 47 Kim, Min Jung (12) 47 Kim, StefanieA. (9)115 Kim, Steve M. (10) 103 Kim, Suzanne S. (10) 103 Kimes, Patricia H. (10) 103 Kin, Curtis A. (10)103 Kin, Karen E. (12) 9, 23, 47, 269 Kinder, Erica M. (10) 9, 103 King, James R. (11)89 King, Jeffrey M. (11)89 King, Noah M. (10) 103 King, TamaraL. (9)115 King, Westley H. (10) 103 Kinne.UsaM.(12)2. 148 Kiritschenko. Alex S. (1 1) 89 Kirk. Kim P. (12) K irkendall.RobynL. (11)89 Kirkpatrick. Kim L. (12) 48 Kim, Kevin N. (9) 116 Klein. Rebecca L. (12) 141, 48 Kliese, Kristin (9) 116 Kline, Adam M. (12) 152, 48 Knaggs,RyanC.(12) Knowles, Kaccy C (11)89 Koebl, Stephen A. (12) 48 Koenig, Jenifer M. (9) 116 Konfny, Natascha M. (9) 116 Koo. Cindy H. (11)89 Kopcha. Douglas B. (12) 55. 151 Kosuth, Kathryn V. (11)89 Kottke, Eric F. (10) 103 Kovac, Karl B. (12) 141, 48, 269 Kovacev, Robert J. (9) 116 Kowalik.DarylG. (10)103 Kowalik, Lenee E. (12) 48 Kracht, Susan E. (10) 103 Krantz,LauraA.(12)48 Kreutz. Mica E. (11)89 Krupp. Theodore K. (10) Kubota, Russell T. (9)116 Kuchera, Lisa M. (11)89 Kuntz. Michael 0.(11)89 Kwan, Yuen W. (9)116 Labat, Michelle (9) 116 Lacertosa, Brian J. (10) 103 Uchance.CheriL. (9)116 Lacombe, Deryn T. (11) Lacombe, Travis A. (10) 103 Lake. Andy 0.(12) 49 Lam. DuH. (12) 31, 49 Matt Wallin and Andy Dabney Foothill. Lamb, Keith D (10) 103 Lambert, Kimberly S. (12) 49 Landers, Laura M. (10) 103 Landon,Brian(ll)89 Lane, Alison M (10) 103 Langlois, Elise(ll)89 Larkin, Kimberly D. (11)89 Larsen, Carolyn J. (12) 45, 49, 269 Larson, Christine L. (10) 103 Larson, David A. (12) 49. 261 Larson, Erik T. (9) 116 Larson, John K. (12) 49 Lathrum, DavidJ. (10) 103 Lathrum, Richard J. (1 1) 89 Latona. GaryG. (10) 103 Lau, Kenneths. (11)89 Lavenia. Sean P. (10) 103 Uw. Jeffrey C. (12) 39. 56 Uwlor, Angel A. (9)116 Laycock. William R. (12) 50. 56, 270 Lazaruk, Nick M. (10) 103 Leach, Jason G. (11)89 Leach, JuddD. (9)116, 146 Leaman, Karen J. (11) 89 Lebanoff, Debra D. (10) 103 stroll through The Perilous Pits of Index 277 The Rain Dance attracts all kinds? Lee, Amanda A. (9)116 Lee, Joanne A. (10) 104 Lee, Thomas K. (11)89 Left, Sarah (11) 90 Leitner, Chris G. (9)116 Leitner, Curtis P. (10) 104 Lejeune, Cynthia L. (12) 56 Lema, Chris F. (10)104 Lema, Joey A. (9)116 Lemas, Noah I. (11)90 Lemke,CelinaN. (11)90 Lemos. Christina A. (12) 151.38 Lengle, Ryan C. (10) 104 Leong, Laura A. (9) 116 Leong, Michael E. (12) Lerch, Julie K. (10)104 Lesueur, Sabrina (1 1) 90 Lether, Lee 56, 57 Lether,LeeW.(12) Lcupold, Melissa M. (9) 116 Levine, Michael A. (12) 56 Lewand, Danielle A. (11)90 Lewand, Kevin O. (12) 57 Lewis, Dyer (11) 90 Lewis. Katie E. (11)13, 143 Lewis, Stanley A. (12) 57 Lewis, Tracy K. (12) 6, 13, 57 Ley, Mark R. (10) 104 Ley. Tonya L. (12) 57 Liang, Yue June (9) 116 Licata, June R. (12) 57, 63, 265, 269 Lillard, Matthew L. (1 1) 90, 142 Lilly, Anthony C. (12) Lilly, MaileD. (11)90 Lin, Cheryl C. (10) 104 Lin, Cindy (11) 90 Lin, Helen (11) 90 Lin, Horace T. (11)90 Lin, Hubert (10) 104 Lin, Jack (9) 116 Lin, Joshua A. (10) 104 Lin, Karen C. (10) 104 Lincourt, Carrie E. (12) 57 Lindauer, Matthew A. (9) 116 Lindholm, Timothy P. (10) 104 Lindley, Daniel C. (11)90 Lissner, Maryann L. (10) 104 Li8ter,GaryM.(12)57 Little, Eugenia B. (12) 57 Livengood, Paul D. (10) 104 Livingston, Kelly 90 Loadsman, Jason G. (12) 57 Lodgard. Kerry M. (9)116 Lodgard.KirstenD. (11)90 Lofland, Doug (10) 104 Logan, Brian P. (11) 90 Long, David M. (10) 104 Loonam, Ed F. (10) 104 Lopez, Denise (12) 58 Lopez. Juan A. (9)116 Lopez, Julie L. (12) 58 Lopez, Kim (11) 90 Lopez, Melissa F. (12) Lopez,Odalis(12)58 Lopez, Pam J. (12) 58 Lopez, Richard B. (9) Lopez, Sonya A. (10) 104 Lowe,KelliM.(12)46. 58 Lowe. Kim S. (12) 58 Lowe, Michelle 90 Lu, Jennifer K. (9)116 Lubell, Jonathan S. (12) 58 Ludlow, AndrusG. (12) Lugo, Audrey (10) 104 Luna, Jennifer A. (11)82.90 Luna, John R. (12) 21, 58, 264, 267 Lundgreen, John C. (12) 58 Lunsford, Dawn E. (12) 58 Lutz, Roberts. (9)116 Lyon, Suzanne N. (10) 105 MacDonald. Diana L. (10) 105 MacKay, Paul R. (10) 105 MacKinnon, Michael D. (1 1) 90 MacKintosh. Kathleen M. (10) 105 MacLachlan, Andrew A. (10) 105 Madole, Kent D. (11)90 Madole, MelanieJ.(9)116 Madsen. Kara S. (11)90 Maeda.Kimberly ¥.(9)116 Mahan.KimberlyL. (11)90 Mahru,JanineR.(12)59 Malueg,CarleyN. (9)116 Manley, Ann M. (9) Manley, Shelly D. (10 ) 105 Mann, Steve J. (10)105 Mann, Valerie M. (10) 105 Mannion, Derek L. (12) 59 Manzo, Chris(ll)90 Manzo, Dominic M. (9) 116 Manzo, Laurie J. (11)90 Marchetti, Michael J. (11) 90, 142 Marcoux, Sionainn D. (9) 1 16 Marino. David A. (10) 105 Marks. Heather K. (9)116 Marks, Jennifer L. (11)90 Marlin,TahliaM.(9)117 Marquis, Lisa Ann (9) 117 Marr, Becky L. (12) 138, 59 Marseilles, Kimberly A. (10) 105 MaTsile.WendyG.(12)151,26. 59 Martin, Alicia K. (9) Martin, Kaycel.(9)117 Martin, MelanieG. (11)90 Martinez, Adam M. (9)117 Martinez, Joseph (10) 105 Martinez. Omar D. (12) 59 Martinez, YvetteM. (11)90 Marzo, Justin B. (10) 105 Mauro, Melissa E. (11)90 Mayemura, Robin Y. (10) 7, 105 Mazurie, William A. (10) 105 McCain, MarcieL. (9)117 McCain, MicheleL. (11)90 McCann. Shawn C. (12) 59 McCarthy, Christine E. (11) 89, 90, 143 McCauley, Moriah (11) 10, 90 McClish, Matthew C. (10) 105 McClure, Leslie A. (12) 60 McCue. Amy L. (10) 105 McDermid. Wendy S. (10) 105. 145 McDonnell, Jason M. (12) 60. 270 McElderry, Aaron J. (12) 60 McFadden, Matthew S. (9) 117 McGehee, Inja D. (12) 70, 60 McGehee, Ronald A. (9) 1 17 McHenry, Bart M. (12) 13, 51, 38. 60 McHenry. Chad M. (10) 105 McKeever, Michael (11) 91 McKittrick, Scott A. (9)117 McMains, Patrick D. (1 1) 6, 91 McNatt, Julie K. (9)117 McNaughton, Tiffany L. (9) 117 Mead, Gary G. (10) 105 Means. LorenL. (9)117 Meany, Patrick M.(l 1)91 Mecham. Megan L. (9)117 Mehlberger. Steve M. (10) 105 Meline,MichaelJ.(ll)91 Meloni. David A. (10) 105 Melville. Joseph A. (9)117 Mendez.GinaM. (9)117 Mendoza. Elisal. (11)91 Menefee, Nicole M. (12) 51, 60 Menzl, Natalie M. (12) 60 Mercado, Brandon A. (9) Merchant, Leslie A. (9)117 Merker,DianeM.(ll)91 278 Index Merker. Eric R. (12) 51, 139, 60 Merrell, Janet 0.(10)105 Metcalfe, Craig S. (9)117 Metzger, Brett A. (9) 117 Metzger.JoelleL (9)117 Metzger. Marcy G. (12) 61 Mew, Alicia D. (10) 105 Meyer, TaraC. (9)117 Meyer. Todd C. (12) 61 Miles, TerranceL. (10) 105 MUler. Carolyn (12) 61 Miller, Dale D.(l 1)91 Miller, David A. (10) 144, 105 Miller, Jeffrey R. (9)117 Miller, Jeremy L. (9)117 Miller, Joyce N. (11) 91 Miller. Kelly A. (12) 61, 270 MUler. Kimberly A. (12) 61 Miller, Nancy F. (11)91 MUlet. Carol L. (12) Millett, Elliott T. (9)117 MUton. Chris A. (12)61 Min, Christine K. (11)91 Miner. Robert T. (12) 55, 61. 271 Mitchell, EdieR. (9) 117 Mitchell, Frances J. (9) 117 Mitchell. Najla A. (12) 61 Mojarro. Jerry (9) 117 Molnar, Andre M. (10) 105 Molnar.EvaE.(12) Montford, MicheleL.(9)117 Montgomery. Kaarin R. (12) 62, 66 Montgomery, Mary B. (1 1) 91 Moon, Ingrid K. (10) 105 Moore. Stephanie M. (12) 62 Moore, Thomas J. (10) 105 Morbee, Michelle J. (11) 91 Morgan, Dana M. (10) 13. 105 Morgan, TeriL. (11)91 Motley. Mary M. (12) 62 Mountain. John E. (10) 105 Moussavian, Neela (10) 105 Mullins, Scott C. (11)91 Mulroney, Christopher (1 1) 91 Muret.PaulN.(12)62 Murphy. LiamN. (9) 117 Murray, Scott R. (10)105 Musch, J Adam W. (10) 105 Muxo.lleanaM.(12)62 Myhra, Kris R. (9) 117 Myhra, Meghan R. (11)91 Nakamoto . Greg 1.(12)62 Nakamura, Ryan B. (9)117 Navarro, Lorelei E. (12) 62 Naylor, Jason E. (9)118 Near. Julie K. (10)105 Nermon, Brooks D. (10) 105 Nermon, Jeffery 118 Nesbitt.Kristine(9)118. 146 Nesbitt. Leslie B. (12) 151, 18, 63. 266. 270 Nestor. James J. (1 1) 91 , 274, 275 Neville, Todd G. (9)118 Newcomb, Johnathan C. (9) 118 Newcomb, Michael W. (U) 91 Newcum. KariA. (11)91 Newton, Jason T. (10) 105 Nichols, Tami A. (9)118 Nicol. Glenn R. (11)90.91 Nicolai.DinaM.(ll)91.95. 142 Nishiyama, Traci F. (9) 1 18 Nitzberg, Rachel (11) 91 Niu. Katherine(9)118 Niven.KristaM. (11)91 Noble, Christopher (11) 91 Norausky. Victoria 91 Northcote. Kent S. (12) 63 Northcote, Kristin L. (11) 2, 91 Norton, NadraM. (11)91 Nosier, Cameron S. (9) 1 18 Nosier. Douglas J. (12) 63 Nozick, Valerie L. (11) 91 Nunley, Sabryna(ll)91 Nyman.EricW.(12)63 I Nabhan. Hema(9)117 Oak, Steve (9) 118 Obrien. Kevin M. (12) 63, 270 Odiam. Leslie E. (9)118 Ojanpcra, Jane S. (1 1) 91 Okamoto,DinaG. (11)91 Okeefe, Erin 1.(9) 118 Oliveira, Alison L. (9)118 Oliveira.Tracey L. (12) 54, 139. 63 Olsen. Thomas G. (12) 63, 270 Olson, Christopher L. (1 1) 91 Olson. Karen K. (12) 52, 22, 64 Olson, KierstenM. (10)106 01son,SherriS.(9)118 Oneill.AlannaV.(12)64 Oneill, John C (11)91 Opittek, Eugene W. (10)106 Ordway, Anne Mary (9) 118 Ordway. Elizabeth M. (12) 22. 64, 67 Orlando. GinaE. (12) 64 Ornitz. Jill H. (12) 54, 70, 64, 271 Ortiz, Rebecca L. (10) 106 Orton, Tracy L.(l 1)91 Osterkamp. Anthony H. (12) 64, 271 Otoole. Meghan G. (12) 139, 150, 63 Otoole, Tracy P. (10) 106 Otoupalik,BradleyJ.(9)118 Otto, Jeffrey M. (10)106 Owen, Samir H. (9) Packard. Tara M. (12) 42, 64 Padilla. Elisa M. (10) 106 Padilla, Francisco M. (9) 118 Painter, Kristin A. (12) 72, 64 Paisley, Suzanne N. (9) 118 Pak, Andy J. (11) 91 Pak,BrigetteB.(12)65 Pak. Cecilia L. (9) 118, 146 Pak, WoodrowW. (11)91 Palluck, AndrewJ.(ll)91,142 Palluck, Bryan C. (9) 118 Palmer. John D. (12) 65 Pan, Dina A. (10) 106 Panthaky. Shireen (10) 106 Park, Anna E. (11)91 Park, Dong I. (11)91 Park, Lisa (11) 91 Park. Young In (12) 65. 271. 270 Parker, Corey L. (10)106 Parker. Michael B. (10)106 Parker, Timothy J. (10) 106 Parks, Theodore B. (10)106 Parsons, Vanessa A. (10) 106 Pashley, MichaelA.(9)118 Pashley. Michelle M. (12) 139, 65 Passo.Laura(12)65 Pateras. Georgia (12) 65 Patton, Christopher G. (10) 106 Pafton.HeidiK.(9)118 Paul, Bradford C. (11)91 Pautsch. Eric 0.(12)65 Pearson, Chad (9) 118 Peckham. William V. (11)91 Pedersen, Christian D. (12) 66 Pedersen. Cinder L. (10) 106 Peltier. Dawn M. (11) Pepin, William M. (10) 106 Craig Schneider prepares himself for Jeff Ruch. | Index 279 The elite ASB congregate at Tommy ' s in L. A.. Perkins, DeannaL. (9)118 Perkins. Patrick D. (12) 66 Perrot,AiiiieP.(12)66 Perrot, Jennifer D. (10) 106 Persson, James K. (10)106 Peterm an, Stephen R. (10) 106 Peters, Anthony W. (12) Peters. Kurt E.( 12) Peterson, Deirde C. (12) 66 Peterson. Kelly A. (12) Pfahler, Travis 118 Pfortmiller, Lisa M. (9) 118 Phillips, Joseph G. (11)91 Phillips. Matthew W. (11) 91, 274 Phillips . Rebecca E . ( 1 2) 66 Phillips, Roberts. (11)91 Phillips, William M. (9) 118 Photoglou, Mark C. (9) 1 18 Pieterse,JoyA. (9)118 Piltz. Paige(ll)91 Pines, Stephanie 1.(11) Pinkerman.Dave (12) 66 Pinkerman, Rick W. (9) 1 18 Pinkerton, Jesse D. (9) 1 19 Pinney . Darcy N. (12) 66, 67 Pirozzi, Anna M. (9) Pirozzi, LisaJ.(ll)91 Pleso, Erik J. (10) 106 Pllner. Nicole H. (12) 66, 269 Pluimer, Roman E. (10) 106 Pohlman, Holly R. (11)91 Pollak, HollyJ.(10)106 Pope,SheilaM. (9)119 Potts, John D. (10)106 Poudevigne, Georgette Y. (11) 92 Powell, Kimberly C. (11) 89, 92 Powell, Marcilyn S. (10) 106 Prestinary, Patricia (10) 106 Price, Jenifer L.(l 1)13, 89, 92 Price, Julie K. (10) 106 Primrose. Scott A. (12) 56, 65, 67 Pritchard, Christina (11) 92 Proctor, KristinaL. (11)92 Pronenko.TimW.(12) Quick. Bryan S. (12) 67 Quinn, Stephen H. (10) 106 Quirk, Maureen L. (10)106 Rackliffe, Brandon W. (9)119 Radford, Janese (11) 92 Rainey, Donald J. (10)106 Rainey, Tamera L. (1 1) 92 Ralston, Scott D. (10) 106 Ramer, Charles E. (9)119 Ramirez, Jessica (9) 1 19 Ramming, Frank L. (11) 92 Randall, Eric M. (9) 119 Randall, Kristen D. (10) 106 Randazzo, Kimberly E. (9) 119 Randell, Devlin G. (10)106 Rapaich, Dawn M. (11)92 Rasmussen, Sandi (9) 119 Ranch, Laurie A. (12) 13, 14, 67 Raulston,DeanneM. (11)92 Reafsnyder. Michael K. (12) Reamer, SuzanL. (9)119 Reback, Daniel C. (9)119 Reback. Matthew D. (12) 67, 271 Reber, Jeffrey 3.(11)92 Rebcr,MarriettaR.(9)119 Redding, Jamie J. (11)92 Reddy, KaraAlyn (10) 106, 141 Reed, Geoff D.(l 1)92 Reed, Jeannette N. (10) 106 Reed, John L. (11)92 Reed, Melissa A. (11)92 Regan, Cynthia R. (10) 106 Regan, David A. (10) 106 Regan, Linda A. (11)92 Repke. Jennifer A. (12) 8, 67 Ressler, Ashley R. (9)119 Ressler, John (10) 107 Revelle, Karen A. (10) 107 Reynolds, Catherine M. (9) 119 Reynolds, Robert P. (11) 92, 82 Reza, Crystal D. (9)119 Rheinschild, Gary S. (9)119 Rice, Brian W. (9) 119 Rice, Heidi K. (11) 92, 135, 142 Rich. Tatciana C. (12) 67 Richard,PeterA. (11)92. 152 Richards. Anthony M. (12) Richardson, Cherie L. (10) 107 Richardson, Cynthia J. (10) 107 Richardson, Mary M. (11)92 Richardson, Michael S. (1 1) 68 Richardson, Tammy M. (9) 119 Rieber, Gregory (11) 92 Rincon, Lisa M. (11)92 Rivera, Angelique J. (10) Roberts, KatiL. (9)119 Robinson, Andrea C. (12) 55, 68, 68 Robinson, Anthony (1 1) 92 Robinson, Bryce E. (12) 139, 150, 36,68 Robinson. Diana D. (12) 14, 138, 140, 68 Robinson, Julianne (10) 107 Robinson, Ricky D. (9) 119 Robles, Gloria (9) Roby, Allison H. (9)119 Rocco, Jason D. (11)92 Rodgers. Khristine (12) Romero, Laura M.(l 1)92 Romero, Pauls. (9)119 Rosen, Rebekah R. (10) 107 Rosenberger, Greg D. (1 1) 92 Rosenblatt. Martin R. (12) 68, 270 Ross, Cynthia M. (11)90,92 Rowe, Barbaras. (9)119 Rowe, Brian G. (10)107 Rowe, Jennifer M. (9) 119 Rowe. Kevin M. (12) 68 Roy, Heather K, (10) 107 Roy, JanetteC. (11)92 Ruch. Jeff P.(12) 69, 281, 279 Russ.GregA.(12)69 Russ, Lisa (11) Russell, Michael R. (10) 107 Russell, Nancy L. (9)119 Russie, Douglas E. (11)92 Ryan, Julie 107 Ryu, Ann J. (12) 51, 69 Sachs, Linda M.(l 1)92 Sadler, Caroline C. (12) 69 Sadler, Tina S. (11)92 Saik, David E. (10) 107 Saik, Steven G. (11)92 Sakamoto, Scott I. (9) 119 Salarano, Kathlene (12) 69 Salata, Jason P. (9)119 Sampica, David R. (10) 107 Samuelson, Jennifer S. (10) 107 Samuelson. Lawrence J. (12) 50, 69, 269 Sanfilippo, Nicholas G. (9) 119 Sanfilippo, Vincent M. (12) 271, 270 Sangermano, Louis E. (10) 107 Saporito, Susanne M. (12) 69 Sarfati.YvetteM.(12) Sauls, Brian F. (9)119 280 Index Sawyer, Kelly L. (11)92 Sayles, Jamie L. (11)92 Schaefer, Robert L. (11)92 Schafer, Amy M. (9)119 Scherbarth, John A. (11)92 Scherschel, Gretchen (1 1) 3, 93, 143 Schlothauer, Christian (10) 107 Schmid.KarenM.(12)69 Schmidt, John A. (12) 70 Schneider, Craig C. (12) 13, 70, 279 Schneider, Joel (10) 107 Schneider. Rhonda B. (12) 70 Schneider, Traci A. (10) 107 Schramm. Jennifer A. (12) 70. 59 Schrod er. Chantelle L. (12) 70 Schroeck. Christi A. (1 1) 93 Schuessler. Adrienne L. (12) 2, 70 Schuler, Peter J. (10)107 Schultz, Stephanie A. (10) 107 Schutz, John C. (11)93 Schwab, Anne K. (11)14,93 Schwantes. Scott (10) 107 Schwartz. Brian J. (12) 70 Schwartz, Stephanie (1 1) 86, 93, 135, 142 Schwartz, Stephanie M. (9) 119 Schwartz. Steven M. (12) 55, 70 Schwarz, David L. (10) 107 Schwarz . Lisa S. ( 1 2) 7 1 , 48 Scott, Dominique M. (12) 71, 44 Scott, Donna C. (10) 107. 150 Scott. Greg L. (10) 107 Scott, Michaeld 1)93 Scott. Mitch (12) 71 Scott, Peter L. (11) Scott, Ron D. (10) 107,281 Scott, Steven D. (11)93 Scott, Tracy V. (11)93 Scott. Tyler N. (9) 120 Sheehan.MikeU.(12)71 Sheng. Amy Y. (12) 54, 71, 271, 270 Sheng, Susan T. (10) 107 Shepard. Darlene L. (12) 71 Shepard, Michael F. (11)93 Sherman, Ryan C. (10)107 Shields. Melissa C. (12) 72, 59 Shields, Traci L. (9) 120 Shipcott, Kurt R. (11)93 Shneider.JayA.(12)72 Shneider, Michael H. (11) 13, 93 Shortall, Daniel R. (11)98 Shrider. Richard T. (12) Shugarman. JeHrey A. (12) 72 Shugarman, Lisa R. (9) 120 Shum, Jean Y. (11)93 Shum, Joan L. (11)93 Shum, Remyd 1)93 Shy. Ruth E. (12) 72 Siebert. Keri C. (10) 107 Sigband. Leslie A. (12) 72 Silva, Carlos A. (9) 120 Silva. Justy S. (12) 55, 72, 48 Silver. Douglas K. (10) 107 Silver, Jeff (11) 42. 93 Simmons, Robert E. (10) 107 Simon, David A. (12) 72 Simpson. Lee B. (10) 107 Singer, Shannon R. (U) 93, 134 Sirota, Naalla D. (9) 120 Skjerven, Jill L. (10) 107 Skonezny, Paul H. (9) 120 Slack, Daryl L. (10) 269 Slagie. Eden Y. (12) 72, 63, 265 Slatin.JimS.(12)72 Slattery.JohnP.(12)73 Siattery, Robert M. (12) 73 Slattery, W.Daniel (11) 93 Slazas, Amy L. (11)93 Slobodynskyj, Roman V. (9) 120 bcrivens. Corey B. (11) 93 Slocum. Steve J. (12) 54, 73 Seaver, Scott J. (10)107 Smarsty.TriciaE. (10)108 Sedmak.Scott A. (11)93 Smidt, CraigA. (10) 108 Seiler, William (11)93 Smith. Bill J. (12) 73, 48 Selman, Ashley M. (11) 93. 142 Smith, Bradley S. (10) 108 Serrato. Alfred C. (9)120 Smith. Christen K. (9) 120 Shahandeh, Rena M. (10) 107 Smith. Eric D. (12) 54, 19, 73, 271 Shahbazian, RoyA. (9)120 Smith.EvanG.(12)73 Shanahan, John M, (9)120 Smith. Heather M. (12) 74 Shank. Bill A. (12) 71 Smith, Heidi L. (10) 108 Shank. John J. (12) 141,71 Smith.JasonA.{12)74 Shapiro, Todd A. (9) 120 Smith, Jason T. (11)93 Sharp, Theodore 0.(10)107 Smith. Jennifer E. (12) 74, 269 : Shaw, Julie K. (10)107 Smith, Jennifer L. (11)93 Shaw, Sarah L. (10)107 Smith. Kurt A (11)93 Shaw, Stephanie R. (11)93 Smith, Stephanie M. (1 1) 93 ■ Smith, Tricia A (10) 108 Smithson. David L. (12) Snow, Wendy L (10)108 Snyder. Lisa A. (12)74 Soderwall, Mark D. (10) 108, 145 Sodini, Melanie B. (9) 120 Solera, Gwendolyn J. (9) 120 Solera. Kimberly A. (12) 74 Solis, Mary E. (9) Somerndike, Scott A. (10) 108 Sommers. Jocelyn N. (10) 108 Sopwith, Helena (11) 93 Sousa, Shawn P. (9)120 Souter, Stephen (11) 93 Spears, Patricks. (11)94, 134 Spears, Randalls. (11)94 Spencer,JillV.(12)74 Spencer, Sonia A. (9) 120 Spencer, Veronica A. (11) 94 Spivack, Beth M. (11)94 Sprayberry, Dain M. (9) 120 Sprayberry. Darren J. (1 1) 94 Springett, Esther V. (11)94 Srinath, Arun(lO) 108 Stafford, Felicity J. (10) 108 Stanard,Kimberly J. (10) Stanfield, Tanya T. (10)108 Stankovits, Sid A. (10) 108 Stanley, Alicia (10) 108 Stanley, Christy L. (9) 120 Starnes, Peter A. (10) 108 Stauffer, Danny D. (12) 130, 138, 53,75 Stauffer, Mark D. (10) 108 Steaffens, Kimberly S. (11) 94 Steiner, Donald J (11)94 Steiner, EarlL. (10) 108 Steinle. Amy L. (9) 120 Sterman, Tambra L. (12) 2. 75. 271 Stern. Brian A. (10) 108 Stern. Jason A. (12) 75, 269 Stern, Lana N. (10) 108 Stern, Ronald (11) 94 Stevens. Laura A. (12) 51, 139, 150, 75 Stevens, Tania (10) 108 Steward. Michelle L. (12) 75 Stewart, Lisa D. (10) 108 Stiverson, Tracy A. (1 1) 94 Stolte, Rick L. (11)94 Chris Almquist, Adam Gillman, Jeff Ruch, Ron Scott, Jim Gunz, and Greg Welch on top, make a scene in the lobby of the LAX. Index 281 i Greg Welch @ Stanford. Stomp, Richard R. (9) 120 Stone, Jonathan H. (10) 108 Stotts. Matthew L. (12) 75 Stoutenberg, Richard M. (10) 108 Stover, John L. (10) 108 Stuart, Craig P. (10) 108 Stuart, Lauralie A. (11)94 Suan, Olivia (12) 75 Suan, Tara W. (9) 120 Sullivan, Sean P. (10) 108 Summers, Tully R. (10) 108 Sung, Un Soo (11) 94, 283, 264, 267, 266 Surfas, Jason M. (11)94 Swanson, Kristin D. (11) 94 Sweet, Andy (10) Swenson, Kirsten E. (12) 75 Swenson, Kristopher R. (11)94 Syn,SumiK. (11)94 Syrjanen, Heli M. (9) 120 Taffolla, Frances L. (10) 108 Tajeldin,AliH.(12)76 Tak, Edward C. (12) 76 Takabayashi, Glenn (12) 53, 76 Takahashi, Mark M. (10) 108 Takenaka, Yoko L. (10) 108 Tanaka, Anne M. (11)94 Tannenbaum, Julie A. (1 1) 94 Tanny, Elizabeth J. (1 1) 94 Tarr, Addison R. (9) 120 Tarshis, Kristi J. (9) 120 Taylor, Clay (10) 108 Taylor, Katherine E. (12) 55, 76 Taylor, Shawn M. (9) Teague, Ashley L. (11)94 Tehrani, Hassan 121 Telson, Robert E. (11)94 Tepas, Christopher T. (1 1) 94 Terbush, Anthony T. (10) 108 Terhune. Christopher C. (12) 79, 76, 39, 56 Terranova, Michele L. (11) 94 Thomas, Jeffrey L. (10) 108 Thomas, Karissa J. (11) 94 Thomas, Katherine M. (11) 94 Thomas, Nolan (12) 76 Thompson, Andrea M. (12) 76 Thompson, Carrie L. (1 1) 94 Thompson, Heather C. (12) 77, 270 Thompson, Jennifer M. (9) 121 Thompson, Julianne J. (9) 121 Thompson, Nicole J. (9) 121 Thompson, Todd M. (11) 94 Thon.KellyA.(12)77 Thon, Tracy L. (9)121 Thorne, Jon S. (10) 108 Thome, Mike J. (12) 77 Thornton, Creston W. (9) 121 Thornton, Paul C. (11)94 Threshie, David D. (10) 108 Throckmorton, Kristin C. (12) 26,77 Thurston, Sara E. (12) 77 Timassy, Mary P. (9) 121 Ting, Patricia S. (10) 108 Tiono, Faye (10) 108 Tkindt, Benedicte (12) 76 Todd, Charlton M. (10) 108 Todd, Daniel B. (9) 121 Tomasick, Danielle M. (10) 108 Tovar, David L. (9) 121 Tran, Son K. (11)94 Tran,ThuThuyT. (9)121 Traver, Timothy 0.(12) 77 Treichler, Karen A. (10) 108 Truban, Joyce I. (9) 121 Tsai, Karen (9) 121 Tsai, Warren H. (11) Tsosie, Lucy A. (12)77 Tuchman, Michael A. (12) 77 Tucker, Guy K. (10) 108 Tundidor, Jose (10) 108 Tundidor, Laura(ll)94 Tunnell, Roberto. (12) 78 Turbow. Daniel J. (12) 78, 271 Turk, Craig D. (10) 108 Turknette, Carolyn L. (9) 121 Turner, Travis T. (12) 78 Turney, Sara E. (9) 121 Ubl, Terrence J. (10) 108 Uboldi, DylanA. (11) Underwood, Brenda S. (1 1) 94 Unger. Kristen A. (12) 20, 78 Urbanski, Laurel A. (11)94 Uttz, Jeffrey J. (12) 78 Valdez, Sara V. (11)94 Valenta, Robert F. (10) 108 Valenta.TraciA.(12) Valle, Paula R. (11)94, 142 Vancleave, Michael (11) 94 Vanpelt, Ward G. (10) 108 Vantuyle, Jennifer P. (9) 121 Vantzelfde. Monique (12) 78 Vanwinkle, Darlene (1 1) 94 Vasquez, Monica (9) 121 Vasquez, Veronica L. (11) 92, 135 Veiga, Melissa J. (10) 108 Veje, Christian T. (11)94 Veje, Mike (10) 108 Vigna, Carey C. (9) 121 Villarreal, Nancy(ll)94 Von Halle. Manfred (12) 78 Vonschimelman, Michelle R. (12)78 Vreeland,Jens(9)121 Walker, David L. (9) Walker, Kristen (10) 108 Wallace, Michael O. (10) 108 Wallach, Barrie (10) 108 Wallin, Matthew R. (11) 94, 274, 277 Walshe, Christopher F. (12) 78 Walter, Brant G. (12) 79 Warner, Ben H. (10) 108 Warren. Jeff A. (12) 152, 79 Watson, Eric B. (10) 108 Watson, Rebecca (11) 94 Watson. TraciT. (12) 79 Watts, Carolyn A. (10)108 Watts, William R. (12) 55, 79, 264,266,271,270 Weatherman, Kendall B. (11) 2, 94 Webb, Chris D. (10) 109 Wedemeyer, Daniel (1 1) 94 Weibert.JeHS.(12)79 Weir, Richard W. (9) 121 Weir, Thomas J. (10)109 Weissberg, Jason A. (11) 95 Weissgerber, Gina M. (12) 79 Weissman, Adam (11) 95 Weissman. Stephanie (12) 79 Welch, Greg S. (1 1) 95, 282, 281 282 Index Welch. Robin K. (12) 80 Werasophon, Sandy T. (10) 109 Werth, Justin (9) 121 Wesson, Kim D. (12)80 Weston, Heather L. (12) 80 Westre, Alex (10) 109 Westre. Robert W. (11)95 Wheeler, PhUlip H. (12) 80 Whipple. Virginia A. (9) 121 Whitaker,Chris(ll)95 White, AllysonG. {11)95 White. Greg R. (11)95 White, Peggy L. (12) 80 Whiteley,SeanP.(ll)95 Widmer.MariaT.(12)80 Wilcox, Tracy M. (10) 109 Wiley. Lori L. (10) 109 Wilheim, James E. (12) 80, 51. 33,271 Wilheim, Katrina A. (10) 109 Wilheim, Victoria A. (9) 121 WUkinson. Mark D. (9)121 Waiiams, Curtis M. (11)95 Williams. Fredrick R. (9)121 Williams. James T. (10)109 Williams, Jon B. (10) 109 Williams. Marianne L. (1 1) 95 Williams, Robin C. (12) 80 WUliams, Ronald C. (11)95 Williams, Todd M. (12) Williamson. Ned R. (11)95 Williford, Darrell (10) 109 Willis, ShawnaM. (11)95 Willsie, John C. (11)95 Wilson, Danny C. (10) 109 Wilson, Erik C. (12) 80 Wilson, Lara H. (12) 80 Wimbush. Amy(ll)95 Wimbush. Scott N. (9) 121 Wingo, Derik D. (9) 121, 146 Witmor. Sean T. (10) Witzel. Edward (10) Wokurka. Jeffrey (11) 95 Wolfe, Steven E. (11)95 Wolff. Shawna M. (9) Womack. 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The nationwide scare of the Aids brought new fears into the eyes of many. Students were advised and taught about the ef- fects of the deadly disease. The memorable death of " Too Close For Comforf ' s Ted Knight brought shock to the minds of many. The 200th birthday of our Statue of Liberty hit especially close to home for the Band and Tall Flags. They had the opportunity to attend the memorable lighting of the torch on July 4th. The festivities wre of astronomical size. Other memorable events were the Marriage of Prince Andrew to Sara Ferguson and the marriage of Caroline Kennedy to Edwin Schlossberg. Each of the weddings astounded the public with their spectacular ceremonies. On the more depressing side, The United States faced a tragedy of disbelief of their president. The Iran Arms deal led many people to suspect the president of wrong doings. It also started a con troversy that would be a long time before being settled. But with the good, came the bad as the United States achieved the long awaited non-stop flight around the world. But what did these and many more events, mean to the students? As we see it, current events were the triumphs and tribulations that were soon to be ours. Right: President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mil hail Gorbachev met in Reyltjavik, Iceland, for a two-day summit in October to discuss arms control. Above: Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson in July at Westminster Abbey in a spectacle that mustered the pomp and glory of Britains ' s 920- year old monarchy. 284 World Events u ilb L.M«w» .ifi rtwi m ■T ' fS 1 V i " t KTrv-l xl Above: It was called " crack " and " rock " , but whatever the name this form of cocaine may be the most addictive narcotic ever sold on the streets of America. Top: A drought spread throughout the Southeast during 1986. Top Left: The Statue of Liberty celebrates her 100th birthday with a fireworks display. Far Left: Ted Knight died on August 26 of cancer at the age of 62. Left: New York Giants coach Bill Parcells is carried off the field after the Giants defeat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI. World Events 285 The time, 2:48 pm. The date June 18, 1987. The last bell has just sounded and school is out. For some it is on- ly out of session for the summer, but for the senior class high school is over. As the students rush to their lockers for the last time, many thoughts of the past and future run through their heads. Memories of the good times with, friends at the football games and at the dances, race through their minds. At the same time hopes and fears of what is to come enter their minds. The ending of school marks the beginning and the end. It is for the seniors the beginning of a life on their own. In just a few short months many will be leaving home to attend schools all over the globe. Others will join the armed forces and travel to distant places. And still others will take on the responsibility of a full time job For the juniors this day marks the end of their easj days. They must now begin to think about college, anc they also are no w the top of the school . The sophomores become upper classmen and wit! that the responsibility to set an example for the lowei classmen. And the freshmen now come to the realiza tion that they have survived their first year of higl school. This day also marks an end, especially for the seniors They are no longer considered children and must face the responsibility of adulthood. As We See It, the conclu- sion of the year marks the beginning of a new life, and the end of an old one. Right: Scott Galey and date make Homecoming with the last dance. Opposite Page, Right: Tina Arujo gives her crippled friend a last squeeze of friendship. Opposite Page, Far Right: Brian Wright realizes the beginning of the end is soon upon him. Opposite Page, Top Right: Ann Ryu, Jim Wilhelm and Steve Brown contemplate an ivy league college career. Opposite Page, Top: The aftermath of a last celebration. Above: Scott Primrose studies for his last high school final. 286 Conclusion Conclusion 287 1987 Shield Staff Editor-in-Chief Melanie Fink Academics Editor Activities Editor Sports Editor Clubs Editor Plioto Coordinator Business Manager Jason McDonnell Un-Soo Sung Chris Elmer Tricia Brugmann John Luna Russell Watts Staff June Licata Claudia Carro-lopp Brian Quick Traci Baird Krista Niven Peggy White Brandi Bevans Kari Dodack Eden Slagle Mike Carroll Karl Kovac Kristin Grahn Eric Dapkewicz Steph Weissman Kevin Gregg Advisor George Korich Published by Taylor Publishing Company Representative Bob Stephenson Photographers Doug Crawford Russel Watts John Luna Special thanks to Marc Curtis for the cover design 288 Stall Page ' m:Si i i ' s Ps. f( » vA -yo y inM . I 6n a . I ? M So ' v ou-p, 1 :??? 7 w b C)M.[ (hM , 6 •d ' diii ) nm y ' , Aim,, A n g U3 xd a caj?io Garxl luci

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