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' P - - r " ' A r . " ■ u- :fe X I .r f I V " ( i V " - ) ,t J ; „ O 0 s ' tP U ' i«f )0 ' 1 f( I |V , ' H ' t - ' 5 o .3 •|4 - n c S c H O . p V J SS J) I ktf-V 5 -f ' ' )V V . ' . ' 5 6 o- : Mm )p« -TTVNa - s- fw v :- Q 25— v- ,v Y ' r: .. . . Shield 1986 t m Foothill 19251 Dodge Avenue Sonto Ana, CA 92705 Table of Contents 3 «JJkJt ' . ' Activities Page 14 Sue Davis, LeAnne Clarke, and Stephonie Fleischaker perform to " Good Love " ot rhe oir guitar assembly. Organizations li Page 50 Coach Bloom is happy to help the clubs at FAKHFAJ raise money. Athletics JoAnno Brooks struggles to the finish ■ Table of Contents Z- -«?r ' €: ' - " Academics prhill srudenrs spend mosr of rheir her in rhe classroom or or home s5meworl ;. However, rhe sru- ' is morivored by somerhing Node-grubbing. They reach f reaching ever higher. ( Xin for excellence is Behind rhe repuro- denrs who value ,eor deol of jhe foor- ro srudy Q day Korl Dodok works hard fo finish her homework. Academics Page 142 ho ) Groduorlon Is our Knighr. Conclusion Page 262 Q)fvud_ Table of Contents 3 f. Table of Cc Right: From rhe looks of ir, libro (book) is rhe only word in Spanish Eric Smith con understand. Bottom: Russ Van Clebe works to finish his homework before the bell rings. Delow: Drum Major, Tony Delnoce takes over command while Bond Direc- tor, Mr. Woibel is on strike. iiiw mil imii.ii— wJ 4 Theme Academics Foothill srudenrs spend mosr of rheir lives eirher in rhe classroom or or home doing homework. However, rhe stu- dent body is morivQfed by something more than grade-grubbing. They reach for perfection, reaching ever higher. Foothill ' s reputation for excellence is based oq solid fact. Behind the reputo- fion lies hundreds of students who value learning. Learning involves o great deal of mentol discipline. Sometimes, the foot- ball game must be passed over to study for the Algebra test the following day. Temptations linger constantly. Who would rather study when there is a Whom concert to attend, when the weather is perfect for laying out at the beach, or when others ore partying? Yet the strength of will that is integrol to ochievement prevents the students from turning bock. Whether the standard was set by the Scholastic Aptitude Tests, or by the OCAD, Foothill students consistently ex- celled. In academics, os in other endeavors, they never turned back. Their dedication led naturolly to success. A I Theme Athletics Foorhill ' s orhleric teams ore oursfonding is o focr. What lies behind the rrophies, and rhe awards? Sweat, poin, and reors are all o port of it, but there is more, a determination thot overcomes all obstocles to rhe ultimate goal: athletic excellence. Foothill ' s athletics ore the best of the excellent as is evidenced by the many awards they receive each yeor. However, the awards must be recognized as the results of a struggle of the spirit. Before a member of the track team can run o four minute mile, he must practice endlessly, fighting against pain and discouragement. Athletics involves a special commitment. To achieve excellence, nothing con be held back. Every part of the athlete must be dedicated to the sport. Dedication sus- tains the athlete through injuries and defeat. The athlete must always look forward to the next gome, gool, and achievement. Athletics then becomes Q series of challenges with the result being a feeling of occomplishment. The honors Foothill ' s athletes received in the year demonstrated that they never turned back. I |i 9 — jMyp WHm MRMHV WfM f M . f- ' M%f ■ -; m. iir T?-. ■ esa r " ! Below. Jorrerr Johnson aims for rhe goal. Below Left: John Fischbeck breaks through Sonro Ana ' s defense to another rouchdown. Left: Jennifer Marks rerurns to score another point. iiiiti Theme Friendship Above: AF5 students Susanna Rueg- ger and Pedro Rocha make friends with other students during the Tustin Tiller Parade. For Right: Football gomes and close friends: Greg Immell, Kristi Evans, Laura Dutrisoc, Holly Pohlmon, Jen- nifer Marks and Eric Deneker. Right: Mindy Allen and Jonine Arena show how cheerleoding con form close friendships. How ofren do we stop ro think how precious friendship really is? Friendship doubles oil rhejoys of life and halves the sorrows. It ' s a wonderful experience that sweetens life. Nothing would be really special unless we hod a person to shore it with. Friendship involves sharing, trust, caring, and love. Friendship, like oil valuable things, requires effort,. It nneons taking the time to listen and work compromises when things get rough. Another essential element of friendship is freedom. One must give a friend the freedom to be themselves, to be different, and to grow; otherwise, a relationship con become on arena of pressures. The rewards of friendship returns the efforts o thousandfold. It ' s extremely comforting to know that someone cores. The support exchanged during challenging times gives one the strength to keep going. Without friends, the world would be a lonely, desolate place. We all need others to grow and leorn with. Friendship is one of the greatest gifts life has to offer. Each humon being requires love and affection to reoch his full pHDtentiol. Without this basic need we would perish. The friendly atmosphere at Foothill gave them the couroge to look forward, never turning back. i- d Theme Right: Spencer Freeboirn struggles wirh the donkey ro get the boll. Below Right: Slaves, Korhy Pok, Jennifer Heinrich, Tonya Horovofh, Kristin Whorley, ond Morlo Keiuliun love being seniors. Below: Dino Hollstrom, Lisa Hansen, Amy Von Pelt, and Lisa Hibbord, enjoy dressing up for rheir first senior munch. Activities Imagine how monoronous life would be without octlvlfies. Activities such os Feast ond Joust, Senior Munch, and Winter Fotmol ore o special pott of Foothill. They bring the entire student body together in a spirit of unity and fun. Ac- tivities form memories which will lost each of us a lifetime. How often will one be able to repeat the experience of dunking a favorite teacher at Feast and Joust, of dressing up at Dotmon at Senior Munch, or of a dreamy slow dance at Christmas Formal? Activities ore the high points of the high school roller coaster. We con endure dreary Algebra lectures, we con survive pop English essays as long as we know that a time will come when we can put aside the weary burden of homework and exist purely to hove fun. How often hove students stayed up for on all right cram session encouraged themselves with the thought: two more days ' till the donee. Not only do activities sustain students now, they will continue to sustain them in the future. Memories give each of us the strength to always go forword, never turning bock. When the trials and tribulations of life weigh us down, we remember the good times; the fun, the laughter and the joys. Through remembrance, we gather the strength to go on, to face challenges and conquer. Activities enrich Foothill students in many ways, yet most importantly it gives them the courage ond strength to face the obstacles of life with dignity. Thus, activities help moke Foothill students the winners that they ore. For then, there is no turning bock. 10 Theme Spirit Spirit is the soul of Foorhill. It is pride in ourselves, ochievemenrs, and in our school. Foorhill hos nnore rhon rhe usual omounr of pride. Ir showed wherever rhe srudenr body was gorhered. Ar school evenrs; rhe orrenrion of rhe crowds were obvious fronn rhe groons of disoppoinrmenr ro ecsforic cheers. Wirh such energeric supporr, ir was no wonder rhor Foorhill reached new heighrs of achievennenr. The real force behind spirit is caring, caring abour Foorhill. Ir tools rhe caring of rhe enrire student body to moke Foorhill rhe besr. Spirir, nnode rhe dif- ference berween overage and oursronding. With spirit, there was no turning bock. Above Right: Beverly Lacy leads Foothill ' s spirir. Opposite Page Right: Kelly Koul, Melindo Coronodo, Dyer Lewis and Louro Drugmon show rheir spirir during o holfrime per- formance. Right: Robbie Tellsmon, Adorn Chondler, Julie Near, Jane Ojonpero, Elise Longlois and Holly Pohlmon express rheir spirir ofrer another touchdown. 12 Theme 41 1 Activities Division 15 14 Activities Division Poge Activifies High school jusf would not be the some place without activities. At Foothill, seldom a day goes by without an activity going on. The school year kicks off with activities like the Dock to School Dance, football gomes, and the Homecoming Dance. Homecoming Week and Feast and Joust ore other examples of unique activities offered only by Foothill. With December comes cool days, but the heat generated by dancing couples at Winter Formal makes the nights hot. New activities like movie nights, and donkey basketball gomes, and air guitar assemblies also keep FHS students going during the long weeks be- tween vacation. New activities ideas that creative students suggest all year long help moke new activities possible. These new ideas show that there ' s no turning back in Foothill ' s activities. Opposite Page Top: Footliill students go to the donees with doss. Opposite Page Middle: Foothill students show their spirit ot donkey basketball. Opposite Page Bottom: This is o common sight of the end of Foothill ' s donees. nt look too promising. y o Coke ond o smile. ' Tne Miller, and Corol Tokohoshi live It Senior Recognition Day 1 7 16 Senior Recognition Day Seniors Love L.A. " We love L.A. " : These lyrics exactly ex- pressed the senior doss ' reocrion ro irs losr recognirion day. Dressed as movie directors, prostitutes and even the Walk-in-Killer, the senior doss showed class spirit. Seniors seemed to miss the popular complete quod done in post years, and disoppointed that this year only the stage wall was decorated. Yet the large " Seniors love L.A. " banner and downtown L.A. scene still set the mood for o doy filled with senior spirit. Top Left: Doy Lindley ' s effort ro fight Aids doesn ' t look too promising. Top Right: Joy Davis is dressed to kill. Left: Solly Hansen and Anne Sweeney enjoy o Coke ond a snnile. Above: Dag-Ladies, Carrie Mines, Yvonne Miller, ond Carol Tokohoshi live it up. Senior Recognirion Doy 1 Revenge of the Nerds Foorhill High ' s quod no doubr resembles the college campus in rhe 1984 film " Revenge of the Nerds, " on Junior recognition day. Juniors showed their doss spirit dressed as brains, social outcast, and just plain nerds, com- plete with glasses, greased hair, and calculators. Of course, hiked up pants making the Juniors look ready for a flood, and clashing socks com- pleted rhe picture. Even a few boxes of Nerds candy showed up. Although rhe majority of the Juniors didn ' t show spirit by dressing up, the hilarious powder- puff football gome at ,unch mode the day a success. Above: Heather Thompson osks Melonie Fin!-; for some candy. Top Right: Korhy Jennings, Lisa Kinnle, Lisa Johnson, and Adrienne Schuessler prove rhor even nerds hove friends. Right: Dominique Scorr is confused about where his hot belongs. 16 Junior Recognition Day Right: Tina Durns, Sammy Bonks, Rhonda Schneider think rhey ore as sweer as condy. Below. Eric Sioyron ponders the universal education. Bottom: Les Nesbif is dumbfounded when Jim Hoffman tells him, his fly is open. Junior Recognition Day 1 ' y Above: The sophomore doss produces o winnir g float. Right: His mind on rhe gome, Mike Mockinnion forgers ro dress up. Opposite Page Top: Down Ropoich even wears her " Sunglasses or Night. " Opposite Poge Middle: Kelly Sowyer soys " I Love Rock-N-Roll. " Opposite Page Bottom: Paulo Voile models one of her best outfits. 20 Sophomote Recognition Day Foothill ' s Live Aid Wondering onto rhe Foothill High School ' s connpus on Wednesdoy, October 30, one might hove been surprised to see many fomous rock stors faces con- gregoting in the quod. However, this sight wos nothing out of the ordinary for a doy in Homecoming Week. Showing spirit on their recognition day, Sophomores come to school in costumes ranging from the Blues Brothers to the GoGo ' s. ZZ Top, olios Sophomore Class President, Mike Morchetti was glad to see his class in costume showing spirit. Lunch was dominated by a sardine eoting contest in which the Freshmen beat oil other classes. Although the sophomores were unsuccessful in their attempt, costumes showed their doss spirit. Sophomore Recognition Doy Bottom Right: Kevin Degroor is feeling groovy. Below: Recognirion doy pur Chuck Davis in o peaceful mood Right: Amy Burke v ishes for o peaceful Freshman year. The Age of Aquarius Thursday, October 3, the freshmen class took Foothill High School bock in time. Dressed os hip- pies, beatniks, and Vietnam G.l. ' s they showed doss spirit while bringing bock memories of Foothill High ' s first years in the 60 ' s. The main attraction in the quod was the painted " beotnik bus " supplied by freshmon president Scott Barton. The lunch time activity was a bus pock that the freshmen class won. Borton soys he was impressed by the large amount of freshmen porticipotion. Spirit filled and hardworking, the freshmen class is off to Q greot start. 22 Fteshmen Recognition Day Right: Scorr Barton on enrhusiosric soldier, gathers up the troops. Below: Freshmen win the bus pack. Bottom: The " Deotnik Bus " will long be remembered. Freshmen Recognition Day Senior Munch Picrve Senior Munch The firsr senior munch was held on Oc- tober 23, 1985. The theme was Hollo- ween, It oil storted ot 7:30 o.m., when the seniors were to report to the Chicken House at Knotts Berry Form, The students, dressed in costumes, ranges from clowns to Botmon ond Boy Robin. Breakfast really storted the fun. Next, Senior Class President, Spencer Freeboirn introduced Tony Angelo, the hypnotist. Tony Angelo, otherwise known as Mr, Fun, put on a wonderful show. He hyp- notized ten of our Knights. The first senior munch was really fun. Top Right: Tony Delnoce giggles as he is put ro sleep. Top: Mil e Clark and Dob Chronley show their creoriviry. Middle: Josh Cohen tries ro score oil of us. Below: Chod Rougewirz, John Fronco, Andrea Silver, Mart Romey, Drod Cox, David Stomp oil talk about peace. (« V , ' .r» ' » 26 Senior Munch Top: Sreve Wilson, feeling cowardly ears his breokfasr. Above: Susan Doseker, in her usual srare keeps clowning oround. Right: Sreve Morris, Mr. Turner. Eric Finnnore are all on rhe look our for bod guys. Senior Munch 2. Righr: Spencer Freeboirn places the crown on Foorhill ' s new Homecoming Queen Stephanie Fieiscoker. Below: King Corrick Brewster poses with Queen Stephanie Fleischoker. Bottom: Spencer Freeboirn, Angie Saline, Paul Flore, Joy Kobayoshi, Mike Bryant, Dina Hollstrom, Chod Rougewitz, Amy Von Pelt oil were port of Foothill ' s Homecoming Court, along with Corrick Brewster, King and Stephanie Fleischoker, Queen. 28 Homecoming Court F.H.S. Knights Elect The serring was Norrhrup Field Friday, November first, Foothill ' s homecoming gome ogoinst Villo Pork. During holftime festivities princesses circled the field in 1985 Corvet- tes. Five princesses were escorted, with old foshioned pageantry, onto the field by their fathers. Before on en- thusiastic crowd of Foothill students and alumni, Stephanie Fleischoker was crowned Foothill High School ' s 1985 Homecoming Queen. The next night, at the Homecoming Dance, Corrick Brewster was announced King. The court con- sisted of Princesses: Joy Kobayohi; Amy Von Pelt; Dina Hoilstrom; and Angle Saline. Princes were: Spencer Freebairn; Mike Bryant; Chad Rouge witz; and Paul Fiore. Above Left: Princess Dino Hoilstrom smiles with excirement. Middle: Princess Angie Soline woncJers Who will be Queen. Below Right: Princess Amy Von Peir smiles wirh onriciporion. Below: Princ ess Joy Kobayohi enjoys oil of the exciremenf. Homecoming Court 2 Tonife is the Night Foothill students and alumni celebtated theit 1985 Homecoming Dance ot the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, on Saturday, November 2. Over 290 couples attended the dance v hich mode it a huge success for everyone involved. The dance picked up the pace as the band " Restless ' song the lyrics to " Shout. " The dance began at nine p.m. and included the presenta- tion of the court and the crowning of Corr-ick Brewester as the Homecoming King. The donee finally wound down in the early morning. Memories of the evening will be cherished by many as they remember always that " Knight Time is the Right Time. " Above Left: Karen Kellogg, Stacy Dronchoud, end Toni Negri all pose for the camera. Above Right: Eric Smith oppeors out of nowhere. Middle: Todd Schwory, Yvette Curiel, Sara Show, Phil Adorns, Scott Shephord, and Chris Fergus dance the night owoy os Mike Gaz- zonigo looks on. Right: Adriene Dimos is intrigued by Terry Ubl ' stie. 30 Homecoming Donee Above. Robert Broun, Kurt Johnson, Jon Inobo, Tim Winstone, and Antony Jocobs ore here, but where ore their dotes? Middle Right: Rebecco Ortiz ond Rich Croissant would be perfect on o Hollmork cord. Middle Left: Jeff McKittrick thinks comfort is the way to go. Bottom: Mike Grohovoc, Toro Pockord, Frank Governole and dare, take o break from doncing. Homecoming Donee 3 ' Top Left: Michele McCain loughs as she finishes the obstacle course with a tasfe of whip creom. Top Right: Freshman strive to win the tug of war for their class. Center: Louis Songermono wonders if he will ever grow out of his big wheel. Bottom: Kristi Evans con not believe she fell in the mud. 32 FAKHFAJ F.A.K.H.F.AJ. Friday, November 1 was on exciring day for oil while seniors spent rheir day Feosring end Jousring, relaxing in chariots and being fanned by slaves, the freshmen had their first taste of a special Foothill tradi- tion, F.A.K.H.F.AJ, Many students did more than just Feast, and por- ticipated in the obstacle course, tug of v ar ond the chariot race. Juniors showed their strength leaving the rest of the classes to wallow in the mud and the agony of defeat. Junior Kirsten Swenson thought the obstacle course was hilarious. After a grueling run, a trip through the tires, being dunked in a trash can full of water and riding a tricycle, it surprised everyone, especially the girls, when whipped cream was sprayed in their faces. The seniors showed rheir spirit in Simon soys ond their strength in the choriot race. With oil the good food the school clubs sold and great music provided by a D.J., F.A.K.H. F.A.J. 1985 will not be forgotten. Top Left: Scorr Sreedmon reveals his secret of how to ride o tricycle. Above: Foothill students ploy Simon soys. Left: Mr. Girrhens loves being Sinnon. FAKHFAJ 30 Above: Dill Peckhom and Dill Mozurie ore determined ro score. Top: Doug Kopcho giving his donkey a pep folk. Above Left: Mart Lillord struggles to get liis feet off the ground. 34 Homecoming Activities Homecoming Week o Success To moke Foorhill ' s rrodirionol homecoming complere, Foorhill students participated in severol activities throughout the week. Two of the more populor activities included the Air guitar assembly and the Donkey Dosketball gome. Talented students mode on air guitar assembly possible for the rest of the students, which included numbers such as " Old Time Rock and Roll " and " All Foil Down. " Seniors come through winning first place in Donkey Basket- ball leaving the Juniors behind in second ploce. Laughter and cheers that resulted as players struggled to shoot baskets from the bocks of their stubborn donkeys, mode it a fun filled night for everyone. Lefr: Michele McCain likes rhor " Old Time Rock n Roll. " Below: John Luno is " Bod ro the Done. " Below Left: That ' s what Jill Baker and Sracey Bronchoud like about you. Homecoming Activities 3 ' Below: Slaves; Amy Wollin and Laura Phillips rake a break, Dortom. Alan Ifriger ond Mart Morley roost ro rhe good life Right: Sreve Brock mokes o perfecr Coesor. 36 Servant Day . Togo! . Togo! Foorhill ' s annual Senior servant day had rhe senior doss dressed in rogas ond arriving in rhe nnosr creative and exotic chariots. For the masters and servants the event lasted the entire school doy. Each doss participated in o wide range of activities in- cluding the chariot race to the ever-popular tug of war. While oil of this was going on, other students purchased food and hod fun wotching the ocfivities. The senior doss of 1986 left on innpression on the whole school. Above: Brett Scorr enjoys being " Mosrer " for o day. Top Left: Kerry DIoor and Andreo Silver give their master, Drod Cox, full treatment. Middle Left: Mike Sardo, Ted Sawyer, Chris Miller, Ann Mognusson, Ellie Daren, Susan Gugasion, Vero Karomardlon and Joe McFadden show their Senior spirit. Left: Alex Biro with his slaves, Paige Cotter ond Amy Dunn, thinks it ' s too bod it only lasts a day. Servant Doy 3 ' Royal Knights The 1985 Winter Formal court consisted of twelve Knights. These students were honored for oil the service they hove put into Foothill. The girls honored were Shoron Roob, Allyson Askin, Gretchen Schultz, Joy Davis, Donna Cotmon, ond Kimi Yamashito. The boys honored were Tony Delnoce, Pot Corolon, Eugene Yee, John Coroccio, Tonn Shinoto, and Keith Takoboyoshi. Keith Takoboyoshi ond Kimi Yamashito were crowned King and Queen. Top: The 1965 Winter Formal Court consisted of Tony Delnoce, Pot Corolon, Eugene Yee, John Coroccio, Tom Shinodo, Shoron Roob, Allyson Askin, Gretchen Schultz, Joy Dovis, ond Donno Cotmon. King and Queen were Keith Takoboyoshi and Kimi Yomoshito. Middle: Kimi Yomoshito con ' t believe she is o queen. Donom: Kimi Yomoshito ond Keith Takoboyoshi ore proud to be Foothill ' s Wintet Formal King ond Queen. 3d Winter Formal Court Winter Formal Donee J ' Starry, Starry Knight The Girls Arhleric Board did onorher oursronding job of purring together the 1985 Winter Formal Dance. The dance srorted off a great holiday season for everyone. Students donced to the sounds of the Lost 45 ' s. The dance was liked and remembered by all. Top Left: Maureen Quirk, Christo Dryonr and Susan Decarion ask, " Where are our dares? " Top Right: Robin Welsh ond Drod Cormier bring rheir baked goods to the less fortunate. Middle: The stars shine brightly for John Fitterer ond Peggy Forney. Below: Alex Biro, Les Nesbitt, Chris Whitoker, Matt Romey, and Jim Knopp are oil getting ready to " step out. " 40 Winter Formal Donee Top: Juniors donee the night owoy. Middle: Tom Cogie reoches Chris McFer- son how ro rwisr, while orhers lools on. Above; Russell Worrs and Cynrhio Bobecky shore o special nighr. Left: Rondy Loycock, Orion Woods, and John Fischbeck ' s morro is " Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. " Winter Formal Dance 4 ; Top Left: Jill Skjerven and Dreff DIoom ore imported from Texas. Top: Freshmen Daisy Mae, Dine Pan, and Lil Abner, Ward Van Pelt, enjoy their first Sadie Hawkins. Above Left: Cuddling during Sadies, are Sandy Hammond and Joy Wright. Above: Sophomores: Doisy Mae, Kristi Evans, and Lil Abner, Rob Telson, enjoy their second Sadie Hawkins. Opposite Page Top: Seniors: Daisy Mae, Leanne Clorke, Lil Abner, Mike McNerney. Opposite Page, Far Right: Laurie Newcom and Paige Denny get out their picture money. Opposite Page, Middle: Juniors: Daisy Mae, Valerie Fryer. Lil Abner, Brian Healy. Right: Kendall Weatherman, Natalie Bevacuea, Julie Near, and Steve Slocum enjoy the dance. 42 Sadie Hawkins Court Lil Abner Daisy Mae Following rrodirion, Foorhill hod the Second Annual All Closs Sadie Hawkins Courr. Freshmen ' s Lil Abner is Word Von Peir, and Doisy Mae is Dino Pan. Sophomores ' Lil Abner is Rob Telson, and Daisy Moe is Krisri Evans. Juniors ' Lil Abner is Drain Heoly and Daisy Moe is Valerie Fryer. Seniors ' Lil Abner is Mike McNerney and Doisy Moe is Leonne Clorke. Sadie Hawkins Court 40 Country Knights " Grab your partner, swing her around, come on everybody, we ' re or a hoedown! " Although these are nor common words at Foothill, everyone uses them in the spirit of Sodie Hawkins. On the night of March 15, students disembarked from their BMW ' s and bor- rowed their long lost Uncle Joe ' s beat up pick up truck. The truck piled with hoy and friends set out for the Orange Coun- ty Fairgrounds. Once at the dance, students had a chance to get their pictures token, donee, or get married, the 1986 Sadie Hawkins ' Dance was o complete success pulled off by the Freshman and Sophomore Classes. Above: Sue Davis, Joson Constontine, and Stephanie Fleishchal er get into the hoedown while Glen Nicol falls asleep. Middle Right: Country hicks Steve Donon, and Holey Zodel take o breok from dancing. Top: Couples enjoy o slow, country type dance. R gAif; A couple swings to the do-sl-do. 44 Sodie Howl ins Dance Below. Joner Froncis and John Jelremo love ro square donee. Bottom Left: The gels and guys ore in formorion ro begin. Middle. Tom Cody rips his hor ro rhe lody Left Sreve Slocum and Norolie Donoguo ore coughr huggin. Sadie Hawkins Dance 4z Top: The Srunr Squad rises high with spirit. Above; Krisi; Wood used to be " This toll! " Middle: CoQch Bloom shows his true identify Right: They feel " Confident and Secure. " 46 Assemblies Pep Assembly Pride Prevails Forrunorely Pep Assemblies come more rhon once o year, which help srudenrs ro get through rheir academic schedules. With lors of prepororion ond anriciporion rhe Pep Squads spirit, cheerleaders, rhe bond, and along with special guests such as Santa Salerno and his Elves, Pep Assemblies pro- vide a chance for rhe Foothill student body to unite and share in fun as well as show rheir pride. Left: Lisa Goldstein ' s imirorion of Paul Fiore con- fuses Bev Locy. Below Left: Jonlne Arena osks " Who are we go- ing ro bear? " Below: Good things come in all packages. V.JJS i ' » cir CIF c 1 r WBU. 1-7 1 ■ni««io anaau Assemblies 47 ' - - 46 Organizations Organizations Whor is Q club? A group of people who gather for o specific purpose is commonly referred ro as o club, bur ro rhe club ' s members, ir is often o deeply emotional experience. Clubs at Foothill vary widely, from the pursuit of fresh snow to the pursuit of a good debote. At Foothill, there ore approximately thirty clubs, each serving o separate and distinct fraction of the school population. Each club has its own teacher ad- visor. These advisors often spend hours of their free time Involved In club meetings and activities, as well as teaching " six and three-quarter hours " every day. It Is plain to see that a club is o special thing, not to be treated lightly. The combination cf student and teacher enthusiasm often combine to form on almost mo ;)lcol atmosphere. -- 6 ' !; : PnT ii! L Opposite Page: Top. Ken Weldemonn brings hope rhor there nnoy be o club for anyone. Opposite Page: Middle: Toll Flogs ore o very orgonlzed Club. Opposite Page: Bottom: Majorettes show their stuff. o c o- -r, M. onzo, H. Costro, Q. J, J. Oienpero, J. Geseo, J, Col- 1sr Row-0. Brummer, oorrospm, M. Biro, N. Pritchord, S. Boseker, T. r. Boppell. 3rd Row — H. .ork. M. Andersoky, T. Allen, B. Qtes, D. Reece, K. Ellis, K, Bruce, — R. Prete, M. Underwood, B. .on, G. Welch, R. Bloney, J. Casey, J. M. Yores, E. Wilson, J. Consronrine, D. . ' icrured: J. Baker Clubs 51 CLUBS! An imporronr port of the life of ony high school student is the groups to which he belongs. Often, these groups toke the form of clubs. Here at Foothill, there ore op- proximotely thirty clubs and organizations, each devoted to o different in- terest . v 50 Clubs i opposite Page: Middle: Morh Science Club; Dock Row: B. Herman, W. Williams, O. Suon, J. Francis, A. Bhimoni, L. Green, J. Alverson, R Tunnell, J. Cohen, N. Mohure, P, Cash, 5. Schwartz. Third row: K. Lin, D. Pak, P. White, Y. Denenny, P. Brugmonn, J. Wilhelm, D. Tur- bow, D, Chen, R. Lee. Second Row: 5. Kim, V. Nozick, A. Khonno, R. Shy, A. Ryu, J. Lin, A. Tajeldin, P. Ark. Front Row: S. Feder, S. Sheng, D. Chuong, D. Cotmon, T. Oliveira, I. McGehee M. Desilvo, W. Pak, S. Chen. Opposite Page: Bot- tom: Cultural Enrichment Club: Dock Row: C. Lin, M. Gillmor, K. Weatherman. Third Row: T. Smith, K. Toylor, D. McDonald, A. Mew, A. Tonako, W. Pak. Se- cond Row: S. Kim, O. Suon, Front Row: 5. Wu, J. Franco. Top: Varsity Club: Bock Row: P. Gaspor, B. Heoly. Middle Row: M. Bain, D. Hein, C. Hull. Front Row: D. Crawford, R. Loycock, J. Fischbeck, B. Woods. Middle: Astronomy Club: Back Row: D. Cosh, J. McTog- gort, J. Wilhelm, K. Golden, L. Green, M. Fjeld, K. Ludlow. Middle Row: G. Jones, M. Romey, T. Trover, C. Schneider, D. Chen. Front Row: D. Eisenmon, B. Wilkerson, M. Rosenblatt, J. Lin. Bottom: Adopt-A-Grondmo: Back Row: L. Monzo, H. Cohen, J. Price, M. McCain, E. Body, A. Castro, Q. McBride, P. Dovies. Middle Row: E. Longlois, J. Olenpera, H. Rice, M. Buse, R. Reynolds. Front Row: J. Geseo, J. Col- lins, K. Chong. Opposite Page: Top: New Life Club: 1st Row-B. Brummet, G. Choimberloin, B. Elliott, M. Gorrospm, M. Bito, N. Meneffe, S. Hill 2nd Row — C. Pritchord, S. Boseker, T. Doppell, J. Girdldo, K Evans, T Boppell. 3rd Row — H. Pohlmon, G. Sherschel, L. Clork, M. And ersoky, T Allen, B. Deshear. 4th Row — T. Yates, D. Reece, K. Ellis, K. Bruce, M. Metzger. 5th Row — R. Prete, M. Underwood, B. Underwood, J. Gibson, G. Welch, R. Blaney, J. Casey, J. Miller, G. Nichol, M. Yates, E. Wilson, J. Constontine, D. MacLeod Not Pictured: J. Baker Clubs 5i Above: Dike Club: Top Row: A. Biermon, C. Rougewirz. Middle Row: G. Nokomoro, E. Smirh, D. Drawer, W. Pok. Dorrom Row: D. Dovenport, L. Nesbitr, M. Denner Top Right: Art Club: Dock Row: P. Cosh, T. Traver. Front Row: Right: Conservation Club: 5. Shephord, K. Throckmorton, 5. Birch, P. Dovies, A. Austin, T. Hell, J. Stern, D. Hein, J. Heredio, J. Gugino, J. Gonzales, J. Casey, R. Loycock, C. Almquist, D. If- tiger, M. Alexonder, 5. Yocoton, M. Yates. Third Row: J. Shugor- mon, W. Allen, C. Cowdell, E. Denecker, M. Gozzonigo, M. Bain, J. Fischbeck, B. Woods, P. Crawford, A. Hoirston, M. Mor- ton, M. Higgins, A. Chombers. Second Row: J. Gonzales, J. Lopez, K. Bruce, T. Oliveiro, V. Fryer, E. Ordwey, K. Lombert, M. Allen, S. Roob, S. Koehl, E. Merker, C. Fergus, D. Kopcho, A. Greco. Front Row: K. Golden, S. Goley, D. Heoiy. Bottom: Club Med: Bock Row: C. Konno, A. Lin, R. Lee, L. Rheinschild, G. Nokamoto, J. Lee, C. Tedder, J. Lopez, J. Fran- co. Front Row: T. Chou, A. Huong, C. Kim, K. Lin, D. Pok, T. Wot- son, J. Mahru, R. Williams, T. Brugmonn. Opposite Poge: Top: French Club: Top Row — V. Nozic, A. Tanako, K. Whatley S. Gvernsion, D. McDonald. Middle Row — S. Feder, T. Oliverio, V. Fryer, S. Woodruff, S. Sheng, L. Horvoth. Back Row — S. Kim, C. Kim, S. Martinez, B. Bortick, J. Uttz, J. Lubell. Opposite Page: Middle: Peer Aides: M. Clark, C. Tedder, H. Von Winkle, V. Hawthorne, J. Nestor, D. Von Winkle, A. WIessmon, E. Smith, A. Khonno, K. Koreher, C. Henderson, K. Weidemonn, D. Lundsford. Opposite Page: Bottom: Auto Club: Top Row — R. Gewss, T. Drowm, J. Escoto, J. Nolan, B. Wolder, M. Richardson, M. Freemon, C. McCorther, J. Furnr , G. Cutsovaous, T. Sockomoto, J. McTuggemt, B. Rogers, T. Christy, T. Orton, D. Fenton, H. Westin, D. Husbond, D. Monioh, B. Gibson, M. Sutceiss, K. Goldon. BB SWws 52 Clubs Diversity Cerroin clubs leorn of rhe people and culture of other notions. Others ore devoted to the sciences. Still others ore devoted to various sports and forms of recreation. No matter how uncommon your interests, there is probobly o club that v ould suit your needs . . . •;: i Clubs More Clubs A club becomes a place where you con meet people who hove the some interests os yourself. At the head of each club Is the president, chosen by the members, who guides the club through the intriCQCies of meetings and fundraisers, while satis- fying the aim of the club and the wishes of its members . . . V 54 Clubs opposite Page: Top: Compurer Club; Dock Row — B Honnegon, D Wright 3rd P,ow — A. Lin. R. Phillips, A. Huong, A, Tojeldin, 2nd Row — H. Lin, M. Berry, A. Dhimoni, R.. Yomosuiro, A. Khonno, Y. Denenny. Front Row — C Konno, P Ark, K O ' Brien, B Her- man, V, Nozick, P. White, R. Shy. Opposite Page: Middle: AF5: Top Row — M. Devries, P Rocho, J. Jordan, L. Rheinschild, K. Storks. Middle Row — A. Roy, T. Delell, K. Gregy, S. Altermon. Bottom Row — V. Nozick, J. Franco. 5. Rueegger. H. Thompson, T. Olivero. V. Fryer. Opposite Page: Bottom: Donee Production: Top Row — B. Sherfey. H. Thompson. Bottom Row — C. Kim, L. Novorro, T. Boird. J. Fronco, Zee Snell, 5 Thurston ond M. Fink. Top: Ecology Club: Top Row — C. Tedder, B. Sherfey, C. Knobbe, T. Watson 2nd Row — A. Thompson, C. Lin, P. Kirs, B.J. Pock, G. Scott, M. Romey, O. Suon. Bottom Row — J. Franco, S. Kim, S. Koo, S. Boseker, ADVISOR J. P., D. Cotmon. Middle: German Club: 4th Row — C. Richardson, D. Eornst, C. Desilvo. 3rd Row — J. Nestor, Richordson, S. Kim, C. Lin. 2nd Row — K. Lin, B. Wright. J. Stone, 1st Row — K. Ludlow, D. Cosh, D. Lindley, Mrs. Milne. Bottom: Strotegisf Club: BocK Row — S. Schwartz, K. Turbow, B. Wilkerson, E. Tok, Front Row — M. Benner, M. Romey. Clubs j 0i iS hit w CLUBS Wont YOU!! However, wirhouf members, o club is dead, and if is wirh the members rhor rhe job of keeping o club olive and active lies. If people who ore interested in rhe theme of the club do not go to meetings, then the club will wither. If, however, members of o club keep coming to meetings, and bring friends OS well, then rhe club will continue to gro v and pro- sper . . . 56 Clubs Senior C5F Members: Opposite Page, Top (in olphobericol order): A. Aslsin. J. Doilord, 5. Dosel- er, C. Drewsrer, M. Bryant, J. Coroccio, D. Casin, R. Chen, H. Choi, R. Chronley, J. Cohen, D. Cotmon, D. Cox, T. Decell, A. Delnoce, E. Fenmore, M. Field, J. Froncis, T. Frutos, K. Gin, J. Goldstein, V. Goodman, D. Hermon, J. Holder, J. Huong, X. Huynh, L. Jennings, K. Kellogg, M. Keuilion, C. Knobbe, C. Lee, R. Lee, T. Lodgord, D. Macleod, L. MocKinnon, C. McFerson, M. McGivern, M. McNerney, B. Medina, J. Mullin, J. Oder, S. Oh, C. Pok, M. Powers, L. Rheinschild, M. Romey, A. Roy, N. Sobotino, G, Schulrz, G. Scott, T. Shinodo, J. Slozos, K. Spahr, 5. Steedmon, M. Sullivan, K. Vierregger, K. Whotley, W. Wilkerson, M. Williams, 5. Williams, J. Willsey, M. Underwood, K. Yu, E. Yee, J. Wright. Junior CSF Members: Opposite Page, Upper Middle (in olphobeticol order): C. Almquist, J. Alverson, C. Annan, S. Banks, J. Beck, A. Dhimani, D. Bridge, B. Brown, P. Brugmonn, D. Bryant, L. Burgos, B. Cannon, K. Carter, G. Chamberlain, T. Chondler, P. Cleary, C. Col- well, E. Conrad, C. Cowdell, S. Davis, R. Degroot, Y. Denenny, D. Dingwell, B. Ell iot, C. Elmer, A. Fetters, M. Fiduccia, M. Fink, V. Fryer, M. Gorrison, P. Gospor, A. Gillmon, J. Gonzalez, D. Hogon, G. Immel, K. Jennings, L. Johnson, G. Jones, E. Kokigoro, K. Keegan, A. Khanno, 5. Kievol, K. Kin, L. Kinne, A. Kline, L. Kowolik, D. Lam, D. Larson, J. Larson. W. Loycock, T. Lewis, J. Lopez, J. Lubell, K. Miller, L. McClure, I. McGehee, B. Mchenry, T. Miner, N. Mitchell, P. Muret, G. Nokomoto, L. Navarro, L. Nesbitt, K. Norfhcote, T. Oliveira, B. Pok, E. Poutch, N. Pliner, L. Rouch, M. Rebock, M. Rosenblatt, A. Ryu, L. Somuelson, K. Schmid, A. Schuessler, L. Schwartz, S. Schwartz, A. Sheng, J. Shugormon, R. Shy, D. Simon, E. Smith, E. Smith, O. Suon, A. Tojeldin, K. Taylor, C. Terhune, R. Tunnell, D. Tur- bow, J. Uttz, T. Watson, P. White, J. Wilhelm, K. Wood. Sophomore CSF Members: Opposite Poge, Lower Middle (in alphabetical order): D. Addy, S. Alterman, P. Ark, B. Aust, T. Boird, A. Baker, K. Baker, M. Bear, S. Behn, B. Bloom, B. Brandon, S. Brown, P. Cosh, A. Chambers, E. Chang, K. Chiang, T. Chou, K. Combs, D. Conrod, J. Constantine, D. Coombs, S. Crosby, C. Desilva, L. Dutrisoc, D. Eisenmon, D. Esslinger, K. Fukushima, D. Gesler, J. Gieseo, B. Goldberg, M. Harmon, B. Honnegon, M. Houser, A. Hoyman, J. Herr, M. Higgins, H. Ho, L. Horvoth, A. Huong, C. Iwoto, A. Jones, C. Konno, K. Knowles, M. Kreutz, E. Langlois, S. Left, K. Lewis, C. Lin, H. Lin, H. Lin, M. McCouley, P. Meony, G. Nicol, V. Nozick, S. Nunley, J. Ojonpero, J. O ' Neill, W. Pok, D. Pork, R. Phillips, F. Ramming, H. Rice, P. Roh, C. Ross, G. Scherschel, S. Schwartz, T. Scott, A. Selmon, M. Shepord, S. Singer, R. Stern, U. Sung, A. Tonoko, J. Tonnenbaum, B. Underwood, C. Veje, N. Villarreol, K. Weothermon, D. Wedemeyer, J. Weissberg, A. Weissmon, G. White, N. Willfomson, G. Wright, S. Wu, R. Yomoshiro, R. Yue. Freshman CSF Members: Opposite Page, Bottom (in alphabetical order): L. Allen, K. Astor, E. Aust, S. Baren, K. Birney, D. Bloney, J. Brooks, L. Brugmon, M. Buse, A. Carl, R. Chorton, C. Chou, D. Chuang, K. Cops, E. Dopkewicz, M. Desilva, K. Ellis, D. Ernst, T. Flonogon, A. Garrison, C. Gibson, C. Hilemon, S. Ho, J. Huang, T. Icenhower, K. Izadi, M. Jones, K. Koul, S. Kim, C. Kin, J. Lee, C. Lemo, C. Lin, H. Lin, J. Lin, K. Lin, S. Lopez, S. Lyon, D. MocDonold, S. Monley, W. Mozurie, A. Mew, T. Moore, A. Musch, D. Pan, H. Pollak, J. Reed, R. Rosen, J. Somuelson, D. Schwartz, S. Sheng, D. Silver, B. Smith, H. Smith, Y. Tokenoka, P. Ting, G. Tucker, C. Turk, K. Walker, T. Weir, J. Willioms, D. Wilson, G. Wu. Above: Dromo Club: Top Row — B. McHenry, K. Northcote, G. Tucker, V. Nozic, K. Wethermon. 2nd Row — C. D. Von Winkle, J. Hoff, H. Von Winkle. 1sr Row S. Gounders, B. Chronley, 5. Yokoton. On Lops in front — M. Lopez. Bottom: Reamer Screomers: 6th Row — M. Hollomore. 5th Row — M. Guessler, C. Sevirers, D. Iftiger, D. Triplott, A. Chambers, K. Gregg. 4th Row — M. Lillord, T. Chapel, T. Heil, J. Fishbeck, P. Crawford, C. Fergus, B. Bloom. 3rd Row — R. Ross, J. Reames., M. Alexander S. Mortines, C. Hull, C. Wolsh, D. Hines, M. Gozzonigo, P. Adams, R. Telson, M. Yotes. 2nd Row — J. Sugorman, G. Randall, O. Martinez S, Slocum, P. Fiore, B. Woods, S. Goley, B. Heoly, B. Lindley. 1st Row — S. Koehl, R. Loycock. Ai Clubs 57 Above: Dock Row: T. Lewis, J. Hoff, M. Clark, D. Chronley, D. Herman, M. Lillard, V. Hawrhorne, T. Flonnagan, C. Versluis. Front Row: A. Slozas, M. Lopez, L. Fogorfy, K. Taylor, L. Stevens, K. Keagy, O. Lopez, A. Khanna, V. Nozick, H. Van Winkle, L. Doll, B. Drown. Right: The Bennett family: Odalis Lopez, Louro Stevens, Kotherine Taylor, Bob Chronley, Laurey Fogorty and Charlotte Versluis. Opposite Page Top: Mike Clark serves as Michelle Lopez ' s escort for the evening. Opposite Page Right: Dean Feinberg, Barry Herman, Bethany Brown, Helen Van Winkle and Borr McHenry pose for a family portrait. Opposite Page Far Right: Valerie Hawthorne puts on the finishing touches. Ui, . A. ' Jf kJ 58 Dtomo The Stars Twinkle ' The rolenred students of Foothill ' s dromo deport- ment put on Q brilliont performance of " Pride and Prejudice. " The bollroom attire was in free flow os were the wonderful English accents. Each octor hod his own reason for becoming involved with dromo, but they all come together to show off what they hod. These young actors devoted their time and effort to moke the ploy truly special. Porents greatly supported their effort by supplying props, costumes, ond moral support. Mrs. Nicolai with the help of Pot Sheehy, first time director, orgonized the diverse talents and sent them on the right track. The dromo department expressed fine arts on a level where high school students could leorn to appreciate them. For some, this may hove been the lost Foothill performance. We con only hope to someday see them oil in the skies of Hollywood and Droodwoy. Drama 5 Above.- Sophomore Class Council: L. Durrisoc, J. Collins, P. Voile. Top Left: Senior Closs Council: J. Wright, C. Kelly, D. Lindley, and S. Roob. Top Right: Junior Class Council: Back Row: E. Smith, C. Elmer, K. Schmid, and C. Cowdell. Front Row: G. Nokomoro. Middle Right: Freshmen Closs Council: C. Kin, A. Durke, D. Stern, ond J. Higby. Right: Girls Athletic Board: Bock Row: J. Gonzolez, A, Von Pelt, V. Fryer. Third Row: N. Pliner, A. Thompson, C. Lin, K. Druce, L. Clork, T. Oliveiro. Second Row: L. Phillips, L. MocKinnon, T. Chandler, A. Khonno, Y. Kaufman. Front Row: G. Schultz, K. Gin, J. Brooks. Opposite Page: Top: A. SB.: Top: G. Schultz, L. MocKin- non, J. Boilord. Third Row: M. Bryant, G. Randoll, S. Freeboirn, T. Chandler, E. Yee. Second Row: K. Gin, K. Yomoshito, P. Corolyn, M. Morchetti. Front Row: T. Miner, B. Lacy, A. Soline, T. Shinodo, S. Barton, P. Fiore. Opposite Page: Bottom: Student Senate: Bock Row: 5. Stedmon, C. Birney, J. Mullen. Middle Row: J. McToggert, A. Schlines, C. Brewster, J. Somerndike, T. Shinod o. Front Row: H. Lin A. Von Pelt, B. Brummeft, S. Burch, K. Mon- tgomery, K. 3ii. ev, B. Aust. 60 Leadership Imagine Jusr imagine . . . o school run by teachers and adminisrrorion wirhour ony srudenr represenrorion. This type of school con be o very limited ond sheltered experience for the young person. Foothill at one time might hove been this way, but in recent years the student body has hod several ways to get involved in school politics. The different ways ore Associoted Student Body, Student Senate, and class councils. The ASB represented oil the different activities ond areas on campus. Class councils dealed directly with their grade and its duties (for ex- ample, dances). The voice of the students was the Student Senate. The student government planned activities and come up with new ideas. In post years, they started Springfest, the spring counterpart of Feast and Joust and lip sync assemblies. Lost year they led the stu- dent body in giving oid to Ethiopia. This year the ASB took a political stand not to form on opinion of the teachers ' strike. Leadership 6 1 How to Be Q Bondo Becoming o Bondo requires several qualifies. Among these ore dedication, endurance, discipline, and the magic Ingredient, talent. The need for these qualities ore enumerated as follows: DEDICATION — Required if one is to sacrifice the hours of time necessary to achieve a harmonious sound. ENDURANCE — Required to survive several miles of uninterrupted marching while skillfully ploying an instrument. DISCIPLINE — Required when one must get up at 5:30 AM in subzero weather for period bond prac- tice. Also needed to keep practicing when one would much rather party. TALENT — Required. Otherwise the sound produced would be a painful blend of cacophony. It is obvious that the title " Bondo " should be carefully bestowed. Bondos ore o special group of people integral to the spirit and pride of Foothill. 62 Bond ' mM -s Opposite Page Top: George Woibel is surrounded by his odmiring Dondos. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Drum Major Tony Delnoce struts his stuff. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Majorettes: Back l ow: M. Coronado, T. Doird, M. Motley. Ftont Row: K. Jenn- ings, L. Navarro. Below Left: Foothill ' s Letters proudly begin o ripple. Left: Josh Cohen and Trocy Lewis ploy their hearts out. Above: Bond: Bacl Row: P Giffin, J. Alverson, D. McHenry, 5. Hommes, A. Bhimani, L. Navarro, C. No- ble, J. Jeltemo, R. Stern, C. McFerson, L. Drugmon. Fifth Row: J. Honson, J. Cohen, M. Underwood, D. Moore, M. Coronado, K. Koul, T. Daird, G. Baker, K. Ellis, P. Mc- Moins, R. Phillips, Foutth Row: J. Robinson, T. Williams, K. Williams, P,. Williams, K. Jennings, L. Stuart, M. Motley, J. Wright, S. Brown, D. P.egan, R. Karlsen. Third Row: M. Fink, D. Blaney, D. Miller, A. Bote, S. Lopez, K. Widmonn, D. Lewis, L. Ball, 5. Hammond, 5. Murray, K. Spohr, 5. Lewis, L. Rauch. Second Row: B. Beresford, T. Delnoce, C. Miller, S. DeSoivo, E. Kokihara, J. Schneider, J. Weissberg, B. Shank, B. Underwood, M. Schneider, J. Annan. Front Row: D. Wilson, C. Borm, J. Francis, S. Pikitake, S. Behn, K. Hammond, J. Merrell, S. Schwartz, D. Von Winkle, T. Lewis. Bond 63 Above- The USA Masked Marvel, Melonie Fink, definitely needs sunglosses. Above Right: Toll Flogs: Bock Row: P. White, Y. Denenny, B. Sherfey, P. Giffin. Fourth Row: R. Shy, J. Annan, L. Drugman. Third Row: B. Deresford, L. Rouch, W. Phillips, J. Hanson, Second Row: L. Stuart, D. Lewis. Front Row: R. Korlsen, K. Koul, M. Fink, J. Robinson. Opposite Page Top: Seniors Drendo Sherfey and Paige Giffin proudly display the team ' s awards from comp. Opposite Page For Right: Spring Flogs: Doch Row: J. I ' obinson, L. Brugmon, L. i ouch, D. Sherfey, C. Watts. Front Row: R. Phillips, K. Koul, M. Fink, R. Korlsen. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Rebecca Phillips, Belinda Dohorie, Yvonne Denenny, Paige Giffin, Janice Honson, Laura Brugmon ond Laurie Rouch morch onto the field for the holftime performance. Opposite Page Right: Co-Captoin Melonie Fink, Coptoin Paige Giffin ond Co-Coptoin Brendo Sherfey. Right: Superstrutters, Rebecco Phillips, Jonice Hanson, Brendo Sherfey, Melonie Fink and Poige Giffin enjoy being in their togos to strut their stuff. 64 Toll Flogs t Summer in New York " Srorr spreoding rhe news, I ' m leaving today ... " song members of rhe Tall Flog and Band on July 1, 1986. They wanted ro be a parr of it and they were. They mode hisrory on July 4 when rhey performed in rhe opening and closing ceremonies for the unveiling of rhe Statue of Liberry in New York Ciry. It was a greor year for rhe Flog Teom srarting out with the summer in Sonro Barbara for flag camp. The five members who wenr, enjoyed rhe parties and ex- perience they gained. And who could forget football gomes and after gome celebrations or Lompposr sing- ing " Mickey Moose. " Some even song about o " blond hair, dimples, jeans jocket Cabbage Patch. " Toll Flogs hod many memories especially K.S.S. The season of flogs usually ended with the football season but in 1986 they decided on o Spring Flog Team. They went to competitions and performed to such songs as " Hurrs So Good " and " Take The Lead. " All in oil Fall and Spring flogs hod a greot year! Toll Flags j3 Sounds Like Music Madrigals, directed by Mrs. Sharon Herzog, has had on ourstanding year. Even with the graduorion of some of the leading singers lost yeor, Madrigals has managed to outdo themselves once again. They were in constant demand by numerous groups in Tustin, including Tustin Rotary, Southern California Credit Cord Group, Association of Retired Military Engineers and a Tustin chapter of the Orange County Philharmonic Society. In addition. Madrigals gave two concerts: one in the winter and another in the spring. To be Q Madrigal, one must be able to read music and have good voice quality and tonality. Since Madrigals is a select group, one must go through on audition to enter. Those who make it experience the joys of making beautiful music. 66 Chorus Opposite Page Top: Mixed Chorus: Back Row: D. Bloir, K. Lopez, C. Dorm, K. Mohan, K. Proctor, D. Nicoloi, G. Scherschel, A. Perrof, D. Robinson, M. Lillord, A. Corl, 5. Sounders, R. Lonnnn, J. Hurron, P. Kimes, J. Robinson, L. Wiley, 5. Ponrhoky, C. Pedersen. Front Row: M. Vonschimelmon, C. Cost, T. Rich, M. Steward, K. Solorono, 5. Hordoge, H. Doll, B. Deresford, L. Stewart, L. Stern, K. Morseilles, M. Lissner D. Fisher, D. Scott, 5. Daniel. Opposite Page Middle: Spencer Freeboirn and Amie Dunn have fun in Madrigals. Opposite Page Bottom: Modrigols: Bocl Row: J. Roiney, D. Hoymon, B. Robinson, B. McHenry, K. Donohoe, C. McHenry, G. Nicol, R. Bloney and J. Horvey. 3rd Row: P. Wheeler, C. McArthur, K. Romseyer, J. Davis, T. Packard, J. Casey, S. Biller, V. Goodman, P. Giffin, L. Rheinschild, A. Sawyer, L. Stevens and M. O ' roole. 2nd Row: B. Bortletr, B. Elliott, D. Pinney, D. Lunsford, R. Phillips, C Kim, J. Hanson, C. Knobbe, S. Freeboirn, D. Cotmon, T. Boppell, S. Doniel, L. Richardson ond L. Johnson. Front Row: M. Metzger, P. Renfree, T. Cannon, K. Lewis, L. Rouch, P. Carter, A. Dunn, P. Lopez, D. Thurston, and M. Vonschimelmon. Above; Morjorie Goldspon choreographs the moves for Brood- woy Review in Modrigols. Left: Bryce Robinson, Sylvio Biller, Vicky Goodman and Leah Richardson take o break from singing. Chorus 67 Below: Norhon (Dorf McHenry) asks Adelaide ' s (Louro Stevens) forgiveness. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Rob Dloney and Sylvia Diller row down the Mississippi. Opposite Page Bottom Rigt)t: Julie Franco soors info o leop. Opposite Page Middle: Louro Stevens, Sylvio Biller, and Vicky Goodmon sing about their Boogie Woogle Bugle Boy Opposite Page Top: Megan O ' Toole sings " Sixteen Going on Seventeen. " Right: Donee Production flashes o smile os they " eose on down the rood. " 68 Stood way R e vie vv Let the Stars Shine Backstage, there were agonized cries of lost- minute panic, despair over wrinkled costumes, and a predominance of shoky knees. The long-awaited night hod come, that of the Broadway Review. The Broodway Review brought the best of five fontostic musicols to Foothill. These were Dye Dye Dir- die, Guys and Dolls, the King and I, the Wizard of Oz, ond the Sound of Music. Practice for the show began immediately after Christmas. In addition to rehears- ing during class, participants dedicated lunch periods ond time offer school to perfecting their performonce. Donee Production spiced up the show with two donee numbers; one to " Ease on Down the Rood " and another to " Rock Around the Clock. " Appreciative applause made the evening well worth oil the effort. The 27th Annual Broadway Review was on unqualified success! Broadway Review 69 Hot Off the Press Throughour rhe year, srudenrs eagerly grabbed for rhe loresr edirion of rhe Knighrlife ro keep in rouch wirh rhe news, high school sryle. Lirrle did rhey know obour rhe honesr efforr pur inro rhe success of rhe paper. Deadlines hod ro be mer. Srories hod ro be typed up. Pictures hod ro be roken. And rhrough all of rhis, a newspaper hod ro be mode. The newspoper was o place ro see rhe srudenr vlew- poinr in ocrion. Academic and orhleric vicrories were celebrored on rhe pages of rhe paper. Srudenrs grasped a berrer undersronding of rhe school rhey were orrending. We owe oil rhis ro o dedicored group of srudenrs working ro keep rhe school in- formed. Journalism has insrllled o feeling of respon- sibiliry and cooperorion which is so imporronr in ger- ring rhrough life. We con only appreciare rhe wrirren word, nor whor pur ir rhere. ■ ■ v 70 Journalism Above. Journalism: Bach Row. D. Lossirer, J. McKiffrick, D. Kotz, C. Lincourr, A. Ifriger, G. Miller, T. Smirh. Bottom Row: G. Korich, H. Rice, J. Huong, G. Schulrz, T. Greshom, D. Rice, S. Left, M. Gillnnon, ondJ. Coroccio. Opposite Page Top: Gory Miller browses through the loresr edition of Journalism. Opposite Page For Left Top: Grerchen Schulrz and Allen Ifriger try ro see who con rype the fastest. Opposite Page For Left Bottom: John Coroccio is token bock by the talents of Allyson Askin and Gretchen Schultz. Opposite Page Left: Dono Rice finds odverrise- ment chit chor quite amusing. Left: Heidi Rice fries to oppreciote Jeff McKirtrick ' s work while Dovid Kotz just laughs. Journalism 71 Ups and Downs There ore many troumos and good rimes rhor come with being o Shield staff member. Producing o year- book has irs ups ond downs. Murphy must have been a yeorbook ediror when he said " everything rhor could possibly go wrong will. " Troumos of o yeorbook staffer could run from not receiving pictures to the plant not understonding the in- structions they were given. Into each page goes mony teors ond pain. The good times run to the pizzo porties after deodlines to the orrivol of the book. There is a special feeling that every member of the yeorbook staff gets when the book finally arrives. It ' s a feeling of pride and happiness because they created the book. Even though there ore bod times in yeorbook, they soon pass. The downs ore soon turned upward and the book is finished and hopefully it turned out the way each staff member dreamed it would. V ir Ki r 72 Yeorbook v Above. Melonie Fink enjoys another year- book pizza parry. Above Left: Ediror, Brendo Sherfey ex- ploins to Tanya Horvoth and Suson Boseker how to choose the best pictures for their pages. Opposite Page Far Left: Sports Editor, Moriene Kew helps Sheila Bender pick out pictures. Opposite Page Left: Tricio Drugmann is lost when it comes to captions. Left: Dock Row: G. Korich, S. Bender, K. Gregg, K. Barnes, J. McDonnell, C. Elmer, T. Brugmann and K. Loyton. Front Row: T. Horvoth, C. Knobbe, C. Kim, B. Sherfey, M. Fink, U. Sung and S. Boseker. Yearbook 73 Pep, Behind the Scenes As Q srudent sits in the gym during o pep assembly, he watches a lot going on. Cheets, donees, speeches, doss competitions, posters and short dramas oil take place. What the student sees is the work that goes on behind these things. He does not see the numerous hours of prac- tice, planning, and painting, that must be done before the pep assembly takes place. All of these things ore done by who else, but the pep squad. Most people think of the pep squod as just o bunch of girls in mini-skirts standing on stools at Foothill football gomes, and doing routines at the pep assemblies. Of course, they ore wrong. The pep squad is o group who raises school spirit. They spend their time and money bak- ing cookies, ond decorating lockers for the football players, and encouroging all of the sports to do their best. They spend hours making and delivering ghost-o-grams in order to pay for balloons, poster paper, and point. The question is why did the pep squad work so hard for so little? There were many reasons. Some did it for the ex- perience, others did it for the fun of doing it. Whotever the reason was, the Pep Squad worked their hardest to moke 1985 o year filled with fun and excitement, but most of oil they worked to moke it a year of spirit. 74 Pep Above. Pep Club President J. Arena, Pep Connmisioner D. Lacy, and Pep Club President L. Goldsfien. Top: Jeff McKirrrick, Krisri Wood, Derh Drunnnnerr, end Mart Rebock get excited about the ganne. Above Left: Karen Kellogg gives a cheer at the Homeconning gome. Opposite Page. Top: Joy Koyboshi is upset with Santo Salerno for asking Dev Lacy what she wonts for Christmas first. Opposite Page, Above: The cheerleaders and the stunt squad are on their way to the top. Opposite Page, Left: Stunt Squod: D. Mocleod, J. Gibson, M. Rebock, 5. Moris, K. Johnson, and J. McKintrick. Left: Varsity Cheerleaders; Dock Row: T. Drody, K. Kellogg, T. Doppell. Front Row: B. Qrunnnnett, and K. Wood. Pep . ' 5 Friends! During the course of the year, the pep squad did a lor. They promoted school spirit, cheered at the many sports events, treated sports players. They decorated lockers, organized pep assemblies and raised money. All of these things they did not for themselves, but for others. There was one thing that they did for themselves. What they did v as build friendships, friendships that v ould lost forever. These friendships did not just opp)ear. Many were formed through pep. From the first day of try-outs, the members got to know each other. When it wos announced who had made the team, they now hod something in common, pep. Through the course of the year their friendships grew. By working together towards a common goal, they became better and better friends. At the end of the year, when they would step down from their position on the pep squad, they would take with them a lot. Memories of good times and fun and working together was taken with them, but most important of oil, they fook with them friendships that will lost a liffcri ' -.-e. ' " ' ' . T ' ' " r I " ■ 76 Pep Below: Susan Durch is o lirrle shy about per- forming or o pep assembly. Bottom. Soplnomore Cheerleaders: Bock Row: J. Ojenpero. J. Areno, L Goldsrien, K. Evons Front Row: C. Ross, K Evans, J. Price, T. Morgon, ond K. Lewis. Below Left: Shannon Hill is filled with Foothill spirit. Opposite Page. Bottotn Left: Amy Dunn shows a future Foothill cheerleader how it is done. Opposite Page Bottom Fot Left: The Song and Yell Leaders get into o huddle Opposite Page Below: Yell leaders: Bock Row: J DeDore, S Durch, J Kiefer, M. Duval. Front Row: C. Collwel, N. Menefee, G. Chomberloin, and K Montgomery Opposite Page Left: The Song ond Yell Leaders Cheer on the football players. Left: Varsity Songleoders: S. Hill, A. Dunn, L. Morontz, M. Allen, and S. Show J Pep 7 Opposite Page Top: Nafionol Merit Finalists: N. Mohutte, P. Carolyn, and J. Goldstein. Opposite Page Bottom: Bonk of America Winners: Top: D. Chronley, T. Johnson, 5. Freeboirn, J. Harvey, J. Fronds, B, Wilkerson, N. Mohutte, and J. Goldstein; Bottom J. Franco, D. Cotmon, P. Corolyn, H. Choi, B. Cox, T. Frutos. Opposite Page Middle: Girls Of The Month: D. Cotmon, G. Schultz, A. Askin, L. MacKinnon, K. Yomoshito. Top: Boys Of The Month: Top: T. Delnoce, B. Wilkerson, J. Bollord, N. Mohutte; Bottom: K. Tokoboyoshi, P. Fiore. Right: Frosh 5oph Moth Team: J. Lin, H. Lin, 5. Ho, P. Cosh, H. Lin, A. Huong, C. Konno; Bottom: 5. Sheng, V. Nozick. Middle: Girls ' State: Tiffany Chandler. 78 Academic A words Academics Excels! Foorhill High School is known for ex- celing in oil fields; the orrs, orhlerics, and academics. We have on outsran- ding academic record. The seniors compete for Norionol Merit Corpora- tion scholarships, Bonk of America cer- tificates and plagues, Boys ond Girls of the month, and PFO recognition and medallions. Juniors con receive recognition by being selected for Girl ' s and Boy ' s State. From the sophomore class there is a student selected to represent Foothill at the Hugh O ' Brien leadership conference. The underclassmen compete on the Frosh Soph moth team. All levels con compete on OCAD teams and receive PFO owords. Our high school has o proud troditon of eorning the highest recognition possible. With the dedication from teachers and students, Foothill will continue the tradition of excellence. . Academic Awards , 9 CROP CROP is the Coastline Regional Occuporionol Program. If is de- signed ro provide students with the basic sl ills of a certain job, plus on the job training. Classes meet at both business and industry sites as well as at school. Transportation is not provided, however, the classes ore free. Credits can be earned and applications ore in the CiC. 30 CROP Opposite Page Top: Kim Lomberf is engrossed wirh CROP Word Processing. Opposite Page Middle Left: Kolvin Yu and Mrs. Schulrz Qscerroin the answer ro a perplexing CROP question. Opposite Page Middle Right: CROP Word Processing: Bacl : Angela Sotrerly, Sondy Show, Angie Dovies, Mike Pope, Becky Groff, Crista Carter, Nicole Lothouse. Front: Kelly Petersen, Louro Posso, Scott Shepord, Louro Judson. Opposite Page Bottom: CROP Word Processing: Dock: Angela Sotterly, Betty Hamilton, Heather Doll, Korey Kenzy, Stephonie Pines, Rhonda Schneider. Front: Leah Richard- son, Kim Miller, Roberta Reed, Kurt Smith, Chris Olson. Top: CROP: Back: Kolvin Yu, Henri Lui. Richord Groziono, Chris Polafoutos. Front: Christine Afford, Laurie Gates, Kyle Carter, Brendo Sherfey. Bottom Left: Kristin Lambert proves CROP ond music go together. Bottom Right: Karen Schmidt has fun with CROP. CROP d1 62 Athletics Divisk Arhlerics, perhaps more than any other school activity, entails several major personal commitments. An athlete, knowing he acts as a representative, feels a commitment to his school to do his best to carry on a winning tradition. He connot let the school down. An athlete must also moke a commitment of support, dedication, and spirit to the rest of the team members. For a team to sustoin, each and every one of the players must work together to give one solid effort. Perhaps the most important commitment on athlete feels is to himself. He sacrifices a great amount of time and hard work to train to be the best he con be. All of these commitments ploy o port in the feelings that on athlete experiences in any contest, that there is no turning bock. S J Mark Dunn ore rhe first to Opposite Page: Top: A. J. Polluck races to rhe boil. Opposite Page: Middle: Kim Powell mokes the winning return. Opposite Page: Bottom: Srephonie Fleischoker and Sue Davis block rhe opponenr ' s orrempr ro IS ready ro charge, j ' speed ourmorches rhor of Sanra ooyoshi holds rhe boll while Corrick ,n his besr efforr. Varsity Football •:i5 Donom Right. Coaches Mullen and Osborne pleasantly warch the players ' performance. Right: John Fischbeck heeds toward the endzone for another touchdown. Below: David Todd. Rondy Loycock, and Adam Hoirston ogree " we bod. " 34 Varsity Football Football Spirit The School Demands It Imagine whof school would be like wlrhout o Foof- boll team! Ir would surely be o dull place, locking a major porr of irs spirit ond pride. Imagine rhe season without the big El Mo upset, without the extra hours out of doss for pep assemblies, without the Friday, and sometimes Thursday, night gomes, and without the spirit that goes along with the race to the " Big A. " the students would also be without the after- game dances, the excitement of Homecoming and its king and queen, and also without the gountlet. A football team and the fun activities thot occom- pony the season ore important to students at every school. Yet, because Foothill holds a tradition of ex- cellence in football, it is sure that F.H.S. ' s spirit and pride simply would not survive without our out- stonding Footboll team. Top Right: Mike McNerney and Mork Dunn ore rhe first ro rear rhrough rhe sign. Top Left: The offensive line is ready ro charge. Middle Left: Chris Fergus ' speed ourmorches rhar of Sonro Anas. Left: Glenn Takoboyashi holds rhe boll while Corrick Brewster kicks with his best effort. Vatsity Footboll , O Even though srorring off with two losses in rhe preseason gonnes, rhe vorsiry foorboll ream mode on excellent comebacl and rennoined undefeated for the rest of the season. It took o lot of hard work, dedica- tion, and three hours of practice every doy to keep rhe team oheod and eventually to win the league. On October 10, Fred Kelly Stadium filled with loyal fans to watch one of the biggest gonnes of the season, Foothill V, El Modeno. The teonn devastated El Mo with a 14-0 victory, even without the home advantage. The varsity players rolled right by their opponents to score two touchdowns, with an unmotched teonr effort. Coach Mullen described the season os " satisfying The varsity players were able to pull together to com- plete the season at the top with a 7-2 record. : ' .M fj ' Varsity Footboll J PM. 7B h -M,. M 31 fif ir e| s;» 7r 4E| 7(| tt ef 51 5 n li i J i 3% 3L fl- B .j49 ' 3 ;« ,a ,S0..3S • t» Above: Varsity: flocA flow, D. Sugg, D, LoKin, D Todd. C Drewster, D Lindley, T. Quinn, C. CutllH, M. Gozzonigo, G. Rondoll, T Stewort. C. Lee. Row Six: D. House, E. Ford, J, Casey, M Allen, A Hoirsron, R. Loycoch, P. Flore, D. Hein, A. LoKe, T. Cagle, S Shepherd Row Five. C Fergus, J. McToggort, P. Thurston, J. Fischbeck, D Woods, M. Ooin, S. Mossey, 5, Koehl, D Curron, D. Norton, M McNerney Row Four: R. Basille, J, Shugormon, M. Forr, M. Dunn, M. Oryont, O. Mortlnez, Scott, D, Meyer, C. Smolonovlch, P. Gospor, A. Austin flow Three: fK. Dionne, C. Wolshe, P. Adorns, M. Jones, M Dennett, D. Medino, S. Slocum, V. Son Fillppo, D. Husband, S Ferris, DIoom. Row Two: D. Heoly, C. Cowdell, D. Pinkermon, G. Tokoboyoshi, Lewond, D Walshe, J. Utfz, M. Stotts, M. Norton, D. Decoite. M. Geyer Front Row: P. Dovies, D. Boll, T. Schwory. E. Merker, T. Sokomoto, K. lokobayoshl, A. Greco, S Show, T. Choppelle, T. Hell eft: Paul Flore proudly disploysthe Gauntlet Opposite Page Top: Chris Fergus prepares ro hand off the boll to Greg Randall Opposite Page Middle: Offensive linemen Orion Horton, Poul Flore, and Brian Woods, ore ready for ocrio n. Opposite Page Dotrom LeSSf H t eN. Paul Dovies, and Don Lokin sing the Almo Mater In riU Hp Opposite Page Bottom Gazzoniga gives some odvlse to rhe players. j Right: CoQch Mullen and rhe ream ore in o sfrofegy session. Above; John McToggorr, Andy Lake, and David Sugg cheer os rhe touchdown is complered. Top Right: Chad Smolonovich srorrs rhe kick-off os Tom Heil charges upfield. Top Left: Todd Schwory escapes rhe opponent ' s defense 86 Junior Varsity Football J.V. Foofboll Easy Triumph Ir was Q flawless season far the juniar varsity foor- boll ream. Nor only were rhey undefeared, bur rhere were no poinrs scored agoinsr rhem. The juniar varsity team was actually port of the varsity team. They attended the evening games in uniform and pracriced with the vorsiry. However, j.v. played its games on a different doy against other junior varsity teams. The team had extraordinary potential, a lot of talent. " Coach Monarch did on outstanding job, " said Coach Mullen. With a league record of 8-0 the junior varsity team realized there was no turning bock: they were well on their way to a successful vorsity team. Below: Tom Heil holds the boil for Chad Smolcnovich to get extra poinrs on rhe board. Left: Chris Walshe races upfield for o touchdown. Junior Vorsiry Foorboi. 69 Frosh Qfid Soph Winning Year Foorhill ' s sophomore foorboll ream hod on oursronding seoson, winding ir up with o 9-1 seoson record. Wirh the players ' conrinuol enthusiasm and redious training, they were able to remoin leogue champions for the fourth year in a row. Cooch Zeich described the season in one word, " excellent! " For the freshman teom there were mony adjustments to be mode, it was the first time the players were com- peting on a High School level and the first time coach Volento worked at the freshmon level. But once everyone was acquainted, the team proved to be a talented group of athletes. Mon-to-mon the team has greot potential, but they need to work some on disdpline. " No doubt, the winning tradition of Foothill ' s football teams will continue with this freshman group, " reported coach Volento. Below: Soph: Dock Row: F. Dusoiocchi, J. Consfontine, J. Dennett, M. Alexander, 5. DqII, J. Anselmo, D. Frifts, B. Byrd, G. Nicol. Row Five: D. Wedemeyer, D. Iffiger, J. King, D. Steiner, D. Addy, M. Votes, M. Newcomb, D. Sproyberry. Row Four: M. MocKlnnon, R. Aicozor, A. Horvorh, J Phillips, M. Gonzoies, M. Higgins, C. Scrivens, K. Modole, G. Johnson. Row Three: M. McKeever, D. Gesler, P. Richord, Cooch Doyer, Cooch Zeich, Cooch Neol, P. Thornton, G. White, K. Shipcotr. Row Two: A. Chambers, J. Reed, M. Shepord, S. Yokoten, C. Under, M. Wollin, J. Silver, M. Morchetti. Front row: M. Ferris, P. Torres, R. Spears, C. Veje, S. Schwory, R. Telson, T. Col- lins, K. Ames. Right: F.H.S. offense is reody ro score. Top: Brod Byrd concentrates on a drop kick. j n 90 Freshman Sopho: -.ore Football Below: Frosh: Dock Row: M. Pvussell, J. Mountain, M. HQllomore. C. Darker, M. Hanson, T. Luna, V. Boyd, C. Porron, J. Thomas. Row Five: G. Mead, E. Sreiner, E. Garcia, J. Ressler, J, Zurn, 5. Mann, R. Greene, D. Porks. Row Four: M. Veje, C. Keyler, A. Sweer, K. Asror, D. Durler, W. VonPelf, J. Womock, 5. Seover. Row Three: Coach Dabrow, K. Cops, 5. Quinn, E. Kellermon, D. Threshie, T. Holland, D. Evans, Coach Volenro. Row Two: J. Thome, 5. Dorron, D. Heoly, D. Alverson, R. Volenro, A. Wesrre, T. Delnoce, J. Murriero, J. Auer. Front Row: J. Schneider, W. Kellogg, M. Takohoshi, J. Cannon, E. Wirzel, D. Cjodowski, C. Turk, D. Bridenbecker, R. Stourenburg. Left: The sophomore teom cheers offer another victory. Freshman Sophomore Foorboi. .- ' 1 Righr. Varsity Team: Dach Row: Johnny Lubell, Adorn Kline, Dove Dryont, Ric Prefe, Mark Gonsel, Chris Almquisr, Joe Heredio, ond Doug Crowford. Middle Row: Jeff Ruch, Russell Worts, Jorrett Johnson, Jinn Gunz, Adonn Gillpnon, Mike Levine. Front Row: Steve Brock. Below Right: Chris Almquist spots the pass. Bottom Right: Adorn Kline protects his goal for the AquoKnights victory. Bottom Left: Joe Heredio looks intently for the best pass. Below: Mork Gonsel is nnoking it evident to the officials that his opponent is playing dirty. 92 Wotetpolo ' " - ' Varsity Woterpolo A Splosh of Victory The AquoKnighrs following the Foorhill rrodirion, hod o very successful season. They placed rhird in the league under Villo Park and Sonra Ana Valley who were rough competirors and wenr ro rhe first round of C.I. F. where rhey lost ro Long Beoch Wilson. Among rhe roienr disployed on rhe Vorsiry ream, rhere were rhree very oursronding ployers who Coach Simcox feir carried rhe ream, Mork Gonsel " wos reponslble for 60% of rhe scoring " and was awarded wirh rhe mosr valuable ployer for rhe year. Jeff Ruch " was a fonrosric lefr honder and bolonced off rhe lefr hand offense. " Chris Almquisr " was a rolenred defensive player " and was awarded rhe mosr improved player for rhe year. P.uch and Alm- quisr ore key ployers ro worch for in rhe furure said Simcox who feels rhor rhey will be " rwo of Foorhills rop ployers nexr year. " Above: Ric Prere fights off his chollenger ro get o good pass in. Left: Mike Levine concentrates on his winning goal. Worerpolo - ' 3 - ' XSKT.. ;.,,.. XSll ' ' = ' - ' J.V. and Frosh Soph H2O Pol o Succeeds Looking bock or rhe very successful season, Coaches Dove Simcox and Mike Coffee seemed very pleased wirh rhe performances of rheir J.V. and Frosh Soph reams. The J.V. ream rook second in Cenrury Leogue losing on- ly one gome ro Tusrin by rwo goals. Wirh rhis oursronding record, Simcox has only ro rhink of rhe prospecrive seosons ro come and rhe success rhor rhese players will bring. Mike Levlne, Adorn Gillmon, and Russell Worrs were rhe rhree primory conrriburions ro rhe reom ' s success. Levine wos rheir " ser hole " or cenrer forv ord who re- moined srrong rhroughour and was awarded wirh mosr valuable player. Gillmon was rheir " primary driver " who scored a lor of goals and drew o lor of kick ours. Worrs was awarded mosr Improved player and looked upon by Simcox as " a super ream person and o very smorr player. " The Frosh Soph ream was 7 and in rheir leogue and 8 and 4 overall. Their coach, Mike Coffee, was a former AquoKnighr who groduored in 1984. Highly impressed wirh rheir season. Coffee feels rhof rhe long hours and exrensive rroining was rhe key ro rheir success. " The leadership of rhe sophomores was whor kept rhem improving, however. " Three of rhese leading players v.-ere Jason Leach, Roberr Reynolds, and Ron Scort. Right: Cocif.ti ' -.I Middle Righi- AquoKnights tirl ' -- Top Right: J.V. feo ■ Boddy, Scorr Goliev Somuelson, John Lun Top Left: Frosh Soph ro pass ■-OX gives his ream a little " pep talk. " ' Soph player Adam Musch defends the . ' k Row: John Schmidt, Randy Drink, Dave Monzo. Fror t Row: Todd Myers, Lorry ■ .■• ' " huck Davis concentrates on v here 94 Junior Varsity i. - h-Soph Water Polo OUjJJ ' n q c C " i W oM diO-t Jt. OOOxJ? ' -too K_A iULc( . oJi ' y ■ ■ r J [ C -y) - -r«f. Lefr; J.V. player Russell Worts displays awesome defensive skills aqoinsr his opponent. Middle. J.V. ployer Scott Goiley overcomes his opponent with a finol attempt to score. Top: Frosh Soph ream: Dock Row: Artie Costro, Greg Walsh, Todd Drock, Joson Leach, Robert Reynolds, A. J. Pollack, Ron Scott. Middle Row: Craig Sruort, Brion Cosronzo, Andrew MocLochlon, Pere Schuier, Jeff Huffnogle, Brert Cowdell Andre Molnor. Front Row: Adom Musch Pete Ferry, Chuck Davis, Mitch Jones, Kevin Oegroot, Ben Warner. Junior Varsity Frosh-Soph Water Pole y ' 5 Varsity Girls Bump, Set and Spike Trying ro repeat or improve losr yeor ' s season, the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team ended up winning Century League. Their top players, Laura Phillips, Leanne Clark, Stephanie Fleischaker, and Peggy Powers carried them through their flawless league record. The whole ream contributed hard work and positive altitudes which placed them in 1st round CIF. The new coocr; Cindy Ross, said " CIF went well, the girls really plcyec Q good match even though they lost. " Above. Sue L ' . ' .vi and Leonne Clark admire Srephonie Fleischoker as sh - ■ osfor the ball. Right: Srephonie i:: . " orrz ond Sue Dovis block on offensive spike. 96 Volleyball Left- Holly Pollok rips the boll over the net. Middle Left: Varsity: Dach Row: Coach Ross, Cooch LeSuer. Middle Row: 5. Dovis, L. Phillips, 5. Schworrz, V. Fryer. Front Row: L. Clark, 5. Fleischoker, P. Powers, Y. Kaufmon. Middle Right: Tino Sadler gives it her oil. Dottom Left: J.V.: Dock Row: S. Singer, D. Nicolai, Cooch LeSuer, S. Smith. Third Row: S. Allen, S. LeSueur. Second Row: T. Sodler, A. Hormon, A. Lugo: Front Row: P. Lopez, H. Pollak, I. McGehee, and Julie Fronco. Dottonn Right: Peggy Powers applauds for another great victory. J r f •ig C I ' I " i ■■ ' ' Ml 1 • .jjd H W 3,3 CANYolH W 0,0 3,3 ELMQDENA 0.0 , 3,3 OPvANGE 0.0 , 3.0 5ANTA ANA H|| 3,0 SANTA ANA VALLEY H — 3,0 ■ " TUSTIN ' 1,0 3 VILLA PARK 0,1 -► 1 1 1 Volleyboii Varsity Girls Tennis Toi es It All As another season posses, the girls Varsity Tennis Teonn dominates league with the Century League title. Led by coach Jill Deck, the girls managed a tough but successful season, ending up undefeated. The most challenging teams were Canyon and El Medina. " This year ' s team consisted of no top players, " said Michelle MCoin, " the whole team co ntributed their best during the season. " The first round of C.I.F. was o disoppointment for Heather DIackmore and Kristin Northcoot, but vic- torious for Paige Denny. Until the Second round, however, as she foced on upsetting loss. Overall the girls put o lot of effort into working together to moke the season on outcome. Top Right: ChrisfQ Cole gives ir her oil. Middle Right: Michelle McCain and Amy Von Pelt keep the volley going. Bottom Right: Varsity: Dock Row: L. Dutrisoc, P. Denny, A. Van Pelt, Trina Eggers, M. Vego, Coach Deck. Second Row: K. Northcote, M. McCain, K. Powell. Front Row: C. Cole, N. Selon, (Dog: Conon), H. Blockmore. Below: Kim Powell concentrates on hitting the ball over the net. FHS 15, 15 14, 14 17, 15 ,11, 12 CANYON EL MODENA ORANGE ' SANTA ANA mj ' ,%5, e 3A.ii J ana valleys, o 14, 13 15, 17 VILLA PARK 4,5 3, 1 93 Girls Tennis Lefr: Michelle McCain keeps her eye on the boll. Below: Nancy Seiin gets onorher ace. Bottom Left: J.V.; Bock Row: Cooch McDonold, D. Merker, J. Marks, C. Sanders, O. Swan, H. Swan, A. Robinson, H, Polmon, T. Srerman. Middle Row: D Chen, A. Foro. Front Row: C. Ross, K. Pointer, J. Hwond, C. iwoto, J, Toninboum. Bottom: Frosh Soph: Bock Row: Coach McDonald, K, Bryant, K. Powell, D. Pan, G. DeSiiva, K. Leaman, K. Knowles, K, Dernie, K. Lin. Front Row: D. Kim, W. Snow, A. Schwab, A. Park, C. Lin. Girls Tennii FHS Runners: Tradition Lives On The boys Cross Country ream once ogoin upheld the Foothill tradition of suc- cess end completed their season with a 5 and 2 record in league. They further proved their excellence in the Sonoro In- vitational and the Orange County Cham- pionships where they walked away with first places in both. Following in the shadows of the Varsity ream, the J.V. ond Frosh Soph teams placed very high in the league with 6 and 1 ond a 5 and 2 respectively. With the talent displayed by all teams, Coach Whltoker feels very enthuslostic about next yeor ' s prospects. Top: Dock row: L. Nesbitr, P. Coroccio, A. Bier- man, B. Walker, E. Tok, D. Stomp. Middle row: J. Harvey, E. Smith, C. Keyler, E. Bricker, G. Henrotin. Front row: M. Romey, M. Thorne, B. Cox, G. Nokomoro, K. Gregg. Middle Left: Mike Thorne struggles to fhe finish. Middle Right: Dove Kershaw rounds the post ond heads for home. Bottom Left: Chris Whiroker strides to stay oheod. Bottom Right: Bock row: D. Kowolic, B. Ausf, B. Braver, E. Chang, C. McHenry, F. Ramming, R. Phillips, A. Lin, P. Arc, H. Lin. Middle row: M. Bear, M. Bogord, T. Parker, M. Parker, R. Chorton, D. Kershaw, H. Lin, R. Yomoshiro. Front row: C. Whifoker, C. Kin, J. Franco, D. Silver, C. Hayes, J. Corroll. 21 24 28 El Modeno Oronge Sonfo Ana S.A.Volley ' Tustln ' fVillQ Pork; 100 Boys Cross Coui ry Top: J.V. boys get serious. Middle Left: Vorsiry boys get reody to win. Middle Right: Cooch Whiroker sers the Frosh 5oph boys straight. Bottom Left: Docl . row: J. Schoufler, E. Bricker, J. Fronco, C. Rougewitz, D. Davenport Front row: M. Denner, B, Brouer, M. Romey. E. Smith. Boys Cross Country j1 X-Country Keeps the Pace Going Foothill ' s girls Cross Country has always been keyed out as the " one to beat. " This yeor was no exception. The Varsity team completed their season with a 6 ond 1 record which gave them a second in league. The hard efforts of Jonyee Cox and Andrea Silver, who received Knight of the Year and Most Valuable Player, were the leaders who kept the team morale continually positive. The Junior Varsity team disployig all around talent, tied for first place in the league with a 6 and 1 season record. Cooch Whitoker discovered o tremendous omount of talent in the J.V. runners to con- tinue • ' winning tradition os Varsity runners. Top Left: Dere! ::! ' •,---• ' Ashley Selmon races for o good rime. Top Right: Andrec : - - pushes ir to win her race. Bottom Right: D. Morgon. a .Silver, A Selmon, T. Chandler, C. Lemos, • " ' ' fey, J. Cox, W. Worson. i m i i3 102 Girls Cross Count I y Top Left: Dock row: C. Hibbord, H. Schneider, J. Reed, E. Druner, L. Monzo, V. Parsons, M. McCouley. Middle row: C. Anselmo, J. Lopez, K Bruce, C Cook, M. Hildrerh, D. Lewond. Front row: F. Srofford, K. Walker, J, Brooks, J, Hib- bord, J. Lee, T. Stevens Middle Left: Tiffany Chandler eyes the finish. Middle Right: Elizabeth Bruner races to the finish. Bottom Left: Joanne Lee strides oheod. Bottom Right: Varsity girls take the lead. Girls Cross Country J3 Top Left: Joe McFodden foys wifh his opponent from Orange. Top Right: Chris Miller feels the thrill of victory. Above: Eddie Bloodsow applies a % hold against Oronge. R ghf; Varsity; Bach Row: K. Ludlow, E. Bloodsow, A. Baker, T. Sowyer, M. Yates, Front Row: B. DeCoite, J. McFodden, C. Miller, J. Shank, C. Davis, M. Tuchmon. 104 Wrestling r •tllltSIW mSTlK I IHSTIK iifsruK »«Jir sn» ._! 4 C _ i. fH5 - s.j» Opp. 48 El Modeno 21 29 Villo Pork 44 23 Conyon 40 46 Orange 23 21 Sonro Ano 41 26 41 Tusrin 54 Sonro Ano Volley 18 M 4|HI dl 1 Wrestling Outstand- ing Guys Foorhill ' s 1986 wresriing team im- proved greoriy this year due ro rheir deremnlnorlon and rhe oursronding coaching of Brian Doyer. Vorsiry fin- ished fourth in league ploy feeling rhe loss of many of the seniors who left lost year. Oursronding v resrler, Chris Miller, who had the mosr wins qualified ro go to CIF. The junior Vorsiry ream was very powerful this year with Dove Gessler and Corey Scrivens leading the team. Top: Frosh-Soph: Bock Row: J. King, 5. Sourer, M. Shepord, 5. Whireley, E. Doll, K. Modole, Cooch D. Doyer Front Row: D. Es- slinger, D. Hogor, C. Coniglio, T. Oh, J. Dell, D. Heoly, S. Yokoron. Middle: Junior Vorsiry; Dock Row: D. Gessler, C. Scrivens, D. Nousler, R. Song, R. Lorlirum, Front Row: K. Gwinup, D. Brooks, 1 . Cunningtiom, D. Doris, S. Oh, J. Serfos. Bottom Left: Croig Dovis mokes his oppo- nenr counr rhe lighrs. Bottom Right: Donny Heoly rorrures his opponenr. Wrestling J5 Varsity Bosketboll Good Job Guys! The season could only be described as " extremely satisfying, " in Cooch Reames ' words. " The team achieved as much as they could. They lived up to their potential and put in the expected effort. " The players ' performance as a team and as in- dividuols was excellent. Together they produced the enthusiasm, dedication, and skillful ploys necessary to achieve a season record of 19-7, one of their top records coached by Reomes. The players shot through the season providing F.H.S. fans with on exciting show, highlighted in the Sonto Ana rivalry. The varsity team wound up the seoson ranked tenth in Orange County ond second in Century League. Below. When Bill Pecl hom raises his arms, everybody listens. Bottom Right: Varsity: Bock Row. C. Aqueveque, D Rosmussen, E. Ford, D. Johnson, G. Rieber, A. Schiines, D. Pecl ham, M. Grahovac, J. Sonnerndike, M. McGivern, D. Troutt, T. 5hinodo. Front Row. D. Kopcho, D. Jordon. Right: The Donny Jordon strut. Top: Dave I osmussen astonishes the crovv d with his winning 50 foot shot. ■ V RIGHTS onto Ana Orange Villa Park EJ o eno no Volley 48, 39 onyon -— 47, 57 .Tustin ■ 50, 54 i I .?5 106 Boys Bosketboll Left: Mike Grohovoc muscles underneorh. Delow: Derek Johnson shoots wirh grace and beauty. Donom Left: Coach Reomes and his team, planning their strotegy, Donom Right: Alan Schlines woiting potiently in the air for the rebound. Boys Basketball .J7 Right: Jim Hoffman steals the boll from El Mo. Below: Gregg Immel aims for a perfect shot. Bottom Right: A clear shot for Brett Curran. Bottom Left: Don Abel effortlessly ploces the boll in. 10d Boys Basketball J.V. BoskerbQll Number One in League Whor Q season for rhe boys junior varsity basketball team. Not only did they end the season with an 11-0 leogue record, they conne out of it OS century leogue champions. But, the struggle wos not on easy one. The players recognized that they hod to work hard and stick together as a team to win the league. With the coaching expertise of " Honk " Hummell, the J.V. team acquired their fifth year os century leogue champs. Top: The sophomore ream folks strotegy or rime-our with rhe cooch. Left: Drion Logon jumps above reach of rhe op- ponerirs ' blocks. Below Left: Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row: D. Zovolo, J, Cosey, D. Bridge, D. Scorr, K. Combs, J. Hoffmon, D. Abel, D. Curron, M. Allen. Front Row: D. Lam, D. Simon, Cooch Hummell, M. Farr, G. Immell. Below Right: Chris Aqueveque scores two more points against El Mo. Boys Baskerball Guys Basketball Frosh Soph Above The Freshman A reom killed the opposition wifh Q league record of 14-0, but it could not hove been done without their hard work, dedication, ond team effort. Coach Dewey Van Cleave was able to direct the players ' natural talent to reach the top as the teom emerged from the season as Century League Champions. The Freshman D team, even though achiev- ing o seoson record of 4-12, also come out of the season looking great. The reom stuck together to acquire the skills and camaraderie needed for a satisfying season. Coach Tom Rock was able to guide their development and provide them with valuable tips. The Sophomore team ' s impressive perfor- mance was reworded with a third ploce in Century League. Under the coaching of Dennis Mifflin, the team achieved a league record of 9-5 and continued to learn ond perfect the many skills basketball entails. Top Left: The opponent ' s best efforts can ' t stop Drod Cormier from making the shot. Top Right: Sophomore: Bock Row: J. Clevenger, R. Von ' ' ecve. D. Jones, J. Jeltemo, D. Logon, J. Col- lins, A- .i ' , ' ombe, B. Cormier, A. Jones, C. Tepos. Front { o A- ' ' luser, C. Linder, Cooch D. Mifflin, N. Williamson ' Right: ChoiiOB : ; I ' s shot leaves the opponent standing still. 1 10 Boys BosketboU ' ' ji.ffii 3r Top Left: Doug Loflond ' s jump shot rakes him over Villa Pork ' s heads. Top Right: Two more points ore scored by Corey Porker. Middle: Freshman A: Doci Row: C. P,essler, E. Gorcio, C. Parker, V. Boyd, D. Ham, M. Russell, J. Mounroin, T. Henrorin, D. Mozurie, T. B. Porks, M. Crowell Front Row: T. Delnoce, D. Loflond, Cooch Van Cleave, W. VonPelr, P. George, Above: John Mounroim mokes the free-rhrow Left: Freshman B: Docl Row: K. Asror, D. Soik, P. Schuier, G. Gourley, T. Weir, B. Deese, M. Hill, T. lcenho er, M. Conner, B. Cunningham, Front Row: .V Srouffer, 5. Wirmor, 5. Hess, D. Kowolik, J. P. A ' ' j:rieto, C. Turk, B. Kellogg. Boys Dashetboll Girls Varsity Dribbling Up Q Storm Thof ' s right! The lady knights basketball team had another awesome year, ending up with on overall record of 28 and 2. Winning two pre-seoson tour- naments and placing third in the other was just the beginning, as the girls pulled their talents together and accomplished a Runners-Up title in C.I.F. Not only finishing second in C.I.F. but U.S.A. Today Sports ranked the lady knights fourth in state. Was there a team leader throughout the season? Acr cording to Coach Sheila Adams, " Different people contributed to the success in certain gomes which then equols o successful year. " The experience ond leadership on and off the court in seniors Stephanie Fleischoker and Chris McFerson also contributed to the tough situation throughout the yeor. Let ' s hope our girls keep the winning tradition going for next year. Right: Becky Sullivan goes all out fo save the boll. Top: Robin Welch never lets down on defense. Bottom Right: Vorsity: Dock Row: C. GarbbskI, F. Geddy, N. Mitchell, B. Sulllvon, C. McFerson, 5. Dovis, S. Fleischoker, P. Powers. Front Row: R. Welch, 5. Bender, A. Selmon, J. Davis. Below: Shooting for another two points is Sheila Bender. % • 112 Vorsity Girls . ;v. i ' . ' ' ' ■.■ . Left: Chris McFerson grabs the boll for another rebound. Bottom Left: Felice Geddy shows us her dribbling and driving skills. Bottom Right: Stephanie Fleischoker quickly passes to the outlet. Below: Ashley Selmon tells the ref that he needs glasses. otsity Girls B Right: Going up for another slam dunk is Tiffany Chandler. Bottom Right: Delias Coombs fries to keep the ball under control. Bottom Left: Nikki Pliner dribbles past the defense with determination. Below: Krisfy Walker odds another two points to the scoreboard. 1 14 JV Girls Bosketboll J.V. Basketball Girls Shoot for Victory After compiling a record of 16 wins and 5 losses the girls Junior Varsity bosl erbol! team finished second in Century League. Key players Kelly Barnes, Nikki Pliner, ond Tiffany Chandler used their talents and experience to lead the lady knights on the court. Dallas Coombs olso contributed her defense ability as center. The highlight of the season wos their 42 to shutout against Orange. Top Left: Srocio Allen concentrores on passing rhe boll Left: Kelly Bornes oursrrerches the defense for another two points. Bottom Left: Junior Varsity: Bock Row: Coocti L Gibson, G. Scherschel, K. Barnes, T. Foxe, K. Wilhelm, T. Chandler, D. Coombs, 5. Crowford, K. Barnes, D. Nicoloi. Front Row: A. Bailey, K. Walker, J. Lee, N. Pliner, 5. Allen, A. Lugo, 5. Krochr. Below: Gretchen Scherschel lays the boil up for two. J. V. Girls Dosketbo )5 R ghr- Vorsiry: Back Row: Coach Robin Winsrone, K. Hogon, P. Keegon, 5. Coykendoll, P. Fruros, A. Jacobs, P. Thornton, K. Johnson. Front Row: K. Golden, E. Smith, K. Tokoboyashi, C. Brewster, T. Frutos, J. Boretos, D. MacLeod, G. Kotsivoiis. Middle Right: Kurt Johnson kicks the boll owoy from the opponent. Bottom Right: Paul Fruros saves the boll from going out of bounds. Bottom Left: Corrick Brewster pushes the boll down the field. Below: Poul Thorton heads the teom to victory. Canyy El Modeno OBP. FH5 3, 4 ' I 3,2 V ' W Orange ' l SontoAno 1 5.A. Volley ■ 0, 3, 4 Tustin j A. 1 4, VlllQ Pork 7 0(.0 € L X wmjmwimimi r 1 16 Varsity Boys .■ er V i :P N Varsity Soccer C.I.F. Won by Good Attitudes This wQs Q very exciring year for Foorhill High ' s vorsiry guys soccer ream. They were champions in borh rhe Irvine ond Fountain Valley rournonnenrs. They also finished rhe leogue v irh a record of 19 wins, 2 losses, ond 4 ries, which gave rhenn firsr place in Cenrury League. Coach Robin Winsrone said, " The ream hos begun ro ploy very well. They ore hard working, willing, and rhey hove good orrirudes. They ore o good clean soccer ream. ■ This is Coach Winsrone ' s second yeor or cooching rhe boys here or Foorhill and he hos done o very fine job. Winning rhe 4-A rirle losr year and making ir rhrough firsr round C.I.F. rhis yeor. Along with rhe coach rhe boys did on oursronding job and lets hope rhe rrodi- rion cor - jes in rhe future. lop: Ke.ih Tokoboyoshi stretches ro kick rhe bail down r ' -p field. Middle r.eirh Golden stiows how he con really use his heoJ. Dottr- " hown Coykendoll finds open ground. Vorsiry Boys Soccer 117 Girls Soccer Off and Running Teamwork, speed and boll control led fhe girls varsity soccer team to on exciting league championship this ' 86 season. Amy Boron ' s 17 goals helped lead her teom to victory but all members were team players. It showed as they finished the season with o 7-1-3 record. Coach Michele Kaufman said, " I ' m proud of my team ' s success ond I hope this will open a lot of doors for girls soccer in the future or Foothill. " The soccer program is only in its third year and whot great progress it has mode. Watch out for girls soccer at Foothill, it ' s off and running. Top: Kris Vierregger kicks the boll fo moke fhe gool. Righr: Eriko Soitz kicks the boll down the field. Delow: Michelle McCain keeps rhe boll from fhe opponent. « 1 18 Varsity Girls Soccer FH5 3,4 2, 1 2,3 2, 1 Canyon , 3 El Modeno , 4 Tustin , 5 Villa Pork OPP 0,0 2,2.3 4,3,2 1,0,0 Top Left: Vorsiry: Back Row: Cooch Kevin Kouf- mon, D. Dovis, M. Duse, H Rice, E. Solrz, D. Rice, M. Merzger, J. Drunnerf, Cooch Robin Willioms. Front Row: Cooch Michelle Koufmon, M. Fiduc- cio, A. Boren, T. Lewis, T. Doppell, R. Nirzberg, D. Tomosick, M. McCoin. Middle Left: Amy Boren shows some footwork. Left: Danielle Tomosick rushes to get rhe boll before her opponent. Top Right: Jill Brumetf watches onxiously os her reo mmote kicks the boll down the field. Above: Dona Rice helps push the team ahead. Varsity Girls Soccer 1 1 Soccer Frosh-Soph and J.V. Score To hove Q great ream, one must receive ploying experience. The Freshmon and Sophomore players obtained this experience by playing on the 1965 86 soccer team. They ended up with a good record in the overall season. They also took a champion- ship in the Fountain Volley Tournament. Foothill ' s J.V. soccer team ended the season with another exceptionally good record. They took second place in Century League. Joe Carolyn felt, " We could hove token the championship if the gome hod not been cancelled due to rain. " Also, Kurt Ames said, " The team worked really hard together, and overoll the season wos succesifui. Above: Hoiley Zoydol boots the boll down the field. Top Right: Amy Gi ; i; is getting ready to score o goal. Right: Elizobeth Drtin ■: ;•■. vigorously trying to keep the boll from her oppor: ' n! 120 J V-Frosh Soph Soccer . 3- ' Top Left: Junior Varsity: Dock Row: Coach Kevin Kaufman, Coach Michelle Kaufman, H. Zoydol, E. Druner, R. Williams, K. Thomas, C. Dish, M. Mc- Colly. Front Row: A. Dusch, C. Evans, J. Reed, 5. Schv arfz, 5, Kim, D. Spivack. Middle: Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row: Coach Robin Winsrone, H. Osrerkomp, M. Hernandez, C. Terhone, M. VonHolle, P, Rocho, P. Cleory, M. LeVine, M. Fukudo. Middle Row: J. Firrerer, B. Brandon, D. Shorroll, K. Ames, R. Broun, B. Hon- negon, D. Stouffer, C. Keyler, E. Beneker. Front Row: J. Lundgren, P. Fisher, J. Inobo. Bottom Left: Frosh Soph: Top Row: Coach Robin Winsrone, D. Downes, 5. Bouer, M. Hormonn, B. Flower, G. Oppirrek, E. McHenry, K. Izodi, M. Fukudo, 5. Boren, G. Lorono. Middle Row: E. Aust, P, Spears, B. Brandon, B. Honnegan, K. Ames, D. Shorroll, M. Hernandez, C. Whiroker, C. Lemo, D. Freeman. Front Row: A. Gordon, P. Stornes, L. Songermono, T. Gilmore, J. Gilsrrop. 3elow: Keith Golden shows soccer is hard work. J V-Frosh Soph Soccer .. 1 Right: David Jensen gets ready to hit a good one. Delow: S. Mossey, B. Connon, T. Richards, W. Donilla, J. Cleovenger, R. Von Cleove, D. Hoekstro. 122 Golf Varsity Golf Ir High Let It Fly Favored fo win league, the 1986 golf ream set their goals early to win C.I.F. With such key players as David Hoekstra and Rusty Von Cleave, the Foothill team could be nothing but strong and consistent. The team is young and promising, so next year should prove just as successful. Top: Duone Jensen goes for the hole-in-one. Left: Will Bonillo shows off his fornn. 207, 204 Orange 254, 198 161,241 SonraAno 198, 210 ?j8, 214 Tustin 233, 224 j6, 203 -. Golf Right: Gory Heodding mokes on im- moculore recovery. Below: David Dunn gets o great hit while Ron Hofflonder looks on. Bottom Left: Determined Preston Davis is bound to get a good hit. Bottom Right: Varsity: Bock Row: Coach Jill Deck, C. Strange, D. Eissemon, G. Heodding, B. Honcock, D. Turbow, Ftont Row: P. Davis, D. Dunn, R. Hofflonder, J. Gieseo. ii» (Hi i FH5;J ,-Kl7, 16 ' B ' ModenQ- MA ( VilloPork 13 Conyoo a!|K;17, 16 Oronge ■ " -TTO- 16, 24 Sonto Ano 2, 15, 18 16 Tustin , Volley 3,0 4 2 L r T IL MiittT; i-.-.TAVWs r. ' L ' i - ' JM 124 Boys Tennis M$tMf f. f--l f f ' t I s , Tennis ' Boys Swing This year the Foorhill Vorsiry Tennis ream was very strong. The ream hod four top peo- ple in the league, Don Turbow, Doug Eisen- mon, Barry Hancock, and Jeff Gieseo. Orher ployers on rhe reom consisted of Gory Heod- ding, Cedric Strange, Ron Hoffman, Preston Davis, David Dunn, and Kent Northcoot. When Gory Heodding w os osked, before rhe season was over, hov the team will do he said: " There ' s no doubt that we will take Century League and go to GIF this year. " This yeor ' s tennis team is probabl y the best one ever ond with the prospects of the Frosh- Soph and J.V. teoms there might even be a better one next yeor. Top: Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row: D. Korz, D. Lorson, G. Gorley, J. Beck, J. Collins, J. Collohion, S. Schworrz, Cooch Zeich, Middle Row: T. Chopell, A. Lin, H. Lin, A. Huong, A. McElderry, D. Eisenmon, K. Correr, D. Schworrz, E. Borloewen, D. Stern, J. Potrs, S. Wolf, J. Gilsrrop. Middle: Frosh-Soph: S. Soik, S. Dower, E. Harmon, S. Donnon, Cooch John Dunn, K. Chong. Bottom Left: Greg Gorley is outrun by Drion Stern. Bottom Right: Doug Eisennnon swings with full power. I I I I I I J Boys Tennis i2j Guys Track Change of Pace 1986 broughf its onnuol track season, and with it come mony chonges. This yeor sprint and heod coach Doryle Wore re- placed former head cooch Terry Munholl. Mike Fronk, Suzy Hort, and " Bruno " reploced former coaches in other areas, while pole voult cooch Paul Slocum re- turned. With these drastic chonges in leadership come o season geored mostly toward reorganization and rebuilding. The few problems thot inevitably arose due to the chonges did not hinder the guys ' spirit, performance, " or the workouts, " said Junior distance runner Evan Smith. Despite many changes, the guys showed incredible dedication and didn ' t mind the work too much, since with it came o season full of good times. Top: Frosh Soph. Dock Row: P. Ark, E. Kokihuro, J. Hufnogel, M. Kunrz, C. Whifoker, J. Dennett, R. Phillips Middle Row: S. Sullivan, D. Hume, J. Smith, Q. McDtide, T. Porker, D. Kowolik, R. Yomoshiro. Front Row: E. Chang, S. Ball, M. McKeever, P. Richard, R. Brandon, T. Gunckel Right: Scott Steedmon ' s expression shows his deter- mination to beat Kotello. Bottom Right: Steve Slocum mokes another perfect vault. Delow: Greg Nokomoto, Paul Corrocio, and Mike Thorne oil hove the finish line in mind. i FHS 54 -- 91 49 48% 64 73 El Modeno Tustin SontQ Ano Volley Villa Pork Cypress QfellQ-™ I 126 Days Track ' S Top Left: Billy Dovenpror shows the pain ir takes ro win. Top Right: Pere Richards orremprs a win- ning jump. Above: Mike Forr and Chris Valshe show rheir strength in o relay. Left: Varsity: Bock Row: J. Schoufler, T. Trover, J. Amneus, E. Tok, J. Weibert, C. Peterson, 5th Row: C. Wolshe, B. Doven- porf, T. Congelos, G. Nokomoto, E. Smith, R. Corrocio, J Slotin 3rd Row: E. Bricker, D. Lomn, M. Thorne, M. Govelsberg, 5. Koehl, B. Robinson 2nd Row: B. Lossiter, D. Lindley, E. Bloodsow, C. Rougewitz, J. Francis Ftot t Row: J. Near, B. Wolker, 5. Steedmon, C. Lee, T. Delnoce Boys Track . 7 Top: Varsity. Dock Row: 5. Dronchoud, K. Lomberr, C. Bryant, J. Near, V. Parsons, M. Buse, A. Buse, B. Spivock. 3rd Row: 5. Decarion, Y. Curiel, K. Cook, T. Rich, L. Horvorh, E. Henderson, S. Lyon, J. Brooks, A. Selmon, 5. Schwortz. 2nd Row: 5. Kim, F. Stafford, J. Reed, 5. Arsuogo, P. Lopez, M. Richardson, J. Lopez, 5. Singer. Front Row: H. Schneider, N. Selin, 5. Gugosion, L. Clark, K. Lombert, H. McBride, J. Cox, J. Obering, G. Songermono Top Right: Rebecco Wotson ' s speed mokes her a promii ' .ng So.ohomore. Above: ' :mberr prepares for landing. Right: Senio; - ireo Silver and Joynee Cox lead another igc.;. 126 Girls Track Girls Track Movin ' On The 1986 girls rrock ream proved true the saying, " Good things come in small packages. " Although the ream was rather small, at midseoson the girls remained undefeated. Varsity Coptoin Kris Lambert stoted, " " We ' re strong. I ' m sure we ' ll go undefeated this seoson. " The girls gave much credit for their successful season to their coach, Daryle Ware. Frosh.-Soph. Captain Ashley Selman said, " He ' s really kept the team together. There ' s o lot more spirit and unify this season too. " There is no doubt that this strength, spirit, and unity gave the girls the edge in so many of their winning races. Although the team was often outnumbered by the com- petition, the girls relied on team work to keep them " movin ' on " toward victory. Top: Shannon Singer demonstrores how to water ski without the boot ond water. Left: Foothill ' s trock team warms up for another victory. Bottom Left: Dona Morgan and JoAnno Brooks race against the clock together. Below: Hollee Schneider does not wont to get her feet dirty. - FH5 f( r- OPP. 59 yp • ' Korello 50 Tostifii; 55 75 E! Modeno 52 66 Santo Ano Valley 61 |8 Villo Pork 38 i ' h ■ i ' I Girls Troch i2 , Right: Tracy Johnson pitches o fosfboll. Bottom Right: Jill Drumerr tells her opponent to get bock on the bench. Bottom Left: Sheila Bender getting ready to tag the bose runner out. Below: Peggy Powers keeps her eye on the ball. g[ ' ?f mSf ' l- FHS Opp. 5 Orange 1 1 El Modeno 2 5 Sonro Ano Volley 4 Conyon 4 2 Tusrin 1 1 SontQ Ana Villo Pork 1 1J0 iofrbo Varsity Fight for A ComebQcl Though rhey got off ro o rocky sforr, the FoorHill sofrboll ream worked very hard ro improve rheir gome. " When rhe going gets rough, we pull rogerher. We ' ve done o lor of rhor rhis yeor, " sold Peggy Powers. The Tusrin gome wos rhe high poinr of rhe season. " I was impressed wirh rhe way rhe ream as a whole foughr ro come bock. Ir was ceally close, bur we come our on Top 2-1, " Jill Drumerr said wirh o rwinkle in her eye. Their ulrimare goal was ro reach CIF. The ream ' s hard work and srrong desire ro win was whor broughr rhem a successful seoson. Top Right: Srocy Smith gives her all ro srop rhe boll. Top Left: Donom Row: K. VIerregger, L, Morcum, P. Powers, 5. Fieischol er, N, Mitchell, T. Johnson. Middle: I Sigbond, 5. Bender, J. Drumetr, H. Dlacl-;nnore, N. Pliner. Top: 5, Smith, K, Kin, T. Foxe, J. Gonzalez. Middle: Jill Drumetr gets another hit. Left: Steph Flelschaker hitting another homerun. Varsity Softball Right: Frank Governolle catches another pop fly with John McToggert odmiring in the bockground. Below Right: Doug Kopcho dives into third base to beat the tog. Bottom Right: Varsity: Back Row: M. Grahovic, T. Quinn, M. Pope, R. Dionne, P. Crowford, C. Cutliff, J. McToggert, Cooch Sedoo. Middle Row: D. Foxe, T. Schwory, G. Tokoboyoshi, J. Doilord, R. Ross, A. Greco, T. Adams, D. Kopcho, Front Row: M. Simon, F. Gover- nolle, E. Merker, S. Crook, R. Holland, E. Smith. Bottom Left: Dove Fox woits for o strick to be pitch. Below: Mike Grahovic concentrotes on his signals. ■UP=- ' ?.flr,nj ;TC « ' «jL ' i ii-Hi x ; ' j3lr ' ' JW . 1j ' " s. KJf •■mi 132 Varsity Dosebol! Varsity Knights Hit, ■ Run and Score The vorsity baseball reom main gool this year was " ro get C.I.F. playoffs " said Coach Sedoo. As rhey ended the first half of league with o record of 6 and 2. Leaving them tied for first place in the century league. " The whole team con be thrusted upon to work together as one, " said Cooch Sedoo. They were strong hitters, aggressive in the fields, and determined on their pitching, which led them to be superior on both offense and defense. The team ' s hard work ond strong desire to win was what brought them a successful season. Top: Andrew Greco concentrores on gerring o hit. Middle: Chris Curliff receives o high 5 from Coach Sedoo after hit- ting o homerun. Left: John McToggerr watches the ball go over the fence for another grand slom. Vorsity Doseboll 1J3 1 I ' ??? 15 n JVond Frosh. Soph. Strong in All Aspects A group of freshmen end sophomore guys went our for rhe boseboll ream rhis yeor, never ploying as Q whole ream before and dominored in rhe sporr. As rhey finished 4 and in rhe firsr half of cenrury league. Purring rhem in fourrh place. The ream wos srrong in all ospecrs of rhe gome. The junior varsiry boseboll ream hir, ran, and scored os rhey finished 3 and 4 in leogue for rhe firs half. This yeor ' s roughesr comperirion was ogoinsi Canyon. Top Left: Scort Barton prepares to throw the runner out. Top Right: Frosh. Soph.: Dock Row: J. Mountain, D. Jones, V. Doyd, C. Porker, 5. Mongono, M. Russell, J. Neal: Middle: E. Gorcio, D. Addle, D. Threshie, R. Cellerman, D. Lofiond, C. Keyler, J. Scherborth, G. Scott. Front Row: T. Collins, D. Downs, T. Delnoce, M. Sfouffer, S. Barton, N. Lemos. Middle: Vic Boyd dives bock to first to ovoid the pick off. Right: Hitting onother homerun is Eric Garcia. 134 JV Frosh. 5oph Daseboll Left: Adam Chambers drives rhe boll for onorher hit. Bottom Left. Pitching onorher no-hirrer is Brer Curron, Bottom Right Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row P. Gosper, B Curron, B Moszurie, Cooch Velonro, M. Higgins, B Buckner. 5, Primrose Middle Row A Jones. C Milron, M. McKinnen, P Thorron, K, Modole Ftont Row: D. Velonro, A. Chambers, M Ferris, R. King. T Meyer, M Horron, Below: Bobby Velonro rhrows ro first to get rhe out. JV Frosh. 5oph. Baseball iS FHS Opp. 99 Tusrin 57 118 SontQ Ano 29 84 Villo Pork 74 116 El Modeno 40 113 Canyon 43 101 SontQ Ano Volley 56 ■WVTW V ' - -«S SK :Aifr!:o«| ( iS- ' ;s ' ' . 7 " r.;.? s»i ' ' .t3?;;:.-, Above: Robert Reynolds gosps for breoth. Top Left: A. J. Polluck Is off to o winning start. Top Right: Middle Right: Varsity: Bock Row: A. MocLochlon, 5. Goley, D. Crawford, A. Gillmon, R. Brink, J. Heredio. Third Row: A. Iftiger, D. Bryant, B. McHenry, B. Cowdell, G. Welch, G. Jones. Second Row: S. Brock, B. Boinbridge, C. Almquist, R. Reynolds, J. Leach. Front Row: Coach DeLong, S. Gronns, R. Scott, A. J. Polluck, R. Watts. Bottom: Steve Grams dives ahead of the others. tA4WUUU1MMU«utMWllULJiiuJi;i u.iitii i : ii : : ' • MlkllMiatlMlilitWi|B|i| fc«i« 136 Swimming " " ' rrrr.rr.rr,,, ' ' ' ' ' mruaaf, i ' ;. Boys Varsity Knights Kick A Strong Lead The boys vorsiry swim ream hod q rremendous year. The swimmers were able ro achieve fheir 1986 goals — ro swim rheir besr and remain firsr in league for yv the fourth year in rhe ' 80 ' s. The ream realized rhor •f f(ff Yf ' ■h y would need ro work rogerher, rrain conrinuously, ' ' • ■ ond supporr eoch orher ro conrinue rheir greor record. To rhe vorsiry boys, Villa Park posed rhe greoresr rhreor. Bur, Coach DeLong sruck ro rhem ro ensure rhor the knighrs would overcome rhor obsrocle. Wirh only rhree seniors, rhis year ' s vorsiry ream was com- pororiveiy young; however, rhey proved ro bejusr as rolenred. • ' ' ■rraf. " tii Top: David Doddy flies through rhe oir wirh the greoresr of ease. Left: Scoff Goiey keeps his breosrstroke form flowless. Delow: David Bryant demonsfrores perfect freesryle form. ' » ' " iM.Udaaj,ui;,H •yxiuui. ■Sfi-v- ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' )), ' H.M:,n Swimming j j|OW |||ilii W i»ftii i wssiyg: ' M Vv -■■s■ « - « «««•«MWN -■ ' isit ti- it k- k-.-- 1 t s i tJ.lsi » t ■ • i Junior Varsity Moving Along What Q season for rhe guys J.V. swim reom! With mosr of rhem returning from lost year, rhe swimmers proved ro hove rhe experience necessary ro come our first in the league. Yet, it still took the strenuous workouts every doy ond o positive ottitude to keep them ahead. The girls J.V. swim teom, although not doing as well OS they hod hoped, was a true example of dedication. Many of the swimmers were new and therefore im- proved considerobly over the season, gaining strength and learning skills. Coach Simcox pointed out that the girls " really tried hard and put in a lot of effort. " Top: dom Kline stretches farther rhon his opponents. Middle ' : C ' -Q-.. ' uort comes up for o breath. Bottom: Jeff ' - vh pushes himself to his best time. A ' -J? ' ? ' - - vrij . U . T -% . uu w » ' V|WI» » v 3 . «ISftW«tf«««« ,, - - -wWV 138 Swimming ii K I. l I, l I ' I ' u u u ■ w u u l U.JUII J uUIUUtHi J J 14 ■ I 1411 ' 4 . t K t Top Left: Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row: K. Brome, 5. Hanger, T. Stevens, 5. Smith. Front Row: S. Corlyle, D. Lebonoff. M. Gillmon, L. Monzo. Top Right: Coach Simcox gives some last minute pointers. Above Left: Junior Vorsiry: Dock Row: J. Lubell, A. Molnor, D. Warner, K. DeGrout, D. Boddy. Front Row: A. Musch, C. Sruort, M. Jones, J. Dreen, C. Dovis. Above Right: Julie Brouk is off to a greot start. Left: The gun sounds and the swimmers ore off. Swimming , J9 Girls Varsity Girls Glide On The Top The Girls Varsity Swim Team has o smooth 1986 season. Once again, they tools first in league. It ' s their 10th year in a row. The girls continued their impressive record even though the team was relatively young, with very few seniors. For the girls, Tusfin High School provided the hardest competition. However, by stick- ing together, encouraging each other, and working to their best ability, the varsity girls found little they could not overcome. They realized that to have their best season, they would have to keep their continual positive attitude. Top. Grerchen Schultz is next in line in the relay. Middle. Dione Dridenbecker waits for her time. Below Right: Hildo Cohen backstrokes oheod of the others. Below Left: Lisa MacKinnon proctices her butterfly stroke. xn: " . mm 4!? - ' t 9 K- F K j KSjB M J|t3| H " V MB Ii ' i H m . •■.-.M " fj IBi liwi •ill FH5 OPP. 82y2 Tustin 73y2 83 j onto Ano 25 105 - Vilio Pork 44 88 El Modeno 54 119 Canyon 36 80 Santa Ano Valley 29 it)l:(U i ' 140 Swimming V-y- r V X ■.. ■:s: ■ ' » ip t 111 Top: Veronica Vosquez pulls her way ro the finish. Left: Jennifer Fash is exhausted. Above: Varsity: Bach fiovv.- M. Myhro, V. Vosquez, L. MocKinnon, K. Grohn, D. Dridenbecker, H. Cohen. Middle Row: K. Guzmon, J. Fosh, J. Coholon, K. Honsen, C. Lemke, E. Boddy. Front Row: A. Schuessler, J. Brouk, C. Larson, K. Gin, G. Schuirz. Swimming ' i-t1 142 Academics um n Page Academics Ir was the besr of rimes, ir was rhe worsr of rimes — o rime of strug- gle, Q rime of occomplishmenr. Leorning was rhe core of existence or FHS. The academic year brought with it many joys and frusrrorions. SAT, grades, papers ro write, ond endless tests — it was enough to make a sone person crazy. Yet the rewards were bounriful: rhe rhrill of achievement, the acquisition of new knowledge, and the mostery of new ideas. Acodemic excellence requires dedication, discipline, and diligence. Foothill students demonstrored rhat they possessed all of these qualities by their consisrenrly outstanding performances. Each srudent must be louded for their individual efforts to ochieve to the best of their copabiliries, striving ever forward, never turning bock. C Opposite Page, Top: Mark Gonsel con ' r believe his rest score. Opposite Page, Middle: Tom Gillmore, Erin Ferris, Krlsro Bryonr, and Curtis Kin, work together towards o common A. Opposite Page, Left: The sophomores can ' t seem to contain their excitement during drivers ed. Faculty ;-45 Top: Smiling Mrs. NicoJQi sees that her ef- forts really work. Right: Doc Wiseman looks up to o higher source for help. Bottom: Tusrin Unified School District reminds the public of their " open for business " policy. Faculty 144 Faculty Sub-division Superintendent Mourice Ross Vice Principols: Kevin Edwords Rich Lincourt Principol Jinn Turner Faculty Mr. Robbins explains on algebra problem Leilo Burchell Corol Cuffi Lucile Deon Mory Fujimoto Koren Howord Jockle Kettering Rochel Luno 146 Faculty Dorboro Murrieto Feeling Welcomed Mr. Turner, Foothill principal of rwo years, was born on •crober 4, in Pirrsburgh, Pennsylvania. He groduored om high school in Pirrsburgh and come to Col Stare Long ?ach. Afrer receiving his bachelor ' s degree in education, ? went to war. After 28 months in Korea, Jim Turner come stateside nd entered U.5.C. Then he studied at Whittier College nd earned a master ' s degree in school administration, ir. Turner has hod many different types of jobs during his Dreer. When asked how he thought his first year at Foothill ' ent, he said, " I — and my wife — felt more welcomed ion any other time. " His family is dear to him, and he ves to teoch, especially his grandchildren. This aspect of s home life comes through during his job. He is always loking friends with the students and willing to listen. Pot Noble Liloh Myers Mr. Turner rokes rime our of his busy schedule to rolk ro rwo Foorhill cheerleaders. Sue Pflomm Faculty Sherry 5everson Doris Stout Johonno Wolloch Dione Wotson Shello Adorns John Amdon Lorry Doth Drion Doyer Richord Doyes 148 Faculty I Bornes- Herzog " Is Miss Barnes here? " asks o srudenr sronding r the doorway of room 406. The onswer is no! Miss Domes losr summer transformed, by morrioge, into Mrs. Robert Herzog. She wos born on May 0. Sports have been a big port of her life. She participated on teams in high school and now bikes ond ploys tennis with her husband. Although she likes sports, she loves music and would " ... someday like to direct choirs in college. In the future ... " she will just get acquainted with the ideas of being Foothill ' s choral director and being married. CoQch Simcox is caught by surprise. Cliorles Bradley Judith Chombers 5liu-Yung Chen rf -.s» Tom De Long Faculty Roy Ellis Peter Feher Coach Moon discusses the strike with Q man from rhe district. Michoel Fisher Mory Jone Fletcher Steve Frogue 150 Faculty Strike Jerre Glosgow Hard-working, dedicored people rhoughr rhey were being treored unfoirly. The T.E.A. and the T.U.5.D. school board claimed different focrs ond figures ro be rrurhful. The result wos o strike, which occurred during the first two weeks of October. The teachers started picketing olong Dodge Ave. early in the morning the first doy, and by the end of the strike some students, mostly seniors, hod hit the povement, too. Several major events happened. They were a relocated school boord meeting, a walk around the school, the showing of on R-rated movie, and the burning down of a tree. Cloims were made that everything was business as usuol. For some students it was and for others it wasn ' t. A student could hove learned in most cases, if he she hod opplied himself. All and all it was on unusual experience. Cherie Hendrix Sharon Herzog Mr. Doth displays his sign. Faculty J 1 Joyce Hill Dovid Horowitz Sheilo Adorns dares anyone to dunk her. Henry Hummell Shirley Kelley George Korich Action Adorns! " I like action, " said physical educarion and marh teacher Sheila Adams. This is what motivated her to become a P.E. teacher eleven years ago after an exciting college experience at UCLA where she played basketball. Getting everybody to play to their potential is the key goal that Adams has continuously worked toward througout her coaching career. She believes that in order to be a basketball player, one must be in good condition ond be compatible on the court with their teammates. She also believes that a good understanding of the sport is essential. Adams enjoys teaching on the high school level because she feels that " it ' s neat to see the great deal of growth that takes place with students at this phase during their life. " 152 Faculty Gory Lofson Al Morzilli Pot Milligon Giselo Milne Lorry Minne Ted Mullen Terry Munholl Tom De Long concenrrores on his work. Robert Nichols Faculty o EllgiQ Nicoloi John Nolan Mike O ' Brien Jeff Olesen Mrs. Glasgow and Mr Wiedernonn relax at Feost and Jousi. A New Opinion This post year rhe teachers hove expressed many opinions — whether or not they went on stril e and their new tardy policy. Although rhe student body has become more acquainted with the staff this year, here ore some trivial facts about teachers ' favorite things. Favorite books vary. Some ore classics, and others are the teachers ' textbooks. Most teachers don ' t have just one favorite, like they do cars. They would enjoy having a Porsche, or other expensive cars, one that works, or just Q new one. They oil love the greats from acting, post and present, if they hove one. Every movie imaginable seems to be a favorite, and some people cannot think of one. On a more serious note. Foothill teachers expressed on interest in travelling all over the U.S. and the world. The staff, individually, respect different people, including parents and spouses being the top two. 154 Faculty Robert Osborne Virginio Osborne Wllliom Oster Lu Perkov Joochim Pfitzner Clork Poston Irene Powell Jim Reomes Marilyn Reordon Richard Robbins Cynthia Ross Sarah Ruse Faculty . o5 Don Thomas explains rhe significance in Babbit. Dob Salerno Angelo Softerlee Gerold Sedoo John Severson Dove Simcox Thomas To think, to learn, to grow; rhese ore rhe things which oil human beings must learn to do. To Don Thomas, his job is to assist each of his students to leorn how to do all three in- dependently. He chollenges his students to think, to break beyond boundaries of norrow thought and grow in understanding. A teacher has the opportunity to influence a person for the rest of his life. When asked if literature could influence students Mr. Thomas stated, " Literoture is o medium in which ideas ore transmitted. Very often, students have a very narrow perspective of life. Literature serves to introduce them to different worlds and different perspectives. " Mr. Thomas realized this when majoring in English, hoping to eventually go to low school. He discovered he liked English and received a teaching credential. He now en- joys running and coaching. Mr. Thomas has come to a point in life where he is satisfied with what he is doing. i Zee Snell 156 Faculty Eileen Springer Lindo Spruill Jonet Terry Don Thomos Terry Tomlinson George Woibel Wendell Word Noncy Wofermon Judy Weightmon Foculry Mr. Amdon is stunned by the nearness of the quod. Glorio Wodinsky Achieving Greatness! Foothill has some excellent workers oil trying their best to keep our school working for the education of the students. Counseling has o direct influence on the students, and Mr. Amdon tries his best to moke it o positive influence. Mr. Amdon said, ' Toothill is o school of great energy achieving towords high academics and athletics. " He loves guiding young people. Mr. Amdon was born during the Depression and was o teenoger during the 50 ' s. He loves California, the sun and water, and he likes to read. Family life is important to him, and he will challenge any problem, especiolly a student ' s, like it was on adventure. Mr. Zeich srudies the teacher bulletin. 158 Faculty f A B fh H Doug Wood Herher Woodroffe Dob Zeich Custodians: Tom Driscol, Amordo Espon- zo, Joel Mason, Drad Dean, Travis Gill, Pete Burns. Cofererio Staff: DacH Row: Ruth Wacker, Myr- tle Hougen, Doris Marine. Middle Row: Carmen Reyes, Beverley Boeck, Shirley Thompson, Cormelio D ' Amoto, Margaret Hirt. Fronr Row: Linda Porro, Joyce Arellano, Ruth Mokski. Faculty Top: Grerchen Schulrz and Karen Gin ore swimming buddies. Right: Carol Tokahoshi loves Solly Hansen, Ann Sweeney, Carrie Hines, ond Yvonne Miller " rhis much. " Dottom: The senior doss rakes o trip to the past. Seniors 160 Senior Sub-Di v ibion Christine Alford Bill Ambrosius )rry Wolshe loves the otfention he is receiving from Lisa Goldstein, Sandy Shaw, and Hollee hneider. Mario Aqueveque Jonine Arena ieniors Seniors Senic s Seniors Sen Seniors wtth Dortlett Thomas Doll Stephanie Dell Laura Ash Jeff Bollord Jody Banks Michael Denner Allyson Askin Jill Boker Ellinore Baren Cherie Bennett ors Set 1. rs Seniors Seniors Seniors ' 162 Seniors Crissie Dirney Alex Diro Melissa Birto Sharon Dlockerby Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Ser Seniors iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Kotherine Bloor Susan Boseker John Dovetos Kellie Bowman Santos elf Mr. Bloom gives Derek Johnson on early Christmo present. Christopher Boyce Tricio Brady 164 Seniors Brian Horron and Poul Fiore proudly display rhe Golden Gounrler. Carrick Drewsrer Meri Bright Eric Buker Diane Dridenbecker Stephen Drock James Durr Jill Brumerr Mike Bryant ■ CT 1 Kr " ' • ' 1 Thonnos Cogle Tom Cody Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Se Seniors itj niors Seniors Seniors Seniors Senior Paige Carter Jennifer Wright, Amy Van Pelt, Sharon Robb, Beverly Lacy, and Carolyn Kelly ore on their way to the U.C.L.A. gome. Dove Cosh Jomes Cost 166 Senior Jeniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Leonne Clark Kim Chodowski Mary Chung Helen Choi Devon Clark MIchoel Clark Joshua Cohen Eugene Yee and Morr Dennerr decide ro " dine our. " Seniors 10 iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Brad Cox Michele Daniels Joy Davis Presron Davis Par N.zl; ' c ns raises his talent seriously. 168 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Windy Deon Anthony Delnoce Lance Downs Debbie DeGrosse Bonnie DeMoss Morrhew DeVries Getting caught up in the doy, even slaves smile. Dove DeGroff Pvussel Dionne Rosemorie Duorte Danelle Dugon Seniors 169 iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Douglas Eisenmon David Dunn Mark Elpers Alfredo Espinosa Windy Decn, Jill Doker, Leanne Clark, and Taunie Dopelle ore enjoying the senior nnunch enterrolnment. [Robert Estrada Mike Felber 1 70 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Ken Ficherr John Firterer Stephanie Fleischoker AnronellQ Foro Joe McFodden and one of Santa ' s helpers can do without any mistletoe. Jomes Francis Seniors i 1 iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Amie Wollen and Louro Phillips enjoy the first senior munch. John Franco Spencer Freebcirn Lourie Gates Tony Frutos Rex Gauir Felice Geddy 1 72 Seniors Krisri Gilstrop Koren Gin Robert Gloss Keith Golden Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Seniors i . iieven Grams Cheryl Gonzales Thomos Grahovac Laura Phillips spikes the ball with Leanne Clark looking on. Andrew Greco iors Ser ' xs Seniors Seniors Seniors 1 74 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Karen Kellogg and Liso Goldstein cherish the moment. Sonjo Hampton Barry Hancock Sollie Honsen Seniors iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Valerie Hawthorne Liso Hanson Susan Hordage ■ ■ H « i uSn? Kw wEB 1 JBM P? ' vXtjIl ' fflWIIllBPpM 1 B EH ■Ui ,9 P ' r ' m i i ■ IH Bg B i H 1 9 m Carolyn Kelly and Jennifer Wright ore on example of " friends forever. " Jeffrey Harvey Doniel Hoymon Jennifer Helnrlch Greg Henrotin Barry Herman 1 76 Seniors Melissa Hernandez Elizabeth Hilker Ron Hofflonder Robert Hollond Brian Horton Tonya Horvotti Bruce House Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Seniors 1 176 Christine Alford Hey Bobe Renee, Surf ' s Up-4Tom,X- Mos Formol w Alon,Wuv Yo Kim. G. Public w Amy, CRX4ME, Cotch o CAB w 5onyo, Corfiy-N ' Spiffy, 5un- N ' ot N B-, Summer 85 ' , Fun Much. JimBob Pizzo- YUMII. 31, Sis o Mrs.. Hawaii Boiund. No More F H S. Luv-U-Mom6Dod Dill Ambrosius A.Cofs. 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X- COUNTRYGWHIT.BY MY HEART KRISTI.THANKS A LOT MOM DAD Valerie Hawthorne — Its been four greot yeors, but too long, Dromo hos been greot. 1 Loved the ploys; " Up The Down-stoircose, " " Rose Tortoo. " " Mosh 4.0,7.7. " ond " Dork of The Moon. ' Good by to my close friends Mike Clarke ond Down Lunsford. I love you mom, dad, Mark ond John. Don Hoymon The productions! And there were too many notes But Ihot was ok becouse we knew where our towel was ond thor provided the onswer of 42 which wos importont to the mice. 73 ' s, so long, Doni Ponic ond Fore Well. Jennifer Heinrich Hmm YepYepPImn Howoli SoPJPrty Bochig Sriously HuntinOUT scorfOhO myGod Pronto TGIF Jrome FunBbyPoP cheersMrNord ItsSoBod Psycho 5GGOYAAJ bgieN SkirstPuke GHotChris . . . iscute NoMoSev ClkClkClk HiHoney BdzKwCp MkKIRI- ly LvYo MomkBye Gteg Hentotin Well? XC4ys greotstort whothoppen- ed? Greottimes inP — Springs. Wompo. Dugout Night Tfrioxguys- More, wulf, Yee,NODA, Dill, Mdg, Youst. I. ' LAtrps- Dilloutof control. 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Powell- w ski Thonx Mo Po Sis Bro for everyrhing, July 4rh Porty (hospirol rime) Digget McKltty Joques Quief Schmores Allen!!! Dove Hoekstto New to LA here to stoy weathers fine, Hiltons mine To oil those-Evet, Odol.Heoth, QUin, Kerry, Deb-fhonks for being therelOwners of Buicks ore imporronr?lm o CREDIT CARD: Heother=Best buds 4-ever. I LUV U DEB; 1 st 4 YOU Ron Hofflondei DST FRNDS-HIGGINS PEEWEE HUGO MARIO GUMBY DEVIK-PAPA DO ROADTRIP PALMSPR- ING5 MEX DRIVING W TOM HOLD ON TO YOUR OLLIE5 PORCHE914-6 GPZ550 MIK SID RIP GD LOK- ING AMER WOMN THAT ' S ALL FHS THNX MOMGDAD G(MOBIL) Jon Holder New School, Friends,Life.5m63,Erpe G G.B.5m84. HawoiionBeochesDrivingRR; Whor o con- cept!Sm65 Lozydoze Tough Life Too much, Too fosf Seems like only ysfrdy . . Don ond Oingo Bo- ingo:Whot o teom.Owell.l love you Dono. Ron Holland GOODnite FHS thonks o lot TAB I love you! Boseboll 83-86,wish me luck! Christmos 85, Chrissy I ' ll miss you-you ' re the best! Hey Russ thonks for being there hove fun dumping troshlThonks MOM and DAD I love you. Toke core little brorher.BE GOOD! Biian Horfon 10 LeogueChomps 85, downed ELMO 14-0- i love you Yvette.Dec. 26 listening to Jockson Browne. Thonks for rhe memories Tom Mike Poul Holly.Mammorh 65 Worren Miller. Boise connection. Son Diego bound. Mud Footboll. Comping Trips. Thonks MomGDod. SEE YA! Tonyo Hotvoth Best Friends Sus Mod Vic Ang Sos Chillicothe 84-65 B.K. Flogei, SWANS! Luv U Brig! FHS N Good Times Crockers Newport Lion Cntry Safori 12 14 65, ANUSHIGS! Mrs. Glosgow, Aoron. Thonx Dod, Bosekers-Love You! Bruce House MARCHINGBANDFOOTBALL79 GOLDENKNIGHTDESERTTRIP5 52GMCBLACKANGUS HOEMCOMING SOPHOMOREWRESTLINGDIRT-S URF 85 FORMALHOLLOWEEN65DEAD MANS PARTYMUN- CHHARDCORES NOV.FIRST85GLAMISSCARYFARM247-172 MOMDADBODYBUILDINGRENEEANDI4EVERYBY! Michele Hoyt FHS " Good Times " Koren. Kelly, Toni-Jusr want to hove FUN WE ' RE BAD! Obie luv yo-65 X-mos vocotion BLAST! Party? No we ' re or rhe movies!- Hooter cor roll- 17 summer-ASUorSDSU-Mork-n-Cothy good luck Thonxs MomGDod Jou Huong JuonYMoriaVivo KNIGHTLIFE 5oph JV " VCheer " StuntEric It ' s Cosuol Rm.207Big A AsionTfipletsJ-O-Ygreekgod Mohawk?BOP- PELLHUANG!! LAthinkthinMorleneJeepNo$$ KLEPT O BongljinxDriverFullMoonBATMANknocGidgerSur- fchlc12232nd5f. CotolinaBoglody 22 O bluetint- COOLIovecot 1 PUNK sweet16? evilbebe Thanks FnA ' ' bro ' ' si5 fish XOXO . . . Jock Hubbett Dave! The Woman is offer you! . . . Snow Summit, Jensen ' s (timer) Lodge. Jonuory 1. 1966 Aliso Huntington HERECOMETHEFIBERQUEENS Popo85 Sadie85 TUPSA compsMoenLyle CILTSOdie ' Kiriki L.L ' s(DC) RBWgohome Bchbuoy Bikhnrr Brinhed " Im. . " Richwho? Comorin Kpsmilin- Whooper " yoh " uronongelBrdwoyherewecumBB ThonxGODMomondDodCori Prov3;5Seeeya FHS! Xuong Huynh MY ADVICE TO EVERYONE;LIFE IS HARD. SO TRY TO DO YOUR BEST TO ENJOY IT. Allen Iftiger FHSwosGreot, 3y fs Swim- thQnxCoochDG5,Dlsneyland, Beoch, DM stiii LuvU. Kngtiite-Sports Ed,GeorgeGerQLife, BCHDIRD, Powell- Mott-Korst-Croig-Jon-Jeff-Gorey-greot friends, Formol 85killer,Howaii,ThanxMomGDod,LookOutUSC! Croig Jaques ED Murphy65 GoodFriends-JEFF McStunl- Squod DAVE Digger D- J oc k A I K orst PowellDoveMorrJohn-BeochPorty PBI Orange 64 MUSTANG SKI MAMM4fheTHRILL Hey JEFF GOONIE GOOGOO LOVYA MOM DAD CARRIE ThonksAgoin Carlo Jaiomillo Finolly-yeah Thonx 2 dod, mom, fami- ly, Donny N CM n O gong, Thonx Foothill N all I met. I won 4getD eggNbeon burritos,5AM, porty runs N out- door showers. Offrooding. Jeeps, Kels house N Ms. BYE 4 NOW PS — I still hate Mondoys, Kimbetlee Jeffries 1 mode it! Thonx Mrs. G. Thonx for the use of the greenhouse Humm for Smith, Kot, Slow ond I Mr Nolon, I owe you o million, Thonx. LIso and Kelly, 5,5 wos o roll. Slow, remember the good times ond me. Thonx for helping me through, I love you Keith! Lido Jennings Chow Alprkngll THEKING? 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White Water, in the von. The civic " Joms " .Worm Mon- Dovike -Newport -OhUohnny.The roce course. SEE YA!!! DARREN. Krisll Loyton Socromento Toxi ' s-Mommoth-Dlsneylond- 3 Stoge5-7 Oworfes-Love Bug-Mlke ' s-Portroit retokes- Frendship teo-w-Antony-Best Friend Kothryn-Thonks Mom-n-Dod-Kristi Delle will miss you-2nd children ore speciol. UNLV Carl Lee ThxMomnDodtchersncochesGFHS HR4yrsFB3y rsHonMenTedTDG 1 TD -TR4y rs- 144649-f2asoJR,Finolly! offer 12yrs.butofromore(C- collegen Medschool). " Good Luck " . the " King " Richord Lee UCLA?CoPFIip4lt ViceNltes NoDep- cheMde Simple Minds4nonsimpletonslm5teolnNeals Woman NoBeochBobesW CopriJetf lOisTony- QuitAvoidn VolvoNowCobrioletsLoter DontByup- piesORmoyUDstuckW ColtechWomen4ever TeochersTHANX Donna Leong Neido this hos been o greot lost yeor. Elios and Neido? Of course my horse. Let ' s go Deor ond don ' t coll me o doughtnut. Remember Phil, Well I got to go Micheol Jockson I love you. Remember thot joke with the three guys thot go to the doctor?Hubee where ore you?Disneylond pushing him ond the cousin running to the choir in the haunted house. Who con forget the the balloons 5o9 long I hope we will be friends forever. Robin LeSueur 86 AtlostlFriends FunDonces Concerts SuperDote BYUYC MinlGolf KnottsBoys BRAdomAnt- MIAVB BobsDDC withBC withHfC StrongeWietd Freoks- Jennifer BeckyMott TonyoSusonno HorperBrod HowYouGo? BoldisBeutiful WileySoveAProyer LOVEYATHANX Billy Lewond mextripK38Lasgovy l8b-doy TohoeWoolPotrol ScortWildgirlsnewyeor 85HomeCome65 with KimberTCFilthJV-i-meinmex- Rich+me in EuropeTejuonoTelles UWontIt YouGotlt- ColigotlnofightwithJose-flosrDD-f meSENIORMUN- CHWokeUpJoeGUYS GUYSGUYSThonxMGD Bob Lincourt IMustLookLikeADork, D BoonLlves, LongBeoch-GeeWiz. This IsWhotlWont. KBotTogs, ScorsOnMyHonds, HowMany?23!?! ' , Cobro5. Binoge, lOutfoBelnPictures, UplnTheAtticAgoin, FlipYourWig, TheEndlsHere. DottingProctice!!! Bay Lindley Tijuono Mercy. Polm Springs, River Trip 100% Do It Agoin Ouiosight iPokeri Football CHAM- PIONS " Studd Horse " Lift Hord " Summer " Beoch House, Yes College =SiiU$$$Si$tC$$$ Tom Lips Best friends Alon M, Bruce H.Renee R. and the girl I loved, Koren Burns, Oingo Boingo concert ' 85,olso the Alarm. Newport beoch, Knotts Oetry Form To my parents, your (he greatest, I love you! THANX FOOTHILL! Michelle Lissner Mex Hex PLM Tiki 84 85 Dst Buds Veto. El. Karen, Gino, Nonci 515 Chris Ski Tohoe Too Kill Yo Sunrise Nougles runs L Powell New Yrs I did whot? See yo Leedom-on! Love yo Dove mom-n- dodl ' mOUT! Mott Livengood —YOUR A DE 2-bit, Olocksheep, bruiser, De. Littleman, The Nose, etc Michelle Lopez — DRAMAMrs NicoloiSugor-n-Spice. SweetDesire 6Sweet " C LADreomTeom. RichieRichlllKekoo.MyBobesi Kickin Bock. Anoheim- Conv Center Lourey, Chris. Robert, Chorles.Stocy ThereWillNeverDeHigher. WotchOutForSweetDesirelLoveYouAll!!! Kilioen Ludlow — Fun, Work, Parties! Drums -TheRedPeople (Some) Dove BillDonLors OhBoysi " RASTRO, Urbon DesertAssouli Vehicle July 19, 65 Scirocco.Hoi JetfTony, GMT, ANDREA. Liz-JFC Wrestl- ing 210-162 JPChenMinne ZilliBoyer " HerelGo! " Henry Lui NightMorshoLeloncholyChonging Stotion- sReolizotions InnocenceAmbivolence LivingMor- risseysLifePerspecrives PerceptionTheConnection " ' WaitingTheAwokening IllusionOf conforming HopeLoveLourieKolvinArtExpression OptimismGo! Dove Lundgreen Dye FH5 Hello BYU Invest in Star At- troctions " Christ " Sking, Surfing, Rocquetboll. Bosket- boll, Comping. See Yo BUCK! Flying.Student Senote. Dove wove. Barney Rebel. Surfcots SM,DS,JH,BP Good Luck Uhhh. Liso MocKinnon — Que E,Swt16 BstmstrBor- nHowoi84Lfw LotusMexBojahoLoBmbo @LoFn- doOopsi LuCfuNooArkNuYrW oMnchichiMr- DobASDPeeWee SwimMVP CIFCch " D " -LqdfLiso LvsU! 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Dirt, Dev, TedSuddy.JjW Roy, Rex, Good Lck Jos N Jus, Porty oil night, Mfifn- moth, Utoh, Scorpions, Petty, Oingo, Thnx M r» D- Scooter 1 Love You See Yo, Hullo Wrld Yvonne Millet Grod Duty Colege No more blond, Men-Sol ot Newport 42nd st yeoh! The 2 spys ot lunch (He ' s Hoti) Party at Annie ' s (Mory n John) Scory, ToccFonnyODol F F Feb, Snd-I ' ll never 4-get U HON ' Love You M - - pf Kevin Morbee Four yeors of meoningless doys Low test scores, Donger of foiling SL.F , Fidd s Three, jinx- ed Fostbock, " Killers Nightmare " , DUD, Drion, Phil ond the rest of the bunch Scon Morris The Cors, Oingo Boingo, Whot s up? Ab- bey Rood, BYU, DL,JL,J5,DP, DO, Brent Tony Bravo, Surfing, Skiing, Motorcycles, Comping, Dosketboll, MISS YA BOYD, license bye-bye, BYE FHS, invest in Stor Attroctions, Scooter. Steve Mortis Kotie.LOTTERYBrother. EricBPAR- TYDIockCARPOOLIn. S5. CORONA Mr TurnerdepecheMODEOMDSur- fingDerekMike40th5tCARSSDSUw Bukeri MortinSski- ingHomecoming ' 85 JeffCF ' 84Cheynel LoveBJSWroyO Chorlie MOMGDADyo gomonGruntherDye FHS Moni Moshorof Hey Wuts uo ' 2 yrs FHS Best Friends -Tuno - AJ-Girof - Gory AT HACKY LUNCH TIME Michele- kevin, R-Kirsten W-kely MYuRgrS Docs- Bonono mon-Comietony- Dowsh-F-F-Fish -Jork Miss Yoll. D Ironion Austrlon Matt Motley Bockpocking Ski Utah83 5wimming H20 Polo McD.Mgt.DSA Truck Soiling Korst Al Powel Dove Jeff Croig Toni Trocey Deb Eoster85 DP 5 16 85 Prom 85 Formol85 Europe86 Thonx LuvYo Mom.DodOSis! No TicketsYei? Greot Times FHS Alan Mottes Lost yeor. IngO DOIngO Holloween 85 " 69 " Ford Cougor. Thonk you Kim I Love You. Thank you Chris, Bruce, Renee, Tom for being there Special thonks Mom ond Dod, 1 Love You Both. Juli Mullin bestbuds CrisAnt SherNoel CD 1 moynerd Prom8485 MMcooln gongHoppy CmprSki ToosKATELA summr85 RELV2 good2bTrue COOL HAWAIINITES rlver3 Bruce Dound13 Hmcmng85 Frend- Dear1 3 TomUr ANIIDirny Boshs Plesur PolosTFC stot girlscor moreMn RDrtcorupshn ThonxMom FHS Holly Murphy — hod fun new friends 1st Poul: Hi MG.BH.TR 3 45 Cofonodo Colo men Not 11 nvr 4gei my best skinny friend X-mos voco in JH con I coll you Hunky? I don ' t feel like o Sr no promblem! A TX rhonx my 5MU guy the bet ot B-5 Bryon Adoms Spring 85 Hi Pot Thonx M6D Anne Morie Murrieto VH2POLO STARS GHSTDusters w JP Funtimes w Michele! 9 5 84 Formol Prom HC w Mork!Mork,me too! New Yeors Eve ' 64 Porty w Kevin! Firepits ot beoch5um ' 85 Bye Mom,Dad,JP.5uz-see yoll in Texos! LuvyoMEG! 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" KD " ot TAGS 22foKnotts LOOK ' nFINE FUNw FROSTY YELLIYELLIYELLIDY! Jill Obeting Good X W Good Buds! Yur oil ovr it,ThonxRod-hove onothr " F.R. " Luv Yo DC Jones For- niol ' 85 Nw Yrs Ev,Mr6Ms evryrhing 10 21 F F Gino M Hey OB. 1AL Nigt Lng.Stc Yes.Micel yo driv wel Swon 44 Ski Utoh I LV U MoM DoDOBros Thonks somucAUSTAF.H.S. J. D. Oder Porty ot JD ' sHouse JohnSox.JDIMEN- SION.Jom Sessions Never oBondoAlwoys NOR- MAL. LIso LeoveMeAlone! BroinlessTwit- ' i ouLookMov-o-Lous Spendid Senior . nceMyFreshmonYeor. GoodbyeLittleGi ' i : !onxGuys4Everything. oben Ordwoy (It ' s hord lo rer ■.nesl)18th D-doy ot the Emerol KLOS, V.H RATT6MarryAnn) (Surr- 86-0II my love is your Jocqu; -Bruce, Ston 6 Guy-It ' s not over Firouzeh Ouskouion Finally c j Oohol time Nino Alonno Kim Nello Yoss ' .-Nlwoys rember Sun,Dukes LogunoLuv u t c- brocs cuz. 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Slow down Worm, your speeding up your money: 4 by 4 in Springs with Worms von, no pfobl., yeoh rightlD.C, M.D., ondJ.M., remember first Fri. school, WOW! Vors. Wrest., " owesome job Boyer. " Condycone ond Pudding? " It wosn ' t oil that bod! " Senior Munch ' 85. Jim Schoufiei V.XC6T thonx whitlmet kote In 83 put your honds bock in your pocketldonces, k-mart,X-mas formolpk. lot Brad your great!chod,Ben,Ffonco,it was fun!mommoth,noture runs! pizzomon! THANX, dod. mr mrsC! I LUV U KATE! See Yo! Richard Schlanert All the goodtlmes I hove ond oil the good friends I hove mode, especially Ron, Gigi, Triclo and Mork. Katie Schmidt 86 What o yeor. To my friends of FHS G TH5 it has been great Kim thonx for being there, Greot porties with the group, recordsfote The toy Is gone, Todd I Luv U it is only the beginning. To Dovld. Mom Dod I Luv U. Its the end of the roce ond storr of onother. Todd Schwory " Itstlmetogotoddler " ' , Leovethe wlnd- shleldwiper olone. 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Steven Steele God Bless Americo Todd Stewart UTAH-KD.ONOFRE ANUAL.TEAM MER- VYNS.w DREW:QUINN,MILD. CHILIPEPPER5 ARE RED HOT! HEY MOON.THANX FOR NOTHING. BIG A BAY OF PIGS. FALCON 6 THE 5NOWAAAN.COOP-A-HOOP 83:CUT.NEW YEARS, GOLDY THE CRUE.VH.YOUR JUST A MINOR THREAT-AND THATS A PROMISE! Decky Sullivan 1stMDthenFH.WufhuntinTifUR 1, GreenMochine:Wolf,Stef,Howk.JB,TJ.AJ.Cotchit! LodyKnights 53CIFCHAMPSThanxAdoms. Be- qui Alonzo. Tokemehome Choporo 6 Ben.Mislocosin- MIMIS.SUMMER85EICarcel. Dod.Mom.Poi.UR 1 ILUVU. David Sugg FootbollCIF84685Notogain, Henshows48. 5kinnerSkid83 RumbleBuggy.lm BrokeGiveMeALoon, ldoho85. Heniy ' s.Modison,geto5pounderGetolife, KimL.tobad- moybe onothertime.lhopeso lolwoys wonted to meet her.oh welltobod.Moybeloter. Willis Sutcliff Theyrwos82. IstintoTHSw JD. JD.AM.DC.RM. Hogieondgong. PKootball. wrestling, skiing, 50x, Homecoming62the best. TrohittronsFHS. 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BDWYREVUE 84- 86GLPOWELL6 SARABYEWUF- FIE6MUFFINTHANXM0M6DADILUVU!SEEYA Powell Thurston If 6 Oe Easter 85 I told you so Cotolino trip 86 finolly Jim 6 John surf cors the boot Morts ploce formol 4 years footboll Century chomps 84-5 Bloomer you re the best Oh Yea I ' m going in Love yo mom dod David Todd — Thots Whot I Wonf!-4x, Stuck Agoini Footboll 4 yrs Solerno-Golf and Bees-River 85-Springs- M ommoth Utoh Vegos 85 w Greg Paul Todd- Henshow tnp w Bill -Flip ond ( oll - Onofre. Mild ' s hooked -ILong Bor-Thonx Mom ond Dod-Time of your life huh kid! Louren Turknette: Hosto Fotohill-Thonks BudslBill- Mex, River J. lunch G O.Rodewoy Inn Wild Thing! Tony the Tiger Lorindo Small coll Nooh!RUSTIN ' IN ' TUSTIN!!!SDSU.Carrielinb bud! LoBomba.X ' 85 FHS NEVER AGAIN. SEE YA BABES Mory Underwood Hawaiian Sweepstokes. Bond. Special friends- Chrisrie.Louro. Fred, JomesAdvComp. Comics, cartoons, books, movies, Sci-Fi, Formol, Prom. Sodie, Clubs, And Toby David Vondruff FHS Fun- Ken. Fox, Shoun. 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Allen Iftiger Senr -s Seniors Seniors Seniors 754 Seniors Julie Jordan Michael Judson Richard Kommerman Jody Konorek Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Seniors . 65 George Korsivolis Eosfer Bunrty Paul Fiore prepares fo hide the eggs for rhe children. Stocey Bronchoud jams on the guitor. Carolyn Kelly Moral Keuilion ior. enics Seniors Seniors Seniors 186 Seniors Vero Karmordion, Susan Gugosion, Nancy Selin, and Donelle Dugan, enjoy a greor rime at rhe senior munch. Joy Kobayashi Soosie Koo Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Seniors id iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Corrick Drewster thinks " Coke is it. " David Korich Leoh Krupp Beverly Locy Nicole LorhcH. Darren Law 188 Seniors Krisrin Loyron Richard Lee William Lewand Day Lindley Paige Carter enjoys o sr ock. Thomas Lips Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Seniors 16 1 1 f ; Hopefully David Sugg will be able ro ploy again. 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Teachers Pets Barry Herman and Allyson Askin Class Loudmouths Tracie Cholomidos and Greg Randall Most Gullible Todd Schwary and Beverly Lacy Sei ' ' or Polls Senior PollsSenior Polls 198 Senior Polls Senior Polls Senior Polls Senior Polls Most Uninhibited Ann Mognusson and Dob Lincourt Funniest Joy Dovis and David Troutt Teachers Pests Susan 3oseker and Steve Morris Senior Polls i y9 Senior Polls Senior Polls Senior Polls Best Personolify Paul Fiore and Joy Koyboyosh: 200 Senior Polls Senior Polls Senior Polls Senior Polls American Carolyn Kelly j « t St.y !%Mr »« ».jv7 »«r - Mosr Spirited Amie Dunn and Jeff McKiffrick 1 1 : 1 1 1 ! 1 I 1 T-W ' 1, 1 - Wj ;.. «- - Desr All Around Angle Saline and Corrick Drewsrer Senior Polls 201 Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Kurt Noble Susan Hordoge, Vicki Goodman, Linda Rheinschild, and Sylvia Diller are smiling slaves. J. D. Oder Melissa Newquisr Chorilla Obering Robert Ordway Cathy Pok 202 Seniors iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Louro Phillips Matt Parsons Trey Piltz Michael Pape Drion Horron and Dill Gibson love this von. Morgoref .vers Seniors 200 Gino Prendergost Ric Prere Mr. Turner is o lirrle suspicious of oil the orrenrion he is getting from Jeff Horvey, Joy Dovis, and Beth Bortlett. ji 11- : . i-.QOb Renee Ramirez Kothryn Romseyer David Rosmussen Sei ' ors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen 204 Seniors Norolie Soborino Noroyr Soghbozorion Chad Rougewirz Tom Richard Angela Roy Tim Sokomoro Pomelo Renfree Dono Rice Susonno Ruegger Philip Solorono iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors J Kofhryn Schmidt Janet Solsbury Scott Scherer Hollee Schneider Sharon Salazor Gina Songermano Rich Schlonert Richard Schroeck Angelo Saline Michael Sardo Alon Schllnes Gretchen Schultz Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen 206 Seniors lors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Block leather turns Yvefte Koufmon into o rock-n-roll stor. Brendo Sherfey Thomos Shinodo Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen Jeb Siqueiros . ' -« ' - . ' " • ' . «».--.-- . Nancy Selin tries to moke contact with the boll. I oy Slogle More Simon Jodi Skjerven Kelly Smith Steve Smith Eriko Soltz 206 ors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors John Somerndike Money Selin Melody Stoniforrh Carol Somr Tiers Roy Song WfTdM li MM % ? ' i A ' 4 w ' •1 — -r ; ' : - : 1 mk Louro Ash and Debbie Klosrermon ' s motto is " Love and Peace. " Matt Souter Karen Spohr LoDonno Stanton Scott Steedmon Seniors 2Cy David Stomp David Sugg Karen Gin walks the streets of Holly v ood aso " W. " Becky Sullivon Willis Sutcliff Keith Tokaboyoshi Carol Tokohashi Se iors Seniors Seniors Seniors Sen 210 Seniors ors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors! David Trourr Louren TurUnerre Seniors 2 ; 1 Rachel Lamm, Paige Griffin, ond Sylvia Diller join o street gang. Helen w.i Winkle Chorlotre Versluis Paul Versteegh Ross Vesokie Sei ' ors Seniors SeniorsSeniors Sen! 212 Seniors ors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Ross WollQch Steffon Vigono Neido Villofuerte Dorry Wolshe Robert Walker Marcos Weinsrein Mike Welch Sean Weymouth Kirsten Whotiey Spencer Freeboirn is loving the ottention he is getting from slaves Jonine Arena, Beverly Locy, ond Lori Morontz. Seniors ? J Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seni Kris Lambert, Leonne Clarke, Windy Dean, and Yverre Kaufman help cheer at a pep assembly, while Stacey Smith looks on. Dill Wilkerson Megan Williams Steve Wilson Rick Grovley Lisa Peterson yells " STOP! " 2 14 Seniors Eugene Yee Kolvin Yu Tiffany Zinkun Anrhony Zupko ors Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors 5 Seniors 21 A lone lump of dough, otherwise known os o freshman, solemnly mode o decision. He would aspire fo be o Foorhill Pizza Supreme Special. The rosk ahead seemed ominous and impossible ro complete. Ir would encomposs four yeors of arduous work bur rhe lump wos determined. The goal was worrhy and he would forge on. Thus began the journey ... i The amorphous dough wos first carefully shaped into the sacred pon. The molding process included various new experiences such as scrambling for the best classes at registration, being tossed into trosh cons by seniors, ond getting involved in various activities. As the year progressed, the foundotions for a masterpiece of pizza were laid. Having carefully shaped the dough, the next step was to cover it liberally with sauce. They were now cleorly distinguishable from the ignoble freshman. The fledgling sophomore Knights gained experience, o driver ' s license, ' ond an extra insight into the making of the Pizza Supreme Speciol. It tokes hard work and commitment to excellence to achieve the fabulous tronsformotion. First, one must hove the forbearance to live through such dosses as Driver ' s Ed (Hey, stupid, the bell rang. WAKE UP!!!) and Biology (Today we will dissect o frog. Please try to keep the brain in- tact for further reference.) The Cor greatly increased personal freedom for many sophomores. Although few students octuolly got A Cor of their own, many mothers gave up their Mercedes and their VWs just so their kids could have the privilege of drivingj A couple fender-benders later, the pizza with sauce was on expert driver. | The next step in the progression was the cheese. The excitement of being so near the conclusion wos tangible. Yet the pizza with sauce and cheese was faced with a difficult year. The junior year would be the last opportunity to show the colleges how brilliont he was, so much better thon oil the other pizzas. His days, and much of his nights were filled with homework and studying. On the horizon loomed The SAT, the test that would determine the course of one ' s life after high school. Yet there were so mony things to do, so many ways to hove fun. Skillfully, the junior balanced academics with potty time. i Throughout the year, the pizza with sauce and .j cheese goined the wisdom and maturity to become a ' 1 Pizza Supreme Special. Many of them took jobs. The teosons for getting a job were various: needing extra money, saving for college, or soving for a car. The first paycheck was o significont breakthrough for many. It was the first real interaction with Real The World Out There. Then come senior year. All the toppings were bestowed ot lost: mushrooms, pepperoni, Conodion bacon, bell peppers, pineopples, and on ond on. The pizza was olmost finished. All it needed was the oven, the senior year. Senior privileges were sweet indeed. Luncheon dotes became common; Knowlwoods, McDonalds, Burger King, and Del Toco were flooded with hungty senior Knights. In oddition, there were many special events that mode the year memoroble. Senior munches were o welcome break from the drudgery of schoolwork. When else could seniors dress up as Batman and Robin, OS a Christmas tree, or even os a nun? The food was somewhat otrodous but the memoties that remained omply mode up for the minor suffering. Homecoming festivities were o fantastic opportunity to " hong loose. " Never agoin will the Knights get the opportunity to dress up in togos and lounge in chariots covered with greenery without being considered the slightest bit insane. All the octivities from the Winter For- mal to the Prom hod on extra, bittersweet poignonce for it would be the lost time. Applying for colleges was a major ordeol for the olmost-PizzQ Supreme Special. The lengthy process in- cluded writing long essays about what on outstanding perscv ' one truly was. It further enrolled requesting reconii Tii ndotions, begging that transcripts be sent, and visiting various college campuses. Yet in the end, it was worth it. Admission to the college of one ' s choice wos o sweet reword for oil the trovoil and woe of studying. Fol hill PiZZQ Supreme Foothill Piz2 Windy Dean and Tauni Doppel ore prime examples of senloi slaves 216 Senior Pizza i- ' age Joynee Cox snaps to the bear of her run. Tony Delnoce and J. D. Oder sing " rhe Blues. " Morlene Kew, Drendo Sherfey, ond Krisri Layron are surprised by rhe results of the Senior Polls. By senior year, rhe lump of dough hod come for indeed. He hod lost mony of rhe im- morure chorocrerisrics so common ro freshmen. They were morure individuals capable of greorness. They progressed from conforming children ro independenr oduirs. Each had developed rolenrs and chorocrerisrics v hich mode him unique. The roppings hod given Individuoliry ro all rhe pizzos. And now we come ro rhe culminorion. The pizzas emerged from rhe oven, dripping cheese and overflowing wirh roppings. They were now reody for rhe beginning. Properly rermed commencement, graduorion is a ceremony which presenrs all of Foorhill ' s Pizza Supreme Specials ro rhe world . . . and rhey go on ro conquer. Q Supreme Foothill Pizzo Suprerr Senior Pizzo Poge 1 7 Above: Mindy Allen, Ornirz, and Kristi Broome seem to be enjoying the Home- coming donee Right: Dorcy Pinney urges her donkey on. Below Right: Russ Worts blows his heort out. Juniors i 218 Juniors Sub Diviiion Robert Dasile Erik Douernfeind Phil Adorns Angelo Amort Melindo Allen Trovis Allen Tiffany Chondler, and Nikki Plinner, mow down the sophomores. Williom Allen Robert Allred Christopher Almquist Jomes Alvetson Ellen Amlie John Amneus Williom Anderson Michoel Andreosky Christino Annan Cinnamon Anselmo Christian Aqueveque Potricio Armstrong Lisa Ash Allen Austin Moryonn Avery Belinda Dohorie Richard Doier Matt Gain Negin Doiromi Kent Doker Poul Dokhos David Doll Virginia Doll Suzanne Bonks Amy Boren Kelly Bornes Bobby Barrett Jomie Borrett Melisso Barrows Brion Bortick _ Mart Doin, Rondy Loycock, Doug Kopocho, Chris Ferges, Mike Allen, and Brian Healy build q human pyramid. Juniors 2lV Kristino Deltron Sheilo Bender Eric Deneker More Bennett Deboroh Bermon Michoel Dernomonti Dryon Besheor Brondi Bevons Anish Bhimoni Andrew Biermon Horvord Bonin Brion Blrchler Heother Blockmore Bonnie Bloir Robert Bloney Jennifer Bloyd Dovid Doddy Tiffany Boppell Tina Borkowski Cyntfiio Bowen r obert Broun Elliot Bricker David Bridge Rondy Brink Alicia Brookshire Kristin Drome Julio Brouk Betfiony Drown Kimberly Bruce Polricio Drugmann Betfi Brummett Jaime Brunskill Korrie Dryon Dovid Bryont Suson Burch Lindo Burgos Chrisfino Burns Amy Buse Juniors Are on Top Being o junior was what students waited for because being a junior meant they were an upperciossman. Being on up- perdassman meant one would hove more privileges and respect. One could be o cheerleader, or be on the varsity footboll team, or even go to the prom. It meant one was closer to maturity and the future. Many waited to be on upperciossman because it meant no one was going to put one in a trash con or steal one ' s lunch money. Being on upperciossman was an experience 220 Jufiiors Jeffrey Cofiolon Poulo Colderon Tony Congelosi Dryon Connon Poul Coroccio Cloudio Coro-lopp Joseph Cordon Cfiuck Corr Michoel Corroll Down Corfer Odolis Lopez shows off the fact that she is on upperclossmon. Kyle Corter Jomes Cosey Goil Cfiomberloin Tiffony Cfiondler Scoft Cfiopel Michelle Chopmon Timothy Choppelle Chrlstino Cherpos Steve Chiu Edword Choi Poul Cleory Sondro Cochron Cothy Coffey Dovid Cogswell Gregory Collier Condee Colwell Erick Conrod Christopher Cowdell Shown Coykendoll Bill Crone Juniors 22 Darren Croun Carrie Crawford Doug Crawford Porrick Crawford Rich Croissonf Sterling Crook Julie Cummings Drerr Curron Marc Curtis Kristin Culter Heotfier Dall Joanne Doncy Kelli Dane Sfielly Daniel . Kevin Dart Mike Dougfierty William Dovenport Paul Davies Allison Davis Croig Dovis Dono Davis Susan Dovis Croig Day Julie DeBoer Brian DeCoite Randy DeGroot According to Volerie Fryer and Brian Heoly ir takes two to tongo. Yvonne Denenny Jennifer DeSolvo Lisa DeSontis Goyoni DeSilvo Dorcio Dexter 222 Juniors Choice Juniors were faced wirh a momentous decision: which English class was best? They applied finesse oquired through two years of high school to choose between dosses such OS English Literature, Modern American Novel, and Advanced Composi- tion. Michoel Forr 5rocy Feder Erik Felber Klee Felix Christopher Fergus Shone Ferris Andreo Ferrers Michelle Fiduccio Dean Fienberg Steve Schwartz is storting regret liis Englisin choice. M. J. DiCorlo Down Dingwell Gory Dobbins Greg Doesburg Kreg Donohoe Suzanne Doubet Srocey Duff Elizabeth Dulebohn Clayron Dunlop Mork Dunn Michelle Duvol Beverly Elliorr Chrisropher Elliorr Mork Ellis Christopher Elmer Kimberly Emonuel Ricky Enriquez Debra Evans Poul Evons Kristen Forish Peggy Forney to Melisso Finger Melonie Fink John Fishbeck Juniors 2 J Poul Fisher Arthur Fjeld Kim Ford Nicole Frozee Poul Fruros Valerie Fryer Jennifer Furry Mork Gobelsberg Michelle Gobor Scoft Goley Jeon Gallagher Chris Gorboski Mitchell Gorrison Poul Gospor Michoel Gozzonigo John Gibson Jessico Gilbreofh Adorn Gillmon Lisa Givens Joelle Gonzolez Kristin Grohn Richard Groziono Kevin Gregg Lono Greenowoy Joson Gugino Jordon Gugino Jomes Guz Kristin Hoenel Heidi Hommond Christine Hompton American History Thomas Pain, what did rhis and other names mean ro the overage Foothill High School junior? A lot of hard work. From day one, the U.S. History teachers started to talk obout history. Some teachers even entwined history with Christmas and even the teacher strike. History means progress, accomplishment, and pride in a country, ond without it the world would come to a stand still. They assigned homework, posters, oral reports, and gave tests over the material, but in yeors to come it would give them the knowledge to succeed in life. Jonice Honson Joyne Honson Dorrin Horlow Wendy Hostings Gory Heodding Brion Heoly r obert Heggs Thomas Hell Dorryl Hein Joseph HeredlQ Risel Heredio Christine Hibbord 224 Juniors Shonnon Hill James Hoffmon Dirk Hogon Jennifer Hogseth Kinnberly Hollander Joseph Horner Mornl Hove Ronold Huntlngron Dovid Husband Patrick Huston Gregory Immell Jon Inobo Xerxes Irani Christin Jackmon Antony Jocobs Kotherine Jennings Gino Weisburger Thinks she is or Q junk yard. Dovid Jensen Julio Johnson Kurt Johnson LIso Johnson Gorett Jones Motfhew Jones Gino Juon Eric Kokihoro Colin Korcher Jennifer Kornlk Dovid Kotz Kris Koyl Christine Kozorion Kirk Keegon Timothy Keigwin Charles Keyler Avni Khonno Julie Kiefer Mark Dobbins, Julie DeDor, and Dovid Snnlrhson ore con- I ■ remploring o nop in history doss. Juniors 22 J Sheno Kievol Melisso Kim Koren Kin Liso Kinne Kim Kirk Kim KirkpQtrick Rebecca Klein Adorn Kline Ryon Knoggs Stephen Koehl Douglos Kopcho Karl Kovoc Lenee Kowolik Rosalind Krofick Cristo Krucker Deryn Locombe Andy Lake Du Lorn Kimberly Lombert Laurel Lone Carolyn Lorsen David Larson John Larson Jeffrey Law Cherie Lawrence Rondy Loycock Cynthia Lejeune Juniors Join In Donkey Boskerboll, Prom, Feosr and Jousr, Air Guitar Assemblies, and Homecoming were jusr a few of the numerous activities that the junior class participated in. Getting involved in high school was something all students should try and the juniors showed a perfect example of it. If one was to have attended the Donkey Basketball gome, they would have seen many juniors participating in and cheering on the juniors at the game. When o Foothill student entered the gym for a spedal air guitar assembly, many juniors were already there preparing to perform in the show. Along with these, juniors joined in the fun at feast and joust, homecoming, and Prom. Activities and the junior class went hand in hand, ond through it their school spirit shined. Suson Durch gives her donl ey o loving pot. Michael Leong Lee Lether Michoel Levlne 226 Juniors Derek Monnion Wendy Morsile Omor Mortinez Scon Mossey Mork Moftson Chuck McArthur Shown McConn Leslie McClure Jason McDonnell Aoron McElderry Injo McGehee Dorr McHenry Kevin Lewond Sronley Lewis Trocy Lewis Tonyo Ley June Licoro Carrie Lincourr Eugenio Little Gory Lister Joson Loodsmon Bridget Long Denise Lopez Julie Lopez Odolis Lopez Pom Lopez Kelli Lowe Kinn Lowe Jonothon Lubell Andrus Ludlow John Luno John Lundgreen Down Lunsford Jonine Mohru Christie Annan really gefs inro her performance Juniors 22 7 Ann Meehon Dovld Melicon Poul Mellotf Nicole Menetee NofQiie Menzl Eric Merker Tiffony Chandler rocks our rhe air guitar ossembly. Morcy Merzger Todd Meyer Den Miles Corolyn Miller Kelly Miller KImberly Miller Chris Milton Robert Miner Nojio Mitchell EvQ Molor Koorin Montgomery Stephanie Moore Mary Motley Paul Muret Greg Nakamoto Lorelei Navorto Leslie Nesbitt Julionne Nestor Kent Northcote Douglas Nosier Kellie Noweli Eric Nymon Kevin O ' Drien Alonno O ' Neil Meghan O ' Toole Tracey Oliveiro Tom Olsen Koten Olson Joelle Gonzoiei and Robin Welch give their doies a hug. 226 Juniors Kristino Omohundro Gino Orlondo Jill Ornitz Anrhony Osrerhomp Toro Pockord Krisrin Pointer Drigette Pok Christopher Polofoutos Young Pork Louro Posso Georgio Poieros Eric Poutsch Chris Pederson Potrick Perkins Amie Perrot Eric Person Karl Person Kurt Peters Tony Peters Deirdre Peterson Kelly Peterson Rebecco Phillips Dove Pinkermon Dorcy Pinney Nicole Pliner Scott Primrose Taking It On " The biggy is Prom, bur I also hove ro help wirh exrro curriculor ocriviries, " srored junior class presidenr, Tiffany Chandler. Some of rhe ocriviries menrioned were dances and fund reisers. Along wirh rhese rhings Chandler also ar- rended various meerings and luncheons. Bur why did rhis junior girl rhor hod never before been involved in srudenr government wont to rake rhe enormous rosk of repre- senring rhe junior doss? There was more rhon one reason. Firsr of all she wonred ro ger more involved wirh school happenings, and she wonred ro ger rhe opporruniry ro see whor ir was like ro be o class presidenr. Alrhough srudenr governmenr played o major roll in Chandler ' s life it was for from being rhe only rhing. She was also very acrive in sporrs ond in general school. She found rhe time to be in cross-counrry, boskerboll, and track, and srill moinroined a 4.2 G.P.A. Before Chandler left, she stored, " I rhink our doss is rhe besr Foothill has ever hod, ond I ' m having a lor of fun serving you. " Tim Pronenko Elisso Rocinelli Lourie Rouch Michoel Reofsnyder Motfhew Rebck Jennifer Repke Totciono Rich Leoh Richordson Juniors Iz Andreo Robinson Dryce Robinson Diono Robinson Now fhor rhe Pre-SAT is over, David Korz plans to take a trip ro Mexico. Justin Roddon Kristine Rodgers Mortin Rosenblatt Kevin Rowe Richord Roy Jeff Rucfi Greg Russ Ann Ryu Coroline Sodier Kotfileen Soiorono Lowrence Somueison Vincent Sonflippo Yvetfe Sorfoti Koyko Sowin Karen Scherer Karen Schmid John Schmidt Craig Schneider Rhonda Schneider Jennifer Schromm Chantelle Schroder Adrienne Schuessler Drian Schwortz Steven Schwortz Lisa Schwortz Dominique Scott Mike Bernomonre studies diligently for the Pre-SAT. Dill Shank John Shank Suzie Shokorion 230 Juniors Stepping Forward Ir was six o ' clock when rhe firsr of the srudenrs staggered into the CIC to toke rhe Pre-SAT. Tiredly they sot down ond began the exonn. But what did the Pre-SAT really mean to rhe tired juniors? It meant a new sroge in their lives, and a step to the future. Taking the Pre-SAT began a new era of taking tests. It would lead to more important tests. The SAT and rhe ACT were next. These resrs would offecr which college rhe stu- dent orrended. Then would come college enrronce exoms. The Pre-SAT meonr a srep ro the future because in raking rhis test, they were planning for life. Along with rhis, rhe juniors who mode o score in the 99th percen- tile become Notional Merit Scholars. Approximately 20 Foothill juniors mode if in 1985. As rhe srudenrs complere rhe rwo hour resr, ond once ogoin srumble bock inro bed, ir marks o srep in rheir lives. They hod overcome rhe Pre-SAT. Cloos StonKo Kenneth 5t Donny 5- , jfj r 5 ' eve-, sreiner ToiT • jro Stermon Joson jfern Lourci Stevens , Michelle Sfewr,Jfd Motthew St ' ns Olivlo Suon Kirsten Swenson All Tojeldin Mike Sheehon Amy Sheng Dorlene Shepord Scott Shepherd Melisso Shields Joy Shneider Richord Shrider Jeffrey Shugormon Rurh Shy Leslie Sigbond Justy SilvQ Dovid Simon Dorin Slock Eden Slogle Jim Slotin Steve Slocum Dill Smith fric Smith ■_ on Smith leother Smith Joson Smith Jennifer Smith Docid Smithson Chod Smoloriovich LIso Snydc r Kimberly Solera Jill Spencer .s V Juniors 23 1 Edward Tok Glenn Tokoboyoshi Chris Toylor Kotherine Toylor Christopher Terhune Nolan Thomos Andrea Thompson Heather Thompson Kelly Thon Mike Thome Kristin Throckmorton Saro Thurston Motthew Tippell Timothy Trover Lorelie Novorro toss her boron. Mike Tuchman Robert Tunnell prepares —V Doniel Turbow Travis Turner Kristen Unger Jeffrey Uttz Manfred Von Holle Michelle VonSchimelmon Christopher Walshe Jeff Worren Trad Wotson William Wotts Karen Weost Jeff Weibert Rebbecca Weiss Gina WeissQertaer 232 Juniors Twirlers Parades, Foorboll gomes and pep assemblies, were where rhe junior mo- jorerres showed rheir stuff. The reom was nor only mode up of juniors, there was one senior and one sophomore, bur three of the five majorettes were juniors. Each of the junior majorettes, Lorelie Navarro, Kathy Jennings, and Mary Motley, were on the team for their second year. The team did very well in the 1985 year, they earned a third ploce trophy ot the Tustin Tillers Day Parade, and received a first place trophy ot the Dueno Pork Parade. To earn these awards the teom put in a lot of time and effort, but the results paid off in the end. Stephanie Weissmon Robin Welch Kim Wesson Heather Wesron Phillip Wheeler Peggy White Morio Widmer Jomes Wllhelm Joson Wilkins Dovid Willioms Kimberlee Willioms R,obin Willioms Erik Wilson Loro Wilson Krisfy Wood Shonno Woodruff Brian Woods Michael Worthom Jennifer Yeager Michoel Kuntz Mellsso Mouro Kofj-iy Jennings wonders where l er boron wenr. Frances Yount Domion Zovolo Deborah Gollogher Mary Motley morches proudly on ro rhe field. Juniors 233 Top: Kero Modsen and PquIq Voile hold on right ro their dotes. Right: Jone Ojonpero ond Kelly Sawyer get Involved with the gome. Bottom: Kendle Weatherman and Kristen Northcote swoon over Anne Tonoko. Sophomores 234 Sophomore . Division Doniel Abel Brion Adorns Krisri Evans rests the mud. Dole Addy Elizobeth Albertson Mory Richordson and Amber Smirhi peek our as Greg Johnson, Jenny Comik, Solino Lemke, and Krisren Hagmann fighr for otrenrion. f ichord AlcQzor Chrisropher Alexander Mork Alexander Dori Alpert Sheri Altermon Kurt Ames Dorboro Anderson Gregory Anderson Kotherine Anderson Joon Annon Joson Anselmo Loneo Anrrim Poul Ark Pomelo Ashton Orion Aust Cynthio Bobecky Trod Boird Allon Boker Greg Boker Krisren Boker Morthew Beor Amy Decker Srionyn Dehn Sophomores J5 Joie Dennett Brooke Deresford Andreoe Berg Don Berry Kristi Devons Christine Bish Sheilo DIockerby Coleen Blockmon BrefT Bloom Elizobeth Boddy Kim Boedeker Liso Anne Borm Joson Miller is dumbfounded by the art of driving. Philip Boshort Poul Bowmen Mark Boyce Rick Boyle Jennifer Drodshow Joson Drondallse Robert Brondon Borrett Brouer Julio Bremer Abby Bridge Allele Brink Todd Brock Devid Brooks Susen Brown Elizobeth Bruner Kimber Bryenf Bobby Buckner Andrew Bullock JoonrKi Buononolo Jeni Price prefers noil polish to doss. 236 Sophomores Keys Come With Age The big sixreenrh year of life. Oh, how sweer ir is! The ripe aging of on eager eenoger. Tosring only o slice of life. Wirh hopes and dreams of rhe future. Bur loving every momenr of rhe presenr. The special age v hich qualifies a person ro legally roke conrroi of rhe v heel and drive where his heart desires, or os for as his gas will rake him. Porries, nighrs on rhe rown, presenrs, and pure ecsroric joy ceiebrore rhe arrival of this special year. The keys ro rhe family srorion wagon or mom ' s Cadillac ore rempororily in your possession. The agony of rhose first few monrhs is a facade for rhe proud non- dependence and freedom. Their dreoms ore filled wirh Porsches, Ferraris, GTI ' s, Moseroris, and BMW ' s. Their real life reoiizarions are of onyrhing on four wheels rhor goes from poinr A ro poinr B. Bur hey, sixreen is only a srepping srone in rhe rooring rapids of life. llii 9VHIKI|BH ' Chung John Cisneros Kristin Ciork Kristino Clorke Jerenny Clevenger A sophomore ' s dream, parking lor. (oka rhe parking lor.) Arthur Costro Loren Chodwick Adorn Chombers Edword Chong Kenneth Chiong Thomos Chou o used student Shone Coderre Hildo Cohen Christo Cole John Collins Tinn Collins Morthew Colmon Kory Connbs Sophomores :o7 Christopher Coniglio Drew Conrod Joson Constontine Dollos Coombs Jored Cooper Bradley Cormier Ed Cortes Penelope Crone Sherry Crowford Scorf Crosby Christy Cuddrye Rex Cunninghom John Collins misrokes Michele McCoin ' s face for o pie. Yvette Curiel Andy Dobney Kathleen Dains Steven Donon Michael Dovis Robert Dee Nathan Deering Paige Denny Chonaka Desilvo Kelly Deguzmon Gregory Difronzo Adriene Dimas Kori Dodok Drenno Dumerton Stephen Dunn Louro Dutrisoc More Eden Matthew Edmon Done Eisenmon Chfistopher Endicott Sharon Esquedo David Esslinger Karen Evons Kristi Evans Morgon Ferris Allison Figge Joson Fletcher Janet Fronds Anno Frozier Derek Fritrs 238 Sophomores Nooyoshi Fujito Michoel Fukudo Kozumi Fukushima Jill Furry Rosie Gorcio ' I ' .JUV.i ' .i " -::- Biology The pungent odor of iodine and freshly pureed liver filled rhe air. The nose said no, but rhe feet said go. Enter- ing the laboratory of student scientists, the books were placed carelessly on the desk mode for o quartet of sophomores. Gloss coses ore filled with hundreds of unknown substances, some copoble of disintegrating anything. Minds were swirling with molecules, disassocio- tion, ionization . . . Trying to keep their heads above the flood of nebulous facts and hypothesis was the main goal of the typical sophomore. Dreading the moment of dissec- ting a lily pad laboratory specimen. Shocked by the difficul- ty of the course. Yet more shocking were the grades received. These poor souls felt as though they were trap- ped in a torture session for non-scientists. Counting the days until the final day of biology. Then suddenly realizing . . . CHEMISTRY . . . gasp . . . ANATOMY . . . SCIENCE!!! Gordon Goude Thomos Geidemon Dovid Gesler Jeffrey Gieseo Michoel Gill Jessica Giroldo Beth Goldberg Morio Gomez Michoel Gonzolez Myke Gorup Colin Grohonn Veronica Vosquez and her dore rake a breather from oil rhe Homecoming excitement. Korri Gregg Dorrin Griffirrs Shonnon Guornocci Thomos Gunkel Koren Guzmon Kevin Gwinup Sophomores Dwoyne Hoger Kristin Hogmonn Adom Hoirsfon Defty Homilton 5heri Hommes Bryan Honnegon Amy Honson Steven Hordoge Motthew Hormon Debi Horris Motthew Houser Allison Hoymon Shonnon Hoymond Cory Hoyter Woody Pok is ready ro jump in- to his work. Pomelo Helfrich Ctiristine Henderson Liso Henderson Michele Henson Michoel Hernondez Julie Herr Kristen Hertsgoord Andrew Hibbert Borboro Hicks Michael Higgens Helen Ho Jennifer Hoff Mike Horton Aoron Horvoth Liso Horvoth Corolyn Howord Albert Huong Jock Huong Cothie Hupe Michelle Hurn Nasreen Hussoin Eric Hutton Phu Huynh Daniel Ifflger 240 Sophomores Cheer On Cindy Ross, rhe perfect example of o sophomore cheerleoder. This coproin of soph, cheer wos jusr overflowing wirh energy. She became interested in cheerleoding because of the joy she ex- fserienced performing in front of people ond dancing. Her former years of tap and bollet were coming in very handy. Her big- gest job wos keeping her friendly cheerleaders informed and in line. But she had learned to get along with people, be potienf, ond work together as o team. Cin- dy was also able to find time for JV tennis. She also liked aerobics, going our with friends, and shopping. Her future college plans include studying low ot UCSD or UCSD. Her more immediate plans were to fry out for Yell. Cindy ' s best advice was to be willing to devote your time and over- come your differences with other people. Feeling like a port of the school ond meeting new people was an important aspect of getting involved. Cindy Ross wos one girl with a bright, energy-filled future. Cindy Ross strides on down. Chino IwQto Michelle Jocobs John Jeltomo Gregory Johnson Mary Johnson Shosie Johnson Vivion Johnson Donlel Jones Ebbert Jones Louro Judson Korhryn Kombesrod Conrod Konno Chrissy Korcher Srocy Kovonogh Koren Keogy Korhleen Kelry Korey Kenzy Dovid Kershow Sore Kershnor Shont Kevilion Helen Kim Jomes King Jeffrey King Sophomores, Alex Kirifschenko Robyn Kirkendoll Kocey Knowles Cindy Koo MIco Kreutz Liso Kuchero Elise Longlois Kimberly Lorkin Richord Lothrum Kenneth Lou Joson Leoch Koren Leomon Annoyance, joy, ond surprise ore expressed by Kirsren Lodgord, Carrie Gregg, and Julie Herr. Thomos Lee Soroh Left Nooh Lemos Leadership Goes On Mike Morcherri was born on March 12, 1970 in Yuma, Arizona. His interests include football, going to the beach (like any other California dude), ond attending concerts. Mike became interested in student government because he enjoyed the feeling of im- proving the school and helping others. He ' s learned to listen to all sides of the story, help people, and be open minded through his experiences. And experiences he ' s hod — Pres. of Arroyo in 6th grade, Pres. of Hewes in 8rh grode, Pres. of the Foothill freshman doss, and most recently, Pres. of the sophomore doss. He encourages people to get in-i volved because " you meet new people and experience new things. " Courtesy is alsd important to him. Politics doesn ' t seem to be in Mike ' s f uture, but college may respark his interest. Physical theropy or something else in the medical field was a more definite planj Mike felt his major goal this year was to make it the best one for the sophomores. So far,l he was on the right track. ' Celino Lemke Sobrino Lesuet 242 Sophomore Donielle Lewond Dyer Lewis Kotie Lewis Mofthew Lillord Moile Lilly Austin Lin Cindy Lin Helen Lin Michele McCoin, Kim Powell, Jeni Price, Cindy Ross, Korie Lewis, and Teri Morgan cheer on our Foothill Knighrs. Horoce Lin Chorles Linder Doniel Lindley Kelly Livingston Kirsten Lodgord Brian Logon Kimberii Lopez Jennifer Luno Mictioel MocKinnon Kent Modole Koro Modsen Kimberly Mohon Chris Monzo Lourie Monzo Michoel Morchetti Jennifer Morks Melonle Mortin Yveiie Martinez Quentin McDride Micfiele McCain Cfiristine McCorty Morioh McCouly Micfioel McKeever Patrick McMoins Potric Meony Sophomores 43 Mark Alexander and Dorrin Sproyberry wofch on as Drerr Dyrd eagerly ears his pen. Michoel Meline Liso Mendozo Dione Merker Drion Miller Chris Miller Dole Miller Joyce Miller Nancy Miller Christine Min Mory Montgomery Michelle Morbee Teri Morgon 5cott Mullins Meghon Myhro Cotherine Neoles Jomes Nestor Michoel Newcomb Kori Newcum Glenn Nichol Dino Nicoloi Rochel Nitzberg Kristo Niven Christopher Noble Kristin Northcote Sobryno Nunley Volerie Nozick John O ' Neill Jone Ojonpero Dino Okomoto Hoyley Zoydel Ready to Tackle This roll, dork haired sophomore stood our omorig rhe rest. His specioiry wos acting os right cornerback on the Varsity football team. Quite an accomplishment for a sixteen year old originally from Newport Beach. His football experience began in the sixth grade. He felt he was the player that he was because of his dedication to working hard and knowing the importance of the game. Brett Bloom learned to stick with it even when times were tough and to become a port of the team, not on individual. He would like to attend Washington State University and continue playing football. But he ' ll hong up his cleots and become a physical therapist or doctor after college. Whatever he does, Brett will be known as one good footboll player. 244 Sophomores f Christopher Olson Trocy Orton Andy Pok Woodrow Pok Andrew Polluck Anno Pork Dong Pork Poul Bradford Willlom Peckhom Kenny Pendergroft Poul Peterson Joseph Phillips Korherine Anderson displays Joan Annon in her flustered srofe. Motthew Phillips Robert Phillips Poige Piltz Stephonle Pines Holly Pohlmon Debro Pope Georgette Poudevlgne Kimberly Powell Amber Pendergost Jennifer Price Christino Prltchotd Kflstino Ptoctor Debbie Quin Jonese f odford Tomero ( oiney Fronk Romming Down r opoich Deonne Roulston Geoff Reed John Reed Roberto Reed Dovid Reeve Lindo Regon Robert Reynolds Nino Ricci Heidi Rice Peter Richords Mory Richordson Michoel Richordson Gregory Rieber Sophomores : 0 Shoko Rifokote Lisa Rincon Anthony Robinson Joson Rocco Pofricio R,oh Greg Rosenberger Cynrhio Ross Liso Russ Douglos Russie Lindo Sachs Tina Sadler Steven Soik Stacey Saunders Kelly Sawyer Jamie Soyles Robert Schoefer John Scherborth Gretchen Scherschel Chrisri Schroeck Jennifer Scutz John Schutz Anne Schwab Srephonie Schwortz Steven Schwary Cindy Scott Michoel Scott Steven Scott Trocy Scott Corey Scrivens Williom Seller Ashley Selmon Stephonie Show Michoel Shepord Kurt Shipcott Michoel Schnieder Doniel Shortoll Jeon Shum Joon Shum Remy Shum Jeff Silver Shannon Singer Amy Slozos Deboroh Smoglik Joson Smith Jennifer Smith Kurt Smith Stephonie Smith Stephen Souter Patrick Spears Randall Speors Veronico Spencer Deth Spevok Dorren Sproyberry Ester Springetf 746 Sophomores Kimberly Steoffens Donold Steiner Michelle Stenmork Ronold Stern Trocy Stiverson Ricky 5tolte Lourolie Stuort Un-5oo Sung Joson SurfQS Anne Tonoko Julie Tonnenboum Elizabeth Tonny Robert Telson Michele Terronovo Korisso Thonnos Kotherine Thomos Carrie Thompson Poul Thorton Pauline Tovor Son Tron Louro Tundidor Dylon Uboldi Drendo Underwood Lourel Urbonski Sara Voldez Paula Voile Michoel Voncleove Darlene Vonwinkle Veranico Vosquez Christion Veje Nancy Villarreol Poul Virtorio Matthew Wallin Rebecca Watson Kendoll Weathermen Daniel Wedemeyer Joson Weissberg Adam Weissman Greg Welch Robert Westre Chris Whitoker Greg White Sean Whiteley Ronald Willioms Ned Williamson Showna Willis Amy Wimbush Jeffrey Wokurka Steven Wolfe Bradley Wosinski Jared Wood Brion Wright Gerold Wright Shirley Wu Seth Yakatan Reid Yamoshiro Motthew Yates Joseph Young Philip Young Raymond Yue I Sophomores 247 Above. Performing for the first time, Carolyn Worts, Rochelle Korisen, and Kelly Koul demonstrote o ripple. Right: Delo Gonzalez tries to dunk someone to show her spirit ot Feast and Joust. Below Right: The doss of ' 89 proudly displays their doss floor Freshmen 248 Freshmen 5corf Abrohom Julie Adoms ArdQvon Afrosiobi Andreo Aguilor Steven Alcoroz Leslie Allen Srocio Allen Dovid Alverson More Amdon Shonnon Apono Poul Arnold Kevin Astor Joson Auer Eric Aust Jeonne Dogube Amy Bailey Cothy Doin Drirt Doldwin Edword Boll Steve Doren Chris Borker Eric Dorloewen Kim Barnes Joson Barret Mick Borret Scott Barton Rirhord Bote Elizabeth Bauer Scott Bauer Scott Beeson Steven Bell Joson Bennet Bob Beheor Notolie Bevacquo Kotie Birney Lori Blockerby Dovid Bloney Mott Boche Dovid Bogord Brion Boris Cynthia Borm Johme Bowmon Scott Bowman Victor Boyd John Breen Brodford Bridenbecker Joonno Brooks Louro Brugmon Christino Bryant Amy Burke Koren Lynn Burns Michelle Buse Dovid Butler Roy Colvetti Freshmen z49 John Connon Adorn Corl Crystal Cost Srephonie Choix Jim Corrol Kolleen Cosey Meliso Cholomidos Denise Chopel Robert Chorton Delbert Ctien Doris Chen Morion Chen Tom Chiu Drion Chodowski Chung-lh Chou Deboroh Chuong Brock Colburn John Collier Michoel Connor Kristine Cook Kevin Cops Brion Costonzo Brett Cowdell Debbie Cronke Michoel Crowell Leticio Curiel Jennifer Curnurt Cori Cutliff Terri Done Julee Donford Ethon Donnis Eric Dopkewicz Chorles Dovis Robert Dovis Crystol Deonelle Suzanne Decorion Brett Deese Kevin Degroot Todd Delnoce Kevin Delyeo Right: Kurt Ames is coughf in the hall during doss. Far Right: Curtis Kin and J. P. MurrietQ find fun in exploring he mysteries of ancient China. 250 Freshmen President On Friday, Seprember 27, Scorr Dorron was chosen as freshman class president. Some of rhe many respon- sibillries of rhe freshmen president and council included choosing a homecoming theme and coordinating the Sadie Hawkins dance with the sophomores. As freshman doss president, Barton was also o member of the ASB Cabinet. Barton participated in football and baseball, and currently was holding a 3.8 GPA in classes such as Algebra and English (his favorite). Barton liked to ski and planned to attend Arizona State in the future. Scorr Barron shows his changing moods Srephonie Deml iw Menolso Desilvo Tfino Eggers Tom Dore David Downs Shoron Duncon Julie Dunn Heather Dunseorh Michelle Duron Keith Ellis Doniel Engle Morio Enriquez Joseph Erickson Don Ernst Dovid Evans Jennifer Fash Jado Ferbert Erin Ferris Peter Ferry Craig Ficketf Andreo Fisher Dobbi Fisher Martin Fjeld Thomas Flonogon Drondy Flower Tonyo Foxe Joe Franco Drod Freemon Volorie Freeman Dovid Gallagher Amy Garrison Eric Garcia Michael Gospor Kori Gates Seon Gebo Freshmen 251 Jason Gehly Michael Gospor is looking for- ward to having Physics. Potrick George Drent Gess Carol Gibson Morgo Gillmon ' Tom Gilmore Jeffrey Gilstrop Dello Gonzales Andy Gordon Jodo Gotrell Gronr Gourley Liso Green Richord Greene Arox Gugosion Mark Hollomore Brandon Honn Laura Drugnnan is working for on A. 252 Freshmen Sobrino Hornby Sondy Hommond Stephonie Monger Kirsfen Honsen Elizoberh Honson Mork Honson Trocey Hortnert Kimberly Harvey Carter Hayes Doniel Heoly Joonno Heath Shoyne Hemsley mountQinnriQn You could find John Mounroin or rhe weekly vorsiry football gomes. This in irself was not amazing, it was the foct that he was in unifotm that one found startling. Not only did Mountoin ploy football, he was involved in basketball, baseball, and track. He also skied in his spore time. Mountain was average academically, and said " dosses ore too long " . He was thinking of running for a position on the ASD or sophomore class council next yeor. Tood Henrorin Paige Herrin Shown Hess Julie Hibbord Jennifer Higby Mori Hildreth Chris Hilemon Mork Hill Dione HInojoso Shoun Ho -. vjM Timothy Hollond ■ " Kellie Horrocks You don ' t ofrern find John Mounroin sirring down. Joyce Huang Jolynn Huerta Jeffery Hufnogel Douglos Hume Mory Hunt Jennifer Hutton Freshmen 2j3 Troy Icenhower Dill Irelond Amy Jelormine Duone Jensen Christopher Johnson Down Johnson Debro Johnson Mitchell Jones R,ito Koromordion Christian Korlen Rochelle Korlsen J. P. Murrierro is caught unowore. Scott Kotnik Kelly KquI Deword Kellermon Williom Kellogg R,obert Kelley Courtney Keyler Moro Kievol Doniello Kim Suzanne Kim Potty Kimes Curtis Kin Erico Kinder Westley King Eric Kottke Doryl Kowolik Suson Krocht Theodore Krupp Brian Locertoso Loura Londers Alison Lane Christine Lorson Has Eric Ausi changed completely? € a 254 Freshmen Dovid Lofhrum First Day Fears The first doy or Foorhill - mysterious and incredible. Recovered from the chaos of registration, nervous freshmen eagerly odvonce on the school, seorching for their first period dosses. Many freshmen become lost somewhere on the campus, and wander obour searching for their classes long after the 8:00 tordy bell. Many times lockers do not work, or their owners do not know how to work them, and students descend upon the office like o plague, seeking a person with the knowledge to repair their lockers. Many freshmen approach their counselors for the first time, seek- ing o schedule chonge. Often, freshmen ore owed by the immense knowledge of teochers such as Mr. Robbins, Mrs. Springer, Mrs Fletcher, and Mrs Chen. By the end of sixth period, most freshmen ore relieved to hove mode it through the first day. Gory Lotono Roelene Low Seon Lovenio Nick Lozoruk Debro Lebonoff Joonne Lee Currls Leirner Chris Lemo Ryon Lengle Julie Lerch Mork Ley Cheryl Lin Hubert Lin JoshuQ Lin Koren Lin John Lips Mory Ann Lissner Poul Livengood Mork Loflond Dovid Long Sonyo Lopez Tonya Fox ond Jennifer Somueison hove different opi- nions obour their studies. Audrey Lugo Jon Luken Suzonne Lyon Freshmen 265 Diono MocDonold Poul Mockoy Kathleen MocKintosh Andrew MocLochlon Shown Mongono Shelly Monley Sreve Monn Volerie Monn Deonno Moresh Kim Marseilles Joseph Martinez Dino Pan and Curtis Kin enjoy a donee together. Robin Moyemuro William Mozurie Matthew Mc Clish Chod Mc Henry Gory Mead Steve Mehlberger Dovid Meloni Jonet Merrell Alicia Mew Terry Miles Dovid Miller Andre Molnor Thomas Moore Dono Morgan 256 Freshmen Lovers A major port of any high school English course is lirerorure, and to freshmen, rhor means Romeo and Julier. Shakespeare ' s rale of the fwo " sror crossed lovers " is a friend ro some freshmen, and o foe ro many orhers. Ail freshmen read this rrogedy, most, however, do not under- stand the intricate differences between modern language and Shokespeore ' s " English " . Some hove said it was " on in- teresting experience " , while others say it is " totally stupid and pointless " . But no mat- ter whot people think of this tale, it, in some way, has touched the lives of every freshmen. NotQsho Mosoff John Mountain Neelo MoussQvin Scott Murroy Jonnes Murrieto Dom Musch Julie Neor Joson Newton Tino Nye Trocy O ' Toole Anthony Oh Kietsten Olson Eugene Opittek Rebecca Ortiz Jeffrey Otto ElisQ Podillo D;no Pan Shireen Ponthoky Corey Porker Michael Parker Timothy Porker T D Porks Vanesso Parsons Cinder Pedersen Christopher Potton Jennifer Perror Left: Kori Gores gets the sur- prise of her life Above: Joonno Drool s and Jeonnerre l eed become possessed wirin rhe hioiidoy spirit. Freshmen 257 James Persson Stephen Petermon Deward Perress Tomi Peft Krisren Pettor Roman Pluimer Holly Pollak John Potrs Morcilyn Powell David Dogord (right) studies the face of Crolg Smidt (below)... Potricia Prestinary . . . while Eric Aust looks on from the bockground. Julie Price Steve Quinn Maureen Quirk Donald Rainey Scott Ralston Kristen Randall Devlin Rondel! Kara-Alyn Reddy Jeonnette Reed Cynthia Reagon David Reogan John Ressler Koren Revelle Cherie Richardson Cynthio Richardson Christine Lorson struggles to finish the assignment on time. Julionne Robinson Rebekoh Rosen Brian Rowe Heather Roy Michoel Russel Dovid Soik David Sompico Jennifer Somueison Joel Schnider Troci Schneider Peter Schuler Stephanie Schultz 258 Freshmen .L . Jo On The Run JoQnno Brooks loved Foorhill, bur only when she ' s nor here. How she feir obour Foorhill when she ' s nor here was o mysrery. If one was seriously in- reresred, one could ask oneself Wirh classes like Algebra 2E and Social Studies GATE she wos definitely involved in academics. She was also in- volved wirh track and cross-counrry, os well as ream spirlr, giving her onother side to her in- teresting personality. Her favorite teochers included Mrs. Fletcher ond Mrs. Springer becouse " she will give me on A " . Her plans for rhe future included sur- vival, setting up a system to bribe reochers, ond col- lege at BYU. Bradley Smith Heidi Smith Tricio Smith Wendy Snow Scott Somerndike Joceyn Sommers Felicity Stofford Tonya Stanfield Joanna keeps up her fast poce. Scott Schwontes Dovid Schworz Greg Scott Ron Scott Scott Seover Reno Shohondeh Soroh Show Joanno Brooks rakes o breok wirh o friend. 5u5on Sheng Ryon Shermon Keri Siebert Douglas Silver Robert Simmons Lee Simpson Jill Skjerven Tricio Smortsy Croig Smidt Freshmen 259 Sid Stonkovlts Alicio Stonley Peter Stornes Success costs a lot- as Krisren Walker ' s expression shows. Mark Stouffer Eorl Steiner Drion Stern Lono Stern Toro Stetz Tonia Stevens Liso Stewort Jonothon Stone Richord Stoutenburg Croid Stuorf Sean Sullivan Andy Sweet Mork Takahashi Yoke Tokenoko Cloy Taylor Krisren Teerlink Anthony Terbush Jefferey Thomas Jon Thorne David Threshie Patricio Ting Donielle Tomosick Karen Treichler Amy Burke is deep in thought. 260 Freshmen Guy Tucker Jose Tundidor Crolg Turk Terrence UbI Robert Volenro Word VonPelr Mellsso Veigo Mike Veje Krisren Walker Dorrie Wolloch Den Worner Eric Worsen Carolyn Worts Thomas Weir Is Jeonnerre Reed sleeping? Alex Wesrer Doniel White Tracy Wilcox Deonno Wiles Jon Williams Donny Wilson Jennifer Wirsing Seon Wirmor Joson Womock Jacob Wosinski Shone Wright Alison Yarberry Louro Yoder Stocey York The freshman doss displays irself. Dono Zindors Jock Zurn Sondy Werosophon Freshmen 26 1 62 Conclusion , Conclusion Another year has passed inro the deprhs of rime. Gone irrerrievobly, if echoes wirh memories. The post year has been o year of change. Each individual or Foorhill has changed in some woy for rhe berrer. Whether in athletics, academics, or in extra-curricular activities, students strived to excel beyond post limitations and to soar forward. Their ef- forts were reflected in Foothill ' s excellence in all arenas. Even more important than the physical manifestations of change wos the internol, spiritual evolution of each person. Learning to respect others ' rights os human beings, to overlook their faults, and to forgive hurts; these ore the lessons of life. The Foothill experience prepares students to move ever forward in life. There is no turning bock. Opposite Page Top: Foothill Toll Flogs complete their fiinol porode of the season. Opposite Page Middle: Lisa Honson and Dino Hollstrom demonstrate friendships lost forever. Opposite Page Bottom: Students support the teachers ' cause during the week-long rroumo. tlje Clasps; of 1986 aiib all tlje fi tubeiiti of jfootljiU l)iglj cljool JtiiUn, ' € 92680 onaia a a t ' cns Uwi or of The Toy kiiip, FootliiU Class oC 1982 264 Advertising BOB LANDRUM WADE LANDRUM Security Consultants LOCKS. Safes. Master key Systems TUSTIN Lock and Safe (714) 544-8744 24 hour service 12932 Newport Avenue tustin. ca 92660 Four Seasons Scuba, Inc. jerr aooonER Ounc) liishwior 17i:i:i() 13762 Newport Ave . Tustin. CA 92680 • (714) 731-0359 ooi ) [[ feed Pet Farm Supply Center Professional Don Celt Grooming, Mon - Fri- 9:00 • 6 00 S it - 8 30 - 5 00 Oranni. CA 92669 (714) 5 32-1409 Congrorulorions Drendo! Dr. Divers Underwater Services Sruorr Sherfey N.A.D.M.T. Owner Diver Hull Scrubbing Zinc Replocemenrs Prop Replocements Discount for monthly Scrubbing conrroa (714)543-6053 Advertising 265 Good Luck From Sharon ' s MomI ■....iil ant:isao i gallery art gallery and custom framing 1 7300 1 7th street, tustin, ca 92680 . (714) 731-5432 GERALD R. EIDENMULLER, D.D.S., INC. ORTHODONTICS Exclusively 714 639-1061 615 EostChopmon Avenue ' Orange, Collfornio 92666 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1986 I F( thill students donee the night owoy. 266 Advertising " Anyone know a good optician? " ■§. Oispensi Douglas Young Specializing in contact lenses. jnsing Optician Enderle Center (17th Yorba) 17390 17tti Street. Suite E Tustin, California 92680 838-3652 LIQUOR .(r (714) 544-1444 Imported Oomestic Wines Spirits Keg Beer 12932 Newport Ave. Tuslin. CA 92680 M-TH 8 am -11 p m. F-SAT 8 am. -11 p m. SUN 8 am -11 p m K lh0ii glle M 2: 17300 seventeenth sf fustm ca 92680 (7141 7.31 ?S.3n START YOUR FUTURE IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE 5500 IRVINE CENTER DRIVE IRVINE SADDLEBACK COLLEGE 28000 MARGUERITE PARKWAY MISSION VIEJO PREPARE FOR TRANSFER TO FOUR-YEAR COLLEGES IN 136 AREAS OF STUDY EARN AN OCCUPATIONAL CERTIFICATE IN 1-2 YEARS . -,-p|. ...piPQ • 33 college clubs and organizations t j I VII I to , pjgjjj study courses throughout the Western United States -— l_ll p .pQ • 11 men ' s and six women ' s intercollegiate teams ' ' " -t I lOo , Lggt yggp 33 sthletes moved on to four-year schools on scholarships p. PP-PP 1 iirjAMPP Computerized college and career information ' ' ' UlUANUt , Microfiche library, job search guidance and full-time assistance COUNSELING • a large staff of full-time counselors available on a drop-in or appointment basis IRVINE VALLEY COLLEGE Admissions Office 559-3219 Counseling and Guidance 559-3319 SADDLEBACK COLLEGE Admissions Office 582-4555 Counseling and Guidance 582-4571 Advertising 267 Tustin Trophy Engraving Co. Prompt Service 6 Quality Croftmonship Engraving on rhe Premises CUSTOM AWARDS • GIFTS • NAME BADGES • SIGNS PERMA PLAQUES • CERTIFICATES • RIBBONS • EMBOSSING (714)838-7113 CARL ARDELLE HILL 12932 Newport Ave., Ste. 14 Tustin, Colifornio 92680 " QUALITY DIAMONDS " AND " GEMSTONES " CUSTOM DESIGNING CERTIFIED APPRAISALS GEM IDENTIFICATION LAB A Jewel Box, Inc. 366 South Tustin Ave., Oronge, California 92666 (714)538-3728 ALLAN UYESUGI GRADUATE GEMOLOGI5T ESTABLISHED 1946 Sports Conditioning: 1 1 !!1 Z Ij mi L iii iM PHYSiCAL TMeHMPV s % TRAINING GEAR 871 S. Tustin Ave. Orange, CA 92666 (714) 633-7227 Weight Control High Intensity Training CAHDIAC REHABILITATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION -THE GOAL Of YOUR PERFORMANCE MUST BE EXCELLENCE ' ' IN THE LONG RUN FT IS UP TO VOU ' THtPE IS NO EASY WAY ' 266 Advertising Congratulations to the Class of ' 86! We wish you well as you complete on importonf step in your lives. We ore proud of you! The PFO Advertising 269 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! CARTEL the hair salon Carrel BIdg. 1921 N. TusrinAve. 714- 543 • 944 1 Sanro Ana, Calif. 92701 - «. ) , K I v 5 " - a ijxciafcollulion ofqifb. 173 0 ' East Seventeenth Street libtm, Cafifornia. ■ 9i.bS0 FAMILY TREE PHOTOGRAPHY 17390 East 17th Street - Suite F Tustm. California 92680 Ralph D. Naill 832-3821 Bird Associates REALTORS 12641 NEWPORT AVE. TU5TIN, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE (714) 832-8800 I I Foot. - 5 5. - THE COURTYARD 14941 HOLT AVENUE TUSTIN, CA 92680 714-669-0193 270 Advertising kiC. atie il lcLjuireS 17395 " B " 17th ST. (Tustin ' s French Quarter) Tustin, CA 92680 544-4210 VidED Hut 17 ' =]3S 17th 5T. Tustin, Cfl " lEEfla telephone: 838-7722 Advertising 27 Best Wishes to the Class of 1986 From Loyton Soft Water ' Ctoii : 4tr SAX 696 El Comino Real Tusrin, California 92680 OF TUSTIN EL CAMINO PLAZA (714)838-0617 FRANCO ' S HAIR SALON 1151 N. TUSTIN AVENUE ORANGE.CA 92667 Mon. rhruSor. Wed. GThurs. 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Eve. til P.M. 639-2172 538-9840 Mrs. Wotermon ' ; ortention. nn. COMPLETE DIRECT MAIL ADVERTISING MAILING MARKETING INC. GRAPHICS • PRINTING • MAIL PROCESSING • COMPUTER LIST SERVICES 670 NORTH BATAVIA STREET • ORANGE, CA 92668-1281 272 Advertising The Best Yearbooks Are Taylor Made representative Bob Stephenson Advertising 273 A AVERY, MAP YANN219 ABEL, DANIEL P 235 ABRAHAM, SCOTT J 249 ADAMS, BRIAN 235 ADAMS, JULIE A 249 ADAMS, PHILC 30,87,219 ADDY, DALE R, 90 AFRASIADL ARDAVAN 249 AGUILAR, ANDREA N 249 ALBERTSON, ELIZABETH M, 235 ALCARAZ, STEVEN M 249 ALCAZAR, RICHARD P 90, 235 ALEXANDER, CHRISTOPHER C 235 ALEXANDER, MARK R 90, 235, 244 ALFORD, CHRISTINE A. 161,81 ALLEN, LESLIE J 249 ALLEN, MELINDA D 8, 218, 219, 76 ALLEN, STACIAH 97, 249, 115 ALLEN, TRAVIS P 219 ALLEN. WILLIAM M 87, 219, 39 ALLRED, ROBERTO 219 ALMQUIST, CHRISTOPHER A 219, 92 ALPERT, BARI H 235 ALTERMAN, SHERI 235 ALVERSON, DAVID S 91, 249 ALVER50N, JAMES G 219,63 AMDROSIUS. DILLJ. 161 AMDON, MARC, J. 249 AMES, KURT C 90, 235, 250 AMLIE, ELLEN C 219 AMNEUS, JOHN W 219 AMORT, ANGELA M 219 ANDERSON, BARBARA J 235 ANDERSON, GREGORY M. 235 ANDERSON, KATHERINE 235 ANDERSON, MARTIN W ANDERSON, WILLIAM L 219 ANDREOSKY, MICHAEL N 219 ANNAN, CHRISTINA 219, 226 ANNAN, JOAN M, 235, 64, 63 ANSELMO, CINNAMON S 219, 103 AN5ELMO, JASON T 90, 235 ANTRIM, LANEA L 235 APANA, SHANNON G 249 AQUEVEQUE, CHRISTIAN A 219 AQUEVEQUE, MARIA 161 ARENA, JANINE A 8, 161, 213, 47, 195, 75,77 ARK, PAULP 100, 235 ARMSTRONG, PATRICIA C 219 ARNOLD, PAUL E 249 ARREOLA, EDDIE ASH, LAURA R, 162, 209 ASH, LISAM 219 ASHTON, PAMELA 235 ASKIN, ALLYSON F. 38, 162, 198 ASTOR, KEVIN E,91, 249 AUER, JASON C 91,249 AU5T, BRIAN L 100, 235 AUST, ERIC D 249, 254, 258 AUSTIN, ALLEN EL, 87, 219 B BABECKY, CYNTHIA L 235, 41 DADDER, HEATHER M. 162 BAGUBE, JEANNE M 249 BAHARIE, BELINDAS 219 64 BAIER, RICHARD J, 219 DAILARD, JEFFREY A. 162, 196 BAILEY, AMY NICOLE 249, 1 1 5 BAIN, CATHY M 249 BAIN, MATT J 87,219 BAINBRIDGE, BRETT J. BAIRAMI, NEGIN219 BAIRD, TRAGI L 235, 62, 63 BAKER, ALLAN M 235 104 BAKER, GREG M, 235, 63 DAKERJILLD. 35, 162, 170 BAKER, KENT W 219 BAKER, KRI5TEN L 235 BAKH05, PAUL N 219 BALDWIN, BRITTG 249 BALL, DAVID G 87, 219 BALL, EDWARD 249, 105 BALL, LISA J. 162, 184, 58, 63 BALL, SCOTT T. 90, 235 DALL. THOMAS R. 162 BALL, VIRGINIA M 219 DALSHAN, STEVEN M. BANKS, JODYM. 162 BANKS, SUZANNE M 19, 219 BAREN, AMYL 219 DAREN, ELLINORE A. 37, 162 BAREN, STEVE F 249 BARKER, CHRIS H 91, 249 BARLOEWEN, ERIC W 249, 125 BARNARD, MELISSA M. 235 BARNES, KELLY L 219, 288, 73, 115 BARNES, KIMBERLY A. 249, 115 BARRETT, BOBBY 219 BARRETT, JAMIE B. 219 BARRETT, JASON C 249 BARRETT, MICK R 249 DARROS. SERINA M. BARROWS, MELISSA V 219 BART, RANDALL 235 BARTICK, BRIAN M 219 DARTLEn. BETH E. 162, 204, 67 BARTON, SCOTT J 23, 91, 249, 251 BASILE, ROBERTN 87, 219 BATE, RICHARD A 249. 63 BAHERMAN, MICHAELS. BHAUER, ELIZABETH K 249 BAUER, SCOTT A 249 BAUERNFEIND, ERIK 219 BEAR, MATTHEW J 100,235 BEARD, CHRISTOPHER P BECK. JOEL B. 219, 125 BECKER AMYL 235 BEE50N, SCOTT A, 249 BEHN, SHANYN L 235, 63 DELL, STEPHANIE E. 162 BELL, STEVEN J 249, 105 BELTRAN, KRISTINA 220 BENDER, SHEILA A, 220, 288, 73, 112 BENEKER, ERICA 8, 220 DENEVILLE, SANDRA L DENNER, MICHAEL B. 101. 162 BENNETT. CHERIEC. 162 BENNETT. JASON W 249 DENNETT, JOIE 90. 236 BENNETT, MARC J 220 BENNEn, MATTHEW S. 163, 167, 195 DERESFORD, BRIAN L 163 DERESFORD, BROOKE A 236, 67, 64,63 BERG, ANDREAEM. 236 BERMAN, DEBORAH L 220 BERMAN, LISA 163 BERNAMONTI. MICHAEL S 220, 230 BERRY, DON M, 236 BESMEAR, DOB B. 249 BESHEAR, BRYAN G, 220 DES5E, KRISTIL. 163 BEVACQUA, NATALIE J 249 BEVANS, BRANDI L 220 BEVANS, KRISTI A 236 BHIMANI, ANISH B, 220, 63 BIERMAN, ANDREW L. 220, 100 DILLER, SYLVIA 212, 163, 202, 67, 69 BIRCHLER, BRIAN M 220 BIRNEY, CRISTIN V. 163 DIRNEY, KATIE K, 99, 249 BIRO, ALEX I. 37, 40, 163, 196 BISH, CHRISTINA A, 236 DISSIN, BROOKE A BITTO. MELISSA L. 163 BLACKERBY, LORI S 249 BLACKERBY. SHARON R. 163 BLACKERBY. SHEILA K 236 BLACKMAN. CALEEN A 236 BLACKMORE. GEOFFREY R. 164 BLACKMORE, HEATHER A 220, 98 BLAIR, BONNIE J. 220, 66 BLANEY, DAVID C, 249,63 BLANEY, ROBERT T, 220, 67, 69 BLOOD5AW. EDWARD A. 104 BLOOM, BRETT W 87, 236 BLOOR, KATHARINE E. 37 164 BLOYD. JENNIFER J, 220 DOCHE, MATT R. 249 BODDY, DAVID L 220, 94, 139 BODDY, ELIZABTHS 236 BOEDEKERKIMM 236 BOGARD, DAVID 100, 249, 258 BOIES, KAREN M. 164 BONILLA. WILLIAM W. BONIN. HARVARD E 220 BOPPELL, TAUNI216. 170. 164. 192, 75 BOPPELL. TIFFANY A 220. 67 BORIS. BRIAN C, 249. 105 BORKOWSKI. TINA A 220 BORM. CYNTHIA L. 249. 67. 63 BORM. LISA-ANNE M. 236 BOSEKER, SUSAN A. 27, 288, 164, 199, 73 BOSHART, PHILIP D 236 BOTULA, DANA L 237 BOUS5IACOS, TOM A 237 BOVETA5JOHNG. 164 DOVETAS, VASILIKIG, 237 BOWEN, CYNTHIA L 220 BOWEN, STEVE A 237, 125 BOWMAN, KELLIEM. 164 BOWMAN, PAUL W 236 BOWMAN, SCOTT C 249 DOYCE, CHRISTOPHER J. 164 BOYCE. MARK T. 236 BOYD, VICTOR H 91, 249 BOYLE, RICHARD E 236 BRADFORD, PAUL 245 BRADSHAW, JENNIFER J 236 BRADY, TRICIA 164, 185, 75 BRANCHAUD, STACEY M, 30, 35, 186, 128 BRANDALISE JASON S, 236 BRANDON, ROBERT D, 236 DRAUER, BARRETT E. 100, 101, 236 DRAUN, ROBERT J 31, 220 BRAUN, TOREY R. BREEN, JOHNM, 249 BREMER, JULIA D, 236 BREWSTER, CARRICK C. 28, 85, 87, 201, 165, 188 BRICKER, ELLIOT L 220, 100, 101 BRIDENBECKER, BRADFORD 91, 249 BRIDENBECKER, DIANE C. 165 BRIDGE. ABBY 236 BRIDGE. DAVID E, 220 DRIGGS, STACIE 165 BRIGHT, MERI K. 165 BRINK. ALICIA 5. 236 BRINK. RANDY E 220. 94 BRINKMAN. MICHELE D BROCK, STEPHEN D. 36, 92, 165 BROCK, TODD A, 95, 236 BROME, KRISTIN D. 218, 220 BROOKS, DAVID F. 236, 105 BROOKS, JOANNA M. 2, 103, 249, 257, 128 BROOK5HIRE, ALICIA D 220 BROUK, JULIA A 220 BROWN, BETHANY D 220, 58 BROWN, SUSAN C 236, 63 BRUCE, KIMBERLY A 220, 103 BRUGMAN, LAURA K 12, 249, 64, 63 BRUGMANN, PATRICIA A 220, 288, 73 BRUMEn, JILLL. 165 BRUMMETT, ELIZABETH D 220, 75 BRUNER, ELIZABETH 103, 236 DRUNSKILL, JAIME S 220 BRYAN, KARRIEJ 220 BRYANT, CHRISTA E. 249, 40, 128 BRYANT, DAVID E, 220, 92 BRYANT, KIMBER L. 99, 236 BRYANT, MICHAEL P. 28, 87, 165, 200 BUCKNER, BOBBY L 236 BUKER, ERIC 165 274 Index DULLOCK, ANDREW R 236 DUONANATO, JOANNA 236 DUIXCH, SUSAN E 220, 226, 77, 76 DUr GOS, LINDA J 220 DURNETT, CAREY 237 DURN5, CHRISTINA M. 19, 220 DURNS. KAREN LYNN 249 DURT, JAMES L. 165 DURTON, ANNM 2 37 DUSALACCHI, FRANK A 90, 237 DUSE, AMY E 220, 128 DUSE, MICHELLE M 249, 128 DUTLER, DAVID 91, 249 DYRD, BRETT W 90, 237, 244 c CADY. THOMAS A. 165 CAGLE, THOMAS 87, 41 165 CAHALAN, JEFFREY J. 221, 125 CAHALAN, JENNIFER L 237 CALDERON, PAULA C. 221 CALVETTI, ROY P 249 CAMPBELL, JEFF W, CANGELOSI, ANTHONY 5. 221 CANNON, BRYAN D 221 CANNON, JOHN F 91, 250 CANNON, TRACEY 166 CARACCIO. JOHN E. 38. 166 CARACCIO, PAUL M. 221 100 CARL, ADAM J 250, 67 CARLYLE. STARR 237, 139 CARO-LOPP, CLAUDIA 221 CAROLAN, JOSEPH E. 221 CAROLAN. PATRICK M. 38, 166 CARR, CHUCK E 221 CARROLL, JIM P, 100, 250 CARROLL, MICHAEL D 221 CARTER, CHRISTAG. 166,81 CARTER, DAWNE. 221 CARTER. KYLE L, 221.81. 125 CARTER, PAIGE A. 37. 163. 166. 189 CASEY, JAMES A 87, 221,67 CASEY, KOLLEEN E 250 CASH, DAVID H. 166 CASH. PAULA 237 CAST. CRYSTAL J 250.67 CAST. JIM 166 CASTRO. ARTHUR A. 95. 237 CHADWICK. LOREN J 237 CHAIX. STEPHANIE I 250 CHALAMIDAS. MELISA R 250 CHALAMIDAS. TRACIE L. 167, 198 CHAMBERLAIN, GAIL R 221,76 CHAMBERS, ADAM M 12, 90, 237 CHANDLER, TIFFANY L. 219. 221. 102, 103,228, 114, 115 CHANG, EDWARD 100, 237 CHAPEL, DENISE250 CHAPEL, SCOTT A 221 CHAPMAN, EDWARD W. CHAPMANN, MICHELLE A 221 CHAPPELLE. TIMOTHY C 87, 221, 125 CHARTON, ROBERT B 100, 250 CHEN, DELBERTW 250 CHEN, DORIS 99, 250 CHEN, MARIAN M. 250 CHEN, ROBERT H. 167 CHERPAS. CRI5TINAN 221 CHIANG. KENNETH T 237, 125 CHIU, STEVE 221 CHIU, TOM 250 CHODOW5KI, BRIAN D 91, 250 CHODOWSKI, KIM M. 167 CHOI, EDWARD 221 CHOI. HELEN 167 CHOU. CHUNG-IHJ 250 CHOU. THOMAS J 237 CHRISTY. THOMAS 167 CHRUNLEY, ROBERT E. 26, 167, 56 CHUANG, DEBORAH J, 250 CHUNG, IL Y,237 CHUNG, MARY K. 167 CISNEROS, JOHN R 238 CLARK, DEVON C. 167 CLARK, KRISTIN M 238 CLARK, LEANNE R. 2, 95, 97, 214, 174, 170, 167, 192, 128 CLARK, MICHAEL J. 26, 167, 58 CLARKE, KRISTINA R 238 CLEARY, PAUL H. 221 CLEVENGER, JEREMY S, 236 COCHRAN, SANDRA L 221 CODERRE, SHANE R 238 COFFEY. CATHY 102. 221 COGSWELL, DAVID W, 221 COHEN, HILDA A 236 COHEN, JOSHUA A. 26, 167, 63 COLBURN, BROCK, B 250 COLE, CHRISTAM 98, 238 COLLIER, GREGORY M, 221 COLLIER JOHN M 250 COLLINS, JOHN B, 238, 125, 60 COLLINS, TIM J. 90, 238 COLMAN. MAHHEW A. 236 COLWELL, CANDEE S. 221 76 COMBS, KORY B, 238 CONIGLIO, CHRISTOPHER M 238, 105 CONNOR, MICHAEL J 250 CONRAD " drew R. 238 CONRAD, ERICH C 221 CONSTANTINE. JASON P, 90, 236 COOK, KRI5TINE M 103. 250, 128 COOMBS, DALLAS 236, 114, 115 COOPER, JARED, S 238 COPS, KEVIN C 91, 250 CORMIER, BRADLEY R, 236, 40 CORONADO, MELINDA L. 12, 168, 62,63 CORTES, ED 238 COSTANZA, BRIAN F 95, 250 COTMAN, DANNAJ.36, 168, 197, 67 COWDELL, BREH M 95, 250 COWDELL, CHRISTOPHER J 67, 221,60 COX, BRADLEY J. 26, 37 100, 166 COX, JANYEE 102, 217, 166, 126 COYKENDALL, SHAWN W 221 CRANE, BILLM 221 CRANE, PENELOPE D 236 CRANKE, DEBBIE 250 CRAUN, DARREN J 222 CRAWFORD, CARRIE K 222 CRAWFORD, DOUG A 92, 222, 288 CRAWFORD, PATRICK D 222 CRAWFORD, SHERRY 238, 115 CREQUE, JACQUELINE M. 168 CROISSANT, RICH J 31, 222 CROOK, STERLING D 222 CROSBY, SCOTT 236 CROWELL, MICHAELS 250 CUDDYRE, CHRISTINE M, 238 CUMMINGS, JULIE K. 222 CUNNINGHAM, BRIAN T, CUNNINGHAM, REX W 238. 105 CURIEL, LETICIAM 250 CURIEL. YVETTE 30, 236, 126 CURNUTT, JENNIFER D 250 CURRAN, BRETT D 67, 222 CURTIS, MARC W. 222 CUTLER, KRISTIN M 222 CUTLIFF, CARIL 250 CUTLIFF, CHRISTOPHER N. 87, 166, 197 D DABNEY, ANDYL 238 DAINS, KATHLEEN J. 238 DALE, ADDY235 DALL, HEATHER A 222, 61, 67 DANCY, JOANNE 222 DANE, KELLI L. 222 DANE, TERRI D, 250 DANFORD, JULEEA, 250 DANIEL, SHELLY L, 222, 67 DANIELS, MICHELE 166 DANNIS, ETHAN G 250 DANON, STEVENS, 238, 125 DAPKEWICZ, ERIC D 250 DART, KEVIN H, 222 DAUGHERTY, MICHAEL P 222 DAVENPORT, WILLIAM F 101, 222 DAVIES, ANGELA J. 61 DAVIES, PAUL H 67, 222 DAVIS, ALLISON K, 222 DAVIS, CHARLES P, 22, 94, 95, 250, 139 DAVIS, CRAIG S, 222, 104, 105 DAVIS, DANA J, 222 DAVIS, JOY L 17, 38, 168, 204, 199, 186,67, 112 DAVIS, MICHAEL C 236 DAVIS, PRESTON S, 168, 124 DAVIS, ROBERT C 250 DAVIS, SUSAN A 2, 96, 97, 222, 83, 112 DAY, CRAIG S 222 DEAENLLE, CRYSTAL Y 250 DEAN, WINDY L. 216, 214 169, 170 DEBOER, JULIE A 222, 225, 76 DECARION, SUZANNE M 250,40, 126 DECELL, TANYA Y. 169 DECOITE, BRIAN K 87, 222, 104 DEE, ROBERT C, 236 DEERING, NATHAN A 238 DEE5E, BRETT P 250 DEGRASSE, DEBRA L 169 DEGROFF, DAVID R. 169 DEGROOT, KEVINJ 22, 95 250, 139 DEGROOT, RANDY M, 222 DEGUZMAN, KELLY 238 DELNOCE, ANTHONY 4, 26, 36, 217, 169, 62 ,63 DELNOCE, TODD C 91,250 DELYEA, KEVINJ 250 DEMKIW, STEPHANIE G 251 DEMOSS, BONNIE 169 DENENNY, YVONNE D 222,64 DENNY, PAIGE 98, 238 DESALVO, JENNIFER A 222,63 DE5ANTIS, LISA A 222 DESILVA, CHANAKA238 DESILVA, GYANI V.99. 222 DESILVA, MENAKAN 251 DEVRIE5, MATTHEW 169 DEXTER, DARCIAM 222 DICARLO, M J 223 DIFRONZO, GREGORY 238 DIMA5, ADRIENE30, 238 DINGWELL, DAWNM 223 DIONNE, RUSSEL E. 87, 169 DISARRO, DEREK B DISARRO, MICHAEL D. DOBBINS, GARY A 238 DOBBINS, MICHAEL J. 225 DODAK, KARI A 3, 238 DOESBURG, GREG K 223 DONAHOE, KREG W 223, 67 DORE, TOMP 251 DOUBET, SUZANNE L, 223 DOWNS, DAVID F 251 DOWNS, LANCE R. 169 DUARTE, ROSEMARIE 169 DUFF, STACEY L. 223 DUGAN, DANELLE187, 169 DULEBOHN, ELIZABETH M 223 DUMERTON, BRENNA N, 236 DUNCAN, SHARON L 251 DUNLAP, CLAYTON A 223 DUNN, AMY M. 37, 201, 170, 76 DUNN, DAVID J. 170, 124 DUNN, JULIE A 251 DUNN, MARKS 65,67, 223 DUNN, MICHAELS. 170 DUNN, STEPHEN B 236 DUNSEATH, HEATHER K, 251 DURAN, MICHELLE L 251 DUTRISAC, LAURA J 8, 98, 238, 60 DUVAL, MICHELLE 223, 76 EDEN, MARC A 238 Index 275 EDMAN, MATTHEW 238 73,63 EGGER5, TRINAL 98 FIORE. PAUL 28, 87, 171, 165, 200 EIDENMULLER. JEFFREY 170 FI5CHDECK, JOHN M 7, 84, 87, 223, EI5ENMAN, DANA G 238, 125 41 EISENMAN, DOUGLAS R. 170. 124 FISHER, ANDREA M. 251 ELLIOTT, BEVERLY G 67 FISHER, DODBIJ 251,67 ELLIOTT, CHRISTOPHER M 223 FISHER, PAUL D 224 ELLIS, KEITH M 251,63 FIHERER, JOHN T. 40, 171 ELLIS, MARK T 223 FJELD, ARTHUR K 224 ELMER, CHRISTOPHER D 223 288, 49, 73, 48, 60 ELPERS, MARK R. 170 EMANUEL, KIMDERLY223 ENDICOTT, CHRISTOPHER P 239 ENGLE, DANIEL 251 ENRIQUEZ, MARIA E, 251 ENRIQUEZ, RICKY G. 223 ERICK50N, JOSEPH L, 251 ERNST, DAN 251 ESCOTO, JASON ESPINOSA. ALFREDO L. 170 ESQUEDA, SHARON 239 ESSLINGER, DAVID A 239, 105 ESTRADA, ROBERT P. 170 EVANS, DAVID C 91, 251 EVANS, DEDRA A 223 EVANS, ERIKA J, EVANS, KAREN J 239, 77 EVANS, KRISTI D 8, 32, 235, 239, 77 EVANS, PAUL W 223 FAHS, JENNIFER E FARISH, KRISTEN E. 223 FARMER, JOEL G. FARNEY, MARGARET C 223, 40 FARR, MICHAEL D, 223 FASH, JENNIFER 251 FEDER, STACY L,223 FELDER, ERIK L 223 FELBER. MICHAEL 67, 170 FELIX, KLEEJ FENMORE, ERICJ. 27, 171 FENTON, DAVID C FERDERT, JADAM 251 FERGUS CHRISTOPHER C 30 85 87, 219, 223 FERRIS, ERIN L 251 FERRIS, MORGAN L. 90, 239 FERRIS, SHANE C, 87, 223 FERRY, PETER J, 95, 251 FETTERS ANDREA M 223 FICKETT, CRAIGA 251 FICKEH KENNETH R. 171 FIDUCCIA, MICHELLE P 223 FIELD, MATTHEW A. 171 FIENDERG, DEAN H. 223 56 FIGGE, ALLISON J. 239 FINGER, MELISSA 223 FINK, MELANIE T, 18, 223, 288, 64, FJELD, MARTIN R 251 FLANAGAN, THOMAS V. 251, 58 FLEISCHAKER, STEPHANIE A. 2, 28 95, 97, 171,197,83, 112, 113 FLETCHER,JASON T. 239 FLOWER, BRANDY M. 251 FOGARTY, LOR A A. 1 7 1 , 58 FORD, EPHFRIAM87, 171 FORD, KIMR 224 FORESTER, BOBBI FOTO, ANTONELLA A. 99, 1 7 1 FOX, DAVID J, 171 FOXE, TANYA S 251, 255, 115 FRANCIS, JAMES L. 171, 63 FRANCIS, JANET M, 239, 63 FRANCO, JOE A, 101, 251 FRANCO, JOHN L 26, 100, 172 FRANCO, JULIE K. 215, 172,69 FRAZEE, NICOLE D 224 FRAZIER, ANNA 239 FREEBAIRN, JOHN S. 10, 28, 213 172, 196,67 FREEMAN, DRAD5, 251 FREEMAN, MICHAEL R. FREEMAN, TODD B FREEMAN, VALORIE L 251 FRIEDEMANN, JULIE A FRITTS, DEREK G 90, 239 FRUTOS, PAUL W, 224 FRUTOS, TONY G. 172 FRYER VALERIE A. 97, 222, 224 FUJITA, NAOYOSHI 239 FUKUDA, MICHAEL T. 239 FUKUSHIMA, KAZUMI 239 FULLER, KEVIN M. 172 FURRY, JENNIFER J 224 FURRY, JILLS 239 G GADELSBERG, MARK L. 224 GABOR, MICHELLE K. 224 GALEY, SCOTT D 94, 95, 224 GALLAGHER, DAVID A. 251 GALLAGHER, DEBBIE A 233 GALLAGHER, JEAN M 224 GANSEL, MARK E. 16, 92, 172 GARBOSKI, CHRIS A. 224, 1 12 GARCIA, ERICS 90, 251 GARCIA, ROSARIO F, 239 GARRISON, AMYE 251 GARRISON, MITCHELL A 224 GASPAR, MICHAEL L 251 GASPAR PAUL 87, 224 GATES, KARI P 251,257 GATES, LAURIE A. 172, 81 GAUDE, GORDON M, 239 GAULT, REX 172 GAZZANIGA, MICHAEL S 30 87 224 GEBO, SEANK 251 GECKER, ANDREA H. GEDDY, FELICE 172, 112, 113 GEHLY, JASON B GEIDEMAN, THOMAS E 239 GENEST, LARRY R. 173 GEORGANTAS, CHRIST, GEORGE, PATRICK M GE5LER, DAVID 90, 239, 105 GESS, BRENT E GEYER, MICHAEL J. 87, 173, 192 GIBSON, CAROL S GIBSON, JOHN R 224, 74 GIBSON, WILLIAM T. 173, 203, 185 GIESEA, JEFFREY T 239, 124 GIFFIN, PAIGE C. 212, 173 67 64 63 GILBREATH, JESSICA A 224 GILL, MICHAEL J, 239 GILLIAM, CARMEN L 173 GILLMAN, ADAMJ 92,224 GILLMAN, MARGO A GILMORE, TOM H GILSTRAP, JEFFREY W. 125 GILSTRAP, KRISTI L. 173 GIN, KAREN 210, 173, 160 GIRALDO, JESSICA M, 239 GIVEN5, LISAS. 224 GLASS, ROBERT A. 173 GOLDBERG, ADINE R. GOLDBERG, DETH E. 240 GOLDEN, KEITH T, 173 GOLDSTEIN, JEFFREY D, 174 GOLDSTEIN, LISA 161, 174 175 47 75,77 GOMEZ, MARIA M 240 GONZALES, CHERYL M. 174 GONZALES, DELLA P 248 GONZALEZ, JOELLE K. 224, 228 GONZALEZ, MICHAEL J. 90, 240 GOODMAN, VICTORIA H. 174, 202 67,69 GORDON, ANDY GORDON, JAY E. 174 GORRELL, JADA C GORUP, MYKE L. 240 GOURLEY. GRANT H 125 GOVERNALE, FRANKJ. 31. 174 GRAHAM, COLIN B, 240 GRAHN, KRISTIN D 224 GRAHOVAC, THOMAS M. 31, 174 GRAMS, STEVEN P 174 GRAVLEY, RICK A. 214 GRAZIANO, RICHARD G. 224, 81 GRECO, ANDREW J. 87, 174 GREEN, LARRY S. 175. 200 GREEN. LISA GREENAWAY, LANA L 224 GREENE. RICHARD A. 91 GREGG. KARRI S 240. 242 GREGG. KEVIN S 100. 224. 288. 73 GRIFFITTS. DARRIN T 240 GROFF, REBECCA J. 175,81 GUARNACCI, SHANNON 240 GUGASIAN, ARAX V GUGA5IAN. SUSAN A. 37, 187. 175, 128 GUGINO. JORDAN 224 GUNCKEL. THOMAS L. 240 GUNZ. JAMES F. 92. 224 GUZMAN, KAREN E. 240 GWINUP, KEVIN L. 240, 150 H HAENEL, KRISTIN M. 224 HAGER. DWAYNEH 240. 105 HAGMANN, DEREK S. 175 HAGMANN. KRISTIN J 235. 240 HAIRSTON, ADAM 84. 87. 240 HALLAMORE. MARK R. 91 HALLSTROM, DINA 10, 28, 29 175 263 HAM, BRANDON J. HAMBY. SABRINA B 253 HAMILTON. BETTY R, 240. 81 HAMMES. SHERI M, 240. 63 HAMMOND, ANNA K. 175. 163 HAMMOND. HEIDI L. 224 HAMMOND. SANDY C. 253. 63 HAMPTON. CHRISTINE M. 224 HAMPTON. SONJA J. 175 HANCOCK, BARRY W. 175, 124 HANGER, STEPHANIE M. 253, 139 HANNEGAN, BRYAN J 240 HANSEN, KIRSTEN E 253 HANSEN, SALLY M. 17, 175, 160 HANSON, AMY 240 HANSON, ELIZABETH 253 HANSON, JANICE A 224, 67, 64, 63 HANSON, JAYNE224 HANSON, JOHN W. 176 HANSON, LISA L. 10, 176, 263 HANSON, MARK W. 91, 253 HARDAGE, STEVEN R. 240 HARDAGE, SUSAN M. 202. 176. 67 HARLOW, DARRIN 224 HARMON. MATTHEW 240, 125 HARRIS, DEBRA S 240 HARTNETT, TRACEY A. 253 HARVEY. JEFFREY M. 100, 204. 176. 76 HARVEY. KIMBERLY A. 253 HASTINGS. WENDY M 224 HAUSER. MATTHEW 240 HAWTHORNE, VALERIE L. 176, 56 HAYES, CARTER E 100,253 HAYMAN, ALLISON D 240 HAYMAN, DANIELS. 176,67 HAYMOND, SHANNON 240 HAYTER, CORY K 240 HEADDING, GARY R 224, 124 HEALY, BRIAN P 87, 219, 222, 224 HEALY, DANIEL T. 91,253, 105 HEATH, JOANNA C 253 276 Index HEGG5, ROBERT L 224 HEIL, THOMAS W 87, 88, 89. 224 HEIN, DARRYL A 87, 224 HEINRICH, JENNIFER L 10. 176 HELFRICH, PAMELA 5 240 HEM5LEY. 5HAYNE W 253 HENDERSON, CHRISTINE E 240 HENDERSON. EARLICIA S, 240, 128 HENROTIN. GREGS. 100, 176 HENROTIN, TODD A 253 HENSON, MICHELE L 240 HEREDIA, JOSEPH R 92, 224 HEREDIA, RI5EL L, 224 HERINCKX. HENRIANNE HERMAN, OARRY 196. 176, 58 HERNANDEZ, MELISSA I. 177 HERNANDEZ. MICHAEL J 240 HERR. JULIE C 240, 242 HERRIN, PAIGE E 253 HERTSGAARD, KRISTEN L 240 HESS, SHAWN F. 253 HIDDARD, CHRISTINE L, 103, 224 HIDDARD, JULIEA 103, 253 HIDDARD, LISAM. 10, 177 HIDDERT, ANDREW J 240 HICKS, DARDARA L 240 HIGDY, JENNIFER L, 253, 60 HIGGINS. MICHAEL A 90. 240 HILDRETH. MARI S 103. 253 HILEMAN, CHRIS G, 253 MILKER, ELIZADETH J. 177 HILL. MARK 253 HILL. SHANNON M 225. 77 HINES, CARRIE L. 17. 177, 160 HIN0J05A, DIANE 253 HIRSCH, KAR5TENU. 177 HO, HELEN C 240 HO, SHAUN V. 253 HOEKSTRA, DAVID A, HOFF, JENNIFER L. 240, 56 HOFFLANDER, RONALDS. 177. 124 HOFFMAN. JAMES E. 19, 225 HOGAN, DIRK J. 225 HOGSETH, JENNIFER E 225 HOLDER, JON D. 177 HOLLAND. ROBERT E, 177 HOLLAND, TIMOTHY M 91. 253 HOLLANDER. KIMDERLY A 225 HORNER. JOSEPH P 225 HORROCKS, KELLIE M 253 HORTON, DRIANS. 87, 177, 165, 203, 192 HORTON, MIKE D 87, 240 HORVATH, AARON R 90, 241 HORVATH, LISAM 241, 128 HORVATH, TANYA I 10, 288. 177. 73 HOUSE. DRUCE L. 87. 177 HOVE, MARNI M 225 HOWARD, CAROLYN 241 HO YT, MICHELE M. 184 HUANG. ALBERT K 241, 125 HUANG, JACK L 241 HUANG, JOUH. 16. 184 HUANG. JOYCE C 253 HUDDERT, JACK L 184 HUERTA. JOLYNN253 HUFF, HAROLD E, 184 HUFNAGEL. JEFFREY W 95, 253 HUME. DOUGLAS R 253 HUNKINS, ERIN M. 184 HUNT. MARY E 253 HUNTINGTON. ALISA J. 192. 184 HUNTINGTON, RONALD M 225 HUPE. CATHIE I 241 HURTT. MICHELLE C 241 HU5GAND. DAVID A 87. 225 HUSSAIN, NASREENS. 241 HUSTON. PATRICK L 225 HUTTON. ERIC 241 HUTTON. JENNIFER D 253. 67 HUYNH. PHUK 241 HUYNH, XUONG, K. 184 HWAND. J 99 ICENHOWER, TROY D 254 IFTIGER, ALLEN P, 36. 288. 184 IFTIGER, DANIEL P 90, 241 IMMELL. GREGORY S 6, 225 INADA. JONA 31. 225 IRANI. XERXES 225 IRELAND. WILIAMH, 254 IWATA. CHINA E, 99, 241 IZADI, KAMRANS 261 J JACKMAN, CHRISTIN C 225 JACOBS. ANTONY F 31. 225 JACOBS. MICHELLE A 241 JAHANGIRI. PA YAM JAQUES, CRAIG W, 185 JARAMILLO. CARLOS A. 185 JARAMILLO. DIANAS, JEFFRIES, KIMDERLEE K. 185 JELORMINE, AMY J 254 JELTEMA, JOHN S 241. 63 JENNINGS. KATHERINE B 18, 225, 232. 62. 63 JENNINGS, LIDA R, 185 JENSEN. DAVID A 225 JENSEN. DUANE5 254 JIMENEZ. EDDIE M JOHNSON. CHRISTOPERC 254 JOHNSON. DAWN C, 254 JOHNSON. DEBRA D 254 JOHNSON, DEREK A. 164 JOHNSON. GREGORY R 90. 235. 241 JOHNSON, JARREn A, 7, 92. 185 JOHNSON. JULIA G. 225 JOHNSON, KURT A, 31, 225, 74 JOHNSON, LISAM 18,225,67 JOHNSON. MARY P 241 JOHNSON. MICHAEL JOHNSON. 5HA5IE L 241 JOHNSON, TRACY L 185 JOHNSON, VIVIANS 241 JONES. ASHBY E 241 JONES. DANIEL J, 241 JONES. GARETTB. 225 JONES, JACK JONES, MATTHEW B 87, 225 JONES, MITCHELL A 95, 254, 139 JORDAN, DONALD R. 185 JORDAN, JULIE 185 JUAN, GINA 225 JUDSON. LAURA 241. 81 JUDSON, MICHAEL 185 K KAKIHARA. ERIC 225. 63 KAMBE5TAD. KATHRYN D 241 KAMMERMAN, RICHARD F. 185 KANAREK, JODYL. 185 KANG, PATTY J, 186 KANNO. CONRAD 241 KARAMARDIAN. RITA M 254 KARAMARDIAN. VERA37. 187, 194, 186 KARCHER. CHRISTINE L 242 KARCHER. COLIN M, 225 KARLEN, CHRISTIAN J 254 KARLSEN, ROCHELLE L 248, 254, 64,63 KATNIK, JENNIFER L 225, 235 KATNIK, SCOTT A 254 KATSIVAUS, GEORGE 186 KATZ, DAVIDJ 225, 230, 125 KAUFMAN, YVETTE 97, 214, 207, 186 KAUL, KELLY L. 12, 248, 254, 64, 63 KAVANAGH, STACY L 242 KAYL, KRISC 225 KAZARIAN, CHRISTINE M 225 KEAGY, KAREN 242, 58 KEEGAN, KIRK A, 225 KEIGWIN, TIMOTHY A 225 KELLERMAN, EDWARD R 91, 254 KELLEY ROBERT 254 KELLOGG, KAREN L, 30, 175, 75 KELLOGG, WILLIAM L 91, 254, 186 KELLY, CAROLYN M. 201, 166, 186, 176,60 KELTY, KATHLEEN A 242 KENZY, KAREYM. 242, 81 KERSHAW, DAVID 100, 242 KER5HNAR, SARA L 242 KEUILIAN, MARALT. 10, 196, 186 KEUILIAN, SHANT242 KEW. MARLENE E. 288, 187 217, 73 KEYLER, CHARLES J, 91, 100,225 KEYLER, COURTNEY J 254 KHANNA, ANJALI 187 KHANNA, AVNI225, 58 KIEFER, JULIE D, 225, 76 KIEVAL, SHENA B 226 KIEVAL, MARA 254 KIM, CHERYL M. 288, 187, 67, 73 KIM, DANIELLAA 99,254 KIM, HELEN J, 242 KIM, MELISSA J 226 KIM, STEVE M KIM, SUZANNE 5 254, 128 KIME5, PATRICIA H 254,67 KIN, CURTIS A 100,250,254 256 60 KIN, KAREN E, 226 KINDER, ERICA M. 254 KING, JAMES R 242 KING, JEFFREY M 90, 242, 105 KING, WE5TLEY H 254 KINNE, LISAM 18, 226 KIRITSCHENKO, ALEX S 242 KIRK, KIM P, 226 KIRKENDALL, ROBYN L 242 KIRKPATRICK, KIM L 226 KLEIN, REBECCA L 226 KLINE, ADAMM 92, 226 KLOSTERMAN, DEDRA A. 187, 209 KNAGGS, RYAN C 226 KNAPP, JAMES C, 40, 187 KNODOE, CATHERINE M. 288, 187, 67, 73 KNOWLES, AMY K, 187, 177 KNOWLES, KACEY C 99, 242 KOBAYASHI, JOY S. 28, 29 187 200, 75 KOEHL, STEPHEN A 67, 226 KOO, CINDY H 242 KOO, SOOSIE H. 167 KOPCHA, DOUGLAS B 34, 219, 226 KORICH, DAVID L, 188 K05L0SKI, STEVEN L, 188 KOTTKE, ERIC F 254 KOVAC, KARLB 226 KOWALIK, DARYLG 100,254 KOWALIK, LENEE E 226 KRACHT, SUSAN E 254, 115 KREUTZ, MICA E 247 KROTICK, ROSALIND 226 KRUCKER, CRISTA L 226 KRUPP, LEAH M. 166 KRUPP, THEODORE K 254 KUCHERA, LISAM 242 KUNTZ, MICHAEL G 233 LACERTOSA, BRIAN J 254 LACOMBE, DERYNT, 226 LACY, DEVERLY J. 12, 213, 166, 47, 198, 188,75,74 LAKE, ANDY C 87, 88, 226 LAKIN, DONALD J, 87 186 LAM, DU H 226 LAMBERT, KIMBERLY S 226, 81 128 Index 277 LAMBERT, KRISTEN D. 214, 188. 361, 128 LAMM, RACHEL 212, 188,67 LANDERS, LAURA M 254 LANDON, BRIAN C, LANE. ALISON M 254 LANE, LAUREL 226 LANGLOI5, ELI5E243 LARKIN, JANELLE D. LARKIN, KIMBERLYD. 243 LARSEN. CAROLYN J 226 LARSON, CHRISTINE L 254. 258 LARSON. DAVID A 226. 125 LARSON. JOHN K 226 LASSITER, BRYAN W. LATHOU5E, NICOLE 168. 81 LATHRUM. DAVID J 255 LATHRUM. RICHARD J, 243, 105 LATONA. GARY G, 255 LAU. KENNETHS 243 LAVENIA. SEAN P, 255 LAW, DARREN P. 188 LAW. JEFFREY C 226 LAW. RAELENE255 LAWRENCE. CHERIE N 226 LAYCOCK. RANDY W 84. 87, 219. 226. 41 LAYTON, KRISTI 288. 217. 169. 73 LAZARUK, NICK M. 255 LEACH, JASON G. 95, 243 LEAMAN, KAREN J. 99, 243 LEDANOFF. DEBRA D. 255. 139 LEE, CARL 87, 189 LEE, JOANNE A 103. 255, 115 LEE, RICHARD K. 189 LEE, THOMAS K 243 LEFT. SARAH 243 LEITNER. CURTIS P 255 LEJEUNE. CYNTHIA L. 226 LEMA. CHRIS F. 255 LEMAS. NOAH 1. 243 LEMKE, CELINAN. 235, 243 LEMOS, CHRISTINA A. 102, 226 LENGLE, RYAN C 255 LEONARDI, KELLY K. 226 LEONG, DONNAJ, 189 LEONG, MICHAEL E. 226 LERCH, JULIE K. 255 LESUEUR, ROBIN 169 LESUEUR, 5ABRINA97, 243 LETHER, LEE W, 226 LEVINE, MICHAEL A 92. 93. 226 LEWAND. DANIELLE A. 103, 243 LEWAND. KEVIN O. 227 LEWAND, WILLIAM S. 87, 169 LEWIS, DYER 12, 243,64,63 LEWIS. KATIE E 243. 77 LEWIS, LOREN W. LEWIS, STANLEY A. 227,63 LEWIS, TRACY K, 227, 58, 63 LEY, MARK R, 255 LEY, TONYA L, 227 LICATA, JUNE R, 227 LILLARD. MATTHEW L. 34. 243 58 67 LILLY, MAILED. 243 LIN, AUSTIN 100.243, 125 LIN. CHERYL C 99. 255 LIN. CINDY 243 LIN. HELEN 243 LIN, HORACE T. 100, 243, 125 LIN, HUBERT 100, 255 LIN, JOSHUA A 255 LIN. KAREN C. 99. 255 LINCOURT, CARRIE E 227 LINCOURT, ROBERT E. 199, 189 LINDER. CHARLES W. 90, 243 LINDLEY. BAYARD T. 17, 67, 189, 60 LINDLEY, DANIEL C, 243 LIPS, JOHN A, 255 LIPS, THOMAS J. 189 LISSNER, MARYANN L 255 LISSNER, MICHELE A. 190.67 LISTER. GARY M. 227 LITTLE, EUGENIA B. 227 LIVENGOOD, PAUL D 255 LIVENGOOD, T. M. 190 LIVINGSTON. KELLY M. 243 LOADSMAN. JASON G, 227 LODGARD. KIRSTEN D, 242. 243 LODGARD. THOMAS C. 190 LOFLAND, DOUG LOFLAND. MARK 255 LOGAN. BRIAN P 243 LONG. BRIDGET A. 227 LONG. DAVID M, 255 LOPEZ. DENISE 227 LOPEZ. JULIE L. 103, 227, 126 LOPEZ, KIMBERLI A. 243. 67. 66 LOPEZ, MICHELLE M. 191. 190. 56 LOPEZ. ODALIS 221. 227, 56 LOPEZ, PAM J 97, 227, 128 LOPEZ, SONYA A, 255, 63 LOWE, KELLI M, 227 LOWE, KIM S 227 LOWE, MICHELLE R LUBELL, JONATHAN S 92, 227, 139 LUDLOW. ANDRUSG 227 LUDLOW, KILIAEN 190. 104 LUGO. AUDREY 97. 255. 1 15 LUI, HENRY H. 190.81 LUKEN. JONA 255 LUNA. JENNIFER A 243 LUNA. JOHN R 35. 94. 227 LUNA. ROBERT 91 LUNDGREEN, DAVIDA, 190 LUNDGREEN. JOHNC 227 LUNSFORD, DAWN E 227. 67 LYDEN. LISAM. LYON, SUZANNE N 255, 12 6 M MACDONALD, DIANA L 256 MACKAY. PAULR 256 MACKINNON, LISAM, 190 MACKINNON, MICHAEL D 20. 90. 243 MACKINTOSH. KATHLEEN M 256 MACLACHLAN. ANDREW A 95. 256 MACLEOD, DEVON 190, 74 MADOLE, KENT D. 90, 243, 105 MADSEN. KARA S 234. 243 MAGNUSSON, ANN MARIE S. 37. 199, 190, 267 MAHAN, KIMBERLY L 243. 67 MAHRU. JANINER, 227 MAHUHE, NEAL 200. 190 MANGANO. SHAWN A. 256 MANLEY. SHELLY D, 256 MANN. STEVE J. 91. 256 MANN. VALERIE M. 256 MANNION, DEREK L 227 MANZO, CHRIS 94. 243 MANZO. LAURIE J. 103, 243. 139 MARANTZ. LORl F. 213, 196. 191. 76 MARCHETTI, MICHAEL J. 90, 243 MARCUM, LORENE A. MARESH. DEANNA B. 256 MARKS. JENNIFER L 78, 99, 244 MARSEILLES, KIMBERLY A 256, 67 MARSILE, WENDY G. 227 MARTIN, JENNIFER 191 MARTIN, MELANIEG 244 MARTINEZ, JOSEPH 256 MARTINEZ, OMAR D. 87, 227 MARTINEZ, STEPHEN V , 191 MARTINEZ, YVETTE M, 244 MASSEY. STEVEN 67, 191 MAS5EY. SCOTT 227 MATTSON. MARKO 221 MAURO, MELISSA E 233 MAYEMURA. ROBIN Y. 256 MAZURIE. WILLIAM A 34, 256 MCARTHUR, CHUCK G, 227, 67 MCBRIDE, HEATHER K. 193, 128 MCBRIDE, QUENTIN J,244 MCCAIN, MICHELE L. 32, 35. 96, 99, 238, 243. 244 MCCANN. SHAWN C 227 MCCARTY. CHRISTINE E. 244 MCCAULEY, MORIAH 103, 244 MCCLISH, MATTHEW C 256 MCCLURE, LESLIE A, 227 MCCUE, AMY L. 261 MCDONNELL. JASON M 227. 288. 49. 73. 48 MCELDERRY. AARON J, 227, 125 MCFADDEN, JOSEPH P. 37. 171. 109 MCFERSON, CHRISTINE 41. 193, 112, 113,63 MCGEHEE, INJA D, 97, 227 MCGIVERN, MARK M, 193 MCHENRY. BART M 227, 56. 67. 68.63 MCHENRY. CHAD. M 10. 256. 67 MCKEEVER. MICHAEL 90. 244 MCKinRICK, JEFF A, 31. 288, 201, 192. 193.75.74 MCMAINS. PATRICK D. 244, 168. 63 MCNERNEY, MICHAEL J. 85, 67. 193 MCTAGGART, JOHN 87. 68. 202 MEAD, GARY G 91,256 MEANY. PATRICK M. 244 MEDINA, WILLIAM A. 87, 191 MEEHAN, ANN F. 228 MEHLBERGER. STEVE M. 256 MEIER, DAVID 87. 191 MELiCAN. DAVID J, 228 MELINE. MICHAEL J, 244 MELLOTT. PAULA, 226 MELONI. DAVIDA. 256 MENDOZA, ELISA I, 244 MENEFEE. NICOLE M 228. 76 MENZL. NATALIE M. 228 MERKER. DIANE M 99. 244 MERKER. ERICR, 87.228 MERRELL, JANET 0.256,63 METZGER. MARCY G, 288, 67 MEW, ALICIA D. 256 MEYER, TODD C 228 MILES. BEN G 228 MILES. TERRANCE L 256 MILLER. JASON 236 MILLER. CAROLYN 228. 63 MILLER, CHRISTOPHER L. 37. 104 MILLER. DALED. 244.63 MILLER. DAVIDA. 256 MILLER, GAREY L. 191 MILLER, JEFFREY 192 MILLER, JOYCE N. 244 MILLER, KELLY A. 226 MILLER, KIMBERLY A 228, 61 MILLER, BRIAN 244 MILLER, CHRIS 244 MILLER, NANCY F. 244 MILLER, YVONNE L 17. 160. 192 MILLET. CAROL L. MILTON. CHRIS A, 228 MIN, CHRISTINE K 244 MINER. R.TODD 228 MITCHELL. NAJLAA, 228. 112 MOLNAR. ANDRE M. 95, 256. 139 MOLNAR, EVA E, 228 MONTGOMERY, KAARIN R. 226. 76 MONTGOMERY, MARY B. 244 MOORE. STEPHANIE M. 228. 63 MOORE, THOMAS J 256. 63 MORBEE, KEVIN MORBEE. MICHELLE J, 244 MORGAN. DANA M. 102, 256 MORGAN. TERI L 243. 244. 77 MORRIS. SCOn R. 192.74 MORRIS, STEVE R. 27, 199, 192 MOSHARAF, MANI 192 M05IER, RICHARD D. MOSOFF, NATASHA N. 257 MOTLEY, MARY M, 228, 232, 62, 63 MOTLEY, MATTHEW H. 36, 192 MOHES. ALAN D. 192 MOUNTAIN, JOHN E 91, 253, 257 MOUSSAVIAN. NEELA 257 MULLIN, JULIE M. 193 MULLINS, SCOTT C 244 MURET, PAUL N. 226 MURPHY, HOLLY J. 193 MURRAY, SCOTT R. 257. 63 MURRIETA, ANNE 16, 193 MURRIETA. JAMES 91. 250.254. 257 776 Index MU5CH J ADAM W 94, 95. 257, 139 MYERS, HEATHER 193 MYERS, TODD 94 MYHRA, MEGHAN R 244 N NAKAMOTO, GREG I 10, 228, 60 NAVARRO, LORELEI E 228, 232, 62,63 NEALE5. CATHERINE A 244 NEAR. JOHN R. 202, 195 NEAR, JULIE K, 12,257, 128 NEGRI, TON! 30 202 NESDin, JEFFREY D. NESDITT, LESLIE B 19, 100, 228, 40 NESTOR, JAMES J 244 NESTOR. JULIANNE228 NEWCOMD, MICHAEL W 90, 244 NEWCUM, KARI A, 244 NEWQUIST, MELISSA A. 202 NEWTON, JA5TON T 257 NICOL, GLENN R. 90, 244, 67 NICOLAI, DINA M. 97, 245, 67, 1 15 NITZDERG, RACHEL 245 NIVEN, KRISTAM 245 NOBLE, CHRISTOPHER 245. 63 NOBLE. KURT C. 202 NORAUSKY, VICTORIA A. NORTHCOTE, KENT 5, 98, 228 NORTHCOTE, KRISTIN L. 234, 245 NOSLER, DOUGLAS J 228, 105 NOVELL, KELLIE228 NOZICK, VALERIE L 245, 58 NUNIEY, 5ABRYNA245 NYE, TINA 257 NYMAN, ERIC W. 228 o ODERING. CHARILLA J. 202 128 OBRIEN, KEVIN M. 226 ODER. JOHN D. 217, 202 OH, ANTHONY S. 257, 105 OH, STANLEY K. 202. 105 OJANPERA, JANE 5. 12, 234. 245, 77 OKAMOTO, DINA G. 245 OLIVEIRA. TRACY L 228 OLSEN. THOMAS G. 228 OLSON. CHRISTOPHER L. 245. 81 OLSON, KAREN K 228 OLSON, KIERSTEN M. 257 OMOHUNDRO. KRISTINA 229 ONEILL, ALANNA V. 228 ONEILL. JOHN C 245 OPITTEK, EUGENE W, 257 ORDWY. ELIZABETH M GROW AY. ROBERT L. 202 ORLANDO, GINA E 229 ORNITZ, JILLH, 218, 229 ORTIZ, REBECCA L 31, 257 ORTON, TRACY L 245 OSTERKAMP, ANTHONY H 229 OTOOLE, MEGHAN G 226, 67, 69 OTOOIE, TRACY P 257 OTTO, JEFFREY M 257 OUSKOUIAN. FIROUZEH 202 PACKARD, TARA M 31 , 229, 67 PADILLA, ELISAM 257 PAINTER, KRISTIN A 99, 229 PAK, ANDY J 245 PAK, BRIGEHE B 229 PAK. CATHY L. 10,202 PAK, WOODROW W. 240, 245 PALAFOUTAS, CHRISTOPHER P 229, 81 PALLUCK, ANDRENV J 95, 245, 83 PAN, DINA A 99, 256,257 PANTHAKY,5HIREEN257,67 PARK. ANNA E 99, 245 PARK. DONG I 245 PARK. LISA PARK, YOUNG IN 229 PARKER, COREY L 257 PARKER, JENNIFER S. 203 PARKER, MICHAEL B, 100, 257 PARKER, TIMOTHY J 100, 257 PARKS, TB. 91,257 PARSONS, MAHHEW 203 PARSONS, VANESSA A 103, 257, 128 PASSO, LAURA 229, 81 PATERAS, GEORGIA 229 PAHON, CHRISTOPHER G, 91 , 257 PAUL, BRADFORD C PAUTSCH, ERIC C 229 PECKHAM, WILLIAM V 34, 245 PEDERSEN, CHRISTIAN D 229 PEDERSEN, CINDER L 257, 67 PENDERGRAFT, KENNY E 245 PERKINS, PATRICK D 229 PERROT. AMIE P. 229, 67 PERROT, JENNIFER D. 257 PER550N. JAMES K 256 PETERMAN. DRENTW. 203 PETERMAN, STEPHEN R 258 PETERS, ANTHONY W 229 PETERS, KURT E 229 PHERS. LISA 214. 203 PETERSON, DIRDRE229 PETERSON, KELLY A 229, 81 PETERSON, PAUL D 245 PETRESS, DEWARD258 PETRONAVE, ELLEN P. PETT, TAMI D 256 PETTOR, KRISTEN 258 PHILLIPS, JOSEPH G 90.245 PHILLIPS. LAURA M. 36 97 174 172, 203, 192 PHILLIPS, MATTHEW W 245 PHILLIPS REBECCA E 229, 64 63 PHILLIPS, ROBERTS 100, 245 PILTZ, PAIGE 245 PILTZ. TROY E. 203 PINES, STEPHANIE I, 245,81 PINKERMAN, DAVID R. 87, 229 PINNEY, DARCY N 216, 229, 67 PLINER, NICOLE H 219, 229, 114, 115 PLUIMER, ROMAN E 256 POHLMAN, HOLLY R 8. 12, 99, 245 POLLAK, HOLLYJ,97. 258 PONSEnO. KATHERINE N. 203 POOLE. RICHARD T. 203 POPE, DEBRA L 245 POPE. MICHAELS. 203, 81 POTTS, JOHND 258, 125 POUDEVIGNE, GEORGETTE Y, 245 POWELL, KIMBERLY C. 98, 99, 248, 245, 83 POWELL, MARCILYN 5 258 POWERS, MARGARET A. 97, 203, 112 PRENDERGAST, AMBER M 245 PRENDERGST. GINA L. 204 PRESTINARY, PATRICIA 258 PRETE. RIC M. 92, 93, 204 PRICE, JENIFER L 236, 243, 245, 265, 77 PRICE, JULIE K. 258 PRIMROSE, scon A, 229 PRITCHARD, CHRISTINA 245 PROCTOR, KRISTINA L 245, 61 PRONENKO, TIM W. 229 Q QUINN, DEBBIE L 245 QUINN, STEPHEN H. 91, 258 QUINN. THOMAS D. 87, 204 195 QUIRK, MAUREEN L 258, 40 R RAAB, SHARON 38, 2 1 1 , 1 66, 204, 195, 60 RACINELLI, ELISSA229 RADFORD, JANESE 245 RAINEY, DONALD J 258 RAINEY, TAMERA L. 245, 67 RALSTON, SCOTT D 258 RAMIREZ, RENEEM. 204 RAMMING FRANK L 100, 245 RAMSEYER, KATHRYN D. 204, 67 RANDALL, GREGORY 67, 198 RANDALL, KRISTEN D 258 RANDELL, DEVLIN. G 258 RAPAICH, DAWN M 20, 245 RASMUSSEN, DAVID D. 204 RAUCH, LAURIE A 229, 64, 63 RAUGEWITZ. CHAD D. 26 28, 101, 205 RAULSTON, DEANNE M 245 REAFSNYDER, MICHAEL K. 229 REBACK, MATTHEW D 229. 75. 74 REDDY, KARA-ALYN258 REED, GEOFF D 245 REED, JENNETTE N 103, 257, 256, 261, 128 REED, JOHN L 90, 245 REED, ROBERTA R 81 REEVE, DAVID B REGAN, CYNTHIA R, 256 REGAN, DAVID A 258,63 REGAN. LINDA A RENFREE. PAMELA K. 205 REPKE, JENNIFER A 229 RES5LER, JOHN 91, 258 REVELLE, KAREN A REYNOLDS, ROBERT P 95 RHEINSCHILD. LINDA D. 205, 202 67 RICCI, NINAM RICE, DANA C. 288 205 RICE, HEIDI K RICH, TATCIANAC 67, 128 RICHARD, PETER A 90 RICHARD, TOM W. 205 RICHARDSON, CHERIE L 258 RICHARDSON, CYNTHIA J 258 RICHARDSON, LEAH M. 229, 81, 67 RICHARDSON, MARY M 235, 126 RICHARDSON. MICHAELS RIEBER, GREGORY RIKITAKE, 5HOK0 246, 63 RINCON. LISAM. 246 ROBINSON, ANDREA C 99, 230 ROBINSON, ANTHONY 246 ROBINSON, BRYCE E 230, 67 ROBINSON, DIANA D 230, 67 ROBINSON, JULIANNE 258, 67, 64, 63 ROCCO, JASON D 246 ROCHA. RUI P. 8 205 RODDAN, JUSTIN C 230 RODGER5, KHRISTINE ROH, PATRICIA L 246 ROMERO, RENE A. ROMEY, MAn A. 26 100. 101. 40. 205 ROSEN, REBEKAHR. 258 ROSENBERGER, GREG D 246 ROSENBLATT, MARTIN R 230 ROSS, CYNTHIA M 99, 241, 243. 246, 77 ROWE, BRIAN G 258 ROWE, KEVIN M 230 ROY, ANGELA 205 ROY, HEATHER K 256 ROY, RICHARD 230 RUCH, JEFF P 92, 230 RUEGGER, SUSANNA E. 6 205 RUSS, GREG A 230 RUSS, LISA L 246 RUSSELL, MICHAEL R 91. 258 RUSSIE, DOUGLAS E 246 RYU, ANN J 230 Index 279 r SINGER, SHANNON R, 97, 246, 128 SIQUEIROS, JEB 208 STAUFFER, DANNY D. 231 125, 63 STAUFFER, MARK D 260 s SCHWARTZ, LISA 230 SKJERVEN, JILLL STEAFFENS, KIMBERLY S 247 .J SCHWARY, STEVEN M 90, 246 SKJERVEN. JODI A. 208, 287 STEEDMAN. SCOn 33, 209 SCHWARY, TODD M. 30, 87, 88, SLACK, DARIN L. 231 STEELE, STEVENS, 210 SADATINO. NATALIE A. 205 207, 198 SLACK, DARYL L, STEINER, DONALD J. 90, 247 5ACH5, LINDA M 246 SCHWARZ, DAVID L 5LAGLE, EDEN Y. 231 STEINER, EARL L. 91,260 SADLER, CAROLINE C, 230 SCHWARZ,- LISA S. SLAGLE, RAY N. 208 STEINER, STEVEN F, 231 5ADLER, TINAS. 97, 246 scon, BRETT N. 37, 87, 207 SLATIN, JIMS 19,231 STENMARK, MICHELLE J. 247 SAGHDAZARIAN. NORAYR P. 205 SCOTT, CINDY J. 246 SLAZAS, AMY L 246, 58 STERMAN, TAMBRA L. 99, 231 SAIK, DAVID E. 258 SCOTT, DOMINIQUE M. 16, 230 SLAZAS, JAMES K. 206 STERN, BRIAN A 260, 125,60 SAIK, STEVEN G 246, 125 SCOTT, DONNA C 67 SLOCUM, STEVEJ 87, 231 STERN, JASON A 231 SAKAMOTO, TIMOTHY 87,205 SCOn, GEOFFREY D. 207 SMAGLIK, DEBORAH 246 STERN, LANA N 260, 67 SALARANO, KATHLEEN M 230, 67 SCOTT, GREG L SMARSTY, TRICIA E STERN, RONALD 247, 63 SALARANO, PHILIP S. 205 SCOTT, MICHAEL S. 246 SMIDT, CRAIG A 258 STETZ, TARA A. 260 SALAZAR, SHARON D. 206 SCOTT, RON D, 95 SMITH, BILL J, 231 STEVENS, LAURA A, 231, 58, 67, 68, SALINE, ANGELA L 28, 29, 206, SCOTT, STEVEN D. 246 SMITH, BRADLEY S. 69 201, 814 SCOTT, TRACY V. SMITH, DARRON L. STEVENS, TANIA 103, 260 SALSDURY, JANET E, 206 SCRIVEN5, COREY B, 90, 246, 105 SMITH, ERIC D. 4, 30, 231,60 STEWARD, MICHELLE L 231, 67 SAMPICA, DAVID R 258 SEAVER, SCOTTJ 91 SMITH, EVAN G 100, 101, 231, 60 STEWART, LISA D. 260 5AMUELSON, JENNIFER 5 255, 258 SEILER, WILLIAM 246 SMITH, HEATHER M 231 STEWART, TODD D. 87, 210, 194 5AMUELSON, LAWRENCE J 94, 230 SELIN, NANCY L. 98, 99, 187, 209, SMITH, HEIDI L STIVERSON, TRACY A. 247 SANDERS, C. 99 208, 128 SMITH, JASON A. 231 5TOLTE, RICK L 247 SANFILIPPO, VINCENT M, 87, 230 5ELMAN, ASHLEY M 102, 246, 39, SMITH, JASON T. 246 STOMP, DAVID W. 26, 100, 210 SANGERMANO, GINA M, 206, 128 128, 112, 113 SMITH, JENNIFER E 231 STONE, JONATHAN H. 260 SANGERMANO, LOUIS E 32 SHAHANDEH, RENA M. SMITH, JENNIFER L. 246 STOOPS, JENNIFER E. SARDO, MICHAEL A. 37, 206 SHANK, BILLA, 230, 63 SMITH, KELLY A. 208 STOTTS, MATTHEW L 87, 231 SARFATI, YVETTEM 230 SHANK, JOHN J 230, 104 SMITH, KURTA. 246, 81 5TOUTENBURG, RICHARD M. 91, SAUNDERS, STACY S 246, 67 SHARRER, LISA M. 207 SMITH, STACEYE. 214 260 SAWIN, KAYKA230 SHAW, JULIE K SMITH, STEPHANIE M. 97, 246, 215, STRANGE, CEDRIC C 124 SAWYER, ANNE E. 67 SHAW, SANDRA L 161, 207, 199, 61,76 139 STUART, CRAIG P. 95, 260, 139 SAWYER, KELLY L 20, 234, 246 SMITH, STEVEN D. 208 STUART, LAURALIE A 247, 64, 67, SHAW, SARAH L 30 63 SAWYER, THEODORE L 37, 104 SMITH, TRICIA A, SAYLE5, JAMIE L 246 SHAW, STANFORD F. 87, 207 5MITHSON, DAVID L 225, 231 SUAN, OLIVIA 231, 99 i- SCHAEFER, ROBERT L 246 SHAW, STEPHANIE R 246 SMOLANOVICH, CHAD P 67, 88, SUGG, DAVID A. 87, 66, 210, 190 SCHAUFLER, JAMES A. 101, 206 SHEEHAN, MIKE U 231 89, 231 SULLIVAN, BECKY 210, 112 SCHERDARTH, JOHN A 246 SHEEHAN, PATRICK D. 207 SNOW, WENDY L, 99 SULLIVAN, MARY R. SCHERER. SCOTT J, 206 SHENG, AMY Y 231 SNYDER, LISA A 231 SULLIVAN, SEAN P 260 SCHERER, KAREN 230 5HENG, SUSAN T, SOLERA, KIMDERLYA 231 SUNG, UN-SOO 247, 266, 73 SCHERSCHEL, GRETCHEN 246, 67 5HEPARD, DARLENE L, 231 SOLTZ, ERIKA L. 208 5URFAS, JASON M 247, 105 115 ' SHEPARD, MICHAEL F 90, 246, 105 SOMERNDIKE, JOHN M. 209 SUTCLIFF, WILLIS M. 210 SCHLANERT, RICHARD A. 206 SHEPHERD, SCOTT H 30, 87, 231, 61 SHERFEY, DRENDA M. 288, 217, 207,81,64,73 SOMERNDIKE, SCOTTA SWAN, H. 99 SCHLINES, ALAN F. 206 50MMER5, CAROL A. 209 SWEENEY, ANNA 17, 210, 160 SCHMID, KAREN M 230, 81, 60 SOMMERS, JOCELYN N SWEET, ANDY 91, 260 SCHMIDT, JOHN A 94, 230 SHERMAN, RYAN C. SONG. ROY 209, 105 SWENSON, KIRSTEN E 231 SCHMIDT, KATHRYN L. 206 SHIELDS, MELISSA C 231 SOUTER, MAHHEW E. 209 SWENSON, KRISTOPHER R SCHNEIDER, CRAIG C 230 SHINODA, TOM J. 38, 207 SOUTER, STEPHEN 246, 105 f SCHNEIDER, HOLLEE D. 103, 206, SHIPCOn, KURT R 90, 246, 39 SPAHR, KAREN J. 209, 63 1 161, 126 SHNEIDER, JAYA 231 SPATAFORA, JOHN J T ' j SCHNEIDER, JOEL 91, 258,63 SHNEIDER, MICHAEL H. 246 SPEARS, PATRICK S 246 SCHNEIDER, RHONDA D 19, 230, 81 SHORTALL, DANIEL R 246 SPEARS, RANDALL S, 90, 246 1 SCHNEIDER, TRAGI A, 256, 63 SHRIDER, RICHARD T 231 SPENCER, JILL V 231 TAFFOLLA, FRANCES L. j SCHRAMM, JENNIFER A 230 SHUGARMAN, JEFFREY A. 87, 231 SPENCER, VERONICA A 246 SCHRODER, CHANTELLE L 230 SHUM, JEAN Y 246 SPIVACK, BETH M 246, 128 TAJELDIN, ALI H. 231 SCHROECK, CHRISTI A 246 5HUM JOAN L 246 SPRAYBERRY, DARREN J 90, 244, TAK, EDWARD C 100,232 5CHUESSLER, ADRIENNEL 16,230 SHUM, REMY 246 246 TAKABAYASHI, GLENN 65, 87, 232 SCHULER, PETER J 95, 258 SPRINGETT, ESTHER V 246 TAKADAYASHI, KEITH K. 87, 38, SCHULTZ, GRETCHEN L. 16, 38, 206, SHY, RUTH E 231,64 SRINATH, ARUN 210, 194 160 SIGDAND, LESLIE A. 231 STAFFORD, FELICITY J. 103, 138 TAKAHASHI, CAROL M. 17, 210, SCHULTZ, STEPHANIE A 258 SILVA, JUSTYS 231 STANFIELD, TANYA T 160 , SCHUTZ, JOHN C 246 SILVER, ANDREA J. 26, 37, 102, 208 STANIFORTH, MELODY A. 209 TAKAHASHI, JAMES 211 ' SCHWAB, ANNE K, 99, 246 SILVER, DOUGLAS K 100 STANKO, CLAAS231 TAKAHASHI, MARK M 91, 260 SCHWANTES, SCOH SILVER, JEFF 90, 246 STANKOVITS, SID A 260 TAKENAKA, YOKO L 260 SCHWARTZ, BRIAN J, 230 SIMMONS, ROBERT E STANLEY ALICIA 260 TANAKA, ANNE M, 234. 247 SCHWARTZ, STEPHANIE 95 97 246 SIMON, DAVID A 231 STANTON, LADONNA 209 TANNENBAUM, JULIE A 99, 247 128 SIMON, MARC 208, 193 STARKS KENNETH A 231 TANNY, ELIZABETH J 247 SCWARTZ, STEVEN M 223, 230, SIMPSON, LEE D STARNES, PETER A 260 TAYLOR, CHRISTABOL S 232 280 Index TAYLOR, CLAY 260 TAYLOR, KATHERINE E 232 58 TEDDER. CHRISTINE L. 211 TEEGARDIN, SHAWN R. 211 TEERLINK, KRI5TEN A 260 TELSON, ROBERT E 12, 90. 247 TEPA5. CHRISTOPHER 5 TERDU5H, ANTHONY T 260 TERHUNE, CHRISTOPHER C 232 TERRANOVA, MICHELE L. 247 THOMAS, JEFFREY L 91.260 THOMAS, KARISSA J 247 THOMAS, KATHERINE M. 247 THOMAS, NOLAN 232 THOMPSON. ANDREA M. 232 THOMPSON. CARRIE L. 247 THOMPSON. HEATHER C 18. 232 THOMPSON, TODD M THON. KELLY A 232 THORNE, JONS 91. 260 THORNE. MIKEJ 100. 232 THORNHILL. DEREK J. THORNTON. PAUL C 90. 247 THRESHIE, DAVID D 91,260 THROCKMORTON. KRISTIN C 232 THURSTON, DANA S. 211.67 THURSTON, POWELL 87. 211 THURSTON, SARA E 232 TING, PATRICIA S, 260 TIONO, FAYE TIPPELL, MAHHEW J. 232 TODD, DAVID 84, 87.211 TOMASICK. DANIELLE M, 260 TORRES, PEDRO 90 TOSCAS, LORINDAL 211 TOVAR, PAULINE D 247 TRAN, SON K, 247 TRAVER, TIMOTHY C 232 TREICHLER, KAREN A 260 TREICHLER, RICHARD C. 211 TRIPLETT, DOUGLAS E. 211 TROUn, DAVID E. 211, 199 TUCHMAN, MICHAEL A, 232, 104 TUCKER, GUY K 261 TUNDIDOR, JOSE 261 TUNDIDOR, LAURA 247 TUNNELL, ROBERT 232 TURBOW, DANIEL J, 232, 124 TURK, CRAIG D 91,261 TURKNEHE, LAUREN M. 211 TURNER, TRAVIS T 232 V u UBL, TERRENCE, J 30, 261 UDOLDI, DYLAN A 247 UNDERWOOD, BRENDA 5 247, 63 UNDERWOOD, MARY C. 212, 63 UNGER, KRISTEN A 232 URBAN5KI, LAUREL A 247 UnZ, JEFFREY J 87, 232 VALDEZ. SARA V 247 VALENTA, ROBERT F 91, 261 VALLE PAULA R 20, 234, 247, 39, 60 VANCLEAVE. MICHAEL 247 VANDRUFF DAVID L. 212 VANPELT. AMY M. 10. 28. 29. 98. 212. 166, 197 VANPELT, WARD G, 91,261 VANWINKLE, DARLENE 247, 63 VANWINKLE, HELEN 212, 58 VASQUEZ. VERONICA L 239. 247 VEIGA. MELISSA J 98. 261 VEJE, CHRISTIAN T. 90, 247 VEJE, MIKE 91, 261 VERSLUIS, CHARLOHE D. 212, 58 VERSTEEGH, PAUL 212 VESOKIE, ROSSJ. 212 VIERREGGER, KRISTEN S. 213 VIGANO, STEFFAN A. 213 VILLAFUERTE, NEIDAR. 213 VILLARREAL, NANCY 247 VinORIO, ANTHONY VITTORIO, PAUL J 247 VON HALLE, MANFRED 232 VONSCHIMELMAN, MICHELLE R, 232, 67 W WALKER, DOD 100. 213 WALKER. KRISTEN 103. 260. 261. 114, 115 WALLACH, BARRIE261 WALLACH, ROSS E. 213 WALLIN, AMY D. 36, 213, 172, 192 WALLIN, MATTHEW R. 90, 247 WALSHE, BARRY P. 87. 161, 213 WAL5HE, CHRISTOPHER F 87. 89, 232 WARNER, BEN H. 95, 261 WARREN, JEFF A. 232 WATSON, ERICB 261 WATSON, REBECCA 102. 247, 128 WATSON, TRACI T. 232 WATTS, CAROLYN A 248, 261, 64 WATTS. WILLIAM R, 218, 92, 95, 232, 41 WEATHERMAN, KENDALL B, 234, 247 WEDEMEYER, DANIEL 90, 247 WEIBERT, JEFFS 232 WEINSTEIN, MARCOS E. 213 WEIR, THOMAS J 261 WEISS. REBBECCA 232 WEISSBERG, JASON A. 247, 63 WEISSGERBER, GINA M. 225, 232 WEIS5MAN, ADAM WEISSMAN. STEPHANIE 233 WELCH, GREG S 95, 247 WELCH. J. MICHAEL 213 WELCH, ROBIN K 226, 233. 40, 1 12 WERASOPHON, SANDY T. 261 WESSON, KIM D, 233 WEST. KARA J WESTON, HEATHER L 233 WESTRE, ALEX91,261 WESTRE, ROBERT W 247 WEYMOUTH, SEAN L. 213 WHATLEY, KIRSTEN 10. 213 WHEELER. PHILLIP H 233.67 WHITAKER, CHRIS 100, 247, 40 WHITE, GREG R 90. 247 WHITE. PEGGY L, 233. 64 WHITE. DANIEL 261 WHITELEY. SEAN P 247. 105 WIDMANN. KRISTEN A. 214, 184, 63 WIDMER, MARIA T, 233 WILCOX. TRACY M, 261 WILES. DEANNAS 261 WILEY, LORI L 67 WILHELM, JAMES E. 233 WILHELM, KATRINA A 115 WILKERSON, WILLIAMS. 214 WILKINS, JASON S 233 WILLIAMS, DAVID J 233 WILLIAMS, JON B. 261 WILLIAMS, KIMBERLEE S 233, 63 WILLIAMS, MEGAN J. 214 WILLIAMS, ROBIN C 233, 63 WILLIAMS, RONALD C 247, 63 WILLIAMS, SHERYL D. 214, 200 WILLIAMS, TERRY P. 63 WILLIAMS, TIFFANI L 63 WILLIAMSON, NED R 247 WILLIS, SHAWNAM 247 WILLSEY, JOHN W. 214 WILSON, DANNY C 261,63 WILSON, ERIK C, 233 WILSON, LARA M 233 WILSON, STEVEN M. 27, 214 WIMBUSH, AMY 247 WIRSING, JENNIFER L 261 WITMOR, SEAN T 261 WITZEL, EDWARD 91, 261 WOKURKA, JEFFREY 247 WOLFE. STEVEN E 247. 125 WOMACK. JASON 91. 261 WOOD. JAREDC 247 WOOD. KRISTI J 233, 46. 75 WOODRUFF, SHANNA L 233 WOODS. BRIAN C 87. 233, 41 WORTHAM, MICHAEL L 233 WOSINSKI, BRADLEY S 247 WOSINSKI, JACOBJ 261 WRIGHT, BRIAN E 247 WRIGHT. GERALD V 247 WRIGHT, JENNIFER L. 215. 166. 194. 176. 63,60 WRIGHT. SHANE R 261 WU. GLORIA P 233 WU. SHIRLEY 247 Y YAKATAN. SETH 90. 247, 105 YAMASHIRO, REID 100, 247 YAMASHITA, KIMI A. 36, 215, 200 YARBERRY. ALISON N 261 YATES. MATTHEW P 90. 247, 104 YATES, TODD C. 215 YEAGER. JENNIFER L 233 YEE, EUGENE M. 36. 215. 211. 167. 197 YODER. LAURA L 261 YORK. STACEYM 261 YOUNG. JOSEPH P 247 YOUNG, PHILIP A. 247 YOUNT. MELANIEF, 233 YU, KALVIN215. 81 YUE. RAYMOND W 247 ZAVALA. DAMIAN E 233 ZAYDEL. HAYLEY A 244 ZINDARS. DANA L 261 ZINKAN, TIFFANY 215 ZUPKA, ANTHONY 215 ZURN, JACK H, 91,261 Index 26 1 A Swiftly Tilting World The 1985-86 year hod been fraught wirh evenrs rhor hod changed human beings around the world. Though Foorhill students were largely sheltered from horsh realities, they could not help but be affected. Perhaps the most catastrophic occurrence had been the destruction of the shuttle Challenger. Much of our notional pride and identity hod been imbued in the space shuttle. It wos more than Just o ship, it was a symbol of the American pioneer spirit. When It crashed, we wept as o nation. Added to the tragedy was the fact that Challenger hod carried Christo McAuliffe, the first teacher in space. Accusations flew at NASA as the nation grieved the deaths of seven inimitable astronauts. In the Philippines, Corazon Acquino successfully deposed the despotic Marcos regime, striking o triumph for democracy. In South Africa, tensions mounted as Negroes demanded freedom from rociol oppression. The strife and turmoil was clearly evident in the faces of frightened children ond in the dead bodies that lined the streets. At home. Americans were forced to come to terms with the grim reality of AIDS. Rock Hudson ' s disclosure that he hod the disease shocked the nation into recognizing the dilemma of those stricken with AIDS. Fact mixed with fiction os hysteria con- cerning the disease grew Turmoil might be the best word to describe the year, yet hope always lies in the future; hope for positive changes, of a peaceful world. As adolescents grow into adulthood, they must take responsibility for their world and strive to moke it better. 262 World Events Opposite Page Top Left: The ogonies of Sourh African blocks ore reodily opporenr Above Left: Challenger desrrucrs in o fiery ex- plosion Inset: Minutes ofrer roke-off. Challenger mokes o beouriful sighr Opposite Page Bottom: Rock Hudson, porogon of rhe American Doy ideol Left: The comer Holley returns to earth ofter o 76 year hiatus. Above: Corozon Acquino. the quiet lady in yellow, following her victory. Wotld events 283 Changes High school. Srudenrs heard rhose ominous words long before rhey even entered high school. Stories rhor older brothers and sisters told either glonnourized it or mode it seem as awful os Dante ' s Inferno. One spends four precious years of his life in high school, yet what was its purpose? Was it to prepare for " real life, " to just have fun, or to explore new fields of knowledge? It was a combination of all of these. Essentially, it was a period of development. The immature, timid freshman into the confident senior. However, the metamorphosis did not just happen automatically. It occurred slowly; class by class, ex- perience by experience, and there could be no turn- ing back. Extracurricular octivities and clubs provided oppor- tunities to obtain valuable insights. Whether it was Adopt-A-Grondmo, Astronomy Club, Key Club, or ASD, organizations brought people together ond created situations where learning wos part of the game. At the year ' s end, students were wiser in many different ways. • ». 284 Conclusion Above The Sophomore doss pulls to victory. Above Left: Jeni Price is undecided between having one piece or the whole coke Lefr: Foothill students stay together til the end. I Conclusion 267 Memories Yearbooks were passed srealrhily around. A note and a signature ro remennber friends as rhey were rhen, in one nnomenr of rime. High school was a rime of growrh and change, where individuals developed a sense of idenriry and direction. There hod been moments of pure joy coexistent with pressure, confusion, and sadness. Above all, high school hod been on experience to cherish. Memories of Feast and Joust, of Christmas Formals, ond oil the fun rimes shored with friends will always stay with each person wherever rhey go, wherever they become. For seniors, there was a sense of sadness mixed with exhilaration as the lost bell rang. They must soy good-bye to childhood but they embraced future of freedom and endless opportunities. Dreams of achievement and fame filled the mind of each graduate. The Foothill experience hod instilled the implements of success within each individual. So they beat on, boats against the tide, reaching ever farther. 266 Conclusion Left: Foorhill srudenrs enjoy the losr dance For Left: Jodi Skjervon and Ann Mognusson look forward ro college Below: Foorhill, June I9rh, 1986. 1 986 Shield Staff Editor-ln-Chief Brendo Academic Editor Melonie Fink Athletics Editor Morlene Kew Clubs Editor jQson McDonnell Staff Kelly Barnes Sheila Bender Susan Boseker Tricia Brugnnann Kevin Gregg Tanya Horvath Cheryl Kinn Cathy Knobbe Un-Soo Sung Sherfey Activities Editor KristI Loyton Business Manager Dona Rice Photo Coordinator Chris Elmer Photographers Doug Crowford Allen Ifriger Jeff McKirtrick Advisor George Korich Published by: Taylor Publishing Company Dob Sfephenson, Represenrarive Special Thanks ro Nicole Larhouse for the cover design. 26 288 ' -off Page J- A I ■ (y ' M v ti:s r ff nzc r j jiDAtr

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