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l ' uA ' 3° J2S-- c V T — fee N I : . ' ' ' I T ' - ' rb ■ til , I, r (7 o £- W ,n,r c ? - or 3 ;o 2 (iU) wva C vui. J 3 . I I ' -M NA. 7J„e£ ' -Th,s com Hey Mb - Scat JO o B y » " 2 cca ?x A lc o v ? vt J v y " « s L u , MOxO 1985 (y K Foothill High School c 19251 Dodge Avenue h Santa Ana, California 92705 ief Shining Momen 4 Conformiry 6 Perseverence j T ) 8 Unity 10 Individuality 12 Victory wiw cxy; o T3 e ol Contents C •I " re c ; l ff T cnolarship «foV a ii t i . _ 146 Scribes 162 Royalty 220 Nobility 234 Vassals .262 Serfs 3 0, Q L UXM 2 Table oi Contents c5 ecreation 16 Homecoming Week 36 Winter Formal 42 Sadie Hawkins ournaments 86 Fall Sports 106 Winter Sports 122 Spring Sports AM CMr! ) tortile orrvj In i u )rf jc isi sion 266 Advertisements 280 Index 284 One Brief Shining Moment V si ' oir 7 " Table of Cofiten ' 4 Theme Top: Best friends Kadi Fairbairn and Elizabeth Hamilton model |abberwocky fashions as freshmen in October of 1981 Above: Troy Hallamore consid Information Center. Peer Pressure ne of the many ways in which man expresses himself is to imitate the ways and traits of those he admires. Born of this theory, various dress is seen about Foothill, relating to music, special interests, and athletic preferences. Fashion conformity, though perhaps the most obvious, is not the only kind. Peer pressure affects everyone somehow; the Knights are no excep- tion to this rule. Though some of the peer pressure apparent at Foothill prompts students to break taboos, the majority of it en- courages the good. For instance, students are com- petitive for grades as well as in sports, thus securing their future. Clubs urge involvement, another positive trait. And, of course, fashion trends help students find friends with similar interests. Everyone conforms to some extent. When they do, though, they reveal an otherwise hidden part of their per- sonalities, shining gloriously away. ers Jill Murrietta, Lisa Dailey, and Elizabeth Hamilton start the sophomore cheer tradition in 1982. Right: Matt Fickett spends time after school mework in eft: Mr. |ohn Severson, Mary Toohey, Dana Alperl. rrie Lundquist, Mike Welch, Mike Kilgore, and Erin linger work on a five story pyramid lor the Villa Park ihly. Oppo Bottom Right: Kelly Smith fights the pain and exhaustion asshe finish line. Sweating It Out an has tolerated much throughout history, but perhaps his greatest trials have been to with- stand his own ada- m a n t self- expectations. Foothill Knights set high goals for themselves. As a result, they have to work doubly hard to achieve them. The road to success is a long, hard-fought one — it is only sheer perseverence that carries Knights over the roughest spots. And, yet, when success is attained, it lasts but a brief moment. A single moment of glory does not seem just reward for perhaps months of labor, but for Knights, it is enough. The struggle, no matter how painful, is worth the glowing, shining feeling of accomplishment they always ex- perience in the end. r Bottom: Bill Shank and Terry Williams keep in perfect time with each other at the Lester Oakes Band Review. Bottom Right: Bob Throckmorton and Brad Byrd toast their friendship. Right: Bernadette Mandiola. Suzanne Meline, Tim Stewart, and Henry Lui work on a group project in Modern American Novel. Opposite Page: Far Right: Junior )ulie Larkey types the final copy for an English paper in the winter of 1983. 8 Theme Working Together here is an old pro verb which states, " Working together, man can conquer any obstacle. " Throughout history, this has been prov- ed time and again. At Foothill, it is proved every day, in every aspect. When the ASB Cabinet undertook the task of re-organizing Homecoming Week, they worked together to get the job done. The Foothill Speech Team coached each other, helped other, and had a successful season. Unity pulled athletic teams through for victories many times. When people work together, for one moment they are as one. Nothing in the world, for that single moment, can obstruct the comeraderie or friendship that is born of people helping people. K f N ,ut f c Un: Self Expression ithin every human being is a unique persona — that which makes each person an in- dividual self. This true self is on tap; rather than displaying it at full force, people choose to use psuedos. But when they do let loose and become their uninhibited selves, Knights are truly incredible. «1 | Some times a seemingly quiet peP son becomes loud and racous. Or a boisterous person will sit back and just watch his surroundings. Or a laughing person will cry. It is at times like this that Knights let down all of the blocks on their per- sonas. When this occurs, their com- plete, true selves shine through for an unrestrained moment. 10 1 Opposite Page Left: Seniors Gretchen Goss, Susan DeSalvo, and Jennifer Fulton relax at the Buena Park Parade. Below: Tom Bain lectures to the throngs at lunch. Below Right: Reed Figley ' s slacks assure that he will golf the next round alone. i Bubble " in drama Inili-. T he Thrill of Victory here is a magic feel- ing that people are enveloped in when they are successful in a battle they have fought. The feeling is a warm one, a proud one, and a happy one, for within the feeling is the knowledge that victory is theirs. Some of the challenges that Knights undertake may seem trivial to some. Ultimately, however, no one person ' s goals are more important than another ' s, for if a goal is worthy to even a single person, then it is worthy of striving for. Victory is important to everyone. In times of clear skies, it helps enhance people ' s joy. Later, when the heavens grow cloudy, a victory helps people to realize that, however dim the world may seem, hope still exists. And so with victory comes the magic feeling. Yet, sadly, the feeling lasts but a I ief moment. This rarity, though, whets i le appetite for more, thus victory, no n iter how often it is celebrated, remains coveted institu- on in the minds of mankind. 12 Theme Left: Todd Schwary rejoices in a perfect score on a biology lab. Below: Foothill graduate Brian Higdon serves to remind Amy Dunn of the shining future. Bottom: Inter-Club Council President Darrin Fryer counts the proceeds from a successful Feast and Joust. Opposite Page: Far Left: Varsity Water Polo Team members Ricky Rodriguez. Mark Gansel, Kevin Costanza. Mike Bunge, and Bob Sherwood celebrate a win to Villa Park by dunking Coach Dave Simcox. Victor) ftecr oorti« K Or • forever in th u d ' eve r done in " " " ' u " es ar e create -™. f( ' " " ' or Senior p " ° S " » M lau « i ' S (re ngth °™ " e .«« oft, s Wen ts w ; these events a em °T banks ZTJ a »owin r le again. ° J ,y P«t and The memories. They creaV. he heart in „ 1P i, ate n such ways as ,0f eso yetfheya brie ' moments to be Foothill ' s Leisure World? " Let ' s go senile! " and " We came, we saw, we keeled over, " was what was seen as the students entered the quad on the Junior Senior Recognition Day. David Adler was running the show with his Frank Sinatra record playing over the music system in the quad, and calling play by play action of the days class competition. Adler said that the spirit of the seniors- was better than usual, but the juniors seemed confused by having two different sets of costumes. The theme for the day was " Senior Citizens, " and in just a glance one could see that the students really got into the day, preparing for the golden years of their lives. The students were energetic and expressed a sense of humor. Some of the Knights dressed as their grand- parents. Other students dressed up with varicose veins, and moved around in wheelchairs, holding canes, or with walking frames. Some even dressed in robes for their " Sunday best. " Junior went as doctors, nurses, and even candy stripers. So as the sun set on the Foothill branch of Leisure World, and the banners were taken down, and the Frank Sinatra record wound down, the students turned back into ordinary Knights, who will look back to the day with fond, shining memories. 16 lunior Sei. . i Recognition Day Top: Beverly Lacy, Carolyn Kelly, Sharon Raab, Lori Marantz and Janie Arena are doctors before malpractice suit. Middle: Debbie Klevatt, Julie Crandall, Julie Hoist, Elizabeth Hamilton and Page Giffin, after the malpractice suit. Left: Diedre Mazurie and Caroline McClure ask " Have you seen my son? " Opposite Page: Top: Steve Jacobs. Kirk Donnelly and Paul Gutrecht are " Flying high. " Opposite Page: Middle: Andrew DiFronzo. Mike Templeman and Greg Burt are back for " Knight school . " Opposite Page: Bottom: David Adlei .mdering " Why me? " Recognition Day Above: Tammy Sterman, Adrienne Schuessler, Kathy Jennings, Peggy Fai i ; |usty Silva, Caroline Larsen, Shanna Woodruff, Amy Baren, and Lisa ■ ' sh show how to reach out and touch someone. 18 Fresi, and Sophomore Rec. Day Criminals Come to Foothill Gangsters, bank robbers, victims, detectives, prostitutes, madames, guerillas, and flashers were among the many criminals and crime fighters portrayed on Freshman- Sophomore Recognition Day. " Crime Throughout the Ages " was the theme and the freshmen and the sophomores went all out. Some students dressed as individual criminals such as John Z. Delorean and Bonnie and Clyde. To celebrate the day, lunch and snack were extended. This gave the two classes plenty of time to show off their costumes. The quad was decorated with criminal cartoon characters and surrounded by a white fence. The trees in the quad were streamed with toilet paper which gave the somewhat boring trees a comical look. Foothill students got a kick out of the signs people had at- tached to their costumes such as " Love for sale, " " John Z. DeLorean — Coke Is It! " and " Chick for Rent. " Freshman- Sophomore Recognition Day was fun for everyone. Even the teachers had a laugh or two! Bottom: Money is all that Melanie Fink, Heather Thompson. Michelle Vonshimeiman, and Kristin Grahn want. Top Left: Kelly Sawyer, Todd Stewart, Keith Takabayashi. and Kurt No- ble head towards Hollywood Blvd. Bottom Left: Eric Hutton smiles at Matt Rebeck who abandoned ship. Opposite Page: Top Left: Kristin Throckmorton, Michelle Duval. Laura Passo, Susan Burch, and Wendy Marseilles get their mug shots taken after being captured. Opposite Page: Left: Detective Kurt Johnson smiles after capturing five criminals. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Nicole Menefee. Carrie Lincourt, and Valerie Fryer compare stolen jewels. A Week to Remember The feeling of Homecoming Week was an exciting and spirited one. There were six days of fun-filled events to keep Foothill students busy. Day one was an Air Guitar Assembly which was a new event to Foothill and to Homecoming Week. Students dressed up as a famous singer or music group and lip-synched their favorite songs. The second day brought Donkey Basketball, which has been at Foothill in past years, but was added to Homecoming Week. It took place the Tuesday of that week in the school gym. The game was fun to watch especially when the students tried to get on and off their donkeys. The final scores had the seniors beating the freshmen and the juniors defeating the sophomores. With the theme of " Senior Citizens " the juniors and seniors were recognized on Wednesday of Homecoming Week. Freshman and Sophomores were recognized on the following day. Their theme was " Crime Throughout the Ages. " Day five was Feast and Joust. Seniors dressed up in Roman togas, and senior girls were slaves to the Senior guys. Foothill classes officially ended at 12:15 P.M., but after that there were chariot races, food booths and many other events. Perhaps day six was the most remembered day because it was the Homecoming Dance at the Disneyland Hotel. Students dressed up in their very best clothes to go and have a good time. Homecoming Week was a cherished week for all of Foothill and was a brief moment in the 1984-85 school year. Top Right: Kristin Friend, Bernadette Mandiola, Dee Dee Lewis: " No time now boys. " Middle Right: Robbie Ross arrests escapee Tiffany Chandler while Nicky Pliner and |ulie Lopez look on. Right: The sheer pleasure ol hard labor is displayed by Sue Houlihan and Anthony Mitchell. 20 Top Left: Robert Sherwood. Bill Strait, and Greg Ashhaugh suf- fer from not taking their daily vitamins. Bottom Left: As Michael Shepard proves that donkeys are stub- born . . . Bottom Right: The crowd watches in despair. Homecor. 21 Top Left: " Squeak, squeak, " were the sounds in Wendy Passo ' s mind at the Senior Munch. Bottom Left: After eating the Munch food, Antony Mitchell, Brian Nickelson, Howard Rutton, and David Cash went through a metamorphosis. 22 Senior Munch Seniors Come in Bunches to the Munches Not only was the sun rising on the morning of the Senior Munch, but the Foothill Seniors also rose in the dawn, hopeful for a fun-filled time at Knott ' s Berry Farm ' s Chicken House. Many seniors took the time to prepare a costume for this festive, Halloween-themed occasion. Manx- did group disguising with friends, to share the excite- ment and anticipation that goes along with any dress- up day. The costumes ranged from nerds, to doctors, to characters from cereal boxes. Showing that there are not any restrictions to this dress-up day, Paul Gutrecht came to the Munch as the brother of Foothill ' s principal, Mr. James Turner. Being the first Munch of this year, one really did not know what to expect from it, except fun and food. And too many have heard about the breakfasts that are dished out to the seniors. Just as new as the feeling for Munches, was the feeling experienced from the entertainment. As in the past years, the entertainment for the first Munch was a session with Lew March, a noted hyp- notist. Only a few seniors were able to participate in this event first hand. Cathy Gallagher, (ill Murrieta, Elizabeth Hamilton, Debra Forney, Brett Barton, Tom Veje, April Jurick, Vicki Hurlbut, Steve Thorne, and Wendy Passo all became familiar wtih " The Power of Suggestion " and its effects. One could see the shock that the audience was undergoing. A true sense of unity and friendship was felt by all at Knott ' s. A brief moment showing the harmony and amiability that exists between the seniors will always remain in the Class of 1985 ' s memory. Top Left: Jim Turner is reunited with his brother Paul Gutrecht. Left: Put some Snap, (Ian Graham), Crackle [I par), and Pop (|im Annan|. into your morning. Opposite Page: Top Right: Debra Forr Brett Barton. Elizabeth Hamilton, and Tom Veje were n only ones laughing at Knott ' s. Opposite Page: Bottom Rigr : ' arty animals (ill Murrieta. Debra Forney. Brett Barton, and I ,,,ih Hamilton take a short snooze. Senior Mun 24 Seniui Pi Senior Pi tl A Different View of FAKHFAJ Mission: to visit and analyze an educational institu- tion on planet Nytharna, third planet from the star KK Pipsilok. The inhabitants call their planet Earth. Ac- cording to Earthdate, landing occurred on October 26, 1984. The landing site was hilly with low humidity. The closest educational institution was Foothill High School. All existing theories concerning Earth education were disproved. The students were outside with no books present. A select group of students called seniors wore an item of clothing called a toga. These came in various sizes and patterns. Some were bright gold. Others were printed with visual reproductions of a mouse named Mickey. The seniors also wore flora and fauna in their hair. Seniors were divided into Masters and Slaves. The Masters were of the male gender while the Slaves were female. The Slaves were obliged to do anything their Master commanded. The seniors were also separated from the rest of the students. They grouped together on a field. They oc- cupied strange contraptions called chariots. The Masters lounged on mattresses while the Slaves fulfilled their every bidding. The atmosphere was festive and everyone seemed to be having something called " fun. " These new methods of Earth education are puzzling and will require further analysis. Top: Bill Kiefer says, " Hang loose! " Right: Diane Hofflander, Mary Toohey. Dana Alpert, and Jennifer Burns: " Let ' s go crazy! " Bottom: Master John Rice growls, " Where ' s my slave? " 26 Feast and ]oiib( gtl 1 ■L fei j Ik .J jit i IS BS ' «[ g , __ H ' bp - 1 • ' ■ ■ £ f fc HIH 9 HH ►3S 1 H - 1 " •=3?! Mi . . . . frtefts Top Left: Gerry Widmer demonstrates his athletic prowess. Middle Left: Garth McHenry encourages Gerry vVidmer on to victory. Top Right: Mr. Turner joins in the fesfiv i Left: Gary Strachan has his si ' iristi Andreosky. Denise Giesea. and Sharon Elliott well ' Feasl and (oust Top Left: Noelle Ponsetto, Laura Phillips, Carolyn Kelly, Jennifer Wright, Jim Knapp, Sherri Williams, Eugene Yee, and Steve Wilson fight a desperate battle to remain dry. Middle Left: Eugene Yee and Steve Wilson wallow in the agony of defeat. Left: Dave Gazzaniga quenches his thirst. 28 Feast and loust J ■■■ MmM FAKHFAJ - A Knight Celebration What ' s the best way to top off an incredible Homecoming Week? With FAKHFAJ, of course. FAKHFAJ (Foothill ' s Annual Knight ' s Homecom- ing Feast and Joust) was a celebration of Knighthood. The entire student body was brought together in the friendly spirit of class competitions. Several new events added to the festivities. These included the Standing Float Competition, the Refrigerator Box Relay, and a faculty pie eating contest (no hands allowed). Besides the new events, there was the traditional Chariot Race, the Tug-of-War, and the Dunk Tank. To add to the fun, there was also a D.J. from KIIS FM. Several students began breakdancing as a crowd cheered them on. This led to a moonwalking competition. The winner walked off with a KIIS FM visor. The class competitions were close but the seniors came out on top with the juniors coming in second, the freshmen third, and the sophomores finishing fourth. The student response to FAKHFAJ ' 84 was en- thusiastic. Awed freshman Seth Yakatan declared it, " Fully amazing and fun. " Gayani DeSilva com- mented, " It was great beating the seniors in the Tug-of-War. I ' m looking forward to FAKHFAJ ' 85. " Top Left: Allan Baker, Adam Hairston, and Frank Busalacci race towards the finish line. Far Left: Brett Barton pours on the cheese. Left: Kristi Evans and Shasie [ohnson get sweet. Bottom Left: Seniors dance to " Shout! " Feasl and |oi Seniors Pick Knight Court Shocked, surprised, happy, but most of all proud were the feelings of the 1984 Homecoming Court. The court consisted of Jennifer Burns, Diane Hofflander, Wendy Passo, Sheryl Sterbenz, and Lisa Zito, while the boys honored were Greg Campbell, Jud Dutrisac, David Gazzaniga, Greg Gore, and Ralph Laird. The queen was announced at the Homecoming Game, while the king was chosen at the dance. While waiting in the stands for the climatic moment at half- time, different emotions and thoughts ran through the minds of the girls. Passo said she was just anxious to find out who the queen would be. Zito replied that she was nervous, excited, and honored. The cold night air was all that could keep Hofflander still. Sterbenz was scared that she would have to walk around the field because her car was late. Burns just had a great time seeing all those who came back to the game. The high point of the evening came when Hof- flander was announced queen. Gazzaniga was named king the following night at the dance. The message that each court member wished to convey was to thank the Foothill students for the ir support in nominating them, and it was a moment they will always cherish. Top Left: Sheryl Sterbenz and Jud Dutrisac make a princely couple. Top Right: Lisa Zito and Ralph Laird are proud to be members of the court. Above: Diane Hofflander and David Gazzaniga live the teenage American Dream. 30 Homecoi ig Court Top Left: Diane Hofflander is shocked when named Homecoming Queen. Top Right: David Gazzaniga, after being announced king, can hard- ly stand without the support of Jennifer Burns and Wendy Passo. Bottom Left: Showing off their brilliant smiles are Wendy Passo and Greg Campbell. Bottom Right: |ennifer Burns and Greg Gore have a fun time on Homecoming Court. Homecoming Gov Knights Come Alive Saturday It was 6:00 p.m., and all the girls were doing their hair, nails, make-up, and donning their best dresses before their dates arrived. They left in limos, Porsches, and station wagons, and dined at their favorite restaurants, or at a friend ' s house. Then, it was off to the Disneyland Hotel for a night of dancing, picture taking, and socializing. And so went Saturday, October 27, for many Foothill students and alumni. Foothills Knights, old and new, rocked and slow danced to many popular songs sung by the band " Scandal. " If they were not dancing, they were get- ting their pictures taken, or just visiting with alumni or friends. The noise ceased at the climatic point, the naming of the Homecoming King. The court was escorted to the dance floor, and with a drum roll, Dave Gaz- zaniga was named King. Following his coronation, the court danced alone, then everyone joined in and the noise commenced once again. At 12:30 the yawns began, the shoes came off, and the corsages wilted, but the night was a big success and memorable for all those who participated. Top: Trey Cole downs another Coke at the Homecoming. Top Right: Shelly Acker, Brian Sheehy, Michelle Clayton, and Steve Ediss enjoy the good life. Right: Katryn Ramseyer welcomes her friend, alumnus Katrina Combs, back to Foothill. 32 Homecoming Dance Below: Kurt Ames and Kelly Sawyer wish the photographer would leave their limo. Bottom Left: Alan Baker gets enough nerve to ask Kendall Weatherman to dance. Bottom Right: They are both glad he did! Left: Taking a break from running just long enough to get a picture are Cathy Coffee, Kristin Carney. Andrea Silver, and Chris Lemos. . ' imecoming Dan Assemblies Make Spirit and Pride As the Foothill student body strolled into the gym- nasium, a distinct melody could be heard. This tune was the Foothill fight song — " On Wisconsin " — familiar to most Knights, largely because it began all pep assemblies. Pep assemblies are more than just a song, however. They are cheerleaders, the band, spirit, and special guests, such as Ram ' s cheerleaders, Amber and Maureen, the wish fairy, the tall flag team, a breakdancer, and the Foothill Madrigals. All of these people helped to make pep assemblies successful. These people, along with hours of work from the pep squad, make pep assemblies more than just another way to get out of class. Pep assemblies are a way to show spirit, have fun, and unite together to snow pride. Top: Tall Flag members Laura Price, Julie Crandall, and Julie Hoist kick to the beat of Spike Jones " You Always Hurt the One You Love. " Right: Anthony Mitchell enjoys watching Amber, a Rams ' cheerleader, while Mike Kilgore wishes he had a V-8. Below: Back Row: Gretchen Goss, Sylvia Biller, Jill Osur, Spencer Freebairn, Caroline McClure, Jennifer Hancock, Christy An- dreosky, Zac Stankovits, Scott Salarno, Bryce Robinson, Greg Donahue, Charice Farnsworth. Middle Row: Beth Bartlett, Cindy Brown, Cheryl Bonner, Mike Kilgore, Dana Thurston, Sarita Ben- nett, Vicky Goodman, Sterling Crook, Ken Gok, Leah Richardson, Pam Renfree. Front Row: Carrie Lundquist, Paige Carter, Tiffy Boppell, Laura Price, Julie Crandall, Debbie Klevatt, Susie Overn, Amie Dunn, Tracey Cannon, and Phil Wheeler sing about just how badly El Mo will play that night. • « V %w ONTO w 34 Pep Assemblies Above: Top: Slacey Kraus, Erin Unger. Mary Toohey. Middle Row: Devon Macleod. Mike Phillips. Anthony Mitchell. Mike Kilgore. Shawn Clarke. Bottom: Carrie Lundquist, Dana Alpert. and Missy Fenlon show their pride with a rainbow pyramid. Right: Foothill ' s wish fairy, alias Tom Delong, flutters into the gym making students wishes come true. Top: |oil Huang, Karen Kellogg. Sandy Shaw. Tauni Boppell. lanine Arena. Kirsten Whatley. and Trisha Truban start to build what will someday be a huge pyramid. Pep Asa ■ ' . " " ' ' ' mm | -j v El ■ Q ■1 VHwVi K? yk I H — - Top Left: Mr. Southern crowns new found queen Kristen Carney. Top Right: A happy and victorious dance for Queen Kristen Carney and King Dave Adler. Above Left: Garth McHenry and Deidre Mazurie cuddle close for a slow dance. Above: Gretchen Goss and Mike Kilgore smile and dance with confidence. 36 Winter Formal Court A Change of Courts Kristen Carney and Dave Adler, were chosen as Queen and King for the 1984 Winter Formal Court. The unique aspect of the court was they were chosen for their contributions to the school and community. Carney said, " I was really surprised because all of the girls deserved to win, not just one. " Kristen is in ASB, student senate, Assisteens and is representee for FHS in Bullocks Teenboard. Dave Adler is communications commisioner. He said he " keeps the people informed and entertained " . When asked about becoming King he humbly said " I was surprised; we all had the same chance. " Top Left: Terri Wood enjoys a memorable dance with Craig Shipcott. Left: Corny Koehl awaits Andrew Di Fronzos next word. Bottom: Winter Formal Court of 1984 are: Top Row: Steve Boranian. Andrew Di Fronzo. Queen Kristen Carney. King Dave Adler. Craig Shipcott, Garth McHenry, Mike Kilgore. Bottom Row: Terri Wood, Carrie Manzo. Corny Koehl, Diedre Mazurie and Gretchen Goss. Winter Formal Court 37 Above: Mary Toohey enjoys a dance with Sanla Tom Veje . . . Above Right: ... or is it Santa Mike Gazzaniga? Luckily |ohn Fischbeck knows the answer. Right: Steve Wolfe. Cindy Ross, Kim Powell, and Brian Aust believe that dreams do come true. 38 Winter Formal Dance A Knight ' s Wonderland Cold air, Christmas tree lots, and busy shopping malls all represent a coming of winter. When tnese signs begin to appear, the girls at Foothill High School begin to get nervous. By December 21, they have to get up enough courage to ask that special guy to Winter Formal. Winter Formal is the last school social event before New Year. It was a fun-filled and exciting night which took place at the Anaheim Convention Center. After eating at their favorite restaurant, the couples arrived to dance to the sounds of Matrix. The couples brought toys for the less fortunate children at the Albert Sitton Home. The climax of the evening was the naming of David Adler and Kristen Carney as King and Queen. Although winter formal was just one fleeting mo- ment, it will last forever in the memories of those who attended. Top: Greg Johnson and |ennifer Luna catch their breath after a fast dance. Left: Erik Davenport and Lisa Dailey are caught in the act of having fun. Bottom Left: Christine Lewis and Mike McNerney are tired out after a long night of fun and dancing. Bottom Right: Debbie Tannenbaum and Dary] Ince get ready for a slow dance. inter Kormul ' Top: Maral Keuilian, Dave Fenton. Kristen Whatley were surprised to find that some one caught them at a dance. Above: Shannon Singer and Traci Baird try to keep from laughing about the music. Above right: Am y VanPelt, Joy Kobayashi, Jennifer Wright, Angela Saline, Carolyn Kelly are ready to round up the guys at the dance. Right: C. McClure, G. McHenry, C. Manzo, D. Mazurie, M. Gillman, D. Green, D. Brouk, G. Strachan, G. Schultz reminisce about WOODSTOCK. Opposite Page: Top Left: Bernadette Mandiola is proudly demonstrating today ' s dance moves. Opposite Page: Top Right: Mr. and Mrs. Turner show all the Foothill students how dancing is really done. Opposite Page: Bottom Left: Paul and George of RAIN sing their hearts out to please the Foothill students, dur- ing the RAIN dance. 40 Dances Dance Power! If strength is found in numbers then Foothill dances must be a dominating force in Foothill society. This year the Foothill dances were just one of a large number of shining moments in Foothill activities. One needs only to venture i nto a Foothill dance to find a mob of Foothill high students dancing to the latest songs, and doing the latest dance steps. Some students may remember best the times spent with their best friends, or the great music played, or just dancing with their friends, or just dancing with other Foothill students. And who could forget when it again rained in the Foothill Gym? This was the second year that the group RAIN came to Foothill High School. It was, to say the least, a great success. Many students came to the Gym dressed in the GO ' s style. Most just came to see and hear the music of the BEATLES. And the group RAIN did not disappoint them. RAIN performed many of the best of the BEATLES songs, and .. il through many dif- ferent costume changes to help the m f the dance. The most important thing to thosi 10 attended the dances, was to just let off steam built up b the weeks and months of school work. So as a dance i ami an end most hoped it would go on longer, although no one will forget all the memories built during these short, shining! • .it the Foothill dances. Dan Above: Robin Derr, Jim Koval, Vanessa Beatty, and John Hardin pose for Farmer ' s Digest. Above Right: The first ever sophomore King and Queen for Sadie Hawkins are Brian Woods and Tiffany Chandler. Right: Leah Ann Sachs, Wendy Marsile, and Gail Chamberlain enjoy the Sadie Hawkins Hoopla. 42 Sadie Hawkins Sadie Hawkins is a Swinging Success " Swing your partner round and round, " " say cheese, " and " you may now kiss the bride " were just a few common sayings at Sadie Hawkins. The dance was held at the Orange County Fairgrounds on March 22. It was a unique dance. For the first time ever, Foothill had a Sadie Hawkins court. The courts were chosen based on spirit and, every class had one. The freshman court members were Mike McKeever, King Adam Hairston, Mike Mackman, Kelly Sawyer, Adriene Dimas, and Queen Michelle McCain. The sophomore spirit court were King Brian Woods, Matt Bain, Chris Walshe, Kristi Wood, Wendy Marsile, and Queen Tiffany Chandler. Members of the junior court were King Keith Golden, Greg Randall, Bill Gibson, Queen Lisa Tozzi, Allyson Askin, and Traci Chalamidas. The seniors recognized for their spirit were King Shawn Clark, Tom Bain, Brett Barton, Queen April (urick, Carrie Lundquist, and Debbie Forney. The Kings received a cowboy hat crown, while the Queens ' crowns were made of flowers. The night was a swinging success and fun for all who participated. Left: Michael McNerny is pleased that Keith Golden is named junior King, while Queen Lisa Tozzi and Mr. Southern hail to him. Above Left: Shawn Clark and April |urick show why they were chosen King and Queen based on spirit. Top Left: The senior Sadie Hawkim lUrt, Tom Bain. Bretl Barton. Shawn Clark. April (urick. Carrie Lundquist, and Debbie Forney, wait for Spencer Freebairn to announce thi King and Queen. Above: Freshman King and dam Hairston and Michelle Mc- Cain, make a cute country I Sadie Hawkins J.t Brett Bainbridge flashes that sweet Freshman smile. V Brett reads a book how to impress girls. on Bari Alpert is unimpressed with Brett ' s clashing books. Bari ' s worries include English and Algebra, not getting Brett ' s phone number. Bari hopes that she will soon grow into her clothes. I s The Transformation of . . . Bev Elliot is too shy to meet Rich ' s gaze. Bev gets enough courage to slip Rich her phone number. Rich Grazziano ' s casual posture con- tradicts his true feel- ings of anxiety. Bev and Rich are both im- pressed with the other ' s good looks. Rich has heard that freshly shined shoes impress the girls. 44 Transformation Linda Rheinschild shows her enthusiasm at the prospect of a spin in Mike ' s BMW. Old enough for a job, Linda ' s paycheck sup- ports her trendy clothes habit. Mike Dunn smiles knowing he ' ll have a date to the Junior Senior Prom Mike holds the key to Linda ' s heart land his car!). Mike hopes that his jeans will be fad- ed ' enough ' by his senior year. A Knight and A Lady Happy to find that they are passim economics, Lauren and John loot forward to graduation. Lauren sets an example for the sophomore style of dressing. Lauren Seibert and John McKay smile slyly instead of shyly as seniors. Feeling more at ease as a senior John dresses with a casual style. Seniors get a little closer; they ' re not shv. Transformation -J5 oJ y l Bfc . . ' SomToffiit; " aSS? time » young J iv P . 46 Top left: A.S.B. member, David Adler. looks down on his kingdom. Top: Jim Reames ' Army proves itself a powerful force in Century League Basketball. Left: Jennifer Burns and Shelly Christopher put in overtime perfecting a routine. 47 Above: Redhead Club: Back Row: L. McClure, S. Biller. T. Miner. S. Freebairn, J. Davis, R. Prete. Fifth Row: ). Lopez, E. Wilson. Fourth Row: I. Kim, P. Muret, K. Hammond. Third Row: B. Byrd, |. Jordan. G. Goss. Second Row: T. Alivera. N. Pliner, T. Gay, B. Blair, J. Mahru. Front Row: D. Nash. Top: Art Club: Back Row: D. Walkama, J. Lusin, ). Collins, B. Wilkerson, D. Cash, E. Gecsey. Front Row: M [eltema, L. Marantz. B. Sherfey, D. Korich, R. Phillips Middle Right: French Club: Back Row: S. DeSalvo, K. Carney, C. Farns- worth, T. Webster, J. Perren, ], F ' ulton, R. Figley, J. Larson. Third Row: K. Parrish, J. McTaggart, L. Rheinchild, M. Gansel. Second Row: L. Price, J. DeSalvo, L. Navarro, S. Overn, ). Lusin, C. Knobe, M. Gabelsberg. Front Row: J. Crandall. D. Klevatt, A. Ryu, B. Mendiola, S. Gugasian, N. Selin, S. Meline. • 4 ' A i ! mm I ' 1 ) 1 s •- V 1 1 1 n W i 1 » • ■ i it ; 1 it t 4 4 i 1 1 t x w % j -- « » Above G. Scot Stewart Lawren ight: Computer Club , L. Nesbitt. Second , T. Chou, A. Huan ce, C. Sherer, G. Scott : Back Row: S. Sheng. A. Lyn Row: M. Madory, J. Wilheli j, A. Bhimani. Front Row: , K. Carzen. G. Nakamoto. C. d, B. Bauer, ). Holder, n, A. Lin, B. Lynd. T H. Lin, D. Berry, C. Kano, S. Ruse. 48 Clubs I Reaching For New Horizons There were many reasons to join a club at Foothill. One meets new people, gets involved in his school and in his community plus it looks good on your transcript. But one can also have lots of fun. In 1984, the Art club attempted to paint a mural of a three dimensional man but the design was rejected. When the board approved it in 1985, they were excited. Every Mon- day and Wednesday, in the 300 building, they worked hard to plan and paint this mural. The Computer Club was quite elated after receiving the IBM PC ' s for the new com- puter room. They also went to see the movie " Dune. " The Redhead club spent the money they made at Feast and joust for other worthy causes. Of course, clubs like to get together and eat. Some of these chilis included the P ' rench club and the Spanish club. The French club had a dinner at the end of the year and the Spanish club had lots of food at their banquets and luncheons. The Health and Careers club had fun when they embarked on a tour of the Red Cross. All in all clubs endow one with qualities which make him a more-rounded individual. Below: Health Careers Club: Back Row: L. Parrish, E. Hamilton. S. Meline. Third Row: H. Van Winkle. C. Lawrence. P. Gonzalez. R. Goodman, L. Katz. |. Mahru. Second row: ). Hoist, L. Wokurka. G. Strachan. K. Carney. B Blair. T. Watson, K. Parrish. Front row: ). Crandall. L. Price, D. Klevatt. H. Choi. M. Anderson. S. Overn. Left: Spanish Club: Back row: R. Prete. B. McHenry. |. Lusin. I. Kakihara. B. Heinlein. K. Starks. Third Row: R Goodman, |. Hancock, A. Ahrling. K. Andreosky. S. Freebairn. T Miner Se- cond Row: C. Caro-Lope, L. Katz, K. Kin. S Kershnar, I ' White, R Shy, Y. Denenny. Front Row: L. Samuelson. T Slerman, K. Weatherman. S. Schwartz. I. Kin. M. Mayemura M Minei I Below: Bike Club: C. Whitaker, E. Smith, J. Harvey, L. Nesbitt, B. Davenport C. Nakamoto. Right: Ecology Club: Back Row: I. Graham, J. Francis, J. Wilhelm, D. Cash, G Strachan, S. Sheng, D. Deckert, J.P. Pfitzner, M, Miner, B. Wilkerson. Bottom: Strategist Club: Back Row: N. Gaspar, I. Graham, A. Lynd, E Springer. Second R ow: G. Strachan, K. Donnelly, P. Gaspar. Front Row: ] Annan, K. Carter, G. Nakamoto. 50 Clubs FHS Strategists Take Command Clubs at Foothill provided an opportunity to broaden horizons and share common goals and interests with others. The activities that the clubs engaged in reflected the varied interests of the student body. The Strategists challenged their mental abilities by getting together to play strategy games such as RISK! In one game, they assumed the roles of generals and took charge of imaginary armies. " It ' s fun and challenging. It ' s great when you get to demolish another person ' s army, " stated Kirk Donnelly. The Astronomy Club reached their pivotal moment when they achieved the great " 42, " the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything. The Bike Club challenged their physical endurance by riding 101 miles to San Diego. The Cultural Enrichment Club went to see the performance of the Broadway musical " 42 Street. " The Ecology Club demonstrated their great activeness by meeting for the first and only time at the photographing of their yearbook picture. The Drama Club aided in the production of M.A.S.H. by raising money for the set paints and also by pro- viding the programs for the performance. Members will always remember the special experiences these clubs provided for they are an integral part of the one brief and shining moment. Below: Cultural Enrichment Club: Back Row: M. Kilgore. C. Tedder, S. Meline, B. Mandiola, L. Rheinschild. G. Schershel, K. Lu, K. Starks. T. Brady. M. Aqueveque, |. Jordan. Second Row: J. Kanarek, L. MacKinnon, L. Toscas, S. Shaw, K. Bloor, L. Goldstein, A. Tanaka, J. Lusin, L. Kakihara, M. Stewart. Front Row: K. Yamashita, C. Takahashi, A. Askin, J. Franco, K. Weatherman. S. Schwarz, C. Kim. J. Huang. Bottom Left: Back Row: |. Larson, G. Jones, D. Cash. Second Row: Y.I. Park, T. Traver, D. Korich, J. Jordan, L. Green, J. Willsey. Front Row: C. Schneider, D. Eisenman, B. Wilkerson, C. Kim, M. Rosenblatt. Bottom Right: Back Row: J. Lewis. C. Person, D. Katz, M. Lillard, V. Nozik, S. Yakatan. Third Row: B. Lassiter, H. Vanwinkle. T. Charmaine, M. Lopez. F. Yont, J. Brouk. J. Cummings, B. Brown. E. Nicolai, L. Johnson, L. Kinne. Second Row: E. Person, G. Scott. J. Slazas, B. McHenry, L. Millspaugh. C. Schroeder, V. Hawthorne. Front Tow: M. Clark, A. Fetters, G. DeSilva, S. Feder, K. Weatherman. A. Tanaka, J. Mahru. Clubs 51 Top: ]RA: Back Row: I. Gillman, B. Nickelson, B. Strait, P. Slocum, C. Babecky, S. Fletcher, H. Hingst. Fourth Row: M. Gillman, J. An- nan, N. Gaspar, B. Kiefer, J. O ' Brien, K. Briggs, M. Kilgore. Third Row: D. Fryer, A. Mitchell, P. Ricigliano, J. Bentley, D. Fox, D. Hallstrom. Second Row: D. Madole, B. Barton, G. Widmer, M. Welsh, D. Carrera, T. Cole. Front Row: T. Bain, T. Veje. Middle: Dance Production: Z. Snell, W. Marcell, L. Passo, S. Burch, K. Throckmorton, S. Shaw, T. Brady, M. Holt, L. Goldstein, J. Fran- co, C. Kim. Bottom: Teens Who Care: Back Row: R. Prete. Fourth Row: A. Castor, S. Fairbaim. Third Row: T. Miner, B. Sherfey, M. Jeltema. Second Row: R. Figley, L. Price, J. Crandall, D. Fryer, M. Madory, B. Blair. Front Row: E. Kim. 52 Clubs What ' s in a Club? There was a club on campus for everyone: for dancers, for high spirits, for the teens who cared, and for those who were in- terested in other nations. Clubs represented an active part of a student ' s life on Foothill ' s campus. Dance Production allows students to express their moods and emotions through music. The members of this club practiced for many hours. The talent and effort showed in their performance in the Broadway review in which they did a dance number to " Rock-n-Roll Will Never Die. " Jim Reames ' Army, better known as JRA, was a very active club which supported teams with its intense spirit and dedica- tion. Students attending any of the basketball games saw and heard the boisterous group shouting " Ya Mudda! " The highlight of the year according to president Brett Barton was " getting wild at the El Mo game. " Tesla Aravena, an AFS student from Chile, really enjoyed liv- ing, studying, and eating in America. She loved eating at McDonald ' s, something Americans take for granted, and she loved . . . pizza! Tesla stated, " I ' ll always treasure my experience here in the States. " The AFS Club was a great learning experience. Hosting and meeting students from other countries taught the club members a lot. Interna tional Day was the high point of their year. Above Left: Tesla Aravena. Below: AFS Club: Back Row: C. Tedder. C. Lawrence, K. Gregg. K. Stark. T. Decell, ]. Jordan. L. Rheinschild. Middle Row: H. Rice. H. Thompson, L. Richardson, A. Roy. M. Kew. B. Sherfey. Front Row: S. Alterman. D. Cotman. C. Kim, S. Boseker. Clubs 53 Right: Math Science: Back Row: R. Prete, M. Bunge. N. Caspar, L. Rhienschild, I. Graham, M. Berman, S. Boranian, S. Freebairn, L. Wokurka, E. Tosoonian, D. Lundegreen. Third Row: R. Yu, J. O ' Brien, A. Bhiman, J. Wilhelm, |. Annan, T. Miner, M. Miner, K. Carter, E. Smith. Second Row: B. Lee, M. Kilgore, S. Sheng, S. Lawrence, R. Shy, Y. Denenny, |. Lusin, L. Kakihara, R. Furry, O. Suan, E. Smith, B. Herman. First Row: C. Smith, V. Nosik, D. Geisea, D. Cotman, A. Ryu, A. Sheng, G. Desilva, S. Feder, G. Nakamoto, D. Deckert, Mrs. Chen. Middle Right: Sophomore Cheer: Back Row: C. Koehl, B. Elliot, K. Unger, |. Schram, L. Ash, L. Johnson. Second Row: M. Duval, |. Kiefer, S. Burch, G. Chamberlain, S. Hill. First Row: N. Menefee, B. Brummette, K. Wood, C. Colwell. Below: Home Economics: G. Prendergast, L. Perkov, G. Chamberlain, M. Duval. 54 Clubs Left: Peer Aides: Back Row: J. Larson, Mr. Larson. Mr. Weideman. T. Shinoda. ). Nester. Second Row: C. lad- der, H. VanWinkle, L. Rhienschild. E. Yee. First Row: M. Clark, M. Hernandez, A. Khanna, D. Hayman. Friends and Fun in Clubs Clubs play an important role in a well-rounded high school life. Some organizations give the members more time with their hobbies, like Home Economics. Others work on the improvement of skills used in school such as the Math Science Club, and the Sophomore Cheer squad. Peer Aides helps people now, and also furthers the participants careers at the same time. But the main role of clubs is to meet different people and make more friends. Two clubs that did just that are the Fishing Club and the New Life Club. Both of these are rather recent additions to the school. Clubs make an integral part of Foothill life for all students that want to join. Opposite page: Left: Fishing Club: Back Row: R. Gault. B. Byrd, M. Hoyt. P. Dorn, B. Lindley, G. Davert. S. Zeegardin. B. Throckmorten. M. Gansel, ). O ' Brien, D. Adler. D. Suggs. A. Beirman, |. Mclntreck. S. Hingst. Fourth Row: S. Burch. R. Wood. K. Lambert. L. McClure. K. Unger. R. Pohlman. S. Beaver, S. Wilson. B. House, B. Staight. B. Kiefer, |. McTaggart. D. Carrera. D. DeBoer. J. Near. Third Row: S. Christopher. S. Carter, K. Andreosky. S. Freebairn. |. Hancock. | Dyer, ). Bentley. D. Fryer, |. Fishbeck, T. Halimore, M. Gyer. B. Horten. Second Row: K. Scott. K Fickett. B. Sherwood. B. Gibson. D. Fox. D. Vandruff. Mr. Marzilli. P. Fiore. T. Richards. T. Yoder. S. Shaw. First Row: B. Barton, T. Veje. Above: New Life: Back Row: R. Prete. T. Yates. A. Wallin. B. Lacy. A. Huntington. G. LaFlamme. M. Madory. C. Manzo. D. Stecen. |. McKay. S. Rossier. M. Kin. Fourth Row: [. Wilhelm, R. Yu. |. Near, ). McFadden. C. Boyce. C. Andriosky. j. Gibson, M. Kilgore. K. Starks. C. MacArthur. K. Goh. j. Lloyd. D. MacLeod. Third Row: Mr. Feher. B. Elliott, j. Baker. B. Lassiter. L Mackinon. M. Kew. C. Lundquist. L. Johnson. K Lu. A. Mongan. L. Kakihara. G. Weisgeber. M Wallin, G. Scher- shel. Second Row: L. Clark. Y. Kaufman. D. Yoder, B. Smith. S. Bog • S Ahrling. D. Geisea. N. Nemafee, B. Brumelt. D. Cotman. L. Price. |. Crandall. First Row S. Garrison. |. Bell. B. Heinlein. K. Evans. C Kim, K. Evans. M. Gar- rison. M. Ketering. P Murel. Clubs 55 Speech Shines on to Distinction Highlights! Foothill ' s clubs spent a busy year accomplishing their individual pursuits. The Speech Team competed successfully in the Mock Trial Competition. Mock Trials were similar to actual trials with team members assigned the roles of attorneys and witnesses. The Varsity Club successfully organized the Donkey Basketball Game. The Conserva- tion Club sold generic hot dogs at Feast and Joust. The Key Club collected over one thousand cans of food for the Tustin Food Bank. The CSF visited the Scripps Oceanography Institute. The German Club enlarged their bank account during Feast and Joust by selling German-style pretzels. These shining moments will always remain with those who partcipated. Below Left: German Club: Back Row: H. McBride, J. Cummings, C. Foster, G. Jones, P. Cash, C. Kanno, A. Huang, P. Meany, S. Scherer. Front Row: T. Chou, S. Branchaud. R. Shy, Y. Denenny, L. Rauch, L. Spruill, J. McKittrick, R. Phillips, K. Hirsch, Y.I. Park Below Right: Conservation Club: Back Row: S. Parker, K. Mitchell, A. Mitchell, S. Hingst, M. Welsh, B. Strait. Third Row: D. Gazzaniga, B. Bird, T. Hallamore, M. Madory, R. Rodriguez, B. Nickelson, N. Toscas. Second Row: R Laird, K. Briggs. D. Fryer, J. O ' Brien, B. Throckmorton, B. Barton, D. Holland, D. Hallstrom. Front Row: Mr. Turner, T. Cole, P. Slocum, T. Bain, C. Shipcott, D. Carrera, B. Kiefer, T. Veje, T. Wood, D. Adler, G. Davert, P. Ricigliano, D. Duval. Bottom: Key Club: Back Row: K. Gresham, N. Selin, C. Caro-Lapp, E. Smith, A. Ryu, T. Miner, G. Nakamoto, L. Schwarz, S. Russell, L. Kinne, A. Mongan, A. Murrieta, ). Lusin, G. Burt, ]. Kershaw, N. Gaspar, I. Graham, }. Lurch, J. Sumerndike, L. Nesbitt, S. Thome, A. Gillman, R. Weber, N. Thompson, D. Hogan, K. Starks, M. Romey, A. Bhimani, J. Potter, L. Gregg, C. Kazarian, J. Carolan, B. Medina, J. Hancock, M. Templeman, S. Clark. G. Gore, R. Laird. Fourth Row: O. Suan, I. McGehee, A. Sheng, G. DeSilva, S. Kieval, L. Toscas. L. Kakihara, S. Lawrence, ]. Annan, K. Donnelly, D. Katz, E. Smith, C. Terhune, K. Weatherman. D. Lundgreen, ]. Wilhelm, K. Friend, D. Alpert. ]. Jordan, Y. Denenny, S. Burch, R. Shy, A. Amort, S. Ahrling. Third Row: C. Kim. L. Passo, A. Roy, D. Cotman, S. Boseker. T. Frutos, N. Mahutte, P. Carolan, B. Wilkerson, J. Kiefer, S. Meline, B. Man- diola, G. Ashbaugh, M. Mayemura, C. Kelly, E. Yee, J. Mullin, K. Vierregger, S. Williams. N. Ponsetto, A. Foto, J. Crandall, W. Marsile, K. Throckmorton, J. Cahalan, L. Givens, T. Johnson, L. Katz, R. Goodman, D. Deckert, C. Andreosky, B. Heinlein, K. Parrish, L. Rheinschild, H. Zaydel. Second Row: E. Kim, K. James, S. Wu, A. Silver, L. Zito, S. Kraus, V. Hurlbut, K. Cope, C. Koehl, M. Minerm D. Marzurie, M. Kim, S. Freebairn, J. Heinrich, C. Pak, K. Whatley, T. Sterman, M. McGivern, K. Swenson. K. Yamashita, J. Huang, H. Choi, K. Kovac, G. Henrotin, M. Gabelsburg, J. Alverson, M. Madory, L. Samuelson. Front Row: A. Nash, S. Schwarz, K. Lu, S. Garrison, A. DiFronzo, C. Gallagher, D. Forney, J. Balling, B. Cox, R. Furry, M.Taleisnik, M. Gillman, K. Carney, S. Duff, K. Wood, K. James, M. Newquist, H. Murphy, C. Lundquist, L. Johnson, L. Minne, J. O ' Brien, B. Bunge, S. Sheng, D. Bridge, T. Hallamore. 56 Clubs Above: Speech and Debate Team: Back Row: B. Her- man. J. Cohen. |. Francis. T. Zupka. Front Row: H. Vanwinkle. C. Kim. E. Hamilton. |. Caraccio, C. Ross. J. Alverson, D. Bridge. Left: CSF: Back Row: J. Franco, D. Deckert. S. Lawrence. M. Gillman, R. Bauer. A. Herman. G. Scott. N. Gaspar, I. Graham. S. Hingst. K. Cope, V. Hurlbut. G. Chamberlain. M. Duval. Y. Denenny. D. Klevatt. K. Vierregger, L. Rauch. V. Fryer. M. Kew, N. Pliner. G. Henrotin. E. Smith. M Kim, M. Mayemura. M. Monique. ). Ornitz, C. Kazarian. Third Row: |. Hancock, A. Ahrling, A. Mongan, L Kakihara. D. Gisea, K. Parrish. L. Schwarz. L. Givens. C. Kim, K. Friend, K. Wood, A. Bridge. G. Schershel. H. Zaydel. M. Rosenblatt. A. Roy. A. Boseker. A. Ryu. T. Dter- man. A. Sheng. C. Kovac. G. Nakamoto. C. Schneider, D. Katz, B. Cox. K. Weatherman. Second Row: D. Cot- man. A. DiFronzo. C. Gallagher, R Goodman. L. Katz. S. Schwartz, K. |ennings. K. Smith. K Whalley. M. Keuilian. A. Van Pelt. K. Spahr. M. Daniels. T. Shinoda. L. Kinne, |. Uttz, E. Bricker. H. Vanwinkle. E. Baren. H. Choi. M. Underwood. T. Decell, L. Burgos. |. Silva. A. Khann.i. G. Burt. Front Row: G. ' Gore. B. Wilkerson. P. White. T. Watson. L. Millspaugh. D. Dineen, M Kim. S. Sheng. D. Schwartz. D. Bridge. T. Traver. A. Bhimani, |. Wilhelm. P. G,is]Mr. | Beck, K. Carter. M. Garrison. T. Gay.T Heil K Yu. |. Alverson. T. Lodgard Below Left: Varsity Club: Back Row: D. Gazzaniga. S Parker. L. Bird K Mitchell. K. Bridge. A. Mitchell. T Hallamore, S. Hingst. M. Welsh. M. Madnry R Rodriguez. B Strait. N. Nickelson. N. Toscas. | Virgilio. Second Row: R. Laird. | Bain. B. Throckmor ton. D. Holland. M. Gansel. D Halston. Front Row G Sedoo. T Cole. P. Slocum. C. Shipcott. B Carrera B Kiefer, T. Veje. D. Adler. B. Barton. G Dav.-rt. P Riclgliano, D. Duval Clubs 57 Top: Back Row: J. Lewis, L. Green, B. Chronley, A Guido, T. Lewis. Second Row: D. Giesea, C. Lopez, K. Schmid, B. Lacy, S. Yakatan, J. Constantine. Front: B. Brown, M. Motley, K. Tracey, H. Vanwinkle, M. Lopez, L. Fogarty, T. Weissen, J. Chase, V. Hawthorne. Above: Bryan Lassiter, Karen Schmid, Valerie Hawthorne, and Angela Guido perform a serious scene in the play M A.S.H. Above Right: Kathy Tracey and Mary Motley are not amused by Angela Guido and Jason Constantine. Right: Debbie Smaglik can ' t find the wall. 58 Drama M.A.S.H. comes to Foothill. The Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, otherwise known as M.A.S.H., visited the Foothill High School campus in December. They brought laughter in the forms of Hawkeye, Radar, and Hotlips Houlihan. M.A.S.H. received widespread acclaim from the students. Julie Jor- dan stated " It was fantastic. The drama department did an incredible job. " The incredible job was the result of months of arduous work. The drama department began practicing for M.A.S.H. in October. In addition to one period in school, they often spent two hours after school perfecting their performance. The staging of M.A.S.H. in- volved more than just acting. The drama students also constructed and painted the sets. What motivates these dedicated individuals to strive for excellence? Carl Person, Presi- dent of the drama club, stated, " A lot of us would like to be professional actors. For these students, high school drama productions are an opportunity to perfect their craft before they go out to the ' real world ' . " Judging from the caliber of the M.A.S.H. performances, perhaps Foothill ' s students will someday De able to say, " I knew that actor when I was in high school. " Left: Bethany Brown. Seth Yakatin. P. Pernanko. have fun making up |. Lewis. Above: Back Row: |. Chase 2nd Row: [. Slazas. O. Lopez. Q McBride. L. Millspaugh. B. Chronley. H. McBride First Row: K. Tracey. T. Weisen. K. Person perform M.A.S.H . the first p] .f the year. Drama 59 Above: Student Senate: Back Row: G. Davert, K. Kin, D. Hallstrom, S. Kraus, G. Gore, T. Bain, T. Wood, B. Barton, A. Saline. S, Wright, D. Cot- man. Front Row: P. Cash, M. Gillman, E. Kim, G. Chamberlain, M. Kew, S. Boseker. Right: Senior Class Counsel: Back Row: C. Manzo, W. Passo. Front Row: C. Shipcott, B. Heinlein, E. Loonam, B. Kiefer. Far Right: Junior Class Coun- cil: A. VanPelt, T. Quinn, P. Fiore, T. Gresham, M. Bryant, T. Shinoda. 60 Leadership Bottom Right: Sophomore Class Council: V. Fryer, C. Coffey, W. Marsile, C, Larson, T. Miner, K. Kin. Bottom Far Right: Freshman Class Council: Back Row: K. Shipcott, M. Marchetti, M. Ferris. Bottom Row: E. Langlois, S. Johnson, |. Ojanpera. It Begins With the Heart The student body of Foothill, like any other body, is sustained by its heart. At Foothill High School the ASB and the Student Senate were the " heart. " They pumped encourage- ment into every limb of the student body: into the arms of the CIF girls ' basketball champs, into the flying feet of the soccer team that won CIF for the first time, and into the brains of our OCAD team, the best in Orange County. To show the world our " real heart " the student body fasted and donated their lunch money to buy a water pump for a parched and starving village in Ethiopia. With this gift, the villagers will be able to plant and irrigate crops that will sustain their lives. Every heart needs laughter, and there was an abundance of fun and laughter at Foothill dances, athletic events, and other extra-curricular activities. They were all heart-felt sucesses. 1984-85 could be described as the year Foothill ' s heart filled our campus and extended halfway around the world. SCHOOL Top: Girls ' Athletic Board: Back Row K. Gin, D. Cotman. |. Huang. Y. Kaufman. L. Clarke. L. MacKinnon. M Miner. D. Marzurie. S. Russell. A. VanPelt. K. Lemos. L. McClure. Front Row: M. Kew. E. Body. A. Silver. C, Coffey. L. Manzo. T. Boppell. C. Larson. V Denenny. T. OLivera. T. Chandler. N. Pliner. A. Sheng. S. Davis. Above: ASB: Back Row: R. Laird. D. Adler. G. McHenry. Fourth Row: S. Freebairn. S. Thorne Third Row S Boranian. P. Fiore. D. Flyer. Second Row: D. Marzurie, M. Miner. T Miner. C. Shipcott, Front Row: K. Carney. L. Zito. L. Dailey. M. Marchetti. Leadership 61 Band Triumphs in Hawaii For the first time in the Foothill Band ' s history, there was a female drum major. Gretchen Goss, a four year band member, earned this title. She expressed early on that she wished no special treat- ment nor favoritism. Not unlike her predecessors, her pride and spirit shined through, and she earned the respect of all the " Bandos. " Goss was amazed by all the goals that the band accom- plished. " I was very pleased with this year ' s band, and even though it consisted of about 50 percent freshmen, they did quite a lot. " Another first for the F.H.S. Band was their trip to Hawaii. During Spring Vacation, the band traveled to Oahu, and competed in parade, half-time, and concert catagories in the Fifth Annual Hawaii Invitational Tournament. Ninety-one members were able to attend because of the extensive and successful fund-raising. Ranging in diversity from the annual Pancake Breakfast to the sale of gummie bears, the fund raisers even included an art auction and doing inventory at Mervyn ' s Department Store. Because of this trip the band members practiced even after the football season ended to sharpen their skills. They were rewarded with the sweepstakes trophy which has never before left Hawaii. Four year band members, Jim Perren and Reed Figley concluded that it was " a highly successful season, " and hoped that their traditions would live on. Below Left: Tony DelNoce, and Gretchen Goss, the F.H.S. drum major, wish each other luck before a parade. Below Right: Tuba player, James Francis, warms up with the " low-brass. " Right: The Foothill High School Drum Section jams in a half-time show. 62 Marching Band Above: Back Row: R. Poole, K. Williams, |. Alverson. B. Bauer, |. Francis. S. Scott, B. McHenry. I Wright. D. Tannenbaum. R. Stern. |. Oder, |. [eltema, M. Underwood. S. Hammes. C. Tedder. T. Williams. T. Delnoce. Fourth Row: R. Figley. |. Perren. [. Rauch, |. DeSalvo, C. Miller. S. Brown. K. Widmann. R. Yue. R. Williams. D. Jensen, A. Fetters, M. Williams, G. Baker. M. Avery, C. Noble. Third Row: S. Behn. D Miller. L. Ball. C. Henderson. K. Hammond. P. Piltz. B. Shank. B. Underwood. G. Goss. |. Wright. |. Wokurka. K. Spahr, S. DeSalvo. |. Shneider. P. McMains. B. Livengood. K. Felix. Second Row: E. Springette. K Gwinup, |. Weissberg. M. Shneider, D. Hager, S. Lewis. E. Kakihara. T Baird. T. Sadler. |. Tannenbaum MAJOR- ETTES: L. Navarro, K |ennings. M. Motley. L. Wokurka, D. Deckert. M. Coronado. Left: Mary Motley shows her fascination with fire on the field. Marching Band 63 Top Right: Captains of this year ' s Tall Flag Team were Julie Hoist and May Huang, and the captain of the Letters was Laurie Rauch. Top Left: Paige Giffin prepares to toss her flag at the half-time show against El Modena. Above: Tall flags: Back Row: E. Hamilton, H. Thompson, P. Giffin, ). Price, A. Mecham B. Baharie. Middle Row: B. Sherfey, ). Crandall, Price. B. Baharie. Front Row: M. Fink, L. Rauch, R. Phillips, M. Huang. . Hoist, S. Overn, L 64 Tall Flags ca eh EB 5a|5 pa c: za pi - TJUX FLAG TEAM at eg MU ffr - Remembering... " And the winner of first place, tall flags, Foothill! With that came a roar from 100 Foothill voices screaming wildly at yet another victory. The excite- ment of award ceremonies will long be remembered as the pay-off for numerours hours of practice. The season began when 11 members went to camp for four days of classes, competitions, and fun. Choruses of " We want the stick, " echoed through the halls day and night. Yelling out the dorm room windows gave birth to an onslaught of new lines for the song. " It ' s on her face! " they cried while learning the differences between new and used cars. And who will ever forget the Colts? " I say red, you say white, " and they were joined by the whole human race. Then the real work began. Putting together a parade routine and half-time shows took hours of practice in the hot summer sun. But the excitement of the games made it all worthwhile. The girls on the team were constantly reminded to " be aggressive. " As the graduating seniors on the. team say good- bye to their school, so Foothill s,i s - k id-bye to the last three remaining meml its forgotten Drill-Team, May Huang. Julie Hoist, and Laura Price. But no member ol ihi am will soon forget all the fun and new frier s made. ..not even the goat! Top Left: Darlene Sheppard. Belinda Baharie, and Lauralie Slewart play servants for a day al the Pancake Breakfast. Top Right: Th. ' girls on the team show their spirit at camp Middle: Melanie Fink. Paige Giffin. Charice Farnsworth. |ulie ( dall. and Julie Ho I heir way to the top. Left: On their last at camp, the Tall Flag team pi around their first place trophy mm To ' Versatility Versatility. That ' s the key word in the life of a Foothill cheerleader. Not only do the members of the pep squad spend hours upon hours practicing routines, but they spend an almost equal number of hours performing those routines. For what, one may ask, do they spend so much of their free time doing this? They do it for fun, pleasure, and satisfaction. But above all else, they do it for their school. Few people actually realize everything the pep squad does. They go to all sports-not just football and basketball-and cheer Foothill ' s athletes on to victory. And all those posters seen around campus encouraging one sport or another didn ' t just appear magically. Making these posters is just another duty for the pep squaders. The responsibilities of the pep squad are endless, yet time after time they surprise us with what they can do. And with all the time spent together, it is no wonder so many close friendships are made. One wish common to many of them is to be more respected. With all they do for Foothill, surely this wish should be granted. Top Left: Tauni Boppell and Trisha Truban fire up the crowd at the Villa Park assembly. Top Right: |.V. Cheer: Back: T. Truban, S. Shaw, A. Dunn, K. Kellogg. J. Arena, Front: V. Karamardian, J. Huang, T. Boppell, K. Whatley. Right: Sandy Shaw. |ou Huang, Tauni Boppell, (anine Arena, Karen Kellogg, Kirsten Whatley, and Trisha Truban are all smiles as they demonstrate their ability to do stunts. 66 Pep l Top Left: Shelli Christopher, Diane Hofflander. Lori Marantz, and Terri Wood spell out their affection for Foothill with their pom poms. Top Right: Varsity Song: Back: Jennifer Burns. D. Hof- flander. L. Morantz. Front: S. Christopher. T. Wood, N Miraula. Middle: Jennifer Burns. Shelli Christopher and Diane Hofflander work hard after school perfecting their routines. Left: Terri Wood promotes spirt in a pep-assembly. Pep 67 Go f hs Pep Is... Work. Behind the glamorous image of a cheerleader is an unglamorous fact of life. Excellence in any arena takes effort and practice. Foothill ' s cheerleaders often spent hours after school rehearsing their routines until they achieved perfection. They were aided in their pursuit of perfec- tion by the skills they learned at the San Diego State University Cheerleading camp. They learned new material which was later utilized in routines. They learned how to work together and how to synchronize their routines. Their hours of practice resulted in out- standing performances. They buoyed up de- pressed morale during games and led the ap- preciative crowds in cheering victory. They also sparked up assemblies and involved Foothill ' s students with spirit and pride in their school. Foothill ' s cheerleaders are a special group of people. They proved invaluable in pro- moting school spirit wherever they performed. Above Left: One duty of the pep squad is painting signs. Above Right: Varsity Cheer: C. Lundquist, D. Alpert, M. Fenton, S. Kraus, and M. Toohey. Right: Lynne Johnson and Carrie Lundquist express their friendship. 68 Pep Left: Pep Squad Advisor |ohn Severson gives a pep talk. Above: Pep Officers: C. Koehl, L. Dailey. and L Johnson. Top Right: Stunt Squad: Back Row: M. Kilgore, A. Mit- chell, D. Macleod. S. Clark. Front Row: M. Welsh and M. Phillips. Top Left: Erin Linger. Missy Fenton, Stacey Kraus. Dana Alpert. Mary Toohey. Shawn Clark, Mike Kilgore. Devon MacLeod, and Carrie Lundquist form the tallest pyramid in Foothill ' s history. Right: Tina Gresham, [ou Huang, Allyson Askin, Gretchen Schultz study their layout. Below: Allyson Askin, Dana Rice, Becky Heinlein are surprised with the outcome of the Knightlife. Below Right: Martin Taleisnik does the Tango during his journalism class. 70 Journalism Journalism Writes Up a Storm The goal of the 1984-85 Knight Life staff was to publish a newspaper that was informative and at the same time interesting and appealing to the student body. The Knight Life acted as grounds for experience in nearly every aspect of the newspaper industry. Staff members improved their interviewing, writing, and editing skills in publishing the Knight Lite. The people behind the Knight Life included News Editor Jou Huang, Editorial Editor John Caraccio, Feature Editor Allyson Askin, Sports Editor Greg Ashbaugh, and Copy Editor Tina Gresham. Without the talent and hard work of these individuals, along with the uidance of Staff Advisor George Korich, publication of the Knight Life would not have been possible. fi; Todd Smith — Editor-in-chief Left: Back Row: |. Becker, G. Ashbaugh, I. Caraccio 3rd Row: G. Korich, T. Smith, G. Miller, M. Taleisnik, |. Collins 2nd Row: S. Left. |. Huang, T. Gresham, A. Askin. H. Smith. D. Rice Front Row: G. Schultz, L. Dailey, B. Smith Below Left: Sara Left is hard at work. Below Right: )ared Becker and Gretchen Schultz take a moment to think of a new story. ' + T Knighl Life 71 Easy A? No Way! As the tardy bell rang to start fifth period, the students settled down to another period of yearbook. Yearbook, usually stereotyped as being an " easy A " type class, is unique. How many classes can you take in which you produce a book that is so popular that it sells out every year? Of course with these results comes a lot of hard work. By the time the last deadline comes along, everyone is relieved that all the work is done and all that is left is the im- minent arrival of the books. An average member goes through approximately five rough drafts and three quad-pacs to get them perfected. Yearbook is not the " easy A " class as it is assumed. Instead it ' s a challenge. Produc- ing the yearbook involves dedication, time, and effort, and only the strong survive the whole year. Below. Robin Derr works with precision as she stamps her pictures. Bottom Left: Gary Strachan comtemplates the mysteries of writing captions. 72 Yearbook Editor-in-Chief-Elizabeth Hamilton Academic Editor-Julie Hoist Activities Editor-Robin Derr Organizations Editor-Brenda Sherfey Sports Editor-)im Stewart Business Manager-Melanie Fink Photo Editor-Denise Deckert Ethan Alexander-May Huang Beth Brummett-Marlene Kew Pennie Crane-Cheryl Kim Doug Crawford-Kristi Layton Bonnie De Moss-Jackie Lusin Peggy Farney-Jason McDonnell Gary Strachan Advisor-George Korich Special Thanks to Kalvin Yu for the cover design HJ Left: Beth Brummett and Melanie Fink share an inside joke. Top Left: Yearbook staff: Back |. McDonnell. |. Stewart. G. Slr.ii h.m. R. Derr. D. Crawford. Third Row: B. Sherfey. |. Lusin. ). Hoist. M K.u Second Row: B. Bnimrnett. M. Fink. B DeMoss. M Huang. Front K Hamilton, K. Layton. P, Crane. D. Deckert. C. Kim. and E. Alexander Above: |im Stewart wonders what went wrong with the terminal 73 Right: Miss Barnes takes a break to have her picture taken. Far Right: Girls ' Chorus works to improve their dance move- ment and the singing flows naturally. Middle: Foothill students watch the 1984-85 Madrigals perform at an assembly. Bottom: Mixed Chorus: Back Row: D. Pinney, G. Busalac- chi, J. Hanson, L. Rheinshild, .P. Griffin, M. McKinney, M. Otoole, K. Nahan, L. Stevens, C. Kazarian. Middle Row: R. Philips, L. Rauch, K. Lowe, J. Furry. D. Berman, K. Lowe, D. Lansford. Front Row: C. Howard, K. Emanuel, M. Wonshiemelman, O. Chung. N. Miller, M. Montgomery. Opposite Page Top: Vicky Goodman sings a solo at the winter concert. Opposite Page Bottom: Madrigals: Back Row: S. Salarano, B. McHenry, Z. Stankovitz, M. Kilgore. R. Blancey, K. Donahue, P. Wheeler, S. Freebairn, ]. Osur, C. McClure, B. Bartlett, K. Ramseyer, J. Jordan, C. Farnsworth. Middle Row: G. Goss, P. Renfree, K. |ames, S. Biller. S. Boranian, B. Robin- son, T. Cannon, A. Dunn, C. Knobe, V. Goodman, T. Webster, L. Johnson, C. Ben- nett, S. Overn, L. Price, J. Crandall, C, Andreosky, J. Hancock, D. Thurston, C. Lundquist, D. Colvat, T. Boppell. 74 Chorus Sing Sharply Under the new direction of Sharon Barnes, the choral program still hit the high notes. Because there were no boys in Mixed Chorus, it was no different from Girls ' Chorus. However, both did equally well. Out of the one hundred choral students, forty-nine of them were Madrigals. To become a Madrigal, one had to undergo auditions. Only the best were chosen. This elite group of singers per- formed for the Rotary Club, the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, the Kiwanis Club, and for many elementary schools and con- valescent homes. They also put on a Spring Concert and performed at Disneyland. Barnes stated, " I love teaching here. The kids are so motivated. " It is clear that the choral program is reaching new heights. Chorus 75 The Show Does Go On When Miss Barnes started teaching at Foothill, everyone asked, " Will there be another Broadway Review? " She answered, " Of course. " The show was put together by Miss Barnes and choreographer Marjorie Goldspan. Rob Blaney also hit all the right notes as the pianist for all the performances. The Broadway Review ran from March 14 to March 16. It was composed of musical portions from Grease, West Side Story, Fiddler on the Roof, Music Man, and Godspell. This year ' s Broadway Review proved to be one of the most suc- cessful ever. 76 Broadwuy Review Opposite Page, Far Right: Rob Blainey concentrates while he plays the piano. Opposite Page, Top: (ennifer Hancock sings her heart .nit. Opposite Page, Middle: Carolyn McClure sin Opposite page, Bottom: Sylvia Biller stands out in the crowd. This Page Top: Garth McHenry, along with the Madrigals, sings out to the audience. Far Right: tiryce Robinson and Hart McHenry show they have class. Far Left: Steve Horanian talks about Vt hal it would be like to be a rich man Broadway Review Top Left: Bank of America plaque winners are Steve Boranian and Samuel Sheng. Top Right: Tustin Area Women ' s Club Art Achievers are Lisa Flores and Kerri Sabine. Above: Lisa Zito, Deidre Mazurie, Carrie Manzo, and Gretchen Goss are Girls of the Month for the Tustin Area Women ' s Club. 78 Academic Awards More Awards Foothill abounds with more awards this year than ever. Students were singled out by various organiza- tions and recognized for their excellence in their respective fields. Foothill swept the Tustin Area ' s Women ' s Club (T.A.W.C.) Art Competition with a total of 16 awards. Bank of America selected their 15 winners based on looks of promise for future success, evidence of leadership, sense of responsibility, and service to our society. T.A.W.C. and the local Kiwanis Club also use these basic criteria in choosing their elite students. Academic ability alone is the basis for selection of National Merit Finalists who must score in the top half of one percentile on the SAT. Foothill boasted five this year. Through these achievements, Foothill upheld its academic tradition. Top Right: National Merit finalists include Denise Deckert. Sam Sheng. and Lynne Kakihara. Above: Steve Boranian, Craig Shipcott, Garth McHenry, and Sam Sheng are various Kiwanis Club ' s Boys of the Month. Left: Awarded for excellence in their fields by Bank of America are: Back Row: David Walkama and Chris Babecky. Second Row: Vanessa Beatty and Gretchen G0S8. First Row: Anita Bierman with Lynne Kakihara. Academic Awards 79 OCAD TO CAD Since Foothill was the 1984 host school for the Orange County Academic Decathalon, there was more involvement as a whole with this very exciting event. In November, participating Orange County schools showed their might, not with muscles but with their minds. Mr. Larry Minne, the Foothill Team Coach, instructed the six teammates: Sam Sheng and Shelly Lawrence representing the Honors team; Andrew DiFronzo and Paul Gutrecht as the Scholastic group; and Larry Green and Jennifer Heinrich filling the Varsity category. Alternates Allyn Lynd, Mike Templeman, and Elizabeth Sloan followed the team to victory. This was the first year that Foothill ranked first in the county and went on to place second in state. Above: Back Row: A. DiFronzo, P. Gutrecht, L. Green, S. Sheng, A. Lynd. Front Row: M. Templeman, Mr. Larry Minne, Olympic Gold Medalist— Peter Vidmar, S. Lawrence, J. Heinrich, and E. Sloan. Picture courtesy of the Tustin News. Right: Jennifer Heinrich accepts one of the many medals at the California Academic Decathalon banquet. 80 Academic Decathalon Below: Larry Green ' s efforts pay off. Bottom: Sam Sheng shows all-around talent. Far Left: Shelly Lawrence glows with anticipation. Left: Paul Gutrecht and Andrew DiFronzo share the joys of victory. Academic Decathlon 81 Right: Craftsman Dave Avery strives for perfection. Bottom: Students enjoy the user-friendly computers in the lab 82 Technical Education A Technical Conversation It was a warm, sunny afternoon. An old blue ' 72 Mercedes pulled into a parking slot next to a sporty, red Volkswagen Bug Convertible. As the last putterings of the engine died away, the Mercedes turned to the Volkswagen and said, " How do you do it old buddy? You ' re years older but you ' re in much better shape than I am. I get tired just from a trip to the supermarket. ' ' " I used to feel just like you, " answered the Volkswagen, " and you know why? Because my owner just wasn ' t taking care of me. See this black Mustang on my right? His owner is a guy named Steve Scott. Steve is a good friend of my owner ' s and he got her to take Auto. She learned a lot of stuff like how to check my oil, how to check my tires, and how to jump start my battery. You know, all the basics. Now she keeps me in terrific shape! " " Gosh, do you think my owner could learn all those things too? " " Of course. Besides teaching the basics, Auto can prepare your owner for neat careers like technical engineering. Plus the Auto teacher, Mr. Nolan, is a really nice guy. " " It sounds really great! I ' ll have to let my owner know about it. " Below: Robert Simcox peers into the mysteries of the engine. Technical Education 83 84 Tournaments 85 Below: Varsity Football. Back Row: S. Hicks, C. Lee, B. Throckmorton, J. Rice, D. Duval, P. Thurston, G. Randall, T. Bain, K. Noble, D. Sugg, D. Gazzaniga. Sixth Row: T. Hallamore, T. Quinn, C. Cutliff, J. Dutrisac, P. Slocum, S. Parker, S. Fletcher, B. Byrd, j. O ' Brien, T. Stewart, B. Horton, T. Cagle. Fifth Row: T. Richards, B. House, M. Beckett, R. Pederson, R. Gault, C. Shipcott, K. Briggs, G. Aguilar, B. Curran, D. Fryer, J. Skjerven. Fourth Row: B. Kiefer, T. Veje, T. Cole, R. Gorrie, S, Craven, D. Carrera, D. Holland, D. McTaggart, J. Fischbeck, J. Bently, B. Wood. Third Row: M. McNerney, B. Scott, G. Davert, S. Morbee, K. McMains, M. Field, J. Siqueiros, B. Walsh, J. Fiore, P. Fiore, D. Fox. Second ilow: M. Geyer, M. Bryant, B. Medina, B. Gibson, B. Decoite, P. Ricigliano, B. Healy, R. Dionne, S. Shaw, M. Welsh, K. Mitchel, R. Ross. Front Row: B. Barton, T. Schwary, K. Takabayashi, M. Ben- nett, A. Greco, D. Vandruff, J. McFadden, M. Tozzi, T. Yoder, T. Sakamoto. Above: Looking down the field in extreme concentration, ]ud Dustrisac attempts to make another completion. 86 X Left: Santa Ana ' s defense is no match for the speed of Steve Morbee. Below: Tom Richard pitches the ball back to make a drive up the middle. Bottom: Carrick Brewster attempts to make a field goal. Varsity Wins Century League V Overcoming their one weakness of inexperience. the Varsity Football team retaliated from a devastating loss to Long Beach Poly in pre-season to finish thirdin CIF. An undefeated league season was highlighted by a major victory against El Modena, 21-6. On Friday, October 12, 1984, the El Modena Vanguards faced the Knights at Northrup field to try to settle a dispute waged years before. Pitted as the game of the year, the stands were packed to overflow- ing to witness Foothill ' s ultimate humiliation of the " Quacks. " Capturing the league title, however, did not lessen the disappointment of losing to Mission Viejo in the second round of CIF. " We were just a little too confi- dent, " said Head Coach Ted Mullen. " We were told we were good — the newspaper said we had no weaknesses, a power machine — and it got to our heads. " The team fought valiantly, but as the gun went off the score stood at 10-10. In overtime, the Knights managed a field goal, bringing their final score to 13. The Diablos, however, took their turn, and scored a touchdown, final score, 13-16, Mission Viejo. thus ending the season for the Knights. Varsity Football 87 Top: Keith Takabayashi turns his speed up field. Middle: Pancho Aquilar blocks a kick. Bottom: Temperatures rise as coaches Ted Mullen and Bob Osborne have a discussion with a referee. Opposite Page Top: Breaking through the line, |ohn Fischbeck runs for a touchdown. Opposite Page Bottom: Waiting with anticipation. Greg Randall awaits for the ball to be snapped. 88 X — JVAre League Champs The up and coming 1984 Junior Varsity Football team finished its year with a league season record of 5-2. placing first in the league. Unlike the Varsity team, the J.V. play only a minimum number of just " J.V. " games. With major contributions by defensive end Todd Stewart and offensive lineman Paul Fiore. the Varsity team will have a lot to look forward to. Junior Varsity Koolbull hw Sophs Conquer! The leaves were turning and the school year had just begun. Driving by the Foothill High School field, one saw many boys practicing and working hard. Three to four hours later, this same group was still out on the field. Amidst this dedication was the sophomore football team. Sitting in the stands, the fans witnessed many exciting games. Cheering and shouting at the game against Tustin, the fans observed the winning of the city championship. With no time left on the clock the scoreboard read 7-3 Foothill. Another exciting game which helped to capture their outstanding record of 9-1, was that against El Modena. This shut out game of 16-0 showed what many hours of hard work can do. Out on the field Coach Bob Zeich could be seen leading these sophomores to a great season. The offense was led by the talent of David Husband and Chris Walshe, while many plays were ex- cellently executed by the defensive players Matt Bain and Pat Dorn. Tom Heil and Chad Solanovich were great assets to the special team. As the parents and classmates left the stands they felt pride in the accomplishments of the sophomore football teams ' shining season. 90 X PH p, • W-4 , " 3 " Above: Back Row: P Dorn. |. Casey, M. Gabelsburg, M Allen, B. Curran. A. Lake. S. Massey. S Shepherd. M. Gazzaniga. Fourth Row: S Kole, M Dunn. R Laycock. Coach Mikillick. Coach Zeich, Coach Avanl. S. Gailey. C. Solanovich, P. Adams Third Row: C. Carr. O. Martinez. C. Donaho. D Husband. C. Walshe. M. Bain. P. Crawford. M. Farr. Second Row: R. Croissant. R. Bassile. M (ones. C. Cowdell. E. Merker. M. Sheehan. G. Takabayashi, S Slocum, T Heil Front Row: C. Kay. S. Crook. ). Gugino. M. Stotts. T. Miner. E. Beneker. D. Craun, E. Choi. Above Left: Teammates arerejoii ingaftera victorious win Left: Chad Solanovich shows Foothill pride. Above: Mike Gazzaniga breaks through the determined Tustin defi Solanovich gets read j tokii koff while Sterling Crook holds the ball Sophomore Football i Frosh Football Strives to Shine Quality is a word revered by Foothill Football. With this in mind, the Freshman team had a new head coach, in order to improve the Varsity Farm Club. Brian Boyer was the new coach. When asked what he felt about the team Boyer replied, " I felt good about this year ' s team. The team is always improving and willing to give their best. " The year ' s team Most Valuable Player and best all around were Adam Har- riston and Mike Morton, they enhanced the teams ef- forts. The Frosh team went 5-4. The MVP linemen Mike Marchetti and Mike Shepard also added to the teams improvement. When asked if he would have liked to relive any games Boyer stated immediate- ly, " the two Tustin games, because both were lost with less than two minutes to play. " Morgan Ferris, who played linebacker and was injured in the beginning of the season thought, " The team had potential and Boyer did well as a coach for the first time at FHS. " Ferris also said, " It was a good first year experience under Coach Boyer in my first year at Foothill. " Top: Greg Johnson strives for another Foothill touchdown. Middle: Offensive line ready and aggressive. Bottom: Mike Horton scrambling away from defenders. 92 X Above: Top Row: F. Busilaki. R. Schefer. B Byrd. A. Harrislon. D. Sprayberry. M. Alexander, D. Addy. G. Nichol, D. Fritz, |. Constenline. S. Mullins. Second Row: S. Ball. |. Ansalmo, C. Graham. D. Ifliger. B. Slein. R. Alcazar. K. Shipcool. B Bloom. M. Horton. A. Dabny Third Row: D. Mor- ronis. G. Johnson. T. Wedimeyer. M. Gonzales. Coach Neil. Head Coach Boyer. Coach Dabrow, K. Yalz Fourth Row: M. Reed R. Newcomb. A. Horvath, I. Silver. M. Ferris. M. Phillips. P. Richard. M. McKillen. |. Wilson. K. Ames Fifth Row: M. Lillard. M. Shepard. S. Yakata. M. Wallin. T. Gatmen. C. Veje. D. Essliger. M. Marchell. S. Suavey. A. Baker. Top: Defense waiting In wrap-up Ttistin ' s offense. Bottom: Greg |ohnson looks for a gap in Tuslins defense Freshmun Football 93 .A J.V. Takes League Many different sports teams practiced countless hours a day for the success of a team. On the Foothill High School campus, sports were known for achiev- ing great goals. While the varsity level in any sport was the one to get the most recognition, the Frosh Soph and J.V. teams are to be commended for they represent the future of that sport. Water polo was not an exception to this generality. The Frosh Soph and J.V. Water Polo Teams showed by their outstanding record that the future of Water Polo looks bright. Coached by Andy McTaggart the Frosh Soph team placed second in league competition with a record of 12-9. Adding to the teams success was sophomore Adam Kline, who was named Most Valuable Player and freshman Robert Reynolds, who was named most improved. The J.V. team likewise experienced success, plac- ing first in league play, helped by the outstanding coaching of Dave Simcox. Most valuable player, sophomore Jim Gunz and most improved sophomore Doug Crawford assisted to the 20-6 win-loss record. Top: David Bryant eyes the goalie as he prepares to shoot. Top Right: Goalie lim Gunz plays keep away from Fountain Valley with Adem Gillman. Middle Right: Chris Almquist, A.K.A. " Spider Monkey " swings in a shot for the Knights. mi m Frosh Soph Team — Back Row: D. Bryant. D. Hein, C. Alquist, A. Kline. D. Boddy, D. Fienberg. Third Row: |. Lubell. R. Brink, J. Leach. R. Watts, C. Manzo, W. Anderson, V. , Vasquez. Second Row: A. Pallock. A. Castro. L. Samuelsen, B. Bainbridge, G. Welch. 9-J fi s % l ftk fad SL - I VT i jv • i£X | |V Team - Back Row: R. Prete. |. Heredia, |. Gunz, Coach D. Sim- I cox. Middle Row: S. Brock, A. Gillman. D. Crawford Front Row: |, 1 Ruch. | |ohnson. Above: Adem Kline displays the talenl won him most valuable player Above Right: Todd Meyer ' s determination helps him score this goal against Fountain Valley. S IVoti I Varsity Team: Back Row: A. Bhimani, B. Strait, M. Gansel, C. Babecky, C. Terry, Coach D. Simcox. Middle Row: N. Toscas, M. Bunge, K. Costanza, A. Lynd. Front Row: D. Brouk, B. Sherwood, M. Gillman, M. Roy, R. Rodriquez. Unity Is the Key SKWWWS.- Foothill ' s 1984 polo team was a very powerful team. In only their second year in 4a water polo they clinched the Century title and made it to the semi- finals in C.I.F. " When you have guys who have been playing together for 6 or 7 years, you know they ' re going to be good, and they were, " said head coach Dave Simcox. Mike Bunge, Bill Strait, Chris Terry, and Kevin Costanza, were named to all C.I.F. and all league teams. " The only thing that surpassed the talent of this team is their unity, " said Simcox. Their year ended with an action packed game in C.I.F. against Corona Del Mar. The game was a dead heat until the fourth quarter, when the real game began. In the fourth quarter the score was 3-3, then Corona scored three quick goals within two minutes, the last four minutes of the game was all Foothill; the Knights dominated the pool with key plays by Mark Gansel and excellent saves by goalie Kevin Costanza. Unfortunately, the Knights failed to catch Corona before the clock ran out. The final score was C.D.M., 6F.H.S..5. Players given special honors were, Bunge, who was given Knight of the year, Strait, who was honored with most valuable player, and Gansel, awarded most improved. Above: Mike Bunge muscles a score through Sunny Hills defense. 96 ?- 3j£»3 . Bottom Left: Kevin Costan .a spots a fellow Aqua-Knight. Below: Chris Terry shows the awesome consternation required to be an excellent waterpolo player. Left: There ' s no stopping Bill Strait. Middle Left: When Ricky Rodriguez has the ball he ' s a definite threat. t» ' - Varsity Water Polo 97 J Top: Phiii Lopez controls the ball with a bump. Top Right: Leanne Clark and Allyn Ahrling reject an offensive attack. Above: Tiffany Zinkan spikes through opposing defense. Team Effort Carries Varsity to CIF Playoffs With a new outlook for the 1984 season, the Varsity Volleyball Team made a complete turn around in regular season play and bumped, set, and spiked its way to 9-5 record. Their new positive attitude also secured them a spot in the California Interscholastic Federation, CIF. The new varsity coach, Tom Anderson, brought the varsity team together. Anderson, " I really learned a lot about how to coach from this year ' s varsity team. " Anderson also noted " I was pleased with their efforts. " Jill Baker said, " The team made a one hundred percent change! " Baker also said, " We seemed to want it more than l ast year and Anderson had considerable knowledge about volleyball, which helped the var- sity team to success. " Leanne Clark, Monique Miner, Laura Phillips, and Peggy Powers helped add to the success of this year ' s team with power and experience. Miner, Captain of the varsity team, brought a positive attitude to the team which spread throughout the squad. On the J.V. side, Stacey Powell and Jacqueline Lusin, as well as the whole team, were being prepared by coach Mark Roberts for a successful season. Roberts said, " I was really surprised with the team ' s will to win and pleased with their efforts in trying. With an 11-3 record this year, they will be ready for next year ' s CIF playoffs. " S9 A Top: Valerie Fryei sets uith experience Bottom- Leanne Clark spikes with powei V Team Back Row: | l.nsin. C ll.irt. P Lopez Third Row A Pimschl. S Powell I) HHis Secoml Row: s Si hwaitc T S. miller. Coach M Roberts, V Kaufman. B | i ' .ik Front Row: V Fryer. S Singer Volleyball 99 Far Right: Annette Harper ' s courtesy overflows on the FHS tenni. courts. Right: Jenny Osur serves with her own style. Below: Eyeing the ball is Denise Giesea. Opposite Page Left: Paige Denny shows her powerful backhand. Opposite Page Right: Kristen Lambert follows through the return. Back Row: Coach ]. Beck, R. Goodman, K. Cope, B. Carrol, L. Durtisac, D. Giesea, K. Cole, T. Sterman. Front Row: A. Foto, K. Northcote, C. Ross, J. Marks, K. Powell. fflMkl 100 A Back Row: Coach ). Beck, A. Harper, K. Sawyer, S. Ahrling, J. Osur, K. Lambert, A. Van Pelt. Front Row: L. Schuller, M. Mekane, M. Mayemura, N. Selan, H. Blackmore. ' A ■ ■ 1 t » • ■ • m £ M 1 j 1 I Uiv Varsity Girls Dominate League Living up to its pre-season promises, the Varsity Tennis Team pounded its way to the Century League co-title. Led by Coach fill Beck, the girls waged two hard-fought wars with Villa Park, ending up with one win and one loss. " It was the first time in sixteen years that Foothill Girls Tennis lost to Villa Park, " said Shelby Ahrling. The team ' s key players included singles |enny Osur and Michelle Mayemura, and top doubles teams Christy Sawyer and MichelleMcCain. and Ahrling and Heather Blackmore. The girls were victorious in the first round of CIF. with outstanding work from Sawyer and McCain. Disappointment came in the second round of CIF, however. as the team faced a loss to Edison, thus ending the season with a league record of 13-1. Gir s Tennis 101 Top Right: Greg Nakamoto captures a moment of reflective thought. Opposite Page Top: John Franco crosses the finish line with Jim Schaufler close on his heels. Middle Right: Rick Lemos is determined to finish strong. - m •a Junior Varsity: J. Harvey, M. Rhodes, B. Walker, B. Cox, G. McHenry. J. Kamanski, M. Romey, D. Adler, M. Benner, G. Henrotin. - ■ «- " ' - _- .—. Boys ' Frosh Soph: Front: B. Brauer, R. Yanishiro, B. Aust. M. Bear, G. Nakamoto, J. Shank, E. Chang. W. Pak D Kershaw. Middle: K. Gregg. E. Bricker. P. Caiaccio, M. Thorne, C. Keyler, J. Smith. J Schmidt R. Graziano, C. Whitaker, D. Lindley, J. Lewis, E. Smith, D. Melican, J. Wilhelm, J. Larson, A. Bierman, M. Mattson, C. McArhthur, L.Nesbitt, E. Tak. 102 4 .a Varsity Joins in ' 84 Success The boys ' cross country team wound up the season with an impressive team record. All teams placed in the top of the league and had the same success in in- vitational play. With an 8-2 record, Varsity finished the season in third place and qualified to run in CIF. Their success this season can be attributed to hard work and to ex- ceptional team runners like Rick Lemos. John Franco. Kevin Kayl, and Bill Davenport. Davenport also placed seventh in CIF. The Junior Varsity and Frosh Soph teams also en- joyed such success in 1984 with identical records of nine wins and one loss. They placed within the top three teams in all three teams in all individual meets. The consistent success of Junior Varsity and Frosh Soph teams has been the rule, and this year, with Varsity joining in the victories. 1984 is surely their shining season. Varsity: M. Benner. |. Franco. R. Lemos. L. Pomeroy. K. Kayl. |. Schaufler. C. Rauguitz. B Davenport BovsCross-Countrv 103 Cross-Country •Keeps Shining s Once again the Knight ' s Cross Country team proved to be the one to beat. Both girls ' teams ended the season with top scores. Varsity placed second in the league with an outstanding 8-2 record and Junior Var- sity finished with only one loss. With double-day practices three days a week hill repeats, and teammate encouragement, they im- proved both physically and mentally. This hard work paid off for the entire team, especially for Andrea Silver who set time of 18:10 in the three mile race. Outstanding times were also achieved by other top runners including Kristin Carney, Tracy Watson, Jaynee Cox, and Amy Thoner. The second place Junior Varsity team had its own top runners, many of whom are varsity hopefuls. With the dedication and continuing hard work by these players in the off-season were able to continue their shining performance. lunior Varsity: Front: M. McCauley. E. Braner, L. Manzo, L. Gonzalez, S. Johnson, K. Evans. Back: K. Hadley. L. Hogan. K. Smtih. ). Hoff, T. Chandler; B. Bartlett, D. Gonzalez. K. Madsen. W4 4 ifeV Varsily: ]. Cox. L. Gonzalez, C. Coffey. A. Thoner. C. Lemos. K. Carney. A. Silver. A. Selman. Opposite Page Top: Andrea Silver races to another victory Top Left: F.ven with injuries Kristin Carney manages la have .i top score in the league finals. Bottom Left: A. |urick, M. McCauley, K Madsen, and K Smith pack together in league finals. ;ir s(. ' ross-(. ' i untr VC Wrestling Strives Foothill ' s 1985 wrestling team improved greatly this year due to their determination and the outstanding coaching of Brian Boyer. Varsity finished fourth in league play, feeling the loss of captain Darrin Madole who was out with a broken leg. Outstanding wrestlers and C.I.F. qualifiers were junior Chris Miller, who had the most wins, and senior Dave Avery leading the team in pins. The Junior Varsity team was very powerful this year regardless of their youth. Their third place finish in Century League proved their genuine determina- tion and will to succeed was genuine. J.V. outstanding wrestler was Tim Collins. Above Left: Sophomore Tim Keigwin wrenches his opponent to the mat. Middle: Sophomore John Gibson squares off to do battle. Bottom Right: ]unior |oe McFadden struggles to take control over his opponent. Top: Coach D. Sanderson, E. Nyman, K. Kayl, T. Keigwin, R. Song, D. Esslinger. Middle: Coach Bill Sanderson, D. Hager, P. Peterson, S. Oh, R. Lathrum, D. Ball. T. Collins, S. Souter. Bottom: S. Schwary. A. Baker, R. Cunningham. 106 Middle: Senior Armen Gugasian controls his opponent for points. Bottom Left: Sophomore Craig Schneider prepares to pin his opponent. Top: D Madole. C Manzo. B Decoite. |. Gibson, |. Gray. D. Avery. vtiddle: | McFadden. C. Davis. A Gugasian. M. Tuchman. R. Wallach. M. Walsh Jottom: S Wilson. C Schneider. C. Miller. A FHS OPP 32 Santa Ana Valley 30 70 Santa Ana 45 42 El Minim. i 30 15 Villa Park 53 6 Canyon 64 42 « Irange 24 39 Tustin 32 Vanity and .V. Wrest ing 107 d goJd forevermoro Varsity Basketball: Back Row: S. Clark. E. Olin, R. Laird, G. Gore, M. Grahovac, D. Gazzaniga, S. Rossier, G. Myers, J. Dutrisac, S. Parker, R. Weber. Front Row: M. Kin, B. Curran, J. McKay, K. Briggs. Above: With anticipation, Ralph Laird charges down the court. Bottom Right: Dave Gazzaniga goes up for another " slam dunk. " IV Basketball: Back Row: T. Shinoda, D. McLeod, D. Rasmussen, D. Troutt, E. Yee, P. Dorn, A. Schlines, D. Johnson, M. McGivern, E. Ford, M. Bryant, D. Kopcha. Front Row: D. Jordon, |. Bailard. 108 t k Varsity Shoots - To Victory That ' s right! The Foothill Basketball team of 1984-85 had itself another great season with a record of 18 and 8 overall. The mights ' Knights started their season off with placing first in the San Clemente Tournament and placing third out of 32 teams in the Irvine Tournament. When asked what was the varsity ' s best win. Coach Jim Reames replied. " When we demolished El Modena 76 to 44. " Leading the Varsity team with an average of 14 points a game and a 93 ' ' . ' record shooting from the freethrow line was Jud Durtrisac. Co-captains Ralph Laird and Stacy Parker had strong seasons as did Greg Gore and Gar Myers. 4 Qif Top Left: Greg Gore gels a warm reception before the Tustin game. Top Right: |ud Dutrisac shoots for two. Above: Gar Myers puts two on the scoreboard Boys Basketball 109 Frosh Soph Takes Off To have a great team, one must recieve playing experience. Frosh Soph players obtained this experience by playing on the 1984-85 team. The Sophomore and Freshman Basketball teams of 1984-85 had a very good season with records of 13 and 1 for the Sophomores and 12 and 2 for the Freshman. The Sophomore Coach, Gary F. Sully, was very excited by all the progress the teams made this season. Top Left: The sophomore basketball team takes a break. Top Right: Chris Aqueveque out stretches his opponents. Above: Shooting the ball for another two points in Greg Rieber. 130 f Back Row: C. Simon. C. Aqueveque. D. Lam. D. Zavala. M. Gazzaniga. D. Melican. J. Hoffman. |. Casey. D. Scott. B. Cur-ran. M. Allen M. Farr. Front Row: G. Immell. |. Carolan. K. Lewand. D. Nosier. Top Left: Bill Peckham charges through the Tustin defense. Below: Going up for a jump shot. Brad Cormier puts up the ball. Back Row: |. Clevenger. M. Horton. D. |ones. B. Cormier. D Abel. F. Busalacchi. B. Peckham. ( ' . Riebar, K Combs. |. leltema. G. |ohnson. P. Thornton Front Row: | Thibert. N. Williamson. R. Van Cleave. M Col- man. N. Lemas. Frosh Soph Baskeyboil 1 1 1 tm. lll.ilri Varsity Takes C.I.F. $ JV Takes League J After watching the Girl ' s Basketball team ' s pre-season record, one could have predicted the winning season that was to come. The varsity squad utilized their experience in order to turn out a 28-win and 3-loss record and both Century League and CIF championships. The Junior Varsity produced a league cham- pionship as well. On the varsity level, the Lady Knights earned 18 victories in a row but were guilty of not pulling together as a team until the start of CIF competition, according to Coach Sheila Adams. Jen- nifer Osur broke Anne Dean ' s school record with 1,865 points in the season to lead Jill Osur and Stacey Barnes as the three top scorers. Adams believed that there was not one player who " led " the team, but that there was a spirit in their unity that kept them together until the end of CIF Compeition. ]V Basketball: Back Row: D. Coombs. C. Barren, N. Mitchell. Sixth Row: T. Chandler, C. Garboski. Fifth Row: G. Scherdhel, P. Powers. Fourth Row: H. Blackmoore, S. Davis, A. Selman. Third Row: K. Kin, S. Bender. Second Row: J. Furry, N. Pliner. Front Row: J. Davis. 112 A fj:M Opposite Page Top left: Mala Camp- bell out-stretches El Modena. Opposite Page Top Right: While shooting for the basket. |ennifer Osur gets hit from behind. Top Left: Felice Geddy fast breaks for another Foothill score. Above: Chris Garboski puts up another two points. Back Row: Coach Adams. F. Geddy, C. Koehl. R. Welsh. [. Osur. R. Furry. S. Smith. C. O ' Suillivan. Front Row: I. Osur. M. Krai, S. Barnes, C. McFerson. B. Sullivan. S. Fleischaker. FHS Q OPP. 64 Tustin 23 89 Santa Ana 25 48 Orange 36 87 Villa Park 24 77 El Modena 32 75 Santa Ana Valley 35 69 Canyon 32 64 Tustin 35 95 Santa Ana 31 70 Orange 41 79 Villa Park 23 73 El Modena 29 77 Santa Ana Valley 30 66 Canyon 33 Cir s Basketball 113 Soccer aptures 4-A Title Coach Robin Winstone called the 4-A CIF championship win " exhilarating! " This was Winstone ' s first year as a high school coach, but his experience was eminent. He has played amateur football in England, and he presently coaches a CSL team. Team captain and sweeper Gerry Widmer said, " His (Winstone ' s) combination of enthusiasm, con- ditioning, and skill work brought out the best the team could offer. " Varsity finished league play with a 9-2-3 record then went undefeated in CIF. Winstone also noted that, " We have no stars and no weak players, in- stead a team that is basically a good club. " The team took one game at a time and con- fidence was prominent. " Great job lads! " VARSITY SOCCER — Back Row: C. Brewster, K. Kaufman. K. Golden, A. Lubell, G. Widmer, M. Gilmore, C. Beneker. Third Row: D. Lakin. G. Russ, Coach R. Winstone, Coach S. Brewster, C. Adams. Second Row: J. Mitchell, M. Reback. K. Takabayashi, E. Smith, S. Jacobs, P. Carolan, D. Hogan. K. Johnson, M. Phillips. Above: Carrick Brewster goes for the winning score in the CIF final Above Right: Jason Mitchell attacks a Culver City player. Right: Sophomore Eric Smith tangles with E. Modena offense. 134 Top: Keith Golden sweet talks the ball Above: |ason Mitchell gives a volley. Above Right: Mike Phillips races past another defender. Boys Vorsily Soccer 1 15 J.V. Takes League Insuring themselves a league title early in the season, the Junior Varsity soccer team held on to the first place spot the whole season. Coach Seth Brewster said, " The players really wanted to win and did. " He pointed out players like Mike Gillmore who was, " always eager to score, " and Dirk Hogan who could " con- trol the game when the game got out of control. " Brewster also noted, " I was ex- pecting to do well because we had a strong and experienced squad. " The final record was 9-2-3 and first place overall. The Frosh Soph also had a good season under coaches Nick Graham and Gregg Murphy. Murphy mentioned, " though the Frosh Soph level is a learning experience the team turned it into a winning season. " Losing only two games this season, " the team started strong and finished strong, " said Graham. Top: Dirk Hogan doesn ' t take kindly to short jokes. Bottom: Ethan Alexander centers the ball through the Tustin defense. Bottom Right: Pat Keegan concentrates on the ball. • « ■ I Sif H6 t FROSH-SOPH : Coach R. Winstone, B. Cannon, C. Terhune, M. Vonhaul, M Lavine, S. Borin, ). Khalan, |. Katz, E. Beneker, K. Ames, P. Keegan, M. Reback Middle: D. Hogan. E. Smith. M. McKeever, D. Shorlall, B. Hannagan, B. Bran- don, M. Harmon, C. McArthur. Bottom: T. Shapelle, R. Braun, M. Houser, |., M Fukuda, M Hernandez. R. Dee. Above: Chris Terhune finds open ground. Left: Kurt Ames struggles to elude Tustin defenders. Boys jV and Frosh Soph Soccer 1 1 7 318 Above: Jennifer Smith, Amy Baren, Michele McCain, and Erika Soltz show their excitement after tying the game. Middle Right: Heidi Rice helps push the team ahead. Bottom Right: Amy Baren runs to save the ball. Top Right: Michele McCain, Amy Baren, and Erika Soltz know who ' s number one. Opposite Page Bottom: Tiffy Boppell kicks the ball to make the goal. Above: Girls Varsity Soccer: Back Row: R. Winstone, D. Davis. D. Rice. S. Wu, M. Metzger. D. Pinney, P. Gavin, H. Rice, and M. Kaufman. Middle Row: M. Hernandez. T. Boppell, K. Lu, M. |acobs, E. Soltz, and |. Smith Front Row: T. Negri, M. Fiduccia. A. Baron. M. McCain, and R. Nitzberg. Teamwork Makes Improvements The 1984 season signified improvement for the girls varsity soccer team. Only in its second year, the soccer program had greatly changed with " better attitudes and stronger player commitment. " Junior Erika Soltz felt that the coaches con- tributed to the team ' s success because they " They taught us to work as a team rather than as individuals. " The leading goal scorer was sophomore Amy Baren, with nine goals. Other key players were team captain Patty Gavin, who played center mi ' eld, Dana Davis, Michele McCain, and Michelle Fiduccia. The high point of the season was the Tustin game in which they tied 2-2. " It was a win for us, " said assistant coach Michele Kaufman, " because Tustin is ranked as the first place team. " Foothill made many good passes and had good ball control. " We really looked like a team out there, " stated Soltz. Gir s Soccer 119 Golf Favored to Win League Favored to win league, the 1985 golf team set doing well in CIF as their goal for the season. Foothill had a very strong team because it was " pretty consistent and solid, " according to sophomore Bryan Cannon. Cannon, Steve Massey, and Will Bonilla were some of the key players on the team. Robert Osborne, who took over the coaching this year, guided the team to a winning season. Massey described im as a good coach who " knows what he ' s doing. " ■■■■■HH 120 Opposite Page Left: Steve Massey eyes the hole. ; Opposite Page Right: Coach Osborne takes a turn as Troy Hallamore looks on Below Left: David Hurwitz follows through with his swing. Below Right: Tom Richards lines up a shot. Varsity Golf Team: Back Row: T Richards. S Massey. T Hallamore. B. Kiefer. S Fletcher. I) Cirrrra Front Row D |.-ns. n. W BonilU B ( " ..innon. M 1 I) Hurwitz Co f 12! Above: Varsity Softball Team from left: S. Smith, A. Baren, N. Pliner, S. Bender, P. Powers, N. Valle, S. Houlihan, K. Vierregger, J. Brummet, T. Johnson, V. Wilmouth, and N. Mitchell. 322 Varsity Softball Hits Home With a determined smile and an assured twinkle in her eye, Sue Houlihan, member of the Varsity softball team said, " We ' re going to go 14-0 in league this year. " Coming close to Houlihan ' s expectations, the team went in league, including capturing a victory over major contend er in. " I am extremely pleased with season, " said Coach Mullen. " 1 ey ' ve got into this seasor lof their accomplishments. " Tustin. " I am extremely pleased with the girls ' performance this season, " said Coach Mullen. " They really put everythin they ' ve got into this season; they are justified in being prou Below: Kristen Vierregger makes an outstanding catch. Bottom: Coaches Roseann Mullen and Elaine Koerber discuss the game plan. Below Left: Stacy Smith is enthralled with the game, while Vicky Wilmouth takes time to smell the flowers. Opposite Page Bottom: |ill Brummet bats a homerun, while Coach Mullen looks on. " I guess our best game was against El Modena Wilmouth. " It was really close for a 1-0 win. " , said Vicky mt we finally pulled through -M 3k r mmm Varsity Softball 123 ' - ' ■ ' ifiil lsP! i ' IV SOFTBALL: C. Gonzalez, S. DeSalvo, L. Marcum Widmer, J. Gonzalez, F. Yount, K. Salarano, coached by Carrie Koerber P. Valle, H. Blackmore, L. Gigband, T. Brigmann, K. Kin, M. 124 .V. Softball Jr N JV Softball Gains Deserved Recognition In a world dominated by men ' s sports, it is difficult for women sports to gain their deserved recognition. For a JV women ' s sport to achieve recognition they must be trulv spectacular. The Junior Varsity softball team gained its due fame. Finishing league with a good record, the team dominated the Century League and brought home a first place trophy. Behind the pitching expertise of Joelle Gonzalez, the girls proved that they were, indeed, Knights, in the truest sense of the word. Highlights of the season included crushing Tustin and smothering Villa Park under their might. Key players Paula Valle and Maria Widmer were invaluable in helping the team along the road of their truly shining season. Top: Karen Kin swings her way to a winning season. Above Left: Paula Valle makes the catch while Kathleen Salarno hacks her up. Above: Tricia Brugmann demonstrates her speed ball. Left: Francis Yount strolls infield after a successful inning. Opposite Page Top Right: Coach Koerber contemplates game strategy. Opposite Page Bottom: Leslie Sigband throws for a winning inning. 126 Jf K X Field Antics Boys ' Varsity Baseball involved more than just cracking the bat at a fastball; the players also had to suffer the enthusiastic admiration of the Foothill females. The team members were photgraphed, scrutinized, and bet on — all for the glory of earn- ing the title of Mr. Irresistible. All this attention could have caused some of the players to lose sight of what they were actually on the field for. But, Coach Sedoo brought them back to reality every day. If it wasn ' t a game, where they had to pul ' i all their skills together to play their best, then it was the practices on all the other weekdays. " We don ' t want any glamour-stars, " stated Coach Sedoo. He wanted to make sure the team was well motivated and highly skilled. Therefore, at prac- tices, the players were constantly drilled on the fundamentals of baseball — hitting, fielding, and. ..being irresistible. A Top: Ken Briggs steps up to the plate, ready to give it his best shot. Above: The team congratulates |ohn McTaggart on his home run. Opposite Page Top Left: No sweat for Chris Cutliff to pick this one up. Opposite Page Top Right: |ud Outrisac makes the play. Opposite Page Bottom Right: Anthony Mitchell establishes a confi- dent lead off. Opposite Page Bottom Left: Coach |oe George, Ken Briggs, and )on Rice gather together in conference. Varsitv i • 128 v I Varsity Baseball: Back Row: N. Gaspar, C. Cutliff, Coach J. George, Manager G. Sedoo, Coach F. Martinez. |. Dutrisac, M. Grahovac. Middle: J. McTaggert, D. Kopeha, A. Mitchell. D. Fox. F. Governale, T. MacCarty. K. Briggs. S. Parker. Front: R. Ross, B. Barton, A. Greco. M. Tozzi. R. Gorrie, F. Crawford. M. Pope. The Ability Can Be Recognized For the varsity baseball team, the season has been a tough one. " The team has great capabilities, but they need to pool their skills together, " said Coach Sedoo. The team nad a 2-5 league record and produced strong players. They hit, fielded and pitched well. In addition the team displayed speed on the base paths and played with tremendous enthusiasm. Their downfall reseted only with their inability to play with consistency. Above: Jon Rice burns it in. Opposite page: Top Left: Andrew Greco makes an easy catch. Opposite page: Top Right: " I got it. " yells Micheal Tozzi. Opposite page: Bottom: Is Ken Briggs safe? Varsity Baseball 129 flp fOk f AA « ].V. Baseball: Back: ). Holder, J. Knapp, B. Woods, B. Curran, C. Fergus, Coach Axleguard. Middle: R. Dionne, D. Clark, J. Bailard, S. Teegardin, M. Sardo. Front: E. Merker, F. Smith, R. Holland, G. Takabayashi. . ■ 130 fc •rosh Soph Baseball: Back R ow: Coach Jennings, F. Busalacchi. S. Primrose. C. Carr, L. Lelher. P. Caspar, C. Combs. Coach ODonahue. Middle: M. Higgins. |. Clevenger, D. Gessler. A. |ones. M MacKinnon. B. Buckner. P.Thorton. K. Madole. M. Horlon. Front: |. Silver. M Williamson. M. Shepard :. Veje. R. King. T. Collins. M. Ferris. A. Chambers. Opposite page. Top: Coach Axleguard gives some friendly advice to Glenn Takabayashi. Middle. Chris Fergus makes a solid hit. Top: What a slide by K. Madole! Opposite page. Bottom: P. Thorton throws a great pitch. |.V. Frosh Soph Baseball 131 In Pursuit of Excellence The player was decked out in white: white shorts, white Izod shirt and white Converse shoes. He glided effortlessly to the net to return volley after volley. At the end of the match, he walked up to the winner ' s stand to claim his trophy. Beneath the glamorous facade are sacrifice, ettort, and hours of grueling practice. However, the efforts of the 1985 tennis team were reflected in their con- sistently outstanding performances. Coach Zeich stated, " We had a really dedicated team this year. We are undefeated in the league. " What causes these athletes to dedicate so much ot themselves to the pursuit of excellence? They find satisfaction in achievement. They challenge themselves to set goals, to exceed prior limitations, and to be the best that they can be. Foothill ' s tennis team strived for excellence and they accomplished it. They are an essential part of the one brief and shining moment. Above Right: Dan Turbow exhibits his perfect form. Right: D. Hagmann concentrates on hitting a smashing return. Below Left: John Collins is ecstatic after he returns the serve. Opposite Page: Below: Barry Hancock demonstrates his awesome backhand. Varsity Tennis: Back Row: Coach Beck, G. Campbell, B. Hancock, D. Eisenman, D. Turbow, J. Giesea. Front Row: K. Northcote, D. Dunn, M. MacCale, P. Davis. 132 X ].V. Tennis: Back Row: D. Katz, S. Schwartz, D. Hagman, ). Collins, J. Beck, |. Cahalan, M. Garrison, B. Lewis. Coach Zeich. Front Row: D. Eisenman, R. Hofflander. J. Blackmoore, S. Wolfe. R. Song, T. Chappelle, K. Carter, A. McEldery, D. Larson. 133 Track Climbs All The Way to the Top On your mark, get set, go! That was exactly what the girls ' track team did. They went all the way to the top. With top players, Kristen Carney, Kris Lambert, Stephanie Bell, Robyn Furry, and Susan Divona, the girls had a terrific winning season. Two of their bigger wins were against Santa Ana with a score of 80 to 47 and against Orange with an amazing score of 112.5 to 14.5. The girls team ' s work and strong determination helped them to do so well in the 1985 season. Above: Leanne Clark barely clears the bar. Above Left: ]anyee Cox strives to win. Left: Michelle McKain pushes the shotput with all her might. Above: Girls Track: Top Row: H. McBride, K. Lambert, R. Williams, A. Wallen. K. Lambert, L. Dutrisac, L. Clark, C. Lemos, and B. Bartlett. Fourth Row- K. Lambert, R. Krofic, D. Ralstron, K. Evans, A Selman. J. Davis, T. Sadler. C. Coffey, and K. Madsen. Third Row: S. Bell. D. Davis, S. Gugasian. M. Colley. G. Weissgerber, E. Brunner. L. Peters, M. Metzger. and T. Watson. Second Row: C. Carr-Loop. J. Cox, K. Powel. S. Johnson, L. Gonzales. K. Evans, S. Schwartz, M. McKain, and R. Watson. Front Row: S. Russell. L. Horton. V. Beatty, E. Jordon. S. Divona. K. Carney, and A. Jurick. 134 JL Top: Vanessa Beatty. Ashley Selman. and Eva |ordan race to finish. Above: Kristen Carney leads the Knights again Girls ' Track 135 Determination Where could one experience the excitement of running in a race or actually crossing the finish line in front of everyone else? Where else but the Foothill track team. The Varsity boys fought with determination through hard work and training to achieve success. Even though the boys were not able to win their season, they have moments to remember. Some key players who made the season were Garth McHenry, Paul Slocum, Chad Raugewitz, Carl Lee, and Ken Mitchell. Below: )eff Harvey is determined to win. Right: Matt Romey goes all out for the finish. Varsity: Back Row: C. Lee, S. Clarke, P. Aguilar, D. Lakin, T. Quinn, and C. Brewster. Third Row: C. Raugewitz, M. Phillips, ]. Fischbeck, S. Koehl, G. McHenry, K. Person, and B. Walker. Second Row: G. Henrotin, S. Steedman, K. Mitchell, D. Caldwell, J. Schaufler, E. Smith, and M. Romey. Front Row: B. Cox, J. Franco, B. Davenport, M. Benner, ]. Harvey, C. Walshe, and ). Near. 136 JL Bottom: Steve Slocum strives for i j new record. -« ifel? J f -. M ' fl v % ■ jH uj[ci i 1 MjM ■ J FQ J r " " IrJ a S 31 f „ ■ -m m a ,vi ' JBpfJt|M j bSPm jj b3| •l y t jX-. L F " -to? 4 %Sfc» •iii, " s - p •. - . -.. . ' IH 1 ■ Frosh Soph: Back Row: L. Nesbitt, A. Bierman, R. Phillips, C. Whitaker, E. Smith, f, Weibert, J. Casey, J. Jeltema, M. Gabelsberg, and M. Mattson. Fourth Row: P. Keegan, D. Lindley, S. Ball, E. Tak, E. Person, J. Amneus, K. McBride, and G. Russ. Third Row: P. Caraccio, E. Bricker, Q. McBride, M. McKeever, P. Richards, J. Lundgreen, K. Gregg, J. Schmidt, and J. Wilhelm. Se- cond Row: J. Slatin, [, Workurka, M. Bear, E. Chang, S. Guarnacci, M. Thorne, A. Huang, and C. Keyler. Front Row: J. Shank, G. Nakamoto, W. Pak, R. Yamashiro, and P. Ark. Boys Track 137 Top: S. Grams, K. Costanza, A. Lynd, J. Heredia, D. Bryant, R. Prete. Middle: D. Crawford, J. Leach, G. Strachan, N. Toscas, S. Brock. Bottom: B. Strait, M. Bunge, B. Sherwood, M. Roy. Knights Swim To Success The Aqua-Knights had another outstanding season. After last year ' s 2nd place finish in C.I.F., this team had a lot to live up to and had its sights set on the league Championship. The team was paced by Ail- Americans Gary Strachan and Bill Strait. Other outstanding swim- mers were Steve Grams, Mike Bunge, Jason Leach, David Bryant, and Doug Crawford. Top Right: David Bryant swims his best 500 freestyle ever. Middle: Jason Leach breaststrokes to victory. Below Right: Gary Strachen flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 138 j-jsjaC?- " C- ' Top: |oe Heredia flies across the pool. Middle: Mike Bunge swims another awesome breaststroke race. Bottom: Bill Strait strives for first. ■ ,»..:;■. •• . Boys Varsity Swimming 139 4th Row: R. Brink, D. Boddy, D. Fienberg, A. Kline, C. Almquist, B. McHenry, 3rd Row: A. Gillman, A. Bhimani, A. If- tiger, P. Cash, G. Jones, 2nd Row: M. Motley, R. Reynolds, M. Levine, T. Brock, G. Welsh, R. Watts, 1st Row: J. Luna, A. ]. Polik, B. Brandbridge, A. Castro, L. Sarnuelson. r Far Left: Dan Iftiger takes one more breath before he wins the 100 free. Left: Dean Fienberg ' s backstroke is a threat to Villa Park ' s Team. •£ " .« Bottom: David Boddy proves that fly- . ' ing fish do exist. As any member of the Junior Varsity swim team steps up to the blocks he is inspired by the great responsibility bestowed upon him. The sense of responsibility and the team unity have com- bined to give the Junior Varsity team an undefeated season. All together the team as 48 participates. Since everyone is ' AWESOME " quotes Coach Simcox, we are sure we will have an excellent Varsity next year. This year ' s standouts were Bart McHenry, Robert Reynolds, Selina Lemke, and Karen Guzman. J.V. Swimming is " AWESOME " 140 sri • Right: Tracy Cannon is exhausted as she swims hard to the finish line. Bottom: Selina Lemke gasps for a breath as she strives for victory. Right bottom: Carrie Crawford flies toward victory. Top Row: C. Lawrence. D. Rice. M. Grawn. D. Bridenbecker. L. Kooi. Middle Row: C. Knobe. H Cohen. P. Renfree. C. Crawford. Bottom Row: K Guzman. S Lemke. L. Manzo. T. Cannon. E. Boddy |.V Swimming HI ?v s 1 8 92 2,0 Right: Caroline McClure is confident to win. Below: Lisa McKinnon gasps for breath during her heat. ■ .i w 142 tilH •• • •• - : -4$% : 4f 1 ' Left: Deidre Mazurie swims swiftly to the finish. Below Left: Carrie Manzo swims with a b reath of fresh air. Bottom Left: Caroline Larsen takes a breather. Bottom: Girls Varsity Swim Team: Back Row: Coach DeLong. D. Mazurie, C. Mc- Clure, V. Vasquez, |. Cahalan, K. Parrish, L. McKinnon. Middle Row: H. Abraham. J. Brouk, S. Lawrence, M. Myra, K. Smith, G. Schultz. Front Row: A. Schuessler, C. Larsen, L. Parrish, K. Gon, C. Manzo. ' S T, -- V 1 Upholding Tradition The Lady Aqua-Knights won their ninth straight Century League championship and ran the overall dual meet record to 106 wins and 1 loss. All- Americans Deidre Mazurie, Shelly Lawrence, and Adrienne Schuessler, along with Heather Abraham, Karen Gin, and Carrie Manzo. were outstanding performers all season. The girls prac- tice six days per week for one hour in the morning and two and a half hours after school for a total of five miles each day. Our girls swimming team is one of the top teams in southern California. Girls Varsity Swimming 143 Top: Pat Spears ' facial expression demonstrate his complete understanding of algebraic equations. Above: Dan Thomas lecture about Babbitt to his Modern American Novel Class. Left: |ulie Johnson perseveres through another Monday morning. Below: Clark Poston demands that a student state his opinion. Right: John Severson feels the power of reading. Below Right: Multi-talented basketball coach Sheila Adams teaches math. Faculty After a wearying mental struggle, you finally come up with an answer to the problem and punch it into the teaching com- puter. " Incorrect, " it says. It offers you help, but you have practically memorized its colorless explanation of the concept that you have been trying in vain to understand for the past hour. Such a situation could quickly stimulate one ' s appreciation of Foothill faculty. Their personalized explanations make the subject matter come alive in a way that would be impossible if one had to learn solely from a computer or a book. Many teachers even exceed their responsibilities by making their classes enter-| taining as well as informative. Nicholas Gaspar ' s silly lecture titles and Joachim Pfitzner ' s unusual analogies may be less than 1 scientific, but by stimulating students ' interest, they help them to learn. Many teachers encourage students to get involved in discussions so that they profit from the lesson more than they would from passive listening. Clark Poston ' s confrontations, Eileen Springer ' s taunts, and Shu-Yung Chen ' s requests for class feedback all keep students on their toes and encourage them to think about the poetry, stoichiometery, current events, or geometric proofs. The teacher is the one who keeps the learning process going. Without teachers it would be as hard to motivate Foothill Knights to learn as it was to put the heavily armored knights of the Middle Ages on their horses. During the time of these knights, there were master craftsmen who instructed their apprentices; the Foothillfaculty could be compared to these craft-masters. The knowledge that the faculty at Foothill imparts to Knight students is as useful as the skills taught by the master-craftsmen. Each type of education is appropriate for its own era. Today ' s Knights are being prepared for careers that will probably focus on information processing rather than physical work. Therefore, dealing with prodigious amounts of knowledge teaches an invaluable skill. An expansion of knowledge during the Middle Ages brought about the Enlightenment, and knowledge still brings enlightenment today. The shining moments of com- prehension that Knights experience when new concepts become meaningful may be brief, but they are part of an educational process that lasts a lifetime. The faculty at Foothill makes these brief shining moments possible. • +% 146 Faculty " 1 $J M J V V " )oyce Hanson Member Vice President Far Left: Superintendent Maurice A. Ross. Ed.D Left: Assistant Superinten- dent, Robert M. Packer PhD Left: Principal )ames E. Turner Far Left: Assistant Prin- cipal. Students, Kevin Edwards Left: Assistant Principal. Instruction. Richard Lincourt Administration 147 Below: Frank Southern is caught trying to steal the cape and roses. Below Left: In her office [udy Weightman hides from the hustle and bustle of the library. Ansgar Olesen Work Experience Virginia Osborne Nurse Frank Southern Activities Director udy Weightman Librarian 148 Facuity Lelia BurcheJi Delores Cavender Luci e Dean Mary Fujimoto Jackie Kettering Edna Logel Barbara Alurrieta Dorothy Nash Clerical Staff Sherry Severson Doris Stout Patricia Nash Diane Watson Faculty 1-JM Shirley KeJJey Eligia Nicolai George Waibel The Arts rii Above: Elizabeth Gecsey shows her expertise as she demonstrates how to do an art project. Right: Band director George Waibel does not let his students have all the fun. 150 Faculty Left: Angela Satterlee explains to Greg Davert that the computer is his friend. Robert Hicks Business Henry ilummell Computers Sarah Ruse Angela Satterlee Faculty 151 Below: Imposing but benevolent, Mike O ' Brien again tells students how to improve their written compositions. Right: Dan Thomas responds to a student who thinks that Hemingway is a poor novelist. jaj r_j v Uk %M %y[ ■■ " fl B . " T v s I Judith Chambers Mary Jane Fletcher Sid Gitthens Joyce Hill David Horowitz ■ George Korich 152 Faculty Larry Minne Mike O ' Brien Dan Thomas Nancy Waterman English Cynthia Ross i h Linda Spruill fmWT ' te Hether Woodroffe Left: Larry Minnt; points out the satire in The Canterbury Tales. Above: Man ' |ane Fletcher takes a break from teaching to do some manual labor Faculty 153 Barbara Peterson Janet Terry Terry TomJinson Ann Woitovich Foreign Language Above: Jennifer Donato scolds her class in Spanish. Right: Keeping it confidential, Ann Woitovich shows a student her test grade. 154 Faculty Left: William Clarke demonstrates the fine points of hyperbola sketching. Below: Shu-Yung Chen explains the infamous vector equation lo an MMA class. Brian Boyer Shu-Yung Chen Mathematics William Clarke Michael Fisher Al MarziJJi VilliamOster Richard Robhins Gerald Whilaker Boh Zeich Faculty 155 Below: Bob Valenta looks unusually optimistic for a " Driver ' s Ed. " teacher. Right: loachim Pfitzner demonstrates how to do a chemistry experiment " The J. P. Way. " Bottom: It is easy to see which student did not study for Peter Feher ' s anatomy class. Opposite Page Top Right: If anyone in Donn Cook ' s class is not looking at the board, he had better watch out for the pointer. 356 Faculty Bob VaJenta Claude Wiseman Science Left: Robert Nichols ' pal assists him in explaining the secrets of the human body Above: Nicholas Caspar lectures on an attractive subject: magnetic fields Faculty 157 Sheila Adams Tom DeLong Ted Mullen Terry Munhall Bob Osborne Physical Education Above: Ted Mullen and Dave Simcox compare the advantages of water sports and land sports. Above Right: Tom DeLong checks his opponent ' s progress during the FAKHFAJ faculty pie eating contest. Right: Sheila Adams would be even happier if she knew that the 1985 girls ' basketball team would top this banner. 158 Faculty Left: Steve Frogue tells his U.S. History class about the purchase of Alaska Below: Eileen Springer is confounded by her rowdy Economics class. Larry Bath Social Science Clark Poston Irene Powell Marilyn Reardon ohn Severson ZeeSnell EiJeen Springer Wendell Ward Faculty 159 Below: John Nolan points out a car ' s problem to an Auto I student. Right: Richard Boyes supervises a photo session. Bottom: Lu Perkov celebrates Valentine ' s Day with her admiring students. Technical Education Richard Boyes Roy Ellis John Nolan Home Economics Lu Perkov 160 Faculty CUSTODIANS Gary Doerr. Brad Dean. Ray Shaver Rachel Luna Aide Su e Pflomm Aide | CAFETERIA STAFF I Back Row: Carmela D ' Amalo. Beverly Boeck, Doris Marine. Myrtle Haugen. Rulh Wacker. Shirley Thompson Front Row: l.inda I Parra. Rulh Mokski. Margaret Hirt. |oyce Arellano. Carmen Reyes. Focuify 161 162 Seniors Devon McLeujtyoJji Donnelly. BrinrftVWi sijwp.ige in group memiain in. V 7 £.» V 1 i9= m 4f 9w |on Rice can hold Tom Veje for so long. Paul Slocum worn ■ •|0 t 9 Seniors J63 u y o By Elizabeth Hamilton It was six a.m., and suddenly the silence of the Typical Senior ' s bedroom was interrupted with a loud " BUZZ! " The T.S. (Typical Senior) rolled out of bed, turned off the obnoxious alarm clock . . . and fell back into bed, asleep. Forty-five minutes later, a groggy eye opened, and a scream echoed throughout the house. In a flash of a T-shirt and underwear, the T.S. bounded from bedroom to bathroom, and jumped into the shower, only to freeze to death. His little brother had used all of the hot water, miniature beast. A quick threat to a freshman sibling ( " Or you ' ll walk! " ) encouraged " it " to fix the T.S. a nice breakfast, which was gulped in the utmost apprecia- tion ( " I forgot you failed foods! " ). Then, the T.S. bounded back to the bathroom for a 30 minute serenade, emerging only when his mother lovingly beckoned him ( " Get out or you ' re grounded!). He was ready. With a quick rev of his car, he per- manently marred the asphalt in front of his house, but he was off to school. The T.S. carefully maneuvered his car into a spot in the Senior Parking Iftt, only scratching the paint slightly, and resolutely headed into the school, where Mr. Lincourt greeted him enthusiastically. The T.S. grunted a pleasant reply. After an uneventful first period, the T.S. made a quick pit stop in the library to find a current event for second period civics ( " I still don ' t understand why Mr. Poston didn ' t believe me when I said that Reagan had suffered a heart attack! " ). The line was not too bad; he made it to class BEFORE the bell! Finally, civics was over ( " Hey, wake up! " ), and he was free to go to snack. It was truly incredible how, in ten minutes time, he managed to eat a piece of crumb- cake, go to the bathroom, talk to 17 different friends, and finish his English homework, but he did it. Sadly, the bell rang all too soon; Mr. Gitthens and his educa- tional stories awaited him. Lunch was loads of fun for the T.S. Not only did he make a McDonald ' s run, but he also learned several new bits of juicy gossip. Fifth period passed fairly uneventfully with the ex- ception of being bawled out for being twenty minutes late ( " I couldn ' t find a parking spot! " ). Finally, the 1:48 bell rang; the T.S. was free! Being a senior, he had no sixth period. He was off. After a five minute pit-stop as Foothill ' s own police officer, Officer Peoples, issued him a speeding ticket, he headed for work. Eight trying hours later, the T.S. stumbled in his front door, dragged himself upstairs, turned his stereo on full blast ( " Turn that thing down! " ) and fell into a mercifully deep sleep. He was almost ready for tomorrow. r-Pederson slowlyjfragkJiiia JU ouTof bed 164 Seniors Some students | %idrew QiFron.-ul liked school so much fhev nude it i point tn be the first one thfcre» veM»y j J|B ■mek JM m r w , 1 1 itidff v 5 1 ! . 8? Erin Loonai Kves Ic Infuse her dog at feedi njtime. Ken Q flE asks St Jhrk IWhflft tW ' d.i is nvpr bundled y«irs Seniors 165 ■ •.ft X David Adler Heather Abraham Michelle Acker Anthony Aguilar Gilbert Aguilar Shelby Ahrling 166 Seniors Dana Alpert Kristin Amlie Tesla Aravena Alan Anderson Christina Andreoskv 5 c rt.» ;o f 9 8 Greg Ashbaugh Seniors Ifi7 Tom Bain Jill Balling Stacy Barnes Brett Barton Bruce Bauer 168 Seniors Cvnthia Beltran lillBell Carl Beneker Michelle Bennett Senion 168 |ohn Bentley 1 whhip Tannenbaum feels that she was never meant to be a serva Paige Bennett Paige Beresford Tony Berkowitz Mara Berman Michelle Bowen Anita Bierman Eran Blair Steven Boranian 170 Seniors Chris Bovetas David Brouk Michael Bunge Meinolt Brauer Shelly Brown Jennifer Burns Nina Brenner Kelley Bundy Kenneth Brings fl ft- Greg bun Si-nmrs 171 Kristin Carnev 172 Seniors Striving for perfection is Leason Pomeroy Marcie Casaga Laura Casperson Susan Carter sx °l Karen Chalmidas SenJon 173 9 " P ft £ Robert Clark Elizabeth Cilliani Shawn Clark Michele Clayton Laurie Coderre Jason Collins Melissa Coles 174 Seniors Stacev Cook Julie Crandall Kristen Cope Kevin Costanza Scott Craven i.j y « W Seniors 1 " 5 £ •0 Brad Curren Brian Davis Daren Deboer Denise Deckert Tammy Degroot 176 Seniors Robin Derr Susan Desalvo Hendrik Defining Andrew DiFronzo Sue Divona N q Nicole Dockendorf Kirk Donnelly Seniors 1 op i jk 2a ± These remembrances ore being presented by the Senior Class and their advisors Mrs.Reardon, r Cillhens. Ms.Chombers.ft MrAiSpringer HEATHER ABRAHAM Hares 2 good iriends- aney Keri Susie Pom B-day ' s @ Pattys-Ken in a coma- " Mi ' fall asleep, never! " -Fun limes ' la-Ill always be therel-Brelt lulle thanks 1 everything 1 love U bolh!-Ken ' . " ]eff!! You ' re Ihe beslM fun fid vrs w FHS swlm-300 " characters ' ' not enough PS 1 love U Mom. MICHELLE ACKER It ' s Over! SKI BRIANHEAD HORSETRIP TRACK DANCINC(BELLI) Thanks for taking ; me home Bri ANNETTE B-DAY al beach ANG1E and Amy, who next? 12 20 84 BROOKE MICHELLE Can I Drive? Thanks Mom.Datl UHooN, proud of U joe. my best Bro. P.T. that ' s 4 me! . DAVID ADLER Communications Comm. Luv ASB1 X-C 4yrs Sympathy var. letter Thanx Whitt! ,. Otis Day and Tile Whites-Yentil Luvs 2 ski! Mammoth trips 1-? Police Dogs What Fun! Adlerman ' Slui. lubaru can do! Adios FHS Hello UCSB? UCB? MAMMOTH? Thanx Friends-Luv U Mocn and Dad-SHALOM! ANTHONY AGUILAH jimmy in the wall-lhe gree4n manalishi a z28, WOW! rush in84 Spain and France In 83 New House and dream police Skiing in Utah!! Prison Camp Gumby and Pokey. PANCHO ACUILAR Glad it ' s over! couldnt have, made it w aut U Mom Dad DomMart Mon thanx 4 all the helplBut B-balMogin lockrm 3yrs B-ball League Ghanips .ralphln w )on Yer Muda Footballs! BigA )uly 3 luv ya babe Stacy Ken pointer sisters 4ever Hi lump League Champ 6 ' 8 Babs pals 4 life Be Cool Sid Snow Valley award winer Lakers! SHELBY AHRL- ING 1 luv a. ball FHS v. tennis! HallloveU! lakepowel.Oregon. PalmSprings, whirlybirdride, limotuL thanx! felexicoGoldmine URthebestSu!! Colo, Cata.RBW. biking(tjmy l] Trin- Iamsavet«! Share fenlhanx, Mikeyllikey.BEST SIS ALLYNIMalibu.vp. beachrides, nightrides, ibibebudS Oct2198fi may22decll983 july231984 GdlluvU!!! DANA ALPERT LefTheGood- TimesRolI! WhereHaveAH TheGoodTimesGone? Rock-n-RollPair! SoccerPlayerslW ereLnleAgain! Reso!01dGold-Panic! AdatNoar! CoolPlaces! HeyBigGuy! Panama! BeFamily! |im- my+|oe! BanditslMeow! SorryGeorge! 200$AnHour! GarageDoor! WoopslThisIsGay! Be- inglBeGood! SoreThroat! 5-10-110 SeeYa AtUSCMikelShalom! KRISTIN AMLIE THIS ' S A GOOD INTRO B BLISFUL BABYjfc ' HE T IOCY OF CLOKS ThePastlsYetToCome B0W1E CURE BAUHAUS AB ACTiPSOFVIEW IN ABSTRACT WORLDS BOYS R WAR1N MAKUP KABEEX SPOONART ' I2COPS SKIING CHOKLAT WEEKENDS IN LA ATOPIS.IOI ' RAMONES W LARA FRENDS GotToGetOutOfThisPlace too Oonjfelo lilnch with NT the master Parly at TOGOS!!! I had my share thanxSl Dad!!!„ CfflBsfri ANPREOSKI jIJ ReplaceAFriend " ThanxGuys! Hume-C BestFriendsleverl WannaPlaySpy? WeDon ' naMissYaBakerjit AskMelflmAJeuft? PM| UceMakesPi SmileKirk ' CodBlessUAll! JIM ANNAN SttaplCracklelPop ' Homecoming w ?Robyn Marl ' s legube Ee.H i ta M8ri.0as,KirkSN l PUNK The lenseo Boo! " No shoes ' " The Brad (im Shim uys Clutapig umrs! Bang4$5l RWLINS ' LUVYA fDERS NjJPtoS Amigos enjoy it while you have iters. Summer Sesh atR.|.s yyyaaaooo schools out or O.C.C ya know how gows thanx Mom lAintMisb havinlen. " YouCan Never- Guys! GODRBLES! HawkMessMaxBell- iven -Wer.elAlafcAfliirr.iivsNeedHeln. Gon- endvSlend FALynuare il-ttquana bl-r always FillowcasesK u UbrDrignteyes L.oony jltheWorld Travtffcr Gladvl delt Brtfou ' reAStud ..SO IT GOES. EVAN BLAIR CSF 4get US festival 83.112 live in 83.84.85 and Europe hi 82 can we AlexlThe Green 1 lives on Ericftjim -STRYPER ROCKS! Mom Dad thanx 4 your support over the yrs l.|ason Mrs.Gecsay-Arl Club 84- 5 was JfllAy. Anthony- " Stand up and Shout " with 85! BAIL HjlS. " cu2 ' mad dogs a comin! " STEVE BORANIAN ASB Spinless . Southern-good friend Track w Mac,Walt.Ken.April.Kris 440 rela -AWESOME he Munheli smile Friday Pong " You know.da good one " PROM w Cath.Mitch,Deh B-way Mads Boys State Europe w Amy D. Michele C. Hawaii ' 85 Best Friends Ever-Garth. Ken.Walt. MICHELLE BOWEN ADAM ANT, NEW RO. CONCERTS DANCING, AND GUYS HOLLYWOOD W FRIENDS PEACE, LOVE. AND HOLY ETERNAL GROVINBSS! DAVID BOWIE. LUNCHES W DAWN AND KRISTBN. ARROWHEAD. US.NAT ' LS THANKS MOM DAD! FREE AT LAST! KENNY BR1CGS Mom+Dad thanx 4 everything.Goony Gulfere, Ar- rowhead 3.Pointer Sisters Stacy Gil.Slieryl thanx for makeup. Vfootball CHAMPS.BigA83.Baseball CHAMPS.GenestsCarlin.Lisa thanx.Moonll LOVE YA Deedee your not a goony googu, Stacyjud- Dave GilBrad FHS2teImo6 ya!HalIoweeH83: FetVeje.AH League Baseball.ImOutOfHeTe.Later i IOSF.RS! DA VE BROUK GRETCHEN.WHO LOVES YOU? BrnYhead Fin- engine VH20 Polo »2 l .iF Memphis Memphis Cheer Hawaii Wet Paper:BiPio water on the 35th What Aim! Laydies rd Vswimming 500 Duff ' s Birthday Bongo ' s Party Woody ' s Thanks Deidre for everything FrantxTOarLWom 1 miss you. SHELLWBROWN We ' re Outta Here Lyn YalThanx Sarila Debi- rollbug-sorryDarl Don ' tLaugh It ' sPaidFor!? SleepInCivics -Scorpians VanHalan-Coolness! GelaGrip! Homecoming82 TotalBlast! ILOVEYOUJON!! BeachHouse 33rdSt.81-82YouKnob! ICECREAMITogo ' s Hey Moe-Ya You DID! HeyChiupp!ThankU4 everything Dad-FHS-seeya- BYE!! KELLY BUNDY To my friends, Iwouldn ' t have made it.I love you all.Di.Lisa. Jane.Patty.Ir- vine.Orange. Goodbye to the goodtimes in the 240Z,Mammoth Lisa-Di.CircleKJane,L.A. Gigs.Bundy-Mobile many goodtimes,|ason will always be in my heart. Now on to new love with Ken.Love to Dad-Mom»BYE FHS. Love Bunns MICHAEL BUNCE CENTURY LEAGUE CHAMPS 1984;H20?PoIa,Hawaii;Summer 84,Chuck. Crows Nest till 2,Green Rose till 4River trip.Rodeway Inn. SkinJy.Terry. Buh, Corner, Nick.Rick.Roy.Babes. Hats off to Kelli. Thanks Car- Love You. JENNIFER BURNS Best friends and GREAT times with DI Sever! Carney and Soy-Palm SprinerfWetting at doorsteps Shell Watt do TSelman ' s party |AN 27 1983:J»mefilly boring! 45 UCSB BAKING SODA Vand Mom and Dad-tliffifToJe Dar forever! SEE YA. 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FIi ,oveYou Ran.!vSjohn(M 3fcgT 84HOMECOMING a new beginning home on wheelsKSi ud Dad(NO !v Kt STACY BARNES WOWIIl ' s really W-tjjNe ' finals at the Fornhvfci. vvaslei sure! thanx to nqRiestesl Teamates Friends. Luv, iRoom V.P.Dam Urba: ■Dur.All nite w Fraze .Punch Deb Buga Mara Cai %wch! ROBERT BRUCE nothing. Doowa the Di ' 84Hawaii ' 85? Thl Anish.Kristen, Hurdlei -1 ' tianx Coa ' ■Knever 3step again Lambo-Prom84 - « H«b Friends4 ever! Ape Cimly 112 talk 2 much Lisas drivi all Normal ' LUV V Bealty Bunch PLAN I ' d MOVE HOME 4 YEARS A ' BillyBakerjJNewLife4FHS Tin 111 i f fiffllWlli joSpec TryHard pHotaJlljcitnw ' amii NoWayOfCoi TakeCarei " ro ThanxMom Ded Tl Billy PleaseBe! LoveLlall SoMucli NeverLoseTouchBGodBlessU Dol Great Times with Michelle the Be Hriend.Pedoo.Ri Boat! Scavenger Hunt w |ag«Muf Hexico Suj rior Lights out, HYI. ' MI(.HFI,I.EBENiNB ' Gumbi Pokey4! NewportBoysCluh KHhstreet ToTO myMichelle-Future e FHS too ma ITY senioritis | WALK ON gJACHi WONDERFUL! November171h travel MoADad NoMoreFHSpri: awaii 84 w|it aSst! Chubba?!B-Bi B-Bell champft Forum rematch for I Luv Yo»l Goodluck to all mjB L buds B-Ball iOM ' BRETT BARTON Fel 87 Elf |V Scrubbers Pink Skummit 82 Good Times W | Kikin it up Van Power! ! 11! Luv Mom Dad! Ski ' iiout them Dodgers?, his 5lh yearJr FHS Naui IT82-84 J!s|ill Phil osj CRunbuni BearHugsPepTaiks8485ChipVejeBeef FelB MOPSANDPOP$ :; bye DAViD CARRERA Mootl and Ij.6 victory Br Eln,o.CrayeBelly,Fletchie,D. 91,99,36,58,56,27 Reamers Poncho en great We ' ll have but says absolutely is run ' 84 Genesis great I ' m i OAF knows where See ya Lorelei, Tony, VANESSA, BEATTY Varsity Tracki- V-U-John-dog family huh? Eya Ruby Lisa es Lake Arrowhead-Kimsu where are U? mas in Utah-4 frozen bunnies We ' re HAD A COOD TIME AT FHS. K OUT. JILL BELL BontBeASilly Hjume OurGuysNeedHelp ruck Christi NeedsNoPractice fill Kirk ByeKevtn MissionlVoid nGetAhead! CINDY BEL THAN ,X,C6Capo,Catalina-Missed Ihe Utem Pop! 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MARA ftERMAN chris i awyer.chaleau de fet.julian.majdonoa.jacuzv.i deBra bug 1 et.combat loi vey and thanks mom dfld,liso best sis-Springsteen. luv ya deb.ofHL europ e.see va.o ' • ■ -■ f nny, ANITA BIERMAN ii ' : iTiBevMaralCRLJSIN ' Mel B . P ! !lmmyB Ilovey ' all Aroissyoulots S ' l ' AYCOI.n Kristine Library Ali ller T hoJ ' Cjj .v ; !lyNarkin8 VEET- niors tarfflfstp ' . eij.iui iu i ingASB 14 3 days wlfljiers ifc PostmlnsJ 0MABELL ABLETHIRdI NDS! DEANO.l SEN ' S.LARRY.SO MANY NK YCjf ALL ' THE BEST OF HMECMNG8183 j Siace OrangeWar R1MPASB AutumnMammo mFnBallear FOREVER! Ozzy you ' re the greatestlLe e our the best! Rol) over ands baconJt| tdfcs.Waalt!Why ceiraiiiiy.r iodniy Bn ' nnylFoothiirs been great but lime to ramble.. Flelchftl are off to CtiiciIrW: I ' ll miss you! WoKE CARROLL ForeverFriehds -NancCopeDeoi|! Chfisl BAyall BeachH HwieW Derekluv !dolU2 -Thats2had SwapNanc thebesl Iwould- BoneyAlb eMudda FiiofoalfflHBes KneeMagpie Whalmudpuddle 7 Isthaltltefreeway? 4PTe»TankBlueBomber LWesOnSkialways GreenM M College? LuVyaMOMDAD Bifrica! •SUS1- .CARTER toV PUNKS RULE.KAT and ROB always BEST SINEWPORT-MEMORIES.roadtrips.camping SAN CLEM.Cool People.NEVER sa ichie, VULVO.Fe-KM-SCOOTERS.MODS. juliUS,Hawaii BOPITaMB.MOL. CHAS.BLECKlLuv ami Kisses CHEL and NAY.4-sum!spidey,Cool M and D A-GOO!!! MARCIE ' CA iPA Chow FHS, Hula UCB or New York. Bye locelyn, Telsa. Anjali, Neida Linda and EsflK u H. i owe ii all to you, 1 couldn ' t of done it without you Memories of XMAS formal 81 and Prom Si Than Mrs Logel. Mr. Horowitzand Mrs. SilleSen. Finally I DID IT!!!!!!! LAVRA CASjHjON GOl TIMES WITH MY PAfes-SUERAE THE LEAGUES SEASON IS OVER-WB WON TUB GAME TOGETHER AND Wfi ' RE STILL PLAYNINICU R( IB PEAIH HSt IRFSUPmME2lBk ON THROl IGH 2 THE OTHER SIDE OF FHS MOM.DAD.CHRIS I Ly R!DUrffi! KROKDIERK! HOWZIT!ME MY FRIEND FREY...CLARA KAREN CH».AMIDA BesWriends: E.Chris.Milch.Mc fcg-distance I mmil. Palm Springs over Spring Break.4-wheet dicing in the suburl DDS-my high-school romance. MEX. " to kill ya " sunrise.4yrs lastei ly over SHELLI CHRISTOPHER MAE-BEST BUDDYIAwsum y MOHAWlJfc JYONE?Thanx 2 all GO Billys PUnlKSIBowie IDq ng Lave jie sfiey LAUGH TIL IT HURTS! Retnember the Best ' Linda. (lie bea Dave-AGAINS ' long.At last it ' s Kal.SueNae oil Utah CHAOS cli Rest IOLLY FUN Lu |AMkS- fcver These 4yrs=WEAK CALL WILL break oul luv u lob CHEL n Nae lever ?gtV A-GOD! ELIZABETH CILLIANI |ust Can ' t Walk Right Cilli PartyS Message 2 U Afl H italinaANikkii.Wana c my Ping Pong table? Bestfriendsi Pedo.Muff.Cin- dy.Lisa.Loly. CCcffl , Sony Rat.itn 2 Scared of Sharks, Out o{ FHS cacoon, Late! OUTLAND DREW SHREDS! BYETHQBERT CLARK Winter norroal-8i 85. Prom84 85, Joanne. Nancy-love you! " We love our cd Hharts, BeBt it into your head!, que sera sera. " " Basta de cuentos " Thanks Mom Dad. Nana three years- Varsity Wrestling-fun! FHS-Stale CHAMPS!?? 308-Green Branan-AMNESTY IN ' PERNATK iNA .tgM 718. SHAWN CLARK " Set an examuBJMj speec h. plirrqjDarrin.Ralpijohn.Sleve.Tinr, Noel, Ket. Slender. Mallice, Masspa, Randy, Reg,Uave«FRll ' ,N I S Mr.Monterey Palni Springs 84 CI1.IS varsNy. basketball Bass Lake swim 1 pig 8 kcKNEsHrlfrii:nd? Iiapjtpack w Moe VILLAGE PEOPLE LIVE JESUS-. CHR1STSI LA E CODlH( " ftayte»Spusi HEY Iconiact wookshop jt UbQ S ' avSPInyWmettOg Thehill AlwaysIrtTrouble 8obsLaLoveya KadiByrs I.ove MisYaCtlii Times Mexico May2t ElMira .Homecomings ; llolineaKrelBruceConcerl ' Stud Dedication lacuzzi Kt ' aMnm Angie DramaSGytejiasHcsJ.C.W.Ir. ASO COLLINS The Paint Man, The Metro, The Little Blue Cowboy The Versatile Abscess Group. Hey Dave Bill, A Conventioneer Handshake To You! it ' s Been A ZanyvMadcapped Kind. But Am Greatly Relieved To He Leaving. Aufwiedersehn Always Remember. Soro The ' Wiw Olympic Eagle Is Watching You! Do The Laughing Buddah Dance.. Daddy-O KRISTEN CO! Everybody RELAX 1 UR Way oula Control!Broodegook!Easy FiddWoNiai |V- ' |2Bad,aint j m !» . I Croup feu jl D.-hs-Bug.tihicx M,,r., Ml riends! F,. ,lballgames»Llbr,in Vickx Funic. ' RUSurc? V.i Mn.iii. i . ' i le OldGuld v Pofl«r Oan-PANIC Ohm| Torah-Thanx Nam ! Luv, |i ' . ni-2nui h ., ' l IIMomiDad! STACEY COOK Debbie a i ' „ .orgriRafslity It Unreal V, , ' . I. .Turns Sean |ulie Lauren Us Mike Dai c Coy. CalaUna-BesJ Nighi hi OurTbJvaa. Broil l ' i h.Love ya! |ui Terry Cathy Belh. Imperial Palace. Mm. la Dream 2 19 84 Sil near m, Uaydreamer aaar gazer.hut finally always. Space. flJUE CRAN- BALL Memories-CIF81-B4W.irk TourBl-MGirlsChonisMixedChorus-Mads BmadwayReview- TallFlaK SDnnce83 84-HEYDI IDE ' SenlorMlinch-Raggady Ann-TOUA!Sweel 16 17- Suprlse!mmBRR!mmBOO!| I IZKIDN-PaPaDnRiinFriendx-|ulleLauraDeb EIICriaSuMn ' en |ohn«32-FUNKY CHICKEN! BtaveTay loiConcort!ChtirchCouncilw Beny.TI,.itix MomaDnd- LoveyaFHS-ITImissva JULIE CRISPELL DonelHawall boundlClirla betl 4, v. rSn milch fun SO Ml TH TROUBI.EIRobAII 2U w luv. Palty«urf« up.bul Im audi ., gel l.aur good lock driv. ing w 1 eye-some fun-1 luv ya What 2 do.Havs some more Good luck everyone III miss yn Moatf),,,IK,,l I luv ya.couldnl have done ii w oot you! RRAD CVRHAN Genesis.Phil Col. r. i . :, i Crish 82.Prom 64 Lisa.Varury Football B33.C ntury League Champa 84.BF. nights ,l, in ' with The I ' m -s Thi ' BUN V? 1 1 ,ving fun al Newport Much W POOH I LOVE YtlU IANUARY 5-WB CAN M TIMES GCKIONIGIIT|OHNNY UTAH IUMBECOOLSIDSAD1 PROM AT ALFREIXIS FOOTHAI.I.-WA I I TOGETHER l ' i iR CHRISTMAS I MISS ' , GOOD KNIGHT FHS THANKS EUZABETII Fl.ORI prossingYourxeK SophurunreYi Froy ' Thntin -iiMar.l YrWeWunNPSL Vince-FIa : Frightening|uui,irYr-AIINewK iThanksBri Full- Golfers.KEN.PAN- to CAI, STATE what a ' ltke-juda RIN i.K IT ' S bit thanks for everything Moon.Goony CH.|UIUiAVF,STACY,STEVF.Wnal Greet Tlnie«,Hatlowecn B4 Veje.on HMPHBaMr.. You Mom Dad DIDI DANIELS Folks we made it-j thenxgivn OZ Cheer lo rthickn a. crackers l.nn Michel.- C.enoslsUUrBli ' Priest Saxon Lisa stop insulting ma tennis I day Phil Lisa Dennis |on LA 83 Mfschi-Bahysitting ' Donl give up hope-Darren I luv you Ma Pa I luv you-shspe up yuull see! BRIAN DAVIS Lytle Creek and Bell Motmtain-lhe places lo be. Broken Bones and Mustangs-1 love em ' . Anli- everything club Saddleback Mm .School.5 3f)A.M. Classes, Cups. Pumping gas. and you. Keep on Cycling, hunting, and packing till you die Ricks Mission nexl! What then? Friends Always TAMMV DEGROOT SYNCHRt l SWIMMERS do it 2gether 5 " x5 " Homecoming 82? Webo Land Nat Enrique Luv ya Kev Lup Dad Good l,ck Randy Kim.Yur al over it! BoopBoopeDoop! Thanx Lara. Mom 4 understanding gunna make my dreams a reality WATCH ME FLYYYY! IM DEL YEA Deli-eh Watch .nil 4 Alpo cans Whoopeee.Servan! lend me your sword! WaaaWaaa. Foldercats w Tricia. Prom ' 84 Limo. Breathing Rock. BamBam. AGCGH-Lime Green|Fhghtened Family | Summer Parties. Man. Woman or Cumby? Best Friends Derek.Mej aV " ' ' l " n Suzanne Thanx Mum ' Tool ROBIN DERR Things2Remember- . WhenOli • ' ' lulyl.o.ikfinPaj ► UtahB4-4Sk VanessoU SUSAN D DOWtxl PretfW THEPOiWfe " IriaLLe ' fta t .- ai:hn. Ill.ii Fiinl1at ' .ei- ,1 tights ' Lost in ' G-VUpVMSiar Ww Your,. Co,. I Die Q . Most Dear MIKETa Best n Oeftajtek!!! SUE V O.V Tr frtielb.x£rikou, I I- Relay .in.inwt.reenUHII.. i Hn am.-Adi Bluey Swe.lel! UVUv lay?SeeY»S, KIRK DONNELLY TMSe; li.iri. prn H.niierWl I Hnl rr TC: LUVy f Fl PraMfv LipsMef GuieL Is that Br So n c-; B-b.iil 1 Arb.i feriDoK ' Doni ThMftt lfcri)ilMki-l Times ... ,ih Mlke WASP .14 ' Uiejfgt - I ' hankeJPMiltonic Q oa P GjWaW Ro pbn OVvVafL " T lit ' (III, in. .11: hf.iin.D, RiinXCWereDogDirl ' HQin82 Arrowheads KimsuWhereAreYou? 4of- WheredTheyCn BigAlMightWakeSomeoncUp SinkDownTheAm. River ' t nieslnl ' fnuflPueyLuey CindyForgiveMe?teehee! EvaLookingGood - rnialllBe BrWrn Beep-e-le-beep! ILoveYou! Thanx Mom Dad LuvYaATl " O CoofcumsW IcniTi.i ' T.-rC.i.ikDrliNcdlulieTereseHradryiTmicsiM SlT- lissYa]nliru»J«j. ' FunkyChickenBamUyrsThanxGf orge FrenchClub- .laynrvlliffaBinyDucks! MyTheParkLooksN(peAlThisTimeOiNightTer! OfflCoz lSD ly Show " ■ " (■RuicTie I All Mom.Dail.Linrfftrag- ' ler44OT0Orelays brealeW II SUAIhum? Pr )(n84l(svirili tojeVl a S Ro_ E| Nlarl.|infTarl rj IE DUNN Hii ' . .((a, nx mom for being ih w Barry friends 1 I LOVE YOU MICH arlin. SkiiruJBah powderj atrruTXJlfe itS bj DLJaT VFOO W ' Palo 11110 ' SSION! les RYjth! ME loH 1IND Ji(- ;ac ■all gel em H nldfrieo s Than 1SS e.l i irob WATER I NANCY POWELL WITH Chee rleader " i Kirk Tarter Volleyball Basketball i ' - luir 1 Graduation so soon?Coll. evntfl rrntl Iwins-we don i ITTT ' ■.-.), . ' n ic I ' in«fl||inil !:Benlley Slacey m end Ih, ' gang;Out here. Mamouth. The Riy.-r im- I Horse UlahHeyVane»aWereFlnalr ii.SklUProMtali,iiireC,.lfV|.,yer AlIMyi A BANG II TODAY NA El ffV the Twin! Swim partes i cs ' M« CA. fHS N.w friends! 1 fcWHITE (JVU KE IbcX ' soccer team] [inter Forri i ' .i n. Dad! SHARON WyjH forever! fWR-l Karen Baron. |en. Allby. A Wei Il-h.ll9 Europe! TODD F-MBREffcood-Bye i sen. Trig jji. prAl n . ' ■ ;,ithir. Lit .whu k.ike.PE V ' O IIS iove.Sia»l nei:ivlc».WhaH the issue p ffl«BK 9 e ep!L ' " )eVjl ' Kmghi ue ' I . ' !,■.- (,T D» ■lev Funlilledl ' Htpeya Irapossibl kEva- B nKniul IMoliR, K ' nTh itv " KUH F. VS IKIMSIM ' i rHintn i c... and I- con. Tatlon p -culling HIM Blts-can si fun urn fun Broailway! CSUF wnlch out ' S.vtot! Ski! w.. n ,lB Lunch ,lk CarUbad. fnei,. .hip thankj |dl. 4 day weela. HomeWI K ' Tlccks David. Fits OH NO! KADI KMRgAIRN •- . phLoveyaCaylotlleMPrieuua alBalli.MVVho ' lorn... ,n- i, i ' . hnlovesyouHeby 1 " .1.1 ■Todd ' f Wh»f»wi I H luKadl-Sheck .■ndErmalll ■VHutr rii.uik " l oy..ufeel,: .. ■|tf ' K FARNSVVORTH sue mile jer, laura rrte ani. Till on yoi.i kne.t |.. n ' M. ...n Mike Fonnr. hi |V B-Ball»3Temp, si Im four years " ' i I laveTuv ya efcar f.u ihr e years .Ml western B Kshing machine with rail cry Off lo San Uns.1 hop. ' Has it heetTfour wars? Thanks Mom and Uidjjli,«l lock Mi ha I ■ -! ■ : MS ANNETTE FARR.AH HETRotTl Moving In l.ahl Shelly mv l.noril.. fathen ftHn| H 1 Hot dales Prom BYU i ti Chooa - Ih. ny Mr Amen, «h Wl s I n Bpeeing 31 Bea, h s,.inine4ki i ks USU bound Helen. Slow f ■ nx l ' ra. Kn di| jL THANKS Ills I At i Al.lFuKMA MISSY FENTON II oVEYOUDOl G« S3 s. .ipea lleetBudReg K.,4taid i uloffHI :«4 SpunkySp.«m MORKMD1 " ! ' F blast. II l AMEi I.AN|JKd- )hOki lja|.T.-l;«. iluKUkiion CheerW f Ducky-PETI K ' F.AiyWRfl u.i ILSJsioK r l TiailrSusi ' ' Wa«lina. |odi, llnunw sWuDolDo - ' t i.-N-MISa-EVERT u.1 " ..ligClcickMiim • P SEEYA! DME rEBJUlT tii ' . s ' S.l.i.j,. T.ill.Bug i hanks t .efything-Tahua OG ejil aster- V. HAT HOMEWoRK-Yea ' Bui-Nhman-ludo-No money. I , -so. 84-Tom Rick daru dr„ fling- Bye Klls-Soinroer M Mtua-Nawnnrl i bubble-llunnv Hill -Sw ci.Maet REED FIGLEY1 ■ ►■ ' n, ,,lllho.v good limca, places, iripe. concert ooller-s rule aaytnas. secret ml i,. ■■. I, |s,n,,.s In ilas. hewi-v. , seultm .ai. an .,1.1 ' - loo i-.i " . al i fit In 300 spaces of which ilii latin l.nndredlh. CHETCHI «13 Shell, lunches will, ' irolyn I K-Mett ' Seiur. t HI Mill I.I 1 ' ipD- bber Trinity- " mcs-Faaav ' s-s " ng- WeekeisBars I . Il.a Rlhi W- HI V.. w CSTlX ' KSI V " Hticnhon h ■issi ■l lotxas 1 In,l..nspe. i,iII-ii..ii,IW Wl I By DARRIN FRYER rnerAerobics llstllalloweensinlheTnnlt Commandos-Mi fThurneRL Panoma ' sl.,. Ill ... ! . .,,.: ; III i ' . Kiils ' l UCLA soonerorlao.i ..iin. ' . ' . il. i ' .-V! JF.VMFER FIT.rfr. Tomalo-I rend, Club l res " Hey Neil Sta-nufMlgl- ' H ICKY Approval Eurylhmics SIT IH WN!Etirope ,..|ie? ' Ei Club Banquet all wet Reeder-imof Anonvmolls |lni? 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Good lime at Benis w Andy-New Life w |ill.Beck.Al.core-Mexico The Hole |uan-Love u Ravx|og-Brianhead-DOOR-Calvar Gang-Love MITCH AMY-THA X MOMADADiL B MY DUCaV |ESUS 18 LORP NICK CASPAR Snap Crackle Pop. BarT|ohnny A«. ,,f |ackson. Dan M una. you ' re all Mart. Meph ' s apple. Stop Taw keen |ohn lUeangll fl274hanks , caches O ' Donoghue summerliall ejected at Laglina IlillL El 1 nlrM,l,c fines! l.„ ill ' -. N. ingles, ham. Ne er fnrvret Gerry ' s ki,!s-43eam.MaAtaa,ik , uri.ncs Mitch- II Di.u M UCLA PATTY GAVIN Hey wnrts up? fta nr ' W ' lhe crew Tahoe » ' itl.-i I r.-ss.-ls I Hangloose |ulie wares Sieve ' Uunheads Muffin Crew wuulil |imi do ' MOONLIGHT DRIVE Pu rple -Pain Thanhs Sheri Geri Rincon is it NEED THE AROMA GOnN Seeya Thanks Br " alTWIa Sa)lii l !n 2 du Hi I. UAV ID G ZZANIGA |ud.My Bud |oanie Wherejre You?:l l.n e Y , hi Mi-in Where b which SinR-kum Fum.FumArrowheadiMammoth Bij Squirrel in Ihe World I Hate Mm, r I ' ■ •; Adler I Love You: We beat Nicholas:Wend its h.-.-n fun HA H, verynVpay Mum trees ARED GENfY CjBb ' -CiatArrat- FHS! Ijll Blaz. Burnt loast. NiSrough nlad ba, on! Railey ' s ,,i limn.. ' i;,i V ' KSI ' A ' 1 l.u ' E YuU I ' DLEN ' [ ' hanks m, yqfco.Good tVnes.wildlife.T . ■ Y.Bi,lboa.4mnskele, rs. iiIin.iossus units hies., . aralll the w.r Wy -Virfnr MIK, ii 03 HAWAI!-welp.,| , r-laydies- Meni ' iis Is, Stanford I iips ' BUDS-Katt.Shcrli.Brouk.Bigl) Kli iSGAH PHB. You ' re i MnMtnaVI|t been ph. in " aa. Thanx mean A ' -i clad. AdamandMan, , Goo •le Yale.Oxx " I ' m GOVF " ' 11 RAY ClONf.l NtE.lT ' ' 4IORJirllAN.iOOD BThKll si.IMi(gJ| Y?. RA..H, STAY ( » ' I METAI ii H CER n-PERlOI THINKBJ " .U »R WM YKARTITA Hbl | GLASGOW Wo fun is here! Miss great. W. REB I Euro| Footh ' It started RE! jud Ralp ' RliNS.THK )UR FAM IciysTII yflrfldj tn move taheVegory. ' II Snprise Saab. :s ci.ASS.BA IS MY t. .real years! ' by wher il , .. rything, Mariano ' College here I come ' I lo lunch. %brl bridge. 1 ' ■ l ' lala |Hf k HJHbxe GORE ■safrc| klglad I nuy«d I can drf% Co I i H ' . ' , " ' Why d you h.oe I,, leave me An, . : , i.Lisa.O-toa»Amy-PARK CITt with the es. " »al North WoodT fWw.uian grirlaW . ' . ' !-|» MAM Ml ' I H I ROVCORHII : " F HBa«ICI«IDIiYf. HIS 1 lEI.l.t I H .! ■ ' ■Ua i ' TW.W. I C Sb GKKM I Mi I ' PltNDS FRESHMAN YR l il tB j}lOMl|| YR C I-nior yr niaTAsib ,x m iin wiin Anticipation tu ■■ II.V |UST THINK. THE LAST OF " IHI , ., IRRIE CLAN!! IAN GR Ml R KK Dr Present Tripper |r I lingo Buingu ICjil • ahB ■ Al(at lu all thBxax " Slap me.l ...mi i sumilmdy buy me HUver., " mx |„ ' :MUA CHEN I ' ve been slapped before •per |r Whs MEtTt- LIFE ' CAI A 1. 1 DARINS. DEAI.-OK llil.ltl WASHINt ' .TON CREENE IM-.AIX I Krislen. Lls.i. |en. see. His Morn w.,s EVERYTHING MOM LdyDi ELMO ROBthi 1 ' i nun h S.uns I ' nlversily-Ka CHEN ' HI I RS 1 THE FLTI THANKS ' 111 ' . I : . . ITS. K H.I.I is. I IMPAS LIFE ON. FANi -i N Wi.Y-CAMI ' . VIM i IN ' , ' H sir. WFNDI-FHS! Ill FRNARII 4EVER ' Ms V t-1- ipic I Richie Concert, OlynV Si, ,,i,., ,,f l ,|,. . SMCKEKS. fro- ' Ml A IIEIIIKB. I II IV YTUrT .-rt MEXCATI.NAloryMARVi - ThellealLA iiHAUI.lhoiilHll LinnAllerMi.ini (ing 1 THFAIa RM Satvitel ' RINi I.SS H.,ln,.,,,Gtll eDoWhalWeW.ini , l.uiinSHUPM.I Ids i |ag Kel.Mls. ah ' IlieM oke Hltnu. Springs c-alalma Wee, i., I lie t a, r;Ri BI BEST E Mlltude AdjlMarrnl ' So I s Muflx Mil. e e " ■ yOll ' N.JlV Ills ' l.o rutin- best ' LUV I l.U ' l ' Ml FERRARI II Ml N BEST IKII x ION rz in, I IIMI s.uliei IOIIN Gtillil- pie K It , II ,1.1! Own Ros.. Tat ' ,-, MJkJI ■-I-A.I CLTIERHt 1 Mi.lmle Ruler Bru.. % I hn ' t emem nbrqncei-m s enior |uat Coll i PAUL CUTRECin ' AndyJimmyMikeCregReedMahteenel YEARSgorge(|AZZ)Papadi nieres80Miche)lefiretAm yBlGredDaveleffLowkeymeund Per- .,, ■■.....: .Hi., j-i ' . couhselorHeather daniuLLePromMESS! AustrianaYalesumroeifnf.iwwhat ' r ' )Cap3Kays2CarsOingo GregspeakAndyspe akplusgood- ia(SeniorFun.|LoveMaDaSi8 SHAWN FLETCHER 4yearsFball21eague Champs.Momrnotli84 ' w th ter a s.Guire ' s.Leedum ' ssuygoodnileJ ohnny. Summit, Mammoth- fishing.Golf?P.S.84 ' Mexicobulifights-bMSt timesw VMcLUVYALCITS-mobile-radlripsw Pipriver w Bain Pip-1nomore, the station. luvya MA4PA.goodluckJas.byeFHS DEBBA JEAN FORNEY NfrenzRIheBESTflrehazrds WAYOUTACONTROLnomorehomecom- I MOTHEGANGneverhatfaPARTY ruSURE ' NanScoraSpieCopeSoy- beanLAI.Iwhachkkendo KAkennyFKTStevewachyuurprugramSADIEmymopedSomdayillBFAM OSmyMUDnPUIlrlheBESTwomeni nREDmyOARinaWALL?Bro|ACKbooroX4LuvuDANE- MissyuHILOI-KbyFHS! KRISTIN FRIEND DIN.ABE FRl-ThisTimo4Ever!X-Counfry81-83 ' The Tean " COACH-NolTheSaroew 0«tYoa!Prom82-Deb: Friends2theEnd!TwinsPaPaDo84- ::e,i:i!..-S.-iia-D3nL -MFDl B ds!Bandits!WWWheres|eanne?Rhonda:XTRA SPECIAL! Mom-Dad- Dave- l! i ThoreCrublJeanne-WeMadeb ' MIKE G. ' LMORE fernbellCoffee pep SanOnofreNeigerruessTow vesJenniferJutianLov eyoiiVoraSoceer SmashnoseMam- muthBachelorskiing withmysclfLetsg swimt : ■■•■■■■:;■ olyourtowvl Kv. inirningal12DozendoniitsOxford l,.,i]„,! GRKTCHE.V GOSS Whalsasha Wlocks?CIF- .,,,l,!,. r ..-.lsli;iKI.I " JRl!N!Ainp tlisHAT ' ' WhenIca l1youU»Wjon...SI l- IR . S liaiiSymphband FhiTrlo SendinClownsBRg eorgUSil-n- tKnightBarnesaDoylOBriDec:84 Mary2DebKafnAhTonyIuckCnrien|oshBiiDav]a (• ..i- |«MSSStawogir!MiachiDuohesThanxLoveMdmDad GSULBqwuMUSIC-OKAY! JON I. GRAY Gumbyland Wrestling Homework 1 Won ' t tell Nancy Mr t laspar ■■■ ' . rzilli TheDoors Gits TheBoat 18th nirthdays Rastaman-BobMarley The Tease |I)iane| Griu The Munehies The End To FitS.My Life Commences!!! I ' M On My Way To licsi) Thank You Mom.Dad.Friends.and FHS Staff!! SUSIE HACKETT ANOTHERHACKETT7CR8FI 1NW KERI.PATY.I -!EMA .SUE.ANG .NO lNCSHOPPlNGIHOLlDAY ' I TAK ' TEACH ( :, BIN.URFUG LYiJUSTAFOR MALITYI R 10 27. THANXMIKE ENDLES NHERB 6bT2BERICH CYA.IMOFF. U SHELL " 2SHY " K J LACUNA RUNS EY CALL IT THE 180 TES!NEWYRS82!NONEED. METOSKI.SABINES AI.ASK DUTE UPTOWN.BES SFUN!LOVEUKEVIN.4E KIM HADLEY OUT AT LAS ' WHAT HAPND |UL?PROM84 iMA.BDLLOCKS.TH-.FINALLY.LUV THAT " WILDLIFE " 2MANY Xs THAOE.C GREAT.WENDY2-FRIENDS4EVER MICH.GOOD THANX TIM MOM-DAD-2SIS LUV YA LOTS TROY HALLAMORE V.FOOTBALL 2-Ceninrv League CHAMPS. Moon.Salerno. Ozzy V C 1LF 3-Finals Best Buds-Fet,Chippy.Holland-doggi. -and Bent! Gte - ..; FHS but better limes to come al SDSU! Thanks Mom Dad. I love ya always. It was fun but now I ' m out of here! Stay in touch. SDSU here I come! DARIN E. HALLSTROM XC 4 yrs You take Ire high road. I ' ll cut " |V Pride:llll c . Mammoth Chair 4 Johannesburg?-Thanx Rick Steve KaylSj pnl Garth Ugh and Adlerman-HotSeal -Otis Day and the Whites ' RhodesPSgiil rides motor. vct ' eClar.ny Fresh 2 Formal Leather SLUI Nun A Van? October " Bye |aroy T " All-Pholo figrade UCLA Mom Dad iOU mucho! Hang in Dina WHO KNOWS? Cha Cha Cha, KEVIN HAMAKER Plans 2 be Trash man times w Otis Brule Will always Love Suzette Wild crazy summers surfing parrying cruizen in the Celica. Foothill Your 1 what can I say Besides " Oh Wow " ! JENNIFER HANCOCK SophCheer Yuck. IstDateShawn ftsRaininChris!IAmtMisbehavmloe-PromPlane.MomingSt ar-Garth. Karen, nave.Todd.HomeAgain||ennyf)oseph. DoYonHateMe? No.lLoveYouRalph. YoseraiteFallsPTL! Hotline. Pam.Shuron Doiibleminl.Shelabee.PopCorny.Bucky.Lisnoopy.Carrie. SorD? LuvUNob- Morm l eigalor-MyBeslFriend.ThanxGod! JOHN HARDIN Chtimp-Otris-Brutus and Vanessa-Birthdays- Pyromids-Chey LUV-Inflm ' ty Surf Boards. Dog Family-2-25-84=10 Maybe Definatly Long Beach! Slap me-IVe been slaped Before, UNKA-UNKA. Bye FHS! TERESA HARDY Palm SpringsitMrs-Ruse. Canada-Mother country. 1 love Spanish! friends-so Important " Best Friend " , Wen.oh how 1 miss yon. College-1 ' d give anything 2 know where I ' ll be next yr! 2 be " in " the group. People are so interesting .Reunited vv Mrs.Glasgow. Saying bye 2 Mr Fleischman. Luv ya, Doc! Never underestimate the powers of Minne ' . I love you mom dad. JOLENE HATCH Cmon. sometime you gotta say. Old I ' riends-KatMiaSamG-G New friends- Valerie Lawrence Nina Donde esta Diana ' ' hit the surf-whitewash? Are you even joking me? Kim. thanx for the trim Put you out of your misery Collision Cops? Europe ' 85 Fashion FIDM Changes Don ' t fade thanx mom dad. BECKY HEUVLEIN SanClemente LifeguardSland-OohBobbyBaby! Best Buds Christ}, rre,BassLake83-5.UCSB.Buck.Buck,Buc ky.2forlLis-Havasu, Rox- onDanny Walt|r? ThanxBibleStudy Pam! CodRules! SuperPals,Thanx- EorLafs.Cigg! iMom.Dad! Catalina.Ski DareCorn. ScamTrips,Mtns.Easter82-Shel. STEVEN HINCST I ' ll miss ya Moon! Ozzie ' s the greatest! Bye Fred Ed. CIF Finals ' 83. Century lhamps ' 84. Chick: line ' s Mammuth 2. Calico. Way Cool. Sid Lives. Stay Cool Dave. Dave. John. |ohn, Shawn. Scott. Turn. Stanford here 1 come. Wish me luck. It ' s been real. CHRIS HODGES 125MPH WITH A TRAILER ' YUP! SOGGY DRY LAKE-! LOVE ADELANTO. HANG ON KIDDIES! DQNT SAV DUDE. DUDE! LTJDWIGiZIL DJlAN.35t CLEVELAND IN MY 79 ' RANCHERO HAVASU BOUND! WE ' RE COIN R1DIN! LET ' S STOP AT JERRY ' S! YEAH! |IM WHO? HEY DUMMY. GET OFF THE PHONE! YOI I TOO DAVE! IT ' S BEEN ONE GREAT YEAR!! LINDA HOFFMAN Mom wail till 18. To the best of friends, Sljel- ly.Carhy.Rob.Vic.Bek thanks guys! Little (uan.Scott.Mark your the hest. RESTRICT!! " mom and dad. The Conk summer 83 ' |eannie. Taffle my baby! Q-Tips, SKI TWO. 17th Dtego I luv the knighl life Gotta Go Bye " DAVE HOLLAND UTAH 83 ' Scorpions ZZ Top Quiet Riot thanks Moon Century League Champions 84 UNDEFEATED ' Davays you ' re so good to me! Burger King Saddleback here 1 come It ' s been great FHS. See-ya! Cuodnite Johnny Goudluck litlle brother, be good! DIANE HOLLEY WHO KNOWS? 9TH10THGRADE FUN YRSiTOGOS FL1 W CRAIGER!DARR1N PROM1HOMECOMING STEVE! THANXQT!KEVIN!X-MAS83 MA MOTHIBEST SKI TRIPILAKE NAC1 IACUZZ1 IN THE RA1NILUVULOTS KEVIMY LI ' ITL RED CAR! GOOD LUCK DANA LOTSAGR8 MEMOR1ES1DEB DID! LUNCH W THE TEAC THANX MOM DAD BOZ!!! JULIE HOLST Grammas Brag Book-Kevin! DrillTeamCampff nologa4me!FIags Captain carap»3lLikeABalloon-HEYDUDEI! GCThey still dont know Di ' squids surprise-KuntaKinte ' s twin sister Friends-JulsLauraEliDebKath 1 Vanes-Iluvu Ca ' Ihavsum ' " SARAH HOROWITZ This is a good into! Thanx mum Irirn Kara Phoenix rip iff Komaroff Ed gloomies Nina partners in crime fallin ' ompous ninonrnof Vegas woman Berlin Bananafish Oct. 26 7 ROB! Cure ..ii haus Love you all. Imaginary Boy Coolie Mani Pedi here I come. LISA HORTON ttll.uv- Mike Hurdles PapaDoo84 KimsuEv aApeLambo Luv|a Arrowhead Normal Prom " ! Linn, H- Comin ' B4W Mtke HeartSox Be-Ef-I Umbjtf ' . ' .ftadDrivr Bruce FormalSl BumperBoals NawYears83 Fl.itTires Tickets KimEvaJM : " - • noHawali CutRuns TrackBeaLhl ' arty84 US. SUE HOULIHAN C S U L B o u n d bile laneneBeckysSusiePattySkerVicSpaz HALLO- WEEN83NEWYEARS vinceGerrysjacuzzi)ohn SOCCER83,84SOFTBALL830F84,85CARL ' S83 WrongWayBalboa!EuropeLisa84HelensEltonLionelRickjacksonsBil! ' s MinisterHouse? mar- shmellow! SameLunch? FirstRAY! LoveALLyouHOULl ' S! MAY HUANG HeyDude TheriMouseketeers-Halloween 17thB-day Paddy-OBa-hee-hee-hee PigeonRacingChmpnshpsl968 DrilrfeamUSAcamp828384 WeWantTheStickcottonbrick HowRudeYu-uck! ShowerConventions TheClawK ' Ihavesome...Whatisit? WhamSessionsEye-BeeBroomyBruteHcubed SnapCrackleii Pop .iLil-t!Mib,sFishTacosThanksMommy Daddy. VICKY HURLBUT Yeewww.reso.Dixie Cups, Seniors 93 Rose , CHELE iick«n J ' I LOVE. II S YOU C EN -are I .1 I I milkdiet?ROWR.Kris-[outball games !ibrary...RUsurer P.S. 84-Wlg.gol a 4X? JOGw TEK.Cmi Island. SHAWN-Mexico-bullfights MANNY-|UNGLE-What now ' BEST TIMES .W U.LOVE ' LOTS. The Station. ThanxMaPaNorm.ADIOS! WENDY HURTTTHE GANG N 81 FUN T1MI AT ARROWHEAD W MASSEY ' S MANIACS.3 SKI? PROM 84 HAWAII SUMMER NITES SC-D.H. " I CAN DREAM ABOUT YA " MAMMOTH UTAH SNOW SUMMETCHRISTOPHF. LEE-WHO S HE? MY BIMMER THE TRIP BEST BUDDIES-MELSHARON.KIN-SUE KIM2 GOOD LUCK M1CH..SSW CAMPS THANX DAD MOM I LUV U COLORADO HERE I COME ' DAVID HI MW1TZ 3 Yrs V Goll Coach Mac ' Todd Jim Tim Boh Fet Big aiz My Uh liiolhar Doc Paul Lee Dave No Doreen Buck East w Mom U2 BILLY BIG C )1 iNTRY Wish You Were ' Here Grandpiis Chris Mr.fid Ralph Donul Runs Love U Mom Dad By FHS Hello UCIIlBoBuS- BAND SUMMIT Best Togas Munch, Pushstart, Me Jimmy And Bri Have Fun Little Bro. Foothill YE H AA i liked It! FAR10A Ht SSAIN Cagy, Maxi, lewellace. Mr.D. San Fran, Mexico, Partee. Pinto Bean, Knoils-lnsl. Thompson Twinn, Bill Idol, David Bowie. Falling through deck, Pattys Party, Hnllowfwn B3 84. Gr.-g Story. R.«:lty. Julie luis, PattySPaul New Edition Moms home sliding across room. Cagys on a diet THANX MOM A DAD! CATHY ACKSON I luv you MIKEIAtSj! ' !! 1984 " Piom84 ' UkeMohave-Liz.|oanne,Deidre,Noelle-been through alol together)- ) Ganvonv-ilolvjem-Mislakes-Luvya Brad-thanx l the last dance " The 70- nn S Dad-Love yon-Fashion Institute HERE I COME! STEVE JACOBS (IC1 All the way Soccer CIF, I hop Bc Cipper English papers Michele new beginning. Collegeabound. RobH ' liit it " More Coll. Civics projects at ' s all. See ya. Oh. Paul Shelb Hrad ' jack s everyone else. Catn. Shor- ■ Gtis, Aunt Bunny, MARY JELTEMA H Have a grape!No ).mTrivial PursurTl PGREAT PA H ise Steph Sue Bren Wbud ScottWie. Toyota Times Nenporl Pier Security guaVi rndte,FUNr Hiri! ' mMei!on-drBha Brenda High Never-again P™itl83 Rose Kiddo even SO AvomBigoRenu-mPro AuRevioirFHSi HsYa Thunx.MSD H||| 0ID1 We made it isn ' t tfiHiokei We did have QUITE a BliAST! Thanxgivn ' 82. chick mekeup. Genesis. Duran Duran-jira BMitisli grls tryn to w: ' in Smith t3oast! MICK i I YOU, !»i ra EVER FORGET THE 4 THINCS. I ' M HOLDING ON (LIST AS TIGHT AS ' ARE1 YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY 1 ANDONLY, CANDY BUNS! ANN JOHNSOV KAREN-are a sure? froeV HANG LOOSE HONEY nose ENGLISH-DID YOU READ ' -AHHA FORMAL I YOUstoMYsunshine RED? OH PLEASE lluvYOURguts AMY-25-3I-WHO N ' OW ' POOLS- ES TFnBtMN IS LEAVING HOW SAD ILuvya Mo|tl Dod Dehi-l Liivyn Lots Chuck P. ngs ire always in my heart JESUS I LOVE YOU Bye FHS GREC OHNSON JAH-to cool k;hool-once a cardinal always a Mrdinal-scuba-surf-jamtng-sJamin-BjdJl 3»lrea Arroyo snag-Ktm-Stan Lee-Brinkley-San Diego-X rules oz ' -Mammoih-Lynn-the band-Apple Valley-miss ya mom-tlie chains are broken!.,. LYNNE JOHNSON Best Bud-ScoopU Ann! CILTS-spe.tial times with special friends! PEP-Corny-This is SO much fun! Stage 3 Senioritis-Hang in there! Legal adullhood-a blessing? If only I had a car! Just a hopeful romantic. Date? what ' s a dote ' ! FHS-H ' s been real it ' s been fun. ..Look out CSULB. here I come! EVA OR--., DAN We ' reNorm VTrack, OurBeautifulKnees LetsGo2TheLibraryRobin Arrowhead Kim- suWhereRU ' Kiuisl7th PapadooDiets Prom84 RadDrivingLisabotMe+KimlnTheTrunk BeOut In- ' ASec CindyVinneBestBuddies GoodTimesw Friends Thanx4everythingMom Dad Luv IURICK Balrmu-psycho.scared Kels.SnrHjimiml Guerilla ,irms-erack-Ra! Poison ' Butte ClemenlelUobS Jeans Ralph llli ' ,-iellvliean!R B Vic!Be-ef-I!Outward lasts bn mammoth 100 ' Stranger Raqnel-I wish!Madonna!Bruce!Ream(8fS||ie-MyCRX! on LYNNE KAKIHAflv Thai.l.s MomADad Wintersburg Yuree Kalh Kenny Can ' I love Frasquita |aa(-!rj.;nils always lie- 3 Musketeers cold football nights CIF games I M Ms Homecoming eseargotlCakukis [ Bubble gum for ffl Barllelt lingo Naval Academy Key Cluli-Friek|the memorial) it Ria Berkeley Yale?I H Maui " JIM KAMANSK1 Three years track oh wow sufleiing H 1 season of x-country.insane, but w worlh it Ralph Pits. Bob, Marino. !■■ Strutter. any others. I owejpm all. Ril H .Skiing Big Bear in ' 83. something was missing. ...Finn Todjdric. magicfAlgg, AHHJ H at lhat Rabbit! LISA KAMEf FRIENDS FOREVER: P..ig. ' .Blissa. Terr Bebbie. anrH-ll: RarquHll the coaches, Pat t. Pal R Sieve G Heme ling 1984 wtk Formal igHlnd:o 1084 Hthegoodj times with " The Gang " I love you Mom S Dad LEORA KATZ Beachlburn), Pfimo-uHht; I day. recitals, practice, dance-ballet, travel-Europe. Africa. South Amern a-2 many ines ' family, friends, international, langu.iges. blueSyes, blue yonder, tutorial. lawye H nosli- ' fc. UCLA- Bye FHS. Thanx liwleBl, dad, DjMw|a|toelie|. Totsj BKELflBlYL FHS. Fun. Kev, Rick, Sieve, Dave.Howdy Killer times..vfl Hji on the Rabbit Wh.Bup?! Side I ways Boingo.X. P-Springs.ManliallenBch.Ke SOaviB. I :■■■■.■ ,»Oth,Deserl Trip. 1984 What A Yr Idyll f wiULoaiighl l Craz at Carlsbad.X-masFormalw Carrie Thanks4TheEunFriends. Lois More Ahead Thanks family I lose V a Care " X VTN KAYl GrealTimes vv friends!B amollil 84wasIfishing.jacksyard.TimesAtF riendsHdBsesjt-oountry81-84FunTimes.Concerts. Saddleback Manhatten BeachHasNoGirls i( ' sraining.crazyCarlsbad84.1dlwild.Timesw April FunTimesSkiing. BeslFriends.DoughBoymadeillThanksMora.Dad. JACKIE KEAGY Class Of 85 83 Chrislmas Formal-Liroo Mrs.Glasgow the best friend a girl could have. Sophomore;|unior Love Radical Social Gatherings, Be Cowl Karen! NIGHT RANGER CONCERTS LOVE YA MOMtGREG XOXO. DEBJ KELSEY Luv my buds.DianaXlaire.Carolyn Xmas formal 84 Limo YAY 18 street: whaaats up? Censored remembrances?2 BORING! Ah Ooh Babee! Mmm...braneltesnbrown ayes! Altitude adjustment hour CarolynHey LovlClaires convertible Broadway 8:1 Dlana,check it out! JEFFREY M. KERSHAW Thanx 2:Kristi 4 her love(I love you 2!]Mom-t-Dad 4 their guidance Davyfsquid). Psychedelic Furs.Prom. Wimpy fries|yum!|.Disneyland summer night,Bolsa Chica State Beach.El Torito.Chanel- " Antaeus " .The Christones(we arel, " Victim of Kool " , 1984-Ceorge Orwell.The Cosla Mesa Surf Team w Brian.Daniel Rich. " Your the Best Thing That Ever Hap- pened " .Kri5ti. " Your One In A Million ' .We ' ve only just begun. JIM KIBBY All the great desert ada.Havasu.Tahoe in molorhome. Palm Springs. Encinada. Elsinore. MAMOTH YEA, al gatherings great guvs Tom, Dave. Kevin. Chris, |ohn. Paul. Scott. I ' M OUT OF HERE ' W ILLIUf KIEFERTheBief 91 Salerno.Moon no qualms Cl.champs Elraofell 21-8 Oingn fffimountain w ass iulrvehicle Mammoth 2- v |ee[ cando Tahoe v Powerhoufldjres 1 ke Slang, vans, box.m.opel ChipagakfffiSC DeltaTau Reamers S56.64.65,99,58etc BouldertSCT whoknows Thanks room dad lis I n great Chalater FHS ' MICHAEL KILCORE " Annie, Annie.are U all right? " Sorry Andy.DaddyDiule.Turning30.Goils|iell,MASH.Thanx 2 my lamih -U2Nana+ Gong.Badminlon. Laura, Pain, Grand Bourg-here 1 i om, ' Ilianx 2 AFS.JPKlenk + family, Mime.Vision Prod ,SluntS- ; quad.N i r.ixis,Mike-In,Chris.ForesiHome,Thank God 4 Jesus.W+M wait 4 mel.Goodbye FHS-I ' ll miss you MIKE KIN Best of friends baby McKay Schwinkie Weebo Burt! Bo-legged PROUD!! B| ball V. KinslAKEEMJteammemhersonlypine Arena? " GETOU ' ITA HERE! " ! Bier 84 Cal Pol SLO bound ' ! See yarOUltd! Thanx Ml )M i DAD! PATTY KIRK FOREVER FRII .i-. ' lHllSIE KERI HEATHER HOMECOMING 84 WITH BR IAN-GET TOG ETHERS AT MY HOUSB-DAYS -GAR GO FOR 1 HE CI )LD S41 MIKE 1 LI IV 1 1 MOVIES. CONCERTS STAREDOWNS WITH TOM IN ENGLISH WALT I DONT GET IT POK FRITZCHANGES HOLIDAY I GUESS THATS WHY THEY CALL IT THE BLUES Ml )M DAD TAT! FAREWELL FHS IM GONE! DEBBIE KLEVAT FUN4yrsTennisjilBFlaridabumoul Vogasconcerts-Darry Pegasus SCR Hawaii ' Toms ' PageanH MrsG Friends], |, EMadsBRevicu |nhe| 1 AFFATTACKS FormalwMikeSCRABBLE$S$ RedBombl Madelt! Bye FHS CORNELIA KOEHL Goodbye FHS hello EUROPE! Friends forever AL, FRL ROBBY, MONIQUE. NIPPY! B-ba;: SPORTS ARENA 84185!? V-ball 84. what a team! Pep was fine, but athletes have more fun! UGLY TOES! Curdy, a parkinglotdisaster. TIGERS UllX-mas Formal 83 teehee! ME, an instigator? I love DAD, MOM, PETE. STEVE, and WAGS! LARISSA KOEKER Mikesmiiir 1-1-81 Mexicalli83good friends Ames Beebz Holly Elise Todd ALL my luv to Fluffy Wck and Brian Track and prom 84 - LBSU Pat vs. Barry-]im and Jesus a new life Trinity and Jelly Beans . Winter Camps splits + ELToro God bless us all! yo ho yo ho a Knight ' s life for me! LISA KOOI 4ever- RichardS Frankie B-ball CelebrateLifeShan NeedVisinePeg SwimGidgeBackslrokeHome Ujerk MarkUcant CampLisaMembersOnly BeGoodBren Cheers2ChickenLori May24. . OhWowLastDayOfSchool84Chumpy SuzetteUh-Oh Roofinglt-Thing OtherThings Everylhings rry on. fl i RI R ■ N WH Y __ ATT " ml of rmf H sofl AlwaysInMylleartMaybeSnmedayGoodl u. k ' l laave Yon! STACEV KRAUS 1st Krausln Soph|vVCheer«Stunl WimipEuropePalmfV .riM,iinnK MJtab SCR Grinch Doc Blg- ' hilosophyClubGreatFriendsl(jisLtaroyBiiigert oy4 riaIenRobAlotui inmerBarbe- II GreggCiuMnutberSloryEsaSsThaClannyAdslNrjarKellyHoe MiclouGrampa Low YEE KWANThis limy ljlyi a« well as my last yr In ihii school, than I do now If there was not so much homework 2 !.. ft tests 2 wislies 2 all of Ihe senior who .jr.. going 2 y,r in the 1 also hi. |- IImi everyone of them mil have a hn x hl future GINGER up BY82 ' « ' 8dmmer» Winter Cam i -n «2 ' 83 ' B4 rrinih, I ..r.-si Home. Doc- W Art»i84 Elki Carrie Lynn ill ' Is From CimpFormal -i !nd Wind. Springer . 1 li Mum H ' Apple. Gary to A! lAINIDit.Hu.Bu Wh) NeW| LA1AD Warm wmmer nights A long lhanx Greg ihnns Iml i oop Mnr-Mai Urn CIF Basketball Mr.Prea |ennif.r |ame, ' Glory Dnys-lhey II post you h ™!Wfl Bie.Kinv|iili. VAiiu.. I int.- M lrlenils.yi.ii ifl : BVn Ann., ur AppleflC Thsnx 2 ml l,u yinj ..II ' HF | Mary omBJuuiimuv. worked H .,it OlIliir.iH I I,. I. BT..I eserMG.AGfM ' FIISwini ! ltr .. o-. ' V . K.iyli.rsl.imkH ' In |,:li.. WestemPride W " Vol " Vegss- , m Rumember n ln RALPH i ' aliffl n| . M s BrstHs ' Rivn II b i . Shot HEY »k S ' The Ross lifl H Yosemits oli UisllKmn.l Me ya S UMOVT UI.TA I IFRf Neve 4gel GREAT 1.1 li.ipnd 1 Avs.-m? |iille in. hex Good Times Who will il lie j.-.ini.- - " Burger Kinv BOUND! LAURA I ANDON Astronomy club, sReicnilary ofiBi.. loans i In!., worked ■ Hi ajjlY. ' si and |oUSl Teens Who Care Hon. were ■n. i:ii ' ii:m| i I,. 1. PT|..I wH I IIS is the I »-sl JULIE LARKEY BH4 illoafl BathyBt l.ineBBPImDanu l.isu mama ISutyKeren|en I ..ienCfcskvwSaIinaiiivls li Suiy -Hil FKLlXHEYlMJOUETVlastOf iheUrkeys Sim |en luzsnlways ByeFmJhjr i.-rr 1 SHELLY L Be 0 _M xr,% rhansSamAltyn Mike|ennUtrryBcinfcpttaffl M.iihuliut ilH TtiafJLn.I ' dBLostW OU Sam. Paul: Friends Lit. Nights Swimtners4ever C..ildMnru2 HtELA H I D ' ftDeidre, Al I.- An rHEWAIX|Slen4rtKlrBiui! SATwoiriaZmany.Thani M . i.nlCherle Chris Tesla 2many App ' s4Mrs.C NeedMoreTimeSAIUFael OKI LEBLANC My Pals- The Mod Squad M Kanaba, Ihn l-aw. irnd. whategi Cnilsui the Land Cruiser. Muddy Cruiser again. Batman lull sunglasses Slates I HATE AUSTRALIA ' Ule Nlles al Ralphs. Projutl Ve.s|sj Some da; Arc you burning. ' Maybe ' MICHELLE LEBRCN Scavimgat Hunt.Liu ' s ««»•. Dote Babysitting Patty on the curb.Pbying Hu.ieb.ill.Gell. w r sdo,CCCC»po.Fl!N in Men; y-Rem.-ml.r ihe LISTS ' BEST FRIENDS iumly.Peny.Elnabelh«|enene THANKS c i LOVE YOU! CHRISTINA LtHMANN Everylhiog started w a lelephone cell Ishes ilwn.m huilvsm brother Sinbad I mlaa you. Good luck 2 Buthka Z.h fcazi Bear. rochu. yerjileac Ria- .Mo , .id.Sandbox.Hawaii. I am coming. See you there. Sinbad. abushlu IACK I.E.M Soccef «.i i.ii. noway 12Soccers ovr Sieve ooh foe a Scott. Sia x A 111- 11 Thanxjlll. Hi Emie Lunch w Shjv.n;Suro we ' re OKI We ' re out 2 Perry. Luvya in u always Mom Dad little sis KVI JEFF LERCH lagolhC turbo wagoon. esquiamos. ith Catacan Olngo Rnineii ' M Lulty O.iin-fniit wonaan vrorking the greaje pii. F.I |ohn Ams Rii ' .i. 4 everjihing Mom Dail flftoEE LEWIS Mom a Grama ' ME Ugly-whe« Petty 83 Delmai Mites at Tubys Beach ADD hh Redm.m w Lisn al " " bH UUs Klom. rim I really i ' it ?H|| H k ;ul|jlM_B ' .iUSp.»in TheDoor H.oveYoulesus MumDad Re)(De o |..ny vBt-.sleiuler KettTlmNrwl MaliBurger RitlfShawnBenylay liySH GruuyVeete HnllyKristi KarenStacy I lei.lil ..rniKim ' ERIN rOONAM IBMAILUiA TERI JOHN,|II.L SAN CLEMEaV_| . ' ' Hi H:i .IFF-SHOOTINt; STAH Fi H rlHAI.1, GAMES W TZF.R WHO ' S SWIMMING 8. -MHII ' I.DA V i ' N.H B ' i i I GUYS IT WAS FUN THE LOT I WEAR MYSUN CLAafes AT NITE GOl )D Lfl Bl .COIINCIL-GONZAGA 1 IRMA BIRMA. UnT! THANX M " ' .l i.naW— Jf GSU? HERE I COME .MHOS ' KAREN LU [■FRENZHealheUhs.ilAnr Hl.i ' .1 sSSE-lTHANX.II.1 ) TA! s.miorwom.-n " Sum- mp -3 IH-ju$tU ni. ,ii. ' H S Bki IRIRTON LOC.AN ' » l.r.iul ' . »xa:erlM 85-VVrsh CoTo OXFORD " . ;i e4iill-benchbud»rinn, .■iiiN iliinn-, ' IHFIIib ik | ' .hi ' SIXJEVER " ! I- XMD.Y ' II iVEYOU " .A.ARON LUBELL SOCCER Vm .- r. Sir aWstone pas tnTey dnbble2manyfa™ ..hl ' .in fiiii with Rohbi ir ' B)EI. lake ' Cillerl ' v ' " swim wr stgfj lioixl buds LETS i;o mam- II i B knows ' Thank MOM DAD GREAT SaHdRTjonnv folliAn ilh Bye BnM ojs KjypBa sCjs— B riSuinmer Cem| rRINITY Kawph B Review MAOa TryHjuHfl Formal 82 ' BigA IB COURSE Pmm ' IU ' Feel Okay? C.I.LT.a»LYNNIE 1st |ob Snmts w Shawn Ritn-ThrofSS.A i FRIENDS FOREVER CHII.Y thanks CIISHI ROM8:28 All In your plan .THANKS GOO! AC- ' ■ QL ' ELIVE D. LUSIN |)h sira phycholng% LalcNighta with DaveN Letlerman Bcth-always friends Amy 4ever (jratelul. chem labs difficult HeckNol! Swamps at Irvine Haven ' t list a bet yet .fl HMfjaBHkans of sleeping. An awesome polo lawaii. Green Latemi thennK ' xnl literature al Ihtssrhool Linnua i like that isin- i, ii.i an Al ' i.laM l he vsniali.ui ul Merchanto Moroctans. THE BUCKET SLOP- OVER! OAfUtm MADOLE MaaafVeMoe! VPliunTig Im a82.MCIydMVM«h wrestIing fool- plain . ' r ' ' UneSmallCnjupRegGumpyRandy Oiladies l .nlgelTnn Sta gorqn ihellot ' inr campjB1828, ' tlHNi iti.ih. R.iid SB88IONWHIPPEDHAPOO n w-kpiir.k81w Seun SanOnofreLipsSal lUTVEFAMII.YaTON GOnFIM.ES! Lisa MoSleniter SPUNKYDONT- MFSSw IOK MICHAEL MADORY MIKIE.BIR A 81.2V Trjck.Newport.Siveradoa5olana Beach. Karen K Thanx-CregKevlnFrienda. Stage B.FHS Clas ol 85 RuleslCanl stay oul ol troubla. Keep in louch-BKACH PARTYS Surring Skting.6enior MunrKmy Vette.UCLA|?|LoU of fun. GOTI I BERNADETTE MANDIOLA S s 81 w, Biz hailngFHSw beslbudsOIOI-voii- me- ue- ly ' When BIGCH1 Mv i SdeM rampolkrnH. ' ..II.I .anne|o IOBERT ■ ' . . A New vlom4D« Dud the stud-Greg Ralph- Niter wL perfect Irien.i ' ! Thanx ftimes GonRl I ; World but trying I know IngAnlhnny ' shouse Pi Thanks f was a blast .too bad I mi Lois ol skiing-CoIorado R DEIDRE ANN MAZURIt ape, ...: - . ' .roline MH.iwaiMllello llSCLIavai Pl in my heart-Garth master 1 pig ' Mil HAEI - in- l... 1...I. oiiy l.iv II lew-Balhrai l .lain mom dad bill pigl ! M riM MCI mi i ' von is awaiting . I libs go for the bear. Taboo B:.»3,i4: Th..nk.4lhe ball M I roll on home Todd. Tb, |im King Run. The Byr.1 w ' H " ' ways fly |V H .11 a Scult l«: Is rad fancy thai I ' all CAROLINE MCCLURE FrnehW. ■ . .sim 8M4 8S WalerWimil.i-. r.SIAU .•Gu ,Fr,.niB. : .i. h-hahaha Haw.iiiB4|illnWil,l WillyShoreBlrdMy Tie " " " " m ivl ' Anel-hip arJ i. ' ...U-s»|un- n loth w Nib- ■ve U ■-Mne.lsome ' : lamlly. I Sill H Ess. .ip- I Triumphant i torn 4 Idaho ' W MOBILE ■ i : »■ of limen as (■»:[! , |e(l, Kouert. W ! ' LINDA MEYERS , - OR EVER ' USlilie v V I l.nk.M.istert arth ' . ' .liSa ' i.i ' .- !■ ■■.!. ' .■ ,-i ,..■., ' ' .I.... r. . USCfe ! OvUMomDad CANIDKIV rrlllFPOKi I KAREN MCCI.I ' KE As ' Ba i I " . i M on . ixu sIiim -wni- mi . ...i Uon! Rl IN!-Summet ... Al s .Ifcl M you FREE?SURE ' hi; ' . m flaming Ridg) ! ' ■.■ n . " .-..- .i , Red Buns Mike tail " Ihe oul l alel breath. Daa HASi S CARTfl MCHENRY I WAl.T KEIM THr ' .u ,-.:! vi SMILt ' ■ 8TROM.THORNI KAYLS.I.EMOSHEf:i I DEIDRE-3 PIGS SI s ' .l rHANX t ,VSI! iHl ' l! BIRTHDAYS THE UAH I ' APl II ' fOH.V MCKAY Giwd Time MAC.H H. , Imach. Hawaii nrfint. i-nniui..; M ' -M- i ' , . ;■ loveyotl Shi ,1 ll. an,.ll group lip L ' n - ..iuii I Iv, Ihevli -mAfrica l I ' .l in RULES!! Phil 1:1] KE1.I.I ■: MO.FLASH-n-Vera-Ihe i Lulls. ..I the M . : ..i :. coaches offlco. 7-1-83 TROY for. .r-LOVEyiw-n-lh . ., : you loo Many thank. too ALL mj P ski -IIS! DAD. ONE FTNAI MCNERNEY H ' .-ra KUC! D| ' .- .XlOOPunluRule.San ' I ' .-rm.i Smile Miere ' sChipRFIInl? ToyDulkAlarrn 1 ' ! ' | LA, i lam! i i .umby.DryBink Age.BauHaus.Danctng.Thil • ; CoodUi ■ HveToTneReslAlF II.-. -s-. ' , ,i, : . M iicn ' o Ahv ' . I ' nrple RainBatmanHeyhabybowlingparTyingforrs.-i V.t .aHEl.KNSrxjobyDoii|ackaonsI12n Allmybttddiesatchnr. I. i ■ ' .-i.t ' l ra ki Bn r. I iKiases-lohnlMr.PerMlu-MashllawaiiGoodluckloevrrj one ' PAUL MEOI Had a great time in Bnsenada. In Arrowhead. Riding through the .1. - ■ Producers Finally got lir CAMARO Thanks MomADad. " In Tl..- MEEHAN I almost hai fun in B4-Senii.i Mun h.f..rn]al.blas er(ul w. ■• 3 cheers 4 Ihe brothers McDonb.lrylng a!! ■ ..r long not 10 lei school ■ ' : ' .■ lon.Now onward to sunni Barbatos! SCOTT MEHLBERGER Pa! WhereAreWcGreg ' NlewportBeach W Night Thanx|eoHuvYaMyFoll, WorstLuck N ' oSantaAna Klmi MiiSunildj lAMSi. ..:... BeslOfl.iIe H20Skiingw Family AlLakn Powell Thanx4SuchCrealFnenils DadftSteveWeMadellTogethar lUivtlGuys SUSANNE MELI.VE Uh XOBestBudnlrh ,-s ' ' ■• .! ' Ohm. -.M -mard BigRed MAMMOTH : .. ' .■:■ SllMFR-14 !!.pPfl .usa3|ii.A!.,r.-iou,s I : ' .! ' . ' " .! ' :■. ' rr.itnr.ila.. VCLUB D Kll ' I ' Yl.neXDKS % xi Irak-sure 2Shelisi :hm|i»:1 IIS: UCsBBFTiiinrheSLOagJuEYtak. SWalkon IheWII.I S1DI! Fresh-scared. -.. u n-i . ■ . . il, jr-slraighlen. .1 up. :-.;..- .i year ol n. ■■ beach. Fun Zone Togo s Switch play on freeway. Uini lav. and I al Knott ' s. Step! Dani and I in ArhVmfc Lin and I best friends To Brian. I Low You with all USA MEYERS BESTBUnS-GetALilc Spa., I nletMess|.lgKeJ Maximira r « tltw)eAd|uarroent V ' ROB s-15-83 MaromothPalmSi i ..,• ThePorsche GAMEPLAN TheDominaior NouvChangod FOMt MrPemI Ta.h ' Hm«iimra a4 Hlnslnff SpunkySpoon. LUV U ALWAYS Ri ' l-M I !) Dl MILLER And what are we ' -Sf:! Steel-The lanes-Ui-Traykor bce-Mihon al roac.- .lona • . Morb-Miittin ' s ranrh-Sopti. fdolbalt-muvias w Finlay a4orb Oaniiy Hifl-Mom p 84-Larc-Oiuises in the w.m i-Sf--; ' . ' red a new car ' -Good Luck | .c. rhank. M and Dad. MO.VIQIJE MINER Flat mouse. Michele-eek ' Fun w losers ' Alwa legsAFprhead! Carl 7 Brad ? Greg?VB-never a loss Smiling wurravEurope w f.. bongs Michelle-Fun limes!Adam Inv you, 1 year ' Snack Bar. HC w BooAS:i keeps me laugbing!l.ion toessBe weeve me or noThanx MomADeit I NICOLE MIRAULA SHERAI.L h NIGCK)L|GIDCET!| BEST BUDDIES! CHRISTA-FR SPRINGS-kicked oul of 1 ' raseLotlge ORANGE Skip-Boe-MEXICO-Bob-h PiUr ft the Federates POKENS PALACE-PAUL MY 8ATHROOMSINK Bl ' M (THE BESPhleb-Paul-PilarftWaterCun FighU! ITS BEEN FUN-SEE YA! ANTONY MITCHELL V Bnseballa32-Francu-YiMan-Nicker-Slmson-CerrysKids-V tts Dahn 4 Ihe help-Fren8:Eagle-Doodle-Sweelhearl 4-evorKaren-lm weird -- n Dad-B4 SluntSquad-had fiin guys-l Luv LI V Cheer-psyco Curious-Fonr , F.I Torito-Annondo-AdiiK FHS Mlss-ya-Sall. JASON MITCHELL Wrapped in a kneel Backwoods exploration-ocean ecstasy Palm Springs vagrants go h-an. w all my buds. Steve always greatest bud. Surf Flower -gotta stick 7 Clean w U roll Keep our oceans blue KEN MITCHELL Prom )acul Par- ' 83 CIF 84 Garth Steve Mika my buds rabbit hunt C P. SI.O Nauajas Dm - Thirty Football, Track Hawaii 84 Prank ' 84 Frtd . Nici ' ! m AMY MONCAN Hejo Frhrasqulla! |mxi Hey Pe smart DUCKDI ICKDI eggs ft a bowl of fruit They call me GRACE I now leave Iho world Rey -,. •. . cool officer we ' ll |ust pack up N go Diluli where R U 7 Me ft ni CESSFIIL? ALWAYS! STEVE MORREE ITS THE SAME W AND LARC D OF THE D. WEIJ.. SEE YOU AROUND LISA MORCA lane. Kelley. Pallie, Sarah. Its been too real ' Accident in 84. I w |ane r.hrLstmas in Mali.molh. HI Si. Ik.r K H Pal Thanx Mom! LKALIVE. Always in my ! • MORRIS . ' . : Ci inglheBI [lays - GREAT JILL II . -H.lliiC.HRIS ' .IIIRDstay chsti Willy! CAR MYERS made out. • • ' . . Bl GEAR BIIMMINMI ' IMIS H, BEST FRIEB H MORRO GUARD Tl I if I KIKNI1S ALWAiaaaal KAREN Ml s. In . - ' . 1 I i.-n. I 1 . . . . maclun EyaaftChucolale Lav Ir fi IIIN O ' BRII ' rZememb ranceS Seniors 181 nior larneyMysi geBa ' m ■ftlt n AWSUIU x-ix B |H ■:iM LIIV! CHELS, y Ey Bjfl H-bal! ,1171 FonnjU-Boh Rich Crosilino-Shh 1 ! hing Brad a i rv,im. ' [B j i .m« " " ' kthj 1.4H k " A fl veMike " Hanuno ' To-H . H V ' ' !PnpsB.isehfl!l ' 84LeagueCharrips Pta ' yOil YollingAtl m: . HRKNT lytlORAC.TnvWGREG 80 l MILE FR " " WY.RENfT-a-CAR JRAGE.SON ' I POKE MY M1N.MR.CAK STEREO BIG roDD FOR l=? guubye ! ' H1 PAKlfibt WaftS ■! " !■ .•■[Li Luke-Mead ' Witney VVf Hkmate H ■ ;- Poco Moon! .agonn Won GrrshonTkuik HfeParjHJ F.pilonie l.oiighl.;iir shlgs.Frerikleface. v. omperstoropet, Lore Iriemis alv. Sherry s K.ilhj IVKNDY P ASSO FINALLY!} ' . " Patimkin fruit PSHiivir03gohi4by? Vicky! alwaystl; Khatiylalkl CalsCradle howalisurd! TTFN|rfh)l,ots of i jidget TheSpringstl lzzil2Sr RREN lJ fuse budd pppy vmous F It » t here 1 |? lastluv " leaj Lu CannonAE-1 TeLI Here ihj ushin? fen i: tap v i MUM t EA. KMPIONI 1AMPS _ ROSSIEjyrfsiy n, A ' inkie PFbMAN sur; ra)ME " ( J dudemal LESM ROB HOU ' E | ' " Tom-San ORofre-Newpoi P5ul al Kelly ' s T.Meadows Te THANKS FOR MY CAIi ._ poes!Pa||Eit i.rmseninLaBomba,gumsi ™lan rone CT nique.Vicki.Spoudmtm 1 ' Frecklelotta.Thal ' s meiMalt.liuW ' s Frank?Ctndy sfihe! B -n Auntee Cage lady. ' Love; Jer. uurrgghhh! REGAN fll SSIE BESTFRIENBSMOM MlSkvhat supiConjuocll here is it ' BIGBEAR ATC ' N H20SKIING-SanAntonio Paltyingwithfamily. und-lhnnksdad Liz L.OVEYOU! )oni£I$ " eatr:iizzins3 7 84 SHERYL-you ' re Kr eal!Ha»lon.TiH Bank«(fc(ft|ohn-lLOVETO ; .1 IS SIP! DAVID RYDER MUSCLE RULES 66 MUSTANG CATCH ME IF vIDS CRAIC BORIS STEVE SCOTT RALPHS CREW ETC. THA EAL. ENTREPRENUERSH1P HERE 1 COME .. 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B Foothill The lud-Phlllalka- 4f 0 Monty Duncan Doug Duval Chris Edman Jud Dutrisac Sharon Elliot Cindy Ensign 184 Seniors Kim Evans Annette Farrar Katlin Fairbairn Stephen Farrar Dale Ferbert Reed Figley Esther Fano Missy Fenton Charice Farnsworth 2 v 0 $ ft b Gretchen Finger Seniors 185 ,«- " y j? p s Debbie Forney John Fiore Shawn Fletcher Elizabeth Flores Kristin Friend Darrin Fryer Jennifer Fulton Robyn Furry Catherine Gallagher Stephanie Garrison 186 Seniors Jared Gentry Patricia Gavin Lisa Gess Michael Gillman David Gazzaniga X A (J v« Mike Gilmore Raymond Gionet Seniora is? Cf QJ " Gretchen Goss Rebecca Glasgow Denise Giesea Rebecca Goodman Greg Gore Ronald Gorrie Ian Graham , J r- r W ■ L - - M Diana Graichen 188 Seniors Debbie Greene lanene Grover Armen Gugasian Angela Guido Tracy Griffiths tf ft ) Susan Hackett Senior 189 Darin Hallstrom Kimberly Hadley Kevin Hamaker Troy Hallamore Elizabeth Hamilton All American: Ralph Laird " -and Deidn: Ma .uric " (Usplay their good citizenship. Jennifer Hancock John Hardin Teresa Hardy 190 Seniors Sandy Hinojosa Christopher Hodges Diane Hofflander Linda Hoffman y Seniors 191 V J David Holland Diane Holley 392 Seniors May Huang David Hurwitz Ron Husband Brad Huston (L - •o $ Michael Inaba Seniors 193 Steven Jacobs Michelle Johns Ann Johnson Mary Jeltema Greg Johnson Lynne Johnson Eva Jordon April Jurick Lynne Kakihara 194 Seniors Kevin Costanza flies out of th e water to block the ball Lisa Kamei Leora Katz Kevin Kaufman Kelly Kayl Tim Kasten fl Kevin Kayl Mike Kazarian Seniors 195 ¥ a William Kiefer Michael Kilgore Peter Kim 196 Seniors Cornelia Koehl Larissa Koeker Lisa Kooi Best Eyes: Ker show off their t Tom Kracht Scniiirs 197 ° y v k Stacey Kraus Hing Kwan Julie Larkey Laura Landon Patrick Lara Derek Larson 198 Seniors Larry Lathrum Joel Leblanc Rick Lemos David Law Michelle Lebrun Jack Lentz Andrea Lawrence Michael Leedom Susan Le i 4 Jeff Lerch Srnmrs 199 r •0 Karen Lu Aaron Lubell Dawn Lewis wm Carrie Lundquist Jacqueline Lusin Allyn Lynd Darrin Madole Michael Madory 200 Seniors May Huang and Trisha Truban enjoy one of those rare, purely senior moments. Alex Marestaing Robert Mann Kellie Martin Mike Marx Carrie Manzo ft b Tim Mattson Michi ' lc Mavi ' innni Deidre Mazurie Paul Medina John Meehan Amy Mecham Charles Mehlberger 202 Lisa Meyers David Miller Jason Mitchell Steve Morbee Monique Miner Nicole Miraula Kenneth Mitchell Amy Mongan c2° W Bobbv Morel Anthony Mitchell N q Lisa Morgan 203 y f f fill Murrieta „j rtl Catljy, neyrCfetfiy " Gallagher, Becky Hein nson, arid Sorlya Rego enjoy the good i: In £ Buffi Morris m w » , r " yjj k Al Gar Myers ocelyn McCallum Tim McCarty Caroline McClure Karen McClure Deidre McCormick 204 Seniors Duval really enjoys serving work detail Kelli McKinnev 2, v •cv fl Kathy McNerney Richard Nagle Kevin McMains Seniors 205 John Obrien Renae Ortiz lenniierUsur 206 Seniors Michael Parrent Keith Parsons Kathy Parrish Wendy Passo Linda Parrish 3e v Q $ Richard Pedersen Seniors 207 0 V Greg Peterson HHiBl Leason Pomeroy Gina Perozzi Jim Perren Michael Phillips Robin Poag Robin Pohlman 208 Seniors Best Smile: lj «l ' W i i Pt.-lt! Ricigliano 9 ■X- Christy Ritchie Ricky Rodriguez Senior 209 y Rob Rowe Brad Roelbfs Michelle Roper Jennie Ross Rob Ross Steven Rossier Sharon Russell H9E33 ■ " " 5S5L " " H w ■ k| 1 • T " " " Robin Derr, quackers. Regan Russie 210 Seniors ' 4k r m ' r 1 l B fiL. HP r II L J Shelby Ahrling prflW|)ij in this centur f 1 1 :an be great knights Samireh Said Maria Saltzer David Ryder Kerri Sabine Melanie Sandler Lisa Shutz Leigh Ann Sachs Senior 211 Wendy Stanfill Kirk Scott Steve Scott Lauren Seibert Lisa Zito refuses to " Gfct off myj ikey " while David Gazzaniga watches. _ ' ., A Robert Sherwood Craig Shipcott 212 Seniors J Colette Shipkey David Slack Amv Smith Becky Showalter Elizabeth Sloan Shannon Smith Lisa Siebert Paul Slocum |ay Skjerven V Todd Smith Seniors 2J3 , » .0 V Tim Stewart i Gary Strachan Zachary Stankovits William Strait Melissa Stuart 214 Seniors PCB ' s Most Gullible: about ... j ' Martin Taleisnik Debbie Tannenbaum Senior •X Stephen Thome Robert Throckmorton Karen Tracey Trisha Truban 216 Seniors Erin Unger Nancy Valle Tom Veje James Virgilio Stephanie Von Halle William Wakeman David Walkama Mike Walsh Kirk Vickers 3 q Noelle Walsh Senfoi Randy Weber Theresa Webster Teresa Westom John White Gerry Widmer Cathy Wilkinson 218 Seniors Claire Williams Thomas Yoder Michael Williams effZellner Vicki Wilmouth Laura Woknrka far. (Mucoid m up vmchze W£ ink Mile. (sx kluct I ' m l V Lisa Zito Senior 215 History Status Prom Rings |nhn McTaggart and Steve Brook shuffle off to class. 220 uniors Below: Lisa Goldstein impresses Eden Slagle wilh her computer skills. Bottom: Todd Schwary is entertaining himself at the popcorn stand during lunch Ethan Alexander Christine Afford Bill Ambrosius Michelle Anderson anine Arena Laura Ash Allyson Askin Heather Badder Jeffrey Bailard fill Baker Lisa Ball Thomas Ball fody Banks Ellinore Boren Serina Barros Beth Bortlett Michael Bultermun Sandra Bene; die Michael Benner Cherie Bennett Matthew Bennett Brian Beresford kirvlen Bergren Um Herman Knsti Bern SvlnaHdler Cristm Hirnev Junior A Round Remembrance " Can I see your class ring? " was the question asked of many in October. This was, of course, the day juniors picked up their long awaited for class rings. The anticipation had been building up for months; ever since the rings had been ordered the year before. For some, this round remem- brance of high school will become a permanent attachment to their hand. For others, it will be passed on to various people, perhaps never to be returned. Still, there are those who will lose, misplace, or just plain forget about their ring before it even made an indentation on their finger. But whatever the case may be, getting their own class ring is one of the highlights in the life of a high school Alex Biro Melissa Bitto Sharon BJackerby Geoffrey Biackmore Katharine Bioor Cheryl Bonner lunior. Taum Boppell Susan Boseker John Bovetas Christopher Boyce Tricia Brady Stacey Brunchuud Torey Bruun Currick Brewster Diane Bridenbecker Stacie Briggs Thomas Brindlex Stephen Brock Paige Carter David Cash Jim Cast Trade Chalumidas Kdward Chapman uniors Opposite Page: Maral Keiulian. Kirsten Whutley. and Jennifer Henrick get caughl up on the latest gossip. Left: What a studious person Vicki Russek is. Bottom: Spencer Frebairn and Lisa Zito are looking forward to their golden days. Robert Chen Kim Chodoivski Helen Choi Thomus Christy Robert Chronley Devon Clark Leunne Clark Michael Clark oshuu Cohen Melinda Coronado Dannu Colman Bradley Cox [anyee Cox ucqueline Creque Juliet Crommett Windy Dean Tanya Decell Debra Degrasse David Degroff Anthony Delnoce Bonnie Demoss Matthew Drvrirs Hu.vvl Dionne Mirhufi Dobbins Lonce Don H irie Duurti- funiors Dunelle Dugan Amy Dunn David Dunn Michael Dunn Nicole Kdgerly [offrey Kidenmuller Doug us Eisenman Murk Elpers Philip Escalette ason Escolo Robert Estrada Matthew Eield Paul Fiore ohn Fitterer Stephanie Fleischaker Lori Eogarty Ephriam Ford Bobbi Forester Antonella Foto David Fox fames Francis John Franco Julie Franco Spencer Freebairn Michael Freeman Tony Frutos 22-1 Juniors Top: Steve Wilson, Eugene Yee, |im Knapp, and Carolyn Kelly work together for victory. Right: |ody Banks. Caro Takahashi. Vicki Russek, and Ladonna Stanton have fun dress- ing up at school. Opposite Page: Paul Fiore and Bill Gibson enjoy being on the varsity football team. Kevin Fuller Lisa Cage Fiore finds Fun in Leadership " Working together like this is what makes strong unity among classmates, " stated Junior Class President Paul Fiore. He was, of course, referring to all the help he received during Homecoming week. This year Fiore played on the varsity football team as the center. He also plays the guitar, and unlike many of todays teenagers, he really enjoys listening to Simon and Garfunkel. When asked what the best part about being the Junior Class President was, Fiore said it was working closely with the council and ASB and also knowing everything that goes on at school. One of the biggest responsibilities of the Junior Class Presi- dent is the Junior Senior prom. Fiore, along with his council were in charge of everything, which included finding the best possible location for the dance, and also deciding on the entertainment. Being Junior Class President was a tough job. but Paul Fiore was glad to do it. Felice Geddy Larry Genest Chris Georganlas Michael Geyer l illiam Gibson Paige Giffin edGi chnst Carmen Gi liam Knsli Gi slrap Karen Gin Rober! liass Adine Co dberg Keilh Golden Jeffrey Go dstein Lisa Goldslein Cheryl Gonzales Dana Gonzalez Victoria Coodmun Jay Gordon Frank CovernoJe Thomas C rohovac Sleven Crams Rick CravJe) Andrew Cn-i a (, ' irn Grean Tina Greshum Rebecca Groff Junior Jou Huang Harold Huff Erin Hunkins Alisa Huntington Bottom: Kristen Lambert, Mark McGivern, Natalie Sabatino, and Gina Prendergast have fun talking in class. Right: Diana Mendoza studies hard at lunch. Opposite Page: Dr. Leanne Clark wheels Grandma Ahrling around. Susan Gugasian Derek Hagmann Dina HaJIstrom Anna Hammond Barry Hancock SaJJy Hansen John Hanson Susan Hardage Annette Harper Rachel HarreJson Jeffrey Harvey Valerie Hawthorne Jennifer Heinrich Greg Henrotin Barry Herman Melissa Hernandez Lisa Hibbard EJizbeth Hilker Karsten Hirsch Ronald Hofflander Jon Holder Robert Holland Brian Horton Tanya Horvath Stacy Hosmun Bruce House Terry Howell Michelle Hoyt Xoung Huynh Allen iftiger 226 Juniors (. ' nun Joimes Kimberlee Jeffries The Pre- Sat Blues High school used to be a lot of fun. It used to be neat to come to school and be with your friends all day. But then, along came the eleventh grade and with that came endless questions " What do you want to do with your life? " " Where do you plan on attend- ing college? " " Have you started studying for the pre-sat? " The pre- sat, supposedly a test to determine your capabilities and potentials, is ac- tually a test that gets you up early on a Saturday to come trudging back to school to rack your brain over analogies and divide your mind over math. But it can not be avoided. Given only once a year, it is a must for those who want a shot at getting a national merit scholarship. But for whatever reason, the pre-sat is one of the least-looked-forward-to-events of the junior year. Donald Jordan Julie Jordun Michael Judson Richurd Kammerman Jody Kunurek Vera Karamurdiun George Katsn alls Yvelte Kaufman Karen Kellogg Carolyn Kelt) Moral Keuihun Marie nc Kew Anjuli Khunna Cheryl Kim Debro Kloslermon James Knupp Catherine Knuhbe Amy Knowies Joy Koboyushi Soosie Koo David Konch Steven kosloski l.ynnette Krieg Laah Krupp HeurK Lacj Donald l.akm Knslen Lambert Juniors 227 Thomas Lips MicheJe Lissner T. M. Livengood Thomas Lodgard Michelle Lopez Kiliaen Ludlow Henry Lui David Lundgreen Devon MacJeod Lisa Mackinnon Neal Mahutte Lori Marantz Rachei Lamm Bryan Lassiter Nicole Lathouse Darren Law Krisli Laylon Heather McBride Joseph McFadden 228 Juniors Christine McKerson Mark McGivera [eff McKittrick Mir hoel McNernej John McTaggar! Wi liam Medina David Meier Donny Mendiolu Jeffrey Miller Yvonne Miller Kevin Morbee Scoll Morris Steve Morris Matthew Motley Alan Moltes (uiif MulJin Holly Murphy Anne Murrieta Heather Myers John .Year Tom Xegri Melissa Meivquist Kurt Xoble Charilla Obering John Oder Stanley Oh Robert Ordway Firouzeh Ouskouian Carolyn Padden Cathy Pak Jennifer Parker Matthew Parker Brett Peterman f r- A fe. Top: Christie Birney and Antonella FotO an|0) l»in« doctors fora day. Left: Morton prepares to unleash his l« ml Opposite Page: |. sh Cohen and Matt Field race lo finish drst m the chariot rat a Junior- David Rasmussen Chad Raugewitz Richard Rendon Pam Renfree Dana Rice Linda Rheinschild Tom Richard Mat! Romey Angela Roy Victoria Russek Natalie Sabatino Timothy Sakamoto Lisa Peters Ellen Petronave Laura Phiiiips Troy Piltz Katherine Ponsetto Richard Pooie Michael Pope Margaret Powers Gina Prendergast Ric Prete Thomas Quinn Sharon Raab Renee Ramirez Kathryn Ramseyer Gregory Randall Gina Sangermano Michaei Sardo Top: Allyson Askin whispers sweet nothings in Amy Mongan ' s ear. 230 funiors Theodore Sawyer Jim Schauf er Grelchen Schultz Todd Schwary Brel! Scoll Geoffrey Scott Nancy Selin Lisa Sharrer Sandra Shaw Stanford Shaw Patrick Sheehan Brenda Sherfey Tom Shinoda Andrea Silver Robert Simcox Marc Simon Matthew Sims Scott Scherer Richard Schlanert Alan Schlines Kuthryn Schmidt Top: Mike Gyer concentrates on catching the ball Left: l.orie Toscas and Todd Stewart keep each other warm. feb Siqueiros fody Sk erven Ray Slagle fames Slazas Kelly Smith Stacey Smith Stephanie Smith Steven Smith Krika So tz ohn Somerndike Juniors 231 Richard Treichler Douglas Trip ell Bottom: ]eff Bailard and Paige Oif Fin work hard during class. Right: Steve Brock is getting into taking a test. Opposite Page: |ill Baker studies hard for a history test. Carol Sommers Roy Song Matthew Souter Karen Spuhr Michael Sparks Ladonna Stanton Scott Steedman Steven Steele Todd Stewart David Stomp David Troutt Lauren Turknette Mary Underwood Laurence Vundernoordua 232 uniors Valerie Vundernnoniua Duvid Vundruff Amy VunpeJl Helen Vanwinkle Churlolte Versluis Puul Versleegh A Gift of Generations Past A weary junior signs up for his last class: U.S. History-. He expects boring lectures and tedious reading. He then " pro- ceeds to sleep through the first day of class. Yet halfway into the second week, his ears perk up and he is actually listening with absorbed interest. He learns of his country ' s past — its triumphs and trials. What is history? It is more than just a mere chronicle of events. It is the gift of generations past to those who come after. If each generation had no Knowledge of previous generations, man would retrace the same evolutionary steps For eons. How could he then progress? Further, history shapes the identity of a nation. When one says, " I am an American, " he identifies himself with both America and its history. We fought at Bunker Hill, we shed tears at Gettysburg, and we experienced the elation of placing the first man on the moon. We felt pride and sorrow concern- ing these events because they are part of our heritage, part of ourselves. Juniors leave U.S. History enriched with a valuable learn- ing experience. They are better prepared to become responsi- ble citizens. This part of their brief moments at Foothill is well spent. k ' nslen V ' ierregger Sleffun Viguno Neido ViJJufuerfe Amy Walker Bob Walker Ross Wallach Amy Wallin Barry H ' a she Michael Welch Sean Weymouth Kirsten Whullev Krislen Widmann Terry Williams John Willse Steven Wilson Jennifer Wrighi Kimi Vumushiia 7 ' nciii Ycjtrs Eugene Yee KaJvin Vu Tiffany ZinJian .Anlhom ' .upkn Junior Julius Caesar Driving Sweet Sixteen Health 234 Sophomores Phil Adams Melinda Allen Travis Allen William Allen Chris AlmquisI William Anderson Michael Andreosky Christina Annan Cinnamon Anse mo Tricia Armstrong Lisa Ash Maryann Avery Allen Austin Belinda Bahari Christian Aquev-.que Negin Bairami Kent Backer David Ball Anlhony Badiio Virgina Baii Suzanne Banks Ann Baren Top: I In- suphomore class box shows spirit. Left: Michelle Fiduccia and Tara Packard sludv in class Sophomores 235 Below: Cinnamon Anselmo, Eden Slagle, and Kim Lowe discuss the latest gossip. Anish Bhimani Andrew Bierman Heather Blackmore Bonnie Blair Robert Bianey Melissa Blei David Boddy Tiffany Boppell Tina Borkowsfti Cynthia Bowen Thomas Brand Robert Braun Elliot Bricfcer David Bridge Randy Brink Kristin Brome Kelly Barnes Bobby Barret Jamie Barret Brian Bartick Robert Basile Joel Beck Bethany Beckett Kris Beltran Sheila Bender Eric Beneker Marc Bennet Deborah Berman Michael Bernamonte Bryan Beshear Brandi Bevans ' I J J 236 Sophomores The Good Life Sophomores Breathe Easy At last they were not being thrown in the trash cans. Yet they were not worrying about college. Who were these people? They were the sophomore class. The truth was sophomores had many duties. They had to take a lot of classes. Many took Biology 10. Although sophomores did not have a lot of worries, they had a lot to do. But they still had time to relax. Below: Kim Lambert. David Husband, and Chris Walsh sit down and take a break from life. Right: Matt Bain dances the night away. Patricia Brughmann Beth Brummett Jaime Brunskill David Bryant eni Bunch Alicia Brookshire ulia Brouk Bethany Brown Jefferey Brown Paula Calderon Bryan Cannon Paul Caraccio Claudio Caro-Lopp Joseph Carolan Chuck Carr Michael Carroll Dawn Cater Kyle Carter James Casey Call Chamberlain Christian Chanler Si nit Chapel Timothy Choppelle Michael Chapton Justin Chuulrt Christina Cherpas Kdward Choi PaulCleary Sandra Cochran Cathy Coff. Snphomor Finally Off the Bottom A Year to Look Forward To Around Foothill campus one could hear freshmen saying that they could not wait to be a sophomore. Why did everyone want to be a sophomore? It was because a lot of good things happened in one ' s sophomore year. Most sophomores turned sixteen and got their drivers license. Another thing that happened was the sophomores got to pick out their class rings. Sophomore year was a year to look forward to. Left: Jill Ornitz, Lisa Schwartz, and Adrienne Schuessler try to concentrate. Bottom: Joel Beck, Claudia Caro-Lopp, Karl Kovac, and Chuck Kyler take time for a picture. David Cogswell Gregory Collier Candee Colwell Doris Connor Christopher Cowdell Shawn Coykendall Bill Crane Darren Craun Carrie Crawford Doug Crawford Patrick Crawford Julie Cummings Brett Curran Marc Curtis Kristin Cutler Joanne Dancy Kelli Dane William Davenport Paul Davies Allison Davis Craig Davis Dana Davis Susan Davis Craig Day Julie DeBoer 238 Sophomores Below: Tom Heil is excited to be a sophomore. Bottom: Tiffany Bopell and Beverly Elliot smile [or candid camera. Brian DeCoile Randy DeGroot Yvonne Denenny Jennifer DeSaJvo .isij DeS ' untis Gayani DeSilva Durciu Dexter M. J. Dicaria Dunn Dingivell Dana Dinneen KristaJ Dockendorf Kreg Donuhoe Put rick Dom Murk Doss Suzanne Doubel Michael Furr Stacey Feder F.rik Felber Klee Felix .Andrea Fetters Michelle Fiduccia Deun Fienberg Melissa Finger Melanie FinJt John Fishbeck Arthur i)fltl Sophomores 239 Sweeter Is Better 16 Candles on the Birthday Cake Desiree Fontyn Christian Foster Nicole F razee Julie Friedeman Paul Frutos Valerie Fryer Jennifer Furry Mark Gabelsberg Michelle Gabor Scott Galey Jean Gallagher Chris Garboski Mitchell Garrison Kristin Gruhn Richard Graziano Jennifer Green Lana Greenaway Kevin Gregg Kelly Gresham uson Gugino Jordan Gugino James Gunz Kristin Haene Hedi Hammond i Jeffrey Hanegan Janice Hanson Juyne Hanson Ronald Hurluk Paul Harrison Wendy Hastings Brian Healv Sweet sixteen was a special day for all sophomores at Foothill. When that day came, most people got a lot of new privileges. The most popular one that everyone wanted was a drivers license. If one really got lucky, a new car! For some people, they got a job. Finally some money in the pocket! Some sophomores got to go on their first date when they turned sixteen. Maybe a later curfew! Wouldn ' t that be nice? One thing for sure, turning sixteen was a sign of growing up. That ' s why everyone wanted to be sixteen. Below: Frances Yount, Andrea Robinson, Karen Schmid, and Stephanie Weissman enjoy the luxury of having a later curfew. 2-10 Sophomores Bottom: Craig Schneider and Lary Samuelson try to persuade people to buy their food. Thomas Heil Darryl Hem Joseph Heredia Rise) He redia Christine Hibbord Shannon Hill fames Hoffman Dirk Hogan Jennifer Hogselh Kimberly HnlJunder Ronald Huntington David Husband Patrick Huston Gregory Immell fon Inaba Christin fackman Antony facobs Kelly fames Katherine Jennings Tami Jennings David fensen Chris Johnson Julia Johnson Kurt Johnson Lisa Johnson Caret! Jones Matthew Jones Gina Juan Eric Kakihara CoJin Kurcher Jennifer Katnik David Kalz Kris Kayl Christine Kazurian Kirk Keegan Charles Keyler Avhi Kanna Julie Kiefer Shena Kieva Melissa Kim SophomiT. Taking Care of Business Health and Safety for You Paul Kim Karen Kin Cassandra Kincaid Bile? Aorta? Ventricle? What are those? they are just a sample of what all Foothill Sophomores learn in Health and Safety. But Health and Safety was not only technical terms, there were also a lot of useful and interesting subjects covered over the semester. The first useful item covered was posture. The Students learned about good posture and how to maintain it. They also checked each other ' s posture. The next subject that was covered was alcohol and drugs. Many drugs and their effects, along with Alcoholism and its effects were discussed. The last thing that was taught was C.P.R. Each stu- dent learned and practiced it on a dummy. The students that qualified received a license to use C.P.R. After the semester was over, the many items that were discussed in Health and Safety would be used for the rest of the students lives. Lisa Kinne Kim Kirk Kim Kirkpatrick Louis Klein Rebecca Klein Adam Kline Andy Lake Du Lam Kimberly Lambert Laurel Lane flene Lane Carolyn Larsen David Larson ohn Larson [errey Law Cherie Lawrence 242 Sophomores Bottom: Candee Colwell is in deep thought while eating lunch Rundv Laycock Chris Lemos Kelly Leonard) Michael Leong Lee Lether Michael Levine Kevin Levvand Stainley Lewis 7 ' rucey Lewis Tonya Ley Eugenia Little Bridget Long Denise Lopez fulie Lopez Odalis Lopez Pam Lopez Kelli Lowe Kim Lowe onthan Lubell Andrus Ludlow John Luna John Lundgreen Dawn Lunsford unine Mahru Derek Mannion Wendy Marsile Mitzi Martin Omar Martinez Scott Massey Murk Muttson Chuck McArthur Shawn McCunin Leslie M I : J r ason McDononell Aaron McKlderry In a McGehee Dart McHenrj Ann Meehan David Million Paul Me lotl Sophomon Below: Beth Brummet looks carefully before bucking up. Bottom: Scoll Primrose studies tbe " Teen Driver " manual before the big day. [erald Menkzer Nichole Menefee CaroJyn Miller Kelly Miller Kim Miller Kaarin Montgomery Mary Motley Paul Muret Greg Nakamoto Lorelei Navarro Leslie Nesbitt Julianne Nestor Michael Nex Kent Nortbcote Douglas Nosier 244 Sophomores Getting a Drivers License ' Dreams Can Come True ' Driving a car! That was the ultimate dream that all sophomores at Foothill High School had. Even, ' sophomore looked forward to the day of getting their drivers license. For weeks thev had been studying for the " big " day so they could drive. Not only did sophomores have to take a written and behind the wheel test, they had to take a course in drivers educa- tion which took a whole semester! Sophomores looked forward to that day so they could become more independent and not have to depend on parents to drive them everywhere! Sophomores had the freedom to go wherever they wanted and when they pleased. But of course after they got their drivers license, their next wish was to get a car for their very own! cannot believe she is getting her drivers ps p p JillOrnitz .Anthony Osterkump Meghan ( )Ioole Molly Otoo e Taru Packard Kristin Painter Bngette Puk Christophe Palafoutus Young n Park Laura Passo Georgia Paleras Eric Puutsch Christian Pede rsen Amie Perrot Eric Person ) man Kevin i (brien Erie i dm Trace) ( tlh eira Tom idsen Karen Olsen Kristinu Omohudro Manna Oneill Cinu Orlando Kur Person Kurt Peters Deidre Peterson Kellv Peterson Rebecca Phillips Dun Pinne) ii ole ' liner Scott Prim Tim Priinenk " Klissa Racinlli Laurie Rau h Michael Reafwyder Matthew Reboi k Km Hehmjuisl Jennifer R ' Soph ' Sophomores Choose Wisely Miner Leads the Pack ■ Todd Miner was known to most sophomores because he represented them as class president. As if being president wasn ' t time consuming enough, he was also President of the Red Head club, he par- ticipated in speech and debate and also Key club. Miner was responsible for the sophomore activities such as Feast and Joust, and homecoming week. When asked what he liked best about his position as class president, Miner said, " I like leadership and working with ASB. I like knowing what is going to happen and to know the inside of things. " Miner represented sophomores in the meetings he attended. In his spare time, he likes to water and snow ski, play racquetball and listen to the radio. After all these ac- tivities, people would think that miner doesn ' t have any time for grades, but he has a G.P.A. of 4.17! Todd Miner, someone special to know. Left: Cathy Coffey runs her heart out. Bottom: Hank Ferral prepares to dunk a teacher. feff Ruch Greg Russ Ann Ryu CarJine Sadler Kathleen Salarano Lawrence Samuelson Davod Sanders Vincent Sanfilippo Kalla Sawin Karen Scherer Karen Schmid Craig Schneider fay Scheider Rhonda Schneider Jennifer Schramm Scott Schreck Chantelle Schroder Adrienne Schuessler Leah Richardson Andrea Robinson Bryce Robinson Diana Robinson Justin Roddan 246 Sophomores Below: Carolyn Larsen chugs it down Bottom: II people c:diiIiI be colors. Todd Miner would be .1 rainbow. Brian Schwartz Steven Schwartz Lisa Schwartz Dominque Scott Pamela Scott Bill Shank John Shank Mike Sheehan Amy Sheng Darlene Shepard Scott Sheperd Melissa Sheilds Eden Slagle Jim Slatin Steven Slocm Bill Smith Eric Smith Evan Smith Heather Smith Jason Smith Jennifer Smith Sophomor Bottom: Kevin Gregg and Chuck McArthur study Julius Caesar, but Mike Gazzaniga seems uninterested. David Smithson Chad SoJanovich Kimberly Solera ill Spencer Kenneth Starks Steve Steiner Tamera Sterman Jason Stern Laura Stevens Michelle Steward Matthew Stotts Oliva Suan Kelly Swain Kirsten Swenson Ali Tajelsin Edward Tak Glen Takabayashi Katherine Taylor Christophe Terhune Andrea Thompson Heather Thompson Jennifer Thompson Mike Thorne Kristin Throckmorton Matthew Tippell Kathy Tracey Timothy Traver 248 Sophomores Oh No! Julius Caesar! The Dreaded Day Arrives " . . . And have a nice day, " said Garth McHenry over the announcements. " All right class, we can not put it off any longer, " said Hether Woodroffe, sophomore English teacher. " Open your books to page 111 and read Act I of Julius Caesar. " A low moan was heard throughout the room. The horrible day that all sophomores must face had come. The first dreaded thing that must be done was reading the play. After the play was read, the real ter- ror began. For some sophomores the terror was only taking a multiple choice test. Others had to face tasks like tak- ing a long essay test or writing a composition on the play. At last everything was done and the teacher said that she had corrected the tests. Some would be ecstatic over the results. Others would wish that Julius had never been killed. Bottom: David Jensen gets a little help from his cliff notes. Lucy Tsosie Michael Tuchman Rober! TunneJI Daniel Turbovv Kristen linger Jeffrey Uttz Michael Worthum Jennifer Veager Melanie Yount Oamian Zavala Amy Boren Kristine Rodgers Manfred Von Halle Christopher Walshe Lisa Warens Jeff Warren Traci Watson William Watts Karen Weasl Jeff Weibert Rebecca Weiss Gina Weissgerber Stephaine Weissman Robin Welch Kim Wessom Heather Weslon Phillip Wheeler Peggy White Maria Widmer James Wilhelm Fredrick Williams Kimberlee Williams Robin Williams Erick Wilson Laura Wilson Krisli Wood Sophoa Registration First Day Confusion Maturing 250 Freshmen Lanea Antrim Paul Ark Pamela Ashton Brian Aust Cynthia Babecky Brett Bainbridge Traci Baird Allan Baker Greg Baker Kristen Baker Daniel Abe Bruin Adams Dale Addy Richard Alcazar Murk Alexander Buri Alpert Sheri Alterman Kurt Ames Barbara Anderson Top Right: Mike Schneider isn ' t jus. playing in his toy-box. This is serious burtlM Above: Pals Kristi Evans and I lolly l ' nhlman take a break from dancing. i rahm i Scott BaJJ Melissa Barnard Randal) Bart Matthew Bear Amy Becker Shanyn Behn foie Bennett Kimberiy Bennett Brooke Beresford Registration Causes Frustration Andreae Berg Shannon Bergeron Christina Bish Caleen Blackman Brett Bloom Elizabeth Boddy Kim Boedeker Philip Boshart Dana Botula Tom Boussiacos Vasilik Bovetas Steve Bowen Paul Bowman Scott Bowman Jennifer Bradshaw ason Brandalise Robert Brandon Barrett Brauer Julia Bremer Abby Bridge Alicia Brink Compared to some freshmen ' s dreams of an ex- citing four years of high school, registration was a nightmare. After being herded through " Station 3 " and having a quick mug shot taken, the freshmen were let loose in the gym. But instead of stampeding to the various tables to register, like the upperclassmen had done, they looked about in bewilderment. Where was one supposed to start? When the freshmen figured out where to take their " Preferred Schedules, " they found, to their dismay, that their plans could be destroyed. The freshmen had perfected their schedules to put easy and difficult classes during the best parts of the day and adjusted them to insure classes with friends. When their classes appeared on the " Closed Classes " list, despair replaced naive optimism. They finally left the gym with schedules which may not have pleased them but which needed to be guarded like the treasure a Knight has seized from a dragon ' s lair until the first day of school. Above Right: Elise Langlois concentrates on her writing. Or is she daydreaming? Below Right: Could Katie Lewis be talking during class? 252 Freshmen Todd Brock i m k Carrie Brown Susun Brown Elizabeth Bruner Kimber BryunI Bobby Buckner Left: Darrin Fryer explains the situation to a perplexed Elise Langlois. Below: Andreae Berg takes notes busily while her classmates fall asleep. Joanna Buononato Ann Burton Frank Busa ucchi Brett Byrd ennifer Cahu un Starr Car y e Paul Cash Artie Castro Adam Chambers Edward Chang Kenneth Chiang Thomas Chou (. ' hung ohn Cisneros Christina Clarke iriiiiyCievenger Shane Coderre lli (iuCohen (, ' hnsta Cole Multhfw (, ' olman Kory Combs Freshme;. Yvelte Curiel Ann Cutler Andy Dabney Kathleen Dains Steven Danon Michael Davis Robert Dee Nathan Deering Paige Denny Chanaka DeSiiva Gregory DiFronzo Adriene Dimas ' uson Constanline Da Jus Coombs S oun Cooper Brut ley Cormier Jeff Cox Pennie Crane Top: Paige Denny ' s backhand sends the ball across the court. Brenna Dumerton Above: Dan Iftiger closes in on the ball carrier. Right: Shannon Bergeron shares popcorn and a secret with Michelle Stenmark. Stephen Dunn Laura Dutrisac fohn Dyer Matthew Edman Dana Kisenman Sharon Esqueda David Essiinger Karen Evans Kristi Evans Morgan Ferris Allison Figge uson Fletcher 254 Freshmen i£ ta Below: Robert Reynolds stretches to keep the ball while he prepares to throw it. Dwuyrir Hager Kristin llu munn Adam Muirslon Betty HamiJton Sheri fummes fanel Francis hnu Frazier Dereii ' ritts Nuoyoshi I ' u ito Michael - ' ukudu jill Furry Shun Gullugher Thomus Geidemun Jeffrey Giesea essico Giralda Ronuld (Jut in Gordon Guude Duvkl Ges er Murla Gill Michael Gill Beth Goldberg Liune Gonzaiez Michael Gonzalez Myke Gorup Co in Gruhum Karri Gregg Frederick Greyeyes Durrin Griffitts Thomus Gunckel I ri-shmcn 2SS Bryun Hannegan Amy Hanson Steve Hardage Matthew Harmon Deborah Harris Tamara Harris Matthew Hauser Allison Hayman Shannon Huymond Cory Hayter Shawna Head Jason Heath Christine Henderson Michele Henson Michael Hernandez Julie Herr Kristen Hertsgaard Andrew Hibbert Barbara Hicks Michael Higgins Jennifer Hoff 256 Freshmen Aaron Horvath Lisa Horvath Carolyn Howard Albert Huang Jack Huong Craig liunliT Culhie Hurx- Michei, ' . Nasreen . Eric Hutu in PhuHuynh Daniel Ifliger Michelle Jacobs The Knights of 1988 Begin Their Quests The freshmen may have had fantasies of conquer- ing high school, but the first day was enough to make the new Knights feel like serfs. In a new and bigger school, a freshman could get lost even with nis schedule pinned to his shirt. With only five minutes to find a room, problems like not being able to reach a top locker could cause panic. On the first day of school, a lost freshman may have wondered why there were typewriters in his geography class, and then realized he was in room 310, not room 210. When the freshmen completed the quests for their classes, they discovered that they were actually expected to behave like young adults and that work began on the very first day. That evening there were already books to take home and homework assignments to be done. The first day may have been rough on the freshmen, but most of them got used to things quickly. By the second week the freshmen had left the confusion and riroblems of starting high school behind and were ooking forward to being independent upperclassmen. Above: Chris Veje is fascinated by ancient civilizations in his World Cultures class. Jl TJ John jeltema Gregory Johnson Mary Johnson Shasie Johnson Daniel Jones Ebbert Jones Laura Judson Kuthryn Kambestud Conrad Kunno Stacy Kavanugh Karen Keagy Kathleen Kelty David Kershaw Sura Kershnar Shunt Keuiliun Eileen Kim James King Jeffery King Alex Kirilschenko Robyn Kirkendall Kacey Knoivles Cindy Koo Mica Kreutz l.isu Kuchera Ereshmen 257 Brain Lando EJise Langlois Paula Langsam Richard Lathrum ason Leach Karen Leaman Thomas Lee Sarah Left Noah Lemas Ceiina Lemke Sabrina Lesueur Danielle Lewand Dyer Lewis Jay Lewis Katie Lewis Matthew Lillard Maiie Lilly Austin Lin Cindy Lin Helen Lin Horace Lin Daniel Lindley Kelly Livingston Kirsten Lodgard Kimberli Lopez Michelle Lowe Jennifer Luna Michael Mackinnon Kent Madole Kara Madsen Top: It ' s time to enjoy a delicious and nutritious lunch. Above Right: Lunch is an overwhelming experience for Shannon Bergeron. Right: Andrea Berg practices scaring her audience during drama class. 258 Freshmen Top: Greg Welch is afraid some- one will steal his drink. Above Left: |.ison Conslantine looks for a place where he can enjoy his spaghetti in peace. Left: Kurt Ames is interrupted while enjoying his pizza: Daniel Abel is unaffected. Michael McKeever Patrick McMuins Patrick Meany Micheai Meiine Diane Merker Kevin Messmer DaleMiJIer jason Miller Joyce Miller Nancy Miller Christine Min Mary Montgomery Michelle Morbee Teri Morgan David Morones Scott Muffins Meghan Mvhru Ki ' mberfy Muhan Corj Mii )«jss Chris Manzo Laurie Manzo Michuci Jennifer Mai ■ Yvette Moi! Karen Massey Quentin McBnde Miche e McCain Christine McCarty Moriah McCaufey Freshmen 259 fames Nestor Michael Newcomb Kari Newcum Glenn Nicol Rachei Nilzberg Krisla Niven Christopher Noble Kristin Northcote Valerie Nozick Peter Odonoghue Jane Ojanpera Dina Okamoto Christopher Olson Tracy Orton Andy Pak Woody Pak Andrew PalJuck Dong Park Above Left: Adam Harrison frantically stuffs his face with bananas while the upperclassmen laugh. Below: Freshmen participate enthusiastically in a pep assembly. " The pep assemblies are so spirited, " stated Penny Crane, a freshman. Freshmen added a lot to the assemblies. When the assembly included freshmen being picked on by upperclassmen, they generally took it in stride. On September the freshmen bounced into the gym looking forward to their first pep assembly. When it came time for the class competition, it was obvious that they did not want to be called on because they suspected that they would be made fun of. They were right. The freshman who was called down to par- ticipate in the class competition was seated, along with members of each class, and blindfolded. He was then told to eat all the bananas in front of him as fast as he could. Little did he know that he was the only one eating them. Fortunately, this year ' s freshman class accepted all this and survived to become one of the most spirited freshman classes Foothill has ever seen. Freshmen Exhibit Sportsmanship at Assemblies Wiifium Peckham Trina Perkins David Peterson Paul Peterson Joseph Phillips Matthew Phillips 260 Freshmen Robert Phillips Michele PhiJJipson forge Photoglou Paige Pi lz Stephine Pines J loJJj I ' nltlmUli Debra Pope Kimberly Powell Amber Prendergast Jenifer Price Christina Pritchard Krisiinu Proctor Deborah Quin unese Radford Tameru Ruiney Dawn Rupuich Deunne Ruulslnn Jamie Redding Left: Laura Dutrisac pays close attention to Carrick Brewster. Below Left: Bessie Bovetas ex- presses herself with body language. f z fij t k Fmi Geoff Reed fohn Reed Lindu Regun Heidi Rice Peter Richard Man Richurdson Gregory Rieber Anthon) Robinson fason Rocco Greg Rosenberger Cynlhia Ross .iMi Rum Douglas Rutsie Linda Sachs Tina Sadler Anthon) SaJanr Armondo Su u ur Slot Saunden Kelly Sawyer (unite Saylei Robert Srli John Scherbarth Grelchrn Si her-- hi (;hrtsli Schroei K pihn SchutI Slephine Schwarti Michael Si oil Ste ven Si hwarj Cind) Steven Scotl Tracy Scot! Corey Scrivens William Seller Ashley Selman Stephanie Shaw Top Right: The freshmen put up a good fight in the FAKHFA) tug-of war competition. Right: Brett Barton studies Kurt Ames ' dramatic pose. 262 Freshmen John Stun turd Un-soo Sung uson Surfas Anne Tanaka Julie Tannenbaum Elizabeth Tanny Robert TeJson Michele Terranova John Thibert Kutberine Thomas Carrie Thompson Anv Thoner PuulThornlun Puuliw Brendu I ndi Laurel Crbonski Sara V ' oldez Ronald Williams ' ed Williamson Shaw no Willis ason Wilson Amy Wimbush Jeffery Wokurka Sleven Woife fared Wood Bradley Wosinski Bruin Wright (uv Gerald Wright ShirJej n ii Selh Yakataa Reid Yumushirn Mail Valea foe) nung ' hilip oumj (tin mond Vue Mm li Zaydel fijson Ztveigle Puula Voile Michael Vancleave Darlene Vanwmklr Christian Ve e Nancy Villurrtul Matthew IVallin Rebecca Watson Kendall Weatherman Daniel Wedemeyer ason Weissberg .Adam Weissmun Greg Welch Robert Westre Chris Whituker Greg White Top: Mike Men belli guards the priwwiMitng Freshman tloai, lodged beat in the Homecoming Week Noel-building competition Above Left: On their recognition da) October the Irishmen and ■ophomoree draaeed up lo theme Crime Throughout the V( reahmi he e S tU entcas tagJ a2 eri Loft: The Knights of today will become, among other thing , the university scholars of tomorrow. 2 Do ifi wO® ,- .A V w [ $ .vY !A r vP v ft V representative Bob Stephenson 266 Ads I Best Wishes to the Class cf From Laytcn Scft Water % ■i I 53f ORIGINAL 1730 E. 17th Street Santa Ana, Calif. 92701 (In the Albertson ' s Shopping Center) FOR FAST SERVICE CALL 972-3101 DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE Monday thru Thursday 11:00 A.M. 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Alcazar, Richard P. 251, 93 Alexander, Christopher Alexander, Ethan H. 221, 73, 114,117 Alexander, Mark R. 251, 93 Alfor d, Christine A. 221 Allen, Melinda D. 235, 111 Allen, Travis 235 Allen, William M. 235, 91 Almquist, Christopher 94, 140, 235 Alpert, Bari H. 251 Alpert, Dana B. 6, 26, 167, 178, 69 Alterman, Sheri 251, 53 Alverson, James G. 235, 63, 56, 57 Ambrosius, Bill J. 221 Ames, Kurt C. 33, 251, 259, 262, 85, 93, 117 Amlie, Ellen C. 235 Amlie, Kristin M. 167, 178 Amneus, John W. 235, 137 Amort, Angela M. 235, 56 Anderson, Alan R. 167, 178, 82 Anderson, Barbara J. 251 Anderson, Gregory M. 251 Anderson, Katherine 251 Anderson, Martin W. Anderson, Michelle M. 49, 221 Anderson, William L. 94, 235 Andrade, Nancy 251 Andreosky, Christina 27, 167, 178, 49, 55, 56 Andreosky, Michael N. 235 Annan, Christina 235 Annan, James G. 23, 167, 178, 50,54 Annan, Joan M. 251 Anselmo, Cinnamon S. 235, 236 Anselmo, Jason T. 251, 93 Antol, Danielle L. 167, 178 Antrim, Lanea L. 251 Aqueveque, Christian A. 235, 110,111 Aqueveque, Maria 51 Aravena, Tesla G. 167 Arena, Janine A. 17, 221, 66 Ark, Paul P. 251, 137 Armstrong, Patricia C. 235 Ash, Laura R. 221 Ash, Lisa M. 235, 54 Ashbaugh, Gregory W. 21, 167, 56, 71 Ashton, Pamela 251 Askin, Allyson F. 51, 231, 71 70 Aust, Brian L. 251, 38, 102 Austin, Allen E. 235 Austin, Tracey L. 235 Avery, David T. 168, 178, 107 Avery, MaryAnn 235, 63, 82 Babecky, Christopher 168, 52, 178, 79 Babecky, Cynthia L. 251, 96 Badder, Heather M. 221 Badillo, Anthony A. 235 Baharie, Belinda S. 235, 64 Baharie, Brenda S. 168, 178, 64 Baier, Richard J. Bailard, Jeffrey A. 221, 108, 130 Bain, Matt J, 235, 191 Bain, Tom E. 11, 168, 86, 60, 178, 56 Bainbridge, Brett J. 251 Bairami, Negin 235 Baird, Traci L. 251, 40, 63 Baker, Allan M. 29, 33, 251, 93, 106 Baker, Greg M. 251, 63 Baker, Jill D. 55, 231 Baker, Kent W. 235 Baker, Kristen L. 251 Baldry, Steven S. Ball, David G. 235 Ball, Lisa J. 63, 221 Ball, Scott T. 93, 252 Ball, Thomas R. 221 Ball, Virginia M. 235 Balling, Jill M. 168, 178 Banks, Jody M. 221 Banks, Suzanne M. 235 Baren, Amy L. 19, 245, 235 119, 118, 122 Baren, Caroline 18, 112 Baren, Ellinore A. 221, 57 Barnard, Melissa M. 252, 245 Barnes, Kelly L. 236 Barnes, Stacy M. 168, 178, 113 Barrett, Bobby 236 Barrett, Dana L. 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Bennett, Joie 252 Bennett, Kimberly D. 252 Bennett, Marc J. 236 Bennett, Matthew S. 221 Bennett, Michelle D. 169, 178 Bennett, Paige A. 170, 178 Bentley, John W. 164, 170, 86 Beresford, Brian L. 170, 221 Beresford, Brooke A. 252 Beresford, Paige A. 178 Berg, Andreae M. 11, 253, 258 252 Bergeron, Shannon M. 254, 252 Bergren, Kirsten L. 221 Berkowitz, Anthony A. 170 Berman, Deborah L. 236 Berman, Lisa 221 Berman, Mara B. 170, 178, 54 Bernamonti, Michael S. 236 Berry, Don M. 48 Beshear, Bryan G. 236 Besse, Kristi L. 221 Bevans, Brandi L. 236 Bhimani, Anish B. 236, 48, 54 Bierman, Andrew L. 236, 127 102 Bierman, Anita 162, 170, 178 Biller, Sylvia 48, 221,77 Birchler, Brian M. Birney, Cristin V. 221 Biro, Alex I. Bish, Christina M. 252 Bitto, Melissa L. Blackerby, Sharon R. Blackerby, Sheila K. Blackman, Caleen A. 252 Blackmore, Geoffrey R. 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Bowman, Paul W. 252 Bowman, Scott M. 252 Boyce, Christopher J. 55 Boyer, Coach 93 Bradshaw, Jennifer J. 252 Brady, Tricia 51 Branchaud, Stacey M. 56 Brand, Thomas A. 236, 114 Brandalise, Jason S. 252 Brandon, Robert D. 252 Brauer, Barrett E. 252 Brauer, Meinolf 171 Braun, Robert J. 236 Braun, Torey R. Bremer, Julia D. 252 Brenner, Nina S. 171 Brewster, Carrick C. 261, 136 114,116,87 Bricker, Elliot L. 236, 57, 137 102 Bridenbecker. Diane C. Bridge, Abby 252, 57 Bridge, David E. 236, 56, 57 Briggs, Kenneth M. 128, 165, 171, 86, 127, 126, 178, 108, 127, 56, 129 Briggs, Stacie Bright, Meri K. Brindley, Thomas W. Brink, Alicia S. 252 Brink, Randy E. 94, 236, 140 Brock, Stephen D. 95, 138, 221 Brock, Todd A. 253 Brome, Kristin D. 236 Brookshire, Alicia D. 237 Brouk, David A. 171, 178, 40 Brouk, Julia A. 237, 51, 143 Brower, Jake H. Brown, Be thany D. 237, 58, 59, 51 Brown, Carrie F. 253 Brown, Christopher R. Brown, Cynthia D. Brown, Jeffrey S. 237 Brown, Shelly 171, 178 Brown, Susan C. 253, 63 Brugmann, Patricia A. 237, 124, 125 Brumett, Jill L. 123, 122 Brummett, Elizabeth D. 237, 244. 54, 55 Brun, Richard [. Bruner, Elizabeth 253, 104 Brunskill, Jaime S. 237 Bryant, David E. 94, 237, 138, 276 Index I 242, 108 Bryant, Kimber L. 253 Bryant, Michael P. 60 Buckner, Bobby L. 253, Buker, Eric Bullock, Andrew R. Bunch, Jenni E. 237 Bundy, Kelley M. 171, 178 Bunge, Michael L. 13, 171, 178,138,139,54,56,96 Buononato, Joanna 253 Burch, Susan E. 237, 54 Burgos, Carlos A. Burgos, Linda J. 237 Burgos, Luis E. 57 Burnett, Carey A. Burns, Christina M. 237 Burns, Jennifer 26, 31, 171, 178 Burris, Beverly A. Burt, Gregory W. 17, 163, 171, 178 Burt, James L. Burton, Ann M. 253, 256 Busalacchi, Frank J. 29, 253, 93, 111 Busalacchi, Gina M. 172, 178, 74 Busalacchi. Marc T. Bush, Paul 172, 178 Butsch, Catherine G. 172 Bynum, Joe L. 172 Byrd, Bradley W. 8, 172, 86, 178 Byrd, Brett W. 253, 93, 48 Cady, Thomas A. 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Chamberlain. Gail R. 237, 60. 54. 56. 42 Chambers, Adam M. 253, 131 Chandler, Tiffany L. 20, 240, 61, 104 Chang, Edward 253 Chanler, Christian S. 237, 112. 42 Chapel, Scott A. 237 Chapman, Edward W. Chapman, Michelle A. Chappelle, Timothy C. 237. 133 Chapton, Michael 237 Chase, John H. 171, 58 Chaulet, Justin I, 237 Chen, Robert H. Cherpas, Cristina N. 237 Chiang. Kenneth T 253 Chiang. Simone L. Childs, Jenelle M. Chiu. Steve Chodowski. Kim M. Choi, Edward J. 237, 91 Choi, Helen 49, 56 Chou, Thomas J. 253,48, 56 Christopher, Michelle 174, 178, 67 Christy, Thomas A. Chronley, Robert E. 58, 59 Chung, II Y. 253, 74 Church, Brian W. Cilliani, Elizabeth A. 174, 178 Cisneros, John R. 253 Clark. Devon C. Clark, LeanneR. 55, 61,134, 99 Clark, Michael |. 51, 55 Clark, Robert L. 174, 178, 49 Clark, Shawn M. 163, 174, 178, 108, 69, 136, 43 Clarke, Christina R. 253 Clayton, Michele D. 32, 174 Cleary, Paul H. 237 Clevenger, Jeremy S. 253, 111, 131 Cochran. Sandra L. 237 Coderre, Laurie J. 253, 174, 178 Coffey. Cathy 33, 237, 60, 246. 61 Cogswell, David W. 238 Cohen. Hilda A. 253 Cohen. Joshua A. Cole, Christa M. 253. 69, 113. 100.99 Cole. Steve R. 136 Cole, Trey 32, 174, 86,57 Coles, Melissa A. 174 Collier. Georgine M. 134 Collier. Gregory M. 238 Collins, Jason P. 174. 179, 48 Collins. |ohn B 132. 133 Collins.Tim|131. 106 Colman. Matthew A. 253. 171 Colwell. Candee S. 54. 243. 136 Combs, Katrina 32, 131 Combs, KoryB. 253, 111 Connor, Doris L. 238 Constantine, |ason P. 254, 253, 259, 93, 58 Cook, Stacey A. 175, 179 Coombs, Dallas 254, 112 Cooper, Jared S. Cooper, Sloan 254 Cope, Kristen E. 175, 179, 57, 100 Cormier, Bradley R. 254, 111 Cornish, Todd Coronado, Melinda L. 63 Costanza, Kevin S. 13, 175, 138 Cotman, Danna J. 60, 54, 55. 61. 57. 53 Cowdell, Christopher J. 238 Cox. Bradley J. 56, 136, 102 Cox, Janyee 134, 105 Cox. Jeff 254 Coykendall. Kim R. Coykendall. Shawn W. 238 Crandall, Julie D. 17, 175, 179, 48, 49, 55, 56, 65, 64, 74 Crane, Bill M. 238 Crane. Penelope D. 254. 73 Craun, Darren J. 238 Craven, Scott M. 175, 86, Crawford, Carrie K. 238, 141 Crawford, Doug A. 95. 238, 138, 73, 129 Crawford, Patrick D. 238, 91 Crawford, Sherry 254 Creque, Jacqueline M. Crispell, Julie L. 175, 179 Croissant, Rich J. 238 Crommett, Juliet S. Crook. Sterling D. 238 Crosby, Scott 254 Cummings. |ulie K. 238, 51 Cunningham, Rex W. 254 Curiel, Yvette 254 Curran, Brad E. 163, 176, 179, 108, 91 Curran, Brett D. 238, 186, 111, 130 Curran, Graham A. Curtis. Marc W. 238 Cutler, Ann W. 254, 238 Cutler, Kristin M. 238 Cutliff. Christopher N. 86. 126, 127, 129 ID Dabney. Andy L. 254. 93 Dabrow. Coach 93 Dailey. Elisabeth A. 176, 39, 61 Dains. Kathleen |. 254 Dakins, Janine C. 176 Dancy. Joanne E. 238 Dancy, Lisa A. 176 Dane. Kelli L. 238 Daniels, Didi D. 176, 179 Daniels. Michele Danon. Steven S. 254 Dart. Kevin H. Davenport. William F. 238. 39. 50. 136 Davert, Gregson S. 176, 60, 56, 57 Davies. Angela J. Davies, Paul H. 238 Davis. Allison K. 238 Davis, Brian G. 176, 179 Davis. Craig S. 238 Davis. Dana J. 238. 119. 184 Davis, |oy L. 48, 112 Davis, Michael C. 254. 134 Davis, Preston S. 106 Davis. Susan A. 238, 61. 112. 99 Day. Craig S. 238 Dean, Windy L. Deboer, Daren J. 176 Deboer, Julie A. 238 Deceit. Tanya Y. 53 Decker!, Denise J. 176, 50, 54, 63, 79, 57, 73 Decoite, Brian K. 239. 107 Dee. Robert C. 254 Deering, Nathan A. 254 Degrasse. Debra L. Degroff, David R. Degroot. Randy M. 239 Degroot, Tammy L. 176, 179 Delnoce. Anthony 62. 63 Delyea, Jim P. 177, 179 Demoss. Bonnie Denenny, Yvonne D. 239. 49. 54,61,56 Denny, Paige 254, 254, 100 Derr, Robin D. 177, 72, 179, 73,42 DeSalvo, Jennifer A. 239. 48. 63 Desalvo, Susan E. 11, 177, 179, 48, 63, 144, 124 Desantis. Lisa A. 239 Desilva, Chanaka 254 Desilva. Gayani V. 239. 51. 54 Denning. Hendrik L. 177 Devries. Matthew Dexter, Darcia M. 239 Dicarlo. M. J. 239 Difronzo. Gregory 254 Difronzo, Louis Andrew 17, 165, 177 137, 179, 37, 80, 56, 57 Dimas. Adriene 254 Dingwell. Dawn M. 239 Dinneen, Dana L. 239. 57 Dionne, Russel E. Dirrico. Christopher R Disarm, Derek B. Disarro, Michael D. Divona, Suzanne 177, 179, 134 Dloughy, Dawn L Dobbins. Michael | Dockendorf. Kristal A. 239 Dockendorf, Nicole R. 177 Donahoe. Kreg W. 239 Donnelly, John Kirk 17. 177, 179,50,56 Dorn. Patrick W. 239. 108. 96 Doss. Mark W. 239. 121 Doubet. Suzanne L 239 Downs. Lance R. Duarte. Rosemanr Duckworth, Dawn L. Duff. Stacey L 239. 56 Dugan. Danelle Dulebohn. Elizabeth M. 239 Dumerton. Brcnna N. 254 Duncan, Monty R. 184 Index 277 J Dunlap, Clayton A. 239 Dunn, Amy M. 13, 74 Dunn, David]. 74 Dunn, MarkS. 239 Dunn, Michael S. 96 Dunn, Patricia L. 179 Dunn, Stephen B. 254 Dutrisac, Jud P. 30, 184, 86, 179, 108, 109, 127, 129 Dutrisac, Laura J. 254, 261, 126, 134, 100 Duval, Doug T. 163, 184, 86, 179, 56, 51 Duval, Michelle 239, 54, 57 Duyer, Johns P. Dyer, John E. 254 Eden, Marc A. Edgerly, Nicole D. Ediss, Steve 32 Edman, Matthew 254 Edman, Chris 184, 179 Eidenmuller, Jeffrey Eisenman, Dana G. 254, 132, 133 Eisenman, Douglas R. Elliott, Beverly G. 238, 54, 55 Elliott, Christopher M. 239 Elliott, Sharon E. 27, 184, 179 Ellis, Diana K. 184, 179 Ellis, Mark T. 239 Elmer, Christopher D. 239 Elpers, Mark R. Emanuel, Kimberly A. 239 Embree, Todd 184, 179 Endicott, Christopher P. Enriquez, Ricky G. Ensign, Cynthia J. 184, 179 Escalette, Philip R. Escoto, Jason Espinoza, Ramona M. 239 Esqueda, Sharon 254 Esslinger, David A. 254, 93, 106 Estrada, Robert P. Etkin, Veronica B. 239 Evans, Debra A. 239 Evans, Karen J. 254, 134 Evans, Kimberly S. 185, 179, 55, 104 Evans, Kristi D. 29, 251, 254 Evans, Phaedra L. Fairbairn, Katlin 5, 185, 179 Fano, Esther M. 185 Farish, Kristen E. 239 Farney, Margaret (Peggy) C. 19, 239, 73 Farnsworth, Karen C. 165, 185, 179, 48, 74 Farnsworth, Mike M. 239 Farr, Michael D. Ill Farrar, Annette 185, 179 Farrar, Stephen 185 Feder, Stacy L. 239, 51, 54 Felber, Erik L. Felber, Michael 239 Felix, Klee J. 239, 63 Fenmore, Eric J. Fenton. David C. 40 Fenton, Missy A. 185, 179, 68, 69 Ferbert, Dale W. 185, 179 Fergus, Christopher C. 151, 130 Ferris, Morgan L. 254, 93, 60, 131 Ferry, Nils F. Fetters, Andrea M. 239, 63 Fickett, Kenneth Matt R. 6 Fiduccia, Michelle P. 239, 235 Field, Matthew A. Fienberg, Dean H. 94, 239, 140 Figge. Allison J. 254 Figley, Reed R. 11, 185, 179, 48,63 Finger, Gretchen M. 185, 179 Finger, Melissa Y. 239 Fink, Melanie T. 19, 239, 65 64,73 Fiore, John V. 186, 179 Fiore, Paul 60, 61 Fischbeck, John M. 239, 86, 38 Fitterer, John T. Fjeld, Arthur K. 239 Fleischaker, Stephanie 113 Fletcher, Jason T. 254 Fletcher, Shawn W. 186, 86, 52, 180, 121, 52 Flores, Elizabeth 186, 179, 78 Fogarty, Lori A. 58 Fogarty, Stacy L. Fontyn, Desiree D. 240 Ford, Ephfriam 108 Ford, Kim R. Forester, Bobbi Forney, Debra J. 23, 186, 180, 43 Foster, Christian T. 240, 56 Foto, Antonella A. 56, 100 Fox, David J. 130 Francis, James L. 50, 62, 63 Francis, Janet M. 255, 57 Franco, John L. 57, 130, 103, 102 Franco, Julie K. 51, 57 Frazee, Nicole D. 240 Frazier, Anna M. 255 Freebairn, John S. 48, 49, 54, 61, 56, 74, 43 Freeman, Michael R. Friedemann, Julie A. 240 Friend, Kristin A. 20, 186, 180, 56,57 Fritts, Derek G. 255, 93 Frutos, Paul W. 240 Frutos, Tony G. 56 Fryer, Darrin M. 13, 253, 186, 86, 179, 61, 56 Fryer, Valerie A. 19, 240, 60, 99 Fujita, Naoyoshi255 Fukuda, Michael T. 255, 114 Fuller, Kevin M. 225 Fulton, Jennifer D. 11, 186, 179, 48 Furry, Jennifer J. 240, 112, 74 Furry, [ill S. 255 Furry, Robyn L. 186, 179, 54, 56, 134 Gabelsberg, Mark L. 240, 286, 48, 56, 137, 91 Gabor, Michelle K. 240 Gage, Lisa M. 225 Galey, Scott D. 240 Gallagher, Catherine G. 186, 179, 56, 57 Gallagher, Jean M. 240 Gallagher, Shari K. 255 Gansel, Mark E. 13, 225, 48, 57,96 Garboski, Chris A. 240, 112 Garcia, Rosario F. Garrison, Mitchell A. 240, 55, 57, 133 Garrison, Stephanie A. 186, 179, 55, 56 Gaspar, Nick J. 23, 187, 179, 50, 54, 56, 57, 129 Gaspar, Paul 240, 50, 57, 131 Gastelum, Alfonso M. Gates, Laurie A. 225 Gatlin, Lori D. Gatlin, Ron D. 255, 93 Gaude, Gordon M. 255 Gault, Rex 225 Gavin, Patty 187, 179, 118 Gazzaniga, David S. 28, 30, 31, 187, 86, 179, 108, 111, 56, 57 Gazzaniga, Michael S. 240, 30, 38, 248, 91 Gecker, Andrea H. 225, 113 Geddy, Felice 225 Geideman, Thomas E. 255 Genest, Larry R. 225 Gentry, Aram U. Gentry, Jared U. 187, 179 Georgantas, Chris T. 225 Gesler, David 255, 131 Gess, Lisa 187 Geyer, Michael J. 225 Gibson, John R. 240, 55, 107, 106 Gibson, William T. 225, 56 Giesea, Denise S. 27, 163, 188, 58, 54, 55, 57, 132, 100 Giesea, Jeffrey T. 15, 255 Giffin, Paige C. 225, 65, 64, 74 Gilbreath, Jessica A. 240 Gilchrist, Jed C. 225 Gill, Maria L. 255 Gill. Michael J. Gillentine, Maile Gilliam, Carmen L. 225 Gillman, Adam J. 94, 95, 187, 240, 285, 56, 284 Gillman, Michael J. 255, 60, 52, 149, 40, 56, 57, 96 Gilmore, Mike K. 187, 180, 114,116 Gilstrap, Kristi L. 225 Gin, Karen 225, 61 Gionet, Raymond ). 187, 179 Giraldo, Jessica M. 255 Givens, Lisa S. 240 Glasgo w, Rebecca ). 188, 179 Glass, Robert A. 225 Goh, Kenneth S. 240, 55 Goldberg, Adine R. 225 Goldberg, Beth E. 255 Golden, Keith T. 225. 114,116 Goldstein, Jeffrey D. 225 Goldstein, Lisa 225, 51, 221 Gonzales, Cheryl M. 225, 124, 124 Gonzalez, Dana L. 85, 225 Gonzalez, Joelle K. 240, 124 Gonzalez. Liane R. 255, 49, 134, 105, 104 Gonzalez, Michael J. 255, 93 Goodman, Rebecca A. 188, 179, 49, 57, 100 Goodman, Victoria H. 225, 74 Gordon, Jay E. 225 Gore, Greg T. 31, 188, 202, 60, 179, 108, 109, 56, 57 Gorrie, Ronald 188, 86, 179, 129 Gorup, Myke L. 255 Goss, Gretchen 0. 11, 188, 36, 37, 48, 62, 63, 78, 79, 74 Goss, Jennifer A. Governale, Frank J. 225, 129 Graham, Colin B. 253, 93 Graham, Ian R. 23, 188, 179, 50, 54, 56, 57 Grahn, Kristin D. 19, 240, 141 143 Grahovac, Thomas M. 225, 108, 129 Graichen, Diana L. 188, 179 Grams, Steven P. 225, 138 Granneman, Ronald L. Gravley, Rick A. 225 Gray, Jon L. 180 Graziano, Richard G. 240, 286 108, 102 Greco, Andrew J. 225, 128, 129 Green, Jennifer A. 240 Green, Larry S. 225, 58, 51, 80 Greenaway, Lana L. 240 Greene, Debbie L. 189, 179, 40 Gregg, Karri S. 255, 53, 102 Gregg, Kevin S. 240, 248 Gregg, Lia V. 179, 56 Gresham, Kelly D. 240, 56 Gresham, Tina L. 225, 60, 71 70 Greyeyes, Frederick L. 255 Griffitts, Darrin T. 255 Griffitts, Tracy L. 189, 179 Groff, Rebecca J. 225 Grover, Janene L. 189, 179 Gualt, R. 86 Guarnacci, Shannon 137 Gugasian, Armen H. 189, 179, 107 Gugasian, Susan A. 226, 48 Gugino, Jason C. 240 Gugino, Jordan 240, 96 Guido, Angela L. 189, 38, 180 Gunckel, Thomas L. 255 Gunz, James F. 94, 95, 240 Gutierrez, John B. 189, 180 Gutrecht, Paul A. 17, 23, 189, 180, 80 Guzman, Karen E. 255, 141 Gwinup, Kevin L. 255, 63 Kl Hackett, Susan M. 4, 189, 180 Hadley, Kimberly L. 190, 180 Haenel, Kristin M. 240 Hager, Dwayne H. 255, 63, 106 Hagmann, Derek S. 226, 133 Hagmann, Kristin J. 255 Hairston, Adam 29, 255, 43 Halbert, William C. Hallamore, Troy K. 5, 190, 80, 278 index J 121,56,57 Hallstrom Darin E. 190, 60, 80,56 Hallstrom. Dina 226 Hamaker, Kevin 190, 180 Hamann, Lena R. Hamilton, Betty R. 255 Hamilton, Elizabeth 15. 17, 23, 190.57,64.73.49 Hammes, Sheri M. 255, 63 Hammond. Anna K. 226, 48. 63 Hammond, Heidi L. 240 Hampton. Christine M Hampton. Sonja J. Hancock. Barry W. 226, 132 Hancock, Jennifer S. 190, 180, 49,56 Hanegan, Jeffrey N. 240 Hannegan, Bryan f. 256 Hansen, Sally M. 226 Hanson, Amy 256, 64 Hanson, Janice A. 240 Hanson. Jayne240 Hanson. John W. 226 Hardage. Steven R. 256 Hardage. Susan M. 226 Hardin, John W. 190, 180 Hardy, Teresa M. 190, 180 Harlak. Ronald 240 Harlow, Darrin Harmon, Matthew 256 Harper, Annette 226, 100 Harrelson, Rachel 226 Harris, Debra S. 256 Harris. Tamara V. 56 Harrison. Adam 260, 93 Harrison. Paul W. 240 Hart. Charles E. Harvey. Jeffrey M. 226, 50, 136 Hastings, Wendy M. 240 Hatch, Jolene M 191, 180 Hauser, Matthew 256 Hawthorne. Valerie L. 226. 98, 51 Hayman, Allison D. 256 Hayman, Daniel S. 55 Haymond, Shannon 256, 256 Hayter. Cory K. 256 Head. Shawna M. 256 Healy, Brian P. 240 Heath, Jason L. 256 Heil. Thomas W. 239. 241. 57 Hein. Darryl A. 94. 241 Heinlein. Rebecca L. 191, 60, 180, 49, 55, 56 Heinrich. Jennifer L. 226. 80. 56 Henderson. Christine E. 256. 63 Hendrix, Loren T. Henrotin. Greg S. 226, 56, 102 Henson, Michele L. 256 Heredia. Joseph R. 95, 241, 138. 139 Heredia. Risel L. 241 Herman. Barry 226. 48 Hernandez. Melissa I. 226. 55 Hernandez, Michael |. 256. 119 Herr, Julie C. 256 Hertsgaard, Kristen L. 256 Hibbard. Christine L. 241 Hibbard, Lisa M. 226 Hibbert. Andrew J. 256. 258 Hicks. Barbara L. 256 Hicks. S. 86 Higgins, Michael A. 256, 131 Hilker, Elizabeth J. 226 Hill. Shannon M. 241, 54 Hines. Carrie L. Hingst, Steven M. 191, 52, 180, 56 Hinojosa, Sandy A. 191 Hirsch, Karsten V. 226, 56 Hodges, Christopher M. 191, 180 Hoff, Jennifer L. 256 Hofflander, Diane M. 26, 30, 67, 31, 191 Hofflander, Ronald S. 226 Hoffman. James E. 241 Hoffman, Linda P. 191, 180 Hoffman, Ryan T. Hogan, Dirk J. 241. 56. 113 Hogan, Lore J. 191 Hogseth. Jennifer E. 241 Holder. Jon D. 226, 48, 130 Holland, David J. 192, 86, 180, 57 Holland. Robert E. 226. 87. 131 Hollander, Kimberly A. 241 Holley, Diane E. 192, 180 Hoist, Julie A. 17, 192, 80, 49, 65, 64, 73 Holt, Elizabeth J. 192 Horner. Joseph P. 241 Horowitz, Rebekah S. 192, 180 Horton. BrianS. 226. 86, 111 Morton, David S. Horton, Lisa A. 192, 180, 134 Horton, Mike D. 256, 92. 93. 131 Horvath. Aaron R. 256. 93 Horvath. Lisa M. 256 Horvath, Tanya I, 226 Hosmun.StacyJ.226 Houlihan, Susan M. 20, 192, 180, 122 House. Bruce L. 226. 86 Hove. Marni M.241 Howard, Carolyn 256 Howell, Terry L. 226 Hoyt, Michelle M. 226 Huang. Albert K. 256, 48 Huang, Jack L. 257, 70 Huang. JouH. 226. 51,61,66. 71 Huang, May H. 192, 180, 56, 64,73 Huff. Harold E. 226 Hunkins. Erin M. 226 Hunt, Carolyn A. Hunter. Craig E. 257 Huntington, Alisa J. 226. 55 Huntington. Ronald M. 241 Hupe, Cathie L. 257 Hurlbut, Victoria L. 193, 180, 56 Hurtt, Michelle C. 257 Hunt, Wendy E. 193, 180 Hurwitz, David L. 193, 180. 121 Husband. David A. 237. 241. 91 Husband, Ron S. 193,180 Hussain, Farida 180 Hussain. Nasreen S. 257 Huston. Patrick L 241 Huston, William B. 193 Hutton, Eric 257 Huynh. Phu K. 257 Huynh. Xuong K. 226 D Iftiger. Allen P. 226 lftiger. Daniel P. 254. 257, 93, 140 Immell. Gregory S. 241 Inaba. Jon A. 241 Inaba, Michael D. 193 $ Jackman. Christin C. 241 Jackman, Patty S. Jackson, Cathy E. 194, 180 Jacobs, Anthony F. 241 Jacobs. Michelle A. 257 Jacobs, Steven J. 1 7, 194, 180 James. Kelly A. 241. 74 Jaques. Craig W. Jeffries. Kimberlee K. Jeltema. John C. 257,63, 137 Jeltema, Mary A. 194, 180, 48 Jennings, Katherine B. 19, 241. 63 |ennings. Tami L. 241, 57 Jensen, David A. 241. 63. 249, 121 Johns, Michele 194, 180 Johnson, Ann C. 194, 180 Johnson, Chris A. 241 Johnson. Derek A. Johnson, Greg L. 194, 38, 180, 56 Johnson, Gregory R. 257, 92. 93,39 Johnson, Jarrett A. 95 Johnson. Julia G. 241. 145 Johnson. Kurt A. 19, 241, 114, 117 |ohnson. Lisa M. 241 Kihbv. James 196, 180 Kiefer, Julie D. 241. 54,93 Kiefer, William J. 26, 163, 196, 86 60,56,53,180 Kieval. ShenaB. 241 Kilber, Shannon J. Kilgore, Michael W. 6, 15, 196,36,37,180,51,54,55, 69,74 Kim. Cheryl M. 51. 55. 56. 57. 53 Kim, Dennis K. Kim. Eileen 257. 250. 60. 48 Kim. Melissa J 241. 108. 57 Kim. Paul E 242 Kim, Peter S. 196 Kin, Karen E. 242. 60. 60. 49. 124. 112.124. 125 Kin, Michael A. 163. 197 ,M 180, 49, 55, 57 Kincaid, Cassan King. |umes R. 257 King. |effreyM. 257 Kinne, Lisa M. 242. 51 Kiritachenko, Alex S. 257 Kirk. K Kirk, Patn 197,274.181, 284 Kirkendall. K. Kirk pat ri. k, ; Kirkpatrick. Kim L. . Klein, Louis B. 242 Klein. Rebecca G. 242 Klevatt, Debra L. 17, 197, 181, 48,49 Kline. Adam M. 94. 95, 241. 140 Klosterman. Debra A. Knaggs. Ryan C. 242 Knapp. James C. 28. 130 Knobbe. Catherine M 48. 141 Knowles. Amy K. Knowles. Kacey C. 257 Kobavashi. Joy S. 40 Koehl, Cornelia A. 197. 37, 151,54,69,113, 100,99 Koehl, Stephen A. 242 Koeker, Larissa J. 197, 181 Koo, Cindy H. 257 Koo. Soosie H. Kooi, Lisa J. 197. 181 Kopcha. Douglas B. 242 Korich, David L. 48. 51 Kosloski. Steven L Kovac. Karl B. 238. 242. 57 Kowalik. Lenee E. 242 Kracht, Tom A. 197 Kraus, Stacey A. 6, 165, 198, 60, 181 Kreutz. Mica E. 257 Krieg. Lynnette J. Krofick. Rosalind W. Krosner, Gary Krucher. Crista L Krupp. Leah M. Kuchera. Lisa M. 257 Kwan. Hing Y. 181 Kyler. Chuck 238 Lacy. Beverly | . 17.58.55 Lafiamme, Ginger L. 198, 181, 55, 116 Laird, Ralph E. 30, 198, 181, 61,108,56,57 Lake. Andy C 242 Lakin. Donald J Lam. DuH 242.111 Lambert. -ri, S - ' 42.100 Lambert K I ' . 100 Lamm ,L 198. 181 Landrn. Brian C. 258 L»ndon, Laura R. 198. 181 258. Lari. Patrick 191 Larkev. Julie 8. 1M. Ill irabarry l I mle I J Larsen, Carolyn J. 242, 60, 247. 61, 143 Larson, David A. 242 Larson, Derek ]. 198 Larson, John K. 242, 48, 51, 55, 57, 102 Lassiter, Bryan W. 58, 51, 55 Lathouse, Nicole Lathrum, Lawrence E. 199 Lathrum, Richard J. 258, 106 Lau, Charles J. Lau, Kenneth S. Law, Darren P. 100 Law, David A. 199 Law, Jeffrey C. 242 Lawrence, Andrea M. 199, 151, 54, 143 Lawrence, Cherie N. 242, 48, 49,53 Laycock, Randy W. 243 Layton, Kristi 73 Le, Susan L. 199 Leach, Jason G. 258, 94, 138 Leaman, Karen J. 258 LeBlanc, Joel S. 199, 181 LeBrun, Michelle D. 199, 181, 54, 136 Lee, Carl 86 Lee, Richard K. Lee, Thomas K. 258 I.eedom, Michael W. 199 Left, Sarah 258 Lehmann, Christina 181 Lehmann, Stephen D. Leloup, Lance F. Lemas, Noah I. 258, 111 Lemke, Celina N. 258, 141 Lemos, Christina A. 33, 243, 61, 105 Lemos, Richard A. 199, 103, 102 Lentz, John H. 199, 181 Leonardi, Kelly K. 243 Leone, Wendy M. Leong, Donna J. Leong, Michael E. 243 Lepisto, Julie A. Lerch, Jeffrey W. 199, 181 Lesueur, Robin Lesueur, Sabrina 258 Lether, Lee W. 243, 131 Levine, Michael A. 243 Lewand, Danielle A. 258 Lewand, Kevin O. 243, 111 Lewand, William S. Lewis, Christine M. 38, 39 Lewis, Dawn Dee Dee 20, 200, 181 Lewis, Dyer 258 Lewis, Jay D. 258, 58, 59, 51, 88 Lewis, Karen M. Lewis, Katie E. 258, 252 Lewis, Loren W. Lewis, Stanley A. 63, 243 Lewis, Tracy K. 58, 243 Ley, Tonya L. 243 Licata, June R. 243 Lillard, Matthew L. 258, 93, 51 Lilly, Maile D. 258 Lin, Austin 258 Lin, Cindy 258 Lin, Helen 258 Lin, Horace T. 258 Lincourt, Carrie E. 19, 243 Lincourt, Robert E. Lindley, Bayard T. Lindley, Daniel C. 258 Lips, Thomas). Lissner, Michele A. Little, Eugenia B. 243 Livengood, T. M. 63 Livingston, Kelly M. 258 Lloyd, Jerry D. 200, 181, 55 Lodgard. Kirsten D. 258 Lodgard, Thomas C. Long, Bridget A. 243 I.oonam, Erin E. 200, 160, 181 Lopez, Denise 243 Lopez, Julie L. 20, 48, 243 Lopez, Kimberli A. 258 Lopez, Michelle M. 58, 51 Lopez, Odalis 58, 59, 243, 58 Lopez, Pam J. 243 Louviaux, Melissa M. Lowe, Kelli M. 243 Lowe, Kim S. 236, 243 Lowe, Michelle R. 258 Lu, Karen E. 200, 181, 51, 55, 119, 56 Lubell, Aaron M. 200, 181, 110 Lubell, Jonathan S. 94, 243 Ludlow, Andrus G. 243 Ludlow, Kiliaen Lui, Henry H. 8 Luna, Jennifer A. 258, 39 Luna, John R. 286, 243 Lundgreen, David A. 54 Lundgreen, John C. 243, 56 Lundquist, Carrie A. 6, 200, 181, 55, 56, 68, 69 Lunsford, Dawn E. 243 Lusin, Jacqueline D. 200, 181, 48, 49, 51, 54, 56, 73, 284 Lynch, Robert D. Lynd, Allyn 200, 181, 132, 48, 50, 54, 80 M Mackay, Susan J. MacKinnon, Lisa M. 51, 55, 61 MacKinnon, Michael D. 258, 131 MacLeod, Devon R. 55, 69 Madole, Darrin E. 200, 181, 69, 131, 107 Madole, Kent D. 258, 130 Madory, Mike W. 200 181, 48, 55, 56, 57 Madsen, Kara S. 258 Magnusson, Ann Marie S. Marian, Kimberly L. 259 Mahru, Janine R. 48, 49, 51, 243 Mahutte, Neal 56 Malpass, Cory B. 259 Mandiola, Bernadette 8, 20, 201, 151, 40, 48, 50 Mann, Robert A. 201, 181 Mannion, Derek L. 243 Manzo, Catherine M. 165, 162, 201, 37, 60, 181, 40, 78 Manzo, Chris 259, 94, 55, 102 Manzo, Laurie J. 259, 61, 106 Marantz, Lori F. 17, 48, 67 Marchetti, Michael J. 259, 263, 93, 60, 61 Marcum, Lorene A. 124, 124 Marestaing, Alex E. 201, 181 Marks, Jennifer L. 259 Marsile, Wendy G. 60, 243, 56 Martin, Jennifer Martin, Kellie D. 201 Martin, Mitzi A. 293 Martinez, Brian R. 106 Martinez, Omar D. 243 Martinez, Stephen V. 130 Martinez, Yvette M. 259, 181 Marx, Michael W. 201 Massey, Karen 259 Massey, Scott W. 243, 91 Massey, Steven 121 Mattson, Mark O. 243, 137 Mattson, Timothy D. 201, 105 Mayemura, Michele L. 201, 49,57 Mays, Shannon D. Mazurie, Deidre A. 17, 202, 36, 37, 142, 181, 40, 78, 61 McArthur, Chuck G. 55, 243, 248 McBride, Heather K. 59 McBride, Quentin J. 259, 59, 55, 137 McCain, Michele L. 259, 119, 118 McCallum, Jocelyn C. McCann, Shawn C. 243 McCarty, Christine E. 259 McCarty, Timothy P. McCauley, Moriah 259 McClure, Caroline R. 17, 181, 40, 142 McClure, Karen L. 181, 74 McClure, Leslie A. 48, 243, 61 McCormick, Deidre A. McCormick, Thomas L. McDonnell, Jason M. 243 McDuff, Laurie C. 205 McElderry, Aaron J. 243 McFadden, Joseph P. 55, 48, 106 McFarland, Mark J. McFerson, Christine 106 McGehee, InjaD. 243, 56 McGivern, Mark M. 56 McGuire, Sean M. 205, 181, 114 McHenry, Bart M. 51, 49, 63, 243, 136, 71 McHenry, Garth M. 27, 205, 36, 37, 181, 40, 61, 80, 71, 102 McKay, John P. 163, 205, 181, 55, 108 McKeever, Michael 259 McKell, Matthew D. 205 McKinney, Kelli D. 205, 181 McKinney, Monica L. McKittrick, Jeff A. 56 McMains, Kevin M. 205 McMains, Patrick D. 259. 63 McNerney, Kathy M. 205, 181 McNerney, Michael J. 39, 43 McTaggart, John 86, 127, 48, 221, 127 Meany, Patrick M. Mecham, Amy L. 202, 181, 64 Med ina Paul A. 202, 181 Medina, William A. 56 Meehan, Ann F. 243 Meehan, John J. 202, 181 Mehlberger, Charles S. 202 Meier, David Melican, David J. 243, 111 Meline, Michael J. 259 Meline, Susanne L. 8, 202, 181, 48, 49, 51 Mellott, Paul A. 243 Mendiola, Jean T. Mendoza, Diana E, Mendzer, Jerald L. 244 Menefee, Nicole M. 19, 54 Merker, Diane M. 259 Merker, Eric R. 244, 96 Messmer, Kevin C. 259 Metzger, Marcy G. 244. 119, 129 Meyer, Todd C. 244 Meyers, Linda L. 202, 181 Meyers, Lisa K. 202, 181 Mickles, Vanessa L. 244 Miller. Carolyn 63, 244 Miller, Christopher L. 48 Miller, Dale D. 259, 63 Miller, David B. 203, 181 Miller, Garey L. Miller, Jason C. 259 Miller, Jeffrey Miller, Joyce N. 259 Miller. Kelly A. 244 Miller, Kimberly A. Miller, Nancy F. 259 Miller, Yvonne L. Millspaugh, Lori B. 59, 51, 244, 57 Milton, Chris A. 244 Milton, Eric F. Min, Christine K. 259 Miner, Monique 203, 181, 49, 50, 54, 61, 57 Miner, Robert T. 95, 48, 49, 54, 244, 247, 61, 99 Miraula, Nicole A. 203, 181, 67 Mitchell, Antony C. 20, 22, 127, 56, 57, 203, 126, 181 Mitchell, Jason C. 203, 181, 114, 117 Mitchell, Kenneth K. 203, 181, 56,57 Mitchell. Najla A. 244, 112 Molnar, Eva E. 244 Mongan, Amy 203, 183, 55 Montgomery, Kaarin R. 244 Montgomery, Mary B. 259 Moore, Stephanie M. Morbee, Kevin Morbee, Michelle J. 259 Morbee, Steve J. 203, 86 Morel, Robert R. 203 Morgan, Lisa Y. 203 Morgan, Teri, L. 259 Morones, David K. 259, 93 Morris, Buffi L. Morris, Scott R. Morris, Steve R. Mosharaf, Mani Motley, Mary M. 58, 63, 244 Motley, Matthew H. 140 Mottes, Alan D. Mullin, Julie M. Mullins, Scott C. 259, 93 Muret, Paul N. 48, 55, 244 Murphy, Holly J. Murrieta, Anne 56 Murrieta, Jill K. 23 Myers, Gar M. 108 Myers, Heather Myhra, Meghan R. 259 280 index Nagle, Richard A. 205 Nakamoto, Greg I. 48, 50 54 244. 56 Navarro. Lorelei E. 48 63 244 139 Neales, Catherine A. Near. John R. 55 Negri, Toni Neiger, Steven B. 206 Neil. Coach 193 Nelson, Karen C. 206 Nesbitt, Jeffrey D. Nesbitt, Leslie B. 48, 50 244 56, 102 Nestor. James J. 260 Nestor, julianne 55, 244 Newcomb, Michael W 260 93 Newcum. Kari A. 260 Newcum, Kelli A., 206 Newquist, Melissa A. 56 Nex, Michael C. 244 Nguyen, Thuan B. 206 Nickelson, Brian L. 22, 52 Nicol, Glenn R. 260, 93 Nitzberg, Rachel 260 Niven, Krista M. 260 Noble, Christopher 260, 63 Noble. Kurt C 19. 86 Northcote, Kent S. 244, 132 100 Northcote. Kristin L. 260, 100 Nosier, Alisa A. 206 Nosier, Douglas J. 244, 111 Nozick, Valerie L. 260, 51, 54 Null, Angela J. Nunley, Sabryna Nyman, Eric W. 245 Obering, Charilla J. Obrien, John P. 163, 206, 86, 54 Obrien, Kevin M. 245 Ochoa, Joe J. Oder, John D. 63 Odonoghue, Peter D. 260 Oh, Hyun H. Oh. Stanley K. Ojanpera, Jane S. 260, 60 Okamoto, Dina G. 260 Olin. Eric S. 245, 108 Oliveira. Tracey L. 245. 48. 61 Olsen, Tom G. 245 Olson, Christopher L. 260 Olson, Karen K. 245 Omohundro, Kristina J. 245 ONeill, Alanna V. 245 ONeill, JohnC. Ordway, Robert L. Orlando, Gina E. 245 Ornitz, Jill H. 245. 237. 57 Ortiz. Nelson M. Ortiz, Renae C. 206 Uiicr., Tracy L. 260 Osterkamp, Anthony H. 245 Osur, Jennifer K. 206, 287, 74, 113,100 Osur, Jill F. 207, 74, 113 OToole. Meghan G. 245. 74 OToole, Molly E. 245 Ouskouian, Firouzeh Overn, Susan 207, 48, 49, 64 74 Ozorkiewicz, Laura J. 207 Packard. Tara M. 245, 235 Padden, Carolyn M. Paduano, Anthony Painter, Kristin A. 245 Pak, Andy J. 260, 137 Pak. Brigette B. 245 Pak, Cathy L. Pak, Woodrow W. 260, 137 102 Palafoutas, Christopher 245 Palluck, Andrew J. 260, 140 94 Palmer, Lisa Park, Dong I. 260 Park, Young In 245, 51,56 Parker. Jennifers. Parker, Stacy S. 165, 207, 86, 108, 57, 129 Parrent, Michael L. 207 Parrish, Kathy A. 207, 48, 49 56, 57, 143 Parrish, Linda J. 207, 49, 143 Parsons, Donald K. 207 Parsons, Matthew Passo, Laura 245, 56 Passo, Wendy R. 22, 31, 207. 60 Pateras. Georgia 245 Paul. Bradford C Pautsch, Eric C. 245 Peckham, William V. 260, 111 Pedersen. Christian D. 245 Pedersen, Richard T. 164, 207 Perkins. Patrick D. Perkins, Trina A. 260 Pernanko, P. 59 Perozzi, Gina S. 208, 285 Perren, James W. 208, 48, 63 Perrot, Amie P. 4, 245 Person, Eric B. 245. 51 Person. Karl A. 245, 51 Peterman. Brent W. Peters, Kurt E. 245 Peters, Lisa 230. 134 Peterson, David C. 260 Peterson. Deirdre C. 245 Peterson, Greg D. 208 Peterson. Kelly A. 245 Peterson. Paul D. 260. 106 Peterson, Robert W. 86 Petronave. Ellen P. Peyton. Tracey Lee A. Phillips. Joseph G. 260. 136 Phillips. Laura M. 28. 230, 99 Phillips, Matthew W. 260, 93 Phillips, Michael C. 163, 208 69, 114,116 Phillips. Rebecca E. 245, 48 Phillips, Robert S. 261, 74, 137 Phillipson. MicheleA. 261 Photoglou. Jorge J. 261 Pierce, Amy L. Piltz. Paige 261. 63 Piltz. Troy E. 230 Pines, Stephanie I 261 Pinney, Darcy N. 245, 74 Pitcher, Christy Pliner. Nicole H. 20. 245 48 612. 122 Poag, Robin L. 208 PoeschI, Alexandra C. Pohlman, Holly R. 251 261 208 Pohlman, Robin R. Pomeroy, Leason F. 208, 103 Ponsetto, (Catherine N. 230 28.56 Poole, Richard T 230, 63 Pope. Debra L. 261 Pope, Michael S. 230 Potter, Jeanne R. 208, 56 Powell. Kimberly C 15, 261 38 Powell, Stacey J. 208 Powers, Margaret A. 230, 112 122, 99 Prendergast, Amber M. 261 Prendergast, Gina L. 230, 54 I. 288 Prete. Ric M. 95, 230. 138, 48 49, 54. 55 Price, Jenifer L. 261,64 Price, Laura A., 209, 48, 49, 55 Primrose. Scott A. 245. 242 131 Pritchard, Christina 261 Proctor. Kristina L. 261 Pronenko. Tim W. 245 Quin, Deborah L. 261 Quinn. Thomas D. 230. 86 60 136 ft Raab. Sharon 17, 230 Racinelli, Elissa A. 245 Radford, Janese 261 Radford, Vicki 209 Rainey, Tamera L. 261 Ramirez, Renee M. 230 Ramseyer, Kathryn B. 32, 230 Randall. Gregory ' 230, 86 Rapaich. Dawn M. 261 Rasmussen. David D. 230, 108 Rauch, Jennifer D. 209, 63, 56 57 Rauch. Laurie A. 245. 64 Raugewitz. Chad D. 230 Raulston, Deanne M. 261 Reafsnyder. Michael K 245 286 Reback. Matthew D. 245 114 116 Redding. Jamie 261 Reed. Geoff D. 261 Reed. John L. 261 Reed. Mike 93 Reeder, Greg S. 209 Reeve, David B. Reeves. Jen T. Regan, Linda A. 261 Regan, Tempel M. 209 Rego, Sonya J. 209 Rehnquist. Eric E. 245 Rendon, Richard F. 230 Renfree, Pamela K. 250, 141 Repke. Jennif.i 245 ' Reyes, Carlos U. j Reymundo, Denise Reynolds, Robert P. 255 .. 140 Rheinschild. Linda D. 230 48 50. 54. 55. 56. 53 Rhodes. Michael 102 Ricci, Nina M. Rice. Dana C. 230, 119. 141. 70 Rice. Heidi K. 261. 119. 118.53 Rice, Jonathan M. 26, 163 201,86,126,127 Richard. Peter A. 261, 93. 137 Richard, Tom W. 230. 86 121 91 Richardson. Leah M 246 Richardson. Mary M. 261 Richardson. Michael S. Ricigliano, Peter W. 209, 56 57 Rieber. Gregory 261. 110 Ritchie, Christy E. 209 Roberts, William W. Robinson. Andrea C 240. 246 Robinson. Anthony 261 Robinson. Bryce E. 246. 77 Robinson. Diana D. 246 Rocco. Jason D. 261 Roddan, Justin C 246 Rodgers, Kristine 249 Rodriguez, Ricky A. 13, 209. 56 Roelofs, Brad J. 210 Rogers, Brian M. Romey, Matt A. 230, 56. 102 Roper, Michelle R. 210 Rosenberger. Greg D. 261 Rosenblatt. Martin R. 51. 246 Ross. Cynthia M. 261. 38 Ross, Jennie L. 210, 285 Ross, Robbie A. 20, 210 Rossier, Steven W. 163, 210, 55 Rowe. Kevin M. 246 Rowe, Robert E. 210 Rowenhorst. Kristen L. 246 Roy. Angela 230. 50. 53 Roy, Michael S. 132 Roy, Richard 246 Ruch. Jeff P. 95, 246 Ruppel. DanielS Russ. Greg A. 246 Russ. Lisa L. 261 Russek. Victoria 230 Russell, Brent W. Russell, Sharon 210, 61. 50 Russie. Douglas E. 261 Russie, Regan M. 210 Rutten, Howard S. 22 Ryder. David E. 29 Ryu. Ann |. 48. 54. 246 ' Sabine, Kerri E. 4, 211, 284, 78 Sabree, Glen Sachs, Leigh A. 211 Sachs, Linda M. 261 Sadler, Caroline C. 246 Sadler, Tina S. 261, 63 Said, SamirehZ. 211 Sakamoto, Timothy 230 Salarano, Kathleen M. 246, 124, 125 Salarano, Philip S. 230 Salazar, Anthony R. 261 Salazar, Armondo R. 261 Salazar, Sharon D. 230 Saline, Angela L. 230, 60, 40 Salsbury, Janet E. 230 S altzer, Maria D. 211 Samuelson, Lawrence J. 94, 241, 49, 246 Sanchez, Gustavo A. Sanders, Davidpher L. Sanders, David H. 246 Sandler, Melanie B. 211 Sanfilippo, Vincent M. 246 Sangermano, Gina M. 230 Sardo. Michael A. 230, 130 Saunders, Stacy S. 261 Sawin, Kalla A. 246 Sawyer, Anne E. Sawyer, Christiana M. 211 Sawyer, Kelly L. 19, 33, 261, 100 Sawyer, Theodore L. 231 Sayles, Jamie L. 261 Schaefer, Robert L. 261, 93 Schaufler, James A. 231, 136 Scherbarth, John A. 261 Scherer, Karen E. 48, 246 Scherer, Scott J. 231 Scherschel, Gretchen 261, 51, 55 Schlanert, Richard A. 231 Schlines, Alan F. 231 Schmid, Karen M. 240, 58, 246 Schmidt, John A. Schmidt, Kathryn L. 231 Schneider, Craig C. 241,51, 246, 107 Schneider, Jay A. 63, 246 Schneider, Mike 251, 63 Schneider, Rhonda B. 246 Schramm, Jennifer A. 54. 246 Schreck, Scott M. 246 Schroder, Chantelle L. 51, 246 Schroeck. Christi A. 261 Schuessler, Adrienne L. 232, 19, 246, 143 Schuler, Elizabeth M. 211 Schultz, Gretchen L. 231, 40, 143, 70 Schutz, John C. 261 Schutz, Lisa L. 211 Schwartz, Brian J. 247 Schwartz, Stephanie 261, 49, 134 Schwartz, Steven M. 247, 56 Schwary, Steven M. 261 Schwary, Todd M. 13, 231, 221 Soli war ., David 212, 57 Schwarz, Lisa S. 237, 51, 247, 57 Scott, Brett N. 231 Scott. Cindy J. 261 Scott, Dominique M. 286. 247, 111 Scott, Geoffrey D. 231, 48, 51, 57 Scott, Gregory W. 212, 48 Scott, Kirk N. 212 Scott, Michael S. 261 Scott, Pamela L. 247 Scott, Scott M. Scott, Stephen M. 262 Scott, Steven D. 212, 63 Scott, Tracy V. 262 Scrivens, Corey B. 262 Seibert, Lauren 1, 212 Seiler, William 262 Selin, Nancy L. 231,98, 56 Sellers, Susan Selman, Ashley M. 4, 262, 135, 105 Severson, John 68 Shank, Bill A. 63, 247 Shank, John J. 247, 102 Sharrer, Lisa M. 231 Shaw. Sandra L. 231. 51, 66 Shaw, Stanford F. 231, 64 Shaw. Stephanie R. 262, 64 Sheehan, Mike U. 247 Sheehan, Patrick D. 231 Sheeny, Brian 32 Sheng, Amy Y. 247, 61, 56, 58 Sheng, Samuel W., 212, 48, 50, 54, 78, 79, 80, 56, 58 Shepard, Chris R. 212 Shepard. Darlene L. 247, 65 Shepard, Michael F. 21, 262, 93 Shepherd, Scott H. 247 Sherfey, Brenda M. 231, 48, 64, 72, 53 Sherwood, Robert M. 13, 21, 212, 132 Shields, Melissa C. 247 Shin. Matt Shin, Steve Shinoda.Tom J. 231,60, 55 Shipcott, Craig E. 212, 80, 79, 108, 56, 37, 60, 61 Shipcott, Kurt R. 262, 93,60 Shipkey, Colette S. 213 Shneider. Michael H. Shortall, Daniel R. 263 Showalter, Rebecca A. 213 Shrider, Richard T. 247 Shugarman, Jeffrey A. 247 Shy, Ruth E. 40. 54, 247 Siebert, Lisa A. 213 Sigband, Leslie A. 247 Silva, Justy S. 19, 247 Silver, Andrea J. 33, 231, 61, 56, 105 Silver, Jeff 262, 93, 131 Simcox, Dave 85. 95 Simcox, Robert F. 231 Simon. David A. 247 Simon. Marc 231 Sims, Matthew 231 Singer, Shannon R. 262, 40 Siqueiros, Jeb 231 Skjerven, Jay D. 213, 86 Skjerven, Jody A. 231 Slack, Darin L. 247 Slack, David L. 213 Slagle, Eden Y. 236, 221, 247 Slagle, Ray N. 231 Slatin, JimS. 247 Slazas, Amy L. 262 Slazas, James K. 231, 59, 51 Sloan, Elizabeth ). 213 Slocum, Paul A. 163, 213, 86, 52 Slocum, Steve J. 247, 56, 91 Smaglik, Deborah 262, 58, 108 Smith, Amy E. 213 Smith, Bill J. 55,247 Smith, Dawn E. Smith, Eric D. 234. 50, 54, 244, 56, 114 Smith, Evan G. 54, 247 Smith, Heather M. 247 Smith, Jason A. 247, 102 Smith, Jason T. 262, 286 Smith, Jennifer E. 247, 118 Smith, Jennifer L. 262 Smith, Kelly A. 6,231, 145, 105, 103 Smith, Ramon A. Smith, Shannon J. 213 Smith. Stacey E. 231, 123, 130, 122, 131 Smith, Stephnie K. 231 Smith, Steven D. 231 Smith, Teri Smith, Todd 213, 70 Smith, Victoria C. Smithson, David L. 248 Smolanovich, Chad P. 248. 91 Snyder, Lisa A. 248 Solera, Kimberly A. 248 Soltz, Erika L. 231, 119, 118 Somerndike, John M. 231 Sommers, Carol A. Song, Roy Souter, Matthew E. Souter, Stephen 262 Spahr, Karen J. 63. 58 Sparks, Michael C. 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Kurt 93 Yeager. |ennifer L. 249 Yee. Eugene M. 28. 54, 108. 56 Yi, Chun H. 219 Yoder, Tom A. 219, 55 Young. Joseph P. 263 Young, Philip A. 263 Yount. Melanie F. 249. 240, 51. 124. 125 Yu. Kalvin54. 57. 73 Yue, Ravmond W. 263. 55. 63 I Zavala. Damian E. 249. 286. 111.56 Zaydel. Hayley A. 263 Zellner, Jeffrey D. 219 Zinkan. Tiffany = J We are loyal Knights of Foothill Hail our colors black and gold. We pledge our love and our honor To her glory we will hold. Let everyone sing out Raise our voices to the sky Praise the black and gold forevermore At Foothill High!!! Saying Goodbye The yearbooks have been signed, com- mencement is over; the only thing the class of 1985 has left to do is to say goodbye. Goodbye to the walls that witnessed their growth; goodbye to the quad where they ate hundreds of lunches; goodbye to the teachers who helped to shape and mold them into the people they had become. Hardest of all, however, they knew that they must say goodbye to each other. Some would be parting ways after 13 years together. Some would be leaving best friends behind as they headed for a far off college and a mysterious future. Some would not see each other for years. Some would never see each other again. It takes only one moment to actually say goodbye — one brief, shining moment. Yet in this moment passes an eternity, for with the goodbye the world of today evaporates forever into the misty fog of the past. Top: The Alma Mater will forever remain in the hearts of the Knights. Right: Kerri Sabine and Path, ' Kirk agree that time passes much too quickly. 284 Goodbyes Below: Gina Perozzi and Jenny Ross must say goodbye to Foothill. where Ihey have grown and blossomed. Bottom: Adam Gillman will not miss class work over the summer of ' 85. Conr looking Ahead The future . . . looming ever closer, always too soon, but never quickly enough. The future, although re- garded differently by the various Knights, was always anticipated with optimism and hope. Foothill served in various ways as a preparation for the future. For some, Foothill was a haven, a last four-year stop before the adult world must be faced. For others, Foothill provided a key to the locked door of tomorrow. Whether the Knights utilized Foothill as a shelter or as a stepping stone, all agreed that the moments spent there were far too brief. Leaving Foothill behind, the futures of the Knights lay shining before them. Tomorrow is a puzzle, the pieces spread over the path a life will follow. As the Knights depart from their Alma Mater, they know that only they can piece the puzzle together, one moment at a time. Top: Who knows what the future holds? Right: Mark Gablesburg, John Luna, Damian Zavalas, Dominicq Scott, Mike Reafschnieder, and Rich Graziano rest easy, knowing that they can look forward to eating lunch together again in ' 86. 286 The Future ' -2 . r - Left: Jenny Osur hold on to one of her many snin- ( a ing moments as she sinks a basket for FHS. , Bottom Right: Kim Bennetts self-makeover is im- portant to her immediate future: Jason Smith studies for a long-term bash - £ 2 L y- £ V tb JU.O. » " « C " fef- ft - c ro - VVviL v L uJLP W pi vA la WI - c wui aax cX v OJ£_G_ C_y a . Ji-O taLA , v V 5 TV 4- ' J o " s hU s Use t f Tt Oil w d " i +u -) J) - MO CPtt :$ f J- you f o-tyi ' M T ' ll 1 fe s ,, c n. Bet » ' t - !,??« 5 (jf 6£e bar J H ' Pe f c -« f°° $ W

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