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H ' -r- fmm IIP ' JX Sasj r rVo3»j ,-fa-wn f ¥ l Tr-r: s tTrr r-rpi iF T ' l. ' l ' l l Z ' ' i i — - 1 I I ' T ' J I r I I I ' ll ' -r-r ' I ■ ■! ■■1 . " ■■ ■— L TT.-rr- -j_ J ■? ' - I ' ] ' ' ' f -rJ ■ I ■ J — ' -r 1 — ■ " T ' " " ' ■ i ■ I -1 -E;=t !■, , r r- T rrrc r - ' i ' ' ' " ' -: xrx T—n I ■ I " ' I r- ' . ' ' i ' n h-i, ' l, ' l l l, ' l = ?FFi -1 — — 1 — —r- X=J ::--r: ■ ' i, ' l, ' . ' l, ' f xrrz::! 1 ■■ ■ r ' . ' . ' I czn i , ' I , T I ' 1 ,1 , ' 1 I 1 ' I ' I ' r I . I I I , I , .1. ,,J ,-I i::;=i I N ¥ 1 [. ■ lli v l vXo .. ' . ' :. . aScvSv Si ix - Sb«. ' j«o -f I e occ v . . .o vxD : Scv v ' - ' W..V5 -c Sjo..„wv ,vj Ol. - - : -cvx:x9 m- .s y J : vy oo .v £ c - A 4 VJ 1981 WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR... In the end, we the Knights will come out ahead. SHIELD ' 81 Volume 18 Foothill Hip 19251 Dodoe Avenue .::. i- " ' 19251 Dodge Avenue Santa Ana, California 92705 i M, .-U ' ■ ;Theme:iJi • i 7 :9 " ji CONTENTS THEME SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN ACADEMICS ACTITIVIES ATHLETICS warn ..FRIENDSHIP Junior girls hold onto an everlasting friendship. At lunch, Dave Alvarado grabs Mario Vega for a quick picture. Friendship is difficult to measure or put a price ort I use your friendship as a wall to lean on ahandtohold n shoulder to cry ori soutt,otaugh:m i heed your friendship as much as I need love. Count onme ,: when you rieed And thdriks for ■ ' ■• ' : beingyouA ■::■■; ' ' ,;;: ' ' ' ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ■■ ' :. -- ' ' ' ■ ' : ' ■:::. ■ ■ ' Friend. ' ::: ' ' ;i.;; - ' :] l ' { ' ' y] : ' :., E.JvMasmiissen .: ; :• iiiBii Margie Carter takes time to smile before class. i Sehjbi! girls sell drinks during a dance.. : ji;i ' riii-i ' ;iH-;iii,- ' ' fi;iiv ' i! ' ,::i.rj ' ' : ' l ' . . 1 ' . . I ; : ; ■.■.; . ' II-. n ■;■• ' .,: ; . ' . ■. : Ann Hoffman shows how she keeps her lunch fresh. ■■m-M ' fV: iliiiiiiii: Craig Briggs and Pat Thayer make Lori Hansen pose for an after the game picture. Carole Conroy waves to her fans. How can a smile say so much all at once - enchanting and bewitching; daring and soft embracing and tender. How does your smile say so much and still sayyM ■ you need me. B. J. Rasmussen iJhfenie ' i!i; ■■• fSPORTS " I JSjsjto ,, r P3» -i ■ ' - ' • r N H • V M o « Sw -1 jtiSK ' sv -t-j -T — ti:.- bIui •v « mtH h 1 1 F Leigh Graves shows great concentration in tennis. IFe fight together and help each (yther. We strive for the best. We aiways accept the chatlenge, dhtt work our way to th j ' ' of-the ' ' ' line. : ' ' ' ■: ;i; ' ii:;j,Vi|Li: V ' ■: ' ■!■: ' ' ! Mark Terry shows his talents In waterpolo. Wendy Lindahl makes an outstanding set. MmB, PHENOMENA Chad Higdon assures Liz Garey that he will return. Mike Johnson hugs Joelyn Gravley by the cafeteria. ...COUPLES Tony Sfreddo and Amy Shrider think about the future. Connee Vallee and Mike Williams portray Pebbles and Bam Bam. Freshmen dance after the Tustin game. When I was a kid rd sneak cookies when no one was looking it ' s true Now that Fm older Fd Really like to sneak off with you . Laurence Crdig ' -0reen ■ ' y ' :W ...eRAZY Foothill girls have got the look. Fads; ever changing, always rearranging the look of the times. The crazy way in which people express their views of the era; Only to fade away and be replaced by new Fads. lA ' slie Wolcott Craig Boris wears flashy orange glasses. tjr wuT :•:«.;• eREATIVITY Seniors paint props for recognition day. ■Lisa Feder and Jean SInltzin worl liard in stained glass. ,1:2! " iwrne ' Tom Strich, in the process of creating a new fad. Ed Frazee and Jannes Barbera concentrate on a class project. To succeed in this world. One must strive to be like nobody but himself. To think of ideas never thought of before - no time to be timid. The path to creativity, is the road to success. by Leslie Wokott Theme; ;: :|: K - ' .«;.■ ihrfijR «! ;!i.r; ' ' r M;i ' i;: •-• ' «• MEMORIES A single rose is like a single memory. Both have an everlasting effect on the beholder. Anonymous b«bibisllDddar lilii( ) bl ack,on Foothill. • V™ ■ • ■ ■?,,: I ' ll ' ■? ' , ' ■ • " . ■• ' ■ " ;;;u!!i;,r luSliTi- r.M ' ' lir ' nii ' l ' l ' lLi t;S ' : t .-if ri ¥ ! ' ; Mi S ;i - ' SENIORS The Class of ' 81 was the first class to have the new graduation re- quirements set upon them and they came through with flying colors! The senior class had to complete an addi- tional year of English raising the English requirements up to four years. In order to graduate from Foothill High, a total of 230 credits had to be earned. Not only did the senior class endure these added re- quirements, they came through with great results. The senior class also did not lack in spirit. They showed a tremendous amount of spirit as is traditional of the senior class. The - Homecoming festivities turned out to be a great success with the senior class winning the Feast and Joust competition. On the opposite page and above, Charlie Herbert, Kelly Garret, John Ravensberg, and Leslie Wolcott display their recognition day costumes. The theme for the senior class was voted upon by the students. The Hollywood theme was chosen and the results were stunn- ing. There was a terrific turnout of dressed up seniors. The senior munch was another great success. The first one, which was Halloween munch, was held at the Anaheim Sheraton Hotel. There was a great turnout and some of the costumes were outrageous. The entertainment was a mime. The mime had a first-rate act. He picked out Denise LaFlamme as his victim for a skit. She did a great job and the munch turned out to be a lot of fun. Overall the class of ' 81 was the best one yet. Their spirit and par- ticipation far surpassed that of the underclassmen. Division .wS i a Zaie Anderson 18 Seniors Seniors 19 lb. Brenda Beckett Gary Beers Bard Bell Jeffrey Bell n David Bennett Diane Bennett Shelley Hickson, Terri Falbo and Mario Scott are in the hud- dle at the munch. Uonna Bennett Seniors 21 Alan Beyer le Laura Birnbrauer Sharon Bitcon Scott Blaising Peggy Cruickshank checks out her competition 22 Seniors John Carlin 24 Seniors! I John Cherpas Laura Chrisman Michael (Church Jay Chun lull Seniors 25 Jennifer Cooke Len Cormier Julene Cornish Suzanne Corona 26 Seniors I Brian Corrigan Frank Cotton Mark Coudell Darcie Cox Robert Crandall John Crowd I Peggy Criiickshank John Cuelo i Seniors 2 CatliY Cummins Amie Curnutt , Terese Cutler Mark Dabrotv Shaun O ' Brien and Lisa Grandmalson are the closest encounter of the weirdest l ind Dan Deering Paul De Grasse 28 Seniors Julie Dreibelbis Sheila Golden, Ray Gorrle and Jeff Stone are always found working hard. Seniors 29 Marianne Burns, Jennifer Vanrossem, Marcy Ruch and Tory Veje show off such campus class. (obert Diibom I nay Uu map Cosetie Eads Kimberlv Eden Richard Eidson Geo rge. Ellis 30 Seniors Seniors 31 M -n- -on Fen ton Tom Fischbeck Suzanne Florance Martin Florman Kathleen Flower Christie Ford 32 Seniors Seniors 33 yanrv F re res m Fitjino M Lori Gallagher Kellv Garrett Dave Williams hesitates to take the last bite due to fatal results. Em He Gibbons Karen Gilslider 34 Seniors V. . oUy Goble Sheila Golden Sharon Goldman Phillip Goodwin Margit Gorham Ray Gorri Lisa Grandmaison m Leigh Grai ' es Robert Green M ason Gregg Diane Bennett scams over all the guys for a possible date for prom. Seniors 35 (irr !tiry Htilus Jiihn UnmUliin Sitsiin llnrl If ftiiiv Hassiild Mark HennigiT Charlie Hcrherl Gabrirla Hi-rrcni Cindy Hessler Seniors 37 ...TOP " 19 " FOR " 81 55 Tom Toohey Nicest Eyes Lori Gallagher Nicest Smiles Jennifer Vanrossem Nicest Hair Most Gullible Charlie Herbert Kelly Hawthorne John Cueto Mario Scott Todd Jobes 38 Seniors Class Sweethearts Best Dressed Cindy Hopkins Craig Miller Alison Sigband Jim Neiger | -CjR| M r 2J£K F mm k 1 i i B " 1 1 1 1 Vi " ' •!i " W H , H ' rf- Am J J n m S ' ' j- j ' - ' " ' H Hv Best Body Scott Blaising Julene Cornish Dana Doyle Most School Spirit Nancy Scott Seniors 39 Funniest Most Conservative Sheila Goiden Mark Cowdell Mil e Houlihan Sarah Kelly Most Athletic Lisa Grandmaison Tom Fischbeck 40 Seniors Stacy Hewett Wileata Hicks Shellev Hickson Barbara Higgins James Hodges Mary H off mart Richard Hoffmann Cinlhia Hopkins 42 Seniors Colin Hubbard Matthew Hudack Erin O ' Toole, Peg Cruickshank and Diane Koss; friends come in all shapes and sizes. Laur ' ip Hughes Seniors 43 Daniel James Toddjohes Derek Johnson John Johnson Julie Dreibelbis raids the evil roaches whose names are Erin O ' Toole and Aprile O ' Conner. Elizabeth Joni ' s Rvnee Jordan OJ Dutcher and Rob Crandall are the devilish type. Seniors 45 Kent Kinosian Tracy Kirkendall Roxanne Kochanski ' )iane Koss .. Denise LaFlamme I ' aul Lawrence Jennifer Lawson Craig Leupold nior; f ■J? f ' inrpnl Lissner Barry Lloyd Diane Bennett enjoys another hearty lunch. Susan Lodgard Slaree Long Julie Lord Ing-Marie Lovnascth Sieve Low Kristopher Lu Jeanne Lundell Christina Lundquist ' Seniors 47 John Marshall Sheila Marx TfTi ' sa M astro Julia Malheson 1 48 SenloB Seniors 49 Beth Millif;aii 50 Seniors Lisa Moore •J5 iiiiiiniiiiiniiiiiniiii iiKasa: , Lori Moore Mary Moore David Morris Seniors 51 (nrolyn (irnitz Susan Orr Ki ' i ill Orion Erin O ' Toiile Seniors 53 MATT ACIJNA: Walking on the moon, Wild Bill Lodger. HankandFrank. Ula Scolta. Hcrbic and Dubb , Working for Joe. Fraz and O ic. no more unsats, future pupil of J Ru . cl SANDI ADAMS:NcwstarttuslinJr. r Karen Denise.babres. Mission-whatcv er.Bcachs ' cooIGrad Party Mcand Jeff tnyt ennisshoeDevocarriJulieandPamsistersd adgotmeoulmomscool. ' jodschild. DENISE Al KWNDKR: Sr munchGRl ATRhlRI SMMl S I Sl ,. scoll[ rulc ' »l shbovnolhin(!l.,MI( KEYMOUSEdcl marDoyouknovvihclinie?juslbeingcra7y wilhlraccyNOVEMBl;R.3.79-KEV[N- ILOVEYOU ' !! ' DF.NISK ALFORI): Jan DrillTeam.Cam p Beach House. Cousin Ron Erik.SanCle mentei ed SkiingFresno. Anaheim Blu ms.DelTaco.Bros My Party My Car SDSUCIas5.of8l STEVE ALLEN: Junior Year-Oh God! Tcnnts learn I have potential. Coach! Baseball Destroyers Eagles Stairway to heaven, l.tah Mountains. Mammoth-East er I9S0 Mr l ) Bricn, TKACEAl LEN:GONE FISHIN B uY outhConfcren :c- " M ? ' rs " " 4MuskeIee rs-Forever " Prom ' : . tHitTh cGasDipAhcad ' l i sk r mRighllBelCha ' ' I HSI BARBARA A. AMOKCSuph, Jr. The Bes tICoady ' s Parties Cranked Amy ' s I6lh . Home 79 " " -ChnnVs t n thuse phones Rock-N-Roll Led ,:p Frecbird plus nn funeral.Hancy s l,,ic, HISBYI ' ZALEANOERm ; I RrnDYHJOIB. LL! " l6 ' ZMUSTAMi SIOLEN CAR ■•18 " M()RMONIGIIT,C0WDEL 1 Dt ' NkED ME UNDFR. " SPECIAL OS! 4 ll ,GINA ' " oh MY.MAY.Il, Ti ' BK. BEAR. BIG NOIS BrC PLANS ' A1YS ) 1. ANDRASIk SMDBR PROMISL PRIVATE IDAHO SNOW FLY PROM SO GANG AT LALR AND ALVS WHATCH DOIN ' P RTY IN JULY NOPROBGREG? ECHO PS IIL HEFTY DENNVS GAGS OLT THE DOOR BABY ' ClGDtM ARKLRAN: AFS WHAT IS irS MEAN7THANKS BECKY.ALL FRIENDS ft HOST FAMILY BDAV NADINE FORMAL JIM DO YOLl HAVfc TELEVISION TURKEY! KARIN ARRENllJS: Exchange Student Great year. Mr. Easton ties Friends-Kcll y-Kara-Karen-Denise, Parlies. Senior Munch, X-mas ' 80.ISB-Day Ski Utah VcrdandioJ 13144 Nacka Sweden. KELLV ASCHE: VarSwim4YrsEurope8 (IChjnaSIJennyTHANKYOLIVERNA ULARRoscB.™ISlR,ckfORMAL7i)P iiTsi ' igfRANKILSjdi.pPfomSnjIMIsnl . ldo44S0Sistert SI JjcnziiParix I h.Mn MomDodCIFHI Rl ICOME! RONAII) M S -WIZZ " ASCHIERIS: WilzSandri.lriTripsBalboalslandL.iur a.WasC lean Did lonsMountainHouseTog aPartieskcnlS l Hii MvBugSoeccrlligh JumpCIICIassiesi ' lMsPromSuperfriend si SCiiojansl ti inxMomDad SI ANSEt SSHtJl NIOR80COALC ANVON,snFiik lALS7780JOIIN.BR V S,L0SIS ' .UTNNING,1 RIFNDS BRAD BELL: RHONDA-FOREVER JEFF BELL; CROSS COUNTRY AN D TRACK, VILLA PARK ' 71( 880 Rl G MUD RUNS.OCAD SPOOK RETR EAT. 2 1 LISA ISlJONE SAILIN(i K E BLOC KING FOAMMAMMOTHC HICKEN POX HOMECOMING YE AHWEI 1 JENNIFER BELL: ALASKA 3RIN(iS7 8 HOMELROMPS DISNEYLANDw FLARSOME4SOMh=LRIENDS4EV E R ' WHIPIT ' PE! ESPANOL EUROPE UCLA!- " DRIVINGTO UC LAW TERESA-FRAT DANCES-AL LMY LOVE TO BRYAN MARK BELL: FUN AVILLEPARTIES, CIF VARSITY FOOTBALL 7a,V-8 VEGA,79CHRISTMAS FORMAL. NEW FENDER STRAT.JUANS SLN BURST, ELENA. JOURNEY.SMAl I, FRIES DAVID BENNETT: " THIS IS THIS " VOLLEYBALL. FOOTBALL GAMES. OH ' REALLY NICE. BEACH HOUSE FOR X-MAS FORMAL. THE CARSS. PANORAMA. DEER HL ' NTER. GARY ■ UMAN.t ONNEE ' SJVC b 71 DIANE BENNETT: ColcRanchMilk Ski Utah3Yrs HottlUlah Proml980 M.irc hlSTogO!! TODDLangius ' LriendslotAI unMegansShannon Julie OulToLunchI auraKrsytal PS Newport Its Been Real! " " DON BENNETT: Robin.Cindy.Snappcr, BLUESMOBILEL.ORANGESWate r Skiing. FORD POWER. PARTY BL 1 IS BRdI HERS. NIGHT LIFE CR ll s BON OLED ZEPPELIN. LA RR s MUNCH CRUNCH.QUEEN, DONNV BENNETT: SanFrancisco wit h .S.ii ih Motorcycles andMexicoCSU f; Mcrc.s to great parents. fourperiod d ■ sfV .itnd friendslikc Sarah Thanks ui Mr Olesen forhisgrealjokcsThanksJo, HEATHER S. BENNETT: So long FHS! Great Jr yr. boring Sr Jr LoveyamuchJA NIEnTAMI!SUFFRAGETTE! ' WATC H out CSUF.Takcmetothcriver DISC CTOGO ' S ' ' Police concerllM AW Al l ' 8 i HERE WE COME " ! SHELLY BENNETT: IVcsh ir cxpcn ences pT 22 1 isa I nn Se vprnl Beach E-isenhuwcr Park Co. Nev, anita Del Taeo Sillcsscn Glasgow Pakalolo my cou- gar life goes on. DIANE BERCREN: only Joking! Fredics Disco Paints ghost al Coco ' s SPRINGS- TEEN Yea! Elephant ' s Mr Daniels al Orange Mall football .n camp Whipit lunch Lucky Balboa Ape work ALAN BEVERLE: TO ALL THE DANCES ROMANCES BDAYS XMAX Jr Sr. PROMS AND YEARS PARTIES AND MOST OF ALL ROCK AND ROLL LCWKING FORWARDTO RAD JjND COLLEGI (.(KID II (K AULJI, AI ' MIIRNBRM I k , ' vlidnight.sliin g.arrSfficad,Ded i. ilhala,Besi I rund .xummer.MyCaniM) soncgc,Mon,M s et pe;is.Btirhara.(..lir I sMphcKitLT l..ilhill SlURdS BITCON Sllskl IH THANK S 4 1111 Ml 1(1RII s H (,l ' lfl S.B NDOS..11 I I YBEAN I I,IRKLY.EUR( i PE 79-WINDS.CAMP FIRE. MORN HI.Rl MADSKI VIFWSoffbaskctsDA- O BAY. FOUNTAIN OF YOUTHfl ,..o.? pE AND DRUM.GREEN.HONK ' . VF I ' ISI ' I l ALA I ' amSucBcckyPr? ' B NSHINE.WAH SCOTI T. BLAISINC: AMAZING 100 %atdiilionsMyIoverGrandTheftlrcmeni ALLAN BADUFR: BarBaskclball-Soph bcrTliis» imsCSBijampBeinginlroubK ChampsSltlnlSqiijd-SadieSO-Conccrls Malt: I :2Bob ' sbiislTcmpcr FlmoSriini -Mountains80-KIRSTY- 3-Bread-For nchphi.Ml emaleOendei 1,.sh«r.illl I I mal80-DanasPad-IOO-S«vcrs.insJokcs- L AURH OntoYale Mike-Celebralion-Rcd VW Hold The JOHN Bl VZKA: JP ' s-way-Sr Su,cNol Chickens an-i rLsiiing-Honda-Vw-i)K sdniiulfiKh MATT BAGNfc I IS .P|VER RL ' N.L u-OhJ,. IhearYa-mma ha ' LIMndena ' s- UNCH TABLl N ' .AI FLE-PLATTE afi,:r-ilR game-aclivitiesw„wScrgio-fi.r RS.LISA.SIXTII I ' EKIOD.LISA MR -pits Si,,,i CSF numbcrthirtccn S PECORADOS WHISTLE.LISA.LI MKHH F BONIOli: John. Ms Swe. h earl Ktltrs, Mowers. Dancini ' , Ml int ' I. BRIAN BAHARIE: Exicndtd X Mas.Ski geiher.TUxts.l oul Pl.. i.i , lui ' s King in Canada Bumper stockers.Legs |,San Lui.s Obispo.UCLA 11.11 vs ,., .1 IS (he word of the d.n Cla» .shins The D Boats.Room Scrvicc,Calbins.H,ihhy K oors,blfe ol Brian Apocalypse nowl i s no Gees, Whipit! t ortr.juM lie un ' CRaIc; BORIS: ILOVF.MARV lOI KN JOHN BALLINC, KIlONpA HoblnM. LYBL A .FSUMMERATAI ISOSKIl Gees I RANK MALT Grois Counm NOLONGSNOWLINESSI ' ( EMIN Track Whilaker CIF Champs Or.K n SR.MI NCHTHECARSI 1 III NKIM r Mammoth Pholol in ' ilapTahui »ack[ ' ... I URM NdJAPANESETHAS KSI 0R( ■ ing Hart Stuck or, Suddlelui k I niiily ODC.t l( H 1BY( . AII.SDOOK S I H ISIS I IJl I HEF N I WFMiy BANKS: Hii SCQO ' I IjR.BK Al LIONH HI ANkENSHIP: 1 Hi;ORl r OS PIDlECONE.SIIARrrV ' HO ' DRI DISAPII xRIMiACT I I ll ' AM RULI S ' JEN SIIE.V. B, RIITTA HI OMSTER: Finlind ' Oiffercnt ll s v I ' OrLM iNrO,l IND buiGRI rvcar: oh ' SKIH STINHI H Sks I i l-PM N I S.H XHF LLS ' !BeH,.!,,7yalSlgsitingfai ' ' .RF Tp I1|. SKS lOK SOIIir. ' , Rllllip ,,riiesinT( Wim- ' NoSn.i.. ' i 1R1A( HLKSDVI „ Hcth Ul, . , lliciliHnds!Ti..s 1 ' Iukc HI (tlFBA i ' IF 1 :, SLAM! " " ' ' ' ■■ ' TM BOA ,: l ' iiid.Bells.7. ' hrs,.iiis- |s,ra " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " de ' diummy. B.lbv " l nendd. Ir,,, 1,1 I II .ipp ildi:i;.l«y,;j,Wj,i, . ,,,,,s. ' gamm mrt ' Hlttir I ' lrkslce ( leam I ' pli.S Dlstill.;nlvenadFnouglTFf«y»LU, = ||ffc Wookem. I! .■ I , e " i ' ' , r. CARl.A M. BECK: TO MY PAIS IN w Scott I ovc T.. ! „,„,l 4TH III 1 IN M IK E All AN ANU_ jm TABBRAIty KAMIJ I I w I 111.1 II I .BAI BOA K( i-,l-PM MH HI II s MY I 1 1 I I.E SIS KA»LA SI I- I OVl AND Al ' " ■ ' ' lllii%i " lr • LAURIE BECK: Weslwond-hin New Years Est ' ( iiic (luss " ditch day shopping •Beat Bud 1 in.lsn 1 lini.h„u-s, ,,nj ms " My Bonil) 1,1 NI:KAI l-ools m 4. ' ' U roRTi VI II MTi ' .i Ns wni n r HRI-M) k " | HI ( Kl II " s N ■. I I ) MOILXAS SI MMIKDIMJ U A ' i ( OOL! " TOOCIjH Xl I III I CI I BM rriTGHTPRINt I SSDANCI Ml M (ikYSINTHECORNLRSOl MVMIN I) PARTYINTUNAVII I E HARBO R PENDEI TONMAYI780JIMDISN I VI AND l.ARV BEFRS:Sherr),were talking ' GR I I N Marching BandBass Bone. Santa Anj Winds, EUROPE, HowardHurdlcs, Varsity Track, Jacuz i.Busboys Elwoo d Blucs,Donuls,grad,The J.P Way. 4 Senior Remembrances ( OWHIIVS,4Al M ' i I SK.-slI I 1 M ' tCII ' l l.ATSIOI ' l KiHTSiSiliM k t — Wa TO(,(I SPICKI EUTI S.THEF AIR I I DWAY,SUI« JVMEADSU NSPTlWIIilWl HA 7YG A I S .. JFFI BRANNON: Jl I I (), fill: ' 1 U( t.ll s, " ) Oil I Ol I IIS BAMBIDRI V IN(, S( IIOOL.HAI I OWEEN ' 79. DOUBII DIPS OS TIRE AUTO SLPPI Y IO :0 8U MOUNTAIN CLIM BING.OCADSPOOK. IX)N BRANSFORI): I unchtimc Mission s.Chnstmas Snow,TheW,ili, HancBoy, MayoMan,AIFranken.God,The God Sq uad,Achillesl.astStan(J.Back In Black. We ' relinallyOul LAUREL BRAUtlR: 80=N SKCXJI , FRIENDS, ULCERS ' Mads,FakeRcad mtts Xcountry.thanxKris " cut " Koss C 0- MuchLuv2MyFamilytree xoxo2John RitaBevRich Thanx Monica. LAIIRIE BREHM: " Larry " , ' Lar Bear " . December 14. 1980. A Night to Remem- ber " New Year ' s Eve 77 80. Field Hockey ' 77. ' 79. Mom2. Life with the Brothers CRAZY. Lisa Julie JANNA BRINK: H20Skiing.LakeMead ' 80,Doug-LoveYa!.MarcSwimTeamCary ■Miss You!. BerwinkTwmsFarrell5. " ALL RIGHTYOU " .StirCra yDanceFestival. Myles.BYU.HECKYEA ' .SEEYA! KAREN BRINTON: W HOOYA TOY A.CATHYbestpalalways.SHELLEYSB day party. speak ingofparties ' skiing.4ti me sfunwheelin.ohplcjse ' RASH ' PURPLE. puhlDAN.yummy ' P S itoscyou.toohip.L mgone ' KELLEV BRONSON: TOBYTOBYTOB Y ' MYMUSTANG ' BOBO.JODI.BARB . KIM.JUDI. DRAMA. BESTPLAY198 O.DRILITI AM FOREVER ' FLAG21. APRIL28.l979.COOLPATROL.fRLE BIRD.GOODLUCK.JOELITHANKS. FOOTIIII I PAMHJM)W ' N:ThclunchBjn( . tennis. Stc ve.ntghl-ndes ecorimns imi,.,,nis,s,vet 1-pca.BilIy Seniors M SHELLEY ANN BROWN: Twit RankLe ader.CIF ' .-ilimcmy Pals,FAKHFAJ-ke rmii.masicr TV ' Sun.B day IceCreaniLu skcr.v mjs I ormallKIl Btlssful I ife.C SE. Band. Helena. Murk. Bien SHELLEY D. BROWN: HighwayTuxste nnispalsAmieJen ' sportyFlamecathandk ellBUDDIES.X-masplugsNcwYrsEveS 0!S,C Junel9.80!Mexico.BcachParlySa ntaBarbara ' fireexIinguishlt ' sbeenGrcat Bye! LISA BROWNLEE: BESTPALS IN Aba .dunlap.cartcr.WHOOYAH " Flyingra ndsy Punk-Conccpl of DEVOIutionHa wail ' s 1 Punaerisbesi Leoparos!Kroq-To oHip.Goltago.SDSL .Snow, , Later. DEBBIE BURNS: Direct Studies Mrs Farnall Bams Class Catalina Rules! Joanna sailing Kmetradto ' Winds UCLA SAC Alan " goodtimes " gradnight " Party !! Terry the area Parlytime! MARIANNE BURNS: BABAITorsB Da vTog.isChcapDatcsYoungerGuysNew Y c.iisl seHomecoming 78NancAlrite!Tor MargJanaMarsMvMomDiMarcoDoubl cdalctheVanD.FlirtsMads CELEBRA- TION!! MICHAFI. 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' «Vt ' vTi= I § A JIM DIIUON: IDNI WfE RSP RTV W H XT.Alll I I III liDIKHkl isl ' Pl StI.VLIBAHH Mil MMII SI I iRMALS MEMORIALBUSIdFUdl UROI ' Efl ORNTOBEWILI DDOOkSDEERINi, IJUSTGOTTABRUSHMVTI ETHWA RRIORSALRIGHTMAN ' BYE FRANK DORrrV: Newpori 5 ' 8 Twinlin VolVvball Skiing Gnrgonin ijSVel Foolb.ill Games The Cars All Mixed Up IncrcdII !e WHOO AA " Oh Really Nile, " DANA IHtYLE: StunlSqujdSrJrOrieiii 3AL MikeBethFormalSOIill.KillvOcl. n.lOO.Jeant licrP S,Hoiik4SC Red. S R-MunchEvc-laiicis.IightcrMct ivs.C ijJ elebratelCruisesW hoLotcsYaBaby. W JULIE DREIBEI BIS: BASKhTBAl I S TATS ' HANK CANUVBARS ' 79 ,M PARTIES ' -fOOA ' ARROV HL D PS CUCUMBER-EUROPF ' SO MIKE.BO B VWBlCiJB DAYBl NIHANA SOBR ACE " IAW ' SI AM sp| UCjS ' I f S ' l CSB PI RI Fl I II IN BOB DKBOIs lU N0O TANGO prewason tragis I snw.sde.inl WlNemAL , liFGOTBAI 1 llUsets. urgoalsinthepos ilivcyourdesti ' iialionisi hebrlghteststar I WEE 1 TIMES Rock, nNOY m ' NLAP: Come loACrankcdld gralingTrees Lawn Jobs Momniie Note Yrl.indaBigMacBeslFriendsThcMallTIt inkPosilivclMissPiggvKermy KH I Y niNPHV- MARK-MYFOX-O OON-lkNOWW HATIWANT-OOTT AGO-NONOV2IILllV AIGEI-2HI P-TRYME-THEKIND-MIDMTERL NDEZVOUS-JAIL-HENRYS-SUMM ER-TWIGKINkS-PAT-JIM-SKIBUN NY M Rk 41 ER. » FORI DISTIRHOFF: Frcshmm Sama naHtgh I ' .iiii I ini niili,iHon Parties Sophiim.ire l«Binu Sisiers Ir Allen and me D.ins:es,daies,L)ispuies Promised Sr Alien,Engaped O.J. Dl I ' CHEH: I fen BccGtes. ' V.iil .jolbi finai I I s.iCllamps.s ■ N Ni I il|danccs„i NId t.-Kscrandal. MARKDABROW: MOM, DAD, 1 ARRY .CIIRis, IRISH, ROCK YIIOR ROW Jo hnl.ennon.XmasBackEiuiiiHatiira ' itfurlm i nthMvrial,CoastParkin». KIJKI DAMl l.sskl IRII ' l 1 ll.f,i ; ball games. ' THEWALL " . VARTFN NIS CIF.DINERS SOCIETY.Mammo ihM SI NI M S ( MilNCiMUMC ll.l. CLA ' .I ' KUiR.I III II Rkl MR EL " N " HARDY,BIO ANA Id n I ' R I II S IHFUKl U NI IF: Goodlricnd, M.Iks I ifclnABovi isierShclly ' jboaiTomJtJe rAbscnl ' CK 1 d,7S 79RexlrictionSciibl CiuitarRun ' NiiWayRighldnSki ' Cheni w jPNewYrsGraphicsI iivsC ouCooCha ► nSanUCSD ' 8l ' JOHN DEC KER: I waikl out no one gels out Al IVF " Good Budues -San CIA Menlc Gotta Love that SKOAL Green Bugs study llistor Lae Alibaba whiteti tilii KAN DKERINC: HoolcrBrothersDeerin gnuibilcgoingorer! ' 5WarriorsBoppinllis torywiihlversonskitnginutahxinasfurmal wiihSllEmshousconweekendswonicnlls notPROPl RlmOfttoHARVARI) PAUL I)K(;R. SSF: N1 W PORTBcjth, Caniaios.HoiRods.Mi GM BO ' Skil respeecOJn the nally-CII ' arBaseballlO,,ri ifriend- nrtS % COSILII LADS: I .i : i I Dennys.Th e Crazy ' s. The miithls ( .i m tro.Slar ( isttes, M Best friends I ' atis hiainc and Sharon,, And most of all I. is i Kirk. kIM EDEN: Rl MEM Ml RS: Jane Olive Hucko Chactlc The 1 .seis Manny Ralph I ' lrkcr Love Boat X-maslormal Cruistn SpaeeHelmct Likes: Family Inewphew 1980Tina HolK JohnI Isa. RliCK EIDSON: Su Valley. Therese. Missing School togo»kii g Joe Canon. CEORCE M. ELLIS 1CHA80D " " MA DDOG " BASFBAI I lOEVMIKCJIM MYBICilOOTPUPI N DIMPLESHOO P99SSTALIOR,Us, |i OOHRAH ' TH I 1 y.ARMCURl.S DU EICULT ' HFC K d!MCRDHERE l( OMF! VIICHf I.I f esyun I I Time in a botti e Stars sel ilie scene Mis lost.all lessons learne.l h.vlanee the ( ONVERV-XTI VE JIM Ol FllSSn uulemotions -■ ' n ' Me 1 HE sWT I 1 I s I MEMdRII-S! C;AU. 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New Ycars ' Sll.UplnS mokc.PalBenctar,B 2s,Usbeenrealandit sheenfunhutiihasnotbeenrcalfun,Sen la slick (;RF;c; FEDDFRMAN: I miss Bonzo Lyn eh Mark David Chapman " (il Ludwi s " ' f ViolenlChiilct Doublc Bsis Drums 4 ■ CoIumn Zeppclin Forever MARK FENTON: STRULES ' J P L.N CLE SCHROEDER.2 IO-PM WAN(, O-TANGO.MISSED-IT-BY-THAT-M UCH.GOONIBEACH.TLIBISH.HOO AHIVOLLEYBALL.CAL-POLV.FUR SURE. PORSCHE. KELLY MASON CRAIG FENTON: Julv4.»it h Margarcl.CIF Foolball. " Silcnl ASS ASSIN-SludiingSome HiMor HOME COMINGand Cind).Nlghcs al Ihc Pa rk. MUNCH Hippies, Black Sabbalh.D rivclN.THANX ToddMM LARSMB :THISHASBELNAGRE ATVmWtTlTWOULDNOTHAVE BEENAGOODYEARWITHOUTGOO DFRIENDS SOlWANTTOTHANkS 0MEFRIENDSLIKF7A1 EKEL l.YSC OTTALISAANDROBFRT ' lOI H EMADEITAHpTVFAR RACHEL FieS : HadraUa ' ' -i i uCo ursc ' SI M.irvWOnlylhcGn.vlliicNaung V.,li I no I dJ BlllyJotl i ay.UC L I iribbcanCruisc Absalon ( lubof6. nnalIvgradualiiig JOM HSCH8ECK: 26TlieBceGccsTuck -»Bro BdayKockyH,irrorBakcr fielddan cesShawnJccp9Hurdlc sktmartna Futu j rcsPigpurtics PalmSpringsJbsonfirook. .1 JEFF nSHBEIN: The Grand llluiiion Has [ Begun! Queen and Slyx. Canada, H.twaii- f LotsOstuff and more lo come. Ski Summit with Mesbugana ' Toga Parlies :inri New V cars Ralphism I ives " HANn FISHER: Chnslm: i-iml «nh R.ib .ind Cari ' LBubsending I-m Itlicr. ;. Icnnifer BcM, In fry hiltii| bird with car.g ■iig hii bs ' at Ihc alunch, Seversons ■ ' • ' ■JO. 4 _ LZANNF FLOR.ANCl?PS-V ' iih Fmi If and KrisH Cesils PS. B.- Skjggx con- fer! Mammoth 1979. 19iiii l 8| Satic Hockcns 1979. 1 MARTY FIORMAN: VarWalerPolo.Fir ( slTeamAllClFlSailingandP S »ilhTom ' ; andLenny. Mammoth Par iN.Biq-parljcs. SuperheroesRobjn;C HIP. UCL A.JEW i EL-X-nlasFormals,Prom;REOconcerl. Happy, Dip ■ ; KATHLEEN FOWI.ER: VICKY, CHRIS DAVE.JUI IE. MRS WATERMAN D ■VDCl [)0 I f ,JV FIEI DHOCK • i X-MAS FOR.MAL BROADW.AY REVl I EW.GENE SIMMONS.KISS.FRENA i LEO ZEPPELIN. DRACULA.HORR i OR MOVIES.DEVIL , CHRISTIE FORD: Four years of friends [ and fun. meeting nc friends and finding new fun! aggravaIions ' nfce-parties!are youO.K ' SHELLY FORE.STER: C hincsc food with Nat.Slcve Field tluacy Listening to - »hir it on the fffllo I C I A in the Porscfe e»X-hri ,( lieaitlig in Bio f rtrt»i£ Down ttie tair. in lurch Judy. FRITZ hO«6¥:A4,Uiilc lossibtc H; " Polo.Swimming.CIFRunl orFtin,Keep gup3:.0.. l ikingUtI A MterScho.ilsk igalCDM- IJeadHcud ' W indcr,n.n,E SCAPB. MELiNDA KIRMAN; (LINDY)ANGE iLA.DIANE.JENNIFER-fKIENDS 4- EVER WIIIPIT! EAGI fs ' PS DRIVI NO HOMI l ISNEYL , h CAROl SPECIAL MliiVAPAR I Ml TTHIS iisiTiwrrKRNDSC ' XJD iimes MABIi MlKSFV! Sr I h , p,is Homc- comin.i- :m ' i.,, I, ,,;,,, I Ml aSB Lighl ' . i;|. :■:. lilt iiu ,M.i(_ii,iii,.n ASB Kcy Club l.s Pres of the I iiited Stales Good I 1. i Hegan Calvin ROBIN K), F:CHR IS rV.FRIENDS.L IS .B0 ' S.LORI.I ' ARTY ' SfllRLEY ' -. BRENDA.CHEN.AFRIC N THEB I ACHilN-CARS, 1 2-22-80,1 HI MOV 1 ES.SWAPMEET,I0!I27 MASTREE S.FARK SKI K ' S Ml N(, H EDDIF ' DF.ENA II, fRALKN: BEAf H PARTY 1. lORANM MRFET ■nn- WITH KARA 1 iDEVO WDTHI (ARS. FHE SPORT jMONiHd vs[, MKHIL THANKS I I MOM ' OUT OF FHS Lli K HAS JUST J BEGAN .ON TO THE ISLANDS! i ISALLV FREOERICKSEN: Kiwis and Cor ' :illas. Larry ' s beach partic!i. al Canyon I .ikc with Miss Jordan, Brack athlete In nialh al SAC, Oregor ' .s Rcvt nge JP , COREY FREEBAIRNsMr Ircsidenl Ac .■MyuslamcD.ilcsDnve-lii sDaricesMy ' ■ ,lChcvyiCasual " T " » iim4Sum-BY SBelc,Var,Track I) Hi ,H Hall-Hy ■nuadAII-AmCagirl, -Ski n, ndinni- ' i Rules " klM FREEMHN: BOBSE lulNS-LO Kl BARB ' HOMEi OMIM, I PAR riES NEWVEAKS8l ' CL YS TRAC STATS-3irLUVBI G ' TIM CA N ■.•PHO o•ou m Daiis-gro |[kYLF frfuJJn: I he Things I enjoyed , !»bilcai ljlj|arc I IcunMfcj.t Miiipuiers. ..dio,lli«jijyT4nd.Hallowce 1 Bio 10, J P bummer Vacation. Field NANCV F8ERF Drill Team. B-nd SAN )EE,Sllerry.Gary.Fodd.Mikes.BriJn;cn Iln8ioi)sl9g079vma5formi!lwith tii,. MU,E ' Camp at fiCSB.CalSlalel ul. -Iiss Tustin:l.or!.Phil IMFUJINOtMYBABF kORY I LO i I IOR1VFRJULYJI.I979 BESTS , DOTMLRRIKAYBEI 1 YBI ARBI IKSPACY NEWYEARKISSFSKni iERPOOSAMABEMISSY IIOVEI ■ ' OMDAD SPECIALTIMES WITHS FVECLASSOFSI G «•» FN GATES: TRIPLE JUMP 40-2 42-R ' ; ' ' - " 4 ' CHAFFEY LAGUNA ' lACH TUSTIN RELAYS CROSS O ' TRY CENTURY LEAGUE INALS 1980 CIF STATE MEET IN , ' 81 St-iNKISTTRACK AND FIEI D ' " ;.ORICENETIVE:Ms,Gafbo Lisa Laur CrazyRadical-Beancr BubbleslnJacu z -iQu I verLipsBuddy system vcax mas for mal-79 Gcmco- Wildebeesli ' st Snow Blue Oddessy Archer-Groupie OUACK ' WHO ' STEPHANIE GEORGE: SUMMER Of 80 " JAM ' .DENNYS.ATl ANTAITL DSCOWBOYS, " ROCKY " . THE MAL I . " ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHO W-.WINCHEI LS JOCIOCK, LOVE IS NOT THE ANSW ER. FREFBIRD ALWAYS NAT GERRARD: Chinese food with Shell y. Chris field Hockey Listening to whip It on the way to UCLA in the Porsches, Ch eating in bio Accidents in CougSpren t time with Steve % EMM IF GIBBONS: PSCECII SMammo thr. iMi l8 li ' tMsKmasparticsalSuzansSr MuruhCU ' iliisandTceSummcroraOTI KIHDATxni , 90cl1lwhcrcwaslllove K vREN A. EinS; r s6pe P si,i[ bY0f HI tlwnTlAl siiB-lix ■i WAl KAROl NDTHEBLOCKEASI I KATJAFSKKWICKYUCI AIS IB ESTEKlENDSJIMlSIUSANCLFMFN TEGETTINOSWEETJACKSONPAR TIESNAUGLESATTACKPFITZY " HOLLY COBJ.E: Best friend John.Ooing out with C ' huck ' !Summcr!Bullocks " Co g me ' Jaypccs ' John?Hes not my boyfri cnd!Mr. Ego. Johns Humor! ?IRons letl ers.Pals IJlivc.Robvn.Cath!Tlna- SHEILA COIDFN " : rrRRIHI 1 :Halfl uurtwitkedNe v orkHoniet,imingSiste , cnNcuYear ' C ' Xmasplusstiajuana funsl., ' ' ..pshvrr[.,,utLinjMidnighlMischiel ' SrTi fr ' mDanii- EATITANDDIE LUVTOAI ' L, PHILLIP GOODWIN; STUDENTOFE ASTER NPHILOSOPHV.ASTRONO M ' ER.EDnOR-OF-THE-SlRILiS AST RONOMER--MUSICIAN-- 1 IVES-F OR-THIS- WORLD, MEMBER-OF-T HE-ULTRA-LIBFRAI -IMMORAl - MINORITY-AGAI ST f.RFFD MARGIT GORHAM: Football games the Skiing al FHS LIS Historv Life Sci cnce 1980 Choir T.iur-San Eiicgu Mrs Bonar not quantity, but qualities. Thanks Amigos ' RAY CORRIE: FOOTBALL:BI f ROB OTS M A RTDU M M SCOUTOA I LPR OHAWAIITHEBEATLES!THEDOO RSTONESBYRDSRUBSBUNNYHE YBIGBOY ' BROTHERDAVE JPSPA CEMANMUNCHSURFINGBYM-O NLITEGOCOASTIT LISA CRANDMAISON: GRANNY " ' V OLLEYBALL.BASKETBALLSCORI NGJIWINNING MY Z . DISNEY- lANDCIF-ALL LEAGUE going to s chuoI,ha.Genry.CinaiZale.Mel.Sheila Marshun.soapsOOODFRIENDS XTR AFl LEIGH t.RWfS [)LC,8 " 77- The start ofaGRI l MMiiL ' ITennisthrewihcsrs.s uniiiier ' ' i ,sn (more to come) Cre stal Cove, h,irk-reptllcnt.San-Clcmenic.l ' S use IIMvL i EtoDAVf ROBERTO. GREEN IL 750 Hondas, ram ydays with mv Irua Henry ' s and ' Fosters wilh Calvin ■ ICLMAN Going for a 10 Hcgan on the side we pone b bv ' PS also 3 snow storms at FHS, MA.SON w. GRECC: Saend Cult of the Cosmic Muffin. R ASTRO The K I NG, F in ma Peel Fan Club, Bi, a Hartm Tradm ons. Officer TMm.Sii.inge Days ELI ' I BR ,SYNERCiY.Airp.i i!l hai HICKS- 1 1 fir , a Knu I niStd, Mandv " T rt.DEW ' 4 TOM GRI,S.SI M.F.R; Speech Team TR I H UTL, Var BadiiiiniMu, Just kidding. Cr,.- ziness. Movies. I ' lixiuork ASB, AIniosi Acting. No Never Alone. Wanda Jum Hadlcys. Friends JOHN II SDSLI. SHANE GRISWOLl) t 1 1 IP-Polo.Coac hcs.PcpSouad.TrecSki m lllah.Mamm 01h. " TheCang " WeRel hc Nuuglcs.Wi ekends, ' Egypt. Friends. W .J Oh. Lol.i, Hu d.Sailing.tjrizziz.Superheroes.DeuLL I CLA ' ROBIN CRYVNAK MA 23 80 I I () l PAUL GRANNIS 4ih Jl I 8n KNOTTS " ROCKY HORROR Smr mer of " 80 " JAM ' PENNYS ' (,OOD FRIENDS.. PEPIIR! CIVICS COR NER " LOOKING FDR LO F lOIN DIT DENISECll VIAN FUN PI Ml s QL CK.S ' COOl ' iRF T.XMAS | R1 TIMEIN DWA POINT Dll ' .(i 4Vlf JDBABESN NKETIIEBABVSSANDI Bl CH,DAkREI I..0UEEN.4 I ROI BLE.BRIN KELI INEVERS I ISI I ED LATER ' iNTUNA. [I na.Racquetball.WaterskiingwilhE-dgar- ThreeyearswithRon-WeddinginOclobcr -can ' t waitlMy78 " Brat-CSF-8r ' GR AD - Kittens- BigBeat.4bv4.snow- 1 UVYOU RON ' JOHN HASTINGS: 907 Che!Bien ' Spanis h Sr Yr RahRahChicasSki ' Babies Twi n Capris PS New Friends Ann ' JP ' Hcc k No ' Audi-Nanti-Shcrri ' Bien!l e Orange-Juiee ' A great MomJ FHS KELLY HAWTHORNE: VAR Volleybal IWalergirl.VARChcer.SucDolhcThumb .SkiUtahYoungLifc78.79.80!Elephantm an.4yrs Broadway Review. CharliesAnge ls.MinuteWarket-Tasha!Lunchina Bub- ble JON HAYftfOND: Basketball. CH .Prom KO.CYNTHIAJEAN- What AGoal What ADream!e»LlMark.BYU ' Mission.Skii nginlilartBu r Act 1 VI ties ' Dunk ingwitht heleemaiTWr Witzner ' l oveMont A Dad Hirc ' smc ' r IIKF IIFARU: II I I I OH AM ls I 1 H FROM lASEROCKCHRISHEl LSB ELLSTHLPARk SPOOK YBUCKWH TROCKSJOHNBONHAMBUSTEDI NNEVVPORTYOURDBADCI ORGI-P ROMNIGHTHVDEPARKGOODBVE CRUELWORLDI MARK HENNINGER: WOMEN WAVES. WHOA! ECHO ARCH CREW SHREDS ALL MY BROS CHICKS- Ausi R i I s 1 1 Bl s nil wfir TOlNf LIVE DA " ! BV DAJ NU fSARI IE HERBERT: I urmanf toP.S II ovcLIG.BsdiimcsntierlhcClirfDs ncesM,iiiicrun, :i MidicndsnoIesASII,. oachD«lUn rSophIhi;t»«r!.C5Bcani)iJ isitlJ iiDrivemCIFRippedoTOccOccsl n cisaDRI AM CINI) HF-SSLER: f orDadVV ithl m , Mom KKiml is,iflln ' I RIFNDS AR E FoKEVtK .JudyJcan-PRIVATE I ' ARTIES!CSUF.JAPAN78.CRAZY ' 8.SanDiegoBubbles 95.MAM.MOTII I ormal.DrillTeani.XXCAL! " STAC ' HEWEIT: Parting Rock n Roll Robert Smith Finally 17 Sept 1.3 Remem- bering nn father thanks mom for your help cookie JANIE HICKS: Htrcwcgo ' Rivcr ' SO ' -Li vingtheweekcnd " ' CedarCily 80-llcalhe r andTami-what pals Jr yearcrankcd ' Hawaii ' RI ' cath ' n rays ' ! (otaIly:partics ' ALWAYS!themall,,,Byc, -, SHELLY HICKSON: tiPil, Mario, PETI, k Ay, Lizzy LOUski- Lines PROM, Tramp oh neCOVEnverbrats. Parly Hards WR I GHT WRONGiOhMAN MidnighlRe nde vousTHANKSBaird-morcFUNtim esJCOMF ' PS ILUVYOU BARBARA HIGCINS; 4YrsVarX-Counl ryTrack.ThanksCouch.CourlSadic ' kOW ebCupidNtinsX masPlugsNatureRun Mamntu ' hKcMnNL-w " trsSOSl Ingj Balb oaSlevcl ' t.inihlj " I ' S I i-s peciallyLORl CONNIE HINGST: RcarBaseboul Bat s DirlyPeauuts January 19 TeniLines S iddy ' s money Pla.sni.itic Exploits I ros- iSled I l.ile MickcvMouse and Gouts W hiicXMi, ■IF.RRI lllkllTSU:NipVarsilySongJ,V AR Iiniii AS.m ld., ■tundcI l,lnd■ ' Moiiiin.ilht ijnii.iMarLiKarenl tniiK-Y ecSaiiJ i ank.shilerellcno.f.irfi-iruliK ,, lt■sJlJslJ|-an(.l " l,l hlluhldn I (, I k RFNHA KFXI, M ' - IRIT SUS I ENSV-WORKINO l.Al.S BLSSV ' I- MOI ' I DS-sfUDLNT I11NESS ' ' CI OTHbS-DII riNG CHEESECAKE LI BBY 7ALKS--MV.LITTLE BALUK A " -MRS. i.LASfiOW-CAMMIF-AN D-JULIE JUUEHM.!.; Chat lie McSwcnsonssin kBullocl. , Heat hP.i n icsBalboa McgAl wayslatt I imcExi 11 •sliahAdventureU " iiltmiiedSlar.woi.di atalmaScammingSe hvsil ' TupMipGoilaGo ' GREG II MIS: " I guess " . Skimmin ' al Ihc " wedge . girls. Rockbird Uuh. in Ihe b-ita. Sr.„pranks SI. TaSly. Not enough- snow in ' 79, ' HO,or ' 8I. " Shccky. we ' re out of here. Get the Jet ' JOHN HAMILTON: FriendsDaveToniJa vSophomore Seniur Yrs Hnmecomin g ' 80w Sarah4 I ; 80ElcctricLighlOrch estra Me Donald ' s Friday Nigh I sBiffDele ctor6 23 79atSports Arena FreddicCars RX7 Sl SIF HART: Hey.whal ' sgoingonatyour cndoflhejungIc?sirLanceI ?llindJulius Tr ackX-masformalWOSanClcmcnieL CL A Balboa ep ' KrispvTrcsShannyPhilipp ians4 I ITAN ARDanlbo ' Sanl uis -WENDY HAS.SOLD: Friends, Shirl.Joha JIM1IIIDCE.S: MARC IHsurfSAILskiS Slow pJrtyPaRT partsCOVEtadicalT l-IHEridesPROMniidnighlTRAMPOl I N L pranks ECHObanquet A TgenoveseP SshelleyKELishllevllui lfriendsTH NKiou, MARY HOFFMAN; Hue skies ' Leadei Spider Heck Yes! cookie breaks, raqucl ball with Roxrtnnc. waishm the skcncrv WIIXCK! Drill Team, lull 1 li s. lli Me and I isalClass ' Sl. JAMF.SHOLUNCER: JamielovesalK , urKj hlrjnthequeenlimeofmylifeveofi li ' I « ildliiiiealjixmsCSBatriplorcjtteiiil ' L : Bobistofaeedlelert imcloicll. nNDYHOPKrN.StHopperHomecoiiio,: l.fuccnDrillK-.imJosPrcpsquadllllSvnul ,1 riM.vl liril ,„,ibnlll8( HearSadil ' i 111,1 ■iriri.ill 1. 1 h Mammoth I jljIlnaP Slue iNewYcarsRn-SISwcelhearl.l i I A ' " JlSWWRMrTH: V-mnsfontloltM Varh ockevFarr.-IK I urjjtu-.u ' l ..uiscand I ih sIFncndsfiirtvLr ' t h, r , I I i icnjean llti hkelstel FyDoylch.iv iiiifli,-,kidNe» ' ie arsMichaclRX7. WILUAMR. HORNER: Moto cm Gla mis Skiing Lisa VansPolynesian K late I, Hate, White, Trans AM Like t, , ,, i„ University of Nevada, Become a sonlra Clot, like, Var Baseball LISA HORNSBY: FRESHMAN YFAR THE BEST SHELLY AND 1)1 NMS BFJsT FRIENDS ALWAYS Sl ' MMFR OF 80 " X MAS OF 80 THE BEST FOOTHILL PARKING LOT KEVIN CARRIKER DEC 31 MY B DAY FHS 81 " DAVID HOT HKISS: FROSH FOOT- BALL THE RED PAINT IN THE OFFICE. THE SNOWSTORMS WE HAD, Till DUMMY THAT 1 HS HUNG ON THE FLAG POLE ALL TMS OIL THAT WAS DUMPED IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOI MIKE HOULIHAN: DOUl I.I ITT I E MIGUEL. 20VARBASK1;TBAI.I. I VBASEBALLWITHSTl PID IISO BASKETBALL WITH FAMOUS HOO KS.BIO WOOD DAN THE MAN KMET BADMANANDHISBUG. most CONSERVATIVEREAMER COLIN C. HLBBARD: I don t remember anything Its one big haze Brown Ihey were Disney was fun for sTarts I hanks MATT Hl ' D.ACK; DcekMGBProm ' StiX MasFormal ' 80VanWarriorsBoppinCialc rFaceJcnnifcrsSoapOperaSoeserOelobe rSDansHouscOnThe Weekends- Women Pa ImSpringsUSC Bound " " LAURIE HUGHUS: Letters BcslFricnds !King, pah ' What ASoapHolmdcl-FunTi mes ' NewHome-Thanx!AI.GramaMyBu g ' Danees ' ' lnTheMorn!Walchadoing7Bi kejil,aughing ' APlan!Dennys!NoWay!0 Door! HUNGERFORD: II ovcSlevcSepl ?80BesiFriendsKCDarlakimBrookcC . oalRanehl unehesDancesSummerblowo u I munchesC rest I ineSlu 111 ber Parties Fire bird I KELLY INABA: LISA.C INDY MARGI E YE()WZA () ME PARKALOI O ZOOPORIINTHEHEAT BOIS MO- REBOYS ' I EOPARD IFYOUI OVES OMITHING.SITITFRI E OH IGlJE SS ' SLIMMFRTIMI P. PT 11 MP I AIlRUAYZfllS ■ FIONA IP: I I- Jr 1 r w.= .,ul,,sr y:u-9-8 O.-Bros-parts-stailedilall 1 uiiLlitiniePa riyin ' -LcdZep ' 1 «8Uwa5lht bcsi. 1 980 ' sN ew ' f Gel I ingsuspended having fuo-fric nds ' FERRI IRISH: SUMMER 80TOM,23rd SI BEACHHOUSE, BADMINTON Ch arming,goingoulfordonuIs.Davc,Spacie. Scui.AllnighUoscparade.lvev.Nocash.h oslheiasiarled7soplinseririplancc,Balbo BOB IVERSEN: BobtliMTT T E ' S Place, Didion ' s. le Nighls, kjag perDonrv Histors Magi. Bus .lung Un cle l.ict S, ,„ ' H.i ', ' I ' ci c . i.irls H III -. H I . . 11- 1 I I M 1 J JENNIFER J,ACKSON: arCheerYcllTe nnisSophPrcsPegBlaiSint:l anClubXmas Queen Fur ma njisemjaes I fiBdtty kk k kyStaevBobCiilOuinnsT.ih Huck I 1 M... ValierSanClcmenteTunaHousclliiv I mo oseRahl Sf KARIN JACKSON: " THtOANG SAD IES ' 79-HOMECOMINO 80 EUROPE ,78-H WAII ' 80-SDSL -SANDIEG O BANANA. TIGGER.FRF.RBIF Tl) RKEY STIRCRAZY.SEbYA!-BIO-0 ETMEOUTOFHERE! ' DAN JAME.S: X-Mas Formal 79 ' Lindy and my milkfluh, ' Every lime I think of you. Good friends Fred at ' thc beach. Long live Cosiello 1 ok 111 Poles Smile .Angela I Love You TODD JOBFS: Nexl year was herc!!CIF Alt ' Lyiiw.-H] BuriHiier! ' MostGufliblc " Flomecomming wiihCyndi ' Buffalo Grove III History Major on Humboltgrad,dragDoorscxperi enccTunaville DEREK JOHNSON: 1 cd Zeppelin. Rock- n- Roll. Joanna, Fast cars. winds. Wendy ' s ,Fricnds,Weekends,Jaz7 Summer Vaca lion.t.rad night parts , Maul, Capri- 1 ,P.i rtol,l I rdctienrpo ' «u JOHN JOHNSON: N i SNOW ' UTMIS KinKS MOHLI ' S FRIDSVT DINNFRs A Rli If HOMI I 1 iMING 7 " Tlx.NPARn iDAVFARlYAT BIG Bl R32ndSI s KH,)! M( " .1 1.S AT ALTA RAD TRUCK CII SI GOOD BY I ' BETHJONE.S: HPunkBday ParlyIP s D onnaLcnJelT.lkn.i v SanDiegttPleasc ' Do nnaandBeihRnHessbulhaiingfun Why goloschool I iinaleo l.unchinilicbubbi Slshuuldntbe li IMaybcncxlycar! ENEF. JORDAN: 80 ' GRADATLAST ' X-MASFORM M.-JACUZZIKILLER IlilfEATt W ' ONLAKE.BLACKSL IIGIN FRIO W H TAFREAK!CI-OVt S.COPSANDGR AINBOWLING SKII NGARROWHEAO-GdODFRIENDS ANOTIMESWASABI AST. MAI REEN JOYCE: FcuNTaIN VAL I E I IRST UA ' l Al FHS.BAND.B SKI FBALI ' IF.MAMMOTH SKI 1R1I ' 1. ALL WESTERN, NEW ERIE SDS sOFTBaI I TRAi K.HOMRCO MINd DANCI I NO A I ME S Ali MS •. I EL- ARES ' - PART IIS-SWEE-SWEE J ANl E-JEFF-SKIING 80 ASPEN ART SH OPPINGSFE YA-LATERBUMMER- SKATEBOARDING POI Id CON CERT-GEL-SKOTCHMANS COVE- SI ' , TODD KENNEDY: Grudge Night. Missio ns from God. nights at the wall, Melon y.Snowt.eonsumc mass quantitics.oil.G ood Luck Everybodv.Werc finallyoul KENT KINO.SIAN: One.gamc.season.Do cBall.lO-OZeichibio.partics.Bookcr.Tha nksDan.Stories.C ampaignPoslcrs.CIF.P hilandFrcd.BluelagoonThanks.Armeni an,allright TRACY KIRKENDALL: FinallyMadcIl ' MarchBand,BiolOJejn nolesEurope79! JrDisaster.C IF.beaehpafciesl8 " Happy Bday " X[nasFout)4 tauPand NewYrs -JMufhIMYIO.Grcf. I ' Kc Yoi Wl a BOXXNNE KIKilWSKI: |i I, Thislsit ' Hiiiiicvoniiiig.Sopli ! Ilc I 1 cndsjAngclj, Julie. VlarcAl I liai ' slncre dibWIIiBcatJl.Mounlains San Dap..(. h oeoholie.cir ' inloJ lieNigln B.cSpecdie DHM KOSS; VarTrack-si i arlicsHawaii ' 80C.i Caiihiia-CuniminsBostont iing..X mas.NcwYearsEvc I HANKSTOALI MVFRII Po DFNisEi (n nff 7KI ricfliis-ll uri aihConcerlsThanxJ JENI KM MAN 1 irilindNiek i inlir belt ' SuvinJos nrn Ihsci.Bisii,!. Mid- nite Munihics (iClloii ' Caughl Sucaki TcriiunciiThe Apartmcni Tutors.- Sijdu LF.SIIK KAPUN r irolAndl. i llirl urn li I -r " - H.i I .». ■ 11 t left ' s I uiiln I h eS|i,iilitlii l)an,e,l ' i»iil auij II .nU. lie toislry.SilnIa Barbara, Ossar And Due kSo iipLeiielSkiineMcAndMark, I KIC K,VS.SOl 1: Who C.ime (rst ' . ' Pele Townshcnd Quadrophcnia. Horowitz Eng- lish " I el ' s see Action " Miytn. The ' 00 Is it in my head. ' I ' m Free. Thanks Town stiend! ' SllSANKATNIK:SUNDAV ' S A1 ni E PARK HUNKS PS TIM AI L X HAWAII TUNAVILLE MAC DO UCi S HOUSE MY 4 WHE,EI ER j OURNEV KITKAT ERIDAY NICiti, TS PEPl. MICKKY MOl SE IM O UT HI MICHELE KAUFMANS O " jdlimes Ne wfriends.scamingonScolt ' Gellinguround whenthebceswerebuzzinginsleadofainch oolloveillbestbudlauriebcachbumsforcve r Genc.espceiallv pnrlv ' l AT I R I IIS ' GLENN KANLOR: FRISBFE.I ORSIII ORN SUMMER 80 MOUNTAINS PS ONGO ARMFL FIRE Jl RFMFAH STEREO X-MAS VACATION GOI F BINDER CHADSWORTH IDAHO CORONaDOSTESSFR SARAH KKI I Y:GOODTIMI SVMTIIA 1 I MYPAI S SI RPRISFSIAt t ZIP ARTIESPI I I ISGIOGASON PXRT IISNOTRFMFMRI RINr.AM ' l SMI SI ANGFLOOOSILU ' El INGGKiGI. YIORMAI SDISNFVLANDI8FUN WnilEDU I MIMORIFS " TAMI KELSF : Iwh B DAY WHO C rThssseGuvsPsychoShelia FTES " Kcly " HITTHOSEi ■n Forma 179 Meeting My Lu| prsllawaii I AWRENCE: Summcr80 ' .| g ' eg..,l, ' ih-B ' Djs Mormonevf 1 1 . , 1 SS so - ,1 Mollyj THET , SES " derthd PALI ri,SanJ »Vea JENNIFER I ss SON - ,K |ilSUM MERVACAI KJ ' s vi-sOiviDUALCI FVARBADMINTON IJUNERIVER CUYSI!!JA( f ZZIX-MASVACATIO N80CLOVESCOPSGRAIN-BOWLIN GSCAM PARTIESWHATEVERZEP PELINCOLLEGE! ' ' FUNFUN ' MATT EESUEUR: Shogun.Var Volleyb alfCiranny.Dinn 2nflOr ingeg.ime.Seriv ens.Manu.Nelaithenel,Greg.U,S, ' Natic nalWomcnsVollcyballTeam,CampSicrr a.lShoursalDisneyland.JapanorBust, CRAIG LEUPOLD: TheRivcr. Kelly. MA MMOTH PARTY Porsche with Greu bcLDaniel ' s ' SOUR " Partita Si.i, lies s Cabin. Havasu with Jim W i 1 1 n H. " BLiCKV " .Balboa. " Clll s K I lel. On! VINCET. LISSNER:8l ' s l WHATINO READMIT ' Vince or Todd ' Fleetwood. Cars Rich-Buddv OH NO ' NO- another TICKET ' NO WA1 Night of JAN 10 I4.SMPH GO " HIPER bS " BARRY I I OM): OnK four classes. Lin- wood-liM , c huls car. Hamster Mobile STA( FE L. LONi;: Spa.y DAVID 1 EE RiifH ' ARIZONA ROB Willi ' knhv urisi lis Camcro cowl- vs the bca-l)! 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GLOME FR1 F Mils. lUNCiniME l ' HI!l)SOPH SVVI ATINGITOLT MF I ISSA MADDEN: Parlv ' sAnnWillia 01 Melon) Shiinel.Mvbestfricndcverand always.KrisKebcrllenandR.ibinFoxelhir dperiod ShellyBennet.indEisallornsbvcv ersdjsal9:4Sa.m l981graduation " ' TERR MAFWRV: (; A F BO productions presents the Ills ski repi»r( ' .ln,i much snow ' Save b.ib llarpSeals T.ikc il toCo loradoand be a cowhov LAURA MkDSEN: f Ol RMUSKKTUtv RSASnSPUMAMIUlAH ' 78 ' 79 ' 80T AR ANJANI MONKFYCLIITSKII Nt. Ol DSWIMVAII SUMMER ' 80M ADSI N ' SVAN " NtVERSAV LVIR■ SlVXI AKI POWI I ISCHNAPP ' SI NBOTAHAI FAHEARTBOYS BONFI MAIIADFX): (lassofs I .Volley b.ill.PepasscniblyRodStcwartSalurday Night I c cr,Blondie,New earC hnstma sl)isne)land.KnoltsBerr)larm.ThcJerk. I heSpvW hoi ovcdMe.muchonlunchGoo dBseFo...thill ' SI;R(;I0 R. MANDIOI.A: McI lis ' frosh ' ' nonet raekstudsophdraglic E lWl g irlsnol rackdudslrateglstcLubmathbiOug ' jr ga gfunclassesreg!girlsnoasbnoprc sr fun ' V pridEYeaOcadUcibycFHS i JOHN MARSHALL: DorkPclclhalcspor lsThclucltcr jrjndlhcflCrashinglhelru ckChcapd. ' .sBakcrsficldlrungut Bullet manSwcalirgOilB-daysGirlsWOWThcs wimThcghiaLa ns-wailsCalchmcontvB vc. MARIAN TERESA MASTRO: Gail.Laur 3 " s aum ' s house Children ' s Skool.Mick Mjusc. Breaking awav. College Nc ■leodfi. Iftl Dreaming. Mandy. Puff ' ■a ff ago n Rainbows gyad future ■ . rtESON: GoodTimeslli iRi mmcrCampMrkOaisbvT •iH; (lh UGodVouLoseB TcachersB . i.;sAIIOurOu !■ ' .cfo Lun. Hi A I! US H Grt,. Cold X-M ASCok - November ii DhSISHiu. ,; ICRIST ' MCCIM KN: JV VarK.: .uck s.K-ar dr-in ' : VI, r,;[ ■, Ada ' end- K,iren K.rif, Kolk- parlies, San Ron ' s Toga. Drill sed -nm m ' s- Allan! ' . 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THE f«ED and Great Friends, BETH MILLIGAN: AmcricanFieldScrvi ecThai land Meow Nobody The TerrorSp ook FOG EmmaAltcr4Bearglass ' OM I 7thshirlslopBanana3.tORedhilllChCRE AMpicnieOnion MorassofConfussionse eJudys, DAVE MINTZER: GOOD TIMES. BAD TIMES. FOR FOUR YEARS OF MY STAY, THE CLASS OF ' SI IS GREAT. NDFOOTHIl LHIGH IS OK rlKllAFL MIRt H: S jpino Emma Pealc I an (. lub Long Day Journey Crisco P. ' .rty l o Strange Da) NJj Minne Os t.hopinal Ban- ■ ( :cial- ■ ' ' ■ . I ST-GERMA -.1 MMliK 1 R r fHS FI:N!G REATIKll WINGISWIMTI. Wt ' FRI ENCJSK IIRlSI,MOVIES ' BEAt. IlIHE AT Sf N ' EATING JUNKFOOIV C tiRISTMAS!DANCES!ROCKMI SIC ' THANKS, USA ,MOORE: LoriLauralisaJcnnifersi stcrran3dsbr,incrsiufl ' cdbcarsDelTacoG cincoSunimer79Cioot1oldGhiaX-masFor (t aI79LaurashousencwycarscvclItcnight waIkiinhanxntomlovevaP;it, I ORI MOftRT; Me ,ind niv friend! Late nieiit ' -Mth Beck, mirror. m V leii ,,iri .Kansas, Tom, .■■ I in- Bil,i bombed for mom i K I " 1 Ot (. ' DOUG! DAVID B. igtail jgU AN ELE- PHANT; :« K U PUNK ROCKEKS-: MfiWlflftliRS PUT ANOTHIK |(i(, ON Hit- MKF " MRS MCULAI, MtkLL HAGGARD GOOD FRIENDS NEVER TO FOR- GET JANA MORI SON: Banana BabaYouKn ow II ' J jiiu sy lDnllTc3nlM.idsRcvicwSorhYrSTE VEManimo»hSkil MhCelehiitionForm alSOJeeCBsHMRuaiVejeMyoThanksF HSGOOnttMES ' KBVE! STtVF !1 RIXKHtSR, MUN CH, LY NWOOU104 LA, FRENCH 3 FRI- DAY NIGHT PARTIES STAVING OUT ALL NIGHT THE BEACH SNEAKING OUT GIRI WXTCHING A RPn riAl IXCK IN IHE-BOX EX II NU1:D ACATION. JENNY MYttATT: Drillleam7980ArlSq ■« uirtus6amJerspecial limes Men Lil ' esprin gArlhurldgunaSupertrampEaglesdeja LawnJobsBestfriends jfobyl r MallSoLong SlEPllEN NM [): Wrc lIinBlTumatoSl akclFunhou.c I ' ueling: 1 ilc ' Wli,ilACo necrl!SuiniiiilU llhFriend olo I hePail y.Parlakel s ' 1 latinSii, ' n« : : li,lolin,: I h eOome ' SpeedRiSiToM.K A ' . irk ' . ' NoLA Ch nic ' MONy snijHAji MAI OAiiyy y Rf ' t ' lEWPRt, ' 1 LAMlS DlhllAWlCH BACKRIDlNGHOMECOVIINGf OR MAL8I1I ISHINGRAQI I I BAI I HI I HTHEG TRACEM " ! I FSBl L k ' i LANEC KYKAREN-THANks JIM N Kti EL MORRO VtAM MMSH aWk PRESSED BUG RUNS? TMklsaBoCCERCIF ' COLLAR- BONE PROM 80 ' GOOD IRIFNDSn . VyLLFI H LL DINER so( IFTV msOraJB ' cN NKSMOMiDAD!Ti LA ' . ' BY NEISON: FOOTHlLt High is l. XT SOOS Rl LE! THUMPERS BWiViMy BcM two years at Foolliill by last two and my best year was my W!!OCIR ' MlkFNF.RONEtNipperPaiiics Wreslli Tirf. ' isTSopcXmas ' i.DuK ' ' ' iderlnUHVega.MolopcdDc ahMac lonc l HSsnowDropMeXmasSl MiksH ousc LorieVDueLsFlopc. JIDV NEWLANlh Bilb I ' ilCryOulL ' J REOI III: BONZO:IM 1 980- LED iPPELIs MR.GAISaA-IVH ITE M S. ' TRANS M 0 l 7- WHI Rl ' WILDLBEEST M I R R 1 1 T ' S— (- BIN,T111 V,P,W y-i l Kk ' S. NTY PYTHO oi ilTLaP»iiilIc)I adyNCHiimWalktoOr THE DOORS, W ' l ' PSl I DO SPA( I VacuumS.-ril ER THE RED c ' Suiejdc ThcWorldl I .KeYou " AllThc I niic " D«rliiikliuff»lol rut ryRirMe LE UjUI A in Ij wI MdonalNighll I B ' DAy FHS-INIERNA CEW Y, ■EVFRl y I1 U , LFE: 11. Swtiiiu ' I , ix. ' Ioga-B I ' i RA ' •! rs (KIN ' rSiOan.l ' l ■, ' )CC ' " mirror " Wenl. 11 !! ' -. I LI ,SS ( I MtENORRI ii. •. ' m ' ii ' H H ' ds M IR Ml- ' l g,l IM HI I 111 ' B«lh.BEAlLl.i;l UAIC MIt 1 1 .ilR.nuh e» siroiX-iiiatC iRus.Bi I -h-Bio, I ' ipDofi:.. fticrda) DYcii,MlesP ! ' ' n Eve 8I1B ivkelball Footbal1 B4ycjr»i iiiTahoc ,iiui I !,ih ki J kins ' PTTl I El I.IHI, TIKiRtM r)RAM run IRIS AHHH DAVE fDEAAAA UH YEEAA KIETH WHO PIGSHARK CHALLENCih ' SANDON t-LOW TRUCKBYE [.M. MILLER: ICE HOCJUiY- Sorry Foolball-H " VIESTAR ' DO fiSKYNYRDN EWHAMPSHIRF HOWBORING ' MARKWEI ISI5 RANDY MILLER: Tahoe.80-8I.Cross-C ountry.Tr ck.J P .chemistry.Snow?.The Awesome Bug. Mammoulh.Safewayloln yoCampgroundrun.CIF.WeBlcwit.skiSh ara.7.80lo ,.Ta-Tellodge. substance. 8 1 uys T maTsTl I AHSKII I NDSIIEROSESMIK ITR NNSPAINTMU i.tDL ' k k,l IIG Ssr?S;vr ' ' (y-t SOfci R ' opor " N iriiRiFP ballXmasPlugsSfl §g mKmA i i. i iii.i.r.K: i« MIHA L«g|N K I-:.Sorr TINA MILI.KR: Two PFO AwardsBusin ess- Death Valley. Mrs Sallcrlce Senior Munches. CROP. Racquctball, ll.irtda. 56 Senior RemembrancGs (iroupnPVoMcy _ 4Dii V.icationC rashNewCarsSupcrBowlSundaySkiing Davy L u nchw It h Erin Hawaiian Nights Wi IhPatP S andP S BaskctballMyncwRoo mmatc, APRlLtOXONNOR: 198 IDanccTcnn.s Four X-MasPlugs KclX-NlasVacalionI 979-80S.D S U-Julicsparticl|ogaarrowh cadcrashtwistedsummcrl980barbcrinjc wldicthegangthanksfncndsquadiccslidc, TIM 0 IX)N(K;HI!F.: In my Inglish Lii.c lass.l.arry Minnc ' s tests were so hard ihai I studied and still Tailed all or them ERirOI.FiiON: WilmaC allinan(and)Th eBOYS-DanccsGamcsBctr) DaynaLaur ' aRunningH.iW.iiikind.iwcakllolloHo ' C hcvy rcnni PartiCi " ClimbinFroimInyi c ckagcB.JoclContcrlCradni KnSki.Kawa KELLY OLIVER: Surfnski Fun Times partying shroomin at echo barrel rides pink classic surf days the bikers wasted times se ya! Foothill, KELLY OLSON: Corona Forgys Beach- house Hitthosebushcs iccsliding Bobbvmc gees firebird skiing arrowhead X nusplug bowling promexiinguishinglogaapevacat ion79SCSPHawaii CAROLYN ORNITZ: Ditchmg 450-RX7 Hawaii Best Pal Laurie M15 Westwotxl Weekends LCl.A ' Flinlstoncs Europe ' 80 Where are m shoes? " Do not settle for anything but the best! " FAME SUE ORR: FIcabiteKcnnyBooPamBilly Nighiridcsjpi tfK[||taMammothprivale parties HciUJuDKnlBfiDatsunslcrcolo udWhr yFrenWmaidsOscar rnbr.isi.iO bispo KEVIN OR 1 ON. Airhead Sklmg.S o ski ing.M VfiNOITAynimalBANDdrun, B calicLcnnon Dawn. 7i[Foo[ bull. Again, HA Live LED Zcppclm " gr l_aic-Maab i; ERIN OTOOI.E: Ps.fncndsforc crX ma splugs Tennis Xcoun try Track Japan Rich BaskeiballStatsThcgangolubJuncsparii csCandybarsAIanElnioFranccJefrLimos crticcCiiocalcclnpHdllowecnU In pa v. P CATH I ' AlK: ShellandKclOKJenJor.l I chc I louscf ' ncnds Forever SycDcniscnn cln7,SHallowecn.NcwYears8t)MolK ici oryX-masplus " ThoseGuys " lliintinglnn Hil ' rhoscBushesHawaii, SHERRY PARRISH: OAR ' i, GREEN. B AND. THANKS IRL MPETSiCAMPF IRE. MORRO R V,FUR0PF,SHVBA VB.A.ONE VOit l-.U)ILET PXPER- REME.MBER SHARP. ' THE JPW AY, S MILfc.RAINBONNET-LO.ERIHNDS HIPS 4EVER KAREN PATTERSON: kellyKar,iMc,Tu gas., ' nasiinies i TH.A JimmvPajjcRiK knRoll. Ernies, Parties Ed.BcactiHouse ' 9.YumIDclNorle.DrillT aim?«.B«llin»n. jerr.SAVED. ' i iHwil i i ' i i ii l lii f i™ ' SANDRA PAlTERSON: ' «iWB T0G URT; " 1 D ' . LOST IN LOVE " lo " AIL OUT OF LOVE " ;X-MASFOR MAI ' SO. " GAG ME! " MOBV DICK with Mr KORICH.LAl!GHING A lot; C;ir si,illinj;NanevKarenHeidi:SHINE I I ' KM IN PEDILLA: Climbing Bandini in ln Lhevy Ms Chevy sliiinling into a Dal- suti The nit:hi a Disneyl.ind find the 3 snow storms ,i: I IIS PcaCO Kid on the side we gone lu h ' IDRI PIERl I Wpcia .V liic r,i,: . hiiie.s2c«)l4 s.iij lXmas I -I iii.ii MikL ! ' ' " " eSf jgif gmKi, Kuvkv Sue a pfPBHHbtt|i|fi«CY, i.e Lot c i HIHK KELLV PFRKTB g8!!WlNTrt ' NA 111 E Sl IN DAY ' S AT THE PAkk c HUNK.s MtiW Di. UBLEDOWN C ift DUCi l LUV-KUKT JAWS I VB OM B A I 1 1 1 N K SN O W W I L MAN B ' AD ( iiMI ' y lM PI ' m pie w Fl kENDS, ' ! ' -wr JAMSPI- ILBMAS lio Sailor ' lheJ P was 1 11,111 forrcsTrd. HillScoltGeorgieS Ch»liri,.fishMrGWilki I leaFoolballGa mesi r I iigNaneySr M u ni. h BooSolvangCa lldi,Sii, DAVID PETERSON: STl vr MARTIN BENNY HILI ' MARtiS SI NIORI- TIS FEMALl: U D WRISTI ING X- l ' )«l POOR D CRAZY D BETTER ,MAS EVE 8ti I I SS SKI SEASON Wll D GUY ON TO BIGGIR THINGS BOB PIKE: SMUT AH rBRIANHEADSEE KTVINTUNAVH I I W ACHERSlllOWH S4VRD1VING( I o ' lPORTKMl ! I PI ' I ' I,IN4EV[ k PAITV PIKE; - main CraiganHI r vr Elaincan.ll ' ' :, .I ' orlunch lin C i iilvbeStfnnui , JAMfeR PI 1ISIM: :Bh; Bear. Slorn. PA l ' ho RUN W ' l lYRA THERFPA OO ' I AIRL SOTULLKANSA 1 RJUMPSURFZ HAMLIVESZI psandlalMagicMol lingbacklogcthefinS biegoingloBasktuRob idltogclh.T ophomor Ehiine niiii oseite. ' ■■ ' - FHS RUN dancca, ti ' iiiii; i,.ihe kcaeii during summ ' issroom ii.k clcincnlarv ' Tirst gradi iMrttesfiKii ' [I w«ekei)ds[!n JDEI R(l ing live rock n pink i ovd li VCK SAB BATH l ■■ •■ ' r-r I MN V •ED D iBSON «E,s- M Pkos SMyw MR .,AL MICKtY MUUSE 2N ■ psK i. l uri sMiw . ' kOliR [ AR» »F EMS IS ENOI k;h«SOBO (iPTS 111 I (II III kl l IVF TH 31 IKRI I 1 I Ml MIL VijI NG low bird.reindeer.bloparties.lil ' hefly.L SC.PUALCHAMBERLIN " KAREN PRITCHARD: Drill Team.Capla inXiag ' SkalingJ luv u KEN ' Walch:frie nds.eamp.half lime; Pageant;seniorilis; euts;ll ' s been fun but I ean ' l wait till it ' s o verlDon ' l slop me ' AUDREY PRUSSING: WAVO ' AUDY ;YEBETCHEE;D1PS.EUROPE1(OAI I BABA.WHAT ' . ' WHAMMIF ' III HEFTY! LEFT!!UTAH;WE RELATE. TREE-SKIING. BIOPARTIES ' YOU GUYS WOE IS ME ' SAILING. PIG S-US3 ' ! JANICE QUACKENBUSH: Summer ' 81 Backpacking THE ONLY WAY TO GO BLSH Buddies ' Intro to Badminton 4 P.iriner OC n SPOOte- Old Fneiid- Ty,son, ROY cK A NEIL DIAMONL Freedom ' s Rn,td BARBARA yl INN: GRAO IRMM PARK APRIL :k Bl ' D ' DAZED AND CONFl SED PROM 79, 80 GREATEST QANl I EVER BARSTOW SKIING CASTAIC PUNK ROCK GIVE ME BACK MY MAN HES ONLY A IAD BVE BYE 1 yfiFN (Jl:|NN:Thanx4lhcgoodtimesG -illneniisCrashinga-i-TeachersBeachan Jm.-u aMgsaJpps urtesyof ' Goo dbadnifflSUtanmcksanaSUrpriselGoodli meswiljterkwhouya, TIM (MNN: Football-llle BG ' s.killin g TusWi.EircRird.Tliifrsdjs Night Games, sm.iuf -■ llsiory.ClF all the except for i ;r,v, 10 Being with Jennifer .muffan Thoma Ramsi R f HE! EN RADKEVVKH: Jim Barone Can ada Cind sli.innon Cornish The R. D " 56 " Chllr h l,. N E- 1 20 Prom " Awen " Turning Jap.incsc-Cra7y LISA-Celebra !e!! My Batn WILL 12 14 Formal Red BilgGiai „ ■ftflSUa -itVUNE ' V: sometimes they come out funny Houslon Willminglon. Eagle Mounlain Sanla Cru SiikkI oul in the rain lei il soak me down. Jeff res I ove. Theresa, BEVER1. R yNDELL: Sr yr Grad llnallv CAI. M II Oucen 78 80 RUSH Toi Hip Sr .Muitches Parties OCC Hawaii 79 XmasTorniil 78 79 Arrowhead Big Bear Tahi« 4 Ms .ihcn gissdhsc FHS SIURIRASMI SSFN; I !h !; I nip t lEVollcsball .! in, I alcShoss Basket b.lllDcalH..llyv .. .lSi|i, iresAndHingDo ngs,f;crir 1 em. i ' 1 ■- I l., vcT KnoilsLal cNighiPapcis.Ses . : ics.Ui U. " R.i . " " JOHN R. KNSBI H(. Arroyo.Eeho ! " -ip r. -. M mshappen,R. ' ii ; , I tslake,Sepl ; ,. I Headlcss,B:i,, Bii d PAT RAySl II, OH PARaOTOT drgafbo |, ' I l k STFR ' SC slSL R SKIPPER FOOTHILL CLXSS TRAC REESE: CR SH 1 ' 79BAN m Bk i h ' RUNnT Til I ' lJiui I ' lEDSWIMMING CO II SJMCOX ' COACH DELONG! Ill " i GOON vol XRETIII ..REATESI " WOW! ' " WILU H sEiBioPrlicsLOVERSSne aka U he. vM- -N!POLOChipC IFP Bkll pt ,SU AINGHliv.isu:OE LM01 l0»,;lilll I SOForraall OlACo nccri.TOGA.nniLovingilTomSkiUtuh! Lt I iillJillJII.L.. JOHN REHAk; WNOd-A ' MV TRA NS I;CATCHMi IFXjUCAN.H U k lR.Z OUACk:! EHsSBLIZZAR l Oil dWE? HEPES ' TO GOOD I R IFND! AFBO!VV ILDEBEAST. ' VSI OWMMINO OODBYE ■! I P I IRIXREINCKI l L WESTER r iv 7« I iC- oll Violcnt Chalel Led Zeppelin Pi nk Floyd BLACK Sabbalh Long Ha ir Pla ing Parlies Red Roses BUT m osl of all7l osing Corinne DARI.A ROBINSON: LATFNIGHTS.P ARTYAI 1 THEW -WBLSTI RIF NDS . MARY. DARCV. RON All NIGHTE RS WENDSGAGE Till HILL CREST I IM I IMI SWITHJEFFANDSTEVE, GlIINGIllDANCES RONSHELDCA SI y iBI INGWITHJEFFl KIM ROBINSON: ShariCindyOogieJudy Nil I l ,irDouble-DrillTeam,Mamm 01 hS,i n I )i ego Luckv Cycles Andre. Summ cr80-WOW,math-elass ' " Pfitzner.UCl. Ambrosia, Elton. Lonesome Sane- NOW AY! " MARIANNE ROBINSON: Mayr.Vail.fij Id hockey. 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TlianksS MIKE WALKER: THE W Auu .„, FHFK HOCKtWTHEPARKOli HUGS DRIVE-INS SNIDER,,, CARTY GET THE CAMERA PUSHIr» THb BUS SIEFPbR SWINGE rTES R ADItAi YOU I ATFR DAZE! " ' " ARNER: MorningScisionswiihS .- -■cemberlf.SNowedjll IIS..Mtcl nglhekindgirlfriend,hcjIh?f:«eS- tOFo •nialBreakingupiviihMarei.Miinths II vinja ■JEgw ingihi; rnulB ydru. lensc I ' ln irunk ling 1 1. nik- KAR V;a 1 Sr : ii-jitM inii- ,,■nA(nle Kelt KarinDetnaSuinnierGuyvG.).Hj id lhcBadVjieai,onFli„g,D„„, iMa„,„„„ hSkiUjaWD-SOmelalc NeierSidewavs E I DchalkboardC SIT Fatter (IIS ■ CINDY WERSTFR:Pres(,i,Lr.,tei II, „p ' " ' ' ?.- ' ' r ' " fBa kclSi.fiO)besirrierd BarbCupidSadlcNunsX-MASPIiigWulP arlvPSi„gaMARKcampSWLl.l 111 |T SVakdinnerSanl., IcffMO riKI I Vl., .SUCCEED ' BILI WEINBERG: Jello ' Dualiiie on ,, odw.lhJOHNandLEO SHOTOUN ' BA RGAINbasenitnldavs.Iiinicroni ' n.,..n,, I XRIINDA VA WIK: Yife ll .BAD MINTOT 4YRS J V . 4KsilY in U. ARIZONA, I.AJ MJW SKIINt. HI HUTWlg.T(rflW»{ tMINARY ' .FRED l) N,l IIS ri ASS Of .s SMI RKII YOl AND MF R " I Rll NDS FRINVORK:( I LP l.ont BeuUi SI HELEN VOI ' NO; I OVI YA ( ARO 1 YN 1)1 NISI AND AM ' l Si,(lcr( liie Smurfsllcc ( jp.idcs SkaleBa lb.)a " Big Redl imo LuriA Meryl-Were bad Cind y FLigsarcgrcal burl Nare belter LARRY Yl: Ml N( H ( RlXjf H Ipw ' A y rRArk.itI O IS! tic r. t ,. s i ' n ., ! P 5 !ur Cathy Paik Sherry Parrish Maria Pateras Karen Patterson Janis Peterman David Peterson Lori Pierre Pally Pike 58 Seniors Mclinda Ponlf David Poller ShiTii Pot I IT Karen Pritrhaid « Seniors 59 Seniors John Rchak Kfitaii Ri ' ill ( iirln Hiini ki • ' (■ ((Id Riinhiirii Ilrlsy ticiulon I -rciiir Hit hiirilsiin Seniors t 11 62 Seniors Linda Rosay Jeff Roseman Angela Rosen George Ross Seniors 63 S hiiiics David Srhinid 64 Seniors David Schwvitz Bradley Selhcrl Seniors 65 William Silvestri 66 Seniors Heidi Slarton Laura Slippy John Sini ' llzrr Julie Smith Nadine Smith Tim Smith .. ' eniors 67 Donna Stefjy jfttney jtrtKKiin jiisan juiiv Seniors 69 Debbie Terranova Sitsan Threshie Pamela Ihrorkntiirtoii Maria Torlier James Tol.sma 70 Seniors Seniors 7] 72 Seniors Seniors 73 Mary Jo Williams Michael Williams Victoria Willmann Jeff Wilson Leslie W olcoii Young Won Robin W oolever Earl Wrifilil 74 Seniors Robert Wright rJodd Wright Helen Yang Earlinda Yazzie Helen Young Erin York Larry Yu Mark Zeleznick Senioritis ■ Timothy Barr Terri Jeffreys Jason Pearlman M Donald Bennett Oliver Juhnke Jerry Phillips M Lionel Blankenship Eric Kassouf Carl Rollins ; H John Cevallos John Kessel Dana Skintek 1 Juliett Croissant Amy Lane William Slaby 1 Cynthia Davis John Lathrum Karen Sommers H Slei ' en Farh David Miller Eric Tapager H Lee Gudmundsen Jeffrey Miller Mike Walker " 1 Mike Heard Carrie Morrow William Wells M James Hollinger Gary Nellesen Laurie W urzer 1 w 1981 WAS A GOOD YEAR fort: 76 Div JUNIORS Tb dass of ' 82 shone above tf othQ. The dass led and orgaioged by resident Jeff Goh, made a trerendous effort to beat the senics. and win the competition dur- ingte Feast and Joust. The quad desios were made in advance, and two veks before the junior Reco M- B t»n . spirited juniors got together P to diw and paint the quad decora- W tian6.kiniors dressed to the theme of " Bck n- Ron Is Here To Stay " in a ' " ' ' " " punkers. as demostrated by Bito Borovinsfcy m »1he enter on the opposite page. fl«i« children, and Beach Bims. HoiRwer. ewen with this effort the junion were not suocessM n Aeir uNinnategoaL However, the Juniars sprang rigM back by sponsoring the first lec- nigM dance with Tustin High SchooL The dance was held at Racguetbal MtarkL The MghfigiM of «ie yev was also sponsored by the Class of ' 82; ttie Junior-Seniar Prom. The prom was held at the South Com Ptaza Hotel, and was rocked liy the sounds of " RembrandL " In order to m ue the prom the success it was Jeff Goh and tlie junior counci. over the sum- mer. kMiked for appropriate places for the dance to be held. TiKy fenaly chose the SouMi Coast Plaza Hotel . ' - ' the ideal spoL The rest offlft dass conMiuied also to Sse of ihe pram by dass T-shirts; and by i OweraB c ii c ryon e enioyed a cessflui juniar year. Above Kfic Lanlz toofes tor someMng to dOL On the apposite page to tfie right Saephnie Jones supports her dass by running in toe Jog-a-ttion. OmsMMt 77 1 9 8 2 Park benches can be comfortable , thinks Todd Lawrence. Perry Abedor Dawn Adamik Joni Adams Joel Adamson Barbara Jefferson Akeen Akin Joseph Allan Gregory Bender William Beresford Simone Alt Randi David Scott Mark Leslie Elizabeth Stuart Darlene Alterman Alvarado Anderson Andrea Andrews Angeles Appel Arnold Lori Biel 78 Juniors I Juniors 79 1 9 8 2 Dean Chalamidas Jocelyn Chapman Richard Cherveny Shannon McGuIre — the fly catcher. Brett Colburn Karen Collier David Collins Deborah Karen Collis Cope Christopher Core Steven Corona Todd Costanza P O - . 1 i Courtney Peterson in the play " The Psy- chiatrist " Scott Crawford Robert Crevier David James Steven Cross Cruickshank Cruslnberry Roy Dains Kathleen Glenn Danielson Danon 80 Juniors Rolf Engstrom Robert Epps Kelly Escalera Nader Eslamieh Katy Weber is glad to get out of sciiool. Juniors 81 Robert Gore Angela Huffman, Mary Jo Casey, and Linda Rivas get togetfier to watcti the guys 82 Juniors Garrett Chad Mark Brad Norma Hicks HIgdon Hilker Hinkle HInojosa John Hofmann Lisa Hoien Chester Hong t — I JJ Dave Baum studies hard. Juniors 83 Kevin Margaret Jordan Joyce 7P irnii i ' ' .«Ky • — H p m sJ %■ Dana Paula Kaplan Katz i ■ 1 I Bj ■ 1 I ' i l V» fsA 1 1 li ' jjH ' ' m 1 . 5 Jaqueline Kirk Suzanne Rex Lisa Scott Kris KIsch Klarquist Klevatt Kloherdanz Kobayashi David Dawn Kravitz Kuhlemeier lit Richard Dawn Lane Lang Mike Langlois Caesar Lara 34 Juniors Wendy Lindahl L Robert indsay ' 1 .i L ' :% m Lisa Lloyd Deborah David Lodgard Long Lon Brown remembers theto ' s as she visits the soda shoppe. Brian McGinnis shows us his forehand Michelle Lynch David Mackay Carol Malony Mary Manning Micheal Marcinkevicz Marci Margolin Juniors 85 1 9 8 2 Steve Jeffrey Steven Shannon Jill Robert Kathleen McCarty McFarland McFerson fylcGuire Mciver Mckay Mclaughlin Michelle Francis Miner Mitchell Thomas Mizera Mike Monarch Samuel Moore Renee Morales Jordaen Morbee Paul Morcos Jody Neff John Nelson Lisa Nelson Randy Nelson Paul Peoples wonders what picture to take next 86 Juniors Courtney Jennifer Michelle Daniel Kenneth David William John Peterson Pierce PInney Pizac Placek Plesset Poole Powers Juniors 87 88 Juniors Mitch Halina Charles Sheryl Bruce Curtis Damita Dorie Simon Siwolop Sloan Slocum Smith Smith Smith Smith Kenneth Stern Steven Sterritt Mary Ste wart Douglas St. John Elizabeth Strait Juniors 89 Philip Timson Kim Brown is posing for the camera. Greg Sellers concentrates on the game Todd Traylor 90 Juniors Robin Wilson Phillip Wnolsev Gregory Wriaht Rene Youngman THE FACELESS ONES David Bliss Talene Quick Michael Booth Kristin Ronson Catherine Cook AkiSailom Matthew Delaney Vincent Sarmcento Mike Elliott Robert Smith Suzanne Frigo Scott Stirling John Hoover Anne Williams Laura Michael Juniors 91 1981 WAS A » GOODYEAR FOR . . t ' -iK: :i: ' -3 »?; f .: ' Sr :-p ' ivs! -y- ' . ' :?m fM w . SOPHOMORES ii 1981 was a rewarding year for the Dphomore class. The theme for the aphomore recognition day was Summer Camp. " A majority of the sphomore class dressed up with a 1 of school spirit and enthusiasm. Ilthough the wind had blown down leir props, the sophomores still had good time. On the day of the Feast id Joust, the sophomores added to leir class funds by selling sub- .. . arine sandwiches. The class presi- li nt, Dave Nesbitt, said that their I lirdest competitions were in volley- ball and inner-tube waterpolo. In the Jog-a-thon event, the sophomores had a large turnout, with the joggers raising a lot of money for their class. Another more unusual activity that the sophomores had, was the " New Wave " dance featuring the Nu- Beams. This new and different kind of dance was both profitable and successful for the sophomore class. This past year has been a profitable year for the sophomore class. Special thanks must go to the class president, Dave Nesbitt, for his ef- forts, that helped to make 1981 a successful one. The sophomore class loyalty was the reason for their success. Above, Carolyn Christian flashes a smile as she relaxes in the quad. On the opposite page, native islanders, Terry Monarch and Erin Freeman, visit Foothill; Amy Mygatt is takin ' it easy; and Eileen Butcher and Bar- bara Fishbeck ' s " Summer Camp " picture. Division 93 Q4 Sonhomorp?; Michael Casey Joe Acker is lost In thought. C .r K M-vi -kr£ic QR Lisa Boranian has a fun filled day at FHS. Sfiaron Deutscfie Julie Cross and Carolyn Christian stand proud 95 Sophomores 1 - » .-4 Doug MIsti Drelbelbis Driesler Jeffrey Duncan Jean Richard Wendy Cfiuck Rene Dupre Dutrlsac Eads Eaton Ecfiternacfit Denise Hobbs and ( 1 i i arolyn Christian stick together. Cheryl l adole and f arjanne Ballard are afraid their teddy bear will be tal en away. Sophomores 97 Margaret Deanna Anthony Jame ; Christine James Doug Scott Geldeman George Gerome Gilmore GIvens Gonzales Gorrie Graham Dan Laura Hammes Hanson John Hardy Keith Harrison Valerie Harvey Stephanie Hastin Shaun Haug Heather Stewart strangles Julie Yea. Erin Grimes and Megan Klinehockey pals. Sophomores Ken Inkley Ron James Jenise Jansen Carrie Jaques Kristen James Marijan Annette Koss Koval Kralcampbell Laflamme 19 Q il PI r . 0 Anne Laycock Amy Layton I ynii Leblanc kik. ft .1 ' r ' P!l IB ' , , i " ! «v .-K« H H s Jennifer Meline. Anthea Ip. and Megan Kline are hockey players. anious 100 Sophomores Sophomores 101 1 9 8 3 David McGaffigan Seth McHenry Diane McKee Benidict McKillip Mark McLaughlin Jodi Mead Janice Meengs Troy Meiers Miguel Mendiola Susan Meyers Kimberly Millard Bryan Miller Terrance Monarch Carol Saline, Beth Tasker, and Julie Yee pose for a picture between classes. Pilar Miraula Amy Mygatt Tom Neiger David Nesbitt Rebecca Newquist Tracey Nicholls Bryan Nichols 102 Sophomores Carrie Jaques and June Mareinkevicz are ready tor camp. Sophomores 103 vsrvj-wmmrmm 1 9 8 3 Kirk Rodgers Colleen Repke Charles Reincke Julie Buckanan says, " Hurry up I ' m late to class. ' Kathy Aldred is camera shy Rhonda Reese Douglas Rusk 1 CiA Innhnmnref; Cathy Hoffman and Deanna George show off their pearly whites. . ' Joel Bronson, alias " the skunk ' Laura Schmid Joe Schmidt 1 . .. m David Schneider Mary Schneider Sheryl Schroeck Douglas Schroeder Gregory Schuler Stephanie Schulte Rich Schullz Gabby Schumacher Sophomores 105 Brian Martha Deann Mike Augustus Gregory Andy Karen Snyder Rnrlaro Soltz Stanton Staton St. Charles Steedman Stefty Tracey Stenmark Wendy Slerman Heather Stewart Walter Stewart Rhonda Slotts Wayne Stroschein Linda Sutherland An after school get-together 106 Sophomores Sophomores 107 asHf 1981 WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR . . . fe f .. i I t ► N • --;; 108 Division WM [ :■ ,; • . . i« FRESHMEN Keith Yamashita, President of the :lass of ' 84, worked hard to instill the :rue spirit of Foothill High School. The freshman class worked hard and s now ready to move up. The class iiad good fund raisers this past year. An example was the showing of i4eaven Can Wait. It was a success land the class made a lot of money. 150 people attended the movie, hich was presented in the gym. Everyone was invited to dress in pa- jamas and bring along their sleeping bags and teddy bears. The council also planned a dance to be spon- sored by the freshman class, but due to the lack of success of a previous dance, it was cancelled. Keith was optimistic about his class and said that it was one of the best for fun and academics. For the future he wished all his class many new friendships and the best of luck. Luck and friend- ship have been and will continue to be very important things in our lives. On facing page, far left, Gigi Bankutu thinks about that test. Middle, Ann Brebner struggles through registra- tion. Near Left, Stacy Stears enjoys (?) the cafeteria food. Above, Debra Copeland wonders, " Do I have to take English? " John Barrett Richard Baslie Debra Baum Ann Beeman Nancy Benford Kim Bennett Where do I go now? 110 Freshmen Jeff Anne John Mike Greg Cfiris Randy Steven Bradsfiaw Brebner Brewton Bricker Brinton Brooks Brown Brown ik Cindi Mike Lisa Wendy Ann Sean Jim Michael Bryant Burch Buononato Burlingame Burnham Burrows Butler Caffrey Lynne Carter Marcie Casaga Patrick Casey Ling Chiang Danny Chou Curt Chun Freshmen 11: .m Hey! I won He said no. I don ' t believe it Lisa Davis Tony Davis Kasey Dawson Tamani Michael Patrick Michelle Peering Delaney Delaney Delvnux 112 Freshmen Mike Kim Doubet Dral e Leigh Allen is a new member of the mickey mouse Club. Myra Drul Darrin Dugan Nancy Duncan W i ??sa Dianne Elyea Michelle Esslinger Hyers Figley Brenda Fishbein Gayle Fornataro Susanna Foster Kathi n Fowler Aimee Fragassi Freshmen 113 SB IS SgaEiSvnsmaBiriX ' atBmsm i 114 Freshmen ! Cathy Fowler and Kim Facheck apply for a spot In " Urban Cowboy " Jeffrey Jacobs Eileen James John Jennings Freshmen 115 Glen Latona 116 Freshmen 1 Lynn Mitchell Sue Mokski Candy Molskness Thomas Monarch - Jf Didn ' t Indian Joe used to do this? What do I do now? Freshmen 117 4 Life Is tough on the range Karen Ramseyer 118 Freshmen 1 Freshmen 119 1 9 8 4 Susie Lynette David Edward Allison Craig Jennie Simmons Simon Skonezny Smellch Smith Smith Smith What do you mean no! John Taylor Richard Vandermeade Lora Venstrom Mark Verbael 120 Freshmen Holly Warner Kyle Warren Lisa Watts Mike Weber Scott Aaron Weilerbach Welssberger ■ 1 Robert Welsh Doug Wetton Kelly Woodruff Brett Greg Kenneth Woods Woodward Wootton Retta Wright Keith Dawn Amy Stacy Yamashita Yancey Yarberry Yeager n ¥ W %m iM 1 1 Chris Yokom Mike Young Robert Yount Rod Zandars FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED Michael Beeman Brad Ellis Marc Gurrola Karl Keranen Shannon Lynch Sabrina Skelton Selena Skelton Kevin Spurlock Freshmen 121 ' ■■ ' V. ' i. ' ' T ' Sr;- ' ' ;?sf " ,;-tf mj s m m Si ' ' ? m FACULTY AND ACADEMICS Our faculty helped make 1981 a antastic year. Our new principal was itan Thomas. Joining Bob Patterson ere two new assistant principals ave Burcham and Bob La Rue. , Our administrators put together a ew clean up system called " Stash iour Trash. " Signs were placed round campus encouraging the tudents to contribute to making oothill a cleaner school. The ad- ninistrators and the counselors took lirns in patrolling the campus. They picked up trash, and made tiemselves available to the students, ihe students who were involved in work detail made a big contribution when it came to cleaning the lunch tables, sweeping, raking, and picking up the trash. This system was proven to be effective. Another new procedure was the tardy system. The positive outcome resulted from the enforcement of stricter rules. Students tried much harder to be on time to their classes, knowing that they would have to serve detention if late. If the problem did not cease after detention, then the parents .were notified. The teachers ' reactions were favorable. They were able to start classes on time without the interruption of the tardy students. Eventually the students realized the tardy policy was enforced for their benefit. Foothill has never been at a loss for great administrators, teachers, counselors, secretaries, cafeteria help, and custodians. At left and above, Lou Dean, Shirley Pecoraro, Robert Patterson, and Claude Wiseman join the staff in tak ing part in the teacher recognition day. These special people have always been will- ing to help, and the Foothill students of ' 80- ' 81 appreciated them. ' Isrfyiffli THE MIGHTY I From the HIGH and MIGHTY . . . Stan Thomas, Robert Patterson, Dave Burcham, and Bob La Rue have all agreed that Foothill High School is the greatest! We have been fortunate enough to have these four well qualified administrators, three of w hom are new to Foothill. Thanks to the student body, each of the new administrators have felt very welcome. Dave Burcham said, " Foothill has revitalized my faith in education; good schools are possible. " " We ' re fantastic when it comes to sports, and we also are extremely academically oriented, " said Bob La Rue. Stan Thomas has been a very under- standing principal, and has worked hard to make ' 80- ' 81 a great year for seniors. Robert Patterson said that Foothill has lost a lot of people who took part in making Foothill an outstanding school. Many have retired or moved on. But with the guidance of our administrators, we have suc- ceeded in making Foothill as great a school as it has always been. Mr La Rue keeps up a good attitude toward Foot- hill students ;24 Administration I ii Edward Boseker President Barbara Benson Member of Board Stuart Enksen Member of Board 7 V- R Marjorie Day Clerk Maurice Ross Superintendent Jim Fleming Asst Superintendent SECRETARIES AA T i:. Dottle Nash Evelyn Krage Mrs Ward races to get her work done before heading for the tracks r.n r 1 Dean McCormIck Member of Board I I S fHK.l I I DisfRice CJrf ' J Pat Ward Mr Kellner is always bugging the secretaries. Administration and Secretaries 125 (■iiainiiiiniii II I iiwiii III I " i. lB3fe - ,A Mrs. Glasgow and Mrs. Sillesen make a great effort to clean up the school. Dorothy Denno George Fleischman Jerre Glasgow COUNSELOR Words from the Wise . . . Mrs. Sillesen is a very respected counselor at Foothill. Her goal has been to provide as much assistance as possible for students seeking schol- arships, awards, and financial aid. She has helped out in every way possible. Now that we have three new administrators, some of the procedures have been undergoing changes of modifications. l 1rs. Sillesen said, " Foothill High School is an outstand- ing school. It takes the combined efforts of the stu- dents, staff, parents, and the community to main- tain this excellence. " This is her ninth year at Foot- hill, and for the school ' s well being, hopefully she ' ll be here for a long time! 126 Counselors Paul Whitelock Mr Fleischman takes a break after a long day of counseling 1 The gang will do anything lor attention! Kathy Bahret Zerox Staff Roberta Brush Clerk Typist :- -m Shirlee Caplett Clerk Typist Lou Dean Student Store Rachel Luna LDGAid Angle Martinez LDG Aid Mrs Severson blows the time by f 2 % y : . j Mrs Caplett with such a face. Marilyn Ford Library Clerk iivr i Mary Fujimoto Attendance £h ll ' V7 m Gilda Minuskin Zerox Staff Sherry Severson Records Clerk Services 127 Sheila Ed Adams Bain Physical Education Science Lart7 Bath Science Joyce Bigelow LDG Teacher Miss Adams looks up to a great year. tf i Charles Bradley Spanish Judith Shu-Yung Electra Chambers Chen Christ Business Mathematics English MATHEMATICS NEWS Memorabilia from the Math Department . . . Mrs. Chen, director of the Math Club, kept the Math Department active by involving students in various com- petitions. The three and most important math contests were at Pomona College, Orange Coast College, and Saddleback College. The Pomona and Orange Coast competitions were open to juniors and seniors. The Sad- dleback College competition was for freshmen and sophomores. The students who were selected for this com- pettion had to be actively involved in the Math Club. Foothill was recognized for scoring high in many of the com- petitions. At Saddleback, we have left our mark by coming in first place last year. At Orange Coast, we have come in first place for the last three years. Mrs. Chen has attended each competition, giving her full support. She agreed that Foothill ' s Math Department has been very strong, and that we have had a very hard working staff. Mrs. Chen has been at Foothill for ten years, and the students in the years to come can look forward to profitting from her enthusiasm. 128 Faculty . ¥i iHili Duffy Clark English William Clarke Mathematics Donn Cook Science Curt Curtis Social Science Thomas Delong Physical Education Edward Doyle Chorus Roy Ellis Auto Shop Black and White News from the Photography class . . . Photography has been an extremely enjoyable class, and this past year Mr. Dunlap added an extra sparkle. He took the students on weekend field trips to Death Valley and other points of interest. Through these trips the students learned various styles of pho- tography. In the regular classes, they learned about the camera parts and operations, what to look for in a picture, and how to develop a keen eye. Mr. Dunlap commented, " This is not an easy class, as it takes a lot of time and effort. Students are graded on pro- jects such as photo assignments on and off campus, annual report covers and experimental photogra- phy. " n-A :. William Dunlap Technical Education Barbara Easlick Spanish Faculty 129 Sidney GItlhens English Steve Frogue Social Science Laura Green English Mr Gitthens always appears cool, casual and collected. Nicholas Caspar Science . Elizabeth Gecsey Fine Arts t««A Wesley Hambidge Mathematics Robert Hicks Business - EM. John Hogan German f Mr Feher becomes baffled and bewildered with his new experiment 130 Faculty Allen Kanyuck Mathematics George Korlch English Mlml Learned Mathematics Mr. Hummell " I ' m a girl watcher " SPANISH FUN From the Lips of a Linguist in the Language Department . . . In the Spanish classes. Miss Horvath helped students to pre- pare for the Advanced Placement Test. Th ' S enabled them to receive college credit for their high school work The students learned first hand about Christmas customs in Latin countries. Instead of hanging up stockings, they hung sandals filled with straw Then along came " Papa Noel, " who gave the straw to the reindeer and left some " goodies " in each sandal. The classes studied labels and cartons from products manufactured in Mexico, listened to commercials in Spanish from local radio stations, and produced their own commercials in Spanish. Spanish II students saw the beginning of the First Annual Balero competition. This was a co-ed venture involving several types of " baleros " Thanks to Miss Horvath, the Spanish classes were a " balero of fun. " Faculty 131 f If i- Mrs. Nicolai carries a heavy load through all her classes. Albert Marzilli Mathematics Travis McWIIIIams Technical Education Patricia Mllllgan LDG Teacher Larry MInne English r offffll f Terry Munhall Physical Education John Nolan Auto Shop SCIENCE NEWS Statistics in Science . . . Mr. Nichols has kept the science department involved in activities. He stated that in each science fair, Foothill has either won everything or at least one award in each level. The students entered their projects in local, state, and national competitions. The winners received awards and scholarships. Over the year, students geared up for the Science Competition, fairs, commercial competition, and the Advanced Placement Tests. The newest gossip going around was that there may be a possibility of an additional ten unit science requirement in the future. Well, with Mr. Nichol ' s love of science, the students will catch his interest. After being at Foothill for fifteen years, Mr. Nichols believes that this was a very success- ful year. 132 Faculty I Michael O ' Brien English Ansger Olesen Work Experience Bob Osborne Physical Education Virginia Osborne Nurse William Oster Mathematics l==i Miss Powell is off to the horse corral. mM No matter where Mr, O ' Brien is found, he is always work- ing hard. Shirley Pecoraro Drama Lu Perkov Home Economics All r- ' Joachim Pfitzner Science Clark Poston Social Science Irene Powell Physical Education Jim Reames Physical Education Faculty 133 I Ji Marilyn Reardon Economics %v Richard Robbins Mathematics in! Albert Rosmino Physical Education Sarah Ruse English Angela Satterlee Business Gerald Sedoo Physical Education y Coach Rosmino led our football team through a great season. .«U ' John Severson Social Science FUN IN ECONOMICS As the Economic teachers say . . . " Keep the Bucks Rollin ' in! " As Mrs. Reardon said, " one of the nnost exciting classes at Foothill is Economics " In the economic classes, the students took a direct approach to simulation games that illustrated basic economic concepts and provided experience in making economic decisions. The student soon learned to use his class money referred to as " Rear- don Bucks. " It was money made or earned through an " A " on a test, homework, or extra activities. This money could also be subtracted from the student ' s account if he didn ' t study. Profit was the motive, and the penalty for not studying was a deficit in one ' s bank account. Playing the baseball game provided the opportunity for the stu- dent to see the workings of goods and services in relationship to prices in the market place. This method of teaching, which promoted economic understanding, was also offered by Miss Terry and Mrs. Springer. As Mrs. Reardon added, " Don ' t be absent, it would be an opportunity lost! " 134 Faculty Betty Shatter English David SImcox Physical Education Eileen Springer Economics Janp Tp ,y Economics 1$ Taylor Wagner Social Science We are sorry to see him leave this year After hours, Mr Thomas coaches Cross Country n Frank Southern Mathematics sp " ' •1 T i k Mii Dan Thomas English George Walbel Band -acuity i; ! awi Branan Ward Social Science Wendell Ward Social Science . Claude Wiseman Science Jerry Whitaker Physical Education n ■ A Look at the Library . . . The best thing that ever hit the Foothill library was the audio visual material organized by Mrs. Judy Weightman. She began her work on this pro- ject the day she started work at Foothill, in 1977. The A.S.B. supplied her with all the necessary " hardware " material. The " hardware " included record players, cameras, projectors, and other AV equipment. During Mrs. Weightman ' s first year in ' 77-78, eight thousand, eight hundred dollars was put Into " software " material for the English classes. The " software " material included records, film, and tapes. It was a complete success. There- fore, in the following years she decided to pur- chase materials for other departments. The recipi- ents were the Health and Science departments. Mrs. Weightman has truly believed " . . . we can never have enough materials. " As she continued her hard work, the library has continued to grow, and Foothill students have become more aware of her efforts with the outstanding results. Nancy Waterman English Judy Weightman Librarian Douglas Wood Science Hetherington Woodroffe English ' Karen Yetter Physical Education Bob Zeich Mathematics " Words from the Wise-man " This past year a new course, English for Survival, was taught by Dr. Claude Wiseman. This class was designed to provide practical skills needed by all students enter- ing the " outside world. " The students learned to fill out job applications, and also how to present themselves at interviews. Oral skills were practiced to sharpen the stu- dent ' s ability to sell himself to an employer. The stu- dents learned how to make out checks, balance their bank books, and their monthly statements. Wiseman taught the students how to unravel the mysteries of income tax forms, a necessary skill in this world of red- tape and taxes. As one of the students commented, " It has been a most valuable class! " 136 Faculty Front Row: Art Rozad, Ken Parrington, Dick Slaven, Dick Hay. Back Row: Klaus Stiemerling, Craig Miller, Gary Doerr, Stan Best, Karl Kessler. Front Row: Maxine Santa. 2nd Row: Margret Hirt, Grace Reed, Marilyn Swaim, Dottle Madden, Myrtle Haugen, Bea Crouse. 3rd Row: Jennie Cummings. Back Row: Sue Silvestri, Doris Merine. Jenny Elfeson. THE INSIDE STORY Junk from the Janitor . . . " This past year has brought on new changes, " said Mr. Dick Slaven, head custodian. Mr. Thonnas felt very strongly that Foothill should be well kept by the students as well as the custodians. Counselors were put to work patrolling the campus at snack and both lunches. Work detail students helped out with the washing of the lunch tables daily. This was the first year we have had them cleaned everyday. Hopefully, the whole student body has noticed this wonderful change. Because of the concern and involvement of the principal and students, there has been a great decrease in vandalism this year. The help we have had from the student body in keeping our school clean, has relieved Mr. Slaven from excessive time each day in clean up work. Not only has this involvement helped the custodians, but it has made Foothill a more beautiful school. Services 137 9lKarHKHR«amEBOBinr«BH CLUBS GET INVOLVED While some clubs remain- ed about the same, others grew tremendously in membership. The California Scholarship Federation club grew from approximately twenty-five students to over two-hundred, and the Strategist club doubled from five to ten students. The Math and Forensic clubs showed their excellence by placing first in many com- petitions throughout the year. The Art club worked on another mural for the 100 building, and the Thespians were very busy working on stage productions. As a whole, the academic clubs grew in number, and hopefully the interest in becoming involved will con- tinue and grow in 1982. Forensic Club President: Tom Grisslnger 138 Clubs Clubs 139 STAFF WORKS HARD Yearbook Advisor: Hetherlngton Woodroffe Editors-in-Chiet: Leslie Wolcott and Connee Vallee Back Row: Chris Bloor, Jean Sinitzin, Hetherington Woodroffe. Janice Quacken- bush, Middle Row: Kristy Evans. Maria Ornes, Paul Peoples, Carolyn Ornitz. Patty Rowbotham. Shelly Wall, Front Row: Ellie Young, Lisa Winfield, Connee Vallee, Julie Dreibelbis, Kim Rodgers. Lisa Winfield is caught in action. Jean Sinitzin. Janice Quackenbush. and Ellie Young work hard to meet the deadline. 140 Yearbook Leslie Wolcott, Carolyn Ornitz and Laurie Beck work together. Kristy Evans is making last minute arrangements. Chris Bloor Is in his usual stupor. (9 v, f Paul Peoples is busy drawing his rough draft. The 1980-81 yearbook class consisted of dedicated students. These were the select few that had the incentive to stay the full year and face the pressures that come with being on the staff. There is a stereotype view of yearbook class as a fun way to earn an easy grade. We found out quickly it was not. To use the word " fun " to describe the activities in the class would be very misleading. From experience, one soon learns the proper word would be " challenging. " There are deadlines to be met. The process consists of making rough drafts, writing copy, ordering and taking pictures, to name a few. Once completed the finishing process begins. Every layout is transferred to quad-pacs. The copy is typed, the pic- tures cropped. Directions must be put on accurately because the outcome of the publication depends on the expert work done by the staff. The responsibility of the yearbook rests wholly on the shoulders of the students who put a part of themselves into every page of the book. The rewards are in- tangible; they consist of producing a book that is so popular it sells out every year, a book that is professional in appearance and popular with the student body. Yearbook 141 John Fredericksen doodles. The Scribes: Back Row: Tom Walkama, Tracy Dirricq. Dave Alvarado. DeAnn Walker, John Fredericksen. Carole Conroy, Shirley Strlcklln, Dave Drutz Middle Row: Doug Davert. Marianne Robinson, Connee Vallee, Doug Burch, Dell Snyder. Front Row: Mike Simanyl, Mrs. Holditch, Geoffrey Sive, Debbie MacKay. Not Pictured: Todd Costanza. Doug Davert In his natural habitat. FEATURING THE KNIGHT LIFE I Carole Conroy and Shirley Strlcklln are caught by surprise. What does the Knight Life do? " Write constantly! " The Jour- nalism class meets every day during 5th period to produce the school newspaper. Every three weeks, they publish articles about school problems, activities, current events, editorials, let- ters, opinions, comments, sports, and stories on controversial issues such as gun control and teen pregnancy. The students work as reporters, writers, and editors. The editors spend time after school constantly to organize the paper and meet the deadlines. They also meet with other students to find out what they want to see in the paper. Thanks to the hard work of the Knight Life staff, Foothill is " in the news. " 142 Knight Life 4- r rv -i (•!■ lit , ••in j ■ «ii . " .; ' ' Geoffrey Sive checks out the finished product. Tracy Dirricq finds something intriguing in the file cabinet. . rs. Holditch and Marianne Robinson get down to business Mrs. Holditch In a rare moment. The gangs all here: Dell Snyder, DeAnn Walker, Mike Simanyi, and Tracy Dirricq Knight Life 143 O.C.A.D. COMES CLOSE 1 W 0 is l 1 J x3 i ■.Ml Coach: Mr. Larry Minne. Please! Let me get through this. Out of 45 schools, the 1980 Orange County Academic Decathlon team was proud to finish in second place. The full day of testing, which took place at Savanna High School on November 15, 1980, was the culmination to months of hard work. There were meetings every day after school for at least one hour, in addition to several hours of study on weekends. There was a large field of knowledge that the students were re- quired to master. The endless hours of study were evident in the number of awards that the students won. Back Row: Roy Steers. Beth Milligan. Laura Carpini, Helen Yang, Heather Bennett. Front Row: Janice Quackenbush, Sergio Mandiola, Mike Romey and Todd McHenry. TOP TEN SCHOOL TEAMS LOS 4LAMIT0S 2 FOOTHILL J UNIVERSITY f D4N4 HILLS 5 VILLi PARK Q TROY 7 CiPISTRANO g CLiRfMONT g lom JQ MATEROQ FINAL BBSOLT!. | Close, but no cigar. Coach: Miss Janet Terry. Todd McHenry. Roy Steers. Tom Strilch. Jeff Brannon. Laura Carpini. Helen Yang. Beth Milligan and Janice Quackenbush. 144 OCAD IT ' S A SMALL WORLD " There are more opportunities in America, " said Christine Valenghi. But one of the things she liked most was that people are much more open than in France. She had two sisters here with the Blossom family, compared to none at home. She said " I can really talk to them. " S he loves horseback riding and the beach. She had English grammar in France, but never really knew how to speak it fluently. Now she sounds almost like a native Californian. I like the beaches at home better, " said Cigdem Arkuran, and AFS student from Turkey. During her stay with the Stone family, she picked up a new hob- by, tennis. Besides tennis, she enjoys swimming, drawing, reading, and learning new things. Language was a problem at first, but later the problem diminished. Cigdem really liked her host family, and enjoyed the new experience that life in America pre- sented. Uta l 1ithoff, from W. Germany joined the American Field Service to travel. Besides traveling, Uta enjoys photography, going out with friends, and the beach. She was also on the swim team. Although adjusting to a new family was difficult, the rest was easy because of the similarities between the U.S. and W. Germany. Uta stayed with the Freeman family, and said " I am glad that I have a second family, with more people to love. " Patty Rojas, of Chile, has always wanted to travel. She was hosted by the Davis family, and although she loves them very much, she Is closer to her real family. She likes photography and watching sports. One thing she found Interesting and sometimes confusing about America was the taxes on items at the store. In Chile, there are also taxes on goods, but the taxes are already applied before they reach the store. f L AFS 145 ■ i kJ fi? IWASA GOOD YEAR FOR . . . ■ ' -v- ' - . ■ iM t .!V ' ' :-!ui ■? •-■.? • " (i -TJ 146 Division ACTIVITIES Activities play an important role at Foothill, and 1981 was no exception. The year ' s activities were special for all, and will be remembered by those who participated. Foothill ' s Spirit Week featured the different classes dressed up according to a chosen theme. The Freshmen were cowboys and cowgirls. They set up a replica of the " Old West " Main Street, and with the help of the freshman coordinator Roy Ellis, it proved to be a great day for all. The sophomores decided to take the theme of " Summer Camp. " They dressed up in pajamas, short pants, and bathing suits. The sophomores displayed their theme well. The junior theme was " Rock and Roll is Here to Stay. " They decorated the quad with pictures and names of many great Rock and Roll stars. They played music from the 50 ' s, 60 ' s, and 70 ' s. The seniors took on " Hollywood " as their theme, and decorated the quad like an old movie studio. Such faces as Laurel and Hardy and the Keystone Cops were seen. The Spirit Week enthusiasm was shared by all. The food and games at the annual Feast and Joust brought all the classes together to celebrate the ending of Spirit Week. Shown on opposite page, Michelle Pinney is in her favorite class, physical education, of course . . . then there ' s Theresa Rainey clown- ing around again . . . and Debbie Lloyd munching at lunch. Above, Lisa Lindsay is " geared up " for Freshman Recognition day. Division 147 BMBBgii Eta . m«ww y= itjm i ' iwHM i i ii ji« ■ai MUNCHING WITH THE SENIORS Kevin Carter and Jim Neiger await the entertainment. M-i-c-k-e-y - Mouse . . . Donald Duck. Bob Iversen shows off his body. Connee Vallee thinks she sees guys in bathingsuits. 148 Senior Munch The second senior munch for 1981 was the most interesting munch ever. The munch was held at Knotts Berry Farm. At 7:00 A.M. almost all of the seniors had arrived for their food, and entertainment from hypnotist Lew t arch, and the help of 13 seniors. The entertainment was highly successful. Unbelievabel and memorable moments occurred when Bob Iversen imper- sonated " Steve Martin, " Margie Carter Impersonated " Raquel Welch " ; and Karen Gilsleider impersonated " Farrah Fawcett. " The audience was skeptical until 189 pound Lew March elevated Connee Vallee on two chairs and stood on her. The seniors enjoyed the munch and wished there were more of them to enjoy. Elaine Thorton enjoys her breakfast. Margie Carter thinks she ' s a robot Janice McOwen flirts with Jim Didion. Senior Munch 149 ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY TAKES ACTION KBT. _ . - - L " v H S 1 " w V Bmwp ' H ' 1 M % |(r iB Susan Murphy and Anthea Ip get things done. Mr. Marzllll, Foothill ' s dedicated Activities Advisor. Cory Freebairn. Scott Bobbins and Roy Steers bring in new ideas. Cindy Webster is the hard working A.S.B. president. The A.S.B. Cabinet succeeded in making 1980-81 very successful. With many new creative ideas and events, the A.S.B. effectively presented the student body with a fun- filled year. The new ideas included such exciting activities as the Multi-Media Assemblies which were based on self- improvement, the Spirited Class Competition. Assemblies with the new " wish fairy, " Jim Hollinger, Pajama Movie Night and the Almost Anything Goes Competition against Tustin High School. They worked hard to maintain many of the traditional activities such as the Jog-A-Thon, Donkey Basketball and most importantly. Spirit Week. For the first time during Spirit Week, the A.S.B. members set up a faculty dress up day along with each class dress up day. The Foothill A.S.B. developed friendly relations with the A.S.B. Cabinet from Tustin High School, our traditional rivals. Our cabinet invited Tustin ' s members as well as their administration to our school for coffee and donuts and for a Christmas lunch. Our A.S.B. developed good relations with the faculty and administration throughout the year. They created a Coffee Club once a month before school and they sang to each teacher on his or her birthday. Mr. Al Marzilli, the new Activities Advisor, did a good job guiding the cabinet members toward a successful year. The A.S.B. president, Cindy Webster, was very dedicated and involved, working with her cabinet to achieve many goals. There accomplishments led to a very memorable year for Foothill High School. 150 ASB Charlie Herbert, Jennifer Cooke, Karen Gilsleider. Ken Blakslee and Michelle Boniols analyze ideas. Mark Forney and David Nesbitt work together These are our leaders? All dressed to run the show ASB 151 . drtfl FHS RHYTHM SECTION Taking a break before the parade. Mr. Waibelat I 152 Marching Band Back Row; P McGonigle, L. Watts. R Weissberger, R Olson, M. Warner, P Sheriff. A Noad, S, IVIcFerson. T Wright. F. Francis, T McHenry, R. Sprier, S. Sterritt. G. Beers, K Fenton, D Johnson, P VanHorn. S Chen, E. Thompson, D. Potter, B Tutor, D Gorham, B. Wilson, S. Parrish, T. Boaz, H Derby, C IVIuller Ivliddle Row: K Kirkendall, K Kane, J. Mc- Clure, S Weierbach, R Roy, D (VtcGalliard, B, Block, L Gilliam. S. Schneider, A. Walter, M Williams. E Wilks, C. Columbo, K Grams, B. Cohen. S. McHenry, L, Simon, C Humphreys. T Kirkendall. B McNiel. L. Marching Band grew with over 80 members and the addition of a bagpipe player to the group. They looked impressive with Mason Gregg out front as Drum Major, and Seth McHenry and Shari Bitcon, drummer and bagpipe player, respectively. Mr. Waibel kept them on their toes by holding " humiliation drills " during practice. Their practice certainly paid off. The band placed second at the Tustin Tillers Day Parade, beating Tustin, and took a first at West- minster. They were also asked to do a half-time show for Santa Ana Col- lege for $400.00. Instead of doing one half-time show for all the football games, the band put on six different ones for ten games. That ' s a lot of work! Congratulations, band, for a great year. Speer, J Haug, G Biogiotti. D. Gilson. M Goldman. T, Nicholls. S, Brown, J. Licata, M, Stanton, S McGalliard, S. Hazlett. Front Row: D. Preeman, G. Fornataro, T Canale, S Poole, M Mills, B. Hicks, D. Camp- ,,bell. L. Chiang, K. Brown, N Duncan, M, Teerlmk, S. Bitcon, D, Hampson, iP. Page, C, Reincke, M. Gregg — Drum Ma|or, R, McFerson, S- Oberly, ;M. Joyce, J Self, J, Kosloski, T. Coronado, D, Miller, P. Oleson, K. Wilkerson, 6, Jennings. E. Hoffman, M, Perez, S Goutanis, S- King, H, -ukastiima. Marching Band 153 CLUBS HAVE FUN IN ' 81 Pep Club President: Karen Gilsleider French Club President: Leslie Andrews Spanish Club President: Stella Yang Varsity Club President: Willy Reese IL 54 Clubs One of 198 1 ' s most interesting clubs was the " Diners Society. " Their picture is not in the yearbook because nobody wanted to take a picture of them. Each member displayed loneliness in their character. No matter where the members were, they were always out of place, and without a girl. The impor- tance of the club was to give guys like President Dan Stanley something to do on the night of a dance. The club got its popularity from producing songs which kept the lonely members company. Their most famous song was, " Twas the night before Formal, . . . and nothing to do. " Clubs 155 CLUBS JOIN UF Chess Club President: Mike Miraula IL Ski Club President: Jeff Roseman Motorcycle Club President: Fred Riggs Astronomy Club President: Tom Stritch 156 Clubs Biology Club President: Jim Tolsma New Life Club President: Tyson Cobb Key Club President: Dave Schmit Although all the clubs at Foothill were very active, one of the most active was the Ski Club. There were 81 members and from this number a bus load went on the Utah ski trip at Christmas. This trip was arranged by the Explorers of the Boy Scouts. The students stayed at the Hotel Utah in Salt Lake City and skied the surrounding areas, such as Alta. A few went on a similar trip to Jackson Hole. Weekend races were also sponsored locally and one or two dozen students participated each weekend. The members got together at club meetings and were able to enjoy ski films and " ski talk. " Mrs. Reardon, the advisor for the club, stated, " The club helps establish friendships bet- ween adults and teens and the adults support the teens as they gain ex- perience in leadership. " Clubs 157 CLASS COUNCILS ANl Front Row: M. Forney. Back Row: K. Lu, R, Aschieris, J. Dreibelbis, K. Daniels, K. Kinosiai) Front Row: M. Manning. T. Heredia, M. Mac. Back Row, S. Duran, J. Goh. Front Row: K. Grlswold, K. Yamashlta, K. Patscheck, A. Cox, K. Bennet. Front Row: S. Meyers, E. Grimes, L. Johnson. C S aline. Back Row: J. McClure. D. Nesbllt 158 Class Councils SENATE DO A FINE JOB ft -ront Row: M, Monarch. D, Herbert, M- Kline, S. O ' Toole. Second Row: J. Goh, J Acker, T Monarch, M. Romey, M. Anderson, M. Manning, B Borovinsky, A. Adams. Back Row; J. Boggess, M. Reynolds, D. Daw, R, Lane, J, Frederickson, C. Fenlon, G Haly, K Blakeslee, S McHenry, E. i iNoble. Activfties Director: Al Marzilli Student Senate President: Mike Monarch This years Student Senate and Class Councils strove to make this one of the best years in Foothill ' s history. The Student Senate and Class Councils planned many social and academic events. The activities this year in- cluded the jog-a-thon, a donkey basketball game, spirit week, and the annual Feast and Joust. This year ' s Stu- dent Senate was led by Mike Monarch, Doug Herbert, Meghan Kline, and Sean O ' Toole. The Student Senate was run differently this year. The school was divided in- to 13 districts. Instead of a Senator for each class, there was a Senator for each district. This year ' s system was the most organized that the school has ever had. The Class Councils kept the school politics running smoothly and efficiently with the help of the Student Senate. Both the Class Councils and the Student Senate planned many activities this year that guaranteed it to be one of the best in Foothill ' s history. Student Senate 159 ■o I I CAN YOU HEAR THE CHEER? Stunt Squad: Willey Reese, Mark Cowdell, Dana Doyle, Alan Badder, Shane Griswold, Tom Toohey Yell Leader: Debbie Lagome Mascot: Kim Brown 160 Pep Sq uad irsity Song: Terri Hirotsu, Jana Morrison, Janice McOwen. Jennifer Van Rossem, Cindy )pklns, Nanci Scott J.V. Song: Lisa Klevatt, Tina Johnson, Jill Mclver, Shellie Frey v. Cheer: Darci Hemsley, Meghan O ' Sullivan, Leanne ihnson, Beth Gardner Pep Commissioner: Karen Gilsleider Pep Club President Lori Biel .. The return of experienced veterans coupled with the addi- tion of new, enthusiastic girls gave this year ' s Pep Squad a truly unique personality all of its own. Six senior classmen, selected for the Stunt Squad, created new, more daring stunts than those performed in previous years. This squad was assisted by the Girls Varsity Cheerleaders. The Pep Squad was a great support for all sports this year, though they centered their attention on football. At various football games, they instilled a patriotism among the specta- tors that became a feeling of unity. Using several techniques, the squad kept the attention of their audience. On different occasions, they rode around the track in vintage cars, carried massive signs proclaiming our unbeatable spirit and cheered themselves hoarse for the enjoyment of all. Pep Squad 161 S££irm4 gs:; f i«$E37 »tminHBuii I Howard Loadsman and Laine Caton are the macho men. - • 1, — E i 10 ' p I rf J 1 1 Teresa Heredia and Elaine Braun are swinging in the sixties. ROCK Hey, don ' t hassle me I got dressed up lor school today! ROLL LIVES ON 162 Junior Recognition Tracy Dirricq, Nancy Freeman and Margaret Joyce " Cheese! " The Class of 82 was convinced that " Rock and Roll is Here to Stay, " and they proved it during Homecoming Week Junior Recognition Day. the best yet for this class, was set for fVlonday, opening the week of festivi- ties. Fortunately, the Juniors escaped strong winds that hindered the Freshmen and Sophomores Quad decora- tors set up cardboard fronts, depicting different phases of the 30 years specified for the theme. A majority of the costumes represented groups or vocalists of the 1960s the biggest being the Beatles, of course. To complete the scene, some students dressed in the style of the 60 ' s with greased hair, leather lackets, long skirts, bobbie socks and a class ring on a chain It really set the mood. Presenting tfie winners of the Flip Wilson look alike contest Profound- Really profound I ' d never thought of it that way Hey man, doesn ' t Maria Ornes look cool? Junior Recognition 163 THEY ' VE GOT THE SPIRIT! An unknown cowboy keeps a watchful eye on his territory and his gal. Freshmen and sophomores team up for the picture. O.K. Freshmen, all together now . . . " Yeehaw! " Mike Cowen; " Well a wrangler ' s got to eat some time, don ' t he? " J 164 Freshman Recognition Beware! Don ' t touch Christine Givens! Cowboys and cowgirls gathered on Main Street for Freshman Recognition Day. " Wanted " posters were hung from every saloon and hotel in the little town. Corrals were filled with horses and riders showing folks how to ride and rope. The saloon featured a friendly poker game and was hopping with bar fights. Gunslingers and ranch hands gathered at the hotel to hear the sheriff tell how to clean up Main Street. Then a terrible storm took its toll on the little town. High winds took down the saloon and corrals. But with a gallant effort, townspeople gathered and rebuilt Main Street to make it one of the best in Foothill ' s history. Sophomore Recognition Day featured a summer camp scene. Camp counselors and all the camp kids gathered around the campfire with their teddy bears and blankets to hear stories about the bears and snakes in the woods. There were camps from Oregon Territory to the beaches of Hawaii with camp enrollees bringing inner tubes and back- packs. All in all, it was a memorable occasion. { ' Sophomore Recognition 165 SJKA3gHB.JRWIIMUJ7¥!;MHMIH SENIORS ARE THE STARS The senior class was not to be outdone this year. A special group of dedicated seniors pooled their talents and put together an outstanding quad. If visitors had wandered onto campus that day, they would have wondered if they had acciden- tally ended up in Hollywood. The quad was complete with Grauman ' s Chinese Thea- ter, the condemned Brown Derby and King Kong and the Empire State Building. There were Santa Ana winds to deal with but, never-the-less, the seniors proved them- selves superior. A vast majority of the Class of ' 81 participated on their Recogni- tion Day. f lovie stars and comic strip char- acters were everywhere . . . even a group of super heroes. The graduating Class of 1981 proved once again that Seniors are the Stars. The Sesame Street gang Mr Burcham; you don ' t look very secure! Will the true King Kong please step forward? Laurel and Hardy make a surprise appearance 166 Senior Recognition aren Hackett and Jenny Mygatt are two unpredictable Keystone Cops Yoda, why aren ' t you levitating? " Super Friends " MIchele Boniols is the Lone Rangerette. Senior Recognition 167 ■r-aaesmi mtn THE TRADITION LIVES ON! Mason Gregg: The modest warrior. Bill Weinberg: " And to ttiink I even have to feed myself! " A mystery victor scores in innertube w ater polo L 168 Feast and Joust i x ' ! - yf-- ' Such concentration could only belong to Julie Nicoll. John Hastings: " Oh, life really is tough these days! " i iT Leslie Niven is every master ' s desire. Y ' Shelley Brown; " I |ust ate what? " The traditional FAKHFAJ didn ' t quite stick to tradi- tion this year. As a matter of fact it almost didn ' t exist. The new administration announced at the beginning of the year that the feast and joust was to be elimi- nated. The students weren ' t about to give up without a fight. The A.S.B. cabinet did what they could to reinstate the tradition, though there were many restrictions limiting the festivities, f asters and their slaves were only allowed to dres§ the part after school in order to reduce distractions during class. The tug of war, which has been one of the most popu- lar events in the past, was eliminated because of the danger to the participants. There was the fear that the rope might snap, as it did the year before. Attend- ance was lower than in the past years, due to mixed emotions of the student body towards the steps taken by the administration. The seniors dominated the festivities by winning the chariot race, intertube water polo, and the spirit yell. They also conquered volleyball until they faced stiff competition from the faculty team. All of the activities coupled with good food and music proved to create a memorable day. Feast and Joust 169 Princess and Prince: Jennifer Van Rossen and Tom Toohey. Princess and Prince: Barbara Higgins and Charlie Herbert. THE PRESENTING . . . ROYAL COURT Princess and Prince: Joselyn Pomeroy and O J Dulcher Princess and Prince: Kelly Hawthorne and Scott Biasing. 170 Homecoming Court Homecoming King and Queen Craig Fenton and Cindy Hopkins Queens bouquet. Homecoming Court 171 CINDY HOPKINS IS NAMED QUEEN Cindy Hopkins arrives in class. Homecoming Queen: Cindy Hopkins The new queen is announced and Cindy is shocked. Cindy is congratulated by last year ' s Homecoming Queen Laura Astor 172 Homecoming Queen 3u can always find stimulating conversation at the jnce. Everyone looks as if thty ' re enjoying themselves. Donna Bennett knows how to have fun at Lion Country Safari Dancing lessons anyone? " Cindy Hopkins was selected by the senior class to reign as 1980-81 Home- conning Queen. She was crowned at the Homecoming football game in front of a cheering crowd. Her father was on hand to escort his lovely daughter onto the field, where the ceremony took place. After being crowned by last year ' s queen, Laura Astor, Cindy was escorted to a waiting Clinet, which then drove her around the track. Photographers took dozens of pictures, while friends and family gathered around to offer congrat- ulations. The Homecoming dance was held at Lion Country Safari on November 7, 1980. The theme was, appropriately, " A Knight in the Jungle. " As is tradition, the king and queen danced together and the court posed for pictures. Party- goers danced from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. on a crowded outside dance floor. Though the air was cold, everyone was warm in spirit. Homecoming Dance 173 There ' s no better way to express Foothill ' s pride than by having the kickotf in front of our sign. We ' ve got to stop meeting like this, guys! " Oh don ' t tell me that I ran the wrong way, again! ' Coach Rosmino plots strategy with Craig Miller. WE MADE OUR NAME Cindy Webster, Kelin Greene, Shannon Greene, Ken Blakelee and Laura Astor leave the field. 174 Homecoming Game tv " What a game! Our Homecoming game this year was one of the more memorable games in Foothill ' s history, for those who attended. Have you ever heard of fireworks in October? Absolutely. Foothill High School will go to any end to produce an impressive evening. The night was com- plete with a knight on a regal black horse. Now on to the game. Our team did an excellent job by completely shutting out Orange High School with a score of 47-0. The defense had four key interceptions by Jim Hollinger, John Mar- shal, James Laird and Rob Crandall. An important factor of the non-pro- ductive Orange offense was the three sacks and four tackles by Todd Sabine. He was named Defensive Player of the game. The defense had several prominent players. Jim Hollinger, three tackles, three assists; James Laird, five tackles, two assists; Todd Sabine, four tackles, three sacs; Scott McPherson, three tackles, two assists. Our great offense harvested 255 yards on running plays and 30 yards on completed pas- ses, for an impressive total of 285 yards! There were many outstanding offensive players, each totaling about 50 yards. In addition, Jim Hol- linger, Mark Templeton, and Tom Fishbeck scored two touchdowns apiece. This year ' s Homecoming Game was a very defensive one, with the offense scoring at will. Yes indeed, what a game! Foothill ' s Varsity and J.V. team knows they ' re number one! Our nobility and pride shine through. Get that ball, yeh, get that ball! Nothing is impossible at Foothill, including fireworks in October Homecoming Game 175 " WELL, I COULD JUST SIT AROUND MAKING MUSIC ALL DAY LONG . . . " Greg Prete, Tracy Kirkendall and Scott Watson get into the music. Brian Tudor, Divid Potter and Pat Messenger go through their routine L 176 Stage Band idd Wright, David Potter, Derek Johnson and Pat Messenger concentrate on B music. i ;eof Brian Marsh Jee Soo Hong solos. Stage band prepares for a concert. Foothill ' s Stage Band was a group of dedicated musicians who played all kinds of nnusic . . . but jazz was their favorite. They were considered a stage band because they were ready to perform any time, anywhere, at a moment ' s notice. They were featured in Foothill ' s fall, winter and spring concerts given by the bands and chorus. They also entertained between acts at the Broadway Review. Juniors and seniors seemed to be predominant in the group. Stage Band consisted of trumpeters: Todd McHenry, Brian Tudor, David Potter and Pat Messen- ger. On sax were Tracy Kirkendall, Greg Prete and Scott Watson. The trombonists were Todd Wright, Derek Johnson, Eric Simon and Dean Woehrman. Guitar section included Jim Marcotte, Miguel Mindi- ola and Eric Evans. Two fine drummers, Brian Marsh and Maryann Morioka, assisted the group. The pian- ists were Jee Soo Hong and Scott Doyle. Stage Band 177 The members of the Christmas For- mal Court are traditionally chosen by the administration for their individual contributions to the school as a whole and to our community. This year ' s king and queen were I ason Gregg and Jen- nifer Jackson. In his four years at Foothill, Mason Gregg was in the band as assistant drum major and drum ma- jor. He excelled in academics and was known around school as a friendly per- son. Jennifer was very busy in her years at Foothill. She participated in Student Senate and Class Council. She was yell leader in her junior year and a cheerleader her senior year. . ■ ■ - " jb IB U llrlM i ' 1 in L to R: Roy Steers, Cindy Webster, Cory Freebairn, Laura Carpini, Jennifer Jackson, Mason Gregg Jennifer Cool e. Scott Bobbins, Connee Vallee and David Sctimid A KNIGHT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM Queen and King: Jennife r Jackson and Mason Gregg. 178 Christmas Formal Court Princess and Prince: Jennifer Cooke and Scott Bobbins Princess and Prince: Laura Carplnl and Cory Freebairn Princess and Prince: Connee Vallee and David Sctimid. Princess and Prince: Cindy Webster and Roy Steers. Christmas Formal Court 179 Allan Badder and Christy McGlvern enjoy the dance. I ' Mike Casey, Cheryl Madole, Dave McGatllgan, Jennifer Abraham, Mariane Ballard. I JoeWetton. L Tracey Telson enjoys her date. Todd McHenry and Gary Beers; Two wild and crazy guys! 180 Christmas Formal Dance DANCE THE KNIGHT AWAY Paul Schneider, Lucy Pomeroy, Judy Jacbos and escort. Sarah Duran, Glenn Brugman, Steve Andrasik. Lori Biel. Nancy Lord, Brian Wilson and TamI Kelsey. Shellie Frey, Pat Thayer, Shaun O ' Brien, Shari Rasmussen. and Arthur Frances display mixed reactions The theme of this year ' s Christmas Formal was " A Knight in the Magic Kingdom. " Quite appropriately, the dance was held at the Disneyland Hotel in the Terrazo Room. The students danced to music fur- nished by the band ' Surge. ' Girls in long flowing gowns and guys in tuxes were a nice pic- ture, swinging across the dance floor. The announcement of the court was the major event of the evening. Christmas Formal Dance 181 " IT ' S SHOWTIME!! " I 182 DrillTeam Rochelle Davis. Kathy McLaughlin, Lea Bean, Cindy Hessler, and Suzanne Finley are " Charlie ' s Angels " Drill Team had another winning season with the Tall Flags and Dance Team both earning many first and se- cond places. Drill Team placed second in the Lester Oaks parade while the Tall Flags did very well with a 39 out of 40 possible points. Before the season started, the team had a great four days at USA camp, meeting peo- ple and winning awards for their marching, routines, and spirit. Football games, also, took up much of the team ' s time. The dancers performed to the music, " Enough is enough " and " Championship, " among other songs, while the Tall Flags twirled to ' One. " The Team ended the season by performing in a basketball half-time show in January. Between practicing and per- forming, Drill Teamers stuffed themselves at potlucks and cheered at away games afterwards. Thanks to Miss Yetter and Mrs. Fay, it was an all-around great ex- perience for them. Drill Team 183 ai : " i l i ' «r •. M r ' - ' v ' , ' • ' M a - r i. j? •t ' . jrv ' •5 v- V UlllllLlli 184 Drill Team Back Row: L Brown, L Meline, L. Butler, D Taleisnik, K. Robinson, J. S M, Burns, J. Pomerory. H Slayton, R. Davis, L. Bean, J. Selzer, M. Gf Brown, J. Avelta, D. Alford, S. Cameron, L Ujifusa, K. Pritchard, J, Mat McNIel, C Hessler, J Meengs. Front Row: L Yue, T. Caraccio, J Moses K. Van Kirk, C. Christian, E. Young, J. Yea, D. Hobbs, R. Kochanski, A. F : A s ii y mil ■A ' : 4. f :■■ .•• r • •:■ " •-■ ■=« »««9pi " 1. Ijsres, J, Davis, C. Watne, L. Rauch, J. Newland, S. Patterson, S. Astor, ■. Jpross, C. Repke. Middle Row: M. Pritctiard, J. Mygatt, W. Banks, S. ' - l|( in, T. Vickers, T. Veje. K. McLaugliiin, C. Uttz, S. Finley, M. Joyce, K. I. ibrui, M. Hoffman, E. Grimes, A. Mygatt, S. Duran, L. Jurick, L. Divona, Vine, J. James. Drill Team 185 £iifQ£Si BmBBBr £smii THESPIANS PERFORM Matt Bagne reviews some lines. I Jackie IHinds watches rehearsal. Staying In character, Matt Scrlvens glances at the script. Natasha Witkin waits for her cue. Lane Caton growls his part. 186 Drama Gary Wilens goes over an excerpt from The Physicist. ' ' 3t t0i f I Leia Gorsuch studies her character. Lisa Hoien In Teahouse. Mike Miraula didn I get the joke at first. Directed by Shirley Pecoraro, the drama classes were very active. There were five classes, and all students in the program had the opportunity to try out for the per- formances. Formerly, only the sixth period advanced class was able to participate in try-outs. The new method provided a greater variety when casting. The performances presented include The Physicist. Teahouse, and The Wizard of Oz. The Physicist, a humorous drama, was presented in the lecture hall. The plot was centered on a homicide mystery with characters ranging from an impatient detective to patients suffering from misplaced identities. Teahouse explored Oriental customs, and through different characters, allowed the audience to see these customs from an Oriental perspective as well as from a Western perspective. Mrs. Pecoraro chose the shows by setting two qualifications: 1) they must be interesting to watch, and 2) they must be interesting to perform. The characters in these shows were very different from the characters in The Wizard of Oz. Mrs. Pecoraro felt that the " storybook " characters in many shows have little depth. " I want the students to be able to get a challenge from the types of dramas we are doing, " she added. " They can touch the audience ' s senses. " In a different light. The Wizard of Oz was quite an ex- perience for those involved. Requests from the local elementary schools for a performance were made early in the year, and plans for The Wizard of Oz started soon after. The cast did several showings at these schools in addition to two performances at Foothill. The final exciting event was the Mexican dinner spon- sored by the Drama Guild. The diners were entertained by a series of single acts and scenes from various plays. For the drama classes, the year was a busy one. The excitement and enthusiasm that was stirred up through these classes set a standard of true spirit for many to follow. All can share this excitement as the " thespians perform. " Drama 187 i 4ii s JMiMmM I iHwwuMmm ' F ' -M CHORUS STAYS ON KEY Madrigals: Back Row: M. Needham. T. Monarch, A, Huffman, P, Rosay. M. Ruch, T Allen, l ■ ,:i C. Freebairn, S. Ash, T. Cobb. N, Smith, S. Doyle, D. Arnold, Mr. Doyle, M. Pinney. J. Adam; Front Row: D. Robinson, B. Sunshine, M. Shimel, W. Weatherstone, A. Day, M. Burns, C. Fjelds D. Hemsley, L. Boranian, T. Veje, K. Gallardo, B. Stone, K. Hawthorne, T. Johnson. Advanced Girl ' s Glee: Back Row: K. Beck, M. Blladeau, M Breechen, S Mackay, K Flower, W Eads, K Rhodes, Mr Doyle Middle Row K Schneider, V Wells. A LaFlamme, D Wright. L Sutherland. D Anderson. S. Allen Front Row: D Baum. J Hong, C Mulvihill, K Silvera, L Price. K Hemsley Mr Doyle keeps the group in beat 188 Chorus lixed Chorus: Back Row: W Hurty, B Sheehy, D- Carpini, B, HIgdon, S. Traylor. J. Carl. D. Williams, Z Anderson. 1. Evans. G Koeys, S Walter Third Row: D Barber. C Beck. J Brink. S. Sharp. J. Hormulh. D Adamik. B ichaar. C Christian. G Grandmaison. M Joyce. D Hobbs Second Row: E Braun. M Kaufman. C. Hiles. A Lee, ■. McLaughlin, B Akee, L Rivas, S Sacks, L Hansen. S Stevens. S Jeltema Front Row A. Weinstem. K. Ar- enius. J Mclver. L Klevelt. L Throckmorton. J Thomas. Y Panagon. F. Leviton. L Feisl. A Mygalt The four choral groups started off on the right note this year with their first big performance, the Winter Concert, which took place in front of 750 people on December 17th. Their Spring Concert at the end of the year also drew a large crowd, and turned out to be an excellent show of talent. The Madrigals were the busiest with nine performances outside of school, highlighted by the 17th Annual Christmas Dinner Concert for the Tustin Rotary Club. They ended the year with a performance at the bac- calaureate this year. During the en- tire year, FHS was well represented in Tustin by Mr. Doyle ' s choral groups. Members of Advanced Girl ' s Glee show off tfieir talent and tfieir dresses. No no! The camera Is over here! Freshman Chorus shows that freshmen are talented too Freshman Chorus: Back Row: K Pajares. A Prestinary. L, Pronenkp, M, tVleehan. A, Fragassi. M. Dixon. C Cage. D Henke. L Simon. K. Ramseyer Middle Row: A. Biladeau, D Sarozek, L. Pomeroy, K Lake. P, Hotchkiss. R, Scott. D, Pope, D, Copeland, T Rosey. Front Row: H Grant. E Garrett. K, Balchunas. P. Blossom, A. Beeman. J Kiethley. A Cotman. C. tVlueller Chorus 189 n, : ' ?. ' (■( ' Ql£:i ' J - ' ' di SMXBSSSBKAi II 1981 WAS A GOOD YEAR FOR . . Mf •d ' ' i 190 Division w r ' :. . . SPORTS m m ■n-- ' -.r : i ' -t ' . The 1980-1981 school year was a ireat year for sports! Most varsity ports, both boys ' and girls ' , placed ii league and continued to GIF play- j»ffs. Many JV and frosh soph teams iiso won their titles, providing a con- stant source of pride for all Knights. The pictures to the left and above jire just a few examples of what ex- cellent athletes Foothill produced his year. To the far left, Barbara Higgins ?hows her running skills. She was pne of the best runners in the league and continued to participate in the GIF girls ' cross country run-off s. In the center, Tom Fischbeck, who was honored as the Offensive Player of the Year by the league as well as being named to the all-league first team, employs the skill which aided the football team in reaching the GIF semi-final round for the first time in 11 years. In the next picture, Judi Graves displays the style which ranked her and her partner, Shellie Frey, as the number two doubles team in Gentury League girls ' tennis. Up above, Shane Griswold stops a possible goal. He went on to the GIF play-offs with the team and was also named on the all-league first team. 1981 was a good year for all sports. It provided a chance for many people to participate in a winning season. The records set during the past season will most likely remain unbroken for many years to come. 1981 will be a hard year to live up to for it wasn ' t a good year; it was a GREAT year for sports. - .• - Jy ' P-t ■ ; ' . ? ■ iiliiiiitii ■ " «g ' -f NEXT YEAR IS HERE For the first time since 1975, the Varsity Football team has not had to say, " Wait until next year . . . " because " NEXT YEAR IS HERE!! " Despite the possible disadvan- tages of number (only 35 players), the Knights outshone their opponents because, as Coach Rosmino stated, " More than quantity, we have quality athletes. " When the 9-4 record, which includes games thru the GIF semi-final round of the Southern con- ference, is examined, this statement becomes obvious. Although the Tustin game (44-14) got us started, the most memorable game of the season was against Villa Park. An excellent comeback was accomplished when Miller completed a pass to Marshall in the corner of the end zone, winning the game with three seconds remaining. Coach Rosmino felt that " The heart of the team is the line. They ' re the ' function people ' that make it happen. " The Knights possessed the three top scorers in the county: Miller, Fischbeck, and Marshall. Fischbeck was also named as the Offensive Player of the Year by the Century League. FHS OPP 42 Bolsa Grande 7 28 LosAlamltos 22 14 Marina 20 44 Tustin 14 16 Valley 7 21 Villa Park 17 21 ; 21 15 31 30 22 l» - Canyon Orange Santa Ana El Modena Garden Grove Downey Lynwood 352- - :- TOTAL 3 28 22 17 33 190 Four Knights were named to the all-league first team (Fischbeck, Mar- shall, Dutcher, and Hollinger) and seven were named to the second all- league team (Miller, Fenton, Temple- ton, Blaising, Sellers, Iversen, and Crandal). The Knights of the Year were line- man Craig Fenton and back Tom Fischbeck. Jim Barbera was voted Most Improved, Bob Iversen was consid- ered Most Inspirational, and John Marshall, Jim Hollinger, and Craig Miller received the Coach ' s Awards. Another award given was the Iron Man Award to Kent Kinosian for bench pressing 300 lbs. during the team ' s weight training program. For the first time, a Scholar-Athlete Award was given; this award was received by Bob Iversen, who carried a3.6GPA. The Knights of the Round Table, team members chosen to work with the coaches by their teammates were Craig Fenton, Bob Iversen, Todd Jobes, Kent Kinosian, Craig Miller, and Todd Sabine. (iib.m r !rk Jk. liit ' ii A ruuiHUx - in:m. 1 I f f Ui Back Row: S. McPherson, K. Garter, B. Parish, B. Iversen, T Sabine, T Quinn. M Bell, O J. Dutctier, M, Templelon, J Hollinger, C Fenton Middle Row: T Fischbeck, S. Shepherd, J. Marshall. J. Bosko, R Crandall. G Sellers, Coach Munhall, Coach Rosmino, S Blaising, C. Miller, G Haly. E. Frazee, J. Wesson. Front Row: N. Chung, J. Laird, C. Herbert, R, Gorrie, J. Barbera, B. DuBois, K. Kinosian, D. Long, B. Hinkle, M. Hudack, M. Monarch. 192 Varsity Football Jim Hollinger says, " Don ' t worry about me ... or him. Just get that touchdown. ' Offense John Marshall RobCrandall O J Dutcher CraigMiller Tom Fischbeck John Marshall Craig Miller Craig Fenton Scott Blaising Jim Hollinger O. J Dutcher Todd Jobes Tom Fischbeck KNIGHTS OF THE WEEK Defense Bolsa Grande Los Alamitos Marina Tustin Valley Villa Park .. Canyon Orange , ' Santa Ana E. L. Modena ' i Garden Grove v Downey Lynwood Tim Quinn Jim Hollinger James Laird Craig Fenton Mark Templeton Scott Blaising Greg Sellers Todd Sabine Jim Hollinger John Marshall Charlie Herbert Mark Templeton Bob Dubois •(ife ' e John Marshall sees the goal, and he ' s not stopping ' til he gets there. 10 Davey Jo Long 12 Kevin Davey 17 Scott Blaising 18 Craig Miller 20 Greg Haly 21 Charlie Herbert 22 James Laird 23 Bob " Rocky " DuBois 24 Ray Gorrie 25 Mark Templeton 26 Tom Fischbeck 28 John Marshall 29 Brad Hinkle 32 Jim Hollinger 44 Matt Hudack 48 Norbert Chung 50 Kevin Carter 52 Steve Shepherd 56 Craig Fenton 57 Rob Crandall 62 Kent Kinosian 63 Mike Monarch 66 Jim Barbera 68 Todd Sabine 70 Mark Bell 71 Bill Farish 73 Scott McPherson 74 Greg Sellers 75 Jeff Wesson 77 Todd Jobes 78 Bob Iversen 80 Ed Frazee 83 John Bosko 84 Tim Quinn 88 0. J. Dutcher Varsity Football 193 . ' - -. ' M W: A good blo ck by Wayne Strochein gives Troy Meier an opening in the Canyon game. Don Schuster, Pete Carter, and Doug Gorrle in defensive pursuit. A great pursuit is made by Dean O ' Dell. Greg St. Charles, and Eric Weis berger in their effort to intercept L n r Back Row: T Raugewltz, S Haug. K. Rodgers, B White, A. Carlson, P Carter, J Katnik, G St Charles 3rd Row: R. Martinez, B Johnston, J Knapp, " Haigh, Co. Zeich, Co Di Thomas, S Almquist. M Johnson, P Brack 2nd Row J Bronson, M Warner, D. Schuster, E. Weissberger, B Nichols, D Gorri D. ODell, M. Casey, W. Strochein, C. Van Harte. Front Row: J. Aker, T. Meier, J. Healy. R. Prendergast, S. Beard, R. Catfrey, 8. Perozzi. 194 Sophomore Football IT WAS A HECK OF A YEAR If the near-perfect performance of the 1980 sophomore football team is any indication, then next year varsity squad should have no trouble making the C.I.F. playoffs again. At the beginning of the season, the team was skeptical about winning because they had lost some freshman talent. Their skepticism did not last as they went on to win the Century League co-championship with a season record of 8-1. The team had several memorable games in the 1980 season. In the Valley game the team faced their first adversity. Trailing at halftime (7-6), the team rallied in the second half and won the game 12- 7. In the Villa Park game the team dis- played an all-round team effort. The score was 0-0 all the way until the third quarter. Exceptional blocking by the offensive line opened holes for Mike Johnson and Troy tVleier to score two touchdowns to shut-out the Villa Park team 14-0. The Valley game was a showdown between two undefeated teams. The score remained tied (7-7) until the last minute of the game, when Mike Johnson blocked a punt and Dean O ' Dell picked up the ball and ran for the winning touch- down. The game that stands out the most in people ' s minds is the El Modena. The sophomore team wanted to be the first team in Foothill ' s history to go unde- feated two years in a row. With 48 sec- onds left in the game, Troy Meier crossed the goal line for the winning touchdown. Unfortunately everyone saw it but the ref- vmfamfi ;;mm FHS 15 Los Aiamitos 20 r, Marina .. g 14 SS: Tustin 1 12 Valley » 14 Villa Park 36 Canyon 45 Orange 14 Santa Ana El Modena eree. Misjudging the play the referee called it back and El Modena won 0-6. Coach Di Thomas said, " I never saw a team work so hard — try so hard. It was obvious we should ' ve won, we dominated the game ... we simply outplayed them. " This disappointing game left the sopho- more team with a near perfect record of 17 wins and 1 loss in two years. The coaches named " a Knight of the Week " for each game of the season to serve as an honorary captain with the permanent captains Troy Meier and John Katnik. The Knights of the week were: Andy Carlson. Los Aiamitos; John Healy. Marina; Doug Gorrie. Valley; Joel Bron- son. Villa Park; Mike Johnson. Canyon; Greg St. Charles. Orange; Dean O ' Dell. Santa Ana; and Pete Carter, El Modena. Besides having the whole team letter, five individual awards were given out. Pete Carter was awarded Most Inspira- tional and Mike Johnson was awarded Mr. Hustle for his over 200 carries, total- ing 985 yards. The team voted John Healy for Most Valuable Lineman, Troy Meier for Most Valuable Back and Scott Alm- quistior Most Improved. Coach Di Thomas summarizes the sea- son perfectly. " It was a hell of a year . . . We ' ll get em next time. " — .-v Greg St. Charles gains big yardage in the Santa Ana championship game Psri r ,.- « -« ?gw Quarterback Scott Almquist looks for his target before going back to pass. Kevin Takabayashi wants lots of yardage on this punt return. I see ya, but nobody s stoppin me! says Richard Ash. Noticing he ' s carrying some extra weight, Chris Dabrow figures it ' s time to go on a diet. Mark Fredrick and Craig Smith decide that this is the end of the line for this running back. FRESHMEN SHOW POTENTIAL Placing second in league with an innpressive 7-4-1 record, this year ' s freshman football team showed much potential and assured Foothill of a strong team in the future. The team had a rigid game sched- ule which included Saturday games. They remained spirited, however, continuing to play their bests and to support their teammates. Coaches Bronson, Buckle, Jessup, and Mor- genstern were so happy with their team ' s spirit that they gave each member of the team a Most Valuable Player award. The team in turn gave awards to outstanding members of the team. On offense, Chuck Fenton received recognition as the Most Valuable Linesman, and the Most Valuable Foothill sticks opponent Back was decided to have been Rich- ard Ash. On defense, the Most Valua- ble Linesman was considered to be Craig Smith, while Darren DiMarco was the Most Valuble Back. Other awards given were: Most Inspirational to Walter Williams and the Coach ' s Award to Steve Schu- maker. The Most Heart awards were given to Mike Caffrey, who broke his wrist making him unable to play any games, and to Chris Dabrow, the starting quarterback, for constantly being under pressure. This year ' s freshman team had inspiration, spirit, and skill and were a source of pride for Foothill. 196 Freshman Football Block that punt! Defense shows their stuff. Quarterback Chris Dabrow carries the ball. i m :3 t m - f M: Back Row: B. Sheehy, S. Ediss. J Deutsche. J. Schmid. T, Rutkowski, C. Fenton, J. McElrath. M Green. D. Bebout, B Harvllle, T Stirling, M Heffner, J. Walshe 4th Row: Coach Bronson. S Schumaker, A. Weissberger, M Peterman, M. Hoyt, B Kester. C Hertsgaard, S Holub, J. Lightfoot, S Burrows, K Ellis. R. Gallager. D Mulvihill, Coach Morgenstern. 3rd Row: C Smith, C. Reeves. S. O ' Donoghue, D DiMarco. C Dabrow. T Monarch. K Wootton. W Williams. D. Cameron. K Heard. E. Smelich 2nd Row: L Frazee. M Kosakura. K Takabayashi. F Marzullo, J Barrett, R Ash, M. Fredrick, D Gunter, S, Boedeker, D. Gregg, D. Merino. Front Row: M. MarchettI, J. Hinds, D. Sanders, M. Verbael, P. DiCarlo, B. Horvath, S. Konecky, S. Cooke, P. Elkins, M. Caffrey. Freshman Football 197 !li Jeff Williams, junior, named " Most Valuable 1980 runner. " Randy Miller rounds the corner quickly. RUNNERS RUN ROUGH RACE After winning C.I.F. last year, this year ' s boys ' varsity cross country team had a tough act to follow. In addition, seven of the twelve varsity letternnen graduated in 1980. The team began working out early in July, knowing that there were some open spaces for a varsity position that needed to be filled. The top varsity runners this year were Mario Vega, John Balling, and Jeff Williams. The team placed second at Pacifica Invi- tational overall, fourth at Villa Park Classic, and second at Orange County Championships. They ended up taking a third place in league due to a first time loss in dual meet com- petition. On November 8, the varsity team went to C.I.F. prelims where Sean O ' Toole and Ron James had to be brought up from their position to run on the varsity team due to an excessive amount of injuries. The team concluded their season by plac- ing fifth in the prelims, just missing qualifications for C.I.F. finals by three points. On December 3, the annual cross country banquet was held at the Elks Club. Special trophies were awarded to the outstanding distance runners. The " f lost Improved Sen- ior " trophy was awarded to Sergio Mandiola, who took more than one minute and fifteen seconds off of his time. The " ivlost Valuable Senior " and the " Knight of the Year " trophies were awarded to Mario Vega, who had an excellent season from the beginning to the end. The " Most Val- uable Junior " trophy went to varsity letterman Jeff Williams, who placed third in the Century League Finals, closely behind El Modena ' s Steve Valen and Tustin ' s Mike Parker. The " Most Improved Junior " trophy went to Sean O ' Toole who took more than two minutes off of his time this year. Although the 1980 year was not the best tor the boys ' varsity cross coun- try team league wise, the team still showed excelent times throughout the season. Although four of the top seven varsity runners graduated this year, the team is looking forward to a successful season next year as they are expecting the freshman and sophomore teams to improve tre- mendously in the 1981 season. 198 Boys ' Varsity Crosscountry op runners, John Balling. Mario Vega, and Rob McKay, push each other t Irvine Park • ;£■ 1 ' U ' M J Jeff Bell lengthens his stride down the trial. lack Row Rob McKay, Jeff Williams. Mario Vega, John Balling, Sean OToole. Randy Miller. rent Row: Jeff Bell Sean O ' Toole puts his best foot forward over the fin- ish line. Boys ' Varsity Cross Country 199 RUNNERS GO FAR This year ' s Boys ' J.V and Frosh. Soph, cross country teams had an outstanding season. With both teams going undefeated in dual meets, their final record was a perfect 7-0 score. At invitationals both J.V. and Frosh. Soph, teams never received anything worse than a third place. At Pacifica the juniors took first place with Rob McKay and Greg Wright placing in the top ten positions. The sopho- mores also took a first place at Paci- fica and the freshman team placed second. At Villa Park Classic the J.V. team took the third place team sweepstakes and the Frosh. Soph, team received second. On Septem- ber 27, the Frosh. Soph, team attended the Corona Del Mar Invita- tional without the Varsity and J.V. teams. Both the sophomores and the freshmen took a second place. On October 18, Foothill hosted the Orange County Championships once again, but this year it was held at Irvine Park for the first time. The Greg Wright leads teammates through the course fst.; teams did extremely well with the J.V. team taking a second, the sopho- mores taking a first, and the fresh- men taking third overall. The team ended their dual meet season suc- cessfully at the Century League Finals where the J.V. team tied for first place with Villa Park and the Frosh. Soph, team became Century League Champs, taking five of the top ten places. The top runners this year were Randy Miller, Scott Emery, and Sergio Mandiola. Top Frosh. Soph, runners were Ron James, Rob Morris, and Dave Nesbitt. These boys made an amazing effort to run their fastest, and they did. The determiniation of these Foothill boys outshone, by far, every other high school team. Each athlete exhibited his talents throughout the season. Hopefully, these young ath- letes will prove their talents again next year. Scott Emery runs his best race at League Finals. Back Row: D. Schmidt. K. Webber, E Witkin, C Bloer Middle Row: K. Tonakowa. T Duckworth, D. Alvarado, J. Bell, S. Mandiola. Front Row: T. Kozak, D Rivas, S. Emery. 200 Boys ' J.V. Crosscountry Jeff Bentz picks up his pace. Rob Morris and Ron James run togetfier to block out opponents. Back Row: J Lusin, M Evans, S, Rexroat, J. Guzman, J. Sherwood, R. James, D. Chambers, C Butler, E Ahrling, J. Bradshaw, N. Thomas, P. Smith, R. Hart, K, Ellis. D, Gates, A. Steedman. twiddle Row; E. Noble, K. Ferry, R Morris, D. Nesbit, J Bentz, D. DeMoss. R. Sandeu, D. Wetton. Front Row: R. Mongan, K. FiertI, R. Zeigler, T. Taylor, J. Brown, E. Deuning, S. Grahm, J. Derr. " . mT ' Jeff Bradshaw, number one freshman, shows opponents the way. Boys ' Frosh. Soph. Cross Country 201 Runners Set Pace The 1980 Girls ' Varsity cross country team, coached by Mr. Thomas, has once again proven themselves to be number one in league. The team easily handled El Modena, Santa Ana Valley, Villa Park. Santa Ana, and our rival Tus- tin High School this year in league com- petition. Placing second at the Dana Hills Invitational and winning the team sweepstakes at Pacifica, the girls went on to win the 4A division at the Orange County Championships, which was hosted by Foothill. Making the first team in Orange County were, Patience Unger, Sue Meyers, and Amy Cox. Making the second team were Barbara Higgins and Laura Higgins, and the third team con- sisted of Kathy Devine, Lori Almquist, and Lisa Herman. With the varsity win- ning 33 straight Century League meets, and taking first place at Century League Championships, they placed sixth at C.I.F. finals. With only one senior on the varsity team this year, the remainder will return next year to carry on thier win- ning streak. In order to regain their title next year, the girls varsity cross country will con- tinue their summer workouts where they hold daily practices in rain or shine: These workouts require tremendous dedication and enthusiasm, which is always displayed by all varsity members during the entire summer. This year ' s Girls ' J.V. cross country Sue Meyers and Patience Unger lead the pack down the hill. team dominated every dual meet. With 38 girls on the J.V. team, they once again went undefeated throughout the 1980 year. With consistent runners such as Tracy Reese, Peg Cruickshank, Julie Madsen, Erin O ' Toole, Jill Thoner, Lor Almquist, Melisa Smith, and Jill Koval who alternated from varsity to J.V., the team had a perfect record of 7-0, with six out of seven shut outs. They aisc won all of their invitationals and were considered the best J.V. team in Orange County. On November 8, the J.V. tean- went to League Finals at Mason Park where they captured eight of the top ter places, with Jill Koval leading the pack With 15 of the top 20 J.V. girls in league being from Foothill, the team easih became Century League Champion; with no competition. Although three o the top J.V. girls are seniors, the major ity of the team is still young and wil return next year for another successfu season. Due to the outstanding number o new comers on the team this year Coach Thomas expects to see anothei large group of girls returning next yeai to assist the team in their dual meets. With such a large team, opponents this past year were very discouraged. ' Back Row: L. Higgins, E, O ' Toole. B Higgins. P Cruickshank, M. SMith, T Reese. J. Madsen Front Row: J Koval. A Cox, S. Meyers, L Herman, L. Almquist, P. Unger, K. Devine. Amy Cox shows her talent. 202 Girls ' Varsity Cross Country Jill Koval runs alone to take another first place. Tracy Reese, senior, named " Most Improved. " Julie Madsen picks up the pace. -VtlT ' " Back Row: N. Freeman, K ij.ilty, o Miller, E riefnidii K Millt-(,B f letes, L. Sutherland, P Ashton. M. Esslinger Middle Row: J, Thoner. H. Grahn, M, Brecheen, K. Koss, L. Brauer. M Grahn, L, Pom- eroy, A. Adams, S, Alcaraz, E. Jordan, K. Bennett. Front Row: E, Kaylor, J. Rowbotham, C. Cham- bers, K Oliver, S McGuire, S. Allen. Lisa Herman, Erin O ' Toole and Lori Almquist show team- work Girls ' J.V.Cross Country 203 ■;i„ :.sii. •• tti »»««fe KNIGHTS TAKE LEAGUE The 1980 girls ' varsity tennis team was outstanding. They took the Cen- tury League Championship with an undefeated season. Marci Margolin, Leigh Graves, and Judy Graves were the top singles players on the team. They proved to be outstanding play- ers and continued to improve as the season progressed. Also leading the Knights to victory were Tracy Gault, Dawn Rowe, and Kelly Escalera. Team Captains Kelly Escalera and Tracy Gault were unbeatable as a team. They were the top doubles players on the team. They had an excellent season. One of the team ' s biggest victories was over Tustin as they beat them 15-3. This team has a lot to look forward to next year because there are ten returning var- sity players. There are only two sen- iors on the team, Leigh Graves and Terry Hirotsu. There are also two freshmen on the team, Debbie Tur- M. iiyKelly Escalera out rallies opponent. _ ' po " erful forehand shot lea(|nEoQ]|]JlPd K- ■jirls ' Va s-aa nib m bow and Sandy Hirotsu. These two young players will continue to improve at Foothill and will be great assets to the team in the future. The girls ' J.V. Tennis Team was also outstanding. They too took the Century League Championship. They went undefeated in league 9 and 0. They ran over Tustin on the way to the top of the Century League. Kris- ten Selin, Rebecca Cobb and Teresa Dahl were three very promising fresh- man players who have a great career at Foothill High to look forward to. Carol Daniels, Lynne Johnson and Wendy Sterman were three outstand- ing sophomores. Jennifer Jackson, Karen Cope, Laura Bierklund and Toni Latona were some of the upper- classmen stars. This team, like the varsity, has a lot to look forward to because of their twenty returning players. The team spirit was also an asset to the team ' s great season. This promising team will be back to take Century League again. i l» ' ' 1 : t Back Row: Tony Latona, Shellie Frey. Tracey Gault, Kelly Escaler.i ludi Graves, Marianne Martin. Front Row: Dawn Rowe, Debbie Turbow. Marci Margolin, Leigri Graves. Sandra Hirotsu, Terri Hirotsu Jennifer Jackson concentrates on the ball. Carol Daniels puts the match away with her back- hand nne Johnson, intense play puts her on top. Back Row: Coach GItthens, D Bierman. C. Daniels, T. Dahl. K. Selin, A. Coady, S. Kelly, A. Burnham. Middle Row: J. Adams, G. Virgilio, L Johnson. L Bjorklund, J Jackson. W. Sterman. J McClure. S. Lindsay, C Levine. Front Row: L. Thomas, E Schneer. A. Kanarek. N. Cohen, K. Cope, C. Habash, R. Cobb, B, Tasker. Girls ' J. V. Tennis 205 ' ' J Willy Reese sends this shot in the direction of the Villa Park goalie. " To shoot or not to shoot? " Tom Toohey ponders the question. Mark Terry ... a face only a mother could love. VARSITY GOES TO C.I.F. After the season that the previous Foothill water polo team had had, a lot was expected from this year ' s group of athletes. They disappointed no one. They kept the varsity tradi- tion alive by going to GIF. They reached the second round before a close, heartbreaking game with El Dorado ended their season. All play- ers were outstanding with great depth on the bench also. Seniors include co-captain Marty Florman who was most memorable for his extra man scoring talent. Marty was awarded first team all-GIF and first team all-league honors. Tom Toohey was honored third team all-league. Tom was co-captain, and he was the most aggressive player. He was " always thinking " through the course of the game. Shane Griswold, holds the record for goal crossing, which is a difficult task that goalies work at. This was the defense the team needed, and helped to win him an all- league first team honor. Willy Reese, known for his ability to force turn- overs and for shooting a perfect lob shot, won third team all-league hon- ors. Keith Sterbenz was known by all opponents as an excellent defensive player and a well accomplished offensive driver. Equally outstanding were Mike Reynolds, Doug Herbert, Lenny Goodsir, and Mark Terry. The team had come a long way from the fifty pre-season games played. They experienced success from the win-i ning combination of hard work, inten-i sity, and desire. Special awards went to Reese, who received " Most Improved. " Florman, the " Offensive Player of the Year, " and to Griswold, the " Defensive Player of the Year. " The " Chip Strait Award " went to both Shane Griswold and Keith Sterbenz. Tom Toohey earned the " Scholastic Achievement Award, " and Marty Florman received the famed " Knight of the Year; Award. " With four returning varsity players and many from frosh soph and JV teams, next year ' s team will also, prove to be very exceptional. C Coaches DeLong and Simcox shout encour- agement. 206 Varsity Water Polo •j ' " " m ' a. Lenny Goodsir makes a pass . An example of Shane Griswolds C IF ability Mike Reynolds shoots " the old oft the wrist shot, ' Keith Sterbenz rockets the ball. Back Row W Reese, L Goodsir Front Row: t . Reynolds, K. Sterbenz, D Herbert, S Griswold, T Toohey, M Florman, M Terry. Varsity Water Polo 207 V. t ■i m Scott Crawford ' s opponent realizes he hasn ' t a prayer. ' Is he afraid of the ball? " Foothill is baffled. Choosing a corner, Dave Williams scores against Mira Costa. Back Row: J. Fredericksen, J. Straley, J. Churchill Middle Row: S. Craw- ford, D. Williams. Front Row: T. Mizera, F. Forgy, D. Burch. " This Is my wave baby! " Goalie Jeff Straley 208 Boys ' J.V. Water Polo Robb Bradshaw sinks his man. Don ' t shoot; nothing is getting by Rodger Cleye ' Back Row: R. Cleye, R. Bradshaw, G Fairon, C. Gaughran 4th Row: J. Brouk, D. Baia, T. Sunshine, T Dailey, C Larsen, 3rd Row: M Crosby. J. Lull, R. Yound, C. Sheets 2nd Row: M, Burch, J. Pluner, D- Nellesen, M. Coffee, J. Reynolds. Front Row: W. Metcalfe. B. Woods. D Katz. R, Wil- liams. J.V. TIES FOR 1st A demanding year was in store for the 1980 J.V. water polo team. All through the summer the team worked out with Foothill ' s varsity team. They played against other var- sity teams and college teams such as the U.S.C. " C " team and Orange Coast. All J.V. players gained unlim- ited knowledge and experience. By the time the first league game rolled around, it was quite clear the team was destined for greatness. The Knights beat such powerhouses as Estancia and Dana Hills High Schools and received one of its most reward- ing victories against league rivals Tustin, winning in overtime 8-7. There was little opposition throughout the season. All games were won with full team participation. Coach DeLong and Coach Drucker remarked of the 1980 season, " The magnitude and depth were overwhelming. The play- ers worked hard and played like champions. " The J.V. team settled for a first place tie in the Century League. At the awards banquet held on -Sm ' December 9, Jay Churchill received the " Most Improved " trophy and Dave Williams was awarded the " Most Valuable " trophy. Coach Drucker with the help of Coach DeLong shaped the . Mini- Knights into a typical Foothill frosh soph team, taking second in a very tough league. At the beginning of the summer the team consisted of many beginning swimmers along with superstars from last year ' s team. The whole team worked hard and all members were a great benefit to the team ' s success. Outstan ding con- tributions came from goalie Rodger Cleye, Rob Bradshaw, David Baia, Jeff Brouk, Chris Larson and Clint Gaughran. All were outstanding in making the Foothill Aquatics Pro- gram a great success. At the awards banquet Jeff Brouk received the " Most Improved " tro- phy. The most valuable player was David Baia. Clint Gaughran passes the ball. Boys ' Frosh Soph Water Polo 209 Shari Rasmussen bumps the ball with skill. Jennifer Cooke looks for help from above. ! ' Front Row; Annette LeSueur. Jennifer Cooke. Shaun O ' Brien, Cindy Webster. Back Row: Shari Ras- mussen, Anne Dean, Lisa Grandmaison, Kelly Hawthorne. Lisa Grandmaison ' s concentration stops the ball in midair. 210 Varsity Volleyball 1 II jiwimyt anw iMw BUMP! SET! SPIKE! The girl ' s varsity volleyball team capped off a tremendous 20-3 sea- son when they won the Century League championship. Coach Adams felt the team ' s biggest triumph was their second game against Orange. After losing to them earlier in the sea- son, Foothill rebounded with a straight set victory (15-6, 15-6) when the teams met again. After a success- ful season. Foothill advanced to the C.I.F. quarter-finals. Anne Dean, Lisa Grandmaison, Shaun O ' brien, and Shari Rasmussen were selected to the All-League first team. The varsity team also participated In two tournaments. In the Los Ami- gos Tournament they took first place out of 20 teams. Anne Dean was named all-tournament and Lisa Grandmaison was selected most val- OUTSTANDING KNIGHTS Varsity Most Valuable Lisa Grandmaison Most Improved: Lori Hansen Coaches Award: Stiari Rasmussen Junior Varsity Most Valuable: Wendy Lindahl Most Improved: Carol Saline Most Inspirational: Gabi HIsch uable player. In the Westminister Invitational, Foothill placed second out of 30 teams. Lisa Grandmaison was selected all-tournament. The JV team displayed great effort and improvement throughout the season. A team of 11 sophomores, two juniors, and one senior lacked experience at the start of the season. Their hardwork and determination placed them fourth in the Century League with a record of 9-7, Coach Hilsabeck felt that they were able to iron out all their problems and is looking forward to a successful sea- son next year. With any luck. Coach Hitsabeck will be able to pull them through to make a fantastic volleyball team in 1982. Coach Hilsabeck and some JV players watch intensely. Wendy Lindahl puts an all out team effort to ' save the ball Jill Ranney puts a little oomph into the ball. Back Row: Carol Saline. Leslie Eustice, Lisa Brownlee, Linda McLaughlin. Michelle Bilodeau, Sylvia Buckner, Maria Ornes Front Row: Sharon Jeltna, Jodi Margolin. Gabi Hirsch. Molly Schwartz. Laura Schmid. Tina Clevenger, Jill Ranney, Wendy Lindahl. JVVolleyball 211 Jon Haymond does It again! Richard Thomas dribbles past rival Santa Ana defender. Back Row: Brian Bailard, Scott Robbins, John McLaughlin, Jon Haymond, Richard Thomas, John Marshall, Mark Templeton. Front Row: Rich Schultz, James Laird, Allan Sadder, Greg Haly, Mike Houlihan, Kristopher Lu. John Marshall shows off Foothill ' s strong defense. 12 Varsity Basketball HB.jwifl ' . »ry Brian Bailard holds nothing back. B H Jitfl- M ■ " ■ " IB 9 m m 1 M 3| Coach Reames goes over game plays with the team. Greg Haly goes up for the shot. SHOOTING FOR THE STARS The 1981 Boy ' s Varsity Basketball Team set three goals: 1) to win the Century League Championship, 2) to go to the CIF Playoffs, and 3) to beat Tustin. Coach Reames felt that the team was strong in size, in shooting, and in defense. Two returning starters from last year ' s team were Jon Haymond and Richard Thomas. Greg Haly and John Marshall, both from last year ' s JV team, moved up to varsity, along with Brian Bailard of last year ' s sophomore championship team, fvlaking the chances of ac- complishing their goals even greater, Scott Robbins, Allan Badder, and Rich Schultz did an excellent job as backup. Jon Haymond battles a Saint for the ball. The team was able to participate in two pre-season tournaments. In the San Clemente Tournament the team started off slowly, losing their first game, but rallied in the second half to win the Consolation Champion- ship. Jon Haymond was awarded all-tournament first team. In the Orange Optimist Tournament, the Knights beat Katella (62-57) for the first time in Foothill ' s history. Richard Thomas was awarded all-tournament first team. With all the potential and talent that the varsity basketball had they had a disappointing season. ■I Varsity Basketball 213 KNIGHTS HAVE A FUTURE This year ' s J.V. Basketball team has proven that Foothill will have a strong squad for a few years to come. There were many veteran players. Bob Gore and Dave Cross were both returning J.V. players. There was also one sophomore on the team, Marc Levine. The rest of the team consisted of juniors graduated from last year ' s sophomore team. A remarkable season which was achieved by this year ' s sophomores will forever be remembered and will be a goal for other teams to aim for. Like the J.V. squad, the Sopho- more Basketball Team is made up primarily of veterans from last year ' s team. Their experience was shown on the court as they made their op- ponents appear to be novices the first time to see a basketball. The freshman team should also be noted for their hard work and ability. They have set an example which teams of all sports should heed as they openly displayed school spirit and loyalty to their team. The J.V., sophomore, and freshman basketball teams had valuable seasons as they were given a chance to improve, learn team work, and become more loyal to Foothill and their team. Coach Hummel jokes with the team. Phil Timpson looks for some help. " Look at me! I ' m flying " says Rich Dutrisac. . and It ' s a lay-up tor Jett Lu. Back Row: C Briggs. B Gore, D Cross, D MiHIin, P Thayer, P. Timpson, P Woolsey Front Row; M Levine, J. Lu, D. Long. R. Dutrisac, P. Parker, M Schwartz. ' ' I A- J.V. Basketball ' " ' ' T I 1 1 I ill MBBH— IIIWIWIl = r ' Back Row: N, Hur lbut, P. Plunket, C Parlse, G Schuler, P Zwrchorowskl. D Dreibelbis. D. Viar Front Row; D Jordan, J Duncan, G St Charles, G Bartick, R. Martinez, T. Walkama and it Is a basket for Gregg Bartick! ' w Dave Jordan decides, " I can make it from Ttie sopfiomore team is Instructed by Coacfi Jaramlllo on tiow to improve ttie second fialf fiere " pn!! M BaM| K ' Is UM MfA ' V 9 ' j f brj k ti Ptl 1 ■Z P ' flt fl B 9 IP " l K ' Kt E Si C a l l WilS]fi «S= jgPJTfnl . bh i IlI m K- ' Wjm Bk ' a k K ., 1 IL B HK V mbW » i JB m— - Bwfc M B B p ' ' HVi y i l 1 HI liifllylH flft VkII iiHlAKj Back Row; J, Lightfoot, M Green, D Bebout, M. Heffner. J. Walsfie, B Reilly, M Fredrick, J. Scfimid. Front Row; tVI. Alvarado, D. Sanders, R. Welsfi, T, Monarch!, D. Cameron. D. DiMarco, R. Huntington. B Callanan. Dave Sanders wants two more points for the freshman team. Frosh Soph Basketball 215 ■; .c. Mi; -. tottiini ste ' W w fy ' Lisa Grandmaison looks for a pass. Back Row: C. Webster. S. O ' Brien, M Bilodeau Middle Row: L Slippy M Joyce, C. Toucher, J. Cooke. Front Row: L. Grandmaison, A. Dean J Dethlefsen, S. Rasmussen, J. Desntis. ,V_J. Sharl Rasmussen and teammate sandwich opponent. vy Down the court goes Michelle Biladeau. 216 Varsity Girls ' Basketball ■ U.I W W HI» - ,l| i M CAGERS GO TO GIF The Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team repeated their past. The Foothill Cagers were once again rated as the number one team in GIF. They started the season headed in the right direction. The Knights powerful- ly took first place in the Cypress tour- nament for the second year in a row. This was followed by perhaps the two best games of the season, one in which Coach Adams pitted the team against Orange and beat them 51-31; next was Santa Ana High School who never did know what hit them when they were blown away by the Knights 53-19. All games were won with full squad participation with outstanding con- tributions from senior Lisa Grand maison and junior Anne Dean. The players responsible for this year ' s success were Sharl Rasmussen, Shaun O ' Brien, Cindy Webster, Anne Dean, and Lisa Grandmaison, starters, and Jennifer Cooke, Johan- na Dethlefson, Jill DeSantis, Lisa Racine, Michele Billadeau, Maureen Joyce, and Laura Slippy, backup. Four of the varsity members were veterans from last year ' s squad: Maureen Joyce, Anne Dean, Cindy Webster, Shaun O ' Brien, and Lisa Grandmaison. Jill DeSantis, Johanna Dethlesen, and Michelle Bilodeau were all promoted from last year ' s J.V. team. Like the varsity team, the J.V. squad had a strong season. With three veterans from last year, Michelle Pinney, Linda McLaughlin, and Lisa DeGabrielle, the team had experience and will provide Foothill with a strong team for the ' 81- ' 82 season. Linda McLaughlin passes tlie ball. We ' ve got spirit! .) ■H " 3 Bacl Row: K. Combs, J. Cross. L. McLaughlin, E. Strong, Coach Block Middle Row: T. Nichols, M. Prestinary, D. Baum, L. Degabrielle. Front Row: R. Wright, M. Pinney. B. Lee. ' It ' s all yours, " says Emma Strong as she passes. J.V. Girls ' Basketball 217 I Back Row: Coach Korlch. C, Miller, C. Placek, S, Brusler, M Hudack, S Brand Middle Row J Toiama, T. Neiger, J Neiger, S Jones — stats, K Rodgers. M Mugrage. R Aschieris Front Row G DeRose, D Stevens, K Niven, D Rivas, G DeRose. A Holden mssK ssaupji m ' ■ ' ' gragachai ues after the ball ' si Soft;o- t " I wanna kick It " says Matt Hudack. Tom Neiger gets his foot in there. Center forward Craig Miller displays his skill ' Get your knee out of the way, " warns Dave Stevens. SOCCER TEAM HAS SKILL Now in its fifth year of existence, the Foothill Varsity Soccer Team followed the rest of the Knights to VICTORY!!! According to Coach Korich, the reason for the team ' s success was a mixture of their excellent spirit, their enthusiasm, and a lot of hard work. Probably their most impressive game was actually a second half against a tough Santa Ana team. They lost the game, 2-3; however, the team would not throw in the towel until the game was over. Craig Miller, the center forward, was " a key scoring threat " to the Knights ' opponents for he was the team ' s " most able striker " and the highest scorer. For this reason Korich felt Miller was the team ' s most valuable forward. However, without his connection man, center half Mike Mugrage, Miller might never have gotten the ball. Needless to say, Mugrage was considered to be the most valuable halfback. Pro- Gary DeRose passes the ball tecting the back field was another area in which much skill was needed. Dave Stevens was considered the most able fullback. Each member of the 17 man team was considered to be a " fine young ball player " and the balance in age, eleven seniors, two juniors, and four sophomores, gave the team addi- tional strength. " Able to brilliant " was how Korich described his rotating wings: Steve Brand, Glen DeRose, Gary DeRose, and Craig Placek. He pointed out, however, that Tom Neiger, Andy Holden, and Dereck Rivas, all halfbacks, had the hardest work load in their job of getting the ball from backfield to the forwards. The 1981 soccer season will be remembered, for not only was the team blessed with great talent, but these talents also had the ability to work as a team. Varsity Soccer 219 SUCCESS IS THE GOAL The JV soccer team was looking forward to a successful 1981 season. The team was young and had a lot of potential. The halfback line was led by freshman Ned Kroko and sophomore Steve Thomas. With a strong defense and a forward line led by Dan O ' Sullivan, the Knights were on their way to a spectacular season. Coach Beebe felt the team was a good example of a soccer team, " Not necessarily because they win, but because of their attitudes. They ' re not just out there messing around. They are out there working to reach their potentials. In anyone ' s opinion, this is what makes a successful team. This holds true not only in soccer, but in any field. " The 1981 frosh-soph team was a new addition to the soccer teams at Foothill. The team was designed to develop the skill of younger players and to eventually strengthen the var- sity and JV teams. The frosh-soph of- fense was led by Dave DeRose, Tom Devine, and Robert MacLachlan, while Derek Banks and Mike Lane led the defensive force. Even though the team only had a chance to play four teams in the Century League, their spirit and aggressiveness never fad- ed. Coach Hogan felt that they were a good group of kids that rose to the occasion and played well. When they won the Consolation Trophy at the University High School Tournament, they proved this to be true. ' I Back Row: S. Wilson, T. Walsh, S. Shephard, T. Norrls. J. Escalette. Coach Beebe. Middle Row: K. Niven, K. Jordan, D. OSullivan, J. Marcotte, W. Stewart, R. Coulter. Front Row: M. Warner, N. Kroko, K. TakabayashI, D. Friend, S. Thomas. Matt Warner makes contact. 220 JV Soccer John Taylor gets ready for the kill Jim Gilmore gains control of the ball. Ron Amneub spreadb his wings and flies away. Eric Langlois prepares to pass. Back Row: Coach Singleton, W. Bradley. J. Taylor, M Lane, T. Rutkowski, Coach Hogan. Middle Row: J. Hund, B Kester. R Greco. R Amneus, E. Langlois, B. Geideman. Front Row: D. Banks, M. Afrasiabi, T Devine, D DeRose, K Inkley, E. Andrasik. Frosh-Soph Soccer 221 .■■;i ' ...i..Lfc .i-. v. . iifaii f,itt Rob Prendergast exhibits awesome power against his struggling opponent. Mike Banks gets a two point take down on his opponent. WRESTLING HAS SPIRIT The 1981 Wrestling Team was sig- nificantly different than any wrestling team Foothill has had. The frosh- soph, J. v., and varsity teams were combined into one wrest ling team. Starting out slowly, the team showed great improvement during their hard weeks of training. The Knights had a frustrating year, win- ning only two matches, but it was a season they all enjoyed. However, Jimmy Davis won third in the Century League. Coach Chris Haug was the driving force behind the team. The team ' s spirit and unity helped them through a demanding season. The majority of the team was inex- perienced, but after a season of hard work and heroic effort, they will be able to return in 1982 with solid expe- rience. Only three members of the thirteen starting varsity wrestlers will be graduating. The ten returning wrestlers will be supported by some outstanding frosh-soph performers. According to Chris Haug, all of the wrestlers had a " real will and drive to win. " Coach Chris Haug watches every move 222 Wrestling n Jimmy Davis puts in a final effort to pin down his competitor. Steve Ediss positions himself for a Foothill pin. Back Row: M. Thaete. R Prendergast, J. Healy, J Davis, J, Wilson 3rd Row: S. Cooke, J. Sherwood, S. McPherson, N. Silva, F. tvlitcheli, M. Nerone, f Banks. 2nd Row: A. Steedman, K. Harrell, J. Kat- nik, A. Gerome. B. Wilson, B. Nichols Front Row M Waltz, M. Cowan, B. Dyer, S. Ediss, R. Duarte. Mike Nerone maintains control over his opponent with a chicken wing. Nathan Silva awaits a signal from the referee. Wrestling 223 Back Row: Mike Schwarz, Todd Coslanza, Paul Greutjol. Craig Brlggs, David Cross. Pat Chamberlain, Perry Parker Front Row: Coach McWIIIIams, Scott Turney. Francis Mitchell, Mike David, John Ravensberg, Kevin Sterritt. Mike David — on the putting green. I Pat Chamberlain shows us his fannous pose. Golf may seem like an easy sport to those who do not play, but those who have know that it takes extreme concentration, strength, and precise accuracy. However, with Coach McWilliams ' instructions, and the support of all of the team members, golf became an easier sport. Foothill ' s golf teams have done well in the past years, and this year was no exception. With three of last year ' s GIF golfers, Scott Turney, Perry Parker, and Pat Chamberlain, returning, the Varsity Golf Team had a strong team and a good season. The Junior Varsity Team did well TEE TIME also, with each team member playing his best. Jeff Saunders tees ofl. 32 golfers tried out for the golf team. The top 12 made up the varsity team, those ranking 12-18 played junior varsity, and the remaining players were frosh soph. All teams were coached by Coach McWilliams. Both varsity and junior varsity teams practiced hard all year, with each team member putting in as much effort as they could, with lots of enthusiasm. The team wished to extend thanks to Santa Ana Country Club and Riverview Golf Course for allowing them the use of their facilities. Mike Schwarz gets into his games. 22: - Golf BRnm Pat Chamberlain is in deep concentration. Todd Costanza — " Swinger. " Scott Turney sinks another one. Jon Rolbin, Joe Acker, Kirk Ellis, Coach McWilliams. Wade Hurtt, Mike David, Jeff Saunders •ua- Marianne Robinson shows off fier talents. Erin Grimes fias tfie ball under control. Alyson Andrasik fights the opposition off. Jill Hormuth backs up Stacie Mead and Connee Vallee. m ' ¥ M l Sim Peggy Quinn makes a clean pass. Back Row: V Sivp M Quinn, M. Robinson, S Mead, J, Hormuth, P Quinn. and K Sommers, Front Row: S. Sully. M Niehaus. J. Mead. A, Andrasik. E. Grimes. K. Steffy. L. Lodgard. and Coach Hayes. 226 Girls Varsity Field Hockey Ih HOCKEY STICKS IT TO ' EM The 1980-81 Girls ' Varsity Field Hockey team was directed by a new coach, Sherri Hayes. The team add- ed a win to its 1981 pre-season rec- ord by defeating Westminster, 1-0. The Westminster game was one of the most highlighted games of the season as they played outstandingly both offensively and defensively. Another game that was played well was against Orange High, as the Knights had a tremendous victory of 4-0. Coach Hayes kept the girls en- thusiastic throughout the season. " We ' re going to take it a game at a time, " said Coach Hayes, and the positive attitude of the team saw another league championship. The 1980-81 girls ' JV Field Hockey team once again had a successful year. Coached by Miss Powell, the Miss Powell coaches the J V. team. I team showed talent in all areas. Their best game throughout the season was against Santa Ana Valley where both teams played an outstanding game. With both teams having an equal desire to win, the game ended in a tie of 0-0. The backbone of this remarkable team, due to their pre- vious experience, were returning players Kathy Flower, Anthea Ip, and Maria Ornes. New players that showed potential talent this year were Marl ene Milllcan and Dawn Yancey, both freshmen, who con- tributed a great deal to the team ' s success. With a great number of freshmen on the team this year, they are looking forward to their next season. Megan Cline tries desperately to keep the ball. Stephanie Kelly gets ready to pass the ball Back Row: Coach Powell, D Yancey, J McClure, M Ornes, K Flower, M Melican, J Mellne. Front Row: S. Kelly, A. Laycock, B Collier, B Figley. J. Watne. A Ip Maria Ornes plays dangerously. Girls J. V. Field Hockey 227 Ul.isi.. . t ' aii ' m.iiifHtli ♦ - " ■ .. 1 c Janice Quackenbush asks for Divine help. Myra Anderson takes a mighty swing. Becky Wells concentrates on her shot. David Schmid makes the winning point. Phil Timson takes a jump, and saves the game. 22 " ( " d Badminton KNIGHTS SOAR WITH BIRDS Janice Quackenbush says " Because of the new policy of not cutting people, the courts are over- crowded with people who will pro- bably never get to play in any mat- ches. " Nevertheless 1981 was a good year for badminton. Throughout the season, the team worked hard to achieve the goal of remaining League Champions. The varsity team proved to be very strong with the help of 16 returning players, who showed a willingness to practice hard, and to play their best. The team ' s toughest competition, as in previous years, was Tustin High School, but Coach Mike Yancy and Assistant Coach Julie Klarquist were confident that the team would be successful in defeating the opposi- tion. The team played ten dual mat- ches, at which they put forth their best effort. Although the junior varsity was a young team, Coach Yancy was pleased that they showed promise, dedication, and enthusiasm for the sport. Both varsity and junior varsity showed their dedication by practic- ing hard when the season started. During the season, the team prac- ticed three hours in the afternoon, except on Tuesdays and Thursdays which were game days. Andrea Engle — Varsity player Kyle Tonokawa makes it look easy. Earllnda Yazzie saves a bird from falling. Back Row: Coach Yancy, K Tonokawa, J. Wolfe, B Borovinsky, P. Gay, J. Barbera. D Perry, D Williams, D. Long. C. Casperson, D. Scfimid, P. Timson. R. Court, S. Chen, T. Grissinger, Coach Klarquist. 3rd Row: J. Licata, R Field, T Reese, B. Tubbs, M. Hibbard, J. Self, P. Rojas, C. Jett. 2nd Row: J. Quackenbush, H. Sarhatt, D. Lodgard. A. Engle, B. Wells, C. Martin. J Lawson. L Butler J Kalman, E. Yazzie. Front Row: S. Yang, M. Anderson, K. Peterson, M. Liu, L. Hammitt, A. Bilodeau, A. Hammitt, E. James, M GenesI, D. Gm. Co-Ed Badminton 229 BOYS ' TRACK IN PURSUIT The track season of 1981 was in- deed a memorable one for Foothill High. C.I.F. put the season back one week in 1981 so that seasons would not overlap; because of this, the track team had more time to practice for their toughest meets against El Modena, Santa Ana Valley, and Villa Park. The spring season gave the sprinters an early chance to display their talents. Running in outdoor meets such as Tustin Relay, and Laguna Beach Invitational helped give the team experience. This was a new chapter in Foothill ' s track history, as the Knights displayed growing talents in many meets both home and away. In the past. Foothill has gone with distance as a strong point, but this year the emphasis was on sprints. Every event improved throughout the season. " The sprint Jeff Weson surges (or a win. relay was the strongest event, " said Coach Munhall. With the season pull- ed back one week, returning athletes John Marshall, Tom Fishbeck, and Sean OToole had time to improve their times. The coaches were very pleased with the achievements of this 1981 team. Foothill came in second place in league with a record of 7-1, winning against teams from Westminster, Canyon, Santa Ana, Villa Park, Cypress, Orange, and Tustin. Some of Foothill ' s finest athletes graduated, much to Foothill ' s loss, and will leave a void which will be dif- ficult to fill. The athletes who donned the black and gold were the track power in the Foothill area. Overall, the Knights ' track season was a huge success. Doug Drelbelbis goes tor anolfier win. Back Row: J. Marshall. S. Loomam, M. Monarch, R. McKay. D Stanley. G. Wright, G Sellers. T Sabine, C. Herbert, C. Freebairn, R. Aschieris. Middle Row: T. Fishbeck, R. Campous, T. Lawarnce, J. William, S. Mandiola, S. O ' Toole, S. Emery, K. Gates, K. Webber. Front Row: D. Dreibelbis, S. Doyle, T. Wright, G. Beers. J. Roseman, K. Kinosion, K. Harrison. Corey Freebairn works on his take off. 230 Boys ' Track and Field Back Row: P. Smith, S. Grouhm, D. Hampson, S. Blackford, R James, J, Bradshaw, T Taylor, S Ediss, J Kalmk, J Knapp, R Morns, D Gates, D Nesbitt, J. Guzman, T. Haigh, J. Bentz. Middle Row: T. Connell, J Luson, C, Butler, P. Zwichoroski. D Jordan, A Carlson, R. Caffrey, T Katalski, J Walsh, M. Casey, D. Wetton, C. Chambers, D. Demoss, E. Smith. Front Row: S. Rerout, D. Dunning, C. Anderson, N. Thomas, P. Brock, W, Stroschan, E. Weissberger, K. Fenton, S, Bloor, M. Warner, M. Catlrey, A. Steedman, T. Monarch. Another record setting vault. Back Row: J. Weson, B. Gore, B. Karle, L. DiFronzo, T. Duckworth, L. Yu, T. Kozak. Front Row: C. Hong, T, Stuart, V. Coll, E. Witkin, M, Warner, R, Fisher, D, Potter. . ., f.jmry-- Todd Sabine warms up for another meet. GIRLS ' TRACK ON THE RUN Foothill ' s Girls ' Track Team put together another great season. Ac- cording to Coach Morgenstern, " the strongest event was the 880. " Start- ing the season as one of the top teams in the league, the girls ' en- thusiastic attitude made a major dif- ference in the results achieved. Returning competitors, such as Pa- tience Unger and Peggy Cruckshank allowed the team to control most of the events entered. The team ' s at- titude towards winning was stronger than ever. As in past years. Foothill ' s strongest competitors were Tustin, Canyon and Santa Ana Valley. However, as Coach Morgenstern pointed out, " We have a lot of super talent, some of which still hasn ' t reached full potential. When they do, our competitors had better watch out. " The Knights ' girls displayed an abundance of strength and talent. The thing that made the biggest dif- ference however was that from the very beginning, the girls ' " clicked as a team. " This year Coach Morgenstern became head coach. In the future Coach Morgenstern plans to take the girls to C.I.F. champion- ships. With this year past, Thomas says, " With last year ' s team building as fast as they are, there should be no problem in getting to C.I.F. " Peg Cruickshank goes for another win. Lisa Herman goes over with style. Angela Huffman leads the pack. «» Back Row; J. Thoner, M. Niehaus, B O ' Key, P Ashton, A. Smith, S. Slocum. E. Kaylor, D. Lloyd. D. Jance, J. Larson. K. Divona, K. Freeman, J. Nosier, D. Sarozek. Middle Row: A. Jordon, A. Adams, M. Schwartz, L. Schmid, E. Hoffman, L. Divona. H. Grahn, B. Freres, K. Galey. J. Sinitzin, M Luslin, K. Bennit. Front Row: J. Madson, S. Alcaraz, M. Lesinger, S. Duffy, M. Hardy. C. Lee, C. Chambers, K. Koss, J. Rowbotham, L Southerlund, 1 . Kline. 32 Girls ' Track and Field Molly Schwartz throws for points. »»-•- •• -lik ' I think I ' m in quick sand. Suzanne Duffy strides for success. Distance warms up for another big meet. I Fooimvi A V Back Row B Gardner B Higgins. P Cruickshank, M Casey. D Koss. E. Selman, K Near, M Ornes. Middle Row L Steedman, P Unger. C. Devine. J. Koval, M. Smith, T. Vostmyer, C. Maioney. Front Row: S. Myers, L. Herman, L. Higgins. L. Aimquist, T. Boaz, A Cox. A. Hoffman, R. Roberts. L. Boranian. Girls ' Track and Field 233 , ' .»»iM}l:t « Sue Sully attempts to steal third base. Daniel Sterbenz Is up to bat. Lisa Houghton throws her fast ball. Back Row Coach Fedderman, 8 Ash, S OBrien. L. Houghton, T Balderrama, Coach Gitthens Middle Row; L. Lloyd, 8. Cortez, A. Dean, S. Sully, M. Joyce, N. Lord, C. Webster. Front Row: K. Roy. J. Hormuth. M. Lantz, V. Schutz, D. Sterbenz, S. Murphy. Kathy Roy concentrates on the pitch. is ' Varsity Softball m4 . «c r ' n.U- )Us « , j u Stephanie Shulte throws a curve ball. Back Row: Coach Yancey, J. Thomas. J. Smith, K. Williams, R. Wright, M. Pinney. M. Bilodeau, J. Abraham. Middle Row; T. Stenmark, C. Mugrage, S. Schulte, S. Faradhollah, J. Draper, L. Hibbert, S. Jeltma. Front Row: L. Snyder, M. Kaufman, S. Vickers, E. Grimes, S. Furry. " wzm Qp — 1 n " ' ■.■■;; :« ' : v: -.5 r ■ Wl: .sHB Sue Furry catches the ball bare handed. ■pwnw The ball is hit right to Jennifer Abraham. KNIGHTS PLAY THE FIELD The 1981 Girls ' Varsity Softball Team began a rebuilding season due to the loss of four of their key players in the 1980 season. With Sid Git- thens, Dick Fedderman, and Mary Norris on the coaching staff, the Girls ' Varsity Softball Team grew to be strong. Five of the eight lettermen returned to assist the varsity team In their battle for the league champion- ship. The varsity team had a great number of strong contributors; a great amount of play was due to the newcomers this season who showed a tremendous desire to win. Tustin High was the varsity team ' s toughest competition, but with a lot of hard work the team once again strived for success. The Girls ' J.V. Softball Team, like Erin Grimes shows her pitching style. the varsity team, showed a great deal of talent both on the field and at bat, as they strived for the 1981 League Championship. The J.V. team proved to be much stronger than the 1980 team. With only four returning players, the newcomers added a great deal of strength. Steve Yancey and Carlos Martinez were the off- campus coaches for the J.V. Team. Although their league was one of the toughest this season, the J.V. team improved tremendously. Each player put forth 110 percent, which proved to be the backbone of the team. Coach Gitthens complimented the J.V. team for the wins that they pro- duced during the 1981 season. Girls ' J.V. Softball 235 1 r Easy does It Treak. For John Cevallos it ' s Foothill today, WImbleton tomorrow. If Borg could see Scott now. Back Row; Coach Zelch, J. Neiger, T. Tasker, C. Miller. S. Jackson, Coach Miller Front Row: S. Allen, M. Borras, K. Engel, D. Denny, J. Cevallos, D. Bliss. 236 Boys ' Varsity Tennis It ' s Miller time. KNIGHTS TAKE ADVANTAGE The 1981 smashing tennis team was off to a great start when many of their varsity team members returned from last year ' s team. The team was once again coached by Mr. Zeich, and an off-campus coach, Rusty Miller, aided him. The Boys ' Varsity Tennis Team was top rated in league competition after winning league every year for the past eight years. In several tough matches against Newport Harbor, Laguna Beach, University, El Toro, and Corona Del Mar, who proved to be the Knights ' toughest competition, the Boys ' Var- sity Tennis Team demonstrated a strong desire to win. Showing strength on all sides of Steve Garboski volleys the ball. the court, the 1981 Boys ' J.V. Tennis Team proved to be remarkable, as they have in the past. Both the J.V. singles and doubles teams demonstrated talent and experience throughout the season. These young Knights competed strongly against such teams as Orange, Santa Ana, Tustin, Canyon, Villa Park, and Santa Ana Valley during their season. With many young players on the J.V. Boys ' Tennis Team, Coach Zeich figures on many more great years of league championships to come. Mr. Zeich, head coach of boys ' tennis. Rick Rellly returns the ball. Back Row: Coach Zeich, J. Koval. S. Patscheck, S. Garboski, R. Reily, E. Elliot. Front Row: B. Miller. R. Graham. J. Silvey, B. Campbell, G. Latona. Steve Patscheck serves another ace. ' 1 Boys ' J.V. Tennis 237 iv.Jr. ... !(i-l.w«. 4«JSj« zr Fritz Forgy training hard for his individual event, 100 yards butterfly fvlike Reynolds in championship form Mark Terry, Foothill ' s future. Willie Reese keeps things loose in workout Top Row; Jeff Straley, Jay Churchill, Shane Griswold. Doug Herbert, Keith Sterbenz, Courtney Sheets Middle Row: Mark Terry. Robert MacLachlan, Keith Pires, Jefl Bradshaw. Mike Reynolds. Front Row: Marty Florman. Chris Larsen. Scott Crawford, Fritz Forgy, Robert Williams. : ' 38 Boys ' Varsity Swimming fJKSm SWIMMERS STROKE ON . . . The record of the Aqua Knights, four GIF Championships and 102 consecutive duel meet wins, speaks for itself. The 1981 Boys ' Varsity Swim team had a tough and com- petitive season. Although disap- pointed by a narrow defeat against our arch rival Tustin Tillers, team morale and spirit remained. Willie Reese and Shane Griswold enforced this enthusiasm by breaking tension with humorous jokes when things got tough. The season went all the way down to the wire when all eight teams of the Century League competed in the League Championship Meet for the number one position. The J.V. Aqua Knights dominated league competition throughout the season. The J.V. team concentrated on shaping the skills and morale of their younger swimmers for an awe- some future varsity team. The swim- mers of both the J.V. and varsity worked hard (4.5 hours daily) and came out with experience that will benefit them always. Whose goggles are these . . . lost or found? ■ sr v « k i ti ; :•«.•.. Rodger Cleye ' s butterfly looks like " seagull stuck in uil slick Doug Burch and Bev f etcalfe race for superiority. !««( Top Row; Robert Yount, Tom Sunshine, Rodger Cleye, Doug Burch, Tonn f izera. John Frederlcksen fvliddle Row John Reynolds, David Katz, Jeff Brouk, David Baia, K like Smelich, f ike Crosby Front Row: Mike Coffey, Jay Sherwood. Wayne tWIetcalfe. Ivlike Weber, Brett Woods, John Pllner. Boys ' J.V. Swimming 239 ;ir Leslie Drucker is a good swimmer. - " ■, ' , Dory Dennis shows her best side. Laurie Birney looks cold. Julie Reynolds shows her swimming skills. Back Row: J. Brink, T. Bergen, K. Sneden, D. Dennis, C. Gazzaniga, B. Strait. Middle Row: L. Drucker. L. Madsen, L. Medina, T. Kelsey. K. Asche. Front Row: C Cummins, J. Metcalfe, A. Shepherd, J. Reynolds, P. Miraula. 240 Girls ' Varsity Swimming J GIRLS SWIM TO VICTORY " Swimmers are a great group of people " said Dawn Terry, and so 1981 was a great year for them. The girls ' varsity had high hopes of following tradition by remaining League Champions for the fifth time in a row. In order to be successful in achieving this goal, the swimmers had to truly love, and be dedicated to the sport. For dedicated swimmers, practice began early each morning. After school practice once again took place. The varsity swim team practic- ed two and a half hours, and then relinquished the pool to the junior varsity. Special practices for those who missed earlier in the week were held on Saturdays. Varsity Coach Tom Delong and J.V. Coach Dave Simcox were pleased with the poten- tial and enthusiasm their teams showed throughout the season. The team swam in seven dual meets and several invitationals, and did well at all of them. Foothill ' s toughest competition came from Tustin and Valley. The girls ' J.V. team, also had high hopes of coming first in league, and worked hard throughout the season to obtain their goal. During the season both teams showed a great amount of team spirit. Dave Simcox — J.V. coach. %Xk X V ' M x r Bev Metcalfe is ready for take off. . ii v v l ))) -Sk-.,; -■,■■■ Jenny VerSluis at another day of swimming. = 35 M, Back Row: D. Terry. L. McLaughlin, K. Dunphy, L. Simon. Middle Row: M. Delaney. T Heredia, M. Grahn, J. VerSluis. Front Row: C. Collier, P. Shilts, B Metcalfe. C. Hemsley. U Mithotf. Dawn Terry gasps for breath. Girls ' J.V. Swimming 241 .. .. ' ..t ' l .-. . iiKii: Mji 9i ' M, THE YEAR IN SPORTS Greg Haly rounds third base. It ' s a bird! It ' s a plane! No! Its Greg St Charles! Francis Mitchell pins his opponent. Mark Templeton is all alone as he runs with the ball. I Girls ' tennis shows style. 242 The Year in Sports Doug Dreibelbis high |umps »f V ' :t? Varsity Girls ' Cross Country is on a practice run. and out of the crowd comes Lisa Grandmaison. Gary DeRose attempts to head the ball into the goal. Dave Williams puckers up for a kiss (from the ball). The Year in Sports 243 ON RESERVE For the first time. Foothill had a no cut policy for freshman basketball and soccer. The reasoning for this was that so many people had to be cut from the teams that a lot of potential talent was being lost. Teams formed under this policy were called Reserve Teams. " It was a very fine team, " was Coach Hogan ' s description of the soccer reserve team who showed a great deal of spirit despite a 1-4-1 record. The highlight of their season was a game against first rated Fountain Valley High School. Coach Hogan stated that no one expected them to even play closely, but they won, 3-2. Outstanding players were freshman Kelly Heard, Mike Korich, Saed Said, Rich Basile, and sophomore Scott Graham. The Freshman Reserve Basketball Team, which achieved a 6-4 record, ' worked out really good, " said Coach Reames. He felt that the players showed a lot of improvement and potential for next year ' s team. Chris Dabrow, John Pliner, and Mike Coffey were considered the most improved. Because of the success shown by both teams the reserve policy will continue in the future. Tools of the trade. Back Row: K. Heard, R Sandau, B. Snyder, R. Basile, R. Hart, D. Panchal, Coach Singleton. Middle Row: S Graham. S Goodyear, S Said, J. Carl, S. Brown, M. Korich, S. Jones Front Row J Gilmore, S Duff, R. Zindars, M Peterman, G. Bullard, J. Kollvas. T. Mayo. Mike Korich is in control. Back Row: J McElrath, A Weissberger, S Burrows. J Dierkes, C Fenton, G Howell, J Wolfe, C. Hertsgaard. Front Row: B. Norton, S Konecky, J. Pliner, C. Dabrow. M. Coffey. D. Gunter, J Hinds. 244 Reserve Teams 1981 Shield Staff , , ' Editors-in-Chief Connee Vallee Leslie Wolcott Business Manager Carolyn Ornitz Photo Coordinator Kristy Evans Section Editors Julie Dreibelbis Kim Rogers Staff: Laurie Beck Chris Bloor TheiadeAenlle Bill Parish Gregg Geisendorfer Maria Ornes Paul Peoples Janice Quakenbush Patty Rowbotham Jean Sinitzin Shelley Wall Dave Williams Lisa Winfield Ellie Young Photographers: John Balling Maria Ornes Todd Costanza Theia deAenlle Frank Dority Julie Dreibelbis Rick Edison Kristy Evans Greg Halus Craig Leupold Paul Peoples Kim Rodgers Nate Silva Dell Snyder Eric Tapager Connee Vallee John Vandal Dave Williams Lisa Winfield Advisor: Hetherington Woodroffe Yearbook Credits 245 ■JMAJi 1981 WAS A , GOOD YEAR FOR.. w ! ■r i yv. v.- ADVERTISING AND INDEX With the help of the entire Year- bool Staff, the advertisement fund- raising was a complete success. More money was raised than any previous year. Many do not realize how important this fund-raising was. The sponsors on the following pages help to defray the expenses of The Shield and therefore keep the price of the yearbook down. In order to sell advertisements, each student received a territory when selling ads. Each potential buyer had his choice of advertise- ment size and content. When picking their design, many businesses and groups choose to congratulate Foothill students on their accomplishments. When a student pays for his year- book, he is paying for a plain- covered, black and white yearbook. In order for the yearbook to have a special cover or more color pages, the yearbook staff must go out to the potential buyer, a business or group, and sell advertising space. Not only does this enable Foothill to have a superior yearbook, it gives the small business an opportunity to advertise in a well-circulated high school year- book while sponsoring a worthy cause. On the opposite page, Julie Dreibelbis, Patty Rowbotham. and Jean Sinitzin prepare to sell an advertisement. Above, Patty Rowbotham, Carolyn Ornitz, and Julie Dreibelbis organize the Index, so that students have an easier time in locating friends and teachers. Division.: 248 Advertising aaAaa ABEDOR, PERRY 78 ABRAHAM, JENNIFER L. 94. 180, 235 ACKER, W. JOSEPH 94, 95, 194, 159, 225 ACKERMAN, MARK A. 1 10 ACUNA, MATTHEW D. 18 ADAMIK, DAWN M. 78, 189 ADAMS, ANDREA U. 94, 159, 232 ADAMS, JONID. 78 ADAMS, SANDRA L. 18 ADAMSON, JOEL W. 78, 188 ADASHEK, LARRY D. AFRASIABI, MARDAN 110, 221 AHRLING, ERICD. 110,201 AINSWORTH, KRISTI L. 1 10 AKEE, BARBARA L. 75, 189 AKIN, JEFFERSON M. 78 ALBERTSON ' S 264 ALCARAZ, SUSAN M. 1 10, 232 ALCAZAR, DAVID P. 110 ALDRED, KATHERINE A. 94, 104 ALDRIDGE, JOHNL. 94 ALEXANDER, DENISE R. 18 ALEXANDER, ELLEN E. 18 ALFONSO, JOHN D. 94 ALFORD, DENISE 18 ALLAN, JOSEPH G. 78 ALLEN, GREG S. 110 ALLEN, LEIGH A. 110, 113 ALLEN, MONICA L. 94 ALLEN, STEPHANIE A. 1 10, 188 ALLEN, STEVEN D. 18,236 ALLEN, TRACE L. 18 ALLEN, TRACY L. 94, 188 ALLRED, CAROL 94 ALMQUIST, LORI C. 1 10, 202, 233 ALMQUIST, SCOTT A. 94, 194, 195 ALONZO, VIRGINIA C. ALT, SIMONE78 ALTERMAN, RANDI78 ALVARADO, DAVID L. 3, 78, 200, 215, 142 AMBROSE, TONY W. 18 AMLIE, JENNIFER J. 94 AMNEUS, RONM. 110,221 AMORT, BARBARA A. 18 ADAMS, SHEILA 128 ANDERSON, CHRIS 1 10, 231 ANDERSON, CRAIG A. 94 ANDERSON, DIANE J. 94, 188 ANDERSON, LAURIE E. 1 10 ANDERSON, MYRA M. 94, 159, 228,229 ANDERSON, R. SCOTT 78 ANDERSON, ZALE 18, 189 ANDRASIK, ALYSON A. 226, 31, 19 ANDRASIK, ERNEST J. 94, 181.221 ANDREA, MARK S. 78 ANDREWS, LESLIE A. 78, 154 ANGELES, ELIZABETH S. 78 ANGELES, SYLVIA 110 APPEL, STUART 78 ARKURAN, CIGDEM 19, 145 ARMSTRONG, LISA N. 1 10 ARNOLD, DARLENE 78, 88, 188 ARNST, SUZETTE M. ARRENIUS, KARIN 19, 189 ARTHUR, JANAL. 19 ASCHE, KELLY M. 19,240 ASCHIERIS, RON A. 168, 41, 19, 158,218 ASH, RICHARD N. 110, 196, 197 ASH, SUZANNE E. 40, 19, 188, 234 ASHTON, PATRICE 1 10, 232 ASHWORTH, ROBERT E. 1 10 ASTOR, SUSIE M. 94 AUER, LISAD. 110 AUNGER, LISAR. 110 AUTREY, CHRISTY L. 78 AUTREY, LISAR. 94 AVETTA, JANET C. 78 bbBbb BADDER, ALLAN B. 160, 19, 212, 180 BADER, DOUGLAS L. 78 BAGNE, MATT 19, 138, 186 BAHARIE, BRIANS. 19 BAHRET, KATHY 127 BAIA, ALAN J. 20 BAIA, DAVID W. 94, 209, 239 BAIER, ROBERT H. 94 BAILARD, BRIAN S. 78, 212, 213 BAIN, ED 128 BAKER, ALLEN E. 94 BALCHUNAS, KRISTI M. 1 10, 189 BALDERRAMA, THERESA C. 78,234 BALDERRAMA, TONI M. 1 10 BALDWIN, LYNDA S. 94 BALL, DONNA L. 110 BALL, JOSEPHINE M. 110 BALL, KENNETH R. 78 BALL, MARGARET M. 110 BALL, MONICA L. 78 BALLARD, MARIANNE 94, 97, 180 BALLING, JOHN A. 199, 20 BALMAGES, EDDIM. BALMER, BRIAN A. BANKS, DEREK G. 1 10, 221 BANKS, MICHAEL P. 78, 222 223 BANKS, WENDY A. 20 BANKUTI, A. EDWARD 78 BANKUTI, GIGIL. 110 BANTA, MAXINE 137 BARBER, DAVID S. 94, 189 BARBERA, CHRISTINE E. 94 BARBERA, JAMES V. 13, 78, 192, 193.229 BAREN, DANNY H. 110 BARNARD, TODD L. 110 BARNES, WENDY G. BARNETT, MARLAF. BARON, CINDY 78 BARR, TIMOTHY J. 75 BARRETT, BRET BARRETT, JOHN A. 110, 197 BARTICK, GREGA. 94, 165, 215 BARTLETT, MERYL M. 94 BARTON, CHRIS S. BARTON, JEFF 94 BASILE, LAURIEA. 20 BASILE, LESLIE K. 78 BASILE, RICHARD T. 116 BATES, HEATHER K. 78 BATH, LARRY 128 BAUCOM, JULIE J. BAUM, DAVIDC. 78, 83 BAUM, DEBRAK. 110, 188 BEAN, LEADELJ. 94, 183 BEAR, DOREEN A. 110 BEARD, STEPHAN P. 94, 194 BEATTY, HEATHER C. 94 BEAUMONT, DENISE E. BEBOUT, DONW. 110, 197, 215 BECK, CARLAM. 20, 189 BECK, JOHNL. 78 BECK, KARLAS. 94. 188 BECK, LAURIE K. 20, 141 BECKETT, BRENDA 20 BECKETT, BRIDGETTE 78 BEEMAN, ANNJ. 110, 189 BEEMAN, MICHAEL J. BEERS, GARY W. 20, 230 BEHN, CYNTHIA A. 94 BEHRENS, KRISTIN M. BELL, BRAD A. 20 BELL, JEFF A. 199,200, 20 BELL, JENNIFER 21 BELL, MARK J. 192, 193,21 BELTZER, SHARON E. 21 BENDER, GREGORY A. 78 BENEDETTO, LISA A. 21 BENFORD, NANCY A. 1 10 BENNETT, DAVID M. 21 BENNETT, DIANE M. 35, 21, 47 BENNETT, DONALD T. 75 BENNETT, DONNA L. 173, 21 BENNETT, HEATHER S. 21, 144 244 217 Index 249 BENNETT, KIM A. 110, 158, 232 BENNETT, SHELLY 21 BENNETT, TRACEY A. 94 BENSON, BARBARA 125 BENTZ, JEFFERY D. 94, 201, 231 BERAN, KERRYJ.94 BERESFORD, WILLIAM S. 78 BERGGREN, KARYN L. 78 BERGREN, DIANE L. 21 BERGREN, TRACY A. 78, 240 BERWALD, DEREK K. BESMEAR, JODi R. 78 BESSE, MARCR. 111 BESSE, SHARI A. 78 BEST, STAN 137 BEYERLE, ALANM. 22 BIAGIOTTI, GUYR. Ill BIAGIOTTI, VICKI R. 78 BIEL, LORI L. 78, 161, 181 BIGELOW, JOYCE 128 BILODEAU, ANDREA L. 1 1 1, 188,229, 189 BILODEAU, MICHELE R. 94, 211,216,235 BIRNBRAUER, LAURA 22 BIRNEY, LAUREN B. 94, 240 BITCON, SHARON J. 22, 153 BJORKLUND, LAURA A. 79, 205 BLACKFORD, SCOTT A. 1 1 1, 231 BLAIR, BRUCE A. 94 BLAISING, MARK J.94 BLAISING, SCOTT T. 170, 171, 192, 193,39,22 BLAKESLEE, KENNETH E. 79, 159, 174, 151 BLANCHARD, CHRISTOPHE BLANKENSHIP, LIONEL 75 BLISS, DAVID W. 91, 236 BLOCK, ALLISON B. 79 BLOCK, BRIAN R. Ill BLOCK, PAMELA S. 79 BLOCK, SUE 217 BLOCK, TEENAL. Ill BLOMSTER, RITTAH. 22 BLOOR, CHRISTOPHER E. 79, 165,200,249, 141, 140 BLOOR, STEPHEN K. 1 1 1, 230 BLOSSOM, PAIGE K. 1 1 1, 189 BLYZKA, JOHNV. 22 BOAZ.TIAF. 22,233 BOB BLACK OLDSMOBILE 272 BOEDEKER, STEFAN M. 1 1 1, 197 BOGGESS, JOHN F. 79, 159 BONIOLS, CHARLES H. 79 BONIOLS, MICHELE R. 167, 22, 151 BOONE, BONNIE E. 79 BOOTH, MICHAEL D. 91 BORANIAN, LISA S. 94, 96, 188, 233 BORIS, CRAIG R. 11,22 BORIS, MARK H. 94 BOROVINSKY, ALBERTO L. 79, 159, 229 BORRAS, MAURICE I. 94, 236 BOSEKER, ANDREA L. 111 BOSEKER, EDWARD 125 BOSKO,JOHN79, 192 BOSKO, KATHLEEN P. Ill BOTT, STEVEN J. BOUCK, REBECCA 95 BOULLION, DINAR. BOUSSIACOS, FOTINI A. 79 BOUSSIACOS, MICKEY 95 BOYD, SUSAN E. 22 BRACK, PHILLIP M. 95, 194 BRADLEY, BRETT D. 79 BRADLEY, CHARLES 128 BRADLEY, WADE L. 1 1 1, 221 BRADSHAW, JEFF J. 1 1 1, 201, 231,238 BRADSHAW, S. ROBB 95, 209 BRADY, KRYSTAL L. 23 BRAMMER, BRENT A. 95 BRAND, STEPHEN A. 95, 218 BRANNON, JEFFREY H. 40, 23, 144 BRANSFORD, DON P. 23 BRASHEARS, KERI79 BRAUER, LAUREL B. 23, 188 BRAUN, ELAINE B. 79, 162, 189 BRAUN,KC79 BREBNER,ANNEC. Ill BRECHEEN, MEREDITH L. 95, 188 BREECHER, ERICG. 59 BREHM, LAURIE A. 23 BREWSTER, SETHW. 79 BREWTON,JOHND. 111 BRICKER, MIEKS. Ill BRIGGS, CRAIG R. 5, 79, 214, 224 BRINK, JANNA K. 23, 189, 240 BRINTON, GREG A. Ill BRINTON, KAREN L. 23 BRONSON, JOEL B. 95, 105, 194 BRONSON, KELLEY J. 23 BROOKS, CHRIS J. Ill BROOKS, R.ERIC 79 BROOKSBY, CHRIS C. 95 BROUK, JEFFREY A. 95, 209, 239 BROWN, JEFFREY 95, 201 BROWN, KATIE S. 95 BROWN, KIMBERLY L. 79, 90, 160 BROWN, LORI 79, 85 BROWN, PAMELA A. 23 BROWN, RANDY E. Ill BROWN, SHELLEY A. 169, 23 BROWN, SHELLEY D. 224 BROWN, STEVEN R. 1 11, 244 BROWNLEE, LAURIE A. 95 BROWNLEE, LISA C. 49, 24 211 BRUCE, ALFREDO L. 79 BRUGMAN, GLEN 181 BRUNK, ANTHONY M. 95 BRUSH, ROBERTA 127 BRYANT, CYNTHIA D. Ill BUCHANAN, JULI A. 95, 104 BUCKNER, SYLVIA L. 95, 21 1 BULLARD, GARY M. 95, 244 BUNCH, LISA K. 79 BUONONATO, LISA R. 1 1 1 BURCH, DOUG B. 79, 208, 239, 142 BURCH, MIKES. 11,209 BURCHAM, DAVID 124 BURLINGAME, WENDY R. 111 BURNHAM, ANN L. 1 1 1, 205 BURNS, DEBORAH A. 24 BURNS, DEDE BURNS, MARIANNE 30, 24, 188 BURROWS, SEAN 111, 197, 244 BURT, JON C. 79 BUSH, MARK E. 79 BUSH, MICHAEL L. 24 BUSTER, BRIAN R. BUTCHER, EILEEN M. 95, 92 BUTLER, CHUCK 201 BUTLER, ELIZABETH M. 79, 182,229 BUTLER, JIM D. 111 BUTLER, TREY P. 24 BUTSCH, CLAYTON E. ccCcc CAFFREY, MICHAEL R. Ill, 197,230 CAFFREY, RONNIE F. 95, 194, 231 CAGE, CARRIE L. Ill, 189 CAGLE, KENTM. 95 CAINES, DARLENEB. CAINES, JOHN CALIFORNIA FEDERAL SAVINGS 252 CALLANAN, BRENDAN 111, 215 CALLANAN, DEIRDRE A. 79 CALLANAN, MEGAN H. 37, 24 CALLAS, ELIZABETH CAMERON, JAMES A. CAMERON, ROBERTO. 111, 197,215 CAMERON, SUSAN E. 95 CAMPBELL, BILL F. 95, 237 CAMPBELL, DIANE M. Ill CAMPBELL, GREGORY R. 79 CAMPBELL, KEVIN L. 79 CAMPBELL, MICHELE M. 24 CAMPOS, RICHARD 79, 230 CANALE, STEVE M. 95 250 Index CANALE, TINAM. 111 CANFIELD, MIKE79 CANNON, CHERYL R. 95 CANTALUPO, TIAL. 95 CAPLETTE, SHIRLEE 127 CAPO, LORIK.95 CARACCIO, JAMES T. 24 CARACCIO, TERESE M. 95, 103 CARDEN, SHEILA M. 79 CARL, JON 95, 189, 244 CARLILE, MARIBETH 111 CARLILE, ROBERT W. 79 CARLIN, JOHNP. 24 CARLIN, ROBERTP. 79 CARLSON, ANDY R. 95, 194, 231 CARPINI, DAVIDJ. Ill, 189 CARPINI, LAURA J. 25, 178, 179, 144 CARRASCO, KAREN M. 95 CARROLL, W. STEVENS 95 CARSE, JULIE A. 111 CARTER, KEVIN M. 192, 193, 41, 25, 148 CARTER, LYNNE A. Ill CARTER, MARGARET S. 4, 25, 149 CARTER, PETER D. 95, 194 CARTER, STEPHEN P. 79 CASA DEPLORES 254 CASAGA, MARCIEN. 111 CASEY, MARY J. 80, 82, 233 CASEY, MICHAEL O. 95, 180, 194,231 CASEY, PATRICK E. 111 CASPERSON, CHRIS A. 25, 229 CATO, GARRETJ. 25 CATON, LANE80, 186 CAVERLY, CONNIE A. 80 CENTRE PHARMACY 252 CEVALLOS, JOHN 75, 236 CHAIKIN, EVEK. CHAIKIN, NANCY R. CHALAMIDAS, DEAN L. 80 CHAMBERLIN, PAT M. 95, 224, 225 CHAMBERS, CHRISTINE H. 95, 165 CHAMBERS, CHRISTINE M. 95, 232 CHAMBERS, DENNIS M. 1 1 1, 231, 201 CHAMBERS, JUDITH 128 CHAPMAN, JENNIFER 96 CHAPMAN, JOCELYN E. 80 CHAPMAN, KAREN CHAPMAN, RUSSELL 25 CHAPTON, ROBP. CHEN, SHERMAN W. 1 1 1 , 229 CHEN, SHU-RUNG 128 CHERPAS, JOHNP. 25 CHERVENY, RICHE. 80 CHESAVAGE, DAVID T. 96 CHIANG, LING 111 CHONETTE, MICHELE 96 CHOU, DANNY R. Ill CHRISMAN, LAURA J. 25 CHRIST, CATHERINE C. 80 CHRIST, ELECTRA 128 CHRISTIAN, CAROLYN S. 95, 96,97, 101, 189,93 CHRISTOPHER, DIANA D. 96 CHRISTY, SARAH P. 96 CHUANG, EVELYN C. 96 CHUANG, GEORGE C. 80 CHUN, CURT R. Ill CHUN, ROSS L. 80 CHUNG, NORBERT H. 80, 192, 193 CHUNG, PIL HO 96 CHURCH, MICHAEL 25 CHURCHILL, JAY R. JR. 25, 208, 238 CILLIANI, CYNTHIA S. 96 CILLIANI, J. ROBERTO 80 CINNAMON CO. 254 CLARK, KATHLEEN M. 1 12 CLARK, MERTON 129 CLARKE, WILLIAM 129 CLAYTON, ELISED. 112 CLEVENGER, TINA L. 96, 2 1 1 CLEYE, RODGER W. 96, 209, 239 CLIFFORD, MAUREEN T. CLUCAS, MICHELE 96 COADY, AMYL. 26, 205 COBB, REBECCA J. 1 12, 205 COBB, TYSON 26, 188, 157 COBLE, NEALS. COBLE, SCOTT A. COCHRAN, ELIZABETH J. 1 12 COCO, WAYNE M. 26 CODERRE.ANGIEL. 80 COFFEY, MICHAEL J. 1 12, 209, 239,244 COGSWELL, BRYCE H. 80 COHEN, NATALIE J. 80, 205 COHEN, WILLIAM D. 96 COLBURN, BARRY K. 112 COLBURN, BRETTJ. 80 COLL, VINCENTS. 26, 231 COLLIER, CATHERINE 112, 241 COLLIER, KAREN E. 80, 227 COLLIER, SHAUNAL. 112 COLLINS, DAVID W. 80 COLLINS, KEVIN M. 26 COLLIS, DEBORAH J. 80 COLOMBO, CHARLES R. 1 12 COMBS, KATRINA E. 1 12, 217 CONNELL, LORI A. 112 CONNELL, TODD W. 96, 231 CONROY, CAROLE J. 5, 33, 26, 142 COOK, CATHERINE V. 91, 183 COOK,DONN 129 COOKE, JENNIFER K. 26, 178, 179,210, 216, 151 COOKE, STEVEN W. 1 12, 197, 223 COPE, KAREN L. 80,205 COPELAND, DEBRAJ. 112, 189 CORCORAN,CARY J. 96 CORE, CHRISTOPHER P. 80 CORMIER, LEN 168, 26 CORNER, STACY A. 112 CORNISH, JULENE P. 39, 26 CORNISH, KEVIN L. 96 CORONA, STEVEN 80 CORONA, SUZANNE L. 26 CORONADO, TERRIL. 112 CORRIGAN, BRIAN J. 27 COSTANZA, TODD F. 80, 142, 224, 225 COTMAN, ADRIAN K. 1 12, 189 COTTON, ELIZABETH A. 80 COTTON, FRANK B. 80, 27 COULT, KIMBERLYC. 80 COULTER, ROBERT K. 96, 229, 220 COURTYARD SHOES 268 COWAN, MIKE K. 1 12, 164, 223 COWDELL, MARK R. 160, 40, 27 COX, AMY J. 1 12, 158, 202, 233 COX, DARCIEL. 27 COX, KELLEYS. CRABTREE, PHILLIP W. 27 CRAIB, JUDY A. 27 CRAIG, ALAN E. CRAMER, SHARON B. 80 CRANDALL, ROBERT B. 192 193,45,27, 63 CRAWFORD, PEGGY K. 80 CRAWFORD, SCOTT 80, 208, 238 CREVIER, ROBERT W. 80 CROISSANT, JULIETTE M. 75 CRONE, JENNIFER A. 112 CROSBY, MIKE A. 96, 209, 239 CROSS, DAVID J. 80, 214, 224 CROSS, JULIE L. 95, 96, 101, 217 CROUSE, BEA 137 CROWELL, JOHNF. 27 CROWLEY, STANTON R. 96 CRUICKSHANK, CATHY 96 CRUICKSHANK. JAMES S. 80 CRUICKSHANK, PEGGY I. 43, 22, 27, 202, 233 CRUSINBERRY, JEFF 96 CRUSINBERRY, STEVEN 80 CUETO, JOHN A. 38,27 CULVER, CHRISTINE D. 96 CUMMINGS, JENNIE 137 CUMMINS, CATHERINE A. 28 240 CURNUTT, AMIEL. 28 CURTIS, CURT 129 CURTIS, DARLENEM. CURTIS, KIM J. 112 CUTCLIFF, SHAUNN. 112 CUTLER, CATHY J. 96 CUTLER, TERESE 28 Index 251 -XU i!- ' • i .i;,---f iisM Phone 544-0780 RALPH REINDL ' S UNION SERVICE John Helton Manager 13348 Newport Avenue (at First) Tustin, Calif. 92680 (714)731-1444 CENTRE PHARMACY " The Friendly Pharmacy " Computerized We Deliver John A. Wachter Pharmacist • Owner 13400 Newport Ave. Tustin, CA 92680 " We want you togetthemost " for your money. " -Sob Hope i - 17th Street Florist GA y S P J CAUY 2301 E 17TH STREET SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA 92701 ;714! 558-3363 CAUFORNIA FEDERAL vSiP ' 1 7 D J ' - 1 ; 1 1 1 o t r e e t Tustin Ca 92680 71z,_838-9066 Doris Little - Branch Manager America ' s Largest Federal Savings and Loan Association J. P. Kapp and Associaies, Inc. Consuming Civil Engineers Land Planners and 9urveyors ConaratulationS to the C taJJ of 198 t 15892 Pasadena Ave. Tustin, California 92680 252 Advertising ddDdd DABROW, CHRISTOPHER 1 12, 196, 197,244 DABROW, MARK J. 28 DAHL, TAMARAL. 80 DAHL, TERESA I. 112 DAILEY, THOMAS C. 80, 209 DAILEY, TIME.96 DAINS, JOHNL. 112 DAINS, ROYD. 80 DAKINS, RICKE. 112 DANE, LORI A. 112 DANIELS, CAROL L. 96, 204 DANIELS, KURT A. 28, 158 DANIELSON, DAVID N. DANIELSON, KATHLEEN E. 80 DANON, GLENN R. 80 DAVERT, DOUGLAS S. 96, 151, 142 DAVEY, KEVIN P. 28 DAVID, MICHAEL S. 96, 224, 225 DAVID, SARA J. 112 DAVIS, CRAIG N. 112 DAVIS, CYNTHIA M. 75 DAVIS, DARREN R. 112 DAVIS, JAMES C. 81, 223 DAVIS, JANET K. 81 DAVIS, JEANINEM. 112 DAVIS, LISA N. 112 DAVIS, ROCHELLE M. 81, 183 DAVIS, SCOTT C. 81 DAVIS, TONY L. 112 DAW, DEREK J. 81, 159 DAWSON, KASEYL. 112 DAY, ANN M. 81, 188 DAY, MARJORIE 125 DEAENLLE, THEIA C. 33, 28 DEAN, ANNE C. 81, 210, 216, 234 DEAN, JUSTIN H. 96 DEAN, LOU 127 DECKER, DENISEL. 81 DECOITE, ALLEN L. 112 DECOITE, RUSSELL R. 28 DEERING, DANIEL M. 24, 28 DEERING.TAMANID. 112 DEGABRIELLE, LISA 96, 217 DEGRASSE, PAULE. 28 DELACRUZ, MICHELLE S. 96 DELANEY, MATTHEW E. 91 DELANEY, MICHAEL E. 1 12 DELANEY, MONICA A. 81, 241 DELANEY, PATRICK J. 112 DELONG, THOMAS 129, 206 DELVAUX, MICHELLE 112 DEMOSS, DANNY G. 96, 201, 231 DENNIS, DORY A. 81,240 DENNO, DORTHY 126 DENNY, DREW T. 113, 236 DENNY, LISA M. 81 DENNY, MIKE J. 29 DERBY, HERBERT G. 113 DEROSE, DAVID J. 96, 221 DEROSE, GARY W. 29, 218, 243,219 DEROSE, GLENN R. 29, 218 DERR,JIM96, 201 DERSTINE,TODDB. 113 DESANTIS, JILLE. 96, 216 DESPARS, JENNIFER M. 29 DET HLEFSEN, JOHANNA D. 29,216 DEUNING, EDWIN L. 1 13, 201 DEUTSCHE, JOHN D. 1 13, 197 DEUTSCHE, SHARON K. 96 DEVINE, KATHLEEN C. 81, 202,237 DEVINE, THOMAS A. 97, 221 DEXTER, CASSIEC. 97 DEZOTELL, CATHY M. 81 DIAZ, MARINA DICARLO, PATN.81, 197 DICARLO, PAULL. 113 DIDION, JIMM. 29, 149 DIDION, RHONDA R. 113 DIERKES, JEFFREY J. 1 13, 244 DIETRICK.JULIE A. 97 DIFRONZO, PASCAL W. 81, 231 DIMARCO, DARREN J. 1 13, 197,215 DIRRICQ, TRACY K. 81, 163, 142, 143 DISTEFANO, FRANK D. 97 DITULLIO, BOB V. DIVONA, KATHERINE J. 81, 232 DIVONA, LISA 97, 232 DIXON, MICHELE E. 1 13, 189 DJOKOVICH, MIHAILO M. 97 DOERR, GARY 137 DOHERTY, PATT. 97 DOMERY, KELLIE D. 113 DONALDSON, SCOT A. DONNELLY, MICHAEL L. 1 13 DONOHUGH, CAROL DORITY, FRANK W. 29 DORSETT, DAVID C. DOUBET, MIKE J. 113 DOWN YOUR ALLEY 272, 248 DOYLE, DANA 160,39,29 DOYLE, EDWARD 129, 188 DOYLE, S. 81,230 DRAKE.JULIE A. 97 DRAKE, KIM E. 113 DRAPER, JOID. 81,235 DREIBELBIS, DOUG E. 97, 243, 215,230 DREIBELBIS, JULIE A. 44. 12, 29, 158, 140,248,249 DRIESLER, MISTID. 97 DRUCKER, LESLIE D. 81, 240 DRUL, LISAK.81, 181 DRUL, MYRAD. 113 D. TOM, PHOTOGRAPHER 257 DRUTZ, DAVE 142 DUARTE, RANDY J. 1 13, 223 DUBE, MICHELLE 29 DUBOIS, ROBERTO. 192, 193, 30 DUCKWORTH, THOMAS E. 81, 200,231 DUFF, STEVEN B. 113,244 DUFFY, SUZANNE M. 81, 232 DUGAN, DARRINS. 113 DUNCAN, JEFFREY S. 97, 215 DUNCAN, MELANIE A. DUNCAN, NANCY E. 113 DUNLAP, CINDY 30 DUNLAP, WILLIAM 129 DUNN, CASEY R. 113 DUNN, DANIALA. 81 DUNN, JONATHAN J. 113 DUNPHY, KELLY S. 30, 241 DUNTLEY, JANET M. 81 DUPRE,JEAN97 DURAN, SARA F. 81, 158, 181 DUSTERHOFF, LORI D. 30 DUTCHER, JAMES W. 170, 171, 192, 193,45,30 DUTRISAC, RICHARD W. 9 7, 214 DYER, BILLYH. 30, 223 DYER, BOBBY J. 81 eeEee EADS, COSETTE30 EADS, WENDY M. 97, 188 EAGLE, SCOTT A. 81 EASLICK, BARBARA 129 EASTON, WILLIAM 129 EATON, CHUCK E. 97 ECHTERNACHT, RENE D. 97 EDEN, KIM J. 30 EDISS, STEPHAN P. 1 13, 197, 222,223,231 EGERER, DANIELLE M. 81 EIDENMULLER, GERALD R. 81 EIDSON, RICHARD E. 30 EISENMAN, DAVID 97 ELENZ, TRACIEM. ELIAS, PAMELAA. 81 ELIASON, JENNY 137 ELKINS, PAULF. 113, 197 ELKINS, TIM A. 97 ELLIOTT, ERIC L. 81,237 ELLIOTT, MIKE L. 91 ELLIS, BRAD L. ELLIS, GEORGE M. 30 ELLIS, KENT A. 113, 197 ELLIS, KIRK M. 113,201 ELLIS, ROY 129,225 ELMS, JEAN L. 31 ELPERS, STEVE W. ELYEA, DIANNEE. 113 EMERY, SCOTT A. 81, 200, 230 EMINGER, LAWRENCE M. 31 Index 253 ...Sw,.l™ . . . tai»-.i« ' .4iBii!;jl I NCI I KMIM )f, . H; I N..I I ANIUU A L. {) I, c ' ?i1 I N(. ' ; I MOM MOl r G V ' I I NM(;N II I I V ' ), ' I IT ' . HHIII 111 ■ ' • I I Ml( Iv ' .ON. Mil II A. I mh ' ;l N •; MIAMI U ' S I IINM . ( ONNK ( ' M7 I ' ;( Al I IIA, M I I Y (11, ' 0A I •;( Al I I II IM » n V, 220 I M AMU M NAMI It • ' . I I ' ;(IUI KA UK MAUI) I I ' ; ;l IN(.I II MK Ml I I I i I I I MS I l( I I I ' .I II A I II I VAN ' . I UK M ■: I I VAN ' . (.All A II i VANS, KIIISI ANI IIH, Jl, M I, I III i VANS, MU MAI I tl () , ?0I, lliu I VAN ' ; I ' AMI I A M I Yl II lolIN (.•■■■ I VI IIMAN I ' ltl ' . I ON () H2 I Vl IIMAN. ' iM ' ;AN ,1 1 I run ' I.I I AlltltA( K , IMANNI I I AIIIIIAIIIN. ( ASi V i It. ' I AIIION. (illY V 11 ' ,Wt I AIIIMIII II I I ■;! II A il? I Al no nil 111 ' ;a M 1 1. ?1 I AM III) iii A : I I AHAIl lol I AM, I I ' ;a K I I AIIAM lol I AM, ' .oo ' ;AN M I AMit, ' ill VI NN ' . I AMISII, I I ' -.A M ii; I AltlMI Wll I lAM r. ■ | i i Aim, nil II M 11 ' I AY IIAVIM (; I ! I I A Y Ml illtll ! ' . ; I I Mill IIMAN. III(.MAIII U 1 I I I Ml M. I I ' iA M 12, !) I I Mi II. I ' l II II I 10 I I ini, I i ;i II I I i;i, IHO I I NMOIII . ' .MANNA t ! I I NION. IIIK » II 11 ' I ' l ■ I I I I NION, HI NNI IM R f| , i ' .Ki I I NION. MAMK .1 ; I I I NION, MA!,ON( I ' l 3?, I ' . ' I. |(i; ' . I ' ci I I IKsil ' iON. CYNIMIA .1 97 I I IIIIY, KltlKM, ! , i ' OI I I IIIIY. I All ' ; c. : ? I II I M. IIA( Ml I n. ' i? I II I M, iioiiYN M ' 1 ; ' ;■ ) I II Nlll IK.. K Aid NO III I II Mil . Kl MM ! , ; ' () I I Kii I Y, iiYi II ' ; r 1 1 ' ! :■;■ I INI MAN («Mi IJUMY I tl. " I INI MAN KAIMI I I NM I I.I I INI I V SM. ' ANNI I ISl.l I IIISI AMI MK AN 1 III I lUIMI ' ANV . I I imiiiu I K MAMHAMA I n . FISCMtil I K, IMOMA:. k. Whl HI. ' . IM.i, M X:. vMO I I ' ;MIU in. Illtl NHA M I II I IMIItl in .11 I I It ' I I ' iMI M MANMV l ' .. ' . , l I I II I If; II M ( Mills I A H. ' . ItUi I I I MIN(, MM I I I I !•;( IIMAN (.1 OlUil U ' O I I (»IIAN( I . SM. ' ANNr C, 32 I I Olll S. (ilNA M III I I Oil! •;. ' iMI III I H2 I I (IIIMAN MAMI Y P 32,207, : ' .ltl I I OWI M KAIMI I I N A 27, I Si: I ■ I oMii Mill ' . 1 11 I., 32 I OHM MAMII N I ' I OHM. Ml VI I M . I Olll ' ill It. SMI I I Y A l.l I OMUY. I III M W 13, 20M, 238 I OMMAM Ml I INMA I I I OMMA I Alio (iAYI 11 III I OIINI V MAMI I I I ISM. IS I I (»•; II It ' .M ' .AMNA I l.l I IWI I M II » Mil V M 111 I OWI I II, KAIIIMYN A. I 13, I I!. lOK.niMlANM fl2 I OKI . llOltIN I 13 I iiAi.A ' i ' ii. AiMi r I in I! ' . ' ) I MAI I Y. Ml i NA II II I HANI I ' ■ . AMIMIIil I ' l I I IIANI IS I Ml M M III I MAril O MAVIM M III ' I ' l I IIASI II, III AIMI It .1 I II I MA I I I lilili I . 13,02, 192, |ii I I ItA l I ,1 ANCi C. I 14, 107 I III III ItlCKKI N,.IOMN H () II ' I ' . ' i . ' Oil . ' I ' l II. ' I Ml Ml MK l ' .I II SAI I Y A II I Ml MMK I ' MAMI ' W I II I ' td, ri . ' I ' . I Mi i UAIMN.MK.MAI L C. 30, 33, n . I O, IfUl, MM, 150, IM. 210 I III I OMAN, i IfiA 11 (12 I Ml I MAN, IHANI I I M I Ml I MAN, I MiN I ' )(!. 02 I III i MAN KAMI N A I II, ?39 I Ml I MAN HIMItl III Y A .13 I Ml I MAM I ' n I () II I Ml I MAM.NAIK.Y A. (12, 103 I Ml I fii ,1 INDA (i I Ml Ml ;,ltAMIili A. I 14, 232 I Ml Ml «;,NAN(.Y A. 34, 275 I Ml Y, SMI HUM l ? 10 204 I Mil Ml MANN. II ANN! I 14 I Mil NM. MAVIM A l(t 220 I MK. ' l AM ' il I A V I MU;( MIlMI I I M I iik;o sm. ' anni ' M I Mill •; .lui II I ' i;! I MOiail SI I VI N 130 I U IIMOI O MANII I K W I IMIMiM O MAin I.S ' I M UNO MM! M II 31 I IIKHSHIMA MIMOMI I m I MItin , ' ;Ml I I V A OH. 23h ggCig QAUI , SIAIY I 02 QAII Y.MHSM NP 1 M, 232 UAI I A(iMI It t OIIIJ .10 3 1 (iAI I Atilll It Mil MAItP l I M I ' l CiAl I AMMO Iv AMI N M ! . ' til. ' ' (iAI I A ' . I I ' . A M :• OAI I M 0. .I(»ANNI ;I2 QAMH(»SKI sil VI K 02. 237 OAltMNI It MAItIv H. OAMMNI It MAItV I (I. ' 10 I (lAMi V. I I l. ' AIII III A !l ' lil OAMI ANM It S( i i ) lil (lAMMI Nl MIS IMIl I " ) QAItltl I I I I I NA M III IM ' i UAMIII I I, Kl I I Y .1 II Ic OAMVi Y, Mil I I ' (iASI ' AM. NM MMI AO I.U) OAII 0, IIAVIM AMI 201, . ' I I tiAII s Kl N M I., It. 230 (iAIM. IIMAN ( I INI It 00, 2110 OAMI I I MAI I Y I 02, 20 1 U AY. I ' l II It A fi ' 220 OA ANIUA. ( A lliv A ' til ' III (,l I • I I I,- AMI I M I III (il MM rAiil A i;: (il IMI MAM till I M I 14, ! I (il IMI MAM MAMIiAIII I I ' lil (il I ' . I tllM iMI I II It (lltl 4t4 II III Nl ' • I MK Ml I I I I 14, 220 lil Nl IIVI I Olll I I ()| IMK.I ANMIII W It (12 Ol OltOI Ml ANNA I ' III, too (il OltiW . ' ill I ' MANII A 34 Ol MOMI , ANIMMNY N 0(1 . ' . ' I til MOMI lANI IIA 114 (il MltAMM NA I Al II It 14 (il ' .I I II I I ' . A M M ' (illlllON ' i, I Mil II A II (ill lUlilY, III IIOIIAMK.II2 Oil I I II, Kilts I IN (ill I lAM, S( Ol I I). 02 (ill I II AND, IIMNNAI 02 (ill I lOM I ISA IMI liidfl «4 « GILMORE, JAMES Q. 98, 221, 244 GILMORE, JOHN L. 82 GILSLEiDER, KAREN A. 161, 154,34, 148, 151 GILSON, DWAYNE E. 114 GIN, DONNA 114,229 GIONET, DENISER. 82 GITTHENS, SIDNEY 130, 205, 234 GIVENS, CHRISTINE A. 98, 165 GLASGOW, JERRE 126 GOBLE, HOLLY D. 35 GOFF ' S EDUCATIONAL AIDS 259 GOH, JEFFREY A. 82, 158, 159, 151 GOLDEN, SHEILA M. 40, 35, 29 GOLDMAN, MARGIE I. 1 14 GOLDMAN, SHARON E. 35 GOLDWATER, DIANE M. 1 14 GONZALES, DEBORAH A. 1 14 GONZALES, JAMES J. 98 GOODSIR, LENNY 82, 205 GOODWIN, PHIL K. 35 GOODYEAR, ALLISON D. 114 GOODYEAR, SIMON C. 1 14, 244 GOOSSENS, JANAL. GOOSSENS, JESSICA R. GORE, ROBERT G. 82, 214, 231 GORHAM, DAVID K. 114 GORHAM, MARGITE. 35 GORMIN, ANNE 125 GORRIE,DOUGF. 98, 194 GORRIE, JAMES R. 35, 29, 192, 193 GORSUCH, LEAL. 82, 187 GOUNTANIS, STEPHANIE 1 14 GRACEFFA, SANDY GRAHAM, EDWARD K. 114 GRAHAM, K.SCOTT 98, 201, 231,244 GRAHAM, RICHARD D. 1 14, 237 GRAHN, HEIDI K. 83. 232 GRAHN, MELISSA J. 114, 241 GRAICHEN, JENNIFER L. 83 GRAMS, KENNETH W. 98 GRANDMAISON, GINA A. 83, 189 GRANDMAISON, LISA M. 40, 35,28,210,216, 148,243 GRANT, HEIDI M. 114, 189 GRAVES, JUDIANNE 83, 190, 209 GRAVES, LEIGH A. 6, 35, 204 GRAVLEY, JOELYN M. 83, 8 GRECO, ROMAN V. 1 14, 22 1 GREEN, CRAIG D. 83 GREEN, LAURA 130 GREEN, MICHAEL J. 1 14, 197, 215 GREEN, PATRICK S. 83 GREEN, ROBERTO. 1135 GREEN, ROBERTS. 83 GREEN, SUSAN K. 83 GREEN, WILLIAM D. 83 GREGG, DAVID G. 114, 197 GREGG, KATHRYN J. 114 GREGG, MASON W. 168, 35, 178 GREUBEL, NANCY 114 GREUBEL, PAUL A. 83, 224 GRIMES, ERIN B. 98, 226. 158. 226, 235 GRIMES, MARY E. GRISSINGER, THOMAS E. 36, 229, 138 GRISWOLD, KELLY M. 1 14, 158 GRISWOLD, PHILLIP S. 160, 191,36,207,238 GROSFELD, SUSAN 114 GROVES, JULIA. GRYVNAK, ROBIN 36 GUARD, MITCHELL A. 114 GUDMUNDSEN,LEEK. 75 GUDMUNSEN, EILEEN 98 GUERRERO, LISA A. 114 GUGASIAN,SILVA 114 GUGINO,JARRODC. 114 GUILTINAN, JENNY M. GUNCKEL, NANCY N. 114 GUNTER, DARRIN S. 1 14. 197. 244 GUNTER, SHELLEY J. GUNTER, STACY L. 115 GURROLA, CINDY GURROLA, MARC A. GUTRECHT, ELIZABETH 183 GUZMAN, DENISE M. 66, 36 GUZMAN, JAMES F. 98, 201, 231 hhHhh HABASH, CONSTANCE L. 98 HACKETT, KAREN M. 83, 167, 36 HACKETT, KEVIN M. HAGEN, SHELLEY M. HAGER, KYLEL. 115 HAGMAN, SUSAN L. 83 HAIGH, TODD O. 98. 194, 231 HALDERMAN, BRETT L. 1 15 HALL, CHAD T. 98 HALL, CLIFFORD 83 HALL,JULIANNE36 HALLAMORE, KENT D. 83 HALUS, GREGORY W. 36 HALY, GREGG K. 83, 159, 192, 193,212,213, 242 HAMBIDGE, WESLEY 130 HAMILTON, CHARLOTTE R. 98 HAMILTON, JOHN H. 36 HAMMES, DAN J. 98 HAMMES, RICHARD A. 1 15 HAMMITT, LISA 229 HAMMITT, ANNA 229 HAMMOND, PAUL A. 83 HAMPSON, DOUG E. 1 15, 231 HANSEN, LORIM. 83, 189 HANSON, LAURA 5, 98 HARDY, JOHN C. 98 HARDY, MEREDITH A. 83, 232 HARER, CHRISTINA L. 98 HARGROVE, JANET M. 83 HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORS 259 HARRELL, KIETH223 HARRIS, GAIL A. 115 HARRIS, STACEYB. 83 HARRISON, KEITH T. 98 HARRISON, KEVIN R. 83 HARRISON, PAULA. HART, ROD P. 115,201,244 HART, SUSAN V. 36, 24 HARVEY, VALERIE L. 98 HARVILLE, BILLL. 115, 197 HASSOLD, WENDLE S. 36 HASTIN, STEPHANIE R. 98 HASTINGS, JOHN L. 168, 169, 61,37 HATA, LARRY 37 HAUG, CHRIS 222 HAUG, JOHN 115 HAUG, SHAUNP. 98, 194 HAUGEN, MIRTLE 137 HAWKINS, SHANNON E. 37 HAWTHORNE, JOHN W. 83 HAWTHORNE, LISA K. 160, 170, 188,37, 171,38,210 HAY, DICK 137 HAYMOND, JON D. 37, 212, 213 HAZLETT, SCOTTA. 115 HEALY, JOHN99. 223, 194 HEARD, DAMON K. 1 15, 197, 244 HEARD, MAUREEN T. 99 HEARD, MIKE 75 HEFFNER, MARC L. 1 15, 197, 215 HELMS, RORYK. 37 HEMSLEY, DARCI K. 83, 161, 188 HEMSLEY, KANDID. 115, 188, 241 HENKE, DENISE M. 115, 189 HENNINGER, MARK A. 37 HERBERT, CHARLES F. 170, 171, 192, 193,38.37, 16, 151, 230 HERBERT, DOUGLAS W. 83, 201, 158,238 HEREDIA, MARIO E. 115 HEREDIA, TERESA R. 83, 162, 158,241 HERMAN, LISA M. 99, 202, 233 HERRERA, MARIA G. 37 HERTSGAARD, CHRISTOPH 115, 197,244 HERTSGAARD, ERIC D. 83 HERZOG, BRIANJ. 83 " ' 56 Index Advertising 257 HERZOG, ERIC 115 HESSLER, CYNTHIA R. 37. 183 HESTER, MrCHAEL D. 81, 83 HETHERINGTON, MARY A. 99 HEWETT, STACY L. 42 HIBBARD, MICHELE K. 1 15, 229 HIBBERT, LISA A. 99, 235 HICKMAN, BOB W. 83 HICKS, BETHANY A. 115 HICKS, GARRETT W. 83 HICKS, ROBERT 130 HICKS, WILEATAJ. 42 HICKSON, SHELLEY A. 92. 21 HIGDON, BRIAN S. 115, 189 HIGDON, CHADL. 8, 83 HIGDON, KEVIN K. HIGGINS, BARBARA A. 170, 171, 190,42.202.233 HIGGINS, LAURA E. 99, 202, 233 HILES, CATHY J. 99, 189 HILKER, MARK A. 83 HILL, GARNET D. HILL , JOYCE 130 HILSABECK, SUE211 HiNDS, JACKIE K. 99, 186 HINDS, JOHN W. 1 15, 197, 244 HINGST, CONNIEJ. 42 HINKLE, O. BRAD 83, 192, 193 HINOJOSA, NORMAL. 83 HIROTSU, SANDRA L. 1 15, 204 HIROTSU, TERRIL. 161,42, 204 HIRSCH, GABRIELLA S. 99, 211 HIRT, MARGRET137 HOBBS, DENISE E. 95, 97, 99, 101, 189 HODGES, JAMES B. 42 HODGES, KELLY C. 99 HOEFT, SANDRA M. 83 HOFFMAN, ANN L. 4, 83, 233 HOFFMAN, CATHRINE J. 99, 105 HOFFMAN, MARY 42 HOFFMAN, TODD A. 99 HOFFMANN, EVELYN 99, 232 HOFFMANN, RICHARD W. 42 HOFMAN, RAY99 HOFMANN, JOHNF. 83 HOGAN, JOHN 130,221 HOGGATT,TODDW.99 HOIEN, ERINE. 99 HOIEN, LISAJ. 83, 187 HOLDEN, ANDREW A. 99, 218 HOLDITCH, MARY 131, 142, 143 HOLLAND, RANDY M. HOLLINGER, JAMES W. 192, 193, 75 HOLM, LINNEAM. 99 HOLUB, STEVEN 115, 197 HONG, CHESTER M. 83, 231 HONG, JEE SOO 99, 177, 188 HOOVER, JOHN D. 91 HOPKINS, CINTHIAD. 161, 17. 171. 172.42,39 HORAN, ROSEM. 99 HORMUTH, JILL N. 226, 43, 234 HORNER, BILL 43 HORNSBY, LISA A. 43 HOROWITZ, DAVID 131 HORVATH, BRIAN 115, 197 HORVATH, LINDA 131 HOSMUN, JAMES JR. HOSMUN, KIMBERLYS. HOTCHKISS, DAVID B. HOTCHKISS, PAMELA M. 1 15, 189 HOUGHTON, LISA J. 99, 234 HOULIHAN, JIM M. 115 HOULIHAN, MIKE E. 43, 40, 212 HOWELL, GRIFF W. 1 15, 244 HOWLAND, KIMBERLY H. 1 15 HOYT, MARK A. 115, 197 HSIUNG, ANGELA HSIUNG, CHAD CHI HUANG, JEN H. 99 HUBBARD, ALLISON B. 1 15 HUBBARD, COLIN C. 43, 274, 155 HUDACK, MATTHEW D. 192, 193,43,218,219 HUDDLESTON, DEBORAH E. 115 HUELSKAMP, MICHAEL R. HUELSKAMP, PAT99 HUFF, STEPHANIE 99 HUFFMAN, ANGELA G. 82, 84, 188 HUGHES, LAURIE 43 HUMMELL, HENRY 131,214 HUMPHREYS, CHERYL 99 HUND, JEANNE E. 84 HUND,JOHNE. 115,221 HUNGERFORD, MARYLYNN 43 HUNT, EVELYN L. 84 HUNTINGTON, ROBERT M. 115,215 HURLBUT, NORMAN A. 99, 215 HURTT, WADE C. 1 15, 189, 225 IRVIN, V. NEFF, P.A. 259 IVERSEN, BOB H. 192. 193, 63, 44,41, 148 IVERSON, CHRISTINE B. 84 iilu IFLAND, JAMES C. ILLINGWORTH, CINDY K. 1 15 ILLINGWORTH, KEVIN J. IMMELL, ALISON D. 115 IMMELL, JENNIFER L. 84 INABA, KELLY A. 15,43 INKLEY, KENG. 99, 221 IP, ANTHEA W. 84, 100, 227, 150, 151 IP, FIONA W. 43 IRISH, TERRIL. 44 JABBERWOCKY268 JACKSON, JENNIFER J. 160, 204,44 JACKSON, KAREN M. 44 JACKSON, SCOTT 99, 236 JACOBS, BETH A. 84 JACOBS, JEFFREY L. 115 JACOBS, JUDITH D. 99, 181 JACOBSON, JASON S. 99 JAHNIG, KAREN 131 JAMES, DANIEL W. 44 JAMES, EILEEN 115,229 JAMES, JENNIFER B. 99 JAMES, RON M. 201,99, 231 JANSEN, JENISED. 99 JAQUES, CARRIE R. 103, 99 JARAMILL0 215 JEFFREYS, TERRIL. 75 JEFFS, JOHN M. 84 JELTEMA, SHARON S. 100, 189,211 JENNINGS, JOHN G. 115 JENSEN, JAY H. 84 JERNIGAN,TODDA. 84 JETT, CHRISTIES. 115 JOBES, TODD A. 44,38 JODI ' S HALLMARK SHOP JOHNSON, DEREK V. 44, 177 JOHNSON, EARL A. 116 JOHNSON, JAMES C. JOHNSON, JOHN W. 44 JOHNSON, KAREN E. 116 JOHNSON, LEANNE J. 84, 161, 205 JOHNSON, LYNNE A. 116 JOHNSON, LYNNE E. 100, 165, 158 JOHNSON, MAUREEN A. 1 16 JOHNSON, MICHAEL W. 100, 194 JOHNSON, MIKE W. 8, 116 JOHNSON, PHILIP E. 84 JOHNSON, TINA R. 84, 161, 188 JOHNSTON, BRIAN K. 100, 194 JOHNSTON, MARK JONES, BETH M. 44 JONES, SEAN E. 116,244 JONES, STEPHANIE L. 84, 218 JORDAN, DANIEL F. 100, 215, 231 JORDAN, ERINE. 116 JORDAN, KEVIN T. 84. 220 JORDAN, RENEE C. 44, 33 258 index Advertising 259 ;£ ' ilA... ; JOYCE, MARGARET M. 84, 163 JOYCE, MAUREEN R. 45, 189, 216,234 J. P. KAPP AND ASSOCIATES 252 JUHNKE, OLIVER 75 JURICK, LESLIE M. 100 kkKkk KAKIHARA, CRAIG K. 100 KALMAN, DEBBIE K. 100 KALMAN, JENNIFER L. 45, 229 KAMBESTAD, ANDREA 116 KAMBESTAD, WENDY A. 84 KAMEI, MICHEALS. 100 KANAREK, AMY D. 84 KANE, CHRISTOPHER A. 100 KANNO, BETH A.84 KANNO, STEPHANIE L. 1 16 KANYUCK, ALLEN 131 KAPLAN, DANA S. 84 KAPLAN, JODIR. 116 KAPLAN, LESLIE 45 KARAMARDIAN, LIZA L. 116 KARBER, KAYP. 100 KARBER, NANCYP. KASSEBAUM, KIML. 116 KASSOUF, ERICT. 75 KASTNER, MICHAEL E. 1 16 KATNIK,JOHNF. 100, 194, 223,231 KATNICK, MARY L. 100 KATNIK, SUSAN M. 45 KATZ, DAVID H. 1 16, 209, 239 KATZ, PAULA M. 84 KAUFMAN, MICHELE L. 45, 235 189 KAYl! KALLEEN M. 116 KAYLOR, ELENA M. 1 16, 232 KAYLOR, GLENN H. 45 KEBERLEIN, CHRISTINE 45 KEEN, ELLEN L. KEITHLEY, JILLC. 116, 189 KEITHLEY, MICHAEL A. 45 KELLY, SARAH M. 45, 40, 205 KELLY, STEPHANIE A. 100, 227 KELNER, PETER 125, 126 KELSEY, TAMALYN45, 181, 240 KENNEDY, LYNN J. 116 KENNEDY, TODD K. 46 KENNICOTT,JOHNW. KERANEN, KARLW. KESSEL, JOHNS. 75 KESSLER, KARL 137 KESTER, MICHAEL 84 KESTER, ROBERT L. 1 16, 197, 221 KETCHUM, KATEM. 116 KEUILIAN, RAFFI 100 KEUILIAN, TROY84 KILGORE, SUSAN E. 100 KIM, CHRISTINES. 1 KIM, GEOFFREY K. 46 KINCAID, ADONNA 100 KING, LEAH L. KING, RUSS A. 100 KING, STACIM. 116 KINOSIAN, KENTJ. 192, 193, 46, 158, 230 KIRK, JACQUELINE 84 KIRK, MIKE C. 116 KIRKENDALL, KAREN L. 100 KIRKENDALL, TRACY L. 46, 176 KISCH, SUZANNE B. 84 KLAFKE, TERENCE H. 1 16 KLARQUIST, REXE. 84 KLEVATT, LISA B. 84, 161, 189 KLINE, MEGAN E. 98, 100, 159, 227,232 KLOBERDANZ, SCOTT M. 84 KNAPP.JEFF J. 100, 194,231 KNOBBE,JOHNT. 100 KOBAYASHI, KRISM. 84 KOCHANSKI, ROXANNE M. 46 KOEHL, PETER 84 KOETS, JEFFREY L. 116 KOLIVAS,JIMW. 116,244 KOLIVAS, JOANNE M. 84 KONECKY, SCOTT H 1 16, 197, 244 KONECKY, SHAWN D. KORICH, GEORGE 131,218 KORICH, MIKEL. 116,244 KOSAKURA, MARK T. 1 16, 197 KOSLOSKI.JANINAI. 116 KOSS, DIANE L. 46, 43, 233 KOSS, KRISTEN L. 100, 232 KOVAL, JAMES L. 100,237 KOVAL, JEFFREY G. 84 KOVAL, JILL H. 79, 84, 202, 233 KOZAK, THOMAS J. 84, 200 KRAGE, EVELYN 125 KRALCAMPBELL, MARIJAN 100 KRAUS, KATHERINE L. 84 KRAVITZ, DAVID L. 84 KRECHTER, CHRIS F. KROKO, NED A. 116,220 KUHLEMEIER, DAWN M. 84 llLll LAFLAMME, ANNETTE S. 100, 188 LAFLAMME, DENISE 46, 32 LAIRD, JAMES H. 100, 192, 193,212 LAKE, KIM LAKE, KIM M. 116, 189 LAMBERT, ROGER A. 100 LAMM, JASON A. 116 LANCASTER, RICKY 100 LANCASTER, TERRY L. LANE, AMY A. 75 LANE, MIKE P. 100,221 LANE, RICHARDS. 84, 159 LANFRANCO, SCOTT P. 1 16 LANG, DAWN D. 84 LANGLOIS, ERICS. 116,221 LANGLOIS, MIKED. 84 LANTZ, MICHAEL W. 116 LANTZ, MICHELE K. 84, 234 LAPCHESKE, LYNETTE D. LAPCHESKE, TODDA. LARA, CAESAR P. 84 LARSEN, CHRIS W. 100, 209, 238,232 LARSON, JEANNETTE E. 100 LARUE, BOB 124 LASCALA, KITK. 85 LATHRUM, JOHNH. 75 LATHRUM SHERI L. 100 LATONA, GLEN M. 1 16, 237 LATONA, TONI M. 85, 204 LAUBER, MAXINE A. 100 LAVIDAS, STACEYO. LAWRENCE, DAVE R. 116 LAWRENCE, DAVID L. LAWRENCE, PAUL C. 46 LAWRENCE, TODD R. 78, 85, 230 LAWSON, JENNIFER A. 46, 229 LAYCOCK, ANN 100,227 LAYTON, AMYE. 100 LEARNED, MIMI 131 LEBLANC, LYNN 100 LEE, ANNA K. 100, 189 LEE, BRENDAG. 101,217 LEE, CARA A. 85, 232 LEE, DANA D. 85 LEE, STEPHEN W. 85 LEE, YEN Y. 101 LEFT, JAMES M. 116 LEGOME, DEBBIE 85, 160 LEHAN, CHARLES K. 85 LELOUP, LANCE F. 116 LELOUP, MARC R. 85 LEMKE, CARENR. LEMON HEIGHTS DRUGS 254 LENS LOCK AND SAFE 257 LENZ, MARY A. 116 LEONG, CHRISTINE 85 LEONG, STEVEN 101 LEPISTO, KEVIN J. 101 LEPKE, DONL. 101 LESPERANCE, SUZANNE D. 101 LESUEUR, ANNETTE 85, 210 LESUEUR, MATTHEW F. LEUPOLD, CRAIG A. 168, 46, 12 LEVINE, CHERYL L. 116 LEVINE, MARCR. 101,214 LEVINE, MICHELE B. 85, 205 60 Index LEVITON, FELICIA H. 85, 183, 189 LEVITON, ROBIN B. 101 LEWAND, KIME. 116 LEWIS, DAVID A. 116 LEWIS, STEVEN D. 101 LIALIOS, PAUL LICATA, JANETTE M. 101. 229 LICHLYTER, LAUREN C. LIEBERMAN, JENNIFER A. 1 17 LIEBERMAN, MARC A. 85 LIFF, PAULJ. 85 LIGHTFOOT, JOHNK. 117, 192,215 LIGHTFOOT, LYNN M. 85 LINDAHL, WENDY J. 6, 85, 21 1 LINDSAY, LISA 117, 147 LINDSAY, ROBERTS. 85 LINDSAY, SANDRA 101, 205 LISSNER, DOUG 101 LISSNER, VINCENT T. 47 LITWER, MARISA S. 101 LIU, MARIE K. 101 THE LIVERY 272 LLOYD, BARRY K. 47 LLOYD, DEBORAH S. 1 17, 232, 146 LLOYD, LISA C. 85, 234 LOADSMAN, HOWARD H. 85, 162 LODGARD, DEBORAH L. 14, 85, 229 LODGARD, SUSAN M. 226, 47, 20 LONG, DAVID J. 85, 192, 193, 214,229 LONG, JOE M. 85 LONG, KAREN L. 117 LONG, LISA K. 117 LONG, STACEE47 LOONAM, STEPHEN F. 101 LORD, JULIE K. 47 LORD, NANCY L. 101, 181, 234 LOTZE, STEPHAN A. 101 LOTZE, SUZYM. 101 LOVETT, JOHNA. 85 LOVNASETH, ING-MARIE 47 LOVRET, LAURIE J. 117 LOW, STEVEN P. 47 LU, JEFFREY A. 85, 214 LU, KRISTOPHERJ. 47,40, 158,212 LUI, DIANA 85 LULL, JOHN P. 117,209 LUNA, RACHEL 127 LUNDELL, JEANNE L. 47 LUNDQUIST. CHRISTINA 47 LUSIN,JONM. 117,201,231 LUSIN, MELISSES. 101,232 LUSIN, MICHELLE P. 85 LUSTER, BRAD C. 85 LUSTER, STEVE J. LYNCH, MATT A. LYNCH, MICHELLE S. 85 LYNCH, SHANNON J. mmMmm MAC, MICHELLE 158 MACCIANTI, DENISE A. 85 MACKAY, CAROLYN A. 48 MACKAY, DAVID J. 15,85 MACKAY, DEBORAH L. 15, 101, 142 MACKAY, SHAUNAD. 101, 18{ MACLACHLAN, ROBERT M. 117,238 MACLEOD, HEATHER D. 117 MADDEN, DOTTIE 137 MADDEN, LAURA A. 117 MADDEN, MELISA A.48 MADDEN, MOIRAE. 85 MADING, FREDERICK J. 85 MADOLE,CHERYLA. 97, 101, 180 MADORY, TERRY 48 MADSEN, JULIA K. 101,202, 232 MADSEN, LAURA K. 48, 204 MAHADEO, BONITA48 MAK, MICHELLE F. 81, 85 MALONEY, CAROL L. 85, 233 MANDIOLA, FRANCISCO, J. 101 MANDIOLA, SERGIO 200, 48, 40, 144, 230, 139,274 MANNING, MARY K. 85, 158, 159 MARANTZ, KEITH W. 117 MARCARIAN, HARMICK MARCHETTI, MARC 117, 197 MARCINKEVICZ, JUNE M. 103, 101 MARCINKEVICZ, MICHAEL 85 MARCOTTE, JAMES L. 101, 220 MARGOLIN, JODI D. 101, 21 1 MARGOLIN, MARCI L. 85, 204 MARINER, DON J. 101 MARRUFFO, CHARLENE M. MARSH, BRIAN L. 101, 176, 177 MARSHALL, JOHN T. 192, 193, 48,41, 212,230 MARSTERS, RANDI E. 86 MARTIN, CARAL. 86, 229 MARTIN, MARIANNE 86, 204 MARTIN, WENDY C. 101 MARTIN, WILLIAM G. 86 MARTINEZ, ALEJANDRA MARTINEZ, ANGIE 127 MARTINEZ, FERNANDO MARTINEZ, RENE C. 101, 215 MARTINEZ, ROBERTO A. 86, 194 MARX, SHEILA R. 48 MARZILLI, ALBERT 132, 159, 150 MARZULLO, FRANK J. 117 197 MASTRO, MARIENT. 48 MATHESON, JULIA K. 48 MATLOCK, SHAWN A. 1 17 MATOVICH, EVAL. 101 MATOVICH, LISAM. 117 MATTEIS, JONIC. 101 MATTHEWS, JEFF C. 86 MATTHEWS, SCOT K. 117 MATTHEWS, SHAUNA M. MAULDIN, MELODY C. 101 MAXWELL, THOMAS D. 1 17 MAYO, KELLY C. 49 MAYO, TODD P. 101,244 MCANINCH, LORREA. MCBRIDE, MERRIANN E. 101 MCBRIDE, PETER 101 MCCAIN, KEVIN R. 49 MCCALLUM, SANDY J. 1 17 MCCARTY, JOHN D. 86 MCCARTY, STEVE A. 86 MCCLURE,JANISA. 101 MCCLURE, JOANN M. 101, 227, 158 MCCLURE, LAUREN L. 117 MCCORMICK, DEAN 125 MCDONNELL, BRIGID K. 101 MCELRATH,JEFFA. 117. 197. 244 MCFARLAND, JEFFREY A. 86 MCFERSON, ROBERT E. 1 17 MCFERSON, STEVEN 86. 192 MCGAFFIGAN, DAVIDJ. 102, 180 MCGALLIARD, DAWN E. 1 17 MCGALLIARD, SHERRY L. 1 17 MCGINNIS, BRIAN K. 85 MCGIVERN, KRISTY A. 10, 160, 165,49, 41, 180 MCGONIGLE, PETER T. 1 17 MCGUIRE, SHANNON C. 80, 86 MCGUIRE ' S DOWN YOUR ALLEY 250 MCHENRY, SETHM. 102, 153. 159. 144 MCHENRY, TODD M. 49. 41 MCIVER,JILL86, 161, 189 MCKAY, ROBERT L. 7, 86, 199. 230 MCKEE, DIANE T. 102 MCKEE, WAYNEA. MCKELL, MYLESG. 49 MCKILLIP, BENIDICT B. 102 MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN D. 49 212 MCLAUGHLIN, KATHLEEN 86. 183, 189 MCLAUGHLIN, LINDA S. 86, 211,217,241 MCLAUGHLIN, MARK W. 102 MCNIEL BRIAN R. 117 MCNIEL. KELLY D. 49 Index 261 MCOWEN, JANICE 161, 49, 41, 149 MCPHERSON, M. SCOTT 86, 223 192 193 MCWILLIAMS, TRAVIS 131, 224, 225 MEAD, JODI 102,226 MEAD, STACY A. 226, 49 MEANS, JIM D. 49 MEDINA, ELISABETH A. 50, 240 MEEHAN, MARYE. 117, 189 MEEKS.TRACYA. 117 MEENGS, JANICE C. 102 MEIER, TROY M. 102, 194 MELICAN, JAMESP. MELICAN, MARLANE 102, 227 MELINE, JENNIFER A. 100, 102,227 MENDIOLA, MIGUEL C. 102 MENDRELLA, KRISTI L. 50 MENIG, GEORGE E. 50 MEREDITH, JOHN E. 50 MERLE NORMAN 267 MERINE, DORIS 137 MERINO, DARYL J. 117, 197 MERRILL, CATHY D. 86 MERSHON, TODDM. 86 MESSINGER, PATRICK S. 86, 176, 177 METCALFE, BEVERLY K. 50, 241, 239 METCALFE, JACKIE L. 86, 240 METCALFE, WAYNE G. 1 17, 209, 239 MEYERS, SUSAN L. 102, 158, 202 MICHAEL, LAURA A. 91 MIFFLIN, DENNIS J. 86, 214 MILES, JIM E. 117 MILLARD, KIMBERLY L. 102 MILLER, BRYAN 102,237 MILLER, CRAIG 137 MILLER, CRAIG D. 7, 192, 193, 50,39, 174,218,219,236 MILLER, DAVID C. MILLER, DAVID J. 75 MILLER, DOREENL. 117 MILLER, JEFFREY M. 75 MILLER, KAREN J. 86 MILLER, MARYNL. 117 MILLER, MONTINAL. 50 MILLER, RANDALL E. 198, 199, 71,50,70 MILLER, SUSAN J. 50 MILLER, SUSAN L. 117 MILLIGAN, BETH A. 50, 40, 144, 139 MILLIGAN, PATRICIA 132 MILLIKIN, STEVEN R. 117 MILLS, MILLETTEK. 102 MINER, MICHELLE 86 MINNE, LARRY 132,274 MINTZER, DAVIDP. 51 MINUSKIN, GILDA 127 MIRAULA, MICHAELS. 51, 156, 187 MIRAULA, PILAR 102,240 MITCHELL, FRANCIS E. 86, 242,223,224 MITCHELL, LAURICE A. 102 MITCHELL, LISA Y. 102 MITCHELL, LYNN A. 117 MITHOFF, UTA B. 51, 241, 145 MIZERA, THOMAS S. 86, 208, 239 MOKSKI,SUER. 117 MOLSKNESS, CANDY M. 1 17 MONARCH, MIKE J. 84, 86, 192, 193, 158, 151,230 MONARCH, TERRANCE S. 102, 188,230,92 MONARCH, THOMAS 117, 197, 215, 159 MONGAN, RYAN H. 118, 201 MONROE, JOHN D. 102 MOORE, HOLLY R. 102 MOORE, HUGH F. 51 MOORE, LISA K. 51 MOORE, LORI 59, 51,275 MOORE, MARY L. 51 MOORE, PRISM. 118 MOORE, SAMUEL W. 86 MORALES, RENEEM. 86 MORBEE, JORDAEN J. 86 MORCOS, PAUL A. 86 MORIOKA, MARYNN 86, 176 MORRIS, DAVID B. 51 MORRIS, KIMBERLY M. 86 MORRIS, ROBERT S. 102, 201, 231 MORRISON, JANA J. 161,51,4 MORROW, CARRIE L. 75 MORROW, DAVID C. 102 MOSES, JENNIFER L. 102 MOULTON, DAVID H. 118 MUELLER, COLLEEN J. 1 18, 189 MUGRAGE, CAROLE A. 1 18, 235 MUGRAGE, MIKE A. 102, 218 MULLIN, MELISSA A. 86 MULVIHILL, CYNTHIA A. 102, 188 MULVIHILL, DAVID J. 1 18, 197 MULVIHILL, THOMAS P. 86 MUNNALL, TERRY 132 MURDOCH, STEVE J. 51 MURET, LISA J. 86 MURET,TIMM. 118 MURILLO, LISAJOM. 118 MURPHY, SUSAN J. 86, 150, 151,234 MURRAY, JAMES A. 102 MYERS, DAVID E. 102 MYERS, TONYA R. 118 MYGATT, AMY 102, 182, 189, 92 MYGATT, JENNIFER 167. 52 nnNnn NAGLE, CATHARINE A. NAGLE, MARYE. 86 NASH, DOTTIE 125 NAUD, STEPHEN R. 52 NEAR, KATHLEEN M. 86, 233 NEEDHAM, MONA L. 52, 188 NEFF, JODY86 NEIGER, JAMES III 52, 39, 218, 148, 236 NEIGER, THOMAS H. 102, 218, 219 NELLESEN, DAVID S. 1 18, 209 NELLESEN.GARYL. 75 NELSON, ERIC C. 102, 138 NELSON, JOHN A. 86 NELSON, LISA A. 86 NELSON, MARK C. NELSON, RANDY L. 86 NERONE, DOLORES J. 102 NERONE, MICHAEL D. 52, 223 NESBITT, DAVID P. 102, 201, 158, 151,231 NESTOR, JOHN R. 118 NEWLAND, JUDYA. 52 NEWQUIST, REBECCA S. 102 NICOLAI, ELIGIA 132 NICHOLLS, TRACEY M. 102, 217 NICHOLS, BRYAN L. 102, 223, 194 NICHOLS, KRISTI L. 87 NICHOLS, ROBERT 132 NICOLL, JULIE L. 11,87, 169 NIEHAUS, MEGAN J. 103, 226, 232 NIVEN, KEITH W. 87,220 NIVEN, KURTJ. 52 NIVEN, LESLIE-MARIE L. 169, 52, 53 NOAD, ANDY 118 NOAD, SIMON 103 NOBLE, ERIC D. 94, 159, 103, 201 NOLAN, JOHN 132 NORRIS, CLARE A. 52 NORRIS, TOMJ. 103,220 NORTON, BRENT L. 1 18, 244 NORTON, DEREK L. 87 NOSLER, JENNIFER L. 118, 232 NYMAN, STEVEN L. 52 ooOoo O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL 133 262 Index O ' CONNOR, APRILE 53, 44 PANAGON, YVETTE 87, 189 PIMENTEL, JAVIER 59 OBERING, CHRISA. 103 PAN ASIA 248 PINNEY, MICHELLE R. 87, 188, OBERLEY, SALLY A. 118 PANCHAL, DON J. 103, 244 235, 146,217 OBRIEN, CASEY L. 87 PAONESSA, CINDY A. 103 PIPES, JOEL F. 59 OBRIEN, SHAUNM. 53, 28, PAQUETTE.MIKEJ. 103 PIRES, KEITH D. 59, 238 181,210,216,234 PARADIS, APRIL M. 103 PIZAC, DANIEL K. 83, 87 OCKWIG, MICHEALE. 87 PARISE, CHARLES A. 103, 215 PLACEK, CRAIGA. 59, 218 ODELL, DEANR. 103, 194 PARK, DEREK 87 PLACEK, KENNETH J. 87 ODONOGHUE, SEAN P. 1 18, PARK.EUNHAE 103 PLESSET, DAVID C. 87 197 PARKER, PERRY S. 87, 214, PLINER, JON D. 1 18, 209, 239, ODONOGHUE, TIM W. 53 224 244 OGARA, PATRICK C. PARKS, KIMBERLY L. 118 PLUNKETT, PERRY L. 103, 215 OGNIBENE, JAMES S. PARRINGTON, KEN 137 POMEROY, JOSELYNA. 171, OH, BEN PARRISH, SHERYLL. 58 59,41, 170 OH, JOSEPH Y. PARSONS, CATHERINE A. 103 POMEROY, LAURA L. 1 18, 189 OJANPERA, KIMBERLY R. 87 PARSONS, ROB B. 103 POMEROY, LUCY L. 103, 170, OLESEN,ANSGER133 PARVIN, SHERI A. 103 181 OLESON, ERIC A. 53 PASLEY, KENNET H M. PONDER, JULIE L. OLESON, PAMELA J. 118 PATERAS, MARIA M. 58 POOLE, MELINDA 59 OLIVER, KELLY W. 53 PATERNO.RINA 133 POOLE, SHAUNAD. 118 OLIVER, KIMBERLY A. 103, PATRIDIS, KATHRYN M. POOLE, WILLIAM S. 87 165 PATSCHECK, KIMBER J. 115, POPE, DANA K. 118, 189 OLSON, JIM T. 118, 158, 121 POSTON, CLARK 133 OLSON, KELLY 53, 23 PATSCHECK, STEVEN F. 87, POTTER, DAVID R. 59, 51, 176, OLSON, NANCY A. 237 177,231 OLSON, RICHARD B. 118 PATTE.LISAJ. 103 POTTER, SHERRIM. 160,59 ONEAL, AERON M. PATTERSON, DINAL. 118 POTTER, STEVEN H. 103 ORCHARD, JEFF J. 87 PATTERSON, KAREN D. 58 POWERS, JOHN K. 87 ORNES, MARIA S. 87, 227, 163, PATTERSON, ROBERT 124 POWELL, IRENE 133,227 211, 140,233 PATTERSON, SANDRA J. 58, PRENDERGAST, ROBERT T. ORNITZ, CAROLYN M. 53, 249, 182,275 103, 194,222,223 141, 140,249 PAWSAT, TIMOTHYS. 87 PRESTINARY, ADRIANA 103, ORR, SUSAN E. 53, 46 PEARLMAN, JASON N. 75 189 ORTAC, ALMILAD. PEARSON. KENT R. 118 PRESTINARY, MARISSA E. ORTAC.AYSEN PECORRARO, SHIRLEY 133 118,217 ORTIZ, REGINAM. 118 PEOPLES, PAUL G. 86, 87, 140 PRETE, GREGORY E. 87, 176 ORTON, KEVIN L. 53 PERALTA,JOHNB. PRICE, LESLIE D. 103, 188 OSBORNE, BOB 133 PERALTA, LINDA M. 87 PRICE, SUZANNE G. OSBORNE, VIRGINIA 133 PEREZ, MARY L. 118 PRIMEAU, ROSANM. 118 OSTERKAMP, AMYM.87 PEREZ, MYRNA G. PRITCHARD, KAREN G. 59, OSTER, WILLIAMS PERKINS, KELLY M. 58 182,275 OSTERMEIER, HEIKE S. 103 PERKOR,W. 133 PRITCHARD, MARGERY E. 87 OSULLIVAN, DANIEL S. 87, PEROZZI, BRADLEY C. 103, PROCTOR, GWENR. 87 220 194 PRONENKO.ED 103 OSULLIVAN, MEGHAN B. 87, PERREN,NORAJ. 103 PRONENKO, LAURIE A. 118. 161 PERRY, DAVID B. 87, 229 189 OTOOLE, ERIN G. 53, 44, 43, PERRY, SHELLY C. PRONENKO, TAMMY D. 1 18 202 PETERMAN, JANISC.58 PROSSER, PATRICIA L. OTOOLE, KEVIN P. 103 PETERMAN, MIKE L. 1 18, 197, PRUSSING, AUDREY J. 168, 60 OTOOLE, SEAN G. 87, 199, 244 PRUTSOK, DEANNAL. 104 158,230 PETERSON, COURTNEY L. 80, PUCKETT, STEVE L. 118 OVIEDO, JERRY 103 87 PETERSON, DAVID A. 58 PETERSON, KAREN M. 103, 229 PETRONAVE, ANNE K. 118 -■ v r f tr r TAtA I- ' T TA PETT, CHRISTIAN K. 118 K PPJ PP PFITZNER, JOACHIM 133 T.T. C T.T. r r r r PF0 271 PHILLIPS, JERRY A. 75 PHILLIPS, JILL R. 103, 165 QUACKENBUSH, JANICE M. PADILLA, KEVINP. 13 PIERCE, JENNIFER M. 87 60, 144, 140, 228,229 PADOVA, DANIELJ. 87 PIERCE, LORI A. 58 QUICK, TALENEM. 91 PAGE, RYAN D. 118 PIERSON, GREGORY T. QUIGLEY, KAREN L. 87 PAIK,CATHY58, 36 PIHL, GRETCHENH. 103 QUINN, BARBARA A. 60 PAJARES, KRISTIN L. 118, 189 PIKE, PATRICAS. 58 QUINN, CAREY C. 60 PALMER, CHRISTINE J. PIKE, ROBERTS. 60, 59 QUINN, DONE. 104 Index 263 dvertising QUINN, MARGARET J. 87, 226 REINHARD, FELICIA J. 61 ROSSWORN, CHADW. QUINN, MARY A. 104, 226 RENDON, BETSY 61 ROSSWORN, MARCD. QUINN, ROBERT T. 87 RENFREE MOTORS 257 ROWBOTHAM, JACKIE E. 104, QUINN, TIMOTHY M. 192, 193, REPKE, COLLEEN A. 104 232 60 REXROAT, STEPHEN P. 1 19, ROWBOTHAM, PATTY 64, 63, QUISLING, KELLY L. 104 201,231 REYNOLDS, JAMES M. 88, 159,207, 238 REYNOLDS, JOHN A. 1 19, 209. 140, 249. 248 ROWE, DAWN M. 88.204 ROWELL, LYNN B. 63. 66 ROY, KATHYM. 88, 234 rrRrr 239 REYNOLDS, JULIE 119,240 REYNOLDS, SHERIL. 88 RHODES, KRISTINE 104, 188 RICHARDSON, TERENCE A. 61 RIDDLE, RICHARDS. ROY, ROBERT W. 104 ROZAD, ART 137 RUCH, MARCY L. 160, 63, 30, RUDIE, CRAIG A. 63 RUSE, SARAH 134 RAAB, ALISON 118 RIETH, RUSSELL D. 88 RUSK, DOUGLAS P. 104 RACINE, LISA G. 104 RIETH, SCOTT D. 119 RUSSIE, SCOTTA. 105 RADFORD, GARY L. 87 RIGGS, FRED62, 156 RUTKOWSKI, MICHELLE A. RADKEWICH, HELEN 60 RIGGS, HOWARD 104 119 RADKEWICH, PETER 118 RITCHIE, TAMMIEL. 104 RUTKOWSKI, TRACY R. 1 19, RADZINS, JOHNE. 87 RIVAS, LINDA D. 82,88 197.221 RAILSBACK,DEBRAL. RIVAS, LISA A. 189 RUTLEDGE, STACIR. 119 RAINEY, THERESA L. 60, 146 RIVAS, ROBERT D. 200, 68, 62, RALPH REINDL ' S UNION 69,218 SERVICE 252 RIVAS, SCOTT A. RALSTON, ANN B. 118 ROBBERSON, CARLA A. 62 y 4 RAMER, KAREN R. 88 ROBBERSON, LISAC. 104 (?o oo RAMSEYER.KARENP. 118, ROBBINS, RICHARD 134 SSoSS 189 ROBBINS, SCOTT R. 62, 178, k . r - RAND, LYNDA L. 88 155, 179, 212, 150, 151 RANDALL, DENNIS L. 88 ROBERTS, ROBYNNE L. 62, RANDELL, BEVERLY M. 60 233 SABINE, TODD 192, 193,64, RANNEY, JILLC. 104,211 ROBERTSON, THAREN R. 62 230 RASMUSSEN, SHARI 60, 181, ROBINSON, DARLA G. 62, 188 SABINE, WENDY K. 88 210,216 ROBINSON, KAREN M. 88 SACHS, ROB A. 119 RASMUSSEN, SUSAN 88, 181 ROBINSON, KIM A. 62 SACKS, SHERRIL L. 64, 189 RAUCH, LORAC. 104, 94 ROBINSON, MARIANNE 226, SAFFER, JACQUELINE A. 88 RAUGEWITZ, TODD B. 104, 62, 142, 143 SAID, SAEDM. 119,244 194 ROBLAN, CAMMIE K. 62, 42, SAITOM, AKI91 RAUSCH, PATRICK C. 60 20 SAKAMOTO, DAVID Y. 1 19 RAVEL, MARK J. 119 RODDAN, JACKIE S. 119 SALAZAR, DONNA J. 64 RAVENSBERG, JOHN A. 61, RODGERS, KIM A. 88, 140. 274 SALCEDO, DAVID 105 16,224 RODGERS, KIRK C. 104, 218, SALINE, CAROL M. 102, 105, RAY, RICHARD P. 104 194 158, 211 READ, CHRIS L. 61 RODGERS, KIRK T. 104 SALTZER, MARC S. 64 REAMES, JIM 133,213 RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS A. 88 SANDAU, ROGER A. 1 19, 201, REARDON, MARILYN 134 ROGERS, JAMES D. 88 244 RECHTER, DESIREEJ.88 ROGIER, VANESSA L. SANDERS, DAVID G. 1 19, 197, REDDING, JILL 119 ROJAS, PATRICIA M. 63, 145, 215, 225 REED, GRACE 137 229 SANDLER, BRIAN H. 105 REESE, JEANIEL. 88 ROLBIN,JONM. 119,225 SANDOVAL, SHERIJ. 105 REESE, RHONDA A. 104 ROLF, MARIA C. SANGERMANO, LISAA. REESE, TRACY M. 61, 202, 229 ROLLINS, CARLE. SANGERMANO, TERRI F. REESE, WILLARDC. 160,61, ROMANOFF, DEBORAH 104 SANO, WENDY M. 64 206,207, 154,238 ROMEY, MIKE G. 63, 159, 144, SANTIAGO DELI 264 REEVES, CHRIS J. 119, 197 139,274 SARDO, LISAM.64 REEVES, MARK E. 88 RONSON, KRISTIN B. 91 SARHATT, HILARY J. 64, 229 REGNER, AUDREY M. 119 ROSAY, LINDA K. 63 SARMIENTO, VINCENT F. REGO, LANCE B. 88 ROSAY, PAULK.88, 188 SAROZEK, DESIRREC. 119, REHAK,J0HNT.61 ROSAY, VICTORIA L. 1 19, 189 189.232 REHNQUIST, LISA ROSEMAN, JEFFERY M. 63, SATTERLEE, ANGELA 134 REILLY, BRIAN R. 1 19, 215, 237 230, 156 SAUNDERS, JEFF J. 105. 224 REILLY, KENANP.61 ROSEN, ANGELA K. 63 SAURER, R.BRUCE 119 REILLY, RICHARD C. 88 ROSENWALD, SUSAN A. 88 SCARNECCHIA, BRIANA A. 88 REINCKE,CARLA A. 61 ROSMINO, ALBERT 134 SCHAAR, BEEG. 119. 189 REINCKE, CHARLES R. 104 ROSS, GEORGE P. 63 SCHATZMANN, RUDY W. 64 REINHARD, BRYAN W. 1 19 ROSS, MAURICE 125 SCHAUFLER, GARY E. 105 Index 265 SCHELL, JEAN M. 88 SCHENK.SANDYJ. 119 SCHENK.STEPHEN J. 88 SCHERBARTH, DEBBIE S. 105 SCHLINES, BARBARA J. 64 SCHMID, DARIANR. 88 SCHMID, DAVID W. 200, 64, 157, 178, 179, 151,228,229, 274 SCHMID, JASON T. 119, 197, 215 SCHMID, LAURA M. 105, 211, 232 SCHMID, LISA A. 88 SCHMID, ROBERT K. 88 SCHMIDT, HANS L. 65 SCHMIDT, JOE 105 SCHMIDT, KELLIEE. 65 SCHMIDT, KRISTIN SCHNEBELT, GRETCHEN A. 88 SCHNEER, CHRIS A. 88 SCHNEER, ERICA C. 1 19, 205 SCHNEIDER, CARRIE D. 88 SCHNEIDER, DAVID H. 105 SCHNEIDER, JACQUELINE 119 SCHNEIDER, KRISTEN M. 119 188 SCHNEIDER, MARY K. 105 SCHNEIDER, PAUL E. 65, 49 181 SCHNEIDER, STEPHEN G. 65 SCHOEFFLER, PATRICIA 88 SCHRAMM, SARA L. 65, 58 SCHRIENER, SUSAN SCHROECK, SHERYL L. 105 SCHROEDER, DOUGLAS W. 105 SCHROEDER, LOWELL 134 SCHULER, GREGORY J. 105 215 SCHULTE, STEPHANIE A. 105, 235 SCHULTZ, RICH T. 94, 105, 212 SCHUMACHER, GABBY S. 105 SCHUMAKER, STEVEN A. 1 19 197 SCHUSTER, DONALD J. 105 194 SCHUTZ, VICKIE R. 105,234 SCHWARTZ, JEFFREY P. 88 SCHWARTZ, MIKE E. 88, 214 224 SCHWARTZ, MOLLY M. 165 211, 232 SCHWARZ, DEBORAH L. 65 SCHWEITZ, DAVID L. 65 SCHWEITZ, LINDAA. 105 SCOTT, HEATHER L. 88 SCOTT, MARLO D. 65, 38, 21 SCOTT, NANCIJ. 161, 168 65 39 SCOTT, ROBERTA L. 1 19, 189 SCRIVENS, MATT L. 88, 186 SEDOO, GERALD 134 SEIBERT, BRAD N. 65 SELF, JOAN L. 66, 229 SELIN, KRISTIN M. 119 SELIN, RICHARD W. 88 SELLERS, GREGORY W. 88, 90, 192, 193,230 SELMAN, ALYCIAP. 119 SELMAN CHEVROLET 264 SELZER, JODYD. 105 SERRATO, CHRIS L. 105 SEVENTEENTH STREET FLORISTS 252 SEVERSON.JOHN 134 SEVERSON, SHERRY 127 SEWELL, RODNEY H. 106 SFREDDO, ANTHONY M. 9, 66 SGT. PEPPERONI ' S PIZZA 268 SHAFFER, BETTY 135 SHAHANDEH, LINDA A. 66 SHAKARIAN, BRENDA 106, 165 SHAKER, GARY Y. SHANK, WALTER F. SHARF, ROYCE A.88 SHARP, LISA A. 88, 189 SHARP, RODNEY M. 106 SHEEHY, BRIAN E. 119, 197, 189 SHEEHY, PATRICK F. 88 SHEETS, COURTNEY T. 119, 209, 238 SHEPHERD, AMY E. 119, 240 SHEPHERD, STEVEN C. 89, 192, 193,220 SHERFEY, STUART R. 66 SHERIFF, PAUL D. 66 SHERWOOD, JAY R. 1 19, 201, 223 239 SHIELDS, DOUG E. 89 SHILTS, PAM J. 119,241 SHIMEL, MELONY L. 66, 188 SHIPKEY, SALLY M. 89 SHNEIDER, STEVE L. 119 SHOEMAKER, ROBIN M. 1 19 SHRIDER, AMYE. 9, 66 SHUM, ALLEN T. 66 SHUM, DENISE Y. 106 SIGBAND, ALISON M. 66, 39 SILLESEN, BARBARA 126 SILVA, NATHAN M. 106, 223 SILVERA, KRISTI A. 106, 188 SILVESTRI,JOHNF. 106 SILVESTRI, WILLIAM 66 SILVESTRY,SUE 137 SILVEY, JIM67,237 SIMANYI,JOHN A. 106 SIMANYI, MICHAEL J. 89, 142 143 SIMCOX, DAVID 135, 205, 241 SIMMONS, JOHNS. 119 SIMMONS, MARY P. 89 SIMMONS, MEREDITH L. 67 SIMMONS, SUSIE L. 120 SIMON. ERIC A. 89 SIMON, LYNETTE A. 120, 189 241 SIMON. MITCH G. 89 SINGLETON, BEVERLEY A. 106 SINGLETON, IAN 244 SINITZIN,JEANC. 12,67,248 140, 232,248 SIVE, GEOFFREY H. 67, 142 143, 247 SIVE, VALERIE D. 106 SIWOLOP, HALINAM. 89 SKATEBOARD FEVER 264 SKELTON, SABRINAL. 1 SKELTON, SELENA A. SKINTEK, DANAM. 75 SKONEZNY, DAVID E. 120 SLABY, WILLIAM D. 75 SLAVEN, DICK 137 SLAYTON, HEIDIA. 67, 275 SLENDER, MONTE J. SLIPPY, LAURA G. 11,67,216 275 SLOAN, CHARLES M. 89 SLOCUM, SHERYL L. 89, 232 SMELICH, EDWARD T. 120 197,231 SMELICH, MIKE J. 106,239 SMELTZER, JOHNC. 67 SMITH, ALLISON J. 120,232 SMITH, BRUCE S. 89 SMITH, CRAIG D. 120, 196, 197 SMITH, CURTIS T. 89 SMITH, DAMITAK. 89 SMITH, DORIER. 89 SMITH, HOLLY L. 89 SMITH, JENNIES. 120 SMITH, JULIE E. 67,42, 235 SMITH, LISA E. SMITH, MARC L.M. 89 SMITH, MATT A. 89 SMITH, MELANIE 89 SMITH, MELISSA C. 89, 202, 233 SMITH, NADINEL. 67. 188 SMITH, PAUL E. 120. 201, 231 SMITH, PAULA J. 106 SMITH, RHONDA J. 106 SMITH, ROBERT E. JR. SMITH, SANDRA L. 120 SMITH, SHANNON B. 120 SMITH, THOMAS W. SMITH, TIM J. 67 SMITH, W.DAN 106 SMOKE, TIMI J. 120 SNEDEN, KERRIA. 89, 240 SNELL, ZEE 135 SNYDER, BRET T. 120, 244 SNYDER, BRIAN 106 SNYDER, DELL 68, 142, 143 SNYDER, LEANNAS. 120 SODARO. MARTHA A. 106 SOLOMON. TODD G. 89 SOLTZ. DEANN 106 SOMMERS, KAREN M. 226, 75 SONG. JAMIE J. 89 SOTOODEH, MARJAN 89 SOUTH, TERRIE J. 89 SOUTHERN, FRANK 135 SOWINSKI. ROBERT 266 Index Learn how to make up your Today. Merle Norman invites yon u learn the design and colors of your own beautiful face. Our Beauty Advisors will teach (»u how to I Open vour eves with color 2, shape vour lips softly O ( ' Ont(»iir vour face. 4 Clreate a whole new climate for vour skin. Merle Norman has one of the most beautihilly programmed makeujj and skincare collections in the world, (lome to Merle Norman lor vour free makeo er. Today. (TIGRLG nORfTlRn I li« I ' larc for (Im ' ( .iislom liicr ® IJottr oLocai studio: fTlERLE nORfTlfln COSfTlETIC STUDIO riic I ' luic I or the Cusliini l- ' acc COMPLIMENTARY MAKE UP LESSONS 2 I 30 N TUSTIN AVE SANTA AN A. CALir 92701 Anita Evans Beaury Advisor Phone 541 3700 tf tinlti ( Itira unci . Ai.tlhi . •Ii i niii Adversiting 267 268 Advertising SPEARS, STACY M. 120 STRONG, EMMA C. 120, 217 THOMPSON, ERIC 107 SPEER, LAURELA.68 STROSCHEIN, WAYNE M. 106, THOMPSON, JOHN B. 90 SPENCER, CRAIG L. 120 194,230 THOMPSON, SHERI L. 120 SPENCER, SCOTT T. 68 STUART, TYRONE B. 90 THONER,JILLA. 120,232 SPENCER, TIMOTHY K. 89 SULLY, SUSAN M. 226, 69, 234 THORNTON, DAVID K. 70 SPREIER, RUSSELL L. 68 SULTAN, SETH A. 120 THORNTON, ELAINE M. 70, SPRINGER, EILEEN 135 SULTAN, TRACY 69 149 SPRINGETTE, RENEM.68 SUNSHINE, DOROTHY 41, 69, THRESHIE, SUSAN P. 160, 70 SPURLOCK, KEVINA. 188 THROCKMORTON, LISA S. 120 STANG, BEVERLY A. 89 SUNSHINE, TOM 209, 239 THROCKMORTON, LORI D. 90, STANLEY, DANIEL J. 68, 12, SUTHERLAND, JEFFERY S. 90 189 230, 155 SUTHERLAND, LINDA E. 106, THROCKMORTON, PAM G. 70 STANTON, MIKED. 106 188 TIBBEY, SUSAN E. 90 STATON, AUGUSTUS L. 106 SWAIN, MARILYN 137 TIDEY, JENNIFER W. 90 STCHARLES, GREGORY M. TIDWELL, RONALD E. 106, 194, 195,215,242 TILE EMPORIUM 268 STECHMANN, SUSAN K. 68 TIMSON, PHILIP M. 90, 214, STEEDMAN, ANDY R. 106, 201, 228, 229 230, 223 f f ' 1 f f TOCHER, MARIA F. 70, 58 STEEDMAN, LORI L. 68, 233 L L 1 LI TOGO ' S 248 STEENSON, CHRISTELLE 120 » » M TOLL,ARICB. STEERS, GRACE 0.89 TOLSMA, JIM70, 218, 157 STEERS, JOYCE A. 89 TOLSMA, KEVIN M. 107 STEERS, ROY W. 68, 178, 179, TAK, JOANNE M. 120 TOMLINSON, TIMC. 120 144, 150, 151 TAKABAYASHI, KEVIN K. 120, TONOKAWA, KYLE B. 200, 71, STEFFY, DONNA G. 68 196, 197,220 229 STEFFY, KARENA. 106,226 TAKEYASU, CARRIE A. TOOHEY, THOMAS D. 160, STENMARK, ALISON G. 89 TALEISNIK, DENISE 95, 106 170,4,38,206,233, 171 STENMARK, TRACEY E. 106, TALLENT, DONNA 90 TORRES, MICHAEL 107 235 TAPAGER, ERICC. 75 TOSCAS, WAYNE R. 107 STERBENZ, DANIELLE R. 89, TAPAGER, MICHELLE M. 106 TOVAR, ROSALIND 170 234 TASKER, BETH M. 102, 106, TOWN COUNTRY FLORISTS STERBENZ, KEITH E. 69, 207, 205 248 238 TASKER, HAROLD T. 90, 236 TRACE, JAMES G. 71 STERMAN, WENDY K. 106, 205 TATHAM, CAROL M. 90 TRAYLOR, SCOTT P. 71, 189 STERN, JEFFREY L. 69 TATTERSALL, ALISON M. 106 TRAYLOR, TODD D. 90 STERN, KENNETH M. 89 TAUCHER, STEPHANIE L. 70 TRELLUE, ELIZABETH B. 107 STERRITT, KEVIN W. 69, 224 TAYLOR, JOHN R. 120,221 TRELLUE, HELEN K. 90 STERRITT, STEVEN R. 89 TAYLOR, MATTHEW J. 70 TRIPLETT, BRIAN R. 120 STEVENS, DAVID L. 89, 218, TAYLOR, TODD R. 106, 201, TRIPLETT, DANJ. 107 219 231 TUBBS, REBECCA L. 90, 229 STEVENS, SHELBY L. 89, 189 TEERLINK, KAREN D. 90 TUCKER, BOBBIE J. 107 STEWART, HEATHER L. 98, TEERLINK,MIKER. 120 TUCKER, MICHAEL J. 120 106 TELSON, TRACEY L. 70, 41, TUNE, RICHARDS. 90 STEWART, JULIE A. 89 180 TURBOW, DEBBIE A. 120, 204 STEWART, MARY B. 84, 89 TEMPLETON, MARK L. 192, TURK, FRAN L. 107 STEWART, WALTER R. 109, 193,212,242,90 TURNEY, MICHELLE J. 90 220 TEMPLIN, PAM A. 120 TURNEY, SCOTT S. 107, 224, STIEMERLING, KLAUS 137 TERENTI.JULIEA. 90 225 STIRLING, SCOT D. TERRANOVA, ALISA M. 120 TUSTIN LANES 272 STIRLING, THOMAS M. 120, TERRANOVA, DEBORAH A. 70 TUSTIN LOCK AND SAFE, INC. 197,91 TERRY, DAWN E. 90, 241 254 STJOHN, DOUGLAS E. 89 TERRY, JANET 135 TUSTIN STATIONERY 259 STONE, JEFFREY 69, 52, 29 TERRY, MARK 6, 106, 205, 207, TUTOR, BRIAN K. 71, 176 STONE, REBECCA K. 69, 188 238 STOOP, ERIC J. 120 THAETE, MIKES. 106,223 STOTTS, RHONDA K. 106 THAYER, PAT R. 5, 90, 181,214 STOUT, RICK A. 120 THIRD MARKET 268 f y STRAIT, ELIZABETH S. 89, THOMAS, DAN 135, 194, 275 IIIII 1111 240,91 THOMAS, JULI A. 107, 189, 235 UULJ UU STRALEY, JEFFREY T. 90, 208, THOMAS, LISA M. 120,205 238 THOMAS, NEALL. 10,201,231 STREETER, JOHN R. JR. 90 THOMAS, RICHARD E. 90, 212 STRICH, THOMAS A. 13, 69, THOMAS, STAN 124 UCB264 144, 156, 274 THOMAS, STEVEN 107, 220 UJIFUSA, L ISAM. 71, 182 STRICKLIN, SHIRLEY C. 68, THOMPSON, CHRISTOPHER UNGER, PATIENCE A. 90, 202 142 90 URSINO, SABRINAR. 71 Index 269 iJii ' ' .ii UTTZ, CARRIE 90 vvVvv VALDEZ, MITCHELL C. VALENGHI, CHRISTINE 71, 145 VALLE, CATHY 71, 178, 179 VALLEE, CONNNEE J. 9, 168, 71, 12,226, 148, 149, 140, 142 VANCAMP, TRACY L. 90 VANDAL, JOHN G. VANDAVEER, DAVID J. 90 VANDERMEADE, COLLEEN 72 VANDERMEADE, RICHARD 120 VANDERPLAS, YOLANDA Y. 107 VANHARTE, CHRISTOPHER 107, 194 VANHORN, CHRISTOPHER 107 VANHORN, PETERS. 90 VANKIRK, KRISTIN L. 107 VANLEW, ROY W. VANROSSEM, JENNIFER L. 161, 170, 171,72,38,30,4 VEGA, MARIO 199,72,26,3 VEIGA, DEDRAE M. 90 VEJE.TORYL. 72, 30, 188 VENSTROM, LORA L. 120 VERBAEL, MARK R. 120, 197 VERBAEL, RICK A. 107 VERBLE, CHRISTINE S. 90 VERSLUIS, JENNIFER L. 90, 241 VERSTEEGH, DENNIS M. VERSTEEGH, ELLISJ. VIAR, DAVID W. 107,215 VICKERS, SANDRA J. 107, 235 VICKERS, THERESE A. 90 VICTER, JEFFS. 121 VIGANO, OLIVER G. 107 VILLAREAL, MARC W. 72 VINING, PAULA A. 121 VIRGILIO, GIANNA M. 72, 205 VISNISKI, NANCY A. 121 VOLKOV, SIMEON 90 VOSTMYER, KIMBERLY A. 90 VOSTMYER, TIFFANY M. 121, 233 wwWww WADSWORTH, MARY K. 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WHITAKER, JERRY 136 WHITE, BRIAN K. 107, 194 WHITELOCK, PAUL 126 WIELENGA, ROBERT J. 121 WIESKE, DEREK 121 WIIG, JULIE E. 91 WILENS, GARYS. 73, 187 WILKERSON, KELLY J. 74 WILKS, EVANG. 121 WILLIAMS, ANNE M. 91 WILLIAMS, BEVERLY A. 91 WILLIAMS, CAROL J. 74 WILLIAMS, CRAIG S. 91 WILLIAMS, DAVID J. 74, 34, 229, 189,208, 243 WILLIAMS, JANINE M. 107 WILLIAMS, JEFF T. 91, 198, 199 230 WILLIAMS, KAREN S. WILLIAMS, KATIE 91, 235 WILLIAMS, LEANN M. 74 WILLIAMS, MARYJO A. 74 WILLIAMS, MICHAEL L. 74, 9 WILLIAMS, MIKE J. 107 WILLIAMS, RICHARD A. 91 WILLIAMS, ROBERT E. 1 1 1 , 209, 121,238 WILLIAMS, WALTER E. 197, 121 WILLIAMSON, ANDREA H. 91 WILLMANN, VICTORIA E. 74 WILSON, BRIAN K. 107, 181, 223 WILSON, CAROL A. 91 WILSON, CYNTHIA J. 91 WILSON, JEFFS. 74, 223 WILSON, MARK A. 91 WILSON, ROBIN 91 WILSON, SHERL 107 WILSON, STEPHEN J. 121, 220 WINFIELD, LISAK.91, 140 WISEMAN, CLAUDE 136 WITAKER 198 WITHERSPOON, BARRY K. WITHERSPOON, BILL H. 91, 121 WITKIN, EUGENE M. 91, 200, 231 WITKIN, NATASHA L. 121, 186 WITMER, ANNEM. 121 WITMER, J0HNK.91 WOEHRMAN, DEAN C. 91 WOLC OTT, LESLIE M. 74, 17, 141, 140 Advertising 271 ,.Xt 3tc. tt »« Featuring Ladies ' and Gentiemen ' s Traditional Clottiing, Orange County ' s Finest 1 1 Soutti Coast Plaza • Costa Mesa • 540-4600 YOUR .JOGGING -R Jc) 2 31 N TUSTIN AVE • SANTA ANA, CA 92708 62 Q TEL 17141972-4844 Tustin Lanes 1091 OLD IRVINE BLVD. TUSTIN, CALIFORNIA 92680 (714) 731 5022 C0NGRATULATI0N9 Foo+hill High Class of 1981 Three Generations of Service The automotive world is changing rapidly — and that ' s great. But one thing that won ' t change is our tradition of fine service for our customers. i.M (,n Ai in SI n u t I •; ' I s 1 kl 1 I ' 1 M I ' . ' ■ ' ! ! ( ' III I i r; ' Allll ' ' ; i ; M I ' NKIS Advertising WOLD, KIMBERLYD. 121 WOLF, MICHELLE 107 WOLFE, JAMES L. 107,244 WOLFE, JIM L. 121,229 WON, YOUNG J. 74 WOOD, DOUGLAS 136 WOOD, PATRICIA 91 WOODROFFE, HEATHER 136, 140 WOODRUFF, KELLY A. 121 WOODRUFF, KIRAM. 91 WOODS, BRETT M. 209, 121 239 WOODWARD, GREG 121 WOOLEVER, ROBINS. 74 WOOLSEY, PHILLIP L. 91, 214 WOOTTON, KENNETH J. 197, 121 WORTMAN, KEVIN R. WRIGHT, DEBBIE 107, 188 WRIGHT, EARL D. 74 WRIGHT, GREGORY S. 91, 200, 230 WRIGHT, MICHAEL A. 107 WRIGHT, RETTA B. 121, 235 WRIGHT, ROBERT S. 75, 217 WRIGHT, TODD A. 75, 177, 230 WRZESNIEWSKI.MARK WURZER.LAURIEJ. 75 WYATT, JAMES C. 107 yyYyy YAMASHITA, KEITH E. 158 121, 151 YANCEY, DAWN R. 227, 121 YANG, HELEN 75 YANG, STELLA H. 91, 144, 229 154 YARBERRY, AMYJ. 121 YAZZIE, EARLINDA 75, 229 YEAGER, STACY M. 121 YEE, JULIANA K. 98, 102 107 YERICK, KATHLEEN P. YETTER, KAREN 136, 183 YOCOM, CHRISTOPHER H. 121 YORK, ERIN M. 75 YOUNG, HELEN J. 75, 249 140 275 YOUNG, MICHAEL A. 121 YOUNGMAN, KEVINP. YOUNGMAN, MICHAEL C. 107 YOUNGMAN, MIKE A. YOUNGMAN, RENE D. 91 YOUNT, ROBERT W. 209 121 239 YU, LARRY M. 75,231 YUE, LISAW. 107 zzZzz ZAYDEL, RICHARD A. 107 ZEICH, BOB 136, 194,237 ZEIGLER, RICHARD B. 107 201 ZELEK,MATTI. ZELEZNICK, MARKS. 75 ZINDARS, ROD W. 121, 244 ZWICHOROWSKI, PETER A. 107,215,231 Index 273 Asix-ls ad playsr thools in Donkey Baskefball Studenf News, the latest addition to the yearbook was an opportunity to recognize individual accomplishments and events. If anyone did not go to Donkey Basketball on December 3 he missed a good time. It is like regular basketball, just add four more l s per player, a stubborn disposition, and a lot of laughs. The senior class won against the other three classes. According to one player, Everyone would like Donkey Basketball. You cannot stop laughing. " On January 8, Mrs. Burns and Mr. Whitlock organized a CROP fair displaying 14 of the career programs it offers. Qtudents earn credit for finding a career through " on-the- job " experience. The first annual fair was intended to in- crease tne awareness and enrollment in the program. Another event that interested students was the Miss Justin Talent Show and Pageant on February 14 and 28. Eight senior girls from Foothill competed with others in both shows. The girls practiced eight hours a week for their dance and talent routines. When competition time came, they were judged for four titles: Miss Talent, Miss Congeniality, Miss Photogenic, and Miss Tustin. The judges scored them on talent, bathing suit, and formal gown competitions. Two of the winners came from Foothill. Karen Pritchard won the title of Miss Congeniality, and Heidi Olayton took Miss Tustin, third runner-up. The work paid off for all of them. Without much preparation. Foothill chose a team for the Kiwanis Bowl, went to the contest, and took first place in their first round of competition out of five schools. Though every member was vital to the team, Qergio Mandiola was the biggest asset. Mr. Minne also helped make the team a winner. Junior Kim Rodgers was exicted about the summer. The reason? 8he was picked to represent Foothill at the 1981 California Oirls ' State at Sacramento. Oirls ' State is a practi- cum in American political living held in each state throughout the nation. On the state level, they debate bills and vote for a city and state government. Much more happened this school year than can be put into a yearbook. For instance, the senior pranks, the days it snowed at Foothill, fads like punk rock and urban cowboy, constantly changing fashions, and all the problems and fun that go along with living today. dent News A s«udenf gets re-styled at the CROP Fair. Miss Congeniality Karen Pritchard shows her winning smile. Third Runner-Up Heidi Slayton shines. Coach Thomas leads the pack at the Jog-a-thon. The Foothill candidates for Miss Tustin: Sandy PaHerson, Karen Pritchard, Nan- cy Freres, Laura 9lippy. Heidi 9layton, Lori Moore, and Ellie Young. W ' ■iii t- l ' £i„ ;,i - ' - M, Moun 9 . Helen blows her top. ! WWW ' " _k 1 i C " « r t K A_ fl l W y Ronald Reagan becomes fhe 40fh presidenf of ihe Unifed S4a4es. What a way to welcome (he new president. nmmnrrar ' - ■• • » ' . When «ie S2 hostages re«urn home, ttiey are overwhelmed with tears of joy, high spirrts and a river of yellow ribbons. Things wetent always what fhey seemed or whaf ihey had promised io be in 1980. What iurned ouf to be a momentous year has passed like a frip through a dark funnel filled with surprises. A major eveni which was inconceivable for fhe worlds sirongest nation to be involved in. was ihe hostage sitoation in- stigated by Muslin fanatics which began November 4, 1978. The celebration of freedom for the 52 hostages began when they retorned home after spending 444 days in captivity. When they were released January 20, 1881 the crowds began to scream, the bells rang, the flags flew and a million yellow ribbons fluttered through the air. Because of this whole situation, the entire country showed great pride and patriotism. On the very same day in a ceremony, full of hope and high expectation. Ronald Reagan took his oath as 40th president of the United States. In May of 1880 a part of American faced a natural disaster. The disaster was the unexpected big bang of Mount 8t. Helen which was as powerful as the largest hydrogen bomb ever exploded. To end the 1980 year, in December, a legendary rock hero, John Lennon, met an untimely end. These events, which emerged in the last year, will live on in the minds of all and ooutinue to live in the futore as part of our history. __ _ News 211 _ CO CO o ill r • " o vi, . ; =2 l ' 3v lO v3 3l i« " 278 Autographs iV .v9 ' V f ' fi ' ) it iv ..y u ' - 1 , , -- 6 vy y r ' j .ri ' t p ov. ' „ ' ?) t) . y t; t N m ' h M ' y ; - Y Autographs 279 . iia kiM rn Cl v. 4f . 34 W ex om 05- n the heart of the Knight Beats the song of these years. Remembering the good times. Remembering the tears. The knowledge, the ivisdom Through the years will remain. With classmates our friendships We ' ll strive to maintain. As we build for our future And reach for our dreams. These years and their memories Will flow through us like streams. This poem and its memories We ' ll recall with delight. Our last celebration In the heart oj the Knight. Julie Dreibelbis ■SO — T " " " | | ' i— mi ■ ' Willi ng I » ■ » iirl 1 1 « ! ,, . ■ ■ 1, I, ' , ' i, ' i , ■ Vr TTiTTT Tdir ' -- " f, fr.i Xnr!! ■- II I i t i iiiiifc .III ■■■.i »i-,i ., J , ) ,ii, r ,i, i . • ,. ' ' ! ,■■ -■ J ' ! " ' I ' ' ' ' ' ■ I ' I ' ' . ' ■ f ■ — ; ■■ I ■■ I ; ■■ ■■ !■ T; T , I ' I I. , dU , I , III I f I I I i ,Mt I r, .i, i i ,,. I, „ .ti p ,1. ' , I . 1 , , „ .i. ■ " ' I ' " ' ' I I I I I . ' iiii«i 11 I II I I . . I. I ll , ' ,.jj -rr-i ' : : , ' ,! ,:.; " nrr ' li ' , ' . ' ' ' I ' i ' ,- . ' ' , ' r ' l. ' , ' iV.-r- " T-rn r7 -rf x;ti:;i:: - ' - i ' r :, ' r,% ' .;, ' i :;-r-r S . , , 1 : In, I i ' I ) T7 T, 1 I I ,, [ . 1 J . f , I r, r, I , f i ,, I I I ,, [ I ' ' ' ' ' ' . ' ' . ' I ' ' ' I , •■!• C3=3 I=Xi3 ' ' ■ ' ' ' f ' ' ' ' -: " n i ,1- i I ' 1 1 i. ■ I ' ,. ' .. ' . ' .. JfLrfT :i7 1 ' .I .L ■zrr x; n=x , ' .i , ' I , ' I, .: I ; i: 1 I I I r TT7 I ; I ' 1 . TTT I ' i ,-: ' i ' , ' I ' . ' :.. ■ J I I I J ' t; ! ; ' r trrn TTT ir: r-M:, j__j- I ' ' I ' , I ; I irT irix :i. ' i:: " ' j: ,.i , , I ' I 1,1 :i , r, T TTT I ' ' 1 ' , ' I.I. X=L i::;=i: I , I i ' I ' .1 , : , ,L :|I rf ' i • :- - vH- rl .A . MiiMuM kJ m mmmm - ' - - g B- m

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