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'f"b'. fxxnls-J-T-e ' 44:- if WE . .--Hz: f55:f2f-714 Neem! .- H- " fa':1L-341'-Y' Q-.ff 'E . F " vw- ' . 1. 4' ',-'Q if -1 ff-. - 1 2 ' ' . '- ti' - , 1 PU- A -- ' M "n.'1:'f-': lit'-5.5" '45-P'?"l 'G' G1 if . x -f 1 JV- -is -43" QV' 9' -- 5' ' A' ' "4 fa- GA ' ' he - ..'-- 42 'lf ' -T'-f 71-I ,mf pl., .,f- :-- 'K'-an-2 A --7 2 ' "' ' ' .Sim K5 v-inn! ' ,Q M".-i ' 'gf M I' 'fx "'f.f- Q A""f+31"l W? ' ' "Q ii . - Q- . '- x 55- ' .. u -J" . i1..?1lF". 2 f' -A .wx -1 1- ' - ' -2 '- f '-'2. fan 'ij'-"'-b-' ' 4' : P ' V , 'Vi'-' - lhvi r""'-35 'X ""'f FJ V 'QF Q -N - ah- 1 nge., --:Q lc- A-. . . . f"5.r-Za- -'ff-, ggi!! wft- " - -ff . ft vA.'fg,-'.- Sf' 7"-. S. . f ' -, wg -u.,. x - . "1 . f 2 , - rx, 'hw -' -- 5,."s 's v Mg, -Q ff Q' - .4 . .sky - - -:mfg . H .sv 1. ,, .- ,' . . ii-t-YQ.: . ., .f -.Jiffy-V ' 'x 'Q , iq v .N ' -g!.::x2'.T.1:6uL .jo '3+'l.. h ' Q .. .."-"'- '.:-,pr'- -.altar -- -Q fl:-'-. x-' -f. 'wks-' 5-' -fm'M,'v'--f -- -P-.3-,-..-4. --., '- . -' if Q5-w 'A V- - .JQ 1. 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M X 'QQ MT' my W X :XX X X X J 1 'X ,xv , , QR QR K., Nun, glen LQ-xx west., Cgzygmecx Ciixigil. gut, qykg CJVWCX EQLLM QLfQ,K'gl-V1 K 9. , K, Gigi Ak Kg, 'if J e , VB Ci Ll 'J X. S. Table of Contents Theme. . Activities . Students . Athletics . Academics Advertising 4 ...16 ...Qs ...ll4 ...ies ...N332 Y Yi 3 - f ,f X +.g, if Ck X, X W X' Qf Xfvc of 9 ,Q X V , f7 ,Z ' HQ ,L f L? K xl' f u CT M' AU v V U x . Xiu, px LN S! L 7 L vfl L M F QL ,NX x 5 . , L . f SSNKW X SR B XL SL L L X 1 .. Y , f f x X X: ,JC 4' I . 2, l L , , . ,V L, H 1 ' 'X V X ' x I5 , N I L Q A D ,X Q ,W kr k, Q , , . , , X - X A rf' V ' R LL f N - ,., X 1 Q, X I Lx s Lux ' I L' ' f I .J 5- V NLM uf -'X my .L I , X X U , . L V X Q ' A , j J P I , rf, f . , g f I, if V 'N x 1 NN 'Rf-M il W' xx XX X 1" A 2? D XX JW XL J 1 XXL XXX Lx L X L D XML L X V X QL A 7 XCN U Ll S LO KQV 1 XX E by ,si N W QR Q f XV Qi' K .1 5 VX' XX K9 NV fi. n Nw X f ' '1 YQ 'f W 4 F.!iQQd5l1fp 5 M mind L11 tyva-Q bQdies. - Menci us , V km L , M' ,N dy f 1 Y' J E any LVM ViwUKO.,8Jjjcjgw,PLVL ww 1 JJ ISIN! N Mew . .i , if I V .K ,jf 0 M ,U V L M M fl 11 4 L lv J J Ljbfxj I Yvvfulfa- Aj ' Ovid? J I by ik Q 1 4 mf NJ .J I 1 N lf ' Q9 PM Av CPJ3 W 'awpgxsmydyq NBL msc . 4 c VbJ"' xv V I Qc' M' GWLJLWA auymtwv P? N 1 LPI ' l vywlfn - 111.3 ty V , yi 7 f A V' 0 My . ' QW L U1 ' W 4 YEA' ' .' Af A -' ,lfffxv 4, Lxfaluw ul' My L Uh x 0 W Nec'-5' - ffv LVL Ji E - X 3- Jfjy J ,Q 9 f 4 M 3 J, A U LMA K W LJYLJIUI Off? wwf Lv A , ,Adv ,J Og M M +V 'xl ,M W JEL DU gig du gy 69 x S 1 Q5 f V ZLL vw W N, ' W. ' , 'Y N X 10. , syn , 'gf 'im Q -0-.. .M-Q k ,... ii N, gy if x fa xx , " .x ' I . 6 N' 5 If , .Z I I V, I I Q, -, if W' "' ' , J- , ,f 1, lv 1 4. , ,mu be-nv if f- ip , . , ,,, 1 ggwuqfz , , ., 0 ,Q V. fs. ' ig, 12, . Jf- 4 ' x 1' fir 'M lk 'file N44 ""'-N. -"" -1' YS' i, , ' fe, , 4 The soul selects her own society. - Emily Dickenson MM I ,fa Q Gi NW, 5 MN . . . for We are but frail humanity in need of a tribe to belong to. "The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." - Charles F. Kettering Cl , 1 934: Vkgavrfon Wd? f i.,Hn'Yi,?z,f9jfX E,l,Jff4"-I-'H,'XlYi .33 4i! 0Axv'f:x N , W K J J 3 . gycmx-Q ix ZuuJE2df 3 f-12355 was ,QQJEJ 5Au.we,U.:0vx Qifwf girl-wKv:9 rfvflfm' Lfiifffl-'Sf' Qi wing? +45'f"Cf'v3 Lv E-V !3fM' '1i jigqlbfyfd' UQ 1?-Vxjwgwi QTSCFLZSIAXQWULZZX1 fJ5q,:.QI4-yi Togo! 5x,gj1342C'L1t ip M WM fzwf SGS L LM' 1vKfJSl'i'3 Lslfcal ldct' .wg 5vMM,g,,'- argl VCUT px r':,vJJ Cxcggfi Mffgiik, V I L avg, J,-if qw? ESYW1 vfff gf frQr I 1 iilorerc-c IQMNA Wwvimffhwy C75 10 I am a Papago girl. N I live in a Papago village. I am thankful for it. It may be a dry, desert wllage It may be lonesome. The sadness may cover me but I am thankful for it because I am a Papago g1r1. - Frances Kisto 12 No man is an island, entire of itselfg every man is a piece of the con tinent a part of the main. -John Donne With all beings and all things We shall be as relatives. - Sioux Indian ff QV W M FV 5lg5Kf 529 W f RMQQXQZUQ6' X Nw FQ? QQ! SM F x To complete your yearbook, cut out this area carefully with an Exacto knife and ruler. I F 4 ACTIVITIES wl?"""'1un vm Editor-in-Chief - Avilee Bean Editors: Copy Editor - Norman Groot, Academics Editor - Fred Krepps, Photography Editor - Jim McCormick, Advertising Editor A Lori Boyer, Cover Editor f Melinda Trizinsky, Photography Editors - Jana Patterson and Kathy Gallardo, Activities Editor A Katie Wilson falias Prudencej, Editor-in- Chief - Avilee Bean. Advisor - Mr. Korich Fred and Norman succumb to deadline pressure. Activities: Kathy Harmon, Neil Todd, Kathy Gallardo, 1974 SHIELD STAFF Athletics: Lynn Sharpley, Debbie Garside, Leslie Carrie, Kathy Stoval, Celeste Ward, Molly Davis, Jill Watson - Athletics Editor. Academics: Fred Krepps, Jana Patterson, Bill Ditter, Dave Scherer, Ann Boger. Photographers: Margret Holub, Ron Hata, Jana Patterson, Tom Clarke, Tom I-Ietherington, Neil Todd, Chris Noe, Jim Florence, Doug Kensrue, Bob Francian, and the outer space creature - Fred Krepps. Not pictured: Trizinsky, Norman Groot, Sue Crawford, I , U I D Jack Austin, M1ke Garretson, Steve Schriener, Karen F Jeldsted, Rick Himes. Boyer, Jim McCormick, Katie Wilson. 19 X , -1 Mr. McSparren herds the four editors into a corner: Editommchfef Alec Robbie and Mr. Mcsparten News Page: Carolyn Spahrg Sandi Kahkoneng David Halterlein, editorg Sue Paterno Editorial Page: Thane Tierneyg Dana Schwartzg Jeff Galtg Lynne Conti 5 Russell Chesley, editor. 20 ' V! b 4 qv- w-'L .a"" 74 gif? Sgt' Jil"-4' if Y? Z7 "be- Feature Page: Norman GrootgJanet Cookf Janice McFaddin, editorg Cyndee Garside. EMG!-f 3 cf' Q-Sf KNIGHT LIFE ,IQ N. ,fffig Sports Page: Steve Tornayg Lew Stowers, editorg Alec Robbie, Jennifer Roper. .ning ,.-, , , 3' Aa 'M-6? , sw? :ETS , 4 21 Bill leads the masses at the Feast and Joust. Mr. Robbins, A.S.B. Cabinet advisor 13.1 L-R: Jeff Galt, Representative Council President, Paul Hoesterey, Senior President, Dana Stanley, Girls' League President, Doug Galt I. C. C. President, Thane Tierney, Communications Commissioner Cheryl McLaughlin, Secretary, Holly Holzworth, Pep Commissioner Carol McCormick, Freshman President, Bill Cook, A.S.B. President 1 1 Anand Desai, Treasurer, Dana Goetten, Activities Commissioner, Cathy Seregola, Sophomore President, Brooks White, Vice-President, Steve Tanaka, Publicity Commissioner, Fred Krepps, Junior President, Jim McCormick, Board Representative. "The problems came easy, the solutions . . . came." A.S.B. CABINET WURKING FOR THE STUDENTS 23 ASB ACTIVITIES f:!,,,.e., ..-f""'hR ,df-"" , ,A-"' ,...-Q-"Q ' I Nb 24 I A N,jfygsw.,2,,.I. A .'-- x11,, i ...W. .W 'K W Umph! Oink. . . Male chauvinist hard at work! Get--that--ball! The Cabinet rides to victory in Tiller Day Parade "-.... K , s e..X,sMm . , - ,...., Q KS ' - Hi? . ' ' exi f K jk - L x:,. E . . i ' .s "Hello Pe op1e", Mime and music combined for another successful assembly n Ba-ba ooh mow-mow, ba-ba ooh mow-ma-mow! mmm'-' ' - 4. Q Football, definitely a specta tor sport! Monson the human football. : ,Um . Joe and the Buzz Boys skyrocket to stardom. What? A Sneaker? Where? You can't fool Mother Nature! vw ' s-www ,,f.. V. G A PEP ASSEMBLIES if f' fm 'N W gl' gi-.X gk ' ew A1 , , , I J, AJ-F ,,, , Q, ,tial .',1 cu-,Af q 5159? f ' x R, .-" AFTER GAME DANCES 1974 PEP SQUAD Jill Watson, first quarter Pep Commissioner. Holly Holzworth, Pep Commissioner Spirit soared to a new height in the '74 school year, as the school rallied behind its athletic teams to provide support for their members. Whether it was at Pep Assemblies, at Homecoming Festivities, or at the games themselves, a new power in spirit emerged. Credit must be given to all of the cheerleaders A the Varsity and JV Cheerleaders, the Songleaders, The Mascot and the Yell Leader - they all gave up time in making this year one of the most spirited years ever. Mrs. Sparrow, our advisor, also deserves much credit also. There was many a time she was forced to give up her time to supervise the Pep meetings, all in the name of school spirit. Being Pep Club president and Pep Commissioner at Foothill certainly made my Senior year very special. Thank you for a great year! Respectfully yours, Holly Holzwarth Pep Commissioner 2 ww '--'-v-----g..i,.-,- QOQYNJ4 IFF' Varsity Cheerleaders: Dorothy Jacobs, Paula Gavin, Kitty Grace, Sherry Dutcher, Deeka Sharma, Marjorie Gall. HIGH V , 5111 gg-55555552 i '-:5::::E:-1'-2 """-un-22-'B Kathy Sneden, Yell Leaderg Lora Moon, Foothill's Mascot. Varsity Songleadersi Cheryl Pfleiderer, Joy Strickland, Donna Grissinger, Mycheiie McFarland, Vickie Garside, Roxanne Hoiderman. J. V. Cheerleaders: Robin Summerl, Mary Ann Hodges, Peggy Ducey, Susan Buckley SENIURS ,S ar' 4 Q flea l fn Please! Please! Don 't shoot, Darling! He's my husband."' Pep Week this year was a spirlt, participa- I na All the classes got into the spirit of the thing and really had a good time: Sophomores brought back the glamorous days of Hollywood stardom, freshmen became tourists and presented a skit at lunch about traveling via airplane, juniors took the stage and turned Foothill into a Mexican town at fiesta time. The fiesta included a Mexican hat dance and a performance by Maria Chiquita and her girls. Finally the seniors reenacted the days of Western saloons and Indian uprisings. The competition was close and the spirit and enthusiasm overflowed. This will be remembered as one of the most exciting, innovative and enjoyable weeks in the history of Foothill I-iigh. l 1 1 JUNIORS N Q W ,WA 1 - 1 x .-4' K . - 1 Y 5 . ,B 5 3 K, Hey, man, us Mexican Banditos are where its at!! 'Well Baby, Who's next on our list?" SGPHUMORES V. X and 1'8- '1'f"'7 . ij?" -H iff' 'Hari NW 1 E g ,w 'inf Qi. Q X x i 2 jg! 3 1 'gy H, . 3 5 ',:,1Qf" , fu , ef 4 . Q -"f f 3 ' ' 'iv , -...W B- I 4 "Follow me, and see Hawaii - my way!" When you're cool, you're cool Chi-Chi. The chariots are off!! h gm. -M j ,X f-mv., ,, FQ 3-5 A' l Junior guys tug their Way to victory. M. 3 QW-Q is 4 .,j+. 0,,11-,,Lf.x. f 1- WA in 'L-lg4QA" ,..,, A .5 . Tl Bruce creams Coach D. Spirited Steve Tanaka strives for a senior victory. pa" 'g..,.i aft.-We-W ' 1j,.1,- et.. , " Q72-.-at-li a t -4 , 1 ' . .af If g" :",55e.: T .,QiQ'-9+ a .uk FOOTHILL'S 10TH ANNUAL FEAST AND JOUST Greasers of the world unite! The 1973 Feast and S t could easily be one of the best that Foothill has ever seen. Close competition provided excitement, while the great variety of concessions sold by various clubs provided nourishment for the masses. The action began on the handball courts, where students were able to devour tacos, bagels, soft pretzels, and cotton candy. F easting students then became spectators as "Diana Boss and the Sweet Creams" performed. The crowd converged at the swimming pool for the sweatshirt and inner tube relays, and then moved to the field for the faculty pie-throw, tug-of-war, chariot race, and class competition yell. The junior girls won the tug-of-war for the third time in their three-year history, and the sophomores shouted down their opponents to win the yell. In final standings, the Class of '74 prevailed, although closely pressed by the juniors. The week was highlighted by the crowning of Miss Cheryl Pfliederer as Homecoming Queen. 39 From left to right, Sherry Dutcher, Scot Lengel, Dorothy Jacobs, Mark Hastings, Queen Cheryl Pfliederer John Schultz, Mary Richards, Bill Cook, Diane Vodrey, Ken Wills, Suzi Lindsay, Craig Baron. paula Gavin, Jim McCormick. HUM ECOMING if ewflw T.. ijfiiis. ..,'- ...'. Prmcess D1ane Vodra , ..,. . ,-., -. . . '-. . ' --, - ,-.,". .' .n.,"- . '.. ' . -,.'. .. -,.,.. ,- -. '.- . . '., 0 o- ',.,,, . - .. v ' . 1-., '. -1. .'.,, '- . . . . . 1 . ' ,...,.'- . .-. , 4 A, . ,.. D. ,,... , . ?,,x,,k . Sw 5QiSx,,. ggxg ,veg ' - :W . av. 'Q gf, V! ,st yr 'Aw J, -Q. 712 , E t X 5 S f ' . . 3 - f . lj' 1 1 f f 1 L 1 'ls Girls' League Officers: President Dana Stanley, Vice President Joni Moses, Treasurer Karen Ericson fnot ,fi Senior Reps.: Lisa Belinn, Vanessa Crandle, Debbie Kirk. Junior Reps.: Susan Moses, Stacy Noble, Stacey York. shown Q, Secretary Becky Schultz. Sophomore Reps.: Janice Chunick, Sue Doolittle, Maureen Day. Freshman Reps.: Maureen Andrus, Gwen Hanson. GIRL s'LEAGUE OFFICERS A new idea descended upon F H S Girls' League this year to start it off right. You 've all heard of Key Club Sweetheart? Well, now there are Girls' League Beaus who were picked on their respective recognition days. "Winter Knights and Candlelight" came next with the help of industrious freshman elves and then that long awaited Carnation Day. Mike Waldron was chosen Mr. Irresistible for 1974. Rompin' Stompin' "Sadie Hawkins" brought an end to another successful year for Girls' League. Mr. Irresistible-Mike Waldron Freshman Beau-Craig F umiss Junior Beau-Sam Ainslie Se nior Beau-Scot Lengel Christmas Court: l-rg Jeff Galt, Kim Julian, Paul Hoesterey, Joni Moses, Karen Yamaguchi, Alec Robbie, Kim Bradley, Scot Lengel, Katie Wilson, Jim McCormick. 1991 Christmas Formal King and Queen: Karen Yamaguchi and Alec Robbie. 48 Girls League did a fantastic job on the Christmas Formal this year. "Winter Knights and Candlelightnset for a romantic for all those couples who attended. The evening started Wi th a delectable dinner of beef stroganoff. Dancing to the sound of Shuffle added to the enchant- ment of the night. The highlight of the dance was the crowning of Alec Robbie and Karen Yamaguchi as King and Queen of the Christmas Formal. The court was chosen by Girls League according to school activeness. Arnold G. Jordan Baker D. Klaus Baker N. Knobbe Bauerschmidt S. Kosakura Beatty D. Lawrence Bebout C. Lewis Beck J. Lewis Bennet J. Lewis Boggess L. Lundquist Burk J. Malloy Campbell W. Molsberry Caramagno S. Morris Chesavage R. Ostrow Chesley D. Palchak Christian M. Palchak Clapper T. Parker R. Conlee D. Persinger C. Cooper D. Phillips J. Corp L. Pickford R. Corp S. Pickford B. Cossaboom R. Pitts T. Cramblet B. Podell P. Crothers H. Poulsen B. Darlington K. Rathjen E. Day D. Rehak J. Dietz L. Rogers T. Duensing K. Ross B. Edens C. Sawicz E. Erikson D Schellinger T. Ewald M. Schoonmaker T. Freres B. Schminke R. Gilbert P. Stewart K. Gilson D. Strich M. Grahn J. Strich B. Green J. Tanaka K. Hamilton A. Thornton L. Harrington M. Tutor C, Heintz M Tyler D. Hiles A. Valle H. Hollander C. Vodrey S. Holmberg J. Wadell D. Huddleston J. Walther K. Hueter P. Watson L. Hussy M. Weber B. Jeffers R. White B. Johnson S. Winsor R. Woebken Tom F reres - Drum Major Russel Chesley - Assistant Drum Major Mr. George Waibel - Marching Band Director L Miss Yetter, advisor Mrs. Glasgow, advisor Katie Wilson, Captain Sue Mayrhofer, Co-captain f -A-'Af Nanette Arpin, dt Avilee Bean, bl Donna Benun, dt Pam Bentley, bl Krista Borchardt, dt Lori Boyer, bl Marianne Braly, bl Shannon Butler, dt Debbie Carr, bl Leslie Carrie, dt Clarice Christensen, dt Elana Donoghue, dt Lynne F azekas, bl Kathleen Gallardo, dt Karen Getten, dt ff Susan Getten, dt Jodie Goldenfield, dt Jenny Holub, bl Kim Julian, dt Debbie Kirk, dt Terri Knoll, bl Kathy Kochanski, bls Terri Kochanski, bls Cindy Lauber, dt Janet Letson, bl Katrina Ludlow, bl Kathy Lull, dt Laura Martin, dts Barbara Maxon, dts Shan McCalla, dt Brenda McCosh, bl Cheryl McLaughlin, dt Sandy Meengs, dt Joni Moses, dt Donna Newland, bl Linda Nishball, dt Debbie Patterson, dt Sue Paterno, bl Lisa Robinson, bls Joyce Rogers, bl Desta Sampieri, dt Barbara Schuh, dt Kay Scrivens, dts Sharon Seaman, dt Jennifer Secoy, bl Robin Spahr, dt Ann Thrupp, dt Donna Tichenor, dt Leslie Vandruff, bl Elaine Warhurst, dt Sharon Watkins, dt Lyle Wilson, bl Karen Yamaguchi, dt Joan Brewer, mgr. Pam Hickman, mgr. VIARCHING BAND AND DRILL TEAM QX4 CoCaptain Susy Mayrhofer my t. , , ,T Managers Pam Hickman and Joan Brewer Captain Katie Wilson and Drill Team before competition. iii QF Waiting nervously for the results. Junior Drill Teamers cheering for Foothill at Chaffey High School ceremonies Excitement overflows from Band and Drill Team members. Impromtu football games after long parades were a welcome relief. W ' N Tom Freres - Drum Major Mr. Waibel strikes a common pre-performance pose. Gil SYMPHUNI BAND X X 3 -Qi., gan .?g.g5a..,:r,r m is ' 5 - 50?-4 ala ' is f T SE , I , Q A R, N. Y 'J Hussey, Lisa Harrington, Lee Freres, Tom Green, Bob Persinger, Dan Erikson, Ed Palchak, Mary Ostrow, Rick Podell, Barbara Corp, Rick Tyler, Mike Schminke, Barbara Jones, Layne Hollander, Helene Gilbert, Roger Gausewitz, Sue Edens, Brian Johnson, Barbara Pitts, Rolf Poulsen, Howard Knobbe, Nancy Palchak, David Hamilton, Kim Ross, Karen Schoonmaker, Mark Duensing, Terre White, Ron Sawicz, Conrad Chesley, Russell Bauerschmidt, Sue Q K Gilson, Ken Holmberg, Sue Hiles, Dave Ewald, Tom Lawrence, Don Purcell, Jane McCal1a, Shan Woebken, Ralf Tanaka, Jean Lewis, Craig Cossaboom, Bruce Beck, Gary Cramblet, Teresa Baker, Lisa Day, Eric Beatty, Cindy Cooper, Clay Burk, Russ Kuhn, Leslie Malloy, Jeff Phillips, Dave Watson, Priscilla Schacht, Mark Winsor, Steve Walther, Joe Banks, Keith Weber, Mark Baker, Nate Darlington, Bill Crothers, Philip his Molsberry, Wes Stewart, Pam Chesavage, Jay Green, Bob Thorburn, David Arnold, Greg Jeffers, Bruce Neilson, Mike Lamain, John Lundquist, Lisa Lauterbach, Gary Watson, Cameron Tutor, Malcolm Brennen, Jon Burns, Robin Harwood, John l-leinly, John Jentges, Doug Heuter, Kim Norris, Anne Pritchard, Lauren Parker, Todd Reid, Haden Thaete, David Klaus, David Wheeler, Jodey Vodrey, Chris Wadell, Jeanne Strich, Dan Christian, Kelly Brown, Chris Corson, Randy Carmagno, Tony Conlee, Bob Jordon, Greg Groot, Dana Huddleston, Dorothy Franke, Sara Grahn, Mike CONCERT BAND Eicher, William Ochiai, Alan Kosakura, Steve Hengesh, Jim Lane, Brian Pickford, Scott Heintz, Charlie Rathjen, Kira Wright, Julie Morris, Scott Valle, Andrea Thornton, Alicia Corp, Jeff Campbell, Alan Dietz, Judy Summers, Jim Cramer, Scott Schellinger, Dean Bennett, Kathy Bowe, Robert Ballard, Elizabeth Conner, Erin Stanley, Matthew STAGE BAND Persinger, Dan Os tro W, Rick Lobue, Tom Thorburn, David Tyler, Mike Burk, Ray Holmes, Gregory Pagter, Scott Kachuck, Martin Tuvell, John Russell, Mark Duensing, Terre Schimmel, Richard Black, Roy Coombs, Kelly Garretson, Mike Morioka, Miles Lewis, Craig Anzel, Jon Day, Eric Bush, Craig Stoner, Clay Koeppen, Doug Primeau, Suzanne McCosh, Michael Gaon, Robert Jones, Sharon Green, Gary Hawkins, Robert F redricksen, Paul Hamilton, Bob Noble, Ted McGregor, Dan Meinert, Richard Mills, Keri Moses, Tom Marsh, Linda Love, Richard Smith, Jeff Reugam, Bill Thaete, Tom Strich, Jon Salsbury, Ed Waltzer, Eric Banigan, Mike Young, Dave Barnett, Mark Bartlett, Myron Lisboa, Luisiano FRESHMAN BAND M Y f:w-- f -' f -- ez ff--'f-- uf - '1s: :fx fs? , F ,fm M f if an 5 1' nf. H 1 Y ffl, 'SSW ,S if , gr -gg ,-f f -W :F W ' f , 1? f , '1'w, , , if , Q , , N ,kin + , ff' I , iq, Y . . - QQ, , I., .. 74' :VU I , K rl., ,Z 4 z,1,,,f, , E 4 ,L 1- K V,-f gr jp f ' , ' 1 ' f Q , . 3 22 f Q fi if , , , M ,, FQ Q, g 1 si ff .jf N U V W "ffm - 1' , H Q , WM nf Q. aj Q Q , 1 , f f Q if W' Q 4 Q r A " fn ' 2 . ,gg if , .ff W 4 I :K it 4 5 lughf? . L I Ag? h X xg ,uf Q wg. .-" 3 4k , A 5 X: Q 1' kayak? -f M iw? 3 rl N f: 4,4 I g 4 al I 5 Q Y V -I ,A ,JI .A , , , I vw ,::, i , , A! ,V l 3 . n f L, . fr H ' Q1 ' yy A , gg, -5 M' ,ff M1231 in F' 2 3 ,. Q' 4 2 1 FUUTHILL CI-IURUSES Madrigals Sandra Acker Cary Anderson Chuck Anderson Sharie Bartlett Lisa Belinn Kay Boger Phil Brooks John Corzine Karen Eriksen Ted F illey Bruce F urniss Shanna Gerrard Eddie Gomez Mark Greytak Chuck Harrison Cecilia Hicks Kim Julian Pam Kirkpatrick Janet Lawson Jeanne Marshall Karen Meengs Sandra Meengs Doug Newall Joleen Ortiz Tim Owen Robert Perlof Karen Ratz Corinne Robins Barbara Sandau Matt Schuth Kathi Sneden Jenny Steinmetz Joy Strickland Mike We ber Tom Weston Katie Wilson Concert Choir Robert Albright Sherllyn Arnold Dwight Bode Celeste Boney Joe Bogess William Bragdon Judy Cleveland Julie Cloutier Victor Cueto Rick Culver Cut Dietrick Beth Debowe Steve Egge Nadine F u jimoto David Gales Roger Gilbert Paul Gillerstrom Donna Grissinger Annette Gudmundsen Roxanne Holderman Lorrie Kail Dean Kassebaum Deborah Kirk Kerry Kyzer Cris Lein berger Jane New Kim Page David Pflueger Sharon Seaman Laurie Shulman Ka thy Sivak Cathy Steen Elaine Warhurst Larry Wayne Todd Wayne Darlene Wilcox Susan Wilcox Mixed Choir Gregg Alexander Patti Anderson Pat Babecky Ken Beard Cindy Beatty Susan Bennett Barbara Benton Debbie Beran Terese Board Carol Boeheim Ann Boger Debra Burge Donna Capozzoli John Casey Deborah Coombs Rene Dunker Jon Duquette Sherry Dutcher Dorothy Edgar Brent Elliot Tom F reres Mike Gargiulo Patti Gilsdorf Carolyn Green Kathryn Green Linda Halverson Lori Hanna Patricia Hartman Randall Hicks Peggy Holder Cathy Houlihan Cathy Jossi Craig Kirkpatrick Katja Kunzke Peter K unzke Sharon K uykendall Jerri Lambert Jonnie Lester Janet Letson Laurie Lynch ' Anne MacPherson Regina Marsh Tia Martin Pam Massey Brenda McCosh Patti McHale Dana McKinney Anne McPhersen Dan Meisenbach David Meisenbach Lori Moore Marjorie Moote Lalee Neilson Debbie Newton Edward O'Neill Ralph Pagter Susan Paterno Bob Perlof Lynette Phillips Karen Plummer Lisa Poulen Gail Procter Rudolph Prosser Roddy Reta Ron Risley Leslie Robbins Ron Rusk Kelley Ryan Jennifer Secoy Bobbie Sheflin Marguerite Sprague Jeff Stoner Alanna Sweeney Cynthia Thompson Elizabeth Ueland Kevin Wayt Dianne Wheelan Brian Win terheimer Susan Woody Elizabeth Wray Denise Wyart Ken Arri tt Lori Hanna John Cernek Michelle Costello Kim Marshall Pontip Tubtimta Adv. Girls Glee Kim Anderson Sheri Aston Laurie Black Carol Boeheim Mary Jo Boeheim Linda Burns Julie Burton Valerie Bush Brenda Bynum Carol Cameron Loren Comen Colleen Conner Lisa Cox Donna Denison Jean Droney Judy Elder Kris Eriksen Darlene Evans Melanie F aw Susan F ocht Pat Gilsdorf Connie Gunderman Kathy Haley Kathy Kimmich Elena Kordes Nancy Lovett Sherri Manning Tori Mitchell Paula Norris Deanna Oden Pam Parker Lorianne Plessett Nancy Proesholdt Frances Sentesy Denise Sinclair Eva Smith Cheryl Stocks Debbie Turner Jill Weed Mary Wiley Joanne Young Anne Isford Freshman Chorus Leslie Acker Camilla Anderson Earleen Arrington Joanne Bethea Robin Briggs Lori Brown Lori Browilt Michelle Burks Kathy Butlen Kathy Coombs Debbie Curtiss Frances David Carol Edwards Elaine Fried Susie Grimes Lauren Hagman Lisa Hall Ann Harrison MaryLou Harwood Larissa Hastin Janet Hepp Denice Higman Lisa Hilburn Michelle Holderman Stacy Hollon Heidi Holub Janine Horwitz Liz Hume Cherie Lepisto Jennifer Lund Marcella Martin Nan cy McKee Mindy Melilli Devon Nelson Tammy Pelton Rochelle Robins Lee Ann Sullenger Valerie Thomas Jennifer Thompson Denise Trizinsky Eve Tunkelrott Leslie Turrini Carolyn Van Dyke Debbie Vaughan Linda Wright 61 Mixed Chorus goes through the daily routine of practicing. The Concert Choir confers with Mr. Doyle about a song. Mr. Doyle works up a sweat. W 4 .:s, -.. ff I j ' w C my Madrigals practice "Living in the City" for the Broadway Review. The all girls choruses sing at Christmas. I? 1 I E There is the iwork behind the scenes Freshman singers relax between rehearsals. U9 Girls Glee does a difficult routine to "Shaft" Ein- The Madrigals and Concert Choir make the Christmas Concert a success Mixed Chorus used nice costumes to make their number a hit Madrigals display strange talents in "Officer Krupke". Karen Eriksen sings "As Long As I-Ie Needs Me". l qi g is The Freshman Chorus did a lively routine to "I C'an't Say No". Karen Meengs sings a medley. A dramatic scene ends "Living for the City". Lisa Belinn plays a "Little Old Lady" li? Q? 5 is P563 l is "Daddy" Doyle shows how its done. 65 Sandy Meengs and Matt Schuth sing "Do You Love Me Those Were the Days" Joleen makes everything beautiful with "Stormy Weather Eric Day moves in much to the little old ladies dismay. The coach tells his team what it takes in "You Gotta Have Heart" Make up was just one of the hassles backstage. The trio "Day by Day" include Kay Boger, Karen Meengs and Joleen Ortiz. CLUBS I i K V V . A W 1 1- x "Ng, X Q ,. P I 69 1 Mike Farrer . . . the Key to Success Kim Culley makes Beth Dubowe up for "Don't Drmk the Water." Horticulture club brightens up the campus. AMERICAN FIELD SERVICE AFS: Standing I-rg Laura Martin, Ylva Fiege-Kollmann, David Scherer, Cheryl McLaughlin, Norman Groot, Cindy Lowe, Peter Naegeli, Pato Perez, Laurie Reiner, Miss Woodroffe, Ann Wiltberger. Seated, Rick Robbins, Karyl Tomb, Kim Julian, Lucy Cohen, Heloisa Vivakwa, Cheryl Field. Peter Naegeli, Switzerland Heloisa Vivakwa, Brazil Pato Perez, Chile AFS President, Kim Julian W on x ,rf gm Q-165.3 is J 5 1 1,31 SNK 7-E x ' r-api? shi, u ,JW .W-V -1-yn MM' 533 I I S S X X..- CC g ,Al Modem Dance Production Class Modern Dance: Reaching out and letting go. w 2 i PEP CLUB Marcia Renolds creates signs of spirit for sports. k' nm . sp? 51321 Kai? 5 N0 . ,. f xg:-.fs . T .,s, , . , 5 4 W Pepsters get their pep together for a yearbook picture ,gig n F i 1 t A I Sharing God 's love Rowdy Club members get together for an activity that is gsoon to be unsupervised. L CRISTIAN CLUB P v .... in God's World. L-R: Scot Lengel, President in Charge of Obscenityg Paul Hoesterey, President in Charge of Securityg Jim McCormick, President in Charge of Administration. 79 J? I- -K , Jeyw a fig P, 'Q 07 ' 'Fai Q- f iff fl is "" f L' fjiyffs- a I A C' Q German Club members: Seated, Vicki Clark, Norman Groot Carol Witt factivitiesj, Dana Groot, Dave McCone, Roy Mintzer, fpresidentj, Jim Douglas fvice-presidentj, Mike Schindel. Nancy Pershall, Karen Bebout, Ann Paxman, Matt Hahn, Kelly Standing, Greg Wickey, Carol Klein, Kim Hueter fpublicityj, Ryan fsecretary-treasurerj, Phil Brooks. The Creative Writing Club gets together to Work on their publication, The Gallamaufry. The volleyball match brings French and Spanish Clubs together I GERIVIAN, CREATIVE, WRITING SPANISH AND FRENCH CLUBS Spanish Club - Top row - Oksana Siwolop, Howard Paulsen, Joel Gallant, Brenda Wheeler, Debbie Cornett, Lucille Cohen, Alan 'Zall. Front row - Mrs. Fleischer, Sue I-Iolmberg, Marc Berger, Tony I-Iirschman, Rob Johnston, Joe Hammer, Chuck Harrison fPresiden t 1. r French Club - Top row - Valerie Gutierrez, Lyle Wilson, Kristen Larson, Janet Letson, Carolyn Spahr. Front row - Kathy Kochanski 1Presidentj, Doug Amo, Tom Gibbons, Paul Terry, Phil Stilwell. 4.-+ -I t Auto Club: You say this goes here?? "Su 'Tau , . K WA kE4.:W,,k:k I xy: N K K , . . .,., ,, ,W UTC AND AVIATIUN 82 Aviation Club flies in perfect formation over Ski Club Officers: Mike Gray, Presidentg Jim Carter, Vice-Piesidentg Lora Moon, Secretary. VY BIKE Bike Club Officers: President, Jay Bassg Vice-President, Jeff Bell. SK CHESS ' "W s r r Jim Douglas ponders next move. Chess Club - Front row 1-r: Jim Douglas, Dave Garretson, Mark Stefen Ken Miller. Back row, l-rg Bill Ditter, Robin Burns, Roy Mintzer, Dave Cranston. BOWLING 84 i I l V X 'U i , . ik, MATH Math Club: l-r top row: Ken Hobbs, Cindy Christ, Kathleen Gallardo, Lori Boyer, Paul Terry, Steve Ball, Joel Gallent, Anonymous, Phil Stillwell. bottom row: Ms. K Driscoll, Dave Tolifson, John Garrick, Peter Cohen, John Singul, Mark Berger, Greg Shimizu, Robert Means, Nancy Seat, Ms. Chen. ff? , g 1814- if Electronics Club: top row, 1-r: Jay Chesavage, Elizabeth Ballard, Mike Williams, Reagan Lowrey, Matt Langer, Ken Cohe, Ron Risley. Bottom row, l-rp Dave McCone, Ron Hata, John Fredrickson, Mr. Ward, Mark Berger, Dan ELECTRUNICS PRACTICAL CGNSTRUCTIGN HURTICULTURE VARSITY r Q? X 5-. r .. , x.. 'R A vw . ff me - R First row: S. Katnik, R. Watson, K. Pipes, A. Robbie, S. Lengel, J. Ducey, D. Morton, Q J' D. Lind. Second row: R. Miller, M. Daniels, C. Dunk, S. Booth, B. F urniss, M. Waldron, f B b h H J. Hoyt. Back row: R. Chutney, K. Wills, J. Secor, P. Spilsbury, I. Goldstein. at ara Sc uh Key Club Sweetheart Key Club: L. Dietrich, J. Tolley, M. Humphreys, J. Horowitz, H. Baldini, G. Wasz, M. Fararr, A. Newman, R. Mancini, J McCormick, B. Duggleby, D. Fristoe, P. Naegeli. KEY 88 ,-an - ,jf ,hm , "www 3 " ,,.,,-f -1. ,.,.....4, ,f .W ' f The Thespians, under the direction of Mr. Penhallow, had one of the most successful years 4 in the history of the drama club. Mr. Penhallow 1 A is F oothill's new drama teacher. Through 1' . 4 . dedication and lots of practice they were able to 12 W lf present some very enjoyable playsg "T he Curious If iiy, jg. Savage" was the first play presented. It turned flu! L 'I out to be a huge success and was so popular they had to turn 1 g g people away at . Q T "Don't Drink the Water", . A a comedy by Woody Allen, also proved to be a Q T ki success and kept the audience laughing through L J.-'almost the entire play. Congratulations to the T' , performers for some great performances. .v' . 0 , , J ,rx I., f I I 90 N A 5 The Speech Team includes both debate teams and individual orators. All the debaters were novice at the beginning of the year, but Ms. Waters, the advisor, feels that they were doing Well by the end of the year. The individuals were more experienced and did well. For example, came in second affvaffonai Qualifiers for original oratory. The officers of the team, Lora Moon and Greg Matthews, worked especially hard to make this year a good one. Nr ll S 'rs -JN 1523 Q A -V 53 cj r FQ ., ' QR ' 3 Q F3 W Jiggiri P iefeat X ' 91 gs if f J -e i e 9 C1 ef s aingsgp ,+ 53 .Ma J . go ,Xing . g ,,,Vj25LE-K X.,- Biology Club: l-r,' Gerry Bond, Debbi Corronet, Laura Stenmark, Karen F jeldsted, Mr. Patterson CAdvisorj, Elana Donahue, Mark Thomas, James McCone, Bruce Cossaboom, Mr. F eher fAdvisorQ, Demitris Chaconas. BIOLOGY HEALTH CAREERS Health Careers Club: Exploring the world of medicine. Officers: Doug Galt, Pres. 5 Barbara Podell, Vice-President: Dori Dreibelbis, Secretary. 4 cd 4 wfwiwigf f ,Ala M if 14" W 'uf xQW We Look MB! NO h3UdS! Art Club: Posing for a portrait? A Home Ec Club Officers: Kathy Freres, Pres.g Dawn Pickering, Vice-Pres.,' Celie Camarata, Sec. ,' Yoko Nishiguchi, Treas., Cydne Perry, Publicity. Home Ec Club: The club that cooks together, sticks together. WWAW Q! MQQA gwwt Qkw-'P i L19 M E 13 fb J ftfggyvtlk i 93 ? 4 N I "The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress." -Charles F. Kettering 96 Most of us can afford to take a lesson from the oyster. The most extraordinary thing about the oyster is this. lrritations get into his shell. He does not like them 5 he tries to get rid of them. But when he cannot get rid of them he settles down to make of them one of the most beautiful things in the World. I-Ie uses the irritation to do the loveliest thing that an oyster ever has a chance to do. If there are irritations in our lives today, there is only one prescription: a . It may have to be a pearl of pat1ence, but, anyhow, make a pearl. And it takes faith and love to do it. -Harry Emerson F osdick -totally exhausted The makings of a yearbook Why did I sign up for Yearbook? . W- - ,. bn . 'W-x, R' X x A 4 Q Q Lf X Sf V4 Q ' " H C 'I 4' N Mgwf f as aw .,,h L... , , MW, , M, 'V " f ' X4 ' wwf '32 "'L Q A . : V ' 1 , :yy s 1 - if? 3 A 2 ' 4 ' .v -ff .K ' 1- ' " ' ,j me ,315 ' 'fa 'Wfi5bg'?"v ff, conflict fken flliktj: 1. to contend with or against another in strife or Warfare. 2. to show opposition, evidence variance or disharmon y calling for adjustment or harmonizing. i STUDENTS L .qsv ' K I Q . , . n - 5 ' P . its ,r is fr - 1 N 4 1 4 1 100 gi fe :V Alone .... the word is life endured and known. - Siegfried Sassoon In the depth of my soul There is a Wordless song. - Kahil Gibran s 5 . - v ,. ..e,,h.., ...,,. , , ., K. f -V - 5-2 11'- g' j , .,, A r n gg wgggfff' Q1 1 ' , f , f 'W fi -iw -Ww- -h" ,,.. Q , n , , I - fl " - if 4.- :g,, , ' T '--1 . g ' 1 we - 1 35,58 f '---'7'::"HE7::fk' F717 ' A 551' "1 ' 'Y , V - ' ' v 1, ...,. 1 'N zz " :'15fffsf"?ffAW""' .. I - " "- f--1 'lg5"'::?" , .71?:f35?9izflffff.Tlflklffl: " v kwa ,,,,, " ,Z K, ,A . -........ va -1-..' ,. , "" 1 ,. -I -, -w,.-- ,,, .1...1, . . 1 Q ugguvz, ' X. ,, Q' H+. mfg.. , M any EVM, K , N f. w . '25 .A uv, . ., A 4 w m f-f Q Q Q W ' W 1 Ji, ,, 3 . 'W , ,A 5- ,.,,.... fn-,N K ywns, E., . J" ...Q Wh sf f 7 . Q 4 5 3 H4 'Q .,. Y I ' 0.7 , 1 W' ":5'FQ-fxx . sw' "W-C' a N if Sitting in the pool of life drip drying to eternity. - Mike Tyler l A 1 106 One generation passeth away. . . and another generation cometh .... but the earth abideth forever .... - Ecclesiastes 7 4 S W FSS g l T 5 1 +- F 108 , x Who are you I 'm just a little screw In the mankind machine Holding together All the nuts in the world Model 4x302 - Ann Olsen O N5 W Gram MLLCVYEIW X V "VS rw. Q4 W.: If W W. , kv MUTURKQQHTJ VIEIIIQLLE5 ANU N!U13?I2.S. NURSES AMI iillhlw. HIM! 1 Un GULYINR MZTlV1TlES. ANY PIXYI-fNT1M.!.Y NAZARUUUB ANU ANY ACTIVITY X!lllPINi SIINOZH. HOUIYS UV !7HRlNl3 MNLEYN7 ... . .. num? Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authorit Y. - Thomas i' i A Al 6- 112 Man always destroys the things he loves, and so We .... have destroyed our wilderness. - Aldous Leopold - in Q' 3,2 ,f ww . P F L 4 yiiygzg af 1 1 l W f A , ., W, 2 , , '1792?WSZ4n'f: f' L giy v N i M, ..,,,NV4..... K- W QE wifi' ATHLETICS 2 fm- -wry W .,f.. -,., 'wma as 2 i i f., 'uw J . S 4 F 3 ii 1 f 116 Knight of the Week George Mahlstedt - Saddleback 7 Knight of the Week Tom Bremer - Orange Scott Craig plows through Katella line , t u P Bwmwawnl ff' K x 3. cGaffigan pitches off to tailback. Knight of the Week Knight of the Week Tim Bradley 4 Costa Mesa Mike Waldron - Kennedy Knight of the Week Knight of the Week Bob McGuire - El Modena Rob Hackett - Tustin Kelly Combs leads the Knights to victory over Saddleback. ? l Dedication told the S Yin the '73 season as the Knights battled their way to a near championship in the Crestview league with a 5-1-1 league record. The season began with a loss to Costa Mesa in pre-league action, but hopes rose again when in the next two games the Knights' opponents failed to score any points. Next was possibly the most exciting game of the season, the last F oothill-Tustin league game, which ended in a 17-17 tie. A subsequent three-game winning streak left the Knights in the running for the Crestview league championship and CIF playoffs. This goal was not realized, however, as Foothill went down to a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of Villa Park before bouncing back to tromp Saddleback in the last game of the season. The 1973 football season was a truly successful one for the Knights. There were fine performances on the field by many of the individual players, but most will agree that more effort was put into teamwork than the individual performance, and this was definitely a contributing factor in the winning season. This was certainly a year marked by spirit, comradeship, and winning ways, and many thanks must be given to all of the fine players and to their hard- working coaches for making this season one of the greatest that Foothill has ever seen. We hope to be able to look forward to even better in '74, Costa Mesa 23 . . ...... Foothill 17 Foothill 22 . . . . Kennedy O Foothill 28 . . . El Modena O Foothill 1 7 . . . . . Tustin 17 Foothill A 1 6 . . ..... Orange 6 Foothill 21 . . . . Mission Viejo 6 Foothill 14 . . .... Ka tella 7 Villa Park 1 7 . . . . . Foothill 7 Foothill 27 . . . . Saddle back 8 120 Row l - John Astor, Mark Jones, George Mahlstedt, John Hoyt, Joe Ducey, Keith Pipes, Tim Bradley, Alec Robbie, Steve Gortz, Steve Katnik. Row 2 S Dave Kimberly, Greg Roberts, Marty Healy, Bob McGuire, Dan Beucke, Mark Grey, Mike Tracy, Paul Willner, Scott Craig, Zane Anderson, Don Brannon, Coach Koser. Row 3 - Lindsay Hubby, Tom Bremmer, Greg Bennet, Mike Waldron, Rob ,, 1 , is u H , - - . w ,- -1, 11- : . W: Wy- '-', Vi f'L':tzf - ,.f,'- -1-I-an-gfs1gliw,, Kackett, Don Beno, Tom Haigh, Jim Davey, Dave Berger, Mike Knapp, Coach Curtis. Row 4 - Coach Snyder, Dave Southerland, Jim Haley, Clay Krause, Mark Reidlinger, Kelly Combs, Bill Tuton, Mark Hodges, Larry Mengos, Paul McGaffigan, Steve Deforest, Don Magano, Coach Cambell. Knight of the Week Mike Knapp, Steve Gortz f Mission Viejo Knight of the Week Joe Ducey - Katella Knight of the Week Paul McGaffigan e Villa Park 121 M gh-e lawye- . ,tff ff" , " -.l- fer' r- "Q "Y ll 2 it A fi . ' rf 1 n, -V,V,'.'. 5 3p .3ig.55,5a,'L .-'l t':'g,:f-1wg- 1-"A it '-.' li-.1 fnfIl'lfflQ'i.,,,, ii .4 ,...,,f ..,, ,..4 T f, .A, t - "'QA-' : ' , tl 'ff ti , - --Q g, "', "f V 7 - ' T 1 B by ,65 34 , 60- , 50 ' 88 22. 81,1 X62 7 wrveagg 'B .le f 3? T 5 xx 3' lt -e' ' .xx ll fl 'W WY 'mi' x I I 8? KX44 u8E, .gn 'bpd 64 - 80,,'164??24 77 , v U v F ' - i, U - . I Qi 14 all ,P 'I gf? lmy in -6 0M14g,m35 B -N 197'-, xx .. .sy -mfg., -.... 1 -Q- . f s" ss. --a t 2 s - A sf- , , , , , . t ..,,.'-,. ',im5' Row l - Mike Healy, Bob Spurzem, Dean Kassebaum, Chris Speicher. Row 3 - Steve Laird, Bruce Ramseyer Rick Frey Trwin, Bob Houlihan, Jeff Bennett, Ken Herman, Jeff McKee, Dave Shambrom, Norm Katnik, Zach Anderson Tom Astor Mike Heil, Ted Filley. Row 2 e Coach Zeich, Jamie Reilly, Dave Jim Cassidy, Mark Helsing, Matt Langer Joe Duffy Coach Heil Elrod, Chris Murry, Scott Atlenborou, Bryan Katnik, Greg The Frosh-Soph football team had one of the best years in the history of Foothill sports. The Knights over- powered all C to win the Crestview League Championship with a 7-O league record and a 9-O record overall. The offense, led by quarterbacks Heil and Laird and leading scorers Duffy and Speicher, racked up 248 points compared to 38 points for their opponents. Laird and Speicher spurred the defensive backfield to stop the opponents' offense even before Wit started. The Knights really pulled together this year, and all players will agree that it was the unity of the team, along with the excellent planning of Coach Zeich, that made this such a successful season. We can look forward to great seasons in the fu ture vvith these players on the varsity team. 122 15g.X , Q A Q . 5 K X if we FM in wr uf 3 ., S : sy At- Even though handicapped by inexperience in the early season, the Frosh football team turned out some fine performances. Coach Wagner, along with Coaches Wertman and Osborn, did an admirable job of instilling the basic fundamentals of football in their team. As the season progressed courageous Mini -Knights struggled to a 2-7 win-loss record and a powerful win over Saddleback. We look forward to seeing many of these players in the Varsity teams of the future. Paul Escalara stands tough.. Row 1 f Larry Boyer, Jay Dolan, Mike Baudouine, Rick Katnik, Pete Gortz, Tom Falbo, Gary Low, Rick Tarbell, Greg Jones. Row 2 - Jim Mitchell, John Freeze, Scott Christian, Ken Hall, Chris Manard, Mike Bannigan, Dan Bradley, Kevin Kester, Dave Ellis, Tim Prescott, Barry Shade, Don Cullow. Row 3 - Jeff Smith, Jim Tracy, Chris Ball, Jim Walker, Jim Jones, Curt Smith, Myles Comerford, John Yeandle, Kelly Noon, Timm Jobes, Gary Sully, Dan Garrett, Gabe Bergman. Row 4 - Bill Reagan, Tom Kries, Randy Hicks, Bruce Stedman, Tony Baia, Tom Vlach, Tom Houlihan, Tom Moses, John Henderson, Ron Roberts, Tim Manning. Row 5 - Coach Wertman, John Young, Mike Dunk, Doug Betz, Ron Bitcon, Dean Rein, Carl Cuse, Walt Combs, Rich Meinart, Pete Lomakin, Shawn Brewster, Coach Wagner. Row 6 - Myron Bartlett, Jim Nelson, Russell Harvey. ggi . u. N 84 fgrgfi ,vw A-u i X iw 1 r Tun. NA, 'L . 1, x nr., A4 ,fi 5 I . - . , ,', ,,,J,,: 5 1 'f' , 1 W .. ,, . My M , Avi. , Low, Elliot and Christian protect Escalara on a "quarterback sweep." Mini-Knights line up for kickoff. WATER POLO Johnson stays with his man. Daniels prepares to pass Chumey open to receive 'Q Goalie blocks Wills goal attempt. my e ' if ' . ,lll,ll i llle A 'lf' 12 Coach DeLong and assistant Coach Craig Brown Foothi11's Aqua- Knights rode the S of their home pool all the Way to the top of the Crestview League and onto the CIF play-offs. Actually it wasn 't quite that easy but the varsity water polo team did end the season undefeated in league play and with a season record of 14 wins and 7 losses. The players attribute their success to their exceptionally good inside game and excellent ball handling. This year's team differed from last year's team in a few notable areas. F Jrst of all, the team as a whole was faster, this enabled Foothill to ou t-swim most of it's opponents. The defensive play of this year's team was also better, and the players thought more like a team. This improved their overall game. The only area that this year's team didn't surpass last year's team was in shooting. I-lowever, that doesn 't mean that this year's team wasn 't sufficient in shooting. On the contrary, the team had some excellent shooters. Ken Wills backhand was especially good. The whole starting line-u p was goodg it included Captain Pete Spurzem, Bruce F urniss, Ken Wills, Bill Bunge, Rob Cherney, Marcel Daniels, and John Gansel. John, who was only a freshman this year, was the goalie, and was voted "most improved" player by his team-mates. With all the team had going for it, its no wonder the Aqua- Knights did so well. 128 Kenny Wills shows excellent form which got him Knight of the Year. P3 Um f i ff 'X Back Row: l-rg John Gansel, John Secor, Bill Bunge, Rob Cherney, F urniss, Ken Wills, Marcel Daniels, John Saathoff, Larry Johnson, Gary Proctor, Pete Spurzem. Front Row: l-rg Bruce Not shown: Drew Zastrow. jf i'f'f' X .--"""-,' 'S 's 2 li s 5 Warren Oswald NX 129 1 I Rusty Crawford guards his man. 1 Brutal strength l was the base i of the Junior Varsity water polo team this year. , Spirit and unity were the prevailing factors in their powerful play. Although they were not given as many chances to express their power, they did turn up an outstanding league record of 6 wins and l O losses. l Coach DeLong led the team through its spirited year, along with the outstanding starters: the team A captain Mark Secor, Rusty Crawford, Andy DeBoer, l Tucker Bierbaum, Rock Gosselin, and the team 's goalie Scott Pagter. Other team members that led the team through its victorious season were Bob Brown, Greg Shimazu, Jeff Rose, Dave Gerich and Bruce Chalmers. Front: 1-rg Andy Deboer, Rusty Crawford, Bruce Chalmers, Dave Gerich, Greg Shimizu. Back: I-rg Scott Pagter, Jeff Harmon, Bob Brown, Rock Gosslin, Jeff Rose, Tucker Bierbaum. Not shown: Mark Secor. -sway g Deck lr J Dean B Harper B Donahugh C Scott B Gavin K Spurzem J. Drucker, D. Duran, C. Rurniss. Water Polo is a cruel and battling sport. It requires exact timing, top notch coordination and it demands a lot of its players. The Frosh- Soph team is such a group of players, striving for the it that they can give. Their strength led them to a 5-1 league record, and the experi- ence gained is that of no comparable measure. The stern direction of Coach Craig Brown inspired such players as Bill Davis, Craig F urniss, Carl Spurzem and team captain Kurt Rathjen. It's no vvonder that Foothill keeps turning out great polo teams, when they have such excellent material to start With. 131 13 2 S H- v ,' ff! 7 iw may JZ ,. ,M M, , - V Af ,M ,f -L, nwfwi , , A ,flkffwkw ,., I b , -ziiqw, f., 7L4,ff,',,,,ZW, fy ,gy ,423 U M f.fz'.,uz L- ' ,V , ki, ,vv , , Q ,1 ,Q ' +A. ' eva- U, ,, N, W . .-,. M .L sw!-Q11 . M.-5, Aw ,,'-,. ' ' 'W , ,,,,. Nz. m4.f,'2- :HN ,W . Yglhi. ,.,. M., ni' zzz F 7 "Z 7 '.,'l w' YJ' ,,.g,,,h, M 5 ' , wig .. L HM - , ,M M--, 1 A I V, L, ,W K 1 . K, 6 4 , ' " --f-.:,. 4, ' , , -nw f,,.g,f.N ,mb ,A , r,.v"- N L 4' I ny 711.212, ,4- 5 f Back 1 to r: M. Farrar, R. Himes, P. Vermillea, D. Fristoe, G. Throupp. Front 1 to r: S. Lengel, J. Bowen, G. Gerrich, M. Bell, M. Spilsbury Togetherness was the basis for Y of Foothi1l's Varsity Cross-Country team for the year of nineteen seventy-three. The team was determined to com- bine their efforts, make themselves one, and undermine their opponents. The team and Coach Whitaker knew that united there was no chance of defeat, and they were right for they Went to C.I.F. CRCJSS COUNTRY 133 i G S ,Q v-1-Q. 5' g f v. 4' 'LL i ' . " .g?fi.':?s? if ,,, .1 .- L ' . X. K ,,,k ,,.s.':j'tk? W , Q" E 4 f ' - I Q, A I r- Q iff-H: ' beige 54 1- ' 1 -s:112i,5 , M P , P l l W s 4 First row, l to r: Alderman, Schlesinger, Sanderson. Second row: Lachmar, Eicher, Adler, Amort, Kamanski Third row: Farrar, Yelland, Spilsbury, Hobbs, Wiley. All the Cross-Country teams in Orange County have the same basic work-out. So the question arises, "What makes one team better than the other teams?" When this question was put to a member of the J. V. team, there came an interesting response. During the beginning and end ofthe race it is pretty easy to stay with the group. The middle of the race makes the difference. Its at this time that the runner must build up his will power to win. The runner must always keep up his confidence and a lot depends on his outlook. The team mastered this mental outlook to place first in the league. Fu, 2:5 . KM""'Vi . Spilsbury demonstrates determination s The experience gained by the freshmen on the Frosh-Soph Cross-Country team is invaluable. Many of them Will go on to be the big stars of the Varsity Cross-Country. Some are so vastly improved that they were placed as back-up runners for the J. V. team. This did hinder the Frosh-Soph team, but they still had a terrific season, placing fourth in their league. But it was .fm ,a total team u I1 1 t I rallying behind their spirited Coach Whitaker. f' ,fr' 'K' s , , .f " , as ff 5: i 1 . . 5 'E' I Nu- A its ..... Coach Whitaker organizing at Westminster. First row, 1 to r: Lane, Greenwood, Toberty, Oliver, F jeldsted, Bored. Second row: Vega, Duquette, Gales, Tolley, Garretson, Boyd, Holn, Thomas, Houghton. Third row: Polley, Mehornay, Wayt, Boegeman, Lomakin, Cooper, Stanley, Sutherland, McLaughlin, Schulz, Blair. 137 Above: Mengos searches for open team mate. To right: Klingelhofer shoots for two more. 5. .iw 5 Wu. MN, Highest scorer on team, B. Weingart, demonstrates winning form. if-' Wwr" 3 M9 ii-Her M,,.,.,f'f X BASKETBALL lv wamfwl v P, sw Kaz nv af Weber prepares to pass. F , Q. df- f ""'Mm.w.:. 1 M' ' 3-f Eric Weber reaches for the basketball at the Saddleback game. -W-Ol ,MH Lau...- Back l-r: Bill Weingart, Rich Miller, Mike Gray, Lou Schildmeyer, Dan McG'rew, Jim Mengos, John Klingelhofer, Rick Wodinski, Scott I-Iuson Eric Weber, Buck Day. Missing - Rob Pinkerton. Front l-r: Managers Clay Rodrigues, Paul Gillistrom. Talent was the name of the game for the Knight's Varsity Basketball team as they came to the close of a highly successful and very exciting , This was apparent at the climax of the second Tustin game I judged by the players to be the most thrilling game of the yearl, when Rich Wodinski threw a forty-foot shot in the last few seconds of the game to pull out of a tie. Outstanding performances were put out by Bill Weingart, who was the leading scorer in the league and made both the Anaheim and Orange all-town teams, and Scott I-Iuson, who came back after recovering from an eye injury to play amazingly Well. Leading the team through the season were co-captains Bill Weingart i and John Klingelhofer, and Coach Hummel. Many thanks to the Knights for this season 's fine Work. l L 141 142 Row 1: l-rg Clay Rodrigues fmanagerj, Ken Chapin, Steve ,Egge, Larry Wayne, Kevin Wurzer, Craig Morris, Jeff Ecklund, Jim Pinkerton. Row 2: Pat Garrett, Kevin Murphy, Tim F earer, David Flynn, Dan Rasmussen, John F redricks, John Sayers. After a disappointing start, the excited J. V. basketball squad rallied together under the direction of Coach Southern. Dave Flyman, Craig Morris, Kevin Murphy and Steve Egge led the team on the attack with crack shooting and superb rebounding. The entire team was utilized by Coach Southern: player had his own special skill s to offer. 43 Row 1: Tony Varela, Jim Forkey, Tom Lu, Bill West. Row 2: Steve Laird, Jim Nelson, Brent Elliot, Tom Houlihan. Row 3: David Garrett, Mike Neele, Augie Opfell, Walter Combs. lt was a baffling season for the Frosh-Soph basket- ball team this year. Coach Wilkerson acknowleged the comradery the team had. "They played W great 1nsp1rat1on the year, but could not put it together for an entire game." The team is young, but a little more practice should sharpen the players and supply the varsity with an excellent team in later years. West drives in for a lay up. Strength and for the Frosh Basketball team as they Wge in fierce contention through- out the season. Coach Cambell tried to give the Freshmen experience and depth by using as many of his players as he could each game. The mighty frosh ranks will sup ply many good varsity starters in future years of Foothill basketball. are Wal ,flask our cowl? g and lk DNS' W' or - one 5199 We Iizageefgur ww to me ,raise W 352.9056 At Fgoihall High .3 ag. C5355 sf 70 Harman tips it in. x a a"1' A n Row 1: Tim Risinger, Rich Meinert, Gabe Bergman, Gene Marinacci, Mark Weber. Row 2: Doug Eberle, Dave Williams, Pete Gortz, Dave Scott, Pete Marshall. Row 3: Gary Sully, Randy Hicks, Bill Darlington, Bill McCarthy, Ken Shimizu. Row 4: Dave Brown, Bob Weingart, Tom Astor, Bob Wallace. Row 5: Phil Harman, Mark Meddock, John Jessup, Paul Escalera, Scott Sellens, Dan Garret. 145 VARSITY WRESTLING Chris Irwin discusses tactics with Dan Beuke as Chris Cage, Scott Booth, Rick Watson, Steve Sparling and Jeff Smith look on. Irwin pins another opponent! 14 'PV' 12.3 .ii Front Row: Dean Chandler, Casey Huff, Doug Younkin, Bob Houlihan, Steve Cohn. Back Row: Tom Hansen, Greg Ford, Rick Robbins, Bob Spurzem, Mark Gray, Randy Helms. Undefiant and headstrong was the attitude of the Varsity Wrestling team of '74. They l rallied together to T fprovi provide support to each other and the squad as a whole. Although , the team was on the young side, they had an excellent season. The record stood at five wins and five losses at the end, but the team all knew they had turned out outstanding and decisive matches. Excelling in this area were Chris Irwin, Jeff Williams, Larry Ball, Jeff Smith, and Steve Sparling, all of whom are optimistic about next year's team. They look forward to the summer camps Where they hope to gain even more experience. The most decisive victory for the year was the match against Orange, where the grapplers came home with a winning score of 69 to 6. This was the kind of match that inspired the team even more, and future teams to come. 1 l I Lx. Y L 149 Row 1: Dave Bartick, Mike Small, Tom Buckly, Joe Hammer, Sam Jack, Steve McLaughlin. Row 2: Mike Eberle, Andy Stidger, Ken Meler, Jeff Stoner, James Taylor. 1 1 4 Muscling their Way through the season, the Frosh-Soph Wrestling team Won most of the matches they played. They closed the season with a record of seven wins and two losses. the most outstandin match was against University High g the score was Hfty-two to During the year in addition to Winning most of the matches, the wrestlers gained important experience and skill. Twelve Wrestlers were moved up to help support the J. V. team. The team was made up of six freshmen and thirteen sophomores, and all of them will be returning next year to bolster the Wrestling teams. 150 if Row 1: 1-rg Matt Wagner, Casey Huff, Bob Houlihan, Jim Mitchell, Steve Cohn. Row 2: Tom WI-lansen, Greg Ford, Rick Robbins, Bob Spurzem, Chris Cage, Mike Knobbe, Randy Helms. 1 Success and 1nsp1rat1on led the J. V. Wrestling team to a very interesting lead record. The team Won four victorious matches and lost a hard six matches to opponents. The most outstanding match was the Win over Saddle- back with a score of 46 to 21. The record could be due to the fact that most of the wrestlers were freshmen and sophomores. The five freshmen and seven sophomores returning next year will hopefully bring the CIF championship title to Foothill. 151 4 1 J l i 152 2 i C 3 'r V 2 , . , A J., I IQWJV wvE'1H..p. " L' .ff Q 1 I -fa, .v-'N' 5 Z BASEBALL -..LQ 5 W 1 Bottom Row, l-rj Dave Morton, Tim Bradley, Dave Bowen, Bill Lobue, Kelly Combs. Back Rowg Coach Sedoo, Joe Ducey Floyd, Robert Steel, Tom Ramstead. Middle Rowg Robb Steel, Rob Hackett, John Schultz, Dave Stolier, Scott Rowen, Tom Alec Robbie, Geoff Heuter, Rob Boxburger, Scott Huson Kurt Van Camp, Greg Adams. due to the overall . Every player has greatly contributed to the success of the team. Those are Coach Sedoo's Words about the Varsity Baseball team of the 1974 season. The team has more than lived up to its expectations this year also. Motivation is the key to the team 's success, for With everyone rallying for a strong and success- ful season there is nothing that can go Wrong. Every game is important to the final outcome, but there is always the cross-town rival Tustin, and also the Villa Park and El Modena teams that promote this spirit even more. Success is the story, but the story behind that is the team rallying as one. I I With the strength of hlttmg, pitchmg and the powerful Junior Varsity Baseball Team came to an overall season record of ten wins and six losses, and a league record of three Wins and four losses. Outstanding plays were turned out by Greg Speicher and Dave Phillips, and the players that have improved the most are Bill Reagan, a freshman pitcher, and Jake Hill, a freshman catcher. It was a young team this year, the starters included tvvo freshmen, three sophomores and four juniors. There were weaknesses, but overall the J. V. Baseball team had a very fine and productive season. " 'S J V Baseball, bottom row, 1-r: Mike Tracy, Rick Frey, Jake H111 Van Skike Mike Knapp Greg Speicher George Mahlstedt Tom Jay Horan, Eddie Castro, Bill Reagan, Dave Phillips. Top row Ike Haigh Steve Speicher John Fredricks Coach Bauer Bottom Row, l-r: Bart Ryder, Mike Heil, Jeff Bennett, Jim Collins. Top Row: Jerry Phillips, Walt Combs, Brent Elliott, Reilly, Vic Cueto, Phil Harmon, Tom Moses. Middle Row: Dave Paul Escalera, Coach Kritzer, Lyn Rickles, Linda Gunderman. Brown, Timm Jobes, Tom Lu, Chris Collins, Bill West, Craig 1 . 'TJ " ,. Although it never really receives any recognition to speak of, the Frosh-Soph Baseball team is one of many purposes and importances. First, it is a breaking in for the frosh-soph, a starter into the sport. Second, it is source for the future Varsity Baseball players The experience is invaluable, and the importance is something that is not easily put in Words. But with the fine coaching of Mr. Kritzer, many of the future baseball teams of Foothill are receiving one of the best starts in the sport. 15 7 3 L Row 1: Chuck Harrison, Paul Gately, Glenn Morton, Scott Sellens. Row 2: Coach Zeich Dave Lind, Peter Naegeli, Chris Dunk, Rusty Miller. Naegeli makes easy return. Dunk smashes serve. The Varsity Tennis Team will meet each of their Oppomwith fierce when they play them on the court. The Varsity squad is spear- headed by Chris Dunk, Glenn Morton, Rusty Miller, Dave Lind, and Peter Naegeli. The Varsity were Crestview League Champs last year and Coach Zeich expects them to be the champs this year too. Mission Viejo is their roughest competition this year and the Varsity Team has already beat them 24-4. Chris Dunk is currently ranked No. 23 in Southern California for 16 years and younger and is expected to go on to individual C.l.F. championships in June. Dunk uses good form to make return. sf N- Kxwx , .. . . . Led by Scott Morton, Ted Filly, and Dave Shambrom, the Junior Varsity Tennis Team is off to a flying start. T J. V ,S 5 i , g't,k,e . fb record is 7-0 at the time of pr 1 ng, but Mission Viejo, their toughest competition, is yet to come. The J. V. 's put in long hours after school each day in drill and individual competition getting ready for their tournaments. Next year's Varsity may include this year's J. V. players such as Steve Turbow and Dave Saltz. Coach Zeich says that the amount of Work each player does in the summer will determine Whether he will go on to Varsity. ' - f A 'Sf -Qngsxkgsase-is f A r -1 -. V , fsgwisrff -' ' . - sig f..f -i ''i1fg:5-:Engl-.. X-314, . k -T 1 , - c - f . - "7l':i.3"'?' - . W . . . -- ,..- f 1 51 ' T ' li Dave Saltz attempts a scoop shot. 160 . ,., 4 Coach Zeich demonstrates his form on the tennis court. REX lax 0 N r, 'K 'LEX tx Xxx , 'N XX? , S XXX Q6 r tk xi XJR K x N55 w y . 1: 95, .. My 1 . . .2 5,31 aug. -I , , 15? 1: , f . -r Q--1" 4 x f Steve Turbow uses his forehand shot to return a serve Junior Varsity Tennis: Row 1: Augie Opfell, Rick Plows, Scott Morton, Dave Shambrom, Bob McAulay. Row 2: Jon Anzel, Bob Tripp, Ted Filly, Steve Turbow, Mitch Neal. GOLF I -as 41 f MSW-vi 1. 1 ' fi fl, mf, .. 45- -X., L- .-,W rx- N 'ar .. A . 'lifi'-P?f'.ffSv:T'FQQ A f-' 11 +uf ,Mi . Wy -YM nz gf5.,,g,ij5g4iQAhk!d4x VJ , , k K' 'z ng., -- .. f f ,g xg Q ""' A Y 'f ?'?i- ,ag " A: f " L f ' A 7 'rfb' - LZ-9'VK'QS-,4":?-3f'.:f-'T-'?"7" 'A ,-4 " gf N: f L, gf, 'lvff Lfnigi-i.: 'ay 3A ff., fw A 4.' V .., 1 , fi!-4.313 . V ,iii r . 2-' 15 7 7x3'i"iQ3,g:ige-' "' '-' "H ., ,gf ,K . A . qvlgi f, fc, nf- '--N 4 'X . ".x,'.-fwffivr? ?"',I,1. L , Z 'HQ ' 3' ""f4fVWKQ5 ' 'Ig' ' 4 ,w f3'1 ,,,f"2'x3,,s.z ', .wivgth V fa 7 - 1. K Aybqfiff gd,-,xi ,Wx pq-. -- 4'v , ., ..,, ,v , , ,K , K 50 gg: ,g3,,pfxv.5.3, . ' f 1 -fx., ' 9' K' 1 A 'F ,' kfgiff SL ' W"W2.x1ffQml 3 VARSITY GULF Coach McWilliams and Coach Denny from Katella talk shop about Golf. lim . 4.-. .A Q by Coach McWilliams, Paul McGaffigan, Jim Anderson, Gundy Haigh, Dave Pflueger, Sam Ainslie, John Aron, Doug Younkin, Dave Weir, Rick Culver, Bucky Day, Jeff VanHarte, John Van Rossem. 5 Foothill 's Varsity golf team should prove to be a truly exceptional g this year. The team is led by outstanding seniors Jim Anderson and Gundy I-Iaigh, and promising juniors Sam Ainslie, Paul McGaffigan, and sophomore Jeff Vanl-Iert. F oothil1's golf teams have competed in the CIF championships for the past four years and, spurred on by Coach McWilliams, are hoping to make it Hve. 165 Frosh-Soph Golf Team 1 left to right: Jim Hannah, Pete Gortz, Robert Bierbaum, Jim Mitchel Tom Steen, Kurt Sanderson, Eric Lane, A1 Ochaia, Scott Christenson. The Junior Varsity team added a few solid swingers this year. Tom Greubel, Todd Waxne, and Brian Katnik joined Dave Pflueger, John Van Rossem, Dave Younkin, and Rick Culver to form one of the strongest J. V. teams in Orange County. As a matter of fact to date, with only two matches Mathis team is , Younkin and Van Rossem led the attack throughout the season with their ability really surfacing during the Mission Viejo match, said to be the toughest team in the league. ' ! . .,....-ft,.w.i.f-.QW VW W K . W J.V. Golf, 1-r: Coach Nichols, Tom Greubel, Dave Pflueger, John Van Rossim, Todd Waxne, Brian Katnik, Rich Denzet. Not shown: Doug Younkin and Rich Culver. 168 SWIMMING T axe 1 170 Unoffioially number one in the 'United 0 That's the title that the Foothill Varsity Swimming Team is bearing after swimming to four consecutive C.l.F. Champion- ships. There is no exception to the statement that this is the best swim team in Foothill history. Led by Ken Wills, Bruce F urniss and Peter Spurzem, the Aqua Knights fought a hard battle with Mission Viejo, eventually emerging as the undis- puted number one. Coach DeLong certainly has his team well trained 5 its a great honor to have four league championships captured for Foothill by the finest swim team in the country. 171 J.V. top row: Rusty Crawford, Greg Shimizu, Bruce Chalmers, Jeff Harman. Bottom row: Rock Gosselin, Andy Debore. Spirit was the dominating mood for the Junior Varsity Swimming Team as swam to a season recordoften wins and two losses. But despite the two losses, the team still ended up undefeated in league play, as their only two losses were to Sunny Hills and to Lakewood in prelim meets. Outstanding swimmers were Rusty Crawford and Rock Goselin, who swam distances, and Andy DeBoar and Greg Shimazu, who swam the breast stroke. All of the swimmers worked as a team, and stuck . together in spirit and mind. For any team to go the whole season undefeated is quite a feat. And the feat is even better when it is done by a relatively young team. This is what the Frosh-Soph Swimming Team has accomplished. At the end of their season had a perfect record of fourteen wins and no losses. They also placed third at the Orange County Swim Meet, and first in the Anaheim league. The team also holds two school records, both in relays I F ree and Medlyl. Future Foothill swim teams are going to be made up of this mighty Frosh-Soph team, and that proves to be one of the best futures that FHS has to look forward to. Ed Reynolds and Jeff Drucker shave their legs for a big meet. Frosh-Soph, 1-r top row: Jeff Drucker, Buzz Harper, Kurt Rathjen, Ed Renolds, Jeff Dean, Bill Davis, Barney Gavin. middle row: Ed Johnson, Brendon Donaghue, John Bachelor, Paul Terry, John Gansel. bottom row: Don Chase, Craig F urniss, Dave Duran. 3 TRACK ,ag ...K ,.. if 5 Y- Q----' One win out of first place, Track Team is holding a five-one record. The team's success has been helped by such a large turnout for the team U17 boys tried outj and two seniors, Steve Gortz and Dan Persinger, who are out for track for the first time. The distance events are the strongest area with Matt Bell, Mark Spilsbury, and Dave F ristoe leading the way. The top sprint-hurdle personnel include Don Beno, Steve Gortz, Dan Persinger, John Klingelhofer, Pete Spilsbury and John Posthill. ln the long- triple jump areas, Lu Schildmeyer and John Klingelhofer are supreme. Bob McGuire is undefeated in both the shot and disc. Pole vaulting is Bill Lachmar's specialty. The team also has three high jumpers, , Mike Gray and Bill Weingart are all over six feet tall. This year's team ranked in the Grange County Top Ten, but the real challenge is in winning the Crestview League Championship. a ---M i WNY...-..-.....,......t..,..,,,-..W, --.. .t.. .-., 1 F 5 I F Front row: Z. Anderson, M. Spilsbury, D. Tollefsen, G. Goings, E. Schlesinger, M. Healy. Middle row: J. Posthill, D. Persinger, D. Beuche, J. Tuvell, P. Vermilea, J. Klingelhofer, S. Lingel, M. Bell, P. Spilsbury, D. Beno. Back row: T, Kimmich, S. Gortz, M. Farrar, G. Thrupp, M. Gray, L. Schildmeyer, B. McGuire, L. Quackenbush, D. Fristoe, B. Lachmar. nw -5 .agyaa-av' 41- , .uw ,-, v .9-r W , A.. ,. 4 5ag,,,.fi' 49-1 6, Y- 1 Front Row: R. Love, L. Boyer, T. Alderman, C. Rodriguez, M. F jeldsted, K. Sanderson, J. Langhauser, B. Weingart, D. Greenwood, B. Tripp. Middle Row: N. Baker, M. Garretson, D. Kaminski, N. Dolly, D. Betz, C. Murray, R. Marshack, M. Eicher, D. Bode, C. Wessinger, F. Dolan, C. Manard, G. Patterson. Back Row: R. Hinojosa, D. Flynn, E. Weber, S. DeForest, K. Wiley, R. Mehornay, T. Djokovich, C. Edwards, L. Eldridge, J. Barstow, C. McLaughlin, P. Fredrickson, D. Schnebelt. The Junior Varsity Track Team has a very good season 1 There are a number of athletes who will be moving up - into Varsity Track positions, so next year should prove to be promising. With a record of four-two this season, the team leaders include Bill Tripp and Steve Deforest in Sprints and hurdles, Tim Alderman, Bob Craig and Dave Komanski in the distances, and Jim Barstow in the high jump. Greg Roberts is the leader in weights. J. V. Track is moving on to newer and better things . . . lfront Row: D. Young, M. Houghton, G. Sully, J. Tolley, D. Toberty, M. Lee, J. Grisnorfer, E. Vega B. Houlihan, S. Tornay, G. Berman. Middle Row: R. I-licks, S. McHale, R. Gales, K. Noon, J. Sutheri . Astor. Back Row: R. Meinert, S. Donovan, J. Nelson, R. Harvey, D. Lomakin, T. Pyeatt, FJ and, K. Herman, C. Irwin, J. Pinkerton, K. Cooper, S. Thomas, G. Gerrich, D. Stanley, T. Houlihan oegeman, K. Wayt, S. Brewster, Z. Anderson, M. Bartlett, K. I-Iichson, M. Weber, C. Brown, D asmusson, M. Healy. G.A.A ' ! if 3 i 5 ww 5 H ! A Y, .S Archery: 1-rg Beth Ravensbetg, Debbie Bennett, Nancy Canhain, Toni Sinclaif Chris Sawyers, Becky Schulz. 'Vw X in as row. Linda Reidlmger, Ann Marie Saunders, Valerie Saunders, Carolyn Turbow, Tracy Wills, Amy Opfell, Nancy Killebrew. Front row: Anne Morris, Jil Morton, Carolyn Spahr, Ann Harrison, Pam Marjorie Gall, Karen F jelsted. Not ictured: Missy Mann, Pam Lindsay, Joy Strickland, Julie Thorpe, Janet Jennings, ulie Harwood, Holly Holzwarth, Adrianne Boney, Denise Arst, Robin Meredith. l XM X.-J ., XX N. E, g 1 l N 1 M., 1 N. 's af ,r , t. 'xx 1 " .' -.KX ,J .1 , N. ' I afli f A 'ff-, f I it 2, E El l l Top row: L. Scott, K. Green, J. Price, S. Whitaker, S. Tanake, D. Arst, G. Edison, B. Evans, S. Haag. Middle row: J. Watson, K. Strachin, K. Rathjen, J. Edison, J. Stocker, M. Forgy, K. Kunzke, J. Deutsch. Bottom row: N. Martin, G. MacLachlin, L. Stanton, S. Kahkonen, K. Hueter, A. Valle, J. Harwood. 2 .. ,g - X 95 2. l V - f ' it Su ," 'a-' 5119.5 ' 3u?54H-"V,'RV"vf.,f'f 'mf' SP? f"' V -' , , f Q 2 .t 55 a"s f 1 i J if gg Q 1 fra wr J .. ,- . 13321 5. . ,Ma f s'.-- ' , 1 F 2555 V f . ff:f': - 5 New 1 f 'fat 5? J f i : i f . H! 2 - f .4 f 1 Q .fl , V 31325 it ef 1 2 lit' 'r f I , , fp Mtg Q. :rig if J an eirltlt ate 5, fn . be 4' - ff J z 'A , il 55.25 . f i . mc...:ia'f-ff-i..we.fM- . .... ft- .,.,...., f 1 2 if " ' I - 1 . . t ., 5 1: am- fwggf -lei. . V V . 1 V. ' 1 Q2 , W . . ..,, E . A ,E f I W ,N 3 k h W.. , ,, e ,, QV ' 15 is ,. . f. nfii dli . , jaw.: . w w , ig A. f S 1 . .... S - ... 4 A ' J 1-..--LT I 1 ' ' - -A ' V a 2'-M'-'r' V . i S - . .... Q. .I"""' . ri ' ' -. . - .,. . at .a-m e . -- ---,, .ts 1- - .. .. , Fila-yas '-' s es ... ' "a '- "" M uff" " 't' , 311. ...qs , . ,N ,. . ,... ,. ,. ..,.. . ,t mW5:,jj1' - - A..-. g::.:- N55 -- . i75fQ4Tfl'1. .,...' "T, ,jelq --we , . . - i"- 'f 1. ,,'t at ' A f'M"-W . '-za . 1 1. -- vf- K- -,,1,.....-.- ....., - H - J' M' mi awww, 4 'J"Xax-,n.4P5"Qno as :Ph- Wo. .., ..-- f.-aka ---Af .w f 'K . . . . A 1- -...aqs.,.t....,.-,...,..., . EZ 3 if 2 1.614 vw-e..,... 'N' 'UPN Wfevrigfxe' 42, I ,. . ,kwwtxg M.. ,Q g Y . I , I , s . ., . , Y .,,,. gf '4 l Y N , Q Q wi '1'5i.-is .., s -' A Y ' K la- ' 'xiikf sr . I i f A 75 P . I - ve a 4 . A 2 'its ' "vw Q ' . a . A S1 : 54' ' -v: ' . ' -"" r'i" :-.11-Y Q1.'f25sfA- "if -5 'uf " V' 1- " W' . - A' if. . .. K If ' ,- -2 --b f ,gt . . i X . "' . N - 5, . - X A ,Ev 'fr ,,,. ' ...- 'tha 4 e tamw-farm -as B 'L ' I' 'Ii l 182 f J, W.. sz..--.V .. ,-M.. 'Kiev W' -. . " lbw .,,. W, ,. as , M k A- fy 1 ' . 'New' ev-f'-Wlgfscse, ,Q The 1974 girls swim team plans to follow in the footsteps of last year's team by going after their second consecutive C.I.F. Championship.Led all Americans, Jo Ann Price, Kitty Green, Lori Scott and Suzi Whitaker, Mrs. Bond's team looks for outstanding goals in the future. The team is capable of doing the best in F oothill's time, and they all deserve the best of luck! , 1 .,...,,,,-.fu was- U", sg- Q. an-n ' 'W t.. - . . " 'M' aux Q-'ff-'sf- Q, " , -- .5 V x Qjgi-7 Z "ss, X Ho N . .. L my L, K Q Xfire ffm - 2, , Q 114 atgf ' , 'lv 'il 'J 51.67 5' .,--11--fp?f'L'Nff 491 Y at lf-:XY A X ' ff fl 4 -- ' "'- X -22:6 ix- 4 X ,- ' 7 . 9, 'ff -- " A 42.5 tie 'il f5Z'2 fi'?5iW 7-VS, ' rare. HJ -ff N56 Ni X A -- A Q4 ':E:Nx"lf LDS, I9 .9 L cw' I '-frlmf T.. X 3 'fy s X Dix YR, 5 -, Q gk- R '-M, '. in A x -3 P1 45 'YL ,,. .J ' A' f-:.I-4-A ,mi ' X if, " lf etise ii- Qfli B ,- A W Tl E? LLYC' Rhea K Z 9! rr t fag, 5 4 L Q ic - , z n L - A-x .. k , tg? ,QCD HX' iff f 'B . A , XQQSE cy "f?,w--4 Q1 ' A af- 9? Kibflf B34-:J ' x Margot Ma cLa chlan. Front row: Tammy Beatty, Terri Cramblet, Andrea Valle. Second row: Lisa Baker, Jody I-Ieileson, Lori Olesen, Marsha Reynolds, Debbie Sipe, Clarice Christianson, Kim Hueter. Third row: Gail Newbrander, Maureen Andrus, Jana Duggleby, Jenny Quinn, Debbie Brennan, Tracy Ables, Lisa Spilsbury, Sue Bekkedahl. Fourth row: Kathy Bennett, Paula Pannagon, Beth Ballard, Dianne Pickering, Judy Ross, Debbie Cornett. Kathy Sharf, Linda Bagne, Jenny Roberts, Connie Newbrander, Ellen Ross, MolligxN Davis, Bette Chilcote, Karin Strachan, Dana Lane, Tina Radillo, Charisse Bacon, Anne Norris, Kathy Love, Lisa Sliff, Marcy McClung, Elaine Watson, Lisa Brown, Sue Heinle, Carol MacLachlan, Julie Duran, Sharrie Harkleroad, Maura South- cote, Vicki Kail, Kelley Ryan, Lori Sliff, Karen Ross, Kathy Eminger, 18 3 Bottom row, l-r: Laura Martin, Val Booth. Second row: Peggy Anderson, Kay Duntly, Susan Doolittle, Janet Letson, Elise Schumacher, Julie Martin, Laurie Hornen Betsy Scott, Cathy Waite, Debbie Westerlund, Michelle Glasky, Janet Cook. Third row: Karin Drake, Cheri Henderson, Kathy Bennett, Gard Berry, Kathy Greenwald, Debbie Wodiski, Kelly Christian, Carol Witt, Gina Richardson, Lori Hanna, Ronda Salah, Sheryl Hobby. Fourth row: Mindy Melilli, Mimi Liff, Lauri Hassold, Julie McMillan, Tammie Pelton, Gwen Hansen, Jill Weinthal, Earreen Arrington, Kathy Bridston, Darcie Mueller, Oksana Siwolop, Caroline Lawrence. Fifth row: Tammy Koppenaal, Sandy Kirk, Karen Steel, Karen Waite, Debbie Morrell, Jenny Holub, Vickie Garside, Gaye Evans, Cindy Christ, Barbara Schuh, Kris Gregory. Sixth row: Tricia Jones, Kathy Gallardo, Liz Hume, Myra White, Leslie Brecheen, Kathy Jeffers, Lisa Robinson, Laurie Licylyter, Patty Russell, Robin Johnson, Cindy Mooney. Seventh row: Robin Briggs, Ellen Savage, Debbie Vaughan, Jenny Secoy, Donna Tichenor, Laura Pickford, Lorna Buhler, Jenny Lewis, Jennifer Bell. Eighth row: Joan Hoefner, Lenore Gray, Tammy Quayle, Melissa Murrell, Beth Wray, Patty Gilsdorf, Claire Bouck, Traci Board. Ninth row: Beth Amestoy, Sharon Profet. In F oothill's ten year history of GAA. each year just naturally seems to get better. Every year more girls get involved and join in the fun. Through much practice and hard work can the girls only achieve what they do. Even though recognition does not always compare with what the boys athletics receive, this does not stop the program but in a sense seems to strengthen it. Besides the usual volleyball, basketball and hockey teams, F .H.S. has one of the most outstanding swimming and tennis teams in the state. We are proud to announce that some of the girls compete on the national level, in some sports such as track, gymnastics, tennis, swimming and synchro. Not only does Foothill have great athletics, but they have excellent departments that put on two famous productions known as "The Modern Dance Show" and "The Synchronized Swim Show" which have been known to be the best in the county. But along with work comes many rewards of fun and I friendship and good times meanmg of G A.A.! I Varsity Baseball, back 1-r: B. Brose, S. Sloan, B. Bechht, G. Edsor, J. Matthews, D. Goetten, Y. Fiege-Kollmann, A. Thrupp, T. Christian. JV Baseball, front l-r: P. Holder, D. Baia, S. Franke, C. Spahr, P. McNanmee, J. Tanaka, R. Robins, S. Gerrard, T. Fiertl, J. Ross, P. Panagon. 185 No vem ber "By the middle of January Kohoutek should be the most dazzling thing in the sky save for the sun and the moon." Kodak Photonews January "Kohoutek is diminishing rapidly. Its glow lessens daily along with the early predictions of a night time spectacle." San ta Ana Register "Some day there will arise a man who will demonstrate in what regions of the heavens the comets take their Wayg why they journey so far apart from the other planetsg what their size, their nature." Seneca L I 187 ASK ME! WN if ACADEMICS ,ba-v 89 SENIORS Senior Class Council: Paul Hoestrey, President, Kim Bradley, John Shultz, Karen Yamaguchi, Scott Rowen, Sharie Bartlett. Senior Advisor: Mr. Marzilli ff if X gf , 2 , we M A. A A 'N' Z1 , N N a'H '4hf?1:'J" y wa, N oy A 'M A I UCSB Athyea M. Alder Paul Accongio- Donna L. Alderman Likes: Parties, beach, snow, sewing, going places. Rem: Gymnastics, proms, concerts, Mark A. Acuna Likes: Blondes, beach basket- ball, Lynn S. Rem: unfairly and unjustly cut from V. Basketball, the Bobbsy Twins - Hank and Frank, best friend Gregory A. Adams tsrork Likes: Summer, Beach Boys, people, bike trips, basketball. Rem: Mac's, VP night game, summer league, Hawaii. B.Acc Making it this far. Plans: To M.C. B.Acc: Staying awake in be a dentist. Ms. Johnson 's class. Plans: College, Dr. Veterinary Med., Coach basketball. Scott R. Alexander Likes: Ingrown toenails and cavities. Rem: When gas was 32 cents a gallon. B.Acc: David Alexander advanced foods, being snowed Passing geometry. Plans: in at Lake Arrowhead. B.Acc: To be a veterinarian. Surviving high school. Plans: health or medical career. Elizabeth L. Amestoy George C. Anderson, Likes: Tennis, water skiing, sailing, guys over 6 ft. Rem: Lunch served by Mr. P. Were Wd-DV meeting "Bozo", San Diego 71, New Yrs Eve '73, Halloween ghosts, 8th grade. B.Acc: Tell ya when it happens. Plans: To run away and join a circus. Holly R.-Anderson Rem: Volvo, scuba, summer in SB, 255 Turk Brian Head, PF's. Zane A. Anderson Likes: Track-1 OO, handball, beach, Lindsey M., Kathy D., parties. Rem: Xmas Formal '73, Foothill's 8: Tustin 's, Hawaii, Jr.Sr. Prom 73, AN, DC, Rollers, V. Football. B.Acc: Who stole the Gauntlet? MW, PW. Plans: To attend UCLA, hit the beach. Andrea L. Armstrong Likes: Steve B., Morris, Frank- enstein sisters, football games and after. Rem: Night school in auto shop, wkend in Mts. with my friends, New Year's Eve. B.Acc: Will be graduating from college. Plans: To go to Cal-State Fullerton. Jim W. Anderson Likes: Frieda, BH, Roy Thron. Rem: Addeus, Pancho, SACC, Klaveman, aardvark. B.Acc: B3B3. Plans: computers. Cheryl F. Andrus Likes: Fishing, camping, my birds, skiing, getting surprised. Rem: Gymnastics Club, 1 l th 8: 12th grades, the pool next door, biology, ice skating, Sonora Pass. B.Acc: Realizing how much I have. Plans: Not to take anything for granted. Gregory Arnold Likes: Skiing, horseback riding, girls, proms, and formals, cars, outdoors in the mountains, KS. Rem: Skiing Aspen, Bando football games. Feast 8: Joust '73, B.Acc: Being better than average on drums and skiing. Plans: To go to BYU. Rod T. Anderson movies and reading. Rem. Freshman year. B.Acc: Com- pleting kindergarten-12th grade in Tustin School District. Plans: To go to Cal-State Fullerton Nanette A. Arpin Likes: Traveling, poetry, great friendships, enjoyed my 4 yrs at FHS, sports, DC, GW. Rem: Soph Council, GAA swimming award, Syncro manager, concerts, Drill Team 3 yrs. B.Acc: Going to France wlswim team. Plans: Brooks College - mdustrial design. we-, rPfs0.cLa2,6le-fij'cQo2l' W 'MOLD final! goo limb GRfc1OQQfnil'LQ,ge, K Kvxow WM'-jp Likes: Traveling, watching TV, XML ,- ,Q, R J M LO LLB ' sm JOM VW Kevin Arrington Likes: Skiing, motorcycles, rock climbing, vans, scuba diving, wild women. Rem: The days we did burnouts on the last day of school. B.Acc: Will be sometime after March 2, 75. Plans: Cruisin' around Alaska. Hezfevw Gund HRIU5 193 Ken R. Arritt Likes: Palm Springs, road racing, Lori Elias the Pea. Rem: oil burnouts, Broadway Review, going to Big Bear at 1 :SO and being back at 5:30. B.Acc: Semester Graduation. Plans: To get Real Estate License when I turn 18: then a brokership. Vicki A. Aston Likes: Slow Gin, horses, my blue balloon, JP. Rem: Nov. Jam, LO's House. B.Acc: Maintaining at FHS. Plans: Move out of Tunaville. Tracie Barber i'Spacie Todd Barker Likes: Skiing, Geeked, MX Likes: Vacations. Rem: Races, Led Zepplin, Sunny Smoking in the Boy's Room. Days. Rem: Brovsmie, Wayne's B.Acc: Passing Fiction of the cabin, innertubing, sly, L.A. Future. Plans: To be a student Arboreta primo pk, Rex. B.Acc: Discovering peace and knowing real freedom. Plans: To live a long, loaded and prosperous life. as long as possible. Robert Astor Likes: All vacations, minimum days, snack, lunch, Sr. privi- leges. Rem: Clof 74, Jr.Sr. Rec. days, Boys Foods, learning to drive, pranks in Bio, my No. 1 lunch partner, Fri. notes from JB 8: KB. B.Acc: Getting through 4 yrs. of high school. Plans: To get through 4 yrs. of college. 'Steve Ball Likes: Tennis, skiing, Sci, Math, people, movies, etc. Rem: Hawaii, Canada, Guess Who Concert, DlPurple Concert, June Mt., Arizona. B.Acc: 125 ft. free fall dovm Ariz. mine shaft. Plans: USC to UCLA med school, marry and become an M.D. Craig Baron Likes: Skiing in Colorado, bike riding, the beach, concerts, sports, Ng. Rem: skiing at Vail, Homecoming, Jr.Sr. Prom 75, escorting Susy, NG, SL. B.Acc: Making enough to ski all year. Plans: To ski more and attend Ricks Jr. College. Howard Baldini Dean Ballard Likes: Skiing, Friday 8: Sat. nites, camping. Rem: Dead meat, New Years, Bacardi 151, Alice C., Calif. Highway Patrol, Sr. Ski Day, Big Neen, Wayne Lee's cabin. B.Acc: Grad, 18, Mussel of Love. Plans: Go to San Onofre Beach to comb for Bearded Clams. Martha Kay Barry Likes: Peanut butter, the New Year, my Great Dane, lovers and other strangers. Rem: Hooded sweatshirts, cold bay- cold car-cold duck, smokes ala Tea, Jokes under the table, soggy tomatoes, Jan 9, 74. B.Acc: Friends who care. Plans: MRS degree, law. Sharie Lynn Bartlett Likes: Singing, people, going to Music Center, graduating. Rem: All my tardies, Sr. Council, Rec. Days, bubble blazing contests with ST, KY, WD. B.Acc: Being Maria in The Sound of Music. Plans: Major in theater arts fvocal perform J. i 2 Ann Beaver Likes: Rudi, aspiring to FOMA, Zubin and the L.A. Phil. Rem: A rude awakening in 409, and being for only a moment La veuve gaie. B.Acc: Learning to learn. Plans: Are confusing. Karl Becker tNew York Likes: Motorcycles, JL, KC, NC, RS, track, cross-country, basketball. Rem: 31st, 33rd St., 7th 8: 8th Ave. fNYCj, hot rod, Gentlemen, JJ, SD, ST, SA, MK., Coach D. B.Acc: Yet to come. Plans: College at Cal State Humboldt. Kim Battles 'fThe Kim 'Kimmer Likes: the beach, rain, drawing, vacations from school, northern Cal., animals, dancing, gymnastics. Rem: 4 shows at South Coast Rep., Aug 73, Pat's bio, R and esp. M, "Tommy". B.Acc: Tempest, Would-be Gent, E.L.8cP. Plans: Move to C. Mesa, work, bay area M , 1 Karen Bebout Likes: Scuba, Maranatha Concerts, beach at night, camping, movies. Rem: Finkelstein Sisters, Haunted House, my friends, snow trip 74, KL, football games. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Go to UCSB and enjoy life. Lisabeth Marie Belinn "Lisa Likes: Tschaikovsky, artichokes, Women 's Lib, Carol Burnett, photo., water skiing, Monet and Marcus. Rem: Karen Lugene, the scoop, my first T.HO, robbing Mark 's gas station. B.Acc: Window monitor at M. Morrow. Plans: To be a Mr. Ward Jr. Ron Beard Likes: Waterskiing, scuba, beach, Palm Springs and curvacious cuties in their bikinis. Rem: Marzillis 6th per. geometry, Carol Waters for speech, Catalina, Prom w!Robin, LB, CR, KG. B.Acc: To become rich enough to enjoy all of my expensive hobbies. Mike Bechtol Likes: Motorcycles, summer vacation. Rem: Going to school in the dark. Bombard- ment. B.Acc: Passing Civics. Plans: Go to Santa Ana J.C. Jennifer Diane Bell "fThe Peep Likes: Jesus, beach, trying to surf, ice ska ting, skiing, dancing, tennis, beach volleyball. Rem: Hawaii 69, TIA, Steve, Wabbit, down South, Ann, J. Geils and Scott, running in the hills. B.Acc: True Christian, 2nd runner up in Miss Tuna Contest. Plans: Pepperdine U. Greg Bennett Likes: Trish Muse, Southern Comfort, Bacardi, Black Label beer, parties. Rem: The Holub Administration, bombardment Greg getting busted. B.Acc: Staying here for 4 years. Plans: To live. I W- X ' 'li 5 ' W2 in o A' 'ff' 5. ff. 7.5 Cindi Berg Likes: bowling, parties, Mike, playing pool with D 8: M. Rem: Jr.Sr. Prom 73, soph. year, my best friends. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: to be a nurse and have a good time. Sue Bennett Likes: Terry H., choppers, animals, parties, VW's 8: Capris, Turquois, good jokes, Token, and much, much more. Rem: llth grade w!Net, Mina 81 Gang, Kritzer's bad jokes, gang fights in PE. B.Acc: Graduating mid-term 8: passing. Plans:AWork 552 buy Capri - Dave Berger Likes: Skiing, beach, motor- cycles, handball, ice skating, football, cruisin, TJ, back- packing. Rem: Day before Xmas vac., Xmas formal 73, Jenni B., Crummy Economics, Debbi G., Vicki G., weekends at Big Bear. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: To make some. Dan Beucke 'Augie Likes: to be Jake, stooges, Nat Sherman, "Its a monster!" Brown Sugar, 54th St., Bums, B's. Rem: EHC's party and Class, football, Summer of 73, reentry Cone, New Years Eve. B.Acc: Athletics. Plans: major sociology. 1 Don Beno Likes: Barbara Schuh, Becky Stilley, Track-440, storm waves, beach sunset, beer 8: stogies. Rem: Xmas Formal 73 rollers, DS Club, Tutton 's drinks, hodads at Newport. B.Acc: staying with Barbara fespecially summer of 732. Plans: 2nd sem. beach, UCLA. Marc Berger Likes: Radio electronics, Band. Rem: 3rd period unscheduled radio fjob ann. 732 GB ward when he had hair, Field Day Camping or Saddleback, June 1973. B.Acc: Graduating after only three years. Plans: To go to Stanford or Cal Tech. Glen Biener Likes: Girls, girls, and more girls and flirting. Rem. Mr. Marzilli's 6th period geometry class, DK's BB dress, LS, PH, SM, DS, CM, DK, RB, HS, Mrs. Driscoll and Mr. Bowen. B.Acc: A ,,,,, from DK on New Years 73. Plans: To continue in school. 1 - J x Debbie Beran David Bergman Likes: Motorcycles, Fri. nites, SR, last day of school. Rem: Freshman squirrels, 72 Grad Party, the 8 inch "J". B.Acc: Graduating from this place alive. Plans: To be a beatnik drawing women up in the attic. Marcy Blaustein Likes: Hun, Genesis, DB, DB's, AC, Roxy Boutlegs. Rem: The Do Bee Sisters, Mr. Wizard and Little Freddy, the Toilet Paper BT, off Band, Joe Doo Bee Brother, Hollywood. .L f Mark Block Likes: Skiing, motorcycles, parties. Rem: Meeting God, Hawaii Summer of 75, Sharon. B.Acc: Sharon. Plans: Travel. Geri Bonde Likes: Weekends, parties, concerts, gymnastics and guys. Rem: Biology 10 with Patter- son, Jr. Rec day, Mr. Wood, summer school with Crummy. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: To study, fsociology and psychologyj. Beth C. Boone Bev Boegeman Likes: Dave Christian. Rem: May 19, 72, May 18, 74, Dave Christian, Jr.Sr. Prom 75, Sophomore PE, Shorthand parties. B.Acc: Graduating at Semester. Plans: Mrs. David Ralph Christian. Celeste Boney Likes: Waterskiing, sunshine, sea, horseback riding, summer, parties, river. Rem: not very much. Bigg Acc: Graduate. Plans: go to stenotype school of Westminster. Ann Boger +Lirr1e Annie Likes: Terry Weiman, "T, W. Pitt Stop", my great friends, sunshine, and a lot of happi- ness. Rem: Jan. 20, 1973 - New Year's Eve at the Rose Parade, Xmas Formal 73. Movingout and in. B.Acc: My bustle in his hedgegrove and his car in my garage! Plans: marriage in 75, Minnesota, Den tal Assisting. Scott Booth Likes: Surfing, sailing, camping, wrestling, Earl Crum-dum, The Trio. Rem: Hazlet's Econ class, Salt Creek Dec 26, 73, Mark R. getting RIPPED backside on 8ft wave. B.Acc: We'll see. Plans: Have a good time! .XV x Joe Boggess Likes: Painting, working with clay, sailing, 59 DeSotos. Rem: "Lunch with Zelba", Catalina with the Haydens, Rock's Halloween party, Bette Midler ' Concert, "Curious Savage". Plans: go to Goldenwest J.C. Krista Borchardt Dave Bowen Likes: Doug S. Snow and water Likes: Motorcycles, Marx skiing, friends, fun in the sun with everyone. Rem: Meeting Doug S., Sadie Hawkins '72, Christmas Formal '73, lunch times, Drill Team ski trips, choo-choo train, with J.B., "Julie-Julie", Lake Milerton, 16th Birthday. Plans: College. Bros., baseball, laughing at Murry, Kerns English, Wise- man 's Chemistry. Rem: The midnight run, Craig's 180, throwing oranges, Gortzs mask, Summer League, Mammoth. B.Acc: Maintaining thru four years. Plans: U of Oregon, keeping in touch. 7 Paul Bozarth Likes: skiing, scubadiving, . surfing, Fridays, girls, summer, beach, weekends. Rem: After school handball, wrecking dune buggy and summer of 73. B.Acc: Passing Osters classes. Plans: To go to Europe then to Saddleback. Barbara Brose Likes: TF D, skinny skis and donuts. Rem: Cruise '73 with hatch cover, Idyllwild '73, rubber ducky, GAA, Scooter, hockey puck, SB, DD, and SM. B.Acc: GAA President '73-'74. Plans: College. Carol Bracy Likes: Lions, the mountains, Reno in the sun, roses, travel- ing, nems, snow. Rem: Grass- hopper at Sambo's, zap, July 29-30, 1973, pf3, doritos, U.S. History class, the hand thru the wall, making the movie. Plans: To go to Cal State Fullerton. Judy Brown 'kMartini Likes: The Old Man, bar hopping, dancing, being alone, my friends. Rem: The back- door, Sunday baseball games, the green Camaro, my white hat. B.Acc: Getting R.D. to go to school once a month. Plans: To leave Tustin soon. Kim Bradley Likes: Football games, seeing them at my window, real friends, going to the desert, GBOIA. Rem: trying, those good old days and nights, hiding in Gav's car, that party. B.Acc: Hasn't happened yet. Plans: UCLA and then que sera sera! 5, ,M Joan Brewer Likes: Skiing, Drill Team, and the fun with my friends at the football games, basketball games, birthday parties at lunch, the skiing trips, while in class and out and just being with them. Plans: College. , ,,... Timothy W. Bradle Likes: The beach, Rec ,nu Chips, morality. Rem: KEC, the Stingers - JD, football, baseball, the Good, the Bad. B.Acc: Making it this far. Plans: To be successful. MM: Sheila Bright Doug Buck Likes: Girls, bowling, the outdoors, parties, the beach, riding. Rem: The oil slicks, driving to Wash., the summer time. B.Acc: Blowing up my Chevy. Plans: Going to Canada Harry Buckley Likes: Motorcycles, summer. Rem: Never coming around Easter and Sedoo 's haircuts. B.Acc: Finished high school. Plans: Going to a JC. Mike Buckley Likes: Skiing, surfing, handball. Rem: Rod Stewart, Cottons, Santa Barbara, Paul 's presents. B.Acc: Gettinga job. Plans: Whatever Debra Marie Burge Likes: James S. Gardner, skating, plants, animals. Rem: The Group fA8cT, MRD, D8fR, D8cT, K8rGj, New Year s Eve at the "75" Rose Parade. B.Acc: Learning to skate backwards. Valerie Ann Bush Likes: Don Garbis, Don Garbis, Don Garbis, Don Garbis. Rem: How you guys first met in a swimming pool with my clothes on. B.Acc: At 15 I met the foxiest guy, Don Garbis. Plans: To be with him. Cindy Bunch Likes: Bikeriding, going out, badminton, leaving Foothill. Rem: Summer of '73 fJuly 12, old boyfriends, trying to figure out excuses to get back in class. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Have fun before I die. 1 t 7 ? IJ Ray Burk Likes: Backpacking, fishing, Montana. Rem: Hot Creek, Stage Band, the Ranch, Chem. E with J.P., Homecoming '73. B.Acc: Losing less than 55.00 to the Zemi machine. Plans: To go to Cal State Long Beach. Howard Buswell Likes: Dune buggying, four Wheeling, trying to ski. Rem: Kern River, road rallies, Friday night racing, racing a sheriff building Scott's car. B.Acc: Driving over a Volkswagen. Plans: Finish my Jeep. Barbara Bunting Likes: Music, swimming, beach, mountains. Rem: Pennie, San Felipe. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: Go to college. Penny Burt Likes: Photography, ceramics. Rem: Those countless visits to the substitute nurse, trash- can fires. B.Acc: Outwitting the authorities. Plans: Go to University of Colorado. Shannon Butler Likes: Wind, Hawaii, K. Coop, E. W., half-days. Rem: J.B., C.'s choo choo, Lake H. '71, Welby and Gopher, purple toads, Catalina 72, 73, 74, L.P.'s hockey. B.Acc: Drill Team '72-'74, Plans: college. Laura Burton Likes: Mark G., mustard seed faith, the beach. Rem: Marantha concerts, Peacock Hill with K.L. and K.E., foot- ball games, Kufu, B.Acc: Is yet to come. Plans: To go to Cal Poly, Pomona and then? 2 Ellen Buzzell Likes: Bobby, handicrafts, ceramics, tennis, clean air. Rem: Xmas formals, Home- coming, honeymoon-camping at Little Rock. B.Acc: Getting married summer of 73. Plans: To work for awhile and maybe have a child later. Steve Carollo Likes: White Lightning on Newport Boardwalk, little drakes flaring trash cans, Michmekan, brothers Mike and John. Rem: J. Hendrix, D. Allman, 31 reefers at County Line, New Year's at Dean 's, naked rabbits and assorted goodies. Deborah Cadmus John Cantrell Likes: Getting rowdy, party crusin, motocrossin, and Lisa. Rem: Fight at S.A. Valley, our close call at Orange Mall, times, people, places. B.Acc: Just making friends and having fun. Plans: Take a year off, then college. Sandy Carse Likes: Sewing, riding, the ocean, my puppy, Greg. Rem: Who Concert and all the rest of them, parties, Summer of 72. B.Acc: Making Greg go to Jr-Sr. Prom 1 974. Plans: to travel. Lisa Camarata Likes: Climbing the pine, music lessons with Spanky, my black seal-chufa. Rem: Playing music by the wood stove with Spanky and the Gang. B.Acc: To leave Tustin with tricks under my hat. Plans: Travel to the four corners of the earth with a Lisa Caples Likes: Party'n, Boggie 'n music, concerts, Pantera's, males. Rem: Heavy's and lightweights, Tr.1 O56 in H.S.'s van, Lower Peters, Dingyland, Grad. 75, Ditch'n, Boggie'n, T.F., Buzz'n. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Around the world and money. Timothy Carter Likes: Skiing, basketball, nice waves, Utah snow, a four period day. Rem: Ohio St-42, USC-21, 10-12 ft, at 56 st, skiing at Vail. B.Acc: Escaping from Econ through the window. Plans: College, business, money. Brian Cambell Likes: Senior Ski Days, Fri. nights, weekday vacations at Canyon Lake. Rem: Summers of 71, 72, 75: the day Uncle Dan left: Wayne's cabin: New Year's at Deans: Dean the Bi. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Making it through the Summer of 74. Donna Marie Capazzoli "Cap Likes: Volleyball, basketball, water-snow skiing, beach and most of all Rich! Rem: Xmas Formal 73, May 1, 1972, River, Jethro Tull Concert New Year's Eve. B.Acc: Getting up on one ski while Waterskiing. Plans: To go to Saddleback College. Doug Cavanaugh Likes: Skiing, San ta Barbara, Solana Beach, N wpt, ski and skin diving. Rem: Summer 71, 72, 75, playing lead for Faces in concert. Dinner with Mick Jagger. B.Acc: Climbing Mt. Everest. Plans: Brazil in 74 and travel rest of the world. Don Chalmers Likes: Motorcycles. Rem: Doing wheelies over the speed bumps in the parking lot. B.Acc: One time Honor Role. Plans: To take a vacation. Howard Childers Tracy Christian Likes: Hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball, track, skiing. Rem: DWIPBBKYGG- Phoenix, Hayward-Nation van trips to White Gold. B.Acc: Surviving Economics. Plans: To go to Fullerton. X Sharon Chase Likes: Sunsets, clouds, love is . . . a guy that blushes, Charles GJ. Rem: Frosh art, BBB and Bec, China Peak snow-in, black Plymouth Satellite. B.Acc: Finally learning to ski. Plans: Live to 104. Chris Choumas Likes: Surfing, motorcycles, skiing. Rem: party at the River, Christmas vac., Hawaii, surfing at oceanside. B.Acc: being a millionaire. Plans: Living in Hawaii. John Cinque Likes: Soccer, pinball machines, fast women, bugging parents. Rem: That I Wish I didn 't come to Calif. and I wouldn't have to fill out this sheet. B.Acc: Losing 574 straight pinball games in one hour. Plans: Become the Pinball King of the World. William Bradford Chase Jr Likes: Friendships, any broad that can stand me the Hip Li , fe. Rem: Good and Bad times, Bagle Cruisers Club, LB, the Underground, Jethro Tull. B.Acc: Well, I 'm alive, and survived thru it all. Plans: Take off and join the world. See y'all! Rob Cherney Likes: Women and song, surfing, racing, fishing trips, concerts, skin diving. Rem: "Fright Nights", Rock Creek, Tull 8: Deep Purple Concerts, parties, water balloons, Kings River. B.Acc: Making the All- League Team in water-polo. Plans: To go to U.C.I. Kay Clapper Likes: Backpacking, GAA, books, and sore feet. Rem: Vegas, Cotton candy, RCC, S.A., Xmas, Lapin 's Wonder. B.Acc: Getting my driver's license. Plans: To stay alive and living. Tom Clarke Likes: Fri., Sat., Christmas vacation, parties, space in time. Rem: Silverado Canyon, cruising Sat. nights, not going to Ist period at all. B.Acc: All the times I ditched without getting caught. Plans: travel a lot. 202 Dana L. Clawson Likes: Hot cars, All mechanics, motorcycles. Rem: People. B.Acc: Improved knowledge. Plans: Take business courses in college. Sean Clay Likes: Almost everything. There isn't much to remember. B.Acc: Was about to happen but was postponed because of the fuel shortage. Plans: To go to college. Lucille Cohen 'Lucy Likes: Working in any art medium, archery, tennis, kite- flying, a good discussion, theatre make-up. Rem: Ms. Terry's Sociology class, Mr. Wood's Earth Science, World Lit. Plans: To make life worth living. To give. Cindy Collins Julie Clayton Likes: Showing horses, snow skiing, water skiing, and going to the desert and Doug. Rem: Biology, P.E., helicopter at Jr.-Sr. Prom and Doug. B.Acc: Math and learning to remembe. things. Plans: Become a lawyer and Doug. A is ? x Julie Ann Cloutier Likes: SN, FH, SF, and BWFIL. Rem: The GL's, M.T. with Ako and S Lizard. B.Acc: My friends and my head. Plans: To live, love, and learn. Coleen Collins Likes: Nice days at the beach. Rem: Alpha Omega, times with RRR, Aspen 8!3l7l, Heav's and Light's, and pals. Plans: To attend college in Colorado and . . .? Johnette Cleary Likes: Waterskiing, motor- cycles. Rem: Sunday afternoon games, The Circle Salton Sea, all night parties. B.Acc: Turning Christian. Pam Cochran Likes: Skiing, speedway, Mickey, ski bobs, surfing, hockey sticks, bunny boy. Rem: O.C. Fair, Randy, M.A and Vince, Indio Beenie Fest, Tahoe, the ICC, Speedway banquet. B.Acc: Getting off the lifts. JoAnn Comerford 'Jo Likes: Water skiing, back- packing, and the mountains. Rem: Initiation, rally at Gelroy High, '70-71, parties on the beach, weekend in Tahoe. B.Acc: Passing Mr. Crummy's. Plans: Backpack in Europe and Hawaii- Radiology. 1 Janet Cook Likes: Rowdy guys, the beach, "Cookie Monster," Jethro Tull, good parties, Minnes seminar class, K.B.'s driving. Rem: The Haunted House, the Finkelton Sisters. B.Acc: Rat Princess of 1970. Plans: Getting the most enjoyment from life. Karen Cooper Likes: Tanning my hide, Steve J., S. Butler, Coach Hummell's red hair, airplanes, scuba. Rem: Lake Havasu '71, Cata- lina 72-73-74. B.Acc: Learning to take varsity basketball starts. Cindy Cramblet Likes: Beach, vacation in Baja to T.J., traveling, horseback riding. Rem: Europe - Summer of 73, friends Soph. year, Rick, times at the Belinn's. B.Acc: Tennis, track team, honor roll, graduating. Plans: Going to college at U.C.L.A. William Cook Likes: My eight good classes, '72-74, cabinet, bringing my own lunch, discussions. Rem: DDACC falso JJQ, TT, JP 49 PH, LM, election time, RAR, and KJ Webb. B.Acc: A in American Lit. Plans: Learning all my life. Debbie Cornett Vanessa Crandall Likes: Football, tennis, friends, parties, Christmas Formal '73, JM, BS, RH, HH. Rem: P.E. '71-'72, L.M. Truck, friends, good times, Girls League. B.Acc: Passing French IV. Plans: Long Beach State Ernest Conlee "Ernie Likes: Movies, plays, horseback riding, SACJP, Palm Springs, records. Rem: Homecoming 72-73, "The Exorcist", Pleasanton, Mickey Mouse, Drama B.P. B.Acc: Graduation from college. Plans: California Institute of Arts. Richard Corp Jr. Likes: Hockey, fishing, back- packing, DD. Rem: Playing hockey, being a freshman, New Year's Eve '70, Cindy Thompson. B.Acc: Probably will happen in college. Plans: To play hockey and become C.P.A. Da ve Crockett Likes: Skiing, surfing, ditching. Rem: Cutting. B.Acc: Skiing and surfing on school days. Plans: Go to South America. Jack Crone 203 2 Shauna Dahms Duncan Crowl Charles Currey +Chuck Kevin Curtis Marcel Daniels Likes: Scuba, fishing, beach, parties, concerts, ice skating. Rem: Fire extinguishers, oranges, Deep Purple, J. Tull, King's River, Rock Creek, LJ's, LS's, ZOW. B.Acc: Surviving four years of good times. Plans: Go to UCI and then get rich quick. Wynn Davenport Likes: Life, water skiing, karate, animals, cooking, cake decorating, people! Rem: Ottis, Hawaii, fun time in the snow and sun in Tenn., friends. B.Acc: The pumpkin caper and turkey mache. Plans: My own business. Likes: Mickey's, pool, brunettes, backpacking, fishing, Dorene D., camping, D. parties. Rem: Kern River, Darlene L., Rod Stewart Concert '73, J.N. - A.S., Salmon River. B.Acc: Will undoubtedly happen after graduating. Mark Daniels Likes: Weekends, vacations and skiing. Rem: Good parties and my friends in the San Fernando Valley. B.Acc: Passing all my classes. Plans: To travel. Julie Davey Dan Danskin Likes: Debi D., Debbie G. Rem: Wang Lo at San Onofre, P.T.'s, Cruis'n Tunaville, good ol Mr. Crummy, Mid-week parties. Plans: To make some. Mark Davis "Kid, Rookie Likes: Riflery, music, singing, Colleen C. Rem: Christmas Formal, going away party fMass.2 4' days in the desert. B.Acc: Skiing down expert slope at Big Bear and I don't even ski. Plans: To go to O.C. then transfer to USC. De brick No homework nights, 9 with a tan, trucks and Rem: Bo, tu, Very orange drink, cruising, Grand Canyon. B.Acc: it through without caught. Plans: Cruising college. sunrises, my puppy going to Canyon Lake w ekends. Rem: March 3, Christmas Formal, homecoming as B.Acc: Bitching with Dennis I e To be an R.N. Dfedrich 'fDee Drawing, photography, Rem: Ha ppy's when met Smokey. Time to leave this Plans: Architect and photographer. Johnny skiing, cooking, and never getting caught. Steven DeForest Likes: Music, Waterskiing, end of football, girls. Rem: My going away party, Janey, Missouri. B.Acc: Learned to tie my buckle shoes. Plans: To study Pre-Med at UCI. Anand Desai Likes: Tennis, vacations. Rem: Not much fF'orest Homej. B.Acc: Making it to to 5'4". Plans: Major in medicine. Curt Dietrick "Muskrat Likes: Bombardment, hand- ball, guitars, cruising around, parties. Rem: Broadway Review, Humble Pie concerts, parties at GM and DL. B.Acc: Graduating from Foothill. Lisa De Gennero Marta Distefaro "Freedom Likes: Dancing, nature boys, the beach and flyhig high. Rem: Races from Westminster, Stacy 8: Paul, D.K., donuts, the gray bomb, cruising in the hippie wagon. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Vacation in Hawaii. Working with animals. Debbie Degraffenreid Likes: Hockey, skiing, donuts, dogs, rain, pizza. Rem: Rubber Ducky, biscuits, '73 Lake Havasu, SB, BB, TC, SB, W, MN, Woody's birthday. B.Acc: Nothing yet. Plans: ? Maureen Doherty tReenie Likes: The summer sun, beach meeting new people, old friends, happy people. Rem: Beach house '73, Ed, the troop, HS's van, G's party, soph, '71-72, Salton Sea. B.Acc: Graduating from this school. Plans: To take a trip to Hawaii, school. r 2 O6 Cynthia Donaldson fcyndee Likes: People, horses, water skiing, writing, beach, and CA. Rem: Decisions and changes: special friends and special talks, Philosophy in Lit. B.Acc: The art of lion taming. Plans: Go to UCI and get smart. De bra Drei bel bis Likes: Rodger Gulledge! shooting, Simon 8r Garfunkel songs, gymnastics, and snow. Rem: Rose Parade New Years '74, Queen Mary '73, Christmas Formals. B.Acc. Getting up in the morning. Plans: Med assistant, marriage. Marilee Donohugh Likes: Skiing with friends, traveling to the horizons of everywhere. Rem: Mexico, San Francisco, Colorado, Utah. B.Acc: Staying alive and happy. Plans: To take myself on a long ski trip, like 40 years. Dorine Dreibelbis +Dori Likes: Beauty sleep, stud McQ, skiing, tennis, chevron's moon landing boys. Rem: Aug. 7, doing the wash, New Years 73-74, Miss Tustin Contest, Kennedy's biology class. B.Acc: The lst time I ever ....... Plans: To be rich and famous. Paul Dorsett Likes: Sailing, wa ter skiing, Bev K. Rem: El D., Christmas Formal 1973, Villa Park game, Bombardment, Tex, Kritzer's Testepoos. B.Acc: 11 out of 13 in Monday night football fMNFj, also making it through four years at FHS. Jim Douglas Likes: School, teachers, home- work, sarcasm. Rem: Playing chess during Geometry, debate trophy, weekend tennis, Foothill library. B.Acc: Surviving. Plans: Join Mafia for be a plumberj. Steven Downsworth Likes: 4WD, scuba, TT,DB,PC. Rem: GB, RB, HS, KG, CW, MH, NY, the Station. B.Acc: Yet to come. Plans: A life of leisure in the country. Tom Drake Joseph Ducey +Kid Likes: Anything fun, especially football, baseball, G.W.B.G.E.A. L.B.H., noodles. Rem: J.J. rip-off with M. W. B.Acc: Blocked punt vs. Katella. Plans: Denistry. Steve Duckett Likes: Kay. Rem: Getting caught. B.Acc: Getting out. Plans: Have a happy life. Brent Duggleby Likes: Driving the Breadbox, rallies, drafting class, Powell. Rem: Freida, Baja 500 pre-run, Biology class, friends. B.Acc: Learning how to forget. Plans: Enlist in International Society of A.T.P.A. Bob Dynan Likes: Flying, skiing, Sandy C. Rem: Tryincg to land a Cessna 150 in a 90-35 knot crosswind at Hemet-Ryan. Plans: To go to college, start my own airport. Ed Etikson Likes: Backpacking, scuba diving, lapidary, KR, bicycling. Rem: Being snowed in with KR over New Years '74, Christmas Formal, Marching Band, Felix the Cat. B.Acc: High School Graduation. Plans: To attend PPU Renee Dunker Likes: Weekends, vacations, summer, parties at Bird 's Friday nights and leaving Foothill. Rem: All 4 years, Broadway Revues, meeting Mitch in '72. B.Acc: Graduating and trying to get to Civics on time. Dorothy Edgar "Chris Likes: Danny Stock Rem: All the fun at Foothill, B.Acc: Graduating Plans: Becoming Mrs. Danny Stock Karen Eriksen Likes: Singing, Jim, Christmas Formal '75, Lori, Laine. Rem: Meeting Jesus "Tell it Like it is", Madrigals, Miniwanca, and JV softball. B.Acc: International Piano Audition. Plans: What the Lord wants 'til the Rapture!! Sheryl Dutcher fsherry Likes: Being with friends, sindansew, receiving flowers, staying happy, Don. Rem: Meeting Don, Feb. 18, Jr.-Sr. Prom '73, tryouts, camp fl-Iey Boys!j Homecoming, LB,CC, PG, SL, JS, LS, and good times. B.Acc: Cheerleading. Ted Ediss "fTediss Likes: Kathy S., surfing, dirt bikes, skiing, food, my hat. Rem: The Guess Who, Rod Stewart, Dr. Jon, Grass Roots. B.Acc: Taking off on a 158 wave and making it. Plans: To be on ski patrol. Perry Ervin Likes: Motorcycles, skiing, girls. Rem: Try not to. B.Acc: When Uncle Dan had to apologize to me. Plans: Go to Germany and Canada. Laurie Eilts 207 2 Brian Ettlin Likes: Skiing of all kinds, hunting, and dirt bikes. Rem: Dec. 31, '72 - S.F., Mexico at Easter. B.Acc: Working 13 hours a night ni the summer. Plans: Undecided. Douglas Fitzgerald Linda F al bo Likes: Tennis, snow, beach and J.C. Rem: Nov. 19, 1971, Nov. 1 7, 1972, M.C.'s party, San Diego. B.Acc: My.avocado plant. Plans: To have a good time. Scott F azekas Likes: Being with Tina. Rem: Beach parties, the haunted house, motorcycling in Holy Jim Canyon, Saddle- back 8: Kern River. B.Acc: Getting my car fixed up summer of '73. Plans: To be an architect. James Florance Likes: The petty and picayune Likes: The idea ofleaving my joys of material wealth. Rem: Ward's class. B.Acc: Construc- tion of 30 ft. sling shot capable of hurtling a one kilogram mass 3OOMt. Plans: B.S. in Physics at Fullerton. beloved school, snow angels. Rem: Glassing my surfboard in closed garage, dart games, 9th St. B.Acc: Meeting Sharon. Plans: Visiting Aqualand on a contemporary unicorn. Michael Farrar Likes: D.N., surfing, the Scuzzy Green Bomb, Sierras, fishing, Key Club. Rem: Cowboy Lloyd, window washer in Yosemite, a candy striper, N.F., Camp Richardson and the Old . . . Plans: Staying away from hospitals, basketball at Fifty, Sunshine, Susan F eign Likes: The tiny bubbles, Irving the frog, tennis. Rem: Cruisin Susin and the Lloyds. Ward 8: Terry. Crummy and his mad M's. The toilet paper, JP, stoichy. B.Acc: Getting through Trig. Plans: To graduate. Susan Flores Likes: Nothing Rem: Nothing B.Acc: Getting out of Foothill High School. Plans: ...... David Faul Likes: Surfing, camping. Rem: Mexico, early morning Oceanside winters, a lot of parties. B.Acc: Getting up for school, getting out of Mexico. Plans: To move out of Southern California and enjoy life. Leigh Ffbfch Likes: Racing, motorcycles, beach, dune buggy. Rem: Cruising, parties, Homecoming, the gang. B.Acc: Learning about life, love and friends. Plans: OCC Judy Flower Likes: Skiing, tennis, horse- back riding, JP's parties. Rem: The ranch, hee's, Tijuana Bomb, Christmas of '72, Orange grove. B.Acc: Learning to ski, graduation. Plans: Going to Saddleback. '1 Kim Foster Likes: OKCIR - skiing, trips, river, races, sailing. Rem: Summer of 75 - Beach Boys 12173, Kritzer's testipoos, sailing last summer. B.Acc: Getting through High School dates. Plans: Puerta Vauai Europe and UOP. Nadine Fujimoto +Mi1-ri Likes: Art, music, Switzerland, thoughtful people. Rem: All ,Teddy Bears, KW, PG, secret ,admirer No. 1, Bowen and lsight, Daddy D., Dardo. B.Acc Yet to achieve. Plans: To be. l l ,Hugh Douglas Galt Likes: See below. Rem: HAH, LM, DS, JC, PL, TJ, JM, CM, LB, VC, RH, LB, KE, SB, GM, NS, taking away girls votes in Cabinet. B.Acc: Getting LM to ,smi1e. Plans: Forgive and forget. Lisa F rancian Likes: Blake, Corvetts, tennis, the outdoors. Rem: BAS, 4-7-73, Jr.-Sr. Prom 73, 4-19-73. B.Acc: Finding Blake. Plans: To go on to bigger and better things. Marjorie Gall Likes: Gardenias, ivory keys, tennis USC. Rem: Nwpt sunsets, formals, to street, pep, Dear Prudence. B.Acc: Couture, musique, tennis. Plans: Trojan or Cardinal, live until . . . Tgm Ffefeg DHVE FI'1StOe Likes: Band and it's extra curricular activities, Helen Reddy, Elton John and back seats. Rem: Drum major Coast Music School, George B.Acc: Coiner of the word "Banda", Plans: Orange Coast College. Jeff Galt Likes: F out years with friends. Rem: The little accomplish- ments and big disappointments. B.Acc: Surviving. Plans: To improve the world. Cindy Gargiulo Cindy Garner 2 'David Garretson Mary Karen Getten +Karen Likes: Drill team, swimming, parties and dances. Rem: RLM, KLS, KJB, and friends, Christmas formals. B.Acc: To be happy and successful. Plans: To go to UCLA. Deborah Garside Likes: Early morning K's, late night, toasting in the New Year, SH and WB. Rem: Smokes a la the, hooded sweatshirts and 750 wigs, jokes under the ta ble, getting lost. B.Acc: Hanging on. Plans: Letting go. Gordon Gazel y Caron Gilbertson Likes: Traveling, volleyball. Rem: Good times and bad times, Hellos and Goodbyes, B.Acc: Honor Roll '72, Plans: To go to Cal State Fullerton. Paul Gately Likes: Greasin', fun zone, Jesus, freaks, buddha H. Rem: MJP terrible trio, beach 72, our gang, French III. B.Acc: Climbing Everest with Doug. Plans: Burn my Pinto. Paula Gavin Likes: Ferndale Ranch and Co. skiing, tennis, Mammoth. Rem: Biking, parties, and good times with DMJ, vacation 75, Rah-Rah Pom Pom Play- girl. P.S. I love you. Robert Louis Germano fBob Shanna Gerrard Likes: Julie, records, Mexico, mountains. Rem: New Years Day, Santiago Peak, Stadium D.I. B.Acc: Passing chemistry. Dlans: To see the world. Marc Gilio Likes: Parties, skiing, motor- cycles, beach, backpacking, girls, guns Marahutchy. Rem: Steuarts party, Summer '75, Christmas '73, Chipper Lake San Antonio. B.Acc: Sailing license. Plans: To go to Oregon and college. Likes: Dune buggies, basketball, music, nature, racing, skiing, snow. Rem: Bob, Mark, John, Summer 1973, Thanksgiving l 972, the sand dunes. B.Acc: Graduating Plans: To get away. Eric Gilsdorf Likes: Babes, motorcycles, my car. Rem: Big Al, Spode parties, in wood shop, Bird Legs Woodruffe. Bean the BI. B.Acc: B.U.L.L ..... S .... Plans: Make some bucks and bearded clams. Bob Glauser Likes: Skiing. Rem: Big Al 's. B.Acc: Not working on Sat. Plans: 51,000,000 by 21. Nanette Goodwin Likes: Working, skiing, tennis, Newport Beach, four period day, friends. Rem: Ice skating, Fridays on the slopes, Christmas Formal 1972, football games, Physics jokes. B.Acc: Surviving this far. Plans: To go to BYU fski-Y-UQ Coleen Graham Likes: Snowball fights, warm toes, uninfected tonsils. Rem: Marching nose, pickle head, hitching rides. B.Acc: Rolling Gary's VW down driveway wlno one knowing. Plans: Live, love, and learn in country. t+ , Y Sue Godejahn Likes: Skiing, parties, crash- car-driving, Danny. Rem: The party at J.K.'s, concerts, the trailer, "the ramp", Joey Manuel, "the Gang", "the Tape", D.P. 7!4!72. B.Acc: Getting over No. 15 in my junior year, L.H. T. M.L. Plans: To go to CSUSD. Peter Gorham Likes: Suicide and Taquitz, chair 14 at M., Honk, life. Rem: Christopher Parkening and Lightfoot, Phil in Lit, Evolution Basin 73. B.Acc: Staying awake in Economics. Plans: Live on a deserted island and read Ulysses. Lynn Graham Likes: Sailing, skiing, back- packing, cooking. Rem: Summer of 72, Homecoming Week, backpacking in Oregon, being snowed-in at Lake Arrowhead. Meg Goffstein Likes: Horses, skiing - water and snow. Rem: Parties, learning to ski, Elvis Presley Concert. B.Acc: Going to school two times a week. Plans: Being a doctor. Steven Gortz Super Chief likes: Football, my good luck charm, Home- coming, Tony, Angelo, Francie, Luigi. Rem: "Rowdy as Hell" '75-4 Varsity football team, B's Big Mac, the Bean, The Brick, Gimpy. B.Acc: Athletics. Plans: To major in architecture. f' Mark Gray Likes: L.B.K.M., bowling, Ca. S., wrestling, Foothill. Rem: Starving for wrestling, practicing for Feast and Joust 1973, Creaming Mr. Webb '72. B.Acc: Shuting out Kennedy, 22-0, 1973. Mike Gillman Mike Gray Likes: Skiing, basketball, track money, girls, parties, traveling. Rem: Frank, track, the Who, summer of f73, friends around the country, Elton John '72. B.Acc: Three Christmas formals in one year. Plans: Ski Bum, college, millions. Billy Green Likes: Darn near everything. Rem: Not too much. B.Acc: Licensed pilot, and graduating. - Plans: Tripping around U.S. H p , i gg ,., .1 .af Carolyn Green Likes: Tennis, swimming, motorcycles, food, sing, music. Rem: Summer of '72, '73, Homecoming '75, Christmas Formal '73, B.Acc: Hasn 't happened yet. Plans: J. C. then transfer to State College. Robert Green +Bob Likes: Women, Song, and Kathy Greenwald Likes: Red, licorice, skiing, Mary. Rem: Bando Football bicycling, flirting, dancing, games, Cindy, Ellie, Cari, Shan, Mary, last Xmas formal, Homecoming, Las Vegas. B.Acc: Graduating, being band president. Plans: Going to the Police Academy and being a cop. parties. Rem: Pam's New Year's party, looking for squirt guns at 5:00 a.m. B.Acc: Being alive. Plans: To go to college wherever they accept me. Mark Greytak Likes: Motorcycles, snow skiing, scuba diving, sailing, girls, parties. Rem: Broadway Review, good and lousy classes, crummy teachers. B.Acc: Getting out of Foothill mid-term. Plans: To become a millionaire before 30. Pamela Gunderman Mike Gulko Likes: Skiing, the Beach, Likes: Shootin pool. Drake, good and old friends. Rem: Nothing I've been Rem: Jan. 11 and Drake, taught here. B.Acc: Graduating Freshman year. B.Acc: without remembering any- Graduating. Plans: To thing. Plans: To graduate continue going to school. from college. Jeffery Green "Jeff Likes: Friends, motorcycles, handball gang, the weight room, Mr. Oleson. B.Acc: Leaving hom to drive. Plans: To go to Saddleback J. C. 5 Donna Ruth Grissinger Likes: My pals sailing, the time with Jamie, the surf, sun, and sand. Rem: March 23, '73, Jr.-Sr. Prom, Oceanside and beautiful times, Chicago. B.Acc: I won't know until I'm old enough to look back. Plans: To study law and make the most of life. Norman C. Groot Likes: That rock 'n roll, tootie 8t me, Big Blue, AB, DS, FK, NH, the cove, the groupies at snack. Rem: The "bowl", Prom 73, PS, ELP, "Can you ditto?" Kc the lunch- a-bunch. B.Acc: Too much too soon too fast too wierd! Plans: To go to USC 8: to Ann's wedding. l l Rob Hackett Likes: 4th period, 3:00 p.m.- 8:45 a.m., vacations, R.S., fried chicken, N.E.D. Rem: Troy basketball game, Pam and Karen score keeping, D. W. 's New Years party, Ms. Southern. B.Acc: League, County, 7-5 set over T.L. Plans: Saddleback Kmder- Linda Halverson Likes: Tennis, water skiing, summer. Rem: The Lake, The Tijuana Bomb, DM's and JP's parties, my friends at J.B. B.Acc: I survived. Plans: To go to college and travel. Kurt Hamilton Likes: Skiing, free falling, 7 foot waves, my girl friend, my girl friend's girl friend, and playing mud football. Rem: Skiing and breaking my ankle, almost drowning in a freefall, tackled facedown in the mud. B.Acc: Driving home from Humble Pie Concert. Plans: Going to U.M.T. University of Mexico. Gunder Haigh fGun-Jake Likes: Parties where everybody is bombed. B.Acc: Has not occurred. Plans: To be very good at something. Joe Hamer Likes: Bombardment, John Goddard adventure films. Rem: Moody Blues Concert, Sadie Hawkins Dance. B.Acc: Winning candy sales award. Plans: To be a professional entertainer. Sherrie Halliburton Simong Hammer Likes: Ice skating, bowling, drivmg, traveling, snow. Rem: 1972 Homecoming week, f The Tiny Bubblesj. B.Acc: CROP fallied healthj. Plans: To go into Registered Nursing program. x XX Beverly Hardgrove "Beaver Likes: Jesus, T, Mike Mun, House Bible study, Bros., Santa Cruz. Rem: Cheyanne Social Club, WC with Jim, Calvary, hippy patches. B.Acc: Love, joy, peace in the Lord. Plans: Be a famous artist, participate in the Rapture, PTL. David Halterlein Likes: Newspaper writing and writing in general. Rem: Being on the school newspaper for three years. B.Acc: Knight Life, news editor in senior year. Plans: To go to college, major undecided. Tom Hardy Likes: Jive music, surfing, riding, swimming, water skiing and chicks. Rem: "Wrightwood 73", champion- ship, all my friends, fTTWBTCOTIl, B.Acc: Finally graduating. Plans: Fullerton College. 213 214 Lee Harrington Likes: Writing, music, art, MJB, thinking. Rem: Dress code, BS, Switzerland 73, cliques. B.Acc: Co-author of two books. Plans: More writing, teaching, living. Qu a 'I u g. 'I David Herman 'i' Charles Harrison Likes: Tennis, winning at pinball, poker. Rem: Almost made an "A" in Math. B.Acc: 574 games won on pmball game at Zody's in two hours. Plans: World tour of pin ball halls. Thomas J. Hetherington Likes: Photography, sleep. Rem: Cruising, being bored in class, not getting enough sleep. B.Acc: Not getting caught. Plans: More school. Julia Harwood Likes: Tennis, gymnastics, working at Gemco, Bob G., home, friends like CA 84 MH, graduating. Rem: Xmas season 72, Ensenada, Santiago Peak, N!Y Day 74, no Bio, 72 club parties. B.Acc: Retaining my sanity after Bowen 's class. Plans: UCLA, Kevin Ha user Likes: Concerts, skiing,'Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Bombard- ment, Kathy Haley. Rem: Parties, New Years, The Pink Box in Conts Tech. B.Acc: Stopped smoking, making it through Friday nites. Plans: Own a plantation, live forever. Robin Hewes Likes: Bob Tripp, Bob Tripp, Bob Tripp, Bob Tripp. Rem: All the great times we had together. B.Acc: Lasting this long with Bob Tripp. Plans: To get married to the one and only! Mark Hastings 'Diver Dan Likes: Dorothy, MA 's vet, No. 30, Cold B's. Rem: Dead Man's Curve, Tiny Bubbles, CIF diving. B.Acc: My first shave, 120 and no tickets yet. Plans: Alaskan Salmon, Med School, CA beaches . . . yeah. 3 x 1 4 Q Marian Hawley Likes: Brian, The Huntington Library, Strauss waltzes, books, going up Saddleback, Ann. Rem: Summer 73 - Emery Barrow Pit and Ensenada, Neil Diamond Concerts, 71 84 72, modern dance. B.Acc: Merely existing. Plans: To continue existing. Pamela Hickman Likes: Tennis, Golf, cooking, picnics, good times, great friends. Rem: Xmas Formal 72 and 75, Bob's Big Boy, Kath, "SOO", Handcuffs. B.Acc: Drill team manager. Plans: A nursery school teacher. Cecilia J.- Hicks +CJ Likes: Driving, singing, eating, being 181 !! Rem: Celebrate life 73, Broadway Review all years, Madrigals. B.Acc: Losing weight. Plans: Teach 'til the Rzpturell James Hilsa beck ' Likes: Heavy 4-wheelin with Dave, skiing, clean chicks. Rem: Rumbles with the sporto's. Ditchin school and surfin our brains out. B.Acc: Leaving Foothill and Tustin. Plans: South America adventure. ' Paul Hoesterey Likes: Karen, ASB retreats and fights, Maggie. Rem: San Diego, Toby at camp, help from Marzilli. B.Acc: Sr. Class Pres. Plans: Become public administrator. Peter Hicks fPutter Likes: Blondes, being polluted, dirt riding and parties. Rem: Big Al, clear the halls from Mr. Jacobs. B.Acc: Foothill High School. Plans: Work, school, playing around. Kenneth Hickson Richard Himes Likes: Swimming, sailing, photography. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Proms, Cowboy Lloyd and the Tahow Relays, Minne's English classes. B.Acc: Cross country and track. Plans: Who knows? Greg Holder Likes: Partying, crispy fry. Rem: Albuquerque, Sandy, Tull, PCP. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Work and party. Kenneth Hobbs Roxanne Holderman Likes: Football and basketball games, water polo, swimming. Rem: Getting out of the hospital and back in school. B.Acc: Pepster Camp 72, 73, Songleading, drill team, GAA. Plans: To go to USC or UCLA, major in German. Scott Hodges Likes: Car racing, beach, girls, rowdy parties. Rem: DH, Jr.-Sr. Prom 1972, Summer of 1972, Getting my first! B.Acc: Living through the years. Plans: Go to college and enjoy life.' 215 s-- -- we-W' Ione Hollander Likes: Bowling and skiing. Rem: Foothill's bowling league. B.Acc: Becoming a nurses aid. Plans: To become a nurse. Mark Holter V Likes: Surfing my brains out, outer space and everything else. Rem: The river, Trabuco Canyon, six foot cottons, eight foot point: The girl on the stairs. B.Acc: Drinking the water. Plans: To leave the country. Gary Hotte Margaret Holub 'Marilyn Memorial Likes: Felix Figueroa, Bible studies and Saturday nights at the House. Rem: April 14, 1970, the first day and meeting Karen K. B.Acc: Not yet, Plans: Heaven Marylou Horner Likes: Bible-readin 8f guitar pickin ', dancing, hiking, Chuck, Mrs. Weber, Rena, Mr. Ward. Rem: Bio. 10, Aero! squadron rest, Disneyland, Donna, Speech 1. B.Acc: Exchange student to Berlin. Plans: To study law. Debbie Houck Likes: Tennis and playing volleyball after a hard rain. Rem: Friday afternoon, March 1 7, 71, "the fog rolling in." B.Acc: Passing Mr. Woods Earth Science class. Plans: To attend Cal Sta te Fullerton and major in retail merchandising. 2 it 5 1 i , Holly Holzwarth "fCheese Likes: Watching Foxy Roxy, giving unexcused tardies in , Pep Squad, Bunnies, GNO's, sneaking in the drive-in. Rem The burrito going out the car window, doubling with Roxanne, making out good with Roxanne. Suzanne Horwitz Likes: Skiing, meeting people fun. Rem: San Onofre 73, beach days on school days, friendships, hooded sweat- shirts. B.Acc: Facing reality. Plans: To be an architect. Cathy Houlihan Likes: CG, KG, JP, SG, KT, singing, wind, snow, skiing. Rem: KG's party, running through cars, the 3 hr. blackout, summer of the 70's. B.Acc: Keeping enthusiasm. Plans: CSUSD. Geoff I-Iueter Likes: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Rem: Times tables up to 12 times 12 like all good students should. B.Acc: Haven 't accomplished anything. Plans: To graduate. Louise Hussey +Lisa Likes: Band, sports, animals and certain people. Rem: '71 Las Vergas Bando's, Christmas Formal, ditching with Mary. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: Go to Cal State Fullerton. Jack Jensen Likes: Wine, women 8f song. ,jawn Anne Hummer Likes: Water skiing, parties, vacations. Rem: Detective Lewis! Mr. Frogue's 9th grade History class. B.Acc: Making it through 4 yrs. without suspension! Plans: To go to work, school, and stay happy. Marilyn Jack Likes: Rainy days and early dismissals. Rem: Woody, Chinese math torture, Lenette and Darlene the Happy Hopi. B.Acc: Four years of symmetry. Plans: To attend BYU. Maria Jimenez fLu pe Likes: Weekends, vacations, dancing and a lot of other things. Rem: Shorthand parties, Shakey's, Pep Club 72, Jr. Recognition Day, Civics 8: Economics, summer school. B.Acc: Reaching 5' tall, graduating. Plans: Go to SAC, be a legal secretary. Mark Humphreys Likes: Flying, M.F., Nikon F's, F irebifds. Rem: Patmos, Greece, The dome on the rock, Israel, stars from the ship, The Formal. B.Acc: Getting my private pilot's license. Plans: To go to San Jose State, then Commercial Airline pilot. Dorothy Jacobs Likes: My Mark - Nov. 5, 72, parties, bikes, Del, Blinkers. Rem: Homecoming, the river, the night Mark tried, rah-rah, "Yo-Yo". B.Acc: Making it through 6th Sit's. Plans: No big deal. Kathy Johnson "Kat Likes: Skiing, vans-4 wheel drive, riding, art and basketball. Rem: River trip, Utah, Las Vegas, marching band, ski parties and JV basketball. B.Acc: MIA lst counselor. Plans: Challenging, under- standing, conquering. Scott HUSOI1 5' Water buffalo Likes: Earl the Pearl, A 8: W root beer, Carl 's Jr., sweating, water. Rem: Rootbeer Buzz, Frank. B.Acc: Biggest Acc: Drinking one-half gallon of root beer in less than 30 sec. Plans: To become the first root beer connoisseur. Larry D. Johnson fsoulman Likes: End of swim season. Rem: friends, orange in my face, Colorado cruise 1973, Xmas Formal 1 973. B.Acc: 6:30 swim workouts. Plans: To learn how to smile and talk. 217 Patricia Jones +Tricia Likes: HP, sewing, summer- time, vacations at the beach. Rem: 3-18-72, Bio., Algebra II, Avi. Science, Drill Team, Modern Dance, Elton John Concert. Jr.-Sr. Prom 75. B.Acc: Surviving three trial Kc errors, the joys of FHS. Plans: To go to CSCLB. Vicke Kail Likes: Skiing, salty dogs, wee vvillies, Cross Country runners, B. Capt. Rem: Homecoming Week 73, Mexico, basketball, 73-74, GNO. B.Acc: Has not happened yet. Plans: Going to CSUF. Randy Jones 1'Flash Likes: Body surfing, skiing, water skiing, scuba, hang gliding. Rem: Big ski trip to Vail, Aspen, Snowmass, trip to river, parking lot burnouts. B.Acc: When I make my first million. Plans: To go to Ricks JC. Deborah D. Kaiser Likes: Skiing, backpacking, horseback riding, concerts, spa. Rem: Nov. 19, 71, Jan l, 72, San Diego, friends, M., WD, GOWD. B.Acc: MLTMA and MITS. Plans: To live a long and fulfilled life of happiness. Mark Jordan Likes: Sadism, child molesting, wife beating, self inflicted wounds, jungle rot 84 body lice. Rem: Merry D., back rseat of car, the runs, head cheese and pin worms. B.Acc: Winning iborgmortif contest. Plans: To pull my hair out one at a time. Kim Julian Red, white 84 blue Likes: People, drill team parades, Rosie, the beach, music, writing poetry, parties. Rem: Xmas Formal 73, NY Day 74, AFS, Drill Team, lunch w!Bob, friends, Econ. Plans: To major in law. Marilyn Deborah Kanarek Likes: Snow, summer, dancing, parties, guys. Rem: Beach- houses, the "brother", Melvin Weiner, lOth grade, speedway, Newport and Huntington. B.Acc: It hasn 't happened yet. Plans: To live happily ever after. Wendy Jordan Likes: Happiness, friends, peace. Rem: OTIV, Sweetie, Otis, June Mt. MJPP Kc Southern Comfort nights. B.Acc: Never going to school and making mid-term grad. Plans: To do whatever makes me happy. Q! Lorrie Kail Likes: Horses, guys, beach, clothes. Rem: 7th Tuttons party 1973. Summer of 73. Wee Wille and basketball. B.Acc: Graduating, making Moody Blues Concert 74. Plans: To start living. Ann Ka tnik Likes: Risto, talking in class, SPWIG. Rem: Bob's, searching escaping, Brian Head 75, narrating, GNO, the little witch. B.Acc: Passing Mr. Wood's Earth Sci class. Plans: To attend USC in the future. Steve Ka tnik Likes: Anything that doesn't bite back. Rem: Rolling, bugs, becoming a brillo pad, Kennedy, lunch orange fight, "any questions." B.Acc: Yet to come. Plans: To attend either UCI or UCLA. Meredith Keene Likes: Traveling, music, The whisky and Michigan. Rem: Frosh year, drama, Frisco, Yosemite, Edgar Winter concert, Newport Beach. B.Acc: ls yet to come! Plans: Vocalist Ka thy Kevorkian +Kaki Likes: Humble Pie, blonde- haired blue-eyed DB's, my Rika. Rem: Grad nite 73, Scenic trips, skiing adventures, Layne's van. B.Acc: Waiting room, SA, Canyon party. Plans: Get my name in lights, pay taxes, die. Karen Kaufman Likes: Antiques, velvet, all types of dancing, challenging pursuits . . . life. Rem: Music camp, Texas, Kauai, Frisco, French lingo days, good friends and good times. B.Acc: Keeping faith. Plans: College, career . . . new experiences. Doug Kensrue Likes: Water and snow skiing, Mary Keeler Roberta J. Kent Likes: Tennis, almost every flying, motorcycles, 45683968 thing fso I can 't write themj Julie. Rem: Summer of 73, Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom 73 frisbees Kritzer's Econ class, Sr. Home- B.Acc: Getting through school coming, Tahoe ski trip with Julie. B.Acc: Yearbook photographer, aviation club Pres. Plans: Recover from Foothill. 12 years. Plans: To become a den tal assistant. Steve Keyzer Nancy Kierstyn Kim K1ng Likes: Tracie, Primo, skiing, Likes: Guys, tennis football Likes J R water skiing S. outs. Rem: Greg getting basketball games, banana Rem Formal 73'P?" busted, all the great parties. splits. Rem: Mark 70 73 Xmas B Acc Leaving Foothill B.Acc: Graduating mid-term. formals, Irvine ranch 3 3 72 Plans Nothing as of yet Plans: Who knows? friends most precious B Acc Getting sta ts right for Henry SA pageant. Plans: UCI to UCLA, marriage. 220 Mike Knobbe Likes: Water skiing, driving my Austin Healy, sleeping. Rem: One 20 ft wave at the wedge, couple of 10 footers at 14th. B.Acc: Going 4 years at FHS. Plans: Going to buy a stairway to Heaven. Debbie Kirk Likes: Donald Duck, Daisies, grapefruits, Carole King. Rem: Grasshoppers at Sambos, after 10, 27 carnations, Larry's poor arm, Marzil1i's 6th period Geometry. B.Acc: Is a secret. Plans: Cal State Fullerton. Kathy Knox +Kat Likes: Dogs, the Waltons, EW, ES, the group, the road home. Rem: Summer of 73, my late cousin Grant, July 22, 73. B.Acc: Born again, Christianity. Plans: To go to Orange Coast, train seeing eye dogs. Pamela Kirkpatrick Likes: Sailing, singing, cats, getting letters, snow. Rem: Ta for JE and DH, Broadway reviews, walking to school in dark, "Fizyks." B.Acc: Surviving and making it to a University. Plans: UCI of University of Dallas. Kathy Kochanski Likes: Tennis, baseba1l,' traveling, sewing, JD. Rem: 73 Xmas formal, Farrell's, "500.", last football half- time show, GAA initiation, Pam, Donna. B.Acc: Making drill team after three years. Plans: To go to CSF. John Klingelhofer Likes: Girls with good personalities, all kinds of great music, sports. Rem: Selby, New Years Eve '72-'73 Friends, getting ripped, romances. B.Acc: Accepted to USC, getting ordained as a ruling elder of United Pres. Church. Daryl Koppenaal Likes: Skiing, oil burnouts, TS, getting rowdy during bombardment. Rem: The parties getting a buzz, camp- ing ongaddleback Mt. B.Acc: Leaving Foothill. Plans: With luck, attorney. Brian Korbelik Elena Marie Kordes Ralph Kosmides Likes: Swimming, sewing, Bruce B., singing, Arts 'n Crafts. Rem: December 15, 73: June 27, 71. B.Acc: Will be when I get out of college. Plans: To survive in a demanding world. Michelle -Kuder Jim LaBine Likes: Motorcycles, blondes, sleeping, Friday nights. Rem: Big Al, building the Sporto Box. B.Acc: Graduating from Foothill. Plans: Nothing as of yet! Martin Lake Likes: Jesus, surfing, Dorine, waterskiing. Rem: South of the Border, the river at Easter, breaking Ted's board at river jetty. B.Acc: Will be when Fritz and I tandem ride. Plans: To let the Lord lead me through life. Peter Kunzke Likes: Screamy seemy good times, whoopee cats, hot rats. Rem: The ladies I knew the way they do. B.Acc: Became a recording engineer-producer. Plans: To meke 'em jump and shout. William Lachmar Sharon Kaye Kuykendall Ke,-ry Kyzet Likesf H0fSeS,PeOP1e, Working, Likes: Loving Mike, skiing, reading, parties, fun. Rem: Honor roll, A in Nichol's, starting to work at Culver's. B.Acc: Buying my horse. Plans: To teach English, give horsebackriding lessons. Ralph 's, having friends like Linda, John, Greg. Rem: Xmas Formal 72, winning Homecoming as Juniors, Me and Paula never going. B.Acc: Nov 11, 72 to Feb 1, 74. Plans: Anything with Scuzzy! Bob Landes Gail Langenbeck Cindy Lauber Likes: Drill Team, the beach, vacations, dances, guys, half days. Rem: Sadie Hawkins 72 all my friends, Easton's 6th period Civics. B.Acc: Is yet to come. Plans: To go to college to become a nurse. 222 Janet Lawson Likes: Vacations, beach, friends. Rem: SAP!-I, f Madrigals, surprise parties, GNO, Broadway Reviews. B.Acc: Surviving from the school's food. Plans: What will be will be! Larami Lichlyter +Lar Likes: Doobee Sisters and all my friends, Badminton, raising Irish Setters. Rem: Michael's Surprise, Wilson 's Special. B.Acc: Christmas Vacation '73. Plans: To go to College of the Redwoods. To furnish my boat with a crew. Wayne Lee A Likes: Skiing, handball, foxy chicks, concerts. Rem: Getting busted twice, party fmy cabinj night for Who tickets, Stones benefit, Kim W. B.Acc: Getting out of this prison camp. Plans: Skiing my whole life!! David Lind 'fMiddle George Likes: Tennis, long haired brunettes, working on my car, basketball. Rem: Christmas Formals 72-73, summer of 73, Sadie Hawkins Dance at Knotts. B.Acc: Knight of the Year, tennis. Plans: To go into business. r Scot Lengel +La Bounty Likes: Aqua, Crane, Big Dick, poopsy, JP, BS, Pooh Bear's Honey. Rem: Silver tooth, curry, cowboy, too many laps, Do ya good, BS Blazers, Tiny Bubbles. B.Acc: Running with Captain Buzz. Plans: Never to run again. Jackie Lewis Likes: D 81 K's, C.M., Malibu, Aspen, Steam Boat Springs. Rem: Kindels, Fridays, sneak at A's, races KBb team, Thunder turkey and the Blue Cockroach. B.Acc: Graduation Plans: Live it for all it's worth. Susan Lindsay Pam Levy Likes: Tennis, having J.P. for Chemistry, eating, champagne. Rem: Summer of '72, March 9, 1973, my party New Year's Eve 73, Feb. 72 at Camp Palomar. B.Acc: Hasn't happened yet. Plans: Plan to attend UCLA. Tom Licata Likes: Italian food, Music, Italian girls, sports, summer, J.S. Rem: Camps, celebrate life, ensemble, D.K.T. B.Acc: B.A.C. Plans: To go to college. Darlene Lindstrom Likes: Parties, concerts, skiing, backpacking, getting out of school. Rem: Going to Friday and Saturday nigh ts parties. Ken Litchfield Likes: Handball, scuba, good parties, hot and glassy days. Rem: New Years Eve 8: the night we spent getting Who tickets after school handball gang. B.Acc: Diploma. Plans: To live a good and easy going life. Take things as they come. Diane Loewe Likes: Greasy tacos, La Bomba parties. Rem: G.N.O.'s, Eliza in Pygmalion, President of Pep Club 73-74, President of Thespians 72-74, The Summit. B.Acc: Gary - G.C.N.P. '73. Plans: What will be will be, at Berkeley. Jo Lyttle Likes: My harmonica, the little blue Honda, peanut butter. Rem: Overalls, acting nuts with Snooze and Co., C.C. in P.S., watercolors. B.Acc: None. Plans: Get out of this drippy town of Tustin and see the real world. Kim Livingston Kathy Lull Likes: Snow skiing, swimming, water skiing, traveling, beach. Rem: Parties, France, week- ends in Utah, Mammoth, and June. B.Acc: Making it through four years. Plans: Orange Coast. Tom LoBue Likes: Baseball, tennis, skiing. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: To go into medicine. Frank Lullo Jeff MacPherson 'fThe Gnome Likes: Having fun with my friends, people, Barb. Rem: Captain Zorp 8a the Gorps Fun Club, New Years 74, Tahoe, snow diving, fog cutting. B.Acc: Growing short. Plans: To grow shorter. Richard Mancini Likes: Skiing, riding waves, bumming around, sports, pizza and spaghetti. Rem: the foot- ball game vs. Santa Ana Valley, getting smashed at the beach, Mt. Baldy 73. B.Acc: Getting out of this school. Plans: Cal Poly Pomona. Laurie Lynch +Laur Likes: Badminton, skating, arts 8: crafts, chorus. Rem: Xmas Formal 71 8: 72, a week at Green Valley snowed in, Dave. B.Acc: Being in Mr. Doyle 's Choir four years. Plans: To be free. 223 22 4 Stephen Mapes Lance Markley Likes: DC, weekends, Car1's Jr. half pound cheeseburgers. Rem: First period frost and fog fighters, I-lolub. BtAcc:J Kept from going bananas. Plans: D.C. Lisa Ma tichak Likes: Snow and water skiing, being number three in Take Four, traveling. Rem: Trips to Mammoth, NIY Eve 72-73, BA, SP, AL, Easter 72, That big green car. B.Acc: Will happen in June. Plans: Dental Hygenist and travel. Jeff Martin Likes: Surfing, motorcycle racing, sailing. Rem: Eating it at Saddleback, winning 4 races in a row. B.Acc: Sailing 10 miles off shore, living one way. Plans: Going to Dental School. Janice Mathews Likes: Weekends, friends, skiing, the beach. Rem: BH and the parachute, GNO parties, truckin' with Moon, Freda the Frosh. B.Acc: Hasn 't happened. Plans: Que Sera Sera. Elizabeth Mauro Likes: Travel, the mountains, books, rain, Dylan Thomas, eiderdown quilts, rocking chairs, wyeth. Rem: Over- ammergau 8: St Malo in summer w!Di 72, the sound 8: the fury w!Minne, working, at pickwick w!David. B.Acc: Close friends, open minds. Plans: UC Berkeley. Linda Matheson Likes: Sewing, working, being with friends, being happy, family. Rem: Xmas Formal 73 summer of 73, August 21. B.Acc: Making friends. Plans: Attending UC San ta Barbara and majoring ui special ed. Greg Mathews Likes: People, tennis, talking, being sarcastic, camping, beach, doing nothing, soccer, A's, movies. Rem: Freda, Joke of Day, Prom, Speech, JP, Homecoming hippie, friends, Lord's taxi, bagels, hearts. B.Acc: Plotting Mars. Plans: UCI, UCLA, get my ortho- dontinst. Gail Maxon Gerald May John Medici Michele Menzie +Mirz Likes: Southern Comfort, snow and water skiing, DS, eo le food Rem' Beach P P 1 - ' House 73 Alpha Omega, PM, the "gang", roadracing in McKeerer, G1een's parties. B.Acc: Graduating and deciding on a career. Plans: Vacation and school. Gordon Mayo I Karen Meengs Likes: Robert Redford, Women 's Lib Movement, Stevie Wonder, Equal Rights, Arts . . . and Gleen. Rem: Recognition Days with Lisa, "capers," backfiring, finding. B.Acc: Sending my applica- tions off on time. Plans: Funnist lawyer. Robin Meredith Likes: Tennis, sports in general. Rem: Homecoming, Christmas Formal, Jr.-Sr. Prom and all the other great times I 've had with Bruce. B.Acc: Getting through my senior year without doing my homework. Plans: Going to UCI hopefully. Susan Mayrhofer Likes: Outdoors, sports of all kinds, having a good time. Rem: Drill team, drill team camp, GAA, Jr.-Sr. Prom, GB, TH, KJ. B.Acc: It hasn't passed my way yet. Plans: To face whatever comes my way, starting with college. Jim Mengos Likes: Numbers, concerts, sincere girls. Rem: Wang Lo at San Onofre, The Algebra 1A Game. B.Acc: The games people play. Plans: To live. Sandra Mergell Likes: Snow skiing, horseback riding, the beach, meeting new people. Rem: Last summer in Catalina, and a few good parties. B.Acc: Graduation, moving out of Tustin. Plans: To move to Catalina after graduation. Karen Meade Likes: JW, ditching, Orange Julius. Rem: DC and parties, sneaking out, Donna - it's great! B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: OCC, freedom! l l Richard Miller Likes: Basketball, football, guitar. Rem: '73 Jr.-Sr. Prom, Sadie Hawkins, being ineligible. B.Acc: Getting back to Foothill from Univ. Plans: To go to CSF. 22 226 Russell D. Miller 'fRusty Likes: Tennis, The Judge, and girls - not in that order. Rem: 71 straight Crestview League Champs, N.H., "He shouldn't have done that! B.Acc: Victory over Hellar and Farmer fnever paid offj. Plans: CSF, USC, porsche. Catherine Monson tKem Likes: Good times, good friends, the obermeier, D.G., vacation romances - the best! Primo parties, J.S. Rem: Summer 72, lasagna parties, the enlightment, Wally Beaver's birthday party, Christmas '73, B.Acc: Graduating alive and well at 1 7. Plans: Retire at 55 to "Rockin' old Folkies home". Terry Miller Lora Moon ?fApache Likes: Truckin', Bowie the Galt, Connections: Rob, Paul, Indians, D.S., speech 8: tempe, Woody, S.Slings. Rem: Cruisin' with Kathi, my "teddy bear", Janice 8: Loewe, Bakersfield and "good life", J.P. B.Acc: Learning how to maintain. Plans: "peace and tranquility" Wyoming '74. Tori Mitchell 'Mortal Likes: Guys, N.G., Xmas Formal 73. Rem: Regla's Bio class, Macs. B.Acc: Not flunking any classes. Plans: Making money. Gretel Moehle Likes: Mountains, art, Debussy and Sebalius, sun- shine, John Denver. Rem: Freshman year, finding Christ, J.P., red Rover at FAKHFAJ, Sr. Recog., miming 8: much love. B.Acc: Hasn't been accomplished. Plans: To learn all I can 8: live life the best I 'm able. Ed Mooney Jr. Likes: Architecture, History, Sciences, anything and all. Rem: Nov. 17, 1973 MFVFBG. B.Acc: Winning AIA Architec- tural Design contest. Plans: PHD in Architecture, Univ. of Oregon. Curt Mitten Likes: Getting out of school. Rem: Not writing this. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Haven 't decided. Becky Mogan Likes: To eat. Rem: Summer, hospital in 73. B.Acc: Made honor roll spring 72. Plans: To go to Pepperdine Malibu next year. Lori Moore Likes: Swimming, bowling, tennis, meeting people. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom 71, Christmas Formal 73. B.Acc: Keeping my grades up when I changed from SA High to Foothill. Plans: Go to business college and become a legal secretary. Adele Moote l i Morton fBubba Likes: BLB, hunting, fishing, outdoor sports. Rem: 1 973 -Sr. Prom, coyote hunting guns. Plans: Boogie, a ranch. Toni Moses 'ikes: Home football games, ES, PH, VC, SL, HH, AR, KY, now. Rem: Water skiing 73, ill team 71-74, Prom 75, x urls' League. B.Acc: Nothing ns of yet. Plans: To become 1 teacher. Arizona. B.Acc: V. baseball, Debbie Morrell Likes: Water skiing, hot summers in Ca. Rem: Dance production, river trip 73. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: To enjoy. Glenn Morton Likes: Tennis, all sports, parties, girls, food, money, beach, skiing and surfing. Rem: Friends and girl friends, Foothill parties and Foothill formals. Sports events. B.Acc: Going to the Nationals in tennis for 4 yrs. in a row. Plans: College, major in business, tennis club manager and owner, pro and teacher. if 2 We V -Ii' -2' nnnne rw - frfnnz Ween: 7 -:ive anne , t.the fee . 2 rv.-..-,N f 1:51 , ,.' g v. T ,.,,, 3+ , W , f Prine r .. , .frrf?, evfwuw: 4 i7 if 1 'i ii ' J' ..i 2 'l" Joan Mossman Likes: Sunshine, "Just You and Me," being rowdy and good times. Rem: Parties, cruising, kidnaps, FHS sportos, friends and enemies. B.Acc: Learning how to ..... Plans: To use what I have learned. Lindsey Morrison 'kLinds Likes: Dave Dunn, music, go kart riding. Rem: GH, Rose Parade, senior year at Foothill. B.Acc: Getting out of High School. Plans: Going to college, being happy! Bill Moses Likes: Sailing, traveling. Rem: Seeing Delong get the pie, Santa Cruz Island. B.Acc: Forcing myself to endure High School. Plans: Tahiti race '74. , r 3 'lr 4 iff 1 'iv si' .r ef Patricia Muse +sn0wba11 Lady Likes: Greg Bennett, my friends, my Ranchero, parties. Rem: Mr. Holub, Feher's and Wiseman 's sick jokes, weekend in Big Bear. B.Acc: Getting thru school by mid-term. Plans: Cosmetologist, live in Canada, marry Greg. Micheal McCain Likes: To listen to Elton John, Ringo Starr 8c Chicago. Rem: All the fun at high school football games, to care for unwanted animals. B.Acc' To retire at 35 and receive welfare. Plans: To go to Orange Coast College. 227 Kelvin McCutdy Likes: Going fishing. Lucinda McCormack fMunchkin Likes: horse back riding, the river, buzzin around, MG, DC, SE, KS. Rem: Jethro Tull, Rosimino, Jr. year, 4th period PE, 72 summer. B.Acc: Graduating from Foothill. Plans: To work, have a happy life. Dan McGrew Likes: Snow, sun, music, bikinis, ski bunnies, good parties, good wine. Rem: Tull 72 and 73, whp 73, NY Eve 73, Tuesday in Nov 73 at DR, purpose. B.Acc: Haven't done it yet. Plans: Take life easy. Don McKinley Likes: J.M.S. Rem: J.M.S. B.Acc: J.M.S. Plans: G WIML me James McCormick Likes: Donna Ruth, close friends, people that are real. Rem: Feb 14, 73, March 23, 73: the rowdys, Cabinet, both homecomings. B.Acc: They'll keep comin '. Plans: Learning more, experiencing the world, living forever. Robert McGuire fBob Likes: To throw the discus, the boys, and Ann. Rem: Football 73, four practices in the smog, Christmas Formal, "lt's your thing". B.Acc: All league offensive tackle. Plans: To go to a 4 year college and joke off. Cheryl McLaughlin Likes: Frisbees, Visors, tennis at night, Balboa. Rem: Key Lim Pie, Hotdogs, Queen Mary, New Year's morning. B.Acc: An A in Chem from Pfitzner. Plans: Live life to its fullest. Tim McCray Likes: Skiing, flying, parties, living in Corona Del Mar. Rem. Four long boring years. B.Acc: Not getting caught. Plans: To study Architecture. David McKennett 'Davey Likes: Rock and Roll, and Teenage Heaven. Rem: Personality crisis with Fred Krepps, Joeno and SOB, Toilet Paper, brown shoes don't make it, Hand me the pliers. B.Acc: Eating and digesting naked lunch. Plans: Jimi? TS? Tim McLean Likes: G,B., parties at Bennett's, up in the loft playing pool. Rem: Home- coming-Christmas Formal, Prom 74, nightime at the beach. B.Acc: Getting out of FHS, passing Fic. of Future. Mindy McMillan Sheri Neal Likes: Tall guys, flying, DT, Psychology, rainy days, music. Rem: Balboa, New Year's Eve 73, Vegas, glider ride at Elsinore, McDonalds. B.Acc: Soloing in a Cessna 150. Plans: College-major in political science. Doug Newall Likes: Nice quiet lunches, bombardment, oil burnouts, P.H. parties. Rem: Letts Lake and the Cooks, L.V. W. J.R. P.B., football, baseball. B.Acc: Leaving FHS. Plans: To travel and move to the beach. Susan McMullin Rem: Drama, Brianhead, scuba, summer in S.B., San Francisco, disguises. Jane New "fJenny Likes: Pat, Doug, Bruce, Lyle, Butch, Bill, Denny, parties, Load, Jim Heath, No. 210. Rem: Speedway, Melvin, Carey 8c Chuck, D.B No. 22, Beach Boys Concerts, 18th St. N.B., Rush Center, Broadway Review. B.Acc: Learning to be myself and being happy about it. Plans: Work, college. Donna Newland Likes: Good friends, casual get togethers, the out of doors. Rem: Drill Team, G.A.A., football games, proms, formals and Sadie Hawkins. B.Acc: Enjoying it all. Plans: To go to Cal. State Fullerton. b .. 2 7 x , 4 X 4, lv. Peter Naegeli Likes: Skiing, tennis, sports in general, AFS, people. Rem: There 's no drinking age in Switzerland . . . A big part of my life. B.Acc: Wishing to be ha with what I have PPY - Plans: Coming back to the U.S., traveling, finish school in Switzerland. Ron Nice Likes: Basketball, C.G., Physics, scuba diving, back- packing. Rem: Christmas Formal and party, the rowdy power, reading class. B.Acc: Passing a trig test. Plans: To graduate from college. Connie Neal Likes: Weekends, parties, leaving school, two period days, XBJ, KN, EN, SW, BP. Rem: "S.C.U." 21st, "The Tree" River 1973, Bob Jr., Slow Gin 8: the park, 45mph in 25mph zone. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Working, having a good time. Donna Nicholson Likes: M.F., color orange, all secretaries in office, being a T.A., tennis, badminton. Rem: ML, HM, RB, MM, LD and MF, working on school switchboard. Plans: Go to Saddleback, then Cal. Lutheran 22 2 Chris Noe Likes: Mountains, backpack- ing, skiing, being with friends, having a good time and feeling good. Rem: Summer 73, party- ing June 73, Tull 70, 71, 73, concerts, going places with friends, Kathy. B.Acc: Being at peace with myself. Plans: Go to school, enjoy life. Greg Nowak . Likes: Cars Rem: Junior year, Mr. Sours, Carol Ewald. B.Acc: Coming to school. Plans: Working Jean O'Donnell 'l'Jinky Likes: Motorcycles, mts, buzzin', beaches, being rowdy, ER, KB, concerts. Rem: Colorado, Whitelock, Rosmino, Halloween Night, Las Vegas. B.Acc: P.E. Graduating, dressing in P.E. Plans: Love and be happy, going to Colorado. Randi Ogle Likes: Water skiing, sewing, Bob, motorcycle riding. Rem: Woodroffes 5th Period English class 1972-73. B.Acc: I graduated. Plans: Travel, get married. 1 .fi n Brad Nyman Likes: Oil burnouts, Hobbs. Rem: Pep club, Varsity Club. B.Acc: Varsity basketball. Plans: To go to Foothill. Michael J. O'Brine Likes: VW's, vacations: soaring, going to Foothill. Remr Patterson's Bio Class, Europe 73, T.A. for Pfitzner, CSF. B.Acc: It would undoubtedly be graduating!! Plans: To attend UC Davis. Jannon Oland Han Likes: Surfers, parties, concerts, Porsches. Rem: Dave's VW, Huntington Beach parties with MT 84 SH, New Years Eve AHWOO!, Cruising. B.Acc: Finishing high school. Plans: Go to Orange Coast. Rion Oberly 'Rye Boy Likes: Terry W., Ca girls, beaches, a lot of B's, getting your yaya 's out. Rem: Party 2 weeks Bahamas party! B.Acc: Maintaining. Plans: Coming back to haunt Foothill High. Eileen Ann O'Conner Likes: Beach, music, snow. Rem: Xmas Formal 69, Rene R., Tom and his bottle, Alpha Omega, the gang, sorority, ditching. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Going to Hawaii. Ann K. Olson Likes: Dancing in the Dew Sc jeeping with JAC. Rem: Hobie Bakers, lunch on a knoll, biting Wally Beaver. B.Acc: Being a G.L. Plans: To enjoy life. Anna Maria Ornelas Likes: Home Ec, outdoor sports, Tom, RM. Rem: Elton John Concert, Acapulco, vacations, school, friends, summer of 73. B.Acc: Learning to drive. Plans: Go to college, and go to Hawaii. Maureen O'Sullivan Likes: Skiing, mountains, art, music, beaches, poetry, and people. Rem: Drama, Brian- head, Red days, narrow escapes. B.Acc: It'll come someday. Plans: To go to Europe then UCLA. Greg Page Likes: Surfing up north, Ranch Santa Barbara, El Cap. Rem: Nothing. B.Acc: Climbing Mt. Everest WIDC 8c PG. Plans: To get out of here. Y' tf Joleen Ortiz Likes: Madrigals, Benjie, singing, Jesus, G.A.A., O.C.H., graduation, Barbara Streisand, Flip Wilson. Rem: Broadway Reviews, sing with Mads at Knotts Berry Farm, 1 7th birthday, homecoming Week. B.Acc: Graduating from A.P., or marriage. Plans: Above. Kevin O'Toole Likes: Kodachrome, my red shirt, shaving cream, education. Rem: When I think back on all, Mr. Kirsch droppin his pencils. B.Acc: Having trio lunches for two months. Plans: To get a PHD in Cliff note regurgitation. Kimberly Ann Page +Kim Likes: BBques at IP's 8a MW's, snow 8: water skiing, FBB games, parties, kidnaps, football 81 baseball players 8: GNO's. Rem: Humming- bird, ad-ing, Xmas Formal 73, dinner at Aspen Mine Co., GL's 8: just you 84 me. B.Acc: Saving to go to Europe 73. Richard Ostrow Likes: Music, Jesus, Jews, bowling, girls. Rem: Xmas Formal 72 and 73, MP, PK, JS, BW, KJ, 1st place band trophy. B.Acc: Getting saved, MP. Plans: Going to Redland University, become a famous sax player. Timothy James Owen Likes: Relative principles of peace of mind, bombers, traveling Europe, Canada 8c Hawaii. Rem: Wang Lo at San Onofre, Allman Bros. Band - Leon - Who, endless games, curly, moe, Larry 8: Debi. B.Acc: Establishing a moral and phys. character. Plans: Mary Palchak Likes: Band, band parties, Lisa, Barb 84 Bob, being V. Pres. of Band. Rem: ditching w!Lisa, Las Vegas 71, Xmas Formal 72- 73, Jr.-Sr. Prom 72, all spring 8r Xmas concerts, missing my sole. B.Acc: Surviving. Plans: Major in music at CSF. Barbara Podell Likes: Horsemanship, music, bio, the silver, tongue, GT, SF. Rem: John Denver con, NIY Eve, Colorado, San Francisco, Halloween, Back Bay, Saddle Club. B.Acc: Jumping 4', learning to live. Plans: Cross-coun try trail ride See Europe, college. 232 . Rodney Pang 'kPango Likes: Skiing, cars, nightmares, music 8: chicks. Rem: Jr. Homecoming week, great friends. B.Acc: Being a hit as Don Ho. Plans: Being a bigger hit as myself. Jana Patterson . Likes: Bananas, bicycles, kazoos, swimming as frogs. Rem: Sleepy Hollow, mellow moons, Elmos, poggy Doobee Sisters and Brothers. B.Acc: Surviving this granfalloon. Plans: To visit An thropia Beep! Beep! Janis Peterson Likes: The beach, tennis, motorcycling, eating, old movies. Rem: The iron gates, phy. labs, going out for lunch, M.S.F. concert, BT, JB. B.Acc: Won't happen until I die. Plans: JC college 8: transfer. 2 L Pat Patterson Likes: Everything from base- balls to :buzz balls. Rem: The boredom, the fun, the golf, the bunnies, 8f the problems. B.Acc: Sneaking in late to Jacobs' class five times a week. Plans: Fame 8: fortune. S Pa trici o Perez Likes: Soccer, classic music. Rem: My first day in this school because when I came September 11, 1973 I didn't speak any English. B.Acc: Being an exchange student, many friends, speak English only. Plans: Go to Concepcion Chile, medical student. Pam Pettigrew Likes: Tennis, Bacharach, Mr. M 's garlic jokes, Mrs. Paterno's spirit. Rem: Homecoming 70-73, Mr. Wiseman 's Chem. Class, Mrs. C's cooking class. B.Acc: Surviving Simong's accident. Plans: Ambassador College. Ann Paxman Likes: Great memories. Rem: Great friends, great teachers, great times. B.Acc: Finding not a little meaning to life. Plans: To always remember my great memories. Dan Persinger Likes: Driving my Capri, basketball, all sports. Rem: Kathy B., Bando football games, being the band rowdy, parties at KH, Xmas Formal 75. B.Acc: Graduating from Foothill. Plans: To go to PPU. Lynne Pfarr Likes: Bowling, tennis, meeting new people. Rem: Easter vac. 73, Freshman yr., Summer at Mammoth 72. B.Acc: Breaking loose. Plans: Go to OCC - Stewardess. Cheryl Pfleiderer Likes: Sher-Bear, dancing, Jr.-Sr. Prom, pepster. Rem: Roxy my jr. song buddy, opportunities wfcharacter, Sr. Homecoming, Shar gl Bud, Elton John Con., 1-3 pm, Di 81 Key Club gang, Fritz. B.Acc: Making football favors for FHS p. squad w!Ex-Lax-Dot. Plans: College 84 travel. Debbie Pipal Likes: GNO's, seeing old friends. Rem: Hooded sweat- shirts, 75 cent wigs, unwrapped cigars, 84 MD. B.Acc: Getting out. Plans: To do what I like and do it best. Mary Phillips P Likes: Richard, calvary church, rain storms 'n thunder, bike riding, ice skating, camping, embroidery. Rem: Xmas Formal 75, having my first date an hour late, being baptized at CDM, winter camp 74, Xmas caroling party. B.Acc: Getting Richard, the Plans: Keith Pipes "Flash Likes: Football, Reebs, music, skiing 8: Kim's blue eyes. Rem: 73 football season, pregame injury, the box, close friends, June Powder, B.Acc: Lineman of the Week. Plans: Go to UCLA, law. Dianne Pickering fPick Likes: Badminton, beach parties, ocean, people, moody blues, cross country, good times. Rem: David Bowie Con., UCI rid PG, Green Hornet, Bubble, river, l2!l5!75, fruity. B.Acc: To accomplish what I set out to do. Plans: Forest Ranger in Sierras. Lisa Poulen Likes: Water 8: snow skiing, tennis, sewing, partying. Rem: Rock Creek, Lake Tahoe, 73 skip, winning 585. at Harvey's, Zepplin, Tull Concert, partying at smoked out piz. B.Acc: Graduating, getting on one ski. Plans: San Diego, Lake Tahoe, working Kc going to a JC. Ellen PIOWS Chuck Post John B. Posthill Likesf Skiing, ER, Bruce, Likes: Sleep, food, buzzing, Likes: To race the CHP af to 90f9fn9 Out- Rem: Hawkis women, not necessarily in that go fast. fBoth done simul- Plaffei Bill W-i Lake Afwwhead order. Rem: Scrounging taneously.2 Rem: Road races, 73, TaY10Y'S wfDi, PFOIT1 73, money, lending money, never oil spinouts, Halloween, party, Peffyman- B-A007 36319 paying back or getting paid and lst lunch throwing con- Lufch in Span- IV Play- back. B.Acc: 9-1!2 inches. tests. B.Acc: Never getting P13119 T0 become an RN- Plans: To create an enzyme caught. Plans: Marines and detergent that will disintegrate have a baby. washing machines. Rob Pinkerton Likes: Photography, back- packing, snow skiing, staying up late. Rem: The great exhibi- tion, throwing up 3 times in one night, getting to concert gl finding its cancelled. B.Acc: When to say no. Plans: Try to stay alive for awhile. Roxanne Prescott Likes: Graduating, designing, to meet new people, and see old friends. Rem: Doobee and Andrew Sisters party, Bette Midler Concert, painting with Joe, secret loves. Plans: To keep on enjoying life. 253 Jo Ann Price Likes: Guitar, piano, singing, gymnastics, swimming, the outdoors, being with people. Gary Proctor - Likes: Orange fights, pin ball machines, driving at 70 MPH, BTAF. Rem: Rock Creek, Rem: Kids in Penn, Milwaukee, Lake Isabella, fire extinguishing J. Taylor Con, Homecomings with MD, BF, RM. B.Acc: 8c Proms, changing schools Becoming 16 8: getting driver's twice 81 missing kids. B.Acc: license. Plans: To graduate Olympic trials. Plans: 76 from UCI before 1985. Olympics, school abroad. Tina Alycia Radillo Likes: Skiing, ice skating, blue eyes, old cars and Camaro 's. Rem: B-3, Haunted House, Mexico. B.Acc: Getting a date with Scott. Plans: To ski in Sweden some day. Tom Ramstead Likes: Skiing, baseball, surfing. Rem: Visit to Europe. B.Acc: Survived llth grade. Plans: Live free and easy. Sharon Profet Likes: Water skiing, painting, flying kites at San Clemente. Rem: Friends, thumper, Easters at Lake Havasu, Mr. P. serving me lunch. B.Acc: Graduating from Foothill, passing 5th period Chem. Plans: Burn down Foothill with Beth and Janet. Lindsay Quacken bush Likes: Old trucks, basketball, D.S. and Lasagne. Rem: Fri. 15, 1970, track '72, Magic Fingers, Jan. 25, 1974. B.Acc: Learning how to? Plans: Marry a rich chick and retire at 22. Dann y Randall Denise Pyeatt 1? if Debbie Jean Quinn Likes: Graduation, vacations, food, Elton John, people. Rem: Friends at L.Q. Thee Route. B.Acc: Winning speech trophy in 7th grade. Plans: To become first woman President to attend a JC. Karen Ratz Likes: Shrimp egg rolls, sangria Edgar Winters, white trash. Rem: Brod,Spemy Falls, Chamberland Lake. B.Acc: Crossing the Speny Falls log at midnight. Dan Reilly Likes: Music frockj, good times. Rem: Searching for parties and never finding any. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Jet Engine Scott Rialson Holub's absence, the female body, beds, sleep, other people 's money, skiing with snow bunnies, leaving FHS. Rem: The day I held Mary's hand, the day I kissed Mary 84 the day after that! B.Acc: Peace 84 tranquility. Plans: I plan to invent the first cubical Mark Riedlinger Likes: The trio, motorcycling, surfing, sports, MW, SB. Rem: The week in Mammoth. The hollowness ofthe tube. B.Acc: Being promoted, saving up for a new car. , A gif Laurie Reiner Likes: Gymnastics, horseback riding, skiing, swimming, snow. Rem: B. Three, Haunted House, '73 Christmas Formal. B.Acc: Doing my F.F. or B.H.S. by June. Plans: Go on to F.J.C. then on to Cal Poly Pomona. Fritz Richardson Likes: Jesus, surfing, sailing, Jenny. Rem: Mexico, trustles after school, Maranatha Concert, beautiful people 8: friends. B.Acc: When Marty 8: I surfed tandem at 60' plus Kiena Point. Plans: New Zealand then UCSD. Marsha Reynolds 'fX Mish Likes: Baja, skiing, tennis tournaments. Rem: Squirrel, graveyard, oranges with C.N. B.Acc: Getting my car and graduating. Plans: Going to Long Beach State. Dennis Ricketts Likes: Surfstoked, skiing, skating, TTWBTCOTI, girls, jive music, road rallies, Yahama 1!2. Rem: Wrightwood 73, Prom, klos 95.5. B.Acc: Driving Pantera to school. Plans: OCC Aviation, A8rB Electric. Rob Risley Jim Ristenpart 'Felix Likes: Rocks, tubed rights, 84 Likes: Larry Bowen, Doobee Saturday nights. Rem: Brethren Sisters, kisses from SueBee. and sistren, winter in Mexico, Summer in Alaska, The Paul and her Court. B.Acc: LM, LK, LB, BP, JS, LP. Plans: Bum in the sun and get paid for it. Rem: Mike Munier and 12-8-73, Marilyn, 3rd period Art, my purple Bozo Stompers, LW and learning real love from God. Plans: Making it to the Rapture! Maranatha and PTL. Nancy Ristuben Likes: Oranges fwith C 8: MJ disguises, C.E. 's D.C., Kat. Rem: Bob's, searching, escaping, S.O. M.P.S., G.N.O Brianhead '73, Nish, "house- wives", B.Acc: Cutting my hair. Plans: To go to USC. I Laura Robertson +Lori Likes: Art, the beach, Jafra. Rem: Getting out of school to go to Hawaii. B.Acc: Passing 9th grade algebra with a D. Plans: To go to Orange Coast College and major in Art. Kathy Roach Likes: Bacardi 81 coke, Astro 's. Rem: Beach House, Christmas of '71, Summer of '72, the "gang", Alpha Omega, McKeever, the Ranch, paper- ing L.C.'s. Plans: To travel. Alfredo Rodil +Freedo Likes: Jesus, surfing, motor- cycle racing, snow skiing, water skiing 8: shooting at the river, fParkerj. Rem: Going to the river with Kurt and friends. B.Acc: My success in motor- cross f 14 straight winsl. Plans: Going Eur. MX Kc skiing Alps. Donna Rose Likes: Skiing, swimming, traveling, skating. Rem: Behind the wheel, JP's German jokes, the pole, short days, vacations. B.Acc: Graduating from FHS. Plans: To go to college out of California. Alec Robbie +Ace Likes: Fishing, baseball, football, reading. Rem: Bowan 's party, Jr.-Sr. Prom 72-73, football, baseball, LLK. B.Acc: Lineman of the Week, Knight Life Editor in Chief. Plans: College. Gary Rodman Likes: Motorcycles and'life. Rem: Painting sporto box, Bullo "7O", Big Al, Sopho- more football, Spade. B.Acc: No accomplishment. Plans: OCC 8: making some money. Debbie Rowbotham 'Chris Likes: Guys, DH, RJ, mountains. Rem: Jody Kr the Jocks, The Party. B.Acc: The smashed car. Plans: To travel. Leslie Gayle Robbins +Rob Likes: Bob, parties, the beach getting wasted, Old English "800" - Mickeys. Rem: Bob- Aug. 10, 1973, basketball, concerts KACJ, football, Xmas Formal 73, John 's parties. B.Acc: Bob - graduating, 4 wheeling it and making it. r Norma J. Rodriguez Likes: People, working in hospital, my teachers. Rem: How wonderful everyone has been to me. B.Acc: Getting a job in the hospital, finishing school this year. Plans: To go to college and working, and I plan to get married. Scott Rowen Likes: No. 1 place teams, laughs, squeaks, MM, line- drives, indexes, warm weather, leg hits. Rem: Deb's secret, colt win over orange, JP's crew, 72, Xmas Formal, zippers at 73 prom. B.Acc: V. Baseball, CSF Pres. 200 on norm. exp. Plans: UCLA and play baseball. Dawn A. Ryan Likes: Mike Routledge, parties, gymnastics, people, skiing, motor. riding, life. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom 73, Xmas Formal 73, playing frisbee, shorthand parties, NIY Eve, movies and pool with MG Sc CB Dec. 5. B.Acc: Getting through school, Plans: To be probation officer. Barbara Sandau Likes: Water skiing, Jesus, Paul, weekends, Forest Home, CSF. Rem: Catalina, Celebrate Life, Broadway Revues, Xmas Formal 73 8: Jr.-Sr. Prom 74, PV 8: D. B.Acc: Being saved, getting my car. Plans: Working, marriage, and waiting. Ellen Sue Satkin Likes: Telephones, dancing, skiing, the beach, Sat. notes. Rem: Mike, all 3 beach houses, the Brothers, crazy people, Rand 8: Vick, the night in Brea, Lake Shasta. B.Acc: Graduating mid-term. Plans: To enjoy life. l John Saathoff Likes: Texas, swimming, stareing at that girl, Rem: The Alamo, summer 72, summer 73, Xmas Formal 73. B.Acc: Hasn't come yet. Plans: Go to college. Wendy Sa ther Likes: Parties, concerts, Black Sabbath, Golden West. Plans: Live for today without worry of tomorrow. Suzanne Sawyers Likes: Horseback riding, music, harness and car races, Francisco J. Salas fPancho Likes: Baja-bug, fishing, hunting, old cars, sea, Mexico, traveling, Gayle B. Rem: Colorado, Mazatlan. B.Acc: Getting a job for my senior year. Plans: Go to college and travel the U.S.A. Mark Schade Likes: Racing go karts, sports cars. Rem: Bullo 70, Orange 8f Eric V. Sameshima Likes: All forms of motor racing. Rem: Oil burnouts, films in auto shop, first and second lunch wars. B.Acc: Dreaming of winning the world driving championship. Plans: B. Bondurants school of high perf. racing. Kim M. Scheel E il56.:1SZ.y., :1:blLQN3IQ mg, KltuQdNQQA acting, astrology, the beach. food fight in quad, Auto shop .X Q 1 Rem: Eddie Edco, Nick, Mr. 74. B.Acc: Blowing up my H,, my horse Brandy, Chris' Porsche, Plans: Orange Coast I Bflusey party, N!Y Eve 74, Wood's College, working. in. - , Cove. B.Acc: To be first if QQ kg 'QQ LQRJCF7. assen er to fly w!Uncle David. 'LSC Q35 - P 9 SSL 4' eq : t . L X Q l it 5 QW 237 THQ Kwon Ks asf. Gd 1 3 - - - ' Ig latino Ulovo 4Lx.xAfwmkg,k,., FZMX Frieda Helen Scheinblum Likes: Fooling, people, not going to games. Rem: Hanging signs at night. Registration day, sign-painting party. B.Acc: 3 votes. Plans: Dis- appear into the Crowd. David Scherer V Likes: Bowling, tennis, riding the bus, ELP, Yes, Rock Music. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Rec Days, Who Concert, Jr.-Sr. Prom 173, H8tE, AFS Day 73, Stan.- UCLA CSF day, E.K. parties. B.Acc: Graduating and deciding what to major in. Plans: College - what else? Debbie Schlanert Likes: Stu, camping, mtns, snow. B.Acc: Graduating from high school. Plans: To get married. Paula L. Schneider Mark Schiffelbein Likes: Music, photography. Rem: Photography II in '74, B.Acc: Leaving Foothill High. Plans: College, become a professional photographer. d,..-4 ti, Linda Schmid Likes: Robin, parties, week- ends, summer vacation. Rem: Xmas formal 71, DK's, driving over curb. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Get a car. Keith Schoeffler +Priz Likes: Vans, women and motorcycles, what else is there? A simple life of cruisin in my van, busted parties, buzzed friends, mellow talks and Alexandra. B.Acc: Gettin my head straight. Plans: A mellow time at UCSD. Lu Schildmeyer Likes: Jody Van Kleek, track, basketball, metal sculpting, Kirk Douglas. Rem: Summer 72, Xmas formal 73, Jr.-Sr. Prom 73, CIF track 73, summer 73, JV champs BB. B.Acc: Professional metal V sculpter. Plans: Tech. Illus. Des. Barbara Schminke Likes: Riding, body surfing, friends, nature, parties and fun. Rem: Xmas formal, loves, grad nite, N!Y Eve 73, Jethro Tull, Teddy Bear, LH, Pink bomb, Rox's party, Fright- nights. B.Acc: Keeping an open mind. Plans: Travel, goals 84 accomplishing living to the fullest. John Schultz 'Wally Beaver Likes: Joes Cuervo, fantastic. Rem: Wang Lo at San Onofre, Homecoming, Wally Beaver's Birthday Party, fantastic. B.Acc: Opportunate with Fantastic. Plans: To be with Fantastic. 4 Becky Schultz Likes: Mickey Mouse, frogs, 8: good friends. Rem: Bummin in Mexico, Hussongs Catina, camping at San Clemente, Doheny Kc Irvine. B.Acc: Gettin my pirates ear fixed. Plans: Architectural Engineer- ing at Cal Poly San Luis Obis. Julia Schwartz "Julie Likes: Old movies, musicals, Astaire 81 Rogers, gin, WF 81 CM, Long vacations, being alone, dancing, singing, draw- ing, and hats. Rem: 10th grade 5 yrs at South Coast Rep, B.Acc: Tempest would be Gent, Emer. Lake Sf Palmer. Nancy Seat Likes: Water skiing, cooking, sewing, Hydrophonics, friends. Rem: Math Club Pres., MGM's, Paxman 's sewer slides. B.Acc: First place in honors div at OC Academic Decathlon. Plans: UCI majoring in Chem and Bio. r Elise Schumacher "Elsie Likes: Summers, beachouse cat ballet, skiing, swimming, bopper my mopper. Rem: Osceola promises, spectating, October 72, KKDD, those old days, times, friends. B.Acc: Talking them into it. Plans: To live, work 84 school in Hawaii. John Scott tclim Likes: Can. Sat., Fiats, Sierras, Coors, Steppenwoolfe, women. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom, winning road ralley, JB, DN, Denise, wrestling, starving. B.Acc: Discovery of can sat. Plans: Europe John Secor Likes: BTAF, swimming, diving, waterpolo, skin diving, art. Rem: Rock Creek, work- out, BTCL, Horian, trucking. B.Acc: CIF, helping win Homecoming. Plans: College and become an engineer. Matthew Perry Schuth II Likes: Music, dance, wine, women 8: song,-ridin in my auto, Madrigals, rock climbin, Rappeling. Rem: Times I played on stage, teachers screaming in outrage, times I spent with a girl I met. B.Acc: Living sanely through 18 yrs. Lorene Scott Likes: Snowmobiling, water skiing, WP, swim meets. Rem: Sweat shirt relays, MA, short- hand parties, KR, KG, Edith, CIF, driving-force-CTB, Newberry Park. B.Acc: National AAU swimming. Plans: To be a court reporter. Bill Shade Likes: Skiing, snow 8: water, parties, women. Rem: The hole in the wall, gang at Tut's party. B.Acc: Getting through high school. Plans: To get my car running. Kay Lynne Scrivens Likes: A certain waterpolo player, drill team. Rem: PMG MKG, PLS, MJ, Jr.-Sr. Prom 73. B.Acc: Finish all projects in Interior Design on time. Plans: To go to Rick college. Lynn Sharpley Likes: Guys who play football and baseball, parties, swimmers. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom 73, sun- burned, "Down by the River," Catalina "Bun Rubbing." B.Acc: Realizing things will never be the way they were. Plans: Sooner or later love is gonna getcha. John R. Sinclair Deepak Sharma 7'DE6k3 Likes: To watch all the people, to be happy and FOTV. Rem: All the things I shouldn't have done, and the lst time I did them. B.Acc: Potty trained before one year. Plans: College, marry a man with money. Likes: A.VK., Jessy, summers, beach, Bud. beer. Rem: J.B., weekends arties K backdoor V P I ' I C.S., the Gang, B.B., Arrow- head. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: Move out, travel, work, and have a good time. Terry C. Sheflin Likes: Hiking, camping, parties. Rem: Jr.-Sr. Prom 1973. B.Acc: Getting out of school. Plans: ????? Steve Sharpe Likes: Skiing, surfing, sports. Rem: Skiing at Mammoth, surfing safaris, Hawaii, concerts. B.Acc: None yet. Plans: Have a great summer! Kevin Shear Likes: All water sports and all other indoor sports. Rem: Nothing. B.Acc: Getting out of Foothill. Plans: Drink beer. Va Harris Sherman 'Sh-Long Likes: Shootouts, stealing cars, turnouts, ditching, girls. Rem: MMA, cowboys and Indians, L-K-80. B.Acc: MMA. Plans: To go to U.C. Irvme. Tracey Shaw Likes: Ray Artle skiing, gymnastics, tennis, Annie Greensprings. Rem: The Christmas formal, the Led Zepplin Concert, shorthand parties, playing frisbee. B.Acc Graduation. Plans: To be a secretary. Bobbie Sheflin Likes: Guys, Porschesjsun 8: surf, music 6? life. Rem: Chorus and friends. B.Acc: Scholarship for college. Plans: Just living. Lawrence D. Shoemaker Judy A. Sipe Sandra L. Smith Robert Sorenson WLarry .ikes: TH, Pink Floyd, Old Znglish, KT. Rem: Ontario, 'arty at R.E., the night at the reach. B.Acc: It'll come later. 'lans: Take it as it comes. Oksana J. Siwolop ,"s-: . X Duke Smith Likes: Primo skiing. Rem: Mike, Tim, Don, 57, Eddie, fBarbaral 2 week party at Rion's, before school at my house, Thursday nights hand- ball at Coda DE Caza. Plans: Have a good life. Robin Spahr Likes: Skiing, beach, Tim M., mountains. Rem: Moving here, Europe, K.Y, D.S., T.Y., Prom with M.D.T., K.K., S.F. Plans: Hopefully go to C.S.U. Sharrie Slade Likes: llove Jesus. Rem: friends, Calvary Chapel, knowing Jesus better and better, M.D.P.C.H. B.Acc: Accepting what Jesus wants to give me. Plans: Whatever the Lord Wants. Kathleen A. Sneden Donna Slane +George Likes: Water 8: snow skiing, animals, outdoors, guys and parties. Rem: Lime-Green Challengers, T'-Time, friends, The Gun, Me 84 Him Prom 8: formals, Fords. B.Acc: Challenging Whistler's Mt. Canada. Plans: To live. Heidi L. Spar Steve Sparling Likes: To work with wood. Rem: New Years in Mexico, all my friends and learning how to ski. B.Acc: Living a long and full life. Plans: To become very rich. Jeff Spikerman Likes: Hot glassy tubes, skin diving, Primo, loose women, back packing. Rem: River, concerts, New Year's Eve 1974, rum and colas, sunny days at the beach. B.Acc: Diploma. Plans: Easy living. Peter Spilsbury Likes: Cross Country, track, winning, summer and Ha babies. Rem: Midnight run, making varsity while not running, Earth Science and History with D.T. B.Acc: Surviving this long. Plans: Major business administration. David Stolier Richard Spriggs Likes: Water skiing, Licata's laugh, meat ball sandwiches, and the river. Rem: The dayl hit myself in the head with a tennis racket, HHH. B.Acc: Will be getting a job. Plans: To gum around then go to JC. Dana Stanley Likes: Skiing, music, Alias c., Likesf Being Christian. Balboa, Valerie M., everyone who's not dafwfngi Tish- Remf New plastic. Rem: Summer '72, YGSVS 1974, ASB Cabinet, Mammoth '72, Bilys boat' Miss Y.,Guls State Drill Team. getting bugged by Stacy, Jethro B.Acc: Christmas Formal 73. Tull '72 as '75, B.Acc: Never Plans: To get as much Out Of getting seriously busted. Plans: Have fun, be happy, make money. life as possible. Gregory Staples Likes: Marx Bros., Betty 1 Grable and roxy music. Rem: The classiest S and S band in the world, "Spirts". B.Acc: Surviving. Plans: To live. 5 i . Likes: Girls 11.119, Bombard- ment, Chevys. Rem: 75 Jr.-S Prom, Christmas party, mud ball Miller. B.Acc: Taking over supermarket. Plans: To be a millionaire by 95. Robb Steel Cathy Steen fstubbs Diane Steffey wi Jenny Steinmetz Likesf Waffeffngi fell f09f Likes: MM. Likes: Skiing, mountain air, Likes: Rain, camping, music, fl1bGSi fiFeb0X9S- Remf Sllfflmel' Rem: 4 years behind bars, sun. Rem: Good friends, Utah, MT, TH, RL, almost every- Of 1972: Halloween mommgi ditching, Alpha Omega, Eureka, Betsy, Summer '72, body else. Rem: Christmas S9Pf- 3, 1972. Dec- 9i 1973- camping. B.Acc: Graduating. UCSB, Big J, Bat, Jule, Deek. Formal 1973, KW, Disneylanc B-A005 Coming 0'-lf of fhe Plans: To go. B.Acc: Over H.J., parties. with Jim. B.Acc: Meeting TL, tube. PIHIISI Professional Plans: UCLA, Escape. being saved, solo in Broadway Waliefef- Review. Plans: Go to heaven and Azusa, get married. Stowers Wearing neck braces, , animals, blonds, redheads, The 70 Hort with , Big Bad Bruth, Time in bottle. B.Acc: Learning to in sitting position. Communication Major FJC and CPSLO. Sutherland Skiing, food, girls, anything sadistic. Snyder and staff, Xmas 73, quad fruit fight, Bad Bob. B.Acc: Gradua- going through FHS. More skiing and starting ive. Mark E. Talley Joy Strickland Likes: Good friends, old movies, jatt, Colorado, Pete Ehrlichman. Rem: SM, HA, NR, AK, JL, MO. July 4 at Ettlins, good times with Renee, Sherrie, Karen, Mary, Lisa, summer at the beach in 70. Plans: To go to Prin or USC. Stacy Strickler Likes: Buddy, summer, week- ends, friends. Rem: Meeting Buddy, Marta Paul, dounts, the hippi wagon, parties, Friday nites, Rod Stewart Concert. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Going to college. John C. Sutherland Steve Tanaka Likes: Skiing, swimming, no more than 100 yds. at a time, good times, good music, certain persons, fun. Rem: Tiny Bubbles, kickboard swats, GNO WXMD 84 CO, MGM. B.Acc: Pub. Commissioner. Plans: Engineering or ? at ? Alanna Sweeney Likes: Working with the public, going to see new places. Rem: 5th period P.E., Wood- roffe's 2nd period English class. B.Acc: Finishing beauty college. Plans: To work with the public in a beauty shop. Leslie A. Thomas Tess Tardif Likes: Pete, Roy, Big Bear, skiing, KC, TE, RB, and life. Rem: Dec. 28-30 at BB, "The Great Snow-In," Lady-her pups 8: S.R., Fred K. running into our wall. B.Acc: My parents buying my skis. Plans: To live happily till I die happily. Charlotte Thomas Likes: Movies, art. Rem: All my friends and a special guy. B.Acc: Learning a lot. Plans: Taking Inhalation Therapy at Orange Coast. Gordon Thrupp Likes: Bach, Brahms, Bowie, running, hiking. Rem: Cross Country, summer at USC, Xmas at Aspen, Monday nigh t. B.Acc: Maintaining sanity at FHS Zoo. Plans: To go to UCSB or Stanford. Debbie Tolley Likes: That certain surfer, the Lewis', TP, FH, Bio, seafoods. Rem: Disneyland, Celebrate Life, San Onofre, Tom. B.Acc: Getting accepted at Westmont. Plans: To teach kids 'til the Rapture. Deborah Lee Tichenor Likes: Jesus, skiing, Corvettes, friends, moustaches. Rem: Being saved and baptized, Dating Game, Mascot. B.Acc: Not being late to lst period. Plans: To go to Pacific Christian College. Neil Todd Likes: Flying, beach combing, doing nothing. Rem: So many things to name a few would be unfair to the others. B.Acc: Private pilot license. Plans: Carrier in Aviation. Cynthia Jean Thomson Likes: Jesus, music, people. Rem: JC, MH, SS, JR, PG, BH, Calvary Chapel. B.Acc: Getting red measles in Europe. Plans: Plans? What plans? Doug A. Tier Brenda Toll 'fBrandy Likes: Tennis, acting, my yellow Opel GT., beach at sunset. Rem: 5 period day, econ 5, adaptive P.E., New Years Eve. B.Acc: Finally turning 17, 2 months before graduation. Plans: Acting in the movies. David K. Thorburn Thane Tierney Likes: Book covers, a gala day, Hesse 8: Vivaldi, Mary dc Lennon, Chili, Foothill's rapid transit. Rem: Toti Emul Esto, Michelin Impossible, Friede- mann Bach. B.Acc: Being called a degenerate at a school board meeting. Plans: Go to Saddleback, become admin. Da vid Tollefsen Likes: A book for the evening, living a day at a time, God for eternity. Rem: Jane 8: the Golden Marshmallow, consum- matum est . . . well? B.Acc: 4.00, I never could score any higher. Plans: Pray a lot. Karyl Tomb Likes: My favorite red head, daisies, close friends, yellow. Rem: Ditto, Jr.-Sr. Prom, SH parties, "the cliques," LYSB. B.Acc: Making it through my first day here. Plans: To teach handicapped children. Susan Tompkins Likes: Alice Cooper, JoeDoo- bee brother, chunk. Rem: Mr. Wizard, Little Freddy, adven- tures with the Doobee Sisters, dancing with Joebee. B.Acc: Getting out of high school. Plans: To come back and help Fred with yearbook. Steve A. Turner I Michael Tyler Stanley W. Tutton Kurtis Van Camp Likes: Baseball, skiing, friends. Rem: Ski trips and good times. B.Acc: Frosh-Soph baseball MVP. Plans: Go to college. David Trousdale Likes: Flying sailplanes, shooting movies, burnt french fries, SN, money. Rem: Las Vegas at 3:00 am, Xmas Formal, solo flight, getting stuck in mud. B.Acc: When I become a World War III dive bomber. Plans: Go to Northrup Tech or Cal Poly, design aircraft. Kennon Edward Va wter Likes: Swimming, scuba, good looking legs, baseball. Rem: Bad math grades, Hogan 's German, speech team, flying oranges, Big Al. B.Acc: Passing Driscoll 's class? Plans: Navy or college. Jody Van Kleek Likes: Lu, School vacations, cars, dancing, friends. Rem: First day at FHS, July 12, 72, Jo and the Jocks. B.Acc: Passing Chem and English Lit with Mrs. Johnson. Plans: Attend Oregon State. Brenda Tucker Likes: Tom H., horses, skiing, tennis, ice skating. Rem: Jan 73, gymnastics, Bio, the stables, 4 years at FHS. B.Acc: Recovering from fights. Plans: To go into Animal Husbandry. Don Van Wagner Likes: Snow trips, foxes. Rem: Live and Let Die, Who Concert, Regla's Bio class, last summer. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: To visit far-out places. 245 Ernie Vega ffLoca1 Likes: Hot days, local shuts, primo waves, foxy girls. Rem: Panama, Kimo, Flippers, San Onofre, pary bus times. B.Acc: Getting out off Conts Tech alive. Plans: Going to Hawaii 8: living off the land. Chris Wallis 'klndian Likes: 1947 Indian 74, motor- cycles, a hot day, foxy chicks, Jenny W. Rem: Mt. Palomar, 3 insane bikers - BG, CW, PD, pupple and soda. B.Acc: Finishing my 1974. Plans: Easy living. Perry Vermilyea Likes: Pre-meets, PB and J sandwiched, pin ups. Rem: OK Donut 2 mile: Cowboy Lloyd, Old Lad Richardson and the Big Gas. B.Acc: Being one of the Jr. Birdmen. Plans: To purchase a chain of Goodwill stores. Celeste Ward Likes: Beaches, tennis, sewing, skiers, close friends. Rem: River 71 BLT, RS, May 24, 72, June 14, 72, fitting, CB Talks, Nov. 21, 73, skiing with Jill 73, Mr. Purple. B.Acc: Learning left from right. Plans: San Diego State. Liane Walker "fPurple Lady Likes: Scottie, vets, Moody Blues, sailing, CA sun, Rem: SBH, MS, DS, MG, Miss T. Pg B,Acc: Finding Scott. Plans: To achieve happiness and joy. Heloisa Vi vacq ua Maria Wagner Likes: To have a good time, bike riding, old friends, parties, surfers, being out in CA sun- shine. Rem: Times at the river, skiing, parties, my Freddy bear. B.Acc: Graduating. Plans: Move closer to the beach. Nanci Walker Likes: Skiing, playing football in the rain, pulling. Rem: US History movies, my Frumps, BC, BR, thinking of ways to get back into classes. B.Acc: Getting this far in high school. Diane Vodrey Likes: Photography, a red bearded freing vino. Rem: Roaming the nigh ts with Pfly, Key Club, jogging with EL, the blue room. B.Acc: My role as a fly stuck in an egg beater. Plans: Night school, travel. Mike Waldron Likes: Football, track, blondes boys, cold noodles. Rem: Always getting caught, J.J. ripoff with Joe Ducey, Rosouch's. B.Acc: Who stole the Gauntlet? Z.A. 84 P. W. Plans: Study Gynocholoav. beaches Tom P. Wallace r -Watmus Motorcycles, machine work. Rem: Hawaii, AK 1974. B.Acc: Will be when I get out of Plans: Wait a year and to SAJC. Wa ts on To go for it, surfer boys, SF, skiing, brew, Beach Tom S. Rem: The Bust, 56th WIRM, Canyon w!DB 84 BC. B.Acc: Pep Commissioner. 'ive in Newport Barry Weisenberg Likes: Myself, basketball, women, trucking. Rem: Uni Hi to FHS, Spanish skits. Oster's eyes, TT, KJ, AB, FD, RW, DZ. B.Acc: Doing Spanish skits. Plans: To play NBA Basketball wlLakers. party, Petrillo, Mo 81 Boy, Marilyn Warren Likes: Skiing, dirt bikes, surfers, the Water, ON, PAM. Rem: Speedway with Jo, Vail, the valley, CEB, TH. B.Acc: Surviving 12 years at school. Plans: Graduation and attend UCLS and live forever. Michele Waxman 'fWaxmony Likes: Bananaimal, Enoch Blue, Asparagus fields. Rem: Darwin Falls, Doo bee Sisters fan club, McGovern days. B.Acc: Graduating from this auforce. Plans: To fly and be free. Cal Wells Likes: Off road racing. Rem: Mint 400, BNA 500, SNOBE 250, Big rider 500. B.Acc: Driving in off road races. Plans: To drive in more off road races. Tom Weston Likes: Parties. Rem: Broadway Reviews, smoking in the boys room. B.Acc: Staying in long enough to get out. Plans: To get rich quick. Richard Webber Likes: Backpacking, traveling, snow and skiing, beach, money. Rem: Cross Country, Soph year and my case of the rowdies. B.Acc: Climbing of Mt. Rider 8: Mt. Banner in winter. Plans: College, fun at it's best! Mark Wells Likes: Handball, cycling, back- packing, rock and roll, friends. Rem: Homecoming 73, Thanksgiving in the snow, Friday night Aero dynamics. B.Acc: Getting through High School. Plans: To go to Cal State Fullerton. V Bill Weingart Likes: Sailing, basketball. Rem: The Bopsy Twins. B.Acc: Getting out of Driscoll' class alive. Plans: Who knows? Laine West Likes: Jesus, dirtbiking, special friends, vacations, tea. Rem: Ranch, Marzilli's Geometry, winning Home- coming 72. B.Acc: BAC. Plans: The Rapture, OCC, Home Economist. S Brenda Wheeler Likes: Living, people, talking Spanish, males. Rem: Summer of 73, Costa Rica, having friends, being a friend. B.Acc: Graduating sane - somewhat. Plans: To enjoy life. Paul Willner Likes: The beach, skiing. Rem: lndecent incident, THS rip off. B.Acc: Who stole the gauntlet? XA, MW. Plans: To attend UCLA to become a set designer. Mary Lou Wiley Likes: Art, music, speech, tennis, swimming. Rem: Mr. Woods 3rd period Sci class, ruining all my clothes,with paint in Art. B.Acc: ???? Plans: To have a career in fashion merchandising. il il iii: Rich Wodiske Likes: Everything, DC, etc. Rem: Cosine of 30. B.Acc: Making it thru Foothill. Plans: College and money. X i L S Z Kenneth Wills Likes: Good music, physical perfection, girls, food and fun. Rem: Being a fish, my friends, all the great times. B.Acc: Going thru swimming this long without retiring my band- aid and goggles. Plans: To do whatever I want in life. Earl Williams Likes: Snow, skiing, cars, working at the Magic Kingdom, Body surfing. Rem: Peoria, Ill. B.Acc: Staying alive the past 18 years. Plans: To go to college 81 major in Law admin. John Winchester Likes: Skiing, handball. Rem: Mid-week skiing at Snow Valley and Mammoth. Plans: Be a ski bum in the winter and a beach bum in the summer. Katie Wilson +Kap'n Krarie Likes: Music, drill team, Dave, Miki, good times, friends, memories. Rem: 10!28!7l, 7!4!72, JSP, fimsy. B.Acc: Drill Team Captain. Plans: ASU or SLO. Kurt Williams Likes: Snow skiing, blondes, music, cruising, parties. Rem: Burnouts in parking lot, rock concerts. B.Acc: Graduation. Plans: To go to Oregon and LIVE IT UP!!! Murray Willis Likes: Motorcycling, surfing, skiing, tennis, baseball. Rem: The Orange Lemon, Baja, Mammoth, the Trio. B.Acc: Saving up for a motorcycle and selling old one. Plans: Study Medical Science or Lawf' s Anne Wiltberger Likes: Skiing, riding bikes, ice fights, graduation, the good times I've had. Rem: B-3, Rosa Parade '74, B.Acc: Finishing my coat for my clothing class. Plans: College. Paul Woock Likes: The gang, S TACI and Marta, home grown, cruisin in the Hippy Wagon. Rem: Dean 's New Year's party, Europe 72, Prop 1 9, fright nights. B.Acc: Graduation, getting out. Plans: ASU, buy more, get strung out. Gregory Wray Likes: Doobee's thrill, musical chill, green grassy hill, times close and still. Rem: Jam session, Concerts, United Audio, Pete, Matt, Lori. B.Acc: Graduation and T. V. Badman. Plans: Fame, fortune and stardom. Mark Zastrow Likes: Tennis, off-road vehicles, nature, indoor sports. Rem: most everything, summer of 73, wrecking dune-buggies, surfing. B.Acc: Haven't reached that point yet. Plans: Independently wealthy, all around successful good guy. Susan Woody Likes: Going to the mountains, weekends, parties. Rem: Switzerland, Neil Young, the Moog, DPT, SCV, CSN. B.Acc: Going to high school four yrs. Plans: To live my life to the fullest. Karen Yamaguchi Likes: Warm summer evenings, sewing, MG, SB, DG, JM, being happy. Rem: Good times with good friends, Homecomings, drill team. B.Acc: Being a girl of a month and queen for a day. Plans: For bigger and better! Larry Zechter Likes: Scuba diving, people, skiing. Rem: Rowdy Club, Bowen 's Lit class, 6th period watercolors, burglary suspect. B.Acc: Climbing one of the Teton Mts. Plans: Go diving in the Bahamas or Hawaii. C Dede Yuenger "fAmazon Likes: Camping, jeeps, COD, having a good time. Rem: Ditching, PE, getting rowdy, LW. B.Acc: Passing Adv Comp with a D. Plans: Travel to Wyoming, college, marriage. Toni Zerbo Likes: Scenic, Mercedes 450sl, dancing, meeting people, concerts. Rem: Sr. Rec. day, Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii, scenic trips, Jethro Tull Con. 73. B.Acc: Only ditching once lst sem. Sr. yr. Plans: College, Hawaii. Jan M. Zilber . C-gg if x 251 , wg Wi?" we 1' Senior Loudmouth: Kathi Sneden, Scot Lengle is x...f- Most Intelligent. Geoff Hueter, Nancy Seat 3 i T 4 4 Q ff! 4 Funniest: Kathy Steen, John Schultz 252 Most Sarcastic: Thane Tierney, Suzi Horwitz m ., . M A .X,",,--i,.. -- 3, ,tr L' ig o 'ML-fs Sig -- ' K' -M , '-'.,'- at gl., , ti,it M if , ' iikllzfb' if" V' i ' .,,..,..,., , , nf" K, 1 it, we ' ' , S. - N -H 1 "QM, X an " 'v - if Q "' , A Q .-M,-f X. ..,. ., 1 ,V 4 ,gn ' 'A ,fit ' , ,S ff ff ' 'Q' X fr ,':Q"N"Q'2 .t " 1, ' 1 H" 1 55:35 1 ,S Q e- fr . I , a if? , 'wtf f'J fe T . ri?-1 Best Dressed: Roxanne Prescott, Pr, A 5533 5 tiki ? ' "' 341, ,gsgfykjg a f ' :- 9 jf " f 'vu 'A Joe Boggess Spf? -Q , . ' " '- ' 1: . - , .19 " H- t . ,a W -f Yr: .. , gd ' 1 Qzff. :ig,, -23251 ,F j ,gf .-, wk' 1,155 .. wa- sivgiifgm, - v. g . - H3 ' K ,X Hemi aw . a side ms, -55' f Best Sportos: Tracy Christian, Tim Bradley W x F! ' : -I lm? is 4 .r,a,,,1 vw-Q sw'-"P S We My 1, 5 I Q l - .f ... ra. AL xi.-h -"W Sexiest Smile: Dorothy Jacobs, John Klingelhofer Njcegf Haig Mafgofje Gay, Fritz Richardson Best Personality: Mark Hastings, Joan Brewer Senior Sweetheart: Rich Wodiske, Donna Capozolli THF x EXORUST Most Talented: Tom Weston, Sharrie Bartlett Most Naive: Anne Wiltberger, Tom Licata if Most School Spirit: Pa ul Hoesteroy, Pa ula Ga vin ' 'X"LL' 'W 'nfM mMf:asf "S--..., Most Alluring Eyes: Mike Waldron, Sherrie Dutcher All American: Jiin McCormick, Karen Yarnaguchi Most Uninhibited: Rob Pinkerton, Lisa Belinn all Most Likely to Succeed: Cheryl McLaughlin, Jeff Galt f ,-,ff ,Q.f-7" R if Z, ,L Class Flirt: Bill Schade, Lynn Sharply ik K is 'G-S-N l Best Figure, Physique: Larry Johnson, Most Talkative: Scott Rowen, Janet Cook Cheryl Pfleiderer Most Likely to be thrown in jail: Jill Watson, Joe Ducey -mullfhlll Kmghfg Most Apathetic: Jim Mengos, Lora Moon Teaeher's Pest: Ken Wills, Barbara Podell 2 2 Front Row: Howard Baldini, Ann Paxman, John Sutherland, Sharie Bartlett, Bill Cook, Shanna Gerrard. Back Row fface to facej: Karen Erikson, Paul Gately, Kathy Monson, Nancy Seat, Ann Beaver, Barbara Podell, Jim Douglas, John Scott, Thomas Plaque Winner - Science and Math: Nancy Seat -KT? s Plaque Winner - Fine Arts: Sharie Bartlett 56 Hetherington, Mike O'Brine, Dave Tollefson, Thane Tierney, Gretel Moehle, Marcel Daniels, Geoff Hueter, Kay Clapper, Davey McKennett, Pam Kirkpatrick, Dan McGrew, Doug Galt, Karen Meengs, Chuck Harrison. Front Row: Geoff Hueter, Howard Baldini, Lu Shieldmeyer, Scott Rowen. Back Row: Nancy Seat, Ann Beaver, Karen Yamaguchi, Diane Loewe, Sharie Bartlett, Oksana Siwolop. SENIOR AWARDS Q , a if ,,J,,,, b . Sv- Q 411, b , ,. ' " A ' f 4. . P' it I , . . , f ' . i ' -K'L , - : - DAR Best Citizen Award: Cheryl McLaughlin -Califernia Savings Award: Bill Cook Girls' State: Dana Stanley Boys' State: Jeff Galt 257 2 JUNIORS LW! Left to right: Craig Morris, Laura Martin, John Astor, Amy Opfell, Fred Krepps, Presidentj Toni Lombardo. W-'Y 2 S. Acker S. Anderson S. Ainslie T. Alderman M. Allen D. Amo P. Amort C. Anderson P. Anderson R. Anderson C. Andrus R. Armond J. Aron A. Ash D. Auping R.Averbach P. Babecky C. Babin C. Baldini K. Ballard R. Barker J. Barstow F. Barta L. Bass S. Bauerschmidt T. Junior happiness is displayed by Cindy Christ, Kathy Gallardo, Lori Boyer, Leslie Isreal, Shelli Janiga, and Lynn Conti. K. Boger 260 N. Bayles A. Bean J. Bear M. Beery S. Bekkedahl J. Belding J. Bell M. Bell D. Bender J. Benner G. Bennett W. Bentall P. Bentley D. Benun M. Berger E. Berming- T. Bierbaum B. Black R. Black S. Blatter T. Board D. Bode C. Boeheim ham D. Boggess C.Bonebrake V. Booth B. Bopf J. Bowen R.Boxberger J. Boyd L. Boyer lx s ,M W. Bragdon R. Braverman T. Bremer J. Brennan D. Brewer P. Brooks C. Brown J. Brown M. Brugman F. Bucher S. Buckley L. Buhler J. Bulleit S. Bulloch W. Bunge E. Bunting K. Burns R. Burns P. Burt A D. Bush ' R. Cadmus J. Cage S. Callaway C. Camarata P. Camarata V. Canfield D. Caprara C. Carpenter D. Carr L. Carrie A. Carroll L. Carroll L. Carter V. Carter M. Carver K. Cashman E. Caskey A. Cassedy P. Casteel E. Castro K. Cecchini J. Cernek B. Chalmers S. Chandler M. Chapin J. Chapton J. Chesavage R. Chesley J. Choumas C. Christ C. Christensen J. Clark V. Clark N. Clark K. Claus 262 X! S. Cleary J. Cleveland P. Cohen S. Cohn B. Coll K. Combs E. Conner L. Connet L. Conti D. Coombs S. Corrigan R. Craig R. Crawford S. Crawford W. Crawmer D. Crockett S. Crosby B.Cruickshank J. Cruick- R. Dale S. Daly J. Davey M. Davis W. Day shank D. DeAngelo A. DeBoer J. Delille D. Denison O. DeTroye J. Dietz B M S. M L. C. M E. T. C. L. B. Ditter E. Donoghue D. Doolittle K. Douglas M. Ducey M. Duensing K. Duggleby T. Eastin D. Eck J. Ecklund T. S. D. G. R. Edens Egerer Egge Eicher Eldridge Eliason Emerson Erikson Evans Evans Ewald Faul Fa wce tt Fazekas Fearer F errero "It's all in the lips, honey." Y. Fiege- J. Fischbeck J. Fjeldsted B. Florman W. Floyd Kollmann D. Flynn J. Flynn N. Fox H. Fraser J. Fredericksen J. Fredrick K. Frohardt C. Fujimoto C. Funk R. Funk "We just got married two hours ago. Do you have to leave me already 711 B. F umiss J. Garrick J. Gentile N. Gill I. Goldstein T. Goss . Gales . Garside . Gerich A. Gittelson . Gold- thorpe Gallant K. Gallardo S. Gausewitz G. Gazeley S. Getten T. Gibbons . Goetten G. Goings E. Gomez D. Goodwin R. Gosselln J. Gossett J. Gossett P. Garrett S. Gebhart R. Gilbert J. Goldenfield J. Gorham K. Grace W. Graham B. Granger G. Green K. Green J. Greenbaum K. Gregory S. Greubel J. Grimes D. Grobman C. Gross 2 264 C. Gross J. Grubbs J. Hadley T. Haegg- strom P. Hall E. Halverson D. Hanson L. Hardy M. Gudmund-L. SSH M. Hahn T. K. Hamilton J. P. Hardy J. G un der- man Haigh Hamner Harman V. G' u tierrez J. Haley S. Hansen K. Harmon ' T as f ff' Peter Spurzem tells Andy DeBoer that his plan has got to work. P. Harris T. Hart J. Hartman R. Harvey S. Harvill K. Harville J. Hasselbalch M. Hayden B. Hefner C. Heileson D. Helms J. Henderson J. Hendrix C. Hill S. Hobby R. Hocking R. Hoesterey L. Hoggatt H. Holder- J. Holland man J. Holter J. Holub L. Hoover J. Horan J. Hoyt R. Hubbard L. Hubby J. Hudgins . Hodges L. Hoefener H. Hollander G. Holmes .Hotte D. Howard .Hudgins M. Hudson M. Jones ' R. Jones C. Jossi F. Just M. Kachuck D. Kamanski G. Kammerman B. Kaplan N. Killebrew C. Huff P. Huffman L, Israel P. Jackson B. Jacobson R. Jakobs S. James S. Janiga B. Jeffers R. Jeffs R Kuhn beck J. Jensen M. Jessup R. Jimenez B. Johnson L. Jones R' Kmipg D. Kimberly D. King J. Kinosian A. Kinsey C. Klein L. Kloogh J. Knapp Does she or doesn 't she? Only Fred would know for sure. M. Knapp N. Knobbe S. Knott T. Kochanski D. Koeppen E. Koll C. Krause F. Krepps K. Kunzke J. LaClair J. Lamain J. Lamb J. Lambert D. Lane N. Lanier M. Larnard P. Larnard M. Lasker L. Laubacher G. Lauterbach 2 2 R.Lauterbach C. Lawrence R. Lenhard J. Lester T. Leue J. Lewis D. Lingen T. Lombardo D. Lothers M. Love C. Lowe D. Lubinski J. Lucas L. Lundquist R. Lynch M. Mackin A. Mac- G. Mahlstedt M. Manning V. Marestaing J. Marshall T. Marshall T. Martens K. Martin L. Martin T. Martin P. Massey K. McCray R. McAulay C. McCain B. McCosh M. McDonald Pherson Il "I did it! I made my first F."' P. Mc- P. MCI-Iale T. Mcl-Iatton P. McKinley B. McKinnon R. Means S. Meengs Gaffigan L. L. Mengos T. Menig A. Merrill R. Messinger D. Miles R. Miller Meisenbach E. Miner M. Mitchell L. Moe M. Moller D. Moore J. Moore M. Moore J. McFadd1n M McFarland J. M. Moote Morgan M. Morgan F. Morris S. Moses J. Mossler D. Muret K. Murphy L. Murray W. Murray B. Musicant G. Newbrander 'gif 'Z 1 Y 5 fly' Here sits Karen Duggleby quietly studying. D. Palchak S. Paliska D. Patterson J. Patterson S. Patterson D. Pearson S. Newland D. Newton N. Newton M. Nielson L. Nishball S. Noble L. Olesen A. Opfell T. A. Peltzer J. Perez R. Perlof R. Peterson Pfarr D. Pflueger D. Phillips L. M P, Norris B. Northrup M. Nunez N. O'Cormor C. Ornes W. Oswald L. Ozmint S. Pagter L. C. C. M. Phillips . Phillips Pickford R. Pitts Post H. Poulson Powell Prescott 1 2, 1 267 268 J. Price L, Price T. Rainey A. Rankin E.RavensbergT. Reh D. Rehak S. Reiner S. Primeau G. Proctor L. Radford Rasband S. Rauen C. Rausch L. Reinglass J. Reynolds M. Rickles J. Rivet P. Robbins S. Robertson L. Robinson M. Rodman bam M. Rogers M. Rogers R. Rogers Come and get us "HOMBRES!" We're Valerie Booth, Diane Lubinski, Margi Moote, and Cathy Jossi. J. Rohrs J. Roper J. Rose M. Rosen J. Ross K. Ross M. Russell B. Rutan C. Ryder D. Saltz D. Sampieri R. Sandau K. Sanderson J. Santiago C. Sardo D. Satgeant S. Saroff P. Satkin V. Saunders B. Savage C. Sawicz J. Sayres D.Sche1linger M. Schendel J. Scherer E.SchlesingerA, Schlines R. Schneider C. Schoonmaker B. Schuh D. Scott M. Scrivens S. Seaman ,M 1.- M. Secor J. Seidemann W. Sellin O. Senechal D. Serafin T. Seymour R. Shade M. Shanahan C. Shannon J. Sharp L. Shimizu M. Shinoda The Junior Class reaches out to prove their spirit. S.Shoemaker S. Silvestri K. Simmons H. Sipe K. Sivak C. Slaght L. Sliff S. Sloan J. Smith J. Smith G. Smithson M. Sodaro R. Sorenson L. Spilsbury P. Spurzem J. Stastny R. Steel M. Stefan H34 J. St.- D. Stanley D. Starkey Lawrence S.Stephenson C. Stevens R. Stilley P. Stillwell J. Stocker J. Stockland K. Stovall K. Strachan T. Strauss J. Streeter P. Strickland D. Stricklin R. Summerl L. Swanson S. Swatez B. Sweetser J. Tancredi T. Teske f 2 g I md 'iw Hey guy you're klddmg me." Wedemann Wein berg Wells Wening Werner Wessinger West West Wheelan B. Wheeler Wheeler S. Whitaker White White Whitney Wilcox S. Wilcox Wiley S. York B. Young A. Zall D. Zschernig J. Williams M. Williams L. Winter B. Winterheimer M. Woods A. Woodward H. Wright R. Wright J. Wurzer D. Wyart J. Yelland S. Yellowhorse s Pictures not available l-ront row - K. Addison, G. Shimizu, G. Blankman, D. Brannon, A. Bolander, C. Edwards. Second row - D. Greinke, R. Hendrickson, J. Holley, D. Mangano, R. McKinney. J. Allen J. Lowe T. Arrington R Marsh J. Astor G' Murphy R. Brown K. Ramsey S. Craig G Roberts P. Delahay R Schimmel T. Djokovich P. Sherrel B. Dyer M. Tracy S. Fletcher S. Valencia D. Greinke D Walters P. Hewlett R Wendel 2 SGPHOMORES i I 'nh W N , V 'jx' ., ,,,, I H4 fill!-, - My "i'!w ff , ' 'May - l-'ffu y u v ,fs -rv 1, , we A ,H i , .J Y -- ' .W ff me Sophomore Head Advisor: Mrs. Satterlee. ,- l Sophomore Council: Joe Hammer, Presidentg Kelly Curtis, Pam Gardner , L w ' L 9 ,542-fe: iung, Pam Lindsay, Kathy Sfregola, 273 2 T. Ables S. Adler P. Akers R. Albright G. Alexander L. Alpert R. Anderson D. Anderson J. Anderson K. Anderson L. Anderson Z. Anderson D. Andrasik D. Angelini R. Antablin J. Anzel A. Arcolio S. Arnold G. Arritt D. Ash S. Aston S. Atten- J. Austin C. Bacon borough D. Baia L. Baker D. Bartick S. Basarab C. Beatty T. Bebout B. Bechtol G. Beck "I can't hold on much longer! T. Benner D. Bennett J, Bennett T. Bennett S. Bennis M. Berck R. Biller D. Bird L. Black F. Blair J. Blyzka S. Board F. Boegeman M. Boeheim K.Bofferding T. Bonner B. Bowen T. Boyle S. Buck H D. Buckley T. Buckley H. Buddrus L. Bunch R. Burk L. Burns M. Braly M. Brannon D. Brennan L. Bricker K. Brokaw C. Brown P. Brovsm N. Burns l . ,,,.,, XW Hello Mr. Ron I-Iata! Bruce Cameron Canham Caramagno Casey Cashner Cassidy Cavness Chaconas Chase Chilco te Chonette Christian Christian Christian J. Burton C. Bush P. Brown W. Brown C. Chung J. Chunick J. Cleelancl D. Cohen C. Collins C. Colombo C. Conner W. Cook C. Cooper L. Cooper R. Corson J. Corzine B. Cochran . Conlee . Cooper B. Cossaboom P 75 276 M. Costelloe B. Cox L. Cox A. Craib T. Cramblet S. Craun A. Crawford S. Crawshaw D. Cross V. Cueto K. Culley C. Culver R. Culver C. Currey K. Curtis "Hey, La Lee! Wanna ditch? 44 ' Da bne y Daniels Davenport Davey Davis Day Day DeLaCruz Dean Debrick Degraffenreid Dennis Denzer Dierkes Dixon P. Djokovich R. Doherty D. Dole S. Doolittle J. Droney J. Drucker B. Dubowe J. Duffy C Duhamel J Dunlap K. Duntley J. Duquette D. Duran J. Duran D. Dutcher M. Dynan C. Eaton M. Eberle G Edson J Elder L. Elias D. Elrod K. Elliott C. Engel K. Erikson T. Ervin C. Erwin I. Escalera K. Esslinger K. Ettlin S. Fisher B. Fitzgerald K. Fjeldsted K. Florance L. Flower K. Floyd S. Focht C. Fox D. Fox G. Ford M. Forgy J. Forkey C. Fournier R. Francian K. Freres B. Evans N. Evans T. Ewald S. Farrar M. Faw M. Fawcett W. Feign M. Fein T. Filley C. Finley R. Frey K. Galas R. Gales P. Gardner M Gargiulo D. Garrett P. Garrett M. Garretson B. Gavin J. Geisendorfer F . Gentile P. Gerarge P. Gerrard P. Gillerstrom G. Gerich 277 2 J. Gillman P. Gilsdorf K. Gilson M. Gionet J. Goetten S. Gold- K. Gorham R. Gorke M. GountanisD. Green thorpe T.Greenwald T. Greubel C. Grissinger A. Gudmund-M. Hackett sen T. Hart P. Hartman J. Harwood R. Hata C. Hawley M. Healy M. Hedges M. Heil J. Heinly R. Helms M. Helsing K. Hendrix K. Hepp K. Herman D. Hiles M. l-Iaeggstrom D. Halderman K. Haley L. Hamilton J. Hammer T. Hansen R. Hanson S. Harding S. Harkleroad J. Harlet J. Haro M. Harris 1 1 lv 'Hi! I m Sherri. Fly me to San Tanco K. Hilsabeck G. Hobbs D. Hoeft J. Hoffman P. Holder S, Holmberg M.Holobaugh D. Holter 2 - f an-f 3 W. Hoover L. Horner J. Horwitz S. Houck E. Hough- M. Houghton taling R. Houlihan B. Howard J. Hubeli V. Huddle- K. Hueter S. Hume ston A. Illo L. Inkley B. Inman C. Irwin A. Isford S. Jack W- JHCPISOH "Don't I wish I was Carly Simon." M. Jacobs J. Jennings D. Jentges E. Johnson R. Johnson S. Johnson A. Jones J. Julian S. Kahkonen K. Kammeier R. Kantorik K. Karl M. Kasparian D.Kassebaum B. Katnik N. Katnik L. Kaul G. Kaylor S. Kelly M. Kennedy K. Kimmich C. Kirkwood D. Klaus L. Klotzsche T. Knoll J. Kreiman J. Krueger S. Laird D. Lake K. Lancaster K. Landes , l 2 2 80 J. Landstrom J. Langhauser M . Lan gner K. Larson M. Lauber D . Lawrence M. Lee C. Lein berger B. Lemieux B. LeSueur J. Letson C. Lewis J. J. G P. Lightner Liljenq uist . Lindsay Lindsay B. Li tchfield S. Lloyd D. Lomakin C. Longway C. Love N N. Lovett T. Lu K. Ludlow A C. Lull M. Lull M. Lynch R. MacDonald C. MacLach1an D. Magnusson E. Malone M. Mann S. Manning R. Marshack l D. Martin J. Martin M. Martin S. Maddox if K. Matkin B. Maxson S. McCa11a N D. McCone J. McCone . R. McDaniel ' N The Sophomore pose is varied. L.McDona1d M.McDona1d M.McDonne1J D. McGrew S. McHa1e J. McKee S.McLaugh1inK. McCloskey P. McNamee D. Means M. Medici H. Meggison R. Mehornay L. Menaker R. Meredith L. Millard K. Miller S. Miller C. Mooney E. Moore T. Moore N. Monson It's Souna Beener! D. Oden P. O'Donne1l S. Ogle P. Olesen P. O'Neill A. Opfell S. Origlia J. Oviedo J. Pajares P. Parker T. Parker S. Paterno B. Patterson D. Pelton J. Perkins P. Morgan M. Morioka J. Morse S. Morton T. Moses K. Motsinger M . M urrell R. Murphy C. Murray C. Murry D. Neal M. Needle D. Nelson C. Newbrander S. Nicholls L. Nielson J. Needham Y. Nishiguchi P. Noble K. Noon A. Norris 282 J. Perkins C. Perry K. Peters D. Pflueger J. Phillips D. Pickering J. Pinkerton L. Plesset R. Plows K. Plummer L. Pritchard C. Profet A. Posthill A. Powell D. Preston M. Price N. Proe- R. Prosser scholdt J. Purcell M. Quinn M, Ray J, Reilly L, Riedlinger V . . if x Q. L f my -1 . foci' :S T. Pyeatt K. Raab T. Reed R, Reta R. Risley Quayle Ranseyen Reid Richards Roberts ...,..'.a-+0 ' my wt Kim I-Iueter listens and Julie Duran writes while Mr. Patterson rolls on T. Quill S. Roberts R. Rocco S. Rodgers L. Rodman S. Roelofs S. Roelofs . Rathjen . Reilly , Richardson . Robbins if P SQ l J, Rogers S. Rogers V. Rogers I. Rosenberg K. Rowe K. Ryan K. Ryan S. Ryan T- Ryan B. Ryder L. Saathoff S. Sampieri D. Sanders J. Santiago M. Sardo V. Sather B. Savage C. Sawers H. Seman F. Sentesy K. Sfregola R. Shafer J. Shagena J. Shagena C. Shambeck D. Shanbrom K. Shannon K. Sharf V. Shaw D. Sheflin Sherman Shiley Shoemaker Sholly Sho wal ter T. Shugart L. Shulman Siegel D. Sinclair T. Sinclair T. Singleton T. Singleton Sipe Siwolop . Slaby L. Sliff M. Small B. Schlanert J. Schmid A. Schoff S. Schreiner B. Schulz B. Schulz D. Schwartz C. Scott D. Scott J. SeCoy D. Seitz R. Selkin 283 284 L. Stanton K. Steffey N , L. Stenmark J. Stewart P. Stewart A. Stidger C. Smith L. Smithson J. Sommer- R. South- C. Spahr ville worth J. Speer G. Speicher S. Speicher J. Spielman J. Spencer M. Spilsbury R. Salah M. Sprague B. Spurzem R. Stalman A' Stockland C. Stocks B. Stoller N. Stone J. Stoner B. Stoney A. Strelhal S. Strange D. Strich J. Sutton J. Tanaka J. Tanner "Why I like Biology" in twenty-five words or less. 1,1-ad image: A. Tardif G. Tatham R. Taylor P. Terry D. Thaete M. Thomas J. Thorpe K. Titmarsh T. Titterud R. Tomas S. Tompkins S. Tornay T. Travis S. Trebotich G. Tucker L. Tucker C. Turbow D. Turner ltt. . ... . t iff .1 gf I ' 4 - t A 5 fp. iid... ' ,. y ve 'V 4 ,el mfg: If f ' W4 Q f lt f - -"' an A , V.,k ,. k I Z iv, 1 A 1 . QL' 3 ll. g X 4 ' :f .Ig ja . 'A 2.1113 -ll,-6 ' p J' . L X .,f1,3fg f 1-.ish ' :Jiri , 4 nl 'f t 2 7 'glgf i t , 5255453 ' 'J ' . 1 J ti. f by wg S. - . A D. Ujifusa C. Valle L. Vander- L. Vandruff C. Vanfleet J. Van Harte werff A. Varela J. Varian J. Van M. Vega L. Vermilyea C. Villeneuve Rossem Do any of these men look like the one who stole your lunch? .5 , si V 1 - R! B. West S. West R. Weston A. Whalen J. Wheeler S. White G. Wickey B. Williams T. Wills L. Wilson S. Wilson S. Witt J. With R. Woebken B. Woods C. Vodrey J. Wadell M. Wagner K. Wark S. Warren E. Watson T. Wayne K. Wayt J. Weed K. Weeda S. Weers C. Wessinger J. Woody B. Wray B. Wright D. Wright K. Wurzer D. Yates P. Yerick J. Young D. Younkin K. Yount K. Zeigler D. Zwirn 285 FRE SHMAN Freshman Council: Carol McCormack, Presidentg Cheri Henderson, John Lombardo, Erin McOwed, Cherily Miller, Karen Strom. fee ,,,. n 286 N"?:i:r-A -32' 1 Mm' Q Nw? 8 5 Q TQN , :gf Q 2 ,v i fx' 55? f If I Freshman Advisor: Mr. Kritzer 287 L. Acker M. Acosta R. Adams F. Alcaraz R. Allen T. Amlie M. Amort S. Amort C. Anderson P. Anderson V. Anderson M. Andrus C. Armstrong E. Arrington D. Arst E. Ash T. Astor R, Bader L. Bagne T. Baia N. Baker C. Ball B. Ballard M. Banigan K. Banks J. Barber M. Barnett M. Baron M. Bartlett D. Barton J. Batchelor S. Baucon M. Baudouine T. Beans K. Beard T. Beatty Leslie Craun as the typical freshman M. Becker C. Beery K. Bennett C. Bentall K. Berg L. Berger G. Bergman P. Bergstrom J. Bethea D. Betz M. Beyerle R. Bierbaum R. Bitcon T. Blackford S. Blatter D. Board K. Bogan A. Boney M.BorovinskyK. Boster R. Bowe L. Bowen K. Bowen S. Bowyer B. Boyd L. Boyer L. Bradley B. Bradley D. Bradley L. Brecheen S. Brewster K. Bridston Morning talk: Darci Mueller and Barbara Nicholson K. Carpenter L. Cashman S. Cassidy T. Chaconas S. Chambers R. Chan S. Chonette S. Christian D. Christy M. Clawson P. Clayton T. Cleeland 4 . R. Briggs L. Brose Brown L. Brown . Bucher J. Buddrus K. Butler B. Cadmus R. Campbell C. Canfield L. Browitt D. Brown T. Brownlee V. Brugman Burks C. Burt C. Camarata A. Campbell Carlson J. Carpenter 2 89 S Cogar K Cohen S Cohn K. Cole D Coll C Collins W Combs M. Comerford K Coombs S Cooper J Corp M. Costelloe P. Darling B. Darlington P. Davis J. Dean M. Desai R. Diaz J. Dietz C. Dodd J. Dodd J. Dolan B. Doiley S. Donavon B, Donoghue K. Drake R. Dreibelbis K. Cox D. Cranston L. Craun P. Crothers D. Cullow M. Cummins D. Curtis C. Cuse J. Cuthbert J. Deutsch J. DeLi1Ie C. Daniels Carol Schmidt XT T- DUCGY J. Duggleby P. Duhamel D. Dulebohn M. Dunk D. Eberle K. Eck T. Eden J. Edson C. Edwards B. Eicher G. Ekholm B. Elliott K. Elliott D. Ellis D. Emery K. Eminger J. Engle T. ErbentrautP. Escalera C. Esslinger C. Ewald T. F albo M. G. D. L. M. J. S. S. C R C A Farrar Fialco witz Fibich Fiertl Fjeldsted Flanagan Flores Florman Frankart S. Franke P. Fredericksen J. Freese S. Fretwell S. Frey E Fried Fugate Furniss Gaffney V ,- Shane Donovan and Jim Nelson Gallegos J. Gansel R. Gaon D. Garrett C. Garside L. Gaven Glasky M. Goetz I. Goldstein Grahn L. Gray G. Green . Garcia R. Germano D. Galdwag D. Green- wood . Garner S. Gillman P. Gortz Grue bel J. Harley P. Harman T. Griffith P. Grillias D. Grimes S. Grimes D. Groot R. Grover S. Haag L. Hagman K. Hall L. Hall M. Hall D. Hallerberg B. Halus B. Hamilton D. Hamilton L. Hamilton G. Hansen J. Hardy B. Harper C. Harris A. Harrison I J. Hart R. Harvey L R. Harvey 292 Q : M. Harwood M. Hargis L. Hassold L. Hastin S. Haugen B. Hawkins S. Heil E Q - Carol McCormick and friend moving in. J. Heilson M. Heileson S. Heinle C. Heintz S. Hench C. HendersonJ. Henderson R. Henderson J. Hengesh J. Hepp K. Hepps C. Herrick C.Herrington R. Hicks K. Hickson D. I-Iigman ' L. Hilburn J. Hill S. Hilsabeck R. Hinojosa T. Hirschman R. Hobbs V. Hobbs J. Hoefener M. Holderman Frosh guys enjoy last few minutes before second period. G. Kalten- K. Katnik R. Katnik B. Keeler A. Keen bach J. Kennel K. Kester L. King P. King S. Kirk C. Kirk- E. Klinell J. Klingel- S. Kloogh C. Kochanski patrick hofer S. Hollon E. Holm H. Holub C. Hoover J. Horwitz T. Houlihan D. Huddle- L. Huddle- ston ston K. Huffman L. Hume R. Ikeda S. Inkley C. Irwin L. Israel B. Jackson G. Jako bs K. Jeffers M J. L T R G J. S. . Jennings Jensen . Jensen . Jobes . Johnston . Jones Jones Jones T. Jonkman G. Jordan 293 2 T. Koppenaai S. Kosakura C. Krieg T. Kries D. Kruel K. Kunde M. Labine J. Landwehr B. Lane E. Lane T. Laubacher J. Lawless B. Lehan R. Leon F. Leone C. Lepisto Freshmen start their day after their morning bus ride. E. Leppanen C. Lesueur S. Lewis S. Lewis J. Lichlyter M. Liff L. Lfljebiad c. Lind P. Lomakfn J. Lombardo C. Long B. Longway R. Love D. Low G. Low L. Lowery R. Lowery T. Lu K. Lucas M. Lueck J. Lund K. Lundburg A. MacDonald B. Lynch J. Mac- M. Mac- R. Madory N. Magnemi J. Malloy C. Manard J. Mann T. Manning G Marmaccz D Marsden Farlane Iachlan 94 S. Martin L. Marsh G. Marshall M. Martin N. Martin S. Martin B. McCarty M. McClung C.McCormickM. McCosh D. McCray C. McGee D.McGregor N. McKee Visine gets the red out! W.Molsberry M. Monroe S. Monsanto D. Moorman D. Moote R. Moritz A. Morris S. Morris J. Morton T. Moses D. Mossler M.Motsinger J. Mower D. Mueller G. Mundell L. McKinley C. McLaughlin D. McManus J. McMillan E. McOwen R. McPherson M. Means M. Meddock R. Meinert D. Meisenback D. Meisenbach K. Meler M. Melilli G. Meredith L. Miles B. Miller C. Miller R. Miller K. Mills J. Mitchell T. Mitchell G. Muret J. Murphy M. Murrell J. Muse D. Nance M. Neal S. Neelon D. Nelson J. Nelson B. Nicholson A. Nissim M. Nix T. Noble K. Noon A. Noorda D. Nozick M. Oberly A. Ochiai ei ,.., 1 , , . P gk 3 Q is fu- :U Vg., . I Q , . i . 1 f riff ,I ' w n gm ' ff. 2' 4 .4 gg! gf lv? . V ,. x gg f' l X I. Oden C.O'Donnell D. Oliver L. Osborn T.O'Sullivan J. Quinn D.Rasmussen K. Rathjen M. Rausch M. Rausch R. Pagter N. Paik W. Patton P. Panagon D. Pang G. Patterson T. Pelton D. Phillips S. Pickford K. Pike M. Portman K. Powers T. Prescott R. Provera J. Prussing , ,Q T , ,V if if P r ... . f .A . 4 4 461 VK, J ,f J -I 1 lfizfff f X PM 1 ? P . l P M? 'W 52 . B. Reagen K. Reasoner M. Rego M. Rehak D. Reid D. Rein B. Reinglass L. Riley D. Ristenpart B. Robbins C. Robbins J. Roberts R. Roberts R. Robins C. Rodriques R. Rolbin A. Rolf R. Rolston R. Rose Recognition Day Freshmen Wait for their lunch time activities. K.Sanderson G. Sardo A. Saunders B. Sargen ti E. Savage M. Schacht D. Schellinger C. Schmid D. Schnebelt D. Scott M. Scott S. Scrivens J. Secretan J. Selkin J. Scott B. Shade L. Shahinian K. Shilts D. Showalter V. Shubin N. Simon R. Slart S. Slade V. Slayton E. Smith J. Smith K. Smith N. Smith E. Ross D. Ruggeri R. Rusk P. Russell Y. Russell D. Ryan M. Ryan E. Salsbury B. Sanders 297 D. Snyder D. Sobek N. Sorenson M. SouthcoteN. Speers K. Spurzem D. Stanley S. Staples P. Starkey D. Starks B Stedman K. Steele T. Steen D. Stewart C. Stldger L. C. S. Stilley Stoner Strader R. Streeter J. S. K. L. G. J. J. L. R S. R J. Strich S tricklin Strom Sullenger Sully Summers Sutherland Sweetser Talley Tanaka Tarbell Taylor M. Taylor T. S. Thaete Thomas J. Thompson J. Thornburg A. Thornton L. Tzerney F. Tiley L. Turrlnl V. Thomas D. Toberty J. Tolley P. Tornay J. Tracy T. Tr1der D. Trizinsky A. Trotter C. Tucker E. Tunkelrott S Tuttle N. Tutton A. Valle K. Vallee C. Van Dyke K Van- D. Vaughan E. Vega K. Verble R. Villareal S. Virgilio T. Vlach D. Weber M. Wagner K. White J. Walker Schoten Wallace R. Wallace J. Walther E. Waltzer S. Wanlass K. Warren E. Watkins P. Watson M. Weber S. Weber K. Wedell Wedell T. Weers C. Weinberg R. Weingart D. Weingart J. Weinthal C. Wells C. Wells R. Wening N. West D. Westerlund J. Wright D. Werner M. Wetton C. Whalen G. Wheelan M. White M. Wiley D. Williams D. Williams L. Willner T. Wills S. Wilson S. Winsor K. Winter- D. Wodiske S. Woods C. Wright heimer PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE C. Allen E. Bugnab R. Bright B. Cramer D. Frances S. DeLillo R. Ferguson L. Gavin R. Headrick M. Healy J. Jessup K. Kester L. Kuhn K. Lindley L. Soto J. Richards L. Nice L. Wright J. Yeandle S. Yerick D. Young K. Yust L. Zatyko i 2 '5CIvv'a+ A If K7 z:,,,, k 4"'1l.!f"f 'E'-if There is no time for looking back It passes too fast for the future What was once future is long gone Acting for tomorrow on today's styles Let it be for all is coming to be -Norman Groot X . 1 Jim Croce: "Time In A Bottle" Elton Johnf 'Bennie And The Jets" and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" F H S t T OP 10 O lflf STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!Led Zeppelin!1971 2. BENNIE AND THE JETS!Elton John!1974 13 SUNSHINE ON MY SHOULDERS!John Denver!1974 SMOKE ON THE WAT ER!Deep Purple!1973 GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!Elton John! 1 973 S- TIME IN A BOTTLE!Jim Croce!1973 7. KARN EVIL 9!Emerson, Lake and Palmer!1973 ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH!John Denver!1973 9. SEASONS IN THE S UN! Terry Jacks! 1 974 16? AQUALUNG!Jethro Tu1l!1971 -141. THE WAY WE WERE!Barbra Streisand!1973 12. SPIDERS AND SNAKES!Jim Stafford!l 973 CALIFORNIA GIRLS! The Beach Boys! 1 964 14. ROCK ON!David Essex! 1 974 15. JET!Paul McCartney and Wings!l 974 126K ROUNDABOUT!Yes!l 972 1-74 SURFIN' U.S.A.!The Beach Boys!1964 181' YOU ARE THE SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE! Stevie Wonderfl 973 19' NIGHTS IN WHITE SATIN!The Moody Blues!1972 QQTJUST YOU 'N' ME!Chicago!1973 21. SMOKIN' IN THE BOY'S ROOM! Brownsville Sta tion! 1 973 22. DANIEL!Elton John! 1 973 23. KILLING ME SOFTLY WITH HIS SONG! Roberta Flack! 1 973 24. BOOBS ALOT!Holy Modal Rounders!1 973 25a HOOKED ON A FEELING!Blue Swede!1974 sbsnig 302 Deep Purple: "Smoke On The Water" -26ZLlVING FOR THE CITY!Stevie Wonder!l973 271' SCHOOL 'S OUT!Alice Cooper!1972 ZSZTHICK AS A BRlCK!Jethro Tull! 1 972 29.-4QMERlCAN PIE!Don McLean! 1 971 30. SABBA TH BLOODY SABBA TH!Black Sa bba th! 1 974 31. SATURDAY NlGHT'S ALRIGHT FOR FIGHTING! Elton John!1973 32. COLOUR MY WORLD! Chicago! 1 971 33. ! WE 'RE AN AMERICAN BAND! Grand Funk! 1 973 341 ' YOUR SONG!Elton John!197O 35. FRANKENSTEIN!The Edgar Winter Group!1973 36? DIAMOND GIRL!Seals and Crofts!1973 37. MIDNIGHT RIDER! Gregg Allman! 1 974 38T'BAD, BAD LEROY BROWN!Jim Croce!1973 39. MOCKINGBIRD!Carly Simon and James Taylor!1974 40? LLE T IT BE! The Bea tles!1 970 414 YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND!James Taylor!1 971 X425 I GET AROUND! The Beach Boys! 1 965 43. STILL .... YOU TURN ME ON! Emerson, Lake and Palmer!1973 44. FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND!LOVE LIES BLEEDING! Elton John!1973 45. ONCE YOU UNDERSTAND! Think! 1 974 '46KCHINA GROVE! The Doobie Brothers!1973 47. BABA O'REILEY! The Who! 1 971 48. S UPERS Tl Tl ON!Stevie Wonder!1972 4-9f"'SUMMER BREEZE!Seals and Crofts!1972 5057 GOT A NAME!Jim C'roce!1973 ugh --say' .Y if . .M if ,, 'T' ,,.v Led Zeppelin: "Stairway To Heaven" 51? SUPPER 's READY!Genesis!1972 52., ,MONEY!Pink Floydfl 973 '3'3.' LIVING IN THE PAS T!Jethro Tull!l 973 54. SOUTHERN MAN!Neil Young!l 971 55. DOO DOO DOO DOO DOO IHEARTBREAKERJX The Rolling Stones! l 974 56. ROCK AND ROLL, HOOCHIE KOO! Rick Derringerll 973 57. D'YER MAK'ER!Led Zeppelin! l 973 GIE! The Rolling Stones! I 973 59. LOVE REIGN O'ER ME!The Who!1973 60. g THE LOCO-MOTI ON! Grand Funk! l 974 64? TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING!Diana Ross!l 973 -627YOU'RE SIXTEEN!Ringo Starr! l 973 63. ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK! Bill Haley and the Comets! l 956 64. THE OCEAN SONG!Led Zeppelin! I 973 65. DOCTOR JIMM Y! T he Who! l 973 66. MUSCLE OF LOVE!Alice Cooper! 1973 2g7L.AYLA!Derek and the Dominos!l 972 . THE JOKER!Steve Miller Band! l 973 69. TAKE ME HOME, COUNTRY ROADS! John Denver! I 971 Leo. HEY JuDEfT1-ie Bea tles!l 968 "And as we wind on down the road Our shadows taller than our soul There walks a lady we all know Who shines white light and wan ts to show How everything still turns to gold And if you listen very hard The tune will come to you at last When all are one and one is all To be a rock and not to roll" -Led Zepplin s uf John Denver: "Sunshine On My Shoulders" 765YOU DON'T MESS AROUND WITH JIM! Jim Croce! l 972 7f7f g, LAST TIME I SAW HIM!Diana Ross!l 974 78f MY DING-A-LING!C'huck Berryll 972 795 LIVE AND LET DIE!Wings!l 973 80f ,25 OR 6 TO 4!Chicago!l 970 Silf, GOOD VIBRATI ONS! The Beach Boys!l 967 827' MORNING HAS BROKEN!Cat Stevens!l 972 83? WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN!The Who!l 971 84. HOUND DOG!Elvis Presley!l 956 85. BAND ON THE RUN!Paul McCartney and Wings!l 973 865OLD MAN!Neil Young!l 972 87. PEACE TRAIN!Cat Stevens! 1971 SSKSURFER GIRL!The Beach Boys!l 964 89f LOCOMOTI VE BREATH!Jethro Tull!l 971 907I'LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVEYOU INA SONG! Jim Croce! I 974 91lT'YOU'RE SO VAIN!Carly Simon!l 972 92. BRAIN SALAD SURGERY! Emerson, Lake and Palmer! l 974 93. LOVE'S THEME!Love Unlimited Orchestra!l 973 L94?IF!Bread!l 971 95. JESSICA! The Allman Brothers Band! l 973 96. ROCKY MOUNTAIN WAY!Joe Walsh!l 973 BRA.NDY!Looking GlaSS!l 972 L9Z.f J UMPIN ' JACK FLASH! The Rolling Stones! 1 968 g572f5A TURDAY IN THE PARK!ChicaQO!l 972 98rfM Y SWEET LORD! George Harrison! l 970 . SUITE: JUDY BLUE EYES! 99. BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE BOY!Bette Midler!l 973 Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young!l 969 l99r'SOUNDS OF SILENCE!Simon and Garfunkelfl 968 74. ONE WAY OUT! The Allman Brothers Band! I 972 75. HEART OF GOLD!Neil Young!l 972 303 43, mm m O Q 'Q' Mobi, i 5000 0001 pa- Reguicxr r mba: ' x0O0v 000 ,.-.r Specaol , 1 - 2 . 134 9 xl . V . A - .J ... ' 1 5 'E , ' ,Q Q., A ' ' -w -5 - Q A -. , 1 2 . j , - . . . 1 S' 1 . W 1 :Q " ' - . l 1, . 'Z" .L1:l -Riff . f 3'5- , 1 A ,Q S., . ' . -. ' 1 ,' 1 y 5 ' ,. W1 K ' -if Iii! ' 5 ' :RES SWE' - Q . 3 - QEQ CTEEEQ . 'ii 5 125 . .-31' 1' gp N , ' P 3 . X 9 fx f . ,, . . 'Odd or even? Starting March lst of this year man- datory rationing came to Orange County, which led .to shorter lines. N , f 5 No gas shortage here. With long lines and no gas some Orange Countians found recreation in other areas, such as hang gliding. l . l-U +" 5 1 ' .. gf-f-wr' -Q - , The fuel crunch changed the life styles of many people. Many had to get up II1OI'1'11I1g to get QHS so that they could make the drive to work or school and still arrive on time. Getting gas became a time objectg people had to set aside an hour's time to wait in line and get gas. Many tempers flared, and manytanks Went empty. Still, driving went on, and the crunch eased with the advent of the odd-even plan. The lines grew shorter, but there still was a shortage. The days of 32a gas came to a close in '74. Fifty to 57st per gallon is the order of the day at this writing. The general feeling is the gas price will top out at 801 a gallon. 'a. ,,w . tw-W . is t .,.. ' ' .,... ' ' ' ' as , r ff ' ' ' . ' Lining up for gas in the early morning. K... 305 FACULTY af ai 7 District Administration D.D. McCormick, President of TUHD Board of Educa tion J Es, Qi, R'-L ,7 eau I ii 1: Dr. S. Erickson R. Bartholomew B. Benson i ' ' ' 'W " K i - 1 ,, B B E f A if it B -Vi' 6 ' ' 1 7 ' K , " ":f ' " -5215! - A K - - . 'fx s .X ' N ssst f Dr. E. Clemmer AG, Currie R.J. Rinaldi D. Boranian L,J. Ingai Www ' 'gmsff V - af,1"7?f'ff-1'-nfs:-Mft ,,,,,.. . . , , , A , ' 1 + Q. wi? -V2 : r ,V f t it is .. Foothill Administration 'Q ""'uu? H A Mr. William R. Frick, Principal. W.R. Frick T. Thurlowrf-0 D. 1lIfQ1cCraken Q-N R. Robbins X. VL' N.- .,. , .. f 57 4 Assistant Principal of Students, Mr. Thurlow. s V kikn- i oordinator of Student Activities, Mr. Robbins. ls t .t.s g We ""V W Assistant Principal of Instruction, Mr. MacCraken. l 309 COUNSELORS W , f w 44 L , if 'Mfg Xin A . . 1 , ,L 'lf - A M 7 A X I v ' " , , J wh M Collison D Denno mkvf W mfff' L give! 310 any' 'W ' f J. Coulter L. Dean M. Ford V. Osborne B. Risvold X STUDENT SERVICES 'hang 'fum Nyfbj XMM uve W W 6,54 M yy. Jfmf was N" .Mi w W 4, J W M , 'Q ff' . QL.,-I . V,,v- X' M '-D ENV my: ANG ,fig .WJ fyMJNNQ'f'NfLALf1 W :V .LLWS In glevlitjgptjwipfr .JU f We ,,, LQ! jiwgiw W my N if ,I P., . , MN DH MJ V p LM M A , . J. Eimers l 2 Brien S. Pecoraro ,.,,p...-------r"""' .I .ANNOUNCEMENTS 312 n B. Shaffer C. Sparrow . '. ., , K ., 1 - ' ,.. Q ' ,f f . . , , - ' '. ., . J. Veeh N. Waterman lv ,..M,.. 491 ,V W,,V . 5 J. Weightman M. Wertman . W lf V J. Tilgner C. Waters G. Wodinsky H. Woodroffg f'T4, xo. G2lZLifq'L7" 4,1 T795 146.752 ETSSQ.. 5fjvLJGr,L:'D 'N Ql0'T'HfC- f-gf? r. r 313 S. Chen W. Hardy K Jacobs A Kanyuck A Mar 1111 , '1 J -gi X M ,,, If Ish gf CIENCE 1111 if' Q.. k 8 Xxx! I Xx X D. Cook N. Gaspaf A . R. Kennedy R. Nichols A . , J. Pfitzner C. Wiseman .A .M s. 'll' R42 Wm Mfm,,W"'f nl? :rim M .,f- 73, V ,Q ,.., Q . , MW ' Y" hw .5 'fi 659' - - V x - 1' ,f? ' 1, W , , 317 SOCIALf SCIENCE . L. Bath E. Crumm C. Curtis W. Easton S. Frogue if., .,,, a-i .---- ...1 ......---- .4-' G- Krifzer J. Landoe ,,,.-Q1--1 ,gg--snow ,51-an-I' gg--nu-nun I-3--1 C- POSIOH J. Severson J. Terry T. Wagner W. Ward ilu 32 F UREIGN LANGUAGE f,.b eg 1 x 4. 35, A .sl ya QQ? . ,Le 3 ip - 4 . 'C A 972014 C. B dl A. Bu11o M. Fleischer E KK,, 'Er g -1,,, Q . Xlf J. Hogan L. I-Iorvath R. Paterno M. Weber 1. , 5 1 + ,, ,?1,:k,,,,.., K 1 , W, ..,, ., .iff ' fz 5 14 X S . . W , W .3,i,Lfh,,+ 7 f A5-.f..f Sf,-13:xf,1.i i G S ' S W , . R K K' in-fi. ,4- f YL-W if , A1 X-or--..... I J. Chambers R. Hicks J. Jentges A. Satterlee D. Wiley BUSINESS Kff?,Q.Z 1,wm Affwfwffb 142-21 fue lfaefyf' ,MZ WW J fad 6'4 ff fUf1fff in 'Lf fwfgih L 15270 m0,g,f,f YQL1 gg Cgiggi-L A0 fmglf LWWQJI , ,Q -jug filing L-ifflfcv vjyfwwf QZT' Q50 41,4ffZyz.z7,L, , , fH!2ffl4,1WWZf 12 124' lf 7710 My - WLDJ Wfif 'qnefbf ijfv 335' wif' g6ig2.g3'QCa5ex,f fzwid lj L.. 322 FINE ARTS E. Doyle D. Penhallow G. Waibel W L P, Bomar L. Bonar S. Wffghl .,,..,,v ART 32 324 0 f ,g 'Ck X ' T. DeLong H. Hummel! sf gf, K mn?-11.:f.::?'w::q .sffzgafjg :iff-' vfj . -ff Musa z J. Sedoo ee e eeee f e e ir M a ' A E B. Osborne X: 1 ' vf YI J. Whitaker PHYSICAL EDUC AT ICN ,,,.,Q . B. Bond J. Glasgow Sfafr K K Q . vez ,, ,. , -waaf.s1-M -. vff- H W' x -1 , ,g f. S. Kelley .7 I. Powell 1 .Q -1l'h Nik .lf Y Q. C -Q.. 'K 7' F S 5' ,l, ' - . . wi' , Q . D f 'S Viv "W .. Ii ..- i h,5iElh,A .R D. Woodward K. Yetter HOME ECONOMICS 'L- ,, M M ' , x "-'ua ff L. Concepcion K. Jahnig M, Reardon , ,aw --ff 7 TECH ED x 'ix G. Anderson R. Ellis G. Korich . m h' , V ? TY McWilliams J. Nolan L. Schroeder G.B. Ward N. Fauchier A. Garmin D. Henkle N. Holderman L51 li 4 F. Minnett N. Pelton B. Timson M. Tuve11 5 www' SECRETARIES ff -2, '- V? 4? F ff N 4 A My H at HZ C 'Y , w, .Q ,, ffm. ' ,. , , 3 B. Jolley E. Krage .MW s I .Qi n'-58" MX -"' -"W, L vw: FGUD ENGINEERS , X A 6 , Ex an , , ,,,: fc T. Admire M. Bayer A. Crawford B. Crouse G. Eliason M. Frey P. Gamez M. Lowe B. Sammetinger M. Swain F. Ward 330 f 7 . E. Batten M. Cathcart G. Doerr E. Edwards A. Magno E. Ochoa H. Roe R. Teter MAINTENANCE 331 f 1 ., , ML , M WL 1 fy , f 'M If 745 K' W f f WX? ,f f IA, ELLA f bww ADVERTISING 332 GLASS Lemon Heights Drugs 13022 Newport Ave. Tustin 544- 7490 Serving the Tustin Area for 15 Years 333 I A good mind pays off in the Navy. If you're a high school graduate with a taste for math or physics, you may qualify for our Advanced Electronics or Nuclear Power Programs. And over 517,000 worth of advanced technical training to guarantee yourself a firm foothold in the future, whether , you remain in the Navy or not. Forv1m'erfe.f.z1!,i.r4't five Ning Recrlzifer befozu. Be someone special in the new Navy. U.S. NAVY RECRUITING STATION 1726 N. Tustin Ave. Orange, Ca. 92667 J 1 "IF I ONLY HAD TIME" E Fomilior, Yes, But... EVENINGS and SUNDAYS ARE Bonus Hours an o Busy Week COME IN AND RELAX... WRITE A LETTER... READ A BOOK... WWW WATCH A SHOW... AND LEAVE THE REST TO USI SALONS MON. THRU FRI. 0 9 "' 7 95 Town 8. Country, Orange 18352 Irvine Blvd Tustin, Ca. 92686 sM'9lI:I:I SUN' Telephone 541-6641 Tel- 544 -9640 74416: goadedap and Stadonm 838 0411 838 3080 H00 IRVINE BOULEVARD TUSTIN CALIFORNIA 92680 508 East First Street J Larvvin Square Tustin, California A 1 544--5 724 BROWN'S ,ctak . ,A Xu nw nllll 5 'Llll ll-ll. Q in 3 Q , s te ,W Sportswear 81 Dresses Juniors gl Missy 4f:!:i:::-.if-ax:-X.f,ti.fa+-Q. f - ?+i,Ti'5:g5.?5 ,i,..n , 0-, r A ' aw X1 A If , WK - I Congratulations Seniors I i Ir," ga,-1,-f ,TU ,Q Y WEu.oME W Dx T0 :L ' -A , Mk t .A TJ K r I 1' 2 we ,xw 7,3 fn Q a I ll ll I EY ii"-K+ :TA x x 1 ' i . I ' -'1 5, f-t"'3f'a5'.?7"" . . OPEN 48 HOURS A WEEK X XT K 5 Www X XXX X 1 H! ' f ,, '54 A ' V2 5' .if Xt 17752 17th Street Tustin, Ca. f714j 832-4204 Support Your Student Store BuyM 8cM's IWW ,Ld WWW u Q4 I have K Q ?' ,Aw 0V f Q Eagan O 1,423 Miha OC' 3 HOWH gwizvffbg, 4,WfL,y',ffpJ,f f 'mesh rn Yeung SR VOM !WLL' Win ,fgffQfM,.Q g " 3GoperE-A You. knee 55,1 WRX rmombo ESF been W ,LQ WL .JA Y6a.d.Pf- 44 5361326 pvbflffvfvfqjf, H 6 'LGB o-4 Luc- K !Lf77W7w'Q C vsaaxvvnkg 4 ' -A 3 . QM 2 .33 ff eg dudrbp Wai eww rv-'my fLQ,jMT' Q fb .yy WWW 'QP wif R 3M5y,jj5g,'wjf5 535, 2 NW 4 WSW M R512 Q pjyw YS if J 4, , 3 ti N-2 is I YP 'k ,L q Qs QE CAS 'fiw j '-TQN iikx ,yi gif 1, osimeicb 30395 39 , wifi fi 43 I -D f-S GY f A 3?ifEf!Q is Q ig? 9 , A262 'C' 5 og 22' X 5,9 3 J,-3 Nj, Q 22 CBE' -' W53fLf2+jf R' I1 ,EASE 2 im , JJ Q65 Eg 65995533249 ima ft Q ggi 153192 J , GLN k MMM ' M QW . WQ,0f79f"M9919 . WWWM ????3f 34LZ,7ff7Q"' MW Wwgwwf M LAk?jL ?i2ZLQ4' A WM gw QZQM W Www WLM 9?Ws W' W9 , A-ggjzdffw QMC4 QZUMQZKZWWMC, 09416 am L M2xM5?W, X ca, f? f 4 iii l , 3, ,A g , " I -L ' Milf 07 MZQKCJK Zuffff WWW My 5255? ft Jw! IW W- LM' 5R22 Q gy Qwfi? I I' fl Www' ,QW gy , AJ , Q1 2 X X VU f Qf'? fiffZ,L4 U' f5wX?WWfwWj?fWM Q mf' muff gfwLf jffixfig I .X J , M 7 - f WW -

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Foothill High School - Shield Yearbook (Tustin, CA) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


Foothill High School - Shield Yearbook (Tustin, CA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


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